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Disappeared from the Amiga world without trace Worship-Loathing Ratio Who? The other John Claim to famé The friendly face of Amiga Technologies UK. Smith had to face the daunting task of getting the Amiga back into the shops after an absence of over a year. Perhaps not surprisingfy, he was oniy partially successful; Tandy took a limited amount of Al 200s, but otherwise even Escom shops didn't get any supplies until it was too late for Christmas '95. Then he had to deal with complaints that the new A!200s weren't compatible with some Amiga software! When Escom went bust John Smith moved on to Pios. The Legacy Sadly Escom's problems crippled Smith's plans for the Amiga before he could see them through Where'd he go? To take charge of Pios's international selling and marketing activities Worship-Loathing Ratio 3:2 Early 1992 The A600 is launched in the UK, still a 68000-based machine but the first Amiga with an IDE controllet and a PCMCIA part; but the lack of a numerical keypad proves unpopular. Those who bought the A500 Plus meanwhile find themselves abandoned by Commodore. Later 1992 Commodore launch the new AGA Amigas. The A4000 comes first it's good, but expensive with an IDE rather than SCSI interface.

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Document sans nom Compo • Draw 65040 VERSION CAN BE EXPANDED TO A POLL BS060 VERSION'.
AMIGA 68040ERC and 68060 ACCELERATORS MM Sgjfcfe Now )nu can choose between the BsfWfMflKRC Cjbersiorm II or the mjttm UK*' “Itni powerful fiJtOMI version. When you fu a Cybersttin II6S060 MsffSL f Accclcratcif to your A3WW, A30UTT. A4m » or A400HT j lxi can. For Wk ( ream pie. RenJer a graphic with Imagine 2 0 software m just 3 4mins Cwnpin: that with a naiibt 1034 rains on a sundaid A4O00 UW1V With W no jumpers both Cyhcrst.xm lls are fully plug anJ play and A4QQ0 users can chowe ibe option of a SCSI-2 irmdule IA3H »user already ha c .SCSI built into their Amiga luidwarel.
• Up to 128Mb ot standard SIMMs cat) be installed and you can
even transfer the 72Pin SIMMS from your Amiga A4f(Kj straight
onto your new CyfcrsTo™
• Optional SCSI-2 module available
• If your budget currently only covers the cost of a fyheMom
II6SGWIERC, you can always upgrade btef to the full 68060
processor for estnpwer Q CybcrMorm II40MH?. T&MOKKC * f)Vlh -
Expandable to 12KMIs i34‘ qbcrstomi II 50MHz (Wfti -GMb •
Jixpandaltle to 128Mb £545 SnI, 5tHV KKJ J504t 2tHHI ? Standard
AI m 1 Standard AonHI iUU:| |A1 IK) shIi 1-MiHV ;Hn i.Mb
Cyberstorm U SCSI-2 Module Cyberstorm II SIMM RAM Expansions t
plnuc oil for prices Monitor Sw ikhcr |Standard Aimm, oio |
Annua svnli 1.N0T FltC JO iOHHt t.i t.vhr7slcffniU l itl|
|. 2o- vutli I2NI. Levies t.Mb ~ (Mtnfkirutitr Mil'S mf
irmaiuv figures measured using Swbifa Fad) board bait the
qfprrpnntr SIMM fitted 'nymnd fa actuate accekmlw.
At 1 0 iPtMi With 2IMI. IlfrU JL I.Mb A4LXX) with C'-slK-rMnrni. 'OtiO & 4Mb BUZZARD 123WV, 12W-T ERC ft 1260 ACCELERATOR BOARD FEAIURES,.
* May lie disabled wnlv sniple Kcwri’he on IhhiI up - lt Full
Gantn (uhijMlihtlil).
Even hldly pfiigraim-d iJdn Softwut1
* Battery EudnJ Set Keduijte Real Tunc Guk
* ifegh Perfnminu- F. fun-+:« mh full 32-Bi wide DMA
* Ebj TopJorr lisultEK*! - sw medicals *iv rnpitred112*71 ESC
fife m T i«wl
* 1230-rv features PfiA Frl Svker aaowing OfX* n] v'MHz. 6d8$ 2
FPT 2040erc yiL- A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU -
40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60
for *T0WER SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Std, Exp. To 1287256Mb
30MJPS with 60 Nanosecond 5 MM fitted 040 Blizzard 2040LRC
Turbo Accelerator Memory Hoard nf The Rlo ofJ 2040ERC is a
super new LOW COST bard which offers A 200 Mu oarer- the
oppvxtuiutv to upgrade to the some performance a? Our Bli eard
122tiT.BC board, L sers wifi then he able to enjoy full
A-JOOdWO powct as well is tale advantice of the built in SCSI-2
The "ERC Ptccessors usd on the-e hurdi arc recycled ami vigorously tested 6S040 CPUs operating at 40MHzuith MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed and competitive], priced alternative, 20-iOF.RC: Turbo tflMHz 680p;i A MMU FPU 0Mb, 32-Bit FaM RAM • Expandable to 128Mb Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo Accelerator Memory' Board A super LOW COST A1200 Turk* Accelerator fiord, ideal for housing on any 'Tower System !2«i main board (mechanical dimensions, high paver consumption and heat emio-ion require an xtiic cooling cap - *e therefore do not recommend fitting to standard A12007 witfacut the appropriate
mulilfcataoiis etc. I. The LHC Proccs'ori used on these bcurd' are recycled and vigorously tested frSbfO CPIs operating at 40MHz with MMV FPU • an exedknt gairmtfd and competitively priced alternative. Available options such as the SCSI-IV Kit and HAM are shared with the Blizzard I230TV and 1260.
12-tOT LRC Turbo tO.MIIz 6B0-I0 & M.MUTTU
O. Mb. 32-Hit last RAM - ExjundiNc to !28 2%Mb A1200 TURBO
ACCELERATOR i and MMU-50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard, Exp. To
128 256Mb
9. 91 MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted Blizzard 1230 MklY
Turbo Accelerator Memory Board The hkhest ptrforaing 68030
accelerator available f x vow AI2HH With its 50MHz 68030 and
With a Sysfnfo rating of
9. 911using a 60 S'anosecond SIMM I you can ve the I2XJ-IA' is ’
very fast- a performance gain of up to 5CW is achieved' , Via
its Fast Expansion Bus, an optional SCSI-2 Controller module
can he easily fitted. An industry standard SIMM , 00R socket
piov ides for up to 128Mb of auto-configuring 1 E*5Y 1 .-mq
32-Bit FAST RAM lot up to l Mb with the SCSI-2 i
Un lrfifit*S'an M rtS*n oprkra using its extra SIMM socket 1.
I c.nabl« tow 1230 1V Turbo 3f.Mllr 68030 M.MI 1 , 0Mb.
3-Hit Fast RAM c-i CQ.95 ExpjncUIMc to 12K‘256Mh Fast 60
Nanosecond SIMM RAM Expansions 32-Bit, “2 pin (Callfor[inosi
Motorola Maths Co-processor iCall (mi PGA type FPL'. SOMHz
i p*o**4ta £329wteB060 £279” full 6B06° iiWA® A1500 2000 TURBO
ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 Qmb Standard, Expandable
to 128Mb 38-71MIPS with mo Nanosecond SIMM fitted Blizzard
2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers A150tV20fX] owners
the same specification as the Blizzard 1260 Turbo (A IKKVIOOOs
wili operate at up u five limes the speed of a standard
A400(b j with Fl'LL 68060 POWER k also includes built in
SCSI-2 interface! If yiHJE want the fasten A 1500(2000
around., fit a Bliz ard 2060now!
2060 Turbo 30MHz 68060 & MMU FPL' v ith butb tn SCSI 1 1 0Mb, 32-Btt Fast RAM - Expandable to 12HMh 060 SCSI-I r KIT .SCSI-2 Module for 1230-1V. 1240T'HRC and 1260, wilh additional 128Mb SIMM socket (Fast SCSI-2 D3L3 Controller - up to 10Mb sec transfer rates uiib additional SIMM socket allowing extra memory to be fitted i SY PHONE: Simply ull ouf order lint. Wt accept VISA. Masttrcard. AtctH. Swrtth.
Corovett. Otha AM£X and lanfainl Cftdrtthirgt (most ‘store cards' it* Lorrhard tg D'jors. Currys etcF - WITH NO TRANS ACTION SURCHARGES!
BY POST y FAX. Include your name, address and daytime-evening phone l« number phis order details. II chargirg a credit,'debrt card indude., number aid vaM frwn'fipiry date [and issue number wnth Switch cards) Make Cheques (please alkw 7 days clearance).
Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers limned.
GH PRICES: Please remember to confirm prices In case you are looking at an ’old' magazine Prices can change (up or down) before the magazine’s cover month has passed Please confirm before sending orders by post Prices inc VAT at 17 5%.
Mease Note Memory SIMM & FMJ prices may change without warning due lo enhangt rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price pnoc to ordering.
OUR OF'EKIHG TIMES AfE... Monday to Saturday.
9. 00am until 500pm Blz aii2 adCrcsrm pnvixt use MGTDWMA
tripntewrs They run WITTTLN 1 - rh.trs.il iimtvg sg diciuan
Ls! Then Hv ,vy e.-.ii itj jri pancnt any prrvaUe (M-rirataig
rr'uhilfi pnhim' Su, wftefi V«'J pavfor 3 A'MHi t PI spisd J'
h cu.i!ple. thatv tuclh wtu? Yru get . Nut a Pi. 35 urrsiti a
ivtlll? C?1 'ihLed' to N: Hr1 Uii M he ilvr M0T0R0L5 MOTDATED
Vw vuut purartn. t uuf inmitiiircffl tu tju.i!;tv jivi!
Rc-lahilnv BFVSARE d 'elm Lai* E'l ff T'
• ij fR( pnecsscih unJ un n-hinJ hu*J' are [r.VLirJ anJ vipwatdy
le ;e i .ipcraita:y.'MHz • an eiiritrt poirjrCcwi oaJ
nrr.peu.neh prvis! Iitrfra GORDON HARWOOD DEUVERY We otter
prompt sbrpment with fully insured eipress delivery options
throughout the UK, Europe and WcrWwide at a very modest cost
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10 NON UK MAINLAND DESTINATIONS ¦ please call for timeslprices
etc. EXPORT: Wosl items are available Worldwide, and at TAX
FREE PRICES to non EC resideds and most overseas UK Armed
Fortes Personnel (with COY document) OVR RASGE HAS WOX MORE
STANDARD Di'pt.AC0 D1 New Street, Alfrcton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 01 773 836781 What the Magazines think... Amiga Shopper 9l*o STAR BUY ' the Btizxnt 1260 is destined fa Oeomie tbe ultimate abject of desire for A Uin m iters.'
RliHfgd Computing 92% Bll E CHIP *... want the fastest Amiga in the World, get this board.
Amiga Formal *.. Ride an the fastest A1200 in the Wurttl .*• 95c* GOIJ3 Rating GH WARRANTY Standard 12 month warranty or. Ask about Gffs opbonz I comprehensive extended options which are always recommended tor professional users to minimise costly down time. Ask GH for full details.
Or FAX: 01 773 831040 email; 100271.3557@compuserve.com o OMM ENT Wondering Tina Hackett worries that all the cyber-theorising will put off potential users the Internet is not some Gibson-esque nightmare. Treat it for what it is - a useful medium for getting information from all around the world on a diversity of topics. It has its faults - overcrowding on-line, slow downloads and a fair share of home pages with nothing but rubbish on them.
At the stage it's at now, it's not going to threaten mankind as we know it In some respects we should learn from the States in that many people have turned the Net into something useful (where would have I been without the on-line guides I printed off before my trip to America?) But we really do need to get things into perspective.
Tina Hackett, Editor f you're going to San Francisco...don't forget your Web address. It's not quite the same as wearing flowers in your hair, but that is the latest trend hitting California as I discovered on a recent trip out there.
Now, having led a somewhat sheltered life in a Cheshire village where if you mentioned http or WWW you'd be looked at as if you'd just swapped your tractor for a VW Golf, it came as somewhat of a shock to find that over in the States, Web addresses are as common as telephone numbers.
It's quite a strange phenomenon. I visited Haight Ashbury - renowned '60s centre of the peace movement and home to Flower Power.
Gone are the hedonistic days of chilled out hippies - they've all swapped their underground zines for computers and electronic mail.
Shops selling weird and wonderful hippy items now boast an on-line presence which they proudly advertise across their doorways.
You can even find The Haight Ashbury Free Press on-line (http: www.webcom.com haight ) which brings you the latest news from the Haight Ashbury Underground, Further inland is Yosemite which has the tallest waterfall in the USA and some of the most spectacular scenery to be seen. Oh yes, it also has a Web address (http: www.y osemite.com). Then, of course, there are all the bars, tourist attractions and newspapers on-line.
Whether this is something unique to California, I don't honestly know. There's a lot of talk of The Californian Ideology (see http: www.wmin.ac.uk media HRC ci calif5. html) - which puts it down to the "cultural bohemianism of San Francisco with the hi-tech industries of Silicon Valle '.
Whatever it is, it's obvious that the UK is way behind in terms of accepting that the information superhighway is here to stay and that it is more than just an empty buzzword.
However, perhaps we Brits shouldn't set out to imitate the Californians too closely. There are many so-called Web philosophers out there who could actually harm the Internet before it even starts - they go beyond just accepting the Internet as a useful tool of modem life. In fact they believe its impact to be so great, that they are determined to theorise the whole concept to death. The result of this cybergibberish could World Wide be that many people who are just starting to feam about the Internet could be put off for life.
Okay, fair enough. It would be irresponsible for us to plough on without giving any thought to the implications of the technology we are using. But who wants to hear about qrberliber- torians and digital utopia? Do we really believe that people's brains will eventually be connected into one big computer or other such nonsense as some of the US gurus are predicting?
I'm not denying that there aren't social and political considerations relevant to Cyberspace.
However, the net is often criticised for secluding many sections of society - we could end up isolating many more people who actually want to get connected with the pretentious hyperbole that is so fashionable.
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sector EZ3 Dave Cusick chooses the best PD and Shareware for
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does not cause long delays when booting up.
All cables, instructions, interface, etc., included as well as a 12 month warranty and full technical support.
UN* mm ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.99 ULTRA 8 SPEED £199.99 yzn null for hiriimr dak f DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
A" itfees i'rjsfuPe VAT. Rastaspf;Pf&)*% v ff* f;» &ar%FS 3*: £3.50 per ryrte?
£7-5C kvt £'2.50 rest.
News ?ti Chart Toppers GT1, the mail order Amiga software specialists have just released their product charts for October 1996. Topping the Amiga Productivity top ten is the English version of 1-Browse, followed by Turbo Print Prof 4.1 and Asim CDFS 3x. The tools and utilities compilation Aminet 14 proves to be the most popular CD Rom, while Hugo and Killing Grounds are the best selling games.
Quffins At School Puffin Books have established the first children's books web site intended for use in the class room and at home. The Puffin House will contain educational but fun material about Puffin's best-selling authors and books.
GITA the digita group black horse house exmouth exsiji. England Telephone: 01 395 270 273 Facsimile: 01 395 268 893 Email: uift*&digira.demcm.co.uk Iig Brother Is Watching You A new survey conducted by UW Software has revealed figures that suggest company employees could be abusing the Internet in the workplace. The survey could be worrying for IT managers and departmental managers, it has found that:
• 65% of respondents believed that at least a quarter of employee
time spent accessing the Internet was not productive
* 75% admitted they had no way of identifying which sites were
visited by company employees
* 62% willing to express an opinion believed that 'personal
browsing' was a major time waster on the Internet
• 74% felt that departmental managers were more concerned with
Internet abuse than the IT manager.
The survey was earned out to coincide with the launch of Uwwebmon - a device designed by UW Software to monitor which sites were being visited by which employees.
IUSINESSES LOOK AT THE VALUE IGITA LAUNCH NEW Amiga range Digita International have released four new Amiga packages, including the world's first CD word processor. Wordsworth 6, Wordsworth 6 Office, TurboCalc 4 and Personal Paint 7 are all available on CD Rom or floppy disk.
Prices start at £39.99, with the recent version of Wordsworth 6 Office at £49.99. The latest incarnation of Wordsworth includes new drawing tools, more Arexx commands, password protection of documents, watermarks, 50 Compugraphic fonts and over 1,000 pieces of clipart.
For further details e-mail Digita at: info@digrta.demon.co.uk OF THE Net Another survey, this one conducted among London businesses, yielded surprising results. New research from CENTEC (Central London Training and Enterprise Council) has revealed that only 22% of central London businesses have Internet access, and only 8% think that connection to the Internet could improve business efficiency.
Even more surprising is the fact that a third of central London businesses didn't use computer systems at all. The use of computers and the Internet seems to depend largely on the size of the company in question.
Among firms employing fewer than 10 people, only 40% used computer systems.
Larger firms showed a much greater dependence on information technology. Sector also influences the use of computers in business with small retailing and hotel catering being the most likely to computer- less.
Typical of many businessmen's attitudes are those displayed by Richard Williams, managing director of Anthorp Ltd: The jury's still out on the Internet as far as I'm concerned. I haven't had much opportunity to look at it myself but it just seems like a waste of time. 1 can't imagine it has anything that would be beneficial to us.'
0LITTERSOFT Bargains Blittersoft, licensed manufacturers of Amiga computers announced a reduction in the prices of a selection of their machines. Prices range from £1,995.95 for an Eagle (Amiga) 4Q00TE 60 50 Mhz to £599.95 for an Eagle (Amiga) 1200TE. Blittersoft also sell the full Phase 5 range with prices ranging from £34.95 for CyberGraphx Software to £529,95 for Cyberstorm Mk II 060 50.
For further details contact Blittersoft on 01908 261466 Amiga Computing eb Skiers?
The Ski and Snowboard Show, held at Olympia on October 25 saw the launch of the most comprehensive UK web site for skiers. The site, ski.co.uk, contains all the relevant information that might be needed by ski fanatics, such as up to the minute reports on piste conditions and reports of skiing events across the world. The web site includes information on the latest holiday bargains, on-line brochures and guides as to the best ski equipment w Matthew Hare, managing director of Community, the Oxford based web authoring house that built ski.co.uk, commented, Ihe Internet has thousands of ski
related sites and ski.co.uk pulls together everything of interest to UK skiers making it easy for them to find what they are looking for,' HICH? ON the Web Which?, the biggest national consumer magazine, went online on October 31. The consumer online service will enable subscribers access to all the magazines and books from the well respected Which? Stable as well as offering them the ability to talk directly to Which? Online about a wide range of consumer issues. Using the service will enable customers to investigate potential purchases or find out about health or money matters.
Which? Online will be available for £14.75 including VAT, however for those who already have an Internet connection the site will be available at £7.95 a month including VAT.
ILLENNIUM BID FOR free Public Internet Access Spot of Interspotting... chairman of the group comments, 'At the moment only a privileged minority have access to computers, and even fewer to on-line information.
Connecting everyone through their public library is surely the best way to bridge the gap between the information rich and the information poor. This has already been recognised in the Pacific Rim and the USA where citizens' access to worldwide information is seen as a key component of economic competitiveness* If a new bid by the Information For All group for Millennium Commission funding proves successful, everyone could soon have free access to the Internet at their local public libraries.
The scheme aims to allow everyone, regardless of income or location an opportunity to share in the benefits of the Information Superhighway. If the scheme succeeds in its objectives people will be able to use the communications networks to gain access to learning resources no matter how far away, improve their ability to seek jobs and develop modern IT skills such as word processing.
As Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healy, Polygram video has just launched its official Trainspotting website following the exceptional success of the movie.
Launched on November 4, the site features movie clips, sound bites and pictures to download. Also included on the site are interviews with the author of the book, and writer of the screenplay, Irvine Welsh and director, Danny Boyle.
The site also includes information about the Calton Athletic Recovery Group who acted as technical advisors on the film.
The address of the Trainspotting site is http: www.trainspotting.co.uk For further information either go to your local library or have a look at Information For All's web site at http: www.ukukoln.ac.uk- informall Netcom, the leading Internet service providers are to hold training courses to help CID officers from the Bracknell Police Force become acquainted with the Internet.
The courses are intended to educate the police officers as to the workings of the Internet so they can attempt to combat its use for illicit purposes. Combating Internet crime is at present difficult because Police Officers have very little personal experience of the Internet to draw from.
The training courses will cover topics such as e-mail, FTP file transfer, IRC chat and newsgroups. Netcom views the training courses as the natural follow-on to the introduction of their 24 hour Internet Advice Line for Parents.
"Increasingly, our officers are finding themselves dealing with issues or complaints involving the Internet, often with little or no personal experience to help them. Insights gained from an Internet specialist like Netcom, coupled with some hands-on experience of how to navigate the Information Superhighway, provides a greater opportunity for us to learn how to detect and deal with abuses more efficiently and effectively than before'' commented Dl Jamie Williamson of Bracknell CID.
He Cat's Whiskers One of the weirder New Year gifts you could buy friends or family (preferably those with a cat fetish) is the 1997 Furry Female Calendar.
Hand drawn by Andrew Powell, and published with the help of an Amiga 4000 40 the calendar features 12 fabulous feline friends.
The first 30 copies will be signed by Andrew Powell. If you're interested send a cheque for S20 (US) or $ 25 (Canadian) to Andrew Powell, 5983 Swayze Dr., Niagra Falls, ON, L2J3K1, Canada IMS UNVEIL ONLINE MOVIE STORE Internet Music Shop are to include 23,000 VHS video titles in their previously CD only catalogue. Using the same proven search engine already used to hunt CD titles, iMS will enable customers to find even obscure titles. With 23,000 titles, iMS inform us that even '4 Wheel Drive Trail Riding' is available if that's your cup of tea... The iMS website is at www.musicshop.co.uk SLICK
BOOM Contact Anyone wishing to contact the makers of Capital Punishment should note that they have a new telephone number. You should phone PXL on Canada +1 416 868 6388.
Rumours are rife that Carl Sassenrath, a key member of the VIScorp staff, has quit his job with the company.
Following a posting on an Amiga Newsgroup, a letter allegedly by Sassenrath claims that VIScorp kept him in the dark, were 110 days behind in paying him and that he'd never seen "such an idiotic, screwed-up, incompetent company".
His name is no longer visible on VIScorp's Web site and the letter states that he was "vowing not to be a part of this lunacy".
Jason Compton, Communications Manager for VIScorp, told us, "Yes, Carl has publicly broken with the company. VIScorp has no official response to his charges or claims. We believe it is more productive to conduct business than become involved in flame wars."
Taff Troubles At VIScorp ¦IK i i FIXED PRICE ONLY £38.99 incl.
Est. 16 Years irs j
* ***** A500 Internal Drive A600 1200 Internal Drive KickStart
2,05 Super-Buster 1C A520 Modulator Xchg CHIPS | KEYBOARDS |
Amlaat) p! PC Keyboard jr.: ¦if
- 4MP- ComputerlServices ¦ "' A«vwr DAC«iWnLH AMIGA A1200 Repairs
only £48.99Fully Inclusive
* ***** qepairs while-you-wait add £10.00 **** crnmm mm We are
the largest distributor and retailer of Amiga spares in the UK
with an inventory of some 150,000+ parts. Large lantity
discounts and catalogue available to DART Computer Services
SALES Posta9e 4 Packl'’9 m E30° 105 London Road (0116)247 0059
LEICESTER __fax oi 1 b) 255 8643 LE2 OPF B 3 X £ ? Price
includes PARTS, LABOUR & VAT ? 90 Day Parts and Labour Warranty
? 24 hour turn-around on most repairs ? Includes FULL
DIAGNOSTIC, SERVICE & SOAK ? Upgrades fitted free with repair ?
If drive keyboard needs replacing + £10 (add C6.00 for return
carriage) A500 600 1200 PSU A1200 Keyboard A600 Keyboard A500
M Board v6 CD-32 PSU HuiJi OmniNet, a new product from ZyXEL,
was unveiled on October 22. The new product boasts extensive
telecommunication facilities at a competitive price. A
460. 8Kbps DTE serial port, Stac compression and V.42bis data
compression over ISDN enable the OmniNet to download large
multi media files easily and means minimum delays while web
The OmniNet also features two serial analogue ports that allow two ports to be used simultaneously so that you can talk on the phone while faxing, or E-mail while browsing on the Internet OmniNet is compatible with all operating environments.
ZyXEL aim to retail the OmniNet at about $ 299, For further details contact ZyXELs web site at http: www.zyxel.com Technocom are following Netcom's lead in introducing the US Robotics x2 modem technology. The x2 modem offers a data transfer rate of 56Kbps, nearly twice as fast as most current models.
The 56Kbp5 technology should greatly improve data transmission for Technocoms customers. According to Nigel Ramsey, technical director at Technocom Internet, the x2 will, 'almost halve time spent downloading information from the Internet.’ To contact Technocom Internet, phone: 01753 714200 ECHNOCOM TO INTRODUCE US Robotics x2 ew Omni.Net Web solution Amiga Computing Compatible ,ith both VHS and S-VHS!_ Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS... or. Take a signal from a TV wih SCART output... camcorder or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver .
Or, Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's video output including S-VHS.
ProGaO Vtfed .»s The Best Video Hardware product lor the An«g.r Ilrs a specialty pleasinc Because [he award comes from the Shopper magahnes readers Otr Satisfied Customers’ Camcorder User ccrrarmed .
Tf you're loofcrg for a hgh resolution 24 btc-gnser then, at tbs pnce.
Prc&ab 24RT represents grc.fi vrakie for morv' WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY.
The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame A grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same
* I time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and
excellent quality results. ProGrab™ I has earned honours from
just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
I And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a I simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
_ STAGE I... _______ | Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, IV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
L STAGE 2... ¦l With ProGrab's software, select an image you mk wish to capture using the on screen preview : *,! Window and Grab (because the hardware grabs IS. Frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze Bfr frame facility on the source device!), jp Once grabbed, simply download jjl and view the full image on your Amiga screen ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing sJE and capturing facility from TV or satellite sources.
I STAGE 3... f Ti Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word |B processor, DTP or graphics package- ProGrab really does make it that simplel ProGrab"' - A-Aga Shopper 95% STAR Buy and ifmarks |Mn-yrrJ Itkc "Sharp snip?nd faflhffil so me0n9m.nl cofc-d". Wc weir mi,3hli.VtnprK« r and... Hignty Rttomiwxfcd wii'.ihti yj j aw a ' Icograpm or a Grap'nt Am Iw ioiheftoQrfi 24RTP!uiTti i winner" Star Buy ¦ ProGfeb'* •Amga Form.fi 93% Gofd Rating 1:!
OfimerES ffte. "ProGrao 24ET Pus is quite 1 ¦ ¦ digitiser m get', •htridlt*; vfiuc for money ' "n dgaser offers sofiv-h fcf so Stile' When rr. • Vfcfi Amiga 24RT (=£0. Artga Format said .
Joursetf El00 and buy the much aperiiEPro Gran' CU Arr: ig? Sad ProGffiJ* c..
• jus: :riejob fertxgmnersinaserrlg A 1 I I T 4 ¦ potess mh 8} a
tigtn 'irry hard :o Defi. For the nxmcy not '-'V can ictxh ('
ProTef™ Terrestrial Satellilo TcfciexI Decoder '£rt acre u* fcr
grcorq »-?? Fwife nkptr&ntf ct PraGrab’' and he. R -uth tsitst
doA-*Md ratci Oxe Wt ¦rfcrmncrfia twndd*nto*Jrtl hmTrf" Jthm
y»i tb mr pag« tvornf»xb mote wattng *nbr yor TV tnn the ccwd
paries can be eiporltdHASa totfonaeihOVW or savrd as IF Grapha
fcr use n yur DTP FaStftaBcm hx tJorl need 3 Teierec tvmhk far
PmW* - w tignii can be feceiwd ffrot h a standsd VCR! £44.95
ProGrab is just ProGrab 24RT Plus ¦ Supports all recent Amiga*
and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images
In any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAMS mode
[Amiga RAM permitting!.
Saves and Loads images in IFF 1LBM. IFF 1 LBMZ4. JPEG. 0Mp PCX. And TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as AnltnS hies and anrmations with sound |rtquirrs PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler! As AnimS + 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods arc featured *n ProGrab Version 2.6.x, Photogenic* fully supports ProO.iD with a tuitom Loader to enable grabs dirrctty Irom within the program ¦ saving YOU timet
• Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities.
Number of frames dependant upon Amiga s RAM.
¦ Release 2.6.x software now includes...
• ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACIUDES - With etther Terrestrial or
Satellite TV signals.
¦ LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW ¦ Double Resolution and 4 times area of previous ProGrab software.
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT - Now compatible with composite PAL.
SECAM and NTSC Straight from the box!
ProGras ts suppled with just about everything yt j l need + ¦ ProGrab’* 24FTT Pfus Digitiser * Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit * Parallel Port Connecting Cable » User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
• f A video uxree cable will be required !0 match your own
equipment - Ask fcx det sfs
* Standard ProG'ct Careware tf PALfiECAWNTSC ccrracUe trterlxe
mode oplcns are w? n PAL and StCflM only PrcCiraO ** supports
any Amiga Hmb Ajrisrarr 704 or Ivcr and a rnrnmum of I 5Afo
free PAV S PCMCIA INTERFACE for A1200 and A600 PioGrani
opticrat PCMCIA Intetfacc indudo the Wcfl verson software and
extends performance for M-rtous protmonfi users - offering ttir
loftowmg bcrehts ¦ Faster Dowrfoadmg times |up 10 FIVE tirws
* Improved .snmaiicxs speeds of up to I Kps tnonof and J Wps
* Saw*} of animations Ctrrrt rn yixx Amg.tl fvrr' rkwr
• fictiivg of ycu» Arrvry P.a. lef Pod frv inr try a printer or
tffnv pwailct peripheral
• Sound samplng and .nnvcon c.ipkOlflics |scp,sr,«r sound sampler
rrqd see tjetoAj STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS Two l gh qufity 8-frt
sctnd sarrcYers spctflcafly tj designed for use with ou»
ProCjc.rh 24RT“ (ignwn. * are now avarVtsfe (PCMCIA interface
requred! | The H1F1 ver’S'Cn features Dv same JOWir A D
convertor used in the ProOfis1*. Meaning the majomum frtxjuenCy
¦* omy krvttd by [he Amvjirt hardware it Jso fvts a higher
b.»n }vVicJdi (40H? To ?0*tK ! Iron tne «.wLea vm*on Standard
Stereo Sampler £1 9.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24.95 Surname:
Initial(s) Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Address.
Post or FAX your requirements (quantity trade prices available) on the order form provided OR. If you'd simply like further rnformation please contact... County (Country): Postcode; Evening Phone: Daytime Phone; Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc Card holder's signature: Issue Number: (Switch Only) Valid From: iSwitth AVEX Ooiyj CORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS Department AC 0 Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7 BP FAX: 0T773 831040 email: 100271.35579compuserve.com ProGrab Plus 9 El29.95 £ PCMCIA Interface 9 £39.95 £ ProTef™ Teletext Decoder 9 £44.95 £ Standard Stereo Sampler 9 £ 19.95 £ Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler 9 £24.95 £ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Working Days) £ or an additional G for Next Working Day Delivery TOTAL £ SM3N t Sfl Aweb II upgrade ? MiTrix Development, distributors of the Aweb-ll web browser, has announced a new version. Upgrades to version 2.1 are free to registered users of version 2.0. Full versions will be available to new users of the
product by November 15.
The new version will support both HTML2.0 and 3.2 (including the support of tables), as well as feature separate control of background and other image downloading, client-side maps, a disk cache which is fully user-configurable, additional mime types, available grayscale palette and more. Plug-ins have been improved as well, such as FTP and MailTo. FTP may be used with FTPMount or AmiFTP.
Prices are listed as S45US or S60CDN, with S5 additional for shipping and handling if ordering direct from AmiTrix.
ALE OF PRODUCTS Internet Erotica", by Mary Anne Mohanraj, Amazing Computing refused to accept the advertisement.
1AM has stated they will not advertise in Amazing Computing unless all their products may be featured. It has asked the people of the Amiga community to renew Amazing Computing subscriptions and to subscribe if not already, but if they share the view that this type of advertising should not be censored, to point it out on subscription cards and through letters.
1AM also asked that information about their sales and products be passed by word of mouth as well as through its Web site, due to the fact they have lost a venue for advertising.
More information is available on the 1AM Web site. Amazing TAR TURN Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd., makers of The Digital Universe, has added two new features to its Web site. The first is a guest book, which they ask people to sign while browsing their site. Comments may also be sent to Syzygy in this manner.
The second new item is a WebBoard, which allows visitors to post messages in public and have public discussions with other users about one or more of many topics. Digital Universe owners are encouraged to use the WebBoard to communicate with others who share interests in astronomy.
A further feature of the Web site, not quite as new as those listed above, is the searchable index of astronomical images.
This is the largest resource of its kind found on the Internet Over 17,000 images are available. This part of the site is found at http: www.syz.com image5 . Intangible Assets Manufacturing has announced a new sale available through the end of 1996.
Some of the products featured include the Dave Haynie video ‘The Deathbed Vigil", Disksalv4, the book "Connect Your Amiga!"
MRBackup 2.5 and Megaball4.1AM accepts orders paid through cheques in US dollars, as well as Mastercard and VISA.
1AM has also written an open letter to the Amiga community concerning advertising problems with the North American Amiga publication Amazing Computing.
The company states it has had a full-page advertisement in Amazing Computing for the past six months without incident. However, when the ad 1AM usually runs was updated to include their its non-Amiga book "Torn Shapes of Desire: * A
• * ' ¦ i Syzy A * ¦ .
Gy.‘H6seardh & « «*¦** iTechrlol
- OIL ogy. Ltd.
? * - Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd. Has made some additions to its Web site at httprf ww w. syz.com HOWTIME The Gateway Computer Show Amiga97 will be taking place on 15 and 16 March 1997 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This is the third Gateway Computer Show and will feature, among others, companies such as SoftLogik, Intangible Assets Manufacturing, and QuikPak. User groups from other areas are expected to attend as well.
Admission is SlOUS per day or if purchased in advance, SI 5US for both days. A buffet dinner is available to a limited number of guests for S30US per person. Reservations in advance are required for this event A special rate is available at the Harley Hotel. Call 314-291- 6800 to make reservations and mention the Gateway Computer Show to receive the show rate. Airfare discounts on TWA flights are also available through Best Way Travel, at 314-291-0110.
AmigaZone is offering free to the public, two- week trial accounts. These accounts are limited to 2 hours a day for the 14 available days and those using these accounts will not be eligible for the weekly contests on Sunday nights.
Paying users do not have these limitations.
To receive one of these free accounts, write to harv@amigazone.com. In the letter, ask for the free account and state your real name, as well as any preferred handle or nickname.
Login information will be sent via e-mail.
Computing has made no public response to this letter.
N TRIAL Contact point AmiTrix Development 5312-47 Street Beaumont, Alberta T4X 1H9 Canada Phone Fax: 403-929-8459 Email: sales@amitrix.com support@amitrix.com WWW: http: www.networx.com amitrix index.htmf Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd.
B 1204-17a St. NE Calgary, AB T2E 4V5 Canada Phone: 403-276-1250 Email: sales@sys.com support@syz.com images@syz.com WWW: http: www.syz.com Harv Laser AmigaZone Sysop Moderator harv@amigazone.com Gateway Amiga Club, Inc c o Amiga 97
P. O.Box 811 Bridgeton, MO 63044 Voice: 800-829-8600 Intangible
Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Avenue Drexel Hill, PA
19026-2604 USA Voice: 610-853-4406 (orders only) Fax:
610-853-3733 Email: info@iam.com sales@iam.com WWW:
http: www.iam.com Amazing Computing PIM Publications
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 USA Voice: 508-678-4200
Fax: 508-675-6002 by Katherine Nelson Amiga Computing APITAL
this year, it is one of the best Amiga games of all time.
AMIGA FORMAT: GR est you're likely to see in an Amiga game.
AMIGA COMPUTING: GRAPHICS ' le best beat-em-ups for a long
time, It's one of the best games we've seen for a while. You
fhen you know you're going to be fighting other human beings
but even in one player i lMIGA COMPUTING: OVERALL 95% CU
AMIGA: "It has the best sound effects and mush ps. Stunning
lighting effects and backgrounds. Some cl +he best the Amiga
has ever seen."
Capital Punishment could take fighting games T " Final word: "Vvher.
Ou will never ever need to purchaseo " and rnc; kes of Body Blows, Shadow FighGji A l lGer:' ig game ever!" Capital - B vnbcit gcirc overing a combined area of PUNISHMEN T jT "This one keeps you fighting.
NG: “Do you want to see how ou see if, you will love it." CU AMIG* erja ame and it shows. Not only are the grap,, ,. Cxperien lay a part which is just how things should be in y , .. st polished and lar genre." AMIGA GAMES AWARD CU AMIGA: "Amazing animation speed. Speed, speed - ec tree! Fighter 2." Technical requirements: AGA Amiga (1200 4000 CD32 with hard drive). U .bout 15Mb of free space needed. FAST RAM is not necessary (but recommended). AMIGA Is are graphically outstanding, with either fog, mist, or thunder and lighting effects. The work that ha :s is certainly committed, and
this is partly what makes Capital Punishment a great game. It has beer mo are greatly-devoted to the Amiga. AM sund, unbelievable, realistic effects...the gciH esses of this year.11 AMIGA FORMAT Goi rniga." AMIGA FORMAT: PLAYABILITY 9 nment will for sure he 1 punishment is one o Hi for a descent becjr- Hal effects: tog. Light) c sarn to do better, effort is rewarded and skill Gart.
Ow-motion replay; realistic blood animation; reu screci. Flash c .n every screen no kes atre alls; screen scroll with every move, A unique Iff' f° maximize t n advanced collision detection system using foijt wl !0gs, and ait afne. AMIGA COMPUTING: Fans of Body Blows and Mortal Kombaf cannot fail unishments overall quality. AMIGA GAMES (Germany) Overall 94% AMIGA FORM icks make it look even more gorgeous. ClickBGOM have done wonders with ¦ orites are excellent, the backgrounds are excellent and generally everything locks terri sreenshots is the smoothness of the animation or the little
graphic tricks that have I xtremely fluidly. All the moves are executed quickly, smoothly and believably. The g a’ohics 1 1 swaying shadows, dark rooms which only become lit when the i ;her to make this one. Of the most atmospheric beat-em-ups you could wish • fou must be very interested-in the qame. Right? We!!, go and buy if. Now
* o; alt time. Rolt-on; Capita* Punishment 2!D Semi-tronspo-enf
3D shodu clkboomflio.org www.io.org ~clkboom amiga Pxl
computers Extracting Cover Disk files Before putting the cover
disks anywhere near your computer, write protect them by moving
the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see
through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your
disks in any way. There is also no reason why the cover disks
need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to
write enable the disks, don't do it.
To extract any single archive, simply double dick its icon, and follow the on screen instructions. If you want to extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen, and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next The Only one offering this month but boy it's a cracker! - and it's the exclusive full game too Bubble and squeak Author: Audiogenic bonus shoot-em-up rounds. The odd puzzle is thrown in forcing you to use that grey mush between your ears now and again and to add a little theatrical drama slowly raising waters don't let you dawdle
Squeak is not entirely a fifth wheel
- he does actually have a couple of helpful talents. If you get
him to stand still you can jump on his head and give yourself a
little extra height when you need to make those extra long
You can also bribe him into giving you a piggy back by putting three credits into a gum machine and then kicking it to give Squeak the gum. Jump onto his back and the two of you can jump higher and further than ever before.
Drive Audiogenic have told us certain disk drives have problems with Bubble and Squeak's copy protection. If you find the game asking you to insert disk 3 you should try running your machine holding down the left mouse button when you run the game.
This will flash the screen green to show it is trying the other version.
Recommended) Internal Drive) . I gram in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place double click on the SetupHD icon.
This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across.
Do not worry as it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find IVIultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk files. It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or Ram.
When you run IVIultiExtract, you will be presented with a num ber of check boxes, each represent mg one of the programs on that cover disk. Just de-select all the programs you do not want extracting, and then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first diskr but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer pro- disk. Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Proceed RAM: DF0- This is MultiExtract for all you sensible people with hard drives If your planet had just been taken over by an evil band of villains controlled by a vial tyrant called Kat of Nine Tails the last person you are going to send in to give them a good kickin' is a Charley Brown look-a-like.
But hey if your planet is called Grool go figure.
Your name is Bubble, and even though looking like a small baby might hinder picking up the nice ladies, you haven't got time to think about that sort of thing.
You have to guide you and your best, if PROBLEMS slightly stupid mate, Squeak through 30 tough levels to help rid the planet Grool of this nasty Kat of Nine Tales fella.
This isn't going to be a walk in the park, ooh no it certainly is not, as you have got to contend with snakes, red things that spit at you, baseball packing penguins and flying pink elephants with a nasty catarrh complaint.
On top of that your big buddy Squeak must have been on the old tranquillisers as he cannot do anything without having to follow you around. So not only do you have to negotiate all the nasties, you have to lead Squeak around all the platforms and lifts.
There are even curved platform sections that you can kick Squeak around - not that he seems to mind, those tranquillisers can be pretty strong you know.
Along the way are many things to pick up - gems boost your score, any food you find increase the number of hits you can take and if you find a little craft you get to go on one of the Amiga Computing If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street Bradford, IV, Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery If you have never played a platformer before, where have you been for the last 15 years? Haven't you ever heard of Manic Miner. Anyway controlling Bubble is dead simple - run and jump around like you are a mad idiot Depending on your controller, there are a couple of extra little things you need to know.
One button joystick Up - Jump Fire - Tire Kick Squeak around ramps Fire + Down - Fetch Squeak Use gum machine Two button joystick Fire 1 - Fire Fire 2 - Jump Fire + Down - Fetch Squeak Use gum machine CD32 Joypad Red - Shoot Blue - Jump Green - Fetch Squeak ©ompletely out of the blue, Phase5 has announced it's plans to release its very own computer sometime in 1997 - probably towards the later half of the year. Dismayed at the failure of Amiga Technologies to develop anything towards a PowerPC based Amiga, it has struck out on its own.
Phase5 wants to develop a powerful workstation based around its very own custom chip. This chip is currently under design by Phase5 engineers and will take care of most of the important functions in the finished A BOX. It wiff handle all memory administration, DMA for the video display, audio, blitter and I O functions. At present Phase5 hopes to have the first working silicon versions of the chip by mid 97.
In a sudden announcement, Phase5 tells of its Powerllp project and an all-new computer called the A BOX Titled Caipirinha, the custom chip is a VLSI chip and will be fabricated as a 0.35m CMOS chip. With a 128 bit memory bus and addition dual port buffers on the data lines, the chip will initially run at 100MHz externally and 200MHz internally. Caipirinha will provide the data through-put for functions not dependant on the processor such as 3-D and multimedia applications.
Second monitor in PAL NTSC or S-VHS resolutions or piped onto the primary video output into a window.
To accompany the processor the Caipirinha Dual role Initially the A BOX has been designed with PowerPC 603e and 604e processors in mind and theoretically these can be run up to 500MHz Caipirinha is a complex controller that manages both the system and memory. The A BOX memory is entirely managed by the Caipirinha chip in a Unified Memory Architecture or UMA. You should be aware the Amiga has two types of memory - chip and fast memory. Chip memory can be accessed by alt the Amiga's custom chips and the processor, while fast memory can only be accessed by the processor. Caipirinha's memory
space is like the normal Amiga chip memory in that any of it can be used to store any type of data - be it display data or program code.
Jargon BOX Unlike the Amiga's chip memory however, it will not be crippled by slow access speed.
By using a 128 bit data bus and high speed SDRAM clocked at 100MHz, the A BOX's memory bus has a peak bandwidth of
1. 6Gb s. which Phase5 says is enough to both feed the display,
processor and other parts of the A BOX.
Firewall - A standard high-speed send bus invented by Apple, Current implementations allow up to 200Mbits s to be transferred, the idea being any thing can be plugged into it, monitors, printers, modems, keyboards. Ail using the same connector, so you do not even have to think about adding peripherals. Future versions allow up to l,2Gbits s SDRAM - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, a form of DRAM which adds a separate clack signal to the control signals.
SDRAM chips support burst access modes that clock out a senesof successive bits On the display front, Caipirinha has two video DMA engines. One runs at 220Mhz and is the primary display, capable of screen resolutions up to 1600x1280 in 24 bit and with a refresh of 75Hz. A secondary genlock capable output runs at 135Mhz and can be used for a DSP • Digital Signal Processor, typically a highly optimised RISC processor used to perform complex mathematical functions or streams of data B HE CORNER-STONES OF THE CAIPIRINHA DESIGN: 128 bit high performance UMA (Unified Memory Architecture)
controller, using fast SDRAMs with a dock frequency of 100 Mhz and a maximum band width of up to 1.6 G-bytes second 64 bit processor bus with a maximum clock rate of 100 Mhz Y UV 4:2:2 quality audio inputs in 16 bit stereo CD quality LCD (TFT) controller according to the VESA standard a PCI bus interface for medium-performance I O applications a local 16 bit DMA bus with 66.7 Mhz and a maximum band width of 132Mb second for universal low-cost applications an integrated IEEE 1394 firewire controller for digital I O applications a desktop bus interface.
Two 24 bit video DMA units with freely addressable access, with integrated 24 bit video DACs four 16 bit audio outputs, 44.1 Khz with any number of virtual tracks, sample output FM and AM synthesis video-in ports for two independent video inputs in has a Flexible Area Movement Engine or FAME used to move and copy areas of memory around. Unlike normal blitters the FAME can handle none rectangular outlines. Also integrated in the FAME unit is a DSP. With it's own command set the DSP can be fully programmed allowing it to support specific multimedia and 3-D functions and because it is fully
programmable, as new standards appear, software can be updated to take advantage.
Audio output is stereo CD quality, internally the number of possible tracks is only limited by memory thanks to the use of virtual tracks. The FAME engine again plays a part allowing real-time effects to be applied, and FM-synthesised sounds are also possible using the DSP.
A PCI bus will be integrated into the Caipirinha and a local 16 bit DMA bus is provided along with a standardise firewall bus - a very high speed serial port. SCSI-11 will be standard with an external port and an integrated ISDN connection. Both video and sound input is possible and will allow realtime processing.
Initially the A BOX has been designed with PowerPC 603e and 604e processors in mind and theoretically these can be run up to 500MHz. The first A BOX design allows for two processors on the processor bus, with a second being added through an expansion option. Memory expansion will be via 64 bit SDRAM modules and with eight slots will have a total possible expanded memory space oflCb.
Amiga Computing Along with the interesting announcement of its A BOX, Phases has also given updated details of its ongoing PowerUp project which has now materialised in the form of the developer alpha boards.
This allows all the developers who signed up with Phase5 to proceeded with developing PowerPC products to run on PhaseS's PowerUp boards.
Full commercially available versions of the cards will be released mid 97. The boards will feature a dual-processor system, based around either the 68060 or 68040 and a PowerPC processor - both share the memory and system bus as required. Both processors work in parallel and can run task simultaneously and can access the entire address range with the PowerPC having direct access to chip memory or a fitted graphics card.
Qowerup ya purse As standard the PowerUp boards will come with CyberGraphX v3 native which was specifically written to take advantage of the PowerUp board and features Mpeg video support and 3-D support in the form of CyberGL Currently Phase5 has almost 500 registered developers some of which hope to demonstrate early versions of their PowerPC software at the Computer 96 show.
Among some of the more well known developers are Cloanto, who promise a PowerPC version of their up and coming Personal Paint 7 as well as possible versions of other programs in the Personal software range. Digita are also going to be looking into porting Wordworth 6 after its release. GP Software is planning to do PowerUp versions of Dopus and GPFax, Holger Kruse will be supporting PowerUp with a new version of Miami.
Raytracers will be well catered for with planned versions of Cinema4D from Maxon. Alladin 4D and ImageFX from Nova Design are expected to take direct advantage of the PowerPC with its complex compression and decompression routines to increase transmission quality. Monument Professional and Adorage will both be updated for the new systems.
Possibly more importantly, ProDAD has, for the last couple of years, been working on its very own Amiga-like PowerPC operating system called p-OS.
See PowerPC version early in 94 and work has already commenced on a PowerUp version of the famous German package Reflections - Oberland Computer hope to demo a version at the Computer 96 show.
ProDAD is just one German company strongly backing Phase5. Its first product being CockTel a dubiously named picture phone system that can PowerUp board's pricing rri- uutc-uu iviiu PPC 604e-150 Mhz uowu'juivmz 68040-25Mhz DM 1 .o3U Ui frAH) t bU DM l,275 US$ 835 £530 PPC 604e-160 Mhz PPC 604e-180 Mh?
6804Q-40Mhz 6R06f)-4‘5Mh7 DM 1.350 USS880 E560 DM 7 infl IJSStl 375 P875 r 1 V- UUTL 1 UU 1« II JjL PPC 604e-200 Mhz UQUUU ¦ J1VIIIL 68060-50Mhz DM2.500 USS1,600 £1,040 PPC 6Q4e-200 Mhz 680060-50Mhz DM 2.000 U5ST,300 £830 For existing Blizzard owners PPC 604e-150 160 Mhz 68060-50Mhz or 68040-40Mhz DM 1.000 USS650 E420 PPC 604e-180 Mhz 68060-50Mhz DM 1.250 USS820 E420 PPC 604e-200 Mhz 68060-50Mhz or 68040-40Mhz DM 1.5S0 USS999 E645 Obviously this is only to give you an idea of what the final release prices will be and does not include the even lower priced 603e boards, which will be mainly
aimed at A1200 owners. A possible problem is that the A1200 PowerUp boards may only be available for A1200 tower systems, such as the ones produced by Eagle and MicroVitech, either for room or power reasons.
Hiring sales representative for the A BOX and training them correctly so they can actually use it, something the old Commodore did not do when the A1000 was first released.
Phase5 is not going to make the mistake of not having world-wide distribution. It aims to set up an active international distribution system during 1997, along with all the technical and sales support that such a product demands and needs. This includes Currently Phase5 have a good Internet nicely. ProDAD has already said it will make it available on PowerPC system, including the A BOX and the makers of StormC are aiming to allow easy cross compilation to both PowerPC and p-OS.
- OS The most ambiguous part of the A BOX announcement was with
regard to which operating system the will A BOX run on. Phase5
does say a large number of options will available but doesn't
actually name any. It does aim to implement an AmigaDOS
compatible operating system, but apparently this, at the
moment, just consists of the exec library.
More interestingly p-05 is a new hardware independent operating system developed by ProDAD over the last couple of years and seems to be coming along quiet Major current point of p-OS
• Runs parallel to AmigaDOS based on AmigaDOS Exec kernal. Or
100% p-OS, based on faster p-OS kernal.
• Full network support £ Multithreaded applications supported,
two people on two systems work on the same application at the
same type
• 70% Source-Compatible to AmigaDOS to allow easy porting of
Amiga programs
• RTG fully integrated with 24 Bit Support, with Alpha channels,
if the hardware supports it.
R Instead of memory protection there is a special debugging version, that has all the protection features for developers. The developer version is slower, but the machine will give you detailed error messages instead of crashes presence with a well constructed and regularly updated Web site. They expect that it will continue to play an important part in sales, support and marketing on a global scale.
Whenever the A BOX makes its first publicly available appearance Phase5 are going to make sure it is well equipped and priced.
Their basic A BOX systems will be sold in a price range starting from £1,300 (DM 3,000 US$ 2,000) and will feature a 150 Mhz PowerPC processor, 16 Mb RAM, a minimum hard disk size of 1Gb range and a CD-ROM drive.
If all this still seems too much, Phase5 says a lower specification version of their Caipirinha system could be designed. A 64 bit version would have reduced screen resolution the maximum being 1280x1024 at 24 bit while still retaining all the other functions.
Phases believe such a system could be delivered for well below the £800 mark and are planning to approach other partners in the future who have the large-scale manufacturing of such a product.
Initial reactions have ranged from entirely hysterical all the way to very sceptical.
Personally I feel Phase5 are making the best out of a bad situation, but with questions over the operating system and even as to whether the UMA is a good idea, things are not that clear cut Amiga Computing INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to access and explore the internet with ease The double CD set contains usable versions of MIAMI, Voyager, iBrouse. AmiTCP and more. In addition the CD's contain many utilities for creating your own WEB pages, down-loding mail, and much more.
Most itemsam directly usatie fron the CD's*
• wtahlo tor any KS2 3 Amiga _ Contains around 5000 erotic hand
drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Mick Davis’s Cartoon Clipart Volume One Is a new Amiga CD-ROM containing 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used “royalty-free". Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD- ROM.
GjtfrfinCmeES The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4000.
Includes images only suitable for persons over the age of 18.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER V2 MICK DAVIS’ CARfOON CLIPART NIME BABES (18 Quad(4x) speed SCSI CD-ROM drive complete with Squirrel SCS interface for the A1200. Supplied with installation software.
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(OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 Sexy sensation, this CD contains Btbund 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF l nages Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER J (coiw) £19.99 Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available (OVER 18) 90% 8*99 Adult Animations contains hundreds of riatighty? Animations film dips for Adults only. Viewing software included for the Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now. HURRYflf!
(STRICTLY OVER 18’s ONLY) m - £**** Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of the male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
(Cm 64) £19.99 AMIGA SCSI CD-R We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes over 20,000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now. It features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of ftlm clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features inluding: Colour images. Full-screen filmclips. National anthems, and a unique lnter-ACTu feature which allows
you to interact with certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
HEW FOR 1997 AGA version features include: “True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga™ ‘Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias ‘Around 20,000 subjects covered from Aalborg to Zygote ‘Hotlist editor So you can create lists of subjects ‘Hundreds of samples Music tracks and and over 300 samples ‘Thousands of pictures Over 3.000 colour mono pictures included ‘Dozens of film-clips animations Over 200 subject related fiJm-clips ‘View many fiim-clips "full-screen" New Zoom option ‘Now includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles ‘Import new
subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk ‘Export data to printer or File and use it in your own projects ‘Kids Explorapcdia Eight kid’s interactive play-about sections ‘Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis ‘Subject creator Create your own subject data ‘Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV existmg version to the 1997 version, ‘Simply return your current CD-ROM version along with a cheque of just £11.93 plus P&P "It has to be said that the graphics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation" Grsemo Snndiford Amiga Format "Why is t you are the only
company producing decent Amiga CD-ROMs' G. Hamilton ‘It you're on the lookout for some interactive reference material then this fils the bill". Tony Horgan, CU AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA’S with 4mb+ ram & Hard drive) EPCDCraOPHM GROLIER HUTCWSWS PRODUCED IN 1996 1997 1993 1991 MO . Of PICTURES 3000+ 1300 MADE IN THE UK USA USA UK AGA INTERFACE V X X UPGRADABLE . X X NO. OF SAMPLES 100'a 163 SEARCH MOOES NORMAL DEEP NORMAL NORMAL FILMCUPS S X X SUPPORTED S X X MUSIC s X X lnt*r-ACT X X BACK FOR THE FUTURE 'Requires eft Amiga 1200 Or 4000. A hard dnvB. A CD-ROM drive and of tam £4.99'
24. 99
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12 99 '
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ET 16 ELOPERS CD v1.1 (CP228)£14
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Okay on any CD-ROM drive connected to an Amiga.
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11. 3GIG of SCI-FI images, anima- I tions, 3D objects, Sound FX.
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T Scripts & SCI-FI games.
(Subjects included are: ; Babylon5, Startrek (The origi- i nal, TNG, Deep Space 9 and | Voyager), Batman. Dr Who.
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Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave. Colour, Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more.
FftttTEPic ebtiECTrorf Arcade Classics is an original collection of ALL your old arcade favourites, Including Amiga versions of PACMAN, SPACE INVADERS. ASTERIODS, MISSILE COMMAND, PENGO, FROGGER, LOAD RUNNER, GALAXIANS, DONKEY KONG.
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ARCADE CLASSICS P Lfi VW+ Features Inlude;
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• Use keyboard or special controller
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Interactive Quiz Show is an exciting new Amiga based CD-ROM
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This NEW CD rom contains around 15,000 all-time classic Commodore 64 games and sw emulator to run them on your Amiga.... In stock now1 This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and loved game. Nearly all the games are ready to run directly from CD, and archived versions are also included.
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Your subscription will commence from the earliest possible issue Amiga Computing Heroes & Gareth Lofthouse completes the history of the good and bad guys that made the story of the Amiga Villains part firo Jonathan Anderson Who ?
Joint MD of Amiga «!¦ hb» Technologies UK Claim to fame In the Escom days, about AT's plans from * Jonathan Anderson 7 f was like trying to get blood out of a stone, t which didn't exactly 1 0 endear him to the journalists. V_ Bj .
People were mildly -f B Bk impressed with the Bjft software bundle he ; %T negotiated, even J though the price (£399 for an A1200, over £2000 for a A4000) was considered far too high. But apparently he rejected Team 17's Worms and Alien Breed in favour of the decidedly poor Whizz ! Anderson was terminated when AT UK moved to Stanstead.
The Legacy The very existence of the entire Amiga range...but he hated that name !
Where'd he go ?
Disappeared from the Amiga world without trace Worship-Loathing Ratio Who?
The other John Claim to fame The friendly face of Amiga Technologies UK. Smith had to face the daunting task of getting the Amiga back into the shops after an absence of over a year.
Perhaps not surprisingly, he was only partially successful; Tandy took a limited amount of A1200S, but otherwise even Escom shops didn't get any supplies until it was too late for Christmas '95. Then he had to deal with complaints that the new A1200s weren't compatible with some Amiga software! When Escom went bust John Smith moved on to Pios.
The Legacy Sadly Escom's problems crippled Smith's plans for the Amiga before he could see them through Where'd he go ?
To take charge of Pios's international selling and marketing activities Worship-Loathing Ratio 3:2 Early 1992 The A600 is launched in the UK, still a 68000-based machine but the first Amiga with an IDE controller and a PCMCIA port; but the lack of a numerical keypad proves unpopular. Those who bought the A500 Plus meanwhile find themselves abandoned by Commodore.
Later 1992 Commodore launch the new ACA Amigas, The A4000 comes first - it's good, but expensive with an IDE rather than SCSI interface. The cheaper A1200, on the other hand, is one of Commodore's most successful products, the first widely affordable 32-bit computer.
Christmas 1992 Arguably the beginning of the end for Commodore. Although demand for the A1200 is high, it arrives in the shops at the last minute. Worse, not enough parts had been ordered to build enough to meet demand, but with everyone raving about AGA machines, no one wants to buy the stockpiled A600s.
1993 The CD32, the first 32 bit CD console, was launched. Before long it had captured 38 percent of the CD market, outstripping Sega Mega CD and PC CD-ROM.
"Programmers have only scratched the surface of 32-bit CD technology" said David Pleasance. Unfortunately it turned out this was as deep as they wanted to go.
Who ?
No it's not, it's Dr Peter Kittel Claim to fame Veteran with 11 years at Commodore behind him plus another year at Amiga Technologies as support manager. Now he has taken charge of documentation and support for Pios, as well as taking responsibility for maintaining the company's Internet _ .__ communication.
Dr Kittel is also participating in Pios design activities, giving him a central role in the company's attempt to B develop a new rival platform to break the Microsoft Intel monopoly.
Not had much luck recently t Where'd he go Writing manuals for the Pios gang Worship-Loathing Ratio jB Af 1 Petro Tyschtschenko Who?
F EATURE He who defies pronunciation Claim to fame The President of Amiga Technologies earned considerable respect from his colleagues because of his energy and dedication in working to get the Amiga back into production. His efforts paid off to a certain extent and AT daim to have sold almost 50(000 A1200s, 4000 A4000Ts and 15,000 monitors. XfB B~* 1 B Sadly his attempts to develop the next B B f generation of Amigas (see The Walker) “ J were thwarted thanks to Escom’s growing financial problems. Petro is now working f "" V to help tie a deal with Viscorp.
The Amiga put back into production Where'd he go ? ' . ' ' As the Viscorp buy-out suffers further delay, his position is uncertain K, Manfred Schmitt Who?
CEO of German PC giant Escom Claim to fame When Schmitt and his cronies projects were put on hold. Schmitt left Escom in March 1996; a few months later the German retail giant collapsed.
The Legacy A lot of promises that failed to materialise Where'd he go ?
Replaced by Helmut Jost, his connection with the Amiga is a thing of the past Worship-Loathing Ratio 2:4 Bill Buck and his friend, ED Who?
Saviours of the universe ?
Claim to Famex Bill Buck is the head honcho at Viscorp, the company currently negotiating a buy-out deal for the Amiga technology.
Primarily interested in interactive TV, Mr Buck believes Amiga technology should be at the heart of ED, the set top box.
However, he has also said that the Amiga itself, 'like the phoenix', can rise from the ashes. But the deal remains incomplete at the time of writing and the management's competence has been called into question by Carl Sassentrath following his resignation from Viscorp.
The Legacy The Amiga at the heart of ED - possibly Where'd he go ?
Still there working on the deal Worship-Loathing Ratio 3:3 Earfy 1994 Commodore engineers are busy working on the AAA chipset, the next step after AGA. These were going to power Amigas with 24-bit graphics and 16 bit CD quality audio. But Commodore debt's were mounting by the day and by mid April, Amiga production is put on hold. The AAA chipset never saw the light of day.
Later 1994 Everyone's worst fears become a reality, as Commodore files for liquidation to protect itself from its creditors. The rumour mill soon kicks off, with whispers circulating that everyone from Samsung to Atari are interested in buying the Amiga.
Meanwhile, the liquidation process drags oa. nd on... Early 1995 A year after Commodore's demise, Escom beats David Pleasance and Dell to take over the Amiga technology. The German PC-clone maker announces the formation of a new company, Amiga Technologies. But an exciting new logo supposedly imparting a sense of elegance and modernity is all we see that summer.
Later 1995 The Amiga Magic Pack appears and everyone moans it's more expensive than when ft vanished...just as the raved- about PlayStation hits the market too.
However, AT's commitment to Power PC based Amigas causes cautious excitement among the enthusiasts.
MIGA ELITE SUPPORT SQUAD Of course the most important names in the Amiga's history have often had nothing to do with the corporations owning the hardware itself. Indeed, some believe that Commodore's user support was so inadequate it actually forced third party individuals to develop software and products that filled the gaps the Amiga's makers left. Here we honour just a few companies and names that transformed the Amiga into the superb multimedia machine it is today.
1. Digita International Jeremy Rhyll's company has continued to
support the Amiga even through the darkest times during the
last two years. Along with rivals Softwood they are
responsible for giving Amiga users the wordprocessors,
spreadsheets and other applications required by a home
computer rather than a games machine. The latest version of
their acclaimed Wordworth program continues to develop the
Amiga's serious potential.
2. Newtek The makers of the awesome Lightwave and the Video
Toaster. These two industrial power graphical products were so
good they won the Amiga its place on the set of top TV
programs including Babylon 5 and Seaquest DSV.
Though it now produces Lightwave for the PC as well, its commitment to the platform remains strong and Lightwave 5 should be making an appearance on the Amiga by the end of this year.
3. Scala No-one deserves more credit than Scala for transforming
the Amiga into the undisputed (as far as we’re concerned,
anyway) champion of multimedia machines. The Scandinavian
companies ground breaking computer television software has
encouraged huge corporations like Ford and Esso to use it for
vast and innovative interactive presentations.
4. Team 17 Let's not forget the Amiga's history as an amazing
games machine, which is how it all started after all. Team 17
are fondly thought of for games like Alien Breed and more
recently, Andy Davidson's top megahit title, Worms. Sadly Team
17 look set to call it a day as far as the Amiga is concerned.
5. Hi Soft David Links' team has continued to prove there is
demand for Amiga products long after a lot of companies gave
the machine up as a lost cause.
Take, for example, the award winning Squirrel and Surf Squirrel, prime examples of the sort of superb but affordable products Amiga users need.
6. Sensible Software Perhaps the only other games company that
can give Team 17 a run for its money, largely because of the
awesome Sensible Soccer. Simplified graphics, rewarding
gameplay - these are the ingredients that make Sensible's
football games unbeatable even today.
7. Premier Vision Newtek might have provided the graphical
wonders of Lightwave, but it was companies like Premier who
had the expertise to show broadcasters how to harness it.
Selling high-end but immensely competitive Amiga solutions to
the professional, Premier got the Amiga noticed by the likes
of the Big Breakfast Show.
8. Softwood Digita's arch-rivals, and another company that
continues to promote the Amiga and develop its capabilities
for handling serious application. Final Writer is
indispensable to many an Amiga user and Softwood continue to
release products that ensure your machine keeps apace with
expensive PC products.
9. Macrosystems The Amiga's role in video production houses
wouldn't be so important without the support of this company's
innovative products. Take VLAB motion for instance, an
affordable peripheral that transformed the Amiga into a
professional editing suite, not to mention the amazing
Amiga-based Draco.
10. Almathera Even with Commodore out of business, companies like
Almathera continue to enhance the Amiga's capabilities.
Programmed by Paul Nolan, Photogenics was an image
manipulation package that gave Amiga users creative tools
normally reserved for Apple Mac users with bottomless pockets
for exorbitant software.
Guess who ?
As a tribute to these memorable heroes from the Amiga's past, we've decided to include a small competition in our hall of Amiga fame and infamy. If you can remember who the hell these three guys are and what they did, you have clearly been obsessed with the Amiga's trials and tribulations for too long.
Furthermore, if you can send us a postcard telling us who they are, you stand to win five top quality games for your computer. Send your answers to: Amiga Computing, Heroes and Villains Compo, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield. SK10 4NP.
Amiga through the years (continued) Christmas? 995 AT's success in getting the Amiga back into production is tarnished by the lack of availability. Only Tandy takes a limited number of A120OS, while the Amiga fails to make an appearance in Escom's retail chain in time. Worse, those that by the machine find compatibility problems relating Lto the floppy drive.
Early 1996 The Amiga Surfer Pack, the eagerly awaited Internet ready hardware software bundle, is supposedly available. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be able to get their hands on one, either then or now. Behind the scenes, Escom has lost Dm!20.
Spring 1996The development of the first new Amiga machine, known as The Walker, is announced. The prototype is an 030 40Mhz machine including a 4 speed CD Rom drive, powerful expansion slots, simm sockets and a removable dustbag.
Up to date With Escom's financial crisis deepening, Schmitt is replaced by Helmut Jost. In April Viscorp agrees to buy the Amiga technology, but before the deal is finalised Escom go bust The Amiga's future remains uncertain but not without hope as Bill Buck struggles to complete negotiations with the liquidators.
C c 'ail rim A IBPOUATION mica itiritiiAim mips ami system upgrades Paxtron :OB*OfiAllON Paxtron is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips
1. 3 ROM
O S ....$ 12.50
2. 04 ROM O S . S24.50
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A50C & A2000) ..$ 19.95
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Set ol 2 Rom 0 1) ...$ 34.50
2. 1 Workbench lor (loppy users (complete O S without support
file) ..... $ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) .$ 49,95
3. 1 ROM (A3OQO A40OO) ...$ 62.50
3. 1 ROM (A 1200) .. $ 62.50
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual S124.00 5137.50 ROM Switch Switch2!tt
with speaker .$ 17,50
3. 1 manual only .. $ 69.95
3. 1 Software . , ...$ 10.00
3. 1 Workbench lor (loppy users (complete O S without support
file) .... ,.$ 7.95 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ...$ 22.95 A2620 3Q 7.0
ROM Upgrade .....$ 22,95 3520 CIA
...,, .. $ 11.95 8372A'8375 Agnus with diagnostic
disk guide....$ 29.95 8375-B (2MB) (A3000)
318069*03 ...$ 25.50 8375-10 Agnus (318069-10)
PAL $ 17.95 8375-18 Agnus (318069-18) 2
meg PAL S17.95 Agnus PLCC chip puller
.$ 10.50 Paua (8364) A500 A2000...... $ 10.95
Denise (8362)
A500 A2000 .S10.95 Super Denise
8373 w diagnostic disk ...$ 19.95 Gary 5719
A5QQ A200Q. $ 10.95 Buster 5721
(A2000) ... $ 16.95 68000-8MHz CPU
(DIP) ..S11.50 68000-16MHz
CPU (DIP) ... $ 22.50 68030-RC50
PGA ......$ 84.50
PGA ...$ 24.95
Western Digital SCSI chip
8A ....$ 27.50 Video Hybrid - (A500
390229*03) S9.95 GVP Upgrade Chip
Series II ......$ 34.95 6570-01 (71)
(315107-01) Keyboard. IC $ 14.95 SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (For
A1200, A3000, A4000. C032) 8520 PLCC
(391078-02) .$ 19.50 Amber
(390538-03) ......: .. $ 24.50
(390537-04) $ 34.50
(391227-01) $ 24.50
Ramsey (rev.4)
390544-04 .$ 19.95 Ramsey (rev,
7) 390541-07 .....$ 36.50 Alice 8374
(391010-01) ...$ 25.50
(390123-01)} ..$ 21.95 Gayle
(315107-02) ....Si9.95
Budgie (391425-01) ..... 533.95 Super Denise
(391554-01) .$ 29.95 6571
Keyboard Chip (391079-01) ....$ 14.95 6570-036
Keyboard Chip (328191-02) .$ 14.95 Paul a 8364
(391077-01) ..$ 27.95 Gary
(390540-02) ....
.S32.95 Super Buster Rev. 11
(390539-11) ..S34.50 Bndgette
(391380-01) .....S29.50
Video DAC
(391422-01) ..$ 19.95
(390084-07) ..$ 13.95
(391506-01) ....$ 18.95 MC
68882RC25A PGA New (390434-01) ....$ 19.95 MC 68882RC20A
PGA ......$ 30.00 MC 68882RC33A
PGA ... $ 37.50 XC 68882RC4QA PGA
....$ 69.95 MC 68030FE25B QFP
(390399-05) .$ 19,95 MC 68030RC50
PGA .....$ 79.95
MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) CD32 (no RAM memory)
NTSC $ 89,95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested NTSC ....$ 109.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested (PAL) $ 89.95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism... . ..,$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) nc all chips (see
below) ..$ 49.50 A500 (Rev. 5 5) with Super
Denise ...$ 89-50
A600 ......$ 134.00
A1200 (NTSC) Lmiied quantity 3.0 G'S ai memory New $ 289.95
A1200 (PAL) Umted quantity 3.0 O S al memory New...$ 279.95
A2000 LATE Rev. 8372 2.05 ..$ 399.95 A300Q
(16MHz) $ 299.95
(25MHz) .....,.$ 359.95
A3000T (Tower) 25MHz .... S389.95 A4000
(limited quantity) ....CALL
C64 (refurbished, tested all chips) ...S29.95
C64 untested, all chips clearance ..2 $ 25.00
C65 inc. all chips, latesl ROM (PAL only) ....$ 69.95
C128 .. S49.95
C128D .... $ 69.95
II ....$ 17.95
1541 Alps
(15000401) .....$ 17.95 1571
Newtrorics (310420-01) ....$ 17.95
AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New) High Dens. External floppy
lor all Amigas ...$ 114.95 A570 CD ROM dnve (lor
A500) .$ 99 00 High Density internal
Floppy Dnve: A3000 A4000
(specify) .S104.95
A2000 ..... $ 109.50 A500 Internal
880k ...$ 38 95
A600 1200 Internal . $ 47.50 A6C-0 1200
new Amiga Tech. Special release button.55 .95 A2000 Internal
880k $ 39.95 A3000 Internal
880k ... $ 49.95 A4000 Internal
880k .$ 49.95 CD32
Replacemenl CD mechanism $ 39.95 1541
(refurbished) ......$ 39.95
1571 (limited quantity) .$ 49.95 POWER
SUPPLIES (Factory New) A500
$ 38.95 A500 A600 A1200
Big Ft. (200 Watt) Micro R D $ 79.95 A500 power supply (used)
220 volts ..$ 19.95 A590 .....
$ 19.95 A1200 110 volts original factory .538.95
CD32 Original Factory (110 volts) ...$ 21.95
CD32 Original Factory (220 volts) ..$ 14.95
CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt) Micro R D ...$ 74.50
A2000 11Q 22QV. Internal original .....$ 89.95
A200G Big Foot (300 Watt) Micro R D $ 144.50 A3000
internal (110 220 volts) ... $ 110.00 A3000
Big Foot (250 watts) Micro R D..„ ..$ 144.50 A3000
Tower ....$ 124.00
A4000 inlernal (110 volts)
....S119.00 A4000 int. 300 Watl Big
Foot (exchange) ..$ 169,95 1Q84S Phillips Flyback
Transformer only .....$ 34.95 1084-D1 Phillips Daewoo
Flyback only .....,.$ 34.50 1084-D2 Daewoo Flyback
Transformer only $ 34.50 1084S new
Motherboard'Ffyback see below 1084S power
supply beard (refurbished) .....S29.95 C54
nonrepayable ...... $ 14.95 C64
repairable .. $ 19.95 C54
5.2 amp Heavy Duly (also 1750 REU) S39.95 C55 220
Volts ..... $ 12.50 C65 110
Volt ..... $ 21.95 C128D
Inlernal ...$ 24.95
C128 external 5.2
amps ..$ 39.95 1541
11 1581 ... $ 7,50 KEYBOARDS (Factory New)
C54 ..$ 17.95
C65 (Special Keyboard) .... $ 19.95
A500 (limited quantity) . $ 39.95 A600
... $ 26.50
C128D (limited
quantity) $ 24.95
A1200 ... $ 34.95 A2OO0 US
version .,.$ 74.50
A3000 US version ...... $ 74.50 A4000
US version ...S74.50 Amiga
compatible 'IBM keyboards' .see below A2000
keyboard adapter to A4G00 .....$ 8.95 A4000
keyboard adapter to A2000 ...... S8.95 6570-01 (71)
(315107-01) Keyboard. IC .....$ 14.95 ADD ON BOARDS
(Factory New} 68020-030 (A4O0O) . $ 67.95 A386
(20MHz) Bridgeboard SW flnstr. ...$ 259 95 A2088XT AT
Bridgeboard Kit dnve, manuals
(A2000) .....$ 29.50 A2058
(OK) (A2Q00) Expansion board 8K ....S69 95 A501 original
Ram Exp. - 512K (A500} $ 17.95 Microway
Flickerfixer .....$ 224.00 Slingshot
Pro pass thru (Micro FID) .$ 37.50 A1050 RAM
Expander (A1000) 256K ...S10.95 MOUSE CONTROLLERS
(Factory New) Amiga 1352 ......
$ 22.50 Wizard 3-button (for all Amigas)
$ 22-95 A4000 $ 26.85 Amiga
CDTV ......$ 15.95
Amiga A1200 mouse pod replacement kit .....S7.95 CD32
controller ..$ 11.75
DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga Analyzer (see
below) ....,..$ 59.95 Final Tesl diagnostic disk by Amiga
......$ 7.95 Amiga Troubleshooting Guide
S7.95 Commodcre Diagnostician
II $ 6.95 C64 128 Dead Test
cartridge manual ...... ST9.9S Sen ice
Manuals ...SEE BELOW
2080 ....$ 49.95 iCDAd
SCSI 2000 $ 49.95 ICD
AdSCSI 2080 $ 59.95 A520 (New) Video
Modulator Adapter
kit cables instruclions .$ 12-50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Switch - (Switch Itt) with speaker...S 17.50 256X4
RAM for A2058 expander, etc ...... $ 4.50 15-23 pin
adapter cable .. $ 19.95 Monitor Cables - 30
Different types ....CALL C64 untested
motherboard all ch ps ....2 for S25.00 C128 untested
motherboards all chips $ 19.95 Monitors: 1084S. 1950. 1802.
modulator ......„ $ 2.95
CDTV unit (No Cabinet) ...... $ 89.00 Laser pnnter
memory board OK (All HP units)....$ 24.95 Sony OD6150 data
cartridge « S7.50 A1200 lop bottom
case .....$ 19.50 Joystick • Captain Grant
(lor all Amigas)..- ....$ 2-99 ? ONLY AT PAXTRON ?
ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ An Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer That Works On All Amigas A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software interface.] The analyzer cable plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shows status of data ports, memory (buffer] checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of the problems
presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop con afford to be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers worldwide and is the only one of its kind. Over 15,000 sold.
New low price Just Released from Amiga Technologies Amiga "Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for the A1200 The AMIGA Technologies "Q-Drive" 1241 is a PCMCIA interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32 emulator). It is a super fast CD-ROM drive equipped with a PCMCIA connector.
Plug in your Amiga A1200 and discover the world of CD-ROM.
The 1241 operates at quad speed with data transfer rates up to 600 KB per second guarantee oaHmal access times. The system supports multi-session and multi-tasking View your favourite photos on your PC screen: the Amiga Q-Drive 1241 is Kodak PhotoCD compatible. Enjoy audio Cds in hi-fi quality or mix the music with sound generated by your Amiga.
Features: • Open Architecture; PCMCIA Interface • Compatible with 1509660, Amiqa OS, PC-D05 and Mac HFS • Portable System Extremely User Friendly
• Quad Speed: Data transfer rates up to 600KBs • Supports
multi-session and multi-tasking Reads audio Cds and Kodak
PhotoCDs • Mixes audio CD sound and sound from the Amiga stereo
audio port • Runs most CD32 games and programs. Price: $ 179.95
(Quantity pricing available)
• A500 COMPUTER wilh power supply and latest chips (eg: 8372
Agnus. 2.04 O S). Includes your choice of the following
software books: Starter Kit, Discover Kit (inc. Kind Words,
Deluxe Paint II) or Deluxe Kii, Also indudes tree Amiga
Troubleshooting Guide ($ 7.95 value). 90 day warranty, tested &
ready to go. Fantastic price
....„ . $ 119.95
• Options: A501 1 2 meg expansion memory board installed add
Si0.00. • With 3.1 O S ROM add $ 48 50, • PAL unit with 220V
power supply add $ 29.00 •
• A501 original CBM 512KB Memory Expansion Card wilh dock,
calendar battery for A500, In original box instructions and
warranty .....
$ 17.50
• A520 Video Modulator Adapter Kit with cables and instruclions
(NTSC). Run any Amiga on your television. ... SI
• AMIGA COMPATIBLE KEYBOARDS - (Just released from Germany.)
KB1Q0 is a sophisticated in-line adapter box for use with IBM
keyboards. Use the KB100 on your A5QO A20CO A3OOO A4000.
(A600 A1200 require soldering,) . $ 49.95
• Complete service manuals. Some manuals may be photocopied. 5
day delivery on some manuals.
A500, A500 + , 590. A1000, 1230 printer. 1802. 1902. 1902A, 1934. 2002. 2091. 2300. 2630. CDTV, 1581, C65 S19.95 A500 schematics, A600. 1084S. 1084S-D1. 1084ST. 1936A, 1960, A2000 ....$ 24.00 A1200, A3000, A3000T. A4000, CD32 ..$ 39.95
This new board will cure 90 percent of 10B4S momlor problems.
Simply switch the motherboard and your monitor problems are
solved! This motherboard wilh the flyback factory mounted is
the exact replacement and works with 1Q84S models only, tt’s
easy to
install .$ 69.95
A12Q0 MOTHERBOARD - Paxtron has purchased a limited supply of
new A1200 motherboards, both NTSC and PAL. They come with 3 0
O S. All chips, 30 day warranty, Specify NTSC or PAL. Very
limited quantity, very rare fnd .....
S2B9.95 (Optional - 3.1 O S and diskettes, installed add
S56.95.) SUPEHGEN (Internal Genlock) for A2000 - By Progressive
Image Tech Digital Creations. Most flexible Genlock and video
overlay device for all Amigas. Supergen provides a flexible
broadcast quality Genlock at a very, very affordable price.
Comes wilh external control box and cable. Includes h 90 day
warranty instruction book, This is a factory rofirb unit
selling for a fantastic low price of ...
(Internal Supergen sold initially for S650.)
? ?? WANTED ???
GET CASH FOR YOUR A2000 COMPUTERS NEW OR USED (NTSC OR PAL) WE’RE ON THE WEB www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated wilh latest products and price changes. Visit us and check il out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rckne1.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like to receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
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• Saturday Delivery £15.00 j Delivery subject to stock
Pvtw »»ijw V mUoj iUp far -j tKrju* Prttn a«a ¦ v J rtf ¦ B t T i orrr t »l iKr Lnir d r r A 1 M t*JA 1 Plr.«- .hrch . Jr LrtrU • prnn brfwv 0nV.ing. AJI uln 5?"-- iri--iulifrttlora»U.ini1jnllr.rra
* ™ o r.T*Wifa«p« SWITCH v.a SHOWROOM r,f.J icgjEN DAVSAWgEK '
¦¦¦m FAX:01 13-231-9191 LmiBaia! bbs:o i i 3-231 -1422
E-Mail: sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk WEB:
www.firstcom.demon.co.uk COMPUTER CENTRE Hardware CD ROM Drives
Hi-Soft SMD-100 VideoCD MPEG Decoder Only!! £195.99 Rcq.
VideoCD compatible SCSI CD Rom Video CD's all £14.99 FnhcjiM
Wmoi AlQiM fahmfaiilf Aepfam Crying Game
A. OA rr A Cm Fiul Attraction ¦ Hid Forrrvt Curip Afocaqpw Hrv
Fnr WHMfapffun.
• H-H Cep] Haul Hr] Oddin Mack Aim lnd« rif Propaval Ckhy Chirtj
lv | The trin Lots More Available Ultra CD ROM Drives 4 X
£169.99 8 X £199.99 10 X £219.99 Kit No Drive £1 19.99 Quick &
Easy to install, fits via the Internal IDE Connector, does not
interfere with existing H.D. Amiga A1200 Magic Pack Inc. 170Mb
HD &ScaIaMM300 I ncludes same software pat k as Magic Pack, But
also includes ScalaMM300(Rcq.4Mb). £469.99 Amiga A1200
MagicPack Includes. Wordwnrth V4SE, Datastore, Organiser.
Turbocalc 3.5, Personal Paint V6,4, Photogenic* I.2SE, Pinball
Mania & Whin- Very Limited Stocks Available, Early Purchase
Recommended Cam* Nlied Gun 1,1.13 1 3 | Ot4r rrwelOat£. Pilriol
CltrMt Crocodile Dundee 1 Rain Han Rocky Vroojod Shallow C'...
Star Trek,1,47 Top Gun WaynrdWerM I 2 Whm Harry Hrt Sal
I £369.99 1 Internal SCSI CD ROM Drives Toshiba 530 I Bx4Speed
£90.99 Toshiba3701 B*6.7Speed £182.99 NECCDR-UIOxBSpocd £197.99
SCSI Controllers GVP 4008+ Oktagon SCSI £99.99 Bigba« Amigaeg.
A2COO A400C SCSIContruJle-n SquirreiySurf Squirrel
£45.00 £75.00 When purchased wnfi a CD ROM Drire or Modem.
External SCSI ICD ROM Drives MMM1438S Monitor Only!! *£259.99 r M H!TT T 1 he HrimaA 1 OM HSU 1 JiUuTl Heavy DutvPSU £69.99 1
• High Quality 200 Watt PSU.
• Colour Co-Ordinated Casing.
• 4 x The Power of Std. Amiga PSU
• 12 Month Warranty.
Thfr Atnigi't Standard 1 PSIi cannot tuppwi r.l l 1 Win pov»r (onniniini 1 prriphrraJ*. Rr RAM.' 1 Actrlvrjtor boariH A Duk ¦ D'iifi. Oitf loading rhr 1 PSU often leadi to the r Amiga crashing. J ¦ £99,99 2 X Speed £159.99 4 X Speed First Starter Pack
• A1200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disks + labels ||
• Top quality joystick fQr Qn|y
• Deluxe mouse mat
• 3 x AI 200 games Dual Quad SCSI CD ROM
• Quality Toshiba Drive
• Own Internal PSU I7W
• Fast SCSI Transfer Rates
• 12 Month Warranty L *A SCSI Controller is Required to connect
Drive* A £19.99 Disk Drives ("Squirrel I face Monitors Hard
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI 540Mb..£l 17.99 270Mb.....£99.99
850Mb..£l20.99 540Mb...£l49.99
I. Q8Gig.£l52.99 L08Gig.£235.99
2. 1 Gig,„£249.99 2.1 Gig...£345.99
3. 2GiK„.£299.99 4.3Gig,...£797.99j
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Surf Squirrel
• Hi speed serial port
• SCSI-11 interface
• Autobooting HD New Amiga _| Monitors Multi-Sync Monitors 14"
1438s...*£269.99 15" 1540$ ....£299.99 14115“ Monitors Inc.
Built In Speakers 17" 1701......£542.99 rW Seagate cotiNER 80Mb
£79.99 l30Mb.£99.99 170Mb.£ I 04.99 25QMb.£ I 19.99 340Mb.£ I I
9.99 540Mb.£ I 49.99 810Mb.£ I 89.99 1.0Gig.£229.99 Build Your
Own SCSI Hard Drive
• SCSI case with built in PSU£69.99
• SCSI Hard Drive.Selectfrom above
• SCSI Squirrel lnterface£45.00
• 12 Month Warranty.
' s?£99.99 Squirrel SCSI-II interface Amiga Ext, drive £44.991 Amitek 1.76Mbdrive£69.99 A1200 600int.drive £39.99 k 500 50 0+lnt. Drive £39.99j
3. 5"H.Drive install kit£18.99 Includes set up software, cables
and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
F™. °n'r *£45-00.2E££l. £54.99 if purchased separately SupraFMXModem Modems RAM Expansion Accelerators I I HI hi V34-* Amazii
• 33,6 Ba
• BA Onl Complete witl PRIMA ¦ Fax Modem rig Price Performance
iud Rate Class 1 Fax BT & CE approved.
Y. ..£l 19.99 t cables & Amiga N omm Software Amiga SurfWare
bundle when purchased with any Modem only...£ 1 9.99 C
Accelerator Cards ) Viper 11-33 £129.99 Up to I 28Mb RAM. FPU
socket ft R T Clock Blizzard 1230-50Mhz £169.99 Up to I 28Mb
RAM. FPU Socket & R Tclock Blizzard 1260-50 £579.99 Up to 64Mb
RAM, MMU & FPU & RTT Clock Blizzard SCSI Module£89.99
68882-33Mhz PLCC£34.99 68882-50Mhz PGA £99.99 [A500 600 RAM
Expansion) A500 512k RAM no clock £19.99 A500+ I Mb RAM £29.99
A600 I Mb RAM no clock £29.99 A1200 RAM Expansion PRIMA AI 200
I MB RAM £69.99 AI 200 2 MB RAM £74.99 AI2004 MB RAM £76.99 A
I 200 8 MB RAM £93.99 A I 200 I MB 33Mhz Co Pro £95.99 AI 200
2 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £100,99 A1200 4 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £102,99
AI200 8 MB 33MhzCo Pro £120,99
• Class I Fax
• Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand
• Call Discrimination
• BABT Approved ___
• 14,400 Data 14.400 Fax ......£98.99 ? 33,600 Data 14,400
Fax £ I 6 1.99 Amiga SurfWare software pack The complete
software suit for all your Modem needs.
• Net Software *Web Browser
• E-mail • IRC....Only Also Includes:- £29.99 30 Days Free Trial
with Demon MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £14.99 4
Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £35.99 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM
£89.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £13.99 256x4 DRAM_(each)£4,99J Modem
Accessories Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M.£6.99 10M.£8.99
I5M.£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor £6.99 GP FaX Software... ..only
£44.99 Full Send and Receive Fax Software for Amiga Computers
with a Fax Data Modem.
Part exchange available on your old memory.
Printers Consumables Ribbons I Citizen Swift ABC mono 0.99 CitizenSwift ABCcolour £11.99 Star LC90 mono ribbon £4.99 Star LC10 100 mono £3 69 Star LC10 100 colour £7.99 Star LC240c colour £13.99 Star LC240c mono £8.99 Star LC140 mono £5.99 | Star LC14-t 0 200 300 Colour £13.99 Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons £11.99 PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Save a fortune in running com wilh your ink bubble jet. Compatible wilh the HP Detkjet ifnn, Canon B|l 0 10 »0' 110 200 J00 230. Star SJ4B,Cllilen Frojel and many other*. Fullrange o coloun avail, I Single refills (22ml) £6 99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99
I Three colour kit (66ml) £19 99 Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 |Laser Printer Supplies ¦Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5L £65.99 I Hewlett Packard Lascrjet 5 P £75.99 iHcwlett Packard Laserjet4L £68.99 (H. Packard Ljet 4 M 5 M N £99.99 (Canon LPB-460 Toner £79.99 Laser printer supplies for all major manufacturers available Call.
Ink Cartridges Canon BJ10 Star SJ48 Canon BJ200 230 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) Canon BJC 4000colour(*ingle) Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600c colour Citizen Printiva Std. Colours Citizen Printiva Metallic colours H P. Deskjet 500 550 Mono HP. Deskjet500 550 Colour HP.Deskjct 660 double mono HP.DeskJet 660 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour Epson StylusCot. II S 820 Mono Epson Stylus Col. It S 820 Colour Star SJ 144 mono colour (single) Paper Fanfold (tractorfeed) 500 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets Single sheet SOOsheets Single sheet 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets Epson Stylus 720 dpi papcrpack
H. PackardGlossy Paper 10 Pack High Quality Inkjet Paper (500)
Disks Canon £17.99 £18.99 £12.99 £10.99 £17.99 £16.99 £6.99
£28.99 £8,49 £7.99 £6.49 £16.49 £22.99 £24.99 £23.99 £25.99
£13.99 £27.99 £17.99 £24.99 £8-99 £6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £6.99
£12.49 £21.49 £13.99 £9.99 £10.99 Stylus 200 £ 139.991
warranty IJ0 2_Jppm Bll Cokwr Upgradable.
£ 129.99sty|us 200 Colour £ I 79.991 Canon BJ30 £138.99 ..... Portable monoprlnlrr, 10 page ASF built In. . , , Canon BJC70CoJour £185.99 ABC Colourpnnter Simple (*n.aiy« ABC) tout 24 pin printer Como m tundard with 50 theet Auto theet 720dpi. I Sppm Black. I ppm Colour.
IreOer.TrMtor opt atUtW $ , Q0 Co|our Citizen Pro|et lie £ 164.99 71„. .
S ~ B . 720 dpi, 4ppm Black, 2ppm C Jnur jOOx 100dpi.Colour Inkjet Printtr. 70 • «_ n * n n * no.
Auto Shwt HP Dtlkjplrmulition. StyiU5 Pl"0 £186.99 CitizenPrintiva 600c £376.99”°*72° :Photo-Re,iquai.tToutput Micro Dry Technoio£y. I zooxioodpi Mono Epson GT-5000Scanner £399.99
600) 600 dpi Colour. Support. Metallic Entry level A4 Colur
Flatbed Scanner.
Colouri, 1 Tear Warranty. EpSOn GT-8500 5 CAI1IUT £479.99 400 dpi, Fully featured A4 Flatbed Scanner Miscellaneous Portable colour phrwr, 10 pt(r ASF.
Canon BJ240 £191.99 Colour printer, 720*720d«M Canon BJC4 I OOCol. £222.99 High quality * o U!*i t mono print I nr 1 $ 0 dpi.
Canon BJC4200Col. £254.99 Newter, with Photo Realism cart.option Canon BJC620Colour£348.99 720 720 dpi, near photographic quality Canon LPB-460 £272.99 Wlndowt 95 only. GDI Later printer £249.991 Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.49 100 x £26.99 30 x £9.99 200 x £49.99 50 x £14.99 500 x £ 114.99 Branded DSDD 10 x £4.99 100 x £41.99 30x£l3,99 200x £76,99 50 x £21,99 500 x £ 175.99 Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.99 100 X £29.99 30x £10.99 200x£55.99 50 x £16.99 500 x £!29,99 Branded DSHD 10 x £5.99 100 X £44.99 30 x £ 15.99 200 x £82.99 50 x £23.99 500 x £189.99 Disk labels x50Q £6,99 Disk labels x 1000 £9.99 m HEWLETT®!
PACKARD Printer Switch Bo* 2 wiy £12.99 Printer Switch Bo* 3 way £17.99 Printer Stand* (Unlvenal) £4.99
1. 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 1 Metre printer cable £6.99 5
Metre printer cable £8.99 10 Metre printer cable £12.99 HP400
Colour £154.99 Full colour (00* 790 dpi mono 2 00a 100 dpi
HP660Colour £229.99 290*300 dpi Colour printing HP 690 Colour £249.99 $ 90 x 300 dpi Colour printer, now even fatter.
HP870 Colour £395.99 190 6H dpi up id i pp'm nwta, Jp'pm colour HP 5L Laser printer £369.99 4 p'p m $ 09 dpi HP 5P Laser printer £529.99 6 ppm 600 dpi Star LC90«pinmono £75.99 Studio 2 New version 2,13 1 Tf you wont to got l»* beet paiaM rein'll from your pnnrer. Get « *oby of Slud«oM £49.99 or £44.99 When purchaied with a Printer.
Star LC240C 24 pin Coi. £85.99 ASF built in, 4 LQ font i. Star SJI 44c« iour £139.99 Colour thermal traniltr printre( low running ioih, Jp'pn mono, I 4 p.'p rncolour. Graphics Graphics Software Genlocks Video New uantum £639.99 Epso 4* £694.99 (U4 sV VIDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system
• Composite A SVHS inputs,
• Time Lapse remote grabbing.
• BMP.TIFF A PCX File Support.
• LcjcI Sjvt 24 Bit ILBM & Anion £139.99 VIDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro
Professional Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system!
• Composite A SVHS inputs.
¦ 14.7 million colour grabbing.
• Processing controls A effects Compatible withVHS A SVHS.
Save A load In multiple File formats Support for virtual memory R kickstart 2.04 Additional teletext facilities A , Smb fr e mtmory Large preview window _ „ _ _ _ _ , for only..... £ I 29.99J £219.99 lips rombo £99.99 Fusion Genlock Nb Only!! £99.99 Entry level Genlock
• LoU-IOOO Genluck
• Comes with Seal* HtlOO
• *J Amiga Shopper |tmr »S
• Compoiitc only Genkwfc Power Scan v4. £89.99 256g icalc on AGA
AMIGAs, 64 g scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.99 24 bit
colour scanner, 16.7 million colours EPSON * 00 dpi optical
scan resolution scanners •*2« °p- «*«pu« moiuimn Epson GT-9500
Epson Flatbed Scanner Software & Cable...£49.99 4 At Flatbed
scanner 4 100 dpi optical scan resolution I 2tW dpi output
rrsolution £399.99
* Amiga range of computers additional driver software and a
Bidirectonal parallel cable.
New!! Epson GT-5000 4 EU-dirrctional Parallel Interlace
• At Flatbed Manner
• 400 dpi optical «*n resolution
• 4000 dpi output resolution Hand Scanners 4 ftndrrecUonaJ
Parallel & SCSI Interface
• AS Flatbed s n GT-8500 £479.99 Photogenics 2 CD 24-Blt Graphics
Manipulation Requires 2chip 4 fast RAM minimum.
Hard Disk & CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Only!! £89,99 j Special Offers X-CAD 2000......£19.99 Vista Pro Lite £4.99 Full version, with Manuals.
Blitz Basic 2.1.....£29.99 |Cinema4DVer 3 £169.99 Amiga Ray-Tracing software Req. 3Mb of RAM. And Kickstart 2 or higher.
Scala MM400 £279.99 Recommended, 6Mb of RAM, Kickstart 3.0 or higher. & Hard Disk.
Home Office Music Cables Opus 5 * , £39.99 Iwordworth 6 Office CD
• Wordworth 6 •Datastore 1 •Organiser 2
• Money Matters 4- £49,99 Ibrowse £23.99 Net&Web £31.99 Net & Web
£71.99 Termite £31-99 TermiceTCP £47.99 Lightwave3 D£429.99
ojj® Final Data £39.99
• Requires Workbench 1.3 or more I Mb of memory & I (loppy drive.
ProMIDl Interface
• MIDI in, MIDI thru Alt MIDI out
• Compatible with all MIDI software only!! £17.99 4 2 x 3metre
MIDI cables £9.99 AURA 16 8 £74.99 £29.99 Octamed compatible 16
or 8 bit stereo direct-to-disk PCMCIA samplers OctamedSound
Studio Llatest version of (he besl wr* O Q music nuking
program for the Amiga. £££« J Technosound Turbo 2 Pro 8 12
bit Stereo Sampler plus many more advanced features A bargain
at only£29 99 Mega-Lo-Sound 8 bit direct-to-disk sampler Great
value only.. £24.99 f™»mm-i Final Writer 5 Word
Processor Publisher Latest version of this award winning
software only!! £72.99 iFinal Writer Lite Requires Kickstart
2.04 or above.
2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive.
Hard Drive installable if desired.
£39.99 Wordworth 6 CD
• Any Amiga 2.04 or higher
• 3 Mb of Memory
• CO Rom drive A Hdrivc,
• On Line documentation iMini Office
• WordprucoMor • 5prrectshrel [•Database Graphi«* Disc Utilities
£46.99 Disk Magic 2 £34.99 Maxon Magic £26.99 Devpac3 £63.99
Gamesmith £79.99 Hisoft BASIC 2 £63.99 Hisoft C++ £149.99 High
Speed Pascal £69.99 Quarterback Disk Suite £34.99 GB Route Plus
* GB Route Edit £29.99 Directory Opus 5.5 £4S.99
• Requires Workbench 2,0 or above, and a Hard Drive.
Twist 2 £74.99 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above & 2Mb of memory
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, 2Mb of memory min..
H. Disk with 5Mb of free space TurboCalc 4 £49.99 Final Calc
£94.99 OtherTitles Available Amiga-CD32 Serial Network cab.
£24.99 Amiga Parnet parallel Network £14.99 Modem Cable
9-25 25-25 £9.99 Null Modem Cable £9.99 Amiga-VGA Monitor
£12.99 Amiga-TV Cable £2.49 Amiga-CM8833 Monitor £9.99!
Amiga-Scart Cable £9.99 Printer Cable (1.8 metre) £4.99 Disk Drive Monitor Ext. £ 14.99 Analogue PC j.stick Adapt. £7.99 Mouse Joystick Extension £4.99 Mouse Joystick Autoswitch £9.99 MIDI Cables (3 metre x2) £9.99 Centronics-Centronics £9.99 SCSI D25-50 way Cent. £ I 1.99 SCSI D25-50 way Micro-D £ 1 5.99 SCSI Adaptors from.. £15.99 SCSI Terminators from... £19.99 Internal SCSI Cables from..£9.99
2. 5” IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.99 Amiga-3,5" Hard Drive £ 18,99
Custom Cable Suppliers For all your custom cable requirements
just give us a call, wc can usually supply most cables next
working day.
Amiga CD ROM s Peripherals Delivery £ t .50 per title or £3.99 for 4+ Clock Cart. Vista Lite-3 Eric Schwartz CD Euro CD * I FI Uccnseware Fractal Universe Gamers Delight 2 Gateway GIF Sensations Giga Graphics TurboTech Real-Time lock Cartridge £14.99 iGlobal Amlfa Expmce£24 9 7ii„n ?_ FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth L I 0 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Wizard 560-dpi %.
Amiga Mouse £12.99 Alfa Data 400-dpi I Mega Mouses £1 1.49 Ml 3 Button Mega Mouse Plus £12.99 Mousemat4mm £2.49 Zip Stick joystick £9.99 Gravis Amiga joystick£ 19.99 Roboshift mouse joystick switch £9.99 Amiga Contol Pad £9.99 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 £24.99 CIA 8520A I O chip £18.99 FPU 25mhz PLCC £34.99 FPU 33mhz PLCC £39,99 Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£26.99 lg ZyFi Pro..£57,99 Heavy Duty PSU fAQ QQ 4x Standard PSU Power ti Vl • 7 200watts of Power Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above. | £9.99 Limited Offer AlfaData Crystal T rackbafl Only...£34.991
Amiga PSU £34.99 Amiga Modulator £34.99 1078 Weird TfHurts £ 14.9?
17Bit & LSD Vol. I £17.9?
L7Bit* LSDVol.2 £17.99 17Bit ft LSD Vol.3 £17.99 17Bit Collection £10.99 I 7Bii Continuation £14.99 17Bit Phase 4 £6.99 17Bit 5th Dimension L17.99 I 3000 JPEG Textures £17.99 iDlmiget £10.99 3D Objects £10.99 AGA Experience I NFAU7.99 AGA Experience 2 NFA£ 17.99 Amiga Developers CDU4.99 Amiga Repair Kit £35.99 AmlNet 4 £12.99 AmlNet 8 £12.99 AmlNet 12 £14.99 AmlNet 12 £14.99 AmlNet 14 £(4.99 Aminet 15 £14.99 AmiNet Set I £23.99 AmiNet Set 2 £23.99 AmiNet Set 3 £26.99 Arcade Classics Plus £(2.99 Arrworx £10.99 Assasim 2 £15.99 C64 Games vl.I £23.99 C64 Sensations v2 £14,99 CAM £22.99 Card Games
CD £14,99 CD-PD I £5.99 CD-PD 2 £5.99 | CD-PD 3 £5.99 Colour Library £12.99 Dem Rom £17.99 Demo Collection v I £ 5.99 Emulators Unlimited £17.99 Encounters £14.99 Epic Collection 2 £17.99 Epic Int. Encyclopedia £25.99 £24.99 £12.99 £26.99 £17.99 £28.99 £9.99 £14.99 £28.99 New!! CD Rom World Atlas £24.99 Full colour Multimedia Atlas for the Amiga.
Rated Absolutely Superb Ideal Xmas Gift!!
Guinness Disc of Records £17.99 CD Version of the ever-popular fact Filled book.
Amiga Developers CD Ver I.! £ 14.99 This CD unUim all the materials needed to develop software for the Amiga. From Am»g« Technotofwt comes the complet.
Amifa Developers Tool* and Documentation.
Scoop Purchase if Insight Dinosaurs Designed for the CD32 CD-TV but usable on any Amiga with CD. Now Only £4.99 Now Available Zoom-2 £18.99 Long awaited New version of this very popular CD. The latest PD from 2 Libraries.
New!! Photogenics V2 CD ROM £89.99 New features Animation Support, New Effects System, Virtual Images Plus More.... Buy Weird Science Network 2 CD & CD-32, Serial Network Cable.
Foronly,£35.99 New!! Magic Publisher 4 CD set£34.99 Inc. Wordworth 4 TD. Final Writer 4 SE, 10,000 Fonts and 5,000 Clips and more.
Octamed Sounds Studio CD £22.99 Totally revamped new version of this top selling CD, includes endless new and improved features.
New!! EPIC M M Encyclopedia £25.99 New.1 Ami Net 14-Now Available £25.99 Graphics Sensations f £ 15.99 Guinness Disc of Records' 17.99 Horror Sensations (18 £ 19.99 Hottest 6 £17,99 Illusions in 2D £8.99 Image PD CD £17.99 Into-the-Net £15,99 Insight Dinosaurs £4,99 Learning Curve £17.99 Light ROM 3 £18.99 Light ROM Gold £15 .99 Magic Publisher £34.99 Magic WB Enhancer £6.99 Meeting Pearls v4 £8.99 Mov'C Maker Special FX£24.99 Multimedia Toolkit I £4,99 Multimedia Toolkit 2 £19,99 Multimedia Backdrops £17.99 Network CD £7.99 Network CD 2 £12.99 Nothing but GIFs AGA£17.99 Nothing but Tetris
£10.99 Octamed 6 £19.99 Octamed Sound Studio£12.99 Oh Yes More Worms £8.99 Pandora's CD £7.99 Photogenics 2 £89,99 Pov-Roy £25.99 Prima Shareware v I £9.99 Retro Gold CD £17 9?
Scene Storm £ 17.9?
Sci-Fi Sensation £ 17.9?
Sound FX Sensation £12-9?
Sound Library £J7.9?
Sounds Terrific v2 £15.99 Source Code £18.99 Space A Astronomy £ J 8.9?
Specqr 96 Sensations £17,99 Special FX Vol. I £17 99 System Booster £17.99 Utilities 2 (PDSoft) £17.99 Utilities Experience £13.99 Weird Sc. AMOS PD £16.9?
Weird Sc. Animations £ I 6.99 Weird Sc. Clip Art £8.99 Weird Sc. UPD Gold £24.99 Workbench Add-Ons £20.99 World Atlas £24.99 World Info 9S £34.99 ZfiQfflJ flU I f our Get Connected feature has inspired you to get on-line, one thing you should have on your shopping i list is a good modem. Some of you may be tempted by the lower cost of 14.4 modems, but in the long run, the twice as fast 28.8 and the even faster 33.6 modems will repay this initial extra cost by giving you a lower phone bill.
Modems have come a long way over the last 15 years, starting off at the ridiculously slow 1200 baud rate - modem users were forced to sit in front of their monitors waiting for a page of plain text to load. Modems quickly doubled in speed to 2400 baud, then quadrupled to 9600 and finally reached a speed of 14,400 8PS which made media rich Web browsing a reality.
Survey modem The last major jump in speed was to the 28,800 modem which translates into around 3.5K of data a second, fast enough to handle all but the largest of Web pages. It does appear however, that modem technology has finally come to its limits, on analogue phones lines at least. The latest bunch of modems to appear only add an extra half K a second increase over older models.
Generally this means if you already own a 28.8 modem, the incentive to upgrade to a new 33.6 is pretty small but 14.4 owners could be tempted by the extra speed. One last thing to consider is, does your ISP use 33.6 modems? Currently Demon does not, but is testing them and I was quiet pleased to see binary downloads jump from 3200 to 3600 bytes a second on its test line, so you can tell the difference. Hopefully all its lines will be kitted out with the new modems soon, non-Demon users will have to check with their individual ISPs.
Pujijdujj and j S3jl ; * * isorji&j of the new 33.6 L available Dynamode On-Line PD continues to sell the Dynamode range of modems and has now added a 33.6 to its catalogue. The case and design is identical to the original 14.4 and 28.8 models, which is no bad thing as it is fairly sturdily made.
Everything you want on a modem is there - a 25 pin d-cup serial connector along with both the modem and phone line jacks in the back so you can have both the modem and a phone connected. All the usual status LEDs are down the front and a power switch on top makes it simple to turn it off.
On-Line PD throw in a 25 and 9 pin serial lead along with a double phone adapter so SurfSquirrel users can get going straight away.
You also get On-Line PD's Internet pack. While this is not the easiest thing to set up, it does give you versions of the most useful software such as Voyager, Grapevine and MUI 3.6. l&OttOliH line
* 31 DUCT DETAILS Product Dynamode 33.6 Supplier On-Line PD Price
£149.99 - £189 with GP Fax Tel 0990 561001 Scores
Implementation Value For Money Overall 92% Pace Macrolin The
Macroiin Gold Modem is part of Pace's new Macrolin range. The
modem itself is tiny, about the size of a Sony Diskman. In
appearance the Pace is nondescript, with only two elementary
LED status lights. The casing doesn't seem to be particularly
rugged, however, at £139 rrp, you wouldn't expect it to be
Jargon Buster Baud rate - How fast data is transmitted
received by a modem or computer is normally measured in BPS,
to make them appear faster than they rally are BPS - Bits per
second, the number of bits of data transmitted received a
second. Divide the number by eight to find how many bytes a
second it can handle and divide again by 1024 to find out how
many K it can take Modem - Modulator DEModulator, turns a
stream of transmitted digital data into a analogue signal and
will conversely turn a received analogue signal into a digital
stream of data. Modem modems can apply compression, error
correction and even handle variable speed transmission and
reception Internet - Something I probably spend far too much
time on and if my boss reads this I'm in trouble, ooh dear BIT
- Binary digiT, can be one or zero, a single bit of data Byte
- Eight BITs dumped together Amiga Computing Motorola Premier
33.6 The Motorola Premier 33.6 is another worthy competitor in
the modem market. It looks strangely like an albino Pace,
although it seems a bit sturdier than the Macrolin Gold.
Unlike the Pace though, it has a full LED status display ranged along the front of the modem.
The Motorola delivers the goods specs-wise. Its V34 technology allows it to transmit data at 36.6 kbps and it takes advantage of asynchronous data transmission, allowing it to carry on transmitting and receiving data efficiently even on a very bad line. One particularly useful feature is its FLASH memory which enables you to enhance performance upgrading with the minimum of bother.
A dig»I Product Premier 33.6 1 Supplier Motorola Price £169 Tel 01462 421440 Implementation 88% Value For Money 90% Overall 85% a bmm MiM aaiawMiHfiiifnr- The Password Verification feature provides call back security for over 20 users. The modem also has the ability to store up to nine frequently called numbers. The only thing I didn't like about the modem was the fact that the manual was hard to understand and less friendly than the US Robotics manual.
The Motorola Premier is a very impressive machine, scoring 100% for connection reliability and network coverage in CMP Media's on-line Modem consumer test The Premier seems ideally suited to small business users with its password verification and phone number directory features. In summary, a very competitive and useful modem US Robotics Sportster OLD made of titanium.
Despite the unspectacular appearance of the Pace, there are a number of features that make it a pretty good modem. The 33.6 Kbps speed, for instance, sets it apart from many rivals. The Lifetime Warranty is also a bonus and something that not many of the other manufacturers offer.
Pace offers unrivalled free Internet trials with AOL and CompuServe and include a number of complementary disks, but unfortunately all these goodies are pretty useless for Amiga owners. Despite this, it represents brilliant value for money - a top spec. 33.6 kbps modem with a lifetime warranty for £139 is about as good a buy as you're going to get.
U5 Robotics has a reputation for producing high quality, no nonsense modems and the Sportster Voice will not endanger this reputation. It feels sturdy and has a peculiar slab sided style to it, which sets it apart from the usual nondescript slightly rounded look of other modems.
The usual US Robotics array of LEDs are ranged along the front of the modem and, for the less technically minded, the function of each status light is explained on the underside of the modem. A helpful vertical stand is built onto the side of the Sportster, should space be a problem.
The technical specifications of the Sportster Voice are impressive; V.42 and V42 bis error correction and data compression, the ability to use Class 1 and Class 2.0 fax software and a data transfer speed of 33.6 kbps. The Sportster also allows the user to record business quality voice-mail using the Personal Voice Mail feature.
The modem can also be used as a speakerphone via the built-in microphones and speakers. However, as you might have guessed, these features can't be taken advantage of by the Amiga user. Similarly, neither can the free SuperVoice 2.2 software and introductory Internet access disks from AOL and CompuServe One thing I particularly liked about the US Robotics package was the User's Guide that came with the modem.
For a non-techie like, me the book was invaluable. The guide explains in dear and concise language the various functions and specifications of the modem. A glossary at the back explained the meaning of such bewildering words and acronyms as ITU-T and YmodemG. Unfortunately the US Robotics Sportster Voice only comes with a five year warranty. Despite this, for the price, it's one of the best BABT approved modems available.
Macrolin Gold Pace Supplier Price £139 0990 561001 Tei Scores .. _onfantir-s . F Implementation 80% 95% 89% Value For Money Overall r J I I line BoiBEIiIEBu 1 Product Sportster Voice Supplier US Robotics Price £199 Tel 01734 228200 Scores i Implementation 94% Value For Money 88% Overall 92% Amiga Computing Tina Hackett and Gareth Lofthouse present a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to getting your Amiga wired for action Ohe Internet, you're sick of hearing about it So much so in fact, you've decided that if you can't beat 'em then it's time to join them. But where do you begin? If it wasn't
confusing enough with all the terminology: ISPs, FTPs, IRCs, then there's the hardware, software and by the time you've thought about all this, you really are beginning to wonder if it's all worth it Wouldn't it just be easier to pick up a book or watch TV? If you do though, you could be missing out on something which could eventually match the television in terms of popularity.
Okay, so you've decided to go ahead, where do you go from here? Look no further
- our guide takes you through the whole process of getting
on-line with your Amiga in easy steps from choosing your modem
to making the most out of your time on-line.
What should I ask my Internet Service Provider?
Check how much you will be paying. Sounds obvious, but some charge an on-line fee, some a monthly fee - check whether this includes VAT.
Some offer special deals such as giving away free Internet space - this means you can create you own Web page and have it on-line for the whole world to view. Okay, so you're only a beginner at the moment but in a few month's time, you may want to start to learn the basics of putting up your own Web page. Demon is one such ISP and offer 5Mb of free space. To give you an idea of what this provides - consider that Amiga Computing's Web site is about
2. 2Mb. Also ask if they have Points of Presence local to you -
this avoids long-distance phone calls over the UK when you
have to dial your ISP to be connected. Most ISP's have
technical advice lines which are used for answering questions
from PC owners.
However, it's nice to have specialised Amiga support. Both Demon and Netcom have dedicated Amiga support along with several others. Some have 24 hour support, seven days a week - it's something definitely worth asking.
Bear in mind that if you are using Miami or Termite as your TCP IP stack, if you want send and receive e-mail, you'll need an ISP that supports POP. Some only support SMTP in which case you should be using AmiTCP to enable you to take advantage of e-mail.
Step 1 The nightmare begins In front you have a daunting knot of wires, a load of peripherals, phone extensions and software. It's a good time to draw up a checklist of what you've got. You'll need: A modem, a serial cable and your basic Internet software (see step six). Obviously, having a phone line you can reach is a must. Finally you should have an Amiga running on a minimum of AmigaDOS 2.04, a hard drive with a minimum of 5Mb free disk space, plus preferably 4Mbs of fast ram to make the Net tolerably speedy. If you're not sure what sort of modem you need, move on to step 2.
Step 2 Choosing a MODEM Modems are small peripherals that connect the computer to the Net. You need to be careful to choose one that will suit your needs.
Ideally, opt for the fastest modem you can afford - look for 33.6k modems costing around £150. If your Net usage is small and the budget is tight, consider a slower 28.8k or 14.4k modem, but don't expect such blistering on-line performance.
Popular types of modem that work with the Amiga include US Robotics and Supras, but compatibility shouldn't be a problem as long as you buy a reasonably modern make.
Most Amiga users can only use external modems, however, so don't bother with internal PC modems.
Amiga Computing Step 3 Do I need a Surf Squirrel ?
No, all modems can be connected using a serial cable connected to the serial port on the back of the Amiga. This cable should come with your modem; otherwise get a cable with a 25-pin male connector at one end and a 25-pin female connector at the other.
While a Surf Squirrel isn't vital, we'd recommend it for A1200 or A600 owners, as it's a significantly faster means of connecting to the Net - and believe us, you need to speed the Net up as much as possible. If using the Squirrel, however, a standard PC serial cable (25-pin at one end, 9-pin at the other, available from any computer shop) is required instead.
As we've mentioned in the step-by-step guide, you're going to need a package that connects your computer to your Internet Service Provider. Called a TCP IP stack, there are a few good ones to try out.
AmiTCP has been the main option for Amiga users with the commercial release, version 4, being the most current. One alternative is Miami, costing £25. This comes with a useful step-by-step program which takes you through linking up to your ISP. It's memory intensive however, and takes up 1Mb rather than the 250k that AmiTCP uses.
TermiteTCP (£59.95) is another option and uses less than half a meg - it is however, quite expensive. Both Miami and Termite have the superior PPP dialler, AmiTCP has the SLIP protocol.
TermiteTCP is a good option for 2Mb, A1200 owners Step 4 Fitting the modem Don't worry, this bit isn't hard. If using a Surf Squirrel, carefully fit it into the PC slot on the side of your Amiga, then connect the 9-pin end of the serial cable to the Squirrel. The 25- pin end of your cable connects to the back of the modem.
On the back of the modem you should also find two small RJ-11 sockets. The socket called 'Line' should be connected to the telephone socket on the wall. If you wish, you can connect a phone to the other socket, though you can't use this while connected to the Net.
One last thing regarding setting up your modem. When you get to the bit where your Internet software (such as AmiTCP) asks you to set the serial port preferences for the modem, follow these guidelines. If you've got a *-w.
"e'lwictea There are a number of browsers available for Amiga owners and the numbers seem to be increasing all the time. Ibrowse is one of the new contenders and is already highly regarded. This is from Hisoft and costs around £30.
It works using the MUI system which comes with the commercial package. Features-wise, Ibrowse allows you to e-mail someone directly from their Web page if they have displayed an e-mail address.
It also supports 'FAB' menus (Fast Action Buttons) which means you can click on an image, for example, and an options menu will be displayed such as saving image to disk. If you get stuck at any point, Ibrowse provides a 64 page user- friendly manual to help out.
S£*gon The only potential problem is that images don't always look as good as they do on another program called Voyager, a freeware browser. For instance, when Ibrowse displays 64 colour images they look less impressive.
Ibrowse can support 256 colours but on an 020 Amiga things can really slow down.
To run you will need 3Mb of RAM, although 6Mb is recommended as well as a 3.5Mb hard drive and Workbench
3. 0.1 mentioned Voyager briefly - this has really been
superseded now. It does not support animated GIFs which I
Browse can - however, they are working on a commercial release
which promises to handle all that Ibrowse can plus the
controversial Frames.
Depending on personal preference you may prefer another recent hit, Aweb II from Blittersoft (£39.95). This works with both Miami and AmiTCP. Instead of using MUI it has a set of libraries called ClassAct which is included with the program. Aweb II also includes a program called HTML Heaven which helps you easily create your own Web pages. Another difference is that rather than referring to a manual you can go to on-line help which includes information ranging from how to organise your TCP IP stack to creating a list of your favourite sites.
Aweb II doesn't have the colour dithering problem either. However, Ibrowse in terms of looks has the edge with coloured buttons and animated images. So really, it's up to you to decide your priorities here - both browsers are highly recommended.
Amiga Computing Well, it depends what your priorities are. If you want to hear the latest Amiga gossip try the Amiga Web Directory. All you need do is type into your browser http: www.cucug.org amiga.html. Also try the Amiga Home Page (http: www.omnipresence.com Amiga ). Both have excellent links to Amiga resources
- advice, newsgroups, latest rumours and software hardware links.
For more general sites go to Yahoo (http: www.yahoo.com ) - an excellent Web site which not only picks excellent pages out for you but works as a search engine to let you type in a request for sites on a particular topic.
Maybe you want to go on a short break after all your efforts getting connected. The AA (http: www.theaa.co.uk hotels ) recommends hotels all around the UK, or maybe you want to catch up on all the weekly happenings. The Daily Telegraph have a good on-line newspaper called Electronic Telegraph (http: www.telegraph.co.uk register.html) which is updated daily. This is just the tip of the iceberg - there are many sites to explore. The best method is either to see for yourself or buy a dedicated listings magazine like IDG's The Web (gratuitous plug-time).
Step 5 - chat with an ISP to get the best deals E-mail software such as Voodoo or AmiPOP or the ones recommended in the step-by-step guide. These let you send and receive messages.
Newsreaders which let you read and post messages to newsgroups FTP software which allows you to send and receive files, for example, AmiFTP IRC software such as AmilRC, will let you talk to other Internet users Step 5 Choosing your ISP Now it's time to arrange an Internet account with an Internet Service Provider. This boils down to phoning an ISP and asking the right questions (see the box on 'What to ask my ISP'). They will be able to talk you through this stage of the process, which is not complex.
Make sure you choose an ISP with good national coverage so you connect for the cost of a local call. Also ensure they can give technical support for the Amiga. Services like Netcom's Amiga Net package are worth considering, as they can provide full software and support packages.
Step 6 Starting WITH THE SOFTWARE The most important software required to connect the Amiga to the Net is a TCP IP stack, software that includes all the basic Internet utilities like Telnet, FTP and Finger. AmiTCP is the most comprehensive stack program on the Amiga, which exists as a commercial package (with the advantage of full instructions) and as a free demo (available from What other SOFTWARE DO I NEED?
A 14.4k modem, set the speed to 19,200. For a 28.8k modem, on the other hand, set it to 38,400, while if you're using the Surf Squirrel set the prefs to 115,200. These serial port speeds affect the speed at which your Amiga talks to your modem, but if you stick to these rules everything should work fine.
Blittersoft or off Aminet). Installing AmiTCP isn't too difficult provided you follow the supplied instructions carefully.
AmiTCP needs what is called a dialler. It comes bundled with a dialler called CSLIP, which is adequate for the job, though users may wish to get a superior program called PPP from Aminet. Install the dialler before installing AmiTCP, as AmiTCP will ask you to specify which one you're using.
Step 7 Electron ic MAIL AND NEWS Having mastered file transfers using FTP, it's time to try using e-mai! And Usenet newsgroups.
To receive e-mail, Amiga users need to install an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) program. You'll also need to get your hands on specific e-mail handling software, one of the easiest of which is Metatool.
This freeware program not only allows Amiga users to send and receive electronic messages, but also handles attachments that can be appended to e-mail.
Newsgroups are forums in which Internet users can post and reply to messages and pictures. There are thousands upon thousands of them, each covering their own topics ranging from Amigas to sport. Several Amiga-compatible applications are available for using newsgroups, such as THOR or freeware like Tin and Grn.
Step 8 Grabbing FILES FROM THE NET Now it's time to start accessing some areas of the Net. A vast number of Amiga public domain utilities, games and applications can be downloaded from what's called FTP sites on the Net - which is one serious reason for getting on-line in the first place. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows users to access remote computers as if they were using their own hard drives. Remember, Amiga users are very well catered for in this area of the Internet, since Aminet alone represents one of the largest collections of tools, utilities and Amiga Computing TURE 1 [Ssiil f
MtwU Itwril Where: f World Wide Web What realty happened at COMDEX.
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o Stock rraeairh oofa__ programs available !
To find an FTP site in the first place you need to know its address, which you can then use to access the site via FTP software or even a Browser. When you connect to FTP sites they may ask you to login.
The standard way of getting access to FTP sites is through 'anonymous FTP', which in practice means you should type 'anonymous' at the 'login' prompt When asked for a password, simply enter your e-mail address which your ISP will have given you.
In terms of the software you'll need to do this, users with AmiTCP should already have ncftp which does the job adequately, despite being completely text-based. A better and more user-friendly program called AmFTP is available as shareware.
Having logged onto a FTP site, you will find file organised into directories. Files can be transferred onto your Amiga, though they are often compressed so make sure you have an Lha program capable of de-archiving them.
FTP - File Transfer Protocol. This is used for transferring files to and from the Internet Frames - Some Web sites split the design into different sections with the intention of making the site more attractive. However, some say they make getting around more complicated.
PoP - Point of Presence. Service Provides should have Points of Presence all over the UK to save you making long distance calls POP - Post Office Protocol (not to be confused with PoP - easy hey?)
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ISP - Internet Service Provider. The people who connect you to the Net.
WWW - World Wide Web IRC - Internet Relay Chat. People can talk to each other over the Internet in real-time HTML - HyperText Markup Language. The language used to write a page for the Web.
A Simple Guide to Terminology Step 9 Chatting on-line Doubtless you've heard of people meeting their dream partner in a chatroom on the Internet. Normally, IRC channels are rather less glamorous, but are nevertheless worth experimenting with because, unlike Newsgroups, IRC has the advantage of letting you enter live discussions.
To use Internet Relay Chat, you need an IRC client like the shareware program Grapevine. Users also need to think up a unique nickname that everyone on chat channels can refer to - the sadder the nickname the better seems to be a good rule of thumb for IRC!
When you've got your IRC client set up, the standard Amiga channel to look for is Amiga. To join it simply type join Amiga and you'll be able to join in the discussion.
Step 10 World wide wonderland I At last you're ready to enter the promised land of the World Wide Web. In the last two years, the graphically pretty Web is the area of the Net that's been generating all the hype, but it's only in the last year that most Amiga users have been able to use it to the full.
The Web is composed of sites carrying pages of text combined with pictures and sometimes even sounds and downloadable mini-movies. To surf the Web and access these sites you'll need a Browser program, an Amiga equivalent of Netscape. The top choices for Amiga available at the moment are Ibrowse, for which you'll also need MUI (Magic User Interface), and the faster and lighter Aweb II.
For information on the relative merits of these packages, see our box on browsers.
Most people think Amigas can't handle the more advanced features to be found on the Web. However, Multiview will play most sound files such as WAV - your browser will simply load the soundfile into Multiview to have it played. Better still, if you want to see the film clips on some Web sites, you can now get QuickTime for the Amiga. Both Multiview and QuickTime can be obtained from Aminet.
The biggest problem regarding the Web is finding the information you want - it's just so big and there's no quality control ! This means you need a Search Engine like Excite.
To get there type http: www.exdte.com in the location gadget on your Browser and press Return. Excite's main page has a button you can click on to bring up instructions on how to search for the information you want.
All in one options Contacts HiSoft 01525 718181 Biittersoft 01908 261466 Ryker Registrations (Miami) 1 Shrewsbury St, Oldham, OL4 2R5.
Active Software 01325 352260 Netcom 01344 395500 Theoretically, they do all the work for you. On offer for example is HiSoft's Net&Web which includes Ibrowse and AmiTCP, MetaTool e-maii program and DaFTP for file transfer.
Another which is in development, is NetConnect from Active Software. This will contain commercially licensed software such as a new version of the browser Voyager as well as Power Mail and AmiTCP v4.4. internet Service Providers, Netcom are pledging support to the Amiga with a specific service and software package called NETCOMplete.
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P. O. Box 4398 Carmel. CA 93921, U.S.A. Internet:
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Tech (408) 626-2633 Fax (408)625-6588 BBS (408)625-6580 Reading through the December 1996 issue of Amiga Computing two points caught my eye which filled me with dismay with regard to the Amiga and Amiga Computing's future.
Firstly, the announcement that you would be incorporating Amiga Action with effect from the next issue. I'm not dismayed because of this decision; indeed I look forward to it. What does dismay is that the decision was taken, I would assume, because of declining sales.
I Ezra Surf prescribes a good dose of morale-boosting medicine to cure some of those winter blues. Come on, things aren't that bad - new projects are on the way. Even banks are citing the benefits of the Amiga Qleak mid-winter This would have been bad enough but I notice with horror that Amiga Computing's own sales have reduced dramatically to 22,051 for the period January to June 1996; the figure for the period June to December being 39,802. A helluva drop in anyone's language.
Are things really looking so bleak as they appear? Being more interested in the serious side of computing (although still very much a novice) I consider yours to be the best of the Amiga Magazines and have been a subscriber now for quite a few years. I would hate to see its demise.
Perhaps I'm being unnecessarily pessimistic, It would be interesting to hear how you and the rest of the Amiga Computing team feel.
Bill White As most of you have probably noticed, we have had a drop in readership and this is not something unique to Amiga Computing either. It's a reflection of the market as a whole and the longer the uncertainty over the future of the Amiga, the worse it will get.
It's true that many Amiga owners have become disillusioned with the Amiga and have jumped over to other platforms - namely, the dreaded PC. This is especially so on the games side of things and when big name developers jumped over to the Playstation so did the players of their games.
However, the flip side of this is that despite the machine having being in such oll Up, Roll Up Come on, write in you know you want to. The address as per usual is ESP, Amiga Computing, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, 5K10 4NP. Doesn't matter what format you choose - sweaty sock and Tipp-Ex (that's Neil's particular fetish), traditional biro and paper or a disk (saves my fingers) which we can return. Alternatively, E-mail us at E5P@acomp.demon.co,uk. At the moment we're lining up some software goodies for a lucky reader who writes in with the best letter.
Dire straits, we have seen a great loyalty from a large majority of users who, despite the situation, refuse to budge away from the Amiga.
This sort of fanaticism just goes to show how strong the platform remains to be.
Also things are looking up with various third-party projects on the horizon. If these take off, we could see a whole new generation seeing the benefits of Amiga- based systems.
QmEGA rules Having recently decided to venture into the world of video production, I arranged a meeting with The Business Banker at the local Barclays Bank. It was a preliminary interview, and after a chat I was provided with the fact sheets on the subjects in which I was interested.
I was reading through the Video Production Company sheet on the train journey home from work, when I came to a section entitled Start Up Costs. In this section it describes the equipment required for video production.
After explaining a video editing suite set-up, it went on to say that one would need to "buy a computer costing approx. €900. A recommended graphics computer is by Amega (their spelling, not mine), because it allows for quality graphics to be created".
It mentioned genlocks for graphics overlay, then went on to say: "Once the computer is purchased it will be necessary to obtain various types of professional video software. One basic graphics programme is called Dpaint 4 and a good titling programme is by Scala called MM300".
Now, despite their spelling of our favourite machine, (which I shall be correcting in our second meeting, it was very refreshing to learn that a business as big as Barclays Bank recognises the Amiga as a quality graphics platform. One never knows, this message may get across to other people through these fact sheets. When you consider the presence of Barclays Bank across the country, as well as a recommendation from a Bank, (which still commands a certain amount of respect even in this day and age), perhaps the message will get to the people who would more than likely be duped by a Pee Cee
I hope that this message cheers you up, especially after all the whingers and moaners.
Pete Casson Certainly does. It's very interesting to see what other people's perceptions of the Amiga are - especially when they are positive! It's good to see not everyone has been blinded by the PC-hype.
Amiga Computing ANG IN THERE A decade ago, a former best selling mode! Of a Ford sedan fell on hard times. For almost 10 years it had got by with just a few tweaks here and there every year to give the impression that it was still a modern car.
But in reality, the public began to see it for what it was * a 10 year old design that was clearly out of date in every department. A replacement model was still some three or four months away, and the opposition with its new models were having a field day at Ford's expense.
The Ford dealers tried to lift flagging sales by saying that it did not matter that their sedan lacked many of the opposition's features because it was still up there with the best. Finally the day dawned when the new model was unveiled and a sudden transformation came over all Ford dealers. Whereas before they had defended the old model, they now openly derided it and urged the public to buy the new model.
What's all this got to do with the Amiga?
Here in Australia - and probably in nearly every other country, a transformation is coming over the Amiga scene. Even the former Amiga stalwarts are abandoning ship and telling everyone else to follow suit.
As late as Nov Dec 1995 issue of the Australian Amiga Review, its editor and writers were urging Amigans to hang in there and continue supporting everything Amiga.
There was only one more issue of Amiga Review after that, and it contained the news that it would be the last.
There was going to be a replacement magazine called Multimedia Desktop and Video, and it would have a dedicated Amiga section. Despite the promise to look after its former readers and subscribers, with only the second issue of the magazine there are less than six pages out of 80 being devoted to Amiga editorials and comments, and Amigans are being told to look to Pcs as the way to go.
What is the way to go? Should we throw in the towel and go with the crowd, or hold on till the end. One only has to look to the ABC figures of Amiga magazines over the last few years to see the sad state the Amiga is in.
I believe the state of the magazines mirror the state of the Amiga itself, for everyone even remotely interested in the Amiga will buy a magazine to keep abreast of what' going on. If they're not buying the magazine it's because they're not interested, or they've gone over to other platforms.
I am not interested in following the trend.
Firstly I'm over 60 years old, and my A1200 was the first computer I've ever bought - or used. I'm too old to have to try to learn a new operating system. I am very happy with my Amiga set up, and in five years time could be no worse off than I am today.
Everything I want to do I can do through my Amiga, so why change horses in mid-stream?
The PC scene is currently going through one upheaval after another, and now there's talk of even more Oss on the horizon. There maybe more software available, and it may be streets ahead of its Amiga counterparts, but the prices are prohibitively high when compared to the Amiga, and how many of the features are ever fully utilised by PC users?
The Amiga maybe old hat, and as yet there's nothing available to enable it to compete with the might of the PC, but is that the way we should be going?
It's not a matter of trying to compete with the PC but in trying to establish itself as an alternative machine for a particular type of user. The Amiga has always been a specialised computer that has stood apart from the masses. 5o even a simple update to Workbench (v4.0), and a few new features that users are crying out for such as printer preferences, Internet capability and the like could see the Amiga once again become a machine that could attract a loyal following like it did in the past. The Amiga is dead?
Long live the Amiga!
J. Coffey Quite right about the PC following - many of them have
spent a fortune on features they are never going to use. We do
need, however, to see an updated Amiga and arguments will
continue to rage over what needs to be changed. It's important
though that it remains as much an Amiga as possible and still
sticks to what it is good at - not become just another PC
F UNNY YOU R UMOUR MILLS About your request about more Internet pages in your magazine. Yes I too would like to see more pages on this subject. I would like to see a beginners' page more easy than your 'Web Design' page.
If not more pages what about a one off supplement with an EASY get on-line and web page set-up with your Christmas magazine.
I've been on-line for 12 months now and apart from the book Amiga Surfin from Bookmark Publishing I've not seen a GOOD Amiga mag book on this subject, and I subscribe to five Amiga magazines (including yours).
Well, always happy to please, Amiga Computing have put together an article for you beginners out there. Its something we feel definitely needs covering.
There's plenty of hype out there already about the Internet - many people just want a plain simple guide to actually getting online. We hope we've achieved this... For more than three years now, the Amiga community has been hoping for things to turn out well. Lots of news, rumours, announcements, photographs.... nothing yet for us to use!
We were terrified when Commodore shut down, we were also terrified when Escom was about to buy Commodore but the whole thing was postponed over and over! We were terrified with Escom's attitude, we are now terrified with VIScorp and so on_____ same story! A story that has made a large amount of Amiga users go somewhere else!
And the result? A handful of people still moaning about how "wonderful" their A1200 is and how powerful the Amiga is and blah blah blah! Just open your eyes and see that it will take a huge amount of invested money to develop a super powerful hardware for a competitive modern Amiga. Can VIScorp handle that? I don't think so, I doubt if they can develop a decent operating system follow up! But, could there possibly be another way?
Maybe! The first best step that I could ever think right now, is a major price-crash on the existing Amiga models. What we desperately need right now is a big-boxed Amiga! We need ZoRRo II & III slots!! If the A1200 had even 1 of them, things would have been pretty much different nowadays! Although A4000 is far too expensive and therefore Zorro users a bit scarce, we have a fantastic set of Zorro cards that really help the Amiga like top GFX and sound cards!
If the cheapish A1200 had a small tower housing, Zorro cards would sell much much more, that would produce competition, lower prices and new products!!! Wouldn't it be amazing to have a CyberVision64 3D as standard and only have to pay say stlgl 50 for it?! PowerPC accelerators can fit into Zorro slots as well! And I believe the list is endless!
Please manufacturers and especially ESCOM, do some creative thinking for once!
Vongelis Erotokritakis, Preston Everyone has their own ideas on the way the Amiga should go. One thing is clear though - they really do have to get a move on and do something - anything really just to show they are still their and are planning ahead for the future of our machine.
Amiga Computing I have been an Amiga user since 1991, when I bought my first Amiga, an A500.
Now I have an A12Q0 with 6Mb of RAM, 68G30@5MHz + 68882@5MHz and a 200Mb hard drive.
The reason why I am writing this letter is because I wish to give my opinion about facts going on in the computer and Amiga scene.
Beal multimedia I have used computers since I was eight years old (I am 23 now), and began with a Commodore VIC-20 with 3K of RAM.
After that I bought a C64, then an Apple II, being followed by an MSX 1.0 which was upgraded to a MSX 2.0, and then, finally, I had the Amiga 500.
What made me change from one computer to another was something called 'Technical Specifications", but the same is not true for the majority of people that buy computers. Stop to think what makes laic people buy them.
There are people that buy computers based on, let's say, a friend's opinion.
Other ones based on the salesman's opinion. There are also those who buy computers based on a magazine's opinion.
But, the vast majority of people buy the computer that "everybody has", that is , the most popular in the market.
IBM-PCs are at the position they are today, because common people are very immature in terms of computer knowledge. Common people just want to "join the computer revolution", in some cases they don't even like computers (I know someone that bought a computer just for
- believe me - "status").
These completely laic people, go inside a computer store and buy the first thing the salesman calls "a computer". The chances of that machine being an IBM-PC are enormous, and after the purchase, these people will advise their friends to buy "a computer" (PC) too.
"A computer", for these kind of people, is the same as "IBM-PC". They never knew there was another kind of machine, because it just doesn't make any sense to them, as the image of "a computer" matches the one of the PC, in their minds.
When they hear the word "computer", they remember a PC running Windows.
For them, "multimedia" means those "interactive" Cds that when you click a button on the screen, the CD-ROM's led lights up, and after 30 seconds loading, you hear a sound of a button click. REALLY INTERACTIVE, isn't it?
Show them SCALA (or any other multi- media package on the Amiga), with sound perfectly synchronised with mouse actions and intelligent loading algorithms.
They will think it is science fiction.
On the other side of the coin, people like me and you (who have joined the computer revolution years ago, when the microcomputers were arriving at our homes and we had plenty of options), know, based on acquired-by-experience knowledge, that there are different kinds of computers, each one being better in specific tasks.
Buying a computer is much like buying a car. It depends on the amount of money you have to spend, what do you expect from it, what kind of software you want to use, what do you intend to do with it, what features it offers and how it will affect the way you use it, and as a consequence, the way you work.
The bad side of a democracy is that the best choice is not guaranteed to be chosen by the majority of people. When common people decided they wanted to use computers, just because everybody was doing it, computer industry turned into chaos. I really think this will change someday, but people need to learn, and this can take many years, as they are now at the position I was when I bought my VIC-20.
God, how I miss those "home computing" days! Every computer hobbyist does.
Lucky we are because we still have this STATE OF THE ART machine called Amiga.
Thanks to Jay Miner, a man ahead of its time.
And the Amiga will never die, because it has already turned into something bigger.
Amiga is not just a computer anymore.
Amiga nowadays means a big community of people sharing the same wishes. It has turned into a "living organism", MUCH like the Internet but on a smaller scale. This is proved by its survival.
I have been using the Internet through my Amiga. I have already accessed using high powered RISC UNIX machines and Pentiums with Win95 and lots of RAM but, believe me, there is nothing like the Amiga.
This is not a machine, this is a dream.
Luiz Gustavo Mil font Pereira, Brazil True about the Amiga having a community now - you don't get that kind of "community" support with PC users. Also the Amiga is the best multimedia JM machine - maybe we should mar- ket the next lot of Amigas as 'Multimedia Amigas' as in the hyped-up buzzword 'Multimedia PC's' j jr S j If you prefer, you can send us letter via Email.
Simply point your mailer to: ESP@acomp.demon.co.uk. You could even send it in on a disk - it makes our lives easier too. Someone has to type this lot in you know!
OFTWARE URGENCIES Hey, I've finally found a place where 1 can voice my opinion.
RTE RS I Well first I bought one of them there IBM PC type machines, what a piece of trash compared to an Amiga.
I own an Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000 and a CD32 (my latest). Of all three I think the CD32 with an SX-1 expansion and Dataflyer IDE hard drive is really great.
Any how even though the Amiga is slowly dying I still have them. What the Amiga needs more than anything else right now is software, that's right you heard me SOFTWARE, even if we did get a new fantastic 68099 and a half processor it wouldn't mean a stack of beans without the software.
We need ail us die hard Amiga computer addicts to start developing software and putting it up on the boards for free even.
The CD32 was a step in the right direction for Commodore if there ever was one. First it put a inexpensive machine on the market that was a game console that could be made into a real computer. The next step was to get the software to be developed for this machine, but alas Commodore went under.
Any how my CD32 makes my 486 25 look very slow. Now I wonder how Commodore could do that with a 14 Mhz processor? So you see it's not processor speed that counts it is how the computer structure is made and the Amiga is one of the best.
Bill Gates knows only how to make junk operating systems, and Apple computers (the first multi-media, multi tasking computer so they say) should look at the Amiga and see what it was all about.
Do I think the Amiga will come back? The answer is no, and this is because there are too many computer users out there associated with the IBM PC type machines telling there friends out there what a great machine it is and these people believe them.
The Amiga hasn't been heard about in at least five years and since there are none in the stores and no software on the shelves it just ain't possible.
People ain't going to buy what they can't see and that is just the end of the story. Sorry to see that someone can't mass market the Amiga and advertise it for what it was -" The best damn computer on the market"!!!
Stanley B. Sova Amiga Computing Nobody Undersells US!!!!!
2. 5 GIG
3. 2 GIG ¦ - 8Mb RAM CARD FOR A1200 00 4 SPEED SCSI CO ROM
30pin 4Mb 72pin 8Mb 72pin Fax 3.36 External Fax Modem 18-22
FPU LOW LOW PRICE 20Mhz £8.00 33Mhz £10.00 50Mhz £50.00 'JG
SIMM RAM SIMM 1Mb 30pin CA L ?
URBO PRINT m Having read the review of Turbo Print by Neil Mohr I have been unable to find any reference as to where I can obtain this program, or how much it is. Is it shareware and if so where can I download it from?
Harold Keiser, hkeiser@bconnex.net Turbo Print is actually a commercial product made in Germany, but is available in the UK and USA with a well translated manual and documentation. American readers should try Software Hut, while any UK readers should try Wizard developments.
Mssasm Bam mBamaaa The lips sucking the poison out of your wounded Amiga, ACAS will have it back up and running in no time at all E-TARGETING GRAPHICS 24_ 26_ 51 2*1 IYH | Uldthl [»¦¦] _| Uertlkot Heighti [135 | 1 Aspect Print-Pob It i on 1 Left t
- --1 Cent*-* _i ...... i !-1 -* Pop**- SI»1 Unprintob 1* t
Uidthi L*ft* [o ] Height I*™-] Topi I a Bock . .
Position | Print ie Qdd file system Is this a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing as my system is working per-
* fectly in every other regard? I would like to know what it is
all about and the remedies if these 'faults' should be correct.
Please can you help?
Adrian Bernascone, Mfesf Sussex From the Sysinfo report I assume you have four partitions on your hard drive, possibly a little over the top but if it works for you that is OK. What Sysinfo is saying is that three of your partitions are formatted using the FFS or Fast File System, and that your second partition called DH1, has been formatted with the OFS or Please can you help me with a problem? I have an A1200 and a 850Mb hard drive. On checking my hard drive I find the following puzzling report: When optimising DH1 with Reorg I get the following report about two thirds of the way through
the operation: Naming £503 Invalid foraat in data block Old sector nuiber 7,148 New sector nuaber 7,142 Sysinfo - DHQ 2 3 "Fast File System DH1 - "Old file System.
Old Ordinary File System.
FFS was introduced as standard with Workbench 2.04 as a replacement to the old file system, and was designed to be used with hard drives as it reduced disk fragmentation, increased the amount of available space and was faster to use for the operating system. It did not however, cure the problem of drives becoming invalidated.
It is not exactly a bad thing that your second partition is formatted with the OFS as it is a little more robust than FFS. It is however a little curious as we do not even use OFS cover disks any more. So I cannot understand why, whichever program set up your hard drive, chose the OFS just for the second partition.
All that is not too important, but what is a little worrying is that Reorg has reported a problem with a data block. In my past experience when Reorg has found a problem it ends up trashing the partition, but in your case it has been able to carry on. I would think it means a file on the drive is corrupt, in which case you could, as you have been doing, carry on using the drive as usual.
To be on the safe side you may want to back up that partition and reformat it under the FFS file system. This will get rid of the problem and you will get the added performance of FFS.
I appreciate your magazine, it is pret- ] ty easy to feel isolated as an Amiga'n today. To the questions, I do not know where else to turn at this time.
I have written a number of letters to people around the world, enclosing money for response cost and have so far received no replies.
1. What is the address of VIONA Development and where can I get
the current EGS software for my GVP Spectrum 28 24 bit
graphics card? I have the last that GVP put out v6.2 and had
no luck getting system 7.x. What is the current version? About
a year ago there was a bogus version on Aminet, it was not
from VIONA.
2. I have purchased the latest version of the CyberGraphX
software for my board but have not installed it yet since I
like some of the EGS software and hate to sacrifice it and my
complex system works perfectly well as configured.
However I see more and more software that utilises CyberGraphX driven boards.
Hence my last question, can my system be set up to boot into one of the systems or the other selectively? The 6.2 version of EGS seems to have taken out all the earlier versions' commands from the user-startup file, so I do not know how it boots to tell if a selective dual boot machine is possible.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. In many ways I think the A3000 was the best Amiga ever built and look forward to an 060 accelerator that will be compatible with my graphics card and case. At that point I believe I will have as nice a computer as almost anyone, using any platform.
Brlow Soper, Ph.D., Louisiana USA Amiga Computing Unfortunately I do not have any contact address or phone number for VIONA and to be honest 1 cannot see that they would exist any more. When GVP went bust they were bought up by Power Computing here in the UK and, I think, M-Tec in Germany, mainly so they could get hold of all GVP's stock of products. You can reach Power on +44 (0)1234 273000, but as to whether they have the latest EGS software - I don't know.
The version released onto Aminet about a year and a half ago was not quite as bogus as you might have first thought You are right in saying that it was not put here by VIONA but it does still contain the correct installation and libraries, which appear to be version 7.0. So it may still be worth your while getting the four archives.
Superseded by CyberGraphX, the EGS system worked well but the demise of GVP killed it off for good
2. A good while back 1 did install the EGS system on my A1200 as
it has fairly good drivers for plain Amiga's that just have
the ECS or AGA chipset This was done using the release of the
EGS system that is mentioned above. From doing that Qu I
DELINES I am unable to view AmigaGuide documents. I have
followed the instructions in the Amiga 1200 Next Steps which
states: I
1. Open the Multiview file selector
2. Put the Locale disk into the drive
3. Work through the directories until you reach
Locale:Help english sys AMIGAguide.guide
4. Open this file and a window with buttons appears A window with
buttons does not appear but the raw file does. Where did 1 go
wrong? I have tried all sort of variations of the above but
all have the same end result, please can you help me out?
W. Taylor, Chesterfield Multiview uses a new-ish part of the
Amiga's operating system called Datatypes. These were
introduced as a way to allow programs to recognise and
automatically handle many different file types. So usually,
and if your system is set up correctly. Multi View would
normally recognise the AmigaGuide for what it is and display
the guide correctly.
There are three possible problems that I can think of why Multi View is ignoring the fact your are loading an AmigaGuide file, and is just treating it as a plain text file.
First off, it could be that for some reason you are missing either the AmigaGuide Data Type, found in the it looks like all the EGS files are put into a single drawer and all the config and library files are placed in there as well.
The EGS system is then initiated by a monitor driver placed in the Devs Monitors drawer This is really just an AmigaDOS script, but is a lot neater to have it as a stand alone monitor driver than take room up in your user-startup. It Devs DataTypes drawer. This File tells Multiview how to recognise AmigaGuide files. The other reason for this problem is that you could be missing the Datatype class library, this is found in the Classes DataTypes drawer and tells Multiview how to use and display the AmigaGuide file. Both of these files should have been copied onto your machine. If not, they can
be found on your original Amiga system disks and you need to copy them across yourself.
Another possible reason, but less likely is that the line: AddDataTypes REFRESH QUIET has been removed from your startup-sequence. This line initially loads all the DataTypes description files into the operating system. If it is not run then any program using DataTypes cannot recognise any DataType file.
The last reason is to do with other DataTypes installed on your computer. There is the possibility that another DataType is interfering with the AmigaGuide DataType.
Unfortunately I have only ever seen this happen with the MacPaint DataType which could override other graphic Data Types, but I have never seen it happen with any others. The simplest way to find out is to copy all the other DataTypes from the Devs DataTypes drawer to the storage drawer and then reset your machine.
Also has the added advantage that you can simply disable the EGS system by moving the EGS icon from the monitor driver drawer in Devs, over to the storage drawer, CyberGraphX is initiated in a similar way, using a monitor driver. So you can disable either the EGS or CyberGraphX systems by swapping the appropriate monitor driver over to the Devs monitor drawer.
Having said that, 1 cannot see why both systems could not work side by side as they are completely separate. EGS programs look for the EGS libraries, while CyberGraphX program look for its libraries.
The only possible clash would be over Workbench emulation but you can disable the EGS emulation by removing the EGSWB driver from the config drawer found in your EGS drawer.
1 cannot guarantee this will work as 1 have never tried the two systems together but I expect it will. One last thing, if you do use the EGS archive from Aminet make sure you set the script flag in the icon information window for the EGS monitor driver, otherwise you get an error on startup.
Ime's a la Having recently got hold of a copy of J iBrowse 1 have found it great for browsing the Web, but I would like to know if there is a way to make iBrowse automatically recognise Lha archive files and download them, instead of having to go through the download action window every time?
I would also like to know if there is anyway to improve the display of iBrowse? Graphics look great in 256 colour modes but I find the screen update too slow.
Currently I'm still using AmiTCP but having seen the much more recent Miami and TermiteTCP I was wondering if there are any reasons to switch over to them, do they help with transfer speeds? Having gone to all the trouble of setting up AmiTCP in the first place it seems a waste to have to dump it all.
Thanks for your advice in advance.
Julia Croft; Brighton Well there are two ways to get around iBrowse asking you what to do with the rchive file, the first and most straight forward is to hold the shift key when you click on the archive link. This tells iBrowse that you want to save the file off to disk and circumvents the download action window, this also works for any other type of link as well such as to a picture or another HTML document.
The second way is a little more complicated and involves adding to iBrowse's list of Mime types. Mime is short for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and was initially introduced as a way to encoding graphics and other binary files into mail messages. With regards to Web browsers Mime is used to allow the browser to identify what type of file it is dealing with.
Amiga Computing Qower driving I have an A1200 with 4Mb and an internal J 170Mb hard drive. After completely filled my hard drive in about six months, I came to j the conclusion that no matter how many times I keep 'weeding" it out, I need a bigger hard drive.
I was going to buy a 520 Mb 3.5" IDE drive to replace my current one, but my friend's set-up that has a 75Mb 3.5" IDE drive is prone to constant power problems.
1. If I bought a 3.5" IDE drive, would I need another PSU like
the Goliath 200W?
2. If I bought a bigger 2.5" IDE drive to replace my old one,
would I have the same power problems?
3. Is it possible to buy a second 2.5" IDE drive and fit it
inside my 1200 alongside my other one? If so what hardware
would I need? Would it be recognised as DH2 as my other
drive is DHO and DH1?
Please help me with my dilemma as I am sure many of your readers have had or are going to have the same problems when it comes to storage space.
A Paice, Dunbartonshire Scotland.
To answer your first two questions, normally no. Any recently made IDE hard drive should work fine with the A1200.
It sounds to me that your friend has an old hard drive with poor drive mechanism that is possibly the cause of the power problems.
To be on the safe side, a 2.5" drive is your best choice, but there is no reason why you cannot use a
3. 5" drive in your 1200. I personally have a 3.5" 600Mb Quantum
Fireball drive and have had no problems using it along side
most accelerators. The one exception was the Apollo 40Mhz 040
card that did draw too much power, even though it worked fine
with a 2.5" IDE drive. Every other accelerator has worked fine
with it, even 25Mhz 040 and 50Mhz 060 cards.
If you are worried about buying a 3.5" drive, Eyetech provide a good all in one solution for the A1200 in form of their InstantDrive. Using a Seagate drive, it is easy to fit and performs very well and you should have no problems with your configuration.
I would also say that if you are planning to upgrade your hard drive you should raise your sights a little on the size you want to get Many places are finding it quite difficult to get hold of drives below 1.2 Gb, so really you should be looking at something around this size.
To answer your last question, it is possible to add a second IDE drive to your A1200 but really I would not recommend it unless you fancy fiddling around with cables inside your Amiga. If you did want to add a second drive it would have to be cased externally and you would more than likely need a separate power supply to power it again Eyetech sell this sort of kit in any configuration you need.
ONE As standard [Browse has been set up to handle the basic file types such as Jpegs and Gifs but does not have too many more so it is always a good thing to know how to add new types.
Officially there are only seven Mime types - application, audio, image, message, multipart, text and video. These are then divided again into specific sub- types such as Jpeg for image and Mpeg for the video type.
To allow iBrowse to automatically download Lha files you need to add a new Mime type, in iBrowse go to the general preferences and select the external viewing tab. Select add and in type put application and for the subtype put octet-stream. Next in the extension gadget put Lha Lzh, as these are the normal file extensions for Lha files, you IE scale. This means on a 32 colour screen you get a good grey scale display while keeping the speed of the 32 colour screen and there is the possibility of increased Jpeg decoding speed.
On the TCP side of things you are probably best sticking with your AmiTCP installation. TermiteTCP and Miami do provided a much, much, much easier interface, allowing you to configure them, but you are not going to see any real speed improvement using TermiteTCP or Miami and also, if you are using an Internet account with a SMTP mail server you are defiantly better off sticking with AmiTCP, at the moment anyway. As you would have no way to retrieve your mail, unless someone out there knows different.
Adding new Mime typos to iBrowse is so easy, even I can do it Jargon box Partition - A hard drive con he split into smaller sec- .lions knovyn gs petitions. Even though (hey exist on the same dnve they are treated as separate drives RTC - ReTargetable Graphicsr the ability of an operating system to display graphics regardless of the display device EGS - Probably stands for something, was a retargat- able graphics system provided with GVP's graphics cards and provided its own GUI CyberGraphX - The most widely used RTC system on the Amiga was specifically designed to be used with Phase5
Cybervision boards ECS - Enhanced Chip Set the Amiga custom chipset first found in the A3000 and then the A500 plus and A600 AGA - Advanced Graphic Array, the custom chipset found in the A1200 and A4000 and soon in VIScorp's set top boxes may also want to add Lzx to the extension list. Another thing to do here is add another appiication octet-stream entry and now instead add DMS as the extension. Select the ext. Viewer button, add DMS as the viewer and in arguments put write %f dfO:. If you now come across a DMS when using iBrowse, by clicking on the link, it will automatically download and
extract the DMS file onto a floppy disk in DFO.
This should show you the basics of adding new Mime types, and how you can link them to external applications. The octet-stream sub-type applies to any binary file that is not recognised by the browser. Aweb users can also do the same as both iBrowse and Aweb have an almost identical interface for adding Mime types.
On the display side, currently a patch is available to upgrade you existing version of iBrowse to version 1.02 which apparently has a better palette and so improves the look of the graphics and makes things look a little better on screens with few colours. Also a new option has been added to let you view graphics as grey FwtiWf Fonts applies bon octet-stre am faSffi&H hajha Action Save to dak Viewer Xf __________________ imsae gif & Ext viewer SYSUtities FaJtviev xf image jpeg JP9 Ext. Viewer SYS:Ut*ti« f«tvIew %1 ntage pjpeg Ext. Vwver SYS Utities Fast view %f text html htmlhtm Interna)
viewer toxl pian t*t Internal viewer |app*cation MIME Type; Extension: Internal vtewerf Ext. Viewer Seva to disk Asfcuser Amiga Computing The Internet is a whole new world of exciting things just waiting to be discovered. Providing, that is, you can get through.
F Lft£foaiinstocomieet you first tine; every lima Here at NETCOM, Karen makes sure you do just that.
You see, she heips us to operate more modems per customer than other Internet Service Providers - which means you should never hear the engaged tone.
Our huge web cache in Bracknell (which is packed with all the most popular sites and games) also means you don't end up trying to connect to the same server at the same time as six million other surfers.
You'll also always be able to get through to our helpline if you get stuck, as our technical support staff are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Karen and her modems also save you money. Because they're the fastest available, you'll spend less time on-line downloading files and so have smaller phone bills. Not that you'll be spending a lot of money; all we ask is a flat fee of just £14.95 a month (including VAT) and you can have your first month for a special introductory price of just £5.95. If you'd like to get more out of the Net with NETCOM call, fax, apply at our web site or send us the coupon below. We'll then send you your free copy of NETCOMplete Amiga that'll have you better connected within 10 minutes.
NETCOM Call: 0800 973 001 Fax: 0645123 512 Apply at: http: www.netcom.net.uk The Internet people it's easier to get on with PLEASE SEND ME MY FREE COPY OF NETCOMplete Amiga on diskette. When I register, I will receive my first month for £5.95. I'll be using the Net for ? Business ? Pleasure H] bit of both. Send completed coupon to: Netcom Internet Limited, Freepost TK 2238, Box 512, 28 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London SW7 3BR.
Nome: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Address: Postcode:.
. Telephone: NffCOM and NETCOMplete are trademarks of NETCOM On-Line Communication Services Inc All other brand names and trademarks are fuify recognised as the property ol their respective owners.
From time lo lime we may pass your name on to other, carefully selected companies who may wish lo moil you with offers Please tick here if you prefer not to receive such information. ?
RGV01 gram. Our main job this month is simply to set the scene in this respect.
Is one of the world's most popular [ I computer languages and is used A to write everything from operating systems and major database packages to disk copying utilities, graphics programs and wordprocessors.
It is powerful, fast and lends itself well to producing code that is portable (in other words can be run on many other types of computer with little or no change being required). If you've only had experience with languages like Arexx, the most immediate difference you'll encounter will be in the mechanics of getting a C program up and running because C is a compiled language.
High-level computer languages are designed to make life easier for us humans but, before such programs can run, they need to be translated into instructions that the Amiga's microprocessor can understand.
There are two ways of doing this: The translation can be done as the program runs using an 'interpreter1 that reads the program line- by-line, works out (ie interprets) what needs to be done, and then executes a pre-defined segment of machine code to carry out each task.
This is what Arexx does and the approach certainly has advantages during development
- because programs can be executed the moment they have been
written and changes also are easily made.
The big disadvantage, however, is that interpreters are slow and it's easy to understand why. Supposing you've got a loop of instructions that are going to be executed 500 times. Each time the interpreter reads through the loop it has to re-interpret those instructions. Obviously it would be far better if the translation to machine code was carried out before the program was actually run... that way translation would occur just once and the speed penalty of interpretation could be eliminated altogether.
This is exactly what a compiler does - it reads a source file, which is just the name given to a text file representing your program, and translates it into a form that can be executed directly!
The price paid for using the compiler approach is that you lose some flexibility. You cannot, for instance, sit down, type a few lines of code and then execute them directly as with an Arexx program. Instead a number of distinct steps have to be carried out and you've got to be happy about the general form of these arrangements before you can successfully create even the simplest C pro- Creating a C Program To write a C program you need a text editor.
Any will do but all commercial C compilers do, in fact, come with their own editors and, initially, it's best to stick with the one provided. By convention incidentally, C source files tend to be given the filename extension .c (for example test.c) and most compilers expect such an extension to be present The file the compiler creates as it reads the source text file is called an object code module and it usually has a '.o' filename extension. If the source being compiled was called teste, for example, the compilation process would produce a file called test.o! It's not runnable however -
even though the object code file contains the code generated from your source it also has references to all manner of standard tasks such as writing to the screen, getting input from the keyboard, etc. The code for these sorts of operations is stored in separate files called libraries and it's the linker's job to search for all the functions needed and combine, ie link, them to produce a runnable program.
If at any stage errors are detected, the com- Paul Overaa starts new programming page aimed at helpi you take those first steps into the world of C programming Floppy disk users will also be able to follow the tutorials by getting the demo version of Dice Cl Getting ready to roll One point you ought to be aware of right at the start is that writing a program using a compiled language requires proper preparation.
You don't just sit down and start typing in the hope you'll get it right eventually. All you'll learn by adopting this approach is that compilers can deliver an awful lot of error messages.
With a bit of advance planning however, things will go much more smoothly.
By the way, to get the most from next month's instalment you'll need an ANSI C compiler. But don't even think about buying one yet - plenty of demos are available that can get you started (the time to invest is once you have some experience and feel that C is the language for you).
If you've got a hard drive and at least 3Mb of memory available, the cut-down version of Storm C, given away with issue 100 of Amiga Computing, will be suitable. If you haven't got a hard disk or sufficient memory, get hold of the Dice C demo (available from most public domain libraries or downloadable from Aminet).
Print out and read the intro doc files by all means but don't worry too much about anything that seems complicated. And don't panic either - next month we'll tell you exactly what needs to be done in order to compile and run that all-important first program! ; f piler or linker will report them. If this happens you'll have to stop, re-use the editor to correct the errors, and then start the compilation linking process again.
Amiga Computing Ot was with a bittersweet taste in my mouth that I set off in my car one brisk morning in early Nov '96 for the hellish 40 mile drive from my South Californian home to the Universal City Hilton Hotel. Doing battle with LA's finest kamikaze drivers is not the kind of activity that puts one in the best of moods, but hey, if there's a trade show or expo that near to me where Amigas are actually on display, I'm there, Beavis.
I had mixed emotions about this expo for a number of reasons. First, I had been the "Webmaster" of the Video Toaster User (VTU) Web site for the past year. However, I lost that job (and the modest income it brought in) when AMG Inc. (the small publishing company who grew VTU and its sister UGHTWAVEPRO from a tiny newsletter called "BreadBox") was bought out by the multi-national media giant, Miller Freeman Inc in late Summer.
Harv Laser takes a trip to the latest Video Expo At first it was thought the VTU site would stay up and just change servers (due to its host, Portal Information Network's shutdown in early October). But then word came down to me that MFI had decided to take it in house and do the site themselves.
Thus endeth my first paying Web client.
Next came the move that shocked the Toaster Lightwave community: After publishing a few issues of VTU and LWPro under its own banner and after only three months of ownership, MFI decided to stop both magazines cold. The monthly VTU and LWPro would now become twice-yearly inserts bound into MFI's other acquisitions: DV (formerly Digital Video), and 3D Design.
Among those companies exhibiting at the VTU Expo were: AntiGravity - this South Californian based retailer had the largest sales area at the expo. Bill Panagouleous told me they were doing brisk business selling the new 68060-powered Amiga 4060T and that model designation is QuikPak's name for it. VIScorp prefers it be called the A6000T.
Carrera Computers - showing its DEC Alpha NT Workstations now running up to 500mhz for insanely fast rendering.
Desktop Images - a frequent face wherever there are Toasters and Lightwave exhibits, these guys sell instructional videotapes for them, with very good production values.
Dynamic Realities - purveyors of Lightwave plug-ins such as Particle Storm, IMPACT!, and ShaderMan.
Los Angeles Video Toaster User Group - a bunch of friendly folks who share their knowledge and interest with their monthly SIG meetings and newsletter.
Lightspeed - this LightWave-centric company has plans to produce a new print magazine to fill the gap left by MFI's killing off UGHTWAVEPRO.
MegAgeM - Dan Wolfs long-time Amiga software company now making Toaster Flyer add-ons and other unique software products.
Nova Design - ImageFX 2.6 and the upcoming Aladdin4D 5.0, demoed by company founder Kermit Woodall and digital artist Corinna Cohn. Kermit, sporting his dashing new goatee, is cousin to Toaster wizard brothers Lee and Ken Stranahan.
T. S. Computers - Hollywood-based Amiga retailer and long-time
supporter, hosted by James Nakakihara, former Commodore
employee and all-around good guy.
Viewpoint Datalabs - make so many 3-D objects or models that its catalogue is starting to resemble a telephone book. Its models are pricey but the selection and quality is the best there is.
This leaves the USA with exactly ONE Amiga-specific magazine published here - Amazing Computing.
Although LWPro carried few ads, VTU carried many and thus many Amiga-centric companies have lost an important venue in which to announce and blurb their products and get them reviewed.
Ironically, here I was, heading to a show that was named for a magazine which had just ceased publication. But like I said, I had to go - Amigas were there! With the demise of both AmiExpo and the WOA shows in America, the VTU Expo has become virtually the only commercially-sponsored show with any Amiga action at all. (There are others, albeit much smaller, sponsored by user groups, notably in Cleveland Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri, and Amiga shows still continue to be held in Canada). This was the third VTU Expo. They've all happened in the same opulent Hilton hotel ballroom and adjoining
conference rooms.
For four days, one could immerse oneself in speeches, seminars, forums, classes and manufacturers' exhibits of all things relating to NewTek's Video Toaster, the Toaster Flyer and Lightwave 3D. The main centre of action was the exhibits hall where 30 vendor booths ranging from single tables, to the large centre piece attraction, NewTek, held sway.
Since Lightwave has been ported to other platforms, VTU Expo is not an Amiga-only show. There were many demonstrations of high-power Pentium and SGI and DEC Alpha machines on which LW3D runs and demos and sales of a lot of third party software addons and plug-ins to support Lightwave.
The show is held in the Hollywood Hills because that's where the bulk of West Coast USA television and movie production companies are - many of them use Toasters and Lightwave in productions.
NewTek had no major announcements this time. But new to this year's cast of characters was Apple Computer, since LW3D will soon be available in its new Macintosh version.
Will there be any more VTU Expos? Probably.
Will they have the same name? Unknown.
Wifi a VTU Web site ever re-appear? Perhaps, but it'll be in a little corner of Miller Freeman's galaxy.
Harv harv@amigazone.com http: www.amigazone.com Amiga Computing SSOpP!
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push the capabilities of the Amiga to the limits. Xearly all the fantastic - fo compact discs and has included the full versions of Imagine 4.0, XiPaint 3.2, Detained 5.0 and some commercial games. With 95 megs Utilities, 79 megs Documents, 408 megs Text Software, 12 megs Dtsk HD Toots, 7 megs Hardware related, 756 megs Pictures & Animations. 208 megs (iraphics software, 394 megs (iraphics & Sound Demos, 563 megs Games, 685 megs Music modules, 28 megs Music software. 131 megs Communications and more, hi fact the contents of Aminet CD’s 9 to 12.
Utilities can be started bx simply direct from the compact disc. No de-archiving required, contents include a vast The the collection of screen blankets mouse tools & commodities, backup, file management, cache programs to optimise system performance, data recovery. CD-ROM utilities, virus killers and o whole host more.
Aminet Set 2, dared November 1995.
I consists of 4 gigabytes of software in I 12,009 archives. The software is on A four compact discs and has included m the full contents of I mi net CD's 5 to 7 8. With Utilities, Documents, Text
* ¦'% Software, Disk 111) Tools, Hardware related. Pictures £
Animations, Graphics software, Graphics & Sound Demos, Games,
Music modules, Music software. Communications, Amiga
Development software, l Business software ana more.
I-. •' , vast amount of info. Jfrdg‘2 All of the archives are easily p :i e*rl'Kig-i:gk accessible with a simpfe ' ' ” " Index me no system allow easy unarcftiving with complete scutch and find - facilities.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete ... “ 'edi ' with the alt the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package. Enforcer Workbench 2,0, 3.0. 3,1 tools and
documents with the updated native developers kit. SANA II
package and the installer package. Also included is a .Ifagir
Pumtxher Cqtnprirn of Joijf eomptKt dues and tut this unique
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Stony of these are exclusive to this compact disc. Full coitliutrcittl versions of Final 11 ntfr 4 SF and Wsmtfimh 4 Tfi are included. Hath rated as greut word processors »n the Amiga. Toots for creating ll’HH payes along talk backgrounds and special clip art fat this purpose is also included. . ~'£l ShsJkh
- ZT.izt-j jTixi'-dts if su iztft.iWzXz iltpsrt.
Aminet, the Worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software. Up to 10,900 users access the archives every day and countless programmers publish directly via Aminet. This CD- RDM collection, on four compact discs contains approx. 4 gigs of in 12,590 archives. Set 1 contains the contents of Aminet CD's 1 to 4. Categories include Utilities. Documents, Text Software, Disk HD Tools, Hardware, Pictures & Animations. Graphics it Sound Demos, Games, Music, Comma nicotians, V ’ Development, Basin css so ft ware and more. Index facilities also included.
The Amiga Repait hit CD comes complete with the all with all the tools required to backup and rescue your precious data on hard drives.
2: ’-y ' will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix alt problems caused by software rai!tires or physical damage.
2 is a superb program that will allow you to restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed or over written. V can recover files from normal or corrupted disks.
A collection 18,000 music modules arranged of four compact discs all sorted by composer, groups and type.
A11 stored ready to use from the compact discs. Provided with II megs of Module lists and 25 megs of module players for many different computer platforms.
1 his 7 years titanic work provides over a 1,000 hours of music enjoyment along with information on may of the composers whose work is featured.
R minct, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the sites latest software uploads. Each volume contains about 1.1 gigs of archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a simple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The search facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. 77i.
Latest Aminet Cds contain a theme. The Aminet 14 14 theme is business with the full version of Turbo Calc 2.1 included. Aminet 15 is available in November and Aminet 16 available December. Aminet CD's 12 to 14 are also still available.
Workbench Add-on CD (Ut lilies) £24,95 Meeting Pearls 3 (Software Collection) £9.99 . : if ijjdwasr -j j-WjJ ZJ Gtga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ 19.95 Xi-Paint v. 4.0 24 liil Image Manipulation £ 49,95 V% Art Studio 24 Bit Paint Package £ 39.95 Global Experience Commercial Denm Software £ 24.95 Grenvilte Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Slr. 9 79761 VvaJdshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83(140 Fa a +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga@gtigerniany.com International Distributor: The Euro CD contains a vast variety of programs and data for the Amiga in the Aminet mould.
However this CD differentiates itself by have the contents ready to run without dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 megs, Demo's 65 megs. Disk tools 12 megs. Fonts 12 megs.
Games 57 megs. Misc. 6 megs.
Modules 110 megs, Music 21 megs. Objects 12 megs. Pictures 18 megs, Presentations 23 megs, Printer 1 meg. Programs 23 megs, Samples 4 megs. System 10 megs, I ext files 26 m egs.
Utilities 16 megs and Vidules 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
Getting tut Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult tasks due to the complex installation routines of AmiTCP and the lack of any real guidance. Not only h ill this situation change hut yon wilt now he able to get connected to the Internet and the lFH'lV without a hard drive nr the complicated setting up of the software. Our extensive networking skills have really been put to the test providing a simple connection from a compact disc providing a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the
connection program provided. AU that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the CD contains all the tools required fur both the beginner and expert, full instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents tin the Internet and H W3V. The tools include AmiTCP, Mail, FTP, W VW and many more. In addition there is a section on WWW page creation with clip art and creation tools. F.asy Hard Drive installation possible hut not required.
ESE3 out- cj-Fkrj-i MIGA CD Hfnielrhny h hal all Imh Ivortt Hidr lilt li all ah,of. WriH them!
Iijiiiiiiiy conntcuan and itltphant hl i, rrwfmH ffcol if mm M hr far Hr I cMrrl U mil mtlhout thr teeanrefeeete nr lelrphenr tttarj-rs mtlh 'Oul.e, .lUr. rf thee (.impart deit tnnuint thr . Outrun of actual HHVI ulfi for fiw to hromtr with thr Amiga tefmnrn pmridrd. No imflAr tcnti at all. U ii all mcludrd rradi la run dirrrrlr [mm thr rampart doc. Thr CO arts at an pereedr harmed prondrr with the lilri nadily erraitaiJr «» thr amporl dm Thrrr is a di rrnr tnrt) of .sirs amd suhjerlt rortrrd la ferr OH rrilrnt frrl fur thr W VIH whdtf I all tin* ¦ i far fm.
IBrowse Ifull Version) £24.95 Miami Registration £24.95 VjTCx.4 CO OPTONICA OtNOSAURS L HISTORY j x JjJj'J SlgSxiU: rryr i,''ir 11 afcTHS AriL'JSd j 1)Uii Aircraft Educational Religion An Fairs Tales Science Computrr Mathematics Astronomy Drsktop Utils Spelling Biology Electronics language* Hooks Engineering Ulrfuture Chrmiitrr Geography Drama Ecology Health Music Geology History Mythology Iioh hits Philosophy - The Ixaming Tijn r Cfi a fania icand iTiap f jiuirney through exciting subjects brought together tor the first time on an Amiga CD. Continuing over 32,000 files this title will delight
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tor uJJ accv.M&3.fr£ $ w vf Int I Ar llci fA: 3D CD 2
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SoundXludip has lifted Amiga music creation in new heights.
I m: The music and stmndi filti can he auditioned from an easy to toe interface far hath a Cl iS 1 miga. Included are 4,400* modules, 4IHI extra targe modules laser 300k rat h.) 795 Semiouraeker modules, IJOIO+ categorised midi files. 424ft IFF samples, ft20 .
Categorised HHI samples. 1.000* *5--- Walkabout Inurnment samples in 114 V & IFF formats. Hitt’s of utilities ft AMIGA and xv a bonus the complete MtibCreft caJJectien of Midi files.
Hsv ir.ilzit: Z::zr.ti 2 ZD 3c33.
TiUslD IVDW Sii'JjJJJS'i' fhe tfrm Rom t U contains nirr I.Mm digital delation maps (DLMs from thr t SfiS. . Iff me with these digital elevation mop« are rlietfubnai! Renderings of their tufmgmphical maps, m Jpeg format for easy previewing.
Dgm Rom originally appeared on Ught Rom 3. The digital elevation maps cun be ttstd with any program that accepts the DEM format suck as lora Pro, Scenery Animator or World Construction Set to create heatni ul still images or fantastic flights through your favourite scenery.
DFHh are royalty free.
. », Arirm ft 02 cod , et"aAf*t two fort gat h hr he r IS,. I ll e. mrt rtw.Ji.ir mm,I ban far ail r(. .til I l i.mmr. the evwrirpi awd dprridisn hm.i e-ftn j jgtfff r . i in firry |xvi l Wr 7 hr (UJJ harWi hi tfrwl JS miirtuh. ,,'k memory wraiithU cad fate fta om lu mpftrr sjHtJ flw tifliw precv us thr Ami m tdd itf-of am preprint so ’em en bccJt nackiaer.
Irs tadih'r thr ratio- Strntr rrl-ap m ihf .prtd'wfydxr- I'hnifr nt% tu.de in .ftini. Vo flMfi .L.Jaeil: ,rtnp njim»n VtTWi w» «m it comers sprrdt anj n iim* thr fitiifii rttr. T irrfvoret eieret nrwuir ceta te rmuunrd .j i ihe CltlT T*ui Fxprtsi ran hum br rmi it-at rd from insptis. Si flint aOtswt rayf .t.rwHi.i&tmg v dmi. I'hii ¦ mueh atf-rt.
"O but wsj It Jibt e C3J3 is ss Amiga m ts PD CD £ 19.95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 £19.95
A. smtn n Volume 2 £ 19.95 Multimedia Toolkit I £9.99 Assassins
Volume I £9.99 il'j'JUilil UD2 u-iJ aUiVI Emulalon Unlimited £
19.95 Card Games Brand New £ 14.99 GFX Sensations £ 19.95
CRM 64 Latest £ 19.95 Speccy 96 Latest £ 19.95 Featuring: a
massive Otit ihcusazi aza ztyir.tj . Tigirii 256 x 256 pixel
htxlurcs. Each , detailed texture tile can he tessellated In
create images with absolute irumless edge to edge _ matching.
Superb for wrapping around any complex objrcl perfectly' or
add lag instant bar lui raps far It IIIV pawl’s eh', finding A
- liir right texture is rosy with 11 24 page V % colour index
hook let displaying all of the Irxlures in ihrir giant)us
The images are in IFF. (ill'. JPG.
TGA i PUT formats The Multimedia Backdrupx Clf contains 190 « Iwcfidropx designed for Desktop 'tdco (ind Multimedia work in ihe 1EF24. TAM IA arid TIFF file formats in NTSC (7S2x4RH) and V I'M. (76MXS76) resolutions. The ISDV.X directory provides thilnihnuil renderings of all the backdrops fur rosy previewing.
Ml J j-o
• J* Ulti media 3 & 4 Cds £9.99 Nexus Pro £ 9.99 Movie Maker
World Atlas AG A only £ 29.95 Insight Dinosaurs £ 19,95
jffiTSBuJ WJ.iLi;MS Special FX £ 29.95 Imagine PI) 3D
consists of thousands o f Imagine r .W objects, created by it's
I miga and PC usn from around the world using Imagine 1.1) up
Imagine 4.0. The objects fall into man different categories
including Anatomy Aaututlf. Aviation. Rata ay. Buildings
Computers. Fanis, Furniture, tiopsehotd.
Kitchen, land, togas, MiSC-. Music.
Phones. Robots. Ships, Space, sports, Ittfrn. Vehicles. Weapon and many others! Creeling the oJyffiS is the hardest part of the 3D rendering so
- j-r.ci; Hi imigsry set if 32.
Thr i rty hr.i from light Rom i. 2 and f with aver 6.MH) Lightwave objects and icent fdex, tight Rum Gold was created jar those who ¦ '- 5. Did not purchase light Rom i, Tht ‘ * * material an light Rom Gold it cvrnputitle ‘ with ull versionf of lightwave un ell plaifonm. This material is prestated using thr canient directors method for all users of Ughtwarc 4.0 and higher, ill of fhe lightwave objects and scene files are represented with thumbnail renderings for easy previewing.
17 Bit LSD CD 3 £ 19.95 | PD Soft £ Honest 6 ! £ 14.99 17 Bit Phase 4 £ 14.99 17 Bit Encounters £ 14.99 17 Bit 5th Dimension £ 19.95 £ SiUb) QOLD Jj'vMSJj PD
- ¦ ; T-rV - MWB .Meeting Pearls J £9.99 NFA AG A 2 [A7-A
Utilities j MWB Experience 2 f ] Experience j Enhancer £19.95 H
£ 4.5 y jy| £9.99 A N FA AG A I j Experience I i:“;U mm The
JfWO Jpeg Textures Cl) caniainv over . 3.D1R1 textures in the
Jpeg fnrntal. There arc ihumhinul renderings of every texture
for easy previewing. The textures cover all categoric*
including Brick, ttump Mops, Carpet, Chilli, Fabric, Formica.
Greenery. Images. Mttrbic, Organic, Rar.fi, Skin. Stnnc, KtucCv, Tiles and Whod, Realistic high quality tcxlurri . J for u variety of uses are provided in the universal Jpeg formal. *’*-¦ TIGHT-ROM 4. A 1 CD-ROM sd for the Amiga. Mae, Hinduws NT features all new I.ightwtoc objects nod scent files. In addition there is a himus CD-ROM of
3. 0MI Jpeg Text arts, set below.
UGUT-ROSI 4 also includes 1 collection scene frit* fry fim Chan.
This set contains wholly afcV material and is an absolutely superb resource for IjglttWfiye.
Light Ram ||L v. F o it r failures new royalty, free material created with Lightwave 4.0 6
5. 0 versions.
Sci-Fi Sensations 2 Double CD £ 19.95
2) lUj Thr fully fititured iliir i ude- Iijbhrowfrr.
PD Soft Utils 2 Double CD £ 19.95 'a ¦ n«i .
Oh No More Worms Vol. 1 £ 9.99 Light Rom .f Triple Pack CD £19.95 Epic j Encyclopedia M £ 29.99
Y. oam 2 Latest Version £14.99 Scene Storm Demos £ 19.95 Hum Jci
The award winning Multimedia Experience provided for users to
creafe their own stunning multimedia presentations with
images, text, video and sound.
With the new low price all users can start multimedia.
Info Nexus 2 also available , for £19.95 with Data Nexus ?R33.
Info Sexus If a directory utility JBK providing easy file management.
LUrvwvt mnkev surfing thr art with xuur Amiga a brtrzc. Support, HTML I. 2 A 3 itt well eu etiuipf extension*. I uthts pages, im-i MCI liuflndnl) fully compatible’ with ht-To-Thc- Net. Itivtl with any video card and will support external datatypes for rounds, anirnaliunr and video.
IDJUjjjm j Octamed 6 CD £19.95 Insight Technology £ 19.95 Guinness Records £19.95 .atijtiUiyruitijaa uumi.
- r.„ Oor many, the Amiga's main strength may seem to be just
video and raytracing but it has had its fair share of DTP
products, and a few years back there were a good number of
DTP packages to choose from. Many have fallen by the way side
now but the premier Amiga DTP package PageStream has just
received an update to version 3.2 and is still widely used by
many people.
There has never really been a decent structured drawing program to back up PageStream but now there is in the form of DrawStudio.
The first thing to do when you get it is to install MU I - you get the latest version 3.6 along with a comprehensive 98-page manual.
Installation takes about 30 seconds thanks to the normal Amiga installer. After that you can get DrawStudio up and running.
Everything is accessed off the single main window. All the usual drawing tools can be found on the main tool bar that runs down the left side of the window. As well as the usual magnify, line, square and circle draw tools, DrawStudio has a couple of neat extras.
For starters the rotate object allows you to select a point on an object and freely rotate it about that point. The bounding box is shown and you can spin it round to any position, almost instantly. The rotate can be applied to a single object or any number of selected objects.
Another interesting tool is the modified circle that allows you to draw out an ellipse or circle then select any starting point and an end point and you have an instant curve
- a welcome addition.
At the bottom of the tool bar are a number of icons that let you alter the basic drawing of lines and the other objects, such as outline and fill colour, line type and line end. DrawStudio gives you a decent range of arrows' heads for starting or ending a line.
I would like to see a little more flexibility over how wide and long the arrow heads are as currently they are fixed to the width of the line being used. It would also be good if you could convex the inside of the arrow head allowing curved styles as well.
For more flexible free hand drawing you ARPING A extra tool that you can play around with is DrawStudio's warper. With a number of preset warps such as wave and bulge you can alter the amount that the object is warped.
To get more control you can use an envelope which puts a bounding box around the object, which of course can be text, graphics or a bitmap. At the corners of the box are control points that you can move to any position and these, similarly to the Bezier curves, have two points that let you adjust the amount that the box curves.
Can use Bezier curves. DrawStudio gives you a number of ways to use these. The freehand too! Allows you to trace out any shaped line you like and when finished this is converted to a number of Bezier curves.
These have a number of control points that you can move around and the curve will follow. Two more control points let you control how the curve appears. Thanks to some clever thinking the mouse pointer changes appearance depending what type of control point it is over. So you always know if the pointer is actually over a control point, and what type it is.
Thanks to a good interface design you'll pick up how to use DrawStudio very quickly. All the objects that are used to put together an image are treated the same. This allows the same windows and requesters to be used to change whatever the type of object you are currently editing. Because of this, when you have changed one object you can do the same for every other type of object DrawStudio can create.
Once you have an object you can adjust its attributes. This can mean altering the line styles, colours, and the type of fill. This is where you can add all DrawStudio's fancy effects. A selection of solid colour, gradients, patterns or actual bitmaps can all be applied to either the outline, or the fill inside of an object.
Colour selection is quite novel with a preset list appearing in a scrollable window - you can of course add your own or change the existing ones. This sort of requester is used quite a lot in DrawStudio and makes selecting regularly used colours a simple thing. As well as normal 'plain' colours DrawStudio can handle transparent colours, and in conjunction with the excellent gradient tool you can come up with some good effects.
Moving objects around and positioning them is made very simple thanks to the wireframe preview that appears when you start moving objects. If only the bounding box was shown, lining things in the box would be made very difficult but with any of the structured objects an outline is shown. Bitmaps are the exception. With these you do have to put up with just the bounding box. So if you are trying to line up two bitmaps, an amount of trial and error has to be used.
Flexibility One thing I really do like about DrawStudio are the flexible display modes available. As you get such a good range you will be able to get the best out of DrawStudio and your system from a lowly A500 all the way to an 060 A4000 packing a CyberGraphX graphics card.
You get four screen buffer modes all of which have varying redraw speeds, displays and memory usage. A 1-bit mono mode gives the fastest redraw times and uses only 40k of memory but of course gives a crude display.
Two 8-bit modes either colour or grey scale and use around 300k of memory but give good colour or transparency displays if you use the grey mode. The 24-bit mode can use over 1Mb of memory and is the slowest to redraw but gives the best possible screen dis- play.
To give even more choice any normal Amiga or CyberGraphX screen up to 8-bit can be chosen, and the DrawStudio display is dithered down to what ever number of colours you choose. This allows AGA owners using monitors to select a 64 colour mode so Amiga Computing From the writers of lmageStudior a classy new structured drawing package arrives reviewed by Neil Mohr Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Layers allow you to keep elements separate from each other 3 Mb you can specify the size you would like, or as a Postscript file - either straight to the printer or saved off
to disk.
This first release of DrawStudio is excellent with everything you expect in a structured drawing package. To get the best out of it you are really going to need a CyberGraphX card and an fast 030 but even on a plain A1200 it is perfectly usable, though you will probably have to stick with a 64 colour screen.
LH Publishing have also said that DrawStudio is going to be well supported with everyone who orders DrawStudio getting a quarterly newsletter and the authors have now set up a support web site which can be found at http: www.ajdean.demon. co.uk studio ds.html. It already has a ProDraw to DrawStudio conversion utility from Soft-Logik available for _ downloading.
UCT DETAILS DrawStudio LH Publishing Tune in next month for a tutorial showing ypu how to make the most of DrawStudio 94% 89% 90% 92% retaining a decent screen update speed and having a reasonable colour or greyscale preview. If only every program was made like this.
As with all good programs, DrawStudio comes with an Arexx interface. A number of pre-written scripts are also supplied and are your best starting place if you want to learn how to create your own. Mainly they just create predefined shapes but a shadow script can copy the outline of a shape and make drop shadow for it Currently only Abode type one fonts are supported. These are the most widely used type of fonts available, but it does seem odd that there is no support for Compugraphic fonts which are the standard scaleable variety on the Amiga.
On the output side DrawStudio is quite flexible as well as the normal Amiga print output, which is pretty fast Pages can be saved off as either a single bitmap image, for which [Bitmaps Possibly the one feature of DrawStudio that makes it very powerful is the way it allows you to handle and create bitmaps. For starters you can import and export PCX, Jpeg, Tiff, BMP, frq GIF and your usual Amiga IFF pictures can all be loaded and saved with DrawStudio.
Once you have loaded an image into DrawStudio you can use it simply as a normal square image but with DrawStudio you can do a lot more with it Most simply you can create a shape out of the available structured drawing tools and use the bitmap as a pattern or background image in the shape or over any text you want You can then of course warp the bitmap along with the shape it is in.
A bitmap manager helps you keep track of all the bitmaps you have in any project. With DrawStudio you can also convert existing objects, groups of objects or an entire project into a bitmap and then save this off in any of the formats supported.
When converting objects to a bitmap you can choose the colour depth, DPI or pixel size, allowing you to tailor the file size and end image quality depending whether the bitmap is destined to appear on printed material or a computer screen.
Tel +44 (0)1908 370 230 E-Mail larry@em.powernet.co.uk WWW http: www.ajdean.demon.co.uk studio ds.html Price Floppy £59.95, CD-ROM £74.95 Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall Amiga Computing his year's Computer '96 was a continuation of the tradition of large Amiga shows in Cologne, Germany.
Quite a few of the major players in the industry were out in full force for the show, which was attended by tens of thousands.
At the show, ! Was hosted by Schatztruhe, best known for their Aminet CD series and publishers and distributors of a large line of Amiga CD- ROMs, most prolific being the Aminet series. In fact, over the past three years, the company have made the transition from all-floppy sales to all-CD ROM sales.
There does not remain a single floppy title from Schatztruhe. Launched at the booth was the new Personal Paint 7 CD-ROM from Cloanto, and the new Drgrta Wordsworth Office suite on CD-ROM.
Back to back with Schatztruhe was their worldwide distribution partners, GTI.
In the past few years, the show has gone from being 100% Amiga to including some PC content.
This year, I'd estimate that PC exhibitors accounted for no more than 30% of the show floor. Most visible was a large Electronic Arts booth promoting their upcoming line of PC and console titles, and aggressive distribution of Tomb Raider literature.
The show only occupied one hall of the Koln Messe this year, which is still a sizable proposition in itself. I can't count the number of people who came up to me and apologised for the size and attendance, saying "Oh, it was better years ago, when it was three halls, etc" My answer to them was that this show was by at least a factor of three in size and five in attendance bigger than any other Amiga show I've ever attended here in North America, and that they should stop worrying about it By now, I'm sure all the readers are wondering what Phases were up to at the show. They had what
was arguably the most professional-looking booth, with about a dozen demonstration stations and a large, well furnished private meeting room, where MD Wolf Dietrich held court He also gave personal demonstrations of the PowerllP board.
The board was running in a number of machines, and the two software demonstrations consisted of a fast Mandelbrot set generator and a partial PowerPC port of the 3D software Reflections. By rendering a set first using the 060, and then using the PowerPC-activated code, Reflections showed performance gains from 5 to over 10 times the 060 50.
The A Box demonstration was largely confined to logic test equipment, not readily accessible to the non-technical passerby. The company also had their MaCellerate boards on display, which give high-speed PowerPCs to Apple Macintosh computers. Phase5 are still working to establish their name in the Mac market. Unfortunately, there was no CyberVision 3D on display.
PIOS were represented by Dr. Peter Kittel, and later by company president Stefan Domeyer. I was only able to meet Dr. Kittel and we discussed the future of the Amiga market.
While I was unable to get to PIOS area, I'm told they had a number of BeBoxes on display.
PIOS - hosted near Village Tronic - in addition to their new line of Macintosh graphics cards were selling their entire Amiga product line, including the Ariadne Ethernet card and AmiTCP 4.
Being demonstrated was the upcoming Picasso IV, which was showing off its processing ability by playing an MPEG movie (Star Trek 6 - does anyone ever use a different MPEG movie for demonstration?) In a resizable Workbench window. Most impressive.
VT were distributing free demo disks of the upcoming Picasso 96 graphics card software, which is slated to support just about every single Amiga graphics card out there, including the Picasso line and Phase5's CyberVision.
Interesting how these things happen - the CyberGraphX stan- created by former Picasso II developers. Now, the company they left are creating a standard which could supersede CyberGraphX.
I met Eyetech's Alan Redhouse who informed me of the impending demo of the SX32Pro 030 board for the CD32.
1 was unable to see a working demo, but I did see a board behind glass, and indeed there it was, with the legend CD32 Goes To The Limit With an 030 50 in a CD32, f'm sure many out there will find new uses for the machine.
Haage and Partner showed off their StormC compiler and the new ArtEffect and DrawStudio FX structured drawing packages. The StormC development system will work with Phase5's PowerUP boards, so many people were crowding the area for more information.
If you were looking for a new tower kit for your Amiga, this was the place to be. Both Micronik and Eagle had large display areas with their A1200 and A4000T tower configurations, which I must say are significantly more attractive than the standard A4000T.
You couldn't help but notice that a number of dealers had the Amiga 1764 17" monitor on display. While it didn't receive the highest marks in the AC monitor survey. I've been using one for months now and think it's brilliant. The boxes were stacked 15 feet off the floor in some cases.
ACT Electronic were there, showing off their Apollo accelerator line. No surprises, just their entire line of popular products to show off. Across the way was the Maxon and HrSoft area, where all three versions of Cinema4D were being displayed as well as HiSoft's Amiga line, including the Surf Squirrel and Ibrowse.
I've not nearly done justice to everyone who was there. Dozens of dealers brought their own selection of products for sale and I just didn't have time to see them all. But overall, I'd have to say Computer '96 was a success, regardless of past years' performances.
I enjoyed speaking to hundreds of Amiga users as well as the host of people I've only known online to date. I'm looking forward to a chance to see the show next year.
Jason Compton jcompton@xneteom Communications Manager - Amiga, VIScorp I Main Features:- Integrated Amiga, PC and Mac system possible, (must have Win95 PC) Single Monitor automatically switches to display PC as if Amiga Screen.
Single Keyboard and Mouse operation across all platforms.
Built in serial networking with all PC drives mounted on Amiga, and for high speed * file transfer, Siamese uses optional SCSI network with suitable SCSI interfaces (not included).
Text clipboard, Cut and Paste between Amiga and PC applications.
Amiga MCI controller from AmigaDOS or Arexx, (Media Control Interface) Share Printers, ail Amiga output sent to PC printer.
Full Arexx support built in.
Access to low cost PC product: -
- 16 bit sound card with wave synth chip.
- Mjpeg Video Recording cards,
- PC Ethernet Cards.
- Use cheap PC SVGA monitor with AGA Amigas ¦ £149.95 Plus Future
Optional upgrades:-
- Amiga Screen Retargeting System (Right)
- Sharing of PC Modems
- Mjpeg based, SVHS Animation Software,
- TCP IP networking support.
Siamese System V1.5 voted Hardware Product of 1996 by Amiga User International Siamese System V1.5 50 you want a Siamese system out neea arur Buy your Pentium PC from HiQ, the people who understand both the Amiga users needs and the advantages of using both platforms.
Or as Mat Bettinson from CU Amiga wrote:- “I consider this to be the most revolutionary product of the year for the Amiga" v The Siamese System is developed in the UK by HiQ Limited New Limited Edition Mk2 PowerStation - Only 110 Available!
With 8 speedI CDRom’s and Fast drives.
Mark 2 PowerStation Pack Prices SCSI or IDE Options Mark 2 PowerStation Case Only Main Features:-
1. 200 Watt power supply for A1200.
2. CE Approved components.
3. High quality construction. (Style may vary)
4. Five drive bays with all cables supplied.
5. Manual included for the PowerStation.
Internal SCSI cabling for upto 5 units.
IDE cabling for upto 2 units.
CD Audio output.
Monitor power switch pass thru.
9. Optional Qowatt Stereo Speakers (right) Case Only Price £99.95
All packs plus £12.50 shipping Pro SCSI - Pack One
PowerStation Mark 2 Case, Amiga CD Title, 200watt Amiga pwr
supply, CD32 Emulation, Surf Squirrel from Hisoft, 8 Speed
Only £329.95 Budget IDE - Pack Two Powerstation Mark 2 Case, Amiga CD title, 200watt Amiga pwr supply Samsung 8 Speed IDE CDRom Only £199.95 Add a 1gb JTS for only £150.00 with Pack Two - m i j j Ajf, -• m.., .v;.:.__'jft. 6.
!! A1200 3.5” STAR DRIVE BUYS!!
JTS 1gb Only £179.95 ULTRA SLIM JTS 1.6gb Only £199.95 with 2GQw pwr supply JTS drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software installed. Includes cable pack.
Fits as easy as a 2.5” Drive, calf for details.
UK Post & Packing £7 (Citylink) CDRom Drives IDE 8 Speed Samsung SCSI 8 Speed Panasonic SCSI Drive
1. 2gb Quantum SCSI drive £ 99.95 £149.95 £229.95 The Original
Powerstation just gets better .. So while others copy, we
improve and move HiQ Ltd, Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe,
Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB Email Address:- steve@hiqftd.demon.co.uk
All Prices include Vat, Please add 2.5% for Credit cards
unless Connect and Delta versions.
TEL 01525 211327 Call for brochure FAX 01525 211328 Hugh Poynton rounds up the best of this months CD releases, including 'Women on the Web'.
Poor lad thing original or new in our game. We are simply taking advantage of the Amiga and the excellent graphical capabilities to produce the sort of graphics we think should be seen in not just the odd one, but all Amiga games' I haven't seen the completed game yet but the screen shots and sound effects from the game give me an inkling the game could be one of the most impressive Amiga CD releases in a long time. For more information phone Direct Software on 01604 722499.
Qhe Haunting Direct Software will soon be releasing The Haunting, the first multiple CD game to be released on the Amiga. The game follows a couple on their honeymoon at a murder weekend (who says romance is dead? Wonder where they'll go on their silver wedding - an execution?). In true Columbo Miss Marple Murder She Wrote style things go wrong and somebody winds up a stiff. Its up to you to work out who or what is behind the murder.
The technical specifications of the game couldn't really be more impressive. The in-game graphics are fully rendered in Lightwave (the software used by TV companies to create the special effects on Star Trek and the X- Files), the graphics are in 256 colours and include realtime video footage and stereo surround sound.
However, to play the game you will need a CD-Rom, accelerator and 6 meg RAM. Direct Software will be producing versions of the game for lower end machines such as the CD32.
The Haunting is intended to be a showcase of just how games should take advantage of the Amiga's graphical abilities. As the Amiga Director of Direct Software, Steven Flowers commented: "This is definitely a 100 per cent Amiga game. We know we are not producing any- Assimware Innovations has recently launched PhotoCD Manager, a slide show and viewing programme for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD disks.
My first impression was that it was thankfully easy to use. The operating of the package is simplicity itself, with the entire screen functions taking up only two screens. The main function screen has the ability to display ten thumbnail images (miniaturised versions of the individual pictures on the CD) at any one time. To load the next ten and the next ten after that, simply click on the bank select buttons ranged just beneath the thumbnail image bank.
After this just select which slides to slot into your presentation using the 'add slide' and 'delete slide' function buttons, the speed of the slide show and how the various images should be scrolled to replace each other on the screen
(i. e. by 'pulling' each other onto the screen or 'pushing').
Slide shows can be looped to play continually and you can view every slide on the CD sequentially, or view them randomly. The PhotoCD Manager also features the 'Save tFP function that allows images from the CD's to be saved to the hard drive of, either the Amiga the CD is being played on or the CD the CD32 is linked to.
It is useful and very easy which can help bore your friends and family in a new and high tech manner. For further information E-mail Asimware at: info@asimware.com. Photo CD Manager is also available from Blittersoft HOTO CD Manager Bottom fit -0 UCT DETAILS Product: Photo CD Manager Supplier: Asimware Innovations Ltd Price: $ 39.95 equivalent Phone:
(905) 578 4916 U C T DETAILS Product: The Haunting Supplier:
Price: Direct Software £TBA Phone: 01604 722499 Amiga
Computing MINET 14 QD-X Although you probably wouldn't
accept everything on the CD as gospel, all the information
is fascinating (however some of it is a little
disturbing, such as the articles on cattle mutilation) and
compulsive reading.
To run this CD on your Amiga you will require 4Mb of RAM, AGA Chipset (Graphics card recommended) and Workbench 3.0. Contact phone number and Web address are the same as for Women of then Web.
In a similar vein to Women of the Web is the provisionally titled CDX also from Sadeness, a compilation of the paranormal and mysterious. Another magazine is actually holding a competition amongst its readers to decide a name and at the present time the shortlist has been whit- ~tied down to three.
As well covering topics such as UFOs and Voodoo, CDX also contains reams of information about more obscure subjects such as ultra secret military projects and the truth behind the US Dreamland base (the home of Hanger 51).
The CD contains thousands of sound samples, movies, pictures and text files. Like Women on the Web, CDX is presented in an HTML format enabling the pages to be reference cross-linked with other pages of interest on the CD.
In addition to featuring more weird phenomenon and conspiracy theories than Scully and Mulder could shake a stick at, the CD also includes information on the latest EBE and SET1 reports concerning the recent discovery of fossilised life on Mars. Also included on the CD is a gallery of
H. R. Geiger artwork (although looking at this and not puking
does require a cast iron constitution).
The Aminet CD is a collection of various tools, utilities, programs and pictures that have been uploaded to various FTP servers across the globe in the last two months. In this period it is usual for the FTP servers to receive between 600 and 800 Mbs of uncompressed data.
Aminet release its collections normally with a different focus on each.
Aminet 14 focuses primarily on business software, but included in the Gig plus (uncompressed) of programmes are communications, games, music and graphics and sound software.
In addition to the myriad of PD SW and commercial demos, there are a number of full commercial programs included. The highlight of this CD is the inclusion of the TurboCalc 2.1 spreadsheet programme. Although not the latest spreadsheet for the Amiga, TurboCalc still compares favourably with Microsoft Excel on the PC. All in all a pretty useful utility CD.
Anybody wanting to order the Aminet CD compilations should send an e-mail off to; stephamo@tchest.e.eunet.de Bottom Sadeness Supplier: £29.95 Price: 01263 722169 Phone: ystem Booster Bottom Gtl's System Booster CD is a Public Domain Shareware collection of more than 2000 professional tools and utilities. As the name suggests, the CD is short on cosmetic and fun touches; there's no dip art or games on this 600 Meg CD, only 'systems' programmes.
These programmes include a huge selection of screen blanks and savers, mouse tools and cache and backup programmes to help optimise your system. Most of the programs are ready to install from the CD, so dearchiving isn't necessary.
Despite the fact System Booster mightn't live up to its slightly over optimistic claim to, 'push the capabilities of your computer to the limits' it is still a very good compilation of utilities and tools that will come in useful.
Me Uminjy ETAILS Product: Aminet 14 Supplier: Schatzetrache Price: £14.95 Phone: 49 6171 85937 Product DETAILSI Product: CD-X (Working title) Supplier: Sadeness Price: £29.95 Phone: 01263 722169 jJello Girls!
Sadeness Software's Women on the Web CD-Rom is without doubt a very impressive achievement; 450 Megs of pic- cies of scantily dad famous lurvley laydees. Although no doubt incredibly sexist, the CD is still absolutely fascinating.
No matter how obscure your taste in women may be, there is a fair chance they will be on this disc (although sadly I couldn't find Philippa Forrester).
The CD is produced in a simple HTML format, enabling the user to browse through the CD in the same absent minded, leisurely way you might browse the Internet The CD is laid out so the user is presented with an hypertext alphabet Click on the A, for example and you will be given the choice of perusing photos of say, Gillian Anderson or Jennifer Aniston (the dizzy character from Friends), Once you've selected a subject, a complete biography and soundbites from various movies can be chosen. The biography section is almost always fascinating. I never knew that Uma's Godfather was the 60's acid
guru Timothy Leary or that Anthea Turner started climbing the greasy pole to success with her hosting of a show called 'But First This'. Just think, it was only in a matter of months that she was sitting next to the illustrious Eammon Holmes on GMTV... 5ad though I may sound, Women on the Web will have you browsing for ages. The CD includes thousands of photographs, movies and information on anybody even remotely fanciable (there's even a bunch of photographs of some Star Trek actress with scales down her face who plays some sort of half lizard - you don't realty get much more obscure than
The look and layout is pretty impressive. The main title and function page is slightly reminiscent of the 'art photos at the start of Loaded, black with a couple of pouty looking women on each side of the alphabet hypertext buttons. Text is in white making it very easy to read (however, me trivial but it is a bit of a pain after hypertext has been clicked because it turns dark blue making it almost impossible to read.)
At £24.95, Women of the Web is considerably cheaper than buying Loaded and FHM every month. I should probably criticise Women of the Web for being sexist, but if I did I would be a total hypocrite. Maybe Sadness' next project should be a 'Blokes on the Web' to redress the balance, or maybe I'm just being a tedious man of the 90's.
For more details phone Sadeness on 01263 722169 or have a look at a demo of the CD at http: www.sade- ness.demon.co.uk Bottom UCT DETAILS Women on the Web Product: Sadeness Supplier: £24.95 Price: 01263 722169 Phone: Amiga Computing rograms accessed by users or run automatically from Max are called doors. They open the possibility to give a little extra to your BBS, including online games and last 17 caller list generators. Create a directory in BBS called Doors - it always fills up quickly with who knows what junk. Assign this directory in your User-startup or, even better, track down a
utility called Assign Manager.
Max uses a similar principle to the Workbench User-startup. A text file can be created with the pathnames of doors that Max will automatically launch as someone logs on.
There are four text files for potential use, each searched for at various stages of logon: SoFtuare Failure. Press left nouse button to continue.
Error: 8100 2364 Ta&k : OotCf AUO GuestDoor.tex t IntroDoor.text BulletinDocr.text RainDoor.text If these files don't exist, Max continues as normal. Any number of doors can be run from each, but resist the temptation of adding too many intro screens in this manner - you can't blame users for hating them. No one is interested in reading through a dozen screens between giving their password and the main menu. Popular screens are those that give a list of the previous 10 or so users and quotes chosen at random.
A questionnaire door could be launched with the CuestDoor.text and would only be seen the first time a user joins the system. Try to avoid this. An optional questionnaire from the main menu is okay, but being forced to complete one is worse than wading through intro screens, to the point where some users just hang up.
A random ANSI screen adds variety when arriving on the system. This can be set up with the Random Text door, typically available from Max's support file areas as RandomText.Izx. Instead of using the CU, the utility GUIArc takes the work out of unarcing files. Two files, Launch doors while logging on, grab ready made graphics and learn the art of using SuperANS! With Jason Jordache RT and RT.prefs, go in a drawer called RT in Doors.
Create a text file called MainDoor.text in the root of Doors. You don't need the traditional full pathname to where the executable of RT is. Max assumes all doors will be in your assigned Doors directory, so you can skip BBS:Doors RT RT. Just have this shortened version within MainDoor.text: and save the file. Random Text has a text file of its own, RT.prefs, directing towards the ANSI of your choice. This one does need a full pathname. Since BBS is assigned in the User-startup the prefs file will have a similar structure to this: 5 BBSrText Error.ans BBS:Tex t UK.a ns BBSiText Noon.ans
BBSiTexUError.ans BBS:Text AnsiTest.ans SER-STARTUP The ordinary text file in your S directory.
It contains a list of commands on successive lines the Amiga executes when booted. If the file isn't present one can be created with any word processor by saving out a text file called "User-startup''. You should already have your BBS directory assigned. The Doors directory can be assigned beneath the BBS assign in the User-startup, "Assign Doors: BBS:Doors" with a carriage return at the end of the last pathname. The first line with the 5 reflects how many choices follow. If there were seven, the 5 would be changed to a 7. Having Error.ans in there twice improves the probability of it
being chosen at random.
So a user logs on and Max finds directions in MainDoor.text to launch RT, which in turn chooses an ANSI at random from a preconfig- urable selection, in the example above kept in Text.
There's ANSI on the coverdisk this month.
Unarc the Max.lzx archive and you get, among others, the following useful with RT: ftnsiTest.ans Error.ans Hoon.ans JK.ans dall.ans Error.ans is a favourite, and sure enough will fool the odd caller now and then. The map of England, UK.ans, I found from some BBS years ago - just edit to show where your BBS is, or not if you're American.
Longer than screen length ANSI like this is easier to edit in PlusEd. If the screen doesn't clear first when displaying ANSI created with PlusEd, just insert a character at the top left of your ANSI by pressing Control-L and save out, Though when you come to load the screen back in at a later date for editing, the symbol will have gone, replaced by a blank line, so you have to delete the line and re-enter the character.
From the top left of the Max's Configure Menus window you see which menu you happen to be on, starting from 0, the main menu. Ten rows are visible at any one time.
Each menu can be allocated any number of rows, in sets of 10. Should you run out just hit the Add Insert button.
Hit Delete to get rid of chunks of 10, but don't delete the last set in a menu and save the config as you won't be able to get it back.
You'll end up with gaps in your menu numbers, like 0,1,2,5,6 etc with 3 and 4 permanently wiped out.
In the top right there is the Text Filename field. This gives the pathname to a given ANSI screen linked to the menu you happen to be editing. ANSI filenames can be changed in these pathnames, along with the pathnames themselves, so long as it reflects the filename for an ANSI existing on HD.
From menu 0 click on Show. Here you can see the relation between the Key column and the ANSI menu screen, like the L in the Key column and the L on the ANSI. ANSI graphics have to be edited each time changes are made to the Key column so a user knows which keys to press to access functions.
Unless, of course, you don't want a user to see keystrokes he hasn’t access to. See Private Options boxout.
Find an empty row to edit - a spare one kept for testing purposes at the top of the main menu should prove useful in the future.
The Key column defines which key a user hits to operate a function. Numbers 1 to 42, corresponding to various functions, are entered into the Function column to the right of the Key column. All the options are listed in MenuFunctions.text in your BBS drawer (you may want to print it out).
Menu function 34 is what we need for running doors. Install your first door and the rest are easy - ail follow a similar path. You define a key for the user to press, outlined in the Key column and visible on the corresponding ANSI menu screen, which triggers the launch of a door due to 34 in the Function column.
Max looks in the Filename Name Dest Path field to the right for the pathname to a door.
In this field you type: Doors:RT tT Once running. Random Text follows its own routines to display a random file before quitting back to the BBS. Local login to see if it works.
The Lo Acc (Lowest Access) field in Configure Menus means you can bar any function from a user with insufficient access.
Change the value to a 10 in the RT row and all unvalidated new users won't have access to Random Text as their access is 5. You can change these default values in the Access Level field within Configure User Defaults.
The next door you want to grab is MaxsChat v2.60, a replacement to the inbuilt Right Amiga-1 chat interrupt. There are two executables, one for users who have to give a reason for chatting, and one for the Sysop for dropping straight into chat mode. The latter can be assigned to the key and only accessible to you by making the Lo Acc higher than users of the board, or higher than some but lower than others who you don't mind offering access.
You'll probably find most of the online games not worth the hassle. In-depth ones with rules and layouts taking time to get used to and understand work with the regular caller. MSE and Global War are a couple to look out for. For a bit of quick fun with a friendly caller, like Xenon II over Civilisation, I couldn't beat the online game Connect 4. You might find it under C4.lzx. The version I had was a little buggy but worth it and was played just before someone logged off in case it crashed the BBS. T*J RIVATE OPTIONS Like the %x commands, Max has another form of auto inserts, effectively
hiding parts of an ANSI display from users with insufficient access. It's done with the @ symbol followed by a value from 0 to 10000, ie @15. @ is selected with Shift-2 in HyperANSI. If you have two @@ side by side Max ignores the auto insert and prints one @.
I 'u- vV : ° Qo=ii 0
* ¥31* n=n o.. .*"*£• ***0 W. OOQjtyjQo a O : GooJ Eloo° ’ S
P15- : -cref Pfl fl *_ J | ffi-OOOOj I QOOOJ
* o LlqodO qL,* The graphic shows how you create the effect in
Hyper. On the right how it appears in Max's to a user with
access lower than 15. Max scans from left to right of each line
starting top left. It sees @15, does what it does, then finds
@0, which could be on a different row, and returns to normal.
Everything in between is removed. @ commands and those numbers
afterwards are never visible from Max's.
Not only are characters removed, any ANSI appearing to the right of @0 is dragged - an equal number of spaces as removed characters - to the left, so plugging the whole.
Ipsi o . . . ¦ GooJ lOJOo % o iij!
O P15 ecret .00
- J I 1 ooooJ
- o n- & ¦ o Just prepare for this like above, by moving relevant
ANSI towards the right in Hyper. Should you ever want to bypass
this plugged whole effect you can use the overlapping screens
method coming next month. Using the @ command means you can use
just the one menu, but have it look different the higher up
user access becomes.
If you stop a caller seeing an option or graphics in this manner usually you will want to edit the Lo Acc field in the relevant menu from Configure Menus, give it a number higher than the users access level, thus preventing a user accidentally stumbling on a hidden option.
Amiga Computing O hanks to the wonders of magazine copy deadlines, I'm writing the January PD column in November, knowing that you will be reading it in December. If the Christmas spending spree has left your finances in a rather tattered state but you cannot bear to wait until the New Year sales for a program or two to play around with, Public Sector should offer some ideas... once more sifts through the submissions trough Qabel Designer Programmed by; Markus Mader Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: BU99 There is nothing more irritating than having to insert disk after disk into
your Amiga simply to find out what data it contains - believe me, I know. Despite my monthly plea that all programs submitted to Public Sector be on clearly labelled disks, there are always a few mysterious, unmarked disks. Things would be so much easier for hardworking PeeDee people such as myself if only those responsible for posting these disks happened to own a label printing program - there are plenty knocking around in the public domain. Few however, are as accomplished as this one.
Label Designer employs the world- dominating Magic User Interface, the latest version of which is reviewed in these very pages. Although there is not a great deal of flexibility as to the layout of labels, it is possible to play around with size settings and various other details. The program makes use of standard Compugraphic-format scalable fonts, which can be selected from one of the several option pages.
Label Designer is shareware and the distribution version does not allow you to freely print out your label designs. If you send the author the 20DM registration fee you will receive a fully functional version. For such a simple program, 20DM might seem quite expensive, but it's dear the author has spent a fair amount of time making Label Designer friendly and easy to use. If you don't own a decent Desktop Publishing package, Label Designer could well be worth a look.
Qilequest Programmed by: Doguet Emmanuel Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OU367 Workbench is one of the best graphical user interfaces in existence, a fact of which anyone who has ever used Windows or System 7 will be painfully aware. Bill Gates spent millions of dollars attempting to convince the world the primitive multitasking and "plug-and-play" facilities featured in Windows 95 made it the most powerful and flexible GUI known to man.
To the great amusement of Amiga and Macintosh owners (and probably a fair few PC owning Gates-haters too), Bill may yet pay the price for his irritating "Windows rules the world and always will" attitude. While he was busy banging the Win95 drum, forward-thinking chaps at Netscape nipped in and made off with the Internet, every technophile's favourite toy of the moment Even though after four years of neglect, Workbench remains infinitely superior to Windows, it's not perfect Graphical representations of files are all very well for making everyday operations clear, even to beginners, but
the power user can become annoyed with the lack of speed when rooting through directories and performing certain operations. Not everyone likes having to resort to the shell now and again.
For almost as long as anyone can remember, the program Amiga owners have turned to in times of need has been a file manager by the name of Directory Opus. From version 5 onwards though, many Amiga owners feel Dopus has bitten off rather more than it can chew, attempting to replace Workbench rather than work with it Consequently the ageing version 4 is still in widespread use. Wonderful though it is, Dopus 4 isn't as fast as more recent, less powerful, PD and shareware alternatives.
In a valiant effort to combine the enormous power of Dopus 4 with an added burst of speed, the enterprising Doguet Emmanuel has produced what may well be the definitive shareware file manager. At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the legendary Dopus, with its classic split-screen approach and a wealth of configurable buttons at the bottom of the screen. However, a few minutes of playing around with Filequest confirms that not only does it seem slightly faster than Dopus, but it features a few handy additions such as context-sensitive floating menus.
Filequest uses the BGUl library, meaning the program itself is relatively small and there are a wealth of ways in which you can configure the interface to suit your tastes. You can even select whether you would like the program to follow the standard GUI look or take the popular XEN approach with attractive raised boxes and suchlike.
Although the program is not crippled in any way, since it is shareware you are obliged to register with the author if you use it regularly - as you almost certainly will. Registration costs US$ 20, and as well as getting rid of the irritating "Register Me" requesters which pop up from time to time, you will be encouraging the author to “ 1 *'¦** * 1 «S»'- tmmml Wimi . I hni_ ; «u t j x ,1ft-
- laatJ ' ' -raoJ Filequest can be configured to handle just
about develop more top-quality software. Any file format you
care to throw at it Amiga Computing ightin' Spirit Produced by:
Light Shock Software NEO Software Available from: Classic
Amiga Software Disk No: G413 ?
There are a couple of unwritten rules I generally follow when writing Public Sector. Firstly, only decent stuff makes the cut - while other magazines might think it acceptable to include whichever programs fall out of the mailbag first, I do not. What is the point in devoting valuable space to poor programs when there are other disks far more deserving of a mention? Secondly, 1 don't generally review early demo versions of commercial games.
Once more the computer pummels the inept Cusick lad into submission Of course, rules are made to be broken. A few months ago Public Sector featured Pepsi advertisement-cum-game which was just so bad that I felt it was my duty to ensure nobody purchased it out of curiosity, only to discover how incredibly poor it was.
There is the occasional exception to the second rule too, when I feel a game has the potential to revolutionise the Amiga games scene and any games fan worth his salt ought to investigate the demo. The first Fears AGA preview was one such disk and Fightin' Spirit is another.
Fightin' Spirit may well be available commercially by the time you read this review. At the time of writing I have yet to see the finished product, but on the strength of this demo it could challenge Capital Punishment for the title of Best Amiga Beat'em-up. There has never been an Amiga game which has come closer to capturing the challenge and enjoyment of the SNE5 smash hit, Street Fighter II.
In this demo you are only able to pit your wits against a single computer-controlled opponent or engage in a one-round battle against a friend. (The full version will feature a tournament mode and a team battle mode too). Nevertheless, with beautifully crisp graphics and a superb soundtrack, not to mention responsive controls and engaging action, there is plenty to recommend here.
HAREWARE NEECH Vi.5 preprogrammed by: Paul Burkey Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OF276 Worms are not one of the greatest life forms on this fair planet, are they? Admittedly being slimy in itself is not a crime (there are plenty of politicians who seem to get away with it) but the ability to keep wriggling when cut by a large knife is fairly useless (if rather impressive). Allowing yourself to be tortured by bored kids who can't believe you really DO surface when someone bangs their foot repeatedly is just plain stupid. But worms are not all bad. As any gardener will tell you, worms are
good for soil. They also inspire some programmers to produce playable Worms games like Sneech.
Sneech is not, in case you haven't already realised, a Worms game in the Team 17 sense. This is Worms the way it was in the halcyon days of 8-bit machines, with several multi-segmented creatures racing'around, munching food and trying desperately not to crash into themselves or each other.
Possibly the most outstanding feature of this option-laden gem is the support for up to ten worms simultaneously, with up to six being controlled by human players. The author believes this is the first Worms game to allow so many participants and I suspect he is right.
Of course, because things could become rather cramped around the screen with six eager gamers trying desperately to control their speeding worms, up to nine of the competing worms can be controlled by the computer. Players can compete either individually or in teams.
There is a shop where you can spend the money tokens which are liberally sprinkled around the levels. The goodies available include extra worm segments, speed boosts, bombs, stunners, shields and so on.
These lend an extra dimension to the game, i ;F r Lrr | ‘ ...... l - 2 J ¦- y tt*= J***l nnr. r '
- rid r .
R ¦ c. ; t r c7-- I_ _____ • -¦ ¦ 1 ____ r gn f' ure. A,i sc i e ¦ ;r'r._r. re ** r Lr &. Anctis- '• ‘-I ?t~
- iO lfH DtfeK V ...with a whole host ot options too because with
ten worms racing around the small playing area, taking on a
worm who has recently spent his pennies in the shop is not
always a wise idea.
Another string in the Sneech bow is the league option and the game even automatically backs the league up from time to time in case of a power cut.
The graphics are impressive, the sound effects excellent and as with all decent multiplayer games, Sneech should provide hours of entertainment. It comes highly recommended.
The full registered version is available for just a fiver from the author.
Amiga Computing JANUARY 1997 Qvoidinc Colds and Flu Produced by: Classic Amiga Software Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: EDI 14 At this time of year it often seems as if the whole world is suffering from flu. Colds and flu cause more lost working days than any other illnesses and most people suffer from a cold at least once a year.
Despite this, no cure exists for the com* mon cold, which is still generally regarded as a minor illness.
Read about what causes the common cold... same chap responsible for The Good Sleep Guide (reviewed a couple of issues ago), it discusses the causes of colds and flu, suggests tips for helping to keep them at bay and offers advice on what to do if all else Whether this disk will actually help you avoid catching a cold this winter is hard to say, but it should certainly make interesting and informative reading. Produced by the
- S «
* * a a 4 * A A
* * * AAA A A 4.
AAA b A A a A A AAA A A A A nwiiMw IHVHRERS 1*?1s s r scom: 41 iii( n scum 41 aka HKS m N m WBBBM I I'ltUM ...or just play the classic Amoeba Invaders fails and a cold gets a grip. As an added bonus, Amoeba Invaders is included on the disk too, so at least you will have something to do when your nose is streaming this January... Qormula One World Championship 1996 am imm trim EiwWti »Ut*n r«M EA*irin liitwy iriA Lilt ¦l* lilt l-M tilt t-M Lilt Hias lit It MiM U lt iwhir lift QwfiwUUUii QarnmHi rifclt All 1*2 FiiUfeH CtwyiwME Irtlt (irtiiti 1 VMMf Circuit Miitri 1tmt IliMiri Cirtgit NiUt b
Imlmwlii Imltt HlnilUiwi mr Programmed by: Graham Hague Available from: OnLine PD There was a time, only a few years ago in fact, when 1 used to follow Grand Prix races almost religiously. Those were the days when the late, great Ayrton Senna raced against Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and other modern day motor racing heroes.
There were always four or five genuine title contenders at any one time and no one team dominated the sport in the way Williams (and briefly Benetton) have done in recent years.
My enthusiasm for the sport was probably also fuelled by Geoff Crammond's magnificent Formula One Grand Prix, which first graced our screens around that time. "If Formula One Grand Prix was a woman," I remember ranting in the pages of AC's one-time sister magazine Atari ST User, "I'd want to have its babies."
The man behind Formula One World Championship 1996 is clearly even more passionate about the sport than I once was. He has obviously devoted a great deal of time and effort towards creating the ultimate Grand Prix results database.
Yes, thanks to his sterling efforts, it is possible to find out who won the British Grand Prix in 1969, which team has won the Constructors' Championship on the most occasions and other assorted Formula One facts. The results of 597 races are covered, from 1950 to present day.
AMOS Professional has been used to good effect in creating a bold and dear interface, so even if you are rather more knowledgeable about cars than computers you shouldn't experience problems getting to the facts.
Obviously this disk will not appeal to everyone, but if fast cars are up your street, as it were, this is definitely one to investigate.
(ImplwBhly tiMrti Smciit Uwlrlti | list If l -j CwutfKt Civwlrt Ifffffc ] muFHii krtli Just look at all those statistics OuwlwfcH itit Chaw»iiMfcii ran tilH riilikti SiMtt lnulti HIM TlU» W Lilt : FtK Lilt Rmcfkttrrr EawirUi Iut*T Qwisted Magic Workbench Programmed by: Korneel Ketelslegers Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OU 382 Since the emergence of Magic Workbench a few years ago, it has been adopted by so many Amiga owners that there have even been calls for it to be incorporated into the next release of the operating system. The attractive icons and colour scheme can totally transform
any Workbench.
Literally hundreds of enterprising Amiga fans have already released WB backdrops and icon sets for use with the Magic WB colour scheme, so what makes Twisted Magic Workbench different from all the rest? On the face of it, nothing at all. Contained on this disk are 19 different AGA images for use as backdrops, as well as the usual "Click Me For Colours" icon and Magic WB plugs.
What makes Twisted Magic Workbench worth a look is that the backdrops are all images of physically impossible objects, reminiscent of some of Escher's creations.
There are endless staircases, tesselating letters that defy the laws of space and so on. As simple pictures these are puzzling but scarcely stunning, so also included on the disk is a program called Magic Copper, which cycles through various colours in the AGA palette. Running this program with a Twisted backdrop produces some fascinating results.
Twisted Magic Workbench is an ideal way of brightening up a dull WB screen and will certainly impress PC owners who think grainy clouds make for a relaxing backdrop. Whether you will be able to get much work done with all the colours of the rainbow slowly cycling away on your Workbench is, of course, another matter.
Amiga Computing acic User Interface Come Toceth er I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, you consider worthy of review Whether it be freely distributable Public Domain, Shareware or Lkenceware, if you feel it is of sufficient.q i*iity to merit coveiage, stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. Although Public Sector cannot possibly hope to cover all submissions, I promise Ilf at least look at your work | even if it is yet another Lottery program or Klondike cardset It does make my job a lot easier though if disks are dearly
Please also include a cover letter detailing the disk cortfents and price and giving some baffc nstructronR The magic address is: DaveCusfO *t PD submissi found MUI 3.6 significantly less stable than the excellent version 3.3. Crashes almost exclusively arise when closing or opening MUI screens, so if you experience similar problems it might be worth running several MUI applications together on the same screen. Still, these reliability problems will no doubt be addressed in future updates.
If you have not already registered your copy of MUI with the author, I would strongly recommend you do so now. In releasing programs as shareware the authors are showing faith in the Amiga owning public. It is the interests of the Amiga market as a whole (as well as your conscience) that you keep your part of the deal.
In years to come when people look back at these turbulent times, the emergence of MUI will doubtless be seen as a force which has helped galvanise the Amiga community in the face of fierce competition from first consoles and now PC contemptibles. Stefan Stuntz, take a bow. The Amiga world salutes you.
Amiga Computing Media House I AdlingtonPark Macclesfield SKI 0 4KP Ree tr«tfcn l: .. :..... ] Phone « ;|] i .
| EM* | i hfcer j England j USA » fi* verwofi (m Mad l*grade _) F** Exfrea -J Emal J WWW 1*1 Author Classic Amiga Software 1T Deansgate
* Radclifffi Manchester M26 9YJ (Tel: 016T 721 1633) anti
ftcg-atc Info | qj It occurred to me the other day that while
Public Sector has been featuring Mill applications for as long
as I can remember, Magic User Interface itself has never been
subject to close scrutiny in these pages. The release of
version 3.6 of this universally acclaimed set of libraries
therefore seemed like the perfect opportunity to rectify this
unacceptable state of affairs, I won't insuit your
intelligence, gentle reader, by attempting to explain what MUI
is and does.
Yourve heard it all before ("You just know, you’re so sure..."). And besides, it's not big, it's not clever, and nobody's laughing.
Let's just take it as read that MUI is probably the single most important piece of Amiga shareware ever. If Public Sector had a Utility Of The Year (or even Decade) award, it would go to Magic User interface. What I propose to do is take a look at the improvements and bug fixes in this latest release.
First things first: if you're still using MUI 2.x, it is high time you upgraded. Although Magic User Interface has always been slightly slower than other interface libraries such as ClassAct, version 3 is far faster than version 2, not to mention a lot more stable. Upgrading can give older programs a whole new lease of life - for instance, Amosaic, once barely usable because of its unreliability, is actually quite stable and pleasant to use with MUI 3.
There are also plenty of programs which require at least version 3.3 of MUI, and some (such as Ibrowse) need version 3.5. So apart from increased speed and reliability, what does the latest incarnation of MUI have to offer? You will find pressing the right mouse button in your favourite MUI application now results in the appearance of a handy pop-up menu. You will also notice the whole registration section has been overhauled, although this appears purely cosmetic.
Under the surface, plenty of changes have been made which will make MUI even easier for programmers to work with.
On the down side, on my system I have ¦¦¦¦ Uotwr jhttc. vwnjg ea f VesrCVderfbm [ | Thaflk you for supporfeng Shareware' The MUI registration program: just do it FtTirrsmrrrtnm 0t «tJ2BdkAagptsr96 Wo?
Mm ZHtS All tin a tin. AC A3 tod ESP far bjw IW at M* nrnUbie sc! Lie foithctau&f *e«Taro.
Reran aad of rtnrn System aka fae istae 104 vc twlaUc. Die kftJu page k«4 iho Wca vj4xtd is to* lM:s ut a* a tit ng&f a»v t* rwham atayst Cmatti usvt itucjdtc ai« aa A* 19A Scpceaicx ...and doesn't it just look gorgeous?
Amiga Computing
1. 95
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5. 95
3. 95 FLOPPY TITLES NON AGA Aegis Animator
4. 95 Macro Assembler
9. 95 Barbarian II
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7. 95 Bumper Quad Pack
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19. 95 Goldfish 2 9,95 3D Images
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12. 95 GFX Sensations
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29. 95 Aminet Set 1
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29. 95 Octamed 6
29. 95 Amos PD CD 2
19. 95 Octamed Sound Studio29.95 Artworks CD
12. 95 Print Studio Pro
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29. 95 Encounters: UFO Exp.
17. 95 Utilities Experience 1 19.95 Euro CD 1
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Advanced Military Systems 2.95 American Heritage Dictionary
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5. 95 CD32 Demo CD II
5. 95 CD32 Sports Football
5. 95 Chaos Engine
2. 95 Dangerous Streets
3. 95 Donk
5. 95 Exile
19. 95 Global Effect
3. 95 Impossible Mission
10. 95 Lotus Trilogy
7. 95 Myth
5. 95 Oh Yes More Lemmings
19. 95 Out to Lunch
4. 95 Power Drive
9. 95 Prey
11. 95 Ryder Cup Golf
12. 95 Sexual Fantasies
9. 95 Sheer Delight
9. 95 Soccer Kid
5. 95 Speris Legacy
19. 95 Striker
4. 95 Summer Olympics
5. 95 Total Carnage
5. 95 Video Creator
14. 95 Wild Cup Soccer
3. 95 World Atlas
34. 95 Worms
25. 95 Your Privacy Assured
9. 95 Zool I
2. 95 Chaos In Andromeda Cover Girl Strip Poker Fractal Universe
Fun School 3 Garden Facts-Fruits, Vegetable 2.95 Groliers
Encyclopedia 9.95 Logical Games 5.95 Moving Gives Stomach Ache
2.95 Mud Puddle 2.95 Paper Bag Princess 2.95 Power Pinball
2.95 Psycho Killer 1.95 Thomas' Snowsuit 2.95 Town With No
Name 1.95 Women In Motion 2.95 Wrath Of The Demon 2.95 AGA
3. 95 Alien Breed 3D
14. 95 Alien Breed 3D 2
24. 95 Body Blows Galactic
3. 95 Breathless
29. 95 Brutal Sports Football
9. 95 Exile
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9. 95 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
9. 95 Virtual Karting
12. 95 Watch Tower
14. 95 MISCELLANEOUS STUFF CD32 Replacement Joypad 3.95 Mindscape
Power Player Joystick 3.95 A1000 Power Supply 6.95 ‘Connect
Your Amiga To The Internet’ VHS Video (PAL&NTSC) with
Software 9.95 Box of Assorted CBM Service Manuals & System
Schematics 9.95 Box of Assorted Amiga Cables 5.95 Box of
Assorted Amiga Computer Parts (chips, drives, boards...) 9.95
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NY residents subject to New York I Sales Tax Inside: Worms Compo, Minskies, Uropa News by Andy Maddock & Hugh Poynton More from M utation Next Month... Next month in Amiga Action we talk to Paul Carrinton, Director of Vulcan Software about some exciting new projects currently in the Vulcan pipeline.
Burnout Beckons Vulcan Software is set to release Burnout on December 1st. Burnout promises to set new standards for games on the Amiga, with specifications that make it sound more like a game for a pentium chip PC than an Amiga.
Set in a future where television entertainment is provided by gladiator style combat between opposing battle cars, Burnout allows the player to pit his car against 3 other human adversaries. The game is fully rendered with 256 colours and each of the cars obey Newtonian Mechanics (sounds complicated).
Because Vulcan have designed Burnout to be totally icon based, adding expansion files should be made much easier than in the past. Vulcan plan to release further car expansion disks, as well as an arena building disk. For further dewtails contact Vulcan on 01705 670269.
OTM BACK ON It's feet OTM Software is picking themselves up after one of their most important program* mers left and set up in apposition. The first step on the road to recovery will be the launch of a new series of seven budget titles on January 15 to comprise the Mono Series. The games will sell at £10.95 each.
Other news from OTM is that Watchtower will be re-released. Starfighter, the five- disk, 3D, fully rendered space combat game should also be ready in the not to distant future.
For more details phone OTM on 01827 312 302.
Terminator Tomato Mutation Software have release the second title in their Fun'nrValue series. They recently made the jump from operating as developers for publishers such as Core Design, to developing and publishing their own games.
Tommy Gun is a two player shoot 'em up in which Tommy Gun (a killer tomato) and his sidekick, Big Cheese attempt to rescue their grocery related friends from the hands of evil invaders. The game will be compatible with all PAL 1 Mb Amigas and will be available for £14.99 (inc. P&P).
For further details phone 01705 672616.
Also available from Mutation Software is Tin Toy Adventure, a quaintly retro scrolling platform game. The aim is to guide a small tin toy on a quest to break the dark spell cast over the House of Fun by an evil clown.
The game is pretty much a bog standard platformer with a fair amount of that old run along jump over a poisonous tomato thing, catch some stars and then get blown to bits by a large killer bee type action. It doesn't sound that original, but it's quite well presented and includes 20 levels.
Mutation, rather unwisely, describe the game as possessing, '...full on, next generation, console style gameplay’. Not surprisingly, Tin Toy doesn't quite live up to this lavish claim, but at £14.99 it's inoffensive and inexpensive.
Championship Manager 96 97 After what seems like years, Championship Manager is at last nearly ready for release. The games developers, Eidos Interactive, believe it will be in the shops before Christmas.
Championship Manager is one of the most eagerly awaited Amiga releases, and not without reason. It promises to be one of the most comprehensive and detailed football management sims ever released.
It will include 3,400 player statistics and histories, the actual 1996 97 season calendar and a new match report system. On top of this upto four players will be able to take part at once and a huge data base will store hundreds of stats, from shots on target, to tackles won.
For further information phone Eidos Interactive on 0121 606 1800.
News news news Evil's Doom Available over the Internet as a demo, and in its entirety via mail, is a new fantasy role playing game dreamt up by a group of Croatian software programmers.
Zagreb-based Olympia Software have chosen to market the game via e-mail because of lack of interest from major software publishers. However, the demo has proved popular and the full version is available for the equivalent of $ 35 in any EU currency.
For your money you get a huge game: 16 Megs of artwork, 30 locations, 5 huge dungeons, 45 characters and 200 items.
Although, perhaps not surprisingly, the English isn't exactly perfect, for RPG fans, Evil's Doom is an absolute treat.
For further details mail Olympia Software at AB Magcvca 32, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia Bamboola (?) And his pal sail off to the island of Splurk or something. Why do places always have such stupid names in RPG’s. The Castle of Migidumf, I ask you.
U ropa2 Australian games developers Austex Software are currently working on a 3D adventure shoot 'em up which looks like it could be well worth a look, if and when it becomes available.
Unlike many other games, Uropa2 involves two separate and distinct types of gameplay.
The objective is to raid various underground enemy bases on the Europe moon, rescuing hostages and other assorted do-gooding - these sections are represented in isometric 3D.
However, before your troops can get to the underground bases they must travel there. This section is represented with Lightsourced vector 3D and involves flying over Europa in your Hovar vehicle blasting the bejeezus out of anybody or anything that gets in your way.
Uropa2 is scheduled for release sometime in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled.
European League Manager Manyk Software have recently launched a new football management game, entitled Euro League Manager. It includes the option to compete in English, Italian and French leagues, as well as in a fantasy European league. Manyk tell us that, to succeed in each league takes a different team building strategy.
The game also includes a number of features not seen in previous football management games, such as the option to send scouts to different countries I later found out my team (Parma) were losing so badly because I using the novel tactic of not having any players on the field. Alex Ferguson I ain't.
To find new and promising players or the option to part exchange players in transfer deals.
Euro League Manager looks like it might be an interesting addition to the existing football management genre for the Amiga. Who knows, it might even steal some of the wind from Championship Managers sails.
For further details phone Manyk on 0181 542 2687 Hugh Poynton annoys the Feline Protection League and explodes cats for fun There's a pub in Manchester called McNally's Sports Bar which my mates and I go to at the start of a night out on the town. Its brilliant; nice cheap beer, a pool table and hot nuts, unfortunately it also has an annoying arcade game called 'double bubble' or some other cheese.
The trouble with double-cheesy-bubble is that, despite the fact it has the simple, bouncy, colourful look of a Mothercare toy, it is in fact totally bloody addictive and pretty difficult. It's a nightmare, imagine it, your just kicking off your Saturday in Manchester and an arcade machine is the centre of attention.
Minskies Furballs is just this sort of colourful and simple game, the sort that turns normal people into antisocial joystick wagglers in pubs (if you get my meaning).
The idea behind Minskies Furballs is pretty simple.
Different coloured cats drop in pairs from the top of the screen. It's your job to steer and rotate the mangy pair so that four or more cats of the same colour are positioned next to each other. Do this and they explode leaving the screen free for more cats. The greater the catocide the higher the score.
Once the screen is packed out with multicoloured felines, the game is up.
Minskies Furballs, it has to be said, is stupidly addictive. It's one of those games that looks simple but is in fact pretty difficult. You continuously have that, 'Just one more go and I'll win' sort of feeling.
One word of advice though, play against the computer or a mate because the gameplay is at least doubled.
Playing against an opponent means you have to hinder their efforts at emptying their screen whilst trying to clear your own screen of the little critters. The computer opponents are pretty tough cookies - watch out for Boocakes, the blue octopus and Harvey the slightly nouty looking bear thing.
There are a variety of ways to gain the upper hand. Whenever a connection of four or more cats is triggered either a fish or a concrete block is dropped into the opponents screen, mucking up their own connections. The only way to get rid of an obstruction is to build a connection around it - the obstruction will be blown up along with the cats. By building connections next lo the blocks, weapons are revealed which you can use to clear cats or obstructions from your screen.
Minskies Furballs is, without doubt, great fun to play but there is one basic flaw in the game - it just isn't that original. The basic premise of the game is very Tetris-like and there isn't a great deal about the game that makes it stand out. Despite the fact that it's playable and very addictive, chances are you've played dozens of games like it.
It's well put together, well designed and fun. The idea behind it couldn't really be much simpler and the graphics look colourful and cute. Minskies is basically quite an engaging and addictive game and although it doesn't really have the originality or depth of some it's pretty likeable anyway. As games go, its a bimbo - simple, good fun, bright and gaudy. Worms it ain't, but you could do a lot worse than getting hold of a copy.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Binary Emotions CONTACT 01722 416074 HD INSTALLABLE YES PRICE TBA GRAPHICS 80% EiEffll? £§§ 85% PLAYABILITY 90% DIFFICULTY_Tricky All in all, Minskies Furballs is an fun and friendly little puzzle game. Although it wouldn't win any awards for originality, it does possess the essential ingredients of a good game: playability and addictiveness.
REVIEWED BY HUGH OVERALL SCORE OTM Offer - exclusive only To order, send a check and your details to: to Amiga Computing readers Amiga Computing Reader Offer, OTM Ltd., 12-14 Aldergate, Tam worth. Staffordshire, B79 7DL.
Virtual Karting and irlWlBFi WatchTower both Please rush me...
H) Capital Punishment A1200 Q Virtual Karting AGA ] WatchTower
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system for the Amiga Post Code I Country- Daytime Phone-
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Phone Bob on 01444 247223.
? Wanted, copy of manual Roc-Key. Willing to pay. 01767 640088.
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Floppy £14.99 Worms Floppy £18.99 X Out Floppy £4.99 Xenon 2 Floppy £7.99 XP8 Floppy £22.99 Xtreme Racing Floppy £17.99 Zeewolf 2 Floppy £24.99 Zool Floppy £14.99 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT AI 200 - £28.49 166 BIRCHFIELD ROAD EAST, NORTHAMPTON NN3 2HF TEL: 01604 722499 TEL: 01623 4SS398 (Games Software) (Hardware & Tech. Support) FAX: 01604 722498 E-mail: 10640.1422@compuserve.com. ACTION REVIEW SHOOT ’EM UP told he’s a space cadet, so Hugh Poynton was the obvious choice-id review Austex M Software’s new shoot 'em up ¦ adventure 98, 99, 100, right coming ready or not I'm glad I'm not going to be
around in the far future, it sounds like it's going to be a pretty grim place - global warming, meteorite collisions, computers taking over the planet and, of course, global thermo nuclear war. Things are never, well, nice.
People don't seem to live in global harmony wilh all people and animals in the future.
Well, Uropa2's future is also pretty grim.
Basically, the Solar System is divided between the Intercorp Tekites (goodies) and the Kapones (baddies).
The Kapones are an evil rebel force who are in cahoots with some even more evil aliens who want to use the Kapones to help them take control of the entire universe. The Kapone's main communications base for summoning the evil slimy aliens is based on the moon of Uropa, which orbits Jupiter.
You play the part of a Tekite warrior robot and your mission involves Kapone's communications base before they can 'phone home' and get alien help. To make matters worse the Kapones are holding some colonists hostage, so your floating metal Mushrooms ahoy mickey has to conduct a series of special ops to rescue the colonists and blow up the base.
Most of the action is set in the communications base. This portion of the game is viewed from an isometric 3D angle.
The graphics here are quite chunky, but not bad. As in all adventure games, the aim is to wander about and explore the area, picking up clues, ammunition and equipment. Also essential are the wall terminals, which, if accessed give you all the important and essential information needed Your Tekite warrior will need to get to the Kapone base in order to kick some alien butt. This is done on the unfortunately named Hovar (mmm, very scary, a really hard spaceship named after a lawn mower).
It isn't exactly a tie fighter - it can only steer left and right and you can't alter your altitude.
Using this intergalactic Lada you navigate your way to whichever base station needs sorting out. Watch out for the Kapone fighters however, because they're about INTERCORP B CqflPUTEK SVSlEtt REPOS!.
Bose Genera tor 15 enabled rtaan CGHnunicaHora are up There are IS mtrutiensj !ef 1 mtn i£ arrive Intercorps microwave of tomorrow twice as big, and twice as mean as you are.
Although in general a pretty good game, Uropa.2 does have a couple of flaws. Firstly, 1 actually found the Tekite droid rather difficult to control until I got accustomed to it, but that's probably more to do with the fact that I haven't played many isometric games and just had a little difficulty orientating myself.
After a few plays I was fine but on the first few attempts, my little tin can was wandering around like I'd just drank 10 pints of extra strength Droid Brew.
Another small whinge is the fact that if you actually manage to rescue some colonists and get them to follow you they will run around like headless chickens and block your path so you don't actually get anywhere. The only solution to this quandary is to zap a few of them with the droid's laser sword Bar the giblets on the floor, unlimited mobility is all yours but it does seem to defeat the object of the game to a degree.
Uropa2 attempts something quite refreshing. It is part shoot 'em up, part adventure game which means it strikes a balance between mindless blasting, and actually using your head to solve puzzles.
Graphics wise the game is OK. Not stunning but acceptable. If 1 have a major criticism it would be the fact that the surface levels just aren't developed quite as well as they could be. The idea is brilliant, but unfortunately, it just doesn't live up to the promise. The Hovar gets wasted far too quickly, and the action is so fast that it is next to impossible to blast the enemy ships.
Although it does have its flaws and can look a little rough around the edges, Uropa2 is still not a bad game. It is very challenging and there is enough depth to ensure that you will keep coming back for more, which, when all is sard and done is the hallmark of a good game.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Austex Software CONTACT http: ph42276.jtu.edu.au HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE TBA GRAPHICS PLAYABILITY Tricky DIFFICULTY Austex released a shareware version on November 23 which is available from their website, but you might as well try getting hold of a full version because it is definitely worth it.
REVIEWED BY HUGH ACTION FE ATU RE RACING Hugh Poynton offers a selection of his favourite driving games Call me contentious but I think the best games genre on every format of computer or games machine is the driving sim. I've got a theory that backs this sweeping statement. When you stop off at a motorway service station, which games are people always hammering away at in those dark dingy alcove bits between the toilets and the services shop? Yup, the humble driving game. I know I'm not the first to say it but why don't they just carry on driving and throw 50p out of the window every few
I think I know why they are so popular.
Its due to the fact that almost everybody of my age group was indelibly affected by a television programme called the Dukes of Hazzard. The one in which two slightly dim, good ol' boys were chased all around the deep south by a selection of the most mentally and physically challenged policemen in the world.
These coppers were also further hampered by the fact they were called slightly dodgy names like Cleetis and Eeenis and the cars they drove, no matter how fast they drove them, just could not do all the smart jumps that the Duke brothers' tango coloured charger could.
This, combined with films like The Cannonball Run, meant It was inevitable that, once this generation grew up and started earning, they would be driving about in XR2s and GTIs. The fascination doesn't stop there: one of my mates burns around town in a Honda CRX but still hammers away at The Need For Speed in his spare time.
Most of the really flash games are on the Playstation, however, there are still enough Amiga games to ensure you can enjoy motor way madness, road rage and auto carnage from the comfort of your armchair. Here is a selection of the best: Super Skidmarks Skidmarks was released back in 1995, and, to put it simply, everyone loved it. Little old ladies, bitter unemployed ex-dockers, affluent brain surgeons; they all thought it was tops.
The concept was simplicity itself; race a variety of funky little motors around tricky dirt tracks and beat all the other cars. What really set the game apart from its competitors was the fact that, as well as having flawless yet simple graphics, it had acres of playability.
The presentation looked very arcade like.
Instead of viewing the action from Ihe driver's position, you had an isometric overheadish to the side a bit vantage point.
The tracks were more difficult and dangerous than driving the wrong way round the M25 and you could pick the coolest of cool cars.
I'm convinced that's where Screamer and other Playstation racing games are sadly lacking - you just don't have the opportunity to drive a Mini. Not just Minis mind - 4x4s, Porsches, Beetles, as well as loads more.
Sadly, despite its excellent gameplay and addictiveness. Skidmarks had a few irritating minor flaws. As a result, Acid Software released the Super Skidmarks Data Disks.
Super Skidmarks addressed all the flaws of the original and added a huge selection of optional features. There were 12 new tracks included, you could change the colour of your car, you could tow a caravan, and what's more, you could play Pong while the game was loading up. What more could a sane human being want?
Xtreme Racing Along similar, not entirely serious lines is my next choice. Xtreme Racing by Silltunna Software is a brilliant, shiny, fun example of a racing game. You could describe it as Super Mario Karts for the Amiga. Like Karts, Racing is, graphics wise, an absolute peach.
The 256 colour, texture mapped graphics really demonstrate the capabilities of the Amiga to the best.
However, a number of features make Xtreme Racing really stand apart from the opposition. Firstly, and most importantly, eight people can play - four on a single machine and two machines can be linked.
Another bonus is the fact that on each of the tracks are a number of men, lemmings, sheep and sharks which serve absolutely no purpose other than to be ran over. Useless but, oh so much fun.
Among the variety of weapons and pick ups you can collect are homing sheep, and if you upgrade the game using the XTR Data Disk, you'll have the unique opportunity to drag race a sheep.
With the aid of the XTR Data Disk you can also make your own tracks using a track editor. Tracks are another of the great strong points of Xtreme Racing. Quite simply put, the person who designed the tracks must have been off his head. You can race on a gaudy pink 'Love Track', complete with love hearts and pink tarmac, or a knobbly but colourful lego track. It's little touches like this that make the game both extremely playable and a good laugh as well.
F1GP Despite lacking love tracks, sharks and sheep, Formula One Grand Prix is still one of the best racing games ever produced for the Amiga. It is a 3D simulation of Formula One racing using the tracks and teams of the 1991 season.
Despite its age the game is still pretty impressive and includes a wide range of features that really make for maximum playability. It allows you to experience almost every aspect of Formula One racing (apart from Murray Walker's insane but still utterly cool ranting - you'll have to get a ACTION F E AT U R E RACING ... Playstation for that).
You must set up your car to optimise its performance, qualify and then race on any one of 16 championship circuits. You have the option to choose the length of the race - if you really want a huge crick in your neck and a 1 hum ping headache, you can race all 70 laps of a Grand Prix.
Helpful additions are the race aids. The first, auto braking, is frankly for girlie la-las, but it does ensure that you achieve some pretty fast lap times because all you have to do Is steer and keep the pedal to the metal.
Other aids include the auto gears, self correcting spin, indestructible mode and the ideal line option. Using this aid, you are able to see a white dotted line on the track that displays the best line to take for various corners and chicanes - for this, Microprose actually enlisted the help of the Footwork team.
Although getting hold of F1GP nowadays is something of a chore, tracking down a copy would be well worth the effort because YOU3 D BETTER HOT BE ONE OF THOSE WILD BIKER TYPES. I3 M OUT TO GET ME ft RftSHER.
BUSY it is so interesting and playable, a game that might even give a playstation racer a run for its money.
Road Rash This is something a bit different. Have you ever known somebody who's into bikes? If you drive a car, it may be nice, big, shiny and fast but it is still, just a car, something to get you from A to Z. This is not the case with bikes. I've known a couple of people who ride them and they are fanatical about the things. They will know the difference between a ZXR 2000 (or something} and a ZXR 2001 - each bike will be painfully, obviously different to them, when to normal people they're just noisy things with two wheels that go fast.
Road Rash is about as close as I've come to doing 170mph on a Fireblade, and at the risk of sounding like a wuss I'm happy leaving it that way so I don't get smeared down the M6, Road Rash is probably my favourite game because it possesses all the essential ingredients of playability, features, graphics and, most importantly, originality.
Although, like Lotus, Road Rash is a veteran, it is still a gem. The aim is, as always, to burn off the opposition and generally go as fast as possible, but with the added fun of being able to beat the stuffing out of them in the process.
There are a number of little touches that really make this game fun. Like Need for Speed on the Playstation, you actually race on public roads as opposed to race tracks which means, in addition to racing your opponents you also have avoid oncoming cars. This can make a race much hairier, but much greater fun.
Road Rash's manual is another of the games little bonus. For some reason the text reads like a Bill and Ted script bummer dude). But it is about American bikers, maybe that's what American bikers talk like.
The game has proved to be such a good laugh that Electronic Arts have launched their own Road Rash multiplayer game for Windows 95 using the VirtualRally player matching service.
Top Gear 2 A couple of years ago Gremlin brought out a little game called Top Gear 2. Although pretty much outdated by many of the games available on other formats now, it claimed to be the fastest game available for the Amiga back in 1994.
A number of touches made Top Gear 2 a good laugh. First of all, as you won more and more prize money you were able to soup up your car using a total of 36 different bits of kit, from engine upgrades and nitros to suspension and the like.
However, you started off with a basic car which meant winning enough money for an upgrade was a fair task. As you became more and more proficient, you were given the option of racing much trickier tracks - a total of 64 cities in 16 different countries.
Top Gear 2 was also a two player game meaning that you had the valuable opportunity of holding grudge drag races with your friends.
In my opinion, the best thing about the game was the fact that you could paint your car any gaudy colour you desired and, get this...in a race, as you passed the opposition, a little speech bubble would emerge from the driver's position and pass comment on the other drivers, or your own driving for that matter.
Of course these little speech bubbles were entirely unrealistic. Did they say 'Who taught you to drive, **sehole', did they hell, These polite little drivers would say things like 'Yo, stay in line dude', or 'Crash and burn', like they were some weird combination of Bill and Ted and Maverick and Goose.
The down side to playing this game is that, when actually driving for real you might just find yourself coming out with such moronic phrases as 'Hey dude, get out of my way' or perhaps more worryingly 'Eat my rubber'.
Cal ling all wragg[le[?® To celebrate the release of Worms; The Director’s Cut, we’ve decided to launch the Amazing Worm Competition. In conjunction with Team 17, our amazing give-away contest gives you the chance to win oodles and oodles of Team 17 goodies
1) In which drink might you find a worm?
¦ Ktora ¦ Coffee B Tequila
2) In which sport are worms an essential piece of equipment?
¦ Track and field athletics B Hang gliding B Fishing
3) What was Worms' original working title?
I Fish I F117A Stealth Fighter H Total Wormage Name (Mr Mrs Ms) Address Thanks to the good folk up at Wakefield, up for grabs we have; Postcode Daytime Tel Now send your entry to Worms Competition, Amiga Computing, IDG Media, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP B Tick here if you do not want to recieve promotional material from other companies FREE FREE ¦ FREE FREE l 1 I 1 I I Special Re-lnk I For Panasonic IQ80 R1, 1123 24. 2123 80, 2135, Star LC2(X) 9 Pin. Epson LQ100 150. Oki 182 to 390 range. Black bottle will re-ink 100 + ribbons £9.95 I T-Shirt printing ribbons ] Citizen
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ESSEX SS3 9YZ. TEL: 01702 295887 | Name;
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The story' of Andy Davidson and Worms is a success story of the
sort you only ever seem to see in TV mini series or paperback
novels. The jump from bored schoolboy to one of the top games
programmers in the country happened almost instantaneously.
Hugh Poynton discusses tl saga and the future of the market with Team 17 wund Andy Davidson Bored witless during his A levels, Andy started to program a game in which teams of littie worms did battle with each other.
Working at an Amiga shop at the time, Andy took the opportunity to test the game out on the public. Doing this enabled him to get a large amount of feedback so that he could hone the game as much as possible.
Provisionally entitled Total Wormage, Worms was proving to be very popular.
Andy decided to try his luck at the 1994 Amiga Trade Show and, within five minutes of presenting his two skanky looking diskettes to the Team 17 stand, they offered lo sponsor and market the project.
Andy and Team I 7 haven't looked back since. Worms has been one of the highest selling games on all formats for the last year, and has won a bundle of awards including Game of the Year in Spain and France, The Most Original New Title Award, and the Live and Kicking Viewers Award.
So why has Worms been so phenomenally successful?. Andy believes its real beauty is the fact that it appeals on many different levels. It can he approached as a strategy game or just pure fun. This became apparent while testing in the Amiga shop - little kicls would play for a laugh while their dads tried lo be the Robert E Lee of the worm world.
The development and approach of Andy and company at Team 17 is such that the game has managed to avoid some of the cynical marketing ploys of which other software developers are guilty.
Many games are designed so that they have what you could almost describe as an inbuilt 'use by' date. After completing the levels the game is exhausted and the punter foses interest and goes and buys something new. With a billion levels (via the unique 'graffiti mode') Worms will always have new possibilities because every different type of battlefield defines how the game is to be played.
Another of the secrets for Worms' success is the fact that, as Andy believes, the market is such that 3D games seem to be ?UfiRL 100 riNo lumlsv* I 100 One of Andy's more dangerous creations in a junkyard, or on top af a teddy bear!
Over exploited and perhaps over rated, whereas multi-player games seem to be definitely under exploited.
Although most 3D games look good, it is easy to "dress mutton up as lamb' and disguise a tired and unoriginal idea up as the future of gaming in the Western world.
Multi-player games on the other hand, although perhaps not looking as impressive, are certainly a hell of a lot more playable.
With Worms, the average punter can multiplay on a normal computer. An office full of accountants may be able to play Quake on networked Pentiums, but not that many other people have this opportunity.
The key to Team 17's future strategy is that, instead of doing cash ins and spin offs, Worms will continue to be developed.
Patches and add-ons will ensure it survives for quite a while.
However, sadly it seems as though software houses such as Team 17 cannot guarantee they will be able to continue developing software for the Amiga. Andy believes that, at the present moment, the Amiga is being killed by inertia and the overwhelming dominance of the PC.
Software houses face the predicament that, to develop entirely new products on the Amiga is extremely risky, yet not developing Amiga software will only hasten the demise of the machine, A project might take 10 months to a year and burn up lots of cash - if distributors won't slock it however, what's the point?.
Add to this the fact that it is next to impossible to port Amiga programs over to a PC or vice versa and the situation doesn't look good.
The Amiga really does need a radical overhaul and design to compete with Pcs which are becoming more and more powerful and much less expensive. How likely the Amiga is to receive this overhaul is debatable.
However, even without this radical overhaul, Andy believes that the Amiga will be about for some time yet due to the fact that it retains a large and loyal fan-base.
There are many people about who have, like Andy, grown up with the Amiga who don't want to have to learn to program Pcs to write games.
Even if distribution of Amiga products is limited to shareware and specialist Amiga stores such as Direct Software in Northampton, people will continue to purchase Amiga products for many more years.
One of the machine's strengths - and probably one of the key reasons it is, and will be, with us for some time - is the fact that, unlike the PC, young programmers on a budget can write for the format.
The reason why programmers such as Andy Davidson have brought us original, fresh games is because, quite simply, they have been able to. Without the Amiga, any young talented programmer on a budget would have to write on a PC, the machine itself being very expensive, and the software required again, too costly.
Unfortunately Team 17 can't commit themselves to any new Amiga games development. However, Andy believes that he will continue to write for the machine for the same reason he wrote the original Total Wormage - he enjoys it.
FEATURE AIVI1GA ACTION 81 To get the best out of your free Photogenics 1.2a cover disk, youll want the ISOpp manual giving you tutorials and full references to the program. You get the manual plus a free disk of plug ins and files to use with Photogenics tea PRICE: UK residents £19.95 EC residents £22.45 North America S35US Rest of the World £24.94 PAYMENT: Access, Visa, Mastercard, Switch (not American Express), Sterling cheque, sterling Eurocheque All prices include surface mail. For airmail defivery, add £5 (S8 US) to the price.
HOW TO ORDER By Fax: +0044 (0)181 687 0490 By Phone: +0044 (0)181 687 0040 By e-mail: almathera@cix.compulink.co.uk By mail to: Almathera, Southerton House, Boundary Business Court 92 94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TD United Kingdom PHOTOGENICS 2 UPGRADE - SAVE 50% ON THE RRP!
If you like Photogenics 1.2a but would like the full latest version you can upgrade from the cover disk to the full Photogenics 2 for just £49.95 (US $ 79.95) saving you a massive £50 on the full recommended retail price.
Photogenics 2 offers
• Powerful AREXX support
• Load and Save IFF anim files
• Virtual Image - allows you to work with large image direct from
hard disk
• Brand new Effect Plug in System for powerful image processing
• Supplied on CD-ROM - packed with fonts, images, and a good deal
morel System requirements: Kickstart 3.0 or higher, 68020 CPU
or higher, 4Mb RAM, CD-ROM and 8Mb of hard disk space.
PRICES: UK residents £49.95 EC residents £52.95 North America S79.95US Rest of the World £55.00 All prices include surface mail. For airmail delivery, add £5 ($ 8 US) to the price.
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Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously .£299 New AlfaQuatro Specially made hardware and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200 comes, with hill IDE Fix software £59 Connexion New Ethernet Card FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Features;
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drive £259.00 Memory for
Alfapower-Plus (new) marked Alfapower-Plus 2Mb
SIMMS .£30.00 4Mb
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SIMMS .£60.00 16MB SIMMS
.....£90.00 Memory for Alfapower (old)
Every 2Mb Zip-Rams ...£89.95 IDE 2.5" Hard
Drives FOR AMIGA 600 1200 IDE-60 60Mb hard
drive ...£55 IDE-120 120Mb hard
drive £79 IDE-250 250Mb hard
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.£150 IDE 3.5" Hard Drives FOR AMIGA 1200 4000
IDE-54G 540Mb hard drive .£ 129 IDE-840 840Mb
hard drive .£130 IDE LOG 1 .OGig hard drive
.£175 IDE-L3G L3Gig hard drive
.£179 IDE-1.7G I.7Gig hard drive
.£195 IDE-2.1G 2.1 Gig hard drive
.£239 Miscellaneous Products DD Hoppv disks (50)
includinjj multicoloured disk labels . £1 3.00 DD
floppy disks (100) indudinfl multicoloured disk labels
... £2 5.00
3. 5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 + Install software
...£15.00 Colourful Mouse
Mat Animal Jungle design and Dinosaur design ...£5.00 Optical
Mouse Mat .£5.00 2 in 1
Scanner Mouse Pad ......£9.95 Contoured Wrist
Pad .....£5,50 Plai n Wrist rest
.. ,£3.50 2Mb SIMMS
...£30.00 4Mb SIMMS £30.00
CD CLEANERS - 1 2 PRICE CD Rom Cleaner
......£3.00 Automatic CD Rom (
.leaner (irattcrypowered) ...£10.00 leaser Lens Cleaner
.£4.50 Quad Speed CD Rom for
A500 .....£129 (needs Alfapower V6.S or higher) Quad
Speed CD Rom for A600 A1200 £149 (inc CD32 emulation) Quad
Speed CD Rom for A1500 A2000 A4000 .£109
External IDE CD Rom Upgrade Kit comprises of: Metal ease,
screws, Power Connector (draws power from disk drive port)
Power Connector (for optional external Power supply), IDE
ribbon cable. Stereo Audio Cables (will require an interface).
Kit price £39 Special Offer for this Month
2. 5" IDE 250Mb Hard Drive £99 Seagate 850Mb
3. 5" HD Quantum 1.7Gig
3. 5" HD £195 Quantum 2.1 Gig
3. 5" HD ..-£230
2. 5" IDE 60Mb Hard Drive ...£55
2. 5" WD 540Mb Drive ..... Accelerator Boards Al220 APOLLO
Accelerator Board .£99.95 Al
220 APOLLO Accelerator Board + 4Mb New Low Price ..£110.00
A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board 33MHz
...£119.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board +
4Mb 33MHz .....£169.95 Al230 VIPER Accelerator Board +
8Mb 33MHz .....£180.00 All prices include VAT, Please
add £3,50 P&P for items under £30.00, £5.00 for items over
£30.00, £8.00 P&P for Scanners, Speakers & Hard Drives, £10.00
courier for next day. Tax Free Export Orders Welcome.
Golden Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 OLB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 6 0 0 9 0 0 unrtSrr&l m fcjln*.'
E*cyW« 7 y»-*m wjw «tn 1 Prepare M Inter* lo IXOC- ¦arsyr Kl AdthCr EM fj c) r ( *» UsT yrrrFrAX.
CPI ;»-» 2?t!}).‘: 4V Vb CP2 - . .Mr.7 v , *i74*a* CP3 r 71 2*3 l , 3fi* MM '¦ - I CMUk CCM V 2807 - .1, 4SA« £¦:•-: 6362 Uvj- 'MU* Irt*' B096 r j ?UW* Special Offer Order Mods Anthology for £33.99 and get The Sound library 2 Free of charge.
MODS ANTHOLOGY CD319- £29.99 lWm rased 31) rv. Lrcn.- them*.
Cans. D.-y_ c*r A trlUm
* 4~»-n 1 'tfuM irthr Cnimii ChflW - Hjfc- j zrrmitf%r.
F 4«r;jfr umv, fusa-1*.
DOUBLE CD SET £17.99 for th* nry best in T«**: * vd *t»srt wrme f this r1l99EWd® E79.99FB5 UCHinOM COLD £19.99 C0113 - El4.99 FLOPPY -£15 CtWOO- £19.99 -.
FLOPPY • £20 Th* FLASH SOU «y*tan»aJ the I IdteW njitcn --- brlns rc WunloiiwmUrfMa.
I (*'* Kflm u» I & ivmrr.
I JUB eomrtfW) T J-ie so.'ir uae t"*j a TC-j 1£*2 rni fl Ind -n nKnury rYcni n.*t :r«rj T05.il*rl ¦ (¦-* ™»-i fro-:- kow? Jj aiway r«v- J 3!? tS l..t *ti!
J-rfVNfcv* . Aft .
* ArVkfc-tart 1 Fiji merpad support. *|«p*' ¦ ry added ’ tlC iota
«n-RilX llnta ‘ Seme Ewf f still dtwfiuUl I'-t Optinissii r"
crcfw .1 rr Jiies t Adtitrajl CPC -*6* 66* or 612a win *»"y
To- sjy I M**ii A»f * iCSJfryj ••¦Jt j 'f- , Ihn-IJ A s -n ju
at-.-.l, »e»red ,Atyj“. F-rprrv»r cdn- rvit-tm drd Trrr rr
bit*, K»anvj that It may nr-t S* * y yfti. IVrS chef.i rt out
without the &M!r.arilrtr1 pr telephone enures and even mnthevt
a Bicdem *,-,h Iffr e-tt- Cont-darna thr wrtcrts- c; actual
V.V.V tfiie* forytfu V, brow with PC ir Amx*. To *1 intl-jdrd
rrady to run dt*c«iy f re**, the fihn Tkfrr.s j ,tm--ue ,.wty
Of Jctl-Wl
* Vi and siityrt) cartl ! r ue-y * S»t of tii- wm *t» fr e.
I 4 C [llX M i.l iV V.BC nundJenl rnu-n t v»n ir'iX.O ¦node a* am,- fnmat (UCt). '• •«. Ila r. fcyyrthrtrn - ) a i t r I'-'i.ritjr. By (jnXip*. Dim tv Finds: s' stcrrd n .in. .nrrrMfj “j-r.
Raidat'e luMw aS he r j ptatfrm-r Cjmvn* a.Traivtr v-i ¦ . I . . J - i tracirr* rr «ntvjrt FUMJ »« IV'd Sfm mrrt *T»» *Orr Ul*l* 2CO ,r- jrJ
• tr-r i **-«t pr*. •«M’j 1-* . in g 7- ¦¦ ! Ai Oadman y w1 )vn-
JnsJ* iV p»f’ (rtnca card aamos.
* U)K1a MsJudea.
* atk)a;l ¦ -yar-fr yrtur u, lnr; 1.4*1 a C5f-[.natn» y titd~ ry
* ’l-arj, *n) - payrr, r*r,rr ajmes. Dr Juit '.J, tn?
Fary jr piayrr?.
»•' 1 J--r E*pwy j rv-nd owirt-nnoiEsairM; » •a-v'a- r J-.l jjmy, «•- - -• of W*4rtrt um rjjn
* ¦' a.-J* r.-5nnV.w
t. -n . ¦-.( a?
Rttai* far rrAHi? -l W nvnm ifv.. iBfp-JftrwicJ Thd TixA’i mc.-udrd *-i: art you wnnected favt. Jlo« y«SJ U browse tiic WfrrUi fj-it Wet. Pftv.de emj.l an i
* tr faeffitics, j5in and rr.id roiwarrs.ps- Cfrate y* ft- raje*
anj Tjtu* a AV.Vi s*te it ymjr caw) You Otippi'y tp" Wtemrt
pfo*v»rr and l6o rrsi t» or Jha , j.v ta add’t-v to M i V.V.'
pa - ™to* t»* ar a a t* erf rnojren to *pfr _jp youf
pajr-.whrrr U*im« 30 oa *11 pUttcmv Fw an men of J.5* C fct wi.
IMAGINE 30 £19.99 ln»g» rn 30 amah of MULTIMEDIA BACKDROPS UAE i J-71 Herr ft to ‘or t«-
- re*« y tn« Ivjtv EmJator. T. *) .r.,' f-rtijm rtf an *4141 A*03
Tnfm are '*sva mm ff Irr rm at r Vhr CD hr rc, Um» and I «nm
£ rc» todr K»» a « f rcrMMi (verf porj anj a" mm p+ r alf” '•
rUJ Njoi .an a"? TO* iJtfnt yiwfi 'fin I«v nrt l.fdjtni
nfoanJCDam as.n *e .-omnvj ft.t to mat o-d*- L&trtfCrj want t.»
Hurdntaee *j±iuj fAit) 66
* Pictures A Anmatfirin [756WP) 1.4S3 fitn.
Graphical mjrr (ZCB -‘i) di? Fti M G'jiph cn A 'no rj D-mnn f39dLfpj 50* f ,Vn.
' (G63Mt) U'iU rfes ‘ Us ld'Avn f G*Mt) ‘ Vunnc mcshje* frnK-Vli)
2. 123 Fds» ; Vusar Gcrft-arr (i2£Ve) ¦Can u'nTitH.'ri'* (13'VrS
776 File .
* G-r-inprvnt 'jcflmjtr- divft-J 33Csiei &u*ine B Gottmjre
CD322 - £32.99 CD2A0 E9.99 C0200 E9.OT CD201 £9.99 CO 232
F9.99 CO 300 E9.99
J. T11 nend !a 'rad She Jo- rwtatnff. Use anv kfa: J-u ¦*. KV
Fa-dHjre rv Mtf*: ¦ r ¦ pSRa U,J1 fjn I H a r , - er mt(
mrcilNWfu) .f!%*n ef SrtJner proa rams ‘ fWr i'- JO M, y
cnrnr eOy MW WtXtJnl mtn fin Fepeats Prem5«yw utrary ' Our
Menu *y tyim can HCW run rv f-lrn. Read r~:p m" ard tent
Fleeetc atf»: Wrm V-Jr f; (r f r * r*ft '
* M» W te ... rta-n •' me »; -¦:»:-*¦; w *wte any Smal iann« O'
StylKUy Wvrr jeu'rr w. ayl'ny mth ytv Mmotitfr the lamyrr,
rtome aid Kotey programs yeu «i! Feser ewry rrfy «ntf*t»n£d r
Amtg Format 917.
- ..• *-aa ‘iviaau . -
5. -PT *KfruC|l C.Lr, f rum n r»a.« AWHte ana rcva «£XV7 ff a_r
tofc f “vv VjTrfA.4. MffiTj - A.1 -*J27lor! Ays.
Ten- m;” ca- wt jrr k a the ha fro- t-e £3 hard ar-vr- 7c KyrtF for a tnr tv*vt--th title just [JKJ an She ware*) button.
Crfal * -r ArnJJ rOl- a-J -.re
* -n mrm Kae been avkd fJ CefEd) m a nan pro4i. Enci- latoe
created ‘sr tfdne AlMdr ala reo srre add fUl J-e fan » y the
Coieco Idery era and «*» msh to ptay truer Ccdjo 7w»i J*“es cn
todjye ceerat eyiww.
M ruarsim 1 Ajrainn F • r.een e J b.*rrc James Wf xj SOO mnduies. IU J glra rae mr.l . Rs. C 3 nfrosm "vod*. TJJ£»mi,flfa« fn, 1 .'! Rl nntru nntn. An.1 C»y Uld-tm* I Of bfV): utdrtmn 7S0 fVes.
Occur-mSo (7IWP;. 7?.7, -ifi 'rrt l.-oftwire iJOaWtrl UrtWHD 1 :V ¦•. C Wt-j 37 l i«.
G A Lgaiter 0 A Liaitrr C A L .put O A Lcntrr ! e ienrdrt t* rJ'* Game* Tbdrra apa ffJO* c6* ae-ra rvivded fc» yJi. V i arth lv 1 c.at.’V* ,»tej H* Ai c6* -It2 ¦ latest m.n mtr ii. Y .ptred¦‘cater. H *- -- 'J-J a-.- - - i Icr antn * J a:c„rvrrt n CeJav v1£S - new frojatn C646 fit) ¦ '-n n '.re Mnt ifd proter the most twd crown ck * em jaser C64STK3B -! Atftt rfrsnw y the ¦= uatcn aecnf 064 5a-ty - Evand new nrnlj ler pro*nafrt frr the rc si. New.
Nctlna it yet PC6+F - •“.« i* * new mnlnm M d rmglator, Ory a t-la Wvn6*b '¦ o n the latest tarrocfare 04 .furt« j AMINET SET 2 COOt CD220 Bsfrm PRICE. E27.99 |Kf AMINET SET 1 CODE: CM12 ft f PRICE: £27.99 Ial Fl-UCENCEWARE £9.99 [Sm co?» ImzvEI AGA EXPERIENCE £9.99 jfm C02I0 MlllLM S*CJE4K
* c**4’mr* WORLD ATLAS *£j £24.99 flte r.- NOTHING BUT TETRIS
CODE; CD278 PRICE: £9.99 COOt CO207 PRICE: EIB.99 7 v attae mn
nel an AO* mjcnm-s and '• m ra ey on the L'eunta n tfcjn Map
«jl- ert.on "'.-rocnat rvj s.tate-y- w-rt-jmt r-hanfed UtaCto
¦rap 7he najrm used ha.s spe- clal'y .trsjnej tonprrate -tni
'“r.1 ..j mtn th- resrten1 syr tm* m C&TW nsni.1 magwe op etKfr
* tj Aua*_ Mu t 'i. uin ¦try cna u*« to unwe Thp aps are o'
rsi-a.'ent n jrl and tne final rr.v.m up pf .i'U" "mdtdinj
perulat:.7n, re.n.v, x JuJ rt and are rr-y Inter rst -j' -
A.rnya .-A.-fyn-- ;*7I ¦ Whether y»y »-» . e • » foe an atlas
i ni.rratlonal or ror.r. iterj ;njrp *aes yru tanl Jn ¦ngth
be-.le- than cpt h f tlun ¦ T rr"-U“-'ihJ frn'dran' . A frj era
fd Pa hrri -efrenva t.l« yft tc appear on CP52 .Oua'.p ana rice
-‘ .u s-r tw - at - Contann ewer bjf t.Vp y '¦roue fdtnje
•rL.tej vftaar Trades. W.jc, Anm, 2C rtjsis ;i“*dhe & -dftaa.-
Ucund FJ. 2. . .i-i-nf. • i-» , hforrr tion and Ganne
* 'hurdrr IV.« • Pal-yt- 5
* Ajems • 5wr 7rrs
* I -ml 1 lera* * if Vrt
* Prep ipata 3 ¦ Viyspr
* Patman • pjv, ’ Siadmr'ler * K(?ttW|f ' Total ' Tron
* ?-*ttirot*r Gaiact-c* Cm 141Mb SCO Li’ 102We IAOC G**13*Vt.»X)
fry t An,mi *37tob IjuO Tert S7»Alr500 Pm;»?.9Mr 400 Pr- c
.VfJdt :V J Game Vi'Mb l XXJ Comm* .-Jn *Al' IWXJ hardwarr
i-Vt't • .
Tt-wn-w t-jMb 3CO D*a tJM* 200 Mad »5t*p?.-jy '"-¦ i;p twunn al-v-5t V30 iatlt.1- y ten- mrrt-31 ere ftayr.J aane nrahy a.' thf aames *-• r'afj to run derct h™ the L0. And arirr.fil vf.-- n«Ti am a*e at wr *w easy pwL 'I U«-;« I-VjU* IjJOO, Detumert .‘70Mt 570, Tr-t 4QMp fro, DuSirMitsT’iUblTC),
F. :t 4 Anim (VVJVb 2,000.
Oaphico 17CMr * JO.
Td'ae ISOUr 270, Prmo«V?WF2jXW.
Games .TVJMh 'V.
P«f Vha* V.
HarJsvr TM iVJ.
Om YyjUt UOO.
Uiss- 7R5-30 MOOEl I EMUA'C* Thp emulator CtiCLaqe alswn your h*5 PCG based IT, to run Jry d TRS-fiO Model I tt nsf II pp aty to run vmtually af Myuirl » afVicatlons a-d »ftware From Gamy Invaded to F«tru rent. Ae.i th- ? FJO r Jti-ri Ansrmtyr CDROM BASED COOe ITTLE Rgp Saj,£ [Mixed Sale Software I D CD040 cUROSCENE £4.99 £339 D CDOSS AW0C 243 £24,93 £14.30 a CVOT ULTtj* Vlu A 1*2 £2399 £1439 a cvcrm fweralowihos £14.99 cam O C074.3 TETRA SOUNDS 1939 CA39 a :D170 CKAFJW3PFS 1939 £S39 FDSoh f$ ack Cata oq us O 000233 F0HTS 4 Ci f’AlTi ' £333 £499 D CP060 HOTTEST 4 £399 fA39 a cooei VARIOUS 1
TfOO £333 £A39
o CQG67 ilLUSWS JP £939 £*99 a 00072 AT SEVSATCfiS £1999 £'*93 a
0016S G?ClrEC ENCYCLCn*. 2 £2999 £2799 Wierd Scietice BCDC33
TbE AMC6L16RARY2 £1939 £'*99 O CDGu* ASSASSINS GAMES £9-99 £793
n CPCM2 WSCIENCE turAET £9-99 £799
o CD043 WsC EUCE FONTS £3.99 £799 D CP044 SOUND ILKKlFlC £3.99
£799 O C0166 UFD SET 1 £19.93 £1799 a C921I ASSASSINS 0AWTS 2
£1999 £1799 a CD236 WYSCOLOur APT 1339 £799 a CD237 OCTAwep &
£1999 £1799 a LV5Z3 SOUNDS TEREF10 2 £T399 £ 99
o 3-J05ET w ,t wepia TOOL FJT2 £2999 £999 a V3i iNTO-TfiE NET
£.'393 £*799 d Veh THE LEARn NO CD E £1993 £1799 Aminet ? CVZVj
AMINET SET 1 £2399 £2799 a -0220 AM NET SET 2 £2999 £2799 D
C3Z22 AM:NET SET 3 £3*99 £9299 0 CDS 16 AWINF T12 £M33 £1299 a
CD332 AwinFt 13 £14.33 £1299 ? CD375 Afw Awl’iir W £14.93 £1299
? AMINET IS (Not art yft) £14.39 £1199 Subscriber to the
Afniiwt emrvs and you §« them at £1199
* nrf you tan PtnV them at ary time by phone or fax Sjp-man Dane
4 r'mn- A fhsaaa-t Ctn-i sacto- rr mate- flal lw the und-d-p.
Nj UT0 i'.T'' ffalger V. 'al-j ¦ mjtana! That the HaryS 30 ¦
rmnvni lam tnrd Uifrep ,rj*r ¦ f nt, ‘,1 he Vb,roe-1 ana 1 11*
*fd M !heir l:t-t.‘r*VT‘lT • A rh-rlev Imlte m rv -.U.J that
a'le ju t*? Urn*** *%m In roi* wj* ,v ?-»U Kown wm fpj MS
4e*mtvmrrnt ,;]) and (Muwr.
Raw, tn fe»d» XVIf Mdc Mth
* **-¦'! Yv. Can iTrat* -**rct» nee« r w dlfil fafd hiaini Uj&C.
UTLITIES ¦ frrter • iA«c
- "atdt.pe*• Emulator* _ - Mor.tcf* Comm I Hew - MS f ¦ Mgpc -
Lwjj 1 ¦ RC FIT
f. V.7’, Una
• COtom ¦ PhrtfCauhe ¦ !A**S*W
- Gina?*;. EmCoper* ¦ ShaGptan - Sianter*
- Wortemy V v» F to F*;t«r5 . OS-v,
- Cl- ¦ LoUfT* EC -C*GC-u S* v?S .
• .ESS 'T.r-tAWNj C-Ri*r-0£.V.*9Cw9
- Biunrve irwn ’ tor - r.JChlfff-
- ThS4'«r*.
- PRIVATt LINES (18) £19.99 (PC « AMIGA DISC) - 1,700 IMAGES IN
FULLY BBS READY. MUST BE DVER IB. GIF VIEWER REQUIRED C02J4 * CD224 HORROR SEN SA DORS CD276 - £17.93 I L*H ¦th Ihr moat j** '"Tfhf ‘va-e f-rdif-.fe, rvdne* *ror fnr 23 ran «*d Ifrtur«.t the »id x*d ftw-d ra .p S Wr t .terej U) yiuT UW-ln about am rrtrfv I Vp. *ant Pf MU. Jras** Ltitem.
* -u ; it te . J-d!.»«. Manirem. Txtcn. Partf? .
Ccmn** nt-ff. Un-n. Tcvd pample . Nlidephow , v *e recJi-lf . F.JuiJlicra! RrLllrd.
Tn.wevs ivltwar and much mcrr 1W* CD ha* a partv.Uar (Yphjw, on fTralgctfdty etl- nar 'fern n *l*a a 7SW3
• A* .t wii .irMfi (rrtaefa K1YH. 1'A. Td'r f"). Tm*hr* ETC
FULLY BBS READY, MUST BE OYER IB. GTF VIEWER REQUIRED ECE'd u7T*U i* tee mcnt cjx- cfw and ear, te r &ce-ne CD
r. m Trjvd 'V‘,f*jre7f nentCU n faady tip Cun Vrmat.
* *lh a 'anta U. M »a.f ftm+t-nch fita-Tac 'ratnnf t,u*teen euro
Tr-rtinri and 11,. , na n a) that 9 rft u'6( id rv 1 the he*
dnLr ar- i’ ifkbnlduapyciamrentad mtn ronyatd' ly.wiaiia and
lie ate.
Ty t-- al-J-t taut Ur ten Wtl fXif.
- uchinr («1700 *4000)
u. i ' ' Tp ffjr, use **om tha CP «• ,n yrsj. C«n T nciuwvff Hims
uairn from the imjient Jimn an**', annrihrn
• man Candy Ppu inpr! !.i*1 M,‘5 : :!. I ¦ _ :r r; front the
• r n rf lha frml •'.,)» an _nd nywtoi Taacr 13t TKSl HEVJ -
DiGfTAL DREAMS 3 (18) £19.99 (PC £ AMIGA DISCI 1,000* IMAGES IN
FULLY BBS READY. MUST BE OVER IB. GIF VIEWER REQUIRED less re Sfim-t '.v a tmf hr ma PMS sen ) VXT. F J CS*C fMMM- W-y ray ‘y a faf f_i a.* ' EVEN Better etefae eJ a more le4 dH» -en.t dftt earvn lg» a-.n[ evrrytn,-a * hjiy ndrtnfd and dnnfrlparfl 9ET1TK etn'i airttvctm
* 0 d to l*e | a.")aa va - ,l'n now jcyidti ECJJ5YT ¦¦hH !«m* £
Ji'pct Ine im» ~*. K
* =v? VflWA'f MitfO Ds i AJ n CwaI 50 £ f-fcnj Ooj-tft ¦ CZH
5£VE£.a«_ 5 v£x*! Tor % ,f
- w rwa*V MCC KjA Cf-w CAT k|1 AGA EXPERIENCE 2 CD30Z I E1S9Q
IrU M £14,99 WORLD OF CLIPART (2C0) CD291 - El799 C0072 (PC £
o CP2CS AeC49£CLA&9tS £W93 £999 B CD277 5Dl*lT 53 6£N9 £1399
£*799 e CD237 £TC CCUECTOW 2 £1999 ET799 S CP286 WWS EN'tANCEK
£333 £699
* Dsutv O-Kt prv-ro w"en ardfrnrd ¦ mjim-y of t"e r -ve J-e
Speaai 9 ceu"t«* ju t tor thm *lm-t r x e chrtf th pme» or you
mjr, be eha' ed at ‘.ha PBP price.
* Poetaae and pacBi per Ulla - Keccrrfed Pdhwy UK. * .69p
SpsdaiifcftrryhlAbrvatilay-auti (330 V. Utf tfrtdl nrder LuWtn
pm - SEXY (18) £17.99 C0230 (PC « AMIGA DISC) - 2,000 SELECTED
SPECIAL VISUAL EDITION OVER 1 a ORLY TETRIS SENSATIONS CD205- El3.99 THE SOUND LIBRARY (2C0) C0101 - f 17,99 CD294 - £8.99 SABRE TEAM E3.00 RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD32 - El 1.99 12DQ 4000-E799 A5Q0 A60Q - rr.w SPACE HULK £12.00 JUNGLE STRIKE El 4,99 tor* wUfi 4U,
* U0. KUtO * .
- CHESS Wdtti Htn kcjl r«o*w m bm nfltt.
Ncrlu. Wtn HU.
Email address*- sales®pdsoft.mqgicals.com mzg[ lEJ!
Mm 217 - 219 HAMSTEL 1 UUIlOf I snjB|( ' __~_j D, SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, ESSEX, SS2 4LB I 061 rax 1017021300115 SPECIAL BUNDLE 1 AMIGA FLOPPY DISK VERSION *19.99 Kt i fTttl C«WJr tf tprctil mOmm Dtyt* mx*w-r» • Loamtog Nordsworti a my « mkt* R. Shawt tool sixes, eetoun A ptrtum, In iholl rrerylMni afipMri eo-icrwn b H *¦ bi Die printed de&iiMflL Diffrta Prtrf Wflflii wtth Dtgite Worth worth to tony mailadia Um quality and parlor- nunca ol your printer.
Ouluxe PiJnt IV AHA * Cfn* you Bic complete power to draw, anktute you own pcturtt
• Wordsworth
• Print Manager
• Deluxe Paint 4 AGA ' Dennis
• Oscar Base.
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Developments..... .49 Next month in Amiga Computing...
MultiMedia Magic The Amiga is unrivalled as a true MultiMedia
platform. We bring you the latest developments Need Some Help?
AC’s comprehensive tutorials next month include DrawStudio, C Programming and Photogenics Plus Vulcan Software Speak Out Revealing exciting new game developments, thoughts on the Amiga and why you should upgrade And Not Forgetting.... The best value coverdisks around Can you Afford To Miss Out?
February issue On Sale: 9 January 1997 Neil Mohr tells you all you need to know about Shell It Paul Overaa explains how gadtool |T' menus are set-up s Tutorial Paul Austin discusses the future of Lightwave and the Amiga Paul Overaa explains the unlikely connection musK: V* between music, the Amiga and Unix
• r i ™ Man of many talents, Paul Overaa, discusses y how to
include function keys in your programs Dave Cusick reveals all
about Usenet Neil Mohr invites you to dip your toe into the
clear waters of the Shell S*ri«wsly Shell Shocked everything
that was in the current directory Shell, which just happened to
be the C directory.
This is important to remember, normally when you run a command it will only act on the current directory, unless you specifically give it an alternative file or directory. So if you now type DIR L:, even though the current directory is still the C drawer, DIR will list the L directory, as this is what it told the DIR command to do.
Along the same lines, if you wanted MultiView or FastView to display a file, unless it is in the current directory you will have to specify the exact file path and name otherwise the programs will not be able to find the file. If you wanted to display the startup-sequence you would have to type multiview srstartup- O SI-VS always be the CON short for console. When Workbench 1.3 first appeared, a replacement came out called NEWCON but this has been 'absorbed' into the operating system and is now just called CON.
All the next four numbers do is say at what x,y co-ordinates the window should appear and how wide and high it should be. By leaving the width blank the Shell will open up the width of the screen.
Finally the FROM tool type lets you make the Shell run a normal AmigaDOS script before appearing on screen. As standard this defaults to the Shell- Startup found in the S directory, and even if the tool type is not defined or you start a Shell from the CU this script will still be run.
If there is one part of the Amiga's operating system that can be overlooked by the beginner it has to be the Shell. Originally, back with Workbench 1.3 and before, you had virtually no choice but to regularly resort to using this basic part of the AmigaDOS, as it gave you the control and flexibility over programs and files that the early Workbench simply could not A new Amiga user who has only ever used Workbench 3 or even 2 could be well excused for never having touched the Shell in their entire life, as these latest releases provide far more power in the Workbench than 1.3 ever could. Even
so, I am pretty sure that every long term Amiga user still has a keyboard short cut dose at hand that fires up an AmigaDOS Shell.
This is mainly because even now-a-days, using the Shell you can perform certain tasks faster and also many programs only provide certain functions through the Amiga's Shell. So a basic knowledge about the Shell is still needed.
You can find the Shell icon in the System drawer. Once you have double clicked on it, a fairly unimportant looking interface window will appear with the words, New Shell Process and a 1 prompt waiting for you to type in commands. This is called the Command Line Interface or CLI for short and is where you type in AmigaDOS commands.
Essentially there are two things you can type into a Shell window, directory names and command names. 5o if you type C: and hit return, then type DIR and again press return, you will get a directory listing of the C directory. This is because when you typed in C: this changed the current directory of the Shell to the C directory.
So when you ran the DIR command it listed As usual there are a number of little hidden extras about the Shell that you can change to your advantage. Firstly, when using the Shell icon to launch a new AmigaDOS Shelf, if you pop up its information requester click on the Shell icon once and press right-Amiga i) you will see it has a few tool types associated with it The stack tool type can largely be ignored as you will rarely have to increase this.
The window tool type helps you control how the Shell window should appear UIND0U=C0N:0 100 600 180 Shell-. CLOSE The first part COS: tells the Amiga what device should be used to display the Shell output This will Shell stuff sequence into the shell. Otherwise you would need to change the current directory to S: and then tell Multiview to load the startup- sequence.
As I said earlier many programs only provide certain functions through the Shell. The normal way to find out what extras commands have is to type the command name and add a question mark, with a space in between the two.
The command will then respond with a list of options or switches that it can take.
Unfortunately there is never any explanation as to how you can use them and usually only experience lets you guess how to use them.
If you try this with MultiView by typing MultiView ? You will get a list of commands you can add. You should also notice each is ended with a slash and a single letter. This letter tells you what sort of input that command needs.
S - Boolean switch, is on or off no input needed K - Takes a text input, such as a screen naie IH - Requires a numerical input, such as a screnn depth One final note about how to get a little extra out of the Amiga's Shell. This comes in the form of a replacement program called KingCON, Available on Aminet and also from our Beginners Tools cover disks on the January 96 issue (back issues available) KingCON replaces the normal console device for a much more powerful one, featuring a scrollable review window, filename completion and other very useful functions and is well worth tracking down.
Amiga Computing B1 Paul Overaa explain how the gadtools library helps simplify menu creation Gadtools to the rescue Shortly after the November issue of AC hit the streets 1 received a couple of emails, firstly thanking me for provid- ¦HB ing an example of Intuition-based resident code, and then pointing out that there are plenty of programmers (themselves included) who would have preferred rather more details about the less esoteric elements of the example - such as how the gadtool menus were set up and so on.
The reason of course, that I didn't go too deeply into this area at the time was simply a matter of space but, since there may well be other readers who find menu creation and installation confusing, I thought the least I could do is set the record straight by spending a couple of issues dealing with this topic Gadtool menu definitions are, in fact, based on sets of data blocks built using the NewMenu structure shown in listing 1. Now while this structure unit may seem a bit frightening on first encounter hopefully, when you see the equivalent data statements, the arrangements will not
seem so bad. Let's start then at the top of this NewMenu entity and work down through the important, ie most useful, items.
The gnm_Type field is used to identify the various entry types and for menu title, menu item and dummy 'end of menu' values the standard definitions are: NNJITLEEQU 1 NNJTEH m 1 NNJND m 0 The only other fields you need to worry about initially are the gnm_Label and gnm_CommKey fields. These are pointers to text strings giving a name and a keyboard shortcut for the menu item. If, for instance, you want to associate the left-Amiga-L shortcut with a particular menu entry you include a commkey definition like this: eoiakeyOdc.b *L',NULl As always the best way to appreciate the overall ideas is
to take an example so let's suppose we want to create a menu called PROJECT with three entries: Load File..., Sort File... and Quit. To produce the menu definition we set up equivalent NewMenu structures and the easiest 1 PROJECT Load File. . . Cl L Sort File... d S lluit! GJQ 1 Ml Mill1 WBIMIWi 111 III a&MIM1 i Mwrnm&ssmt Gadtool menu definitions are easy enough - but getting them up and running is often not quite so straightforward way of doing this is with data statements as shown in listing 2.
Notice incidentally that, as far as text items are concerned, fields in the NewMenu structure are always pointers to strings - not the strings themselves. That's why I've placed corresponding labels in the NewMenu structures and defined the strings separately using dc.b statements such as: ¦enuJitU dc.b 'PROJECT',NULL Menu attachment While menu definition itself is easy enough I'm afraid (as you'll have seen from the November coverdisk code) that there is a certain amount of work involved in getting such a menu operational. This month I'll deal in general with the various tasks that need to
be carried out and in the next instalment I'll tackle the coding specifics.
Firstly, gadtools needs the characteristics of the screen on which the menu is going to appear and this is achieved by making a call to the gadtool GetVisuallnfoAO function. Secondly a CreateMenusAQ routine must be executed - this carries out all the underlying Intuition-related menu structure setting up that previously had to be coded manually by Amiga programmers.
Thirdly, since the menu structures created by the above mentioned routines still contain no size or position information this now has to be provided in a separate step involving a call to a LayoutMenusAQ library function. Only when all this has been done can the menu finally be linked to a window using the Intuition SetMenuStripQ function.
All the functions except LayoutMenusAO, incidentally, have corresponding free up routines that need to be called before a program terminates and you may well be thinking that this gadtools approach still seems a little like hard Wot NO Code?
Nope, that comes with next month's instalment.
I have however, placed an EasyBaseAC file on disk (functions_feb97.eb) that contains both the functions I've discussed and the equivalent menu deallocation routines. In a runnable program of course, we need not only to be able to create and use menus, but to dismantle them when they are no longer needed. You'll also find a few other functions included that are going to come into the picture as our menu-related discussions proceed!
STRUCTURE NeuNenu,0 U8YTE gnnjype USYTE gna_P3d APTR gnaj.abel APTS gni_CoaaKey DWORD gna_Flags LONE gnaJlutualExclude APTR gnn_UserOata LABEL gmjlZEOF Listing 1: The Gadtool NewMenu structure aenu
dc. b NN_TITLE,0
dc. l aenu title,NULL
dc. w 0
dc. l 0,NULL
dc. b NBJTEM
dc. L iteaO,coiiktyQ
dc. w 0
dc. l Q,HULL
dc. b NHJTEM
dc. l itea1,comkey1
dc. w 0
dc. l 0,NULL
dc. b NNJTEM
dc. l iteaZ,coiakey2
dc. w 0
dc. l 0,NULL
dc. b NN_END,0
dc. w 0
dc. l Q,NULL senu_title
dc. b
dc. b
- Load File...',NULL coiikeyO
dc. b 'L',NUll i teat
dc. b ¦Sort HU...',NULL coiakeyl
dc. b ¦S',NULL itea2
dc. b 'flu i t!',NULL coiHkeyZ
dc. b
- R NULL Listing 2: A 680x0 gadtool menu definition Amiga
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VILLAGE* TRONIC £110.95 SlnrmW IZARD • New Cl I editor
• nw Yo Drives.RAM, Keyboards kwnX1 ARD ii l tall tii ruir
f»j;8ui| li( Ol'l* in AiriejflS iimfluS I 'I im qindl)'vith«4
Will lit jS £149.95 4Mh SIMMs 8Mb SIMMs 16Mb SIMMs 32Mb SIMMs
Igh Hard drive (IDE) 2Gb Hard drive (IDR) 2Gb Hard Drive (SCSI)
4. 2Gb tlajd Drive (SCSI) 4 X CD ROM drive (IDF) 6 X CD ROM drive
(IDE) 8 X CD ROM drive (IDE) 6 X CD ROM drive (SCSI) A4000 PC
Key board adaptor A1200 PC KeylHuird udaplnr £ 24.95 £ 49.95 £
89.95 £169.9?
£149.95 £239.95 £349.95 £599.95 £ 69.95 £ *9.95 CKN.95 £169.95 Storm Wizard t 59.9« Peuiium PCI Board Pentium Board CPC Prices
1399. 95 SlomiC Starter + Storm Wizard £139.95 Pentium 1*75
Pentium PI 20 Pentium PI50 C 9.95 f 149.95 £249.95 Pentium
PI00 Pentium PI33 £1119.95 £1*9.95 XrlK.fftcl Limlr,
* nd 1 ifuijr pmceujitf with x larii'aLolj ptnliKiive urfi
intcfJj-c Arikftrel » «ta “|uo inodKi" paptacs pnifeun fin i)k
Athipi l! O ¦tel uliniirJ lAkinlt Ihc Cbircni "ticntierd*'
pr,i|Um, i« i!k Amijy. Huf raiher 10 ihc (Intic program* far
profc»iaaal linage proce,tiH£ tuch a, Phnlothop (tm and for|
(Tv» TV e pKlarc, cho*. AnTJfcct ia DKB Rapid Fire SCSI-1!
Zorro card, with memory expansion tl 29,95 Spitfire St’S I-I I
Zorro card £109.95 £34.9.5 £49.95
l. ttrkl'p Expander board Four Serial (Upgrades to 8).
DblScan 4000 £229.95 Midi lower case. IGB HI). 16Mb R M l8MI» with 4*6 % stems). PCI ISA I'riton VX mother boa ni, Imh PCI Graphics card, 102 Key Key board. Mouse, 2L5” Floppy. 14" Monitor 115" with PI29+ syslmisl. I srar on-site warranty.
Includes the Siamese Pack ready to “Twin" tour Amiga?
4*611X4 11)0 PK5 75 Pentium KKIMIIz Pentium l20Mi|z Pentium I33MEI Pentium 150MHz
l. inkCp Upgrade DblScan 4(MM) intelligently upgrades all
PAL NTSC Mtcrnmodcs so that they can br displayed on a regular
VG A SVGA MuItlSrun monitor. The result is romplt-Iely
compatible with all programs. Provides full 24-hit output, so
no information is lust, Screenmodts that do not require
upgrading pass through untouched. Reduces flicker on interlace
screens. Require* an A4000 or 100Of compatible) video slot.
Can be Used with a pass-through graphics card.
DblScan 4t*HI £149.95 Creative, Intuilive. New.
A n F.ff ret The Ultimate Graphic?* Program, Software £ *14.95 C **4.95 £ * 64.95 £1064.95 £1114.95 £1214.9?
AaimCDFS .1.5 Total CD-ROM package MnsterJSO Amiga Cll-Writing software MasterlSO + AsimCOFS £ 49.95 £ 129.95 £149.95 £ 49.95 I mage Vision Multimedia authoring system + Cil World Construction Sel World Construction Sel 2 (Scenery (irnerator) (Advanced version) £149.95 all pcnJin cnuisg wvl Ibe HTTP and Cmpter Cili axe wpponcd. Tik 2-1 ¦ screen. Yon cm lerp your : 01908 261466 6 Drakes Mews, Crown hi II Industry, Milton Keynes. MKK OER, UK, Tech ;0190R 201477 ¦ Phil South presents some Error Trapping AMOS routines The Big rror handling is something I don't think we've ever covered before in
this column, and I thought it was high time that we did something about that. You know that your programs should be error free. But what do you do when the user of your program does something unpredictable and you might get a crash?
How do you make the program stay on and report an error to the user when they do something silly? And how do you build in error trapping commands to debug your own programs when you are coding? Well we do this with error trapping and most especially the ON ERROR command.
Ouch divide by zero The most classic computer error of all time, and one which finds itself to the finished version of so many programs I can't begin to catalogue them. Try this: Do Input "Type in two nuibers";A,B Print A;" divided by ";B;“ is ";A B Loop Now this works just fine provided you don't try to divide by zero. The way you would use a trap to find this and weed it out of your program is like so: On Error Goto JfELPHE JOUTINE: Do Input 'Type in two nuibers";A,B Print A;" divided by ";B;“ is ";A B Loop JELPHE: Print "Sorry, but you tried to divide by zero. Are you nuts? Try again,
bozo..." Resuae ROUTINE This time if you try to divide by zero, you get a rather rude error message. The point is here that in a program where you rely on users to input system legal values at input commands they can be unpredictable and silly.
(Sad but true. I mean we are all users too, right?)
Trapper Required Trap Load Iff "picture,iff",0 If Errtrap ; Print "Loading Error for this picture” : End If This way, by building an error message into your program you avoid crashes and users get the feeling that you really know what your talking about. Your program has a solid well bug tested feel and users get to use it without any (as they see it) irrational bugs which prevent the program from running.
What's Up, Proc?
You can go one stage further, using ON ERROR PROC, and have an entire program which handles any errors which come through the system. So in its simplest form we have a similar process as before, but this time using a PROC rather than a simple GOTO RESUME: On Error Proc JELPBE JtOUTlNE; Do Input ’’Type in tvo nuabers";A,B Print A;’ divided by ";B;" is ";A B Loop Procedure JELPBE Print "Sorry, but you tried to divide by zero. Are you nuts? Try again, bozo.,." Resuae Next End Proc The resume next command takes you back to the input, and in the process you can even tell the user the Error
Number of the error which took place, using the Errn variable: X=Errn Print "Error Muaber and so on.
For testing errors you can automatically generate them too, with the ERROR command.
Simple type: Error or some such, from the table inside the back of your AMOS manual, and you will generate an error of that type to see if you error handling routines can trap it.
And if the picture doesn't load you get a specific message within your program rather than a crash and an a system message saying the picture isn't there. The ERRTRAP function shows the status of the error trapped by the TRAP command, and if no error is detected it returns a zero. If there is an error, you get the error number, so you can say: X=Errt rap Print “Error Nu«ber =“;t like you did before.
Finally you can use the AMOS system error messages in your own programs by passing the error number to the ERRS function. So if you have an error 35, you could say: X$ =Er r$ C 35) or indeed: XS=Er rS(X) and you would get the error message, in this case error 35 which is Bank Already Reserved So there you are, your own error trapping system. Implement the routines in this column in your next program, especially if it involves some input from the user. You never know what the crazy kids will type in next, do you?
Write stuff If you have any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, then please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP.
Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code.
If possible make them use no external graphics, or if they can't be used without them then be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes for sound files.
Follow these guidelines and publication will be more or less assured... More or less.
Amiga Computing 91 Neil Mohr helps you get to grips with Alpha channels y now you should all be acquainted with using Photgenics' basic drawing tools and navigating round those menus. So it's time to take a look at the program's Alpha channel - a clever type of filter that allows you to mask out oreas of a picture while allowing other areas to be drawn on.
The best way to demonstrate this is wih an example. You should have decompressed the second Photogenics disk, so you should either have the tutorial images on hand on a floppy or So select l open image D , go to the graphics tutorials drawer, select the Zebra jpeg and then open the ZebraAlpha jpeg in the Photogenics Tutorial Part 2 wmmmmmammmmmmmmmmKmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they will have been copied across to your hard drive along with the Photogenics application and placed in a drawer called graphics.
An Icon over here to make it the current Alpha Channel IIS Before you can use the Alpha channel you need to select an image to use by dragging its icon over to the Alpha slot Second ZebraA shaJPG - 190x256 (i9tW»-Mag: 1 OCX.! 00% images _ A* » 10 IF i. xl In basic use the Alpha channel is a very good way of protecting part of an image while you work on altering another part of it Amiga Computing graphics alpha clips drawer. By dragging the ZebraAlpha thumbnail image in the icon window, over to the Alpha slot, any effect painted onto a selected image will be applied through the Alpha
If you now fill the original Zebra image - using the fill paint layer tool in the tool bar - the black areas on the Alpha channel are protected from the paint, while ail the while areas are painted onto.
You are not restricted to a simple boolean, black and white Alpha channel as Photogenics offers a full 256-level Alpha channel allowing effects to be applied gradually to an image with the minimum of hassle. Using the Zebra image and the Zebra Alpha, apply a gradual white to black gradient onto the Zebra Alpha using the transparency gradient window. Now when you paint on the original Zebra picture you will see that the cyellow gradually fades along with the Alpha channel.
Tiny tips Ftushlibs - For people who need to grab a few extra k of RAM. If you have the ftushlibs command you can save 250k by running it after you have started Photogenics, as all Photogenics paint modes are just Amiga shared libraries. MCP users can use the flush button found in the Workbench about requester
- If you are using the Newicon system do not forget that
Photogenics fully supports it and lets you create icons in many
different sizes and any numbers of colours you like. These make
it much easier to find the image you want in a full directory
Windows - To make sure you do not accidentally spray paint onto
an image, when selecting the image's window make sure you dkk
in the border first otherwise you could end up with a big
splodge of paint on your paint layer. This is par- ticualty
important for ACA machines running 256 colour screens when the
screen update slows SHORT CUTS Jargon BOX.
Ipeg Joint Photographic Experts Group, the original name of the commfttee that designed the standard image compression algorithm JPEG is designed for compressing either fuU-cokxir at greyscale digital images of real-world scenes such as photographs. It does not work so well on images with large areas of the same cobur or shade, such as canoom or foe drawings Keyboard short cut A combination of key presses that allow you to access a program's function instead of navigating through the various menus li ay Port of the Amiga operating system, libraries allow AmigaDOS to be extendible, soff
you want to add new functions you just add new bbrones Newkans A replacement icon sys- tem for the Amiga. Placing the icon image data in a file's tool types, Mew cons provides proper colour mapping of icons to the current screen mode, with little slow down One way of getting the most out of a program is regularly to use its keyboard short cuts. Not only does this make a program easier and quicker to use, it lets you get the best out of it. It allows you to concentrate on drawing rather than negotiating menus and requesters with the mouse.
Photogenics comes with a whole myriad of short cuts letting you quickly get to almost every function or window. A few shortcuts can be found on the Amiga menus but many are hidden. The following list is only partially complete, as many shortcuts actually have a second function that is engaged by holding the shift key.
For instance the rectangle and many other draw tools have two modes, empty and filled. Holding shift and the tool hotkey allows you access the fill mode.
One partially useful example of this is the Modes short cut. Pressing'm' will normally pop up the Modes window but holding shift as well will pop up the options requester for the current mode. This makes doing fine adjustments when applying a paint mode much quicker.
FILE HANDLING r Amiga w Colours window = Increase brush size r Amiga 0 Open new file r Amiga b Brush window TOOL SHORTCUTS r Amiga N New black page r Amiga g Brush options s Freehand tool r Amiga J Save Jpeg IMAGE MANIPULATION d Solid draw tool r Amiga S Save 24bit IFF 1 Make image primary V Line tool r Amiga P Print 2 Make image secondary f Fill tool r Amiga C Clone image 3 Make image alpha w Warp tool WINDOW SHORTCUTS r Amiga Re-scale image e Ellipse h Hide image window r AMIGA Crop image r Rectangle r Amiga L Loaders window r Amiga r Rotate image c Circle tool r Amiga A Savers window
r Amiga Shear image b Cut tool r Amiga M Paint modes F10 Ham8 preview i Pick colour tool r Amiga T Tool box MISCELLANEOUS 1 Ruler too!
P Pop Palette window i Invert paint layer m Pop modes window r Amiga I Cords k Clear paint layer return Fix paint layer r Amiga Gradients window - Reduce brush size Fix the box image to the alpha channel and make sure you have dragged the thumbnail of the box over to the alpha section in tho imago window. Now select the Zebra image, use the fill paint layer tool and select the Brightness paint mode, press shift-M adjust the brightness to BO and fix these changes to the Zebra image. You should now have the outline of a bright box Again use the fill paint layer tool on the Zebra Image, adjust
the brightness to minus 160. You will now have to remove paint from the top left of the image using the right mouse button to make up the dark section of the bevel, the fill polygon toot is the best to use here, and that's it. Not the most inspiring example but it shows how you can manipulate the alpha channels Amiga Computing Jksaoth@r upgrade or the be§ginsiinf| of the end?
Paul Austin looks behind the hype as Lightwave 5.0 gets ready to make its debut Over recent years Lightwave and, to a lesser extent, the Amiga has made a name in serious 3D with award win- MB8HF ning productions such Beyond Babylon 5, Star Trek, GoldenEye, SeeQuest among countless others.
Unfortunately it would seem the partnership is heading for a break-up as Lightwave marches on via an assortment of Pentiums, Unix boxes and Alphas, and soon even the all-powerful Power Mac will get its own incarnation of the Amiga classic.
With this kind of opposition, and an abject lack of development on the Amiga, it's probably only a matter of time before the Amiga version disappears from the NewTek product line.
Toaster appears on the PC. Put simply, Amiga hardware, as it stands, simply can't compete with the performance on offer from the opposition. And it's pretty obvious from their comments where NewTek expect their long-term revenue streams to come from.
It's true that the Amiga still has a place at the NewTek table courtesy of the Toaster and the Flyer. But realistically it won't be long before the Inside version 5.0 With OpenGL not on option on the Amiga the key selling points for Lightwave version 5 has to be MetaNurbs and MetaBalls. Even Lightwave's shipping date was a tad optimistic, so I'm afraid it's a case of good old fashioned plagiarism from the press release.
New MetaNurbs Modeling LighlWave 3D is the only product to break the polygon spline barrier with the introduction of MetaNurbSTM;. MetaNurbs performs real time transformations between polygons and splines, enhancing the user's ability to create organic (smooth flowing) 3D objects. Polygons are easier to use than splines but make it difficult to achieve certain looks. Splines, though a more complicated approach to modelling, are a more powerful modelling technique. MetaNurbs is the first tool to effectively utilise the strengths of both techniques making it easier than ever to create stunning
3D models.
MetaBalls Modelling With MetaBalls, another powerful modelling feature, spheres can be utilised to quickly approximate complex shapes. The MetaBalls function automatically generates a skin based upon that approximation that will transform the rough shape into a complex 3D mode!. This is particularly effective when creating animals and characters.
In addition to the implementation, MetaNurbs, and MetaBalls, LightWave 3D 5.0 also boasts over 100 new features and enhancements. All very tempting, but to be honest much more attractive to as an upgrade than a first time buyer. US list price for LightWave 3D 5.0 upgrade is $ 495. The complete system is priced at $ 1,495.
From the horse's mouth Assorted quotes from NewTek Q&A session "LightWave 3D 5.0 introduces the key feature of an OpenGL® implementation. OpenGL tremendously enhances the user's ability to meet the need of projects where success is dependent upon realistic animation, such as James Bond's GoldenEye, Babylon 5, Space: Above and Beyond, and Star Trek."
Q:What are NewTek's plans for the Flyer?
A: NewTek are continuing development on a future version of the Flyer for Amiga. Non-linear editing and disk recording functionality will also be a part of the new Video Toaster for Windows.
Q: Why is LightWave 3D 4,0 for the Amiga so much more sluggish than version 3.5?
A: Unfortunately much of the software and hardware technology available for the Amiga is not current with 1 i¥~n li ,lT‘irTTP1f:3irTT*yr1t3!~yTy' C‘~' i ,TiT hi capabilities on other platforms. For instance, development tools for the Amiga have not been updated for some time. This has caused several difficulties in NewTek's continued support for this platform.
Q: When do you expect to release the Video Toaster for Windows?
A; NewTek are continuing development of this product which is expected to ship during the first half of 1997.
Q: Is there an upgrade path for Video Toaster users running on the Amiga to the Video Toaster for Windows?
A: We have always been committed to helping our end users to new products. The new Video Toaster will also include on aggressive upgrade program.
Q: What are NewTek's plans for the Flyer?
A: We are continuing development on a future version of the Flyer for AMIGA. Non-linear editing and disk recording functionality will also be a part of the new Video Toaster for Windows.
Q: What is the current status on the Amiga and how has it effected your market?
A: Amiga Technologies are in the process of being acquired by VIScorp. The bankruptcy of Escom has set this process back but VIScorp are committed to completing this acquisition as soon as possible. With their loyal following of Amiga users, NewTek's Amiga products have continued lo sell well, even in the midst of this market turmoil.
Hardly what could be described as a reassuring read.
But to be honest, you can't blame NewTek for moving with the times. It would appear that the onfy thing f hat can maintain the Amiga's position as a 3D specialist will be some sort of dramatic action from its new owners.
Amiga Computing Mask* Amiga Unix Unlikely bedfellows we know. There really is a sound connection, Paul Overaa explains . ,iam Only one effect frort the palette nay he applied to sartple. To do Multiple effects you'll need to pu a sound run sox In a Copy input to output (default).
Mix A channels to 2. Or 2 to 1.
Statistical check of input.
Rdtf echoing to a sound smplc.
Add vibrato.
Apply a low-pass filter.
Apply a band-pass filter.
Apply a high-pass filter.
Reverse a soundfile.
SoxGui has a useful docs fife and so too has AmiSox (including an amiga-guide help file). Some of the technical details provided with the latter program however will probably scare the hell out of you!
Someone wrote to me a while ago asking why some authors of pd shareware Amiga music pro- ¦fl grams occasionally seem to provide facilities that are apparently of no use whatsoever to the Amiga community in general. Often the reason is that the utility was not actually written with the Amiga in mind - but has been ported to the Amiga from some other platform.
One dead giveaway occurs when you start seeing references in the documentation to strange file formats (as used on Sun workstations, DEC machines or other heavyweight system references). Often, once you've read the documentation, you'll find that the program did, in fact, start life running under the Unix O S (operating system).
Unix is in fact the 0 S of choice on many large multi-user systems and it has a particularly strong following among academic and research institutions around the world. Most universities, for example, have sites which run under Unix and nowadays there is an amazing amount of freely distributable software available from this platform.
Now while programs written to run on high- powered mainframes etc., might at first sight appear to have little relevance to either the Amiga or music, in reality nothing could be further from the truth. There are a great many freely distributable music programs floating around among Unix users and, because many are written in the C programming language and use simple command-line style arrangements for their input and output (rather than fancy gadget menu based interfaces), they are often relatively easy to port, not only to the Amiga, but to many other computer environments as well.
So what happens as Amiga coders come across Unix music programs that look as though they might be useful is that the source code gets downloaded to the Amiga and then, perhaps after a few modifications, recompiled to run as an Amiga Shell utility. Once it has proved useful, someone will often then come along and write a program which provides an 'Amigatised', easy-to-use, front end for the utility.
Bingo - another 'Amiga music program' becomes available!
AmiSox and SoxGui The reason I've mentioned this Unix connection is that there's been some interest of late in an Amiga sound sample conversion program called AmiSox which provides all manner of strange sampled sound conversion facilities. As you've now probably realised, AmiSox is just one of those programs that didn't really start life on the Amiga at all - it's the Amiga Shell version port of a Unix program called Sox (which stands for Sound exchange). Needless to say coming from such an environment it can work with a far more exotic range of sample formats than you normally find in the
world of the Amiga. Currently a number formats well known to Amiga users are supported, namely Amiga 8SVX, AIFF, raw, and Window WAV and SoundBlaster VOC files. But in addition to this the program can handle such things as... Window's RIFF files, IRCAM Sound The SoxGui interface certainly takes a lot of the hassle out of using AmiSox Files, SPARC .AU, Mac HCOM, PC DOS .SOU, Sndtool, Sounder, NeXT .SND, Turtle Beach Sample Vision, and CD-R files!
And as well as copying and translating files AmiSox can also apply various effects to a sample. Rate alteration, signal averaging and sample reversal, echo, a 'vibro' effect (which adds the famous but somewhat dated Fender Vibro- Champ sound effect to a sample), low high and band pass filtering. You can also byte swap 16 and 32-bit sample data (necessary when using samples created on some other machines like Pcs).
AmiSox can, in fact, even statistically examine your sample data! So, the Amiga version of Sox is In fact an extremely powerful piece of software for sound sample conversion.
Now while all this may sound great there is one difficulty as far as most users are concerned
- AmiSox, like the original Sox utility, uses a Unix-like command
line interface which makes it a bit of a nightmare to use.
This is where SoxGui enters the scene. It's a graphical user interface for AmiSox that has been written by Stephan Klein and allows less experienced Amiga users to access the most useful features and functions of AmiSox just by clicking with the mouse.
Now I'm not going to say that SoxGui is stunning because it isn't - it was just a front end churned out quickly in order to make the underlying AmiSox facilities accessible to a wider audience.
In this respect it does its job well enough so, if you like the idea of being able to perform some rather more esoteric sound sample format conversions than most common Amiga utilities can handle, the AmiSox SoxGui combination might well provide the solution.
I believe, incidentally, that both programs first appeared on Aminet although by now they should by be obtainable from most of the larger Amiga pd shareware libraries including SeaSoft Computing (tel: Ol903 850378) and from this source they'll cost you just £1.50 (plus 75 p p&p).
Amiga Computing At Jhm touch Paul Overaa delivers some help in using function keys : .
Off A toy Most Arexx users have at least some standalone scripts they use via a Shell window with the rx command and we regularly get queries about the changes needed in order for such scripts to run via a function key.
Function keys have quite a lot going for them because, unlike icons on a crowded Workbench display, they are always visible and therefore particularly fast to use.
As far as the conversion issues are concerned, such matters have been briefly mentioned before (in the August issue last year when I dealt with the listing of public ports).
This month I thought we'd go the whole hog, take a dead easy example and explain from first principles why things go wrong and the fixes required.
The snags always concern I O (input output) operations. Most commonly, somewhere along the line, the Arexx's Say command gets used to deliver output and or Pull gets used to collect user-typed text. Unfortunately Say always sends any text back to the Shell window the script was started from and Pull expects to collect its input from that same source. The difficulty when scripts run from a function key is that there is no window available!
To put matters right, scripts have to open their own windows and a typical Open() call will use a specification something like this... call Open(window,'con:G 20Q 640 3Q0 F4.. Soienaae ctose'} In this context the Open() function is being used to open an AmigaDOS console device window which provides buffered keyboard and screen i o (keyboard input being held back, as with a conventional Shell window, until the return key is pressed).
The window's location, size and name incidentally are specified as part of the string following the 'con:' device name. The original format was x y width height title but, since Release 2 of the O S additional extension, keywords have been allowed including 'dose' which adds a close gadget to the console window.
Test ulndou ... e sone text?
Just sone exanple text You tvped... sone exanple text Press RETURN Cor hit close gadget) to close window when finished!
Typical output produced by the listing 2 script You can, by using 'window' and 'screen' extensions, cause console output to appear on an existing window (it's address must be provided) or have the console window appear on a named public screen. You can also prevent the window from opening unless any I O occurs by using an 'auto' keyword.
For the present job however, a simple Shell style console window will suffice and to get text output displayed in such a window, Writeln() - or its character equivalent WritechQ - rather than Say needs to be used.
In other words, rather than opting for this type of statement: say soaetextS it's necessary instead to use: caLI yriteln(window,soaetextl} Similarly keyboard input requires the use of ReadlnQ or ReadchQ. Essentially all you need do to get a script into function key runable form is make sure you have a window available for displaying output and ensure all Say Pull references are replaced with equivalent file-oriented I O routines. This sounds simple enough in principle but the easiest way to gets to grips with the idea is to see a typical example.
Keeping it simple Take a look at the script in listing 1. We display some prompt text, collect the input typed by the user and print it to the screen. As scripts go, it couldn't be simpler but tied to a function key, you now know that this script will not work.
Add an output window and replace the Say and Pull commands to produce the version shown in listing 2 and all is well. Notice that ReadchQ has been used at the end of the second script - it's purpose is to provide a temporary halt since, without it, the window would automatically close as the script terminated.
In addition to writing suitable scripts you have to get them attached to chosen function keys. Nowadays the Workbench Fkey utility is used for setting up function key definitions and it couldn't be easier: Select the New Key gadget and enter the name of the function key (FI, F2 and so on). Choose 'Run Arexx Script’ from the command box and enter the name of the script to be run. Finally use the 'Save Defined Keys' Project menu option to save the created function key definition to disk.
It's a good idea when naming these scripts to include both the name of the key and a .rexx extension. For the F4 key you could use 'F4.rexx.' It's also best to save your scripts in the rexx: directory (usually assigned to Workbench:s) and they'll always be found by the system.
Note that for function definitions to be active the Fkey commodity needs to be running. The easiest way of ensuring this is to drag the Fkey icon into the WBStartup drawer
- that way all definitions are automatically available by the
time your system has booted!
* FaultyF4.rexx * TEXTl='Type soae text? ' TEXT2='You typed...1 say TEXT1 pull texts say TEXT2 say texts Listing 1: Sure looks simple enough - but it's ‘no go' for function key use!
I* F4.rexx * LF='0A'x TEXTl=rType some text? ' TEXT2=*You typed..,' TEXT3= * Press RETURN (or hit close gadget)'I|LF||, 'to close uindoif when finished!1 ¥INDQM_DEf='con:100 200 400 200 F4 Key... Test window close1 call 0pen(window yiN00W_DEF} call Hriteln(vindov,TEXT1) textS=Readln(windov) call llriteln(windov,TEXT2) call Writeln(window,textS) call Uriteln(window,TEXT3) readch(window,1) Listing 2: The script that does work when tied to a function key Amiga Computing flirts a promise for , computers ,, Attention Dealers A500, A500+ & A600 Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on
Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
14. 4K.~~JC59.95 28.8K~~X124.95
2. 5" HARD DRIVES FOR A600 A1200 60Mb .£55.00
120Mb......£75.00 250Mb....£105.00 540Mb....£149.95
80Mb .£65.00 170Mb......£90.00 420Mb....£129.95 1GIG
£199.95 All hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with
Workbench loaded, and include 2.5" IDE cable + software
2. 5" IDE Cable and Software (if bought
separately) .£9.95
3. 5" HARD DRIVES 540Mb 850Mb Upgrade to 2 Meg Upgrade to 1 Meg
£13.95 Upgrade to 2 Meg UNBEATABLE ” _ PRICES 4 * V 8Mb 33MHz
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VI3 ....£15.00 Budgie
A1200 .£30.00 Kickstart ROM
V2.04 .£22.00 Mouse
(290dpi) ..£15.00 Kickstart ROM
V2.05 ... £29.00 SCART
Lead ...£15.00 A500 A500+
Keyboard ....£50.00 Mouse
Mat ..£4.00 6570
Keyboard Chip £20.00 10 boxed branded
disks ...£6.00 68000
Processor...~ ..... £8.00 Printer
Cable . £6.00 Power Supply for
A5CWA60G A1200.X35.00 Surf
Squirrel ....£95.00
Exchange A200G A1500 Pcwe; supply.. .£80.00 Squirrel SCSI
Interface ...£55.00
* All chips are available ex-stock * Please call for any chip or
spare not listed here.
Dave Cusick takes a closer look at Usenet Ask about decent newsreaders on certain IRC channels and you will be bombarded with replies such as "Trevor MacDonald" and "Martyn Lewis". Of course, the regulars will know precisely what you mean and their responses are simply poor attempts at jokes, but this illustrates the fairly dismissive attitude many Internet users have towards newsgroups in general.
Perhaps the reason many Net junkies choose to ignore newsgroups is that when the media talk about the Internet being flooded with pornography, what they are actually referring to is not (as they would have you believe) the World Wide Web - which for the most part only contains material you could find in any top shelf magazine. They mean certain Usenet newsgroups, which are where the really offensive stuff gets circulated.
Mnews requires plenty of free memory but it has loads of useful features.,. magnificent Magic User Interface. Assuming you have MUI already set up, installing Mnews is simply a matter of dearchiving it to an appropriate directory on your hard drive. The first time you run the program, you will have to enter some simple details about your news server (your I5P will be able to tell you this), your real name and user name and the text editor you will be using to compose news articles.
The next step is to go on-line. Then you can either enter the name of a newsgroup you want to take a look at, or simply scan the newsgroups list for ones of interest. Scanning may take some time because of the sheer number of newsgroups that are out there.
Most ISPs do not carry every single newsgroup, partly because there are so many in existence their machines would be straining to cope with the sheer volume of news articles and partly because certain offensive newsgroups are censored. However, even if your ISP does censor some newsgroups, you could be waiting around for a few minutes at this stage. Fire up a browser, check your mail, or indulge in some IRC conversation whilst you are waiting. You will only have to do this once.
When Mnews has finished listing the hun- This doesn't mean, of course, that all Usenet is the domain of sad, lonely perverts and is therefore best left alone by the vast majority of perfectly ordinary Net users. On the contrary; the newsgroups offer something for everybody.
For those who have never ventured into Usenet before, newsgroups are essentially discussions which can be about anything and everything under the sun, but are generally confined to specific topics identified by the name of the particular newsgroup. Unlike IRC, these discussions do not take place in real time. As with e-mail, many news programs allow you to read and compose news articles off-line rather than having to do everything while your telephone bill mounts.
To access the newsgroups you will therefore need a decent newsreader - hence the somewhat convoluted introduction to this very column. As I outlined a couple of issues ago in an overview of essential Net software, while some browsers such as Amosaic and Voyager can handle news, probably the best option (if you have an Amiga with plenty of memory) is to get hold of a dedicated news client such as Mnews. Version l.Obeta is currently available from Aminet as comms news mNewsl_Ob.lha. Mnews, as you might suspect, requires the Netiquette If you play around with the Mill settings it can look
really attractive too dreds (or thousands) of newsgroups available, you can select those which interest you and "subscribe" to them. To begin with it is not a good idea to subscribe to too many newsgroups, you could find the volume of articles in those groups keeps you waiting for several minutes whenever you wish to check news articles in the future. Try selecting four or five groups on subjects which interest you the most.
Amiga related newsgroups are to be found under comp.sys.amiga.* (hence the CSA abbreviation you may have come across to credit news sources on some Web pages). You might want to bob in and see how confusing things are on the other side of the fence at comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.chips. Recreational topics are to be found under rec* so for instance football fans might want to investigate rec.sports.soccer. Another interesting area is the Alternate section, which contains everything from alt.tv.simpsons to altmusic.oasis. When you get to know some newsgroups well, you will find Usenet can have
the same addictive qualities as IRC. Computer related newsgroups are an excellent source of help if you are experiencing hardware or software difficulties, while the hobby-related groups can be hugely entertaining.
It is generally considered good netiquette to read articles in any given newsgroup for a couple of weeks before posting your own messages, so as to gain a good feel for the appropriate subject matter and tone.
Strictly speaking this shouldn't be necessary as long as you are polite, but it is important that you do not just waltz into a newsgroup and start asking questions that have been asked a thousand times before- Many newsgroups have their own FAQs (answers to Frequently Asked Questions) which are either found on Web pages or are periodically posted to the newsgroup for the benefit of newcomers. Taking a look at these before posting to a newsgroup can help you avoid being the victim of flames from Net snobs.
Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave@dcu$ *demon.co,uk. Questions, suggestions and feedback are all more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which is now at http: www* dcus.demon.co.uk . Amiga Computing ft m VOYAGER - WWW la b .-nail ¦ m POWERMAIL - MAH [BARGAIN!
£9.99 AMFTP - FTP Wanting to gel onto the Internet? Already connected, but frus- i trated with your software? NetConnect is all you need to get connected to the Internet. Containing a suite of commercial- I ly licenced software you won't find an interface as easy-to* i use as NetConnect's! We have spoken at length to so many of j our customers about getting onto the Internet - we know exact- ly what you need and what you want. You want software you can USE - not shareware but commercial software, you want the hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite of | the very best Amiga
Internet software. Indeed, to make NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to enhance their software - so you get previously non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client worth over £35 in ilselfl You can save masses of £££'s from buying NetConnect as there is no need to ficence the Internet software - full versions all licenced for you!
71 'ijp - £9.99 Amiga Format CU Amiga Amiga Comp.
ICON BAR EDITOR GUI mm AMITCP CONTROL GUI Supported by ISP’s Worldwide NetConnect allows you to select your country then select an ISP (easy!) - we have about 160 ISP’s listed from over 30 different countries (50 from the UKI).
Nearly 100% of the WORLD Is covered for any user who wants to buy NetConnect! No problem!
Save over £23 with Enterprise!
Buy NetConnect and get FREE connection to Enterprise (worth £20 ex. VAT or £23,80 inc. VAT)!
- 50p per CD tor UK delivery
- £1 per CD for EU delivery
- £1.50 per CD ROW delivery
• £4 for 2-3 day delivery
- £6 for next day delivery
- £20 for Saturday delivery NetConnect Software 3.5inch Disks
NetConnect Software CD version
33. 6 Modem
33. 6 Modem & NetConnect [CD or Disks)
133. 6 Modem + NetConnect for under £160! Amazing!] All prices
include VAT. See box opposite for delivery charges £ 54.95 £
54.95 £129.95 £159.95 Make cheques P.O.s payable to Active
Software and send to the address listed opposilc. We can
accept credit or debit card orders. For any additional
information call us ASAP!
Upgrade your 14.4 to a Scfper Iasi 99,6!
Sick ol Ihe run-of-the-mill old PD CD releases containg collections Irom pre- 1995?!? This CD contains the complete colleclion ol F1 Licenceware titles from F1-001 lo F1-100. Over 100 titles Or more than 200 disks! This CD is worth well over £500, il the disks were bought separately. There is something for everyone on Ihe CD - games, utilities, tools, professional clipart and music, beginners guides, educational programs and much more. Some superb material is contained within this CD-Rom: Blackboard v3 (image manipulation). Ultimate Quiz 2 (genera! Quiz), Word Plus Pro (originally valued
at £15!). Fortress (strategy God game). Relics ol Deldroneye (voted best PD game ever by Amiga Format). ERIC (voted second besl PD game ever). Powerbase (daiabsc program). GRAC (superb ‘Monkey Island' style adventure game creator with 000's of copies sold on floppy). Introduction to WB (best selling FI Title), Absolute Beginners Guide to AMOS. Junior Artist (kids paint package) or Tots Time (one of many kids educational programs).
Use some ol the professional music within your games, with no extra charges. Whal about the clipart for your DTP documents? AMOS programmers have a lield day with this CD * AMOSzine. Guide to AMOS and AMOS supplements. Something for everyone. With a very easy to use AmigaGuide© interface wilh 80% of the programs running straight Irom the
CD. Remember that the programs are commercial, with copyright
owned by F1 Licenceware. AH programmers receive a royalty for
every CD sold.
Scone Storm is a glorious least ol tempting eye candy produced by the legendary SPACEBALLS. Amazing graphic and audio delights lo show your friends what the Amiga can really do! This CD is packed with every major scene production from 1995. Including all the releases from The Parly 5 held in Xmas 95. Exclusive Digital Candy material is also included. Ranging from music competition entries to a complete Development suite. Scene Slorm features an easy to use Magic Workbench interlace thal is simple to set up and a joy to use. Much of the contents ol Scene Storm are presented as ready-to-run
liles through custom designed icons. No more trawling Ihrough archives and filling your hard disk with files. Includes: Produclions from over 20 Scene Parties held throughout the world in 1995. All the best demos and intros from the last year, slideshows, music disks, the most popular disk mags and charts.
Exclusive modules taken from the coolest demos as well as entries from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions. A complete development suite that will allow you to learn how lo code your own demos. Development ulils are included along with exclusive and easy to follow source code, All purchasers ol Scene Storm thal own a modem can register lo qualify lor 3 months free downloading of the latest scene liles from Digital Candy Bulletin Board. This would normally cosi £15. This BBS is classed as (he 'scene' board in Ihe UK! Place your order now as this will be the hottest selling CD throughout
Its HERE! Zoom release 2 - now ready and in stock for delivery (at last!).
Zoom 2 contains all that's new and great (ram May 1995 to June 1995. All 1 the besl PD shareware will be found on this CD. We included all the best Irom our library, submissions, the Aminet, BBS s and other contacts. The difference between this and Zoom 1? Zoom 2 is 99% ready-to-run, set in an excellent Magic WB environment and and much more accesible than its pre- ¦jggj dor.nor. There is so much on Zoom 2 - utilities, tools, productivity, educa* tional programs, business, games. Magic WB stulf. Slideshows, documents and much more. There is also an exclusive 'Get Started' demo on the CD
for AGA machines. If you want the very latest PD from every conceivable source - Zoom 2 is for you! Zoom release 1 was one the most popular CD's from Summer 1995. Zoom release 2 will be holler! Get yours before stocks run low!
Alt youneed to get connected this Xmas!
jgibg S Commercial Internet Software ? JET The FAAAASTEST v33.6 Modem S Free Connection to a National ISP s free Technical Support Advice J t| 1 .. ¦ ij|£ m if i 1 m m ;s||i [• Greatest & latest PD from May 1995 - June 1996 : Utils, games, slideshows, education, disk mags and more!
• NEW! Get Started Demo (AGA Machines)
• NEW! All the Professional Sound Samples [50 Disks] |* NEW! Over
25MB+ of read-to-use Magic WB icons NEW! Special
'programming'themed area SPACEBALLS SCENE STORM 1
- 90% - (Gold Award)
- 91% - “This is a must for all demo fans’
- 89% - “...good value for money” FT LICENCEWARE CD VOL T Send
your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151, Darlington, County
Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
ZOOM RELEASE 2 Postage and Delivery ft Modem g j 01325 352260 active@enterprise.net UraJ I I iSS_____VOYAGER v1.1 m MM [EXCLUSIVE!! NEW WWW CLIENT]
f. ....mNEWS v1 wm i [NEWS CLIENT] Want to get 'net connected?
- 33600 bps DATA FAX modem - true i ¦ Group 1,2 ft 3 send rocelve
FAX ¦ Enhanced AD PCM coding »Auto mode detection allows modem
to connect with a modem that la configured for differing
connection mode* ¦ Extended AT command eet ¦ Upgradable ROM
chip (safeguarding against future specification*) ¦ BT end CE
Approved ? Amiga eortal cable Included ’ Full “get started"
- 6 year warranty - alec undergone rigorous Amiga tests
NetConnect's GUI does more than control manage AmiTCP! It also
gives you a completely editable icon bar (see pics) to con
trol and manage your programs. No other Internet pack meets the
specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a demo version!
[TELNET CLIENT - BY AMFTP AUTHOR!] .mFinger m [FINGER CLIENT] Modem Offer & Specifications AMITCP v4.5 DIALUP m [NEW!! FULL TCP CLIENT] :MUI 3.6 (Shareware) OR :traceroute & ping :& CD 'extras1 (call for info) EASIER THAN ABC!
For a IE H ¦¦ ¦ I r:' ' : .
Cinema4D Ver 3 MediaMagic Gnema4D 3 is a major upgrade to this easy-to-use and extremely powerful graphics package - the changes increase the functionality and speed of the package to an extremely high level, while the price remains truly affordable.
Some of the features of Cinema4D version 3 are;
* The major internal workings of Cinema4D have been optimised
resulting in a substantial increase in speed * many ray tracing
operations are now up to 30 times faster than before.
* The package has support for many new output file formats
including Windows BMPTIFF and JPEG.
Lens flan* are implemented; this is like looking at a bright light source through a camera which creates realistic camera special effects- The lens flare is actually a light source in itself which allows some great-looking effects to be achieved. A simple lens flare preview is available.
There are many other light source additions and additional effects such as lens glows, lens reflections, effects at margins and randomising of rays.
• Additional CvberGraphX support - now allows full 24-bit colour
• Extended user interlace.
Cinema4D requires 3 lb RAM, OS2.X, a hard drive and is fully multitasking and extremely configurable.
Upgrade from Version 2 Only £39.95!
MediaMagic is a superb new product for designing and playing quality presentations on yo*r Amiga, at the right price.
* MediaMagic sports an interactive, user-friendly and intuitive
interface so that building presentations becomes a joy. Fully
compatible with graphic cards.
* The MediaMagic editor Uses drag-and-drop for easy, hierarchical
positioning of objects and allows the editing of several
scripts at once.
You can use all sorts of graphic images in your masterpiece with MediaMagics support for all 1FF-ILBM data formats, including 1LBM-24, which are converted to HAM6 or HAMS automatically.
You can incorporate a wide variety of music & voice samples to liven up your presentation: MediaMagic supports common music modules such as Sound-, Pro-Noisetracker as well as Octamed and Octamed Pro (8 voice) fit 8SVX files.
* Working with animations is easy with MediaMagic s support for
IFF animations in Anim5, Anim7 and Anim8 formats.
Business charts can be created directly in the program.
OS 2.x and OS 3.x compatible, simple controls, fully multitasking.
* Requires 2Mb RAM, OS2.X up and hard disk recommended.
95 £69 £199 SMD-100 HiSoft C+ + DiskMagic 2 The SMD-100 is a brilliant new concept fur home entertainment. Using your existing SCSI CD-ROM, you can now access the world of I igital Video - superb 24-bit quality video with crystal-clear lh-bit sound. Here's what you can do with the SMD-10C1:
* Play any VideoCD or CD-i Movie through your Amiga monitor or
through your home TV set.
* Use the supplied remote control to skip tracks instantly, to
view your favourite scenes in silkv-smooth slow motion, to grab
a frame with I lie rock-solid pause facility and move speedily
through the film with the fast forward and rewind functions.
Use the SMD-100 a part of your Amiga SCSI chain or lake It, along witli your CD drive, next to your normal television, for all*1 he-family viewing.
There are many hundreds of VideoCD titles available, all featured in our 20-page, lull- colour catalogue. TheSMD-lPfi VideoCD MPEG player - a command performance, time after lime, after time.
At long last there is a new, and extremely powerful, C compiler for the Amiga, at the right price. HiSoft C* * has two versions, Developer and Lite; here's a brief lisl of features: 4 The Compiler compiles at high speed in line with the AT&T 3.0 C + + standard, b Arexx controllable, integrates seamlessly with the editor, include* a project manager and generates code for 68tXXV6803ti and the b8H81 2 FPU. CLI version included,
* The Editor uses multi-windows, is syntax-sensitive, handles as
many files as you tike, includes an Arexx interface and
supports full keyboard shortcuts.
* The C C+ + Debugger (Developer only) uses multi-windows, with
drag-and- drop technology, allows breakpoints, variable
tracking and much more.
* The Devpac 3 Assembler is included for tow-level work.
The Easy Object Library (Developer only) is included which eases resource handling and use of data structures (lists, large arrays etc.), along with BOOPSI support, error handling with exceptions and online documentation.
4 The Hot Help (Developer only) system can be activated at any time anil gives you full, expandable online help even with an Arexx port.
HiSoft C+ + requires 4Mb RAM, OS2.X up and a hard disk.
- £169 DiskMagic is the friendliest file manager on the Amiga and
now version 2 takes „ this fine product to new heights of
useability and functionality - probably the t easiest-to-use
and most - * versatile tile management n« utility on the
Amiga. Here's some of the things that you can expect; 4 Support
for LZX archive format, the new standard in Amiga compression.
* Many new functions including: superfast delete command, extra
filetypo options, additional Arexx commands and internal
* New output window preference.
* File encryption.
DiskMagic 2 comes complete with a Library of icons for gadgets and 95 a comprehensive user manual.
£39 Upgrade £12.95 £79 Lite Version Developer Version To Order 0500 223660 Punch those keys for free!
To order any of the products on this page, or any other HiSoft product for the Amiga (and we have over 40 titles for your computer!) Just Freecatl 0500 223660 armed with your credit or debit card. Postage is normally £2 - £4 within the UK or £6 (or a guaranteed next day service (for goods in stock). Alternatively you can write to us or order through our web page. € HiSoft 1996.
Hot News TermiteTCP now £39.95!
I Browse 1.2 Released!
CD-ROM Prices S ashed.1 Plume, write or email for more detail HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old Schooh Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 i’tiinil: tales fc liisoft.co. uk welt pfltfc: www.Iiisoft.iv.iik inc Free VideoCD 1 enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for E 2 AMIGA MONITORS - We have a large supply of refurbished 1084(S). 1902. 1930, 1802. 1702 monitors, elc. For example, the 1084(S) is $ 169.95 with cable. 90 day warranty ....CALL 3 The star prize of a signed print of Worms artwork.
Mind you, we don't just give things away here at Amiga Computing, oh no, you've got to earn them. Answer the three MENSA standard questions in the entry form, fill in your details and send the answers to us along with whatever you think is an acceptable bribe, to arrive no later than February 14.

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