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Our Amiga browser of choice currentiy is iBrowse which is the most feature-packed Amiga Web browser avaiiabie. The current version supports almost ail of the latest features When you run iBrowse the AMIGA Computing main index page will automatically load up.The frrst thing you should do is change iBrowse to run on its own screen, preferably a Fii-Res one, with at least 64 coiours, and you do this using the MUI preferences. Web browsers are faidy easy to use and iBrowse is no exception, but due to the config-urabiiity of iBrowse it does have a lot of options hidden away in its numerous menus and extra requesters, so the best idea is just to try everything out. One thing that might take you by surprise is iBrowse's drag and drop interface. If you drag any part of the interface such as the transfer image to the edge of the iBrowse window, you can relocate it not even Netscape can do that iBrowse is a commercial product avaiiabie from HiSoft, so this demo has one main feature removed TCP l P disabled. Even though you wili be able to browse Web pages on your hard drive, you cannot use it over the Internet because it cannot use the TGP IP messages to fetch Web pages and graphics.

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Document sans nom Issue 103 ¦ September ¦ 1996 S3 £4.50 overseas price £4.50 Hfi2o Requires hard drive, WB3.Q, Magic User Interface Sept 1996 Amiga Computing w !!.
You the chance to get the ff on-line experience safety *1 0 Y% . Of your own m % ford drive TOOLtime Xfruder 2.6 - up-to-date virus checker PictureMenu ¦ jazz up your oid menus Mode Pro - get the screen modes you want U DittCopjr • never overwrite new flies NoNewlcons - kill off unwanted Newtcons M S - simplify icon handling Font Datatype - view your fonts easily 0 MomMg&Ujndup 0 Towerw 0 Photogenics 0 Web page design 0 Game construction kit - head-to-head 64-BIT ENGINE A3000 -iOOO 24-BU COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD.
For ali Zono-3 Amigas, this 64-Bit high speed graphics engine bhtier offers up to 16*30 x 1200 pixels in S-Bil colour or 1024 x “68 pixels in True 2-4-Bit I Colour, with 2Mb of display memory (4Mb user upgradeable).
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - £29995 Cybervision 64... 4Mb - A399 95 LIMITED OFFER FREE PHOTOGEMGS UTE SOFTWARE WITH CYBERVISION 64s FREE PbatoGvnlcs UTE.. Pottvrfulsoftware for image tnitnipulation - tbe LlTL fATE2i tffVpbkSp(tcJtQgc JurAjOOO or A400Q! Includes 27 effects for processing pbotaamages such as Emboss, Solarize, Textunze. Add Stiisf etc. as rn'II as Faint Took inc. Chalk Pastels, Crayon, Felt Tips c- more - Brilliant!(Packaging is sboun fir illustration purposes only and is not included) sia Awn. ran v i son itwM. Yvo,' MjiuLi rc! •VH.I NEW SECOND GENERATION OF THE FIRST EVER 68060
AMIGA ACCELERATOR When you fit Cyberstorm II to your AJOGO, A3000T, A4QOO or A-iOOOT you can.
For example, render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in Just 2.45 minutes Compare that with a massive 10.34 mins on a standard A-iOOO '0)0 25! With no jumpers Cyberstorm II is fully plug and play and AiOOO users can choose between SCSI-2 and SCSI Fast and Wide options A3000 users already have SCSI built into their Amiga hardware).
• Up to 123Mb of standard SIMMs an be Installed and you can even
transfer the 72Pin SIMMs from your Amiga A40CK) straight onto
your new Cyberstorm.
* Options include a SCSI-2 module, or a SCSI Fast and Wide module
(Amilabie in AprilMay 96) Cyberstorm II68060 50... 5QMHz 68060,
0Mb - Expandable to 128MI ) £699” SCSI-2 Module ±99 ” SCSI Fast
& Wide Module (April May S6) £l49H SIMM RAM Expansions (Please
call for a range of SIMM prices) |.M 2no wiili rTi»o~iHiii
iMh | Al S H 2|HH) s illi JUOll Itf-QA iMh Compandin' MIPS
performance figures measured using Syslnfv Hitch board had the
appropriate SULM fitted (required to actuate accelerator).
- with all Blizzard 1260 and 1230-IV Accelerators FOR A LIMITED
Qmb as Standard, Expandable to 128Mb
9. 91MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 1230 MkIV
Turbo Accelerator Memory' Board is the highest performing
68030 accelerator available for the A1200! With its 50MHz
68030 and MMU. The new 1230-1V offers EVEN BETTER PERFORMANCE
at a LOWER PRICE' With a Syslnfo rating of 9.91 using a 60
Nanosecond SIMM) voa can see the 1230-IV is very fast... .
A penVrmance gain of up to 500T is achieved! Options via iis Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Controller. An industry standard SIMM socket provides for up to 128Mb of auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM (or up to 256Mb with the SCSI-2 option using its extra SIMM socket). SSSfe- J
* .May be disabled with Simple Keystroke on Boot Up for Full
Games Compatibility, even ffifmmi* with Badly I’rogramed 'r
Older Niliwarc!
* Battery Racked Self Recharge Real Time Clock
* High Performance Expaasion with Full 32-Hit wide DMA
* PGA FPU Socket allowing Optional 50MHz, 68882 FPU
* Easy Trapdoor Installation - rio modifications required and
docs not invalidate the Amiga's Warranty While stocks fast!
« 50MHz 68060 A1200 TURBO IELERAT0R S MMU 0Mb, Expandable to 64Mb
38. 71 MIPS with Single Sided 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The
Blizzard 1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers Amiga
A1200 owners FULL 68060 POWER with a board tlut simply A
plugs into the trapdoor slot1 Now your A1200 will operate at
twite or M even three limes the speed of an '610 based
upgrade and up to five times the speed of a standard A400U If
you want THE FASTEST Mgk A1200 available, fit a Blizzard 1260
Turbo now!
• May be di-ub ed with Simple Keystroke on Boot Up for Fidi Games
Compatibility... F en badly Programed or Older Software'
• High Performance Expansion • Full 32-Hi wide DMA
• Battery' Backed Self Recharge Real Time Clock
• Does not invalidate the -Amiga s Warranty 1260 Turbo 50MHz
68060 & M.VH r CQQ.j i -' 0Mb. 32-Bit Fast RAM - Exp, to 6iMb
EA5Y TRAP°0C installation ten SCSI-14 Kit SCSI-2 Module for
1260 and 1230-IV. With xldil rural 128Mb SIMM socket Fast 60n s
4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-Bit. “2 pin Singr Sided .
1230 I r Turbo 50MHz 68030 & MMU 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb_ Fast 60 Nanosecond 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-Bit, 72 pin Callfor hirger SIMM prices)_ Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 EGA type FPU, 50MHz SCSI I T KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV and 1260, with additional 128Mb SIMM socket THE WORLD'S FASTEST A1200 '030 ACCELERATOR!
| .j 50MHz 68060 A1500 A2000 PC ¦ jaKL ' TURBO ACCELERATOR & MMU 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb 38J1MIPS with 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers A1500 and A2Q00 owners the same specification as the Blizzard 1260 Turbo, but also includes IjuiIi in SCSI-2 interface! So. I you want the fastest A150) 2000 around with FULL 68060 POWER... fit a Blizzard 2060 now!
2060 Turbo 50 [Hz 68060 & MMU with Built In SCSI 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable tn 128Mb CORDON HARWOOD OS® COMPUTERS Please note: Memory. SIMM And FPU prices may change . Without warning due to exchange rate fluctuations, Please confirm price prior lo ordering.
Monday lo Saturday, Sam until 5pm Gordon Harwood Computers Limited Dept. ACO B7 New Street, zUfreion, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 01773 836781 or FAX: 01 773 831040 harwood@appielinkwapple.com All Riiz arJ and Ohetdwra products use brand nett* MOTOROLA 680X0 series pflxessors (not used as in some of our competitors' lx arcis) They always run WOULV the clennal u timing specification bid down by Muarob io pres era any possible ovnhcating reliability 3 prcbtare. So, when you pay for a new 50MHz CPU for example, dial's ructiy v.hj| urn gti not a F J3 or even a 25MHz Cfl 'clodctT to bxik i wi lor i! T
MOTOROLA MOTIVATED logo - your guarantee of our commiimeri to quality and reliabJip BEAT,ARE of ’docked’ CPUs!
¦flKsa’a sioToup mmvmmxm What the Magazines think... Blizzard products have consistemlv achieved the liighest magazine accolades and awards!
Amiga Shopper mid “ ..the Blizzard 1260 is destined lo become the ultimate object of desire for A t200 aimers,' - 91% STAR BIT Award Amiga Computing ...If you want Ihe fastest Amiga in tbe World, get Ibis board" 92% BLIT OHP Rating Ain gci Format' .Ride on tbe fastest A1200 in tbe World,H - 95% GOLD Ruling How lo Order from GIL, BY PHONE: Simply cal: our order line. We atcept VISA Mastercard, Access. Switch.
Connect. Della AMEX and Lombard Credilcharge most 'store cards' are Lombard eg. Diicns, Currys etc) - WITH NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES!
BY POST or FAX: Include your name, address and daytimeyevening phone fax number plus cider details. It charging a credit debit card Include,., number and valid from e cpiry dale (and issue number with 5witch cards). Make Cheques (please a’low 7 days clearance).
Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers limited.
GH PRICES: Please remember to confirm prices in case you are looking at an 'old' magazine. Prices can change (up or down) before the magazine's cover month has passed. Please confirm before sending orders by post. Prices inc. VAT at 17.5%, DELIVERY: We offer prompt shipment with fully insured express delivery options throughout the UK. Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost. If ordering by post please call to confirm delivery charges, EXPORT: Most items are available Worldwide, and at TAX FREE PRICES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Armed forces Personnel (with CO's document).
Please call us Tor confirmation of prices and carriage charges etc. GH WARRANTY; Manufacturers' standard warrantee apply or, ask about GH's comprehensive extended options which are always recommended for professional users to minimise costly down lime. Ask GH lor full details.
Ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NT5C* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - l?6ell TimG, after time.
STAGE I... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR pJayer... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab [because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the ‘grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS.
Or. Take a signal from a TV with SCAJTT output... ProGrab'".,, Saves and Loads images in IFF ILBM. IFF ILBM24, JPEG. BIUR PCX. And TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as AnimS files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampier) as AnimS + 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only] and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader to enable grabs directly from within the program ¦ saving YOU time!
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver.,. or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRS video output including S-VHS.
ProGrab™... Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities The number of frames is dependani upon your Amiga's RAM.
Camcorder Ito commented Tf you're looting for a hgfi resUut.cn Z4 bit digitiser then. At this pnce.
ProGrao 24RT represents great value for money' camcorder For just £129.95... ProGrab is supplied with everything you'll need + .. ¦ ProGrab”' 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2,5.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrab's optional PCMCIA Interface includes he latest version software and exrends performance for se no us prof esstona J users * offering the following benefits ¦ Faster Downloading Times (up to FIVE times quicker] ¦ Improved animation speeds of up to 1T fps (mono) and 3.5fps (colour] ¦ Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound sampler required!
¦ Saving of animations direct to your Amiga's hard drive ¦ Freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port for use by a printer or other parallel peripheral device ProGrab'v supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM.
ProGrab'"... Release 2.5.x software now includes... froGrab"' ¦ Voliil at The Best Video Hardware product for the Amiga. Tha is especially pleasing because trie award comes from the Annga Shopper magannes readers Our Satisfied Customers]
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions -
Even with low memory Amigas (AI Hard Dnve Systems wtnout the
need for an MMU.
Requiring just I Mb Hare Dnve Space].
• ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACJUTJE5 With either Terrestriaf or
Satellite TV signals.
¦ LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 limes the area available with previous ProGrab software.
ProGrab™ - Amiga Shopper 95% STAR Buy ana rtmartj l*e 'Sharp, crisp and fsthftj to the ongnai colours, we were mgftfy impressed* and "Highly Recommended Wisher you are a V.oeograpner or a Graphic torsi loouo rne ProGrab ?4fH Pfcis «S a wtfYTpr' Star Buy ¦ INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. 5ECAM and NTSC Straight from the box!
|* Standard ProGrab hardware is PAL SECAWNFSC compatible interlace mode options are available with PAL k SEGAM only.
NTSC Only modes are available to special order which then support the menace mode foty Pfease asfc us for full details ] ProGrab™* - toiiga format 93% Gold Rating and comments Kg.
'ProGrab 24 l?i plus rs quite smpfy tne digitiser to get*. Incredible value for money no other dgiser offers so much for so VttJe* and "Offers hr more fe&ns than any ether tSgteser near the same price' CU totga w«j FioGrab™ n ‘Jufl the job fcx begmen and 5en»profcuionats on a tgnt budget* and. ’very hard to beat SUES + A wOeo source tat* wlf be retired to match sxr own equpment set up • Ask for details. ~ 'forme rrwey. RxSw cyiTcxxh 7 Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Plus - Post or FAX your requirements fQuantity Trade Prices Available) on the order form provided OR. If you’d simpiy like further
information please contact... Mr Mfs Miss Ms: Initial(s); Surname Address: County (Country): Postcode: Evening Phone: Daytime Phone: ProGrab Phis™ $ £129.95 & : ___PCMCIA Interface * £34.95 & : V 2.5.x S W (User Upgrade) 3 M.95 X : Packaging and Insured Delivery L 5:00 TOTAL £ : Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc. Card holder’s signature: :0MPUTERSE3OQ3 iordon Harwood Computers Limited, ? ;w Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP.
FAX: 01 773 831040 or... TELE P H O N E 1 773 836781 I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for i made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED System news 80 I know deep down in your minds, you all look forward to reading System News every month, just because it's so fantastic!
Valhalla 82 Valhalla - Fortress of Eve, is the third Valhalla adventure in the series. Rumour has it that there are going to be more and more Swos 84 Right, you'll never need another Sensi Soccer guide. This is the first part and after reading this you will no doubt be the best Kick off '96 86 Anco returns after the excellent Player Manager to grace our screens with an arcade football game Vulcan offer ED Don't worry. Harry is not some kind of bizarre circus act He's actually just a good old prickly hedgie looking for some balloon action Database S3 Paul Overaa puts the finishing touches to
his C programming series Arexx beginners ED The third part of Paul Overaa's beginner's guide looks at creating an Arexx macro EVIEWS Xl PAINT ED Andy Maddock gest to grips with a new Greek-like paint package Dan Winfield takes over this tutorial and shows you how to put your pages onto the Net Granada compo ED EATURES Web page design ED Tower special El] Expand your Amiga's capabilities with two new tower systems from Intrinsic and White Knight Came engine ED Andy Maddock reviews a new platform game creator from Aspire 2 Photogenics 2 ED The latest version of Photogenics has hit the streets.
Neil Mohr finds out what new features are on offer Monitor roundup Tina Hackett and Andy Maddock take a look at some of the big screens on offer Amiga Computing OVER STORY Protect & survive EI3 HE COVERDISKS iBrowse Get an exclusive look at Amiga Computing's Web site with this special version of iBrowse with out the need to be online Tool time As usual we delve into the depths of Aminet to bring you: Xtruder 2.6; ReqTools; pictureMenu; ModePro; UpDateCopy; NoNewlcons; MIS; Font Datatype; AppTool; Hexamines; EG U LARS Gareth Lofthouse and Tina Hackett show you how to prevent that system
meltdown with a few protection ideas m ? Acas News Unde ACAS wants you to sit on his lap. He'll help you with your problem and send you on your way with a fixed Amiga Tina Hackett brings you all the latest information from the Amiga world, including the final takeover IB Public sector Letters m Those letters keep flooding in to complain about and praise the Amiga world Diddy Dave Cusick is a big man in the world of PD
- people send stuff to him from all over the world MIGA GUIDE
Neil Mohr gives a few helpful tips on how to create more memory
Amiga Computing MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 trapdoor fitting memory
expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an
CARTRIDGE 4mb Memory Expansion RRP £114.99 S£3& Our unique and
highly rated external Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to
continually store the correct tin e and date in its own battery
backed memory. Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does
not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas 8mb Memory Expansion RRP £16499 0RLF Pfjj& 33mhz 68882 FPU (pice) £34.99 DATAFLYER SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives. Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A500. The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 simply pushes in. No need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back ?f the A12Q0. Full instructions and software supplied.
SURF SQUIRREL RRP £99.99 DATAFLYER SCSI+ ONLY £69.99 SQUIRREL SQSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI Interface DISCOLOGY Discoiogy is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises the Discoiogy Disk, manual and Discoiogy cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk drive. Discoiogy will also format disks, check disks for errors etc, PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET £19.99 EACH OR BUY FOR £24.99 EZ DRIVES Incredibly fast (upto Ax faster than a ZIP drive) SCSi drive will store a massive 135mt per cartridge.
Comes complete with power supply. SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
THE ULTIMA TE REMOVABLE DRIVE gflLS Pri0 EZ DRIVES RRP £199.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer SPEEDCOM MODEMS Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth ) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
MNP 2*4 Error Correction MNP 5 Data Compression Fax Class I and II compatible. Group 3
• Hayes Compatible
• Full 80 page manual
• 12 Months guarantee SPEEDCOM+B 1,400 V32bis) ILY £79.99
£39.99 This superb package is a must for any CD-ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software
including librarian features. Direct reading of 16 bit audio
samples, full support for Kodak and Corel Photo CD Discs.
Includes the ‘FISHMARKET' CD-ROM disk packed with public domain
Fred Fish disks and a nuge 115 page information packed spiral
bound manual.
• •
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2,5’ IDE herd drives for the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable,
screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months
guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted,
partitioned and have Workbench WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for
the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredi bfy
simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you
can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
FREEwhjle-you- ULTRA CD ROM DRIVE No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Superb CD-ROM drive system for the A1200. Fully featured, top quality dri ves in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply. AH cables, instructions, software etc.. included for immediate use. The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside A1200 exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200, next to the mouse PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET Order NOW for immediate despatch
- jUU '14 J -j-iL (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries
tel: 0161 796 6279 fax: 0161 796 3208 ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.
99 99 PERSONAL CALLERS FREE •HOW TO FIT YOUR HARDDRIVE' video and Stacker disk to increase the drive's capacity with every hard drive ordered SCSI CD ROM DRIVES 85mb £89.99 250mb RRP £134.99 ri ftQ QQ A500 Hard Drive Interface £79.99 MEDIAVISION RENO* Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply, SCSI cables, docking station and full instructions. Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as t nprcjnnal C.fl ntavpr " SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 GQF,
ENGLAND Access. Visa. Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL RRP £164.99 B&LSPM RENO CD WITH DATAFLYER RRP £174.99 PANASONIC CD ROM DRIVES Amazing value external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality enclosure.
APOLLO 1240 60 68040 68060-f-MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin simm (up to 128mb). Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor fitting accelerator.
PANASONIC SIX SPEED CD ROM DRIVE WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER RRP £239.99 »OLLO 1220 +4mb RRP £179 PANASONIC DUAL SPEED CD ROM DRIVE WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER RRP £159.99 OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
APOLLO 1240 25mhz APOLLO 1240 40mhz £449.99 APOLLO 1260 50mhz £574.99 1240 1260 SCSI interface £79.99 4mb SIMM £49.99 8mb SIMM £79.99 pty 16mb SIMM £149.99& 236® lOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 ZIP DRIVES Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOinb per cartridge.
Comes Complete with power i supply, SCSI cable, instruc- V lions end cartridge.
'OR W«b a Squirrel ar Dataflyer DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
An arses snciuCe VAT. Postage anu pacing wSf be charged at £3.50 per order fU.K. £7.50 Europe end £12.50 rest of the world.
? S stated in the home news pages, the agreement between VIScorp of Chicago, USA and Escom AG of Germany to purchase the Amiga technology for $ 40 million US in stock and cash has been signed by the CEOs of both companies, William Buck and Helmut Jost, respectively. William Buck has been the CEO of VIScorp since 1994. Helmut Jost, however, recently replaced one-time majority owner Manfred 5chmitt shortly before the VIScorp agreement was announced in April of this year. The contract still remains to be approved by the board of directors of each of the two companies.
Users, developers, and dealers have been encouraged to send correspondence and input to VIScorp on the subject of the Amiga and its future. To this end, they have also hired Jason Compton, editor of the Amiga Report online magazine, as a liaison to the Internet community. Any comments may be directed to VIScorp at the address below, or in e-mail to Jason Compton at jcompton@xnet.com. A feedback form for this purpose can also be found in Amiga Report 4.08 on Aminet, at http: www.cucug.org ar , or on many other Amiga BBS or Internet sites.
Moving on at last VIScorp stated that it plans to make licences of the Amiga technology available to other companies interested in using or bolstering the current chipset operating system etc. This news follows in the light of announcements from several companies such as Phases and Pios of plans to use and expand upon the Amiga and its operating system.
VIScorp wishes to take a firm hand in guiding the direction of new Amiga growth and innovation.
A letter of intent has been signed between VIScorp and Emerson Radio Corp. which grants to Emerson the exclusive rights to sales and distribution of the UITI and the U1TI-TV in North and South America. Emerson, maker of consumer electronics such as televisions, stereos, microwaves, etc., also has connections as a major supplier to large retailers in the United States, including Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart.
The UITI (Universal Internet-Television Interface) is a set-top interface that allows access to Internet and other on-line services when used with a standard television set. The UITI-TV incorporates the UITI into a television to form a 'smart' interactive all-in- one television unit. The UITI comes equipped with a built-in modem and a remote control that includes an imbedded keyboard. It also gives fax, speakerphone, and Caller-ID capability to the television, and also includes a calendar, an address book, and games. Both of these units differ from the ED, another interactive television
device from VIScorp, in that the ED also includes more non-Internet-based software INAL OFFER?
Softwood, Inc has sent out a second mailing to users of its word processor, Final Writer, further encouraging an upgrade to Final Writer Release 5, which has already begun shipping.
For the first time, all improvements made in the new version of Final Writer were made completely on the basis of customer input and requests, tailoring the word processor to those who use it. Design work for the future release of Final Writer 6 has commenced, and those upgrading to Final Writer 5 will receive a low upgrade price for the new version when it is made available. For more information, contact Softwood at the address below.
QV ADVERTISING MagicBox, Inc. announced the MagicBox Photo Advertising System, which includes two Amiga 4000Ts, one CD-ROM drive, an RGB monitor, an NTSC monitor, a color inkjet printer, and choice of modems or ethernet. This is accompanied by software from MagicBox, as well as business and paint applications.
The package is marketed toward those who are starting up a television advertising channel, or who wish to modernize their broadcasting equipment. Furthermore, the same advertisements created for broadcast on a television channel can be placed on an Internet site for more coverage. On-site installation and training is also available, as is a startup kit which describes the channel creation process step by step.
MagicBox Qross over Crossings, a newsletter published in New York by Deland Editorial Services, has announced that sets of back issues are available for $ 99 US. The set spans the seven years for which Crossings has been covering PC and Mac emulation on the Amiga. Specific back issues are available and can be purchased for $ 4.95 US each. Crossings is on a hiatus for this summer, but the publisher plans for it to return in the fall. The annual subscription rate is $ 48 US.
Contact point VISCorp 111 North Canal Street, Suite 933, Chicago, II60606 USA vox: (312) 655-0903 fax: (312) 655-0910 WWW: http: www.vistv.com E-mail: f!o@vistvxom Softwood, Inc. Suite 270 7776 S. Pointe Parkway, West Phoenix, Arizona 85044 USA fax: (602) 431-8361 WWW: http: www.softwood.com Deland Editorial Services Ste 26E, 345 East 93 St., New York, MY 10128 USA VOX: (212) 369-8131 MagicBox, Inc. 850 SW, 15th St. Suite 1C Corvallis, OR 97333 VOX: (541) 752-5654 fax: (541) 752-5614 WWW: http: www.magicboxinccom Amiga Computing No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW
for immediate despatch The ultimate high speed CD-ROM drive for the Amiga A1200.
U O U U j-} 1) 0 } 'j (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to: JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THESE SPECIFICATIONS AND AMAZING LOW PRICES!
SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND 0 Fully featured external CD-ROM drive mounted in a top quality metal enclosure with its own built in power supply.
O Audio output connectors enable you to use the drive as an audio CD player.
• Easy fit internally fitting interface simply plugs in to ensure
full compatibility with all accelerators, memory expansions
etc. 0 Does not use or interfere with the PCMCIA slot or any
other port.
0 Includes CD-ROM installation software.
0 CD32 Emulation enables the majority of CD32 titles to be used on the A1200.
0 Audio CD player software allows you to play your audio Cds.
0 Unlike most other CD ROM drive systems the Ultra CD ROM drive does not cause long delays when booting up.
The interface simply plugs onto the 44 pin IDE connector inside the computer (still allows a 2.5” or 3.5" internal hard drive to be used as well!)
And provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200 next to the mouse socket. This can be installed by anyone in 5 minutes!
All cables, instructions, interface, etc., included as well as a 12 month warranty and full technical support.
Access, Visa. Switch, Delta Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of iights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Aii prices induce VAT, .Postage and will be charged at £3,50 per orCe* (U.K .
£7,50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the wore.
3 Qinal agreement signed LJNIGHT TIME White Knight Technology has been appointed as MacroSystem's exclusive UK distributor. MacroSystem has produced products such as the Vlab Motion and Retina and also the DraCo which provides high quality non-linear video editing capabilities. The DraCo scored an amazing 10 out of 10 in Amiga Computing not so long ago.
White Knight has announced that it will shortly be forming a new company to handle sales of the DraCo Video Editing Workstation and any future non-linear editing systems to specialist video dealers.
MacroSystem is also about to announce a new product called Casablanca which, according to its news release; "represents an entirely new concept in consumer video editing." Watch this space.
White Knight has also slashed the prices of its 24-bit graphics cards. For example, there is a huge saving on the Retina BLT Z3, a Zorro III card for the A3000 and A4000, where the price has been cut on a 1Mb board from £379 to £235 including VAT.
Contact White Knight on 01920 822321.
At long last, it looks final that VIScorp will be the new owners of the Amiga. On 24 June, Escom and VIScorp signed the final agreement regarding the acquisition of Amiga Technologies GmbH by VIScorp, subject to approval by their boards. This means that the entire staff and property of Amiga Technologies will pass into VIScorp's possession. Apart from the Commodore trademarks, VIScorp will own the existing components and finished goods inventory of the Amiga and the intellectual properties of the former Commodore group. Amiga Technologies GmbH will still coordinate the production and
distribution of the Amiga at its headquarters in Benshiem, Germany. The purchase price was reported to be US $ 40 million in cash and stock.
VIScorp, maker of the ED, has signed the final agreement with Escom LIFE SyQuest has just announced that it has slashed the price of Its EZ135 Drive.
Previously, it charged £139 for the parallel port version, £165 for the SCSI configuration and £199 for the parallel port configuration, but now all versions are only £89. Ron Brown, Vice President of marketing explained this move: "We have taken this aggressive step because SyQuest intends to expand its installed base among computer users who want the highest performance removable storage." He continued: "This is a proactive investment to introduce prospective new customers to the superior performance of removable cartridge hard drive storage over alternative removable media
technologies" SyQuest slashes the price of its EZ135 drive verything's golden Arachnaphobics need not fear. The new Spider from Golden Image is not an arachnid but an eight port serial card which features a high speed throughput of up to 57600 baud across all eight ports simultaneously. It allows connection to eight separate serial units via standard 25-way, d-type connectors. Priced at £299 including VAT, it is compatible with the Amiga 1500, 2000 and 4.000. It fits into one standard Zorro slot and allows you to connect to serial devices such as serial printers and modems.
Golden Image has also announced a special offer on its 4Mb RAM card with clock. Only available for orders placed in July and August, or until stocks last, the card increases the speed of an Amiga 1200 to more than twice as fast as the graphic RAM. The offer price for this is £79.95 plus £3.50 mail order postage. Call its enquiry line for more details on 0181-900 9291.
Busy as ever, it has also just released its Ethernet adapter, Connexion. This enables Amiga 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 users to be connected to a standard Ethernet network to share files and other resources. It provides a fast 10- Mbit Ethernet link with 10 Base 2 connectivity through a BNC adapter. You can also connect to any other Ethernet standards via the AUI interface.
The DraCo is now available through White Knight Technology who is now the exclusive distributor of MacroSystem’s products Connexion also has a 32K, 16-bit on-board cache to reduce the usual burden a network puts on the machines, meaning the running speed remains fast It is available from Golden Image for £185 including VAT.
Amiga Computing Qobo gorilla!
Amiga computers are being used to provide the Gorilla House at Belfast Zoological gardens with an interactive facility. Arcom Limited, the Northern Ireland Multimedia production company, has installed an A4000 with Scala Mpeg card and MM400 software which, according to Russell Moore of Arcom: "...would show different video clips depending on the choice of the visitor."
Hews The content of the Interactive Kiosk was designed, produced and edited by Arcom's Chris Astles and contains material donated by the Diane Fossey Trust. "Video editing was done on our Broadcaster Elite and the 3-D graphics with LightWave, of course" said Chris. "Scala was, as usual, extremely helpful throughout" The Interactive Kiosk has proved to be very popular with the public and Arcom has attracted interest from other museums and zoo's in Ireland.
Anyone interested in contacting Arcom should telephone or fax (012477) 71445.
V IRTUAL PASSPORT DEBUT June 16 saw the debut of the CompuServe 'Virtual Passport', a technological innovation that will enable CompuServe to deploy its fee-based services using Internet technology.
The Virtual Passport will also allow other sites to identify CompuServe members, allowing them to use just one password, such as their CompuServe password, to gain access to many Internet sites.
Virtual Passport will also enable Web sites to check who is visiting and will verify the authenticity of the Web site for the user, which means that the site being accessed will check it isn't a 'copy-cat' or 'spoofed' site. Another advantage of the new system is that it will enable small businesses to set up a secure Web site that can only be accessed by approved authenticated users.
The Virtual Passport uses Remote Passphrase Authentication (RPA), a new technology developed by CompuServe. It is the first technology system in the marketplace that allows users to use an existing membership and password, such as a CompuServe account, to gain access and privileges with other Web sites.
The Virtual Passport will work automatically with CompuServe 3.0 which will be available this summer. For more information contact the CompuServe site at http: www.compuserve.com rpa index.htm. Bnternet custom card SERVICE LAUNCHED Cybercard, a young Cambridge-based company, has developed a radical new retail idea for the Internet which has left its California rivals standing.
After a year of extensive market research and product development, Cybercard officially launched its Personalised Greetings Card Shop on the Internet. The Cybercard product enables consumers to design personalised greetings card on their home computer via the Internet and then have them professionally printed to order on quality card using digital offset colour.
Cybercard lets you select the occasion and offers the choice of over 180 pictures and 700 texts in a variety of styles. If none of these are to your liking, you can write your own. You are credited as the designer on the back of the card unless you wish to remain anonymous.
Congratulations Gareth After designing the cover of the card you can either leave the inside blank or select appropriate poems or greetings. You even have the choice of having your signature simulated and printed onto the card which is then sent directly to the recipient.
Cybercard charges £1.99 (plus postage) for the Standard Card, and £2.99 for cards with a message printed inside (this involves a second run through the presses). The top-of- the-range Deluxe Card with the simulated signature and the option of sending directly to the recipient costs £3.25 (plus postage).
You have just received a First from Cambridge!
Cybercard can be visited on the Internet at http: www.cybercard.co.uk . If you want to hear more about Cybercard, contact David Bridge on 01223 779 440.
Look everybody, Gareth (ex Amigaphile) got a First from Cambridge... it could happenI K NOWLEDGE IS POWER The Right Honourable Gillian Shephard, Secretary of State for Education and Employment, announced the launch of The Knowledge Gallery in May. The Knowledge Gallery1 is a collaboration between education and industry to provide high quality images to universities and colleges over the SuperJANET network. This partnership between the public and private sectors was initiated by Smart Isles, a none profit making company dedicated to developing national applications to exploit leading edge
technologies such as SuperJANET.
Mrs Shephard was suitably impressed by a demonstration designed to show the range and quality of the material that can be transmitted over the SuperJANET broad band network. She said: "The Knowledge Gallery is an exciting example of how the public and private sectors can work together to mutual advantage. I am delighted to welcome its launch. UK higher education institutions already lead the way in exploring the educational potential of broadband networks. This partnership has created a unique resource which will significantly enhance the range and quality of teaching and learning
materials available to higher education."
The SuperJANET broadband network enables material donated by university, colleges and companies (such as video, sound, text, pictures and data), which is then digitised and made available through a gateway to SuperJANET, in The Knowledge Gallery.
This material will then be freely available to the 130 universities and colleges in the UK connected to the system for use in their teaching and research programmes. This resource will also be available to schools connected to a broadband network Mr Bahram Bekhradnia, Director of Policy at the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and a member of the Joint Information Systems Committee which manages SuperJANET for the higher education funding councils said: "I am delighted that major companies like Kodak and Sun Microsystems are supporting The Knowledge Gallery. It is an excellent
example of a mutually beneficial partnership between industry and higher education" Amiga Computing ?
ALES GROWTH ViewSonic Europe announced last month that it had experienced a 200 per cent increase in sales during the last quarter of 1995 and the first quarter of 1996. This significant growth in ViewSonic sales during the last six months is believed to be the result of a number of innovative changes that ViewSonic has made to its European operations. One in particular has been the increased support from respected distributors, allowing ViewSonic to command an extensive distribution channel spanning most of Europe and Scandinavia.
Other factors in ViewSonic's 200 per cent increase in sales have been the organisational restructure which has enabled a closer relationship with end users to be established and a high profile advertising campaign in the press in Germany, France and the UK.
According to Michael Kommer, ViewSonic Europe's Managing Director, the company is striving to emulate the success of ViewSonic's American branch and take over the position of number one monitor supplier in Europe. 'This unrivalled growth in sales of our price performance monitors is pivotal to our longterm strategy and this continues to be an exciting time for all of us at ViewSonic" he added.
Hews I ew Epson WARRANTY PROGRAMME Epson has announced a new extended warranty programme that offers on-site repairs for all Epson printers, scanners and projectors.
The programme, called Epson Cover Plus, offers to repair the machine on site rather than replacing it with another refurbished unit, which would have no details of the age or previous usage of the replacement machine.
The new programme offers two types of cover - the Standard Service which guarantees on-site response within eight working hours, and a four hour Premium service for business critical machines such as high-end lasers, data processing dot matrix printers and multimedia projectors.
Robert Clark, Epson group product manager for business products said: "We have listened to our customers and are confident that Cover Plus provides the right level of cover options for all products in our extensive range. We realise that customers do not want to be left with a refurbished machine that could be older and more worn out than their own. Customers want their machine repaired on site by a qualified Epson engineer using original Epson parts."
Cover Plus can be bought from dealers up to 30 days after the purchase date of the product it is to cover. If the machine is sold the warranty can be transferred to its new owner. Prices start at £40 for a three year, eight hour warranty for, for example, on Stylus Color lls.
Complete chaos Last month in System, we published a review of Chaos Engine 2 which was unfinished. We don't pride ourselves on doing such a thing, it was just a complete misunderstanding.
We must apologise sincerely to Time Warner Interactive and the Bitmap Brothers themselves for any inconvenience and hope they can forgive us for all the confusion we caused. Sorry.
Qhe right connection Have you got a modem? Want to connect to the Internet? Well, what better way to get started than to take advantage of our reader offer with Firstnet who is offering our readers a free two-week trial.
Firstnet Services is a specialist when it comes to connecting your Amiga to the Net. It has over eight years Amiga experience with Amiga computers and provides expert technical support and software for the machine.
It offers full Internet access plus up to a megabyte of Web space free, provided it is used for non-commercial purposes. Dialups are available from as little as £12.50 per month + VAT for unlimited access.
Firstnet also offers Web authoring, training and fast 28.8 connections and in July it is having an Amiga dedicated Web page where you can have a link to your very own home page. Call Firstnet on 0113 294 4224 to find out how to download your Internet software from its Bulletin Board.
Avery Office Accessories, part of the Avery Dennison Corporation, has revealed its new redesigned range of computer furniture which includes computer and printer stands and VDU trolleys. The new range is softer and more elegant, combining strength and stability with a lightweight design that enables the furniture to be moved easily and safely.
According to Jan Perry, Marketing Communications Manager: "The new design reflects the increased emphasis on design and appearance in the office of today. Crucially, though, it incorporates a high degree of flexibility, ensuring it will remain compatible with the fast developing demands of office technology."
Star Micronics, desktop printer manufacturer, has announced that it has reduced the price of six its most popular printers. This includes three of its dot matrix models which are now available for less than £100 RRP. For example, it is offering the monochrome dot matrix model LC-90 for £83 and its LC-240 for £99.
The LC-100 and LC-240C colour printers have also been reduced to £99 and £115 respectively. The thermal colour printer SJ-144, has been reduced to £180 RRP.
The new prices will include the 12-month, 'next day exchange warranty' which Star Micronics introduced three months ago.
Marketing Manager, Annette Tarlton, commented: "With three printers now available for less than £100, Star is once again opening new markets in low-cost printers. It has always been our policy to offer users more printer for their money."
RINTER PRICE DROP VERY REDESIGNS Amiga Computing o ppPag i K ¦ •A ciyer™.
Amigai ImageFi gnt information is available at no charge, |fa jrfy botij powerful and easy to control at no Q Pq con J 5! Loj ay . MrW * M directly inf A Q 1 ¦t o - o i ‘JU1 tive on the master A uS B yyision.
A snap; graphic boards - Suppons all Amiga modes, jjT vwei yfiflequin, Firecracker. DCTV, HAM-E, all EGS- supports the new Cyberaraohx 24-bit retargetable
o much in hadspace to barely scratch oiga owners." Jeanners -
Epson 300 600 800 and 1000 1200.
(Jjjgbbars - IV4B4 VI aR YC framegrabber, PP&S Framegrabber is-compatibltKprinler, PostScript printers, and full color pi inti®':. Yideo Toaste LJs e r: "...it outshines everything else mt mJatform." - Emulate traditional | Markers, WateVoiorsXQmyons and dozens of texCSB?To pecial Effects anfjr painting u|fnt mgions and the Pnrf*nt L20 swe?
TrleVVacom n Shop Fractal Painter for the Arntga v frjo ¦-adisUaml Icomp. Advances Compositing - Creat cetjages fand mattes.) Image Rotation - Corhplex zO 'HiPagv FX isjan outstanding program that may |fcjgir!;m inting generator can turn a film or scale images to any 0 %,, Lighting pealistic lightning bolt
* i memor ypfidin is nothing short yolcSwpaie optical
qualiftTbiue and green ckqroun BjBlfcrits. Just Amhja Monthly:
"i i its hiwKte jSpherize - Map. Images onto imagw prmmmfg "
Image Rendering - Advanced rendering and dithering algorithms
for generating coiormapped images for mulIimSMfapplications.
Multiple Level Undo - Limited only by your available memory.
Amazing Computing: "The most signif Set upgrade that any Amiga
image processing program has gone through in years. ...ImageFX
has become king of thM mLjjttein." Virtual Memory - Use your
hard drive to work on images of any size, including video, film
and print resoiutifflMgiiser Groups - call us for information
on special discounts! Batch Processing - Perform effects on
animationsla M nces of frames using AutoFX and IMP utilities.
Arexx - Hundreds of Arexx commands allow for
5ophisticate3 HjjdPlt Dozens of sample scripts included. Even
automatically record your own for batch processing or
h mKSm Ai!v *Format: "...a system that is actually aimed at
professional artists and designers. Rated 95% - Amiga
F SS KiLp. Configurability - Define hot keys to perform
frequent tasks, or change the menus to suit your work
enviroynP fcpdiuiar Design - Open-ended architecture allows for
future expansion by Nova Design or third party compal P
information is available at no charge. Arnig nation the manual
s JvrpdKn Bnlii PehV' cori support mi™ Loading and saving in
i i ’snap, graphic Video Toaster, Retina. Picasso. !v _ el 1
:!l|in Fi compatible hardware suchps rne
w ectrufn S |i0 ..iin:. w71! md supports the graphics
software. MicroTimes: "Too c6dl;%flEps so ivuch in
mKflgfltepe-tfref the surface. ImageFX is! A must-have for
senUtiMmiga gwners." Scanners - Hewteit Packard ScanJet Series
II, Sharp JxiOff ymSiltagbbers - ivVt VI aR Y1 and Framegrabber
256. Printers - Any WorkbMch P Bfcic;is-compatibl yprin support
for the Fargo Primera and PrimeraPro Klor print
j). Video Toaste!s4i around, and can stand with any
painting-effectsma0 afjs Kffij!atform.‘' Rea media such as
Airbrush, Charcoals, Chalk, OiljMi Markers, other drawing modes
and styles! Friskets, malp'4, and te? CWBm oi Special Effei
alpha channel Amazing Computing: "image LZO is like
SIWkshcp Fractal F animator." Pressure-sensitive tablets -
Sup oilatrteWVacom nd J oinp. Adva and more using ImageFX’s
dedicated tools Vor clmpofoHaa. Y lj friafc an:: mat image
rotation and 3D perspective rotation apd mfcre. TV
TechnWo agpF) well become the required software for all
Aifiga users." PaintFX™ - video sequence into Art! Image
scaling aid propping - Automatica!ly%op pi*l size. NTSC and PAL
video filters - can automatically color correct for v'mro jar
generator can create lightning, electric arcs ; nd more! Amiga
Computing "Turn of a masterstroke." Biue Green Screen
Composites - Using Cinemat*™ yoi dH screen composites and
maintain your color integrity for foreground andloackgrounej am
in deep awe of (ImageFX's) PaintFX. Yes indeed, I do vi ant to
iave its 9 raytraced spheres. Made in the USA, Lens Flares -
Advanced lenl flare geneia totadd preset flares or custom
designed flares, linage warps - Warp an image or add distortion
lens effects. Speirfanj H s - There are hundreds of
combinations of effects you can achieve using the provided
speciareffects. MinimunjBE lw « * *itI1LAJeters, Swirls and
Twirls. Canvas and Paper textures. Relief maps. Water nd Glass
dislcrfidflHhd much much mWeTrayw available - A comprehensive
video tutorial that guides you through image proc H riih
ImageFX 2.0. For upgrade information call 1-8QQ-IMAGE-69
(804-282-1157). Print Support - Use the buit Hnort for RGB,
CMY and CMYK color separations for your professional printing
needs. Video Toaster User: "You no Kmogram. Period."
TkageFX features include: Image Processing - Hundreds of tools for enhancing, filtering, or restoring your images.
R frprmat Conversion - Supports reading and writing dozens of file formats from numerous professional platforms SuMfes the Amiga. PC. Mac, and SGI. Computer Video: "Holy cow!". WYSIWYG - Interactive preview screen shows yoiiwjtot and changes in realtime on ImageFX™. Region Controls - Limit processing to regions with definable soft e( P®Mll Color Painting - Traditional painting tools are available in full 24-bit color. CU Amiga - "The king of Amiga 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214 - Richmond, VA 23230f Phone: (804)282-5868 - Fax: (804)282-3768 - Customer Support: (804) 282-652* r T _!
NOVA DESIGN, INC. here does all the world's evil i come from? Well, it depends which bandwagon is currently being jumped on. When home videos became commonplace it was that which struck fear into parents' minds, fearing that their children would be corrupted.
Next it was the turn of video games which were cited as creating blood lust in even the most placid - turning them into axe murderers at the turn of midnight.
Now though, it is the turn of the Internet.
It's fairly new and it's just starting to become widely used. With this comes the fear of the unknown. The media, feeding on these fears, scream front page headlines which blame the Internet for everything. It seems, if you believe them, that the Internet is inhabited by the Ghengis Khans of the '90s who will make you download pornography, turn you into cyber-terrorists and steel your hard-earned cash in the blink of an eyelid.
Satan's den of iniquity The Internet is EVIL, if you believe everything you read in the tabloids... True enough, just like in real life, the World Wide Web has its fair share of nutters, but to say it's overrun is somewhat of an exaggeration. Yes, it's had terrorists online (the American Unabomber for one), and there was a case of children downloading instructions off the Internet to make fireworks which resulted in one child blowing his hand off. Sad though this outcome was, it would not have made front page headlines if it hadn't been for the Internet connection. Children will always
be children and experimenting with fireworks is a part of growing up for naughty boys who should know better.
So the knee-jerk reaction would be to censor it all. This is to some extent what they tried to do in America with the Communications Decency Act. This made it a criminal offence to post 'indecent' material on to the Net, but the term 'indecent' was so vague it caused a storm of protest and many turned their Web pages black to demonstrate their objection. Who would decide what was indecent? Is nudity indecent? Is explicit language indecent? This is all down to personal opinion.
Fortunately, it didn't get to this stage because the courts ruled against it, saying the act was unconstitutional. But there is one predominant question that still remains to be answered. What should be allowed on to the Internet and who should see it? The Internet, used responsibly, can provide access to worldwide research on a vast wealth of subjects. It can entertain, inform and educate. Surely, something we'd want younger generations to be able to use?
However, what's wrong with consenting adults who want to see a few sexually explicit pictures? If people want to get online and talk about sexual matters, that is up to them. The vast majority of society doesn't want to download child porn, bestiality pictures or bomb- making instructions. They want to use it for what it is: an excellent communications tool that allows ordinary folk freedom of speech.
Okay, like television, there is some content we wouldn't want minors to see, but the solution seems fairly simple. Parental control, as always, is essential. Parents need to monitor and supervise what their children get up to. If this isn't possible and their children are so unruly as to not be trusted, there's always the power supply. But don't believe the hype - the Internet is not this dark cesspit of human depravity the media is shouting about. It does contain some bad elements but unlike the rotten apple, it doesn't spoil the rest of the barrel.
This isn't to say that nothing is required to help parents, teachers and the rest of us to make choices about the material we wish to access. Perhaps the new code of practice agreed to by the I SPA - the body governing access providers - will go some way to providing this. Among the proposals due for implementation is the PICS system which will rate sites according to their content - sexual or violent. At the end of the day, however, it will come down to parental responsibility. And, as America's failed censoring attempt proves, surely that is how it should be.
Bloomfield DISTRIBUTION COMAG (01895) 444055 SUBSCRIPTION 0151 -357 2961 Member of (he Audit Bureau of Circulations We regret AMIGA Computing cannot offer technical help on a personal basis either by phone or in writing. All reader enquries should be submitted to the address in this panel.
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for Amiga enthusiasts. Amiga Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available Amiga Computing 14 SEPTEMBER 1996 NetConnect - Complete Internet solution • Simple!
WWW Voyager MAIL PowerMoll FTP mFTPv2 IRC AmtRC NEWS mNows TCP AmiTCP 4.3 DUP PPP AmlPPP FULL Also Includes CLChat (IRC server client) and a superb GUVAmlTCP prefs GUI NotConneci £ 49.95 NetConnect with any full Eagle 4000TE or 1200TE £ 39.05 T-T" ¦ ' ¦ • Exciting New Products!!
Blittersoft Shuttle 4000 PCI Shuttle 4000 Shuttle 1200 Keyboard Village Tronic Big BoxTowers Our range ol Amiga Tower Systems wilt further enhance the specification of your Amiga. These Towers benefit Irom quality metal construction, Shuttle expansion boards, uprated PSU's and complete PC solutions. All aro built to Ihe highest standard, designed spoclflcally lor the Amiga and come with detailed fitting Instructions, Towers Blittersoft arc exclusive distributor* lor many leading product manufacturers.
Our new deal with Eaglo Computers ensures new Amiga modeis are available In the UK. We will also be looking to expand the product availability In the UK for all existing users.
We are, as ever.
100% behind the Amiga!
Our Towora are the lull height variety, with dimensions of 660x190x430 mm.
There are 6 x 5W‘" beys and 5 x 3'*" bays. All ol Ihe S'*” bays and two of the 3'n’‘ bays are accessible externally. £179.96 All our new Amiga's arc built exclusively under a full Amiga Technologies OEM license under the "Amiga-Based" Trademark.
PSU's (Ploaso specify Amiga) 230W C Eagle 4000TE £1259.95 O High quality Xenon Tower ) Original Amiga Technologies Motherboard O SCSI-2 and IDE Bus, 0S3.1 O 2Mb Chip RAM, 4Mb Fast RAM O 230W PSU. Keyboard and System disks Adaptor for A1200 Accelerators £ 79.95 250W C 30GW E Buying When buying a Tower, you will need to consider two a Shuttle card and a PSU.
Pentium P75 Pentium PI 00 Pentium PI20 Pentium PV33 Pentium PI 50 Eagle 4000TE-40 25 As Eagle 4000TE but with : ¦ 63040 25MHz original Processor
o 1Gb SCSI-2 Hard drive Generally, the standard Amiga PSU is
not powerful enough to handle the additional expansion
Tharslore, a 230W, 250W or 300W PSU is recommended.
Tower, 230w PSU, Shuttle 4000 Tower. 230w PSU.
Shuttle 4QOOPCI Eagle 4000TE-40 40 £1 As Eagle 4000TE but with : i 68040 40MHz CyberStorm Processor
o 1Gb SCSI-2 Hard drive Tower, 230w PSU, Shuttle 1200 For 250w
PSU, add For 300w PSU, add Engle 4000TE-6Q 50 £2199.95 As Eagle
400QTE but with : c 68060 50MHz Cyberstorm Processor i 1Gb
SCSI-2 Hard drive You wilt also need to consider a Shuttle
card, to ofler additional oxpansion slots.
We can also supply PC Keyboard adaptors and Keyboards for your Tower system (A1200 and A4000) Siamese System The A1200 is a straightforward choice, but A4000 owners have a choice of two, II you are considering PC compatibility. I1 is well worth choosing the PCI Shuttle. You will then be able to lit a Pentium card.
Also worth noting is that A12Q0 owners can purchase Ihe Eagle 4000TE and fit their existing A1200 accelerator by adding our special adaptor.
When llttod In one of our Towers, tho Shuttle 4000 PCI expands the desktop A4000 with further Zorro.
Video and Pcl lSA slots. The PCI slotB allow the use ol our Pentium processor board to take advantage ol both computers In one neat Tower.
O' 7 x Zorro 111 Slots (5 DMA Buster) a 3 x pc pci siots : 1 x Slot lor Pentium Board 0 3 x PC ISA Slots O 2 x Video Slots Shuttto 4000 Pcf El89.96 AmiG U_ When fitted In one ol our Towers, the Shuttle 4000 expands the desk* top AdOOQ with further Zorro. Video and ISA slots. Thfs Shuttle Is Ideal for those users who require the space of a Tower and extra Zorro board capabilities.
O 8 x Zorro III Slots O 5 x DMA (Buster) 6 x PC ISA Slots 2 x Video Slots Shuttle 4000 Pentium Boards Our PCI Pentium Board Is a complete modern Penlium PC system.
The board Is used In conjunction with our PCO Shuttle*. This means that our towers con olfer a complete mulli-platform solution (Amiga. PC and Mac) via this board, Emplant and Ihe Siamese control system.
All our new Amiga’s are built exclusively under a full Amiga Technologies OEM license under the "Amiga- Based" Trademark.
Eagle 1200TE
o High quality Rubin Tower Q Original Amiga Technologies
o IDE Bus, OS3.1 O 2Mb Chip RAM
o 230W PSU, PC Keyboard and System disks J 256Kb Cache
(Expandable to 1Mb) 3 2 x Serial Porta ¦0 1 x Parallel Port 1
Floppy and HDD Controller Keyboard socket ) External Power
Connector ) PC104 Expansion Port 0 128Mb RAM capability.
Eagle 1200TE-40 25 As Eagle 120QTE but with : 0 68040 40MHz Blizzard Processor J Accepts Pentium Processor at 75, 90, 100, 120, 133 and 150MHz.
Pentium PCI Board When lilted In one ol our Towers, the Shuttle 1200 expands the A1200 with Zorro II, ISA slots and possible Video Slota (Upgrade). This Is Ideal for those users who have outgrown their A1200 system.
Q 7 x Zorro If Slots O 5 x PC ISA Slots O 2 x Video Slots possible via upgrade.
Shuttle 1200 £199.96 Shuttle 1200 Video Upgrade £ TBA A1YUQ4.
AMIGA, Utilities Experience is a superb CD crammed with all the besl in Amiga Utilities. The CD features a smart MagicWB interface with custom ray- traced icons. Programs are virtually 100% ready lo run directly from the CD without the nood to copy or install to Hard Drive. Highlights include HTML (WWW Internet) pages (with a special version ol Awob) and commercial demos of Iho Amiga's top programs 100% indexed with easy to find program structure, sorted into directories with appropriate cons Erl 4.06 Oh Yn Mors Wormsl is a CO that wilt keep you playing and playing' Over 1000 brand new
levels and many in- game sounds lor this extremely addictive game. £ We can provide a range of Keyboard adaptors to allow the use of any PC keyboard with the Amiga. This la particularly useful with Tower upgrades for the A1200, but can also be used to fit the latest Keyboards such as the Natural keyboards.
A4000 PC Keyboard adaptor £34.95 A1200 PC Keyboard adaptor £49.95 PC Keyboards Cherry Keyboard £29.95 Microsoft Natural Keyboard £49.95 Additional 4Mb RAM Additional 8Mb SIMMs Additional 16Mb SIMMs 2Gb Hard Drive (SCSI) 4Gb Haid Drive (SCSI) The Emplant Deluxe enrd 1* now available at a greatly reduced price.
The card I* a Zorro card, suitable for any Amiga with Zorro slots and 68020 or better CPU.
The hardware offers o dedicated SCSI interface for the Mac, Ideal tor adding CD-ROM, SyQuest. Zip.
Scanner* etc. to give the ability to format media In real Mac format (to go to a bureau) or to Scan directly Into an Art package.
Real Apple peripheral* enn also bo addod (printers, modems) and AppleTalk networking can be used with real Macs, The hardware also assist* emulation speed, especially when mulll-tasklng with Amiga applications.
Additionally. Ihe hardware can be upgraded to use the Mac Pro module (Virtual memory, Ethornot, ...) and the e586DX PC software emulation.
Emplant Deluxe e586DX SX PC Emplant Mac Pro AslmCDFS 3.5 £ 49.95 Full CD package, with FlleSystem, CD32 emulation, Fish CD and now ATAPI HD CD support!
MasterlSO E129.95 Master ISO + AstmCDFS £149.95 The only Amiga CD-Wrltlng software ImagoVlsion £ 99.95 Easy to use multimedia authoring system, with CD of source material.
World Construction Set £119.95 World Construction Set 2 £279.95 Ultimate scenery generating software DWScan 4000 intelligently upgrades alt PAL NTSC screenmodes so that they can bo displayed on a regular VGA SVGA MultlScan monitor. The result Is completely compatible with all programs. Provides lull 24-bit output, so no Information is tost.
Screenmodes that do not require upgrading pass through untouched.
Reduces flicker on interlace screens. Requires an A4000 or 100% compatible) vfdeo slot. Can be used with a pass-through graphics card.
DbiScan4000 £149.95 Emptanl 1200 Is a software only version ol Ihe famous Mac emulation, specifically designed for the A1200 or CD32 (with SX-1 or SX-32 module) Use ol 256K, 512K and 1 Mb MAC ROMs.
5 Supports 2, 4,16, 256, thousands, and millions colour modes.
L New super-fast Graffiti graphics driver, for 2, 4, 16. 256 colour modes.
) Workbench Video driver, up to 256 colours In a window!
O Supports CD-ROM drives, hard drive partitions, hard files and ram disks.
) Supports serial and parallel using Amiga ports, Supports AMAX, EM PLANT, MAC high density, PC 720K & PC high density disks.
Supports stereo audio.
1 Supports Aklko when used with CD-32 with an SX-1 or SX-32 module.
» Supports 020 through 060 processors and 6B8B1 2.
O OS2.x style guide compliant Interface on public screen.
Emplant 1200 C 49.95 Pica&so 11+ is a new Improved design based on tho best selling Picasso It graphics card. This Improved design retains oil the compatibility and features of the old Cord, with additional performance and features. The Improved design otfors faster Zorro II bus support, Vortical blank interrupt tor smooth double buffering, Pabto brightness control, Higher Blitter speed (up to 30MtVSec). Support lor DPMS power save monitors and now includes ImageFX VI.5. Compatible with all Zorro Mil based Amiga computers.
Picasso II* 2Mb Pablo Video Encoder CyberGraphX Software Ariadne Liann 1.6m cable Llano 5.0m cabin AmiTCP
053. 1 A500 600 1500 2000
053. 1 A12003000 4000 MalnActor Pro MalnActor Broadcast MalnActor
Broadcast (Upgrade from Pro) 0 VILLAGE® TRONIC Mac Lite Is a
software only version of Ihe famous Mac emulation, which
wilt run on any Amiga with a 68020 or better CPU.
Mae Lite offer* all tho features ot Emplant 1200. But ha* additional oxlanaivo graphic* cord support for Picasso (I*. CyberGraphX, Graffiti, Piccolo-SD64, Retina etc. ¦IiSpMT r Tei : 01908 261466 Fax : 01908 261488 Tech: 01908 261477 £S Blitter soft 6 Drakes Mews, CrownhlH Industry, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. UK, Order by XrcsM ViHVDtHaSftiielT or Posiil OiiJrr.Cbeou* Mo added •urclmnje; AH pnee* fufly Inclusive of VAT. Portage and Packing £fl CO (24 hour) ana CTO.QQ jKoturtfajd.Prieaaond specification* may change wlhoul natica. Ploa«« falaphpn* to contain pncinorapaclficatiorL' avj o.iny
to-1 Ore ordering EAOF All traa«m«k*4CknpnledgM. All order* *ut t«t ta cur Isrmi mid ccndHtona oti'M'ng, avoliabio on reqtert. Ti*Je mpuiria* walcama ; -- ' • : ¦ , -.u-.. ' WfrbSite : ftct*JfWWVAlMifl-fifttOb.ur S'io? T HIGH FLYER SsULSS 90 100 119 99 69 199 95 95 125 149 149 179 ¦ 79 279 89 179 CD 379 I w 2MB RAM!
159 89 39 69 649 ... 225 249 249 275 LU O 3 CL Richo 50 MB removable HD S 99,00_ Dataflyer SCSI Card 4000SX
- SCSI Controller card supports up to seven devices internally,
can add external port later Dataflyer SCSI Card 4QO0SX-25
- Includes the DB 25 external connector for external devices
Dataflyer SCSI + A4000
- Converts IDE Header into SCSI support for SCSI devices w pass
thru to work with original IDE drives you already own!
Dataflyer SCSI + A1200
- Same thing for the A1200 series systems Dataflyer XDS 1200 600
* External case supports 3.5" IDE hard drives & allows use of
original 2.5" hard drive. Connector also uses power from inside
the machine.
Ramboard w 2MB Ram exp to 8MB Dataflyer 2000 SCSI
- Supports up to seven scsi devices , internally mount a 3.5"
hard disk drive onto controller card Dataflyer 2000 IDE
- Support two IDE devices, one can be mounted onto controller
Dataflyer 2000 SCSI & IDE
- Two controllers in one card! Support seven SCSI and two IDE
Dataflyer 500 SCSI
• Supports Seven SCSI devices . One can be mounted internally and
Dataflyer 500 IDE
- Supports two IDE devices . One can be mounted internally and
Dataflyer 500 SCSI & IDE
- Supports two IDE devices , one can be mounted internally &
seven scsi devices can be connected!
MainActor Professional
- Full featured animation program that works with all Amigas with
support for Picasso II owners.
- Zorro II Ethernet card offering 10base-2 (cheapemet) & 10base-T
(twisted pair) Features; 2 parallel ports 32k buffer; boot
eprom option; SANA-2 Compatible drivers & Envoy network
software; DOS 2.04 or higher required.
Liana Network
- Connects any two Amigas togeather via the parallel port Pablo
- A video module for your Picasso II card permitting output to
your TV or VCR - Quality comparable to high performance video
broadcast encoders; includes RCA - S-VHS - USRcbctfics Modems
External Sportster 14.4kbps v.32 bis data
v. 42, v.42bis, quicklink li s w. Fax $ 115 External Sportster
28.8kbps v.34 data.
14. 4kbps class 1 & 2 fax v.42 v,42bis quicklink II s w $ 210
"2000 Bigfoot Power Supply S3 1200 600 500 Bigfoot
Slingshot A500 (1 A2000Slot) ] Slingshot Pro A500
JX-Calibur A4000 Ram Unit ol
- --AdlDE 130MB HD System J~w 2.5" Drive (500 2000) yjAdlDE 170MB
HD System ?w 2.5" Drive (500 2000) DC Flicker Free Video II O
* ¦*4" 3 program _ PICCASO CD CD £ SCART cables & 24 bit
animation Vll.LACKIRONIL Micro R&D Amiga 4000T Motherboard,
tower case, 250 watt power supply, 2595 2 video slots, 5 zorro
III slots, floppy disk drive, mouse, keyboard, 6MB Memory.
68040 @ 25mhz Processor.
1. 2GB HD & Bundled Software Pack of assorted software!
Processor Options- Macrosystems Warp Engine 4028 w CPU, SCSI l&ll Controller 895 Macrosystems Warp Engine 4033 w CPU, SCSI l&ll Controller 999 Macrosystems Warp Engine 4040 w CPU, SCSI l&ll Controller 1199 Memory Options - (Minimum of SMB Fast Memory needed) 1x32 Simms 60ns 4MB 75 2x32 Simms 60ns SMB 149 4x32 Simms 60ns 16MB (warp engine or extra ramboard) 299 8x32 Simms 60ns 32MB (warp engine or extra ramboard) 599 Newtek Video Toaster 4000 1995 Newtek Video Flyer 3945
- 2.1 GB Quantum Atlas Video Drive 849
- 4.3 GB Quantum Atlas Video Drive 1299
- 9.0 GB Seagate Elite Video Drive 2295 43 25 South Old
Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bldg. Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 Information & RMA
(302) 738-9259 Fax 24 HOURS
- True 68060 50Mhz Design - NOT A MODIFIED 68040 BOARD !!!
- Lightning High Speed Local 68060 Memory
- Supports Interleaved Memory
- Supports Posted Writes to Motherboard
• 32 Bit FAST SCSI II Host bus DMA Interface
* Supports 10MB second SCSI Transfers
- Over 90% of the CPU available at full Speed SCSI DMA
- Totally Autoconfigurable
- 64 BIT Ram expandable to 128MB
- Uses Industry Standard 72 Pin Simms
- Ethernet - Twisted Pair & Thin Coax
- PCI Bus For Future Expansion supporting up to 100MB Second
- Compatible with the Newtek Video Toaster & DKB Megachip
- Includes Manufactures TWO year full warranty From A Company
that listens to what the public wants! This is the FASTEST
accelerator available for the Amiga 2000!!
MT€C FRICON 68040 @ 25MHZ
- for the Amiga 1200 series machines
- faster than an Amiga 4000T @ 25Mhz
- uses standard 72pln simms expandable to 128 MB of memory
- 33 MHZ & 4QMHZ AVAILABLE! $ 849.00 & 949.0011
- Extra SCSI Port Option Available
- Built In SCSI I § II HD Controller Card Limited time price of
$ 649.00 DKB’s WILDFIRE 060 w FAST SCSI II & 64bit ramboard
$ 1499 Low profile, power, heat simms for maximum performance -
04 MB 75 Upgrade rebates available for owners of other gg | g
149 accelerator boards & ram through De Vine. 10 ggg 32 MB 599
Megachip 199 Allows your A500 & A2000 series computers to have
two megabytes of chip ram. A must have for people who use
video, graphics and audio applications.
Included is the Megachip daughterboard with 2MB Agnus chips with on extra one megabyte of ram.
(Requires A50Q to have A501 nun expander +49.95) A1202 board (A1200 Only) 99.95 A multi-function board for Lhe At 200 Computer that provides the maximum fast ram expansion plus a batter)' backed up clock-calendar. Includes two simm sockets for combinations of 1, 2. 4. 5, or SMB of fnsl ram using industry standard 32 bit simms with 72 pins. Optional plcc math co processor can speed uprnath functions as much as 1000% or more.
A3128 Ram board (A3000 4000 Only) 249 Allows 32 bit ram expansion to 146 megabytes of ram using 72pin industry standard simms. Four simm slots accept either 4,8, 16, or 32 megabyte simms.
A2632 Ram board (A2630) 275 v 4mb Allows 32 Bit ram expansion onboard of 1 12mb of.ram using industry stanard 72pin simms. Has four sockets allowing use of 4, 8, 16, or 32 mb simms. .Allows full burst mode support.
Kwikstart II (A1000) 54.95 A1000 owners con now add kickstart rotns to their machines with this device! Supports two different revision roms & allows access to more system ram Multistart II 6a (A500. 600. 20(H)) 29.95 You can use more ihnn one kickstart rom chip with this device! Switchable by resetting the machine for a few seconds.
Cobra 28 mhz & 40 WITH MMU 159(249 Accelerator for the A1200 computer system that allows you to speed your machine up to 600% faster. Includes cnpibility to add 128MB of fast ram using industry standard 72 pin simms & battery' backed clock-calendar. Optional FPU can be added.
Optional SCSI I & II Controller can be added +89.00 Monbra 40MHZ w MMU & FPU 275.00 Accelerator for A1200 computer with 68030@40mhz Expandable to 128MB of fast nun using industry standard 72 pin simms. Increase in speed up to 800% & has battery backed clcxdv-calendar. Includes FPU (§ 40mhz. SCSI I&II controller can be added $ 89.00 Paravision MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&1MB 149 Paravision MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&2MB 175 Paravision MBX12Q0Z w 20Mhz&4MB 199 Paravision MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&8MB 299 Paravision 8-Up! W OMB (2000) 99 Paravision 8-Up! W 2MB (2000) 149 Paravision 8-Up! W 4MB (2000) 229 Paravision 8-Up!
W 6MB (2000) 309 Paravision 8-Up! W 8MB (2000) 389 DKB 2632 W 4MB (Requires2630) 299 DKB 1202 FPU & 1MB Ram (1200) 159 DKB 3128 w 4MB (3000 4000) 349 Exp. Sys. Dataflyer Int. W 2MB Exp to 8MB 199 Supra External w 2MB (500) (500) 199 CBM 2052 w 2MB (2000) 99 CBM 2058 W 2MB Exp to 8MB (2000) 1 75 CBM 501c Clone W 512K (500) 49 Exp. Systems 601c w 1MB (600) 69 DKB Megachip 2000 500 w 2MB Agnus 199
- accesses & adds 1MB of chip ram. The
- must have for graphics & audio users A1200 CSA Accelerators
68030RC33 Mhz w MMU, 68882RC33 399 math co-processor, AND SCSI
I & II controller card built in w external port expandable to
32mb of ram 68030 running at 50 Mhz w MMU. 599 AND SCSI I & II
controller card built in with external port GVP 68040 @ 33mhz
w MMU, FPU 1 295 SCSI Controller with Extra Serial.
Parallel Ports & 4 MB Ram 60ns Expandable to 64MB ram using 16MB simms (799 each) CSA 68040 @ 33mhz w MMU. FPU SCSI II controller card w OMB. Uses y 72 pin 60ns industry standard simms and is expandable to 64 mb using 16mb simm moduals.
GVP 68030 ( p 40mhz w FPU & SCSI Controller & 4MB ram at 60ns 0 0 expandable to 16MB ram_ 333 ga2 ra*!*i Accelerators AMIGA RAM BOARDS DKB LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL CPU & MEMORY CHIPS & FPU’s Amiga 4000 Tower & Amiga 1200 Systems Now Available! Call for lowest pricing! *NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* CSII Magnum VllWW
- Includes SCSI 1 & II Fastest hard drive controller available
for the Amiga 2000 series
- Up to FIVE megabytes per second with a Seagate Barracuda 2.1
gigabyte hard drive
- Expandable to 64MB ram using 72 pin industry standard simms
68040 @ 33Mhz w CPU & MMU & FPU (2033) 999 68040 @ 40Mhz w CPU
& MMU & FPU (2040) 1199 Low profile, power & heat simms lor
maximum performance - 04 MB 60NS $ 99 Upgrade rebates lor A20Q0
owners with other! CPU cards! 16 MB 60NS $ 299 Trade in that old
16bit ram while your at it too! 32 MB 60NS S599 349 399 399 399
399 549 469 599 1199 2095 599 765 599 99 3945 1595 1995 2749
795 519 425 389 589 359 199 749 11MS 2 Yrs 149 11MS 2 Yrs 179 1
AMS 3 Yrs 199 12MS 3 Yrs 349 8MS 5 Yrs 849 8MS 5 Yrs 1299 SMS 5
Yrs 999 16MS 3 Yrs 159 16MS 3 Yrs 169 10MS 3 Yrs 249 10MS 3 Yrs
299 10MS 3 Yrs 399 SMS 5 Yrs 375 8MS 5 Yrs 975 SMS 5 Yrs 1299
11MS S Yrs 2295 16 MEMORY CHIPS 1 x 8 120 - 60ns SIMMS 29 1 x 9
120 - 60ns SIMMS 35 4 x B 120 - 60ns SIMMS 109 4x9 120 - 60ns
SIMMS 119 1 x 4 120 - 60ns Static ZIP 19 1 x 4 120 - 60ns Page
ZIP 19 1 X 4 120 - 60ns Page DIP 29 1 X 1 120 - 60ns DIP 4
256x4 120 - 60ns DIP 4 256x4 120* 60ns ZIP 4 256 x 32 100 -
60ns (1MB Simm) 29 256 x 36 100 - 60ns (IMB Simm) 35 512x32 100
- 60ns (2MB Simm) 65 512x36 100 - 60ns (2MB Simm) 79 1 x 32 100
- 60ns Simm (4MB) 75 1 x 36 100 - 60 ns Simm (4MB) 125 2x32 100
- 60ns Simm (8MB) 149 2x36 100 -60ns Simm (SMB) 249 4x32 100 -
60ns Simm (16MB) 299 4x36 100 - 60ns Simm (16M B) 499 B x 32
100 - 60ns Simm (32MB) 599 8 x 36 100 -60ns Simm (32MB) 899
16x32 100 - 60ns Simm (64MB) 1999 PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119 PCMCIA
Ram Card 4M 229 GVP SIMM32 60NS 4MB 179 GVP SIMM32 60NS 16MB
699 GVP SIMM32 60NS 1MB 59 26 39 99 119 99 169 320MS 150k s
3S0MS 300k s 195MS 450k s 120MS 600k s 120MS 660k s 110MS
900k s 145MS 900k s 110MS 990k s 89 99 159 149 199 169 249
299 349 299 349 375 425 399 449 59 4x 74 99 99 119 239 119 79
169 185 389 139 49 84 84 224 49 89 99 69 89 225 A12QQ 600 SX1
2.5" IDE HARD DRIVES ST9096A 80MB Maxtor ST9I90AG 170MB Seagate
ST9240AG 210MB Seagate ST9300AG 260MB Seagate ST9420A 455MB
Seagate ST9655AG 520MB Seagate ST9816AG 810MB Seagate Install
kits available $ 25.00 299 299 299 CBM 1080 RGB Analog Monitor
CBM 1084 RGB Analog Monitor CBM 1084S RGB Analog Monitor CBM
1950 Multisync Monitor CBM 1960 Multisync Monitor CD Solutions
1401 14* Multiscan RGB Monitor VIDEO HARDWARE Cybervision 64
Zorro 3 w 2MB Ram Cybervision 64 Zorro 3 w 4MB Ram Digital
Creations Kitchen Sync Dual TBC Newtek Video Toaster 4.0+
Newtek Video Toaster Upgrade 4.0+ Newtek Lightwave 3D d.O (IBM
or AMIGA) Newtek Lightwave 3D 3.5 (Amiga) Newtek Lightwave 3D
3.5 Upgrade Newlek Video Flyer 4.07+ Noahji’s Vlab Motion Card
Noahji’s Vlab Motion System (Toccata) Noahji's Vlab Motion
Complete (T&RZ3) Noahji's Retina Z3 w 4MB Noahji’s Retina Z2
w 4MB Noahji’s Toccata Sound Card Noahji’s Vlab Y C Internal
Nucleus Personal editor v1.1 Nucleus Personal SFC Plus v3.1 Rockgen Plus Genlock YC Plus - Y CPIus SVHS Hi8 SOFTWARE Address It v1.5 Ami-File Safe Consumer Ami-File Safe Professional Caligari - Caligar i 24 Cine Graphics - Powermacros for Lightwave Crestline ¦ Humanoid for Imagine Crestline - Humanoid for Lightwave Dimension Technologies - Composite Studio Pro 169 Dimension Technologies - Fly Effects 169 Dynanic Reality - Impact! 199 Electronic Arts - Deluxe Paint V 119 Focus - GraphicRECALL vl .5 51 Hester - Plug Ins & Go 69 Impulse - Imagine 3.0 319 Innovision Technology-Alpha Paint 549
Innovision Technology-Broadcast Titter II S.HiRes 189 Magic Lantern vZO Metrografix - Motion Master Volume 1 Metrografix - Motion Master Vclume 2 Metrografix - Sparks v2.173 Nova Design - Image FX v2.1a+ Photogenics Play - Brilliance 2.0 Guestar - World Construction Set Radiosity - Wavemaker vZO Realsoft - Real 3D v2.4 Scala Multimedia MM300 Sports Object for Lightwave Syndesis - 3DROM Vol 1 Syndesis - 3DROM Vol 2 Synergy - Hollywood FX Synergy - Hollywood FX Lite Swipes Visual Inspirations - Visual FX lor Lightwave Virtual Reality Studio v2,0 Pixel 3D Professional vZO Pagestream 3.0 _ 4000T
Computer w 1.2GB HD 6M B Ram 2595 1200 Computer without HD 599 2000 Computer System w ECS 599 500 Computer System w o ECS 199 600 Computer System w o HD 399 520 Video Adapter (works w all systems) 19 2 MB Ram For 2091 (256x4 dips) 80 2 3000 internal low density disk drives 79 500 internal low density disk drives 39 2 3 4000 internal hicjh density disk drive CALL 2 3 4000 external high density disk drive 119 1 2 3 4000 5 6 1200 Keyboards CALL 1 2 3 4000 5 6 1200 Power Supply CALL Replacement Mouse 24.95 2320 Flicker Fixer (2000 4000) 299 2232 seven port serial card 299 2091 HD Controller
card w OMB 99 3640 68040 @ 25mhz for fhe 4000 3000 349 2630 w 2MB or 4MB (A2Q0Q Accelerator) 319 399 2620 W 2MB or 4MB (A2000 Accelerator) 149 199 501 c 512K ram board w clock 34.95 601c imb ram board w clock_69.95 CBM AMIGA SYSTEMS & PRODUCTS CBM AMIGA EMULATORS MONITORS A2088 XT AT Bridgecard (2000) 99 299 GVP PC285 (GVPA500+ & A530Turbo) 99 Emplant Deluxe Version 339 E586 Upgrade IBM Module 125 Emplant Macroms 199 A-Max 11+ w A-Max IV Color 329 AMIGA VIDEO & AUDIO CPU & FPU UPGRADES & REPLACEMENTS 1 68040-40 w MMU &FPU
299. 00 68040-33 w MMU&FPU
199. 00 68040-25 w MMU&FPU
99. 00 68040-EC25
75. 00 68030-RC-50 w MMU
119. 00 68030-RC-40 w MMU
79. 00 68030-EC40 (NO MMU)
99. 00 68030-RC-33 w MMU
99. 00 6803Q-RC-25 w MMU
75. 00 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU)
50. 00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU
75. 00 68882-RC-PGA-40 FPU
59. 00 68882-RC-PGA-33 FPU
49. 00 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU
35. 00 68881 -RC-PGA-25 FPU
25. 00 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU
129. 00 68882-FN-PLCC 33 FPU
49. 00 68881-FN-PLCC 25 FPU
35. 00 68881-FN-PLCC 16 FPU
25. 00 80387-25SX (386BB) FPU
69. 95 Crystal Oscillators
10. 00 68040 Heat Sink
25. 00 Intel486 DX2- 66
175. 00 Intel 486 DX2- 50
145. 00 Intel486 DX 33
135. 00 Intel 486 SX 33
99. 00
3. 1 Upgrade kit (roms, soft, mans) 125.00
3. 1 Upgrade kit (pick two) 99.00
3. 1 Kickstart roms (specify unit) 69.00
3. 0 Kickstart roms (specify unit) 199.00
2. 1 OS Upgrade Kit (complete) 79.95
2. 1 OS Upgrade Kit (soft, manuals) 49.95
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 27.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 27.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 12.95 1 MB Agnus (8372A) 37,95 2MB Agnus
(8372B) 49.95 Super Denise (8373) 34.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise
(8362) 16.95 CIA (8520) 12.95 Western Digital Revision 68A
29.00 Superbuster (rev11) (4091) 58,95 Ramsey (rev 07) 49.95
Fat Gary (A3000) 49.95 Super Dmac (rev 04) 54.95 Ambe r (A3000
& 2320) 44.95 Janus 2.1 upgrade kit 24.95 2620 2630 upgrade
kit (7.0) 24.95 2091 upgrade kit (7.0) 24.95 PERCEPTION
PVR-2500 1675 CAPTURE CARD AD-2500 895 PAR (IBM) DR-2100 1599
PAR (Amiga) DR-2150 1545 w Conner 540MB +199 w Conner 1275A
1,2G +399 w Micropolis 2217A 1.7G +899 Personal TBC IV 799
Personal Vscope 735 Personal Componet Adapter 229 Amiga
Analyzer $ 69.95 Diagnostic software & hardware for problems
5. 25" HH 44MB DRIVE (SQ555) SCSI 125
5. 25" HH 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) SCSI 259
3. 5" LP EZ-135M8 IDE or SCSI w Cartridge 249
5. 25" HH 200MB (SQ5200) (R&W 44&8S) SCSI 349
3. 5" LP 270MB SCSI (SQ3270S) 13MS SCSI 329
5. 25" 44MB Carlriges 41
5. 25" BBMB Carlriges 51
3. 5" 270M8 Cartridges 59
5. 25 200MB Carlriges 79 External Versions w Cabling Add 49
* ** BLOWOUT SPECIAL “* 9 MS - 1060MB - up to 10 MB Sec
Synchronous up to 5 MB Sec Asynchronous Works great wilh all OO
controller cards!
CSA DERRINGER+ ACCELERATOR 68030@25Mhz CPU w MMU 68881@25Mhz FPU & 1MB Ram Only 299.00 W 4MB 349.00 w 8MB 449.00 68030 running @ 33MHZ with MMU & A 68882 running @ 33MHZ (Included free) Jr 1 Megabyte of 32bit ram (remap kickstari) Install up to 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram Ours is the only one to come standard wilh the modification to work with the DKB Megachip (a $ 25.00 value if purchased seperately) 4MB *399 8MB-499 16MB-699 32MB-999 68030 running @ 50MHZwith MMU 68882 running @ 50MHZ(+75) i Megabyte 6QNS 32bi1 ram (remap kickstart) Install up to 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram
Ours is the only one to come standard with the modification to work with the DKB Megachip (a $ 25.00 value if purchased seperately) 4MB *399 8MB- 499 16MB-699 32MB-999 CSA DCARING6R+ ACCCLCRATOR UJOflKS IN AMIGA 2000 S 500 MODEL NEC 84 Sony CDU 55 NEC 3Xi Sanyo 254SH Toshiba 4.4x Teac 6x Plextor 6x Toshiba 3701 ASIM CDFS 3 SCSI CD-ROM DRIVES & DRIVERS SYQUEST (Amiga MAC IBM)
6. 7x 5+ w Fish CD (AMIGA) ACCESS RATE PRICE 349 CFA 1275A IDE
(w PAR) 12MS 3 Yrs 399 CFA 850A IDE 12MS 3 Yrs 265 CFP 540A
IDE 12MS 3 Yrs 199 CFA 540A IDE (w PAR) 3 Yrs 199 75 125 169
239 299 349 399 Now you can record your own CDROM discs or
make backuos of the ones you already own.
Requires SCSI interface card
(I. E.: 4091, Fastlane Z3, Warp Engine) Mastering ISO Recording
Software 349 Yamaha CDR102 4x read 2x write 995 Yamaha C DR
100 4x read 4x write 1495 Hewlett Packard 4G20i 4x read 2x
write 995 CDR Recordable 74 Minute Blank 9.95 CDR Recordable
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1280 LPS SCSI I & II or IDE
2. 1G Atlas 7200RPM 1MB
4. 3G Atlas 7200RPM 2MB
4. 3G Grand Prix 512k buffer Seagate ST3290A 260 MB IDE LP
ST3491A 420 MB IDE LP
* ST32550N 2.1G Barracuda
• ST15150N 4G Barracuda "ST410800N 9G Elite ’ VIDEO FLYER
node licence) CBM A2065 Ethernet board CE1 4066 ETHERNET PLUS
Three network interfaces for 2000.3000.4000
- 10 BASE Tt Thick ALII. Chcapemcl (10BASE2)
- Diagnostic LEDs & I Year Warranty
(800) 699 - 4049 25 South Old Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bldg.
Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 Information & RMA
(302) 738-9259 Fax 24 HOURS Please understand our policies
DISCOVER I VISA MASTER Card American Express & COD
Accepted. All Prices and specifications are subject to
change without notice! ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS OR
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Call 302.738.9267 for approval RMA before reluming merchandise, or fax an RMA request to 302.738.9259 otherwise your return will not be accepted. We are not responsible for incompatibility of products. CODs are CASH ONLY Shipping & handling is non-refundable. S&H for chips is $ 5 COD Fee S6 Personal (.checks require 14 days to clear. Call for actual shipping prices on all other items., Get the on-line experience offline Extracting iBrowse Before you extract iBrowse off this month's coverdisk you need to make sure you have a couple of programs on your hard dive. As we have tried to squeeze
as much as possible on the first coverdisk, you will find these files on the second coverdisk.
Double-click on the SetUpHD icon to copy across these files. If you still find you have problems you need to make sure the Lzx and Installer programs are copied from the JC directory on the second disk into the 'C directory on your hard drive.
As long as you have both these files on your hard drive, you can double-click on the iBrowse.Izx icon and using the normal Amiga installer, choose where you want the iBrowse drawer placed. Once the archive has been extracted you just need to double-click the iBrowse icon and away you go. I would suggest you run iBrowse on its own screen, preferably either a high resolution interlaced screen or DblPAL and with at least 64 colours on screen to get the best out of it You will have to set this through the MUI preferences.
IBrowse demo Author: Omnipresence international Workbench 3.0, hard drive hl ffaSTT' This is only one half of Browse’s in-depth preference program Before you even think of putting the coverdisks anywhere near your computer you should make sure you write protect them by moving the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your disks in anyway.
There is no reason why the coverdisks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next The program can then be found in your RAM disk.
Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Hard Drive users 1 am sure that if you are not finked to the Internet, you must be getting a little bored with all the talk of Web browsing, home pages and other Internet paraphernalia. For this month's Amiga Computing coverdisks we have decided to show you what you are missing with an exclusive look at our very own Web site, without the need to actually be online.
Our Amiga browser of choice currently is iBrowse which is the most feature-packed Amiga Web browser available. The current version supports almost all of the latest features to. .fraa M | At f H* jTww B Hi jftmm 29J laMr | r* * .1 tm t utmm 1 jg Ihl 1 rtfr-CLM m 3: -WrfSCVIE HI Ft* ftgwTincu jjSirtryS'T I J: jrtMtCi 11 hi Mi Icaimu ]«y
* (Wwfci ll HI l! Fldwfcwft _Jj&l : I One To run iBrowse you need
to have Magic User Interface 3 or higher installed on your
computer. MUI is available from any good PD house and without
it you will not be able to run any MUI program that Netscape
can do, such as correctly justified and positioned text and
graphics, both progressively displayed GIF and Jpeg pictures,
the new tables and, for this release, animated GIFs are now
supported by the new image decoder. As iBrowse is still under
development, it is hoped the final version will support
everything that Netscape can do.
When you run iBrowse the Amiga Computing main index page will automatically load up. The first thing you should do is change iBrowse to run on its own screen, preferably a Hi-Res one, with at least 64 colours, and you do this using the MUI preferences.
Web browsers are fairly easy to use and iBrowse is no exception, but due to the configurability of iBrowse it does have a lot of options hidden away in its numerous menus and extra requesters, so the best idea is just to try everything out. One thing that might take you by surprise is iBrowse’s drag and drop interface. If you drag any part of the interface such as the transfer image to the edge of the iBrowse window, you can relocate it - not even Netscape can do that iBrowse is a commercial product available from HiSoft, so this demo has one main feature removed - TCP IP disabled.
Even though you will be able to browse Web pages on your hard drive, you cannot use it over the Internet because it cannot use the TCP IP messages to fetch Web pages and graphics.
Amiga Computing 18 SEPTEMBER 1996 DISK 2 Anatomy of a web browser 4K«f l6Kr*t I Mode v4.1 Pro 12 Author: Michael Rivers Workbench 2.1 FI Graphical buttons - o good number U of links on Web pages appear as graphics. On the Amiga computing index page all the glowing words down the left- hand side are links to other pages, as are the graphical buttons on the System page. If you turn off the graphics, Web browsing can be a lot faster and the graphics will be substituted by a box and text link.
2 Text buttons - the other type of links are text based. These will appear as highlighted, underlined text These links are usually used to give the reader a quick reference to other Web pages that are relevant to the subject being discussed. Therefore, in the news the word Epson is highlighted as a link and would, if you were on-line, take you to the Epson home page.
FI URL location - this text gadget con- M tains the current Web page address. As you ore using iBrowse offline, all the addresses start with Jfile: locolhost ' which tells iBrowse you are reading the page of a disk. If you were actually on the Internet, all the Web pages start with 'http: 1.
? Status bar - this bar tells you the status of iBrowse. The main use is to show you where iBrowse is up to with downloading the current Web page. A lot of the time, getting graphics and the like can take a little time, but this bar tells you exactly how much there is to download and how much iBrowse has already done.
Fastlink buttons - if you use a page a lot then you can give yourself quicker access to it by making a fastlink button, letting you jump to a page with just a click of a mouse button. You define these through iBrowse's preferences.
6 Transfer animation - this is pretty useless really but it makes your Web browser a bit prettier to look at Whenever pages are being loaded this little animation will play, again showing you that iBrowse is actually doing something.
B Navigation buttons - these buttons give you a few extra functions when flicking through web pages. The first two let you skip backwards and forwards through previous Web pages. The house icon will jump you to the default home page, in this case the Amiga Computing main index. The next two are re-load page and load all images. The last button pops up a search window that lets you search for certain words in the current document A stop button will also appear, but only when pages are being loaded, so you can interrupt the process.
? Bookmark gadget - when you are regularly browsing through the Web you will come across certain pages that you will want to go back to on a regular basis.
You can build up a list of bookmarks that you access from this popup button.
The Amiga's ability to have multiple screens in its operating system is one of the reasons that makes it far easier to use than any other. Instead of cluttering up your screen with lots of different programs and being forced to either shrink windows down, iconify windows or make the whole program disappear, the Amiga allows you to banish programs from the Workbench onto their own screen. This leads to a far more productive way of working because you do not have to worry about rearranging windows as you can just flick between screens.
An exclusive version of our web site so even if you are not on-line you can try out web browsing All the news, acas, esp, features, reviews and System for the last few issues are available off this main page.
Best wishes, Neil Mohr, Amiga Computing With the advent of the AGA chipset and third-party graphic cards, the number of screen modes exploded and badly programmed, and older programs, did not allow you to take advantage of all the new features added to Workbench 3's new screen modes. ModePro gives you a way of forcing these programs to use the screen mode of your choice.
To set up ModePro you can use the provided installer - all you have to do is copy the program and preference program respectively to the WBStartUp drawer and preference drawer. Once the ModePro commodity has been started you can use the preference program to set ModePro how you like.
At first it may seem fairly complicated, but it is straightforward to use as it is just a matter of picking either the program, screen or mode name that you want to promote, and then select the screen mode you want to force the program to use. If you do have problems there is a good AmigaGuide manual provided.
1 j| Screennames fromoten j| Screemode | [3 2D Look “ fev n r Select Screen Mode... ncsei ] : I- jHkPALHgnRa tfcFidef ¦ usEHm 1 Overscan j | Text See Bbc*!
Text-1 I UBS* f550 j smdv-i » 0Q*n a tJK 5 F*3 S Debt jo I f i p ¦ ; 1 AutaScrd pj Jntertsave Pi Staceftftf 1 ; Certems: j I totiOrectors j J ' ] Force Plamr Eadude: j 1 Font: :*l Svsfan !
Ej «*»*** i k Add j Qeiets 1 Pj Screen Hot Key Select R] Aspect Correction £ZJ HatK* m Saw T .
Utt Cart | ModePro has got more than you need in a mode promotion program Amiga Computing Xtruder V 2.4 Author: Martin Wulffeid Workbench 2.04 As this month's feature is about protecting your Amiga from all manner of nasty ends, I thought it may be an idea to provide you with the latest virus checker for your Amiga.
Xtruder is the most up-to-date virus killer around, now that Virus Checker has seemingly stopped being developed.
Xtruder uses external libraries to hold all the data about new viruses, so in the future you will only need to get hold of the filevirus and bootblock library files to be protected against the newest viruses. With its ability to check files inside Lzx and Lha files, viruses cannot hide in these archives. Xtruder takes advantage of all the latest features added to Workbench 2 and 3, so is very configurable and comes with an installer script to make your life as easy as possible.
DISK 2 TOOL Picture Menu Author: Pawel Pijanowski Workbench 2.04 In this continuing Amiga Computing special of additions to make your Workbench look better than ever, we happily present Picture Menu. This small system 'extension' allows you to add icons to each top menu item, making your Workbench menus look that bit more modern. You do, however, need a Workbench screen that is at least 300 pixels in height, so use either an auto scroll or interlaced screen.
Installing Picture Menu is simple thanks to the provided installer script - every good program should have one. If, however, you are using a program such as Tool Manager or ToolsDeamon, you may want to add icons to any extra menu items you have added to the tools menu. To do this you need to edit the file PicM_Workbench.prefs which is stored in the ENVARC: directory.
This is a text file that defines what icon should go with each menu item. If you go into this file, skip to the bottom of it and delete all the entries after ResetWB, you can then add your own menu items. Picture Menu stores the images in a font file, so, unfortunately, unless you have a font editor you cannot add or change the current images, but can reuse the existing ones.
23 42 08-Apr-9B ¦ | RasetWB ££ Reset System ¦ Clear Memory ""Ti Ab0lrt System User Amiga Computing gives you another way of beautifying your Workbench ReqTools v2.6 (v38.1 413) Up until a couple of years ago, most users would not have been without this library. However, with the arrival of a decent version of the ASL library, the need for ReqTools has dropped a little, but there are still so many programs out there that use it that you really need a copy on your hard drive.
This release fixes a good number of bugs and adds a number of extra background functions such as a colour wheel in the palette requester, requester options having function keys assigned to them, all volumes will now be shown in file requesters, and requesters are rendered better on screens with odd colours, such as on a Multil iew screen.
Update copy with older files being replaced automatically by newer ones. UpdateCopy will first try to find a version-string within the files and copy only files with a higher version, or it can simply compare the dates. UpdateCopy features multiple source files, pattern matching and recursive directory scanning.
Author: Sven Steiniger Workbench 2.04 UpdateCopy is an extension of the standard copy command. It not only copies files and creates, if necessary, directories, but also processes already existing files, No NewIcons Author: Marcel Doering Workbench 2.04 For anyone who knows about icons, they could find this utility very useful. NewIcons is a replacement system for the standard icon system, and provides a much better way of handling the way icons are displayed.
Basically, it makes your icons look much better because their colours are properly mapped to the current screen colours. This new icon data is stored as what appears to be a lot of garbage in the tool types of any icon that has a Newlcon attached to it.
The problem is, if you want to delete this Newlcon information, the only way you can normally do this is by a single icon at a time, using the KillNewlcon command - and this can take quite a while for a lot of icons.
The NoNewlcon program allows you to kill all the NewIcons in a whole directory that you can select using a normal direcotry requester.
To install it you will need to copy the library files to your Libs drawer and the KillNewlcon and the NoNewlcons.EXE files to your C directory.
Amiga Computing 20 SEPTEMBER 1996 HexaMines Authors: Frank Bernard & Andreas Paul IS K PAGES Workbench 2.04 This is a special dedication for our production editor who wastes many a lunchtime hour playing the game Mine Sweeper on her huge Mac with its 21 inch monitor. HexaMines is a similar type of game, but better.
If you have never played Mine Sweeper it is a deceptively easy game, whereby all you have to do is mark on a grid where you think the hidden mines are. When you dick on a square a number will appear telling you how many of the adjacent squares have mines hidden under them. You have to systematically sweep across the grid, marking off all the mines.
The old traditional mine sweeper-type of game is usually played on a square grid. HexaMines, on the other hand, takes the original game idea and places it on a hexagon-based grid, making it a much more challenging game. The only problem you may have is that you need a screen at least 400 lines in height.
AppTool Author: Bastian Frank Workbench 2.04 a I ggSBBgOT SquirrelHDToolBox SquirrelJazTooh Cacuator Exchange A simple way of keeping programs easily at hand Toolmanager IconEdit HDTqqIBqx AppTool is an interesting little tool, and when you first run it, all you get is a thin window at the bottom of your Workbench screen. This is an AmigaDOS Appwindow into which you can drop any file or program and AppTool will place, depending on how big the icon and Appwindow is, either the program icon or just the name of the program.
You can then resize and move the window wherever you like, and if you want to run the program at any time you can just double-click the icon in the Appwindow.
MIS Author: John Kjellberg Workbench 2.04 ¦¦¦ This is a tiny little program written to make handling icons that bit easier. The big problems that face Amiga users when trying to deal with icons is that as standard, there is no way to easily manipulate them through the Workbench. If you want to copy or delete an icon, you have to revert to using either the Shell or a Dopus-type utility, which is not the best way of going about things if you want the job doing quickly.
You firstly drop the destination icon and then the source icon, and then copy its icon image, tool types or both at the same time.
If you then hit the start button, the copy will take place. MIS can also delete an icon from a file and will also add 'def_' icons that are set up in the ENVARC directory for standard file types. MIS is a commodity, so you can have it running in the background and pop it to the front whenever you need it - you just have to set the hotkey in the icon tool types.
MIS has a small Appwindow into which r | MultilconSystem | F" I Pa MIS_eng.guide Ran Disk:ReqToo 1 s Start | Reset | I
- « 1 Copy icon Simplify icon handling with MultilconSystem
FontDI vl .3 r Author: Michal Letowski Workbench 3.0 Datatypes
kre handy things that were added to the Amiga's operating
system, and even though the best has not yet been made of them,
it has not stopped anyone from writing new Datatypes for all
of us to take advantage of. This is the latest version of the
Font Data Type and allows you to view fonts installed on your
computer, and fixes a number of bugs and problems with earlier
Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB pfC- TIB House 17 Edward Street Bradford W. Yorks BB4 7BH, Please allow 28 days for delivery Amiga Computing Are you looking to«~put more into your home life?
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Amiga Computing 22 SEPTEMBER 1996 MA&NMM 030 40
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? AmigaGujoe On-Line Help ? Advanced file type recognition system including 0S3.x Datatype Support ? Extensive ’Drag V Drop’ throughout the program * Advanced Arexx support o Can even Replace & Enhance Workbench!
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EW PRODUCTS... AVAILABLE NOW... NEW PRODUCTS... fiVfilLfiBLE NOW... NEW PRODUCTS... I rowse •1 ll The w-w-w well wicked Amiga web browser Ibrowse is the fully featured World Wide Web browser for your Amiga. With Ibrowse you can surf the web with ease. Check out the latest news or sports reports, order a pizza or email your friend. Cruising the super-highway with Ibrowse requires no more effort than a click of your mouse button. One click and you'll be reading the latest news headlines, with another click you could be downloading the latest demo. Its all possible with Ibrowse.
Fjjrowse features Ibrowse Software £29.95 Net&Web inc. Ibrowse £39.95 Supports HTML1,2 and 3 as well as Netscape™ extensions.
The Internet... Easy as 123 EASY TO CONNECT EASY TO INSTALL Installing Net & Web couldn't be simpler, enter your login name password and internet Service Provider then sit back and let Net & Web do the rest eb, n r, just lame, ernet f Uses the extremely flexible Magic User Interface™ system.
Net&Web is compatible with a wide range of internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Demon Internet, InternetFCI, CIX and many others, just choose your ISP from our list and Net&Web will set up your Amiga to connect at their local point-of- presence.
Intuitive Drag-n-Drop user* interface and FAB™ menus.
Customisabte user interface and window layout.
3 EASY TO USE Supports the caching of web pages to make accessing previously loaded pages instantaneous.
Surfing with Net&Web is so easy with the super-slick Ibrowse (available separately) the powerful MetaTool email program and the DaFTP program for file transfer.
Works in any screenmode and on video cards.
Net&Web Software ?
Every pack includes one month free Internet trial with either The Web or Demon internet!
Workbench 3 3Mb free RAM 2Mb free hard disk internet connection via AmiTCP, AS225. MLINK or TermiteTCP.
Compatible with 68020 030 040 and 060 processors.
Connect... Call an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and obtain an internet account.
Step I: Enter your ISP into Termite TCP’s GUI, or choose 'Record Logon Script' to have TermiteTCP do il all for you!
Click on "Connect" - It reallv is that EASY!
Step : TermiteTCP Software £59.95 Step 3: PPP support built directly in.
Supports multiple configurations.
GUI telnet and FTP clients supplied, with more in development.
Programmers information provided for 3rd party products.
Patch library to allow AmiTCP apps to work with TermiteTCP.
Punch those keys for free!
0500 223 660 S Y STEMS To order any product, just Freecatl 0500 223 660, armed with your credit debit card or write to us at HiSoft, The* Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE, enclosing a cheque PO, made payable to HiSoft.
The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44(0)1525 718181 Fax: +44(0) 1525 713716 salcs@hisqft.co. uk mowMisoft xo.uk m all prices include UK VAT E&OE c UiSolt 1956 Add £-1 PAP or £6 for next day Outside UK please phone or fax for prtcmo i ot TermiteTCP connection. You can load previously stored web pages from your hard disk.
? Hotlist to store the web address of frequently accessed pages.
? History list shows all the pages accessed during a session.
? Includes FTP library that makes FTP'ing files as simple as clicking a mouse button.
Finally, a TCP IP Internet connection for your Amiga that doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to configure and use Easy-to-use GUI configuration and operation.
Comprehensive printed manual that takes the mystery out of the internet.
Written from the ground up at Oregon Research for optimum performance.
Runs on ANY Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or above.
Supports high speed serial cards such as the Surf Squirrel.
? Gopher library makes accessing gopher servers as simple as clicking on a drawer.
% Integrated email requesters.
Send email at any time.
Play sounds or animations using datatypes.
? Comprehensive user manual with tutorial.
Your Gateway To The World Doesn't require an internet Uses Amiga DataTypes.
Ibrowse needs ast month we looked at how easy it is to make simple Web pages using HTML This month we take a little step-up and discover how to put our pages onto the Internet for all to admire. This isn't really that difficult, it just takes a little understanding of what you are trying to do and a touch of practice. All we are going to do is copy the files we have created into a directory on the Web server, but unfortunately this has to be done in several stages.
You have to compress the files, transfer them via ftp to the host computer, telnet into the computer, uncompress and organise the files and, finally, check the pages using a Web browser. Phew! What a long copy procedure. If you are lost at this point then don't worry, I just wanted to put the procedure into one line so that you have a dear idea of what we are about to do.
Last time we explained about the need to organise your files, so if you know how they will be stored on the Web server then things will be a lot easier. You will almost always be given four directories in your home area on the server as follows: © docs cgi-bin incommg logs - the docs directory is your document root. If you have a Web URL of http: www.foo.co.uk dan then putting index.html into the docs directory will give you a URL of httpZ www. Foo. Co. Uk dan index.html. Th e document root is a very important marker for you to remember, because knowing where it is will help you sort out
any problems with broken links. A good way of working so that everything moves over to the Web server easily is to set an assign on your Amiga to mimic the document root on the Web server. Therefore, if your Web pages are all in the directory work;html on your hard disk then assign Vebdocs: vorJchtsl will make Webdocs: your document root.
The cgi-bin is where you will store all your scripts (this will be covered in more detail over the next couple of months). The incoming directory is the place you ftp all your files to Dan shows you put your HTML onto the Internet practice to do so. The compression codec to use is Zip, which is commonly used on Unix Web servers. On your Amiga you can use PKZip which will give you a GUI, or use Zip from the
CLI. It's best to learn the CLI version because that is what you
will use on the Web server.
Fire up a shell on your Amiga and type 'Zip' to before moving them to the docs or cgi-bin and finally the logs is where all your access logs for your pages will be kept Let's deal with incoming first. You don't have to compress the files before ftp but it makes a lot of sense and is good Internet EB SPACE Should you decide to get yourself some Web space, there are a few things you'll need to know about your account and a couple of checks to make.
• Make sure you write down your account details when given them,
particularly the username and password.
• Check and see if you should use .htm or .html for your HTML
file extensions.
• Also find out the address for ftp'ing and telnetting to for
administering your account
• Check that your account has a cgi-bin and that you are able to
use it freely, In the coming months I will be covering how to
use this to make your Web pages realty stand out
• Finally, ask if there is any on-line documentation that could
be of help to you Amiga Computing give you the usage. This is
often overwhelming, so here is a quick example to save you
looking at the docs straight away. If you are in the document
root, type:
12. ¥ork:htBl zip -r -b t: upload * SEFUL COMMANDS Here are some
useful Unix commands to know when administering your site.
• To go back a directory - cd ..
• To list a directory _ Is or Is -I
• To copy the file thisfile.html into the directory subdocs - cp
thisfile.html subdocs .
6 To move a file or rename by moving to same directory mv thisfile.html subdocs that- file.html
• To delete the file thisfile.html - rm thisfile.html
• To delete the directory subdocs and contents - rm -r subdocs
• To make the directory gifs _ mkdir gifs
• Do be careful with the rm and mv commands and remember, people
could be accessing the site when you make the accidental delete
of an important file!
Which will create a zipped file uploadzip of the contents of the directory work:html and all subdirectories under that. Using -r will keep the structure, which will be useful when you unzip it on the Web server. You can, of course, Zip only the changed files - just replace the * with a list of the files which have changed.
Okay, using your ftp program such as AmFTP, choose 'connect' and then fill in the settings for your Web server (see screen shot)
- usually the address of the host, your username and password
is all you need. Once connected, change directories to
incoming on the server and put the compressed file(s) into it.
Now we have uploaded the files, we need to install them on the Web server. Disconnect your ftp session and then fire up your telnet program. You will find both telnet and nap- saterm programs available with the AmiTCP distribution. Now type into the shell:
12. Work napsaten mwm,foo.co.uk You will connect and then have to
enter your username and password. Unix uses slightly
different syntaxes to an Amiga (see boxout), but the most
important ones are, Is (to list a directory), cp (for copy),
rm (for delete) and mv (for move). Also, unlike the Amiga you
always need to type cd to change a directory. Using your
newly acquired knowledge of Unix, you will need to change to
the incoming directory: cd iflcoiing Now type Is and you will
see the Zip file you have already uploaded. Your Web server
document root is docs so this is where you want to expand
your Zip file to. Assuming the above directory structure, the
line you will need to type is: 7incon*ng unzip upload.zip -d
.. docs This will unzip all the files into the docs n The
Amiga is a perfect machine for maintaining a Web site
directory and will prompt you if any files will be written
over. You can, of course, simply copy the uploaded file to
any directory if you haven't zipped up the files or have only
uploaded a few changed files. As you learn some of the Unix
commands over time you should be able to do this, but I would
use the Zip method for the first few attempts at least. While
you are using telnet, have a look around your home area and
familiarise yourself with what is there.
Assuming all went well you should have a Web site for all to see. The most important thing is to check the whole thing worked, so fire up your Web browser and have a look.
Some common problems to look out for
1. Broken images are a frequent problem, so check the path in
your html is correct. img src=r, graphics logo.gif" points
to a file logo.gif in the directory graphics. You would expect
to find this directory in the docs directory as docs is the
all-important document root. If it isn't there then that may
well be your problem!
N The final directory structure must be correct
2. If you get a server error whilst browsing your site, or a
permission error, this means you have the permissions set
wrong for the files on the Unix system. Unix has a heirarchy
of file permissions which I will mention more about next
month. To fix this, telnet to your account and then type chmod
664 * in the offending directory. This will give read
permission to Web users. Check your permissions with Is -I if
you don't have 3fs then type the fix.
Remember that when you are uploading files and updating your site there may well be people looking at the site as it changes! This can be a problem, so next month we will look at ways of getting around this.
If you handled this uploading tutorial then you are well on your way to becoming a Web Master. Believe it or not there are Internet Consultants who don't know how to do this!
Next month well take a look at advanced HTML, tips and tricks on how to make a winning Web site with our Amiga. j ef ?
ROGRAMS The Amiga has many FTP programs such as AmFTP, AmiFTP or ncftp, if you like using the shell.
• ncftp comes with the Amitcp distribution, while you can get
AmFTP153.lhais on Aminet under comm tcp AmiFTP-
1. 264.1ha
• You will also have to get hold of a Zip utility, so try either
comm tcp PKAZip.lha, or util arc zip201 x.lha which can both be
found on Aminet am ftp AMIGA* Wl l MWU I CCMCT | NjM-H
Workbench 96?
Ben Vost gazes into his crystal ball and comes up with a plan for an updated Workbench to blast all other operating ' Zip is an important command to learn, and saves uploading time Contact point Dan Winfield can be contacted via e-mail at dan@immstudios.com or by his Web address at: http: dakota.immstudios.com Amiga Computing White Knight ALWAYS CALL FIRST TO VERIFY PRICE AND 01920 822321
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ciated with the ability to create graphics of an excellent quality, and although there are more paint packages, spreading from shareware to commercial releases, there has never been a package that features drawing paint tools, raytracing and animation all in the one package- Xi-Paint 4.0 has finally been released and includes more features than version 3.2. Version 3.2 was previously released on the Aminet CD, version 11, so if you have that, you'll have a good idea of what Xi-Paint Qayinc out The layers feature has become one of the most essential tools that any professional art package
should have. The ability to paste pictures on top of each other can produce superb effects by any standard.
The idea is to load up multiple pictures and super-impose them over each other, giving a transparent look. Xi-Paint offers an easy solution for even a beginner to instantly produce professional pictures.
The simple way to produce layered pictures is to load up a picture in one window, and in the second you can draw a solid shape - perhaps a circle or square. All you have to do is select your background picture as 'background' and then open up the light table, whereby you can alter the configuration. Once this is done, all you have to do is open the 'layers' window and click ‘add', which will then merge the two pictures together, producing what looks like a ghost image on top of the other.
Is. The new version comes on a CD-ROM which enables the use of a quick and efficient installation process which keeps all the files together, and you can always revert back to the CD should you need a back-up copy of files or pictures.
Xi-Paint offers support for various graphics cards including the common Picasso, ? 1 XiPalnt 4.0:Picture$ Mtec Erde. p j Colorbox Color:Q ¦ jjjjjimmmmm.
¦iiiiiiiiiiiiiiJ Cgpy [ Change | Shade | Close CybergraphX and Retina boards. There is also the standard use of the AGA's screen resolutions, not to mention the Ham6 resolution for non-AGA owners.
The first thing that greets you is the installation process, which is fairly harmless - it's just a case of selecting a directory and installing the files. Once it's set-up, you can O All the windows can be displayed at once on the main screen, which is Xi-Palnt's best feature by far Amiga Computing EVIEW u configure the preferences file, which is separate from the program itself, the type of graphics card you are using, if any, and the screen resolution to suit your particular monitor. Once that is all configured, you can make your way to the program itself.
You will notice that there are four menus at the top of the screen, one for all the file actions, one for selecting various windows and the others are for the actual drawing tools and raytradng features.
Open window The thing that impressed me is the fact that all the windows are opened via the menu at the top of the screen. For example, if you want to do some raytradng, you could select the option from the menu and a window would open up on the main screen, allowing you to use that particular feature. All the windows have a re-sizing gadget allowing you to position them to your own particular preference - this feature is not too dissimilar to that of Adobe Photoshop on the Macintosh. Whereas with a package like D-Paint, you have to double-click on the drawing tool which would then open a
menu containing all the options, which consumes a lot of time, Xi-Paint is instantly accessible and you can select which windows you use the most and organise them on your screen.
As soon as I began to open up pictures, I could tell that version 4.0 was slightly faster B N I MATE D ART Another new addition for this version, along with the ability to raytrace, is animation. All you have to do is draw various frames in the package itself and as you save each one, Xi-Paint will create a directory and store them all. You can then load up the animation editor, and a pop-up window will appear giving you a moving preview of your animation. From here you can edit each individual frame by dragging it out, making alterations and then Xi-Paint will save it back into place.
Each frame of animation has a filename extension from .000 to .999, organising your pictures into the correct order. The only drawback is the amount of space each picture will take up on your hard drive.
As soon as I began to open up pictures, I could tell that version 4.0 was slightly faster than the previous 3.2, and as speed is very important when working on graphics, it made the whole process a lot easier than the previous 3.2, and as speed is very important when working on graphics, it made the whole process a lot easier. When you do open pictures you are given a small thumbnail preview picture arrangement in the requester itself so you can identify the picture you want to load, which means there's no hassle naming files with complicated filenames.
The raytradng feature is an excellent new addition to Xi-Paint. Even though it doesn't stretch to the extremes of complete packages such as Lightwave and Imagine, it still has enough to offer to enable you to produce half-decent images. The whole raytrac- ing package is really simple to use as there are shapes, texture and surface details all included which can be loaded up instantly and raytraced with a few clicks of the mouse. All the main detail options are included like glossing, mirror imaging, diffusing and refraction, so there's enough depth to the feature to give a newbie
raytracer value for money.
There are only a couple of gripes I have with Xi-Paint Firstly, the whole package seems rather more complicated and cumbersome than it should be. The windows can get rather awkward when you're trying to work on a picture, because constantly opening and closing them can begin to get tiring. Having said that, though, it's easy to choose a selection of windows and use them for the part of the picture you are working on. For example, if you are raytrac- ing, you would obviously open the raytrace window and perhaps the toolbar and a selection of brushes which are used most.
It's all a matter of choice.
I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I opened two fairly large pictures and realised they could be cut and pasted onto each other with great speed and efficiency.
This is also another good feature as there's the possibility of either working on two pictures at once or using one and sending the other to the back. This saves an enormous amount of time, especially if you are working on a large project.
Error free When you open your window containing your picture, you will find that when you select a drawing tool to use, it will appear in the top of the window as an icon. Therefore, if you're working on a number of pictures you won't become confused or make simple errors. It's small additions like this which make Xi-Paint good to use. It's quite user- friendly and considering the amount of manuals which accompany many paint packages, you won't need to do as much referring back to find information. The majority of the package is fairly self-explanatory, but just in case things go wrong, Xi-
Paint offers a full on-line help manual on CD in the form of an AmigaGuide document, which means you can even run that in the background when you are, for example, idly raytracing.
As a package, Xi-Paint handles all the major functions that any other package does. If it only lost its cumbersome look and feel it would probably be a sound alternative to that of D-Paint 5 or the now redundant Brilliance. T f alls® Product DETAILS Product Xi-Paint 4.0 Supplier
G. T.I. Price £49.95 Tel +49 6171 85937 Scoi ES Ease of use 80%
Implementation 84% Value For Money 73% Overall 81% Amiga
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189.95 External Hard Drives for all SCSI aware Amiga's
500Mb£199.95 l.0Gig£314.95 Cooling fan, and H D
prepplngportitioeirrg ioAtWi e.
Requires SCSI interface, it-. SqtarrrlGVP iddirionaJ adaptor may be «rq @ £15.95
J. 0BG»g..£2l9.95 2.1 Gig..£299.95 £185.95 d „i. -¦ Zip tools
separately £16.95 Amiga Ext. Drive £49.95 | AI 200 600 int.
Drive £39.95 Syquest EZ-I35 £194.95 additional media £17.95
V500 500+Int. Drive £39.95j Zip Drive rsq* From only
*£45.0 U!5Sfti. £54.95 if purchased separately Surf Squirrel
• Hi speed serial port
• SCSMI interface from *£79.95
* M (U-thutd w«ti *ny rrafai f £99.95 MX&l RAM
Expansion Accelerators Supra*’*?'Modem Modems ftttobotics
Sportster Yi
• Class I Fax
• Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand
• Call Discrimination BABT Approved
• 14,400 Data 14,400 Fax £98.95 33,600 Data 14,400 Fax £161.95
SupraExpress 288
• LCD Diipuy • cu»» I Fu C V] Sun4ird • S Y*ir Warranry
• Ncomm Software * Up to 11 S.IHbpt («42bii) Supra modem* or* not
BABT spprovid. Howwir they prdorw riwrl A ofwneut ptrferm BABT
approved modrmv Supra Modomi hart * 5 ytor Hmlttd wimn GP Fax
Software £44.95 Full Send and Receive Fax Software for Amiga
Computers with a Fax Data Modgj [supra mMModem288 Up to I
15,200bps (v42bis) •Class I & 2 Fax
* Silent & Adaptive Answer • Unique LCD Display » V34 Standard •
Flash ROM » Ncomm Software • 5 Year Warranty CourierV34+ If you
thought V32bli waifail try V34 £235 95 BABT Approved 33,600
ItffvWI A1200 RAM IjmUfal Expansion C Accelerator Cards. J PQWER (Oa VIPER W Blizzard Viper 11-50 £ 199.95 Up to 128Mb RAM, FPU Socket & R.T dock Viperll-28 £1 19.95 Up to 128Mb RAM. FPU socket & R T Clock Falcon 68040-25 £379.95 68040RC 25Mhr CPU, Heat Sink Included.
A1200 1 MB RAMSpec a pr cei!£69.95 A1 200 2 MB RAM £74.95 A1 200 4 MB RAM £92.95 A1200 8 MB RAM £127.95 A1 200 1 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £99.95 A1200 2 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £109.95 A1 200 4 MB 33 Mhz Co Pro £127.95 A1200 8 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £162.95 MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 PinSIMM £19.95 4 Mb 72 PinSIMM £35.95 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £69.95 1 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM £164.95 1 Mb 30 pin SIMM £19.95 256x4 DRAM (each)£6.95 (A500 600 RAM Expansion) PRIMAA5Q05l2kRAMnodock £19.95 PRIMAA50Q+ 1 Mb RAM £29.95 PR1MAA600 1 Mb RAM no clock£29.95 Part exchange available on your old memory.
£17.95 £18.95 £12.95 £10.95 £17.95 £16.95 £6.96 £28.95 £8-45 £7.95 £6.45 £16.45 £22.95 £24.95 £23.95 £25.95 £13.95 £27.95 £17.95 £24.95 £8.95 £3.95 £12.95 £4.95 £3.65 £7.95 £13.95 £8.95 £5.95 Ji. Near photo graphic quauty Mrr na £12.95 £17.95
64. 95 £4.95 £6.95 £8.95 £12.95 £9.95 £6.95 £12.49 £21.49 £6.95
£12.49 £21.49 £13.95
69. 95 £9.95 Canon BJ30 £169.95 Porubla mono printer. 19 page ASF
built In, Canon BJC70Coiour £223.95 Portobl* colour printer.
IB peg* ASF Canon BJ2O0ex £183.95 Hlrh quality mono printer,
virtual T20 dpi, Canon BJ210 £187.95 Mono printer,
720x360dpi,col. Upgr*ileab!e Canon BJC4! OOOol. £256.95 High
quality col Jfut mono printing 360 dpi.
Canon BJC610 Colour £4 10.95 710 e 720 dpi. Near photographit quality Star LC909pinmono £104.95 ASF built In, puih tractor optional.
Star LC I QoflpinCdour £118.95 130 (pi draft, 45 cp* NL ?. Amlgadriver*.
S tar LC 24 0 24 pin mono £117.95 I 92 cp* draft,with ASF built In.
StarLC240C24pinCot £130.95 ASF built In, 4 LQ font* StarS] 144 Colour £225.95 Colour thermal (ran,for printer, low running ract*. 1 tv'n'm mono. 1.4 pJp mcolour.
Cation HP340Portable £220.95 Colour upgradaabla portable printer HP600 £189.95 Cokur upgradeable mono ink jet CoL Kit £34-95.
HP660Colour £284.95 New colour inkjrl from HP.
HP850Colour £423.95 400x409 dpi up fo 4 p'p m mono. Jpp'm colour HP 5LLaserprinter £436.95 4 p p 'm 400 dpi HP 5 P Laser printer £743.95 feeder. Trottor fern) optional at 04 .W Citizen Printiva 600c £379.95 400 dpi colour. 1200 dp] mono printer.
Dedicated Amiga driver taftware, uae'i advanced Micro Dry print Technology.
HEWLETT® PACKARD ABCColourprtnter £135.95 AllCltlien printer* h»»e e2 ye*r war CITIZEN Stylus Colour 11 £291.95 | 720 dpi. 4ppm Black. 2 ppm Colour, Stylus Colour lls £196.95 | 720dpi. L.Spprn Black. I ppm Colour.
Stylus 820 £169.95 | 720 dpi. 2.5ppm Black, Colour Upgradeable.
Stylus Pro £445.95 | 720x720 dpi. Photo-Real quality output.
Epson LX300 £124.95 | 9 Pin Dot Matrix. Colour Upgrade Kit £14.95 Epson LQ300 £139.95 | I* pin Dot Matrix,Colour Upgrade Kjt £37.95 PrinterSwitchBox 2 way Primer Switch Box 3 way Printer Stand* (Universal)
1. 8 Metre printer cable 3 Metre printer cable 5 Metre
printercable 10 Metre printercable Parallel port ext, cable Tf
you won* to pt thr bell pofvUr rt*ufu 'mm your printer, got o
toPr of Sludw".
£49.95 or £44.95 when Studio 2 New venion 2.1 I Miscellaneous nrrhacpd with a Printer PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Sava a fcrtun* In running coil* with your ink'bubble lot. Compatible with the HF Oeikjet tarioi, Canon BJI 0‘20'SOM J0.'200 I 3001110, Star SJ48, Cltlxan Pro|tt and many other*. Full range of colour* avail.
I Singlerefills (22ml) £6.95 Twin refills (44ml) £12.95 I Three colour kit (66ml) £19.95 I Full colour kit (88m() £27.95 | Bulk refills (125ml) £24.95 Printer repair specialists.
Free Quotes available Ribbons I Citizen Swift ABC mono I Citizen Swift ABC colour I Star LC9Q mono ribbon I Star LC10 100 mono I Star LC 10 100 col our I StarLC240c toiour Star LC24&C mono Star LC240 mono StarLC24-l 0 200 300 Colour £13.95 I Re-Ink Spray formono ribbon* £| 1,95 We stock a wide range of consumables for ail Lasers, Dot Matrix and Inkjets old and new.
Ink Cartridges Canon BJ 10 Star SJ48 Canon BJ200 230 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) Canon BJC 70mono (3 pack) Canon BJC 70 colour(3 pack) CanonBJC4000 colour (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e colour Citizen Printiva Std. Colour* Citizen Printiva Metallic colours HP. Deskjet 500 550 Mono HP. Deskjet 500 550 Colour HP,DeskJet 660 doublemono HP,Doskjet660 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour Epson Stylus Col. II S B20 Mono Epson StylusCol. II S 810 Colour 5tar SJ144 mono colour (single) Paper Single sheet 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack
H. Packard Glossy Paper 10 Pack Hieh Quality Inkjet Paper (500)
Fanfold (tractor feed) 5 00 sheets Fanfold (traetorfeed) 1000
sheets ' " IT" * Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets Single
sheet 500 sheets Bulk DSDD 10x63.45 100 x £26.95 I 30x69.95
200x649.95 1 50x614.95 500x6114.95 | Branded DSDD 10 x 64.95 1
00 x 641.95 1 30x613.95 200x676.95 50x621.95 500x6175.95 |
Bulk DSHD 10x63.95 100x629.95 1 30x610.95 200x655.95 50x616.95
500x6129.95 | Branded DSHD 10x65.95 I00x£44.95 I 30x615.95
200x682.95 50x623.95 500x6189.95 I Disk labels x500 £6.95 |
Disk labels x 1000 £9.95l Disks Video Graphics Graphics
Software Q uantum I 7 I 1 ot'iuoI !'A. 1-' ts±.kli IM Colour
Real Time Amiga video capture system Composite & SVHS inputs.
Time L-ipic rrmotr grabbing.
BMP.TIFF & PCX F.lc Support. I Load Save 24 Bit ILBM & Animi " VIDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ £399.95 £224.95 Si O £139.95 ViDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro Professional Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system I Compatible with VHS ft SVHS.
Save ft load in multiple file formatt Additional tdetort facilities A , .fob free memory I Large preview window 1 for only..... £ I 29.95J Only!! £95.95 Entry level Genlock £164.95 Fusion Genlock Genlocks
• Cornea with Scala HT 100
• 92 Amiga Slmpper fun* W
• Compoi.lt* only Oanlock Power Scan v4. £89.95 2 6 gi'icale on
AGA Amigai, 64 g scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £ 174.95 24 bit
colour scanner. 16.7 million colours Epson Flatbed Scanner
Software & Cable...£49.95j
• 0i directional Parallel ft SCSI Interface
• A* Flatbed Kiimtr 4 400 dpi optical Kan revolution £695.95
New!! Epson GT-5000 Epson GT-8500 £529.95 EPSON • *60 dpi
optical »ean resolution scanners • 1200 dpi output molulion
Epson GT-9000 Hand Scanners
• A* Flatbed u 1M dpi ppckal Itlfl moiutnn I 2*00 dpi output
• 4600 dpi output revolutlon Cinema4D £169,95 Amiga Ray-Tracing
software Req. 3Mb of RAM, and Kickstart 2 or higher.
Scala MM2I I £139.95
• MM300 £224.95
• MM400 £274.95 Photogenics 2 CD 24-Bit Graphics Manipulation
Requires 2chip 4 fast ram minimum.
Hard Disk & CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Distant Suns £27.95 only!! £89.95 New Vista Pro £27.95 Music Wordprocessing Home Office Cables Technosound Turbo 2 Pro Final Data £39.95 Twist 2 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above & 2Mb of memory c £74.95
Spreadsheets Final Calc £94.95 Mega-Lo-Sound 8 bit
direct-to-disk sampler Great value only.. £25.95 ProMIDI
Interface winning software only!! £74.95 Final Writer only!!
£19.95 2 x 3metre MIDI cables £9.99 £39.95 AURA 100% £74.95 .
Octamed compatible| 12 16 bit stereo direct-to-disk P PCMCIA sampler Octamed Official CD £24.95 I Latest version of the best music J making program for the Amiga- ¦ ¦Over 600Mb of Midi (lles SamplesJ Home Finance Money Matters 4 £49.95 Opus 5 £49.95
• Wordprocessor _ _ _
• Spreadsheet X V O Q C
• Database fcJU«7y
• Graphics
• Disc Utilities Oi;us5 © Wordworth 5 iskMagic 92° £34.95
cuAmi, £69.95 most cables next working ( I Amiga-CD32 Serial
Network cab. £24.95 I I Amiga Parnet Parallel Network £ 14.95 |
1 Modem Cable 9-25 25-25 I Null Modem Cable I Amiga-VGA Monitor
I Amiga-TV Cable I Amiga-CM8833 Monitor I Amiga-Scart Cable I
Printer Cable (1.8 metre) I Disk Drive Monitor Ext.
I Analogue PC J.stick Adapt.
I Mouse Joystick Extension Mouse Joystick Autoswitch £9.95 I MIDI Cables (3 metre x2) £9.951 Centronics-Centronics £9.95 j SCSI D25-50 way Cent. £ I 1.95 I SCSI D25-50 way Micro-D £1 5.95 I I SCSI Adaptors from.. £15.951 I SCSI Terminators from... £19.95 I 1 Internal SCSI Cables from,.£9.99 [
12. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.95 I I Amiga-3.5" Hard Drive £ I
8,951 Custom Cable Suppliers For all your custom cable
requirements just give us a call, we can usually supply “ '
'* S day- Amiga CD ROM’s Peripherals i Delivery £1.18 per j
title or £3.95 for 4+ NevviZ 3 DCD-1 Objects NewiZ3DCD-l
Images 17 Bit Phase 5 17 Bit LSD compendium 1 2 3 £8.95 £8.95
£14.45 £16.95 Newt! Aminet 12 £12.45 Aminet 9 10 11 £12.45
Aminet collection( 1 -4) £24.45 Aminet collection2(5-8)
£24.45 Meeting Pearls 3 MultiMedia TooJKit 2 (2xCD's) Network
2 CD NFAAGA Experience 1 2 Octamed 6 CD AlfaData Crystal
Trackball Only...£34.95 Amiga PSU £34.95 Wizard 560-dpi Amiga
Mouse £12.45 Black or Beige Alfa Data 400-dpi Mega Mouse £1
1.45 3 Button Mega Mouse Plus £ 12.95 Amos Users CD PD Ver 2.
New!! Artworx New.1! Assassins 2 (Double) BCI Net 1 2 New!! C64 Sensations II CAM (Double) CDPD 1,2,3 or4 Demo CD I or 2 Eric Schwartz CD New!! Emulators Unlimited £16.95 £8.95 £17.45 £8.95 £16.45 £22.45 £5.95 £5.95 £24.95 £17.95 New Price!! Prima CD Vol. I Sci-fi Sensations New!! Sounds T errific Vol. 2 Speccy Sensations It New!! Special FX Vol. I Ten on Ten pack (I OxCD's) UPD Gold CD (4 x CD's) WPD Hottest 6 NewZ Encounters UFO Phenomen. £ 12.95 Weird Science Fonts Clipart Global Amiga Experience £22.95 Weird Science Animation r _ .. c . .. _ n00r) New!! World Info 95 (.Grohers Encyclopedia
I-UM5J NCW;’’Workbench Add-Ons lllusionsin3D £8.95 New iZoom II iga Modulator £34.95 |Mousemat4mm £2j I Zip Stick joystick £9 I Gravis Amiga joystick £ 19.1 Roboshift mouse joystick twitch £9.
Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£26.95 ZyFi Pro..£57.95 Amiga Contol Pad Kickstart 2.04 2.05 CIA8520AI O chip FPU 25mhz PLCC FPU 33m hz PLCC Turbotech R T Clock Cartridge £14.95 Fits all Amiga's.
FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Special i Offer Special Offer Special Offer Special Offer Blitz Basic Citizen ABC Vista Lite-3 Music-X v2 New Ver. 2, Incorporating NotatorOC and Music-X modules.
Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above.
£14.95 [Usual price _£ 145.99 Special offer £29.95 Special offer £29.95 Limited special offer price onivu £135.95 RRP £34.95 I imitoH Dffpr , onitors can be one of the most expensive purchases for any home computer, and the decision to buy one shouldn't be made too easily. A lot of monitors offer a variety of different features which, depending on what you use it for, can be extremely effective. A good monitor is an ?miga M 1 764 The Amiga M1764 should, and quite rightly so, be the most popular monitor out of this selection because it can handle as many different screenmodes as you can
throw at it It can happily work away with Workbench running in resolutions such as Double Pal and still be rebooted to handle the standard screenmode for games, which the rest of the monitors fail to do.
The Amiga Ml794 has to be one of the most versatile monitors around as it's fitted with power management circuits for environmental sound energy saving and synchronisation with TV and video signals, not to mention the extremely efficient, if not rather complex, on-screen display.
The tilt and swivel base obviously offers many angles which can be used to divert essential purchase for any Amiga user and whether it's for graphics or games, you will always need to get the best out of your machine. Most of these monitors either require or are greatly enhanced by the use of a graphics card. Please check the compatibility with individual dealers.
The sun and reflections, and in conjunction with the wide screen look makes the M1764 look as professional as it sounds.
Microvitec Don't worry about the compatibility between the 15-pin monitor cable and the Amiga's RGB port either, because the whole package includes a 15-pin connector which will have you up and running within minutes.
If you're looking for a well built monitor which is completely focused only on Amiga technology, then this is undoubtedly the one for you.
Qiewsonic 17GA nmm ViewSonic 17GA ViewSonic £690 approx 01293 643900 84% 81% 83% The ViewSonic series is another line of monitors which has a good reputation. The last series was the 17 and 15 inch GS series, and the former received a highly credible 8 10 exactly 12 months ago in Amiga £ Computing.
The main problem back then was the fact that the monitor was unable to sync down as low as the AGA chipset, which meant that graphics card owners would have the advantage. Sadly, this is still the case for AGA f Amiga owners. Although it has a range of 30Khz-69Khz, it will J just about work with one or two resolutions. However, for the price it's certainly not recommended as the monitor will hardly be using any of its potential.
The new GA series has certainly been completely revamped as it features a more box-type look with even more controls aligned cleverly alongside the lower edge of the monitor screen, almost lost in the huge plastic casing.
As with all 17 inch monitors today, the on-screen display is present and features all the configuration controls you could ever need - whether it's adjusting the colours or screen size you'll be able to set it up for your own personal tastes.
As a monitor for graphics cards, it's pretty standard although it will give you a good clear display which is very important for any graphics enthusiast.
Lim Product Overall Value For Money Implementation Ease of use Price lei Supplier UCT Amiga Computing 34 SEPTEMBER 1996 The Taxan, unfortunately, is one of the many monitors which won't sync down to a suitable AGA screenmode. However, if you happen to own a graphics card and think the amount of time you spend using art packages warrants the price tag, then the Taxan would offer a suitable solution.
It's a whopping 17 inch monitor which means you'll have to make some extra space on your desk because the casing certainly looks very bulky and clumsy. However, the secrets lie inside.
Axan 730LR The 730LR offers built-in audio with the speakers positioned either side of the panel, which flips down to reveal a number of controls. The buttons inside are reminiscent of the old Spectrum home computer days featuring the soft grey rubber, which is actually a blessing in disguise because you wouldn't believe how quiet it'll make the monitor. Apart from when you switch the monitor on, it'll be as quiet as a mouse which is very rare considering the noise of today's technology.
The actual monitor is very sturdy and features a low static emission to prevent any kind of electric shock which other monitors will gladly greet you with first thing in the morning. The screen can. Be configured to your liking and is probably one of the most friendly monitors, both to your eyes and the environment.
It features a special anti-glare and anti-reflecting coating which will make it easier on your health, while providing a much clearer display. Despite not being compatible with the AGA chipset, graphics card owners will find this an absolute delight because of its excellent clarity and user-friendly appeal.
Implementation EVIEW 89% Value For Money Overall 83% 88% Andy Maddock and Tina Hackett review the latest and greatest monitors around today and offers a good display of colours. You can, of course, configure the brightness and contrast from the push of a button as well as the geometry of the screen.
Overall, it's a well designed monitor which will cater for all your graphical needs and will, without doubt, provide you with a suitable solution for any problems a graphics fan may encounter.
Supplier _£650 approx Tel: 0181-760 0500 m Ease of use Out of all these monitors, The Sony Multiscan looks amazingly at home with the Amiga. I can't explain why, it just looks like they were made for each other.
It's just a shame that it's not too happy near a standard AGA machine. Yes, you've guessed it
- graphics boards only folks. However, having said that, I did
manage to get the Sony monitor to sync down far enough to run
Workbench in a high resolution mode. If you really want to pay
around £650 to have your monitor sitting there in one
screenmode doing next to nothing, then buy it but as it stands
don't even consider it If you've got a graphics card then this
has to be the monitor for you. The picture is really clear
Philips 17B 17" Digital AutoScan What first strikes you about
this Philips model is its curvy design. Measuring 17 inches, it
certainly looks the business and for those who want a monitor
for professional graphics use, then the Philips is a good
option. It offers a maximum resolution up to 1280x1024 pixels.
The 17B automatically scans horizontal frequencies from 30Khz to 66Khz.
Facing the monitor, you are offered a well- placed set of controls. Along with the usual volume and brightness dials, there's a conveniently placed on and off button which does, however, feel rather flimsy. An on-screen display makes life easier, especially with its bright, colourful presentation, and this allows you to change things such as vertical or horizontal size and tilt correction.
The base allows you to swivel and tilt the monitor to the right position, eliminating painful neck and eye strain, and the built-in speakers are well located far back on each side of the monitor, which is ideal for creating stereo-sound. It also meets the MPR-II ijg® ttom .....¦ nne iUTTiTni DETAILS Product Philips 17B Supplier Philips Price £570 excl VAT Tel 0181-689 4444 EQX ES Ease of use 90% Implementation 90% Value For Money 94% Overall 92% Standard for low emission and the screen is coated with a special anti-glare and antistatic surface.
[Hitachi CM 1 711 ME A big, bulky looking monitor, the Hitachi isn't very space conscious. It's also very heavy which means the swivel and tilt base is really hard to operate. For the environmentally friendly though, this model has a power- saving system which allows the monitor to go into low power states when not in use.
The flat screen CRT eliminates glare and the INVAR shadow mask gives a sharp focus and high contrast to minimise eye fatigue.
The buttons are located underneath the monitor and offer functions such as degaussing, contrast and brightness, trapezoid and pincushion. Although the actual screen offers maximum viewing with its flat borders, the Hitachi is only a good option for those who have a huge workstation.
Line UTHHIHHTB Product Hitachi 17MVX Pro2 Supplier Hitachi Price £599 excluding VAT Tel 0181-849 2000 Ease of use 67% Implementation 1 Value For Money ' Overall 79% ou N D The majority of the monitors featured here do not include built-in speakers, which means when you spend your hard- earned £600+, all you're paying for is the picture on the screen. You will always need speakers, even if you're designing graphics, because music can be the perfect thing for drowning out the annoying whir of a hard drive or the high pitched sound given off from high-end monitors.
Almost a year ago we reviewed all the latest speakers available to Amiga users.
Here are two of the best Amiga Computing eiwsonic 15GA Product Supplier Price 01293 643900 85% 87% 83% 85% The ViewSonic looks like a nice tidy monitor with all controls universally the same size and shape located underneath the screen. The display offers a good viewing range and tries to minimise the room it takes up on your workstation with its compact case. If desktop space is of optimum consideration, the monitor measures 374mm in width, 383mm height and depth is 407mm.
It offers 0.27 dot pitch - better than average, though not brilliant - and has automatic tracking of horizontal frequencies of 30 to 69Khz.
Although equipped with perfectly adequate built-in speakers, they spoil the look of the monitor by being placed on the front panels.
The various buttons offer control over speaker and headphone mute, speaker and headphone volume, and select menu items from the on-screen display. The ViewSonic also ensures true to life colours with its ViewMatch colour control system which easily allows the white of the image to be adjusted, as well as R and B signals, while keeping the green signal stable as reference.
This is a good all round monitor which is a great option for those short of desktop space
- especially as it incorporate 2.B watt built-in speakers.
Product details line ViewSonic 15GA ViewSonic Overall Value For Money Implementation £430 tnc VAT Ease of use Tel SyncMaster 17GLsi This is by far the most well designed monitor in this collection. The borders of the SyncMaster are flush to the screen so that the overall display is easy to see, and the controls are hidden away in a panel which gives the monitor a very neat finish.
By simply pressing on this panel, the controls drop down giving you access to various buttons. These operate the on-screen display and functions such as colour control and the degauss, the function which demagnetises your screen. The whole monitor feels well built and is not hindered by fiddly switches that feel like they may break off at any moment. The power button, for example, feels very sturdy.
The monitor is mounted on an unusual base which, unlike most of the others, is not solid plastic. However, this makes tilting and swivelling the monitor extremely easy because whereas some monitors need a fair bit of force to move it a little way, this swings up or down very smoothly but at the same time still feels sturdy.
Implementation Value For Money Overall As you'd expect, you can alter things like Sony CSS-BIOO brightness and contrast. A little niggle I have here is that even when this is on full, it's still not as bright as some of the others. This, though, shouldn't be too much of a hindrance. You may want to note also that this ttom line Product Supplier Ease of use model does not have in-built speakers.
All in all, this is an excellent monitor which has been well thought out This set was designed to fit underneath the monitor itself. You can connect the speaker set up via the phono jacks included, and for £85 you can't really expect any other speakers to be of this quality.
The HiQ stereo speakers offer excellent value for money at only £49.95 and with an output of 80 watts make this the perfect set-up for any monitor. Although the controls are rather flimsy, the HiQ speakers sit next to the monitor rather than underneath.
Product DETAILS Product Supplier Price Tei Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall Sony CSS - B100 GEM __£85 01279 442841 8 9 _7 8 Supplier £49.95 Price HiQ Limited Tel 0181-909 2092 Ease of use 8 Implementation 8 Value For Money 8 Overall 8 Amiga Computing Neil Mohr looks at an unusual way of fitting extra hard drives to your machine , ¦ l ormally, when you get hold of a I . T I1, desktop box or tower upgrade for 1 k I your At200, you would imagine that you would be putting your A1200's motherboard and other innards into your new tower box. Intrinsic Computer Systems, however, has
come up with a slightly peculiar approach - buy yourself a tower or desktop box that already has a hard drive and CD-ROM in it and just connect it up to your A1200 via the IDE connector.
Getting the multimedia station up and running does not involve much more work than fitting an internal 2.5" hard drive. Whip off the top of your A1200 and using the provided cable, plug this into the IDE connector. If you have a tower version the cable comes out of the left side of your A1200 and plugs into a 3.5" IDE connector that pokes out of the side of the tower. On the desktop version, the IDE cable comes out of the back of your A1200.
To get both the A1200 and station powered from a single power switch, Intrinsic provides two power supplies - one plugs straight into he original Micronik tower came I out around a year and a half ago and offered an alternative to buying a big box Amiga to get access slots. Having seen the original tower, one thing that strikes you about it is just how sturdy it is, probably too sturdy. It was quite a trial trying to prise out the A1200 motherboard from the original tower because it is tightly secured behind a good number of metal 'girders'.
The new version of this tower is a whole new kettle of fish. With a completely custom- moulded casing, everything just dips together
- the only screws needed are for securing the motherboard and
disk drives in place and this can be completed in about 3 4 of
an hour.
Fitting the tower together is simple, even though the process is not helped by a poorly translated German manual. Once you have removed your A1200 motherboard from the OARDS AND BITS Even though the Zorro bus board plugs into the A 1200's expansion s of, it provides a through port so your A1200 expansions can still be used. There are, however, a few problems associated with the way the bus is handled along with the Zorro slots. Firstly, the version of the tower reviewed does not work with the Blizzard 060 and Falcon 040 boards.
However, a solution is being worked on and may be available by the time you read this, so contact White Knight to check. Also, the forthcoming Zorro III now defunct old casing and shielding, attach it to a plastic tray that slides into the side of the tower and fix in place with two screws. This provides a very easy way of fitting and getting access to the motherboard.
If you're going to want to use Zorro II boards then there is the Zorro bus board expansion.
This plugs into the normal A1200 expansion slot and the actual board that your Zorro cards plug into slots into this. This is then screwed into the aforementioned plastic tray which slides into the tower. You now have five Zorro II slots, 3 PC ISA slots and a Video slot One important change to the new version of the tower is the inclusion of a right-angled PC slot adapter which allows you to still use the A1200 PCMCIA interface. On the original Micronik tower the interface sat flush with the bottom of the tower casing, making it impossible to use. The new design has the motherboard raised
about an inch above the bottom version of the tower will be compatible with these boards.
The one area that this version of the tower loses out on compared to the old version is the amount of room you have to fit A1200 expansion boards. The old version gave you plenty of room and easy access to the A1200's expansion slot, but with the new tower having the motherboard fixed to a sliding tray; room is more restricted and any A1200 expansion board much thicker than 15mm is not going to fit of the casing, leaving enough room to frt a right-angled adapter which allows devices to still be used. For example, there is enough room to frt the Surf Squirrel, and you can trail the serial leads
out of the lowest rear panel.
The SCSI lead, however, is too wide to fit but long enough to connect up to the internal 3.5" bays for a CD-ROM drive, hard drive or Jaz drive, and if the standard two 3.5" bays are not enough for you, the tower can be extended vertically with up to four extra 3.5" bays clipping seamlessly on top of the existing box.
Other welcome features are the two kettle power sockets in the back of the tower - one is to power all the innards of the tower itself and the second is the power out for a monitor.
Therefore, when you hit the power switch everything comes on at the same time.
With the tower you get a keyboard kit that lets you place the old A1200's internal keyboard into an external casing. This new version Amiga Computing 00 ST CUTTER Due to all the bits and pieces that go together to make up the finished multimedia station, and the fact Intrinsic has been asked by people for customised set ups, the company is fairly flexible in what you can order. You can either go for a fully kitted up, dual device system for £399.95 or you can pick and choose your own system from the following list: Bare Tower with 220W PSU £54.95 Cache CDFS 11 £49.95 Dual device £29.95 Quad
device £49.95 1Gb Hard drive £209.95 Quad IDE CD-ROM £59.95 Trailing lead £9.95 CDDA CD phono out £4.95 Audio leads £1.95 the back of the station and a two-plug expansion connector is also plugged into the back of the station. This is used to power your monitor and A1200, so when you hit the power switch on the front of the multimedia station everything comes on at the same time.
Reading time The standard tower setup comes with a quad- speed CD-ROM which reads at around 6Q0K s, and a 1 Gb hard drive. The Fujitsu mechanism in the tower we have seems very quick and was putting out transfers of 2.5Mb s. Along with the norma! Workbench 3 Installation on the hard drive, you get Cache CDFS II.
This provides both the ATAPI CD-ROM driver that lets you access the EIDE CD-ROM which is in the tower, and CD32 emulation, so if you have any CD32 games on hand you will have a better chance of getting it to work.
One unusual option that is with the Intrinsic station is the addition of a possible four drive adapter, which allows your normal internal A1200 IDE interface to access up to four EIDE devices. The four device adapter can be bought at a later date, so if you start off with the CD- ROM and hard drive in the dual system, you will be able to add additional hard drives by getting hold of the four device adapter.
I'm not overly keen on the tower version of intrinsic's multimedia station. Firstly, you get lumbered with a full-sized tower which takes up an awful lot of desk space on the left-hand side of your desk I may be biased about this as I am a left-handed person, which makes using the mouse on that side of the desk almost impossible, but the IDE cable is so short there is no chance for you to move the tower anywhere else. Considering the primary use of the tower is to hold a CD-ROM and hard drive, a much smaller box would have been appropriate.
Intrinsic does an alternative desktop version which I consider far more practical than the tower version because you can place you Bottom line Ease of use__89% Implementation_72% Value For Money 88% Overall 80% monitor on top of it, leaving just a keyboard at the front Overall, the Intrinsic multimedia stations are an unusual expansion path that do provide a relatively cheap way of getting hold of a large hard drive and quad-speed CD-ROM.
The quad device version provides you with a cheap way of letting you add more than the usual single drive to your machine, and as 3.5" IDE drives are the cheapest type around, it could be considered a cheap alternative to a SCSI solution.
Of the Micronik tower is excellent It may not seem as sturdy as the old one, but the added ease of assembly, improved looks and extra expandability more than make up for this. The only shadow cast over the Micronik is the price, and before you go ringing White Knight it does not sell any of the parts separately - only the entire system as reviewed.
Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended i A1200 B J M»1H«TB DETAILS Product Micronik InfinitiV Tower Supplier White Knight Technology Price £499.95 Tel 01920 822321 S Ease of use 90% Implementation 88% Value For Money 79% Overall 85% Amiga Computing Amiga Computing Offer Get the new Valhalla & the Fortress of Eve game for only £1 7.99 (inc p&p) 4 Massive Levels
• Hundreds of logical puzzles 0 Over 1,000 spoken words 0
Interactive characters 0 Stunning graphics Lavish character
animations 0 Handheld automap function 0 Internal ‘clue’ system
0 Simple to use interface 0 Save game facility 0 Hard drive
installable 0 Compatible with all Amigas 0 Mouse driven 0
Requires I Mb 0 Free technical support Amiga Computing - 92%
“It’s certainly one any Valhalla fan shouldn’t miss - it looks
like the Portsmouth-duo has come out tops once again! ” The
King Of Valhalla must find a wife but all the eligible young
ladies have been kidnapped... Visit the four locations solving
the puzzles as you go: The Edge Of Eveswood The Village of
Evesland The Fortress Courtyard The Fortress Prison THE THIRD
EVER SPEECH ADVENTURE Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House. 72
Queens Road. Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire P02 7NA Tel 01705
670269: Fax: 01705 662226 Pleas? Send a copy of ' tff tr ut * V
for the Amifta to: £17.99 £17.99
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Limited Please charge my ACCESS MASTERCARD VISA with Credit
Card Number:
Telephone ....
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Signature Send your completed order
form and tayment to: Vulcan Software Limited, Vulcan House, 72
Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants P02 7NA the price of
£17.W im tu*ics VAT and carriage within the UK Mainland
(herseas please add £2.00 for PAP and pay by Credit Card Our
£26.99 SCENE STORM £17.99 5TH DIMENSION £17.99 EMC PHASE 4
£39.99 World Atias WORLD ATLAS £34.99 AMINET SET 2 £24.99 AMOS
2 £17.99 ENCOUNTERS £14.99 SCI FI SENSATIONS £17.99 ( 'N
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After A Long Wait, Its HERE £17.99!!!
POSTAGE RATES UK - 75p Per CD. Max £1.50 EU - £1.00 Per CD Max £4.00
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your Amiga!
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With purchase Headphone & Audio Patch Cables of Reno Drive External SCSI Cable ($ 29.95 Value) Picasso II Graphics Board w 2mb for A2000 3 XM 4(HW The mostly sold graphics Board for all Amigas with Zorio Bus $ 369.00 Power Computing Floppy Drives
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A4000(T) $ 999.00 CyberStorm SCSI 249.95 Cyber Vision 64 4mb
Zorro III Graphics Card for A3000(T) &A4000(T) $ 599.00
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Turbo w built-in SCSI II for A1500, A2000&A2500 $ 999.00
Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo 269.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo 949.95
Blizzard 1230 1260 SCSI 169.95 Modems & Telecom Supra 28.8
Ext. Fax Modem 209.95 Serial Modem Cable 7.95 Null Modem
Cable 7.95 Ami TCP IP V.4 94.95 JR Comm Software 5.00 Visa,
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Tech (408) 626-2633 Fax (408)625-6588 BBS 408)625-6580 ETTERS You lot have certainly been busy writing in and telling us what you think of VIScorp as the new owners of the Amiga. It's a very mixed response as you can see, but if you want to get it off your chest write to the usual address.
Keep those letters coming!
There's a £50 pound prize for the best letter printed as an incentive CyberVision 64,1 know there is little room left for AGA chipset...What's next? Make Amiga a PC-style computer? Put-any-card-you-like-in-the*box-and-leMhe- drivers-do-the-rest? A solid and fine-tuned machine is far better and workable than any silicon-salad mixture.
After all, other solutions are already given out there, and they offer more tempting options than a set-top box (yes I mean BeBox among others).
So analysing the situation, discussing and exchanging personal views is not going to help. You know something dear Ezra? The one thing worse than the Amiga's future at the present moment is the loss of any hope. VIScorp has killed all our hopes. What else can be said?
Sorry for the grumbling. I can't help it Yiannis Maragakis, Hellas The ED from VlScorp:- hope for the future of the Amiga?
QmIGA - NO PLACE LIKE HOME For quite a long time Amiga Computing has, of course, tried to figure out how the Amiga could and should get back for the future. The discussions that have taken place are mostly about Pcs which I find will be the beginning of the end for the Amiga, just trying to stand up to the standard of the PC.
Using a PC at work, I am very familiar with the computer and its drawbacks. One important drawback is the need for very detailed computer knowledge just to install hardware or even software. This is no problem when you have access to programmers and other PC-educated staff, but at home this normally means that a PC bought for home use will never be upgraded, because even though the owner might buy new hard or software once or twice, he she will find out that they are not able to install it On the Amiga, home installations of new hard and software are as easy as you can ever dream of. Another
point where the Amiga is years ahead of the PC is in the ability to upgrade easily. When I bought my AI200 in February 1993, the normal PC was a 286 and today I am still able to get improved programs, handle Photo-CDs and so on with my Amiga, but what could I have done with a 286 today? Almost nothing.
If you want a home computer and not a business machine then there is no better choice than the Amiga. Where do you see the market in the next ten years? Exactly in home computing and that is also what the PC companies have seen, trying to get the PC more user friendly
- but still the Amiga is years ahead.
And another thing. I don't need 24-bit photos on the screen - the screen can't show them anyhow - as long as I have HAM8, but I do need 24-bit photos in printing and that is precisely what Studio II and my Amiga are capable of doing.
5ometimes when I need it, I can even use my Amiga to do some homework and connect it to the PC at work without any problems because of the flexibility of the Amiga. Thanks to this flexibility, I can even bring files home from Aminet which have been downloaded on the PC and use them on the Amiga.
What more would you like a home computer to do and still be sold at a competitive price?
Well, that was just my opinion, but I missed it in your magazine.
Gert Johansen, Denmork Yes, quite right. In our opinion, the Amiga is far more user-friendly than the PC. It's also true that Pcs are evolving so quickly and you get the situation where what is the latest technology one day is deader than a dodo the next.
Perhaps, though, the Amiga is guilty of resting on its laurels in failing to keep up - a new operating system and faster processor to name but two. It's user friendliness and price would make it an ideal home computer but a computer in the home has to be suited to leisure use, i.e. for playing games. After all, you can't play Duke Nukem on the Amiga - that's the bad side.
However, the future for the Amiga does look a lot brighter in the hands of VIScorp who not only knows the machine inside out but has a vision of a worldwide plan to get the Amiga into the home again. Now, that's a home computer.
It seems that VIScorp has put the final nail in Amiga's coffin. With the recent announcements about the plans it has for the future, I feel too disappointed (I know I'm not the only one) and tired to blame anyone, even if I should. After all, the Amiga is not the only quality machine that loses the market war. NeXT machines and Archimedes are distinguished examples of brilliant computers that vanished under the weight of stupidity and mass-delusion.
Yes, I might be overreacting but the end of the Amiga is clearer now, more than ever (don't fool yourself that I'm a pessimist).
No RISC? No AGA updating or replacement? No 16- bit sound? Yes I agree with you that the Amiga has an excellent OS, but can this be the only feature to save the machine? As an owner of an A4000 with Amiga Computing OLD YOU SO As a fairly regular writer to Postbag I hesitate to say "Didn't I say so?" But I have a 'gut feeling' that the exit of Escom and Amiga Technologies from the Amiga scene will, in the long run, prove to be the best thing that has happened to the Amiga in a fairly stormy existence. I always thought that Escom had bought the Amiga for the wrong reasons and was neither able
nor willing to properly exploit its potential.
But the new owners, being a relatively small company who knows what the Amiga can do and what it is best at, together with its own 'on-board' expertise in the ex-Amiga personnel will, unless I am much mistaken (and I am quite prepared to put my money where my mouth is!), license the technology so that they derive a substantial income therefrom if they do not have the resources in-house.
So the current rush to sell basic A 1200s by those uneducated people prepared to sell a really good base computer at the stupid price of £150 will, in the long-term, backfire on them. At a personal level, I have been slowly but surely upgrading mine.
Currently, it looks like this: an A1200 working through a nice new Surfing Squirrel connecting it to my HiQ Workstation with my CD-ROM (isn't it nice to listen to music whilst you are working?). The Squirrel also runs my Zip drive which I use mostly for backup to my recently acquired Seagate 5018a
3. 5" 1.1 Gig hard drive which, thanks to those nice people at
Eyetech, now sits snugly inside the casing of my A1200. And to
top it all off, I managed to find a 16Mb 5IMM from my friends
down at First Computer at an excellent price, so I treated
myself to a 8liz2ard 1230 4 68030 accelerator Trapdoor
extension. Finally, it all connects to my Project Printer with
which I am well pleased.
I used to think my machine was pretty good before I upgraded, but boy, you should see it go now! It was interesting talking to the lads at Cordon Harwood (the distributors in this country for the German Blizzard board). I had to wait because they were sold out and awaiting a fresh delivery from Germany - apparently there is great difficulty keeping up with the demand. If, as it was stated, the boards are ordered in batches of 50 at a time just for this country, rt doesn't take a genius to work out that there are a lot of dedicated Amiga users around?
So take heart,.oh ye of little faith (and I don't mean Amiga Computing). It will all come right in the end!
Ian Aisbitt, North Yorkshire There are obviously a lot of dedicated users still out there - why else would there be so much support for a machine that was off the shelves for more than a year? ViScorp will be tapping into a whole new generation of Amiga users who will hopefully see (and want to fully exploit) the benefits of the machine.
ON THE HORIZON I think things are finally looking up for the Amiga, with Escom selling Amiga Technologies to VIScorp, who actually really knows and cares about Amigas. Escom never really cared about the Amiga and this showed in the attitude of its sales staff, and their lack of commitment. Perhaps in the hands of somebody who actually cares about the Amiga, things will be different with, hopefully, a more aggressive advertising policy and a more realistic price range for the A4000 and the Q-Drive, and a redesign of the Walker's case. However, the Amiga must be improved if it is to survive.
This is down to ViScorp and the users of the machine.
The main thing ViScorp needs to do is improve the now much-dated OS and Workbench. Networking and better printing facilities are a must. It must also contact companies that use the Amiga in the work place and find out what they want and need from the OS, then work closely with companies such as Digita so that the OS will provide the things they need. Finally, it should improve the look and feel of Workbench. Only today, I had a PC owner tell me that his PC was better than my Amiga 1200 because Windows looked better! If these improvements are followed the Amiga will have a killer OS.
An area for hardware development is again networking. For businesses to use Amigas they are going to want a relatively cheap but quick way to network their machines. Ethernet is ideal but so expensive on the Amiga, so if there was a cheaper Ethernet with support from the OS we would see more Amigas in offices. ViScorp also desperately needs to get software companies such as Digita to produce killer applications, even help them with production, and make sure all software companies (productive and games) do not leave the Amiga.
It is not all down to ViScorp though.
Existing owners need to upgrade so that killer application software can be written that will run at decent speed. The first step is for non-AGA Amiga owners to upgrade. I know that some people say they cannot afford to upgrade, and I know that is true, but who says the computers have to be brand new.
I got my A1200 for a very reasonable price second-hand. ViScorp can also help by running a similar scheme to Escom with the cheaper upgrade price and exchange.
Existing A1200 owners need to save up and buy hard drives, accelerators, more RAM, and CD-ROM drives, ultimately to ?
OWN UNDER I would like to take some of your time to express my feelings on the Amiga and its current situation. First of all, here in Australia the Amiga market has gone from booming to bombed out. We had one Amiga magazine called Australian Commodore & Amiga Review which honestly didn't even come close to the quality of Amiga Computing. Now they have stopped publishing, Amiga owners rely on their local Amiga dealer to keep in touch with the latest Gerais etc. I myself reh iiga Computing for this info, but the proDlem is that all the UK Amiga magazines are two months or more behind by the
time they reach our shores.
This is a bit disappointing, although the info in them is still new compared to what's here in Australia. I was amazed by all the new items.. I do believe the one reason that really ruined Commodore was the fact that it made it too hard to get its products. The Amiga here was only sold in big stores and the staff had no idea about them. For example, when I first looked at the A1200 I asked power the Amiga's status so that it is easier for the companies to produce killer software.
Don't just settle for the Amiga you have.
Spread the word about the Amiga, explore Workbench and shell, get the most out of your Amiga. We have a great machine, let's keep it that way, let's help ViScorp produce a PC beater. Most of all, don't be persuaded by PC owners that your machine is crap and that a PC could lick it any day. If this was true, how come the Amiga is still around and fighting, and kicking the PC in many fields?
David Simmons. Herts the salesman: "how many MIPS does it do?"
And he replied "14Mhz." So I politely said: "no, not Megahertz but MIPS?" With which he again said "no its 14Mhz." I then started to get annoyed with his incompetence and didn't pursue the question.
Even when 1 was an Amiga Dealer here in Australia it took me one month of phoning the distributor for Australia and pestering for dealership. After one month I finally got dealer status and was able to sell some Amiga products. I also sold IBM PC machines and peripherals. Within the first day of business I had full IBM PC support from machines to hard drives and other peripherals. This just goes to show why the IBM outsold the Amiga in Australia. If the distributors weren't so big noted about themselves and really wanted to push the Amiga they would have given me the dealer status on my first
phone call instead of my 30th.
I was also close friends with another dealer who had been in business for over five years and had a good reputation. He sold IBM PC hardware and peripherals. He Amiga Computing ET CYNICAL A certain amount of cynicism in dealing with the Amiga's current situation might be in order, but when one of its primary proponents begins to sound worse than the worst Amiga bashers, something is clearly not in order. There are many examples, but I would first cite the ESP section of Issue 11 of the US Edition (Issue 100, UK). Now, nitpicking generally won't do much good, but I'll gladly resort to it as
a response to the same.
ETTERS Yes, the Amiga line is underpowered and overpriced in many ways. The A1200 is an excellent computer but costs too much for the power. The Walker...ugh, I'm not going to even get into that. The A4000T is an excellent machine, comparable to Pentium Pcs when equipped with a 68060. And while AGA might not be on the forefront of technology, I dare not so easily dismiss is.
Why? Of course, one can't deny that it's limited in resolution, is slow due to the planar display, and can only display the whole 24-bit palette in HAM8 mode, but there are some capabilities of the custom chipset that are NOT as outdated as some people would like to say, for example the 8-bit sound, which continues to surpass many PC sound cards, and animation speed. Now, certainly a veTy high-end PC is going to just outstrip your average Amiga in animation, considering it's had a four-year period in which to fly out ahead (only after catching up from a vast deficit, of course). But when
you're talking about most computers, the majority of Pcs just can't compare at animation speed, DESPITE the planar display of the chipset.
If you can't drag yourself out of your armchair and down to the post box, then why not e-mail us. Our address is ESP@acomp.demon.co.uk. Alternatively, you can send your letters in on a disk.
Who say's we're not thoughtful and considerate?
Over here in power-hungry America, I have had plenty of opportunities to see some nicely configured Pcs, and the results can be pathetic at times. The best graphics chipset design can't do much if the computer itself has a fundamentally poor operating system and hardware design, as the Pcs (and to some extent, the Macs) do. So a third-party chipset would probably perform well on the Amiga, but why?!
I will promptly LAUGH in the face of an argument that cites cost as an excuse for dumping the chipset philosophy. The Amiga has always had a custom chipset and, until now, was always well-priced. The A1000 cost about 'h as much as an IBM XT, and the A1200 and A4000 continued this general trend. Now suddenly, Escom comes along and overprices the life out of the Amigas, and suddenly people want to blame the custom chipset for it! It's absurd. And for that matter, the ECS can still outperform many modem PC graphics systems for some purposes (again, consider high-end versus the technology of the
masses), not to mention how much better AGA is than that, and how much better AAA would be!
Yes, I said AAA! This chipset was nearly completed before Commodore died. And it was going to bring 1280x1024 screenmodes, 24- bit graphics, chunky pixel graphics modes, 64-bit hardware, a newer and faster blitter (with byte movement capability) and copper, and 16-bit 8-channel sound. Even three years later, this would still be an incredible update to the Amiga and would give the competition quite a challenge, considering the power and speed of the Amiga's OS. The AAA chipset would be very easy to integrate into the Amiga due to backwards compatibility with hardware and software, and the Amiga
needs to get up and running again as soon as possible if it is to have a dream of succeeding. The AAA chipset would allow that...and expense would not be such a consideration, as I outlined above.
I'm beginning to think the Amiga was better off with Commodore. Management and marketing may have been pathetic, but at least Commodore, as a whole, was able to produce powerful Amigas at reasonable prices, and had a competent idea of where the Amiga was heading.
Michael Webb (a.k.a. MRW) When the Amiga 1200 was relaunched, for example, it was very disheartening to see it appear £100 more expensive than it was when it left the market - not a great incentive, especially if it was meant to attract those who'd never even heard of the Amiga.
The Amiga is supposed to be the entry level computer but when you'd added the price of the monitor, it was hardly surprising that new buyers continued to opt for the PC.
Although the software pack was very impressive, it was not enough to tempt people into buying an Amiga.
For the future, we would hope that VIScorp will continue to support the existing models and sell them at a price that will generate interest from new owners, not just the die-hard Amigans who know what the machine is capable of.
Desperately wanted to sell Amiga products but the most he could get dealership with was an Amiga software distributor, so all he could provide to Amiga owners was software.
This is really a great disappointment. If the distributors had any sense they would have tried to encourage dealers to sell Amiga products, but instead they only supplied to very large stores who had staff with no knowledge about the machine. This, I believe, is what really destroyed the Amiga. The Amiga is great for its graphics capabilities and multi-tasking, but it's time for the Amiga to get with the rest of the world. The games I have seen for the Amiga in the last year are absolute rubbish.
What made the Amiga so big was its graphics power. The A500 and A2000 really ripped the backbone out of the IBM XT market and provided some healthy competition. An A500 killed the IBM XT in speed and graphics. But have most of the software developers forgotten that the competition isn't an IBM XT anymore, it's an IBM PENTIUM at lOOMhz with 32Mb of RAM and SVGA graphics? That's what the Amiga is up against now but the software developers don't seem to realise that. The new PC software is unreal, so good in fact you feel like your there. It’s time to stop the support for the 68000
machines - it's like IBM supporting the XT machines still. The current games such as Super Streetfighter Turbo, Breathless, Extreme Racing and Gloom Deluxe are bringing the Amiga into the future, slowly. It's great to see games coming out that actually make good use of your 030 processor.
I would like to see all Amiga's with a minimum of an 020 processor. Even the A600 can utilise an 020 now so there's no excuse.
I currently have an A1200 with an 030 50Mhz processor, 50Mhz FPU and 10Mb of RAM. I am saving hard to upgrade to a tower system and an 060 accelerator card with 18Mb RAM in total. 1 also feel that everyone should buy a multisync, monitor and really make use of the double PAL screen modes because they really make your Amiga look great. Finally, your magazine is great and it's the only hope most of us have of keeping in touch with the newest releases etc. Please keep up the good work.
We need more magazines like yours that show the newest games and software, as well as the newest in peripherals. Your magazine, I am sure, is what contributes to 50 per cent of Amiga sales or more because where else do people see reviews of the latest on the Amiga? Hopefully, before it's too late, the things I have mentioned in here will actually get done so that we can all prosper from the great Amiga.
Corrie Dixon, Australia This was a great letter which, due to space restrictions, had to be condensed.
You make a very good point, Corrie. It's good to finally see games that make full use of the Amiga, but we need a lot more, though, to compete with the PC. With regards to your other point - if you're finding that the magazine becomes a little out of date, you could always subscribe.
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Paxtron CORPORATION Ejktagon card I have just bought myself an Oktagon card and was wondering if you could clear up a little confusion I am having using the board. The manual refers to an oktagon.device but I have looked everywhere on the disk and cannot find the file anywhere. I would have thought I needed to copy this into my devs drawer to allow other device drivers to access the SCSI device.
7 VD Ian Bell, Richfield The main reason you cannot find the device is that the file oktagon.device is not loca-ted on any disk, and does not have to be. Once you have put the Oktagon board in your computer, each time you turn on your machine the oktagon.device is copied from a ROM on the SCSI board into the computer's memory - this save you the trouble to copy any files onto your machine. The same applies to other boards that have SCSI interfaces.
Is your Amiga coming into its autumn years?
ACAS could help it limp along a bit longer There is a downside to this in that you cannot easily replace the device driver at a later date. Whenever you have to set up any software to use the Oktagon board, you simply tell it to use this oktagon.device, but make sure everything is case correct because some programs such as SCSImounter require this.
You do not have to about device drivers with many SCSI Qcon fixation I was wondering if you could help J me. I am having terrible trouble get- j ting my icons to stay put If I leave j an icon out on the Workbench and snapshot its position, when I restart the machine the icon has forgotten where it should have been. What am I doing wrong?
Neil Simpson, Chesterfield.
Three possibilities spring to mind. Firstly, Workbench does £ not like icons being too close together, so it may let you snapshot the icons in place at first but when you come to run Workbench again, certain icons will appear as they were before. All you can do in thi? Case is to rearrange the icons and resnapshot them, restart Workbench and see if it likes the new positions.
Another possibility is that the icons on the Workbench are not actually icons. The icon may not exist on disk and Workbench has created it when you have selected show all files. Therefore, when you select snapshot icon the position data cannot be saved to the icon file. In this case, you will have to create an icon for the file using either IconEdit or another such program.
All the icons on the screen are stored in a special file called .info files. The name comes about from the fact that the icon file has the same name as its accompanying program, but has the added file name extension of .info which tells Workbench it is an icon file.
There is a particular problem associated with the RAM disk icon that can confuse beginners. When you snapshot a disk icon the icon file called diskJnfo is generated and can be seen using the shell or a directory utility such as Dopus. The problem occurs when you reset your machine as this info file is lost so the RAM disk reverts back to the default image and position. You need to lock the RAM disk in place by:
1. Snapshot the icon where you want it to appear
2. Give it any special icon image you want it to have
3. Copy the ram:disk.info file to ENVARC:
4. Insert copy ENVARCidiskJnfo Ram: NIL: in your user -startup
From now on, every time you start your computer the disk icon
you have set up will be copied into the RAM disk before
Workbench loads. Therefore, when the Workbench does appear the
RAM disk will be in the right place and have whatever icon
image you like. Just remember that if you want to change the
appearance or position of the icon you will need to copy the
diskJnfo file into ENVARC again.
O NON-DOS DISKS I'm a young Spanish coder and have a problem 1 hope you can help me with. I want to protect a program I have written with some sort of pirate security. Can you explain how I can convert my DOS disks to a bootable NON DOS disk? I think it would be a good method to protect my program. What kind of program can 1 use to do it, and are there specific programs for the A1200?
Jose Manuel, Cartellon Spain What you are wanting to do requires you to write your own track disk controller. This means you have to learn
* how to program the Amiga's custom chip which gives you control
over the floppy disk drive, and this is no simple feat If I
remember right the source code to such a track disk controller
is available on Aminet but I would not recommend you use this
sort of copy protection.
Even though using NON-DOS disk does give you the benefit of protection against the casual pirate, your normal cracker - the major people involved with pirating and distributing the cracked copy of your program - will have no problems breaking your disk protection.
Using NON-DOS disks just creates more problems than are solved. Firstly, you are not going to make any friends from hard drive owners as they cannot install programs on NON-DOS disks onto their hard drives. The other downside is that if anything changes regarding how the Amiga accesses its disk drives, in the future your NON-DOS disk will not boot as the track disk controller you have written will not be able to cope with the new hardware.
Just look what happened when the A1200 first came out and, more recently with the new A1200s, with a floppy drive that had slightly different timing speeds. I have to say that at the end of the day, whether you use copy protection or not people are going to pirate your software whatever you do.
Amiga Computing Q I own an A1200 and have been using a Power Quad CD-ROM player for the : g last 11 months, having had no problems with it using both CD-ROMs and audio Cds. All of a sudden, and without any reason whatsoever, I started getting a message that no disk is present in CDO, even though there actually is.
D SOLUTIONS I have changed the original audio CD software with the MCDPlayer that comes with the AmiCDFS program (included on the May issue coverdisk), but this worked perfectly well with all the Cds I played. I have also tried, several times, to re-install the unit using the software that was provided with it, but although almost everything is copied in the right place, the problem will not go away.
I say almost because when the installation gets to the CD device preferences I get a highlighted 'squirrelscsi.device' in the Installed devices' section, which I presume should be transferred to the 'CD ROM devices' on the right-hand side. However, all I get is a jittering pointer that will not respond, and a disabled save option, so I am forced to cancel out of the requester.
Could this be the problem? I do hope you can help me out as I do not want to end up with a £300 CD-ROM player in the bin!
Emmanuel Felicif Mosta Malta You are right that you have to cancel out of the CD device preference program. This is probably the most important part of the installation process because at this point you are meant to tell the installer where on the SCSI chain your CD drive is located.
This is part of the Squirrel installer software, and has been written to make adding a CD drive as simple as possible. What would normally happen is that on the left side of the window in the CD device preference program you would have squirrelscsi.device highlighted, and on the right side you should have a list of all the CD-ROM drives connected to your SCSI interface.
In your case, there should be just a single entry - that of the Power CD drive. When you press save, this automatically sets up the DOS device driver, so the CD-ROM is mount ed each time you re-boot your machine.
The problem you have sounds like it is hardware related - either the CD-ROM drive or the Squirrel interface itself - because normally, if the CD preference program cannot find the Squirrel interface the mouse movement should not be affected. There are a couple of things you should check. Firstly, if you have removed and refitted the Squirrel recently it is possible you have damaged some of the pins in the PC slot This is very easily done because the pins are very delicate, and if the interface is not completely flush when you insert it the comer pins can be easily bent down under the
If this is the case, get yourself a torch or bright lamp and a long jeweller's screwdriver and, with a bit of patience, realign the pins. The pins are fairly delicate and take very little pressure to bend back into place, so be gentle with them. Once you have done this, carefully insert the interface and recheck that all the pins are still aligned correctly.
One thing that would be worth checking is what the SCSI ID number of the CD-ROM drive is, and what the currently existing DOS driver is expecting. Normally, when you use the CD device preference program and press the save button, it writes out a small text file called cd.device.config to the devs directory. In the text file, one line tells the CD-ROM device what SCSI device to use and what SCSI ID the CD-ROM drive is. If you set the CD-ROM drive's SCSI ID to match the number in this text file, it may allow your machine to read the Cds again, and this would explain why you are getting the 'no
disk in CDO' error message. Unfortunately, though, this does not explain why the CD device preferences is networking correctly, or why it makes the mouse pointer go all jerky.
One final check you could try is using SCSlMounter, which you should have got with the installation. This program allows you to check what is connected to any SCSI interface, even though the tool types should be set up for the Squirrel interface. If you run this and every entry comes up with ' no device presents then I would think there is a problem with the CD-ROM drive. If, on the other hand, every entry reads ' inquiry failed ’ this would point to there being a problem with the Squirrel interface, or possibly the actual PC slot itself.
IX AND MATCH MONITORS I have recently acquired a VGA monitor, and have connected it to my Amiga, but I am having problems getting the display drivers to work. I have successfully used the PAL and NTSC drivers on my old monitor and TV, but when I try to set up drivers for the VGA monitor 1 have the following problems:
1. The descriptions of the drivers do not make sense.
They have a frequency in the name, for example Euro 35Hz, but when it is selected the description on the left has a different frequency.
Curu £
2. 1 seem to have three sets of drivers one set on my hard disk
in devs monitors and storage monitors, one set on my storage
disk, and a smaller set just PAL NTSC on my WB boot disk.
3. Some of the drivers on the HD work (sort of).
These are Multiscan and one of the Euro modes, but the screen width is reduced to 636 wide for Multiscan and around 500 for the Euro mode, although the overscan editor says that the Multiscan is 640 wide.
4. The VGA-only icon does not give any more choices but if not
made active, or put in devs monitors, the drivers mentioned in
point in three will not even sync.
5. The drivers on the storage disk all seem to be the correct
size, but will not sync on my monitor.
6. The drivers on the WB boot disk are only TV drivers, but
have different names, e.g. 640 x 256 instead of Hi-res. (This
is just a curiosity as I need VGA drivers not TV drivers) I
have tried to use MonEd from the May issue of Amiga Computing
but this will not change the size of the display, and also
crashes my machine if I change the H-sync rate too much. Do
you know what is wrong and what I need to fix it?
Richard, RICHARD@shuttletech.com There is one thing you should do before you buy anything for your computer - check that it will work correctly with your hardware. If you go out and buy yourself any old VGA monitor, or printer for that matter, particularly if it is second hand and not a well known brand, the likelihood is that you are not going to have the correct drivers.
With monitors you need to check that the monitor drivers you have work at the correct horizontal and vertical sync rates. Generally, the Amiga monitor drivers have a vertical range of 45-80Hz and a horizontal range of I5-30KHZ. The Amiga's vertical range is fine but the problem comes with the horizontal sync rate. Most new VGA monitors have a minimum horizontal scan rate of 31 Khz, which is at the edge of the Amiga's ability, and really you need one that goes down to 29KHz to be able to use many of the AGA monitor modes.
You can find out what scan rate a driver works at by loading the screen modes preference program and looking at the figures in the information box.
With reference to your questions the answers are as follows: Amiga Computing ECOND HAND CD I will soon be getting my hands on a second-hand Amiga 500 and was wondering if it is possible to connect the Reno portable CD-ROM to it. I ask this as I would rather purchase this than a normal CD-ROM drive as it seconds as a portable CD player.
Rachael Webster,; Middlesex Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the coreect manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP. Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk The problem you are going to have is finding a 5CSI interface for your A500. Seeing that the A500 is really an old machine now, there is very little left in the way of hardware and even software support.
Your best bet would be to try and get a second-hand GVP hard drive that plugs into the side expansion slot As the GVP has a SCSI interface built in you could connect the Reno to the SCSI interface as long as you get hold of the correct leads.
The hardware is only half the story because you need to make sure you have a Workbench
2. 04 machine. You need to get hold of the correct CD handler
software such as AmiCDPS, and for this you need the more
recent version of the operating system. Once you have got hold
of this, you will be able to configure the CD software to use
the Reno through the GVP's SCSI interface. You should also
keep in mind that you will get the added advantage of a hard
drive and even the possibility of extra memory because the GVP
has a few Simm sockets built into it Qeleaguered backups I too
have had the same problems as Mr Trottier (issue
100) . The solution is not to use a backup program! Any time I
have tried to use a backup program to backup a complete hard
drive and then restore it, I have had
- J problems with commercial software.
What you can do instead is leave your original drive connected and get whatever cables and splitters you need to connect both the old and a new drive, making sure they have different addresses. Use HDToolBox to setup and format the new drive.
Then using the Shell type copy *original disk": "new diskall and everything will be copied from your existing drive onto the backup drive. After checking your program to verify that they work, disconnect the old drive. This method also works for backing up to a Syquest drive.
Glen Feely Kenosha USA I suppose this is a reasonable way of going about things if you are upgrading to a larger ' hard drive, as long as you are the sort of person that is happy playing around with cables inside their machine. I would recommend the shareware program Abackup as one of the best hard drive backup programs around, it is now on to version five and has many years of development put into it
1. 1 am not quite sure about the reasoning behind the names of
the various monitor drivers but, as you have spotted, they
have no real relevance to the monitor driver itself. Really
the only ones you want are DblPAL and MultiScan.
Storage disk are no different to the ones you already have, so you will, unfortunately, not have any more success with these than you did with the ones on your hard drive.
6. As standard, when you boot your machine and there are no
monitor drivers available, the operating system resorts to
using its built-in default driver that is either PAL or NTSC
driver. The default driver does not come with the screen mode
names setup so all you get is the resolution information.
Unfortunately, there is not much else you can do. I would suggest you retry using MonEd and raise the horizontal scan rate, but this is always going to be a tricky thing to do without reducing the size of the existing screen. If the Amiga custom display chips are asked to start shifting screen data faster than they are able, all that will happen is that the actual screen width starts to be reduced as the DMA channels have to work harder.
2. You have a storage drawer so you can keep any unused monitor,
DOS, keymap and any other unused drivers out of the way.
Really, you should only have one copy of a monitor driver on
your hard drive either in the devs or storage drawer, as there
is no reason to have duplicates. The drivers on the storage
disk will be the same as the ones you have on your hard drive,
so you can ignore them. The Workbench 3 disk only has PAL and
NTSC drivers so to save as much space as possible, copy
across any extra drivers as you need them - even though you
should not be trying to do anything clever with Workbench
unless you have a hard drive.
About sync down to this. As a consequence, the screen width the monitor can produce is reduced.
4. What the VGA-only driver does is a little bit of a mystery,
but if it is helping you use certain monitor modes, then it
must be doing something with the scan rates - although this
does not show in the display preferences.
5. As I have mentioned before, the drivers on the
3. The reason that these two work is that the horizontal scan
rate is 30KHz so the monitor can just Amiga Computing erhaps
it's just the normal summer lull in PD submissions (I am
writing this in late June), but this month's shareware sack
was not quite as bulging as it might have been.
Fortunately, the quality of submissions has not trailed off in any way as this month's selection clearly shows. Of particular note, you will find below some superb games, a tremendously useful hard drive backup program, and an absolutely indispensable computerised version of that modern day cartoon superstar, Homer Simpson.
Q Sharewaremeister Dave Cusick bids you dine from the Platter of public domainity and sup from the chalice of cheap and cheeriness Hug 3 Qhe world of animals Produced by: Blitz User Group Available from: SeaSoft they are rather an odd assortment, this is nevertheless an informative and nicely presented package which is sure to appeal.
Running it from floppies presents a few problems of a disk-swapping nature, but install it on a handy hard drive and it'll keep the kiddies occupied for a while.
Plenty of tips and hints for Blitz coders The Blitz User Group disk magazine is a curious little chestnut. It's immaculately presented through a stylish and intuitive interface (presumably custom-written in Blitz), but it is seemingly written by just one poor bloke, slaving away over the keyboard late into the night.
Articles include programming tutorials at both basic and advanced levels, brief news and review sections, and tips on getting into various parts of the computer industry. There's also a club section which includes details of second-hand software for sale, a penpals listing (although it's a little bit empty), and so on. Content-wise, the stuff on offer here is not dissimilar to that found in the various Amos coding diskmags knocking around the public domain. However, unlike the majority of diskmags, standards of spelling and grammar are thankfully high.
As with all specialist disk magazines, it's all completely lost on anyone who isn't fanatical about the subject matter.
However, if you are a keen Blitz coder then there should be plenty here to get your teeth into.
Produced by: C. O'Connor Unsurprisingly, The World Of Animals turns out to Available from: OnLine PD be an educational program which attempts to Disk Nos: 0E26 A B make full use of the Amiga's multimedia capabilities to hold the interest Rather more surprising is the fact that unlike many similar offerings, it isn't at all bad.
From the main menu the user can select the animal of their choice from a curious assortment including fox, bear and chimpanzee. This brings up a screen full of facts and figures on the beast in question. A small map of the world highlights the areas where they can be found. At the click of a button a text file can be summoned, containing a host of interesting details about the animal in question. Another button brings up a colourful picture, and you can even hear the animal by clicking on a sound button. Whilst there are only around ten beasties included on the World Of Animals disks, and
bill'll f the mont Homer 1.6 Programmed by: David Swasbrook Available from: Aminet (as util wb Homerl5.lha and util misc HomeM6u.lha) Whilst it was no doubt a terrific money spinner at the time, one has to wonder whether whoever took the decision to release that dire Do The Bartman' tune a few years ago knew exactly what they were doing. It was my first real experience of The Simpsons and, like many others I am sure, t instantly decided to give them a wide berth in future. As a consequence, my eyes were only recently opened to the full extent of the cartoon's brilliance. Far from being aimed
at children as the uninitiated observer might expect, The Simpsons is an often hysterical, constantly sparkling satire on modern life American style. Sky TV viewers will no doubt look forward to the weekend Simpsons double bill with much enthusiasm, but for those of us who must depend on terrestrial TV the world has, until now, been devoid of Simpsons, unless some benevolent individual has seen fit to amass episodes on VHS tapes for our enjoyment.
Fortunately in the autumn, rumour has it, The Simpsons will make a welcome appearance on BBC television. Hurrah?
Anyway, as those who have seen The Simpsons will be aware, the star of the show is not the mischievous little whippersnapper Bart, but his balding father Homer. As with all the other characters in the series, Homer is frighteningly well observed and almost eerily similar to lots of people you know. He also gave the world such magnificent phrases as "D'oh!" "Mmmm... forbidden doughnut" "Mmmm... beer", and indeed "Mmmm... insert food drink item of your choice here " Homer is, it must be said, a God, a monument to father- and husband- hood in contemporary western society, a being truly worthy
of veneration.
So imagine my joy one evening a couple of weeks ago when amongst the Aminet recent uploads list I spied the word 'Homer*. Intrigued by the cryptic description offered alongside the archive name, I hastily downloaded it and the colossal version 1.5 archive also required. At long last I had my very own Homer.
Yes indeed, this program offers you your own personal Homer Simpson who will sit in a little window on your Workbench screen nattering away about all manner of things, as well as occasionally burping and "D'ohring. It’s totally and completely useless and will eat around a megabyte of hard drive space, but it is utterly indispensable for the Simpson fan suffering withdrawal symptoms. And if perchance you should ever tire of the copious sound samples included in the archive, you can even supplement Homer's repertoire with samples dredged off the Internet (try http: www.snpp.com for lots of
links to Simpson sample archives). Stick Homer on your hard drive and life will be worth living again.
I LT II have purchased the disks from an official distributor you have nothing more to pay. For just four quid, Hilt II represents excellent value for money and comes strongly recommended.
It's worth taking your time in the impressive armoury before embarking on a mission Programmed by: Mark Sheedy and Andrew Cashmore Available from: Norwich PD Disk no: FDG-012 (2 disks - €5.95) Hilt II is a beautifully presented and hugely absorbing strategy game. The objective of this space age role-player is to successfully complete either single missions or entire campaigns using a team of one to six characters selected from eight to suit the demands of the particular mission. Each character excels in different areas, so whilst you can actually pick the same character twice in your
party, this isn't necessarily a good idea. Characters are rated in several areas including combat ability, intelligence, dexterity and strength. Once you've selected your party you can arm them to the hilt, as it were, in preparation for the gruelling mission ahead.
The game is turn-based and is entirely mouse controlled. During a mission the screen displays a section of the map and a number of easily identifiable icons through which the characters can perform certain actions such as picking up and dropping objects. Movement is accomplished by simply clicking on the map, providing the currently selected character has sufficient Action Points left. Firing weapons and using objects also requires the expenditure of Action Points.
Included on the disk is extensive documentation including a walk-through tutorial, a complete game reference document, and a helpful guide to the weaponry available. The latter is written in an entertainingly atmospheric manner, frequently including details of when and where a type of weapon was first employed, and where and by who the weapon was manufactured. This adds considerably to the mood of what is already an involving role-playing adventure game.
There is also a two-player mode in which each player controls up to 16 characters and the objective is to annihilate the opponent's forces.
Plenty of missions and a few campaigns are included on the disk (complete with scene-setting mission briefings), and because some of the missions feature randomly generated maps, there should be enough here to keep even the most ardent action adventurers occupied for some time.
Hilt II runs perfectly well from floppy disk, but it's also easily installable on a hard drive. It's Licenceware too, which means the authors get a percentage of the sale fee so that once you Amiga Computing QlSCO AGA Produced by: Drifters Available from: Online PD Disk No: OX-333 The best demo this month was this strange effort - although admittedly it wasn't up against much quality opposition. A crisply sampled voice welcomes you along to the disco, and then a rather groovy little tune kicks in drawing heavily on '7Q's disco influences.
We are then treated to what might kindly be called a stylised animation (or unkindly called a jerky animation) of Calvin and Hobbes strutting their thang on the dance floor. All very nice, although probably a copyright infringement too.
Then it's onward through a procession of jerking cartoon objects ranging from rockets to indistinguishable collections of black and white characters.
The tune happily churns away in the background, possibly unaware of the less than spectacular visuals flashing semi-rhythmicaliy across the screen.
All this carries on for a couple of minutes, and then the demo abruptly stops. The screen slickly shoots into a distant blob as if a television set had been switched off, there are a few moments of silence, and the whole thing starts again. Still, the tune isn't at all bad.
Qrgus Programmed by: Craig Burlock Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OG-244 Shoot-'em-up games have traditionally relied on bizarre plots about lone fighter pilots being mankind's last hope in the face of imminent alien invasions. Argus has possibly my favourite shoot-'em-up plot yet. Earth has a surplus of B grade fighter pilots and you are one of them, so you've been despatched on three suicidally difficult missions to see how much damage you can do to the aliens before they blow you away.
If you like a challenge you will absolutely love Argus - even with a hatful of lives it is extremely tough to stay alive for more than a couple of minutes. Far from being frustrating though, the absurdly high difficulty level merely adds to the enjoyment.
Argus boasts graphics which manage to be attractive in a clunky, cartoony kind of way, some slick scrolling, and suitably beefy sound effects such as laser blasts and explosions.
There are a whole host of aliens to destroy, ranging from weedy one-hit wonders which attack in formation to nasty mid-level bosses with devastating weaponry at their disposal.
There are probably end-of-level bosses too, but I wouldn't know, being far too inadequate a fighter pilot to get that far. To help you annihilate all these evil beasties, there is an assortment of weapon power-ups hidden inside the little bunkers which are littered across the landscape. With such awesome firepower at your fingertips, at least you stand a chance against the swarming alien hordes.
Amiga Computing 52 SEPTEMBER 1996 Possibly not since Xenon 2 has up-the- screen mass destruction been so much fun.
Argus might not boast the catchy theme tune, parallax scrolling or handy upgrade shop, but it's every bit as addictive. To cap it all, it was written in the much maligned Amos Professional. Do yourself a favour and order a copy now, and don't forget to send the author the ten aussie dollars shareware fee he richly deserves.
©U T LINER Programmed by: Scorpius Productions Available from: SeaSoft Disk No: FDG-13 (£2.95) Share An astonishingly high number of PD and Shareware games are essentially variants of classic arcade machines, and Outliner is no exception. Owing a considerable debt to Asteroids (not least in graphical style), Outliner is an enjoyable blaster for one or two players. It also has a few nice tricks up its sleeve.
There are a number of different game modes which crank up the interest level considerably. In the basic one-player mode your task is simply to fight your way through wave after wave of alien spacecraft. There's an Onslaught game in which the odds are stacked hopelessly against you, which can also be played by two players. Then there are a variety of two player modes, including a particularly inventive one in which the second player decides which enemy craft ECORDER Programmed by: Oliver Grimm An interesting little utility, which at 3K is approximately Available from: Aminet half the size of
its accompanying documentation, (as util cli Recorder.lha) Recorder allows you to record system events such as key presses, mouse button presses and mouse movements. These can be saved to a file for later playback.
In effect, therefore, Recorder makes it possible to automate even those tasks which you couldn't automate through Arexx. For instance, you could record the process of opening and closing windows to dig down to a deeply nestled file, then set up a program like Toolmanager so that by selecting one of the options in your tools menu, that deeply nestled directory window could be opened - perhaps with Show All Files By Name selected for good measure.
Using Recorder is extremely straightforward anyway, but the Readme.doc is helpful not only in explaining how the program should be used, but also how it works and what use it might be. So if you frequently have to carry out tedious operations on your Amiga, get hold of Recorder now and save yourself lots of time and trouble.
Should attack the first player's lone space fighter. Although the in-game graphics understandably have a distinctly 8-bit quality about them, Outliner is nevertheless neatly presented and the introduction and menu screens are dear and uncluttered. In play, the controls are refreshingly responsive, although the feel of the craft is rather different to a traditional Asteroids clone.
Anyone can P L AY GUITA R ! Want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you considerjvorthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licenceware, if you feel it's of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. Although Public Sector receives too many submissions to cover them all, I promise I'll at least look at your work - even if it's yet another Lottery program or Klondike cardset. It does make my job a lot easier . Though if disks are clearly
labelled. Please also include a cover letter detailing the disk contents and price, and giving some basic instructions. The magic address is: Dave Cusick, PD submissions Amiga Computing, Media House Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Qaily backup v2.42 Programmed by: Daniel Schulz Available from: Aminet (as disk bakup DBackup242JVIUI.Iha) As every hard drive owner knows, it really is essential that a hard drive is backed up every now and then. If the unthinkable happens and your drive suffers a crash, everything on it could be lost. Losing the programs there would be bad enough -
think how long it would take to reinstall and possibly reconfigure everything from the original floppies. But imagine losing all your own files, be they documents, images, source code or whatever. It's a stomach churning thought.
However, in these days of ever-increasing hard drive sizes, backing up can be a real pain. My Amiga has a relatively small 210Mb drive, and backing that up takes long enough - my heart goes out to owners of Gigabyte drives (although only for a few moments before jealousy sets in...) There are certain ways of making the backup process easier. One is to store all your important data on a separate hard drive partition, which is the only one you update regularly. But even with this arrangement, it's very easy to leave it several weeks between backups, and the amount of data that would be lost if
the partition crashed after that length of time would be colossal.
A solution is offered by Daily Backup. As the name suggests, the program is designed to be run once a day, whereupon it will scan selected paths on your hard drive looking for new or updated files. These can then be backed up to floppy for safe keeping.
In use, Daily Backup is as slick as you'd expect any MU I application to be. The interface is as attractive as can be, and the program makes full use of AppWindows so that source directories can be dropped onto the program window. Handy options include being able to choose whether or not to pack the backed up files (and if so, which packing method to use), being able to filter out useless files such as those ending in .info, and filtering by filename patterns. You can even opt to append a number to the end of backed up files, so that, for instance, you could later restore any one of six or
seven different versions of a file even though only the newest version is still on your hard drive. In short, Daily Backup is just brimming over with extremely useful features.
The program obviously requires a battery backed clock, but other than that all you'll need is Workbench
2. 04 and MU1 3.1 - both of which anyone using their Amiga for
anything remotely serious ought to have by now. It would be a
foolish hard drive owner who overlooked this gem.
Amiga Computing PlfASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIRUTORS YOUR ORDER WILL BE SAME DAY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CUSS POST ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC9) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678068 zJ 'ey 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code, EG U01 Against. Some titles have a number in (), This means the title come on (x) number of disks.
To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE name.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AG A Disk means for A120Q A4000 only Price.... 99p per disk Please jM Zfla iaialaLjfiL f siage.&_p_acka_ag rders San Pack price as stated. All Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest disk catalogue please add 7Qp MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) PER DISK + CHOOSE 1 FREE DISK WITH ORDER Of 10 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS POST & PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for ?&?)
TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377
- --j r i i i 'op Variou ili SOFTWARE2QOO j,; ¦; UQ24 D-LOCKS
proctect your disk I files U027 ULTRAPANT A SURF paint I 30
model pi U800 PRINT A CARD Include many ready m U801 MULTTPRIHT
V4 M o» printing util U5M SCENERY COHSTl U551 ASSASIN BOOT
BLOCK over 50 bcotbtoek protector U555 CROSSWORD CREATOR (not
WTOlcrosswort maker U»1 PERM CHECK e tuB POOL PREDICTION
program U568 ICON CONSTURCTION KIT icon making program
USMtCGNnr- • -a-i* U590 A60QM US91 DEGRADER (not W_ ,,____ .
U5M KILL AGA-nake older program* run on A12M
- --------------lMifL'2%anaM _ _ programing language
DWKSTfe w2 (v52-5tod rttftH your lonl cofecttoa REC0MMED U830
POOL WEAHD -ifooibrin prediction U832 DfYEHOEHD WINNER -
Prediction rograme tor use with UTTLE WOOD. VERUON. 2ETTE8 Ed
U358 DISK MAG CREATOR created disk Ui 17 NORTH C wrrpilcr (2)
brif (If&SB 1.6 ----- US 31-- N reedy made Hdfek) O NUMBERIC
PAD EMULATOR (*500only) TRADER (not W9 13) A500 emulator 2 SIO
1.6 rapy deteWmove file made very easy 11 TETRA COPY May tetru
while copy disk great 15 MOST USE UTILITIES (2) very useful
util rail (MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 US® C64 EMULATOR II ui U843
AUDIO MAGIC 8- OcUnart pteyer « U&tS CCA emulator V3 (2DJSK) CM
emolatoditest UMB SPECTRUM EMULATOR V3- Spectrum emulator late*
U6SQ EAGLE PLAYER Tzdlsk) the beat music player.
U«0 THE CHEAT COMPEMXUU for owr *So game.
U620 HOW TO C00E IN C Msk) + many eumplea U522 ACTION REPLAY Vt JUA50faOO} ertrtdge on disk U170 BIORHYTHMS V4.01 dttptay your own biorhythm* I FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 with every order £12 or over. To claim your ¦ free mouse mat just cut & return this token with your order -*¦ enclose a extra I UK1 DEU-TRACKER (2di»k) ptey *H music lormaL USB 1 SONIC DRUM Ktt V2 Mslca drum sample UBB2 DISK COPY Pack- col lection el 10 dak copier |38p stamp to cover the mouse mat postage & package, offer only available with this token (limited 1 Mouse Mat per order exclude any other offer) U1S7 M COMPUTER
AID DESIGN - Wu commercial product U1&8 SH0WC Ml de show maker 24. Enpeetteci U191 Sffl IE copy deteta’mave run tile using a mouse AMOS-PA NT Ygaood paint package Iota of feature.
US45 PC EMULATOR V.231(WB3 only) SVGA PC emulator U550COPT & CRACK TOOL 2 more powerful copy program US BO NEW SUPER VIRUS KILLER(noi WB3)kiB 3vims USS9 FORC ASTER V2-hor» racing preditlon program U690 ASSASIN COKER doBWnckxle XcopyJfecopy eel USW SUPER DUPEH3.(K0TWBT.3) Vta*t dtek copier " AldiskitetelMselool ________________diik coprtWOpomlie Kt USS5 WTUI10N BENCH MARK V6,5 (Not Wb1,3) syainl
- -------------L 2DISKJ very useful Utrl col US83 0 Pllrifjli
I-over 30 duk cc U222 GRAPHIC JtitTTYOTot ot graphic converter
looL U22G SO. MOST USE UTIL load of very useful util.
U229 SLIDE-SHOW CONSTRUCTION XiT easy lo make ts.sofproctect, tSskmMe, svsinfo.ee iTEREO SCOPIC V2 a (not A5001 . GRAN gemr WB 1.3)
* ****AMIGA ESSENTIAL* * * * * DISK CLEANiniG KIT ..... £2.99*
Complete with disk & cleaning fluid Quality Mouse MAT
£2.99* tO blank disks & 10 labels £4.99* 50 disk
protector sleeves ..... 99p
* Special offer £1 off if you order 5 or more pd disks U240
ARCHIVER TOOLS pack more file on to your disks U698 AMTTDOL
p------ U9S7 SCALA BACK0R0UN0 (2t*4k) High quslity image U960
PROGPAWE L0ADCR-N*w HardOtek ir U7« TRONPCAOtoeH create cltcnii
board tump** U70t GAME TAMEfkJWHJlFor •»----- urna last w ll a
Testament w U967 PBO-GAUBLE-Super Horn prediction programme.
(3971 DELUXE PAINT 4 BUDDY SYSTEM-(2) Get In* most out deluxt Paint iniun on line tor evry (uct.co UJ21 GRAPHIC US11(31 U324 GRAPHIC util U313 SCENERY U334 " ' ¦ im paint Amiga SCENERY MAKER more lantcapc generator . . EMULATOR COLLECTION B (tot of emidator) LQ35 FREE COPY back up commercial games UJ37 MODEL 3D Briiiani M object designer U981 VIRUS CHECKER V6M --AUTO UPDATE M0NTHLY=- U9B2 DIRECTORY OPUS V4 add Eirtre Command.'BUTTON U9B3 MAGIC WB A MAGIC MENU ..Both Latest version I398E VNUS-WORKSHOP V5.1-the best Virus toiler U9B7 GRAPHC-CONVERTER (2D) ConveR picture ad U983 TUR30CAT Auto
calalcgue your disk library 13983 AUTOBOOT DISK MAKER V4 -very useful
- ---------------1 The best PD image U7IS MAGNUM 1.9 REGARD the
best disk magazines creator U721 FONT FARM V3 a teed of lent a
lent viewer U723 EXOTIC RIPPER rate as the beat sounWgraphie
riper U724 PARNET SET UP 2) require lor St* connactfcn U72S PAR
(2) diskffilet utilities UWO HACKEfi-TOOLS many ripper tool
UJ50 POOL TOOL-predicI horte with best Chance U351 RACE RATER
Similar to above, but both UJ» STAR CAT 7-create catalogue disk
e*ay 11359 SEEKER find tost hie on ftopy A Harddrn* UJ50 R.P.G
(2) adventure creator 13353 DISK REPAIR KfT-talvage A repair
dimagt disk U372 WORD SORT process ASCII ftte L3377 NCOMM tl
more modem software • packet utri 13380 UNICOPY fintMtie drsk
coplet (3399 FRACSCAPE V12 new fractal stmdar to VISTA (3400
SOUND TRACK ER V2.6 music maker (3420 SPEED BENCH (not Wbl.3)
create euto bool wb (3425 NIB I very popular copier 13436 The
ASSASIN B U42T PhlNTEH-STUDtO excellent print results U993
(UAQNE STUDIO V2.Y2D) Tl (picture) processor available
rrral______ commercial costing hundres of pound, (not kU) U9G9
POWEB-CACHES Speed up disk loadnaJLccateis U97D HARD0R1VE
SECURITY V Large cohecSon of HO
• cerrty prog rime eg Lockout2,Pas*word 8 many more U9T1
W a.QAMEB, LEVEL CodTvSj U731 A U732 MINI MORPHS create
TERMINATOR 2 effect U736 AWARD MAKER Bthundred of ready nwde
(3737 ASSASIN CRUNCH & COPY TOOL (WB 13 only) (3738 S.XICK
PROFESSIONAL *33 Various K-stert (3739 TURBO IMPLOOER V3 t
powwriui disk cruncher M001 BEASTY BOYS - We Want Some Pussy
all Seiko printers more apeclflt nrk«*r driver for the above
primer ; PANASONIC STUOfO ¦ 9 A 24 pin printer driver ft ui
- -------------- AA50&I13) MOOt DAT-DANCE Reb M017 GUNS A ROSES •
M027 BLUES HOUSE (2 disks) M029 SAFE SEX DEMO - Very tunny M03t
BETTY BOO (2) needs 2 drives (brilliant) M058 5GT PEPPER (20)
M072 MADONNA - Hanky Panky Song M084 CG4 GAMES MUSIC M115
MAHONEY A KAKTUS 2 - 40 tunes compilation M12S ADAMS FAMILY
M1S0 TIFFANNY -1 Think We re Atone Now U734 CANWI PRINTER
si------- U782 CTTTZEN PRINTER MANAGER for *& Cftben printer
(J740 CROSS DOS S.lplut rMdrtwite PcoAMIGA duk U74t HQ-OISK
TOOL BOX .many more Disk 101 recommmx U J42 HOW TO CREATE
AUTOBOOT OtSK tsnrpinse . Util U7«3 fJfli ,0;4k Maker v3 HAKE
AUTO BOOTESx US73 OMS V2 04 Pfd Crunch entire disk. InorU) U976
MAGIC SLECTOR Vl.FChaige Uigic WB beck drop U977 MAGICW9 ICON
ARCHIVE (3) lOOffs ot Ugwb icons 1399$ X-PASSWORD-proctfitt
your lurdflappy drive U979 ICON ACHRfKS) 1000's ol normal
lcan(any Amiga) 13991 TEXTURE STUDIO. Render Various Texture
U744 FRACTAL MANIALBlOMOflPH Unltar.t collection U74S AF WORK
BENCH !3fWB 13 ONLY) replattemerK ...... fiR A wtew from any
angle brit with Cannon printer* U757150- PTWfTEft ( DRIVER
largest collection U746 30 GARDEN Ol U747 ASTROUY V2 predict
star p* 137*9 OtSK REPAIR 5 (1750 MUSIC CATALO U75I SYTEM
CHECKER TOOL must to. _ U753 HARO MlVE UTIL-lot more Hart D(
U7S4 PAR BENCH irauilw (complete) UTSS PRO CAD etectronibJAteit
circuit board designer 13758 WB MENU LAUNCHER-menu system, eaiy
to use U750 ICON PLUS (30lSK) Hundreds ot stunning ICONS (3444
FONT FARM to i5T films U45T WHOM 2 (30ISK) DeterVdatatMse____
U470 FINAL FOVTIER 112 dak) Sjar-trefc magagnt VIDEO
TITLERS TOOLS Imagine3 ect req FPU not ID) ¦AMBLES V2 must ter
Ml gamblers. _ KID) very easy to tor any Amiga m Irt DRIVE UtiL
U473 FINAL FOVTIER 3 (icdisk) Sttr-uek magarin* (1480 HARD CHSK
CLKX-HardOriw mama system
- - ¦ - • ¦ ' ' nkhi U99SPRO-GAI uiai VIDEO NOTE drabase for
your video collection.
U43I VIDEO APPLICATION (2 disks) many video tiBer prog U250 VIDEO TOOL (3) toads of video utils. Recommended 0984 TELE SUBTITLE - now video Wtor U997 HO GAME INSTAU£R 3. Install more game to HO U99* EX0CT1C RIPPER V3J1 Latest ripper U999 HO MEMORY (naw collection) require MUU UIOOO M AGJC OPUS VOL 2 A 3 (20) more Dopus bur cm UI001 CAR DATA ANALYST heek your ear performance M173 JANET JACKSON - RHYTHM NATION M177 PET SHOP BOYS M134 SAM FOX (Please Mo) M18S MADONNA (Rescue Me) M1B3 JOE LE TAXI Ml89 MICHAEL JACKSON (Smoot Criminal) M194 JESUS ON E’s (2 disks) M205 RAVE - More Rave M262 A TO Z OF
C64 GAMES MUSIC (4) Brilliant M314 DICK TRACY (Madonna) (2) M335 STAR TREK A STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION (2) (3492 WCFK-5TATlON(2di»k WB1J O .
(1495 HARD WSK UTIL bril cOStection 0( totofca U496 EASY PRINT (A500only) lot of print utU (1498 WORK-AUTE-15 Wltent dak ubt eampdat U7EI RELOCKIT 1,4 latest WBU emulator UT62 FAKE FAST MEMORY make more cider software run U777 TELE TEXT RECIEVEH project togWy re ‘ " " ' w mtonistion wtiv s U1003 LOTTORYW U1005 BASK-ELECTRONJC-Teach ad about eietronlc UJO06 LOTTO LUNACY V2 Update latest lo wry predictor U1D07 ALL HEW HARD-OtSK A FLOPPY DISK TOOL 2 (2) U1008 HARD-WARE PROJECT 2(2) Build down of project even how to Ft Amgaa in e tower case US01 THE MUSK: CONSTURCTION KITIstate srriga own) U50A
HOT-STUFF-more util disk compilarion U505 VIRUS-KILLER 4 DISK RESALVAGSREPA1RE KIT (1507 DCOPY V3 PROFESSIONAL-Eiceietit Disk copier U509 ULT B00TBL0CK 40rixwtbtook generate-,'maker 11510 ULTIMATE BOOT-BLOCK Collection II »more U512 ZIRCON UTTL-30 MOST USE UTIL 2 brill art U5V5 WTT COMPLETE UTIL 20 most use util U781 DOSTRACE V2. DiapUy bitomation why some programe refuse lo run. Also monitor Amiga activity. RECOMMEND U9J0 TE LESCROLL 2 (not thlor loads of featuras U921 WEDDING VIDEO ANIM (2 disks) Require* D.Patot U7E3 POOL WINNER GOLD must for all gantoer U790 WINDOW BENCH V2 (WB 2 3} 2d»k m
____ excellent Video titter U923 VIDEO MANAGER (kot A5001J) Video cataloguing system U925 Video Twter • very good video titter H COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST W amiga Fault fining U101C WB2.C4 fHSTAli.
Printer Rack BOARD GAMES II The very besl board games ever released. This pack contains Ihe very latest, CHESS, CHECKER, SCRABBLE. MONOPLY & DOMINOES recommended.
5 disk pack only £4,99 PUZZLE GAMES II Massive collection ol the best duz* z!e games ever released including some of the classics like Nubic Cube. Picture Puzzles etc, much too many to list Very popular.
Sfck pack oafr £499 ARCADE GAMES II 5 disk pack with all the latest printing programs specially designed for printing out high quality documents, text A pictures etc and it is even able to print out A5 Booklets (very handy), Easy to use.
A must for any Amiga owner with printer.
COLLECTION OF THE VERY BEST SHOOT EM UP MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER 5 disk pack only £4,99 Printer Pack (S disks) only £4.99 ¦VI E100 LTTTLE TRAVELER Imfomatlon on world wide E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map A text.
E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM, tutorial on the Atom (20) E104 DESK TOP GUIDE TO MUSICpOJ guide & tutorial E107 'mUMPTY RREWORK ALPHABET Very entertening way to teach your child the ALPHABET :108 HOWTO pELOVOPE PHOTO 1 (2) Excellent G872 SCHNEBIT7 Commercial quality puzzle games MEGA2I GAMES xmailng 21 games DH AGON-CAVE bridanl 30 puul* game* QUADRIX vary addict eacallent TAKE EM OUT like to Operation wolf DESTINE MOON BASE Aicad* conversion G542 ROAD TO HELL br Ilian I car racing 0875 DELEXE GALA v2-3(n*w) add new feature A bouns gammo » 2 player I1ECOMMEHD. Get it now GB7S TRE KHILUAN INCENDENT
like EllTE2 plc G545 KlJNGFU CHARLIES mit with platform bril GS46 RAID 4 latest vortical acrotl lhoot cm up GS4fi QUIZMASTER very good quiz programe G552 ELEVATION games base on lift 77 G560 IMPERIAL WALKER -Base on STAR WAR games 0879 RAG TO RICHES - like MONOPL1 NEW 101 GAMES PK 3 New 101 pack 3 contains over 100 games, runs on ail Amigas.
Only C11.99 crffef buy any 2 packs together S receive a free E( token Im use with nest onfer. This offer carol be used with my other offer current & wfcject to condition apply.
E109 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2D) many event to complete I ' ---1 DATABASE (iO) Info on early TV series El 12 HOW TO DEVELOPE PHOTO * .... ________________„_______WAR gam G557 STARBASE 13 (20) Brtl like MONKEY ISLAND G657 AMOS LOADS* m6nEY best FRUtT-MACHINES E110CULTTVI. El 12 HOWTO DEVELOPE PHOTO 2 (2) detevopo your own.
E115 ELETRONIC W0RLDS(3D1 Compfete Kjames BIBLES E116 HOW THE EARTH BEG AN-theory how the BIG BANG explode and create all the star & galaxy El 18 WORKBENCH 2 tutorial on Work Bench 2 E119 DtNO WAR Quiz on dinosaurs E120 JUNIOR MATHS Great teaming aid tor teach kid on the math subjects. RECOMMEND E121 PICTURE PUZZLE bnllant JIGSAW I G3C3 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME G31D NEBULAR Excellent 3D shoot etn up G31S GALACTIC Excellent B levels arcade EQ11 EDUCATION EAQKA pack with dozens of education programs ranging from maths, science lo educational games recommend suit- ible tor any Amiga.
5 disk pack onty £4.95_ GS60 4 L.C.D DREAM 4 s.___________________ G&54 NEIGHBOUR GAMES (20) base on the TV series G6S5 TIME RUNNEfl (WB2 3) BriUertt graphic G667 GOLF (2DtSK)_One ol ihe first A decent GOLF G668 AMOS CRICKET 2 New Amos cricket simulator G669 MUGSY REVENGE gangster graphic adventure OS72 JIGSAW (2DISK) very playabte Jigsaw games GS73 BOBBY GARDEN 4 DIGGER (NEW) BrfDant G674 HIGH OCTANE Fast car racing (iwtwbl .3) G675 TIME RUNNER amazing graphic adventure G6SO SPACE-INVASION 2 - Fantastic Gaiaxain G681 AUTOMOBILES - PO version ol SKID MARK bril GS0? BANDIT MANIA - Brill am
Iruft machine demo G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -Sriliant aswrotd G68S GUN G690 THE I G6S2 f---- HYPER-BALL Speed ball 4level editor GHOST-SHIP Very good 30 adventure BATTLEMENT hunch back ol notcha 9 MADONNA NUDE PUZZLES for 18+ onh.
1 GRAVITY massive apace exploring game 3 CYBEfl-NETIC Briiiani 8 wey Mailer 4 DONKEY KONG W2O0 order code AGA296) 5 CRAZY SUE B- beat platform (D date 3 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (8 UacH editors) 4 STAR-TREK altnilar to RA1D2 bur harder 5 DOODY vwy cute A extremely addict 6 WONDER LAND amazing graphic recommed 2 DELUXE PACMAN + best pacman aver release 7 CARD GAMES collection kid on the math subjects. RECOMMEND E121 PICTURE PUZZLE bnllant JIGSAW lype gar El22 WORD FACTORY Briltant, loach kid words E021 STORY LAND II interact puzzle games tl rmai .um.mannnn . H VOU 4 I.VigUfl DDK I our kl ¦yer. T
...... ___.._ ip you solve tht ...__ EQ27 OSWALD Very colouriul targe cartoon game E022 UWOUAGE. TUT OR Iwhyou Atanguage provt 'ecu fa . , E026 WORDS can help you solve the crossword E023 TALKING COLOURING BOOK talking Dpaint bril E024 EASY SPELL II Improve yout kid spell Inn ECUS SCRABBLE require 2-4ptayw. Brillant KID DISKS 1,2.3,4,5 Excellent collection of educailon programs. Ideal for teaching kids various subjects while retaining the fun 8 game element. 5 disks only C4.W or order sa for only 99p per disk.
G88-1 WIPE OUT-mmdless Wasting ijam-ic £030 EVOLUTION breed your own hybrid E031 ID TEST t IQ GAMES pack 1 exceUem __________Lunef Lander clone GB91 BUCK TOOTH ADVENTURE Very good muW fcsvet shoot collect etn up HECOMMENO G892 PekfGO 2- Maze Type ames. Recommend El 25 JURASSIC PARK tote ol info on dinosaurs £126 CHILDREN SONG 2 contain 5 excellent song El 27 MING SHU I A500 only) Bril Chinese Astrdoggy.
E128 ASTRO 22 Pra.V3-Th« latest astro fogy program that accurately calculates the position ol the planet . ~. - -- done G3T3 AIB ACE It Very _playaWe she '""""LO.beslPO vefston IMPOSSIBLE very addictive puzzle GWOTETREH rhPSi polish Touiz evor refease G3S2 StRtKESALL briltant base bau done G892 PENGO 2- Maze typo game*. Recommend GS93 SUPER OBLITERATldfj Slast asteroid very ilmtfar’toPANtiZ tat of weapon RECOMMEND G994 SUPER INVASION B -Now SPACING INVADER G8S7 THESHEPERD Bil --- ~~ G89C ALIEN C------- G732 DETHELL IN SPA!_____________ G735 OVERLANDEH Brifldnt arcade MOON ALERT G737
SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The best in PD BG G771 STAR WOID (2 Otsk) brHlant Thmat EDUCATION. &.ZL.GAM£.$ -£AQK eclipe E130 F Collection of Ihe very best ol education programs and a 21 games pack, a very popular combination for kid* (tun on all Amiga) 5 disks pack only C4.95_ FRENCH VERD TESTER should help you with Ir
- ----- CCER wry aimll Sensible seocoer ®W«. RECOMMEND
U_(2) Infomation on world wide “* Tv if "-----¦-* -*1 :UL
FULL guide E161 CU 8 SHELL TUTOR (i £038 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part
tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how to care about AMIGA E040 GUIDE
TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial the e to the TV series very
Interesting “ -- - - you hov " J 0 INTERNET-FULLquide to
internet & 4jpertiigfiway £134X-FILES l . .... El 48
CHESS 4 TUTOR * FULLteach you how to play chess " “ “....." “ *
,J- *¦ •“* ** * superhlgnway beginner 6 4 RECOMMEND spine &
how to ovoid back poln. (recommend) ED41 KID ALPHABET display
all alphabet tetter £042 FRACTION A SILOUEST maths & games
excellent hours of fun let a qutt PRICE ONLY £10.99 Ttn is the
nry titesl Wl new IQJ games eprcpdsiw pack 2 eanaiting sane d
the very best in PD games Ste Zeus, Wondetiaid Dnganfts etc.
Uach loo maiytoisL COUPATSLE WTO ALL ASACAS R (help) le E162
DELUXE PANT GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 4 .....‘ you The ja
1. 3) latest I ER ' E163 JAPANESE - teach you the japanese
language E164 PAINT fT (not A5001.3) latest COLOURING BOOK
E155 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent tuping tutor.
E166 WORD POWER- spellcheck crossword solver teach E043 MATH MASTER teflch lest you more on maths E044 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic £ tutorial E045 PETROL ENGINE tutorial & animate graphic E046 GAS TURBINE ENGINE tutoria & anim graphic E047 STIRLING ENGINE tutorial & anim graphic E050 DREAM FOR ANGEL explain the meaning ot dream E051 INVISIBLE WORLD briltant recommend G907 ACE SPACE nice Platform game* G908 COLOURMANIA slirfe KiaUa type puzzle g
- G44B DESCENDER.G Gtio OBLtDOX excellent Arcade Puztte gam*
graphic adventure.
G460 WEBBLE WORLD GIOOY Large ptettorm g*mo G467 CASH FRUIT-good fruit machine* G4T6 AMOS CRICKET cricket game* G46S EXTREAM VILONCE 2 player b*rue out .1-spell ...... ... El 68 CROSSWORD CREATOR-de*ign crossword E163 CHESS H 4 TUTOR bnllant Che»3 ll games E170 HISTORY OF AVIATION Vol 1 Execilent disk El 71 CHILD FAVOURITE-Education prog E172 ANIMAL LAND-Learn about animal EI75 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER(2D) briltanl 6 funny EI77 CYBER PUNK 2 lor cybcrPunk beak only E178 STAR-THEK 8 STAHTREK NEXT QERENATION GUIDE THE COMPLETE GUIDE COME WITH KUNDHED OF SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM THE
£181 SIGINTURE CREATOR customise your own sJginture.
El82 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive guide El84 IMAGINES VIDEO 2dlsk G915COW WARS. ¦iddlcidlptaymBame* nmc act a liA Au.. r:L*. UrtAfunk* E054 D G7T3 FRUIT MANIA -Briltant FfuHrrochlne.
GT74 TRICKLE TREAT -like DOOM on the PC GT75 FOOT-8ALL MANAGER-rww vereion GT62 SOLO ASSAULT 30 like Wing Commander E055 WORD POWER solve crossword puzzle ect good.
E056 WORM HOLE simf te game ideal for children.
E057 APPLE CATCHER catch falling apple brilliant E058 CROSS MAZE A CFIYPTOKING 2 excellent kid games G920 LOTTERY PRDFFESlONAL This version use G921 MONOPLY. (board games) Tho best version G922 JET WJLLY 3 - excellent platform games A MACHINE Very challenging puzzle G762 SOLO ASSAULT 3D like Whig Commander GT83 SEED OF DARKNESS-Biiltonl graphic adven GTW NANO FLY Superb explore game RECOMMEND G785 THE QreAT GOLD RjUD- very addicted E059 VERB QUIZ find the word & H related Bril G492 ZOMBIES 8 DEFENDER 2 lantaatic games G«94 MERCAHERY SIMULATION 30 wars game* G499 LIFE -aknuletion very
interesting G500 TRANSPLANT dozen of level taat arcade E066 TARROT clairvoyant in a instance E06B GALLOW fancry a games ot hang man?
E070 MATH DRILLS teech aR basic math Skill Vgood G§2T BOING V3. Great platformer, recommend GS28 PUNTER-Arflmste horse racing games G929 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d| irwlude OON KING G930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADrTOR-Very fun to ptay G931 NIMBLE-Briltant New arcade puzzta.
G933 BLACK DAWN 3-THE NEW BEGINNING (2) Superb 3D adventure RECOMMEND G934 R3 ROCKET (NEWhery good rockets gomes G935 BATTLE SHIP- the lineal PO version G936 LAST LAP - Fo« car racing GT89 TASK FORCE very good MIND SHADOW clone GT90 GREEN FIVE Amazing 3D graphic like G791 PROFFESIGNAL BINGO CALLER G792 MARTIAL SP RiT tike Stitwt rtghler II G798 fi EXCELLENT CARD GAMES collection G3Q9 BLITZ 2 last action shoaling game* G810 EXIT t3 BrIIlent puzzle G811 TEMPORAL MISPLACEUENT-graphic adventure G812 ADAY AT THE BACE-V.Gpodhorse toeing game* G82Q BOULDER ORIGINAL with BO level G821 BOULDERDASH c a
vo leva I Construction kit 0822 BOULDER COLLECTION 2 3 160 level (2dlsk) E21D LEARN & PLAY 3 Latest Education &______ E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) Briltant teach your child about animal E241 COMMS GUIDE VI.1 beginner modem user E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER CW) superb complete guide to the weather, recommend E245 MATH ATTACK- Math* relate gome* lor tod* £242 ANIMAL-LAND-Ideal for young kid. Excel E243 PICTURE-MATHS-Math* program for kkH E246 BEGINER GUIDC TO WB 3 (A1200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) fact about planet earth E248 KID ONLY. 6 excelent game to ptay with E250 SANTA -Heto Santa coltecl
present games E251 BIR5THDAY HISTORY V2.2- E252 BAR TENDER rectoi lor 1000 drink cocktell E253 BEGINNER TYPING TUTQH- E07t ERROR INFO give info why your amiga crash E075 W0RLD-WAR2 graphics tutorial on WORLD-WAR G531 OPERATION FIRESTORMS-briiiani G534 CASTLE KUMQUAT simitar 10 Allen breed *' iacftolihW. S' :n program eg simulate Staitxobe molecube eel SCIENCE _an exceDent collection of science releate p E076 SQ_ ------------------------- ideal for all who inieresting or studies irt science recommend, this pack come on 4 disks G53S BLACK DAYVR toritant graphic advi G538 MQRIA 5.4 The
latest Dungeon & dragon G539 BRIDGE Good version of bridges GS40 OPK ATTACK bloody adventure ol programe relate to astromy. Can help to locate certain or star position ecL mu*t for anyone who studies aslfomy or hobby, great (4DtSK) E073 PICTURE & LETTER (earn to r" J* * 101 GA PRICE ONLY £9.99 Bril urn cafleeSon ol o«f IOC of f« very 6e« ef PD piss inctuta KYADERI Tdm Itorefoh tfc. Vudi tae imp| to list Very e»f b ‘JSIMW 5Y5lHTi- Itosl garas ok* uto fjfl paying n ' GAME HINTS & CHEATS II I Play your favourite game fat age? To carl gel to tht end of few) Of jgasne? Having prater vriit some
games'? 5 disk packeitti IMCs of gaites theawi tevel code 2cticnrepi3j poke etc.. should he you 1 finish many games-su abfe tor a3Amig3S ml) E43i Update&i*4MM2BJty'95 lo reads- first Step £074 AMIGA BEGIHER GUIDE tutor ui on Amiga* E085 NODDY PLAYTIME demo Vwy good EQ80 KID PIX more excellent paint program** E081 D.T.P FOR KiD easy to use. Excellent E092 SING A RYHMESsmga song Ti TOF '---1 G839 BOULDER PACK with 640 level on 6 disk G862 BATTLE FORCE excellent t . G363 GNU CHESS the besl chess with 10 level G868 SWORD OF YIGG Graphic adventure E094 HIGH WAY CODE TUTOR question on
highway Code E096 READ & LEARN (2D) THREE UTTLE PIGGY Story E097 BACK TO SKOOL voi 1 collection ot The best E098 BACK TO SKOOL vol 2 in education programe £099 BACK TO SKOOL vol 3 8 games. HECOMMED M jama re sdrettbe ¦ iirTrM fTSB »«R(0CM B«U8 MUSTFOfl PLAYER - cawnfifjl COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS p- G968 SUPER SMASHING T______ GS70 CHESS 11 a CHECKER One of the best around must tor all CHESS or CHECKER player G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone COMMODORE C64 V3 ZX SPECTRUM 48K Now you can play 100's of Spectrum 48K Games on your Amiga. Any Pack below is complete & ready to
run on your Amiga. Full printed instructions provided.
SmMSMP™ n.M SPECIAL OFFER r=kt aJ 3 pacta above 1 S3 Nev Spectrum Gsks fetal 400)________for Orfy £1999 FTTJoo The very latest version. Now you can play real Commodore.C64 games on your Amiga. All packs below are complete & ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games .£4.99 C64 & 100 original games .£8.99 C64 & 200 original games......£16.99
ISSUE 54 PK4| More Spec&sn garres available +¦ screen shot
ff9in AMIGA VARIOUS PACK Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4.95
per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack ¦ i or Peek 2s.
MONO FONTS Pack 1 or Pack2) High quality fonts for use with Dpaint or Personal Paints VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (2 3 or 5) COLOUR WORLD MAP (Pack i, 2 or 3; High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHfC FONT (Pack 1; 2. 3. 4 or 5) High quality font for WORDSWORTH or any OTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Pack % 2 or 3) REAL 30 VARIOUS OBJECTS (Pack !,2or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Pack 1,2 or 3.
TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Pack i2 or 3; (Please state tor which pack above} We also stock inany more packs. Please Phone spectrum"!
_ _ _ GAMES pack!
| See left for details. This pack comes on vary large number of disks £39.9&| I WOW ORILY £29-99 I 1C64 v3 I SpeoaJofer 064 v3 31X145, 100.200 games pack with extra S5 C64 I 1 games making 400 C64 games 4 lathes risks Comes on targe num- * | ter of risks + games fcst and tearing leaflet. Cay £24.99. f j ee C64 or Spectrum advert box for more details g Vl'istr ; C64 & 45 games pack , Spectrum V2 & 50 games ! Vic 20 & 30 games | Alt 3 packs for only E9.99 ' SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION SOFTWARE 2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS A1200 & A4000 Olsl'UY ISTING ARE EOR USE WITH AGA AMIGA OVER 9965 This s the Big
one! Nearly 2000 original risks from the SOFTWARE 2000 Ebrary included on a Double CD set For title 1st just take a look at this Doubles advert for examle ol titles & packs which can be found on this CD, No lucky rip or unknown software Full desorption on every Oisksrtitles Very easy to use menu system on botti Cds. This urtque menu system lets you explore the contents of both Cos without disc swapping ,, Excellent, See below.
- VI Tr 700 -1000 NEW Spectrum Games bf NEW CM taMS ffitt (Play
direct from CD) «ro ta (EMULATOR INCLUDED) [7| Over 600Mb per
CD [7| Menu compatible with ell Amigas 7 No duplicate of fata
[71 Mfiy easy to use Menu RRP NEW PRICE ONLY 029.99 + 70p for
P&P 5 disks) ......£4.99 5 disks) £4.99 5 disks) ....£4.99 5
100s ot real We document of UFO sightings kidnapping & Animal
mutilation & many more. Very interesting read. 6 Disk set only
£5.99 ccmpaaiun . Beat Hilar to dale .. .*IC cakvtpw monaav
rvpevnwrvt m etc iS PRINT Wit More A pm addretae* US v 40 ore
mporaa HO a 2mag V4I MhI 700000 wvrd In4checkar, iiOnY2
0eWh«ttwn«eariltrWf,for Imurwice Mp PROftsSiONAL truiy me beet
wordprecMut C«l • nwetivejoreadeheet we* 92SA3 tea* U7M PAY
ADVICE *MAt*Zfn - mow prog.
- ------ESS PftlNTlNa print addroisH 5h li&eli UFO ALIENS
MULTIMEDIA 100s 0! Documented cases on UFO sittings, abduction,
cattle mutilation 4 many mote.
Many win jhotcs to tack up 'he claim, soma are to secret only releisrt recency by law.
9 disk pack only £8.99 tte t dte tu i* Mtge« a wen ai?» mwricn ,wte vien noat ¦KMPKFbiattwtaddnx.
Various Backdrop I (4) -Xj.W Various Backdrop I (2)_£1.% SaxyBtkdwp _1899 CARD GAMES Ivst'tr e.- 'as’Vel PACK II h*u, r* .. ml FOR ALL CARD GAME FANS ¦ li* ''I IT you kke Puket. BlscX Jack Spade.
JK . Pontoon. Sabiarre Bridoe. Xtondke etc Jsm tfen this pack is a must Only £4.99 This pack con acts 5 disks._ LITTLE OFFICE 2 New Release includes 550 Business Letters Word Processor Calendar Name A Address Database All this for only £1.99 CQWPArsif HARO 0RIVE & DISK DRIVE Space Doubler ar 'NbjkSe! Jja-Ci ja m ton xal tend U9T1EWY1.8 0H.Y99p SufTABLE FOR W32 3 ttew A, Logo B0 m*SC8«ry30($ _£t« GiatraurFaa_£1.96 AlwwbKWrop96(5)J 55 AGA0S7 A1200 UTIL • AGA TESTER, SYSINFO etc AGA0S8 ACTION REPLAY V4 Complete ACTION REPLAY, AGAOSS MADFIGHTER 2 bnllanl strecl fighter clone AGA100 AGA BLITZ
SCREEN BLANKER AGA1C1 FAST GIFF 7 display G1FF pic In Workbench.
AGA1C3 AGA DIAGNOSTIC - NEW System tester AGA 103 BLACK BOARD AGA decent Image processor AGA105 QUICK GRAB AGA -grab AGA aeraan PICTURE A GAUD WORLD BEYONOS 1 (3) stunning 256 COLOUR fantasy art leave atari userbraathiesa AGA114 SMELL LIKE CHANEL N05 bndant demo ray trace picture ever release on the A1200 AGA121 MAGIC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK (5 disk) AGA133 AGA UTIL vlU (2) AGA ulH compilation AGA1S5 AGA UTIL V3 A4 f2) more of above AGA137 MLLTiaoOT- 4 various version A500 EMU AGA138 OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARO DRIVE INSTALLER AGA139 WB3 HAROOtSK PREF A INSTALLER instelllng AGA140 CROSS DOS PLUS
v5,1 read wfte PC Wet AGA142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 -laical manager games AGA144 SPEAK 4 SPELL - educational toftware for WS AGA145 BIG TOPS (IB + qnlyJHMMmm AGA14S KELOG LAND -bnllanl platform games AGA150 ACTION REPLAY V5 ¦ NEW UP DATE TO V4 AGA 160 GIGER TRIZ vary playable 256 colour tetrtz AGA 162 FATAl-BLOW new STPEET-FIGHTER 2 clone AGA164 CINDY CRAWFORD Voll (2 disk) latest release AGA166 INFESTATION (3 disk) The ulumaud AGA demo AGA170 CINDY CRAWFORD Vol II (2disk) amazing AGA172 VIDEO TRACKER AGA-ultimate demo maker A DAI 74 MAGIC WB EXTRA vol 1 A 2 (2dlsk) AGA160 GIF BEAUTIES VM (11-19) 8
mom girt* dish AGA189 FRIDAY AT 8 another bnllanl AGA demos AGA 190 ASSASIN MULTTYISION AGA pic viewing util AGA 192 AUEN FREMZE 2 ptayer blasting .power up AGA1M BIG TIME SENSUAL (2drtk) SPACE BALL 2 AGA2CQ MASQUERADE 2dlsk bnllanl puule games.
AGA2C2 RAM JAM M li cat be done (2di*k) AGA203 EXPUXIT 2 DEMO new effete wtlidone AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN 2ditk require 2 diskdrive AGA206 TREASURE OF TUTANKHAMUN- educlaion tool A GAS 30 LOVE 2 diak-simply bnllanl DEMOS AGA231 AGA UTIL T A 8 (2 disk] More USEFUL util ZGAKD FRACTAL fifHFRATOR fractal In ISC colour.
AGAOOS WORKBENCH HACK many hack loy btank.*t etc AGA9QS NEW SUPER KILLER know Kmo* * kill over 316 type o( virus muH for all AI2O0 owner AGA007 M1HDWAHP v*ry'flrtl demo tor |l e A120U AGA DO® KLONDIKE DELUXE AGA (30) in* beet A) 200 card games wilh glamours tady a* cardi race 18 • only AGA0II SLEEPLESS MgkT 3 AGA012 PLANET GROOVE Truly A1200 Demos AGAQ13 MOTOR INVADER 2 (70) BrMjrf INVADER ganc AGA0T5 PONT OF SCALE Greal A1200 Only demo* AGAsnS CHROMAS- Fairly good demo.
AGA017 WORLD OF MANGA (4DISX) magnificent Japanese comic side show include Japerwt Chi cl etc recommend AGA571 IUGIC WORKBENCH improve to* look ot your WQ & add some Function to your WB reedy 0HJLLANT AGAQ22 WB 3 UtiUTIES load o(Wb] on*y ubMie* AGAD23 U-CH6SS Hi* best chess program games so tar but require* megbytM, BrtHsni graphic AGAQ24 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN Great back drop AGA41 ADULT SLIDE Vol 1-9 (2 dr*k each) '**+ below AGA£2 BODY SHOP VOL 1-7 7 disk each) 'see below AGAFITCHICK vol t 3(2 tsk each) ‘see below lo order any disk shove (u*r state disk code A volume no? (remember 2 disk per
volume) DEGRADER AGA090 A1200 FIX DISK COLLETCION 1 AG AOS 1 A1200 Fix DISK 2 COLLETCION 2 AGA094 RELOCKIT V1,4a tateet. Run A500 SOFTWARE AGA306 A1200 FIX DISK VOL 3 (now |Uly 95) All disk above are deelgn lo make any old A5Q0-A60Q Amiga programs games etc to run on your A1200 A4000 MUST FOR ALL AGA AMIGA OWNER RECOMMEND AGA234 KNOTTY-Stunning At AGA240 LOTTERY WINNER hope fulfy will improve y6ur chance of winning ¦ jack pot GOOD-LUCK AGA241.258 AGA GAME-GALORE AGA 01-1* tot of 9 AGA251 PACKMAN AGA -the bmt p*eman yet AGA252 ROCKET PD - Super thrust clone briaant graphic for 1 or 2 player
AG*253 REAL DEMO Stunning special effete AGA254 DIRT AGA BrWanl 256 colour effete.
AGA255 DEUGKI EXPLORE excitant demo AGA256 KEFEREN ADA Demo lot ol eflelc AGA257 MIN0MIST RAVE greef rave music A0A258 OXYGENE Fantastic demo AGA259 INTEL-OUT another very good demo AGA26Q SOME JUST CW Demo of the month brittsm whirt effcu, RECOMMEND AGA2S2 TO THE DEATH very good STHEE7- FIGHTEH clooe wifft very good graphic.
AGAJfel GEORGE GALAXO (2dirk) brifiard mjttitevei shoc-.'pixrform game. RECOUMEDM AGA265 MISSILE OVER TENON I2dttk) Bnbanl 30 miss.)** commander with lantutic graphic AGA2W TEAM HOI OfNO PLATFORM enceUent dino ptarform Notarthis disk was a commerce I games AGAZ 4 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE 2d it 9 escelleni music master piece wed worth getting AGA271 RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II (2dlek) AGA27B CHANNEL Z ISSUE 1 (AQA)(2cflsk) AGA base disk magazines. RECOMMEND AGA disk magazine topic demcVmutic AGA265 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL 3 AGA2S5 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY- Board gama.V addicted AGA299 DONKEY KONG Arcade ciaaelc
conversion AGA297 BOMB PAC EilrMmly good lo ptey AGA298 ROCKET 2 eel deep undergroundUrrilanl graphic, even better wlift 2 player AGA299 SCRABBLE-Now fully run on all Amiga AGA300 MAGIC WB V7. Demo ol version 2 AGA307 TUTANKHAM 11(2) Education-Egyptian MUMMY AGA303 PAMLA.ANDERSON(2) IB* only BayWatch Babe AGA3W BOOYSHOP V» (3) more Wktoi beam** AGA305 T1MEZONE (2) V Good graphic adventures.
AGA307 DENT A WOLF dooms demo AGA303 NAXiS -Really show wtul AGA graphic co do AGA310 FEARS (2d - dooms done p*mo AGA312 JHX (2d) Fantastic arcade puzzle AG A313 HAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO, very wiehrt demo.
AGA315 HEX MVSTKL New AGA demo* AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 (4disk| Hd require A 2mag w* aslo have ¦ Bet of 25 cards tor above.
AGA321 HOT-BABE 1 (7) MUST BE OVER AGA322 HOT-BABE 2 (2) IS AGA323 HOT-BABE 3 (2) BEFORE AGA324 HOT-BABE 4 (2) ORDER ANY AGA325 HOT-BABE 5 (7) OF THE HOT-BABE PACK Hundred of quality Magic wb icon A back drop AGA3&8 DESK-TOP MAGIC- 32 animated screen blanker AGA389 WAR OF THE WORLDS -full 3D game* AGA390 FEAR 2. Brillanl 3D graphic games like AGA391 PSSST Amiga version of Spectrum games AGA392 CHILD MURDER(4)HorTor graphic adventure AGA390 FEAR II -Bnllanl 3D game play |uat Ilka DOOM on the PC Garienieed you impress AGA391 PC EMULATOR V3- Latest PC emulator AGA400 HYPER RACE (2) Super racing
games AGA410 ONOY CLAWFORO (3) new AGA411 ELLE UACPHEPSON (3) AGA412 CLAUDIA SCH1FFER (3) AGA413 BIG GtRLS II (3) AGA414 GIRLS GIRLS (2) AGA415 Hi ICY TAYLOR (2) AGA417 KYUE M1HOUGE (3) AGA41B FEMALE BODY BUILDER (3) AGA419 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES 3 latest AGA470 POKER A BLACKJACK DELUXE (3 4MEG AGA421 COLOUR WB make your WB more colourful AGA427 Rit GE RACER Demo on the Amiga, AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMOS (2disk) AGA424 DREAM WALKER (2) Demos AGA425 UYSTC OEMOS(2) 94 etcellienl demo* AGA426 ORIGIN 2 (2 DISK), Amazing Mon CD rom owner This pack is ideal ‘or any Amiga owner who doesn't own a CO rom
drive and wants a large amount of the very latest software at minima! Cost.
These packs vvtP be 100% update with all new or different software on the 1st off every month All software are packed using LHA which has a ratio ol approx 3-1 (up lo 30 disks worth of software from Ihe 10 disk pack) Highly recommended as you will get 3 times more software per disk.
Various latest games (10 disks) only £9.90 Various latest utilities [10 disks) ......only £9.90 X24 SABRINA SPECIAL X25 DIE F1LKINGER X26 MADONNA EARLY DAYS X28 KATHY L.L.OYD X30 MEGA-MAID X31 CALENDAR GIRL X32 MAY FAIR X33 UTOPIA (4 DISKS) X45 GIRLS OF SPORT X49 PAGE 3 GIRLS X70 GON GON GIRL X71 TINA SMALL X91 CINDY CALENDAR 95 X9G HOT RARE 1 X97 HOT RARE 2 X98 HOT RARE 3 X99 HOT RARE 4 XIOO HOT RARE 5 X101 RIG GIRL II X102 FEMALE BODY BUILDER XI 03 GIRLS GIRLS X105 ELLE MACPHERSON XT 06 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER Available Now Below new games pack released due to popular demand. With any of these
games packs, you know exactly whal sort of games you're buying Like our previous packs, each pack comes on 5 disks and using the latest disk packer we can put uptc 5 games on to one disk. So you get upto 25 top games for only £4.99. All games & instructions will run automatically when you dick on Ihe icon. All games pack contain different games. Compatible with ALL Amigas, 18 DEMOS MUST BE 18 AND OVER XOO CINDY CRAWFORD (2) X74 MADONNA (SEX) (3) XO! SHOWER GIRL IT ikbW '.U PhOJICi Board Games Pack 3 Arcade Games Pack 3 Puzzle Carnes Pack 3 Card Games Pack 3 NEW TITLES OB3A ULTIMATE TOUR TENNIS
- (2 dUks) EicoHent lennii garrxj GB39 DARK ANGEL - (NOT WB1J) Superto arcade Khwntwe GM0 RAISE THE TTTAWC - Good 3D AtfvenUir* gam* G941 PHANTOM - EicHlenl shooting games (Oefenbef 96) G942 MAC DON A-LAND - Brilliant gams similar to Zool (not A1200) GB43 JOUST IB - Brilliant 064 gams wilh updated Amiga graphics G944 DELUXE GALAGA V2.6 -The very latest CaUg* Hi G955 LA2ER RACE - Good Troo lypv. EHremefy *ddicilv* lo ploy G956 TRAIN-DRIVEH SIMULATION - The moil realistic trbn *im.
GB57 MASTER BLASTER - Kill varloos rrunslors wtlh bomb* Qkt KNOCK-OUT Uni derby desifucbon, very addictive G»9 DUNGEON HERO - 30 Graphic adventure similar to Doom 0960 MORTAL KUMOUAT 3 - Weird but ton bcal-em-up G961 CODE NAME NANO - Superb Thrust Clone (Nano Fly 2) 0963 K K£ft MANIA - K you l*e poker then Thi* i* lor you G965 LEATHAL FORMULA - A hr*ntore similar u Monkey Island E2S3 BEGMNER TYPING TUTOR E25* WORO PUZZLE PRO CreMe CrowWonJ puzzle to solve puzzle E2» KiO OfSK 7 - Another very fine eduction program E257 A-Z COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD E75A UK COUNTIES Similar to above but thi* Is
based entirely on ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND £259 BASIC ElECTROmCS V1.S (2 Disk) - For etocuonic Ian* £261 MASSIVE GUIDE TO THE MTERNET V2J AGA429 POWERDRDID - 96 New Asteroid* wilh brilliant graphtoa AGA430 ULTIU ATUM - The ultimate 3D Tam Baffle U1010 WB2 INSTALLER - Install A500 A 600 workbench to HD UI011 TURBO-CAT PRO V1 (n« WB1.3) -Createcatalogue* Ul 0T2 TEXT-ENGINE V5 (not WB1J3) - The very latest wordprocHSor wttn spell checker. This I* Ihe full version, highly reccmmended UI013 DIARY 2000 - Use this fust like a real diary U1014 TOTAL EC LIPS - Disk magazine 1 UI015
NEW CHEAT DISK V2.1 (2 disks) - Include* Son* games FU UI016 ULTRA ACCOUNT - Another very good account* program UI057 PRO LOTTERY 96 - The vary latest Abesi lottery program Ul 018 PRO GREYHOUND - Like Pro Gamble but for dogs U1019 AUTO STEREO GRAM V4 - Latest Magic aye generator Ul 021 ELECTRONIC ADOHtSS BOOK Ul 022 PRO FOOTBALL 1.1 (2) Football precictor like Pro Gambia Ul 023 PEMDATE - Rerwtdcr tor imponant dates Ul 024 SHAPE SHFTER V3 - The very latest Mac amwtetor Ul 025 MESSY SrtJ 3 - The latest PcoAmigi tfisk converter Ul 026 HD GAME WSTALLER 4 • Install toads more games to HO Ul 027
SOFT MEMORY - Double your computer memory. This version dote not require HD or MMU. G*vt this s fry, recommended Ul 028 MAGIC USER WTERFACE V3.1 - Update to version 23 UI029 ORIC UK EMULATOR (not 13} At last II works Ul 030 MSX U Emulator V2-1 - (WB30) M5X computer on U103I 900 AMIGA GAMES HINTS A CHEATS V4 (2 Disk*) UI032 VIRUS CHECKER V83 (not WB1.3) - Latest MAGIC WB I EXTRA DISK Ttos m toe theatesi nay B obtain Mage WB extra Each pack baton *4 Ml 12 a*ks wton iricackad (Vary eity to iripack w* tkek ¦ lew twOcn*) MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (01-1$ 1_5J9 MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (13-24) 2_£7JS MAGIC WB
EXTRA PACK (25-36) I_E7JS AGA2I Mage W32.1 The Istetf Mage WS tor A1200 U9SS Ma c VMS 13 trJs a to toe A5C0 L3A£P0skzt A A500 PLEASE ORDER A DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER ©ystem meltdown. Damage to and loss of data costs business millions of pounds every year, though individual companies do their best to hide the figures that reveal the inadequacies of their IT backbone. It's no exaggeration to say this threat features highly on the list of corporate nightmares.
While physical damage to a computer is bad enough, the permanent loss of data can be much more costly in the long run. This is as true for the Amiga user in the home as it is for the top businesses. Failure to adequately guard against hard drive failure and viral infection can lead to the loss of months of work, expensive software and irreplaceable information. Without the correct precautions, CHEME FOR SU RVIVAL
1. Invest in a back-up system that's convenient and fast enough
so you'll use it frequently. Cheapskates and slackers pay
dearly in the end.
Trusting Secondly, don't trust any new media that you introduce into your Amiga, whatever the source. One publishing house was recently involved in legal wranglings because a virus was accidentally included on one of the magazine's supposedly virus-checked coverdisks!
Over 70 per cent of virus infections occur when users try to boot from infected disks.
Usually an Amiga-based virus hides itself so that it appears to be harmless - this is an intentional design feature intended to give the virus the best chance of spreading.
Viruses transmitted by disks tend to work by installing themselves to the bootblock of the disk, from which they copy themselves from disk to disk as you swap floppies.
If you think resetting the machine will solve the problem, you're mistaken, since many viruses can survive a warm reset and
2. Update your virus checker as often as you can - new threats
appear by the week.
3. Computer theft has risen drastically in the '90s. High-end
users in particular should consider devices for theft
4. Don't use pirated software; link viruses are often attached to
the pirated program.
5. Switching your Amiga off for 30 seconds or more will dear the
memory of viruses.
6. Have a specified time when you back up your data. How often
you do this depends on how much work you can afford to lose.
But don't leave it to chance, set a time of day and stick to it
7. Keep your disks write-protected. Viruses can't write to a
write- protected disk.
8. Double check that all new programs come from a trustworthy
source. Even then, use your virus checker.
9. Don't break the protection routine - calamity seems to strike
just after you missed a back-up day.
10. If you've access to the Web, get regular general advice
updates from the Computer Emergency Response Team at
http: www.cert.org Qerminal illness Otherwise known as some
of my favourite viruses: SCA virus - the first Amiga virus of
them all attaches itself to the Cool-vector, remaining
resident in memory even after a warm reset so it can continue
to affect other disks. Any respectable virus programs should
render it harmless.
Byte Bandit - this well-known Amiga virus stops your computer working and copies itself to new disks. Like SCA, it is now easily detected.
Saddam - a nasty piece of work, Saddam disguises itself as the disk-validator which is part of Workbench 1.3 software $ 4eb9 - thrillingly named it isn't, but problematic. Can be linked to fake archives and programs. These viruses generally attach themselves to the first chunk of a program's code, activating themselves before the real program is run to give themselves a method of spreading. Prolific in pirated software.
Amiga Computing and it's not a matter of if something will go wrong, but rather when. The golden rule of Amiga system protection - be vigilant.
Remain to infect new disks. However, it is worth getting into the habit of turning off your computer for at least 30 seconds between loading disks, as this process clears all sectors of RAM, limiting the chances of further infection.
In terms of destructiveness, the most lethal viruses are those that format your hard disk or overwrite your rigid disk block. Why? Because when you're a victim of this sort of virus, it's usually impossible to salvage anything.
Though less common at the In our guide to how to protect yourselves, let's begin by dispelling some of the myths that have grown around computer viruses.
Firstly, just because you invested in a top- of-the-range commercial virus killer a year ago, don't imagine you're safe. Experts estimate that about 5-10 new viruses are being developed every month, making anything but the latest version of your protection software ineffective against the newer strains.
System crashes, virai infections, hard-drive failure and theft - your data is in danger. Gareth Lofthouse and Tina Hackett report on how to deter, prevent and salvage when your worst nightmares come true survive EATURE SyQuest EZ drive Ease of Use: 90% White Knight Implementation: 90% 01920 822321 Value for Money: 90% £239 Overall: 90% The SyQuest EZ - slightly more chunky and costly than the Zip, but with a few advantages of its own Jaz Drive Ease of Use: 90% HiSoft Implementation: 87% 01525 718181 Value for Money: 83% £529 Overall: 90% The Jaz drive is the Zip's larger and more pricey
brother, so what does it offer over cheaper alternatives?
Well, in some ways it seems less desirable than the Zip. For one thing it's less compact, lightweight and portable as an overall unit But the real strength of the Jaz lies in the fact that the disks store an amazing 1Gb of data, which makes them worth every penny for high-end users, and also well-worth considering as a top-end back-up solution. For the average user, however, the Jaz may well be just too expensive. An excellent product all the same.
Hailed as a revolution in storage, the Zip drive made a big impression on the AC team when it arrived in mid-1995, and duly won itself a Blue Chip award.
Aesthetically pleasing (Ben described it as a prop out of Blade Runner), and remarkably compact, its 100Mb disks made it easier and cheaper than ever to store and transport large volumes of data. It also instantly made it one of the most viable and affordable back-up solutions available to the Amiga owner.
One limitation is the fact that it can only be used on SCSI ID settings five and six, but that was about it. Since the arrival of the EZ drive, however, Iomega does have more serious competition on its hands.
Zip drive - affordable and fast removable media moment Internet-spread viruses are increasingly significant and, with the growing popularity of surfer packs, are becoming as much of a threat to the Amiga user as anyone else.
The case of Christopher Pile, alias The Black Baron, who was the first man to be convicted under the Computer Misuse Act, was a recent example of how successfully the Internet can be as a means of disseminating viruses. With a virus called 5MEG - Pile was typical nerd fan of Red Dwarf - he is said to have wreaked havoc on computer ?
A serious competitor to the Zip, the EZ drive is good- looking, compact, fast to spin up, read and write, and very reliable. If you want to know just how fast it is, the admittedly notoriously inaccurate Syslnfo suggests the EZ gives speeds of about two and a half Mb second - when it comes to copying large files like animations it's almost as fast as your hard drive, in fact.
An advantage over the Zip is the fact that the EZ boasts proper SCSI connectivity and can use all SCSI ID numbers. Critics, however, point to its higher price, cumbersome eject mechanism (an old complaint with SyQuest), and an annoyingly designed power supply.
Nevertheless, erstwhile AMIGA Computing Editor Ben Vost didn't hesitate to bestow the EZ with the Blue Chip award.
Superstore solutions Amiga Computing's past judgements on back-up devices s OFT OPTIONS There are a range of software programs also designed to do the job of backing up your hard drive. One available on Aminet (as disk bakup Dbackup242JWUI.Iha), is called Daily Backup and, as suggested by the title, it backs up your work daily by looking for new' files (see this month's Public Sector), and then stores them onto floppy disk. With a user-friendly interface and handy features such as the option to pack files, this utility comes highly recommended. To work you need a battery backed clock,
Workbench 2.04 and MUI 3.1. If finances are tight then this is an invaluable solution to backing up your data. Aback is a similar idea which has XPK support and remembers which files you've already backed up. It may also be worth investing in a utility called Discoiogy which makes copies of programs and also check disks for errors - systems around the world. On the other hand, and contrary to popular opinion, virus infection via e-mail is highly unlikely. Viruses can't be transmitted via text, though it's true they can be transferred via e-mail attachments. A message appeared on the Internet
some months ago advising anyone who read it not to read any e-mail messages or Usenet articles with the title Good Times. It frightened a few people but actually turned out to be a complete hoax.
Guarding against most viruses is not so difficult, provided you adopt and stick to a simple but regular security routine. Every time you get a program, whatever the source, use the newest virus checker and you should be safe. This, obviously, is true not only with programs introduced via disks, but also anything downloaded over a modem. In the latter case, virus experts also advise Amiga users not to download the latest programs that appear on a BB5 - instead, wait a few days by which time they should have been checked out by someone else!
Death threat There are still a number of commercial virus killer programs available to the Amiga owner, such as Siegfried Anti Virus Pro One of the most important aspects of Amiga protection is : up your program and hours of labour. There’s nothing n stomach-churningly awful than realising your hard-drive no longer working and that, what's worse, there's years of work on it - including the potential Booker prize-wiri ning novel that you've only just finished. So what do you do to avoid this nervous breakdown-inducing crisis?
It's simple enough. Back up your data before it happens. There are several methods of doing this ranging from expensive DAT drives to affordable tape streamers and the cheaper software programs which compress and back up your data.
For many Amiga users, the best all-round options are based on removable media solutions which offer the user a dual function. Firstly, they allow you to trans fer and use memory hungry documents without the hard drive and, secondly, they mean your data can be stored and backed up on removable media. These options therefore allow you to store large amounts of data in a compact, portable form.
If this is the kind of two-way solution you need, there are several products on the market. The first to start the original ball rolling was the SyQuest with its 44Mb cartridges, then the Bernoulli Box arrived on the scene which was also superseded by the 128Mb magneto optical drive. Another popular option which caused a stir was the 100Mb Zip drive, which in turn became rivalled by the Syquest EZ drive. The Zip drive drew attention with hi-tech looks, a shocking blue colour, and worked well enough to win a coveted Blue Chip award. Limited only by the fact that you have to use the SCSI ID
numbers, five and six, the actual speed of the Zip is very impressive - a disk is ready in about four seconds and writes data at 1 Mb per second.
The most recent addition, however, is the Iomega Jaz drive which was brought out only a couple of months ago. The Jaz drive is a little more costly at around £529, but will hold 1 Gb of information. Unlike the Zip, this drive can be any SCSI ID number and coming from HiSoft, you have all the software you need to run the drive via a Squirrel. There is also a modified version of the Zip Tools which means you can write or password protect the disk.
Most of these products are widely available. For example, the EZ drive can be picked up from around £200 and the Zip for about £190. Incidentally, SyQuest has just reduced the price of its EZ135 drive to £89.
Tape Streamers are also cheap, but finding drivers that will work with them can be a problem now for Amiga owners. They can, however, be used with programs like Abackup. SCSI DAT drives, by contrast, work perfectly well but now seem unnecessarily expensive in contrast to the equally powerful but more affordable Jaz.
Another method you may prefer because of its cheapness is backing up your system onto four-hour VHS tapes.
Called Video Backup (the latest version being Video Backup 3), it allows you to store up to 520Mb. This is available from Power Computing (01234 273000), but bear in mind that it's a slower method than those mentioned on the previous page.
Amiga Computing SEPTEMBER 1996 (available from Siren Software - 0161-796
5279) . Anti Vims is launched as an application - which means
you have to remember to use it - and is equipped with tools
for scanning disks, blocks and files for all types of
viruses. You can also save bootblocks, the advantage of
which is that if a disk becomes infected it's possible to
restore it, even if it's a non-DOS game.
Frankly, however, a shareware program simply entitled Virus Checker is the long- established program that most concerned and responsible Amiga owners opt for, and with good reason. Apart from being a money saving option, Virus Checker is probably more regularly updated to tackle new viruses than any other protection program available - which is good news if you're able to download updates at regular intervals.
Provided you insert it in your Startup, Virus Checker sits unobtrusively in the background, automatically checking for suspect programs - which makes it a lot easier and painless to use than some of the alternatives. In fact, you will only see it appearing on screen if it's found a virus, a suspect Just because you invested in a top-of-the-range commercial virus killer a year ago, don't imagine you're safe. Experts estimate that about 5-10 new viruses are being developed every month file or an unknown bootblock, in which case it gives you the option to eradicate the problem.
TU RE Virus Checker is also capable of scanning for Saddam, one of the most damaging viruses to have been unleashed onto the Amiga in the past, and one that was once notoriously tricky to detect. As shareware, the program can be used free, though registration is recommended because it contains additional tools for scanning libraries of compressed files - this should prevent you from unwittingly de-archiving a virus.
There are, of course, numerous other alternatives available, such as BootX and Virus Info Base. 5ome of these have their own individual strengths and can be used together to advantage. However, it must be stressed that the golden rule is not to trust any program you're introducing into your Amiga for the first time, particularly when experimenting ¦ with unheard of virus checkers. You see, virus programmers enjoy the non-too-subtle irony of using bogus virus killers as hosts to disguise their latest brand of mischief. The same can be said of faked commercial disk copiers, which sometimes
look identical to the real thing. Make sure you know where any virus killer has come from.
Of course, computer viruses are only one of numerous threats to the Amiga and your precious data. You could be the victim of more obvious criminal damage in the form of theft. More likely, however, are the sort of commonplace but nevertheless soul-destroying disasters bom of Sod's Law: accidental deletions, software corruption and irreparable damage to your hard drive. Your survival programme has only just begun... If your elders and betters are harping on about the good old days when they could leave the back door open whilst they nipped to the shops, it's worth pointing out that times have
changed. So much so, in fact, that no possession is safe. This is especially true of computers. Perhaps no-one will look twice at your old C64, but imagine the horror of your upgraded, cost-a-lot A4000 disappearing without trace, or some unscrupulous pilferer taking a fancy to your chips. Sounds far fetched? Well, according to the Association of British Insurers, computer theft costs the country £200 million, although this figure could be as high as £1 billion due to uninsured losses and lost production time.
But there is something you can do to protect your computer and there are many weird and wonderful devices designed to do the job. Some are rather basic, though, and how much they will deter a persistent thief is questionable. For example, there is a cable lock kit which you attach to your monitor or hard drive and then this connects to the desk.
However, it may not be enough to deter the burglar with a handy pair of wire cutters. Other options include big, bulky metal boxes designed to store your computer inside.
These can be made to different specifications but will only really suit the big box Amigas because the disk opening slots tend to be located on the front. Called Steel Enclosures, they range from £85 to £185 (+VAT) Although called Secure (0171-610 3646), this company provides some security equipment which would be compatible with different types of office equipment. For example, its steel guard kits provide locking devices which attach your computer to your desk. 5ome can also be used to guard your printers and fax etcetera. These vary in price from £80 to £95 (+ VAT) for the Steel
Lok I and Steel Lok II.
SEPTEMBER 1996 Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas Siamese Tower Version Serving the Amiga User since 19S8 Why not try our Internet site at www.hiq.co.uk PowerStation Specifications:-
1. 200 watt power supply for complete Systems including monitor
on one power switch,
2. Good looking high quality steel construction.
3. Five drive bays, various mounting configurations.
4. Ideal monitor stand and cables siide underneath.
5. SONY 2.4 speed CD-Rom drive.
6. Siamese PC upgrade compatible.
7. Low cost when compared to single dnve cases.
Desktop PowerStation pack Price Includes Sony 2.4 speed SCSI CDRom + Squirrel NEW PRICE £279.95. Tower version add £20 P&P £12.50 RING ABOUT SURF SQUIRREL QUAD PACK SIAMESE SYSTEMS NOW SHIPPING CALL FOR DETAILS A1200 3.5" REALLY LOW PRICES JTS 1Gb Only £179.95 ULTRA SLIM JTS 1.6Gb Only £199.95 LIMITED SUPPLY JTS drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software installed. Includes cable pack.
Fits as easy as a 2.5" Drive, call for details.
Free fitting for personal callers.
UK Post and Packing £7 (CityLink) SCSI DRIVES Quantum 840mb Lightning New Price £179.95 Quantum 1.2Gb Lightning_£249.95 HiQ Ltd, Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe, Beds LU7 9NB.
Emaii address:- steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk All Prices include Vat, Please add 2.5% for Credit cards unless Connect and Delta versions Tel 01525 211327 Call for brochure Fax 01525 211328 m ARB AMIGA!
MEMORY SIMMs I HARD DRIVES .£129.99 .£139.99 .£149.99 .£165.99 .£175.99 .£189.99 .£239.99 MODEMS AND INTERNET 14400 bps FaxModems ..£75.99 28800 bps FaxModems.£149.99 33600 bps FaxModems £169.99 Everything you need, including access to our BBS System!
INFORMATION & ORDERING. This is only a small selection of items available - call for a copy of our catalogue. Orders can be placed by cheque, Postal Order or credit card. Mail orders should be sent to the address below, making cheques POs payable to 'Megatronix'. Credit card holders can place their orders via sales fine.
72 Pin 4 Meg.. 72 Pin 8 Meg.. 72 Pin 16 Meg.
...£39.99 ...£59.99 .£129.99 RAM UPGRADES ACCELERATORS A1200 2 Mb Upgrade £85.99 A1200 4 Mb Upgrade ....£119.99 A1200 8 Mb Upgrade ....£149.99 Apollo 1220 2' Mhz £89.99 Apollo 1232 ,1hz £189.99 Viper 28 Mhz £89.99 Viper 50 Mhz ..£189.99 REPAIRS UNDERTAKEN FOR WEST MIDLANDS AMIGA AND PC USERS, CALL FOR INFO!
540 Mb 635 Mb 850 Mb 1Gb.....
1. 3 Gb..
1. 6 Gb..
TRADE PRICES AVAILABLE FAX: 01384 82-62-82 SALES ENQUIRIES 01384 77172 BBS: 01384 86-56-26 Megatronix, 21 Tiled House Lane, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 4LG, England Even Neil Mohr can manage impressive results with Almathera's latest version of Photogenics ®hen Photogenics was first released it deservedly got high acclaim. With its rapid 256 and 24-bit colour previews, huge suit of supported image files, vast array of effects and drawing tools, it was one of the most polished Amiga products on the market. Almathera has now revamped Photogenics and released version two I suppose the
first thing I should say is that unless you have a CD-ROM drive you will not be able to use Photogenics 2 because it is only available on CD. This has the advantage of making installation very quick with no need for disk swapping, and it allows Almathera to bundle a whole load of example files for you to use and experiment with. Along with the tutorial and example images are a whole bunch of colour fonts, Lightwave objects and a number of animations.
Culture shock Current owners of Photogenics will be familiar with how it works and will be more interested with what is new in version two. For people that have never used Photogenics before, when you first sit down and use it you get a bit of a culture shock because it works in a completely different manner to Dpaint or Brilliance. Instead of painting directly onto your loaded image, as with Dpaint, Photogenics has an invisible 'paint layer'. This can be thought of as a sheet of glass, 'protecting' the current image, that you can draw on to you like until you are either happy with what
you have done, or you can wipe the whole sheet and start again without effecting the current image.
This allows you to draw onto the image with any of the available brushes. You can then change your brush type, drawing mode, current drawing colour or any of the drawing mode's attributes. These actual changes are not made permanent until you hit the fix button on the tool bar, at which point the effects you have drawn are applied to the image. If you are not happy with what you have done, dick on the clear paint layer button and start again. The paint layer can be copied to the alpha channel, loaded and saved.
In Photogenics, the main way you alter images is through its paint modes. These modes range from the straightforward, standard paint colours all the way through to complex convolutes functions - in all there are 60 different modes. Many of the modes have extra options that let you adjust just how much the image will be affected by the paint mode.
Each of the modes are applied to the paint layer using one of the various types of brushes. By allowing each brush to have a separate size, pressure, translucency and shape, a wide variety of 'natural' brush types are available, and due to the modular construction of Photogenics, it is possible for you to create and add your own brush types. All these drawing operations take place on the very fast, scalable preview windows that can be run in 16,256 or HAM-8 colour modes.
O Photogenics' powerful alpha channels are still included, and are perfect for photo-composition D Photogenics' Newicon support makes for a more beautiful Workbench Amiga Computing hat's new The first thing that current users of Photogenics will notice is that there is a new GUI - the basic windows are the same but they have undergone a subtle overhaul. Just as many PD utility authors have found the standard Amiga GUI Gadtools lacking in both ease of use and functionality, so Photogenics' authors have the same problem. This has led them to write their own interface called Widget, which is
based on a relatively new GUI system called ClassAction This gave the programmers a much simpler interface to program, while still having low system overheads.
The new GUI retains the same layout of the previous version of Photogenics, but the way you interact with it has changed - for the better I should point out. The main differences are the pop-up style windows which house, for example, the modes, effects and brushes.
Normally these will appear on screen, you select the mode you want with the left button and they then disappear. Using the right button brings up any options that are available for that entry.
If you have a large screen you will probably want these windows to be on screen permanently, and this can be done by clicking on the top left of the pop-up window. You can now resize and move the window, and if you save the options, Photogenics will remember its positioning for the next time you run the program. It is obviously a little difficult to describe just how you use the interface, but you will pick up the new system in five minutes and it works very well.
New for version two is a range of plug-ins called Effects which provides a more powerful and controllable way of applying processes to images than the usual paint modes. They also work with Photogenics' new virtual image mode - see the boxout for more information on virtual images.
Working ways Effects work in a slightly different way to the normal paint modes, probably because they are made to work with virtual images. Instead of the effects being applied to just the paint layer, they can be applied in three different ways. The two most straightforward ways are v- Photgenics' new effects can be applied directly to the paint layer or a selected area on the image applied either directly onto the entire image or the paint layer. If you apply the effect directly to the image, by-passing the paint layer, this means the only way of removing the effect if you make a mistake is
by using the undo command - however, this is not always available.
The third way is to select an area on the paint layer using the usual drawing tools and apply the effect to this selected area. The effect, however, is not performed on the paint layer but directly to the image, so again you would have to use the undo function if you changed your mind.
On the face of it, it may seem that these effects do not add much to the existing paint modes, but they allow far more complex Qelping hand Qirtually n One of the big additions to this release is the on-line manual which comes in the form of a series of Web pages that you navigate using Aweb. I was a bit dubious about having an electronic manual rather than a paper one, as I would normally say it's easier to refer to a paper manual. In use, however, Aweb takes up the Phologenicsg Wood.24Degp 96x96 (Paint, flirSrush size 7) least amount of on-screen room of the current batch of Amiga Web
browsers, and even on a 6Mb machine you can comfortably have Aweb running besides Photogenics on a 256 colour screen. Also, it does make it fairly easy to follow the supplied tutorials or look up something in the guides reference section.
? | AWEB 1 ~ Bubble Advanced Tutorial
- WHh Qrightncjj set to -40 again you can safety txid up a SizejL
Pressure i_ Tran 5 1 Chip iQMt Fast 633k - 5 34pm ies d Mode
oj ,n 11 GradientTinl Greyscale Hex Hi&LowLighte HueMap Jifler
Limit LtneArl , MaskingPaint | Matnx Median Mirage Mix
Motion Blur Negaave Paint Pixetise Posted sa AutoContrast Balance Blur Edge Fractal Gradient Greyscale Histogram Hue&Saturattoi Line Strokes Median MixColour Negative Noise Paper pty Selected | ftPP» I ly to Paintlaygrj C If you get stuck at any time, hitting help brings up Aweb Dealing with 24-bit images is always going to be memory consuming and anything that helps low- and high-end spec machines to handle images larger than they would normally is going to be a welcome feature. ImageFX has had its own virtual memory which did not require you to have an MMU, and now Photogenics has gained a
similar ability.
I say similar ability because ImageFX gives you what can be thought of as 'true' virtual memory. That is to say, when you start to use ImageFX's virtual memory it acts exactly the same as normal memory and you can carry on editing an image as usual. With Photogenics' virtual image there are restrictions on what you can do directly to the loaded image. Once loaded you are restricted to only being able to use the new range of effects directly on the entire picture, and ones such as edge detect can take a long time to complete. Other than that, you can only save the image using any of the usual
save formats.
So far, the virtual images do not sound too amazing, but what Photogenics does allow you to do is cut out an area of the large' image using a scalable bounding box. On this cut out section you can perform any of Photogenics' usual drawing or image processing functions. Once done you save the cut out section back into the virtual image, whereupon the whole image can be saved off or you can always change another part of the virtual image. Using virtual images, you can have as Amiga Computing control over the effects you are applying. One example is the fractal explorer effect which allows
you to include part of a Mandelbrot in your image. When you select apply, a window opens with various attributes and a mini Mandelbrot explorer that lets you zoom into the fractal. The other big advantage is that many of the effects can be applied to the paint layer before fixing it, giving you even more control.
A few important changes have been added to Photogenics' comprehensive list of load and save GIOs. Web authors will be glad to know that Photogenics can now save both progressive GIF and Jpeg files, and it also supports transparent GIF files. Photogenics is quite novel in the way you specify what area of the image will be transparent. All you do is highlight the transparent area on the paint layer and then when you save the file, Photogenics will automatically work out how to arrange the transparent colour for you. A PNG GIO has now been many cut out sections as you like, and this could
lead to the possibility of overlapping sections. What you need to be careful of is that Photogenics regards each section as being completely independent from the others. Therefore, if you make a change For people that have never used Photogenics before, when you first sit down and use it you get a bit of a culture shock because it works in a completely different manner to Dpaint or Brilliance added and there is a single ILBM GIO that handles every type of the Amiga's IFF files.
An interesting new feather in Photogenics' cap is its ability to handle animation GIOs, which includes support for loading and saving IFF ANIM-5, and loading CDXL animations.
Before you get too excited about this, the way Photogenics handles animation is a little cumbersome and is only really suited to an automatic process performed by an Arexx script Frame chance When loading from an animation you have to specify which single frame you want changed.
Saving an animation, as I have said, is a little long winded because every frame you save out is a separate image. Each time you save, Photogenics will ask you if you want to add this to the next frame in the animation and, once saved, if that will be the final frame in the to an area of the image that is also contained in another section, these changes will not appear in these other sections. This means you have to be a little careful when saving sections back into your image because you could obliterate previously done work.
Animation. On the plus side, however, it does handle multi-palette animations - any mode up to FiAM-8 - and will even dither each frame for you. However, don't hold your breath for the none-linear video version of Photogenics just yet One thing you may never notice is that Photogenics supports the Newicon system. This is a replacement icon system for the Amiga and uses the icon's tool types to store the alternative icon data. Unless you have the Newicon program running you will never know these icons exist, apart from what appears to be garbage in the icon's tool types. The major advantage
of Newicons is that it produces properly colour mapped icons, and Photogenics takes advantage of this and will save off Newicon icons, along with each picture you save out, in either 16, 64 or 256 colours. This means that if you have Newicons you get what is essentially a preview on your Workbench of what each image is.
There is even an option to add Newicons to every image in a specific directory.
EVIEW Another new feature that will please the batch boffins is the inclusion of a full Arexx interface. This makes for simple automation of repeated tasks, such as converting a bunch of pictures, and means Photogenics can be controlled from external Arexx scripts and programs. Within the program itself, Arexx scripts can be assigned to function keys or one of the macro menu entries. A number of example scripts are provided, a couple of which let you generate Ham-8 and Picasso renders of the current image at the press of a button.
If you are currently looking for an art package, I cannot recommend Photogenics enough, as long as you have an accelerated Amiga. To get the best out of Photogenics you need some sort of 030 accelerator and, preferably, at least 6Mb of RAM.
Almathera is also offering registered users a reasonable upgrade offer, and though the online help will be of little extra benefit, the new effects, revised interface and new GIOs make the upgrade worth while. ?•?
Bottom A* line Requirements RED essential BLACK reca: 7? E.n rf erf
3. 0J ElSl-jj Hard drive 020 ’ Workbench BAM CO Rom aT*___ 040
10Mb RAM H ird drive ™ GyberGraphX Product DETAILS Product
Photogenics 2 Supplier Almathera Price £99.95 Tel 0181-687
0040 ES Ease of use 90% Implementation 93% Value For Money 92%
Overall 94% Amiga Computing GASTEINER tel:«i8i 345 6000
FAX:0181 345 6868 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road,
Edmonton London N18 2YZ Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm RAM
£POA SAMSUG 15" £319 SAMSUG 17” £519 SONY 17" £679 SONY 15" £399 GASTEINER 14" £299 GASTEINER 15" GASTEINER 17” £379 £469 CARTRIDGES SYQUEST CARTS EX VAT VAT INC VAT ' 44MB £25.00 £4.38 £29.38 88MB £27.95 £4.90 £32.85 105MB £25.00 £4.38 £29.38 200MB £42.95 £7.52 £50.47 270MB £39.95 £7.00 £46.95 EZ13S £13.50 £2.37 £15.87 ZIP CARTS 100MB JAZZ 1GIG £10.50 £1.84 £12.34 EPOA EPOA EPOA J REMOVABLE MEDIA r SYQUEST INTERNAL & EXTERNAL 88MB EXT.
£233.83 £351.33 £269.08 £351.33 £149.32 £163.32 £445.33 £480.58 200MB EXT.
270MB INT.
270MB EXT.
EZ 135 EXT.
3. 5” SLIM IDE HARD DRIVES FOR A4000 8i A1200 540MB £139 £159
£179 £199 £289 850MB
1. 3GIG
TURE Ohis month's coverdisk contains all the remaining EasyBaseAC project files, with the three most important sources being allocators, clips and miscs. The allocators code handles the allocation of anything common to the EasyBaseAC program as a whole. All window opening modules, for example, use the Intuition library so, rather than have each module perform its own OpenLibraryQ call, it's done from within allocators with the returned global library base therefore available to any module that needs to make an Intuition call. The graphics, gadtool and asl libraries are opened by allocators
for similar reasons.
Most of the routines in the miscs file will be relatively straightforward to understand.
MakeFileName(), for instance (see listing
1) , just copies an ASL directory path into a buffer and adds the
separately stored filename to it using the DOS library
AddPart() function in order to produce a complete file
path name. DrawWindowMaskQ, a semi- experimental routine used
by the edit create window module (window2s), searches
through a list of gadtool gadgets, looks at each of the gadget
dimensions, and then uses the graphics library RectFillQ
function to draw a slightly oversized rectangular mask into
the window area where the gadget will appear.
Benefits If you want to see the benefit of doing this, try commenting out the DrawWindow MaskQ call (using * * statements), recompiling the window2.c source, and relinking the project!
There are two routines present in misc.c
- WriteBoxTextQ and ClearBoxTextQ - that whilst not used in the
preliminary version of EasyBaseAC are worth mentioning since
they will be used in subsequent versions of the program.
WriteBoxText() writes an Intuitext'defined text string into a
window inside a box produced by the gadtools DrawBevelBox()
function. ClearBoxText() is the corresponding function that
removes the text and the box from the display. I'll be using
these functions for writing temporary messages to the screen
(placing DOS DelayO functions between the text writing and
clearing calls to produce the time delays that enables messages
to be read).
In this last instalment Paul Overaa puts the final pieces of his database program project into perspective HE COVERDISK CODE code non-Amiga specific so that it could be recompiled for use on other machines. Do bear in mind, however, as you look at the stack adt code that the whole purpose of using modules like this is to provide usable datatype facilities (in this case stack last-in first-out type storage) without having to worry about the implementation issues.
As well os the allocators, dips and miscs modules there are a number of other files on the coverdisk this month, including a prototypes.h file that contains function prototypes for all routines used in the EasyBaseAC program and the stack_adth header file discussed in the May issue (99). I've also included the stackjidtc source which contains the stack abstract data type routines.
Although only the compiled (object code) module and header are needed by EasyBaseAC, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing inside the corresponding source for this module. It works by allocating a suitably sized block of memory each time an item is pushed onto the stack and inserting it into a list In this case I'm not using exec-style lists because I wanted to keep this The other file that you'll find on the coverdisk is the DICE project definition file (EasyBaseAC DICE). DICE users wishing to rebuild the project just need to place all of the files that have been provided over
the last six issues (see figure I for details) in one directory, double-click on the EasyBaseAC.DICE icon to run DICE'S Vmake front-end, and then select Build All from Compile menu. Vmake will do the rest!
Amiga Computing UBYTE CreatedipRequest void) UBYTE error_nunber=NOJRROR; s_clip_requestjj=(struct IOClipReq *) Create I Oreq u e s t (s.
If (5_clip_request_ps=NULL) error_nuiber else ( g_function1=DeleteCli pRequest; PushStack£s_resource_stack p,g funetionD; ) return error_nuiber); } EATU RE ;_clip_port_p,sizeof(struct TOClipReq)); ALLQCAT10NJRR0R; r ii tan bisk cz: c n OK | WotBww | Paroot | Qhe present in the clip.c source. All that happens is that the routine hand-crafts the IFF clip by writing the FORM, FTXT and CHRS header information (allowing space for the chunk- size and datasize values needed in the header by adjusting the io_Offset value being used). Once the record information itself has been written, the offset
field is reset in order to store the size information needed in the header.
AST WORDS Well that's about it as far os this particular series goes. Over the last six issues I've discussed record structures, my coding conventions, resource allocation and deallocation techniques, gadget and menu creation, the event handling arrangements that EasyBaseAC uses, and the list-based approach used to represent a database file in memory. For consistency, I've restricted the discussions to the code related to the first (preliminary) version of EasyBaseAC provided in the April issue and whilst, with over 120K of source code to deal with, it's not been possible to go through
the code line by line, I hope I've been able to offer sufficient detail of the main ideas to provide some food for thought Do remember that the code you've seen was in its very early stages and although I've not come across any bugs as such, some changes have inevitably been made during the last few months. I have, for example, spent time tidying up and generalising a number of the preliminary routines (eliminating some of the global variables used and so on). One important addition has been the introduction of a record marking scheme EasyBaseAC's use of the clipboard is very basic but the
overall way in which the program sets up and uses the device should nevertheless give you a fair idea of how it is handled in general. As with all Amiga devices there is a predefined pattern of events that needs to be followed before the clipboard can be used: We create a reply port for the device to send its messages to, allocate and initialise a suitable device I O request block (the clipboard device uses an lOClipReq structure), and then open the device using the OpenDevice() function. From this point on we're able to use the device using exec I O functions like DolO().
To shut down the clipboard we just reverse the setting up steps - in other words we close the device using the CloseDeviceO function, delete the I O request structure, and then delete the reply port. As you might expect, all of these steps are carried out from within the framework of my stack-based allocation scheme (see listings 2 and 3 for an I O request allocation example), and you'll be able to get the full details of the other operations from the dip.c source.
Although the setting up and deallocating code might seem a bit like hard work, once the clipboard device is up and running sending commands to it is easy as listing 4 shows.
It's worth pointing out, incidentally, that although the clipboard is IFF based, there are many cases where you do not have to get involved with fully-fledged IFF file handling in order to use the device. Writing text is a typical case in point, as you'll see when you look at the WriteCurrentRecordQ routine BOOL RakeFiUnaielstruct FiLeRequcster *reqj), UBYTE ‘buffer p) strcpy(buffer_p,req_p- rMir); return(AddPart(bufferj),req p- rf File,BUFFER SIZE)); } O Listing 1: File path name ovation using the DOS library's AddPartff routine I Ex-port Subset Export Subiet rtark Uho 1 c Dal C(tar Current
Get Help... Hs bat . . .
Ft:. Print File... ! Iibue fl i Subset 1 v Marked Subset FT- 4 -VV 95*r ¦ I 155K I r CLIPBOARD DEVICE Cancel | - O A second version of EasyBaseAC, providing database merging facilities, will be complete within a few weeks void DeleteClipRequest(void) DeletelORequestKstruct lORequest *)s clip requestjj); ) O Listing 3: The corresponding deallocation routine of listing 2 April issue Preliminary version of EasyBaseAC May issue general.h header file window3.c source June issue title.c source window.h header window2.c source July issue main.c source August issue windowl.c source September issue
allocator.c source clip.c source miscx source stack_adtc source stack_adth header prototypes header EasyBaseACDICE project definition file n Fig 1: The completed list of project files you should have collected that allows a subset of records to be defined, and this works internally by changing the node type of the database records present in memory from NT_U5ER to a newly defined NT_SUBSET value. This has allowed printing and record export facilities to be added where the node type value is used to decide whether or not to write out a particular record.
An import option has also been added in order to enable databases with similar field and data characteristics to be merged together, and this is currently being tested. The driving force here, as I've mentioned previously, is to enable the small sets of disk- based function descriptions now being provided with my regular Assembler column to be merged together to form a single function description database. I hope, incidentally, to have this second version of the program available in time for the next issue and after that it'll be time to sit down and plan some of the more sophisticated
functions, like search facilities and context sensitive help, that I eventually hope to incorporate. All these things, however, will be stories for another time!
UBYTE UriteToClip(UBYTE ‘bufferjj, UlONG length) UBYTE errorjiu«ber=N0_ERR0R; s_ctip_request__p- io_Co*®and=CWD_WRITE; s_clip_requestj - iQj ata=(UBYTE *)buffer_p; s_clip_reque$ t_p- io_Length=length; error_nuiber=DoIOC(struct lORequest *)s_clip_reque$ t_p); return error nunber); } U Listing 4: The clipboard writing routine used in the clip.c source Listing 2: The clip request allocation routine Amiga Computing 66 SEPTEMBER 1996 IOM...CD-ROM..XD-ROM...CD-ROM.JlD-ROM...CD-ROM...CMOM...CD-ROMJ]ffl-a(iM... Workbench Add-On Volume 1 The Workbench Add-On CD-ROM h the idool companion to your
workbench. On this CD you will nol onFy Find the best programs, lhot ore available for the AMIGA, but you will alio gel them ready-to-run from the CD. In addition to this (her* u on InHoJtor script that Installs ¦he deseed program* To your harddisk The CD cover* all area* of interest. Al iti* programmer, the user. !*te creative and rhe gamer writ Find who* 'hey ore looking for On this CD-ROM there are many shareware programs, some of them ot o special pace if you gel registered There nog Shopeshfter (or 40- OM (instead of 50 - DM}, in oddfior to this there * a 50 MB Mac partition. Jo me! You
cor start playing around wrh Mac application* rtghr away. Then there 4 PowerPloyer lor 20 ¦ DM |mg*od of 30- DM|. There ore, of course, bods of modules wirfi H. 10 that you con try ti right away AnuWin, ih* new XII server lor the Am-ga is available far $ 40. Instead of $ 50. You con sa se more fhan 100.- DM With this CD Therelore you only have to send in the appropriate page m the booklet io the author of the program £24.95 Magic Publisher On th i unique CD-ROM Set you wJl hnd oil you need to create nice looking document* If you wan? So wr re a book, .1 you wan! To design a post*’, if you wont
to create WWW-Peges lo» rhe internet o* byout a magazine, oil yw need you will find on this marvelous CD-ROM There ore more than 10,000 Fonts (Colour Fonts. Bitmap Fonts IFF-fants, Adobe Fonts, !n!*!iifonf*. Truetyp* Fonts ond DMF Forvs), more thon 5.000 cfiparts ond 150 printer dr wen Many ol these ore exclusive to Magic Publisher You will also find a complete installation of PaiTex (more than 300 MB}, containing oil its fonts |upto 600x600 dpi} In order to create good looking documents, there is Final Writer 4 SE and Word worth 4 TD Both rated as the best word processors on the AMIGA. For
creating good looking Inlernet-WWW-Documents there are oil available Free Shareware programs for the AMIGA, including many backgrounds ond special clipart far this purpose. The 100* pages booklet contains printouts of oil fonts ond dipart. Aspecial BBS section i* also provided £49.95 Amiga Developer CD vl.l Aminet Set Asnmet is the world s larges* coHeceon of (resly disriDutable Amiga software. Dp to 10000 users access the vast crchrvtn ervery day and countless programmers publish directly via Aminet. Until recently access to Aminet was restricted to international network users With Amino!
So! I, consisting of 4 Cds, the complete archive is published the first time This CDROM-colleclion, which Is dated Jonuary 1995 offers on almost inexhaustible reservoir of top-voSue 5hotrwor* A w-de variety ol programs is Included Applications, Gomes, Demos, Pictures. Mods, Animations, Oev*loper-Materic! It contains approximately 4 gigabytes ol software in 12-500 erthrvw and you will enjoy the comfcrtoble user interface. £29.95 Aminet Set 2 AMINET SET 2. Doted November 1995. Consists of oppraximotely 4 gigabytes ol software in 12 000 orchtvo* Whether you Jrk* applications, gomes,
commwnicaiions or programming. Ac SET gives you all you need losy to us* index files ond search iocilitiei make accessing t a oteature £34.95 AMINET SET 3, dated July 1996, consists ol approximately 4 gigabytes ol software in 9,000 archives. Also included ore full versions of Imagine 4 0, XiPainl 3 2. OctaMED 5.0 ond some commercial games Whether you like applications, gamei.
Communications or programming, the SET give* you all you need 95 MB Utilities 79 MB Documents. 408 MB text software. 12 MB Dtsk HD tools. 7 MB Hardware related, 756 MB Pictures A Arvirncnons, 208 MB Graphics software, 394 MB Graphics & sound demos. 563 MB Games, 64 MB MisceFcnecus. 635 MB Musk modules. 2B MB Music software, 131 MB Comnrjrtitatiocti. 91 MB Development Software, B6 MB Business software Easy to use index (-1*1 ond search bxiktiei moke accessing it a pleasure. £39.95 Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill The Meeting Pearls Volume ill contains 650 MB ol the hneil FD sort- wore via n special user
interface, which has been created to allow you to find the program ol your choice with ease The Contents,' 10 MS Packer, Cruncher, Archive Program* 3 MB CD-ROM Utilities ¦ 21 MB Communication and Network Programs 5 MB Debugging Tools 29 MB Development Tools 13 MB floppy. Hard Disk ans SCSI Programs ¦ 6 MB Educotonol Programs 9 MB Garret 35 Ml Graphics Programs • 39 Mi Internet Movie Database. Updated Version 7 MB Midi Tools and Programs 27 MB Mods 12 MB Musk Program* 21 MB Pictures 13 MB A«n.TCP end more lor Networking 60 MB Documentation, CD-ROM Databases, •« 96 MS PasTeX 1.4 - not previous
available on any CD-ROM 15 MB Urines 30 MB HTMtTbge* CoBeetioni ol dorarypei. Berrthmork programs, icons, programs for amateur rad*o ond elecltKOl elec- Ironic engineering are also included £9.95 Aminet 12 Sdl avoJobbl £14.95 Aminet 13 Aminet CD 53, dated August 1996, consists of opprorimately 1.1 ggabytes of software in 2400 archrves. Since the release ef Aminet CD 12 mere than SCO MB new software has appeared. The current edition has n special focus or animation*, several Hundred animations from the internet were mehided User irwndly occeis software mokes the Aminet CD 13 a pleasure to use
£14.95 XIPaint V4 XiPoint 4 is the new version ol the leading edge, 24-bit pour prog'om If* suited to the demands of nonce end expert o!il«. One within a short time, you too will be oble to produce colourful and creative c*l in 56 6 nvll«on colours. This version of XiPainl feature* animation* OS well os easy-to-use royhocing-capab lit.es Overview of Feature* Dfvets* point functions including colour contrasf ond saturation adjustment Mask, outline, recobur and hi functions Airbrush with adjustable spray functions Ughl-lobl* (unction for manipulating manroges and animation* Te«J function!
With ontsdiaung using Compugiaphic fonts Support for o vaitely of graphic brmats Unlim.ied Undo Divers* mon-pubtion of olpho channel ¦ Supports many graphic cords Layers to combine dtfterert projects A?r * port Drag B Drop colours Ejderao! Fiber module Extensive documentation 60 textures, 50 landscape*. 30 other pictures and many fonts included- £49.95 Mods Anthology Do you like Music? Do you like Computers? Do you like Compvte'-Music? Then, this collection is what you needl 4 CD-Romi fud of Music-Modulesl More than 1BQOO modi of any format (MOD, 53M, XM, IT A-n-tja Synthetics..} oil sorted by
Composers n priority, by Groups, then by Kinds, oil stored in uncompressed lorn, readable under all the major platforms Coming along with IIMB of Modvb lists (ASCII. AmrgaGu do...| and 25MB of Module Players ortd Tracker* for many compuforvSeleased with the bR agiwivesl from more then 200 musKrans (PC cmd Aratoo Scene} who prowoed me with a personal InlofJe and picture, as weii a* many previously unrebased moduteslEnjoy thii 7-years Manic workl Prepare to fslen to 1000'* hours of Musicl £29.95 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 NetNews Offline Vol I •* the I it It d.*k of O new bimonthly published series
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This includes The CD32 developer package. In addition to the original live disk set distribution you will find the "fluild-CO* CD wrker package Packages contributed by 3rd parties: The WBPafh ond AcfionFSSM packages, courtesy of Ralph Babel. The Envoy *2.0 developer kit, courtesy of (AM. Inc, The Inel 225 developer it, version 7, courtesy ol Interworks, Inc, The KiikamiHt package, courtesy of Angela Schmidt, The Enforcer v3764, courtesy ol Mke Sirs Information m support of tarthcempng operating system developments. Additional developer matend BOOPSI gadget and image classes; The AnvgaQS 2.04
example code, as pan ol the original 2 04 Native Developer Kir. The RKM 2 04 code examples The complete set of registered IFF forms. (Ff example and stress test Files, All IFF packages released by Commodore-Amiga, Inc., coverng 1986 through 1992; The camd v37.l MiDt developer kit; The SANA-lt standard package ond developer kit; The Installer v43,1 package International support material: Sample text using the lull 150-8859-1 character set; Translation guidelinei. The updated 3.1 Native Developer Kit "C* and asiambFy language header Files linker a-*d runtime libraries, System documentation ond
tutoriol texts; Example code covering rhe AMIGA OS 3 0 ond 3.5 features The Newlff v39 package; The AmigaGuide and DaraTypsi documentation and example code Reference materials The collection of AmsgoGurde Volume 1 articles, Covering Spring 1937 through January February 1989; The complete AmigaGuide Volume 2 omelet in AmigaGuide format, catering January February 1990 rhrovgh March Apn! 1993; alio included are the printable issues in PostScript and PogeSrreom for mol, Hardware related articles. The Includes & Autadoc* its Am-gnGvid* lormqt £14.95 Gamers1 Delight II This CD contains 1070 gomes
for rhe Commodore Amiga from differing categories Acton Jump & Run. Card Games, Puzzles, Strategy Games - a whole range of computer entertainment awaSs' Gamers Delight will hgid you captivated for hours and guarantees lorvgJasi-
• ng pleasure 70 gomes are commercial versions - no public domain
& no demo11 This CD con be fun on any Amga with CD-ROM drive, I
MB bee memory ond Joystitk Joypod £26-95 All products are
available in your local Amiga-shop or through national
mail-order-companies International Distributor: Grenville
Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761
Waldshut-Tiengen - Germany Tel +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-83
0438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 rnmrn mmm mm m m raaa i
Start £TT ui jrr ! Lw W'r Emma &V O The main menu is split
into lour different sections.
Each one leads to a new aspect of game creation Amiga Computing SEPTEMBER 1996 Game Engine is by a brand new company entitled Aspire 2 who is certainly new to me. If this is its first product then it's by no means a bad one - it's actually quite impressive.
However, the engine itself is used only for platform games, which may disappoint a few people because, unfortunately, it's not the most popular genre around today.
Having said that, though, there have been many quality platform games in the past such as Superfrog, Fire And Ice and Pinkie.
The actual program is split into four modules - object, map, animation and background editor. Once all these modules con- tain data, the fifth module can be used to tell the computer where it can find certain files - this is called the Construction editor.
All the modules are displayed as boxes on the menu screen so it's easy to access the different parts which make up your game.
The object editor is very similar to the one which comes with Amos. You get a small window in the top corner of your screen and all the tools and gadgets are displayed at the foot of the screen. You can import various palettes and pictures from IFF formats which enables the use of outside paint packages such as Personal Paint or Dpaint. Although the editor itself contains drawing tools, you may find it easier to use old, familiar packages and import your work across. Game Engine will automatically covert your images as individual blocks so there's no awkward frame grabbing or
positioning involved.
The map editor allows you to edit the map blocks so you can define platform layers and heights. The menus are all laid out cleverly so it's easy on the eye, especially if When people think of the connotations that go along with programming your own games,
- you're supposed to be some kind of spectacle-wearing gimp who
has nothing better to do than sit on your rear-end typing in
lines of procedures one after the other. Well, you maybe right,
although you don't have to be a super techie to be able to
create simple games, Alt you need are a few ideas.
The basic principle is to put your ideas in to practice nice and quickly. I remember at primary school when we were asked to make a model from clay. Before I started I always had these excellent pictures in mind of what I wanted to create, a bit like some kind of famous sculptor, but after a good few hours I ended up with one of the ugliest, messiest things which didn't even look like clay anymore.
It’s the same principle with creating games. You can have the most amazing ideas but you know deep down they're not really viable. This is where Game Engine comes into the picture. This package will help you in transforming simple ideas into professional works of art - well, almost Game Engine you are going to be using a certain editor for a lengthy period of time, and once again you can import and export the screens for use with another art package or from the included object editor.
The animation editor is probably the most awkward part of any game development because you have to be almost pixel perfect to make your game look as professional as possible.
Annoying use of a magnifying option. All the playback options are gathered toget her in a CD player-like fashion with play, stop, forward, rewind and pause buttons.
Window at the top corner, there are many smaller ones where you can place each frame of an animation. It features a object editor, although instead of one large The screen looks identical to that of the thumbnail feature so there’s no The back ground editor is used for giving a layered effect on the actual backdrops behind the map. You can load in an ordinary pattern from an art package with a copper palette or otherwise.
The fifth part is the construction editor.
You can alter the smaller effects for your game such as music, SFX, gravity, friction, scrolling, and aspects such as “ how many times you need to hit the enemy before it dies, enabling the use of tough end-of-level guardians.
Once all the aspects of the game have been completed and thoroughly tested.. Andy IVIaddock reviews a new engine to help all those would-be programmers you can put what you've completed onto disks. You need to define where your files are if they are stored on your hard drive and then instantly copied onto floppies, along with a suitable startup sequence which will make the disks bootable.
If you've always wanted to create a simple Amiga game without the hassle of knowing how to program or relying on someone else to do the dirty work, then Game Engine could be just what you're looking for. You don't have to be an expert to use Game Engine because the manual will explain all the finer points in great simplicity.
& On the other hand, if you're interested in the whole idea of programming then this could be a good place to start as it gives you an idea of what's involved in creating a game.
Experienced programmers should really ignore this program because they could probably handle a much harder programming language and consequently come up with better results. Yet, for such a simple package, Game Engine comes up with some surprising and effective results which can easily be passed as Public Domain, and may even be looking towards a commercial release.
If you bear in mind that you can only generate platform games then Game Engine would be an excellent purchase and one which newbie programmers would be well advised to take a look at.
Game Engine can be ordered via mail order only and at £24.95 you should seriously think about spending your hard earned cash. It's a must for beginners new to the programming department.
Contact the following address for more info: Aspire 2, Strathspey, Pentre Hill, Flint Mountain, Flintshire, CH6 5QN or phone fax on 01352 761798 To add more effect Jo your background screens you can choose a palette to complement your levels yunujjj ~lin To animate your sprites, you draw each frame in the box and paste them onto the main screen O The background editor is used by cutting and pasting different blocks - like a paint package I- Product details!
Product Game Engine Supplier Aspire 2 Price £24.95 Tel 01352 761798 Ease of use 89% Implementation 88% Value For Money 86% Overall 89% Amiga Computing Liage International, Inc. 36 Dye Street Garnerville, N.Y. 10923 (914) 786 1711 (914) 786 1708 Fax WE DARE YOU TO COMPETE WITH OUR SOFTWARE BONANZA!!!
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KNOCKOUT HIGH PRICES UTORIAL This month Paul Overaa takes you through those all-important steps of creating an Arexx macro A V paving had our first glimpse last ¦ ¦ month of an Arexx script talking ill to a program (the ACRexx utility), it's time to look at these communications issues in more detail. The important thing to understand at this point is that when it comes to the various commands that make up a program's Arexx interface, there is little or no consistency around. Just as most Amiga programs are designed and programmed differently, so the command set that makes up the interface
also varies from program to program. This is true even for programs which have similar uses. The commands that the Wordworth word processor responds to are different from those used by, say, Final Copy. And both of these are different again from the Cygnus Ed text editor!
One of the difficulties then, as far as providing practical examples is concerned, is that although there are plenty of Arexx controllable programs around, not all Amiga users will have access to the same type of software. And if, for example, you are a user of Softwood's Final Copy word processor you won't want to read too much about Wordworth-based examples (and vice versa).
Luckily, there is one program that everybody does have and that's the ED text editor.
ED has never been a particularly friendly text editor to use but in recent years a number of improvements have been made. Mouse control has been added along with menu and function key support, a proper file requester, customisable configuration files, and even a close gadget Perhaps the most important addition, however, was the inclusion of an Arexx interface.
Commands In normal use, ED provides two types of commands called 'immediate' and 'extended'. In immediate mode the various key- stroke-based commands are executed straightaway, but with extended mode you press the ESCape key and then enter the extended command at the bottom of the window when the asterisk prompt appears.
One of these extended mode commands, called rx, is used to run Arexx scripts, and within those scripts many of ED's extended commands can be used to remotely control ED's editing facilities.
Table 1 lists some that are particularly useful and you'll find all of these commands, plus others, listed in the Editor section of the AmigaDOS manual that came with your Amiga. (Bear in mind when reading about and using these Arexx commands in your scripts that you do not need to worry about the ESCape key character prefixes since these are only necessary when issuing extended commands at the keyboard. For example, the 'move to top of file' instruction
- listed in the above mentioned manual as ESC,T - would in an
Arexx script just be written as Y or T.) Arexx scripts that are
intended to be used with, and executed directly by, an applica
tions program like ED tend to be called 'macros’ or macro
scripts. What we're going to be doing this month is creating a
few easy ED macros, starting off with one that will
automatically insert your name and address at the start of a
text file. Now, because we'll never be quite sure whereabouts
the cursor will be during file editing, the first thing to do
is move the cursor to the top of the file using a T command.
After that we might try ED's T commands to insert the text
itself. Here's one possible script that looks as though it
would do the job: * test 1.rexx *
• T’ 'I John Siith ' 'I Sone Road ' 'l Soie Town ' To create your
own version of this macro you'll need to open a Shell window
and then enter either of these commands: 1 ed rexx:test1.rexx
or: 1 ed s:testl.rexx Why the choice? It's because by default
ED always looks in the drawer assigned to rexx: for the scripts
that it runs, but since this is usually the Workbench S
directory, either command will result in your script being
stored in the place where ED can find it So, create the script
and save the file, then quit the editor. Having done that use
ED again - this time either to open a new file or to load any
text file that you have handy. Press the ESCape key and, when
the asterisk prompt appears, enter this command:
* rx test1.rexx (note: Please remember that you should not type
either the l or the * prompts we've shown - they've only been
provided as a point of reference since you'll see these, or
similar, prompts on your screen).
The minute you hit the return key, ED will find and run the macro and your name and address will be inserted at the top of the file. Unfortunately though, the lines of text will appear in the wrong order and this is because ED's Y insertion command puts new lines before the current line rather than after it. One way of getting around this would be to move the cursor down to the next line each time a line of text is inserted, like this: * test2.rexx * ‘T‘ 'I John S»ith ' 'N' 'I Soae Road ' 'N' 'I Soie Town ' but it’s actually easier to use the 'A ' (insert after) form of the text insertion
command and write the script as: I* testJ.mx * T ¦A John Siith *
• A Soae Road 1 'A Soic Town ' If you try running this macro
you'll find that the lines of text are now inserted in the
correct order. And that's it. Providing everything went
according to plan you will have created and run your first
macro (needless to say if the macro didn't work then you'll
need to load it back into ED, find and correct the mistake, and
try again)!
Amiga Computing 71 B Move to bottom of file D Delete current line fr** __““___ IB3U& h»w» r «son to that it Is ullhin votir ou»r to tooch mm how...
• rii i tit .rtiw l string Insert a line with specified
string before the current line A string Insert a line with
specified string after the current line J Join current line
with the next line M n Move to line n N Move to next line T
Move to top of text When you look at the description of ED's
text insertion command it's easy to come to the conclusion
that it only allows you to use fixed text strings in your
macros. In actual fact, you can use the contents of variables
just as easily. The syntax of ED's insert command looks like
this: SING VARIABLES A text string In other words, the
command that ED expects to see starts with the letter A
followed by a slash sign, and after that comes the text string
that ED inserts into the file currently being edited. The
terminal slash character is there simply to tell ED that the
end of the string, and the end of the insert command, has been
Now, provided the resulting command that gets transmitted to ED is consistent with this format, ED will neither care, nor in fact know, how the Arexx script created the command string. In other words OME UNWANTED SPACE If you create and run the test3.rexx script you'll find it works much the same as before. One difference, however, is that each line of the inserted name and address will now include a blank space at the start. The reason this happens is that when Arexx sees a number of static text strings (like 'A ') or variables written together on the same line, it effectively creates a
new string by joining the various items together, separating them using spaces. In the case of our example script, Arexx therefore puts a space between the first slash character and the variable being used - and ED then assumes that this space is the first character of the string to be inserted into the text.
Luckily, you can force Arexx to join text strings together without introducing additional blanks by using something called the Arexx concatentation operator ||.
In other words, if we write the text insertion commands in the form:
* 'A 111naie117' then the inserted text line will correspond
exactly to the contents of the variable being used. The
following script instead of: 'A John Siith ' we could equally
as well have sent the command to ED using: naa«='John S»ith'
'A ' nane * ¦ An alternative way of writing the test3.rexx name
and address insertion macro then would be to use this sort of
code: I* testi.rexx 7 naie='John Siith' road='SoBe Road'
town=1Sone Town' T 'hi1 nase 7* 'A ' road 7' 7 ' toun 7*
therefore produces a result identical to that of test3.rexx; I*
tistA.rexx * nane='Jotm Snith' rcad=1 Seme Road' town='Soie
* T' 1A ' | |na*e| 17' 'A ¦||road||71 'A ' 11 tovnj 17' The use
of variables can make even the simple text insertion scripts
we've been looking at surprisingly powerful. By adding
initial 'A ' and terminal' ' strings to the loop example of
last month's instalment we could, for instance, produce this
script which inserts a pounds to ounces conversion table into a
text file: * test5.rexx - lbs and ounces table insertion * do
lbs = 2 to 12 result=lbs*16 1 A 111Lbs 'pounds =' result
'ounces 1 end OMING SOON I We've seen so far then that there
are two quite separate issues connected with Arexx programming:
Firstly, the use of statements such as Arexx's do end loops
which form part of the Arexx language itself. Secondly, there
are the application's program-specific statements, like ED's T
and 'N' commands, that though included in scripts, are not
really part of the Arexx language at all. When Arexx sees these
sorts of statements it just assumes that they're intended for
an external application and transmits them.
The bottom line then is that there are two, relatively separate areas that you as an Arexx coder need to come to terms with: The Arexx language and the interface commands offered by the particular application programs you wish to use. In order to make the most of what Arexx has to offer, however, it's necessary to learn quite a bit more about the language, and one of the most important issues here is to (earn how to use a program building block known as the Arexx function. That, by the way, is the subject on the agenda next month.
ISSING ADDRESS Have you noticed that this month's macro scripts have not used the ADDRESS statement discussed in the last instalment? The reason is that it isn't needed - when scripts are started under the control of an applications program (ED in this case), any external commands that a script issues will automatically be sent back to the application that started the script running in the first place. This is the big difference between standalone scripts which you (the user) execute using the Shell-based RX command, and macros which are run directly by an applications program.
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A500 500+ New 72 pin SIMMs Alla Power Plus w 613Mb HO $ 359.95
4MD RAM 99.95 8Md RAM 194.95 Call lor other configurations We
realize the difficulty many Amiga users have in finding
reliable and honest service facilities. We have been with ihe
Amiga right from the start and know it thoroughly. We repair
all Amigas, including ihe A120G and A4000. We also install
and configure existing machines. We offer reasonable rates
and free estimates. We only charge you if you want your
system repaired Please call our Tech line at 610* 586-8640
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Utilities Unlimited Emptani Deluxe S349.95 Emplant AmiA Interface 55.00 Mac Emulation Pro for Emplant 34.95 e586DX Module for Emplant 119.95 We proudly announce 2 NEW software emulation packages that allow you lo run all Mac software on your Amiga.
Mac Lite $ 67.95 Emplant A120Q & CD32 w SX Unit 54.95 M-TEC Germany Mtec AT 500 No HD $ 149.95 Mtec AT 500 613Mb HD 369.95 2Mb RAM for AT 500 unit 72,00 8Mb RAM lor AT 500 unit 239.00 Mtec A500 2Mb RAM Module 139.95 Mtec 6B020I Turbo A500 OK 99.95 1 Mb 32-bit RAM for 6802QI 44.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM for 68020! 84.95
• Actual return shipping charges do apply to all units sent in to
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Copyright 1596 loryAnfanucda 5F1 AH Rights Reserved All the
latest news from the Amiga games world can be found here, not
that there’s much of it Valhalla Your essential guide to Amiga
gaming Yep, he’s back. I know you've all been dreading those
samples but don’t worry, there are plenty more This just
sneaked in at the far post at the last minute, so three cheers
for overtime and all that Simon The Sorcerer If you've ever
fancied a bit of wizardry then Simon The Sorcerer is just the
ticket. Check out the second part of this complete guide my son
Sensible World Of Soccer Here it is. The first part of our
fantastic game guide. You should be almost up to Tel’s
standards after you read this Harry’s Balloons Harry is a
hedgehog, and he will allow you to play with his balloons on
one condition - that you don’t pop ’em!
N w$ irage Software, which comes all the way from Poland, has recently been working on a few games titles which are looking quite intriguing and have generated great interest around the office.
By Andy Maddock The first is called Super Taekwondo Master, which is a fighting game, as you can probably tell. Although Taekwondo isn't the most popular sport over here, it seems pretty big in Poland because at the end it features plenty of digitised pictures of the development crew doing some special moves and actions.
The whole game is actually digitised - in fact it looks a lot like Mortal Kombat, only clearer and possibly a touch smoother.
The second game in development is slightly more interesting and is called Rockstar. It looks a bit like an adventure game although it's all in Polish so I'm probably wrong. I think the idea is to form a band, visit the local pub, buy some equipment, practice, do some gigs, hopefully get signed, get in the charts and then earn loads of money.
Good plan. Anyway, these are two titles which we will definitely cover within the next month or so. Prepare to learn some Polish.
Cars and things Apex Systems, who brought you World Golf which received a pretty decent score about two months ago, is back with some fantastic news which will please any Amiga gamesplayer.
Its next release is going to be called World of Formula One Grand Prix and. Basically, if you can't guess, it's going to be a Formula One Grand Prix manager-type simulation. It's scheduled to be released to coincide with the final race of the season at Suzuka in Japan on 13 October.
The game will consist of all things Formula One like, being able to select tyres, suspension, wing degrees and all things way above my head. Don't worry, though, as the game won't be specifically for car buffs - it's best feature will be its simplicity.
Apex Systems was heard to say: "It's Theme Park only with racing cars!" Look out for a review soon!
The motor racing season Is almost over and to coincide with the ending, here's World Of Formula One CAR DAMAGE REPORT WXLLXRMS
JTRkiTRl-FEMTffc I _ .» eErc- rr-hc Fn*r« i r 4 HCLffttJl
5 SffcjeER-FOFr JOStDflri-m'GEOT You kickin’ off, mate?
Anco has returned after its two recent releases, Player Manager 1 + 2, and has surprised me by releasing an entirely new game entitled Kick Off 96.
However, just because the title reverts back to the days of the old and unforgettable Kick Off series, the game will not be as the same, It will be set in a 3D environment and offers arcade and simulation modes, four camera angles. 8000 frames of animation, 49 international and 750 Premier League teams, and 15,000 real- life players. Sounds good doesn't it. We'll have it next month, so stay tuned.
ItH E P !7t r.fcCtriMli .Mir Championship Manager 2 is here!
Ooh dear, I lied - again. Everything seems to be going wrong because i have promised you a full review of Championship Manager 2 for the last four months, and every month Domark tells us "It's almost finished..." Well, apparently, the punters who ordered the game in advance are beginning to ask for their money back, so Domark had better be careful in case everyone gets so cheesed off and nobody buys it.
Anyway, we've told you a million times before and we'll tell you again.’We'll have a full review next month. But do me a favour - don't hold your breath. Good win for England though eh?
Aston Villa Squad System Selections (past) Total Football Total Football was reviewed about two months ago and is certainly one of the better football games around today XP8 Shoot-'em-ups have had a great absence from the world of Amiga but now XP8 is here there's no need for another ystem Selections (present) Sensible World of Soccer
- Euro 96 Edition Sensible World of Soccer is probably the finest
Amiga game ever to grace the delicate monitor screen.
Thousands have enjoyed it and thousands more will enjoy the
special Euro ’96 edition.
Chaos Engine 2 This is one of the few arcade platform adven- ture-type games which have been featured so rarely in past issues of system, although here's one to end it all!
Er, here’s another screenshot!
Ifosevic S SWOS guide part two If you like our first part of the Sensible World Of Soccer guide featured right here in this very issue, then you will like part two even more.
Next month we will show you how to finally achieve the international coach status and become one of the world's leading managers.
Not only will we give you tips for your team selection, we'll also tell you how to win the European Championships and World Cup with ease. If you're having trouble with Sensi and want to get to the international bit quickly, then be sure to read the final part of our Sensi guide. Don't miss out. Oh, and we haven't forgotten about part two of Simon the Sorcerer either. Honest. It's here as well.
Here's good ofd Sensi again. Part two is going to be absolutely fantastic so get ready!
Ystem Selections (future) Alien Breed Killing Grounds From what we've seen, this is a future selection. The first was good, but this one is even better. We may have it next month so you'll get an idea if it will receive the elusive title of 'System Selection!'
Primal Rage We have no idea what this is going to be like, but it looks like being a future selection, oh yes.
Next Month Next month seems a million miles away, but lined up for the issue are Championship Manager 2 (maybe!), Kick Off 96, Allen Breed 3D II, the next part of our massive SWOS guide, and lots and lots of fantastic things which will indeed be fantastic. I can't wait, can you? What do you mean yes?
We might have this next month if we can keep in Team 17’s good books I 1 il liTB review valhalla PUBLISHER his is the third speech adventure from Vulcan Software, the team responsible for the previous two Valhalla games, not to mention Timekeepers and Hillsea Lido.
Most people, especially other workers in our office, remember Valhalla, but not because of its excellent plot, smooth graphics and superb gameplay. It's simply the fact that it was extremely annoying. I think everyone now knows it featured a small bloke who just wouldn't shut up. Every time you picked up an object he'd gladly inform you "I've got it."
Also, to make things worse, if you turned the volume down it lost some of its appeal, so everyone just had to put up with it.
It looks like our staff are in for even more abuse because Valhalla - Fortress of Eve has arrived. Well, it had to happen didn't it. The actual plot takes a very strange turn because the King is getting sexually stimulated (?) And his attention is beginning to turn to some lovely ladies (and here's me thinking it's going to be a proper yawn fest).
So that's the plot. The little King is after a bird.
That is, as they say, the bottom line. But he's in Fortress f Eve Reviewed by Andy Maddock Vulcan Software DEVELOPER HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS All Amigas Seplember 19QG 17 Reverse angle play The only gripe I have is about the graphics.
Even though the change of playing angle is a completeiy new challenge, 1 always liked the top-down view, although that's probably just me. The graphics always seemed really good in the past versions, but maybe they just fancied a change or something. If you think about it, if another version of the game had been released with the same graphics and samples, everyone would have probably complained. So it's all just a matter of opinion. There will always be someone somewhere who won't like it.
For a big surprise because his plan is going to be tougher than he thinks. Firstly, he considers himself handsome even though he looks remarkably like the back end of a donkey and, secondly, his island is absolutely birdless.
Consequently, his chances are looking pretty slim at the very least.
The evil Queen has kidnapped all the iadies off the island, leaving several of the peasants looking very unhappy indeed. The Queen has carried out this evil act because she wants you to marry her daughter, Ezmerelda. However, she's not the raven-haired temptress you'd expect, although I still think he's setting his sights too high.
Anyway, the game starts with a surprisingly new angle whereby the young Valhalla bloke doesn't have to strain his neck muscles to let you know what's happening. It's amazing - you can actually see his legs! The game is now viewed from a 3D side view.
As you'd expect, your job is to tour around solving puzzles along the way. Gaining information by talking to everyone you see. You'JI be given loads of clues throughout your adventure, but most of them won't make sense until you complete the first part.
The main display for the game is in the centre of the screen, as usual, your status bar is situated down the left-hand side of the screen, and your inventory is placed along the top of the screen. You can also scroll through the various action icons at the foot of the screen. You can view the map of the area, look at things, talk to people, pick up objects, use objects and save the game. The most effective method of moving the King is by using the mouse, with a pointer popping up to show you where you can move to.
As with the rest of the Valhalla series, you can't fail to be impressed with the amount of sampled speech - and there aren't many games which take advantage of the Amiga's ability to do this.
Final word The good thing about Valhalla is that there are more than enough levels and challenging gamepfay to warrant the price tag, and it's certainly one any Valhalla fan shouldn't miss.
It looks like the Portsmouth-duo has come out tops once again!
A pig. A big fat pink pig, wallowing in mud and swill like everybody's business. Great There’s always loads of cheese knocking about. I don’t know if it's a fetish from Portsmouth. Who knows £ you can't fail to be impressed with the amount of sampled speech - and there aren't many games which take advantage of the Amiga’s ability to do this M SfptMfeBr 1S8B hints & tips By Andy Maddock World of Soccer old then first part
* £•£»* ! '5.HI
. Li NO ! • ?
R k
* "“J- r*i?
. Jw*riME*i . Uvpon*
• iiO-rfC- »1« CXMai ccft i
• CSV.® rcmwm v
* *1 t«v».LJC (*•*!. *
• rO*(. * *»«* PMK W 4r flW, mu.lfT0 r »I ,¦». W*en V A
ff'jMft.r rcfttcx awpa w
* ITT'-C tffJL Kf CC 'i aut**+-cv=®i *
A. iVf-t i
• ATW» 6 Jtf THCS net Wi .¦©*«* M tMMi r-rr--* ?««.
* t'.i .»|TC» o«v(}f%*rr Ooh, it's going to be a tough match.
It's a good job you've got your full squad When dealing in the
transfer market always make sure you offer lower than the exact
price !«*=EU~L» ft rs 'wXJt»H ¦Twwetii*. F-XFoj .1 EW. CTC-
* iw3i h h'pC’Uoa 'SPCKi-ftW» 0 iCTncwl't»Cfc C D4C49 ft f r
«¦. .«? **.*« ot “ »»* Cc-1 Tjri' i¥» 'iiupwmw e flu.-tsst*'
o*Tn*o bT*“'pci*«* IL*WQHS(H BflHK £6*J2.tW0 CS'Trtrt kay. So
it's embarrassing to admit that you are rubbish at Sensi. It's
probably the most competitive game on the Amiga, but if you
keep getting hammered at it by a six-year think it's about time
you read this, the of our complete Sensible World Of Soccer
The best advice I can give to start with is to refuse to start with your favourite team. It may seem a strange way of playing Sensi, but it'll give you something to aim for, If you support Manchester Utd, start with someone like Bury so you can aim for that job. You'll be surprised how much longer you'll play the game.
However, whichever team you start with, whether it's Barnet or Blackburn, your first mission is to take a trip to the transfer market to pick up some bargains. Before that, though, you must look at your squad's statistics. Even though the game claims that a player's ability shouldn't be judged by the player's value, it helps immensely because, obviously, an £8 million player is going to be far better than a player valued at £250,000.
Start by putting all your unwanted players, that is the cheapest, on the transfer list and get as much as you possibly can for them - don't let them go at siliy prices. Now, depending on what team you are you will be able to work out which price bracket you can allow for yourself.
If you are in division three, most of the players cost around £130-200,000. You need to get your players up to division two quality so you can remain ahead of the rest of the pack. The division two players have a price bracket of around £160-300,000. This is the price at which you need the players, You can part exchange some of your really poor players, but make sure you bring your price down in relation to this value.
Always start by adding strength to your weakest departments. Now, you must have a dabble with your squad and keep chopping and changing the players and their positions until you get as many 'ticks' from the computer as possible.
When you are happy with your team, make sure you have a spare player in each department - although not just any player. He must be, at the most as good as your weakest player in the side. If anyone should get injured or a red card you can then replace him easily.
Although injuries will occur regularly, both central defenders are strike partners and will rarely be injured at the same time. If they are. Then that's football for you.
Don't forget to test formations, Don't bother messing around with tactics as they'll just mess your players up. Stick to the standard formations - try and go for a ’5-3-2' and if you're losing, switch to ’Attack'.
Also, if a player should start rolling around on the floor in agony, check that he's alright by clicking on the sub bench. If the cross next to his name is flashing, sub him right away, but if it remains normal don't bother substituting because he may get better.
Hint: If you think your squad is really good and you begin to lose easy matches (in coach mode), rotate through the spare players to see if there is a good player you have left out. This is usually the case, especially if he's just returned from an injury or suspension and you don't know about it.
Andy Maddock brings you the first part of a two-part guide to running the best football team in the country IiptwlirW BA How to score There are four easy ways of putting the ball in the net and the combination of all will make you look as though you know what you're doing.
2. The spectacular way The spectacular way looks the best. All
you have to do is cross the half-way line about two-thirds of
the way across the pitch and just welly it with full power,
while facing diagonally towards the goal. If you hold the
joystick in the opposite direction it should bounce under the
keeper. It's a difficult way to score, but if you manage it at
least twice you'll get the hang of it. Also, it's a good way
to beat the better keepers because they don't seem to expect
1. The bland way The bland way is usually the most popular with
players who aren't particularly good at the actual arcade
part. It just involves the player running directly down the
centre of the pitch and then curling the ball left or right.
If you hit it with enough power the ball will go in.
You run info the box you can kick it out of the keeper's reach into the far corner. (It looks great if it bounces in off the post, too) Obviously, if you run in at the wrong angle it won't work, so keep going and wait for the keeper to come out. You'll need quick reactions, but you should be able to bend the ball around him.
4. The slide way If you have a fast striker and winger then this
method is superb. The idea is to run down the wing with the
ball until you are approaching the 18-yard box. Cross the bail
diagonally while adding a little bit of curve away from the
goal. This should be enough to entice the keeper out and
leaves one of your strikers at the far post. You will then
need to slide in otherwise you will get tackled. You can
also use the left and right sliding method with the ball,
depending where you are in relation to the goal.
S in the game m
1. At the end of a season, when a better job offer appears,
consider it. Now you must go to the transfer market and buy
that club's worst player for some money and exchange ONE of
your best players for him. Only exchange one player and not
two because when the following season gets underway, one of
your players will disappear off the face of the earth - a bit
like Paul McGrath. Keep repeating this every week until your
new team is awesome.
2. When playing the game, boot the ball up the pitch towards the
goal then, when it's on its way, keep your finger on the space
bar and press 'R' for replay. When this finishes the game will
resume and the ball, providing it was on target and you let go
of the space bar. Will fly into the back of the net. The V
keeper doesn't see a thing,
3. Your reserve and trial players are very important. The
players on trial will need some first team games to become a
reserve, and the reserves can become first team players with a
value. To get the most out of your young lads you need to put
them into a game which doesn't mean much. For example, if
you're top of the league and you're playing a rubbish side
then rest one of your main strikers and stick in a reserve
striker, If he does reasonably well he'll be awarded a value
of £5000. Keep repeating this process with different players,
especially with the second legs of cup matches.
Also, at the end of a season, when you know you won't get relegated or promotion champions, replace your entire first team squad with reserve and trial players - that will boost their value.
4. Go and buy a really expensive striker and select a reserve
striker from their side too. Now put the money down to zero
and exchange one of your decent players for both of them. With
a little bit of luck you will have your new player and your
old one, and the reserve will be stuck at his old club.
5. If you ftp to your nearest Aminet site you will able to j
download two programs to aid you in becoming the greatest SWOS
Or, via a browser, enter the URL: http: src.doc.ic.ac public aminet info www browse. html
• SwosEd VI .2 - this can be found in the directory game patch
and will enable you to edit the entire game including team and
player's names and values. It uses MUI so it's user-friendly
• SwosEdv2 - this is another good editor which allows you to mess
around with players' values and general details. Once again, it
can be found in the game patch directory.
85 i*!|eB|ir ib»0 Press space to resune gatie Instant replays can be achieved simply by pressing W on the keyboard Kick Off Reviewed by Hugh Poynton Just imagine Gjgla from Albania's Shkumbini P playing with the illustrious Mazza from Cailungo of San Marino... Another welcome option to the game is that you can choose whether or not to play in ‘simulation' or 'arcade' mode. In simulation mode you will be penalised for fouls and receive injuries, whereas in arcade mode the players will shoot around 20 per cent faster than the normal game speeds.
In this respect the game is sumptuous. There is an impressive array of players to pick, teams to play, and competitions to enter. Visually, the game is somewhat of a rough diamond - there are good points but he action rockets along at the pace of an England Vs Germany match with two minutes to go until penalties."
You've seen it on the telly, heard Skinner and Baddiel sing about it and doubtless you've been involved in one of those endless pub conversations about whether or not Tel should have brought on substitutes for extra time. So now play the game. Kick Off 96 is Anco's new release and it offers you the chance to bring football home.
Kick Off 96 is a pretty ambitious game, and is chock full of options. Rather than just playing the European Cup, you have the option to play any one of 49 International squads and 750 European premier division clubs (even Aberystwyth FC), and you can create your own league and cup competitions to play in. A particularly fun little touch is the 'dream team' option, which allows you to pick 16 of the best players from nearly 800 European football clubs for your squad.
PUBLISHER Anco In-house £19.95 E 3 E No ES3 AH Amigas DISCS HD INSTALL SUPPORTS w V J gue Ta ble :s Zfr'f ¦ Mi BHBwwUcaSHR ll': ¦MM* MMWMH MM % *
W. i is !:i fkf Arsenaf ¦% ,.G r ¦, e A'' : G : ff I n r' iii
i H Blact.burr m tt :V S cm W WM Chelsea cm a 9 6 ye.
Y$ } r a t
* Coventry City
6 9 A (1 e (i u Uertcn cm A G e .A : e fi G jj COM; J G A A A 0 G ' Lxuerpoel cofu A C Q £ e c e | Next Match Asters Cilia Leeds Unfted Last Match also a fair degree of bad points. On the plus side. Kick Off 96 comes with a 3D option which definitely sets it above the competition. This ’Gantry view' follows the action looking down the pitch, with the players and ground narrowing with perspective, adding to the realism and visual impact of the game.
However, despite this there are a few letdowns with the graph- SeptenlerlSSB There are many options to choose from including hosting Euro '96, even though the tournament has finished Hard fought battle I also found that controlling the players wasn't so much difficult as challenging, The players run around at such a speed that getting them to intercept the ball can be pretty hard work. Like a few football sims, the ball doesn't ‘stick' to the feet quite as well as it could, and changing direction when running with the ball has to be done quite carefully, otherwise the ball trundles
off into the clutches of the nearest Holland defender.
Ics. Most noticeably, it doesn't feel like there is enough to look at on the screen. Apart from your status bar at the bottom and your cool looking little men shooting around the pitch, there isn't that much to look at other than grass. That might sound like a pretty stupid criticism, and I don't really expect to see many topiary hedges or Henry Moore-style modern art sculptures in the middle of Old Trafford, but if you could just see the edge of the stadium, or a few spectators, the screen would look a little more interesting.
Another problem was with the otherwise excellent 3D mode. There can be a tendency for the game to seize up for a few seconds every now and then - trivial though this might sound, but it is a problem when you're in the middle of a life and death struggle with San Marino. This game's real letdown is the sound which, to put it mildly, is duff. All that can be heard during a match is a constant stotic-like hissing roar which becomes louder the closer you get to the goal. Whatever you do, don't wait until you're too close to the goal to score, as the resultant piercing roar will probably crack your
eardrums or turn you into a nutter.
Final word I have a gut feeling that Kick Off 96 is going to a bit like skin on a rice pudding (pardon the analogy) - you'll either love it or hate it. I have to admit that I actually think it's a pretty good game. For all its faults, it has those two essential ingredients of a good gdme, speed and gameplay. The action, particularly in the 2D mode, rockets along at the pace of an England Vs Germany match with two minutes to go until penalties.
I found myself being trounced 10-0 by Man City and, being an ardent Man United fan, couldn t rest until j had at least plastered d few into the back of the City nets (well one anyway).
Basically. Kick Off isn't perfect. It does have its fair share of draw backs and irritating problems, but it has enough interesting, options, views, gameplay and pace to make it a game worth buying.
6 Another problem was with the otherwise excellent 3D mode. There can be a tendency for the game to seize up for a few seconds every now and then j hints & tips By Andy Maddock Sorcerer the The first part of the last bit eave the bar and go into the shop to pick up the hammer as well as the white spirit. Go to the goblin village. Pick up the paper and give it to the shopkeeper. Now you must go to the Swampling's house. Eat the stew then use the jar with it, and when the Swampling goes, move the crate to reveal a trapdoor and go down it!
Try to cross the plank and then use the hammer, go to Skull Island and pick up the frog's stuff. Now go and find the gorge and walk up As promised last month, here's part two of our helpfui guide to Simon the Sorcerer to the vine. Talk to the bloke and then offer him the stew, and he will give you a ring in return.
Ooh, cheers mate.
Now you have to go back to the shop. Open the crate and find the spell book, take out the loose piece of paper and pick up the ratbone from the floor. Use the paper on the door and the bone in the lock.
Pick up the key off the paper and use the key on the lock. When you open the door, pick up the bucket and go downstairs to talk to the druid, remove the ring and then talk to him again. You have to pass the demon test and then pick up the flaming brandy and mints.
Talk to the druid again and then use the bucket on him. He will stick it on his head! Use the brandy on the bucket, and after the druid turns into a frog, open the iron thing and go in.
Pick up the hacksaw from the frog and use it on the bars. Now go to the druid's house, give him the frog stuff and he will give you a potion.
The second bit Go and find the mountain and talk to the talking tree until it talks about pink splodges, Use the white spirit on the splodge and talk to the tree again.
Go and find the witches hut and open the door twice. When you get in, pick up the broomstick and start a fight with the witch. Don't say a common magical word though!, and then escape through a mouse thing and head off back to the mountains.
Find the rock face with the missing pin and use your pin and then walk to the cliff. When the snowman has stopped shouting, eat the mints. The bridge should collapse so you can use the witch's broomstick and then eat the potion.
When Max has finished, keep walking left until you come across a stone, leaf and match. Use the match with the lily leaf.
Go and find the seeds and pick them up and use them with the stones to make oil. Use the oil with the tap and then the dog hair.
Go to the other side of the puddle and pick up the tadpole. The frog will move, allowing you to pick up the mushroom. Eat the mushroom and you will grow to your normal healthy self.
The second to last bit Firstly, you must pick up the branch, and use it with the chest. Pick up both the spear and shield and go downstairs to pick up the chest and use it on the block. Move the handle to smash the crate and pick up the contents, then use the spear with the skull and go upstairs to pick up the wand, pouch and book.
Talk to the mirror, go and look at the book and use the sock with the pouch and go down the hole. Go upstairs to talk to the demon and make sure you pick up the chemicals and the book.
Look at the spell book and use the chemicafs on the shield and then on the hook.
Go downstairs to talk to the mirror and then go back upstairs to talk to the demons again! Go to the teleporter and it will take you to Rondor.
The last bit The final stage of the game starts with you talking to the attendant.
He will give you some vouchers which you need to read. Pick up the sap and some pebbles and use them with the elastic band.
Use the catapult with the fire alarm and you can then carry on.
Pick up the matches from the stall, cross the bridge and pick up the floor wax.
Now you face the evil master himself and all you have to do is wave the wand at him, use the matches on the pits and then use the wand on the pits. The last thing to do is to use the floorwax and.
Hey presto (pun intended), you have finished Simon the Sorcerer and you can give yourself a big pat on the back for cheating like the cheeky monkeys you are!
89 J22 PUBLISHER Collide Design EsniEniai Nick Qoring £8.99 DISCS HD INSTALL Yes AT 200 SUPPORTS Get your game here If you fancy a dabble of Harry’s special hedgehog Balloons then your only chance is going to be via mail order. The magic address to send your £8.99 off to is: Collide Design 501 International House 233 Regent Street London W1R 8QD I Reviewed by Andy Maddock Harr balloons haven't played a decent arcade puzzle game for as long as 1 can remember, and for one to come along now when the games market isn't quite at a height of activity seems ironic because I believe Amiga owners
always seemed quite partial to a bit of problem solving.
Harry is a hedgehog and his job is to literally mess about with his balloons. Okay, so hedgehogs and balloons may not live next to each other in perfect harmony but so what - it's only a computer game.
I'm supposed to point out that Harry's Balloons is a sporting challenge where the idea is to continually make decisions which have to be backed up by the skill of the joystick. Hmm. Sounds like every other game in the entire world.
Firstly, you are faced with a screen that doesn't look too dissimilar to the old classic Pang, where the idea was to pop as many balloons in the shortest time. Harry's Balloons is very similar, only you have to stop the balloons popping, then collect them and then pop them. See - easy isn't it? All the balloons are colour co-ordinated so you'll know which particular balloon you need to collect, making it all fairly straightforward.
Throughout the game you will also be awarded bonuses which range from magic disks and colour worms to various other things which I haven't actually seen yet.
There are three modes of play, each one completely different to the next. You can have six players in the competition tournament which I suppose is a bit like a league.
There's also the knockout tournament whereby every losing player is obviously eliminated, and finally there's the pick-a-round stage where you can choose your favourite stage.
Overall, the game is nothing special, especially graphically, but the whole idea of its existence is to provide gamers with some good old harmless fun like the old days, which it just about manages to do. There is a lot of competition around, especially from old classics, which is a bit of a shame, but as it stands. Harry's Balloons is just about as good as it sounds - fairly average.
Final word Even though we've recently lacked quality games over the last few months, it's still nice to see the odd attempt by people who have a genuine love for the Amiga. The only way to keep supporting the Amiga games market is to pump money into small companies, giving them funds to make bigger and better games (or move over to the PC), so go on, do yourself a favour - you could do a lot worse.
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• 3-D planet rendering
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John Patemak's "Movie Maker” series takes you step by step through the professional techniques of Special FX. Horror and Action film making. Explained in every detail are all the camera angles, editing techniques, prop building, make up etc, all using easily available domestic equipment and materials. Available on video or Amiga CD ROM MOVIE MAKER SERIES available now (cotfl4) m.g9 HARDDISK TOOLS.
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& BMP. Tools for converting images to another format are included for both the PC & Amiga Subjects include: Animals, Anatomy. Babies, Men. Women, Trees, Reptiles, Insects, Xmas. Religious. Planes. Vehicles, Ships, Toys, Zodiac signs. Eye catchers. Humour. Cats, Dogs. Computers, Technology. Sealife, Space, Symbols, Royalty. Dinosaurs.
Plants, Nature. Ads. Tools. Astrology. Hands. Birds, Business, Office. Workers. Cartoon, Lion King. Education.
Food, Gardening, Holidays, Houses & Buildings.
Helicopters, Children, Banners, Medieval, Military, Monsters, Music, Sports (football, golf. Aerobics, Olympics, etc). Transport. Trains, War and more. Rated 94% WORLD OF CLIPART Plus Arafflfenowf (CD77) £17" This CO contains nformafon that NOBODY wants you to knew about and includes tors of megabytes of text docunents and photographs relating to UFO sightings and abductions etc since 1941 aswel as hundreds for "ctessified" documents.
We are currently producing an exciting new Multimedia CD title for the Amiga and would like you to help.
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Viewer and converters are included on the CD. Subjects indude:
Vehicles. Space. Science fiction.
Textures, Landscapes, Sunsets, Money, Cartoons, Fantasy, Sports, Raytraced, Classic art. And loads more.
Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
IF SENSATION DOUBLE CD N*w Vumion (CD1 28) £19.99 This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
An adult onlt cdrom!
This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World atlas features a flexible interface allowing quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, rivers, lakes and mountains.
Background culteral and economic information is available at a glance. Basic national facts are represented graphically and comparative to the UK. For A1200.A4000, & CD32.
The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5.000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4000 Includes Images only suitable for parsons over 18 Japanese erotic art (CD191) Only £19.99 WORLD ATLAS AGA NEW MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 (cdib7£17.m) (CD220) £29,99 d| 0r«ptvmtToob - Accvt jvqjeet 0 (lami&aMft) jigj This amazing new CD contains everything you need to connect lo
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Aminet set one Aminet set two Aminet 10 feb'96 Aminet 11 april'96 Aminet 12 june’96 AGA Experience 2 Worms extra's Software 2000 F1 Licenceware Anime Babes (18) Octamed 6 World info '95 17bit 5th Dimension 2000 Mysteries The colour Library Sound Library (2cd) LSD Compendium3 Meeting at Pearfs 3 CD32 Network set Graphics Sensation Illusions 3D Super cars *95 Graphics Pack Super Bundle 1500 Utilities Hottest4 Terra Sound Lib.
INTERACTIVE ENCYCEOPEDIA « q i •. UtijjUiMBdUi r - ¦ BrcydapsiM Features include; ’True Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga.
’Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias
* 256 colour AGA interface 16colour A500 version available soon
* Very latest information from around the World ‘Thousands of
subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich 'Hotlist editor so you
can create lists of particular subjects 'Hundreds of samples
including full spoken media show 'Hundreds of Images in full
colour and 16 shades of grey 'Import new subjects from the
Internet or from floppy disk 'Export data to printer or file
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25mb d Magic Workbench and a special'programmers’ section _(CD211 E19.99) This data CD ROM includes hundreds of high quality Advanced Military images, including hundreds of different aircraft and helicoptors. Great for just browing or desktop video publishing.
This CD includes over 5,000 brand new levels and maps- for the game 'Worms’ aswell as game patches lo update and enhance the features of the original game, If you love Worms, you’ll love this.
This most comprehensive collection of Lightwave and frnag’ne 3D objects ever compiled onto
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I I 1037 MARBLES GAME ? 1412 OOZE! NOT 1.3 I 1 1476
1270 DOOM RAVE A12 ? 1274 CONTROL 2 DISK ? 12B5 INTROS V2 ?
DISKS 644 ENGLISH 4 DISK ? 766 GEOGRAPHY U 1123 WORLD HISTORY I I 1125 2DK5 GLOBE FACTS ? 1200 THE TYPING DEMON ? 1351 2 DISK INTERNET A Neil Mohr gives you some ideas to increase the memory on your Amiga Paul Overaa prepares for the following months with a look at variable instructions medio pj Deallocating externally acquired resources is this month's topic with Paul Overaa Jason Jordace offers advice for users of Ncomm
- one of the popular terminal programs Music, graphics and sound
effects are on offer as Phil South continues his project Paul
Overaa changes tack this month and helps a reader with a query
¦ j 9*m Steve White looks at the growing trend of Web v 2D
design in his continuing look at multimedia Paul Austin
delivers the final part to his spaceship development, adding
some realism The Blitz Basic tutorial expands as Steve White
shows how to create BOOTit € cominodo CD TV AMIGA1 Horror
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Soft .....42 Whiteknight Technology ..27 Wizard Developments .....23 i&jjBISBBi JP9&, isR-Si 1 s* Computer Centre .32, 33 f;rT ¦ : ft T, Analogic ..73 ’ H; TvV ’i®; if"•" i Sr -- - V p;K Arnold Comp.Suppiies .....96 I Blittersoft .15 4 - :* ¦ V v K -i h ‘ ;f:-. Buccaneer .....94 flf ¦¦ I W ¦ ¦ Capri Cd Distribution 96 T Chaocity ..91 COMPUTING Commodore Country 94
Devine .....16, 17 Dart Computers ....91 Artiiov+icovc' " I ¦ 8P Hammond Hi Soft ..24, OBC 1|||| AW Tcpug Memory matters Everyone could do with more memory, Neil Mohr helps by showing you a trick or two The Amiga's operating system is renown for its efficiency, not only processor wise but also irf its memory consumption.
Whereas Windows 95 needs 16Mb and System 7.5 needs 8Mb, the average Amiga user is going to be quite comfortable with 6Mb of RAM.
There are times, however, where you could have 6 or 16Mb of RAM and you're still going to start to run out of memory. Now, depending on what you are doing there are certain things you con do before you have to turn to drastic measures. If you are dealing with graphics you could perhaps work at a lower resolution, or with smaller sized graphics. With text documents in Wordworth or Final Writer you could split the document up into two or three sections, and with general programs try running them on small screens with a low number of colours. The best solution, however, is to share programs
on the Workbench screen - this can get cluttered but Windows and Mac users muddle by.
If your memory problems require drastic measures then your last resort is to start stripping system software and resources. This could be as simple as removing programs from your WBStartup drawer. If you use WBStartup+ from the coverdisk of issue 99, holding down the control key lets you choose which program should be launched at the start and the shift key disables all the programs in the WBStartup drawer. Depending on how mad you are, this can save 600K of RAM. If you have done this and tried reducing the number of colours and size of your Workbench screen - come on you can put up with
that NTSC 2 colour Workbench can't you - then it’s time to get really serious.
Something you are going to have to use is the early startup menu, and to use this you must do the following. When you reset your machine, hold down both the mouse buttons ond it will pop up.
From here you can view boards added to your machine, select what chipset version the machine Image Engineer uses a lot of memory, and if you are running out, these tips might help should use and disable and select partitions and disk drives.
What we are interested in is the boot with no startup-sequence button. If you click this you will boot start you machine without running the startup- sequence, and you will then have access to as much memory as possible on your machine. If you type 'avail' you should see that under 30QK is taken up by the basic operating system libraries and devices such as exec, intuition, D05, graphics and a good number of other essential system resources.
Running free At this point you could try running programs. If you know where the program you want is located you can change your directory to where it is and try to run it. You should he aware, though, that many programs require assigns to be made beforehand, If the program was installed via the standard Amiga installer then any assigns will reside in the user-startup file.
Before you run the program you will have to make the assigns yourself. Look in the user-startup file - found in the 5 directory - using any text editor or MultiView and see if that program has any assigns. Make a note of the assigns, go back through the previous steps and change to the directory that the program is in. You can now make the assigns by typing assign device name here: "" which points the assign to the current directory.
If you do not fancy fiddling around with the CLI and want to get Workbench loaded, there are only really three more steps involved. All you have to do is type the following three lines: assign env: envarc: assign t: ran: loadwb The first sets up the assign for all your Workbench and program preferences. As standard, these are stored in the ENVARC assign on disk and are normally copied out to RAM, with the second assign, ENV, made to this new location. Therefore, when you tell a program to use a new setup these preferences are copied to RAM, and if you press save the new preferences are perma
nently saved to disk. The first assign is a crafty way of circumventing this need to copy the preferences to RAM.
The second assign sets the standard temporary assign path T: to RAM. You may want it to point to a location on disk SYS:, but you will have to decided that yourself.
The third assign enables you to load Workbench. As I said before, if you have WBStartUpi’ you must hold down the shift key as well, otherwise you will have to copy everything out of the WBStartup drawer beforehand.
Normally, it is easier to create a drawer in WBStartup named disabled and copy all the unwanted programs into there. Once you have done all this you will have Workbench loaded with as much memory free as possible, and if you type 'avail' again there should be less than 400K used - only an extra 200K to load Workbench cannot be bad.
Again, possible problems may occur such as there being no assigns made so, as before, you will have to make them yourself. For AGA owners, you should type in the line setpatch anyway as this 'starts' the AGA chipset as well as correcting a few system bugs, and will allow programs to access the AGA screen modes.
Amiga Computing Paul Overaa shows the purpose, and possible uses, of a pair of instructions Link and Unlk veryone who has ever done any high- level language coding will know all about locol variables, i.e. those variables that mysteriously 'appear' during the time a function is being used, yet vanish into obscurity as the function returns.
Underneath the surface these variables are often created by the compiler using Link and Unlnk instructions and this month, in preparation for some topics coming up in subsequent issues, I thought I'd look at the instructions and explain how they work.
Link actually performs a number of jobs.
Firstly, it preserves the contents of a specified address register on the stack and then copies the current value of the stack pointer into it. The purpose of this particular piece of 680x0 jiggery-pokery is to establish a 'frame pointer', a register that can be used lo access temporary stack workspace. 680x0 stacks, as most of you will know, grow downwards in memory, so by decreasing the real stack pointer by some E Listing 1: Example of how the 680x0 Link and Unlk instructions would be used SoaeRoutine link ¦ovei.l a5, -LocalData_SlZE0f dQ-d7 aO-a2, -Tsp) deline workspace area preserve regs
Subroutine would use (a5) displacements to access and local workspace ¦ovea.I unlk (sp M0-d7 i0-i2 a5 rts restore regs specified value the Link instruction is able to create an area of the stack that can be used as temporary workspace. To return the stack to its original state an Unlk instruction is used, and listing 1 shows typical placements of the two instructions when they are used lo allocate local variable space from within a subroutine.
Figure 1 shows the effect that these instructions have on the stack itself and, as you can see, the Link instruction is effectively creating a 'hole' in the stack. By using negative displacements from the frame pointer register it is therefore possible to access this temporary workspace and use it for whatever purpose you like.
Notice, incidentally, that because the real stack pointer is set to the low end of the temporary workspace, the space will never be over-written by normal stack operations
- even though any number of new items moy be pushed onto the
stack. At the end of the subroutine, any additional items
placed on the stack will, of course, be removed by the routine
itself and the Unlk instruction therefore reinstates the stock
pointer by loading it with the contents of the frame pointer.
The link unlnk instructions can be used to create up to 32768 bytes of stack workspace, and the only thing you need to watch for is the fact that the workspace size always needs to be provided as a negative value (because the stack is growing downwards).
I HIGH HERORY I- existing data including any parameters placed on the stack prior to the subroutine call return address | original a5 contents (a5) .... (fraie pointer) I .temporary workspace I current (sp) NT Work .M imu*bw LOW HERORY function table.«. functions dc‘,i Figure 1: This diagram shows the effect of the Link instruction on the stack Link Unlk instructions play a big part in creating reentrant code HI Potential applications As well as providing an efficient means of creating local variables in high-level languagesi, Link and Unlk instructions have a number of other
important uses. With the Amiga's 0 5, for instance, certain pieces of code have to be written in a way that allows them to be used by more than one task at a time. One case in point are resident commands which are only ever loaded into RAM once, yet are designed so that they can be simultaneously used by two or more tasks.
Amiga function libraries are another example where it's necessary to produce code which can be used in this fashion. One program might call a particular library function and, whilst part way through the execution of that routine, Exec might perform a task-switch and allow some other program to run which subsequently makes the same library call.
Code which behaves properly under these sorts of conditions is called 'reentrant' and is often not that difficult to produce. Read-only data such as static text strings, or global variables like library bases (whose values do not change once a library is first open), can all safely be used whilst keeping code reentrant but the key factor is the elimination of any global variables whose values might change each time the code is executed. The idea is to replace these items with equivalent instance- specific local variables and it is here, as you'll see next month, that the Link Unlk
instruction pair begin to show their full power.
Amiga Computing Safe exit paths Paul Overaa explains how to deallocate externally acquired resources . ; : * Listing 1: Arexx’s interrupt sources BREAK_C BREAKJ breakIe BREAKJ ERROR FAILURE HALT I0ERR NOVALUE SYNTAX Listing 2: Code fragment showing some simple break handling warn ran: Everyone knows that when Arexx finds a syntax error in a script it immediately stops the script from running and throws up an error message, It's also common knowledge that you can deliberately stop a script in its tracks by hitting Ctrl*C. Whot you might not know, however, is that both these situations are
actually part of a far more general Arexx signalling and interrupt scheme, whose facilities are extremely useful for controlling what happens when an error or various other signal generating conditions occur.
Perhaps the most important use of Arexx's interrupt mechanism is in providing 'safe' script exit paths, i.e. exit paths where everything that should happen before a script terminates does happen. Supposing, for example, your script allocates some memory using the rexxsupport library's AllocMem() function or makes use of a third-party library where some library function traps an AnigaDOS control-C.
Traps an AnigaDOS controt-D.
Traps an AnigaDOS controL-E.
Traps an AnigaDOS control-F.
Traps errors indicated by non-zero cowand return values, traps connand return codes greater than FAILAT level, traps externally generated script halt requests, traps I O errors.
Traps use of uninitialised variables. * break.rexx * traps nany syntax and execution errors. Signal on break_c * force branch to script's Ctrl-C routine * signal on syntax address 'nonexistent' I* just an exampLe port that doesn't exist * * now try to send a connand to non-existent port... * 'are you there port?1 quit: exit * end of program * say 'No port available called.,.' Address( say 'The utility which sets up this port oust be' say 'running before this script is executed!'
* nissing port (error 13) trap * s?y 'Ctrt-C trapped signal quit nen_p=6etSpace(1024,Q) * allocate soae nenory ? tain bulk of script syntax: select when rc =13 then do break c: quit: call FreeHen(nen_p,1Q24) exit I* end cf program * end Listing 3: Checking for a specific error interrupt otherwise say ErrorText(rc) end signal quit 23 You need to make the signal name for detecting the label for the interrupt code in your script. In the fragment shown in listing 2, for example, I've added some Ctrl-C break handling code by using a 'signal on break c' statement, As you'll see this is also
the label for my associated break handler code and if a user hits Ctrl-C whilst the script was executing, the program would give the message outlined in the break handler code and then pass control back to the quit: label. This ensures that the FreeMemf) function was still called before the script terminated.
There are plenty of uses for these types of arrangements. To avoid seeing your scripts come to a halt with an 'Error 13: Host environment not found' message that occurs if a port associated allocates additional memory resources outside those which Arexx itself handles. Under normal circumstances your script would (or should], deallocate those resources when it finished Arexx’s interrupt facilities are ideal for preventing resources from hanging when a user types Ctrl-C SETTING UP AN INTERUPT with an external host cannot be found, you could trap this error. You can do the same thing with almost
all other Arexx detected errors and, in fact, the best way to come to terms with these facilities is to look at the places in your own scripts where break or error handling could be improved - and then experiment.
To get you started, take a look at the code in listing 3 - this checks the RC variable to add a slightly more helpful error message if a specified part cannot be found. Notice, incidentally, that for all errors where RC does not equal 13, we use the ErrorText() function in conjunction with the RC code to generate the normal Arexx error messageI executing, but this may not always happen. If, say, due to unexpected termination because the user hit Ctrl-C, your script did not perform any required deallocations, then memory would be lost, windows might remain open and so on.
The trick to coping with these sorts of situations is to monitor all possible break and error conditions and force your script to take the appropriate closedown actions if anything untoward happens. The good news at this point is that Arexx provides a SIGNAL instruction which enables a collection of interrupt sources (shown in listing 1) to be selectively turned on or off. When an interrupt condition occurs two things happen: Firstly, the contents of two Arexx variables - SIGL and RC - are modified to reflect the interrupt condition. SIGL becomes set to the current line number so that
programs can determine the source line that was being executed when the interrupt occurred, and RC is set to the appropriate return code if an error or syntax interrupt has occurred. Secondly, the designated piece of interrupt code gets called Amiga Computing The trouble with Having trouble setting up Ncomm?
Jason Jordache offers some advice Ncomm Comm is one of the most widely used terminal programs from which to call BBSs, stretching so for as to be a favourite with some who have sufficient memory to run alternatives such os Term. Problems logging on to BBSs and ANSI displays are commonplace when setting up Ncomm. One guy I knew, no amateur to Comms, didn't even realise when logging on to a BBS I once ran that his ANSI wasn't working from Ncomm, asking me to redo my screens using plain ASCII instead. So I wrote a little text file to put online, explaining a few pointers to follow after
installing the program, which led pretty much to what you'll read here.
We start off with a few options to tweak in either version 2 or 3, accessed via Ncomm's pulldown menus. In the following, where it says Options ZModem Resume, for instance, go to Options in Ncomm's Transfer menu where a submenu will pop up. From this sub-menu, make sure Zmodem Resume was ticked.
Transfer pull down menu: Optlons 2flodei ResuieOptions ZNodei AutoHOptions ZAodei AutoUL ProtocoL ZAodei Default Directory Download The 'default download directory' should point to a directory on your HD where downloaded files are to be stored, i.e. Files:Comms Ncomm Downloads.
Translate pull down menu: Character Set IBN Com pull down menu: Baud Rate 33400 The rote of 57600 con also be used, but sometimes the ANSI gets corrupted on lower-end machines. You would need an improved, replacement Serial.device such as BaudBandit.device, available on many BBSs.
Data Length 8 BitsParity NoneStop Ei ts OneDuplex FulLHandshaking RTS+CT$ Save the changes you've made. The settings in Workbench are now altered to be in line with the changes in Ncomm. Flick over to WB and go into the Prefs directory on your boot disk. Doubleclick the Serial icon, and the options you find there are to reflect the options outlined above.
Thai's Handshaking = RTS+CTS, Parity = None, Bits Char = 8 and Stop Bits = I. Try the Baud rale at 19,200 to start with, put the Input Buffer Size to maximum and click on save.
Term The main problem after installing Term is getting the screen colours right when logging on to BBSs. To solve this there is a little con fig on this month's coverdislc called term.prefs. It will overwrite any con fig changes previously made, but it works a treat and is a good base to build from. Just replace your existing Term config with the one on the coverdisk.
Clearing up the ansi ANSI screens, created from a selection of graphical characters (akin to the symbols you could type on C64s shown on the front side of keys), are turned into gibberish characters on an incorrect ANSI display, instead of appearing as proper ANSI symbols.
The IBM character set needs to be installed correctly on your machine to view the graphics sent by the BBS. If you're not seeing ANSI correctly we need to make sure Ncomm is doing if right. All you need to do is to make a couple of Assigns in your User-Startup.
Firstly, load in any word processor. If there's a text file called 'User-Startup* in your 5 directory then load it in, otherwise create one in S after typing in the two assigns. The Fonts directory is found a he disk or partition you booted from ?ss you have assigned it elsewhere - n, ,*nkh case you'll know all about assigns - and the IBM fonts for Comms use should be in this Fonts directory. On a fresh line in your User-Startup type the following: Assign Fonts; Sys:Font5 Sys is an all purpose word for depicting the disk or partition your machine boots from.
You could just as easily type 'Assign Fonts WorkiFonts' if your boot disk was named Work. On the next line type: Assign Ncoan: pathnane to Ncooi The pathname tells you where Ncomm has been installed on your system. If the Ncomm directory was on a hard drive partition called Files and in a directory called Comms, your pathname would be: Files:Comms Ncomm. You'll should end up with something like the following: Assign Fonts: Sys:FontsAssign Ncoan: Files:Coins Ncom 5ove out the text file and that's it, you've now got two new assigns. Reboot your machine and discover the refreshing,
ungarbaged glory of pure ANSI.
Amiga Computing 100 SEPTEMBER 1996 Pulling it together Phil South continues his series on how to bring an Amos project to fruition part 3 08808 -I- 70D83 00080 -I- 70D63 00808 -I- 70003 00000 -I- 70003 00006 -I- 70083
- - 88868 -I- 78DB3 I 08808 E-3 28C68 80008 M2 10886 B-2 10000
B-2 10080 08800 E-3 20C60 00088 6-2 16080
- I- 78003 00000 -I- 70083 00008 -I- 70083
- I- 70D03
- I- 70D03
- I- 70003 i Bawindow to muffle the reflections of the sound
from the walls. Use the same good quality microphone, like the
PZM we mentioned earlier, and edit your voice-over to be as
short as possible. Voice samples lake up o lot of room, so if
you want your program to fit on less than one CD, I suggest you
keep it short.
Once you've made your samples, plug them into Amos using the sample bank editor. Then you can coll up your samples using the Amos Sam Play command.
A 5 we said last issue, the program is starting to come together now and all we need are some bits of music, some graphics and sound effects, and perhaps even a start-up and exit screen.
Now we can sense mouse clicks on our interface, what do we want to happen when a key is pressed? The sound of a button clicking? Well, first you have to sample the sound.
We all have keyboards, don't we, so all you have to do is record the sound. Obviously, you hove to have some kind of sampler for your Amiga, and there ore many to choose from. 1 use a Sunrize Perfect Sound cartridge and Audition 4 for my sampling, but anything which samples a sound will do. Those nice cheap PZM flat microphones usually give a clean sound, but they can be a little difficult to position, being made of a flat sheet of steel the size of a beermat. However, they only cost about £25 in Tandy.
Noise levels In any event, I would suggest that you use a really good microphone to record the sound and set the record level up really high. My keyboard hardly makes any sound at all, and if this is true of your keyboard, perhaps you could sample an electronic typewriter which makes a satisfying click when a key is pressed. Perhaps a suitable alternative is a light switch as they make a more positive click.
On the sampling front, don't make your samples too heavy duty in the samples per second front. A simple 11 Khz sample is usually enough and, surprisingly, high fidelity considering how few bits there are. Edit your sound to remove any clicks and background noise, apart from the click you want to hear, that is.
What about a little voice-over to add to the multimedia experience? Well, the same things apply to your voice-over recording that apply to your click, except you need a really quiet room to record the sound. Try recording in the middle of the night to reduce traffic noise, and record in a room with big heavy curtains over the Chip! 458688 Fast: 5896056 J - Stopped - |4Ch ..... 88;33|b| sal 1 1 i ISj| 1 1~ Sal 3 17 flJT7l6 Adding music to your project is easy with OctaMED a[ Information - (Two = SPD 5 11) What about music? You play music using the Track commands, but how do you create it?
You could be cheeky and take a bit of public domain music from one of the many disks you can buy over the counter, or you could always moke your own with OctaMED Sound Studio.
Vou can't, obviously, use anything like hybrid sounds or any fancy stuff like that because Amos was cast in stone long before OctaMED became a standard, As long as you save your songs as normal Soundtracker or Noisetracker modules you should get some sort of joy out of it.
Music maestro IF you've never used a tracker then OctaMED is a goad place to start because the documentation gives you instructions on how to use the codes at the side of the notes to add effects like vibrato and pitch shifting. You do have to be a bit musical, but there's nothing to stop you doing something very simple and short, a drum beat and a bass line, for instance, which repeats. This is a good idea anyway because music soundtracks also take up oodles of room in the memory banks. Rather than stealing a whole tune, why not use a tracker editor to take the bass and drum line from a
tune you like. Change the samples to your own and slow it c own - you've now made something out of nothing with no musical skill whatsoever! It's a little bit on the cheeky side, but what's a little plagiarism between friends, hmm?
The final questions as to whether we want the pictures of the products to occupy a screen above the buttons and a text description to appear to the right will be dealt with next time.
See you then.
Write stuff If you hove any ofher Amos programs or queries about Amos, please write to the usual address which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code, and if possible make them use no external graphics, or if they can't be used without them then be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes for
sound files. Follow these guidelines and you'll be sure of making me a happy man if nothing else.
Amiga Computing Paul Overaa provides some much needed help for one of our readers re Nightma on Midi Question Dear Paul, I am writing to you in absolute desperation! I purchased a Korg X5D synthesiser and Music X2 in January. ] thought it would not take long to get my system rigged up and running, but I'm still no nearer to sorting it out. Music X seems to need what it calls a 'protocol' but, as the manual says, you need to be a genius to write your own, so they're best obtained from other sources. Hal Where? I haven't a clue and the technical helpline is no longer open.
I managed to find an old coverdisk containing Bars & Pipes version 1.1 and installed this onto my HD but frankly, it's no bl**dy use without a manual. The main problem is trying lo get it to record the programs I'm playing (it's OK until I save and switch off), and I gather it's got something to do with the System X feature. I've tried to receive data into Bars and Pipes but it ends up sounding like ? Bizarre piano arrangement the next time I boot up!
Bank select commands will appear as controller messages in Bars & Pipes I understand I can have 128 programs in a Midi bank but how do you mix programs from different banks together? Is this what a librarian does? And how does System X relate to this?
Johnathan Oates, Nottingham Reply Johnothon, You seem to hove become locked onto the idea that system exclusive messages (which is presumably whal you mean by System Xj, are needed to select and use different synthesiser voices. They're not - in fact they are only needed if you want to send or receive dumps of your synthesizer voices, i.e. the binary data that represents those voices. Til explain more about that in a moment but, given that you are new to Midi, I suspect all you really need are a few suitably placed program change commands in your sequences to select the instrument voices
already present in your synth.
There are two basic ways of doing this: You either edit the sequence after you have recorded it in order to insert the required patch or, once TERTHOUGHT ought to mention that when you are bui ding multipart arrangements, you'll want to set up voice channel combinations on any number of Midi channels. The X5D allows you to create these sorts of multi-timbral settings and I'm pretty certain that once you've set these up you'll be able to remotely access them using just program change commands. Your manual will give the details but I should imagine that it will be done by sending program
change commands on a Midi channel that your X5D regards as its 'global' channel.
You have started recording, you manually select the appropriate voice on your synth (whenever you change a voice in this way a program change command will be transmitted!.
I haven't got a copy of Bars&Pipes 1.1 but the basic facilities were much the same as Bars & Pipes Pro itselfBy default it should record all incoming Midi data, so the fact that you ore not getting any synth voice changes suggests to me that the program change commands simply aren't present in your songs. Bars&Pipes has a Show menu option for displaying these commands so it will be easy to check this. Incidentally, there is a Record option in the B&P Window menu that allows you to specify the various events types to be recorded .
Now having said oil that, although Tm not familiar with the X5D, I do know that it is o General Midi synth which supports multiple voice banks. If, therefore, you only inserted program change commands into your songs you'd find that you would only be selecting voices from the currently active X5D bank. In order to specify a voice from a particular bank, chances are that it's also necessary to transmit a Bank Select command os well (these are channel specific so you will be able to select voices from different banks using different Midi channels).
Bonk Select changes ore bosed on controllers 0 and 32 and, again, you can either edit your sequences in order to add these commands, or simply start your sequencer recording and then manually select the voice you wish to use. I would imagine that the X5D will transmit both bank and program change messages when you select different voices - it might, however, be worth checking your manual here. You'll also need to check your sequencer settings to make sure that controller messages aren't being filtered out! Now we come to the system exclusive connection. Your synth has bulk dump facilities
which allows its voice data to be transmitted down the Midi line. This information is sent using a specialised Midi data packet called a system exclusive or sysex message. You might want to do this if, for instance, you had manually changed the characteristics of some of your synth voices or rearranged the bonk positions of the voices in some way and wanted to save those settings and then create some new voices.
Surprisingly few musicians get involved with this because the average synth has such a variety of preset voices built in nowadays. Nevertheless it's these sorts of tasks that Editor Librarian packages are used for (voice editing done in this way is much easier that when done via the synth front panel . One added complication with voice dumping, however, is that while some synthesizers can be encouraged to send their voice data easily, others need extra handshaking messages to be used. Again this is done using sysex and the purpose of Music X's Protocol arrangements is to allow these
different schemes to be catered for.
The bottom line, however, is that none of the voice selection operations that I think you should be concentrating on have anything to do with sysex control. Perhaps, with this in mind, you ought to forget about Music X's protocol arrangements and concentrate on its basic Midi sequencing facilities. As far os Bars & Pipes is concerned, the package is too big to attempt to use without a manual. If you wish to stick with this sequencer, the only suggestion I con moke is to try advertising for a manual in one of the magazines that specialises in small adds for computer users!
I hope the above notes help - Paul Amiga Computing Caught in the Web Steve White continues his look at interactive multimedia art and design COMPUTING mm rmr.nmutnrx* farftrnm rewei _ Isoftware!
The World Wide Web is growing more into a multimedia extravaganza every day ifmx, 332tip .Tnrmtffc When designing graphics for the Web try to keep them as small as you can and with only 16 cofours ¦¦HH Last month I described the techniques you can employ when designing multimedia- style applications such as game inter- Hi faces. However, there is one other form of multimedia design which is growing ever greater oil the time ond that is World Wide Web (WWW) design.
Although the Web originally started out as a pure source for information with limited design and lacklustre presentation, it is steadily involving into a multimedia showcase with, rigjitly or wrongly, graphics playing a major role.
The problem with the Web is that the computer, or client, side of operations is advancing quickly with better and more powerful browsers, applets (small self-contained programs), and even virtual reality, but the communications or server side is moving very slowiy. Therefore, the first key point to remember is that although computers can efficiently handle flash graphics, the networks can't.
So, the basic law when designing Web-based graphics is lo try ond keep them small and maintain a low resolution. Images should ideally contain no more than 16 colours.
Of course, you con use picture formats such as Jpeg but ever this type of format can be slow, therefore the most favoured is GIF. Unfortunately, most Amiga paint packages do not support other picture formats other than IFF ILBM. Therefore, you will need to use an image processing package such as Art Department or ImageFX which are always making appearances on coverdisks.
However, by far the cheapest method is to check PD houses or Aminet for shareware image processors which can be just as powerful as their A new Issue, a new Amiga owner, a new editor rs all change In the Amiga wwkJ but rest ass ired Amiga Computing will continue to be the best qualty, value for money Amiga magazine around All tne coming reviews, Features and System coverage for ov 102 issue hate teen updated, a nd * will oe on sale In ttw UK from the 27th June. DontrrwSS Best wishes.
Keit Mohr Amiga Computing fchuaci | tifi I ACA5 I I Utiism I SysLem I ioosarg I I I-.; I . H.il I h[ ¦ .It - ¦ nt- I sim I This site is enhanced tor commercial relatives. Once you have the tools to convert your images you need to think about design. Unlike a single picture, with the Web you are not restricted to a set palette - therefore you can use o separate palette for each image which in some way makes up for the limited amount of colours you are ideally restricted to.
7lnrTi» -eJt £iAi* IhtJiit]*; CraUlt wivti;, f i- Iktiaw'Juit. 11$ Sfliistiaj a* lyiiiu;; ; ' y v*iiiV lajiiuu, II'j.3hI yultla fajtit jihiuhiwji M iifliyi. IluJu*..- '-Ij Jljijj:, 'iijlI ui.idi. uijsli iii'jiw. Ju.f slitk wjiiii; iwWj* IV ,j, J-ji uIjijJ J.v fi!££ uiiv iiuii TjU si TeWYle pccciau - Spread it thin There are certain techniques you should try and avoid when designing graphics for the Web. The two most important functions you should try to avoid are anti-aliasing and colour spreads.
Anti-aliasing creates transitional colours between the foreground and background in order to smooth their appearance and reduce the chance of jaggies (the b ocky look of pixels). Although anti-aliasing can improve the quality of your image the fact that it creates transitional colours means a bigger palette. Most Web designers start off with a greater palette than the one they plan to finish with, and if you follow this philosophy you may find that your 256 colour, anti-aliased picture looks terrible when reduced to 8 or 16 colours, Spreads or blends of colour in an image can add that sense
of realism and polish, but once again they require a large portion of the palette and may lose their original appeal when you reduce the picture to 16 colours.
Of course, by planning your image in advance of creation and starting off with only 16 colours, you can effectively avoid the problems above. As fhe Web is essentially a multimedia environment you won't need 256 colour images. If you have to create high resolution graphics with 256 colour palettes, providing the client with a low resolution image first which they can either click on to display the higher resolution version or simply ignore.
If you have, or are planning to use the Web you will have noticed that many sites have attractive looking backdrops which, on first glance, appear to be full size screen images. The Web browsers treat background graphics in the same way that Workbench does - it tiles them - so all you need to do is create a small graphic that, when repeated, joins up perfectly, creating what appears to be a single image.
The MagicWB set of backgrounds work exactly like this, and the benefit is that the client only has to download a small graphic which is then automatically tiled by bis or her computer. Although the Web is changing more and more every day into a multimedia extravaganza, it must be remembered that the Web's sole purpose is to provide information. Therefore, don't feel compelled to overload your site with graphics. Although many Web designers do this it can, in many, cases render the site totally useless. Provide graphics where you feel it is necessary to improve design and provide the client
with a neater way of using the site, An excellent example of this is when creating a navigation strip so that the client can negotiate their way around your site without getting lost. A navigation strip can be clearly marked with neat little images or icons which are small in size but indicate their purpose clearly. Take a look at application programs on your Amiga for inspiration - even your paint package may offer some solutions. Most Amiga applications such as Final Writer, Wordworth and Organiser all feafure clear and concise icons using only 8 colours.
Amiga Computing Finishing touches Paul Austin adds the whistles and bells to the fina frontier masterpiece Over the last few months we've developed a concept, drawn the roughs, built the ship and added the all important detail and textures to our project. This month I'll be concentrating on adding realism to the overall image with galaxies, engine flares and the odd subtle touch that simply brings the image to life.
Perhaps the simplest addition is a minor alteration to the background colour. Although deep space is black it's invariably much more attractive and believable if you add a little colour.
Using the background gradient controls, simply adjust the zenith and nadir colours to deep, almost black blue colour, leaving the sky and ground colours at their default black.
Although the effect doesn't, and indeed shouldn't, jump out of the screen, it does add depth to the image while enhancing a feeling of volume and truly huge perspective.
For the next trick it's time to head off to your favourite paint package to start constructing a galaxy. It sounds tricky, but in reality it's pretty simple. Using a soft edged air brush simply draw some large splurges of colour. Obviously, there's no real rule to this process, but it's usually wise to use colours which blend easily such as reds and purples, blues and green and so on.
Simply slapping down wild variations in colour isn't very convincing. If possible, also vary the opacity of the brush stokes which, in the finished image, will enhance the feeling of variation in cloud density. When you're happy with the overall look make sure you blend and smooth the image, removing the majority of harsh tonal changes. If you wish you could also experiment with twirling the area's image.
Assuming your masterpiece is complete, save it out, but don't close the image. Now your colour map is complete it's time to creole the all- important transparency map. To do this, convert you original image to a greyscale and save out.
If you don't create a transparency mop your galaxy will obscure anything behind it such as a planet, a ship and, of course, the star field - not very believable!
Once your maps are complete, introduce a flat plain into the scene, and planar image map the colour image into the colour texture filed and the greyscale into the transparency defuse fields.
Instant galaxy!
Colour control Surface colour 255,00 Texture type Fractal noise Texture size
0. 1,0.6,0.1 Texture centre 0,0,0 World coordinates off Texture
falloff 0,0,0 Texture velocity 0,0.03,0.001 Texture colour
255,255,0 Frequencies 3 Contrast
0. 5 Transparency control Transparency 100% Texture type Fractal
noise Texture size
0. 05,0.15,0.05 Texture centre 0,0,0 World coordinates off
Texture falloff 85,40,85 Texture velocity 0,0.03,0.001 Texture
colour 255,255,0 Texture value 0 Frequencies 3 Contrast
1. 0 Burning ambition Although, in this case, we'll be devel-
oping an engine flare, the same flame effect can be used with
a wide variety of flames. The first step is to produce a
suitable shape of the object, and invariably this will be an
elliptical or egg shape.
This is achieved by simply creating a default sphere in modeller and then selecting the upper hemisphere and stretching it until you produce the appropriate teardrop shape. When you're happy with the shape, save it out and load up Layout.
Then it's time to add the appropriate colour to the flame. In our case the flame is a traditional red yellow, but depending on the project you could elect for a blue white flame or whatever takes your fancy. To achieve the effect we'll need the assistance of our old friend fractal noise. Once the object is loaded, select it and open the surfaces requester.
Amiga Computing Make the colour field 255,0,0 then click the colour texture button and select fractal noise, making the texture colour 255,255,0. The key here is to make the texture size taller in the Y direction and slightly smaller in the X and I, making the texture itself stretch upwards. In this case I elected to make the texture size slightly larger to produce a longer flare on the overall flame. Once all the texture parameters are set correctly - see flame colour control - it's time to move on to transparency. Once again we'll use fractal noise to create the desired effect.
However, the real key is to make the texture fade as its energy dissipates - see transparency control.
Apart from adding the necessary parameters to the texture field, it's important to set transparent edges to soften the overall form.
The final task is to animate the texture and therefore bring our flame to life. To achieve this we'll use texture velocity to move the texture along the Y axis. It's also worth adding a small amount of X and or 1 velocity in order to make the texture undulate slightly as it travels along the flame.
Add a light and lens flare to the heart of the flare and you're done. Have fun... Last issue I explained the purpose of this tutorial would be to create a standalone Workbench application - BOOTit. The V function of this program is to enable you to disable programs in your WBStartup drawer so that they are not loaded when Workbench loads.
I also mentioned that we would need two programs to make the package work - BOOTit and EnableBOOTit. So, to kick off we'll start with the main program, BOOTit, which makes up 80 per cent of the package.
The plan is to make BOOTit load if the right mouse button is held down when Workbench begins to load. Therefore, the very first thing we need to do is to test for the right mouse button and if pressed, load the main BOOTit program: NoCli OEFTYPE. I Let coipile=0 If co»pUe=1 If JoybC0 =2 Goto bootit End if End Endlf .boot i t The first line which disabled the Blitz Basic 2 CLI.
DEFTYPE sets the default variable type (I for long) for those variables that are not allocated a type. By setting the compile variable to 0 we can test the program without having lo hold the right mouse button down.
The next section of code is the routine that, provided compile=l, checks to see if the right mouse button is held down and if so, jumps to the routine called bootit. If the button is not held down the If Joyb(0)=2 routine fails and the program Ends or quits. The next section of code sets the display and should be typed directly under .bootit: WBStartup Find Screen 0 Use Screen 0 ftag=$ 8QQ8000D SSTNN_Nuaber=fftag+13 SGTTX_Text= tag+n SGTCB_Checked= tag+4 fGTCY_Active=ftag*15 GTLV_Top=jftag+5 SGTHX Active=fftag+10 V60?s»bLed=SS003000e JHQUSEHOVE=$ 10 fINTUITICKS=SUH)OGO AddIDCHP
H0t)SEH0V£+ INTUITICKS WBStartup has to be included for all programs you wish to run from the Workbench environment.
Object!i!¥ Ms tot teStCT | gjgjgk*
- ----
• BMW Gadget xSvntti» S7Tu;... .
St fiat 6*4Ojr yJ-3 ; ek 8m Gad get This diagram clearly indicates what objects we will be using for BOOTit.
The real power comes from QadTools Without it your program would crash. We then find the current screen and allocate it screen object 0. Then make screen 0 the active screen by Using it, and it is on this screen that the main interface will be displayed.
Blitz and pieces Steve White explain how you can create stunning applications in Blitz Basic 2 The following tags should always be set with Workbench applications that use GadTools, as they allow us to manipulate the gadgets quickly and easily. The MOUSEMOVE and INTUITICKS are Window settings that are added to the default Window setting flags by the line AddlDCMP MOUSEMOVE+ IMFUmCKS. The flags are actually called IDCMP flogs ond allow us to catch events within a Window such as key presses, mouse presses and gadget selections.
When we open the main BOOTit window later we will be setting other important IDCMP flags.
THE STORAGE ARRAY Before we can draw the main interface there are still important settings we have to make for BOOTit to operate properly. The next section of code sets the array we will be using to store the names of the programs in the WBStartup drawer, and whether they have been disabled or not: NEWTYPE,wbstartup
a. H naaeS status.b 31 = End NEWTYPE Din List
contents.wbstartup(200) ;Gosub readubstartup ;If aaiount=0 ;
End ;End If DEFTYPE.Screen ‘wbscreen
'ubscreen LockPubScreenJO) 3t = Let
fsize=*ubscreen BarHeight-10 UnUckPubScreen. 0,*wbscreen
fontS-PeekS(*wbscreen Font ta_Naae)
fontsue,w=*wbscreen Font taJfSue Let font=fontsi2e-S Let
selected Let ss=0 Let gadgetid=50 The NEWTYPE array is called
contents .wbstartup and is set to hold 200 WBStartup program
names and status. These items are altered as programs are
selected and deselected. The line Gosub readwbstartup is
deliberately disabled and will require enabling in the next
The next section of code tests a variable called amount which is returned from the subroutine readwbstartup. However, as this routine is disabled, so to should be the amount test.
For your programs to work correctly, font sensitivity has to be catered for. If someone is using a larger screen font than the one you use they will find that any graphics or GTBevelBoxes will not appear in the positions you set them in. Therefore, the next section of code checks for the size of the font they are using and then reduces this by
8. The remainder, held in the variable font, can then be used to
position graphics and GTBevelBoxes correctly, even when a
different screen font is used. I will clarify this point
later on.
The following three Let commands set certain variables we will rely on later. Selected holds the amount of WBStartup programs actually selected. The variable ss holds 0 if the User-Startup gadget is un-selected and 1 if it is selected. That way, we can check this variable to see whether or not the User- Startup file in the S directory should be disabled.
The final variable is very important. It seems that Commodore caused a problem when it designed Workbench 2.0 because it put aside 50 gadget ids for the system. This was fixed with Workbench 3.0 but it means that if you want to have GadTools interfaces that work on Workbench 2.0, you must not use gadget ids 1 to 50 because they will clash with the system ids. The variable gadgetid is set to 50 and added to the GadTools ids to push them over the 50 mark. You could, of course, simply start your Gadget ds from 50.
In next month's article we will find out how to read the contents of the WBStartup drawer as well as creating the interface.
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Modular design so that you can expand by just adding units on the top of the tower, Allows many jgp different motherboards to be fitted.
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Tree Prim !o nqn EC irvdwli la Onli!ni frfusrl flfPO Ordtri
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Please specify which serial cable you need when ordering The Enterprise 288 modem can be used on any Amiga computer. To see it really fly, plug the modem into the amazing Surf Squirrel interface for the AT200 and you will see reliable transfer speeds of up to 115,200 bps, saving you time and, of course, money: EASY TO INSTALL installing Net&Web couldn’t be simpler, just enter your login name, password and Internet Service Provider then sit back and C~ Nei&Web is compatible with a let Net&VVeb do the rest. Within L wide range of Internet Service a few minutes you II be surfing Providers (ISPs),
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1 Wh«n bought with any HD CD ROM dri**, £54.99 if bought Mpualt 2 Surf Squirrel SCSI-11 Interface *£79.95 GVP 4008+1 Oktagon SCSI controllers £99.95 J5CSI-I1-RAM Intwtoca cord* for big box Amiga * A4QWA2000 etc. 3 AMIGA COMPATIBLE KEYBOARDS - High quality PC-type keyboards for the A500 (external). A2000, A3000, A4000 are now available in the US for the first time. These keyboards 4 offer the advantage of an IBM keyboard with 100 percent Amiga compatibility (specify model) .... S59.95 5 4 or more ONLY £1.25!
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