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The Amiga market has itself in a stranglehold. No-one else is kiüing our machine but the users, companies, and publishers that are supposed to be supporting it. We a!) think the software bundle that accompanies every Amiga these days is the best yet, a smashing set of products, but the oniy problem with giving away ait this nice software is that it reduces the chances that anyone wiü bother to buy anything else. if you supply a machine with everything its owner is iikeiy to need, where's their incentive to go and spend some more money? Sony themselves said that they purposely didn't bundle any software with their PiayStation console for the spécifie reason of getting people to fork out more cash for something to piay on it. And everyone knows that in the console game, software is where the money is made. Perhaps future bundles should concentrate more on shareware products or ones that definitely don't fuifiü the potentia! of the machine. This might also cost a lot less for AT than market leaders would, thus saving some cash for R&D or perhaps adding in a targer hard drive. Magazine publishers are as much at fault with a seemingly endless stream of fui! product coverdisks that wiü soon dry up as publishers realise they wiü get no further revenue from sales to end users. This approach also alienates the end users who have paid good money for a product, oniy to find it for free on the front of a magazine six months down the ime. Now! don't subscribe to the theory that these people have been ripped off the ve had six months of usage out of that program, they have proper documentation and (possibly) support and a firm upgrade path but there are those that do. We at Am go Compuf ng have pretty much (oniy pretty much) given up on the idea of seüing our souls for a quick buck as we have realised that the demise of the Amiga market can oniy be accelerated by such behaviour, and we are concentrating on offering our readers the best demos of new products or registered shareware which actuaüy helps the Amiga community

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Document sans nom Magic User Interface The most popular Amiga shareware program ever! ---- wave deep end - a beginner’s guide tov life onlihil Try out the Most unregistered version of this essential Workbench upgrade!
Of the best and most recent Amiga utilities and tools AmtCOFS 14 - latest version of ihe Amiga’s CO software Utdhoum - an amazingly good MUI screen blanker a feature packed MUI system monitor Nth 9qm - ihe uamate m disk compressors_ WBSt*rtup+- 9etco«wloiyaufWBSiafiuO0fi »»Wi Modeller 4.0 i Hard drive roundup Wordworth 5 Macroform % Laser Guidance I Classy graphics I CeBit special SUPER XL DRIVE ¦ VIDEO BACKUP3 Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga’s with a 68020 or higher CPU VIDEO BACKUP SCART ____£49.95 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO £45.95 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3____ £20 FLOPPY EXPANDER DISK EXPANDER PC881 A500 ......£30.95 PC882 A2000 .£35.95 PC883 A600 1200 . £35.95
3. 5 IDE ... fPOA
3. 5 SCSI ...£POA 120MB 2.5 IDE ...£89.95
340MB 2.5 IDE £169.95 510MB 2.5 IDE £289.95 850MB 2.5
EXPANDER (WITH HD PURCHASE) £ 1 5 Disk Expander can add upto
to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives
including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk
Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
£19.95 S X - 3 2 SX-32 is an internal add on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port, serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock, controller for
2. 5" hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
SX-32 MODULE £199.95 £629.9!
£799.95 CHIPS & SPARES Spi-CCAI. 0 External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM * EPSON SCAN POWERSCAN PRINTERS MONITORS SCANDOUBLER II SQUIRREL MPEG £199.95 The Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage .device. The EZ Drive stores 135MB on a single 3.5“ cartridge and has a seek time of 13.5ms. Comes complete with one 135MB cartridge. (A SCSI interface is required) SYQUEST EZ135MB £239.95 135MB CARTRIDGE .£19.95 ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan
doubles noninterlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them.
SCAN DOUBLER II £399 UEST EZ135 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB)____£75 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) £POA 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) . £POA 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . . £25 1 X4 DIP £25 256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X 1 DIP £5 CIA ... £12 GARY ..£19 PAULA ..... ...£19 DENISE £19 SUPER DENISE ......£25 KEYBOARD IC ......£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB . £19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ... £29 PRINTER CABLE .....£6 RS232 CABLE ..£6 SCSI EXTERNAL £15
WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2OOO £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
COLOUR II . £335.95 EPSON STYLUS 820 ......£219.95 EPSON
..... £49.95 Zorro II card that provides an additiod serial
port, parallel port and connects for optional RS422 and RS232
pofl Call for details ioEXTENDER ...£69.9!
Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MB GVP RAM ... £15!
16MB GVP RAM . £54!
Squirrel MPEG allows you to play Vide and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brine high quality digitally mastered images anc 16-bit stereo sound to you and youf Amiga.
Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCS performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the idea expansion peripheral for your Amig
1200. Please call for more information.
SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . £59-95 ’ AURA £79.95! * MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95 A A 68060 accelerator board for the A2(M running at 50MHz and allowing upt 128MB of user installable memory and I SCSI-II hard disk controller.
ACEEX V32 BIS 14.4 notbtapproveo £80 X-LINK TRUE V34 28 8 BT APPROVED £ 1 99.95 ALL MODEMS INCLUDE SOFTWARE AND CABLES ¦ squirrel scsi Interface included where you see this logo SURF SQUIRREL ....£99.95 G A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) SURF SQUIRREL IO-EXTENDER A 2 0 0 0 68060 MODEMS HI-SOFT SQUIRREL MPEG a| Award winning Amiga Genlock.
4MB STANDARD ADD £125.95 4MB GVP ADD . £159 phone orders We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
Warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
¦all-order prices All prices listed arc for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non- EC residents. Call to confirm prices BFPO orders welcome.
¦all-order terms All prices include VAT Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trade marks are acknowledged All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES RAM EXPANSION FALCON £399.99 QTTSTljn Diggers Oscar j Chaos Engine A500 2MB RAM £90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK ____£24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 1MB RAM ....£39.95 1MB RAM ...£29.95 MEGACHIP RAM Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to 2MB. MegaChip does this by n 2MB RAM and also now s 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is I. MEGACHIP RAM ..£159.95 Ifll A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully
PICASSO II2MB RAM .....£399.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT 2 VIDEO DAC ...£25 IB-BIT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR VGA ADAPTOR £15 GLIDEPOINT Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips ,7ap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) £59.95 ALPS GLIDEPOINT GENIUS TABLET High resolution pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software. Power Template software includes | templates for Dpaint V, Dpaint IV AGA, ; Ppaint 6.4. What's more you can create your own templates using this software (for any 2.0 3.1 compliant
software). When using the cursor it will emulate a 3 buttoned mouse.
GENIUS TABLET 12 X 12 .. .£195.95 wei PEN. CURSOR AND POWER TAB TIMP S W GVP GURU-ROM V6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. Please call for further information.
For GVP Only.
£49.95 GURU-ROM V6 POWER CD-ROM VIPER The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a ‘Hot-plug’ which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface. PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator.
MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM INC SQUIRREL . £179 X4 SPEED CD-ROM INC SQUIRREL £249 AMIGA 4000 DUAL SPEED CD-ROM EXT £139 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM EXT. . . .£199 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE . .£129 SCSI CABLE ...£10 POWER SCANNER Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA) Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection. Fully supports AGA chipset, Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non-AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with
2. 04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ....£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W . . £49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W S W . . .£39.95 FLATBED SCANNERS 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-5000 ...£479.95 24-BIT. INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 ...£579.95 24-BIT. INC POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ...£729.95 24-BIT, INC. IMAGE Fx B|v 1.5 SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 SCANNER SOFTWARE FLATBED
POWERSCANNER S W . £35 WORKS WITH ALL EPSON FLATBED SCANNERS ¦lixi'frm FALCON 68040RC 2SMHZ . £399.95 LLCON 68060RC S0MHZ . £649.95 | STARTING FROM 4MB SIMM £89.95 8MB SIMM ......£189.95 £119.95 16MB SIMM .....£399.95 FALCON NO CPU ..£349.95 SCSI ADAPTOR ....£29.95 All Falcon’s come complete with a cooling (art VIPER 28MHZ The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor optional, instruction and data burst modes.
CO-PROCESSOR FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 VIPER MK1 SCSI-ADAPTOR . £79.95 VIPER 28 MKII BARE £119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £179.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £299.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £489.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR £69.95 VIPER 50MHZ P C 1 2 0 8 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC 1208 BARE ......£55.95 PC1208 1MB ......£85.95 PC1208 2MB .....£119.95 PC1208 4MB ...£145.95 PC1208 8MB .....£249.95 VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£269.95 VIPER SO 4MB ....£289.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£389.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£599.95 NAME ADDRESS .POSTCODE TELEPHONE NO.
TOTAL AMOUNT (inc. Delivery) £ CREDIT CARD NO ... EXPIRY DATE SIGNATURE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 ? NEXT DAY £5 DSAT £10Q MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR oniafits tSrSTgM* E VI E WS WORDWORTH 5 The word is given on the final release of Digita's all new copy cruncher Devkit Sfx special ED Frank Nord explores a brand new SFX tutorial video plus its CD-based alter ego ED Hard drive roundup SI ED Paul Overaa moves to the second phase in his latest programming extravaganza Capital punishment 90 Andy Maddock talks to the producer, Alexander
Petrovic, to find out more about the excellent forthcoming beat'-em-up XTREME RACING DATA DISK 94 Guildhall's dreams to release a data disk have come true, If you want new graphics and tracks, feast your eyes upon this Premier manager 3 deluxe 96 You can forget about Actua Soccer on the PC and Playstation right now because the 'deluxe version of Premier Manager 3 is here Alien breed 3D 2 99 The sequel to Alien Breed 3D is finally here.
Download a demo from their homepage - the address is on the news page System news 82 Andy Maddock brings you all that is weird and wonderful on the Amiga games scene Hints and tips 84 Okay, so you got a bit stuck? It took us three months to get this far, so stop complaining. We lost sleep over this - honest Watchtower 86 Commando meets Ikari Warriors in this top- down blast-'em-up-type romp by OTM. Ooh, it's great Charlie j cool 88 Cool Charlie returns to the Amiga screens for the second time, although this time has been revamped and everything E5 Modeller 4.0 EE Paul Austin takes a close look
at the straight man in the Amiga's premier 30 partnership Classy craphics EZ3 Final writer lite ED The latest mouse replacement plus an all new graphics tablet get taken for a test drive Operation database _EJ Beginner's guide Laser guidance_ Andy Maddock spins those wheels of steel in the latest incarnation of AC's very own CD special The biggest news, the latest release, all courtesy of our globe trotting computing correspondent - big boy Ben Dr White coughs up another panacea for the growing pains of Amiga ownership EE Macroform Cebit ED The ultimate Lightwave add-on or just another
collection of expensive macros? Ben Vost investigates The omnipresent Mr South casts a knowledgeable eye over the latest extension to our old mate Amos EATURES Amiga Computing 4 MAY 1996 HE COVERDISKS OVER STORY Macic user interface 1. J The ultimate in graphical user interface enhancement, and an essential system add-on for all Amiga Internet users. This unregistered version will allow you to run every MUI program, faster than ever before Tooled up Try out MUI with a selection of the most useful MUI utilities, along with the usual collection of up-to-date tools including: Lottery, Disk
Squeeze, MUI Screen Mode, Startup Control, Scheduler, AmiCDFS 2.4, UCBackup, Mad House, Scout 2.6, Dialer, Update Libs, WBStartup+ Ac as__ED Our very own tech-psychologist probes the dark recesses of Amigaphobia. What a nice bloke!
Public sector _ E3 Dave Cusick searches through the best freebies and cheapies in the AC PD spectacular MIGA GUIDE Tthe menu tour comes to a close with a final foray of menu add-ons The art of Amos-based multimedia concludes with a close look at buttons Paul Overaa scans over the good and the bad in the Amiga music scene Neil Mohr guides, as gently as possible, the innocent Interneter through the trials and tribulations of getting online with the Amiga Building the body perfect?
Steve White tells all when it comes to tasty torsos Cary Whiteley runs throuh a few videographic stories prior to a summer of fun Frank Nord outlines the finer points when it comes to keying Kiegulars Comment ?
Will the bundling exploits of AT destroy the software market? Ben Vost puts the argument into perspective News_____EH The news just keeps flooding in - needless to say our in-house new hound is out on the case Paul Overaa reveals the rights and wrongs of reading text files
- cA Phil South ponders all the latest Internet developments
Amiga Computing 5 MAY 1996 ' 1 T Our unique and highly rated
external Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually
store the correct time and date in its own battery backed
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL AMIGAs A500 & A500+ HARD DRIVES Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate upto 5 SCSI devices such as CDROMS, hard drives. SyQuest removeable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI* is compat ible with all known accelerators etc and It does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600.
The Dataflyer SCSI* easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in. No need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
These hard drives simply push onto the side of the A500 or A500+ and will give your computer all the benefits that hard drives offer. The drives are supplied formatted, partitioned and have Workbench installed for immediate use.
Full instructions and software supplied.
The hard drive also has the facility to add 2.4.6 or 8mb of RAM inside It.
A500 + 250mb HARD DRIVE £209.99 AddKkmal RAM for the turd drive 89.99 per 2mb Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises the Disco logy Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies Of heavWy protected programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. £19.99 EACH OR BUY BOTH FOR £24.99 Incredibly fast (upto 4x faster than a ZIP drive) drive will store a massive 135mb per L cartridge. Comes complete with power supply.
SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ONLY £199.99 or £239.99 with a Squirrel er Dataflyer 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a full 50 page manual.
Lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £99.99 8mb £159.99 33mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £49.99 40mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £69.99 50mhz 68882 FPU (PGA) £79.99 All FPU's are supplied with crystal oscilators A4000 SCSI controller expansion card that allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be connected to the A4000. Includes full user manual and installation software including CD-ROM drivers. Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices.
DATAFLYER 4000SX only £59.99 This superb package is a must for any CD-ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software including librarian features. Direct reading of 16bit audio samples, full support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD Discs.
Includes the ¦F1SHMARKET CDTTOM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information packed spiral bound manual.
ASIM CDFS only £49.99
2. 5’ HARD DRIVES Order NOW for immediate despatch FREEPHONE 0500
34054b for GfiQuifiGS tel: 0161 796 5279 85mb £89.99 120mb£
104.99 170mb £119.99 250mb £139.99 340mb £174.99 540mb £284.99
3. 5’ HARD DRIVES Ultra low profile 3.5' drives for A1200.
Come complete with cables etc (as per 01* 2,5' drives). Simple to fit, you do not need to cut the case of the A1200. Similar power consumption to 2.5' drives.
1 540mb ,174.99 850mb £194.99 _J Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £164.99 WITH DATAFLYER £174.99 I power for such a i price. This superb i tor uses a 68020 running at 28hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU enable your A1200 to i at 5 MIPS (million instructions per second)! Uses Standard 72 pin SIMMS and indudes, battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
PANASONIC QUAD SPEED EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER ONLY £239.99 APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +lmb £139.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £199.99 rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes Complete with power supply. SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
An incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete with MMU, 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a ftoatir point unit and battery backed dock.
Runs at just under 9.5 MIPS (million instructions per second!)
APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99 4mb SIMM £99.99 8mb SIMM £159.99 68882 FPU £69.99 ONLY £189.99 or £229.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 Al prices include VAT. Postage and packing
* UI be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.). £7.50 Europe and
£12.50 rest ol the wortd.
FjlDDAMSj Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. AH modems include our which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAJL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction
• MNP 5 Data Compression
• Fax Class I and II compatible. Group 3
• Hayes Compatible
• Full 80 page manual‘ 12 Months guarantee SPEEDCOM+B (14,400
V32bis) £7!
SPEEDCOM + BF (26,800 V34) £159.99 SCSI CD ROM DRIVES MEDIAVISION ‘RENO’ Double speed CD RC DRIVE complete with power supply, SCSI cables, docking station and full instructions.
Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD player.
SPEEDCOM Ot has been said before. It will be said again. The Amiga market has itself in a stranglehold. No-one __ else is killing our machine but the users, companies, and publishers that are supposed to be supporting it We all think the software bundle that accompanies every Amiga these days is the best yet a smashing set of products, but the only problem with giving away all this nice software is that it reduces the chances that anyone will bother to buy anything else. If you supply a machine with everything its owner is likely to need, where's their incentive to go and spend some more
Sony themselves said that they purposely didn't bundle any software with their PlayStation console for the specific reason of getting people to fork out more cash for something to play on it And everyone knows that in the console game, software is where the money is made. Perhaps future bundles should concentrate more on shareware products or ones that definitely don't fulfill the potential of the machine. This might also cost a lot less for AT than market leaders would, thus saving some cash for R&D or perhaps adding in a larger hard drive.
Killing ourselves Kipped off Magazine publishers are as much at fault with a seemingly endless stream of full product coverdisks that will soon dry up as publishers realise they will get no further revenue from sales to end users. This approach also alienates the end users who have paid good money for a product only to find it for free on the front of a magazine six months down the line. Now I don't subscribe to the theory that these people have been ripped off - they've had six months of usage out of that program, they have proper documentation and (possibly) support and a firm
upgrade path - but there are those that do.
We at Amiga Computing have pretty much (only pretty much) given up on the idea of selling our souls for a quick buck as we have realised that the demise of the Amiga market can only be accelerated by such behaviour, and we are concentrating on offering our readers the best demos of new products or registered shareware which actually helps the Amiga community, or even our collection of utilities from Aminet and elsewhere. After all, some blame must be laid at the publishers' doors for entering into the deal with the magazines for their products anyway.
If they were more willing to create demos of their products rather than simply dump out old versions, readers could get a look at new software and then, and here's the secret, go out and buy it provided, of course, they can still find someone who sells Amiga software. Retailers are never happy to see something they have in stock appearing on .the front of the magazine because it means they have wasted money on stock that is never going to be sold - perhaps this is another reason there are so few dealers Does bundling software or putting it on coverdisks kill the market? Ben Vost thinks so
willing to stock Amiga software any more.
I'm not asking anyone to boycott magazines that put full software on their covers, that would be unrealistic. But unless something changes in the very near future, there won't be any more programs to put on coverdisks because the publishers will have gone down the pan, the users will have sold their Amigas, and AT will be left holding stock of thousands of unwanted Amigas for which there is no market. Just thought you ought to know... 7*f The R[ team MANAGING EDITOR Paul Austin EDITOR Ben Vost ART EDITOR Tym Leckey NEWS EDITOR Tina Hacked COVERDISK EDITOR Neil Mohr PRODUCTION EDITOR
Judith Chapman GAMES EDITOR Tina Hacked STAFF WRITERS Andrew Maddock Dave Cusick ADVERTISING MANAGER Lisa Braeewell AD SALES Jane Normington AD SALES Sue Horse fieki AD PRODUCTION Barbara Newall MARKETING MANAGER Steve Tagger PRODUCTION MANAGER Sandra Childi SYSTEMS MANAGER David Stewart CIRCULATION DIRECTOR David Wren COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Denise Wright DISTRIBUTION COMAG (0I89S) 4440SS SUBSCRIPTION 0I5I-3S7 2961 Member of the Audn Bureau of Circu1000ra 27,871 juvjwe 1995 Pubfahed by IDG Meda. Media House. Adlngion Pjrk.
Macclesfield SKI04NP Tel 01625 878888. Fax 01625 850652 Emal contacts Editorial editgacomp demoaco iA Atorwng adrgaeomp detravco uk CHAIRMAN Richard Hea* MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield We regret AMIGA Computing cannot offer technical help on a personal basis either by telephone or in writing. All reader enqunes should be submitted to the address in this panel for possible publication.
Amiga Computing is on independent pufaflttn ond AMIGA Technologies GmbH ore not responsible for any of the ortidn in this issue or for ony of the opinions expressed ©1996 IDG Media. No material may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. While every care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally reponstble for any errors in articles, listings or advertisements All prices listed m the edKoria) content of this magazine are inclusive of VAT unless sated m IDG MEDIA For six yean AMIGA Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. As a key member of the
IDG communications group, AMIGA Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available.
12 owe subscription tU. 99 (UK). £69.99 (EEC) £84.99 (Workf) Ongoing qworteriy drect debit £10.99 (UK only) Printed and bound by Duncan Webb Offset (Maidstone) Ltd Amiga Computing Siegfried DISCOLOGY Discology is the optimum package for beginners & experts alike who wish to create back-up copies of original floppy disks speedily and easily.
Included is the Discology disk. Discology Cartridge and a 36 page printed manual Features a cartridge backup mode for heavily protected disk (Requires the use of an external disk drive) Two Nibble modes for coping with protected IBM and Atan disks Sync Scan checks for unknown protection systems Recognition of long and short tracks Modem users can backup disks via a modem to another Amiga anywhere in the world t, Siegfried Anti Virus Professional is a multifunction tool for combating virus attacks. It features powerful early recognition of viruses and includes preventative measures for
infested systems.
DISCOLOGY is available NOW PRICE £19.99 Discology comprises all the functions that are demanded from a top quality back-up program.
(plus £1.50 for postage and packing) Telephone for a FREE full information sheet Europe’s No.l Disk Duplication System ce y r
* «».. 99 Siegfried ANTI VIRUS Virus search on any device (Hard
disk, floppy disk CD-ROM etc. Quick tracing of link and file
viruses etc. Block Test to search for viruses at the block
level of a device Automated unpacking of compressed programs
for virus checking Recognition of Bootblock Viruses with
analysis Safeguards hard drives Rigid Disk Blocks Includes a
comprehensive 50 page printed manual Full update service to
registered users Includes many more features.
ANTI VIRUS is available NOW PRICE £19.99 (plus £1.50 for postage and packing!
Telephone for a FREE full information sheet No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Fully multi-tasking, copies with high density disk etc Full update service is available for registered users Order NOW for immediate despatch FREEPHONE 0500 340548 for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday monthgs 9am to 12pm Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
AH pnces mcWe VAT. Postage arc packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.). £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the world.
Prim j CD HOM free Valued CIO
w. tll
H. ru, drive [ [mlvl M1438S Monitor Only!! *£285.95 MagicPack
hclwlrs Wnrdworth V4SE. Diuuorr.
Oryumr.Turtmak 1.5. Pmoiul Paint V*,4, Photogenic* I.2SE. Pmlul ManU A Whin UK S cheapest Amiga's AI 200 £354.95 Amiga A1200 Magic Pack Inc. 170Mb HD & ScaJa MM300 Include* unit software pack as Magic Pack, But also include.
Scala MM300(Rcq. 4Mb).
£469,95 ga A1200 Surf Pack Inc. 260Mb HD & 14.4 Modem tncJudra. All the Mjg*c Pack tofcwarc.
Plus «hr luru Comm, and Internet Kira software designed far the Amiga. Al this tor only £559.95 When bought rith a computer Amiga T echnologies 1241 Q-Drive Quad Speed only!!£239.95 RENO Portable CD ROM
• xvitn-w Ret). SCSI intartace £ I 29.95 CP II .1- -I SCSI
Interface CD-Recordcr 4x read 2x write Tomorrow. QriQ ftr
technology today L Z. . J 74 Min. Media 10 off £64.99 100 off
£575.99 Master-ISO CD-R software CnMi raw o-n CD HOH-, W CO
Ao4~4fe on Call for details £349.95 HP CD-R 4020i First Starter
Pack B A1200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disk. ? Label. All for
• Top quality Joystick only
• Deluxe mouse mat
• 3 x A1200 games £19.95 A4000T Chaos Software Pack OmmIbbIm
M£I9.95 68040-25 £2092.95 68060-50 £2366.95 Internal SCSI CD ROM drives A4000 compatible CD ROM drives Toshiba 5401 Bx4 Speed £141.95 Toshiba 3701 B 4.7Spe«d £319.95 Toshiba drives are shorter than ftd. Drive* B so fit inside the A4000 case.
SCSI Controllers Squirrel SCSI-II Interface *£45.00
• Whm bovglu-M. Ra, HOCO ROM 4rU«. U4.M Wkw«M wewxtt Surf
Squirrel SCSI-II Interface *£79.95 GVP 4008+ Oktagon SCSI-II
controllers £99.95 Monitors Hard Drives Disk Drives Squirrel
I face
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 600 install kit
(W«rrawnmra41.t**HMb*ara4ty erallS.d inc. software, cables and
instructions 630Mb..: 18? .95 850Mb...99 95
l. 08Ck.£2!9.95 2.1 Clg £379.9Si External Hard Drives for all
SCSI aware Amiga's 840Mb £239.95 1.2Gig£299.95
2. 0Gig £639.95 4.0Gig £ 1069.95 IkII
M»t|frniQMraiMnii..iS»ra.iiirai»ionn .ra SCSI .-.i.rV«r. «.
Squirrvi'GVP ' ¦
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A1200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions_ 3 uffTsu COM mm
80Mb £89.95 l30Mb..£l09.95 170Mb..£ I 14.95 250Mb..£ 139.95
M0MLCI7S.9S 5l0Mb..£2l7.95 8IOMb..£321.95 l.0Gig..£42l.9sl
3. 5" Hard Drive install kit £18.95 Include* wt up lottwuc. Cable
and full pnWnKttuni, no Hard Ort**.
11438S mlga Branded Monitor U771- specification as dlt I 4 2ft ha s. Microvitec 1438 mbriitbr without speakers £264.95 Extra adaptor may be req. £6.99 Amitek 1084 S £199.95 i iin k.- .u~ ____ i 14* Catrar CO* Surra Mw, Vmm. DutuJ RCR. Anitoc Input* lonitor dust cover £6.95. Zip Drive F • ln«lud.« » ¦ Z.p » Amiga External drive £49.95 AI 200 600internal drive £39.95 500 500+Internal drive £39.95 Surf Squirrel
• Hi speed serial port
• SCSI-II interfac .£79.95 rr £99 95 Squirrel SCSI-II interface
From only ' £45.00 *** 1 £54.95 Ki RAM Expansion Accelerators
Supra Modem Modems = Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand Call Discrimination V BABT Approved « 14,400
Data 14,400 Fax £111.95
• 33,600 Data 14,400 Fax £193.9* Only £153.95
• Op M 111 Jmtra MMO 6 LEOOupUr
• VI. Standard
• Up to 115,20Obp9 (v42bis) • Clas* I & 2 Fast
• Silent & Adaptive Answer • Unique LCD Display
• V34 Standard • Flash ROM
• Ncomm Software • 5 Year Warranty CourierV34+ If ysMfi llWB|ki
VIJM* «u bit try VJ4 £287.95 1, Approved 33,600 bps.
A1200 RAM PRIMA Expansion AI 200 I MB RAMSf eciol price!.*£79.95 AI 200 2 MB RAM £99.95 AI2004 MB RAM £114.95 Al 200 8 MB RAM £170.95 AI200 I MB 33Mhz Co Pro £99.95 A1200 2 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £124.95 A1200 4 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £150.95 A1200 8 MB 33MhzCo Pro £199.95 MASSIVE PRICE Mb72 Pin SIMM REDUCTIONS £29 £47 £93 £235 £33 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM I Mb 30 pin SIMM 256x4 DRAM 95 95 95 ( Accelerator Cards ) Sportster Vi | [supra -p-* Modem 288) POWER Viper 11-50 £199.95 Up to 12«Mb RAM. FPU Socket A ATT dock Viper 11-28 £119.95 Up u 11M RAM, FPU ««k« 8 B T dock (A500 600
RAM Expansion) PRIMA A500 512k RAM no dock £19.95 I PRIMA A500+ I Mb RAM £29.95 PRIMA A6001 Mb RAM no clock C V ¦flnlVii 1, I I n Mmwriuui jy _ Part *x h*n|* available on your old mtmory, Call far pricing.
(I9.9S £19.95 £13.9S £12.95 £14.95 £I4.9S
(7. 95
(21. 95
(10. 45 £9.95 (4 45 £I*.4S £25.95 £27.95
(15. 95
(34. 95 £17.95 £24.95
(94. 95 44 95 £3.85 4I2.9S
(4. 91 43 *3 £7.95 £ 13.95 £895 4S.9S (I3.9S 41 US Canon BJC 70
mono (3 pack) ‘ ' Pm*).
Canon BJC 70 colour (J Fort*U. oW~W.!8ra«-AU Canon BJ200rx £183.95 c n «iira»iraiMii»K*i«»«ra NtJj?Onon bjzTo'**”1?!5.95 CwewSStoSSf £119.95 Cotour r, HP 660 Colour £117.95 n~
(4. 95
(8. 95
(17. 95
(4. 95
(8. 95
(17. 95
(12. 45 £132.95 HP 5L Laser printer £436.95 StarLC90"ta’ Asf k* r
Star LCI 00t rinCvW- ¦ •0.f.dr.n.4UP.NLQ*ml| | Star LC 240
34 pin mono l« cpt drslt.wth ASF belli m Star
LC240Ci4ainC«iM Iln.4LQIonu Star SJ I 44c«toer Canon BJ30
twuM. Nw Kbiln, It Ft* Canon BJOOColour Now 1 oh M«.i In.
HP850 Colour
* 00. *00 J,» up to » O' HP SL Laser pr m9?s H*P5pTavcrprinter
£743.95 JO- ruranc , Whp%HEWLETT* mL'fiM PACKARD £169.95 M
Cm.ra p.lnl.r. K. £235.95 ABC Colour printer £383.95 IN 1 t
stout. I IN «* man* grtoiw, HP340 Portable £105.95 cowrae
£231.95 pMH*Cot Kit441.9*. £330.95 CITIZEN £423.95 Stylus
Colour II £330.95 'Mjf 4a*n, auck. Jw-n Colour Stylus Colour Ms
£219.95 rtaagl tfgraBUck, IfgraCoarar.
Stylus 820 £181.95 ?» *4. BSaan. Tiuk. Cow urrra»»w Stylus Pro £461.95 f M.T10 4ai. Fl-Ar-IUii 4udMy Mgm PrintarSwitchBo 2 way 41] 9S Printer Switch Box 3 way EIT.9S Printer Stands (Universal ) (4.9S re printer cable 44 .9S printer cebU 4* *S S Metre printer cable 10 Metre printer cable 12.95 Parallel port cat, cable 49 93 OL600cx £374.95 LEDUrarprtowr.i'feWIHkefltu- OL61 Oex £476.95 LEO ferae prtnUr.**Wm. lHSofRrm Authorised OKI dealer Miscellaneous Ribbons Citizen Swift ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour Star LC 90 mono ribbon Star LC 10 100 mono Star LC 10 100 colour Star LC240c colour
Star LC 240c mono Star LC240 mono Scar LCJ4-1 4200 300 Colour Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons Single refills (22ml) 41.15 Twin refill. (44ml) 412.95 Tbroo colour kit (46ml) (19 95 Pull colour kit («»ml) 427 95 Bulk refill. (125ml) 424.95 Printer repair specialists call We stock a wide range of consumables for all pnntcrs Lasers, Dot Matrix and InkJet* old and new.
PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills ¦4*H IMT UAJ . HPD«.k|«( ’ repair specialists i for quote Sait « loftvRt In nannlng (MU wMH y Cinon BJC 4900 mono (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 400e mono high cap.
Canon BJC 400c colour CitiiMt Printiva Std. Colour.
Citizen Printrira Metallic coloon HP.DeskJet *40 double mono HP.Detfcjec *40 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylu. Colour Ep»on Stylu. Col. II V820 Mono Epson Stylu.Col. II S 020Colour Epson Stylui (20 colour upgrade Star SJ 144 mono colour (tingle) Covers Al printer dust cover.
Paper Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheet* Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheet*
• feed) 500 feed) I00( Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 «i Single
sheet SOOtheet* Single iheet lOOOtheet* Single sheet 2090
sheet) Epson Stylus 720dpl paper pack Canon 8J JO (3 posfi) Tin
“ pack) Canon BJC 4000 colour (tingle) Ink Cartridges Canon
BJ10 Star SJ40 Canon 8)200 230 Bulk DSDD 10 » 43.45 100a (29.95
30 x £9.95 200 x £54.95 50 x £15.95 500 x £118.95 Branded DSDD
10 x £4.95 100x05.95 30 x 412.95 200 x £63.95 50 x £25.95
S00x£l42.9S Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.95 100 x £33.95 30x £11.95
200x459.95 SO x £17.95 500 x £134.95 Branded DSHD 10 x £5.95
100 x £47.95 30 x £15.95 200 x £84.95 50x05.95 S00x£l90.95 Disk
labels xSOO £6.95 Disk label* x 1000£9.95, Disks Graphics
Graphics Software Genlocks ft New!! Epson GT-5000 t Photogtmcs
Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system n L cvpl £529.95 i
£224.95 £ 139.95 VIDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro
• 5 -port for virtual memory j 04
• AddmonalMMtrstlatdmrs *T»U fo Umor YIDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ for
only..... £ I 29.95
• Caoipiirhlt wtthVHS ft SVHS
• Sjw ft load in multiple Me formats uantum £ 164.95 H Fusion
Genlock V . Cam.. wtOl ScU. KT 160 v* • f Amifi Stugptr Jutir
ti Only!!£95.95 Entry level Genlock Art Department Pro Scanner
Controller £89.95 £99.95 Scala MM21 I £139.95
• MM300 £224.95 ¦ • MM400 £274.95 New!!
Cinema4D £169.95 Power Scan v4. £89.95 256 g uaie on AGA Am.pt. 64 plicate non A6A Power Scan Col. £174.95 24 bit coioir tamer. 167 mlllon colours Photogenics vi.2| 24 bit graphics manipulation Req. 2Mb of RAM. And Kickstart 3.0 or higher.
Art Dept. Pro.
Image processing software £129.95 Hand Scanners only!! £49.( Wordprocessing Home Office Miscellaneous Technosound Turbo 2 Pro ¦ Final Writer 4 Word Processor Publisher Latest version of this award winning software only!! £72.95 Final Data VISTAI’RO Vista Pro 3 Landscape Artistry software Accurately recreate and explore real world landscapes in vivid detail A,*° £27 95 Makepath £8.99 Terraform £8.99 Vista Pro 3 Lite £24.95 8 12 bit Stereo many more advanci Sampler plut incca features £39.95 A bargain at only £27.95 L Twist 2 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above & 2Mb of memory £74.95
Spreadsheets Final Calc Mega-Lo-Sound 8 bit dlrect-to-di*k
sampler Great value at only £25.95 ProMIDI Interface m Final
Writer Lite Word Processor Requires Kickstart 2.04 or above,
2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive installable if
£94.95 £39.95 vMs only!! £19.95
• 2 x 3metre MIDI cables £9.99
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above. 2Mb of memory min..
H. Disk with 5Mb of free space Studio 2 £49.95 "If you want to
get the best possible results from your printer, get a copy of
studio". Frank | Nord. Amiga Computing April 96. Essential
software for your Aiii|);.l Mini Office Integrated Package
• Wofdprocciwr
• Sprcodshr.t IQ Or
• Ditib.., LjOsTj AURA 100% £74.95 Home Finance Money Matters 4
£49.95 Opus 5 £49.95 SS0 Octamed compatible 12 16 bit strrro
direct-to-disk PCMCIA sampler Octamed 6 Official CD £24.95
Latest version of the best music Utilities GP Fax £49.95 Opus5
* Dht Utiliii Aim.
Utr your Amiga modem as a fax machine Wordworth Ver. 5 GBRoute Plus £44.95 :H'SXLy-¦ 174 or IrivM nr Hdntr fc f ¦ • J J i 2-04 or higher iskMagic m £34.95 CU Amiga, Amiga Route Planner. Winner of the"Be« Amiga Utility Software"award.Works on al a*t with at least I Mb of I making program for the Amiga, of Midi Wes. San Peripherals Cables Amiga CD ROM's Delivery £ I per title or £3.50 for 4+ Amiga-CD32 Se-rial Network cable Amiga Pamet n wo* Modem Cable 9-25 25-25 Null Modem Cable Amiga-VGA Monitor Amiga-TV Cable Amiga CM8833 Monitor Amiga-Scart Cable Printer Cable (1.8 metre) Disk Drive Monitor
Analogue PC J.stick Adapt Mouse Joystick Extension Mouse Joystick Autoswitch MIDI Cables (3 metre x2) Centronics-Centronics SCSI D25-50 way Cent.
SCSI D25-50 way Micro-D SCSI Adaptors from.. SCSI Terminators from... Internal SCSI Cables from
2. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable
- Amiga-3.5" Hard Drive 17 Bit The 5th Dimension 17 Bit
Collecrtion (Double) 17 Bit Continuation 17 Bit Phase 5 17
Bit LSD compendium lor2 17 Bit LSD compendium 3 Grafix
Sensations New JGroliers Encyclopedia 2 Illusions in 3D Ne
wf Light ROM 3 Light Works Magic Illusions New .'Meeting Pearls
3 MultiMedia Toolkit 2 (2xCD’s) New!! Network 2 CD NewffNFA AGA
Experience Newf Octamod 6 CD New Price!! Prima CD Vol. I Ne
wf Sci-fi Sensations Space And Astronomy New!! Speccy
Sensations II The Beauty of Chaos Ten on Ten pack (I OxCD's)
NewffUPD Gold CD (4 x CD’s) Newf World Of Pinups 2 WPD Hottest
5 Weird Science Fonts Clipart Weird Science Animation
Newf World Info 95 New?fXiPaintV3.2 Newf Zoom II_ Mouse* 400
dpi£ I 2.95 ;a Mouse 400 dpi £ 11.45 Mouse 560api € I 2.45
£17.45 £24.9S £14.45 £14.45 £16.95 £16.95 £17.45 £19.95 £8.95
£40.95 £29.95 £11.45 £8.95 £19.95 £12.45 £17.95 £24.95 £9.95
£17.95 £16.95 £17.45 £13.45 £37.95 £24.95 £14.95 £17.95 £8.95
£16.95 £34.95 £39.95 £18.95 ousemat 4mm AlfaData T rackball
£34.95 Zip Stick joystick £9.95 Gravis Amiga joystick £ 19.95
ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.95 ZyFi Pro Speakers £57.95 Roboshift
mouWfOyslkfc twitch £9.95 Amiga Contol Pad £9.95 Aminet8or9or
10 £12.45 Am inet collection Aminetl-4) £24.45 Aminet
collection 2(Aminet54) £24.45 New!! Amos Users CD PD Ver 2.
Animations (Double) Newf Artworx New!! Assassins 2 (Double) BCI Net 1 2 New!! C64 Sensations CAM (Double) CDPD 1,2,3 or4 Demo CD 2 Newf Eric Schwartz CD NewfJEncounters UFO Phenomenon Fractal Universe Newf Global Amiga Experience I jtsldfish 1 2 - £16.95 £17.45 £8.95 £17.45 £8.95 £16.45 £22.45 £8.95 £8.95 £24.95 £14.95 £17.45 £24.95 £24.9S Amiga Modulator Amiga PSU £34.95 £34.95 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 £24.95 CIA 8520A I O chip £18.95 FPU25mhzPLCC £34.95 FPU 33mhz PLCC £39 95 Turbotech R T clock rridge Cffe,*1 I all Amiga's ler of Special Offer Blitz Basic Citizen ABC Turbotech FirstNet Blitz
Basic2.l Popular BASIC programming language for all Amiga't a FIRST NET Special offer £29.95 Limited special offer price only| 35 95 Turbotech Real Time j .Clock cartridge Special offer price £14.95 , Usually £17.99 One time connection fee of D9J8 and then Just 214.69 a month thereafter, 15:1 User Ratio, Excellent Bandwidth.
Web ipace available.
Call for further details Yorkshire s Premier Internet provider s HOW TIME T |alk talk More news from the World of Amiga is that Zeus Developments will be launching a new bulletin board software package for the Amiga. Called Zeus, it will support links to the Internet and users can be allocated e-mail addresses, read UseNet, and download files from the Amiga software directory. The package contains industry- standard communications protocols such as Hydra, RIP Graphics, IEMSI Logons. Zeus's Nick Loman commented: "Zeus contains a revolutionary new communications standard for the Amiga which
features an attractive graphical user interface, sound and vision capabilities, and an increased operating speed."
Qnoraknophobia Be proud to be a computer anorak. Or that's the message Channel Four are trying to get across in their latest documentary series. Called Triumph of the Nerds', it tells the story of two techies who outwitted the major players in the computer industry to make multi-million pound businesses. Presented by PC columnist Bob Cringely, it shows in the first programme 'Impressing Their Friends' the beginnings of the personal computer industry.
The first in this three part series also shows how a Californian company invented the microprocessor and another group from New Mexico creating the first personal computer.
'Riding the Bear' is the next in the series and sees IBM entering the market, and the final programme, ‘Great Artists Steal’, is how Bill Gates developed the Windows system in competition with Macintosh.Triumph of the Nerds will be screened this April and is made by John Gau Productions and Oregon Public Broadcasting for Channel 4.
It merican company, Parth Galen
* ¦ Software, have released three programs to provide synthetic
speech for the Amiga. The first product called SofTalk, is a
fully compatible replacement for the original Amiga speech
software and as well as having basic voice output for existing
programs, it provides up to four channels of voice output.
SofTalk is a programmable synthesiser and also has a range of
speech effects which can be accessed by newer programs.
Parth Galen have also released TransMaker which allows text-to-speech translation for any language, and PhonMaker which lets the user design voice phenomes. Both TransMaker and PhonMaker cost $ 47.50 and run on Amiga systems using Version 2.04+ software.
Their output files can be used by the SofTalk synthesiser.
SofTalk is available for $ 7.50 (foreign postage charges are extra), and Parth Galen can be contacted at 24475 158th Avenue, Cold Spring, Minnesota, USA 56320.
ver the last few months Pragma have released two new products worth a mention. They are the new range of ColorQ colour copier interfaces, the ColorQ E4000 and E5000. Both use ColorQ's diamond press compression technology. Doug Barnwell, Divisional Manager for the ColorQ, commented "When we first saw the new models with diamond press compression technology it was immediately apparent that the speed advantage was tremendous, allowing ripping of colour images in continuous tone of up to a tenth of the conventional size." Pragma also distribute Printronix products in the UK and as such announce
the launch of the new 5000 series line matrix printers which promise new low costs. Pragma state that this has been achieved by ensuring all models use common parts, with only the hammer shuttle assembly different to each printer.
Qights, camera, action U ore news on the World Of Amiga (all set to happen at the Hammersmith Novotel on 13-14 April) is that Epic Marketing will be showing their new CD-ROM designed to help out budding film makers. Showing Volume One of what will be a series is Special FX which shows movie makers how to produce good, low-cost special effects. All the titles and video effects have been produced on an Amiga and each CD will show a short film using the effects and then go on to explain how it was done. The CD will be priced at £29.99. The necessary intelligence has been incorporated onto the
shuttle assembly and has therefore reduced the number of parts for each machine.
QmiAtlas Qrue colours P ollowing our AmiAtlas review we've had various enquiries asking where ¦ you can actually get the product from. So here it is: Andreas Regul, Gutenbergstrasse 5a, 64289 Darmstadt, Phone +49 (0)6151 718950.
Amiga Computing A,y SIMM within the CD32. Eyetech believe that as the SX32 only sticks out 1 centimetre more than the normal CD32, and because of it's sturdy attachment, it makes it an ideal portable, low cost, multimedia option. The compatible keyboards and floppy disk drives are also available from Eyetech.
The SX32 comes with a Workbench 3 CD which also has various utilities and PD Shareware programs.
The SX32 is £199.95, the Compact Amiga Keyboard, £34.95 and External floppy disk drive £44.95 (UK prices). Contact 01642 713185.
1 0 10 Software, makers of many an ¦ educational title, are making their products available though Guildhall Leisure.
The Guildhall name may ring a bell amongst those who browse our games section as the company have had great successes with titles such as Gloom from Black Magic and Super Skidmarks from Acid Software.
The range of software from 10 10 has been re-packaged and is now available for £14.99. Their current titles include Essential Maths and Early Essentials, but more are on the way such as Essential History aimed at the 5 to 12-year old and Essential IT for all ages.
0 10 FOR Guildhall C yetech have announced ™ their plans to make the best out of the CD32. Disappointed by the lack of expansion facilities and input output connectors, they are now releasing the SX32 expansion unit to provide a portable Amiga solution with built- in CD-ROM. Claiming to be 'everything the SX 1 should have been' it fits in the CD32's FMV slot and incorporates the Amiga serial, parallel, video and floppy disk connections. As well as having a standard 15-pin VGA monitor connector, it also allows the addition of a 2.5 inch hard disk drive and a 72-pin QD32 solution On
the move Amiga distributors SDL have announced that the company are set to move to new premises in Woking. SDL, which also incorporates the retail chain Silica, were recently saved from financial strife by a take over by the Anglo Corporation.
The move will mean expansion for the company as the new site is around 10,000 square feet bigger than their current premises. However, although all the current staff have been offered jobs at the new site, it's thought that some staff may not wish to relocate.
Now we have your attention, we just want to say thanks for the great response we've had to our Reader Surveys. Still keep them coming though - there's no free beer (that was a cheap trick) but there is £200 worth of software and hardware tailored to your computer's needs up for grabs.
We'll put your surveys into a draw and the lucky winner will be announced in our 100th issue. All your entries must be received by 6 April, so send them to Reader Survey, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4NP.
Free beer ALL FOR ACTION ON PIRACY A ccording to industry paper, CTW, some of the big games firms are calling for a ™ separate body to fight piracy. Currently, ELSPA (the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) have their Anti-Piracy Crime Unit dealing with the problem.
However, following the recent news that the Police and Trading Standards could refuse to take action against pirates unless the industry actually provides -more resources themselves, some of the major players are suggesting that ELSPA's Anti-Piracy Unit is made into an independent body.
This, they believe, will make the industry more focused on the problem. ELSPA answered by saying that the suggestion had not been thought out properly and that the Crime Unit worked as a standalone organisation anyway.
Qowering above Blittersoft have a new range of Amiga Tower systems and expansion Shuttle boards available.
The standard Tower has a choice of several front panel designs and uprated PSUs are available in 230, 250 and 300W ratings.
Shuttles available are the Shuttle 2000, 1200, 1200PCI, 3000, 4000 and the 3000PCI and 4000PCI.
News also from Blittersoft this month is that they are now the exclusive distributors of products from Canadian company, AsimWare Innovations Inc. Blittersoft will also be releasing MasterlSO from AsimWare Innovations, a program which allows the user to create an ISO image which can be written to a CD-ROM recorder in order to create custom CD-Rom and CD-Audio discs.
Catch our review of MasterlSO next month, with a roundup of CD-ROM Recorders.
Lord of THE FLIES B Congratulations to Ben l ost our Pog-collect- ing Deputy Editor, who has been promoted to the role of Editor. Vost was too emotional to comment at the time but has since been sighted wearing big black boots and brandishing a whip Sign of the times A recent article in The Times Interface computer section hailed the Amiga as 1the leading games machine and now one of the foremost multimedia home computers0 in their recent article announcing The World of Amiga Show. Praise indeed..... Scala OOPS While we may have been on the ball in getting you Scala's new phone number in the
UK, we didn't actualy give you the right number.
The number you need to phone is actually 01920 484811, and it is their fax number on 01920 484148, in case you need to fax them.
Amiga Computing Nr ws IDEO STAR ondon company, Connections, have a solution to your “ video making problems. If you can't afford the equipment or you don't know how to make a video, then they are offering a range of services to help. Various training courses are available with free offers for the unwaged. You can also hire the equipment which includes lights-Sound-2, Machine S-VH5 and three Machine Beta Cam Edit facilities, Vision Mixer and Computer Graphics. Connections are based in Hammersmith and can be contacted on 0181-741 1766.
SCOM JARGON FIESTA 1Af e've recently received a news release from Amiga Technologies regarding Escom's shares. After ploughing through all the jargon, the gist of it is that Escom have now got some more funding but have had to give up some control in terms of shares...we think.
Apparently, ESCOM AC have increased their capital with a cash outlay of DM59,994,000. Escom explained: "The new shares have been taken over by Commerzbank AC for the issue consortium and will be offered to shareholders at the earliest possible date after presentation of the 1995 annual report.
The increase in capital is part of an agreement between the company, its associates and bankers by which the P or those interested in
• home or professional video production, you may like to know
that Diskotech have announced the release of their new
collection of animated titling fonts.
Following on from the original MovieFonts, it works with all Amigas with 1Mb using Deluxe Paint or similar.
Available as a 10 disk pack, MovieFonts 2 costs £40 and contains 18 original colour fonts which share the same palette for mixing and matching without colour conflict.
The set is available now from Diskotech, Melin-Y-Carth, Builth Wells, Powys LD4 4AW.
MovieFonts 2 I* now 3 Available lor both homo and professional video users QlSKO INFERNO company acquire new resources amounting approximately DM100 million." Manfred Schmitt, the principal shareholder in ESCOM AC, has transferred 16 per cent of the base capital to the BV Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bayerische Vereinsbank AC, and a further 2.5 per cent of the base capital to Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AC. This in effect means that Schmitt's share has been cut by nearly 30 per cent The company gave this official statement: "By this action shareholders and banks
have created the right conditions to give ESCOM AC a more solid financial base and an extension of its circle of shareholders enabling it to develop its business successfully."
Exposed A new initiative has been set up to allow the public to use the Internet as an anonymous way of blowing the whistle on any dangerous or illegal practices that are being covered up. The team behind it, called simply Whistleblowers UK, is made up of journalists and industry people who aim to make the site a safe way of employees speaking out against employers, where previously they had little protection for doing so.
The Internet site is based outside the UK so that the sender cannot be traced.
Post your worries and Whistleblowers UK will then investigate. Find them at http uk ommerce.com whistle Off the rails British Rail are joining the Information Super Railway by launching their own Web site. Called British Rail International, it will have information including major rail networks in Europe with plans to include accommodation and restaurant advice.
The pages cover UK USA, Europe and Rest of World and by clicking on the country you are in, you can then access various options to get the required info, whether it's booking details, prices or routes. BR are stationed at http: www .britrail.co.uk White webbing The first wedding to be broadcast live on the Internet is about to take place in Istanbul. Virtual guests can link up for the ceremony or even chat to guests at the actual reception.
Apparently, the site will be running after the event with a Baby Album being promised for the near future!
Qatest from Cloanto f loanto are gearing up their products for the Internet as their Personal Paint 6.4 is included in the Amiga Internet Surfer Pack. They claim that Personal Paint proves ideal for Web publishing as it offers professional colour reduction, dithering, quantization and antialiasing algorithms. The package also supports new Web graphics formats such as PNG.
Check out the Aminet and CompuServe for doanto’s new GIF 1 0 module ('personal_gif io.library' version 5.0) for their Personal Paint package which they've just released into the Public Domain. For Aminet go to gfx conv gif io.lha, for CompuServe GO AMIGAUSER, Library 8, GIFJO.LHA Cloanto have also been busy on new DataTypes to be included in the Surfer Pack. The DataTypes which are for the GIF, Jpeg, PNG and XBM formats, support 24-bit DataType tag extensions, and can pass true colour data to applications like the CyberGraphx software. They can also process around 99.5 per cent of pictures on
the Web -a higher percentage than comparable Mac and PC systems.
A new CD-ROM is on the horizon too. Called The Kara Collection, it is a compilation of ten years of artwork from Kara Computer Graphics and is the first time some of this material will be available to the public Ideal for pictures, animations, presentations and titling effects, the collection will house 80 ColorFonts and AnimFonts which can be used to create animations with any Amiga package that supports Anim-Brushes. It will also contain Starfields animations with moving stars from different perspectives and Plaquegrounds with textures such as marble and wood.
For more information e-mai. Cloanto at info@ doanto.it Amiga Computing 14 MAY 1996 Softwood creates new windows by Jason Compton Softwood, well-known developers of the 'Final' series of Amiga productivity software including Final Writer, Final Data, and Final Calc, recently announced plans and specifications for Final Writer for Windows 95 computers. The first release is to be free, with a $ 25 registration fee in order to obtain the spell checker, thesaurus, hyphenation, and extra features.
The software will be available for download from Softwood's Web site, http: www.softwood.com. Now that Softwood has a Web site, they're putting it to good use. In addition to offering personal Web sites for a fee. Softwood has opened an Amiga Mall at http: www.amigamall.com. Here, commercial and shareware Amiga developers can offer their products from a central Web location.
Softwood can be contacted as info@5oftwood.com or on (001) 602-431-0949.
Ibrowse by HiSoft Contact POINT ONDER RESOLUTION IN SIGHT division, and the Information Technology division. Despite the success of their World of Amiga show in December and growing sales due to the availability of Amiga computers in North America, Wonder's loan was recalled by its primary creditor and was unable to continue as a going concern.
After an unsuccessful attempt to buy back the assets of the company, CEO Mark Habinski will face off against any interested bidders as the assets of Wonder Computers of Canada are auctioned off on 21 March 1996.
Before entering bankruptcy in late January, Wonder consisted of a six store retail chain, the Lazarus Engineering While no confirmation was available at press time, reliable sources within Omnipresence Development, the team behind the Ibrowse World Wide Web Browser, indicate that their product will be published by HiSoft of the UK.
HiSoft is perhaps best known for their Squirrel SCSI interface for the A600 and A1200 and their Twist database software.
They have already made moves to get into network software already, with the announcement of their imminent Surf AMIGA Software for the Amiga from HiSoft Systems Squirrel, the PCMCIA interface with both SCSI and a high-speed serial port for better net access.
In addition, their North American development and distribution partner, Oregon Research, is expecting to launch their own network interface suite to go head-to-head with AmiTCP and 1-Net- Called Termite TCP after their popular terminal program, it is planned to be exhibited at the World of Amiga show this April.
R. Perhaps we will be seeing Ibrowse appearing on the HiSoft
homepage in the near future HiSoft SYSTEMS You can contact
Jason Compton with your American news at: jcomptonaxnet.com
Editor-in-Chief, Amiga Report Magazine
(708) 741-0689 FAX AR on Aminet - docs mags ar???.lha AR Mailing
list - Mail me WWW - http: www.omnipres-
ence.com Amiga News AR. www.cucug.org ar ar.html £|EW
PRICES Warming up for the National Association of
Broadcasters (NAB) video-related conference, Draco
Systems have announced a pricing schedule for the Draco
non-linear editing computer from Macrosystem GmbH.
The base Draco, an 060-based Amiga compatible computer with the Altais highspeed graphics card using the Cyber- GraphX system, is US$ 4750. For US$ 6995, the unit includes the Zorro-ll V-Lab Motion non-linear editing card. (Alternately, current owners of the V-Lab Motion card can transfer their card to the Draco.) On the high end, the Draco with the 32-bit Draco Direct V-Lab Motion card is US$ 8995.
Adding a 1 Gig system hard drive and 4 Gigs of video hard drive space is an extra $ 2000, for a total of US$ 10995.
All Dracos will come complete with the AdPro Suite, consisting of AdPro 2.5 (with additional bug Fixes), all available loaders and savers, MorphPlus, the Scanner pack, the Pro Conversion Pack, and additional CyberGraphX and Retina support Draco Systems will be attempting to pierce the hotly contested non-linear editing market, currently courted by such Amiga and former Amiga companies as NewTek, PLAY, and CEI.
A MTI D A ITV f $ mce &91 Antl Crov ty Has Been The Leader In Brinqing To The Professional Market The Bi l N I I jl r V Ilia Bleeding Edge 3D Animation and Desktop Video Products Available! For A Complete Listing I The Products You Want Or To Order On-Line; Visit Us On The Web @ http: www.antigravity. I PRODUCTS 1o800o7oGRAVITY 4S6 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90402 USA TEL (310) 393 6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Amiga Computers For People Who Want More Than lust A Pc!
AMIGA A4000T - The Machine Power That Makes Video Production A Total Experience A4000T SYSTEMS A4000T S2795 25MHZ-040 6MB 1GB fit AG Super Software Bundle A4000T S2895 25MHz-040 6MB 1GB 2x CD-Rom & AG Super Software Bundle A4000T S4195 25MHZ-040 6MB 1GB 4x Read-2x WriteCD-Rom w Mastering Sostware & AG Software Bundle AC SUPER SOFTWARE BUNDLE FROM AMIGA TFCHNOIOCKS ft US FROM ANTI GRAVITY.
Photogenic s UaO. Personal Point *4, , Pr*-lmua»d on row system Organizer t.L Wordworlk 4 St. Wemet Software.
Wordwoeth Pnn, Manage.. TiaboCok J-lj Magic Workbench.
Dttastor* II, MIMii. Pinball Mini* | Magic Mnw AMIGA A 4000T (U«z f(tAM(f rc266A l %,-q-q 266MHz Alpha AXP 21164A CPU 2MB of Cache v- f f Unfl&AM.*- bs300A 300MHz Alpha AXP 21164A CPU 2MB of Cache f f and 10CB HD, 2X CD-ROM Drive, 2MB Display Card, Windows-NT, Keyboard, & Mouse, LightWave Workstations S~CALL Super Low Pricej75MHz Alpha Systems! Afc RfAjAfttSAOH BS275A V V BS275A 275MHz Alpha AXP 2D64A CPU 12MB of Cache, IGB HD, 2X CD-ROM Drive, 2MB Display Card, Windows-NT, Keyboard, & Mouse.
Rendenourus ! RECORDABLE CD-ROM DRIVES 2 Node Rederfarm Package Pinnacle External 2X Recordable 5724S EnUn-DFS, T-NfcT, 2 Ethernet Cords, 10 ft' Cable.
2 Tconecters, 2’Terminators Windows Intel $ 895 Wiri NT Alphd $ 2395 Win-NT IVIIPS S ISI A AMIGA $ 895 SGI $ 2595 Toshiba 2X Recordable 5995 Expandor Bus Card ™ The ultimate in dot expansion I Amiga It givrs you 7-Zerro, 2-' 4-PCI, 3-ISA slots to your Amig.
$ 245 Pentitrator.: i for your Video, your Amiga 4000 Together with the ACL Tower Cate it provides a home tor the Pentitrator System Card; Or a great expansion device lor an over loaded Amiga 4000.
Don t heep Intel I Outside Your Amiga. Put a Pentium Into Your Amiga with the Pentitrator System Card From Antl Gravity Labs The Pentitrator System Card allows you to add a full Pentium computer to your Amiga 4000 * with speeds up to 150MHz.
Pentltrator-XX Pentltrator-7S Pentitrator 90 Pentitrator 100 AEL Tower Case SNAP MAPS: The Perfect exspansion case for your Amiga 4000 or Video Toaster Fiver Svstem. And A Specifcations: BUS: 132MB sec PCI-Bus CPU: Pentium 75 450MHz ROM: PC104 EPROM RAM: Upto 128MB Cach«: 256K-1MB Int. PORTS: IDE & Floppy Ext. PORTS: COM1, COM2, PS 2 Mouse, High Speed RS-232, Enhanced Parallel Pentltrator-7sSx win Slot: . Fits in the PCI and expandor Bus Card.
* ISA bus slot** ACL Tower Cose $ 1895
• (Soon for A3009.4999T) ,,(Regu*re» fxpandor Bus Card and ACM
Tower Case) $ 995 S1245 $ 1395 $ 1495 $ 1595 $ 1795 $ n a Helds y
Foliage Building Materials y Fabrics Mxwn other let lure htbtyn
Pentitrator: Pentitrator 120 Pentitrator 133 Pentitrator iso Heidi h folioge
1129. 95 Building Materials h Fabrics $ 129.95 Super Bundle: F&F
plus Bmbf $ 240.00 wnn tipsiftiQf Bus 740 Lock & Key $ 145
Lock & Key is opowerful Motion Plug-In for LightWave 5D
v4.0 that ollows you to: NEW! Version 2.1 Pixel 3D
Professional WaveLink Ver-1 S95 $ 195 Lock Sc Key UPCRAOfS
SC all Use PlxProZ I to load, save and display seventeen
different 30 file formats, including 30 Studio, knagme.
Complete DXF AutoCAD and U itWave scenes and objects.
Pixel» has become a standard in the Video Toaster and 30
animation workplace.
Connects any two Amigas for file sharing and distributive rendering using LightWav* Or Light Rave. You can even batch render!
Is the most powerful object logo utility available.
Use PixPro2 to convert bitmap pictures of logos and shapes to 30 with unrtvaied
- Eliminate 'loot slide* during walk animations Simulate
parenting on a frame by frame basis
- Lock an object to a bone!
Speed and auality Smooth.
* : and bevel your A Powerful Motion Plug-In for UcMWm3D extrude.
Converted bitmaps with precise control ' Load and save 17 different JO fik formats scenes. LightWave (with hierarchy including LightWave scei object s. Imagine Objects UMXtort) complete DXF Available for Amiga, Intel, and Alpha platforms!
Lock fr Key i» « powerful Motion Plug In for LightWave 30 4 with Lock k lighlWiveJ0V4 i PLUG Anim Workshop Ver-2 $ 95 Aworks provides tools to create, piay, process, edit and acid sound to your animations Add Sound V.2 supports all ACA modes. Anim5,7, b Key you can simulate parenting ol any item to any other item on-tne-fly. Use ft to keep you characters feet on the ground without sinking or dlndtng, have your characters pick things up without using duplicate objects, use ft on bone hierarchies to eliminate gimbai lock Lock (t Key is a full LightWaveiD 4.0 f*iug-ln and runs from inside layout.T
* ¦ t Replica Technology Interior Design Collects Homes: S95 Four
complete, scaled homes for Lightwave. Exteriors, Interior
rooms. Doors and windows animated. Over 120 surfaces per home.
Over 500 Objects In All!
Interior Construction: 595 Create rooms and interiors || 9EKS9IBBB with over S00 Objec I v (I doors, windows stairs. Fi H W lures, mold inejs, walls. floors, ceilings and rooms Interior Design 1: Over 50 Real Wbrld Scaled Furniture Ob|«cts: fc beds, tables, chairs. B cabinets, and more. B Doors and drawers can E| be animated* B Interior Design 3: Over SO Real-World ¦¦ Scaled Oil Ice Objects II chairs, desks, book fc.
Cases, lile cabinets. Mh shelves, PC work renters k more. I Bathroom Objects: Lighting Objects, appliances. Cabinetry, sinks, vanities, bathtubs, toilets ii toiletry, ft more. Doors ti drawers can be animated!
Interior Design 2: PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER (PAR): Amiga NTSC S 1595 PAL S 2995 PC (ISA bus) NTSC 5 1595 PAL S 2995 PERCEPTION PVR-2500 51695 CAPTURE CARD AD-2500 $ 895 Visual Inspirations New Flyer & V-Lab Motion EDL generator and VTR controller Decision Maker takes the " Hi seles ffsf'chiaifc s of vkScu tothe " n l«f dd.sk You control your video deck directly from your AT Amiga! And when you find tnogefX vert The Complete lmo jeProcessing Solution!
Amiga A6A mmtn. ICI kvdruni. Htn.
J IpvavSha ITZo.lV M.VU fc nun.'
Mai* Ifeoa Utttu peat* lightning koiti. Ra4(Ka Xmor Oko Wvrn. Iwin k Wjvrs, Sw»1 knaon (Inn Mo OllwlmigiO. Ion I lan Papo k Cav« Tnlun. Turn biugn Into PaHm Wrtn GUti Onion mm. Morffanq. Wapi.
Slai It k|xmiMi. CiyiuMut. I0W1 In I Con*Wfr Kv CntnwrUom Vng.. Mm (MMTafV nCr. MkDOVGIt.
PCX. He, RM. Tao*.). SCI (vci aca.
VIDEO DRIVES SeaCate 2CB 5995 4CB $ 1395 9CB $ 2595 .»lrn Witcr A, Water B. Waves A, ft Waves B 2 versions of a Time Lapse cloud animation, cackling fire, smooth burning flames, bubbling steam, ocean, and slow moving smoke.
Volume one by Lev Martm and volume two by Mark Thompson are State Jf-Thc-Art Fx. The impressive front end of Vltuol FX gets you into production now, no previous Lightwave experience needed the transition volumet are perfect for use with the NewTck Video Flyer or the DPS Personal Animation Recorder, just select what images or video sequences you want to use and Vltual FX will do the rest. The logo volumes are |utt at easy. Simply select what object you wish to replace our default and you are off 90 your way to creating professional quality animations that you never thought possible Vltual FX
requesters actually open up on the lightwave screen and walk you through each step Vltuql h li perfect for batch proccsting Each volume comet with 20 effects, each of which has a full 30 frame preview animation attached to it so you will know exactly what the effect will look like Vltual FX works with both the Video Toaster
• lone Lightwave.
SURFACE PRO FOR LIGHTWAVE 3D Finally, a collection of useful, ready to use, low memory, seamless surfaces for the Lightwave professional. Surface Pro offers a wide varietiy of seamless image-based liqhtWave surfaces. Surface Pro gives you over 60 newsurfaces that are instantly available through LightWave: Liquid Metal, Circuit Board, Nebula, Wood. Globe Wtap, Water, Flame. Marble, Chrome, and more.
Features: ? Import jCrrxtc. Export EDL's (CMX ft GrassVafcy) ? Control over your deck from your computer ? Keeps track ol multipie source tapes ? Digitize and Redigitl e ? User-Configurable Screen Backgrounds ? Ease of Operation ? Time lapse Record ? Requires NewTek Flyer or Vub Motion ? Compatible with V-iAN. Amilink. H BCD single frames, ft the EVO 9*50 and Sanyo GVRS 9SO. Single Franc VCRs.
Formats: (PC & Amiga) ightWove nagine D Studio Citybu ilder $ 95 ssasssassfiss Dynamic I lealitles Household Items (so otoletti) Medical Ana tom; ANTI GRAVITY Autos Vehicles «5 obfetti) Gr»v*y Pip*** (AGP) i without note* AGP 1*800 *7 ? GRAVITY 456 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-66SO FAX (3K» 576-6383 Some people love it, some people hate it, but whichever type of person you may be you cannot deny that MUI programs look very attractive and are very easy to use.
This version of the coverdisk is an unregistered version of MUI 3.3 and has had many speed improvements added to it. Most importantly, the routines that create MUI objects, these being any part of the interface buttons and so on, have been re-written in assembler which means the creation and Ji Info Syst n mi ,] Grow I Button* ¦jj* Cvcln rrr St lifer* "Q Scrollbars Llstvlovs f ) Strings SMCtOl Before you even think of putting the coverdisks any where near your computer you should make sure you write protect them by moving the black tab in the top comer of the disk so you can see through the
hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your disks in any way. There is also no reason why the coverdisks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it To extract the programs off the second disk you must make sure you have booted your computer with the first coverdisk, otherwise your Amiga will not be able to find the c:lnstaller program, and frustration will soon set in.
To extract any single archive, simply doubleclick its icon, and follow the on screen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen, and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next. The program can then be found in your RAM disk. Normally, most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
You also have the option of using a floppy disk. If you pick this option make sure you have a blank formatted disk at hand, and if you only have one drive get ready for lots of disk swapping and a long wait. People with machines that only have I Mb may have trouble extracting large files to RAM, so in this case you will need to use a floppy.
Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have Commodore’s Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place, double-click on the SetupHD icon. This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across - do not worry as it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtfect very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the coverdisk files, and allows you to extract a number of files in one go to your hard disk or RAM.
When you run MultiExtract you will be presented with a number of check boxes, each representing one of the programs on that coverdisk. All you have to do is de-select all the programs you do not want extracting, and then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
Extracting COVERDISK FILES Hard drive users redrawing of the GUI is much faster than before. These speed improvements really shine through on slower machines because they benefit the most from the increased speed. There are also a number of important bug fixes introduced in the last few versions.
Once you have extracted MUI from the coverdisk into RAM you need to install it onto you hard drive. If you do not already have a copy of MUI this version will only require around 1.5Mb of space, but can be reduced to about 800k if you do not install any of the documentation, extra images or demo programs that are worth a look but are not necessary.
Installation is very simple thanks to the well written Amiga installer script You should really choose the Intermediate install level as this will allow you to choose exactly where the MUI drawer and ail the MUI files should be created. Once installed you should reboot your machine to make sure MUI is set up correctly. You will now be able to run any MUI program.
We let you get your hands on the latest version of MU I, the extendible, enhanceable, configurable GUI Magic User Interface v3.3 Author: Stefan Stunz Workbench 2.04, hard drive Amiga Computing All the following programs require you to have MUI installed, so it's lucky we put them on this month's coverdisk Many of the programs on the second cover disk ore what ore commonly known os Shareware. Such well written programs take many hours to write and a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the programmer.
When a program is called shareware it means the programmer has generously allowed you to try out their program, a lot of the time with no restrictions, and if you then decide you like it you are obliged to send the author the shareware fee.
Normally this is no more than ten pounds and in return the author will usually keep you supplied with the latest version of that program, along with their undying gratitude of course.
So please don't forget to send your fee.
Register MUI Now Shareware Scout is a system monitor which allows you to find out many things about the state of your computer such as libraries, windows, resident commands, tasks, interrupts, ports, memory and loads of other things. It is also possible to perform a number of operations on certain parts of your system, close windows, and freeze tasks.
MUI is not actually needed as all of Scouts functions can be accessed through the shell, but this is obviously not as simple. You can even use Scout as an AmiTCP service which allows you to access other people's machines over a network.
The nicest thing you can say about the original Commodore Screen Mode requester is that it worked. This MUI version gives you the obligatory tailored MUI interface that is font sensitive and resizable, and it also has the unusual option of letting you have a Ham screen mode.
This potentially allows you to have around a quarter of a million colours on your Workbench.
MUI Screen Mode 1.5 Author: Andreas Gelhausen Magic User Interface Workbench 2.04 Author: Cyril Deble Magic User Interface Workbench 2.04 Scout The version of MUI on the coverdisk is unregistered which still allows you to run all MUI programs which have many advantages over your normal Cadtool interfaces, but you will be stuck with the standard Gadtools look.
Mad House Author. Carsten Jahn Magic User Interface Workbench 2.04 The full version of Magic User Interface allows you to tailor almost every pixel of each MUI program to your own taste, and future registration fees will normally be at a reduced amount The prices are as follows: Registering for the full version of MUI will cost you £ 15 S20 Upgrading from a previous version of MUI will CQSt £8 510 Readers using the Amiga Computing MUI 2.2 coverdisk will, unfortunately, have to pay the full registration fee because it was a special one off version.
Please rush me my registered version of MUI 3.3 Please Deliver To: Name (Miss Ms Mrs Mr) Address--------------------------------------------------------------------- ..Post Code... Country.
Daytime Phone ... _ I enclose cheque cash for Please allow (28 days) for delivery Please send your order form to: US Canadian readers, please send your order form to: Robert Blayzor, PO Box Lrit:«j e mtiiu yuui uiuei lumi iu. Oraer lurm 10; KUDen Diayzor, ru dox ¦ Paul Jewell, 7 Fairfield Av„ Cardiff CF5 1BR 807, Johnstown, NY 12095-0807 USA Blankers on Macs and Pcs have started to turn heads, and this all kicked off from the old flying toaster blanker that appeared on the Mac by the After Dark people years ago. Unfortunately, this has ended up with certain PC blankers
requiring 20Mbs of hard drive space as they actually end up telling a complete story.
If you do not have that amount of space to spare then Madhouse could be just what you are looking for. It is a MU! Screen blanker, similar to Blitz Blank, and is very easy to use and set up. You should use the provided installer icon to install Madhouse, otherwise you will need to set an assign by hand so it can find its blanker modules.
As standard, Madhouse comes with 12 blankers but it can accept SwazBlanker modules, so if you have this already you can extend your number of blanker programs. Of interest there is a Sensible Soccer look-a-like blanker that plays out a full football match, or soccer match to our overseas friends.
There are plenty of options that separate MadHouse from other blankers and it comes with a good number of quality blankers - the snow, soccer and nautical are particularly novel.
This is a shareware program so if you plan to keep it do not forget to register as this will insure that it will be continued to be developed in the future.
Amiga Computing 19 MAY 1996
- a- Current owners of SCSI interfaces who have a CD drive will
probably be using the old AmiCD file handler or, if you have
Workbench 3.1, you will be using the Commodore CD file system.
These do a perfectly good job, but there is always room for
This is an update to the original AmiCD file system that many people will have. This version is now faster and improves compatibility with strange DOS packets. Proper disk buffers are now available which helps CD access and loading of large files. Generally, the original code has been cleaned up and optimised to get the best out of your CD-ROM.
The supplied AmigaGuide does explain how to install the software. You need to copy the CDO icon to your DEVS:DOSdrivers directory, copy the AmiCDFS and WBStart- Handler files to your L directory, and finally copy over the Mount and Setpatch commands to your own C drawer.
You will need to change the CDO file with a text editor to suit your own machine's setup. Load the CDO file into your favourite text editor and change the DEVICE to your SCSI device - for Squirrel users this will be squirrelscsi.device,and owners of other SCSI cards will need to consult the documentation to find out the correct device of their SCSI card.
After this, adjust the UNIT number to your CD's SCSI unit number - most CD players allow you to select the SCSI ID number on the back. Now restart your machine and you should have access to your CD.
Pa __ir-J n
* i ? I t !
- Ll-AJ-aJJJ-U _AJ_2J_U_±J JSU J*J_1ZJ_I*J JU.JJ U»T | POM | poo
I fcmcDPvto | . ?J.-JjlJ n J-W. 1 ".1 *? 1 A You even get a
pretty good AudloCD player with AmiCDFS For anyone looking for
a better disk packer than DMS, this is your answer.
Disksqueeze is an Lzx-based disk packer that is similar to DMS but much more efficient. To use it you must already have the Lzx packer which allows Disksqueeze to use its very efficient packing algorithms.
Once you have installed the program its interface is just a simple set of requesters that guide you through the packing or unpacking process. It supports high density disks, including Mac and PC formats - a unique feature for a disk packer - as well as being able to handle DMS archives, so most people should find this perfect for squishing their disks.
Author: Dirk Vael Workbench 2.04, Lzx required Author. Martin Berndt Workbench 2.04 ISKSQUEEZE AmiCDFS 2.4 I Startup Control Amiga Computing MA Y 1996 Lottery Author: John Cassar Workbench 2*04 Author: Dirk Jesse Workbench 2.04 Lottery madness seems to have the entire nation firmly in its sweaty mitts, with people shamelessly throwing pounds out of the window just to have the words "it's not you" reverberating firmly round their heads.
It has also seemingly kick started every two bit programmer into writing their own lottery predictor. The last few months have seen a number of programs popping up in the Amiga Computing offices, one or two of which were very good, many of the others being dubious looking random number generators.
This lottery predictor is different. Firstly it's Startup Control is a program that gives yo more control over how your machine start up. On my machine I have a small prograr that detects if I am holding the right mous button, and if so will load Workbench wit the WBStartup drawer disabled.
With Startup Control you will have thi option, along with many more, implement in a much better way. To install Startuj Control, copy the program to your C direct ory and insert the line C:StartupControl ii your startup sequence, just after th Csetpatch command. To do this, open shell and type ed s:startup-sequence.
When you reboot your machine, if yot hold down the left mouse button and one o the Alt keys, you will have the choice to disable the WBStartup, User-Startup, run scrip files, open a shell window, and even force normal PAL window - if you have a monito driver installed.
Startup Control works by renaming thi files, so when you reboot your machine th are renamed to what they should be. A!
Anyone using SysiHack must make sure the is run before Startup Control is.
Not written in Amos so it multitasks correctly and uses standard looking gadgets. Before you run Lottery it really needs to be installed using the provided installer script which will set up the Analyser assign, otherwise you will have to do this manually from the Shell.
Once you have Lottery up and running there are plenty of statistics about previously drawn balls. You can find out the number of times each number has appeared, the frequency certain numbers have been drawn, and if low, middle or high combinations are more common than others.
When it comes to actually predicting the numbers. Lottery uses a fairly straightforward system. This consists of producing three lines of numbers, one biased to high numbers, one biased to low numbers, and the last to produce a combination of the two. You can have up to seven lines, or a syndicate mode allows you to have 100 rows, and when the balls are actually drawn you enter these into the Lottery database which will automatically check if you have won or not The program is win-ware, so if you get four winning balls or more using it you should send the author some of the winnings to show
your gratitude.
Scheduler Author: Oliver Kasper Magic User Interface, Workbench 2.04 _Workbench 2.04 Keeping track of important appointments, or just general things that you must not forget?
What you need is a program so you can enter all these things and let it live in the back ground, where it can jump up and remind you that you are about to be late. Enter Scheduler, a shareware reminder program.
Scheduler is very straightforward to use.
You can click on a date in the calendar and add new appointments which can be made daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly, and you can ask for a reminder at a specific time of the day. You can then iconify the program and it will happily sit back and wait for your next appointment.
20 All the lazy people stand up. If you own a hard drive I bet you haven't bothered to back it up in years, even though you know if it crashes you will never be able to get your files back. Well, UCBackup will be a little life saver for you.
Firstly, there is the absolute minimum of fuss involved. You drop it into you WBStartup drawer, double-click on it, then use exchange to pop up its interface and select what directories you want it to check. From then on, every week, UCBackup will scan these directories and Lha all the new files onto a destination of your choice.
Fa® %Qf £i:disk +r Disclaimer Amiga Computing cannot be held responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of these programs I . I Yet another program to put in your Prato drawer, but at least its a handy one You may or may not know that the Amiga actually has up to 256 separate clipboards.
The clipboard is where any temporary data is stored, and usually when you cut or copy something it is stored to the first clipboard.
This allows you to copy from Brilliance and paste the graphic into Final Writer.
Instead of letting all these clipboards go to waste, CBE gives you a clipboard history by buffering all the past cuts and copy into a list From this you can choose which one to paste with and if they should be cleared or not.
With Workbench 3, users can view what the contents of each clip board is, therefore giving you a better idea of what you will be discarding or pasting next.
CRSnap UCBackup D IALER Author: Jamie Kennea Workbench 2.04 Author: lain Hibbeft Workbench 2.04 Author: Narkus Albrecht Workbench 3.0 FX is a small program that allows you to add sound effects to accompany a number of standard system events. Usually, these sort of programs just watch for disks being inserted or removed.
FX can watch all manner of operating system calls, from windows and screens being opened and closed to files being deleted and renamed.
The program requires Workbench 3 as it uses Datatypes to load the samples, but this means you will be able to use PC Wave samples or any other sample Datatypes you have.
An install script is provided so installation is simple, and as long as you have a selection of samples, you can get going straight away.
Author: Dan Rhodes Workbench 2.04 You know the situation. You have a new program with loads of libraries, most of which you already have, but how do you easily tell if the these libraries are newer or older than the ones you already have.
Update libs is the remedy for you ills.
It is a Shell-based program so copy it into your C directory, and to run it just supply it with the directory containing the mystery libraries and away it will go.
For eacfflibrary it will ask you whether it should install it or not.
This is a tiny little device that was discovered when doing our Internet virgin article, and works with SLIP or any other software that accesses the serial port Dialer provides an automatic dial and logon script for all types of network software that uses the serial device but does not know about modems.
You will need to copy the dialer.device to your DEVS drawer and the dialerO.config needs to be edited to your own needs and copied to the Envarc drawer. Checker out the Internet virgin feature on page 53 for more details on how to use it Update libs Author: John Hughes Workbench 2.04 This is another one of those little make your Amiga a nicer place to live-type of programs.
WBStartup* gives you a handy preference program to handle how and which programs are run from the WBStartup drawer. It does this by creating two new drawers in the WBStartup and adding a new program to handle launching all your chosen programs. This is all set up by the usual installer script and is very straightforward.
When Workbench first appears, if you hold down Ctrl you can modify the preferences before anything is run, left alt interactively asks you if it should run a program or not, and the left shift will disable all the programs. You might be interested to know that this is the first program I have seen to use a new library called launcher, library which is written by Amiga Technologies no less. They must be up to something after all.
If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery This is a tiny screen grabbing commodity that will correctly handle all AGA screen modes.
Double-click the icon and press both Amiga keys and F10 to grab the current screen. You can then adjust the destination directory and the grab hot key from the icon's tool types.
WBSTARTUP + Faulty disks Author. C Hahn Workbench 2.04 Amiga Computing Ji-fcj Jv J y j*jj _L Jjjj ---- 0 suitable for all AMIGA™ models through mainboard exchanging frame drive only modular expandable through Top-CasetM system easy access from all directions through SNAP and CLICK system „plug and play** drive mounting-frames And now for some technical specifications the left pictures give you an imagination of the internal coij struction of the infinitiv™ tower system. The red marks am lines show some extended drive frames in both the front- am the back area of the tower. Further,
you can see an Top Case™, mounted on the towers’ top, which explains thi expandability of our solution. Each Top-Case™ expands you infinitiv™ tower for an 5,25“ 3,5“ drive bay, ready to u» and easy to assemble. Additional drives such as CD-ROMs harddisks, streamer tapedrives etc. will snap in easiely b) using our sophisticated .,click and snap** system.
Micronik aceessoires RAM card, expandable up to 8MB, ind. Dock and math co-pro socket with standard PS 2 SIMM modules . ~.
X42 RAM card with 4 MB RAM.
Ind. Dock and math copro socket ......£ 109 PC-keyboard interface for the AMIGA™ 1200.
Installation through solderfree flexcable ......L 42 AMIGA™ 1200 Interface keyboard extension, installation through solderfree flexcable. Both interfaces are connected through an 5-polc plug 55 3-way ROM-swttch for the AMIGA™ 1200.
Suitable for ROM V 1.3, 2.0x & 3.0 or 3.1 (pair) ...£ 20 AMIGA™ 1200 battery backed up realtime- dock, (prevents your A1200 from bceing loosing its* mind after restart!) .. L 8 Double IDE-bus harddrive adapter .
For using 2.5“ und 3.5" harddisk drives at the AMIGA™1200. Ind. Powercable .....£ 10 Keyboard case for AMIGA™ 1200, for the original keyboard, solderfree assembly...- £ 29 Keyboard case for AMIGA™ 1200, ind Interface, spiral cable and flexcable for external connection of the original internal keyboard .j£ 75 AMIGA™ 1200 internal keyboard.
Original keyboard for the A1200 £ 20 VGA-adapter for AMIGA™ 1200 4000, from 23 pole on 15 pole multi sync VGA - X 8 POWERSTATION external powersupply, for the AMIGA™ 1200 (i.e. A500. A600. Through standard plug). 23 amperes, featuring on off-switch and additional con-nectors for 1 x 3.5“and 3 x 5,25“ devices ! ... £ 55 A 1200 internal original disk drive, suitable for the A1200. 880 kb. Ind.
Mounting material ...... X29 External disk drive, suitable for all AMIGAs™ ( maximum 4 drives ), featuring on off switch and connector for aditional drives on the back. 880kb ....X38 micronik infinitiv - tower ......£ 1« .....X1« infinitiv™ A 1200 tower,, infinitiv™ PC-tower, .. infinitiv™ A 1200 Z tower case, ind. ZORRO -II™ bus board. PC Keyboard .X29I A1200 infinitiv™ tower, (AMIGA-keyb.&lnterface) £ 191 A1200Z MAGIC infinitiv™ tower, featuring S ZORRO™-ll slots and 3 PC-ISA slots. 170 MB hdd, magic
software-package ‘1 BUS 1200 Z1, AMIGA™ 1200 bus board.
Featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots and 3 PC-ISA slots X 14j BUS 1200 Z2. AMIGA™ 1200 bus board.
Featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots. 3 PC-ISA and an optional video-slot, additional this version contains even an PS 2 - SIMM-socket ......L11 A4000 infinitiv™ tower, featuring 7 ZORRO™-ll slots. 3 PC-ISA and an video slot .... X 27!
BUS 4000 Z. AMIGA™ 4000 bus board, featuring 7 ZORRO™-ll -III slots, 6 PC- ISA and 2 video-slots ..... .X 1( MlCroniK Computer Servic BruckenstraBe 2 • 51379 Leverkuse We are present at THE WORLD OF AMIGA in London 13th to 14th April!
We accept the following payment 49 2171 72 45-6 Prices subject to change without notice. All F3X 00 49 2171 72 45-5 prices include VAT but exclude delivery !
All trademarks acknowledged.
Ive revisions on and Wordworth M ¦¦has come a long way and grown j Vup a lot. The last few versions have taken full advantage of the increased number of users with higher specification machines who expect programs to take full advantage of increased storage space and processor power. This has now led to full 24-bit picture support, free form text boxes and tables, scalable fonts support for Compugraphic, Post Script and True type fonts, and, of course, Digita's Font and text effects.
The extended font effects give you much more flexibility over how fonts will appear.
You have complete control over the width, oblique, superscript and subscript levels for ail the fonts, along with being able to make them small caps and add strike through and- double underline.
Revolution After an in-depth preview. Neil Mohr gets a chance to look at the finished article The only feature that was not fully implemented in the beta I looked at was the Wizards Arexx function. Wizards are Arexx scripts that have been written to help automate standard processes that you may use Wordworth for, or as tutorials that guide you through complex processes.
Currently, you get five scripts, one of which is a mail merge tutorial, while the others help you quickly create faxes, memos, and invoices, and even a basic Web page creator is supplied.
Wizards allow you to quickly create documents by entering details into text requesters. Once everything has been entered the Wizard will automatically create the document ready to be printed. If you have some programming knowledge you could alter the existing Wizards as they are just Arexx scripts. Therefore, you could create completely new Wizards or alter the look of the documents the current Wizards create.
A cheque printing Wizard has already appeared on Aminet, so I would guess there will be more in the future.
I was surprised that Wordworth does not support the Amiga's Datatypes - as Datastore does I was expecting Wordworth to as well. This is not such a disadvantage as there are a good number of supported formats. With the usual IFF support, including Ham and 24-bit images, Wordworth can import GIF, PCX, Tiff and Img format images, and all the major scalable image formats are covered - CGM, EPS and GEM - with EPS being the most important format of the three.
Importing As Datatypes currently only work in 8-bits there is 3 reason for using your own import filters, but support of Datatypes on top would allow you to import other formats not supported by Digita's own import filters, such as Jpeg - as all my pictures are Jpegs this would be a helpful addition.
Some people may feel that the recommended specification is a little high, but an A1200 with a RAM expansion or accelerator can easily handle complex documents, and if you want the sort of power that Wordworth provides then you need the hardware to match. For people with a more restricted setup, a 'lite' version of Wordworth 5 will be released.
Having used this version of Wordworth for a while I think it is a worthwhile investment for owners of earlier versions. The style sheets help greatly in document formatting, and the extended graphics support improves the end quality of your documents. There are still differences between Wordworth and Final Writer, primarily the lack of sections and the ability to rotate graphics - both of Jargon box Ham - Hold and Modify, on Amiga specific display mode that allows many co ours to be displayed on an otherwise limited palette screen Hom6 4096 colours, Home 262,000 colours Postscript - a page
description language created by Adobe It oBows page layouts to be described mothematKotfy so pages con be reproduced perfectly ot any resolution EPS - Encapsulated Postscript, normally Postscript is sent direct to printers EPS a simply the fUe version Arex* - a system-wide scripting longuoge that talks to programs that support and dierefore allows users to control one program from wtfiin another which I think would be helpful additions to Wordworth. The only other difference is the grammar checker recently added to Final Writer 4.
Version five of Wordworth is truly excellent. All the speed problems of the earlier versions have been addressed and the program itself conforms very well to the Amiga-style guides. In fact Wordworth has so many features, and apart from a few minor improvements, I have a hard time seeing where Digita can take it next Bottom line Requirements RED ‘-essential BLACK recommended 0ES3(I tbench RAM Workbench 2 (loppy drive* 7Mb Hard Onve 070 030 Product details Product Wordworth 5 Supplier Digita International Price £69.99; Upgrade from Ww3.1 £29.99; Upgrade from any other £39.99 - Offer prices
valid until end of April Tel 01395 270273 Fax: 01395 268 893 E-Mail: sales@digita.demon.co.uk Ease of use Scores 88% 89% 94% Overall 93%
o what do we have here? Two graphics tablets, one big, the other
minuscule (and not really a graphics tablet at all). Let's
start small and work our way up.
Our mini tablet is a device that has seen service on many a modem laptop and is called the Alps ClidePoint (made by the electronics arm of famous car stereo manufacturer Alpine.
Perhaps you can get a sticker to go across the top of your monitor that shows you have ClidePoint too!). The idea is that it replaces a mouse or trackball setup and allows you to use your computer just by moving your finger around. The GlidePoint's operating area is only about an inch by two, but the manufacturers reckon they have a resolution of some 4900 dots crammed into that tiny space.
This little beastie plugs into your valuable serial port to work, so owners of multi-serial cards can sigh with satisfaction that they can at last use one of those extra serial ports, while owners of A 1200s will have to tear their hair out when they want to use a modem, or the other tablet in this review.
Driving There is accompanying driver software included on disk which can sit in your WBStartup drawer, ready to run when you boot In my experience, using serial mice on an Amiga can cause frustrations when you need to boot from a disk other than your normal one. I, certainly, always left my normal mouse plugged in, just in case. This, of course, limits the usefulness of these devices and along with the serial port use, must limit the appeal of the product for most people Take two tablets into the showers?
Not Ben Vost, he would rather plug them into his Amiga However, all this would be fine if the product was great to use, but unfortunately it isn't I found the ClidePoint to be awkward in use, especially for moving windows around. You couldn't use it for drawing any more than you could use one of those lightpens that were popular about four years ago. In short, the GlidePoint is really only suitable for those well- heeled Amiga owners who have an extra serial port or two going unused, and so little desk space that they have to use it. Anyone else would be recommended to look at getting a
trackball or three-button mouse.
Our second tablet, on the other hand, is a much better affair. You still need to take up that valuable serial port, but at least with this product you'll probably only be using it occasionally.
Tablets of this kind have been available before, but this is the first I am aware of that actually comes with template editing software to allow you to set up areas of the tablet as buttons, rather than having to use the menus or Jargon box tablets that are pressure sensitive allow for more painterly effects, such os varying a line’s width or changing the amount of paint laid down.
Pcs have to use their serial port to plug a mouse into, there isn't a mouse port This has lead to a wide variety of mouse-type devices that you could plug into your Amiga's serial port it a) you are willing to give it up, and
b) you can find a driver.
A template is a file which you load when you [yin your tablet software It tells the tablet that certain areas arc to be used for mouse movement your drawing area if you like, and others are segmented off for button or menu replacement.
Keyboard shortcuts. The tablet also come equipped with both stylus and four-buttc puck, which is unusual, and Power have supplied ready-made templates for some the most popular graphics packages on tf Amiga, Dpaints IV and V, and Personal Pair
6. 4. The tablet itself is sturdily made and, you can see by the
photograph, the puck ergonomically designed.
The Power tablet performs well in dra operations, although for best use a tabic needs to be pressure sensitive and the stylus s a bit top heavy due to the trailing wire, bi other than these minor qualms, I would hav no hesitation recommending this tablet to al prospective buyer. Z | $
• ••••••• Free serial port Mim Product Supplier Price Tel UCT
DETAILS PowerTab Power Computing £195.95 01234 273000 Ease of
use 85 % Implementation Value For Money Overall 85 ft Product
DETAILS Product ClidePoint Price £59.95 Es Ease of use 65%
Implementation §sm Value For Money 45%J Overall 554k The
PowerTemplate software that comes with the PowerTab is almost
worth the asking price on its own.
It allows the user to create templates for their favourite programs so that all functions (or at least as many as possible) are available directly from the tablet, without having to go through menus or requesters. The template software can replace keyboard, qualifier and Arexx commands with buttons on the tablet that take some getting used to, but are much foster once acclimatised.
EM PL ATE FOR A GENERATION However, all is not perfect with PowerTemplate.
NTSC users might have a problem displaying the whole screen, and non-ACA, non-graphics cards using Amiga owners won't be able to run the software at all. It's also slow and clunky to use, although looks very nice. The worst problem, though, is the fact that although the PowerTab software will run through any serial port, PowerTemplate will only use the internal serial port found on every Amiga.
The software is also a bit buggy and prone to crashing, so frequent saves must be made in order to avoid losing work. But all that considered, PowerTemplate is a nice piece of software which I can only hope will improve over time. I'm currently making a template for Lightwave's Modeler that will save me an enormous amount of time looking through Modeler's menus, and that alone makes up for all of PowerTemplate's faults for me.
Amiga Computing WER PRODUCTS OS 3.1 ' new range of Amiga Tower Systems will further enhance the specification of r Amiga These Towers benefit from quality metal construction, Shuttle expansion |rds. Uprated PSU’s and complete PC solutions and keyboard adaptors.
Now available for ANY Amigal The full Amiga Technologies licensed OS 3.1 pack will bring your Amiga up to the very latest operating system. OS3 1 is more efficient, offers more features and is necessary for many applications • a OS3.1 A500 60071500 2000 £89.95 W w
- • OS3.1 A1200 £99.95 ¦vY OS3.1 A3000 £99.95 OS3.1 A4000 £99.95
OS 3.1 ROM only (A500 600 1500 2000) £49.99 W a OS 3.1 ROMs
only (A12(XV3000 4000) £69.95 AMIGA OS
• Ver«lon 3,|
• • (Dimensions 660x190x430 mm with many different styles. Metal)
U s available 230W 250W 300W little 1200 Upgrades the A12O0 to
provide 7 x Zorro III (5 DMA),6 x PC ISA.
(Video, 1 x CPU Expansion Slot. 4 Memory SIMMs and Real Time Clock, uttle 1200PCI As per Shuttle 1200 except 3 x PC ISA, 3 x PC PCI ARIADNE AND LIANA 3000 and 4000 Upgrades A3000 or A4000 to provide III (5 DMA) 6 x PC ISA and 2 x Video £159.95 £189.95 Donl get overwhelmed with the complexity of setting up a network' Use our Ariadne Ethernet card that is compatible with all Zorro based Amiga's. Not only is Ariadne easy to set up (using Envoy software) but it offers two additional parallel ports as well Supports iOBase-2 (Thin Ethernet coax cable) and lOBase-T (Twisted pair) ARIADNE £199.9S If
you require a simple low cost connection between any two Amiga's. Liana is exactly what you need' Simply plug the cable between the parallel ports and install the software You can now share your Amiga's hard drives LIANA 1,6m cable (Fof 5m cable, add £10.00) £ 59.95 AmlTCP offers the ability to network your Amiga via Ariadne to a foreign computer (with It's own TCP software) AMITCP £ 69.95 tittle 3000PCI or 4000PCI Upgrades A3000 or A4000 to provide Izcno III (5 DMA). 3 x PC ISA ISA. 3 x PC PCI and 2 x Video IDX2 4 Board 128Kb Cache. 2 x Serial. 1 x Parallel. Floppy and HDD Controller,
Keyboard , External Power Connector. PC104 Expansion Port, 128Mb RAM max Accepts 486DX2 4 [ at 33 to 100MHz (Not included) Eprom Board As 4860X2 4 Board plus auto boot Eprom Sfcet. Ext pcessor 60X2 41 fitiuml p £349.95 £379,95 £499.95 Board 2S6Kb Cache (Expandable to 1Mb), 2 x Serial, 1 x Parallel, Floppy and HDD t Keyboard socket, External Power Connector.PCKH Expansion Port. 128Mb RAM max tortkm Processor 75, 100,120,133 and 150MHz (Not Included) IMAGE VISION ImegeVUKHi i6 an exciting new muiunoda authcnng system when gives you me powar to create powwrtik i"tofactive presentations with rose
It has * unique interface to allow hit control over events with an amo mg overview of yoix work With image Vision, you can put backgrounds, pctLrea. Animations sounds and even MPEO mto an interactive presentaton won ease.
I Procwtor Prices for PCI Boards.
(2 66 WiumP75 Mum Pi 20 aiburn PI so £ 29.95 C 99.95 £229.95 £389.95 DX4 100 Pentium Pi00 Pentium PI33 £ 59.95 £179.95 £299.95 Script Editor This is fie m»n editDi where you buld your presentation by piaong and Unking the icons together in your script Doubte-dicUng on an ioon opens ip a configuration widow, where you assign pcturro. Sounds, anmabons etc Several loons and scrpta can be opened at the same txne. And you can copy Icons botwoen scripts
• sa systems are not to be confused with cheaper plastic cases
that can be bought. Our Towers are of a very ft quality
construction, and the Shuttle boards offer greater
expandability than has been previously available ¦ A1200
version offers full Zorro III. And you can still use the
trapdoor expansion and PCMCIA interfaces. By png Emplant M&c
Pro and one ol our PCI PC boards, a total 3-in-one solution is
possible - a powerful Amiga tom. To mo6t advanced Macintosh
emulation and up to full Pentium Pi50 power" rstem Prices -
Save money by purchasing a complete upgrade system.
R. 230w PSU. Shuttle 1200 £499.95 250w PSU. Add . 230w PSU.
Shuttle PCI £549.95 300w PSU. Add . 230w PSU, Shuttle 3000 or
4000 £359.95
r. 230w PSU. Shuttle 3000PCI or 4000PCI £399.95 Cmck Editor In
this otMor you make your buttons interactive to reach other
parts or me presentation No programming skill is required to
make a TUI blown mjltimocka presentation, whare you have lull
conuof or the interactive aenpts Graphics Editor Thte if the
editor whfro you can add pictures, toxts end symbols K your
Pictures and brushes and place them on the background and they
wil be i to make M use of the patette Each picture otyecl can
be (rooty moved resized and t your personal needs Many
advancod text features can also be used £15.00 £30.00 E F
ImagoVison comes complete with a CO-ROM ocntamng hundreds ol
backgrounds, ready made symbcfsAxjkits MPEG-dips. Music and
soixids Context sensitive Online Hetp is avatabio at all smes
and Iree runtime player Plug m architecture snows additional
features to be ttdsd Requires AQA Amiga, 21* Che 1 Mb Past
RAM. SI* Hard dnve space and 0930* NEW! - BLITTERSOFT LABEL
CD-ROMs IMAGE VISION AMIGA 3D 30 is a condensed version ol
tightROM 3" packed full with all the Lightwave, igine. Beal30
and Sculpt 3D objects from the 3CD-ROM set on a single CD-ROM
for the st conscious Amiga 3D artist. Amiga 3D contains over
8.000 3D objects 650 Mb in four Iterant Amiga 30 file formats
Lightwave 3D. Imagine. Real 3D and Sculpt 3D The
• 9 renderings of the Lightwave objects have been removed in
order to fit all the nga 30 obtects onto ttvs CD-ROM £14.95
(AppleTalk Serial) EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI Interface) EMPLANT
DELUXE (AppleTalk 4 SCSI) e586DX SX PC MODULE (Includes BIOS)
EMPLANT MAC PRO (New advanced Mac emulation Add-On module) BR
MV • ftt I'kimI ?
DESKTOP VIDEO BACKDROPS shop Video Backdrops is a collection of hundreds o» Backdrops suitable for the Desktop deo Professional Each backdrop IS broadcast-ready and In broadcast resolution Wt CD-ROM s compatible with every computer platform The Backdrops are represented fenatl renderings in the INDEXES directory tor easy previewing This collection varies im geometric shapes to floral patterns, perfect for any application, for cable access RS. Home video productions, training videos and national broadcasts £14 95 £ 34.95 PICASSO BOARDS AND OPTIONS 2,500 TEXTURE TREASURES 00 Texture Treasures
contains approximately 2.500 textures for the computer artist in iny dilferent categories for print, 2D 3D graphics and animation Categories Brick, xnpmaps. Cards. CanvaB. Carpet. Cloth. Crlmple. Fire. Formica, Granite, Greenery, i, Laminate, Materials. Motal, Misc , Organic, Panels. Patterns, Rock, Roughs. Skin.
Me. Stucco Tiles. Wood, etc All ol the textures are represented by thumbnail renderings easy previewing in the INDEXES directory £14.95 PICASSO II is the leading graphics card for any Zorro based Amiga The Workbench emulation offers 256 colours, even on non-AGA machines (Requires OS3.1) at resolutions up to 1600x1280 Choose colour depths including HiColour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit) No Chip RAM limitations and an In-built Amiga video passthrough makes Picasso II the best value graphics card around!
Picasso II 2Mb (Includes ImageFX V1.5) £249.95 CyberGraphX Software (for Picasso II) £ 34.95 UTILITIES EXPERIENCE Experience is a superb CD crammed with an the best m Amiga Utilities. The CD a smart Mag*cWB interface with custom ray-traced icons Programs ate virtually OS ready-to-run directly from the CD without the need to copy or install to Hard Drive, flights include HTML (WWW Internet) pages (with a special version of Aweb) and demos of the Amiga's top programs. 100% indexed with easy to find program lucture. Sorted into directories with appropriate icons. £14.95 ASIMWARE PRODUCTS OH YES
W CO Win keep you playing and playing rtf 1000 brand new levels for this extremely addictive game, many from top graphics lists Also included are many new sounds! An additional bonus to this CD is the inclusion me patch update to offer enhanced features to the original game. This CD is volume one AsimCDFS 3.S I* a tfmd generaoon CD-ROM contra software package that eeamlero-y .rtegratro CO-ROM technology nto tie Amiga operaing system The AsmC0F8 3 5 package consists of AwmTune*. AsimCDFS. CDTV and CD32 emuiason modules FtsfiMarket CO and a Preferences EtMor AsimCDFS 3.5 C 49.95 £9.95 Matter ISO
allows the user to control a CD-ROM reoorder m order to create Custom CO-ROM and CO Audio CD-ROMs An advarced ISO 9680 txjfld utiHy whch tie uaor to create universal* compokbte CD-ROM vokxnro Amiga specific support also adows long filenames, special characters COTV and C032 auto-boocng CD-Audio CD-ROM's can be creeled with Master ISO scurong digital audo data trom 16-bfl COOA MAUD or A IFF audio F4es and formatted to the red book standard tor iroveraal compaUXkty with standard CD players Am aspects of the Master tSO are oontrolled through a powerful graptveal interface DEM-ROM __1.000 DgiW
Elevation Maps from thoU8GS Throe wro can be looted .mo visa It fcmrv Animator and World Construction Set to create breathtaking scenic 80*8 or eua&ng animated ft Houyi kandscaoro Those flights coiAJ be saved and loaded into a 3D program as a background image hMb lakng a 3D object such as on aeroplane or a spaceship end rendering it in the foreground to tights or tancy These DEM a an also be waded into any 30 conversion programs such as ftxotPro, Poyorm etc to create 3D landscapes in Lightwave Imagine, 3D Siudra TmeSpace w*i thumbnail renderings of the topograpt*cal map of aB Vi* DEM a £ 9,95
Cl 29.95 £149.95
• cat *x wet* Min or. Nmc « *«• • i W*coign*you Mi i an umxyM
WORLD CONSTRUCTION SET 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry,
Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. UK.
World Construction Set is a 3-D terrain modelling and animation program that offers unlimited flexibility and control, WCS provides a wealth of solutions, whether you are creating lor video, print media, commercial or scientific applications, or just for fun.
There are too many features to list, but this program is regarded by1 many as the best scenery generator on any platform WCS requires OS 2.04 or greater. 4 Mb RAM (8 Mb recommended) Both 68030 and 040 optimised versions are supplied Wittersoft 1KJCTDI l 'Tinai CCT Our erstwhile editor reports from Europe's largest computer show look after). So eventually, like Amundsen to the North Pole, I reached the Escom stand. It was packed.
Unlike Compaq or NEC, who'd created an air of business-like silence and space, the Escom stand was, by contrast more like a heaving nest of termites, with about as much room to move around as on the Tokyo subway. They had the usual Pcs (some Commodore badged - it's nice to see that Escom are getting something for their S10 million dollar outlay) and some A1200s. The A1200s were either showing off games, music or the new Surfer pack replete with Mindwalker Web browser, of which we have a working preview copy.
As we've explained to death already, the pack comes ready to run when you buy it and with just a phone call to IBM's toll free number you are ready to roll. The modem Village Tronic's large stand was jumping with interested Amiga users all eager for a look at the new Picasso II Plus or Picasso 4.
If they were disappointed with their non-appearance, they soon cheered up when they saw the new version of MainActor Broadcast (the update is freely available on the Main Concept Website at http: www.ac-copy.com maincpt.html), the DKB Wildfire 060 card for the A2000, and the new line of software from ProDAD.
The DKB board is special in several ways. Firstly, it has an ethernet port built-in, it also has a FAST SCSI II controller giving up to 7Mb sec, a PCI expansion bus allowing for a new Picasso card to be integrated with the accelerator, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to run at a true 66MH2, something no other 060 accelerator yet does. All you A4000 owners will be happy that a board for your machines will be out by the end of the summer, and A3000 owners will be catered for by the end of the year.
Urder. It's a tribute to the estima- J k f i Bted 750,000 people that visited CeBit this year that they managed it at all. Already, most hotels in the city are fully booked for next year’s show, and possibly the year after. Already these same hotels are taking reservations for Expo 2000 which will take place in Hannover with a predicted 40,000,000 visitors over the course of a year.
So what hope did I have, only trying to make my way here two weeks before the show? The answer is none. Unless, that is, I wanted to spend 650DM a night for a hotel room. How much is 650DM? Ooh, only about 6325 at the current exchange rate. And that's per night It does include breakfast but no baths in asses milk or slaves fanning me and peeling grapes or anything like that Anyway, here's a tip for last minute visitors to CeBit. When you arrive at Hannover airport, visit the Hannover Hotel Service - you should be able to find it easily enough - and queue there for about two hours. They'll find
you a room, either in a private house, bed & breakfast or a hotel conference room (which is where I
• stayed). The cost shouldn't be more than 100DM a night, unless
you rent an apartment in which case you should look for about
150DM a night. But you don't really want to know about this,
you want to know all about the show.
Enormous ITS MASSIVE!! It really is. It took me at least half an hour of walking to even reach the Escom Amiga Technologies stand, going past stands that were larger than a three-bedroomed detached house showing off Pcs, printers, imagesetters, storage devices, ATM machines, and any amount of different computer-related equipment At the front of one of the stands, I don't know which, there was an HDTV in a case filled with bubbling water, showing a fish tank.
The only difference I could see between it and a real tank full of fish was that the HDTV display looked more real (and certainly a lot easier to supplied with the pack will be I a 14.4k model, but it will be up I to individual distributors in each I country to decide which one will be I bundled with the machine.
However, the best thing on the Amiga Technologies stand was, without doubt, the first new Amiga since the A4000T burst on the scene back in '93. The machine (code- I named Walker at the moment) is a bizarre design as you will see from the photos on these pages, but it really looks the part and says that the Amiga is a different machine.
Even with all these trendy Pcs with black cases or integral speakers coming out of their sides, the Walker still stands out from the crowd.
The Walker will come with a largish IDE hard drive (SCSI is apparently too expensive), 5 or 6Mb RAM (4Mb Fast. 1 or 2Mb Chip) - Amiga Computing the FastRAM expandable to 128Mb via two SIMM sockets that will accept different-sized.
SIMMs, the Chip RAM expandable to 2Mb - and a quad-speed CD-ROM drive. It will cost between 1000 and 1600DM (£500 - £800) when it comes out for the Christmas '96 market and will be based around an EC030 chip running at 40MHz, no FPU, no MMU.
The case design is a novel one with a single- multipurpose slot on the motherboard to accommodate a backplane which could have Zorro II, Zorro III or even ISA and possibly PCI slots for graphics cards, processor upgrades or whatever. Depending on what size backplane the user fits, the case will have to be extended upwards with spacers, which may result in the machine becoming a mini-tower system rather than a hoover look-alike, as has been suggested by German wits at the show.
Another change for this machine is the new Superl 0 chip which doesn't yet have a groovy name like the rest of the Amiga's chipset This chip will be responsible for high-speed, bi-directional serial and parallel ports and has the bandwidth to provide several of them, or related types of I O like MIDI. The Walker will come with the new Workbench 3.2 and will have a 1 Mb ROM to fit some of the proposed expansions to the OS.
The design shown in the photos on these pages is only a prototype and Amiga Technologies may well change the case's colour and make the motherboard smaller.
There is some question whether the Walker will ship with a floppy drive at the moment, the reasoning being that CD-ROM helps to prevent casual piracy, and even some wild rumours that you will need two floppy drives - one for old standard Amiga disks (low density ones, that is) and one for a new high density format that will use a standard PC floppy disk drive. Heinz Wroebel assures me that the machine will ship with a floppy drive and that it will be a PC high density drive, but he fears that compatibility with the old Amiga high density format will be lost The machine will also be able to
boot from the internal CD-ROM, opening the way for games manufacturers to merge their CD32 and Walker development Gilles Bourdin reckons it might also mean that games houses that have left the Amiga might return now that they are assured of a standard CD-based machine to work with.
Cilles doesn't feel at all worried about the future of the Amiga. He believes its strengths and dedicated userbase will see it through these admittedly lean times. He sees the Walker as an intermediate step towards the PowerAmiga next year, and hopes that onetime Amiga developers will return to the fold when they see the quality of the new machine.
On Workbench 3.2, Cilles had this to say: '...some of the main changes will be networking abilities, more colourful icons (it hasn't been decided whether to use the MagicWB set or another, or design one from scratch), more utilities, etc' Revisions Workbench 3.2 will be the last revision made for 680x0 machines according to Bourdin, future revisions will only take place for the PowerAmiga. Just to cheer old-time Amiga users up, Gilles revealed that Dave Haynie and Andy Finkel are consulting for Amiga Technologies on the implementation of Workbench and design matters for the new machines, along
with Chaf Barthel and Heinz Wroebel. The Walker isn't going to be a stopgap machine, however. It will be upgradeable to the PowerPC chip, when it becomes available. Speaking of PowerPCs, the PowerAmiga project is actually running slightly ahead of schedule at the moment and Amiga |jyjl C R O VIT E C Microvitec were one of the other few stands showing Amiga-based products. Their new 15" and 17" monitors were being shown and look a vast improvement on the current 1438. Both the 15 and 17" monitors will have extremely flat black matrix screens, in contrast to the goldfish bowl appearance of the
1438. Both monitors will sync down low enough for standard Amiga modes, but have the bandwidth to display 38kHz screens as well, so finally there will be an all-inone solution for Amiga owners who want a graphics card too. The 17" monitor will apparently display screen- modes up to 1280 x 1024 in brilliant colour1 and will display modes at frequencies up to 64kHz.
Amiga Computing CeBit is one of the world's largest computer shows. The only one bigger is perhaps Comdex in America. A ticket for a single day costs 50DM (E25 or about S39) on the door and a ticket for all seven days is double that. The catalogue on its own costs 36DM and weighs in at about 5-6lbs. You can throw away all but a couple of ounces of that though, if you have a suitable machine equipped with a CD-ROM because you get one with all the information contained in the book with the catalogue.
CeBit takes place over seven days in 26 halls and has a total of 6,507 companies from 66 different countries exhibiting in a total of 465,847 square metres of display space.
The showground is so large that there are bus services operating to carry people between halls and there is parking for over 50,000 cars at any one time.
There are hundreds of toilets, snack bars and restaurants all over the show- ground, so finding people can be a nightmare. Fortunately for me, the people I wanted to meet were all clustered around the few Amiga-related stands, so it wasn't too much of a problem.
Technologies hope to have something to show this time next year. However, your loyal reporter thinks that the new machine is far from the perfect solution. When all's said and done, rt is still an A1200, admittedly faster and with better expansion possibilities, but with no real improvement on current (and by current I really mean five year old) technology.
The backplane idea for adding Zorro slots is a good one in principle, but it means additional costs for the user who wants to upgrade his machine. First he has to buy the backplane, and how much will that cost? Then he has to buy his expansion. If he decides to further expand his machine, he'll have to get rid of his original backplane and buy a larger one, all the time ensuring the new card will have the slots he needs for the cards he already has, and he'll need to buy the spacer unit to make his machine tall enough to take the new cards.
Benefits In my humble opinion, it would have been more beneficial to have room inside the machine for two Zorro ll lll cards and an in-line video slot. In addition, the machine should have had the same CPU slot as an A3000, A4000 and so on so that the companies remaining who support the Amiga don't have their resources further stretched by having to tool up for a third Amiga standard. For instance, Phase 5 already make accelerators for the A1200 and the A4000 3000. They are not going to want to have to make a third type of accelerator to satisfy Walker owners. I’m sure they'll do it anyway,
but it might mean the end IT FOR AN AMIGA?
All in all, the CeBit show doesn't really suit the Amiga market There are far too many extremely serious people doing very grown up things on machines that have probably never even had a game of Tetris on them, and this small, different, company doesn't really fit in Some companies who were noticeable by their absence, however, included MacroSystem, who, you would have thought would be in their element showing off the Draco as a standalone video editing machine at a fraction of the cost of a similar Avid set-up, never mind the fad that it is Amiga-based. And Phase 5 were surprisingly not on
the Motorola booth showing off a potential prototype of the PowerUp PowerPC accelerator card for the Even so, Haage & partners were on Motorola's stand showing off Storm C ++. An ANSI compliant C package with full support for Motorola's 060 and a GUI editor? Sounds too good to be true? Well, unless you speak German, it is.
Translation is going ahead now for the manual but don't expect it to surface for a couple of months at least, in its English fomx Finally, fm not sure if I have correctly conveyed just how it feefe to attend CeBit so n try again Unless you have a fortune to spend and reservations made, CeBit is like that favourite of Japanese television shows- Endurance. I really do feel Bke I've been put through the mi. Anyway, that's the news from CeBit “96. I'm off to soak my aching feet for a few hours- of them. After all, it's not as though there are thousands of existing A1200 or big box Amiga owners
out there who are suddenly going to drop everything they own and switch to a Walker.
Perhaps, rather than simply rearranging everything in the case design and adding this new bus, Amiga Technologies should have done what they have always said they are doing and build on the strengths of the Amiga Surely some form of video expansion like a built-in genlock, or a sound sampler, would have been of more immediate benefit to new users and build on the Amiga's much-trumpeted multimedia superiority.
In thl* global market, companies really ought to pay more attention to the connotations their Ttame might have in other countries... A built-in sound sampler would also mean that the Amiga could get some form of Internet phone access, another string in the Amiga's bow.
Then the surfer pack could really offer something new. Just imagine the scarce advertising: 'International calls at a local rate - they're yours with the Amiga!* Still, the machine I saw was only a prototype and there is plenty of time for changes before its selling period.
VJANKO nough Amiga, what about OTHER PLATFORMS?
In fact the new Amiga launch was probably the most exciting event at this year's CeBit even though it probably interested less than one per cent of the visitors to the show, bemoaning the lack of interesting or new products, and several visitors I spoke to also complained about a dearth of innovative products. Still, I guess the new Amiga could be lumped in that category too.
Purveyors of wares for other platforms were overheard Amiga Computing ft LOWEST PRICES .... RAPID DELIVERY BEST SERVICE SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0181 686 3973 0181 781 1551
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increased since both Commodore and Europress Software ceased to support the Amiga. OS Devkit for Amos Pro, written by Brice Fromentin, is a fine addition to these extensions, allowing you to use all the standard Amiga libraries, like asl.library, exec.library, gadtools.library,intuition.library, graphics.library etc Installer stalls mm'dUV 'd The system requires you to have Amos Pro Phil South reviews the latest extension for Amos, OS Devkit for Amos Pro
2. 0 and above (it says 1.0+ but you can't use the compiler with
anything below 2.0, can you?), Amiga OS 2.0 and above, and
anything above a 68000 will do, so 060 drivers should watch
their speed.
The program is a mere snip to install as it has an install program on the disks, but this does suffer from a slight problem in that department, however, because it seems to look for the APSystem directory under something called AmosPro_System. You could, I suppose, assign that name to APSystem, but I found the best way to install it was to copy the libs into APSystem and unpack all the other LZH files into a convenient directory like AmosPro.
Once the files are copied, you have to start Amos Pro and use the Set Interpreter command to point Amos to the lib file for the extension. That done, everything is in order.
The documentation on the disk is in English as well as French, but M. Fromentin is obviously not as fluent with the Queen's wossname as he perhaps thinks he is. Things like “for logical reason an 'Amos lock' send AmosPro to front' and 'If you need V39 functions, test OS version before, this allow me to obtain faster command than AmosPro itself.
Little sacrifices-' sound like me writing my column after a night out on the town.
The docs are somewhat fragmented in parts, and although they are on the disk as AmigaGuide documents (I hate on-disk documentation, don't you?), they will help you make sense of the procedures for making your own OS-legal Amiga programs.
The installation and presentation of all the program elements could be cleaned up considerably, and this is something which will hopefully be solved now the program has a proper commercial distribution. Icons for all the documentation would be a boon, as would proper install scripts which wouk prevent any of the problems I encounter when loading the program the first time killed my Amos Pro by stopping the default configuration from being able to load, necessitating a complete re-install of Amos Pro - something which took time and effort and which I’d have preferred not to have to do.
That being said, OS Devkit is a splendid extension, but one that would definitely benefit from a better organised install procedure and properly translated documentation. Despite all that I give it an unreserved thumbs up for power, if not ease of use .:* Qssing around To make OS-legal Intuition-like programs you merely have to follow the new OS Devkit command structure. For example, to open a screen in Intuition, all you have to do is; _ser Del Body 0,0,320,128,5 Hind .»cr Open which means open a screen which starts at 0,0 with a width of 320 and a height of 128 pixels and a colour depth
of 5.
To take another example, if you wanted to set the body characteristics of a gadget using GadTools, you would use the following: _gj«d Def Body X,Y,M where X.Y is the location of the top left comer, and W,H is the width and height To refresh the contents of a window or requester using GadTools, all you would need to do is: _gt Refreik Und WHO,REfi where WND and REQ are the pointer of the window or requester in question. The AmigaGuide documents on the disk describe all the functions and how to use them, although it requires a lot of experimentation (or an existing knowledge of how these things
work) to make things zip along quickly. If you have a passing knowledge of Intuition then this will be easy. If you've never done this kind of thing before then a read of the demonstration Amos programs and a knowledge of schoolboy French will stand you in good stead.
One thing which did irk me a little bit was the fact that only one of the guide files with the command structures in had an icon, meaning that the only way to get them all working from a mouse click was to either add an icon for each file or click once on AmigaGuide, then hold down shift and click on the guide file. (You have to Show All Files in the menus before you can even see them to dick on.
By the way: one technical thing which cropped up during the creation of the software was a clash between the Amiga OS Wait function and the Amos Pro loader. Brice has mended this by adding a PROC called RENAMEAmos which, if added at the front of an Amos Pro program, will subtly alter the names of the programs in operation and prevent an erroneous "out of memory" message.
Bottom line Requirements RED : . BLACK nded 1 1 JETT Workbench Amos Pro Product details!
1 Product OS Devkit Amos Pro 1 Supplier Blittersoft 1 Price £29.95 1 Tel 01908 261466 | m Ease of use 55% Implementation 70% Value For Money 70% Overall 70% Amiga Computing ohn Pasternak, so the blurb tells us, has been working in movies for over 20 years now, as director, actor and special effects guy I couldn't find any reference to him in the Internet movie database).
He's presenting a series of video tutorials that make a nice complement to our video special last month as they all deal with creating impressive- looking special effects using items that are freely available in any town. The first in the series is called Android and deals with a single scene reminiscent of a certain James Cameron film where the baddie has to repair his arm and eye after being in a set of scrapes.
9 (although First of all you are shown the scene in its entirety, followed by a detailed description of how each effect was achieved. This starts with the retractable Xacto knife with realistic spurting blood and goes on to opening the arm up for mechanical surgery. Each step is covered in very good detail, listing all the materials you will need to get to achieve the effects, and where you are most likely to get them from.
A special effects video?
What's the connection with the Amiga? Read on as Frank Nord finds out Major repairs I found it very interesting to see the complete process involved in creating a latex mask which was used as the basis for an effect where the android pulls its eyeball out to repair it (this scene on the video was rather spoilt by the fact that you can see three hands in shot, unless of course, the android was better equipped than I thought). The process is a lot more involved than I had previously presumed. It starts with your actor's face getting fitted for a piece of cardboard, which is then placed to fit
the face snugly. The actor is then given a breathing tube and dentists' impression gunk is spread all over. Plaster of Paris is spread over the gunk to give it added strength and once this is dry the whole shebang is removed.
That's just the first step though. Next the mould of the face is filled with plaster of paris again and left to dry for a few days in a warm place. It is then turfed out of the mould and placed on a board. Next it is trimmed of any remaining flash and waxed.
Once this has been done, there are a few intermediate steps to tackle, but the next big job is to get those protective gloves on and start messing with glass fibre. The end result is a mould you can pour a latex rubber mix into, which, once set, will be your mask. This can then be painted using acrylic paint to make it look a bit more lifelike. Sure, it isn't any animatronic masterpiece, but it is something you can do at home without having to spend a fortune.
This is the whole basis for the tutorials on these tapes and it is one that works well.
You won't be making Terminator 3, but you will be able to create effects of some sophistication with relatively little effort.
Finally, in addition to the main exercise of producing the scene, there are a number of general tips such as how to get rid of the overly clean and harsh look of video.
One point about the video that was quite tiresome though. It may say that the tutorial is over an hour long on the box, but in actual fact quite a large proportion of that hour is taken up with timewasting shots which are unnecessary. It's unfortunate that you cannot even fast forward through these as it means that you might miss some of the voiceover. -W ? PINION As a whole, this video is a great idea, especially for you budding film makers roused by our feature last month. It provides a very easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to creating special effects on a very tight budget However,
the editing of the tape really needs to be tightened as there are large gaps between the narrative which don't advance your understanding of the subject and are not aesthetically pleasing. Finally, this tape isn't suitable for children owing to the nature of both the type of special effects and the materials used to create them.
Bottom line hat's the connection?
Well you might ask. The gimmick with this set of videos is the fact that you'll also be able to buy them on CD. No, it won't just be an Mpeg conversion of the video data, it will be a mixture of CDXL animation combined with CD quality sound and still pictures to present the same information, but in an Amiga-friendly way. The CD is planned to cost twice as much as the video, but then again, you hopefully won't have to put up with the long gaps where nothing happens.
Product Movie Maker Volume 1 - Android Supplier Epic Software Price Price: Video £14.99 CD-ROM £29.99 Tel 01793 514188 Overall 75% Amiga Computing building block Paul Austin casts a + ” quizzical eye over the al new Modeler and also explores the LightWave alternatives Os promised, this month I'll be continuing the guided tour of NewTek's latest incarnation of their __award-winning 3D design and animation system. This time it's Modeler's turn for a once over, but 111 also be exploring LightWave on the Amiga's arch rival. However, before inspecting the opposition's approach, it's time for
a close look at the straight-man in the LightWave double act Modeler is without doubt the poor relation in the LightWave partnership in the rush to match the exploits of Ron Thornton and friends. The temptation is to dive straight into Layout and set about throwing things around the screen in the vain hope that by some miracle you'll stumble across a masterpiece.
Unfortunately, that just ain’t the way things happen.
SIMILARITIES As you can see, the all new Modeler 4.0 isn't exactly a million miles away from its predecessor. In fact, you have to look pretty close before you can spot any real changes. All the buttons and options appear in almost identical positions, but there is one very major, invisible, update which many a die hard eler hack has been dreaming of since th beginning. The update in question is the lor awaited addition of multi-level undo and re In the past you were limited to undoing the last edit, but now you can go way into the design history of your creations, thanks to redo, you're
also free to move and forth through the changes you've made In short, the benefits are immense, not I of which is the ability to experiment fre without having to go through the drudgery O At first glanem not a lot ol difference from tho solid view. However, look close and you'll spot internal surfaces and a layout that doesn't obscure parts of the model that arm hidden in solid preview D Th* traditional so id vimw - mlthmr moving or tlalic on a standard Amiga Amiga Computing 32 M AY 1996 ROSS COMPATIBILITY B NewTek have made a lot of noise about ensuring UghtWave will have a standard interface
and functionality across the board, whether it be Amiga, PC SCI or whatever else. And to be fair, that's exactly what they've achieved.
The only real difference on an operational level is the mobility to import and export models between Modeler and Layout As mentioned, the vast majority of Pcs don't truly multitask, therefore it's not an option - even under Windows 95. This inevitably means an awful lot of saving, quitting and reloading when making adjustments to the design and surface properties of your creations. However, given sufficient RAM, it is possible to load both Layout and Modeler, make your changes in one, save them out to disk, hop over to the other program, and load in the saved changes.
On the PC plus side, it must be said that actual screen update on the PC version is superior - given a decent 64-bit graphics card. When compared to the implementation of the higher resolution displays of the Picasso II, favoured on the Amiga version, the PC wins hands down. However, it must be said that the Picasso update and display options in general have improved quite dramatically since the initial beta release.
Aside from the resolution, the PC variant also offers a different approach to render previews. Unlike the Amiga, which uses multitasking to provide a full frame preview in either Ham, Ham8, or Picasso II, the PC opts for a small quarter-saeen display within a pop-up requester in addition to a full screen alternative.
Saving countless revisions of the same design.
Yet another simple, but nevertheless essential change is the redesign of the preview window. In the past, Modeler boasted a rather over-indulgent moving solid preview option.
There's no doubt it looks impressive, but in practice it simply wasted CPU time, served no practical purpose, and most importantly, soon became very irritating.
Previews Fortunately, NewTek have finally done the decent thing and added a usable, static, solid preview selection to the existing options, thereby providing a much more informative range of display options. In 3-5 the selection varied between none, static, and moving - in either wireframe or solid. Now that collection has expanded with none, wireframe, Frontface and solid - either moving or otherwise. As you'd expect the wireframe option works as before, showing both the internal polygon structure and the points.
Next up comes the new Frontface option which, as the name suggests, shows only the external polygons of the object However, as you can see from the screenshot it also allows you to see external surfaces within the object - that at present may be obscured from the existing viewpoint Lastly comes the static solid view which, not surprisingly, works just like Frontface, but delivers a true solid 3D image of the model. It must be said this is slightly slower to update than the others, but in my opinion this is a small "Fortunately, NewTek have finally done the decent thing and added a usable,
static, solid preview selection to the existing options" price to pay for the added clarity a solid - and stable - true 3D preview can provide.
Unfortunately for PC fans, combined moving and static display options are only available to the Amiga version. Because Pcs can't multitask, a window in window animated display simply isn't an option.
Like their predecessor, all the display options offer the same orientation control, with wireframe still requiring a combination of the Alt key and mouse movement in order to rotate the object along any axis to generate the optimum view point The only other obvious change to Modeler is the arrival of a brand new button in the Tools department Basically, this is Modeler's very own plug-ins option which awaits under the new Tools custom button.
At first glance you could easily make the mistake that the Custom selection is just another incarnation of Arexx macros.
However, there is a very distinct difference between the two. Basically, the Custom options are standalone programs which, just like Layout plug-ins, allow third-party developers to plug dedicated modelling applications directly into the Modeler interface.
At present the package only ships with five custom programs - the most notable, Power- view, provides a solid quick render of the preview display. Unfortunately, the option is limited to a one-off full frame preview which has to be closed down before you can continue modelling, although you can still rotate the preview by dragging the mouse.
Although limited at present it does point the way to some interesting possibilities when it comes to automated modelling. It remains to be seen if Modeler custom programs get the same level of attention as their Layout plug-in counterparts - personally I doubt it- Amiga Computing C APPEAL ?
Ever since the news that Lightwave was crossing the great PC divide, many have been predicting that'the end is nigh, and the Amiga is no more.' This is predictable stuff, especially with a dose inspection of dock speeds. However, there's more involved in 3D modelling than just raw speed.
Obviously, with PC dock speeds ranging from 66MHz right up to 133MHz there's no question that they can hold their own when it comes to brute rendering speed.
However, this is by no means the whole story. During head-to-head testing a 66MHz PC renders at roughly twice the speed of a 25MHz A4000, but if a 50MHz 060 was added the Amiga's rendering speed quadrupled, thereby rendering roughly twice the speed of the PC-a figure which is still marginally faster than a Pentium P90.
Obviously, this throws the basic PC-goes-faster equation into turmoil. Do you spend a large amount of hard earned wonga on a PC, or simply upgrade your existing A4000 030 or 040 with an 060 processor? With the uncertain state of Amiga development and the outlandish hype surrounding the PC it’s tempting to spend the extra cash. However, life, and especially Pcs, are never that straightforward.
As mentioned earlier, Pcs in general are by no means under-powered machines. However, even with their impressive spec, they nevertheless display some serious limitations. For example, unless the PC in question boasts a large amount of RAM it will inevitably begin paging to disk as available RAM is depleted - reserving a set amount of virtual memory space on a hard disk is commonplace for memory-intensive PC applications.
Unfortunately, when paging begins performance plummets across the board - with particular sufferers being rendering times, wireframe generation and, more importantly, playback, effectively rendering it useless.
Basically, Pcs are appalling at memory management As a result, once paging the activated it will continue, regardless of whether real memory has become available since the peak RAM requirement which initiated the paging. Unfortunately, the only cure is to save out and re-boot the machine.
3NAIL MODE This situation doesn't only apply to Lightwave. For example, if you wanted to freeze Lightwave and pop into another package, paging could kick-in, and you're straight back in snail mode on your return to Modeller or Layout In addition, Pcs do not support shared resources like the Amiga. For example, a multitude of Amiga programs will happily share the same libraries, whereas each individual program on a PC will open its own duplicates of the same resources - which obviously eats yet more valuable RAM. Worse still, once opened, many external resources remain resident regardless of
whether the application that initiated them is still using them or even still active. Poor memory management on the PC probably accounts for the fact that the recommended set-up for any serious PC LightWave system consists of a Pentium P90 with 32Mb of RAM. Formerly, Windows NT was die preferred OS, but with the advent of Windows 95 - which like NT also supports multi-tasking - 16Mb is just about viable as an alternative The reason for the 32Mb preference on NT machines is a system requirement of 12Mb that is needed simply to run, leaving 20Mb free, a figure which should be enough to avoid
the dreaded paging problem. The question is, though, after investing in a high-end PC, will the average user have sufficient funds for essentials like Photoshop 3.0 and all the other goodies that make a PC clone a viable graphics machine? I know I wouldn't Basically, the underlying message is that the road to faster affordable rendering doesn’t necessary lead directly to the doors of PC box shifter. Simply running cash in hand to the local PC World and grabbing the first bargain PC system on the shelf, simply on the strength of its clock speed isn't a solution.
In reality, high power rendering on the PC has a high price, just like it does on any other platform. A PC, more than any other machine, is quite literally the sum of its parts. If an element of the equation is missing you could I easily end up with a very expensive system that simply won't do what you need.
B ?
Requirements BLACK recommended RAM Harcl clr,ve Workbench 16 Mb Picasso II RAM Product details Product LightWave Supplier Premier Vision Price £695 + VAT Tel 0171-721 7050 Ease of use 85% Implementation 90% Value For Money 82% Overall 89% As mentioned earlier, NewTek have gone to great lengths to make Lightwave on all platforms as identical as possible. There's one thing, though, that even their best efforts can't overcome. It’s true that both scene files and objects will happily load on any platform.
Unfortunately, that still doesn't get past the naming limitations on pre-Windows 95 Pcs.
As you're probably aware, PC file names can only have a maximum of eight digits, plus a three digit suffix, such as Lwobject.lob. Obviously, Amigas don't suffer from such'limitations and, of course, it's not something that third-party developers have considered in the past. As a consequence, most third-party products which automatically generate scene files or create objects will not travel well, especially if they employ a numerical suffix to name clones - null objects being a prime example.
The only solution is to upgrade to Windows 95 or manually rename and replace all the objects which don't fit the PC naming criteria. In short, a good old fashioned pain in the backside - not impossible, but certainly not something you'd do if there was a choice, which alas there isn't The same problems apply to texture maps which your objects will call when loaded into layout although if you can live with untidy file names, and the odd bit of re-selectk n, it is possible to copy files over 'as is' - at which point the PC will automatically concatenate the file names. The files will still
load, but to be honest the ensuing confusion could well make reconstructing the scenes and surface attributes more hassle than simply renaming them prior to the move.
HE GREAT DIVIDE Although much improved and generally more stable, it must be said that Modeler certainly hasn't had the large-scale overhaul that Layout has enjoyed. But to be fair, with the preview probl resolved and multiple undo now active, there's little else that needs attention. NewTek are obviou sly taking the same approach to Modeller as they have in Layout when it comes to advanced addons to the system. Basically, the custom button does the same job as the plug-ins option in layout As for the PC invasion, I'd say it's still very earfy days. With the lack of any direct third-party
support, and the hardware and software limitations inherent to the PC it's really a case of spending an awful lot of money or none at all. With the price and performance offered by the growing band ol 060s, the Amiga still looks in a strong position. The only real question is, will the PC's dominance of Plug-in development make the Amiga lose out in the long run?
FINAL THOUGHT Bottom line Amiga Computing A M 1996 RAB.. Rapid Frame ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab”* 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga
magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab”4 you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player the choice is yours STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device*) Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing
facility from either TV or satellite sources.
I Now compare i withbothVHS and S-VHS.
ProGrab Support! Ml recent A mgas and a also fuBy AGA Chipset Ytxi can render images in any Workbench screen | HAM6 mode lAmigj RAM pemwtusgl ProGrab"' I and Loads imagn m IFF liflM. TFF llfiM24. JPEG. BMP KX, and TARGA file formats ProGrab saves animations as % 'frmi files and animations with sound |requires PCMCIA Mbface and separate sound sampler | as Anim5 ? 8SVX files Range of image processing effects, palette computing
• Ones |AGA onfy) and dithenng methods are also new to IkoGrab
version 2 5 « Ptsologerwcs fully supports ProGrab MB' * custom
Loader to enable grabs directly from wtthm I the program -
saving YOU time' STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your
favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package ProGrab
really does make it that simple!
(MS U*!KCTS0 wo cctrmcrw * YOU 1C toottuj I mouinn ?t o (fcpscrtnm irwprvr camcorder NoGi.G 24RT lepments tywt vaUc tor money' liitticria ProGrab'".. Release 2.5.x software now includes.
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Mms the highest resolutions Fvm with
low memory A ragas V 9 Hxd Dive Systems smBxxj the need for an
Ipqunng just I toi Hard Drw Spucej.
Satellite TV signals.
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and f times the area
available with previous ProGrab software.
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAAt and
NTSC Straight from the boxi 1 |*Sum«1 PrcGraO hatdwaie is
Pal VCAWNTV" comp** Khrrtxe mode options are avaiabie vwth PAL
f. SECAM only L WSCCYsy models .vtaviMadc to special order
wfKhthcn l,' Mtxin tre ntntate mode fUV Nrase aU us for ml
defats | ftcfoMj" Vixrd.- The Best V deo Hardware , . Jucl fcr
mr Anu t Thn n Optatiy ptoan) Dcuuse tne mm comrs ticm Bie
Amiga Shopper nwgamrt readers Oij- Satisfied Customeni
FyoCifab“ Air* J.I Vioppo 9S* STAR Buy and wnrts Mr V «c crap
and tatNU « me ongrsaf colons we were mghny mpresseif .m
KNCfTYTVYVW OtVffxi you jrr a Wscogr.fnrr ex j GiamcAnsi look
tome NoGr c J4RT fas PtoGr,®'* Atnga Fonnv 9JH Gold Rating and
commons l*e ¦PloGrab 24RT Hus qufle wifiy !htiSqraet lo go',
VxtTOtte wfc* lot money no other dlgiMn oRos'so iruh kx so
«nie' and 'Odrfs Ui rtkXe ItvTun thm any other dgtno new me vmr
pner’ CU Am Ukt FfoC»aO“ n ‘in 11* job tar Dpgnnm jnd
imprcHRiun ona.yvbjdgo'.ind ry hard 10 hesit foiihemonty
nothng wi tuuih t For just £129.95... ProGf ah is supplied wth
evctythry) you M need +
• FfroGfab1” 24RT Ptus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x
• Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable
• User Manual • Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrabS opQprvB PCMCIA (rtefface ndudes the latest vet von software and extends perfomvmcc for senous professionai users offering thr falowwj benefits
• F.istcf Downloading Times (up to FIVE times quicker)
• Improved amrrvoon speeds of up to l Ups |morw| and 3.5fpS
• Sound sampling and animation capaMKies (separate sound sampler
• Saving of animations drect fo your AtrajaS hard drive
• Freeing of your Parallel Port fot use by a pnnter or ocher paMd
peripheral dtwe ProGrab’ supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04
or later 4 a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM.
+ A vsdro soucp (Me «!»be requrrd to much you cmci c )upmen set ip - As* tor deu»h Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initial(s): Surname Address: County (Country): Postcode: '‘•t Daytime Phone: Hvening Phone: ____ProGrab Plus’ 0 4129.95 i : PCMCIA Inurfxc 1 £34.95 i i ____V 2.£x S W(U» Upgrade) 04495 4 : OpUtinal FAST Courier Delhcry % 46.95 4 : TOTAL £ : Overseas Customers.
PUvs? Cdtf for prices, sbipfnnx tfi Card holder's signature Ss ¦A CanlNo ??????
?????? Nut) nnni Ti F,pinr.a, ???? RjasafeOD 5£K5?0 I encloM.* a Cheque Bank DnfVPosOl Order for 4 ; made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COM PITERS LIMITED ._ JN HARWOODC g MPUTERSC3C3CD on Harwood Computers Limited.
Street. Alfreton, Derhvshire DESS "BP FAX: 01 773 831040 or... TELEPHONE 773 836781 ORROR Sensation iokror sensatwr ¦ Vji'nm-'i- A™'*' f Have you ever stayed up until the early hours of the morning staring subliminally at the television for no apparent reason? I hope so, because then I'll know I’m not the only one.
Andy Maddock pinpoints his laser guided vision on to the latest truck-load of Cds from heaven Usually after midnight there's always a cracking honor film on - probably from either the '60s or early '80s - and no matter how bad the special effects are, or the cheesiness of the music, you will be glued to your set. It doesn't finish there either. As soon as the film ends you realise it's time for bed, and then you will undoubtedly follow this routine... you'll snuggle up in bed and then Boom! A big monster springs out of your wardrobe and goes 'Boor Horror Sensation will undoubtedly scare you as
we travel into the oh so frightening world of horror. To me, horror isn't ghosts, paranormal activity or the X-files of any description. Horror is just gratuitous blood and guts, and for a brief description of Horror Sensation this fits perfectly.
Every horror-related Amiga file will undoubtedly be on this CD, be it sound samples, text files, images, FAQs, games or clipart - they are all here. And by the time you've searched a few directories, especially the images, you're stomach will be retching just like after your first rollercoaster ride.
I will warn you now that Horror Sensation does have an 18 certificate and it is justified.
The images are nothing short of sick and seeing decapitated heads and dismembered bodies doesn't really appeal to me. I will also mention that I’m not actually referring to any scenes from films or videos - I mean REAL LIFE pictures of bodies. Not a pretty sight.
There are also a host of good quality samples such as screams, blood gushing noises, splats and squelches - perfect for any home made horror films. The text documents contain strange fictional stories and it's all polished off by an excellent menu system whereby everything can be seen, heard and played from a click of a button.
A X I IVI U IV V Please! Only buy this CD if you think you can handle these gruesome pictures. You must not even contemplate it if you are of a nervous disposition. You have been warned!
Bottom line Product details 1 Product: Horror Sensation Supplier: 17 Bit Software Price: £19.99 Phone: 01924 366982 es Ease of use 90% Implementation 89% Value For Money 89% Overall 88% Music has always been simple to put together on the Amiga. At the most basic, all you have to do is pick four instruments to fill in each channel and play them all together. It doesn't matter if rt sounds awful - label your track with the 'alternative' label and you can just about get | away with it Maximum Mods is the first in the series of a long line in module Cds. However, something tells me by the time the
second one comes out you probably won’t have even got through the first because if you lis- j tened to every track on the CD all the way through it would last around ten days. That | gives you and idea of how many modules there are on the CD.
A bonus is that the CD will run on the Amiga Computing 36 MAY 1996 OUND UP orld Atlas World Atlas Wisedome Ltd £29.99 0181-570 3756 94% 83% 90% Mods Vol 1 Supplier: Scores 92% 85% 86% If you’ve ever wanted to see the rest of the world you usually have to either commit to backpacking or work your socks off to be able to afford a six month cruise, and only then can you stop off and enjoy the delights of each country.
Not any more. All you have to do is purchase this CD and you can learn all about thousands of different countries. If you can sit down and take in all the information it would probably take around six months, so afl your mates will adu- aVy believe you've been around the world.
World Atlas was designed with Multi- media Experience and therefore has an extremely easy-to-use interface. All the fonts are large, so readable, but it all still manages to look presentable.
If you've ever wanted to learn about the world, you won't find a better package than the Wodd Atlas. It contains information such as the population, death rates and birth rates, as well as the economic backgrounds of each CD32, so all you console owners will happily be able to crank out some Amiga mods while you're getting ready for a Saturday night. As for A1200 and A4000 owners, I don't think you'll be going out on a Saturday night because you'll probably be too busy making )pur own music and messing around with the ones that already feature on it The menu system is probably the best feature
because it's so simple to use. By highlighting your selected mod and clicking a button it will load the music. There's no having to find menus, locating open buttons, and no confusing mod players. It's just a 'dick and pla if you like!
There are also many different types of mods induding jazz, soul, breakbeat, dance and many more. If you're looking for a particular style of mod you'll find it here - you can be sure of it. Apart from the D-Capo CD there aren't many decent module Cds but thankfully, now Maximum Mods is here we're hoping the will be many more to come.
Countries. Although the graphics aren't particularly outstanding, it doesn't matter because the amount of information more than makes up for it If you are researching the world for school, college, or university projects, or just for a general hobby, you won't be disappointed with what you find. The whole package is compatible with the A1200, A4000 and CD32, so the interface is controlled by either the mouse or control pad, selecting from all the menus on-screen.
World Atlas is a fantastic package for lazy people who can't be bothered going to the local library to pick out some books. Everything you need to know will be there right in front of you.
Bottom line Product details Maximum Mods Vol 1 Legendary Design £19 99 Product:
(001) 519 753 6120 BBI Implementation Ease of use Phone: Price:
Value For Money Overall I'm am getting tired of writing
this small piece here because sooner or later I will run
out things to say.
I refuse to mention the great AmigaGuide that splits up the various categories which allow you to run or extract your programs. I shall not mention that the CD has all the latest uploads, and I definitely will not mention that the CD includes a wide range of business, games, comms, graphic, and sound software uploaded to Aminet from February '96.
Right so there you go. The only thing I will tell you about is the full version of Pagestream.
Er, there's a full version of Pagestream on Aminet 10. See, there you go. Buy it.
Product details 1 Product: Aminet 10 Supplier: GT1 Price: £14.95 1 Phone: +49 6171 85937 PTT - Ease of use 91% Implementation 88% Value For Money 84% Overall 89% Qminet 1 0 Bottom fine Overall Value For Money Implementation Ease of use Phone: Price: Supplier: Produd: Product details Bottom l Amiga Computing OUND UP :e« 7,1 ¦rneig you're already connected you will have a tough job getting your own browser as you can't really go out and buy one from the shops. It's just not as easy as that So if you are going to invest in this CD you'll have to be connected to the Internet The CD contains
topics that don't really appeal to me such as classical music, the words to every National Anthem, the Bible in seven different languages, and sections including economy, humour, laws, maths, poetry, politics and recipes.
Although all these subjects may do a good job of advertising the Internet to a certain spectre of the public, it doesn't really give you an idea of what really is on the Internet If the CD included excerpts of the top Product: Supplier: Price:
(001) 602 491 0442 75% 89% 84% 81% Over that last six months,
more and more people have been connected to the
Information Super Highway or World Wide Web either to send
electronic messages to people from around the world or to
view pages of information about millions of different
subject areas However, anyone who is connected will realise
it's not exactly free. Firstly there is the expense of the
actual computer itself, then a modem, then sometimes a
connection fee, monthly charges, and finally the dreaded
telephone bill.
Now you can happily browse a section of the Internet without a massive telephone bill landing smugly on the doormat at the end of the month.
The On-line library CD contains many different topics of information which you can view via a 'Web browser', and for the Amiga you will probably need Amosaic or the brand new Ibrowse. Now, the problem is this software.
Usually, when you are first connected to the Internet, your server will automatically post you the software needed to use it, and this includes the browser. Consequently, unless ten sites, including the Playboy site, humorous tasteless, and sport sites and, at a pinch, th daily newspaper, then that would probabf give the public a realistic idea of wh they'd find.
I can safely say that I have never ever sea anything like these documents on the Interne and this is probably because I never look fo anything like it The Internet is all about you own choice and you are given the chance W search anything you are interested in, be naked women or your local football team.
CD defeats the entire object of the Intern and restricts what you can see.
If you haven’t got access to the Internet, th On-line Library will present a nice positive angle on the content of the Internet To sum i up - it's one to show your mother.
Bottom line Ltwti UCT DETAILS Online Library Vol 1 Implementation Ease of use Phone: Amiga Library Services £19.99 Value For Money Overall ORKBENCH ADD-ON VOL 1 Workbench Add-on is also the first in a series, but this time features hundreds of Workbench hacks to make it quicker and far more efficient Workbench is the main user base where copying, running, viewing files has to be done. If you use your Amiga you will need to use workbench - it's a simple as that - and if you use it as much as us here at Amiga Computing then the programs on this CD are absolutely essential, especially if you're
not connected to the Internet The CD is split into various directories for music, utilities, emulators and more. You will find most of them in a ready-to-run format where you can test them out without the annoying process of de-archiving them into your destination.
There are programs for all Amiga users including musicians, artists, programmers and even gamesplayers. Unfortunately, not all the programs are public domain. Most of them are shareware and contain unregistered versions so if you pay for them you will receive a fully registered version.
This is always worth doing if you use the program frequently because it lets the programmer know you use it, therefore they may possibly develop some additions or updates. Also as a bonus, some of programs on the CD have been reduced to a special price.
There are many Internet utilities available as well to make your connection more efficient and help you reduce that dreaded phone bill by making the access software quicker.
Inside the booklet you get with the CD there are various registration forms for products such as Amiga E, AmiWin, DFA, PowerPlayer, ShapeShifter and SuperView. All you have to do is fill in the form and send it away. You will then receive the latest version as well as the all important key file.
A lot of effort has gone into this CD to make it as simple as possible and while it contains programs for the novice, there are also many advanced programs to keep any avid Amiga user happy. All in all, Workbench Add-on contains some excellent programs which will undoubtedly come in use. If certainly a worthy purchase.
Bottom line Product details Product: Workbench Add-on Vol 1 Supplier: Gtl Price: £24.95 Phone: +49 6171 85937 Ease of use 85% Implementation 90% Value For Money Overall 89% 90% Amiga Computing 38 MAY 1996 D-GFX 3 The Amiga's specialities often lie with its graphical superiority - there are countless television programmes associated with the Amiga.
Orous, i, the bably what seen emet k for your £ to e it This rnet the tive m it I ft I This CD boasts hundreds of 3D utilities which will either get you started or help you if you are an advanced 3D artist looking for applications to make the process quicker and far more efficient and user friendly. There are demos of complete packages, objects, pictures and more animations than you can shake a stick at To view all the pictures you simply load up the AmigaCuide, click on the relevant sections, and this will automatically start up the animation and image viewers. For beginners there are demos
of full packages such as Cinema 4D and PovRay so you can test them .
All the utilities can be found in the root d* * %" n Hero's a well known picture created with LightWawo
- one of many pictures on the 30 Graphics CD directory of the CD
and are categorised alphabetically. They range from graphic
converters and viewers through to datatypes.
All of them will come in handy for helping you design 3D graphics and therefore shouldn't be missed by any 3D art fan.
Bottom line Product details 1 Product: 3 D-GFX Supplier: PeeJay Price: £21.99 iPhone: 0181-985 3850 Ease of use 90% Implementation 89% Value For Money 89% Overall 90% 1 Licenceware FI Licenceware is another compilation of software, only this time it's not PD - it's actually all commercial software. Each programmer will also receive royalties so the software must be good if they are willing to pay for it If you load up the included AmigaCuide database you will be able to navigate the CD in the easiest way possible by clicking on the links.
These are split up into various categories such as games, education, art and graphics, not to mention a whole host of archived C The FI Licenceware CD is polished off with an AmigaGuide database whereby you can run or extract the files SSSI=rcr3255T2S55S===r=rsrss==rs=sr FI L1CENCEMARE CONTROLLER INTERFACE 3rrrsszss2ssssssz3ss:sS5S£Sr:::s=SS9 disks. The CD contains the collection of titles from FI-01 to Fl-IOO which means there is quite a bit of software.
The AmigaCuide database will help you either run the software or extract it to disk
- around 80 per cent of the software will run straight from the
CD. It contains programs such as Ultimate Quiz, Word Plus
Pro, Fortress and Blackboard v3, as well as some Amos guides
and supplements.
If you want a CD which is based around games then it may be a good purchase.
However, the software was compiled from November 1995 so if you want the latest software it may be worthwhile checking out Aminet 10, especially as it's almost £15 cheaper.
Bottom line UflCMt tfi the controller interface for the F1 Licenceware CD-Ron. Just click on any of the subjects below to enter that area. For instance to read the credits list, click on the ’INFO" Credits line.
Click on the HELP button above, if yon Reed nort info on usin? This interface.
Flboct l F1 Licence*!are JbojiL j The FI Licenceware CD-Ron CLICK 1 for the Categories List CLICK i for the List in Numerical Order Amiga Computing mi I Keep your letters coming in to Ezra Surf and you could be a fifty pound prize winner Keep those letters coming! If you can t be bothered to find a bit of paper and a stamp, why not e-mail us? Simply point your mailer to: ESP@acomp. Demon, co. Uk There's a £50 pound prize for the best letter printed as an incentive Qjack to (Workbench) 96 In Ben Vost's article 'Workbench 96?' He takes a very detailed look at what the Amiga of the future should
provide. As a loyal user, I found this to be a fascinating article, creating a virtual chain of what the next Amiga should be, link by link. But I did notice some links left unaddressed, most of them involving the future of the hardware.
To start off, I thought the idea of putting Kickstart onto a flash ROM was an excellent one. Modular VGA-type graphics boards also made sense. Just about every idea was well thought out and should be seen in future Amigas. Specifically, providing sound for all users was a great idea, but one that needs pushing further.
The Amiga cannot move into the future having superb graphics but continuing to allow 8-bit sound to be a weak link. The modular idea for graphics cards should also apply to sound cards.
Another hardware issue is the lack of standardisation.
The A1200's all-in-one design makes it restrictive to certain types of expansion, such as.graphics or sound cards. Keeping the physical design the same for all Amigas will save third-party developers having to produce several versions of the same product to be compatible with the different designs.
Also standard on future Amigas must be storage devices. High density floppy drives, large hard drives and CD-ROMs are all a must It is almost impossible to buy a new computer (an IBM done, at least) without a CD-ROM drive and a massive hard drive. This would free software developers to create their products without concerning themselves with fitting all the information on low density floppies. In turn, this would reduce the disk-swapping involved in things like installation or loading.
Being a student at the University of Cincinnati (a major engineering university), I witness the immense use of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Not only are they entertaining, they are also very effective forms of communication. For example, my calculus professor posts our dass syllabus on his home page (I bet that's riveting - ed.). With my Amiga as it is now, it is a rather complex process of program installations to be able to access this information. In the future, Telnetting and Web browsing functions should be integrated into the Workbench and, in addition, each Amiga sold should
have an internal
14. 4k modem firming up the communications links of the chain.
Amiga Computing The PowerPC processor will be just one of the many strong links in the chain of the Amiga, but in order to maintain an edge over the upcoming Intel P6, the PPC must be integrated into all the new Amigas to provide a consistent base of blazing speed.
These changes in the aspects of the Amiga are i mportant ones that I feel are crurial to the suivival of the Amiga. When compared with another computer the Amiga must stand out to the average Joe and make him see that they are getting more computer for their money.
If the Amiga is to be successful, it must provide a strong base for both veteran and novice users, and with these ideas, I see it doing just that.
Jeff Rampe, Brecksville, Ohio USA It's funny how many different things people want from their Amigas, and I wonder what exactly we will see from the next generation of Amigas. Anyway, over to Ben for his comment on your letter-.
Putting all the Amigas in boxes with Zorro slots, what a great idea and one that AT seem to be taking up. The new A1200+ that everyone has been talking about will be just that a box with a separate keyboard with two Zorro slots in it opening up the world of RTG graphics cards to everyone. As for the sound side of things, the Amiga still isn't doing too badly. The sound from an Amiga still ranks quite highly considering the technok Ogy it is based upon is many, many years old.
But. Sure, it would be nice to see an improvement there too and making the whole thing modular on a plug-in replacement basis is undoubtedly the best way forward.
The only thing I'm worried about is all these extra things people want to put in the base machine. How much are you all willing to pay for an Amiga? Adding CD-ROM drives, modems, networking and 'massive* hard drives all costs additional cash. I believe eveiy Amiga in the world should have a hard drive, as standard but I would rather see the Amiga continue as a cheap, but good quality, hobbyist's machine, rather than ramping the cost up to or beyond PC or Mac levels.
Qudget worri I'm a bit worried about all this upgrading business. Si* years ago I got an A500 for Christmas which cost neartf £500. It was state-of-the-art then, with thousands of good games. Being only nine-years old I couldn't afford many games, and the only real expansion I bought was a 512k upgrade for £34 which let me play some of the newer games. Great. Only £550 for a great computet which played all the games.
Today, £400 buys you a five-year old computer which requires extra hardware to play some of the newer games. Okay, so not many games need an accelerate!
Yet, but if people start upgrading for games, programmers will start programming for these machines, perhaps needing 3 or 4 megs, etc. The whole Amiga market will lose its appeal as a home computer - imagine buying an Amiga which was out of date when you bought it! Pushing the price up by over £200 on top of Ben Vosfs article on improving the Amiga was interesting, but I disagree with him on where the efforts need to be mostly concentrated. Firstly, we must not turn the Amiga into 'just another Macintosh or PC. I don't use the Amiga because it's almost a PC or Mac I use it because it has
unique qualities that the PC and Mac will never have in a milion years. In any case, only those qualities which will benefit the Amiga directly should be considered. Here's what I feel should be concentrated on for both current and future Amigas: Qart II
1. High density 1.76Mb floppy drives should become standard on
every Amiga including the A1200.
2. All new Amigas should have the following video outputs:
• The standard Amiga video out for genlocks and 15kHz monitors
• A composite video out for connection to a TV or VCR that is
intelligent enough to display a blank screen when a
non-NTSC PAL display mode is selected, instead of just
displaying a weird mess.
• A hardware flicker fixer port that can connect directly to a
VGA monitor which can display 15kHz modes on a VGA monitor and
pass through higher rated modes untouched.
3. The new base A1200 should come with a 68030 at 50MHz and 4Mb
of FastRAM as the new low-end standard.
1 Implement a new graphic chipset that can display hundreds of graphics sprites even on a VGA monitor, and offers chunky as well as planar access for all screen modes. Also, add 3D algorithms, smooth VGA scrolling and full 24-bit color for screenmodes up to 640x480 in the hardware. A 16.7 million color 320 x 200 fast chunky pixel mode with sprites would make for truly impressive games!
5. A full chipset upgrade should be made available as a simple
motherboard swap for any Amiga, for upgrading the A500, 600,
1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 or 4000 to the new chipset Motherboard
swaps are quite popular with the PC crowd these days, and for
good reason. Imagine simply popping out the motherboard in
your old A500 and popping in a new motherboard with AGA+
graphics, an IDE hard drive interface, a 68030-50 and 4Mb of
FastRAM as standard!
6. Ditching the Amiga chipset is a bad idea. Instead bury it in
the machine somewhere so it's always available on any Amiga,
although another graphics chipset card can be used in its
An already high price. The Amiga is turning into a PC and if AT do bring out an A1200+ that has an '030 the Al 200 will need to be upgraded to be usable. I agree that expanding your Amiga will make it quicker and greater overall, but if it starts a trend then we will all have to spend more money upgrading, trying to keep up with the new standards. This will make the Amiga look more expensive, less like a home computer and more like a PC Zenon Olenski, Timperley Amiga Computing
7. All future Amigas should come with a built-in LAN connector.
8. Improve the serial connector with a much larger buffer space
and consider changing it to a nine-pin connector to conserve
9. Implement a stereo FM chip and a stereo 16-bit DAC into the
Amiga as well as a microphone connector with an ADC and a line
in with an audio mixer.
10. Add a SCSI-2 connector as standard but ignore the requests to
ditch the IDE interface. Keep that for cheap hard drives and
CD-ROM devices.
11. 1 agree that adding in a built-in speaker would be a good
idea but why not have built-in stereo speakers with a volume
control on all new Amigas? Just make sure that plugging in
external speakers automatically deactivates them. This might
entail a switch to a mini phono plug for audio out, a
software-controllable switch, or an actual hardware switch on
the back of the machine.
12. Also, a WB4.0 better have some sort of built-in RTG
capabilities just like Ben said.
Let's hope Amiga Technologies hear our requests and really revives the Amiga like it deserves to be. I can't wait to get my hands on a PowerPC upgrade for my Amiga
1200. The future of the Amiga finally shines again.
Terry Miller, Bartlesville. Oklahoma USA
* sigh* Back to Ben again... Right let's go through your points
one at a time..
1. Agreed, and already stated.
2. Agreed, particularly with respect to the screen blanking for
inappropriate modes.
3. How much do you want to pay for this machine exactly?
4. 1 do believe that there has to be a change in the way the
custom chipset is programmed so that it can deal with chunky
pixel programming at resolutions where planar is inefficient
ie. Anything over 64 colours in low resolutions and over 32
colours in high resolutions.
But I'll refer you back to my answer for 3 when you start talking about 24-bit screenmodes at any resolution..
5. The reason motherboard upgrades are popular with the PC crowd
is because they are cheap, standard and easy to fit I don't
know if you've ever tried removing a motherboard from an A500,
an A1500 or an A3000T like I have, but I can tell you it's no
picnic Besides machine, I would have to say you are talking
The computer industry moves faster than a cheetah with diarrhoea, and it won't stop just because you don't want to spend any money. Computing is like any other hobby, it costs money to keep it going.
And don't you want any games that push the Amiga to the full?
Aren't you one of those people who want Doom or Duke Nukem on your machine? Well, they won't run unless your Amiga is fast enough and has enough memory.
The fact of the matter is that the Amiga is only a cheap machine initially, thereafter it is just like any other computer. The major benefit is that you don't have to lash out all the cash at once, but please don't expect to get the best from a base level machine.
Which, having to make new motherboards for all these machines will drive the cost up higher than that of supplying a completely fresh machine. If AT standardise their case style as the previous reader's letter suggested, then, perhaps, a motherboard upgrade can be offered in the future
6. See 3.
7. See 3, but in principle I agree. Adding the software to allow
for networking is more important in my opinion. People can
always use the serial port for a SLIP connection, they don't
need a dedicated ethernet port
8. Agreed. Speeding it up would be a good move too.
9. Hang on, I thought FM sound was worse than the Amiga's. Isn't
FM synthesis the sort of thing they do on really cheap PC
sound cards and consoles which is only a waveform generator?
As for the rest see 3.
10. See 3. IDE devices aren't that much cheaper than SCSI so the
saving for the end user wouldn't compensate for the lack of
11. How much room do you believe will be available for shielded
speakers in these new Amigas? I think supplying one speaker
gives people enough sound to be going on with. The A3000T
automatically switches the internal speaker off if there is
something connected to the audio connectors on the back of
the machine, so you don't need a switch.
12. It had better have an awful lot more than just RTG
Qacklash And so it starts; the somewhat unfortunate but perhaps wholly predictable backlash against Amiga Technologies. I suppose we were all led such a merry dance during the dreadful Commodore years that we cannot control our in-built and painful cynicism about the gurus (no pun intended) who are now responsible for the welfare of our chosen machine.
It is, of course, all too easy to hunch over our computer and complain bitterly about the mistreatment being dealt out by AT, but could I beg everyone to stand back, take a deep breath and for God's sake CHILL OUT! It ain't that bad.
People were discontent that the Amiga had not been on sale for over a year; there was concern that the new buyer would just pinch the technology and be damned with the home computer market; an upgrade was needed urgently; dirt cheap prices were required; the future path of the technology was in some doubt I think it's fair to say that Commodore were at fault over the sale of the company. Typically, they were unable to organise their own funeral effectively because they were too busy trying to screw the biggest buck out of some poor sucker. There's no doubt that the UK management buyout was the
most favourable option from a user's perspective - better the devil you know and all that - so when Escom pipped it at the last moment the trepidation was palpable.
And yet, Escom AT have shown a remarkable commitment to the technology which has certainly surprised me. Let us put ourselves in Ats shoes. Having just spent in excess of 310 million on a product that everyone thought was dead, what were they to do? AT owned the Amiga, but at the time it comprised a few bits and bobs of hardware scattered around the globe with no guarantee that AT could get their hands on any of it anyway. So, with a logical - indeed, necessary - eye on the Christmas market, AT resolved to put the Amigas back in the shops in time for the Yuletide celebrations. They were
therefore starting from scratch and, lo and behold, they did it Even then, grumblings were afoot about pricing, but given that production was ramped up so fast I think we should count our blessings, particularly as the blow was softened by an excellent software bundle.
Tf the term cock-up can be levelled at AT, so far there are really only two areas that spring to mind: incompat* ible floppy disk drives and Scala MM300. The first is forgivable as incompatibility arises only with certain games and AT have made moves to sort out problem machines - the onus is now on AT to ensure that fixes are made quickly and efficiently (that is, after all, what the promotion of customer satisfaction is all about).
Qmiga Computing first again ETTERS The second is a bit more thorny. There is no doubt that Scala MM300 is a magnificent piece of software and the option to bundle it couldn't be ignored, but AT really should have foreseen the lack of memory problem with a standard A1200 and made it clear from the outset that the program won't run in 2Mb of memory.
This is most definitely a customer service cock-up worthy of Commodore, but even so, I don't believe it is insurmountable.
Readers may remember that Scala HVT100 (the bottom of the range version, for the uninitiated) was given away on a coverdisk some time ago. I have used it on my A1200 ever since as it represents one of the most intuitive and user-friendly programs I have ever seen. Okay, so it doesn't exactly stretch the AGA chipset
- in fact it doesn't use it at all - but it does emphasise that
the Amiga is the most friendly tool for this kind of work. Most
people who see my home videos gasp in wonder at the
professionalism of the titling, even though I only choose from
four fonts and work in a maximum of 32 colours. If, therefore,
Scala HVT and MM300 were both bundled with A 1200s then users
could get an immediate glimpse of the capabilities of the
machine. An exhortation to upgrade could also be included - Tf
you think this is great, get an extra 2Mb and let MM300 really
change your life' - you know the sort of thing.
Maybe I'm just being naive, or maybe I've just owned my machine too long, but I genuinely believe that the Amiga has a strong future, both as a games machine (where the main user base still is) and as a home productivity tool that is second to none for ease of use and flexibility. So let's stop whining; instead let's enjoy and be proud of what we've got and let us look forward positively. Just wait for the PowerAmiga, it's gonna be a killer.
Jamie Winter, Waterlooville Finally, one I get to respond to. Your well-reasoned argument has persuaded me to let you have the £50 prize for this month, not something I give lightly. I think you are completely correct in your view of how AT are doing. When you think that they have gone from nothing to producing Amigas inside a year, that's a pretty impressive feat in its own right But you are also correct in pinpointing the two major failures. The Scala situation is pretty unforgivable since I know that Paul Austin and Ben Vost brought up the problem of memory and hard drive space when Escom
held their press conference in May last year.
Originally, Scala was to be bundled with all machines. Perhaps AT should install HVT100 as standard on all hard drive equipped A1200s, but leave MM300 for A4000T owners who would be able to make use of it immediately.
His headline, not ours I often buy a copy of Amiga Computing and more often it seems you are first with news articles. I think the other magazines try too hard to be first on the shelves and then get a month behind with news and articles.
Several times I have read interesting items in AC before the earlier released other magazines. When my subscription to another magazine runs out soon I will be subscribing to AC instead.
As a keen Amiga using astronomer I have been interested to find more details about a program I heard about on the World Astronomy Fidonet echo called Digital Universe. Looking at all the astronomy maga- zines, one would be forgiven for thinking that the subject was only catered for by the PC, so a new and apparently killer serious application for the Amiga is of particular interest to me.
The Amiga has a great range of software but the amount of scientific software is very limited and a program like this can do much to improve the Amiga's (rightful) image as a serious machine.
Another magazine with the initials AF had a sort of astronomy article in their Christmas issue and a half promise of a Digital Universe review in the January issue, which never materialised. I was delighted to see a copy of AC in my newsagent which had the first review I have yet seen. The review was good and highlighted some of the improvements which could be made to the program such as better image quality and support for graphics cards (although the latter won't affect me).
There were a couple of factual errors such as the Cassini mission going to Jupiter instead of Saturn and the odd mention of parallax in relation to Copernican theory. By the way, the heliocentric idea was first thought of by Aristarcus of Samos - an ancient Greek.
I have already sent off to Canada for more info on Digital Universe but was glad to see an independent review beforehand. The review does not state whether Qnd finally, begorrah... I feel I must congratulate your art department for its marvellously inventive use of a pint of Guinness (spelt with two 'n's incidentally) to indicate that AC97 contained an article on Irish Amiga users.
But why stop at the pint o’ porter? Ireland has a wealth of stereotypical cultural images to choose from. I realise that it may have been hard to get a decent render of a leprechaun, but surely a few shamrocks liberally doused around the front cover wouldn't have been that difficult, begorrah!
Otherwise, thanks for a well-balanced and informative magazine, now thankfully devoid of those irrelevant little electronic symbols. However, I still feel that the next time I write an article on the British Amiga scene I would be honour-bound to include a piccie of a football yob with his Union Jack-waist-coated bulldog attacking a roast beef and yorkshire pudding-eating, bowler- hatted, gentleman outside Big Ben as is so often the scene in your capital city, n'est*ce pas?
Pat Jackman, Danagh, Wexford, Eire To be sure, you're right so you are. Twas a terrible thing to do, but our art editor is a desperate man, so he is, so I hope you'll be forgiving us. What a Kerry man thing to do, eh? Actually, the cover image we were trying to get would have been the DigitalWinter the program can be obtained in the UK or whether y have to order from Canada, though giving the price UK pounds was very useful. It is a pity DU comes on disks and there is not a CD version as yet. The rivi Distant Suns and upgrade First Light will be availabl for the Amiga on CD according to the
distributot Chaocity.
Despite praising AC, I do have one gripe. News articles are good and usually first. However, there is glaring (and quite insulting to an astronomer) error the contents page. There is no way that Digital Unrvei is an ASTROLOGY program. Astrology is fortune telli superstition which has absolutely nothing to do witf the real and far more fascinating science of astronomy William Eaves, Thui I don't know why we don't just rename this colum 'Ben Vost replies' for all the words I am getting edgeways... I believe, Mr Eaves, that if you are still getting the aforementioned magazine, you will find the
revii you looked for of Digital Universe in the March issue. I have been talking to Dan Charrois, th programmer of Digital Universe (that he created the whole program and documentation on his own is testament to his perseverance and worthy of ai award of some sort in its own right), and he tells me that much of what I suggested will be implemented in the next version of DU, including more colourft images and a CD-ROM delivery system. As far as am aware, DU is still only available directly froi him, but he does reply very swiftly so it will probably only take you a little longer to receive your
copy than if you had ordered it in the UK.
As for the errors in the review, mea culpa, I got it wrong. But the astrology astronomy cock-up on the contents page can be put down to a philistine who neither knows nor cares about the difference in the two subjects. "It's all to do with stars isn't it?" Was his reply.
Shot used in the article, the one by Tony Patrickson However, when the crunch came, the powers that be wanted something a little more obvious and commercial, in order to attract occasional readers (who are interested in drinking presumably), so it wasn't used.
As for your article, when are you going to send it to us? Seriously, we welcome any contributions by our readers. If your writing is any good, then we will probably end up using you on a regular basis. If you want to send us a sample of your writing, you can write a piece of about a 1000 words on any Amiga- related topic It can be a review, a tutorial or a feature about local Amiga use. It doesn't matter if your review is of an old product, it's your writing we want to look at Send your articles on an Amiga-formatted disk as ASCII text and include a printed version along with any pictures
you would want to .use in the piece (either as screenshots saved as IFF or the original photos). The address to send your submissions to is: New writers Amiga Computing Adlington Park Macclesfield, SK10 4NP England Amiga Computing OUR PRICES INCLUDE, VAT Except Wberc Stated Delivery Charges From £ 5 13 White Knight V M r T © © Hn m®!® 23* Swvtunpr On «; PO BOX 38, WARE, HERTS, SG11 1TX 01920-822321
9. 30am - 6pm Monday - Friday FAX 01920 322302 ALWAYS CALL FIRST
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2. Either I am the one getting a little confused or you are
confusing the things you are doing. Normally you only get the
'cannot open your tool blardy blar' when you double-click on a
file's icon that is not setup correctly for your computer.
This has nothing to do with how your printer is setup, and is
to do with how Workbench tries to run programs and the tools
specified by icons.
In the case of MuchMore, this is a tool used to read text files. If you click on the icon and select Information from the Workbench menu, you pop up the icon information requester. In the default tool gadget there will be the text MuchMore. If you edit this to just read More or Multiview and press save, when you double-click the icon you will be able to view the file using the program More.
This sort of thing is a constant pain for Amiga users. Because there are so many different text readers around you invariably end up with the 'cannot open your tool blardy blar' requester. There are a couple of ways around this. You can either use a tool alias program that allows you to substitute programs such as MuchMore for another program you have, or you can use Please help out an Amiga beginner with Workbench. Some of these questions are probably stupid but I have worked through the manual, plus two Bruce Smith books, without finding the answers and I'm getting desperate. I have a
plain A1200 with an external drive and a Cannon BJ lOsx, and I have no hard drive.
1. I am customising my WB 3 disk, and although I can drag the
goodies in from the Extras disk, I am unsure of the
destination drawer. For instance, I have put the Init Printer
in Prefs and double-click it every time I boot the machine.
There must be a way to run Init Printer automatically on boot
Also, where should the other items in the Tools drawer be placed on the WB3 disk - is there some rule that I have missed?
2. My printer setup works on readme and doc files, but every so
often I get a 'Cannot open your tool much more'.
3. What are these libraries and where do they live on the WB3
disk? I have seen that PD libraries offer disks containing
extra libraries - do I need them?
4. When I access the Tools menu the only item is WB Setup. Where
are the user-startup and startup-sequence that I am supposed
to use?
5. Why do I get 'checksum error on block 1703' when I try to copy
my working copy of WB3? All my blank disks cannot be faulty,
perhaps this is a protection problem?
6. New programs seems to need more than 2Mb. How much do you
recommend I add to keep ahead of the trend?
Dorene Cox, Essex
1. 1 hope you are using copies of your original Workbench disks
because if you destroy one of them it is a real nuisance try
ing to get hold of replacement copies. When coping programs
across to your Workbench disk it does not matter where you
place them. It is generally expected that you would put them
in either the Tools or Utility drawer, and if it gets to the
stage where you have quite a few programs cluttering these
drawers you might want to consider creating further
sub-directories and move the appropriate programs into these.
If you want a program to run automatically from Workbench 2 you can drag it into the WBStartup draw. Each time Workbench starts all the programs in this drawer are executed, saving you the trouble of having to run them all yourself.
There are a couple of things I would query about what you are doing. Firstly I do not think it is necessary to run the Init Printer program because when you turn on your machine or your machine resets it sends the same message to your printer.
The other thing I must say is why copy these programs off the other Workbench disks? You have a second drive so why not just insert the disks in there and run them off their original disks?
Toolmanger - it was part of our beginner; coverdisks on our January issue - whid allows you to place an Applcon on tlh Workbench that you can drop files into. I you do this with Multiview you will bf able to view text, sound, graphics am even animation files of any Datatype yoi have installed.
3. Another source of constant problem for beginners and
experienced users an the Amiga's libraries. In fact, the
Amiga' entire operating system, called Kickstart is made up of
shared run time libraries which contain program routines th*
allow programmers to open window} screens and do other jiggery
pockery. They are called shared because many programs can use
them at once, and they are time as they are only loaded into
memoq when necessary.
Amiga libraries can exist both on yoiM Amiga's ROM and on disks, and allow new or updated libraries to be added at a later date. Normally, as in the case of youi Workbench disk, they are stored in the Libs drawer on the root of you Workbench disk.
You can find this by selecting Show al files from the Workbench window menu, Generally if you get a program that needs extra libraries other than the standard Amiga libraries, they will be supplied with the program archive or on the same disk The only exceptions to this are the MUI libraries as they are too big.
In day to day use the only really vital third-party library that you should have called ReqTools. This has been around for a long time and as such is used by a fair few programs, but again it is fairly small about 40k - and is normally supplied with any program that uses it
4. I take it you are talking about the Workbench tools menu, in
which case there is only meant to be the one entry There are
programs out there that allow you to add your own programs to
the tools menu - Toolmanager being one but Helping you to
sleep easier at night, ACAS will soothe all your troubles away
Amiga Computing unfortunately, as standard there is no way to
add things to this menu in Workbench
- another over sight by Commodore.
The startup-sequence and user-startup scripts are found in the 5 directory hidden on your Workbench disk. You should not change you startup-sequence and do not have to touch the user-startup except to remove entries. To modify these files you need to run a text editor, and the simplest way is to open a shell and type Ed s:user- startup. This will then load the standard text editor with the user-startup file.
5. I would think this means you have an error on your WB3 disk
and not the disks you are copying to. If you are going to be
constantly copying to one disk then it is inevitable you will
get some sort of disk error. The only way to fix this is to
get hold of a file recovery program. One of the best is
Disksalv - version 2 is shareware and is available from any
decent PD house
- or the more up-to-date version 3 is a commercial product but
does provide more comprehensive tools.
Another disk tool worth getting hold of is Reor. As you are constantly copying, deleting and moving files on your disks, the free room on the disk gets split up into small sections and can make disk access very slow. Reorg reorganises your disks so all your programs are stored in the most efficient manner.
6. Not only should you consider the amount of RAM you have, but
also storage space and processor speed.
The most commonly used programs such as Wordworth and Final Writer now need several megabytes of space along with the normal Workbench files, libraries and devices. This all adds to you needing a fair bit of storage space, the only real answer being a hard drive.
When it comes to RAM, you can never really have enough. You do not actually say what you plan to use your Amiga for, but if it is for word processing then adding another 2Mb will be enough. The thing is, accelerators are so cheap nowadays that it is worth considering getting one instead of a plain RAM board, and as most appli-.
Cations are aimed at the base A1200, any speed increase is always very noticeable.
Qeluctant Reno Following your review of the Reno CD drive I rushed to purchase one. Having eventually connected the CD- ROM drive to my A1200, after some problems receiving the correct gender changer, I placed the installation disc in DFO, only for the icon to appear as DFO:???. On closer reading of the directions I see that one has to be running Windows in order to operate the CD-ROM drive.
I was under the impression that Workbench, as the operating system of the Amiga, made having Windows unnecessary. Do I now have to purchase Windows or is there a way of operating the CD-ROM drive from Workbench?
Indeed, is Windows compatible with the Amiga 1200? If it is necessary to have Windows, I would have thought that you would have made this clear in your article.
M Fleming, Surrey You seem to have got your wires crossed a little here. To solve your main problem you need to get hold of, but should have received with the Reno drive, the AmiCD- Handler software. This is because unless you have Workbench 3.1 you do not automatically have the software that will make your Amiga recognise the CD drive. This software provides the file system that will allow your Amiga to read any CD drive connected via a SCSI interface.
Once you have got hold of the AmiCDHandler software you need to install it This is much easier than it may sound because you install the software using a standard installer script. All you have to know is the name of your SCSI device - if you are using a Squirrel this is squirrelsc- si.device - and the SCSI Id number of the Reno drive - this can be set on the Reno drive itself. Once this is done you can run the device driver and the wonderful world of CD awaits you.
I think I should clear up a little confusion you are having about Windows. I would guess the disk that came with the Reno drive was a HD PC disk that the A1200 cannot read which is why the DFO:???? Icon appears. Windows is the operating system written by Microsoft, and it comes in a number of flavours - the most commonly used being Windows 95 for PC IBM compatible computers - and you are right in thinking Workbench makes needing Windows unnecessary, and also that Windows is unavailable for the Amiga. If Windows 95 was available for the Amiga you would need an A1200 with 16Mb RAM, an 040
processor and a 1 2 Cb hard drive, and even then it would not do anything more than Workbench already does.
Qd concerns As far as I know the Amitek board will work fine with 4Mb of RAM, in as much as any of the RAM expansions work fine, as long as only 4Mb of RAM is used. Normally, if plain RAM expansions, not accelerators, have more than 4Mb the PC slot is made redundant as the RAM expansion uses the same address space as the PC slot, so the processor cannot access the PC slot This does not effect accelerator boards as they use their own address space which allows them to access much more memory than a standard A1200 - up to 128Mb.
Adding a FPU should also have no effect on the CD drive, but you do not need such a fast FPU because using a 33MHz chip on a standard A1200 will only give you a slight speed increase over using a 20 or 14Mhz version. Data is still supplied and taken from the FPU at 14MHz so a faster FPU is standing idle much of the time.
To get the CD to work with the GVP interface you will not only need the correct connection but also the correct software, if the machine has the full Workbench 3.1 software then there is a CD DOS driver supplied with it To adjust this for use with the GVP board you need to drag it from the storage drawer over to the Devs DOS drivers drawer. Pop up the information requester and change the Unit entry to the SCSI ID of the CD drive, and change the device driver name to that of the GVP device drive - this will probably be something like gvpscsi.device. Once everything is connected up you can
double-click the DOS driver icon and the CD drive should be available.
Amiga Computing if ? ¦ ¥ iw Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave properly?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDC Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Alternatively, e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk IMPLE SAMPLE I have a stock A1200 and am looking to buy a 16-bit sound sampler f that has high quality recording with a minimum of hiss. I would be willing to upgrade the A1200's processor and RAM if the sampler requited it, any suggestions?
Ben Finowski, Ohio USA If you wanted 8-bit sampling then there would be no problem as both the Technosound Turbo and Mega-Lo-Sound samplers provide good 8-bit sampling. Unfortunately, 16-bit samplers are only available for big box Amigas.
The best solution currently available for the A120Q is the Aura sampler made by HiSoft. This gives your A1200 the ability to sample and replay stereo 12-bit samples, the software that comes with it lets you manipulate 8,12 and 16-bit quality samples, and OctaMED v6 supports it so you get an extra sound channel to play about with.
You say you have a plain A1200, but if you are going to be playing around with 12 16-bit samples a hard drive is going to be essential, and extra memory would be a great help as both these are going to allow you to sample at higher rates and longer lengths of time. If you do not know, the higher the sample rate in Khz the better the quality, but the more memory space they consume.
Having a hard drive will also allow you to sample direct to disk, so essentially letting you sample very long periods of sound.
When doing this the speed of your processor and hard drive will dictate the top quality you can sample.
Qower UP I have an A1200 with a 120Mb hard drive and two simple questions. When do you think t PowerPC boards will be available for the A1200 in the United States and what will they 0 in cold, hard US dollars? I will appreciate as much information as you can give me on t subject Secondly, talking of money, can you list the price of things in American dollars as well UK pounds, or bette yet why not print UK vs USA current equivalency table as matter of course i every issue?
Something like tha The original releai from Phase 5 states that PowerPC boards will be available mid
These will available in a number of configurations, initially from 'low-end' 100MH MCP603e up 150MHz MCP604 boards. There an also plans to develop high-end systems that will be packing 300MHz MCP620 and will include 64- bit wide memory and bus systems with an optional PG bridge. The initial price range is from DM1000 up to DM2000, which translates roughly to £450-£900 S675-S1350. Obviously, things are still at an early stage and the final specifications and pricing could, and probably will, change.
Along with the board I would expect you will get PowerPC software support As a PowerPC processor will be able to run Emulated 680x0 code faster than your A1200, some sort of emulator will come with it Along with this you will also get CyberGraphx 3 which is going to give the Amiga proper RTG support along with a set of new 3D libraries Personally, I cannot see why we could not print the prices in US dollars, but I will have to see what our production staff have to say.
Jargon box Applcon - introduced with Workbench 2. An Applcon is an interface to a program, or an Application's Icon. When you run a program H can place a new icon on the Workbench in to which you can drop flta tfwf then be looded straight into the program directory. So RAM:«the root o f the RAM directory Archive - an archive refers to a number of (Wes that have to be collected into one file whkh is then nor- motty compressed. This mokes transmitting many So o lot easier FPU - Hooting Pomt Unit a specialised chip or part of a chip that is dedicated to calculating Floating Point equobons.
Floating point numbers aOow computers to store very large and very small numbers which they could not do easily othenme PD - Public Domain software is referred to as PO Any software that is entirely in the public domain can be copied and used by anyone, but there are normally restriction imposed by the writer of the software Devin Driver - a special piece of code that lets the operating system access new devices and filesystems. Such as PC Moc Zip disks ¦ a system standard that allows any pro gram that supports them to load any installed Datatype (He. So a program that supports picture
Datatypes con load ILBM. GIF. Jpeg and any other picture Dotatype you have installed FastRAM - so called FastRAM on the Amiga is memory that cannot be accessed by the custom chip. Because of this the processor has unrestricted access and program con be run faster from fast’ RAM than from 'chip' RAM. As there is no access conflicts with the custom chips HD - when connected with fhppy disks it meorn high density. These disks can store twice the omount of data than a normal DD or double density disk I but you need o HD disk drive to read them Rom - Read Only Memory, refers to part of the
computer's memory that can only be read from and not written to. Compared to RAM that can be both written and read from Khz - refers to how many times a second o sample should be token So a 16-bit AQKHi sample wi (ait 40,000 i&bd samples a second Root - directories are said to be ordered in a tree fashion, with directories existing m other cfirecfors and so on. The top of this tree is called the root PC slot - also known os the PCMCIA slot, this is a interface standard mainly used on portable mochines Amiga Computing Nobody Undersells US!!!!!
2. 5” HARDDRIVES FOR A600, A1200 & SX1 0MB £45 1MB Kstar
- £59 2MB BUY £89 ¦ £99 8MB £199 SIMMS FOR A4000 ,VIPER,
BEST 7 £55 8MBU: y BUY 119 16MB, £249 32MB POA 30PIN
A600, A1200 &A4000 A600 £109 A1200 VIPER 28 Mhz £119 VIPER
50MHz £199 APOLLO 28MHz £109 APOLLO 50MHz £199 APOLLO 040 30MHz
£399 APOLLO 040 40MHz £499 |A4000 Blizzard 2060 £699 FPU
ROAD, EDMONTON N18 2YZ 20MB 30MB 40MB 60MB 80MB 120MB 170MI
3. 5” IDE HARD DRIVES FOR A1200 A4000 850MI 1GIG
£10.00 £29.95 £29.95 £4.00 MONITORS FOR ALL AMGIA MICROVITEK
1438 £255 SAMSUNG 15’ £319 SAMSUNG 17” £529 WITH SAMSUNG FREE
£199 EZ135 CARTS £13.00 CD-ROMS FOR A600 & A1200 2SPEED CD-ROM
FOR A4000 & A2000 ADD £79 cn oi o o GO O
1. 76 EXTERNAL £79 A500 INT £33 A600INT £33 A1200INT £33 RAM FOR
A500, A500 PLUS & A600 1MB FOR A500+ £18.95 1MB FOR A600
E&OE PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE ALL TRADEMARKS ACKNOWLEDGED Nothing ever happens in Cricklewood. But as Dave Cusick can testify, the Amiga PD world is rather more interesting ©hen I finally managed to drag myself away from guiding Rad Belgrade to their third consecutive Yugoslavian domestic double in the latest version of the superb Sensible Soccer and got around to doing some proper work, the usual mixed bag of PD gubbins awaited. This month's selections include some decent games, an example of how Promoware definitely should not be written, and plenty of utilities with
which to enhance your Workbench... ow To Tie Dye Produced by: Peter Aston Available from: Roberta Smith DTP impressed me, in fact that for a moment I even toyed with the idea of having a stab at it myself, until the realisation dawned that I'm completely pathetic at that sort of thing.
Still, if you're not, then How To Tie Dye is strongly recommended, It comes on two disks and requires at least Workbench 2.
It might not seem to be the most interesting subject on which to base a CanDo presentation but, in actual fact, How To Tie Dye is a readable, informative and absorbing disk.
More and more tie-dyed clothes are in evidence these days, and if you fancy having a crack at producing your own, this is an ideal place to start.
The main menu offers information on how to get Started, the various techniques which can be employed to produce different colourful effects, and the decisions you'll need to make along the way. As well as simple text (overlaid, of course, on suitably garish backdrops) there are black-and-white digitised pictures and diagrams, some of which can be clicked on to bring up more facts and advice. How To Tie Dye so Qhantom Nobody LIKE YOU I want to be fjpin yotl if you have any program, whiter Wpurpose, which you consider worthy ¦ iievi®v Whether it will be freely disinbutaWe public domain,
shareware onkjpiMrare, if you feel it's of siiffic ient quality to rnent coverage then stick it in S jitty w&rMadd*] envelope and send it ® wra|0rnasUu Although Public Sectn Cjrvtttoo nftyaIBMs- sions to covqUwiI R rp$ tttlse I'll 3t j least look at jSJp&brk - e i d it's yet | another Lotte wogram 01 Klondike card set. It doesPke my job® jot easier though if disks Mft.dcail| labelled Plea* also include a covet letter detailing the disk contents*ind prirc. Nod giving some | basic mstiuctiflhsBfcggi? Jflpss is: Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Comp Kfi Media House Adlmgton Park Macclesfield
SKKI4NP Scarcely a month goes by without at least one updated version of a golden oldie tumbling gently through the Public Sector postbox. This time, it's the turn of that arcade gem Defender to make a welcome reappearance.
Just in case you've never encountered Defender (admittedly a rather unlikely scenario), the aim is to protect a planet from alien invaders who seek to steal precious canisters of, erm, something or other. Basically, the idea is to shoot the beasties into lots of tiny pieces, Yes, high speed blasting action is the order of the day, and it's as tough and unforgiving as can be. Simply hurtling through each level blasting frantically won't get you very far, although you'll have to take extra care when carefully combing the planetscape because Phantom doesn't feature the scanner that many such
games do. Decent enough graphics and some nice atmospheric music are the icing on the cake.
Phantom's a worthy purchase, although since it's shareware you really should send the author a fiver as a registration fee.
Programmed by: Andrew Lunn Available from: OnLine PD Amiga Computing ?
LUMMY I Itils 4 l a H A Files Vol 1 Programmed by: Various Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk No: AC0343 This is another interesting collection of utilities, first up, AddPower, is yet another do-it-all commodity. Many of the features found in MultiCX, MCP, YAK and all the others are here too, as well as some novel ideas like automatic centering of workbench windows and minor menu enhancements. It also manages Assigns, Cll Aliases, and so on. It's all nicely done, although to be honest you'll only ever need one of these programs and I'm personally still an MCP fan. If the author Ian Einman
continues to develop AddPower, though, that situation could change.
Associate is a handy program for assigning icons to files. Selecting 'Show All Files' then dragging one or more files onto the Associate Applcon will create icons based on the file type, so, for instance, all picture files could have the same icon and all sound samples another. If the program can't recognise a file type, a requester pops up and asks you to select an icon.
Then there's Autostart, which acts effectively like a more powerful version of Workbench
J. O's WBStartup drawer. Workbench tools, shell commands and
scripts, and Arexx scripts can all be started. It's also
slightly more versatile than WBStartup because pressing the
_ mouse button allows you to skip the loading of certain
programs. With a pleasant interface and some excellent
documentation, Autostart is definitely worth a look.
Surveymem is - hurrah! - another memory monitor program. Still, it's a very good one which runs as a commodity, has a highly configurable display, and can be popped onto the frontmost public screen at any time. K also has a groovy graphical memory display.
Trashlcon dumps a trash can on the Workbench screen, and all files dragged onto this Applcon are deleted. It also rather usefully updates the Workbench window so you can see what's been wiped.
Of course, nothing's perfect: there's a nicely presented screenblanker, Multiblank, which includes all the usual screen savers (starfields, flying toasters, etc), but seems worryingly unstable for a terminate and stay resident program.
And there is also Colors, which might be marvellous but I haven't the foggiest what it does because the documentation was totally garbled and the program crashed my system.
But apart from these two slight disappointments, this is an excellent collection of Workbench utilities.
An Amiga Club International compilation disk consisting of carefully selected Lha archives and their accompanying ReadMe files, this disk attempts to provide a handy workbench utility for everyone.
There's Iconlmage and Iconlnstaller which, unsurprisingly, allow you to do fancy things with icons. Both have nice drag and drop interfaces and are capable of changing icon images without altering the tooltypes, amongst other handy features. MUI-Join is a file splitting and rejoining program making use of Stefan Stuntz's Magic User Interface. RAMicon allows you to install a nice icon for the RAM Disk, instead of the dull standard floppy disk icon. ReKeylt allows you to redefine the keyboard shortcuts for Workbench menu functions.
Xtoolbox creates a little window containing pull-down menus which can include all sorts of programs - a little like Toolmanager, plus a rather attractive 3D interface but minus a friendly configuration program and the more fancy features. Still, it remains probably the most useful archive on the disk.
As ever, there are a couple of little workbench memory monitor programs - useful to programmers, but surely there are enough of these around by now. There are also OS 3.0 datatypes for Windows Icons, and Macpaint, PCX and .BMP picture files, as well as a processor preferences program, and some odd inclusions such as the occasional Swedish or Italian catalog file. Varied then, but scarcely indispensable.
H AUNTED E JY Yol J The latest version of the wonderful Master Control Program, complete with numerous bug fixes and little enhancements, is now available.
There are separate 68000 and 68020 versions of the all-singing, all-dancing commodity and an the updated preferences program uses MUI, giving it an attractive interface which makes configuring MCP to your tastes a swift and simple task. MCP vt.10 is freeware, and is available from OnLine PD.
Amiga Computing Programmed by: Graham Mackarel Available from: Underground PD A variation on another classic game of yesteryear, namely Breakout. Here, instead of using a ball to demolish a wall, you use clowns hopping on a seesaw to pop passing balloons.
The game is controlled by mouse and there is a definite knack to making the flying clown land at just the right point on the seesaw to launch the other down as high as possible into the air, There are also bonus objects which appear when certain balloons are burst and can be collected to give your clowns special abilities. These include Umbrellas which earn you an extra life and lots of points, Diddy Balloons which allow you to control the flying clown's position with the mouse, and Wings, with which the flying clown can gain extra height There's a second game on the disk called Drip, by a
bloke called Art Skiles, which bears something of a similarity to Pacman. The objective is to travel around a screenful of pipes, rusting the pipes as you go. Along the way, various enemies will be in pursuit ranging from ice cubes to electric coils. If they get too close, you can 'drip' yourself down the screen to another pipe.
With 15 levels to negotiate (none of them very easy), Drip presents a longterm challenge. It's been knocking around the Public Domain for some time but as one of two simple but addictive games on this disk, it should provide plenty of entertainment COUT v2.3 LTIMATUM Programmed by: Stuart Matthews Available from: Underground PD Programmed by: Andreas Gelhausen Available from: OnLine PD Gassy presentation, atmospheric music, and some flashy introduction screens set the scene beautifully for this futuristic 3D shoot-'em-up.
The year is 2030 and crime levels are at an all-time high. A new breed of criminals, the Transgressors, increasingly control every aspect of dty life. The law enforcement agencies have poured all their resources into ending the violence but until now, they've struggled to contain it. Now they've come up with a new weapon in the fight against crime: the Vindicators.
You play one such Vindicator, Rick Murphy, whose family has just been wiped out in a cunning strike by the Transgressors. In an effort to gain revenge you have challenged the Transgressor gang members to a series of one- on-one tank duels in special combat arenas.
Ultimatum is an enjoyable blaster, with plenty to challenge even hardened gamers. It's not perfect; there's some irritating disk swapping during loading, although thankfully the game is hard drive installable, and whilst the graphics are colourful, they are functional rather than spectacular. The frame rate isn't stunningly impressive either which can, at times, make keeping track of your enemy's position rather awkward. Still, 3D games frequently suffer graphically due to their complexity, and since Ultimatum was written in AMOS 3D, a lot of these problems aren't really the author’s
fault. Besides, the most important aspect of any game is the playability and in that respect Ultimatum fares well, making it definitely worth a look. It requires at least an A1200 to run, and is shareware, with the registration fee being fifteen Australian or ten US dollars.
Scout allows you to monitor what's going oi inside your Amiga. It can display lists of tasks resident commands, assigns, ports and « on. You can also mess around quite a bit freezing tasks or removing interrupts fo instance.
The program uses MUI and it's extreme* user-friendly as a result. All the information i displayed in neat little windows and operd tions can be performed at the click of a bulj ton. However, if you're not an MUI fan, virtu] ally alt of Scout's features can be accessed via the shell.
Scout also has an Arexx port with an impressive range of commands supported bf the program. Apparently, it's even possible to use Scout as a TCP IP service througlj AmiTCP v4.0 so that your machine is avaiP able to other machines in a network.
Whilst the information Scout can provide you with isn't necessarily going to be incredibly exciting, it should be extremely useful to programmers, and control freaks will appreciate the numerous options available.
Amiga Computing Qepsi All Over The World Programmed by: An anonymous German bloke Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk No: G498 In a bizarre Promoware move equalled only by a rather tragic McDonalds tie-in that's been doing the rounds, Pepsi Cola now features in an Amiga PD game.
Pepsi All Over The World is, in a word, pants. The thing is, it's so laughably poor that it's worth a look.
I might be missing something here because my command of German is not what it used to be, but the game seems to consist of five little subgames set in different countries dotted around the world. In a stunning example of racial stereotyping, each place has its own wacky activity.
In Ireland your task is to collect fish as they swim downstream. In Egypt you must guide a robed chappy across a river in dassic frogger style to a Pepsi Can machine on the far bank, and in Alaska (not a country in fact, but there you go...) you must help catch oil dripping from burst pipelines.
Quite what any of these weird gamelets have to do with Pepsi Cola is something of a mystery, although the intro screens are plastered with logos and curious caffeine lovers can at least find out how Pepsi is written in Japanese.
The graphics are alright, I suppose, but that doesn't alter the fact that what we have here are five simplistic and hopelessly inadequate examples of what can be achieved by determined people lacking the faintest glimmer of imagination or programming talent. Hysterical.
Qoswell Demo AGA Something HOT IN A COLD Programmed by: NFA Available from: OnLine PD Aliens have been visiting our planet for ' years. It's true - for years the American government have kept hidden numerous close encounters of the third kind. In fact, they may even have conducted top secret discus- I sions with alien races. If we're to believe certain people, that is.
The problem with believing such conspir- - acy theories is that they all seem so far fetched, and they are extremely hard to prove. It must be said that the footage of the Roswell incident, which has received I much publicity recently and featured in a Channel Four programme last year, has not helped things at all.
Now widely regarded as not being the work of some imaginative con artist, the famous scenes of short, pot-bellied humanoids being studied by curious men in lab coats are laughed at by many. If you've never seen any of the film, or you're just keen to get your hands on your very own twenty seconds of fuzzy black and white computerised footage, then it might be worth getting hold of the Roswell demo.
However, there's a distinct watch it once then consign it to the diskbox type feel about this, so don't expect anything rmririffr Stunning. (J convincing, isn't H?
WORLD ATLAS Flexible interface allows for quick access to individual countries via continental maps, country lists, capital lists or the general index.
AFRICA Ethiopia is sluated in north-east Africa. Emperor Haile Selassie ruled from 1930 until I974 tfienthe military sefeed power. In 1884 ihe Workers' Party was formed and a civilian government established In
1987. Civil war and famine then ravaged the country.
Tne lamina, in fact, was the Inspiration tor the Band Aid Concise, informative country histories.
Esse | siaonboQai ... . .*£i ajOT I nunisr.
Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, rivers and lakes, and mountains.
All maps in HAM-8 High Resolution.
StntftpJalon Basic national facts are represented graphically and comparative to the UK CD32 A1200 4000 mbum u-*v rrnwiMt wmaos jvwv ;us UTTMC' Tel: (0181) 570 37 - iHnnwv tovTsiiMnrr Background cultural and economic information is available at a glance.
(BLOCK CAPITALS pleas©) NAME ADDRESS Post Code WISEdom Please send me d copy of the World Atlas priced at £29 99 inc[. P&P) I enclose a cheque for £29.99 made payable to WISE DOME LTD.
£1 surcharge for overseas orders. Please allow 14 days for delivery.
Wisedome Ltd. Flat 20 Breezer’s Court, 20 The Highway, London El 9BE Ofs good to talk, and the Internet is perfect proof of that. The Internet started off as a military project to create a network that could withstand a nuclear attack, but the reason it grew into such a world wide phenomena is the people using it. The engineers who originally set up the military part found they could chat and send messages to each other, and slowly, as more computer networks join this fledgling Internet, more people gained access and so more people started communicating with each other.
From this the various 'services' that allow different access to the Internet appeared.
'I for direct communication to other peo- newsgroups for widespread discussions debates, IRC for real time chat, FTP for tfng files publicly available and. Most the World Wide Web allow- , i much more media rich environment to explore.
Waves using AmiTCP. From everything I have heard and the number of letters we get through the post, there are many people out there having a lot of problems installing and using AmiTCP. So I have decided to take my life in my hands and install AmiTCP from scratch, in the possibly vain hope that someone else might gain some help from seeing what I did to get it up and running.
Before you can install AmiTCP for your Internet provider you will need to use a standard comms package to dial up your account so you can logon and enter your password. To do this you will need a program such as Term or Ncomm.
IM Utoi! The surfer pack rears its head the only well supported way any Amiga owner can get onto the Internet is NTERNET JARGON A real problem with the Internet is the amount of jargon it throws up. So before you even think of installing AmiTCP there are a number of very important terms you need to understand that will relate to some very important pieces of information you will have, or should get, from you Internet provider.
The best way to explain is to take a look at what the Amiga Computing account looks like. If you * want to e-mail us our main e-maiT address Is .
Edit acomp.demon.co.uk. This can be split int number of parts, each of which** given a pame: .
Acomp node name demon.co.uk domain name acomp.demon.co.uk host name edit mail box alias « * - acomp is the actual name of our comp® mit the AC offices. The edit part before tHi acfmp is irrelevant at this st ge and is only an*alias that allows mail to be ducted to different mail boxes. As you may have noticed, there-are also £SP and ACAS mail boxes thal have the same "host name of acomp.demon.co.uk. hut their mail .is directed to their different ma l boxes on our office Amiga.
Demon.co.uk refersgo the adrflinistration domain of the network to which youf host computer is connected. This is youLdffniain name ancHisffa refers to the Internet prr Mer you are using* • older vo1 acomp demon.co.uk fc the completa ddress of y uii machine and. Is totted the host name, louring installation the AmiTCP igsUMetasks you (hotter th* host name, net m Uiding the-domSin part! If yoq have*’' understood tn€«above you can se$ it is asking*%r * f%ur eqpiputer s node name hich, in ouf case, is aebmp.
IP addreft is the numerical version of a machine's
• hoAprame This is made up of four 8A it numbers .‘separated by
dots. Amiga Computing s IP address is .
*, and when you use acomp.demon.co.uk*this gets
translated by your Internet provider to 158.1 52.101.200
However, as people generally remember names better than numbers, host names are a hur art friendly alternative to IP address numbers. -* * when installing AniiTCP you will neer to know at least two IP address, which are given to you by your Internet provider. The First is your own computer s IP number which uniquely identifies you from every, other computer connected to the Internet, so if someone sends you an e-mail it knows where to go.
The other IP address you need is that of your Internet provider s server, the computer you connect to that e-mails and all the other' Internet traffic to your machine.
Default gateway is where all the Internet traffic you create is sent, and this machine then, hopefully, sends it whining off to the correct destination Usually this will be the same as your default server's ip address, as it is the same machine. Your Internet provider will supply you with this information.
Name servers are the machines that will redirect your Internet net traffic to the correct destination.
Having named servers allows you to use the named version of IP addresses. The named server is used to work out what ip address should be used for any thing you send out. Amiga Computing QJ I ALER The first brick wall I ran straight into when I first installed AmiTCP tvtK that there is no provided way to actually dial up your Internet provider. Typically, when you first use AmiTCP you have to use a comms package such as Term or Ncomm to log onto your account, and then start AmiTCP. The problem here is that you then normally have to quit the comms package, and unless you have set up your
modem not to drop the carrier it will immediately link down - not very helpful.
To get around this you either have to use one of the many Arexx dialler scripts - a little overwhelming to set up for my liking - or on this month's coverdisk there is a tiny tool called Dialer. This consists of the dialer.device which should be copied into your DEVS drawer, and a text file called dialerO.config that needs to be edited to suit your own needs.
You will need to add the correct Baud rate for your modem, your own Internet provider's phone number, and your login name and password The protocol you will be using will be SLIP, and then you save the file to ENVARC. You should install dialler before installing AmiTCP as you will need to choose the dialer.device part way through installing AmiTCP.
This is where things start to become a little more trickier. The Internet started off being run on Unix machines, and the vast number of Internet providers use Unix machines which are very powerful and configurable but are incredibly complex. Unfortunately, a lot of the software for the Amiga has simply been ported over from Unix machines which means you have to create a lot of the files and directories found on Unix machines before you can use these programs.
To receive mail you need to install n **fTooi im • straight forward Mima a SMTPd service to AmiTCP. This cona,daring stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and was initially used for transferring files from on Unix box to another remote one. It is, however, perfect for mail and news purposes.
People just using the standard AmiTCP installer need to add a few things to main using mail and newsgroup programs much simpler. Firstly, you need to create a numbe of new directories in your AmiTCP drawer. Create a drawer called usr and in this drawt create four more drawers called mail, news, libs and spool. These will be used to ston related files. Next you need to edit the Startnet script found in the AmiTCP.Bin drawer. T this you need to add the following lines, but you could, alternatively, add them to you user-startup: EMON USERS Search engines http: www.lycos.com - an excellent
search engine that provides you with lots of control over the search http: www.webcrawler.com - one of the early search engines that is still very useful http: www.yahoo.com - provides the best way to quickly reach popular sites http: www.altavista.digital.com - Digital has decided it wants a search engine and here it is Demon is one of the largest Internet providers in the UK and provide support if limited, for Amiga users. This comes in two forms -when you first join they give you a single install disk that will set up AmigaNOS so you can FTP, e-mail and use newsgroups.
Unfortunately, as AmigaNOS is not supported by anyone else you are stuck with these original programs and you really do need to upgrade to AmiTCP. Unofficially, Demon provide an AmiTCP installer that gives you major advantages over the original AmiTC installer. Even though the installer is aime specifically for Demon users, I would advis anyone who is on the Internet, or is struj gling to get AmiTCP to work properly but ca ftp, to get this installer.
You need to FTP to ftp.demon.co.uk arx go into the pub amiga installer tcp direct ory and get the AmiTCP4_DIS95_v3.lhj edit QnSTALLING AMITCP This is where the fun begins, ff you understand what the various parts of your host name are and you have your computer and your Internet provider's IP address, actually installing AmiTCP should 7101 be a problem.
With all this information at hand, double-click the AmiTCP installer icon and away you go. I am assuming you are a home user connecting over your phone line using a modem with the normal Amiga serial port to your Internet provider.
For comparison the Amiga Computing details are as follows: user name node name domain name host name IP address acomp demon.co.uk acomp.demon.co.uk
158. 152.101.200 Demon IP address 158.152,1.65 You need to create
an AmiTCP drawer, usually on the root of you Work directory,
where all the AmiTCP files can live.
Update the Sana II devices install the new fonts, if you want enter your user name - acomp login name, anything you want - acomp proceed past user and group id numbers enter proper name, anything you want - Amiga Computing select root directory, why not the AmiTCP drawer click proceed on shell add your user, enter password - just hit return to leave this blank (I am assuming you do not have a dynamic connection so select no) enter the host name of your computer not including the domain name.
(Our host name is acomp.demon.co.uk, AmiTCP only wants your computers node name so for us this is 'acomp') enter domain part of your address - ours is 'demon.co.uk' enter alias, this allows shorter versions when fingering acomp = acomp.demon.co.uk select slip cslip select rhslip enter slip IP address - this is your computer's IP address, ours is enter default gateway IP address - for us demon
158. 152.1.65 skip netmask - not necessary double check IP
addresses select slip device (if you have copied the
dialer.device select this from tk list otherwise select the
serial device) pick unit 0 choose modem speed - for a fast
machine this is up I 57600, otherwise use 19200 or 38400. If
you ham problems when connecting you may have to reduce
Choose Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) - your Intern provider should tell you this otherwise stick with ti default value of 1006 select hardware handshaking double check slip configuration now you would normally re-enter default gateway I address then enter the IP address of any other name servers that you could connect to, your Internet prowk will tell you enter domain names to search - ours are demon.co.ul co.uk, and uk don't bother starting AmiTCP Amiga Computing assign HIL: Inet: AaiTtP: assign N!l: usr: AaiTCP:usr assign NIL: uuaail: usr:aail assign 111: uulib: usrslib assign M1L:
uuspool: usr:spool assign NIL: uuncus: usr:neus assign NIL: etc: Aai TCP:db setenv USE* edit (sain aail naae) setenv NODENAHE acoap (your Node naae) setenv HOSTNABE acoip.deBon.co.uk (your Host naie) setenv HOST acoap.deaon.co.uk (your Host naae) setenv DOHAINNAHE .deaon.co.uk (you Ooaain naae) setenv REALNARE Aaiga Coaputing (your naae) setenv NEUSSERVER neus.deaon.co.uk (your aail server) Next you need to get hold of the AmiTCPsmtpd.lha file from Aminet Once you have unpacked it, copy the rMail into the AmiTCP bin drawer, and copy the file in.smtpd to the serv drawer. You now need to add
this line anywhere in the AmiTCP:db inetd.conf file.
Stren tcp noHiit root uitcp:serv 1n.iatpd sitp This will then allow AmiTCP to access this new service, so allowing you to receive new e-mails that will then be placed in the correct mail box in the uumail: directory.
You then need to create a file called config in the AmiTCP:usr 1ib drawer. You should, of course, replace the entries with your own relevant data.
UserName edit RealName Amiga Computing NodeName acomp HostName acomp.demon.co.uk DomainName demon.co.uk Organization amigacomp TimeZone GMT DefaultNode gate.demon.co.uk (change to your default server) NNTPServer news.demon.co.uk (change to your news server) Rmail am‘itcp:bin rmail Once these files have been setup you will be able to receive e-mails and news from newsgroups. You should be able to use most mail programs straight off as many use these directories and variables as standard. Metatool would be a good starting choice.
The big advantage for Demon users, or K you decide to use the Demon installer, is that all these files are already set up for you, therefore saving you an awful lot of time. Also, the installer program is far more straightforward and uses plain English to describe what information you are meant to enter next All in all it took me two days to get AmiTCP up and running, after which I could safely use AmFTP, AmIR C and iBrowse. It then took a further day to work out why Newsgroups were not working.
Archive. For Demon users the installation will set everything up perfectly so you will be able to use e-mail and newsgroups along with all the other normal sen ices.
Non-Demon users will have to alter a number of files to make sure everything is set up correctly. Unfortunately, there is not enough room to specify exactly what you have to change, but you should use a text editor to check the entries in the following files: AmiTCP:bin startnet - sets up lots of important variable AmiTCP:bin link - change mail server address, remove the db linkmacro line, do this anyway AmiTCP:db resolv.conf - change name server IP address to your own AmiTCP:usr lib config - change default and news servers to your own The advantage of using the Demon installer is that it
sets up e-mail retrieval and sending that you will otherwise have to do by hand, and this is easier said than done. Included with the Demon installer is a very nice mail kicker that handles e-mail and does not seem to be available any where else.
Select add to user-startup select start iNetd reboot Now, theoretically, if you open a shell and type Startnet, AmiTCP will startup, dial your Internet provider, and you should then be on-line. If you have made any mistakes during installation this is where they will show up.
If the dial script fails to connect you to the Internet provider then check it is dialling the correct number.
If it is connecting and then failing, check you have entered the correct baud rate for your modem - it could be too fast - or perhaps you have entered the wrong login name or password.
If you manage to successfully connect to your Internet provider, the only main reason for things not working at this stage is that you may have entered the wrong IP address of either your own machine, the default server address, or possibly of the other named servers. You should carefully check the Aminet:bin Startnet file, and also the Aminet: db resolv.conf file.
The easiest way to check if everything is working correctly is to use the Ping and Finger commands.
These allow you to find out a number of things. Ping is used to show you how fast a connection you have to another site, while if you Finger another person you can find out more about them - just like in real life. You Ping sites and Finger users, so you could trying pinging src.doc.ic.ac.uk and fingering wizards@doc.icac.uk to see if you are connected - no response is a bad sign.
Once everything is up and running the first thing you want to do is get yourself a decent FTP client program. The shell based one that comes with AmiTCP is called ncftp and is very good as far as any shell program can be, but if you have a GUI you want to use GUI programs.
Currently, in my opinion, the best FTP program is AmFTP, and to get this you will need to ftp to one of the Aminet sites. For UK users, src.doc.ic.acuk is the best site to go for, and US users should try ftp.net- net.net. To ftp open a shell type the following: ncftp open “i src.doc.ic.ac.uk cd aainet coBB tcp get AaFTP153.lha riB:AafTP.lhi get AalRCIO.lha raa:AalfC.lha If you do not have MUI, you will find it on this month's coverdisk, and you will need to get this as well: cd aalnet dev gui get aui33usr.lka destination file eiit Once you have all of these you can type StopNet to link down.
Extract the archives and install AmFTP and AmlRC to your AmiTCP directory, or wherever you wish. You will also need to install MUI at this point as well, if you do not have it already. If you have ToolManager you may want to create a new AmiTCP dock, with StartNet, StopNet, AmFTP and AmlRC set up to fun from it. This will remove the need for you to use the shell quite so much.
If you now want to get hold of a Web browser, link back up and start AmFTP. In AmFTP, add a new ftp server called Omnipresence and use this address, ftp.omnipresence.com, and you can add the directory pub amiga ibrowse. Once you are connected you should download the latest version of the iBrowse demo. Extract this archive and drag the drawer into your AmiTCP drawer.
You can now start Web browsing straight away by double-clicking on the iBrowse icon. You now have working FTP, IRC and Web browsing programs.
Amiga Computing EB SURFING w Currently, the part of the Internet that has the highest profile is the World Wide Web.
As it is the most recent addition to the Internet it has taken advantage of faster network connections and more powerful computers by having a much more media rich environment allowing Web pages to be splattered with graphics and text.
Introduced back in 1990 by CERN scientists who wanted a better way to share information between themselves, the number of Web sites out there has exploded, with now literally millions and millions of pages covering every aspect of human behaviour for you to look at The Web works by using a special language that is used to 'describe' how a Web page should look. Your Web browser reads this description and does its best to produce the page. This language is called HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language.
When this was first invented by the people at CERN it was very basic, allowing simple textual links between pages and basic positioning of images on these pages.
HTML is now in its third revision, with many of the new commands being introduced by the now very rich NetScape people. More recent versions of the language allow better text and graphic formatting, and all manner of gadgets can be added to pages allowing users to interact with Web pages. The latest version of HTML allows complex tables to be defined, giving Web designers even greater flexibility in how their pages should appear. The latest addition to HTML are frames which allow you to add mini Web pages that act like menus to the main Web page display, giving the user short cuts to the
various parts of your Web site. Unfortunately, no Amiga Web browser supports frames but they are not too far behind.
Currently available for Amiga Web browsing is Amosaic and the much superior iBrowse. Both are available via anonymous FTP from ftp.omnipresence.com in the pub amiga directory. IBrowse is planned to be a commercial browser and only demo versions of it are available for you to use - these will normally stop working after 30 days of use. This will then leave you with only Amosaic to play with, which is a great deal slower and is not as stable in use.
Looking good Things are looking up on the Amiga Web browser side of things as, currently, I know of 10 projects. Along with Amosaic, iBrowse and Mind Walker all of which are MUI-based browsers, there is Aweb, Hyperion, Juggler, Step 4, Web Link, Alynx and P'Jami. The last is the most interesting of the lot as it is actually part of a larger project involved with port Sun Systems Java object-orient programming language for the Amiga.
The biggest problem with the Web is t ¥ ing to find pages that are of interest to This is where search engines come in wh are sites where catalogues of almost evei) Web site are held. Through forms you cc search for keywords, such as Amiga. After short wait the search engine will create set of new Web pages with lists of relevant, or not so relevant, links. Generally, you hopt to find a link to someone's home page that is dedicated to whatever subject you we looking for.
One of the best general interest sites Yahoo which gathers and maintains a large collection of the most recent and up-to-da sites, organised into relevant sections. So you want to find a site about the comedf show Friends you go to th Entertainment TV section. From there you can either search the entire TV section or go through the shows, comedies, friends links and you will find a very large list of Friends links, many of which seem to sport lots Courteney Cox pictures.
The Web is a great place to find out o sorts of information, and as the contents the World Wide Web is just a reflection the type of people who place home pages on it, you are bound to find something interest MIGA SITES ?
Http: www.amiga.de - home of Amiga Technologies, first place to get any new news http: www.cucug.org amiga.html - home of the Web directory. The place to find new Amiga links http: www.omnipresence.com amiga - the original Amiga home page, home of iBrowse and Amosaic http: www.bangor.acuk -eeu013 walker.html - want to see the new Amiga, find out all about it here http: www.idg.co.uk amigacomp - it's our home page, due to a bug in iBrowse 4a you need to turn off the internal image decoder == Trttr | The Amiga' qJZjT URL |http ww cucugors amlga httrt News eatha Web ACAS cu-online The
Champaign-Urbana Your one-stop Internet Prov.der CommOClOfO USOTS GfOUp Features Reviews] Systems J biLd Updated 4 3M Welcome to the new look online version of Amif e Computing As you can tell, ire ere busy updetxnc our site on e pretty regular basis The current layout has bean achieved thanks to the tables commend in HTML (end, more importantly, the feet that lb rows* supports it) end I think makes the layout look much wear for it Lnasrs | | I I
• • Other Amije LmLs • Monrtu Link List • AbwKtha AWD 11m .diWff
Wet Dmtterjrm i MarLafcj1 • Thai n Currently king ot Amiga Web
browsers, Ibrowse can even give NetScape a run for its money
speed wise O At best Amosaic is usabla, it doas tho job but tha
lack ot any updatas has left Amosaic seemingly stuck in the
development quagmire Amiga Computing QRCing QTPi NG The
quickest way of getting hold of files on the Internet is
through FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol and allows
you to access remote computers as if they were a drive on your
own computer using what is known as a FTP client When you
connect to FTP sites most of them will require that you login -
normally you will be doing what is known as anonymously
FTP'ing. This requires that you login with the name 'anonymous'
- and if you forget how to spell anonymous many places will
also accept ftp - then for your password you enter your e-mail
address. Luckily, many of the new FTP clients can do this
logging on process for you automatically which makes linking up
to a FTP site that much faster - AmFTP and ncftp included.
It is more than likely that the first FTP program you use is a Shell-based one that comes with AmiTCP, called ncftp. As far as Shell ftp programs go it is very good, but you will quickly want to get hold of a GUI-based program. Currently, AmFTP is probably the best available one for the Amiga, but you will need MUI to use it. A good none MUI alternative is GUI-FTP which uses normal Amiga gadgets.
One of the major uses of an FTP client for the Amiga user is to access Aminet sites. Aminet was set up a good number of years ago, being run on an A3000, and was quickly transferred to a University site. The main site is now run from Wuarchive in America, and holds a ridiculously large amount of Amiga-related tools, utilities, pictures, modules, reviews and magazines. Current Internet goers may have noticed recently that Wuarchive has actually not being working properly because they had a major hard drive crash and lost a lot of files.
However, Aminet is now up and running correctly.
Src.doc.icac.uk ftp.netnet.net wuarchive.wustl.edu ftp.germany.aminetorg ftp.uni-paderbom.de ftp.livewire.com.au AmFTP & AmlRC support site IRC is a very buoyant part of the Internet because it allows people to talk to each other live', as it were, no matter where they are. As with FTP, to use IRC you need an IRC client and from this you link to your particular IRC server. Once on you can choose to join one of the thousands of different chat groups that are known as channels.
Before you can get on IRC you have to give yourself a unique nickname that everyone on the channel can refer to you by. It does not particularly matter what it is, but if you join a channel regularly you will start to recognise other regular users through their own nick names.
All the chat channels on IRC start with and the standard Amiga channel is, surprise surprise, Amiga. All IRC commands start with so to join the Amiga channel you type join *Amiga. Once you have joined, if you want to say anything just type away and every time you hit return everyone can read what you have just said.
On IRC you are not just restricted to plain old public chat you can talk direct to other IRCers either using the msg Cnick name command, or can even use DCC chat if you want a more secure direct link.
It is also possible to send files between people using DCC send, but if the recipient is on the other side of the world do not expect the transfer to be too speedy.
A constant pain for IRCers are net splits, and when one happens certain users seem to 'disappear' from the current channel. Depending where you are in relation to the net spirt, only a couple of people may be lost from the channel or virtually everyone can appear to go. Net splits are just a side effect of how the Internet is put together and some days can be worse than others - you just have to put up with them. AmlRC is good because it can tell you which people have been lost to a net spirt, so if you were talking to someone at least you know why they have just left There is little IRC
etiquette needed, but generally it is more a matter of common sense, like not going onto the Amiga channel and continuously saying how great Pcs are and how rubbish Amigas are because you will simply get kicked off by one of the '•hannel ops. Channel ops are users with more privileges than normal which allows them to kick people off the current channel and even put a permanent ban on them.
Another use for IRC is that you can create new channels whenever you like by joining a non-existent channel. This allows specially organised conferences to be arranged, or you could just create one to have a private chat with someone else.
Z} The beat place to get the latest Amiga programs Is Aminat utl mon uU atty pto iu mnc nwc muc edu hard hack gfr conv 12261 nz i 6 mot 20372 22746 135701 2031
- Recwvng He (BINARY) Rarn B»: _Pha»e4_C0 *a ta oono EMC_PhaM4_CO
ha 00 00 25 OOOMt amftp AMIGA* amflp AMIGA* O As long as you
have MUI running, you can bathe in the delights ot using AmFTP
E.Q. UNIT Due to the success of the “Little Gem”, we are now
able to offer the unit at an amazing £49.95 (£20.00 off launch
'The Little Gem is just the thing to bring your Amiga's sound out of its shell”.
- 83% - CU Amiga.
This is an essential piece of kit. Buy it now!"
“If you’re serious about using your Amiga for making music, then you MUST have one of these. Simple as that”.- Raven (MED User Group).
The quality of the Gillett Mixer is self-evident”.
The Gillett Mixer is an extremely useful addition to the equipment armoury of an audio buff”. - 83% - Amiga User International.
Teed your sounds through the tittle Gem” micro mixer to make a higher quality end recording". - 80% - Amiga Shopper.
“If you're a serious tracker or IFF sample user, the Little Gem is something you certainly shouldn't overlook. It’s a cheap, effective way of improving the sound input and output of your machine”. -84%- Future Music ”You place the Little Gem into your signal line and bingo, you instantly get much improved signal level and tone control” 1Equally important, the Little Gem has very low noise levels (in fact it's as good as some mixers costing ten times the price).” - Rating 9 10 - Amiga Computing.
Tor those users looking for a convenient way of enhancing their existing sounds, this box of tricks could be just the job.” - Sound on Sound Magazine.
Independent volume gain control for each channel Battery or mains operation - takes no power from your computer Process sounds prior to sampling - then process again on playback!
Acts as a sound processor to seriously enhance the sound Hi and Lo E.Q. (equalisation) to + - 12db to increase decrease the bass and treble content of the sound Pan Controls for stereo positioning of each channel - no longer have to suffer from hard right and left stereo panning Dimension only 140 x 75 x 50mm - COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MODELS OF AMIGA, Pcs MACs and ATARIs W Price ' breakthrough!
£49.95 £49.95 r 'N including VAT, packaging & 1st class postage.
Overseas delivery: £4 Europe I £6 Rest of World.
Cheques and or postal orders only. J Available only from the developer and manufacturer: GILLETT MULTIMEDIA 10 Saint Audrey's Way, Ely, Cambridge CB6 1DF Tel: (01353) 669203. Fax: (01353) 663371 RAM 4 Mb RAM Ohe 1ite' phenomenon has hit the Softwood camp. Not to be out done by Digita, Softwood have seen fit to release a cut-down version of their top selling page publisher, Final Writer 4. The Amiga has always been sold as a complete low-cost computer system, and as such there are many people who have Amigas but do not have the funds to expand the machine past the basic specification.
Due to the competition between Final Writer and Wordworth, both programs have seen many new features added, so the resources needed to run them has grown along with the programs. This has reached the point where a basic A1200 is not enough, so a cut-down version of the original program is a superb idea because owners of unexpanded A 1200s can still use these excellent programs.
[Important features Final Writer lite is basically the same as the original program, but with the most important features remaining. This is not as bad as it may sound because virtually all the original features make it into the lite version intact.
You get all the recent changes to Final Writer 4's interface, including the addition of the dick tabs that allowed all the menus to be reorganised into a much clearer order, with all the preference options being moved into their own specific requesters. The dick tabs are afco used in the main window to allow you to quickly jump between different pages and document sections, making document navigation much quicker.
The omissions that have been made are kept to a minimum. The first two, and probably the ones you would expect, are the grammar checker and all the Arexx functions.
Leaving out the grammar checker is not much of a surprise as it is very large - over a megabyte - and the Arexx port is probably used by only a small percentage of users, so no great loss there.
Type and spell has gone, even though the normal Collins dictionary and thesaurus remain untouched. It is also impossible now to import EPS images. The postscript library used to handle the EPS images was large, and displaying EPS images is quite processor intensive so this is understandable. If you have EPS images this is quite a disadvantage as there are not too many programs that will allow you to convert an EPS to an IFF image, which is the only format Final Writer will import.
One thing you do lose that is not part of the program as such is all the extra fonts and Usually not too keen to have his vital parts removed, Neil Mohr sees if Final Writer lite has suffered at all clipart you get with the full version of Final Writer. This will limit you to the supplied three fonts, even though you can use any Compugraphic or Postscript fonts you have yourself.
Out of all the omissions I would find the loss of the group function the most annoying.
If you want to create any diagrams in Final Writer this is used a lot to collect objects together to allow you to treat them as a single image. It makes it quite easy to quickly knock up complex diagrams that you can then resize and place in your documents. The loss of the group function also means that if you import a Final Writer document that has grouped objects, the lite version will simply treat it as a single graphic object so you will be unable to modify this except for being able to resize it For the money you are paying. Final Writer lite is superb value. The features that have been
removed are not essential - practically speaking, the only two that could cause you problems are the loss of the group functions and the inability to import EPS graphics, but if you are only planning to do letters, faxes or straightforward essays the functions that remain are more than enough. All Final Writer's text formatting functions remain untouched, and as long as you don't want to do any fancy diagrams with the structured drawing tools, you will be able to use all Final Writer's drawing tools to the full.
For people with a limited budget who need a page processor that will work on a low specification machine, Final Writer lite provides everything you need. FT*f Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Workbench 2 Mb 3 Mb hard ‘020 Processor disk space ETAILS Qi Product Supplier Price Tel Final Writer Lite Cordon Harwood £39.95 01773 521606 Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall 93% 82% 96% 86% Anything in Final Writer that is not text is treated as a graphic object One thing that makes Final Writer so easy to use is that whatever type of object you are manipulating,
you always use the same functions on every one.
Once an object has been created you can move, resize, rotate, cut copy, paste and add text flow to any graphic object The outline to these objects can be changed, and for precise positioning you can enter co-ordinates directfy.
- IM How- r -Option.-
- Option &oc«grouna r *ov»Ajn* option •,
- -- J Sci**" D«c*ov 1*0 f !*r« w1 w W-5.J4 | SmT" _J*ppV»OM
[ins-J V O Ev«n in the lite version. Final Writer’s graphic
abilities are very Impressive Amiga Computing 59 M AY 1996 Ot
might seem like a pretty heavy-handed standfirst for this
review, but the ?"¦th of the matter is that, notwithstanding
its shortcomings (more on which later), MacroForm is one of
those tools that turns your stumbling attempts with the mod
eller into stone in an expert sculptors' hands. But unlike a
sculptor's stone, MacroForm gives you the chance to rectify and
refine your mistakes until you get the result you were looking
It does this through a method called ‘apply modes'. These use control curves in one layer to affect your polygons (in another layer), but the great thing is that if that curve is just too tight for your polygons, or if it doesn't fit your requirements properly, all you have to do is reform the curve into the shape you want and then hit apply once more. This will reform your polygons around the new curve's shape ad infinitum, and if you decide that you didn't want to deform your polygons after all, you always have the reset command to bring everything back to its starting point Ben Vost
examines MacroForm and changes his status from amateur to professional LightWave modeller shape of it and then applied it to the extruded triangles. The first few attempts at this resulted in curves that were too sharp for the extrusion to cope with, resulting in doubled back polygons, but with the Apply mode set, this was no problem - simply shift the curve and try again.
Once I had a bendy set of polygons I was happy with, I saved off the resulting object as 'Hairl', continued to reform the control curve and applied it to the polygons resulting in different bends to the hair. The more The best thing about this constant mutation of your curve is the fact that you can save off its results and carry on going. The hair on the model I have created for this review is an example of this. I started with a triangular polygon which I extruded.
Then, using the RailBend tool I bent the control curve until I was happy with the astute of you will already be thinking that this tool is ideal for making morph targets and you wouldn't be wrong. Best of all is the fact that RailBend is only one of .2 similar tools, all of which use a curve as a control surface.
It will take time to learn to user MacroForm to its full advantage, but what a tool. Even with the shortcomings mentioned, this piece of software drags Lightwave’s Modeler kicking and screaming into the late '90s.
OMETHING S ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK... Qhose RAILTOOLZ I While I have painted a very rosy picture of MacroForm, all is not well if you try to use it under the following conditions; Firstly, MacroForm is really designed for LightWave 3.5. It works partially with version 3.1 for anjf of you with an un-upgroded ToasterAOOO, but any functions which require the hiding of polygons will fail owing to the fact that this version of LightWave cannot hide polygons. Users of the new LightWave 4.0a will also be disappointed in varying amounts depending on whether they can get MacroForm to work. I had
no joy, but OAO Media tell me they have users successfully using MacroForni with 4.
However, owing to a bug in Modeler, Arexx macros run anywhere between five and twenty times slower than they do in 3.5, a problem NewTek have been informed of and are trying to do something about. OAO Media are themselves working on a plug-in version of Macroform which will circumvent these problems and will be available as an upgrade for registered users of MacroForm.
Secondly, those of you with a need for speed are going to be very disappointed because the Arexx compiler that has been used for MacroForm chokes on '060s. This problem should also be resolved once MacroForm becomes a plug-in. I still believe MacroForm to be worth the money, even if you have to switch back to 030 mode to use it D Thh li the main interface for the ftaltTooh environment siiting by default on Ft Rai I Too I 7 .01 Norna1 Rpplv 1 Prtfi [ Bond :? » Extrude: » Font 5 0 Length : Mold :~0 Offset : o RebuiId: Rout : Scale :~0 Slice Stretch Tuist Top ?ft Vertical izontal N FULL I
allows you to use a I RailBend - this tool curve to bend your polygons to fit H You can bend your polygons in two dimensions or three, giving the maximum possible flexibility. With Align mode turned on, you don't even have to worry about lining up yout polygon correctly for the curves, as RailTooh will do that too.
SmartRail this is the first of the extrude functions that RailToolz provides. Likt RailBend it can automatically match yout polygon to the curve. You can specif] whether you want to centre the polygon on the curve or let it extrude with an offset Either way, you won't end up with the dreo- ded squished box syndrome. SmartRail wA even create a circular or rectangular poly gon to extrude for those modellers too loz to even do this.
Rail Form - this bungs a curve around you model which you can deform. Depending or what settings you choose, your mo l then made to fit this curve. This tool is grea Amiga Computing MAY 0th er macroform macros JD Product Supplier Price Tel E-mail 80% 95% 95% 90% In addition to the celebrated RailToolz set of macros, MacroForm also comes with six other macros, and the tutorials macro which makes use of all the macros by showing you how to use them. The first, KeyMaster, is a bit like the configure keys tool in the Macro or Custom menu in Modeler, with the added benefit of being able to load
and save different configurations. Align & Center takes the CenterlD and Center macros one step further by allowing the user to centre models based on the layout of models in a background layer, or simply on the axis of your choice. You can also arrange data so that the left edge of your model is aligned to the right edge of another model, etc. and even resize data to match.
Dimensions is very powerful and allows you to rescale a set of objects according to the Scale of another set The example given in the tutorial relating to this macro has a house model in the background and a table with a lamp and ruler on it in the foreground, all of which are grossly out of scale with the house.
Because you know the ruler has to be a foot long, it means you can scale the other data in the layer accordingly and thus table, lamp and ruler are all scaled appropriately for the house.
Distance & Angles gives you the very handy’ ability to tell the exact distance in all three dimensions, and the angle, between two points. If you only have one point selected, then the distance and angle displayed is that between the point and the origin.
Slice & Dice will slice up any object in a number of ways, not limited solely to rectangular, and NewBox will create a cube object Not much use? Ah, yes, but it will give you a rounded corner box if you so desire, just like the ones in the example texture scene that comes with LightWave.
Requirements REP essentia BLACK recommended Bottom line LightWave LightWave 3.5 Product details MacroForm o Activa UK S215 (~£138) 0181-402 5770 oaomedia@chelsea.ios.com Implementation Ease of use Value For Money Overall for creating organic models that standalone, but proves to be one of the less useful tools in practice.
RoilLength - a tool tool, really, RailLength will return the true 3D length of a curve and allow you to modify it. This comes in very handy when you are creating a model out of a range of parts that need to be fitted together because you can use it to make sure all pur curves are precisely the same length, or fit to a desired area. RailLength can determine the length of closed or open curves.
RailMold - a bit like RailBend with a magnet Because curves can double back on themselves, RailMold offers two methods for dealing with this - smoothing and smoothing with tacking. Smoothing ensures that no polygons double back on themselves, forming ugly lines, and smoothing with tacking allows you to deform your object as though it has been fastened to something at the points of least deformation in the curves you use.
Try it, it's easier to see than explain!
RallOffset - this tool creates a polygon with a curve. All you need do is specify a width and how you want the ends to look. Using a control curve with this tool will result in a polygon with an outline like your control curve being extruded along the path of your apply curve. I know this doesn’t make much sense, but you'll just have to try it.
RebuildRail - another tool tool, this one reconstructs curves that have been built in the wrong order for use with the other RailToolz. You can also increase or decrease the number of knots on a curve using RebuildRail, making it useful for reducing complexity in your models.
RailRout - this provides a service like a mixture of repeated bevelling and lathing, but unlike lathing can work on rectangular objects. It works by using a router to provide a 'path' for the extrusion to follow. The router bits can be saved off for future use and MacroForm comes with a number of presets for things like buttons and rounded edges. ' RailScale - this squeezes your models in a similar way to RailForm and has a wrap option that behaves a bit like the Modeler's spherize tool, but wraps your shape to the curve or curves instead of a ball.
RallSlice - this tool slices your object using the points on a curve to determine where the slices will fall. You can use RailSlice with a few options to mimic the drill, tunnel, core and slice modes from Solid Drill and Boolean tools in Modeler.
RailStretch - this uses a curve to stretch your model and deform it It can pull polygons out of line in much the same way as the magnet tool and, as with most of MacroForm's tools, really needs to be experimented with to find a use for.
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I mrSw chsquM pwyMbla to EPIC MAHKOTNG Lrtli* PAYMENT METHOD TOTAL GOODS VALUE CREDIT CARD DETAILS POST & PACKING 1 EXP DATE CD-AC1.qxd AMOUNT ENCLOSED Operation database Eyes down as Paul Overaa delivers more details of his database project Part 2 INDOW SPECIFIC ALLOCATIONS AND DEALLOCATIONS his month we’re going to begin looking at the EasyBaseAC which means we need to start with a few of the coding conventions I tend to use. I prefix all global variable names with g_ (as in g_port_mask) and all static variables, i.e. those items that act like global variables but are only Visible' within
the module in which they are defined, using s_. I also usually add a _p suffix to variables which represent pointers, although there are occasions, such as variables _ used to hold function addresses, where I choose not to do this.
Variable names are always lowercase, with individual words in the name being separated using underscores. Wherever practical I use names that mean something so when, for example, you see the variable g_public_screen_p in my code you are left in little doubt that this is a global variable which is a pointer to a public screen.
Such conventions have but one purpose - to make life easier for both myself and anyone else who may need to examine my code In the main I do try to stick to my own guidelines but not to the point where adherence becomes counter-productive. You'll find me using i, j, k etc, for loop variables just like other programmers. Similarly, there are times where fully explicit variable names end up too long to be practical - so shortened names have to be used. In short the guidelines I adopt are just that - guidelines, not rigid restrictions!
Some operations, like the opening of libraries that many modules within a program are likely to need, are best done as the program starts up. Other things, such as the resources needed for individual windows within EasyBaseAC, are best obtained as and when required.
At the moment EasyBaseAC has a main controlling module, an always-present main window with a scrolling (listview) gadget an editing window, and a display only window.
What we need to do, of course, is isolate the opening closedown operations required, yet Still keep those operations under the umbrella of our generalised allocation deallocation framework.
Each window therefore allocates its own stack and reads its own array definition of the things that need to be done, as it opens.
Similarly, as a window closes the window module code performs its own set of deallocations to ensure it doses down in a proper fashion.
To do this I use a stack ADT (abstract data type) module. You don't need to worry about how this operates internally (that's a story for another time), all you need to know is that by including a stack adt.h header file in each source that requires stack facilities, and linking the stack_adt.o module into the final program, the access routines shown in listing 2 become available for use.
The benefit of this approach is simply that because each window takes responsibility for its own resource handling, other parts of the program never need to worry about what resources are being allocated.
When the user finally signals that they want to quit EasyBaseAC, all the main controlling code needs to do is check to see which windows are open and call their respective dose routines.
Each open window then carries out its own deallocations independently (you'll see more of these ideas in subsequent window handling code)!
• UBYTE Openlnt(void) i UBYTE error_nu«b«rMO_EllltOII;
1f(!(lntuition8a$ f=(struct IntuitionBii* *) Open* T brirjr
("intuit Ion. Ubriry',INTUIYIOII_VEK$ ION))) er ror_nu»ber =
ALLOCATI0M_ERR0S; (IIt ( jJunction1=Clo**Int;
PuihStick(g-r*iourc -st«ck_p gJunction1); r«turn(*rror_nmb*r);
void Closelnt(vold) ( CteseLlbraryt(struct Library
*)IntuitionBase); I I* 11 Listing 1: Intuition library opening
and closing with stack based resource tracking!
S=CreateStack(t) this initializes a stack suitable for storing items of type t specified by the applications program and returns a pointer s to the stack's descriptor.
E=PushStack(s,x) this stores item x on stack s and returns an enor flag e that is TRUE if an error has occurred.
E=PopStack(s,x) this retrieves an item from stack s and places it in variable x. Errors are signified by the returned error flag e being TRUE KillStack(s) this unloads and then removes the stack s from the list of currently defined stacks. No return value f=StackEmpty(s) this tests stack s to see if it is empty and returns a flag f as TRUE if there are no items on the stack.
O Listing 2: The stack module access routines Amiga Computing I From time to time in my assembler columns etc I've talked about my stack-based schemes used to handle allocation and deallocation operations. Now you are going to get the chance to see how I do it from C when several different code modules are in use. Stacks, of course, store things on a last in first out basis and what my scheme does is ensure that ANY routine which successfully allocates or opens some returnable or doseaWe system resource pushes the address of a corresponding closedown routine onto a stack.
LLOCATION AND DEALLOCATION To allow for allocation failures as the program runs, I adopt the convention of having all allocation routines return error numbers that indicate whether they've succeeded or not Providing these conventions are followed, a program is able to perform its closedown operations by using a loop to pull those deallocation routine pointers from the stack and executing the corresponding routines. The beauty of this approach is that the stack automatically deallocates things in the reverse order to the original allocations - things which are allocated last get deallo
cated first (a good, safe, general method to adopt with all Amiga programs).
How do I set up the allocation de-allocation code and get the right pieces of code executed at the appropriate times? The best idea is to look at some example fragments. Listing 1 shows two routines which open and close the Intuition library. Notice that the first routine uses a PushStack() function in conjunction with a global variable called g_function1.
Other allocation routines similarly add the addresses of their closedown routines to the stack, so it ends up holding pointers to all the deallocation closedown routines that need to be performed to 'undo' the original allocations. Irrespective of the number of routines present on the resource stack, the complete deallocation closedown procedure can always be carried out with this single line of code: UBYTE AllocateResource(UBYTE count UBTTE (*ListC])(void)) ( UBYTE i, errorjiuiber; for (i=Q;i count;i+t) if(error nutber=listCi]0) i=count; I* force exit froi loop * return(error_nuiber); )
O Listing 3: The allocator function used to control resource allocation deallocation whilet! PopStackCj resource_st»ck_p, gjunctionl)) gJunctionH); The loop removes a pointer to a deallocation routine and then executes that function. It does this continually until the stack is empty.
For the initial allocations I set up a controller array which contains pointers to the allocation routines to be performed. The array is used in conjunction with loop code which reads the pointer list and duly executes the corresponding routines (see listing 3).
Here's the array from the display- only window code that you'll find on disk this month: define V3_C0UXT 6 IIBTTE (*w5_list[])(void) = ( Cr*ittGadgetConte*t3, CrtateGadgets3, CreiteUindon3, CreiteAenu3, CrcatcRcnuliyout}, lnst UHenu3 ); NOTHER C TRICK When programs involve many different modules and headers, defining and declaring variables gets quite involved. One program module can use variables defined in other modules providing 'extern* references are included in the module wishing to use them (to let the compiler know that the variables are declared elsewhere). Variables must, of
course, be declared normally in just one file (so that memory can be allocated for storage).
That contains the names of the include fill program definitions, record structures a global variables used in the program.
The important point as far as the globa are concerned is that the general.h headi will only generate the extern reference ALLOCATE.GLOBALS is NOT defined, defining this value at the start of just one the file modules, all the necessary variabk are declared and all other modules er up with the extern form statements the need.
The result? A single file serves both dedi ration and external referencing purpos and this makes for substantially easier fi maintenance!
There is a ifdef C pre-processor trick that lets you use the same header file for both declaring and externally referencing a set of variables. The fragment shown in listing 4 comes from the EasyBaseAC general.h file I* part of general.h *1 fdef ALLOCATEJLOBALS define PREFIX felse A define PREFIX extern ifendif PREFIX void (*g_function!)(); PREFIX struct IntuitionBaso MntuitionBase; PREFIX struct GfxBase *GfxBase; O Listing 4: A useful header file pre-processor trick in action OW IT S YOUR TURN You'll find one file on disk called general.h which identifies the includes, constants and globals
used by the current version of EasyBaseAC I've provided it this month just to let you see the extern prefix arrangements in action. You'll also find a file called window3.c which is the code for the EasyBaseAC display-only window and this provides a nice easy start to my window arrangements. Notice that the window, menu, gadget list, and resource stack pointers are all defined as static, so the re hidden completely from other modules of the program.
Message occurs it gets queued up at the window's user port. The event handler look at the message and, depending on the mes sage class, either does something with it a passes the details to another routine.
Record information in memory is held i an exec list and you'll find a routine in the window3 source that, given a exec list node pointer, displays the information for tha node in the gadgets attached to the win dow. You also find a routine for clearing the gadgets plus a couple of utility routines fa enabling and disabling menu items (then are not used at the moment). All these rou tines expect valid pointers to the window menu and so on and, since I have delibef ately made such variables static (and s accessible only from within this module), i was essential for these routines to b physically
coded within this module.
The window 3 module does, of course check that its window is open before eitha displaying anything or clearing its gadgets How? It looks at the s_window_p variable tc see that it is non-NULL (which indicates that the window is open). The CloseWindow3( routine, incidentally, always clears this point er whenever the window is closed. Examinr the code, get a feel for the overall arrange ments, and I'll give you more of the story next month!
My OpenWindow30 function, near the start of the source, performs its own allocations and 'logs itself on as being open' by setting a copy of its signal bit in a global g_handler_sigbit[] array. When the CloseWindow3() routine is called the window module then deallocates the resources it was using and clears the appropriate signal bit copy. (Don't worry too much about the signal stuff at the moment, I'll be dealing with this area later.)
The various window menu and gadget creation routines are based on the allocation deallocation approach discussed in this issue. Most of the remaining code is straightforward Intuition gadtool event handling. If, whilst the window is active, a Amiga Computing Macro Form ..... ......&± Plug-ins and go ... ... Impact .....£295 Surface Pro ..., £85 FX Kit for
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Ello? We're looking to do a fea- I ture on SCSI and IDE hard drives.
J J Yes, that's right. No, we really want drives between 500Mb and a gig. What? Nothing less than a gig you say?
Oh alright then, send us what you've got."
And that's just how it was. We rang up a variety of companies and the smallest drive we could find was 640Mb, and it was the last batch.
So all the 340, 500 and 730Mb drives you see advertised are almost certainly the last ones you'll ever see new, and with prices coming down all the time for 1 Gb and above drives, it might be worth the extra few bob to get one of those instead. The first drive I ever owned for my Amiga was a Quantum L120S drive which came to me in a box that was labelled 'For military use only*. I never found out whether this was just a spare bit of packing, or whether I ought to dress in combat fatigues to use it, but it performed beautifully and made a huge difference to my computing.
Capacity Nowadays, I have nearly 2Gb of hard drive space, and I’m still running out and, all told, it’s cost me only slightly more than that venerable 120Mb drive. Unfortunately for us Amiga users, doubling my hard drive capacity is about as far as I can go because of the handy little thing that allows me to shift my drive to someone else's hard drive controller
- the RDB. The RDB (or Rigid Disk Block) is a 32-bit number at
the start of a hard drive that tells the host computer what
size it is, how many partitions it is, and so on. But why can
you only have about 4Gb of hard drive space on your machine
(should you ever be lucky enough to get that kind of space)?
Well, what size was that number again?
32-bit, right Well a 32-bit number only has 4,294,967,296 combinations and that equates to about 4.3Gb or, to be more precise, 4,294,967,296 bytes.
At the time the RDB was conceived, this was a staggering amount of hard drive space, and it was inconceivable that anyone would ever need that much room. At the time, my 120Mb drive was actually quite large. But as is ever the case with computer technology, saying 'Ooh, no-one will ever need, or be able to afford, 4.3Gb of hard drive space, a 32-bit number will be plenty', is almost a guarantee that hard drive prices will plummet and sizes will expand exponentially. And thus it was. Still, owners of Vlab Motions, PARs, DB32s, AD516s and Toccata cards, etc. needn't worry about exceeding this
4.3Gb limit as their cards don't use AmigaDOS-for- matted hard drives and are thus exempt from the limit for the hard drives they use on those cards.
On platforms that don't have this limitation you can get things called RAIDs (Rapid Array of Inexpensive Disks), which are basically boxes filled to the brim with hard drives of around the 1Gb mark typically which all act together as one big, very fast, hard drive.
The reason RAIDs are so fast is that you are increasing the number of heads looking for the information on the disks, and because you are only using smaller hard drives in the RAID, the whole thing usually costs less than trying to buy one big drive. The other advantage you have is that if that one big drive had a problem, you would be in deep shtuck, but if one of the drives in a RAID goes belly up, sure, you'll lose some data, but at least you'll still have the other drives up and running.
Size vs speed On a similar point, do you know why large hard drives are faster than smaller ones? No, well the reason for this is because on a 3.5” drive, a 1 Gb drive has less space between the sectors and tracks for the head to skip across than on a 120Mb drive, and this means a faster access time, even though the drive can hold more data and thus, theoretically, there is more data to look through before the desired data is found.
So, anyway, onto the drives themselves.
We have a mix of IDE and SCSI drives (just the two SCSI drives actually) from a variety of drives, hard drives, everywhere and not one under a gig. Frank Nord investigates a worrying trend in hard drive size manufacturers. All the drives are 3.5' devices and are larger than 1Gb (apart from the Quantum at 640Mb), because that's what the manufacturers want us to show. If you can't afford one of these drives at the moment well, there's not much you can do, but the prices are coming down fast so you'll only have to wait a while.
Amiga Computing S ETTING IDE DRIVES UP Because you can only have fwo IDE drives on a controller, you'd think the configuration would be even easier than for a SCSI drive, but there are more possibilities than you might imagine. You've got Master, Slave and Master with Slave present These different modes represent the different ways of setting up one or two IDE drives on a machine, but quite often you II need to change several jumpers to make it so.
Fortunately, IDE drive manufacturers have started to try to cut out the Master with Slave present option so you only have to fiddle with one set of jumpers. In fact, the only drive that gave us a problem for setting up was the skinny Seagate. I had set the Seagate that came with our A4000 as a Slave drive so that I hopefully wouldn't have to change anything on the other drives, but the Seagate we reviewed had to have its jumpers changed. All very well, but the chart showing how the jumpers had to be set was very confusing.
HOSE BENCHMARKS Our benchmark test consisted of copying the MUI directory you get when you unpack it from this month's coverdisk to and from the drives from RAM:. As a last test we also used the current version of Syslnfo (3.23) to check the speed of the drive. As we should all know by now, Syslnfo's results can be very misleading depending on your screenmode, etc so here is our system set-up in full: We have an A4000 04 with 18Mb of RAM. We ran all tests on an eight colour screen in DoublePAL mode. For the file copying we used Directory Opus 4.12. SCSI drives were tested off the Oktagon
card's external SCSI port AMSUNG PLS-31 084a PRICE £199 UANTUM FIREBALL 640AT PRICE £96
3. 5' 640Mb IDE drive, 5.75' long, 1'high. 611Mb formatted.
Quantum have always had a good name for themselves when it came to SCSI hard drives -I they come as standard with Apple machines - but their IDE hard drives were never known fort their turn of speed. However, the Fireball is a great drive. Not only does it feel speedy, in opera-1 tion it proves to be fast too. Windows open quicker and icons are displayed in a flash,!
Unfortunately, unless you are lucky, you probably won't be able to buy this drive by the time you read this piece .
Because it is no longer being made, but the N j price difference between this drive and one twice as large will J| probably be reduced by the time you read this.
3. 5' 1.08Gb IDE drive, 5.75"long, 1" high. 1029Mb formatted.
Samsung are a relative newcomer to the computer hardware scene as a brand, although they have been manufacturing parts behind the scenes for some of the best-known names in the computer industry for many years. Their offering this line up is a solid performer, although it does make a bit of a racket when you turn on the machine. In operation the drive is sturdy and reliable.
Here are the results of our tests: mmmm Copy from drive to RAM: - 35 seconds Copy from RAM: to drive -35 seconds Syslnfo speed rating: 1,680,410 bytes per second ASTEINER 1.08GB EXTERNAL PRICE £229 Copy from drive to RAM: -35 seconds Copy from RAM: to drive -29 seconds Syslnfo speed rating: 1,113,359 bytes per second The easterner drive is actually IBM's Pegasus model and performs very well in association with the supplied Oktagon controller card. The case has the familiar push button SCSI ID switch and two 50-way SCSI connectors. It has no internal termination switch or drive LED, but the
power switch is handily located at the front of the case. The drive is fast and quiet and is apparently a best seller at Casteiner. Again, the hard drive appeared to work harder than its Syslnfo results bear out Ahh! What a tiddly little drive! This Seagate is certainly small enough to cram inside your A1200 as the latest style seems % to be, but it does have a stan- . _ dard drive connection, so anyone intending to do so will have to get a 44-pin cable to 40-pin cable-and-power-cable adaptor. The drive feels fast in operation, notwithstanding poor results given by Syslnfo, and Seagate's
usual warranty.
The has
- 33 seconds
- 34 seconds 1,614,850 bytes per second Amiga Computing EAGATE
ST5108A PRICE £169
3. 5' 1.08Gb IDE drive, 5" long, .75' high. 1032Mb formatted.
Irst Computer Centre 1.08Gb External price £299.99 OUNDU P
3. 5" 1.08Gb external SCSI drive, 9.75" long, 5.5"high, 2.25"
wide. 1042Mb formatted.
This last drive on our list is First Computer Centre’s offering.
Unfortunately, it arrived too late for photography, but it comes in a smart stylish case with an LED for power and One for drive activity. The back of the box houses two 25- way connectors (like the Amiga end of the parallel port) rather than the more normal 50-way Centronics-type connectors. It has an internal terminator with a switch and a dial for selecting the SCSI ID. The drive is a Quantum Fireball 1080S drive which gives solid, but not outstanding performance in this case. This may have something to do with the 25-way cable, although I doubt its length will be a problem - it's only
about a foot long at most Here are the results of our tests: Copy from drive to RAM: -35 seconds Copy from RAM: to drive -36 seconds [J Syslnfo speed rating: 1,598,439 bytes per second U1 ITSU M1614TAU price £145 axtor 71626ap price £226
3. 5" 1.6Gb IDE drive, 5.75' long, 1" high. 1553Mb formatted.
3. 5' 1Gb IDE drive, 5.75" long, 1" high.
1039Mb formatted.
The Fujitsu was another slow booter. If you don't mind resetting your machine once you have reached the bott screen, then this is no problem. If, however, you are one of those impatient people, you'll need to get one of those boot delay programs readily available on the Net The Fujitsu performed well other than this problem and its jumper settings were easy and clearly printed on the case.
For some reason, the Fujitsu drive wouldn't show up in the list of drives available for Syslnfo's speed test, although it did turn up in the list if we pressed the SCSI button on the same page. Thus we have no Syslnfo rating for this drive.
This drive was the nicest presented of the lot, coming as it did in a big, full-colour box with fitting rails and a manual. The drive itself seems to be well-built and comes with a two-year warranty.
Maxtor reckon it has a 12msec seek time and it certainly felt reasonably quick in everyday use. The Maxtor was slow to spin up and resulted in us getting the ’Insert bootable disk' screen, so a longer boot delay is required.
Here are the results of our tests: Copy from drive to RAM: Copy from RAM: to drive Syslnfo speed rating:
- 36 seconds
- 38 seconds 1,743,751 bytes per second lfa Data Oktacon SCSI
controller card Not a SGI drive, but the controller for a big
box Amiga like an A4000. The Oktagon is one of few cards
remaining for new owners, but it works pretty well. It can take
up to eight megabytes of ZIP RAM on board to act as a memory
card as well as SGI controller, but this RAM won't work at full
speed in anything other than an A1500 or 2000. The card also
comes with Cigamem, a virtual memory utility which can use hard
drive space as memory. The card does have some very nice
features such as password protected boot and so on. You can
fit a half-height 3.5' drive on the card itself as well as
Here are the results of our tests: Copy from drive to RAM: -43 seconds Copy from RAM: to drive -38 seconds Syslnfo speed rating: Not available TING UP A SCSI DRIVE SCSI is much easier. Before you install a new drive (you can have up to seven hard drives or CD-ROMs, SCSI scanners or tapestreamers), check the ID number of the drives you already have on your machine. You can do this by starting up HDToolbox and looking at the ID number, or address, which is shown in the second column. Make a note of these numbers and make sure you don't set your new hard drive to the same ones.
How to set the new drive’s ID? Well, somewhere on it should be a set of jumpers usually numbered 1,2 & 4.
These are your bit values and they work in binary. If you don't have any jumpers your ID is 0, if you have one on 1, then your ID is 1. One on 2 and 4 means that your ID is six and so on.
If youf hard drive is an externally cased one, then you will probably have a dial to change the SCSI ID of the drive. If not, you'll need to take the case apart to change the drive's ID.
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ro. Pm M.*«| V2041 FLOP Ed *3.03 EMULATORS V14M) THE COMPLETE
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the Sume Vuy
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Himnlft. 31) Otrterta, 1 .aim Grapfiv a and Anmuilona in FIT 1 1 1 ANIM U twrj rmH-wtvu.
Turbocalc v2.1 CODE: CD318 PRICE: £9.1 b nt* ajIalMU.Irt'ni'an relou'l i *mi ¦ Thrho Coir rj I riwlM palwl hail toenialt eOmrtt nornhoer rat In.- FuiwrtMau U. it iiuuiyi imaiuint Mmmi arnhnv.Kal and llnanrul wnh Wframa • AD . Nun charl ..new ttii.tte. rrt.naa.e and Tuartei l.gtetd a.i.l atla uheO ¦OB ouipua *4 ITT Mr cm lyardir iu)nln.H rrinivMi «w id mull in Mimri hmi n*.u» na mtfviavu. M dan iv erhahjirt quoin in Impial Id hvrtgn tamait tupiroled |rg MS
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PoitubOrden. Eun Chequer 6 Switch * All Pricer include. VAT *
AU'phon&Orderi icnt by lit Cla*j PoiC th&StunoVay.
Order Over £60 & 6ET ANY 4 OF THE CUT PRICE CD (AVOVE) FREE Rf*. Order over £25 and cet anyone of the following ]J S TITUS FREE OF CHARGE *» - iuro kini - sci nit 1 J illusions in 3d - rnonssioNAt pcx 1 - tirra sounds V ILLUSIONS IN 3D - PROFESSIONAL PCX 1 * TERRA SOUNDS
maker is a smple to use colour Desktop publishing package.
Import your own graphics, text *tc Compatitifo with ail popular
printer makes .
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ENGINE Only £4 00 ?SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT ? NRL4-1. NEWS MAKER Professional graphes converters, can convert graphcs botween the Amiga.
PC. Mac & Alart ST. Supports GIF, TIF. IFF, PCX, BMP etc Kickstart 2 or above recommended Only £5 00 A six dak Collection of Video titling toots, video wipes, fonts. Video tillers Subwse generator. Video backdrops etc..... Suitable lor use stand-alone or incorv- jjction with Scala etc.... Only £12.00 A collection ol essential hard drlvo maintenance tools. Like disksave 2.
Hdbeckup. HD Menu system. Virus Chockor. And dozens more.
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Arcund 50 scalable compugraphc loots tor use with Wordworth2&3, Pageslream, Workbench 243 High quality printout from 5pont upto lOOpant.
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Scred as ready lo use IFF so can be imported Into ANY paint or Desktop puWisheig package Only £6.00 Migfe Workbench s an tnavatiw reptocemcm Workbench Gives you a compieltey new 8 colour updated Workbencn. A hard defc is highly recommended. Vanous extras asks are available seperatty. Only £3.00 Essential tor Begnners is a coioclion of files essential lor the smooth unnteropt- ed use of your Amiga Al Ihe most asked for libraries and Viewers are included like More, Muchmore. Ppmore, etc. Only £200 If you ve got a temprementai Amga I The Engineers Kn s what you need You can lest your Dnves.
Your Hard dsk. Memory. Keyboard. Sound graphics chips, Mcuso. Loysbcks etc. Only £3.00 ?LKA6-3. LION KING CLIPART ? MWB3-1. MAGIC WORKBENCH ?EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS ? ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT The disk doubler can Hurafty double the space avafabte on your htr$ «fc If you've get an Bomb drive you'll end up with over I30mb. Runs on any Amiga silently r the background Only £5.00 An updated 2 disk version.... Contans dozens of DIY hardware kits, like how lo fit your AI200 rto a mm tower PC case, build your own sampler, memory expansion. CD32 Link lead etc. etc Oniy £4 00 Throe Stratrek games
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Remember the good dd days!
Only £5 00 9 (CD119) Speccy CD 3000+garnet Only £17 9 IDSPECCY EMULATORS ?GFX13-10. PRO. MONO CLIPART ?TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS ?CBM5-2. C64 EMULATOR & GAMES The Uihmaie Chess 5 Tutor 2, suitable lor any 2mb. Amiga Contains tons ol Inbuilt speech, and g-ea! Graphics SuiatHe for Ihe tearrgr o! Sem-pro.
Startrek Mage Workbench backdrops An nterescng 2 disk collection ol Ma Workbench Startrek 8 cotour pacWrc* If you kwe Starlrek you II love these Only £5.00 ?STB5-2. STARTREK MAGIC WB Classic card games consists ol around!
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Solitaire. Crap*. Montana. Pontoon.
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Only £10.00 ?CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES THE EPIC COLLECTION Amiga CDROM Version2 Only £7 00 Contains Virtualy every one of these advertised titles plus thousands more ol our most popular floppy based software tltlos on one giant CD-ROM. Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. This compilation contains hundreds ot megabytes ot Amiga software. Features a superb new multimedia Amiga (ront-end. Catagories include: Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters. Music tutorials. Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Sound FX and samples, Virus
Killers, Hard disk Installs 4 tools, Vanous Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Shoot'em ups. Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcado. Board gamos 'Sut P" ’a P'lnted (CD100.I Only C19.99 ?JIT7-3. CHESS & TUTOR 2 With the language tutor you cotid.
Foam »o speak either SPANISH.
FRENCH, GERMAN. ITALIAN OR JAPANESE Easy to use. And easy lo understand??7? All languages inc. Orty £8.00 ?LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTORS Hundreds of Vory high quality profes- ftonaity finished odour c*p fonts lor use in any Paint package Excefen* for Video work, demo making etc. 9123 4 ABCD1 KLM! XU A new replacement 2 disk Workbench trial features: Startrek Icons, Backdrops, and amusing sound samples whenever you do anything wrong Suitable for Kickstarl243 machines Only £5.00 Classic Board games includes Amga variations ol Scrabble. Monopoly.
Ouodo. Backgammon. Chess. Othello.
Ties. Tic-Tac-Toe, Cnbbage etc. Every Amiga Emulator includes emula I lor* lor Gameboy, Commodore 64, | Commodore V1C20. Various IBM orro lalors, Spectrum emiAator*. Sindac 01 I Atan ST etc. |0tfy£500 ?AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR _Only £5.00 ?CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS Only £10.00 ?TNG5-2. NEXT GENERATION WB ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES r- w w w ¦ FqnTRiTIC FOMT6 ABCDEFG 1234567 Around 100 high quality Amiga Bitmap loots Suitable for use with almost any Amiga package, Including Dpaim.
Workbench, etc Font sizes start at 6pt upto 50pt Oniy £7.00 ?FNT7-3. FANTASTIC FONTS Get your finances in order wflh tha urvque collection of home finance soil- ware Keep track ol your monthly outgone Petrol. Gas. Electricity.
Mortgage. Rent etc.... Only £7.00 A collection of Lottery Winners. Heip your self beat the Lottery with this superb disk Every week at your computer generate the Winning? Numbers. II you play Ihe Lottery then get this disk. Only £5.00 Arcade classics V2 contains vanoations ol classc games like Space Invaders, Frogger. Missile command, Astenods, Q-Berts. Omega race. Centrepede etc Sutable lor any Amiga Only £5.00 ?ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS 2 r- _______x _ ?FIN7-3. HOME FINANCE ?LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNERS =rr.
Order line: Ol 793 5141SS % PLEASE SUPPLY p cesincv* PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME__ ITEMS ADDRESS MACHINE PA YMENT METHOD CREDIT CARD DETAILS The Epic Colection vers»on2 CDROM (order code: CDIOOx) is also available from our Sydney based office for just $ 40 + $ 2.00 P&P.
Send your order to: EPIC. 36 Forest Road, Heathcote. NSW. 2233. Australia.
TOTAL GOODS VALUE POST & PACKING EXP DATE AMOUNT ENCLOSED n LOW BOOT-UP If you don't already have one, the greatest accessory to any first-time Amiga user is a hard drive. Unfortunately, when a hard disk fails it seems as if the bottom's fallen out of your world.
There are many non-fatal errors that can occur with a hard drive and 90 per cent are due to user error.
One of the most common is the invalidated drive - invariably Workbench. Workbench will inform you of this error with a requester stating that the drive Workbench is not validated. So what are the symptoms?
The symptoms are a Workbench that seems to take an eternity to load, a hard drive light that continues flashing even when Workbench has loaded, and, of course, the not validated requester. The problem usually occurs when a user, that's you, has removed a disk or reset the computer while something was being written to the hard drive - not the done thing.
Analyze «nd Repair Volume Recover Lost Deleted Files «*DI Optimize Volume Edit Voli The solution, in most cases, is to wait until the hard drive light stops flashing and to reboot or to invest in a good hard drive repair program such as Quarterback Tools or Disk Salv.
Available; Volumes .--Devices ! Workbench ’ * It you roboot your AMIGA whllm copying data to your hard drlva it may hocoma invalidated.
OuartarBack Tools to the rescue HICH E |HE Ed ALTERNATIVE KEY?
Ed is the supplied Ul nrlhpnrh tovt rtKfoOUKS ¥7.1 tP i CrT"T f ? Ifct 111| (p jiTmT Check the adverts in Amiga Computing for these products.
When writing text documents you will often come to a time when you need to type in a character which doesn't appear to be on the keyboard. The copyright and Diphthong symbols (G and &) are often the most common characters which send you round the keyboard.
Workbench comes complete with a very useful program called Keyshow - located in the Tools directory - which will display all the different characters that can be gained by holding down two or more keys at a single time.
All you have to do is press the Aft, Shift and Ctrl keys in any combination and the graphic keyboard will display the characters that can be used with the combination. If you press the Alt key you will see the c character appear over the E key.
Therefore, Alt combined with E will produce £ .
Editor and although it features the basic elements of a text editor, you'll soon realise it is extremely limited in the power department.
Fortunately, Workbench also comes with another, often neglected, text editor which features many useful and powerful features. Memacs, located in the Tools directory, is a very competent editor which serves as an excellent enhancement to Ed. Memacs contains many of the features found in commercial editors and also allows access to CLI commands - usually typed in the Shell. Memacs is hardly ever mentioned by Amiga users but it is far superior to Ed.
If you want to become an Amiga expert and leave behind beginner's blues, here's a helping hand to set you on your way UTORIAL ASTER DISK ACCESS Even if you've got a hard drive you'll never escape completely from having to use the dreaded floppy disk. Disk accessing and writing can be a real chore due to the slow nature of floppy disk drives.
Thankfully, Amiga DOS provides a command that can actually speed up disk access considerably. In fact your Workbench already uses it. The command is AddBuffers and if you load up your startup-sequence in the S directory you'll see it under C:Version NIL: AddBuffer 111: SFQ: IS By changing the value 15 to a greater number you can increase the amount of buffers (RAM) used in order to speed up disk access.
Beware though - using too many buffers can slow your system down due to the lack of RAM. On a basic Amiga of 2Mb you can safely set this number to 50 or even 100.
SE YOUR MEMORY fic O Finding the right key character such © end E can be a real pain. Use the KeyShow program to help you Working from a floppy disk soon becomes tiresome due to the slow access and writing times. The process can be made quicker, though, by copying the files you want to work on into RAM which is faster than a hard drive - it is almost instant.
Once you have finished your work you can then copy it back to the floppy disk. Using this method you only have to access the floppy disk twice. Performing this task with the floppy disk would take infinitely longer.
Amiga Computing _ MOOTHER FONTS ?
ITS AND PIECES Your Workbench uses what are known as bitmap fonts which are fonts made up of pixels. The problem with bitmap fonts is that when scaled in size they tend to look chunky and blocky (called jaggies). IntelliFont, located in the System drawer, allows you to install special outline fonts.
Outline fonts are better than bitmap fonts because they are drawn using mathematical equations, so when they are scaled they maintain their smooth quality. You can install new outline fonts using IntelliFont and even create new bitmap fonts out of outline fonts. All your current outline fonts are indicated with a * symbol.
Hard drives suffer from a problem known as fragmentation. When data is copied to your hard drive or data moved around, the files tend to get spread right out across the hard drive. The result of this is that files on your hard drive take longer to load and Workbench windows take longer to draw.
Using a program such as Quarterback Tools, you can de-fragment your hard driv This process involves taking all the prograr off and then replacing them so they are n split up or spread out Although the proce can take a fair amount of time, the spee increase in access time is greatly enhance You should look to de-fragment your hard drive once every six months.
JOE2Q Out I in* Font Source Destination Font Drawer | Work bench: Feats me Q| Fonts: Path Component If | Existing Fonts A Typefaces GoyhB Goth i hieShadow GTBGadqet GTBHenu Handwriting Headhunter helvetica Hot Dog HW111 HRH251M IBM InkaBod ?
HE RIGHT SETUP Install Harked Typefaces 1 Modify Existing Typefaces... | If you own a hard drive it will have been more than likely formatted and Workbench installed at L I H Workbench is no longer restricted to bitmap fonts. Outline fonts provide beautiful fonts with no loss of quality the retail end. Although this means you can use your Workbench immediately, you may find] the actual setup lacking that personal touch.
I previously mentioned the usefulness of a Data partition for backing up purposes.!
Unfortunately, most setups don't take this into consideration which means you have to alter it I Workbench comes complete with HDToolBox in the Tools directory which allows you to I partition (cut up) and format your drive.
When you load HDToolBox you are presented with the main window and a set of options. I* I you click on the button labelled Partition Drive you will see a volume indicator with a small I blue arrow. By pulling this arrow you can reduce and increase the size in Mbs of the hard drive.
By clicking on the New Partition button and then clicking in the spare volume area you can add; a new partition, and this, too, will have a blue arrow you can move up and down just as before. ] In the Partition Drive Name box you can name each partition - one will, more than likely, be called Workbench. You must turn the Bootable button ticked which tells your hard drive to automatically try and boot up using this partition.
To make the changes permanent you can then click on the Okay button and select Save Changes to Drive at the main HDToolBox window. To finish off the procedure you should then boot with your floppy disk Workbench and format each partition with the original names you chose in HDToolBox. All that's left then is to install Workbench to the new Workbench partition. | Easy, huh?
Jargon box B Al N BOW Amiga HAM - Rtad-Access-Memory.
RAM is memory provided by the computer for you to use as you wish. RAM « extremely fast but its contents are lost when the Amiga is turned off.
MB - MegaByte. A MegaByte is an indication of RAM sire. I Mb is equal fo 1024 K (see bebw) K - Kilobyte. A Kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes (see below).
Byte - a byte is equal to 8-bits (see bebw).
Bit -a bit is the smallest w u* a computer can store. It is perceived by computers users os either I (on) or 0 (off).
Button - these are areas of RAM put aside specifically for use by other tosks Validation - this is the process the Amiga uses to understand and interpret hard disks and floppy disks. AH disks ore validated (or checked) first before being used CU - Command Line Interface.
Use window to the Amiga's Disk Operating System or DOS (see below).
DOS - Disk Operating System.
This allows you to communicate with your Amiga. Before desktops such as Workbench became available users could only communicate with their computers wa DOS.
Changing the colours On Workbench can prove to be a great deal of fun but you can do more than change the icons and backdrop colours - you can also change the colour of all the window and information elements.
The first thing to do is load up the Palette program located in the Prefs drawer. The elements are presented in a scrolling gadget with the default colour in a box to the left.
If, for example, you select the element labelled Active Window Titlebars, which is originally blue, and then choose black you'll find that your windows change to this colour when you hit the Save button, however, before you commit yourself to any changes you can click the Show Sample... button and you will be presented with a default window and associated gadgets in the colour scheme you have specified.
Even though Workbench is capable of running in 256 colour mode, you can only edit the first eight colours. This also applies to the elements - they too can only be of a colour in the first eight.
1 Part it ioning Drive she SCSI Address 8, LUN 8 partition Cyl
* d3 = Unused = Current partition Delete Partition!
Neu Partition!
Default Setup| Help | Advanced Options I . .... . .
Partition Device Nane Bootable _ J n Although partitioning and formatting your hard drive seems nerve wrecking, HDToolBox makes it a great deal easier Amiga Computing 74 THE MAN FROM ESCOM EHPLRINS How to get an A1200 for - only c249. 4 . » ..II tn vnur local ¦ 1 x Amiga A1200 ¦ 1 x Two Button Mouse ¦ 1 x Power Supply ¦Workbench ¦ Kickstart 3.1 *3 User Manuals.
SOFTWARE BUNDLE INCLUDES f Digita Wordsworth 4SE ¦ Wordsworth Print Manager ¦ Digita Organiser H ¦ Digita Datastore ¦ Photogenics 1.2SE "Personal Paint 6.4 ¦ Turbocalc 3.5 ¦ Whizz ¦ Pinball tiffania jL NORMAL PRICE ¦ WITH ESCOM RETMUR YEAR Amiga A500 or A600 Computers must be in full working order.
OPENING TIMES MWHV Wor » 30*"-400pm Thursday 9 30am-«00pm Saturday 9 00am-SMpm Sunday tO.OOtm-4 00pm Off ICE WORLD OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday B.OOim -B Copm Saturday 9.00**n-600pm Sunday 10 J0am-4 K)pm 0990 100888 THE EASY WAY TO CHOOSE A PC
IRVINE KA11 SDJ. TELEPHONE: 01294 222600 FAX: 01294 223200.
Registered in Scotland Reg. No. 137446
* •* •» KcnC* I W* » nfR-M'daniyilt'nWn’aaital.muapWdM CO UnaN m
MW hr tn jfttaawi rttuyr femnid n«" »nd Mrur, 1»* the Iron
tavdr* DpM fyrftwn* Pnmwr «*e Mr ntnitnd Smmjrti alintn
Cttponux Pntn *rd drU.a nr twri .I linr n to pm (Wm nt nto ALL
BIRMINGHAM B191PP TEL: 0374 678fl SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC10) 8
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disk catalogue please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE
Against. Some titles have a number in 0- This means the title
come on (x) number of disks.
To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE name.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AG A Disk means for A1200 A4000 only MOUSE MAT worth £2.991 FREE MOUSE MAT worth E2 99 with every order £12 or over. To claim your free mouto mat ju»t cut A return thi* token with your order ? Enclose a extra 38p stamp to cover the mouse mat postage A package, offer only available with this token (limited 1 Mouse Mat per order excludo any other offer) urn so. Most use uni ioao vary uaofui U»» SllK SHOW CONSTRUCTION XI! Miy U740 ARCtBVER TOOLS pack man fa on to UJ4IIV PI cot fl iOdiu pKt .rwa p.og.«m, U2U Th. A-t copier (noi WW) 1} ju cam
U2S4 FRACTAL UTIL loa« d tractM program.
U28J LAND BULGE R I iroN rrcUlic VmJMC u»4 COPY A CRACK TOOLS back wimm ujoo messt s» b ih«wi» PO vac «ci tin UJOI AUTO C**K LOGGER caWoou. 0" UBI GRAPHIC uw IQ) load of txfl araphlc u UBM SUPER BuftR l.JW* vpi ) vt.n « LMM AMTOOL PROFESSIONAL 11.. daltfM UW* MEOACMt AT V3 .Imora oamaa chad i unxi ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION KIT VVJ UT0S V MORPH V2.PMM ameoBi auxph am.
UT07 GAM TAMER(M«H2)Por avm more g U70S LAST NHL A TEST A Mi NT-a. Ha ) w ¦ UMO PERncteAINT 32 Vary MIT lo uaa m UMI ENOMEtR KIT nroa IM 11 far An* UMI MAGNUM 1 « REGARD lha Baal dak M UT21 FONT FARM VJ . Lead of font . Font .h urn EXOTK fWPPfn iMMNbw found UTM PARNET SET Upl7) nan tor lha con um PARNET CABLE uAxrn arSTRUCTKM U7» ARE* ¥ANUAUfWW U| coawlala au um ASSASM BOOT UTS. So Poor block era UTM SOFT AGA lASeOpkic or AMO) A mh 1 um A - Z GAMES CHEAT ft. Over SCO aw Complete with disk & cleaning fluid Quality Mouse MAT .
* IO blank disks 8k *IO labels .
Special offer £1 off if you order 5 or more pd disks MUSIC VIDEO TITLERS TOOLS USOS WSUS4CRLER • DISK NBALVASm pah US07 DC OPT VI PROFESSIONAL E.count Die USOS ULT DOOTBLOCK tO.boottikKk oanaraior.t UjiO mniatf BOOT BLOCK CoINcfSr I imoi US12 ZMCON UTIL JO MOST Utt UTIL 2 br Ham USTS NTT COMPUTE UTIL 20 mow um util BOARD GAMES II Printer Pad The very best board games ever 5 *** “"Wi •» * • • »*' released This pack contains the for printing ou w*« very latest. CHE5S. CHECKER tocum**. »*r a p*furw .»c •npppm SCRABBLE M0N0PLY & '• P*"1 "* « 8l**w' DOMINOES recommended AmmMmMlmmmuam Idbfcj™*
Osij_ 4.99 Iprister Pack (5 djshsjotfrj E H SJ C5 AtiO ir il aupar* pamt apacuf la. Htta EIOOUTTLE TRAVELER Imtomaaan an aorta aN MM temputN catOUTMB boos E101 WORtP GEOGRAPHY world *an map t a W ARCH fnd lha luodan traaaurt El03 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tuloilM M Ral PUZZLE GAMES II Massive collection of the best puzzle games ever released Kjudtng »me of the classics like Nub* Cube Picture Puzries etc. much too many to list Very poputu 5 dbfc pack If £4.99 ARCADE GAMES II COLLECTION Of THE VERY BEST SHOOT EM OP MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER 5 disk pack only £4.99 GIT? SCHKtBJTZ ComtiatclM qubHt
punt* Mmas oars OCLEXE GALA »7 Jinaaj KM nra faaWas A bovna .aim . 2 pttyar MOOmmEND oat a now G»r* ifir KlbLUAk Ac IN DEBT £¦ EUTTSlEpIc Otr* OUANIuM-Mara cofacf » arm typa ana 08T9 RAO TO WCMES • »*» MONOPlY NEW 101 GAMES PK 3 Hr* 101 pack 1 codam owr 00 91ms. Nn on Ml Anqss xtf £11J9 ofle» buy my 2 pans together t raetht 1 tree £4 torn hr IM *th m ordr TN»j«r eimoi n uwf •* try oMr ofltr cuffont I subjKt lo conCRon ippij.
OSM DOOOY vary egla A aabamafr add.:I G3M WONDER LAW) amaana yKNc racaaaaad G3S7 Of LUXE PACMAN . Baal pacman avar iMm GMT CARD GAIKS eoHactlon GKA WIZARD OOUAINS-flupaeH ttpa gama.
G370 KALATRBZ (notA 11001 tcada Bat* dona 0373 MM ACE ¦ Vary jnayabfa ahaof am up 03M OTHELLO baat PO varaion 03M MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE vary adMcUw puu«a Q3» TETRI N mstf pel** Tfpt* ava. .laaaa 0392 STRIKE If AU. TvllMnt baaa ball dona GI‘J* 'RAll BLAZER brOanl |nof A12001 0400 r CHTINf. WARRIOR ka alraaf rohla.
0404 OOSHNOCS only ona of X kmd on PO 0405 TOTAL WARS -abaM«y I No daa. In apaca 0411 BATTLE CAR 7- 30 cat rang 0411 HESTER CARO GAME houra of Krt to. A quA 0434 TRA1LBLAZCR 7 C64 convaraar.
0441 I TYPE 2 irn good aakarend graa. P«Ac GUI 0UWUD OqxpO)ORxtbk men rrpmi 044» 0ESCEN0ER GAME lank aaarcn A daaanda* 0440 oauoox ficailaol AicadaPurda gam a 0*44 PARACHUTE JOUST mh pMyabla 04V1 CASTLE OF DOOM VuMpMc advanaaa OAK NIBBLE WORLD 300VILaiga pUHorm gaaa 04*7 CASH FRUIT- good trull aaohhaa G4T» AMOS CfUCKET t» c»d gaaa.
G4M (XTRCAM VTLONCF 7 playar batUa owf 101 GAMES 2 ... '-Yta.fn inm IN fill HOKTURlCRt ai OSOO TRANSPLANT aoaan «f Mvaf I GS01 KLAWZ Tilt KATbIBMMENH
E247 GLOBE F ACT,r, fact about planaa E24A 100 ONLY g auabni
am lo pit) E250 SANTA -ndp Santa conaci OS1 SlRITMDAT HISTORY
Puj |«w ItFMffe pm to agi? M am gsi B In bU * InB « WE ALSO
Any pack conies on 5 disks only £4.95 per pack fo-OUfi FONTS
Pack 1 or Pick 2) various pack I COMMODORE C64 V31 ZX
SPECTRUM 48K Now yOu C3rt t»Uy 100’S ol Speclrum 46K Games on
your Amiga Any Pack below is complete & ready to run on your
Amiga. Full printed instructions provided SffmiiStQUBfflMT
?4fl kPKTftia.WGUBttOWr HU swrttiir.nl GWJWONirnta SPECIAL
OFFER l*i*3pirc»Ml»littS ctnn GawitttflXi .for Orly More
Spectrun games ra«We screen shot from AMIGA 1 NO FONTS Pack (1
or Pick 2) p quality tonts for use witn Opant or Personal
Paints RIOUS CLIPART Pack (1.2 3 or 5) DLOUR WORLD MAP (Pack
1.2 or 3) quality world map iOMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Pack 1.2. 3
4 or 5) quality font for WORDSWORTH or any DTP BINE VARIOUS
OBJECTS (Pack i. 2 or 3) L 30 VARIOUS OBJECTS (Pack i. 2 or 3)
(Pack 1. 2 or 3) use state for which pack above) also stock
many more packs. Ruse Phone The very latest version. Now you
can play real Commodore C&4 games on your Amiga. All packs
below are compteto A ready to play directly on your Amiga.
Printed instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games ..£4.99 C64 & 100 original games ..£8.99 064 & 200 original games £16.99
ISSUE M QW&T C64 & 45 games pack Spectrum V2 & 50 games Vic 20
& 30 games All 3 packs for only £9.99 SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION
11) ©o® assra, Is09*kfcrd6tiis Tvispedrcorra* on «vy large runter
ol itks f39 99 ) MOW ONLY £29.99 |C64 v3 PK4 'I Specal dtei
CM v3 and 45. 100.200 gem pack mlh «r» 55 CtJ f J gms m«rg
400 CC4 games & Jillies data Comes on large njrter !
I at dso • games 1st and oadng toflut Or»y £24 99 | See CG4 or Spectrum advert box ter more det&fe .
:_ _ AGA A1 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING ARE TOR USE WITH AGA AMIGA I EXTENSION DEMO Btovtog dtoio. I.M Mndaup* IM ¦ 'Dieting ctoy, regerd the t*.i AOA dtono I FRACTAL GENERATOR NacMi In 246 cotou I WORKBENCH HACK -tony heeh’topbtonker Me NEW SUPER KILLER kno lenevy A kill 101 iinit muti for m A1JOO own* r Ml NOW ARP V«v Itot demo lor in. A1200 I KLONDIKE DELUXE AOA 130) ttio DMI A1200 etod rour. Indy n card, toe* 1* « only II SLEEPLESS NIGHT 3 I PLANET GROOVE Truly A1200 Dpw I MOTOR INVADER 2 (20) Bitltoni MVAOER gm I POINT OF SC ALT Greet A1200 only (tomot 1 CM ROMAS- Feiny good drmo
LOTTERY WINNER top* lull, toll togrove ,our ehanco ol Binning «
|ac* poL.a0004.UCK AGA241-23* AGA GAME -GALORE AOA 01-11M Ot |
AOA241 PACKMAN AOA the bM pAemm yto AO ATI 2 ROCKET TO • »up*r
ttiruw cion* CilMni graphic to I or 2 ptoy* The is B» Bg one'
Nernty 2CC0 orgnai Asks «rcm fe SORVtARE 2000 kmry rctuM on t
DotH) CO set For me tei just tike a kx* at fxs Dxttes ad«en tx
exanie ol utes I picks when can be land m m CO No krty
Lwjue marw system ktt you mckr* the conxns d boh Cds Bthout ds:
aapqrig. Excetent See betow IXAMfil Of DISKS CAM VIFOUNP ON TMK
Dome 104 oTefftetc AGA«r MINOMIST RAVE pM lyn «to»tc AGA2SE
OXYQENE FMHIK Otmo «UX0 SOMEJUSWCM h» o th* month 294 -
-MUSIC DISKS 18* - DEMOS (Adulti only) 402 « VARIOUS GAMES
DISKS - with on estimate of around 1000 * Amiga games SO LATEST
DISKS OF MAGIC WB 7 BACKDROP. Version foe all Amigas also
indudes 100b Of IMAGINE OBJ. 600s AMIGA FONTS, 100s QUALITY B&W
AM mncmH (IMHAVOt MOVDCD) (Hay direct frooi CD) ¦rain ,ifcnu
rciTvat y mtft nVXmpji [2 MjApioJfirfdati 171 MrTyfuy.vwfVmu
RRP MEW PRICE ONLV £29.99 ? 70p for P4P Pack 3 Arcade Games
Pack 3 Puzzle Canes Pack 3 Card Canes Pack 3 IRAM JAM W II
9919t tort iZdllk) I EXPLOIT 2 DEMO nae. Ellelc ..Mm. I COMPLEX
ORIGIN 2 *.k raquir* 2 dnkdMn I TREASURE OF
(UTANKHAMUN-educttlon tool (LOVE 2 dak-Mnply tolUent DEMOS I
AGA UTIL T A A (2 dlU) More USEFUL util see PAGE 1 FOR MORE
SOFTWARE FOR YOUR AMIGA (10 disks)......only £9.90 (10
disks)......only £9.90 LITTilY Vnout 9s:UJrcp I 4| ...C39» I
Vrieui B»3drop I (2) £1.981 5«iyBicWrop-------1Q99 Maw Amga
Logo 80 £0.18 ksjK Scirary 80 (21 Ci.M CWWUlF K4 n* All new
Space Doubler Eo rl M fcebto t« %a v m K er Nimt 4 Affirm All
ttui for r Cl .99 UFO THE CLOSE ENCLUNTER i& tOOs of real life
documeni of UFO sight- I kid napping & Animal mutilation ft
many Vary interesting read 6 Disk set only £5 99 ALIENS
MULTIMEDIA iimnoxuranMcivBcnijfOegTnci. I , KoxSjr cm* mlUut t
igrry no Mini Ain (ntisi m tact i: ns dan.
In v. hot! :; ittou: mnty by I 9 disk pack only C8.99 I SMELL LIKE CHANEL NOS bollard Mm I fBtof *Yf» ft*PPW 9T 9*9 AIJW I MAGIC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK (5 da*) I AGA UTIL v142 (2) AGA uni compMlion i AGA UTIL V3 A4 (2) moro oI Mom IBOOT- A raneuo vomon A600 EMU I OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 2 HARDOWYE INSTALLER IWB3 HARDOSK PREF • INSTALLER InWaftlng H« CROSS 008 PLUS *8.1 raadfertta PC Htoo HO SUPER LEAGUE 3 -Mini manager game* IllSPf AK I SPEU. - *due«Hyu) taftwus to M 190 TOPS (11 • 0M,yiMMmm I ACTION REPLAY VS - NEW UP DATE TO V4 I0KH" TRKTWY p*pyp! 'r 2J4(Dwi K*ll IFATAL-BLOWm. STREET-FIOHTER 2 MOM
ICWDV CRAWFORD Vod (2 dtok) totod retoee.
I INFESTATION [J took) Th. Utmtlrd AGA demo ICMDY CRAWFORD Vol ft |2dlkA) imung 1173 YIOCO TRACKER AGA-uHimoto demo m»e IMAGK WB EXTRA ve4 I A 2 (Md| UK GM BE AUTWS Vol moro g rN dtoe IFRIDAY AT 8 toctoe. Bollard AGA ton (USASN MULTIWCM AGA pit vlMlng lAB I AUEN FRCNZE 2 ptoyw btooling .pom up I BIO TIME SENSUAL 24«k) SPACE BALL I r A13TO UTIL - AGA TESTER. SYSINFO ole I ACTION REPLAY V« Comptol. ACTION REPLAY
• MAOFKrHTt A 2 brtlnm elra*1 llghtor cion.
I BLACK BOARD AGA decenr knegc proootMX I0UCK CRAB AOA -grab AOA Kiwn PICTURE mo WORLD BEYONDS 1 (2) Moving 2SS COLOUR EGRADER ) A1200 FIX DISK COLLETCION 1 II A1200 FIX DISK 2 COLLETCION 2 IRELOCKIT VI.4. totoM run AMO SO !WARE I A1200 FIX OtSK VOL 2 (near |uly *S| IBM ibo.e an deakgn to mMi any old ASC0-A400
m. igsmM olo 10 noi on yov A1200 A4000 t rOfl AU AOA AMIGA
lo*0 o* Wb 3 Only lMIOM I U-CWfSft th. Beet ch*M progiam g n
eo IimmP. A irwgbyto*. BOIUM graphic I WORKBENCH) SCREEN OrMt
bach drop I ADULT 8UOE Vol 14 (2 I i-rat IFITCMCKvol t .
Fttktr. BtMk .w.k. Sw«J* Pwrlotn Solluir BdOgt. XmnJlU dc
• 90 M OWRI mini ... Ado ton o tol ol 2S credo lor .bov. AGA32I
HOT-BABE * 12) OF THE HOT-BABE PACK Mutoto ot QudHy M.ge ab
ieen A bM* drop AGA2M DESK-TOP MAGIC- 22 tomato* ecroon Won*.
AGA3M WAR OF THE WORLDS -lull 20 gaaas AOA3EO FEAR 2 BnUani 20 graphic pm like AG A3 91 PSSST Am ip. Verekon oi Spocttum gtoto.
AGA2S2 CNLO MUR0CR(4)Horror gmphlc mfnnlur* AGA390 FEAR V BrH.nl 30 game play ,uel Ilk* DOOM an Da TO Gerrenlaad you lmp.au AGA393 PC EMULATOR V2- Lato.1 PC emutottr AQA4O0 HYPER RACE |2| Supar racing gtotoa AGA410 CINOY CLAWFORO (2) nae.
AQA42S MYSTIC DEMOSjT) *8 ncdHfnt drmoy AGA42S ORIGIN 2 |2 OtSKX I AGAiiri SCFiAfl6LE .«o- lull, .un .
AC.A.KT MAGIC WB V2 I AGA202 TUTANKHAM 1(2; E AQA202 PAMLA.ANOERSON |2) IE. Only SeyWetch I AQA3M 60D!SHOP VI13) moig Mlm I AC.A.I31 tiMCZONt (7| V Good gtophi: i AGA30T DENIAWOLf .
BUSINESS SOFTWARE Ur tolkrrH "4 ** -..¦ AG A310 FEARS (2d)- doom. Don. AG A312 JMX (2d) Fonto.ec or AGA313 RAM 2AM THE TASTE DC MO eery -KKM too AGA3T4 ILEX MYSTIC. Nrr AOA demoo Available Now Mow new game pack released due to pcpiai dtmand. Wittiwy of these gimes packs. Know meOy wtiasortof qures you're buying Like our prevttjs packs each pack oomacn 5 dsfcsms using the Utest flsk packer we can put upto 5 games on to one dak So you get upto 2S too games lor crty [4.99 Ail games & mslructions laill run automatkaly when you dk* on tne eon. All games pack contain different games Compatible wth
ALL Amigas.
14. 99 £4.99 £4.99 Non CD rom owner Ttwj pick i? Idwi igr any
Amoj owner «vt o doesn't own a CO rom drwe and wants a large
amount of the -ery latest software at minimal cost These
packs wl be 100% update «&i al new or diPerent sofrAtire on
the 1st ofl every month Ail sottMre are packed using DtA
wtugh has a Of approx 3-1 (up to 30 disks worth ol software
from the 10 disk pack) Highly recommtnded as you will get 3
times more software per tek.
(MiMdMxTOX)tgik*fitf«a«*]irainrQMkrt TOnna! 3 »jk»oYiS X80 CINDY CRAWFORD (2) X74 MADONNA (SEX) (3) X01 SHOWER OIRL 18 DEMOS MUST BE 18 AND OVER WAITS SeOTUNO AND NoflTHEBN BCUND TW BASIC ELECTRONICS VIS (2 Otoh)- For todranc tom £241 MASSIVE OUIOE TO THE MTEMCT V2-2 AdAAje UlhMAhW • U10K) WTO KSTALIFR - ktoU* AKO AMW wltoh to HO U1011 TUKBO AT PROVO |nM WB1 J| - CtoKe cctoAsgu*.
U1012 TEXT ENOINE VS (eol WB1 3l • The yery lto.il Mrdpre.
Ctoctor. Tin I. the fut, U10I3 OURV 2000 - Um ttd. |uto U* • r U1014 TOTAL CCUPS - Oto rrv.gu.r- 1 U10I4 NEW C1CAT DISK V2.1 (2 dhks) - toduton eem. Gtoto. F UtOM ULTRA ACCOUNT - A*e tor very goto eccsuni. Program U1017 PRO LOTTERY 46 - The mry IMM A beto toRery pragrun U101I PRO ORE VHOUNO - Ur* Pro OmtM. Bul tor tog.
UI014 AUTO STIRt0 CRAM V* - LtoMt ItogK eye g«wr«or U1071 tltCTRONIC AOORTSS BOOK U1022 PRO FOOTBALL 1.1 (2) FoottxH prtotOor A* Pro OtoM* U1022 REM DATE - Renrtotoer for Hrpontot dtou U1024 SHAPE 8HFTER Y33 - The «*ry Itoato Mtoc MmAtoer UlUi ME Sir kA 3 • Ito itoW TooAmga dtok oenvertor U1024 HO GAME NSTALUR 4 - InMtol Into, mere gtoh*. To HO U1Q77 SOFT MEKORY - Dowfeft your oompvtor Neoy Thxvwi requr* K) or AMU Gl«« IN. ¦ ry. Ocotomended UIUS MAGIC USER INTERFACE VS I - Uptou io yerwon Li U102S ORIC 44K EMULATOR (not 1 J| Al Itto M tort.
U1020 MSX a CeNRMor V2.1 • (WB10| MSX coaputor on U1021 000 AMIGA CAMt ft toNTS S CHEATS v» (3 0 o(.a) U1027 vwus CHECKER V» 2 Inal W«1 J) - Letoel Q«2* ULTIMATE TOUR TENNIS - (2 CM1 DAM AtoUL - (NOT wfii x, , OSN must THE TTTAtoC - Gcod 20 Adrtoluto grm* OS41 PHANTOM - CtoeHtot 1000dng gtoto* (OWtodw K) GSU KACDONA LAMO frtton ym timlm to Zoo) |nol A1200)
064) JOUST »-Mktol C64 w* Leg. ehe.
A Ml DELUXE OALAQA VSS - Th* very toeto Otoege Hqldy ecn 0*U LAZER RACK - Good Tren typei. Mrmly eMttlv* to piey MAGICWB& EXTRA DISK Tyto • 4 epeto toy b oMto Megc M8 to* EtoJr I » My. «4 M IJ 4*. »!yn ngecked CNR euy to toTto* •% 0k» ft to. Bffir.1 HAG* W9 EXTRA PACK (C1-T2) t--09} VAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (13-24) 2___£7.99 hack: wb extra pack (2wt a_n.99 I A0AZ1 Uftp: MKI Tito toto M C WB to At2C0 UM6 tMffi RB 1.3 »to to to Ito A 0441 Mot Nai«f NANO - tupreb thnto Ckxto |N*no FT, 2) GM3 POK4R MA7AA - N you Id* pdtar (ton IM. M lor you OKI LEATMAL FORMULA - Adrentun *m4* E2S3 BE OWNER TYWNG
TUTOR E244 WoftO P072LE HW • Crwt* CrauWard E2S6 KD DISK 7 - AUM. Uwy fin. •dutslon 1247 A-Z COUNTRSS OF THE WOMLO NEW TITLES I TRASMJNOTR SSKJLAnON - The .
IE ADD 70P OPENING IIMES Friday 17 Nay 10am - 6pm Satirdai 10 Nay 10am - 6pm Saaday 10 Nay 10am - 4pm Check nr web site ee: http: www.iri9-60.uk ilive er email es ei: ilive@iri9.ce.1k f 7 i n 11 ij Ticket HOTLINE: 01369 707766 I Jk A A B s a m Internet Experience The Total Visit Internet Live on 17 - 19 May 1996 at Wembley Exhibition Centre and discover an Aladdin's cave of the most stunning aspects of the Internet and all it has to offer.
Il'S MORE IHAN JUS! AN IXHIBIIION, it’s a complete experience Whether you are connected or looking to get hooked ep, the show provides you with a unique opportunity to unravel the mystery of the Internet and become part of the action, it’s your chance to explore, test, evaluate, compare and find exactly what it can do for you.
Internet Live is your chance to experience an exciting mix of interactive features, free seminars, presentations, advice centres, competitions and a host of special events catering to your every taste and desire.
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BY BRITISH RAIL Wembley Stadium Station located between Maryfebone and Banbury on the Chiltern Line.
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• 2 IICDEFCMIJIINR + Contents System News Andy Maddock looks at
all that’s new in the Amiga games world, and comes up with
surprisingly little. Still, he writes well enough Reviews
Premier Manager 3 Deluxe Gremlin launch their fantastic
football management simulation bundled with the Multi-Edit
System Watchtower OTM’s Commando-like war game makes its way c
on to the Amiga - and it’s pretty good too!
Charlie J Cool Alright, so we may have done something on this during the past.
Just forget about it and read this instead. It's a new version or something Feature Capital Punishment I JjfS We think this is going to be one of the best games of the year. Read what it’s all about in this n JU| four page interview with the game’s producer “ Preview Xtreme Racing Data Disk No sooner had XTR had time to hang its coat up than Guildhall hit back with a data disk . New graphics, sounds - they’re all here!
Alien Breed 3D 2 We preview the sequel to Team 17’s unbelievable Alien Breed 3D. Let’s hope it’s just as good Cheat Mode At last. We bring you the second part of our complerte guide to Flight of the Amazon Queen after about three months of keeping you waiting. And er. It’s not the last part anyway rid s FASTEST AMIGAS are on this page!
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - £299* Cybervision 64... 4Mb - £S99*95 Cyberstorm II 68060 50... 50MHz 69060,0Mb (Expandable to 128Mb) £699* SCSI-2 Module £99* SCSI Fast & Wide Module (April May % £149” SIMM RAM Expansions I'lease caBfor a rungc ( SMI prices 1 Ftguni sbottn art'm MIPS ami taken fim usnpantisxperformance lots using 50MHz 68030 A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb SOMHz 68060 A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR & MMU 0Mb, Expandable to 84Mb 68EC020 A1200 TURBO 4Mb, 32-Bit RAM Expandable to 8Mb Blizzard 1220 4 4Mb Turbo Memory Board Offers by far the besi price performance ratio i
any A1200 52-Bit RAM expansion on the market incorporating everything a good memory board should
- such xs a Rial Time Qodc. RAM expandability. Optional FPU tic
With its Molorob Piacxvir running the 32-Bit FAST RAM at an
.urazing 2KND1Z. The 1220 4 has broken all tlte harriers!
Check the facts fnr voursclf and fit the BEST Amiga A120068EG020 Turbo Memory hoatd available
• Cm be disahled m mu fra full games compatibility
• Integrated 28MHz 68EC020 Qock Speed DouHer for up jo 300%
overall pcrfnrmancc inorac
• Factory lrmllcd & Tested 4Mb 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Lxpandahle to 8Mb wth Blu aud Add-t Board
• Integrated Bonery Backed M Tune Ckxk
• Easy Trapdoor Installation • no modifications required and docs
not invalidate' the .Airaga Warranty
* May Ix* lishkil »uh Nraplr Knsrokc on Htxi tip far Fd Games
Coenpitibuty.. Eien with BotSy 50MHz 68060 A1500 or A2000 TURBO
ACCELERATOR 8t MMU 0Mb • Expandable to 128Mb _ The Blizzard
2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory offen AI500 and A3XX» owners the
some speufnatmn that the Wizard 1260 Tut aciseses hut ato
mdudcs hudt a SCSFZ So. I yxw w« the faun AISOV 3XU around tab
nu (fiXti PoffR fit i Mtaanl Attl in your Amip now1 £179* £109*
1220 4 Turtx) 28MHz 68EC020 (Mb 32-Bit Fist RAM (ExpamLible to
8Mb) £199” Add-4 Board - extra 4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 32-Bit Fast
RAM add-on £169” Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PICC type
£89* The Blizzard 1230 MklY Turbo Accelerator Memory Board it
the hitbett performing 68030 jcceknw available for the A1200!
With its SOMHz 68030 and MMU, the ne. 1230-1%' offer* EVEN
BETTER PERFORMANCE it a LOWER PRICE1 With a Syslnfo rating uf
Ml (mag a 60 Nmweeond SIMM I you can sec die 1230-TV is very
fast , a performance gam ol up to 5004 ts achestd! Opticas via
its Fast Expansion Bus mdude Modules such as a SCSI-2
Controller, industry standard SIMM socket provides fnr up to
128Mb of jutixonfijxrng 32-Bat FAST RAM i or up lit 236Mb with
the SCSI-2 option using its eura SIMM socket).
• Uiy he diuHed nuh Simple Keystroke on Herr Ip for Full Games
GxrpJiMrv. Even with Badly Programed or Older Software'
• Hamm Backed Self Kcduigc Real Time Oat
• High Pttfnmuncc Expansion with Full 52-Bit wide I
• PGA FPU Socket allowing Optional 50MHz. 6ft82 FPU
• Easy Trapdoor Installation - no modfiarioos required and does i
mvakiite die Amiga Warranty 1250-TV Turbo 50MHz 58030 & Mmli
n. Mh 32-Bit Fast RAM (KxpandaNe to 12SMH)_ 4Mb SIMM RAM
Expansion (Fast 60 Nanosecond) 32-Bit, "2 put (Gillfur lar ir
SIMMprices)_ Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PGA type FPU.
SOMHz SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for I23WV and 1260 (With
additional I2RME SIMM socket) THE WORLD’S FASTEST A1200 050
ID0N HARWOOD COMPUTERS Gordon Harwood Computers Limited Dept. A C 0 New Street, Amrtton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 01773 836781 or FAXi Ol 773 831040 ftjl illlAAfllfilfl a AWn A||j dilulllUlBMl ¦¦ Vvil vvllvl lUlVwlll OUR RANGE HAS WON MORE AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER.. What ibe Magazines think.. Dluxanl produos hue unsetenS' aduesed the hgh»t nugumc acrabcks aid awwk AMIGA Sbopprr uhl'Jbe Hia.tnt 1260 u dnfjimf It) hnimr lie uSttnutlt abjnl uf tinUf farMJOO «rnm-- 91% STAR BIT Award .4mgo Computing If you um! Tbe fasten loiiyjo in the lurid, net Out hoard' 92% BUT. (TUP Rating (¦uni Txrmus ¦ Mr Ibr
tested AtJW in lbr 95% GOLD Ratinu Hoiv to Order from GH.. If Wtott Smjl, tM eu1 or*r Sne V»t kleft VISA M«stpu4 Aeosv Sowteh Connta WU AUU *nd Lontunt CredfltXrfc (most 1twi cants' an UmbarJ nj a ion. Cirys M] • WTH NO TuttACTK* SUIOUJKilS' If KMT or MX: lodjdt your run , addna and daynn*WHi9 (ftona.fn nunbar (An enkr drtah f chrprq a cmit'dtfae cant mrlnb mniwr and .aid Vorr.yt ry dau 1 (ml hat runber vrth laitrti until Mitr Ci«tj.*i (plm dkM 1 liyt dNnal Drafts of tatil (Man payabla to Genton Hantood Cenpjtan lantfd CM MtlCIS. Kease rcnenbtr to confinri pnen as cast you are tooting at an
okf miqasrw. Fntn un thwpr (up or do*nl before tht ru aau s unv nontti has passed. Ktasc confirm btdcre stntfng orders by post Kkn Inc Vtf al 173V DftMirr W* oKm prorrft sh*m nt tufty Mured express dttirery optsora faouflbout ft* m. E«H 0 i 4 'HvMsMt at • u»ty Modht tost I! OrdWWj by pest (Mas* call to corfw Mtrery dsargts.
TXKXIT Most rtens are avadabit Worichndt. And ae TAX Imf POCIStonon FC residents and most oversee IX Armed Form Fenom! (nidi C0,» dooment).
2w GH WMIANTY Uanutacluren' standard wrarrantNS apply oc nl about Gkl ttwpnfrewtw ntmdrt tpoom wMi are ihnyi recmwtdad lor pnfmioei lam to mnans coslty dmm bn*. Ask GH ter M dttaah.
News Computers, not porn By Andy Maddock allowing our preview of the excellent Capital Punishment, we received a letter from Mr Siemsen from Scotts Valley in the United States of America, and he wasn't too happy with the cut-out image of the bare-breasted warrior.
"Although I usually enjoy your articles in Amiga Computing, the review on Capital Punishment was offensive. I am not sure who was responsible for displaying the 'bare breasted warrior' picture (what kind of programmers do we have out there, anyway?), but it all points to the area of hypocrisy.
We complain that the Amiga is not doing well because of piracy, mis-management, etc. but as long as there is a constant degrading of women, and exploitation of children, in Amiga software, we have already limited our supporters. I am a concerned Amiga fan, and a subscriber to Amiga Computing.
It is such a shame to see a wonderful tool, the Amiga, used for violent and perverted playgrounds.
There are a lot of Amiga owners who don't bathe in blood or have their brains between their legs. I am Hey look, I’m really Liam Gallagher tempted to ask for a refund of my subscription, bu you are the only connection I have to the Amigc World.'
I'm sorry you feel that way Mr Siemsen. It may haw been slightly childish on our part to present ou readers with such a full-on image of this charactei We feel that sexism will never be completely wipei clean from Amiga Software.
Think back to the early days of computem software such as Barbarian on the Amiga. The bo; clearty presented a damn near naked women slaving to a huge muscular Barbarian. And who about the Leisure Suit Larry series. An adventun game whereby the whole object was to take advantage of women.
Times have changed and maybe it is time to see these things wiped clean from computer games What does everybody else think? Write to us at the usual address. Meanwhile, you can read an inter view with Alexander Petrovic the producer ol Capital Punishment and see what he has to say about it on page 90 this month.
Last month we set a competition called "Hey look. I'm Noel Gallagher". We have already had a couple of entries, and remember there are games are up for grabs as well as a special sound product worth around £100. We won't tell you what it is - we'll just mention it's been lying around at the bottom of our cupboard for a good few months and nobody has used it. So it's yours if you can write a decent song - whether it's just lyrics you playing guitar, piano, whatever. Anything goes. We'd also like to thank the people who have already entered and mention that all the entries we have received so
far are superb. We've decided to extend the final date because we are sure we will be receiving even more, so once again... Come onl System awards Over the next couple of months we will be covering a feature to find the search for the greatest Ami game ever. Ail we want you to do is fill in the following form and write down some answers - just to| register your vote. Have your say in the great Amiga game debate.
If you read the magazine backwards you will have read the preview of the excellent Alien Breed 3D. If you don’t believe the why don't you connect up to Team 17’s homepage and download a demo from their site. You will find a whole host of information of the game as well as playable for others such as Worms. So if you want to try It, download it.
The address is http: arse .arsey arse .arse .c
o. uk The great Amiga game debate Best game
ever: .. Best Software House ever:... Worst
game ever: Worst Software House: ...
Best Newcomer: ..
Address: . Send to: Amiga
Computing, Amiga game debate. Media House, Adlington Park,
Macclesfield SK10 4NP ? Tick this box if you do not wish to
receive any promotional literature New games! Ooh, they’ll all
come out So what have all you Amiga gamesters got to look
forward to over the next few month. We'll tell you...
Championship Manager 2 - we re still waiting for some news on
this. The last we heard was that is was put back yet another
month so it looks like we may hear something around mid April
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - this is rumoured to be coming out
on the Amiga - who knows? More Information next month. We
Legends - this adventure-like game from Guildhall Leisure should be winging its way into these pages next month.
Capital Punishment - we'll have this for you next month, and the whole game will be on show at The World of Amiga show on 13-15 April if you fancy going to see it Tracksuit Manager 2 - we did a preview on this exciting new release from Alternative Software a while Alien Breed 3D - after the preview this ago and we're still month we should also have this next waiting _ for the month - wait and see. Whole thing.
R IXTR Data Disk - also from Guildhall is the reviewable ¦version of the data disk for the excellent XTR.
Total football - this is another arcade j football game courtesy of Domark, I although I haven't heard anything for ages so don't hold your breath.
Atrophy - OTM are back to release the i long-awaited shoot- 'em-up - Atrophy.
Let's hope it's as good as Watchtower ¦it mi i 83 hints & tips Flight ol Thought we'd forgotten?
At last we give you the next part of our solution Amazon Alright! So we may be a little bit late with this second part of the complete solution. It's only because it's taken us this long to actually get anywhere. No, we're only kidding - we're really amazing at games and we complete them in hours. So there.
You notice the coupon Inside the comic has been removed. Use this with the soggy coupon from the plane to view the plans and code for the pocket rocket, enabling you to work out Skip's message.
Now go and find a waterfall and then head east where you' come across the ape. Go south at this point and you'll come upon the missionaries. Speak to Mary Lou and find out how she communicated with the pygmies. Before you leave you must give the banana to the monkey in the middle and then take the coconut from him. Now go back to the ape and insult him which, quite bizarrely. Will Involve him disappearing. After the log bridge you will find some wasps buzzing over a flower, so hoover them up using the vacuum cleaner, pick up the flower, and continue to head east. As you approach the carvings
you'll hear a noise and you must hide behind the little hole. You will see two women appear and they will talk briefly before a sto slides across your hiding place. You will then fii yourself in what looks like a dungeon. One of the men present will give you a glove puppet. F will then appear and she will release y because you are needed to rescue the princ You must now walk around the pool and go west and you'll be at the entrance to the castle.] If you continue along the path you'll find you at the pinnacle. Now you must head towar Trader Bob's.
When you get there you must off Bob the flower you picked earlier and he'll return the favour by giving you a net. I Now go back into the I jungle and give Sparky!
The comic book in return J for a file.
If you go south you will be j able to get a banana from j a tree, and then you must go back to the pinnacle and int the jungle, heading east until y reach the waterfall. Use your net to capture beetle and then go and find the missionaries.] Swap the file for the dictionary and go back to] Trader Bob's and then swap the perfume for the!
On your way out. Talk to the witch doctor and you will discover that he needs some stuff to cure rashes. Give him the vacuum and he'll take out and use the wasps, then break the coconut and give him the milk contained inside. Get a flower from Floda and give it to the sloth who will start to eat it. Whereupon you can use the scissors to cut some of his hair off. Now you can go back and give it to the witchdoctor so he can make the cure.
Once you have this, go back to the jungle and find Bud. He will pay you for the rash cure. Buyo record at Trader Bob's with your money then go back to Floda and talk to the receptionist - yoi must tell her you are the fumigator so she can le you in. If you walk north towards the library you' * the ueen the box inside so head back to the Amazon Fortress where you will be given a horn-like device. At this stage The Prof turns up and insists that Joe must go to Sloth Island. So off you go.
When you arrive at the pinnacle, head towards the jetty. The ferryman reaper will ask for some bait so he can fish properly. Give him the beetle and he'll take you over to the island in return.
When you get to the island, go into the temple and you'll see a statue and some empty storage space, next to which there is an entrance - one of which you should go through. Take away all the bones which are left when you move the decomposed bodies. Now you can go back to the other room and put together a new skeleton in the relevant compartments. Put the arm which is left on the statue, put a coin in the slot, and pull the arm. Go to the entrance and you'll fall down the hole. If you leave the room you will have to go through the right-hand door and head northwards.
Cross the bridge and talk to the zombie-type things until you persuade them to open the tomb.
Now you can pick up the bandages. The women will then disappear. Open up the tomb and take the crown. Cut the vines to repair the pulley, then move It and you'll see a big drop which you must fall down.
When you get up. Use your knife to scrape some sap off the vine and head towards the fountain head, pick up the blue stone, and walk past the lever into a room looking down onto a guy trapped in a cage.
And we'll leave you to see if you can figure out the last bit because we're not going to let you cheat all the way. Come on! Put some effort in.
Alright - if you get really stuck we may be persuaded to print the last part which you can put together with our previous parts and make a nice little booklet. Ahh.
Find some money under a cushion. Use the record on the record player to reveal a hidden lift.
Forget about this for now and go through into the kitchen, and after talking to the cook, give him a banana which he will take away with him. Take the Cheeze Bitz and dog food from the kitchen and take the east exit into the sleeping quarters.
Open the mailsack and take out the letter to Private John. Now you must open the locker and take the toy. Go back to the library and get in the Ift. And once it descends you must open the first door into the warehouse. Take the tin opener from one of the boxes. Now walk up the corridor and give the letter to the guard who will allow you to go into the rooms he was guarding. Go into the first room and remember one of the messages on the table. Leave this room and go into the other, and look at the roster to find out that the guard is guarding Frank's office, and that Henry is going to the
kitchen for kitchen duty. Outside this room you will meet Klunk who will tell you that he was created by the Mad Doctor. Ignore him for now.
Go into the next room and tell the soldier called Henry that he has kitchen duty and that he should see Colonel Jackson, with which he'll disappear. Now you can access the guarded office. Use your knife on the book on the table to prise the book open and discover the key inside. Go back though the door and down the stairs, through the lab and upwards and you'll come to a cell door. Open it to rescue Princess Azura Go into the foyer and take the pencil from the vacant receptionist's post. Use the mannequins to hide yourself and then ask Azura about the code and she'll do it all for you.
Now you must give the toy you picked up earlier to the dog. Who will be nice and content as you open the door of the shed. You can't open SBBM review % Reviewed by Andy Maddock Two explosions over the top of each other. Surely that’s not possible e previewed this game last issue and if you've ever played Commando at the arcades then you'll know exactly what Watchtower is based upon.
A lot of companies struggle to get a foot-hold In the computer industry because they tend to launch an original idea which will only appeal to a minority of gamesplayers.
And that certainly isn't where the money is. The best possible advice I could give to a software development team is take the simple ideas and Inflict new technology upon them. This will undoubtedly appeal to the majority of gamesplayers. One of the all tim greats was Commando - and it wasn't becaus of the technology at that particular time, was all to do with competition. Yo could crowd a good six or seven people around an arcade machine who could quiti happily take it in turns to try to take the top spot on the high score table, and you did manage it yoi would be rewarded witti instant fame
and popularity with your mates and the bird: Er. Only kidding - because youff mates will probably give you a goocj kicking in the cor park for being ‘too good.* Although the bit about the birds is true. CyberArtsi PUBLISHER OTM DEVELOPER CyberArts PRICE £29.95 DISKS 2 HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS All Amigas The briefings screen will Inform you of You have to dodge every single bullet on the what you have to do, so listen up! Screen. If you get shot once you’ve had it One of the main down points to these games can be the amount of sprites In the screen. In the later levels when there are more foot
soldiers and bigger tanks, there is a lot happening on screen all at once. Thankfully. Watchtower doesn't slow down one bit - and that was on a standard A1200.
Each of these soldiers takes two hits to kill and each tank, helicopter or bunker takes a good 10 accurate shots to destroy. However, when you do demolish buildings there will be power-ups waiting for you such as grenades, a shotgun or simply energy - all of them will help you in your mission at the end of the day. Each mission is topped off with end-of-level guardians which are not so easy to destroy because you have to dodge flying missiles as well as ground fire. It all boils down to reactions
- you must be able to react quickly with the joystick while
continually pressing fire. The enemy's bullets are bright
yellow and move pretty slow so you shouldn't have a problem
until later on.
Speed test £ Watchtower excels in its playability. It's just like taking a trip down to the arcade to battle out a good few hours of Commando?
What do you mean “one of”.
I’m the best me - I’m the best in the world me. O' yer wanna fight or summat?
The Finnish development team, are the master- i minds behind it and are responsible for the outstanding explosions and effects. These are truly superb and although they don't make a game, they certainly add to the atmosphere.
As far as plots go it's the same old story. You are in big demand to help defeat some overpowering nation somewhere and your job is to [ face them and basically blow them off the face of the Earth with your pistol... hmm.
It's a sort of heroic story and if you manage j to fulfil it you will be living in luxury and swimming i in money for the rest of your life. So there's absolutely no pressure on you whatsoever.
There are six missions where you must take on the enemy which are all based over different terrains such as the desert, jungle and city. Each one has a varied amount of baddies and end-of- If you collect that power-up you will receive a huge big gun which will allow you to shoot more people. Hoo-ray!
Level guardians. The best parts of fhe graphics are almost certainly the backgrounds and explosions.
The animation is smooth and the sound effects suit the action perfectly.
However, where Watchtower excels is in its playability. It's just like taking a trip down to the arcade to battle out a good few hours of Commando.
Final word I can see people complaining that the originality of the top down, blast-'em-up has been lost - although I don't really care. If you enjoyed Commando you'll enjoy this.
All you have to do is wear a ridiculously woolly jumper along with some tight trousers and some bright white socks, stick some lOp's in your pocket and stand up and play Watchtower - that should bring back some memories for all you kids out there!
T, he story; Charlie J. Cool is cool. A bit I obvious, but the instructions remind me of this fact every few seconds, so review I I _I I'll remind you. He's cool. He wears sunglasses all the time to prove how cool he is. He reads a newspaper called the Cool Times. He's stupid. And following an unfortunate piano meets head incident, he's also quite dead.
Finding himself in some sort of weird limbo, he meets God and realises he's been grim reapered too soon as they don't know if he's Heavenbound or going down. The only way to sort things out is for him to travel through Midway. At the end of this quest, he'll have proved himself worthy of Heaven or Hell and everything is hunky dory. So, God swings open the door and shoves Charlie into Midway. What wonders await our hero? A platform game. That's what the afterlife is like, apparently. Something to look forward to, eh?
PUBLISHER NCR Software DEVELOPER Nevada PRICE £10 DISKS 2 HD INSTALL No SUPPORTS A500 A1200 So, yes, it's not terribly original, but then what is these days? Basically, you've got seven realms of Midway to plough through, with four levels in each. In each level, find a key and get to the far right-hand side of the level to proceed. Each successfully completed level sweeps your brow with a_ special password-shaped duster, there are power ups to fiddle with, and special bonus rooms lurk about the place like great big lurking things.
All well and good. But what unique trousers does this game wear to make it stand out? Well, Secret lemonade drinker In accordance with EC platform game law, Charlie J. Cool features secret rooms. But. Unlike most games, you can’t actually see the rooms, j Whereas most games leave little clues - a sec- tion of lightly coloured wall, a platform that!
Leads nowhere - Charlie's rooms are invisible,.
Unless you find a special icon that reveals their; locations. Not a bad idea but. Personally, half: the fun of a platform game is working out where i the secrets are. Take that pleasure away and It i makes the game even less fun.
Remember that you must prove Charlie to be good or bad enough to go to Heaven or Hell. In each level there are creatures who are out to bite your eyelids and generally hurt you, and there are some who want to be your friend. Kill baddies and your karma goes up. Squish your sicky mates and karma is lost. At the start of each level a meter shows you how you're faring karma- wise and the content of the last level depends on whether or not you're good or evil. Which is nice.I Apart from that though, it's an idea free zone.
There are, however, some bad points. Bad I points which rampage through the good points!
I bet you wish that you were this cool, don’t you?
Charlie J. Cool is only available via mail order.
Send a cheque for £10.
Made payable to Neil Cousins, to: NRC Software Inc. 131 Gunnersbury Avenue Acton. London W3 8LE Cool Reviewed by Dan Whitehead t There are, however, some bad points, Bad points which rampage through the good points like some crazy bison only a tenner, but even this doesn't make up for the fact that after an evening spent in the company of Charlie J. Cool I wanted to tear my hair out and smother him with it.
Final word If you're a fan of platform games and simply can't sleep until you've played them all. Then a tenner is a small price to pay. However, If you're a highly strung person. Avoid this game like the plague. Despite it's pleasant, if rather dull, gameplay, this is strictly for masochists who love to be frustrated to the point of combustion. A pity really, as deep within lurks something quite good.
Oiant springs send you shooting into the air, usually to land on a spike or some simliar trauma like some crazy bison. First up is the satanic stinginess with lives. Three hits and that's it. Game Over.
You can pickup extra lives, but they're few and far between. Admittedly, this isn't a huge hardship as the game isn't overtly difficult, but combined with the other flaws in Charlie's sack of badness it's enough to cast doubts on the game's worthiness.
Flaws like the lack of a continue option. Every time it's Game Over (after only three hits), you I have to retype the password and start the level I again. This soon leads to aggravation, especially I as the collision detection can sometimes seem I a little wanton. And the ironic cherry on top is I that to play the final level you have to play through the whole game without using passwords. That's 28 levels on only three lives. It had better be worth it.
Now after those gripes it might sound like I'm slagging the game off. Well, actually, I am. But I don't want to. Underneath all those pointless annoyances lies a pleasant platformer - it might not change the world but it's fun. At least for a while. In fact, it reminded me of that golden Team 17 oldie, Superfrog. Very similar level layouts, similar controls, similar objectives. The only difference is that Superfrog was covered in nice shiny playable bits, whereas Charlie J. Cool is covered in niggly bits that make you grumpy. It is cheap, at Charlie J Mushrooms, hovering coins, yes it’s
platform cliches all round KH3UB feature This latest Amiga offering just proves that Oasis aren't the only ones making it big across the Atlantic ast month we covered a preview version of Capital Punishment - the no holds barred beat-'em-up created by clickBOOM. The development team derived from a 26-year old. Toronto- based graphic design company by the name of Pxl Computers.
Capital Punishment's producer, Alexander Petrovic. Formed his team from experts in the fields of programming, art and music in 1994.
Commodore's saga was unfortunately taking its toll but clickBOOM braved through the storms and carried on with their project, not knowing what the future would hold.
They were designing graphics until around midnight and if they weren't happy with them they wouldn't pack everything up and go to bed, they would work through the early hours of the morning because the job required dedication - and if anyone has the dedication it’s clickBOOM.
The whole purpose was to create 'ultimately playable video games' that would bring everything good about the arcades to home computers. Namely, the Amiga.
I spoke to Alexander Petrovic to find out more on his quest to bring the world's greatest fighting game to our screens. I began by enquiring about what his job entails: "Before we started work, my job was to find the talents that would produce a high quality action game." He continued: “since n I You can see here how the various frames of the bare-breasted warrior have been strung together then my job has been the development of newl ideas, solutions for problems, and finally to ensure!
The quality of every aspect in the game."
I heard about Capital Punishment about threej or four months ago, but Alex explained It had actually been in production almost a year and Why Capital Punishment?
When developers sit down together and try to dream up some original ideas, these are the most time-consuming moments as ideas are always difficult to come by. I asked Alex how the idea for Capital Punishment came about.
Fighting certainly least not mine.
I was thinking ‘Our first idea was something completely different. When I assembled the clickBOOM team, we sat down and started discussing what type of game we'd like to make. It was immediately obvious that we had to make a fast action game, because we all felt that way - but wasn’t our first choice. Or at show for the world to find out about us, and that's when we believe we were officially established as a developing team."
Before the Amiga show, not everything was running to plan. "On the first day of the show, after the president of Amiga Technologies, Petro Tyschyschenko. Addressed the public, our stand had been covered with beautiful ’clickBOOM' posters, although we didn't have a single Amiga on which to show Capital Punishment because our equipment hadn't turned up." He continued: ‘we managed to borrow one from an employee of an interested company and just as we managed to connect everything up. Mr Tyschyschenko paid us a visit, we showed him the demo, and he was very impressed - especially after hearing
that It worked perfectly on a unexpanded Amiga A1200.
About a 3D game where the player could control a bunch of Commandos through the jungle, the goal being to assassinate different criminals and drug lords hidden deep inside the jungle. However, the rest of the team thought the game wouldn't be action packed enough - and they were right.
We tried it and it looked OK but I realised it shouldn't be our first game.
Consequently. Capital Punishment was eventually born.
The purpose was to create ultimately playable videos games that would bring everything good about the arcades to home computers 5 half. ‘We are paying attention to a lot of detail SO that it would be playable and long-lasting."
After the president of Amiga Technologies visited, the public began to spark interest. ‘By the end of the day, we were giving away free demo disks to all who wanted them. On the Sunday we had a Capital Punishment tournament. Two brothers managed to reach the final, with one emerging victorious after seven rounds. He will receive a free copy of the game once it's available in Alexander believes their big break came at the ‘World of Amiga" show in Toronto last December. "Although we started working back in 1994, only a few people knew about us. I felt that exposure at such an early stage would
slow us down, so we waited until the World of Amiga I H _ if MM 1 Eighteens only As we've already seen, the game is violent. At the moment Alex thinks Capital Punishment should carry a certificate. “It will certainly be more violent than the demo everybody has already seen. We do not want kids to buy this game, it has been intended for mature audiences because the style of fighting is real - there’s no flying, extending arms, turning into hurricanes etc. Capital Punishment is realistic and that's what scared some of the people within the industry.
Capital Punishment received only a few letters about the disapproval of the game content - however, these weren't targeted at the violence but at the girl: “If you think your parents would object to seeing a bare breasted women with a whip, as she Is in the demo, please do not buy the finished game because she is a nasty character."
ClickBOOM will probably be noted for being totally committed to the Amiga because they are one of the few who have braved through even the most challenging of times: "We had a choice of rushing the game for Christmas or taking time to do things right. Basically, there was no option. All we wanted to do was make the best fighting game and there was only one way to do rt - sit down, work, and try not to think about the time.
So, in the end we did not try to make Christmas, although by now the game will be twice as good and I think the players will appreciate that.
TWO of clickBOOM's developers are actually kick boxers, so you can see how accurately they have drawn the moves Capital Punishment passed with flying colours.'
Obviously, in Canada the games market is certainly not what it used to be - especially with the Commodore episode - so I asked about the games scene over there. “At present, most North American computer users do not have the slightest idea what the Amiga is. We don't really have many Amiga stores here anymore. Since Toronto is stores." Following the feedback they received from everyone involved, Alexander saw the show as a valuable experience. “It gave us an opportunity to talk to players and, as a result, we were able to gain some valuable input as to what the public would like to see
in the final version.
Moreover, the show served as a testing ground for software bugs, and we are happy to say that Stopping piracy One of the major issues affecting developers and publishers alike is, of course, piracy, and Alexander also believes it is unfair: “We are thinking of using a new scheme. If the protection detects that a game has been copied, like a virus, it starts spreading information on other disks and programs without the person who pirated it knowing what is happening. It would start causing minor and then bigger problems with software.'
The current Amiga games scene is reputed to be at its weakest level, so it seems odd to be planning and releasing such a huge game. “We will see what happens with sales. If the best fighting game for the Amiga does not sell well, then all Amiga users are in real trouble because that will mean pirates have really killed all hope for good Amiga-specific games."
The main competition for Capital Punishment will be Body Blows. Mortal Kombat and Shadow Fighter, but can Capital Punishment offer us something new? Alex believes there is not a single fighting game more playable: "We tried to get away from the mainstream Amiga fighting games where you have a lot of characters, with only a frame or two per move. Those games look like cartoons and play like that too. Capital Punishment, on the other hand, is real combat - you have to learn tactics. We tried to create a real atmosphere in the game through our special effects so you actually feel part of the
scenery. Capital Punishment win offer Deforming shadow effects, lighting effects, subliminal hit screen-flashes, different traps on different levels, hand drawn frames for 25 per second, stamina and fatigue. And this is just what we've put In the demo.
The remaining features will be have to be kept a secret untfl the game release.'
O o Cv rv o nr A AAA Making games is the best job in the world for all of us, and you can see that from quality of the game 5 0A | «, You can see here how the designers have used wire frames to base their characters on W * • • - A. ! *• s' s' 'A A .••V -yv ft , f The background scenes are probably tho best seen since the Shadow of the Beast series
o big city we are lucky to have several Amiga I stores, but in
any smaller town. Amiga hardware [ selection is non-existent.
If they do need a piece of software or hardware they really
don't need stores on every corner - they will find their
product and mail-order it."
In my opinion. Capital Punishment is already looking outstanding, and clickBOOM are already I considering moving onto other formats such as the PC. Playstation, and Saturn. “Our original plan [ was to have Capital Punishment on the Amiga I and then, after a year or so, on other platforms.
I That's how it's been done with all important [ games developed for the specific system. After [ the initial hype of six months to one year, they I produce a conversion for other platforms.
; This seemed the right time to mention what I they thought the future may hold for them. “The 1 topic of the Amiga's future has been the focus of I much debate. Two years ago. Most people were Iconvinced that the Amiga would not survive a I year without Commodore. Well, here we are in [ 1996 and that prediction has been proved false.
The Amiga is alive and well, users still adore it, and we now have the best fighting game ever."
Alexander believes there is enough talent out there to produce plenty of games during the I year: "When we began our project we ignored the scepticism that was present within the Amiga I community and decided to solely concentrate ; on work. It was our opinion that the Amiga, quite ; simply, could not die.'
Final word I asked Alex if he had any final thoughts.
“Making games is the best job in the world for all of us, and you can see that from the quality of the game. However, the road to Capital Punishment was hard, but also very entertaining. It's obvious how much we enjoy this work and we will always take time to think and produce playable and enjoyable games."
The finished project will feature modem play, more special effects, upgradeable moves as you progress, sampled speech throughout the game, and some configurable options such as stopping the two fighters passing each other on-screen so they can push against each other, and timed fights.
We will hopefully be able to bring you a full review of this already eagerly awaited game very soon.
Preview Previewed by Andy Maddock £ The whole disk consists of the editor and you will also be able to use graphics boards and set the number of colours and even multitask There are a series of cosmetic additions which „ consist of beefier explosions. Two completely new weapons, four player joystick support, saved lap times, and updated presentation screens. The full tracks are Hell Below, Lurve Land. Gotham City, Duplo Bricks Land, and the Babylon 5 World.
As I mentioned it's going to be released pretty soon.
The finishing touches will be applied and then you can update your copy of XTR to improve it even more!
Insight Dwo months ago we reviewed Guildhall's excellent racer Xtreme Racing. We awarded It quite rightly 91 per cent because of its excellent playability and the multiplayer option. The graphics weren't particularly outstanding and featured some mad touches such as being able to race against a sheep, but this is what made it so unique and original.
But with a data disk being announced by Guildhall Leisure, we’ll have to wait and see if the silliest has just got sillier.
Usually we wouldn't cover a preview of a data disk but we felt you had to know about this because it was such a good game. Basically, the data disk features some beefed up graphics for the A1200 and it's due to be released soon.
So if you've got FastRAM you're in for an extra special treat.
When we previewed XTR about three 'months ago the development team weren't sure whether to include a track editor, and when the reviewable _ version appeared it was clear it had been put to one side to add to a data disk in the I future. Well here it is. | The editor is I obviously the main I addition and you will be able to re-| design all the bound-1 aries, computer car I routes, drop down points, I surfaces such as road, water and grass, and finally you!
Can add your own I secret paths.
The whole disk con-1 sists of the editor and I you will also be able I to use graphics I boards and set the I number of colours I and even multitask I You will be able to I design the graphics completely rather than just the tracks and will be able to select palettes and so on. There will also be a full on-line help as well as a quick start guide, and to top It off there are five new predefined tilesets and object sets which even include Elvis!
4s you can sea, tha track editor will be a suparb adition which will give you endless opportunities to play XTR BLACK hr !I)MP4M0 i icnsimiiuum M 10*9.1*241109TI 2*9 dtiMn ITMVLSPIfrS.tfl 249 (otnmofare MPS 122*123* Kpvo„ I OIOO i iMwiikiWi i tXMMtXKFX 1 AttO Efm FXAtX RXIMTXiMXIM* BaUHH Nunorunnn la*. 8*81 NEC PtoirrltCT P’iW OKI MM82183 I92 I9V195 id! Ft 189 174 i j| XT* 5.55 12* 114
3. 00 1*5 1M 171 XI4 1*9 a a K3 nut
6. M J *5
9. 78 *0 943 *.48 ft a 154 134 4i4i 4 -Ml 5J5 5.15
1. 94 IJU 165 145 151 HI 17* 15* lf*.& lii Qj
5. 65 S3 £5 m
9. 28 %M I1VI 124*1140 k PI9WkllMWl$ 92 Hnunw si mw Star LCIMMM
Star I.C200 Stir IclklQOW T*un Kjci KP8IMIX9I*9I5 CrinaS Piomm
KXRIUQIM Star 1.0*2*10* Sur LC200 Star LC24.WM0 DS DD DS HD 10
Disks £5 £6 25 Disks £10 £11 50 Disks £16 £18 I Otl Disks £29
£33 250 Disks £65 £76 500 Disks £125 £148 1754 each 1113 each
1140 rach
16. 00 each 1113 each 100 Cap.
I ckablc Disk Box
15. 99 with orders of £10+ PrvTor matted i MS-DOS i dbXt a.aiUhle
at 2? NtrWdhk.
All Disks Certified 00% Error Free and INCLUDE FREE Labels.
3. 99 199 Roll 10110 3H" Disk labels 3V Disk ( leaning Kit
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• • shit!
Of b a Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 9DG fOTTEMHRH 1 T HORST MED!
2 AUSTIN 3 EDINBURGH 4 FOX 5 SCOTT 6 HRBBUTT 7 ANDERTON 8 ROSENTHAL 9 ARHSTRONG 10 SHERINGHAM 11 SINT ON mvimw riiiyiz it Fin| run BOOKED LIVERPOOL S BTORNEBVE 7 COLLYHORE 8 HALTERS 9 FOHLER 10 RUSH 11 THOMAS FULL TI 89 FOMLER Tottenham against Liverpool is always a game which provides many goals - except this one Reviewed by Andy Maddock Premier 3 Deluxe ixtiier o MUMDllHO :*• i2S5ViSc Vcsm
• --i coMCtoro 6»tc IFRH RATING r nprRO The team selection is the
same as it has always been. You can access all relevant team
details from this screen at my local side Stockport County and
from then I on I failed miserably, When Premier Manager 3 came
along I knew I that after two previous versions, if anyone
could I strike up the perfect game then It had to be I Gremlin.
So what exactly is Premier Manager 3 Deluxe? I Well, it's a like a luxury version of Premier Manager I 3 because it comes with the much fabled Multi I Edit System which allows you to alter everything in I the game, be it team names, player names, rat-1 ings. League structures - the lot. Also, the actual I editor has been around for some time but only I now have they decided to bundle it in with the I full package.
I think a Premier Manager 4 version of I the game isn't the answer because surely I Gremlin would be pretty hard pushed to find completely new ways of presenting the same I footboll simulation. Consequently, I think the right I When Premier Manager first came out I remember playing it for around 12 months non-stop - unfortunately I'm __ not kidding, I managed to take then non-leaguers Wycombe Wanderers to the height of Division 1 football and when my contract expired and I took on the job at Manchester City, over the next few seasons I managed to win every domestic and European trophy on
offer. This was the exact point I thought "Right! Where's my social life gone?"
About a year later my appetite was to be dangled over the freshwater lake that is Premier Manager 2. Although underneath the same game existed, it featured some superb match sequences and generally it had been polished up graphically. I didn't spend as long on the second version, mainly because I'd seen it all before and it was just too damn hard. I managed to take Halifax Town to Division 2 when I was offered a job PUBLISHER Gremlin Interactive Realms of Fantasy E3E £tba E 3 D Yes ebb All Amigas DISKS HD INSTALL SUPPORTS A All change The Multi Edit System is based along the same lines as
the actual game. The icons appear at the foot of the screen and you can cycle forward and backward through the various values by the left and right mouse buttons. In all you can edit the teams, managers, kits, players, ratings, ground capacities, ticket prices, ground name, safety ratings, and league tables, and you can even edit how long you'll be out for a broken arm. You can also edit your start position so you don't have to begin your career in the conference -
r. nnnnnck lflTH: PREflXER LERGUE ueek s :nnnony
- j you can zip straight to the top in the Premier League. The
whole system Is really easy, efficient and user friendly
because you can swap players.
Usually in editors you have to enter all the new data via the keyboard which would take absolutely years, although in PM3 MES two teams appear on screen and you can select with the left mouse button and swap with the right. It's that simple. If you can navigate the actual menus in the game you'll be able to update the information.
4 It's like a luxury version of Premier Manager 3 because it comes with the fabled Multi Edit System Manager You can output any of these screens to the printer so you can look over your team’s performances in great detail idea was updating all the information and re- releasing it. So if you haven't already got it you can buy the whole updated game, although if you already have it you could invest in the Multi Edit System and update it yourself - if-you have - the time.
There are no additions to the actual man ogement side itself - the new 95 96 teams are the only addition. For Instance, you will PRFnTFR 1 Frr.lir TORI F P* CLUB m NC P H D L f a i TBIinoMM 9SOO 7 2 2 0 1 S 9
* 2 0 7 S
* 20 a « t 2 O & 4 t t t 4 2 1 vl 4s you can see, Liverpool are
unusually placed around mid-table - although they'll probably
still win the championship now find Juninho at Middlesbrough,
Asprilla at Newcastle, McAteer at Liverpool, and all the
updated league structures and rules. On your substitution bench
you can have three outfield players and sacrifice the
goalkeeper entirely from the team, therefore if your keeper
gets injured or has to take an early bath you will have no
other choice than to stick an outfield player in goal.
Considering how well Steve Nicol did for Sheffield Wednesday and Vinny Jones for Wimbledon, I wouldn't bother.
r. wnv mu i m, 2 tun me citMciig i«m .nuim. nvrnnbi iolc MUI
lICNff 19 IE RUM I dlPntdV G7M Final word Right. I am going to
award this game on the merits of the package itself, not as a
sequel to the original Premier Manager 3 because It's no
different. Do not buy this whatever you do if you already own
Premier Manager 3. Otherwise go out and buy one today!
¦iy llll 97 SxcCu&LVC PT* (ACI First Floor Ofliccv V,Coltsfool Drive. WaWHooville. Hants W 7 K| J + 44 (01705) 642409 HHQ howt6(!)rder Payment gladly recieved in Cheques. Postal Orders, or by Credit Debit cards. Send to the address listed or telephone anytime and leave your order details.
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World £1.50 per CD All orders depatched by FIRST CLASS mall on day of receipt wherever possible.
Telephone at any time and leave your name and address (Quote Cl Amiga) and request our CD-ROfi brochure completeley FREE o!
Charge. You'll also recieve regula CD updates with special offers etc | FI LICENCEWARE VOLUME 1 £29.99 The FI Licenceware CD ROM cnemim eve f t tide from I through to 100 The tnttware ¦hit CD it worth well over £500 if bougi package. Lltimalr Quit VI . Words Phi Pro. Originally valued it
115. 00, loflmi • a God soalcgy game, RcMo uf Lvldroncyt one •!
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Game level maps. Famous speccy people and over MX) computer screenshots Hase hours of fun with ihc best loved computer from ytHcr-yMD. Be prc-purcd to ipend »celts looking tlwugh all Die games, utilities, information, maps, and pictures of this classic computer. The perfect choice for anyone interested in the spectrum computer and if you want to convert your own games from tape then this disc will tell you how (req resisted version which is not supplied on the disc i. ¦ SEXY SENSATIONS
18. 99 Contains a special menu system from which you can disnlay
all the Files. As you scan through all the files on ihe CL),
your cursor high lights the selected picture and its
display ed on screen Images arc stored in GIF formal and
viewers provided, but not nescessry as there » an cxcellcni
menu system. Works with all machines from workbench 1.2 - 4.x
from Hr dttks Citwana cow mg Vim. Archiv leg. Cataloguing
cCvks, Directors. Fde Viewers.
Help. Copiers. Mouse UtiU.
C A I) Magic Workbench On filing Folucutineal. DTI* umi business. Thr list is redleu. NEW menu system (ur case ol use.
NEW workbench eniininmfnt Works with ALL amigas with CD capability c» wTCam** pSttuatst i uu. I tmulm far AlmBittti: CCS. Ap.hr Apxdspw Ai-.iUrr.--il Asts»s. Bills TniMlo G.ik. Hfstf Nlirav' ASIA, O.n I.vl Itomn, it.iti.ll.
D. cr,, KickOlA All A 1-iru.l Mua.hr .sc I'nocL Mti y N*utr Ou»
AGA. OkcsstMi tWolX-.c Galrtm »lh« rfavti UIX nihr uw vsh .Ini
• if IVI- n*u*UH In Mu lie .r»*i ! ! « .u il vvnsnsmx?
Pol sve »«tl Mliisifcusc Gianl bit. Alluv* tm I"
- Vujt 'hr wrwSr ii. Us us IV r»S jt U« rtc up iw m Wli is U
ivr d *u IftlO taoumtuiiin nttuaoskt. EDLCAIIQML I r.Mhr
-m.fanri viihr gliycis utirsi mow FAST foil ik iVfc knWksT
Habfci fa*, hi* duon eifiitr Ihil sou tit uUallr lonltol hi
• •ui.I.Ki ihrrr i i ir-ik-' ls» ur.«*» sm) In i ln'sSFOvr|T,Im.
Ihuirr: ¦ »» anglkvll.
• hum il VtfT M IV Irsc 111 I* hr i anprupnU V. Oiws. T nh.ro. m
hirsnrr, |dpi moiira*ibnonw Nul) r*r r«»rJ a! M| in me III U FX
TV pn»iiuinri liuxisri tov’j.ysrRj'AW Ihr Onr ftrt Irll vJirMui
Atf-MtC Thr ms« Ulf t-mrS Ihr Ufrserrt aliertm . -rrjuih
Inlv.-rr.ul Or jtrvr vt OumVb If vuh ran vr«ini s rt
V. i ivhlw lew cpmci* it IV I vs. of Ihr ffann Tsri* *t t vrnri J
ipimr.ti.ti jtl ru-»ir .iMli I&e£sFzSss&'t"’'' CM
MDYMQTCAlOSrT V : i « i*.-.«Js
I. M.I » 1114 IIM ftkirMT Elmkwr***, (wnvnnKMCMmrvTiii U« BOOS
SHOT l Aktnrr Mill lilt. a do H&7 irtX&lw l Aitmrnflru n VW.
£7.99 It’s Ihe one vou’vc all been screaming for it's available SOW!
The sequel to one of the most (ropular
l. icrnccwurc titles EVER. A point and eft Mvlf advrnlurr
comparable in Monliy Wand. FANTASTIC!
For PageStrcam or Wordworth (please stall Pack I 204 fonts £ 12.9 Pack 2 208 Fonts £1Z« all 26 disks for £19.99 SFMI r«».iiUL ten Biglms Tiuik A C.OC I £*M UW ll.v Troi. Cun.enihlr A Dkk DMUnlly UB StftBJ let. Drepicr. Kelun Robin A Sloei £4 95 SfOM l-Ui Cainurh. Hi* Itii.n RiUy. [ inr IV«. U SMB -SfsTi'* Tmllry, Milk Pina Hrthc Iwrn W«t SPUR Fiilrrjriv, lttlii. psrr Hying Saucrr, St.rmhkl assaasBr“»,; Co.r M kr-rl rtMlmri - M Irwirwi h*fa alrvti mb*, t'fk. .1 p.nk. Vi. In pin. MU vnaci llitvl cnrh.i. .ismJ .
Ra ;ss-c2SftE,*isr sic si . .llusklr It* fiom ihc u si FoiUuv. Tv tiro Assijs ul.ivlui. I.uur S&uSffiiiSt Minisitc.i*. , »c«W *(uli Iw bm il t*f *f Etamm.e tit am it Its* VS:-, mt Iton vm tsfiu r.. la lS81HU!«»«.'SS£,nt£C. - On.si XMMtaur. Unvlwuc Ixu It? I«™ v.utir. !!?» »U’, U“ftAtf ilSr iit ISKtfXKi.
Uuum I U.IM.I.Ills, W iiMUI irWM I 4 n»m. ACA UTILITIES snt taiisM iniikiiMi i A hrfism. MMt si ctrsws. ArV-n usJ .iMIsg rs nun. Iwhm ¦«« sssis. Hgtiisc. ...s. * sMfc WA,ftjr'A'~ - A Is iv. I.« io VI m ivtr ihwi m snasnsfai In ¦ rsssr i* mt ipsi aslsil vrrk -hi lb 4k tod hn ' rc&m MAL r, as, A (ollfdlra uf lM|«f nlfMi ahM| tin thr** a Xwt*f lN, JT’W.'fWiifafa, As spiwr V 0*r ol thr l»*l lirtrry Jfift.i. « iu Mtf&funvFMii&rdmM rurrul in Mg mu Hi honn* ItmCui aiih OmI Thn pKUp m •»* term Tkja Vi it««i t|) *i»*n The micw rfiiMi lha Mono. Si« Trtk Thr Nfi» GrnrtftiiuB. Si« Tr*
Wf&'&SM'iMlVMS'A fosts vtffrtittiSVTZiVo'ass;**" A *wtr ssrtrl. Of ut*0r Iwsv fat ¦( Mh El m* atm mnao *Uh LOTS «f am in l! Sr» go r« f “™ 1 L LATEST G AMES iTlNULkHl Fuii I K d«-A laijuvr u*l «*s Vi.ki An ,aT wo M«* cslrt ».¦*. uJ Uiftuers ls.lvUr ll.iirr. Sc* A «ci i4 koM fit ihr Sr*k.*a t -Ufr. An sj ni. A saw tor sr* uMIK 1.1 il.ui bsrmrr W rot
U. v w* i IiMt Alfa I l» Alrsfx yt: n&*iuT8hM .'Vi'YtiW ” A
.i4»tt»n ul AirIBMh kdM. Krtcd XsufAic ft ihe fWini Aiat it*
tofiKMum hn «hm An ia«dk iWsUTiVWktZii.'iiiZit***, Alii*. Jw»
V pi u* wU rmrihj mi ihr Vucwi m i liniMii ii* 'sstttiS- i
t mt IMAGE I-M.IM1JI V LI ISMt ;Thh” uid'i*u'lArn«i
tmKUtvatuer Ihe txwj lirtf mtmmi id the tfilry that ruNii j n
* 1 to Hr Wrrtl IktOc Vhrh ml un ml the Unclt Inur krnvwof «ilh 4
toiflf of ifnniiiir ih-.’vt 10 lit freO neaurr Iff tall tndr»
n. u!n| f»,ttoxvrimwM ': WiiflkSfi! TVfSZT' ur.-fi Slow
AHMIn »« mman( nut trfrt ihtViis'nfiti* i vu amC ‘ J' u» .
U uv ».n wbi on. Ipeg. Rtrr bmf. Em*.
I'WttfliWi'Am . DO.A KAMI Twm - .
Tclrcoaiuaciuuia fwpu* Jotnnl !oi b* with imnmsstrtnuMmiiini ur tlNLUttUl T2AI1M.I faiia i fa Wu rt! WmUim tw Ur.rfapn] a 'ST
n. f’ need a basic 1( of your AMOS AGA EXTENSION £3S AMOS
Intuition ExtensI £3.99, AM0SZINE 10 £5.
Loads of graphics, sound files, hini tips, tutorials, and lots of source CO preview he first Alien Breed was a phenomenal success leaving gamesplayers gasping for air - and not only this as last month it was awarded ‘Best Doom clone on the Amiga' when we compared them all to find out the true champion.
Alien Breed The Killing Grounds Finally an early version of the sequel has ed and we con now answer a question ilch has plagued computer journalists for years.
[Are sequels as good as originals?
Some may argue that the developers have ped their toes In the water and tested the jmperature. So they now know if they should put [it back in. Some find it just right, some find it far too hot. (That's a good analogy - I just made it up.) If the temperature is just right a sequel may be in order, although this may stray away from the original too much, producing not so much a [sequel but an entirely new game. To the other Previewed by Andy Maddock extreme, they may want to keep the basics of the original game and just add some features here and there, so the sequel may not warrant a full
release. It's a difficult job to manage a sequel but If someone can do it. It's got to be Team 17.
You are still Captain J T Reynolds from .Allen Oh no, those big beasts are gonna come around the corner any second and I’m not ready 6 From what we've seen the game is looking absolutely superb. Alien Breed 3D 2 is better than Doom ?
You can see from this screenshot that the graphics are better than Doom on the PC or Playstation preview Right! I'm soaking wet through and my gun's gone all funny on me. What do I do?
Breed 3D and have awoken on the medical bay of the giant battlecruiser which was sent to destroy your previous vessel Osiris 3. This giant battlecruiser is, in fact, an alien spaceship.
Ooh, this Is a scary alien bit because It looks like a scene from the film Alien After hunting around you find a teleporter which instantly transports you to a nearby planet. You then re-appear in what seems like a courtyard with crumbling monuments hiding an alien base. Your job is to explore and then destroy.
As with every Doom game, the norm is for your weapon to dangle feebly at the foot of the screen - and Alien Breed 3D 2 is no exception. The guns have been beefed up so much, you are likely to feel sorry for the beasts you've jus happily splattered across the wall.
A feature which will undoubtedly put the finish ing touches to a superb game is a level edita You will be able to design your own levels to pier against friends or even upload them to Team 17 homepage so other people can play them.
The part you've all been waiting for i obviously, how it plays and, more importantly, is better than the original? Well my answer to tha question is... yes! From what we've seen tht game is looking absolutely superb.
Alien Breed 3D 2 is better than Doom. If you tn playing Doom on the PC for half an hour and thef play Alien Breed 3D. It will come clear which one is the best. After all. The Doom phase on the PC slowly passing and it may be time for the Amige to get in there.
Reflections Insight I have only seen one level so far but it looks so much better than the original, it's difficult to believe they came from the same publishers. Oh, another thing. You don't have to take my word for It either - why not play it yourself. If you hook up to Team 17's World Wide Web page you can download yourself a copy.
You won't regret it.
Wotch this space for a full review soon. You may witness the coming of one of the greatest games ever on the Amiga.
As I've already mentioned. Allen Breed 3D was huge success and this is exactly the reason producing the sequel. Team 17 have had time!
Reflect on what they could have put in and whc they could have taken out, so with new ideas their minds, what is in store in the future?
Alien Breed 3D 2 will incorporate 16 massN levels, with a Lo-res screen resolution for standard A1200 and a Hl-res lxl pixel ratio f accelerated machines. You can switch betwei resolutions using the numeric keyboard and a also reduce and enlarge the screen size to ho you prefer. Also, there will be graphical touch such as light sourcing, gourad shading, and traf parent objects which should make for absolute graphical feast.
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gates. Multiple logic levels end drive permit realistic
circuit behavioc £19.95 IncludesP&P
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• 0,1, X (unknown), and Z (float) levels
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• Arexx support for simulation scripts
• Arexx Shell (or interactive simulation Comes with AmigaGuide®
Workbench 2.0 or greater required.
Ploaso Mod enquiries or postal orders to: Chris Sterne, 1111 West 7th ave.
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availabl Paul Overaa shows how the Amiga Magic Packs can help
Assembler programmers How to read and write lines from text
files courtesy of Paul Overaa Phil South looks at Internet
communications and how things could change in the future
Frank Nord continues his thoughts on computer graphics with
RGB and CMYK Buttons and sounds - the final part of Phil
South's look at multimedia creations The good, the bad and...
Paul Overaa looks at recent event in the Amiga music world
Following on from last month, Steve White helps you draw the
anatomy of man What does the US military have to do with
video? Read on and find out In part one of a two parter, Paul
Austin shows you how to build a 30 spaceship AMIGA CD32
MjtnsflH's Grand Prix. K240 and Bari Simpson (tor any Amiga)
QUICK JOY FOOTPEDAL FOR AN AMIGA lor uso with mosl car racing
gamss Works n oon|unction with slnonng wheel or joystick OR
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QE El SALES ENQUIRIES: 01384 77172 Megatronix Software, 21 Tiled House Lane, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 4LG Would you like to see the menu?
Epilogue Prank Nord finishes menus off with a look at some of the more useful menu-related tools I like the idea of an epilogue for this series on menus. It kind of reminds me of The Invaders with Roy Thinnes or The Fugitive with David ™ Jonsen, the way the program would always be divided into three parts and an epilogue. Well, this is where I'm going to tell you about how to get the most from your Workbench menus now that you know what they all do. All the programs that help with menu use are thankfully shareware of one sort or another, unlike the utilities I have seen for the Moc which can
do the same as Magic Menus, but retail for eighty quid.
Starting points So what shall we start with. Well, how about Magic Menus since I've already mentioned it. This was written in the dim and distant past by Martin Korndorfer and it still performs brilliantly. In case you’ve never seen it. Magic Menus allows you to get your menus without having to move the mouse up to the top of the screen. Instead, your menu titles appear in a vertical block and by moving the mouse over them, you can open the menus, submenus and so on. You can configure the way it looks and whether this affects normal menus (when your mouse does travel up to the top of the
The only problem with Magic Menus is that some programs (like Dpaint) that patch right mouse button functions can have problems with if. However, getting the esoterically-named NewObtainGIRPort should sort out those troubles.
Next up is a MUI program called ReKeylt.
ReKeylt allows the user to replace the keyboard shortcuts used for Workbench’s menu items so that instead of Right-Amiga A being 'Select All', it can become the for more useful 'Snapshot All*.* Likewise, Right Amiga U can stop being the shortcut for 'Unsnapshot', a function I very rarely use, and become the shortcut for 'Update' in the Window menu, which I use on a daily basis. Fortunately for those that only hove a small amount of memory, ReKeylt doesn't have to load any of the MUI libraries unless you are actually in the process of changing your preferences. And so we go on... Next we hove
two competing commodities - the small but perfectly formed MCX and the larger, but also perfectly formed MCP. Now, I prefer MCX's smallness. Okay, it's not so easy to configure, you have to change cryptic tooltypes to be able to alter the settings, but it takes up very little memory, By contrast, our coverdisk editor, Neil, prefers MCP because it offers more configurability, more options, but thus also takes more memory. Of course, like ReKeylt, you don't have to load MUI's libraries if you don't edit your settings, MCP olso offers things like ToolAlias, screenmode promoter, and various other
tools that would be quite difficult to configure through tooltypes with MCX. Both help you with menu-related Workbench operation by allowing you to copy and paste text into the text requesters that appear when renQming or executing a command, among others, and MCX beefs up the Info requester in the Workbench menu as described in this column a couple of months ago.
And finally... But wait, don't go. There's more. We're onto the biggies now. The two utilities that expand the Workbench tools menu, ToolManager and Toolsdaemon, are indispensible for serious Amiga users. ToolManager, in its current form at least, is a somewhat overcomplex commodity that adds new items to your Tools menu. You can have animated docks, sound effects playing when you start tools, and on and on. I still use the very old ToolManager vt.3 which doesn't have any of those bells and whistles, but is easier to set up and doesn't take as much memory.
Toolsdaemon doesn't add anything to your Tools menu. It allows you to create as many new menus as you like (or that can fit on your screen] with or without submenus. Both programs make full use of Workbench's drag and drop facilities, so you don't need to laboriously type in paths to your programs - all you need do is drag the program you want to add to your menus into the interface window for either program. Swazlnfo is another utility often mentioned within these hallowed pages. It replaces Workbench's information requester when you hit Right Amiga I, or select Information from the Icons
menu, and improves on it considerably.
One of the handy things it does is supply you with information on how much data is contained in a drawer. This isn't wholly accurate, but at least provides a guideline - handy for people copying files to floppies. Swazlnfo also provides drag and drop facilities for replacing icon images or tooltypes by simply dragging the desired icon image or tooltypes into the appropriate section of the information window. Swazlnfo helps you edit those pesky tooltypes too. You know how you can disable tooltypes sometimes by putting brackets around them? Well, Swazlnfo has an automatic bracket thingy to do
this for you.
There are almost certainly more tools and commodities that can help you with menus, but these are the ones I use the most. You should be able to get any of these commodities from your local friendly PD dealer and they are all available on Aminet.
Amiga Computing 105 MAY 1 996 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF1 1DH
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This CD contains well over 5000 GIF images in the hand drawn, Japanese ANIME tradition.
All the images contained are of an ADULT nature and therefore, this title cannot be supplied to anyone under 18. All images can be viewed direct from the CD via a custom menu on PC, Amiga & CD32.
Thousands of colour images created by computer artists from all over the world A must for users with a colour printer1 Makes ideal colour clipart!
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Paul Overaa offers some advice Starters orders People often ask how they can get started with 680x0 coding on the Amiga, so this month I thought I'd spell out o few ground rules. First and foremost it's important not to be put off by what you've heard about Assembler coding. The 680x0 chips used in the AMIGA have instruction sets that are quite limited and there is nothing inherently complex about their operations. Each instruction carries out some simple task, perhaps adding two values together or copying the contents of one memory location into another.
The real problem is not the 680x0 instruction set
- it's the Amiga's O S (operating system) itself.
Learning about this is a challenge simply because there is so much to understand There is no easy road... you've just got to sit down and work at it and, even with the right documentation, it takes ages (having said that it is real good fun).
Now this doesn't mean that you bury yourself in manuals for a couple of years and eventually surface as an Amiga-enlightened coder. Learning to - 55: «««i ! • II 1x1 »« I. ¦« • % MII4 i rrr nr m ¦ tt in nmwiMTTTTrm
r. Trrrrmif*! .¦rtaiTTm-.MiT.ni.i
W. I . IW ¦ ¦.«! I Inlfl •• • Hi So ft's highly acclaimed
Dovpac Assembler in action ADVENTURE TIME Once you'ye got the
hong of re-assembling the example you might also want to
modify it so that it prints a number of text messages using a
loop, With the fundamentals of Shell output out of the way you
will then be ready to move on to something O little more
adventurous. When you start Amiga coding proper incidentally,
you are likely to need the official Amiga includes. Next month
I'll be explaining why it's worth having the Amiga
Technologies versions as well as those provided with your
Mm Tha output from this month's axampla program program never works like fhot - the best approach is to get stuck in ond then learn as you go along.
But, and it's a big BUT, there is absolutely no point struggling with Amiga-specific issues until you have some basic ideas of what 68k coding is all about.
Therefore, your initial priority should be to get a reasonable understanding of a few common 68k instructions (such as the move instructions which are used to copy data between registers and memory).
You should also aim to eliminate as many of the Amiga-specific problems as possible in the early days and you can do this by writing general, as opposed to AMIGA-specific, example code. Non- Amiga specific Amiga coding? Sounds like a contradiction in terms until you remember that many small test programs will contain nothing in the way of Amiga-specific material at all The following example for instance, though it contains just two instructions, will happily run from a Shell window and load register dl with the value $ 40 hex: stirt:
• ove.l 140,(11 rts If this code is assembled into executable
code it will run, although you won't see ony visible output!
What you can do, however, is execute these types of beginners programs (examples of which can be found in oil introductory 680x0 programming books) using a debugger. HiSoft's Devpac, for instance, can assemble such test programs and run them using the MonAm debugger - and with MonAm's help you'll be able to see the effects of vorious microprocessor instructions os they are executed.
Similarly, short test programs will enable you to experiment with things like program loops, decision tests, and so on. Now this may not seem like real Amiga coding, and to be honest it isn't, but it's a useful initial stage because it lets you play around with 68k instructions whilst avoiding the Amiga- specific nasties that produce pitfalls in the early days.
Once you've got a few weeks of practice under your belt and are happy with moving data, calling subroutines, making decision tests, and perhaps some understanding of the ways in which information is passed to, or collected from subroutines, it'll be time to move on to the next stage. If you think this might start involving Intuition or Amiga graphics coding then you're being a bit optimistic - in foct you've got a long way to go before they appear The best next step is to concentrate on writing some Shell-based AMIGA programs that use the Shell window as output. These will doubtless be a
little more involved than your early efforts but, as AMIGA programs go, they will still be relatively simple.
In order to send text back to the Shell window that started the program you need to identify the output handle (known conventionally as _stdout) of the Shell process. It's not a difficult job and basically all a program needs to do is open the DOS library, and then make a call to the DOS OutputQ function. You may find that the standard Amiga slartup-code (which will be provided with your assembler) will actually open the DOS library for you, but if not don’t despair - it's not a difficult job.
Once a _stdout handle is available you can use another DOS coll, WriteO. To send data bock to the Shell. Opening libraries, making library function calls, and printing text back at the Shell is easy once you've seen it done once, and you'll find a small example on this month's cover disk. The source code version, called assemblerjest.s, has an icon which uses ed as the default tool for displaying the file. The runable version, assemblerjest, doesn’t have an icon so you'll need to use the Show all files Workbench option to display it.
Have a look ot the code and try changing the text message and reassembling the example. If, incidentally, you are already a C programmer then you are, of course, duty bound to change the text of the program from:
dc. b ‘|ust in exuple aessage',lf to this C dassic:
dc. b 'Hello World',If Amiga Computing 107 MAKES YOUR AMIGA MORE
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I Paul Overaa offers some notes about reading and writing lines from text files friend wmm Flexible In keeping with mony modern longuages, Arexx supports only o simple file I O model, but despite its simplicity it has proven to be both useful ond flexible. This is particularly so when it comes to text files which need to be reod or written on a line-by-line basis. Once a file has been opened there is a function colled ReadlnQ which can read characters from a file until it finds a newline chorocter (the newline, however, is NOT included in the returned data). In other words we can read a text
line from the file using: UneS=Readln(fUebandle) Another function, Writelnfl, ollows you to write o line of text. WritelnQ appends a newline character at the end of the string and the call itself has this type of format: cbaracter_count»Writeln(filehandle, Unit) where the returned value indicates the number of characters written.
With any sequential file read operations it's necessary to know when you've reached the end of the file, and the Arexx function used for this is EOF|).
Since such tests are normally carried out os port of a series of loop operations, most coders fend to use the NOT (~) operator and write the end-of-file test as port of their loop exit condition like this: while EOF(filehandle) do * do something *1 end linel=' *' P: * ' line* i=it1 tlritelnld,lineS) end I've used a loop similar to this to create this month's example line numbering script. You will see when you examine the code given in listing 1 that I have added a slight twist by providing o Yes No mode flag which allows the script user to choose whether line numbers ore added to blank lines
or not.
The script is very easy to use. Just provide suitable source and destination file path names, indicate whether you wont blank lines numbered as well, and the program will do all the hard work for you. You will, incidentally, find a runoble version of the script on the coverdisk. It can be executed either by using RX from a Shell window or from the Workbench (via IconX) by doubleclicking on the 'DoubleClickToRunFromWB' icon!
If you just want to use this script to add ordinary line numbers, as opposed to the *... * comment delimited ones needed for Arexx scripts, then just change the line which reads: UneJ=' *' P: • ' line!
To this.
LineJ= P: • line* If the returned Boolean result is 1 (i.e. true) then the end of the file has been reached I wmm Programs which use loops to read all the data held in a file will usually arrange to read from the file until the EOF() indicates there is no more data to reod using a framework bosed on: if OpenUfSOurcejuieJ r1) tben do if Open(d,destjiaieJ, V) then do while "EOF(s) * do southing * end (lose(d) end end Close(s) What you actually do with the lines being read is up to you but if, for instance, you wanted to create a script that could odd line numbers (surrounded by *... *
comment markers) to an Arexx program, this sort of inner while loop would do the trick: Listing 1: The example Arexx script line numbering macro do while *E0f(s) lineS=*eadln(s) ¦MB * linejiuaber.reii * say 'enter source file naie'; pull sourcejiaae* say 'enter destination file naie'; pull dest.naaeS say 'do you aant to nuaber blank lines as weTl(T N ?';pull aodeS if OpenlSfSourtejiaieJ r') then do say 'source file opened' if Opentd destjiaaeS, V) then do i»1 say ‘destination file opened' do uhile *E0F(s) line*=Readln(s if (lengtl(line!) 0) | (iPdeJs'T1) then do IineS=' *' P: • ' line!
I*i*1 end Writeln(d,linel) end say 'All done'.'
Close(d) end else siy 'cannot open destination file1 end else say 'cannot open source file' Close(s) Amiga Computing t s That’s a WHILE-U-WAIT 7; ¦ I COMPUTERS & MONITORS NEW LOW FIXED PRICE Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
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ponders the latest in Internet communications and hopes the
Amiga can keep up Net Speak The news is that in Germany, al
least, the first big Amiga Internet pack is on the way.
The AMIGA Surfer pack is billed as the "first true Interne! Computer in the market", and whilst you can quibble about whether that should be 'in' or 'on', the foci remains that the Amiga is uniquely suited to Internet uses and has been remarkably underused in that capacity so far The pack consists of a fully equipped Amiga and a set of Internet tools for a total price of DM1,199 including 100 free on-line hours of a value of about DM700, which is a special offer in conjunction with IBM Global Network.
The 'complete solution' contains an Amiga 1200 with hard disk, a 14,400 fax modem, and o standard suite of productivity and Internet software. The Internet software includes o browser for the World Wide Web, an FTP program for file transfer within the net, an e-mail program for electronic mail, and an IRC program for world-wide live on-line discussions.
The hardware pari of the deal comprises of an Amiga 1200 with 2Mb of RAM, a fax modem, a telephone connection cable, and a power supply.
The productivity software included is the standard Magic Pack, but, of course, the most interesting part is the added Internet software in the Surfer bundle which includes a PPP driver, the TCP IP stack 'HMet 225', the Web browser called Mindwalker, the graphic inlerface e-mail program VooDoo (with MIME support! Yipeel), the FTP program AmiFTP, and on IRC program called AmlRC. The pack also contains MultiTerm SE and MultiFax light.
CORNELL UNIVERSITY Falling behind This all sounds wonderful bul I'm constantly irked about the way the Amiga has fallen behind in the years it was lying fallow. A lot happened on the Internet whilst the Amiga was sleeping, and client software has become a lot more complex and sexy in the interim. A case in point are the rash of Internet Phone programs currently available on UNIX, PC and Mac platforms.
These programs allow you to phone another user via the Internet, thus making an International call anywhere in ihe world for the price of a local call to your Internet POP. Although we all hove the same Internet connections as a PC user, for example, we con’t call anyone up as the software to do so On your By the way, on the subject of the Amiga and the Internet you should really check out the new Amiga Web site on http: www.amiga.de. Although a lot of it is in German at the moment, the English parts of the site are growing fast.
Look forward to a full review of the site in the next column.
Doesn't exist. Yet. Another example is the CU-SeeMe project launched by Cornell University. Using a simple £75 gizmo called the QuickCam, produced by a company called Connectix, you can see another user, and if your Net connection is good you can also hear them. It's an Internet video phone I Now this is the coolest use for the Internet I've seen recently, and con I do it on my Amiga? No I can't.
The QuickCam is o simple parallel porl device so it should be possible for someone to write some software to support it. Perhaps someone (I nominate Amiga Technologies) should make Connectix an offer to produce the Amiga version of the driver software and get the source code of CU-SeeMe from Cornell University and make this a revolution we can all join in. The same goes for Internet Phone. This is a software-based technology, and it should be easy to transport it to the AMIGA. The code already exists on a 680x0 based platform,
i. e. the Mac, so the port should be a matter of great
simplicity. All that is needed is for someone to care enough
about the AMIGA taking part in these new developments to do
something about it.
My point is that porting these things to the Amiga would be simple, and there are so many Amiga users out there who use and enjoy the Internet that the market foe a simple device like this should be large enough to make companies take notice. Although many of these developments are software based, some require a little hardware.
Also, o way of connecting a microphone and headphone to the Amiga would, perhaps, need to be looked into. Obviously, you could just plug a heod- phone into your monitor and put a line into an Amiga sound sampler, but perhaps a new bit of cheop hardware to make it attractive would be a good plan. A little headset like those used by telephonists would be cool too. And price? Well make the QuickCam the normal PC Mac price of £75, make the phone heodset hardware cheop, like £15-25, and throw in the software for free. It's o plan, right?
I don't know if Amiga Technologies ore aware of the immense importance of this kind of communications in the future, especially when Cable CU-SeeMe is available lor the Amiga - but only in a passive playable version Companies ore putting free local calls ot certain parts of the day into the hands of normol citizens oil over the country. Imagine - you could phone anywhere in the world and talk for hours for free. That would be cool wouldn't it? Let's lobby Amiga Technologies for a policy on this new technology and ask them to talk to the relevant parties to try to hammer out some kind of a
deal, eh?
Contact Amiga Technologies http: www. AMIGA de Connectix http: www.conneclix.com CU-CeeMe http: cu-5eeme.comell.edu Internet Phone http: www. Vocoltec.com Speak Freely http: www. Fourmihb.ch speakfree windows speok_ freely, html Amiga Computing FREE FREE GAMES CHEATS 1.4 EMULATOR ON ALL ORDERS FREE FREE DISKS COST£1.25 EACH. NO MINIMUM ORDER. ALL VIRUS FREE AND USER FRIENDLY All Games are on 1 disk and run on all Amigas unless otherwise stated.
PICK AN EXTRA DISK FOR FREE WITH EVERY EIGHT DISKS YOU PURCHASE UNDERGROUND P.D.. S4 CARMANIA CLOSE, SH0EBURYNESS, ESSEX SS3 9YZ. Tel: 01702 295887 Name; ------ --------------------------- Amiga Model Address.
? 1327A12ROCKETZ2 ? 1330 CAPTAIN BONUS ? 1338 STRIKE COMMAND 1363 PUNKA [ ! 1368 ALIENS FJ ? 1374 A12 MARATHON 1445 10 CW. GAMES 1451 NI6LER NIBLET
? 114 JET MEN ? 815 LEMMINGS PACK ? 1297 JET SET WILLY 3 ?
ENGINES Cl 1059 MANSEU. NOT 1.3 n 1072 SUPER-ORIVE ? 1132 A12
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V3 I 1140 A12 3DSK POKER 1190 2D5K HOT HafiOS 1246 CRIBS AGE
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3230XYDL0GK J 530 OTHELLO 1 603 EXIT 13 ? 1037 MARBLES GAME
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Continuing the discussion on computer graphics in print with Frank Nord W-T publishfflW'i * ¦EH Laentpsumoww sttamet.consecietuei adpwngett. Wddtm WwiWy (ibh fettfnOd I ntidunt ut laweet cWc*o magru ahquam erat Ut Wat enm ad mtwn venom, qjs nos?ud exarci Blon dlamccrper suscspt 1000ms na ut aliqmp ex ea corrmodo COIMQUt Out auiem vet turn mure dolor in nendrent in vuputaie veil: esse rro KDe comequai vet llun cxxxe euleugat mita factlsis at vero eros et accumsan et use odo dgrtssm qu otandi praesent I iptatun zzm detent augue dut ddore w teugait niila tactlisi Lorem iptun dolor sn amet,
consectetuer adptcmg Rit.
Sea dam ronummy ndh euamod I nctdum u laweet dowe magrta aliquant erat vWutpat ut via erwn adrrwsm ran am. Qut rottudexero taton liameemM sui«pi leewi: na ut aiqup ex «commotio corn equal Dus auiem vet earn inuedolw in hendere in 1 v up utan vet t *ui motes tie eonsequat. Vet Hum ddore eu tougai nuu taoiiss atvtrotros «»C6i nMn«iuMoa»o dgnsom qu bttndi praesent luptatun art detent augue dutt ddore v tougalt nUla tactHi - THE our example pictures we have some of the text over a coloured background, but it would probably be best to massage such images so that there is no colour where your text
is, unless you want that as a deliberate effect.
So you've oil gone and bought memory upgrades to cope with the new larger-sized images you ore rendering for print then, eh? Unfortunately, larger images are not the only criterion when creating pictures for print. The main thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the large difference between transmitted colour and reflected colour - the difference between looking at a picture on your monitor and one printed on paper.
One of the things that has to be borne in mind is the inability of the different colour methods to accurately represent various colours. While RGB is excellent for a wide range of reds and blues, it isn't very good ot yellows. CMYK, by contrast, is a bit lox when it comes to showing the range of greens that RGB is good at.
This is a problem if you are dealing with images that will be going lo o professional printer because he will need to change your imoge from its natural RGB status to a CMYK-copable format like TIFF in order to be able to print it. Oh, don't worry, he'll be able to convert it, that's no problem. The problem comes if you've set your heart's desire on a very definite range of colours.
Saturation point Just like working with images intended for video, RGB imoges ore quite often too saturated for print work Because the colours in printing are mode by laying down more colour the darker you wont the image to be, very bright greens, reds and blues ore hard to ochieve because they need the mixing of at least two of the four inks to represent, thus making them darker than desired.
This contrast between what you want from your image and what you can achieve is called the gamut ond, like over saturation in video images, it’s
o no-no to exceed it. Most software that printers might use for
converting images to CMYK can actually handle the chonges in
colours required to bring the image within the gamut range of
the CMYK colour method, but this can result in a dull image.
With a colour critical image it's probably best, if you are giving your work to a printer, to insist on a colour proof or to at least see the image on his screen in the form it will take before printing, just to make sure it doesn't deviate loo far from your original vision.
So whot can you do about this? Unfortunately, not a lot. Because of the Amiga's bias towards graphics for video use, the printed output side of things has been pretty much ignored. In my fairly wide experience I have not come across any way of converting an imoge to CMYK in o form that can still be edited ond saved out in an appropriate form on the AMIGA, so you'll have to rely on other people's interpretation of whot your picture should look like - ot least, that is, until Photoshop becomes available... I've had a few letters from people asking me how to get runarounds working properly. It
seems most of you are happy to use the standard runaround tools provided by most word processors or DTP packages, but these tend to either just offer a box- type runaround, or are hopelessly inaccurate in the way they choose to runaround.
The simple answer to your problem is to use vector graphics to outline your bitmap, as these tend to give the best runaround results. Simply import your bitmap as normal, but instead of turn text wrap on immediately, make sure your column of text doesn't butt up against the image.
Next, choose your draw tool, it might be named differently in your package, but you need the tool that allows you to draw a continuous line with points along it that can be re-positioned. Then draw a line following the edge of the image you wish to wrap your text around. Don't worry about the colour of it at the moment, just keep clicking so that your line follows the edge of your image. But don't click so much that you end up with a point at every pixel, you'll be wasting your time. Next, change the colour of your line to transparent or white and make sure it is brought to the front. You
will also need to make sure text runaround is set. Now bring your text box over your image and see how it looks. In Are you giving me RUNAROUND?
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Part 3 You'd be surprised how many Amos programs omit any kind of feedback, that is to say a visual or audible cue to confirm that a mouse click has been made and accepted. If you make your buttons with Amos drawing commands this couldn't be easier.
Let’s take our example progrom from last time and odd animated buttons.
Leserve Zone 3 Set Zone 1,10,10 To 30,30 Set Zone 2,35,10 To 55,30 Set Zone 3,60,10 To 80,30 Curs Off : Cls 0 Ink 2 : Bar 10,10 To 30,30 Ink 8 : Bar 12,12 To 30,30 Ink 7 : Bar 12,12 To 28,28 Ink 2 : Bar 35,10 To 55,30 Ink 8 : Bar 37,12 To 55,30 Ink 7 : Bar 37,12 To 53,28 Ink 2 : Bar 60,10 To 80,30 Ink 8 : Bar 62,12 To 80,30 Ink 7 : Bar 62,12 To 78,28 Pen 2 : Paper A : Locate 0,8 : Print "Click tie above buttons to take a noise."
¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ Do AMOS Professional Sample Bank Maker Version 1 BE By Francois Lionet Copyright 1992 Europress Software Ltd QUIT Bank: not naned Huh Nawe Bytes f T“ I Sound sense Zsflouse Zone If C 0 and Z=1 Then Bell : Ink 8 : Bar 10,10 To C-Rouse Click 30,30 : Ink 2 : Bar 12,12 To 30,30 : Ink 7 : Bar If ( 0 and 2=2 Then Booa 12,12 To 28,28 : Veit 25 : Ink 2 : Bar 10,10 To If C 0 and Z:3 Then Shoot 30,30 : Ink 8 : Bar 12,12 To 30,30 : Ink 7 : Bar 12,12 To 28,28 It’s tempting to use the built-in sounds for all your Amos programs, mostly because the sounds are right
there and the commands are simple Type BOOM, BELL or SHOOT and you are there. I olways use them in examples because they are so easy, but you can odd other sounds to Amos very easily.
Sound sampling has always been an easy technology on the Amiga. Most of the hardware you need to grab sounds is built in to the system, and with the addition of a simple I O box you con sample 8-bit sound into the Amiga directly To use your own samples, like a button on o computer keyboard being pressed, you hove to pock the samples into a sample bank (Amos Bank or ABK file), which con be loaded into an Amos program from where the samples can be played bock at any time in the program using the SAM PLAY command. Using: „ SAR PLAT 1 Use your intuition for example, you will play the first sample
in the bank. For really interesting multimedia with the minimum of sounds you should steal a trick from the arcade game coders and ploy back a sound at different speeds, thereby doubling and tripling the amounts of uses you can put a single sample to. Use the: Skit PLAT 15,1,1000 format where 15 ¦ moximum number of voices for best sound quality, 1 ¦ sample name from the bank, and 1000 ¦ samples per second, with 1000 being around the lowest and 30000 or more being the highest. The only way to tell what different speeds will do to your samples is to try it and see. You'll be surprised ot the
amount of ideas this will give you.
LOOP The basic listing sets up the zones and senses when a mouse click has occurred. This time if we reverse the white and dark grey colours on the button it'll seem as though the button has been inverted.
So for eoch button we need to do o redraw each time the button is activated, So after the button is pressed we redraw it with the colours reversed, wait for half a second, and then redraw them the way they were, as in this exomple for the first button: One last thing. I've reviewed a lot of extension addins for Amos over the years which make the program occess the Intuition libraries. Don't neglect Intuition- based programs in your search for the perfect multi- media app. (One such extension is reviewed in this very issue, in foct.J Multimedia doesn't have to be carried out on custom screens
using Amos, but can be made perfectly transparently with Intuition, and sound samples and other additional multimedia bits can be added. If you are really clever you can even interface the Amiga with other devices to make your We only reverse the white (colour 2) and the dark grey (colour 8) colours and leave the body of the button (colour 7) as it is. After a wait of 25 clicks (half a second in new money) we redraw the button the way it was, as if the button pops down for a second and then pops up again.
It's easy to rewrite all this information onto the end of the line os you simply do a block copy and paste with the code from the original lines which drew the buttons in the first place. This saves having to laboriously retype all the data for the buttons, but it also avoids any mistakes in the data if it is identical.
Amiga truly multimedia. But that's up to you and how much code banging you want to get involved in. All the relevant data for taking this further is in the Amos manuals and the various hardware reference works.
Back to our normal transmissions next month when well be learning how to moke Amos do all sorts of clever tricks again. I'll be delving info my Amos notebooks to remind you of a few little tricks which are not in the manuals and showing you easy ways to moke tricky things possible. See you then.
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rn Paul Overaa gives you bad and good news about recent
events in the Amiga music scene... Everyone connected with
the Amiga music scene has been disappointed by the recent
news thot Blue Ribbon mm Soundworks, of Bars & Pipes
sequencer and SuperJAM fame, are pulling out of Amiga
software development. Pulling out is not quite the right word
- they've been head hunted and bought by Microsoft to develop
software for the PC market place. Now, if that's not a
bock-handed compliment for Amiga music software developers, I
don't know what is.
Faulty pipework A few Amiga pundits are regarding the loss of Blue Ribbon Soundworks as not only a catastrophe in the music sense but as yet another indication that developers are leaving the Amiga platform in droves. Blue Ribbon Soundworks is certainly a loss the Amiga could have done without but it's not the end of the world because, as far as any future development was concerned, it is hard to imagine what else could possibly be added to a sequencer like Bars & Pipes!
The underlying reasons for any developer leaving the AMIGA are two-fold - money, ond worry about the future survival of the mochine. After the recent Commodore Amiga fiasco, everyone knew it would take time for the Amiga to reestablish itself.
During this time most Amiga developers have had a hard time ond it's little wonder that some have thought it safest to move to other oreas.
Hard times Now whilst the real blame for the current mess the Amiga finds itself in lies fairly and squarely with the Commodore Amiga bosses, indirectly the loss of certain key developers has actually been our fault - yours ond mine. What's happened, of course, is that whilst we've all waited for good news about the Amiga, none of us have been rushing out to spend money on things for their AMIGA. Understandable of course - but companies selling Amiga software or hardware add-ons need people to buy things to survive. If they don’t they either move to different pastures (like the PC) or go
The Amiga, albeit slowly, is now again on the move. Amiga Technologies, though, not getting everything right, are trying hard to do their bit (even in these still relatively early days). What they don't need, however, are Amiga owners going around talking as though the end is nigh. In some respects you dedicated Amiga owners hold the key to the Amiga's successful re-emergence just as much as Amiga Technologies. The key is in your pocket - so if you con afford to go out and buy software and hardware add ons then don't think about it, do it!
If cash is tight you can still help by spreading the word about just how good the Amiga is. Be fanatical - just like early Amiga users were when the machine first appeared with the then stunning 'Juggler' demo!
OctaMED Sound Studio On the brighter side I've recently received a Beta test copy of the OctaMED Sound Studio. Now whilst OctaMED 6 is already without doubt the best tracker program available on the Amiga, it is immediately clear that the new Sound Studio package is going to surpass it in all respects, and one of the most significant and exciting new features will be the new player mode colled '1-64 Channel Mixing'. This mode can handle up to 64 virtual channels and is mostly independent of what kind of audio playback hardware is available (allowing easy support of different sound cards).
Sound Studio when it arrives OctaMED 6, incidentally, is also now available on CD and this has made it possible to include a whole host of extras with the CD version.
As well as OctaMED 6 itself you'll get literally hundreds of tracker modules, over a thousand sound samples from the Walkabout Music sounds library, Midi files, and a variety of doc files and OctaMED related utilities.
The Official OctaMED 6 CD also comes with a printed OctaMED 6 tutorial manual so if you have a CD-ROM drive, and are looking to get into music-making on the Amiga, this particular offering is a good way to start!
OctaMED 6 is available on disk for £25 from RBF Software - 01703 785680 - and on CD for £29.95 from Weird Science - 0116 2340682.
Existing OctaMED users are going to get special deals on the program when it arrives later this year so, if you've not already done it, the thing to do is buy OctaMED 6 now and upgrade to the Amiga Computing Be the first to see All the latest developments from Amiga Technologies
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Hotline 01369 706346 Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to
The World of Amiga at PO BOX 9, Dunoon, Argyll. PA23 8QQ The
anatomy of man Play God and master the art of drawing the human
figure. Steve White gives you the head start you need
¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ mm wammmmmma Lost month I described the
principles behind the design of o human heod. To complete this
look at human anatomy, this month I ¦¦¦ will be explaining
useful hints and tips on how to create realistic looking
figures - that's the neck down.
The principles underlined last month also work for designing the human form. In fact, the heod is a great starting point. The human form is approximately six Dressing up The trick to drawing realistic looking clothing is to understand the fabric and shape of the body underneath. This all sounds a little highbrow but believe me, the more of an understanding you have of the subject matter, the easier it will be to emulate it on the computer.
Clothing will react to the position of the body underneath. If an arm is raised the clothing will pull towards that point, and in a relaxed posture the clothing will sag. If a belt is worn it will pull and crease the garment it is ever. You can add folds in the cloth by drawing darker shades below and lighter shades above. Try end think of points on the figure where clothing would crumple and fold up - the armpit for example and the groin. If you need more of an example, stand in front of the mirror and note the way your (lathes fall - tight clothing will have sharper pulls and thinner folds,
while baggy clothing will have loose end large folds with and a half heads in length with certain positions used to mark body features such as the knee, elbow and waist. Therefore, the best place to start is to grob the head circle and paste it down below the original head six and a half times.
With frontal views, and providing the subject matter is not moving, you really only need to design one side.
After finishing the first half you con simply cut, paste and flip it to the other side. After pasting the circles plenty of creasing. If you use the split method - drawing only one half of the body first and then flipping the other side - make sure you change the clothing so that it doesn't look like a simple flip.
If you're body is naked or partially clad then your design work is going to be a great deal harder. Understanding muscle and bone structure and how they affect the look of a body is incredibly difficult and takes a long time to master. However, we all have to start somewhere and, therefore, I have outlined the basic muscle form of a somewhat cliched male form. I will be describing muscle and bone form in a later article but for now I recommend you visit your local library and try and find books on anatomy. Although the subject matter can be daunting, understanding it will make your
design tasks a great deal easier and more fun. You will also be able to experiment with movement and action scenes.
Down below the head it is best to trace an oulline of the main torso and legs - arms, hands and feet can be added later on.
The shoulder and top of the orm should meet at the middle of the first circle in the actual body, the groin should end at the junction between the third and fourth circle, and the knee should, approximately, be in- between the fifth and sixth circles. You can adjust these positions slightly but try and keep as close as possible to the guides.
Next you con odd the arms. The elbow should come between the second and third circle and the hand starts between the third and fourth circle alongside the groin
- if you want proof stand up and try it. A common mistake with
the arm is to bring the shoulder out too for. Keep the point
where the shoulder meets the arm in line with the widest point
on the thigh. If you follow this procedure you'll find that the
armpit point con be ploced occurotely, using only the width of
the orm as a reference.
As for the hands, leave them until lost. Honds and feet are certainly one of the most difficult elements of the human form to design on a computer - making them look realistic is even harder. Don’t get bogged down in detail. Finish off the main body first and then add the more intricate parts at the end.
With the main body structure complete you can then begin to add clothing (if any). Although this article is really only concerned with the human form, it is worthwhile mentioning clothing as it can make or break a figure. The shape of a body is fairly static, but odd clothing and shape and form become a little more chaotic.
Amiga Computing rrci EMC PHASE A - DESKTOP VIDEO DREAMS The EMC Phase4 CO contains.
I. Bitmap fonts, since bitmap fonts are faster to load, access
and use in most video applications (Scala themselves supply
bitmaps!) We have included a large number of bitmap fonts,
with full IFF previews in 20 sizes between IB point and I6B
5. Textured backgrounds, such as Marbles. Stones and Fabrics,
again in full video overscan, that are also supplied in BOO .r
600 24bit jpeg. PAL 763 x 576 and NTSC 76B x 480 256 colour
IFF formats.
2. Fountain lntellifont ready Compugraphic CG scalable fonts with
IFF previews and automatic install scripts. No more messing
about trying to install fonts, just click on an icon and the
Compugraphic fonts will he installed into your system ready
for use! (WB2 3 and hard drive required)
3. Music modules and sound samples. We have used ScalaMM for
years to produce corporate presentations for companies like
the YMCA and Powersport International. As a direct result of
this, and to satisfy our own needs, we spent many hours
finding the best modules and sound samples out of the hundreds
of l od ones. For the first lime, you will have access to
fully sorted and tested music modules and sound samples that
you can be confident in using in your presentations.
4. Well over 300 megabytes of "never seen before “ professionally
designed backgrounds covering subjects such as Weddings and
Technology. These absolutely stunning backgrounds will add the
professional touch tit any video presentation and are supplied
in 800 x 600 24bit jpeg along with IFF256 colour conversions
in PAL 768 x 576 and NTSC 768 x 480formats.
6. A selection of useful Image backgrounds, again in full video
overscan, that can be used for a wide variety of presentation
work Again all supplied in SIX) x 600 24bit jpeg. PAL 768 x
576 A NTSC 768 x 480 256 colour IFF formats.
7. Countdown unimaiitm, testcards, multimedia buttons, on screen
timers, over 20 video utilities and a whole host of other
stuff including ready to run demos of Optonica s Multimedia
Experience, Dpaint5 and a custom 38Mb demo of the new
ImageVision from Image Lib Technology!
£39.99 + p &p £34.99 + p & p when purchased at the same time with EMC Phasel, 2 and or 3 EMC-PHASE 1 CONTENTS... £24.90 + p & p FONTS Typel EMC*16 - CG EMC - ProDraw EMC 18.19 * 20 and 52 IFF Cliptonli CUPART Putty toned into lub-arectonet (nuntxr of directories isted in crockets).
IFF Animats 114). Fantasy (27). Music (12). Paopta (73). Religion (12) IFF Col Birds. Cars. Cats. Dinosaurs, Dogs, Fish. Horsas, UonKing. Music. Planas, Reptiles EPS Animals. Buildings. Computers. Food. L0«0s. Office. People, Transport. USA. World.
IMAGES In IFF 16.256 colour and HAM interlace formats.
Animals, Balloons. Blake7, Cars. Conan. Dragon Lance, Fantasy, Horses. Natural, Planes. Racing, Renders.
Reptiles. SnowScenes. Space. Star Trek (TOS A Movies) Trains A 67 MB of 736 x 560 Video Backdrops.
OTHER STUFF Pagestieam3 updates from 3.0 to V3.0H. Complete Opalvlsion2.3b update, 19 additional third parly Opalvision Utilities, Typesmith 25* update and Pf"»o, Pagestrfam2 Pfmo, 19 really useful Utilities end toads morel ideal fur tor urn OTV mm’
- 7hUU a uryutrfal CD'. "WtU pntuM an* pmn ‘A drtum CD for
DTPfam' 94% AUI ¦ your CDHOM lilmtr,' 90% 'thn uauttttlleniCD'
COMPUTING ii nuii,’i myv.i hM« iu fi mu wnS Alt CD' EM "(Mir
imj.li rAri mwrfltr be«Cth m AGAZINE a A err *nd clipart’
EMC-PHASE 2 CONTENTS... £24.99 + p & p FONTS Typel EMC
17.27.29477 . CG EMC 2526.30.31*92 - Colour EMC 48*49 and 71
Imagine Typefs CUPART Fully sorted rrto sub-drectories Inumber
ol dlredones listed m brackets) IFF Alphabet (4). Borders (16).
Bulkfcogs (6). Cartoons (17). Computer (7). Education 5).
Electric (6). Food (90). History (5). Natural (59). Spaca & Sc.Fi (3).
IFF Col Fruit, World Maps (of every country on Earth)). Ships. Vegetables GEM Arrows * Stars. Borders. Buildings, Cupart, Office. Otherstufl, Photo.Transport. IMG Animals. Cartoons. Food. Others tufl. People. Plants, Sports. The Art s. Transport. Xmas.
IMAGES In IFF 16 256 cdoix and HAM interlace tormali.
America, 8abylon5, Bird*, BorisV. Britain. Dogs, Egypt. Equest. FamousPeopie, Girt*. Kelly. Military.
NlghfBreed, Panorama. People. SciFi. Terminator. Texture*. Star Trek (TNO). V, Water Scenes, Wildcat*. World.
World People * over 70 MB of 736 x 566 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 * 256 colour formats.
- p»rrr t mi nihftUA here. U'i alt cfouht} uuf 'Chav 2 ii imr t f
Ihr hr U ramfdor put Super I hair trrr m a tcmf Imr ~h I ihr mm
a irr-friendly ami tglrcieiu fontAmasr pactatr an the mortal" ,
add Phtur ! In xiur Cdttom niKnl and toll nn Phaie It" ’Thu U
another fan Ur Pkor I CD ii ulr«l m« anti fin auftmnAu Im aba
fur iidrn mat ’ jh* tool*, pel rtmr uih out «f that inUi
millet mi vW iTiiJ lv ihti due md n't penhau rrlatnet EMC-PHASE
3 CONTENTS,,, low SHF* t . ¦ £24.99 + p & p FONTS Typel EMC 7$ ,
79. 80 • 81 - Pagestream EMC 3 - CO EMC 83,84. 85, 86 * 87 200
Cllptonts and all our previously unreleased Typel. CG and
ColourFonts CLIPART Fully Mftefl into'"aib-direciones (number
ot arecionM isied in brackets) IFF Events (45). Military (28).
Misc (33). Sport (37). Transport (35). Work (37) and World
IFF Col Flower*. Insects. Mammals.Trees, Xmas.
IMAGES m IFF 16 colour. HAM interlace and IFF 258 colour formats Bike* (Motor). Boats. Castles. Cats. Classic Cars. Dungeons and Dragons, Dr. Who. Star Trek (DS9). Fractal* Girls. Greece. Hunks. Heavy Metal. Italian Cars. Movie*. Robois. Siarwar*. Water life. White. Woodroffe and Ovef 67 MB 61 736 x 566 Video Backdrops iri IFF 16 t 256 colour fefflUU.
94% AUI 90% COMPUTING 86% CU
* 7kii h cmmtfr aCDthmpsi rum't frr frrirva fit xmuvx a imr
oimiiuf' * "Tfta Air U mwtk Mr yrfcr ftirMrfmuialmr~ ' ffui II
rm iy HIT tru DTNVTY Cdi us Mr mrto' E M Computergraphic s
INDEX is a CD containing thumbnail mdax screens (just like the
EMC Phasel, 2 A 3 Cds) ol the graphics con- id on a wide range
ol Cds. EMC s INDEX offers you Ihe opportunity, perhaps for the
first lime, lo view the graphics that are coo- range tained on
Cds lhal should have included indexes in the first place! II
you've ever been trustratod by searehii to locato an imago, EMC
s INDEX a your answer! Even if you don't nave all Ihe Cds
covered by EMC a iNDi the contents of a particular CD belore
you decide to buy it!
Cds covered include Pro(')Fonts A Clipart. Graphic & Adult Sensations. World of Clipart. ProPtcs, Pandora. RHS Color Kottection, Aminel 3-7, Multimedia Toolkit 1, Clipart Heaven, Fresh Arte, Mother of all Clipart, PCX Potpourri, Publique Art, So Much Screenware, SciFi & Fantasy. Gifs Galore. Cupart Goliath. Clipart Warehouse, GifGalaxy and Almatheras CDPD3. Demo. Demo2.10 on10 & DTV RRP £14.99 + p & p RELEASE DATE: 20th MAY 1996 (advance order price £12.99 +p & p for all orders placed before 17th May 1996) no through countless Cds 'tX, you can use it to view EMC Phase 1,2 and 3 Cds are also
available from.
LH Publishing, Gordon Harwoods,
C. H.I.P.S. Computer shops al Mlddlcsborough. Stockton. Rodcar &
Darlington and also at EMAIL ORDERS TO:
sales@emcomp.demon.co.uh your local SILICA Shop
1JU t ,,r, p.-.-.t:. o„i,f I ' E.M C • I„mr'.„v _ | a «j«rr ]
O 1 OOQ Hov- rti OCIC Cheques are subject to 5 working day
clearance IGI . U I C. JJ H J I uOcr raX. U I £00 lODOO
Murphy's Law even affects you when you work with video as Gary
Whitely discovers ow rhat wmier has released its icy grip, the
days are getting longer and spring is once again in the air, I
thought I'd share a few strange, true and strange but true
things which fend to happen again and again in video. Maybe
you would be as well to bear some of them in mind while you're
dusting off the video camera and edit suite in preparation for
the longer days to come, and this year's video productions to
get under way.
Ain't Let's start with some of the true (and sometimes silly) things which can happen during video editing and production. It’s always infuriating when you can’t get an edit suite to do what you want, and even worse if there are bits of kit which look like they might be potential causes for your problem.
But more often than not this 'problem' can be quickly traced to one simple thing - your edit videotape is protected from recording! This means the protection tab in the tape is either missing, broken off, or in the wrong position, depending on the format of tape you use. What's even worse is when you've taped over the missing tab hole and the problem is still there, only to find later that the tape has come unstuck or got dimpled so the VCR still thinks the video-tape is record protected! I've seen these problems happen on numerous occasion, and often to people who should have known better
Just what does this '50's American soldier have to do with video ? - You'd better read on... Stripping An equally silly situation is the basis for one of my most embarrassing video moments. I'd been asked to video an important occasion which hod to run to schedule, and something appeared to have gone very wrong with the video equipment. Everyone was waiting impatiently as I searched frantically-for the problem. In the midst of stripping down the U-matic recorder, some wag sarcastically suggested that taking the lens cap off might help. Moral - don't panic. Check all the simple things first
before tearing the equipment apart. And then check them again because you're alreody panicking!
Now for something you might think strange (but which I think is true). Call me insane, but I believe video equipment can be adversely affected by the people who use it. Ten years ogo Gavin, the guy who started me out in video, used to stand by our Murphy's Law VCRs and stroke them when they were misbehaving or refusing to edit cleanly. Invariably, the edit would immediately be successful. Since then I’ve noticed, over the years, that there are certain people who just don't seem to 'get on’ with video equipment, no matter how good they are at using it. When they're around, video kit seems to
break down with an almost unnerving regularity, but for no apparently logical reason. And there are other folks who have a knack of getting the machines working again.
Being nice to your mochine is almost crucial. In fact, serious research carried out by, amongst others, the US military has proved a more than significant link between foults in electro-mechanical equipment and particular individuals. We all know people who are 'jinxed' - their light bulbs are always blowing, their car breaks down far too often.
If this sounds like you, maybe you should just try being nicer to your machines?
What about those times when you leave a crucial piece of kit somewhere, without which you'd be sunk? Strange but true - we've all probably done it.
Let me tell you about a shoot I was working on where we went for lunch in a pub half way to our next location and took the comera in with us for safe keeping. An hour later we were on our way, only to discover we'd left the camero in the pub! I We hadn't gone far and we soon got the camera back, but imogine if we hadn't been so lucky. Our shoot would have been a disaster!
One of the silliest sights I've witnessed is the production crew of a major movie almost grinding to a halt because their mobile telephones wouldn't work in our rugged mountainous location. The local phone boxes almost gave out under the strain.
Perhaps it couldn't be helped, but it made a change for a him crew's mobiles to be silentl One of the misunderstandings I often come across is that it's possible to edit direct from and to an edit master, and even do things like fades and dissolves. Well, think about it! How can you possibly read, convert, move, effect, return, convert and re record video that fast, even if you could replace it into the exact spot it came from less than a 50th of a second ago. On a moving tape? Forget it! I've been hearing inexperienced editors asking why they can't do this, but it never goes away. I guess it
will eventually change to "Why can I read Mpeg from my hard disk, change it, and send it back in real time to where it just came from?" Maybe it might Contact point Gary Whiteley can be emailed as drgaz@cix.compulink.co.uk Amiga Computing Paper to polygons Paul Austin boldly goes where everyone goes eventually You can try and fight it, you can say it will never happen to you, but the truth is, just about everybody who's ever bought a 3D pockage has a bash at a space ship. Over the next few issues I'll be talcing you through the whole process from concept and initial design right through to
surfacing and scene construction.
However, before we embark on this epic journey it's well worth running through the ground rules of translating an all too familiar format into a believable scene.
The first step on the road is put the mouse aside ond pick up pencil and paper. The first mistake every new intergalactic newbie makes is to rush headlong into Modeller and instantly start slopping shapes together.
Before you do any designing take a moment or two to think about exactly what you're trying to achieve. Is the ship big or small? What kind of manoeuvres and interaction will your creation be expected to achieve? Is it a bad guy or a good guy?
These are just a few of the basic questions you should ask before you even start thinking about the overall look of your masterpiece. To help you answer them, here are a few basic sci-fi, but more importantly psychological, cornerstones of believable space craft.
Design size The first question is one of scale. Are you designing a huge freighter or just a small fighter? If you're opting for a fighter you'll require an obvious cockpit area to help clarify scale. More importantly, you'll need large control surfaces or wing sections to enhance the feeling of high manoeuvrability. Fighter planes have large swept back wings, therefore viewers expect the same high speed look and feel from a spoce craft. The fact that a space craft needs thrusters rather than wings has nothing to do with it.
A house brick would be just as manoeuvrable os the sleekest body shape in deep space, but that's not the issue - it's all about perception.
The most important thing about a ship's shape is Possibilities and practicalities Assuming you've decided on the nature of your beast, the next step is to think long and hard about practicalities. Will your ship need to dock with others or maybe land on an alien planet? It's absolutely vital that you run through all the possibilities in advance. The one thing you don't want to do is compromise the story telling because your creation doesn't allow for it.
Another all important consideration for most people is polygon count. During the conceptual bit it's all too easy to run amuck designing massively its psychological affect. Remember, you're not just a designing, you're actually delivering a visual narrative. If it looks mean, it is meon... Next up comes the good guy bad guy question. If your ship is a bad guy it's got to look the part.
Again, this is simply a matter of psychology.
Basically, there are two main styling techniques for both large and small scale design. For Freighters space cruisers the general rule of thumb is that bad guys have a very angular look with sharp aggressive protrusions and a generally more alien appearance. Good guys, on the other hand, ore generally more rounded and have a slightly softer, more organic look. When it comes to fighters the complete ships that couse rendering problems further down the line. What if you need ten ships on screen simultaneously, what if you need to show the ship hurtling over a complex 3D landscape, will your
machine take the strain? And if not, what can you afford to sacrifice in the original design?
Next month we'll run through the process of converting your creation from paper into a basic 3D design. In the subsequent issue we'll cover the importance of detail and how best to fake it with the aid of textures.- differences are usually more subtle, but having said that they tend to be more stringently applied.
Basically, good guys tend to be more dart like with large control surfaces and smooth sexy lines. In short, the kind of ship every self respecting sci-fi fan would kill to take for a test drive. Bad guys, on the other hand, tend to opt for a much more predatorial look with undertones of either insects or birds of prey.
Again, this plays on inherent fears in the human psyche. Creepy crawlies, huge vicious flying creatures with fangs and talons. Perhaps the best example of this is the innumerable number of bad guys flying about in ships with down swept, hawk like wings.
As mentioned earlier, these are simply rules of thumb. Essentially, it's a case of knight in shining armour fights drogon - the only thing you want to avoid is obvious repetition. The acknowledged king of 3D space simulation, Ron Thornton, bases the majority of his designs on food - which given Ron's real world proportions isn’t entirely surprising.
However, even if you examine Ron's masterful designs, these basic themes still hold true. His bod- dies, although generally organic regardless of scale, all share an inherent predatorial look, often displaying shark-like fins, squid-like tendrils, or perhaps spi- der-esque construction. Again, all phobio-inducing premonitions which you certainly wouldn't want to discover swimming about in your bathtub.
Amiga Computing ORDER HOTLINE 01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 3D RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS • MULTIPLE WEAPONS SYSTEMS • REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC • HD INSTALLABLE • AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 FREE DELIVERY “Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before.” AMIGA format magazine “At the moment there's nothing like it. This game plays as well as it looks" 92% cu amiga magazine SuperDouble CD Pack Squirrel MPEG The superb SuperDouble CD-ROM is back! Using an excellent 2.4 speed drive from Sony, this CD-ROM
provides outstanding performance at an amazing price. With a 360Khfa data transfer rate and a 230ms access time, the SuperDouble CD-ROM provides all the speed for the power user.
The SuperDouble is fully compatible with the new Squirrel MPEC card, supporting the industry standard VideoCD (White Book) format.
The SuperDouble CD-ROM pack includes the award-winning AGA Experience CD-ROM - rated 93% in issue 79 of Amiga Format. This CD-ROM is crammed full of pictures, utilities, demos, animations and tools for AGA Amigas. The SuperDouble pack also includes the latest Aminet CD-ROM. This disk is brimming with the latest PD, shareware, utilities, demos and picture files from the Aminet archives on the internet.
A full classic Squirrel is also included in the pack. This allows easy connection of any SCSI peripheral to the A1200. The package has all the necessary drivers and software for easy connection of hard drives, CD-ROMs and removable disk drives, such as the Zip™ Drive, to your Amiga.
Jaz is a revolutionary 1Gb removable hard disk system for any Amiga with SCSI.
Like a Zip drive on steroids, Jaz provides astonishing performance. Offering data transfer rates of up to 6MB s and access times of under 12ms.
For full information on this amazing SCSI peripheral contact HiSoft Systems.
Mm SC £5 99 plu. P&P Cinema4D Professional Ray-Tracing and Animation for your Amiga Set every conceivable print option from the Studio preference program c rJ7- Cinema4D is the easy-to- use ray-tracing and animation system for your Amiga.
Equipped with an intuition- based multi-tasking editor, Cinema4Dls replete with every conceivable option including window-based real-time interactive modelling, direct modelling in 3D, basic and comply primitives with infinite variations, easy object manipulation, floating toolbars, user-defined menus, object and texture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A1200 etc.) & FPUs, and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of "virtual reality", breathing life into objects and scenes.
Whether you have your spaceship dock with a spacestation, or take a tour around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it's so simple.
Just a few mouse clicks and you will have your objects move realistically through time and space.
Cinema4D also includes MagicLink, the flexible object converter.
MagicLink converts all popular object formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.) to Cinema4D format & back.
HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0)1525 713716 entail: hisoftQcix. Contpulitik.co. uk Bring the cinema into your home and onto your computer with Squirrel MPEG. Playing the popular VideoCD and CD! CD-ROMs as well as raw MPEG streams. Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Classic Squirrelor Surf Squirrel™, and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM. Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unil, with a SCSI CD-ROM, as an addition to your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Available from March 19%, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSoft Systems.
V_ Studio V2 Professional N The original colour management system for your Amiga Order Hotline (D 0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT Export orders: please call or fax to confirm' pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
Use Studio 2 to get the most out of your printer. Yvith its powerful Workbench drivers, you will get outstanding printed results from your applications, every time.
Studio 2 brings professional colour management to the Amiga, ensuring that the colours on your screen match the colours on your printer.
Studio 2 is also directly supported by the popular printer manufacturers, and always indudes drivers for their latest printers.
Constantly doing battle with the Shell CLI? Stop this futile struggle with DiskMAGIC, the easy-to-use file and disk management utility from HiSoft.
DiskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from the copying of disks and files, to the viewing of pictures and anims. In fact, after using DiskMAGIC, you'll wonder how you ever used your Amiga without it.
DiskMAGIC Easy File & Disk Management AU prices include UK VAT (ft 17.5% Zip, laz are trademarks of Iomega Inc 1 have recently decided to join the CD-ROM revolution and would like a few questions ? Answered.
The unit I am considering is the Power Computing quad-speed CD-ROM, if I can afford it I currently have an A1200 with a 120Mb hard drive, 4Mb Amitek Hawk FastRAM expansion with no FPU and two external floppy drives. I would like to know if the drive will work with this setup and if the later addition of a 33MHz FPU would have any effect on the system.
Additionally, I also have access to an A1500 running Kkkstart 3.1. This machine has a GVP HC8 hard drive RAM board with an external SCSI connector. Would it be possible to use the CD drive with this machine if a suitable cable could be obtained.
Mark Henderson, West Midlands

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