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Having seen so many comment: about the Amiga and its current situation and the future of our machine, I decided to add my thoughts to this debate. Personally I believe that the 'standard' Amiga should now be one with 6 megs of RAM (total cost 80, 50 for the board 50 for the RAM) and a hard drive. This aiiows you to expérience the multi tasking abilities and virtually ail programs will run on this configuration. Even with this new standard the Amiga as we know rt is dying and within almost most two years the commercial marketwill have dried up completeiyat the current rate of désertion. No doubt the PD section will remain (as with 8-bitmachines)butoniytrue Amiga lovers will use the machine and wili certainly purchase another machine (hopefully either the excellent BeËox or even better a RiSC Amiga). I hope the RISC Amiga will have an improved set of custom chips (i.e.24-bit graphies moving at the rate which they can produce excellent 2Dgames, improved sound) and a new 3D chip. Even if the above cannot be done, an improved OS should be designed. ttmaybe possible for ViScorp toiieense the N64 custom chips in a compatible computer console which would certainty have al! the graphical power required and just update the CPU. A Zip type of drive must be standard with an options! iloppy drive. A CDdrive (double density?) would also be required as weil as a monitor and a hard drive. Though of course the Amiga should still be able to be easily connected to a standard TV for video work and just in case the monitor brakes or whatever. Compatibility with the Motorola based Amigas is not essential but if possible would be nice. But certainly the price should be around the level of PowerPCs.What lias certainly stopped the Amiga from making a comeback has been the price point. Now it is more costiy for the 'standard' machine than a PC.e.g. A1200 + nan-multisync monitor + t70 meg HD + 4 meg RAM costs moreabout 700 if you shop around. i would have hoped for a 500 price point The Walker was a nice idea but would've oniy have done weil at low prîcepoint, though it may still be released by a third party. Amiga owners should not be glum we've had lots of fun with ALL the Amigas and the Amiga has lasted longer than the average PC before its CPU is outdated. Even when the Amiga is dead there will be PD.

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Document sans nom Requires WB 3.0, 2Mb of Ram and 68020 ' FuHAersion of the Amiga’s ultimate art nathera Requires WB 3.0, 2Mb of Ram and 68020 CyberAnim BroajJwdy %DOpus V5.5 . Squirrel Mpeg t Emplant Lite Avfeb-11
• Termite TCP, 9 770959 96308 Compatible ith both VHS and S-VHSi
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS or. Take a
signal (rom a TV with SCART output... camcorder or. Use the
signal from your satellite receiver or. Grab IV or video
pictures from your VCRs video output including S-VHS ProGrab is
just £129.95... I'JL’O.ih “ Vbirft i- The Beit Video Hardware
(MOiliw l for IlK-Aintcjr Tfun nprf wily plfvHiFig hOCASW IfR*
ftWHtl ((vnn fiorn llH" Arrigui Shopper magazines ic.'flc: j
Our Satisfied Customers1 QmKcrtJer Ustr CorhfTHTilKj If you re
bo4;ng 'zr i tigh resolution 2-1 &t dtggao then. Jt tho p» e.
FtcGratj 24RT rfpreWnlS greX value ‘(y mony' WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY.
The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame M grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines tool I And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video
Technology, a I simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
_ STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
P-STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview I L'vl 'window and Grab [because the haidwaa* grabs
- frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame
facility on the source device!)
Ijjll Once grabbed, simply download ’ ji! And view the full image on your Amiga screen ProGrab also t includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from IV Of satellite sources ; i!;|( STAGE 3... I Use the 'grabbed image with youi favourite word Enflp processor. DTP or graphics package.
¦ ProGrab really does make I it that simple!
ProTef™ Tgrrestfial Sateflite Teletext Decoder Stand atone ui for graUmytefeieitaifo (warls mdrpmdcniy rt PrcrCVatf* and n,n a mrh tastB dfv.nln*J me) Cng; IT* mfofmiton fin Lmi tfcwr(a«tojJ F'i)Wr".ifc vsyeu©vtcw pig« jr,until ¦ re irwc warmg yi W ynx !V l«3i tf* C onx I pigd Flics wn be oported as ASCB Tei( for use m a WP or vr.«J as 5F Graphics for use n yaa DTP prcKrtaCtcns ttu riont rssd a Vtefcu JVA deo for Piqtel™ the ugnat can be Reeved irnxgri a aanAyd StB £44.95" ProGrab 24RT Plus ¦ Support t all recent Amig.ts And it aho fully AGA Chipiei compatible. You can render images In any
Workbench screen mode resolution including HAMS mode (Amiga RAW permttingl 1 Saves and Loads images in IFF 1LBV. IFF ILBM24. JPEG. Bvf PCX. And TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as AnimS files and animations with sound Requires PCMCIA Interlace and separate sound sampler! As AnimS + 8SVX files A range or image processing elletls palette computing routines [AGA only) and dithering methods are featured in ProGrab Version 2.6.1. Photogenics fully supports ProGrab wtth a custom loader to enable grabs directly Iron" within the program • saving YOU timcf
• Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities,
Number of Iramet dependant upon Amigas HAM MW ptnphciii!
T ii qcJ. Sex* lx4ow| ¦ Release 2.6.x software now includes...
• ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACILITIES ¦ Witn either Terrestrial or
Satellite TV signals.
¦ LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW • Double Resolution and 4 times area of previous ProGrab sofrwarc, ¦ INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT ¦ Now compatible with composite PAL. SECAM and NTSC Straight from the bo*!
ProGrab s supplied with just about everything you'll need 4* ¦ ProGrab™ 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
4* A video source cable will lie required to rrutch your own equipment - Ail Icy details
* Sfantterd FtoGvh hdrcAv,ve ij PAL SiCA.M'MlSt Intertx? Mafc
options jretsv&i&fe ww Fal and SLOW cny FroGr * sjppow anyAmga
with kcisanlM cflatsranls rwia n $ t 516 free SAV £ PCMCIA
INTERFACE for At 200 and A600 ftoGratA upoonal PCMCIA ..'rc a;e
SkimleS the vtison softs Dcrtccnvirxe for serauVpnyess-onal
urcs iflnnq ihr liV-owvig t re .mrt extend!
• Faster Dow'ldkJ«ig T-t-s [up to fr E tunes cy.jr.c ceij
* Improved twiinv»Pon speech * up ro I Itps [msnoi I Sfjn ii
• S-isifkj "I ,iriiM,-T-.Trn direct 10 ysxp Aincj.iV Iwnl l-i e
» Freeing of yoM Apsga P.c.tliH Tent Sc use tye |:»hUit *
oilier jvv
* SouiVJ sampling ,;rV! Aninviburi c.iimIhIt es (v.’jvw.tlr
Courul uenpi STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS Two nqn qual ty 8-Bii sound
samplers. Specifically designer! Fir qsewflh our ProGrab 24RIIU
Are now available [PCWCJA iniert.Tce required!
I h.e HiF i version features the same 30Mil -VI1 convertor uutf HI [he* Prt ir.lt)fM. mcanrrig tfit- iruniTi iin Ircqucncy iS onry tirriiti'fi |jy [Tie Aimi|av rvmNssUf it diso has a higher bamiwicirh 14OH: to 20KH:j trvin the standard version Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24*95 Mr Mrs Miss Ms: fnitiaffs): Surname: Address:
o Post or FAX your requirements (quantity trade prices available)
on the order form provided OR. If you'd simply like further
information please contact... County [Country): Postcode:
Evening Phone: Daytime Phone: Department AGO Gordon Harwood
Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7 BP FAX: 01773 831040 email: 100271.35570eompuserve.com ProGrab Plus™ 9 £129.95 £ PCMCIA Interface 6 £39.95 £ ProTel,M Teletext Decoder & £44 95 £ Standard Stereo Sampler @ £19.95 £ Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler 0 £24.95 £ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Working Days] £ or an additional £3 for Next Working Day Delivery TOTAL £ Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc, Card holders signature: Issue Number: iS'.vtlch Only) f enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ f'ShW Hrtt }iX rxtrv ,nl xklru on itv rnenccf -wj ctvquei or rT.ifts made payable
f. Mb Vervkxi Sid AsiH» rtnr t tM 2fWl Staodan! A1200.
| Si.iiKl.ml A ioori. ( 3ol I .vuoo vvtlli 1JMHV, 'UVO&- l.Mh MPEG Decoder £174” Monitor Switcher £84” AMIGA 68040ERC and 6S060 ACCELERATORS Now you can chouse between tk 6fslHfi 4QERC Cyberstorm II w the ultra powerful 68060 version. When you fit a Cybcrstorm II68060 ¦ Accelerator to your A3 QUO, A30CCJT. A4000 or A400UT you can, for f example, render a graphic with Imagine 2,0 software in just 2.4minv Compare that with a massive 10.34 mins on a standard A4MX) '(40 13! With lib jumpers both Cybcrstofm Us are fully plug and play and A40Q0 users van choose Ik option of a SCSI-2 module (A3000
users already have SCSI built into their Amiga hardware!.
* Up tn ! 28Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you can
even transfer the 72Pin SIMMS j front your Amip A4Q00 .straight
onto your new Cyhcrstonn.
* Optional SCSI-2 module available j
* If your budget currently only covers the cost of a Cyberstonn
1168Q40ERC. You can always upgrade later to tk full 6S060
processor for extra power. _ Cvfaem.ti.rm II 40Mib Miter. • 0Mb
- Lxpandiltle to 12KMh Cyherrtortn D SQ.MHz 68060 - Q.Mb -
ExpandiNe to 12KMh CvbersUirm U SCSI 1 Module Cyberstorm II
SIMM RAM Expansions (p!r.L - rail for prices) 64-BIT ENGINE
A2OOO 3OOO 40OO (T Series) 3D Version BB 2-i-BIT colour
accelerated graphics card. Ijjn Fora!l Zorn II IIl Amigav &
Tower SyU«nA!200s with Zuno-ll backplanes.Tk core JHHbB of this
great hunJ iv the NEW VIRGE GRAPH ICS CHIP front S3. With 3D
capabilities jBBftMj it’s able to process complex 3D functions
in hardware (eg. Shadcd tcxtured surfaces) with rfftX Tnlinear
Filtering and Shading Rigging for super realistic Real Tome 3D
Rendering kJ jgB When used with CyhcrfiraphX 3D Library.
Cybcrvision W 3D can even offer a broad range of 3D facilities
for any software developer. OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS...
* MPEG Decoder - added to the Feature Connector to provide real
time MPEG audio and video decoding al full sire custom screens
or. Tn Workbench windows (HQ display using 16(24 Bit modes from
CyhrrGnphX Wort.bench). Stereo audio output is provided via the
supplied dedicated line output jack. Upgradeioa Cyberviston
64 3D and .MPEG bundle (from previous Cybcrvbion M) for a
SPECIAL LOWr PRICE! - Call for full details now ’
• Monitor Switcher • w ilh integrated seal line douWer. Designed
to fit into the Amiga skrt this gives automatic switch over
from the standard .Amiga signal to Cyhervisxm M 3D's output
Both cards may be fitted tnsitk A3HQU 4QU0 models leaving three
Zomvlll slot* free._ Cybcrvision 64 3D.
Options... 2Mb Version I MjluLinl A ItKHl, llTIE QmimMti' Mil'S j erfurmmia1 figures measured itiiin« Syslnfo. Bub board hut ibe appropriate SIM M fitted (rctptired to act irate accelerator).
| Vmiyui mill 4 iQT t Kt. .YUOEKx: ¦.* Cybcr4cmnU fVjftiOEKC
- | A1 JtKi vvoli 12611 ‘UiHKV |MI A-HR Ml with (Y hcrvturtU.
MATURES._ 2040erc A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU -
40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60
Nanosecond SIMM fitted
• May be xkuHed »xdi Ssnpt Kcytnitc- xi l**r up - For Full
(lames o mpxtitxiKy.
Mm lufiy pmjyimnl nidet Softwxd
* Ilmm hxknJ Sdf Unbar}?- Kiwi Trtv Hark
• High Pniirounrc Fxpafbmn with Full (J Bfl wick DAW
* Easy Trank kit [retalLlx-n - no modiliaucos retjujfed (IHFT
FjtT. Ft m Tower) ? IJVHV IrAlims K.A HI Sairf jilmrifig
Qputral SQMHz, (WL’ H'f 1 240t erc
68040 - 0Mb Std, Exp. To 128 256Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond
SIMM fitted Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo Accelerator Memory Board
A super LOW COST A1200 Turbo Accelerator Hoard, ideal for
housing on any 'Tower System A1200 main board (mechanical
dimensions, high power convumplion and heal emission require
an active cooling cap - we therefore do not recommend fitting
to standard A!2U0's without the appropriate modifications
etc.). The ‘ERC Processors used on these hoards are recycled
and vigorously tested 68040 CPUs operating al 40MHz with
MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed and competitively priced
alternative. Available options such is the SCSMV Kit and RAM
arc shared with the Blimrd 1230-IV and 1260. _ A1200 TURBO
ACCELERATOR ) and MMU-50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard, Exp. To
128 256Mb
9. 91 MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted 1240T ERC Turbo iOMHz
(WnD A MMU'TPU £ 77Q Y5 Omb, 32-Hit Hast m - ExpamlaNx- to
12K2V %» *A17 FULLb» v A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and
MMU FPU ¦ 50MHz 68060 1 f ¦'1 0Mb Standard, Expandable to
38. 71 MIPS with 60 70 Nano second SIMM fitted Blizzard 2060
Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers A1500 2000 owners the
same specification as the Blizzard 1260 Turbo.
(AI5CKV2000& will operate at up to five rimes the speed of a standard A4000) with FULL 68060 POWER & aLso includes built in SCSI-2 interface! If you * want the fastest AI50fV2000 around., fit a Blizzard 2060 now!
1230-IV Turbo 50MHz 68030 Zv MMU 0Mb, 32-Hit Fast RAM i!1£Q.
ExpandaNc to 128 ¦,2 6Mb Fast 60 Nanosecond SIMM RAM Expansions 32-Bit, 72 pin (GillJorprices) 2060 Turbo 50MHz ffldtiO & MMU FPU with kiilt in S(SI 2 (AMb, 3Mkl Fast RAM - Kxpanshlde to 128Mb_ Motorola Maths Co-processor 6KHH2 l*GA type FPU, 50MHz CORDON HARWOOD feCOMPUTERS SCSMV KIT SCSI-2 Module ior 1230-IV, 1240T ERC and 1260. With additional 128Mb SIMM socket Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to lOMhfcec transfer rates ttith additional SIMM socket allotting extra memory to he fitted)
- J Ikpt. Acftoi New Street, Alfrcton, Glj Derb}*shire. DE55 7BP
01 773 836781 or FAX: 01 773 831040 smail:
100271.3557@compuserve.com |tii 7jrd and CyhcrWfm prtiiuciv u*
B IIUKULN 6fBXt) -aiic. Prixv- irv Iky run WITHIN' Ik
rlntriral liming spcsifiitilim UmI ck»n In .MtAnmbi ¦r Id
prrvimi rrn [vrvdA- inntK'jIinj; n'lulnlili [ViJAti' 'h , whrti
yul pay fcr i StlMIU (HI
* U example, ihil’s aadlv what you pi m( a W. 33 « men s
25'llli(il l 4aiaxT to SOMHjc! IjxA curt l v ihr MllTOROIA
M(HTSATTIJ Inyji - ycxir guafJIUtx our rommitmcrt tn quality
aixl rxiulitlily BEWARE A 'ilmld' CPI V ' A "' T ERC and
ERC Processors ml 1 1 H'lalaJ hcurds are nxytkxl and
vigorously listed U ¦ f«H() CPUs opcratEig at C'.MIIz - an
txato gturanl«tl and tompelilndv pnted alttrrutivc.
OUR RANGE HAS WON MORE AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER.. W7jrt the Magazines think.. Annjja Shopper 91*4 STAR RliY *. Ilk’ Blizzard 12( l is dcsiineil In become the ullinuitc i‘hjtxl of desire for A1200 nuiurs.'
Amiga Cxmpitling BUT. (JIIP".. uml llv fastest Amiga in Ibe Vnrid, get this haunt Amiga Format ‘.Ride on the fasted A1200 in Ilk Viirfd'• 95*k GOLD Rating EY PHONE: Simply tall our order line. We accept VISA. Mastercard. Access. Switch.
Connect Delta AMEX and Lombard Credrttharge [most 'store cards' are Lombard eg. Duons. Currys etc} - WITH NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES' Please Note: Memory.
SIMM & FPU prices may change without warning due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
OUR OPENING TIMES ARE... Monday to Saturday,
9. 00am until
S. OOpm BY FOSr or FAX: Include your name, address and
daytime evening phone ft a* number plus order details if
charging a credil debil card include- number and valid
from eicpiry date (and issue number with Switch cards). Make
Cheques (please allow J days clearance}.
Drafts 01 Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computeis limited.
GH PRICES: Please remember to confirm prices in case you art looking at an 'old' magaaine. Prices can change [up or down) before the magazine's cover month has passed. Please confirm before sending orders by post Prices inc. VAT at 17.5%. DELIVERY: We offer prompt shipment with fully insured express delivery options throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost COST OF DELIVERY TO MAINLAND UK ADDRESSES ONLY: Standard Delivery (2 to (working days from date of despatch) £7 Express Delivery (next working day from date of despatch) -110 NON UK MAINLAND DESTINATIONS - please call
for tries, prices etc EXPORT: Most items are available Worldwide, and at TAX FREE PUKES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Armed Forces Personnel (with COY document).
GH WARRANTY. Manufacturers' standard warranties apply oc, ask about GUY comprehensive extended options which are always recommended for professional users to minimise costly down time. Ask GH for Ml details i5YS T@M* EVI EWS m cd -PLUS.
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beginners Amiga Computing 4 DECEMBER 1996 COVER STORY Star act El The Amiga has a starring role in the world of entertainment We discover how it's playing an essential part in theatres all over the world... Plus: CooIlO • MUI ASL • Easy Find • Run Bai a EGULARS News Potential rivals to VIScorp's set-top boxes and why Aminet has become invaded by extreme politics ED 03 Amiga Computing HE COVERDISKS Photogenics Amiga Computing brings you the exclusive full version of Photogenics 1.2a worth £55 Public sector.
Dave Cusick checks out the latest PD releases just for you, dear readers Your place to get printed readers... we look at your latest rantings and thoughts on the Amiga Letters Ac AS Whatever your technical problem with your Amiga, do not despair, Uncle Neil is here MIGA GUIDE m M MC& Games” Com FRCE wm *y* y CO OM driv&m DATAFLYER SCSI-1- IIP DRIVES Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per car- .*2 tridge. Comes Complete with power supply. SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive. The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives, Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600. The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the
metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. Full instructions and soft- ware supplied.
When purchsed £49.99 Eh£39.99 when purchsed with DATAFLYER ONLY with a SCSI device SQUIRREL a SCSI device SURF SQUIRREL £79.99 Er £49.99 when purchsed with a SCSI device VARIOUS SCSI CABLES AVAILABLE.
- - DlSCOLOGY Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for
the Amiga. The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and
o- Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected
programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also
format disks, check disks for errors etc. £124.99 £34.99 £44.99
MODEMS Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are
ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCES-
SORIES PACK (worth r&i which 1 includes a cable to connect
the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to
Comms and a list .
Of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well . .ir T'""' 1 as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fax Class I
and II compatible, Group 3 • HayekCq|ip gfbfe • Full 80 14400
SOFTWARE Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for
detecting and removing virus- es. Anti Virus pro wifi check and
device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM
9. Drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use, includes a
full 50 page manual.
CLOCK CARTRIDGE £19.99 ASIM CDFS £49.99 CACHE CDFS £44.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA CD £19.99 WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP 100 A1200 games CD £7.49 EACH or FREE with every CD ROM drive!!!
PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET APOLLO A1200 68030 with MMU and FPU. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM. Fully PCMCIA compatible even with 8mb!
CD-ROM DRIVES mllult7i l DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM DRIVE WITH SQUIRREL Fully featured SCSI CD-ROM drive for use with the !2|0 o* A600, Simply connects via the PCMCIA port. 1 jf FOR MAIL ORDER COMPAQ. DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM with Squirrel ONLY £139.99 APOLLO 1230 50 PRO £159.99 As above running at 50mhz with two SIMM sockets. Can take up to up to 64mb of RAM APOLLO 1240 60 (credlt swftcli card sales only) for enquiries 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb). Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor fitting
APOLLO 1240 25 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM £34.99 SMB SIMM £59.99 OR 16MB SIMM £99.99 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELERATOR HARD DRIVES 2.5” HARD DRIVES 0ur high speed 2.5* IDE hard drives for
* the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers fcome complete with fitting
cable, screws, partitioning software, full instruc- tions and
12 months guarantee. All drives ______... supplied by us are
for- A t rrrTr L * matted, partitioned ... ‘ • and have ,4' •’
" Workbench (W82 M V for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200)
installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if
you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the
hard drive into the hard drive socket.
FREE HOW TO FIT YOUR HARODRIVE' v k J video and Stakker disk to increase the drive's capacity with every hard drive ordered riv 85mb 420mb 1080mb Hard Drive RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL $ 14!
HIGH PERFORMANCE SCSI CD-ROM DRIVES If you have the need for speed, our top of the range CD ROM drives are mounted in a quality metal enclosure and are excellent value. SCSI interface is required.
£109.99 EXTERNAL SCSI HARD DRIVES Top quality drives In a top quality metal enclosure with cooling fan. In built power supply and SCSI ID selector.
2GIG SCSI HARD DRIVE (deduct for uncased drive) - WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa, Switch. Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 1 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on ' tfie right hand side after tine third set of lights.
F The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
ff prfce! !r?2:jris WT, Postage and peeing res| oftliewtiM.
CD-32 Only) g Est. 14 Years 1 8372A 1 Meg Agnus 8375 2 Meg Agnus LISA A1200} 8374 Alice (A1200) 8362 Oenise (A500) 8373 Super Denise 5719 Gary 8520 CIA (A50D +) 8520 CIA (A600 1200) B364 Paula (A5QQ +) 8364 Paufa (PLCC) 68000 CPU Video DAC (A120Q) Klckslart 1,2 Kickslarl 1.3 Kickslarl 2.04 Kickslarl 2.05 Kickslarl 3.1 A500) Horn Sharer NEW Modulators Xchange Modulalors CD-32 ROM Drive A500 Motherboard 6A M iftni n Kurt iMM ttniiti tra VI tm rfl f2c1oafa nrntf £24.30 £2430 £32.70 £3270 £9.60 £1 &AO £7.60 £1 ZOO £12.00 £1234 £16.70 £030 £1930 £4.2O £16.0O £22.40 £19.00 £6600 £16 JOO £2950
£16.00 £36.00 £60.00 'rrr-'.-n Service HOTLINE Tel (9116) 247 0059 (0118)2550643 DART Computer Services (AC), 105 Loin Road, Leicester LE2 OPF Onstead of the usual grumblings you have to put up with on these pages, 1 want to take this opportunity to tel! You about what's coming up over the next few months. First of all, from our Christmas issue onwards we will incorporate our sister magazine, Amiga Action. This means we can bring you the games market expertise of Britain's most popular Amiga entertainment title.
Amiga Computing will remain the same, bringing you definitive reviews of all the latest hardware and software, informative features on developments in the world of Amiga as well as our essential technical guides. The only difference will mean that instead of finding System as our games section, you will find Amiga Action there instead. We hope you enjoy it Also coming up next month is plenty of ideas on what to buy the Amigaphile who has everything (it is Christmas, you know). There will also be an exclusive reader offer from 10 Out Of 10 Software, jam-packed cover disks as well as a new
series on companies who have played a key role in the Amiga's history. Tune in next month, coming A500 Keyboard £56.00 A600 Keyboard £29.00 A1200 Keyboard £34.00 A500 600 1200 PSU £2930 CD-32 PSU £23.00 A2000 A3000 PSU £6600
PART AND KEEP A FULL STOCK Add £1.50 P&P on chips. £3.00 P&P
on drives & PSUs. We reserve the right lo refuse repairs.
ATTENTION ALL DEALERS********** ur company offers the most competitive dealer repair service on all home compute!
Credit facility available. SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION PACK TODAY.
PC keyboard adaptor (allows you to use a PC keyboard on your Amiga) Available for A500 + A600 A1200 A2000 A3000 A4000 and CD32.
PC Keyboards (Cherry Chicony) £16.00 A5000 Motherboard v6A £59.00 CD32 Power supply E25.00 A500TriTemaSe £29.95 CD32 Rom Drive £35.00 A600 1200 Internal Drive £35.95 CHIPS ! T; ChfPS B
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 day warranty on all repairs
* 24 hour turn-around on most repairs
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 AMIGA A1200 Repairs
only £52.99 - Fully inclusive SPECIAL OFFERS j EDITOR Tina
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US yearly subscription rate: USA Gold $ 70, USA Standard $ 44 For eight years Amiga Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. Amiga Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of die Amiga available Amiga Computing 8 DECEMBER 1996 No.l FOR MAIL ORDER 'thb uJ'JjjJuia No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch for enquiries fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postar orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to SIREN SOFTWARE JUST TAKE A LOOK SPECIFICATIONS AND AMAZING
WHITEFIELD M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access, Vrss.’Sv ftcfr. Belts Connect etc accepted OPEN.
• Fully featured external CD-ROM dnve mounted in a top quality
metal enclosure with its own built in power supply.
• Audio output connectors enable you to use the drive as an audio
CD player.
• Easy fit internally fitting interface simply plugs in to ensure
full compatibility with all accelerators, memory expansions
etc. The interface simply plugs onto Saturday Sam to 12pm the
44 pin IDE connector inside the computer (still allows a 2.5 or
3.5 internal hard drive to be used as well!)
• Does not use or interfere with the PCMCIA slot or any other
And provides a connector in the blanking
• Includes CD-ROM installation software.
Plate at the rear of the A1200 next to Audio CD player software allows you to DIRECTIONS, All cables, instructions, interface play your audio Cds.
Unlike most other CD ROM drive systems the Ultra CD ROM drive does not cause long delays when booting up.
ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.99 ULTRA 8 SPEED £199.99 :nJJ iur iufiller dzthjjJb Hews Qest BETT N Anyone with an interest in IT and Education should pop along to the BETT '97 show which is being held at Olympia between the January 8 and 11. Three hundred and fifty leading suppliers of educational IT will be there as well as a four-day seminar programme.
Qnly Amiga Direct Software, the proud new owners of an Amiga only shop, have set up a 24 hour hotline. Apparently you can call about anything Amiga related, whether you want technical tips, product advice or the latest news. Call 01623 759498.
Brawstudio RELEASE A new drawing and presentation package is due out soon on the Amiga. Written by Graham and Andy Dean and published by LH Publishing, it will be released on both disk and CD. And unusually, it is aimed at both artists and those who can't even drawl According to LH Publishing, it has features never seen before such as the ability to fill any object with a bitmap fill and also transparent fills whether as single colours, patterns or gradients. Using Mul as its chosen interface, the creators say it will be extremely easy to operate and have concentrated a great deal on
providing innovative new features - we’ll bring you more details soon.
GLD AGED EW CONCEPT A new French company called Ateo Concepts have announced a range of Amiga-related products. Priced at £43 is a PC keyboard interface for the Amiga 1200. It works with the new 105 key Windows '95 compatible PC AT style keyboard and is 100% compatible with all Amiga games and non-DOS software. The Amiga keys are mapped to the Windows keys and reset is performed as with an Amiga keyboard.
They also have available IDE Mux hardware (£32) which connects 4 IDE units on the Amiga 1200 or 4000. It works with most of the common disk and CD-Roms on the market and with IDE Fix software (not supplied). Ateo will also have a Zorro II board for the Amiga 1200 tower - details are limited on this at the moment but we'll bring you more as we get them.
Also if you're a UK dealer and you’re interested in distributing these products, contact them on 00 33 40 85 30 85 (voice or fax).
SPACE INVADERS Those who remember the heady days of Space Invaders and Hungry Horace, should head along to the Museum of the Moving Image to see their latest exhibition which tells the story of videogames. It runs from November 29.
Visitors can try their hand at many old and new games and learn how games have developed over the last 30 years through video screens. The exhibition, called Re- Play, also tells of why the arcade release of Space Invaders in Japan caused a shortage of 100 Yen coins and why military technology influenced video games. Visitors can also see what physiological effects games have on the body.
In conjunction with Re-Play, the National Film and Television Archive has asked anyone with videogames from the 1970s and '80s to get in touch. They want any relevant information, hardware or games so that they can produce an archive of equipment and a CD-ROM. If you can help, write to Tony Hetherington, Videogame Researcher, British Film Institute, 21 Stephen Street, London, WIP 2LN Amiga Computing 10 DECEMBER 1996 ALE OF AMIGA CONTINUES The sag a continues.... It was hoped that the end would soon be in sight for the sale of Amiga Technologies to VIScorp. However on August 20 it was
announced that the trustee for the bankruptcy of ESCOM and Amiga Technologies, Bernard Hembach, had extended the dosing date for the purchase.
The reason given was that although the agreement was firm, one of the financial institutions supporting VIScorp wanted more documentation. They stated that the closing date would not be extended further. However, 30 days later, there was still no agreement with Jason Compton, VIScorp's Communications Manager stating that negotiations were still ongoing. We'll keep you posted..... w ORLD CONFERENCE TACKLES NET PAEDOPHILES Child pornography on the Internet topped the list of issues discussed at the world's first Conference against the Sexual Exploitation of Children. Anti-porn activists are
trying to devise ways of preventing anyone from peddling child porn on the Net following a number of investigations around the world that have uncovered a network for paedophiles on the Net.
For the five-day Stockholm conference that opened on August 27. It claims that the regulation of child pornography on computers presents special challenges and calls on governments to fund better training.
According to the report, if governments fail to prohibit child porn on the Net computer generated images could well re-establish the commercial trade in child sex, making it more acceptable to society.
ECPAT are calling for the establishment of an international research organisation with specialists in the areas of investigation, law enforcement, behavioural science, prosecution, law and computer technology.
Campaigners are concerned that unless urgent action is taken to stamp out the Internet's distribution of child porn, whether it features real children or just computer generated images, it could spark greater demand for child pornography.
ECPAT, the Bangkok-based campaign to End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism, has prepared a report ?
OMBAT 18 M ORE PD A new Public Domain house has been set up and offers software from just 99 cents.
Amongst the software on offer are Fred Fish, Amos, educational titles and games. For a full catalogue, send $ 2.00 to Phillips PD, PO Box 31, Savanna II, 61074-0031, USA. They have also said that any programmers wanting to submit their PD work to them, can do so and will be included in their catalogue.
It appears that even Aminet is not immune to political propaganda. Combat 18 seem to be on a recruitment drive and are putting adverts out over Aminet.
A reader was disturbed to see that when he downloaded an Amiga guide file he was greeted with an appeal from the most extremist far right group operating in Britain.
UT PRICE PERIPHERALS Hong Kong computer peripheral company, TecnoPlus, have set up a UK office. This move means that they can reduce the price of some of their Amiga products such as the three button joystick and a fully microswitched mouse. The joystick will now cost £12.99 which saves you £2 off the old price and you can save £5 off the mouse which is now priced at £9.99. Just think what you could buy with the money saved...how about another copy of Amiga Computing Net users BEAT POSTAL STRIKES The Post Office strike proved to be a boon for one sector of British industry - Internet Service
UUNET Pipex registered a dramatic rise in the use of e-mail during the postal strikes Pipex are now hoping that the businesses that have got used to using e-mail will realise the potential of the Internet instead of fully reverting to snail-mail.
Online Info This year's Online Information exhibition celebrates its 20th anniversary and for the first time, both Labour and Conservative front bench spokespersons will discuss their parties' views on the information industry.
Roger Freeman MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for Public Service will talk about the Governments vision on how information technology can be used to deliver Government services to the public and business. Geoff Hoon MP, Shadow spokesman on the Information Superhighway and Communications will discuss Labour's views on the DTI's Information Society which is o £35 million scheme set up to help UK businesses exploit IT.
Online Information 96 takes place on December 3 to 5 at the London Olympia.
Pays to Advertise An American guy has come up with an innovative way to use the Amiga and make money.
Dwin Craig is buying Amigas and setting them up in shopping malls to display advertising. He uses Dpaint 11 to generate the adverts and Performer to display them.
He reckons that the advantage of this system is that people's attention is grabbed by scrolling logos and morphing pictures. The Amiga excels at creating these things and has the advantage over video, in that it can be easily edited and doesn't wear out He has found that local businesses were more than happy to pay for the exposure in these Amiga driven show reels.
GTI CD GTI have a number of new Cds on offer which include Multimedia Backdrops, a CD-ROM with 100 backgrounds that have been developed for desktop video and multimedia and a title called 3000 JPEG Textures with graphics material from stones to forests.
Another called DEM-ROM contains 1,000 digital elevation maps (DEMS) which can be used with World Construction Set, for example to create wonderful still images or flights. The flights could then be loaded into Lightwave 3D to create realistic 3D flights.
GTI are also offering Imagine PD 3D, A CD- ROM that contains thousands of 3D objects including subjects such as computers, ships, sports and music.
« k w m Amiga Computing ONITOR MADNESS N EWS liyama have announced that they have cut the price of their 21 in Vision Master colour monitor. They have reduced the Vision Master 21 by 19% to £959 + VAT and the Vision Master Pro 21 by 20% to £999.
Liyama have reduced the price of their Vision Master 21 in monitors HOOT YOUR PD ARROW A new incentive has been set up with the aim of showing the big publishers what a strong and loyal user base the Amiga has. Called Arrow-Dynamic, they aim to achieve this through a licenseware scheme which aims to keep the software market alive and attract Amiga programmers who are finding it increasingly difficult to get their work published.
They believe that although shareware is important to the Amiga, the programmers don't get all they are entitled to. With licenseware however, the distributor gets cash in order to advertise and promote titles and authors get their incentive to carry on programming.
To get the ball rolling, Arrow PD have set up a competition for programmers to send in their efforts with prizes up for grabs for three of the best. The closing date is March 31, 1997 so get in touch with Arrow on 01304 832344 for more details.
PEEDWAY TO NEWSGROUPS UK Internet users stand to gain faster, more reliable access to newsgroups with a new satellite broadcasting system due to be launched this October. UUNet Pipex is offering ISPs full access to the contents of thousands of newsgroups via the Eutelsat satellite.
The volume of newsgroup traffic is so great that ISPs have had to offer only a limited selection of groups or install expensive fast links to the Internet to cope with the deluge of information. E- mail and Web access is also slowed down by the volume of newsgroup traffic.
With newsgroup postings beamed to their servers via satellite, however, ISPs land lines will be left free for other traffic.
The service will cost around £35,000 a year, far less than a terrestrial line of equivalent capacity, with obvious benefits for smaller JSPs.
N I MATS ON TIME The London Effects and Animation Festival and Digital Media World Exhibition is set to take place at Wembley on November. 19 to 21.
Digital Media World has been organised in conjunction with ACM and is Europe's premiere exhibition of digital technology for professionals. Sponsored by Walt Disney Feature Animation, the Effects and Animation Festival includes presentations from creative professionals from all over the world. Exhibitors include Macromedia, Silicon Graphics, Newtek and Alias Wavefront.
Golden Image have announced a CD-ROM Drive for all Amigas.
Following on from the success of their quad speed drive, they have now launched an eight speed which is available for £189 for the A1200 600 and £149 for the A1500 2000 4000 - these prices include the IDE interface and AT-Bus 2008 The drives feature fully PhotoCD compatibility and software such as CD32 emulation, Music CD player and automatic installation. They connect either through the Internal IDE port or through the PCMCIA slot and include a stereo headphone jack with all the cables to connect to your Amiga and speakers.
A Californian company called Diba have announced that they are producing set-top boxes that will allows users to surf the web with their TV sets. This could be a potential rival to VIScorp's similar plans. Diba have been looking for partnerships in the UK and have already contacted UUNET Pipex and British Telecom. They plan to have their Set-tops on the market for Spring and could possibly retail at £300 (£200 for a phone version). Your move, VIScorp.... Jason Compton for VIScorp commented, "Without knowing anyhting about their box I can't say how it will compete from a capability standpoint.
VIScorp's strategy is to both sell its set-top boxes commercially and driectly to cable companies....and to that end, we've had discussions with cable and telecom companies world wide.. Time will tell where the VIScorp boxes first make their markl but public launch is scheduled for January.
OLDEN DRIVES IVAL DRIVES QeT YOUR AMIGA BOOKS Don't worry about not being able to buy your favourite Amiga books. Through the use of PostScript printing technology, Bruce Smith Books' Amiga titles will be readily available. As stocks get low, all the BSB books are stored on a Docutech printing line with graphics and illustrations available to be printed on demand.
If the title you want is not available give Bruce Smith Books a call and they will print and despatch your order. They can be contacted on 01923 894355. Their current titles are Total!
Amiga Arexx, priced at £21.95 and Total! Psion which is £17.95. Amiga Computing 12 PUNISHMENT, THE HIGHEST RATED GAME ne of the best gomes ever" AMIGA COMPUTING "There's only one word for the graphics - superb!"
AMIGA FORMAT "The best Amiga fighting game ever" AMIGA GAMES , Germany "Technical Knock-Out!"
AMIGA JOKER , Germany CLICK dkboom@io.org www.io.orgAclkboom amiga I m I t U - PXL ccmpyle'i.
Jf jr ACTUAL AGA AMIGA SCREENSHOTS ADD UR THE PRICES IN THE CLOUDS AND DEDUCT £20 FOR EUERV £60 SPENT For example: Ibrowse & DiskMagic, normally £69.90 together, tuill cost you only £49.90 (plus postage).
V£3tOS» VIDEOCD 288 MODEM CLASSIC SQUIRREL £69.95 SURF SQUIRREL £99.95 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CAROS ACCEPTED The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: f44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 $ ales@ hisoft. Or. Uk www.hisoff.co.uk VIScorp must Wait ? N September 18, VIScorp notified the Amiga community that the purchase of the Amiga technology had not been completed, but was expected to be concluded shortly. No dates were given as to when exactly this would occur, but reassurances were given that talks were still open between VIScorp and Escom AG. As of the writing of this article, no
further news has been released.
MIGA REZONED The Amiga Zone, an online Amiga community and resource that was founded in 1985, wifi be leaving Portal on September 30 after five years of residing at that location. The new site for The Amiga Zone will be on CalWeb Internet beginning in October 1996. It now can be reached at www.amigazone.com. This change of location is in response to the recent announcement that Portal intends to drop all Internet services. The Amiga Zone has arranged for free signup for afl former and new users, who are urged to sign up at the new location. To receive this free sign-up, call 916- 641-9320
and state that the Amiga Zone sent you. CalWeb has no hourly charge for those who telnet in. In other Amiga Zone news, one copy of Termite TCP will be given out each Sunday night at the weekly Amiga Zone contest until all the donated copies have been given away. In order to participate in the contest, you must be present at the time of the contest at the evening chat, and you must be a subscriber to the service that it is located on. (Portal until September 30, CalWeb thereafter).
These copies were given to the Amiga Zone by Bob Luneski of Oregon Research. Other donations are appreciated, and will be given out in the same manner.
The Amiga Zone has been serving the Amiga community since 1985 ?
IME CUTS Cronus announced price cuts on new and old software. New releases, such as AT Developer CD, Amiga Repair Kit, OctaMED Soundstudio, Print Studio Pro, and Amiga CD Sensation have been discounted 20 to 30%.
Older titles that are still in demand such as Aminet, Goldfish, Eric Schwartz Productions, Turbo Calc and others have been reduced in price by 20% to 50% off of suggested retail prices. For more information, send e-mail to info@ninemoons.com. Cronus also is the site of LoveBytes, a dating service that uses a collection of personal advertisements and photographs to attempt to help people meet others. Cronus will scan your picture for free. There are also search routines to help in the browsing effort. Many different lifestyles are supported by this service. This sen ice is free to both
respondents and personal advertisers.
Qmplant updates Jim Drew has announced that he no longer works for Utilities Unlimited, maker of the Emplant Macintosh hardware software emulator. This follows a file for bankruptcy by Utilities Unlimited International, Incorporated.
Employers, Jim feels he will be able to be more honest in this company about what is and is not complete.
A planned release under the new company is a new 80x86 PC emulator for the Amiga computer, called Pcx. It will encompass the Pentium and 686 instruction sets, and will be roughly three times faster than version 2.3 of e586DX (The Utilities Unlimited PC emulator for the Emplant) under protected mode, and 50% faster under DOS.
The demo version of Pcx will not allow you to write to floppies, will only allow you 8Mb of hard disk space, no sound support, and a few other limitations. The full version will require a machine running under a 68020 or faster, will have VGA and graphics card support, Sound Blaster mono sound (stereo may be added at a later date), CD- ROM support, and other features.
This emulator is software only, and will retail for S59.95US, or £49.95UK Europe. This price includes a licensed copy of American Megatrend's AMIB10S. Owners of the Emplant e586DX may send in their original floppy for 1 2 off the retail price.
UK-based Blittersoft will be handling world-wide distribution of all Persistence Software products, as well as helping in their technical support.
Persistence Software is based at an unstated site in the US, but is unrelated to the California-based company of the same name.. Jim Drew stated that he was not responsible for any false advertisements or vaporware, citing that he was following orders from the company owners. Due to the bankruptcy, the warranty on any Utilities Unlimited product is void.
He did receive from the former Utilities Unlimited, the copyrights to all products. Therefore, along with former co-worker Joe Fenton, he is launching a new company, Persistence Software. Now that he is no longer held captive by his former by Katherine Nelson OOM SOON USA NEWS ?
ClickBOOM announced that Capital Punishment will not be released as planned on Friday, September 13. The reason behind the delay was given as the need for perfection in every aspect of the product. Capital Punishment will be released as soon as possible, when the completed product, including manuals and boxes, is up to the standards of clickBOOM.
Contact point Jason Compton Communications Manager, VIScorp 111 N. Canal 5L, Chicago, 1L 60606 312-655-0903 phone 312-655-0910 fax jcompton@xnetcom http: www.vistv.com clickBOOM 1270 Finch Avenue West unit 13 M3J 2G4 Toronto Canada clkboom@io.org http: www.io.org
- clkboom amiga The Amiga Zone www.amigazone.com CalWeb
916-641-9320 voice Cronus 1840 E Warner Road 105-265 Tempe, AZ
85284 602-491-0442 phone 602-491-0048 fax info@ninemoons.com
order5@ninemoons.com http: www.ninemoons.com LoveBytes (same
address as Cronus) 800-804-0833 phone lovebyes@ninemoons.com
http: www.ninemoons.com LoveBytes Jim Drew Persistence
Software jimdrew@lnknet.com Blittersoft bsaft@wildnet.co.uk
Amiga Computing HAVING PROBLEMS If you have any problems with
this month's cover disks, try booting your machine with the
first cover disk, this guarantees everything is set correctly.
Before you even think of putting the cover disks any where near your computer make sure you write protect them. To do this move the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure the disks cannot be damaged in any way. There is no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it rcJ 2.A p f JXQKQCaish To extract any single archive, simply double click its icon, and follow the on screen-instruc- tions. If you want to quickly extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE
level on the welcome screen, and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next The program can then be found in your Ram disk. Normally most programs will need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Amiga Computing exclusivly presents the full version of Photogenics 1.2a Hard Drive Users Photogenics Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place double dick on the Set-upHD icon. This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across - do not worry as it won't write over any existing fifes.
Author: Almathera Workbench 3.0 Installing Photogen ics Photogenics comes on two disks, both are compressed using DMS. To create the main Photogenics disk, start your machine with the first cover disk in your floppy drive. Once Workbench has loaded double dick on the AC disk icon and again double dick on the Photogenics icon. A window will appear asking if you are sure you want to continue, before pressing X make sure you have a blank disk to hand. When DMS asks for the disk, put it in the internal disk drive and hit return. Once finished you can boot your machine with the Photogenics disk
and away you go Hard drive users Readers with hard drives have to install Photogenics on to the hard drive. The installer is on the second Photogenics disk, to create this insert the second cover disk double click on the AC icon and double dick again on the Photogenics icon. A window will now appear asking if you are sure you want to continue, before pressing X make sure you have a blank disk to hand. When DMS asks for the disk, put it in the internal disk drive and hit return.
If you have already created the first Photogenics disk you can now open up the second Photogenics disk and double dick the install icon to copy Photogenics to your hard drive. You will also have the added bonus of a selection of colour fonts and a full set of tutorial files to get your teeth into.
Registration number When you first run Photogenics it will ask you for 1 a registration nrnnber, this is it ' 309851220 DECEMBER 1996 It has been rated time and time again as the Amiga's top art package by every Amiga magazine, and even managed to score an amazing 10 out-of 10 in this very magazine when it was first released. Amiga Computing and Almathera now give you the full version of that top scoring program, Photogenics 1.2a with this months Amiga Computing.
Mistakes, .without affecting the actual image. When completely happy you can fix the changes that are on the Paintlayer to the actual image and carry on with a fresh new Paintlayer.
This provides a different way of working with images than Dpaint or Brilliance offer, where any changes you make directly affect the image.
The Paintlayer allows you to paint on colour or effects and then rub out part or all of what you have done, leaving the image unchanged. I can try to explain ‘how the Paintlayer works until I am blue in the face, but the best way to learn out, so what are you waiting for? Co on Photogenics is a true 24 bit art package with all operations applied in true 24 bit, yet it will work comfortably on a 4Mb machine. A unique feature of Photogenics is Paintlayer, this can be thought of as a pane of glass above of your current image. It allows you to paint onto the Paintlayer as much as
• nt his to er Warp - Deforms an area of the image, click again
to change the warp settings Mode - Brings the point effects
mode window to the front Mode options - Pops the paint effects
mode options window to the front Brushes - Brings the brush
selection window to the front Brush options - Pops the brush
options window to the front Fill paint layer - Completely fills
the paint layer with the current selected paint effect Clear
paint layer - Removing everything in the current paint layer
Fix - Fix the current changes in the paint layer to the image
with bn, remove with the right button Continuous Freehand -
Draw a single line following the path of the mouse Line -
Allows you to draw a stroight line selected with a rubber band
Fill Freehand -r Mark out a fill area with the mouse Curved
Line - Draw a spline through three points marked out with the
mouse Fill - Fill an area of the image, click twice to change
tolerance levels Rectangle - Draws a rectangle marked out with
the mouse, click again to choose filled rectangle Polygon -
Draws a polygon marked out with the left mouse button, the
final point is selected with the right button, click twice to
choose a filled polygon Circle - Draws a circle, click twice to
choose a filled circle Ellipse - Draws an ellipse, click again
to choose filled ellipse Zoom - Select the zoom centre and the
adjust the zoom level zoom out - Return to 100% magnification
Cut - Cut out part of the current image to use as a separate
image, click again to choose freehand cut Colour Picker -
Select a particular colour from an image Smear - Allows you to
smear pixels using the current brush. This works directly on
the 24 bit data and not the Paintlayer so once applied cannot
be rubbed out Toolbox 3 AMN, 1 I'm good Image alocKrtg tff
(Mode RubThru. Ar&rnh see 45) (uncbj 22 * -£atir&jy p-'a. | n,
OK, just ignore for the moment that Photogenics gives you over
50 drawing effects, high speed ACA and ECS displays, direct
support for CyberCraphX and has 15 different load and save
modules. You may also notice one of Photogenics' most powerful
feature is its alpha channel.
Rj Settings Alpha channels are nothing new they can be used with ImageFX and ImageEnginner, but nothing makes them as easy to use as Photogenics. Thanks to its multi-window design that also lets you have as many images loaded as memory allows, and with the ability to paint onto all of them, combining images has never been so easy or as quick to do.
To try out alpha channels load an image and select a new black page from the Project menu. In the new black page draw a white circle of any size, select fix and drag the image's icon to the alpha box in the image window at the bottom of the screen. If you now try drawing on the original picture all the corresponding black areas on the alpha image are protected, while you can paint on the areas marked with white.
Alpha channels do not just have to be black or white areas, if you perform a simple blur on the circle alpha channel, found in the Image menu, set to about 5 pixels you will see that the grey areas let you blend the original image with the paint layer.
This ability together with a second image used in Photogenics secondary buffer lets you simply combine two images together. Using the alpha channel to protect areas on the original image, while smoothly merging the areas you want on the second image gives impressive results.
Once I had found all the relative images, the final image took about 15 minutes to produce with me painting the alpha channels for each combination step Amiga Computing COOLIO Load Patch Author: Rodrigo Reyes Workbench 3.0 From the simple preference you can make a program load any type of image format Add task ill Lii !
IllDei i Temp Path J T: Save Patch tf you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street, Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery RunBar Cancel Anyone who has used the Find utility on the new Mac System 7.5 will know how it allows you to quickly hunt down a file and either view it or run the program once you have located it EasyFind gives you a powerful search system that once finished lets you view or launch the found fifes.
? Locale Command MCPPref3 With the arrival of Workbench 2.04 a whole new preference system was set up, using the ENV directory to store program settings. At the start this works well but after some time your ENV drawer will probably be bulging, and as all these files have to be copied from your hard drive it also takes time.
HappyENV gets rid of this copying process by implementing an ENV device. To set up your machine, copy the handler to your L directory and using a text editor remove the ENV assign and the ENV directories from the MakeDir command then insert the CmountENV command. Once this is all done restart your machine.
Wouldn't it be just lovely if you could load and save any picture or file type with any program you are using? Dream no more as CoollO lets you do exactly that Using data type to convert loaded files to IFF-ILBMs and external converter programs to change saved files to whatever you want CoollO is HappyENV Author: Martin Gierich Workbench 2.04 very flexible.
To install CootIO copy the preference program to your Prefs drawer and copy the program to your WBStartup drawer. Using the preference program you can add new program tasks to the load and save list On the save list you will need to set up an external program to do the converting.
EasyFi N Well they keep coming out and I keep putting them on the cover disk. Yes, its another copy of Window 95's start bar. This one is a little bit different, as the start bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen gives you a quick link to any of the currently running commodities.
The pop up menu will then give you links to all the currently installed preference programs and any extra utilities you may want to add.
Workbench 3.0 Magic User Interface MUI-ASL Author Flavio Stan china Workbench 3.0 Magic User Interface File note Brilliance AIBB Ai&igeGuide AftigaGuide.Old Applnfo Calc Carrousel ChipHuntfi CUD ColorPatcfi dtdesc I Setings FaatVieJ- ntA Na«e
- s Work: : Horkbench «DF8: EWV: J-JPC8:
s. RAM: Files; nain: Rsa Disk: LJ AiiTCP: APTEFFECT U BIG_T:
Lj blitzbank D8LNTSC; High Res DBLNTSC:High Res Laced ]
C®LNTSC;rtgh Res No Fficker D8LNTSC:Lov Res D&NTSOLov Res
Laced DBLNTSC-Lov Res No Flicker DBLPAL: High Res D6LPAL:Hgh
Res Laced r oi n x i rw ilu i « . ¦ To use the following
program you need to have the Magic User Interface installed
on your system.
Without it you will not be able to run any MU I program. MUI is available from any good PD house.
Sort order CLIPS- UDEVS; IjEnPrint: jENV: IjENVARC: FONTS- SCOLDED ".HELP: HI SPEED: This program is really going to get up the nose of any MUI hatters out there as it is a direct replacement for one of the main Amiga libraries, the ASL library.
What you get is not just a simple replacement but a much more advanced file requester. Anyone who has seen MagicFileRequester will know the benefits this MUI replacement holds. Not only are all the current volumes always at hand but you have more power over the files in the requester and more flexibility.
The installer simply copies over the existing ASL library but does rename your current one to ASLIibrary,orig just in case you want to go back to it at some time in the future.
Antjque.fbnt BstzBank.font 8M_V2.0.font CGTmes.font CGTriumvrate.foni CondensedSO.font coirier.font Ct mrj frvr.t__ IXHelvetica.font The Quick Brovn Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog, Twice You got a far more advanced file requester, all thanks to MUI Amiga Computing Photogenics L ISK PAGES Manual offer Photogenics 1.2 To get the best out of your free Photogenics 1.2a cover dish you'll want the 130pp manual giving you tutorials and full references to the program. You get the manual plus a free disk of plug ins and files to use with Photogenics 1.2a PRICE: UK residents £19.95 EC residents £22.45
North America S35US Rest of the World £24.94 PAYMENT: Access, Visa, Mastercard, Switch (not American Express), Sterling cheque, sterling Eurocheque All prices include surface mail. For airmail delivery, add £5 ($ 8 US) to the price.
HOW TO ORDER By Fax: 4-0044 (0)181 687 0490 By Phone: +0044 (0)181 687 0040 By e-mail: almathera@cix.compulink.co.uk By mail to: Almathera, Southerton House, Boundary Business Court 92 94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TD United Kingdom PHOTOGENICS 2 UPGRADE - SAVE 50% ON THE RRP!
If you like Photogenics L2a but would like the full latest version you can upgrade from the cover disk to the full Photogenics 2 for just £49.95 (US $ 79.95) saving you a massive £50 of the full recommended retail price.
Photogenics 2 offers
• Powerful AREXX support
• Load and Save IFF anim files
• Virtual Image - allows you to work with large image direct from
hard disk
• Brand new Effect Plug in System for powerful image processing
• Supplied on CD-ROM - packed with fonts, images, and a good deal
System requirements: Kickstart 3.0 or higher, 68020 CPU or higher, 4Mb RAM, CD-ROM and 8Mb of hard disk space.
PRICES: UK residents £49.95 EC residents £52.95 North America $ 79.95U$ Rest of the World £55.00 All prices include surface mail. For airmail delivery, add £5 ($ 8 US) to the price.
PAYMENT: Access, Visa, Mastercard, Switch (not American Express), Sterling cheque, sterling Eurocheque HOW TO ORDER By Fax: +0044 (0)181 687 0490 By Phone:+0044 (0)181 687 0040 By e-mail: almathera@cix.compulink.co.uk By mail to: Almathera, Southerton House, Boundary Business Court, 92 94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TD United Kingdom Software Hut AMIGA I Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 softhut@ix.netcom.com Info 610*586-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 FAX 610-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern FAX 610-586-6416 Orders 800-93-AMIGA ’ All our
customers worldwide can now reach us by E-Mail. We always respond within 24 hours on Quotes & Technical Info, and ship orders the same day. Our number is softhut@ix.netcom.com • Picasso 2 Plus Just in is the NEW Picasso 2 board ottering same Qreat graphics capabilities & 25% taster speed. For all 2000.3000. & 4000 computers. Resolutions up to 1280x1024 w 256 CotOfS.
5379. 95 Other Village Tronic protects: Mam Actor Professional
579.95 Mam Actor Broadcast 259.95 Ariadne 269.00 Ami TCP IP
v4.x 94,95 Picasso to 1080* 084 Cable 34.95 Liana Network
89.95 Liana Network 5M 99.95 Expansion Systems HighFlyer
w Power Supply
5389. 00 HighFlyer Fan Kit 42,95 HighFlyer Cable Kit
79. 95 DataFfyer 500 SCSI
159. 95 OataFlyer 500 SCSI & IDE
189. 95 DataFlyer XDS 1200
79. 95 OataFlyer SCSI* 1200 7995 DataFlyer SCSlt 4000
99. 95 DataFlyer 2000s SCSI 89 95 DataFlyer 20006 IDE 79,95
OataFlyer 2000 SCSI & IDE
139. 95 OataFlyer 2000 8Mb RAM Board with OK 89,95 OataFlyer 500
8Mb RAM Board with OK
109. 95 OataFlyer 4000SX SCSI Zorro
99. 95 Call for other configurations.
Input Devices Mindscape Powerplayers Joystick $ 9.95 Competition Pro CD-32 Controller 24.95 The Bug 18.00 Port Ref 19,95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse. 400 DPI 26.95 Alii Diti Crystal Trackball 39.95 Alfa Data 3 Button Mouse 27.95 Wizard 560DPI Black 3 But Mouse 27.95 Wizard 560DPI Beige 3 But Mouse 27.95 CBM CD-32 Joypad 14.95 Logic 3 Action Joypad 19.95 Golden image JP-100 Pen Mouse 19.95 Eklipse Mouse w Mouse Pad 19.95 Amtrac Trackball 69.95 WIC0 Black Max Joystick 7.95 Analogue Joystick Adapter 11.95 4 Player Joystick Adapter 12.95 KB100 Adapter for AT Keyboard 49,95 Megachip A500 2000 $ 209,95 2632
RAM Board OK for 2630 189.00 Cobra 1240 28MzRC CPU 139.95 Cobra 1240 33Mz RC CPU 154.95 Cobra 1240 40Mz EC CPU 199.95 The Clock A1200 17.95 Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose 89.95 Kwikstart 2 A1Q0Q 54,95 1202 No FPU OK 99.95 FPU and RAM prices Call SpitFire SCSI2 Controller 94.95 RapidFire SCSI2 RAM Controller 149.00 WildFire 060 50Mz for A2000 1399.00 3128 RAM Exp. A3 40Q0 OK 239.95 Motherboards A3000 Tower PCB 030 25Mz 1Mb PCB $ 429.95 A5D0 Rev 5 PCB 79.95 A500 Rev 6A PCB 89.95 AMO Motherboard 149.96 Modems, Networking 8 Inter Net Cardinal 14.4 FAX Modem $ 99.96 Sportster 14.4 FAX Modem 124.96
Cardinal 28.8 V.34 FAX Modem 189.00 Sportster 28.8 FAX Modem 224.95 Supra Express 28.8 FAX Modem 159.00 Supra 28.8 FAX Modem V.34 209.96 Supra 33.6 FAX Modem Call Cardinal 33.8 FAX Modem 199.00 JR Comm Terminal Software 5.00 Termite 39.95 Termite TCP 64.95 GP Fu Software - Class 1 & 2 59.96 Help Amiga Get On I’net Video 34.95 Ibrowse 41.95 Aweb 2 w HTML-Heaven 44.95 Custom Chips , ¦' 1 Mb Agnus 8372A $ 34.95 Super Denise 8373 29.95 CiA 8520 Chip 11.95 Gary 5719 Chip 13.95 Paula mOemse Chip 16.95 Lisa 1C Alice IC Buster 5721 IC Epmms 2630 Rev 7 Eproms 2691 Rev 7
1. 3 ROM Chip
2. 04 ROM Chip
2. 05 ROM Chip Guru ROM v6 71.95 Guru ROM v6 A50Q 530H0 82.95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8A 68000 CPU
32. 95
16. 95
23. 50
29. 95
32. 95
29. 95
42. 95
42. 95
42. 95 CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip Super Buster Rev 11 Amber IC
Ramsey Rev 7 Gary Surface Mount Paula Surface Mount Super
Dmac Rev 4 SCALA MM300 & MM400 Back in stock from SCALA:
their award winning, powerful, flexible & easy to use
multimedia presentation tools for the Amiga. Hurry, supplies
are limited.
SCALA MM300 $ 144.95 SCALA MM400 199.95 SCALA MM400 upgrade for MM300 owners 69.95 SCALA Backgrounds This is a professional collection of high quality backgrounds to be used with SCALA MM300 or 400. Specially priced for a limited time only.
SCALA Backgrounds Volume 2 $ 19.95 SCALA Backgrounds Volume 3 19.95 CD-ROM All th* following CD-ROMs carry a 1 Yaar Warranty Sony CDU-55 CD-ROM
• IS09660, Multi-SmiOfl Photo-CD
• SCSI, Double Speed, Caddyless internal model $ 79.95 External
model $ 139.95 _ NEC CDR-222 Quad Speed CD-ROM Drive
• Quid Speed (4X), 600Kb Sec Access
• 120Ms RmdomSeek *256K Buffer
• SCSI-2 • Caddy less Internal model $ 134.95 External model
$ 209.95 Sony CDU 75S Quad Speed SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal
model $ 149.95 External model $ 214.95 Toshiba 6x SCSI CD-ROM
• One of the fulesl Amiga CD-ROMs Internal model $ 259.95 External
model $ 329.95 ASIM CDFS CD-ROM Driver v3.x comes w Fish Mi rite
I CO $ 59.95 ASIM 3.x upgrade for 2.0 owners $ 42.95 $ 94.95
139. 95 Squirrel SCSI-2 PCMCIA Card Surf Squirrel PCMCIA Card
Hard Drives We carry a full line of 2.5" and
3. 5" Hard Drives from Conner, Quantum, Seagate, Micropoiis, &
Power Supplies A Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power Supply $ 149 00 Multiface III I O Extender 99 00 Megalosound 49.95 Pro Midi 42 95 Warp Engine Call Big Foot CD-32 Power Supply 79.95 A3000 Tower Power Supply 129.00 lOmega Zip Drive SCSI External $ 219.95 100Mb Removable Disk 19.95 100Mb Disks (3Pack) 57.95 Zip Jaz Tools Software 24.95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb internal 399.95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb external 499.95 1Gb removable disk 119.95 1Gb rem. Disks -5 Pack 499.95 From Village Tronic: Official 3.1 Kits! Each comes complete w Manuals, Disks & ROM(s).
AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500, A2000, & A2500 $ 124.95 AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000S $ 139.95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all A4000S $ 139.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 139.95 AS306 3.1 Kit for all A600s $ 124.95
3. 1 ROM for A500, A600.
A2000 (Specify) $ 54.95
3. 1 ROM set for A3000. A4000.
A1200 (Specify) 74.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 74.95 AS216 2.1 Kit Irom Commodore
52.95 AS216 2.1 Kilw 2.04 ROM 82.95 AS2l7ARexx D0S Enhancer
14.95 Multi-Start 2 v€A 500 600 2000 34.00 Amiga Parts A1000
Internal Floppy Disk Drive $ 69.95 A100Q Case w all shielding
19.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 79.95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy
Drive 69.95 A200G Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Internal
Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 Amiga Replacement
Mouse 19.95 Mouse lor CDTV, wired - black 16.95 CBM A3000
Power Supply 139.95 Blgfoot A40000 Pwr Sy 300W 269.95 Bigfoot
A3000 Pwr Sy 300W 239.95 286 Bridgeboard PCB Only 69.95 CBM
CDTV Control Pad 34.95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot.) 19.95
Memory CPUs & FPUs 1x32 4Mb 60Ns $ 59.95 2x32 8Mb 6QNs
109. 95 4x32 16Mb 60Ns
179. 95 8x32 32Mb 60Ns
299. 95 1x8 1Mb 80Ns
24. 95 1x4 Page Mode Zip 70Ns
13. 00 1x4 Static Mode Zip 70Ns
12. 00 33Mz 68030 CPU w MMU
39. 95 5QMz 6B03Q CPU w MMU
89. 95 33Mz 66882 PGA FPU
39. 95 33M2 66882 PLCC FPU
44. 95 40Mz 68040 CPU w MMU
199. 95 NewTek Lightwave 4.0 Amiga $ 729.95 LiQhtwave 5.0 Amiga
Call Lightwave 5.0 Intel 1099.95 Lightwave 5.0 Upgrade Amiga
Call Lightwave 5.0 Upgrade Intel 469.95 Video Toaster 4,1
Upgrade CD 499.95 Video Toaster 4000 2079.95 Video Toaster
Flyer 4195.00 Wa configure complete Flyer lyitemi.
Cell for pricing.
NEW Computers from Amiga Technology Trade-in for a new unit We are currently receiving new production runs of both the A1200 and 4000T from Amiga Technology. We are accepting trade-ins for either system if you have an Amiga 2000 or 3000. Call our system hotline for complete details at 610-586-5704 A600 NEW NTSC Computers Irom Commodore stock. Boxed with all parts & 90 Day Warranty. All 600s come with: Kindwords; Maxiplan 4; Infofile; Theme Park Mystery; & Public Domain software. Very limited supplies.
A600 w 1Mb RAM - $ 269.95 A601 1Mb Chip RAM w Clock $ 69.95 A600 w 65Mb Seagate HD initalled - $ 369.95 A1200 New model from Amiga Technology comes complete with The Magic Bundle software pack.
$ 499.95 At 200 HD Same features as above with a factory installed 210Mb Seagate HD pre-loaded with The Magic Bundle software pack.
$ 649.95 A1 200 Surfer Pack Same features as A12Q0HD model with a
14. 4 modem and surfer software to log onto the internet. Call
lor price and availability.
A4000T This powerhouse computer includes 6Mb RAM, 1.08Gig SCSI-2 Hard Drive, and 040 25Mz Processor.Additional RAM, Hard Drives and Peripherals are available at great pricing. Call for a quote on your custom system.
A4000T 040 25Mz 6Mb 1Gb HD $ 2549.00 A4000T 060 50MZ May be released by the time you read this. Call lor availability and pricing._ We configure complete Toaster and Flyer systems.
Into 610*586*5703 Mt m ¦ ¦ ¦ Tech 610-586-8640 JrClf?r5 O AftllfAMA LJ ¦ ¦ ?
S800-932-6442 bOilW3MUX CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint 5 $ 124.95 Deluxe Music 2
59. 95 Theme Park
19. 95 FIFA Internationa! Socces
19. 95 Syndicate
24. 95 Populous
14. 95 O sks work w CDTV, CD‘32, A-570 & any Amiga w CD-ROM drive
& suitable 0river. Purchase 4, or more. & receive FREE
SHIPPING 3D Arena $ 37.95 Fantaseas
25. 95 Nothing but Tetris
14. 95 3D CD-2 Images
14. 95 FjyerCOM 249,00 Octamed 6
34. 95 3D CD-1 Objects 14 95 Fractal Frenzy
24. 95 Octamed Sound Studio
39. 95 17 Bit Continuation CD 15 95 Fractal Pro Image Library
19. 95 Oh Yes... More Worms!
19. 95 17 Bit 5th Dimension
22. 95 Fresh Fish 8. 9 (Specify)
18. 00 Online Library
26. 00 17 Bit Phase 4
15. 95 Fresh Fonts Vol 2
24. 00 Our Solar System
18. 00 17 Bit 2 CD Collection
24. 95 Frozen Fish 8 95
19. 00 Paperbag Pnncess
10. 00 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1.2 (Spec) 15,95 Fun School 3 - Ages 5
and under
10. 00 Personal Suite from Cloanto
89. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 3
22. 95 Gamer’s Delight
34. 00 PhotoCD Manager
33. 95 The 64 Games CO
39. 95 Gamer's Delight 2
27. 95 Phntogenics 2 Call 1078 Weird Textures
19. 95 Garden Fax: Fruits, Vegs, Herbs
9. 00 Power Pinball
10. 00 2000 Greater Mysteries
29. 95 Garden Plants
9. 00 Pro Pics
24. 95 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Indoor Plants
9. 00 Psycho Killer
8. 00 Advanced Military Systems
6. 00 Gardening Handbook
18. 00 SFX Volume 1,2 (Specify) 29,00 AGA Expenence
24. 95 Gateway
18. 95 Scene Siorm
26. 95 AGA Expenence 2 2695 Gateway 2 19,95 Sci Fi Sensation v2
28. 95 American Heritage ill. Dictionary
12. 00 GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Software 2000
36. 95 Amiga CD Sensation t - Demos
15. 95 GIF Gallery Volt
22. 00 Solar System Kit for LW
84. 95 Amiga Developer CD vl.l
19. 95 GIFs Galore 8 95 Sound & GRX Library
28. 95 AmiNetShare4
7. 50 GIF Sensation
24. 95 Sound FX Sensation
21. 95 AmiNetSet 1
36. 95 Giga Graphics
39. 95 Sounds Terrific 1, 2 (Specify)
25. 00 AmiNet Set 2
36. 95 Global Amiga Experience
28. 95 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 AmiNet Set 3 NEW
39. 95 Gold Fish 2, 3 (Specify)
19. 95 Spectrum Emulator 1996
27. 95 AmiNet 3
4. 00 Graphics Plus
18. 00 Sports Football CD-32
6. 00 AmiNet 4
7. 00 Graphics Sensations
24. 95 Strip Poker
12. 95 AmiNet 5.6
12. 00 Grolier’s Encyclopedia 2
39. 95 Surface Pro & Pro Textures Combo
55. 95 AmiNet (Specify) 19.00 Guiness Book oi
Worid Records
9. 95 Super Fonts
19. 00 AmiNet 13 NEW
19. 95 Gutenberg Project
19. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM v1, v2 (Specify)
79. 95 AMOS PD Library 1,2 (Specify) 25,00 Horror 5ensation
26. 95 Tales of Peter Rabbit
10. 00 Anime Babes
18. 95 Hottest 4,5. 6 (Specify)
24. 95 Ten on Ten (10 Cds)
49. 95 Arcade Classics Plus
23. 95 Hound of the Baskervilles
8. 00 Texture Gallery Vol 1
27. 95 Artworx 12,95 Humanoid LW or Imagine (Spec)
159. 95 Texture Heaven
7. 50 Assassins Games
8. 95 ImageVision
104. 95 Texture Heaven 2
12. 95 Assassins Games 2
22. 95 Insight: Technology
12. 95 That's Games 1. 2 (Specify)
25. 00 Audio Pius 1800 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 Time Table of History: 1991 Editions Barney Bear Goes to
8. 00 Internet Info 24 95 Business. Politics & Media
15. 00 BCInet 1.2 (Specify)
8. 95 Kara Fonts Complete Collection
89. 95 Science & Innovations
15. 00 Beauty of Chaos Fractals
19. 95 Last Ninja 3 CD-32
6. 00 Town With No Name
5. 00 Bible & Religion
17. 00 Light ROM 2
22. 95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CD
14. 95 Blanker Collection
22. 95 Light ROM 3 (3 Cds)
39. 95 Universal 3D ROM 137 95 C64 Sensations Volume 2
26. 95 Light Works 28 95 Uitimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cds)
21. 95 CD Bool
39. 95 Magic illusions 3D Stereograms
14. 95 Utilities Expenence NFA
19. 95 CD PD 1
8. 00 Magic Publisher 49,95 Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 CD PD 2,3, 4 (Specify)
24. 00 Magic Workbench Enhancer
26. 95 Video Gem 05,00 CD Write
42. 95 Maximum MODs Volume 1
25. 95 Visions
24. 95 Chaos Engine CD-32
6. 00 Meeting Pearls 3
13. 95 Visual FX i. 2 (Specify)
99. 00 Cinderella: The Original Fairy Tale
9. 00 Mega Media 2
18. 00 Weird Science Clip Art
14. 00 Clip Art & Fonts
9. 95 Micro R&D Volume 1 25 00 Weird Science Fonts
14. 00 Clipart Warehouse 1,2 (Specify)
18. 00 Micro R&D Volume 2 40,00 Weird Science Animations
25. 00 Cookbook Heaven 2
19. 00 Micro R&D Volume 3 14 95 Weird Science Demo Mania 1
20. 00 Colour Library
15. 95 Micro R&D Volume 4
15. 95 Weird Science UPD Gold
39. 95 Corporate Video Backgrounds
118. 95 Micro R&D Volume 5 44 00 Women In Motion
9. 00 DataMix
16. 00 Mind Run-CDTVONLY
7. 00 Workbench Add On
32. 00 da Capo Mods & Sounds
27. 00 MODs Anthology
36. 95 World Atlas from Wisedrome
39. 95 Demo CD 1.2 (Specify)
24. 00 Movie Maker Special FX 1
59. 95 World Info
45. 95 Distant Sum 5.01 CD NEW
99. 95 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 World of Clipart Plus
22. 95 EMC-Phase 1,2,3 (Specify)
33. 95 Moving Textures 100, 200 (Spec)
239. 00 World of GIF 2
22. 00 EMC-Phase 4 Call Mud Puddles
10. 00 World of Photo
19. 95 Emulators Unlimited Plus
26. 95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
36. 95 World of Sound
18. 95 Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon
16. 95 Music MODs & Sound Samples
8. 95 Wrath of the Demon
5. 00 Epic Collection
26. 95 NetNews Offline Volume 1
16. 95 XiPaint 4.0
64. 95 Eric Schwartz CD-Archive
21. 95 Network CD by Wbird Science
22. 95 Zoom Release 2
34. 95 EuroScene
8. 95 Network CD 2 by Weird Science
22. 95 EuroScene 2
18. 95 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 For Adult Titles please see our Eyes of the Eagle F1
9. 00 39 95 New Basics Electronic Cookbook Nothing but GIFs
15. 00
18. 95 Catalog on Disk or WWW site.
Repairs & Installation Alfa Data , m | g§gg| § '¦ AhaPawnr Plus IDE MO Controller 010 8Mb RAM; $ 749.95 for A500 500+ New 72 pin SIMMs Alfa Power Plus w 613Mb HO $ 369.95 Dill for o1h*r tonifgonffont We realize the difficulty many Amiga users have in finding reliable and honest service facilities. We have been with the Amiga right from the start and know it thoroughly. We repair all Amigas, Including the A1200 and A4000. We also install and configure existing machines. We offer reasonable rates and free estimates. We only charge you if you wanl your system repaired *. Please call our Tech line
at 610-586-8640 lor details on sending in yotrr system.
A500 Peripherals BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 $ 84.95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 49.95 A500 Case complete w shieldiofl 17.95 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 44.95 A500 Keyboard 44.95 External Floppy Drive 880K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 33.95 CBM Service Manuals A500 Service Manual $ 14.95 A500+Service Manual 19.95 A20Q0 Rev 4.x Service Manual 22.95 A3000 Desktop Service Manual 24.95 A3000 Tower Service Manual 26.95 1084S 01 Service Manual 14.95 1950 or 1960 Service Manual (Spec) 19.95 2091 Service Manual 12.95 A206C A2065 A2232 Serv. Man. 12.95 A590 HD Service Manual 14.95 CDTV Srvice
Manual 17.95 M-TEC Germany Mtec AT 500 No HD $ 149.95 Mtec AT 500 613Mb HD 369.95 Mtec A500 2Mb RAM Module 139.95
* Actual return shipping charges do apply to all units sent in to
our location.
Productivity - Utilities Address it! 1.5 $ 26.95 AmiPC Power Mouse Soltware 18.95 AmigaViston Clips v1 SFX 8.95 AmigaVision Professional 24.95 Artworks Clip Art Library 22.95 Aweb 2 w HTML Heaven 44.95 Batch Factory 49.00 Blitz Basic 2.1 69.00 Brilliance 2.0 124.95 Checks 4 Balances 38.00 Cinema 4D Magic Link 249.00 Composite Studio Pro 149,95 Control Tower 139.95 Co-Pilot Video 99.00 Cross DOS v6 46.95 Cross MAC 79.00 Decision Maker 199.00 Desktop Magic 28.95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack 14.95 Digital Universe 124.95 Directory Opus 5 79.00 DirWork 2 59.00 Disk Expander 37.95 Disk Magic 54.95
Disney Animation Studio 39.95 Distant Suns 5.01 Floppy 57.95 DJ Helper 2 59.00 Easy Ledgers 2 149.95 EnPrinl 2 Epson Stylus Color Driver 34.95 Family Connections 34.00 Fiber Factory 79.95 Final Calc 134.95 Final Data Release 3 59.00 Final Writer Rel 5 112.95 Final Writer Lite 59.95 Fractal Pro 6.10 w FPIl v! CD 85.00 GameSmith Development System 78.00 GeoMorph 1.0 49.95 Gigamem 3.x 58.95 HiSofl Basic 2 94.95 Ibrowxe 41.95 Image F X 2,6 239.95 Imagine 239.00 ImageMaster R T 69.00 Impact! For Lightwave 219.95 inloNexus 2 w DataNexus 59.95 Interior Construction 69,00 Inienor Design 2, or 3
(Specify) 38.00 International Flow Charter 33.95 Invoice It 1.2 34.95 Link It! 49.95 Magic Lanlem v2 94.00 Make Path 2.10 29.95 Master ISO from AslMware 174.95 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typiing 2 24.95 MaxDOS 2.5 79.00 Motion Master LW (Spec v1 or v2) 114.95 Music X 2.0 69.95 OctaMED Pro v6 59.95 On the Ball v1.5 35.00 PageStraam 3.x 199.00 Path Finder 99.00 Pegger 2.0 29.95 Photogenics 84.95 Pixel 30 Pro 2.x 89.95 Power Macros Lightwave 89.95 Pro Vector 3 179.00 Quarterback 6.1 49.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02 49.95 Quarterback + Tools Bundle 89.95 Radar 4000 299.00 Road Signs 44.95 SAS C 6.51
159,95 Scape Maker 4.0 39.95 Scenery Animator 4,0 58.95 SIGH-Light 5.4 24.95 Snap Maps: Building Materials 124.95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage 124.95 Soft Talk 7.50 Sparks 119.95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools 24.95 Studio Primer 2 v2.12 89.95 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-U4 (Spec) 37.95 Surface Pro 55.95 Termite TCP 64.95 Terra Form 2.10 29.95 Turbo Calc 3.5 64.95 Turbo Print 4.1 64.95 Twist 2 Relational Database 119.95 TypeSmith 2.5 69.00 Upper Disk Tools 25.95 Video Backup System 69.00 Vista Pro 3.05 49.95 Wave Maker 2.0 179.95 Wipe Studio 137.95 World Construction Set v1 158.95 World Construction Set v2
368.95 NEVM 6mm* ter Amiga $ C04i Aladdin AGA $ 24, .95 95 95 .95 95 ,95 .95 .95 .95 .00 .95 .95 .95 .95 .95 .95 .95 .95 95 .95 95 95 95 .95 .95 .95 95 95 95 .95 95 95 .95 .95 .95 .95 95 95 95 .95 .95 .95 .95 .95 95 95 95 95 Alien Breed 3D AGA CD-32 (Specify) 39.
Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA CD-32 (Specify) 41.
Alrophy AGA CD-32 (Spaecity) 34.
Beau Jolly Compilation 24.
Blitz Bombers ECS'AGM)D-32 (Spec) 37.
Breathless AGA 34.
Civilization ECS or AGA (Specify) 24.
Coala - for all accelerated Amigas 37.
Colonization 36.
The Clue (CD-32) 16.
Defender o( ihe Crown 2 CD-32 16.
Dungeon Master 2 AGA 42.
Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.
Exile ECS 24, Extreme Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.
Fears AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.
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Pinball Prelude ECS AGA (Specify) 34.
Pole Position ECS AGA (Specify) 34.
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Super Tennis Champs Amiga 34.
Theme Park ECS AGA (Specify) 44.
Viro Cops ECS AGA (Specify) 29.
Virtual Karting AGA 26.
Watch Tower AGA 34.
Worms Amiga CD-32 (Specify) 39.
XP8 AGA 38.
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Mac Lite $ 67.95 Empfani A1200 & CD32 w SX Unit 54.95 Orders Hut Info 610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-6640 SSSSS 800-932-6442 Hours: Man-Fri 9 to 6; Sat 10 to 4- Eastern A4000 or A4000T $ 99.95 GVP-M We are the North American distributors for GVP-M, currently distributing many new and innovative products made in the U.S.A. All current boards support inexpensive 72 pin SIMMs.
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Blazing speed and faster SCSI-2 than Cyberstorm.
$ 1099.00 A2000 060 50 Mx T-Rex Same features as T-Rex 2 above.
$ 929.95 A2000 040 4OMz T-Rex Same features as T-Rex 2 above. Can be expanded to 060 50Mz at a later date.
Call A4008 Controller Card The classic SCSI-2 controller card for A2000 3000 4000.
Holds up to 8Mb RAM.
A40QB W 360MDHD $ 299.95 Each 2Mb Increment - $ 46.00 Original GVP made SIMMs for all older GVP boards: 4Mb - $ 119.95 16Mb- $ 299.95 OSS 8 Plus 3.0 software $ 29.95 I O Extender - 2 Serial. 1 Par. 119.00 can now visit Software Hut at our site on the World Wide Web: www.SiOfthutmCom Power HD Floppy Drives
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This is ths software to do it.
These programs support low and high danBity floppy drives and all types of hard drives.
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Look for specific models for these units as well as an external model in the next month.
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only composite input or has a Scart or Svideo socket. If you want a VideoCD player there's nothing better than the SMD-
100. With a free copy of Four Weddings and a Funeral, the only
bad thing about it is that it’s another remote control to
lose down the back of the sofa. £& Bottom ilme Requirements
BLACK recommended RED essential UCT DETAILS Product SMD-100
HiSoft £199.95 Supplier Price Tel 01525 718 181 E-Mail
sales@hisoft.co.uk WWW: http: www.hisoft.co.uk Ease of use
98% 95% 80% Implementation Value For Money Overall 92% ®e
were promised so much with Mpeg - easily accessible video
from compact disk and abundant FMV for all - but with the
demise of Commodore only a small number of Mpeg modules ever
made it out for the CD32. And the CD32 player for the A1200
never made it and never looked like it would sport an Mpeg
decoder. So only Amiga owners with deep enough pockets and a
big box Amiga were able to access Mpeg videos using Scala's
If you thought it would never be possible to view a VideoCD, HiSoft, well known for its innovative Amiga peripherals, has come up with an extremely neat way of allowing you to do so.
The SquirrelMPEG, now known by the much catchier SMD-100, is a small black box that attaches to your SCSI chain. Place a VideoCD in a dual-speed or better SCSI CD-ROM and hit play, and the SMD-100 will spool the Mpeg code off the CD and squirt a TV signal out of the Scart socket at the back of the box.
The whole package is neatly put together. The SMD player can handle both PAL and NTSC format VideoCDs and can output both PAL and NTSC video signals with the signal being automatically adjusted to suit the CD format and video output. At the back of the box is a single Scart socket which connects it to your video or TV. Depending on your TV, the SMD can output plain old composite as standard, RGB or Svideo.
Cycling By default composite is always used but by pressing play once the video is started you can cycle through the different outputs and so take advantage of the 24-bit quality RGB output. Thanks to the addition of a 9-pin D- plug socket it is also possible to hook up a Genlock and superimpose graphics over the video. This mode is again selected by pressing play once the video is selected.
Control for the box is via a small remote control pad. All the added bonuses of VideoCD are catered for so you can instantly jump to any one of the pre-set locations on the video from the numeric pad. You also have multiple speed of slow motion and fast forward rewind, along with the rock-solid freeze frame and an eject CD button.
To attach the SMD to the SCSI chain two standard 50-pin Centronics-style connectors are situated at the back of the box along with four dip switches to select a SCSI ID and internal termination.
To use the SMD you do not need a SCSI interface or even a computer - just a dualspeed SCSI CD-ROM and the leads to hook everything up. The unit can quite happily talk to the CD-ROM all on its own. I can testify to this, having just watched the VideoCD of Airplane on my TV without a single computer in sight - if you don't count the Playstation.
Quality of VideoCDs is always going to be an issue but generally it is better than traditional video tape and the 16-bit sound output is far superior. Problems with Mpeg videos occur when there is either a lot Neil Mohr jumps at the opportunity to slump down and relax in front of the TV all in the name of a review detail and movement in a scene which results in blocking being apparent. Pausing the video while someone is walking across the screen it becomes obvious that the image is made up of small blocks. The same effect can be seen in Jpeg pictures that have been compressed at low
Currently there is no software to backup the SMD-100, such as that to control playback from Workbench, but really this is unnecessary as it would be simpler to use the remote.
HiSoft is also still considering whether to implement software that allows you to spool VideoCD off a hard drive, although this would only really be of use to people doing presentations or kiosk work. The company is interested in hearing from anyone who could make use of this facility.
Make sure you get the correct cables for your TV depending on whether it accepts “The unit can quite happily talk to the CD-ROM all on its own, I can testify to this, having just watched the VideoCD of Airplane on my TV without a single computer in sight - if you don't count the Playstation" Amiga Computing ®nly last month I was taking a look at the fairly impressive Miami, and now look what's dropped into the office - TermiteTCP from the makers of the renown com ms program Termite.
TermiteTCP is meant to be one of these new age TCP IP stacks that are nice and easy to set up, and that's a fair enough claim for this particular product. Once installed - a very straightforward process using the normal Amiga installer - you are left with the single TermiteTCP drawer in which you have the TermiteTCP program.
Assuming you have your modem hooked up and you know the basic details of your Internet account, you can be connected to your IP in a few minutes.
The basics are your account name, password, e-mail address, domain, ISP's phone number and your ISP IP address - basically, all the information you should have when you get an Internet account.
Just tap the details into the two configuration windows and then select Record Login.
This dials your ISP and allows you to type in your login name and password. If your account can use either PPP or SLIP, such as Demon accounts, the protocol in this case is PPP. Once done you double-check the dial sequence and save the configuration off. Hitting the Connect button will do what it says and get you connected.
Less friendly Termite differs from Miami - which has its own separate configuration program - in that it needs similar information but goes about getting it off you in a less friendly manner. Miami also has that big list of modems which guarantees that yours will work first time; with TermiteTCP you have to make do with the preset generic modem Init string. This should be fine for all recent modems, and I had no problems with any of the modems in the office, but if you do have problems you will have to indulge in playing with those obscure Hayes commands.
It is nice to see that people pay attention to how programs work on other machines, as Disconnect | Connected Can the Amiga world take another TCP IP stack? Neil Mohr dives into the heady world of the Internet thanks to TermiteTCP both the connection and network preference windows sport 'more' and 'less' option buttons. These allow unessential options to be hidden from novice users, making sure they do not get confused. There are also a couple of tool types that can make TermiteTCP automatically connect when it is run, and start iconised to help speed connection - something that would be
a welcome addition to Miami. I also prefer TermiteTCP's small, two- button interface.
An annoying problem when connecting to your ISP is that once you have hit the connect button you have no control over TermiteTCP until the program finally connects or decides it cannot connect or set the modem. Compared with Miami, this is not very friendly. If you are a Demon user you will know that unless you connect before the second ring you won't connect at all. With Miami, if you hear two rings you can simply either hit the F4 or F5 key to cancel the dialling and try again - it would be nice to have at least a cancel button, instead of just leaving you there starring stupidly at two
ghosted out but- tons. Perhaps the Connect button changing to a cancel button while dialling would be a solution?
TermiteTCP has the same problem as Miami in that if you have an Internet account that !£» IATEIV1M1 &C1&D2 3859666 i 20l 8ni .device
- --- TermiteTCP TermiteTelnet ISPLisi Modem INIT Command ISP
Phone Number ¦ .... v . Connection Timeout (sec)
Serial Device Name Unit Baud Handshaking PAP Username PAP CHAP
Password Verification Interval(minutes) Amiga Computing "The
saving grace for TermiteTCP is that it uses less than half a
meg, fits on a single floppy and makes Internet connection on a
2Mb machine - an A1200 for example - a real possibility" r uses
SMTP to transfer e-mail, you will have to get hold of a
separate SMTP deamon to fetch and retrieve mail for you. The
advantage of AmiTCP is that it comes ready with one, along with
a whole host of other handy TCP IP tools.
Another small deficiency with Termite's TCP IP stack is that it does not seem complete when compared with AmiTCP and Miami, as it has a few information-oriented library functions that are not implemented. On the whole this will not affect your normal TCP programs, such as AmlRC, AmFTP, NewsAgent, iBrowse and Aweb, as they do not require these functions, but when I tried AmiTCP's Finger and Ping commands 1 experienced TermiteTCP's 'unsupported AmiTCP function' requester. Fair enough, but it would have been nice to supply repfacements for these commands as well.
[JJemory consumption A part of the Internet that seems to be used more by programmers is Telnet, one of the oldest services available on the Internet Generally it allows you to connect to another computer and use resources on it. So, from a small home computer you can access all the power of a super computer, as long as you have a shell account. There are also a number of freely Jargon _BOX ISP - Internet Service Provider - the people, such as Demon or AOL, who maintain your Internet account To use TermiteTCP you need a PPP Account with your ISP PPP - Point to Point Protocol - a standard
that defines how two computers can communicate with each other over a serial link. This replaces the older SUP protocol and is marginally more efficient TCP - The most common transport layer protocol used on Ethernet and the Internet It was developed by DARPA TCP is built on top of Internet Protocol (IP) and is nearly always seen in the combination TCP IP (TCP over IP). It adds reliable communication, flow- control, multiplexing and connection-oriented communication. It provides full-duplex, process-to-process connections.
QTP'ing around One of two extra TCP programs that come with TermiteTCP is the imaginatively entitled Termite FTP. This is a pretty straightforward FTP client which, os you would expect, will let you access any FTP server on the Internet. The program itself is a tiny 80k and so will suit people running 2Mb machines, but anyone with more memory will probably want to get hold of a more advanced client, probably AmFTP if you are a MUI lover.
Mmwm ogin: | Send lyourlogin 4 | Wait word; Send 1 .. ¦ “¦ liyourpassword HU Wait ocoh HI Send l&PP
• » | Send
* * 1 Send Making life easier, TermiteTCP will automatically
create the login script available sen ices, such as archie and
IRC connection using Telnet.
Overall there is nothing wrong with TermiteTCP, but on the other hand there is nothing startling. If it had come out one or two years ago there would have been nothing like it around, but with Miami out there already at half the price! - and with the next release of AmiTCP set to have a simple frontend, there is nothing particularly outstanding.
The saving grace for TermiteTCP is that it uses less than half a meg, fits on a single floppy and makes Internet connection on a 2Mb machine - an A1200 for example - a real possibility. The inclusion of the small and fully featured FTP and Telnet programs does help, but where are the IRC client, the news reader, the mail program and the Web browser? All these are extras to be paid for on top of the 60 quid you have already spent Bottom line Requirements BLACK recommended RED essential Modem Kickstart 4 Mb RAM IXED UCT DETAILS TermiteTCP Product HiSoft Supplier Price Tel E-Mail Ease of
use Implementation Value For Money Overall Memory-wise there initially seems to be quiet a big difference between Miami and the other two TCP IP stacks, but once MUI is loaded, either just left resident in memory or there through loading iBrowse, these differences are reduced somewhat This shows that people running on a tight memory allowance will really have to hunt out none MUI products to get the most out of TermiteTCP.
|tCP IP stack Termite Miami AmiTCP basic 340k 995k 170k on-line 410k 1155k 350k newsagent 940k 1685 k 895k + MUI 1135k 1322k 1139k iBrowse 1950k 2190k 2015k 01625 878888 sales@hi50ft.co.uk WWW: www.hisoft.co.uk 80% 83% £59.95 90% 85% Amiga Computing 1-ROM...IjS!I-RM,..I!D-ROM...CUOIOD-R9M...CD-1Q1,„CD*ROM„JHQ1,„GD'SQM. Workbench Add-On Volume 1 Ihe Workbench Add-On CD-ROM it the ideal companion to your workbench. On this CD you wdl not only find the best programs, that ate available For" the Arugo. But you will also get them recdytonm from the CD. In addition to lhi» there is an mitoRor script
that mstolb the desired programs to your harddisk.
The CD CO*ats all areas of interest, all. The programmer, if* uiet, the creative and the gamer will find what they ate loakmg fat On this CD-ROM there are many shareware programs, some of them at a spaaol price. S you get registered There is e g Shopeshifter Far 40 DM (instead of 50 ¦ DM). n oddmon to fhd there ii a 50 MB Mae partition, so that you can start playing around wish Moc apfrkomi right away. Then there ¦« PowerPlayer For 20 DM (instead oF 30 -
DM) , there ere. Of course, loads of modules with it. Jo thcl you
ten try rt right away AmiWin, the new XI1 -sewer For the
Amiga is available For $ 40. Instead o! $ 50, You con vi vo
more than 100.- DM with this CD Ihoiolor* you only have to
send m the appropriate page in the booklet to rhe author of
the ptogtam 024 95 Magic Publisher On itn unique CD-ROM Set
you will find all you need to create rvce baling document* it
you wo»t to wbte a bool, i you wanl'o dti-g-i a potter, it
you wont to create WWW-Pqge* for th* Internet or layout
o magojme, ah you need yew »!i fmd on ibis marvelous CD-ROM.
There are more than 10 003 font* (Colour Font*. Bitmap Font*, IFF-Fonts. Adobe Fonts, In 1*1!iForm. Tructype Fonts or.il DMF Foots), mote than 5 000 cliparts and 150 punter driven Many of these ore (¦elusive to Magic PubWitr You will also find a complete i"ilfollahon of FasTti (more man 300 MB) ccntomuig al ft Font* (upto 600.600 dpi) In aide, to create good loo ling documents, n»'» ¦} Final Water 4 $ E and Wordworth 4 TD Both ictea a* th* best word ptocesscrs on rh* Am ga Foe creating good looking Intern* i V WW-Documenti there are a FI available free Shoiowaro programs lor the Amiga,
including many backgrounds and special diport for this purpose The 100+ pages booklet contains printouts at art Fonts and cJipart. Aspvcral BBS section is also provided £-49.95 Amiga Developer CD vl.l The offiool developer CD from AMIGA Technologies rontons ot th* material you need to start developing software I or Amiga computers This includes: The CD32 developer package In addition ia the original five disk set distribution you wdl Find the "Build CD' CD writer package Packages contributed by 3rd parties The WBPoth end AchonFSSM packages, courtesy of Ralph Babel; Th* Envoy v2.0 d-weloper ki.
Courtesy of 1AM. Inc; The I Net 225 developer kir, ve'SKjn 2, courtesy of InterwctU. Inc.. Th* Kislometer package, courtesy of Angela Schmidr, The Enforce* *3764 courtesy of M*e Sirt Information in support of forthcoming operating system developments Additional developer material BOO RSI gadget and image classes; The AtrirgaOS 2.04 example coda, as pail of (ho original 2 04 Native Develop*! Kit. The RKM 2 04 cod* examples; The complete set of registered lJF forms; IFF example and rtwss lest Film. All IFF packages released by Commodore-Amiga, Inc. covering 1936 through 1992, The camd *37.1 MED!
Developer kit; The- SANA II standard package end developer kit; The Installer v43 1 package Fnterrrotionol support material Sample text using the fir!
ISO-8B59-1 character set. Trondofcon guidelinel The updated 3 1 Ncftve Developer Kit *C' and assembly language header Met.
Imkoi and runtime libraries, System documentation and tutorial texts.
Example code covering lh* AMIGA OS 3.0 and 3 I features, Th* NowtFF *39 package. The Am-goGuid* and DotoTypei n documentation end example coda. Reference mateoo1. The 5 collection of A-rugaGuvfo Volume 1 articles, covering Spring 1987 “ through january February 1989, The complete AeugaGu.de Volume £ 2 articles m Am-gnGtude formal, covering Januoi y Feb'uary 1990 ? Through Marcft Apt-f 1993; also included ore the printable issues in 3 PostScript and BageStream lormat; Hardware related articles; The « Includes A Autodocs in AmigcGu'd* format £14.95 Aminet Set 1 Arr.mer is the world1 s largest
collection of freely distrrbulable Amiga soFrware Up to 10.000 useri access He vast archives errery day and coundess programmers pubhsh dhecdy via Anw.et UniJ secervf-y access la Aminet was restricted fa international network users W3h Arvunct Set 1, consisting of 4 Cds, the Complete archive is pub&shed the first time. Tks CD-ROM-caBection. Which is doted January 1995, offers an almost inexhaushbf* reservoir of tap value Shareware. A wide variety of programs It included: Application!, Games, Demos, Pictures. Mods. Animations. Developer-Material, It contains approximately 4 gigabytes of
software n 12 500 archives and you
* 41 ertoy the comfortable user interlace £29.9 5 Aminet Set 2
AMINET SET 2, dated November 1995, consists of approximately 4
gigabytes of software in 12 000 archives Whether you like
application I, games, communications or programming, the SET
gives you nil you need Easy la us* index hies and search
facilities mak* accessing 4 o pleasure £34 95 Aminet Set 3
AMINET SET 3, dated July 1996, consists al apprci-moMy 4
gigabytes ol software in 9.000 archives Alio included ate lufl
versions of mogme 4.0, XiPaint 3 2, OctoMED 5,0 and some
commercial games. Whether you like application!, gomes,
communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need
95 MS Utilities. 79 MB Documents, 408 MB text software. 12 MB
Ditl HD tools. 7 MB Hatdwgc* related. 756 MB Pictures A
Animators, 208 MB Graphics software. 394 MB Graphics A sound
demos. 563 MB Gome*. 64 MB Miscefoneovs, 685 MB Music modules.
28 MS Music software. 331 MB Communications, 91 MB DevefopmeRf
Software. 88 MS Business softwate Easy to use index hies and
search facilities male accessing ir a pleasure £39.95 All
products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through
national mail-order-companies Gamers1 Delight II This CD
Contain j 1070 games lor the Commodore Amiga Srorr. Differing
categories. Action. Jump 4 Run, Cord Gomes. Puzzles. Strategy
Games - a whole rang* of computer entertanmeni ow-s-rrt Gamers
’ Delight will hold you captivated for hours and guarantees
tong-last- ing pleasure. 70 games are commercial versions - no
publ-c domain B no demosl This CD can be run on Oay Amigu with
CD ROM drive.I MB free memory and JoysKck Joypad. £26.95
Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill 1h* Meetvvg Pearls Volume III contains
650 MB cl the finest FD software vip a speed user interface,
which has been created to avow you to Find the program of yoaf
choice wrrh ease The contents: 10 MB Packer, Cruncher Archive
Programs - 3 MB CDROM Utilities 21 MB ComtnsmiCOhon and Network
Programs 5 MB Debugging Tools 29 MB Development Tools 13 MB
Floppy. Hard Disk anj SCSI Programs 8 MB Educational Program! 9
MB Games 35 MB Graphics Prog rami - 39 MB Internet Movie
Database. Updated Version 7 MB Midi Toolt and Programs 27 MB
Mods 12 MB Muitc Programs ¦ 21 MB Pictures 13 MB AmiTCP end
more lor Networking 60 MB Documentation, CD-ROM Date bases etc.
96 MB PasTeX 1.4 - not previous available on any CD-ROM 15 MB
Uhlme} - 30 MB HTMl-Pogos • Collections of datatypes, benchmark
programs, karts, programs lor amateur radio and decliicol eiec-
tronic engineering are also included. £9 95 Aminet 13 StR
available I £14.95 Aminet 14 Ameset CD 14. Dated October 1996.
Consists cl appci-morely 1.1 giQObytes of software ¦* 2400
archives Since the release of Aminet CO 13 mate than 750 MB new
-software has appeared User Friendly occeii software mokes the
Aminet CD 34 a plomure la use.
£14 95 World WideWeb: http: www.schatztruhe.de rs XiPaint V4 XiPom 4 is the new version of the leading edge, 2Jt*i point program If* suited la the demands of novice and expert alike, and iwihm a short lime, you loo will be able to produce colourful and creaeva art in 16 8 m,tf«n colours. This version of JO Pa nr lectures arumouons a* we! As eos jr-louse raytroongcapabflibei Overview of Features Diverse point fuocboni -'-eluding colour, contrast and saturation adjustment • Mask, outline, recolour and (id function! - Airbrush with ad-ustoble Spray functions Lighttable function for manipulating
mo«-ages ond animations Text Functions with antr-akaiing using Compugicpbic Fonts Support foe a variety of graphic Forman Unlimited Undo Diverse manipulation of alpha channel Supports many graph..; cards layers to com bio* different project! Arexx port Drag A Drop colours External fiber module ¦ Ertnnsrve documentation 60 textures. 50 landscapes. 30 other p-Cures ond many fonts included £49.95 Mods Anthology Da you Erie Music? Do you hie Computers? Do you like Compnter-Music? Then, this cotecnoa is who! You need I 4 CD-Roms hill ol Musrc-Modulesl More than 16000 mad* of any Formal (MOD. S3M,
XM, II, Amiga Synthetics. ) all sorted by Composeti in priority, by Groups, then by Kinds, all stored in uncompressed Form, readable under ah th* mofO» pladcrms. Coming along with 11 MB of Module Lists (ASCII. AmgoGude .} ond 25MB ol Module Ffoyers ond Trot ter: for marry computers Released wtth the full agreeroeni It cm more than 200 musicians PC ond AMIGA Scene) who provided me with a personal itJolile and picture, os well as many previously uruqleoted modutedEnioy ihit 7.years titanic workl Prepare to listen to 1000+ hour* of Mu ski £39.95 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 NteNews Off3m« Vol f is the
First disk oF a new bimonthly published tettei ol Amiga CD ROMs whth contain* all AMIGA-related ntwv groups from die internet Every vofume leoiurei obout 50000 articles which contain hot rumairs. Important information about d aspects of the Amiga, pressreleases, discussions and Ham* wors, _ A newsreader is included NetNews Offline is the cheap cltensatjve of getting in touch with Usenet £14.95 International Distributor: Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshuf-Tiengen • Germany Tel +49-7741 -83040 Fax +49-7741 -83 0438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 Dhrystones 7874
0688 68680 7MHz B2060 68008 7MHz 01280 EC028 14MHz 82580 68820 14MHz 03880 68838 25MHz 04068 68048 25MHz CPU Mips FPU MFIops EVIEW rlZrlUiif Chip Speed vs R698 With the T-630 fitted, a standard A1200 pales in comparison ®ell, I never thought I would see the day when an A600 was running faster than the office A1200, but lo and behold it's arrived! And it's all thanks to a new board from German manufacalready have an A600 with a hard drive, this can be used in an A1200. So do you go for the accelerator or the computer?
Line ?
M-TEC Supplier T-630 25Mhz 4Mb - £143 T-630 40Mhz 4Mb-£184 8Mb Upgrade - £21 Shipping - £9.23 +49 (0)2041 46 56 Tel 79% Ease of use Implementation 79% 77% Value For Money Overall 80% turer M-TEC.
Getting on for a year ago I took a look at the Apollo 620 - a 68020 accelerator for the Amiga
600. The board itself had everything you would want (Simm socket
and an included FPU), but the way it was attached to the
A600 was very suspect.
The T-630 is faced with similar problems, as the only way you can add an accelerator to an A600 is by plugging it directly over the original 68000 processor. The Apollo board did not make a very good job of this, but the T-630 has a much better socket that fits the processor perfectly, even though you shouldn't shake your A600 too much once it is fitted.
Fitting the board is not too tricky, but it's a little time consuming - you have to remove the A600's casing and also the top of the shield.
1 Test T630 A600 A4000 1 EmuTest
5. 05
0. 55
9. 19 WritePixel
0. 71
0. 33
5. 11 Dhrystone
4. 99
0. 5
9. 55 InstTest
5. 67
0. 57
5. 73 Ftrace
4. 53
0. 47 7,31 BeachBall
4. 14
0. 39
7. 25 MemCheck
4. 62
0. 36
1. 27 Along with the standard Syslnfo speed test it is always
handy to look at the wider range of tests thatAIBB provides.
All tests are compared with a standard A1200, and the A4000
had its maths co-processor disabled.
ENCHMARKS If you thought an A600 would never give an A1200 a run for its money, think again FPU - Additional hardware to perform functions on floating-point numbers such as addition, multiplication, logarithms, exponentials, trigonometric functions and various kinds of rounding and error detection. A floating-point accelerator often functions as a co-processor to the CPU 68030 - A microprocessor from Motorola. It was the successor to the Motorola 68020 and was fallowed by the Motorola 68040. The 68030 has on-chip instruction and data cache s. It also hos an on-chip MMU, except in the 680EC30
version Benchmark - A standard program or set of programs which con be run on different computers to give an accurate measure of their performance Dilemma The standard unit is available with either a 25 or 40MHz 030 processor, and it can come fitted with either A or 8Mb of RAM. The board can also take a PGA-type 68882 FPU if you think you need one.
The dilemma for an A600 owner is whether they should get this accelerator or go for an A1200. An A600 fitted out with a T630 and a hard drive would be quiet a good machine, with the only limitations being the available display modes. The trade off will be cost If you Jargon ____BOX Once done you just 'plug' the board into place.
Once everything was back in place the A600 powered up first time and Workbench booted with no problem at all. The difference in speed is quiet startling, and you'll wonder how you ever put up with such a slow machine.
Amiga Computing WE ARE AMIGA!
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Meg .. £22.50 72 Pin 8
Meg .. £39.99 72 Pin 16 Meg ...
....£75.99 60ns SIMMs also available... CALL FOR LATEST SIMM
PRICES ACCELERATORS Apollo 1220 28 Mhz ..... .£89.99 Apollo
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Mhz £119.99 Blizzard 50
Mhz ...£149.99 RAM EXPANSIONS A600 2
Mb Upgrade .....£19.99 A1200 4 Mb Upgrade
......£65.99 A1200 8 Mb
Upgrade ...£95.99 CALL FOR PRICES ON
INFORMATION & ORDERING Orders can be placed by phone, fax or by mail, using any major credit debit card, or cheque postal order payable to ‘Megatronix’ and allow time for clearance.
MODEMS INTERNET WE ARE AMIGA COMMS SPECIALISTS 2400bps Modems .£29.99 14400bps Modems £69.99 28800bps Modems ....£129.99 33600bps Modems ....£165.99 Whether you want to make new friends, swap ideas and programs or do some serious research, a modem will open the door to an exciting new world where anything is possible!
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All our modems come complete with everything you need to get online the day you receive your package, FREE ACCESS TO OUR BBS MIDNIGHT EXPRESS ON 01384 86-56-26 & 82-62-82 With every modern pack purchased from us, you will automatically receive 1 years’ free access to our own Bulletin Board System, Midnight Express, where you can download 1000s of files (PD games, demos, utilities, etc) completely free of charge, 24hrs a day, 7 days!
CALL WITH ANY QUERIES & QUESTIONS MEGATRONIX sales enquiries 21 Tiled House Lane L= 01384 77172 ® Bnerley Hill For the latest information, and crazy daily special offers, be West Midlands sure to check out our World Wide Web site at:- py5 4lg England www.woden.com ~mtx PTIONAL EXTRAS EVIEW The CD Plus is designed to he a CD-ROM and Storage Subsystem. The drive is housed in a CE-certified case with a 40 watt (60 watt peak) power supply. This means you can run an additional IDE hard drive or a SyQuest, Zip or Jaz drive from it.
It will also run the new ATAPI tape streamers. Eyetech has a range of external drive cases and power data cables available with which to connect hardware straight to the CD'Plus.
Amiga Computing puts Eyetech's new CD-ROM drives under the spotlight Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended A1200 A600 Product details Product CD Plus Supplier Eyetech Price Four-Speed - £ 149.95, Eight-Speed £199.95 Tel 01642 715185 Scores
- Ease'of use__ Implementation Value For Money Overall Amiga
Computing DECEMBER 1996 ?I nouen coni tgtire: Max : [38469 ~
setup: rRTzyri nT.RP2S2-ise=iti Min: [388 380 ; ICONNECT N J
608 : [CONNECT 6B9 ltAJ 1 288 : fCONNECT 1 2e6 HFj~ 2488 ! [C
ONNKcTr 2468 4RBH: [CbNNECT 4 866 9600 : [CONNECT 9608 12B68 :
[CONNEC! 12098 14408 : [CONNECT 14490 19288 : |CONNECT 19288
38480 : [CONNECT 36488 Busy I fBUSY -H's J No PT : [NO
PinLTPNE H J Opt ions £ Seven-wire handshaking v» Locked bps
rate X Send setup string twice X Siou connand string
v. .-' Ruto connect string Seri a I un it W: Oev ice nane:
|sertal.dev ice| Snd setup Ohe Modem Configure screen grab is
the place to start before a mate tests your BBS.
The five Options flags commonly bring grief when going on-line for the first time. If people aren't connecting properly, try the Options ticked like in the grab. The 300 (bits per second) in the Min field is the minimum speed a user can connect.
ATZAM~~AT&D2S2=1S0=IMAM This Setup string works fine with my Supra Fax 14.4k LC modem. In the case of it not working with some models, we're asking for those who have used Max's with different modems to e-mail their setup string for publication.
The ATZ cleans the modem with a reset. Always remember the AM in Max's, which equals hitting return, thus sending a command. A two-second delay kicks in while that's going on to give the modem time to finish resetting.
This bit can be a back breaker for frustrated Sysops who have been using one tilde and are stumped as to why autoanswer won't come on.
Typing Notice that you don't need to type AT before each and every command.
Individually, AT&D2S2=1 SO 1M would expand to AT&D2, ATS2=1, ATS0=1 and ATM. The essentia] bit in there is ATS0=1. The S refers to 'S register settings' that can be set in the modem. SO is the one dealing with answering the phone. Normally turned off, here it is set to 1, meaning one ring before pickup.
S0=2 would let it ring twice before pickup. The M turns the speaker off; useful if leaving the BBS on overnight. Just remove the M if you want to hear the whistles. With the modem connected and on-line, the Setup string can be Jason Jordache looks at terminal to BBS connections; the bane of the Sysop trying to set his config to login a user without throwing him off Detected requestor when someone logs on if you are backstage editing configs.
Click on Thanks at this stage, quit out of the window and they'll fog on as normal. When chosen from the menus, BBS Sleep (Right Amiga-!) Enables you to have Max's operational, the modem on and ready, but prevented from answering the phone. Clicking on Sleep from the requestor throws them off and the BBS goes into the standard Sleep mode.
Sent at any time by clicking the Snd Setup button.
It's fine turning the modem on, but should it be turned off while the inactive BBS screen (BBS.text) is visible, the computer crashes. Unless, that is, any of the windows are open (the way to stop it crashing), in which case a requestor - 'Warning: Carrier detected!' - pops up, along with two buttons. Sleep and Thanks.
You always get alerted by the Carrier ERMI NOLOGY ?
AT commands: A series of commands built into today's modems enabling you to set parameters such as whether to answer when a ring is detected, the speaker volume and dozens more. Like typing at the Clt Shell, an AT command is issued by typing AT (for attention) in the right software followed by the actual command. ATO would take the phone off hook so you can listen through the modem's speaker when someone is talking on the phone downstairs, An unpolished spying method, they'll hear it pick up like an ordinary phone.
Baud rate: The speed a modem can send receive files or data. 28.8k (28,000 bits transferred each second) has been taking over from the slower but established 14,4k variety.
Treat yourself to a 28.8k; at the very least 14.4k. Go too low and the newcomer can hardly get a fair trail with comms. With eight bits in a byte plus two more to transmit a given byte, that's 10 bits to send one byte or character on your keyboard.
BBS, Bulletin Board System, board: Some are rubbish, some excellent, some are on 0891 lines. Max sends several, definable AT commands all at once, relevant to your modem type (via the Setup field in the Configure Modem window), in the same way you would use AT commands from Ncomm, the terminal software for calling BBSs. With the Amiga Computing 30 DECEMBER 1996 ?
SysOp. System operator. Runs the BBS.
Mostly guys running a system from home, in their bedrooms. The so- called enthusiast. Most are friendly.
Some Sysops feel the position of power and some users, especially new ones (newsers), give it to them by regarding the Sysop as some kind of divine entity, like a pop star. Admiral, General, King, Managing Director, Sysop. Instant peachy imagery.
Reasons for starting: they want to save on their phone bill by having people call them, offer a service for the Amiga community and so on.
LL ABOUT SYSOP Open hours Would-be-Sysops are put off by the commitment aspect of running a BBS (though when you get down to it and find you like running a BBS it's not that much hassle after all).
If you begin calling it a hobby you'll be enjoying it, and sure, there's loads of 00 01 02 03 04 05 OS 07 08 0? 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 time put in, but you won't care. And should you feel it's becoming too much of a tie, you can always quit with the BBS any time you like. Happens all the time. 9-1 Opm is a common BBS opening time for the non-24 hour system, ending in the early hours or about Sam the following day as the phone rate change (see bar chart).
The barchart shows the hourly usage by users of a 24-hour BBS.
All BBSs differ, but this gives a fair idea of what to expect. Calls pick up through the night, trickling off in the early hours. The happy hour lands around 9 or 10pm. You get one or two calling at 4am, and you think they're quite sad until you find yourself following a similar path. Known record for a user staying on-line lies with a friend who had a guy chatting to him and his girlfriend for a seven-hour non-stop marathon.
LL ABOUT THE USER He who calls the BBS via Ncomm or Term. The worst thing for users is for a board to advertise and when they call it isn't operational.
Generally, users couldn't care less about the BBS software (though Sysops are often heard arguing the joys of whatever software they happen to run), though there's a tendency to latch on to Xenolink and other boards-you-buy as the Sysop has actually spent money on the software so there's an expectancy of loads of files.
TURE Typical pattern for a new user: Download as many files as possible just for the sake of having the software, because it sounds good, and upload as little as necessary to keep their ratios buoyant. This can annoy the Sysop and the user is branded a leech. The user finds there are plenty of file ratio free BBSs to call without bothering with the annoyance of strict 5:1 boards.
Often, the user who gets chatting with a Sysop doesn't mind uploading files the Sysop wants.
This led to a trick by which one Sysop used to get his users to pay a £20 a year membership. Just drop in and have a chat and at the right moment ask them to join by sending off their subscription.
The approach works both ways and users are known to chat to the Sysop and promise the world just to get unlimited downloads. A user will usually have his favourite leech boards, the ones with a seven CD-ROM sharer and an extensive HD file base, and boards where he knows the Sysop well and goes to chat. This can lead to talking on the phone by voice - always feels strange - and meeting face to face, never failing to shock.
Right string the Setup resets the modem and enables it when someone calls to 'pick up' - autoanswer. The Setup is sent to the modem when the software is first run and each time a user logs off, in preparation for the next caller.
The modem and BBS software work together to interpret what the caller's modem is saying so as to log them on. The modems communicate with each other via those screeches, whereby they agree on a common speed to connect and what have you.
There is nothing special about the line a BBS operates off. It is an ordinary phone line with a BBS hooked on the end instead of a telephone.
Anyone can have a dedicated line installed. It's advisable to give a few months trying out Sysop life before paying cash, as the novelty can wear off. Installation of a second BT line with a separate number costs £116.33 and can be spread over a year.
File ratio: A 5:1 ratio means you download five files from a BBS for each one you upload. 5:1 is viewed as pretty mean, 10:1 is more common.
Login, log on: The process of phoning a BBS and entering your name and password to access the BBS proper. New user logins involve the dreaded questionnaire, and in worst case scenarios another questionnaire plus a 24-hour wait till validation.
Modem: MODulator dEModulator. Plugged into the phone line like a telephone via the jack in the wall, leading into your Amiga enabling you to connect to BBSs, the world, the Internet Amiga Computing one device. Cue lists can be created by clicking through plain language menus and because it is designed for live performances, pre-programmed cues can be overridden manually.
Charlie Richmond from Richmond Sound Design, explained why they chose the Amiga, " We began the development of our computer controlled sound scaping system (COMMAND CUE) in 1985. The Amiga was chosen because it was judged to be the most appropriate for the job: Accessible price, open architecture (which the Mac was not and we needed a high speed bus interface), graphical mouse interface, and especially multitasking." He continued, "Their primary advantage is true pre-emptive multitasking which allows us to do live show control in absolute real time. There are other options which allow
this but they are higher in cost and involve industrial or custom operating systems."
Stage Manager software can now also send commands via the computer's operating system to SCSI ports to control CD-ROM drives playing normal audio CD's. Several CD-ROM drives may be controlled together providing multi-track replay, and when used individually the CD-ROM drives provide cheap but high quality replay sources for spot effects.
He Amiga ¦ " has proved itself I the most versatile of com- puters. Firstly, it was a top class games machine that showed off the latest releases. It also showed that it was an excellent graphics platform, able to produce film quality work for the likes of Babylon 5 and Robocop. And, over the years, Amiga Computing has delved deep to discover other uses such as in museums and even hospital waiting rooms. Now however, you may be surprised to learn that the Amiga has taken to the stage and is helping to produce Shakespearean classics, entertain passengers on cruise ships and even amuse
shoppers outside the Warner Brothers Studio store with colourful effects.
Behind all this is a Canadian company called Richmond Sound Design. Using the Amiga at the heart of their systems, they have developed an innovative method of controlling sound and effects for live shows.
Stage Manager's unique flexibility has proved very popular and Richmond can boast that amongst its many users are Universal Studios, The Royal Shakespeare Company and EuroDisney.
' theatrical sound consoles and eventually developed the Stage Manager, a MIDI sequencer which allows control of sound, lights and mechanics from John Leonard is a sound designer who uses Stage Manager 5000 extensively. We N1VERSAL APPEAL Richmond Sound Design's work can also be found at the Universal Studio's theme parks. They have been used for routing of multiple audio tracks for live action stunt shows produced at their park in Florida in the Wild West Stunt Show, the Porto Europa in Wakayama, Japan, (for the Stunt Show) and also Universal Studios, Hollywood for Waterworld.
Bill Bittel has worked on many of Universal's attractions. He told us, "The Richmond system is unique in it's ability to perform true multi-tasking operations. The programmer may establish many different cue lists. Each list contains different instructions that must be performed at the same MIDI time- code value (the same time). The Amiga architecture was the only system available that could guarantee simultaneous execution of multiple commands."
P&O's ship, thm Orlana where Stage Manager was used in their performance venue ¥ EATURE Glantre have provided stage rigging, lighting and sound for Edinburgh’s Empire Theatre (left and right) asked him, what exactly is Stage Manager?
He explains, "It is an advanced MIDI event controller and you need any 68020 030 040 Amiga with at least 4Mb of memory, a hard drive and a MIDI interface to use the software. Tilings get interesting though when you hook up external MIDI controlled devices to your system."
John continues, "To appreciate what is Tina Hackett reports on how the Amiga is being used in the glamorous world of entertainment possible with SM 3000 it's important to understand the degree to which MIDI has taken over as a protocol in the [theatre and entertainment] business." He goes on to explain, "It's now common practice for sound effects to be stored on samplers.
Instead of musical samples being assigned to individual notes, sound effects are used instead, so hitting middle C on a keyboard might trigger a thunderclap, with other notes assigned to rain, wind, loops and so on. Instead of using a keyboard to play these samples back, computers running MIDI control software are often used."
He has found that the flexibility offered by Stage Manager is invaluable for the many plays he has worked on. John is currently working on a production of. Lorca's Blood Wedding at The Young Vic theatre where they have a cue-list that controls a MIDI panner which sends the sound of a Didgeridoo around the theatre whilst a second cue-list controls parts of the mixing desk and the effects devices. He describes how he sets up some of the effects, "During rehearsals, or in the studio, i'll capture the MIDI data stream from a keyboard or con- troller, or enter notes or commands individ- K using
the mouse and on-screen menus set up effects and MIDI events. These are then recorded as simple cues he Florida Locations re Detailed Index... F EATURE P wrm fly } of a button on a remote lb t ,h,at plutghyfct - s* I into "iWL . I • 41 game-port on the Amiga. You can have multiple 1 cue-lists running at the same time, which allows you to carry out some extraordinarily complex cueing sequences."
Most of the shows John works on use Stage Manager 3000, either during rehearsals or to control the actual show.
There are systems currently running at The National Theatre of Norway, The Royal Shakespeare Company Barbican Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, The Almeida Theatre and The Donmar Warehouse Theatre.
Award He has also used SM3000 on the Almeida Theatre's Medea with Dame Diana Rigg and Hamlet which starred Ralph Fiennes. Both plays were a huge hit on Broadway and won him the New York Critics' Drama Desk Award For Sound Design. However, he comments that he had the most fun on Neville's Island which starred Tony Slattery.
John commented, "We controlled both sound effects, lighting and a section of the play involving a fireworks display with SM3000. Each fireworks had a sound effect and lighting and we were able to produce exact synchronisation, with lighting fade-ups and flashes being controlled by the Amiga, along with the sampled sound effects."
The Hackney Empire has also benefited from the system for their production of ELIG Stage Manager 500 This puts 500 lights, sound, sound effects and mechanics in the control of the operator. The advantage of it is that it is easy to program and can be operated manually Stage Manager 3000 This runs up to 128 cue lists simultaneously. It allows cue lists to be organised by technical discipline for editing and operation.
Cues can capture and play back a complete MIDI sequence in real time or to time code.
* •5 Hamlet.
SM3000 opened a cue list and started the sea and storm effects that gradually built as the audience came into the theatre. At 7.25pm a second cue list started to ring the bar-bells at one minute intervals to get the audience into their seats.
John continued, "When the operator arrived, she fired the last bar-bell cue manually, and the timed cue-lists closed themselves down, and opened up the show running lists. At the interval, the last cue of the first half opened up a further timed cue-list which played the storm sounds again and counted down for 15 minutes before triggering the bar-bells again."
This has all proved relatively trouble-free.
He remarked, "We only had two problems with this, once when Prince Charles came to see the show and all the audience had to be seated early, and once when we changed out of British Summer Time halfway through the run!"
Because of the flexibility of Stage Manager, John is pleased how well it adapts to different needs, "Without doubt Stage Manager 3000 is amongst the most powerful show-control systems currently available in the world today. I've used similar packages on both PC and Mac and they're not dose in terms of versatility?
Reading based company Glantre Engineering, are Richmond Sound Design's contractor representative. Glantre's Robin Shuard also told us the advantage of using this system. "There are only about three other systems that do this. The Amiga is the only one which offers real time multi-tasking. People have asked us why not a PC? But a PC really can't multitask."
However, using the Amiga did not come without its difficulties and as well as having to convince the cynics that the Amiga is still viable they had problems with Amiga - in particular getting any technical answers on the Amiga system especially with the current situation.
Many of Glantre's projects have been on cruise ships. They have installed a system on P&Orsr M.V. Oriana in their performance venuer The Theatre Royal. They wanted to have sophisticated lighting, sound, video, projection and stage rigging. They also wanted all the technical aspects to be controlled by two people - one of which would be on the stage.
Using an Amiga 4000 running Stage Manager 3000 software, Glantre installed a system that would control the sound source, lighting, stage rigging system as well as control two S-VHS players, a Laserdisc player and Slide-to-Video Converters for conference and educational events.
Control Glantre have also provided a system for the Am dale Shopping Centre in Manchester for Warner Brothers. In the square outside the shop, there are cartoon characters and various coloured lights and effects which were controlled by the Amiga (until they changed things around). Their work can also be seen in EuroDisney at Hurricanes Beach Club.
There it controls the lighting and effects on a pre-programmed sequence. Every hour, this sequence runs and sets off flashing Eights, wind machines and audio - all controlled by an Amiga 3000.
Despite having developed such a successful system, Richmond Sound Design are not content to rest on their laurels and are already working on new developments for the future. Charlie Richmond told Amiga Computing, "We are in the prototype stage of a DSP based sound control system with 10 inputs (8 analogue 2 digital) and 16 analogue outputs that will do just about anything you can think of to sound in real time including playing it back from an internal hard drive. We call it simply APT - the Audio Power Tool? He continued, "We are currently porting our most popular show and sound
control applications to the BeBox and also creating less capable products for Windows and Mac" jgj John Leonard is looking for a company to modify the A1200 so that it fits into a standard 19 inch rack-mounting case with a detachable keyboard. If you can offer a professional job get in touch. His Email is john@soundman.demon.co.uk 34 gBas S = no
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- = 3 i 0 « 10 a £ =3 cc m . A. • .
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o £ c O to % IS P to c. S n ¦_ O
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o 22 © 3 I ° ° ¦* ° So££ tu O O N N Ssii o o 0) v_
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X O 1 CO "o O) 0 O' CD c n 3 : O D D C O tA ia itt m ffi D ff Cl 2? Z 5 5S ? S n H) ID *- U U U U w M 5 S S 5 « n i* W U W M EO £ S 5 5 S of |* “ -O -a O ¦? B ? ?
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8) a * .2 . iZ iZ iZ = £ === =2 HOWTO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY
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C5.CO itthargtd or illtntitntiy fot can vnilOurfhowroem.
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FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE Lombard Tricity low rate finance available.
E-HaiEs3les@nntcom.detnon.co.uk1 www.demon.co.uk firstcom Hardware CD ROM Drives Amiga A1200 Magic Pack Inc. 170Mb HD "cTjH Going S Strong tmiga A1200 MagicPack & ScaJa MM300 Includes same software pack as Magic Pack, But also includes Scala MM300(Req. -4Mb).
£469.99 Includes, Wordworth V45E, Da last ore, Organ ever, Turbocalc 3.5, Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenic* 1.2SE. Pinball Mania Si Whizz.
£369.99 » 3 Jok'tec data transfer. • 180rm Access Time D _ . T l U|n * Battery or Mawts powered • Audio CD operibor. Buttons rOrraDie • KodakmdtUessoiiCD CD ROM Only„£99.99 fluiliTvlMJ438S Monitor Only!! *£259.99 vik;, I A4000T 68040~25Mhz £2089.99 First Starter Pack SCSI Controllers Squirrel SCSI-11 Interface *£45.00 |
• When bought "nth iryHD CD ROM drive. FS4 99 if booghi «¦
par.it* SurfSquirrel SCSI-1! Interface *£79.99 I GVP
4008+ Oktagon SCSI controllers £99.99 | SCSI IL RAM Interne*
cirtb. Tor tag bo. Amiga V. A4300 A5000 et Internal SCSI CD ROM
drives Toshiba 530 I Bx4speed £90.99 Toshiba 3 701 B»6.7 Speed
£182.99 Toshib* drive* are shorter than other SCSI CD-ROM
drives & so fit inside the A4000 Desktop case.
0 Al 200 dust cover
• I 0 * DSDD disks + labels All for
• Top quality joystick Only » Deluxe mouse mat j
• 1.2 Gig SCSI Hard Drive
• 6Mb of 32-bit Ram
• Scala MM-300 Installed
• Kickstart 3.1 i x A1200 games Disk Drives Squirrel I face
Monitors Hard Drives
2. 5’* Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions SJJS New Amiga ]
Monitors Multi-Sync Monitors 14" 1438s....£269.99 15"
1540s.,**£299.99 M Seagate co&msr 80Mb £84.99 l20Mb.£99.99
170Mb.£ I 04.99 250Mb.£ I 19.99 340Mb.£ I 29,99540Mb.£169.99
810Mb.£2 14.99 L0Gig.£299.99J
• Autobootjng E I Al 15" Monitors Inc. Built In Speaker* 17"
3. S,r Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI I 54QMb..£l 17.99
I.Q8Gig.£235.99 850Mb..£120.99 2.1 Gig.£345,99 1,08Gig.£ I
52.99 4.3 Gig.£797,99 |b-l Gig.:: •¦V;v 9.1 Gig.t I s99. J
External Hard Drives for all SCSI aware Amiga's 810Mb£239.99
1.2Gig£3 14.99 Inc. High quality SC5HI Quimum mtchuum with a I
(Jmj mm in*. Inimul PSU.SCSI 10 wtettor.
CooUhg Ian. Md HD prrpp*if'pJU-t»Cio«nj wiftwam Hhjuith SCSI mtrriacr. M* StyuirrrlGVP Amiga Ext. Drive £49.99 A I 200 600 int.drive £39.99 LA500 500+im.drive £39.99 a Iomega Jazz DRIVE£440.99 Zip Tools Driver Software Suits Zip & Jazz Drives ....£ 16.99 HI Surf Squirrel I
• Hi speed serial port ' From only ' £45.00 £54.99 if
purchased separately | from *£79.99
* B purchase*! *rth sury modem I icplntflj £99.99
• SCSI-11 interface
• Auto booing HD Squirrel SCSI-11 interface RAM
Expansion Accelerators Supra Modern Modems Motmtics PRIMA A I
200 AI 200 AI 200 AI 200 A I 200 AI 200 AI 200 AI 200 £ 69.99
£74.99 £89.99 £109.99 £99.99 £109.99 £124.99 £139.99 H Amiga
SurfWare software pack The complete software suit for all your
Modem needs.
• Net Software «Web Browser
• E-mail •IRC....Only Also Includes:- £29,99 30 Days FreeTrial
with Demon f GP FaX Software.....only £44.99 Full Send and
Receive Fax Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data Modem,
• Class I Fax
• Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand
• Call Discrimination
• BABT Approved _
• 14,400 Data 14.400 Fax £98.99 L 33,600 Data 14.400 Fax £ I 6
1.99 V34 Amazi
• 28.8 Bi
• BA Onl Complete wit PRIMA Fax Modem ng Price Performance iud
Rate Class 1 Fax BT & CE approved.
Y. ..£ 109.99 h cables & Amiga N-comm Software Amiga SurfWare
bundle when purchased with any Modem o»iy...£ 19.99 Modem
Accessories Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M.£6.99 I0M.£8.99
I5M.£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor ..£6.99 f MASSIVE PRICE
REDUCTIONS ] 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £22.99 8
Mb 72 Pin SIMM £44.99 1 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM £ I 12.99 1 Mb 30 pin
SIMM £13.99 256x4 DRAM (each)£4.99 1 MB RAM 2 MB RAM 4 MB RAM
8MB RAM 1 MB 33Mhz Co Pro 2 MB 33Mhz Co Pro 4MB 33MhzCoPro 8
MB 33Mhz Co Pro Al 200 RAM Expansion Blizzard 1230-50mhz £
169.991 Up to 128Mb RAM, FPU Socket & R T clock Blizzard
1260-5Gmhz£569.991 Up to 64Mb RAM. FPU Socket & R T clock
Viper 11-33 £I29.99| Up to 128Mb RAM, FPU socket & R T Clock (
Accelerator Cards l POWER WTDCD yiWl PRIMAASOQ 512k RAM
nodock £ 19.99 I PRIMAA500+ I Mb RAM £29.99 I PRIMA A600 I
MbRAMnoclock£29.99 I Part exchange available on your old
(A500 600 RAM Expansion)!
Consumables Printers Disks £3.99 £12.99 £4.99 £3.69 £7.99 £11.99 £8.99 £5.99 £17.99 £18-99 £12.99 £10.99 £17.99 £16.99 £6.99 £28.99 £8.49 £7.99 £6.49 £16.49 £22.99 £24.99 £23.99 £25.99 £13.99 £27.99 £17.99 £24.99 £8.99
• artty I Porublr colourprintrr, Idpagr ASF, I Canon BJ 2 10 m
£6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £13.99 £9.99 £10.99
CanonLPB- iP Laser printer 6 p p m 400 dpi £732.99 |StXr LC90?
Pin mono £ 79.99 1 ASF built in, puih iractor uptional, I Star
LC240 i4pinmono £93.99 1 I »2 pi draft,*rilh ASF buill in.
I Star LC240C npinCoi. £108.99 1 ASF built In, 4 LQ fonti.
I Star SJ l44coiour £183.99 I Colour thermal tram(rf printer, to* running Ktottl, 3 pi p m mono. I 4 p p m colour.
Canon BJ3G £138.99 Pu.ubln mono prlrilr r. Xopigr ASF built In.
Canon BJCTOColour £187.99 £143.99 pgr Jtdrabtr £222.99 | Canon LPB-460 £279.99 ulotn fionly, GDI Laser printer I HirKqujtic* coljf.nt mono pf inting 160dpi.
| Canon BJC6 10 Colour £344.99 Canon
r. 7i0«J40dpl,Ci I Canon BJC4 I OOCol.
HP340Portablf £219.99 Colour upgradeable portable printer HP600 £174.99 Colour upgradeable mono ink }eu' CoL K* £34.95. HP 690 Colour £249.99 ABC Colour printer Simple (Mf * y J» AftC) lu uir J4 pin pnntrr.
Cunvri u lUndlnl with SO ihrrI Auto Uirrt frrdrrTrittor fcrd opuotuluOin £395.99 400 x 100 tlpI up l o 6 p p ro mono. 1 p1 p m colour HP SLLaser printer £403.99 Citizen Projet lie £164.99 300x200 dpi. Colour Inkjet Printer. 70 ihett Auto Sheet Feeder, HP Detlc jec emulation.
HEWLETT5 PACKARD 4 pfp m 404 dpi HP5P All Cltiltn prinl*i £129.99 CITIZEN Miscellaneous Printer Switch Box 2 way £ 17 •?* PrinterSwitch Box 3 way i 1 1 9V Printer Standi (Universal) 1 4 9V
1. 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 3 Metre printer cable it, 99 5
Mctreprintercable £0.99 10 Metre primer cable c 11.99 Parallel
port ext. Cable £9.99 Studio 2 New version 2.1 I “I you want
to get tfie out poirbie retufu from your printer, r« t o copy
of Studio".
£49.99 or £44.99 when purchased with a Printer.
Stylus 500 Colour £282.99 710 dpi, a ppm Bln W, 2ppm Colour.
Stylus 200 Colour £167.99 710dpi, l.Sppm Black, I ppm Colour.
Stylus 200 £133.99 720 dpi, l.Sppm Blub. ColourUpjradrablt.
Stylus Pro £386.99 720*720 dpi. Photo-Real quality output.
Epson LX300 £121.99 9 Pin Dot Mairle,Colour Upgradr Kit£H,?S Epson LQ100+ £107.99 24 Pin Dot Matrix.
Ribbons Citizen Swift ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour Star LC90 mono ribbon ScarLCIO IOOmono Star LC10 IGOcolour Star LC2-IOc colour Star LC240c mono Star LC240 mono Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour £13.99 Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbon* £ 11.99 PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Save a fortune in running eo&ts with your inkibubble jet.Compatible with the HP Dcricjct .ericv Canon BJ I 0120 801110 200 100 210, Star SJ4B. Citizen Projet and many othrn. Full range of colour* avail.
Single refill* (22ml) £6 99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66mf) £19.99 Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 Laser Printer Supplies Hewlett Packard Laserjet5L £65.99 Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5P £75.99 Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4L £68.99 £ 79.99 Laser printer supplies for all major manufacturer* available......Call.
L. |ct 4 M 5 r 460 Toner Ink Cartridges Canon BJ 10 Star SJ4B
Canon BJ200 230 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) Canon BJC 70mono (3 pack)
Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) Canon BJC 4 000 colour (single)
Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600c mono high cap.
Canon BJC 60Qc colour Citizen PrintivaStd. Colours Citizen Printiva Metallic colours HP.Deskjet 500 SS0 Mono HP. Deskjet 500 550 Colour HP.Deskjet 660 double mono HP.Deskjet 660 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour Epson Stylus Col. Ll S 320 Mono Epson Stylus Col. M S 820 Colour Star SJ I 44 mano colour(*inglc) Paper Fanfold f tractor feed) 500 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets Fanfold (tractorfeed)i000 sheets Single sheet 500 sheets Single sheet 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack H, Packard Glossy Paper 10 Pack High Quality Inkjet Paper (500)
Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.49 100 x £26.99 I 30 x £9.99 200 x £49.99 50 x £ 14.99 500 x £1 14.99 j Branded DSDD 10 x £4.99 100 x £41.99 I 30 x £13.99 200* £76.99 50 x £21.99 500x £175.99 1 Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.99 100 x £29.99 I 30 x £ 10.99 200 x £55.99 50x£l6.99 500x£129.99 ] Branded DSHD 10 x £5.99 100 x £44.99 I 30x £15.99 200x£82.99 | 50 x £23.99 500x£l8 Disk labels x500 £6.99 I Disk labels x 1000 £9.99 Graphics j Graphics Software Video Genlocks m uantum I Genlock 290 £639.99 £264.99 A-Cut £99.99 Fusion Genlock No Compatible with VH5 & SVHS.
Save & load in multiple file formats Support for virtual memory Req kickitarl ,.0 Additional teletext facilities Large preview window for only*.,*. £ I 29.99, V1DI Amiga 24 RT)+ Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system Composite A SVHS inputs.
Time Lapse remote grabbing.
BMP.TIFF £ PCX File Support Load Save 14 Bit ILBM & Arums £139.99 VIDl Amiga 24 (RT) Pro Professional Colour m RealTime Amiga HsftJr' video capture system Hdr Composite £ SVHS inputs.
(6. 7 million colour grabbing.
BMP.TIFF, PCX, ANIM, ILBM Processing controls A effects £224.99 Only!! £99.99 Entry level Genlock scanners • JtOO dpi output reiolutlol' Epson GT-9000 i-d.itttiontl Par at c I A SCSI Intrrfaar 4 Flatbed ttanntr SO dpi uptiCJl wan reiAMwn f Z Q £ Q Q
• 4*00 dpi Output resolution w. O 7 Jl77 Epson Flatbed Scanner
Software & Cable...£49.99, Power Scan v4. £89.99 256 g.'scale
on AG A Amigas. 64 g scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.99 24
bit colour scanner. 16 7 million colours
• A1 tlathed icinner
• J00 dpi optkal Kin revolution .-*¦ 1400 dpi output rnolution
£399.99 Amiga range of computrn r*q. Addition*! Driver lotr are
and a Bidirretonal parallel cable Epson GT-8500 £529.99 New1.!
Epson GT-5000 Hand Scanners :tional Parallel A SCSI Interface
Photogenics 2 CD 24-Bit Graphics Manipulation Requires 2ehip 4
fast RAM miTiimum.
Hard Disk & CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Only!! £89.99 Special Offers X-CAD 2000......£19.99 Vista Pro Lite. £9.99 Blitz Basic 2.1.....£29.99 Music-X ver. 2.....£29.99 Cinema4D £169.99 Amiga Ray-Tracing software Req. 3Mb of RAM, and Kickstart 2 or higher.
IWB15 Scala MM400 £274.99 Recommended, 6Mb of RAM, Kickstart 3.0 or higher. & Hard Disk.
Newi Word processing! Home Office Music Cables I Utilities Wordworth 5
• 2xFloppy drives or Hdftvf £59.99 Technosound Turbo 2 Pro 8 1 2
bit Stereo Sampler plus I many more advanced features A bargain
at only£29«99 Mega-Lo-Sound 8 bit direct-tO'disk sampler Great
value only.. £27.99 ProMIDI interface
• MIDI in. MIDI thru & lx MIDI out
• Compatible with aJl MIDI software only!! £19.99 2 x 3metre MIDI
cables £9*99 AURA Music-X ver2 £29.99 Requires MIDI I face £ a
mouse, 1.5Mb Req. To rurt Musie-X and Mutator together j
wifNov Fjna| vVriter 5 Word Processor Publisher Latest version
of this award winning software only!! £74.99 Final Writer Lite
Requires Kickstart 2.04 or above, 2Mb of Ram and I Floppy
Drive, Hard Drive installable if desired.
New.' Magic Publisher* cosec £44.99 Inc. Wordworth 4 TD, Final Writer 4 SE, 10,000 Fonts, 5,000 Clipart, 150 Printer Drivers and more... £39.99 Final Data
• Requires Workbench 1.3 or above, I Mb of memory & I floppy
£39.99 Twist 2 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above & 2Mb of memory £74.99 I
Spreadsheets Final Calc £94.99
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, 1Mb of memory min.,
H. Disk with 5Mb of free space I Home Finance | Money Matters 4
£49.99 Opus 5 £49.99 DiskMagic
* 92% £34.99 CU Amiga Ji I Amiga-CD32 Serial Network cab. £24.99
I Amiga Parnet Parallel Network £ 14.99 I Modem Cable
9-25 25-25 £9.99 I Null Modem Cable £9.99 I Amiga-VGA Monitor
£12.99 Amiga-TV Cable £2.49 I Amiga-CM8833 Monitor £9.99 I
Amiga-Scart Cable £9.99 I Printer Cable (1.8 metre) £4.99 I
Disk Drive Monitor Ext. £14.99 I Analogue PC j.stick Adapt.
£7.99 I Mouse Joystick Extension £4.99 I Mouse Joystick
Autoswitch £9.99 I MIDI Cables (3 metre x2) £9.99 I
Centronics-Centronics £9.99 SCSI D25-50 way Cent. £ I 1.99 SCSI
D25-50 way Micro-D £ 15.99 I SCSI Adaptors from.. £15.99 I SCSI
Terminators from... £19.99 I Internal SCSI Cables from..£9.99
2. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.99 Amiga-3.5“ Hard Drive £18.99
Custom Cable Suppliers For all your custom cable requirements
just give us a call, we can usually supply most cables next
working day.
Amiga CD ROM's Peripherals Delivery £1.50 per title or £3.99 for 4+ Prima CD Vol. I Sci-fi Sensations 2 HorrorSensations 18+ £9.99 £17.99 £19.99 New' Photogenics V2 CD ROM £89.99 New features Animation Support, New Effects System, Virtual Imago* Plus More.... Space And Astronomy £16.99 New .'Spectrum CD 96 £17.99 TenonTenpack(IOxCD's) £37.99 NewfiWPD Hottest 6 £17.99 WeirdScience3DCD-l Objects £8.99 WeirdScience3DCD-l Images £8.99 Weird Science Amos PD CD V2 £16.99 WerrdScienceAnimations2CD £17.49 Weird Science Artworx £8.99 Weird Science Assassins 2 x CD £17.49 Weird Science Fonts Clipart
£8.99 Weird Science Animation £16.99
W. Science MultiMediaToolKit2 £ 1 9.99 Weird Science Network 2 CD
£12.49 PRIMA Clock Cart. ] Vista Lite-3 TurboTech Real-Time
jClock Cartridge £14.99 £22.99 FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM
worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30
Mousemat4mm £2.49 Zip Stick joystick £9.99 Gravis Amiga
joystick £ 19.99 Roboshift mouse joystick switch £9.99 Amiga
Contol Pad £9.99 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 £24.99 CIA 8520A I O chip
£18.99 FPU 25mhz PLCC £34.99 FPU 33mhz PLCC £39.99 Alfa Data
400-dpi Mega Mouse £1 1.49 3 Button Mega Mouse Plus £ 12.99
Wizard 560-dpi Amiga Mouse £1 2*99 Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb
of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above.
£9.99 Limited Offer AlfaData Crystal Trackball Only.*.£34.99 Amiga PSU £34.99 _____0psu £69 99 4x Standard PSU Power 1m J 7 • W f 200watts, of Power Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£25.99 ZyFi Pro**£57*99 Amiga Modulator £34*99 Heavy Duty Amiga Developers CD Ver I. I £13.49 Tml CD contain* ail the material* nendrd 10 d«««iop »l|wir« lor the Amiga, from Amiga Technolojie* come* the complete ._Amiga Developer* Tool* and Docomtnmum_ Aminet 1 I I 2 13 14 AminetSet 1 (Aminet 1 -4) Aminet Set 2 (Aminet 5-8) AminetSet 3 (Aminet 9-12) £12.99 £24.99 £24.99 £27.99, New'.'C64 Sensations Vol 2 CDPD 1,2or3 Demo
CD2 Encounters UFO Phenomenon Epic Collection 2 Emulators Unlimited Global Amiga Experience £16.99 £5.99 £5.99 £12.99 £17.99 £18.99 £22.99 [New!! EPIC M M Encyclopedia £25.99) Light ROM 3 (3 disk set) Magic Workbench Enhancer Meeting Pearls 3 £32.99 £8.99 £8.99 New!! Magic Publisher 4 CD set £44,99 Inc. Wordworth 4 TD, Final Writer 4 SE, 10,000 Fonts and 5,000 Clips and more.
NFA AGA Experience 1 or 2 NFA Utilities Experience Nothing But Tetris Oh Yes More Worms Vol. 1 £18.99 £13.99 £8.99 £8.99 Octamed Sounds Studio CD £29.99 Totally revamped new version of this top selling CD.
Buy Weird Science Network 2 CD & CD-32, Serial Network Cable.
_For only,£35.99_ Weird Science Octamed 6 CD £24.99 Weird SdenceSoundsTerrific2 £ 16.99 Weird ScienceUPD Gold CD x4 £24.99 NewHCD Rom World Atlas £24.99 Full colour Multimedia Atlas for the Amiga.
_Rated Absolutely Superb_ New.1! Workbench Add-Ons Now Available Zoom-2 £18.99 Long awaited New version of this very popular CD. The latest PD from 2 Libraries.
Include* endles* new and improved feature*.
I 7 Bit Collection (Double) £14.99 I 7 Bit Continuation £9.99 17 BitPhase4 £9.99 I 7 Bit LSD compendium 1 2 3 £16.99 I Missed out on one of our previous issues?
Now's your opportunity to get your collection up to date. But hurry: stocks are limited Back issues order Form Frustrated?
For back issue earlier than these just send us a written request and we'll see if we have any copies in stock, J Issue 97 - March 1996 £4,50 J Issue 99 - May 1996 £4.50 J Issue 101 - July 1996 £4.50 J Issue 98 - April 1996 £4.50 J Issue 100 - June 1996 £4.50 J Issue 102 - August 1996 £4.50 Name Address.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
Post code Issue 98 - April 1996 £4.50 Making movies, Lightwave 4, Year of AT, Digital Quill, Ethernet special, Internet Pack, Final Data Please send cheques P.O. payable to IDG Media to: Amiga Computing Back Issues, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP j j Please tick if you do not wish to receive further information or special offers.
AMIGA AMIGA mage Engineer V3 UMPUTIX Tfre gen us of I Am p* ms hfsi pyns smiling 't PLUS PLUS Issue 97 - March 1996 £4.50 Amiga's Irish connection, Draco update, Granada TV, Blizzard 1260, SyQuest EZ Drive, Web design, MM Experience Issue 99 - May 1996 £4.50 Beginners guide to online, Modeller 4.0, Hard drive roundup, Wordworth 5, Macroform, Laser Guidance, Ce8it special Issue 100 - June 1996 £4.50 Building an Amiga sound studio, 100 issues in the making. Speech tools, Modem round up, CD32 expander Issue 101 - July 1996 £4.50 VlScorp's plans for Amiga, NAB, Jaz Drive, Surf Squirrel, World
of Amiga show, Net&Web, TurboPrint Issue 102 - August 1996 £4.50 Amiga's role in NASA, VIScorp, G-Force 060, GT-5000 scanner, Octal CD drives, Web design, Epson printers This month we've had the usual barrage of abuse, praise and queries on subjects such as Amiga clones, viruses and beginners problems. If your blood is boiling over the state of the industry or you simply want to share some handy hints, you know where to send 'em.... ETTER5 Why is it that all Amiga magazines and users are so pessimistic about the Amigas future?
Comments like "the Amiga is STILL brilliant" or "it's STILL a good low cost alternative to a PC" isn't what we need to hear. The Amiga isn't "still brilliant", we haven't seen anywhere near the best of it YET!
Programs like MUI.3.3, Photogenics 2, Final Writer 5, Dopus 5, Lightwave 5 and many more NEW programs are brilliant, and a couple of years ago we couldn't even dream of them. A message to all Amiga owners planning to but a PC: use your money on an internet connection instead. Then try Aminet - it's the BIGGEST shareware archive in the whole world and can supply you with much more software than you'll ever have the time to try. I can tell you from my own experience that running a Pentium with Win95 isn't fun at all. Personally I only use Pcs for Internet and playing games.
When 1 have the chance to, I can always play Slamtilt or Gloom on my Amiga, and I prefer it for surfing the net too.
If the Amiga is going to SELL well in the future, a lot of things are going to happen, though VIScorp cannot do everything, but at least they could start by enhancing the OS (they say they are doing this at the moment, but they should be more specific, WHAT are they improving?). The inclusion of programs such as Iconian, MUI, MagicWB, MCP, EDGE, Miami and Launchpad could well do the job, if they only incorporated them into the OS, not as separate programs (for instance, just replace the old icons and palettefiles with the MagicWB ones, ok?). An AGA-upgrade for A50G 600 2000 3000 would be a
good thing, and so would a lower price on the Al 2000 and A4000.
For us dedicated Amiga owners there is no need to include those programs, because most of us have already have them installed. But there are many beginners who think Workbench "sucks" because of the lack of any bundled software and horrible design. The ED can be a success, but there is also a possibility for it to fail, so VIScorp should ensure that the Amiga is safe before using all their money on the ED.
VIScorp also has to do something more difficult. Convincing companies, mainly old Amiga-developers like Softwood, HiSoft and Power Computing to make Amiga clones. I'm not kidding! I think this could prove veTy valuable to the Amiga's future, and it would NOT require a lot of resources if VIScorp sell the chipset, ROMs and manuals cheaply to developers, like Microsoft sells Win95 to all PC manufacturers so that they can bundle it with their machines.
Clones not only mean lower prices, it also means much better distribution, more different kinds of marketing and more talk about the machine in magazines, newspapers and on TV.
And I am not just talking about Power Amiga- done, we also need a good replacement for the A1200 A4000 while we are waiting for the Power Amiga Please continue supporting the Amiga with your excellent magazine, and please do five or more pages on Internet in every issue! More SW PD reviews would also be appreciated.
Evan Sandvik Underlid' Norway Programs like Final Writer 5 are still keeping the Amiga alive i'll deal with the easy bit first! Regarding our Internet coverage we do try and put a fair bit in - there's a healthy share of Internet stories in the news, plus technical how-to guides for creating web pages and so on. At the moment we're testing the water - a fifth of our readers do have an Interent connection
- and we want to ensure that we give it the coverage it deserves
without alienating those readers who aren't connected. But as
more people join the Internet we will increase this. At the
moment we'd be interested in hearing what other readers
More, less or keep it as it is? Let us know at the usual address.-. Right onto your main point Yes it would be great if companies like Power and HiSoft made Amiga clones - however, I think it unlikely. Our best hopes of this lie with Phase 5 and PIOS who are quite keen on such a project You say that we haven't seen anything yet from the Amiga - yes - and with the ED, especially, I think we could be on the verge of something big. This of course, depends on VIScorp and how they market the ED but if they can tap into all these potential buyers (and play up the fact that it is an Amiga at the
heart of it all) then we could see a huge revival.... Something you wont to get off your chest? Why not write in to ESP, Amiga Computing, IDC Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP. Or even better
- send it in on a disk, saves my poor fingers, you know: You can
even Email us at esp@amiga- comp.demonxo.uk Mil ' H ll'll
III III ill 11111 ilM i HIM Amiga Computing Qyinc slowly?
Having seen so many comments about the Amiga and its current situation and the future of our machine, I decided to add my thoughts to this debate. Personally I believe that the 'standard' Amiga should now be one with 6 megs of RAM (total cost 80, 50 for the board 30 for the RAM) and a hard drive. This allows you to experience the multi-tasking abilities and virtually all programs will run on this configuration.
Even with this new standard the Amiga as we know it is dying and within almost most two years the commercial market will have dried up completely at the current rate of desertion. No doubt the PD section will remain (as with 8-bit machines) but only true Amiga lovers will use the machine and will certainly purchase another machine (hopefully either the excellent BeBox or even better a RISC Amiga). I hope the RISC Amiga will have an improved set of custom chips (i.e.24-bit graphics moving at the rate which they can produce excellent 2Dgames, improved sound) and a new 3D chip. Even if the
above cannot be done, an improved OS should be designed.
It may be possible for VIScorp to license the N64 custom chips in a compatible computer console which would certainly have all the graphical power required and just update the CPU. A Zip type of drive must be standard with an optional floppy drive. A Cddrive (double density?) Would also be required as well as a monitor and a hard drive. Though of course the Amiga should still be able to be easily connected to a standard TV for video work and just in case the monitor brakes or whatever. Compatibility with the Motorola based Amigas is not essential but if possible would be nice.
But certainly the price should be around the level of PowerPCs.What has certainly stopped the Amiga from making a comeback has been the price point Now it is more costly for the 'standard' machine than a PC,e.g. A1200 + non-multisync monitor + 170 meg HD + 4 meg RAM costs moreabout 700 if you shop around. I would have hoped for a 500 price point The Walker was a nice idea but would've only have done well at low pricepoint, though it may still be released by a third party.
Amiga owners should not be glum we've had lots of fun with ALL the Amigas and the Amiga has lasted longer than the average PC before its CPU is outdated.
Even when the Amiga is dead there will be PD. Of course there is plenty to do now which you'll be able to do for long time, send an E-mail, write a letter, find that classic game you missed the first time round, surf A high price point put many potential new owners oft the Net, produce an animation, title a video, make tunes and so much more. Just have fun with your machine.
Mark Klocek, London Dying within two years - well, that's a bit gloomy - don't you believe that things could turn around? As you mention though, competitive pricing is essential. We, as dedicated users, know what the Amiga can do and know that it is worth splashing out for but let's face it any new machine will have to compete with the PC It's no good just selling an overpriced basic machine. New users will be looking for value for money packages which include monitors, CD-ROM drives etcetera. Let's face it - you pick up a half decent PC for around £1,200 and although they become quickly
outdated, people will need a lot of convincing if any new machines appear overpriced.
Qet the power Ejasty viruses In issue 104, (October 1996), within the article "Caught in the Net" on page 18, written by Neil Mohr, there is a boxout describing a program called PowerMail, an e-mailer.
This item excited me greatly and I have done my utmost to locate it, performing searches on Aminet (various sites) and from within the world-wide web. Unfortunately, I can find no reference to this program with either method (although there are a lot of hits in Yahoo for a Mac program of the same name)!
Could you please give me further information as to where how to find this impressive-looking mailer? How does it compare to YAM 1.3 (my current mailer)? How stable is.it? Is it to be shareware or a full, commercial release?
Jonathon Hollin PowerMail is a follow-up to Metatool and as far as we know PowerMail will initially only be available as part of a software package called NetConnect which we'll review as soon as poss.
I wanted to thank you for the nice article that was written hell, the entire magazine is nicely written- in the September 1996 issue of AC (US Edition), I'm talking about the article regarding computer viruses.
I’ve been observing the whole Amiga Virus scene for several years (I was once a member of Safe Hex International). For the past few years, however, while the Amiga was in limbo, I've gone into a major depression.
Now I've managed to upgrade my A1200 and with the news of VIScorp acquiring the Amiga technology (I hope that's true and not a rumour) I've reignited my interest in the Amiga...and in Amiga viruses.
I once wrote an article on Amiga Viruses (found in an issue of Amiga World several years ago). One thing I would like to point out, regarding viruses not infecting floppy disks when they are write-protected: There is a hack out there that allows you to make some hardware changes to your DFO: drive that allows you to OVERWRITE the protection (meaning, it will write to a write-protected disk). I would strongly caution ANYONE from doing this to their poor DFO: for their own sake. (Apparently this hack was done in order to be able to write to any disk without having to flip the tab.)
I would like to see a regular column about Amiga viruses because since all the cool stuff comes from overseas unfortunately so do most of the nasty viruses. And thank you again for a nice publication...we don't have much to go on here in the States... Jim Maciorowski, jimmymac@citicom.com Thanks for the warning. If anyone else has tips to share then write in. As for a regular column, it's something we'll certainly be considering. In the meantime we'll bring you updates as and when we get them.
Amiga Computing 40 DECEMBER 1996 ETTERS After being away from Commodore and Amiga Computers for quite some time, (Having owned a C- 64, a B-256, and a Amiga 500), I recently bought a A3000T for US S50. Yes, the Amiga is all, there, and includes a AMAX II + Macintosh board, a Commie AZ 865 Ethernet card, and a (I guess) older than Old Sysquest SQ 555. Oh, and a Quantum 200 meg SCSI.
I bought your issue number 101, and although I am impressed somewhat with it, I am distressed with the lack of support for "Somewhat" beginners” like myself.
Since there is no forum for "Us who bother you who know”, could you perhaps point me in the right direction?
Just to show you how much of a beginner I am, I have no idea how to really set-up software on my Amiga, although I can easily do the same with most DOS-type machines. I guess I just need some "hand- holding” graphics set. Also put the sound chips on a board: again new upgrade easily done!!! And make the cpu easily upgradeable.
I guess it sounds like I am trying to turn an Amiga into a PC but we could learn a lot from how the PC has progressed from its 286 days to the days of where Pentium means computer.
John, Aussieland Aah, that old chestnut again. Amigas are fairly easy to upgrade - however, it can work out more expensive as the cost for some equipment is higher than for the PC, plus the basic machine is more expensive.
But think of all the fun you get out of a nice user friendly Amiga.... If you prefer, you can send us letter via Email.
Simply point your mailer to: SP@acomp.demon.co.uk. You could
* ven send it in on a disk - it makes our lives easier too.
Someone has to type this lot in you know!
Bon't sell up!
It's quite sad to see a large number of readers selling their Amigas in favour of Pcs. They have obviously lost faith and patience in the future of the Amiga, and are frustrated at the constantly diminishing Amiga games market, the majority of these people were probably quite loyal Amiga users who will come flocking back if VIScorp can deliver its promises and turn the Amiga into a dominant force once again.
I personally will always remain loya! To the Amiga, I'd only sell my Amiga for a better Amiga. I also have faith in VIScorp and believe that VIScorp will reverse the fortunes of the Amiga and revolutionise home computing and entertainment in the near future. At the moment there is every reason to be optimistic about the future of the Amiga. VIScorp's set top box and recent enquiries regarding the 300MHz DEC ALPHA CHIP, PIOS and Phase 5's plans for hybrid and new generation Amigas, are the reasons why I would urge people not to be hasty in selling up in favour of Pcs.
1 own a high spec Amiga and PC and hope that a hybrid computer combining the best of both systems is planned or in development Both formats have their advantages - the Amiga's superior multi-tasking operating system combined with the range of cheap peripherals that can be purchased on a PC would be a desirable system. Imagine a fully functional multimedia Amiga PC, this would end the Amiga vs PC war once and for all and silence the ignorant PC owners around (of which they are plenty). Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Word, Excel, Directory Opus etc all on once computer - yes please!
For those readers who have made their mind up to jump ship, invest in plenty of headache pills because unless you're experienced with Pcs you'll need them. DMA's, IRQ's, 3640k base memory limitations, installation woes - you'll soon be going grey or bald. Don't expect a customisable, multi-tasking user friendly system like workbench, MS DOS is archaic and Window's file manager is not in the same league as Directory Opus. And bear in mind that you can be creative on a PC, but it will cost you plenty of money in software and hardware.
My dear message to the would be deserters is don't get drawn in by the hype, stick with the Amiga and wait and see what develops in the next six months. If still not convinced at least the prices of PC's will have fallen considerably in this period. Better still if you can afford it, use both computers like I do myself.
Nigel Brook, Reading Yes, a combined machine would definitely gives us the best of both worlds. Let's hope that something along these lines will get developed. Until then, it's sound advice to wait and see. As you say over the next six months a lot can get happen. Once we see the plans from the likes of VIScorp, Phase 5 and PIOS and the state of the PC market then buyers can make a proper, informed decision.
I've read your mag for years ever since I had an Amiga but I really think we have lost the plot! Everybody wants the Amiga to do really well but we are attacking the problem from all the wrong angles.
First, why on earth would you get rid of a custom chipset when it really is why an Amiga is an Amiga! Okay, so the AGA chipset is getting on- lets find a solution which is right in front of our faces!!! UPGRADE!! Let me explain. I have 2 computers (3 if you count my A500). My CD32 SX1 with internal HD 8mb simm didn't start out like that, I simply added to it as I could afford BUT, AND ITS A BIG BUT !! Nobody took the time to really make it user upgradable so that's its limit, if I want to go further I need to buy a whole new machine!!!
However I also own a PC computer, but its not the one i originally paid money for. Those parts are long gone to computer heaven! Did I pay someone to upgrade it?? No, it went from a slow 486 to a fast Pentium, from a 512k video card to a fast 2mb pci card, from one hard drive to 3 hard drives, from a 2 speed to a six speed!
Okay, your going to say buy an A4000 with a 060. Yes I'd love too but do you know how much they cost!? The price is over the top.
What I'm trying to get to is this: make a new model Amiga but put it in a big box (if it looks like a PC who cares!) Make the motherboard able to accept lots of addons easily (true plug and play), put the AGA chipset on a removable board - then you could upgrade easily to a new Well, Neil is often ready to lend a helping hand so if you have any specific questions you can write in to good, old Unde ACAS. On the other hand, for more general advice there are still some good beginners books out there such as First Steps, Amiga: The Ice Cool Guide For Absolute Beginners by Paul Overaa (from
Bookmark Publishing). Handy hints for the beginner U MICA - "NOBODY DOES IT BETTER" Thanks for ANY help at all, in advance!
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V OSTLY CONNECTION Like many people I wish to get connected to the Net I have seen an advert for the Speedcom 28Kbps V34 modem priced at E150. This seems like good value. Is it, or are there better modems available at around that price?
What is the average connection charge for the Internet? My local service provider charges £12, but with no on-line charges, is this about right? The provider is Aladdin, which is based in Southampton. Can you give me more information, as my local shop charges commission and I would like to contact Aladdin direct.
On a different subject, requesters; and in particular, that of the WBPattern program. It does not work anymore. 1 click on Choose Image, the requester appears and then stops. Resizing works, but the buttons do not move. The requester is now frozen and I cannot close or use it.
This is the only program's requester that does this - the font, screen mode and normal file requesters all work. I use ReqPatch, but this is not the problem. After several formats and reinstalls of my System partition I think I have traced the problem down to the ASL library, but installing other versions just results in the expected 'Need higher version'. This has been going on for about a year now. I am computer literate but this is beyond me.
One final thing; could you please tell me where I can find the Mac ROM file for Shapeshifter, as I really cannot get access to a Macintosh? I have phoned PD libraries, but no-one can help.
Mark Dickinson, Portsmouth To start with, £150 for a 28.8K modem is fairly normal, and the Speedcom is BABT ’ approved. As with most things nowadays, pricing is very competitive. On the provider front, I had a look at Aladdin's Web site, but the only pricing 1 could find was an initial £20 start fee and a monthly £15 charge. This did include a Windows software package, so it may be possible to get a lower priced connection package. You can contact Aladdin on 01489 782221.
For comparison, Demon, this country's largest Internet Service Provider, charges £10 a month and just recently started to give customers 5Mb of Web space on top of its normal services. A problem with Demon is that the large number of users it has causes connection at peak times to become unreliable, and you will normally have to try a number of times to get connected. With a smaller ISP this should not be as big a problem.
One thing you should keep in mind is that getting connected to the Internet is not just a case of buying a modem and an Internet account with an IP. The other side is software.
The best solution would be to have an ISP that provides an Amiga software pack, is easy to install, and provides technical support. Unfortunately, very few do.
Demon does have its AmigaNOS, but this only gives you e-mail, newsgroup and ftp support. It is also very old and unsupported by any recent Amiga software. As such it is pretty much useless nowadays.
An unofficial but much better AmiTCP- based installer has been written by James Savage. Once you get on-line with the AmigaNOS package you can download this installer from Demon's FTP site and use this instead.
Up until very recently your only other option was to get hold of a copy of AmiTCP and install this yourself - easier said than done. But recently there have been a few developments with Amiga Internet software, and products such as Net&Web, NetConnect and Miami have made getting on-line much easier for the novice user. You should strongly consider getting one of these along with your modem.
From the look of the screen grab you sent it looks as if you are running Urouhack, or a similar system hack. Even though most programs do work okay with these sort of hacks, any program that does something out of the ordinary is going to trip up. Unfortunately, Commodore's own programs are not particularly well written - sometimes Like a guiding beam of light radiating out of the night, ACAS will help guide unsuspecting Amiga users away from the perilous rocks of disaster they don't even follow their own style guides. I would guess that WBPattern is doing something it should not be doing with
the ASL file requester - I recall having a similar problem a while back.
Basically, stop using the version of Urouhack you have and switch to the latest version of MCP.
Legally you have to own your own Mac to make a copy of the ROM, and even then you are only allowed to run either the Mac or Shapeshifter. You cannot run both at the same time as you would be using two copies of the Mac ROM and would therefore be breaking the copyright laws. The other thing is that you will need a copy of the Mac's operating system 5ystem 6 7.5, which is available on either HD disks or CD.
DECEMB, MIGA ARCHIVES I Having owned an Amiga since 1985 you might expect me to know a few things about the innards of the machine by now.
However, 1 never got into programming and 1 stili consider it a mystery. The Amiga has always been so easy to use that 1 have gone and spent my work time labouring over Pcs and advising on CAD problems.
My problem is that when I try to use PD mail order utilities, I always run into Lha compressed files and do not know how to get them to load or uncompress from the CLI or Shell - they do not work from the Workbench either. I guess i am just a dumb Workbench person who has never got into the background of my Amiga.
You have had quite a few good articles on the Internet and getting on-line, so another question is how do you even get a modem to connect to the phone lines? In one letter you said that you could use external but not internal modems with regards to the A1200. I have an A2000 with two PC slots, so shouldn't an internal modem work? Or do I need specific Amiga software to recognise the new hardware?
Kenneth Canavarro, Portland USA Lha archives are single files which store as many or as few files as needed.
These files can also be compressed to save space.
The Lha command itself is Cll-based, and you should be able to find it on one of the PD disks you have. Once you have got yourself a copy and put it in your C drawer, you will be able to use it from a Shell.
If' f i The most straightforward use of Lha to extract the files is as follows: lha x ram: This will extract the archive to RAM.
The best way to use this is to change directory using the CD command and type the above. A simpler way of handling Lha archives is to use a GUI-based system such as LhaGUl, a program which makes handling Lha's a matter of pointing and c licking.
I am sure I have said this already, but you can never assume some hardware is going to work on your Amiga, particularly if it is PC specific. True enough, your A2000 does have PC ISA slots that will let you plug in PC cards, but the Amiga has no way to access the card as you need the software to back it up.
SNAIL Having recently bought myself a ] multisync monitor and discovered J the much nicer DblPAL monitor modes, I have noticed that iBrowse reacts much slower when using them. Also, images seem to load much slower than they did when I used the standard PAL screen modes.
I was considering buying a SurfSquirrel becuase of its separate serial port; would this make a difference to the speed of ibrowse? At the moment 1 am using AmiTCP; perhaps switching to Miami would make a difference? Does it work any faster than AmiTCP? Any advice you could give would be appreciated.
Andy Maddock, Poynton V The lack of speed from x ibrowse is caused by two ' different areas. First off we can have a moan about the DblPAL screen mode, and all the Amiga's AGA screen modes while we're at it. Due to the Amiga's unique architecture, both the processor and its custom chips can access a single area of memory called chip or graphics memory. In here any type of data can be stored, including the displayed screen.
When you use the AGA monitor screen modes, such as DblPAL, the display chip has to work so hard just pipping out the display data to your monitor that it uses up almost all of the memory cycles. So, when the CPU comes to update the screen, it has to wait for the gaps when the display chip is not accessing chip memory. The result is slow screen updates. This explains why ibrowse takes so much longer to respond. In general, the AGA monitor modes take four times as long to display as the standard PAL modes.
The only way to speed up access is to give the display chip less to work on, so the best way is to use an eight or 16- colour screen. Another possibility is to reduce the width of the screen. This again gives the processor more time to work with, as the horizontal blank time is increased. Or if you have a big box Amiga you can get a graphics card, which really makes a difference.
The problem with the slow downloading is connected with the slow display.
When used at, high speeds, the built-in Amiga serial port takes an awfully large amount of CPU time. Couple this with the fact that the processor is already crippled by the DblPAL screen mode and you can see that there is not much time left for downloading and decoding images.
NAPPY UPGRADES lama subscriber to the US edition of your excellent magazine and was hoping in your infinite wisdom that you could answer some questions that have been nagging me: _jr 1. If I am viewing the contents of a PC format disk using CrossDOS and I find it con- | tains an Amiga-type picture, sound or Anim file, can I view it straight from the disk using say, multiview, or must the file first be copied to RAM or an Amiga disk?
2. Since IDE CD drives are cheaper, could I simply get a longer
IDE cable and run it through the small port at the back of my
A1200 and use AmiCDFS to access an internal drive I have sup
plied power to?
3. If 1 plug a mouse into a NTSC or PAL CD32 and hold the mouse
buttons during boot up, would I get the same early startup
screen as my A1200, allowing me to select PAL NTSC, Chipset,
4. After seeing an advert for the Snappy video capture system,
which claims to be the highest resolution PC video grabber at
just S299,1 have to ask would this be usable with my A1200, or
do I require Amiga specific equipment?
5. 1 thought my A1200 would be all I'd ever need, but lately I
have yearned for a faster processor, more memory and a hard
drive, and have been toying with the idea of selling my A1200
and buying an A4000 to fulfill all my requirements. However,
have heard of some incompatibilities between the two
machines. How bad is this, and if you please, why?
Rob Daviau, Toronto
1. Yes, you can view files straight off PC formatted disks using
CrossD05. The Amiga treats the PC drives just as it would any
normal Amiga drive, so you can perform all the same actions
on the PC disk as you can on the Amiga disk.
2. If you do not have an internal IDE drive already, you could
run an ATAPI CD drive off the internal IDE interface. You
would, however, need a 2.5" to 3.5" cable, and the Amiga
Computing For trouble- free Internet connection you can't get
much better than Miami A Surf Squirrel would help the down
loading situation a lot, as it almost completely removes the
download burden from the processor. This frees up a lot of the
CPU time, which can then be used for decoding the images.
Another possibility is to get a replacement serial device dri
ver, such as 8n1.device which can be found on Aminet at
comms misc 8nUha.
This is a slightly more efficient serial driver and can help save some processor time, but it's nowhere near as good as Surf Squirrel.
CD drive would need its own power supply and a casing. You would be best off getting one of the new CD expander kits, as they give you the proper cables, power supplies and cable converters.
3. No, holding down both the mouse buttons on a CD32 just brings
up the save game selector screen.
4. Unless hardware specifically says it works with the Amiga, you
should never assume it will, particularly with PC-relat- ed
hardware. So, basically, the Snappy will not work with the
Amiga. It probably could but someone would have to write
software to use it, and I doubt anyone will do that.
5. Incompatibilities between the A4000 and AI200 will generally
be due to the A4Q00's 040 processor. If there is any
compatibility it is due to bad practice on behalf of the
programmer. Nowadays, most programs and many demos are very
well behaved and work flawlessly on the A4000. Most of the
software we test is run on an A4000 and we have to say that if
it doesn't work on that machine straight off it just goes in
the If a program does not work on an A4000, it is just badly
written With regards to AmiTCP vs Miami, you will not see any
real performance difference between the two. I would suspect
both are based on the freely usable NetBSD source code, and as
a result use the same program code for their TCP IP message
processing. The only thing is that Miami is much easier to
configure than AmiTCP.
ON KED OUT CD'S When I boot my machine from the hard disk I can access my CD-ROM f discs, such as magazine discs, with relative ease (except for the normal problems of library files and odd assigns etc).
However, the problems start when I boot from the CD drive and try to run some programs from the CD. The most common message is: 'this file is not executable' although as I said, I have no trouble when running the same file when booted from the hard drive. Also, all the major assigns appear to be pointing in the right direction.
I have CD32 emulation as supplied by Hi-Soft with my CD drive, and this appears to work reasonably well with some discs. I am aware of the problems with the PCMCIA slot and the eight meg of extra RAM which I can switch to four meg if necessary.
I am sure this problem is something to do with the setup in the CD startup file, but I'm afraid my knowledge of the 'nuts and bolts’ of the system is somewhat limited. If you could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful Keith Nixon, nixonk@clmselagw.btco.uk From what you have told me it is a little difficult to work out what exactly is going wrong when you try to boot a CD. Usually,
* when a CD is booted, control is switched from the normal
startup sequence on your hard drive to the CD Startup script in
your S directory. All this does is switch all the assigns from
your hard drive to point to the CD you are trying to boot It
then goes on to try to run a startup sequence on the CD. If you
load the CD startup into a ISP - Internet Provider - a company
that maintains a large, usually UNIX-based, computer system
that routes all your Internet messages onto the Internet.
That's as well as storing your e-mails and any Web pages you
may have UNIX - An interactive time-sharing operating system
invented in 1969 by Ken Thompson (originally so he could play
games on his scavenged POP-7) after Bell Labs left the Multics
project. Dennis Ritchie, the inventor of C, is considered a
co-author of the system.
Internet - The world-wide network of computers, communicating together via the TCP IP protocol, or something. It is a three-level hierarchy composed of backbone networks, midlevel networks and stub networks.
TCP - The most common transport layer protocol used on Ethernet and the Internet. It was developed by DARPA. TCP is built on top of Internet Protocol (IP) and is nearly always seen in the combination TCP IP (TCP over IP). It adds reliable communication, flow-control, multiplexing and connection-oriented communication. It provides full-duplex, process- to-process connections.
ASL - In response to the need for standard file, font and screen requesters, the ASL library was written. Programmers already had access to these requesters thanks to ReqTools, but a standard library was needed and the final results are quiet nice I text editor you will be able to see this.
From what you have said it sounds as though the Workbench has booted up, or perhaps the startup has failed and fallen back to the Shell and you are trying to run programs from there. There is nothing set in the CD startup that should stop programs being run and return the error 'this file is not executable'. If you try to run a program it will try to run. Usually, you only get this error if you are trying to run an Amiga DOS script This is a real possibility, so if this is the case try adding Execute before the command.
Other than that I don't know what other advice I can give you, apart from: What is wrong with running things from Workbench?
Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the coreect manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk Amiga Computing GASTEINER TEL: 0181 345 6000 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton London N18 2YZ FAX: 0181 345 6868 Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm OFFER OF MONTH 4MB 72PIN SIMM HALF PRICE FPU WITH ANY RAM CARD FOR A1200 RAM EXPANSION 540 2.5” HARD DRIVE £129.00 MICROVITEC 1438 MICROVITEC
3. 5” SLIM IDE HARD DRIVES FOR A4000 & A1200 2MB 4MB 8MB 16MB
32MB £20 £40 £39 £99 £189 FPU MATHS-COPRO
£20 £29 £59 1MB 4MB £15 £70 SCSI HARD DRIVES y50mhz 100MB
1. 2GIG 2GIG 4GIG ACCELERATORS £49 £139 £219 £299 £499 REMOVABLE
power supply £59 EZ 135 EXT £149.32 £163.32 £299.00 £399.00
CD-ROMS & CD WRITERS MODEMS CD-ROMS MOTOROLA 28.8 FAX & MODEMS LIMITED STOCK ONLY new 2 speed new 4 SPEED NEC 6 SPEED £116.33 £198.58 £351.33 £700.00 £567..00 NOW WE ARE SURFING CD-WRITERS 4speed RICOH 2SPEED £129.00 SCSI CARD on SQUIRREL IS HEEOED TO RUN SCSI DEVICES ON AMIGA UTORIAL KWHnwrTi Oollowing on from where we left off last month, we can now use our base knowledge of Perl to try and write a CGI program that we can show off with on our Web site. We are going to write our own CGI guest book, which will involve taking a look at how to collect information from forms and use them in our
scripts. At the end we will also see how we can use image maps on our Web pages.
Okay, this is how it's all going to work. We will write ourselves an html page with the guest book form in it - 'guest_form.html1. The form will have two text boxes; one for a name and one for an e-mail address. There will also be a text area box for the main message and some submit and reset buttons. This form posts to a URL which is the location of our script 'guests-pr. The script collects the data, checks for errors and then adds the users message to the bottom of your guest book page 'guests.html'. The form that we need is as follows: 3: htnL head head body bgcol- orDOQGOO"
textDffffff" a: oforn action='Vcgi-bln guests.pi" iethod="postr, 3: Kaos: input type=3'text" naie="guest_name" size=*60H raaxIeogtli="4Q" p 3: Email: input type=,Ttext" naoe guest email11 size="60" Baxlength="40" p " 3: Message: textarea naBe="gue$ tjne5sage" rows-"10" cots="6Q" BaxUngth=f,l2561, textarea p 3-. center input type="sub»it" vatue="Sign Guest Book" 3: oinput type='Teset" value="£lear Fon" o center 3: forB body - htil Dan is his name, CGI scripts are his game browsers. Even though I have not done so, make sure you add some instructions on your form
for the user.
I have added the maxlength="" attribute to the form to limit the amount of text a user can type into a form item. This helps prevent people writing short stories in your guest book but is only supported on some When posting information to a CGI script you can use the 'post' or 'get' method. Get will append the form information to the script location and will show what has been posted in the URL box of your browser. The post method, however, sends the information hidden from the user. I find the latter option somewhat tidier and have therefore used it here.
Here goes for the first part of the script, which details all the sub-routines that are needed to make the guest book: ARKING OUT AN IMAGE MAP map file for imagemaps is all based on shapes The syntax for marking out the areas in the and points.
Circle two pairs, centre and edge points oval two pairs, upper left and lower right rect two pairs, upper left and lower right poly many pairs, to make a polygon point one pair 3; ! usr bin perl 3: ffAniga Computing CGI Guest Book 3: require "cgi-lib.pl1*; 3: print &PrintHeader; 3: set the array of our data 3; u = SreadParse; 3: Ifcheck the input exists valid 3: Schecterrors; 3: append to our guest book page this new entry 3: &add_to_book; 3: thank the user lor writing in your book 3: Sthankjiser; i: exit; That seems straightforward enough. Checking for errors is always a good move - it
will make the guest book a lot more tidy if you reject any mistakes! The sub-routines which should be appended to the file above are as follows.
3: sub chetk_errors 3: (Sinfguestjiame1}) II (Serrors = “ Li You forgot to put your name!"); 3: (Sin 'guest_eBaiI' ) || (Serrors .= J,oli ¥ot no esailD; 3: (SinCguestjaessage'H |j (Serrors .= "olUHma.. no Bessage"); 3: (Serrors) U (print html Sorry but your form contained the following errors p $ errors o htmlD U (exit); 3: } When using the point markers, the nearest point to the click on the Image is the link that is followed. You can use any combination of these markers to make up the overall mapping of your image map The () || () syntax I useful. This is have just introduced is very
the OR statement. If Amiga Computing DECEMBER 1996 Sin['guest„name’) exists, the first brackets will be true and Serrors won't be set. If Sin 'guest_namer) does not exist, the value inside the first brackets will be false so the OR statement will evaluate the next brackets and set Serrors. Similarly, && means AND, so only if Serrors exists will the error message be printed and the script exited.
What is actually more user-friendly at this point is to give the user the form together with the error message. If you read last month's tutorial you can use the methods I described there to set a variable with the contents of a form, even filling it in with anything the user did submit. Eg Oinput type="text" name=" guest_name" size="40" value="Sin('guest _name')" . Finally, notice the .=; syntax - this will append to the variable Serrors. This is useful for custom-building HTML in fragments.
ORMS AND THE CGI-LIB When we receive the information from a form in our script we need to process it into a more manageable format The routines for form handling are such a key part of CGI scripts that fortunately they have been written by other people already. Steven Brenner has written a library of routines we can use. The script we need to require is called cgi-lib.pl and is used as follows: These routines are usually used at the beginning of your script The require is essential and 3: require the library so we can use its routines 3: require "cgiVlib.pl"; 3: ffprint out the all
important content-type header, using a cgi-lib routine 3: print 8PrintHeader; 3: diet's print out the contents of what ue have just posted to this script 3: print SpnntVariables; 3: dSet the array Sin to be the data ve have just posted to this script 3: Sin = SreadParse; ReadParse is the most useful. You can use PrintHeader just to save yourself having to remember the syntax, and use PrintVariables to debug. When you set %in using ReadParse, the names of the form items are the keys used to access the data, ie Sinfemaif] would be equal to the value of Oinput type="text" name="emair . This
all-important library can be downloaded from the Stuff page of the Amiga Computing Web Site at http: www.idg.co.uk amigacomp . If the user fills out the form correctly, the next routine add_to_book will be called.
3: sub add_to_book 3: fr This path is equivalent to vork:ueb docs 3: openCFOO, ,J» york web docs guest.htal"); 3: tout .= 3: hr 3: iig src='7gifs redball.gif" Naie : b 5inf1guest_naoe'} b a href="iailto;SinC,guest_eiair}" :$ in ,guest_eia H,)o t op 3: Sinf'ggest.iessage1} 3: HTHLEND 3: print FOO Sout; 3: closeCFOO); 3: This routine simply opens the file guest.html ready to append to it (see boxout), sets Sout to be the formatted HTML of the guests message, prints to the end of the guesthtml file, and then closes the file. This happens every time someone posts a message to
your guest book. I suggest you create the file guest.html with your text editor first; that way you can add a header to the page and any text you might want before HE HANDLING File handling in Perl is not too difficult to master, and is usually the only way you can store data on a Web server that isn't your own. You create a file ready to write to with: 3: open(FOO, “o pathtofiLe fUenane.txt"); FOO is the name of the filehandle that you associate with the file. You refer to this filehandle until you close the file with 'close(FOO);'. To write to the file you just: 3: print FOO “This is the
line 1 want to write to the file";.
People's messages start to appear.
Finally, we have to thank the user for submitting their message to our guest book. This routine actually is just what we learnt last month.
3: sub thank_user 3: print o ,rHTHLEBDn; i: htal ohead title Thanks for signing the guest bocko title head 3: Obody bgcolor="IDOOOff* text="*ffffff" link="ffOOOQ" 3: center h1 Thanks for signing the guest- book h1 o center 3; You consents are such appreciated. Take it easy.
3: hr C a href=l' guest.htil*’ View the Guest Book a | a href=’7index.htil" Back to the Main S: Page a ] 3: HTBLESD 3: } I have included some links just to let the user have somewhere to go back to on the site. A guest book is a simple CGI application, which can in fact be any script where you collect information (such as a buy and sell notice board).
What is important is the principle of collecting information from forms and storing it for viewing from a Web page.
I promised at the beginning of the article that we would look at imagemaps. Firstly, you'll need a nice image drawn in your favourite Amiga paint package; secondly, the location of the imagemap program on your Web server; and finally a map file containing co-ordinates of URL locations.
When you click on an imagemap, the co-ordinates are sent to the imagemap program and If the filename has uO" or nothing at the beginning, the file is opened for input'V will open the file for output and u»" for appending. To read from the file, u$ line = OF00 ;" will set Sline to the next line in the file with filehandle FOO.
The way to print out the whole file is: 3: openlFOO, " pathtofile filenane.txt"); 3: while($ line = F00 ) 3: print Sline; 3; } 3: cLoseCFOOT; the map file is then used to interpret them. The HTML you use on your page will look something like this: 3: a href="http: vwv.iiistudios.coi cgi- bin iRageiap Raps iBB.aap" iig 5rc-79ifs iiiiiap.gif" isRap border-'Q" o a This is in fact the imagemap from the IMM Studios front-page. The first part of the href, www.immstu iios.com cgi-bin imagemap, is the location of the imagemap program on the IMM server. At the front of the href is
maps imm.map - this is the argument that is passed to the imagemap program telling it where to look for the map file. This map file is in a directory called maps in the document root. It is important that you set this argument after the imagemap reference correctly. In between the anchor tags is a normal image tag with the additional attribute ismap" - this tells the browser to treat the image as an imagemap. I have also turned off the border around the image with the border="0" attribute. The accompanying map file is: 3: IHH inagenap file -iii.iap 3: default cgi-bin info.pl 3: red I 0,0
121,22 3: red cgi-bin inter.pl 121,0 205,22 3: red cgi-bin soft.pl 205,0 294,22 3: red cgi-bin kiosk.pl 294,0 365,22 3: red cgi-bin news.pl 365,0 430,22 3: red cgi-bin feedback.pl 430,0 520,22 3: red cgi-bin info.pl 520,0 569,22 The character can be used to comment out any notes. You must have a default URL location and then there is the list of URLs and their co-ordinates. Since the imagemap is so simple I have only had to use the rect method for marking out the areas (see boxout). The URLs all happen to be CGI scripts, but don't let this put you off as they will in most cases be
HTML links. You can of course put a full path as the URL (eg http: www.amigaforever. com guest.html). To mark out the co-ordinates on your image, remember that the point 0,0 is in the top-left of the image. Most of the Amiga graphics packages, such as Personal Paint and ImageFX, display co-ordinates, so you should have everything you need now to make your own imagemaps.
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SIMMS 19+ 1 x 9 120-60ns SIMMS 25+ 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 45+ 4x9
120 - 60ns SIMMS 55+ 1 x 4 120 - 60ns Static ZIP 9+ 1 x 4 120
- 60ns Page ZIP 9+ 1 x 4 120 - 60ns Page DIP 9+ 1 x 1 120-60ns
DIP 3+ 256x4 120 -60ns DIP 3+ 256 x 4 120-60ns ZIP 3+ 256 x 32
100 - 60ns (1 MB Simm)
• 9+ 256 x 36 100 - 60ns (1MB Simm) 15+ 512 x 32 100 • 60ns (2MB
Simm) 15+ 512x36 100 - 60ns (2MB Simm) 19+ 1 x 32 100 - 60ns
Simm 14MB) 20+ 1 x36 100 - 60ns Simm (4MB) 22+ 2x32 100 - 60ns
Simm (8MB) 40+ 2x36 100 - 60ns Simm (8MB) 44+ 4x32 100- 60ns
Simm 116MB) 80+ 4x36 100 * 60ns Simm (16MB) 88+ 8x32 100 - 60ns
Simm 132MB) 160+ 8x36 100 - 60ns Simm (32MB) 172+ 16x32 100 -
60ns Simm (64MB) 999+ GVP SIMM32 60NS 4MB 79 GVP SIMM32 60NS
16MB 399 GVP SIMM32 60NS 1MB 29 Includes Motorola 68040 @
33MHZ, Nidec whisper quiet, low power, low voltage fan sink and
33Mhz 1 2 can oscillator.
REMOVABLES (Amiqa MAC IBM) SYQUEST 5.25“ 200MB (5200) (R&W 44 & 88) SYQUEST 3.5“ LP 270MB (3270S) 13MS SCSI
5. 25“ 44 MB 88 MB Cartridges
3. 5* 270MB or 5.25' 200MB Cartridges External Versions w Cablmg
119. 00
79. 00
59. 00
95. 00
79. 95
49. 95
24. 95
24. 95
12. 95
23. 95
39. 95
29. 95
16. 95
9. 95
29. 00 4595
39. 95
29. 95
39. 95
44. 95
24. 95
24. 95
24. 95 2595 499 599 199 299 19 80 79 39 CALL 119 CALL CALL 2495
299 199 99 349 319 399 199 249
24. 95 6995 PHASE *5
* I Blizzard 1260Turbo Board
875. 00 Blizzard 1260 or 1230 SCSI ll RAM
175. 00 Blizzard 1230-4-50Mhz
295. 00 Cybergraphix Software
59. 00 Cybervision 64 Z3 w 2MB
399. 00 Cybervision 64 Z3 w 4MB
479. 00 Cyberstorm 68060 @ 50MHZ MK II
959. 00 Cyberstorm 68060 MK II SCSI II
149. 00 Joyberstorm 68060 A2000
899. 00 Interworks ENLAN-DFS 5 node licence) 299 CBM A2065
Ethernet board 399 Hydranet (2000 3000 4000 Series) 299
1-Net A1200 PCMCIA interface) 299 Ariadine 259 AMIGA
NETWORKING MONITORS CBM 1080 RGB Analog Monitor 399 CBM 1084
RGB Analog Monitor 399 CBM 1084S RGB Analog Monitor 399 CBM
1950 60 Multisync Monitor 399 CD Solutions 1401 14'
Multiscan RGB Monitor 599 TOSHIBA TIMM 20' Multiscan RGB
Monitor 995 VIDEO HARDWARE Cyberyision 64 Zorro 3 W 2MB Ram
399 Cybervision 64 Zorro 3 w 4MB Ram 479 VIDI24 RT VIDJ 24
RT PRO 259 369 Newtek Video Toaster 4.1+ 2095 Newtek Video
Flyer 4,1+ 3895 Noahjfs Vlab Motion Card 1595 Noahjis Vlab
Molion System (Toccata) 1995 Noahjfs Vlab Motion Complete
(T&RZ3) 2749 Noahjis Retina Z3 w AMB 715 Noahjfs Retina Z2
w AMB 519 Noah|i s Toccata Sound Card 425 Noah|i s Vlab Y C
Internal External 389 Nucleus Personal editor v 1.1 589
Nucleus Personal SFC Plus v3.1 359 Prevue Technology - Sync
Strainer 49 Prime Image ‘ Little Black Box' 695 Rockgen Plus
Genlock 199 YC Plus - Y CPius SVHS Hi8 899 SOFTWARE Address
It v1.5 26 Ami-File Sale Consumer 39 Ami-File Sale
Professional 99 Caligari - Caligari 24 119 Cine Graphics -
Powermacros lor Lightwave 99 Crestline- Humanoid lor Imagine
169 Creslline - Humanoid lor Lightwave 169 Dimension
Technologies - Comjjosite Studio Pro 169 Dimension
Technologies - Fly Effects 169 Dynanic Reality - Impact! 199
Electronic Arts - Deluxe Pain! V 119 Focus - GraphicRECALL
v1.5 51 Hester - Plug Ins & Go 69 Impulse - Imagine 3.0 159
Innovision Technology - Alpha Paint 349 Innovision
Technology - Broadcast TitJer II S.HiRes189 Magic Lantern
v2.0 74 Melrogralix - Motion Master Volume 1 99 Metrogralix
- Molion Master Volume 2 99 Metrogralix - Sparks v2.173 119
Newtek Lightwave 4.0 (IBM or Amiga) 695 Newtek Lightwave 5.0
Upgrade 409 Newtek Lightwave 5.0 Complete 1029 Nowtek Video
Toaster 4.1 Upgrade 475 Nova Design - Image FX v2.6+ 215
Photogenics 84 Play - Brilliance 2.0 119 Questar - World
Construction Set 169 Radiosity - Wavemaker v2.0 165 Realsolt
- Real 3D v3.3 359 Scala Multimedia MM300 129 Sporls Object
for Lightwave 49 Syndesis - 3DROM Vol 1 or 2 84 Synergy -
Hollywood FX or Lite 219 Swipes 89 Visual Inspirations -
Visual FX for Lightwave 99 Virtual Reality Studio v2.0 69
Pixel 3D Professional v2.0 89 Pagestream 3.0- 169 4000T
Computer w IOOMB HD 76MB Ram 1200 Computer without HD 2000
Computer System w ECS 500 Computer System w o ECS 600
Compuler System w o HD 520 Video Adapter (works w all
systems) 2MB Ram For 2091 256x4 dips) 23000 interna! Low
density disk drives 500 internal low density disk drives
2 3 4000 internal high density disk drive 2 3 4000 external
high density disk drive 1 2 3 4000 5 6 1200 Keyboards
1 2 3 4000 5 6 1200 Power Supply Replacemenl Mouse 2320
Flicker Fixer (2COO 4DOO) 2232 seven port serial card 2091
HD Controller card w OMB 3640 68040 0 25Mh lor the
4000 3000 2630 w 2MB or 4MB IA2000 Accelerator) 2620 w 2MB
or 4MB (A2000 Accelerator) 501c 512K ramboard w clock 601c
99.299 GVP PC286 (GVPA500+ & A530 Turbo) 99 Emplanl Deluxe
Version 339 E586 Upgrade IBM Module 119 Emplant Macroms 199
A-Max 11+ w A-Max IV Color 329 CPU & FPU UPGRADES &
199. 00 68040-33 w MMU&FPU 149,00 68040-25 w MMU&FPU
99. 00 68040-EC25
75. 00 68030-RC-50 w MMU
119. 00 68030-RC-40 w MMU
79. 00 68030-EC-40 (NO MMU)
99. 00 68030- RC-33 w MMU
99. 00 68030-RC-25 w MMU
75. 00 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU)
50. 00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU
75. 00 68882-RC-PGA or PLCC-40 FPU
59. 00 68882-RC-PGA or PLCC-33 FPU
49. 00 68882-RC-PGA or PLCC-25 FPU
35. 00 6B8S1-RC-PGA or PLCC-25 FPU
25. 00 80387-25SX (386BB) FPU
69. 95 Crystal Osallalors
10. 00 68040 Heat Sink
25. 00 Intel 486 DX2-66
45. 00 Intel 486 DX2-50
25. 00 Intel 486 DX 33
15. 00 Intel 486 SX 33
10. 00 PERCEPTION PVR-2500 1575 CAPTURE CARD AD-2500 875 RS422
Option 185 PAR (IBM) DR-1200 1545 PAR (Amiga) DR-2150 1545
w Conner 540MB +199 w Quantum 1275A 1.2G +399 w Micropolis
2217A 1.7G +899 Personal TBC IV 799 Personal Vector Scope 735
3. 1 Upgrade kit (roms. Soft, mans)
3. 1 Upgrade kit (roms, software)
3. 1 Kickstarl roms (500 2000 600)
3. 1 Kickstarl roms (3000 4000 1200)
2. 1 OS Upgrade Kit (complete*
2. 1 OS Uj grade Kit (soft, manuals)
2. 05 Kickstarl Rom (A600)
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 1MB Agnus (8372A) 2MB Agnus (8372B) Super
Denise (8373) Paula (6364) Or Denise (8362i CIA (3520) Western
Digital Revision 08A Superbuster (rev11) (4091) Ramsey (rev
07) Fat Gary (A3000) Super Dmac (rev 04) Amber (A3000 & 2320)
Janus 2.1 upgrade kit 2620 2630 upgrade kil (7.0) 2091 upgrade
kil (7,0) A mi 1*;! Analyzer $ 59.95 Diagnostic software &
FOR BETTER WORSE Sony CDU 55 - (Internal or External) 79 139
caddyless, double speed (2X) multisession, photo-CD. 1 Year
Warranty Sony CSD-76SB (Internal or External) 149 209
caddyless, QUAD SPEED (4X) multisession photo-CD, 1 Year
Warranty Toshiba 4.4x 199 259 Teac 6x 199 259 Plextor 6x
249 309 Plextor 8x 299 369 ASIM CDFS 3.6+ w Fish CD (AMIGA) 59
CDROM file system lor Amiga Systems, includes Fred Fish CD.
Squirrel SCSI II PCMCIA (A1200 600) 94.00 Sud Squirrel SCSI II & High Speed 139.00 Serial PCMCIA for A1200 & A600 SYQUEST 5.25' HH 44MB DRIVE (SG555) 99 SYQUEST 5.25' HH 68MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) 259 SYQUEST 3.5’ LP EZ-135M9 IDE or SCSI w Cart 199 299 329 39 49 54 69 59 199 399 129 19 Micropotis 1936 SCSI & II 12 MS ¦ 3000 MB - 5,25" FH 4 MB Sec A sync 5 Year egg 10 MB Sec Sync Warranty Quantum 340 ELS SCSI I & II or IDE 420 ELS SCSI I & II or IDE 850 LPS SCSI I & II or IDE
1. 8G HH SCSI I & II
* 2.1 G ATLAS 7200RPM 1MB '4.3G ATLAS 7200RPM 2MB
4. 3G Grand Prix 512k buffer Seagate ST3290A 260 MB IDE LP 16MS
3Yrs 139 ST3491A 420 MB IDE LP 16MS 3Yrs 149
* * 51080A 1080 MB IDE LP 10MS 3Yrs 225 ” 51270A 1270 MB IDE LP
10MS 3Yrs 249 ¦' 52140A 2140 MB fDE LP 10MS 3Yrs 349 ST31231N
1050MB SCSI LP 9MS 5 Yrs 375 ¦ST32550N 2.1 G Barracuda 8MS 5
Yrs 799
• ST15150N 4G Barracuda 8MS 5 Yrs 995 “ST41Q800N 9G Elite 11MS
CFA850A IDE 12MS 3Yrs 265 CFA540A IDE 12MS 3Yr$ 199 CFA540A IDE
(w PAR) 3Yrs 199 A1200 600 SX1 2,5' IDE HARD DRIVES ST98I6AG
810MB Seagate 349 Install kits available $ 25.00 QUANTUM "
Europa 540MI3 149 Europa 810MB 199 Seagate 4324NP 2 4GB
332k sec 649.00 Seagate 4326NP 4 8GB 400k sec 799.00 Exabyte
8700LT 7 14GB 1024 sec 1099.00 Quantum 2000 10 20GB 2500k sec
3384.00 Quantum 4000 20 40GB 3000k sec 4995.00 Sony 4MM 120M
DDS2 Tape (8GB) 20.00 Exabyte 8MM 160M Tape 15.00 Quantum 2000
Tape (20GB) 50.00 Quantum 4000 Tape (40GB) 120.00 Now you can
record your own CDROM discs or make backups of the ones you
Recording Software 129 Yamaha CDR102 4x read 2x write 525
Yamaha CDR100 4x read 4x write 845 Hewlett Packard 4020I 4x
read 2x wrile 795 CDR Recordable 74 Minule Blank 9.95 CD-ROM
our policies TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL (8(H)) 699 - 4049 25 South
Old Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bldg. Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 Information & RMA
(302) 738-9259 Fax 24 HOURS DISCOVER VLSA MASTER Card American
F.xpresN & COD Acccplcd. All Prices and specifications are
subject to change without noiicc! ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO
15% restocking fee on all refunds. Defective ilems replaced wiili same item only.
Call 302.738.9267 for approval RMA before returning merchandise, or fax an RMA request to 302.738.9259 otherwise your return will not he accepted. We are noi responsible for incompatibility of producis. COD*, are CASH Onl.Y. Shipping A handling is non-refundable. Sairl 1 for chips is $ 5 CO| Fee $ 6 Personal hecks require 1-1 days to clear. Call lor actual shipping prices oil all othei ilemvy OVERNIGHT DELIVERY ONLY 9.95!*
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 INFORMATION & RMA
(302) 738-9259 FAX A
* up to five pounds actual weight & dimensional weight, call for
other details. Shipped Airborne Express SDS DKB DKB!
Megachip 2000 501) 185.95 Allows your A500 & A2000 series computers to have two megabytes of chip ram. A must have for people who use video, graphics and audio applications.
Included is the Megachip daughterboard with 2MB Agnus chip and an extra one megabyte of ram.
(Requires A500 to have A50I ram expander +24.95) A1202 board (A1200 Only) 87.95 A multi-function board for the A1200 Computer that provides the maximum fast ram expansion plus a battery backed up clock-calendar. Includes two sinim sockets for combinations r 1. 2, 4. 5, or SMB of fast ram using industry standard 32 bit sitnms with 72 pins. Optional pice math coprocessor can speed up math functions as much as 1000% or more.
A3128 Ram hoard (A30110 4000 Only) 189 Allows 32 bit ram expansion to 146 megabytes of ram using 72 pin industry standard simms. Four simm slots accept either 4, 8, 16 or 32 megabyte simms.
A2632 Ram hoard (A2630) 189 v 4mb Allows 32 Bit ram expansion onboard of I12mb of ram using industry standard 72pin simms. Has four sockets allowing use of 4, 8. 16 or 32mh simms.
Allows full burst mode support.
DKB’s WILDFIRE 060 w FAST SCSI II & 64bit ramboard $ 1399 Upgrade rebates available for owners of other 4MB - 29 8MB - 59 accelerator boards & ram through DeVine. 16MB- 119 32MB-225
- True 68060 50Mhz Design - NOT A MODIFIED 68040 BOARD!'!
- Lightning High Speed Local 68060 Memory, supports interleaved
- Supports Posted Writes to Motherboard & 10MB SECOND SCSI
- 32 Bit FAST SCSI II Host bus DMA Interlace
- Over 90% of the CPU available at full Speed SCSI DMA
- Totally Auto configurable - 64 BIT Ram expandable to 128MB
- Uses Industry Standard 72 Pin Simms - Ethernet - Twisted Pair &
Thin Co3x
- PCI Bus For Future Expansion supporting up to 100MB Second
- Compatible with the Newtek Video Toaster & DKB Megachip
- Includes Manufacturer’s TWO year full warranty.
From a company that listens to what the public wants! This is the FASTEST accelerator available for the Amiga 20001! MADE IN THE USA!
Kwikstart II (A 10(H) I 54.95 A1000 owners can now add kickslart roms to their machines with this device! Supports two different revision roms & allows access to more system ram.
Multipart II 6u (A501K 600, 2000) 29.95 You can use more than one kickslart roni chip with this device! Switchable by resetting the machine fora few seconds.
Monbra 33MHZ w MMU & FPU 149.00 Accelerator for A1201) computer with 68030 @ 40Mhz. 68882 40Mhz math co-proccssor, and battery baeked real lime clock. Expandable to 128MB of fast ram using industry' standard 72 pin simms. Increase in speed up to 600% SCSI 1&.II controller can be added $ 89.00. Rapid fire SCSI I & II controller 139.00 Specifications arc unsurpassed in speed, power, compatibility & raw performance. Ram expansion up to eight megabytes of 72pin industry standard ram.
Hard drive can attach to card, & includes db25 external connector T| Expansion case
- I-A- with power J supply option, fan. Kit option, g flyer
cabling kit Xjj opdon- w AIIotts a user to add an extra Amiga
slot-to their A4600 desktop system by moving the Newtek . Video
Toaster board.
T Gives the user the power to add additional cards like DPS Vector Scopes in extra PC slots. - E R HIGHFLYER (A4000 Only) INCLUDES Power Supply Fan Kit 39 Cable Kit 69 Dataflyer SCSI card 4000SX 84.00
- SCSI Controller card supports up to seven devices internally,
cun add external port later Dataflyer SCSI card 4000SX-25 89.00
- SCSI controller card with l B25 external connector for external
devices Datallyor SCSI+ A40IH) 99.00
- converts IDE header into SCSI support for up to five devices
with pass thru to work with original IDE drives you already own
EXPANSION Dataflyer SCSI+ A1200 99.00
- converts IDE header into SCSI port with original IDE still
functional! Control up to seven devices total.
Dataflyer 1200 600 XDS 69.00
- external case supports 3.5" IDE hard drive & allows use of
internal 2.5" hard drive. Includes pass thru cable for using
two hard drives at once.
Dataflyer RAMBOARD w IMB 89.00
- ramboard expandable to eight megabytes of ram using 1x8 nr 1x9
simm modules.
Dataflyer SCSI controller (2000 3000) 89.00
- SCSI Controller card, controls up to seven devices at once.
Optional DB25 connector available for 9.95. Dataflyer IDE
controller (2000 3000) 79.00
- IDE Controller card, controls up to two IDE devices at once.
Dataflyer SCSI & IDE controller (2000) 95.00 IDE controller card, controls up to two IDE devices at once. SCSI controller part controls up to seven SCSI devices at one time on the same card.
DataIlyer SCSI A500 149.00 External enclosure, allows internal mounting or 3.5" SCSI device. Ramlxtard can be added to expand memory to eight megs. DB25 external connector purchased separately lor 9.95. Up to seven devices can be controlled.
DataflyerlDE A500 149.00 External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3.5" IDE device. Two devices can be controlled. Dataflyer RAM-C Ramboard can be added to expand memory to eight MB.
Dataflyer SCSI & IDF A500 179.00 External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3.5" SCSI or IDE device. Ramboard can be added to expand memory to eight megs. DB25 external connector purchased separately for y.95. Up to nine devices can be controlled mixing & matching SCSI & IDE.
Baseboard A601C 25.00 Ramboard with one megabyte of ram for an additional megabyte of chip memory for the Amiga 600 computer system. Included also is a battery backed real time clock.
Expansion Systems is an American owned & operated company. Its products carry a one year manufacture warranty.
249. 00 800% INCREASE IN SPEED!
68030 @ 50MHZ with Memory management unit 68882 @ 50MHZ FPU (Math Co Processor add 75.00) 1MB of 60NS 32bit ram (32bit os by remapping kickstart) Up to 32 megabytes of 72 pin industry standard ram WHATS THE PLUS? It’s the modilication to work with the DKB Megachip 2000 500 (a $ 25.00 value if purchased separately) 4MB-275 8Mb-299 15MB-349 32MB - 449 FREE MATH CO PROCESSOR with purchase of 33Mhz version 2000 500 flCCELERfiTOR A1200 CSA Accelerators 68030RC33 Mhz w MMU. 68882 RC33 math co-processor, AND SCSI I & II controller card built In w external port expandable to 32Mb of ram 399.00 68030
running at 50Mhz w MMU AND SCSI I & II controller card built in with external port expandable to 32Mb ram 599.00 CSA is an American owned & operated company. Its products carry a one year manufacture warranty.
Csfi Magnum
- Includes SCSII & II Fastest hard drive controller available for
the Amiga 2000 series
- Up to FfVE megabytes per second with a Seagate Barracuda 2.1
gigabyte hard drive
- Expandable to 84MB ram using 72 pin industry standard simms
68040 @ 40Mhz w CPU & MMU & FPU 895 Low profile, power & heat
simms for maximum performance- 04 (MB 60NS 25.00 08 MB SONS
50.00 Upgrade rebates for A200Q owners with other CPU cards! 16
jviB60NS 99.00 Trade in that old 16bit ram while you Ye at it
too! - 32 MB.SONS 199.00 64 MB 60NS 398.00 1 .. -j 6VP-M FALCON
68040 @ 25MHZ ICD PERIPHERALS 63 S ** Sos£2 WoS QO« 0© ©
- for the Amiga 1200 series machines
- faster than an Amiga 4000T @ 25MHz
- uses standard 72pin simms expandable to 128Mb of memory
- 33 Mhz & 40MHz AVAILABLE! £649.00 & 749.00!!
- Extra SCSI Port Option Available Limited time price of $ 495.00
2. 04 ROM KIT CCO Software, Book, ROM $ 57 VALUE PACK 6 Infofile
Data MGT, Who What When, F-40 Purcuit. Mastertype, Ports of
Call All for $ 9 GOLDEN IMAGE $ 18.95 p-ioo Pen Mouse WE HAVE
345-COMPUTER TUTOR 399 BIBLE PROSPER 719-ASTRONOMY 891-AWARD MAKER 2 894-KIDS DISK 5 F 2.0X 938-AMIGAD05 MANUAL 2.0x 981-ALPHABET TIME 982-EARLY NUMBERS 985- GUITAR & PIANO TUTOR 986-CATS AGA BUNDLE 1 Nigel Manseils Racing, Zool, Trolls, Overkill, Body Blows Galactic $ 29 VALUE - PACK U 1 DELUXE PAINT 2.
D. Paint 4. Gives you Keystroke Aid, Durable Lexon fits top of
the $ 9 keyboard $ 9 ADVANCED MILITARY
7.8.9. 10.11 (SPECIFY) ......16.95 AMINET
12.13. 14 (SPECIFY) ..19.95 BARNEY
CD-32 .... 14.95 BRUTAL FOOTBALL
CD-32 ... 12 CHAOS ENGINE -
CD-32 ....5.95 CINDERELLA
CD-TV CD-32 .....9
DIGGERS-CD-32 ....8
EUROSCENE ......3.95
EFFECT-CD-32 ......8
RECORDS-CD-32 ...14 GUNSHIP 2000_________ 27.95
2 ...10 KID CHAOS
....si4.95 KID CHAOS
CD-32 14
LEMMINGS .....12
KILLER ..,......
CD-TV ......
CD-32...™ _______________________14 SOCCER
KID ......
.....14.95 SPORTS FOOTBALL CD-32,..
NO NAME . .3 UFO -
SWITCHER - FOR A500IA600IA2000 - $ 39 ? CD-31 CD-TV CD-ROM SALE
ABANDONED PLACES $ 1200 CHESSMASTER 2100...... $ 1700 F-l5 STRIKE EAGLE 2 ...... $ 1495 KINGPIN BOWLING . $ 29.00 OUCKWRITE iWordorocessorl.....S9.0O TERMITE V 1,10 .. S 37.00 ACTION FIGHTER .1200 CHRISTMAS LEMMINGS...... 995 F-29 RETAUATOR ,795 KINGS QUESTS ... ,19.95 RAMBO 3’ ..
, ...... __7.00 RED
...29.95 ADV OF WILLY BEAMISH . ..J19S
,.12.00 RISE OFTHE ROBOTS AG A...... 1715 ALADDIN .....3295 CLOWN-O-MANIA ...... .,,.295 FLAMES OF FREEDOM . ...... .495 LEMMINGS 2THE TRIBES 79 on ROAD RASH 19 95 I HunftS LULLrL ION GatfES ALIEN 3
9. 95 COALA ECS'AGA 020* .._ ,. .
___________ ......1200 MAVIS BEACON TYPING 2 .... ,29.00 SENSIBLE GOLF .....
371) 0 THUNDER HAWK .....9.55 AMIGA VISION .. 1295 COVERT
4 . ,2500 SENSIBLE SOCCOR .. 74 95
TOTAL ECLIPSE. , . . 3.55 AMIGA VISION PRO . . 29.95
1200 GLOOM DELUXE (63020*...... 3295 MIGHT & MAGIC 3 ... 1795 SHADOWtANDS 995 TRANSWRITE (Worrfprocessor) TRIAL BY FIRE
......9.95 GOLF‘JACK NICKLAUS*..... ________9.95 MONKEY ISLAND
(Secret of) ,14.95 SHADOW OFTHE BEAST -3___ .1200
APJDYA .. .....12.00 CRUISE
.,.8.00 SILENT SERVICE 2 ..... 7700 ARTHUR ADVENTURE 395 CURSE OFTHE AZURE BONDS ..J20Q GRAPHICS STUDIO_________ _____695 NIGHT5HIFT ,7.95 SIM CITY 2000 AGA . 77 95 TROLLS AGA . ..SCO ATOMINO . .7.95 NIPPON SAFES 1795 SINK OR SWIM (pal),.., _________ 6 95 C bERSL ST ......9,95 .....,2795 BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 795 CYBERPUNKS 800 GUNSHOOT* 295 NORTH AND SOUTH 9 95 SKELETON KREWAGA 12 95 UFOAGA EC5 . .,.15,55 RANSHFF 1295 CYTRON 995 GUY SPY 1400 ODYSSEY .2995 SKYBLA5TER
.. 1 95 UTOPIA ,,2155 BARBARIAN 2 795 D-GENERAT1QN AGA ..... .9,95 HARLEY DAVIDSON ... 795 OH NO'MORE LEMMINGS ... ?? On SPACE 1889 ......- ... 1700 UNIVERSE (PAL) . 29 CO BAT-2 1900 D-PAINT-2 295 HEIMDAIL 2 AGA ..... ,1195 ORK (SPACE) , 9.95 SPACE QUEST 4,, 1795 UNTOUCHABLES . .....7.C0 BATMAN 700 D-PAINT-3 ..17.00 HEROES OFTHE LANCE...... ,1100 OVERKILL AGA .....8.00 SPACE
STEEL ...... __195 OVERRUN-! 1
MEG) ..... .,12.00 SFERiS LEGACY
AGA ..... 77 95 VlRO COPS FfSAGA 2955
- .795 DEATH MASK .- ..... .,7.95 HILL STREET
ECS 32.95 SPIDER MAN .. 3 95
CUPART VOL-2 ...... 700
HOOK .. .....,14.95 PINBALL‘SLAM
(PAL) ...... 395 ViiK I UAL KfflliNlj
„ 38.95 PINBALL MANIA AGA...... 1795 SUB-WAR 2050
2025...... 14.00 PINBALL PRELUDE ECS AGA 3795 SUPER
WIZ'NIIZ ..... ,..1200
AGA________________ BRIAN THE LION |PAL)____________ 1200
DOUBLE DRAGON 2*... .. .295 INDY
AGA . ,35,95 295 __3295 .....2900
2 AGA 3795 WORMS (680020+) ______ ..,3295 JAGUAR
XJ220 .... .....1495
,,19.95 JOE BLADE ..
2 ...... 37 95 XP8 AGA --------------------------
ZEEWOLF-,____________________ ,.2295 DUNGEON MASTER 2 A680204
EXILE ...38,95 2295 1695 PRIME MOVER 595 TVTEXT PROTITLER 700
TENNiS* ...... 3 95 ZERO
GRAVITY ..... ... 495 EXILE AGA 3800
7. 00 PUSHOVER .. ...12.00
TARGHAN .... 7 95 ZOOL 2
AGA ....
- 1295 CHAMBER OF SclR-F l 3 only 600 EXTREME RACING AGA_______
,,29.95 KINDWORDS Vwydproceoor., 400 PUTTY SQUAD
, 34 95 TEAM
SUZUKI* ... 795 ZOOL
AGA ... .... 800 TO U.K.
CUSTOMERS: To figure £ value from US$ .
Divide our US$ by apx. 1.55 this will show your cost in £.
Example = $ 9.95 = apx. £6.42. Postage is minimum £5.00, larger order at actual cost.
YOUR HOURS: 3pm till 2am (UK is 6 hours ahead) TEL: 001-915-563-4925 FAX: 001-915-563-4315 DISK DRIVE CLEANING DISK ....$ 4.50 MOUSE CLEANING KIT ....$ 5.50 TLAS, P.O. BOX 30499, MIDLAND.TEXAS, 79712 POSTAGE AND HANDLING (Minimum) .....$ 5.00 FOR C.O.D. ORDERS ADD ..$ 5.00
C. O.D. CALL FOR FREE CATALOG Information and Orders: Call
915-563-4925 hen the last incarnation of Directory Opus
arrived at Amiga Computing's offices, the team received it
initially with surprise, then with frustration. Jonathan
Potter's acclaimed file manager had turned into something
rather more ambitious and, in the process, something far more
complicated to actually use.
Opus 5 was a file manager designed to replace Workbench itself, but reviewer Frank Nord was not convinced. Regardless of vastly increased multi-tasking capabilities and an array of powerful additional features, Opus 5 had lost its ease of use. The simple and highly functional interface of version A had been replaced with a program our reviewer at one point described as 'schizophrenic'.
So now we have 5.5, trumpeted more as a new program than an upgrade on the basis Opt of a large list of new features and enhancements. It certainly remains an ambitious project, with the designers expressly seeking to finish the job they started in the last version.
5. 5, according to the makers, is now best used as a replacement
for Workbench.
To recap on the basic operation of the program, which essentially remains the same, Directory Opus in appearance and operation is a millions miles away from the traditional file manager concept. Whereas it was once composed of the familiar dual windows above an array of functional buttons (Directory Opus 4), the new version allows you to work with as many windows (or listers) as you like - simultaneously.
Opus 5.5's interface breaks down into two main areas: The listers display files, each with a clickable array of icons; and then there's LUJ J J J r J Oh dear. 1 suppose Bill is quaking in his boots the button bank, which can be configured, shaped and positioned anywhere on the screen to suit. The truth is it all looks rather cluttered and complicated at first, though fortunately there's an excellent context-sensitive help facility - click on a feature you're curious about and the relevant advice will pop up automatically.
So that's the basics, but why bother shelling out your money for the upgrade?
Enhancements Certainly there are a number of important enhancements and improvements to this version, the most significant of which is the fact that Workbench Replacement Mode has been considerably refined - the bugs that cropped up in version 5 appear to have been removed and certain operations have been simplified without losing any of the program's immense configurability. The user interface has been slightly improved, with the addition of an 'iconify' gadget on listers allowing users to rapidly dear the screen of busy windows. Unfortunately, when The Amiga's most | revered file
manager has undergone a major overhaul, but is it easier to use? Gareth Lofthouse puts Directory Opus 5.5 through its paces working with numerous listers (and that's most of the time in this program), the tconi- fied ones have a habit of disappearing behind other objects, making them awkward to find again.
Other superficial improvements include the ability to have background patterns in icon-mode listers 3D pop-up menus. In fact, pop-up menus seem to have got everywhere.
Hold down the right mouse button down while over a lister title bar, for example, and a menu appears allowing you to change the lister's mode - iconify, snapshot, create a new directory or sort icons by name, type, size or Amiga Computing NTERN ET CONTROL For Amiga owners busily exploring the Internet the designers have now included a facility they claim will make it easier to work with Internet-based files. The new Opus FTP module will allow users with an active Net connection to directly access directories on a remote Internet site just as if they were on your Amiga hard drive itself. Most
Opus commands will work on the FTP directory, including the copy-file function to and from the site. In fact you can even double-click on a remote picture to view through the Opus viewer. On the other hand, you still have to connect up to the Net via your normal method, so it's not quite so seamless an operation as it sounds.
D That said, if s still one of the update's best new features. You can even extract archives straight to disk, as well as working with extra-long, case-sensitive UNIX filenames.
OpusFTP also supports a variety of different server types, including WindowsNT. All in all, a very welcome addition.
Date. This is one of 5.5's more valuable enhancements and is much quicker than using the pull-down menus, though these are still available. In addition, you can add custom entries to these menus using the Opus Filetype Creator.
New scripts have been included which allow you to trigger Opus commands on events, ranging from the pointless but fun samples you can have played on certain operations, to more useful functions - for example, a requester asking if you want to format non-DOS disks when they are detected in the drive.
Workbench's rubber-band selector has not only been included, it's been improved!
Now you can select a group of files or icons to drag and drop without having to hold the shift key - this turns out to be a bigger benefit than it might sound.
Support for programs like Magic Workbench has been improved, allowing users to add a bit of colour to their desktops.
Graphics card owners are also catered for, with an internal picture viewer that now works with CyberGraphix screen modes, including 24-bit.
As mentioned above, button banks are an essential element of the interface, and you can have as many buttons banks showing text or icons as you want Opus 5.5 has slightly enhanced the look of them, allowing users to remove bulky borders and scroll bars for neater control panels that take up less space.
The documentation meets a high standard, with a well-written ring-bound manual that includes a stage-by-stage introduction as well as comprehensive details on every aspect of the program's functioning. What impressed me was the fact that amendments to the new version have been fully "The documentation meets a high standard, with a well-written ring-bound manual that includes a stage-by- stage introduction" Jargon BOX Arexx An inter-process communication language that determines how Amiga programs interact wilt) each other FTP File transfer protocol, used for transferring files to and from
the Internet
- ter •One touch burtons that provide short cuts for specific
- v. Function that instantly shrinks a lister to a small icon,
clearing space on the desktop
L. 'er Opus's windows in which directories and fifes are listed
Pap-up Menus Quicker to access than the usual pull* down
variety Script Small Arrex or AmigaDOS programs that increase
the functionality of Opus incorporated into the relevant
topics, as opposed to being tagged on as an addendum.
Users have always been able to attach a specific hot key to any button or menu within Opus, but now Opus 5.5 has added a specific set of user-defined hot keys. They can be used solely within Opus, or as a global system of hot keys, depending on your preference, and you can assign custom scripts and commands to each one. The short-cut method to access specific paths within your system has also been improved, with the introduction of a system that allows you to customise the display of any specific directory on your Amiga. You can now define the Lister position, display format and size
for any directory, and save them for whenever you re-access the directory. Of course hot keys can be allocated to bring up any specific directory on demand.
New Arexx commands have been added, or extended with new features, and - yes, I'm going to say that word again - you can customise Opus even further by adding your own internal commands.
Bottom ' line Requirements RED essential ANACER GONE MAD?
Workbench Product Supplier Price Tel 68% 86% 90% 81% Opus is made for life's born-fiddlers; people who want the option to customise just about every single aspect of their software. If they weren't messing with their Amiga configuration, they'd probably be fitting turbo- nutter cow-catchers to VW Beetles instead; they want everything to be uniquely suited to their needs, and why not ?
Given how configurable Opus 5.5 is, it's unlikely that any two user's desktops will ever look the same. For every given task there seem to be four or five different ways of doing it, but whether this is good or bad depends on your perspective.
There is much to commend in this program. The ability to access and handle FTP files just like any other normal file within a standard Opus lister is particularly attractive, and generally Workbench replacement mode is more stable and functional than was the case with the last release. Pop-up menus, new scripts and hot keys all help to make Opus a slicker beast to run.
Unfortunately, those who found Opus 5 too fiddly are unlikely to change their minds on the basis of this latest release. While the originally cumbersome Windows on the PC is getting increasingly user-friendly, Opus 5.5 threatens to turn the Amiga into a machine best suited to techies.
The makers say it just takes getting used to, and that if you persist you'll never want to go back to your old habits. For some users of Opus this may be so, but as far as I'm concerned, I just haven't got the time.
Despite these criticisms, the power and flexibility of the program as a replacement for Workbench is undeniable. For those willing to endure a period of hard work familiarising themselves with Opus 5.5's quirky ways, it will no doubt prove to be a valuable product.
Product details Price: £49,99 Upgrade: £29.99 1Mb free HD memory Wizard Developments BLACK recommended Implementation 01322 527800 Ease of use Opus 5.5 Value For Money Overall Amiga Computing miga users all over the globe now know that a Netscape Navigator of any description will never appear on the Amiga. The task of releasing a user-friendly and efficient browser with which to view the World Wide Web has been pretty much left to Amiga users themselves.
Ibrowse by Stefan Burtstoem is placed firmly at the top of the list after scoring an overall score of 92% in our November issue.
At the moment there are only a few other usable browsers. The early versions of Amosaic failed to impress Amiga users, despite it being the first browser to display graphics, and the others, including Chimera, Voyager and the text- only viewer Alynx, were greeted with still less enthusiasm.
UWN OPINION Awebll is Ibrowse's only real competition, and I suggest you try them both to form an opinion of which one best suits your own particular needs.
The first and most important difference between the two browsers is the fact that Ibrowse runs using MUI, whereas Awebll uses a set of libraries called ClassAct.
Although ClassAct isn't quite as advanced as the Magical User Interface, it still manages to provide plenty of user-configurable options.
Aweb comes on two disks, the second of which contains HTML Heaven.
This program is designed to help you create your own pages and generally familiarise yourself with the workings behind the World The ClassAct library comes with the packaged version of Awebll, just like MUI 3.3 comes with Ibrowse. The major differences are that ClassAct doesn't feature 3D textured buttons, animated icons, or anything near as fancy, although the program is neat and will do a reasonable job with the minimum of One of Awebll's features which certainly impressed me was the speed. Okay, so Netscape Navigator can load up images pretty quick on the Macintosh and the PC, hut this is
the Amiga.
Personally, I prefer to read the information of the World Wide Web and tend to ignore the graphics side unless it's a site which contains image maps. Text-wise, the speed of Awebll is pretty good, especially if you find you've clicked on an unwanted link - you can zip back almost immediately without the need to wait for the page to load again. In fact, by clicking on the arrow-back icon you can zip through the entire history of your Web career and see the first page you loaded up.
Wide Web. More and more users are now beginning to realise that their own pages can be generated simply and cheaply.
Demon Internet Services is currently giving subscribers 5MB of free space on its server, which is why you can find a mirror site of Amiga Computing's Home Page at http: acomp.demon. co.uk. Awebll happily supplies you with enough utilities to have a go. HTML Heaven doesn't need much HTML authoring either, as the majority of common styletags can be inserted, removed and placed anywhere on your text document, allowing you to concentrate on the content of your page rather than the technical workings. Once you have designed your page you can easily load up the .html files as a local- host.
Also, if you manage to get stuck while using Awebll, you don't need to flick through pages and pages of manual just to work out a simple feature. Full on-line help is available, covering everything from organising your TCP IP stack to setting up your own hotlist of Web sites. Of course, you can multitask between the AmigaGuide document and the browser itself.
AmiTriX" Development Demo version 1.2 shows its previous inability to centre and justify images Amiga Computing The "Network" window will give you information regarding file and image sizes The mcn3 cnmprrhennve guide to Amiga resources on the Web, The Amiga WcbDicUay is sponsored by: Before you begin worrying about your TCP stack, Awebll will happily run using various TCP connections such as AmiTCP, TermiteTCP or the brand new Miami. The only problem you will encounter when viewing the graphics is the need for at least two datatypes, such as .gif and .jpeg. However, they can easily be
downloaded from Aminet if you do not already have them.
One of the main problems with the demo version 1.2 was downloading a page of text, as the styletags would still exist when loaded into a text editor. This was because you could only save the document as source instead of plain text. However, this problem has just about been sorted out, and there is now a short CLI program which dumps the styletags, leaving behind a plain text document. Although Aweb's installer fails to unpack the program, it's still an invaluable addition.
Another good feature of Awebli is that IT IN The majority of features which appeared with demo version 1.2 of Awebli are still included[ although there is something else which is just about a necessity especially if you are involved with the Internet on a regular bosis.
Awebli offers plug-in support for other external applications which would otherwise need to be started by other means.
There is support for mailto: and ftp:, so if the need arises to switch to an external program, speed is the key - especially with sending mails.
"Thankfully, all of these bugs and additions have now been corrected and included, meaning Aweb looks just as good as any other browser on the Amiga" when you look up a host and begin downloading, after a short trip to the menu bar you will be able to open up a separate window entitled 'Network'. This enables you to view what stage the page is at, what images are downloading, and the overall size. If you like to see the inner workings of someone's efforts at designing a page, I'm sure many of you would indeed be interested. It also gives you a full description of your page status, even
if you load from localhost.
REY AREAS Version 1.2 of Aweb refused to recognise any background screen whatsoever and continued to present a standard grey affair.
Also, our Amiga Computing Web page contains borders which Aweb failed to acknowledge. There were also problems with centred text and images.
Thankfully, all of these bugs and additions have now been corrected and included ,meaning Aweb looks just as good as any other browser on the Amiga. I've also heard the next version of Aweb is in development, and this will hopefully include features such as tables amongst others. This is good news indeed, as registered users will receive free upgrades for any improvements and new features.
As far as the comparison in terms of looks goes, Ibrowse easily has the edge.
Nicely coloured buttons with an animated loading image in the corner and the option to move the URL window, buttons and status gauge, win hands down. However, Ease of use Implementation Value For Money 87% 89% Overall Awebli features a small cluster of grey images in the top-right corner. Although this allows more space to view the actual page, it just doesn't have that professional look. Even Amosaic manages to supersede Awebli in terms of looks.
Overall, Awebli is an excellent browser which contains a multitude of excellent features. Unfortunately, none of them really overshadow Ibrowse. Graphically, however, Awebli looks slightly superior - even in 64 colours it looks good and doesn't suffer from the dithering problems which were so common in Ibrowse.
If you're looking for a good quality browser, you can't go far wrong with Awebli. It's certainly an alternative to Ibrowse and offers a lot more than many other Amiga browsers. It's all a matter of taste and personal opinion, and my opinion is that Ibrowse has the edge - but only just. £2 Amiga Computing UTORIAL understand - the second, statement, part of the expression is only carried out if the specified condition is true. For example, if you wrote this line of code... if number= 200 then say 'you entered the number 200' then the SAY part of the expression would only ever be performed if
the number variable contained the value 200! With Arexx however you are not limited to expressions containing just single lines. A whole group of statements can be enclosed within DO END markers like this... The important thing about both these forms is that they operate in the same way. The expression is evaluated and only if the condition being tested turns out to be true will the statement or statements which follow be exe-
o far in the series you've seen how to create scripts using Ed,
learnt about Arexx variables and those all-important function
units that allow scripts to be broken up into easily handled
(and easily understood) separate units.
And you've had some practice with Arexx macros and the communications side of things. What we haven't dealt with, because it has not been particularly important with the examples to date, is decision making.
This month - al! That changes.
Now decision making is something that us humans are particularly good at. On a good day we're even able make reasonable decisions when we don't know all of the facts.
"John, do you think that it would be possible to alter our company's filing system so that..." etc. If John makes the right decision he'll doubtless get a well deserved, 'pat on the back'. If he wasn't so fortunate he'll probably look for some reason (or someone) to get him off the hook - "Sorry but when Pete asked me to rearrange the filing system Mr Jackson -1 had assumed that HE had asked you first!'
With computer style logic things are a lot more straightforward than they are in everyday life and decisions, at the end of the day, tend to come down to simple Yes No type alternatives. Does the user want to quit the program or not? Is the value held in the variable x greater than 10 or not? In short a statement within an Arexx script will check a condition and then, depending on the result obtained, will either perform, or not perform, a particular action.
With Arexx many program decisions can be made by using something called an IF- THEN statement which takes this general form... if e*pre$ sion then stateient The underlying purpose is easy enough to Again you can enclose sets of Arexx statements with DO END markers so that a whole group of statements are performed, or not performed, depending on whether the condition part of an IF statement is satisfied (true) or not. You can also use other logical tests such as greater than ( ), greater than or equal to ( =), less than ( ), equal to or less than ( =), and not equal to When Arexx is
evaluating statements such as 'greater than' or 'equal to', it represents the outcomes of these tests using the value zero as meaning false, and unity (1) as being true. Many languages do in fact allow you to set up named constant values to represent these values but often programmers opt for using uppercase named variables, ie TRUE and FALSE, for this purpose instead.
- if nuiber=200 then if nu»ber= 200 then do say •you typed 200'
say 'you typed 200' say 1 thank you' else say 'OK, so you don't
like 200 end - fair enough!'
In this last instalment Paul Overaa explains how Arexx's decision statements can be used to good effect... Qrexx's select-when case statement Simple IF-THEN and IF-THEN-ELSE statements are fine for the majority of Arexx decision making but occasionally you may need to check for a number of different conditions or outcomes. Suppose for example that you used SAY statements to print a I st of numbered menu options to the screen, ond then asked the user to type in a menu number.
Having collected the number using a PULL statement the idea then would be to perform some set of Arexx statements related to the selected option.
Arexx provides a SELECT-WHEN-OTHERWISE statement that is ideal for this sort of use.
Basically it allow you to test an expression and then, on the basis of the result, carry out one of a number of code sections. Cases are tested consecutively until one expression evaluates as true and again the sections of code can be either single statements or a DO-END block of statements. You can incidentally leave out the otherwise part of a select-when statement if there's nothing you want to do when other coses are not satisfied. The example in listing 2 shows how this type of selection statement might be used.
Amiga Computing 57 Why, having said in earlier instalments that Arexx completely disregards case in variable names, do we bother to use uppercase? It's a convention which stems from languages like C and, once you are used to the idea, it can help make scripts easier to read. You'll know straightaway that such uppercase terms means that the value given to that variable at the start of the program is never going to be changed. In other words as far as the script goes that name essentially represents a constant!
To see how this works in practice take a look at the example in listing 1. It's a program that asks you to enter a number - and then doubles it for you. OK, so it's not exactly stunning as far as effects go, but it is the overall code structure that's the main thing here. The script uses an Arexx do-while loop, a piece of code enclosed by DO END markers that will continue to repeat itself for as long as the specified condition is true. The condition being tested in our example is this... do while exU_flag'=TRUE Looks a bit frightening but if you translate the statement into the
equivalent words things aren't so bad. It's simply saying - 'do this loop code whilst the variable called exit flag is NOT equal to TRUE (ie unity)'. We actually get into the loop by setting exit_flag to zero (using the variable we've defined as FALSE)!
Inside the loop a couple of SAY statements are used to display some instructions, I* testl.rexx *1 TRUE=1 Listing 1: As soon as the exit flag variable is set to TRUE the loop present in this scripts terminates!
FAISE=0 exit_flag FALSE I* force entry into loop * do while ejcit_flag"=TRUE say 'Give ie a nunber and I"ll double it' say '(otherwise just hit the return key to quit)!1 Pull n if Datatype(n)='HUH' then say Mine - answer is' 2*n else do say 'Hang on - that *1s not a nuiber!
Say 'so !"¦ quitting!'
* tesrt.rexx * exit.flag=TRUE TRUEr1 n l FALSER exit_fUg=FALSE * force entry into loop *1 do while exit_fLag-=TflUE say 'Give we a nuiber and I"U double it' say '(otherwise just hit the return key to quit)!'
Pull n type=Datatype(n) select when Length(n)=0 then do say 'OK,OK... I"a quitting!'
Exit_flag=TRUE end when type= * CHAR' then say 'Hang on - that"s not a nuiber!'
Otherwise say Mine - answer is' 2*n end Listing 2: Select-when type code arrangements can often give useful extra flexibility!
And a PULL statement collects, what is hopefully, a number from the user.
DatatypeO s the name of an Arexx's built- in function which, when used in the way that we've used it, returns either NUM or CHAR depending on whether the contents of our variable n is a number or a string of characters. You will, incidentally, find many more built-in functions listed in your Arexx manual!
With the example in listing I then we're testing whether the user typed a number and either executing a SAY statement which prints the doubled value or, in the case where a number was not entered, printing an error message and then forcing our way out of the loop by setting the exitjlag variable to TRUE. But supposing you didn't want the script to quit just because the user entered some non-numerical value, how would you do it One solution would be to add some further if-then test statements, but there is actually a better way... £S ? I F1
I. gajq&l I gds: rx Give ne (otherw 268 f ine - Give ne (otherw
54 f ine - Give ne Cotherw s Hang on Give ne otherw 34 f ine
- Give ne (otherw rrB?r Orders p| Execftexx Exec Rexx
ExccRexx.do rqJ- A9*W-tJ»Pj K463 full, 39K tree. 8B7K MEDICQ
nntfc., I .mi ReadHeFirst F K*«10 ExecRexx Distribution Sul
RvmLib i Contents fln ig»L iblil*k463 Ml test 2 a nunber and
Ijll double it ise just hit the return key to quit)!
Answer is 416 a nunber and I'll double it ise just hit the return key to quit)!
Answer is 108 a nunber and I'll double it ise just hit the return key to quit)!
- that's not a nunber!
A nunber and I'll double it ise just hit the return key to quit)!
Answer is 68 a nunber and I'll double it ise just hit the return key to quit)!
_s=3i Public domain scripts provide one of the best ways of learning more about Arexx.
This month's test2,rexx script in action Qnd so to finish... Well, although we've come to the end of this particular series it's undoubtedly best to regard this as the beginning of your Arexx travels, not the end of them. And make no mistake, you can take your Arexx coding much further. Now years ago anyone wanting to learn about computer programming would do it using Basic (that's actually why the longuage was invented). OK so Basic has grown in power and usefulness over the years but Arexx is just as good in many respects (and better in some). It's easy to learn, it provides oil the
conditional loops, functions, and use of long (understandable) variable names that are needed to write modern day programs - and it's good at catching any slips presenting the code without crashing like some languages do. What's more it's FREE. All you need now is practice and don't forget that you can always get regular extra help from AC's monthly Arexx page.
Some fast advice? Well I think style should be kept high on the agenda. Avoid the common pitfall of treating Arexx as some sort of AmigaDOS- style language only suitable for small scripts.
Arexx deserves more than this. Above all keep your scripts understandable - make a point of using understandable variable names, indenting do end loops and dividing individual section of your code using * * markers and so on. Do that and not only will your relationship with Arexx will be a happy one but you'll get into a method of coding that'll stand you in good stead should you ever decide to learn about other high-level languages!
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$ 84.95 _ CD ROM Drives NEC 4X SCSI Internal 119.00 Externa] 199.00 Toshiba 4.4X SCSI Internal 159.00 External 239.00 Teac6XSCSI Internal 229.00 External 309.00 NEC 8X SCSI Internal 259.00 External 339.00 CD ROM Driver for All Amigas ASIM CDFS 3.6b w Fred Fish CD Special Price: $ 49,95 GVP-M I O Extender 2 Scr, L Par 119.00 A1291 SCSI for 1230-11 99.95 Guru ROM V.6 (Low Profile) 79.95 Guru ROM V.6 69.95 DSS8+V3.0 Software Upgd 29.95 A1200 040 25 Falcon 499.00 A2000 060 50 T-Rex 929.00 A3 4000(T) 060 50 4- Rex 1099.00 Amiga Manuals & Books A2000 Sys. Schematics 30.95 A3000 Sys. Schematics 34.95
A590 i lard Drive Scr. Man. 19.95 GenLock Service Manual 19.95 CDTV Service Manual 24.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3 V.2 27.95 Math-Co Processor & CPU M68882 25mhz FN-PLCC
35. 95 M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC
39. 95 M68882 40mhz RC-PGA
55. 95 M68882 50mhz RC-PGA
69. 95 M680I0 CPU
15. 50 68030 RC 40 mhz
75. 95 68040RC 25mhz
95. 95 Crystal Oscillators
8. 95 QUIKPAK Internet Starter Package 1
29. 95 A4060T 060 50mhz
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SX-25 88.95 Dataflyer SCSI-1- 1200 98.95 Dataflyer SCSI*
4000 78.95 Dataflyer 2 3000 IDE 78.95 Dataflyer 2 3000 SCSI
88.95 Dataflyer 8mb Ram Board 88.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI
149.00 Baseboard 1200 19.95 d*c*» Spitfire SCSI II Card
85.00 Rapidfire SCSI II Card 135.00 MegaChip for A500 2000
185.95 MultiStart II for A500 2000 25.95 3128 Expansion
Board 189.110 Cobra 33 for A1200 152.95 Cobra 40 for A1200
193.95 Ferret SCSI II for A1200 89.00 The Clock for A1200
13.95 Phase 5 CyberStorm Mark II 68060 50mhz Accelerator
$ 895.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 199.00 CyberVision 64 2 4mb
Zorro III Graphics Card for A3000(T) &A4000(T)
S399.00 S489.00 CyberVision 64 Upgrade 79.00 2Mb Video
Memory CyberGraphics Software 49.00 Blizzard 2060 Turbo
W built-in SCSI II for A1500, A2000 & A2500 $ 929.00 Blizzard
1230 IV 1260 Turbo for A1200 $ 269.95 5799.95 Blizzard
1230 1260 SCSI 169.95 M 68882 50m hz PGA 69.95 Modems &
Telecom Supra 14.4 Ext. Fax Modem
89. 95 Supra 28.8 Lxl. Fax Modem
199. 00 Serial Modem Cable
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89. 95 Aweb-II
44. 95 I j||b Visa, Master and Discover Card orders are accepted
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V . Ohis month we look at a couple of interesting games with which to while away those long winter evenings, and there's the usual helping of indispensible utilities.
As ever, if you're worried by the number of programs in Public Sector which are listed as being available from Aminet, don't forget that your favourite PD library will probably have the software too. Even if they don't, several libraries now offer Aminet download services for extremely reasonable prices - try Your Choice for instance. If you do have Internet access, don't forget to visit the Public Sector pages, which you'll find by following the Software link from the Amiga Computing homepage.
Bibrary GUIDE 2.0 Produced by: Heiko Schroder and Chris Naas Available from: Aminet The concept of shared libraries is fundamental to the Amiga operating system.
Many programs will not function without certain versions of libraries present in the Libs directory, and keeping up to date versions of common libraries is essential.
This Amigaguide document catalogues 467 libraries, most complete with details of the author and copyright, lists of programs that make use of the library (handy for determining whether you can afford to delete mysterious library files), and the version number of the last revision. It's an extremely handy document for reference purposes.
Dave Cusick once more surveys the cream of the PD and shareware crop Qush hour Programmed by: Andreas Spreen This engrossing puzzler is Available from: Aminet based on an old Commodore 64 game called Traffic. Your task is to supervise the traffic flow in one of three cities by controlling traffic lights, which sounds simple enough, but in practice can require a good deal of thought and some quick responses as the queues build and impatient drivers start honking their horns.
Each city is divided into six levels, each consisting of one screen containing a number of road junctions. On each level you must ensure that a specified number of cars successfully nego- ciate the city centre at Rush Hour before the number of vehicles waiting to enter the city becomes too great. If you accomplish this then the bonus mode begins, where you simply keep accumulating points until the volume of traffic entering the city causes everything to grind to something of a standstill. Then it’s on to the next level for more of the same.
There are three difficulty settings, and in the Hard mode things can really get frenetic. There are also cooperative multiplayer modes, so that if you are having trouble coping on higher difficulty levels you can enlist the aid of one or two friends to keep an eye on certain traffic hotspots and help keep everything running smoothly.
If you are expecting a flash game with impressive graphics then you will be disappointed by Rush Hour, but if you want a diverting little puzzler then it fits the bill perfectly. It even multitasks happily, so you can have it running in the background whilst you do some word processing and then flip screens every now and again for a short break.
As thinking games go, this is one of the most entertaining offerings I've seen in some time, and it is worthy of a place on any hard drive.
Amiga Computing Qoolio Programmed by: Rodrigo Reyes Available from: Aminet The rather scarily named OoollG is not, perhaps fortuitously, a Gangsta Rap composition program. It is actually an Input Output patch - it allows programs which would not ordinarily be able to load or save a certain file format to do so, by making use of datatypes and external file converters respectively. For instance, whereas ordinarily with Dpaint you would be restricted to loading and saving pictures in IFF-1LBM format, by using CoollO (with the appropriate datatypes installed, of course) you could load GIF, JPEG,
PNG, PCX and many other image file formats, and by calling something like GFXconv you could save pictures in JPEG format.
Qritus and R3 demos Programmed by: Davin Pearson, F1 Licenceware now operate a Shareware service whereby members of the pub- Bruce Webster w ° might normally have qualms about sending money off to authors in the Available from: FI Licenceware P05t can instead purchase complete versions of software from a library, who will then pass on the money to the author responsible. This disk contains two Diskmashed demonstration versions of two games in their Shareware series.
Tritus is essentially Tetris with knobs on, allowing up to three players to compete against the computer and one another in a radically enhanced version of the original. Wacky bonuses, built-in bat-and-ball games, strange creatures that begin nibbling away at the blocks in the well, and many more additions help elevate this above the numerous Tetris clones which proliferate in the Public Domain.
Appalling music aside, this is a faultless puzzler which will entertain for hours. This version is practically complete, relying on an irritating "Register Me" speech popping up from time to time to encourage you to shell the small fee the author so fully deserves.
R3 is a decent offering in the mould of Thrust, Roketz, Bratwurst and others. There are a variety of playing modes
- one person can tackle numerous missions, two players can
cooperate on other missions, or you can simply challenge a
friend to a dogfight.
An extra dimension is added to the game through the inclusion of various different types of starship. There are five different classes of ship at your disposal, each available in three flavours. After completing a mission it is possible to trade in your ship for a superior model.
You will have to refuel your ship periodically, or land to make repairs. If you don't bother making repair stops, bumps will gradually result in various systems failing and you will experience considerable difficulties piloting your craft.
Other interesting features include the coins littered around some levels and the idea of earning money for every alien killed (which can be used when upgrading ships), homing missiles, several types of doors and gates which will need to be opened if you are to complete the missions, teleporters, and so on. Overall, R3 is a well presented blaster which may tax the old grey matter a little bit into the bargain. For twelve quid you'll obtain a version of Tritus without the annoying messages, a complete version of R3, and an R3 level editor. For two excellent games, this registration fee
represents superb value.
Since CoollO makes use of datatypes you will need to have a Workbench 3 machine for the program to work.
Installation is simply a matter of copying CoollO to your Wbstartup drawer and using the Preferences program to specify which tasks you wish CoollO to monitor.
Setting up the Saving monitor is slightly more complex than the Loading one in that some parameters will need to be specified for the program or script which CoollO is to call when your chosen application attempts to save files. However, all this still takes just a few minutes and it will save a lot of time and effort when using format-fussy applications in the future - no more firing up Image Processing packages just to convert images for loading into Dpaint so you can edit them.
The archive contains some example saving scripts (for instance, to save files as LHA archives, or to choose the file format whenever you save a file) and a program called ConvertPic which can take IFF-ILBM images and save them as JPEG or PNG files.
Considering there are commercial packages around whose sole purpose in life is to patch programs like Dpaint to load and save JPEG images, the freeware status of CoollO makes it an extremely attractive proposition. Definitely worthy of investigation.
DECEMBER J996 Don't dream its OVER Unfortunately things have been a little disappointing on the Public Domain and Shareware fronts over the last couple of months, with something of a dearth of decent new software. Indeed, those bursting bagfuls of PD submissions have in recent weeks become but a distant memory, and checking the new uploads on Aminet has become rather disheartening - unless of course you happen to have a soft sport for endless Tracker modules and pictures of peoples' Workbenches... Hopefully this isn't a sign of terminal decline, merely a temporary lull - but the longer
things continue in this way, the less hopeful we can all afford to be. Lively Freeware and Shareware scenes are essential to the survival of a machine these days, and unfortunately many authors seem to be moving across to the all-conquering PC rather than continuing to develop for the Amiga. In these difficult times it is more important than ever that loyal Shareware authors are rewarded for their efforts, so if you've been a little slow to register any programs you use regularly, now would be a good time to redress the situation. You know it makes sense.
Fall at YOUR FEFF I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable Public Domain, Shareware or Licenceware, if you feel it's of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. Although Public Sector can't possibly hope to cover all submissions, I promise 111 at least look at your work - even if it's yet another Lottery program or Klondike ca rdset. It does make my job a lot easier though If disks are clearly labelled. Please
also include a cover letter detailing tfie disk contents and price, and giving some basic instructions. The magic address i Dave Cush PD su Amiga i Medfa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Qasyfind 1.01 Programmed by: Jan Schwenke No matter how organised your hard drive, sooner or later Available from: Aminet y°u forget where you put an important file, be it a text document or a handy utility. At times like these you can end up cursing the lack of a built-in Workbench file finding program, like those on the Macintosh and the PC. That is, unless you happen to have EasyFind close at
EasyFind is a wonderful file locator which makes use of the Magic User Interface and combines impressive functionality with commendable speed.
To locate that elusive file, you simply enter the search keyword, select a device (EasyFind can search all manner of devices from ordinary hard drives to removable media and CD-ROMs) and then click the Search button. EasyFind then hunts around for a short time and presents you with a list of files containing the keyword. You can then choose to copy, read, delete, show, archive or unpack the selected file using a handy file manager in the mould of Directory Opus.
There are a number of options you can play around with to make the most of EasyFind, but its beauty is really in its simplicity and design. Get hold of a copy, drag it onto your Workbench for instant accessibility, send the author the postcard he requests, and you'll never have to hunt around your hard drive again.
Wos ED vl .4 Programmed by: Piotr Bieniek Available from: Aminet Whilst Sensible World Of Soccer remains one of the most playable football games ever ere* ated for any machine, it's not perfect.
Upgrades do appear reasonably regularly, but in modem football things change very rapidly, and within a couple of weeks you may well find certain teams such as the Newcastle Uniteds of this world are no longer well represented by SWOS.
There are other SWOS team editors, but this Mul-based one is easily the most pleasant to use. However, before you can use it, you may well have to get hold of the SWOS Hard Drive installation patch (which is also on Aminet) because whilst SWOS Ed can unpack the compressed data files, it can't repack them without a separately available commercial program called ProPack. Having 5WOS installed on a Hard Drive not only makes the whole game a lot quicker, but risiz-.vM - SWOS Data Path: [i7~|c3 league: Aiwoa Austria Belarus BeJgesn fcigare Croatia Cyprus Czech fiepubfc Denmark, England Estonia 7.
Faroe Islands Frtand Al A Save to Came means you won't have to worry about saving updated teams to your original game disks.
CYP H DEH EGY _4 ENG d SWOS Ed allows you to edit the statistics which have been assigned to various players, so for instance upcoming stars such as David Beckham, valued in SWOS 95 96 at around £500k, can be tweaked, improved and revalued appropriately. It also enables you to move players between teams, so Alan Shearer can leave Blackburn behind and toddle off to Tyneside, and Vialli can don a four pixel by five pixel Cheisea shirt. If you want to move Emerson to Middlesbrough but haven't got a clue where he came from, then you can use the built-in player search option to locate his
original team, SWOS Ed even lets you switch teams from one league to another, although why you would ordinarily want to do this is something of a mystery.
There is but one flaw in this otherwise excellent program. Sensi devotee Andy Maddock assures me that SWOS Ed can cause SWOS to crash when you edit the English league teams, because the uncompressed data file is simply too big for the predefined SWOS buffer. Therefore unless you The new Player Search feature is one of the most notable features of SWOS Ed... have access to ProPack you may have to move the Premiership teams into a smaller league data file and save that out, rather than saving directly over the original English league data. Although admittedly this is a fairly large problem
for English fans, SWOS Ed is nevertheless an accomplished product which is an absolute essential for Sensi enthusiasts.
Amiga Computing File Edit View Go Bookmarks Options Directory Window good Amiga owners harping on about how good AmigaDOS and Workbench are, but if you want access to the likes of Netscape and Photoshop you will have to wait a very long time for them to get ported to the Amiga, So what can you do? Run out and buy a Macintosh and get a large hole in your bank balance or splash out 50 quid and have a fully functioning Mac?
From the authors of the long standing Mac emulator Emplant, comes Empiantl200 and Qforgot ~|gj The moin Emplant interface is where all the settings for the Emulation are made, allowing you to adjust the Emulation behaviour when in use and in the backgroundwhich floppy drives should be used, serial, parallel and ethemet drivers can be selected. You can also choose which ROM image to use, video driver and the all important memory requirements.
On the subject of memory, Emplant claims to require 4Mb of memory, which means 4Mb of free continuous memory. So even with a 6Mb Amiga it is going to be a struggle to be able to do anything useful with your Mac.
Once memory is taken for the ROM and display, the Mac will only have a couple of Mb to play with, and really you would need ot least 4Mb free. A 10Mb Amiga is ideal, and for using the Amiga and Mac side by side, !6Mb+ o! RAM would be Thc main eon,lguratlon winc,ow ,ets you more realistic, adjust most parts of the emulation Amiga Computing Monitors Netscape: Welcome to Amiga Computing Settings of selected monitor: O Greys
o Colours vB1 -7.5 4 16 256 Thousands i [ Options... = I 13 [
Identify Millions I f orvara I Home Reload | Images ; Open |
Print Stop Location: | file: Untitled Destctofri520F
older arrvwjacomp index .html Vhat's Hew? F Vhat s Coot? J
Handbook [ Het Search | Hot Directory j Softvare Changes take
effect on restart.
I Neva | ESP | ACAS | Features | Revievs | Sy3tem | Softvare | Links | Chat | Subscribe | Staff J O Rearrange On Restart (£) Rearrange On Close lib rows' NOW*.
Tfflf Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery Utilities Unlimited have gone for a double dose hardware-less versions of Emplant, Utilities Unlimited are trying to reclaim lost users.
The two versions of Emplant are aimed at different Amiga owners even though they are essentially the same. Emplant 1200 is specifically designed for, and will only work with, the A1200 or the CD32 fitted with a SX32 unit Emplant Lite on the other hand, is designed to work on any 020 equipped Amiga and because of this it comes with a whole host of additional screen drivers for graphics cards as well as the usual AGA EG screen modes.
When you first get hold of Emplant you may be a little disappointed as there is just a single disk in a jiffy bag with no manual or printed material of any description, but looks can be Emplant Lite. The original Mac emulator originally had to come with a Zorro II card that, although providing invaluable SGI and networking connections for your Mac, put the pricing and necessary machine out of the range for many users. This clearly left the door open for the widely used Shapeshifter emulator Being software only it was vastly cheaper and accessible to a much wider audience. With the new
ISPLAYS Emplont Lite supports o large range of graphics cards and displays: Here is the complete list ?
Amiga ECS Picasso Amiga AGA Piccolo CyberGraphX RB2 3 CyberVision Retina ECS Spectrum EGS Vision MerlinOpalVision Vivi deceptive. The usual Amiga installer is used to copy all the relative files onto your hard drive and it also places the necessary Assign and PrepareEmu command at the beginning of the start-up sequence. The PrepareEmu command makes sure the lower 8k of memory is dear, as this is used by the Mac.
Once everything is installed, the next step is to find yourself a Mac as you will need a copy of the ROM from a genuine Macintosh. This can be done with a small program included with Emplant that makes a copy of a Mac's ROM.
Once transferred across to the Amiga you can get on with setting Emplant Probably the biggest first step with Emplant is getting a hard drive for the Mac sorted out As with Shapeshifter, Emplant supports both true hard Jargon _BOX ROM - Read Only Memory, memory that can only be read and is usually permanent The Amiga and Mac use ROM to store the core ports of the operating system Mac - The world's first commercially available computer that gave us the 0 GUI. Renown for its ease of use and well integrated operating system, the Mac rules the DTP world Akiko - The last new custom chip to be added
to an Amiga, the Akiko, wound up in the CD32 and can convert chunky graphics to the Amiga bitplcne graphics at high speed Chunky - Chunky style graphics organise their colour data in complete blocks, 50 lor a 256 colour pixel you have a block of 8 bits. On a bitplane system you will have 8 independent planes with a pixel have a single bit on each plane '7he Mac's System installation is pretty dire, nothing to do with Emplant I might add.
As well as taking ages, it puts all manner of unnecessary junk on the Mac drive" drive partitions, which gives the Mac a dedicated drive partition, or hard disk file with which a fake hard drive is created using a large single file.
A dedicated partition or hard drive is the much faster option particularly as you cannot even click on an icon without the Mac accessing the drive, but unless you are willing to repartition your existing drive this may not be an option.
Simpler To help set up a hard disk file or dedicated Mac partition, two separate programs are provided with Emplant but really the way Shapeshifter handles the process is simpler and more straight forward.
With all the configuration out of the way you can actually think about starting the emulation.
Before getting down to using the Mac you will need to install System 7jc the Mac's operating system. To do this from floppy you will need a high density floppy drive as all the disks are Hds.
The Mac's System installation is pretty dire, nothing to do with Emplant I might add. As well as taking ages, it puts all manner of unnecessary junk on the Mac drive. Once you have restarted the Mac you will have plenty of fun poking around the System Drawers deleting things, particularly all the PowerBook utilities.
Once running, you have to all intents and purposes a complete Mac. As the Mac operating system and programs can be run directly by the Amiga's processor, they can run as fast as an equivalent Mac, and in certain circumstances faster. The real bottle neck with the emulation is the screen display. The Mac uses a chunky type screen display but when using anything but a single plane screen on a normal Amiga display, the Mac screen has to be converted to the Amiga style bitplane display, and of course this takes time.
Owners of graphics cards will not suffer as much display slow down because graphics cards use chunky displays, so no conversion is necessary. Even CD32 owners have the bonus of screen drivers that take advantage of the Akiko chip. This can apparently convert chunky to plannar screens as fast as an 040 processor - see you knew it would come in handy for something.
Emplant's drivers on an AGA machine are significantly faster than Shapeshifter's and you also get much more choice. I also prefer the way the various Amiga screen modes on your Amiga are transferred to the Mac's monitor preferences.
This allows you to select different screen modes from within the emulation. With Shapeshifter however, you are stuck with the screen driver you start with. Emplant also lets you have access to larger Mac screens, anything up to 1280x1024 via an Amiga overscan screen - a little odd to use but it works.
Compared with Shapeshifter, Emplant stands up very well. Emulation speed seems much the same and on AGA and ECS machines, Emplant screen drivers are faster, making the use of 16 and 256 colour Mac screens possible. On the down side, Emplant is a little more tricky to set up and floppy access seems slower than with Shapeshifter.
For graphics card users Emplant does not really offer anything over Shapeshifter, but Emplant 1200 for AGA ECS and CD32 users it does give a welcome display boost along with the promise of Graffiti display drivers running almost as fast as a Cybervision display. For 50 quid you can have yourself a brand new computer. ryj line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Wfdneiflay ;W-5*p-SG 17 00 |j AGA1 1-759.336 8*X Fait Mem 2 296 800 ft SIX) Tasto 39 Ubs 34
* File Edrt Tests Analysis Utilities Windows oio 20Mb hard drive
HD floppy drive RAM omparison - Machine Records 16 Mb RAM or
120Mb above hard drive In* 030 !’ 040 rUTTTCT DETAILS Product
Emplantl200, Emplant Lite | Supplier ABIittersoft 1 Price
Emplantl 200 - £49.95 Emplant Lite - £69.95 | Tel 01908 261 466
E-Mail bsoft@wildnet.co.uk WWW:
http: blittersoft.wildnet.co.uk pm ES Ease of use 80%
Implementation 85% Value For Money 94% Overall 86% Tftis
Machine Mac Quadra 800 cvh*t Win, Cwfctc*-* BuSfrV Seri QjMAt
Puzzlt Prmvjir tnt Kilrtx Sllrl FPU ITT fPUKVh*!
FPUKetrtx FPU Ay* Take two computers to work? No, I only use an Amiga Amiga Computing PRINTERS AMIGA RAM SHOCK
9. 30am to 8pm Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm Sunday 4 Bank Holidays 01279
600204 01 Fax 0l27f 72*142 (n il fax batk) HEAVY dluounti HUGE
range Credit term* subject la status tegular 41 Page Colour
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* CLOCK 139.99 4 UP (SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 AND SX-1
...19.99 8 MB (SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 39.99 1G MB
(SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 79 99 HUM MEMORY 72 PIN, 70NS. 32
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IF YOU DO NOT SEE A CD YOU REQUIRE USTED, CALL US! J WORLD ATLAS £34.99 AMINET SET 3 £29.99 AMOS 2 £17.99 SOUNDS TERRIFIC 2 £17.99 AMINET 13 £14.99 5RKCD2 UGHT ROM 3 £34.99 AGA EXP. VOL 2 £19.99 ENCOUNTERS £14.99 SO FI SENSATIONS £1799 _ Email: sales@bit17.tfemon.co.uk WWW: http: www.demon.co.uk bit17 SYSTEM About a month ago we received a very suspicious package with only two disks, previously thought to contain a bomb. No address, no name. Could it have been any more suspicious than that? Well, yes it can; the disk labels showed pictures of the title screen from Duke Mukem. And yes, it
was clearly addressed to Amiga Computing.
News By Andy Maddock Have PC developers finally realised Ihe Amiga is due more respect than it has previously received?
Could a software house in somewhere like California have heard about the Amiga and how good a games machine it really is and given us a quick taster of the monster Doom clone for the Amiga? What the hell was going on? Only a quick glance at the post mark would reveal the mystery.
Leeds! Yes, some thick bloke from Yorkshire decided he'd try an convince us that Duke Nukem will be converted for the Amiga. Once more, he sent us some picture disks which contained screenshots grabbed from the PC.
Nice try mate, although using my contacts in the post office I've managed to follow up the post mark and date and now know exactly where you live. We'll be round with the horse's head and stuff in about a week, possibly Thursday. Get the kettle on.
Ignore this grab readers... Chaos revisited You must not confuse this game with OTM's future release just because it has the same name. I'm sure a legal battle will ensue, sometime in the future; we'll have to wait and see.
This particular Enigma is a platform game very similar to Chaos Engine 2 - how we love that game - in every way; the graphics, playability and a similar objective.
Peter Spinaze, the game's programmer from Australia assures us his product is very exciting and will give a much needed push for the Amiga games market - that's what all Amiga programmers say.
The game is based around Greek mythology. This is presumably because the programmer has a keen interest in the subject - just look at the potential blackmail photos below.
Any way, you control a bloke by the name of Theseus and er, that's ail I'm going to tell you because the programmer just goes on about seven girls, a minotaur and a murdered guy called Androgenus. Try and work it out for yourself but please try to keep your imagination free from fiith.
We'll probably do a preview on it next month but just to sustain some interest, take a look at these screenshots and see if it's your particular cup of tea.
Ruff time Cast your mind back a few years and see if you remember seeing or hearing anything about this particular title. A number of magazines, including ours, ran a preview and news stories on the game which consequently never came out.
Well now it is due, or so we're assured by David Jones who is currently organising pians to release it.
We've already seen the new playable demo and it certainly looks professional which is a welcome change from the number of Public Domain-iike games being released at full-price.
Hopefully we'll have a preview next month so watch this space. However here's our Graham with a quick reminder.
The background graphics in particular are great. They move along at speed with the sprites System Selection What a turn up - only one decent game in the last two or three months. That's not particularly good, especially as the games market is picking up. We'll have to hope that between now and the New Year, better games will appear otherwise the Amiga games scene will just never recover.
Capital Punishment The Canadian development team clickBOOM have developed without the doubt the best game of 1996. But to be quite honest the competition hasn'i been as stiff as it should, but let's not take anything away from Capital Punishment, which is by far one of the greatest beat 'em-ups ever.
Spreichen sie Deutsch bitte?
A few weeks ago we received a pre-production CD-Rom version of that fabulous Doom clone Nemac IV. When we've all learnt to speak German we'll be able to read the included document and find out why we've got it and what we're going to do with it. Failing that, we'll just preview it. Sound good enough for you?
Here's a screenshot to show you what Nemac IV is.
SYSTEM hints & tips tnalfy complete anyway By Andy Maddock Do complete Core Design's marvel- | lous adventure, the first thing you must do is jump off the now disconnected service channel and onto the asteroid below. Look around the asteroid for a bent metal bar and a circuit board. After you have found them both you must jump onto the rock which is spinning. The timing has to be perfect; don't worry if you fail to get on the first time, just try again - with a bit of practice you'll get the hang of it.
When you finally complete the task, you must jump on the bridge which will whoosh you to the next screen of puzzles.
Take the bent metal bar and place it into the panel of the satellite dish. Then do the same with the circuit board. Afterwards, use the panel and you will receive a computer readout. Select the ’Gavric Homeworld' filtration system. You can now link up the service channel with the filtration system. Just walk across .
December I99G the new bridge and you will realise you have completed the first screen. Marvellous.
The next screen is a strange city with some funny things walking about. Walk towards the air ducts on the left-hand side of the screen.
Push pull on the air ducts and you will get sucked down to the asteroid with the spinning rock. You'll notice that you weren't the only thing that fell down the ducts. A mirror has fallen down with you - pick it up because you will need it to progress further.
Now you have to jump back onto the spinning rock, then jump onto the service channel until you reach the satellite dish . Proceed back to the screen with the air ducts on. Then walk to the end of the scene and turn left to exit the screen.
Wait for the robot to pass by, before throwing the mirror at the lasers. The laser bolts will strike the mirror and reflect back, leaving the area safe for you to explore.
Go to Silphinaa's house and use the keypad which is situated right next to the door.
Once you get inside, start smacking the door keypad with the bent metal bar like an absolute mad-man. Go inside and find the wardrobe.
Open it and put on the suit which you will find hanging up all nice and tidy inside.
Use computer arm on the console and then use the console to open the window shutter.
You are now free to jump out of the window to safety. (Ooh, ’cos jumping out of windows is certainly a safe thing to do!)
You must now use the arm computer once more, but this time on the posh parked car Once you've done that the car will be safe to enter. Jump in. You'll find that it needs to be hot-wired! (So there you go. I'm sure all our readers are quite familiar with that particular practice, eh?)
To get the car ready to roll, you must insert the keycard into the slot on the left of the control panel. Use the console on the right and it will ask you for a code. The code you should type in is '87764'. You must plot a course to Balkmos 7 (which is currently third to the left of your existing position.) Off you go then.
Land on the planet but make sure you select the top-right quadrant. Pick up the droid and the spray can too. Combine the droid with the spray can and use them on the aliens. Jump back in the car and speed off. Punch in a course to Jor-slev 4. Or something. It's probably the Earth equivalent of Luton.
Land on the planet once more, and this time select the top-left quadrant. (See, bit of variety there). Pick up a rock from the floor and throw it at the alien. Use the droid on the blob and then quickly jump back into your futuristic motor vehicle. This time you need to select the bottom-right quadrant. (It gets better all the time, man.)
Talk to the old man in the hut and give him the blobs. He will give you some carvite in return. Jump back into your car and ascend.
Lay in a course heading back to the Pfallenop asteroids. Offer Snorglat the medicinal herbs.
You can now dock with the ship. Use the left mouse button to accelerate and the right mouse button to activate the clamp. Ooh, hang on, I've just heard there's a cup of tea ready for me, I must fly, although I may pay you a visit next month with the concluding part. If you ask nicely.
SYSTEM preview ¦v 6 Nemac is pretty much a Doom clone.
However, it feels rather different from every other game of this ilk 5 If you want to know more about Nemac, you can get in touch with a bloke called Ralf Rosselnbruch.
However, I wouldn't advise you ring him up, as his English isn't that good. You may be able to pass on some ideas via the post, though. Write to him at: Software Store, Munchinger Strasse 30 71254 Ditzingen Contact demo of Nemac IV made an appearance on one of our old coverdisks a while back. Basically, Doom clones were all the rage at the time, with Fears. Gloom, Alien Breed 3D and Breathless all doing good business with the Amiga faithful. Nemac appeared a little late in the day to be honest and with such strong competition it didn't really get a look in.
Some time last month, Nemac arrived in our office in a CD format containing 400MB of data and a rendered intro. This version of the game still isn't finished - that's why we haven't reviewed it - but the gameplay is pretty much intact, so it's more or less screaming out for a preview.
The storyline is pretty complicated and iongwinded, so here's a drastically cut-down version of events to save you from boredom.
The year is 2048 and you are battling to stop Nemac IV - a big computer installation - from destroying the world. The computer itself more or less runs the planet, along with all global communication. However, its first test run was wrongly programmed and the computer believes there is a full scale war going on. Dohl You take control of a big walker machine armed with laser cannons, bolters and machine guns with which to destroy the computer and save the world. Throughout the game you will encounter many of its defence systems, including murderous robots which must be terminated.
As you have probably gathered from taking a brief look at the screenshots, Nemac is pretty much a Doom clone. However, it feels rather different from every other game of this ilk.
The introduction screen boasts a 3D rendered intro which can be viewed in high or low res - although for the high res intro you'll need a quad-speed CD drive with a decent processor. The game itself will work on any AGA Amiga with 4MB RAM. It will also sup- '*“¦ port any graphic cards and the new DRACO from Macrosystem, The actual game is pretty easy to master. Your guns are situated on either side of your walker and you can toggle between all different weapons to blow the enemy away. You can pick up various aids to help you destroy the super computer, although it can pick you off easily -
you'll have to be quick and cunning.
The game screen can be configured - from screen resolution to screen size - much like with any other Doom clone, and for some unknown reason you can set the difficulty level to 'impossible'.
If everything goes well in the next few months, Nemac could be hitting the shops very soon. Oh. And don't forget, it comes on a CD! Hopefully we'l! Be able to have a full review next month.
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at Sparky's bar.
Go into the kitchen, open the drawers and take a table knife. Open up the microwave and take the key from inside it. Take Eden's network card from the table.
Push the button by the door and go into the lift. Take the wrench, the oily rag and the screwdriver from the garage, then leave the whole place and head down to the end of the street.
Go to Sparky's bar. Once inside, find your usual seat by the bar. Talk to Sparky and then use your cashcard through the scanner. Talk to the man sitting next to you. He'll tell you that rock star David Crane is in town. Leave the bar and go to your flat.
Go through the first room and you'll find the door to your flat on the left-hand side. Use the keypad and type in the code. This number can be found in the back of the 'Diary of a Madman' (come on, we've got to let you do some of the work). Enter the fiat and pick up the red network card that lies beside the keyboard. Take the Ankh from the clothes drawer.
Place the network card in the interface on the wall and then operate the network monitor. Logon using your password (which you will find in the diary), list what's in the mailbox and read Louis' message. List what's on the cartridge and read the private message. This will give you door codes to get into Eden's and Louis’ flat, so you can access them at any- Trapped like a defenceless fly in the Dreamweb?
Never fear this System guide you will set you free time.
Go to Louis' place and you will get mugged, There's nothing you can do so just er... enjoy it.
Use the keypad and enter the flat. Talk to Louis and he'll tell you to go to the pool hall. Take his trainers, which you'll find in the bathroom.
Open the unit drawer and take out Louis' pool hall membership card, making sure you examine it. Leave the flat and go to the pool hall.
Once you arrive at the hall, talk to the assistant behind the hole. Run your membership card through the reader by the door. Use the lift to go to the basement. Talk to the bartender and remember the door code he tells you. Go to the far left-hand side of the pool hall. Via the newly acquired number, use the keypad and enter the office. Talk to Silverman and then run your cashcard through the scanner on the desk. Take the gun from Silverman and leave the office.
Kill that Crane bloke Go to the hotel and talk to David Crane's fans who are just inside the foyer. Talk to the receptionist, use the cashcard scanner and take the keycard. Call the lift and use the keycard in the lift controls. When it stops, leave the lift and head left onto the next screen. At the bottom of the corridor is a firepoint; open it, take out the axe and head back to the lift (oo-er, it's getting scary).
Use the table knife on the lift controls and then use it again, this time on the green wire.
Use the handle and you'll ciamber up on top of the tiff. At this point I strongly advise that you save your game, because the next part is a bit tricky. Use the axe on the lift doors. As soon as the next screen appears and as soon as the game will let you, open your inventory and use the axe on the guard on the right.
Quickly open your inventory again and this time use your gun. Both guards will now be dead, so you can safely walk through the suite to David Crane's room.
You'll see him having a (ahem) good time with one of his many groupies. As soon as the game will let you, open your inventory and use your gun. After the carnage that follows you'll be transported to the Dreamweb.
Talk to the keeper. Once the conversation is finished you must head south to the end of the corridor. Pick up the purple crystal for use later on and go right into the next room. Use the first door you come to and go through it.
Use the key from the microwave on the plinth in the middle of the room. You'll be transported back to your own dimension and you'll wake up in an alleyway. (If any of this sounds familiar in any way, I suggest you seek some help. Blimey, what a madman!)
Kill a bloke live on telly Your next mission is to kill a bloke called General Sterling, Make your way out of the alleyway and go back to your flat. Once inside your home, boot up the network computer. Read all the latest news headlines and you'll, luckily, find out where General Stirling is.
Go to the Channel 6 TV station and wander all the way around to the back of the building until you see a guard. Talk to him and you'l!
Find that this elderly geezer won't let you enter the station. So. You'll have to use your gun and shoot him in the face to get past (as you do). Operate the security controls and head left onto the next screen.
Walk into the building via the now opened door and pick up the brochure. Drop it on the floor and you'll find a passcord. Pick this up and place it in your inventory. Head left and use the newly acquired card on the door at the bottom of the screen.
Use your screwdriver on the fusebox which is attached to the right-hand wall. Take the new fuse and leave the room. Head right and go past the entrance into the next screen. Enter the room and use the ladder Open the winch control and replace the broken fuse with the new one. Use the winch and watch General Stirling get squashed.
Once you've talked to the keeper, find your way out of the Web, but use a different stone door this time.
Next... Go back to your flat and use Eden's network card in the slot on the wall. Use the network monitor and read the current news headlines.
Read what's on the cartridge to get Sartani's keycode, and then leave the system.
Head to Eden's fiat and you'll find her in the bath (make sure you get a good look at her chebs). Leave the bathroom, go into the bedroom and use Eden's persona! Organiser which is on the bed. On the organiser you'll find the address for Sartani industries.
Travel to Sartani Industries and use your recently acquired keycode on the keypad by the door. The security computer will ask you for a password. Ignore the stupid computer and use your trusty gun on it instead. Head left, get in and use the lift.
You'l! See Sartani run off and his guards will stand in your way with their guns raised. Don't use your weapon, but instead use the purple crystal that you picked up from within the Dreamweb. The guards will spontaneously combust and you can move downwards into the next screen.
There's a briefcase tying on the floor. Pick it up and open it, and you'll find some papers inside. Take them as they'll come in handy later on in the adventure. Walk through the right-hand door and follow the stairs up to the top of the building. Once you've reached the exit, head left and you'll see Sartani escaping in his helicopter. Use your gun. Sartani will die in the explosion and you'll be transported back to the Dreamweb. And... then you'll have to wait for the next part. Exciting, isn't it?
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This CD was raled 95% in AF, it features all the tools and informa- l lion, specifications etc, needed tc I produce and develop Amiga I software. Includes the latest ver- l sions of the installer. CD press- mg software, CDXL toolkit, etc. CARD GAMES new (CD231 £14.99) SENSATIONS 2 (CD223) £19.99 ELOPERS CD v1.1 (cd228) £14.99 This data CD ROM includes hundreds of high quality I Advanced Military images.
1 including hundreds of different ¦ aircraft and helicoptors. Great I for just brewing or desktop ft video publishing.
Zoom 2 indudes the very latest , sofware upto ApriT96. It indudes he i very latest games, demos and uHrties.
It dso incajdes over 100 new kiondike cards. The complete Actve Pro pack.
4 over 50 drsks of samples. 25mfcof ft Mage Workbench and a spedal ¦‘programmefs’ sedxxi.
_(CD211 £19.99) j This CD includes over 5,000 U brand new levels and mapsfor the game "Worms' aswell as J game patches to update and
• fl enhance the features of the 1 ¦] original game, If you love
Worms, you'll love this.
This most comprehensive collection of Lightwave and Imagine 3D I objects ever compiled onto CD I- k also contains hundreds of tex- I ture files, and example images, ft All files are usable direct from fANCED MILITARY CD219 «•») ES! MORE WORMS (CD201 £9.99) PHICS SENSATION (CD02£i9.a CHOOSE A FREE CD WITH EVERY £25 YOU SPEND* Spend £25 and choose one free CD Hottest Spend £ so and choose two free Cds 4 tizr Spend £75 and choose 3 free CD s, etc UTILITIES *jl_j ‘UustON5 ,n tbrra sound library tg A cUPart SPECIE* MIGA] (CD114) £19.99 AMINET SUPER SUBSCRIPTION TRANSFER YOUR AMINET SUBSCRIPTION
FROM YOUR CURRENT SUPPLIER AND NOT ONLY WILL YOU GET EVERY FUTURE COPY OF AMINET FOR £10.99 BUT WHEN YOU JOIN OR SUPER SUBSCRIPTION WE LL ALSO SEND YOU £20.00 WORTH OF AMIGA CD- ROM VOUCHERS FREE OF CHARGE CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE ON: 01793 432176 MINIMUM OF 3 ISSUES AmigaDefeatures | SPECIAL FX Vol:1 "Actual Amiga Screen shols ohn Pasternak's "Movie Maker' series takes you step by step through is professional techniques of Special FX. Horror and Action film mak* ig. Explained in every detail are all ihe camera angles, editing tech- iques, prop building, make up etc,
all using easily available domestic qulpmenl and materials. Available on video or Amga CD ROM.
FlOVIE MAKER SERIES NEWLOWPRICEI (CD184x) £19.99 _ Sound FX Sensation is an original new CD lhat contains hundreds of megabytes of high quality iff samples. A superb CD for game makers.
I demo makers, or even film makers. Hundreds of Sound FX subjects include Animals, Wild life. Nature. Explosions. Creatures, Scnry | P stuff Science fiction samples, House hold
- _ noises, car crashes, and hundreds more.
Eeg1 mEEjdesfutl Licenced versions of BEATBOX and PLATn'RAVE 2 SOUND FX SENSATION (cdiss) omy£i4.99 233losight dinosaurs has been pro- »-* F£BEhl duced in association with The H l:; Jj| 3 Natural History Museum in * f London, and features the work of world renowned dinosaur illustra- jAgjgjBV tors. It features hundreds of photo s, illustrations, video clips, narration ind sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z of linosaurs. CD includes both ECS & AGA versions.
Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for Ihe Amiga Spread over numerous I platforms are emulators for: Apple, BSC, Commodore 64. Commodore VIC20, Amstrad l CPC, Apple Mac, Gameboy. Atari ST, MSX, l Apple200, Atari 800. Atari 1040ste. Sinclair ft QL, Unix and more Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
LATORS UNLIMITED + New Version (CD117) £19.99 NSIGHT DINOSAURS Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
And a FREE copy of the new Amiga CD-NEWS fanzine!
1 Retro gaming at it's best Around raid. Barbarian, Hunchback and n around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy ‘96 also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats.
Okay on any CD ROM drive connected to an Amiga.
If your into Horror then CflSH ¥ liiViViViS trvs or t: n.i. CD ROM I nlease y°u no °nc'11 BKSStSIMi jf :an;ains Thojsanas of B... IL grk.somo ranges. Tons _16 , Qory an mn: ms Bloody games Spine tingling horror type sounds, Horror stories. Pictures & animations from tons of horror films and heaps of roal-lifo blood‘n'guts This should have been called SICK Sensation... AUI May'96
* SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting ¦ new CD-ROM containing over I
1.3GIG of SCI-FI images, anima- ¦ tions, 3D objects. Sound FX,
¦ Documents, Themetunes, ¦ Scripts & SCI-FI games.
Subjects included are: BabylonS, Startrek (The ongi- B util. TNG. Deep Sooce 9 and Voyager), Batman. Dr Who.
Thunderbirds, Robocop. Sea Quest DSV, Biaderunner, Aliens.
Terror hawks. 2001. Blake7, Battlestar Galactica, Tran. Total Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc. ‘Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you are guaranteed to altways receive the latest version.
CU Amiga: 91% AUJ: 93% New Version!., now also includes Workbench games, lottery predictors. Hundreds of bad jokes and more Rated: AF GOLD 95% * CU AMIGA 91% ¦ AUI Over 90% - AC over HORROR SENSATION NEW (com) £19.99 SCI-FI SENSATION v2D0UBLECD Arcade Classics is an original col- lection of ALL your o a arcade j SUBI B favourites, Includirg Amiga ver- PI ¦: lull sions of PACMAN, SPACE [U i ¦invaders ASTERIODS MIS- SILE COMMAND. PENGO rR°GCnP. LOAD RUNNER. BRHE Bbfojfl y lGALAXIANS. DONKEY KONG, NUMEROUS Tr ~RIS GAMES.
Keyboard recommended. [ Now includes Multimedia Amiga Interlace. ARCADE CLASSICS + aversion (Cd7G) now£14,99 - m Dntains 1200 our most popular floppy based jftware titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Low you can purchase the entire Epic collec- on in one go. Subjects include Professional riono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave. Colour, Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters, Music tutorials.
Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators.
Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects. Hundreds of games including Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more.
THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 (cdioox) £i9J9 Features inlude: jjasb; 'AGA hi-res graphics p£f jj- ¦¦ 'Virtually every question is spoken U * ’Upto 4 players teams can play r ‘20 different subject catagories . Vfl 'Select from 10 different charac- ¦! j -L-® tors, or add your own charactors. E2b u|H|1 'Use keyboard or special contoller "Over 3000 different questions Ll'tLF 'Includes "flash card" questions Available laie Dec'96‘ ¦H- M H OPTIONAL "INTERACTOR ” CONTROLLER. £24.99 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE QUIZ SHOW order(CD248) Aminet set one Aminet set two Aminet set three Aminet 14 October Aminet 15
Dec. Texture Portfolio 3D Objects Octamed Sound Studio The Colour Library ’Meeting at Pearls 4 CD32 Network set 2 Mods Anthology (4cd) Personal suite UPD Gold (4CD) The Epic Interactive Quiz Show is an exciting new i Amiga based CD-ROM I quiz game for Ihe whole ¦ family.
LVHUM Tl'IlES LMING Stm - ppjp Blnciudes ewer 600m b of all the very latest music modules, covering everything from clas- W J sical. Rave, hip-hop, chart.
F frffl slow, melow and jungle T ¦ music. Also includes tons of i 1 sequencing tools and "track- er" utilities. NEW1 SOUND LIBRARY 2 (CP225) £14,99 This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most I addictive and loved game Nearly all the games are ready to run I directly from CD. And archived I versions are also included.
• Available Now!
This NEW CD rom contains tons of all-time classic i Commodore 64 games and sw I emulator to run them.... I Order now as stocks are ft bound to go quickly.
This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know I aboul. And includes tons of k megabytes of text documents ft and photographs relating to UFO ft sightings and abductions etc HING BUT TETRIS (cpus)ts.ss C64 GAMES CD (CD1S2) £29.99 ENCOUNTERS (CD179) £14.99 UK FREE fone PLEASE SUPPLY PRIORITY ORDER FORM ITEMS NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS Send your orders to: EPIC, 139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts, UK UK Office. Open Monday-Saturday. 9:30-5:30 O.'sraeas +441793 514188 Add £1 per title for UK P&P and £2 per title tor overseas PSP ‘Ifycxi Hve In Australia or
New-Zealand vou can purchase any of our TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE & PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED review PUBLISHER Apex Systems In-house PRICE £14.99 DISCS 2 UL HD INSTALL No AGA only SUPPORTS Get your game here You can order a copy of Blobz from Apex Software for £14.99 by writing to the address below: 8 Gosling Gate Road Goldthorpe Rotherham South Yorkshire $ 63 9LU You can telephone Apex on 01709 890552 for any information regarding the game itself.
? Lobz is a brand new product which landed on my desk a while ago. It came as quite a surprise, as I remembered the developer from a golf game which came out a few months back Anyway. Blobz is based around Lemmings.
The idea is to help these Blobz from one side of the screen to the other... er, a bit like Lemmings.
The major difference is the fact that there is a series of missions to complete like collecting crystals and various other objects.
The screen is set out almost identical to Lemmings. Before the actual game begins you can select a level, and after some disk accessing an overall map of the playing area appears, giving you a brief but informative account of the task ahead.
The Blobz are really easy to control, as there are c series of actions listed along the bottom of the screen. The idea is to click on the action and then on your selected Blob for it to take effect. The actions range from jumping and firing missiles to drilling downwards and flying using a jetpack.
The first few levels are fairly easy because you only need to click on each Blob for them to hurdle over the obstacles. But. As the game goes on, you will find each level requires a certain amount of jumping, digging and flying.
You need to have excellent timing and reactions when you play Blobz; if you're a split-second late, you may lose a life.
When you have managed to steer your Blobz to safety, you will be presented with a screen which informs you of how many Blobz you saved, objects collected, targets destroyed, skills activated, skills used and energy used. All these factors total up to give you a score. Oh, and don't forget, you have to get almost all the Blobz home to actually accomplish the mission.
After playing Blobz for a few hours I became pleasantly addicted and actually enjoyed it.
The graphics are good, with some nice touches throughout the game, and the actual animation of the Blobz is nice too.
Overall, Blobz is an addictive game with truckloads of playability. It's just a shame that it won't be available in any shops - you'll have to buy it mail order. Still, it's nice to see that decent products con still be produced on the Amiga.
Bicester 1988 76 LIAGE INTERNATIONAL, INC. 36 Dye Street Garnerville, New York 10923 YOUR l AMIGA SOFTWARE DEALER Phone: (914) 786-1711 (orders only) Fax: (914) 786-1708 THIS SOUNDS TERRIFICI Weird Science Sound terrific double CD Set 1 Weird Science Sound terrific double CD Set 2 The second in a series dedicated to Music & Sounds. Contains thousands of files for both Amiga and PC.
I. JAWS (Better than the movie)
2. CROSSBOW (Adventure game)
3. GRAND PRIX (Worlds most gruelling event)
4. HIGH STEEL (Terrific new game) ALL 4 FOR $ 6.99 THE SCI-FI
COLLECTION 3 Space Age Smashes, 1 Low Price
Consists of over 4 gigabytes in 12,500 archives.
AMINET SET 2 Offers everything added after Aminet 2. Plus 300 electronic books. 4 gigabytes 12,500 archives.
AMINET SET 3 The worlds largest Amiga software collection.
Includes: Free Imagine 4.0, XIPAINT, OCTAMED 5 & more games.
$ 29.95 each set, I & 2 for $ 54.95 Set 3 $ 35.95 all 3 for $ 74.95 CLASSIC ARCADIA A500 2000 100% Arcade Action. Including full stereo music & sound effects. Eight games in all. Two versions of four classics.
2. ORK!
26 individual titles, all platforms. Full XXX rated Cds, not
Demo’s ALL 26 TITLES FOR $ 49.95 AEGIS ANIMATOR Includes Aegis
Images Paint System, put your ideas in motion. This program
allows you to create different shapes on the screen and then
animate them. Over 4,000 colors.
A1200 4000 Experience 360 degree first person firepower in
BREATHLESS. 3D Raytraced graphics. 96% Amiga Format rating.
This game has taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before.
Hold your breath, here we go. With FREE COPY OF CARL LEWIS
Voted best game of *96. All Amiga format. Full 256 color
graphics and extensive animations w period music. Turn based
play. Up to 6 human players.
One of the greatest strategy games of all time.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 24.00 CD ROMS AGA EXPERIENCE 2 $ 19.00 ANIMATIONS W S $ 21.95 AMOS PD CD $ 19.95 AMERICAN HERT. DICTIONARY $ 5.00 AMIGA CD SENSATIONS $ 5.99 AMIGA DEVELOPER VER. 1.1 $ 19.99 AMIGA TOOLS 2 $ 5.00 AMINET SETS 1 & 2 each $ 29.95 AMINET SET 3 $ 35.95 ALL 3 AMINET SETS & Free Gift $ 74.95 AMINET 3 $ 2.00 AMINET 8,9, 10,11 $ 10.00 AMINET 12 $ 13.95 AMINET 13 with FREE BCI CD
515. 95 ARTWORX CD SI 2.00 ASSASSINS 1 $ 6.00 ASSASSINS 2 $ 21.00
CD PD 1, 2,3, 4 each (all 4 $ 10) $ 4.00 CHAOS IN ANDROMEDIA
$ 1.00 CLIP ART (WEIRD SCIENCE) $ 9.00 EUROSCENE 4 $ 2.00
UNIVERSE $ 6.00 FRESH FISH 8, 9 $ 10.00 FUTURE SHOCK $ 3.00
CD $ 13.95 OCTAMED 6 $ 29.95 OCTAMED SOUND STUDIO $ 29.95
SUPER AUTOS "96 $ 12.95 LSD 17 BIT COMP 1 $ 15,55 LSD 17 BIT
COMP 2 $ 17.95 17 BIT COLLECTION 2 CD $ 15.00 17 BIT
CONTINUATION $ 14.95 17 BIT PHASE 4 $ 14.95 17 BIT 5th
$ 4.95 SUPER SKIDMARKS $ 19.95 SUPER ST. FTR 11 TURBO AGA $ 4.95 TEXTCRAFT PLUS $ 3.00 THOMAS COLLECTION 3 GAME $ 22.95 THOMAS PINBALL $ 15.95 VIRTUAL KARTING AGA $ 10.95 WATCH TOWER AGA $ 14.95 WORMS $ 23.95 VISIT OUR NEW WEB SITE: http: wwwqed.net liageinc liage-htiii e-Mail To liageCPqed.net Phone: (914) 786-1711 Fax: (914)786-1708 6 The game will appeal to the majority of the market as it will happily run on an A500 with 1 meg aver the last few years Vulcan Software has slowly built up a decent collection of games proving it is now one of the leading software houses, its best offering which
immediately comes to mind is the Valhalla series.
There have been other successes such as Hillsea Lido and Timekeepers, and although they are both excellent I don't think any will reach the heights achieved with Valhalla.
The latest release, JetPilot, is a flight simulation
- quite surprising since we haven't seen one since the days of
Coala by Empire.
The idea is to take control of a Lockheed F-104 which is said to perform within 10 per cent of the real thing. After you have managed to practise and master the art of flying you are given 20 missions to complete, the idea being to intercept targets from Scotland to Spain, A feature we have yet to see in any other flight simulation is realtime contact between pilot and Air Traffic control They will be able to confirm your position and even describe the weather conditions. You can select various messages from the menu bar during your mission. All the messages are going to be sampled (hopefully
not in a Valhalla voice) so it will be the best flight sim ever, sonically.
The game will appeal to the majority of the market as it will happily run on an A500 with 1 meg, but to get the benefit from the game's best features an A1200 is recommended, as always.
If you ve ever m gut that's not all, you're in wanted to ’ become a pilot, for a special treat if you this win be the ¦ •-own an accelerator game for you because you will be able to fly with 255 other individual aircraft.
As with other flight simulations, a number of sub-screens will inform you of your position and way-points. You can also select between various external views, as well as look around from inside the cockpit which is very similar to the Virtual Reality games found in the arcades.
If you're really bland or technically minded as Vulcan call it, an in-flight interactive manual with operational performance data is displayed in graphical form so it looks as if you know what you're doing even if you don't, Jetpilot looks and sounds like one of the most realistic flight simulations since the Airbus series.
Hopefully though, it won't be quite as bland and boring. The release date is set for November 1 so get saving those pennies for Christmas.
560dpi 3 BUTTON MICE & MATS for All Amigas t Atari Sts Award winning 560dpi Resolution ? 90% rating in CU Amiga ? Micro Switched Buttons ? Amiga Atari ST Switchaele ? All 3 buttons can be used with many programs such as Directory Opus 5 NEW FREE AMIGA DRIVER DISK WORTH £19.99 WHILE STOCKS LAST OVER 35 MIPS OF SPEED WITH A 68060!
£14 £12 .99 .99 BLACK BEIGE MAT £2.9? Or £1 WITH A MOUSE Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 25 40 or 50MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclockeo) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? Up to 32mb of RAM can be added ? Kickstart Remapping ? Optional SCSI-ll interface ? Can accommooate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM ? 68040 60 have built-in FPU, 68030 caro has optional PLCC PGA type FPU (Floating Point Unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Trapooor Fitting - doesn’t void warranty ? PCMCIA compatible so you can still use prooucts such as
OverDrive HD or CD Zappo CD-ROM or Squirrel ?Zero Waite State Design.
Magnum RAM 8 Card Spied Increase of 2.3 times * 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 2. 4 or 8MB o* 32-Bit RAM INSTALLED ? USES STANDARD 72-PIN Simms ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (FLOATING POINT UNIT) ? BATTERY BACKED Ciocx Caiender ? Finger CutOut to help Inst aiiat on ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't VOID WARRANTY ? 0-4MB - PCMCIA COMPATIBLE (FOR USE WITH OVERDRIVE, SQUIRREL ETC.) ? ZERO WAITE STATE DESIGN.
5. 5 NOW SHIPPING ' t , DIRECTORY ?Opus5 The BEST jjst got
BETTER! After 12 months of further 1 OEVEIOPMENT OPUS 5.5 IS
ICON ACT1CN Mode ? Workbench Replacement Mooe dramatically
enhanced ? OpusFTP capability to access Internet FTP sites
with a lister ? Borderless Button banks ? Filetype-specific
pop-up menus ? Cybergraphics RTG supported ? Independent
HotKeys ? Script system to execute commands upon events ?
Multiple custom menus v ith su3 items ? Automatic Filetype
Creator to create and test Filetypes with ease ? A font viewer
? Listers fields for titles, re-sorting by fields, plus a
V ITH SUPPORT I for Magc Workbench etc. ? Selectively hide
unwanted drive icons ? Cupboard support for cut, copy and
paste in gadgets 1 & Listers ? Resize, Iconify, and scroll
busy Listers while busy ? Icon and Lister snapshots are stored
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? Listers can now display a background picture pattern ? Internal Opus CLI to quickly test commands & Arexx scripts ? Many new internal commands and MANY new Arexx commands have been aooed or extended with new features. You can _ Workbench 2-&Hard Disk Required NOW EVEN ADO YOUR OWN INTERNAL COMMANDS? £ ¦ M.99 LOWEST EVER PRICES UK 32mb N A N A £279,, £309m e329« £349.„ £429.m £679m Omb £49,, £79.,, £99„ £129.9, 4mb £89,, £119,, £139,, £l69„ £189 £209« e289„ 8mb £119,4 £149.,, £169.99 £19999 £21999 £239- £319.99 £569„ 16mb N A N A £209.m £239w £259w £279« e359« £439w £609w RAM8 RAM8&33MHzFPU
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1. 0gb
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£34.99 Disks 50 Disks & Colour Lasels fl4„ 100 Disks & Colour Labels £24.99 SYSTEM feature our, my Andy maddock takes a trip down memory lane to look at some all time Spectrum classics can almost guarantee that most Amiga users are not using their first computer. Some of the very first Amiga games were very similar to those seen on the Spectrum, and software developers were swift to transfer their attentions from Clive Sinclair's brainchild to Commodore's new baby.
Home users (and I'm sure an awful lot of you were involved here) inevitably soon followed suit.
When the Spectrum became fashionable, I was only interested in Scalextric, Action Man and Star Wars. At Christmas, the only home computers I knew about were being gifted to my elder brother.
Our first Spectrum did indeed come courtesy of Father Christmas; it was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k, and it came with various games and applications. A separate cassette deck was also supplied. In retrospect the whole loading process was horrendously long-winded and awkward, although after a few hours it became almost second nature.
The games gradually got better over the years until finally the demand became big enough for Commodore and Atari to unleash their own ideas into the rapidly advancing world of technology. The Atari ST came flying into the shops followed by its main competitor the, er... what's it called now, oh yes, the Amiga.
You can now purchase your very own Spectrum Emulator from various outlets across the country. And believe me, the various versions on offer are worth every penny. If you want to play old classics you can't go wrong.
Even if you still have a Spectrum, the emulator is still excellent value for money.
The games will be slightiy faster and will load instantly - it's the ultimate games machine if you ask me.
All-time Speccy games Match Day I believe Match Day is the greatest game in history. Regardless of its speed or graphics, it was the most competitive game around - there have been too many fist-fights to mention after a number of alleged ‘pressing all your keys together to seize up the game to prevent a goal' incidents. It was, and still is, a complete classic - one which will never be superseded. Not even by Match Day 2.
SCORE 0000000 QUALIFY 014.!?
50S 1 10m HURDLES 000;00S RECORDS PRO ? 3 a PRO Q3C pro aua a a ? ?
? ?
Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Daley Thompson's Decathlon was always a family favourite. All you had to do was hammer two buttons on the keyboard as fast as humanly possible. There were a number of events to try your hand at, including the sprint, hurdles, pole vault and javelin. Easily one of the best games on the Spectrum.
Back To Skool Back To Skool was the sequel to the immensely popular Skool Daze. As a student in an all-boys school, the object was to complete various naughty tasks without being caught and expelled.
By far the greatest arcade adventure on any format.
Footballer Of The Year Footballer of the Year was quite a surprise really. I'm sure not many people have played it, but if you lived and breathed football through the eighties you were guaranteed to have an absolute ball. The idea was, obviously, to become footballer of the year, basically by playing club football and scoring as many goals as possible until you got an England call- up.
3D Death Chase A lot of computer users regard 3D Death Chase as the greatest Spectrum game ever.
The techies usually have something to say about the 3D graphic routine or something bland like that, but my only message to them is to shut up and just play it.
I I $ : 00004-1 : LIUES : 3: * Commando Commando was hugely popular in the arcades in the mid-eighties, and there was always a battle to take the top spot on the high score table. The Spectrum version followed the arcade version as far as technical limitations would allow, producing one of the most playable games ever.
Horace Goes Skiing We got Horace goes Skiing bundled with our family's Spectrum. The whole concept of running across a busy road to buy skis may not have been a great example to children, but who's bothered. It was an absolute classic.
275 HI r
- 7l * ~~t n I TlStn ~l SCORE World Series Baseball This was a
largely undiscovered classic which I never would've experienced
if I hadn't nicked it from Graham (the kid dov n our road). We
got him to bring it round for a couple of hours and we ended up
keeping it. And no, he isn't getting it back. Never before had
a baseball game been so entertaining.
Trashman I think this has to be the most bizarre idea for a computer game ever. Being a dustbin man or a waste disposal manager - whatever you like to call it - your job was to empty a number of bins from a certain road to win points. The disgraceful part was that you were often offered a cup of tea by bored housewives. Blimey.
HI:000000 C3 RANGE If you want to experience Spectrum delights such as these, you can pick up various CD and floppy disk packages which offer any old Spectrum user plenty of good times.
You can pick up a CD from Epic Marketing for £17.99 that contains around 3000 games as well as hundreds of documents about the history of the legendary computer, ft will work on any Amiga with a CD drive. You can order it buy calling 0500 131 486.
If you don't have a CD drive you can give Software 2000 a call on 01827 287377 and order a floppy disk pack containing an emulator and either 50,100 or 200 games, for £4.99, £7.99 and £11.99 respectively. You can also purchase all three packs for £19.99 - which sounds pretty good to me.
Give me some money SYSTEM preview 6 Enigma does look and feel like Chaos Engine, which is no bad thing j Lasting appeal ? Rcade adventure games have been missing from the games scene for many months. I'm not sure if or why developers are avoiding this particular genre, but their absence has certainly been noted.
Over the last few years, many consoles have survived on games like this, but the Amiga has always swayed more towards simulations.
Maybe it's because console users are slightly younger, because the Amiga has never had any trouble producing games of the arcade adventure genre.
Enigma hails from Australia and is currently having the finishing touches applied to it by the one-man team of Peter Spinaze. He says he has committed himself to developing games of the highest quality, and has made no compromises with Enigma. He is convinced Amiga owners will be excited about his product.
Enigma revolves around Greek Mythology, for those of you who are interested, and sees you in control of Theseus. The basic idea, without sounding too bland, is to kill a minotaur and rescue several women. All in a day's work, eh?
Your job is to solve many puzzles throughout various randomly generated mazes, whilst avoiding various monsters - you'll have trouble avoiding them later on in the game as they will come and find you. There are features such as bouncing balls, flamers, electric fields, transporters, pressure pads and underground levels, amongst others.
Enigma does look and feel like Chaos Engine, which is no bad thing. However, the game will need an AGA A1200 with 2MB, which is slightly unfortunate as existing A500 owners will miss out.
But those who will be able to run the game will find that they will be treated to 3-D sound, some excellent graphics and pretty good gameplay.
If you want to find out more from the developer Peter Spinaze, or give him some ideas, information or anything else relevant, give him a call or fax him on 00 61 7 54452632. Bear in mind that the cost of the call will be relatively expensive, so don't get carried away. Oh, go on. You know you want to.
One of the most original parts of Enigma which will give the gamesplayer lasting appeal and good value for money is that near the end of the game you get the chance to take part in a Doom-like, first-person perspective level whereby you must find your way out of a maze. This particular part will run at 50 frames per second, and the developer is sure that it presents a smooth and realistic environment.
So far we haven't seen any screenshots of this particular part, although it sounds quite good, doesn't it? If it can match up with the rest of the game, Enigma could end up being pretty successful.
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U705 TRONLCAIVbesl cmeM ckcud board .eiamplei 1 707 GAME TAMEPJJA4H2)For even more game* cheat U70S LAST WILL A lESTAMENT-wnte your aril U710 PERFICT-PAJNT 32 Ver * *-* - U714 ENGINEER KIT varioui U71B MAGNUV119 REGARD Ihe best disk __ U721 FONT FARM V3 + load of tom ? Lonl viewer UT43 UtlOWl .Makar vX MAKE AUTO BOOT___ UT44 FRACTAL MANIA.BlOMORPH Bnllanl colection UTAS AF WORK BENCH |3KWB 13 ONLY) rrfdacement U74S 30 GafiOEN DESIGNER A wtew from any angle brii U747 ASTROHY V2 pred.ct ttai ptanet predxtfon U74S DISK REPAIR Sdoppy A Hdimctude soft-proctecr U7S0 MUSIC CATALOGUtlnol A50O.13} very
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WINDOW BENCH V2 (WB 13) 2 3.1k new smtbench replace rnenA rrtKnse 1st of useful dlHee Ufsi COMPUTER DIAGNOSITC TEST V9 anVge ffcdt ftndtog BOARD GAMES VI the very best board games ever released This pack contains the very latest. CHESS. CHECKER.
S disk pack only £4.99 I U7« CROSS DOS 5.1 plus m U741 HD-DISK TOOL SOX .many man UT42 HOW TO CREATE AtfTOBlSOT 0 U739 TURBO IMPL0DER V3.1 powerful disk cruncher I to usepaMpac!
lor Amiga ______________B BHTRUCTION protecl mt® CC£ U72fi AflEX WANUAL(noiWb1.3) complete manual.
U?W ASSASIN BOOT UTIL SO boot block erfiter util U730 SOFT AGA I ..... U731A-Z----- U732 MINI I UtSOSTt
- ---------------XUgmaratar.
..... ..Jljj U957 SCAU BACKGROUND (T**k) High qusKty image UM0 PROGPAME LOADER-New HardOsk menu U9S1 MAGAZINE E 3(7dtsk) science fiction magarine U9&) AMOS A AMOS PRO COMMAND EXTENSION U9ST PRO-GAMOLE-Suptr How prediction proof lime.
UTTS DELUXE PANT 4BU0OT SW£ll«| fieT&w mo*l out daluie Palnl Inctan on line lot avry fucden UST1 VIRUS CHECKER VS.W -»AUT0 UPDATE MONTHLY- UTSS DWECT0BY OPUS V4 add EaP» CommandiBUnON USS3 MAGIC WB A MAGIC MENU ..Both Late*) version UH6 VWUS-WORKSHGP VS I-tfw teal Vims killer US87 GfUPHtC-OONVERTER (20) Convert p«ture eel UTM TURBOCAT Aula catalogue your disk I bury U9M AUTOBOOT DISK MAKER V4 -very useful U493 IMAGINE STUDIO V2J2D) The best PD image (pictura) processor avrJsne nvat even the commercial costing bundles ol pound, (not kO) UW9 POWER-CACHES Speed up disk loading,Accesses U97Q
HARDDRIYE SECURITY IlLsrge coHecficn ol HD scerity program* eg Lockoud Password A many more U»7t HsrSwSK 4 FLOPPY DISK DOUBLERjEpu)notWB1.3 UT73 CHEAT FOR 900 ? GAMES. LEVEL CODE V3-3 (J| UT74 HO GAMES INSTALLER 2 intUI tops games to HO E0200L2. Blse 01 th* robot Mortal CtmirtO ( «** U975 DMS V7 04 Pro. Crunch entire disk, ncd 3) IHTfi MAGIC SLEC10H Vl .4-Cfung* Magic WB back drop l»77 MAGCWB ICON ARCHIVE (3) 1000 s o Mgwfa toon* UTM XPASSWOflOprxtecl your hardffloppy drive U979 ICON ACHRIVE(3I 1000 * ol normal lcon|any Amiga) UTM TEXTURE STUDIO. Render Various Teiture far us* with Imagine 3
*a rag FPU.[net 1J) U99S PRO-GAM8LES V2 it ....- um EXOCHC RIPPER V3b Latest ripper UTM HO MEMORY (new collection) require L.u UICOO MAG C OPUS VOL 2 1 3 (70|more Ocpus buttom UIKfl CAR DATA AHALTST-check your ear performance UIC02 TURBO CAT-flYB 2*3 onry) catalogue creator UI0O3 LOTTORY WINNER V3-P*w Wim UI00S BAS1C-ELECTROWC-Teach ell about cMronc UI00* LOTTO LUNACY V2 Update latest lottery prwdtotor UI007 ALL NEW HAJUHXSK A FLOPPY DISK TOOL 2 (2) U100I HARO-WARE PROJECT % (3) Sudd doien cl protect even how to fit Amigas ms tower esse UI0O9 DATA ALERT 3-txpMm why your computer crash
U1C10 WB2 -W INSTALLERunjtsii AMO-'AMO to HD U53J AUDIO VAOC 4-rf0£*f* ker V U941 AUDIO MAGIC 8- Ocianed piaytr e UMS CS4 tmulatoi V3 (2DISK) CM tmuL. . . ..____ UH* SPECTRUM EMULATOR VJ- Spwanm amAaior Li»n U«» EAGLE PLAYER 7241**) the bell music player U«1 OE LH PACKER (7dtsk) play aB muwe IjmaL I Utti SONIC DRUM KIT VJ Make drum tample U8S2 DISK COPT Pack- totacWm ol lOdrtt cof UIU1 UULTMNWTV4wofpi LUGS DISK PRINT print cimom oil iao«* UIC7 FONT A PftWT Load of ut !4«s to *tew i prutt UU3 omuait 1-ov*r » dish rapierCplirvs* ect UttS INTUTIDN BENCH MARK VS5 (Nol Wbl .3) tvsmlo IX l El00
LITTLE TRAVELER imlomation on world wide EI01 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map ft ten.
El03 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tutorial on n« Atom (2D) .. . MUMVMTI, rnv ¦ V* ¦ J ,---- El09 MH MEN OLYMPIC (30) many event io complete r 110 CULT TV DATABASE jJD) info on early *” F112 HOW TO DEVELOPE PHOTO 2 (2) 0*1*.
(2) delevope your own.
El 19 OINO WAR Quiz on dinotaura S teach yen ,T ABASE r real leammqald kid on ihe math cubiecta. RECOMMEND E121 PICTURE PUZZLE brillanl JIGSAW E022 LANGUAGE_TUTOFI teitoh ou A langoage provi ..... lequk . , E026 WORDS can help you solve the croeiword E023 TALKING COLOURING BOOK Hiking Dp*Ini b. E024 EASY SPELL P lmp«ov* your kid Spelling E025 SCRABBLE require 2-lplayer brillanl 3lta ft An eieeuent tupmg tutor.
6166 WORD POWER- itodtoneck crosaword *3vw teacn EI68 CROSSWORD CREATOR-design eroa GT73 0774 GT7S G783 G7W otm
C. 'F1- 017 G’sa 0780 0700 0791 G’92 G-99 GS09 G8IQ GI1I GS12
0*20 GI2I GBJ2 G»39 Gr‘ 0 GBC2 ps ¦ OM 7 GB68 OB 70 must QB71
FRUIT MANIA -Brittani FruifmachiM.
- Great grahtc MtND SHADOW clone :E very good MIND SHADOY E
Amnz.ng 3D graphic like INAL BINGO CALLER 21 GAMES PACK G443
OLEUPfAO O G445 DESCENDER G446 OBUDOX excellent Arcade,Puzzl--
game G448 PARACHUTE JOUST quite playable G4£5 CASTLE OF DOOM YG
graphic adventure.
G460 MRBBLE WORLD GIDDY Large platform game G4€7 CASH FRUIT good fruit machines G478 AMOS CRICKET cricket games G4F8 EXTREAM ViLONCE 2 player battle out G499 ENGIMA MACHINE very challenging puzzl*
- ---- ----- ----------¦“ *- Qul Clhn- _______________________m
It TOGO G4S2 ZOMBIES ft DEFENDER 2 fantastic game* G454
MERCANERT SIMULATION 3D war* gome* G499 LIFE -simulation very
interesting G5CO TRANSPLANT dozen of level feat arcade.
101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £9.99 BriSwit afucjen of wr 1X d De vrr be£ d PO jitw hdiaa HVJOEfl 1 Tttfti Uarep&y Hue toe wry se I* Wry usi 10 jSt CWVi FfUCY Mofil 34I5H Cttto atfi lid I ( ”C nSlTLStiChL WjST FOR AHV GAMER PLAYER « COWPATJELE WITH All AWGAS Mng«*vew* G222 MEGA 21 GAMES amazing 21 games G235 DRAGON-CAVE brilUnt 30 puzzle games G2*0 OUADRIX very addict excellent G2C2 TAKE EM OUT tike to Operation vroll GJ53 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcade conversion 0272 TANK BATTLE 2 player tank battle game G278 ARCADIA the best ARKNOlD cion* C3CO O-BOID Cross T£TRIX and INVADERS.
G3C3 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME G310 NEBULAR Evcellent 3D shoot *m up G31G GALACTIC Evcelleni B levels sread* G31? HYPER-BALL Speed ball *level editor G331 GRAVITY massive space exploring game G333 CYBER-NETtC Brillanl 8 way blaster G33-1 DONKEY KONG -(A1200 order coda AGA29G) G335 CRAZY SUE II- be-st platform to dote G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (1 ttack eflltOfj) G3C4 STAR-TREK simlUr to RAID2 but harder G531 OPERATION RRESTORUS-br.Uant G534 CASTLE KUMQUAT similar to Alien breed G53S BLACK DAWN brsiant graphic adventure G533 MORI A 5.4 The Latest Dur-qeon & dragon GS39 BRIDGE Good
version of bridges GS40 ORK ATTACK Woody adventure_ G355 OOOOY very cute S evlremely addict G356 WONDER LAND amazing graphic rocomtneo G3B2 DELUXE PACMAM * beil pacman ev*r release G441 E-TYPE 2- very good asteroid greai graphic G443 OLEMPtAD DISK (20) Chympte sport event* G445 DESCENDER GAME uel search ft d G4C« TOTAL WARS -strategy Ile ch«* In spec* 0411 BATTLE CAR 2- 30 dr racing G401 HESTER CABO GAME- hours of lun for a quit G43S ROULETE amercan roulete excellent 0438 1 RAIL BLAZER 2 CS4 conversion G3S4 OTHELLO G3S6 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very addictive puzzl G390 TETREN most polish Tetnz ever
release G332 STRIK68ALL brillanl base bail clone G3S9 TRAILS LAZE R brillanl (ftM Al2t») I (2DISK) very p ayable jiqsaw games GARDEN * DfGGcH (NEW) Brillanl GS74 HIGH OCTANE Fast car racing (notwbl.3) Gm TIME RUNNER amazing graphic adventure GfiAO SPACE-INVASION 2 - Fantailic Gala lain GOO I AUTOMOBILES - PD version of SKID MARK bril G482 ? AUDIT MANIA - Brillanl Irurl machtnn demo G69S PROJECT BUZZ BAR -BrilMnt aneroid G689 GUN FIGHT (not A500(l.3 QS90 THE REAL POPE YE 64 (A500 13 only) G492 SYSTEM DEFENO-Brillant Defender clone G698 AmiGA-BOY-Game boy emutoor » tetriz G732 OETHELL IN SPACE,
G73S OVERLANDER Brillanl arcade MOON ALERT G737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The best In PD BG G77I STAR WofD 2 Diskl brdlant Thrust G772 UH-SENSIBLE SOCCER very similar to
a. RECOMMEND 101 GAMES 2 PRICE ONLY £10,99 Until t* W9 re* I)1
fi-nn tonpi*» fuck t ccriMriihg soffle cf the n~i bee n qam
liu hux WeededCf Mfr.ei etc. I .C* ix nrgaatL CCVCATTSLE WITV
XLL iUtCAS GS42 ROAD TO HELL brillanl car racing G544 SUPERTOM
CAT N*w vertical shoo, cm up.
G545 KUNGFU CHARLIES mis with piaHorm brilL G5-46 RAID 4 tatesl ver«c*i scroll shoot om up G546 OUIZMASTER very good quiz program* GS52 ELEVATION gamas base on lift 77 GS60 IMPERIAL WALKER -B*s* on STAR WAR games G567 STARBA5E 13 (20) Bril like MONKEY ISLAND G6S7 AMOS LOAOSA MONEY best FRUIT-MACHINES G559 MR MEN OLYMPIC (20) meny evenl to complete G660 4 L.C.O DREAM 4 small hand hald gamas G664 NEIGHBOUR GAMES (20) bate On The TV scries G565 TIME RUNNER (WB2i3) Brillanl graphic G5G7 GOLF (2KSX)Ons of the lirsl * decent GOLF GS68 AMOS CRICKET 2 New Amos cricket simulator G669 MUGSY REVENGE
gangster graphic adventure GS72 JIGSAW I2DISK) very p-nyabTe jtosi GK73 BOBBY C --------- BATTLE FORCE eaceltant t______________ GNU CHESS the be*i ch**s with 10 level SwoRO OF YiGO Graphic adventure POWER-TETRIZ for 1 or 2 player SUPER SMASHING TETRIZ CHESS U ft CHECKER One of the best around lor *11 CHESS or CHECKER player GHAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone iCEUENT-graphic adventure AOAY AT THE RACE-V.Goodhoree racing game* BOULDER ORIGINAL w-th 80 level BOULDER DASH cav*ft*v*l Conetructlon kit BOULDER COLLECTION 2 3 160 level (3di*k!
BOULDER PACK with 640 Wv*l Oh 6 TASK FORCE very g GREEN FIVE Amaj-- PROFFESKMAL B__________ MARTIAL SPRtT l.k* Stre*t fighter U 6 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES collection BLITZ 2 last action shooting games EXIT 13 BrUtant puzzl*
- -------MISPLACE W similar to PANG 2 Jotol weapon RECOMMEND G894
Britlar.t POPULUS clone. REC 0898 AUEN GENOCIDE (2) Shoot
aliens set in space.
0899 PUCKMAN. One of th* better P*=M n emMmd.
0900 SUPER-BATTLE ZONE.3D (not WBU) 0901 M'A'S-M ¦ (ANTWAR 2) play wry simitar i- LEMMNG ft WORM, wteh load of Weapon fBrflfa 0904 LAST SOLDitn(2) muftitaval pJattorm g*i 0905 CDBERTECH (2)aacUcnl AUEN BREEDC 0906 HANGMAN any one for a game?
0907 ACE SPACE n+c* Ptariwm ganw* 0906 COLOUR I* ANIA slideflOetriz type puzzle games 0910 HAHRY-HADOOCK- B-iKant ntadocmer gamas G912 MANGLE FENDER -BriSastL Smash up other carriank eel to win. Enremiy addicted, oat ft 0913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vol 1 ft 2 (2d) NEW 101 GAMES PK 3 New 101 pack 3 contains oret 100 games, runs on all Amigas, only E1159 offer buy any 2 pacts togeJher A receive a free [4 token lor use witfi nert order. This offer cannol be used wish any other offer current & subject to condition apply.
GAME HINTS & CHEATS II Puy youf twain* tor age? Bat eurt gel to B end ol ifwl w gamel Havmg problem with ticme gan«8? 5 disk pack wih iQOfoof jamw tv* Kw repUy pete Kc, ihodd Wp you finish many games-suSabtefor a9 Amigas only £195.
Update & release on 21 July 15 0884 WIPE OUT-mmdless blasting gams* 0885 GODZILLA Another ahoolem up 0886 SUPER MEGA FRUIT-All naw Fruit Machine 0888 DRIVING MANIAC 3D (till vector Ilk* ind;500) car racing- very last. RECOMMEND 0889 PLANET FALL - Lunar Lander clone 0891 BUCK TOOTH ADVEF------- level ahoot'collect am up R GB72 SCHNEBITZ Commercial quality puzzle games GB7S DELEXE GALA v2.3(n»wl add new feature & oouns gam me • 2 player RECOMMEND, get it now 3876 THE KRILUAN INCENDENT like ELITE 2 Epic GB70 QUANTUM-Maze colcct * escape type games GB79 RAG TO RICHES - like MONOPLY__ G927 DOING
V3. Greet piitformer. Recommend 0928 PUNTER-Anifrwle horse racing games 0929 ARCADE JIGSAW (2dl includ* UON KING 0930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADTTOR-Very fun ta play 0531 NIMBLE-BrJlanl New arcade puzzle.
0933 BLACK DAWN 3- THE NEW BEGINNING (2) 0916 ISLAND -Play like Moaopiy.
0919 COP THE LOT Pro Latest Lottery.
0920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL This version use a92tUOMOPLY.fi - 0922 JET WILLY 3 uperts 30 adventure. RECOMMEND G934 R3 ROCKET (NEW)very good rockets games 0935 BATTLE SHIP- the lirmsi PD version 0936 LAST LAP - Fast car racing _ E038 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how lo car* about AMIGA E04Q GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAJff tutorial the tpine ft how to avoid back pain, (recommend) rail KID ALPHABET (SspLw all alphabet letter 6042 FRACTION ft SlLOUEsT math* ft game* excellent Et »3 MATH MASTER tracrvtcal you more on matin E044 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic ft tutorial E045 PETROL ENGINE
lutortal ft animate graphic 6046 GAS TURBINE ENGINE tutorta ft irm gmphic 6047 STRUNG ENGINE tutorial ft arom graphic E050 DREAM FOR ANGEL e*plain the meanUg Crl (Aearn E051 INVISIBLE WORUJ briflart recommend E052 FISH TANK turn your emiga into e FISH TANK E054 DEMOLfDON MISSION simple gam® for kid E055 WORD POWER solve crossword puzzle act good 6056 WORM HOLE simple game ideal tor children E057 APPLE CATCHER eatoh toning apple briHwnl E058 CROSS MAZE ft CRYPTOKING 2 eiceflerrt tod game* EOS3 VERB QUIZ find Ihe word ft rt related. Bril 6061 KING JAMES BIBLE (4d) complete b,ble* eicel E06S
TARROT ctairvoytnt in a inatance E068 CALLOW fancy a game* ol hang man?
E070 MATH OrtLLS teacn a« be*to math *kta Vgood E071 ERROR INFO give Into why your am to* crash E075 WORLD-WAR 2 g-aphic* tuloruti on WORLD-WAR 6076 S____________________________________ ideal lor ail who interesting or studies in science recommend, this pack come on 4 disks E080 KiDPRiX great children paint programme.
6081 ASTROUY PACK- Tto* is a mazing collection ol programe relate to atfromy can help lo locate certain or star po*.Hon ect mull lor anyone who studto* astiomy or hobby, great 4txSK) E073 PICTURE ft LETTER loom lo reed*- toll step 6074 AMIGA BEGINER GUIDE tutorial an Amiga* EoftS NODDY PLAYTIME demo *V*ry good 6080 KID PfX more tree Hen) paint programe* E081 O.T.P FOR KID uiy lo use. Eiceltoni E052 SING A RYHME5 sinq a song 6094 HIGH WAY COOE TUTOR queiUon on hrahwey cod* E096 READ ft LEARN 120) THREE LITTLE PIGGY Story E097 BACK TO SKOOL vol 1 collection ol Ihe best E09S BACK TO SKOOL vol 2
in education programe 6099 BACK TO SKQOL vol 3 ft gam** RECqOmEP E021 STORY LAND II interact puzzl* oamaa r. p“"1 • ¦ lfttangu* )0Ki tor kl v_ . . Y*f‘1
- ----- tip you *oh _____ . .
E027 OSWALD Very colourful large cartoon game E03Q EVOLUTION breed your own hybrid 6031 IQ TEST * IO GAMES pack I esceilerl E033 TYPING TUOORv*- ------ ---- E035 CHESS HELPER hi .
6036 BASIC TUOOH taam about Amiga ba*c Prog E003 TREASURE SEARCH End the hidden treasure E0Q4 LEARN ft PLAY I [not A1200)m*ny moth* ft game* E005 LEARN ft PLAY II more education program** E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Spjtoitho English Fora MR MEN (WBi-Bonfy) bmu.ni ttory edventur* E009 AST ROM V tutorial On solar * tar eel *y*tom EOIO SIMON ft SPACE MATHS math* ft nmon game* EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PACK Collection ol the very best of education programs a 21 games pack, a very popular combination lor k (run on all Amiga) S dim pack only 64.95_ E011 EDUCATION PACK 1 pack with dozens o( education
program* ranging from math*, science la educational game* recommend suitable for any Amiga. 5 disk pack only C4.95 6020 WORLD DAI El 72 ANIMAL LAHD-Leam about am El 75 FRANITC GUIDE TO COMPUTER(2D) brilar.1 ft funny Fl 77 CYBER PUNK 2 for cyberPunk freak only El78 STAH-TH6K ft STAR6REK NEXT GERENATlON GUIDE THE COMPLETE GUIDE COME WTTH HUNDRED OF SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM THE STAR-TREK SCRIES. SUPERB E181 SIGIMTURE CREATOR cuttomis your own stomture.
El82 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprenentive gutoe El84 IMAGINES VIDEO 2dl*k EiftS WORKBENCH 2 3 GutDE On Una hnto-Ccmplere 6210 LEARN ft PLAY 3 Latost Education ft Games E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) BnBant teach your child about animal 6241 COMUS GlkOE VI.1 beginner modem user E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) superb complete guide to the weather, recommend EJ4S MATH ATTACK- Mams retate game* lor Uds £242 Animal-LAN D-4deaf lor young kid. E«cei that accurately calculates th* position ol the panel, eclrpe, *Odi*C pOlilton etc. Ftecommend EI2C FRENCH VERD TESTER should help you with trench.
£131 CULT TV DATA BASE II (2 DISK) into on early TV EI32 WORLD HISTORY BOOK EI33 LITTLE TRAVELLER IIJ2) Infomattan on world wide + ...: y Che** KID DISKS 1,2,3,4,5 Excellent collection of education ptograma. ------ teaching kid* vinous sub)ect* While retaining the fun & gam* r1 “ ' -*•-* *"•----*- - ‘““l (or only 1 EI61 CU ft SHELL T1 El 2DELUXEPftJMT ______________ ___________ 6163 JAPANESE • teach you til* |dpanes* language EI64 PAINT IT tool A500I.3J latest COLOURING 6001 El65 KEY BOARD TRAINER An eacellent tup.no tut.
Word sdhrw E248 KID ONLY, t czceleni game to play with E250 SANTA -Help Santa colled prrient names E2S1 BIR5THOAY HISTORY V2 2- E252 BAH-TENDER-recipl tor 1000 dnnk cockta« E2S3 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOH-_ EI30 JUNIOR MATHS Great leammi ... ‘END EI22 WORD FACTORY Brilant. Mch kid wor :ULL gutoe ta In torn_____ L TUTOR (heipi Ideal lor begiruw El62 DELUXE PajnT GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 ft 4 RECOMMEND E243 PICTURE-UATHS-Maths program lor kidi EJ46 BEGINER GUIDE TO WB 3 (Al 200 Only) E247 GLOBE FACTI2) fad aboul ptand earth
j. j = . T. EQUDAUQMJi IZX SPECTRUM 48K Now you can play 100's
of SiieUmiii 48K Oanifis Wmp'0,1 yout Amiga Any Park belov; io
coiuplei'3 A ready to ru 11 on your IspuuluJ Otlvf ; C64 & 45
games pack | ! Spectrum V2 & 50 games j | Vic 20 & 30 games |
I All 3 packs lor only £9 99 i Amiga, i-uii prmiea
instruclions provided.
M Otim.iflsswnFcow v,$ Sf&fsi ffiifiMB ninu ttvw SPECIAL OFFER IaMsi!35iC353t S50New Spedrjr Gn6(M(00)-.....fcrWy£19 [_ SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION | % _ 1 -i ;r r r spectrum!
1 I V- GAMES pack!
| See left for deiaiiS- This pack cartes cn very large number of dasks £39.99 j 1 NOW OIU1LY £29.99 J 064 v3 PK4 | Special offer C&4 v3 and 45.100, 200 games pack mhUt exrra 55 C©4 1 £ games making 4C0 C64 games i tttfies otsks Comes on large num- j 1 ber ol daks + mes lis! And loading leeT t Onfy £24.99. | G0C64or Spectrum advert box for more detaHs More Spectrum games 5vaSable screen shol Ircm AMIGA SOFTWARE 2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS USE WITH AGA DISKS mwm T7J?
AGAM 1.JM AGA CLAME-galORe Ths is the 9g ore' Nearly 2000 ongma1 asks from na SOFTWARE 2000 ifcrary nduded cn a Doubte CO set Fof title Hi just lake a look at ims Doubles aflven lw eismle of tties 4 packs urtuch can be found on the CO No Liciry d i Of unknown sofrwc FuJ description on every dGkslsies Very easy lo use rrenu system on both Cds. Thes irrxque menu system lets you explore the contents cl both Cds without disc swapp* Excetert See beo* dtetc AGA255 OtUGHT EXPLORE « AGA756 KPFTRFN AGA Demo
* ol effete ' RAVE great rsve music AGA2S6 OXYGENE FwUttlc dmo
AGA2S9 UTEL-OUT another vsry good demo AGA26C SOMEJUSTIC94 Demo
of the month bnlUn! Whirl effete. RECOUUENO A6A262 TO THE DEATH
vwy.good STREET- FIGHTER dona wilh vsry good graphic.
AGA263 GEORGE GALAXD fWssfc) briHsnt muKSewt shOO Utform game ficCOMMEOH AGA26S MISSILE OVER ZENQN (*Es*) BriKarrt .....ntas&c graphic EXAMPLE OF DISKS CAN BE FOUND ON THE DOUBLE CD SET 118-EDUCATION DISK 133- DEMOS 225 - MUSIC DISKS 18+ -DEMOS(Adults only} 294 - VARIOUS UTILITIES DISKS 252 - ANIMATION DISK 181 - AGA DISKS 92 - TOP SAMPLE AND FX DISKS 402 + VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - with an estimate ol around 1000 + Amiga games 50 LATEST DISKS OF MAGIC WB 7 BACKDROP. Version for all Amigas also includes 100s ol IMAGINE OBJ, 600s AMIGA FONTS. 100s QUALITY B&W & COLOUR CLIP ART.
S MUCH TOO MANY TO LIST... DEGRADER AGAWO A12O0 FIX DISK COLLETCION I AGA091 A12O0 RX DISK 2 COLLETCION 2 AGA094 HELOCKIT Vt.4a latest, run A5O0 SOFTWARE AG A3 06 A1200 RX DISK VOL 3 (new July 95) All disk above are design to make any old A50&A500 Amiga programs games etc lo run on your A120Q A4000 MUST FOR ALL AGA AMIGA OWNER. RECOMMEND 700 -lOOO NEW C64 Games files (IMIILATOfi INCLUDED) NEW Spectrum Games _____ (Play direct from CD) ya iM 0 Over 600Mb per CD 0 Menu compatiblt wUft all Amigas 0 Ho duplicate of data 0 Wry easy to use Menu RRP NEW PRICE
AGAMY MADFKJHTER 2 brlllont *Kr*t lighter dome AGA10O AGA DUTZ SCREEN BLANKER AGAIOt FAST GIFF 2 display GtFF pic In Workbench.
AGA102 AGA DIAGNOSTIC - NEW system teeter AGAIOT BLACKBOARD AGA decent Image processor AGA105 QUICK GRAB AGA -grab AGA sewn PICTURE AGA 110 WORLD BEYONDS 1 (3) stunning 256 COLOUR foamy an, leave atari uwrbreothfets AGA1I4 SMELL LIKE CHANEL N05 brillont demo ray trace picture ever release on the A1200 AGA12I MAGIC FACTORY t STAR TREK (5 disk) AGA133 AGA UTIL v1*2 (2) AQA util compilation AQA13S AGA UTIL V3 A4 (2) more of obare AGA 137 IIULTIBOOT- 4 various version ASM EMU AGA13S OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARDDR1VE INSTALLER AOA139 W8J HARDDISK PBEF A INSTALLER Installing AGA140 CROSS DOS PLUS v5.1
read write PC files AGA142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 -lalasl manager games AGA144 SPEAK A SPELL - educational software lor kid AGA 145 BIG TOPS 18 * only)HUUmm AGA 146 KELOG LAND -farillant platform games AGAtSO ACTION REPLAY V5 - NEW UP DATE TO V4 ONLY £29-99 .rop™ Now Below new gantes pack pacte. You know exaflfy Like our previous packs, each pack comes on 5 disks and using the latest disk packer we can pul upto 5 games on lo one disk. So you gel only £4.99. Ail games & instructions vill run automaticlSy icon. A!f games pack contain diilerent games."
Bofird Games Pack 3 Arcade Games Pack 3 Pack 3 Pack 3
u. £4.99 AGA164 CINDY CRAWFORD Vol1 (2 diskjleleet release A
GATES INFESTATION (3 disk) The ulfimated AGA demo AQAT70 CINDY
AGA-uIBMate demo maker AGA 174 MAGIC WB EXTRA vot I A 2 (2d*k)
AGA ISO GIF BEAUTIES Vot (11-11) 8 more girts disk AGA 139
FRIDAY AT 8 another brlllani AGA demos AGA190 ASSASIN
UULTIVlSlON AGA pic viewing ut.i AGA192 ALIEN FRENZE 2 player
blasting .power up AGA 194 BIG TIME SENSUAL (2dbk) SPACE BALL
2 AGA200 MASQUERADE ?dish brillenl puzzle games.
AGA202 RAM JAM 94 it cat be done 2d sJc) AGA203 EXPUXIT 2 DEMO new effete weildone.
AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN 2d.sk require 2 diskdrive AGA206 TREASURE OF TUTANKHAMUN- educlaion rod AGA230 LOVE 2 dttk-tlmpfy brillant DEMOS AGA231 AGA (JHL 7 8 8 (2 disk) .More USEFUL util £SiSLlL CIS1 This pack is ideal for any Amiga o wants a large amount of Ihe mt own a CD r These packs will be 100% update with ail new or diifefeot software on the 1st oft every monih. M software are packed using LHA wf approx 3-1 (up Jo 30 disks worth of software from (tie II ¦ syouwiiigeiSJiTnesnwes
BE 18 AND OVER xeo X74 XD1 XQ3 xoa X24 X25 X26 X20 X30 X31
EIUCLUIUTER 100s & 100s ol real life documenl of UFO stght-
mgs kidnapping & Animal mutilation & many more. Very
interesting read. 6 Disk set only £5.99 X45 X49 X70 X71 X91
we oW • Rw bvtioni) MAGICWB EXTRA PACK (01-12) 1- MAGIC WB
EXTRA PACK (13*24) 2___£739 MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (25-3S)
3____.£7 99 LITTLE OFFICE 21 hard drive & DISK DRIVf PACK II
FOR ALL CARD GAME FANS It you Ika Poket. Black Jack, Spade.
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COMPUTING Drowning under in a sea of drawers?
Neil Mohr outlines drive organisation The ASL library now falls under the gaze of assembler king Paul Overaa Dave Cusick has been sitting in a dark room searching out the best comms wares for you AMIGA g amigat A smooth fade routine is explained by Phil South, Amos we're mad for it Paul Overaa guides you through 5ound Studio's sample editor Want to use different number bases with Arexx, now you can thanks to Paul Overaa If you cannot afford a faster CPU Paul Austin explains how to decrease render times Neil Mohr gives a few pointers towards a stress free life with your hard drive
MMMMSMMMMHEMM File organistaion is probably the last thing you think about when you own a hard drive and it can turn out to be MM o real pain if it isn't sorted out before you start. Having used a hard drive for the last six years, and from the vast quantities of software we try out here at Amiga Computing (we only recently filled our 1Gb drive) I can tell you how important proper file organisation is.
Generally when you get a hard drive from an Amiga dealer it will already be partitioned and pre-installed with the AMIGA system software, usually Workbench 3.0. If not, then you should already have Workbench disks, but still need the install disk which will partition and install Workbench.
The standard set-up for Amiga hard drives now is to have o partition called Workbench and a second called Work. The Work partition will hold all your own files and application programs and is used the most, while Workbench holds all the Workbench files along with small tools and utilities.
Depending on the size of the hard drive, I would advise setting aside at least 20Mb for your Workbench partition, with 40Mb being preferable, but no more than 80Mb is necessary. All your remaining hard drive space can be dedicated to the Work partition. If you are worried about hard drive crashes, and the amount of time required to recover files, you could split your Work partition in two.
Good looking On the Workbench side, you can pretty much leave things as they are. One thing you may want to do however, is get hold of MagicWB which will give you a more pleasant looking Workbench.
If you expect to be digging around your Workbench files then there are a number of directories which as standard hove no icons, but would benefit from having them. Primarily the Libs and Classes directories, which are used a fair bit and its helpful to have access to them. You may also want to add a Classes drawer in Storage.
If you do not already use the program WBStartup, it is wise to have a disabled drawer in your WBStartup. So if you wish to temporally remove a command it makes it much simpler to drop it here.
On your Work partition, before you start installing programs wily nilly and saving files all over the place, consider what the computer will be mainly used for. It may sound trivial, but if you are going to be dealing regularly with even o few files, good directory organisation will help you quickly get to the desired files and programs.
Amiga Computing Remember that you do not want to hove to hunt through more than two directories to get to a file, so this not only helps you get where you are going more quickly, but saves having hundreds of windows open on your Workbench.
Standard drawers that most people will opt for are an Art or Pics drawer, ogam subdivided into specific type of pictures. A Util drawer is always well used, with each program having its own drawer in here.
Drawers A nondescript Files drawer can be used to store any old stuff and if you are trying out a number of programs on a temporary basis, then a Temp or Demo drawer o good idea For larger applications such as AmiTCP or Final Writer, you will be belter giving these their own separate drawer.
Also make good use of Workbench's Leave Out menu function, which lets you keep regularly used drawers out on the Workbench - you can also do the same for programs. If you regularly hove to access a drawer in which you are storing files, it would be advisable to set an assign pointing to this directory making access quicker.
By the way One last thing worth keeping in mind with assigns - I have an ImagePro directory in the Util drawer, in which I keep all my graphic oriented programs.
This has the assign ImagePro made to this directory, so if any of the programs in this drawer need their own assign, instead of getting the assign Work:Util lmagePro blar, they get lmagePro:blar, This may not seem to make much difference, but if for any reason you need to move the ImagePro drawer to a different location you have only one assign to change instead of a whole host* If, in the early days, a programmer want- ed some fiie requester code they normally sat down and wrote it themselves. In fact it wasn't really until Release 2 of the Amiga's 0 S arrived that coders finally got some
standardised file requester facilities in the form of the asl library.
ASLFR DrawersOnly: Setting this tag to TRUE causes the fiie requester to have no file gadget, and to display only directory names in the file list* You might use this tag if you wanted to have the user select a destination directory for a particular task.
ASLFR Rejections: When set to TRUE, this fag prevents .info files icons) from being displayed in the file requester. To be honest you should use this tag in all your software because Workbench users should never have to see .info files.
Listing 2: Just two of the many file requester tags that you'll find details of in the libraries asl.i include file!
Paul Overaa explains how to add file requester facilities to your programs Making the mast of the ASL library One reason that the ASL approach appeals to most coders is that the library functions themselves are very easy to use. Once the library is open there are in fact two methods available with the most flexible using parameters passed as tag items coupled with the use of three functions. The tag list Qpproach begins with a call to AllocAslRequest(| to allocate the main data structure for the requester. Providing this call is successful a program can then bring up the requester by
calling an AslRequestf) function as many times as is necessary (listing 1 shows some typical code that brings the asl requester to life). Before the program terminates a FreeAslReque5t() function enables you to hand back all the resources allocated by the original AllocAslRequest() call.
The requester options themselves are specified using tag items defined in the librories asU include file. Setting up an ASL parameter tag list is no more difficult than say setting up an Intuition window tag list * listing 2 shows a couple of the file requester tags that are available for use ond most of the time these tag lists can be s et up using simple dc.l statements like this... tags dc.t ASLFR_Reject1cons,TRUE de.t TAGJONE,NULL But There's Even An Easier Method... Although setting up an asl parameter tag list is not really difficult there are some alternative asl library functions
that bring up a default sized requester. This default parameter scheme involves first making a call to an AllocFileRequest(| function and saving the returned requester pointer (checking the call for a successful, ie non-zero, return value]. If all goes well the program can then bring up the requester by calling a RequestFile|) function.
Before the program terminates a FreeFileRequestj) function must be called to FiIeRequest iovei.1 d(H4 aQ-a2,-(a7) preserve registers flovea.l fUe_reque$ tji,aG asl requester address ¦ovea.l tag_list,a1 SNULL if no tags!
CALLSYS AslRequest,_A$ lBa$ e here we would extract and use the filenaie info loven.l (a7)t,dQ-d4 aO-a2 restore registers rts Basic framework for bringing up the asl requester hand back the resources allocated by the original AllocFileReque$ t() call.
Easy so far and, with this code in place, the file requester would certainly appear and could be used to select files in the normal fashion. The difficulty at this point is that not only does your program now have to collect any file and directory names that are selected, but it must combine them to form a proper fiie path name for the selected item.
Now this might sound like o fairly simple task but coders would often moke a few too many assumptions about what users would, or would not, do when selecting files. Luckily this is another area where there are now standard library functions which can handle this job for you.
Next month I'll not only explain how this is done but give you some runoble code so that you can see how everything works in practice.
In the meantime you'll find details of all the functions I've discussed this month on the cover disk (os usual they're provided as an EasyBaseAC file so you can add the details to your existing function database)!
O I LOBP FILE I BIB dos.eb 18,843 20 06 96 17 enpty.eb 120 08 07 96 13 | exec.eb 8,313 09 05 96 15 functions_aug96.eb 1,166 16 04 96 88 functions dec96.eb 894 12 08 96 11 functions nov96.eb 2,535 88 07 96 14 gadtools.eb 1,794 08 07 96 14 help(v8.20).eb 5,941 88 07 96 16 - intuit ion.eb 11,749 • 08 87 96 13 - Drawer [PflTHBBSES File } elp(v9.20 ,eb OK | Uoltmes | Parent j Cancel | Once you've seen some code for using the asl requester (and this is coming next month you'll realise how easy file requester use has become!
? F Select Font 1 El SWRuler SMScrFont m 8 9 i times A « A topaz v V (topaz |8 V1 Plain _J Bold I«.t: | | | i _| Italic _( Underlined FI.IC f| f Mode: Q Text i (123 RaBbCcDdCeFfBgHhliJjKkL MnNnOoPpQgRrSsT OK j Cancel| *3 The asl library also provides support for other requesters as well.
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5.30pm, Sat 9.00am • 5.00pm ANALOG!® ANALOGIC
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* We All Dream team Dave Cusick concludes his beginners overview
of the Net Last month we took a look at some of the basic
software which no self-respecting Internet junkie can afford to
be without.
This month we'll broaden our horizons to take in some programs which are rather less essential, but instead constitute enjoyable pastimes and hobbies in their own right. Whilst the Internet is paraded in the media as an invaluable source of information, in reality there will always be many parts of the Net which are entirely devoted to enjoyment rather than education.
Possibly the most high-profile of these areas is the Usenet News service. Portrayed in the press as o wretched hive of scum and villainy where perverts trade extremely suspect pornographic images, Usenet is in reality simply the enthusiast's paradise, whatever he or she happens to be enthusiastic about. There are literally thousands of Newsgroups, forums debating topics as diverse as Politics, The Simpsons and Guitar Chords. Not all Internet Service Providers offer uncensored News feeds any more, but to be honest unless you are particularly interested in some of the less, erm, acceptable
adult Newsgroups then this isn't a problem at all - simply take a look at the list of Newsgroups and subscribe to a few of those that interest you.
Overcomplicated There is some debate as to which is the best News program on the AMIGA. There are those who'll swear by Thor, which is definitely powerful but is in my opinion a rather overcomplicated beast. You can actually read Newsgroups with some Web Browsers such as Voyager and Amosaic, but to my mind the best solution is to opt for a nice dedicated Newsreader such as Mnews, which is available on Aminet and (like On-line test With all these marvellous ways of enjoying Internet connectivity at your fingertips, you might well start spending large amounts of time connected to your ISP,
Unless you are lucky enough to get free local calls, this can result in a nasty surprise when the British Telecom bill arrives at the end of the quarter.
One way of keeping track of your time on-line is to get hold of a superb little program called Online- o-Meter, which can be found on Aminet, It brings up a little window which can be pulled from one screen to another, displaying the time you've been connected and the total cost of the telephone call so far. When you quit the program it saves these details to a log file, The latest version, 1.5, is even reset-proof, so if your system unexpectedly crashes so many other Amiga Net applications] employs the ever popular Magic User Interface. It's easy to configure, relatively swift in operation,
and gorgeously simple to use.
The next area I'd heartily recommend investigating is Internet Relay Chat. On several occasions in the post I've waxed lyrical about the joys of IRC, and indeed a couple af issues ago we looked at how to get the most out of what is possibly the best IRC client in existence on any computer, the wonderful AmlRC. It's not by any means the only program of its type on the Amiga [GrapeVine being possibly the most widely known alternative], but it's certainly the only one you will ever need. I won't go into great detail here since I covered IRC in some detail back in you'll still be able to
save the call details to the log file when you next run Online-o-Meter.
The archive even contains up to date BT charge information, so getting things set up in the Preferences program will only take a few moments. If you're worried about spiralling phone bills, then get hold of this beauty now - you'll find you suddenly start doing things a lot more quickly and efficiently when you are connected.
Issue 100, but I'd strongly advise you to download AmlRC, register it, and run up an astronomical phonebill as a result. It's available from ftp: ftp.vapor.com support amirc and registration costs £18 (or £30 to register AmlRC and AmFTP together). Marvellous.
Another underexposed area of the Internet which is definitely worth investigating is Telnet.
These days a great many Net users haven't got the faintest idea what Telnet actually is, possibly because of the huge media hype surrounding newer innovations such as the World Wide Web. That's really a shame, because Telnet offers a great many services and is in many ways more usable than the Web, if not as initially appealing.
Direct connection For those unfamiliar with Telnet, it involves connecting directly to a remote computer and searching far the information you require via a text interface running on that machine. Rather than using a fairly standard interface as with the World Wide Web, the information and commands will be presented in different formats depending on the site you have logged onto.
You might be using any machine from a Unix computer to a colossal mainframe system, so it's generally wise to poy extremely close attention to the navigation instructions on screen to find out exactly what is going on.
Fortunately owing to the text-based nature of Teinetting, complex clients are simply not required. If you are using AmiTCP as your TCP IP stack, you'll find a basic shell-based Telnet system in your Bin: directory, and using Amiga Computing this is os simple os typing Telnet hostname [port number). If you don't have this program, or fancy something just o little bit more sophisticated, a quick scout around Aminet will reveal some decent Telnet clients.
Services available on Telnel can vary considerably. You might be able to search a library, participate in conversations with other users, join in multi-user roleplaying games or even visit certain BBSs. For a helpful listing of some Teinet sites, point your Web browser at http: lmc.ein- let.net hytelnet SITES2.html. Another interesting addition to your Internet software drawer is AmiTrack, a novel program from Aminet which allows you to easily find out whether friends (or enemies!) Are logged on at any given time. The author Jeremy Friesner describes it as o sort of “Active Amiga
When you run AmiTrack you log onto an Amifrack server, telling it your name and a message for others - such as "IRCing in Amigacafe" or "Available for AmiPhone sessions". It's a simple idea which works well in practice, although disappointingly few Amiga net users seem to make use of it. Support for AmiTrack is actually being built into a new Net front end called Konnection (which was mentioned briefly in these pages a couple of months ago and at the time of writing is in private Beta testing), so perhaps when this is released AmiTrack's profile will receive a well-deserved boost.
The same chap who created AmiTrack is also responsible for AmiPhone and AmiSlate. I've touched on both these products before, but a detailed explanation would probably not go astray. The former is an attempt to bring powerful Internet Phone support to the Amiga. Various products on the PC and Macintosh have for some time allowed Internet users to communicate with one another through their machines as if they were using ordinary telephones. The advantage of this of course is that you could talk to somebody on the far side of the planet for the price of a phonecall to your local internet
R ’.boaftcomc&xiM)......: - ' v.’:l In practice there are now so many individual Internet Phone applications around that you'll really need to tell whoever you intend calling what software you'll be using, making the whole thing more of an enjoyable gimmick than a genuinely revolutionary development, at least for the moment. It's therefore not a colossal disappointment to find that AmiPhone is not compatible with any PC or Moc Internet Phone formats, and that you'll only be able to communicate with other AmiPhone users. You will also need a sound sampler and a fast modem to moke use of the
program, which I am reliably informed works quite well in practice.
AmiSlate puls your Internet connection to another novel use, by allowing you and a friend somewhere in Net land to paint together on the same canvas. At a basic level this enables you to doodle silly messages to one another in real lime, which might be quite entertaining for a few minutes but will soon wear a little thin. The real attraction of AmiSlate is that though its innovative use of Arexx scripts you can play games such os Chess, Noughts And Crosses, Backgammon, and so on. None of these games are going to quite match a networked game of Quake on a PC, but they multitask nicely and can
be an enjoyable way of passing the time whilst conducting a lengthy FTP session or trawling the Web for some important information.
And if it's on-line games you are after, then BattleDuel comes strongly recommended - Cow Wars for the nineties with modem and TCP IP support, this can be hugely engrossing. There's also o game called Portals in the pipeline from ANGLE (Amiga Net Games for Light Entertainment) which looks as though it should take Amiga Net gaming to a new level.
For a long lime, Amiga users have been told by PC and Macintosh users that Amiga Net software simply isn't as good as the alternatives on their machines. With the notable exception of Web Browsers, software on our beloved machine is now virtually on a par with that on other platforms - indeed, in certain areas, it's more advanced and user-friendly. Net software these days constitutes a large majority of all new software on the Amiga. At long last, the Amiga has come of age as a Surfing computer.
Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave dcns.demon.co.ulc. Questions, suggestions and feedback are oil more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which is now at http: www.dais.demon.co.uk . The wonderful thing about AMOS is how amazingly simple it is to use.
For a start, so many things are built HR into it that you can make really groovy effects with the minimum of fuss and very few lines of code.
Phil South shows you how to fade and how to make graphics using AMOS.
Not fade away Take this brillo little fade routine - I use it to moke videos of some of my graphics, a showreel of stills as it were. It loads the files, then fades them out and fades in the next one.
There is a file requester routine in this version, but you could equally moke it run through a list of files. It goes like this: While Screen -1 Screen Close Screen Vend Just a little set-up to close the screen when the screen number is greater than -1, that is to say
0. Now we have the main program loop: Do Show On F$ =FselS(,,VV")
Hide On It F$ oB" JADEITCFS] HhilelPlouse Key=0)
and(lnkey5='"') Wend Fade 2 Wait 24 End If Loop This presents
you with a file requester to select the file you want to show.
Once it is loaded you can press a mouse button or keyboard key
(the while wend bit] and the file fades out in a slow and
pretty way. The procedure is colled _FADEIT, and has the
variable F$ fed to it. Now we do the procedure which does all
the work: Procedure _FADEITCAS3 Auto View Off Load Iff AS,Q
Screen Clone 1 Screen To Front 0 For X=0 To 31 Colour X,G Next
X View : Auto View On fade 2 To 1 : Screen Close 1 : Wait 24
End Proc What’s cool about this is that it does such a nice
smooth fade you'd think it was being done by a video mixer -
really nice.
But what about something a bit more game oriented? Okay, how about a game background which doesn't even open a screen? A nice trick but can it be done? Sure, we just use the rainbow command: While Screeno-1 Screen Close Screen Wend Same set-up as before. Then we set up the rainbow: Set Rainbow 2,0,100 W" Rainbow 2,0,150,100 TEHP=98 For L0P=1 To 32 Read C,A For LOP 1 = 1 To A Then we activate the rainbow on screen: Rain(2,TEHP)=C Dec TEMP Wait 2 View Next L0P1 Next LOP And finally the data for the colours of the rainbow: BITTfJITS: Data JD0,12,5AO,1,SfO,1,SCO,t1,$ 9Q,1,SEO,1,$ 80,10,
580,1,SDQ 1 Data 5X0,9,580,1,500,1,590,7,570,1,SB0,1,$ 80,6,560 ,1,$ AQ,1 Data 580,5,550,1,590,1,570,4,540,1,580,1,560,3,530 ,1,M0,1 Data 550,2,520,1,570,1,540,1,520,1 Obviously the data for the bands of colour appear in the DATA statements, and you can swap these around to make different colours with the copper.
Now that's something you don't hear much about these days - the old copper. Time was you couldn't read two or three lines in an Amiga magazine without mention of the old co-proces- sor. It's still a lovely device and I'd like to see some really wild and psychedelic uses of the old thing. If you can come up with something - let me see your rainbow routines ASAP. Check out the chapters on the Rainbow commands in the AMOS manual and I'll see you next month when I'll be doing some more rainbow tricks.
In the meantime, here's a little bit of a project for those more technical types. I would like to see something which uses the input from a sound sampler, like the Perfect Sound Box which takes the input and turns it into patterns on the screen.
You can use the rainbow techniques which I've used here, or you can use bobs or vectors or whatever, I would like to see some really nice effects. If you can manage the effects but you can't hack the Perfect Sound Box, then just send the nice routines and we'll get into bolting them onto the sound to light routines in a later issue.
But for now, lets concentrate on blowing our minds. How about something which increments the colour cycling (as seen last issue] using the SHIFT command in response to a stimulus such as mouse movement or sound input? Or pulses of light using the fade command? Or maybe animating bobs and VU meters using the sounds? It's up to you, and you will be surprised once you discover this how easy it can be. Let's see your best ideas.
Write stuff If you hove any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, then please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code, and if possible make them use no external graphics, or if they can't be used without them then be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes
for sound files. Follow these guidelines and you stand more chance of being printed.
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Quad Speed £149.99 £199.99 £299.99 £349.99 166 BIRCHFIELD ROAD
EAST, NORTHAMPTON NN3 2HF TEL: 01604 722499 01623 7S9498 (24hr
hotline) FAX: 01604 722498 Sample Paul Overaa explains Sound
Studio's sample facilities Project Edit Project Flush Sanple
Load Sanple,,, 0L Save Rs 8SVX.*. 0S Save Rs MRUD... Save Rs
RIFF... Save Rs WAVE.,. Save Rs Raw.,, X LU Sanple Editor gOE
: - • ' Converting samples between different formats
and or different machines is now a piece of cake!
¦BHHBBBHBH Mixing Mode sounds yet you end up with a single loop-able sample containing your drum percussion backing!
Another dead useful option available v ith the Sound Studio's sample editor is the create chord function. This creates chords of between two and four notes from the current sample and, although there are a fair range of presets (major, minor, sus4, minor 6ths and 7ths etc), you've also got full control over the inversion used and on the sharpening and flattening of individual notes.
Augmented, diminished chords and so on are therefore just as easily produced in practice as the preset chords!
These types of sound mixing generation options, coupled with the fact that you also have o sample editor that can deal with a range of format conversion tasks, means that _) Rniga 8 bit Rniga 14-bit _) Toccata 16-bit _) Detf ina 16-bit - Disk 8-bit -1 _) Disk 16-bit _ MaestroPro 16 bit Stereo Snoot hing Mixing Frequency ¦ t Requestedt (15000 jflctuat: |15000 Max. Channels Mix Buffer Size Uolune Hdjust _ _Panninq. , .
1388 Sound Studio's editing facilities means that you do not need a separate sample editor like you did a few years ago.
JjTSir Effects., J J Crtit IrtfUm NvtM jFultUolu
* " Baffor |1W [Won** Start; g5jj Cod: _ BUT. . * AMIGA climate,
are neither here nor there. What is perhaps most important from
a practical viewpoint is the fact that, even with the 8-bit
samples that most people will use, the new Sound Studio really
can make quite a dramatic difference to the sort of music
you'll create, OK, it's always been possible to create looped
drum tracks and so on by sampling drum machines but up until
now it has only been the more serious (ie Midi-based)
musicians that have been able to do this.
With the Sound Studio anyone can do it and, once you've heard what can be done (even with 8-bit sounds) you can't fail to be impressedI It's not surprising that the sample mixing ability of the new OctaMED Sound Studio has hogged the lime light in recent reviews. The ability to 'play' a song, or part of it, to disk in either B or 16-bit form is probably the most important facility that has ever been provided with any tracker program - and it has a number of potential uses.
Let's say you've created a drum track that you want to use as the basis for one of your songs. You just select the 1-64 channel mixing mode from the Song Options menu, choose either 8 or 16-bil disk output in the Settings menu Mixing Settings requester and bingo - when you play that section Sound Studio pops up a requester that allows you to choose a location and name for the file it's going to create. Then, os it 'ploys' the block, Sound Studio generates and saves a sample equivalent to the drum track created.
You can do the same with bass riffs or anything else where having a repeatable loop could save sample space. In the case of drum tracks of course this means that your drum kit can contain any number of sampled drum I suppose the only sad thing is that most Amiga users continue primarily to remain with 8-bit sampling. There has not been the 'en masse' jump on the J 6-bit bandwagon that we've seen PC users making and thisf to a large extent, is down to cost You only have to take a look at what PC users are paying for 16-bit SoundBlaster type cards these days (if they get any cheaper they'll be
giving them away] to realise why most Amiga users feel locked out of the 16-bif world. It's not just cost of course * unlike the PC there is no generalised Amiga system support for J 6-bit sound and this doesn't exactly help matters either.
Such gripes however, especially in the current the Sound Studio is able to offer editing options that are beyond anything that the sample editor packages of a few years ago (such as Audio Engineer or Audiomaster] were able to provide. Samples can be loaded or stored in 8SVX, 16-bit Audio IFF, MAUD and even as WAVE format files (the format used on the PC).
As with previous OctaMED versions it's also possible to load and save 'raw' samples, ie the straight image of the sound as it exists in memory and, to help when moving raw samples between the Amiga and other machines (such as the PC), there are signed unsigned and byte swapping facilities available. 16-bit sound sampling of course provides much greater waveform detail. An 8-bit unit will measure sound signal amplitudes and store them using a relative numerical range of -128 to +127. 16-bit samplers use a -32768 to +32767 resolution scale which is the same as used by a compact disk. The
disadvantage is that working with 16- bit samples is more processor intensive and the samples themselves take up twice as much space in memory. The benefit of course is that they sound a lot better.
Being able to send parts of a song module's output to disk as a digitally mixed sample has given Sound Studio the ultimate edge over other trackers!
Exit Amiga Computing 95 horrors niscellaneous definitions... * g?TRUE*l; g.FRLSE*8; g.CR='8D'x; g . BACKSPACE5*' 08' x SPRCE*'20'x; g . FtPPROX *7E' x ; g.ESC*MB'x; BACKGROUND CELL COLOUR INVERSE_ON INVERSE_OFF ITRLIC_ON ITRLIC_OFF Say 'Give ie a denial nuiber?' ; pull n z=D2C(n) Say n 'dec =r C2X(z) 'hex =' CZB(z) 'bin' Listing 1: Decimal - hex - binary base conversion the easy way!
Just mentioned makes it easily possible to write a script that converts decimal numbers to their hex and binary equivalents automatically. There are of course far more sophisticated ways of conve rting numbers to different bases but the Arexx function based script shown in listing I is perfectly good enough for most coder's binary hex conversion needs and, best of all, it takes just four lines of code!
0000 0001 0010 00ll 0100 OlOl 0110 Oil I 1000 I00l ioio ion 1100 1101 mo mi 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F Table 1: This relationship between hexadecimal and binary makes it easy to convert numbers from one base to the other.
You don't gel for into the world of computers before hexadecimal numbers rear their heads. The reason they're : used is that they provide a convenient shorlhond for expressing things like memory addresses and so on because there is o nice simple correspondence between a hexadecimal address and the underlying binary (base 2) form (see table !). This means that instead of having to write a 32 bit address as soy... 1001 1010 0010 0011 binary you con peel of groups of binary bits (four at a time) and, by using the digits 0-9 coupled with the letters A-F to represent 10,11,12,13,14 and 15,
write that binary number as 9 A 2 3 hex. To convert it bock to binary form you just replace each digit in the hexadecimal number with it's corresponding binary equivalent.
Defining hexadecimal (base 16] numbers in Arexx is pretty straightforward - you just place an Y after the equivalent text string. So the number just mentioned would be written as either '9A23'x or '9a23'x. Arexx does incidentally also allow you to define binary numbers in a similar fashion - so you could actual Ey write ' 1001 1010 0010 00 1 l'b rather than '9A23'x although such expressions are not used very frequently.
Hexadecimal numbers are also used for defining particular ASCII characters. The Amiga's linefeed character for instance is the decimal number 10 but most coders would define it using the hex equivalent like this... LINEFEED = 'OA'x One very common use of hexadecimal numbers is in defining sets of control characters. Here you can build up long command strings using Arexx's concatenation operator 11 even using other definitions within the string being defined. A Shell window command for turning text underlining on for example might be written as...
g. CSI= r 9b1 x UNDERLINEJN = g.CSI| ['34'xj | '6d'x OK, so the
definition itself looks like a bit of a nightmare but the idea
is that, once that definition is available, this series of
control characters can be sent to a Shell window using the
Whilst we are on the subject of writing characters back to the Shell window it's worth mentioning that, although fine for straight text messages, Arexx's SAY command isn't really appropriate for these control-character-oriented tasks because it always insists on putting a linefeed character after any set of characters that are written (the solution One of the typical places where a programmer may want to display a hexadecimal address is when allocating areas of memory. You may, for exampler want to set up a buffer area and print it's address and one way of doing this would be to use the built-
in GetSpacef) function like this... iei»_p=Get Spa cel blocks izeJ With this call blocksize is the size of the memory area you want allocated and mem p is its returned address. 5o you could display the location of the start of this buffer using the statement... say C2X(ie«_p) Arexx incidentally frees this type of allocated memory automatically when the script terminates and so, strictly speaking, it is not necessary for a script to explicitly release memory acquired in this way. In general however relying on Arexx to do all cleaning up operations is ill-advised since it encourages programmers
to get into habits that will lead to trouble with other languages like C. Most coders would therefore tend to use Arexx'sFreeSpace() function to return the memory after use... is to use Arexx's Writechj) routine instead).
In addition to allowing hexadecimal numbers to be used in definitions and so on Arexx also provides various conversion functions. C2X() and C2B() for example convert a string argument from character form to its respective hex and binary equivalents. So the following script... I* just_a_test.rexx* n=,9A23'x say C2B(n) ends up, as you might expect, printing the value I00l lOlOOOlOOOll.
There’s also a function called D2C() which converts a decimal number into it's packed (ARexx internal) form. This, coupled with the two functions
g. CSII 1'3e'xl I 32'xl I *6d'x
g. CSII I'34'xl I'32'xI I'6d'x
g. CSII I *37'xI I '6d'x
g. CSII 1'32'xI I'37'xlI'6d'x
g. CSII I *33'xI I *6d'x
g. CSII I'32'xI I'33'xl I'6d'x
l. CSI I I '31 4 Viewing memory addresses Programmers usually
include hexadecimal number definitions near the beginning of
their scripts!
J. , u: ri::'TO n=Free5pace(iei_p,blocksize) §ifR$ 9SRili ry no
Amiga Computing Steve White adds a little interaction to
BOOTIt and explians how to make the selections Being select
Over the last few issues we have created the interface for
BOOTIt and added event checking in the form of window, gadget
and key events.
With the cosmetic elements of BOOTIt completed we can now move onto the real guts of the program ¦ the procedures that actually give BOOTIt the ability to perform the tasks it boasts.
Last month I provided the code for the procedures that allow you to select, de-select and toggle the files in the WBStartup drawer you want to disable. The three routines are called fog- glestatus, allstatus and nonestatus. I was also going to cover the readwbstortup procedure but this part of the BOOTIt code will need an issue dedicated to it so no executable code this month unfortunately.
Tagglestatus The first routine, togglestatus, actually checks to see if a WBStartup program has been selected or not and on this result toggles it to its opposite status - selected becomes de-selected and vice versa. The first five lines of togglestatus actually find the name of the program you have selected.
All the filenames and status settings are stored in the NewType list called contents!). This data is collected and stored in the readwbstortup procedure. The variable ec actually holds the number of the file you selected and counts this many times through the list starting from the beginning
- we get to the beginning of the NewType list using ResetList
Togglestatus ResetList contents!)
For 1=0 To ec If Nextltei(contentsO) End If Next I The variable stat is then allocated the value of contents() stotus - 1 if the file is selected or 0 if it is not. The value of stat is then checked and the interface changed accordingly. If stat=0 (not selected) the gadget list is freed with GTChangeList 0,gadgetid+l - before NewType lists that are associated with a gadget can be changed the list must be freed from the gadget.
The status is then changed with Let contents() sta- tus=l and the filename of the selected file has a + sign added to it in Let contents(| name=con- tents() nome+" +". This indicated in the NewType gadget that the file has been selected.
The NewType list is then reattached to the gadget with GTChangeList 0,gadgetid+1,contents)).
Let stat=contents() status If stat=0 GTChangeList 0,gadgetid+l Let contents() status=1 Let contents() nane=contents() na«e+" +" GTChangeList 0,gadgetid+1,contentsO End E f The above routine is then repeated if stat=l. The same checks are made but the only difference is that if the file is deselected the + sign must be removed from the filename. This function is performed in the line Let conlents() name=Lefl$ (con- tents() name,Len((contenls() name))-2). This basically sets contents() name (the filename) with contents[) name minus the last two characters - the space and the + sign.
If stat=1 GTChangeList 0,gadgetid+1 Let contents!) statU5=0 Let content sO naae=Left$ (contents!) nm, Lent (co ntents() naae))-2) GTChangeList Q,gadgetid+1,contentsO Endlf Goto Loop Toolhanager RexxMast + PhoneltPro topPicBoot Virus Checker QuickGrab + flrq + IconifyGadget + riushMenCX + VCBrain A Schedulelt + V Disable User-Startup file?
NewType lists are a great way of handling information. But remember to free the list that is attached to a List View gadget before you change its content ONE OR THE OTHER The allstatus and nonestatus procedures are almost identical to the togglestatus routine. They are different in only one way and that is that they check through the entire NewType list confenfsfj changing the deselected files to selected (allstatus) and selected files to deselected (nonestatus).
The variable amount actually holds the amount of files in your WBStartup drawer, defined in the procedure readwbstortup.
Therefore, the line For 1=1 To amount checks from the first record to the last. In allstatus checks are made to see if stat=0 (content() status) and if that is true then contents ) status is forced to equal 1 (selected). As usual the list is freed from the gadget, the content of the list changed and then reattached to the gadget. You must free lists from gadgets before you change the contents of the list - this is very important.
Allstatus GTChangeList Q,gadgetid+1 ResetList contentsO For 1=1 To aaount If Next Ite«(cont ents f) Let stat=:ontents() status If stat=0 Let contentsO status=1 Let content$ () naae=contents() naae+M +" Endlf Endlf Next I GTChangeList 0,gadgetid+1,contents!)
Goto loop The nonestatus procedure is almost the same but checks to see if statz 1 and if so changes the current content() status to 0.
As in the togglestatus procedure the space and + symbols are delected from the end of the filename. This is probably a good time to explain this line in more detail.
The part of the line that reads Left$ (con- tents() name,Len((contents() name))-2) takes the length of the filename minus the last two (-2) characters reading from the left end of the string (Left$ ) to the right. If it were RightS this would mean take the length of the filename minus the first two (-2) characters reading from the right end to the left.
Nonestatus GTChangeList Qrgadgetid+1 ResetList contents!)
For 1=1 To aaount If NextlteaUontentsO) Let sut=contentsO status If stat=1 Let contents() status=0 Let contents!) naae=LeftSCcontents!) naae,Len((con- tents() naae))-2) Endlf Endlf Next I GTChangeList 0, gadget id+1, contentsO Goto loop Amiga Computing High Fast rendering doesn't always mean spending more money on the latest CPU... This month we'll take a whistle stop lour of 3D fundamentals that can cut 3D production In half, without Investing a penny on additional kit.
CPU speed is only one element in the overall rendering equation, technique can often save just os much time in the transition from paper to pixels. As rendering times are eaten away by faster machines it's often preparation and the elimination of mistakes and endless redos that make the difference between fast and slow 3D production.
Cardinal sins It's very easy to start a design session only to discover four hours on that your pride and joy is totally unsuit- able, or worse still, incapable of performing as required within the anim.
With this in mind detailed planning of both the objects and the animation is essential. In general, object design is the first and easiest part of the process. Can the object interact with other elements in the animation as planned? Will the basic design allow for the desired movement?
Equally important is story-boarding.
Although roughly sketching out your models is essential, actually putting them in context is all important.
If you have a storyboard at hand you'll know exactly what will be required for each shot. More importantly, though, you'll have an idea of the angle from which it will be viewed thereby reducing design time and memory needs for the unnameable elements the storyboard excludes from the anim.
Camera work Another big advantage of story boarding is the effect it has upon the structure of the animation. Because you know the shots you want before you begin to animate, story-boarding can often inject some much needed structure into the camera movement One of the biggest complaints often levelled at 3D animation is the sometimes outlandish, and often completely unnecessary camera work. Although most real- world camera men women would give their right arm for the variety and freedom that 3D can provide, simply flying the camera wildly around the scene can often destroy the impact of
the overall anim.
The real key to classic animation often rests on the combination of effective camera work combined with appropriate lighting.
The storyboard once again comes into its own. No film maker ever walks on to a set without a script and story-board. If your 3D work is to be as much art as animation, classic cinematic must be embraced and then expanded upon.
Remember you're making movies not just animations. Why not steal some classic film making techniques, combine these with traditional camera angles and then add the power that only a 3D camera can provide?
Use cuts rather than constant tracking shots or super smooth camera pans. Try not to track the camera to a particular object. There's nothing more computer-esque than the main actor in a scene being slap bang in the middle of the frame.
Experiment with tracking to null objects, use zoom to add emphasis or tension to a shot If the software supports depth of field, motion blur and other real- world emulations try to include them. They will add to the realism and intensity.
Obviously motion control of both the camera and objects within a scene is vitalt but can often cause more heartache than any other aspect of animation, The trick is to key frame as little as possible, at least during the initial design stage, and then fine tune the basic motion later. Never start key framing camera positions until all the actors are on stage and their motions defined All the major 3D systems offer extensive hotkey support, and once memorised these insignificant little key combinations can make a real difference during the design of both objects and scenes.
At first glance the prospect of memorising hundreds of hotkeys may seem a little daunting. However, the situation isn't quite as bad as you may think. Firstly, most packages share the same functions on the same key combinations. For example cut and paste are invariable Amiga c and Amiga v.
Secondly, there's a fool proof way of mastering all your favourites. The trick is simple enough - every time you need a particular feature go to the pull-down, highlight the feature you need and take a look at the hotkey equivalent.
Now cancel the selection and use the hotkey command you've just seen. Do this once or twice and I'll guarantee you'll soon be able to recall every hotkey and forget pull-downs and button selections for good* It's often worth taking a close look at the manual or any on-line help as many hotkeys aren't necessarily listed within the interface.
And of course, some programs even allow you to define your own hotkeys and onscreen buttons - Imagine being a prime example.
AMFTP - FTP £19.99 MNEWS - NEWS AMIRC - IRC £9.99 Scene Storm is a glorious feast of tempting eye candy produced by the legendary SPACEBALLS. Amazing graphic and audio delights to show , , your friends what the Amiga can really do! This CD is packed with every major scene production from 1995. Including all the releases from The Party 5 held in Xmas 95. Exclusive Digital Candy material is also includ- ed. Ranging from music competition entries to a complete Development jW&WM suite. Scene Storm features an easy to use Magic Workbench interface .w * . 'j f that is simple to set up and a joy to
use. Much of the contents of Scene Storm are presented as ready-to-run files through custom designed rat' icons. No more trawling through archives and filling your hard disk with Tj'r 7 ji Tj files. Includes: Productions from over 20 Scene Parties held throughout f T Ml * i j the world in 1995. All the best demos and intros from the last year. slideshows, music disks, the most popular disk mags and charts.
Exclusive modules taken from the coolest demos as well as entries from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions. A complete development suite - that will allow you to learn how to code your own demos. Development utils are included along with exclusive and easy lo follow source code All purchasers of Scene Storm that own a modem can register to quali- B *J_1 I L H fy for 3 months free download ng of the latest scene files from Digital Candy Bulletin Board. This would normally cost £15. This BBS is classed as the scene' board in the UK! Place your order now! IL Amiga Format - 90% - (Gold Award) CU
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Some superb material is contained within this CD-Rom: Blackboard v3 (image manipulation). Ultimate Quiz 2 (general quiz). Word Plus Pro (originally valued at £15t). Fortress (strategy God game), Relics of Deldroneye (voted best PD game ever by Amiga Format), ERIC (voted second best PD game ever), Powerbase (databse program), GRAC (superb Monkey Island- style adventuro game creator with 000's of copies sold on floppy).
Introduction to WB (best selling F1 Title). Absolute Beginners Guide to AMOS. Junior Artist (kids paml package) or Tots Time (one of many kids educational programs). Use some of the professional music within your games, with no extra charges. What about the clipart for your DTP documents? AMOS programmers have a field day with this CD - AMOSzine, guide to AMOS and AMOS supplements. Something for everyone. With a very easy to use AmigaGuideS interface with 80% of the programs running straight from the CD. Remember that the programs are commercial, with copyright owned by F1 Licenceware. All
programmers receive a royalty H It's HEREI Zoom release 2 - now ready and in stock for delivery (at last!).
Zoom 2 contains all that's new and great from May 19S5 to June 1995. All .. ‘ the best PD shareware will be found on this CD. We included all the best J from our library, submissions, the Aminet, BBS's and other contacts. The dif- M ference between this and Zoom 1? Zoom 2 is 99% ready-to-run, set in an .ip excellent Magic WB environment and and much more accesible than its pre- . Dessor. There is so much on Zoom 2 - utilities, tools, productivity, educa-
f. tional programs, business, games. Magic WB stuff, slideshows,
documents K and much more. There is also an exclusive 'Get
Started' demo on the CD for 1 AGAmachnes. Tf you want the very
latest PD from every conceivable source - Zoom 2 is for you!
Zoom release 1 was one the most popular CD's r from Summer
1995. Zoom release 2 will be hotter! Get yours before stocks I
run low!
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- including loads of great general PD software
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Special ‘programming’ themed area ¦ NEW! Ready*to*run format
CLIENT] MB! MNEWS vl m [NEWS CLIENT] jpiijfjj AmTelnet [TELNET
CLIENT | mFinger m IJILgJli [FINGER CUENT] ? J ! | 3.5
(Shareware) new jTRACEROUTE & PING HH ¦ • • CD 'extras' (call!)
H a. Choose your country OJ b. Choose an ISP V-Cf Jct C | c- lnPut name password Wanting lo get onto the Internet? NetConnect gives you all you need to get onto and use the Internet. Containing a suite of commercially licenced software you won’t find an interface as easy-to-use as NetConnect’s! We have spoken at length to so many of our customers about getting onto the Internet - we know exactly what you need and what you want. You want software you can USE - not shareware but commercial software. You want the hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite of the very best Amiga
Internet software. Indeed, to make NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to enhance their software - so you get previously non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client worth over £35 in itself! You can save masses of £££’s from buying NetConnect as there is no need to licence the Internet software - full versions all licenced for you!
NetConnect’s GUI does more than control manage AmtTCP! It also gives you a completely editable icon bar (see pics), a "Tools Daemon” style menu system and also a time accumulator (which allows you to monitor time on the Internet and costs (which are much cheaper than people think!). No other Internet pack meets the specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a demo version for proof!
¦ 28800 bps DATA FAX modem - true v34
* Group 1,243 •end recefve FAX
* Voice Mode allows DTE to record and playback voice
* Enhanced ADPCM coding - storage of digitized voice messages
* Auto mode detection allows modem to connect wttti a modem that
Is configured for differing connection modes
* Extended AT command set
* BT and CE Approved
- Amiga serial cable Included
* Full “get started" documentation
* 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga tests Modem
Offer & Specifications
28. 8 Modem!
AMITCP CONTROL GUI Supported by ISP's Worldwide I NetConnect allows you to select your I country then select a service provider I (ISP) - we have about 140 top ISP’s list-1 ed from over 30 different countries (6ol ISP's from the UK!). Nearly 100% of the I WORLD is covered for any user who I wants to buy NetConnect! No problem! I Just select an ISP, type in your namel and password....then connect! Easy!
Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
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Buy NetConnect and you do NOT pay the normal setup fee for connection to Enterprise (£28 ex VAT) AND you get a month's FREE access (worth £8 ex VAT) if you pay by card! A saving of over £30!
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Decoder GD-i Movies SCSI-2 ¦' dyi a - A COMMAND PERFORMANCE TIME AFTER TIM: AFTEI l fiiiit WOP& with Htu } g CD-ROM ‘
- x SCSf CD-ROM driw Supports ideoCD formatdiscs the,* ) the
&f*lU-100 wiw worb rtith, it.
¦ I J (i hqp Cds wifi1 tp$ aif ? Q J F Caraode Cds- mdit p atps Cdt'mooies too (rj ) V “Whats the,piotar& Ji . (jaaiftcp $ £&?” - B Much better than with standardaides ' Hr tapes. Tic eomimtm ofisfic& ”7 skorp coioarst rod steady ftreezfr-firame andsid&ep-snootk sdoa j ** a treat far eff&f "(a hate th& sound$ ’£&?" Gj CD djua ittf witk Bitstrecur DACs Standalone unit includes infrared remote control (with batteries), power J supply and one free Video CD.
SUPER SQUIRREL MPEG PACK £199 SMD-100 2x CD-ROM drive Classic Squirrel Two Video Cds INCLUDES FREE VIDEO CD £349 SUPER SQUIRREL CD PACK Without Classic Squirrel £299 With Surf Squirrel £37995 2x CD-ROM drive Classic Squirrel Two CD-ROMs £16995 Without Classic Squirrel £119 With Surf Squirrel £19995 PRIORITY ORDER HOTLINE 0500 223 660 Mrrfott for yovr AMIGAfll300 A600 1 CD32 Emulation enables the majority of CD32 titles to be used on the A1200.

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