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The informer features reviews, announcements, user-g-oup BBS tistings, developer profiles, advertisements, and other departments. Advertisements are free to companies which donate Amiga products to the bimonthly tnformer giveaway. tn addition to subscriptions, issues are also distributed by companies who indude the newsteller in the packages they ship to their customers. Among other departments, Amiga Legacy witt feature reviews, information on Amiga clones, such as Draco the Ed, etc, on-tine happenings, news, tutorials, and The Fun Page'. Advertisers are being sought, as are companies with malting tists in North America. Companies which donate malting tists receive discounted rates and prefer-entiat space. A set! sheet is available to those who wish more information. The Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group, maintainer of the Amiga Web Directory, announced the retease of its new Amiga tnternet search too), Agnes. The Agnes search engine encompasses more than one thousand Amiga Wortd Wide Web sites. Furthermore, it witt search the news database of CUCUG to find show reports, news items, press reteases, product announcements, and the tike. tn addition, att issues of Amiga Report magazine since January of 1995 are available for searching, as is the CUCUG newstetter. Product reviews from the compsys. amiga. reviews newsgroup are also among the sources that Agnes draws from. The searches may either be categorical or a massive search of aü sources is also aüowed. Sites are regutar-ty checked to weed out outdated URLs, which speeds up searching by removing irrelevant cats. The Agnes search toot can be found at http: www.cucug.org

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Document sans nom Issue 105 ¦ November I 1996 ¦ £4.50 Overseas price £4.50 Hfl 20 Over 4Mb of the latest software!
November 1996 ¦¦I U QlfWi A stunning new adventure authoring package , Future designs ] We talk to J the three y main players who are slugging it out over the Amiga Requires hard drive, WB 2.04 November 1996 U MCP 1.21 • fhe ultimate Workbench commodity DASModulePlayer - a feature-packed MUI mod ftoyer QT1.1 • rinr Quicklime animations StartMem • Track Wbetartup memory consumption Superworm • the classic game with a new twist Exteute ¦ adds extra power to the Execute Comnend Datelnspector a cure tor the Silty Date B, - SmartWB • force more efficient screen redra RAB... Rapid Frame ing on
your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab"" 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best waj to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave review for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab,M you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after timej STAGE I... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could he your camcorder. TV with SCAPT outpuu satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player the cho ce is yaq _ STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image y wish to capture using the on screen p ev* window and Grab |because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need a freeze frame facility on the source dew
Once grabbed, srmply download and view full image on your Arrtga screen FroGraD ?!sd includes a Teletext viewing and cantunng facility from ether TV or satellite scurces STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package Now comjtftiWe with both VHS and S-VHS.
For just £1 29.95... ProGracs opocna1 PcvKlA interlace nriudes the latest version software and extends performance for serxxA pfofcsscnai men - offerrog cne foltavwng benefits
• Faster Downtoadm; Times |up to FIVE times qu ker|
• improved anmabcn speeds of up tori Ifps (mono; and 3 Sfps
• Scund wmping ,ird animation capatiiWio (separate sound samp*cr
• Stfung of .mirvitxin. Orect to your Amigal hard drive
• Freeing of ycur Amtja Parallel Port for use by a primer ct
other parallel peripheral device ???? ???? ???? ?
ExpiryDatt OQQ[]] (Switch Only) ? ?
ProGrab1”... Software hat txirft m mono and colour animation facilitrs.
The number of frames is tependant upon your Amiga. RAM ProGrab"*.. Refease 2 5.« toftwart now Includes...
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutons - Even
with low memory Amgat J Krd Ove SyOtn MTOtA me need for an
MMU reounng juS I Mb Hard Ove Space).
• ADDITIONAL TTLETEXT FAOUTKS With either Terratrul or Satellite
TV ssgnals.
• LARGER PREVIEW WINOOW Double Resolution ind 4 time, the area
available with prrvwus ProGrab software
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now worts with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC StraRfit from the botl | •standard P-oOrab rvrcwrre it
PAL’SECAM'NfSC ccrrpattse irte'Uce ircoe CfXar.i tr with FAL &
SECAM orsy NTSC omy nxxJcfi irt ruiM* to Speed erftr vibth ncn
support tv atertace made Mty rtease a* us for Ajl dctM i GORDON
HARW00Df3 C0MPUTERSC3C3CD Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street. Alfreion. Derbyshire DE55 TBP.
FAX: 01 773 83 1040 or... TEIEPHONE 01 773 836781 ProGrab really does make it that simple!
THE WORLDS's FASTEST and., H now the BEST VALUE too!
G£ fcXPANOCD TO A f Ull 68060 64-BH ENGINE A2000 3000 4000 (T Scrks) 3D Version IMF, 24-Bnr COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD. MM Ivr .11 Zi*T»-llfflI Ajmjjs k To»w Sv*m 13XK *ilh 7aim II So.Lftanc' IV owe ffjl .Y pta board 11 ihc NEW VIRCf GRAPHICS CHIP Iron S' Wnh ID caprfxI.Dci fbKJ, t xAe in pwrv» cmrpJei ID tuaikw n ir* AadoJViuami uarfkn 1 »th ffu Tnfetcv Filtcflftf ihjShidiM nc lit lufn raJiitu Reil Tone ID irwM 1
V. V1 incd Mb CyVrGrjfhX ID Uhwy. CnVtntsiot MW on evca nITn 1
Void UB nrp of ID facilioci fnr any v.Vt»irr develiytT
• MPEG Dottier - aftfa) I" e Feature Cconectnr 10 prowle rad Me
MPEG iuio lid »uieo dxiki«( H fid ua cu««n totem r. A
WcrthcTKh •infcxnHQ dnpday ump IV24 Bit nwdei (row CybaGnpkX
Workbench). Stereo jufco output n pwvidod «j lit upftcd AiVaied
line .«f»ai jaci Ippklc h » CyVniw* MOD j»d MPEG hindt I ran
pm* CyVrmxo Ml for 1 SPECIAL LOW PRICE' - Call for M dttth ««'
• Nnnikr Suhtckr - wnh Mcpxa! Tan lint dcubkr. Dev pied In fu
11*1 At Amiga tU dn« pve» aiiimuiK fMcfc over fnxn the mM
Arrcja tignal to Cybtnuion 6VID't cutpd Ml c*A my be fieri an*
A.WW4D0Q models frying three Zooo-lll Uoti fra_ CytavMon 64 3D-
2Mh Ueraon £239” 4Mh Veraon £299* | .AMIGA 68O4OERC and 68060
ACCELERATORS Vn h« win .Nix to*ccr at c'•VM.tr n ,* tv iTWajj ¦
ultra (ixertal 6TO60 .cut* When .no fn a Cyhcttnnn II MdtO I T
Aodentix * vrnr ANIft A.XHTT. A40U) or A4CWJT ym an. Fee J I
ci*oplc. Rcnlrr 1 gnphc lrracx 2 0 v.-foirt in fist 2 4minv f
Caaqttt i* »th 1 missK 161)4 mi*i n»lUnJmi A«» IWI5! V iih %r
wjnpen bo6 Cybtnntm lb ire tally fdug tni play and A4(KD wen
ca* chime Hr oprai nf« SCSI-2 mobile |A3000 urn already hive
SCSI built into their Amp hardware).
• Up In I2XMH id lUmlard SIMM' on he imulW anl yoi tan eve*
inmfcf the f?P»n SIMMS from yoor Amip A4COO unifhionin your new
• Ojtraul SCSI-2 Builrie avaU*
• tfynrMtAanadyaalyrooitndKooriofiCybmMtniKMOEBC.MXiciriJiiiyt
H p»lt'jier u the hfi iSBfiNl pnctvK* lot eur» po»cr cst
Cytenaofm B UMHi 6HM0ERC • CM) ¦ Fjpandahk to I2»ti Cytentera
0 VlMHz mo -OMh Lxrundjhfo m 128Mh FASTEST RANGE OF AMIGA
COMPAIf THE PERFORMANCE FIGURES BELOW FOR YOURSELF (. frmtofffl U SIMM MM Fjpamium ¦ pleaw tall for pntn) .i 1 I.’UHV nnHlMb O mparutav HU’S perfarmict figum measured usr% SpJnfo EiK& hnard bad the apftrfnate SUM fined (required m actuate tathfUor) ai v.i vm wnh jiKin. Iff) A iMb .i» i»iih (ihcrmtrm. OtiOA IW 2040erc 1240t erc A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU ¦ 40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb MK mtb « towsecood SAW fimd di' A1200T* TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU for 'TOWER SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 • 0Mb Std. Exp. To 128 2S6Mb 30MIPS with 60 Hinosecond SIMM fittfd A1200 TURBO
ACCELERATOR and MMU 50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard. Exp. To 128 256Mb 991km with 60 MmoMtorxf SIMM fitted Blizzard 1 6 MklY Turbo Accelerator Memory Board TV Wftel (wfunnin| 68)I0ixdentDf i.xUblt for yotf A120(1' Wdi o NMHr 6S03Q and M4U. Tht I1WIV offen BETTER Jfck FMHIRMASCF 1U0WH PR O' With 1 Sttlnfo rj-m? Of JTO Hh unj a no Nii.xc.nd SIMM I nm can wt (V 12WIY .1
• try fist-1 petfonanct gar of In SOM it adutftd1 Opocm rao Fad
Fjfnmiw Bui itchde Modriet wck 1 a SCSI-2 Cottrolla An ndmn
tiandanl SIMM wdtt pranln it up In 12KMS of abHvuf unnp 32-Bit
FAST RAM «»up to 234Mb *idi tht SCSI-2 option uunj itt ntn SIMM
EASY TRAPOOOR rjuW,w.wi«?!!L ‘ WA A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR fjKT and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb ~ J&ZfMPS Wtth iOTO Manowcond SMW fitted Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board oflm Al.VjyXCO twaen the umc speafafaon *i IV Blunrd l2t0Tnte I (AI NXKOOOi mil nptnle «ip to five tine *e ipetd 4 a daniaid A4000i I with RILL MOW POWER k aim ncMo twk * SCSI-2 mwtacr' If y«£ fltll ihc fMCB AiyHY2000«tid.. fill Bhrnrd 20t0nnu' 2060 Tofho SOMHr & Mml! FPI: w «h budt n Scil 2 » afc. A2 Bu Fad RAM - Fjpundilk to ItfMb_* i A1200 TURBO ActtLERATOR Ttti and MMU FPU -
50MHz 68060 Omb Standard. Expandable to M 192Mb ? X7tkm with Sing* Sided 6070 MvotKond SIMM ,*1 The Blizzard 1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board C*AS* effcn Amifa A1210 mncn FULL 6»60 P0WTR widt a bnanl Itul phpi inoiV inpVm ikf!
Y«f A121X1 will rpoiic it mice «even tat 6*5. Tht ipral of in'WO bawd upgrade and up to five une We sped of a viandanl A4000! Available c ttm uadi n die SCSI-O' Kit ar»J RAM ge dowd mtdi thr Btoaed 1230-IV aad I2B0_r-"-~trapooOR 1260 Turbo 50MHz 6fXKO & Mml FPU C.C7Q-F5 t StAUAllOM 1M1,12-B* Tm RAM - EifandAlc to» t. 19 ttv w 1230-0 Turbo 50MHz 6»30 k MMU Omb. 2-tW Fw RAM m £Q ExpuxbMe to I2S2S6MF FuM 60 NxnoKand SIMM RAM 32-Br, *1 pm (CdB fijrpr tsl Motorola Haths f o-peoewsor IWK PGA type FPU. SCTIHz SCSI-D' KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV, 1240T ERC and 1260, with addniona 12aMb SIMM socket
(Fan SCSI-2 DMA Corirvller - up to lOMbrsec transfer rates uitb additional SIMM sock r aOouing extra memory to be fitted) HJ.vjil ir.! R.tvNim pri)u.'.i im l» r 1*11. iit viv. M.cvvr. Thr nm 1TOHN the Hemal irrmt ytufiXxn Ini ci»n K Vt*i*‘4a (mol IN trakMnp nisrtn po.t+nf So, »Vt .¦ pn k» a NMI; CM nanfiA. Dal t tiacih that ku pi in a H JJ« even a NtHa IM '.i rtetf m ¦B L iiMktik MOTDKHAUOmAnDl'rjo-vcurpunrtnr J u .
I Hkm incpaakry rrvjiriahitv BelAXf r T FU. Al IHC IvitM*. »xd it) HtWd hnmh an- icnited and»w nn*K v-anl
im. mii (?l. I pmre a Vmtr a cuitkru punrtiwJ aril icfrjrmarii
prenl atemine CORDON HARWOOD CVCOMPUTERS 1 3 DeptACOoi New
Street, Atfreton.
Derbyshirr. DE55 7BP OclMrr We oflw pronpt ihqmtM «w i WV» mand upmi defcir, q throujhout ftc UK. Tiwpe ¥d Waetaidi m »wy mtw eon.
COST Of OtUVtlY TO IMUAAND lit AOOQSStS OtUT Slandart Mtwy Q to «iwrtlnf tfayi from da et dnpaech) 17 (H R RANGE HAS WON MORE AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER... 01773836781 or FAX: 01 773 831040 email: 100271.3S570eompuserve.com What the Magazines think... Amiga Shopper -HMT.tl H Y * «*f bbsant IM it tiedtmd b h&oUe the idttmM' nhfetl nf detirt for.At 200 amen' lw (nmpuMag 92S BUT CHIP' uoni thr fatktt Amiga la the Biield, frt thu hnant' Amiga h.rmat tide on the fulrst.A1200in UtetiaU ' 9SS GtHI) Rating EVI EWS CA TAL QuarterBack 5] Dave Cusick asks if this is the king of backup systems Ibrowse S3 This
latest browser gets the treatment as we find out if it's just what Amiga surfers need EATURES Web Page Design Amiga Computing Bograts 75 We take a sneak preview of the forthcoming puzzler from Vulcan Software The Killing Grounds 76 The moment you've all been waiting for - does this sequel beat all previous Alien Breed installments System News 72 Andy Maddock delves deep to bring you the lat- est plus goodies to win in our compo Kang Fu 74 Rolf Harris gags a-plenty as this Kanga-romp goes under the System Spotlight Capital Punishment 78 Kapow, bam! Andy Maddock gets violent as he tests the much
hyped game from ClickBOOM and proves he's not a girl's blouse, really Brian Lara's Cricket 82 All armcnair cricket fans can relax in the knowledge that they can play their favourite sport without budging.
It's the update to Graham Gooch but can it deliver?
M Modem Magic___53 Online PD releases its solution to get you connected Mice Matters_EE Eek,the new mouse from Wizard.
We review its latest peripheral Printer PerfectiomQ] Fancy a new printer? Check Out our comprehensive review of the new Epson DKB Wildfire ED Han Laser and Skipper Smith supercharge their Amigas Storm C ED Neil Morh is impressed by this compiler from Blittersoft Octamed CD ED Max Power m Jason Jordache continues his series on Sysops and Bulletin Boards Arrex Guide ED More advice from the guru of Arrex. Paul Overaa, in our continuing series Miami Nice m Neil Mohr Finds out if this new Internet software matches up to AmiTCP Image FX ED Nova Design's latest version of its image processor and art
package is reviewed EGU LARS News News scoop Mohr reports on the latest happening in the world of technology Letters EZ3 Co on, write in, you know you want to!
What ever your opinion, let us know.
Acas m * Or Paul Austin helps you get the best out of crossplatform communication Steve White starts to get complicated with his famous Blitz program HE COVERDISKS DOOPSI Create your own adventure games with this exclusive version of Doopsi, a stunning new adventure authoring package Tooltastic Many new treats in store including: MCP1.21, DASModulePlayer, QT1.1, StartMem, Superworm, Execute, Datelnspector and Smart WB OVER STORY Fuiure Designs Amiga Computing World of H1 EDO' 8 Tpl [ FREE uiith everLj CftC 4mb Memory Expansion 8mb Memory Expansion 33mhz 68882 FPU (picc) EZ DRIVES ONLY (plus
£1.00 postage gffl Incredibly fast (upto 4* (aster than a ZIP drivel SCSI drive will slow; a massive 135mb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply. 9CSi table, mstructioris and cartridge.
THE ULTIMATE REMOVABLE DRIVE ZIP DRIVES tty'M rirteU SCSI drive w4l store lOOnib per cartridge. Comes Complete with power »up ZIP DRIVES with Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge j » EZ DRIVES £159.99 OR £209.99 | with Squirrel or Dataflyer SURF SQUIRREL DATAFLYER SCSI+ ONLY SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACI AVAILABLE FOR ONLY PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface ™ EACH OR BUY BOTH for .
£24.99 ANTIVIRUS Hf Anii Virus Professional is the mcst powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti m Virus pro will check and device hard drives, W floppy disks and even CD ROM dnves for ¦ viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a J full 50 page manual.
ORDER NOW BEFORE A VIRUS DESTROYS YOUR SYSTEM HI PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET SPEEDCOM MODEMS Our highly rated, top ouafity feature packed iroder are idHl for Amiga users. All modems include ou FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth £19.991 ¦¦ icfi .nciLOes ,t to cor • *••.'
Modem to the Amiga NCOMM comms software.
An.iga Guide to Com fis and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be abto to download vast amounts of free software as wefl as have access to EMAIL facilities.
• MNP 24 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fa* Gass I
and H compaubie, ? • • • , - • . • • • I • v. ", . •• • ASIM
CDFS 3.6 This superb package is a must for any CD ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software
including librarian features. Duett reading of 16 bit audso
samples, full support for Kodak and Corel Photo CD Discs.
Includes the FISHMAR T' CDROM disk packed with public domain
Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information pacwd spiral
bound manual.
£79.99 £139.99 1 NET AND WEB 1 GP FAX SOFTW £34.99 £44.99 ASIM CDFS only hone Q5DD 3LQ5L,Bt Games* Cds RdfTl drivelll
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our Ngh speed 2.5’ IDE hard drives for the
Amiga A1200 & A600 ampule* come complete with fitting cable,
Partitcnng software, ‘uii instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted.
Partitioned and have Workbench (W82 for the A600 and WB3 tor the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the , mouse into the mouse socket. ' you can dug the hard cnve into the hardDRIVE socket.
FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch fREEWHIlf-YOU- WAIT FITTING SERVICE FOR PERSONAL CALLERS FREE HOW TO FIT YOUR HARDDRIVF v*Jeo and Stakkei disk to increase the drive's capacity with every hard drive ordered (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:* SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa. Switch. Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to
12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Biry.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
£89.99 £119.99 £169.99 £214.99 £209.99 SCSI CD ROM DRIVES MEDIAVISION RENO’ Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply. SCSI cables, docking station and full instructions. Also includes M CsT~ &* stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD player.
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To place LjDur order ULTRA CD ROM DRIVE Supem IDE CO ROM drve system for (he A1200 FiA fra Med. Too cu.il Cy Onrs n .1 tec ijj.ur, c-vi.sut *. ? *¦ '. N I txwe suopv Ai cawe*. Inst Ktor*. Scrtwire --i'Mr,' I CD32 ciiiJ.r *V .iulo CO p.t.r- t-V nfUXS’Tff i n ne* ¦¦ a.tfe use The CD ROM te S.WN r*'V.'
A12CO -fv-nwrvik !.'¦ ,r ‘ trcvdf .1 arnecc* r tir uart-j y; cm* .« rv e.v W II* A1200. Rijtl to the mow® socket.
PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND ~ _ )_ INFORMAWN SHEET * f- UJEDEEE*169-99 fiTt £199.99 £239.99 ¦pw | pvnkEPkmSs APOLLO A1200 ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1220 Amatmg power such a o.v puce This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28h and comes complete with a i ¦¦ a 68882 FPU to enable your A1200 to run A ™ K at 5 MIPS imillion instructions per sec M Tu'bo ‘220 W I ondi! Uses standard 72 pm SIMMS A . F p and includes a battery backed clock.
£ Smipie trapdoor fitting.
£139.99 £99.99 £139.99 f £164.99 J £169.99 APOLLO 1240 60 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accel erator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pm SIMM (up to 128mbi. Fully featured, fan I cooled trapdoor fitting axelerator.
APOLLO 1230 25 lite tom 68030 with MMU and FPU running at 25mhj. Battery backed clock and smgle T SIMM for up to 8mb of RAM f APOLLO 1230 50 pro As above running at 50mh with two SIMM sockets. Can take up to up to 64Mb of RAM ..aapwiMP IN 3WW0 equipment to access; and you don’t have to know your modem from your mouse (well, almost) to get connected. Also, one of its major advantages is that by incorporating Amiga technology, it has a cost effective solution which should put its set-top boxes in easy reach of most families pockets.
So, if VIScorp gets its way, the Amiga could find its way into many of our homes.
And who knows, it could start to equal the number of Pcs that are now commonplace in so many families!
Tina Hackett Editor Your Comments If you'd like to address any issue we raise in our Comment section or feel that there is something you'd like us to cover, please write to ESP at the usual address. Ycu can also e-mail me at tinahmdg.co.uk OlScorp has announced impressive plans to invade the home market with the ultimate set-top solution. It will connect you to the Internet, let you shop from the comfort of your own armchair, and allow you to take part in interactive multi-player games with people from across the world. It also promises sen ices that otherwise would only be avai able if
you had an expensive multimedia PC. The ED even offers features such as a built-in magnetic card stripe reader so that credit or debit cards may be swiped to confirm transactions.
What's mere, the time scale that VIScorp is working to means that we will be seeing the appearance of these inventions on the market by January 1997.
It sounds very impressive, and it is easy to get swept along by this idealistic vision of the near future. Admittedly I was (imagine all that shopping you can do without even going out into the cold), and it wasn't until someone asked me whether I thought there was a market for these products that I started thinking about whether anyone is actually ready for such technology.
Gadget freaks I think the Americans are more likely than most to embrace these new ideas - after all, products tend to get launched over there first, and they, more than most, are the real gadget freaks. Then of course there are the early adopte s who want the latest gizmos before they're even invented! - these people are not the barrier VIScorp has to face. It's the average family that has to be convinced that this new technology is what's needed - or rather that it's indispensable.
Obviously, marketing and advertising are a must, but the question is: how should it be done? A good bet would be to target the families who have not yet got an Internet connection or the technophobes who go pale at the mention of HTML, VRML and FTP. Many people are being frightened away from the Internet by technofear and no proper understanding of what it is about, but recent type and publicity has sparked more than idle curiosity in most.
One major difference in all this is that VIScorp is aiming its product at the TV user, solution as opposed to the computer usei - it shouldn't presume that this audience has technical knowledge, and should keep jargon and complicated technical talk to a minimum. VIScorp needs television campaigns (after all, it would seem that its potential audience is sat right there, in front of the TV) to show what the average family can get from their set-top box. For example, (using the cliche advertising family) good, old Dad could be doing his home banking while Mum shops from the comfort of her arm
chair. And as for the kids - multiplayer games. Then of course there's the Internet itself. Dad can look up gardening tips, Mum can download cooking recipes, and the kids can make international pen pals (it's a hideous stereotype * but you get the idea).
Advantages Unlike any rival attempts at providing this kind of solution, VIScorp does have many advantages. It can provide a one-stop means of connecting to the Internet; it can offdr services which were previously unavailable or which needed expensive Set Tina Hacketft asks if the market is ready for a set-top box The AC team EDITOR Tina Hackett ART EDITORS Tym Leckey Graham Parry COVERDI5K EDITOR Neil Mohr PRODUCTION EDITOR Neil Jackson STAFF WRITER Andrew Maddock REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Dave Cuskk Jason Compton PaulOveraa Phil South Gareth Lofthouse ADVERTISING NANAGER Lisa Brace well AD SALES
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M:cdesWd*l0 4NP Tel 01625 878388. Fax 01625 8SWS2 Emul contacts.
Edttnal edflgicomp.denwuQ.uk Advertnirg ids@acompdemon.co.uk We regrtt Aftnjd Computing cannot offer technical help on a personal basis either by phone or in writing. AH reader enqunes should be submitted u the address in this panel.
Amiga Computing is on ridependent puhkobon andVIScorp is not responsbk for any of the articles in this issue or for any of ifw opinions expressed.
01996 IDG Meda. No material may be reproduced in whole or in port without written permission. Wme every care is taken, the pubSshers cannot be held legally rcponsblc hr any errors In articles, kstings or advertisements.
AH prices listed in the «feorial content of this magazine are Inclusive of VAT unless stated 12 me subscription £4».99 (UK), £69.99 (EEC) £64.99 (World) Ongoing quarterly direct debit £19.99 (UK onfy) Printed and bound by Duncan Wabfa Offset (Maidstcne) Ltd IDG MEDIA US Readers - Amiga Computing (ISSN 09S9-
9630) a published monthly by IDG Mtdo.
England, a subsidiary of the IDG Corp. Pcriodol postage pa d pending at Boston. MA anc additional mailng offices Postmaster: send address changes toAMC Subs Dept, 460 Hisade Avenue.
Hillside. New Jersey 07205, US yearly subsenpuon rate: USA Gold $ 70, USA Standard $ 44 For eight years Amiga Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. Amiga Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga xvalabte Amiga Computing 8 NOVEMBER 1996 The ultimate high speed CD-ROM drive for the Amiga A1200.
No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch rilEli'illalZ LlvUil 3- (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:-
• Fully featured external CD-ROM drive mounted in a top quality
metal enclosure with its own built in- power supply.
• Audio output connectors enable you to use the drive as an audio
CD player.
• Easy fit internally fitting interface simply plugs in to ensure
full compatibility with all accelerators, memory expansions
• Does not use or interfere with the PCMCIA slot or any other
• irciudes CD-ROM installation software.
• CD32 Emulation enables the majority of CD32 titles to be used
on the A1200.
• Audio CD player software allows you to play your audio Cds.
• Unlike most other CD ROM drive systems the Ultra CD ROM drive
does not cause Icng delays when booting up.
The interface simply plugs onto the 44 pin IDE connector inside the computer (still allows a 2.5" or 3.5" internal hard drive to be used as well!)
And provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200 next to the mouse socket. This can be installed by anyone in 5 minutes!
All cables, instructions, interface, etc., included as well as a 12 month warranty and full technical support.
ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.99 ULTRA 6 SPEED £219.99 ULTRA 8 SPEED £259.99 SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD. WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Please call for further details All prices include VAT Postage and pacv-ng wii be Uiarflrt « £3 50 per ordw lU.K.j, £7 50 Europe and £12.50 rftst Of 7* world.
1 Success at Amiga Convention '96 US l NEWS ? Miga Convention '96 in Montreal featured a wide variety of exhibitors. National Amiga, Wonder Computers, Valleysoft, and The Computer and You were the Amiga vendors present all of whom had special show pricing on at least a few items, making it hard to leave the building without making some sort of purchase.
Software developers were present in numbers as well. The Nova Design table featured the popular imageFX image processing program, as well as screenshots of AladdirvtD, its newest acquisition. In addition to the usual 1AM products, such as Connect Your Amiga, The Deathbed Vigil, Megaball, etc, it was selling the new MRBackup software. DickBOOM was demonstrating yet another demo version of Capital Punishment which was discovered to work (very well) on a 1200 equipped with an 060 card. Syzygy was present as well, demonstrating Digital Universe, and Moebius Technology showed off its upcoming
spreadsheet software, which was still in developmental stages. The only real hardware being demonstrated at the show was from Silent Paws. The 1200 portable, (whici was also displayed at World of Amiga Toronto '95) was fully functional, and included a 68060 upgrade. The favourite application to run on the portable at the show was dickBOOM's Capital Punishment as it really showed the capability and compatibility of the machine.
Other notable events were demonstrations by various companies, induding Virtual World (who gave out free passes to Battletech), a speech by David Rosen of VIScorp, the presence of Jim Butterfield, and a panel discussion with David Rosen, Jason Compton of VIScorp, and Dale Larson of 1AM. The overall mood seemed to be hopeful for the future.
Other shows planned for North America for 1996 indude the Midwest Amiga Exposition in Ohio in October, a November show organised by Amazing Computers, Randomize, and Comspec, and a December World of Amiga Toronto organised again this year by Wonder Computers.
By Katherine Nelson Q ORTABLE SOLUTIONS The case fcr the upcoming Amiga portable from QuikPak (a different design from Silent Paws’ portable) was shown at the Atlanta user group meeting in early August This portable will be based on the Amiga 4000 and will feature a Motorola 68040 or 68060, an on-board RAM capacity of 128 megabytes, and video and Zorro slots. The colour LCD screen will be NTSC compatible. One of the possible uses for this machine could be to provide a portable Video Toaster or Video Toaster Flyer system. Some comments from the audience included relief that an Amiga portable
was finally being worked on, out others had doubts as to whether or not the single fan in the case would be enough cooling power for such heat-intensive equipment as a Toaster Flyer.
The specifications available on the case are as follows: The black case is a standard PC case, so the key- boarc, unless changed, will be a 101 102 PC keyboard There is an optional European keyboard layout available from Prism, the case manufacturer, but whether or not this will be available in the Amiga portaale is unknown. The case currently supports two 5.25' and two 3.5' drive bays. The dimensions of the case are 9.75' high X 16' wide X 8.5' deep.
Projected retail cost is roughly S3000US, and inquiiies should be directed to VIScorp.
Two new Amiga publications for North America have been announced. The Informer Newsletter is already available by subscription, and Amiga Legacy, due to debut near the end of the year, will be an ad-funded magazine, distributed through mailing lists and free to the readers.
The Informer features reviews, announcements, user-g'oup BBS listings, developer profiles, advertisements, and other departments.
Advertisements are free to companies which donate Amiga products to the bimonthly Informer giveaway. In addition to subscriptions, issues are also distributed by companies who include the newsletter in the packages they ship to their customers.
Among other departments, Amiga Legacy will feature reviews, information on Amiga clones, such as Draw* the Ed, etc, on-line happenings, news, tutorials, and The Fun Page'. Advertisers are being sought, as are companies with mailing lists in North America. Companies which donate mailing lists receive discounted rates and preferential space. A sell sheet is available to those who wish more information.
SEFUL SEARCH The Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Croup, maintainer of the Amiga Web Directory, announced the release of its new Amiga Internet search tool, Agnes.
The Agnes search engine encompasses more than one thousand Amiga World Wide Web sites. Furthermore, it will search the news database of CUCUC to find show reports, news items, press releases, product announcements, and the like. In addition, all issues of Amiga Report magazine since January of 1995 are availaDle for searching, as is the CUCUC newsletter. Product reviews from the compsys.amiga.reviews newsgroup are also among the sources that Agnes draws from. The searches may either be categorical or a massive search of all sources is also allowed. Sites are regularly checked to weed out
outdated URLs, which speeds up searching by removing irrelevant cata. The Agnes search tool can be found at http: www.cucug.org agnes.html Contact point EADING AMIGA Jason Compton, Communications Manager, VIScorp 111 N. Canal St. Suite 933 Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 655-0903 - voice
(312) 655-0910-fax jcomptonSxnet.com http: www.vistv.com
Fletcher Haug The Informer Newsletter PO Box 21 Newburgh,
NY 12551-0021
(914) 566-4665 fletcher.haug 6 bbs.mhv.net Amiga Legacy Legacy
Publishing 1801 W. Creenleaf Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626-2303 bohusaxnet.com The Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Croup P.O. Box 716 Champaign, IL 61824-0716 & Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1996 3 s??
° o o £ o m I Qo I?*Hf u |9§0 r? N n tn tj n n 8 8 S 8 S? § (D ID (O £L CO mm ill m N Soimmmm O gZZZZ 2 . - r r r~ p mOOOO 20000 cr ;* * * * nnnnnnnnnnrj ou x ooioiu)Jflg5g2 00 m CD C 5 C N U N !
NON C o JJ $ 33 u i u m CD
* p. "o _ U N ° £ ro Z. oo -U 2 O T1 W 2 ° .u 2 O
o N S 2g ¦n o "n o-o©
- » 3. -i
E. °
* H 5 CO?
U, 0 3.
O )lQ ' O 03 M -i
o ro 2 °
o o T ro
- t ~2 O _ - 35o?roZ 5* O W H 3) r o ms
- a x !T f" H z w a o?
155S m|22 if0'0’ - C ~ O 7 _ c w 3J ro 3 o
S. -C q Oui -g - 75 0 § no n n n o 3 ro -vj ro (£ CO CT CO
CO CO CO ro ro oo cn - b io g ~ Uj O O Q OS O’ O’ U O’ &
J1 n n n n to Q N N J U*l
- i 00 -k 00 U1 ‘ (O U1 (0 oi oi E o * O cn 5 c 5 *
- O) O 2 r Q O C 3 S © * ” o s £ o' a» ct ( ) r 3 CD © Q)
£ : Q" o jj' - (ji 03 VI o S IZ m ~b * T5 He m s
Qjisc'o'Eyetech Qopeless UPGRADES All fans of the ultimate file
manager will be pleased to know that Directory Opus 5.5 is now
available. GPSoftware has spent more than 12 months developing
this latest version of the Amiga's most popular file and
directory management utility.
GPSoftware claims that this latest release is more of a complete new version rather than a simple update. Having listened to users' comments and suggestions, almost eveiy part of Opus has been examined, allowing many improvements over the original Opus 5.
There are many life improving features new to this release: WorkBench Replacement Mode has been enhanced; Opus 5.5 can be used with complete confidence to replace the standard Workbench; an integrated OpusFTP capability lets you access remote Internet sites directly from standard Opus Listers; Button banks can now be borderless with a sleek minimal dragbar instead of a full window border; a new Automatic File type Creator allows you to create and test file types with ease; button and icon images have been colour remapped; Cybergraphics RTG is now supported; and enhanced clipboard
support provides full cut copy and paste in gadgets and file Listers.
More details on Opus 5.5 can be found on GPSoftware's home page at http: www.livewire.com.au gpsoft . Registered users should already have received their upgrade offer, but if not, UK readers should contact Wizard Developments on 01322-527800 for more details. North Americans can get hold of Opus through Micro R&D on 308 745 1243. The recommended price for Opus 5.5 is £59.99 or $ 99.
Eyetech has announced the release of a new CD-ROM and storage system for all A1200 and A600 owners. The CDPlus wili be available in either four or eight-speed configurations and is enclosed in a CE marked casing including a built-in 40 watt power supply. The buffered extended IDE (EIDE) interface that comes with the CDPlus supports up to four IDE ATAPI devices and will work with either 2.5" or 35" internal hard drives and does not interfere with PCMCIA or trapdoor devices.
The CDPlus not only puts back all the IDE and processor protection circuitry that Commodore left out, but also enhances the interface to support a total of four IDE devices. The power supply is also capable of powering a second IDE device such as a hard drive, SyQuest, Zip or Jaz unit, and Eyetech can supply external drive cases and cables to allow connection of these removable media drives. The four-speed CDPlus costs £150, while the eight-speed system is £199.95 including VAT. Contact Eyetech on 01642 713 185 for more details, or try its Web site at Eyfch Pi»n. To gi*.
Http: www.compulink.co.uk ~eyetech index.htm. A1200 ownon thm utti- A recent development by Eyetech is a range of 'DIY' "»**• eioe •Kpmmion Amiga products for people who already own CD- ROMs and hard drives but still want to take advantage of Eyetech's EIDE interface. To help, the individual parts of the CDPlus are available separately, and until the end of September there is a 10% discount for anyone spending over £100 - including VAT, of course.
The EIDE interface, CD-ROM casing, power supply, external hard drive casing, internal 3.5" hard drive adaptor kit for A1200, CD-ROM hard drive data and power cable set, and a CD-ROM adaptor for floppy only systems, are now available separately.
B LITTER STUFF Blittersoft is now the exclusive UK distributor of the Aweb-ll WWW browser for the Amiga - UK Price £39.95, including VAT. The first commercial release of the popular WWW Browser 'AWeb' by Yvon Rozijn, along with the' first commercial release of the 'HTML-Heaven' suite of code generating tools by Paul Kolenbrander, will see both programs bundled together with additional tools in the new Aweb-ll package.
Aweb-ll now supports background images, localisation, icons,, hierarchical hotlist, image borders, centering, enhanced lists, limited frame support, plug-in support for mail FTP telnet news, automatic TCP stack start stop, and other new HTML 3.2 tags, with more to come.
HTML-Heaven v2.0, with new ToolChest and Charrie programs, has added support for HTML 3.2 tags and WYSIWYG editing using Aweb, and will work with almost any Arexx compatible text editor. This suite of programs allows you to create your own Web pages and documents with simple point & click insertion of tags from the tool lists, and now Charrie adds HTML entities as well.
Blittersoft is also stocking the German art package ArtEffect, the normal price of which is £149.95, including VAT, but until the end of September it is available at the introductory price of £89.95. For more information contact Blittersoft on 01908 261 477, or try its Web page at http: blittersoft.wildnet.co.uk . Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1996 Q]esigns on VIScorp VIScorphas decided to reflect that it not only owns the Amiga, but is backing it 100 per cent As a result, Amiga trademark images are being incorporated into the VIScorp logo.
In keeping with all its recent announcements, VIScorp would like this new design to involve the Amiga community and is therefore giving you the chance to submit your own logo designs. Anyone thinking of designing their own must follow these guidelines:
1. The Logo MUST be provided in a form that will show up in NTSC
and PAL broadcast video (avoid white backgrounds, etc). We
recommend, but do not insist upon, a battleship-grey
background at 10% screen.
2. The Logo MUST be provided in a form that will be
colour-separable and printable.
3. The Logo MUST incorporate the Amiga double-check mark in the V
of VIScorp.
4. The Logo SHOULD incorporate the Amiga rainbow colour stripes
(as found on Amiga OS manuals, etc) in the 'o' of VIScorp. If
you wish, you may ALSO submit a design with the Amiga boing
ball as the o, but the rainbow 'o' should take precedence.
5. The Logo MUST be designed on an Amiga.
Entries should be submitted to VIScorp, and disks can be provided in any format.
VIScorp, 111 N. Canal St, Suite 933, Chicago, IL 60606, USA Wm VISUAL INFORMATION SERVICES CORPORATION If you do not llko this logo, design your own you chooky monkey VD CD Gordon Harwood have just announced price reductions on many of the Blizzard boards, along with a whole host of new releases from Phase5. The currently stocked Phase5 boards have all been reduced ir price, with the Blizzard 1230-IV costing £159.95, the 1260 £579.95, and the Cyberstorm II 060 falling to £649.95 New from Phase5, the Blizzard 1240T ERC is a low cost high performance 40MHz 040-based A1200 accelerator designed
for tower units. Due to the additional power and cooling requirements of the 040, it would be imp-actical to design one for a standard A1200, but the new towers make this a possibility.
The winner will receive VIScorp's undying gratitude and will get recognition for their contribution on the inside flap of VIScorp's official information packet All entries will become the property of VIScorp. Contact lason Compton, VIScorp Communications Manager, for more details at jcompton@xnet.com. So that Amiga 2000 owners do not feel left out the Blizzard 2040ERC is another 40MHz-based-040 accelerator incorporating a fast SCSI-2 interface.
Similarly, a special low cost version of Blizzard's Cyberstorm II accelerator has been released for all A3000(T) and A4000(T) systems that makes use of this lower cost high power processor. When tested with Sysinfo, all boards return 30 Mips, can be expanded up to 128Mb, and can easily be upgraded to a full 060 when needed.
Gordon Harwood will also be stocking Phase5's all- new Cybervision 64 3D in both the 2 and 4Mb versions, along with the Mpeg decoder board that allows you to watch Mpeg movies full screen or in a Workbench window.
Good news for everyone is that 10 major electronic companies have now revealed the replacement to the CD - Digital Versatile Disc, or DVD. Towards die end of 1995 the originally competing companies decided to pool resources and combine the best of each of their own next generation CD formats. The result is a procuct that is superior to anything the individual companies would have made.
Fll be
i. 5 is more fS»n dory jseis liana com- irt of many i new Mode
used stan- capa- sites utton sleek rbor- ows cbut- olour )fwt-
wdes d file ndon at ?oft .
»ved iadefs ts on North Micro ended 0 DAYS MORE VIScorp has announced that there has been an extension made to its purchase of Amiga Technologies. On August 20, 1996, the trustee for the bankruptcy of ESCOM AC and AMIGA Technologies GmbH, Bernhard Hembach, extended the closing date for VIScorp's purchase of AMIGA for 30 days with the support of ESCOM creditors.
While the agreement is firm, one of the financial institutions supporting VIScorp in the transaction required more documentation to authorise its portion of the funding. Satisfied that VIScorp would meet these requirements, the closing date was extended. The closing will not be extended past this date.
Thanks to new technology, the DVD discs can hold around 14 times the amount of data of existing Cds, and basic drives will work at around the speed of a 9 CD-ROM.
Even though DVD discs utilise the same technology as current Cds, due to advanced error correction technology, improved laser technology allowing small pits and closer tracks, the capacity of a single disc is boosted to 4.7Gb. ARWOOD S BLITZ Basic DVD disks will be double-sided, giving them a capacity of 9.4Gb, while double-sided discs that do not have to be turned over thanks to the laser being able to read the second data layer, will hold
8. 5Gb due to the need for additional error correction. A third
type of disk will have four data layers and so hold a whopping
Planned applications include MPEG-2 video DVDs having both normal and wide screen versions on the same CD, along with three types of audio tracks including Dolby pro logic surround sound. The first DVD players should be out at the end of this year and early 1997, while recordable versions should make an appearance in 1998.
QTREAMING AHEAD ...- j || PageStream i .2 »n ij | Mtms V Ivf-I-J 1 f-Mf-K H
u) y U Listen u? All you DTP enthusiasts! SoftLogik has
announced ‘he latest beta 5 version of PageStream 3.1. Even
though this is a beta, SoftLogk has publicly released it,
saying that any customers waiting for 3.1 can upgrade with
Man) new features have made it into this latest version, including find change text print tiling scaling, define hyphenation and editing of multiple objects simultaneously. SoftLogik claims that release 3.1 will be the most important and solid upgrade in PageStream's history.
Just to whet your appetite even more, Stream 3.2 will be released at the same time as 3.1. Owners of PageStream 3.0 will be able to elect to have the free 3.1 upgrade or pay a minor fee for the 3.2 upgrade. New features for 3.2 include an enhanced toolbar, whch can be hidden and is fully configurable. Indents and tab spacing are now fully adjustable, objects dragged onto the paste board will be available for every page, and PageStream 3.2 will support irregular shaped graphic frames.
For more details, SoftLogik can be contacted in America on (314) 256 9595, or via the Internet at http: wv w.softlogik.com and e-mail at sales@softlogik.com Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1996 ’ ?
Ds WORLDWIDE To spread its Cds as widely as possible,
E. M.Computergraphics has just set up distribution deals with two
International companies, readers in the USA, Canada and South
America will be able to buy all of E.M.Computergraphic's range
of Cds from Computer Safari, while for Australia and New
Zealand they will be available from Amitar Systems.
You can contact Computer Safari on 916 661 3328 or via e-mail at safariawoodland.net. Amitar System can be reached on (09) 495 4905 or via e-mail at amitar ? Crystal.com.au. Nt ws For all Amiga owners who need the best possible quality prints, Fantasy Prints is offering a whole host of printing services to Amiga owners. Having been in business for five years, it has come a long way from its original A500. Now, with its recently purchased top of the line Cannon colour copier and Fiery RIP, Fantasy can offer Amiga owners the best colour prints laser printers can produce. * Fantasy Prints can
take documents produced by Pagestream 3, Final Writer, Dpant, Prodraw, Wordsworth and ImageFX. Documents can be up to A3 in size, double-sided, printed onto card or transparencies.
If you fancy plastering your garments with pictures of yourself and your friends, Fantasy Prints can personalise all manner of things with your pictures. All types and size of tops and T-shirts are in stock, along with mouse mats, baseball caps, jigsaws, mugs, calendars and badges.
Along with the normal Amiga application documents, Fantasy Prints can accept images in IFF, BMP, GIF, PCX, EPS, Jpeg, PhotoCD and Tiff formats on Amiga, PC or Mac floppy disks, along with Syquest 44 88 Mb and EZ cartridges. Contact Fantasy Prints on 01289 30 32 42 or check out http: www.compulink.co.uk --fantasyprints. ANTASY BAR NIGHT TIME White Knight Technology has been appointed as MacroSystem's exclusive UK distributor.
MacroSystem has produced products such as the Vlab Motion and Retina and also the DraCo which provides high quality non-linear video editing capabilities. The DraCo scored an amazing 10 out of 10 in Amiga Computing not so long ago. White Knight has announced that it will shortly be forming a new company to handle sales of the DraCo Video Editing Workstation and any future non-linear editing systems to specialist video dealers.
MacroSystem is also about to announce a new product called Casablanca which, according to its news release: "represents an entirely new concept in consumer video editing.’ Watch this space. White Knight has also slashed the prices of its 24-bit graphics cards. For example, there is a huge saving on the Retina BUZ3, a Zorro III card for the A3000 and A4000, where the price has been cut on a 1 Mb board from £379 to £235 including VAT. Contact While Knight on 01920 822321.
INTENDO TROUBLE Nintendo shares were suspended from trading in the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges due to a financial press report stating that sales of the Nintendo 64 had slowed dramatically from the initial booming sales of the first two months. This was possibly caused by the fact that only three games are currently available for the N64.
The report itself stated that half year profits could drop by as much as 70 percent or £112 million, aid end of year profits could be down to 53 percent at £324 m llion. This resulted in panic selling and Nintendo's shares being suspended until confirmation could be gained Nintendo vehemently denied the claims and went on to say that all its sale forecasts will be met.
Magicmenu Amiga bits Our American readers may be interested to know that Paxtron has bought out Service Management Group's Amiga parts inventory, and is now offering a wider selection of Amiga goods ranging from floppy drives to replacement motherboards and technical manuals. If you are interested, why not contact Paxtron Corporation on (914) 578-6522, or check out its Web page at 'http: www paxtron.com ". Everyone's favourite workbench enhancement Magicmenu is going to be seeing an upgrade soon to version two. "he new version will be more compatible with Term and FinalWriter, and will
feature MagicWB colouring scheme, separate preferences, and a chunky mode for graphic boards. Anyone interested in a beta version can find it at http: fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de ~cattaneo magic- menu magicmenu.e.html. SYGNOSIS SALE Once big time Amiga games producer Psygnosis is to part company with its current owner, Sony. Originally bought for the tidy sum of £15 million, recent bids for Psygnosis have been around the £150 million mark, with one reportedly topping £200 million. Psygnosis has five new titles in the works. Following up PlayStation success with Wipeout and Destruction Derby,
two of the planned titles are Wipeout 2097 and Destruction Derby 2.
I AM ESE SLIP-UP Following the review of the very nice Siamese system last month, HiQ has pointed out a couple of changes to the final tystem. Firstly, the PC to Siamese video cable has been remoulded so that any possible problems with fitting it are eliminated. Also, the MountPC program that allows you to access drives on the PC side, including CD-ROMs and the floppy drives, does in fact work over the SCSI network and not just the serial cable as was suggested in the review. Therefore you can have fast access to all the drives connected to your PC.
Amiga heaven 2 As reported in last month's issue, Direct Software, which is opening a new shop specialising in Amiga games, has been so overwhelmed with enquiries that it has opened a I special line to handle then. The new number [ is 01623 759 498.
Amiga Computing Orders Only 800-735-2633 Visir nM :tJ
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Internet:
sales isionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.visionsoft.com Orders
Only 800-735-2633 Memory Upgrades GVP-32 60ns 1 mb Simm
29. 95 GVP-32 60ns 4mb Simm
119. 95 GVP-32 60ns I6mb Simm
379. 95 lx36-70ns Simm (4mb)
39. 95 lx32-60ns Simm (4mb)
39. 95 2x32-60ns Simm (8mb)
79. 95 4x32-60ns Simm (16mb)
139. 95 8x32-60ns Simm (32mb)
279. 95 lx8-70ns Simm
22. 95 Ix8-80ns Simm
19. 95 lx9-70ns Simm
20. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
59. 95 4x9-80ns Simm
69. 95 DRAM Special Ix4-70ns SC Zip
13. 95 lx4-70ns Page Zip
12. 95 lx4-80ns Page Dip
14. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
3. 95 256x4-70ns Page Zip
4. 95 Ixl-lOOns Page Dip
3. 00
2. 5” Hard Drives A600 1200 SX-1 Hard Drives Quantum 540mb IDE
249. 95 Toshiba 810mb IDE
309. 95 Quantum 1.08gb IDE
329. 95 Toshiba 2.Igb IDE
669. 95
2. 5” Hard Drive Cable
14. 95
2. 5” Hard Drive Bracket 14.95
3. 5” Hard Drives Maxtor 290mb SCSI
99. 95 Conner 540mb SCSI
189. 95 Conner 850mb IDE
239. 95 Conner 1.08*b SCSI
329. 95 Quantum 2.Igb SCSI
499. 95 Quantum 4.3gb SCSI
999. 95 Software Clearance Asim CDFS 3.6 w 1 CD
55. 95 Arcade PoolCD32
22. 95 Audition 4
9. 95 CBM Amiga Unix Multiuser
89. 95 Disk Salv Ver 4
35. 95 Euroscene 1
6. 95 Fields of Glory CD32
9. 95 lemmings CD
9. 95 Nigel Mansell CD32
9. 95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe
49. 95 Tornado
12. 95 Wild Wheel
9. 95 CRONUS Aminet Share 4
7. 95 AmiNet 10
18. 95 AmiNct 12
18. 95 AmiNet 13 New)
18. 95 Aminet Set 2
36. 95 Aminet Set 3 (New)
39. 00 Amiga Developer CD 1.1
18. 95 Amiga Rcprir Kit (New)
49. 95 FantaScas
24. 95 Fresh Fonts 1
9. 95 Gamers Delight 2
19. 95 GatcWay 2
19. 95 The Light Works
32. 95 Print Studio Pro (New)
39. 95 Custom Chips
1. 3 Kickstart Rom
13. 95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
22. 95 2,05 Kickstart Rom
26. 95
3. 0 Rom for A4000
49. 95
3. 1 Rom for A500 2000
52. 95
3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000
69. 95 8372A lmb Agnus
34. 95 8375 lmb Agnus
19. 95 8375B 2mb Agnus A3000)
39. 95 8373 Super Denise
29. 95 8364 R7 Paula
16. 95 5719 Gary
13. 95 8520 A-1 CIA
12. 95 8520 Surface Mount
23. 50 Super Buster Rev. 11
29. 95 Super Dmac Rev.4
42. 95 Ramsey Rev.7
29. 95 Fat Gary
39. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A
29. 95 A2620-30 Rom Rev.7
29. 95 A2091 Rom Rcv.7
29. 95 Upgrade Kits AS 320 3.1 Kit for A500 600 2000 2500 1 19.95
AS 312 330 340 3. . Kit for A1200 3000 3000T 4000 1 34.95 All
upgrade kin include Manuals Software and Kickstart Rom(s)
Peripherals & Hardware A1200 880K Int Floppy Drive 65.00
A2000 880K Int Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 880K Int Floppy Drive
69.95 A500 1200 Power Supply 49.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00
A3000 Power Supply 79.95 A2 3000 Keyboard 79.95 A4000
Keyboard (white) 79.95 A4000 Keyboard (black) 89.95 Keyboard
Adapter A2000 Keyboard to A4000 System 9.95 Safe Skin for
A12 20 30 4000 19.95 15-23 Pin Monitor Adapter 24.95 A520
Video Adapter 14.95 RCA Video Cable 5.95 RF Modulator 7.95
Midi Gold 500 29.95 A501 Ram Card for A500 33.95 ICD Ad SCSI
2000 69.00 Microbiotics 1200 Clock 19.95 Mouse & Joystick
Eklipse Mouse w Mat 19.95 Super Pro Zip Stik 29.95
Powcrplaycrs Joystick 6.95 CD 32 loypad_12.95 Oregon Research
Clairty 16
199. 00 Cinema 4D
299. 00 Disk Magic
54. 95 Gamcsmith
99. 95 I browse
39. 95 Squirrel Jaz Zip Tools
24. 95 Surf Squirrel SCSI
129. 00 Termite TCP
59. 95 Bundle Ibrowsc Termite ‘TCP 89.00 ITEMS Reno Portable CD
ROM Drive 8c CD Player Indiuln AC ftmw Adi[Xrr i Eultcry
(larger $ 129.95 r Atxroory Pack (SS.9S Value) r ree Kalur*«Wf
Pack. Travel Pouch, wrth purchase I Icadphonc & AixIki Parch
(tabic* of Reno Drive Fatrriul SCSI Cable (S29.**5 Value)
Picasso II Plus Graphics Board w 2mb for A200W3000 4000
$ 369.00 Power (Computing Floppy Drives
1. 76 XL Hi Ivn Internal Floppy 119.95 95 IW.95 oppv
1. 76 XL Hi tlcn External Floppy Alpha Data Multiface I O C ard
III for A 2IVKI 3000 4000 S89.95 SyQuest EZ135 External SCSI
Drive Includes Power Supply. R i cq Afl 135mb (Urtndge tk
Cable ’ 1 135mh Cartridge 24.50 (Omega Igb Internal SCSI Drive
$ 499.00 lOmega I gb External SCSI Drive $ 599.00 Roth include
Power Supply.
I gb (Cartridge Or Cable Igb Cartridge 129.00 CD ROM Drives Internal 159.00 External 229.00 Internal 119.00 External 189.00 Internal 229.00 External 299.00 Toshiba 4X SCSI NEC 4X SCSI Teac 6X SCSI Brackets & External Cases
5. 25” Bracket for 3.5" Internal Devices 14.95
5. 25" SCSI Case w Power Supply Cooling Fan & Cabling 1 Half
Height 69.95 2 Half Heigh 1 1 Full He ght 149.95 4 Half
Hcight 2 Full He,ght 199.95 GVP A1291 SCSI for 1230-11
99. 95 Guru ROM V.6 (Low Profile)
79. 95 Guru ROM V.6
69. 95 DSS8+V3.0 Software Upgd
29. 95 DSS8-F Scries 11
109. 95 VIScorp A1200 System M1438 14” Monitor The Amiga Surfer
facing & availability Amiga Manuals & Books A2000 Sys.
Schematics 30.95 A3000 Sys. Schematics 34.95 A590 Hard Drive
Sen Man. 19.95 A2300 Genlock Tech. Spec. 21.95 GenLock
Service Manual 19.95 CDTV Service Manual 24.95 Mastering
Amiga Dos 3 V.2 27.95 Math-Co Processor & CPU M68882 25mhz
35. 95 M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC
39. 95 M68882 40mhz RC-PGA
55. 95 M68882 50mhz RC-PGA
69. 95 M68010 CPU
15. 50 68030RC 40mhz
75. 95 68040RC 25mhz
95. 95 Crystal Oscillators
8. 95 EXPANSION EEEEQZE DataFlyer SCSI + 4000
99. 95 DataFlycr SCSI + 1200
79. 95 DataFlyer 4000 SX-25
109. 95 DataFlyer 2 3000 SCSI
89. 95 DataFlycr 2 3000 IDE
79. 95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI & IDF.
139. 95 DataFlycr 500 SCSI
159. 95 DataFlyer 500 IDE
155. 95 DataFlycr 500 Chassis
89. 95 DataFlyer 8mb Ram Board
89. 95 Baseboard 1200
19. 95 Wildfire 060 50mhz
1499. 00 Rapidfirc SCSI 11
149. 00 SpitFire SCSI
94. 95 The C lock for A1200
13. 95 Kwikstart II for A1000
54. 95 MegaChip for A500 2000
199. 00 MultiStart II for A500 2000
25. 95 3128 Expansion Board
190. 00 (Zobra 33 for A1200
152. 95 Cobra 40 for A1200
195. 95 Ferret SCSI II for A1200
89. (X) Phase 5 CyberStorm Mark II 68060 50mhz Accelerator for
A3000(T) & A40()0(T) $ 929.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 249.00
CyberVision 64 2 4mb Zorro III Graphics Card for A3000(T) &
A4000(T) $ 399.00 5489.00 Cyber Vision 64 Upgrade 89.00 2Mb
Video Memory CybcrGraphics Software 49.00 Blizzard 2060 Turbo
w built-in SCSI II for A1500, A2000 & A2500 $ 929.00 Blizzard
1230 IV 1260 Turbo for A1200 $ 269.95 5829.95 Blizzard
1230 1260 SCSI 169.95 M68882 50mhz PGA 69.95 Modems 8c
Telecom Supra 14.4 Ext. L ax Modem 89.95 Supra 28.8 Ext. Fax
Modem 199.00 Serial Modem Cable 7.95 Null Modem Cable 7.95
Ami TCP IP V.4.2 89.95 Aweb-Il 44.95 T U TAQ) CstC. L&'l'Z
¦¦¦ Visa' Mastcr an * Discover Card orders arc accepted with
no surcharge. We also ship COD only in paymrnt of l6Cn
OZO-ZOJJ MB sh (Thiers Chock or Money Order. All returns
roust be returned and accompanied with a RMA within 15 Fax
(408)625-6588 days. Defective products will be replaced with
the sane item only. Other returns subject to 25% restocking
¦¦¦¦ Shipping & Handling charges are non-refundable. Price 8( availability are subject to change without notice. We BBS (408)625-6580 BSHESi | do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
Extracting CoverDisk files Before you even think of putting the coverdisks anywhere near your computer, you should make sure you write protect them. This is done by moving the black tab in the top corner of the disk so you can see through the hole. You cannot then damage your disks in any way. There is also no reason why the coverdisks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it!
To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen, press proceed once on the current screen, then again on the next. The program can then be found in your RAM disk.
Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Hard Drive Users Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer.
To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place, double-click on the SetupHD icon. This will check if you have the Installer program. If not it will copy it across - don't worry, it will not write over any existing files.
I Once again Amiga Computing brings you the best in shareware and freeware QT 1.1 Author: Marcus Comstedt Workbench 3.0 on your hardware, for optimum performance you will need a fast Amiga - an 020 probably won't suffice.
Once you've got QT installed and working, it's a relatively simple task to configure programs such as Ibrowse, ClassAction and Dopus to use it when displaying QuickTime files. As an example of the animations which you will be able to view using QT, we have included an extremely brief clip from big Arnie Schwarzenegger’s latest action mowe Eraser.
Blink and you'll miss it - we couldn't Cram anything larger onto the packed AC coverdisks, but this is a good taster of the potential of QT.
These days, the Internet has become so graphically and sonically orientated that many sites offer large video files for downloading. Although there's no such thing as a standard audio-visual file format on the Net, certainly the most common is QuickTime.
Until recently, however, Amiga owners wanting to display QuickTime animations have had to rely on the likes of X-Anim, a rather slow and clumsy port which simply does not do justice to these movies on most occasions.
QT, on the other hand, was written specifically to show QuickTime animations on the Amiga, and it does a splendid job of doing so.
However, due to the demands being made There are several programming languages which have been used to good effect in Amiga games creation over the years, most notably the Amos and Blitz basic variants.
However, even using sophisticated software packages like these, you'll need to possess a gooc deal of programming knowledge before you can produce your own blockbuster. If you're the sort who doesn't fancy locking yourself away in a darkened room for a fortnight with nothing but coding manuals, cans of coke and piles of Megadeth records for company - congratulations, you're normal!
You have probably never been tempted to have a stab at producing your own game, but now you have a copy of oopsi Game Creator Author F*bio Rotondo Workbench: 2.04 Doopsi, there's simply no excuse. (Of course, the Megadeth albums are not compulsory).
Doopsi stands for Dynamic Object Orientated Programming System interface.
Although this isn't the full registered Shareware version, the Doopsi included on the coverdisk was specially prepared for Amiga Computing by the author. It features fewer restrictions than the demo available on Aminet and from PD libraries. After de-archiving and installing the software, run the Doopsi editor and use the Load All option to load the demonstration game. This is an extremely basic example, but it hints at the potential of this excellent authoring system.
Using Doopsi you will be able :o create accomplished adventure games with a host of impressive features. Employing a methodical approach and planning as you go, you'll find the whole process straightforward and understandable. After firing up the editor you Icon see clearly now 2 3 4 E 3 10 l ii 12 !
7 9 1 13 14 1 Tels Doopsi that you want to add another scene 2 Unsurprisingly, load save scene commands 3 Lists all the scenes in Doopsi's memory 4 Ifc scene proves a total disaster, click this button to remove it completely 5 Displays scene attributes. From here you can change numerous settings, including a scene's background graphics and music 6 The Spot Editor is used to set the locations of objects within a scene 7 dere you can define how the main character moves around the scene & Enables you to specify the characteristics of an object, and to place it in a scene 9 The Doopsi code itself
is what ties everything together, telling Doopsi what to do when the player specifies an action with a particular object 10 Lets you set up complex animated objects 1 From here you can tell Doopsi which paths it should look for in certain files. You can also change the palette and screenmode, and choose which scene to place the player in at the start of the adventure 12 This is the conversation control panel.
The key to a great adventure is generally the way in which the main character interacts with other inhabitants of the fantasy world, so creating entertaining conversations is important 13 When you think everything is ready, hit this button and try out your creation 14 Displays the number of scenes, objects and dialogs in memory, and also shows the amount of free memory may be initially discouraged by the fact that half the interface is in a foreign language. If this is the case, you’ve probably accidentally run the Italian installation program rather than the English one, so quit the program
and show all the files in the Doopsi folder.
Rename the catalogs file as something like .catalogs, then restart the program and Doopsi will magically be in English.
DAS MODPLAYER Author Pauli Porkka Workbench: 2.04 !
Y) .
Iject face, ered I on i for lures eon chiv- the wto s an l the em.
Reate host hod- you’ll I and if you The first stage involves defining the scenes in which your adventure will take place. Then you can limit the areas of the scene through which the main character will be able to walk.
This is done by defining paths between various 'nodesf with the friendly paths editor.
You can then place objects in these scenes and choose whether or not to animate some of these objects. After this you can define exactly how the main character will interact with these objects. This last stage is the only one that actually requires any form of coding
- the rest is easily accomplished through the intuitive
The extensive Amigaguide documentation included in the Doopsi archive will help make all of this rather more understandable. It works through tutorials and explains dearfy all of the :oncepts involved. Initially it might all sound a little confusing, but before long you'll be diurning out Monkey Island-beaters on a regular basis... To use the following program you will need to have the Magic User Interface v2.0 or higher installed on your system Without it you will not be able to run any MUI program. MUI is available from any good PD house.
Ever since it was but a glint in Jay Miner's eye, the Amiga has been impressing people with its sound capabilities. Whilst PC owners have only recently become aware of the full 'Multimedia' potential of the home computer, Amiga programmers have been churning out extremely accomplished sound trackers to the deight of the musically talented (or deluded). The astounding number of daily uploads to Aminet's mods directory is testament to the fact that tracker programs are a cheap, simple and effective way of producing music on a home computer.
The problem with the proliferation of tracker programs is that over the years a large number of incompatible file formats have evolved. In the old days, the Soundtracker file format was pretty much the standard, but it has since been superseded by formats supporting more fancy features. Since very few tracker programs .themselves support multiple file formats, a multi-format player is an absolute essential for the serious tracker fanatic.
DAS ModPlayer combines the glorious configurability of MUI with a colossal features list making t one of the best module players around. It recognises» host of module formats, including Soundtracker, Med, Fasttracker, Screamtracker, and Protracker. If your favourite tracker isn't yet supported (unlikely as this is), the modular nature of the program means that support can easily be added in the future.
Other impressive aspects include support for a multitude of packers using the appropriate external libraries, a wealth of module grouping options that, for instance, allow you to group all of one composer's work together, and so on.
Powerful and gorgooua, DAS ModulaPlayar has It all Amiga Computing Shareware SUPERWOR Author: Jouko Rynnonen Workbench 2.04 Superworm runs happily in a small window on the Workbench and is the sort of entertaining diversion which can break up the tedium of working at the keyboard for hours It brings a new twist to the tried and tested Worms formula - instead of being able to pull off astonishing 90-degree turns on the spot, your worm must now steer around the playing field as he gulps those filling blocks.
Some of the programs on the Amiga Computing coverdisks, including Doopsi, SampleEditor and DAS Module Player, are shareware. Such well written programs take many hours to write and involve a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the programmer.
When a program is called shareware it means the programmer has generously allowed you to try out their program, sometimes with no restrictions at all. If you then decide you like it you are obliged to send the author the shareware fee.
Normally this is not an unreasonable amount, and in return the author wil usually keep you supplied with the latest version of the program, along with their undying gratitude of course. So please don't forget to send your fee.
MCP is absolutely bristling with features; here are a few of the more useful ones: NewEdit - offers enhanced control over string gadgets, allowing fancy cutting and pasting to and from the clipboard ReqTools Patch - force MCP 1.21 Features List programs to use fancy ReqTools requestors Packer Patch - enables programs to read packed files ToolAlias - switch the default Attar installation, run tha mcp Prat* Assign Manager - for keeping track of all program and sat thins* «P to th0SG pesky assigns your raquiromants balora raaatting .. , you, ™.CMn. to .t.rt mcp it..,, Ass.gnWedge - make assigns
on the spur of the moment rather than having to enter them all before running a program Automatic Screen Activation - activates the screen currently being displayed Requestor Timeout - gets rid of particularly irritating requestors Blanker - supports Swazblanker and Garashnenblanker screen savers Dimmer - dims the screen after a specified time Mouse Acceleration - totally configurable, of course Mousepointer Blanker - causes pointer to vanish after periods of inactivity, or whenever you start typing GuruHistory - saves all gurus to disk Screens menu - pressing the right mouse button on the
screen flicking icon displays a menu of available screens WB Title Clock - which can also display things like available and used memory, processor load, etc Drive NoCIick - get rid of that annoying disk drive clicking noise Workbench Display Enhancements: PropHack - makes windows and scrollbars look much more attractive 16 Colour, Hires Pointer - does wonders for your mouse pointer Moving Solid Windows, Scaling Solid Windows - fancy effects which look quite nice on faster Amigas Icon I N STALLE R Tom Workbench: 2.04 Amiga icons hold a lot of valuable information, from telling the computer
whether a file is a project or a program to storing preferences (as tool types). Changing your icons to Magic Workbench or Newlcons can result in a loss of valuable information if you sinply overwrite all the icon files.
Admittedly there are plenty of icon copying utilities, many of which offer you the choice of retaining tooltypes and settings from the original icons, but none offer quite as wide a selection of options as Icon Installer. It's simple to use, extremely fast and configurable, and absolutely indispensable.
_ Date Inspector uthor Robert Workbench: 2.04 Occasionally, after a particularly unpleasant crash, the Amiga's battery backed system clock decides that sensible dates aren't very exciting. It promptly beings stamping files with dates such as 0-0-00. This can cause problems if it's not picked up on fairly quickly, because any programs which rely on date sorting systems will get confused, and it will become difficult to recognise recent versions of files.
Date Inspector attempts to avoid such sticky situations. It resides in your Workbench Startup drawer and checks the dock on startup, alerting you to strange and inconsistent dates.
Amiga Computing Execute Author Michael Griggs Workbench: 2.04 I ®r fee Ik sly en fty it- The Workbench 'Execute Command' option has a few fairly major limitations which prevent it from being as useful as it might otherwise be. Execute replaces it with an enhanced version, which runs in the background as a commodity and boasts several notable improvements.
Execute uses the BGUI layout library, which some people prefer to MUI. The BGUI library is included in the archive for the benefit of those who don't already have a copy in their Libs drawer.
StartMem MCP 1
1. 21 1 Author: Alien Design Workbench 2.04 Commodities remain
one of the most powerful and versatile aspects of Workbench.
They sit in the background providing helpful features, and
are accessible at any point via hotkeys. Over the years
there have been several attempts to produce the ultimate
do-it-all commodity, combining all manner of handy system
impovements into one easily configured whole. Many previous
attempts have been extremely useful and powerful • most
notably YAK and MultiCX. However, neither has anything like
the number of features of Alien Design's Master Control
I : d ,of to ttr To use the following program you need to have the Magic User Interface v3.0 or higher installed on your system. Without it you will not be able to run any MUI program. MUI is available from any good PD house.
With MCP running, you can dispense with a multitude of other little programs such as SysiHack, CacheFont, NoOick etc This latest update also includes plenty of all-new features, including a controversial requestor timeout This has been the source of some problems, because potentially it could be used to remove Shareware requestors, thereby making people less likely to register. As a result in the version avalable on the Amiga Computing coverdisk (and that available on Aminet), this particular feature is limited so as to make removing such requestors impossible. All other features are fully
intact MCP can be configured to suit your tastes using the MUI-based preferences program, which will of course require Magic User Interface 3jc in order to run. Incidentally, users of less powerful Amigas should be cware that MCP uses a considerable amount of memory.
I* s a mgs ssor disk Author Ron Porath Workbench: 2.04 If you've ever been alarmed at just how much memory various programs seem to steal during the Workbench boot up process, this program is for you. It enables you to keep track of exactly how much memory each program uses, so that you can spot and remove the biggest offenders to free up valuable memory.
Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery bars i for (M nice ftLVOi UrMrad DMP 29000000 (nrtrad DMF4000 AnNrsd POI12SMSI2 LQ3SN Brother M10Wri024'll0‘»ll209 Churn 120IU.SP16S»ift 24-1 Ctnmdort NIPS I2»L«0 Ypw i.yioo Limn LQ20MMrt»WM» Emm I..IBMM* Unrsnuna Tilly SMI NEC Pinorikr P22* OKI ML1WW.V1WWI95 rar I6J0 16.10 15.10 7,oo ft.no kta 1100 lUJtO I0.M ItJIO 10.60 10.40 I0JM) lOXO 10.40
21. 00 »JI0 20.60 2150 2139 2110 cant stem .very files ause ¦ddy.
Date (will rsions such ench start- istent Appfe Canon BJ 10.l0rt 20 Canon BJ 2001V) I pvm St rim 4MmilMHI Lpuin Striae Colour Black Lpuin si rim Colour Colour HP D’jrt 500 Scno Black HP D t 500 fcrw Tri-Id Star SJ4* 150 (or 2 x »ml Rcfi* B50 for 2 x 20ml Refills 150 U 2 x10ml Refills 100 for 2 x 12ml RrfHk 1030 for 9ml of rach Col
11. 00 for 2 x Hhnl Refills
12. 00 fur 12ml of radiCal 150 for 2 x litml Refills rom £3.99
This is an effect-packed sample editor which supports eSVX,
Raw and Wav file formats. On a basic level it can simply be
used as a file format converter, but its real strength lies
in chopping and changing samples and generally playing
around with them. Amongst its more unusual features is the
option to play samples at various pitches using the
Protracker-mapped computer keyboard.
Sample Editor 1.4 Author: Jouko Pynnonen Workbench 2.04 Bulk Branded
111) 10 Disks £5 £6 £6 £9 25 Disks £10 £11 - - 50 Disks £16 £18
£24 £36 IOO Disks £29 £33 £41 £66 250 Disks £65 £76 £96 £153
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Cartndt* HP D'jrt 599 Srrire TrvCaianr (art HP
Thinhjrt.'Ouirtjrt Carl rid** Inkjet Buhblejet Refill Kits
Xpok Slrir«rilrr150 for 2 x 20ml Rdifc All Disks Certified
I00r- ERROR FREE & INCLUDE FREE Labels Lockxbk 3V'
BoxfVPraw* Qlber Bow A Wplltts 100 Capacity Bos 5.99 50
Caparih Box 4.99 MO Capacity Draw 18.99 10Cap.Boxrs lid 38'
6 Cap. Walkts 3.99 l'Kkdl»lt«Tl llnw.rs 30 Capacity 16.99 a
1*5 J. 145 15 BLACK Panasonic K PII!Vll24ril4* itc 34* ii
131 J. Ill I* 111 .16*
- V51 3JI ill Pammnic K PI0I*'III»WI592 2*9 174 151 134 11* 170
150 139 hMMk K I*2I1V2IN)
4. 95 m 460
4. *) .190
3. 75 155 135 Srikndiu SI 9092 95
5. 1W 555 535
5. 15 1*5 11» 159 139 SorLCMWIM IN 114
1. 91 IJU 45* US 415 195 Sur 1(200
3. 09 1*5 2*5 145 410
3. 15 175 155 Sur LC24-IV2M 1** 171 151 131 145 JJ0 119 190
COLOtR Citiiro Swifl 24 l_«fl 2* J. llh 190 175 135 135
11. 15 11X9 11X9 IIJf 112
1. 97
1. 77 Ij67 Panwonk KXP2I3CIX9
19. 63 10 4* tut m 110 175 155 135 Star LC10WI99 KUO 5X5 '.to 515
IM 1** 2i* 14* Sur LC299
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D. .IL II......1 Ufl 2* ??
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29. 95 Video DAC
24. 95 ASIN COFS CD-ROM Drhrer v3.x w Flah Market CO $ 59.95 ASIM
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Call lor ether configurations.
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OK lor 2630 1 89 00 Cobra 1240 28MzRC CPU 139.95 Cobra 1240 33MzRC CPU 154 95 Cobra 1240 40M2 EC CPU 19995 The Clock A1200 1 7.95 Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose 89.95 Kwikstart2 A1C00 54.95 1202 No FPU 0 99 95 FPU and RAM prices Call Spitfire SCSI2 Controller 94 95 RapidFire SCSiVRAM Controller 149 00 WildFire 060 50Mz lor A2000 1399.00 3128 RAM Exp A3 4000 OK 23995 Motherboards A3000 Tower PCI 030 25Mz 1M8 PCB $ 429 95 A500 Rev 5 PCB
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Cardinal 33.3 FAX Modem
199. X JR Comm Terminal Software
5. 00 Termite
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14. 95 llrowso
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14. 95 SCALA MM300 & MM400 Back in stock Irom SCALA: therr award
winning, powerful, flexible & easy to use multimedia
presentation tools lor tht Amga. Hurry, supplies are bmited
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SCALA Backgrounds Volume 2 $ 19.95 SCALA Backgrounds Volume 3 19.95 CD-ROM All the following CD-ROMs carry a 1 Yaar Warranty Sony CDU-55 CD-ROM ¦ IS09660, MuHI-Smlon Photo-CD
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399. 95
499. 95
119. 95 499 95
2. 1 & 3.1 OS From Village Tronic: Official 3.1 Kltsl Each comas
complete w Manuals, Disks A ROM(s).
AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500.
A2000, & A2500 $ 124.95 AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000S $ 139.95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all A4000S $ 139.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 139.95 AS306 3.1 Kit for all A600s $ 124.95
3. 1 R)MforA500. A600.
A2000 (Specify) (54 95
3. 1 RDM set for A3000. A4000.
A1200 (Specify) 74 95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 74.95 AS215 2.1 Kit from Commodore
52.95 AS215 2.1 Kitw 2.04 ROM 82.95 AS217ARexx DOS Enhancer
14.95 Multi start 2 v€A 500 600 2000 34.00 Amiga Parts A100D
Internal Floppy Disk Drive $ 69 95 At 00) Case w all shiekhig
19 95 A200D A3000 Keyboard 79 95 A600T1200 Internal Floppy
Dnve 69.95 A2000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Internal
Floppy Dnve 69 95 A20C0 Power Supply 109 00 Amiga Replacement
Mouse 19 95 Mouse lor COTV. Aired • black 16 95 CBMA3000 Power
Supply 139.95 Bioloot A40000 Pwr Sy 300W 269.95 BiQfoot A3000
Pwr Sy 300W 239.95 286 Iridgeboard PCB Only 69.95 CBM COTV
Control Pad 34.95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bol) 19.95 Memory
CPUs & FPUs 1x32 4Mb 60Ns $ 59.95 2x32 Cmb 60Ns
109. 95 4x32 16Mb 60Ns 179 95 8x32 2Mb 60NS 299 95 1 x8 1 Mb 80Ns
24 95 1x4 Page Mode Zip TONs
13. 00 1x4 Static Mode Sp TONs
12. 00 33Mz 68030 CPU w MMU 39 95 50 Mz 68030 CPU w MMU 8995 33Mz
68882 PGA FPU
39. 95 33Mz 68882 PLCC FPU 44 95 40Mz 68040 CPU w MMU 199 95
NewTek Lightwave 4.0 Amiga $ 729.95 Lightwave 5.0 Amiga Can
Lightwave 5 0 Intel 1099 95 Lightwave 5 0 Upgrade Amiga Call
Lightwave 5.0 Upgrade Intel 469.95 Video Toastar 4.1 upgrade
CO 499.95 video Toaster 4000 2079.95 Video Toaster Flyer
4195.00 We tenfi|ure complete Flyer cyitcmi Caller prklne-
NEW Computers from Amiga Technology Trade-in for a new unit
We are currently receiving new production rum of both the
A1200 and 4000T from Amiga Technology. We are accepting
trade-ins for either system if you have an Amiga 2000 or
3000. Call our eyftem hotline for complete details at
610-586-5704 A600 NEW NTSC Comtuters Iron Commodore stock.
Boxad with all para & 90 Day Warranty All 500s come wot
Kindwords; Maxiplan 4; infofile; Then Park Mystery. & Public
Goman software Very limited supplies A600 w IMb RAM - $ 269.95
A601 1Mb Chip RAM w Clock $ 69.95 A600 w 65Mb Saagate HD
Installed - $ 369.95 A1200 New model from Amiga Technology
comes complete with Ths Magic Bundle software pack.
$ 499.95 A1200 HD Same features as aboie with a factory installed 210Mb Seagaie HD pre-loaded with The Magic Bundle ioftware pack $ 649.95 A1 200 Surfer Pack Same features as A120eHD model with i
14. 4 modem and surfer software to log onto the Internet. Call
lor price ant availability A4000T This powarhouta computer
includes 6Mb RAM. 1-OBGig SCSI-2 Hard Drive, and 040 25Mz
Proceaeo',Additional RAM, Hard Drives and Peripherals are
available at great pricing. Call for a quote on your custom
A4000T 040 25Mz 6Mb 1Gb HD $ 2549.00 A4000T 060 50MZ May be released by the time you read this. Call for availability and pricing.
We configure complete Tome ter and Flyer systems.
Software Hut Info 610-586-5703 O WlOfS B55SSK? 800-932-6442 Tech 610-586-8640 FAX 610-586-5706 6416 CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE Disks wort: WCOTV, CD-32, A-570 A any Amiga w CD-ROM dnve A suitiDte driver. Purctose 4, or more, A receive FREE SHIPPING.
30 Arena $ 37.95 fantaseas 25,95 Nofhlng but Tetns
14. 95 30 CO-2 images
14. 95 FlyerCOM
219. 00 0ctamed6
34. 95 30 CO-t Objects
14. 95 Fractal Frenzy
24. 95 Octamed Sound Studio
39. 95 17 Bit Ccntmuaion CO
15. 95 Fractal Pro image Library
19. 95 Oh Yes. More Worms!
19. 95 17 Bit 5th Oimee&tort 22 95 Fresh Fish 8.9 (Specify)
18. 00 Online Libraty
26. 00 17 Bit Ptias* 4
15. 95 Fresh Fonts Vo! 2
24. 00 Our Solar System
18. 00 17 Bit 2 CO Co*tction
24. 95 Frozen Fish 8 95
19. 00 Paperbag Princess
10. 00 17 Bit $ LSD Comp. 1.2 (Spec)
15. 95 Fun School 3 - Ages 5 and under
10. 00 Personal Suite trom Cloanto
89. 95 17 Bit & ISO Comp. 3 22 95 Gamer’s Oeiight
34. 00 PhotoCD Manager
33. 95 The 64 Games CO
39. 95 Gamer's Dehght 2 27 95 Photogemcs 2 Call 1078 Whtd
19. 95 Garden Fax: Fruits. Vegs, Herbs
9. 00 Power Pinball
10. 00 2000 Greater Mysteries 29 95 Garden Plants
9. 00 PfO Pics 2495 A Long Hand Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Indoor Plants
9. 00 Psycho Killer 800 Advanced Military Systems 600 Gardening
Handbook 1800 SFX Volume 1.2 (Specify)
29. 00 AGA Experience 24 95 Gateway 1895 Scene Storm
26. 95 AGA Experience 2 2695 Gateway 2 1995 Scl Fi Sensation v2
28. 95 Amenean Hentaje III. Olcuonary
12. 00 GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Software 2000 36 95 Amiga CD Sensitwn 1 - Demos 1595 GIF
Gallery Vol 1 22 00 SoUr System Kit for LW
64. 95 Amiga Deretooe' Cpvl.1
19. 95 GIFs Galore 895 Sound & GRX Library
28. 95 AmiNet Share 4
7. 50 GiF Sensation 24 95 Sound FX Sensation
21. 95 AmWetSet 1
36. 95 Giga Graphics 39 95 Sounds Terrific 1.2 (Specify)
25. 00 AmiNet Set 2
36. 95 Global Amioa Experience 28 95 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 AmiNer Set 3 NEW
39. 95 Gold Fish 2.3 (Specify) 1995 Sfwctrum Emulator 19%
27. 95 AmiNet 3
4. 00 Graphics Plus 1800 Sports Football CO-32 600 AmiNet 4
7. 00 Graphics Sensations 24 95 Strip Poker
12. 95 AmiNet 5.6
12. 00 Groller's Encyclopedia 2 39 95 Surface Pro & Pro Textures
Combo 55 95 AnvNet (Speedy
19. 00 Gumess Book of World Records 995 Super Fonts
19. 00 AmiNet 13 NEW
19. 95 Gutenberg Project
19. 00 Syndesis 30 ROM vl. V2 (Specify)
79. 95 AMOS PO library 1.2 (Specify)
25. 00 Horror Sensation 26 95 Tales of Peter Rabbit
10. 00 Anime Babes
18. 95 Honest 4. 5.6 (Specify) 24 95 Ten on Ten (lOCOs)
49. 95 Arcade Classics Plus
23. 95 Hound of the 8askervilles
8. 00 Texture Gallery Vol 1
27. 95 Artworx
12. 95 Huminod LW or imagine (Spec)
159. 95 Texlure Heaven
7. 50 Assassns Games
8. 95 ImaoeVision
134. 95 Taxiure Heaven 2 1295 Assass ns Games 2
22. 95 Insight: Technology I295 That's Games 1.2 (Specify) 2500
Audio Plus 1800 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM 44 95 Time Table of
History: 1991 Editions Barney Bear Goes to School BOO
Internet Info 24 95 Business. Politics & Media 1500 Bciner i.
2 (Specify)
8. 95 Kara Fonts Complete Collection 3995 Science & Innovations
15. 00 Beauty of Chaos Fractals 1995 Ust Nirtji 3 CD-32 600 Town
With No Name
5. 00 Bible & Religion
17. 00 Light ROM 2 22 95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CO 1495 Blanker
22. 95 Light ROM 3 (3 COS) 39 95 Universal 30 ROM
137. 95 C64 Sensations Volume 2
26. 95 Light Works 28 95 Ultimedia 1 & 2 2 Cds) 21 95 CO Boot
39. 95 Magic Illusions 3D Stereograms 1495 Utilities Experience
19. 95 C0PD1
8. 00 Magic Publisher
49. 95 Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 CD PO 2.3. 4 (Specify) 2400 Magic Workbench Enhancer 26 95
Video Gem 85 00 COWnte 4295 Maximum MODs Volume 1 2595
Visions 2495 Chaos Engine CP-32
6. 00 Meeting Pearls 3
13. 95 Visual FX 1.2 (Specify)
99. 00 Cinderella: The Original Fairy Tale
9. 00 Mega Media 2
18. 00 Weird Science Dip Art 14 00 Dip An & Fonts
9. 95 Micro R&D Volume 1
25. 00 Weird Science Fonts 1400 Clipart Warehouse 1.2 (Specify)
1800 Micro R&D Volume 2 4000 Weird Science Animations
25. 00 Cookbook Heaven 2
19. 00 Micro R&D Volume 3
14. 95 Weird Science Demo Mania 1 20 00 Colour Library
15. 95 Micro R&D Volume 4
15. 95 Weird Science UPO Gold 3995 Corporate Video Backgrounds
118. 95 Micro R&D Volume 5
44. 00 Women In Motion 900 DataMa 1600 Mind Run - CDTV ONLY
7. 00 Workbench Add On
32. 00 da Capo Mods 6 Sounds 27 00 MODs Anthology 36 95 World
Atlas trom Wisedrome 39 95 Demo C01.2 (Specify) 2400 Movie
Maker Special FX 1 59 95 World Info 45 95 Ola tint Sum 5.11
99. 95 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 World of Clipart Pfus 22 95 EMC-Phase i. 2 3 (Specify) 33
95 Moving Textures 100.200 (Spec) 239 00 World of GIF 2 22 00
EMC-Phase 4 Call Mud Puddles 1000 World of Photo
19. 95 Emulators Unlimted Plus 2695 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
36 95 World o Sound
18. 95 Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon 16 95 Muse MODs & Sound
Samples 8 95 Wrath of the Demon
5. 00 Epic Collection
26. 95 NetNews Offline Volume 1 1695 XiPaint 4.0 64 95 Enc Schwa
riz CD-Archlve
21. 95 Network CO by Weird Science
22. 95 Zoom Release 2 34 95 EurpScene 895 Network CD 2 by Weird
Science 22 95 EuroScene 2 1895 Network Cable CD32 to Amioa
30. 00 For Adult Titles please see our Eyes ot the Eaott 900 New
Basics Electronic Cookbook
15. 00 Catalog on Disk or WWW site.
Fi Licenseware 39 95 Nothing but GIFs
18. 95 Electronic Arts Alfa Data Repairs & Installation Deluxe
Pamt 5 $ 124.95 Deluxe Music 2 59 95 Theme Pam
19. 95 FIFA Intemaboml Socces 1995 Syndicate 24 95 PopJous
14. 95 AlfaPowtr Pin* IDE HO Controller 0 to 8Mb RAM: $ 149.95 for
A500 500+ New 72 pin SIMMs We realize the difficulty many
Amiga users have In finding reliable and honest service
facilities. We have been with the Amiga right from the start
and know it thoroughly. We repair all Amigas. Including the
A12Q0 and A4000. We also install and configure existing
machines. We offer reasonable rates and tree estimates. We
only charge you if you want your system repaired '. Please
call our Tech line at 610-586-8640 lor details on sending in
your system.
* Actual return shipping charges do apply to all units sent in to
our location.
Alfl Power Plus W 613MU HD $ 369 % Call for other contlQuniioni ASM Peripherals BiQFoot MOW P S.-A500-6C0-1200 $ 84.95 Commodore A50C Power Supply 49.95 A500 Case wmptite w sluglping 17,95 A500 Internal Repacement Dnve 44.95 A500 Keyboard 44.95 External Floppy Dnve 860K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 33 95 COM Sanrlca Manuals A500 Service Manual $ 14 95 A500* Service Manual 19 95 A2000 Rev 4.x Service Manual 22 95 A3000 Desktop Service Manual 24 95 A3000 Tower Service Manual 26.96 1084S 01 Service Manual 14 95 M-TEC Germany Mtk AT 500 No HD $ 149.95 Mtec AT 500 613MD HD 369.95 Mtk A500 2Mb RAM
Module 139.95 1950 or 1960 Service Manual (Spec) 19 95 2091 Service Manual 12.95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man 12 95 A590 HO Service Manual 14 95 CDTV Snrtc* Manual 17.95 Address it' 1.5 $ 26.95 AmiPC Power Mouse Software 1895 AmigaVision Clips vl SFX 895 AmigaYision Professionar 24 95 Artworks Clip Art Library 22 95 Aweb J w HTMl Heaven 44 95 Batch factory 49 00 Blitz Basic 2.1
89. 00 Brllllaice 2.0
124. 96 Checks & Balances 38 00 Cinem. 4D Mao»c Link
249. 00 Composite Studio Pro
149. 95 Contro Tower
139. 95 Co-Piict video 99 00 Cross OOS v6 4695 Cross MAC
79. 00 Decision Maker
199. 00 Desktoj Magic 2895 Oeskto? Mag* Sound Art Pack 1495
Digital Universe
124. 95 Directory Opus 5
79. 00 DirWoik 2
59. 00 Disk Expander
37. 95 Disk MlQiC
54. 95 Disney Animation Studio 39 95 OistantSuns 5.01 Floppy
57. 95 OJ Helper 2 5900 Easy Ltdoers 2
149. 95 EnPrinl 2 Epson Stylus Color Driver
34. 95 Family Connections
34. 00 Fiber Fictgry 7995 Final Calc
134. 95 Final Dita Release 3
59. 00 Final Wnter Rea 5
112. 95 Final Wnter Lila 59 95 Fractal Pro 6.10 w FPILvl CO 85 00
GameSmith Development System 7800 GeoMorph 1.0
49. 95 Gigamtm 3.x 58 95 HiSoft 3asic 2 94 95 Ibrowii
41. 95 imiQ* F X2.8 239 95 imagine 239 00 imageMaster R T 69 00
impact for Lightwave 21995 infoNexus 2 w DataNexus
59. 95 Interior Construction
69. 00 interior Desion 2. Or 3 (Specify)
38. 00 mtemixonai Flow Charter
33. 95 invoice It 1.2
34. 95 Link II!
4995 Mao* lantern v2
94. 00 Make Pith 2,10 29 95 Master ISO from AsiMware
174. 95 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typiing 2 24 95 MaxOGS 2.5
79. 00 Motion Mastw LW (Spec vl or v2)
114. 95 Music X 2.0 69 95 OctaMED Pro v6
59. 95 On the Bill vl.5
35. 00 PaoeSmm 3jc
199. 00 Path Finder 99 00 Pegger2 0
29. 95 Photogemcs 84,95 Pixel 30 Pro 2.x
89. 95 Power Macros liQhtwave
89. 95 Pro Vector 3
179. 00 Quarterback 6.1
49. 95 Ouarteiback Tools Deluxe 2 02
49. 95 Quarteiback ? Tows Bundle 8995 Radar 4000
299. 00 Road Sgns 44 95 SAS C 5.51
159. 95 Scape Maker 4 0
39. 95 Swiwr Ammator 4.0 5895 SiGH-lxgw 5.4
24. 95 Snap Maps Building Materials
124. 95 Snap taps Fields & Foliage
124. 95 Soft Talk
7. 50 Sparks
119. 95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools
24. 95 Studio Pnnter 2 V2.12 89 95 Super HP-OJC 3 or HP-U4 (Spec)
37. 95 Surface Pro
55. 95 Termlli TCP
64. 95 T*rri Fgrm 2,10 29 95 Turbo Calc 3.5
64. 95 Turbo Print 4.1 84 95 Twist 2 Relational Database 11995
TypeSnith 2.5 69 00 Upper sk Tools 2595 Video Backup System
69. 00 Vista Pro 3.05 4995 Wave Maker 2.0
179. 95 Wipe Stutfco 137 95 World Construction Set vl
158. 95 World Construction Set v2
368. 95 NOT 6 NEW Games for Amiff* S CO M Aladdin AGA $ 24.95
Alien Breed 30 AGA CD-32 (Specify) 39.95 Alien Breed 30 2
AGA CD-32 (Specify) 41.95 Atrophy AGA CD-32 (Spaecify) 34.95
Beau Jolly Compilation 24.95 Blitz Bombers ECS AGA CD-32
(Spec) 37.95 Breathless AGA 34.95 CivHiation ECS or AGA
(Specify) 24.95 Coala • for all accelerated Amioas 37.95
Colonization 36.00 The Clue (CD-32) 16.95 Defender of the
Crown 2 CO-32 16.95 Dungeon Master 2 AGA 42.95 Exile
AGA CD-32 (Specify! 37.95 Exile ECS 24.95 Extreme Racing
AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Fears AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95
Gloom CO-32 24.95 Gloom Deluxe Amiga 39.95 Gloom Data Disk
AGA 17.95 Humans 3 AGA 39.95 Lion King AGA 24.95 Master Axe
ECS AGA (Specify) 34 95 Odyssey Amiga 34 95 Odyssey CD-32 37
95 Overlord ECS AGA 24 95 Pinball Illusions AGA CO-32 (Spec)
37.95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95 Pinball Prelude ECS AGA
;Speofy) 34.95 Pole Position ECS AGA (Specify) 34 95
Roidklll CD-32 17 95 Sensible Golf Amiga 37.95 Sensible
Wortd of Soccer 95 96 34.95 Shadow Fighter ECS AGA (Specify)
19.95 Shadow Fighter CD-32 39.95 Slam Tilt AGA 34.95 Spens
Legacy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Star Crusader CO-32 42 95
Super Skidmarks ECS CO-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Skidmarks Data
Disk AGA 19.95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super
Tennis Champs Amga 34.95 Theme Park ECS AGA (Specify) 44.95
Vlro Cops ECS AGA (So«ify) 29 95 Virtual Kartmg AGA 26.95
Watch Tower AGA 34.95 Worms Amiga CD-32 Specify) 39 95
XP8AGA 38 95 Amlgm Books A1200 6 CD-ROM Need lo Know $ 29.95
internet Modems & Comms 29.95 Ultimate AMOS 28 95 ROM
Kernel: Devices 3d Edition 27.00 ROM Kernel: Inc. & A'tfccs
3rd Ed. 36.00 Exploring Lightwave 30 52.99 Complete
Post-Prod wfl. Wilson 24 95 FX Kit for Lightwave 33.96 Power
FX for LW 5.0 27.95 Video Products Peraenil Anlm. Recorder,
Amiga Call Personal TBC 4 $ 829 00 RocGen Plus Genlock
199. 00 Vldi Amiga 24 RT 26995 Vidl Amiga 24 RT Pro 37900 Vlab
Y C internal Call Vlab Y C External Call Utilities Unlimited
Emplant Deluxe $ 349.95 Emplant AMIA Interface 55.00 Mac
Emulation Pro for Emplant 34.95 5860X Module tor Emplant
119.95 We proudly announce t NEW software emulation packages
that allow you to run all Mac software on your Amiga.
ErnUm requires MAC PQM image file.
Mac Lite $ 67.95 Emplant A1200 & CD32 w SX Unit 54.95 Info 610-586-5703 m mm Tech 610-586-8640 Wiaerb ¦_¦ - - A gSStiS'-ift 800-932-6442 oOTTW3r© Hilt Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6: Sat 10 to 4-Eastern m m m ¦ ¦ wb b GVP-M We are the North American distributors for GVP-M, currently distributing many new and innovative products madf in the U.S.A. All current boards support inexpensive 72 pin SIMMs.
Falcon 04i 2SMz Accelerator Fastest for the A1200.
Upgrad’ble to 060 $ 499.95 Falcon SCSI-2 Option - $ 59.93 NEW 060 T-Rax 2 A4000, A4000T, A3000T board. 060 50Mz w SCSI-2 controller, expandable to 128Mb RAM. Supports normal 72 pin SIMMs.
Blazing speed and faster SCSI-2 than Cybsrstorm.
$ 1099.00 A2000 060 50Mx T-Rax Seme features as T-Rex 2 above.
$ 929.93 A2000 040 4OMx T-Rax Same features as T-Rex 2 above. Can be expanded to 060 50Mz at a later date.
Call A4006 Controller Card The classic SCSI-2 controller card for A2000 3000 4000.
Holds up to Bmb RAM.
A4008 x 360Mb HO $ 299,95 Each 2Mb Increment • $ 40.00 Original GYP made SIMMs for all older GVP boards: 4Mb-$ ff 9.95 16Mb 5299.95 DSS 8 Plus 3.0 Software $ 29.95 I O Extender • 2 Semi. 1 Pir. 119.00 fou can now visit Software Hu " Power HD Floppy Drives our site on the ’orId Wide Web: wivw. Softhut.com at Wc
3. 5Mb Super XL Ext. Orlvs $ 209.95 Power Computlns 1.71 XL Ini.
Ter A4000 124.95 Power Computlni 1.79 XL Ext. 134.96 IAM Connect Your Amigel A Guide to the InterNet, LANs BBSs, A Online Services $ 24.95 lor book only, or $ 49.93 w 9 disk sat described below Connect Your Amlgal Eight Disk Set $ 27.00 lor dlaka only Dice 3.2 • $ 89.95 MR Backup 2.5 • 859.95 Disk Salv 4 - The ultimate Amiga disk utility - 804.95 Amiga Envoy 2.0b - Peer to peer networking - 854.95 The Deathbed Vigil A Other Tilei ol Angst • 2 hour video • $ 25.00 MegaBall 4 - 824.95 I HAVE MegaBalls! T-Shirt Lor XL (Specify) - $ 14.93 Phase 5 Ws are proud to ba distributing thsse fins boards from
Germany’s leading board manufacturer.
Wa now hava all thsir products in stock.
Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board $ 799.95 Blizzard 2060 w SCSl 929.00 Blizzard 1230-4 w 50Mz CPU 263.95 Blizzard 1230 or 1260 SCSI Mod 169.95 CyberGraphx Software 59.00 Cyberstorm 060 Mk2 3000 4000 895.00 Cyberstorm SCSI 199.95 Cybervision 64 Z3 2Mb 399 95 Cybervision 64 Z3 4Mb 4*9 95 Call tor other new products Adventures ol Wi»y Beamish $ 1295 Agony
11. 95 Amazing Spiderman 495 Amnios
11. 95 Aquaventura
8. 95 Atommo
9. 95 Blade Warnof
9. 95 Bob's Bad Oay
6. 95 Carl Lewis Challenge
11. 95 Carmen San Diego - World
7. 00 Chamber of Sti Mutant Pnestess
11. 95 Clever & Smart
2. 95 Cl0wn-0-M|m|
4. 95 Covert Action
4. 95 Curse of the Azure Bonds
10. 95 Dmo Wars
6. 95 Double Dragon 2
2. 95 Dragonstone
11. 95 Dream Web
12. 95 Elite 2: Frontier
14. 95 Espana Games
8. 95 F29 Rerahator
12. 95 Fields of Glory AGA C0-32 Spec
14. 95 Fumes of Freedom
4. 95 Glodbule
8. 95 Greens 30 Goit
4. 95 Gun shoot
2. 95 Gunship 2000 CO-32
14. 95 Hal Street Btu«s
3. 95 impossible Mission ECS CD32 Spec
14. 95 Flatbed Scanners AM-TRADE Hi-Density Floppy Drives Just
released is the new AM-TRADE internal high densitydrive for
A4000, A4000 Tower, A600, and A1200.
These drives feature full compatibility with the Commodore Chinon model, unlike other models on the market. We have tested these drives with Cross DOS, Cross Mac Scapemaker, Emplant, and PC Task with perfect results. They can be configured as either DF0 or DF1 for full flexibility. They can also be used in the A2000 and A3000 with the original faceplate and button.
Look for specific models for these units as well as an external model in the next month.
A4000 or A4000T A600 or A1200 $ 99.95 $ 99.95 Game Software Blowout Need to crests high quality presentations? Nothing will help you more than a 24 bit color flatbed scanner.
Epson Action Scanner 2 24 bit color with up to 1200DPI resolution.
8499. 95 Epson ES1000 Scanner 2 24 bit color with one of the
highest resolutions available: 1600DPI $ 899.95 Software
driver, auch aa Imago FX, la required.
V. ... . J PC Task 3.1 This software turns your Amiga into a
Windows running PC. PC apaad is dictated by your Amiga
processor. Now available at a special price: $ 59.95 Consultron
Need to talk to a PC or Mac?
This is the software to do it.
Thaaa programs support low and high dansity floppy drives and all types of hard drives.
CrossDOS v6 • $ 46.95 CroseMac - $ 79.00 Mllng Cloud 8 95 394 Bltfe 3.95 Leander 11.95 Lemmiigs 2 - The Tribes 19.95 Math Blaster Plus 12.95 MegaTraveilar 2 14.95 Might & Magic 3 14.95 Mortal Kombat 14.95 Oh No! More Lemmings - Add On 5 95 Power Styx 3.95 Prime Mover 6.95 Rambo3 4 95 Red Zoie 11.95 Rings cf Medusa 4.95 Roadkil A1200 9.95 Sink or Swim 7.95 Skybtiiter 2.95 Space Quest 4: Roger weco 14.95 Subwai 2050 AGA 16,95 Table Tennis 4.95 Targhai 4.95 Teenagi Mutant Ninfa Turtles 7.95 Tetris 7.95 Theme Park Mystery 3,95 Top Gear 2 12.95 UFO Enemy Unkown ECS AGA (Spec 6 95 Wings 11.95
WiZ'fl’JZ 11.95 Worid Trophy Soccer 6.95 Software Hut Proudly Announces the American Distribution of Bruce Smith Books Tatalt AMIGA emigidoe $ 29.96 Total! AMIGA auemtrier 30.95 Total! AMIGA workbench 2S.95 Maltering Amiga lagknnen 29.95 Mastering Amiga D0S3 Rtf. 31.95 Mattering Amiga Scripts 29.95 Maslsrlng Amiga Prog. Secrets 31.95 Maitariiig Printers 29.95 Amiga A1200 Insider Guide 25.95 Amiga A12M Next Slops Insldsr Guide 25.95 Amiga Disks and Drives 25.95 Amiga Assembler Insider Guide 25.95 Worttench 3 A le Z Insider Guide 2S.95 Amiga BASIC - A Oabhsnd Guido 28.95 Coming Soon: Total! Amiga
C tTotall Amiga AREXX Advanced Amiga Analyzer V 2.0 - $ 59.95 Special Offer
• «y i tervUe mimiI fir yopr compstor, with purchase • $ 1X93
Monitors Electrohome C34 Muliiscan 14*. ,28mm. 15 40kHz.
45 90Hz Flat Screen, full Amiga support of all screen modes
including all AGA $ 519.95 Toshiba T.I.M.M. 20*. 58DP Great for
Toaster and Flyer users $ 829.95 C0 14)1 Multiscan $ 579 00 15 to
23 pm Adapter 28 95 Sync Strainer Adapter 49.95 Pro-260
Amplified Multi-Media 60w Speaker System 39.95 Commodore
Closeouts Amiga Products CDTV T-Shirt w Maoaziw $ 12.2 286
Bridgeboard - PBC Only 212 2088XT Bridgeboard Complete 29$ A500
User Manual 595 AC Power Cord 64 A4000 Top Case 78 A4000 Bottom
Case 72 A4000 Front Bezel 58 A4000 Metal Plate for FDDs 5.25*
98 AmigaVision Professional 218 Textcraft Plus 78 Amiga Gift
8undle 78 Arnqa Starter Bundle 78 Anuga Discovery BundU 98
A1000 Power Supply 128 TV Text Pro DPaint 3 Btndle 128 A500
Shield 58 RK Manual Libraries & Devices vl 7 A1000 RF Cable 18
CDTV Keyboard 554 A1200 User Manual 54 A4000 User Manual 74 CBM
Dynamite Bundle 194 C64 128 Preducts Ribbon MPS1230 $ 7* Ribbon
801 71 Radon 803 71 leontroller 122 128 Motherboard 391 1280
Motherboard 292 1541 PCB Alps 198 1541 PCB Newtromcs 192 1541-2
PCB 168 1670 Modem 112 1280 Keyboard
19. 2 1280 Power Supply 11 Or 212 1280 Power Supply 240r Cl C-64
HO Power Supply 218 1571 PCB 21?
1571 Orrve Assembly 258 1541 Onve Assembly 218 1541-2 Orive Assembly 218 C-64C Motherboard 318 1581 1541-2 Power Supoly 118 C-128 RGB Monitor Cable 3?
PC-10 Keyboard 29$ Bank St. Wnter
10. 1 News Maker 128 51 Sgeelil: Free Muter Type with any C64 128
purchna Our Policies No writing tor your orders to ship. Qrtn
in by 2PM go out the same day. Steal Dry & Overnight shippjig
is tviDtbii International orders shp by Air Ptra Post or UPS
Express, domestic crdth ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
• Ad orders are subpci to credit ctrd venhcahor- 1 MMSkl T Due to
ad schedules, all prices art subject to change. Wa accept Vist
Master Card. Ameriem Express. 1 Discover with NO service
charge. We also ship COO. Accepting Cash. CertifiMi Check, or
Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and
accessones shipping is $ 6.00. Harflwi shipping is $ 6.00 for
small items. $ 15.00 lor Monitors. Call for laiger items COD add
$ 5.00. Canad an. APO. I international orders are welcome. We wl
bill only tor actual shipping charges i: insurance it time ot
crder. 15% restocking fee on all return; not exchangif for
another item. Shipping charges an NOT refundable.
6 CocwN 1W. TeeftoUMcai fiM ftgtti ran footprint is about half the depth the separate front and back paper trays add to the amount of room t takes up.
As the Stylus is a new printer, the Amiga has no standard printer drivers for it Therefore you are going to have to get hold of third patty software that has Stylus drivers, such as TurboPrint or the EnPrint software we used for this review. Both of these implement 24-bit print drivers on your Amiga and will let you get the best out your printer.
Ocan remember a time when I had a nine-pin Epson RX-80 dot matrix printer hooked up to an Apple lie; a time when I was highly impressed by the crudely dithered mono picture of John Wayne this hardware managed to print out. Boy how things have changed... well, apart from the government.
Epson's latest addition to its ever burgeoning range of Stylus printers is the Stylus500. A true 720 dpi printer using Epson's latest piezo inkjet print head, the StylusSOO can produce colour or greyscale printouts, and thanks to its separate black and colour cartridges, will produce true blacks on your colour prints.
The Stylus is a rear-loading affair that can take up to 100 A4 sheets or 10 envelopes.
Size-wise the Stylus takes up about the same amount ol room as a Deskjet, even though its ore its
512. 95
24. 95 I 995
5. 95
6. 95
7. 95
7. 95
9. 95 25- 9.95
24. 95
7. 95
7. 95
7. 95
6. 95
12. 95
12. 95
6. 95 $ n 7.95
4. 95
59. 95
5. 95
7. 95
49. 95 Quality-wise the Stylus is up against some stiff
competition, namely Canon and Hewlett Packard's BJ and
DeskJet ranges. The Stylus is going to be have to be able to
produce something special to beat these, and it certainly
manages that Epson refers to the printer as being photo-
real, and when you print at 720 dpi on its $ 7.00
7. 00 700 1295 39 95 39 95 1995 1995
16. 95
14. 95
19. 95 2495 Cali
24. 95
24. 95
29. 95
24. 95
24. 95
34. 95
14. 95
8. 95
29. 95
10. 00 500 Qn PRI NT Stylus500. It is meant to be virtually
identical to the older Stylusll, but I did have to increase
the initial gamma settings and change the RGB colour
correction levels to around 120% to get a reasonably bright
print. The EnPrint software is regularly updated so the next
release should correct this.
Compared to TurboPrint output, EnPrint produces almost as good quality, with both doing an excellent job of picking out fine detail. I would say TurboPrint produces slightly richer colour, but this could be to do with EnPrint not being set up quite correctly for the Stylus500.
The preference program could do with a couple of additions, such as a dither preview. There are well over 60 dithers, but you will have no idea what they look like until you print with them, so a small on-screen preview would be most welcome.
Also, the print manager program that comes with it should at least allow you to scale and move the print area using the mouse, and loading files via Datatypes would be a nice addition.
Once installed, EnPrint provides you with five new Amiga printer drivers; one for each of the Stylus printers available from Epson. When you come to print with one of these drivers, the EnPrint driver will be used instead of the old 12-bit Amiga printer driver, this being a full 24-bit driver offering full control over dithering, gamma, intensity and colour control. But it's still compatible with the old printer device, so any program you print with will still print correctly with the EnPrint driver.
Once you have selected your Stylus printer from the normal Amiga preference program, you have to select what density to print at from the PrinterCfx preferences. Instead of referring to a printer density setting, it highlights one of seven possible printer configurations set from the EnPrint preference program. This goes for any Amiga program that allows you to adjust the printer settings.
EnPrint comes with default settings for each type of Stylus printer available, apart from this latest specially coated paper, they are just that; photo-realistic. Alright, if you look close up at the paper the dithering is visible, but at normal reading distance the prints look immaculate. As I said, this is using Epson's special 720 dpi coated paper that stops the ink droplets 'bleeding' and makes the printed colours far more vibrant, but this is the case for all ink and bubble jet printers.
R(lB tanvtd
* Colour prints on normal paper generally result in slightly more
blurred and duller colours, as the individual ink drops blur
together. Even so, this is fine for doing proofs at say 360
dpi, with finals done on the coated or even glossy paper that
Epson offers.
EW At under £300 the Epson StylusSOO is not only very well priced, it is amazingly well specced. Someone who wants quality prints should give the Stylus a lot of cons deration.
Bottom line Bottom line Product details Epson Stylus Color 500 360 Paper - £8.99 720 Paper-£10.99 Gloss paper - £22.99 Product Price 95% 90% Ease of use Implementation Value For Money 90% 91% Overall Amiga Computing want to see all the settings, try this somewhere in your script: foreach Svar (keys ZENV) print *lvar is SERVC'var*) n* ) This is a good way of seeing the contents of any associative array.
These variables are set for you to use in your scripts by the Web server. They can tell you the IP address of the person accessing the script which browser they are using, and other useful bits of information. They are set in the associative array %ENV. If you require the library and use its variables and sub-routines. Here is an example of a typical library: l! usr local bin perl Ilibrary for ay Web site - aaigalib.pl fAlways put 1; in libraries.
Iwhen requiring tbis library it aust return true!
1; Iset our servernaae in case I want to aove it!
Jsereernwe = ¦‘wuu.aaigaforever.cou’; Iset the links to the 2 pages, use the variables frca now on so it lis easy to change the links froa now on llinkjront = *http: Sservernaae cgi- bin frontpage.pl"; Slink.search =
* http: tservernaae searchfora.htal"; Slink.back *
,http: $ servernaae cgi-bin back- pi9e.pl’; ftakes ar arguaent
of a page naae, prints out header fcr that page sub page.header
local(Swhatpage) * 9_; Mil pages start with saae foraat,
although don't have to!
Print 'Ay scripted site"; 91 * print " Uelcoae to the Swhatpage page"; Ipov here is the switches for each page if (Swhatpage eq "front") C print "HTALEAb*; This is the coolest scripted site around!
HTHLENb ) elsif (Swhatpage eq "back") i print "HTAIEAD"; That was the coolest scripted site!
HTALERD ) print ) Firstly, I set some link variables which I will now use instead of ‘hard coding' HTML Note how I insert Sservername to set the links.
I have formed a sub-routine which takes an argument of a pagename and prints out the header for that page. I only have it working for two pages, but this can be for as many as you need. The line ’local(Swhatpage) = takes the argument I will pass to the sub-routine and sets the variable (see variables boxout) Swhatpage to the value of the argument. Is one of Perl's special variables, @ signifies a list variable and is list- name passed to the sub.
I have only passed one item in die list. To collect four arguments try 'local($ what- page,Sarg2,Sarg3,Sarg4) = @J.
To use this library let's take a took at an example main script: f! usr local bin perl Frontpage script fUse content type before 'printing1 to the Web browser print ’Content-type: teit htal'; Mequire the library so I can use it in this script require 'nigalib.pl"; Iprint out the top part of the page using the library sub 81 = Ipage.headerCfronf); Iprint ay aiin content using variables as URLs!
Print "HTALEAD"; Here is a sail I list of links:1- Soto our search page The back page, great!
Besigned by dakota ¦TALERD This is the simplest model for library use on Web sites. It is especially useful when maintaining five or more pages with common information. Using a layout library you can change every page on your site in seconds. I have done this before on a site of over 1000 ' pages.
Next let's look at something more funky; a sub-routine that will return a random image: sub randoajiic ( Isct the list of pictures local(8pictures) * Cpicl. Jpg',“pic2.jpg","picJ.gif’,’pic*, jpg"," pic5.gif) Iset the randoa seed srand; fchoose a ruibtr between 0 end flpifturei local $ rolI) = int(rand(Sfpictures)); return ) You must always use srand before using the randQ function, as it sets the random seed.
S pictures is the number of elements (four in this case) of the list @pictures (remember, this is counted from 0). Rand($ pictures) returns a random number from zero to four and int(rand(S pictures)) makes it an integer.
To use this sub-routine just insert these line Just two examples for now: SENV “REMOTE_ADDR"} contains the IP address of the user, and $ ENV “HTTP_USER_AGENr} contains details of their Web browser.
By using 'if statements vou can serve browser-specific HTML to people!
Environment variables into your script: Jpicture = lrandoa_plc; print Spicture; Okay, that's enough for this month. I realise this may be a bit of a jump, so I recommend getting a Perl book, such as Larry Wall's 'Perl!', published by O'Reilly. Alternatively, you could look at the on-line docs at 'http: www.metronet.com perlinfo doc ma nual html perl.htmr. Finally, if ycu want to ask me a question, e-mail me at dan@imm- studios.com. Next month we'll look at CGI forms and setting up our own Amiga Web server. £& Binding errors You should be testing your scripts on your Amiga before you put them
on the Web server. Common errors include not delimitting "s or @'s. If you ever print an e-mail address you have to write the address as dan @amigaforever.com. Make sure that the HTMLEND marker is at the beginning of the line; it wont be found otherwise.
If the script works on the Amiga but not on the Web server, check the following; Are you printing the Content-type line first?
Are the permissions on the UNIX Web server set correctly?
Is the script bit path set correctly?
If you are having a real nightmare, ask the sys admin of die server for help. As a last resort you could even ask me.
Amiga Computing 24 NOVEMBER 1996 9 U TOR IA ? Set
* in jble, item of «t rray, and an"} alue lum- Getting Dan depths
of CGI and Perl programming HWBRI realise imend TeHr, could at
x ma ant to £imm- at CGI a Web the Web server. I have put the
standard path, but it may well be different for your ISP - best
to ask them before you get going. Always remember to print the
Content-type first; things just don't happen without it! I have
put the body of my HTML between the HTMLEND print markers. This
saves me having to 'delimit the "‘s with 's as I have done in
the last line with the image tag. The 's are for commenting
out lines.
There really is no point in the above script. It does, however, show you how to actually print out HTML, but this is nothing that a straight .html file couldn't do. Here is a list ol the main advantages of a scripted site: blocks of frequently used HTML Then when you want to change all the occurrences of that link block across the site, you just have to change it from one place. This saves changing every html page to alter a contact e-mail address!
2. You can have pages that are different every time someone
accesses them. This is useful for rotating advert banners,
variety, or just plain showing off!
3. Processing information from forms.
Examples of this are guest books, search engines, discussion groups and contact forms (more next month).
4. Linking databases and pages that display real-time
information. A bit complex, but very useful in big sites.
Let's have a look at the first point, When I design a site I put common parts into a library, then when I write a new script I just jwr Web not it an the com.
Isat M nd it not line ‘,osk Asa Os I promised last month we are now going to look at CGI programming that will let us run scripts on our Web sites from the cgi-bin. I could easily have had another HTML month, but you can learn HTML as you surf t the Web. The cgi-bin is the area of the Web server that will lead you towards becoming a true Webmaster. It's amazing how many Internet Consultants don't know their CGI from their left armpit but you are going to see how it's done this month.
Let's start at the beginning; the cgi-bin is a directory on the Web server where you store all your scripts or executables. When a vistor to your Web site accesses a link or posts a form to a URL that points at a CGI script such as 'http: www.amigaforever.com cgi- bin helpme.pl', the Web server will execute the file helpme.pl and then return the output.
This output will, 99% of the time, be straight HTML, although it could be any file type, such as an image for example. For now, however, focus on the HTML output The Web browser will then display this to the visitor, and that is the full process explained in operational terms.
The scripts on the Web server can be written in ary language - Perl, C, Python, TCL, Arexx, or even Visual Basic if you really must!
C produces the fastest executables as they are compiled, but it is slower to develop compared with an interpreted language like Perl or Arexx. Sadly, there are not many Amiga Web servers for you to put Arexx scripts on, so I am going to cover Perl. Perl is widely used, is virtual always set up on the Web Server, and has excellent text handling functions, Perl 5.003 (see boxout) is available for the Amiga, so you can setup a development environment to test your scripts before putting them on your Web server. Remember I said that scripts return HTML? That means the simplest script will be
a straight conversion from HTML f'. isr lccal bin ptrl H Script that returns HTRl! - uou.pl Ithis lira tails the Web browser what it is jetting tact troa the script 31 s Without this lint the user will get a Server Error!
Print "CofttMt-typti mt htil"; Meet gots with the content print “ITHI€«I8"; Hy first script If you can see this on your Veb browser then it has vorked.
Print •*; A few things to notice about this script: The top line is called the script bit; it points to the location of the Perl binary on |] NSTALLATION AND USAGE You wit find Peri 5.003 on Aminet (eg sunsrte.docJc.acuk) at dev 1ang perl-5.003-bin.lha. Read the installation instructions carefully and you should have no trouble getting going.
Write your script using your favorite text editor, save it with a name like myscriptpl, and then in your shell type 'peri myscriptpl' to see the output When testing Perl from an Amiga shell, set the stack of your shell to 250000 by typing 'stack 250000'. This will prevent crashes, as Peri needs a large stack.
1. You can set variables to be links or Amiga Computing HOWTO
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program for I the Amiga. Ore r 600MO of Midi Me*. Sample*
|Music-X ver2 £29.99 Require* MIOI I'tace 4 a mouse, I 5Mb Rrq
to run Music-X and Notator together New.'.'Magic Publisher«cosm
£44.99 Inc. Wordworth 4 TO. Fn»J Writer 4 SE. 10.000 Fonts.
5,000 Clipart. 150 Printer Drivers and more... inal Writer 5
Wore Processor Publisher Late*: version of this award | winning
software 3 only!! £74.99 Final Writer Lite Requires Kickstart
2.04 or above. 2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive
installable H desired.
£39.99 £39.99 Twist 2 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above & 2Mb of memory I Hh £74.99
Spreadsheets Fmaicak Final Calc £94.99
• Requires Wo'kbcnch 2.0 or above, 2Mb of memory min.,
H. Disk with Smb of free space Home Finance Money Matters 4
£49.99 Utilities _ - mm 1 °PUS 5 Bbmagic .. .. £49.99 Mini
Office 99 Wordworth 5
• Any Amiga 2.04 or hfbrr
• 3Mb of Memory
• 2.Floppy dhm or Mdvrv.
£59.99 All in one Mcbt* Integrated Package
• Wordarocessor _ _ _ £38.
Opus5 C Custom Cable Suppliers For all your custom cable n-tpjlremcnt* Just give us a call, we can usually tupply most cablet next working day.
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FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 ID-ROM...I!D-BOM...GD-ROM..JD-HUM...GO-ROM...GO-fO!y]...CD-ROM...!iU-i!«]...CO-M Magic Publisher Workbench Add-On Volume 1 On *•» inqia CdtOM Sal you ad tnd dl you naad V3 craoia nca (poking documrti It yo* mum to onke a book, i you analto deign a ppkte I yov a«M lo uaala WWWAogei to. Lha kaw oc loyo.1 a irogaxira ol you naod you «4I knd oa fha rrcrrMo.. CD SOM There ora am Ikon 10 000 Ton* (Cdov Fenb. Brenap Form IFF-foMa. Adota FaMx kuaUFortv T-ueCype fotn and DMF fonail.
Not* Ihoa 3.000 doarv and 130 pi Mar dmon Mary d nan o a eackuate 10 Aeegt PuMdtel You .0 obo knd a canplata nircfoir.n ol taiTai (mn Aon )00 Ml) unvsnng all m kith luplo 600.600 dpi) In orda, lo naoia good looknfl dx.naMt Kao a '"O' V*W 4 SC ond Word-orlh 4 ID Bah -aad a. iha baat «ort p-n-awo-t on lha AnUgo Tor cnaalng good kookirg IteaatWWWOocMTMMt ilara ora dl onviobW •** Skora oa piogoau lor Pa Am go indudng marry borkgrxonfc aid HUCKJ ctpoit lot Ht prrpOM Tha 100* pogai bocAai contain. PrtiKu* d ol loan ond dean Aipocid BBS ladon a obo praadad f 49 95
• •••••••••••••••••• Amiga Developer CD vl.l Thu mcktea. Lo CD32
daronper pockoge • OddfeA la ? .
Origmd Uiilw a.U’fajVo, you m( Ind lha BuidCD* CO pockogn Plxtcgei ccnvfetned by 3rd portai Th« WBPcrh and ArtetfSSM wlspi. «udw, tl I at* BuU Tkt fmo, .3 0 darakopa' kjl couttaiy d 1AM, Inc. Th» 'Nw 225 iImIiw hi I,
• •'•on 2. CouPeiy ol ViWrurorki. Vie , Tha Ki denote pockogn
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Smi Idennafae in tupport d (orthcoeing option's tyttet dnokermMt AddKoral dteelaper mooed BOOK) godget ord mage claim; The AmgaCS 2 04 aranpka coda oa pan d lha ongnd 2 04 Noma Oevafc**- 4: tha It KM 2.04 ceda a.anp'at Tha car ittm Ml d -aQiiwad *f tow tt awd* end l«o la* tin. Al« Social mluud b, GsmmcdMBArtg* Ut_, c-su.ng 1986 Itrmgh 1992, Th. -and ,371 MIDI da opa, U: lha JAMA II Hunted pcxkaga o«d datolopot it. Tha IruldWr i4) I pockoga Mawaid kupport rard Sorrpl. La*' uueg lha W IS08B59-I chyodai Ml Tromiaton gudalnai Tha updated 3 I Main 0a**(* tt *C end ouanAdy kmguog. Kaodac liat.
KrAar and 'mtaa SyUam dacunnttekoa ond Moral n.n. fpla coda »*»g "a Amgo OS 3 0 end 3 I leatrei. Tka NaoiFF ,39 package, Tha ArmgoGudo ood Dcu'v;... SdotPTiaftelwi and aianpla tads MM*6l tka coia-ia* d AfkigoGuda Vucma I orkciaa. Mang Spring 19|7
- Ikroug* kimutr y'Fctrvo'y 19*9. Tha ConplaM AmgoGuidi Volute 5
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PoirScapi and ‘ogeSn.om lomd. Ttodmira ladad ansUt lha m
I'dida. A Auioioci hi AntgaGkide korncM C 14.93 Aminet Set 1
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Lo 1C00* houn ol Mutlcl C39 9J Aminet 13 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 Aminet 14 NaiNamt Omn. Vr.l 1 „ ih. Hr* dok ol a •». DnorlWy pudkihad Mtiai d Anigo COBOMi wWch content o* Amgoualeaad nam grcHpe ho» lU Warrai Ftery nAm. Iaoum oboe, 30 000 oradni nfcc* carton hoi runout, mparton nkxmnwn oboM al aipad. Ol Bia Amga pratxakotat dueuulom ond Son. Non A aowvaoda. N mhdad HaHwn C4Hna it ha chaop okmraitn.
D g ng n touch nth Uanl £14.91 knm CO 14. Datad Ooobar 1996. Coaaah d opprontndaiy l.l gigobyatt d tdtwor, n 2400 oidimt Stnea lha ralaota d Anna CQ 13 w» Ban 730 MB n*w tuw. Hto dppadnJ. U» htandy oceaw tdt-ara mcAat 4ta Amu! CD 14 o plaottra k m £14.93 All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies International Distributor: WorldWideWeb: http: www.schatztruhe.de BHDI o u rzim.
GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH CarhZeiss Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen • Germany Tel +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 A ver since the Macintosh first appeared with its A graphical user interface (borrowed from the W Xerox Parc), the mouse has been the input device of choice. Every computer worth its salt (and even the PC) now features a Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers System, representing directories and files in an abstract manner on-screen for the user to manipulate via the mouse.
However, in a trend possibly set by Apple itself with its Macintosh mice, a great many mice included with computers are not actually very good. The Amiga mouse was never an exception - the buttons have a distinctly tacky feel and the responsiveness and resolution leave a great deal to be desired. Admittedly, having two buttons as opposed to the single Macintosh button was at least a start, but they still necessitated a great deal of clicking in order to accomplish certain more elaborate operations within Workbench.
With software such as Directory Opus and MCP supporting a third mouse button, there’s never been a better time to replace that antiquated (and probably rather worn) Amiga mouse. Wizard offers its 560-dpi mice in black or white, with the former oddly costing an extra two quid.
The Wizard mouse is extremely comfortable to use, its curved contours fitting easily under all but the largest of hands The three microswitched buttons dick reassuringly when pressed, and the mouse pointer glides smoothly and precisely around the screen. The lengthy lead should enable convenient use on even the most crowded desktop.
The package indudes a floppy disk containing several programs enabling the use of the third button. And, should you feel the need to dust off an aging Atari ST at any time, the mouse can be switched for use with that computing relic Combining excellent performance with a reasonable price, the Wizard mouse represents a sound investment and is sure to bring a new lease of life to a multitude of Amiga Workbenches. »?
Reliable Bottom line UCT DETAILS Wizard Mouse Wizard Devebpments Price £12.99 (white), £14.99 (black) Tel__01322 527810 E-mail sales@wizard-d.demon.co.uk Dave Cusick throws his Amiga mouse away in favour of Wizard's impressive alternative SCOR ES Ease of use 89% Implementation 85% Value For Money 83% Overall 88% Surfing solution Os the Internet continues its inexorable creep into the everyday lives of the masses, modem prices shuffle slowly downwards as the manufacturers jostle for market domination. Little over a year ago a v32bis modem capable of transferring 14,400 bytes per minute was
the fastest machine most home users could afford. Now, however, falling prices and the sluggish nature of the Internet have persuaded many to upgrade to a more spritely 28.8k modem. These powerful beasts are capable of transferring binary files at approaching 3k per second, and text files even faster.
With the catchy moniker of M28E, Dynamode's latest offering boasts an alarmingly attractive fapa. It is especially stylish and compact, with a clear front panel and a particularly useful switch on top, rather than at the rear of the machine.
To a certain extent, one modem is much the same as another, and as one would expect, the M28E boasts full Hayes compatibility and is capable of fax transmissions. In use, the modem doesn't disappoint. Since it's BABT approved, connection to a BT phoneline is simply a matter of dropping the back panel cover dcwn and plugging in all the supplied cables. The modem itself, as you might expect in these IBM dominated times, only comes with PC software. However, OnLine includes a huge array of Amiga PD and shareware applications on floppy disk. These include the TCP IP stack AmiTCP, Web browsers
1. 0, Aweb 1.1 and I Browse 0.133demo), a demo of the Voodoo
e-mail client, plus news readers, terminal programs for
accessing Bulletin Boards, and so on. There's even a demo
version of Miami, the new dial-up networking stack that
takes all the hassles associated with configuring AmiTCP out
of getting connected to the Internet. The package also
contains Magic User Interface 3.3, AmiConnect, and even some
comms guides.
Nearly a dozen Internet Utility disks are also thrown in. Indeed, everything the Net Newbie could need is here, although of course registration is necessary if you continue using some of these programs, It all adds up to a well designed package that offers excellent value for money. The hardware is superb and the software selection is comprehensive to say the least It's the perfect 3uy for anybody who fancies a test drive on the Information B-Road.
Dave Cusick investigates OnLine PD's latest modem package Bottom line Amiga Computing mm cd CD-i MO VMS J J J J 5MD-100 VideoCD A COMMAND PERFORMANCE TIME AFTER TIME J . Dfifpour CCS CD-ROM drier.
Support ZiclcoCDformat elites the I pes, tke CMD-JOO widdword witk it.
• yutcoe j Addil idco Cds, Caraole Cds - andit pdatp Cdimoeies
too M; Muck letter tkan witk standardvideo WJ topes. Tke
combination ofjsdicl actios, skarp co oars, roclsteadjp
Ijrteze-fjr&mC AndsiddySmOdtk sdow ratios is a readtreat£or
tke eyes £ "t f tats thesoi ftfet j J J f J J Standalone unit
includes infrared remote control (with batteries), power supply
and one free Video CO.
Two video lus SUPER SQUIRREL CD PACK Without Classic Squirrel £299 With Surf Squirrel £379" 95 2x CD-ROM drive Classic Squirrel Two CD-ROMs £169' Without Classic Squirrel £119 With Surf Squirrel £19995 95 erei PRIORITY ORDER HOTLINE 0500 223 660 n* sen fc, r , xr pr I ' Jl " I I I I' I- I - I -r Review Miami - for an easy life I suppose it's worth h. These small problems aside, Miami is the easiest way to get on-line using the Amiga, You are going to have problems setting up mail programs, particularly if you are using an SMTP- based account but setting up your mail program is going to
be far easier than with AmiTCP £3 ET CONNECTED The frst claim made for Miami is that it is easy to set up. To make this as simple as possible there is in fact a separate program called Miamilnit which takes you step by step through the process of linking up to your Internet provider.
1. Select the serial device you want to use from a popup list.
For most people this will be the serial.device, but Surf
Squirrel owners will use the squirrelserial.device (you may
even have a replacement serial device such as 8nl).
2. Choose your modem from a very large list If yours is not
there, a generic setting is available that should work with
any Hayes-compatible modem.
3. After Miami has checked your modem by trying to reset it, you
can enter your IP's phone number.
4. Depending on whether your IP account uses a static or
dynamic IP address, you select which is appropriate for you.
You also choose whether to use PPP or Slip and determine your
user name and password.
5. The final phase is to dial up to your IP and enter your user
name and password. This is done by simply pressing three
buttons on the Miamilnit GUI and then enterdieter of MeiawH
m MerocOr*. • e you can type n tent e eny if your mt net
provtow reourm eOOKiorue informationotfier i OSA1 W and
patewcrd, men m*t type them into tne deter Mem ¦Manage, ’ nrp®
toe anr "Cancel- Atnrt tne dialer end return to tn* prevnua
page ¦Or**- One* you heve looped into your rervice proved.
I IP COLIA PAP there end lf*n cite* on Orene to atari cencenti) 1 _ _ nrw.*i2**9»*«4* cormecr WM Look, It's so easy. Setting the dial script Is a matter of pressing three buttons Ohe rate at which Internet software has been appearing for the Amiga has been getting a little scary.
Fuelled by the media hype, a whole load of interest is helping push along software development Strangely enough, a lot of this development has been by shareware and public domain programmers, though this is not to say these programs are anything but of commercial quality.
For a long while the only real choice for Amiga users when it came to getting on-line was AmiTCP. The early versions were freely available it then became shareware, and for version four it is a full commercial product. As a TCP stacr, AmiTCP is excellent but as a user- friendly easy-to-set-up product it is far from ideal. From doing the Surfer feature a few months oack I spent a couple of hateful days struggling to get AmiTCP to install and work correctly in one sitting. Apparently, the new 4.5 version of AmiTCP is going to go a long way to rectifying this, but until it appears people
will have to strugge on.
Miami is an attempt to produce a real alternative to AmiTCP; one that is simple to set up and use. Written by Holger Kruse Miami, author of AmiPPP, ReOrg and AmiWin, Miami is based on the actual NetBSD source code and is therefore a ftily implemented TCP IP stack. It also has the same interface as AmiTCP's bedsocket library, so just about any program that works with AmiTCP should work perfectly with Miami, and in use this seems to be the case. Voyager, iBrowse, AmFTP, AmlRC all function perfectly.
Once you have got past Miamilnit you will use the main Miami program to link up and down. Using this you can alter all the technical details of how you link up and how the Slip and PPP protxols should work. On the whole the only thing you will need to alter is the modem speed, as changing any of the other settings is probably asking for trouble.
This may all seem idyllic, but Miami is not without its own problems. Firstly, mail is a potential problem, as anyone with an IP that only supports SMTP mail transfer as opposed to ?
Ing either PPP or Slip when asked which protocol you are using.
6. You then save off the configuration file, quit Miamilnit, load
Miami and import the configuration file.
Line Requirements j RED essential BLACK recommended 1 MUI 1 6 Mbl Workbench ID 1 RAM i mxanc ETAILS Product Miami Supplier Ryker Registrations, 1 Shrewsbury Street, Oldham 0L4 2RS Price £25 E-mail will@ryker.demon.co.uk Subject:MIAMI-REG :s Ease of use 94% Implementation _ Value For Money 85% Overall 90% Is the new Miami Internet software a match for AmiTCP? Neil Mohr provides the answer Miami POP (ie Demon users), will have to get hold of a SMTP deamon. AmiTCP came with one ready for use.
Secondly, many AmiTCP programs, particularly mail programs, assume that a number of assigns and environmental variables will be set up by AmiTCP With Miami this is not the case.
You can do this yourself, but it is something that could be added to the program.
Memory is also a small problem. When up and running, Miami takes over a whopping 1Mb compared to 250k for AmiTCP. About half of this can be accounted for by the MUI libraries, but this still ieaves around 600k being eaten up by You are going to have problems setting up mail programs, particularly if you are using an SMTP-based account but setting up your mail program is going to be far easier than with AmiTCP Bottom AMIGA Computing E C b r f t v c i f ANDY HINTS Another bumper postbag this month for Ezra. Pick up some handy hints from other readers or i I !
Ii ii r t- f s c t c c t i f c c t t F c i Stan's latest tool, the Internet I read with interest the Protect and Survive article in the September issue, but you've left out a couple ol points which would help BEFORE the disastrous happens. Obviously this information is aimed at those souls with a hard drive.
Viruses will attack the boot partition first so in the event of a problem that's all you have to deal with If it's a virus that tries to reformat the hard drive it is the boot partition that gets targeted first Keep a tidy and well structured hard drive as this will minimise any total virus damage or even accidental erasures, and will enable you to make repairs with relative ease. The boot partition should be small enough to contain ONLY the workbench, a resident virus checker and something like Tools Daemon and MUI, yet large enough to have room for additional libraries, fonts etc which
programs will need as you add them to your system. You should never place any of your programmes, even Dopus, SID or AmiBack & Tools, in the boot partition.
This is just asking for trouble.
I would recommend that the boot partition is 10% of the overall capacity of the hard drive, with a minimum of 8Mb for 80Mb hard drive or less, and a maximum of 30Mb for a hard drive of 300Mb or more. Keeping to these parameters worts out well, as with a small hard drive there is a limit to how many programs you can load, anc therefore how many additional fonts, libraries etc you need to put on. Getting rid of any unnecessary workbench icons can save over half a meg of boot space.
How the rest of the hard drive is partitioned is dependent on size. For under 200Mb you only need two additional partitions. Progs and Spare, wth Progs being the larger of the two.
For 200Mb and above I would suggest a partition called Progs (for commercial software) Data (for data) and Spare (for mucking around in), with Progs being the largest For the larger hard drives I would suggest a maximum of 200Mb per partition, even if it means calling some partitions Spare-A, Spare-B etc In the Progs partition I would place five drawers called WP-DTP, Graphics, Music, Video and Utils, where each would contain the ppropriate software.
It would be prudent to make a backup of the boot partition somewhere else on the hard drive, remembering to update the backup each time the system is updated. Periodcally comparing one with the other would help in finding those files which a poor installer overwrites or in tracking down a suspected virus. A quick and simple way is to get Dopus or SID to count the bytes in each drawer for comparison.
Having a backup on hard drive might seem like a waste of space, but it has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. Even when I only had an 80Mb hard drive, I still kept a ba:kup.
Get hold of AmiBack & Tools, as with this program you can save the hard drive's RDB to disk. In the event of a virus attack or whatever, you can always replace the RDB from your backup, thereby saving the precious data and a lot of teeth gnashing and hair tearing. AmiBack & Tools will also help to keep your hard drive healthy, as well as recovering deleted files and making any necessary repairs.
Get hold of the older version of SID, SID 1.6 for instance. It is completely standalone and doesn't need any configuration files to work in a basic manner ¦ reading partitions disks and copying, deleting and moving files around. So, if the boot partition gets corruptee and your computer won't boot up, all you need do is bung in any self-booting disk, boot up on it and reformat the boot partition. Sling in the disk with SID on it, run SID and then cop over your backup system to the newfy formatted boot partition. Hey presto! You're back in business.
Get hold of and install, so that it is resident on boot-up, any version of Virus Checker 7.0 and above. This wonderful program has a facility which is incredibly useful for warning if any file becomes corrupted for whatever reason, usually due to a link virus. The file DIR watch facility can be instructed to keep an eye on ANY FILE ON THE HARD DRIVE so that even if a brand new link virus not recognised by VC invades your system you will still be informed that something has altered file XX.
VC will not be able to deal with tie problem, but at least you can investigate and deal with it yourself by deleting the offending file and replacing it from your backup. Reformatting the boot partition and reloading the system from your backup is as good a way as any of tackling an unknown virus. Reading the suspect file with a text editor will sometimes reveal some ASOI text giving the name of the virus. Happy New Year % is one such infidel.
On my system I have VC keeping an eye on a selection of files in the C directory, the start- up-sequence and the user start-up as well as the programs that I use the most Earlier this year VC told me that C: Assign had been altered. It turned out to be a Happy New Year 96 virus. A badly written install script corrupted my start-up sequence. VC told me as it happened.
Jim Buckley, Blackburn Thanks for your comments, Jim. I'm sure they'll save a great many people from disaster. If anyone has any more tips like this, just send 'em in to the usual address. Our other readers will be eternally grateful. If you'd like to contact Jim directly he is on 01254 6651ll something you need to get off your chest?
To share some handy hints with other readers?
Simply put pen to paper and write to Ezra Surf's Postbag, Amiga Computing, IDC Media, Media House, Arlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP. There's £50 up for grabs for our star letter.
EEING IS BELIEVING In replyirg to many of the letters published in your mag you have often asked: “How much are you all willing to pay for an Amiga?" For example, in issue 99 (letter from Jeff Rampe), you continued with the statemert: "I would rather see the Amiga continue as a cheap, but good quality, hobbyist's machine, rather than ramping the cost up to or beyond PC or Mac levels' I agree that CD-ROM drives and big hard drives are expensive, but need this really be the case? For the best part of a year I have been looking through the ads in 'Amiga Computing' with a view to upgrading my
A1200. As with most people my funds are limited, and so getting the best deal is o; the upmost importance. The cost of the :omponents I intended to buy totalled about £750, and I was just starting to get the cash together, when a friend pointed out that for that sort of money I could btild a pretty good PC. This started me comparing prices, and after looking at the price of PC components I came to the conclusion that Amiga owners are paying through the nose for their equipment.
R watch
• on ANY wen if a I by VC nformed xoblem, alv.ith it file and
King the wnfrom f tackling flewith ne ASCII )py New n eye on he
start- i well as riier this id been lew Year omipted s it hap-
lockbum 'm sure m disas- Ihis, just ur other ou'dUke 665112.
I am very pleased to see that more than one company advertising in your mag is now able to offer 4MB simms for under £40. This must be good news for the Amiga but I feel it has been too long in coming.
However, there is still plenty of ground to be made up, and I feel that hard drives and CD-ROMs are still rather costly. As an example, my friend recently purchased a 4X CD-ROM for his PC for £35, and his hard drive was far cheaper than anything on offer for our machine. Hard drives and CD- ROMs must be very similar in construction for both machines, so why do we have to pay so nuch more for ours?
I dont believe that Amiga equipment is so special it can command such a high price, and can only assume that some third party suppliers are just milking Amiga users for all they can get. I noticed recently that new tower cases are on sale for the A1200, but at what price? £180 with no power supply unit, when for the PC, £55 with a PSU. I realise that an A1200 tower is a difweaknesses. But there are members of the Mac community, for sure, who'd be pleased not to see a 9MB system heap as the result of adding a few shareware programs. There are those of us who like the concept of a dual-bus
design, a 512KB multitasking OS, and three co-processors. I doubt that many of us will rush out to buy a 4000 tower (for an equal number of US Dollars), or even a SI5,000 DraCo, but we are indeed looking forward to a juicier, stronger system with a 200+MHz 604e and perhaps a less expensive Video Toaster system.
Okay, I don't have an Amiga - yet. What I have is a Mac done running a 604 CPU at 132MHz. Next month 111 add a 200MHz Pentium to the stable just for playing games. What I'm really looking forward to, however, is a Power Amiga. After visiting a local video studio, my jaw dropped when I saw what a 3000 running a 25MHz '030 and Video Toaster could do. I could not believe my eyes. None of this is news to those of you who've used this machine for year?, but after only one year of computing it is something that caught me completely by surprise and earned my respect for the platform.
You nay be surprised to know that I'm by no means the only Macintosh user who's following the Amiga story. The Mac is a good machine, and so is the PC and both platforms have their strengths and The point is, you Amiga users are not alone. I can- nat say how large the waiting market is on other platforms for a new Amiga, but when the time comes, I will buy one. Until then, I may just buy a used 3000 so I can get up to speed on the OS. All 9 ething to get chest?
Aome oders?
Trite to Amiga House, }sfield, £50 up letter.
0T WHAT PRICE ferent animal to a PC tower, but the point I am trying to make is that if a PC tower with 230W PSU costs £55, why do we have to pay £6C just for a 230W PSU? This is bad news for our cherished machine, and eventually users will start to buy Pcs for their easy and cheap expandability alone.
Looking at it another way, for anybody starting from scratch, it is now possible to pick up a Pentium-100 system for £800. To build an Amiga up to any sort of comparable stardard, you can add my £750 to the cost of an A1200 (£300) and a good monitor (£300). At £1350 it can hardly be called a cheap, hobbyist's machine'.
Fault doesn't only lie with third party suppliers, however, and I feel that rather than bumping up the price by selling the machines with a large software bundle - most of which many users probably don’t want - Amiga Technologies should have offered a machine-only option at a lower price, leaving the customer to buy such software as he feels he needs. This, you will no doubt agree with, if you take note of the number of letters you publish from users recommending all manner of software to be packaged with new machines.
Surely the best way is to put large numbers of machines in circulation, and so give software houses greater incentive to write more aid better software for them.
This Drings me to my third grumble, software. Although the Amiga is well supported in many fields, a lot of areas of computer work are poorly covered. Surely, the wider the range of uses the Amiga can be put to, the more people are likely to take the machine seriously. As an example, one of my other interests is astronomy, and apart from a couple of very good astronomy titles, ('Distant Suns' and 'Digital Universe'), there is nothing for the Amiga that is of any use to me in this field; certainly not to the extent that the Pcs are supported.
So, to end what has turned out to be rather a long moan, I have to say this: "Wake up 'AT*, the PC has come a long way recently, and your machine just isn’t that we need now is for the manufacturers to get it together!
Steve Duff This is an interesting comment and one that hasn't real)y been raised much before. It would be good to see what other platform users think to the Amiga - I mean, okay, at the moment most people are going for a PC and it would be naive to think that they will all go for a Power Amiga when it's released. However, I think there is a ready market for those who don't want to get sucked into the PC chain. Again, a lot will be down to marketing and making other people (other than the existing Amiga community) aware that it's available and has a lot to offer.
Special these days. Third party suppliers get serious. Amiga users are not idiots you know, and we won't stand for having to pay over the top prices for our equipment.
Software houses get writing. Thera are a lot of users who want to do more than just play games or do a bit of desktop publishing, so spread your net a bit. Vou never know who you will win over to the Amiga."
I am very fond of my Amiga, and would be unhappy to see it lost for gcod. But, I am sure that if anything is going to kill off this machine, it will be the high cost of putting together a power machine, and the lack of varied software support. The Amiga may be a different animal, but it still has to be competitive with other machines when it comes to price, or new use's will go straight to the PC market witiout ever knowing what they could have had.
On a happier note, I don't intend to say all that grovelling stuff about how good your mag is, as no doubt you are getting sick of hearing that sort of thing by now.
But I will say that I shall still be renewing my subscription to 'Amiga Computing', and do not intend to sell my A1200 just yet However, I may not be upgrading it to the extent that I originally intended, as I feel that a new PC will offer better value for money, and a far wider choice o' software.
Let's hope that someone takes note, as I'm sure I am not alone in my views, would be very interested to hear your views on the points I have raised, as you no doubt know far more about the Finer points of add-on equipment than I do.
Colin Reeve, Lines I'm sure there are many people out there who share your views. Pcs seem to be getting cheaper these days, which is a very worrying fact for the Amiga. And yes, software and hardware developers are going to have to watch their costs.
However, there are many companies out there who are still developing quality products for the Amiga. Take Phase 5, VillageTronic and Nova Design, for example.
Amiga Computing HE EVIL INTERNET I'd just like to thank Tina Hackett for standing up in the name of logic and good reasoning where so many others have fallen to emotion-based judgement and overly-extreme conservatism.
The Internet has indeed become the latest scapegoat for many of society's ills, but as the 'Satan's den of iniquity' editorial points out, it has always come down to the same thing: Whatever the latest trend is that attracts so much attention 'must be' hopelessly evil.
New Writers We've had a massive response to the mention in Ezra Surf for new writers. We're currently looking through all your letters so please bear with us for the moment. We'll let you know as soon as we can, and thanks to everyone for getting in touch.
As I am in the United States, I had a wonderful opportunity to watch when the news service broadcast the President doing his best to please the 'religious elite' and old-;ashioned reactionaries by signing into law the CDA. This is not to say I have a problem with religion - one could go on and on about the virtues of moral guidance even if you don't believe in a central deity - it's just that when people allow pure dogma and certain 'accessories' of a religion to cloud their judgement, things can get out of hand. And it was inevitable that proponents of civil liberties, particularly the
more zealous thereof, would attack... and defeat., the CDA.
So ye* I suppose you probably can find just about everything on the Internet. It's awfully big, after all, and made up of many totally independent units. But did the Internet Invent' these awful things? I think not. People have always been able to gain access to 'indecent material'. Does the Internet make it easier to do so? Well, perhaps... but it's not as if you can randomly pick a Web page and find nude or lewd imagery or dirty language ready for the taking. The Internet is full of terrific resources, and as usual, the bad stands out over the good.
Some of the biggest problems with Internet censorship stem from practicality.
For one thing, it's made up of independent machines throughout the world (in different countries). For another, the world's program- ' mers will always be one step ahead of any government in creating new ways of obscuring or encrypting files.
Plus, the Internet is overburdened as it is, and adding any sort of 'regulatory daemon' (one of the more extreme suggestions) would make things far worse. And just because something 'evil' exists doesn't mean it's being used for 'evil' purposes.
So if we're trying to protect children from running across such things on the Internet then yes, it is the parents' job to give the children a good, secure upbringing, and to assert supervision if necessary. And if we're talking about adults... who cares? As far as I'm concerned, 'to each his her own'. I may not approve of people going after filth on the Internet, but it's not my role to stop them if they choose to (and since representative government is defined as being 'of the people' then in effect I am government, or at least part of it). It's called freedom of information, freedom
of speech, and freedom of consciousness. Good, honest people aren't going to be turned into perverts by the Internet; and if they are already perverts, they'll always find a way to exercise that pervertedness anyway.
In effect it is up to people to morally govern themselves and their offspring. We are, after all, individuals, and there’s certai something behind the term 'mature, res- sible adult.' Violence, profanity and pornog phy on the Internet? Bah! Go after it if wish, pursue the people who put it there that floats your boat. Meanwhile, I'll just be over on Aminet; I hear there's some good software there. Just thought I'd expand some very good points, Michael Webb (MRWj Thanks for your comments - it s good to see that other people have let common sense prevail rather than the over-emotional, 'ban
it because we don't understand it' attitude. If these people actually took a moment to even have a go on the Internet they may actually learn something. Most of the people using the Internet are normal, sane individuals, not dirty old perverts. However, because this bad element does exist it's important to protect children from them.
And as you say, this is down to the parent.
If you prefer, you can send us letter via Email.
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V EARNING CURVE ’ u- ’¦ 1 (01 . Th.
1. I would like to understand the Amiga chipset and how it works
compared to a PC's. Plus, what makes a Toaster Flyer machine
dif- ferent from a regular Amiga, and what s the difference
between this and an AGA 4miga? I would also like to know what
a Zorn slot is, what it looks like and what it is used for?
2. Could you explain what all the Workbench directories are and
their purpose. If I understood them I could understand
what is supposed to be in each directory and be able to
debug any problems I might have with my Amiga.
3. Is there a simple and easy file manager type orogram
available? I have Directory Opus and the More program, but
they do not seem to be as easy to use as the file manager
program on my PC at work.
4. Why are so many of the program names so cryptic? Like
Urouhack, for example. I can hardly pronounce it let alone
know what it is supposed to do.
Barry Townsend, Dorset * 1 Probably the easiest way for you to understand how the Amiga chipset works is to go out and get yourself an electrical engineering degree. Short of this, it is not going to be very easy to squeeze an answer to your question into this reply.
Stop, put your shotgun away. With the help of ACAS we might yet be able to save your Amiga Essentially, the Amiga's chipset is the same as the PC's. Now before you all start shouting, the Amiga has its display chip and blitter and Pcs have their display cards with high speed blitters and now 3D accelerators. The Amiga has its sound chip while the PC has numerous sound cards, and the Amiga has ClAs and its interface chip just as the PC has high speed 10 chips.
On the Amiga, however, the whole caboodle is integrated far better than on the PC, and as a result, much better access can be made to the hardware. It is just that the PC has far better generalised use of any hardware attached to it, so you can use any graphic or sound card you like. If you want to find out more about the chipset, you could get yoarself a copy of the hardware reference manual, which j outlines how to directly prog'am the OCS chipset; something that you should not do any more as your program will not work on any future Amiga.
A Toaster Flyer-based Amiga is a complete NTSC non-linear video editing machine. The difference between such a system and a normal Amiga is simply that it has loads of hardware attached, based around the Toaster card.
The AGA chipset is an extension of the original chipset, which was designed well over 10 years ago. With the addition of a number of extra registers, two more bit- planes were accessible, allowing 25$ colour screens.
The display chip is also more flexible, enabling the horizontal and vertical display frequency to be adjusted. As a result I currently own an A1200 with a 1 Blizzard 1230 with 8Mb. In a few months time I will be hoping to purchase a CD writer along with MasterlSO.
1. What are the minimum requirements for the MasterlSO software
and CD Writer hardware? I have been told that you need 16Mb
of Ram. Is this true?
2. There are many CD writers advertised for the PC, such as the
Pinnacle, Ricoh, and HP 4020i models, with prices ranging from
£525 to £800. Would these writers work with my Squirrel
3. What is the difference between EIDE and IDE hard drives? If I
got hold of a 3.5" EIDE hard drive would this work via the IDE
4. What is parity on a 72-pin Simm? How do you find out if your
Simm has it and does the Amiga need it?
5. If I purchase a 72-pin Simm at 50ns, would this speed up my
Blizzard board's performance greatly? At the present I have
a 60ns Simm.
Tony Paice, Helensburgh, Scotland . V * -fa Just what I like, multi-part letters.
The MasterlSO manual states that you need an Amiga AmigaDOS 3.0, a compatible CD-R drive, a compatible hard drive with a maximum of 1.3Gb storage space, and a maximum of 16Mb of Ram. Now I think Asimware has set such specific requirements to cover its back, as it says it can only give support to people running very specific hardware configurations.
4000, As long as you have an Amiga with AmigaDOS 3.0, a lot of RAM and a SCSI 2 interface, you should have no problems. As far as RAM is concerned, your 10Mb should be alright, but if the manual says you need up to 16Mb of RAM, there will be situations where you will need that extra memory. The latest Blizzard SCSI controller actually takes an extra Simm, so you could buy that get another 8Mb Simm and have the SCSI-2 interface as well. You are also going to need a dedicated second hard drive - either SCSI or IDE - on which to store the CD data.
2. You are very wise to make sure that any equipment you buy is
going to work properly and allow you to do what you want
with out any hassles. Asimware gives a list of compatible CD-R
drives as follows: Ymha CDR-100, CDR-102; Philips COD-521,
CDD-522, CID 2000; Pinnacle RCD-202; RCD-1000, iCMMO; Sony
CDU-92Q; HP 4020; Pioneer N-S1UI.
Amiga Computing the Amiga is able to output VCA-style displays.
Zorro slots are the Amiga's standard expansion slot, and are similar to the Pcs ISA slots. The A1000 had Zorro 1.
For the A2000 there was an update to Zorro 2, and in the A4000 and A3000 Zorro 3 was introduced to provide 32-bit asynchronous data and address buses.
2. Up until Workbench 1.3, the directories were fairly
straightforward, but now, with the release of Workbench 3, the
number of system directories has grown as the number of system
resources has increased.
C - The C directory should contain any CLI commands you have. Nowadays you shouldn't need to put many commands in here, apart from perhaps small utilities such as picture and text viewers.
L - The L directory is meant to contain system handlers such as the CrossDOS file handler. This is rarely needed, but every now and again a handler may have to be placed here.
Ing i a
• at red the hi rfa bit- 156 He.
Sis- m Libs - The library drawer is where the Amiga's shared system libraries are stored. Programs should not copy their own libraries here, as the program and libraries should be contained in their own directories, thereby making it easier to remove the whole program and its files at a later date.
Fonts - All your fonts can go in here, including compugraphic scable fonts which have an outline description file that goes in the bullet _outline drawer.
Devs - Any device drivers are normally stored in this drawer. With recent versions of Workbench, drivers for printers, monitors, keymaps, DOS drivers and DataTypes are stored in their own drawers found in the Devs drawer. The less widely used network drivers and Kickstart files are also stored in their drawers in the Devs directory.
Storage - This is the mirror for the Devs drawer and allows you to remove unused drivers from the system by storing them here.
Classes • The most recently added directory. With AmigaDOS becoming more and more object oriented, this directory is used to store any new classes. Primarily this is used for DataTypes, but new gadget classes will also go here. In some ways this is an extension of the monolithic library drawer.
Locale - Another new ish directory this is used to store language dependent files such as help guides and the translation catalogues for different programs.
Normally you do not have to touch this as an installer should take care of copying any language file here for you.
S - The scripts drawer contains the very important startup sequence and user startup files. The idea was that users would store their own AmigaDOS scripts here, but as most people rarely bother, all sorts of junk preference files can get copied here.
Prefs - As well as holding all your preference programs, the preference directory also* contains the Envarc directory in which all your program preferences are permanently stored. They get copied from here to the Env directory, normally in Ram.
General drawers such as utilities, lools and system just contain programs. You may have a T directory which contains temporary files, and the expansion directory is meant for programs with third party expansions.
3. 1 am sure some people would disagree with you there.
Personally I find Workbench is as good as anything when it
comes to finding files, and Dopus allow me to perform batch
jobs on multiple files. Which version of Dopus are you using?
An update to 5.5 is out now and has many new features that
make it much easier to use-
4. You have to remember that there are a lot of Europeans. As a
result, many of the programs out there are written by
Europeans and you inevitably get a lot of non-English'
influences cropping up in program titles. Urouhack is named
after the author, as are Swazblank and Swazinfo, which
accounts for the strange names there.
You ectly lybe IDE ts to ised data is to rd* svct'n tally jrPCs to do memory parity checking. The check is used to tell if there are any problems with the main memory. As the Amiga does not need to carry out these memory checks it does not need this sort of memory.
Blizzard and Apollo boards do allow you to use these Sinms, but do not expect to get any more memory as the extra bits are just ignored by the Amiga.
S. Getting a faster Simm than the 60ns one you currently have
will not give you an increase in speed. Even if it did the
difference would hardly be noticeable.
Qoolbox usage I have been a long time proponent of the . Amga, and more recently your maga- J zine. I own an upgraded A2000, and 2' although I consider myself 'fluent' with OS31, there is much I do not grasp.
Please can you advise me on the following:
1. Where does the HDToolBox look for SCSI device drivers, and why
did OS3.1 not come with documentation for this utility?
2. Why do some SCSI controllers (Expansion Systems 'DataFtyer')
have drivers in DEVS: (where they belong), and others (GVP) do
not? Where does the Amiga look for these errant drivers?
3. And lastly, what is the best publication for learning the
AmigaDOS and architecture - things like Exec, Intuition,
Vectors, Copper, Blitter, etc. Please impart a pearl of
wisdom, as my journey of self-discovery has run into c dead
end. Thank you in advance.
Nick Makris, zorba@maineJnk.net
1. You should think yourself lucky that you got HDToolBox at
all. For some reason Commodore thought it unnecessary to
supply HDToolBox with the A1200, so anyone that bought an
A1200 and wanted to fit a hard drive had no way to partition
it unless their kind supplier could provide them with an
There is a way to alter which SCSI device HDToolBox will look for. The SCSI device is set through a tool type you need to place in the HDToolBox icon, which is SCSI DEVICE NAME= and then whatever the name of your SCSI device driver is.
This is the main tool type you need, but there are three more. First off, SCSI MAX ADDRESS tells it how many SCSI ID numbers it should scan for. Normally this will be set to six, so it will scan for SCSI devices zero through to six.
A third tool type SCSI MAX LUN tells HDToolBox how many units it should scan for at each SCSI address. Normally this will be set to zero, as you will only have a single SCSI device connected at each SCSI address. The final tool type is XT NAME, which has something to do with the XT device name, but you will not have to use Qoolbox usage I am ready to upgrade from my A500 to an A1200 this year and the questions that arise as I browse through the ads are that they all assume we average users know all the terms and what we want! What are Squirrels, SCSI and Zorro slots. I do not expect you to
answer all the abbreviations here, but if you could direct me to a source where I :an look up the definitions? I do not know if need Zorro slots, as I have no idea what they are for, and so on.
* As far as hardware needs go, can you suggest what would be
best for my uses? I am heavily into graphics and art for my
work. I know I need to upgrade my A500's Agnus chip, but should
I request the same for a new A1200?
My se:ond reason for upgrading is to scan my existing photo collection onto disk! Which scanners will be able to scan 8 x 10 inch photos in colour, and what upgrades in a stock A1200 would I be best advised to pursue? I would appreciate any assistance you can offer.
Randall Koller, USA i There are always going to be prob- J lems with people assuming the r amount of knowledge people have J about their computers, but in an advert you have very little space to put across information about the exact system requirements. So, if you have a product that requires a Zorro slot it is much quicker to assume people that have Amigas with Zorro slots know they can use that product.
Anyway, to quickly explain the few things you mention; the Squirrel - or now the Surf Squirrel • is a SCSI interface that allows you to connect and access SCSI devices, such as hard drives, CD-Roms, Zip drives and scanners, amongst other things, from your Amiga; Zorro slots are the expansion slots found on 'big box' Amigas such as on the this so ignore it Probably the main reason why there is no documentation for HDToolBox is that no-one could be bothered to write any.
2. Well, you have answered you own question. The CVP board
stores its device driver on a ROM, and when the machine is
turned on the device is copied to main memory.
This makes it more convenient for you the user, but can lead to confusion when people expect a device driver in the Devs drawer.
3. What you need are the Amiga's ROM Kernel Manuals which
describe how you should program for the Amiga and what every
library function does. If you want to learn a little more
about the Amiga's custom chipset, there is always the
hardware reference manual, which describes the QCS chipset Or
you can try an AmigaGuide reference available in the public
domain that describes the AGA chipset Amiga Technologies says
you should not directly program the hardware, but in the end
it's entirely up to you.
A2000, A3000 and A4000.
If you are not sure about something you want to purchase, the dealer will normally help you out with getting the right upgrades. If you want to discover more in general about the Amiga you can learn of all the most recent changes right here in Amiga Computing. If you are on-line there a number of alternative sources- One of the best can be found on the CuCUGS site at http: www.cucug.org amiinformation.htm
I. A large number of links and files are there waiting for you.
The main reason for upgrading the Agnus chip in your A500 is to gain access to extra graphics memory; 2Mb in fact, allowing you to load and edit much larger images than normal. You will be glad to hear that the A1200 already has access to this amount of graphics memory so you will not have to get one.
As soon as anyone mentions scanning and graphics, the more memory and hard drive space you have, the better off you are going to be. A fast accelerator is also going to make a big difference. With the recent large drop in the price of Simms and hard drives, you should really be thinking about n?r Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the correct manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS acomp.demon.co.uk a 1Gb hard drive with at least 8Mb of Ram on the memory side of things. I suppose I should be telling you to buy as much as you can afford.
You are also going to be much better off with an accelerator. The 50Mhz 030 boards are well priced at the moment They give good performance and are a godsend when manipulating big images.
As far as scanners are concerned, Epson does an excellent GT range, starting with the CT-5000. These are supported by ImageFX, and with the latest 2.6 release even the SCSI version of these scanners can be used, allowing faster scanning. The GT scanners can take full A4 pages - the same size as Amiga Computing - and produce good quality colour scans up to 2400 DPI.
You would be well advised to consider the ImageFX Epson combination, as ImageFX has a built-in virtual memory facility making the possibility of using the scanner's higher DPI settings a reality. To give you an idea of how much memory you need, a 200 DPI scan requires 11Mb of memory. Has that 16Mb Simm started to look a little more tempting?
Amiga Computing hutron is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory tew) PRICE
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......$ 12.50
2. 0* ROM OS ......$ 24 50
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2. 04 ROM A3000 (Set of 2 Rom 0 1) ...$ 34.50
2. 1 Vfcrttsrch tor floppy users (complete OS
• ffxM support He) ....$ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) ... $ 52.50
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000)...... $ 62.50 31R0M(A1200) .
_ ....$ 62 50
3. 1 fiOMsI Sdtwara-Wanual $ 124 00 5137 50 ROM S«Wi'Swr1ct-ltt
wth speaker .... $ 17.50
3. 1 rraruai crty ... $ 69.95 31 Software
.$ 10 00 31 Wortbencfi lor
loppy users (complete 0'S whcut support tile) ......
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* 2620X70 ROM Upgrado .....$ 2295 9520 ClA
...$ 11.95 ©72A6375 Agnus
with dragnostic disk'gude $ 29 95 137541 (2MB) (A3000)
3190694)3 ...$ 25.50 8375-10 Agnus |31I069-10)
PAL ..$ 17 95 8375-14 Acrus (314069-18) 2 meg PAL
$ 17 95 AgmaPL&chppjter . $ 6.50 Pfcta (8364)
A5COA2000...... $ 10.95 Oense 183621A500A2000
.$ 10 95 Super Dense 8373 w diagnostic
disk .$ 19.95 Gary 5719 *500 A2300..... $ 10.95 Busier 5721
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|0tP ... $ 11.50 60OGO-16UHz CPU
(DIP) $ 22 50
68030-RC50PGA ..$ 84 50
68882-25 PGA ..... $ 2496 1Veskm SCSI chip 8* $ 27.50 Vd» W,trd -
(*500 390229-03) ..... $ 9.95 GVP Test Upgrade Cbp Senes
II $ 34 95 65704)1(711 (3151C7-01) Keyboard. 1C.
$ 14 95 SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (For *1200, A3000. A4000. CD32I
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(390537-04) Ua
(391227-01) ... Rare*, (-W.4) 3905*4-04
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S374 (391010-01) ....
Gaf(XU9)p90123-C1) ..... Giye
13151074)2) ... Bulge (391425-01)......
- Sw-Dense 1391554-01) 6571 Keytoard Chip
(3910794)1) .. 6570-036 Keyboard Chip (3281914)2).
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OK .....-$ 119 00 1541
(refurbished) ....$ 39.95
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$ 24.95
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......$ 69.95 $ 69.95 .$ 52
95 ..$ 39.95 ..$ 3995 Amiga
ccmpatble IBM keyboards' see below A2000 keyboard ad*Xer to
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A20QQ ...$ 8.95 6570-01 (71)(315107-01)
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(A?000) Expansion board 8K $ 69 95 2091 Hard Disk Controller 0K
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HD controller, latest ROMs.
2MB RAM. 100MB H D. Power Supply ...$ 369.95 ICO Tnloda 500 EC: IDE hard drrvo 16 W controller, ip to 8 megs d tast RAM, space tot hard drrm $ 159 95 ICD Ad Ram 540 i0K) up lo 4M8 ...... $ $ 9 50 ICO Ad RAM 540 (A500) w 4 Megs .....$ 1» 95 ICO Ad RAM 510-1MB tor A500* $ 39.95 ICO Ad SCSI 2000 ..... $ 39.50 ICO AdSCSI 2080 (A2000) .....$ ’9.95 ICD Ad Speed .. $ » 95 ICD Flicker Free Video ___________ $ 248.95 Microway Fltckerflxsr $ 224.00 'Slingshot Pro pass Ihru (Mkto R D).....S)7.50 A1050 RAM Expander
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Troubleshooting Guide .....$ 7.95 Commodore Diagnostician II______________________$ 8 95 C64 128 Dead Test cartridge manual ...$ 19.95 C64 128 Dag carlridge no cable-------------------$ 24.75 Service Myiuals SEE BelOW CLEARANCE SALE SX1 Expansion Module for CD32 .$ 199.95 C032 Network: CD ROM-'cabfe $ 53 75 VGA 15-23 pin RGB Adapter (39068241) $ 1995 A520 (New) Video Modulator Adapter krt cablesAnstructions .$ 12.50
2. 04 3.1 Rom Switch - (Switch III) wrth speaker $ 17.50 256X4 RAM
lor A2058 expander, etc $ 150 Monitor Cables - 10 Oiheront
types .. CALL C64 tested motherboard-'al chps 2 for
$ 25 00 C128 untested motherboards all chips $ 1395 Monitors:
1064S. 1950.1802, MC ...CALL Commodore PC 10 20
motherboard ..- $ 19.95 PC power supply ______ $ 16 50
CDTV modulator .$ 2.95 COTV
complete uni ... CALL Laser printer memory board
0K (All HP units) ...$ 2*.95 A2410 Lowe high res graptves
boani'al ZIPS $ 109.95 Sony 006150 data
cartridge .....$ 9.00 A1200 top bottom
case - .. -41150 Joystick - Capflam Grant (for al
Amigas) ..£.99 ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ An
Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer That Works On All Amigas A
complete diognostk hordwore ond soflwore onolyzer (uses point
ond dick software interface.) The analyzer cable plugs into
all AMIGA ports simultaneously and through sophisticated
software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shows status of
dcfo ports, memory (buffer) checker, s slem configuration and
outo test Reads diagnostic status of any reod write MfOfi from
frock 0 fo frock 79. Software automatically tells what errors
are found and the chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of
the problems presented to service centers ore found with this
analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs ond no end user
or repair shop con cflord to be without one. Don't be fooled
by its low cost. Simply plug in cobles from the onolyzer box.
This diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair
centers worldwide and is the only one of its kind. Over
11. 000 sold New low price Lj ' lew C O IMPORTANT NOTICE If you
are a Commodore or Amiga dealer, we urge you to fax js your
letterhead to receive a complete, newly updated dealer price
Depending on availability, orders received from the U.K. and Europe may be shipped from our
U. K. office, thus saving on shipping ond duties.
Commodore GmbH Germany. Commodore Philippines (manufacturing) and Commodore U.K. Ltd., has liquidated their entire Amiga inventory. A sizeable amount of that inventory was purchased directly by Paxtron U.S. We also are receiving a sizable amount of hardware from Commodore subcontractors.
Also included is the entire stock of chips and parts from Service Management Group (SMG).
A500 COMPUTER with power supply and latest chps (eg: 8372 Agnus. 2.04 CVS). Includes your choice • 1084S MONITOR MOTHERBOARD WITH BUILT IN FLYBACK TRANSFORMER - This new board c the 1000wng softwarafoooks Starter Kit, Discover Kit (inc Kind Words. DeJuxe Paint II) or Deluxe Kit.
Also includes fr o Amiga Troubleshootng Guide ($ 7.95 value). 90 day warranty, ested & ready to ga Add $ 10 more kr the A501 . Meg expansion memory board (mstaled) Fantastic price $ 119.95 A50OA2CO0 EMERGENCY DIAGN05TIC RERMR KIT (Spare parts of fie fufure) Each kit contains 8372 Agnus. (2) 8520 CIA. 8364 Paula. 5719 Gary, 8362 Denise. 2.04 OS Rom. (jko fuse. Bumdy PLCC chip pUler. Amiga Troubleshooting Gmde. Final Test disk. AM chps are new and plug into sockets on the mothwboard. A $ 159.00 value (save $ 59 00) $ 99.95 cakmdaribattery for A500
417.50 _ AIIprices are in US Dollars _ WE'RE ON THE INTERNET! COME VISIT OUR HOME PAGE AT: www.paxtron.com A501 onpnal -8M 512KB Memory Expansion Card with dock.
In onginal box instructions and warranty ...... cables and instructions (NT$ Q Run any Amiga on your ...... .... $ 12.50 28 Grove Street. Spring Valley. NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 • 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-624-3239 Hours: 9-5 pm EST • Add $ 6.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA • Prices subject to change WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Will cure 90 percent of 1084S mcnitor problems. Simply switch the motherboard and your monior problems are solved! Ths motherboard with the flyback factory mounted is the exact replacement and works with all 1084S monitors It s easy to install ..... 469.95 AMIGA MONITORS - Wo have a large supply of relurhshed !084(S), 1902. 1930. 1950. 1802. 1732 monitors, etc For example, the 1084(S) is $ 169.95 with cable and the 1930 multisync is $ 239.95.90 day i A1200 MOTHERBOARD - Paxfrcn has purchased a limited supply ol new A1200 motherboards, both NTSC and PAL They come with 3.0 O S, a chips. 30 day
warranty Specify NTSC or PAL Very limited quantity, very rara fmd ..... - ..$ 289.95 (Optional - 3.1 O S and ckskettes. Retailed add $ 56.95) SUPERGEN (Internal Genlock) lor A2000 - By Progressive Imago Tech Digrtal Creations Mcs1 flexible Genlock and video overlay device tor all Amigas. Supergen provides a flexitle broadcast quality Genlock at a very very affordable price. Comes with external control box and cable Includes a 90 day warranty I Slrudion book This is a factory fe irb unit selling for a lanlasbc low price
Ol ..... -......$ 199.10 (Internal Supergen sold initially lor $ 650.)
(A1200 ZORRO-'EXAANSION MOXJLE - Hkvd the advantage ol expansion to make your A1200 really fly. Call lor info and pricing. Web browser package also available soon ) A520 Video Modulator Adapter Kit television ... AMIGA COMPATIBLE KEYBOARDS - (Just released from Germany) KBIOO is a sophisticated in-line adapter box tor use wth IBM keyboards. Use the KB 100 on your A500 A2000 A3000’ A*000 (A600 A1200 require soldering ) . $ 49.95 Coming soon The KB100 built into a high quality IBM Keyboard, again with 100%
compatpwty .....- ...... 464.95 Completo service manuals. Some manuals may be photocopied. 5 day delivery on some manuals.
A500. A5O0*. 590. A1000, 1230prm1er, 1802.1902. 1902A. 1934.2002.2091.2300. 2630. CDTV.
1581. C85 ... $ 19.95 A500
schematics, A600. 1O04S. 1064S-D1. 1084ST, 1936A. 1960,
A20Q0 ... .....$ 24.00 A1200. A3000. A3000T.
CD32 ..
$ 39.95 ra tron CORPORATION Sat the time of writing, the
future of the Amiga is still yet to be decided. Its fate
rests in the _ hands of either a combination of companies
or, on the other hand, just VIScorp Jason Compton is
Communications Manager for VIScorp and also the editor of
the long running on-line magazine Amiga Report.
The interested parties are Pios from Germany, co-founded by ex Amiga Technologies' John Smith; Phase 5, the maker of the Cybergraphx board; and last, but certainly not least, VIScorp, which owns all the rights to the Amiga and is the only company which can make a decision on the Amiga's future.
There has been much recent speculation about new machines coming from each of these companies, and rumours of co-operative agreements intended to produce a new Amiga.
There are lots of questions to which I'm sure you, the readers, would like answers.
Clearly defining each company's plans and propositions would do for a start.
Amiga Computing set out to find out what the current situation is and what is likely to happen in the future. We started out by interrogating each company about their own personal plans and ideas to set the record straight, dgS and see if the H»KS Amiga really can survive.
VIScorp is an American company which was founded in 1990. Many workers are past engineers from Commodore, while others have vast experience in the interactive TV industry. The company's mission is to be a world leader providing easy to use and affordable technologies and services that permit the average television viewer to take advantage of the Internet, World Wide Web, on-line services and interactive television.
Can you quickly outline what your UITI (how do you pronounce this?) And Ed boxes are, and the major differences between the two? Why should someone go for one over the other?
UITI is pronounced 'You-tee'.
The ED will feature more cable-tuning ability and better built-in software (likely more games as well). Why? Because some people like to feel they're buying a classier product. That, and the ED, may be more flexible for us to market to cable companies as a leasable product, rather than the direct sale route we're exploring with the UITI.
At what stage of development are the UITI and ED boxes? The way you talk, the UITI is almost complete whilst the ED still has some way to go. What work is there still to be done and when do you expect the ED to be released?
The first priority has been to get the UITI box out. Development is linked, as they are at heart the same machine, but the UITI is the one with a firm release date - it will launch in January '97.
There are still some software issues to be resolved in the sot-top technology.
What advantages are there to owning a set-top box instead of just an Amiga with a modem?
Freeing up your computer monitor for the computer and not having to walk all the way over to it just to check e-mail or pop onto the Amiga Computing Web site to look for news. You can do it from the TV.
Feature What markets are you expecting to sell the set-top boxes to, and how are you going to market and sell these devices?
We will draw on the strong marketing and distribution resources of our partner as well as push the box ourselves towards a public that is not necessarily in need of a full computer system - people who may simply want to be able to say that they, too, are 'on the Net'.
Concurrently, we are marketing the settop technology to cable television providers as a high-tech cable box' that they can lease to customers for a few dollars to provide them with Internet capabilities. This is very appealing to a lot of people.
Are there plans to fit your set-top boxes inside Tvs? At some point in the future are we going to be able to buy an 'Internet ready' TV!
Yes, this is a plan. There are currently no manufacturers who have signed on for this, but moving inside the TV is an ultimate goal for the set-top technology. It will make it even more transparent and unobtrusive to the usei Can you sum up what your plans are for the Amiga as a computer?
More Amigas, faster, and better. Take the system to a RISC processor by making the I OS portable between RISC chips, and select a partner to ensure the development is on- time and that we are assured future generations of CPU hardware.
What will be your first targets in producing a RISC Amiga?
Making the changes that need to be made | to modernise the OS design for RISC; inte-, grating device and standards support that the OS has fallen behind on, and improving its overall operation are high on the list.
Have you decided upon a processor yet for I t h 0 0 H S W0 PS any future Amiga? Which ones have you considered ?
Not as of yet. It is very difficult to conduct serious negotiations with chip manufacturers when we do not actually own the Many questions have J arisen concerning the Amiga's future. Andy Maddock and Neil Mohr talk to the companies with S technology- PowerPC and Alpha have been the most strongly considered.
W You have mentioned previously M that there is a Chinese third party m interested in the Amiga. Such a M potentially huge market opens up m many new opportunities. Whaf are you I doing to co-operate with New Star, and J how do you see this market developing V in the future?
New Star has its own agenda and plans, but we have had talks in the past which I am sure will continue once our own rights to the technology are secure.
Recently there has been a lot of pub' lie argy-bargy between yourselves, PIOS and Phase 5. Surely in such a small market it will be to everyone’s benefit to co-operate, pool m resources and work together?
Please put all our minds at rest and tell us this is the case.
, Yes, that would be the case, and it's unfortunate that some press releases from other companies are decidedly not in the co-operative spirit VIScorp has tried to avoid false hopes and promises by not making bold commitments to any plans before owning the technology, but sadly that is not the way some want the situation to be. Amiga Computing Phase 5 Wolf Dietrich is the General Manager of Phase 5 digital products, a German hardware manufacturer which has been active in the Amiga market since
Pios 5 are currently focused on building high quality hardware add-ons for the Amiga, such as the Blizzard and Cyberstorm series of 68030 68040 68060 accelerators and the CyberVision64 graphic cards. We are still dedicated to the Amiga system, and are continuing to develop new technologies and standards to bring the Amiga forward.
What are your immediate plans for the Amiga as a computer?
We will bring out our PowerUp accelerators, which incorporate the PowerPC processor in existing Amiga systems, by the end of this year, and we are working closely with major software vendors to realise massive support for this architecture. In 1997 we will introduce a computer system which is based on a chipset we currently have under development. This development will result in a really breath-taking computer system, and we hope to find additional partners to make this new technology available in other systems and different product classes as well.
If VIScorp reject your proposals, what options will be left available to you?
Phase 5 digital products will continue to be a technology-driving force in the Amiga market. Our PowerUp program will start the transition from the 68k processor to the PowerPC processor. Our developer support program, where about 500 developers are registered, will provide support so that lots of software products will join us in pro moting this powerful next generation of CPUs in the Amiga. Within this program, we will have to supply tools, arrange co-operations, and define rules and guidelines as well. We will set standards for native PowerPC programming, the new CyberCraphX 3.0 standard,
and CyberGL, foi example, which is a subset of OpenGL for CyberGraphX.
With regards to CybergraphX 3D, how is this going to be integrated into future Amigas, and currently at what stage is software development, if there is any software? How are you helping third parties? Would you be interested in developing some sort of 3D fighting game, for example. ClickBOOM says it would be interested.
CyberGraphX 3.0 is a new software revision which phase 5 is planned to incorporate lots of new functionality. It will offer additional features and can be used in future Amiga systems, independent of the CPU or the graphics hardware. When we release the version that supports PowerPC native code, a performance increase for parts of the functionality can be expected; especially as the new 3D and MPEG functions we are currently integrating will be very powerful and useful for developers. We do support developers in our general developer support program, and we are happy to support everybody
who wants to join this new standard.
For the 3D issue we will have a CyberGL, which is a subset of the OpenGL standard, offering lots of functionality to 3D programmers. For our upcoming CyberVision64 3D graphics card, we will have an additional second 3D model which is optimised for high-speed applications such as games. We hope that these efforts can support the software developers strongly, and invite everybody to make use of this functionality and our developer support.
PlOS Dave Haynie was formerly a Senior Engineer at Commodore.
He worked on the Commodore 128, the A2000, A3000, A4000 and some add-in boards.
PI05' plan is to make consumer-oriented, PowerPC-based computers. While we expect to run a variety of Oss (since the PowerPC market is, slowly, converging on PPCP, an open standard for building compatible systems to run any PPCP OS in shrinkwrap form), we're all coming from the Amiga, and we hope to support the AmigaOS as much as possible on the PIOS systems. Naturally, a port to the PowerPC isn't under our control, or even available to us, unless VIScorp says so. So, in the meantime, we will have the MacOS, and we're looking at other possibilities too (not Windows NT).
If talks are successful with VIScorp, what will be your first steps in the process of developing a brand new Amiga?
The very first step will be getting a workable AmigaOS emulation on the existing PIOS PowerPC machines. This can be hosted under MacOS or pretty much any other.
The main point is that, best case, the PowerAmigaOS would be done in Summer of '97. We need Amiga systems to ship now, or the platform is doomed. Any PPC system you get from PIOS will be capable of running the PowerAmigaOS, assuming we do have one next year.
What sort of systems are you expecting to produce? If you expect to have a machine out by September, is this going to be a straight PowerMac?
There are several reference platforms available, some based on PreP architecture (like the BeBox and the Motorola RISC Pcs), and some based on the PowerMac architecture (like the Power Computing systems).
It won't matter all that much to the AmigaOS. Like the BeOS of today, the next generation AmigaOS should have its own specified hardware abstraction layer. You port the HAL to whatever system you want, and the OS runs over it without change - as long as your Exec has knowledge of the CPU your PPC machine has.
Currently, Pios is the only company to state that it wants to produce a 'low cost' exciting machine. VIScorp talks about high cost Alpha-based systems, while Phase 5 gives the price as £1500 (S2000). What will be the price point of your machine?
The first PIOS systems will be in that price range too; 120MHz and 200MHz PPC 603e- based is the current plan. Everyone's selling that kind of system; in part because the OS's in common use make it necessary - they have 15 years of code bloat, bad decisions and creeping featurism behind them.
But 65% of US folks and 90% of Europeans don't have home computers. Cost is a factor here, and I'm in favour of building computers that individuals use, not machines for business drudgery (thus, no MS-DOS, no Intel x86, etc).
If you owned the rights to Amiga, what would be your immediate plans, and what do you think VIScorp will decide?
I would offer it immediately for licensing to other companies, and work with other companies on building a portable version for desktop systems. I don't believe that any one company left in the business is large enough to make the AmigaOS a viable desktop OS in any market. Together, perhaps?
42 Oqu can log on to your own BBS for testing purposes by choosing BBS Local Login from the menus or Right-Amiga L from the keyboard. The slippery slope to constant local logins to check the BBS is beginning. Instead of logging off normally, for speed you Twit yourself out (the quickest method of logging users off, like when they're real bad) with BBSAwit or Right- Amiga T. In the User Editor you want to change the defaults and replace them with your own details and an Access of 10000. Everyone who calls your BBS will have their details stored in this editor. Your name stays at the top,
with users listed in chronological order going down. You don't want hackers guessing your password, so why not make it a complex 20 character, alpha-numeric affair.
Impossible 1o crack.
If you haven't got it already, the utility to get hold of for saving loads of time is Powersnap. I'm using it all the time writing these articles. Drop it in WBStartup to load and hide in the background each time you boot. Using Powersnap you could, for instance, make a copy of the characters forming your password in Max's. They will be stored in Ram ready to be copied elsewhere, like into a wordprocessor or Max's Configure Macros window.
Chatting In the Macro window you have 20 fields available ready for text. When you're next chatting to a caller, the F keys (FI, Shift F3 and the rest) bring onto screen that which is held within the macros. Their main use is in entering your name and password so you don't have to type them for each local login.
Terminal programs like Ncomm have macros too, so should you be chatting with someone who has a couple of mates at their end, they can each type their name into a macro to press before typing so you know who said what. The Sbme with your own macros if you have a brother who’s the co-sysop.
You're not limited to the character length of these macro fields. The big discovery is the key. Try entering this as a macro: BBS:Test.txt Now load in a WP and enter some text - it can be any length - before saving it out as Test.txt in the BBS directory. Back in Max's, Jason Jordache logs on to the incredible Max's BBS!!
Pulling in messages, stories and long sign- offs (signatures at the end of messages). You can use macros to save typing in sign-offs and message intros each time you write to users. As you will soon become aware, the symbol can be used all over Max's, not just with text but with ANSI screens as well.
Local login and make your way to the main menu. BBS Chat Interrupt (you'll find a few spelling mistakes within Max's) oi Right- Amiga I drops you into chat mode. Should a caller be on-line you can talk to him via this method, but in this case you're chatting to yourself.
Press the macro with Testtxt assigned to it. An Import Text function is initialed and Test.txt appears on-screen. BBS Import Text (Right-Amiga R) is another method for Control In Configure Macros we have our first glimpse of control codes with AM (control
M) . The A isn't printed on-screen (unless you type two side by
side). Its function is equal to that of the Ctrl key. The M is
one of seven ?
UGS One little bug in Max's to avoid: When editing configs and the time reaches midnight, certain fields can be jumbled or % replaced with a 0. Just make sure any editable windows in Max's aren't open at this time, though it's alright to have Max running.
Amiga Computing 44 NOVEMBER 1996 HIS Intel* your full n»wi Jasoii JorilAche
1) 4 you rnlrr your mite correctly? Yp.Oi to you want ANSI
colour? Yeah lo you want screen clearmu codes to be sent?
Veali to you want to use the full screen editor? Yeah to you
want to receive Junk nail Msm« to "All")? Hai Ion I d you
like to pause after each screen full? Yeah Jordeche Cue*t rs:v
bkii Calls: • Access:3 "Our Max’s distinctive flavour ol
traditional new user logins" Moving down the list in
Configure Text we II vl . 97. Copyright SI 1993 fllk D Nelson
lK»tok: Prti fco aff or each screen ? V n Hlntt Proai YES
VtS YES * ¦ g
- ooOAiol Sjo j JL . -. •’L'! S* Boainnvri): If a screen of text
Is loo 1 ono. Havtnq lhl« opf i on t tcked ensures lltal tho
text at the? Top ol yoin- non 1 t or doesn * t ro 1 1 off lie
1' ore you nan read i I .
I h (i i °°SSoo 2---1 7= i n= i • ili_ .
Commands; in this case Max understands AM as the command to hit the return key.
As Btll
* H Backspace
* 1 Tal
* J Lilt Feed
* 1 fo’i feed (Clears screen) AH Carriage Return
* C Escape In macro 1 each of those - (tildes) gives a delay
before sending the password. If you're short in tilde, the
macro will offer your password before Max has time to take it
all in.
Thus M A XAM-......SECRETAM first types MAX, then presses return, pauses, types SECRET and finally presses return - all in no time at all.
As far as cosmetic changes go, the Configure Text menu is full of potential.
You'll soon have all the simple stuff in there thrown out. The first thing is to replace M A X with yojr full name in row 0.
Controi codes for inserting carriage returns and bell sounds are all over the place in here. Colour of text can be changed too, eg A[[32m lor green. Here are the common colour codes you will need (for greater depth on this see chapter 6, page 57 of the Max’s BBS manual).
30 s Slack 31 = Red 32 3 Orten 11 3 Vellow 34 8 Blue 35 3 Pgrpl* 36 3 Cyan 37 3 White find text Ihe new user sees. Let's do a local login and create a fake account to see just how this looks to the new user. Login, enter a name other than that in the Sysops account, confirm you entered it correctly and go through the list of questions.
There be coverdisk ANSI this month. In the Max.lzx archive, one file you get is NumberList.txt. Drag it across into your BBS:Text directory. In Max's Configure Text window, replace row 13 "AMAMA[[36mHow many lines per screen (28): A[[0m” with: BBS:Text MuaberLfst. Txt Login again as a new user and see the difference. Every new user question can use the magic symbol to load in ANSI and so change the appearance of what would otherwise be the typical Max's feel. From Max.lzx there are five ANSI files ending with the 'ans' suffix. Pop these in BBS;Text. In Max’s Configure Text window, five
lines are to be deleted as follows and replaced with and a pathname to the ANSI. (Remember the useful Search and Goto options at the bottom of the window).
Replace line 9 "AMAMA[[36mDo you want ANSI colour?” with: BBS:Text AnsiColour .ins Line 10 ”AMAMA([36mDo you want screen clearing codes to be sent?" With: BBS:Tcxt ScreenClcars.ans BBS:Teit FollEditor.ans Line 275 “AMAMA[[36mDo you want to receive junk mail (Msgs to “All")?" With: Line 12 ,,AMAMA[[36mDo you want to use the full screen editor?" With: ....tv. B8$ :Tcit JunkHa l.aflS Line 11 "AMAMA[[36mWould you like to pause after each screen full?" With: BBS:Text PauieScreen.ans Notice the extra space at the end of the rows for these (and other) questions. Click at the end of 'Enter your
full name:' in row 1.
Instead of stopping straight after the colon, there is a space. Just a little aesthetic thing to bear in mind. Log on under a fake account with this extra space deleted and see how it looks to a new user answering the cuestions.
The 'Do you want ANSI colour' question always appears in white. Only if a user reenters his details after answering no to 'Did you enter all of the above [questions] correctly' will the assigned colour be shown.
The replacement ANSI offer explanations for what each question means for the new user. To give them time to read all this it's worth changing the log on time defaults, which determine how long a pause Max gives for someone to answer a question before throwing them off. All this is set within Configure System. See the System Configure screen grab.
There are your straightforward settings in there, like choosing different sound samples and their play rate. As you should see in the grab, the Login Time Limit has been changed from the default 60 seconds to 180; three minutes giving the new user plenty of time to read and answer questions.
The Upload Reward has been cancelled by changing it to 0. See chapter 3, page 7 if you want upload rewards for users (the rest of the options not mentioned here are outlined in that chapter). The Countdown gives the user 10 minutes before logging them off automatically. Sleep has been set to the maximum 59 minutes. You'll need this time when testing as you may want to s*ay logged on instead of being thrown off every few minutes just because you've flicked over to Hyper designing ANSI.
One option catching some out when a user tries to upload a massive file is the Max File Size field. Change it from 850 to 10000 and the user can upload a file up to 10 megabytes in size. It happens. Now you're going to have to change the Minimum Upload Space from 1000 to something like 10010. This way Max's checks to make sure there is at least the 10010k of free HD space before allowing an upload. Keep the Minimum Upload Space greater than the Max File Size, otherwise there's potential for a user to upload a stonking lOmb file, causing you to run out of disk space. £& Q] UG ABOO If you
have any questions concerning using Max’s, write in to the usual address marking the envelope Max's Problems. We'll try and address the more common queries.
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World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM containing around 40,000 mxw and colour clipart images contained in over 100 catagones (in IFF. GIF. PCX. CDR. EPS.
TlF, 4 BMP Tools for converting mages to another formats are included Subjects include Animals. Anatomy, Babies, Men, Women. Trees. Reptiles. Insects. Xmas, us, Planes. Vehicles. Ships. Toys. Zodiac signs, catchers, Humour. Cats. Dogs Computers, khnotogy. Seatife. Spacs, Symbols. Dinosaurs. Plants, Mure, Ads, Tods. Astrology. Hands. Birds, Business, he. Workers Cartoon, .ion King, Education. Food, iroening. Holidays Houses 4 Buildings. Helicopters.
Mdren, Banners Medieval. Military. Monsters. Music.
¦Ms Transport, and more Refed 949t, WORLD OF CLIPART Plus ~ The CD oontans nbmatai tvi NOBOOY warts you to know about and ndudcs tons of mogabyles cf text documents and photographs rofctrg to UFO sightngs and abduefcons et sinoc 19t1 aswd as hurv dods tor 'dvssrfttxf document NEW (C0179 £14 99 Atapi Amiga CD-ROM software Suitable for 0E CD-ROM CREATED A GAME?
We arc currently reloasmg a number of commercial budget Amiga games, and are looking tor future titles to be included in Iho range If you havo produced a good quality, fun to play game, be it act»on. Adventure or arcade, we are interested in seeing it CALL OUR PRODUCTION TEAJH NOW ON 01793 422355 Rated: 4 GOLD 95% • CUAUiGA 9t% - AUI Over m - AC ove (CD77) £1799 THE SPECCY CD 1996 1 (CD119 £17.99 CO contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and toved game Nearly all tho games are ready to run directly from CD. And archived versions are also included Available I This NEW CD
rom contains tons of al time classic Commodore 64 games and sw emulator 10 run them Order now as stocks are bound logo quickly Attention all retailers and mail order re-scttcrs Contact our trade sales team for a quote on the best selnq Amiga & PC CD ROMS around Smply fax a request on: 0181 8730311 EPIC CD resolors wanted Wforfo wide Telephone. 0181873 0310 for more information Tade satecflFtfi WteffijepcmaiXBuiioom ¦ ?-------------- C64 GAMES CD (coi82) £29.99
- -------m-M-d.------------ email: epto@opma.demon.co.uk Fax:
DETAILS Send your orders to: EPIC, 139 Victoria Rd. Swindon,
Wilts, UK UK Office. Open Monday-Saturday. 9:30-5:30 +441793
514188 Add £1 per title for UK P&P and £2 per title for
overseas P&P tyou In* in Ausfraka 3r Nu.v-Zeeland you can
purchase any of our CD-ROMs from our Sydney :asedafloe Send
your orders to EpfC. 36 Forest Road. Heathcote, NSW. 2233 TOTAL
AMOUNT ENCLOSED OmageFX has evolved into one of the Amiga's most powerful image processing and art packages. Helped along the way by its comprehensive Arexx ports, modular design and backed up by steady updates, ImageFX deservedly gets a lot of acclaim.
This latest version takes ImageFX up to 2.6 and introduces a number of all-new modules and effects along with improvements and additions to various other parts of the program.
Having been around a good few years now, ImageFX is probably one of the best regarded image processing packages on the Amiga, particularly considering that AdPro is no longer supported.
As ImageFX first evolved when AGA Amigas and graphic cards were only just appearing, the way it handled the image display was fairly unique - the actual 24-bit image data is stored in a buffer while the actual screen display gives a quickly rendered prevew, scaled to fit the current screen. Earlier versions did allow previews to be viewed in a true colour 24-bit CyberGraphX window, and even AGA users could have a preview window open on the Workbench.
Currently, the biggest disadvantage with ImageFX, particularly compared to Photogenic* and the recent ArtEffect, is that any drawing effects you apply to the preview image will not take effect until you let go of the mouse button. This is because ImageFX has to apply the effect to the 24-bit buffer before it will update the preview image. This makes it difficult to judge exactly what you have just done, particularly if you are attempting to create a subtle blending effect.
You can work with ImageFX on native Amiga screens where the interface lives on its own screen, tucked away at the bottom overlapping the main preview screen.
Access to effects is through the many buttons that split the effects up into appropriate types. This can initially make it a little tiresome trying to find a specific effect, but after a short time you do learn where they are stored.
In the wake of yet another update, Neil Mohr weighs up the pros and cons of ImageFX Most effects have a good number of options, and to prevent you from being overwhelmed by the requesters, many of them have the options split into separate pages selected from cycle gadgets on the window itself. Even though the whole of ImageFX does have a GadTool feel to it, all the gadgets are actually custom. Therefore things like the cycle gadgets caniot be made pop-up using Cycle to Menus. This would make it simpler to select what you want, particularly when things like the Liquid effect have about 10
menus, and even though you can pop-up a list view of menus by double-clicking, this is not quite ?
HOSE NEW EFFECTS Lightning A greatly updated version of the old Lightning, effect the new modules give you much greater control over the behavioui of the main bolt and the branches that spring from it Both the way the main lightning bolt and emitted branches are drawn can be adjusted through the use of percentage probabilities. You can now adjust the end and start points of lightning bolts by moving guides on the main screen.
V An all-new effect for ImageFX, Bubble will place any number of ray- traced glass bubbles on the current image. Even though you cannot specify exactly hew each bubble she is possible imum and for their size, hue, tint and brightness.
Simple animation controls that allow you to specify how the bubbles should move over the screen - adjusting the speed of how the X and Y values should change - have also been implemented.
Amiga Computing T as convenient.
When it comes to applying effects, ImageFX is quite friendly and straightforward, with most selections or values being set through either cycle gadgets or by entered values using either text gadgets or sliders. Just about all the effects have a thumbnail preview that is meant to allow you to see what the final effect will be like, but the damn thing is so small it is rendered almost useless, except for the most striking of effects.
Width: Edge Blend: Main: Swap: First Frame: *1 Lin.
- 1 Odd Now Line | Delete Current Line If 42 ¦ J ir_ 4 | 218 . I
12* f}-| 221 | . | 221 218 . I 12* rj-| 221|.| 221 r 0 Last
Frames £ 0 Load I Defaults 1 Save I Cancel I The wirless hook
gives you a automated way to remort model wires, Thunderbrds
will never look the same It would help if the space taken with
a thumbnail of what the original image was like was jsed to
enlarge the effect preview, or better still if ImageFX allowed
you to zoom in and out and move the preview image around.
Whats new This latest update comes on five disks and will update ImageFX 2.1 to 2.6. Installation is in two parts: One installer for the 'official' updated program and modules, and a second installer for modules and Arexx scripts producec by third parties. Along with the disks, a short manual addendum covers all the new additions for this and earlier versions.
A number of tweaks and additions have been made to the main program itself.
Possibly one of the most important is that ImageFX now completely supports all of the CyberGraphX 24-bit screen mode, allowing 24-bit brushes to be used in all painting modes. This includes CineMorph that can now morph in full colour for your viewing pleasure.
One thing that has always made ImageFX that little bit special is its support, not only for many different paint, effect and image formats, but also for external input and output devices, primarily printers and scanners.
This latest version continues the trend by adding an all-new printer module called SuperPrefs which replaces the older Prefs and Prefsll modules. The new module gives you a whole host of new options, including dithering, colour correction and how the image will be rendered. Extra support is also provided for the Fargo FotoFUN printer, One thing that has always made ImageFX that little bit special is its support not only for many different paint effect and image formats, but also for external input and output devices, primarily printers and scanners along with the older Primera and Primera ro
On the scanner side of things ImageFX has always offered superb support, and with its virtual memory is perfect for getting scans at high DPI that otherwise would be way out of your memory requirements.
There has always been support for Epson’s GT scanners, and with the 2.1 a update even support for the faster SCSI models was added. Now for version 2.6, Hewlett Packards Scanjet 3c and 4c SCSI modules are also supported.
Along with updating all of the Video Toaster and Flyer modules so that the scanner, rendering and preview work with the current 4.1 release, ImageFX can load and save Flyer Clips and any single frame can be loaded and saved to the Flyer. (This is only really of importance to our NTSC friends.)
On a Newtek theme, its Digiview slow scan digitiser is now supported too.
Added to the new effects, there are also a number of modules, one of the most interesting - mainly for video people - being the new Wireless hook. This can be used to remove support wires or hooks and even film scratches from a series of images.
The hook works on a sequence of frames, loading each one, then processing and saving the touched-up image.
You set up movable lines over each wire on the main preview image, and the information behind the wire will be replaced by the image you have stored in the swap buffer.
You can set the Start and finish frame positions and how many frames are in between the two. Key frames can also be set to make the movement of the wire even more accurate. For model animators this hook will be invaluable, making wire removal an automated process.
Other new filters are Colour Balancing to shift the colouring of a picture towards one particular colour; Filmgrain to add a noise pattern similar to the look of a film; a Gaussian blur to add strong blur patterns; and a pixel remove filter to process an image and remove pixels that are dissimilar to their neighbours.
One thing that may appear to be a step backwards is the removal of support for the GIF loader and saver. The reason behind One of the more complex new effects - with a myriad of options to play with - allows you to produce accurate simulated fire effects, ranging from a candle flame all the way up to a large forest fire.
From the single requester, five different attributes affecting the fire can be adjusted; How the fire appears, how it's blended with the background image, where it should appear, its size, and additional wind effects.
A very powerful distort effect replaces the old Distort function. Along with the old Delta distort method there are also Absolute and Radial distorts that affect the image according to the brightness of pixels on the radius and both the XA and angle co-ordinates.
The buffer the distortion comes from can be selected from either the image itself, the alpha channel, the swap buffer, or from the brush. Grey scale values can be used for a simple brightness distort, or the R G B values can be individually adjusted.
Amiga Computing this is that the compression used by the GIF format is patented by Unisys, who recently decided to start charging licensing fees for any commercial distributor whose products use its compression technique. Hey kids that's progress for ya.
So that NovaDesign does not have to pass any added expense on to you, the customer, the GIF modules have been removed from the commercial version, but are now available separately in the public domain (for which Unisys asks no fee). Therefore, if you want to get hold of the GIF modules which support the latest GIF89a features, such as interlaced and transparent GIFs, you will have to get them from NovaDesign’s BBS or FTP site.
ImageFX is still the ultimate image processing program on the Amiga, but its age is real! starting to show in the user interface; particularly now with Photogenics and ArtEffects snorting scaleable, font sensitive, multi-window interfaces. LmageFX*s font size and position fixed requesters have that squished look about them and do seem dated.
Most of my complaints do not stop ImageFX from doing what it is best a: - the batch processing of images through the use of its Arexx port. Perhaps if ImageFX version 3 appears, we will see something really special.
Requirements RED essential SLACK recommended Hi irz i RAM Hard drive Workbench & ro4o o “ = §8110 Mb 1 sll RAM CyberGraphX card Product ImageFX v2.6 Supplier Wizard Developments Price ImageFX 2.8 - £149.99 Upgrade from 2.0 - £39.99 Tel 01322 527 800 sales@wizard-d.demon.co.uk S Ease of use 90% Implementation 81% Value For Money | Overall 85% HOSE NEW EFFECTS An odd effect that distorts the image along a number of overlapping 'waves'. The end result is a rather odd-looking image that has the look of a funhouse mirror. There are a number of extra options that allow you to change how the
edge of the image is affected, including making the waves either wrap over the screen, or stretch, pulling puels from the edge to rew positions.
PAWT a 9CSERTSTRNE 1149 W« 1149 CUSE 2 1399 ftJTf 4 49
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VOL 1 Club football, club and country AEWBlEY INTI SOCCER 18
49 football Director2 4 99 FOOTBALL DIRECTOR 3 21 49 FORMULA
* 04.0 CLASS CROET 1199
lUNBOXEOi LmjPIN 399 499 ¦ 349 399 | ¦---- - - A . ... 1 PLAYtH
TOURNG CAR CHALLENGE t hi vial pursuit inon.
• •rave »*vt money MA11ERS PRINTERS 1999 9M CHAOS ENGIRT CORE
COMPILATION VOL7 2090 £9 10 99 £19 1249 CIS 18 93 £3 799 CS
4190 ce 799 £25 799 £25 1949 £10 21 » £13 1799 C7 10 99 C4 12
49 £17 1499 £25 1049 £10 16 99 £9 22 99 £12 14 99 C2 19 99 £10
2 99 £2 1799 £8 56 99 £43 65 99 5S 04 1499 IIN 19 99 £10 14
99 £15 799 £7 799 CT 1999 £15 19 99 CIO go £23 14 99 £15 12 99
132 1949 £10 10 V) C4 14 99 r?i 690 £8 1299 £13 9 (9 120 31 «
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any Amiga with 2 tree games ABSOLUTELY FREE AMIGA PARTS
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0very time we get the opportunity to upgrade our Amigas we experience the visceral excitement of watching things that used to take what now seems all day happen in a rush.
4 MB sec SCSI hard drives vs IDE, ST-506, or (shudder) floppy drives, v.34 modems vs
v. 32bis or an old 2400. Even more RAM can breath new life into
an old machine, especially when h is on a new graphics card.
But nothing - NOTHING - equals the thrill you get from taking
3 quantum leap in CPU performance.
The current Wildfire only fits the A2000 2500 boxes, and it ships with a 50MHz MC68060, a true SCSI-2 controller, ethernet, and the ability to hold up to 128MB of DRAM. As a bonus, two PCI-like interface ports are available on the back of the card, and DKB has a Wildfire PCI graphics card in development The Wildfire installation is rather painless.
Just shove it into your accelerator card slot and screw down the backplane bracket. It's accompaniec by a disk of utilities which you’ll need to install prior to using the card. But be warned - if your A2500 has one of the old Commodore 2090 or 2090A hard drive controllers and an old ST-506 drive, you won't be able to boot from that drive anymore.
You'll need to upgrade your A2000 2500 to Amiga OS 3.1 too - the Wildfire's 060 requires it, this is mentioned in the card's manual, but not on the outside of the box, where it should be.
The easiest way to describe the '060 is as an MC68040 on steroids, faster clock speeds, larger caches and a dual-interlocked pipeline all combine to produce performance numbers 4-6x faster than a 25MHz '040. The penalty for this is that programs which don't scale well in performance or won't work with the ’040, probably won't with the '060 either.
We tested the SCSI-11 controller on a synchronous SCSI-II IBM hard drive and saw throughput bursts of up to 4MB sec. If your hard drive does not support synchronous transfers, they can be shut off by a boot option on a special Wildfire screen that is accessed by lolding the right mouse button down at boot time.
The etherret port supports throughput of up to 1 MB second, and a stand-alone hub allows you to interface as many computers and devices as you might have. This allows ation. It also runs the bus at the CPU clock rate, not at half the CPU clock rate as most of its competitors do. This helps achieve as much of a 20% throughput advantage on some programs.
Finally, the bonus slots on the back of the card allow for the insertion of pseudo-PCI cards. The slots are electrically compatible with the PCI standard, but their positioning prevents you from being able to use the form factor that will be used in other Pcs. These two slots do, however, give DKB the ability to build cards based around off-the-shelf PCI chips which outperform by double anything available for the Amiga today. And what's more, they will probably cost half as much.
Some quick benchmarking showed the Wildfire to be a real brute. The standard Lightwave 3.5 'texture examples' scene renders on an A1200 40MHz 030 882 in 261 seconds. The Wildfire did it in 39 seconds.
The Amiga to integrate into a render farm and means you can even create your own high- performance home network.
The DRAVI controller is the most elegant part of the board and keeps the '060 fed - an absolute necessity for best performance. The WildFire supports 80, 70, or 60ns DRAM using standard 72-pin SIMMs (in any combo of 4,8, 16 or 32MEG), and supports interleaving memory if SIMMs are used in matched pairs.
This is a feature NO other '060 board (of which we are aware) has, and easily gives the WildFire a 10% or higher performance advantage on any memory bandwidth limited oper- Requirements RED I 'M'itlial BLACK rifomnnrnk'd A2000 A2500 •• B ¦Hiiiiiiiiiiii Product details 1 Product Wildfire 68060 | Supplier DKB Incorporated UK Wizard & Power Price SI 499.00 Tel US810 348 3821 S I Ease of use 95% Implementation 9t% Value For Money
• 5% | Overall 93% Syslnfo 3.24 said: 'Call me now? AIBB tests
were real jaw-droppers. The Shapeshifter Mac emulator gave us a
'Mac' that screams! - nearly three times the performance of a
Quadra 950; the fastest '040 Mac Apple ever sold. Loading JPEG
files into ADPro and ImageFX was as fast as loading GIFs.
The Wildfire may not be the cheapest '060 card out there, but you must also consider that DKB is a long-time Amiga peripheral manufacturer, and its support is second-to- none. The card also includes enough extras to justify its price and push it to the head of its class.
If you crave speed, and want to truly supercharge your Amiga 2000, the DKB Wildfire is definitely what you want.
Skipper Smith and Harv Laser supercharge their A2000 with the DKB Wildfire 68060 Bottom line Amiga Computing SE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY ONLY $ 9.95 TO THE 48 STATES Call for lowest pricing! To place your order call 1-800-699-4049 **NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE** Macro Systems m WARP ENGINE
- Includes SCSII & II Fastest hard drive controller available lor
(he Amiga 4000*3000
- Up to TEN megabytes per second with a Seagate Barracuda 2.1
gigabyte hard drive
- Expandable to 64MB RAM using 72 pin industry standard slmms
- Work in Amiga 4000 4000T 30003000T Specify Unll When Ordering)
68040 @ 40Mhz w CPU & FANSINK 695.00 Low profile, power & heat
simms for maximum performance- 04 MB 60NS 25.00 08MB60NS 50.00
Upgrade rebates for A4000-040 owners with original CPU card. FG
MB 60NS 99.00 . Simms & A3000 owners with zip style dram! 32 MB
SONS 199.00 399 399 399 399 599 995 399 479 259G69 2095 3895
1595 1995 2749 715 519 425 11MS 2 Yrs 125 11MS 2 Yrs 179 14MS
3Yre 249 10MS 3 Yrs 399 8MS 5 Yrs 749 8MS 5 Yrs 949 0MS 5 Yrs
899 359 49 695 1« 899 99 119 1 x 8 120 - 60ns SMMS 19* 1 x 9
120 - 60ns SMMS 25* 4x8 120 • 60ns SMMS 45- 4x9 120 - 60ns SMMS
55- 1 x 4 120 60ns Slate ZIP 9* 1 x 4 120 - 60ns Pigc ZIP 9* 1
x 4 120 - 60ns Pigs DIP 9* 1 x 1 120 - 60ns DP 3* 256 x4 120 -
60ns DP 3- 256 x4 120 - 60ns ZIP 3* 256x32 100 - 60ns (1MB
Stmm) 9» 256 x 36 100 - 60ns (1MB Simm) 15- 512x32 100 - 60ns
(2MB Simm) 15- 512x36 100 - 60ns (2MB Simm) 19- 1 x32 100 ¦
60ns Smm (4MB) 20t 1x36 100 • 60ns Smm (4MB) 22- 2x32 100 -
60ns Smm (8M8) 40- 2x36 100 • 60ns Smm (8MB)
4x32 100 - 60ns Smm 116MB) 80t 4x36 100 - 60ns Smm (16MB) 88* 6x32 100 - 60ns Smm (32MBl 160* 8x36 100 - 6Cns Smm (32MB) 172* 16x32 100 • 60ns Smm (64M8) 999- GVP SIMM32 6GNS 4ME 79 GVP SIMM32 60NS 161.6 399 GVP SIMM32 60NS 1ME 29 AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS b UPGRADES!
9MS 5 Yrs 375 8MS 5 Yrs 799 8MS 5 Yrs 995 A2068 XT AT Bndgecard (2000) GVP PC286 (GVPA500* 4 A530 Turtto) Emplani Deluxe Version E586 Upgrade BM Module Empkant Macrons A-Max II* w A Max IV Color PHASE *5
* ' I Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board
875. 00 Blizzard 1260 or 1230 SCSI ll RAM
175. 00 Blizzard 1230-4-50Mhz
295. 00 Cybergraphix Software
59. 00 Cybervision 64 Z3 w 2MB
399. 00 Cybervision 64 Z3 w 4MB
479. 00 Cyberstorm 68060 © 50MHZ MK II
959. 00 Cyberstorm 68060 MK II SCSI II
149. 00 Cyberslorm 68060 A2000
899. 00 Interworks ENLAN-DFS (5 node licence) 299 CBM A2065
Ethernet board 399 Hydranel (20003000 4000 Senes) 299 1-Net
(A1200 PCMCIA interface) 299 Ariadine 259 AMIGA NETWORKING
TO PLACE AS ORDER CALL (8(H)) 699 - 4049 25 South Old
Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bldg. Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 Information & RMA
(302) 738-9259 Fax 24 HOURS Please understand our policies
l. 'ISCOVER VISA MASTER Card Amcman Express & COD A.ccpted All
Friccv and vpctifitulmnv arc uh|cvl 10 vhangc wiih* ui nonce!
RMA* 151 restocking fee on all refunds. Defective Hems replied
with sane item only.
Call 302 738.9267 for approval RMA* hclnrc reluming mcrvhandi . Or fax an RMA* request lo 302.738.9259 orberwise your return will no! He accepted We .tc not responsible for incomjxxtibilHy of product*. C'ODs are CASH ONLY.
Shipping A: handling is non-rclundaWc SAH for chips is V5 COD Fct Vi Personal iheikv icquirc 14 dayv to clear Call lix actual shipping pino on at *hei ncm y Address II v1.5 Ami-File Sate Ccnsumer Ami-FJe Sate Professional Caligan - Caltgai 24 One Graphics - Powermacros lor Lightwave Crestline - Humanoid tor imagine 169 Crestline - Humanoid for Lightwave 169 Dimension Technologies - Composite Studio Pto 169 Dimension Technologes - Fly Ettects 169 Dynanic Reality - Impact’ 199 Electron* Arts - Deluxe Part V 119 Focus- GrapheRECALL v1 5 51 Hester - Plixjlns 6 Go 69 impulse - imagne 30 159
lnnov«jon Technology - Alpha Palm 349 Iwovsan Technology - Broadcast Titter IIS HiRos189 Mage Lantern v2 0 74 Metrogratix - Motion Master Volume 1 99 Metrografix - Motion Master Volume 2 99 Mfltroaralu - Sharks v2.173 119 Newtek Lightwave 4 0 (IBM or Amiga) 695 Newtek Lightwa e 5.0 Upgrade 409 Newtek Ughtwa e 5 0 Complete 1029 Newtek Video Toaster 41 upgrade 475 Nova Design - (mage FX v2 6* 215 Photogemcs 84 Play - Brkianot 2 0 119 Ql estar WortJ Construction Set 169 Radtosrfy- Waremaker v2 0 165 Realsott - Real 3D v3 3 359 Scala MultimedB MM3O0 129 Sports Object ko Lightwave 49 Syndesis -
30F0M VoM or 2 84 Synergy - Mollnvood FX or L«e 219 Swipes 89 Visual Inspirations - Visual FX tor Lightwave 99 Virtual Reality Sludio v2 0 69 Pixel 30 Professional v2 0 89 Pageslream 3 C+ 169 MONITORS CBM 1080 RGB Analog Monitor CBM 1084 RGB knalcg Monitor C8M I064S RGS Analog Monitor CBM 1950 60 Multisync Monitor CD Solutions 1401 14’ Muttiscan RGB Monitor TOSHIBA TIMM 20’ Multiscan RGB Monitor VIDEO HARDWARE Cybervson 64 Zorro 3 w?MB Ram Cybenison 64 Zorro 3 W 4MB Ram VIDI 24 RT VIDt 24 RT PRO Newtek Vidoo Toislw 4.1 ?
Newtek Video Flyer 4.1* Noahji's Vtab Mo ton Card Nojfrt'i Vlat) Mo xxi System i Toccata) Noahji's Vlab Mown Complete (T&RZ3) Noahji's Raima 23 w'4MB Noahji's Retina 22 w'4MB Noahji'j Toccata Sound Card Noahji's Vlab Y C Internal External Nudeus Personal editor vl.1 Nudeus Personal SFC Plus v3,1 Prevue Technology - Sync Slrjanet Prime Image Libe Black Box' Rocfcoon rtus Genlock YC Plus - Y C Pits SVHS Hi8 SOFTWARE 4000T Compu'er w 1OOMB HD 76MB Ram 2S9S 1200 Computer without HD 499 2000 Ctmputei System w ECS 599 500 Computer System w.’o ECS 199 600 Computer System w o HO 299 520 Video Adapter
(works w: all systems) 19 2M8 Ram For ?091 (256x4 dips) 80 2 3000 internal low density disk drives 79 500 internal low density disk drives 39 2 3 4000 internal high density disk drrve CALL 2*3 4000 external ht i density cfcsk drrve 119 1 2 3'4000 5'*6'1200 Keyboards CALL 1-2-3 4000 S6-1200 Power Supply CALL Replacement Mouse 24 95 2320 Flicker Feter (2000 40001 299 2232 seven pen senal card 199 2091 HD Contioler card w-OMB 99 3640 68040 © 25Mhi lor the 4000 3000 2630 w2MB o 4MB (A2000 Accelerate-1 2620 w.2MB o 4MB |A2000 Accelerator) 501c 512K rantcard w'dOCk 601c 1MB rarrcoard w dock cei i
99. 299 99 339 119 199 329 26 68040-40 w.MMUAFPU
199. 00 68040-33 w MMU&FPU
149. 00 68040-25 w.'MMU&FPU 99 00 68040-EC25 7500 68G30-RC-50
119. 00 68030-RC-40 w.'MMU 79 00 68030-EC-40 (NO MMU) 99 00
68030-RC-33 wMMU 99 00 68030-RC-25 wMMU 7500 68030-EC-25 (NO
MMUi 50 00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU 75 00 68882-PC-PGA or PLCC-40
59. 00 6ftfl82-RC-PGA or PLCC-33 FPU 49 00 68882-RC-PGA or
35. 00 68881-RC-PGA or PlCC-25 FPU 25 00 80387-25SX (38688) FPL
69 95 Crystal Osollalors 1000 68040 Heal Smk 25 00 Intel 486
DX2-66 45 00 Intel 486 DX2-50 25 00 Intel 486 DX 33 1500
Inlet 486 SX 33
10. 00 31 Upgrade kit (roms. Sdt mans) 119.00 31 Upxyade kit
(roms. Scltware) 79 00
3. 1 Kckstarl roms (5033)00'600) 59 00
3. 1 Kickstan roms (30004000,'1200) 95.00
2. 1 OS Upgrade lOt (corrptete) 79 95
2. 1 OS Upgrade Kit (soli manuals) 49 95 205 Kickstert Rom (A600)
24.95 2 04 Kickstan Rom 24.95
1. 3 Kickstan Rom 12.95 1MB Agnus (8372A) 23.95 2M8 Agnus (8372BI
39 95 Super Denise (8373) 29 95 Paula (8364) Or Dense .83621
16 95 CIA (8520) 9 95 Western Distal Revision 08A 29 00
Superbuster (revl 1) (4051 45.95 Ramsey (rev 07) 39 95 Fat
Gary (A3000) r 29.95 Super Drnac (rev 04) 39.95 Amber (A3000 &
2320) 44 95 Janus 2 1 upgrade kit 24.95 2620 2630 upgrade tut
(7.0) 24 95 2091 upgrade tut (7.0) 24 95 PERCEPTION PVR-2500
1S75 CAPTURE CARD AD-2500 875 =tS422 Option 185 PAR (IBM)
DR-12C0 1545 PAR (Amiga) DR-2150 1545 w Conner 540MB
* 199 w Quantum 1275A 1.2G ? 39S w Micropolis 2217A 1.7G +899
Personal TBC IV 799 Personal Vector Scope 735 Amiga Analyzer
$ 59.95 Diagnostic software hardwarc for problems D PS ;pu b FPU
Sony CDU 55 - (Internal or External) 79 139 caddytess. Double speed 2X) multisesston photo-CD. 1 Year Warranty Sony CSD-76SB (Internal or External) 149 209 caddyless. QUAD SPEED (4X) mulhsesslon photo-CD. 1 Year Warranty Toshiba 4.4x 199 259 Teac6x 199 259 Plextor 6x 249 309 Plextor 8x 299 369 ASIM CDFS 3.6* w Fish CD (AMIGA) 59 CDROM f4e system lor Amiga Systems, includes Fred Fish CD.
Squirrel SCSI II PCMCIA A1200 600) 94.00 Surf Squirrel SCSI II & High Speed * 139.00 Serial PCMCIA for A1200 & A600 SYQUEST 5.25" HH 44MB DRIVE (SQ555) 99 SYQUEST 5.25* HH 88MB (SQ5110C) |R4W44) 259 SYQUEST 3 5‘ LP EZ-135MB IDE or SCSI w Cart 199 SYQUEST 5 25' 200MB (5200) (RAW 44 4 88) 299 SYQUEST 3 5‘ LP 270M8 (3270S) 13MS SCSI 329 525' 44M&88MB Cartrdges 39 49
3. 5* 270MB or 5 25* 20CMB Canndges 54 69 External Versions
DRIVE INTERNAL 399 JAZZ Cartridges 129 ZIP Cartridges 19
Micropolis 1936 SCSI & II 12 MS-3000 MB-5.25" FH 4 MB Sec
Async 5 Year 699 00 10 MB Sec Sync Warranty REMOVABLES
(Arr.ics MAC ISM DRIVES h DRIVERS includes Motorola 68040 @
33MHZ. Nidec whisper quiet, low power, low voltage tan sink
and 33Mhz 1 2 can oscillator DE KIT 14S.00 Includes Motorola
68040 © 40MHZ. Nidec whisper quiet, low power, low voltage fan
sink and 40Mhz 1 2 can oscillator RADEKIT iSS.QU WARP ENGINE
* * 51080A 1080 MB IDE LP 10MS 3Yrs 225
* * 51270A 1270 MB IDE LP 10MS 3 Yrs 249 "52140A 2140 MB IDE LP
10MS 3Yf» 349 ST31231N 1050MB SCSI LP
• ST32550N 2 1G Barracuda
• ST15150N 4G Barracuda
• ST410800N 9G Elite 11MS 5Yrs1895
DRIVES Seagate 4324NP 2 4GB 332k see 649.00 Seagate 4326NP
4 BGB 400k s*c 799.00 Exabyte 8700LT 7 14GB 1024 sec 1099.00
Quantum 2000 10,20GB 2500k S3C 3384.00 Quantum 4000 2Q 4QGB
3000k sac 4995.00 Sony 4MM 120M DDS2 Tape (8GB) 20.00 Exabyte
8MM 160M Tape 15.00 Quantum 2000 Tape (20G8) 50.00 Quantum 4000
Tape (40GB) 120.00 Now you can record your own CDROM discs or
make backups of the ones you alresdy own REQUIRES SCSI
INTERFACE CARD Mastering ISO Recording Software 129 Yamaha
CDR102 4x read 2x write 525 Yamaha C DR 100 4x read 4x write
845 Hewlett Packard 4020 4x read 2i write 795 CDR Recordable 74
Minute Blank 9.95 A12GQ 60G S' i 2.5" IDE HARD DRIVES STW16AG
XIDMB Seagate 349 Install kits available $ 25.00 QUANTUM Europa
54UMB 149 Europa HIIIVIB 199 CFA 1275A IDE (w PAR) 12MS 3Yrs
399 CFA 850A IDE 12MS 3Yrs 265 CFA 540A IDE 12MS 3Yrs 199 CFA
540A IDE (w PAR) 3Yrs 199 Quantum 340 ELS SCSI I & II or IDE
420 ELS SCSI I 4 II or IDE 850 LPS SCSI 14 II or IDE
1. 8G HH SCSI I 4 II
* 2.1G ATLAS 7200RPM 1MB
* 4 3G ATLAS 7200RPM 2MB 4 3G Grand Pnx 512k buffer 260 MB IDE LP
16MS 3Yrs 139 420 MB IDE LP 16MS 3Yrs 149 CD-ROM RECORDER DR
• up to five pounds jcIujiI weight & dimensional weight, call for
rthcr details Shipped Airborne E*pnr« SDS 25 SOUTH OLD
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 INFORMATION & RMA
(302) 738-9259 FAX (ED® M Megachip 2100 500 185.95 Allows your
ASX) & A2IXX) scncs computers to have two megabytes of chip
ram. A must have for people who use video, graphics and
audio applications.
Included is the Megachip daughterboard with 2MB Agnus chip and an extra one megabyte of ram.
(Requires A50C to have A50I ram expander +24.95) A1202 board IA12(H) ( nly) 87.95 A multi function board for the A1200 Computer that provides the maximum fast ram expansion plus a battery hacked up clock-calendar. Includes two simm sockets few combinations of 1. 2. 4. 5. Or SMB of fast rum using indoviry standard 32 hit simmt with 72 pins. Optional picc math coprocessor can speed up math functions as much as 1000'T or more.
A3128 Ram board (A3000 4000 Only) 189 Allows 32 hit rani expansion to 146 megabytes of ram using 72 pin ndustrv standard simms. Four simm dots accept cither 4. 8. 16 iw 32 megabyte simms.
A2632 Rant board IA2630) 189 v 4mb Allows 32 Bit ram expansion onboard of 112mb of ram using industry standard 72pin simms. Has four sockets allowing use of 4. 8. 16 or 32mb simms.
Allows full burst mode support.
DKB’s WILDFIRE 060 w FAST SCSI II & 64bit ramboard $ 1399 Upgrade rebates available for owners of other 4MB - 29 8MB - 59 accelerator boards & ram through De Vine. 16MB • 119 32MB • 225
- True 68060 50Mhz Design - NOT A MODIFIED 68040 BOARD'"
- Lightning High Speed Local 68060 Memory, supports interleaved
- Supports Posied Writes to Motherboard & 10MB SECOND SCSI
- 32 Bit FAST SCSI II Host bus DMA Interface
- Over 90% of the CPU available at full Speed SCSI DMA
- Totally Auto oxifigurable - 64 BlT Ram expandable to 128MB
- Uses Industry Standard 72 Pin Simms - Ethernet - Twisted Pair &
Thm Coax
- PCI Bus For Future Expansion supporting up to 100MB Second
- Compatible with the Newtek Video Toaster & DKB Megachip
- Includes Manufacturer’s TWO year full warranty From a company
that listens to what the public wants! This is the FASTEST
accelerator available for the Amiga 2000!' MADE IN THE USA!
Kwiksturt II (A 1000)
54. 9?
AI(XX) owners con now add kickstart roms to their machines with this device! Supports two different revision roms & allows access to more system ram.
Multipart II 6a (A500,6(H). 2000) 29.95 You can use more than one kickstart rom chip with this device! Switchablc by resetting the machine for a few seconds.
Monbra 33MHZ w MMli & FPU 14U.IMI Accelerator for AI2(X) computer with 68030 6* 40Mh . 68882 4t».Mh math co-processor, and battery backed real lime clock. Expardablc to 128MB of fast ram using industry standard 72 pin simms. Increase in speed up to HtY* SCSI l&ll controller can he added $ 89.00 Rapidfire SCSI I & II controller 139.00 Specifications are unsuipasscd in speed, power, compatibility & raw performance. Ram expansion up to eight megabytes of 72pm industry standard ram.
Hatd drive can attach to card. A includes db25 external connector ¦ I Expansion case ft ft with power ¦ .supply option, SI fail kil option.
J flyer cabling kit l option.
Allows a user lo add an extra Aniiija slot In llicir A1000 drxktop system by mo via;; the Newtek Video lousier hoard.
Dives the user the power to If1 mid additional I1; cards like DBS R Vector oCOpCS ill extra Pcsfatl.
89. 00 HIGHFLYER (A4000 Only) INCLUDES Power Supply Fan Kit Cable
Kit Dataflyer SCSI card 4(HH)S
- SCSI Controller card supports up to seven devices internally,
can add external port later Dataflyer SCSI card 4IHHISX-25
- SCSI controller card with DB25 external connector for external
devices Dataflyer SCS1+ A4IHH)
- converts IDE header into SCSI support for up to five devices w
ith pass thru to work with original IDE drives you already own
Dataflyer SCSI+ A 12(H) 99.(H)
- converts IDE header into SCSI port with original IDE still
functional' Control up to seven devices total.
Dataflyer 1200 600 XDS 69.IHI
- external case suppons 3.5' IDE hard drive & allows use of
internal 2,5" hard dnve. Includes pass thru cable for using two
hard drives at once.
Dataflyer KAMROARI) w DMB S9.(H)
- ramboard expandable to eight megabyte* of ram using 1x8 or U9
simm modules.
Dataflyer SCSI controller (2 HH 3(HH» 89.(HI SCSI Con teller card, controls up to seven devices al once. Optional DB25 connector available for 9,95- Dataflyer IDF. Controller (2000 3000) 79.00
- IDE Controller card, controls up to two IDE devices at once.
99. 00 Dataflyer SCSI & IDF controller 12 HH)) 95.00
- IDE controller card, controls up to two IDE device* at once.
SCSI controller part controls up to seven SCSI devices al one
time on the same card.
Dataflyer SCSI 500 149.00 External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3.5" SCSI device. Ramboard can be added to cxpund memory to eight megs DB25 external curtMCtOT purchased separately fix 9.95. Up to seven devices can be controlled.
DataflyerlDF A500 I49.IH) External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3.5" IDE device. Two devices can be controlled. Dataflyer RAM-C Ramboard can kc added to expand memory to eight MB.
Dataflyer SCSI & IDE A500 179.(H) External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3.5* SCSI or IDE device. Ramboard can be added to expand memory to eight megs. DB25 external connector purchased separately for 9.95. Up to nine devices can be controlled mixing & matching SCSI & IDE Baseboard A60IC 25.00 Kamhoard with one megabyte ol ram lor an additional megabyte of chip memory fix the Amiga 6(X) computer system. Included also is a bancry backed re-.il time clock.
Expansion Systems is an American owned & operated company. Its products carry a one year mar.ufacture warranty.
68030 ® 50MHZ with Memory management unit 68882 © 50MHZ FPU (Math Co Processor add 75 00) 1 MB ot 60N3 32bit ram (32bit os by remapping kickstart) Up to 32 megabytes ol 72 pin industry standard tam WHATS THE PLUS? It’S the modification to work with tho DKB Msgach*) 2000. 500 a $ 25.00 value if purchased separately) 4MB-275 8Mb-299 16MB-349 32MB - 449 FREE MATH CO PROCESSOR with purchase of 33Mhz version HI 68030RC33 Mhz w MMU. 68882 RC33 math co-processor. AND SCSI I & II controller card built in w external port expandable to 32Mb of ram 399.00 68030 running at 50Mh2 w MMU AND SCSI I & II
controller card built in with external port expandable to 32Mb ram 599.00 CSA is an American owned & operated Cdmpany. Its products carry a one year manufacture warranty.
Csfi Magnum
- Includes SCSII A II Fastest hard drive controller available lor
the Amiga 200) series
- Up lo FIVE megabytes per 9ocond wllh a Seagate Barracuda 2.1
gigabyte hard drive
- Expandable to 64MB ram using 72 pin Industry standard simms
68040 @ 40Mhz w CPU & MMU & FPU 895 Low profilo, power (fc heal
simms for maximum performance- 04 mb sons 2S.oo 08 MB 60NS
50.00 Upgrado rebates for A2000 owners wilh other CPU cards! 16
MB SONS 99.00 Trado in that old 16bit ram white you’re at it
too! 32 mb sons i99.00 64 MB 60NS 396.00 GVP-M FALCON 68040 @
- for the Amiga 1200 soriot machines
- faoter than an Amiga 4000T @ 2SMH;
- uttf standard 72pm simms expandable to 128Mb of memory
- 33 Mhz & 40MHz AVAILABLE! £649.00 ft 749.001!
- Extra SCSI Port Option Available _limited time price of $ 49S.OO
GVP-M TREX-2 68060 @ S0MHZ
- BUILT IN SCSI II CONTROLLER CARO 400a'4000l 300Q 3000T 2000
ADRAM (540 w 4M0 99 ADRAM 2080 W 8MB 149 ADSPEED 99 ADSPEED IDE
KIT 25 PRIM A MOUNTING KIT 35 A robably the single most impor-
I I I tant program for any computer V system is a compiler.
After all, how else are programmers expected :o produce new
software? For years on the Amiga this spot was very well filled
by SAS C, but with SAS Institute having dropped its support for
the machine a few years back, there is a oit of a hole left in
the market. Enter StormC.
The package comes on five disks and is accompanied by a 200-page manual.
Installation is made very straightforward (as it should be), thanks to the normal Amiga installer, which copies all the StormC programs along with the 'Include' files, a number of example projects, an on-line manual and help files.
StormC itself only takes up four disks, the fifth playing host to a demo of the StormWIZARD GUI development system which, coincidentally, was used to create all of StormC's front ends.
The manual does do a very good job of explaining how to set up and use each part of StormC, and has useful information and warning snippets in the margin. For beginners, the manual takes you through the basics of setting up a new C project The only problem with the current manual is that it is a translation of the original German one and could have done with a second reading before this release. The manual may be a little 'quirky', but this does not make it any less informative; it's just that the use of English is a little amusing now and again. If this still Neil Mohr checks out the
compiler the Amiga world has been waiting for worries you, I have been told by Haage & Partner that a new version is in the works.
There are five main sections to SlormC: its project manager, editor, compiler, linker and debugger. In the manual the StormC package is referred to as a complete 'development system', not just simply as a compiler. The reason for this is that the StormC package has been designed and written with modern program design and development techniques in mind. Over the years the way projects have been approached and executed has slowly evolved and developed.
At one time the usual way of producing a program wculd be to load the code into a text editor, make any necessaiy changes, save the code off and then run the compiler and linker to produce the executable. This process could be automated with batch files, but as computer systems and the programs running on them grew in size, so did the complexity of programming projects. With the advent of modular programming and C++ classes, a single program is made up of many smaller sections of code. It
- therefore becomes unnecessary and ineffi- dent to have to
recompile every piece of code to produce the finished
Management of all the possible sections of a project is handled by StormC's project manager. This not only refers to the code you have written, but also to things like AnigaGuide documents, Arexx scripts and graphics. The project manager is there to handle ill the different sections of your program and keep track of all the dependencies; and simply to make access to them quicker.
The project manager has two main windows, consisting of the tool bar and any project windows that are open. StormC is started by double-clicking on any of the prcject icons, which have a few tool types in them allowing you to adjust the start up. Most importantly the SaveMem tool type will force StormC to load each section of the StormC environment only as it is needed, thereby savirg a lot of memory. This comes in very hand , as even on a 6Mb system you can easily run out of your 4Mb of fast RAM and slip into using much slower chip RAM. You can also specify using the GoldED text editor
instead of StormC's built-in equivalent, so if you have grown accustomed to GoldED it will be invisibly used by the other StormC programs thanks to good old Arexx.
Useful tool One other useful tool type, PubScreen, lets you specify which public screen StormC should work from. As you cannot define a screen mode from within StormC, it will not automatically open this screen, but the provided commodity Storm Screen Manager will open the window. It may seem a bit around the houses, but it works. Strangely, the public screen name defined in the project icons is 'STORMC', while in Storm Screen Manager the set up screen is 'StormC', and as screen names are case sensitive, you must make sure you change the name in Storm Screen Manager before you start.
For each program you want to write you will create a new project - every part of this program will be listed in the project window.
This includes the source code, headers, assembly code and headers, locale catalogues, compiled executables and any documentation, AmigaCuide and Arexx scripts. If you want to create a new section of code you must first add a new text section from the menu. You then enter the name of the source section and a new file will be made for you to edit. It is also possible to add multiple files - quite handy if dealing with C++ code that uses pre-v ritten classes. Accessing any of the project sections is just a matter of doubleclicking in the project window.
The par of StormC that you will potentially be using the most is the editor. If you cannot get along with the integrated editor, the whole point of StormC being a complete environment is lost Fortunately, I can say that StormEd is very nice to use. Providing Mac-styfe editing, allowing you to cut and paste into block- marked areas, the editor is quick and easy to use and dees not slow down with large files.
Context colouring As with other recent text editors, StormED has context colouring of the program code. So, as you type cut code, specific types of C and C++ symbols and commands will be highlighted in a colour. This allows you to quickly spot C C++ commands, comments, constants and AmigaDOS types. Of course you can specify what colours and which types should be highlighted, if any at all. The editor also features automatic formatting of your code as you type it in - it can add tabs each time a new open bracket and the following code is added, saving you the trouble. On top of all this
there is an unlimited undo redo buffer, and for every source the window's position and size are remembered.
As I mentioned earlier you can opt to use GoldED as a replacement editor using the tool type in the project icon. So, when you run StormC GoldED is automatically run and you can make it appear on StormC's public screen.
It would be nice to see a similar option for other widely used editors such as CynusEd and Turbo Text but I suppose if there was a J 1 1 oi c~ Teijin' _J Extra jjrti For Evary finrton „_1 Pen t** - Qj NoD****, J PI.....**«p J PJ Bmana.pow.iwi 1
- -1 .ywwgsytnoc*, PI NoASMOutput | .Pi..... Ne«c«*r. . 1 -1 -
standardised set of Arexx commands you could have just told
StormC which port to use.
StormC's compiler can handle both standard ANSI-C code and code containing C++ extensions, so before you try to compile code you need to make sure you have the right settings in the compiler preferences from the main project tool bar. There are options to produce code specifically for the 020 030 and 040 060 processors, allowing you to take advantage of the 'new1 commands found in these more modern devices. The 040 and 060 modes will replace any floating point operations which these processors' built-in FPUs cannot handle with emulated code, thereby making sure 060 users will not expe
rience the huge drop in performance exhibited by certain FPU intensive programs.
Faster addressing The compiler also offers the usual large and small code models so you can take advantage of the faster addressing of a small data model. Seven levels of optimisation are available, starting from the removal of redundant code 3nd variables, to greater and more effective usage of CPU and FPU registers.
Along with the linker being compatible with SAS C anc MaxonC libraries, the compiler claims to be very compatible with SAS C, DICE, AztecC and GCC code.
The stage of a project that takes up the most time and resources is usually the debugging stage. StormC helps to make this easier by implementing an excellent debugger. If at any stage when you compile and run a program it crashes, StormShell will close the program down and reclaim all the system .resources the program was using.
As with most debuggers, the usual controls over a running program are available, including single step, pause, skip and run, and kll the program. Break points, which are shown down the side of the editor window, can also be added.
Additional information is shown through a number of other windows, such as the status of all the current locale and global variables, program modules, functions in modules and the current list of breakpoints.
The manual says that in writing StormC, Haage and Partner have paid close attention to how other compilers, such as BorlandC and CodeWarrior work, and tied to implement their findings under the superior Amiga work environment. And they do seen to have achieved their goal. Thanks to the project window, working with multiple source code is straightforward, and your screen never need be cluttered again. If you wart to edit some code just double-click on the one you want in the project window and the editor appears with the code.
If you want a highly polished C Cf+ compiler you cannot go wrong with StormC It may seem pricey, but it's no more expensive than SAS C, which is now no longer being supported. A couple of options you may want to consider are StormC lite, which is a cut down version with no debugger and a few other bits and pieces removed, and an upgrade offer - if you already own a C compiler - to entice you to StormC.
Bottom line Requirements RED ‘issentiGt BLACK recommended AMIGA Professional 3 Mb I Omb hard KlckATARI RAM or drive apace al»v0 Product details Product StormC Supplier BliT.ersoft Price StormC £269.95; Upgrade £179.95; StormC Lite £119 Tel 01908 261466 ki bsoft@mag-netco.uk E-Mail WWW http: blittersoft.wildnetco.uk 90% 80% 92% Loading StormC HAAGE 6r PARTNER WWW http: ourworld .compuserve.com: 80 homepages haage_ partner Ease of use 93% Implementation Value For Money Overall Amiga Computing Replacement Mice ..£6.95 MegaMouse400 .....£9.95
MegaMouse Plus (3 Button) .....£12.95 Optical Mouse......£29.95 Crystal TrackBall ...£34.95 Pen Mouse ..£19.95 Auto Mouse Joystick Switch......£12.95 A500 512K Ram Board w o clock ......£15.00 A500+ 1Mb Ram Board w o clock......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board w o clock ......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board with clock ......£30.00 A1200 2Mb Ram Board with clock......£69.95 A1200 4Mb Ram Board with clock......£79.95 A1200 8Mb Ram Board with clock ...£119.95 FPU 33MHz .£33.00 AlfaPower Hard Drive controller A500 .. .£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000
......£69 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99 Multi face III ,..£79 NEW MULTI I O CARD FOR AMIGA 1S0O 2000 4O00 Active 8 port high speed serial card. Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously. Output through 8DB25 plugs.
Electromagnetic interference suppression. Suitable for Chatline operations, Internet (SLIP PPP Dial up). Remote terminals, Barcode readers. Serial Printers. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your Amiga with SPIDER ...£299 External Floppy Drive forallAmigas ......£39.95 Internal Floppy Drive A500 500+ ..£35.00 ...£35.00 ...£13.00 Internal Floppy Drive A600 1200 A-Gradc Double Density box of 50 disks irtciudinji colourful labels dSBZEB.
FOR AMIGA 500 500+ 1500 2000 4000 AT-Bus hard drive controller A2000 ...£69.00 Alfapower-0 controller 0Mb ..£99.00 AlfipowcrT20 120Mb hard drive ...£159.00 Alfpowcr-250 250Mb hard drive ...£179.00 Alfapowcr-420 420Mb hard drive ...£199.00 Alfapowcr-540 540Mb hard drive ..£209.00 Alfapower-850 850Mb hard dnve ..£229.00 Alfa power-1.0G 1 .OGig hard drive Alfapowcr-1.2G 1.2Gig hard drive .. Memory for Alfapowcr-Plus (new) marked Alfapower-Plus .£30.00 .£30.00 .£60.00 2Mb SIMMS ..... 4Mb SIMMS ..... SMB
SIMMS ..... Memory for Alfapower (old) Every 2Mb Zip-Rams ...£89.95 FOR AMIGA 600 1200 ...£79 ...£99 .£119 .£120 IDF.-120 120Mb hard drive IDE-210 210Mb hard drive IDE-250 250Mb hard drive IDE-340 340Mb hard drive IDE-420 420Mb hard drive .£199 IDE-540 540Mb hard drive .£199 IDE-810 810Mb hard drive .£249 IDE-1.0G 1 .OGig hard drive .£349 IDE-1.2G 1.2Gig hard drive .£399 FOR AMIGA 1200 IDE-540 540Mb hard drive .£129 IDE 850 850Mb hard drive .£149 IDE-1.0G
l.OGig hard drive .£175 IDE-1.2G L2Gig hard drive .£179 IDE-1.6G 1.6Gig hard drive .£199 IDE-2.0G 2.OGig hard drive .£239 Miscellaneous Products DD floppy disks (50) imlndtnfl multueltHrfd dirk laMr £13.00 DD floppy disks (100) uuUiiina ntutncoiourrd dirk labtlr ......£25.00 3,5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 ? Incall software .i .£lr .00 Co ourful Mouse Mat .....£5.00 Optical Mouse Mat .£5.00 2 in 1 Scanner Mouse
Pad ......£9.95 Contoured Wrist Pad .....£5.50 Pla n Wristrcst ...£3.50 2Mb SIMMS ...£30.00 4Mb SIMMS ...£30.00 CD CLEANERS CD Rom Cleaner £6.00 Automatic CD Rom ('leaner tkuury powtrtd) ...£19.95 User Lens Cleaner .£9.00 Complete CD Rom for all Amigas Quad Speed CD Rom for A500 .....£121 (needs Alfapowcr V6.8 or higher) Quad Speed CD Rom for A600 A1200 £14l (inc CD32
emulation) Quad Speed CD Rom for A1500 A2000 A4000 .£109 External IDE CD Rom Upgrade Kit comprises of Mcral ease, screws, Power Connector (draws power from disk drive port) Power Connector (for optioml external Power supplv), IDE ribbon cable, Stereo Audo Cables.
Kit price £39 Special Offer for this Month IDE 3.5" Hard Drive 1.7Gig (including cables & software) ..£195 IDE 2.5" Hard Drive 340Mb ..£120 Viper A1230 Accelerator Board and 8Mb 33MHz ......£180 External 8 Speed CD Rom drive complete (including cables, software and external case for Amiga 1200 600) ......£189 Multi Media Speakers 25 watt (pmpo) .....£29.35 Multi Media Speakers 100 watt (pmpo) ..£39.95 Multi Media Speakers 240 watt (pmpo) ..£49.95 Multi Media Speakers 300 watt
(pmpo)3 ..£59.95
* -3D surround sound A1220 APOLLO Accelerator Board
£99.95 A1220 APOLLO Accelerator Board
+ 4Mb .£139.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board
33MHz .£119.95 AL230 VIPER Accelerator Board + 4Mb
33MHz ...£169.9a A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board t 8Mb 33MHz
...£180.011 All prices include VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P for
items under £30.00, £5.00 for items over £30.00, £8.00 P&P for
Scanners, Speakers & Hard Drives, £10.00 courier for next day.
Golden Inugc accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to elunge without notice. G x ds subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate. Fourth Way, Wembley. Middx HA9 0LB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0 80 0 600 9 00 (S3 Workbenc pnrr UCT DETAILS OctaMED SoundStudio RBF Software See below 01703 785680 0ver since I started using an Amiga I have only ever had the need for one piece of software - OctaMED.
I can remember when the very first versions were released as Public Domain, and I personally remember filling an entire 500Mb hard drive with sampled breakbeats just to mix over the top of existing chart music. What on earth was I doing?
I used lo put two channels from a CD running through a stereo mixer while I ran only two channels from the Amiga. Okay, so it was a little limited, but it was more fun than writing a tune over a period of what seems like days or sampling everything and then just piecing it together. Basically I used one channel to enhance the drumbeat and the other for a synth or keyboard to vary the melody. I could then output the whole thing to a decent tape recorder which actually presented me with some pretty good results.
Anyway, as you can tell, I'm not the most experienced MED user on the planet, but the main point was that I had loads of fun and managed to produce something worthwhile.
Preference Throughout this period I was mainly using OctaMED V5. When version six arrived I tinkered around with it for a few weeks but, although t was technically superior, I always resorted back to version five, mainly because I preferred the feel of it Even though I knew I should've switched to the latest version, I never did.
The CD, OctaMED SoundStudio, is a must for all existing MED owners, It provides an opportunity for them to upgrade their previous copy while also taking advantage of all the new features, such as the sample mixing routines which allow you to use 64 audio channels, and the support of eight and 16-bit samples.
You can now make up your own samples by playing eight channels, say of bass drums and hi-hats, to be saved as one sample taking up only one channel. Although this all depends on the kind of machine and memory specifications, a standard A1200 will be just fine at minimum. Obviously, the better set-up ycu have the more memory and options you are given to play around with.
Anothe' advantage with the CD is that vital hard drive space is not required - there are literally hundreds of directories of samples on the CD itself.
There is a wide selection of drumbeats, bass, synth, keyboard and piano, as well as some biiarre noises. The CD comes with an on-line help, although the printed manual is by bar the best bet, as you can refer to it as Last month we looked at OctaMED sound studio in detail. This month it's on CD, so it's time for a reprise much as is needed.
It has been said before, and I shall say it again: OctaMED is the best tracker on the Amiga, and any music fan should purchase this CD right now. And there's no better time, as between now and December 20, you can get money off by sending the coupon on Page 34. £$ Bottom I line Ease of use 95% Implementation 95% Value For Money 92% Overall 94% Product Supplier Price Tel Purchase new Exisitng owners Uk: £30.00 £24.00 EC: £33.00 £27.00 ROW: £34.00 £28.00 You must quote your 'Ownercode* to upgrade oun Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Amiga Computing Outside the weather is
practically perfect, but inside Dave Cusick is chained to his Amiga, picking out the best of this month's PD and shareware Qneedyou Qharlie cat: quickies 2 orthy of a mention but unable to be jni aammed into this month's packed Irl PD pages is the latest in the Vark series of utilities compilations.
Amongst the highlights of Vark 14 (available from Roberta Smith DTP for 90p plus 75p P&P) are Wbstars, which gives your Workbench that authentic Star Trek warp flavour; WhirlCIF, which joins together several separate GIFs into one file, allowing you to create GIF animations to stick on the Web and view with I Browse; and a whole load of patches, dock programs and other assorted gubbins. Also, available now on Aminet, but presumably soon from PD Libraries, is Easyfind, a MUI-based file finder with a typically beautiful interface and plenty of useful features.
You may recall that last issue I started this column by plugging the Public Sector Web pages. Somewhat ironically (and rather in keeping v ith the constantly changing nature of the Internet), within a few days circumstances had changed and my Web site has now leapt onto another server with an entirely different URL Hie new address is ittp: www.dcus.demon.co.uk sedor sedor.html. Here you will be able to find complete listings of everything I've reviewed in my time at Public Sector, along with links to Aminet allowing you to quickly download many of these programs. Apologies for the change
of URL, but the new location will enable far more frequent updates to what I hope will develop into a valuable on-line resource.
Produced by: Anthony Whitaker Available from: Roberta Smith D~P (£1.40 plus 50p P&P) Charlie Cat animations might not be the most technically advanced series of demos ever to grace an Amiga screen, but they are certainly amongst the most consistently entertaining.
The new range of Quickie cartoons is designed to run on a standard 2Mb A1200, so if you were unable to take a look at Charlie's antics before, now you too can check out what can be achieved with a basic paint package, a little imagination and a lot of talent and effort.
I won't spoil things by giving away the plot - after all, the Quickies are not particularly long cartoons. Suffice to say that Charlie is having some trouble coping with the summer heat and he's desperate to get himself something to quench his thirst The standard of the animation is as high as ever, the sound effects are suitably silly, and the story offers a few giggles. As a consequence this two-disk mini-cartoon is well worth a look. Two disk drives, or better still, a hard drive, are definitely recommended.
That lovable folino is hack for more animated antics QAM 1.3 Programmed by: Marcel Beck Available from; Aminet (as comm mail YAM 13_ 1 .lha) Since its appearance a few months ago and subsequent review in these very pages. Yet Another Ma ler has proved to be rather more than simply that By virtue of its ease of use and comprehensive range of features, YAM has acquired a large following in Net circles.
Unfortunately, owing to the nature of some Internet Service Providers, not everyone can use YAM (I am rather jealous, falling into this category myself - but there's always the excellent MetaTooL). However, if your ISP handles mail using SMTP to send and POP3 to receive, there's simply no better mailer around - pcssibly on any computer.
For those unfamiliar with earlier incarnations of YAM, it offers a gorgeous MUI interface and an Arexx port allowing it to interface with, for instance, Web browsers (adding MailTo: support to them - there are a multitude of scripts on Aminet for this purpose). There are Incoming, Outgoing and Sent folders for your mail, as well as up to 16 mail archives. E-mail addresses can be stored in a handy address book, and if you receive an e-mail from someone who isn't in your book, you can add their address with a simple mouse dick.
YAM also offers built in Uuencoding and now full MIME support (the latter, to my knowledge, formerly the exclusive territory of Metatcol and Voodoo). These enable graphics, binary files and suchlike to be included in e-mail messages in addition to plain ASCII files.
In short. YAM is a superb program which comes highly recommended. It's the easiest e-mail package in the world to use, because it requires so little setting up and it disguises most of the technical stuff from the user. It looks good, is fast and efficient in use, and boasts everything you could ever want from a mail program. Now if only Marcel would rethink his attitude to SMTP mail receiving, I'd be a happier man... PERFECT GoldEd 4.0.6 Programmed by: Dietmar Eilert Available from: GoldEd homepage (http: www.dearlight.com -- dietmar ) or PD libraries EdWord Pro 5.6demo Programmed by: Martin
Reddy Available from: FI Licenceware GoldEd is, quite literally, the most powerful text editor in existence on the Amiga. It is principally designed for software programmers but also invaluable to anybody who processes large ASCII files, such as HTML authors and diskmag writers for instance. The feature list is, to put it mildly, intimidating. If GoldEd cannot perform a function, it is probably not worth performing.
The program is incredibly versatile, with almost every aspect being configurable. It can, at a simple level, be controlled either using the menu system, keyboard hotkeys or the Arexx interface. If you choose menu control, you may wish to configure the menus to suit your tastes.
You can also mess around with the toolbar and even the mouse control. On the other hand, if you opt foi Arexx control there are over 250 commands at your disposal - and if you aren't familiar with the language itself, you can simply record sequences of commands instead.
Drag and drop editing is supported, and programmers will be pleased to know that folding is also possible. Folding is where a section of text is replaced on screen by a single line - for example, suppose a routine has been completed within a program structure; that routine can simply be folded up so as not to get in the way whilst editing continues on the rest of the source code. Blocks of text can also be indented either manually or automatically, making the whole document more legible.
There is a built-in quick reference function offering details about the word over which the cursor is located. There's word completion, using the currently loaded dictionary, and context completion which scans the current text for a sentence beginning with the same letters and then completes the current sentence accordingly Word wrap can be toggled on and off, automatic backups can be made, and there is built in XPK crunching support when loading and saving. There's an ASCII character table for getting at more obscure characters, and character set remapping - ideal for converting text
between MS-DOS and Amiga formats. It's hard to think of a single useful feature that GoldEd lacks.
Of course, if all the above means nothing to you, then GoldEd would probably be overkill.
But if there’s more to your text editing needs than simpty writing the odd ReadMe.doc or e- mail message, simplistic editors like Geditor and Memacs piobably won't suffice. A happy medium would oe rather handy - and that's just what EdWord Pro offers.
Although there's an earlier version of EdWord knocking around as shareware (v4.1 if I'm not mistaken), v5.6 offers a wealth of powerful new options. Many features offered by GoldEd are also present here - multiple documents can be edited, macros can be recorded then played back to automate repetitive jobs, there's an Arexx port and so on. Again there is support for file packing - in Powerpacker format here - and automatic backups are available. There's an ASCII table; text indenting, and on-line help too.
EdWord also offers some interesting features of its own. Blocks can be sorted alphabetically - ideal for indexing or arranging lists of items. Certain words can be forced into upper or lower case, and an Auto Suggest function enables misspelt filenames to be magically corrected when loading new documents. EdWord even boasts a calculator module capable of converting between different bases, including decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary In terms of user-friendliness, EdWord has the edge over GoldEd. It's much more intuitive, and indeed more pleasing visually.
Alternatively, if it's raw power you need, GoldEd can offer more features and is far more flexible.
If you hanker after the Amiga's ultimate text cruncher, GoldEd is for you. To try it out for yourself, get hold of the free trial version which should be available from most PD Libraries.
Registering with the author to obtain a keyfile costs between 25DM and 39.90DM depending on the version of the package you require. If you don't think you will be able to get to grips with the occasionally confusing nature of GoldEd, try the EdWord Pro demo.
Registration will set you back £15.00, and can be achieved by contacting FI Licenceware.
(Since EdWord Pro 6.5 requires at least Workbench 2, FI Licenceware is also selling registered copies of v4.1 for a tenner for the benefit of WB1.3 users). The choice between features and friendliness is. As they say, yours.
MnUIim Amiga Computing Qbove top secret Programmed by: Paul Nordovics Mike Richmond Available from: FI Licenceware Disk No: FI-148 (£3.99) Since the release of the Q:Wiz quiz creator a few months ago, a steady stream of quizzes have tumbled through the Public Sector letterbox. One of the best so far, and also one of the toughest, is Above Top Secret.
Questions are offered on a variety of Sci-Fi subjects, specifically Star Wars, Alien, BladeRunner, Red Dwarf, The X- Files and Doctor Who. I had considered myself something of a Star Wars expert, but clearly my knowledge is not on a par with that of the creators of this quiz. Fortunately I was able to rebuild my shattered pride with a blinding performance on the Red Dwarf questions.
The Q:Wiz interface is intuitive RBOUE QUIZ TIMER top H! I SECRET Question GG05 of GQ50 Correct QQG Qhe good sleep guide Programmed by: Derek Brockhouse Available from: Classic Amiga Software (£1 plus 75p P&P) We all at times have sleepless nights, claims Derek in the letter accompanying The Good Sleep Guide. This disk attempts to identify some of the factors that might prevent people getting a decent night's sleep and makes some helpful suggestions as to how to avoid them.
If you can't sleep, try writing captions for Public Sector • you'll be snoring away in no time and so on - but there are also some ideas that I certainly hadn't heard about previously.
The guide is divided into eight short 'Chapters’, tackling subjects such as Good And Bad Habits, Sleeping Pills, Snoring, and Sex And Relaxation. If all else fails, there's even a In essence this is simply an Amigaguide file on a disk. However, it is well worth a look because Mr Brockhouse discusses an interesting and relevant subject in a refreshing manner, offering sensible, considered advice.
You'll likely have come across some of it before - warm, milky drinks before bedtime, a gentle stroll around the block.
3 CwtffJ Id !TWirv ™iE : fK MYOKK llw Ft*It tkiak that the tine wt ft te bed yevera* the tint tkit at yet I 11 MntH- kiti tlw rtmst.
Uf ill i botft dwk.lt MttS M i dll* (Wit. If tktff Mff M yrejsum wm us.it weald tftl as eke* ti Mkt w mi wkta it* tiw far tlfW.lt «wif alte ltd H (• km 1 listen MiMt* ut ii tlw ifttram.
Thf yrmurei pet to our betift if nedero sedtty cm thrw ew dwk tet ef the aiadw. Tkit leiees ear kedy ceafattd mi cm letd te IkI tf & Iff*. Try tkt feltewiey wwtUt te yet yew dwk keck ie left te kt f«r ilm dwk t* tk tine yet uMt te yet ay Ie • nertiey. 6«t I ay it tki* tint terry sieylt diy fer i neetk. Ly yet day ay it tkt* tin every in yew kedy dwk dill tell yea tkit yea feel tired et i smikte tine ie tke eaeeiay. Nktt yea ye te bed fyeliH tired,yea'll ye te titty ¦ Wickly. | ¦mi" little sliding puzzle (presumably ncluded to prove the statement that boredom can induce sleep, or
something...). Amiga Computing Keith's Quest: being a Fishmonger’s apprentice has never been so much fun LucasArts from the Amiga scene, a veritable dearth of adventure games ensued, which has only really begun to be addressed in the last few months with the release of some excellent PD and licenceware offerings.
Keith's Quest, originally available on six disks but compressed onto four for this release, is just the sort of point-and-dick perfection that adventure fans everywhere have been craving for so long.
The storyline is suitably convoluted • Three or fours years ago when the Amiga was the world's leading games machine (in addition to being just a marvellous machine to use), . 3 * graphic adventures were being churned out by the larger companies as if their future depended on it (Clearly it didn't - Amiga fans lapped up these adventures but their manufacturers still deserted the machine for the PC and consoles... but that's another story). LucasArts probably popularised the genre with ifs superb Monkey Island games, which combined testing puzzles with beautiful graphics and supremely
intuitive interfaces.
With the departure of companies like Programmed by: Jasper Byrne Available from: FI Licenceware Disk No: FI-145 (4 disks - £6.99) Keith, a 19-year old fishmonger's apprentice, has his friend Bob whisked away by the local evil magician and scientist Minto.
Keith decides to leave behind the qaiet village of Morleigh and explore the land of Mystral to find his chum. Along the way, Keith inevitably becomes involved in numerous sub-plots as a result of his interaction with other characters in the land of Mystral.
Keith is controlled using the mouse.
Clicking with the left button will move Keith around, while clicking the right button makes him carry out the currently selected action, whether it be taking an object opening a door, or talking to someone.
Conversations are carried out by selecting one of several phrases, in true Monkey Island style.
With the exception of the truly dreadful music that warbles away while our hero saunters around Mystral, Keith's Quest is a brilliant game. It offers hours of absorbing entertainment, and at £6.99 it also represents great value for money.
Compiled by: Whirligig Software Available from: OnLine PD (75p plus 75p P&P) Most teenagers seem to go through a stage of loving 'Rawk’ music. It generally seems to occur around tha 13-14 year mark, whereupon the troubled child barricades him or her self in a room, replaces their entire wardrobe with black jeans and AC DC T-shirts, and listens to loud noise until extremely unsociable hours.
This phase usually lasts for anywhere between one and lour years. Fortunately it’s a stage I somehow managed to bypass almost completely (other than a foolish and brief Bon Jovi spell in the mid 1980s when Living On A Prayer rode high in the charts), but it can seriously affect some people - so much so that a few poor souls never emerge from the phase and continue cs Rawkers well into their twenties or even thirties. By this stage, body piercing can also be a symptom, as can hanging around shady pubs in towns like Macclesfield.
V«»U,SlE If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. And tf you wont to see your program starring in Public Sector, you need to send it in with all haste. Whether it be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licenceware, if you feel It's of sufficient quality to merit coverage, stick it in a jiffy beg or padded envelope and pop it in the post Although Public Sector receives too many submissions to cover them all, I promise I'll at least look at your work - even if it's yet another Lottery program or Klondike cardset Just one thing to bear in mind: It does make my job
a lot easier if disks are clearly labelled. Please also include a covering letter detailing the disk contents and price, and giving some basic instructions. If you oblige, I promise I'll never quote Spice Girls lyrics again. The magic address is: Dove Cusick, PD submissions, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Former Metal fans who have since seen the error of their ways could derive much mirth from this disk. If you're still a Rawk fan - and you have my heartfelt sympathies if you are • you may not be amused. Here for your listening pleasure (allegedly) are
seven Rawk classics from the likes of Metallica, Bon Jovi, Guns 'n' Roses, and even those lovable grunge funsters Nirvana. (That's worrying, because I actually own three Nirvana albums...) Anywcy, the truth' is that without those enraged guitar licks and Kurt Cobain’s strained wails, Come As You Are and Smells Like Teen Spirit lack that cutting edge. The .panpipe melody sitting atop the former track also contrasts somewhat with that which is quintessential grunge.
Indeed, faithful though the modules attempt to be to their original versions, the inherent limitations of the tracker format mean that Rawk record collections are hardly going to be ditched in favour of this particjlar disk.
Nevertheless, if you want to relive a troubled teenhood or just fancy a laugh at mutilated Rawk classics like Sweet Child O' Mire or Living On A Prayer, you’ll love this disk.
Ticket To Ride Classic Amiga Software 11 Deansgate Manchester M26 9YJ FI Licenceware 31 Wellington Road Exefer i Devon EX2 9DU I«l: 01392 493580 E-mail: steve@fllw.demon.co.uk OnLine PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby Liverpool 137 3PX Tel: 01704 834335 Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falioden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW116 6JE Tel: 0181 455 1626 Amiga Computing LIAGE INTERNATIONAL, INC. 36 Dye Street Garnerville, N.Y. 10923 r 1 Call Today!! 1 800 25 AMIGA -
(914) 786-1711 SALES (914) 786-1708 FAX I SIZZLING SUMMER
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514. 95
529. 95 $ 35.95 $ 17.95 $ 29.95 $ 12.95 $ 11.95 $ 9.95 $ 12.95 $ 11.95 $
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3.95 $ 7.95 $ 14.95 $ 5.95 SI 7.95 $ 24.95 $ 25.95 $ 25.95 LIAGE
13 DIFFERENT SHIPS TO COMMAND. $ 23.95 CD CD32 TITLES Killing Grounds Free Software with each order totaling $ 50 or more
6. 95
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PUBLISHER - Including Final Writer 4 SE This unique CD set
gives you all you need to create good looking documents. Write
a book, dctign a poster, create a WWW site or a layout for a
There arc more than 10,000 fonts and more than 5,000 cliparts available at your command.
Awesome collection. $ 28.98 WOW!
(914) 786 1711 AMINET 11W E-PAINT 3.2 AMINET 12 with Full Version
$ 2.93 SHUTTLE $ 5.95 SKELETON FREW $ 5.95 SOCCER KID $ 2.95 SHAQ-FU $ 3.95 SPACE 1889 $ 2.95 SPF.FDBALL 2 $ 6.95 SPERIS LEGACY (lust released) $ 6.95 STAR CRUSAIDERS $ 24.95 STREET ROD $ 3.95 SUB WARS $ 4.95 SUPER CARS $ 2.95 ¦SUPER SPACE INVADERS $ 4.95 SUPER STREET FIGHTERS II $ 3.95 TEST DRIVE $ 4.95 JHUNDERBLADE $ 2.93 TOURING CAR CHALLENGE AGA $ 10.93 VAX1NE $ 1.95 VIRTUAL KARTING AGA $ 10.95 WATCHT0WER AGA $ 14.95 WIZ N LIZ $ 2.95 WOLFCHILD $ 1.95 WORMS $ 23.95 ZERO GRAVITY $ 2.95 ZOOL I, II $ 2.95 THE IAWS OF CERBERUS ELVIRA II Computer gaming world’s role playing game of the year.
Over 4,000 locations. 3 huge and horrifying worlds.
Over 120 hours of thrills. $ 3.95 AGA COMMERCIAL GREATS
1. Touring Car. Very addictive, highly playable $ 11
2. Watch tower. Rated 89 in Amiga Computing, April
96. Simultaneous 2 player mode. Adj. Skill levels. $ 15
3. Virtual Karting. Received a whopping 93 rating!!
Hold on to your pants. $ 11 THE KILLING GROUNDS 2 ALIEN BREED 3D W Special Blizzard Board Offer The most technically advanced 3D game ever produced for the Amiga. Full Hi-Res spectacular 16 level challenge.
3D rendered and 8 channel surround style sound.
$ 24.95 THE SPERIS LEGACY AGA Hundreds of Screens of Arcade Puzzle Action. 8 Incredibly detailed locations to work through. Awesome graphics. Full SOM Hz eight-way scrolling. A host of characters to deal with.
SPECIAL LIAGE PRICED AT $ 5.95 LORDS OF THE REALM EPIC MEDIEVIL STRATEGY! (Best game of 1996) All Amigas. Exquisite 256 color graphics and extensive animations with period music. Turn based play Up to 6 human players. No other strategy game delivers this much in all areas of game play.
SPECIAL $ 23.95 POWER DRIVE CD32 Burn through blizzards in Monte Carlo or race in the blistering desert heat of Kenya. Test your skills through the dense forests, dizzy mountain passes and icy frozen lakes of eight international courses. POWER DRIVE if you dare!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 9.95 VISIT OUR NEW WEB SITE: http: wwwqed.net liagcinc Iiage.htiii e-Mail - To liage@qed.net Phone: 914 786-1711 FAX: 914 786-1708 0verybody knows how important backing up a hard drive can be.
When the unthinkable happens, as it has a tendency to do at the most inopportune of moments, anything on that drive which isn't safely backed up will be lost forever to that great program directory in the sky. Backing up hard drives has never really been a problem in principle - everyone recognises that it's an extremely wise thing to do - but it has in practice. In reality, few people can be bothered to go through the hassle of creating a backup, because it's a tedious and time consuming process.
The primary reason backing up is such a chore is that even a relatively small hard drive (60Mb for instance) will take well over an hour to back up to floppies. And with only 880k fitting on each disk, a fair few floppies are required.
Consequently, various backing up techniques have evolved to make life easier. Some people buy huge hard drives and simply use one partition to copy the others onto at regular intervals. Some prefer buying tape streamers, removable media and so on instead, although :his can be a rather expensive solution. Some persevere with floppy disks, but approach the situation by making incremental backups. This involves performing a complete backup once, then subsequently storing only those files which have appeared since the initial backup.
Backing up Various public domain programs (most notably DailyBackup) have offered incremental backup to the masses, but the Quarterback Suite goes one further. Always the king of Amiga backup systems, version 6.1 of Quarterback now comes complete with Schedule Pro. At a basic level, Schedule Pro enables you to perform automatic backups on a regular basis, but it also doubles as a complete reminder system which can even run other AmigaDOS programs at specified times.
Schedule 3ro uses the same custom interface as Quarterback, which differs slightly in appearance from the standard Cadtools look.
Quarterback itself hasn't changed much for some time, but that*s small wonder considering it has ong been recognised as the best in its field. The intuitive interface means that tagging the files you wish to backup is a simple process, and it's made even easier by the powerful wildcard options. Files can also be included or excluded depending on the date on which they were last modified. Backups can be protected by passwords and encryp-
* r=-i lifcrv.T ¦ ¦ GB m ij ; - .
T« pS wwa.
| | tP | *m* tion to stop files being seen by unwanted eyes, and a full Arexx interface allows for the creation of macros and the control of Quarterback from within other programs.
With the compression option turned on, Quarterback is capable of compressing data as quickly as your Amiga can save it to floppy.
It is possible to save up to 50% of storage space depending on the data being compressed. Power users can back up a large drive to several smaller ones, and advanced tape drive features, including hardware-based compression and quick erase, are also supported.
The accompanying manual is clear and well written, covering,all aspects of usage in sufficient detail for beginners without being patronising for experienced Amiga owners.
Running to 86 pages and with a chapter dedicated to Schedule Pro, it's a nicely produced spiral bojnd book which is easy to refer to whilst sat at the keyboard.
Also included in the package at no extra Dave Cusick welcomes back an old friend cost is the Quarterback Tools Deluxe package, formerly available separately. This utility is able to undelete files, repair damaged partitions and generally help save the day when something goes tragically wrong. There is no documentation supplied for QB Tools, but using it is fairly straightforward and its inclusion adds still further to the value ol the pack.
Zl* Bottom line Product details ?
Product Quarterback Supplier Wizard Developments Price £34.99 at launch price, then £79.99 Tel 01322 527800 sales@wizard-d.demon.co.uk E-mail Ease of use 83% 87% 85% 90% Implementation Value For Money Overall There's no doubt about it, Quarterback is simply the best program in its field. At the launch price it represents superb value for money. Admittedly, at the usual price of nearly £80 it is somewhat harder to justify for the home user, especially when there are (admittedly inferior) Public Domain and Shareware alternatives around, '.ndeed, for casual users with smaller hara drives,
these other programs might suffice. However, these days I don't think there is any such thing as a casual Amiga user (it takes loyalty to stick by a machine that's been through troubled times), and most hard drive owners have a few extremely important files they couldn't bear losing. If you want complete peace of mind, there's simply no better package available for the Amiga. At any price.
HE PRICE IS RIGHT Amiga Computing M or over a year now, since it A became apparent that Netscape V Corporation had no intention of allowing its Navigator software to appear on the Amiga, the hopes of the Web- using world have rested on the shoulders of one Stefan Burstroem and his trustworthy team of coders. From the ashes of the now severely dated Amosaic has risen a browser which, its ajthors claim, will offer Amiga owners the chance to view the Web as PC compatible-cwning Netscape and Internet Explorer users have been doing seemingly since the dawn of time - that is, with tables.
Over the course of the last year, Ibrowse has been taking shape slowly but surely.
Several demonstration versions appeared on the Omnipresence Web site, allowing curious surfers to sample the delights of power browsing. Early demos earned much praise, but the software came under fire from some quarters for ts support of the ever-controver- sial Magic User Interface, renowned for its configurability but much maligned for its sluggishness in certain departments. Worse still, initial releases were extremely unstable, and owners of faster Amigas in particular experienced many problems.
Len t It gorgeous?
K*PID GROWTH Fortunately, as the authors received feedback from Ibrowse demo users, the program became considerably more stable, and the features list began to grow at an increasingly rapid rate. By the final demonstration version, unleashed onto the Internet in July, Ibrowse had won arer many. And now, over a year since the Omnipresence Web site first announced the project's existence, Ibrowse is available to the world at large.
There are few programs which represent HTML more accurately, on any system. On the Web these days, HTML development is effectively no longer in the hands of the World Wide Web Consortium, but rather those of Netscape itself. It was the one responsible for introducing the proliferation of text layout commands and page enhancement features such as background graphics and tables. Until recently many Web pages looked horrific on the Amiga, simply because the browsers could not handle these features. Ibrowse, on the other hand, displays the vast majority of HTML more accurately (or certainly more
pre- ?
LUG-IN PLAZA Users of browsers such as Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer are forever being commanded by the producers of Web pages to download fancy extras called 'plug-ins'. These extend the power of the browser software, enabling the user to hear a multitude of audio formats, view animations, and so on.
Whilst fwo of the most widely supported extras on the Internet, ramely RealAudio and Shockwave, show no sign of making an appearance on the Amiga, there are nevertheless a range of extremely useful extras which no self-respeCing Ibrowse user can afford to be without. An unofficial Ibrowse plug-in pcge has recently materialised on the Web, maintained by the same chap responsible for designing the attractive Ibrowse Now animated CIFs. It is located at http: home.eTnet.net ~wingell ibrowse and includes details of where to download these goodies and how to install them.
|http *vw saagcom mvto fr fex htmd Wffcomr Magic WR Copyright © 1992-96.
_ Pro view . awnfoorl Oi Hot _ Demo Prorfuct rj r Dave Cusick looks at this new browser for the Amiga and asks is it what Amiga surfers have been waiting for outs are now returning to more conventional ones. Still, it would be nice to be able to view framed sites on the Amiga, and future versions of Ibrowse should enable this There might not be any frames support, but there are plenty of other fancy features on offer in Ibrowse. It's the only Amiga browser dictably) than Navigator itself. The one notable absence is support for frames.
Frames are, in this writer's humble opinion, a pointless overcomplexity which, far from making Web sites easier to navigate, create unnecessary confusion. Fortunately many sites which had switched to frame-based layAmiga Computing NOVEMBER 1996 n that can show Animated GIFs. These are the animated buttons such as those Microsoft 'Internet Explorer Now!' Ones, which you may have noticed if you've used an I Browse demo or Netscape on a PC compatible or Macintosh. One enterprising Amiga surfer copied these to produce the 'IBrowse Now' animated button which Omnipresence now uses. Animeted GIFs
eat a lot of memory, but they look extremely impressive.
Although Ibrowse can make full use of the new v43 Rcture Datatypes, it also has an internal image decoder which displays transparent and progressive images quickly and accurately. After frequent crashes in early demo releases, this is now totally stable.
The one aspect of image handling which lets Ibrowse down is the colour dithering.
Many Web pages are designed to be viewed on screens with at least 256 colours available, but in reality few actually use all these shades. It’s therefore disappointing that when running in 64 colours - which is really a necessity on 020 Amigas, because in 256 colours things crawl along • Ibrowse manages to make some images look particularly unattractive. The same colourful Web page will look a great deal more fetching in a 64 colour Voyager screen than in the same number of colours in Ibrowse.
D« E COMPETITION Assuming we discount Amosaic (probably a wise move, since it's now so outdated only a masochist would use it), there are essentially two rivals to Ibrowse, both of which have their strengths but neither of which come close in the final analysis.
Voyager • a freeware browser which also uses MUI.
Supports most of the Netscrape HTML enhancements of Ibrowse, including backgrounds and text centering, but ccnnot handle tables or animated GIFs. Also supports news. Version 2 is supposedly in beta testing, 'T ie one aspect of image handling which lets Ibrowse down is the colour dithering" with the appalling working title of Voyager - Next Generation', It promises to handle everything Browse
1. 0 can, plus frames, but this second version won't be free.
EW Aweb - ebrly versions were freeware, but now Aweb is a fully blown commercial browser. Version 2 apparently supports everything right up to primitive frames, but here at AC we've yet to lay eyes on newer versions. Uses ClassAct instead of MUI for its user interface, resulting in an impressive turn of speed.
RAM or above Product details Product Ibrowse 1.0 Supplier HiSoft Price £29.95 Tel Tel: 01525 718181 Ease of use 89% Implementation 94% Value For Money 90% Overall 92% Full support Returning to the impressive features list, the Mailto protocol is now fully supported.
This means that wherever a Web page displays an e-mail address, clicking on the link will call up an e-mail editing window with the intended recipient's address automatically entered. IB'Owse will then happily send the mail itself, but if you prefer to use an external e-mail client or a special mailing command, the program can be configured to handle these too. The whole Mailto interface makes it much easier to give feedback to Webmasters, and it is a step towards the total Net application integration which PC companies seem increasingly intent upon achieving.
Also fully implemented now is File Transfer Protocol support This enables you to connect to FTP sites and download software from the comfort of your browser, without having to start an external FTP client such as AmFTP.
Ibrowse can even deal with Gopher sites.
Since Ibrowse is one of the multitude of Amiga Web applications which make use of Magic User Interface, the package includes a copy of MUI 3.5. As mentioned above, MUI has its enemies because at times it can seem painfully slow. Alarmingly, in my personal experience, MUI 3.5 (and even 3.6, now avail- able on Aminet) is significantly less stable than 3.3. Strange MUI-pubscreen crashes seem worryingly common. However, this is not the fault of Ibrowse (which now seems to be as solid as a rock), and hopefully future revisions of MUI will address these reliability problems.
At any rate, the use of MUI is entirely justifiable because it has become something of an Amiga standard in recent times. It allows virtually every aspect of the Ibrowse user interface to be adjusted, making it possibly the most configurable Web client available for any computer system. MUI allows such visually pleasing effects as Magic Workbench- style backdrops for windows and gadgets, which can help make the Ibrowse interface look truly gorgeous.
Ibrowse is also the only browser I've ever seen which allows you to move around certain elements of the interface. The navigation bar, the quicklink buttons and the Web location bar can all be dragged around the screen to one of several positions. Admittedly jt's not the most useful of features (and most people will simply leave things as they are, because the default layout is probably the most practical), but it’s a nice touch.
A further innovative feature is the use of 'FAB' menus, or Fast Action Buttons. Whilst surfing, positioning the mouse pointer over an image or link and then pressing the right button wi l bring up a special context-sensitive options menu. An image could, for instance, be saved to disk, or displayed using an external viewer.
The accompanying manual is attractively presented and entertainingly written. It runs to 64 pages and covers every aspect of Ibrowse in painstaking detail. This is the icing on the cake of the already delicious Ibrowse package.
To make the most of Ibrowse, a powerful Amiga is an absolute essential. But this shouldn’t be a problem, since the majority of Amiga owners these days have vastly upgraded machines. Still, even running on an 020 machine, Ibrowse is a stunning piece of software which offers good value for money. It is quite simply the best browser available for the Amiga. •?
Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Bottom line 0 ~ 68020 Workbench 3 Mb Amiga Computing THE HIGHEST RATED GAME OF 1996 "One of the best games ever" AMIGA COMPUTING "(effects)... can't work out how they've done that, but it's very clever" AMIGA FORMAT "The best Amiga fighting game ever" AMIGA GAMES , Germany "Years ahead of the competition" AMIGA JOKER , Germany 1 '§!
Is i r. jg
* -V i a SmRMON Killed in 1822.
WAKANTANKA Killed in 1356.
Corben wedge Killed in 1996.
Or this instalment we're going to see how the BoxPriceO function developed last month can be _used to create a macro that reads the required function arguments directly from a document being edited - and inserts the calculated price back into the same document.
Of course it's at this stage that things get application specific because, in order to use our function with a particular applications program, vse need to know about the interface commands supported by that program.
As with earier instalments the ED editor provides a good place to start (simply because everyone has a copy)!
To allow Arexx scripts to collect various characteristics of the file being edited, ED includes a command called RV. The only snag is that this information is provided as something called a compound variable set.
Needless to say then, that a small detour is in order at this point... Compound Variables Let's begin with some naming conventions: A compound variable is an entity whose name contains at least one period and at least two other characters. The name may not start with a digit or a period, and if there is only one period, it may not be the terminal character. So...
i. l cooputtr.uiga eoaputer.pc are all valid compound variable
symbols, but., lx.1 is not!
The first part of a compound variable name (ie the portion up to and including the initial period) is called the 'stem', and so the stems associated with the examples shown above are x., and computer. The remainder of the name (called the 'tail') may contain constants or variable names and, in the latter case, Arexx will replace references to variables with their respective values.
What's so great about all this? Well, the Arexx variables we've used up until now have only been able to store discrete (ie individual) items. For example... boi_price*0 declares a variable called box_price and initialises it to the value zero. So far so good, but imagine the same situation with half a dozen box prices involved - we would need There's more help in store ¦ for you this six separate initialisation statements.. month as Paul Overaa gives you a further taste of what Arexx macro programming is all about... boi_ppfc«l=0 boi j rice2*0 boi_pric«3s0 box_price4-0 box_pnct5=0
boi_prue6*0 And if our BoxPriceO routine was then to be used to generate these box prices we'd have to do it using this sort of scheme... boi_prici1=BoiPrici(soM fmctfon I box_pric«2sBoxPHct(d1tto) boijrite3=BoxPn;t(ditto) boi_pr t cc4=BoxPri ce(di tto) bo*_pri ceS=BoxPri cc(di tto) bQi_priC 6=BoiPrict(ditto) irguients) Try these approaches with a few hundred boxes and you’ll soon realise that there's got to be a better way of handling these types of situations. Ideally we'd like to be able to use statements which allow us to identify items by a number. If, say, we were dealing with a thousand
boxes, it would be convenient to be able to write loops such as... r betjifiners AstttPart 5 per fori scit operation on the i'tb boi tnd This need was solved many years ago by developing the idea of a 'subscripted variable', and in languages such as Basic, Pascal and C (and most other high-level languages), subscripted variables which allow this are provided. They're called arrays because they deal with collections of similar objects, sets of boxes, sets of numbers etc With Arexx, such arrays are easily set up by defining a stem variable along with tails that consists of suitable item
numbers. For example, a stem called box_price could be used to collect and then display one thousand box prices by using a loop like this... do i*1 to 1000 boij rice.isBoxPrict(so»e function irjui«nt») say boi_pr1ce i end And Now Back To ED or box of width 5 ens, height 7 ens and depth 8 ens: Price will be £591.38 Amiga Computing The beat way of coming to terma with the Idaaa we've been dia- cuaalng ia to write your own aimilar macro a that do thlnga which are actually uaetul to YOU is equivalent te is equivalent te is equ valent * it equlvaiem detrees ‘etrees trees ND STILL YOU CAN DO MORE
Whilst still on the box price theme, we might as well move a little further down the trail by considering how we could modify the macro to analyse c file containing a whole list of box dimensions. Think back to the ED commands we used earlier in the series. To produce a macro that acted on every line of the file, we'd move to the bottom of the text file, get a line count, move back to the top of the file and then enter a loop which read each line of text, calculated the price using the details provided, deleted the original line, and then inserted the replacement text before moving onto the
next line.
You'll find a second script, test2.rexx, for this 'all lines' version on the coverdisk. One thing you should notice about both examples is that the BoxPriceQ function itself has been used unchanged. This is possible because it's pure Arexx code that doesn't rely on any ED specific commands. Of course this means it's easy to re-use this function in macros aimed at other Arexx controllable wordprocessors or text editors. When you write your own functions this sort of 'potential portability' is something you should clways bear in mind. Anyway, that's enough of boxes and hinges - next month I've
got some 'other more interesting routines to show you os I round off the series!
With compound variables and arrays now safely under our belt, we can get back to the real topic n hand, namely ED's RV command. This provides a set of data items (see table 1) as a compound variable set based on a script-specified stem. So, in short, you issue an RV command using your chosen stem, and from that point on the pre-defined compound variable names can be used to extract any required information. If, for instance, we used this statement.. 'Mill' ED would iet up a compound variable set with stem x that would enable the current line to be read as x.current, it's line number as
x.line, ard so on.
Let's suppose now that all box measurements are always given in centimetres and that the prices of the hinges and the metal of our hypothetical boxes, and the company profit margins, are only altered occasionally.
These values can then actually be written into the macro as fixed values. They will of course need to be changed sometimes, so rather than embed the actual values in the main macro code, I'm going to set up variables called METAL, HINGE and PROFIT for representing metal hinge prices and the profit marg n (defining them in upper case is just my way of reminding myself that they represent constants whose values will not change - the important point is that having the variable initialisation statements near the start of the script makes them easy to find).
Let's also imagine, being a little on the lazy side, that it's not just the price of these boxes that we want to calculate. We want to be able to quickly enter width, length and depth figures on a line like this... 2 4 2, and have the macrc convert it to something which reads... For box of Midth 2 cm, height 4 cas and depth 2 css: Price uill be £73.88 Luckily there is a built-in Arexx function called WordO that lets us pick out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd words from a text string. The dimension details we need can therefore be obtained using these three statements... u*Vord i.current,!)
Hstfordfx. Current, 2) d=Word( .current,3) With this we're laughing, because the box price can now be found by... price=BoiPr I ce(u,h,d,PETAL,HINGE,PROFIT) ii ,81 kiwi Tabtv calculated at follow*... detrees Having done this we can, after deleting the
s. BASE window base
S. CURRENT text of current line
S. EXTEND extended margin value
S. F1LENAME file being edited
S. FORCECASE case sensitivity flag
S. LASTCMD last extended command issued
s. LEFT left margin
s. LINE current line number
s. LMAX max visible line
S. RIGHT right margin
s. SEARCH last search string
s. TABSTOP current tab stop
s. WIDTH screen character width sJC x position
s. Y y position Tabla It Information that can ba made available
uaing ED’a RV command.
‘I For boi of uidth' v 'cis, height1 k 'cas and depth' d 'cas:', 'Price uill be I'price And that's basically all the hard work done.
To produce the macro it's now just a matter of putting the various statements together.
You'll see how this has been done in the script fragment shown in listing 1. Bear in mind, however, that in a runnable version, the BoxPriceO function provided last month also needs to be present (you'll find tnis present in the coverdisk version).
In order to see the macro in action, first copy it to your rexx: directory (normally assigned to s;) and then use ED to open or create the file you wish to experiment with.
To start with, just enter a single line with three numbers in it (representing the width, height and depth of a box), and with this text file still open, hit the ESCape key. When ED's asterisk prompt appears, enter this command... rx test1.r«xx The macro will then examine the line that the cursor is on, make the required changes and return you to ED's Immediate mode in readiness for saving the file or performing further editing! __ 1*27 It-----------------------------------• * testt.ren * I* ... *1 BETM.=U); HINGE=0.7S; PROFITS just txaaple values •
'Mill' I* get detiils using i stea called i *I v=Uord(i.current,1) h:«ord(r.current,2) d=Uord(i.current,3) »rfcistox’rict tt,M,IIETJM!ME,fMFIT) T * delete current tine end then insert neu text V 'I For box of uidth' u 'cas, height1 h 'cas and depth' d 'cas:', 'Price uill be f'price * eiit . . Lilting 1; Thil h the part Ol the teat 1.rexx macro that celleda information from, and returna It to, the file being editedI original text line using ED's 'D' command, use an T (Insert) statement to install the replacement text. Because the string is quite long I've split it over two lines by placing a
comma at the very end of the firs: line - Arexx allows this - so the final code ends up taking this form... Amiga Computing 71 news by Andy Maddock Nuts and things Wingnuts is a new flying game under development by a team called Forgotten Myths Software. This group of programmers has been together for around a year now, and Wingnuts is its first attempt.
The game s basically a flight simulation with some added touches. If you can remember a game from a while back entitled 'Wings', then you'll have an idea of what it’s like.
There's quite a big story plot involved, but I'm not going to bother explaining it because you can find out more when we get around to writing a review or something.
A Wingnut is a bloke whose first task is to skydive down to his flying contraption before beginning a mad dog-fight where he must try to blow his opponents out of the sky.
The characters (or Wingnuts) are Dicky Dastardly. Captain Cheesy, Dan Napalm and the King (Elvis). There are loads of different flying machines to choose from too, such as The Weather Balloon, The Flash, and the Hopper Chopper.
The game sounds original and could be tht breath of fresh air Amiga owners are lookinj for. Here's some screenshots to keep you inter ested until it finally comes out.
Big Pub Quiz BPM Promotions, the company behind actually called 'Soccer Sensible". Hmm, the new Reality' games construction kit is potential lawsuit? Who knows?
Developing a new football trivia quiz The title screen suggests quite a come- based on Sensible Soccer - the game is dy feel, depicting three cartoon-esque pictures of current footballers, Alan Shearer (In his Newcastle shirt).
Robbie Fowler and Eric Cantona.
Tbe whole point of the game is to answer as many football-related questions as possible.
When you get one right your little 'Sensible' bloke will hoof the ball from the penalty spot into the goal.
Occasionally. The taker will take an enormous run-up.
We were told about some potential features which BPM is hoping to slide into the game; features such as corners, free-kicks, camera men. Bonus rounds, sub-games, and police officers, not to mention bzarre incl-1 dents like runaway lawnmowers. Streakers and crowd violence. Sounds good? We'll have more on it soon.
Call 01232 626694 if you'd like to get in contact with BPM Promotions to give; some ideas or feedback.
Pele Soccer Simulation A few weeks ago we received an e-mail all the way from Brazil concerning a new soccer ¦ game entitled ’Super Soccer Simulation'.
; When we asked if we could be sent a preview version, the developer said it hadn't got one.
When I enquired why, all I got was muttered somethings about not actually having started it yet. So anyway, in about the year 2030 when we're all living on Mars and wearing oxygen masks, get down to your local Martian Space Store and ask for Super Soccer Simulation. If they can't help, try travelling to Neptune or look up Uranus. It'll be there somewhere.
Dirk Wilton’s Gnomes are alive!
Last month we reported that a game by the name of Enigma is to arrive on the Amiga shortly courtesy of OTM. There is a second release in the pipeline called Gnomes. It's basically a sort of Humans Lemmings clone whereby you take control of a main character to try and lead the Gnomes to safety. If you read the review on Bograts in this issue, you'll get more of an idea.
If you want t© know more, give OTM a call on 01827 312302 You'll be able to get more information as to whether or not this is your kinda' thang. Here's some screenshots anyway.
Another compo About a yeor ago we reviewed one of these interactive vests which were used to transfer the noises from an Amiga monitor to your back.
If you're wondering why on Earth they were developed, it's because the company behind the whole thing. Aura, wanted to create something which gave the gamesplayer much more involvement.
Basically, you strap it onto your back and plug It into your monitor via the included power pack and then all the sounds are transferred into vibrations, which will take effect on your back.
If you're thinking of getting one you don't have to shell out the current retail price. You can win one right here. All you have to do is answer three simple questions and fill in the tie-breaker.
Aura hcve been absolutely marvellous and have given us eight to give away. And believe me, the competition is worth entering as the prizes are worth £70 each. All you have to do is send your coupons to ’The Aura Interactor Competition' to: Amiga Computing, Media House. Adlington Park.
Macclesfield. SKI0 4NP Question 1: You can buy an Aura Interactor in the shops for?
? A: £200 ? B: £100 ? C: £69 99 Question 2: Which are the best games to for use with an Aura Interactor?
? A: Football games Q B: Platform games ? C: Fighting games Question 3: The Aura Interactor was based upon: ? A: A NASA space experiment ? B: A bullet-proof vest ? C: A ramblers back pock Tie Breaker: In no more than one word.
Would you like an Aura Interactor?
Name: Address: Postcode: Age; All entries must be in before November 5 Q Tick this if you don't wan* loads of junk coming through your letterbox review Kang Fu Reviewed by Andy Maddock W PUBLISHER Greed In House £24.99 n r?rsi N A CD ROM CD32 DISKS HD INSTALL SUPPORTS hen I first saw Kang Fu there was sonething special about it. Okay, so the first demo wasn't particularly brilliant. But there was something there, even though I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
It wasn't the graphics, sound or even the playability... Oh yes, I remember now! It came on a CD!
Kang Fu must be the first proper CD game since Cannon Fodder, Nobody took much notice of the CD32 so developers avoided it like the plague. However, a new software house called ‘GREED’, or Great Effects Development, from Holland is here with a bouncy-like platform game.
The actual game is all about kangaroos. I have no idea why. So don't ask. The object of the game is to travel around the world rescuing all the baby kangaroos who have managed to get lost. However, there are many evil animals trying to stop you. These range from cockerels, wasps and crocodiles to lots of bizarre things like flying umbrellas and sticks of rock.
There are loads of power-ups and bonuses lying around, such as pop-guns. Eggs, bombs, and bottles of Coca Cola with which to replenish your energy. You can also just wander about collecting diamonds to boost your points total if you wish, although the main objective is to rescue the baby kangaroos.
At the end of each stage you will encounter a huge end- of-level guarcian. Which takes too many hits to dispose of. This is a great feature which has been sadly lacking since the old console days. It will really give you a sense of satisfaction when you finish the level.
Overall, the graphics and If you fancy getting your hands on Kang Fu.
You'll need the following address: ALTER Interservice. Hagegracht 68, 7607 EE, Almelo, The Netherlands You can fax them on (+31)546 817727, or mail them on mpelt@al.nl if you need any nformation.
The animation in particular are really good. From the main movement of the kangaroo sprites to the animation of drinking and picking up objects, you will be really impresses. The enemies are equally as good.
The presentation is excellent, and there are a geat number of options available. The introduction sequence explains the game well and is accompanied by lots of gratuitous pictures of kangaroos in various fields. Which is nice.
The only problem is the playability. It's certainly net as good as it should be, although the graphics more than make up for the slight glitches. At times there can be too much on-screen ct once.
Causing major confusion, and it's very challenging. You'll have to be a platform master to finish this one.
If you fancy giving your CD32 a new lease of life, you won't go far wrong with Kang Fu. It's certainly one of the bet*er platform games to come out over the last six months.
Kang Fu isn’t really a hard game; It's just very difficult to master Rolf Harris rw - SYSTEM it «"r- preview The idea is to rescue your iff e kids from t ie evil Castle ot Bog ts about three or four months since we reviewed a fairly simple platform game by the name of 'Penguins'. I seem to remember it was basically a Lemmings clone with a few twists. Well, Vulcan Software must've seen something we didn't because it happily bought the game from programmer Scott Hayne. Changed the graphics and altered the gameplay to add a spice of professionalism - which is what we'd expect from a
full-time software developer.
Bograts The game is now going under the title of ‘Bograts' and should be complete within a month. After a recent barrage of boring games let s hope that Bograts is going to be a fairly decent platformer.
As I mentioned before, Bograts is pretty similcr to Lemmings in terms of ideas and origins, and the whole point of the game is to guide these small, two-legged rat-things to an exit. There's no real plot or anything, just basically get these rodents home nice and safe. Of course there are various puzzles to solve on the way, and you... Oh hang on. I've just found the plot.
You are the Bograts' parent and they have decided to run away from your nagging, as children often do. Your job is to get your offspring home while making sure they come to no harm.
Your sprogs have gone to visit a very dangerous place called the Castle of Bog in order to locate some magical eggs which exist according to a famous legend. And er, that's it. Go and find them.
There are 60 levels for you to battle through and negotiate, and as the game progresses you will be able to pick up objects such as bombs and other explosive devices with which to blow down doors. Wait a minute; I though the whole idea of this game was to make sure your children are safe and well, not to set off bombs right next to them! Oh well.
As the game goes on it gets harder and harder. There are more puzzles to solve, more little rats, and less time to complete the task. It should offer more than a tough challenge and stretch Previewed by Andy Maddock any expert gamesplayer's ability to the extreme.
So far the graphics, and in particular the animation, are the game's best point The smooth animation of the parent Bogra* shows the amount of time Vulcan has spent making yet another quality product which shojld keep the Amiga games market moving for a while.
We can't escape the fact that the Amiga games market is dying very quickly, and the chances of keeping it alive without the support of the big software houses are very slim. But if smaller developers such as Vulcan can keep bringing out quality releases, we may see the Amiga market dominate more space in the shops riddled with PC and PlayStation games.
Realistically, however, the Amiga scene just cannot continue - it's unfortunate, but there's nothing much anyone can do at this late stage.
But it has to be said that a game like Bograts provides a definite ray of sunshine, as we are given reassurance that there are still committed developers out there wanting to use the Amiga right up ur til the final day. Vulcan may well have got its hands on a winner, but we'll have to wait a couple of months before we can say for sure.
Vulcan’s on the Web If you want to find out more about Vulcan's past, present or future releases, check out its brand new Web site.
It features in-depth coverage of all Vulcan's major titles, as well as quotes from various magazines like ours in a ‘What The Press Said' section.
The whole site is polished off with plenty of decent graphics, which is rare for the Amiga on the Internet. The cddress is http: www.vulcan.co.uk. I advise you to visit as much as possible and send e-mails to show your appreciation for Vulcan's support.
Review Alien Breed 3D 2 - The Killing 2MB VERSION PUBLISHER Reviewed by Andy Moddock Team 17 Andy Clithero© £29.99 ?
HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS Al200 - 2MB or 4MB t's been a long wait, but now it's finally here. The Killing Grounds must be the biggest Amiga game to come out since, ooh. Sensible Wofld of Soccer? It’s been hyped quite a bit. With claims flying about that it will be so much better than its competitors. The whole Amiga Doom scene now seems to have died down, and the fuss around Gloom, Fears and Breathless has pretty much dispersed. This may explain why The Killing Grounds was delayed for around three or four months.
I was quick to install AB3D 2, but as the game began I did feel unbelievably disappointed.
However, this was almost entirely due to the fact that I had just played Alien Trilogy on the PlayStation, and unfortunately this only made Team 17's little baby look pretty bad and unplayable. But there wasn't much I could do about that.
Even though the PC and the PlayStation are technically superior, I still think they should be compared with the Amiga - they are in direct competition aher all.
If a home computer is needed, it's a usually a tug-of-war between the Amiga and PC, but even as a games machine the Amiga would unfortunately be the last choice. Clearly the Amiga cannot match the PC graphically, but other aspects should not present so much of a problem. In terms of playability, for example.
Amiga games should be as good - if not better - than their PC equivalents. There can be no excuses for meeting these standards.
Tne Amiga games scene has been at its worst recently, and there's no escaping the fact that it has affected me personally. I have become very sceptical about any game that comes into the office for review - some of them even end up in the bin, as they are not even worthy of inclusion in the magazine. This has been.the story for quite a few months, although admittedly there have been one or two decent footy games which have managed to hold my attention recently.
Anyway, enough of the ranting. The question on everyone's lips is: “Is AB3D 2 the best Doom clone on the Amiga?" Well, let's find out.
The game comes on five disks, with one disk for either the 2MB or 4MB version. So. If you do want to upgrade to 4MB. Alien Breed 3D 2 will happily comply without you having to incur anv unnecessary expense. The other disks are for the levels, sound effects and the level editor, which allows you to design your own cus* tom level and maybe upload it to Team 17's Web page for others to play. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is a problem with the game editor, which is apparently missing a file.
To get your hands on this missing piece of software you can either ring Team 17 and explain the Situation, or download the file from its Web site.
The major problem for unexpanded or, if you like, 2MB owners, is that you won't be oble to use the editor. At least that might give ycu the Another problem with AB3D2 la the tact It’a Juat Prepare youraelt when you release a bullet This is the screen we used to play tho game, too darn dark. You can’t see a thing from one ot these weapons. Even on an 060 ¦ not what we enpected Grounds push you need to purchase more memory or an accelerator. Having said that, this version is much faster, and I'd rather have speed than graphics anyday.
Also, with the unexpanded version, you have to concede all the floor textures, weapon graphics and just about all the graphical atmosphere, so it ends up looking like a very bad version of Gloom. However, the same game is hiding behind the dire look, and it is more playable than the 4MB version, which is littered with good graphics and no speed. In fact it's no better than the first Alien Breed 3D, and here's me thinking this is supposed to be a sequel.
At first I tried the 4MB version of Alien Breed 3D 2 on a 060 with 6MB. But found I couldn't play it full-screen. It was far too jerky, so I resorted to playing it half-screen turn with the lighting effects turned off. I still have no idea why a full-screen mode was included, as its pointless unless you want to see what the game's like when it's unplayable To be honest, everyone in the office agreed that it wasn't as good as we had imagined.
Don't get me wrong; it's not a bad game, it still presen-s a really good challenge, and will have any Doom fan going ecstatic, although r This is another screenshot which makes the game look better than it is. It really is unplayable there are too many minor problems to attain a commendable score of around 00%.
The HD installation for the 4MB version refused to work on our A1200 and A4000.
Although the 2MB version was fine.
The monsters are supposed to have some intelligence, that is if you call being cornered and 'continually blasted from all angles by about 10 dense robots intelligent. They're not even clever enough to work out how to open doors.
Overall the game is just about above average. The graphics do not make up for the speed in any way, and when you turn off the lighting effects and shading you end up with a fast game with absolutely no atmosphere.
Final word I know there'll be Amiga gamesplayers everywhere who will disagree with me but nothing will make me forget the smirks I received from the PC department as they loaded up Quake and Duke Nukem - the two games just overshadowed it completely. Can the Amiga compete with the PC? I don't *hink so. Not now.
* To be honest, everyone in the office agreed that it wasn’t as
good as we had imagined.
Don't get me wrong; it’s not a bad game, it still presents a really good challenge ... review round five or six months ago I remember someone telling me about this brand new fighting game called 'Capital Punishment'. After around two weeks it was on our coverdisk.
But I had yet to see what the game was all about and why it was attracting so much attention.
Being naturally sceptical about 'good' fighting games on the Amiga. I just carried on playing Sensi Soccer as usual.
Capital Reviewed by Andy Maddock U When I finally got around to looking at the first demo version cf the game and read the document included on the disk. I was pretty much laughing.
There was a list Of future ideas which clickBOOM.
The Canadiar development team, wanted to incorporate into the game. It almost sounded like a joke, because the Amiga had never produced anything like what these people had in mind.
Anyway. I loaded up the demo and after a few bouts of fighting action between two identical characters I was really surprised. The graphics were its strong point and they really stood out but the most important aspect was that it actually played Punish really well Okay, so there were a few bugs and gitches knocking around, but they were forgiven; it was only the first demo after all.
My main reservation was that I had seen many companies start off with a decent demo of a game then inevitably get bored, or run out of money, and bring out an absolutely poor version with ro extra additions. I immediately got into contact with the game's producer. Alex Petrovic, basically to ask him how he managed it and why he hasn't produced anything on the Amiga before. Within a few months the whole clickBOOM story was printed in the May issue of Amiga Computing.
The next step was to see Alex personally in London at the World of Amiga Show, where he showed me a version of the game that was almost finished. I was shocked by the amount of interest it The fatigue option allows you to finish off your opponents in a spectacular fashion PUBLISHER Clickboom In house £29.99 l»lki 'A N A ill I ¦ s'; .MR m The spikes on the left will appear when your energy begins to run low. Try to stay on the right HD INSTALL 1- IWHWIs f'.
HD Required SUPPORTS generated. There were hundreds of kids approaching him asking when and where they could buy it.
After the show, interest was shown by various publishers, including Ocean. Team 17 and Time Warner amongst others, but I was genuinely surprised when thery decided the PC market would be a far better option. And unfortunately that will be, without doubt, their loss.
It was finally deeded that clickBOOM would publish the game itself and that was the last I heard about it until it was announced that the game was finished and would be out on September 13.
I think the first point I should mention is that the game requires a hard drive with around 15MB free to install if. It will not run off the floppy disks, so save yourself a lot of time by only buying the game if you have a hard drive. Also, Capital Punishment will run on an unexpanded A1200, but FastRAM is recommended. It just means you won't be able to run it from Workbench. Right, so that's the technical bit out of the way.
When the title screen appears amidst a booming dance track, you get to see the amount of options which are at your disposal. Firstly, there are the usual Player versus Amiga or Player versus Player modes i ment which ccme with all fighting games, although as you toggfe between the game modes there are leagues and tournaments as well as a huge Epic story batte mode.
The Epic mode ties in with a plot which has been written specifically for the game. There is an evil emperor by the name of Qwesul who wants to take over the skies from the Gods. Just before Qwesul was to take over the Earth, the Gods reincarnated you. The great warrior, to put an end to his evil tricks.
The only problem is that Qwesul is protected by his guards, who are also great warriors and have been reincarnated to stop you. Your job is to dispose of these characters before reaching Qwesul himself.
It's a Job that onty the most skilful, agile and powerful of warriors can even attempt. And you have been chosen.
4 After the show, interest was shown by various publishers, includ ing- Ocean, Team 17 and Time Warner. I was surprised when they decided to opt for the PC 9 review Capital Punishment i The game itself is packed full of playability and presents enough challenge for expert gamesplayers.
The graphics and presentation are outstanding 5 The Tournament mode is split up into rounds, with the winner progressing to the next round until there is only one player left.
Eight human players can take part, each one controlling their chosen character in each bout.
The League mode is pretty much the same, although you gain points for each win. At the end. Your points are totalled up and the one with the most points wins.
To add some variety to the game there is what's called a ’Posse' mode, which is basically a tag-team mode. For example, two human players can select two characters each and toggle between the two when their energy rating begins to run low.
There are many different stages to fight in. Each with their own graphics, special features and music. The first is the Sewer, where the sound of running water accompanies the cction. A number of rather dangerous spikes situated in one corner make this one of the most exciting arenas, as both players tend to stay as far to the right as possible. The spikes only tend to make an appearance when one your energy is low.
W. K I and it always looks good if you can finish your opponent
off with an uppercut which sends him into the air only to be
impoled on the way down.
The Factory level has bolts of electricity frazzling anything that gets near it. And a hook which continually moves from side to side and can be landed on if the timing is correct. It's always there too; as soon the level starts one swift uppercut via the hook can win the match.
The other levels are graphically outstanding, with either fog. Mist, or thunder and lightning effects. The work that has gone into the graphics is certainly committed, and this is partly what makes Capital Punishment a great game. It has been developed by a team who are greatly devoted to the Amiga.
The game itself is packed full of playability and. Presents enough challenge for expert gamesplayers. The first Alen-like beast seems absolutely impossible to beat, although when you work out a $ tra*egy to win, you will be able to trounce the enemy into oblivion every time you begin.
There are a variety of options too. You Each character has his own history and personality. But you can probably work that out just by looking at them. All four of them were killed under suspicious and unexplained circumstances. But they have been brought back to life to dispose of Qwesul and put an end to his evil plans.
Corben Wedge
- killed 1996' The Characters This big. Muscle-bound character
uses a strange combination of martial- arts. Street-fighting,
kickboxing and Thai boxing.
CAPITAL X He is the winner of numerous illegal tournaments of death where only one fighter can survive.
- killed 2003 Demona. The rather popular female character, is
the only warrior to use a weapon. Nobody knows her rea! Name,
but she received her rather apt nickname purely CAPITAL f,
because of her volatile temper. She likes to dispose of her
opponents using a very large whip.
- killed 1356 The biggest warrior in the game hails from an
ancient Indian tribe and is easily the strongest fighter. He
was the first warrior chosen by the Gods, solely because of his
extreme power.
- killed 1822 Final word Sarmon looks like and used to be a
sailor. By travelling all over the world he learned many new
combat tech* niques. He was granted immortality soon after
Wakantanka was killed.
CAPITAL When you buy Capital Punishment, you will never ever need to purchase another fighting game. It contains everthing and more and wipes the floor with the likes of Body Blows, Shadow Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Buy it now.
Can configure the game to something similar to either Body Blows or Mortal Kombat if you so wish. Fans of both these games cannot fail to be impressed with Capital Punishment's overall quality.
You can alter the game so that the two opponents can pass each other, the characters face each other when one of them is fatigued, and create a screen limit so the characters cannot wander from out of view. You can also change basic things such as time limits and how many bouts you want to fight.
The energy system is quite complicated, as there are three different types.
You can either use energy like in any other beat-em-up, such as Mortal Kombat, whereby when you get hit your own energy reduces, or you can have a tug of war where you have to fight to win back energy you lose, or finally there's a mix of the two.
Capital Punishment is one of the finest games on the Amiga. The graphics and presentation are outstanding and the playability is second to none. Bearing in mind the current state of the Amiga games market, a product like this is unbelievable. At a time where the majority of games are well belcw average, it seems ironic that one of the best games of all time should be released.
Roll on Capital Punishment 2!
6 Fans of Body Blows cannot fail to be impressed with Capital Punishment's overall quality 5 review The options screen allows you to configure tho match You can soloct between 20 or intinlte overs. If you settings. You can oven change the team names select 20 you an limited to 4 per bowler Brian Mm Reviewed by Andy Maddock PUBLISHER Audiogenic In-house £29.99 ?
2 a No PRICE DISKS HD INSTALL SUPPORTS A II a .iil Th* averages on the right side of the screen will All Amigas determine the players ability H ricket games on the Amiga always appear to be hit and miss affairs (pun intended). It's not the fact that cricket is a minority sport when compared to the likes of football and rugby, it's just that the games generally take the form of simulations. This narrows down the appeal (pun intended) by a tremendous amount, as the game is only going to attract AMIGA owners with an interest in the game of cricket itself. You can't just pick up a bat and slog
some balls about - you've got to get into the 'boring' bit too.
By a general consensus of opinion in the office, real cricket ultimately receives the ‘yawn’ treatment, although having said that, the chances of an office worker being able to settle down at a cricket match while being covered from head-to-toe in sun-cream and supping a pint of bitter are pretty remote these days. You either have to be unemployed or retired, and as the unemployed shouldn't be wasting their benefits on cricket.
It all boils down to being old and wrinkly.
Now. How many of your granddads own Amigas? Hmm.
Cricket is. And always will be. The best alternative to football and rugby. While the latter two are settled in just under an hour and a half, cricket takes at least a day to finish. And while the excitement is non-stop during a football match, often leaving you unbelievably drained as you leave the ground at the final whistle, cricket is a nice relaxirg sport where you have to do absolutely nothing apart from applaud after the occasional over. It's a treat.
It's quite easy to confuse Brian Lara's Cricket with another game by Audiogenic - if you can remember Graham Gooch s World 82 mi Class Cricket, you'll know this is the same game. With Goochie recently having retired from test cricket, a new endorsement was needed and after Brian Lara notched up his memorable 500-something runs against England. And consequently joined Warwickshire, he must have seemed a very likely candidate to star in his own game.
Actually. I now remember where this game came from. About four months ago we heard about a new Audiogenic cricket release which would be the sequel to Goochie's, and to be honest we were all expecting something completely different.
However, when the preview version finally made its way to us - it was provisionally going to be called ‘Imran Kahn's Cricket', we noticed that the number of changes were very slight, and apart from the updated team and player names, were almost unnotice- able. A* the preview stage there is always plenty of room for improvement and change, although when we got this version we were surprised to say the least.
I There is now a time limit on placing the bowlers cross-hair ¦ it’s also much taster too The first noticeable aspect was of course the game's title. As it's called Brian Lara's Cricket we expected to see him make an appearance. Nope, the manual clearly states that due to technical problems, skir colour was to be predominantly white. Bit of a shame that as many cricket players are indeed coloured, including the entire Wesl Indian sde.
When it loaded up I couldn't see any changes whatsoever. There were no graphical changes, but at least the game hac been made harder. The computer opponent got me all out for about 15. And consequently bettered my innings in the first over.
Although I'm probably just a bit rubbis... er.
Rusty, that's the word.
Overall. Brian Lara's offer at least a few changes for the better. Firstly, there is the option to change fielding to manual control so you can finally run after the ball and choose which wicket to throw it to.
The batting has also improved and it's now possible to place the ball where you actually want it to go. And, by holding the fire button you can add height to your shot, thereby adding a further degree of realism.
There is an arcade mode, so oil the bland averages don't take effect, and your chances of having a ‘good knock' are increased as the players are all given the same rating. All the test and county sides are on disk together, although you do have to go through a bizarre ritual before you can use them.
The last change is simply that it's a bit faster at loading during overs and things, although to be honest. I didn't notice.
If you've played Goochie's Cricket and felt there were a few bugs worth ironing out. It may be time to 'upgrade' to Brian Lara's. The word 'upgrade' is probably a little misleading, however, as you will have to shell out £30 for the privilege. I feel a data disk would've been a much more realistic option.
Final word So. If you enjoyed the first version, my advice is to purchase the new one right away. It's still the best cricket gome an the Amiga and will be for some time.
£ You can't just pick up a bat and slog some balls about - you've got to get into the boring bit too 5 83 w PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTR1BLT0RS YOUR ORDER WILL BE SAUE DAY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLASS POST ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE 99P PER DISK * CHOOSE ! FREE DISK WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS MflS£4S POSTi PACKAMBAH (Europe Kid 2Sp per disk for PAP; (Worldwide add 50p per disk PAP) mm F£ We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE SOFTWARE 2000] SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC10) Dept (AC10) 8 FALCON 9 WILLS STREET WILNEC0TE L0ZELLS TAMWORTH BIRMINGHAM B77 5DN B191PP TEL FAX: 01827 287377
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E257 A-Z COUNTRIES OF TFW WORLD E256 UK COUNTIES S.mla. lo abova UJ im .* baaad annty on (NOJUO MALE*. SCOTLASO A HO NOFTTHERN MELANO 12*0 BASIC ELECTROMCS VIS (2 DMA) ¦ For tfaciron* tea (2*1 MASSIVE GUOC TO THE NTERMT V2.3 AGA42* POKY RDROIO - M Haw AmaraMa Mitt, brtffara «rapEK* AOAI39 ULTKAATUM - Tha ulamtfa 30 Ttfff Battl.
U101S WB2 PEST AUER - InalMI AMWA400 «m*banrti to NO VieU TOT89-C4T p*Q yi ? (n* *©1 J| - Cmato offtfoftfe U1012 TEXT-THGPR: V* |m* Will 3| ¦ Th. Nry laaatf .crtRioetoae. -an a«tf ©a U1013 OIARV 2000 * Uaa U1014 TOTAL CCUPS - Otak aUQanna 1 U10JS NCW CMP AT DISK V2.1 (2 tfaffa) ulu«a* aoma I U101* ULTRA ACCOUNT Anotfte nry goott aeaouila p U101T PRO LOTTERY M • Tte *a»y tototf 6 baat lolMry p U101* PRO ORE YHOUNO Ute P*i Oambto btf Hff Pop* U101 AUTO STEREO ORAM V4 • Latotf MagK aya WflU EIECTBCFK ‘DQKH KW 01022 PRO FOOTBALL 1 1 (2) Foott-a Iff* Pm Santea 171023 REMDATl Ramtfr tor mpoRfftf
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Developments...... 90
* you get the best form communication Dave Cusick perurses the
Amiga Library system Libraries are one of the most impressive
ports of the Amiga's superb Workbench operating system.
Programs will often only require o couple of external files
located in directories such as C and libs. If a program
doesn't work when clicked on from the Workbench, rrore often
than not it’s because an essential file s missing from libs • a
situation which can be rectified by simply copying the file
Grom using the library hos terminated. This is so that the next time o program calls the library it won't have to be reloaded, because it's sitting there ready ond waiting. This can be rather irritating if your Amiga doesn't hove huge amounts of RAM. If you find your system memory is getting worryingly low, you might want to use the Flush command to remove libraries from memory and free up some spoce. For instance, on quitting o MUI program, using the Flush commord will result in a few hundred kilobytes suddenly reap peering.
Photogenics is another program guilty of handling its libraries poorly. It stores all its effects as libraries, and when started it proceeds Id load them all into memory. By running, the program ond then Flushing out all libraries, it's possible to free up around half a megabyte.
Having various bits of important informotion in external files also mokes it easier to upgrade programs. Again using MUI as an example, if each MUI application contained the layout code, whenever a new release of MUI appeared, every single application would hove to be reccmpiled to include the new code Because that data is contained in a library, once the MUI library has been updated, any applications calling that libraries con be shared between several programs. For instance, those relevant to the Magic User Interfoce can be called by a number of MUI based utilities simultaneously. This
is really an essential requi'ement for a multi-tasking computer.
If every MUI program had to have MUI's technical details contained within its code, instead of a in a single library *ile using a couple of hundred kilobytes, every p'ogram would use this much memory ond large amounts of system memory would be wasted storing the some information several times.
Once they have been colled, libraries remain in memory, therefore a situation con arise where a significant amount of memory is simply not being returned to the system, even when the pro- Laying down THE LIBRARY LAW Many newer applications, including Ibrowse and ADPro, store their library files within the program directory. This is actually recommended in the new Amiga installer style guide, and makes life much easier. No files need copying to the Workbench partition, upgrading the software is much easier, and things are generally much tidier.
Whilst in theory it might seem nicer to have all library files together in one directory, in practice this can break down. Libs directories can swell to the size of a Fonts drawer, it becomes hard to trace certain libraries back to the programs they belong to, and so on. The Libs: directory is best left for important libraries which are going to be utilised by several programs. Libraries which are program-specific cause a lot less hassle when they are contained within the program's own directory. Along with the concept of Assigns, a single Libs directory is a nice idea which has become
commonplace at the expense of user-friendliness.
Library will benefit from the improvements Because libraries can be updated, it’s important to make sure when installing new software that the required version of o particular library is present in your Libs directory. The software might require a more recent version of a library you hove installed On the other hand it might attempt to overwrite a nice new version of a library with an inferior older one contained within its distribution archive. Some installation scripts comxire the version of o library you already have installed with the version included with the softwore, ond then offer
you the choice of overwriting the existing library with the archived version.
Unfortunately, not oil installation scripts do this. If you are in doubt, use the Version commond with the library itself as the argument. For instance, typing: 'Version Powerpocker.library' should produce a message along the I ires of: 'Powerpocker.library 35.26' If you find your Workbench partition is getting a little full, it's often a good idea to take a look in your libs directory ond find out just what is there.
Some programs you tried once and discarded moy have their own libraries installed there, and these can safely be deleted to free up hord drive space.
Amiga Computing Paul Overaa com his re-entrant code discussions with that all-important example program Resident ¦ part 2 The principle requirement for producing pure code is that a program should corv sist of instruction code and read-only (ie constant) data alone, with all other variables being allocated on the stock. Last month I looked at the most commonly used approoch for doing this, namely the use link Unlk instructions, and for this instalment I've written a reentrant version of some Intuition window opening code to illustrate the ideas.
The procram begins by opening the intuition and godfod libraries using a loop arrangement.
It then performs a series of subroutine calls which lock the Workbench screen, get the Visuollnfo data, open a window and set up a menu before passing cortrol lo an event handling routine. The general structure of the code will be familiar to regular readers, since similar allocation dealloca- tion schemes have been used many times in the past. One mportant difference, however, is that the space used to store the pointers to the deallocation routines (normally defined using ds.l statements) now has to be provided as part of the Link generated ocal data space, and that's why the structure
shown in listing 1 contains a ld_FStack definition, h this month’s example I'm using register a4 as he frame pointer Space for the variables is therefore being allocated using the LocolData_SIZEOF lobel like this... link U,KocalData_SUEOF Having doie that, the rest is easy - we just make sure that the appropriate indirect references are used when occessing the variables. The event handler, for example, gets called by retrieving the local window pointer from the stock ard extracting the user port-oddress like this... Easy Base AC Update Those of you who followed the EasyBaseAC database
series earlier in the year will remember that one of the reasons the program was written was to allow function usage details to be provided on disk. Although I've been pretty busy of late 1 have now added basic record marking facilities which allow a selected subset of records to be exported (in both print-file and database file form) and more importantly allow new database files to be merged with an existing database. You'll find the new version (v0.20) also on the coverdisk.
So far only one file (functions_aug96.eb provided with the August issue) has been given, but there is a second 'funct*ons_nov96.eb' file on this month's coverdisk (along with an updated help file). To merge the function detail files just select EasyBaseAC's 'Load Database' option, then use the 'Import Database' to select and read in the other file. Having done that use the Project menu's 'Save As' option to save the new file under a different namel You’ll also find a new version ol EasyBaseAC on the coverdisk that, amongst other things, now allows you to merge the files of function
definitions provided with this column!
Amiga Computing
• ovea.l ld_uindOH_p(«4) a1 vindOM adcress ¦ovea.l
*dJ$ erPort(a1),a2 user port address jsr EvfntHandler handle
user actions You notice incidentally that the routines which
handle resource allocation and deallocation use locally defined
library bases, and store their results in the appropriate locol
yorigbles. So the corresponding CALLSYS statements now take
this indirect form... CALLSYS CresteflenusA,ld_&adToolsBast(a4)
¦ove.l d0,ld_«enu_p(a4) beq.s .error Strictly speaking, the use
of local library bases is unnecessary, since the base pointers
do not change once a library has been opened. To my mind if
just seems better to keep all of the variable definitions
together, hence their inclusion in the localData structure!
Linking and Testing In order for the example to run from the Workbench, it does of course hove to be linked with one of the reentrant versions of the standard startup code (I used rstartup.obj). Once this has been done you can make the runnable version (which I’ve colled test) resident jsing the AmigaDOS Resident command. If a program is going to be used regularly one would normally use the Protect command to set the pure bit, but for experimental purposes it is just as good to use the 'pure' option to force the progom to be added to the resident list like this... 1 Resident test pure If,
like me, you've decided to add an icon to your executable, you'll then be able to open as many windows as you like by continually double lick- ing. Alternatively you can multi-run the program by typing its name in several differerv Shell windows The thing to remember when ycu do this is that even with a dozen windows opei there will still only be one copy of the code in memory!
STRUCTURE LocalData,0 LABEL ld_lib_base_start UL0M6 Id.lntuitionBast ULOMG ld_6adTool»Baje LABEL ld_Hb_ba»e_*nd ULONG ld_aindoa_p UlONG LdjM*ualJltlo_p ULONG ld_aenu_p STRUCT ld_FStack,FSTACC_SIZEOF LABEL locallata.SmOF Listing 1: The structure used to define the variables for this month's example code 560dpi 3 BUTTON NEW MICE, & MATS [SwwdS far aII Am,fa, t Atari Sti Awaro wnwng 560opi Resolute* ? 90% rating in CU Amiga • Micro Switched Buiions • Amior Aiari ST SwiTCHAeu • Ail 3 buttons can be jsio with many PROCflAAAS SUCH AS DAECTORY OPUS 5 BEIGE cl2.99 BLACKfl4.fi MAT £2.n OH £1 WITH A
MOUSE SOCCER MOUSE wwni £19.99 Magnum 68030 68040 b 68060 Caros Smcco Increase w up it 27 twfs • 6803QU0 or 60 Processor nunnnc at 25 40 or 50MH; I NEW Processor Cnp • NOT Owrciocoo) ? MMU in AU Processors • Up tj 32mb » RAM can be aooed
• foCKSTAfl! RiMaPPNC ? OPTIONAL SCSI-II interface
• Can accommodate a 72-pin pfoustry standard SIMM ? 68040 60 HAVE
Burt-w FPU. 68030 caro has optonal PICCfGA rm FPU (Floating
Pont Umt| ? BmtBff Backed Clock Calender « Trapooor Fittng -
products such as Ove rDhve HD or CO Zapto CD-ROM P m Squrrfi a
Zero Waite State Design Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase Of 2.3
rwts - 2 88mps
• Avmaae with 0, 2. 4 oh 8M8 of 32-Bii RAM installed ? Uses
Standard 72-hn Swms ? Optional PICC Type FPU (floating point
unit) • Battery Bmwo Ciocf Calenoir • Finger CutOut to hup
Imstmutcn • Trapdoor FnTING - DOESN'T von WARRANTY « 0-4ve -
Wafu State Design VERSION
5. 5 DIRECTORY . Opus5 T* BEST just got BETTER' Atter 12 months
ot eurther 1 development Opus 5 5 is mow aeadi ano shipping
Siunnno ww ieaiures include:- ? Icon Action Meet • Workbench
Repiacimukt Mode cravatcauv enhanced • OmsfTP capa«jty to
access Intirnh FTP Silts WITH a ibtw • Bomnas Button banks •
FuTvn-crfOfic pop-up minus ? Cybergaafhks RTG summit ?
Inxfenceni HoiKeys • Sawn system to execute commands upon
r«io • Colour re-mappwg Of buttonAcon maces with support tor
Magc Workbench etc • Seuchwiv hoi unwaNTTD drive ICONS ?
? Resue. Icomty, ano scroll busy Listers wwie busy ? Icon ano
Lister snapshots are stored separately »rom Woribench - so YOU
could snapshot you CD ROM CONS' ? Listers can now display a
background hcture pattern ? Internal Opus CU to quckly test
commands & Arux scripts ? Many hew petennal commam» and | MANY
FEATURES. YOU CAN Wortbench 2+b Hrd Dsk RhjuiwO now EVEN ado
your OWN internal COMMANDS' £ RAM8 Omb c49a* 4m* c89** 8me
£119** 16mb N A 32m M A RAM8& 33MHz FPU c79.* £119* £149** N A
N A 68030 25MHztFPU c9f« £139** £169** £209** £279,*
68030 40Mhz i!29.tt £169** £199*.
£239** £309** 68030 40MHztFPU £149** £189** £219** £259** £329** 68030 50MHz £169** £209** £239*, f279** £349** 68040 25MH7 £249** (289h (319*4 (359** (429** 68040 40MHz £329** c369** (399*.
£439** £509** 68060 50MHz c499** £539** £569** £609** £679**
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TOO Dso b Colour Iam it ,24, The Dream Team For the benefit of Net Newcomers, Dave Cusick picks the best Net software around So you've finally taken the plunge. After months of listening to the converted preach obout the joys of the Net, reod- ing magazines which continually extol the virtues of this brave new world, and experienced ever-increasmg curiosity as to just what you were nissing, you've finally decided to cough up c handful of banknotes to one of the many Internet Service Providers. But what's the next step? What else will you need to really make the most of the on-line world?
Well, contrary to what PC and Macintosh owners might tell you, there are some extremely impressive pieces of Internet software on the Amiga these days, Over the next couple of issues I'll be taking a look at the many Amiga Net applications and picking out the cream of the crop. This issue - the absolute essentials.
The most logical place to start our overview is with the TCP IP stack itself. AmiTCP has long ruled the roost here, but the cocky newcomer Miami is now threatening to wrest the crown from its grip. AmiTCP, powerful as it is, has a reputation for being rather awkward to install and configure. Miami, on the other hand, uses a MUI interface and is designed to vastly simplify the process of getting on the Net with your AMIGA. And compatibility shouldn’t be a problem - most programs which run under AmiTCP should run under Miami too.
Colossal Since the Web receives colossal coverage in the media these days, next on the list is o good Web browser. For me, Ibrowse is the best of the bunch. Through its support of tables, animated GIFs and suchlike, it leaves the other Amiga browsers standing. Over the past year there have been plenty of Ibrowse demos available free of charge, but now HiSoft is selling the completed program commercially and bundling it with the latest version of MUI.
Easily configurable and simple to use, Ibrowse has but one foiling; it's not very fosl. It is capable of asynchronous connections, bul it still seems to crawl at times compared to Aweb. To get the most out of Ibrowse you will need lots of memory and a fast Amiga. If you don't have these, take your pick between Voycger and Aweb, the former boasting better HTMl support, and the latter being foster and mors stable.
Future versions of Ibrowse and Voyager are both apparently going to feature all Netscapisms, most notably Frames - hideous and confusing, but rather common on the Web these doys.
Probably close behind a browser on most Internet shopping lists is a powerful e-moil client.
My vote goes to‘YAM 1.3, which boasts MIME and Uuencode support, a beautiful inteTace and a handy Arexx port (and it's reviewed in Public Sector this month). Voodoo, the client Amiga Technologies preferred for its Surfer Pack, is powerful and flexible too, but will burn a large hole in your wallet. If, like me, you use an ISP that doesn't support POP3 moil retrieval, Metatool is the client of choice. It does every- Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave@dcus.demon.co.uk. Questions, suggestions and feedback are all more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which is now at
http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk . Surfer's Shipping List Miami (Shareware * registration US$ 35) ftp: ftp.vapor.com Miami Miami 10
3. lha Ibrowse (£29.95) HiSoft, 0500 223 660 YAM (Freeware)
Aminet: comm mail YAM13_l.lha Am FTP (Shareware • registration
£18) ftp: ftp.vapor.com support amftp thing YAM does with
the exception of Uuencoding, which is promised for a future
The finol essential is an FTP client. These days all but the most ardent Shell fans use friendly FTP clients, and of these the king must surely be AmFTP. Another MUI masterpiece from the Vopor team, this is one of the best programs of its type on any platform. With a server address book and dozens of thoughtful features, it is infinitely more usable than the ancient command line programs. AmiFTP and DaFTP are also worth a look if for some reason AmFTP isn't to your taste.
Next month we'll conclude our brie; tour with a look at some of the other Net programs around, including IRC clients, Telnet clients, AmiTrack, AmiPhone and AmiSlofe.
Free Web Space!
Yes, contrary to the saying that there's no such thing as a free lunch, Demon Internet announced in August that all its tenner-a-month customers have been allocated 5mb of free Web space, complete with a snazzy virtual domain name. Several other ISPs provide Web space for their customers, but Demon believes this generous space allocation combined with existing law cost service offers exceptional value for moeey (it works out at around £140 a year including VAT). And as a Demon customer myself, I'm inclined to agree. For more information, check out http: www.demon.co.uk . Amiga Computing
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available on request Special Light FX Phil South looks at the
fun you can have with colour cycling ,»1,$ 1,11,*1,11
,$ 2,S2,I2,$ 2,$ 1 ,$ 3,13,13,$ 3,$ 1 ,S4,$ 4,J6,S6,$ 1 ,$ 5,$ 5,15,$ 5,$ 1
,$ 5,16,16,56,11 ,$ 5,$ 6,$ 7,$ 7,11 ,$ 5,$ 6,$ 7,S8,$ 1 ,11,11,11,$ 1,18
,$ 2,$ 2,$ 2,$ 1,$ 7 ,13,$ 3,$ 2,II,$ 6 ,14,13,12,11,15 ,14,$ 3,$ 2,$ 1,14
,$ 4,13,$ 2,$ 1,S3 ,14,$ 3,$ 2,*1,$ 2 ,S4,$ 3,$ 2,$ 1,$ 1 Data
*1,11,11,11 Data S1,S2,S2,S2 Data $ 1,$ 2,$ 3,$ 3 Data $ 1,12,13,16
Data $ 1,$ 2,$ 3,$ 6 Data $ 1,12,13,16 Data II,$ 2,$ 3,16 Data
$ 1,52,$ 3,$ * Dlti S1,S1,S1,S1 Data $ 2,$ 2,$ 2,$ 2 Data 13,13,$ 3,S3
Dill 14,14,14,14 Data $ 5,$ 5,$ 5,$ 5 Data S6,S6,S6,S5 Data
17,17,16,15 Data $ 8,$ 7,$ 6,$ 5 Listing 1 Write stuff If you hove
any other AMOS program* or queries about AMOS, then please
write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column,
Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10
4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how
the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk.
Make the routines short enough to appear in print, ie no more than about 30-40 lines of code. If possible make them use no external graphics, but if they can't be used without them, be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format. The same goes for sound files.
I must shore this one with you. I was rummaging through my old Amos notebooks the other day when I found this faded i Bi photocopy folded up inside one of them.
It was a page from some kind of magazine, and I think it might even have been Peter Hickman's 'All About AMOS'. Remember that?
Anyway, there were a couple routines on the page, and out of interest I lapped them in. Nice!
The routines were short, powerful and useful, so I would have to guess that Pete did them himself, as his stuff was always like that. So with a brief raise of the glass to Pete, wherever he is, and with a few tiny modifications of my own, let's do some colour cycling.
BY -CYCLES Okay, cyclirg colours is very easy. You use the SHIFT command to move the colour registers along, and the first example points this out beautifully. Type a row of O's and cycle the colours, but make only one white and all the others black.
Of, like in try example, allow a fode out by making a trailing colour of grey.
Example I First we set the screen up: Then we make the all-important palette assignments: Palette tt66;SFF: SO SO SO S(bSO,$ OySO SO SO,SO;S 0,10,10,$ 0 The $ FFF is the white one, and the $ 666 is the Screen Open 0,320,200,16,loares flash Of : Cls 0 : Curs Off Cool, huh? You presumably know enough about RGB colour values to make these chose lights go round and around. How about 32 colours? You could make some killer game displays, like cockpit lights etc, with this effect. Let's see some of your designs, eh?
Example 2 Okay, taking what we know from that last example, we can get a bit more fancy Start tie same way by opening a screen: Screen Open 0,320,200,16,Lovres flash Off : Cls 0 And make a faded blue palette, a sort of spread: Palette $ 0,S5,16,$ 8,$ ?,*MC,SE,$ f Now we read in the data. It's a lot of data, so perhaps you'd be better off reading in the file grey one following it. Next we draw a row of O's to represent the bulbs, using a different colour pen each time (using a FOR NEXT oop).
Paper 0 for L0P=1 To 15 Pen LOP Wait Vbl Print "O'; Neit LOP And finally, we cycle the colours of the O's to make the 'chase lights' effect using a SHIFT command: Shift Up 2,1,15,1 Direct from the cover disk: for T=0 To 15 for 1=0 To 15 Read SPOT Ink SPOT Plot X,T Next I Next T Next we cut ond paste the BOB we made with the data all over the screen using the GET BOB ond PASTE BOB commands: Get Bob 1,0,0 To 16,16 for Tx0 To 11 For X=0 To 19 Paste Bob 1*16, T*16,1 Neit X Neat Y Okay, now we’re ready to set the thing in motion Use the SHIFT command again, ond voilol: Shift Up 6,1,M Do : Loop The
loop ol the end makes it go on forever without stopping, unless you break out of it with CTRL-
C. Finally the data - check it carefully or it won't work, see
listing 1 below.
There it is. Hypnotic, eh? This is o greot technique ond one which has a gerzillion uses in your game programs. If you come up with any good routines, why don't you send them to me, bearing in mind the guidelines in the panel called Write Stuff, Cycled colours con moke all kinds of animation very cheaply, ond it incurs no processor overheads as there is no graphics shifting going on.
People used to use this kind of thing oil the time - remember Defender in the arcades? Nobody used to use sprite animation when they could get away with colour cycling in the old days, and there's no reason why you should use a sledgehammer to crock a nut when you con just os easily use o nutcracker, know what I mean?
That's it. See you next time for seme more groovy graphics. TTFN!
,*2,$ 3,$ 4,$ 5,S6,$ 7,$ 8 ,$ 2,S3,*4,SS,$ 6,$ 7,S7 ,$ 2,$ 3,$ 6,$ 5,$ 6,$ 6,$ 6 ,12,$ 3,$ 4,$ 5,15,$ 5,$ 5 ,$ 2,$ 3,$ 4,$ 4,$ 4,$ 4,$ 4 ,$ 2,$ 3,$ 3,$ 3,$ 3,$ 3,$ 3 ,12,12,$ 2,12,$ 2,$ 2,$ 2 ,11,$ 1,11,$ 1,11,$ 1,11 ,17,16,$ 5,$ 4,$ 3,$ 2,11 ,17,16,$ 5,$ 4,$ 3,$ 2,11 ,16,$ 6,$ 5,$ 4,$ 3,$ 2,11 ,15,$ 5,$ 5,$ 4,$ 3,$ 2,11 ,14,14,$ 4,$ 4,$ 3,12,11 ,13,$ 3,$ 3,$ 3,13,$ 2,11 ,12,$ 2,$ 2,$ 2,$ 2,$ 2,11 ,11,$ 1,11,$ 1,11,$ 1,11 Amiga Computing 4 4 4 (A5C0U, A600 and CD-32 Only) n 73 W C c r H 7 T C D 4 4 4 w X z. Special Re-Ink For Panasonic 1080 81.
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Email address:- steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk mm All Prices include Vat, Please add 2.5% for Credit cards mS unless Connect and Delta versions Fax 01525 211328 Call for brochure Tel 01525 211327 Getting crafty with MusicX Paul Cveraa looks at some useful new scripts that have appeared for Music-X Although I'm basically a long-term Dr T's KCS sequencer fan, I do occasionally moke use of both Music-X and Notator-X, the notation software (especially the latter package since it's for easier to use than the more powerful Dr T's Copyist program). One area where, in principle, Music-X wins hands down
over KCS is the fact that it offers an Afcexx interface. Yet, although this could be useJ for automating oil manner of editing operations, surprisingly few Music-X users seem keen on getting involved. Musk-X V2.0 did in fact come bundled with five Arexx macros for manipulating Midi data (CopyTranspose, InterpolateSlope, TimeStretcher, TrimEnd and V- Scaler), but although these pointed the way to the possibilities, only users with knowledge of Arexx could take things further.
MUSIC -X icqu.nct: undouti 1 • irrxx (••1 BRR EDITOR n 1 o H4 M4
* dtl = COPY H IhflNSPOSI Mull S «: 1- 1 i i - =j| DO 1 1
HNCI1 Sii.»h fti ro 1 1 = SS1 } .3 .4 iM2 .2 Ti
• 1 HH.I . HIM . :i .4 ¦* ¦: i i 14 ¦ 1PHIJSI HMBV . .
Ttt.H ? PI HY HI * QKD 1
- J*___1 1 1 Following the demise of BarsSPipes, Music-X Is now
the only sequencer that offers Afexx control One solution, if
you're not particularly happy about Arexx itself, is simply to
use scripts written by others, and it just so happens that a
couple of Music-X based musicians, nomely Gareth and Kevan
Croft of 'MidiCraft' fame, have released a disk of 18 Music-X
macros along with some substantial documentation in both text
and ami- goguide forn.
There's quite a range provided: CopyTranspose-Auto, a modification of the original CopyTranspose mocro, can be used to copy and transpcse note events, with the difference between this macro and the original being that the new form automatically retains note channel And the best NEWS OF ALL... assignments (this, con be more efficiently when continually transposing the same Music-X sequence track several times). Also availoble are a C_Maj7-lnversionShifter macro,, which can be used to shift note events in C Major7 chords up or down, C Maj7 ond C Min7 note altering macros, and a
GM_lnstrument_Requesl script.
This last macro reports the GM (General Midi) instrument patch name for a given preset or GM bonk number from a specified GM voice table embedded within the macro itself.
In addition to this there are a couple of new button-based transposition macros ond a 'Mixer' script which provides a virtual mixing console (the software equivalent of an analogue multichannel mixing desk) for editing MX-to-MIDI is a simple script to coll the MX-to-MIDI (Mjsic-X-to- MIDI) converter utility in the background on the Workbench environment This is useful for launching the Music-X-fo-MIDI converter utility from within Music-X itself because, by the time vou temporarily exit Music-X, the utility is already loaded * on the Amiga's Workbench screen waiting for yOu.
There's also Pgm-Page - a macro that writes an ASCII text file from a single Music-X sequence track to the RAM disk. The output file, specified as (prog.fxt), contains information identifying various Midi channels (1-16), patch numbers and individual instrument names. Other mo:ros provided include a StepTime, o Velocity flattener, and V-Shifter, which is a velocity changer that globally increases or decreases note attock velocities Installation For ease of use, the best idea is to install these macros in the relevant rexx subdirectcry within the Music-X drawer on your hard drive (or the
rexx directory on the Music-X 2.0 floppy disk).
Obviously, they will work more efficiently on a hard disk system with more than I Mb of RAM, but they should work fine from floppy. Vou could even powerpack (crunch) some of the fies on the floppy disk to make additional room for macros.
It's the price! Since these macros had to be written for MidiCraft use anyway, the Craft brothers have decided to release them as Freeware. This means that if you telephone SeaSoft Computing on 01903-850378, you can order your disk for just 75 pence (plus 50p postage). Let's face it, at this price this is good value, even if you only ever use three or four of the macros.
And who knows, this disk might just make yeur Music-X life a little easier.
Another point worth mentioning is that whilst some of the macros are large (mixer.mxe is about 35K), there are a few small enough to be easily understandable. By seeing these scripts first hand you might well feel tempted to do a little experimenting with some musical applications of Arexx yourselfl Amiga Computing Macro Portability Paul Overaa shows how to make your macros less dependent on applications Lei's :ace it, macro programming (like any other programming chore] takes time. So, it stands to reason that when ¦1 writing macros likely to be of potential long term use, it is done in as
'portable' a fashion as possible. Now, whilst macros will always be non-portobe in the sense that they'll olways contain commands that are specific to a particular applications program, this doesn't mean you should give up on the portability effort complete-
• y- Why? Becouse in the long run it’ll save you time and effort.
Suppose for example that over the years you build up a library
of mocros for your favourite wordprocessor which cater for your
(possibly specialised) needs. Then, all of a sudden, a new
package arrives that suits your purposes far tetter. You go
out, buy it, and suddenly the bombshell drops - you realise
that all the macros written for the first w p package are going
to have to be re-written becouse, although the Arexx language
is standardised, the command interfaces of most applications
programs are most certa nly not!
As far as moving macros between related types of applications programs is concerned, it's foirfy easy to eliminate one of the biggest stumbling blocks • you just remove the external interface commands from the bulk of the macro code and write the main sections of the macro using application-independent function colls. By collecting the ’applications program specific' code into a set of separated 'interface routines', it then becomes possible to move the macro to another application by just re-writing the interface section of the code.
Let's imagine, for example, that we were writing a macro that collected lines of text from a w p or text editor package and did sonething with them. We’d need to get starting and finishing line numbers, be able to collect and eplace lines of text, move to the start of a marked block ond so on What you do is simply write the macro as though all these functions exist - listing 1 shows an example fragment The imoortant thing about this code is that there is not one application-specific reference present!
Interface routines So far so good, but the macro will net work unless a suitable set of interface routines are available - these are obviously 'applications program' specific. To get the starting line number of a marked block of text with Final Copy for instance, you'd issue a 'status position' command and collect the first of the four numbers returned.
By taking all of the function calls and writing them in terms of Final Copy commands, ou can therefore build up a set of interface commands (see listing 2 for some examples] that could be placed at the end of the main application independent macro code.
In a sense the macro can be seen to consist of two distinct sections - the main 'guts’ of the script, and a set of 'application-specific' interfcce routines. To get the macro up and running with another package, all that should ever need to be changed is that second section.
Now I don't want to kid you that this technique is a general panacea for all portability problems. The extra layer of function calls will always make the code run a little slower thon a directly coded version, for example, but offset against this is the very real advantage of easier code-reusobility, the benefits of which become more important as the size of the macro* being written become larger.
The important thing is to be aware of the over- oil principles. After all, you don't want to end up writing masses of Arexx code that mo , ot a later date, have to be completely re-written before if can be used with another Arexx-orient- ed package. At least then you have the option to program for portability if you need it!
* exaaple.rexi * start=6et$ tartlinellu«ber() finisb=6etEndLineliuiber(} dll floveTo8loctttart(itirt finish) do l=start to finish texts.i=GetTe«tline() dll DeleteTextO if i'sfinish then dll PtoweTolleitlineO end call RoveToBlockStartfstart finish) do isstart to finish 6o Southing with current Hne call InsertTextLinel neu.lineS ) call HoveToRextlineO end exit rc Listing 1: Write the macro assuming that all the functions you need exist!
El® i *ln it Cl.pRrJ r ill i ii Mu R ex x Uorduortli Mwtools UuVonVT Modules * MMNNNNNMNHMNNNNNMHNNiiNiiMMNNNNNfiMMN- * * Eiaaple interface routines for Final Copy *I GetStartLinettunber: options results 'status position* return Vord(result,1) a 1 * NMNNMNNNNKNNNNNRNNiNNNMNNNNNNnMNN* * GetEndLintHu ber; options results 'status position' return Yord(re$ ult,J) • HNNNMMMMNHNMMMMNNNNNMNMNMNNNWMMHNM~ ' GetTextline: 'CtrlDovn'; 'AltDown*; 'Cursor left' I* start of line *1 ' Shi f t Down *; 'Cursor Right' • end of line *1 options results; 'extract4; options JctrlUp'; 'AltUp'; 'ShiftUp' I*
release keys V return result * WNNilrlNNWMMNiiitMNiiNNniitNWMNhNMMNiiitNMN- • Listing 2: By isolating the application-specific code it's possible to greatly reduce macro portability problems.
Amiga Computing Steve White adds meet to BOOTIt and explains routines and fulfilling event requests The Basic I5 Selection The window event, basically a close window event, was described last issue, so sticking with the event loop (-loop) we'll move onto the gadgets.
Now explaining what each gadgefhif function does would be pretty meaningless without the routines they call. So, to make things easier - it does get complicated from here, so take your time • we'll take a look at the first three godgethits and routines; the ones which basically toggle the status of eoch program in the WBStartup list on the interface.
The first one checks for a selection within the list and eifver selects or de-selects it depending on its initial setting; the second selects all the programs in the list and the third de-selects all the programs in the list These first three events are checked with the following code (you'll find them under the line If ev»$ 40 in the loop code shown lost monfhl: If GadjetHit=gadgetide1 Pop Repeat Let ec=EventCode Soto togglestitus Endlf If SadgetHit-gadgetfd*?
Pop Repeat If selected*!)
Let selected=1 Gold lllitltus Else Let selected*!)
Soto nonestitus Endlf Endlf Now you may be wondering why I said three events when in fact there are only two. Well, there are only two godgethit events but the second one runs two different functions (allstatus and nonesto- tus) depending on the result of yOuf selection. Let's take a closer look at the first one.
If the Gadget with ID gadgetid+l is selected (this is the GtlislView Gadget), the Repeat is popped (orematurely exiting a Repeat loop - lost issue) and the variable ec is set to the value of the EventCocfe. The EventCode returns the value of the GodgetHit that was hit. In this case it will return the selected program number in the WBStartup list (0 Code Corrections In las* month's issue there was a mistake in the section of code labelled .main on page 94. You should remove the @ ond the I ¦ that begins the line: AttechGTlist 0,0 If in the future you see ony more of these characters before a
line, please remove them.
Onwards) We now know which program in the WBStartup list has been selected The routine called togglesfatus is then called.
The second event detects whether all the programs in the WBStortup list hove been selected or de-selected. If the Gadget with ID gacgetid+2 is selected (this is the CTCycle Gadget) the Repeat is popped and the variable called selected is tested.
This varioble is initially set to 0 ond indicates the setting of the GTCycle gadget which is initially set to None. If selected equals 0 we know it must be set to 1 because the GTCycle gadgel has been pressed ond moved to All. So we change the variable selected to 1 (All) and jump to he routine called allstatus, which selects all the programs in the list to selected.
However, if selected does not eouol 0, we know that it must already be 1. So, underneath the else we change it to 0 (the GTCycle wcs originally 1 or All and has now been set to 0 or None). The 'routine that de-selects all the programs in the list is then called (nonestatus).
To summarise, the second GodgetHit event reads as if gadgetid+2 is pressed and selected equols 0. Therefore the gadget hos been cycled from None to All, selected must be changed to 1, and the allstatus routine run. If selected already equals I, the godget has been cycled from All to None, therefore selected must be changed to 0 and the nonestotus routine run instead.
Okay, ot first it seems very complicated, but it will moke sense eventually - take yoir time and read it through. The most important thing to remember is the variable called selected. We can simply test this to see what the GTCycle gadget indicates on the basis that it originally equalled C or None.
Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time this issue to fully explain the three functions: togclestatus, all status ond nonestatus, but here is the code to get you started. Next month I'll explain these functions and provide the readwbstarfup routine disabled earlier so that you can start to test run BOOTIt properly Amiga Computing 97 Crossing the great divide Paul Austin explains the finer points of cross-platform communication As bizarre as it may sound, the Am gas, Pcs and Macs of this world have never been too good at sharing ¦¦¦I ideas, especially when it comes to bulk transfer, whether it
be objects or images.
To be fair, tie problems are usually encountered at 0 hardware level, with the seemingly warring parties determined to ignore any file system other than their own.
However, it must be said that the Amiga has done more than its fair share to bridge the gap with the aid of programs such as CrossMoc and CrossPC on the hardware recognition side, and powerful bulk conversion packages such as ProControl and AutofX for the files themselves.
Strangely enough, when it comes to the conversion ond shorirg of graphics and animation, the biggest problems are likely to be incurred on the Mac rather thor the PC.
Although the Mac only holds 10% of the total commercial computer market, it's invariably the platform chosen for creative work, and especially multimedia auhoring. Fortunately for the Amiga 3D, animation on the Mac is somewhat locking.
Consequently there's a real opening in the authoring market for AMIGA animators. The only problem is getting the files onto the Moc in the first place.
Needless to say, transportation is the first ond most important hurdle to negotiate The cleanest solution is of course a dedicated Mac formatted external drive which can be plugged directly into the Amiga via CrossMac.
3D CONVERSION KINGS Conuert more flies Q World in Action ?
Desktop Q 0001.JPG - ( Conuert ] ® Hmige30 D 0002.JPG e=DMacintosh HD D 0003.JPG ( Copy ) ? Animation D 0004.JPG D Copy D 0F28H0ATR FAHM0... D 0005.JPG [ Conuert tent ] ? 0006.JPG O Downloads D Farollon EN CordD D gladiators D 0007JPG D 0008JPG 1 (icon Preuiewj Filter JPEG JFIF Format | PICS - PICT... | Batch... Options... ~] [ Eject ][ New F older ] ( Cancel Qconvort.plct: An instant and cheap %dlutlon to the problem of batch tile conversion on the Mac some kind of terminal software on both machines.
On the Amiga side I'd recommend either Term or Termite, although any shoreware alternative should be up to the job. On the Moc side 2Term is by far the best option.
The only problem with this approoch is initial set-up, which may require the assistance of a friend if you don't have much experience of comms software Assuming you've mode the connection, all you .then have to do is sit back while the transfer takes place - but be warned, direct serial links are slow.
The only limitotion is of course whether you con afford the drive ond or available spoce. If not, there are some alternatives. The first and most obvious is floppies - again via CrossMac or alternatively PC formatted disks - which Macs can read.
Obviously this has serious limitations, especially for larger animations. The only other alternative is a direct serial link between the two machires. All you'll need is a standard null modem cable and The solution to the sticky problem of sharing 3D models with other platforms comes in the form of Interchange Plus and the Pixel Pro v2. In an ideal world you'd have a copy of both, but in reality the choice boils down to whether you require the unrivalled conversion skill and format variety of IP. Or the added extras and superior interface and control of Ppv2.
In my experience, straightforward conversion from one format to the next is best achieved using IP. However, Ppv2 does offer the unique option of full PostScript font support, as well as 3D conversion for EPS files - alias Encapsulated PostScript.
If you take a quick glance around AC you'll come across hundreds of EPS files in the form of logotypes such as ESP, AC AS and so on. It doesn't take a genius to imagine how important it could be to any 3D designer to have near instant access fo three dimensional replications of a client's corporate ID or marketing material.
But regardless of the conversion program you choose, you could well come across a common problem which often occurs when converting an object from a double to a single sided rendering platform.
Often, after conversion, it may appear that every other polygon in a model is missing. This is because one of the two polygon pairs is removed, which if then viewed from the wrong side gives the impression of a hole.
This particular problem is most common within Lightwave, but fortunately the solution is s'mple.
First, align all polygons. This will either be on instant cure, or alternatively the model will disappear entirely. If so, don't panic. Simply flip all polygons and with any luck your latest import will be perfect.
Lastly, always keep an open mind when looking for or exchanging models. Most of the major 3D systems offer at least limited support for other formats, with DXF files being the most widely supported on both the Amiga and PC. It could therefore be possible to share resources without needing to invest in either of the aforementioned packages.
Which format As for the files themselves. I'd recommend LHA to create an initial archive, as the Mac has its own version - namely MacLHA - to jnpock things at the other end, As for the individual files I’d always opt for ipeg or Piet - jpeg being particularly favoured for larger tronsfers. Piet could be a sensible choice if the files in question are heading directly for Adobe Premier or o similor Qu ckTime movies generator, which for some strange reason rarely support jpeg.
However, if you want a combination of good transfer speed ond optimum image quality. I’d recommend jpeg. The downside will be the need to run some batch processing on the Moc side.
When it comes to botch conversion, aiwoys opt for the excellent Graphics Converter, which offers full batch conversion facilities even in its unregistered shareware form Amiga Computing Get Started is a true AGA multimedia bite (or your Amiga Despite ttio name Get Started' « designed (or al tnose who want to experiment or learn more about the capabilities ot Che* Amiga Beginners through to Intermediate users will benefit from using Get Started. It covers a mynad ol different areas - DOS, Workbench. Using the (XI, getting onto the Internet, Word Processing, DTP Graphics (rayvaong. Htrnap worn
etc), Muse (Octamed.
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.togglestetus tesetList contents!)
For 1=0 To ec If Nextltealcontents!)) Endlf Next I Let stat-contents() status If stat=0 GTChangeLlst 0,gadgetid*1 Let contents() stat«s=1 Let contentsO naae=contents() niie*'V GTChangelist 0,gadgetide1,contents() Endlf If stat=1 GTChangeLlst 0,gadgetid*1 Let contents!) status=0 Let contents! ) naMsleft$ ( contents! ) nme,Le n(!contents!) naxe))-2) GTChangeLlst 0,gadgetidt1,contents!)
Endlf Goto loop .allstatus GTCfcangeList 0,gadgetid*1 Resetlist contents!)
For 1*1 To mount If NextlteaCcontentsC)) Let stat=contents() status If stat=0 Let contents() status=1 let contents!) naae*contents() naae»"«' Endlf Endtf Next I 6TChangeList D,gadget!d+1,contents() Goto loop .nonestatus GTChingelist 0,gidgetid»1 ResetUst contents!)
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