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The Amiga's main market rôle was as a low-cost home computer, far below even the cost of current 'cheap' Pcs. Worryingly, the only company even thinking of producing a Iow cost Amiga style computer is PIOS, who is targeting the E500 S800 price bracket. The trouble is Phase 5 is going to compete with (by the time its A Box comes out) similarly priced and spec Pcs in a tricky market and QuickPak is aiming at the DecAlpha where the market is, again, already jam-packed. There is also the problem that the AI200 is woefully out of date. But then no one is really expecting the A1200 to do wonders, who ever does get the Amiga will have to go the PowerPC way. PIOS' first machine will be aimed at the desktop market, but the second machine it plans is the low-cost machine for the masses. With multiprocess- ing capabilities and standard PC compo- cents this is a computer that is inexpensive, expandable and powerful, attributes the Amiga bas always had. Looking back, albeit through a slightly rose tinted fringe, myself and many of my friends owned Spectrums, C64s, Atari Sts and Amigas. The unifying point with ail these Systems is that they were inexpensive and currently there is not a single machine out there that can fîll this gap in the market. This is a market the Amiga used to fill very well, ownershrp spread to over three million households in this country alone. Perhaps when a stable owner is found for the Amiga, it can get back to where it belongs.

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Document sans nom Issue 112 ¦ May ¦ 1997 ¦ £4.50 m Bwiulw* Workbench 3.0 Bti 1 1 (E) jk!
TaolManager w3* * Greatest WB extender Filler - Oopus 4 style file management Password • Protection for your system
* Magic User Interface requit ixclusively inside - allthe
commercial tricks and tips of LightWave anl ApplStzer -
Workbench file drawer sizer AtapiPNP ¦ Plug’n’Play AlapiCD
driver .
GroouyPlay ¦ Tops audio CD player MCC HTML* - HTML plug-in for Mui V MultiCXv2.G - n l Most compact WB enhancement mcxp* - mSf. S. MultiCX prefs interface f t RemCards - Jr- V? ' ¦ Get rid of the ,¦ ™ 'Magic User interface requtnd m()re AliMAf _J AMIGA COMPUTING I miga on Holiday • Stylus 500 • PC-Task v4.1 Wi “World ot A1200" & Top lOO Gmms” or "6pte ho iap tmdmd io 199V y&rston for £12.99)1 Cds A TOTAL MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU. Unlike other memory expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA
port, our TOTAL memory expansions include unique software that will enable the maximum amount of memory to be used even with a PCMCIA fitting device.
NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £69.99 SMB MEMORY EXPANSION £89.99 33MHZ 68882 FPU (PLCC)gggg or only when purchased with above DATAFLYER SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM drivers mid instructions.
Dataflyer is a 16 bit---- SCSI II controller card that converts the signals .__ on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives, Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600. The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200, Full Instructions and software sup- EACH or BUY BOTH for MODEMS Our
highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth i which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as .------ have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression ¦ Fax Class I
and II compatible, Group 3 • Hayes Compatible • Full 80 page
manual • 12 Months guarantee 14400 MODEM £69.99 £109.99 33600
purchsed with a SCSI device SQUIRREL ONLY Sar when purchsed
with a SCSI device SURF SQUIRREL or when purchsed with a
SCSI device ALSO AVAILABLE... £49.99 £44.99 £49.99 £12.99
£17.50 £9.99 £19.99 £19.99 EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE A600 A1200
£44.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA CD (full ‘97 version) £19.99 50mhz
FPU (for blizzard 1230) £44.99 WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP 100
A1200 GAMES CD £7.49 EACH or FREE with every CD ROM drive!!!
I-ROM DRIVES TOTAL SCSI CD-ROM DRIVE ncydopsBdtm” fi996 Version. Can SEE *•Nth every CD ROM drive!!!
Fully featured SCSI CD- ROM drive for use with the A1200 or A600, Features include superb metal enclosure with in-built mains power supply.
Includes all software, cables and instructions for immediate use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio CD player software included. No extras needed! Just plug in and go. Choose either PCMCIA fitting Squirrel interface or internally fitting Dalaflyer SCSI interface.
TOTAL CD-ROM DRIVES 2 speed £129.99 4 speed £159.99 6 speed £209.99 8 speed £249.99 Prices include Sauirrel.
Add £30.00 for Dataflyer or Surf Squirrel
2. 5 HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable,
screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12
months guarantee.
All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200I installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
FREE WHILE-YOV-WAIT FITTING "V SERVICE FOR PERSONAL CALLERS. PLEASE PHONE place your order A50Q4420mb Hard Drive 340mb £109.99 540mb £139.99 lOOOmb £174.99 ISOOmb £209.99 Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per car- tridge. Comes Complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel JAZ DRIVE £439.99 OR £479.99 with Squirrel APOLLO 1230 LITE £99.99 f High quality low cost 68030 tSs accelerator with MMU and FPU | S.I®.* all running at 25mhz. Built in battery backed clock.
Easy trapdoor fitting. Amazing performance for such a low price. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM. Alot PCMCIA compatible with 8mb fitted.
APOLLO 1230 PRO £149.99 TWIN SIMM TECHNOl All the features you asked for at an affordable price! High performance 68030 with FPU and MMU running at 40mhz. Two 72pin SIMM sockets can take upto 32mb each. Simms can be mixed (i.e. a 4mb and 8mb will give 12mb) and can be single or double sided. Fully PCMCIA compatible regardless of how much memory is fitted. Easy trapdoor fitting with battery backed dock APOLLO )* 1240 1260 68040 68060 + MMLf ..A-, based A1200 accelerator. •.7?
Features battery backed clock ¦' and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb). Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor fi accelerator.
APOLLO 1240 25 £199.99 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM £19.99 8MB SIMM £39.99 OR 16MB SIMM £79.99 WHEN 32MB SIMM £169.99 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELERATOR siren No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND
• • Access. Visa. Switch, Delia, ¦ Si Connect etc accepted .:
.asfsgFT'' ' M OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday Sam
to 12pm
- Personal callers ¦ welcome.
Please phone first to check availability I of any item.
DIRECTIONS: ' ¦ ; . From the M62 Junction 17 : head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
I iie door to our premises is ne t to Polar opposite the Masons Pub.
I ¦V~0.:p- -r : OiJ.S 'V.
Vs:.'- vv *.• .
Nmac 68 Ever fancied slapping on a big pair of metal pants? I know 1 have, and Hugh was as happy as a sand boy GUILDGHALL GOODIES 70 Big choppers have us all mesmerised down Here at Amiga Action, so what's new?
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an Epson Stylus printer and a Cannon, lucky boy that he is it's all gone square shaped all thanks to this latest update for iBrowse Ibrowse Vl.l EATU RES E V I E W S Amiga on holidayJD Put your feet up, get a big mug of coffee and plan your holiday. All from the comfort of your own home and using your faithfull old Amiga 'C COMPILER_ Paul Overraa brings you more handy hints on 'C1 Programming, we are now up to part five, no matter what it may say on the page Tiling ED Paul Overraa rounds off his programming tutorial by looking at routines for the more advanced Turbo print 5_ED Transform your
dull prints into something rather special with this excellent program from Wizard Laser guidance_ED Hugh ‘if I never see another CD it will be too soon’ Poynton is genuinely proud to present another round of guidance Amiga Computing COVER STORY Pixels to pounds_ Everything you ever wanted to know about using Lightwave comer- cially but were afraid to ask. Amiga Computing shows you how to make money with your Amiga and Lightwave ?
Public sector _ Dave Cusick has nothing better to do than look at the latest in PD, and this is what he found ED m Need to find someones email address? Dave Cusick shows you how Everyone knows Neil Mohr is a bit of an artist, a piss artist m Amiga Computing j HE COVERDISKS Monster Utility Special If you had two sticks you still wouldn't be able to shake them at all the utilities crammed on these disks, but you can have a good try Includes: ToolManager v3 f) Filler • Password • QT vl.3 • ModeP • ApplSizer • Atapi PnP • GroovyPlay f MCC HTML • MultiCX V2.63 • MCX Prefs • RemCards EGULARS News_
EZ3 News hound, and he is a hound, Hugh Poynton brings you all the latest news Letters We still have readers, and to prove it here is a bunch oi their letters Ac AS I've got a screwdriver and a hammer and I'm not afraid to use them MICA GUIDE Ohe news we have all been waiting for has unfortunately not appeared, and Amiga Technologies is still in the hands of the liquidators. There is, however plenty to feef hopeful about. In a recent announcement, Peter Tyschtschenko says Amiga Technologies is still trading as if no bankruptcy occurred, gaining new distributors and trading at a level where
AT could be self-sufficient. Fairly amazing considering the current situation, AmiTech Has managed this by exploiting new markets that are opening up, mainly eastern European countries and Russia itself, along with the Far East, including China. Al! This adds up to a vast market for low cost computers - an area that the A1200 fits perfectly.
To the people Amiga Computing is currently going through editors on a yearly basis, Neil Mohr is next up It also appears that the massive boom in PC computing ail the pundits were predicting has not happened. Currently almost a third of American homes have a home computer. Last year something like 9 million Pcs were sold, not to new users, but to existing PC owners. No new PC users, no computer boom. Possibly the main reason for this is that the price of Pcs has not changed, they are stilf in the S2000 - S3000 range, thanks of course to increased hardware requirements brought on by
Price cutting Until something is done about the price of computing it looks as though Pcs will stay in well-to-do, middle class homes. This has not gone unnoticed by the big PC manufacturers who are oniy now starting to aim machines at the lower S1000 band. This is also backed up by Microsoft deciding late last year, in Its infinite wisdom, to invent the 'NetPC' - a low-cost way to get us all addicted to Windows.
So what is this miracle of the modern age that can bring high cost PC computing to the masses? Well, it turns out to be two year old PC technology; lOOMhz Pentium, Super VGA graphics - the worrying part is the ’no end-user expansion slots' part of the deal. Doesn't this mean that you cannot upgrade, that you have to in fact replace the whole damn thing? No wonder the PC manufactures love the idea, you have to replace your entire computer every year just to be able to keep running the software.
But don't we all know of a low-cost 'NetPC'? The Amiga's main market role was as a low-cost home computer, far below even the cost ot current 'cheap' Pcs.
Worryingly, the only company even thinking of producing a low cost Amiga style computer is PIOS, who is targeting the E500 S800 price bracket. The trouble is Phase 5 is going to compete with (by the time its A Box comes out) similarly priced and spec Pcs in a tricky market and QuickPak is aiming at the DecAlpha where the market is, again, already jam-packed.
There is also the problem that the A1200 is woefully out of date. But then no one is really expecting the A1200 to do wonders, who ever does get the Amiga will have to go the PowerPC way. PIOS' first machine will be aimed at the desktop market, but the second machine it plans is the low-cost machine for the masses. With multiprocessing capabilities and standard PC components this is a computer that is inexpensive, expandable and powerful, attributes the Amiga has always had.
Looking back, albeit through a slightly rose tinted fringe, myself and many of my friends owned Spectrums, C64s, Atari Sts and Amigas, The unifying point with all these systems is that they were inexpensive and currently there is not a single machine out there that can fill this gap in the market.
This is a market the Amiga used to fill very well, ownership spread to over three million households in this country alone. Perhaps when a stable owner is found for the Amiga, it can get back to where it belongs.
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B) Use Internal IDE port with AlfaDuo if you have
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internal IDF.
Controller, through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+ and possible Amiga 1200, comes with full IDE Fix software £59 Joysticks & Joypads Amiga Joysticks Amiga Joypads.. ..£9.95 ..£9,95 Multi Media Speakers 100 watt (pmpo) £30.00 Multi Media Speakers 240 watt (pmpo) £45.00 Multi Media Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)* .£59.95
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INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to access and explore the internet with ease. The double CD set contains usable versions of MIAMI. Voyager, iBrouse, ArmTCP and more. In addition the CD's contain many utilities for creat- ing your own WEB pages, down-loding mail, and ¦T* much more.
Most terns are Greedy usable from the CD's IN-TO-THE-NET Mick Davis's Cartoon Clipart Volume One is a new Amiga CD-ROM containing around 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used 'royalty-free'. Each image is stored as IFF. And all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every commissioned image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD-ROM.
The new Magic Workbench CD contains Ihe largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled Includes well over 5.000 Magic WB Icons. Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tocls ulilities.
! The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM, This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+. A600, A120Q, and A4Q00.
Cartoon Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Includes images only suitable for persons over the age of 18 ANIME BABES (18)' Quad(4x) speed CD-ROM drive complete with interface for the A1200. Supplied with installation software Includes a FREE copy of Ihe Epic Collection Please quote. Q-Drive Now only £149.00 ? E4.0QP&P* AMIGA l,2gigabyte (l2QQmb) ready-to-fit Amiga hard drive. Pre-formatted and installed with Workbench 3.
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With FREE harddisk sw' [RjA 1.2GIG HARD DISK ? M.OOPS.P SSB Y THE HOTTEST AROUND dult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult litle. It features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the 'adult' nature image viewers and coverters are included for any Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY) (CD01) £19.99 kdult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour mages but also includes tons of adult related samples, adult music modules, tonnes of adult stones, adult animations, black&white 70 s photos, aduft games and more.
(OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 iexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially ;hosen high quality BMP & GIF Images Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of Ihe pictures on any Amiga, (OVER 18) (CD169) £19.99 Vdult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now!
(OVER 18) Rated 90% (CD145) £19,99 kdult Animations contains hundreds of naughty? Anlma- ions film clips for Adults only. Viewing software included for the Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now. HURRY!!!!
(STRICTLY OVER 18's ONLY) (C0146x) £29.99 dutt MENsation is a collection of unigue images of (he male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies Very easy to use Okay on any Amiga.
(CD164) £19.99 We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encydopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes over 20,000 subjects The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now. It features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features intuding: Colour images, Full-screen filmclips. National anthems, and a unique Inter-ACT" feature which allows you to interact with
certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family NEW FOR 97 "II has lo be said that Ihe graphics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation" Graeme Sandiford, Amiga Forma "Why ts it you are the only company producing decent Amiga CD-ROMs" G Hamilton "if you're on the lookout for some interactive reference material then this fits the b II" Tony Horgan_ CU So you can create lists of subjects ’Hundreds of samples Music tracks and and over 200 samples 'Thousands of pictures Over 3.000 colour mono pictures included ’Dozens of
film-clips animations Over 200 subject related film-clips ’View many film-clips “full-screen" New Zoom option ’Now includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles 'Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk ’Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects ‘Kids Explorapedia Eight kid’s interactive play-about sections ’Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis ‘Subject creator Create your own subject data ’Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV ‘Upgrade your existing version to the 1997 version.
‘Simply return your current CD-ROM version along with a cheque of just £11.99 plus P&P AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA'S (with 4mb+ ram & Hard drive) EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA GROLIER HUTCHINSON'S PRODUCED IN 1996 1997 1993 1991 NO. OF PICTURES 3000+ 1300 MADE IN THE UK USA USA UK AGA INTERFACE y X X UPGRADABLE y X X NO. OF SAMPLES 100's 163 SEARCH MODES NORMAL'DEEP NORMAL NORMAL FILMCLIPS y X X SUPPORTED y X X MUSIC y X X Inter-ACT y X X ‘Requires an Amga 1200 cr SCOC. A hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and 4mb* of ram (6mb ram recommended) LightROM Gold 3D Objects. (LWO & I0B) Octamed Sound Studio CD32
Network set 2 Personal suite Reduced The Learning Curve DEM Rom Light R0M4 Octamed 6 CD Reduced Xi Paint 4.0 1078 Weird Textures 3000 jpeg Textures Into The NET (2cd) Multimedia Backdrops Sounds Terrific 2 (2cd)
24. 99
24. 99
54. 99
12. 99
12. 99
12. 99
49. 99
19. 99
19. 99 Aminet set one Aminet set two Aminet set three Aminet 14
October Aminet 15 November Aminet 16 Amiga Repair Kit CD
Amiga System Booster World Info AMIGA BACK FOR THE FUTURE
Turbo Calc v2,1 Spreadsheet 999 Amiga Developers CD Print
Studio Pro Magic Publisher (4cd) Meeting at Pearls 4 Mods
SENSATIONS (2CD) Contains around 10,000 colour images
suitable for DTP. (CD128) £19.99 NOTHING BUT GIFS Features
thousands of very high quality images.
(CD197) £19.99 LIGHT-ROM 4 £29.99 The latest issue contains thousands and brand new objects for Lightwave ” i LIGHT-ROM GOLD £19.99 | Contains the best i Lightwave’” 3D objects 1 from LighlROM issues 1.
2 and LightROM 3.
LIGHT-ROM CD-ROMS Emm I The Kara Collection ” 1 is a profes- 1 sional and 1 unique set of fonts, backdrops and tools for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentaions. £34.99 KARA FONTS CD This CD- ROM contains over 1000 digital elevation maps(DEMs) For use in VistaPro.
Scenery, Animator or World Construction Sot.
DEM-ROM !E14.99) This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps icting regional position, major cities, eic WORLD ATLAS AGA IMAGE CD-ROMS BoftfaKtom Available Now!
E of all oufcrj-flcJ.
AGA Experience 2 contains 100% original AGA material including pictures, AGA demos. AGA games, and AGA tools Most information runs direct from Ihe CD 1 ‘Normally £19.99 EXPERIENCE 2 CD2io* £9.S9) Aminet 16 contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software, including games, demos, animations, music, tools, comms. Patches, etc. Available for £12.99 HI or £10.99 when you take oul a subscription, (CD239) £12.99 This CD was rated 95% in AF. It features all the tools and information. Specifications etc, needed to produce and develop Amiga software. Includes the latest versions of
the installer, CD pressing software. CDXL toolkit, etc CL ELOPERS CD v1.1 (CD228)£14.m pSS Choose any of the following CD-EOUis p ; pmm fUrr with every E25 you spend!
Games EXPLOSION Contains hundreds of games FCD263 DEMO MANIA Volt Contains hundreds of great demos. FCD264 : Spend £25 choose one free CD I Spend £50 choose two free CD's etc. DTP TOOLKIT Fonfs Clipart and many toois. FCD265 TOOLS FOR FOOLS Hundreds of great utilities and tools FCD26?
E ANIMATION NATION Hundreds Of Stunning animations FCD263 pj COMPUTA MUZAK Hundreds of music POSTAGE COSTS
1. Standard. (UKr£l ___________ per CD (Oversea*) £2 per CD
3. Next Day Dotivery.
(UK) costn £10 for upto 10 CO1?
3. Sam* Day Delivery (UK major towns aiies P.O A
4. Cash on DoHvory (UK) Cl 7 for upto 10 CD’s BACKING THE j AMIGA
ALU THE WAT I Pjrint Studio PRO allows you to create and print
a wide variety of business cards and labels. Also features:
PicturCAT, Printer24 - A 24bit graphics print manager, 20Qmb
of mono & colour clipart, and hundreds of quality fonts. Print
Studio PRO provides a versatile colour correction system,
resulting in perfect colour output on most printers. KS3 or
high- er required.
PRINT STUDIO PRO J1L BCIoanlo's Personal Suite contains the Ifull versions of Personal Paint. Personal Sbase, Personal Write. P. Fonts and over SQQmb of use- able Art. Texts & Fonts.
Paint. Image Processing, Animation.
24bit Printing. Word Processing, Database and much more. ,-¦«»» Rated 90% gjxBSt The World of AMIGA mouse HhHeXL T.Shinwilh omcist AMIGA logo. .. ;~SOO' Only ao.gg ,£7 OfTfciaTCommmfw'fe Mouse Mat- Size' 220mm x 188mm
P. SUITE Sftftftfl Insight dinosaurs has been pro- n gjjjH duced
in association with The E* Natural History Museum in * London,
and features the work of world renowned dinosaur illustra-
tors. It features hundreds of photo s, illustrations, video
clips, narration and sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z of
dinosaurs CD includes both ECS & AGA versions JNSIGHT
DINOSAURS JUSTIN. Women of the Web...““‘"'(CD402) Just £19.99
Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
I SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting 1 rev CD-ROM containing over ft 1.3GIG of SCI-FI images, anima- WL lions, 3D objects, Sound FX.
¦ Documents, Themetunes, ¦ Scripts & SCI-FI games.
Subjects included are: Babylon5. Startrek (The ongi- nal, TNG. Deep Space 9 and Voyager), Batman, Dr Who, Thunderbirds, Robocop. Sea Quest DSV. Bladerunner, Aliens, Terror hawks. 2001. Blake7, Battlestar Galactica, Tron. Total Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc. ‘Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you will always receive the latest available version.
CU Amiga: 91% AUI. 93% SCI-FI SENSATION v2.2 Choice for great value and service The UK's most popular mall order company.
- Seperate order lines UK Orders: 0500 1.31 480 Overseas: +44
1793 514 188 3 Ways to receive your order Standard 1-2 days.
Next Day or Same Day Delivery % Easy ways to order
* ¦ 4. Phone. Fax, E-mail. PosL Ways to pay Credit card, Cheque.
PosCai-order, Cash or C.O.D aZ Choices of free CD-ROMs Music,
Games. Demo's, Tools,.., Emulators includea for any Amiga .
I * j* Games include Manic Miner.
daze Monty mole. Startrek, raid. Barbarian, Hunchback and H around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy ‘96 also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions for mast games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats.
Okay on any CD-ROM drive connected to an Amiga.
New Version!, now also includes: Workbench game lottery predictors. Hundreds of bad jokes and more Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CU 91% ¦ AUI 90% - AC over 90% Arcade Classics :s an original col- leclian of ALL your o;d arcade favourites. Includir.g Amiga vcr- ¦ sions of PACMAN, SPACE ¦ INVADERS. ASTERIODS. MIS- SILE COMMAND, pengo.
Now includes easy to use Multimedia Amiga Interface.
ARCADE CLASSICS Plus . Contains 1200 our most papular floppy based software titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the entire Epic coliec- tiori in one 9° Subjects include: Professional
S. mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine
& Lightwave. Colour, W Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe
forts, Yj* Graphics converters, Music tutorials.
Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools. Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, flphk books, and more. &|Ul THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 CJCMINC SCCN The Epic Interactive Quiz Show is an exciting new i Amiga based CD-ROM | quiz game for the whole ft *arrii|y- - V'- -yw .
Features inlude: rAGA hi-res graphics 'Virtually every question is spoken 'Upto 4 players teams can play '20 different subject catagories ‘Select from 10 different characters, or add your own charactors.
HARD DRIVE SETUP SHS7-2- A600 HD SelupS Insta'I AHD7-2-A1200 HD Setup A Install CD-ROM DRIVERS ATP3-1 - Atapi IDE Drivers AAZ7-2- ZappcVArcos Drivers SSS12-2 ¦ Squirel SCSI Software PRINTER DRIVERS DRV5-' • 100 Printer Drivers CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE ON: 01793 432176 TO SUBSCRIBE:!!
(Epson, Carton, HP, Star, etc) This NEW CD rom contains around 15,000 ail-time classic I Commodore 64 games and sw 1 emulator to run them on your Amiga... In stock now!
This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know I about, and includes tons of L megabytes of text documents I and photographs relating to UFO ft sightings and abductions etc. This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most I addictive and loved game. Nearly I all the games are ready to run I directly from CD, and archived ft versions are also included.
Available NowI HING BUT TETRIS (cdi*8)£9.9b ENCOUNTERS (cdi79) E14.99 GAMES CD v2 1CD251) rew£39.99 mumsam All prices inc. VAT PRIORITY ORDER FORM PLEASE SUPPLY emaS: epkirtaJtetinggxfolEfind Fax:01793514187 NAME _ ADDRESS ITEMS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE & PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED Send to; EPIC 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, UK. 5H2 2NF Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 6;00pmisfr Overseas Orders: +441793 514188
* 1f you live in Australia or New-Zealandyou canpurchase any of
our CD-ROMs from our Sydney based office. Send your orders to:
EPIC.36 Forest Road, Heath cote, NSW. 2233 Tel: (02)9 520 9606
Fax: (02) 9 520 6077 Tor prices in Australian $ $ $ simply double
the UK £££ prices listed Hews ©I ore details are emerging about
the World of Amiga Show in May. Contrary to some reports,
there will only be one major Amiga show this year, instead of
two as some reports have suggested. Casteiner boss Vas Shah has
confirmed he will not be staging an Amiga event in March. He
will instead be supporting the World of Amiga show in May. In a
joint statement Vas Shah and Peter Brameld, head of show
organisers PBA Events, said: "The World of Amiga will be
considerably strengthened as a result of the decision to
combine the expertise of the two organisations. We will be
working together to ensure the show is an even greater success.
Casteiner brings not only its commitment to Amiga technology
but also its experi- World of Amiga EW EPSON PRINTER MAZING
ACCELERATORS tAT International is in the process of developing
a new range of Amiga accelerators that will enable a standard
Amiga to run at speeds of up to 200MHz. The cards are to be
made available for all machines with an 020+ processor and
support a 68882 co-processor running at any speed. The 200 Mhz
card will retail at around £120. A RISC card will also be
available, it will enable all Amiga software to be run on the
machine at speeds up to and, in the future exceeding, those of
PPC upgrade systems.
IAT International is the interna! Amiga market advisory body and, in addition to developing new hardware for the machine, IAT is currently working with Direct Software to open 10 more Amiga based stores around the UK.
February saw the launch of the Stylus Color 1520, Epson's new high speed colour inkjet printer. The machine, designed to replace the Stylus 1500 printer, will be available for a recommended retail price of £899.
According to Epson UK's Marketing Communications Manager Maria Foley, 'The printer aims to target professional design engineers who suffer the expense of colour printing. Design engineers looking to reduce the high cost of colour output without compromising quality will find the answer in this new product Small graphics houses are no longer limited by the costs normally associated with colour output and don't need to farm out work to expensive bureau services."
Due to the printers advanced 128 nozzle print head, the Epson Stylus 1520 will be able to produce eight pages per minute in mono and four pages per minute in colour.
For more details telephone Epson UK Ltd On: 01442 61144 ence in the exhibitions field. Added to the proven skills of those at PBA Events, it means this year's World of Amiga is certainly an event not to be missed."
Present at the show will be Nova Design's new ImageFX image processing and special effects package. Nova Design will be showing a demonstration film put together using ImageFX and its forthcoming Aladdin 4D package.
British companies will be much in evidence with Guildhall Leisure, Digita International, Epic Multimedia and ICPUG all participating. Epic will be demonstrating new additions to its CD range. Of particular interest will be the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal and the Epic ?
Qight relief Demon Internet has announced that, on Comic Relief Day - 14 March, H will donate all joining fees to Comic Relief. The sum should be quite considerable - membership subscriptions cost £12.50 (+VAT).
I I y Demtn Internet In addition to this, ISP has put Comic Relief Web pages on its site containing interviews with stars such as Lenny Henry and Nigel from EastEnders.
Demon will also donate 10 per cent of any comedy title purchased from its on-line bookstore to Comic Relief.
Encyclopaedia '97. The Encyclopaedia '97 boasts features such as Inter-ACT, zoom into text, zoom into pictures and national anthems.
Power Computing will be launching a 12 speed SCSI CD Rom player and a 68060 accelerator board for the A1200 4000. Anybody spending more than £50 will get half their ticket price refunded by Power Computing, and anybody spending more than £100 will get a full refund.
Digita International will be offering special show prices with further reductions for those with proof of purchase and Guildhall Leisure will be bringing its entire range of titles, both new and re-released. For further information on the show contact Tony Leah on 0161 480 9811 Amiga Computing ?
Say cheese!
Following the success of its terminal mounted digital cameras, Californian based OmniVision Technologies is set to launch a cut price colour camera. The C3086 will be displayed at the CeBIT show this spring. It is the latest addition to OmniVisions family of CMOS video camera monitors and, as Robert Strohl, OmniVision's Director of Marketing and Sales believes, ‘‘...the ideal solution for PC video conferencing, video phones, video e-mail, digital cameras, video games and a wide variety of PC multimedia applications".
A few months ago OmniVision found itself in the Amiga news after it launched its AQCVid hardware software interface for the Connectix Corporation's Quickcom digital camera.
ZlPPERWARE CLOSES US Amiga retailers, Zippemare, will be dosing os of March 2, 1997. The Seattle based Amiga Store is currently liquidating all merchandise.
Anybody interested in contacting Zippemare can reach the company at: Zipperware, 76 South Main St Seattle, WA 98104, (206) 223-1107 zipware@nwlink.com i Vulcan PERIPHERALS Amiga games company Vulcan Software has decided to branch out into hardware manufacturing with the release of its PC Analogue to Amiga Joystick Adapters. The adaptorsavailable for £8.99, will be sold mail order alongside the company's expanding range of titles.
For more information take a look at the Vulcan Web site (http: wrnv.vulcan.co.uk) or contact director Paul Carrington (Paul@vul- soft.demon.co.uk). and, most importantly, promote direct interaction among educational institutions and individuals.
TAEN intends to have a national representative for each interested country, whose role it will be to fulfill the above requirements and ad as a point of reference within their own country. They will also assist in developing and expanding The Amiga Education Network both nationally and internationally.
The aim is to increase TAEN's benefits to users and those developing products, to promote and arrange for the assessment of suitable Amiga education products, to arrange for the production of a regular Amiga-specific education publication and to advise of the special education needs for that country. For information contact: TAEN, P.O. BOX 353, ARMIDALE
N. S.W, 2350, AUSTRALIA Voice: 61+ 67 72-2100 E-mail:
flinter@tpgi.com.au The Amiga will be represented at
Montreal's BeOS, pOS, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, and AIX.
First annual PowerPC Convention in July. The The exhibition will be held at the Howard convention will gather together an unprece- Johnson Hotel in Montreal, on the 19 and 20 dented number of Power Pcs for the first July 1997. For more details contact: time. Present will be BeBox, PIOS-ONE, Howard Johnson A Box, Amiga (PowerUP), PowerMac (and (514)-842-3961 clones), IBM and Motorola machines. Much 475 Sherbrooke West Street attention will be focused on the PowerPCs Montreal (Quebec) operating systems and software such as Canada H3A 2L9 EW VERSION OF IMAGINE Impulse (Infologic in the US) has
just released the latest version of Imagine for the Amiga. Imagine version 5 includes Arexx and Cybergraphix support and, in order to boost sales, Infologic is offering Amiga users the chance to purchase the package tor a price of St00 plus S10 shipping, Contact Impulse Seron Christian 5 Rue Alfred de Vigny 30320 Marguerittes France Intangible Assets Manufacturing has launched the Enforcer V37 advanced debugging too! For Amigas equipped with a 68020 68851, 68030, 68040, or 68060 CPU. It uses the MMU to help detect stray pointers and access invalid memory. The Enforcer archive includes tools
to help identify the exact location of bugs, including the line of source code in most C or Assembly code, as well as some other languages. Also including is a large on-line manual and examples as to how errors can be caught.
The original Enforcer (written by Bryce Nesbitt, copyright Commodore-Amiga) was instrumental in the development of AmigaOS 2.04 and the improvement of the quality of software on the Amiga. Enforcer V37 is a completely new set of code designed to provide even more debugging capabilities across more hardware configurations and with more options.
Information about Enforcer, the down loadable Enforcer archive and ordering information is available through the Enforcer Web page at http: www.iam.com amiga enforcer.html. Any questions about Enforcer should be directed to enforcer@iam.com TAEN (The Amiga Education Network) has announced details of an initiative to support schools that use the Amiga as a learning tool. TAEN was established after the demise of Commodore Australia with the express intention of supporting the format in Australian schools and safeguarding the all important education market for the machine.
The purpose of TAEN is to provide an Amiga-based global facility open to all persons or organisations with an interest in the Amiga in the field of education.
Through national representatives, information relevant to that country's education can be disseminated and exchanged.
The organisation intends to offer advice on the latest Amiga software and hardware suitable for education, supply names of appropriate contacts, arrange for demonstrations of, and training in, appropriate products, publish regular newsletters, identify areas of need, advise developers and publishers about them owerPC convention TO INCLUDE AMIGA QaEN DOWN UNDER EBUGGING DEBUT Amiga Computing Bhase 5; PART ONE Hews On February1 25, Phase 5 announced it was bringing out the CYBERSTORM PPC PowerPC based accelerator for the Amiga 3000(T), the 4000(T) and systems with compatible CPU- slots.
These new accelerators will enable processing speeds more than iO times faster than the current fastest 68K based accelerators.
The accelerators are being designed as upgrade boards for existing Amiga systems and incorporate Phase 5's dual processor technology, where a fast Power PC RISC processor works in unison with a 68K processor (in the case of the CYBERSTORM PPC either a 68040 or a 68060 CPU). The AmigaOS3.x still runs on the 68K processor whilst the Power PC CPU is supported by a comprehensive PPC Library developed by Phase 5.
The CYBERSTORM PPC will initially be available with the fast PowerPC 604e processor in dock speeds of 150, 180 and 200 Mhz; the socket for the 68K companion processor accepts either a 68040 or a 68060 CPU. It provides a 64-bit wide, extremely fast memory and the 200Mhz version of the CYBERSTORM PPC provides a performance that goes far beyond most PC systems available today.
Bhase 5; PART TWO Phase 5 has also released the Blizzard 603e PowerBoard for Amiga 1200 and A1200 based Tower Systems. The PowerPC based accelerator promises to improve the performance of the Amiga way beyond what is possible with a 68K based accelerator.
Although a price hasn't been decided, we are assured that it will be extremely competitive, Hhe lair web site ANNOUNCES LAUNCH A new Internet based e-zine, The Lair, has been launched. In addition to covering many aspects of IT, The Lair pays particular attention to the Amiga platform.
Of interest to Amiga owners is the exclusive interview with Steve Jones of HiQ Ltd, developers of the Siamese System, and players in the future of the Amiga. Also included in the premier issue is an analysis of America's most notorious hacker, Kevin Mitnick, and a look at the Amiga's position in the computing world today, http: amigaworld.com thelair RIENDLY MONITORS Hitachi Business Systems has increased its current range ol monitors with new 15 inch, 21 inch and LCD monitors. The CM500ET monitor is a high resolution and high frequency monitor purposefully designed for office use.
The monitor offers microprocessor controls, power saving features that conform to Energy Star requirements and has a low radiation 280 x 210mm screen. The CM500ET updates at 85 Hz (a vertical refresh rate fast enough to avoid discomfort for the user) and offers less magnetic emission than many other monitors.
MAGE LIBRARY in addition, Hitachi is releasing the new high spec 21 inch CM802E and CM802ET monitors.
The monitors offer high performance with 200 Mhz clock speed and new CRT design. An Invar shadow mask ensures that a flatter, sharper image is dispalyed. Like the CM500ET, the 21 inch monitors are designed to cut down on the electrostatic and electro magnetic field emissions and meet energy saving guidelines.
CTI, the German based Amiga software company, is releasing a compilation CD of fractal images. The CD includes 350 high quality fractal images which can be viewed under Amiga-DOS, MS-DOS or MS Windows. The recommended retail price for the CD will be DM39. For further details phone (49) 8383 9519.
Qirmail 4.0 : - • • Ipft c uta [ sis j wn l _n|_gf bj j||g| ¦jCtSisu'c ussewk '¦ PrStflowsi Imytu fail you sprt?
TcjsmT Developmeitt Inc. .
Mjiti fSlpnat tev1 I GT1 is also releasing an e-mail management program for the Amiga. Air Mail 4.0, The package aims to make the sending and receiving of e-mails faster and easier and supports the encoding and decoding of mail using MIME and external text editors. The package requires Workbench
2. 1 or above, AmiTCP IP version 4.0 or above and Miami, Mlink or
Low cost delivery Tel: 0113 231 -9444 Fax: 0113 231 -9191 2-4 Week Days £3.99 _ iNext Week Day £5.99 l"T-|
• Saturday Delivery £15.00 I !.
RVlhnvw tnhiwl (n (fort nvnilobJlifv I__* I EASY ACCESS FROM M62. Ml and Al, FIRST com re* CENTRA FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE E-Mail: sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk WEB: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk BBS;0113 231-1422
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99
• Next Week Day £5.99 IT
• Saturday Delivery £15.00 I !.
Run iflow 5 wwWng dtp k»r chrquc dttraXC. Prrtci art 1 [onnt at Ittr time of Buing (0 [mi Phut chock our tarn prkr* before ordortng. All h)oi m ubfecl to ourstandard Itrnit Memory CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face Hardware Squirrel scsi-n lnterface*£45.00 AMIGA Branded Monitors 1 4" Monitor £279.99 Includes Speakers 17" Monitor £399.99 Inc Amiga A1200 MagicPack Includes. Wordworrh V4SE, T urbocak: IS, Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenic* I.2SE, Pinba 11 Mania & Whit t. £379.99 Call for availability LOWEST PRICES EVER!!
A I 200 4 Mb RAM £70.99 A I 200 8 MbRAM £89.99 33Mhz Co Pro add£2S.OO I PRIM A AS 00 5 12k RAM no clock IpRIMAA500* I MbRAM I PRIMA A600 I Mb RAMnoclock Surf Squirrek SCSI-il interface'
* £79.99 MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £10.9?
2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £14.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19.99 9 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £18.99 I 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM £80.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £10.99 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £29.99 2S6by4DRAM(DILs) (cach)M.9?
2S6by4ZIPPS oach)£6.99 Part exchange available on your old memory, Call for pricing.
Octngoil GVP SCSI Card £99.991 SCSI-II Intf-rCtcr card fo'big boa Amiga* A400072000r' | Internal SCSI CD ROM Sanyo CRD254Vx4 £89.99 TeacCD56S«i £121.99 Panasonic 506BxB £129.99 Toshiba 5701 x!2 £199.99 I st Starter Pack
• AJ200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disks + labels
• Top quality joystick Only
• Deluxe mouse matj" -
• 3 x A1200 games Software Specials
• Vista Pro Lite full ver. £9.99
• Wordworth V3 £9.99
• Deluxe Paint IV AGA £9.99
• Blitz Basic 2.1 £ 19 99
• TechnosoundTurbo II £29.99
• FinalWrlter 5 £74 99
• Photogenics 2 CD £59.99
• Cinema 4DV3 £159.99
• Final Data 3 £29.99 Accelerator Cards Viperll-33 £129.99
Blizzard 1230-50 £159.99 Blizzard 1260-50 £479.99 £19.99 HS3£
* SCSI Controller required to run CD Drives.* SCSI Cases Single
Case £69.99 Dual Case £ I 19.99 Heavy Duty PSU 200watt £69.99
Disk Drives Peripherals Hard Drives Monitors If3-5” Hard Disk
Drives) IDE SCSI I l.2Gig...£159.99270Mb......£99.99 I
1.6Gig...£l66.99540Mb £149.99 I 2.0Gig...£202.99 L8Gig £249.99
I 2.5Gig,-£220.99 2.1 Gig £397.99 Build Your Own SCSI Hard
• SCSI case with built in PSU £69.99
• SCSI Hard Drive, Select from above
• SCSI Squirrel Interface £45.00
• 12 Month Warranty.
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A 1 200 with Installation kit Seagate
cc.v.vrw 80Mb....£64.99 I 30Mb....£80.99 I 170Mb...£85.99
250Mb..£1 19.99 420Mb.£ I 29.99 540Mb..£ 139.99 BIO £149.99
1.0Gig..£219.99 I I-3 Gig..£294.9 9 2.2Gig..£399.9 )1
3. 5" H Drive Install Kit £19.97 Include-* set up software,
cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive- [17"
1701 .£399,99| 17" Multi-Sync Monitor, "** Lowest ever
AMIGA New Amiga iMonitorsI Multi-Sync Monitors 14" 1438s......£279.99 i 4" Monitor Includes Built In Speakers Amiga External drive£44.95 ftmitek 1,76Mb Ext. £69.95 A1200 600 Internaldrive£39.99 5 00 5 00+lnternal drive£3 9.99 Mega Mouse* 400 dpi ( S button) c ¦ I Mega Mouse 400dpi (2button) £ I 1.49 I Amiga Mouse 560dpi (3 button) £ 12.99 I Quality Mouscmat (4mm) £3.99 1 Golden Image Am STTrackball £ 17.99 I ZyFi-2 Speakers (8 watts channel) £26.991 ZyFi Pro Speakers (16 wattsychannel) £5 7.99 I Roboshift (Auto mouse |.stick switch£9.?9 I Kickstart 2.04 2.05 (for use in A600) £24 991 CIA 8520A
I O controller 68882 Co Pro 25mbi PLCC £25 991 68882 CoPro33mhzPLCC j Zipstick Joystick Saiu-k Mog.sgrip II ¦ ! 99 | Amiga Modulator £34.991 Amiga Std. PSU £34.99 Heavy Duty PSU £69.9?J Modems IV34+ Faxl PRIMA Modem Amazing Price Performance
• 33,6 Baud Rate Class I Fax
• BABT & CE approved.
Only..£99.99 Complete with cable* & Amiga Ncomm Software Bargoins V32Bis 14,400 Fax Modem Only!) £49.99 V22Bis 2400 9600 Modem Only!! £24.99 Modem Accessories ||Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M.£6.99 I 0M. £8.99 I5M.£I0.99 [Dual Socket Adaptor £6.99 Software Miscellaneous
F. Writer Lte . £39.99 Wordworth 6 £39.99
W. orth Office £49.99 Mini Office £46.99 Final Calc £94.99 Twist
2 £74.99 Turbocalc 4 £49.99 Dir. Opus 5.5 £45.99 MIDI I face
£19.99 MegaLoSound £24.99 Aura 16 £74.99 Net&Web £29.99
Net&Web II £66.99 GP Fax only £44.99 Ibrowse £24.99 New Budget
Games Titles In Stock Road Rash £9.99 Desert Strike £9.99
Theme Park £14.99 Dedal Forces £9.99 (The Prima ATOM PRIMA
Heavy Duty PSU £69.99
• High Quality 200 WattPSU.
• Colour Co-Ordinated Casing.
• 4 x The Power of Std. Amiga PslJ
• I 2 Month Warranty.
Pro-GRAB Oniy...£ I 29.99 24 R TpCMCIAsdiplcrX]9.99 Power Scan v4. £89.99 256 gscile on AGA Amiga*. 64 g jcalc non AG4 ’owerScan Col.£ I 74.99 |24 b-t colour sc inner, 16 7 million colours We also carry a wide range df cables & adaptors in stock Call CD Rom Software 1078 Weird Textures £12.99 17Bit & LSD Vol. 1 2 3 £17.99 l7Bit Collection £10 99 1 7Bit Continuation £14.99 17Bil Phase 4 £6.99 |7BitSth Dimension £17.99 3000 JPEG Textures £12.99 30 Image* Objects £8.99 AGA Experience 1 NFA £12.99 AGA Experience 2 NFA £12.99 AGA Toolkit 97 £8.99 Amiga Desktop Video 2 £12.99 Amiga Deveiojsert C D
£ 1 2 99 Amiga Repair Kit £39.99 Am.Net IJ I4 I5 I6 I7 £12 9?
Ami Net Set 1 2 £17.99 AmiNetSet 3 4 £29.99 Arcade Classics Plus £12.99 Artwont £8.99 Assassins CD Vol. 3 £17.99 C64 Sensations v2 £ 1 6.99 Card Games CD £12 99 CDPOI 2 J £5 99 Dem Rom £12 9?
Demo Collection vl £5.99 Emulators Unlimited £17.99 Encounters £ 12.99 Epic Collection 2 £17.99 Octansed6 A Sounds Terr, 117 99 Epic Int. Encyclopedia £25.99 Octamed Sound Studio £22.99 Euro CD vl £12,99 Oh Yes More Worms £B 99 Geek Gadgets £(7,99 Photogenics 2 £E9.99 GIF Sensations2 £(7.99 Prima Shareware 1 CD £9.99 G iga Graphics 4 £28.99 Pov-Roy £22.99 Globa! Amiga Expmce.
£17 99 Retro Gold CD £17.99 Graphics Sensations 1 £17 99 Scene Storm £17.99 Guinness Disc of ftec.
£17.99 Sci-Fi Sensation 2 £1799 Horror Sensations(! 8) £1799 Software 2000 2CD £26 99 Hottest 6 £17.9?
Sound FX Sensation £12.99 Into-the-Net £17.9?
Source Code £17 99 Insight Dinosaurs £4 99 Space & Astronomy £1899 Learning Curve £17.99 SpaceSh utile Encyclopedias. 14,99 Light ROM 4 £24,99 System Booster £ 1 7.99 Light ROM Gold £17 99 The Colour Library £199 LSD Compendiium 3 £17.99 The Spectrum CD 96 £16 99 Magic Publisher £39.99 The Personal Suite £17.99 Magic WB Enhancer £8.99 Utilities 2 (PDSoft) £17.99 Meeting Pearls v4 £6.99 Utilities Experience £1399 Movie Maker Special FX £17.99 Weird Sc. AMOS PD £16 99 Multimedia Toolkit 1+2 £17.99 Weird Sc. Clip Art £8.99 Multimedia Backdrops £17 99 Weird Sc. UPD Gold £1799 Network 2 CD £12.99
Workbench Add-Ons £20.49 Network 2 + CD32 Cable £33.99 World Atlas £2499 Nothing but GIFs AGA £17 99 World Info 95 £17 99 Nothing but Tetris £9.99 Zoom 2 £18.99 FREEH Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Printers Flatbed Scanners Consumables I Canon BjC I 50 £149.99 I Small Footprint, Colour. 30 page ASF built in.
1 Canon BJ30 £159.99 I Portable monoprinwr, 30 pagr ASF built in |CanonBJC70Co!cnir £185.99 I Portable colour pnntc-r, 30 page ASF.
|CanonBJ240C £190.99 I Colour Pnowr.HOdpl. I Canon BJC4200 £223.99 1 New irnion, with Photo Reahv-n Cart. Option I Canon BJC4550 £369.99 I A3 version, with Photo Realism Cart. Option 1 Canon BJC620 £294.99 I Enhanced colour printer, virtual 720 dpi.
CITIZEN COMPUTER PfWfTERS | ABC Colour printer £ I 19.99 Simple (as easy as ABC) to use 24 pin printer.
Come* as standard with 50 sheet Auto sheet feeder. Tractor feed optional at £34.99 |Citizen Projec-llc £129.99 Colour Inkjet, 300x306 dpi. 70 sheet ASF I Citizen Printiva 600c £379.99 Stylus 400 Colour £214,99 720x720 dpi 4ppm Black. Ippm Colour.
Stylus 600 Colour £274.99 1440dpi. 6ppm Black, 4ppm Colour.
Stylus 800 Colour £399.99 I 440dpi.ippm Suck, 7ppm Colour.
Epson GT-5000 scanner £269.99 Entry level A4Colour Flatbed Scanner.
Epson GT-8500 £450.99 406dpi Fully featured A4 Colour Flatbed Scanner Amiga Scanning S.ware £59.99 HEWLETT!
PACKARD HP340 Colour Portable £179.99 Full Colour. 600x300 dpi Mono. 100* lOOepi Col.
HP400Co1our £149.99 Full Colour, 600.300 dpi Mono. 300*300 dpi Col HP 690 693Col. £249.99 6269,99 300*300 dpi Colour Printing, now even fatter.
HP870Colour £389.99 600*600 dpi up to & pip m mono, 3 p p. M colour HP SLLaser printer £279.99 4pip m. 600 dpi. I Mb of Ram.
HP 6 P Laser printer £569.99 a pip m 600 dpi. 2Mb of Ram.
ACCESSORIES ' PrinterSwitchBo*2way £12.99 Canoul iPSON Printer Switch Box 3 way £17.99
1. 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 3 Metre printer cable £6.99 5
Metre printer cable £8.99 10 Metre printer cable £12.99 Epson
200 8 Hr. Warranty £46.99 Epson 500 8 Hr. Warranty £76.99
Epson Iron-On Transfer £12.99 Epion 720 dpi Paper Pack £12.99
Canon T-Shirt Transfer £POA Canon BC-06 Photo Cart. £24.99
Canon BC-09 Fluorescent £24.99 Canon BC-22 Photo Kit £37.99
Canon BC-29 Fluorescent £32.99 ion Bubble Jet Paper £14.99 HP
DJ690 Photo Cartridge £29.99 HP Photography Paper £9.99
HPBanner Paper £9,99 HP DeskJet Paper Pack 500£I0.99 HP
Premium Glossy Paper £9 99 Studio 2 New ver. 2.14 "If you want
to gtt the 6nt pomblp rxiu ti fremraur printer. Jxl a copy of
Studio" £49.99 or £44.99 when purchased with a Printer.
Ribbons IcitizenSwiftfABCmono £3.99 I Citizen Swift ABC colour £12.99 |StarLC90mononbbon £4.99 I Star LC10 100 mono £3.69 I StarLC IQ 100 colour £T.99 I Star LC240c colour £11.99 I StarLC240c mono £8.9?
|StarLC240mono £5.99 |StarLC24-l0 200 300Colour £11.99 1 Re-Ink Spray formorto ribbons £1 1.99 PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Saxo 0 fortune In running colt* with your inklbubblr j«t. Compatible withthe HP Dnkjrt series. Carton BJ10 10 10 130 200, I 100 130. Star SJ48, C.tijrn Prnjrt and many I olhnri.
I Single refills (22ml) £6.99 ¦ Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 iThrcccolourkit (66ml) £19.99 I Full colour kit (BBml) £27,99 | Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 Laser Supplies I Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5 L £65.99 I Hewlett Packard Laser et 5P £75.99 I Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4 L £68.99 IH. Packard Ljet 4 M 5 M N £99.99 I Canon LPB-460 Toner £79.99 Laser printer supplies for major l manufacturers avai fable Call.
Ink Cartridges Disks Canon BJ 10 Star SJ48 £17.99 Canon BJ200,230 £18.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) £10.99 Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) £17.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) £ I 6 99 Canon BJC 40Q0 mono (single) £6,99 Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap. £28.99 Canon BJC 600e mono col. £8.99 £7.99 Citizen Printiva mono col. £5.99 HP. Detkjet 340 mono £21.95 HP.Deskjet 500 mono col. £22.?9 £24,99 HP. DeskJet 660 mono col. £23-99 £2 5 99 HP. DeskJet 850C mono col. £17.49 £28.99 Epson Stylus mono col. £1 3.99 £27.99 Epson Stylus Col. Ilsmono'co1.£ I 7.99,X24.99 Epson Stylus 500
mono col. £16.99 £24 99 Star SJ I 44 mono colour (single) £7 99 Printer Dust Covers £5.99 Paper Fanfold ftractor feed) 500 sheets £6.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets £ 12.49 .21 Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets Single sheet 5 00 sheets £21.49 £6.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £ I 2.49 Single sheet 2000sheets £21.49 Ejison Stylus 720dpi paperpack £13-99 ......£10.99 (.Packard Glossy paper pack (10) £9.99 High quality Inkjet Paper(500) Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.49 100 x £26.99 I 30 x £9.99 200 x £49.99 I 50 x £14.99 500 x £114.99 | Branded DSDD 10 X £4.49 100 X £33.991 30 x £11.99 200 x £64-991 50 x
£ 17.99 S00x£l5S.99| Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.99 100 x £29.991 30 x £10.99 200 x £55.99 V 50 x £16.99 500x£l29.99| Branded DSHD 10 x £4.99 100 x £35.991 30 x £12.99 200 x £69.991 50 x £18.99 500 x £159.99 | Labels x500 £6.99 Labels x I 000£9.99 USA NEWS Double the number ewTekniques, a new magazine aimed at users of NewTek products such as Lightwave, Video Toaster and Video Toaster Flyer, has just announced that, in 1998, it will switch to a bimonthly release (although during 1997 it will remain a quarterly magazine). The editor in chief, Joe Tracy, is the former editor in chief of the Video Toaster
User magazine, which is no longer being published.
NewTekniques keeps in close contact with NewTek to maintain the usefulness and reliability of their information. The magazine features tutorials, reviews and tips and techniques for using NewTek products, as well as information on forthcoming NewTek products. Those people subscribing before June will receive a special NewTek limited edition item. The identity of this item will not be announced until the NAB convention in early April.
Subscriptions to NewTekniques cost S32US. This covers the three issues in 1997 as well as the six issues in 1998. Cover price is S6.95US. For more information, e-mail jtracy@main.rosenet.net. by Katherine Nelson [JJova moves Expansion has caused Nova Design lnc.'s mailing and shipping addresses to change suite numbers. All other information remains the same. The new address is Nova Design Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 204, Richmond, VA 23230, USA.
UPED UP SPIDER amicrawler.com announced that it has added more features to its search engine, amiSpider. AmiSpider searches the full text of the over 3000 Amiga documents in its library and displays the results in order of relevancy, It features a multilingual interface and will detect the source country of the person accessing the Web page to determine the default, as well as gear the weight of the search findings towards the language being used in the search. There is a Top 20 list of the most often searched sites. Also, amiSpider lists the news sites which have updated or changed their
information. To add a site to the amiSpider library, just send the URL of the page to dtiberio@amicrawler.com. amiSpider also features free banner advertising for those who have joined the Amiga Web Network. The advertising on amiSpider is targetted to the users depending on the user's operating system, browser, and location. AmiSpider can be found at http: www.ami- AMIGA SEARCH ENGINE NfW FAG FEES HEADLINES SEATS SURVEY Qjoom boom The ClickBOOM Web site has moved to http: home.ican.net -clkboom . A new upgrade to Capital Punishment 1.1 can be found there. It provides Apollo board com
patibility, removes the need for 040.library or 060.library and fixes some loading problems found in the previous version.
B OWER CONVENTION MIGA MERGE National Amiga has announced it has created a new company, which they have incorporated. National Amiga is now a division of that company, ARCHTECH Inc. It has also released a PC keyboard to Amiga adapter in conjunction with MicroBit, Two other hardware projects are in the pipeline and are expected to be released soon. The Insertl04 keyboard adapter utilises the Windows keys as the Amiga keys, as well as turning unused keys into special functions keys. Orders are being taken now for S39CDN.
National Amiga's Web site has been updated and redesigned. Documents have been shuffled between machines to make document loading faster, but the server is still running on Amigas.
Many new and favourite products are in stock.
The CyberVision64 3D in particular are available for S479.95CDN. 1084 monitors are also in abundance.
National Amiga also has a new employee, Jason Norwood, to be helping with order processing and shipping. For more information on any National Amiga product, price, etc, visit http: www.nationaiamiga.com , or call (519) 858- 8760 NATIONAL AMIGA T AMIGA PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INTERNATIONAL WM Contact point Joe Tracy, Editor in Chief NewTekniques Magazine 131 West First Street Deuluth, MN 55802-2065 USA Nova Design, Inc 1910 Byrd Avenue Suite 204 Richmond, VA 23230 USA http: www.novadesign.com bob@novadesign.com amicrawler.com http: www.amicrawier.com dtiberio@amicrawler.com ClickBOOM
http: home.ican.net -clkboom PowerCon'97 Frederic Tessier 922 Deschamps Sainte-Julie Quebec J3E IN9 Canada http: www.moebius.qcca PwerCon97 National Amiga lit Waterloo St 101 London Ontario N6B 2M4 Canada Phone: 519-858-8760 http: www.nationalamiga.com PowerCon’97 is a PowerPC convention geared toward users of all machines utilising the PowerPC line of processors, such as the PowerUP Amiga, BeBox, PIOS- ONE, A Box, PowerMac and its clones, as well as IBM and Motorola machines. Among the current list of attendees are PIOS, who is working on a PowerPC machine called PIOS-ONE and ProDAD,
who is developing pOS, a new operating system for PowerPC machines that has the fee! Of the Amiga operating system.
This convention will be replacing the Montreal Amiga Conventions of previous years and will take place at the same venue as last year's Amiga Convention. The hotel is the Howard Johnson, 475 Sherbrooke West Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2L9, Canada, tel 514-842-3961.
The show is open 10am-8pm on Saturday 19 July and 9am-6pm on Sunday 20 of July. Tickets are S7CDN.
Rental of tables for dealers and developers will cost S150CDN for one day and S250CDN for both. The table is 6' x 3', and includes chairs. Individuals who bring their own PowerPC system(s) may be able to get a free table, available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are smaller than the other tables.
For more information about PowerCon'97, mail to moogy@datrox.ca, tessier@moebius,qc.ca, or steve.pruneau@mcbbs.magicnet.com, or visit http: www.moebius.qc.ca PowerCon97 . Also, call 514-649-9756 and ask for Frederic or 514-933-8095 and ask for Jeremie. The organisers of PowerCon’97 can be reached by writing to Frederic Tessier, 922 Deschamps, Sainte-Julie, Quebec, J3E 1N9, Canada.
Amiga Computing Paxtron AMIGA IIEPLACEMH CHIPS AND SYSTEM UPGRADES Mon CORPORATION CORPORATION I'iUlrOIl is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory New) PRICE
1. 3 ROM 0 S
....$ 12.50
2. 04 ROM
O S ...S19.95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 & A20G0) ..$ 19.95
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Set cf 2 Rom 0 1) ...$ 34.50
2. 1 Workbench tor floppy _$ er$ complete O S without supc crt *
le) ..$ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2CC0) .$ 49.95
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4C00) - ..... $ 57.50
3. 1 ROM
(A1200) ......$ 57.50
3. 1 R.GM(S) Software-Manual $ 124 00 $ 137.50 ROM
SwilcJVSwlcfc-Itt with speaker .S17.5C
3. 1 manual only
, ..$ 59.95
3. 1 Software .....Si 0.00
3. 1 Workbench tor floppy E. ers (complete OS without support
file) ... $ 7.95 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ...$ 19.95 A262Q 30 7.0
ROM Uparade .....$ 19.95 6520
CIA ....
$ 11.95 8372A 8375 Agnus with diagnostic disk guide ...$ 29.95
8375-B (2MB) (A3000) 318069-03 . $ 25.50 6375-10 Agnus
(318069-10) PAL .....SI7.95 8375-18 Agnus
(316069-18) 2 meg PAL .....Si 5.95 Paula (8354)
A500'A2000 ...Si0.95 Denise
(8352) A500 A2000 .$ 10.95 Super
Demse 8373 w dsagnostic disk $ 19-95 Gary 5719
A500 A2000 ..S10.95 Buster
5721 (A2000) ..$ 16.95
(DIP) .S11.50 66C00-16MHz
CPU (DIP) ...$ 22.50 66C30-RC50
PGA .....$ 84.50
PGA ...$ 24.95
Western Digital SCSI chip 8A .... 524.95
Video Hybrid • (A500 390229-03) .$ 9.95
GVP Upgrade Chip Series
II ......$ 24.95 SURFACE MOUNTED
DEVICES (For A1200. A3000. A4000. CD32) 8520 PLCC
(391078-02) . ...$ 19.50
...$ 24.50 ...S04.50 ...$ 24.50 .. S'9 95 ...$ 36.50 . $ 19 95
...S21 95 ,...$ 15.55 ,...533 55 ...S29.95 ..$ 27.95 ,...$ 32.95
...S34.50 Amber
(390538-03) ..... CM AC 4
1390537-04) Lisa
(391227-01) .. Far.sey
(rev.4) 390544-C4 ..... Fansoy (rev. 7;
39-0541-3? . Alice 8374
(391010-01) .... Gal (XUS)
(390123-01)) Gayle
(315107-02) . Bucgie
(391425-01) .. Super Denise
391554-01) ... Pa. A 8364 (391077
01) ..... Gaiy
(390540-02) Super
Buster Rev. 11 (399539-11) . Bridgette
(391380-01) .....S29. V oeo
DAC 391422-01).. ..$ 19. $ 13 . S18 ...$ i9, $ 30 S37 $ 69.
. S*9.
680CCCPJ 1390034-07).
50020-16(391505-011 .... MC 63382RC25A PGA Nev, (390434-01) MC 63382RC20A PGA MC 68882RC33A PGA ...... XC 66582RC40A PGA .. MC 6803CFG25S 0=? (39-03S5-05. .
MC 68030RC50 PGA S79. MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) CD32 (no RAM memory) NTSC ......589. CD32 complete with RAM tested NTSC ....S1Q9 CD32 complete with RAM tested (PAL) $ 89. CD32 replacement CD mechanism ...$ 39. A500 (rev, 3) me all chips ...S39. A500 (Rev. 55) .$ 89. A600 ......$ 134. A12C0 (UTSCl Lirrvted quantity 3 0 0 S aJf rcemcry Nsw $ 300.
A12C0 (PAL) Lmite: qurvl 3v cs a New ...$ 300 A2000 '.ATE Rev 33722C5 ......$ 395. A3000''.6Mnz) ..$ 264 A3000 (25MHz) ...$ 294 A3000" (Tower) 25MHz ......$ 389 C54 (refurbished, tested ai chips) S29 C54 untesteo. All enps clearance .2-S25. AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New) Amiga "Q-Dnve" 1241 CD ROM Drive for the AT200.$ 179. High Dens. External floppy for all Amigas ..$ 114 High Density Internal Floppy Drive: A4000 ..$ 104
A2000 ...$ 109. A500 Internal 880k ....$ 38. A600 1200 Internal .. $ 39.
A2000 Internal 8B0k .S39. A3000 Internal 880k .$ 39. A4QQQ Internal 880k .... $ 49.
CD32 Replacement CD mechanism ...S39- 1541 (refurbished) .....$ 33. 1571 (limited quantity) S44 POWER SUPPLIES (Factory New) A500 $ 38. A500 A500 A1200 Big Fl. (200 Watl) Micro R D......$ 79. A500 power supply (used) 220 volts Europe......$ 19. A590 S19. A1200 110 volts original factory $ 38 CD32 Original i Factory (110 volts) .$ 21 CD32
Original Factory (220 volts) $ 14. CD32 B-g Foot (200 Walt) Micro R D $ 74 A2000 110 22QV. Internal original ....$ 89. A2Q0Q Big Foot (300 Watt) Micro R D $ 144.50 A3000 internal (110 220 vcIts) .$ 110.00 A3000 Big Foot (250 watts) Micro R'D ......$ 144.50 A3000 Tower ....$ 124.00 A4000 internal (110 vo'ts) .$ 119.00 A4000 int. 300 Watt Big Foot (exchange) SI69.95 1Q84S Phillips Flyback Transformer only $ 29.95 1084-D1
Phillips'Daewoo Flyback only, $ 38.50 10S4-D2 Daewoo Flyback Transformer only S38.50 1084S new Motherboard'Flyback .....569,95 1Q34S power supply board (refurbished) .....S29.95 C64 nonrepairatsie ....$ 14.95 C64 repairable ....S 19.95 C64 5.2 amp Heavy Duty (also 1750 REU) $ 39.95 C65 110 Volt ......$ 21.95 C12S external 5.2 amps ..S39.95 1541
11 1581 ..$ 7.50 KEYBOARDS (Factory New) A500 limited quantity) ....$ 39.95 A500 $ 26.50 C123D (limited quantityi ...... $ 24 95 A12D0 ......- ..S34.95 A2000 (Amiga Technologies} . S74.5C A30G0 (Arnica Technobd es) ..... $ 74.50 A4000 (Amiga Technolog es) $ 74.50 A2000 keyboard adapter to A4000 ..... $ 9.55 A4Q00 keyboard adapter to A2000A3000 .....$ 8.95 KB100 adapter to use with IBM keyboards S49.95 ADD
ON BOARDS (Factory New) 58020-030 (A4000) ..... ...S67.95 A2058 (OK) (A2000) Expansion board 8K $ 69.95 A501 original Ram Exp. - 512K (A500) S17.95 Microway Flickerfixer ... $ 224.00 Slingshot Pro pass thru (Micro R D) .$ 37.50 A1050 RAM Expander (A1000) 256K ...$ 10.95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1250 Lis 25MHz 68030 W MMU-FFU for A1200 ccrrputers $ 139.95 1230 50MHz 68030 for A1200 computers $ 239.00 1240 25MHZ 68040 for A1200 computers $ 369.95 1240 4QM Hz 68040 for A1200 computers $ 449.95 126Q.'5QMHz 68060 for
A1200 computers $ 729.95 1200 SCSI Module for Apollo A1200 acceleraiOrs$ 129.00 2030 25MHz 68030~6&e82+SCSI-2 for A2000S299.95 2030’50MHz 68030-6&882+SCSI-2 for A2000S389.95 2O40'25MHz 68040-SCSI-2 for A2QGQ $ 449.00 2040 40MHz 68040-SCSI-2 for A20CO $ 529.00 2060'50MHz 6806O+SCSI-2 for A2C-00 .....$ 849.95 3060,50MHz 6805(HSCSI-2 for A3000 Desktop $ 829.95 3040 40MHz 68040-SCSi-2 for A3000 Desktop $ 559.95 4040,40MHz 68040-SCSI-2 for A3000T & A40CC(T) $ 559.95 4060 50MHz 6S060-SCS3-2 for A3GC0T & A4000(T)S819.95 Mini Meg 2Mb Chip RAM Board ...$ 185.00
SX32 .....$ 279.95 PHASE 5 ACCELERATORS Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board $ 749.95 Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Board ..$ 269 95 Optional Blizzard 1260 or 1230-IV SCSI Kit.....5169 95 Blizzard 2060 Turbo Board . $ 849.95 Cyberstorm Mark II 060'50MHz .....$ 849.95 Cyfcersiorm Fast SCSI-2 Module ....5179.95 CyberVision 64 3D 2Mb Call CyberVision 64 3D 4Mb $ 389 95 CyberVision 64 3D
MPEG Module .Call CyberVision 64 3D Scan Ooutler Monitor Switch..$ 139.95 CyberGraphX Software ...... $ 49.95 MOUSE CONTROLLERS (Factory New) Amiga 1352 $ 22.50 Wizard 3-button (tor all Amigas) ......$ 22.95 A4000 $ 26.85 Amiga CDTV ......$ 15.95 Amiga A1200 mouse pen replacement tot ....S7.95 CD32 corlrolier ... $ 11.75 DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga Analyzer (see below) $ 59.95 Final Test
diagnostic disk by Amiga ....$ 7.95 Amiga Troubleshooting Guide ..... $ 7.95 Commodore Diagnostician II S6.95 Complete Service Manuals; A500. A500+, 590.
A1000.1230 printer. 1802, 1902, 1902A, 1934, 2002.
2091, 23C0, 2630, CDTV. 1581. C65 $ 19.95 A500 schematics, A600.1Q84S. 1084S-D1, 1084ST.
1936A. 1960. A2000 .$ 24.00 A1200, A3000, A3000T, A4000, CD32 .$ 39.95 CLEARANCE SALE A500 Computer (NTSC) with P S ...Si 19.95 A520 (New) Video Modulator Adapter. $ 12.50
2. 04 3,1 ROM Switch ¦ (Switch lit) with speaker...$ 17,50 15-23
pin adapter cable S19.95 Monitor
Cables • 30 Different types ....CALL
Monitors: 1084S. 1802.
Etc ...CALL Laser prirter
memory board OK (All HP units) ...524.95 Sony QD6150 data
cartridge $ 7.50 Joystick -
Captain Gram (for all Amigas) S2.99 1x4 s c ZIP
for A3G00 S8.00 ?
Amiga A3000 (25MHz) Computer Includes:
• motherboard (factory refurbished), new keyboard, complete A3OO0
service manual, user manual and 90 day warranty.
$ 495.00 (plus UPS] Amiga A3000 Computer (in kit form) Includes:
• A3000 16MHz (factory refurbished) motherboard with 2 megs of
RAM (25MHz version, add S35.00),
• New A3000 Power Supply (1 1 0 or 220 volts).
• New A3000 Floppy Drive.
• New Daughter Board.
• Amiga 3000 Mouse
• Full A3000 Service Manual (valued at $ 39.95).
• User Manual.
• All Cabling.
• 90 Day Warranty (on motherboard only).
$ 439.50 (plus UPS) ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE BS-ihPACKAGE PRICE $ 79.95 Western Digital SCSI 8A $ 23.95
3. 1 Operating System Upgrade ROM
3. 1 ROM Software (package of 7 discs)
3. 1 Books Manual (without disks or
ROM] .....CALL 1 x 4 Static
Column ZIP (8 zips = 4
megs) ....$ 7.00 A3000
Keyboard .... $ 67.50
Drive ...CALL
AmiFAST 3000 Adapter (ZIP to SIMM
adapter) ......$ 74.50 Rack Mounted
Cabinet ......$ 54.00
Spore A3000 Motherboards - See top half of ad (Motherboard
Section) for prices COMING NEXT MONTH A low cost 25MFfz and
33MFIz accelerator for the A1200 that will "knock the socks
off the competition."
ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ An Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer That Works On All Amigas A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and dick software interface.! The onaiyzer cable plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously ana through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shows status of data ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from (rock 0 to track 79, Software automatically tells whal errors are fauna ond the chips components responsible. 85 lo 90% of the problems
presented to service centers are found wilh this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don'!
Be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the onaiyzer box. This diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers _ worldwide and is the only one of its kind. Over 15,000 sold. Jlf New low price W- Amiga "Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for the A1200 The Amiga Technologies "Q-Drive" 1241 is a PCMCIA interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32 emulator). It is a super fast CD-ROM drive equipped with a PCMCIA connector.
Price: $ 179.95 (Quantity pricing available) ??? WANTED Get Cash for your A2000 computers.
New or Used (NTSC or PAL).
We pay top dollar. We also pay UPS shipping charges, ATTENTION DEALERS Paxtron has been appointed as a North American distributor for ACT Apollo and Phase 5 accelerators. Give us a chance to quote you Our besl prices.
New enlarged Web page: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check .! Out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like to receive our dealer catalog lax us your letterhead.
28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 * 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 * 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578-6550 Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Fri. • Add S6.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA * Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: paitroncorp@rcknet.coin WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Paxtron CORPORATION CO VP els'** ixQuetdi may want to do is add a keyboard short cut.
To do this dick on the popup gadget at the end of the keyboard short cut text box, click the scan tick box and press the keyboard combination you want to run the program.
Select OK, and then Use and you have added a program to TooiManager, The same process can be done for images and sounds.
TooiManager allows you to add icons to Workbench and its docks for sounds when programs are launched. You can add new images and sounds by dragging them to the appropriate list.
Once you have a few programs set up in the Exec list, you can start adding them to the Menu, Icon and Dock lists. Adding menu items and icons is a straight forward process of creating a new object entry and dragging the appropriate program from the Exec list over to the new object window.
The part of TooiManager that I like the most are the docks - they are windows that can be opened on any public screen that let you run any TooiManager exec. They can be a little tricky to set up, due to the silly number of options you have, but if you play around with them for a little while you'll soon find out what all the options do. Alternatively, you could use the on-line context sensitive help.
Before putting the cover disks anywhere near your computer, write protect them by moving the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your disks in any way. There is also no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it To extract any single archive, simply double click its icon, and follow the on screen instructions. If you want to extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen, and press proceed once on the current
screen, and then again on the next The program can then be found in your Ram disk. Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Hard Drive Users Hard drive useis do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place double click on the SetupHD icon.
This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across. Do not worry as it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk Tiles.
It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or Ram.
When you run MultiExtract you will be presented with a number of check boxes, each representing one of the programs on that cover disk. Just de-select all the programs you do not want extracting, and then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
Extracting Cover Disk files Once you have this program installed on your Amiga, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. The previous version was pretty much a permanent fixture on my hard drive and I have had many years of flawless use out of it.
So what is this little marvel? Well, quite simply it lets you add all manner of short cuts to programs. You can add menus, key board short cuts, Workbench app-icons and even create what are known as 'docks' - all controlled from the one program.
This latest version is more of a interface overhaul than a complete upgrade. Obviously there is the jump to MU1, but there have been some small tweaks, such as keyboard scanning that means you don't have to type in keyboard shortcuts, they are read automatically, Drag and drop now exists internally in the program so you can drag executable programs to the dock window to add it to the list.
If you have never used ToofManager before it may seem a little overwhelming when you first run it, but once you understand how it al!
Works it is very easy to use. The program only consists of a few library files, a preference program and the start program that goes in the WBStartup drawer. All these are copied for you by the installer, so there is no need to worry about any of it.
When everything is in place you should run the preference program, if you already have a ToolManager configuration it will still be able to use this, but you may want to start afresh.
For newbies the main part of ToolManager revolves around the Exec list, if you want to add a program to ToolManager you simply drop it in this fist. This brings up a new window describing what TooiManager calls the program and where it is on your Amiga.
If you are a novice you should leave this stuff alone, it is fine as it is, the only thing you One of the most useful programs around, sr, updated and on this month's disk Toolmanager v3 Author: Stefan Becker Requires Workbench 3.0 • Magic User Interface Amiga Computing Passwor D Author: Richard Hodger • Requires Workbench 3.0 Here at Amiga Computing we are quite lucky, the set of Rottweilers guarding our office make sure any intruders silly enough to break in, will not have any hands left to mess around with our equipment (ooh er missus - ed). If however, you don't have a deterrent this
effective, you may worry about people poking around your Amiga files.
I5K PAGES Password adds simple protection to your system, to keep those prying eyes out By replacing the LoadWb command in your startup-sequence you can stop people being able to load Workbench up. It will not stop an Amiga expert but for anyone that does not know too much about the machine, it will do the trick.
The install script just copies the files across to their relevant places, and to set up Password you need to run KeyMaker and then SetPass to actually create your password.
Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street, Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Atapi 3.0 pnp Password v2.0. Registered to You must enter the password to continue, if you fail to do so the system will reset.
I i1 .•V, IX U1TCP: Art irtETfect C: t€VS: df«: ESS - 375 ft 25-n 108 FI 25-H 02 FI 28-fl 60 W© FI 28-H: 40 Aft© FI 28-fl 68 WO FI 28-fl 480 WO FI 23-11 ouwuide a Ml. • bullet • eolorvtwel a coModities.i I coracle ¦ cvtwrsrepfuce * L Author: Marcus Comstedt Requires Workbench 3.0 A few months back we came across this rather spiffy QuickTime player for all ACA and lucky old CyberCraphX users. Now a little further along the line, there is an update. With a few bug fixes, added support for new sound and video modes (such as Jpeg videos), you should have no problem playing any
QuickTime movies you stumble upon.
All the different options with QT are available through editing the Workbench tool types. CyberCraphX users have the luxury of being able to play movies in a normal Workbench Window, while us lowly ACA users will have to make do with luzzy old Ham8 screens, a grey scale replay does help matters though.
The Amiga's operating system is complicated, not as complicated as some, but it has its moments. With ail the new bits added to Workbench 3.0, a command called BestModelD was among the new additions.
This is supposed to tell programs which screen mode they should use to display pictures, as an Amiga with a multisync monitor has the ability to display an awful lot of different screen modes, many times more than the ScreenMode preference may make out.
Unfortunately it will not pick aspect correct screens, so the picture can look stretched either horizontally or vertically. This tiny little patch corrects the problem. It is of more help to graphic card owners, as it will automatically choose graphic cards screens as the first choice.
LX Author: Andreas Kleinert Requires Workbench 3,0 QT V 1.3 password CD | j ? | Pattern 1 A| | ffcre | Sort L nes 2 Nefraft I CD 1 f Delete Rerarae MskaCv | frWcl i*ve Eupfcete [ a. Ffcrtrte j Form* Bekate | _ a* AcTOn Md Extract j ... M* Smrth fckUuoe | MoyvAs AdJiDdete Change Own | Chenge Graj Cenwre . 1 w Grey, drab but very functional. Lets face it, file managers are not very exciting Filler is a directory utility in the old Opus 4 style, you have two directory windows on the left and right of the screen. Allowing you to copy, move and do all those tedious file man- aging type of
tasks. It's small-ish, quick and looks good thanks to it using the Amiga's normal Gadtools gadgets. You can change the screen mode and fonts to whatever you like.
Possibly the only bit that could cause confusion is that it configuration file has to live in the S directory. If you need to add any file types you need to alter this file by adding a new file class. Refer to the documentation if you are having problems, or an example configuration is provided in the original archive.
So this could be copied over to your S directory to give you a start, mmefK lff 19614 BUS FI fli-Nov aeplujin, library 11*-% bur FI 68-jan ArtEffect 34316 FI 14*Jan AitEffeet info 6522 SM-0 FI 07-Mov 33 SUED FI Ol-Nov h*«Assm info 1122 (34-0 FI B7-ttov PesOM 6882--fl£D FI M-Jpr PrtOMr.infc 73E-MD FI ftS-Jan VtlCOM.iff 146746 RUED FI 6i-*ov Author: Matthias Scheler Requires Workbench 2.04 Filler r I Fgttfcjgfij Qigwao 1391216 Icilr
176. ea.664 BytM Tree I»wePro mw Filw: f* FONTS: Your namo's not
on the list, your not getting in.
- a virtual bouncer for your Amiga How big are these files there?
You don’t know do you?
That’s because you haven’t got ApplSizer. It is all very straight forward, just run the program and away you go, a little Workbench Appicon appears on the Workbench and you can drop programs, directories or disks onto the icon and it will come back with ail the size statistics you could possibly want.
Author: Georg Campana Requires Workbench 2.04 This is the latest CD driver for your Amiga, taking the old PNP (Plug And Play) acronym from the PC Atapi PNP is an easy one step solution to getting an Atapi CD- ROM up and running on your Amiga. As long as you have a CD drive already hooked up you can run the Installer and along with copying all the files over to your Amiga will allows you to select where your CD drive is and so create the DOS driver for you, no hassles no worry. Thrown in for good luck you get an AudioCD player as well as a CDXL player, if you have any CDXL videos, Appisizer
Author: Gerard Cornu Requires Workbench 2.04 'rl Amiawfow »i9K-1«7 Mr«rdCgnu BloCk size bytes Tor Block* needed to copy on OFS disks 299 Blocks needed to copy on FFS disks 35 Amiga Computing MCX PREFS Author: J Kempkes • Requires Workbench 3.0 • Magic User Interface One reason why MultiCX is so small is that it has no interface, not even a separate one. All its bits and bobs have to be changed through normal the normal Workbench tool types. Normally this would be fine but as MultiCX has a shed load of functions the number of tool types gets a little overwhelming.
To help you out MCX Prefs is a well thought out front end for MultiCX. All the tool type options are laid out for you in one of those fancy looking MUI interfaces, all for your viewing pleasure.
Remcards __ Blanker ] Window [ Screen Disk Cii Patch Misc Opaque Misc Qualifier Ho!d£ HoidI Speed Acceleration HD Threshold ru Mouse Author: Dave Jones Requires A1200 600 Another tiny program that quite simply removes all the software to do with the PCMCIA slot from the Amiga's memory.
So saving a little bit of memory and helping your multitasking along a little as it does not have handle the PCMCIA interrupt.
Pointer Bun Action Key Mouse RMB Key _| Time j MouseStiift s* (...) 1 Avoid Almost as old as the hills, bit like Tym our art editor, MultiCX is the choice of the discerning utility purveyor. More petite than Kyle Minogue but as multifunctional as a Swiss army knife, MultiCX does loads of stuff (bit like me - ed) while taking up the minimum amount of room (ooh not like me - ed). If you think MCP is just that bit too big, then MultiCX is a great alternative.
Suq Quit Save -J NMHm Never have to touch MCX's tool types again, all thanks to MCX Prefs Groovy Play TRUCK Author: Miela Arpad Requires Workbench 3.0 Lori Carson Down here l TTTTTTTTTq mm w w m rwsfluf Any program that has groovy at the start of its name has to be good, and GroovyPlay is no exception. If you like small, specifically functional programs you can forget this. It gives you a big old colourful hi-fi type display with all the normal jiggeiy pokery you expect on a hi-fi. It looks good in eight colours, it looks better in 64 and it looks tops in 2546 colours, the choice is yours.
The most complicated part of setting up GroovyPlay is setting the device and unit number of your CD-ROM connected to your Amiga. Luckily it works with just about every CD device, even the Atapi device on this months cover disk. If you were using this on an A4000 the device would be called atapi,device, and the unit number should be one. If you have a SCSI device you will need to enter the SCSI device name and what unit number your drive are before you can use GroovyPlay.
j“j Log. Volume _[ Stop on exit _J AutoPlay CDJ3 _J ° Hot Program [7 Realistic I _J Smart List _| Workbench PubScreen atapi.de vie SCSI device SCSi unit u 1 1 Default PlayMode j | Window size Task priority Skip back delay (sec) Delay tracks (sec) Intro length (sec) Mouse repeat delay Iconify to j | Applcon | jstandard] Repeat on _j Intro on _| Mute on _| Mute gain [dB] J I -15 I Select | Restore prefs | ENVARC: Icon image CD titles PROGDIR:CD Titles Select Cancel | Save & use j Save only Groovy is as groovy does, Neil Gump that’s me A Unique Video Editing Product No Computer Required
Amazing Picture Quality CD Quality Stereo Sound Professional Effects & Titles Fast, Affordable and Compact DV FireWire Module e What Is The Casablanca?
Casablanca is a device which allows anyone to edit video, simply, and in a non-linear fashion. It works by recording video scenes from a camcorder, on to an internal storage module. The scenes can then be trimmed, split into shots, and re-arranged at will. You can also add transitions between scenes, and professional image processing effects, plus new soundtracks, slow, quick or reverse sequences.
So, How Does It Work?
Casablanca connects between your camcorder and video recorder. You don't need any special monitor, as you can use your existing television. Using a Casablanca requires no computer experience. The controls and displays are clear, simple, and easy to understand. All video and sound information, plus effects and transitions are held on the storage module.
What Models Are Available ?
Casablanca is available with a choice of three storage modules. Module 2 can hold 31 mins of VHS, 16 mins of SVHS, or 10 mins of DV quality video. Module 4 offers double those storage times. Module 9 can hold 140 mins of VHS, 72 mins of SVHS, or 47 mins of DV quality video. The storage module is removable, and additional ones are available. This allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
• Technical Specifications Full Motion JPEG Compression, CCIR601
Resolution (720x576 Pixels) at 50 Fields sec. Internal capacity
from 10 minutes to 4.7 hours, external storage expansion will
give between 2.2 and 15 hours, depending on quality. Composite
& Y C Video in and out. On front and rear. RGB out via SCART on
rear. Optional FireWire (P1394) module for connection to MiniDV
camcorders with digital output (eg. Sony).
3 Tracks of Stereo audio, 16-Bit resolution at upto 44KHz sample rate.
Where Can I Get More Details ?
Casablanca is available from a number of specialist video retailers around the UK, and is also available by mail-order from Britains favourite AMIGA supplier :- CgJLTUTE UcgGtnimKSJliOg]; If you would like a Casablanca brochure, please call.
Tel : 01920 822 321 or Fax : 01920 822 302 Casablanca is distributed by DraCo Systems UK Limited A sister company to White Knight Technology White Technology Casablanca | * nn.nn.3D UU.UO.LJ i i Iff izdi.liny SpsciftliBis PO BOX 38, WARE. HERTS. SG11 1TX A! I Prices IncludeVAT @~17.5% A4000 T Accelerators Digital Video Editing For Everyone CYBERSTORM MK2 68060, 50MHz £ 509 68040,40MHz £319 SCSI Controller £ 89 A1500 2000 Accelerators BLIZZARD 2060 & 2040 68060, 50MHz + SCSI £ 525 AmigaOS 3.1 for 2060 £ 89 68040, 40MHz + SCSI £ 309 A1200 Accelerators BLIZZARD 1260 & 1240 68060, 50MHz £ 429
68040, 40MHz, Needstower £ 245 SCSI Controller £ 85 24-Bit Graphics Cards CYBERVISiON 64 3D £ 205 CV 64 3D Scandoubler £ 75 CV 64 3D MPEG Decoder £ 155 PICASSO iV + F Fixer £ 299 Monitors 17" Microvitec 1701 14” Microvitec 1402 14” Microvitec 1438S 17" Hi-Res SVGA 15” Hi-Res SVGA 14” Hi-Res SVGA £ 479 £ 259 £ 289 £ 529 £259 £209 Genlocks LOLA 2000 LOLA 1500 RENDALE 9402 RENDALE 8802-FMC £ 349 £ 175 £ 295 £ 145 Video Digitisers Vlab Y C Int. Last Few at VIDI 24 RT PRO Ext.
V1DI 24 RT Ext.
£ 199 £ 249 £ 149 Networking AMIGANET Ethernet ARIADNE Ethernet AmiTCP IP Software LIANA Parallel 2m £ 179 £ 179 £ Call £ Call Hard Drives (3.5") Bare
2. 1Gb SCSI-2
4. 2Gb SCSI-2
9. 1Gb SCSI-2
1. 2Gb E-IDE
1. 6Gb E-IDE
2. 1Gb E-IDE
2. 5Gb E-IDE
5. 1Gb E-IDE £ 329 £ 749 £1299 £ 179 £ 195 £215 £ 249 £285 WE
ACCEPT Mastercard Visa, Delta and Switch
2. 5% Surcharge on Credit cards, NoJ Switch Delta 01920 822 321
9. 30 - 5.30 Mon - Fri Dei-very. From. £ 5 Fax 01920 822 3 320 02
Memory SIMMS 4Mb, 72 pin, 70ns £ 25 8Mb, 72 pin, 70ns £ 45
16Mb, 72 pin, 60ns £89 32Mb, 72 pin, 60ns £159 Cartridge
Drives (SCSI) ZIP 1 00Mb Ext. + Cable S. Term £ 1 55 ZIP Disks
(x 5) £ 79 JAZ 1Gb Ext. + Cable & Term £ 465 JAZ Disks (x 3) £
255 CDROM Drives (Bare) 4 x Speed SCSI-2 £ 99 6 x Speed SCSI-2
£ Call 8 x Speed SCSI-2 £159 6 x Speed ATARI IDE £ Call 8 x
Speed ATAPI IDE £ 95 CD Writers (Bare, No S W) Philips
CDD2600, SCSI £ 349 HP 6020i, SCSI £ 399 Master ISO cd-r
software £ Call Software SCALA MM400 £ 1 99 SCALA 400 + ECHO £
299 TV Paint 3.6 (needs CybergraphX) £ 749 ART EFFECT £149
Backup S W £ 39 CLARISSA Professional V3 £ 179 ADORAGE V2.5
ANIMAGE V1 £ 99 AMIGA OS 3.1 A500 1500 2000 £ 89 AMIGA OS 3.1
A3XQ3000T 4000 £ 99 Miscellaneous H W OKTAGON SCSI card £ 89
AT-BUS 2008 IDE card £ 89 Specifications ?
Or Advice ?
If you need technical details on any of our products, or advice on the most suitable items for your AMIGA, then call us on 01920 822 321 White Knight Technology only deal with Amiga’s, and are reknown for excellent product knowledge, service & honesty.
If You Still Need Us, Then We’re Still Here Always Call First To Verify Price & Availablility Before Placing An Order ESOE - 11 03 97 Kerumba! Pour Pina Coiadas down your PC slot Amiga Computing shows you how to plan your holiday using your faithful machine Ith i N K I'm Turning Japanese You could pick up a language at a somewhat slower pace. The Sasakawa Peace Foundation in the US sells a software package called Word a Day for S50.00 RRP.
Word a Day aims to teach elements of Japanese almost without the user realising it.
This simple little program creates an icon on the Amiga desktop which, whenever clicked on will present you with the word of the day.
Play a game and then try out your new word a few times, do some DTP and then repeat the word a few more times.
In this way, Sasakawa believes, your vocabulary will slowly hut surely build up. The program also allows you to build up a dictionary of the words you have been learning. If you are particularly eager to pick up the lingo, the Word a Day folder can be made to stay visible while other work is done on the Desktop Amiga Language Exhibit Page Also available from the Sasakawa Foundation is a Japanese language instructor featuring a spoken short phrases and words.
Produced by Education Tutorial Software the package costs about S65.00 and includes sections that teach you to recognise both Japanese spoken and written words.
For more information on these products write to the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, 1819 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 USA. Alternatively, take a look at its Web site at: http: www.sasakawa.org It's that time of year, when you've decided you've just had enough. The rain is pouring down the window, the fax is having a breakdown, junk is piling into your 'in tray' and what's more, the coffee machine is jammed ...again. You have two choices - either flip out or go on holiday. Let's assume for this article you choose the latter.
Two weeks basking on a glorious sandy beach. What could be better? But how do you go about organising it? Sitting right in front of you is your Amiga and, believe it or not, you can use this very machine to plan your destination, brush up on a foreign language and, if you're driving there, you can even let the Amiga decide on a route. So sit back, relax and let the Amiga take the strain... ;iCt, ; fur eine Farbr Jut e* mm Are you one of those people who think that if, when you go abroad and the locals don't understand English, you should resort to talking them slowly and in a VERY LOUD
VOICE? Well we're all Europeans now and that sort of thing is very unPC, Using the wonders of modern technology you can easily find a language program that will help you pick up the lingo. A fair few language packages are available on the Amiga. First up is Micro German LCL, aiming to take the novice language learner right through to GCSE. It has 24 programs which cover written and spoken German exams, As well as being suitable for students, it is handy for the businessman as it generates business letters and also covers verbs and grammar. LCL used to include a tape with its language
packages but has now incorporated speech into the actual program. Although this does sound rather robotic, it works well and give the user an idea of the correct pronunciation.
!0 out of 10 German covers all these features in various forms, although all the information from the national curriculum is there and can be printed off. For example, you can keep permanent records of your success, achievements and what you need to improve on.
The package aims to tech much of the content through fairly basic, but effective, games. The first is called the Cat. This curiously titled game is a multiple choice quiz, whereby the faster you answer the questions the more points you score. Covering topics such as family, home and sport, the package is perfect for simple, conversational German.
Amiga Computing here Do You Want To Go Today?
(Somewhere without Microsoft slogans perhaps?)
Assuming you are connected to the Internet and have a suitable have the world at First try typing 'holiday' into your search engine. OK, to save you lot the hassle, 111 do all the hard work and give you some suggestions of the best places to look. First of all, if you’re young or a student and fancy an exotic and adventurous location, STA travel http: www. Sta-travel- group.com home index.html) gives a wealth of suggestions to take you off the beaten track. How about a carnival in Rio, for example, then on to the Iguacu Falls through Paraguay and Argentina up to the high Andean plain
of Bolivia? Or maybe a camel trek across the desert?
DESTINATION CZECH REPUBLIC EyeWITNESS The Lonely Planet is also a good travel resource and offers an insight into every country you could possibly think of. From the description here I think I could be quite tempted by Prague (please send donations to the usual address) or Florence even - I’m not fussy really.
Strapped for cash? Don't worry you can still holiday with the best of ’em. Why not have a look at Budget Travel (http: www.budget- travel.com ) for instance? Here you can see how others get around on the cheap and find out about any special offers that are running.
While you are researching your chosen destination, it’s probably a good idea to check out the weather. CNN Weather (http: www.cnn.com WEATHER index.html) provides a very comprehensive guide to weather reports around the world. Click on one of the 100 or more cities and you will get a forecast for the next few days. Manchester was forecast rain, no surprise there then.
Before you leave, don't forget the all- important health jabs (have a look at ElflREWiiH ?! 'if fc kills!
Http: www.cdc.gov cdc.htm - the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), and if you’re visiting somewhere that could be a possible trouble spot, ( Albania anyone? -ED) you'll be well advised to check out the various Foreign Embassy Web pages. Got all that? You’re now ready for a vacation in the sun. Like Driving In My Car Centers for Disease Control end Prevention If flying to your chosen destination doesn't appeal, there is always the option of driving there. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology (or something) you don't even have to buy a road map. No more frantic arguments
between husband and wife as they end up in Botswana rather than Bognor Regis because one of them had the map upside down. Now you can plan before you go - or more accurately - let the computer plan it all. The Amiga owner can buy something called AmiAtlas - a software package that decides the easiest, quickest or prettiest route for you to take.
It comes on two disks - one with the main program and one with the default map of Germany (it's a German package, you see).
Maps of Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark UK and Ireland, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia are also available
- oh, and one is planned for Spain too. You can either use the
maps singularly or join them together - ideal if you're the
adventurous type and are thinking of travelling all over
Europe. AmiAtlas can even work out how far and how long it
would take you and how much petrol you will need - helping you
estimate what the trip would cost you.
LIAGE INTERNATIONAL 36 Dye Street Garnerville, NY 10923 914 786-1711 Voice-914-786-1708 Fox Email: HageGPqed.net Homepage: http: www.qed.net liageinc 1-800 25 AMIGA Outside N.Y. NEWTI IN-TO-THE NET CD PLUS FREE OUT OF THE NET CD EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET ON line SPECIAL $ 18.95 THE KARA COLLECTION CO A professional and unique collection of fonts* backgrounds special effects, animations, titling and presentations. 80 color fonts including effects such as bricks, glass, chrome, etc., plus hundreds of aherntive color palettes, animated letters with effects like handwriting, rotating characters,
static wipes, sparkles, & more. Animated space objects such as earth asteroid, comet, etc. Textures and backgrounds like granite, marble, sand-stone, wood etc. PFM & colorType software to edit all fonts. Includes additional printer downloadable fonts in B W. Anim-Brush upgrade for Personal Paint up to version 6.4. Awesome Collection.
The racingest, chasingest game in Amiga history has just got 200 times better. More cars, tracks, player options, and more view modes makes this the biggest 8c best racing game ever. Change your underware, grab your joystick and lets go.
LIAGE PRICE $ 29.99 LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 49.95 RETRO GOLD CD Spectrum & CRM 64 Emulators with games for both Amiga & PC. Includes over 3,000 games and 1,200 CBM 64 Games for use from the CD on an Amiga or PC LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 21.95 NEW AMINET 17 Since the release of Aminet 16, hundreds of megs of new software has been uploaded to the Aminet site.
There has been so many uploads to the Aminet site since the last release, that there was no room for a theme on this CD. This is the very latest & greatest.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE S 17.95 INSIGHT DINOSAURS CD Fantastic Multimedia Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs on
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE 6.99 WOMEN OF THE WEB CD 1’his exciting new multimedia experience brings all the latest technology to your home. Using pictures, text files, animations and sound samples. Over 450 Megs of information on over 250 of the world’s most beautiful and famus women. Color Images & Video.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 31.95 POPULOUS II - PLUS EDITION Featuring: The Challenge Series Games, 4(J unique challenges, 500 worlds Populous 11 Trials of the Olympian Gods. Incredible, probably the best video game in the World... Amiga CU Rated 97%.
Addictive... You could play until the Gods come home. Over 35 Supernatural effects. Create your own God. Design your own cities. Ancient monsters including Medusa and Kraken. Billions oi worlds to support. 2 player modem support. Plus much more!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.95 DAWN PATROL The AMIGA FLIGHT SIMULATION OF THE YEAR. The aeronautical experience of a lifetime, 13 period aircraft. Over 150 missions. Over 4 times the resolution of standard VGA tlight si ms. Awesome!!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE S16.95 ORDER TODAY!! Don’t Miss Out CANNON FODDER Platinum Edition “Brilliance, sheer unadulterated Brilliance". Excellent characters. Amiga Formal (lold 95%. War has never been so much fun. Shoot anything that moves, throw grenades, shoot bazookas, drive tanks, fly choppers, split up and do your own thing. But please don’t leave the screaming wounded to die. Bite the bullet, so to speak and do the decent thing; finish them off.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 SYNDICATE Platinum Edition One of the best games ever to appear on the Amiga, An instant classic. Top-grade entertainment of the highest order. In the dark and twisted cities of tomorrow, corporate syndicates compete for global dominance. Compete with 8 other Syndicates for control of over 50 territories.
LIAGE PRICE $ 18.99 ARCADE CLASSICS PLUS CD Arcade Classics Plus contains hundreds of variations of all your favourite games. Includes: Pacman, Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxians, Donkey Kong, Pengo, Tetris, Defender, Frogger, Missile Command, Battlezone, Tempest, Combat, Tron, Space War, Thrust, Q-Bert, Lode Runner, Hunchback, Moon Patrol, Trail Blazer, Breakout and loads more.
SPECIAL AT $ 20.95 AMINET 16 or 17 $ 17.95 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA CD This New CD is an Exciting new MultTMedia CDROM. It features a superb 256 color interface, hundreds of film clips, sound samples and subject information. Features include: True Multi-Media Interface unlike anything ever seen. The very latest information from around the world. Thousands of subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich. Hot list editor so you can create lists ol particular subjects.
Fully spoken Media Show, hundreds of images, import new subjects from the Internet or form floppy disk. Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects. Search and deep search facility.
Create and add your own subject matter.
LIAGE SPECIAL $ 45.95 DUNE II BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS The best strategy game ever. Awesome graphics, incredible music & sound effects. Frantic & exciting. Fight for control of Dune. 3 Armies, but only one can survive. Your battle begins NOW!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE SI8.99 SPACE HULK The graphics are fantastic. Plenty of action and gripping play. Addictively challenging. A derelict spaceship is infested with Genestealers.
Immensely fast, immeasurably strong, these insectoid beasts from hell breed by planting their genes in living humans. Bolt on your power armour and awesome weaponry. You’re going in.
Terrifying real-time combat. Lightning fast freeze time Strategy. Over 50 deadly missions including Death Wing Campaign. 12 weapons including Lightning Claws and Assault Cannon. 5 man squads or multiple troops.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 VALHALLA & THE LORD OF INFINITY The first ever speech adventure. Four long years have passed since Infinity murdered Garamond, the King of Valhalla and claimed the crown, yet Garamonds young son and heir to the throne escaped the slaughter. Now come of age, the Prince is returning to enact vengeance for his father s death and claim his birthright... You are the Princes mentor on his quest, inching your way through lour vast lovcls in the chilling castle of Valhalla. You encounter a world crammed with logical puzzles and richly interactive characters. The cinematic
graphics are dazzling, the spine tingling sound track mesmerizing, in this magical world of words that redefines the adventure game. 96% Rating.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ VALHALLA BEFORE THE WAR The second ever speech adventure. In this sequel to the blockbuster, Valhalla I, you play Infinity’s mentor on his quest of hatred in which murder is the ultimate goal. Infinity has been jealous of his brother, the good King Garamond for as long as he can remember, and all for a twist of fate.
Infinity had been born to late to be King. Set in the Mystical castle of Valhalla, you encounter a border of brain melting puzzles through four vast levels of dazzling graphics and exceptional game play in which the art of communications is the name of the game.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.95 CHILDRENS’CORNER All Floppy Titles Bully’s Sporting Darts Dinos Detective Agency 11 igh Steel Huckleberry Hound Aj Playdays Paint Postman Pat 3 Z' Operation Hormuz Snapperazzi $ 5.99 1 : ) Booty's Fun with Number; EACH J fej JC Sooty & Sweep V WOW!
Thomas The Tank Engine $ 6.99 Thomas’s Fun with Words $ 6.99 NOTE Add $ 5.50 Minimum for shipping (UPS Service) Within the USA, International orders must use Credit Card, or International Money Order.
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NY residents subject to state tax.
VTSA MC DISC AM. EXPRESS Last month we brought you the first framed capable Amiga browser and now, right on its heals, comes iBrowse r was rrciffi Mac running a 256 colour screen - both in terms of layout and colour selection. For AGA users this means that for most pages a 64 colour screen is good enough to give a usable colour display.
If you are stuck with a 16 colour display, then luckily since version 1.02, there has been a grey scale choice that renders all onscreen colours as a shade of grey. Even with only 16 colours this gives a nice alternative and looks a lot better than the confused colours you wouid otherwise get, it's also very fast.
Now supported by iBrowse are something called cookies or magic cookies or tokens, depending on who you talk to. This is a way for Web designers to store information about you on your own hard drive, and every time you access a Web page this cookie is passed back to the Web server. This allows the Web server to keep a record of every page you visit. Some people do not like cookies; they talk about invasion of privacy, so they can be turned off, unlike Internet Explorer users.
IBrowse is still, in my opinion, the premier Amiga browser. There are still a few formatting tags it does not support such as percentage width for tables and the middle tag that sometimes crops up instead of centre. One thing I do miss is (on Windows and the Mac) if the TCP stack is not running, it is automatically started and dialed up for you, perhaps an Arexx script for Miami, Termite or AmiTCP could be included in the future?
Voyager had problems navigating through this site, but no such problem with iBrowse.
Manages to do a better job than Netscape 2 Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended 4 Mb Multiple hidden frames, with an animated GIF, Looks great in 256 colours, don't you think?
RAM 030 040 Processor Mui v3.8 Hey look here, it's the classy Amiga Action Web page.
A shameless plug for www.idg.co.uk a migacomp but so what, I do that as well ilTHlHl DETAILS Product iBrowse vl.f Supplier HiSoft Price £29.95 Tel 0500 223 660 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk WWW: http: www.hisoft.co.uk SCOR ES Ease of use 95% Implementation 90% Value For Money 87% Overall Ohere's nothing like a good bit of healthy competition to keep things moving along. Of course I’m talking about the current browser war that not only the current three Amiga browsers are embroiled in but also the 'big two' browsers. All this competition is very good for us, it makes sure no one programmer will
rest on their laurels because if they do the others will quickly pull ahead.
With iBrowse being the first commercial Amiga browser it means that all you people that bought it are having access to your second free program update (well, as free as it is going to get). The update patch is freely downloadable from HiSoft's lovely Web site at http : www. H isoft.co.uk ibrowse support.htmlftdownload. For a long time now, iBrowse has been the leader in the Amiga browsers but it was pipped to the frames post by Voyager. However, as any primary school child knows, the hare didn't win the race, mmm deep moral implications I'm sure.
Never again will your Amiga’s screen be darkened by the, 'this site requires a frames capable browser. Get Netscape 3', useless bit of advice. More importantly than that is, so far iBrowse has displayed every framed site I threw at it, but not 'just' displayed them, displayed them as well Netscape 3.
Scroll bars on!y appeared in frames they were meant to, if possible frames were scalable and if specified frame outlines were hidden. Also one site that used an unusual way of linking through frames worked flawlessly, where as Voyager was thrown by it.
One thing I have been waiting for was an improvement in the colour display for AGA users using lower colour depths. Graphic card users have it easy, being able to run iBrowse on a high resolution 256 colour screen with no slow down, but with AGA monitor modes 64 colours is about as good as you are going to get.
Thankfully this has now been taken care of with added screen dithering. In 256 colours with dithering iBrowse makes almost as good a job at displaying pages as Netscape 3 on a Amiga Computing Weird Science Ltd. I Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (Of 116 234 0682 Tax. +44 (Of 1 6 235 0045 email. Sales@wcirdscicnce.coMk or tech@wemlscience.co.uk mfi jJjJ'jif J'JL jJ DPAT vvwvv. Vvei rcl :jci en c&.c o.u k The Amiga System Rooster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb i ctdlecfion of tools to. Push the J capabilities of the Amiga to
the M limits. A ’early alt the fantastic utilities can he started bv simply a direct front the compact disc. Vo 9P de-archiving required. The the contents include a vast c w collection of screen blankers, mouse tools & commodities, JH backup. File management, cache, programs to optimise system performance, data A recovery. CD-ROM utilities, .. virus killers and a whole jQ.: hostmoreZ[wJT mincf Sel 4, dated January 1997, twjMifv oj 4 gigabytes of software in 9,00(1 tin hires, faciaditii! The full versions of Directory Opus $ .11. Willi 95 megs I tHides. 79 megs Uaciwitnis. 408 megs Text
Software. 12 megs DuikflW; Tools. 7 megs Hardware % relatrk: jSt&EjitegG Pictures «£ '0. AnituatinAs. 120 augs'i Graphics H KnJtwareJy9-mncjFGm iits A. Sound 563mic gffraaics. 655 meg' S*ml Wjnimomiautes. 21 mgs Music software. 131 megs Coin tnunicai ions a ad mare. mint I Set 3, tltih 1 July
1996. Consists of 4 gigabytes of sSS software in 9.000
archive-.. !¦££ i Including the Jiiil versions of HL %'
Imagine 4.0. XiPaint 3.2. A (leia a ted .o. Aminet Set 1
or 2. Consist nj 4 gigabyte-, of i yofiyeare in-12.000
archives. The software is L an four nunpact discs. With I
riliiiex, A Documents. Ten Software. Disk Mt Tools.
9b Bordwdrc related. Picture¦ A Animations.
Graphics .softtrare, (trophies & Sound f »; Demos, Games, Music modules, Music
- agksujhvnre, (onimuniccitions. Amiga iyTi Development software,
Business soft ware and more. AII of the archives «i T easily
accessible with a - simple &£*ft.lndex menu system with search.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build (1) and ISO CD. Envny
2. 0 package. Enforcer, Workbench 2.0, 3.0. 3.1 fools and
documents with the updated native developers kit. SanA II
package and the installer package. Also included is a vast
amount of infoZM ZSM Stank Publisher wmprkri of
four enptictfdisa;in ah this unique Ctk.ROM set nut will finj
all ratt heeds- create profeishnat tonkin i; dm'umentfc There
are mar than lO.Otni Fonts (Colour Fonts. Bitmap. Ifl.Aditb,
InuJltfnnn, Frunypf & IhfFi, marc dun 5.QOO clipart Many of
thrse are i return ,- m this compact disc. Fui comrnerriaf
vtnk'tu of Fmat Writer ¦ .4 SF. Mh hinl* otih 4 Tl) an
included. Hath rated a great m m, prtKvifPn on the AMIGA.
Toot.' For crcanoc H.W!'
Pages along * ilh backgrounds aid specui! Clip Mct jo this purpose if included A. DC? I.Z£7 leek Gadgets contains virtually all of the tools' you need to get started programming on the miga, including advanced ( C++, Fortran and ADA compilers, assembler, . Linker. ESIA CS editor, 'makc a source aidef control.
Mle wr Jrak& PWJftfejT and filei futilities. (f T* debugger, text forindttiT', JgroJ]' & tt'Xj. And much more. Everything comes with complete source code and all binaries have been compiled front the supplied sources. All tools on the (reek Gad gets CD can be run directi v from (he CD- f ROM. Without the need to ittsiall any fites on to your HardDRIVE.
U. jj7 joiD£y A collection 18.000 music modulet arranged of four
compact discs ul sorted by composer, groups and type All
stored ready to use front the compac.
Discs. Provided with ft megs of Moduli (egs of Mad lists and 25 megs of module play ers fo) many different computer plti(forms This 7 years titanic work provides overt 1,000 hours of music enjoyment alt mi with information on may of iltt Composers whose work is featured.
J1 £ JJ£ J-Jj z)fi) Aminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the sites latest software uploads. Each volume imtains about LI gigs of archives with a superb menu system for tin-archiving the files and a simple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The search facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. Aminet IS is available in April and Aminet Cds 13, 14, 15. 16 are still available at £14,99.
S SCMPTidNS Workbench Add-on CD (Util ties) £24.95 Meeting Pearl (Software Collection) £8,95 U-rOjj :*=L=;.£3 = r-' ' ¦ J£ lZcjTij JiyQlMuftj 4*j?- J jJ The Euro CD contains a vast variety of programs and data for the Amiga in the Aminet mould. However this CD differentiates itself by have the co a tents reads to run without dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 megs. Demo's 65 megs. Disk tools 12 megs. Fonts 12 megs.
Games 57 megs. Misc. 6 megs.
Modules 110 megs. Music 21 megs. Objects 12 megs. Pictures 118 megs. Presentations 23 megs.
Printer I meg. Programs 23 Inga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ 19.95 Xi-Faint v. 4.0 24 Bit Image .Manipulation £49.95 ..; r. t; I Internationo! Distributor: Grenville Trading Inlernalional GmbH Carl-Zeiss Str. 9 79761 Waldshul-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga@gtigermany.com megs. Samples 4 megs. System HI megs. Text files 26 megs.
T lililics 16 megs and idules 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus: !DZID DD Provides a filesystem for accessing your PC drives from the Amiga.
Our system will provide any WB program with access to Uny of your PC drives, including CD, Zip. Jazz and fixed hard drives. The PC acts as slave machine and can therefore not access the Amiga, however our kit contains all you need to access a PC from an Ajgiga. , Simple Installation on bothlmachines. The system is WB 2.04+ and WinSS compatible and the PC can perform other tasks simultaneously.
'FjTfcj iWilrnTtf:! $ ‘A i -j (OVER 200 DEMONSTRATIONS OF FULL COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS AND 7 FULL VERSIONS) Snpputts I'jrwrjriff hnrdaare les t I crriutateqa af the Intel I’cnuitm T'rareisar. ft suppurtfd if the Amina has an FPI Written by. ShtWadrfilB t .fpr rri til hi iii if ft fSpoUTijffre s Jot the woM'tJint Intel Ttuintm.eiu.Jhiiiod. Coppaiiifeifitli- MS-DOS thresh In i-rrmwi 7,ft. IvfArih tl 3vl. Prpf.rici tuadc. DA t ii ii u Doom ultdIhirhjtorets etc. Memory Mangtr compatible p.MMiSti) and (omputwL- *iiil'( Bab hufl I fifes. The start function jrdtiin- mi li f .S rnjuirftl, L tuna
lutiftguriuj*. Mi disk Amina Guide tloctimailathv.
Wj Just ra uires ISIIOS titid Windows Spfiis'Prt.ta run.
LAltuAi Thc Srml p "xr,miniri£ m ll,i; , Ulill.i i„itiiues H l advantages if both uttembly and other high It set hniguages. . I uniifiif feature rtf the Serai language j.i the ear in vhich it inifgrnti * the i hrni irtf t I pi t c *»i-lbii picvi.rtttrunx and high len I stall on nn i|» ifli. I'tftUm* itf the eant.yniai make it pan ibli to H ntr conjpm t mid fust code - rauerMutn in itarmbhr. All "f tin rniport.ini partt -I d dnchpineat ptiHedurefjj&ilutiig, ftc.j can hr done in f nr tingle eauronmeat. Addinonttlh Serai cdmjrumd tine work and brack scripts.
Tin’ tjtitruing Curve CD rsc-enn c jtnimify ihrouch exciting Fdutalionai l airs Tales Mathematics Spelling languages literature stih ecd bnnighi lugciha r.- tfte it-i tin* unltri niia.. €D. ?jm;timnj4»vcj a I lies lln-i nlfc will .leh»lu%KlJSFrAt bid *Htl Computer Ih'iklop I tils Electronics Engineering Urography Health History Hobbies Ji*efMiy j»d quantity oi dnd; jojomiuunnuii progi-am?.
' featured. All of the progninis can be ton dire-dU'' wm the compact disc itb Titi uti-.ii chiving un -jrnwAi : ;il VV & -ci»i 'j Ctcycj.Tpcdi.» have :Y irf*1 J» A *• AreiKajpn-J’. Ediinfcujt |R l: ha ¦ pi--duvBcMieitiiniiKnt i«’t all I he ttudiiion cofttiauts with the release of the ha at As seat Use CltimOle hinus CP I oL .1 Oitr titHj m w gomes am!an all tit • and rnham t d mm a mtei'i itt, i h« H- uPnfih, gn d gamts contained tin the compart dui . ll Xumifare rWtnh to rat directly from the menu i.lifrij it Inn hai rig&BfjV tampan discs, fotlf f nhfth jfynigu Birtuai fiitht
ijmatds. Hi4 tnttia prayidfj eeei.uad nf Ike game .
Brief instructions, rfguirrruynh. Access «- iaittuclions »v aba the game itself III af the Mmcsarr dew und original and have not jppeafct! An either of the previous two r too pact discs, ill games plrtyuNr dirrtt jftauihe VP £J£:e £j£jJj J£j CD 'J T'ratn ieirit Science nnne.s a superb Workbench A'Qy .L tiliitea (If with die sirs beD utilities presented reads to run directly from the P. An instaUalioit nrcesMirs. ItiEi'sunpaci disc is prtsihted with hath ‘ SewJcnitf- 'trhd--'I rfl tr- 'rtfrttrffr 'f&pty and an assign seqm m bBtat iioblesritjftr off he cfuncc tiff he user also sets it up
trutty fnfijh, « rim difi-etisi The contents have been uideXciMp ith u.deiCFii ti' ri iff all llif flilh ' tatcgiutsrd ulilituf mailtiblc. !T»T iff the uHfities fSat.hr launched ftom the gnidefyirtalf thfa'jf&W McfUtic hruphics. Disk I fib., t perating System. Tiinujalu ri.
L tSortbench Music. tusiness, C inti riuittt'aiio».
P. f'trfnrnuiiici . Text, I'lugriutiniing pud autre.
The nsttsic. And usunds files eon be .auditioned from tut easy lit itse interface fat both a i‘( Jt AMIGA. Included an 4.4 Mt+ 'modules. 4Wt extra large modules A •ivci'FIHIk eueh.f fJ5 .Sicfihmirjxiker mmhilrs, I.Otllf+ ciiicgdriyetl midi filer. 4240 U I samples. B20 .
Mirspltisi'd " t V samples. I .Of iH+ Wdlkabout Instrument suptptes in "11 A lfF famuis! LOfJ’s of mifinn for iAmiga. And as a bonus the complete Mf ’ MitliLeaft cullrciion of Muli files.
C iJj Jjj Atpetteit- fxpefiei hrbf tt r*r»«*«¦ » pab aheJ ¦ Lim bn Ikr Smifo. Pit,i main mn. M an Unmu-. Ttn Ihtt nt earn-¦ .*c. igurervuns kill,i t itinlU'n alto Cdf'’ loped, lit tlf L ( ol,„Tym fo, ,f4,.
IiS Maker pr Tbct ucrUhned us lilt imiie 1 utMpiii ' a e. A Jatiilvii- pTfcT'Iri’ is an i sriliitg nrs multimedia t« v bringing all th, latest Internet , YsJkjhkimine'e, I‘ti title ix compiled in A frtrtiiar. Using pictures, test files, jJLuAZiiljr
- fs'j afjjfyt fat motion on m&ldVn. •cfbtgutiful and ft The.
Ease point and click iat.
Iheyihiife CP- ItVM acce,si beipiuttr and grBnriliie.
Limit o v.ur uf hint f Peri nitd Piun 7 i *
• « » . IKck-tm}: ' iptftitied fHt firrpntf. Ii 1 073 Weird
Textures 3 000 Jeeq Textures Dem Horn Megic Workbench Enhancer
Nf-A Utilities Exoerience NFA AGA Exoerience 2 Scene Storm Zoom
2 Oh Yes! More Worms Ootamed 6 Clip Art CP 3PCP-1 Objects
3nCD-2 Images Retro Cold Ahss.-tjftttMt lasladei Vrirjwf. Fc,
fcesi'iat! Vnte ffjiw* GyrtaV. Shoo Pi n • --w.' Twis t‘i‘ t r
I a: (4o)e! Sii H-s! 0 ,.Ofr:feinr.. Otit’Oo's I he ic ybfU
from Ifght Hmtsf. ? And Avith.
U er b.OHit Ufiblwhi r dj i'vJoatbfid Scciijiftfcf . Light b“'U GnUl whs t't tuluff iAlutiei who' did imt purchase light Row T '' Ttn ' rnuirnidoit V With all irriM i,‘ tj light* inT'pn*alB pVitfonct J Ate mkrtcqal .* pPi‘jrn c* using the eomeat¦ directory method for
- JjjX all users ol ijghtwiisr J t and fiightr, ,V l f nf Uii
l.igiumiiA oput& dini iiine ¦ ' files are represented «. Tfi
thunibitaji; Ts rcndrriuge The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia
!• Edi tpa now- includes atrr I(i,idtfi urtieh
t. r rnt mages. 2U0 not ml dipt, inn fdn .dips. .A seareh
engiac.», aver l.tNHrjttHf words', nitliomj! A nth eat-, the
ability I credit yauc nu n articles, guided tour and jitich
mare. The LtU t»criion contains ¦is leeisr four rants its
jeurA y. irifonriotiim os it's predecessor, ijP'dlLAiJd-
t. IGHI-KOM 4. A 2 CD-ROM Set for the Itnigo. Mac. W indows Vf
features qif nrs I.ightwa i e objects and scene files. Irt
addition there n a hen in CmtOM of
t. liOi) Jpeg Textures, see below.
EIGHT-ROM 4 (ilsa includes u collection see nr files by Man t han.
This in contains' wholly nete material ami i an absolutely superb raniirfr far Ijglllaaie. .
UK POSTAGE IS £1.00 FOR THE FIRST ITEM Ant lures new ¦ally fret at e r i a i ’(fled with ilifwdve 4,0 & I versions.
. Fter a brief glance through the arti i de it’s pretty obvious that 3D is my f W stable diet when it comes to com- 1 mercial art, although the odd foray into 2D does make an occasional appearance.
Needless to say, I always do my very best to avoid freehand elements wherever possible, due to a rather disturbing lack of talent when it comes to pen and paper. I'm mentioning this to illustrate that a lack of skill with tra- jH ditional tools isn’t necessarily a stumbling block when it comes to computer gener- ated art and animation. J’’ Thanks to the power, and some- times the complexity, of computer Mk software the real skill is in con- jKSmEH ceptualising, visualising and finally imple- r, r menting the desired look and H feel. When it EE comes to CGI f understanding f the technol- j I
1 ogy, its !imi- m I tations and Ej potential I. k t can be far more important then being able a knock out a convincing strckman.
Obviously this won’t inspire confidence for those not consumed with a passion for 3D.
However, even in two dimensions there’s still huge scope for what is known as derived art. In short, this means the importation, manipulation and composition of real-word and CGI elements to form an occasionally surreal mixture of photography freehand, ray traced and digitised imagery.
Combine a talent for derived art and add a touch of photography or videography and you have the basis for a new media busi- k ness. As all these genres con- verge under the global , H banner of digital 4 technology, the i N O ability to combine J J SgJ* *8 H multiple skills is ¦ becoming an I I,’ H increasingly valu- i|ct 9 able commodity.
W OK, if it’s rsu so easy why isn’t . Everybody doing it? 41 .. Jjjgjp | | After all, if you don't i k need any physical skill it ¦ must be a doddle right?
B Alas no, as with every swing there follows the inevitable round- f i about.
Although the Amiga can rescue a would-be artist from the limitations of hand and eye, the mental demands remain the same and, in many cases, the creative pressure is even higher, The reason being that every computer artist starts of with .. ._ roughly the same basic rim . skills - commonly Si rj£. Referred to as the ¦’* FK1 machine and its soft- ' ware. Because com- puter graphics rely on sr such a similar array of tools it’s much easier , t0 Pr0 uce Predictable j results. Your job is to develop a style - which to many freehand artists comes naturally.
As computer art 15 primarily a mental discipline, you can survive with the hand eye co-ordination of a house brick, but if you don’t have the eye, the understanding and Amiga Computing Paul Austin guides would-be Amiga artists through the minefield of transforming hobby into hard cash A the inspiration, you're in trouble, (At this point it's worth stressing that I certainly don't consider myself an artist in the classical sense, what I, and many others, do is commercial art, there’s a very big difference).
ON I work solely on commissions basis and therefore don't have to wait for the hit and miss of inspiration. All that's required is to turn a concept into reality - a process which can be pretty painful in itself. While we're on the subject of inspiration, it's perhaps worth stressing that artistic pretensions rarefy have a place in commercial art. If, while negotiating a job, you come across as the sort of person who would never compromise their artistic principles there's a strong chance your career will be short lived.
However, that doesn't mean you should do A Lightwave production complete, with bones, which finally appeared within a PC driven CD- Rom attraction at one of Granada’s theme park attractions what you're told without question, often a client is looking for input on a project. In many cases the people commissioning the work will be blissfully unaware of the potential and, perhaps more importantly, the limitations of your particular field. They'll often be happy to explore new ideas - but at the day it's their opinion that Often relatively simple things can really impress a client while the real
clever stuff may be overlooked with annoying indifference. The response will may be' "Oh that, yes it's OK I suppose..," when you were expecting a wow! The bottom line is to get involved in the design stage as soon as possible. As a result you can guide the client in the best direction for both parties.
Another point worth mentioning is not to let the software take over the show. All too often you see beautiful images ruined by the latest addition to the software. No matter whether it's lens flare, motion blur, depth of field or any one of the hundreds of image processing options available via programs such as ArtEffects or ImageFX, always keep your goai clearly defined.
A good example of over-kill at its best is a Christmas card image in this very article. Although this doesn't suffer from new-feature-itis, it does illustrate a very easy mistake to make. A slightly more spatial version was commissioned for use on the front cover of an ST magazine. When the final image appeared in all its texture mapped glory,! Must admit I was fairly pleased - I'd even remembered to leave space for the cover disks, great!
However, when the cover words, flashes and masthead were added, the vast majority of its appeal was lost. Once all the other elements arrived it was simply too cluttered and the impact was lost.
This is a key point in almost all commercial art work - you're being paid to make an impact, not to impress your peers. Invariably you're selling something in one way or another and it's your job to make the client's product leap out from the rest. As a result, adding intricate detail and clever technicalities that only a tiny handful of enthusiasts will appreciate isn't always good business. At worst theyTi confuse the image and at best waste valuable time.
As you've probably spotted, the vast majority of my work is in 3D, usually in the form of magazine cover images, illustration, animation - either on tape, CD or the Web. Although the animation work can be a lucrative business, still images are usually the most cost-effective, especially on a freelance part-time basis.
With a full-time job as well, it's often difficult to fly around the country baring hard drives pocked with thousands of images or invest hours building and rendering complex animations. Thanks to the Internet, high density floppies and high compression file formats such as Jpeg, it's usually quite easy to transfer even the largest individual files.
For print work I rarely go below 1024 x I OH and for a magazine cover image a pixel count of 2.000 in the vertical axis is a minimum. The reason being that most ray tracing programs such as Lightwave render at 72dpi. This is fine for video, but as most ¦: : :Y, - - : • ' . ' • ' . • - publishers output Film at 300dpi or above, the image needs to be at least three times the normal scale to ensure pin-sharp output at the printers.
Needless to say jpeg is the ideal format for this kind of work, however there is a downside to jpeg that you should be aware of. Although it is often a life-saver, repeated saving using jpeg compression can introduce faults or artefacts into the image.
Unlike IFF24, jpeg actually reduces the amount of information in the image in order to achieve it's compression. In reality this doesn't mean there's any perceivable damage on the occasional jpeg save.
However, the danger comes if you fall into the habit of using Jpeg while working on an image. The more saves you do, the more likely artefacts will creep into the image. For storage and transport it's perfect, but don't get carried away with saving space - it can became a false economy.
Essential hardware Obviously with the huge range of Amiga hardware and software available, listing the lot is out of the question. So I'll concentrate on the elements you'll need to do business, rather Thanks to the fax, you're provided with the ability to both send and receive ideas and proofs of work in progress For the newcomer it's always difficult to land that first all-important project Well, the vital first step is to build a portfolio of your work. Probably the most realistic approach is to undertake one or two jobs for free or at break-even for a big name. (It's important that
there is a clear understanding that the freebie is a one-off and that the subject of payment should remain strictly confidential.)
If you do adopt this approach it’s important to get as high a profile job as possible and make sure you get a reference and, if possible, a credit on the finished job. The bigger the company name, the more impressive it will appear to potential employers.
OUR FIRST BIG BREAK Assuming you've landed that first contract, the next step is to set your stall out for future employers. It's vital once you're established that you stick to your guns when it comes to cost. A good businessman woman will always try to barter the price down. And obviously it's occasionally worth leaving a small margin in your quote to accommodate a compromise. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly moke is to crumble under the pressure and agree to work at break-even on a regular basis.
Trying to get a fair price is almost impossible if you’ve have a reputation of being cheap. If a potential client won’t pay a fair price, don't do the job - it's that simple. If you're good enough, you'll get what you deserve more often than not. Most individuals and companies are willing to pay a fair price for quality results, but that doesn't mean they'll like it.. AYTRACINC Secondly, it's important when making a presentation to a potential client that your work is in a format that they can handle. It's useless walking into a busi- P r?e5S brandishing an Amiga floppy. Always present
on either Mac or PC.
For still images opt for either Jpeg, Piet or Tiff formats. For animation, the best option is QuckVme as this will work equally well on both Macs and Pcs.
Again ShapeShifter can be vital at this stage.
Obviously liaison with the client is vital to ensure you make a suitable first impression. As time goes by it's important to develop a working knowledge of both Macs and Pcs, especially in relation to File transfer and favoured formats.
Than those which will actually generate the end results.
Perhaps the most important of all has to be a fax modem and an internet account. Thanks to the fax, you're provided with the ability to both send and receive ideas and proofs of work in progress. It also overcomes two of the major stumbling blocks when attempting to incorpo- Qirst steps Before starting, or even agreeing to a job, give yourself some time to think things through. It's all too easy to agree to a job and then dive straight in, only to discover halfway through that you've gone about it completely the wrong way. Once you've decided on an approach, sketch it out on a piece of
poper and fax it through to the client If everyone agrees with your approach it's time to get down to the serious work of transforming your concept into a creation. If the job revolves around a real-world object that needs to be incorporated into the work it's essential to get either the item itself or detailed photographs.
It's incredibly easy to trust to memory and model away. Believe me this is a big mistake... No matter how well you know the subject matter it's virtually impossible to draw or model an object without overlooking some vital detail. And I can guarantee the client will spot the error and quite rightly demand that its done right before they'll sign the cheque.
Rate Amiga graphics into a business world dominated by the PC and Macintosh.
Firstly, the modem element can side-step the problem of transportation and hardware compatibility. All too often your latest creation will be just 50K too big to fit on a PC floppy. But thanks to the infinite transfer potential of a modem it wouldn't matter if the file was 5Mb too big.
The only limitation is of course the impact on your phone bill - assuming haven't convinced the client to dial into your system.
Secondly, thanks to the format conversion options offered by the Amiga's huge arsenal of image processing packages, quite literally any file type can be delivered directly.
Obviously when it comes to mass file transfer, a modem becomes less attractive, however there are alternatives. Arguably the best all-round solution to the problem of format incompatibility and file transfer is the wonderful ShapeShifter Mac emulation package from Christian Bauer.
Thanks to this excellent emulation your COMPANY Amiga can instantly transform itself into a Mac. Add an external hard drive and you have an instant solution to the transportation problem. Simply take the external drive to your client and copy your creation directly.
Opticals such as the Zip drive are particularly good for long distance contracts as you can post the cartridge - obviously it's a good idea to check what they can handle beforehand... Another must is a good printer. In a ideal world you'd have two. A laser printer for letters, flyers, invoices and other administration and a dedicated graphics printer with which to display your wares at their colourful best. Obviously this isn't an ideal or likely situation, so I’m afraid it's a question of priorities combined with cash-flow.
Finally, it's essential that you invest in some sort of 24-bit display device. Although Ham8 is great, it simply doesn't match-up to a true 24-bit display. The choice is yours, but it's worth ensuring that the board end accom- A combination of Amiga and Mac animation and imagery rendered down to depths and resolutions that work well on the Web Amiga Computing panying paint package you pick has both an alpha channel and some form of virtual memory.
The alpha channel is an absolute must when it comes to blending elements and touching up finished material. As for virtual memory, it becomes invaluable on larger images. If you are only ever likely to work in video resolutions, or smaller, it isn't a problem. However, if you land a commission to produce a cover image for a magazine, or in fact anything that demands very high resolution, it's a must.
As you are no doubt aware, most 24-bit boards have a range of pre-set resolutions. If you can't scroll or select an area larger than the maximum touching-up, a final can be a nightmare and sometimes impossible.
FVloVING IMAGES When it comes to animation for either tape or computer playback, you'll find yourself faced with a whole new collection of problems and pitfalls, not least of which is the ability to transfer the end results.
When it comes to tape based productions the holy grail has to be a Draco - this is the ideal solution, allowing you to transfer broadcast quality digital video directed to the recording system of the clients choice in either a composite or S-VHS.
However, if you don't have direct access to single-frame recording equipment it's worth LARITY IS THE BEST POLICY their requirements. But most important ol all, never stray from the brief. It's very easy to get carried away and do what you think is best - unfortunately the client may not agree. Remember, the customer is always right It's vital that both you and the client are completely clear as to what’s required to make the project happen.
Once the ground rules are established make sure it all goes down on paper including deadlines, delivery dates of materials - to both parties - and last, but not least, the agreed payment.
It's also worth making some enquires about any accounting restrictions. Some larger companies require VAT registration from suppliers and may also take anywhere between 30, 72 or 90 days to pay your invoice. It sometimes worth getting a name in the accounts department, as the person commissioning the work may not have a clear idea of company policy regarding the payment of invoices.
Equally important is to get a clear idea of how they want the end results to look, ensuing that any extra elements are included in the brief. Where will the text appear, are there any flashes to be added and so on.
Right through the project keep in dose contact with the client with regular updates on your progress and Another important point is to work with the person at their end who will be dealing with the work when it arrives. Make sure you can deliver the materials in a form that he or she is happy with. If the art guy or gal at the sharp end can simply flow your creation into a template you'll score some valuable brownie points.
Keep the workers happy and the management will be a lot more likely to keep commissioning.
Once the project is underway, by far the most important element is time. The client will be working to a deadline and they'll be expecting you to deliver the goods as promised.
There's no point in griping about hardware or software failures. If you miss a deadline, you're a liability and nothing more. It won't matter how good the end results are, if they're not in on time you'll be lucky to get paid and even luckier to land another commission.
Thanks to the explosion of CD-Rom there is a huge market for intros and other graphic interludes.
Examples of this being the IDG and Granada logos which were produced for a corporate presentation and interactive CD-Rom attraction within a theme park.
In addition there's a growing market for on-line education. Due to the expense and effort involved in producing and updating manuals and other traditional learning materials, many companies are turning to graphics. For example, a number ol companies are now using computer animation to illustrate their products or to help explain how to install hardware or software.
Thanks to a five second animation, the need for a whole chapter of expensive text is removed. All the user has to do is watch the anim spool from hard disk or floppy and the mystery is removed.
Enquiring whether the client has access to such facilities, If so, you could take your work to them and download your files courtesy of an external drive.
Having mentioned the videographic uses of animation, it's worth mentioning that there is another market that could prove profitable to the animator. Thanks to the explosion of CD-Rom there is a huge market for intros and other graphic interludes.
Chips always go in the right way, nuts and bolts slide into the appropriate place and expensive tech support is slashed in a matter of seconds. This may not be glamorous but it pays well and usually leads to regular work. J vf ETTING PAID Actually getting paid is often one of the trickiest things about freelancing. It's not that the client is unlikely to pay, it's simply that they'd prefer to keep their cash as long as possible. This is why it’s so important to get written confirmation of exactly when you can expect the cheque.
There are a few alternatives to the traditional invoicing approach. For example, with new clients you can ask for COD (cash on delivery). Another option is to insist on at least partial payment in advance. This can often be an essential on larger videographic productions which may require a substantial investment during production.
Once you're familiar with the company in question it's sometimes wise to drop the COD or partial payment options and join the unwashed masses in the 30 days-to-pay department However if you do take this option, keep a dose eye on the calendar and indeed the bank manager. An obvious stumbling block for artistic work is exactly haw much should you charge for the work itself. The first thing is to calculate the actual cost of your equipment software, and general operating cost The first two usually depredate over a three year period, meaning they'll have to be replaced entirely in year three.
Once you've calculated your operating cost the next job is your time. Work out a minimum hourly rate.
Next add any additional hardware or expenses you're likely to need or incur during the production. Look at the opposition and try and establish how much it would cost the company to get the job done elsewhere.
Finally, try to find out what the overall budget is for the project and how the dient plans to recoup their investment If the project is commercial it's sometimes worth trading up-front partial payment against a profit share in the product itself - for smaller operations this is often an attractive proposition.
Amiga Computing Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345 6868 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 2YZ LONDON S AMIGA SALES & REPAIR CENTRE HARD DRIVES WE SELL HARD DRIVE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS. WE HAVE SCSI OR IDE HARD DRIVE TO FIT AMIGA A500, A600, A1500, A2000, A3000 & A4000 WHATEVER CONTROLLER YOU MAY HAVE? IF IN ANY DOUBT PHONE OUR TECHNICAL PEOPLE £119 £249 £379 £249 £379 £15.99 £19.99 £19.99 £34.99 SCSI FASTEST DRIVES
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have simms & memory for all ram cards & accelerators made for
Amiga computers A500. A600.
A3000. A1500, A2000 A4000 30PIN SIMMS1MB.
4MB Call 72PIN SIMMS for 2MB UK’s 4MB best 8MB 16MB j prices 32MB 810MB 1 GIG BLIZZARD 1230 IV 0MB £149 4MB £169 8MB £189 16MB £209 32MB £259 4GIG EXT SCSI RAM CARDS WE CARRY RAM CARDS FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS AT VERY LOW PRICES AMIGA A500 1 2MB A500+ 1MB AMIGA A600 1MB 1MB WITH CLOCK AMIGA A1200 ram cards come WITH CLOCK a FPU SOCKET 0MB £29.99 1MB £39.99 2MB £49.99 4MB £54.99 8MB £79.99 FPU 33M Hz picc £10 50MHz pga £50 crystals £5.00
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£259 SAMSUNG 21" (NEW) £1059 SONY 15" £329.00 SONY 17" £586.32
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£79.00 ZIP CARTS £15 EZ135 CARTS £15 EZ230 CARTS £23 JAZZ
A500 A600 A1200 Power Supply Only £14.95 PRINTERS EPSON 200 EPSON 500 EPSON PRO HP640 HP870 MONITORS ZIP, JAZZ & SYQUEST CARTS Canon Looking for the best printer on the market. Larry Hickmott puts two of the finest models available to the test and comes up with some interesting results The best quality from both the Canon 620 and tho Epson 600 came when using GraphicsPublisher, part of the TurboPrint 5 package. Similar results can also be achieved using the picture printing application that comes with Studio II ®jer the last few years desktop printers have steadily improved to the point
where photographic quality outpqt is possible on some of the top models. Two of the best come from Epson and Canon and recently I had the pleasure of using both in anger. The two printers in question being the Epson Stylus Colour 600 and the Canon BJC-
Both printers look quite similar. Paper is loaded from the top and follows a fairly straight paper path to the front of the printer.
The important differences between the Epson and the Canon are twofold. On the Canon 620, the inks are held in separate containers, which means you only have to replace the ink that runs out. If you do a lot of colour printing, this is very important and although Epson dispute the fact, I expect that consumables on the Canon 620 will work out cheaper in the long run, The second major difference can be found in the printers' control panels. The Canon 620 still has a full set of buttons along the top of the printer while the Epson 600 has only a couple of buttons, making it simpler to oper
ate. In use, I did end up preferring the Epson approach which is to leave it to the software to control most of the printer's functions and only when you need to clean the print heads or load eject paper, do you need to touch the printer.
There is a third difference, although it will only affect those with a Macintosh or Macintosh hardware in their Amiga. The Epson 600 also has an Appletalk port on top of the normal parallel one while the Canon BJC 620 only has the parallel port for Amiga and PC use.
Amiga language We now come to the really important part, the bit where we look at how these printers talk to the Amiga. Both attach via norma!
Centronics parallel cables - the sort generally used for attaching printers to Pcs. Next we need a printer driver and this is where it gets a mite complicated. First of all, forget about your standard Amiga printer drivers because they're useless as far as modern printers go.
If you buy the Canon model, there are free specialised printer drivers (01429 521 009) available that will drive the Canon 620. It is also available on Aminet. This free driver won't give you perfect results first time if the tests I did are anything to go by. Compare this to the near perfect results I got first time using CanonDisk's commercial cousin, Studio II Professional (01525 718 181) or TurboPrint 5 (01908 370 230) and you understand that nothing is really free in this world, The good news is that you can get the registered version of CanonDisk for only £20 from HiSoft, and that I
expect will give similar results to those produced by Studio 11 Professional. As for ease of use, 1 still prefer TurboPrint 5 which customers tel! Me is the easiest of the print enhancement packages to use.
With the Epson Stylus 600, there is no free printer driver available. You do however have three commercially available choices; EnPrint (01642 713 185), TurboPrint 5 and Studio II.
Of these, I haven't seen a recent version of EnPrint (which is the cheapest option) and so can't say how well it works with the Epson 600, I have however been sent TurboPrint 5 and Studio II, and both produce excellent results. Certainly on par with the output from the PC, although only when using the picture printing applications in either TurboPrint or Studio.
This quality is achieved despite both packages not having a specific driver for the Epson 600 at the time of writing. In testing, I used the Epson 500 driver and it worked well even though it does not support the 1440 dpi resolution that the Epson 600 is capable of. This will no doubt come in time.
The results At the end of the day, the thing that matters to most is the quality that each printer can Amiga Computing Although TurboPrint 5 had drivers for the Canon BJC-620, I had to use the Stylus 500 driver with the Epson
600. I expect both Studio and TurboPrint to have Stylus 600
drivers soon though EVIEW u
s. p«-. c vl* v'lv SMQOth Mirror _} TtrtoQwt jiB t Xmt Coir .r
|»| B1 ack PI »*r«uit awl.fj BJC Ext»t d»cl Made [[High
R*7oiution Paptr Cl Color Color Job End Ci Wtittirt M-JSon
Port Ci Blt«bl»d CttltOHltf Tabulators,.. | Cut ton lev IH
ther... E-vh* Sit* And Moralnt... | Color Adjuttaontc... Save
1 u s* | Cancel You can get a free printer driver for the
Canon 620 but for the best results, you will have to register
this free driver to get an upgrade which costs C20.
Bottom 0 produce. With both printers being used at 720 dpi, it was interesting to see that with photographic output, the Epson 600 is better in terms of the fine detail it can reproduce.
This, 1 was told at a recent press briefing at Epson, is down to the control the Epson 600 and the Piezo technology it uses, has over dot size and shape, Put simply, because the Epson 600 uses electric current to create the dot of ink via piezo crystals, it is able to push and pull the ink to manipulate the process so it not only creates a perfectly shaped dot with very little misting (ink spray around the dot), but the Epson R 8 D folk have also brought down the size of the dot they can place on the paper to as low as 55 micron, which we are told is not far from being so small as being
"invisible" to the human eye (which is 40 micron by the way).
The upshot Is that the Epson 600's photographic output is better that the Canon 620's.
When the Stylus 600 drivers become available to produce 1440 dpi, (using Epson's Super Micro dot) I expect the Epson 600's quality from an Amiga to be even finer. That isn't to say that the output from the Canon 620 isn’t good, because it is. It just fails to match that of the Epson model.
S PEED DIFFERENC E S However quality isn't the only criteria used to judge a printer. Speed is also important and here too, the Epson 600 wins the race - or at least the one race I set them which was to print a full A4 image from an '060 based Amiga using TurboPrint 5's Graphic Publisher.
The Epson was very much quicker and although the Canon was no slouch, the Epson still managed to do It in almost half the time. When you consider I used the same Amiga, the same program and page and even the same dither and resolution settings, you can see that the test was as fair as we could make it.
As you might have guessed, the Epson 600 is doing very well so far In this review and it gets better because the Epson 600 is actually around E30 cheaper than the Canon BJC-620
- going from the prices I have to hand. A call to Canon tells me
the price has just been slashed but none of the retailers could
let me know what this would mean to high street prices.
What you also need to remember is that if you take the £30 you save on the Epson 600 and use it to buy a printing enhancement package, the total price is slightly higher than that of the Canon model although, as I have said, the free printer driver that you can get for the Canon 620 isn’t the be all and end all, You will probably find buying the registered version a big help in improving the quality of the output. The upshot of all that is, in the end, the price ends up roughly the same.
So which is the best? Everyone will have different priorities in judging a printer, but with the Epson 600 ahead in so many areas, it’s hard to see anyone choosing the Canon 620 above it, unless having separate ink containers is terribly important. That's not to say the Canon 620 is bad, it isn't. I have been using it for two weeks doing all the proofs for my own magazine, and have been very pleased with the reliability and output quality. I certainly doubt anyone will be disappointed with the Canon, it's just that it isn't as good as the Epson 600 in many areas and that's why, if I was
asked to recommend one, it would be the Epson 600, In fact, I've already ordered the Epson Stylus 1520, an A2 model based on the same technology used in the Epson 600. At this point in time, you could say the Epson Stylus can't be beat - and you'd be right!
BJM1 UCT D ETAILS Product Canon BJC-620 Supplier Canon UK Price £351 Inc VAT Tel 0121 666 6262 s fwn s I Ease of use 93% | Implementation 90% | Value For Money 88% I Overall 90% UCT 3 ETAILS Product Epson Stylus 600 Supplier Epson UK Price RRP £329 Inc VAT Tel 01442 61144 s 33TP s Ease of use 95% | Implementation 94% Value For Money 92% Overall AMIGA Computing Whether they be positive or negative, all the letters m we get want the same thing the Amiga bought and back in the shops Qmiga or PC ETTERS I too am worried about the Amiga. I have an A500, A1200, CD32 and a A2000. I also have a
486DX4, all in a full tower I built myself for SI200. You may ask why?
Well the reasons are simple, support. I have a digital camera connected, a colour flat bed and Cannon BJ620 printer, all new.
None of these peripherals would hook up to my Amigas and work without alot of trouble, if at all. If I did manage to get them to work, it was not at their full capacity.
I am a general contractor and project manager for a single family home subdivision. The only programs I can use on my Amiga are Procalc (no longer made) and FinalWriterll that I use to make hard copy bills and to keep track of costs and do the payroll.
TurboPrint and Studio 11 have done their bit for the best quality Amiga prints and, more recently, ScanQuix has done the same for scanners. The latest development is with the QuikCam, a low cost PC product that gives you a video camera connected to your computer. The company that makes the QuikCam was never intending to produce Amiga software, but there was no reason why an Amiga programmer could not write the software themselves, and that is what happened.
So it may be the case that Amiga does not get the support it deserves, but then why not just create that support ourselves? It would even be worth whife approaching the original companies and get them to bundle this Amiga software with their peripherals.
The PC I use to do everything else including War Craft II, Command and Conquer and Duke Nuke Em. The Amiga is not used for games now, is something wrong with this picture? I don’t mean to sound pro PC because t love my Amigas and they are still better and easier to use than Windows 95 and I will never sell them, I just need support Tom Schiller, schiller@netnitco.net it is a sad fact that just about atl peripheral companies completely ignore the Amiga when it comes to any kind of software support. The only one of note is If you have something you need to get off your chest then put pen to
paper and write to ESP, Amiga Computing, Media „ Flouse, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. You can also Email us at ESP@acomp. Demon.co.uk We have various software bundles to give away for the best letters (please indicate whether you'd prefer serious software or games). We do try to reply to all Emaiis and letters, but at busy periods this is sometimes not possible so please bear with us Cannon that will supply you with an Amiga print driver for its printers if you ask them, but it is not written by them and is an unregistered shareware program. Unfortunately it looks as if this is
the way things will stay.
We have to help ourselves as no one else is going to help us. They do not see the Amiga as a worthwhile platform to support. Even though, as we know, it is perfectly capable of using scanners, printers, modems and digitisers to their full capabilities. What we need are existing programmers and Amiga companies to support these devices themselves.
Luckily this has already Happened, to a certain extent. ImageFX has always provided excellent support for scanners.
Miami has a built in list of hundreds of standard modems for simple set up.
Qatience is a virtue Back at Christmas time I finally broke down and got a copy of TermiteTCP and Ibrowse, At first I was happy and quite impressed with its performance.
Now I am feeling great frustration and anger. Everywhere I go "You must have frames", "This page requires Netscape or Microsoft explorer”, f figured that soon an upgrade would be out. I was wrong. Not only have none of my e-mails to Omnipresence been answered, but I find that ail the other Amiga Web browsers are getting these great features such as frames and better use of Chip memory, while the people at Omnipresence just sit there. Does anyone know when they are going to get a move on?
Darkman@i-d.com As you can see in this issue, frames have made it to iSrowse.
Unfortunately I cannot agree with you. Voyager only just beat iBrowse as the first frame capable Amiga browser by a couple of weeks and I personally think iBrowse does a better job of laying out pages.
You should also remember that Omnipresence probably get hundreds of e-mails each week all saying the same thing, "When's the next version of iBrowse coming out?", "Why don't you add X to iBrowse?" And if they had to answer them all I doubt they would have time to do anything else, such as updating iBrowse.
Personally I am amazed Amiga browsers have kept up as well as they have (Java script is apparently next on the cards) particularly if you remember Netscape and Microsoft Explorer must be backed up by a huge programming team, compared to the single programmer for Voyager and the small group writing iBrowse.
The real bad news is that with the latest release of Netscape 4, there are now cascading style sheets which will be another thing = the poor old programmers will have to try and implement. If the first buggy halffinished Netscapes are any guide to go by, it might take them a little while to do.
Amiga Computing Ewning IS believing Some months back, I wrote you a letter which you printed (thanks!) Entitled 'Seeing Is Believing.' At the time I mentioned that I intended to wait until Power Amigas were available and also indicated that other Mac users were similarly interested in such a machine.
As it turned out, I put my money where my mouth is much earlier and purchased a QuikPak A4060T. Among other things, I sold a well-specced PI66 PC to help finance the purchase. I guess this means I'm doing exactly the opposite of some Amigans who are leaving the scene.
I'll confess that at first I had some troubles which caused me to second-guess the purchase. None of these have anything to do with the machine itself, which works perfectly. Instead, I lacked the proper display terminal. Without the ability to display Amiga screen modes, the machine basically just sat there lor over a month, doing nothing. These problems were finally resolved by the arrival of a CyberVision 64 3D card and, most importantly, an AT M1764 monitor. As you can see, I have no intention of skimping on my miggy! At this point, I also have a Scan Doubler on order for the
CV64 3D.
Difficulty Another thing I soon learned is that AmigaOS is a bit more difficult to use for a newbie than MacOS, especially in terms of installing software which requires some knowledge of the Shell. Now that I've had a chance to compare the two, I see MacOS as basically a power tool and AmigaOS more like a musical instrument.
It is obviously more difficult to master a musical instrument than a power tool, but for certain folks the instrument will deliver much deeper satisfaction in the long run. I can tell you that I have quite a ways to go with AmigaOS, but I greatly look forward to the journey.
What I’m saying is this, I knew the Amiga was superior to the PowerMac when I ran Amountains and a music Mod off a CD- ROM while simultaneously rendering three fractals with ChaosPro. The Amiga did this without any noticeable strain. By contrast, the PowerMac cannot even keep a ‘magic eyeball' extension running smoothly while launching a program.
My PowerMac is a 9500 done with a PowerPC 604 running at !32Mhz. It generates nearly 200 more MIPS than the ‘060 50 in my Amiga. It has a faster motherboard and its PCI bus is nearly four times as fast as the Amiga's Zorro. Despite this it opens windows and launches programs more slowly than the Amiga.
Also, any volume searching tool I've tried on the PowerMac is much more sluggish than Multiview, whose response is instantaneous. The PowerMac is considerably quicker at vertical scrolling through documents, and its image viewers draw large images to screen much more rapidly and faithfully than anything I've yet tried on the Amiga, Even so, when running on the CV64 3D, the Amiga's snappiness is at least comparable at every task and it performs many tasks much more rapidly. However, the incredible multitasking of the Amiga puts it head and shoulders above the PowerMac. Not only does this
multitasking mean I can perform certain large jobs very rapidly, it is also more fun and exciting than using the MacOS.
Also, thanks to terrific British magazines such as yours (I'm in Seattle, USA), I have a tremendous amount of software at my disposal. I've done my first raytrace on the Amiga. I've used all kinds of creative software, too, things that would cost thousands to duplicate on the Mac or PC. For less than S100 I have Aminet Set 4, The Utilities Experience and The AGA Experience Volume 2. Together, these contain enough software to keep me busy for the next year!
The bottom line is this, my early interest in the Amiga was primarily video oriented.
Now that I have it, I plan on making it my primary platform. I’m a new Amigan and already a true believer. I wilf continue to spend my lean amount of cash on future upgrades, such as a PowerUp board or whatever else I may need (like a Toaster Flyer, obviously!). Eventually, HI probably purchase a second Amiga, perhaps a Siamese-type system. I suppose I should urge all Amigans to keep sticking it out until new machines with faster hardware are available, but everyone should make their own choice and do what they will.
Myself, I plan on blabbing about the miggy to everyone in earshot. After all, this is the most exciting computer I've ever laid Emiga situatio I think 1 am the last living Amiga user in Japan! I am American and have been here seven years while serving in the U.S. Navy. In that time I have seen Amiga magazines disappear from the Navy Exchange, followed by the Amigas themselves, only to be replaced by Macs. Adverts in the base newspaper for used Amigas disappeared long ago and I have never even heard of any Japanese people using Amigas.
Well, so much for my sad situation, things should get better, in about 'Two more weeks'.
Richard Moore, rmoore@Japan.Co.Jp ft is very disheartening to see the Amiga disappearing, but this is because we are living in a Microsoft controlled world. As soon as you jump on the Internet you soon see a whole different my hands on, and I'm damn sure not giving it up! Finally, I'd like to extend my thanks to the good folks at Zipperware, a real Amiga store on the Seattle waterfront.
They've been exceedingly friendly and helpful in getting me started, and not surprisingly I buy Amiga Computing (and lots of other stuff) from them every month.
Sfeve Duff, sduff@wolfenet.com It is really refreshing to hear a truly positive letter from an Amiga user, particularly one that has been poached from the Macintosh. It is true when you talk about the Amiga as being a musical instrument, particularly compared to the Mac.
Macintoshes are designed for the lowest common denominator, which is good in certain situations, if you are an artist you just want to spend your time doing art not worrying about system conflicts.
Installing software has always been a problem with all computers. The Mac has got the processes almost perfect, with the most a user having to do is point a file requester where they want the program. Since Workbench 2 the Amiga has improved dramatically, with the Installer program giving a easy way for all levels of users. The Mac OS may be slow, but there are things a future Amiga owner can learn from it.
I do have to say, that having used Workbench, Windows 95 and System for a good while now the Amiga still 'feels' the best to use. When launching programs and moving through windows you are very rarely left waiting around, even with the slow processors Amigas are still stuck with. All this is a testament to how efficient the operating system is. When the PowerUp boards do finally arrive, I doubt you will want to go back to your old PowerMac. In fact why not just run one on your Amiga using Shapeshifter?
N world. If I said the Amiga was positively thriving I would not be exaggerating. Along with the traditional Amiga IRC and news groups (which are some of the most heavily used) Amiga Web sites such as the Amiga Web Directory and amiCrawier constantly have new Amiga related sites added to their lists each day. This proves the Amiga still generates a lot of interest, and on Browserwatch in the list of machines used to access the Internet, the Amiga is running a close third place, with iBrowse being the third most used browser.
I know it is hard waiting and waiting and waiting that bit longer for someone to buy the Amiga, but that is the way liquidators work. They will wait until they get the best possible price, probably in a couple of weeks, yer right.
Amiga Computing 35 even bigger and better this year So On With The Show ALL the exciting new releases from the leading Amiga developers Save £100’s On Special Offers ICPUG Free Advice Centre Internet Village High End Applications Presentation Theatre j|ivcj£5aJ Mzhihitlosi ObtiitBj rkusnuaTsini'lfi, Lont ou& kijj *J7xri']Ifcisn - dp jj riud du jdcjy, May d d Dbjjjj - dpnj Avoid the queues by booking in advance Credit Card Hotline 01369 707766 Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to The World of Amiga at PO BOX 9, Dunoon, Argyll. PA23 8QQ Admission: Adults £8 Children £6 On its last release
Turbo Print received a blue chip, will this latest version get the same XT 16 fUo Colours Vil Rotate Pattern FT Putt Block FT Truertatch Correction Settings ISO 1 4 1 . Lists it*) 100 faSBHJHM] mmmjmmmi it*) 1 Smoothing _-_|juper| I Negative ! Mirror Brightness Contrast COM* Colour Um | last | Save | On computing, bits are everything.
The more bits the better and 1 when it comes to printing on the Amiga, 52 bits are just not enough. That is only 4096 possible colours or 16 shades of grey, including biack and white, in the words of some kid, please sir can I have some more?
Unlike that poor unfortunate child, yes you can. TurboPrint is a system that enhances your Amiga's printing abilities or more precisely, replaces the Amiga's original printing routines for its own far superior ones. As TurboPrint provides a replacement for the original printer device, it works invisibly in the background, so once installed you will never know it is working (apart from the improvements in print quality).
When I first looked at TurboPrint almost a year ago I was very pleasantly surprised by the huge improvement in print quality I got out of my trusty old HP-DeskJet 550C - a printer I am sure one or two of you out there has.
I was expecting an improvement in the colour output, as this could not get much worse than the traditional Amiga drivers produces, but the whole quality was excellent.
What really surprised me was that even grey scale output was greatly improved. If you like numbers, colour output is in true 24 bit and greyscale is upped to 256 shades. So you can compare 16 million colours against the normal 4096, and 256 to 16 normal shades of grey.
Unfortunately, as with a lot of other Amiga software, this is not as major an update as the jump in version number may suggest. All that has been added are the changes to the PrintManager and a number of new print drivers for the latest HP printers 6xx series and the support for the new Epson Stylus printers.
If you already own TurboPrint there really is not enough here to warrant upgrading, the GraphicsPublisher is nice and does its job but hardly offers anything new over the original PrintManager. The only reason would be for the new printer drivers, if you are considering one of these new printers.
On the other hand, if you do not already own TurboPrint and you feel your prints are lacking, it is exactly what you are looking for, Bottom line Qraph ics Publisher Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended D WB.204 Product details Product TurboPrint 5 Supplier Wizard Developments Price £49.99 Tef 01322 527 800 Ease of use 90% Implementation 90% Value For Money 80% Overall 86% The last version of TurboPrint included a utility called PrintManager that allowed pictures to be loaded sized, cropped and printed, providing the best possible quality. With this latest version PrintManager has
been replaced with GraphicsPublisher. This program that allows images to be loaded sized, cropped and printed, providing the best possible quality.
Sound familiar? That is because, to all intent and purposes, they are the same program, even the project window says PrintManager, with only the program icon and about requester trying to convince me otherwise. To be fair there is not much point in IrseeSoft expending too much effort on developing PrintManager GraphicsPublisher beyond what it already is: A handy straight forward picture printing tool.
The biggest plus on this version is the addition of virtual memory so images of any size can be handled, and it can also handle multiple images on a single project. These can be independently sized, moved around and a new cropping tool allows square sections of a loaded image to be selected.
All this works together very well, with all the extra settings windows and cropping occurring independently of each other. My only gripe with GraphicsPublisher is that though it supports all the Amiga IFF formats, GIF, PCX and basic Jpeg pictures. It has not been updated to support the new progressive Jpeg types that are rife on the Internet and would force you to use a secondary program to convert them and would sort of make a the point of GraphicsPublisher redundant.
Amiga Computing only problem is that there are loads of them and they take quite a while to respond to your directions.
The real jewel in the crown of this box set however, is the file management utility, Directory Opus 5.11. We use the Opus management system on the Amigas in the office and it's easy to use and well laid out. Rather than buy Aminet releases every couple of months, I would recommend investing in this excellent box set and saving yourself the hassle and money, Bottom ' line UCT DETAILS Product: Aminet Set 4 Supplier: Schatzetrue Price: £29.99 Phone: +49 6171 85937 Ease of use 80% Implementation 80% Value For Money Overall 90% 86% Q M I N ET 17 The Aminet Cds keep coming in thick and fast.
Aminet 17, the February CD compilation, has everything you'd expect, apart from any noticeable theme. Most of the Cds seem to focus on some aspect or other of Aminet downloads, this one however is a little different, Instead of focusing on mods, games or demos, this CD appears to cover each area equally.
The disk includes 237Mb worth of demos, 82Mb of games and 197Mb of pictures. The games include a wide variety of programs ranging from the good to the ludicrously appalling.
As usual, the mods and music section is pretty good. The software team Ambrosia (the team behind Vulcan's latest Doom clone, Genetic Species) is represented by its hilarious James Herriot meets the Prodigy demo. The demo starts off quietly circling a puzzled looking cow. As the music strikes up, the camera darts for the cows back passage, after which we see all manner of excellent effects that make for a refreshing change from the usual spinning cube with lifeless music.
In addition to Ambrosia's priceless journey through the arse of a cow demo, there is a 230bpm (imagine a two stroke engine at high revs) techno tune from an irate Italian who is apparently angry at Italian dance music being crushed by Robert Miles type progressive tosh.
On a more serious note, it is worth mentioning that the CD does only contain 50Mb of business software and 54Mb of communications software - combined this is only half the total demos on the CD. This was pretty much the same for the last two Aminet Cds.
This isn't a criticism, however. Although there isn't a huge amount of serious utilities on the disk, what is there is quality stuff. This CD has a full version of Cloanto's Personal Write word processing package, which alone, would make the CD worth buying.
As ever Aminet's latest release is a useful and interesting CD, However, if you're only going to buy one Aminet product this month, you might be wise to consider Aminet 4.
Bottom ' line Product details Product: Aminet 17 Supplier: Schatztruhe Price: £14,99 Phone: 0500 131 486 ES Ease of use 80% Implementation 80% Value For Money 95% Overall 83% Although twice the price, Aminet Set 4 is unmissable. The set consists of four Cds covering all aspects of Aminet since Aminet 3 was released - well over 4 Gigs of software.
The first of the four Cds is made up of business software, hard disk tools and utilities and the second, pictures and animations.
There is a staggering amount (nearly 1200 images) of 3D animations on the Gfx disk including a prodigious amount from Star Trek fanatics.
The fun disk is pretty good and even contains a game from the deep recesses of my childhood - Blitz. Anybody who didn't have a Vic-20 might dismiss the game as useless load of old pap. However, I would disagree.
Although very simple, the game is really tense. You have to drop bombs on a city (very PC) in order to clear a landing strip for your descending plane. Timing and planning is everything and the game can be harder than playing Wipeout blindfold.
Other games delights include Kennedy Approach. It seems the point of this game is to impress upon you how stressful being a Air Traffic Controller must be. After playing this you’ll be damn glad they don't use Amigas at Manchester Airport.
Your job is to direct various planes to land at Kennedy Airport. The guidance Hugh Poynton takes a look at the latest CD releases Qminet Set 4 Amiga Computing Bottom line UCT DETAILS Ease of use 80% Implementation _82% Value For Money _78% Overall 80% Qjidden Tru I've got this weird theory. Admittedly it's a bit strange and when I teli people they just nod politely and say "OK Hugh, whatever". My theory is that JFK was shot by some nutter with a crap rifle. Look at the evidence. He was in a building with a gun just near where the prez was and, hey presto, Johnny gets a lesson in why not
to buy a convertible. Not just coincidence, I think.
Despite the fact that I am about as iar from a conspiracy theorist as it is possible to get, 1 was still secretly chufled at getting a gold copy of Sadenesses new CD The Hidden Truth to preview. It boasted (in its unfinished form) over 600Mb of very interesting but most probably untrue information.
I didn't realise quite how interesting it was.
The thing is, The Hidden Truth manages to combine completely fruit-toop, off the wall, Elvis is an alien stuff next to material that is meticulously researched and drawn from very respectable sources. For instance, on one page there might be a hilarious Ghost hunter's Web page complete with the most unrealistic photographs you have ever seen of one of the denizens of the 'other side' (some badly blurred electrical fiex), while on another you will find details of secret US military planes and their funding drawn from some surprising, not to mention respectable, sources.
The Secret History Of The USA is particularly interesting. Much of the material is drawn from the prominent left wing libertarian Noem Chomsky. Although what you read probably should be treated with a pinch of salt, the page allows you to rifle through the US' dark secret past. Many of the facts are difficult to deny and quite damning. The participation in the Nicaraguan civil war of US and US trained units and the attacks on Vietnamese 'strategic hamlets' (or to use a less euphemistic term, refugee camps) in the
1964. A fair amount of quite convincing evidence exists to
suggest that the US wasn't the nicest country to cross
during the cold war.
Also included are details of technological developments which few people have been afforded rare glimpses of in recent years. For instance, sightings in Scotland and other parts of Europe of a flaming 'flattened football' - thought to be a terrifying sounding unmanned external combustion airplane.
This craft apparently squirts hydrogen fuel from tiny perforations half-way down its length that combust at supersonic speeds, driving it to an even faster hypersonic speed of mach SO.
Less serious topics are also covered including ghosts, Loch Ness and alien settlements on Mars. However, for me, the highlight of the CD is the chunk on Paul McCartney's death in 1967. Paul McCartney's death? Surely he wrote the excellent Frog Chorus and Mull of Kintyre a good 15 years after the alleged event?
Well, there are people who reckon that, at 5am, one Wednesday shortly before Sgt.
Pepper came out, Paul (distracted by a fit sort with nice legs) drove his car through a set of traffic lights on red, crashed and died.
Subsequent albums, according to Beatles aficionados, are jam-packed with references to Paul's accident. These range from tongue-in- cheek references to the downright horrifying (such as in the very weird, Manson inspiring, White Album).
The material on the CD suggests that there was a big hoax, one which reflected their true ingenuity and inventiveness (and the fact they were taking skip loads of drugs). The purpose of the hoax was in fact to represent the metaphorical 'death’ of the old Paul and his conversion to the ways of the Maharishi.
The whole thing is a fascinating compilation of the weirdest and most fascinating facts, photos and sounds on the Internet. The only problem I found was that I kept reciting bits of it down the pub which probably got annoying for my friends, Definitely worth a look.
QPC & TCP Volume 1 and 2 In a similar vein to the Aminet offerings is the APC & TCP Cds, brought to this country by Epic marketing. I wish they hadn’t bothered.
Volume 1 contains a large selection of games that, on first inspection, look quite good, Nemac IV is there and a few other half- decent programs. However, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a game called Child Murder included on the CD. I accept the fact that you can't regulate the amount of sicko crap on the Internet, but to see games with titles such as this on a commercially available CD is unacceptable.
Volume 2 is basically a large collection of quite duff pictures. There is a fair amount of those weird and quite dodgy cat large breasted woman pictures, all of which are pretty sad. Duff is really the only word to describe these two Cds.
Attorn line Amiga Computing PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER 10 EIIHER OFTRESE DISTRIBUTORS YOUR ORDER WILL BE SAME DAY DESPATCH VjA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC05) FALCON W1LNEC0TE XMWORTH 5DN TEL FAX: 01827287377 mwm ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE 99P PER DISK + CHOOSE t FREE OISK WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS POST & PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for PiP; [Worldwide add 50p per disk P&P| SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC05) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B191PP TEL: 0374 678068 XJ We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk
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U491 PRO TRACKER V 0-152 W0RK.STATI0N(2di»k WB1.3 o-.... 0435 HARO Di$ K UTIL bm cpiieciion cl U4J6 EASY PH INI (A500oniyl M of print utl U4»! WORK-MATE-15 brillml dnk uM compilabon 17501 THE MUSIC CONSTURCTIOH Klfistatearnica ov.m U504 HOT-STUfF-more ut.l disk, compilation U505 VIRUS-KILLER i DISK RESALVAGE REPAIRE KIT 0507 DCOPY V3 PROFESSIONAL -Eicetentas* :op*f 0535 ULT 800rBLOCK 40'booiblock gtneraior maker 0510ULTIMATE BOOT-BLOCK Collection II .mom U512 ZIRCON UtlL-30 MOST USE UTIL 2 brlilant 0515 WIT COMPLETE UTIL 20 most use util it writer pogram J oniylWB-feplaeement ion« Hartta.sk
uni refuse la run. 1 so monter Imiga ecttviW ECOU BeST” U78J POOL WINNER GOLD must lor all gamber U7M HAADDiSK MEMORY V2 u«4 HO as memory (re Umu) U7W WINDOW BENCH V2 (WB 2 3) 2dnk new wwktxnch replacement, Include lot of uMful utlliiwi Ulflt COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST V9 amiga Feull finding 15 BASIC-ELECTRONC-Teach all about alttronie U1005 LOTTO LUNACY V2 Update iitttt lottery predictor U1M7 ALL NEW HARD-DISK A FLOPPY DISK TfiOL J(2) UtOO! HARO-WARE PROJECT 2 (2' ~ jt comouter crash MA50G to HO viuw n»nv««nt: rnujevi 4 (rj 01 protect oven Now to W Annoai In a la Dido? DATA ALERT 3-e«plaTn why
yo UtOtS WB2.M iNSTALLER-install 450 (iAhltb ill ¦* A Super cuUcdion of Ihe vtfy best boards ysmcs ever rdcawa include moncpofy.JCfobWp.ches*. checker eel I many more. HIGHLY RECOVMENO I COMPATIBLE YyITH ALL AU-GA J
• LVil. II Printer Pack 5 disk pack with all Ihe latest printing
programs specially designed for printing out high quality
documents, text A pictures etc and it is even able to print out
AS Booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A must for any Amjga qwneuvith prinier Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 f&S3 riiwth »3ET«r igfescnel s ii c Cyonfctic.
acrfitivjUtf cfct, Wig(ff fknit ccJie ol Wfluo '.wRt very £4.99 5 disk (V l m= .
E100 UTTLE TRAVELER imfomation cm world wide E1GI WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map 8 t«t El03 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tutorial cn tne Atom (2D) G872 SCHNEBITZ Commercial quality puzzle games G875 DELEXE GALA v2.3(new) add rvsw leaiuie & bouns gamm . 2 player RECOM" G375 THE KRILLIAN GI7B QUANTUM-V.tj G879 RAG TO RICHES • G222 MEGA 21 GAMES amazing 21 games 0235 DRAGON-CAVE brlllanf 3D puzzle games 0240 OUApRIX very addict eice lent 0242 TAKE EM OUT tike to Operation wolf 0253 DESTINE MOON BASE Are de conversion 0272 TANK BATTLE 2 player tank bam gam© 0276 ARCADIA Ihe beat AHKNOIO clonr 0300
E002 COLOUR IT bnllsnt compulnf colouring book E003 TREASURE SEARCH find tne hidden treasure E004 LEARN A PLAY Ifnot Al2G0)fn»ny math* A game* Enos LEARN A PLAY if more education programet E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Sp nl*h English E008 MR MEN | WBI Jonty I brillant story adventure FOOD ASTROMY tutorial on soler.'star ect *y*1em EqtO SlMQN A SPACE MATHS mam* A slmon games Very ©ntertening G546 RAID 4 latest vertic. .. . . _____ 0545 QUIZMASTER very good quizproorar 7* base on lift ?7 :R • ,____ 3(2D)B________________ ________ 0657 AMOS LOADSA MONEY best FRUIT-UACHINES rr child thfl ALPHABET
E1WMR MEN OLYMPIC (2D! Many eveni to complete El 10CULT TV DATABASE (2DJ info on early TV ser.es " 12 HOW TO DEVELOPE PHOTO 2 (2) delevop© your ( H’ 'AX* fiAMes ritUtel 0567 STARBASE 13 (2 Iril like MONKEY ISLAI E011 EDUCATION PACK!
Pack with dozen* ol education ptogram* ranging from ninth*, science to educational games recommend suitable lor any Amiga. 5 disk pacx only C4.S5 G316 GALACTIC E*eeltenl 6 levels ucade G317 HYPER-BALL Speed ball .level editor G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 3D adventure G325 BATTLEMENT hunch back of notch* G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS HI 3 top games G329 MADONNA NUDE PUZZLES for IS* onfy G33I GRAVITY massive space exploring game G333 CYBER-NETIC BriUant B way blaster G334 DONKEY KONG - A120O order code AGA296) eiptode and create ail the star £ g. ... , E11B WORKBENCH 2 tutorial on Work Bench 2 El 16
DlNO WAR Quiz on d.no*aurs El 20 JUMOR MATHS Great team.™ e d for teach kid e-n the math subjects. RECOMMtND El 21 PICTURE PUZZLE bnliant JIGSAW type game El 22 WORD FACTORY Bnliant. Teach kid words E0I9 DINOSAURS leach you an about D»n *Mur E020 WORLD DATABASE require (2,meg) E021 STORY LAND it interact puzzle games rec E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR teach you 4 language E023 TALKING COLOURNG BOOK talking Dpaint b E024 EA5Y SPELL It Improve your kid spelim-a E025 SCRABBLE requite 2-4p(ayer brillant G669 MUGSY REVENGE 0672 JIGSAW------ G6T3 BOBBY REVENGE gangster graphic sdventui Only £9.99 0335 CRAZY
SUE 11- best platform to date
• • LLEF *--- RA tire 0362 DELUXE P AC MAN . Beat pacman ever
release G367 CARO GAMES collection 0366 WIZARD DOUAlUS-ilugecn
type games 0370 KALATRiZ (nptAt2O0) arcade tetnz clone G373 AIR
ACE tl Very playable shoot em up 0384 OTHELLO best PD version
0386 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very addictrve puzzie 0390 T£TREr» most
ttoSsh Tr-trj ever release- G392 STFBK.E6ALL brdJanl t=aso b?«
clone ~ - - 200) itfirtaer G404 DclteUfOtS orUy one of u hind
onPO G406 TOTAL WARS -strategy Uu- chess m s sac- 0411 BATTLE
CAR2- 3D car nhna G431 KESTEH CARD GAMS- I G435 Ri----- G43S Tl
G___________________ 0446 Q8UDOX ecoortanl Arcade Pvate game
KID DISKS 1.2,3.4.5 Eicfrlieni collection of education programs
Ideal for leeching kids v*r-ou* subjects while retaining the
fun A game element 5 d ski only £4 95 or order scpcratcly for
only 99p per ci»k. Q»der Code KIQ DISK t No J J G384 WIPE
OUT-mindte » bteiting gamae G585 GODZILLA Another Shoot m up
0956 SUPER MEGA FRUIT- All new Fruit Machine GiSfl DRIVING
MANIAC 3D (Hf vector like trxJ.SOOJ c« racing- very last.
RECOMMEND G3-63 PLANE, f FALL " -------------- 0344 STAR-TREK
similar to RAID2 but harder 0355 DOODY very Colo A erttemery
adAft G356 WONDER LAND amazing graphic rncommed 0661
BriWant Irwt m*chin© demo G6f5 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -BrJlnnt
aaterod G669 GUN FIGHT (not A500I1.3) 0690 THE REAL POPEYE ( 00
13 only) 0652 SYSTEM DEFEf.C-BriEan: Defender cion G6=8
AulGA-aOY-Game boy emutooz t t«riz 0732 DETKELL IN SPACE,
G735 OVERLANOER Br.Cini arcade MOON ALERT 0737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The best in PD SO 0771 STAR WotD (2 Dtskl briBant Thnrst G772 ON-SENSIBLE SOCCER very simdaz lo Senagate scoccet games. R E031 IO TEST , 10 GAME*
- Luner Lander clone E125 JURASSIC PARK lots of info on dinosaurs
E126 CHILDREN SONG 2 contain 5 excellent song Et27 MING SHU
(A500 only) BN! Chinese Astrotoggy.
E128 ASTRO 22 PP0.V3-The latest astrology program that accurately calculates the position cf the planet edioc. Zodac posrt-on etc. Reccmrnend E130 FRENCH VERD TESTER should help you with french.
El 31 CULT TV DATA BASE II (2 DISK) info on esriy TV Ei 32 WORLD HsSTORY BOOK E133 UTTLE TRAVELLER 11(21 Information on world wtde Et34 X-FILES-Gii.de to the TV serres very interesting E146 CHESS A TUTOR - FULLwach you hcrw to piay chess EtSO IMTERNET-FUU. Qu.de to internet A superhighway 6161 Cul SHELL TufOR (help) Ideal Tor beginner EtC2 DELUXE PAINT GRAPfflC TUTOR V 3 A 4 RECOMMEND :l aticot ccrteci em up HtCOM' n PefiGOS-Unr- -------- ...esuper oblit_ ... JOTOTMHHHI smbr to PANG 2 tot of weapon R£COK«E?*fi G554 SUPER INVAStON 31 -New SPACING INVADER G6S7 THE SHE FETID BrJUant POPULUS done.
RfcC G3S6 ALIEN GEWCCIOE 72) Shool aliens ant in space.
G3SS PUCKMAM. One of Ihe bettor pjtcAton *rr&und GSCO SUPER-HATILE ZCB4E.30 (not VrB7.3.) G»1 WA'S'H a 'f----------------1 ‘~ EDUCATION $ 21 QAMES PACK Collection of Ihe very best ol education program* and a 21 game* pack, a very popular combination for kids (run on all Amiga) 5 disk? Pack only C4.95 EQ38 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 pan tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how to car* about AMIGA E040 GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial tne
• T - '=? :w: ¦ Mkwlleyiffi HiES 'r« xraww IM ». •: KTI
-xxkfc-ixn, to te,*l pen tn mttH w wx, x m .x w. 'i anl •
3,99 HANCIdAN any one for a g G9G7 ACE SPACE rice PtMform G90S
COL OUR LLAKLA Gbio harry-hadoock- a 03 U MAJIdlE Ff NDFR -
®13 ARCADE C 0773 FRU5T MANIA -Br-Ilanl FriKbnachme.
G774 TRICKLE TREAT J ke DOOM on the PC G775 FOOT-SALL MANAGER-new veiskm Sprne A how la avoid back pa n (recommend) £041 KID ALPHABET d *pi y an iph«bet tetter EG42 FRACTION A SILOUEbT math* A game* esceltent E043 MATH MASTER teachriest you more on math* ton ST£AM ENGINE V2 prsph.c A tutorial E045 PETROL ENGINE I.tanal A animat graphic EQ46 CAS TURBINE ENGINE tutorla A anim graphic E047 STIRLING ENGINE tut or .A I A arum graphic 6050 DREAM FOR ANGEL explain the meaning of dream E0S1 INVISIBLE WORLD bnilan! Recommend £052 FISH TANK turn you* am-iga mto a FISHTAff K E054 DEMOLTTtCN HBSSON
simple game tor kid EQ55 WORD POWER solve crossword PuzrSc ect good E056 WORM HOLE Simple gam© ideal tor Chikjren E057 APPLE CATCHER catch tarilng apple brilliant E055 CROSS MAZE 6 CHYPTOKtuG 2 esedtent tod gam * E-Q59 VERB QUIZ find the word A it retoted Bril EOS! KING JAMES BIBLE I4d) complete b bfe* excel E065 TAHROT cbnvoyant in a instance E068 GALLOW fancy a gam * ql hang man?
§070 MAJH DRILLS teach all basic math skill Vgood Et63 JAPANESE • leach you Ihe ibpAnese language
- ---------- ' • CfJj latest COLOURING BOOK Kcebent tup
JcroSSword _____________________esign cross Etf9 CHESS II A
TUTOR bniLsnt Chess II g 6tfc4 PAINT IT (not A5301 3) la £165
CREATOR-desigr £169 CHESS II A TUTOR bnliant Chi E170 HISTORY
OF AVIATION Vcl 1 E«ec!tent E171 CHILD FAVOURITE-Educ3t!on prog
£172 ANIMAL LAND-Learn about smmaf El75 FRANTIC GUIDE TO
C0MPUTER(2D) bn'tant & funny £177 CYBER PUNK 2 tor Cyberpunk
own *ig.nturC El82 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehefnivegu.de £184
heip'Conplete E210 LEARN 4 PLAY 3 Latest Education 6 Gomes E240
BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2dI Brillant teach your child
about animal E241 COMMS GUIDE vi.t beg-nner modem user £242
GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) superb complete ?uide to the weather,
reccmrnend 245 MATH ATTACK- Maths relate games for tods E242
ANIMAL-LANO-ldeal lor ycung kid. Excel E2-L3
PlCTURE-MATHS-Vatns pregfan. For kids E246 BEGINER GUIDE TO WB
3 (AI200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) fact about planet earth E248
KID ONLY 6 excelent game to play with E250 SANTA -Help Santa
collect present game* E25I BIH5THDAY HISTORY V2.2- E2S2
BAR-TENDER-rec.pt for 1000 drink cockta.1 E253 BEGINNER TYPING
TUTOR- games nt disk .orapf itc adventure.
It Large platform garr hull machines 0460 WI38LE WORLD GtDO’ G467 CASH FRUfT- qoad hut 0473 AMOS CftiCKET czckr-l game* y addicted 2 pteyte garaa* __________ .hub-** ' ' " G33S COP THE L G320 LOTTERY PROFFESIONAL Th« version u .
G321 MONOPlY. (board game*) The beat version 0922 JET WLLY 3 - t.celten: plaricum game* G323 FLAIUUtNO ENOIHE Superh CV r«C*ng 032* POWER MACHINES Orahtoafy bfHlanf 1hool 0325 SUCLDE-MACHINE Ope-«tion Mbit style 0326 ZAXXCN 3D Superb C6* 3D blaster game* 0327 BoiNG VJ Great pisMofmer. Recommend 0328 PUNTER Animate horse racing name* G325 ARCADE JIGSAW f2dj include UON KINO 0330 WHEEL CHAIR GLADfTOR-Vezy tun to play 0331 HIMSLE-Bfillant Hew aicadepuxzie 0333 BLACK DAWN 3- THE HEW BEGINNING 2) Superb 3D adventure. RECOMMEND 0334 R3 ROCKET (NEWjvery good rockets games 0335 BATTLE SHIP- the
fineafPO version 0452 ZOMBIES A DEFENDER 3 fantastic gam * G4ft4 MERCANf RY SlUULATlOh 3D wars games G499 UFE -simulation very interoatlnq G500 TRANSPLANT dozen ol level fast arcade.
G501 KLAWZ THE KAT-qreet ptotform games 0511 HIGHWAY HELL lit* SPY HUNTER on the C64 C531 OPERATION FlRESTORMS-bhitant G534 CASTLE KUMOUAT similar to Alien breed G535 BLACK DAWN brillant graphic adventure G533 MORfA 5-4 The latest Dungeon 8 dragon G539 BRIDGE Good version of fridges G540 ORK ATTACK bloody adventure G759 TASK FORCE very good WHO.SHADOW done G7M GREEN FIVE Amazmg 30 graphic like 0751 PROFFESIONAL BINGO CALLER G752 MARTIAL SPRIT iike Street f.ghlerO G7M 6 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES collection G80S BUTZ 2 fast ach'on shooSng names 0310 EXIT 13 Brillant puzzle G8' 1 TEMPORAL MIS PLACE
MENT-graphic adventure G312 ADAY AT THE RACE-V Goodhorse (scing games 0320 BOULDER ORIGINAL with 60 level G321 BOULDERDASH cave Tev»l Construction krt 0322 BOULDER COLLECTION 2« 160 level (Jdisk) G339 BOULDER PACK with 640 level on 8 dtek 0560 ALIEN NET WORK-new Spacing invader G362 BATTLE FORCE •aceltent test adventure.
G9&3 GNU CHESS the best chess witn 10 level 0363 SWORD OF YIGG Graphic adventure 0867 POWEFt-TETRtZ lor 1 or 2 player .
0863 SUPER SMASHING TETRlZ A 0870 CHESS tl i CHECKER One of the best around must far all CHESS or CHECKER player 0871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone E078 SCIENCE an excellent collection of Science ideal for all who irtterestng or studies in science recommend, this pack come on 4 disks EC80 KIDPRIX great children paint programme EoflT ASTROMY PACK- This ¦* a mating collection of program relate to astromy can help lo locate certain or star position ect, must for anyone who ttud.es astiomy or nobby great (4DISK) £073 PICTURE a LETTER team to roads- first step E074 AMIGA BEGINCR GUIDE
tutorial on Amiga* ED85 NODDY PLAYTIME demo -Very good E080 KlD PIX more excellent paint prodromes Eoflt DTP FOR KlD easy to use o.colien!
Ffl ?y mm i ¦Ol Srt*3*, 90% Lt-J : H«
* MH Tl* virr bin!'i! Ganrt »A 3. (?sW rteu. Rwnr MS es *S Tfch
rack »f?s« ’| new 5 51 gn-*iMt*;w. Ig3r« i»bct Iran ja wry mj
To uu s»n* 1JSJK h;.'-rFrr-j7y;-‘.;. only C11.S9 G936 LAST LAP
- Fast c GAME HINTS & CHEATS II Pjj your (ivcLfi)E gane far
age? W eanT gtf ts !W end fll levet w I 9 ’ Hiv-Jig prater,
witn soff guwi? 5 tfcss pack « tfi lOOC-s of gamcheattefplevH
code action repkayf peke fit, sNouW Se-tp you fmh many giTiej -
suiable ter al Arvgas only £4.55. Update & release on J3 July
Sa E092 SING A RYHMES *no e . . .
FD94 HIGH WAV CODE tl TOH question on hiahwny cbdi EQ96 READ A LEAHN (20) THREE LITTLE PIGGY Sttxy EM7 BACK TO SKOOL voi 1 collection ol the best £098 BACK TO SKOOL rol 2 in education program E0*13 BACK TO SKQCL id 3 A games RECOMuED . J i . EDUCATION & JJ MY 21 GAMES ACK Latest education pack 8, new 21 gam collection (S disk packs) only £4,95 WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED-FISH 1-1000 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC mi GAMES lift AllspectruTi pact ate compatible k with all AMIGA 1hil pail it pad*. 15 tftifC a«(W»pist2te &ane tike alhtfo, nought &
ati&ts,iSia6ti SCI la many to 3 8i. Run vr. Jx AKIGA Only 129.99 *£51) (pip) 45 C64 GAMES..£3.99 c-frycr wUAE 100 CB4 GAMES..£6.99 acJV3 1135 FROOO S4 ..£1.99 ZOD C64 GAMES..£13.99 maoic m ..ti.n 400 MEGA C64 GAMES PACK...£19.99 Thdjpach MfHAin ortr*4M COMMODORE C64 cpnwi. Amabtr pac* avaitaU* Huh role emulator not mslUriM rtu» to lfm« in 1 MceBtnl eieuU.fr Jviiltbu »h»th you can ducu wNch version most lud your madvrrf spec ton**: ltv» fpeeUollhaganw 4 a4d4l»«nd on your AM1G4 PROCESSOR r-ncOT Want to pay iOOOs or Spectrum games on your Amiga? All pack be law arc complete with SPECtNUM
emulator A printed instruction . Teady to run on your Amiga.. rtothfir other hardware require.
* mm sum a a wS m Th* ««ry Uutu Uoaro* 9am** "TQf'iBtire . 1h*
«*«**»•* v*iy!
6rand new arcade garres pick 3. Ths pack in dude a rew colleclion of the best arcade games, just tike pack 2 H: 3Hlt RKOMEKD 5 disk set only £4.99 BACK UP ANY HARDDRIVE TO CD + UP TO 600 FREE PD DISK ONLY £49.99 j Mono clip art pack 'I .2.3*4,or 5 colour clip-art pack 1 ,2,3,4or S | (please state pack require 1-5) | I Fonts pack hs* Ter! Pet-- at sufofcie ’a avptrrl psgtmie eq Dftsoinl, fptir.T trt’ | j WorkBench font pack 1 ..(5 disk full of fonts) WorkBench font pack 2..(5 disk full of fonts) | Large Colour & logo type font pack 1 (5 disk) j . Large Colour & logo type font pack 2 (5 disk)
CG-FONTS jlhese high quality fonts paci seatabte 6 are eompalabte with all version « of DT P. wo dsworth, Page-strcam, WB3, ProPage 2, fmafwrilcr, ect I Computer Graphic FONTS puck 1.2,3,or5 .
(5 disk per pack plense state packs reqtre) I Imagines object pack 1 or 2 (Sdisk pei pack) Imagines true 3d font pack 1 (5aisk) Caligari object oi Iru? 3D fonts (STP!= j [5 disk each) Light Wave object pock 1 or 2 (5 dik p*i pack) Light Wave true 3D fonts 5 disks) r-eal 3D or true 3D fonts Cbed (state) 5 disk, per pack Ail pack in these box come on 5 disks & cost E.4.9S. Per pack. Alt pack are compatable with all amiga HARD DRIVE Sc DISK DRIVE Space Doubler
• . :. - :: ' ’ 1 US71 EPUV1.60NLY S9p 5u:flg.£Foam3 New Retease
includes 550 Business Letters Word Processor Calendar Name 6
Address Database All this lor only £1.99 KjWttflP-lf IhftMU 4
V'GZS Build doz*n of project Included an acccra put your Amifja
In lower cate, use PC par drive, wet H recommend, not suitable
tor ..3 disk set only £5-00 THIS LISTING ARE FOR USE
WITH AGA l 1lO AGAOOt EXTENSION DEMO Stunningdrmo i*tr
LvtdMirpe A6A234 KNOTTY Stgruii'g AGA tiding p-ctif pufjte*
anirr ano a rotating c ly. Re card the betl AGA Cl mo AGA240
LOTTERY WINNER -.ape tully wili snp*ov® AGA 002 FRACTAL
GtNERATOR hectel In ?56. C4ou. Vow chanc* nt winning a [atI.
Pot. GOOD-LUCK AGA003 W0RK2CNCH HACK many hacMoy.Winker ole
AGA241-253 AGA GAME GALL'Ht AGA 01-19 tot ol glrmot AGAOOo NEW
SUPER KILLER ncw Know & 9:1 over AGASSI PACKMAN AC.A *l*e v«st
pawnan yet 316 typo nl v:.-u* must for a!l AI20O owner AGA2S2
ROCKET PD - Super Iftruitclsno AGA90 MHIDY AKK Ve«y I tit
femo to* tin- A1?X brili*ot grar-hir tor 1 m ? Player AGA300
Fi.ONOKC DELUXE AGA 130; the best A120C cart A3A25J KtAL LtWO
stuniHngspvcaii effete qames with alaniuuis :acy a* ;a*ds fate
:d • orly AGA2&1 CUR* AGA Dr Dam 250 colour eftots AGA Oil SI
PtANfcT GROOVE !ru:yAI2DJ Demos AGA2% K€F£R£N AGA Demo tot nl
ertetc AGA 3 5.1 MOTOR INVADER 2 (20) OriOart INVACEfl gane
A0A257 MING MIS’ RAVE great rave music.
AGAO’S FctNl OF SCAt F G'eat A1200 nny «J inc« A0A2S3 CXYGINC rattastc demo AGA35A OROMAS- FnWy good dema AOA253 IhltL-Our another very gocd de-no AGA017 WORLD OF MANGA (4DISK) magnificent Japanese AGA260 SOMEJUSTIC94 Demo ol the month comic slide show include Japanes Chick etc recommend Onllant whirl elletc. RECOMMEND AGA021 MAGIC WORKBENCH Improve the look Ol your WB AGA262 TO THE DEATH very good STREET- & add sone function to your WB really BRILLAHT FIGHTER clone wilh very good graphic.
AGA022 WB 3 UTTUTtES load ol Wb 3 only utiJil c* AGA263 GEORGE GALAXO 2d!Sk) briaant AGAQ23 0-CHESS the best chess program games so muttiievef shboiTpfflrform game, RECOMMEDN far but require 4 megbytes. Erillan! Graphic AGA265 MISSILE OVER ZENOH (Zdisk! Bri an!
AGA024 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN Great, back drop 30 missile ccmmancter wsth f3ni35tic graphic: AGA41 ADULT SUDE Vol 1-9 (2 disk each) ‘see below AGA2EE TEAM-IIOI OtfiO PLATFORM exceltent dirw AGA62 BODY SHOP VOL V7 (2 disk each) ’Mr oetow platform Note this disk was a commercial games AGABO FIT CHICK vol 1 -3 2diak each) ‘see below AGA274 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE 2dsk 8 eicehcnt to order any disk above just state disk code & music master piece, well worth getting volume no? remember 2 drsk per volume) AGA271 RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II (2di»M 7-7 - --AGAJ7B CHANNEL Z ISSUE 1 iAGA (2disk) DEGRADER AGA base
disk magsrines. RECOMMEND AGA090 A1200 FIX DISK COLLETCION 1 AGA disk magaiine toplc.derno rnuslc AGA091 A1200 FIX DISK 2 COLLETCION 2 AGA265 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL3 AGA094 RELOCKIT V1.4a talest. Run A500 SOFTWARE AGA2S5 DE-LUXE MONOPO.E.Y- Board game.V addicted : AGA30S A1200 FIX DISK VOL 3 (new july 95} AGA2&6 DONKEY KONG Arcade classic cofiYerston j All disk above are design to make any old A500-A600 AGA297 BOMB PAC Extr'earriy good to play ' Amiga programs games etc to run on your A1200 A4000 AGA29B ROCKET.2 set deep underground bnhani : MUST FOR ALL AGA AMIGA OWNER. RECOMMEND graphic.even
better with2player ASA299 SCRABSLE-Now lutly run on all Amiga AGA097 A12Q0 UTIL - AGA TESTER. SYStNFO etc AGA3W) MAGIC WB V2, Demo of version 2 AGA098 ACTION REPLAY V4 Complete ACTION REPLAY. AGA302 TUTANKHAM 11(21 Educalloo-Egyptian MUMMY AGA099 MADFIGHTER 2 briUant street fighter clone AQA303 PAMLA ANDERSON (1) 18* only BayWalch Babe AGA100 AGA BUTZ SCREEN BLANKER AGA304 BDDYSH0P VB (3) more bikini beauties AGA101 FAST GiFF 2 display GtFF pic In Workbench AGA30STlMEZONE (2) V.Good graphic *dv*ntufW- AGA102 AGA DIAGNOSTIC - NEW system tester AGA307 DENTAWOLF dooms demo AGA103 BLACK BOARD
AGA decent Image processor AG A 306 NAXI5 -Really show what AGA graphic co do AGA105 QUICK GRAB AGA -grab AGA screen PICTURE AGA310 FEARS (2d)-dooms clone damo AGA11C WORLD BEYONDS 1 (3) stunning 256 COLOUR AGA312 JINX (2d) Fantastic arcade puzzle fantasy art. Leave atari userbreath ess AGA313HAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO.very wicket demo.
AGA114 SMELL LJKE CHANEL N05 brillam terra AGA315 ILEX MYSTIC, New AGA demos ray trace picture ever release an the A1200 AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 (4disk) Hd require & 2meg AGA121 MAGIC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK (5 disk) *we aslo have a list of 2$ cards for above.
AGA133 AGA UTIL vl42 (2) AGA util compilation AGA321 HOT-BABE 1 2} MUST BE OVER AGA13S AGA UTIL V3 94 (2) more of Sbove AGA322 HOT-BABE 2 (2) 18 AGA137 MULTIBOOT- 4 various version A500 EMU AGA323 HOT-BABE 3 (2) BEFORE AG A138 OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARDDRIVE INSTALLER AGA324 HOT-BABE 4 (2) ORDER ANY AGA139WB3 HARDDISK PREF A INSTALLER Installing AGA32S HOT-BABE 5 2) OF THE HOT-BABE PACK AGAI40 CROSS DOS PLUS vS.1 read write PC file* Hundred ol quality Magic wb Icon 4 back drop AGAI42 SUPER LEAGUE 3 -latest manager gatr.es AGA386 DESK-TOP MAGIC- 32 animated screen blanker AGAI44 SPEAK A SPELL
- educational software for kid AGA369 WAB OF THE WORLDS -full 3D games AGA145 BIG TOPS (18 * only)HMMmm AGA390 FEAR 2. Brlllant 3D graphic games like AGA14E KELOG LAND -brlllant platform games AGA391 PSSST Amiga version cl Spectrum games AGA1S0 ACTION REPLAY V5 - HEW UP DATE TO V4 AGA390 FEAR II -Briliant 3D game play just like AGAI60 GIGER TRIZ very playable 255 colour letriz DOOM on Ihe PC Garrenteed you impress.
AGA162 FATAL-BLOW new STREET-FIGHTER 2 don* AGA393 PC EMULATOR V3- Laiast PC emulator AGA164 CINDY CRAWFORD Voll (2 disk) latest release AGA400 HYPER RACE (2) Supei racing games AGAI66 INFESTATION (3 disk) The ultimaled AGA demo AGA4I0 CINDY CLAWFORD £3) new AGA170 CINOY CRAWFORD Vol I! (2drtk) amazing AGA411 ELL£ MACPHERSOH (3) AGA 172 VIDEO TRACKER AGA-ullimate demo maker AGA412 CLAUDIA SCMiFFER (3) AGA174 MAGIC WB EXTRA voll & 7 (2dl*k) AGA4I3 BIG GIRLS II (3J AGAI80 GIF BEAUTIES Vo! 11-16] B more girls disk AGA414 GIRLS GIRLS (2) AGA189 FRIDAY AT 8 another brlllant AGA demo* AGA415 NiKY
TAYLOR (2) AGA190 ASS ASIM MULTIVISION AGA pic viewing util AGA417 KYLIE MiNOUGE (3) AGAIS2 AUEN FRENZE 2 player blasting --power up AGA416 FEMALE BODY BurLOER (3) AGA194 BIG TIME SENSUAL (2disk) SPACE BALL 2 ASA419 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES 3 latest AGA200 MASQUERADE 2disk briliant puzzle games. AGA420 POKER & BLACK JACK DELUXE (3HMEG AGA202 RAM JAM 94 it cat be done (2dlsk) AGA421 COLOUR WB make your WB more colourful AGA203 EXPLIXIT 2 DEMO new effete welldone. AGA422 RIDGE RACER Demo on the Amiga.
I Ozucaro £ nv ta vr djumvio - full OQC I Thr tKil dilvtiJtr yei G938 ULTIMATE TOUR TENNIS - 2 di*kj) E c*lient tennis game G939 DARK ANGEL - (NOT WB1.3) Superb arcade adver.ture G940 RAISE THE TITANIC - Good 30 Adventure game G941 PHANTOM - Excellent shooting game* (Defender 96) G942 MACDONA-LAND - Brilliant game sinular to Zool (not A1200) G943 JOUST III - Brilliant C54 game with updated Amiga graphics G944 DELUXE GALAGA V2.6 -The very latest Galaga. Highly recommended G955 LAZER RACE - Good Tron type, extremely addictive to play G956 TRAIN-DRIVER SIMULATION - The most realistic bain sim.
G9S7 MASTER BLASTER - Kill various monsters with bombs G958 KNOCK-QLIT Mini derby destruction, very addictive G959 DUNGEON HERO - 30 Graphic adventure similar to Doom G960 MORTAL KUMQUAT 3 - Weird bul fun beai-em-up G961 CODE NAME NANO - Superb Thrust Clone (Nano Fly 2) G963 POKER MANIA - II you like poker then this is lor you G965 LEATHAL FORMULA - Adventure similar to Monkey Island E263 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR E2&4 WORD PUZZLE PRO - Create Crossword puzzle to solve puzzle E256 KID DISK 7 - Another very lino education program E257 A-Z COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD E2S8 UK COUNTIES Similar to above but
this is based entirely on ENGLAND.
WALES. SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND E259 BASIC ELECTRONICS V1.5 2 Disk) - For electronic Ians E261 MASSIVE GUIDE TO THE INTERNET V2.3 AGA429 PCWERDROlD - 96 New Asteroids with brilliant graphics AGA430 ULTIMATUM - The ultimate 30 Tank Battle U1010 WB2 INSTALLER ¦ Install A500 A600 workbench to HD U1011 TURBO-CAT PRO V1.2 not WB1.3) - Create catalogues U1012 TEXT-ENGINE V5 (not WBI.3} - The very latest wordprocessor with sped checker, Tms Is the lull version, highly recommended U1013 DIARY 2000 - Use I his just like a real diary U1014 TOTAL ECUPS - Disk magazine 1 U1015 NEW CHEAT DISK V2.1 (2
disks)-Includes some games. Fii U1016 ULTRA ACCOUNT - Another very good accounts program U1017 PRO LOTTERY 95 - The very latest A best lottery program U1018 PRO GREYHOUND - Uke Pro Gamble but for dogs U1Q19 AUTO STEREO GRAM V4 • Latest Magic eye generator U1021 ELECTRONIC ADDRESS BOOK U1022 PRO FOOTBALL 1.1 (2} Football predictor like Pro Gam We U1023 REMQATE - Reminder for important dales U1024 SHAPE SHIFTER V34 - The very latest Mac emulator U1025 MESSY SID 3 ¦ The latest PC »Amiga disk converter U1025 HD GAME INSTALLER 4 - Install loads more games to HD U1027 SOFT MEMORY - Double your
computer memory, This version does net require HD or mmu. Give 'hi* a try. Recommended U1028 MAGIC USER INTERFACE V3.1 - Update to version 2.3 U1029 ORIC 48K EMULATOR (not 13) At Iasi it works U1030 MSXII Emulator V2.1 - (WB3.0) MSX computer on U1031 900 AMIGA GAMES HINTS & CHEATS V4 (2 Disks) U1032 VIRUS CHECKER VB.2 (not WB1.3) - Latest_ An tuiumn f dtskliack with 1tJO s.ot dofiUlwMI A official Uf 07 Alinn. Nbuclion. Anirrvat nxitt'tutian. Lop 3«ci«t (jovornwr.l ccvorup many wilh pitlurrr to back up Hw clu)m». Pacturn tak*n d.i net from Ihi* pack highly lacamrrmntHL Coinp ilibli willt all
Amiga (A12CQ & A4UOO owngr pleat* state lor special AGA version).
Alien & UFO (9 ditik) only £18.99 Amiga & PC software&cabi?s supplied. Very Fas! Transfer up to 5?£lK)fcps Iwicefasierthan the lasted madsm (PC require window 35) wily £‘ 9.39 LINK AMIGA PC NEW TITLES disk cm ? Prnck j To order any pack below just write the pack name & if more than one pack available please state eg: i Cgfont pnck3 to order CG font pack no:3 ect LINK AMIGA OAMIGA software for bath machine special cable only (£15.00) feature very very fast transfer, share device between Amigas OljI nrricf 5*7 PLEASE ORDER A DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER
Purporting to run everything from Windows to Quake on your very own Amiga, does PC-Task 4.1 make the grade?
Sleepin Even an 060 can only manage just under five frames a second, quite painful to watch I to act I'.-ate iWftu EH! You can see what a large difference the Dynamic ver* sion of PC-Task has on the benchmark. In reality it normally runs around twice as fast THIS Ugfl SYSTEM HRS fl UP8RSCAP6 BENCHMARK of Ot is the eternal cross that every Amiga owner has to bear, PC software. You can't live with it, you can't live without it, but apart from going out and buying your own PC what are you supposed to do if you need access to the software? Well they do say you should keep your friends close and
your enemies closer, and what could be closer than to actually have a PC running on the same computer you are already using?
This little miracle is achieved through software called an emulator. Anyone who has used and Amiga for a whiie could not have missed the large number of emulators already doing the rounds. The most famous ones out there are Emplant and Shapeshifter both excellent Macintosh emulators and PC- Task is a close runner-up. Whereas the former have the advantage of the Mac using the same processor as the Amiga, PC-Task has no such luxury and has to translate all the Intel instructions used by PC programs.
Packaging with PC-Task is rather simple; just a manual with a number four stuck over original three and a single disk. The provided Amiga installer will simply copy ail the files over to your Amiga and shove it all in a new drawer.
The whole of PC-Task is deceptively simple to set up, select what screen modes you want, how much memory the PC should have and what hard drive partitions or hard disk files it has. Once that is done you can click start and away you go. This is where the real fun begins - you can now experience the joys of setting up a PC from scratch.
If you have an HD floppy drive, you will have no problem setting things up as just about all PC software now comes on HD floppies, It is possible to get DOS on DD disks, but you will normally have to send off for them.
Adding mouse and CD-ROM support is as straight forward as it is going to get on a PC.
Supplied drivers are provided with PC-Task and you are just left with the task of configuring the PC side's Config.sys file. This is helpfully explained in the manual, though a second file has to be obtained, via FTP.
This time around there are two versions of PC-Task for you to choose between. One is called interpretative and the other is dynam-
ic. The new dynamic version is the major addition for version
four and works in a completely new way. The old
interpretative emulator works as most traditional
emulators; as each instruction is run it is translated to
680x0 code, just as an interpreter translates each line they
get it.
Dynamic emulation goes about things in a very different way.
Instead of having to interpret each separate instruction (which means if a program gets in a loop the emulator could end up interpreting the same lines thousands of time over), the dynamic emulator takes a large chunk of the program and converts it to 680x0 code. This section of pre-compiled code is then used until program execution jumps to another section of the program, where another chunk of cade is compiled.
This means that section of code will run a lot faster. There is, of course, a price to pay.
Firstly this compilation process takes additional time and you do notice a large increase in the time it takes for programs to load. As PC-Task compiles the program code, the other is memory. The compiled code has to be stored separately and this requires memory, quite a lot of memory in fact.
The smallest memory cache possible is 512k, so if you add this on top of the basic PC memory requirements, the memory need to run PC-Task itself and you can say goad by to 2Mb. Add on the memory used by the Amiga side and you can see that an expanded Amiga is necessary to get the best out of this version of PC-Task, not only speed wise but so you can run software.
In use, the dynamic version has its pros and cons. The obvious bonus is the added speed and depending on what you use, you will get different results back. As it compiles programs in memory, running a simple benchmark will show what sort of speed increase you will get of programs that fit into the memory cache and, on average, you get over a five fold speed increase over the interpretative version. More realistically you can I I I cn in s I couldn't resist putting a little speed comparison in. I only ran two bench marks, but for both versions of the emulator. One is a straight forward
speed bench mark compared to a basic 8085 XT, while the other is a complex 3D bench mark showing the frames per second reached. You may be surprised by how close the dynamic A1200 030 and the A4000 benchmarks are, but this relies heavily on fast memory access that the A400 does not have, unless you have an accelerator fitted.
Machine Interpretative Dynamic XT EPS XT FPS 030 40Mhz
1. 2
0. 5
12. 1
1. 6 A4000 040
3. 0
0. 9
15. 5
1. 9 A1200 060
6. 6
2. 1
40. 5
4. 6 expect the dynamic version to run programs around twice as
The major down side is the time taken to initially load programs, even small programs have a delay of a second or two as they start up and when it comes to access new areas of a program you will also notice a slight delay as the new code is compiled.
However, once this is done everything flows along very nicely.
Memory speed also plays a role with the dynamic version as it has to be accessed frequently. This shows up in the dynamic benchmarks where an A4000 running 25Mhz 040 only just out performed a 40Mhz 030 based A1200 and I would imagine a 50Mhz system would probably match an A4000. This is down to the poor memory access that the A4O0O has been lumbered with. If however you have an accelerator with on board memory this is not a problem and the A4000's own memory bus is bypassed.
As far as PC emulators go, PC-Task does everything you want; 486 emulation with virtual memory paging supported in the dynamic version. The drawback is that even with an 040 060 you are going to have to stick with DOS based packages, basically you get back the performance of a decent
286. This is no bad thing, as there are still plenty of good DOS
packages out there including CAD and programming programs.
I could have installed Windows 3.1, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered sitting around waiting for it to load. .
Version 3.1 ¦ - T' VV-.' ¦ . ¦ © Hiftwon Corwtrtoii vt&xm AH RtsMt RcttlVtt RaaHHsKHBHBBK Bottom Requirements BLACK recommended RED essential CftOM JSS I Q St HD Drive (j£ Sfl QOW DO THEY DO THAT?
Workbench RTQ carc) 030 040 8 Mb Ibove" HD Unless you have had your head buried in the sand for the last few years you should know that your standard IBM compatible PC runs off the Intel range of processors that have a incompatible set o( instructions to that of the 680x0 processors used in the Amiga. So to be able to run PC software on your Amiga, you at least need a program that will translate the Intel instructions to those understood by the Amiga's processor. This is essentially what an emulator does, it allows the Motorola processor in your Amiga to run PC programs. So your Amiga can
emulate a PC. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is far from a simple task however, and requires a mighty load of processor power to pull it off.
If all that was required of the emulator was to interpret the Intel processor, that might be alright, but the story does not end there. The emulator has to fool programs into thinking that devices connected to your Amiga are actually PC devices, and that the memory on your machine really belongs to it. This is done through the PC's BIOS. This is a little piece of software that, on a PC, normally lives on a small ROM and is what actually allows the PC to get up and running and boot Windows or DOS. The Amiga has its own version of a BIOS called Kickstart, as it kick starts the machine iden
tifying what drives are attached to the machine and what sort of boards are plugged in.
Um UCT DETAILS Product PC-Task 4 Wizard Developments Supplier Price £69.99 Tel 01322 527800 Product E-Mails3les@wizard-d.demon.co.uk Ease of use 95% Implementation 89% Value For Money 85% Overall 90% Amiga Computing Thank the Lord for the Internet this month's selection of troubled souls come courtesy of the Information Super Highway I was wondering if it was easy and safe to have your Amiga 1200 put into a tower case. How does this work, who makes them, which one would you recommend to get? 1 can't stand having all sorts of things hanging onto and off my Amiga 1200.
Darkmon!§.i-d.com Qower Madness There are a number of different solutions available depending on what you want. If you want to go for the full solution of motherboard and everything in, there are a number of options. You could go for your own solution, buy you own tower, sort out the power supply and connections, but I would strongly advise you not to try this unless you know exactly what you are doing.
Tl If you do it yourself you will have problems fixing the mother board in place and also connecting up the power. A good tower will allow you to connect up two 3.5" IDE drive and power them off a PC power supply. A better system will come with an EIDE adapter so up to four IDE devices can be used. The extra power is also needed if you want to get one of the 40Mhz 040 cards that are around.
It is possible to convert a standard PC power supply so that you can run your Amiga of it and so power all these bits.
However, as with anything electrical that is mains powered, I would not recommend you try it. What 1 will say is that there are files on Aminet detailing how to perform ORKBENCH
3. 1 vs 3.0 the alterations, but you will have to find them
yourself. Anyone willing to try this should have enough brains
to find the files themselves.
Currently there are two ready made solutions - one by Microvitech and the other from Eagle Computers. Both are German companies so you may have trouble getting hold of their products unless there is an US distributor. I have looked at the Microvitech tower and it was very well made; all custom moulding so it fitted the Amiga perfectly. The mother board is attached to a cradle that then slides into the tower for easy removal and you get the big advantage of additional of Zorro II slots and a video slot. A version with Zorro III slots was on the cards, so you could get access to all the latest
‘big box' Amiga cards.
I have used Workbench 3.0 for a long time, but now I can boot my Amiga with a 3.1 ROM image, using a great program called BlizzMagtc (a program lor Blizzard boards). Anyway, now that I have the 3.1 ROMS I thought it would be nice to upgrade to 3.1. I am worried to do so however, as I have done a great deal of upgrading already, such as the New version of SetPatch, Various Libs, and other small aspects of Workbench. If I do upgrade some of the flies on my system may already be newer versions than on the 3.1 disks. My question is, will all the Workbench programs in my current system be replaced?
Or will the Installer check each version before installing?
Darkman@i-d.com Talk about paranoid. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about Workbench files being replaced with older versions as really the basic Workbench installation only has a small number of files, especially when compared to something like Windows.
You are correct in thinking the installer will just copy over the files without checking, it could do and it might, but as far as I can remember it simply spams over the Workbench files.
If you are so worried about upgrading, why not make a backup of the files and libraries you have upgraded, install Workbench 3.1 and then copy any files you find that are older than the ones you have? This would probably include 5etPatch, the library files and Datatype classes. I doubt that, even if newer libraries are overwritten, you ?VI TP MAIL I have just read the letter on page 43 in the February edition, about the problems of getting SMTP mail to work with MismiTCP. I use Miami on a Demon account, and was one of the first to setup Miami with Demon and helped a few people out with setting
theirs up. So many in fact, that I decided to write some instructions for it.
On my homepages software section is a file called Miami4Demon.lha, it includes all the instructions Id get SMTP incoming mail, NNTP news and outgoing maii news via Mailkick, all working using Miami.
It also includes an Arexx script to do this automatically on connection (registered version of Miami only, can be run manually if unregistered). It is freeware, seeing as its only a bunch of instructions and the Arexx script is only a couple of lines long.
Mark Boothroyd, boothy@weirdness.com Cheers for that, so anyone having problems receiving SMTP mail under Miami, or i f such like, here is an end to your problems. Point you browser to i t http: www.boothy.demon.co.uk -r. Software.html miami and download the Lha file there.
SMTP mail, Miami ooh must be in heaven Amiga Computing Qfew questions!
Jargon I have a few questions. Recently I bought an A1200 and I was wondering if is possible to run ail A500 games and demos on the new machine?
If I am going to buy a monitor, which one shall I buy? I don’t care so much for the games but I would like to have a sharp screen when using WB.
Finally, I am planning to buy a CD-ROM. I have heard that I will need another power supply lor the CD. Is that true? Thank you very much.
Petter Flemberg, flemberg@hem.passagen.se In a word, no. Generally compatibility between the A1200 and the A50D is poor, many games do not run and most demos will simply hang. You could blame the A1200 but the problems occur due to a number of things, Firstly the programmers have made vast assumptions about the Amiga’s display and when it comes to running on the AGA chipset, results in a corrupt display.
Other problems can crop up with regards to the operating system, some programmers assumed parts of the operating system will always be in the same part of memory or the ROM. Also the A1200 processor can give certain games and programs problems. As it has a cache, certain types of code can cause errors and the program to bomb.
There are certain things you can do to alleviate the problem, allowing you to run more programs than you would normally be able to. At the most basic level you can use the Amiga's early startup menu, accessed by holding down both mouse buttons when you turn on or reset your machine. From here you can turn off the CPU cache and also turn off the advanced parts of the AGA chipset. This does help running older programs but will not work for everything.
There are other programs available that help run even more A500 programs, one is called Degrader and has lots of options, another way is to get hold of a copy of the old 1.3 Kickstart ROMs - this can get certain programs running. However, as you go through these different ways the number of programs you are going to get working gets smaller and smaller.
Monitors on the Amiga always cause problems.
You have two real choices. Firstly you can get a multi-sync monitor that will allow you to use all the Amiga's display modes. This has to be one that can sync down to a ISKhz horizontal refresh rate, and your choice is really limited to one of the old Commodore 194x or the new Microvitech range, that are not brilliant but are good enough.
The other option is to go for a VGA monitor, unfortunately the AGA chipset can only reach the lower limits of the VGA display rate around 30Khz horizontally and you are limited to the Euro72 or Multisync monitor modes.
Just to have a moan, if games did use the operating system you could play them on a monitor as the screen would be promoted to a mode that could be displayed. Any new SVGA monitor will give you a good sharp display.
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, an old way of transferring files between Unix machine. Now used to transfer your e-mail to your ISP POP - Post Office Protocol, a protocol designed to allow single user hosts to read e-mail from a server. Lets you get your e- mail from your ISP, widely used as a replacement to SMTP Refresh - Used to explain how quickly the screen image is re-drawn VGA - Video Graphics Array, a display standard set by IBM. Originally limited to 640x480 in 16 colours at set display rates.
This has slowly been upgraded as hardware allowed RINTER PROBLEMS RMED Photogenics 1, Dpaint 5 and others but they don't have the features I need to produce decent Gif images. What would you suggest?
Thanks for 'listening' Daniel Warner, divarner@dialin.net It sounds to me as though you have a CD drive which came with CD32 emulation, so when you run Warms it finds the extra CD32 system libraries thinks it's being clever and assumes you will want to use a CD32 joy pad. Most games on the CD32 auto-detect if you are using the joy pad or mouse, but obviously Worms does not.
As you have already found out, removing the CD from your system allows Worms to run. The way you went about it was a little extreme, but it worked. The normal way of disabling the CD is to move the CDO DOS driver from the DOS driver drawer into the storage directory. Hopefully this will provide an easier way to disable your CD.
What features do you need to produce decent Gif images? Here at Amiga Computing we use Photoshop on the Mac to prepare all our Web images. This generally is a simple matter of scaling down pictures and grab to a suitable level for Web access, with the odd drop shadow thrown in by A while after I upgraded my A4000 desktop to Workbench 3,1,1 found that I could not print to my HP- 540 from any application when the modem (US Robotics Sportster 288 vi) was turned on. As soon as I turn it off, the printer comes to life. In as much as one's parallel and the other’s serial, what's the connection?
Gary Goldberg, Gary@ix.netcom.com That is a very good question, but unfortunately I I y have no idea. It could be an indication of a hardware problem, but the best advice I can give is do not use the printer and modem at the same time.
Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the correct manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP. Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk Amiga Computing PC task 4jO Advcnczd 486 PC Sof tourt £mutahr FREE SOCCER MOUSE WORTH £ ; «99 69 Omb 4mb 8mb 16mb 32mb RAM8 c39« f 69.99 i89« N A N A RAM8s33MHz FPU £ 59.99 £.89.99 £109** - 68030 33MHz£ FPU f89™ £119.9?
(179* £249,* 68030 40MHz £109*9 £139*9 £159** £199** £269** 68030 40MHZ&FPU Cii7.fi £159.9* ££ yM ££l VW livV.W 68030 50MHz [129k £159.9* (179?* 219 f289,« 68040 25MHz(mt. Ffui f 199*: £229.** ¦:249:= (289« £35999 68040 40MHz(mt. Fpu)
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MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The BEST just got BETTER1 After 12 months '
Stunning new features include:*
* Icon Action Mode ? Workbench Replacement Mode dramatically
enhanced + OpusFTP capability to access Internet FTP sms with a
usieb ? Borderless Button banks ? Fuejype-specific pop-up menus
? Cybebgraphics RTG supported ? Independent yy HotKeys ? Script
* Automatic Filetype Creator to create and test FiLfTYPES WITH
FIELDS, plus a 'version' field * Colour re-mapping of bur
ion icon images with support for 'Magic Workbench etc. ?
Selectively hide unwanted drive icons • Cupboard support for
cut, copy and paste in gadgets & Listers ? Resize, j ICONIFY.
ARE STOfifO SEPARATELY FROM Workbench • so you could snapshot
your CD-ROM icons! ? Listers can now display a BACKGROUND
Workbench Zt£i Hard Disk Required ( At last, the long awaited PC a Task 4.0 is now shipping (J featuring:- Advanced 486 software only emulation, Dynamic Compilation for faster emulation, up to 16mb accessible , UNDER MS-DOS. MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA & SVGA supported, up to 256 colours on AGA machines, CyberGraphics support, Multiple hard F DISK FILES AMD PARTITION SUPPORTED, CD-ROM and High Density drives supported, Run MS-DOS APPLICATIONS IN A WINDOWS ON YOUR WORKBENCH! RUN Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mode! Many times quicker THAN VERSION 3.1!
Requhes Kicksiaft 2.0 ai.c
TurboPrint 5 Pmfv ErJGiKxmiri ScJin&rt If you have a printer - you MUST get TurboPrint. !i radically enhances the printouts you normally get by replacing the Amiga Printer System with the Faster and Visibly Better TurboPrint System, Options include Poster Printing, Colour Correction. Dithering. Colour Balancing. On-Screen Preview ano Much More... Most printers are supported -call to check STOP PRESS - Version 5 now includes “Graphics Publisher' to LOAD MULTIPLE PICTURES. INDIVIDUAL COLOJR CORRECT, ROTATE, TWIST and mcbe. Enhanced TrueMaich COLOUR CORRECTION, NEW DRIVERS TOR HP, Cannon &
Citizen CALL ABOUT UPGRADES 49 .99 Dave Cusick's got a mate who eats cold beans from the tin, Sfl so there ®nce again, Public Sector has been rather peppered with PD offerings this month, so Perfect PeeDee Past must quietly wait in the wings while the creme de la creme de Mai take centre stage. Rest assured, it will be back next month, as Public Sector triumphantly returns to its once customary four page format. In all probability next month will also see the debut of the Public Sector Reader's Submissions section, with a lucky reader winning some miscellaneous gubbins from the Amiga
Computing cupboard. Until then, dear readers, please sup heartily from this month's helping of PD perfection.. ?
Urton Bird Tiles 2 Burton Bird has received something of a warm reception amongst the Amiga community. One magazine gave it their monthly Reader's Came Award, whilst another felt it warranted 95 per cent. It is certainly true that I have seen a lot worse during my tenure in the Public Sector cupboard (shoebox - ED) and, at £3.95 plus 50p P&P, it would have to be pretty terrible not to represent reasonable value for money, but in my book for a game to score 95 per cent it has to be only a whisker short of perfection. Burton Bird is good, but not that good.
The fundamental problem I have with wholeheartedly recommending this perfectly playable platformer is that the control mechanism, deliberately made fiddly in an attempt to incorporate aspects of Breakout into what might otherwise have been a distinctly average runny-jumpy outing, rather succeeds in shooting itself in the foot. Burton's task is to coiled all the fruit scattered around each of 87 levels within an extremely strict time limit.
Some of the fruit is, however, tricky to reach and when Burton plummets for the fifth time through a one-way door whilst attempting to leap towards a pesky bunch of berries, an otherwise appealing platformer can come dangerously close to turning rational human beings into bawling lunatics.
Programmed by: Luca Ciccotelli Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: C452 There are certain frequently recurring themes in the world of PD games. Arcade clones, age-old classics like ' o 1 tl Minerunner and puzzle games like Tetris and Solitaire have been remade countless times. Over the years there have also been plenty of versions of Shanghai, a well known oriental game. The latest, Hit Tiles 2, is among the better ones.
There are 15 levels, each consisting of a screen containing 120 tiles stacked in piles of up to four. The tiles feature designs, with four tiles bearing each design. The objective is to remove all the tiles, but they can only be removed in pairs and a tile can only be removed if there is a blank space on either the left or the right side. There is a time limit, which can be toggled on or off depending on how challenging you would like each level to be.
Hit Tiles looks attractive, boasts better music than the majority of puzzlers, and even comes with a special program called lff2Tile which allows you to design screenfuls of tile designs using up to 32 colours, which can then be imported into the game. It is a challenging, cerebral game thoroughly worthy of investigation.
START urup nu tihe ort anuui HIGH SCORES there are plenty of options to play around with Not being a fan of frustrating games at the best of times, within five minutes of loading Burton Bird I had travelled beyond the oh-so- impressed stage and was rapidly approaching the smashing-my-joypad stage. Eager to avoid damaging expensive computer hardware I toddled off for a cuppa and a biscuit and returned refreshed, only to find that within 10 minutes I was wailing expletives and seriously considering throwing heavy objects at my poor Amiga. In terms of the frustration it can produce, Burton Bird
must rank alongside trying to thread cotton through a needle and watching Andy Cole play at Old Trafford.
It does have attractive graphics and passable sound effects (although the music is nothing short of dire), and with so much platform “fun" to offer then Burton Bird will no doubt make happy bunnies out of a fair few action- starved gamers.
However, unless you have the patience of a saint, I would strongly advise padding the walls and removing any non-fluffy objects from the immediate vicinity before putting Burton Bird anywhere near your drive.
Q]ark Citadel Programmed by: Rob Massey Available from: Fl Licenceware Disk No: Fl-151 Heavily influenced, if not directly inspired, by Valhalla-style role playing games, Dark Citadel is one of the best licenceware games to appear In a long time.
As with so many role playing masterpieces, Dark Citadel is set in a distant and magical past, While in this day and age a chap might win the affections of a lass by wining and dining her or taking her to the pictures, in fantastical days of yore courting would be a rather more demanding process.
Typically a bloke might have to release the object of his desires from a spell cast by an evil wizard with an unpronounceable name, thereby winning her eternal gratitude and often (if her father was suitably impressed too) her hand in marriage.
Thus the player here assumes the role of the dashing but presumably desperate knight Marlon, who must enter the titular Citadel to procure an elixir with which he can free the delectable young maiden Ysadora from the malevolent Gnaxar's spell. Formulaic it might be, but this suitably exciting storyline is a passable enough excuse for some top-drawer adventure gaming.
Dark Citadel is immaculately presented and features some nicely drawn graphics.
Without a doubt though, the single most impressive aspect of the game from a technical standpoint is the wonderful sampled speech, utilised beautifully as a means of having the on-screen hero give the player feedback. Through the intuitive joystick-driven interface there are plenty of puzzles to be solved, some of which are fiendish but none of which are unfair or hopelessly obscure.
Engrossing, challenging and professionally presented, Dark Citadel is absolutely unmissable. It costs £6.99 plus P&P but offers a great deal more entertainment than many commercial offerings. A megabyte of chip memory is essential and a hard drive is definitely recommended.
Acic User Interface v3.7 Hhe Black Church Programmed by: Stefan Stuntz Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk Nos: UT15B A B When, in issue 108, Public Sector looked at V3.6 of what has become the single most essential Shareware program in the history of the Amiga, I described MUI as "a force which has helped galvanise the Amiga community in the face of fierce competition from first consoles and now PC contemptibles."
The only reservations I expressed in an otherwise worshipful review were with regard to stability, an aspect jn which MUI, in my personal experience at least, had deteriorated since the long-reigning v3.3. Fortunately, v3.7 seems to have successfully addressed numerous bugs in the Magic User Interface libraries. Not only have various problems with 68060 processors been rectified, but a whole string of technical problems have been dealt with to ensure that programmers in particular, and users to only a marginally lesser extent, will want to update their MUI installation as soon as pos
Magic User Interface is of course Shareware, and if in your entire lifetime you only ever register a single program that program ought to be Magic User Interface. If the slick registration program (which has been visibly enhanced over the last few MUI releases) does not succeed in convincing you to register, consider that the £15 UK registration fee is a nominal amount to be sending to an individual whose efforts have gone a considerable way towards keeping the Amiga alive this long.
Produced by: Ben Wright Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk Nos: SM818 A B I have ranted at length in these pages before now about dark guitar music. With two good friends having recently rediscovered their Black Sabbath record collections, I have been subjected to a higher dosage of dark guitar music than I would normally consider to be safe. Fortunately no III effects have yet resulted - I've not rushed out and murdered any close relatives or taken any evil drugs (other than those I would have taken anyway). I’m still not keen on the vast majority of metal- esque Rawk (says he in his
best Tommy Vance voice).
The Black Church contains eight atmospheric Med modules, all composed using similar guitar samples and none of which really offers anything out of the ordinary. As such they will appeal to fans of the genre, but won't do anything for anyone else at all - although give me any of these over the tedious Eternal tat that's playing on the radio as I write... The Black Church: More to listen to than there is to see Amiga Computing iWSSxw HARE i Asteroids was always one of my favourite arcade machines. In recent years, arcades have become full of fancy, expensive, graphically superb games without
any genuine addictive qualities, but in days of old, machines such as Asteroids changed lives. Many young innocents who, until entering an arcade one evening, might never have looked at a monitor again, were drawn in by mesmerising video games such as Atari's Asteroids.
Featuring charming simple monochromatic graphics coupled with some of the most fiendishly captivating gameplay ever conceived. Asteroids was one of the all- time classics. Consequently numerous programmers have attempted to bring the same magic to home computer users - on the Amiga, perhaps most noticeably in the visually stunning Super Stardust, which only failed to grab the imagination of the masses thanks to its dis- couragingly high difficulty level.
Wbsteroids offers the possibility of playing a perfect Ships:5 ? Score; 135 Levs!: 2 O- Wbsteroids is a cracking conversion of the com-op.„ Programmed by: Heiko Muller Available from: Aminet Bsteroids ...and the keys are even configurable Asteroids clone on your Workbench screen. The vector graphics are as smooth as silk even on a standard A1200, the sampled sound effects are superb and there is even a charming Deutschlander periodically chirping "Asterweeds".
Your craft is controlled using the cursor keys, with down engaging your Hyperspace drive, and you can fire bullets by hitting the space bar. If the standard keys do not suit, it is possible to redefine them by pressing Help, If you are competent enough you might manage to earn yourself s place on the obligatory high-score table.
The Wbsteroids window is scalable, so you can shrink or enlarge the screen to suit your personal preferences.
Unfortunately, once the game is running it is not really possible to start flicking between screens because Wbsteroids will seize control of things to the extent that other screens will freeze until you press Escape to kill Wbsteroids off. However, this is the only criticism that can really be levelled at what is, in all other respects, a superb version of a truly great game, hen Seltvift wtefliei! f?r “Standard Sr.i3J FT-Scfivirt (cfprigftt Holt".
Sit ist ttflCHKE uie Cefiiirrt in Ibiatz 4d.
Ftr nehr lefvrn«tioncr (its bitt* ¦M-Wffldr tHrsiw t *l*r Itfw) KEY DEFINITIONS FfBMSt......(3?
Tv* left.,,.(Ltff ItririsM.,.(?I3HT ) Fir* ..sm i OU LL Never Walk Alone 5th Dimension Licenceware I Lower Mill Close Coldthorpe Rotherham South Yorkshire S63 9BY Tel: 01709 888127 E-mail: Phil@wareSd.demon.co.uk Fl Licenceware 31 Wellington Road Exeter Devon EX2 9DU Tel: 01392 493580 E-mail: steve@ftlw.demon.co.uk Classic Amiga Software II Deansgate Radcliffe Manchester M26 9YJ Tel: 0161 723 1638 Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 6JE Tel: 0181 455 1626 Jose M Munoz Bou Aviador Franco 6 12540 Villarreal Castellan Spain Qci 5 Produced by: Jose M Munoz
Available from: Jose M Munoz It's been a while since I have covered a diskmag in these pages - principally because the vast majority of them are either aimed at enthusiasts (especially of the Amos and Blitz BASIC languages) or are simply too unexceptional to warrant coverage. However since CC! (which stands for Custom Chip International) was new to Public Sector and the standard of presentation and broadness of coverage was refreshing, I thought it high time to rectify the situation.
Although CCI has plenty of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, these are forgivable considering the diskmag is put together in Spain - the producer's English is infinitely superior to my Spanish. Like so many other diskmags, CCI is written in Amos, and the result is an easily navigable menu system leading to an array of tidily arranged articles embracing a wide range of subjects - articles in this issue covering everything from hardware and software reviews to information on constructing your own audio and video digitisers, There are also a couple of minor competitions and a small
gallery section.
Whilst diskmags cannot really hope to compete with mainstream publications (or indeed the Internet) as sources of up-to-date Amiga information, they do still play an important role.
They allow enthusiasts to communicate with one another, thanks to their open submissions policy and the ease with which they can be disseminated throughout the Amiga community.
They also tend to offer more stories of personal experiences, which can prove both interesting and informative to other users. CCI fulfils all of these functions fairly admirably and is available for £1 from the address below.
Ho Hum Each month Public Sector tries to bring you the very best of the latest PD and shareware releases. Consequently I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review.
Whether it will be freely distributable Public Domain, Shareware or Licenceware, if you feel it is of sufficient quality to merit coverage then cram it onto a J.5", slap it into a jiffy bag with a cover letter and wang it with all haste in my general direction. Some days later when said jiffy tumbles gently through my letterbox. I'll tear open the envelope, shove it in my drive and don my evaluating cap, with the creme de la submissions earning reviews in these pages.
If you've written the software yourself, you could even win yourself a prize if it earns a review. Reader Submissions of this kind should, surprisingly enough, be dearly labelled "Reader Submission", and they should be sent to the usual Public Sector address. So don't delay - get those submissions in the post before Neil changes his mind about those prizes... Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing, Media House, Adiington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Amiga Computing Want to get connected?
Voyager Supports FRAMES!
DANGEROUS 1457 TI-FGHTER 022 THE GODS _ 026 R050C0P V2 _ 1703
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_ 074 FI EDITOR 96 7 SIMULATORS _ 332 5EAL4NCE-SU6 _J 333
CRS-ANGLER ? 1373 ICE HOCKEY N 1317 A12 GON FISH'N _ 1465 A12
SOLUTIONS V3 _ 1651 50LVES6DI5K OVER 18 GAMES . 1307
_ 1595 NEW MINES _ 1569 BUG MINES 1572 UNDER MINES _ 1573 GOLD
G S T. „ 1711 A12 INGENIOUS 1571 BREED 1996 _ 1753 A1200 GLOOM
817 BLOOD BALL _ 1429 ULTI MANAGER _ 1699 PREMIER PiCS _ 1763
FORTUNE _ 1597 QUIZ 5S5 _ 1633 HOLLYWOOD TrlV _ 1670 A12 DEATH
.... 1357 2 MEG DACO VI 1759 GUITAR BLUES 1757 HEAVY METAL 1800
3 DISK 619DRUM5 2DISK 1666 URBAN 6 DISK 1588 DANCE S DISK 1258
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HTML 3.2 specifications - tables and full frames (scrolling and floating as shown) now supported!
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Enhanced Features - POP-UP menus, MIME GUI, extra security, FULL FTP module and much more!
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We have spoken at length to so many of our customers &§ iiilliillBBHBBI about getting onto the Internet - we know exactly what B ??3BW£,:?753B| you need and what you want. You want software you can I ¦ Z1-1 - use - not shareware but commercial software, you want« . ~ - the hassle taken out of the installation and you want a Ej suite of the very best Amiga Internet software. Indeed, to H make NetConnect the very best we organised program- fl mers to enhance their software - so you get previously c non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCPH . : .: client worth over £35 in itself!
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Buy Your Vaporware Products Direct From Active!
NETCONNECT AND VAPORWARE PRICES NetConnect CD Version or 3.5” Floppy Disks £ 59.95
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Postcode: Make cheques PO. S payable to Active Software and send to the address listed opposite. We can accept credit or debit card orders For any additional informa tlon call us ASAP!
©espite all the trouble that arrays and pointers seem to cause the C newcomer, both are conceptually simple. An array is a collection of objects of the same type arranged in such a way that we can access any one of them by specifying it’s position. A pointer is even more straightforward - it’s just the address of an object.
When you declare a variable such as int result, the compiler will arrange to set aside some memory for storing the value of the variable as and when you provide one. To declare an array of 10 such items the compiler will need to set aside 10 times as much space, so it has to be told how large the array is going to be. It's done like this: Int resuttlh)]; C always regards the first array item as having a subscript of zero, so for an array of 10 objects you'd use subscripts from zero to nine.
You can, incidentally, initialise arrays by following their declarations with values separated by commas and in this case it's not necessary to include the array size because the compiler works it out for you, Declarations can therefore be written in this style int days in aonthD = (31,28,3T,JO,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31); With C it's also possible to declare multidimensional arrays. Each subscript has to be placed in separate square brackets and so if you wished to declare an array representing the eight rows and eight columns of a chess board you might use ini ctiess_bosrd[8][83; C,
unlike languages such as Basic, does not have a built-in string data type. As we saw last week, however, it does recognise sequences of characters ending in NULL as strings and so the declaration char error[45], could therefore ? I F1 1: may Funeti Usage.
Sorry Sorry Funct i Usage.
Sorry Sorry Funct i Usage.
Sorry Sorry 1 : t est1 on Conplete .. resetdates directory
- directory not found
- not enough nenory to continue on Conplete .. resetdates
- directory not found
- not enough nenory to continue on Conplete .. resetdates
- directory not found
- not enough nenory to continue M nay_t est1 One of this month’s
example programs displaying a series of text items stored as an
array char errorE4]U5l = | "function Complete n", "Usage...
resetdates n", "Sorry directory not found n", "Sorry not
enough lesory to continued", char *error_p[4] = "Function
CoipteteW, "Usage... resetdates nH, "Sorry directory not found
In", ’Sorry not enough seiiory to continued", ! ; Listing 1: A
two-dimensional string declaration Listing 2: A more memory
efficient string declaration More C help as Paul Overaa puts
arrays and pointers under the spotlight be used to reserve
space for an error message of up to 44 characters - and it's
the programmers responsibility to ensure that the bounds of
such an array are not exceeded during use.
UTORIAL When a character array like this is used, C associates its name with a pointer which contains the starting address of the string. It's because of this that, rather than explicitly specifying the starting address, we can write statements such as: printf(error); The standard library contains a number of routines, including printf(), which operate on strings in this way. Because aspiring C coders can also easily make use of string-oriented pointer array declarations however, it's also useful to learn a little about pointer operations early on.
Pointers C's pointer facilities are based on the use of two operators, & and *. The first, so called address-of operator, does exactly that - it allows you to find the address of a variable.
The * operator goes the other way, given the address of a variable it allows you to discover it's contents.
In the following discussions, incidentally, you'll see that I use a _p suffix on pointer variables names. This is not a C requirement but it is a useful convention to adopt - most of the problems with C's pointers result from programmers inadvertently confusing the EG I ESI addresses of variables with their values (despite the fact that ANSI C compilers can catch most slips of this nature there are the odd occasions when they can't), So, how do we use these pointer operators? Here's one example involving some error text strings. Because of the way C handles these items you might expect
that, to form an array containing a series of strings, a two-dimensional declaration similar to that shown in listing I would be needed.
This approach certainly works - but in practice there are snags. In the above example error[0][0] then would represent the start character of the first string (Function Complete), errorfl][0] the start character of the second string (Usage...) and so on. To print the first string using printf() we could therefore identify the start of the string using the & operator and write a statement like this printft SerrorC03C03); Luckily C allows a shortcut form which allows the above statement to be written printf(errorCf)]); But the real problem with the two-dimensional approach is that the space
allocated for each string needs to be that of the longest string in the set (in this case 44+1 =45 characters). A more memory efficient alternative however is to declare the text strings using the pointer array shown in listing 2. This then ensures that strings of different lengths will be stored without wasting memory and tells the compiler that we are declaring a one-drmen- sional array of pointers to char type objects.
To print that first entry we’d use a similar statement to that used before printf [(rror_p[W); but the compiler however would have allocated just the 19 characters required for this string entry (rather than the 45 set aside by the earlier declaration).
You'll find a couple of example programs on disk along with a few additional notes.
Next month (which brings us to the end of this introduction) I'll be explaining how the text strings that we've been discussing can be displayed using the Amiga's Intuition library.
Nothing too fancy of course but it will give you a glimpse of how Amiga windows are created and used.
Amiga Computing Ohe assembler and C routines discussed last month certainly work but are, in essence, the beginning of the story, not the end. Tiling large areas using small images is all it takes to show that these obvious loop methods aren't really efficient enough. There are however, a variety of alternative methods around and most coders, at some time or other, find or devise particular variants best suited to their own needs. To be honest, my interest in this area wasn't fuelled by any practical need - 1 just started playing around with a few ideas one day and suddenly realised that
tiling was quite an interesting problem to look at from a mathematical viewpoint.
The main execution time cost of the simple loop routines is related to the image drawing function calls and, because functions like DrawlmageO use the blitter for their drawing operations, the bulk of the execution time penalty is in setting up the required blitter calls rather than the 'blit' operations themselves. In short the areas of graphics being drawn are far less important than the number of function calls made and, if improvements were to be made, the secret would fie in reducing the number of times any drawing copying functions were used, So how do we go about making such changes?
The genera! Ideas behind the approach I adopted are straightforward - once at least two copies of the original tile have been drawn we just start to copy successively larger parts of the currently tiled area into portions of the screen that have yet to be tiled.
Benefits The arithmetic alone tells you that benefits are to be had: The simple loop approach to the drawing of an M rows x N columns grid requires M x N drawing function calls. One improvement then would be to draw a row of M tiles and then use the blitter to copy that row N times down the screen. That would require M initial tile drawing operations followed by N copy operations. M+N is of course much less than MxN (e.g. for a 100 row x 200 column grid the original approach would need 20,000 function calls whereas the new approach would need only 100+200=300).
Further improvements can also be made by thinking about how a row of tiles is drawn. A row of 100 tiles, for example, needs 100 draw operations. Supposing however, we created a two tile block (which would require two drawing operations) and then copied that block 50 times (another 50 copy based draw operations), That would allow us to draw 100 tiles using only 52 draw copy operations. If we created a four tile block (which would need four drawing operations) then only 25 copy operations would be needed making the total number of function calls 29!
Aa dishes more dirt on those tiling effects with this month's instalment, especially for the experts NEAKY OR WHAT?
Once the tiled area starts to grow in size blitter operations can use successively larger parts of the currently tiled in their copy operations So, there are plenty of possibilities for reducing the amount of copying work involved by creating intermediate blocks of images and copying them rather than the original tile image. I'm not going to go into the mathematics, but f was able to show that the lowest number of functions calls are needed when the block size is the nearest integer to the square root of the number of tiles in the row. And further improvements were also possible because the
number of row copy operations that need to be performed can be reduced using the same ideas as those used to reduce the work of generating a row of tiles in the first place.
In writing the routine to test these ideas 1 added another crafty twist, best explained with an example: Imagine you are drawing a grid of 100 rows by 200 columns, The first job is to draw a row of 200 tiles and it turns out that this is best done using by creating a block of 14 tiles, copying this block 14 times and then adding the four extra single tile copies needed to complete the row. But a block of 14 tiles can be drawn with less than 14 operations - the square root of 14 is 3.74 and so we really ought to be drawing this first block by initially creating a block of three tiles, copying
this block four times, and then copying the two residual tiles needed.
When larger numbers of tiles are involved this nesting goes further and it soon became obvious that the way to get the ultimate minimum as far as the number of function calls is concerned would be to devise a routine that recursively calls itself to generate its tile blocks as efficiently as possible. What this means is that, in the case of the example mentioned earlier, only 39 draw copy operations are needed in order to create a tile arrangement of 200 x 100, ie 20,000 tiles, In this case our recursive routine is only doing about 0.2 per cent of the drawing copying function setting up work
that those simple loop routines were doing. In other words it is about 500 times more efficient!
Amiga Computing ...But when last month's loop code is used with a small image you really do begin to see the benefits which the recursive approach to tiling can offer.
EEING IS BELIEVING 1 WALK THROUGH THE CODE The DrawTilesO routine that you'll find used in this month's main example is a high-level entry point that makes calls to support functions called DrawRow() and CopyRowsO and it is these latter pieces of code that perform the drawing and copying operations. DrawRow() first works out the optimum number of blocks needed and the number of residual tiles that will need to be drawn to complete the row like this... for (i=1;i block count;i+t) ( ClfpBtittrastpor t_p,Left_offset+teft-bloc k_vi dth,t op_o f fset, ra 51 por t_p,left_offset+left,top_offset,
blockjiifth,height,0*CO); tef t+=block_Hiilth; n++; ) for (i=0;i resirfual tiIes;i++T ( ClfpBLitfrastpor t_p, 1st t_of fset-eleft-v i d t h, t op_of f se t, rastport_p,teit_offset*feft,top_offset, width,height,Ox CO); lef t+=width; net; btock_si je= WORD5ftoort5qrtt(double)r:oL u«ns))j b Loc k_cuunt=cotunns b to c k_s12 e; resi dua L_tfles=colu»ns- b Loc k_s l z e’ btock_coun t; And then, if the value of the blocksize is one, it simply draws a tile, if however the blocksize is greater than unity DrawTilesO recursively calls itself again recomputing a new block size and so on.
The 'guts' of this area of the code therefore takes this sort of form... i f(b Loe k_s iie 1) leftsbravRovt, else !
Drewloage (...); leit*=ni fth; t* set Left position of next tile to be ) drawn *1 Once a complete block of tiles has been drawn the remaining blocks can be copied to produce the required row of tiles and, in the example code (see listing
2) , the graphics library ClipBlitQ function has been used for
the copy operations.
DrawRowQ concerns itself only with determining the best way of producing a row of tiles but, once this row is complete, CopyRowsO then works downwards in an identical way although this time it is copying optimum sized blocks of rows down the screen.
The method outlined this month is considerably more involved than the simple loop code provided in the previous issue and it's fair to ask whether the added complexity involved is worth it. If you are only ever going to use relatively large tiles (perhaps 10-20 pixels wide or greater) and moderate size window areas - then void BravTiUststrstt Isage * 1 a a g s_p, strutt RastPort *rastport_p,M0B0 rgws,tlORD tolunns, SOSO Left offset, fORO top offset) KOSO roujildth; roa_aidth=DraxRou(inage_p;rastport_p,cotu«ns,L eft_of f set, tiapjrff set, TRUE) ; topySowsf i mage_p,r ast po r
t_p,rows,row_ui d t h,L ef t offset,top oTfset,TRUE); )" Listing 1: The highest level of DrawTilesf) looks deceptively simple but in reality this is the start of two dimensional recursion.
) retorndeft); Listing 2: The graphics ) ClipBlitfJ function is used to copy the various tite sections.
Qhe coverdisk code You'll find both source and runable version of a test program on the coverdisk. It allows you to select one of a number of images and then uses that image to tile the program's window. As with any Intuition program, there is quite a lot of code involved but this is only because all the usual screen and window allocation deallocation, menu and other event handling code needs to be present DrawTilesO and its support routines however can all be found in the source file called amiga.c so you only really need look at the other files if you're interested in the more gen
eral aspects of the code.
I've included all the example images on disk as iff files so you can view them in their original form.
Image5 is the one to concentrate on because this is the image that has only four pixels in it and, by way chances are that simple loop approaches will usually prove adequate. If however, your tiling needs are more demanding then the recursion based approach may well be worth looking at and this latter method will of course become increasingly more attractive as tile sizes get smaller and window areas get larger.
Of comparison, you'll also find a modified version of last month's C example (now called loop_code) which also uses Image5. This provides a dear example of how slow the conventional loop-based tiling arrangements are when put under pressure.
While i think you'll be impressed with the speed of this month's routine, there are however still a number of refinements that could be made. The square root calculation for example, which is used to determine the block size, could be better performed using a table lookup method rather than the sqrf() function. To some extent though any such changes would just be icing on the cake - they would not make the sort of massive speed improvements that occurred when that first move to the recursive approach was taken.
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....46 Menu sir? Phil South explains how to amMJw use
Intuition style menus with Amos Hj|l Problems, problems,
problems. Paul icX Overaa tells you how to sort them out
Photogenics has lots of little extras, Neil Mohr points a few
of them out Part three of Paul Overaa's on going dAte stamp
tutorial Phil South talks about the creation of menu structures
in AMOS W Me 'n You These days you con just plug in an
Intuition library and code your own utility programs right
there on the Workbench. But you may not really be aware of how
to create menus in regular AMOS, without all the fancy
Intuition hooks. You may find, especially if you're not of o
technical bent, that this is a better way to do it. Getting a
screen together is easy enough with the Screen Open command,
but what do you have to do to make the screen and its windows
act like a normal Amiga program? I've been doing a lot of this
sort of thing lately, so try this listing for size: Screen Open
0,640,256,16,Hires It's nice and simple to star! With. Just a
medium res screen to give you that utility look. Now we can
start to define our menus: HemjS(1)=* Project " NenuSC 1,1
)=f'Load " HenuS(1,2)=’Load As... " RenuSd ,3)="Save "
HenuS(1,4)="Saire As... " That's the Project menu done and as
you car see, it s a very simple procedure to name the menus,
with (I] being the menu title, and (1,1) being a sub menu and
so on. We do the same for the next menu, but with a subtle
twist: Henu$ l2)=" Warp Drive " HenuS(2,1)="Engage!
MenuSC2r1)="Are you certain, Captain? ” HenuS(2,1,t,1)=”Yes, Hr Data - GO!!"
HenuS(2 1,1,2)="No, sorry - 31 = Abort” HenuS(2,2}="Transporters Henu$ (2,3)="ID scan Henu$ (2,4M"Alter ID You can go on adding sub menus like 2,1,1,1,1,1 to infinity, (or to the edge of the visible screen area) but bear in mind anything other than one or two sub menus really gets on the user's nerves in o very short time. Limit yourself to two as a maximum.
Finally we turn the menus on and kick the program off: Menu On and at this point the menus are active. You can of course turn them off later if you don't want anyone using the menus at a certain point in the program. Finally, for the benefit of our listing, a few cosmetic and diagnostic details: Curs Off : Cls 0 Do Print "Henu- ";Choice(1);" Selection2 '';Choice(2) Loop You can now run the program. Notice how the menu and selection numbers change when you select a different menu item. This is how you know what the user has selected, and it's simply that.
Find out what choice 1 and 2 are and you know what menu item was under the pointer when the user let go of the right mouse button, or RMB.
But to really make menus fly, especially if you have a few running, you should use the AMOS auto menuing system with ON MENU ON. This takes a little bit of practise, but it's really very simple. The revised program is similar: Screen Open 0,640,256,16,Hires Cls 0 : Curs Off KenuSC1)=" Project " Henu$ (1,1)-"Load Henu$ 1,2}="Load As... " Henu$ (1,3l=*5ave " HenuSC1,4)="Save As... " MenuS(2)=" CyberSpace " HenuS(2,1)="Engage! " Henu$ (2,1,1)=,,Are you sure? " HenuSC2r1,1,1)=MYes - GO!!"
HenuS(2,1,1,2)="No - Abort" MenuSC2r2)=‘‘Morph " HenuS(2,3)=“ID scan " HenuS(2,4)="Alter 10" But at this point it diverts into new territory: On Henu Proc PROJECT,CYBER On Henu On Henu On Wait Key This turns on the auto menuing system and waits for you to either make a selection from the menus or press a key on the keyboard. The PROCs you mentioned in the ON MENU ON statement are then defined somewhere else in the program, like right now for example: Procedure PROJECT Cls Y=Choi ce(2) Locate 0,22 : Print “Henu: Project" Locate 0,23 If Y=1 Then Print "Load what?"
If Y=2 Then Print "Load as uhat?"
If Y=3 Then Print "Save what?"
If Y=4 Then Print "Save as uhat?"
OH End Proc Procedure CYBER Cls Y=Choice(2) Locate 0,22 ; Print “Henu: Cyberspace" Locate 0,23 If Y=1 Then Print "Yes Or No? Which is it?"
If Y-2 Then Print “Horph yourself If Y=3 Then Print "Okay you're scanned" If Y=4 Then Print "You can't change ID" OH End Proc End Procedure OH On Henu On End Proc And there you are; the responses are put into PROCs making the whole thing a lot simpler. You only have to look for one variable CHOICE[2) as the first one, the menu itself is chosen for you automatically and you're sent directly to the PROC that deals with that menu. Once you have subroutines accepting input from menus, you've got yourself the basis for a good menu driven utility program. Now all you hove to do is invent the
utility. That's the easy port... Write stuff If you have any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SKIO 4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the pro* gram works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print (i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code) and if possible, no external graphics. That is, any graphics which have to be loaded, tf you want to send the graphics too, provide them on
the disk in IFF format, the same goes for sound files.
Lei's face, it’s happened to the best of us.
You set up your Midi gear, mentally wave ihcl magic Mid; wand, press the start but- ¦Hi ton on your sequencer cr computer and ... nothing! Well, either nothir-g happens at all or you hear ’sounds from hell’ that te l you something is going badly wrong.
To be honest if that's your worst nightmare, you ain't lived. In my early Midi days I get the band's gear set up one night, popped out to gel the A2000 being used for the sequencing and, on the way to the stage, tripped. Now this particular Amiga had o built in Midi intedace which included a switch that swapped the serial output front the Midi connectors to the conventional D connector. And guess what had broken off as I tripped - yes, that damned switch. And it was in the D connector oosilicn.
Paul Overaa takes a look at a piece of software for tackling Midi snags So there 1 was stuck. 30 minutes before a gig, with a band that was totally and utterly dependent on Midi, no -pare external Midi interface and a Midi system that was about as useful os an ice cube to an Eskimo. Luckily, 1 was able to ger 'he A2000's cose off, by-pass the Midi interface switch and we got through the night with no further hitches. Those 30 minutes before the start of the gig however were p'obobly the worst in my entire Midi life, but they sure taught me a vaiuable lesson - hope for the best but For plan
for the worst!
I've been working with Midi now for more years than I care to remember (since the Midi siondara was first created in fact] But, whilst Mid: problems do undoubtedly crop up from lime to time, I can truthfully say that Mien (self is not prone to being unreliable as such, in most instances when things go wrong, it's usually something very simple - wrong connections, faulty leads ar perhaps a Midi unit or sequencer incorrectly set up. It is very rare for Midi equipment itself to go down.
Any odd snags that can occur no longer worry me, but if you are a newcomer rhe situation will be different. Any problem will be worrying, but before you ponic however it's worth getting into the habit of making a few simple checks. Even though most pieces of equipment have the:r own quirks, fault finding will usually fallow the same basic pattern.
First, check the ead’s connections are OK, ie the right way round: Sequencer's Midi Out to the first unit's Midi In and then Midi Thrus to the Midi Ins of any successive units (assuming you are Michael Dosa’s Midi Analyser tool makes use of the famous Bill Barton’s Midi library. You’ll find both on this month's coverdisk daisy chaining Midi unit connections).
Sequencer's Midi Out to your thru box Midi In and then a Midi Out to the Midi In of each unit if using a star network arrangement.
If this check aoesn't show up any obvious fault the next step is to find some evidence that Midi data is acually pumping through the system.
Some sort of visual indication is needed here and many professionals use units such as Studiomaster MA36 Midi Analyser for this. To methodically check connections, leads and channel mode assignments will, on the average Midi system, take only a few minules.
I Things The Amiga Way On the AMIGA there is in fact a utility that is equally useful as a diagnostic tool. It's called the Midi Analyser (clever choice of name eh?) And was written by Michael Dos a. Basically you just plug Midi gear into your Amiga's Midi interface and any messages that are transmitted will sfiow up as little squares on the program's display.
This sort of feedback means that, in many Cases, you'll be able to check settings and correct any faults almost immediately.
Problems can, of course, often be caused by you thinking that particular items of Midi gear have particular settings in place when, in reality, they haven't because settings ¦HI HMMHHHMHHH have been changed. Depending on what you've been doing you might have reassigned and memorised different controller settings or changed the program,s mapping characteristics, it shouldn't happen, I know, but the fact remains that occasionally, due to the Almighty too Bird, it does. Quite simply, the Midi Analyser lets you check those settings easily and quickly.
Suppose, for example, you are manually switching to different synfh voices on your Midi keyboard as you record a sequence, but on playback your synfh doesn't change voices. You check your sequence data and find that program change commands aren't mm mmm being stored. Sut is this due to the fact that the synth is not generating them in the first place, or is your sequencer filtering them out for same reason?
With the Midi Analyser it’s dead easy to find out. Just load up the software and manually change the synth's voice - you'll instantly sec whether or not a program change message gets transmitted because the appropriate program change box will appear on the screen. Either way, the Midi Analyser can instantly point you in the right fault-finding direction and, needless to say, this saves time by fairing the guesswork out of if.
Amiga Computing 57 iiii Neil Mohr takes a quick look at a load of DOS drivers II sometimes amazes me how little some people know about the Amiga. Such thing as the existence ol the starlup-sequence I lake for granted, while some people can go on using rheir Amiga and never even know whal it is. But os computer software advances this sort of (unnecessary) complexity is hidden oway from users.
Beadable Mbteable Executable Defetable Owner Group Having storied using the Amiga back in the bad old days of Workbench 1.3 and floppy based disk systems, I had to know about the startup-sequence, libraries, devices and the rest.
I'm sure long term PC users Pang their heads against the wall o' the void that is some users knowledge of DOS. And let's face it, if you use 95 you have to know DOS, because as soon as something goes wrong Windows runs of to rhe mothering protection that is the DOS prompt.
Reliance Even though Workbench is not as bad as Windows, il is still reliant on AmigaDOS to initially set up specific parts of the system. Usually if these fail, Workbench will still run but you will be lacking the part that failed. One part of the Amiga operating system that constantly seems to perplex users is DOS drivers. These allow new devices to be added to your Amiga and let the operating system know they ore there. IF you odd a CD-ROM or Zip drive o new DOS driver has to be created to let the AMIGA know the device is there.
Sequence. With the odven1 of Workbench 2 things were improved somewhat, the Devs drawer was totally overhauled and DOS drivers updated. Frcm Workbencn 2. Every DOS driver is a separate file stored in the DOS driver directory (found in the Devs drawer) and when your machine boots, any drivers stored in here are automatically mounted.
As standard you will find two icons in here called Aux and Pipe. These are just two plain text files that contain the data necessary to Back in Workbench 1.3 days ell this information had to be stored in a single texl file called the Mountfist. Stored in the Devs drawer, and had to hove a specific entry in the startup- Use your Whenever you start playing around with these 'hidden' parts of the Amiga you have to use a text editor. As standard the Amiga is shipped with two editors called Ed and Edit, both of which are bobbins and provide the barest of editing tools and are awful to use.
Slightly better is MicroEmacs that also comes on fbe Tools disk, but again lacks even basic things such as file requesters.
So If you are planning on tinkering wilh System bits and bobs get yourself a more up to date editor. My personal favourite is CygnusEd, a full version of which was given away on our November 95 issue (issue 92).
For a more up to date program, try TurboText or possibly GoldEd, a shareware program crammed to bursting with top features, highly recommended for programmers.
Mount the Aux and Pipe devices and you can load these into any texl editor you like. If you do, you won't see anything very exciting, but those rew lines are very important. They 'describe' the device that should be added to the Amiga's list or mounted devices. At the minimum, rhis states the software that handles the device. In the cose of Pipe, this is the Queue handler. This information is used by the mount command to creole the new AmigaDOS device that you can access.
Clkkety-click Normally DOS drivers are mounted automatically when you boot you machine, bul ay double clicking on ‘he DOS driver icon you can run the driver separately (but do not do ‘her now as those drivers are olready mounted]. If you pop up the icon information requester you wcl see the default tool is ClMount ana is ‘he command used to set up the driver. Ano'her way would be to type in a shell mount and "he name ot the driver followed with a colon: So for the pipe driver you would type mount pipe: lo set it up.
One Further thing lo take note of is that the new mount command can handle a couple of tool types in the icon. The main one you will see is ACTIVATE, if you se‘ this equal lo zero you can suppress AmigaDOS displaying the aevtce unlil it is requested. Well, I seem to have run out of room for this issue, next monlh we will delve into things a little more.
Amiga Computing Dave Cusick looks at the problems facing e-mail directories hen a friend gels connected to the Internet it con often be weeks before they finally get around to tel ing other people their e-mail address, if only because they have not yet committee it to memory and they Forget to write it down so they can pass it on. In such situations, or whenever it might be necessary to fine the e-mail address of an individual working for a particular company, e-mail directories suddenly become c very attractive idea.
Essentially the e-mail equivalents of telephone books, Web-based e-mail directories have been around lor several years now. However, there are all sorts ol problems which arise when attempting to use or produce such a resource. Firstly, there are so many different directory services in existence They generally each contain a smattering of entries from around the world meaning that, in actual fact, finding the person whose e-mail address you really want can be a nightmare, even with the larger directories such as BigFoof and Four III.
Secondly, because electronic directories can be searched very quickly and easily, in comparison to conventional telephone directories, not only are the potential uses greater, but also the potential misuses. This misuse might amount to ploughing through thousands of addresses to compile mailing lists for irritating but relatively harmless junk mail, or something altogether more sinister.
A few months ago Yahoo announced what it mum Hi mm 23 J 1 t -v'-**' 1 fT-- 1 ! 1 : * r j ,5r,br': ; y| $ Tdffgto! * SV PpoacSewKH - Bottom Line The bottom line is that the idea of including people's names and rough geographic locations in an e- tnail directory is not in itself a bad one. However, t ycu •-.*¦* stcJ (tr'f*cy 5*1 Mm as •- - vn-jcao-'
- ----------
- ¦ . , - ---------. - H ~ The Yahoo service listed three of my
e-mail addresses...one of which I haven't been using for over
18 months now Bigfoot, one of the more famous directory
services wasr ish mmm ¦ r v 'i Ijjggsjgj «¦ promised would be a
highly valuable and total y revolutionary e-mail directory
service. Simply by entering someone's name into a special Yohoo
search engine it would be possible to discover not only their
e-mail address, but also their postal address - and in the case
of American addresses, to locate their home on a map of the
area Unsurprisingly, there was on outcry and within a couple of
weeks Yahoo was forced to shelve the service.
Yahoo had, of course, thought that such a service could have o great many valuable applications. Obviously, people would be able to quickly look up the addresses of friends and family whilst on-line, but another more unconventional use I heard suggested was that a suicidal IRC user could be traced and emergency services deployed accordingly. However the vast majority of Net users seem to be opposed to such directory services, and the reasons they pul forward ore extremely convincing.
On a basic level, when people talk about the possible benefits of meeting people over the Internet, anonymity generally comes across as being an important factor. I know people who will happily ask an anonymous stranger on the other side of the world for advce via the Internet, but they would not dream of doing so if they thought for a moment that the stranger could ever the unfortunate situation is that when it cotnes to Net security, a little paranoia in the short term will probably pay dividends in the long term.
Know for certain who they were and where they were from Moreover, it is orgued that e-mail directory services constitute on invasion of the privacy of the individuals whose names and addresses are included in the database. When playing w th some of the bigger Web-based e-mail directories, many Net users are surprised to find that their names are already included, even though they haven't given their e-maii address to the directory in question The fact is they do no! Always have to - names and e-maii addresses are sometimes token from newsgroup postings or from lists produced by companies whose
Web sites feature fill-out forms.
Imagine for o moment that your home address and telephone number are already available on the Web for any individual to discover simply by entering your e-moil address * not a pleasont thought, is it?
For instance, it would be relatively simple for an unscrupulous computer user to obtain lists of other users in their locality and use this as something of a burglary hit list. Even more worryingly, those strange souls who inhabit the more sordid newsgroups ana IRC channels would suddenly have a great deal more power at their disposal ihon simply the ability to write flaming e-mails to the mosses Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave@dcus.demon.co.uk. Questions, suggestions and feedback are all more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which can be found at
http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk . Amiga Computinc Wtew Paul Overaa sol a Sea la-related problem, and discovers a little known utility I hod an email from a guy in the Stores recently who, though being ctimarily PC- bosed, deals with Amiga's (4000 030) in connection with a local broadcast tig sto- tion running 24 hour cab'e TV via Scala's Infochannel IC500. Scab's Intachannel apparently offers the user the possibility to execute Arexx-scripIs and the bottom line is that this was something that, even ofier six months of trying, they still couldn't ac-: io work. Even simple scripts such as this
delay loop foiled to work: * script * do i = 1 to 15DQ0 end i i'rr. Not o Scab user so i dicn't expect to oe able to offer much Help but it turns out t got lucky, helped mainly by the foe that some output from a utility called RexxView had been provided.
RexxView, which at the lime I hadn't seen, was apparently able to monitor the flow of Arexx mes- sages ond in this particular case produced the following output: Frtntssk: Intoplsyer Action: ftXrOPH Bodifier: SlfBJOlO Arg; HDD Uorkbench: S UlLLEH5.REXX My guess wos that this represented the first, so called command invocation message, that Scala doubtless sends to he Arexx resident process asking for o script to be executed. RXCOMM, incidentally, is just a standard Rag in the Arexx message packet the: indicates a command. The Modifier RXFB_NOIO is telling Arexx that the dos process, which
Arexx sets up to run the macro, should not inherit the host's [Scala) inpul output handles. Again this is normal - macro; run from Workbench storied programs don't hove Shell style I O handles.
The key potir is that a this Information really only means that Arexx has been asked to run o script - it doesn't meon that the script wos actually executed.
In foci immed ately i looked o' the nlepoth fi ename ‘hoi Arexx wos being provided with it made ne suspect that the script was never even getting off the ground. The argument.
HDD ¥orttbench: SVWlLLEM5.RE)(*. is supposed to be a normal reference to o runable script. But it isn't - the monitor program is suggesting o reference to HDO, a space and then Wcrkbench: S WILLEM5.REXX. This could nave ust been o fault in ‘he program's display but, on the face of it, seems as though somehow, he macro path name had been set up incorrectly. If. As presumably it is. HDO was the Workbench partition then the macro's file path, as every self-respecting Amiga user will know, needs to be something along the ines of: H00:S WILLEK5.REXX ¥orkbench:S W3LLE!t5.REXX or simply.. S: W]
LLEJF5. REX X So without knowing anything about Scala or (RexxView], it seemed quite likely that these six months of problems have stemmed from ? Wrongly specified flepaih.
The foct that delays weren't being produced fils in with this theory quite nicely - obviously if the macro filepath has been wrongly set - then the macro would not be found and so no delay would occur!
And the utility itself After seeing the reference to RexxView, I got curious and FTP'd into AmiNet to find out more about it, Sure enough, in the rexx section of the utilities area sat a RexxView.Iha archive. Turns out that the program was actually written in 1991 by Martin Kees using Jforth and if is indeed a Shell utility that monitors the REXX port. What's more, it allows the received information to be displayed on screen, printed or written to a file using commands such as: rcjiviev con:0 0 640 50 rtsxvieu It's easy to use and of course, for many users, Rexx View provides a simple
way of seeing exactly what commands strings are transmitted. Certainly anyone new to Arexx will find this sort of visible feedback quite useful.
The other information provided, namely that found In the Modifier and Action fields, may also occasionally be useful although I suspect that, most of the time, It will not be.
What sort of info gets provided? If, for example, you were testing a script that made use of lrs«: Ran (:sk:t«t.r«a Fron Task: Alt lit dm; RX(im Mifiirt M: ProsransrUorduortlrS llujlfla riinvtrt ,rra BUB- : Hexxlfitu il at fl___ lurtxxmnr tin: l l MI Lvh jfexxVim.fe reavim.f teoHini y|
* y RexxView - a simple utility but one that docs it’s job
perfectly well!
On external Function library, you might see an Action RXADDLIB message occur when the script is first executed. In any subsequent script use however, this message should not occur (if it did this would mean a new entry was being added to the library list each time the script was executed). Similarly, a RXFB RE5UIT indicator in the modifier field would mecrn that OPTIONS RESULTS had been set in the macro being executed.
It might be imagined then that RexxView would be of use in catching all manner of subtle script and macro errors. In practice though, whilst these Action and Modifier names may sound impressive, the use of libraries, options settings and so on are always going to be perfectly obvious from examining the script itself. Minor niggles aside, RexxView does it's job well enough and, since it is a handly tool to have around, If deserved a mention for that reason alone.
When you’ve finished using RexxView you just terminate it by sending the string closerexxview‘ to the REXX port. This, of course, you can also do from the Shell using the rx command: rx closErexirvi;« That's really all that needs to be said about RexxView - except to point out that the program can be freely distributed. You will in fact find the utility, it's documentation and even the source code on this month's coverdisk.
Amiga Computing For old times Parting is such sweet sorrow, so here's just one more Photogemcs tutorial from Neil Mohr God is in the details, so they soy, but it's true il is those little exlias that can be so easily overlooked that make oil the difference. So I thought t would round things off by mentioning some of the eosiiy over looked tools and techniques in Phologenics (I know I said last month's would be the final one, but if a woman can chonge her mind why can't a bloke?)
First up on the list for a belated mention is the Transparent Gradient Tool. Once you rea ise what this does and how to use it, it can become quite useful for helping create smooth gradients - either for direct use on a picture or with alpha channels. Select the Transparent Gradients from the Windows menu. This ge’s you a new window with a number of radio buttons ond selecting any of the buttons apart from Normal) will activate what is essentially o new point mode that will be applied to any o! The drawing tools, other than the line tools. What now happens when you draw, say a filled
rectangle, a smooth 2d bit gradient is applied over the rectangle area going from full colour to fully transparent with the background.
Marking out It is advisable to experiment with the Transparent Gradients, but if used in conjunction with the Freehcnd Draw Tool, it becomes very easy ro mark out an area you want to effect ond allow the gradient tool to do its work. Remember that the brush transparency still olfecls how heovi'y the gradient is aid down on the point .oyer, so if you need to lighten the effect just increase the brush transparency level.
If you need to touch up images or carefully cut back a border or edge of an image, the most powerful tool available is Smudge. Tms allows you to 'drag' over a neighbouring area of colour in a similar way to the Rubber Stamp tool in Photoshop and ArlElfecI, but is not quite as flexible. Using the Smudge tool ollows you to 'cover up' speckles that con appear on digitised pictures or simoiy remove blemishes from an existing picture. When you need to expand or reduce an area o1 a pioure, by working at the edge of the orao and carefully nudging the colour into the new area, you can easily
increase or reduce the covering area If you find too much or too little of the orea is being effected you can adjust the brush size and pressure to alter the overall effect. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that Smudge works directly on the image by passing the paint layer so os soon os you hove made a single change you only ger one chance lo undo it. As soon as you make another, the previous change is permo- nent.
One of Phologenics' less useful functions, that may come in handy now and again, is the Warn tool. Once selected it can pull off two different types of effects; twirl and bulge. The amount the image is effected depends on two factors, first and most obviously are the actual warp settings themselves. You con alter these by clicking on the worp tool ai'or selecting it, this pops up a new requester that allows you to alter the values. The other way is by the actual orea you select for he warp tool to effect. The size of the circular area you choose alters the overall area effected ond the crass
selects the centre point of the effect.
Finally, Phologenics has a couple of handy woys lo select specific parts of images. Both ways essentially give the some result but are arrived at via different routes. The first is from the Image menj - the Select Similar option allows area oF colours on the imogs lo be selected on the paint layer, This con be applied to either the current brush colour or by allowing you lo select a specific colour Irom the image.
Fill tool An alternate way of going about this is to use the Fill tool. You may notice the options for both these methods are the same, allowing you to determine how close a match or wide a selection of the image will be chosen. This is called the tolerance ond denotes how close a match to the original colour any port of the picture has to be selected. The smooth value tells Phologenics how much blending there should be ol the edges of the final selection. If you want a sharp distinct area, set this low and if you want a gradual blend, set the smooth value higher.
Amiga Computing Ssamp On IT Paul Overaa explains how the conversion of internal file date stamps into readable text form The key element in this month's discussion is the translation of AmigaDOS time stomps from their infernal form into readable text strings, There is a dos library function, DaleToStrl), that takes o pointer to an entity known as a DafeTime structure ond performs the necessary mogic. The function itself is easy enough to use although the initial selling up of the structure (see listing 1) does require a little care. Hopefully, the following notes will help.
Pari 3 The first field represents a dos date stamp, te the internal form found in the file info block (note, incidentally, that this is the dale stamp itself - NOT o pointer to it). Following this comes a dol_Formal field which con be set lo a number of standard values. FORMA!_DOS for example produces a dote in dd-mmmm-yy style whilst FORMATJNT provides the reverse yy-mmmm-dd form. USA style dales (mm-dd-yy) ore produced by setting the field to FORMAT_USA!
The remaining fields ore pointers to buffers which will be used by the DateToSlrfl function for storing the generated date and time strings. The rules are simple: Any buffer pointer that is non-null (ie non zero) is expected to point to a valid buffer area. Set the pointer lo NULL however, ond that particular string will not be generated. This arrangement does of course moke DoteToStr() extremely flexible. In our date stamp application next nets space count this item check for next NO -:LES!
Crint fiLenaae and date Lisitng 3: The main framework of (he new name and date printing loop.
STRUCTURE Dateline,0 STRUCT dat_Stanp,ds..SIZEOF U8YTE da t_F o rna t UflYTE da t_F Lags CPTR da t_S t rDay CPTR dat_StrDate CPTR da t_S t rTine LABEL da t_SIZEOF Listing 1: The dos da tetime.i defined DateTime structure Lea datetine_struct a4 nove.b AFORMATJOS dat_Foraat(24) ncve.b
* Q,dat_7lags(a4T nove.1 SNULL,dat_StrDay(a4) nove.L
a5,dat_StrDate(a4) nove. 1 NULL,dat_StrTiie(a4) j$ r Convert
Date a dda addo tra.s l l l l l l flLENJATSTR[NG,aS
1,tUenaiiie_(ount . Loop d0-d1 aO-al,-(a7J (oneertDate noven.t
nove.I at,dl CALLSrS DateToStr, JQSBase tioves.l (s7) +
,d0-d1 aG-a1 rts Listing 2: This code sets up the DateTime
structure and produces a readable date. The DateToStr[J call is
sandwiched between movem’s to protect the scratch register
For instance, only the file's dale is needed, so we just allocate o buffer for the dole information whilst setting the dal_SlrDoy and dol_5trTime fields lo zero.
Buffer tricks In the interests of simplicity I've made a minor modification to last month's arrangements by extending the buffer space used to hold the date stamp information so that both the DateTime structure info and the converted date string can be stored. In effect then, the buffer is being regarded as a series of data blocks which look like this: (Includes the date stsnp) After date stamp information for o file has been copied lo the start of the associated buffer block we just fill in the appropriate DateTime structure fields (setting the dal_StrDate field lo ihe address of the first
byte reserved for the converted dole string. Having done that we then coll the DateToStr() function and the dos library performs the conversion for us. The result is that by the time the File handling loop is complete we've got one buffer holding all the files names and another holding the associated doles in printable form.
I've mentioned belore that it's uselul lo maintain some sort of visual feed back when writing any 680x0 utility - just to help keep things on filena«e_counl,dO .exit mm ,v beq.s capi bhi. S . Loop jar adda.w adda.a dbrs .exit
* MK_niES,dO ¦ flit PrintFileNase ffF!LENAJt£_SPACE aC
LEN_0»TSTttJNC-,a1 dO,.loop rt 5 This month you'll see
StampOnIT displaying both file names and creation last- edit
dates track. When you examine this month's source you find
therefore that i've modified and extended the routines
originally used lo display filenames.
I've actually decided lo keep the Print Clear routines os a permanent fixture (since they'll be adequate tor our purposesi but have added extra IntuiTsxt structures for displaying and clearing the dale stomp information. The IntuiText structures are now all linked so that both the filename and corresponding dole stamp displays are produced with just one PrinllTextj] call (and also removed in a similar fashion].
Listing 3 shows the basic loop arrangements for stepping through the newly arranged buffer areas. This produces Ihe display that you'll see when you use the latest version. The next step of course is to build a set or files that store this data and it's this task we need lo tackle next month.
You'll find various other minor code changes in the coverdisk code as well. A few extra labels have been introduced and so on The delay set- ¦ing has also been reduced so filenames and dates appear only briefly. This is in readiness for the sort of rapid d!so!ay that will be used when dote slamp files are actually created. Ir you prefer to slow things down a bit however (perhaps in order to convince yourself that you ore seeing the correct dales), just increase the DELAY setting at the start of the source and reassemble the code Amiga Computing news news news =3 CD LO Power Amigas, Quake,
things are looking up.
Hugh Poynton investigates... Castle Kingdoms Mutation Software is set to release its latest title, Castle Kingdoms in the next month.
Coinciding with this is the announcement that the Fun ’n' Value series of games, currently priced at £14.99, will be reduced to £12.99 from Spring '97.
I: tS1 LE KrNtiDOM.S U 11,1, BE OU1' SBHING 193 ALL (II1IMS IBB._ Castle Kingdoms is an adventure shoot 'em- up in which you have to recover five magic talismans to save your kingdom. From the screenshots the game looks pretty impressive.
In addition to Castle Kingdoms, Mutation Software has announced it will be releasing a further three titles throughout the spring.
Monster Football, (Cartoon Racers and Tin Toy 2.
CB31EE * I miBOBS WILL BE our SPUING 1997 ALL dBlG Ill IBB._ If we printed this last month you would have credited it as being an April fools windup, Well, it's not.
It is now possible to play Quake on an Amiga. Some demo coders have converted the PC version of Quake onto the Amiga.
Using a downloaded file called Amigaquake.exe you can play the PC version of Quake.
Direct shopping Direct Software is continuing to establish Amiga software and hardware stores not just in the UK, but in Germany as well.
Working with 1AT international. Direct Software has been able to assure the co-operation of companies within the Amiga scene.
The news will be a great relief to those finding it ever more difficult to find Amiga products in the UK.
In addition to existing stores, it plans to open a further 10 stores in the UK and Germany. Stocking Amiga software and hardware, the chain should help to fuel the revival of the platform.
Direct Software plan to open shops in next three years in Newcastle, Leeds, Wales and also Germany. The next shop to open will be in Mansfield (Nottinghamshire) and will open in April.
The news is excellent for the Amiga as it shows that hundreds of games could be ported over to the Amiga - potentially revolutionising the games market. Initial reports suggest that the game runs at quite an acceptable speed on top of the range Amigas - 25 fps on Q60 Cybervision3D.
WinHn arlc W,N be ahla i ' k drive, 7 455»T F°r *6* contaa Sectb°soh£e( 5 news news Apex shake-up Dave Kirk, the man behind Apex Systems has announced that Apex will probably become a third party developer rather than a software manufacturer and distributor in its own right. Reluctantly Dave has decided to branch out and dedicate time to alternative careers as the future of the Amiga looks undecided.
Apex Systems will however, continue to develop gamds for other publishing companies and work is well underway on the strategy trade game Alien Presence: Dawn of the Sixth Sun. Hopefully a publisher will have been decided, a release date of August 97 has been pencilled in. For further details contact Dave on: 01709 890552 rUBAR ¦ 4*®5 -£t5Sir* , “o,f""' ¦"-* *¦ '" your quest All i„ a|| it |ooks fae "J*,0 ««* massive explosions to help »- 22* ssssssnt j Details of an exciting new action adventure game from Hungarian software team have emerged. The Invictus team hails from the Eastern
Hungarian city of Debrecen (also the home of Forgotten Forever programmers.
The game, OnEscapee, is an action adventure mix of the 1993 PC hit Another World and the Amiga based Flashback. The graphics look superb, much of the graphics and animation having been drawn by hand.
Work on the game has been slow but steady and as a result, the finished product looks very polished and professional. According to Invictus, "The code has been rewritten and the graphics re-drawn many times, as we go over our work from time to time. The game was planned to fill 3 floppy disks, now a CD is required, the music modules have been replaced with digitised pieces of music, the main character's graphics became huge, some rendered elements were included and the CD32 2Megs restriction ignored".
A piayabie preview is apparently ready which will take up a beefy 50Mb. For more details take a look at Invictus' homepage on: http: drag- on.klte.hu -dakos Team A C T 1 O N F E A T U R 1 W 0 R K 1 N P R 0 GRES ‘Iron Man’ Hugh Poynton sneaks a I ; * Sf look at Vulcan’s latest beat ’em-up. ¦ , few months ago a disk from a software development team called ' Ablaze Entertainment found its way into the Amiga Action offices. Ablaze, after months of work on its Renegade style beat 'em-up, The Strangers, thought it was about time to drum itself up. Some publicity. The ploy worked, after
sending disks to magazines and software publishers all over Europe, Ablaze found a publisher in the shape of Vulcan Software Limited.
A couple of months later, it looks like The Strangers is almost ready for release.
Unlike the single disk demo I played back in December, Vulcan's latest 'work in progress' version offers multiplayer support, a large variety of scary looking baddies and a fair number of cunning fighting moves. In total, the finished game will include eight levels, six player deathmatch and, so I'm told, even more moves.
As it stands, the game is looking pretty impressive; a good old fashioned beat 'em- up. The storyline is simplicity itself. You are confronted by a bunch of homicidal maniacs in a variety of locations (disused factory, deserted subway and so on) and, by using your cunning and fists, you have to kill them before they kill you.
The game will probably annoy some people because of its almost cartoony approach to violence. Some sequences remind me of a Ren and Stimpy cartoon. At Hi-yaa!
One point my character, after defeating all but „ one of the bad guys, W I got shot by the remaining bloke.
Although totally unrealistic, the sequence was a little grim. He got one arm blown off, then the other and finally his head blown in two. Another, more enjoyable, but still quite violent touch to the game is the distinctly ungentlemanly groin kick move. Press the rieht kevs and vour [SBS r ... nuii.rl Practise your sporty Spice Giri high kick ups where you can simply (hump keys in a random manner and turn your character into some sort of human Tasmanian Devil, The Strangers does require you to be actually use a tad more skill.
Although t've only played a work in progress version of it, The Strangers looks tike a fun little action game. It could do well for itself, especially as it now boasts features such as the six player deathmatch.
J. ftjf Release is , ‘ }¦*?’' scheduled for . : 30 April 1997,
«•-»- so keep your eyes peeled.
Going underground character will hoof a bad guy in the nuts so hard he doubles up clutching his crown jewels with a rather pained expression on his face.
Another amusing feature is that the baddies look distinctly unscary.
They seem to take their fashion hints from East 17 and Jeff Banks (at least there won't be any hobbling) and havino pithpr a sIah hpnd nr a mullet seems to be an essential part of the '97 bad guy look. Something I the fact that, unlike many beat 'em- BUTCH Take that!
My bird looks like a what?
AMIGA ACTION So you want a Siamese System but need a PC?
!! P133 Siamese Packs from £899.95 call for brochure !!
However, if you need PerformBnce!!
Then go for the Siamese too of the Range Pentium MMX Windows NT SystemH Specifications:- ideal as a Render Engine Pentium MMX PCI Motherboard 200Mhz Pentium MMX Processor High speed SCSI 2 controller 4gb SCSI drive 8 Speed SCSI Cdrom drive Floppy Disk 32mb EDO Ram ATI 3D Xpression+ graphics card with 4mb ATI TV tuner card and Video input card WinSS ergonomic keyboard Microsoft Mouse 16 bit sound card Siamese V2 hardware Software RTG Windows NT4 Workstation Microsoft Works V4 CE apporved Midi Tower Case lower Price £2495.00 inc Vat Then You Need SPEEEED!! And We’ve got it!
Please remember! Any company can build a PC, but only HiQ can integrate it!!
Developed in the UK by HiQ Limited Tel +44 (0)1525 211327 fax +44 (0)1525 211328 § ' : : ’ • v - " . .. .4*: ; Try our internet page www.siamese.co.uk email steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk ???
A1000 COMPUTERS New or Used (NTSC or PAL) Call Toll-Free: 800 595 5534 PAXTRON CORPORATION Telephone (914) 578-6522 28 Grove St., Spring Valley, NY Fax (914) 578-6550 10977 Super computers are a right pain in the butt. 1 mean look at HAL in 2001: A Space Oddessy. Sounding for all the world like some effeminate, attention seeking, patronising pedant, the stupid thing gives Dave Bowman tips on drawing shortly before trying to lock him out of the spaceship billions of miles from earth. Once rumbled does HAL face his demise calmly and cooly? No rather he pops his computer clogs whilst singing
nursery rhymes in a stupid voice. Very dignified. Or the defence computer in Terminator - gets bored one Friday afternoon and decides to start juggling ICBMs. Nice one. Even KIT, David Hasslehof's swish looking Trans Am sounded like an English teacher.
Your job in Nemac IV is to stop another of these neurotic, anal retentive computers from destroying the world. The year is 2048 and the world's three remaining nuclear powers have decided to club together and form a series of huge, but manic depressive, global defence super computers. Bad move. Before the warranty's even run out, the thing is on the blink and thinks a big nuclear war is going on. The only way to stop Marvin the Paranoid Android's big brother from blowing up the world is to enter the huge complex he is housed in and pull the plug.
Unfortunately for you, this complex is jealously guarded by legions of robots all even the first level on an easy setting makes a Platoon-style firefight took about as dangerous as a load of kids flicking elastic bands. The action is intense. As there are 40 levels on the CD, the game is pretty challenging.
Nemac IV is pretty easy to get the hang 3 of. The robot you control has an arsenal of intent on blasting the bejcczriz out of you You are in control of a remotely operated walker droid armed with a huge array of weapons including lasers, grenades, machine guns and bombs. All this makes for a fantastic, if unusually difficult game. The thing you should understand before buying this game is tha Taking a break from running around shooting robots all day whacked up Scooby snacks, Hugh Poynton revie the new automaton shoot ‘em-up.
WQKTIVT WIQCTIVE RWIOACTIVE weapons slung on each side of it that would make Arnie jealous and, unlike Doom, you don't have to find these weapons, just make sure you keep the ammo topped up. Also, unlike Doom, all the weapons can be fired at the same time, meaning that if you aren't particularly skilful you can simply run from room to room with all guns blazing until you run out of ammo. Not very effective but at least it looks like you're doing * well. There is a very subtle Att puzzle element to the game
- hitting a switch to open a door might mean that the door only
stays open for a couple of seconds, so you have to find the
quickest route before it slams shut.
Graphically it's stunning. From th y the game looks fantastic. The intro scene and generates anticipation just like a film. Before being transported info the cockpit of the strider we are treated to a film of two mean and ugly looking transports skimming low over a barren desert to deliver you to the heart of the . „ complex. Once actually in the strider the graphics are still s® t excellent, the t passage ways and r ,i r *- tunnels look suitably dank and the explosions and ¦fe, laser beams look the business.
Naturally this graphical excellence means the game really requires quite a high spec computer. For the 3D rendered into you will need a quad-speed CD-Rom with a decent processor and for the game itself an AGA Amiga with 4Mb RAM, a 68020 CPU, Amiga 2.0 and a hard disk.
Nemac has been designed to support any graphics card and the new DRACO from Macrosystem. In addition to this, the game actually supports the Virtual i-O glasses (see our peripherals article).
All in all Nemac IV is an impressive looking game that will keep you hooked for months. After a days playing I'd only reached level three, so actually completing the game will probably take longer than brokering a middle east peace accord.
The game has been particularly successful in America and Germany but unfortunately Parnat software hasn't found a distributor for the game. If you want to get your hands on Nemac IV contact Parnard Hard and Software at: Parnard Hard and Software Schillerstr. 24 D-72810 Gomaringen (Germany) Phone: (49) 7072 8510 Fax: (49) 7072 8511 PUBLISHER Pernart Hard & Software DEVELOPER Pernart Hard & Software PRICE £29.99 DISKS 1 CD HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS AGA only A fter re-releasing a number of Microprose games, Guildhall £ A Leisure has started buying up the rights to old Electronic Arts games.
Although old, many of these games are absolute masterpieces. Take for example, this month's offerings, Desert Strike and Road Rash: PLAYER A Using the road is s Guildhall definitely knew it was doing when it bought up these two titles.
Both Desert Strike and Road Rash were classics when they came out and, in terms of addictiveness, playability and general coolness, beat many of PlayStation products hands down. The proof is in the pudding, as they say because, not only is Desert Strike still alive and kicking on the PlayStation, Road Rash has been reincarnated as a multiplayer hyper realistic title lor the PC market.
3. SHIVft I've mentioned this game before 'cos it's one of my
favourites. Like all the1 best games, it enables you lo do the
things you'd love to do in real life but would result in
fines, imprisonment, injury or shuffling your mortal coil. The
aim of the game is simple enough, burn down the road knot king
your opponents off their bikes in a very unsporting fashion.
To add that extra element of danger, the roads you bomb down are public highways and along every stretch, one of six highway patrol men is waiting on a last, but rather crap looking , lo nab you (call that a bike, it's Oh no, its the pigs!
PLAYER A PLAYER A a fa*kin hair drier, as Phil Daniels said in Quadraphenia). Huge American saloon cars are also using the same roads but at a considerably more sedate pace (no doubt full of innocent sweet young families on their way to the holiday of a lifetime at Disney World). However, bugger the families, crash into these lumbering behemoths and you will not win the race.
Playing Road Rash is a (ask that requires the reactions of a nervous cat and excellent hand eye co-ordination.
Although the graphics are now outdated and rather crude, it just doesn't seem lo matter when you are attempting to squeeze between two cars going in opposite directions at stupid speeds.
Superb timing is also required if you are to cosh your opponents over the back of the head as you pass.
Road Rash is
w) rash everything a game should be; fast, furious, graluitously
violent and, most importantly, great fun. Like Desert Strike,
it'll keep you amused for hours and provide twice the gamGplay
¦ ifo of many recent console The dirty releases. Same advice
here beggar I'm afraid - go buy it.
Lashings of Newkie Brown ond cheap cider PLAYER.ft CASH *1 1BBBB 01 BBBKU II PUBLISHER Guildali Leisure DEVELOPER Electronic Arts HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga Average This is as refreshing now as it was when first released four years ago. Much as t like flight sims, they do have a tendency to take themselves a little seriously with every switch and dial reproduced with sometimes tedious accuracy. Rarely do you find a sim arcade cross over, but when you do they are always immense fun.
DESERT STRIKE Desert Strike is like playing an episode of the classic '80s TV show, Airwolf.
That was the one with the pathologically quiet but nevertheless dashing Stringfellow Hawke and his fat, ugly but still quite cool sidekick, Fat Bob (or something). The helicopter shoots around the screen producing menacing noises and picturesque explosions and the action never gets too bogged down in technicalities. You just fly about blowing up tanks and buildings with your Hellfire missiles while rescuing hostages with a James Bondesque rope ladder.
The storyline and gamepiay are both simplistic. A mad dog Middle East dictator called General Kilbaba has invaded a small neighbouring Arab Emirate. Your mission, as the pilot of a souped up Apache, is to fly in and destroy SAM sites, radar installations, trucks and the odd camel. In addition to this there are a liberal amount of hostages doited about the playing area for you to rescue.
The game is immense fun to play.
Unlike most 'blow up the Arabs' style chopper games, Desert Strike has a much more arcade feel to it owing to the isometric view. The chopper is pretty easy to fly although changing direction suddenly can cause it to slew slightly. A sharp turn to the right for example would cause your Apache to continue to skid, altering it's direction.
This definitely adds to the game and it lets you do some mean looking stunt flying. The sound is excellent with little shouts of 'over here' issuing from the mouths of the MIA's whenever you fly past them and explosions that the IRA would be proud of.
A fair bit of thought has to go into Desert Strike.
Although the game looks like '7 7; a simple arcade shoot 'em- up there is a certain amount of skill involved and you have to use similar tactics to SmmJ ryKM those needed in a 'proper' flight sim. For instance, if you're shooting up an airfield, you have to get rid of any missile batteries on the ground first so they can't hinder your attack. I've been playing this game ever since it arrived in the office and I can still only complete a fifth of the game, so don't be surprised if you end up playing it until you've got a headache.
This little ship is your home base There is a certain amount of forward planning involved in the game.
Ammo crates, fuel drums and hostages are dotted around the combat zone.
Unfortunately your chopper doesn't have the necessary fuel or ammo to accomplish all the PUBLISHER Guildall Leisure DEVELOPER Electronic Arts HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga Average staled objectives. You will The heach head is need to blow up barracks dr?p and hangars to seize what * .®aln you need. Rescuing and more livos safely delivering a hostage buys you more lives.
As proof of the success and the enduring appeal of Desert Strike, consider the fact that Soviet Strike is proving to be a raging success on the PlayStation lour years after this game made it big on the SNES.
Although I'm more of a flight Sim fan, I found Desert Strike fantastic. It’s great fun and more addictive than unadulterated heroin. It will keep you occupied for ages - half the time overjoyed your doing so well, the other half headbutting the monitor because you just got shot down by a Rapier lor the twentieth time. Buy it now.
Stop touching my chopper!
Amiga Flame is, it's fair to say, the greatest source of information on Amiga games available over the Inlerniel at the present time.
Updated every week, the site prints details of games both with and without publishers and provides much needed publicity for buddingxoclers and developers. 1 talked to Philip CosBydcreator of Amiga Flame, about his site, (hie games industry arid future trends in the Amiga games industry.
Hugh Poynton investigates the best Amiga dedicated games Web site on the Internet, Amiga Flame n Ait 11 1 . Fei
Q. Can you tell us a little about the history of Amiga Flame?
* * I 4 S •
A. The first ever computer I bought was the Spectrum.Jn those
days you didn't buy a game for its graphics, but for the
gameplay. I stayed .with the Spectrum right lo the end and it
is ayyful watching your favourite machine die.
After I was over the death of the L .
Spectrum, I bought the computer that had killed it, the Amiga. This w'as the machine which showed me not only can you have brilliant gameplay, but you can have excel- « lent graphics too. I grew up with the Amiga and used it for my school work - with its excellent word processors such as Kindwords, it was so easy lo uSe.
My favourite use however, was for games and this is what led to me getting the A1200. After looking at its astounding graphics and hearing about all these exciting games in development I thought it was time to move with the times. I then got connected to Ihe Internet, after;all it meant that I could get game demos faster. But while i was on the Net, I started to learn of more and more games in development.
Alter a month of pre-production, the Amiga Flame was launched in September 1996 to bring games news to the Amiga Community. It started of with only four sections entitled: Amiga News, Future Came Releases, Web Links and. Past Releases of 1996 97. The Amiga News section contained all the latest games news and was updated every single week. At first I could only get details of games but later I obtained screenshots and are now regularly used to The site includes some impressive screen shots show off the high quality of the games.
There are about three new articles up’every week.
The Future Games Releases section has given me the opportunity to show justihow many games are in development. There are around 90 games mentioned in this list and there are links to developers homepages to give people the opportunity to get more info.
It has now grown to include Demo of Ihe Month, Game reviews and will soon include a special section to help Games Developers link up with publishers. It will give advice on how to approach a publisher and much more, which will hopefully benefit both the developers and publishers.
The Amiga Flame Web site is always trying to expand and help out more of the Amiga Community, but it is mainly down lo the readers to ask for something new. For example, I was recently asked to add a Cheats section - this is now being considered. It's all down to reader input and this way I don't run out of ideas.
Q. What inspired you to start Amiga Flame?
A. t had seen (he Amiga games magazines getting thinner and
thinner until some of them actually closed. Games users were
getting more depressed and games development activity
appeared to be low. Some Amiga journalists seemed to think the
end was nigh, even I thought things were going wrong.
My opinion changed after I got connected to the Internet. Over a period of one month Amiga Flame features games both published and unpublished searching, 1 found that there were plenty of games fn development, more than i tver imagined. I saw that the games magazines had got if w'rong and I thought it was time to getifhe news out. In September 1996 Amiga Flame was born.
I set myself up with one goal - to bring positive up-to-date games news to the Amiga community. There was one problem though. Many Amiga owners were convinced the games market was doomed. It was as though they were In a dark room and could see no future, only darkness. I had to light up that room and show them that there are many amazing and exciting games in development. Every week I put up games news to prove this was the case.
You must remember that I don't get any money for this, I am doing if because I want to help the Amiga Community in any way I can and see the Amiga in its rightful place as the number one computer in the world. It may take a while but it will get there eventually.
Good contacts throughout the Amiga community and they have helped me get more games news. Without the help of those con tacts and the co-operation'from games developers, Amiga Flame wouldn't be as good as it is now. They have helped to i make Amiga Flame one of the top Amiga Games Web Sites to visit.; Currently I have no contacts outside the Net, but I hope to soon gain more contacts in companies and in this way i can double the amount of news.
Q. Would you consider yourself almost as a 'match maker' between
independent developers and software companies as well as a
A. Since the first lime I used the Internet, I have always passed
info about games to publishers. However I did have a bad expe
rience with a company that went Shareware. The game w'as
brilliant and they had decided to go Shareware, so L tried my
best to help news of the game get about.
Later I asked them how it was going.
Sales were really low; less than 50 copies had been sold. The developers had hoped for so much more and seemed really | depressed. Luckily, after contacting a publisher they linked up with a developer and now the game will be developed into a full commercial product. I realised then that Shareware is very bad for the Amiga games market and I didn't want to see any more I games developers going Shareware. | Some of the info and screenshots I received on certain games were unbeliev able. The graphics were stunning and these games deserved to be commercially published. Someone had to help
these developers link up with publishers and I wasn't prepared to sit by and wait for someone else to do it. Details of every game that has been mentioned on the Amiga Flame Web site have been passed onto publishers. I hope that most of these games will eventually get published. I have to emphasis this point.
DON'T GO SHAREWARE, send tire game to publishers. If ydu go Sharewareaou will always wonder whether your game could have been something bigger.
These developers had helped me complete my main oal and:it was about time for me to pay them back. It also meant the Amiga Flame readers would eventually be able to buy these games. What's the point of doing a news article On a game if the game isn't going to ever get released?
I saw that publishers were looking for games and it gave them a reason to stay with the Amiga. So when I got details and screenshots ! Simply passed it ajl onto a publisher and did a news article on the game.
Many developers don't even know I have tried to help them. I am not really a match
Q. What has the Amiga community's response been to Amiga Flame?
A. When I first started it wasn't very good, many people didn't
think t could bring them games news every week. After a month
or so it all changed and e-mails of support started coming in
from all over the world. I think this was due to the new
section I opened called "Demo of the Month" and had plenty of
e-mails, saying how this had influenced people to buy certain
I have now got support from games developers throughout the world. 1 have built up Vulcans genetic species For AMIGArtews, Future Game Releca Fast Games of2996 97, *4m j
i. 2 il l i. MfHIKK'* irUTUCHPIIWHI T opment but the important
thing is that these games get publishers.
Q. Is there definitely a move towards CD-Rom based games such as
DemiStar and the game under development by BlackBlade?
Explorer 2260 and Demistar maker, I am just trying to help the Amiga community.
It's a good feeling to know that you have helped get a game published. It not only helps developers and publishers, but magazines, retailers, wholesalers, hardware manufacturers, distributors and many other companies. It helps to make a stronger games market.
Q. What do you think the future holds for the Amiga?
A. I see a very bright future, particularly with so many
companies wanting to buy the Amiga. Personally, I would like
to see Quikpak buy the Amiga. I was talking to a games
developer who told me that he w'as getting vast support from
the company.
It surprised me to know that Quikpak was helping games developers and it showed it cares about the Amiga. II hasn't been shouting this out to the games magazines and isn't using it as a point to get support. Quikpak appears to be keeping its plans for the Amiga secret, but I have heard that it plans to use the DEC Alpha Processor. I have also been told it is working closely with HiQ Limited and it's good to see it is co-operating with other companies.
Ultimately I would like to see hardware developers like Phase 5, Quikpak and HiQ Limited come together and pool their resources and money to make the new Amiga. Together they can rebuild the hardware market faster and stronger, divided they can weaken the market.
The software market is starting to get stronger and there are many games in devel-
- __ 1 E __ Friday 07-Mar-37ii :£i fZj MUI Public Screen Price:
£25.93 UK Pounds | Dc ttaper PLfcfohef AI Wheri you geJ as fast
as you install While; anxiety, read The rcsmial I- know but nor
diem on your details to get i rUP,* Ru nartriitfcen *trMefyf n+
»j Soprf.en- by Q-~Or»uji.wfeh .1 minimumtftro bcv-t'«U(fk -U
The lies of’hr pimr I* fcr the jiUgrertbtySCcle -r.-srli.
IsEmjeJfji rthe.- ..:.- rr s enfhe The feme thrjo i world map
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play c.-1 actet Lhtyhovr ta b;vi!r it pul Tim joe ®t you |u
rlmrr to me a-Mttr rant* effctliery •udMMJtt tw£tm*stU.
Ixrtoflflni. Leiwtns, , In the manu; die game. It goes like
this; you are die last of gre;
r. jU-deJlli.. -J .
How Amiga Flame looks on ibrowse
A. I think the CD-Rom market is set to explode. Everyone with CD
drives should prepare themselves for some.of the most awesome
games they have ever seen. People who don't have CD drives
will probably upgrade after seeing the graphics in these
The RIOS LEBED Project is developing Demistar and has another four games in development, all CD-Rom only.
Its first game, Demistar, combines Asteroids, Gravitar, Rip-Off and Choplifter.
We then have Hellpigs from Vulcan which is going to be a big hit. From the screenshots of Hellpigs you can see the amount of detail that has gone into it.
Black Blade is developing a game with a Comanche-like flight simulator and a mission system similar to X-Wing. Aurora Works is developing Betrayed, an adventure game on CD-Rom only. We also have The Hunted being developed by Direct Software (CD- Rom) which may come on up to 5 discs in different parts. Effigy Software is currently developing two CD games but this is for dual format. We should see the first one, called Ffigy, sometime in the Spring.
There is a good possibility that there may be CD-Rom versions of Foundation and Phoenix. Foundation is a real-time strategy war game; a type of Settlers Civilisation for the Amiga. Phoenix is a game in a similar vein to the famous PC Privateer series.
AMIGA ACTIOIU Dsmo of tks Month, Gams Reviews, Links and much mors.
I i m | fv t a ¦ |'
Q. Do you think these games vi ill sell in big enough numbers to
make them economically viable or is the Vulcan approach of
aiming games at slightly more bog standard machines always
going to win out? ,
A. The days of low spec machines are numbered. When people saw
Breathless and Alien Breed2 3D they all wanted lo buy
acceierators'to play them and plenty of people did upgrade.
But you must remember that this influenced people to buy them.
If publishers show off these CD-Rom games then people are obviously going to want to play them. The price of CD drives has come down to a reasonable price, and with CD-Rom games fast approaching, it won't be long before many 'more people upgrade. So, more people will own CD- Rom drives and more CD- Rom games will be released.
This will, in turn, lead greater profits for the pub- lisher.
Onescapee for the Amiga. There are other C&C clones in development, but this has got lo he the furthest. We have games from Epic marketing such as Sixth Sense investigations a funny adventure game and Testament which is another Doom clone. Other games to watch out for are Phoenix, Foundation, Explorer 2260, Zone 99, Fortress Of Fear, Castle Kingdoms, Flying High and another ninety odd games, all of which are going to be all stars in their own right. F ,.
There are plenty of CD-Rom games I have listed already which will certainly cause a lot of excitement. We have,definitely got to watch out for The RIOS LEBED Project who are developing plenty of CD-Rom products and I think who will definitely be a star of 1997.
This year, and last, has seen many artists, programmers and musicians coming together from all over the world to make games MU I PuD!ic Screen for our favourite machine, the Amiga. The games they development are certainly some of the best the Amiga has ever seen and we must give these developers and publishers our support. 1997 could be the best year for top quality games for the Amiga.
Check out the Amiga Flame site at: UK Site - http: www.niweb.coni dnet dnetPwic ami- flame.htm US Mirror - http: www.geocities.com TimesSquare Arca de 6437 amiflame.htm You can contact Philip by e-mail at: phiiip@mailman.dnet.co.uk or Amiga Flame, 65 Harmin Park, Giengormley, Newtownabbey, County Antrim, United Kingdom.
FriQay 07-Mar-97 11 13 tfS
Q. In your opinion which developers and games look like being the
stars of 1997?
A. That is very hard question to answer, not because there are
too few games but because there are too many to choose from.
Of course, we should watch out for all the games from Vulcan Software, particularly Hellpigs which is going to be a super game.
They have tonnes in development and everyone should watch out for Strangers AGA which is a beat 'em-up in the old Renegade style. From the graphics I have seen, it looks like a really addictive game and something to look forward to.
Emcfcccfvr; (iukhakc A New (jimc Fran) Ilxrl Drt Jtni Forgotten Forever could also be a massive hit this year. It is the first C&C type game ttr-Tli c't.rcr;. t?rr- ’,v:u 'ii. :¦ ultimate Amiga experience.
Here's the set up. I call it Slight Immersion: Quick shot 137F Python Joystick The Python Quickshot is a pretty good, honest, straightforward peripheral. A squat, stocky looking base promises not to give way even under the heftiest punishment and stops the thing wobbling about while you're playing. The stick itself is made out of quite tough looking plastic and is moulded into a nicely scalloped, ergonomically pleasing shape. Two functional fire buttons top off this inexpensive, quality peripheral. The only criticism that I could make is the fact that the thing is so noisy. Whenever the stick
is pushed back or forth it makes a noise reminiscent of somebody cracking their knuckles.
In short: Quality stick that looks like it can cope with some serious gaming punishment.
Contribution to Slight Immersion: 7 10 Price: £l 1.99 QuickJoy Foot Pedals: What an invention. Feet definitely don't have enough fun in the playing of computer games and I think it's excellent news that somebody has finally redressed the balance. If you're playing a smart driving sim, being able to use foot pedals definitely makes the experience that little bit more realistic and enjoyable.
Despite its garish appearance, the QuickJoy Foot Pedals is a quality product.
Designed to be used in conjunction with a joystick or steering wheel, the pedals can be actuators onto the plastic turtle shell fixed to your back.
Sounds impressive doesn't it? Well it isn't. If your idea of a hyper realistic gaming environment is one where you keep getting thumped then go play kiss chase in Moss Side. Providing you don't stuff your wallet the experience would probably be cheaper as well because the Interactor costs £69 or there abouts.
In short: Less enjoyable than being beaten up and robbed.
Contribution to Slight Immersion: 2 out of 10 Price: £69.99 Saitek IfleGa-Grip II This is truly the king of Amiga joysticks. The stick looks like it has been pinched from a parked X- Wing, with its smart pistol grip, huge fat base and shiny finish.
Unlike other sticks, the Mega- Grip doesn't just move a few degrees, this thing can be wangled about madly which, for some reason, strikes me as being really cool.
The Saitek has a very solid and reassuringly tough feel to it Some joysticks you could imagine coming apart in you hand in programmed to your particular preference. Luckily they are fairly sturdy - a definite advantage as they will receive a pretty good stomping in their lifetime.
The only problem is that the grip on the bottom of the pedal unit isn't adequate to stop the whole caboodle slipping across the floor when you stomp the pedal to the metal.
However, wedge it against the edge of your desk (or Slight Immersion console), and you'll be sorted. Special Reserve is actually giving these away as free gifts when people order products from them.
In short: A quality device that allows you to literally 'floor it" instead of just wiggling your index finger.
Contribution to Slight Immersion: 8 out of 10 Price: £12.99 Sura Interactor: The secret of Slight Immersion is to bombard as many of the senses as possible. You need to be bombarded both visually and audibly. The Aura attempts to go one step further. Its bass speaker thumps you all over so that 0 explosions and gunshot feels just like the real thing (mmm great).
Plugged into the sound port of an Amiga, the Interactor channels vibrations via electro magnetic the middle of a game - this thing could be used to hit baseballs with and it still wouldn't break (probably).
In short: It looks a million dollars, feels great and is a must for flight sim fans.
Contribution to Slight Immersion: 9 10 Price: £12.99 Some of the slightly weirder peripherals that seemed like a good idea at the time.
Product: ThunderSeat Platform: All Price: $ 159.95 Product Description: A stylish Jimmy Saville-Iike chair made with flight simulators in mind.
If you expressed your intention to sit on a big fat woofer in public, you would probably have the police, RSPCA and lots of old grannies on your case before you could say 'cruelty to animals'. Luckily the woofers in question here are bassy speakers that rumbles the body to such a degree it feels as though your in the middle of that exploding spaceship, MiG or Rally Car.
Judging by its scarcity (have you ever seen one?) It probably died a death because eating a bowl of mushy sprouts could probably assure the same 'bass rumble’ for a fraction of the price.
Product: Virtual i-o Glasses Platforms: All Price: About the price of a small second hand car (£600-£800) Product Description: A very trendy, 2tst Century looking pair of VR shades.
Only a couple of years back Virtual Products GmbH, a subsidiary of Escom AG, unveiled its Virtual i-o glasses - a virtual reality headset weighing only eight ounces. The glasses allowed the punter to view not just computer and video games but TV and video as well.
With all this going for them, the glasses looked like they would sell like hot cakes. Hot cakes made out of dog poo that is.
One mail order computer firm told us that they sold only one pair of the glasses.
One reason for this less than impressive sales record could be that often the glasses cost more than the computer running them.
Another reason could be the fact that, despite being compatible with most platforms, there was only about one piece of software written for the glasses.
You've probably got about as much chance of getting hold of a pair nowadays as you would of finding the lost Ark of the Covenant The i-O's scary UK retailers seem to need samples of your DNA before they even tell you whether they still sell the darned things.
Product: X-Specs 3D Stereoscopic Glasses.
Platform: All Price: $ 100 (ish) Product Description: Rather bulky wraparound 'trendy circa 1985' shades.
Attached to head using headband. Very Bjorn CySorg.
When you talk about VR glasses for the Amiga you really only think of the Virtual i-o glasses. However, before this elegant but costly white elephant came on the market, this remarkable little product became available for the Amiga. In 1988 to be exact - a time when the VR specs concept itself was in its infancy.
The X-Specs were admittedly low- tech. The glasses comprised of a pair of LCD lenses that could be darkened and lightened very quickly via software. The software running the glasses was configured so that the right eye saw a right eye perspective and the left eye saw a left eye perspective, creating an image of 3-D. They were originally distributed by Haitex Resources Inc. but where, and if, any of these glasses exist is anybody's guess. If they do they're probably worth a fortune.
Product: Mattel PowerGlove Platform: All (ish) Price: $ 100 (ish) Product Description: A glove with a load of buttons on it Tacky Power Rangers accessary.
Back in 1989 Mattel introduced a revolutionary control device for its Nintendo Entertainment System. Although it was adaptable for other platforms, including the Amiga, you would need to be somewhat of a technical genius to get it to work. Obviously the glove couldn't work in conjunction with a VR headset because no software exists to make this possible. An amusing oddity to own but, to be totally honest, the PowerGlove would probably be about as useful as a condom BHHHH dispenser in the Vatican, ‘Pnewtien Ptail Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa Mastercard (Switch
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Alommo B17 FLYING FORTRESS ... Badlands Pete Banshee Barbarian 2 Basket Island Battle leads Beavers .... lirds Of Prey Biack Crypt .. Blaster . BLITZ BASIC 2.1 ... Bograts Bomber Bob ...... Bravo Romeo Delta BREATHLESS .. Brutal Football Bubba n Stix Bucble A Squeak Budokan Bump h Burn Burnout. .... Cannor Fodder Centrefod Squares .. CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 2 Champ Manager 94 D D'5k CHAOS ENGINE 2 ....„.19 9919 99 Championship
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19. 99 - 7 99 - Daly Thompson* Olympic Cnai Dangerous Skoals .
Deluxe Strip Poker Demonmariiac Desert Stnko DOGFIGHT * ...... Dune 1 or 2 ...... Dylan Cog ...... ENIGMA .. Epic..... Euroleague Manager European Champions European Supcncague ..... Ex He ...... Exile Data Disk Extreme Racing...... EXTREME RACING DATA DISK ...---4.99 - F1 GRAND PRIX CIRCUITS .... 3.99-------- F15 STRIKE EAGLE 2 ..12.99---- F19 STEALTH FIGHTER ..12,99-------- F29 ... 10 99 --------
F117A ...... 8.99--- Fanlasy Manager 95;96 8 99 -------- Fantasy World Dizzy ...... 5 99 --- Fears . ****** 7.99---- FIELDS OF GLORY ......12.99 8 99 FIFA Soccer ... 12 99 --------- Fly Harder ... ... 3 99 Fools Errand .... 3 99 ---- * Football Director 2 .. 3 99 * * Football Glory ...... 8 99 8 99 -- FOOTBALL MASTERS .16.99----- Football Statistician Pro 14.99----- FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX. 12.99 ****** *--
FORMULA ONE MASTERS 16,99---* Galaxy Force ...... ... Gearworks Gonesis . .
Gtobai Effect GLOOM ... GLOOM DELUXE .. G Gooch- WC Test Match G Gcocn-W Class Cricket...... G Gooch - Batt'e lor Ashes .. Guardian,. . . . ...... Gun Fury ...... Hard Neva . Heirrda!
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Adventures 4.95-- MEDIEVAL WARRIORS . 3.99---- Minskies the Abduction 14 99 - Morph . 7 99 8 99 MULTI MEDIA EXPERIENCE ..24.99 G128 Road lo He'l G129 Superiom Cat
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- -10 @ 3 99 20 @6.50 50 @ 12.50 100 @ 22.50 PD & Shareware
BUSINESS B013 Text Plus 2 2e word processor 125 B019 Banking
home account program 125 BC20 Labo Designer design your own
fine s 125 BC21 Ca:v 12.. excellent date base program 1 25 BQ22
Desktop Puttising best pd dtp available ! 25 B023 Business Card
Maker *nclAMl200 125 BC24 600 Business Letters I 25 B025
Business Card Maker can print in colour 1 25 BQ26 Data Base
Workshop . Brilliant pack 2 50 B027 Sp'ead sheet. Easy lo use
sp-eacsheet 1 25
4. 99 B028 Quick Base very powerful database 1 25
5. 99 0029 Rim Database powerful database 125 14 99 BQ30 Ambase
pm'essional II best database 125 .10.99 B031 Te*tra can edit
several docs at once 1 25 (AAR)29.99 B032 Fiexi Base easy to
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SLAMTILT . Sleepwalker
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10. 99 ------ SPACE HULK ...... 12 99 -
SPECIAL FORCES . 8.99-- Speecba ! 2
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Spectacular Footbal Director 2. Ft GP Circuits. Rugby Coach
Daily Double Horse Raong.
Euro Superieague 14.99--- Star Fighter . .19.99 - ATARI nsn ft QQ ____ Stellar 7
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- ----12 99 Voyeger..., . 6 99
---- Watch Tower .
- --12 99-- Wembley International Soccer.
- -- 4 99 7 99 Wembley Rugby League ...... 7 59 White
Death..... 4 gg --- Wing Commander. ....
WizJdd ..
10. 99------ Woifchiid . . 4 99
---- Wonderdog .
4 99____ WORLD GOLF „ .12,99 *™.
World of Golf 8 99 ---- Wond of Soccer . ... 4 99------ Worlds at War ..
4. 99--- WORMS WORMS: THE DIRECTORS CUT : Wreckers ...
.. . 3 .Q9 - XP 8 .
..16.99 ___ ZEE WOLF 2 - WILD FIRE ..22.99 ___
Zed .
- -g og Zee- 2 ... .. 8 99 - EDUCATIONAL 10 10 Dinosaurs
.12 99 --- to 10 Early Essentials (3-7) ...... .12.99-- 10 10
English (6-16).. 12 99* . - .
10TO Essential Maths (5-12). ...
12. 99- - 10 10 Essential Science (5-12) ...
12. 99 ---1 10 10 French (6-16). ... ...12.99-- 10 10 German
12. 99-- 10 10 Junior Essentials (5-11).
12 99---- 10 1C Maths Algebra (6-16) .. 12 99 --1 10TC Maths Geometry (6-18) 12 99-™ - 10 1C Maths Numbers (5-161 12 99-- 10TC Mates Statistics (6-16)
12. 99-- 10TC Spel mg Puncuation.
. 12 99--- 10 1C Structured Spelling...... 12 99---- Kid Ps* . 10 99-- JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES AAR=ANALOG ADAPTER REQUIRED Popeye 2 .
10 99 - Populous A Promised Lands
- -19 99 Populous 2 ... B 99--Power
12. 99---PowarBasev3 5 ... (Database} 12.99-- 4 99 --Powercrruo 9
99 9 99 7 9912 99 Powsrgarres ' 16 99 --Powermonger &
D.Disk .12.99 *™ 14 99 ~~ Premiere 4.99-'
9 99 Pro-Tennis Tour ... 6 99 - 4 Player Joystick
Adapter ..... Anatogue Joystick Adaptor . .
Automatic Jdysbck Mouse Splitter.
CorrpetFticn Pro Xtra C ear Joystick CH Fignistick (Analogue) Cruiser Joystick ... Grans Analog Joystck Internal 8B0K Floppy Drive A590 irremai 86CK Floppy Dive A600.'A12f JUPITER JOYSTICK .. Mouse 30C dpi 2 Bunco.
Mouse 400 dpi 2 Button .. Mouse 400 dpi 3 Hutton ..... Mousemat...... Joystick Mouse Exte-sm- Cable Joyst k v Settler ... Logic J Ue ta Ray Autofire .Y154 Logic 3 Aip-a Ray • Aulbfi'o Logic 1 Sigma Ray • Auicf *e POWER SUPPLY UNIT GuiCxpy Pedals SV29 So-Fwr.nea: 3 Speakers SB2Q3 ... Scruer.peat 4 Speakers SB204 Screen pea* 5 Speakers SB205..... Screen beat 25 Speakers .SB 225 . , Screerceat Prc f 0 Speaker SdibO. , Screerseat RCA Adapter Cable Scibenfcea! Power Bubbly ... Trruiimaster XL Joystick .. Pushover.
Railroad Tycoon .. 12.99 - Reach tor the Skies ...... 12.99 - Reams _____ ... 10.99 • Risky Woods ...10.99 - Roadki ...... 1 Road Rash Rugby League Coach .. Sensible World of Soccer 96.97 SWOS 96.97 DATA DISK __ Shadow Warriors . Shuttle ..... Silent Service ... SIMON THE SORCEROR 1 . Skeleton Krew SKIDMARKS .... 4D Sports Boxing . 9 99 ---- 688 Attack Sub .. 10 99 A320 APPROACH TRAINER 9.99 ™* * * Acid Attack Compilation • Gfoom. GuarPian.
Skidmarks t*» 39- American Gladiators .. 9.9S - Arcade Compilation - WorldSnooker. Naughty Ones.
Mult'player Soccer Manager, Dr Plummets House of So Ho CDROM AGA Experience ii ... 9 99 Amiga Tools 3 .....24.99 Amiga Utilities 2 ...... 19.99 Aminel Set, or 13 ....14 99 Aminet 14.15 16or 17 ... 14.99 Aminet 94-02 . 9 99 Amos Library 16 99 Animations ..... 19 99 Arcade Classics Plus . . 12 99 Artwork Colour...... 9.99 Assasms Games. ...... 12.99 Assastns Games U .....16 99 C-64 Sensations 2 .... 9.99 Card Games ______ 9.99 CD Eoct (Run CD32
games on your A1200). . 32.99 CD Write ....- -..... 32 99 Clip Art - Professional IFF A PCX L ary 2 9 99 Epic Collection II ..... 16.99 Epic Encyclopedia 97 26 99 Flash Rom ... ... 16 99 Fonts 9 99 FfesnFonts 1 or 2 19 99 Gateway 9 99 G f Sensations . 16.99 G fs Ga ore ... 9 99 Gga Graphics ....24.99 Goto Fish 1 or 2 24 59 G'sphts Sensation .....14.99 Hottest 4 9 99 Hottest 6..... K 99 Illusions m 3D 4.99 Into Out of me Net 16 99 Magic Workbench Enhancement .....9 99 Meeting Pearts 3 9 99 Multimedia Toolkit
2 ..... 24 99 Network CD2 ... .14 99 Octamec6 24.99 Professional Fonts & Cliparl ...... 9 99 Professional Utilities 1-1500 9.99 Scene Storms ...... 16.99 Sd Pi Sensations II 16.99 Sound Library 8. GRX Library .19.99 Sound Studio .... 29 99 Sound Terrific I .. 9.99 Sound Terrific II .. ... 16 99 Speccy97 . 16.99 Texture Portfolio...... 32 99 The Beauty t Cnaos .. 9.99 The Colour Library ..9 99 The Learning Curve ..
.16.99 The Light Rom ... . 32 99 The Light Rom 2 . 32.99 The Light Works 24.99 The Sound Library 1 .... 9 99 The Sound Library 2 .. 9.99 UPO Gold 24 99 UaD Set 1 ...16 99 Weird Science Animations. .. 9 99 Weird Science Ckpart .... 9 99 Weird Science Color Art .. 9 99 Wft.ra Sconce Frrts 9 99 Wc-lc of C ipart ...... 9 59 World of C ipart Pi-s 15 95
World of Gaines ...9 99 Wortd of GIF . 5 99 Wens of Proto ..... 9 95 Wnrtc of Sound 5 9?
Wo'lc of Video . S 99 Zoom II ..... 9 95 Glamour Titles * Over 18 Only Amiga CDROM Adult 4 Animations.. ... 22 99 Adult Sorsailona . 19 99 Aouu Sensations 2 19.99 Aiuii Sensation in 3D 15 99 As on Ladies i . 5 99 As an Pleasures 2 or 3 or 4 29 99 B onde Babes ...1C 95 C1.3 la D'uams II . 12 99 Cijta D'oams 11 16 99
G. mpean Dream Gins 1 0' 2 or 3 14 99 Fantasy Girls lor 2
... 9 99 Girts of Pleasure
9 99 Girts Who Like Girl . 9
99 Hot Pie 9 99 Hot Spot Women 1 or 2 or 3 15 99 Jus! 18 9 99
Lusty Lesbians 1 or 2 , 9 99 Oriental Fantasies 1 or 2 .....
15 99 Photo Studio . 15 99
Pixels o' Desire. ..... 9 99 Sexy
Sensations ... , . . . 19 99 The Page Three
Collection . 9.99 The World of Lana Fox 9 99 The World
of Teresa May 9 99 Universe of Adult GIFS 1 Or 2 Or 3 9 99
Worlds Best Breast 9 99 World Of Pinups VqI 1 9 99 World Of
Pirup Vol 2..... ...... 12 99 RECYCLED BLANK 3.5" DISKS AMIGA
CDROM Zipstick Super Pro Autofire Joystick B057 Label Maker
...... print lablcs. Ole ¦ B058 The Money Program
accounts I B069 Loans Account .... I B060
Onform one of the best Invoice makers 1 B06i Account Master V2
2. Latest program EDUCATIONAL E019 Kid Paints superb paint
special for kids E020 Colour It brthanl computer colouring
book E021 Treasure Search.find the hidden treasure.
E022 Learn 4 Ptay1|not A1200) maths & games.
E023 Loam & Piay2 education programmes E024 Sparish TrarslaSor spanish'engiish E025 Mr Men (WBl 3only) slOry adventure E026 Aatromy tutorial on solar.star eel system E027 Sirron A Space Math math games E02B Dmosaurs . Teach you an about dinosaur E029 Wond Database require (2*meg) E030 Story Land2. Interact puzzle games rec £031 Language Tutor teach you 4 languages E032 Talking Colouring Book ta king dpaint brill E033 Easy Sp«l;2. . . Improve your kid spelling £034 Scrabble require 2-4 player bnhiant E935 W’ords can help you solve the crossword £037 Evolution breed your own hybod E03S Iq Test
* Iq games pack t excellent £039 Typmq Tutor very good typmg tutor E04Q Chess Helper help teach how to play £041 B-ivic Tutor loam about amiga basic prog E042 Amiga Tutorial 7 pari tutorial E0J3 Computer Care now to care for am*ga E044 Guide To Lower Back Pam .. E045 Kid Aipnabet display an alphabet letter E046 Fracuon $ Si ouest maths & games E047 Math Master teacn test you on mains E04S Steam Engine v2 graphic & tutorial E049 Petrol E rgme. Tutorial 4 animate graphic E050 Gas Turbine Engine tulonal A graphic E051 Stirling Engine tutorial A anlm graphic EG52 Dream Tor Arge meaning of
dream E053 Invisible World brilliant recommended E054 Fish Tank turn you' amiga into a fl*H tank E055 Domoition Mission simple game Tor kid E056 World Power solve crossword puzzle £057 Worm Hole simple game ideal Tor children E05S Apple Catcher catch falling apple bniiiant £059 Cross Maze 6 CryptoKirg2 kid games E060 Verb Quiz find the word 6 n relaied bnil E061 Kmg James Bibio complete biolos excel EQ62Tarrot clairvoyant m a instance £063 Ga tow . Fancy a game of hang man"7 E064 Matns Drill teach all basic math skill £065 Error m'o info why your amiga crash E066 Wortd-War2 graphics tutorial
onWW2 E067 Science . Excellent collection of soenee E06B Kidpru great children paint programme £069 Asl'omy Pack .. E070 Picture 7 Letter learn to read first step EQ7i Amiga Beginner Glioo tutorial on amgas E072 Noddy Playtime demo very good E073 Kid Pi* more excellent paint programmes E074 DTP For Kid . Easy to use, excellent E075 Smg A Rhymes sing a song E076 Highway Code Tutor .... E077 Read A Laare(2d) three little pig story E078 Back To Skool voi t E080 Back To Skool vo!2 E081 Back To School Vo3. _______ ..... E0B2 Little Traveler
information on wold wido E083 World Geography ..world with maps A text E084 Discovery Of The Atom . E065 Desk Top Guido To Music guide A tutorial E085 Trumpty Firework Alphabet alphabet E086 How To Delovope Photo 1 excellent!
E0B7 Mr Men Olympics .... . . .
E068 Cult TV Database, info on early tv scries E0B9 How To Dovolopo Photos 2 .. E090 Electronic Worlds k jamo blblos E091 How The Earth Began theory bn blg-bang E092 Workbench 2 . Tc to rial on work bench 2 E093 Dmo Wa quiz on dinosaurs E094 Junior Maths great reaming ad far mams E095 Picture Puzzle brJiani jigsaw type game E098 Word Factory..., brSlant, leach kid words E097 Kid Disk orillent education pack E0S8 Kid Disk 2 mo'e education programs E099 Kid Disk 3 drawing program for kids ElOO Kid Disk 5 A 6 bnllant games E101 Jurassic
ParkS . ..lots of Into on dinosaurs E102 Childrens Sorga 2 .5 excellent songs £103 M.ng Shu (A500 oniyi crnnese astrology £104 Astro 22 Pro V3 astrology program Et05 French Verb Tester E106 World History Book need help with history E107 Little Traveller 2 information on the world £108 X-Fiies Gunie ...lo the tv series E1G9 Cress Tutor . Teach you how to play E110 Internet guide to the internet El11 Cli A She I Tutor ideal for begmrers El 12 Deluxe Paint Graphics Tutor v3A4 .
E113 Japanesent Graphics teach Japanese E114 Paint It (not A500) colouring book El 15 Key Board T'ainer an excellent tutor E116 Word Power crossword solver, teach E117 Crossword Creator design crosswords E1 *8 Chess 2 A Tutor .DM ant chess 2 games E i J9 History Of Aviation Vo! 1 execllent disk E120 Chito FavOuhte education program E121 Animal Lard lear about animals E122 Frardic Guide To Computer . .
E123 Cyber Punk 2 for cyber punk freaks ontyl E124 Staf Trek A NG Guide .. pictures A info E125 Sigiwture Creator . Coustrnso your own El26 Virus Workshop V4 comprehensive guide E127 Imagines Video could you use it 7 E128 Workbench 2 3 Guide on line he p El29 Leam & Play 3 education A games E13Q Barney Boar Goes Camping...... E13! Comms Gukj© Vt 1 beg nrwr modem user £132 Guide To Weather guide to the weatner E133 Maths Attack maths relate games for kids E134 Beginning Typing Tutor E135 Wo-'d Puzzle Pro create or solve puzzle £135 Kid Disk 7 education program E137 Early fcarneriage3-5) teach
how to read El39 UK Country c 140 Basic Electronic V1 5 tor electronic fan E141 Massive Guido lo Internet version 2 3 E142 Ammal Land ideal for kids E143 Picture Maths maths program for k«Js E144 Begmcr Guido ta WB3 . AM1200only E145 Globe Fact tjet about planet eartn E146 Kid Only . 6 excellent games lo pay with E147 Santa neip santa collect present games £148 Birthday history V2 2 E149 Bar Tender 1000 dhnk cocktail GAMES G060 Mega 21 Games amazing 21 games G061 Dragon Cave bnl ant 3D puzzfe games G064 Take Thom Out ... tike to operation wolf G0Q5 Destine Moon Base . Arcade conversion
3066 Tnnk Batde.....player lank batt'e game G067 Arcadia ... tne Best arknoid done G06B Q-BqkI ....cross tetns and invaders G069 Dimension X 2 player light cycle game G070 Neouiar . Excellent shoot em up G071 Gala tic excellentB levels arcade G072 Hyper-Bali ....speed ball *• level editor G073 Ghost Ship . . Vc'y good 3d adventure G074 Balt'oment hunch back of rtoicha G075 Moga Game Collections III , .3 top game G076 Madonna Nude Puzzles for 10* only G077 Gravity. .. massive space exploring game T 25 G078 Cybor-Netic bnllant 8 way blaster 1.25 G079 Donkey Kong AI200 1 25
G080 Crazy Sue II......best piattor to date 125 GG8t Super Skoda Challenge (A track editor) t .25 G082 Star Trek similar to raid 2 but harder t 25 G083 Doody . . Very cute A extremely addict 1.25 G084 Wonder Land amazing graphic 1.25 G035 Deluxe Pacman best ever m ease 1.25 GO06 Card Games Ccileclion . 1,25 GQ87 Y7tzard Domains dungeon type games 1.25 GQ88 Ka'atnz (not A1200). . Arcade tetns done 1 25 G089ArAcesll wey playable shoot them up 1.25 G090 Otnello . best pd version 1 25 G091 Mouse impossible very addictive puzzle 1.25 G092 Tetren most polish ever release 125 G093
StnkebaiJ... brilliant base ba l clone 1 25 G094 Trai a azer (not A1200) ..bniiiant 1.25 G095 Fighting Warnor like street fighter 1 25 G096 Dominoes only ore of it kind Oh pd 1.25 G097 Total Wars ..strategy like chess m space 1.25 G033 Bathe Car 2 3D car readng 1.25 G099 Nester Care Game hours of fun for a quit 1.25 G100 Rouiete amencan rouiete exoeHent 125 GtO! Trailtfazer 2 . C64 conversion 125 G102 E-T po 2 very good asteroid 125 G1Q3 Orenpiad Olympic sports events 2.50 G104 Descender Game lank.search 125 GlQ5 0biidox excellent arcado puzzie game 1.25 GI06
Parachute Jovst quite playable 125 G107 Castle of Doom vg graphic adventure 1 25 G103 Wioble Wor.d Gody a-ge platform game 1.25 G109 Cash Fruit good fruit machine 1.25 G110 Amos Cncket cricket games 1.25 G111 Extream Violence .2 player battle Out 1.25 G112 Engma Machine, very cnal enging puzzle 1 25 G113 Mega Ban 2 . D'eak out done 1.25 G114 Bounce A Blast bn!iiant platform 10 10 125 G115 Zombies A Defender. 2 fantastic games 1 25 Gt 18 Mercaneries Simulation 3D wars games 125 G117 Life iimruiotion very interesting 1 25 GIISTransp ant dozen of lavei fast a'cade 1 25 G119 Kiawz jne Kat
great piaTform games 1 25 G120 Highway Hell ike spy hunter on the cS4 1.25 GI21 Operatikn Firestarms ..bniiiant 1.25 G122 Castle Kumquat.. similar to asien breed 1.25 G123 Back Dawn, pril ianl graphic adventure 1.25 G124 Moha 5 4 . Ihe latest dungeon A dragon 1,25 G125 Bridge good version of bridges 1 25 G126 0rk Attack ...bloody adventure 1.25 G127 Rebounce 2 p!ayer lutunstic break out 1 25 bniiiant car racing 1.25 new vertical shoot em up 1 25 G130 Kungfu Chartres mix with platform bniiiant 1.25 Gt3i Rato 4 latest vertical scroll snoot em up 1 25 G132 Quizmaster . .
Very gooo quiz program 1 25 G133 Elevation ...games base on lift 7? 1 25 G134 imperial Walker base on star wars games 1.25 G135 Starbase 13 ..like monkey island 2.50 G136 Amos Loadsa Money best frui machines 1 25 G137 Mr Men Olympic many even) to complete 2.50 G138 4 L C D Dream 4 small hand held games 1 25 G139 Neighbour Games . Base on the tv senes 2 50 G140 Time Runner (WB2 3) brilliant graphic 1 25 G14t Golf . . .one o' the first and descent golf 2 50 G142 Amos Cncket 2 , amos cricket simulator 1 25 G143 Mugsy Revenge gangster graphic adv 1.25 G144 Jiasaw very playable
jigsaw games 2 50 G145 Bobby Garden * Digger bniiiant 1.25 G146 High Octane . Fas! Car reacing (notwDl 3} 1,25 G147 Time Runner..amazing graphic adventure 1.25 G146 Space Invasion 2 fantastic galaxian 1,25 G149 Automobiles pd version of skidmarks 1.25 G150 Bandit Mania, brilliant fruit machine demo 1,25 G151 Project Buzz Ba* .....bnliianr asteroid 1.25 G152 Gun Fight [not A500) ..... ..... T 25 G153 Tne Real Popeye C4 .....a500 1.3 only 1.25 G154 Syslern Defend bnliaitn defender system 1.25 G155 Amiga Boy game boy emulator +tetrls 1 25 G156 Dalhell In Space
recommanded 1 25 G157 Overian.der brilliant arcade moon alert 1.25 G158 Serious Backgammon . ..the best in pd bg 1.25 Gl59StarWoid ...brilliant thrust 2.50 G160 Un-Sensioie Soccer similar to sensi 1.25 G161 Fruit Mania .bniiiant fruit machine 1.25 G162 Trickle Treat. ... . (ike doom on the pc 1.25 G163 Football Manager now version 1.25 G164 Solo Assaull 3D iike wing commander 1.25 G165 Seed of Darkness graphic adventure 125 Gl66 Nana Fly .superb explore game 1,25 G107 The Great Gold Rato .. . Very addicted 125 G 68 Ant War VI
9 .not 1.3 1.25 G169 Zero Morph great graphic 1 25 Gl70 Task Force mind shadow clone 1.25 G17t Green Five amazing 3d graphic like 1.25 Gl 72 Professional Bmgo Ca ler 1.25 G173 Marta! Sprit. Like street fighter 2 1 25 G174 6 Excellent Cara Games ..collection 1 25 Gl75Sitz2 .. . Fast action shooting games 125 G176 Exit 13 ..bniiiant puzzle 1 25 G177 Temporal Mispiacemenl graphic adv 125 G178 A Day at the Races horse raorg games . 1 25 G179 Boulder Original .with 80 levels 1.25 G180 Boulderdash. Cave level
construction kit 125 G181 BoUdor Collection 2 3 160 levels 2 50 G182 Boulder Pack with 670 levels on 8 discs 7.39 Gl83 Aien Net Work new spacing invader 1.25 Gi&4 Barte Force .excellent text adventure 1.25 G185 Gnu Chess the best chess with 10 levels 1.25 G166 Sword Of Yigg .graphic adventure 1.25 GtB? Power Tetns for 1 or 2 ptoyer 1 25 G168 Super Smashing Tetri* . 1.25 G1S9 Chess II A Checker ..... 1 25 GT&0 Gravity Force 2 1 or 2 player thrust done t 25 G191 Schneiutz ......puzzle games 125 G192 Delexe Gala v2 3 ..... 2 player 125 G193 The Kmiian incmdent like e ite2 epc
125 G194 Quantum maze colect A escape type 125 G195 Rag to Rcnes ...like monopoly 1 25 G196 Wipe Oul. . . Mind3ess blasting games 1 25 G197 Gocz i'a ...another shoot em up 1.25 G198 Super Mega Font .a'l new fruit machine 1.25 G199 Driving Maniac 30 car racing very fast 1 25 G200 Planet Fall .....Umer lander done 1 25 G201 Buck Tooth Adventure .. 1.25 G202 Pengo 2 maze type games 1.25 G203 Super Obliteration similar lo pang 2 1 25 G2Q4 Super Invasion II new spacing invader 1.25 G205 The Sheperd. . Br liant populous ciosne 1.25 G206 Aiien Genocide shoot a'lers
set in space 2.50 G207 Puckman . , . Pacman 1.25 G20S Super Battle Zone 3D not wa t 3 1.25 G209 M'A’S'H similar to lemming and worms 1.25 G210 Last Soldier multilevel platform games 2 50 G211 Cbbertech . Exce ent a'ien breed dene 2.50 G212 Hangman . ... anyone for a game? 1 25 G213 Ace Space ......nice platform game 1.25 G214 Colourmanta .. puzzle game 1 25 G215 Harry Haddock bhiiiani platform games 125 G216 Mangle Fender ... smash upcarttank etc 125 G217 Arcade Games Oassto ViA2 . 2.50 G218 Helicopter play like desert sinks 1
25 G219 Cow War very addicted 2 player games 1.25 G220 Island play like monopoly 1.25 G222 Lottery Professional this version use '.25 G223 Monopoly , board games-ihe best version '.25 G224 Jet Willy 3 excellent platform games 1.25 G225 Flamming Engine ...superb car racing 1,25 G226 Power Machines grapntoaiy brilliant shoot 1.25 G227 Suicide Machine,operation wolf style 1.25 G228 Zaxxon 3D superb c64 3D blaster games 1.25 Super Leagues Oh no, it’s those bloody lists again. To stop me getting RSI and dying from boredom, I’m going to launch a letters page if I can get
enough letters. Write in with any requests for cheats, gripes, complaints or recommendations.
Sports Simulations
- Renegade
- Impressions
- Renegade
- Ocean
- Krisalis
- Ubisoft
- Gremlin
- Anco
9. FOOTBALL GLORY . - Kompart
- Virgin
- Electronic Arts
- Krisalis
- Renegade
- Audiogenic
- Audiogenic
- Gremlin
18. GOAL!
- Virgin
- Audiogenic
- US Gold
- Daze
- Virgin
- Audiogenics
- Microprose
- Audiogenic
- Virgin
- US Gold
- Renegade
- Ocean
- Admiral
- US Cold
- Domark
- Anco
- US Cold
36. KICK OFF 2
- Sierra
- Challenge
- Loriciel
- I'eani 17
- Electronic Arts
- Audiogenic
- US Gold
- Unmarl:
- Mindscape
- Daze
- Mindscape
49. TV SPORTS BASKETBALL . - Mindscape
50. DISC
- Lorieciel
- US Cold
- Flair
- Black Legcnd Kompart
- Mindscape
- Grandslam
- Mindscape
- Black Legend Kompart 5B. ZANY GOLF
- Ubisoft
- Loriciel
- Ubisoft
- Ocean
- Grandslam
- loriciel
- Krisalis
- Psygnosis
- Ocean
- Empire
- Bethesda
- Rage
- US Gold
- Millenium
- Grandslam
- Millenium
- Rainbow Arts
- Microids
- Krisalis
- Boms Games
- Infogrammes
- Gametek
- B.U.II.
- Krisalis
- Rainbow Arts
- US Gold
- Electronic Arts
- US Gold
- Digital Warehouse
- Domark
- Black legend
91. TRACKSUIT MjkNAGER 2 ¦ Alternative
- Anco
- Boms Gaines
- Komparl
- US Gold
- Krisalis
- Infogrammes
- 1-Play
- Summit Software .
Flight Simulations
1. TFX
- Ocean
- Empire
3. GUNSHIP 2000
- Microprose | 4. F117A
- Microprose
- Digital Integration
- Psygnosis
- Virgin Rowan Software
- Virgin Rowan Software
36. BIRDS OF PREV The infusion of fresh talent into Amiga Action
Send entries to Amiga Action IDC Mediar Media House, Adligton Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP
- Electronic Arts
- Microprose
- that ion
- Cinemaware
- Microprose Racing
- Core Design
- Acid Software
- Microprose
- Gremlin
- Arcane
- Acid Software
- Thalion
- Gremlin
- Microstyle
- Black Legend
- Black Magic Guildhall Leisure
- Gremlin
- Acid Software
14. ATR
- Team 17
- USGold
- Psygnosis
- Thus
- Gametek
- Titus
20. TOP GEAR 2
- Gremlin
- Mindsc.ape
- Gremlin
- Electronic Arts
- Team 17
- Codemasters
- Electronic Arts
- Grandslam
- Gremlin
- Lankhor
- Accolade
- Gremlin
- Mandarin | 33. SUPERCARS
- Gremlin | 34. LOMBARD RAC RALLY
- Mandarin I 35. PRIME MOVER
- Psygnosis
- Gremlin
- Activision | 38. RED ZONE
- Psygnosis I 39. INDY HEAT
- Storm The Sales Curie | 40. SUPER MONACO GP
- US Gold | 42. PSYBORG
- Lorieciel | 43. HARD DRIUIN’ 2
- Ubisoft | 46. RVM HONDA
- Microslyle I 47. TURBO OUTRUN
- US Cold | 48. HARD DRIVIN'
- Domark | 49. VIRTUAL KARTING
- Idea I 51. BADLANDS
- Domark 52. 4D 5PORTS DRIVING
- Mindscape | 53. GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT
- Unknown
- Ubisoft
- Ocean
- Ubisoft
- Elite
- Accolade
- Ocean
- Millenium Stratergy
1. SIM CITY 2000
- Maxis
- Kompart
- Bullfrog
- Impressions
- Electronic Irts
- Microprose
- Gremlin
- Microprose
- Mirrorsoft
- Microprose
11. D-DAY
- Impressions
- Black Legend
- Maxis
- Ubisoft
- Electronic Arts
- Impressions
- Electronic Arts
- Turcan Research
- Virgin
- Infogrames
- Mindscape
- Impressions
- Vulcan
- Impressions
25. SIMCITY (and terrain editor)
- Impressions
- impressions
- Impressions
29. K240
- Gremlin
- Ubisoft
- Krisalis
- Electronic Arts
- Elecronic Arts
- Blue Byte
- Mirage
- Grandslam
- Unknown
38. BREACH 2
- Repressions
- Virgin
- Mirrorsoft
42. ROME AD92
- Millenium
- Ocean
- Ocean
- US Gold
- Krisalis
- impressions
- Unknown
- Activision
- Mirrorsoft
- Mirrorsoft
53. HISTORYUNE 1914-1918
- Blue Byte
- Impressions
- Impressions
- Kompart Max Design
- Daze
58. 1869
- Flair
- Mirrorsoft
60. RISK
- Unkown
- Impressions
- Intercom
- Unknown
- Impressions
- Electronic Arts
- Unknown
- Virgin
- Thaiumus
- Impressions
- Krisalis
- US Cold
15. FLOOR 13
- Virgin It. STARLORD
- Microprose
- Slarbyste
- US Cold
- Microprose
- Mindscape
- Mirrorsoft
- Electronic Arts
- 55
- Impressions
- Domark
- Impressions
- Impressions
- Ocean
- Electronic ZOO
- Impressions
- impressions
- Rainbow Arts
- Impressions
- Impressions
NEXT GENERATION C D- ROM a: The Generaton The Amiga games
renaissance is being led by the new generation of CD-Rom games.
Over the nest two issues Hugh Poynton rounds up the stars of
tomorrow produced by the biggest company ensuring that it
reaches the largest market possible.
Blackblade An impressive looking CD-Rom is currently under development from Italian developers Blackblade. The pictures and technical specifications of this fantasy flight sim definitely make it look like an Amiga game of the 21st Century. It will, so Blackblade tell us, use a revolutionary graphics engine and storyline management device somewhat similar to X-wirig and a techno CDDA soundtrack.
Hopefully the game will become available sometime in the late spring of this year.
However, it is not known whether the game has a UK publisher.
Check out Blackblade's Web site at: httpv7www2.shiny.it -yaggf Generation CD Rom Amiga titles.
The CD release of Hellpigs will include If something doesn't evolve, it dies. This is a general basic unarguable fact. The history of evolution is full of branches of species that died out because they just couldn't adapt to their recently changed environment. Technology is no different - if something can't compete, it will fall by the wayside.
In recent months, news of exciting new Amiga based projects has emerged. Projects endorsed, not by large software houses with an interest in revamping the fortunes of the Amiga market, but rather by smalt independent developers and recently formed young hopeful companies.
All these software companies and developers share an interest in using the software they write to help boost the evolution of the Amiga from a late '80s home computer to a fast powerful machine capable of meeting the spec of the latest Pentium.
With this month seeing the launch of Direct Software's 1 Gig hard drive, M bit chip Power Amiga, we take a look at a few of the leading players in the rebirth of Amiga gaming.
Demistar Demistar is the first of four CD games that the Rios Lebed Project plan to bring to the Amiga. It's impressive and technically advanced and Demistar still manages to combine elements of such classic games as Asteroids, Gravitar, Rip-Off and Choplifter.
Demistar is about a deep space mission to destroy asteroids that cause navigation hazards for flight traffic. However, some members of the team meet with a suspicious end and the final remaining crew member is pressed into military service to lure into the open the unknown force that has destroyed his team. The plan works and the alien enemy emerges, but the remaining crew member is left without backup and it is up to him to battle the enemy single-handedly.
Demistar is unique in its use of Lightwave (the graphics package behind Babylon 5 and SeaQuest DSV) to generate the large, beautifully textured sprites. In addition to this the game has video sequences which, among other things, feature the very same Lightwave generated sprites used in the game.
At the moment the exact requirements are not known, but all those CD-Rom owners could be in for a real treat.
Hellpigs Vulcan Software's speciality, until now, has been producing games that, although encourage Amiga owners to upgrade, aren't really buik for truly high spec machines.
This is all set to change with the long awaited release of Hellpigs (probably some time in March).
Although the game will be available on floppy disk, this version will require 22 disks in total which will entail quite a lot of Blackblade disk swapping and won’t have all the features of the CD version. Next week we look at three more Next hundreds of Megs of FMV footage, actors, full speech and top quality graphic animation. The game will also be rated 1 8 Certificate due to the strong language (and perhaps, dare 1 say it, as a bit of a publicity stunt). It will be a landmark in Amiga games history as, although it may not be the most advanced game in development, it is FEATURE 82 ON ONE
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CD-ROM Drive ™«d ..£229.95 CALL 0500 223 FREE 1 have always
fumbled my own way around any problems I've encountered or
asked friends for advice.
Now that most of my friends have taken the PC road however, I thought I would turn to you.
I've been having problems with Worms - the game, not the disease! (thank god! - ed) It seems It's looking for a CD32 joy pad and won't work with my mouse. I borrowed a joy pad and changed the settings, but the next time it still didn't accept my mouse.
The only time I got it to work was when I booted without the startup-sequence, disconnected my CD-ROM, removed my CD files (mountlists, DOSDrivers etc.) and started it from shell. Oh yes, it also works if disable my hard drive and run it from floppy but then it takes yonks to load and I don't have access to ail those custom levels.
I don’t want to have to do this every time, so could you help? Am I using the wrong device drivers? Should I remove my joysticks first? Do I wear the wrong socks? Anything you could suggest would help as I am being deprived of the best game since the last brilliant game came out, I am a Web designer for an Internet provider. What software would you recommend to manipulate graphics. I have Ppaint6,

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