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The mere mention of this A word leaves Amiga owners groaning with despair. The piracy debate is almost as otd as the Amiga itself and practicaüy every stance has been argued to the death with the resuit that very tittte has actuaüy been done. The warring factions can be sptit into two distinct groups the computer games industry and the Amiga user. The industry blames casual and organised piracy for the diminishing of Amiga software and tack of future development, white the user blames the computer games industry for charging extortionate prices per unit. White both théories can be considered correct to some extent, there is another stite to the pie that both sides, and especiaüy the computer games industry, have failed to recognise, and that is the actual quatity of Amiga software. ne men Steve White airs It would seem that the success the Amiga has brought has, in the end, been parity responsibk for its downfatt as the industry has become more weatthy so they have distanced themselves from the end user. There has been very tittte after-sates support for Amiga owners and before the demise of Commodore it seemed our machine was being used as a testing ground for PC conversions and PC future development. A dassie example was B17 from MicroProse. This game crashed test, right and centre on the Amiga white the PC version played tike a dream. When questioned about the incom-patibitity probtems, MicroProse told me that they didn't support Amiga third-party hardware such as accelerators and FastRAM. What! The PC has more third-party hardware than any other computer in existence yet there were no visible probtems with this version of B17. The obvious conclusion to be drawn from this example is that MicroProse rushed the Amiga version through, resutting in fautty goods being reteased to the pubtic so they coutel spend more time on the PC version.

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Document sans nom NEMACIV Superb demo of this latest Amiga Doom clone!
March 1996 A1200 or WB2 2Mb 68020 required Its Doomonic!
An Exclusive Amiga Computing demo of the latest Amiga Doom cbne. WIN work 00 any 020 scceiersted AMIGA, at any screen resolution I computing The genius of Amiga has Irish eyes smiling I March 1996 A1200 or WB2 2Mb 68020 required The best benchmark tester PLUS | At last, a real Mae trashcan Iconify gadget for all windows Complete XPK control Add hotkeys to screens Trashcan Iwtoyi
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SCSI hard card which can fit 8 RAM on-board.
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Excellent picture quality, auto fade control, Alpha channel and optional software control.
4. .....£29.95 M EGA CHIP RAM A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM £99.95 A500
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SIRIUS II GENLOCK ...... .£919.95 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips .Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) ALPS GLIDEPOINT ..£59.95 POWER TABLET Pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software.
POWER TABLET 12 X 12 .. £195.95 WCL. «N. CURSOR AND BOWER TAB 5 W GURU-ROM V 6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. This ROM has a very fast transfer rate Of up to 3.SMB S. maximising your CPU processing time. Guru supports all SCSI device types including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, scanners, Syquest drives etc.Guru ROM is compatible with Amiga OS 1.3 through to 3.1 and is SCSI -I SCSI-2 compatible. Please call for further information.
Phon* orders W« accept most major credit cards and are Happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
Warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
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on the Amiga, for the Amiga The Amiga plays a large part behind the scenes at one of the UK's largest TV companies - Granada Televsion Reader survey _ EH Beginner's guide 03 Steve White continues to help the less experienced with the third part of his tutorial series It's time to tell us what you think of the magazine.
Fill in the form and you might win our great prize AMIGA Computing 4 MARCH 1996 HE COVERDISKS c OVER STORY NEMAC IV DEMO Get ready for a blasting frenzy with this exclusive Amiga Computing cover disk demo of the latest Doom clone. Take control of a walking armoury and blast those evil robots to hell Utilities unlimited Another incredible collection of useful utilities.
Including: SysSpeed, XPKantana, MonEd, Lha-Gui, MultiCX
2. 41, Mill MCX Prefs, Etrashcan, Screen Keys, Iconify Gadget
UrouHack, XPK Datatype, Move, Eyes, BioDay and Loves The irish
ED CONNECTION Ben Vost takes a trip to Belfast to visit two
proponents of the Amiga hard at work AMIGA OMPIJTIN m Letters
EGULARS Ezra Surf starts ploughing through the positive mail
we received after our redesign ? Ac AS Comment _ Steve White
gives his views on the piracy situation m Cot a problem? ACAS
can sort it out with ease and efficiency ED Public sector
News_ Roving reporter Tina Hackett presents all the news
that's fit to print... we interrupt these contents for a
newsflash m Dave Cusick, PD reviewer extraordinaire, looks at
all that's good and great in shareware MIGA GUIDE & & a Phil
South starts a tutorial on using Amos to create multimedia
presentations Paul Overaa gives us the run down options for
Amiga-based sequencers Using camera angles and lighting to
create an effective animation Paul Austin runs through how to
get the best from Metaform Gary Whiteley looks at standards in
TV and how they affect production Amiga Computing WT: mmsr
ZAPAttZlUttij Our unique and highly rated external Clock
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We are 50 yards on the right hand side afte the third set of lights.
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Please phone first tc check availability of any item.
Monday to Friday 9am to 6p Saturday mornings 9am to 12 Access. Visa. Switch. Delta Connect etc accepted Oiracy! The mere mention of this word leaves Amiga owners groaning with despair. The piracy debate is almost as old as the Amiga itself and practically every stance has been argued to the death with the result that very little has actually been done.
The warring factions can be split into two distinct groups - the computer games industry and the Amiga user. The industry blames casual and organised piracy for the diminishing of Amiga software and lack of future development, while the user blames the computer games industry for charging extortionate prices per unit While both theories can be considered correct to some extent, there is another slice to the pie that both sides, and especially the computer games industry, have failed to recognise, and that is the actual quality of Amiga software.
Men Steve White airs his views on piracy and the way of the Amiga It would seem that the success the Amiga has brought has, in the end, been partly responsible for its downfall - as the industry has become more wealthy so they have distanced themselves from the end user. There has been very little after-sales support for Amiga owners and before the demise of Commodore it seemed our machine was being used as a testing ground for PC conversions and PC future development.
Incompatibility A classic example was B17 from MicroProse.
This game crashed left, right and centre on the Amiga while the PC version played like a dream. When questioned about the incompatibility problems, MicroProse told me that they didn't support Amiga third-party hardware such as accelerators and FastRAM.
What! The PC has more third-party hardware than any other computer in existence yet there were no visible problems with this version of B17.
The obvious conclusion to be drawn from this example is that MicroProse rushed the Amiga version through, resulting in faulty goods being released to the public so they could spend more time on the PC version.
However, MicroProse aren't the only ones to blame. There are other big name companies who have done exactly the same.
Another good example of rushed software was Reach for the Skies from Virgin. I actually participated in the bug testing of this product (for free) and on average found ten times as many bugs as the actual quality control department at Virgin! When the game was finally released most of the bugs remained and I completed it in one day at the hardest level. What annoyed me most was that I paid £35 for this game - money I may as well have thrown down the drain. If I had known about this I certainly would not have bought it As mentioned before, these companies are simply two examples from a
catalogue too vast to include here but the problem is throughout the computer games And this is really my point What is the incentive in buying software that is faulty when you can get a copy of it for a fraction of the cost? Had someone offered me a copy of Reach for the Skies I would have found it very difficult to say no.
Obviously, testing a game so that it is entirely bug-free is not always possible.
However, if you've ever perused the contents of a cover-mounted PC CD you will have noticed the myriad of bug patches for PC software. Why has the Amiga never been supported like this? Because the industry couldn't give a fig about Amiga owners, that's why.
When Doom was released on the PC the computer games industry said it couldn't be done on the Amiga, yet now they have all but abandoned our machine we see new developers springing up all the time with Doom clones galore that are just as good as their PC rivals.
In my opinion the problem really boils down to ignorance and greed. The computer games industry as a whole has become so obsessed with advertising, deadlines and profits that the end-user has become merely a statistic - especially if you own an Amiga!
27,871 Jm-June I995 Published by IDG Medo. Meda Houm. Ajmpon Part.
Micd«WdSKI04NP Tel: 0I62S 878888. Fax 0I62S 8506S2 Email contacts: Editorial edt@aconip.demon.Cfi.uk Mmuf adigjcomp dunonco uk CHAIRMAN Richard Heu* MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield We regret AMIGA Commuting cannot offer technical help on a personal basis either by telephone or in writing. All reader enquries should be submitted to the address in this panel for possible publication Amiga Computing is on independent puN1000n ond AMIGA Technologies GmbH ore not responsible for any of the ortides in tfw issue or r ony of the opinions expressed.
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Full update service is available for registered users a nes at is mlty tion ie a iave it is ble.
:on- will i for ieen istry ers, the t be ; all new vith d as
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• rely I Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren
Software) or credit card details to SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY
Switch, Del’ Connect etc accepted Monday to Friday 9am to 6
Saturday mornings 9am to 1.
DISCOLOGY is available PRICE Discology comprises all the functions that are demanded from a 'dU £19.99 top quality back-up program. Telephone for a full information sheet Siegfried Anti Virus Professional is a multifunction tool for combating virus attacks. It features powerful early recognition of viruses and includes preventative measures for infested systems.
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DIRECTIONS; dinj ib*r I »t ANTI VIRUS is available PRICE J!
QhRISTMAS SALES DISAPPOINT D eports from retail point to a slow reaction from consumers over what was hoped would be a bumper time for Amiga sales. After the many positive announcements we've had lately from Amiga Technologies, it comes as a blow for the hopes of a full scale Amiga comeback just yet Compatibility problems, SDL's troubles and absence of marketing have all been blamed for the lack of enthusiasm from consumers.
Amiga Computing talked to Dale Bradford, General Secretary of the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers. He remarked: The Amiga didn't have a good a Christmas as perhaps a lot of us had hoped. It's just so unfortunate that they got hit by the incompatibility problems. I think this scared retailers off because although traditionally they sold a lot of Amigas, what they don't want is to have problems after Christmas with people bringing back machines saying they want refunds."
We asked him what Amiga Technologies should do to get the Amiga back on its feet.
They must get the retailers stocking them with confidence again and part of that would be sorting out the incompatibility problem, but also a bit of marketing would not go amiss either."
Came from originally because none of the multiples would touch them back in 1986 or 1987. It was the independents who helped to push them onto the market place."
The fact that the Amiga was bought by Escom is also seen as an obstacle by some retailers. Bradford said: "One of the biggest problems now is that they're owned by However, another problem is that the Amiga is only available from multiples like Tandy and Escom. Bradford agree:, "If they could get the independents to stock it and support it again then that would help a great deal. That's where they [the Amigas] Escom and it may be small-minded but there are people out there who are saying Tm not going to help increase the profits of someone who is cutting the arse out of the PC market'."
John Smith, General Manager of Amiga Technologies offered: “At the end of the.
Day, if the Amiga had to survive somebody had to purchase it. We are a totally separate entity in the way we run. We have to make our own profits. The Amiga is a great product and we've brought it back, hence, now, the move into the surfer pack and I would hope more independents would take the view that we all love the Amiga so much - let's get on and sell it. They will make profit out of it."
Smith admitted SDL's problems did have an adverse effect on Christmas sales: 'It definitely did effect our sales which was inevitable as they were our largest distributor." He continued: "There's no doubt about it - SDL's demise hurt us, in the same way that when Commodore went down we hurt SDL* Although the actual Amiga didn't sell as well as hoped, the software on the other hand did nicely out of the existing Amiga users who have shown that they are still there to buy good games when they are released.
Bradford pointed to the success of some Amiga publishers and distributors: Those who are still supporting the Amiga are doing very well, such as Guildhall. I was also talking to Active Distribution and they're still shipping a lot of Amiga software."
Qiscorp to use Amiga technology ¦ anuary 17 marked the official agreement » between VISCORP and Escom AG for the license for VISCORP to use 'Amiga' technologies within their set-top TV appliance.
VISCORP's chairman of the board, Jerome Greenberg commented: "By employing a sophisticated chip set, such as the Amiga technology, VISCORP will have the ability to provide a complex set-top appliance with multitasking functions to integrate affordably the TV set, phone line and network service providers.
This ability has not yet been offered or available through existing systems.'
The set-top box will allow the use of the Internet with access to on-line services like CompuServe or AOL, bulletin boards, chat programs and Web sites.
This, they intend, can be controlled by a TV remote, keyboard, microphone or touch sensitive pen. Other plans afoot include enabling users to play games, carry out home shopping, or access electronic banking. Greenberg said: "by utilising our unique set-top appliance and incorporating the Amiga technology, VISCORP is able to provide a complete practical solution for interactive TV services, and now the ability to access the Internet through a standard TV set with pricing that makes sense for the average TV viewer."
Amiga Computing ML m*ga Technologies revealed this month that they were relocating from their offices in Maidenhead to the Escom offices in Stanstead. Whilst there was nothing unexpected m this announcement, the fact that only General Manager, John Smith and one of the technical staff were actually relocating was.
Smith talked to Amiga Computing about the redundancies: “Two of us are eating to Stanstead but have over 4 Germany and t that we have duplication of tasks.
Bedundancies at Amiga Technologies For example, there two technical guys back here, apart from the ones there* but ring s of the iiga the.
Ody rate ake eat ice, id I ake so will iave
• It was est no in rent I as ther iiga still are )me iose are was
and iiga He continued: ‘when you at that mainly done Germany."
He pointed to the advantages of the move and IWHOLE NEW (WORLD |U| ore details are now available on the World of Amiga Show which is set to take place at London's Hammersmith Novotel between 13-14 April. The event marks the first major hardware and software launch for two years. Featured at the show will be a Presentation Theatre, Games Arcade and retail area. Peter Brameld, show organiser commented: 'I am confident that this is the dawning of a new age in Amiga computing. The interest generated by Amiga Technologies' involvement is electric and I predict that this will be the best Amiga
show ever.'
Admission for the show costs £7 for adults and £5.50 for children. You can book now through their credit card hotline on 01369 706346 or by cheque or postal order made payable to The World of Amiga which can be sent to PO Box 9, Dunoon, Argyll PA23 8QQ.
Les, ink- top gy.
Ical the I TV age HiSoft oops We got it wrong last month. In our review of Hisoft Cmema4D, we categorically stated that it had no shortcuts for the move, scale and rotate functions.
Well, stupid us, of course it has. Sorry HiSofl that it was always in the pipelines. “By moving to Stanstead I have use of the Escom personnel.
The offices are larger and more prestigious, with access to more facilities. We always maintained that we were just using these premises to get up and running and we would always be looking to Stanstead at some stage.'
He denied that the redundancies had anything to do with poor Christmas sales or SDL “I definitely lost some sales time but you can't say that's why you get rid of staff - that's not true' Smith commented. “It's very difficult because not only were we work colleagues but we are friends as well because we all worked together at Commodore.
It's an awkward time at the moment.* IAMESE SOLUTION U Q have developed a system which combines the qualities of the Amiga with state-of-the-art Pcs.
Called the Siamese System it has been put together to 'supplement the Amiga's already impressive features and enhance those areas where it has been left to stagnate in this fast moving world...' With the Amiga as the main system it allows the use of Amiga, PC and Macintosh software to run from the same platform via relevant emulators.
There are four possibilities and because of the way the packages have been thought out, the user will be allowed to set up gradually according to their needs and pocket.
O hio offon a solution which otfor* Access their Web site for the benefits of both a PC and Amiga more details: wWW.hiq.CO.uk U E ST GETS BIGGER SyQuest Technology are set to launch their new removable cartridge hard drive, a 3.5 inch, 1.3 gigabyte drive they are calling 'SyJET. Offering a sustained transfer rate of 4Mb per second and an average seek time of 11 ms, it will be available in internal enhanced IDE and SCSI configurations.
The retail price is likely to be £349 for a drive and one cartridge, and two removable cartridge options will also be available - a 650Mb cartridge priced at £39.99 and a 1.3 gigabyte cartridge at £59.99. It will be available in the second quarter of 1996.
New Art Service Artworks are offering a new studio service which was previously only available to publishers and companies. In-house artists will now design custommode illustrations on computer and con be supplied as bitmapped or fully scalable 'no joggies' vector images in full colour or black and white. The artwork can be produced in a number of formats for either Amigat Acom or PC Artworks can be contacted at: 3 Pond Side.
Wootton, Ulceby, South Humberside DN39 6SF.
Telephone: 01469 588138.
Free PD Members of the Independent Commodore Products Users group con snap up some free PD courtesy of the group. From a vast library covering absolutely everything, all members have to do is send in a floppy disk and return postage. The group also distribute a journal and provide help lines for Technical support. Contact 0181-651 5436 for more details.
Euroscene 2, which was reviewed in last month's Laser Guidance, should be credited to Almathera and not Weird Science.
The price is £14.99 not £9.99 as stated. Amiga Computing apologises for any inconvenience caused. Almathera con be Contacted M 0181-687
Logical solutions ARK (Applied Research Kernel) have come up with a solution to all your problems when it comes to compiling day-to-day information. Called Counting House, it is a user-friendly package which makes life easier with seven virtual rooms with Filing cabinets in each.
Timetables, for example, are created in the Agenda room and transactions made with customers and suppliers in the Traders room.
Two versions are available - 'Cash' and ‘Cosh and Credit* versions.
Features indude an Accounts routine generating a Trial Balance, Advertising Generator and Tax analysis and returns. Both versions require an Amiga with 3Mb of RAM, Kickstort 2 or later, and a hard disk with 6Mb of free space. The Cosh version costs £59.95 whereas the Cash and Credo version is £99.95. Amiga Computing News from the Net Net firsts A venture backed by First Computer Centre j and Prima Technologies has just been launched. Called Firstnet. Its objective is to j become a 'blue ribbon' Internet service and World Wide Web provider in the North of | England.
Offering a competitive modem to user | ration and wide bandwidth service, it wil I provide internet dialup access accounts to the general public Contact 0113 2319444 Starters Bond spoons over the Internet home is a see-through safe with the spoon locked inside and anyone who can bend the spoon while watching it over the Internet will be invited to be tested further over the telephone.
A further challenge will then be issued at Geller's home when any contenders will get to try it out in person. If successful they will receive a generous SI million for their efforts which will be shared if there's more than one triumphant psychic! Even if more than one person is accessing the site, the organisers reckon further tests will be possible to trace anyone successful. Apparently, the hardest part will be to produce a visible bend in front of the judges but Geller is confident that someone, somewhere will be able to do it C ollowing last months revelations on the new Amiga Surfer
pack, Amiga Computing can now reveal some more details. The package will now comprise of an Amiga 1200 with 2Mb RAM, a 260Mb Hard Drive, a 14.400 Baud modem and all relevant software needed to access the Internet. The package also includes all the software from the LS7 1XJ. Pro-Soft have also revealed their decision to scrap plans for software on the PC and continue to develop for the Amiga due to the 'rapid re-growth’ of the Amiga market They will continue with their range of gambling programs as well as releasing six completely new programs for this year.
This will include a range of lifestyle and business applications.
Qro-Soft pledge support ET S GO SURFING NOW A nother novel " way of using the Internet has been set up to find out if psychic powers can be sent over the internet. World- renowned psychic, Uri Geller has issued a challenge to see if anyone can bend a spoon over the Net - there's SI million up for grabs if anyone can do it. In Geller's POON BENDERS n CTAMED EVOLUTION
• Mill Amiga Computing have been told of a new Internet Starter
Kit which is in development. Aimed at the Net novice, the
package will come on four disks and will include the TCP IP
software, a mail news reader, ftp access and a Web browser.
At the moment, it is pre-configured for Dynamic IP Addressing which would mean it would not work on Demon, but the developer, Kevin Kitching, is trying to change this.
Working on any Amiga with Kickstart 2 or above, it requires only two files to be modified by the end- user which is the dial-up number and serial port speed. He also hopes to finalise a package deal with a service provider.
Porn perv] jailed !
A man found guilty of receiving child pornography through the Internet was sentenced to three months imprisonment - the first time anyone in Britain has ever been jailed for using the Internet for this purpose.
Forty-four-year old Martin Crumpton, father of two, was caught as part of Opera Starburst an International inquiry which also | caught out Christopher Sharp who was fined £9000 for possession of indecent photographs of children downloaded from the Internet Crumpton, a West Midlands computer const!
Tant, admitted to six charges of being in possession of indecent pictures of children alter his home had been raided on a tip off and the pictures found on his computer.
N Pro-Soft have announced the ¦ launch of their new User Group which claims to be a 'cut-down BBS on a disk'. For all levels of Amiga user, the group will operate via a free bi-monthly disk-mag. Members will be able to find hints and tips from other users as well as buying and selling Amiga goods.
Interested parties should send a blank disk and SAE with their name and address to: Pro-Soft PO Box CR53, Leeds Bishop's on the 'bahn A bishop who was banned from his See for his controversial views is back - but this time he's on the Internet A year after his expulsion he has set up a ’virtual bishopric' for his | many followers.
As bishops cannot actually be dismissed,I 'virtual bishoprics' have been used before as a way of sending troublesome bishops to obsolete Sees. Gaillot has been moved to j Partenia, an obsolete See in the Sahara and he has called his new site accordingly.
Amiga Magic Pack. A country-specific telephone cable will be provided with the modem. As an added bonus, if the user registers himself at IBM prior to accessing the Internet before 31 March they will receive 100 free access hours.
The complete package will be available for DM 1198 which means it will hit the shops here for around £600.
A last minute addition to our news pages arrived this ™ morning with the announcement of the Octamed Web site. The site is replete with information on the new SoundStudio pjckage being written by Teijo Kinnunen, and has contact points both for him and Ray Burt Frost, Octamed’s distributor in the UK. You can download patches to the latest version and find out all about the history of Octamed. Also useful are the links to other related sites with hundreds of mod and med files.
For anyone interested in SoundStudio here are the details:
• Support for up to 64 channels of sound
• Completely new and revised notation editor
• MIX editing
• You can record sound samples directly to hard drive to avoid
RAM problems, so no limits to sample size like previous
versions of Octamed
• Extra MIDI commands
• Full support for MacroSystem's Toccata 16-bit sampling card
• Clear and precise 200 page manual explaining everything in easy
to understand detail.
• Special upgrade pricing for existing Octamed users.
SoundStudio is a direct replacement for Octamed. Version 1 and should be available sometime in February this year, so watch out for a review. For more information contact RBF Software on 01703 785680 or visit the web site at: http: www.compulink.co.uk -octamed Amiga Computing THE WORLD'S FASTEST AMIGAS ARE ON THIS PAGE!
The World s Fastest Amiga!
CYBERSTORM HIE FIRST Fll LL 68060 ACCE1ERATOR FOR THE A4000 i(Dk fx tkub ohxt m impaMh to).
When Cybenlurm. A VlMHz 6806(1 heard, renders j test graphic with limgine 2.0 software. The processing lime is FAST Jus i-»4 minutes • Compare this W34 mire on a rundurd A4QQ0 W2S Cyberstorm 68060 50 50MHz 0)66. 0Ml lF. pandih)r lo 12KUbl tfHONE!
N sundanl A* t*»yrf» 'i*1 «» [3k. Minifanl AI2O0 figures sinan are u MIPS and uben fnm ctmpamto* performance teas using Spkfa mdanbiupn: IM 20(0 and Cihtraom ratings use
60. VuiwsrtT«i.m) Multi award-winning BLIZZARD 1220 4 4Mb TlltBO
Offers by far the be* price performance ratio of any A1200
32-Bit RAM expansion on the market incorporating everything a
good memory hoard should such asa Real Tune Clock. RAM
expandahiiY. Uptxxul FPU etc 1th » Motorola Processor running
the 32-Bit FAST HAM at an amazing 28MHz, the 1220 4 has
broken afl die bamcri Check the fails fur yourdf and fa the
BEST Amiga A1200 68E0020 Turbo Memory hounl jvjibhle
• Integrated 28MHz f«O)20 Ckxt .Speed Doubler fo 3001 overall
perfonnantr increase
• Factory ln.«ulk d & T«ed 4Mb 32-81 FAST RAM
• LipandahSe lo Hmb wah Blizzard Add-t Board
• Integrated Batten Backed Red Tone dock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation
• Can be disabled m situ for full games cnmpatftkty The Blizzard
12J0-IY Turbo Accelerator Memory Board IS the Hcceuor to the
mulct leads* 1230-ID ad the highest pertcrmin; W030 aaelfntcr n
ailiNe tor the A13C0'Not otilv h» ih« twti in INCREASE in
spoficalioa. Hit also a DECREASE IN PRICF.’ W» as 50MHz (*30
and MMU. The nr* 1230-IV often EVEN MORE lor LESS! With i
Systafo rating cf 9.91 (using a 60 NmmivoJ SIMM) joe cm see the
1230-TV c my fast - a perfomuKe pm f up to 5004 is adfcf ?d'
Opt**, iw in Fw Espuntuti Btn mdude Modules such as j SCSI-2
Ccttndler An mlustr) standtfd SIMM wkct pranks for up u 128Mb
of auUKonfigunng 32-Brt FAST RAM lor 256Mb with the SCSI-2
oftwa taeloksg its e ura SIMM socket).
• Easy Trjptiuir Irwalbinm
• Buttery Backed Self Rcthuge Real Time dock
• High Perfunhartie DMA ExpuKion with Ful 32-Bd wide DMA
• 68030 may he deahkd Mh a Sunplr Keysrokc cm Boca l!p aflcmir*'
FuD Games Compuihdoy - Even Bucfly Programed. Otder Soffwarc'
• PGA FPL Socket aluwmg Optrnml 50MHz, 68882 Fpt 1250-rsr Turbo
somhz 68030 & Mml jBCSSBlT™- 0Mb 32-Bit Fast HAM iExpandable to
128 ' H
4. Mb SIMM RAM Expansion (Fast 60 Nanosecond) 32-BiL 72 pm
[Callfor larger SULMpnees 1220 4 Turbo 28M1D 68FC020 4Mb
32-Bi Fad RAM (Expandable to 8Mb) S199” A134» Add 4 Board -
extra 4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM add-on £169* Motorola
Maths Gs-processor naa2 PGA type FPU. 41MHz
* 99* 1260 Turbo' hr the Anagi 120C8 50MHz 0)60 A.MMU £599
0MbJ2-8i,Fi*RAM' 2060 Turbo' Fcr Amigi 150LV2tXXIS 50MHz 68060
A Mml' (Aqan 0Mb 52 Bit Fast RAM 77 lExpundiNc IP 12RM))
Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PLCC type FPU. 2S. 33MHz
SCSI-2 Moduk1 lor 12304V Turiw (With additional 128Mb SIMM
socket) £Cafl £8995 THE AWARD WINNING A1200 RAM EXPANSION!
THE WORLD’S FASTEST A1200 '030 ACCELERATOR] Expandahle to 6tMls Wtt ant products hair always been a the forefront of the .Amiga accelerator market and we were the lint to launch 68060 hoards with the amazing pcrfumuncr they bring Since that bunch, there hast been shortage* of 60X0 Motorola CPUs and production output tus fluctuated.
.Although supplies of these chips were expected to he fully on line by now, Motorola cannot meet the demand We are assured howcrer that by the early part of 1996 Motorola wdl he m a position to fulfil the market's needs and hence, Kward product delays l winch arc (wood our control) should disappear Until then you may well ask... Should I b« t«mpt*d to buy on '040 instoad?
WelL when the Blizzard *«6t)s on he Two Of Three tunes as fast tl cost as little as 296 mere, why buy an tMO whkh offers a far krntr price 10 performance ratio! Tthcn we considered the possibility of producing an ‘1100™ W. we decided a was not a product worthy of doctopmcni The facts are simple, if YOU want the FASTEST Amiga, a 68060 »the ONLY way. Mayh? Yog should dunk about reserving a Blizzard 1260 or 3360 now • stocks are bound to he limited when the mighty 60360 returns! A small wai now. Hut an '040 will always kwp yuur .Amiga waning kmget!
For all Zccro-5 Amijps. ThB high speed graphics engmc hlittcr offers up lo I WO x 120? Pads in 8-Bi colour« 1024 x 768 pixels in True 2fftt Colour, with 2Mb of cfcpiav memory -»Mh user upgrxfciWei.
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - *329* 4Mb -ift9» f&yoctf your Fffl T«bnM frfthw Rtaml |W*tub Xiie lufaokritf xhntd ttr Imhol iup»r xenbdn aid mnkt Sto rr utt W Avt aa« *r Aa» « « w (W KMU a« far «• ifltM' twgiiCua rfi • Uyaaa in ittayfmUmmim' W hrmt-Jot rnr • m* « n* fit t*»x'W* ntlag 1 Available 1st Quarter'% e UK's favourite Amiga Dealer GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED Dept NEW STREET. ALFRETON. DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Sml Tel: 01 773 836781 U HizarJ ml Cshsftan fwlxu j* hail nr» M3T0W3(A Wrt)i r*s (wo«» liwuoraod Itad H »ion at cu tuniki thy d«w M *TTHI the datruJ Uhg lyxctUUX Lu) liwi t* ii
ftnm u* antoirii riMn pmNcis Vvs uu (os fe» a net VMHi 7t: U cnpk- (uu eocth «fts you ge - net i )) or «w i WOHz CPI isinT » VmtZ lak ctf lur kr NOTCMklU Monv. ni) . Ui puua« ii iui uraicnmi D ifubiin)ebhln BE*in rf’didwrcPW Fax: 01 773 831040 PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY BEFORE MAKING A LONG JOURNO TO VISIT US OUR OPENING TIMES ARE Mon-Sat. 9am until 5om Extracting COVERDISK FILES To extract the programs off the second disk you must make sure you have booted your computer with the first cover disk, otherwise your Amiga will not be able to find the c:lnstaller program, and
frustration will soon set in. Hard drive users should double click on the SetUp-HD icon before extracting any of the files.
To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next. The program can then be found in your RAM disk.
You also have the option of using a floppy disk, if you pick this option, make sure you have a blank formatted disk at the ready, and if you only have one drive get ready for lots of disk swapping and a long wait It's not all Doom and Gloom.
Have no Fears as this month's coverdisks will leave you Breathless Installing Nemac IV The Nemac IV disk has been compressed to allow us to fit more programs onto the cover disks, so you will need to extract the Nemac IV program on to a blank floppy disk. Floppy users need to boot up their machine with our coverdisk, while hard drive users can boot up with their hard drives. To create the Nemac IV game disk, double-click on the AC97 icon and then double-dick the Nemac IV icon. Follow the on-screen instructions and after a minute or so you will be able to reset your machine and play Nemac IV.
When the game first loads, before hitting continue you need to select the screen mode you want the game to run in. For ECS machines you are restricted to only two modes, while AGA and graphics card owners will be able to pick many different resolutions in full 256 colours. If you have a Picasso screen, resolutions up to 1280x1024 will be available, but do not expect it to be too speedy.
Hard drive users can install the game by dragging the Nemac IV disk icon to where they want the game drawer creating. You can then run the game straight off your hard drive.
NEMAC IV DEMO Author Martin Schlott Requires: Workbench 2,2Mb Ram 68020 Typical isn't it? The one time humans build the ultimate computer intelligence and give it control over all of Earth's defences it goes haywire, classifies all humans as potential threats, and brings Earth to the edge of Armageddon. And who is the person that has to sort the mess out? You are.
If you have told them once, you have told them a million times. If you are going to build the ultimate computer and give it control over all Earth's nuclear weapons, fit an off switch and whatever you do, don't put it in an impenetrable fortress.
Apparently, the builders of Nemac IV did MARCH 1996 UL L u u wo t
- *r ¦ % j?
Now whoro worm !
The toilets mg*ln?
Amiga Computing not listen, and guess what? Earth's on the brink of a nuclear holocaust and you've got to save the day. Well, eveiy game has got to have a storyline. It might be a little tired but it is a good excuse to blow lots of things up.
Nemac IV puts you in the role of controlling a large multi gunned robot in a desperate attempt to save the world from total destruction. You have to wander around each level searching for the exit but normally barring your way are various baddies to kill, switches to throw and access codes to be found. Employing the old Doom-style, first-person perspective, you wander around the maze-like levels dispatching evil baddies. On your side you have a double chain gun, a double plasma gun, a grenade launcher and a selection of bombs at your disposal, and if you find yourself in a particularly nasty
spot you can fire all four at once.
When the game first loads you can skip the story line intro by hitting escape. Once you start a game you can move around in the normal Doom manner and kill things, and there are a number of handy in-game options regarding the screen display. While actually playing the game, pressing G will increase the gamma value making the screen brighter, and return will turn off the floor and ceiling textures, giving the screen update a speed boost.
Pressing escape gives you access to the main screen preferences, and here you can Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic. TIB House. 11 Edward Street Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery switch the chunky screen from a 1x1 aspect to a 2x1 or 2x2. Having a lower chunky resolution really gives a massive speed increase, but reduces the quality of the screen, so it is also possible to size the Nemac screen to whatever size you want.
One feature I really like in Nemac IV is the map. So far, no Amiga Doom clone has fully copied how the map works properly. I always liked the way you could flick up the map, zoom in and Out and Still walk around when you were lost making it much easier to find your way around.
Nemac's map goes even further than this.
If you hit the help key a head display map will appear, and by using the + and * keys you can zoom in and out. You can now walk around with the map automatically updating as you explore new parts of the level, and it even displays baddies which it pick ups as little crosses. K you now hit help again you can view the map on its own I I I Post Code I enclose: ? ? .Country I I I (comii Pie Many of the programs on the two cover disks are what are commonly known as Shareware. Such well written programs take many hours to write and a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the programmer.
When a program is called shareware it means the programmer has generously allowed you to try out their program, a lot of the time with no restrictions, and if you then decide you like it you are obliged to send the author the shareware fee.
Normally this is no more than ten pounds and in return the author will usually keep you supplied with the latest version of that program, along with their undying grattitude of course.
I bet many of you non-AGA owners must be getting a little ticked off by the complete lack of support for your machine, particularly if you own an accelerator, which used to be in abundance a few years ago. Well, for a change, Nemac IV does support accelerated OCS and ECS machines, as long as you have 2Mb of RAM and Workbench 2. The only difference between the AGA and OCS versions is that you have to run Nemac IV on a lo-res 64 colour screen, instead of the 256 colour option available to AGA owners.
A500 AND A2000 Shareware
• The full version of Nemac IV costs £20, 50 DM, $ 35 US or the
corresponding amount in any other currency.
• The shipping costs are:
- inside the European Community - £5 or 1ODM
- other countries - £7,15DM, 10 US$ or the corresponding amount
in any other currency.
• If you order more than one copy the shipping costs are charged
just once.
• To order, send money and your details to: Martin Schlott,
Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 35,93051 Regensburg GERMANY Nemac iv order
form as foreign cheque (+ $ 4 US E2.50 handling charge, or the
corresponding amount) coming with this letter) Please allow (28
days) for delivery Please send your order form to: Martin
Schlott, Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 35,93051 Regensburg, GERMANY Please
rush me my copy of Nemac IV Please Deliver To: Name
(Miss Ms Mrs Mr)_ Address_ ie send your order form to: Martin
Schlott, Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 35,93051 Regensburg, GERMANY
- in cash (coming with this letter)
- eurocheque (coming with this letter) Ordering Nemac IV Daytime
Amiga Computing EtrashCan Author: Andrew Cook Workbench 3 Finally we have a real Mac-style trash can, or should that be rubbish bin? Another program for your WBStartup, EtrashCan allows you to delete any of your files by dropping them on a trashcan icon that lives on the Workbench and then selecting empty trash.
The problem with all previous Amiga trashcans is that they were either permanent ones that instantly deleted the file, or were like the original Amiga ones in that you could move files into a TrashCan directory and then select to empty the trash. However, you could only do this for files on the same partition as the TrashCan directory, and the icon could not be left out on the Workbench. Etrashcan can handle files from any partition and still allow you to undelete the files afterwards.
Eye Eyejnfo MCXP2I2 MCXP2i2Jnfo MuttlCX2 MultiCX2 rfo I I Undelete Jnfo and file together | Empty Al Trash Cancel You can rest easy, anything thrown into the trashcan can be rescued later Benchmarking has always been a thorny business, with some people even doubting the use of them to compare computers, and I would be inclined to agree. Even though a program like Syslnfo may be used by almost every Amiga user, the MIPS figure it gives back is not exactly a true figure of a machine's speed, particularly if you have one with a maths co-processor.
SysSpeed is a 'real world' benchmarking program, and uses actual Amiga programs to produce its benchmark results. This means the figures it returns reflect how fast your machine is when performing proper operations, so is a better reflection of how fast your machine really is.
Standard system tests such as memory speed, Intuition window speeds and Intuition graphic operations can be used by everyone and will show how fast your ROM and graphic systems are. SysSpeed also employs a number of other Amiga programs via Arexx. By getting these programs to do certain tasks you can get a good indication of how fast your machine is when using these programs.
To use the following program you need to A J have the Magic User i I Interface installed on , L I your system. Without it - you will not be able to run any MUI programs. MUI is available from any good PD house.
Author: AlienDesign Workbench 2.04 SysSpee OCS - Original ChipSet, the first custom chip set found m the old AMIGA AIOOO and A500 ECS - enhanced chipset the slightly improved custom chipset found in the AJOOO.
4500+ and 4600. Just increases the amount of ChipRAM ACA Advonced Grophic Architecture found in the A1200 and 44000. Gove the Amiga a true 24-btt palette and 8-b't display modes. Also known as the 44 chipset.
MIPS - Millions of Instructions Per Second A measure of processor speed. Many people consider it a poor way of companng processor speed os it is tar too simplistic (UPS - Billions of Instructions Per Second, coming into use (or your old super computer.
Amiga users may need to wait a little whUe before you can use (his Hot Keys - these ore o special combination of key presses, usually including the ALT, Amiga or control keys, that will initiate some speoal action God Tool - the name given to the library that creates the normal Workbench program gadgets XPK - a modular compression library that allows the users to add new compressor ol 0 loter date Jargon box Author: Mariusz Muszalalski Workbench 2.04 Biorhythms. It's all a load of stuff and nonsense shouts our production editor. Enter her date of birth - it does let you go back that far
- and it says mood swings are common. No surprise there then.
Bioday is a really good biorhythms program, if you believe in that sort of thing.
Normally, biorhythms programs just give you a fairly useless sine wave display and leave you to work out what all those lines mean.
However, Bioday will give you a descriptive account of what the biorhythm values actually mean, how physically fit you feel, or if you are going to be intellectually creative.
The eyes have it, ho ho. This is a fairly pointless program but its small and fun. Just double-click on either the plain version or if you have a co-processor the other, and a small window with two eyes in will appear that will track your mouse wherever it may go.
You can run as many copies as you like, size them by clicking on the bottom right of the window, and if you insert a disk or click in the middle of the eyes window, the eyes will spin around.
This has got to be the most bizarre program we have put on a coverdisk for a long time.
Those decisions about love are always tricky and can lead to many sleepless nights. Well worry no more, Loves will sort out all your troubles. By typing in the names of the two people involved. Loves will tell you how the two people feel about each other and the chances of them forming a meaningful relationship.
Author: Cirde Soft Workbench 2.04 BioDay Loves You may have noticed recently that there have been a number of system patches popping up, all trying to rectify the aesthetic problems with the way normal Workbench gadgets look -the standard window gadgets and the proportional and gadtool gadgets.
UrouHack is probably the first to patch every part of the interface. All the gadtool gadgets get transformed into the MUI-style Xen buttons, and if you are running on a ixl aspect screen then the gadgets get the proper looking thin sides and tops, whilst the normal window gadgets get a new sysihack- style 3D look. To install UrouHack you need to copy it over to your C directory, then add: Run NIL: NIL: C:Urouhack to your startup sequence just after the SetPatch command.
Good things do come in small packages, and MultiCX proves it too. This is a tiny utility that manages to pack loads of invaluable features into a tiny program. Window and screen manipulation, mouse acceleration, screen blanking, no drive click, new look menus and sliders, assign wedge, and new edit are just a few of the many functions MultiCX does.
Just drop the icon in your WBStartup drawer and read the document to get the low down on what every function does. All the functions of MultiCX have to be adjusted via the icon's tools types which you get to by clicking once on the MultiCX icon and then pressing the right Amiga key and i. Lha has always been a little tricky to use - being shell only and having a huge number of options it can be very confusing for the novice user. LhaGUI is another in the long line of Lha front-ends that make using Lha a much more pleasant affair.
With a resizable, font sensitive AppWindow, LhaGUI provides you with a very good looking front-end, and by dropping Lha archives into the window you can view and extract its contents to wherever you wish.
MultiCX 2.41 Author: Martin Bemede Workbench: 2.04 Author Tinic Urou Workbench 2.04 Author: Brian King Workbench 2.04 LhaGUI UrouHack Amiga Computing To use the following program you need to have the Magic User Interface installed on your system. Without it you will not be able to run any MUI programs. MUI is available from any good PD house.
MUI MultiCX Prefs Author: Jurgen Kempkes Worttbench 2.04 The real problem with MultiCX is that there are so many functions that you can alter, and it takes absolutely ages to go through every tooltype in the information requester and adjust them to your own taste.
This preference program gives you a lovely MUI front-end to fiddle with, and is right up to date with the latest version of MultiCX, also on this month's disk. Consequently, you can now access every feature of MultiCX without worrying about having to go through the horrible information requester.
XPKatana Author: Eric Sauvageau Workbench 2.04 ¦ For anyone who uses XPK you are still probably using the xDrop program that came with the XPK library, or possible xpkNight, to compress your programs. Both are perfectly fine, but have their own problems. XDrop is quick and easy to use but is very basic, while xpkNight is very powerful, but a little overly complex if you just need to compress one file.
XPKatana takes the best features of both and vwaps them up in a tiny front-end. With all the powerful batch processing of xpkNight and with the option to run it iconised, you have the simplicity of xDrop.
Disclaimer Amiga Computing cannot be held responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of these programs MonE Author: Raul Sobon Workbench 2.1 Trying to get the best out of your monitor is never that easy. If the standard supplied monitor drivers do not give you a decent picture then you have to put up with a poor display.
MonEd gives you a way around this by allowing you to adjust various technical aspects of the AGA chipset that will adjust the output to your monitor. With a little playing around this can lead to a better display, or at the very least a properly centred display.
You should be warned that doing this Could permanently damage your monitor, especially if you start using silly figures.
XPK D ATATYPE Author: Michal Letowski Workbench 3 The XPK compression library has been around for a good few years now, and has firmly established itself as the main form of compression on the Amiga along with Lha and DMS. There are many programs that have direct support for it and the various programs that allow you to add decompression patches mean many people are using it This Datatype adds XPK decompression to the growing list of supported Datatypes. Now if you drop an XPK'ed file into MuitiView, instead of just being ignored, the files will be decompressed and Multiview will be able to
handle it as normal.
Move Author: Jim McDaniel Workbench 2.04 One thing that has always been a really annoying omission from the AmigaDOS command set is the lack of any move command
- you always had to manually copy and delete files. It might seem
a little picky but if you do this sort of thing regularly it
does get quite annoying. Just copy the move command over to
your C directory and away you go. This command can take
multiple destinations if need be.
ScreenKeys Author: Magnus Holmgren Workbench 2.04 One feature of Intuition that makes the Amiga such a good machine to work on is its ability to have multiple screens open at the same time. It helps to keep the screens uncluttered and greatly increases the speed of window and screen updates as there is less to redraw.
Screen keys lets you assign individual hot keys to specific screens. Therefore, if you want to jump to a screen you can hit the appropriate keys and the screen will magically appear, without the hassle of having to skip through loads of other screens.
Iconify Gadget Author: Hakon Ertger Workbench 2.04 You may have noticed on all MUI programs that there is a third icon on the title bar of the program. This allows you turn the program into an icon on the Workbench, so undutter- ing the screen and letting you access other programs easily.
This program does the same, but for every other Workbench program. A third gadget will appear that looks the same as the MUI one, but there is an option to give it a sysihack 3D look. This is a commodity, so can be removed and restarted at any time.
Tf) LU -
o ex.
Q_ J- 0 Z O9 §i S2 o = i z
o II as 2
- m if* All pnoes include VAT, Cheques Postal Orders axepted.
Personal callers we Icon*. Phene lor opening fames. Aftn*
approx 7-14 days delnery. EMC. Wide stocte last.
01582 481047 MONITOR: Reconditioned Multi-Synch. Will display all A1200 A4000 modes. With speakers and lead ...£189 MONITOR: Reconditioned compatible with 1084 range of monitors for all Amiga's. With speakers and lead ..£99 HARD DRIVE: 1Gb A1200 600 3.5’ IDE. With fitting kit ...£229 HARD DRIVE: Smaller hard drives and 2.5* usually available ...... , ~i rn I MEMORY I MEMORY: 4mb 72pin Simm (A4000 PC's
etc) .£119 l 2Mb £1I MEMORY: lmb 30pin Simm (some A500 products PC's etc) £34 1 A500+ 1Mb £29 I A600lMb£34 WORKSTATION: A500 600 Cream metal High quality, with shelf ....L..: " .£24 POWER PACK: A1200 600 500 High current, high power ..£34 [wapfhoiiSE PRICES BUY DIRECT...SAVE £££f’sjg Many others...Please call Please add £3.50 Postage and Packing, Make
cfteqoes payable to: ’JSM TRADING Ltd" 26 Ott Bedford Road, Luton. Beds. LU2 7NZ SOFTWARE CLEARANCE Deluxe Paint 3.. £1.99 Finest Hour.. £3.99 Amiga Computing inally, we an M1438S review. We unwrap the box, remove the plastic wrap- a look. Quite a nice looking monitor, colour matched to our A4000, the male IEC plug on the end of the power lead is a nice touch (so that you can plug it into the A4000's power out socket), and you do get a normal power lead to plug into it, so no problem there. The screen is pretty standard looking, with anti-glare etching, but is not FST.
But looking at the front of the monitor is a bad idea because it is then that you notice the distinct lack of control over the picture presented on-screen. This monitor's complete controls list comprises: The On Off switch, volume, horizontal hold, vertical size, brightness and contrast There are no pots to adjust on the back of the monitor and even the leads are moulded, but more on that later.
Picture perfect?
So what's the picture like? This b obviously the most important question on anybody's lips when they are looking for a monitor, and I have to say that it doesn't look good. Here at the office we run on an old 1942 monitor for which the M1438S is a direct replacement and we thought the quality of the 1942 was pretty poor. Unfortunately, it shines compared to the new monitor. The Ml4385 gives an image on a 4000 that looks as though it is coming through a modulator, with blurry text and misconverged colours. I thought I had taken Qlug problems Although it might seem nice at first that Amiga
Technologies have put a moulded 23-pin plug on the M1438S, if you need to use it on an Amiga other than a bog standard A1200 or A4000, or even a different machine, then you will come in for problems. If Amiga Technologies had fitted a plug to the back of the monitor and provided a 15-pin VGA-type lead with a 23-pin plug on the end, then at least Amiga 3000 owners or graphics card users could have bought a replacement VGA-type lead to plug into the monitor.
My glasses off and had had a few pints when I looked at our Workbench screen. Now convergence is a problem that can be caused by the monitor being bashed or in extremes of temperature or humidity, and since it came delivered by a courier I'm sure that it probably experienced all those things, so your best bet, if you are going to buy one, is to make sure you see it in action in the shop you're going to buy it in if at all possible.
The M1438S doesn't come with a disk with optimised DBLPal drivers designed to fill the screen as much as possible like the 1942 did, so it is left up to the end user to decide whether he or she wants to mess with hardcore utilities like MonEd or just suffer enormous black borders down the left and right- hand sides of the screen. Although the Ml 4385 is billed as being a 14* monitor, these black borders mean you only really get about 11 K inches of viewable area. These problems only occur if you are using the monitor in a DBLPal or DBINT5C screenmode, of course, and don't afflict the monitor
running in standard PAL or NTSC modes, but what did you buy a multiscan monitor for if not to run the Amiga's higher resolutions on a flicker free screen?
A replacement for the 1942?
They must have learnt from their mistakes... So by now you will probably have worked out that while the monitor is shoddy for productivity, it might be OK for games players.
To a certain extent this is true, but if you do both on a regular basis you will find yourself constantly fiddling with the horizontal hold functions to centre the screen when switching between PAL and DBLPal screenmodes. But there's more trouble afoot While the picture for lo-res (the screenmode most often used for games) is actually quite nice and sharp, the sound that emanates from the monitor's speakers is nothing short of rubbish. As a test we tried Worms and Nemac IV on the Ml438S and the sound for both games was tinny and quiet even on the monitor's highest volume setting. Even the much
maligned 1942 achieved better results, as did a cheap pair of personal stereo speakers we had lying around.
Purchasers So who is supposed to buy this monitor? The only people I can think of who would actually go out and get one of these things is someone who is sad enough to value kit with matching company names on each piece as opposed to the best possible choice for each item. As such these are the only people I can recommend Amiga Technologies' M1438S monitor to.
Caveat emptor. ST Bottom line Requirements BLACK recommended RED essential A1200 A4000 I3THB1 DETAILS 1 Product M1438S | Supplier Amiga Technologies 1 Price £299.99 Available from most Amiga dealers mm ES Ease of use 100% Implementation 35% Value For Money 35% Overall Amiga Computing The Squirrel Surf Packs * Surfing Starter Pack
* 199 plus PiP X High performance SCSI 2 hardware for easy
expansion; supports up to seven SCSI devices.
K No technical knowledge required, easy- io-u$ c setup program included, k Compatible with any SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 peripherals.
K Auiobooiing - boot from an external hard disk.
K Hot plug and unplug - no need to power off to remove the interface.
K All software drivers required for the connection of CD-ROMs or hard drives included.
Maximum data throughput (bps) £ £ * HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44(0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 email: hisofNkix.compulitikM.uk 5pecial Introductory Offer Order the Squirrel MPEG before 31 January 19% for I the low price of only £199 Elus £4 P&P. (All onlt-n will Uupped before 28 2 96, no money I will be taken brtimr ilaputdi) The powerful 5urf Squirrel™ interface is the cutting edge technology for easy A1200 expansion. Providing a high performance SCSI-2 interface, Surf Squirrel permits easy addition of up to 7 SCSI peripherals, such as a
hard disk, a Zip™ drive or a CD-ROM to your A1200; Squirrel is also the only SCSI expansion that is hot plug and unplug, requires no opening of your Amiga, no technical knowledge and docs not invalidate your warranty! PiP Bui that's not all, Surf Squirrel also has a fully buffered, high speed serial port that is capable of performing up to 600% faster than the A1200's serial port, so Surf Squirrel gets the most out of your modem and your A1200 to make high speed file download, with multi-tasking, a reality not a possibility.
The package comprises the Surf Squirrel Interface, SCSI drivers, CD32 CDTV emulator, serial drivers, and an extensive, fully illustrated, user manual. Here are just a few of (he reasons why the Surf Squirrel SCSI Interface is ideal expansion peripheral for your A1200: How much faster is the Surf Squirrel?
¦ tenra rx To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices indude VAT. Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
C 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT @ 17J% The Amazing Surf fa Squirrel Interface k Includes a lull CD32 CDTV emulator for use with a SCSI CD-ROM drive.
K Fits externally - doesn't invalidate your A1200 warranty.
K High performance, fully buffered serial port to give reliable data transfer at up to 230400 bps - dramatically reduces the time spent on the phone and your phone bills.
K Industry standard 9 pin serial socket for easy modem connection.
K Serial port is compatible with all comms, networking, and serial hardware.
Order Hotline © 0500 223660 Ban AJI and C are the maximum transfer rata obtained token doumloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a V34IVFC modem. Bars BJT arid G are the maximum transfer tOtd obtained when downloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a V32bis modem.
Surfing Starter Pack Surfing Super Pack k V32 Modem, capable of V34 Modem, capable of speeds up to 14,400 bps.
Speeds up to 28.800 bps.
? Surf Squirrel interface.
Surf Squirrel interface.
K Termite communications
• ) Termite software.
Software - powerful yet Free CIX registration easy-to-use, perfeet for (worth £29).
BBS and CIX access.
All the tools you need for k Free CIX registration internet cruising, rcady- (worth £29).
To-go, no set-up.
K Simple installation.
K Simple installation.
Squirrel gMPEG The SCSI MPEG Haver for your Amiga, Atari, Macintosh & IBM-PC Compatible Making the Connection EMAIL • NEWS • WEB • FTP GOPHER • TCP IP • USENET Start surfing with one of HiSoft System's Surf Packs. Designed for both the beginner and expert alike, the Squirrel Surf packs include all software, hardware and documentation to get you quickly, and easily, onto the information super highway.
Bring the cinema into your home and onto your computer with Squirrel MPEG’". Playing the popular VideoCD and CDI CD-ROMs as well as raw MPEG streams, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Classic Squirrel’" or Surf Squirrel1", and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM. Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unit, with a SCSI CD-ROM, as an addition to your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Available from January 19%, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSoft Systems.
Two Magic Offers from HiSoft Surf Squirrel Squirrel MPEG plus P&P Surfing Super Pack ‘299 B| GO lift »| Q| JU BOX -1 mnr -«ii' i o iwwjji EFFECT EFFECT -IEND 1 1 1 _J_j_|_| J_J _|_J U J ILBM N * ANIM I VIDEO 1 ADC- DELETE! PlftYl COPY ALLI INSERT! LOOP| fl MME's unique effect line Is very clever. If a bit long-winded. You can assign effects to each of your elements Including page effects, sample playback or animation spooling Not a review of an old Jimi Hendrix album, but the latest multimedia authoring package. Frank Nord checks out MM Experience makes the program look less professional and
certainly detracts from its ease of use.
And then, the fact that you have to name pages in upper case only reinforces the idea that you are playing with some sort of PD demo-maker. Before I'm inundated with letters of righteous indignation from all and sundiy, I would like to say that in my opinion, programs that don't look nice on the screen don't help the Amiga’s public image as anything other than a cheap, low-class games machine. This is a great shame because f course, all of Jimi Hendrix's albums are old. He's been dead for a now, so a new one come as something of a shock. Still, that hasn't stopped John Lennon or Freddy
Mercury, so maybe I should just shut up on that front and get on with reviewing MM Experience. OK, I hear you, alright?
Sooo, MMExperience, eh? Well, first impressions with Optonica's program are 'Hmm... yecch-. Tum-ti-tum... bugger*. Let's go through that shall we? The first expectoration was for the look of the box, manual and disks; the second ejaculation was for the look of the software interface; the third was the wait I had when I loaded a picture and waited for the picture to remap, even though I hadn't set up a palette (besides which, all the images I used to test MME with use the same palette, it's just that MME insists on using the bottom four colours of any palette); and the last was the
trouble I had trying to get MME to do something fairfy basic - a slideshow.
It's not a good start is it? Firstly, why do people insist on creating their own custom gadgets and interfaces when a) they are really ugly and
b) the Amiga's own GUI is fine for any application. MME uses
the same dark bluey-greys used by all Optonica's programs with
square buttons everywhere and great fat borders around them.
I'm sorry, but the whole thing Here are some of the problems I
encountered when running MME: Firstly, it was awkward to set
the screen to Hi-res Laced.
MME always wants to run in Lo-res which means everything looks incredibly blocky.
M The next problem I encountered was with the Add Font button in the fonts requester. It took me to Fonts: but then didn't do anything further. This meant I couldn't add any fonts to the three supplied with MME - two sizes of o blocky helvetica and one bolder BaselCB, all at a low size. I finally Figured out that it must be because of the CacheFont program that I run, but that must mean that MME grabs a fontlist in a way not thought of by CocheFont's author, odd since no other program I have ever used has had a problem with it M My third problem was with the F X button. I set up the Qroblems?
Random effect for the pages in my project which worked fine for the first run through. But I discovered that when the project has run through once and is then cycling through again, the F X selected reverts to the default of Fade In. It doesn't make any difference how often you click on the bloody rondom button, it still reverts back to fade in.
M Another problem I encountered was that the tutorial in the manual referred to files I didn't have included when I installed the software.
M But by contrast, one of MME's really superb features is its runtime player which is free, small (it's only 167724 bytes and crunched with PowerPacker that goes down to just 98756 bytes) and it runs on any machine. This is incredibly important because it means that no matter whether you are creating a presentation for your own use, or creating a CD that you will sell thousands of copies of, you won't have to pay Optonica a license fee or royalties MME has some definite good points. I probably shouldn't concentrate on appearances in a review, but this sort of kiddie block interface really
gets on my wick.
Unfortunately, the feel of the software proceeds to get more annoying, with new projects requiring the user to input a name which is then made into a directory in which everything is stored. Not a problem in itself? No, but then you can't use anything at a lower directory level in your production, so you have to make sure you create your productions at the root of whatever device you are running from - even more of a pain if you spread your elements AMIGA Computing JGOJ UOI ? I air±T «iKy| j ? | I d llBT lf j I r™* I) AgSSPT .
E) | PAGE I jU«IJjJLi*liLl SEP.. I .... DUPE PAGE |
PPP-P.ftOE_I .. JUEK pa e |
- JBggSUEQtf I
- P-Elexepp&e j
- L-QAp.i.PRpjgCT ) CLEAR PROTECT| publish_| ABOUT O The
trickiest thing when you have on enormous script Is to be able
to quickly go to the right page, but MME's page finder makes
this easy O The fX page allows you to choose your desired
transition from sixty choices ?
I may seem to have been somewhat hard on MME, but it does hove a good pedigree, coming as it does from the stable that produced Interplay, the Amiga's only dedicated CD authoring system. When you consider that Interplay cost over £700, MME certainly seems better value for money.
Optonica are also launching the successor to Interplay - called MMExperience Pro - shortly and it will build on MME's bose but include far more facilities, admittedly at a higher price.
Even so, MME Pro will be just the product the Amiga needs if it is to get any sort of Encarta-type product With its database features and indexing ability, MME Pro will over more than one device. This makes even less sense when you consider that MME actually checks what you've created to make sure it's all in the right place when you 'publish' your production. By contrast, if you create a script in Scala and then you want to distribute it on floppy, Scala will happily move all the files you used to the floppy for you. I don't want to get into a slangingmatch with Scala as MME is very obviously
aimed at a different audience, but I wonder if Optonica shouldn't have taken a leaf or two more out of Scala's book.
I feel all scratchy after that and I really want to point out MME's better features. If you ever owned a CDTV, you'll probably remember the World Vista Atlas which had a nice database feature where you could look up things like the OOP of Ghana and what passes for a folk song in Alsace. You can create such things easily (if at length) in MME.
Easy access tt's also possible to create an index which refers to all the pages you've built so far, allow- to easy access to information. The Index page which is preset doesn't allow the user much control over the way it looks - always a muted grey affair - but it can be used as a file requester of sorts and also act as a glossary for which the user needs to build a text file. This is the essence of MME. It doesn't do anything you couldn't do quicker, it concentrates solely on domg stuff that you wouldn't be able to do.
This is the reason why one of the buttons on the main panel will allow you to access a user- defined list of programs and run them. So now f5u will be able to run your paint package, text editor and module editing package from within MME without having to return to the Workbench first, so that you can generate the
• wages, clipart, buttons and text you want to « in your
production. All the same, it would have been nice if there was
some clip art 8 Mb JUJJdJUJtiHj AOO P AGC-1 ITT 01 wHliil'VI 4
| LP» OS9BZ J ci PROTECT1 [~J _|TITt_g EDIT | _____MklSii_1
Dct-gTgj Amiga Computing hopefully push the Amiga’s multimedia
capabilities to the fore. MME Pro will also come with ISO build
software so that it can be used by software houses as a
one-stop solution for creating, much needed, new CD products
for the Amiga.
MMEPro also provides the following features: m Touch screen support W Automatic file substitution to take occount of PAL NTSC and ECS AGA configurations M Project management so that your target machine won't run out of RAM M CDDA support and much more._ provided with MME, or at least some fonts.
Although MME doesn't support datatypes fit really ought to, they've been around for over two years now and are very useful for a multi- media package. Obviously, the problem with this is that it would make the package Workbench 3 compatible only, which is probably why they are not supported), it does recognise any sort of IFF ILBM graphic format including, surprisingly, 24-bit Like 24-bit files it renders down HAM and Ham8 files to ExtraHalfBrite or 256 colours where possible, but you should render these sorts of files down yourself using ADPro or something similar if at all
possible, as the results from using an image processing program are far superior to MME’s output Tie?
IG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU... INAL WORD MME isn't a bad package, it's just a little odd. If only Optonica would drop the silly interface that plagues all their software I would be much happier with it. MME doesn't provide the user with the snazzy text effects that Scala boasts, you can't scroll text with it and the page effects have no parameters. However, MME will almost certainly replace Gold Disk's ageing Hyperbook as the product of choice for people creating mini-encyclopaedias about their favourite topics, whether they be World War II planes, or Tutankhamun, because it is ideally suited
to such tasks.
L,Uill line Product DETAILS Product
M. M.Experience Supplier Optonica Price £39.95 Tel 01455 5582 82
Scores Ease of use 60* Implementation _60* Value For Money 99*
Overall 75* 7 don't wont to get into a slangingmatch with
Scala as MME is very obviously aimed at a different audience,
but I wonder if Optonica shouldn't have taken a leaf or two
more out of Scala's book" Requirements RED essential BLACK
recommended RAM 68030 40 RAM or above Hard drive 4 Mb HOWTO
ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Telephone 0113 2319444 Order by
telephone quoting your 2-4 Week Days £3.50 24 HR MAIL ORDER
SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191
• NextWeekDay £5.95 u|g NEW! BBS Sales & Technical line Tel:
0,1.1 3.23 M 422 c6mPuT£A CENTRE" In aH •Saturday delivery £
• 2-4 Week Days £3.50 24 HR MAIL C
• NextWeekDay £5.95 CM NEW.'BBSSa , j I- in An
E-Mail»lewftmcom«mon.to vi
• Saturday delivery £10.00 ,-w.dtnior.coukfirticom Delivery
subject to stock availability rTVTfTWTTTTF
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK IHSg
Pnimi Iri C»«t it tht tnv ti fwnf ta prvu.
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NEC 6Xi6 speed Only!!£29199 IbKtudn. Woxknft V4SC. Oatattore. Ojnw. Turtncaic 1.5. hnmul Paint VM.
LUpna I 2SE. Petal Mania 8 Min. Vmiga Magic Pack ? 170Mb HardDrive Only!! £469.99 Includes same software* pack as Magic Pack. But aho Sanyo CDRH 94 Az2 Speed £125.99 I Toshiba S201 Bo+spn* £ 158.99 Panasonic CRS04B 4*pood £ 189.99 First Starter Pack
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£2089.99 £2359.99 MC68040-25 Mhz MC68060-50 Mhz CD-Recorder 4x rexd 2x write Tomorrows QTO QQ technology today LTXz.TT 74 Min. Media 10 off 04.99 100 off £575.99 m M1438S Monitor Only!! *£275.99JSTT When bought computer I Monitors
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A1200 with installation kit | IfK,
software, screws, cables _and instructions
[80Mb_____£89.99130Mb..£ 109.9911 170Mb..£ 114.99 250Mb~£l
39.991 340Mb..£ 179.99 5 IOMb..£2S4.99|| Quantum TOSHIBA Zip
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 600 install kit
(W,memnue4La*dr*mhe4nHky flhl Inc. software, cables and
instructions ll420Mb.ZIS9.99 S40Mb..ZI(M.99 tSSSWrlZ£199.95
• IKItaAm li I k •UMmdimm Zip tools £16.95 Amiga External drive
£41 AI 200 600internal drive £39.99| 00 500+lntemaldrive £39.99
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m| here are many good things that | ,have come out of the North Jwest - Lowry, Boddington's Bitter, Chips and Gravy, Pea Wet (ask our Deputy Ed) and Amiga Computing. But what most will associate with the area is a TV studio that has created some of the most popular dramas, soap operas and quiz shows we know today. Called Granada, it produces such hits as Cracker, Coronation Street and the Krypton Factor.
But these programmes also have another factor in common, and it may come as a surprise to learn that this is the Amiga.
Okay, it would be an exaggeration to suggest that the Amiga has a starring role in these first two, but it does have a significant walk-on part. Watch Cracker, for example, and you will see Fitz (Robbie Colfrane) tapping away on none other than an Amiga. Or Coronation Street where Curly Watts once had a bit of trouble with the BettaBuys store computer, played by an Amiga. Prime Suspect's police station sets have also benefited from the Amiga.
However, in some cases the Amiga, unfortunately, has to undergo a dramatic costume change in the wardrobe department and appear as a PC. A PC box sits on the desk whilst the Amiga sits on the floor feeding the PC's monitor (thanks to the 31 Khz flicker-fixed output from the A3000).
Eagle-eyed viewers will spot the give-away clue of a PC with an Amiga keyboard!
The Amiga's success in this specialised field is due to its native 50Hz video frame rate (exactly twice the speed of a TV film camera) coupled with its genlock ability which allows multiple computers to be synchronised together. This eliminates the moving 'roll bar' which normally results when computer screens filmed.
But the Amiga's'user-friendliness appealed U» Martrn Kay who programmed many of the on-screen computer systems at Granada. "The Amiga provides a very versatile programming environment, it ideal for something like this.” He explains how sometimes the actors don't like having to type and act at the same time, "I often end up off-screen, typing A on the Amiga keyboard whilst the actor mimes the action N in vision on a dummy keyboard." Realism is important j* in dramas like Cracker and Prime Suspect, so the Amiga programs which Martin writes have to appear like those on other 0 , *
j| machines (e.g. the i dreaded Pcs).With much J of the action involving • • police computer systems, Martin was invited to one of the Manchester Police comput- er rooms to see the Holmes Investigation system and was provi- ded with authentic screen layouts to recreate on the Amiga.
SCREEN«TEST The BBC's Sunday Show is also aided by an Amiga which plays the Sharkflsh animation used as a transition throughout the show.
The Amiga runs the animation off a PAR system, started by a GPI trigger via the joystick port, with an Arexx script providing automatic re-cueing at the end of each run. As a result, one press of a button on the main vision mixing console triggers the animation, fires off a sound effect, and changes shot - a combination which would otherwise require a dedicated Betacam player and operator.
But what perhaps is the mosynteresting use of the Amiga at Granada is in the quiz show. The Krypton Factof'The Amiga proved invaluable in providing the SCOrirtg and control system used for some of the rounds. Martin was, again, the man behind it all. For the Mental Agility and Observation rounds, the contestants sat at S Bfftscreen terminals whilst they answer ) multiple-choice questions as quiddy as possible.
In control of all this was an Amiga 3000 fitted with an A2232 multiserial card to handle the touchscreen inputs, with a PAR system acting as a still-store with all the displays which the conte oU saw on their touchscreen monitors. A custom control program, written *-SASC, displayed the conte5taiit* S£ores and a jelifence copy of questions to ensure that the computer stayed in sync with-Gordon Burns asking the questioi»j|ii*Aniiga display was overlaid ontotfie PM output via a G2VC3 genlock to provide ajy5|posite questten, answer scoreierthe rest of the production team.
On top of this the Amiga was controlling lights on the contestant? Desks which briefly illuminated the first to correctly answer each question, plus generating a sound effect to cue the question master to ask the next question. This made for quite a complicated system in which the Amiga's multi-tasking abilities were exploited to the full.
The touchscreens work more on the principle of a touch 'platform'. As Martin explained: "The 'Touchmate' system looks like a set of bathroom scales, but with a set of precision sensors at each corner ISIS (onputer Services N.I.C.A.H, H0U1ES - Major Enquiry Systen ] 2 TITLE I 1 3 SEX I 1 4 1C I 1 1 SURNAME [ 5 FORENAMES I J I 1 8 AGE I 1 TO I 1 1 6 DOB [ 17 BIRTHPL ( 9 HEIGHT I 1 TO I 1 11 RELIGION [ 11 OCCUPATION [ 12 EMPLOYER SCHOOL NAME I PASSENGER HENNESSY HICHAEL BUSINESS TRRUEl PASSENGER FREDRICKSON PETER BUSINESS TRAVEL I f'( Martin looked at real Police databases before designing one
lor television Amiga Computing MARCH 199~6 On the trail of how the Amiga has found its niche in many different corporate sectors, Tina Hackett investigates its latest role in tFie NoH+vAA gst's top television studio i SALFORD ECCLES Line 3 RICHARD LUHAN WORSLEY Line 4 ROBERT DAVIES OLDHAM Line 5 NORMAN HARDWAY ALTRINCHAM On Air Line 6 CHARI IE DEAN STOCKPORT It's a CrackerRemember the scene where Fitz Is answering calls on his radio station? This again was on the Amiga Martin uses a number of Amigas (from AlOOOs to A3000s) and has a collection of plug-in Zorro boards. He remarked: "There are
too many to fit in any one machine at a time, so I'm frequently swapping boards."
These include ethemet cards, Xsync VTTC LTC timecode readers, genlocks, Harlequins and the PAR playback capture cards. Other useful peripherals include a DAT for backups, with Diavolo s w, an HP Scanner, and a Wacom tablet for use with TV Paint "The combination of TV Paint and the Harlequin card is unbeatable at the price' explained Martin. 'It's the only system that gives you a genlockabte broadcast quality 2-bit RGB display with a linear key output as well. Together with the ZCG32 caption generator, all the question answer graphics and text for the Krypton Factor were produced using this
system. This is work which otherwise would have been done on Quantel Paintbox and Aston Capgens. Together with PAR, it opens doors for the Amiga to do broadcast work which is not usually associated with the machine." rypr hmlwt CySBWVTOm Michael Peters 37 High Street DENTON DN7 9TZ Tel: 76 8375 DOB: 13-4-71 Age: 24 Heigh’: 6ft 1in Weight: 10st Har: Ginger Eyes: Blue Group: Male Photo Date: 10-6-95 Comments: Athletic the studio lighting system, and playing a sound effect What the contestant had to do was find the code to spell out each word. Say, for example, they typed the letter S. It
would come out as a T because the keyboard had been altered to make the letter change to the following letter in the alphabet. The contestant would have to work this out and break the pattern.
Martin hoped that showing the Amiga onscreen would get some positive publicity for the machine: "When the series was being recorded, the Amigas were out of production.
Commodore UK kindly lent us the four A1200s. I was hoping by the time the series was transmitted, the Amiga would be back on the shelves, which is more or less what happened."
Track of the score! Martin has found the Amiga ideal for subtitling on programmes such as Disappearing World and Great Railway Journeys. With a timecode reader providing exact synchronisation to tape, the Amiga can be used in both off-line and on-line environments.
Off-line, the regular Amiga output can be genbeked to provide subtitled VHS preview copies, and on-line it can give broadcast quality output via the Harlequin, or control an Aston Capgen.
Zen Computers have also provided computer software for Yorkshire television's detective series, A Touch of Frost A recent scene involved an investigation into a suspect Escort Agency where Frost was looking through a database of pictures. However, the Amiga had to look like a PC running Windows so a screengrab was made of a PC running Superbase, and the rest programmed on the Amiga. Amiga veterans will appreciate that Superbase started life as an Amiga program before ever becoming a Windows product dock and score displays seen at the top of the screen throughout matches. This sounds trivial,
but life would be so much more complicated if you came in from getting another beer from the fridge and you couldn't keep ZEN Computer Services can be contacted on: Telephone: 0161-793 1931 Email: 100046,3675@compuseive.com Martin Kay has now set up his own company called Zen Computer Sendees. They specialise in video work and Martin's experience with television and computers gives him an advantage in this field. His other projects include a teleprompdng system which he has sold all over the world: I'd seen similar things on the PC and the re very expensive. I realised there was a market for
a cheaper version and that this could be done on the Amiga. Most go to America where they are used by cable TV stations or college media courses where there is a need for a cost-effective solution." He has also produced a French and Arabic version.
His work has also proved invaluable in the world of televised sports. Thanks to his snooker scoring system, he has made the life of graphics operators a lot easier in a game where it con be difficult to keep up with a fast potting player making a big break. The Amiga provides a friendly front-end to control the caption generator, and the operator has only to dick on the ball which has just been potted ond the computer keeps track of the score and break totals.
The Amiga has also been used for Rugby, Ice Hockey, Darts and Football where it generates the small works by detecting the minute pressure differences which occur between the various sensors when the screen is touched.' This has the advantage that any unmod fied TV or monitor can be used, provided it is firmly located onto the platform. After a calibration routine, which involves rocking the screen and pressing on the four comers, the system can send out a stream of ASCII codes giving precise co-ordinates whenever the screen is pressed.
Laser testing The Amiga was also used in the Krypton Super-Round as part of the Laser Matrix. Four Amiga 1200s were placed on stands for a round which would test the players' mental agility to its limits - and prove very decisive in the final! What Martin was asked to do was create a program in which the keyboard was remapped.
The contestants had to solve four word dues using the altered keyboard before proceeding to negotiate their way through the laser beams. With a sensor connected to the joystick port, the Amiga would signal a time penalty if the beam was broken by controlling
- fl For 'A Touch of Frost’ a screengrab wat made of t OW AND ZEN
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CD......£174.99 (Xerdrive Quod Speed CD .£234.99 Amiga
CD32 + 7 garnet ? Idt to nnnert to A1200-------- £205.00 IN o
oSScTEr« dul It be* 6* St* imt vttr ft* Mrg ten grafba i Ace to
bant mum) and *t rnn piMmd u CD-ROM DRIVES GENLOCKS HACK Amnrod
DMP20C0 XXW C3 00I Amilrod DMP4000 ....£3.661
AmslrodPCW 8256 8512 IQ3500 C3 Ool Amilrod 9512 EMM Ctw
1200 lSt‘10 Sw»fr24 9 .£2.851 Epson
IQI00 ......£4 101 Epson 1X90 86 90.....£2.5o|
Epson IQ400 500 800 850 C3 *51 Epioo fX MX RX80 lX800 C3 45I
NEC Knwretr P2200 .£3 501 SefcenboSPl
200 1600 2000 C4 00| Fona tonic KXP1123 1124 1190 .C3.30|
Ponaiorvc 2135 C8.251 Ponoiorx
KX? 2123 2180 £4.001 Star LC10 20 100 ....£2
901 Star LC200 C3»| Star
IC2410 24200 .£3.00 ¦ CotQiJB Cilinn Swilt 24
. £12.991 Panasonic 2135 2123 2180 £13 wl
Slor IC10 20 100 ...£7.00 ¦
StorlC200 ....£12 301 Star IC2* 10 24200
...£12 501 Add £2.00 p p
- P jaXfit Had Cud ujpaoff Ccrtoge.. £22 99
rfCklHlkikil ...£799
- P Desk* 500C 560C '£oo.t Cartndga ..£25 99
• P WX WCCacerW ..£1699 CorcoSJ 10 200 Badri Certain £169?
Caw iJ 10 200 m 4R|M £7» Gtzen P'opl :IC CcW £34 CO Gt»n rrofet 1C .....£20 SO Add £2.00 rite aid takitg Ia500* upto 2Mb .£28.991 Ia600 upto 2Mb ..£39.99| PRINTER RIBBONS PANASONIC 2135 24 PIN COLOUR £164.99 Al printers free lead & detvery DOTMATRIX I PANASONIC 2135 24 pin Colour inc. sheet feeder....£164.99 Citizen ABC 24 pin colour ....£144.99 | Gtizen Swift 200 24 pin colour_____________________________£169.99 Add £15 for Block Ribbon [Dot Matrix only) dud cover, printer stood, 500 A4 paper when purchased with printer I
INKJET - DESKTOP & PORTABLE Hewlett Packard 600 mono inkjet add £25 (or colour..£230.00 Hewlett Pockard 660 colour inkjet ------ ...£325.00 Canon BJ30 mono inc. sheet food----------------------£184.99 Canon BJC70 colour-----------------------------------------£289.99 Canon 8J200 EX mono intqef-------------------- Canon BJC4000 colour inkjet Canon BJC610E colour .juco .yv .£289.99 ______£412.99 Citizen Projet 1C colour inkjet . £249.99 Citizen Printivo 600 colour New .... £389.99 Epson
Stylus Colour IIS £275.99 MONITORS A4000T 040 23MHz . £2099 £3831 A4000T 060 50MHz .....£2399 £3331 SPECIFICATIONS: A4000 Tower, 6Mb Memory, 1 7Mb Floppy Drive, I 1 2 Gig SCSI Drive, Scola 300 pre-installed.
Amiga M1438S.....£287.99 Microvitec 1438.....£269.99 AmHek 1084S .£189.99 | Sharp, Hitachi Menitof TY ....£174.99 I AMIGA 4000 TOWER how groovy this product is Ami-FileSafe all quotes from Internet Review: (comp.sys.amiga.reviews) "Without AFS ! -no thanks" NEW A1200's& A4000S Ensure you get AFS with your new Amiga - Without AFS you are likely to have an an unvalidated hard drive if you reset or your system crashes whilst writing to disk.
Dealers- ask your distributor for details of our special OEM offer- Remember buy your new Amiga with AFS from a reputable dealer.
5C f" r- 00 00 r- It makes as much difference as adding some fast SCSI Zorro III controller from hell".
SecUre fii sfPli ion"esyst No ;S"Pfr p crash u,, ,0"'OreCorr.
Ns‘ani , ' r 1 *ritjn n,W
* •» % 'X ¦ vers'0 v « multi user «** ur rr iga multi-tasking
capability to Ihe max". AFS: .. Certified Amiga Devel„pers -
‘•5 s 9
w. .. 650Meg on
- P9Q One AFS Hard drive 0 tZy. J NoMuFS A convct p&p £3
Private user licence Otherwise as Pro-Version cintl sped up
from around 500 ™ ith Mail Manager again. My ments Certified
Amiga Developers 0JJ7 e 0V %s Distributors : FI.Distribution
ermany: Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe weden: Orebro Videoreklam
talv: Db-Line A Fourth Lcvd ou‘h rrica:MLSvstems Development
SA: AIM Distributor & Dealer Enquiries +44 (0) 117 955 8225 UK
Orders to FLDistribution 31 Ashley Hill Montpelier Bristol BS6
5JA Qotal! Amiga workbench iree books from Bruce Smith's new
'total Amiga' range get the Amiga Computing treatment. Neil
Mohr gets his reading glasses on Qotal! Amiga assembler Rom
Paul Overaa, possibly the guru of Amiga programming, we have
the complete beginners guide to Assembler programming on the
Amiga, of which there are two distinctive sides. One is
involved with getting the absolute performance out of the
machine by discarding the OS and 'hitting the hardware’, while
the other takes the 'proper' programming route via using the
operating system functions.
This book goes for the last option, which some demo coders may scoff at However, with games like Breathless and Nemac IV, both very good Doom clones, using Intuition screens and multitasking with the rest of the operating system shows what the Amiga's operating system can achieve, and there is no real need to simply discard it As you may expect from Paul Overaa, this book is excellent It covers the basics of explaining about the 68000's status, address and data registers right through to a full description of all the 68000's instructions, starting off by giving the reasons you would want to
use Assembler over high level languages. On the surface it may seem mad to use Assembler at the OS level, over C or AmigaE, but there are good reasons.
The all-important subjects of addressing modes, data movement, assembler subroutines, and the usually Having owned an Amiga for six years now, it is sometimes easy to forget the problems that beginners can have with using a new machine. I started using Workbench 1.3 which seems light years away from the relative luxury that Workbench 3 users now have. Even so, learning to use Workbench can be difficult so a book on the subject could be useful, if it covers the right areas.
The main thrust of this book is to go through every aspect of the Amiga's Workbench, no matter how small, and explain what use it is to the user. This goes from the basic roots of a WIMP system, explaining what icons are for, how you use each of the menu functions, and windows, to explaining the use for every utility and program you get with the Workbench 3 disks.
If this all sounds strangely familiar, then it might have otal! Amiga AMIGADOS Amiga Computing Bottom line something to do with the fact that all these things are outlined in the original Workbench manuals that come with the Amiga, in a very familiar fashion, along with the same sort of screen grabs of the various preference programs and utilities. This is the main problem with the book - It does not do anything really different from the original Workbench manuals.
Towards the end of the book there are a few worthwhile chapters. An explanation of CrossDos along with another on CD-ROMs and Viruses are helpful, but I think what is covered is a little brief and a general DOSdriver chapter would have been more useful. Overall, this is firmly aimed at the absolute beginner and even then I cannot see any real advantage over the standard Amiga manuals.
JTTTT ?UCT DETAILS Product total! Amiga workbench Publisher Bruce Smith Books Tel 01923 894355 ISBN 1-873308-55-8 Prtce £19.99 OVERALL: 59% i The other side to using the Amiga is AmigaDOS. I Normally used through the shell, AmigaDOS is a 1 much more difficult beast to master than the | Workbench, but potentially far more powerful and ¦ quick to boot The down side is that with an A1200 there is absolutely no documentation describing how to use AmigaDOS. So a good learning reference would be an extremely good idea.
Total! Amiga amigados is just that, taking you from the basic reasons for using AmigaDOS over Workbench, how to enter commands, through to the beginnings of script writing and a brief description of Arexx.
The book starts with describing basic disk, file and drawer operations, giving good clear instructions of how and why you would want to use each function and shell command. There is also an explanation of the pros and cons of using the Amiga's very handy RAM Disk.
That other constant pain in the rear for Amiga users, the Assign, is covered along with the path assignment, and chapters detailing the startup sequence and user startup are always going to be of use for the beginner.
Even though this is a book aimed at people learning about AmigaDOS, there were a good number of things in there that I found useful to know. A full list of the Shell's keyboard commands highlighted a number of useful functions I did not know about, along with a good explanation of all the AmigaDOS wildcards you can use.
I could not say this book is essential, but anyone planning on using their Amiga for anything more than playing games will gain out of having a copy.
Ignored subject of program design are all well covered, before moving onto the trickier subject of the actual Amiga OS programming.
Almost 300 pages are taken up with describing every aspect of Amiga assembler programming. It is quite interesting to see a quick overview of C is given in the appendix This is important as all the autodoc examples from Amiga Tech are written in C, so it is actually a handy inclusion. I just wish I had had this book when I was learning assembler.
Bottom Bottom l L ji.ii UCT DETAILS Product total! Amiga amigados Publisher Bruce Smith Books Tel 01923 894355 ISBN 1-873308-56-6 Price £21.99 OVERALL: 91% FALCON TAKE YOUR AMIGA AMIGA SUPERSTAR Superior performance. Full on speed. Yours when you add the new Falcon 68040 060 accelerator to your Amiga 1200. It's like never hitting the brakes. State- of-the-art-technology for the ultimate rush. Seriously faster than a 4000 040 at a fraction of the cost. Fit the Falcon, feel the speed. If you dare.
1. 5 Times more powerful than the Amiga 4000 040* RAM Access 3.5
times quicker than the Amiga 4000 040* Easily upgradable to
the 68060 Processor** 68060 Processor socket built-in Can host
up to 128MB Of Local Burst RAM Fast SCSMI III SMA Hard Disk
Controller (10MB Sec) PCMCIA Compatible and fully
• Spted b*i*d on th* 68040 25MHI CPU
• • Upgrade 68060 prIte programme available *oon Amiga cate naedt
to be opened and trapdoor modified SPECIFICATIONS CO-PROCESSOR
VIPER 28MHZ FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for
Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE iv*f«¦ Q«tv) £69.95 4MB SIMM ......£125.95 8MB SIMM ......£235.95 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC 1208 BARE ......£55.95 PC1208 1MB ......£85.95 PC1208 2MB .....£129.95 PC1208 4MB .....£179.95 PC1208 8MB .....£299.95 1,'hij a Jiarra r, WARP ENGINES .....£POA The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-11 adaptor, on-board battery backed clock. 68882 coprocessor, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE ......£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £239.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £355.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £619.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR . £79.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM Installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£279.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£325.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£435.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£649.95 VIPER 50MHZ FOR ORDER FORM SEE OPS ADVERT U POWER tel 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W Hifru-HIKC.LMVAT tPtcmCATOVLAiio NxntN sunn IOC1AV3I viithou' Ai. Alt ACXWMIMtC Kl C«Mlt K WITW HIV ft JvrIBM WU M KCWIB Ml« WMO »0 out TIM* AND COMmOM 0« TIUDt COIUIOIWMKM All AVAUU Wtl 0* CKAWI CdHWUtr A new idea in LightWave tutorials hits the streets.
This is a great tape, provided you are already experienced with Lightwave, and one you shouldn't miss for the depth of detail that Mark Thompson goes into. The CD-ROM included with the tape makes for an added incentive as well as a very sensible way of taking the tutorials further. Like most tutorial tapes that are this advanced, the emphasis on having high-powered equipment is very obvious, so be warned that many of the scenes included require a really stacked Amiga.
Bottom The shark gobbles up the glasses and disappears off into the distance. But then it returns, wearing the glasses, on a collision course with Fred Fldaty. The dream ends with a shot of the shark's gaping maw as it is about to devour Fred, and he comes back to reality realising that his lot isn't such a bad one after all.
Mark Thompson explains how he put the animation together and uses it as an example of how to update old animation techniques with newer versions of LightWave. Thus, with the fad that Fred floaty originally used a set of morph targets for its animation, Mark Thompson shows how bones and finally IK make the whole process much easier - on memory, on the learning curve and on you.
Mark also lets us into some important secrets he uses to optimise his animations, but is also keen to point out any possible disadvantages, giving the viewer a balanced opinion rather than the more bombastic This is how you must do it* approach.
BiTTTrnwi in.focus Layout Tips and Tricks ETAI LS The objects on the CD come under three categories: in the Gifts directory there is a complete scene which should be familiar to readers of Lightwave Pro - it is a very nicely detailed rendition of a Hummer (a military light assault vehide) driving through the desert leaving tracks in the sand, but be warned, I didn't have enough RAM on my 18Mb Amiga to render the scene once it had loaded.
Next up is the Syndesis directory which contains a selection of models from their 3D-ROM CD. As on the 3D-ROM, very few of the objects have been LightWave-isued, meaning they are out of scale with one another, polygons haven't been rationalised, and the surfaces haven't been edited. The last collection of objects on the CD is a nice surprise - Viewpoint datasets other than the tired old surfboard, hammerhead shark and Al Capone figure including the Sydney opera house, a Mark3 VW Golf and Big Ben. As usual with Viewpoint objects, they haven't been surfaced and you might need do some editing for
single- and twoi oint polygons, but that is normal. All in all, the CD is practically worth the purchase price alone.
Onew idea indeed. Rather than the usual 50 minute video tape telling you a whole range of things you _already knew, ktfocus's 'Layout tips and Tricks' video is a breath of fresh air. For a start it is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing all the tutorial scenes talked about on the video tape and, unusually for UghtWave-related products these days, has separate directories for PC and Amiga owners along with hundreds of extra bits and bobs like motion clips, images, benchmarks scenes used by Lightwave Pro to check the speed of various Lightwave platforms, and loads and loads of objects from
both the Syndesis and Viewpoint Datalabs catalogues.
Secondly, the video itself is about 70 minutes of very detailed information about only a few topics, namely how to composite Lightwave output with live action successfully, the use of inverse kinematics (new to Lightwave 4.0, but don't worry if you aren't using this version, the tape Still also deals with bones and morphing targets), lighting and how to achieve realistic looking neon, amongst other things. Embedded in the detailed explanations of how to achieve all these targets are little gems of information that will come in handy for other things.
Animations This tape is presented by, and based around the work of, Mark Thompson who created the benchmark Lightwave animation when he designed 'One stormy night with Fred Floaty*.
The animation details how Fred Floaty, a sad and lonely buoyancy aid, sitting in a travel agent's window on a cold and rainy night, fantasises about going on one of the exotic holidays he is supposed to be promoting. He slips into a reverie of floating in a swimming pool somewhere hot and sunny, whereupon he loses his glasses in the sparkling water. They sink down through the swimming pool water and in the distance a shark is seen rapidly approaching.
QD objects Supplier Prowave Pric • $ 59.95 + shipping (Introductory) (+001) 1 205 551 7710 Ease of use_85% Implementation Value For Money Overall 85% Requirements ; RED essential BLACK recommended | LightWave m Amiga Computing Ofs not often a milestone appears on I the scene, something which simply redefines your thinking regarding _ what's possible with a particular platform. Products like the Video Toaster, Scala LightWave and the PAR animation recorder have, in turn, marked the Amiga as a unique machine in the eyes of creative media professionals everywhere.
Needless to say, the Draco fits, if not breaks, this mould by adding a completely new level of power to the traditional equation of Amiga- based desktop video. However, as you're probably well aware, the Draco isn't actually an Amiga at all. In fact, it's a completely new machine which takes the Amiga basics and expands upon them, exploiting the talents of the Amiga OS whilst adding a unique blend of CD quality sound, digital off-line encoding, editing and playback with state-of-the-art DVEs and a true 24-bit display.
Thanks to their efforts as the Amiga's most prolific third-party supporter, MacroSystem Germany have built all the principle elements of a standalone machine, the keys to this being the Retina 24-bit display board, which in the Draco ships with 4Mb of RAM and CyberVision drivers, the Toccata sound card, offering stereo 16-bit audio direct to disk recording and lastly, the all- important digital video skills of a Vlab Motion digital video recorder player.
Management With sound, vision and system management all taken care of, there is, of course, still the small matter of the CPU, not to mention the all-important I O connections that make up any modem machine. The solution to this is a 'Draco direct' plug-in motherboard with all the necessary I O connections - such as HD floppy drives, parallel and serial ports - combined with an 040 or 060 CPU, on-board SCSI II controller and space for up to 128Mb of RAM - via standard 72-pin SIMMS.
Throw in a few QuickLogic chips for Kickstart and other OS essentials and... Robert's your mother's brother - an Amiga on a card!
Fire-up the new machine and on the face of it the Draco looks every inch an Amiga - but with one major difference. The Draco does not have AGA, or in fact any part of the Amiga's custom chipset, even though a whopping 4Mb of chip memory does appear on the menu bar courtesy of the Retina's on-board memory.
Obviously, the lack of AGA does preclude Qook and I During the evolution of the system it must be said reliability and crash resistance has been an issue regarding the VLM and Movieshop compendium on normal Amigas. But thanks to version 3.0 of the MovieShop software, the system is now rock solid, even at the highest possible image quality.
In the case of the VLM card tested, this translated to an attained, and more importantly maintained, 90 per cent Jpeg compression, which in real terms means virtually identical image quality between the encoded and original material.
This evolution of the MovieShop software is a testament to Macrosystems' growing awareness of what the market demands, to ?
Ears on simply ;arding lar plat- , Scala if have, lachine sionals breaks, level of Amiga- proba- i Amiga lachine Is upon liga OS quality id play- ; 24-bit s most System ients of ring the ! Draco drivers, i 16-bit the all- Motion p m softwore suite hasn't come to fruition, Apple, as yet, hove not confirmed a license agreement regarding the Mac ROM file due to concerns regarding their traditional support policy.
Undaunted, and with the aid of a System 7.5 installation CD, I set-up a Pseudo Mac on o drive connected to the external SCSI port which, with the combination of 060 and Retina's blisteringly fast screen update, easily out performed my Quadra 700 at work. Big raspberry to those grumpy guys at Apple!
In the form of plug-ins for your existing kit Fortunately the Draco does offer another unique feature in a new machine, namely backwards compatibility. Admittedly, this is a weird concept regarding a new computer, but when it comes to existing MacroSystems' hardware, compatibility ain't a problem. Existing Toccatas, Vlab Motion cards and Retinas all work perfectly well in the Draco, and as a consequence, MacroSystem are offering a mix and match option to complete the Draco equation.
Dement on the Timeline, or transfer it between video dips and scenes. Better still, you also have complete control over the sound envelopes of the samples you're working with. As part of MovieShop's Timeline control, you're provided with on envelope requester which enables you to insert multiple edit points and adjust sound levds appropriately. Consequently, you can introduce frame accurate volume changes and even cross-fades between different audio trocks in different video clips. In short, complete control over the sound dynamics within the production.
As a finishing touch, there's even a built-in SMPTE timecode generator with which to strip a tape - assuming your creation is to be passed on too third-party production house.
Lent all e small
- impor- nodem ) direct' ary I O parallel or 060 ; for up SIMMS,
art and tether's ice of it ut with Dt have custom of chip
ourtesy edude the excellent new preview window which can
generate a mini preview of all your edits and DVEs in a video
sequence, thereby offering a means of quickly testing things
before you commit to generating the full frame effects - a
process which can be a lengthy procedure on a complex
production. This is a seemingly obvious addition perhaps, but
one that can save lots in wasted processing time.
One stop solutions such as slow motion and fast motion, either with or without accompanying sound, is another example.
These are now built into software on a simple point ond dick basis which, again, is something which in the past was a real nightmare and involved a lot of manual labour.
77 ust be is been vieshop ' thanks are, the highest ed, this
• impor- jmpres- 'irtually
i. ncoded oftware irowing wds. In The real essence of the Draco's
appeal is its ability to operate as a true off-line
editor digital video effects generator. In that domain it
stands head and shoulders above the opposition with around 50
DVEs already available and mare coming online all the time.
Almost inevitably, the PAR card gets a mention when you're
talking about AMIGA-based digital video.
However, the only common ground between the two is the fact that both can encode and playback video. That's where the similarity ends... The Par is an animation recorder, whereas the Draco can do that, and an awful lot more besides Unlike the combination of the PAR and SunRize AD516 direct to disk recorder; the Draco offers a seamless combination of audio and video with the ability to act as a truly digital AV editing system. The audio and video elements, by default, ate hard-wired together so, as a result when you cut copy and paste within MovieShop, exactly the same edits apply to the
accompanying stereo or mono sound.
Tf the need arises, you're still free to record or import additional sound and then edit mix, and export sound trocks, or even mix live via the Toccata's multiple inputs to generate a perfect combination of sound track, backing music and voiceover. Even when the audio has been recorded, you're still free to adjust its length, copy it, reposition it as a separate FEEL the past, much of their software could quite rightly be described as over-engineered, with seemingly endless user options clouding the overall picture.
Fortunately, a more Mac-like approach to design is beginning to prevail. This doesn't mean MovieShop is exactly a no-brainer for the user, but it does mean the learning curve is flattening out dramatically. You're sdll free to adjust with just about everything, but the inclusion of assorted presets and one click operations is becoming much more the norm.
Classic examples of this are simple things k*e preset window arrangements, which go a long way towards simplifying the sea of requesters that control the system. Another is The basic DV system consists of the following: the Vlob Motion, Toccata, Retina and the 060 CPU and I O combo, a HD floppy and lastly, a quad-speed CD-ROM. The latter contains all the necessary system software in the form of Workbench 3.1, MovieShop, Toccata, Draco and Retina control and utility software, Samplitude, ADPro 2.5, MorphPlus andXiPaint Unfortunately, the plan to incorporate Shape Shifter - the Mac emulation
software - as a standard part of the Draco certain applications from the Draco, notables including Dpaint AGA, Brilliance and, worst of all, Scala. Basically, any software that requires the AGA by default, or in Scale's case relies heavily on Amiga specific RAM calls won't run.
However, this isn't as catastrophic as it sounds
- check out the big picture for more info.
Okay, you've got all the elements for a world-beating DV machine, but even at the basic asking price a Draco is still a big investment for the enthusiast - especially if you've already invested in some of the key elements RACO DEMOGRAPHIC V DELIGHTS Post production Assuming all the real-time grabbing and importing is complete, and the various dips are trimmed, edited, and appended, the next step is to drop them into the Timeline and add the all-important special effects and additional audio.
Building the actual Movie is entirely nondestructive. In reality, the process simply offers a means of layering and combining the audio and video into a new sequence, and the end result of this is a user-defined sequence of all the existing scenes, aided by assorted visual and audio effects.
This ability to mix and process multiple sequences points to another unique feature of VLM, namely its ability to operate as a digital A B roll environment with a built-in DVE generator. Needless to say, this is by no means a real-time process, because once the scenes are arranged and the operators positioned, MovieShop still has to set about processing the video and audio transitions and effects specified in the timeline using ADPro-style batch processing. Luckily, this is all done automatically, but it does take time even with the aid of the 060.
Although the DVE process may sound daunting, after a little practise it becomes second nature. Beginners are catered for via an easy mode but in addition there's a more complex RPN approach - which can process an almost unlimited number of sequences along with multiple layers special effects.
Obviously, doing all the DVEs in software means there are, inevitably, opportunities for the odd coffee break, if not light lunch.
However, thanks to the new preview option, wasted efforts can be kept to a minimum at least and in reality, most DVE productions take seconds and minutes, rather than hours to generate. Given the complexity of what the machine is being asked to do, this is pretty remarkable- VLM - Vlob Moran. Macros System’s superb non-linear video cord Dvi. Digital video effects. Things like wipes, dissolves ond fades can be considered DVEs, but most people relate more to the kind of whizzy things that happen on Top of the Pops OS - the Operating System is the software that sits in between the hardware ond
the opphcation software, and allows the two to work together DV - Digital Video, something that is becoming more and more possible with advances in technology RPN - Reverse Polish Notation. A buorre way of representing calculations that seems reversed in fas jysfem odding rwo ro seven would look like *2 7.
CPU - Central Processing Unit. The port of your computer that does most of the work AB-Rofi - real-time mixing of fivo video sources for a seamless fade or wipe between the two Jargon box Amiga Computing ?
Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended HAT HAPPENED TO... RAM or above Product Supplier During our original Draco preview a whole host of new add-ons got a mention, namely a Draco friendly TVPaint, a Draco direct VIM, a planned Dec Alpha co-processor, and a new 64-bit Retina.
The good news regarding TVPaint is the release of version 3.6 which, at long last, doesn't require a dongle, and therefore will work perfectly with the Draco- The Draco Direct VLM is now complete and its associated software is in beta, so the all new VLM, with a full D2 quality digital data bus and the ability to mix projects with different data rates will be available mid April and will debut at NAB. The same applies to the Dec Alpha coprocessor which, like the Draco direct VLM, will launch at the NAB and promises to deliver real-time DVEs and much more besides.... The rumoured 64-bit
replacement of the Retina looks likely to be appearing with the others at NAB and promises full on-screen video preview as well as generating a genlockable output. MacroSystem are also working on a minor revision to the Draco Motherboard which will allow a plug-in 133 Mhz PC to become part of the Draco repertoire. Assuming you add a Mac via ShapeShifter, that makes three machines in a single box... One of the biggest concerns of a non-standard chipset and its affect on compatibility regards access to the Amiga blitter. However, thanks to some clever coding, a direct and transparent
replacement has been made via the Retina's on board blitter The Retina was. In fact, the first card in the collection to go ‘Draco direct' - pumping through 35Mb per second, making it one of the fastest graphics cards around - and one of the only ones which can run Workbench in full 24-bit, 64K or 255 colours in a variety of resolutions ranging from 320 x 240 up to 1600 x 992.
The Retina's natural affinity with Workbench emulation combined with the ever-growing range of software which supports RTC boards is a key factor in the development of the Draco. Lightwave, ADPro, ImageFX, Wordworth, and PageStream all support RTCs, and the list just keeps growing. As a consequence, even without the Custom Chipset, the Draco remains compatible with the majority of Amiga applications.
HE BIG PICTURE Price £2750 (Approx) - with 060,4Mb video, 4Mb system RAM, quad-speed CD-ROM £3670 (Approx) - with all of the above plus Toccata and Vlab Motion 040 version also available - ask distributor for further details Hard drives sold separately Contacts UK distribution phone Whiteknight Technologies on: 01920 822321 US distribution phone Draco Systems Inc on: 303 499 1975 Ease of use 90% Implementation 90% Value For Money 100% Overall 100% ft's not often a milestone appears on the scener something which simply redefines your thinking regarding what's possible with a particular
platform MacroSystem Germany Draco Product details VGA 31 Khz + Bur survey SAID... Add up the system performance and price tag and the Draco is bound to attract many a serious Amiga fan, with the basic machine retailing cheaper than the almost mythical Amiga 4000T running an identical 50MHz 060 accelerator.
Impressive figures for a fully-featured digital video box with full off-line editing, CD quality audio, broadcast quality digital video effects, 24-bit graphics, and much more besides. Look for opposition with this kind of spec at a similar price point and you simply wont find any.
The only other question, especially in relation to newcomers, is ease of use and system stability. As mentioned earlier, MacroSystems' software is synonymous with endless requesters and user-definable options, but having said that, ease of use is improving all the time. And after a day or two with the manual, most people would find the Draco second nature - especially if they'd used AMIGAs in the past On the system side, there's virtually no difference between the Draco and the Amiga, so there's nothing to complain about on that score.
A If there's a slight chink in the dragon's armour it's probably on the display config side. As the old guard may recall, the Retina was originally launched as a twin monitor system - at least during the set-up of certain applications with Retina screens.
Needless to say, the Draco doesn't have an Amiga RCB monitor port and therefore, on occasion, setting-up new or RTC unfriendly software can be a tricky business.
Leaving this minor point aside, perhaps the most important point scorer for the Draco is the excellent stability of the system.
In the Amiga days, VLM and Toccata combos were a quirky combination, but the Draco is a much more solid proposition which will run all day long without incident
- and for media professionals, that alone is perhaps the
strongest selling point of all However, before you rush
hot-foot to the bank, it's worth bearing in mind that although
the Draco looks every inch like a high-end Amiga, it isn't In
fact to pigeon hole the Draco as just another Amiga would do it
a disservice. The Draco is, in fact, a fully fledged machine in
its own right Of course, if you're looking for a high spec
machine that can take over the reins of ageing Amiga kit, it's
still a valid choke.
However, the Draco is primarily a dedicated DV engine capable of Broadcast quality work.
In short if you're not planning to use the machine in its intended environment you V be wasting an awful lot of its potential.
Although a rather tired excuse, its impossible to appreciate this machine unless you see it for yourself. Believe me, if my lottery balls dropped next Saturday a Draco would definitely be one of the first things on the shopping list Amiga Computing Imagine what you could do with The UK’s leading Lightwave and Alpha experts Best Prices Best Service .guaranteed ...Newtek LightWave 3D v.4 (the new manuals are excellent) The definitive 3D rendering and animation software package.
As used in Babylon 5, Grim.
Sea Quest DSY, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, Golden Eye.
Desktop Images Videos Ron Thornton s new tapes and Modeler I. Modeler 2. Camera and lighting techniques, Displacement mapping, morphing and bones, Surfaces and textures.
We also handle direct from manufacturers the Draco and all Macro System products.
Raptor 3 We are the official distributor of Deskstation products in the UK.
Anim Workshop £25 Pixel 3D2 was £199 now £60.
We also supply for the UK.
Ssnapmaps, Building Objects.
Humanoid, Sparks, WaveMaker, Impact & many more.
Exclusive Alpha Lightwave .Distributor; DPS Personal Animation Recorder Broadcast Quality Video System.
Perception Speedrazor Broadcast non-linear video editing system.
Warthogs Raptor 3 275MHz (Alpha 2l064Achip) 266MHz, 300MHz & 333MHz (Alpha 21164 chip) Direct from Manufacturer!
The New Cyberstorr 060 We sell the tools to fire your imagination.
Loads of new add-ons' for Lightwave
- Phone for latest details Sales and credit card hotline 0171 721
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interface allows for quick access to individual countries via
continental maps, country lists, capital lists or the general
Concise, informative country histories.
Ethiopia is sxuated in nonh-east Africa. Emperor Hoiie Selassie ruled from 1830 until 874 when the military seized power. In 1984 the Workers' Party was formed and a civilian government established in 1987 Civil war and famine ihen ravaged the country The (amine, in (act, was ihe inspiration for the Band Aid I I ? I » ... m- ...i OdDBS | j 4 3cm A “ i Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, rivers and lakes, and mountains.
All maps in HAM-8 High Resolution.
StolFapMon Basic national facts are represented graphically and comparative to the UK.
W ta* CD32 UJTIM in UBM omho isauu m. ihhuui «xn tmiui h%.
Smu® m. summit •%. Scum 1« MuniM a-vtn. Ituopum qnthdou ss-w*.
UNMBT m A1200 4000 Background cultural and economic information is available at a glance.
U2.TMJM.M nmeiiM mmwi? Woinmmn Tel: (0181)570 32 1 (BLOCK CAPITALS please):' s ' NAME___il ADDRESS f!
Post Code WISEdom Please send me d copy of the World Atlas priced at £29.99 (inci. P&P).
I I enclose a cheque for £29.99 made payable to WISE DOME LTD.
I £1 surcharge for overseas orders. Please allow 14 days for delivery.
Wisedome Ltd. Flat 20 Breezer’s Court, 20 The Highway. London El 9BE elfast, a name to conjure up Eziimages of murals with red (97 hands, soldiers looking ner- ¦¦SlLvous. Armoured cars and helicopters patrolling restlessly around, but these would be wrong unless you were to venture right into the heart of disputed territory, and even there the peace accord and cease-fire has meant a slackening off of military presence. But I wasn't in Belfast to report on the troubles, or their possible conclusion, but to visit two, quite disparate, professional Amiga users.
My visit, coincidentally, happened to fall on the weekend when the first Belfast Computer Show was being held, and the first people I was in Belfast to see were exhibiting their talents at the said show. It wasn't a good show for Amigas overall, with Arcom Multimedia being the sole proponents of the machine we spend so much time writing about there, demonstrating and comparing Amiga-based mul- timedia with PC equivalents.
Most of the other stands were either highly technical, with Siemens Nixdorf having a large stand devoted to LAN WAN networking products, or went to the other extreme with companies like Game showing off the Playstation on an enormous TV and selling loads of copies of Rebel Assault II for the PC (By the way, I had a look at this supposed pinnacle of PC gaming and was distinctly unimpressed. Yes, the graphics were lovely and, matched with the accompanying soundtrack, very atmospheric, but the gameplay seemed to consist solely of clicking the mouse at a particular point on the screen).
As such, the mix was an uncomfortable one and the show was more successful for the serious companies during the weekdays it was open and vice versa for the gamers. Even so. Arcom managed to get leads from teachers visiting the show with their children, and from a couple of small businesses who had an interest in games visiting the show at the weekend. The teacher was interested in setting up an interactive kiosk and the small businesses were after corporate videos to demonstrate their facilities to prospective customers.
Arcom are a fairly new company to the scene, having evolved from a money-making hobby to the point where expansion into a full time business was inevitable.
Russell Moore, the hobbyist turned professional, is in partnership with his friend and erstwhile Vince Clarke lookalike, Chris Astles. As Chris said to me: “I hadn't even Northern Ireland is a hotbed for good music, Guiness and also Amigas, it would seem. Ben Vost goes beyond the pale to investigate AMIGA OMPIJ1IN A Amiga Computing Hardware galore Arcom Multimedia have a hardware inventory that would be the envy of many an Amiga enthusiost, but also contains one of the devil's machines - a PC. Unfortunately, the PC was a necessary purchase because of its Mpeg encoding and CD mastering
facilities, which weren't available at the time on the AMIGA, but has also now got a spot doing interactive CD authoring using products like Macromedia Director for Pcs, a growing part of Arcom's business.
This machine is called 7he Beost' and joins a menagerie of Amigas, all named to avoid confusion. First up is Walter, also known as Walter the Warp Engine for the 33MHz Warp Engine that powers him (her? It?). Walter is an extremely stacked machine. In addition to the processing power it can muster, it also houses the Digital Broadcaster card and its accompanying AD516 IS-bit sampling card, and is the main LightWave rendering station.
Next up is Peggy, an A4000 030 with one of Scala's Mpeg cards, closely followed by Peggy II, a similar machine. Lastly, Runty is the smallest member of the pack. Being only a moderately accelerated A1200, Runty's main use these days is recreational, but it used to be Arcom's mainstay. The four machines are surrounded by CD-ROM recorders, video equipment, scanners, genlocks and DAT drives, and there's barely enough room in the office to breathe let alone take photographs!
Thing you pop down to your local shop to buy with 50p in your pocket. The main cost for the system isn't even the card itself, but !
The hard drives required to store broadcast quality video on. Arcom have 8.4Gb of storage space devoted to the Broadcaster, and a further gigabyte for accompanying 16-bit sound which is provided by the legendary I AD516 board (which is no longer being made). This board is at the centre of Arcom's business and since the job that provided the ; money to buy it (and all its attendant hard drives), it has been in constant use for used a computer before two years ago, but I saw what Russell was doing and wanted to be involved." Chris gave up his job as a boat builder to work full-time on the
project and learned how to use Arcom's two main programs - LightWave and Applied Magic's Digital Broadcaster.
The Digital Broadcaster is a product that doesn't get much coverage in Amiga magazines, but it is the only broadcast quality, non-linear, video editing system in the world that is available at such a low price. Even so, the Digital Broadcaster is not the kind of Anatomy of an im A GE Tony Patrickson tells us in his own words about the creation of the Stimuloss image on this page... Here, The image started off as a vague idea about creating a design that merged computer-generated imagery with material scanned in from the 'real world'. The original background image of a human figure was one of
a series digitized several months previously using the VidiAmiga (24) RT with live input from a Betacam, which I'd played around with for a while using various colour-mapping routines in Photoshop to produce this rather lurid 'chameleon' effect Having imported it into ImageFX this was then cropped and resized to the correct resolution and aspect ratio for the task in hand. Because the image was enlarged to such a degree, it was necessary to use Gaussian and antialiasing routines within ImageFX to smooth out pixel differences - which would have been necessary anyway as I wanted the background
de-focussed to reproduce the photographic effects of depth-of-field.
The next stage was to get down to designing foreground elements: there's really no substitute on the Amiga for LightWave when it comes to working quickly through ideas in three dimensions. I'd already made preparatory drowings on paper - pre-planning is a must if you don't want to get 'lost in the interface' at a later stage - so adopted these ideas to create forms similar to blood-vessels in the human body. Again, with the modeller in LightWave it was a relatively straightforward process of creating a disc of the required diameter and using the 'rail extrusion' feature from the Multiply
menu to extrude the disc along a curve sketched in the background layer. Both the 1oriented’ and 'segments=automatic' functions were selected in this so as to give a smooth extrusion in three dimensions Having created a number of these objects in LightWave I then loaded them into Pixel3D and saved them out in TDDD format for use in Imagine3. Why Imagine and not LightWave? Well, in this case I wanted to make use of certain procedural textures available only in Imagine (in this case 'peened' and 'ColourNoiz2), plus, although being abysmal as an animation tool it does produce good quality
high-reso- lution stills (I basically only use it as a rendering engine for detailed textures nowadays). Also, I found out early on in the project that my 10 megs of RAM wasn't enough to render all the scene-elements in LightWave (even with the 'Segment memory' feature shut way down) at the resolution I needed for output Amiga Computing miga Z was which active corn's avoid Warp to the id its on.
Ed by inly a ed to video office op to 11 cost If, but idcast f stor- and a 16-bit ndary being corn's
* d the : hard ;e for ?
I were on in ts in iaved Why ivant- ivail- and is an resoling ound RAM its in ature utput to print Once I'd carried out a series of test renders to get the texture parameters right it was a case of designing the lighting within the stage editor. As it is in film, theatre of photography, probably the biggest reason why so many bad computer graphics look terrible is in poor lighting design - it doesn't matter if it's 50 Studio, Lightwave, or any higher-end application like Softimage, if the lighting is bad it doesn't matter how good the Other elements are. The temptation is to whack the
ambient-fill levels up to try and show every detail (which gives many computer-graphics on TV that flashy ‘sameness' for example), but as with cinematography, much of the most effective work is done with shadow as much as light itself.
In this case, the lighting requirments were quite precise because the light in the background image had been from a single low-angle spot, so a single spot was placed in the stage editor to illuminate the objects from beneath in a similar fashion. As well as accurate placement, the light colour was tweaked to mimic the effects of the tungsten artifical lightsource in the background image, with 'diminishing intensity' selected.
Rendering After further tests, all the image components were finally rendered at print rather than screen resolution.
The final render was then imported into ImageFX for post-production and checking. Although the lighting of the back and foreground elements seemed consistent enough, I wasn't happy with some aspects - the compositing looked too sharp in places, like that in the circled area. This is a common problem when compositing several elements from different sources, in that things can look too clean and artificial - our own eyes are used to a world that has dirt and shadow in it The offending areas in the image were selected using the 'freehand' tool in ImageFX, with pixel and shading dif
ferences then softened using Gaussian, blur, and darkening routines.
Whilst the lighting and tonal ranges now looked okay, there were slight colour variations that needed tweaking to harmonize the image as a whole. After small adjustments to the CMYK values, I played around with the 'antique' filter from the Colour effects menu. Usually this just turns everything into a 'diche in sepia', but I found that re-applying it several times gave the right hue to bring the image together. Finally, the file was saved-out of ImageFX and archived for transmission to the magazine.
Amiga Computing projects both large and small. Russell Moore doesn't really care about all the doom and gloom currently enveloping the Amiga market in fact he almost approves of it He likes the idea that the Amiga is a 'punk' machine, as he terms it. And he sees the Amiga going on long past its sell-by date, with people in the know buying up second-hand machines and scavenging parts from broken Amigas - sort of a Mad Max scenario, if you like. He thinks it's great that there will be people abandoning the machine in their droves and putting their old Amigas up for sale so that he Can buy them
and make them into interactive point of information kiosks at a fraction that it would cost for a similar set-up using a PC Russell also believes that the Amiga will continue to be a creative machine with a hard core of dedicated users providing the software business, he is despondent about its prospects over the next year, but hopes its sorry situation can be turned around. “It's not a machine that can be sold in shops like Dixons, or even the Escom shops." I suggested that an approach more like the old Apple dealerships would be more appropriate, but Russell wondered if there was even the
market for that Even SO, Arcom aren't averse to publicising the Amiga in magazines like Ireland's influential trade magazine, Irish Film & Video, with a full page article on just how good LightWa* is. The only problem with doing this is the worry that people will actually believe the art - de and go out and buy Amigas and compete with the services Arcom provides.
* The Amiga is the world's best-kept secret, and we'd rather keep
it that way," says Russell. Z3T The main man Tony Patrickson is
an ad hoc lecturer at the University of Ulster in Belfast where
he takes up the thankless task of showing the students (and
even some of the teachers) there how to get to grips with
electronic medio, Most universities have computer equipment
these days and Belfast is particularly well catered for with a
nice mix of Pcs, Macs and even a Silicon Graphics mochine, but
there is something of a generation gap between the
administration, the lecturers and the students, where the
administrators and lecturers are aware of the new medio, but
are more interested in the fields they learnt at university,
like painting and sculpture.
It's a similar problem that was faced by people wonting to study photography os on art form earlier this century, and it will probably take longer to overcome owing to the prejudice against computer art which Tony Patrickson thinks he has an explanation for.
There are still a lot of people out there who view art as a visible expression of their wealth and computer art confounds them because they can never possess it I can make dozens of copies, each exactly the same as the first and that bugs them because they can't hoard my art" Tony took a roundabout trip into the world of Amiga. He originally trained in sculpture and comes from an orthodox fine art background. But he wanted to get involved in the emerging computer arts field and, through speaking to a friend working at a production facility in Belfast, came into contact with the Amiga. Tony’s
main problem as an artist is one of funding, so the Amiga's low-cost and high quality combination made for a particularly attractive proposition.
He first got on A1500 about four years ago and worked with Deluxe Paint and Imagine, pretty standard Amiga tools that everyone has access to. But two years ago, the ageing A1500 was definitely starting to lag behind the current state of the art (to be very kind to it) and Tony replaced it with an A4000 030.
He continued using a mixture of video grabs from his Vidi Amiga frame grabber and an evolving mixture of Imagine, Dpaint and ImageF X.
When Lightwave became available as a standalone package, Tony got the necessary money together in order to purchase what was universally acclaimed as a brilliant 'new' tool for 3D animators. Six months ago, he gave Lightwave the kick in the pants it needed by adding a Cyberstorm 060 board to his setup, thanks to a grant from the Arts Council, but he has his eye on plenty of I other additions to his setup that he will make when he gets further money - items like a Vlab Motion come pretty high on his list, As yqu'II see from the pictures on the page, Tony uses stark imagery to make his point He
feels that colour can sometimes be a distraction, and that computer art in particular seems always to be oversaturated with bright tones that can get in the way of j the point of the image.
Amiga Computing g Oro£ 8 0 Lu o c H U 1 CC ~ o 0 w _ _cQ »- y TO OlO) TO £ o-|5=li LU c QoS O rr t (uro c l l O O C 2
1. 2 w Uj *+ in l l w w ‘ 3 »• So») O 6 £ c b* N OC 00 O O O •
rS O CVJ Q* Y- Ll 0 TO ( oi o t Cl 5 +
o ?
X3 in £ & O) ’" T3 04 Cl Eg Bw.|8 * § S ig b- 5 z F*. R- UO LU CL p CL a a
- -OCT) D in u ?¦ w u. W u O o *-
Q. Q. X X LU LU % Ujg i K ° 05 0) 0) 0) 0) CJ) 0) 0) CD 0 CO m
CO CO CM CM cm cm co T“ CM CO 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 JO n .Q ¦B
CD 0 5 5 5 s 3 w W CM M- La l o o ¦0 P P I
(1) (0 ¦a 0 0 0 ’¦* CD 0 O O O cn OJ 1 | T3 T3 .8 8 .8 0 CD "5
TO jC jr 2 E C a 0 Q_ Q. Q. c OC CC 2 0 2 3 1 S O O O CD CC
D CC 0 UJ m CD CD Sc 4 4 4 UJ CM CM CM “S - hh® S 2 +
+ 04 in in ? o) 0 CD 1- • 04 04 Q .a O UJ M a: lu 3 0C
LU m ssi g-o ZOOM ro p c.?
Q. ( ) Q. cl a if) CL o L_ O SCOM KILL THE AMIGA?
Escom shops, but my experience in both was far more pronounced than yours. This was particularly so in the nearest Escom shop, where I was told by one assistant, when I commented on the 'Commodore' badge on an Escom PC 'Yes, Escom are marketing Commodore now." Yes, says I, I know that but what about the Amiga? “Separate comp- any“, says he. "Amiga Technologies ha been set up to do the software, but the Amiga is defunct and nobody is supporting it any more."
I will not tell you what I actually said to him, but • will leave it to your imagination. Suffice to say.
The next time I went into the shop I demanded to talk to the manager, whom I knew had previously had an Amiga, a asked him to explain company policy about the machine. He looked real; disco fited and more or less of them also sold mainly Pcs, but usually there was someone with whom you could at least talk sensibly about Amigas.
Since Escom bought out what was left of Commodore it is quite noticeable how the Amiga presence has totally evaporated - certainly, as in your article, there are a few boxes with Amiga on them in both Tandy and Will Amiga Technologies ever get it right? It dosen't seem like it according to our £50 prize winner This next letter was addressed to our erstwhile deputy editor Ben Vost As a subscriber, I always read my Amiga Computing pretty comprehensively, but this month's issue (January 1996) was particularly apt From your sombre coloured cover with the rather sinister 'Escom' figure, to the
well-written and well-reasoned articles, I think you have captured the mood exactly and I would like to make a few comments of my own.
I came to the Amiga rather later than most.
I was forced by an industrial injury to take eaHy retirement and my younger son, bless him, knowing I was in a lot of pain and unable to sleep at nights, gave me his trusty Amiga 500. I quickly became hooked and sold the 500 to buy an almost new A1200, just after Commodore went into liquidation. I set about upgrading the basic 1200 and now have a 1200 working through a HiQ Workstation, with a trapdoor expansion card to give me 6Mb RAM, a 170Mb IDE drive, a Sanyo CD-ROM drive and a ZIP drive, together with a new Citizen ProJet Colour printer - as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time and get a
lot of enjoyment from my now lovely 1200 and this is increasing as I gain in competence!
But I live in an idyllic setting miles from anywhere with far more sheep than people.
When I first got the Amiga, there were quite a few shops at not too great a distance from where I live that supported it - certainly most Qrimsby wrinklies faster than our brains, to get some of the programs working. They are like your contributors - they know their stuff, but cannot translate simply the various processes needed to get things working.
When we do get these video computer programs working we really enjoy the processes of titling animations and all the other video-related programs you include, so perhaps you could recommend a booklet for 'wrinklies' on the most simple basics of getting things running.
Finally, if there is anyone in the Grimsby district interested in video and the Amiga who wants to know more about our club, give me a ring on 01472 877428. The instructions will be very simple, come and join us to help each other in our hobby.
Phil Borman, Grimsby First off, I would like to say sorry for how long it has taken me to print your letter (it arrived here at the end of last October), but in answer to your question, do you regularly get Amiga Computing1 If so, you will know that there is a regular page at the back written by one of our contributors, Frank Nord, on how to keep your Amiga in tip-top condition. There are always a lot of hints and tips for the whole range of Amiga users, from beginners through to advanced in an easy-to-read style. In addition, this issue contains the third instalment of Steve White's
beginners guide to the Amiga, which should also help you.
There are plenty of books around to help Amiga Keep those letters coming! If you can t be bothered to find a bit of paper and a stamp, why not e-mail us? Simply point your mailer to: ESP@ a com p. demon, co. Uk There's a £50 pound prize for the best letter printed as an incentive users, such as those from Bruce Smith, but the real solution to your problem is to experiment. Make a backup of your machine before you do anything too drastic and press ahead trying to solve your problems. At least you'll be safe in the knowledge that you can always restore your backup and all you will have lost
would be some time.
Get yourself some sort of file manager program like Optonica's InfoNexus which will help you explore Workbench's hidden depths, but experiment, experiment experiment Finally, we will be running a video feature at some point this year, so stay tuned and we should have a bumper set of video-related tools on our disks to accompany it Amiga Computing MARCH 1996 implied that they were only selling them while stocks lasted and that he expected not to get any more, and yes, he was the only one who knew anything about Amigas in the shop. He then excused himself and went into his office shutting the
door behind him.
Even the big people who also wholeheartedly supported the Amiga in every way are starting to lose heart in the face of the lack of support they are receiving from Amiga Technologies, and I am afraid it is Escom's intention to kill of the Amiga in its present form and certainly not to support existing Amiga owners in any meaningful way.
I suppose that, in a way, I am lucky - although I really like my Amiga 1200 and think that it can do virtually everything I could do on a PC, but far more easily and at far less cost and certainly in a more user- friendly way, if all else fails, ultimately, I could throw the A1200 away and convert my workstation to a PC using the CD, hard drive and Zip drive as peripherals in what will then become a PC, after a few additions such as a PC motherboard.
But isn't it a shame? There are literally thousands of enthusiastic owners who like and want to continue using the Amiga, despite its many limitations, all over the world. I think Escom ignore and treat us like dirt at their peril, and I, for one, would certainly not buy anything PC from an Escom shop, if it came to it, even if it did say Commodore on it in exactly the same way Qrashy new year I have a handy tip to do with the trashcan on the Workbench. When I got your Christmas issue (94), I looked at the AppTrashcan program you gave away, but you don't really need all these programs to
replace Workbench's trashcan because you can have one out on the Workbench screen without using any of them. It goes like this: (and they're all out of date), plus, if you ask the shop attendants anything about the Amiga they go all cocky and selfish.
I find all this very distressing, I have been a proud owner of an Amiga for ten years and while there is a lot I want to say, I feel I am only repeating what other people have said already. Anyway, it's a sad situation even though you guys at Amiga Computing are doing a great job - if it wasn't for your magazine I would have no way of knowing what was happening in the world.
Michael J Owen, Caenarfon Nice bit of lateral thinking there, Michael. We tried it out in the office, just to check you weren't pulling our legs, and lo and behold it worked! The only problem with your method that we could discern was if you have (as we do) more than one hard drive or partition. If that's the case, you will have to have a separate trashcan for each drive you have on Workbench, as only having one follows the Workbench rule of 'If it isn't on the same drive copy it rather than moving iL.'. What this means is that if you drag a file from one place on a hard drive to another
place on the same hard drive. Workbench moves the file (i.e. copies the file to the new location and deletes the original). If, however, you drag a file to a different partition or hard drive, then Workbench just copies the file, I eaving the original copy where it is. The same principle applies to the trashcan. Other than that, nice one!
1. Create a normal drawer on the boot partition of your hard
drive and call it what you like, like WBTrashcan, for
2. Make sure the icon is selected.
3. Select 'Leave out* from the Icon menu on Workbench.
This will place the icon directly onto the Workbench screen.
4. Next, use an icon editing program like the excellent one you
gave away in issue 94 and change the drawer's icon type from a
drawer to a trashcan. (You could also just use Swazlnfo to do
the same, we gave it away the following month on issue 95 -
5. Snapshot the icon to wherever you want it to be and hey hey
hey, you now have a Trashcan on Workbench.
One last thing before I go to bed (it's 4:37am as I write this). I live in north Wales and I am saddened to see that the towns around here no longer have anything to do with the Amiga - you can't get a single thing: no Amigas, no hardware, I can only find one shop that sells games just can't meet. When it comes to your suggestion that Escom want to kill the Amiga, I have to demurr. I don't think they would have spent the money they did (somewhere in the region of $ 50 million so far) if all they were going to do is dump the machine. However, their policies regarding the sales and marketing of
the Amiga do seem decidedly odd, but as I know very little about big business advertising budgets or sponsorship deals, I can only assume that AT are doing what they can with the money they have.
On the other hand, the lack of support we seem to be receiving from Amiga Technologies is upsetting and curious, especially since the Amiga magazines are the only outlet for publicising the Amiga that AT currently have.
As my 1200 does. Many thanks for all your interesting articles and may I wish you and your team a happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 1996.
Ian Aisbitt; Bedale, North Yorks Ben replies: - Thanks very much for your kind words of support I understand from Ezra that you are a bit of a regular letter- writer to the postbag, so I'm glad that he has seen fit to award you the £50 prize for letter of the month. As far as the Escom shops thing goes, since the magazine came out I have had several people ring me up and give me their tale of woe with regard to friends and family attempting to buy Amigas. I really think that the whole affair is pretty shabby and that Amiga Technologies should have only allowed Amigas into Escom shops with some
degree of Amiga experience.
As for Tandy, I spoke to the guy in their shop for perhaps the longest time and he was very sincere in his desire to sell me a PC, but when it came to it, none of the shops I visited was interested in taking £500 of my money for an Amiga (apart from Silica, after some prompting). They all wanted me to go and get more cash or buy a more expensive machine on the never never.
This makes me wonder how many sales of any sort of computer are being lost because of this perceived lower budget limit of about £650, which a lot of people When all's said and done, the Amiga will probably never regain the sort of stature it had five years ago in the home market because of the rise of the console kids and people willing to spend the money on a PC - after all, if you want music, graphics, education, the Internet and business and your only source of information is the television and the Sunday papers, the only machine you're going to know about is the PC, unless Amiga
Technologies gets very creative in the marketing department, which is looking about as likely as it ever did with Commodore.
Qinally... I just thought I would write in to say how much I like the new look of the magazine for 1996 and say that I thought that it was the best issue of any Amiga magazine I have read for the two years I have owned an Amiga. Although I am now past the beginners stage (I hope), the Beginners guide section was well-written and informative and the set of features about the future of the Amiga really set me thinking about the machine I would like to own in 12 to 18 months time.
The coverdisks you supplied this month were also very handy. Although there was stuff on them previously available on yours and other coverdisks, it was nice to have them all collected together and to get the latest versions of things like MultiCX, which is a bit hard to find if you don't own a modem.
Anyway, that's it I just thought someone ought to thank you for the great work you guys do for the Amiga community and I'm feeling very mellow because it's Christmas and I've had a drink or two.
Owen Jones, Canterbury Well, Owen, there's nothing we like more than a bit of unadulterated massaging so now we're all glowing with pride and feeling mellow too.
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pol)_ Click on the background and interactive button to arty Of the 1 Other Products... Tower Products DX2 66 Ptnthim P75 Pentium P100 Pentium P133 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. UK.
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Postage and Packing £7 00 (Next Day) I'S OO 1 Two Day) and Cl500 'Sanaday) Pncw onu jociir lwna mn» change eithoul notice n « Mviuue 10 tctoohong to c avaHatxUynatoreorderng EAOt AH iraMmarks acknowtedgeo Al ordara auttect to cxx terma (rating, ivoldbte on requec Ftoi i or busriMt 9.13am ¦ 0.00 pm MjndayFndly TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME ng sysi resentai w event* )n. You en * I decided to spend some money on J my Amiga so bought myself a Power Quad-speed CD-ROM to use J with my A1200, along with the GVP A1230 I already own. I would like to know if it is possible to use a CD32 joy pad on the
A1200, as certain games do not support keyboard or a normal joystick?
* your b er parts imming i own mufl ve full col Cllck-Arfl
wiygons md drag
o above I As I live in Belgium, I am experiencing a lot of
difficulties trying to find a shop that sells Amiga-related
products - why is that and will this change with Escom? Maybe
other Belgium readers could contact me so that we could get in
touch, or are there any Belgium Amiga-related clubs that I
could get help from?
Recently I went to London and while there bought myself a copy of the CD32 version of Myth. When I got home I found the game did not work with my CD-ROM. Will it work if I buy the program CDBoot? Is it wise to buy this simulation software, or is it just another name for something that does exactly the same as the software that came with the CD-ROM drive?
Ie Image- eds han» 0+ Hon. Ma tafiurr jntimc C Also, when are Lost Eden and Megarace coming out for the Amiga? They are already advertised as being on sale, but I have not received the copies that I have ordered?
Blontrock Stijn, Oostende Belgium It is possible to use CD32 joy pads on your A1200, and they will even function as a normal joystick when used with standard Amiga games. The only possible drawback is that some CD32 games may not recognise you have the joy pad because the CD32 has a little more circuitry than the A1200 which allows it to automatically detect that a joy pad b being used, rather than a normal joystick. However, I cannot see this being a problem as I would think most programmers should be aware of thb.
I cannot tell you if there are any shops or user groups in Belgium, but there is a recently formed international user group called A.M.I.G.A. based in London that may be able to help you out. Contact: AMIGA, 190 Falloden Way, London NW11 6JE, Tel: +44 181 455 1626. If any Belgium readers want to get in contact with you we will be happy to forward their letters.
As for the Escom situation, they really only have enough resources to concentrate on getting distribution to the Amiga's main selling points, such as England, Germany and America. Even if Amigas do make it into Belgium Escom shops, I doubt they will be of much help to you. As they only stock the basic Amiga packs and little else in the way of Amiga peripherals, there would be very little of interest for you. Overall, the CD32 emulation software Helping you to sleep easier at night, ACAS will soothe all your troubles away you get with the Squirrel interface is about as good as it gets and,
unfortunately, if this cannot get a CD32 game to run then you are going to need an actual CD32. The main reason for CD32 software not working is that it may be directly using the Akiko chip. However, I cannot see why Myth would need to do this. Another is due to the CD32 having Workbench 3.1, so certain graphic routines are not available on a standard A1200 and this will also stop the game from loading.
Apparently, Megarace has been scrapped while Lost Eden is still due to come out, even though its release date keeps being pushed back.
GAMES I was wondering if ACAS could shed some light j on a recent phenomena that seems to be occurring more and more. I'm talking about ¦ the ever increasing number of OS friendly games that seem to be hitting the market, particularly all these DOOM clones that multi-task along with other programs you have running. This never used to be the case, so why the sudden turn around?
Martin Collier, Swindon | You are right A few year ago it used to ' Y be the case that you were lucky if a J ’ game worked on an accelerated machine. If a game came out today that refused to work on an 020 processor it could not go on sale as every A1200 would be unable to run it I remember when I first saw SubWar 20S0 - I was quite amazed when I found It was running on an Intuition screen. You could pull the screen down and voili, Workbench appears still up and running.
The same applied when we first saw Breathless.
Hit the right Amiga and 'n' keys, and Workbench will pop to the front This change of approach from the old has come about due to a couple of reasons.
When the Amiga first came out it had a much slower processor and a quarter of the memory which necessitated that the programmer grab every byte of memory and every CPU cycle to get the very best out of the machine. However, with modern Amigas having faster processors and much more memory, the need, and the excuses, for killing the system off are not applicable, and when a Power Amiga arrives these excuses will be non-existent The reason for not killing the OS off is that by actually talking to the OS a program can find out all sorts of useful information about what type of system it is
running on. This means a game such as SubWar 2050 will actually run on a mode-promoted Anyona running Broathlomm oil m hard dr I vo will bo ablo to mao It multl-tamking away VGA screen - something that is impossible for a game that kills off the OS.
Commodore always said that programs that do not use the OS will not run on future machines. This happened when the A12Q0 first came out and more recently with the floppy drive problem in the current A1200s - games using their own track loading routines could not cope with the new drives. It will also be interesting to see if such OS 'friendly' games will run on the future Power Amigas.
Amiga Computing Qnternet beginnings I would like to know more about the i Internet as in my country the local J communication system has recently " J installed a server to the Internet, but J I cannot find any Amiga Internet software on the market I would like to know what software is available and how I can get hold of it for an Amiga 1200 with 250Mb hard drive. Besides this I would like to know if modems used in PC machines are suitable for the Amiga or should I buy a special kind. If this is the case, where can I get it?
Martin Balestra, Montevideo Uruguay I am sure you will take great delight in knowing that all the software you need is r available on the Internet, which is not going to be of much use to you now, is it? Generally, the Amiga software you need to use all aspects of the Internet is freely available, but the problem with this is that the only ready source for Comms software is Aminet. So to get Amiga Comms software you either have to have internet access already, or a CD-ROM and the Aminet CD set which would then allow you to get the right software.
On our April issue we did a special Comms coverdisk which supplied you with all the necessary Internet software to get you linked up and accessing e-mail, newsgroups and FTP sites. There was also the chance for British readers to have ten hours trial Internet access with Demon.
There are still April issues available so you could get onto the Internet this way.
As the whole package is based around AmigaNOS, an older TCP IP software package, the Installation is very simple as the installer was especially written for the included packages, but you will still need to know your IP address, your e-mail address, and the sub net mask. Do not start worrying too much, as your Internet provider will tell you what you need to type in.
The only downside is that AmigaNOS is not supported by any recently written Internet programs, with )ust about every program supporting AmiTCP. So in the long run, getting hold of and switching to AmiTCP would be the best move.
Unfortunately, AmiTCP is very very difficult to set up, even for someone that knows quite a lot about the Amiga already.
This is because for every program that you want to work with AmiTCP, you have to configure AmiTCP separately for each one, and this can get to be very confusing.
If AmiTCP came with all the necessary Internet tools to allow you to Web browse, e-mail, use newsgroups and FTP. Things would be far more straightforward. All you would have to know is your IP number and e-mail address which would be provided for you by your internet server.
Amiga Technologies have announced that they will be producing an Internet package, based around their A$ 225r2 TCP Do you hove a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave properly?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDC Media. Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Alternatively, e-mail us at ACASaacomp.demon.co.uk stack, and with all the necessary tools you need. The full details have not been confirmed yet, but it will initially be bundled with the A1200, and will probably be available separately. So for any would be Intemet-ers this is the perfect solution.
As for PC modems, you can use any external modem with your Amiga. You cannot use the ones that are internal to Pcs as the interface for these are not compatible with the Amiga. Also, you cannot use PCMCIA modems as no Amiga device drivers have been written to take advantage of them.
Qinal zoom Jargon box Having owned final Writer for a while now I have got to grips with its graphic tools and am using them more to produce diagrams for my college essays. The problem I have is when trying to I precisely position lines so that they fit together. At the moment, I have resorted to entering the co-ordinates directly into the line requester, but as you can imagine this is quite time consuming when dealing with any more than just a few lines. Have you got any suggestions?
Whqt is R1SS2 Simon Jones, Manchester Having used Final Writer to produce essays and reports myself, I know how frustrating and time consuming it can be trying to set up diagrams by hand. Luckily, there are a few tricks that you can use to help you get along.
In the display preferences there are two DPI settings, and the primary use for these is to create an aspect correct document display. This simply means the printed document will look like it does on the screen. The DPI value can range from 40 up to 310, and a side effect of this is that you can get a more detailed view of your document by using higher DPI values. Consequently, if you double the DPI you will zoom in twice as much. The downside is that because the computer has more data to process, the screen update will slow, but having this doser 'look' at your document will allow you to be
more precise with positioning graphics.
Wha Changing the screen DPI from 40 to 310 zooms you in almost might times as much, but your screen refresh will suffer NnTCP - currently the most Mjdy used TCP P stock tor the Amga. Was ongmatty freely owxiable up to version S. from irrston 4 dsonty awxlable as ocommerool product TCP IP-the software fax c km you to connect to the Internet and other networks AS22Sr2 - the TCP IP stock written by Commodore, apparently better than AmiTCP. Unfortunately it never rpcwed o pubk release, only bmg aobWe id develop- ers D wrll moke on appearance with the soon cxppear Amiga Tech Internet package PCMCIA
- that fan slot on the side of an A1200 and A60Q,knwtotxkJKW)OsaPCsfa.csewyonegot realty licked of hanng to say PCMCIA slot all the time DPI-Dots Per Inch, a way of measuring the qjohty of a dsplay or print out The higher the DPI the greater the quality, as there art more dots tor each ncti A morm hos about 75 DP[ a half decent pantcr is at least 300 DPI and mogannes are around 1200 DPI Mb - Stands for a megabyte or a md&on bytes A star - dordAI200h(Ko2Mbmm}rysobos2tnltionbytes Gb - a Gigabyte or a 1000 million bytes Bytes - one byte is mode up of Sfats, obit is either t or a A single byte can
hold any value from 0 fo 255 Mtxle promotion - when the AGA chip set come out Atnga WW sudrknty hgd access to high resolution Irtjd monitor modes Unfortunatety no programs supported these, so mode promotion iws invented (o force these programs id use tftebesf VGA mohtor mode avod- oble, wMi you select it Irom your Control preferences wmm Amiga Computing m MARCH 1996 hen Amos came out for the Amiga | back in 1990 it redefined the way ' people looked at Basics. Until then . They were normally considered simply as learning tools, with no real world application because finished programs would
run too slowly to be of use, and the notion of writing a graphic intense game would have be ridiculed. Amos proved this to be wrong, providing a command set that could perform amazing graphical feats on a stock A50Q.
Blitz is the same styfe of high performance Basic A simple command set hides very powerful functions with which you can unleash the graphical power of your Amiga, while not having to go through several years of learning how to use it The Blitz programming language works around a sensible system of objects. An object can refer to almost any part of the Amiga's system, being screens, files. Fonts, Sounds or Gadgets. All objects can be created and removed in the same way, with the Blitz language handling all the memory allocation and other structures associated with each type of object
Command control This object system makes understanding how commands work a lot simpler and is very straightforward. If you create a new screen object any graphical functions you now perform will all act upon this screen object If you then want to use a different screen you just select the screen object you want To make your life even simpler, Blitz has direct support for the Amiga standard IFF files.
This means you can load IFF pictures, samples, animations and anim brushes directly into your programs. These can then be used with any relevant Blitz objects, such as screen and window backdrops, game sprites and even as menu and gadget images.
Depths - 256 colours or 262,000 in Ham mode
- that AGA allows. Along with this are the 64 pixel wide sprites
that can also be high res.
Another feature of the AGA chipset is its ability to fetch graphic's data in larger amounts. This allows 32 or 64-bits of screen data to be fetched in the same amount of time it took the old chip set to fetch 16-bits. These higher fetch speeds mean it takes less time to display a screen, so on chipRAM-only systems, the processor has more time available to it The only drawback with the new fetch modes is that due to how the Amiga's DMA works, using high fetch modes and screen depths will restrict the number of sprites you can have on screen. The only way around this is to work on a screen
with reduced width - this gives the Amiga more DMA time to sort the sprites out The major addition for Blitz 2.1 is full AGA support This comes in the form of a new display library to replace the old screen slice system. The new system takes the form of each screen being given a copper list The Copper is the custom chip that controls how the screen display will look. The basic form of the commands simply allows you to set the resolution and how many colours a screen should have, but more advanced programmers can access the more complex copper functions.
These new AGA functions will allow you to use the higher screen resolutions - up to 1280x512 pixels - and the greater screen Jargon Debugger - on essential tool hr any programming language that makes the fob of tracking down program errors a much ampler task BASIC - Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, a high level programming language aimed at beginners to make it simpler to team Amos - Bhu basic direct competitor Started off as STOS on the Atari and was ported over to the AMIGA bock in 1990 Custom Chips - gave the Amiga graphical and audio capabilities that took PC and Macs seven
years to catch up.
Unfortunately, 10 years of neglect hove left them outdated Neil Mohr finds out what makes Blitz a superior Basic The only other major addition to this version of Blitz is the improved text editor, TED, and its on-line help. The editor is now available in a Workbench 2 version that looks and works a lot better than the old.
Using the new on-line help, if you want to find out more about any command, just press the right Amiga and help keys and a window will pop up with a short description of the command's syntax and what it does.
Enforcer - a debugging only available to people with MMUs, Enforcer is used to check that any multitasking programs arc nof going to crosh the machine MMU - Memory Management Unit found in the full 030 040 060 processors. Allows advanced memory functions to be performed 1 suppose the main question is whether you should buy Blitz or Amos? I would not hesitate in recommending Blitz Basic over Amos with its system-friendly editor and debugger, full AGA support and a more straight forward command set There is direct support for intuition programming, including specific Blitz commands for
creating gadgets and menus, so Workbench 2 users can use the Gadtools commands for better looking programs. Also, the ability to have in-line Assembler is a great feature, which not only makes Blitz perfect for learning Assembler, but anyone creating a game will be able to optimise parts of their Blitz code with it Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended (£D 1 Mb Workbench RAM E-BUGGER ME ?
The new version goes for the full MonAm treatment and allows you to view every aspect of your Blitz program.
Along with the usual debugger functions, such as skip, step, run and viewing, the processor registers and status registers. You can add stop commands in your program which will automatically invoke the debugger, allowing you to view the program status, change registers, custom chip requesters and program variable and arrays.
All the various Blitz objects that your program may have created can also be examined, making it a simple task to find out what all your screen bitmaps, sprites and palettes are up to.
2 Mb RAM Workbench 3 Mb hard disk space Product DETAILS Product Blitz Basic 2.1 Supplier Guildhall Leisure Price £34.99 Tel 01302 890000 KMT ES Ease of use 85* Implementation 85* Value For Money 95* Overall 94* Amiga Computing hile checking the recent uploads on Aminet the other day, I A T. 1 m noticed an intriguing little 12k archive called RSIbreak.lha which I felt deserved a mention because it's become a permanent fix- ture on my hard drive already. RSI Break, by a chap called James Allen, is a small commodity that is designed to remind the user to take regular breaks when typing, so as
to avoid possible RSI problems. Repetitive Strain Injury is, of course, now a recognised condition which causes considerable pain to sufferers. It can affect anyone who performs repetitive movements regularly, such as piano or guitar players, and, of course, computer users.
RSI Break flashes the screen every three or four minutes to remind you to shake your hands, and every half an hour or so an alert appears telling you to get up and walk around a little. The frequency of these reminders is totally configurable via the icon tooltypes.
RSI Break is an excellent idea, and is highly recommended. Now let's take a look at the best of the rest from this month's PD and shareware mailbag... Dave Cusick's back with another bumper-sized bag of budget stuff IPEOUT 1 .3 Programmed by: Tero Lehtonen Available from: Your Choice Disk No: GA600 Wipeout is an unassuming blast-'em-up, written in assembly language for the maximum possible speed. Your task is to control a small spaceship which flies around trying to destroy every other moving thing.
Each level has its own graphical style, and the visuals throughout are impressive, with parallax scrolling and well defined sprites.
The sound effects are more than adequate too.
Cameplay is fairly tough, mainly because getting used to the incredibly sensitive controls takes some time. Fractional joystick movements can result in massive changes of direction for your little ship, so a steady hand and a fair bit of patience is required to be successful.
Because the portion of a level visible at any one time is relatively small, using the scanner to pinpoint enemy ships is a necessity. On the early levels you can afford to toddle around picking off the enemy one by one, but on higher levels the baddies don't react kindly to your presence and will actively seek you out and fire at you. Whilst it's scarcely going to win any awards for originality, Wipeout is nevertheless a pretty playable game, and is an excellent way to relieve frustration once you've cracked the control method.
IDS ONLY Programmed by: Mark Meaney Available from: Seasoft Kids Only is a collection of seven linked programs aimed squarely at youngsters. It was originally intended for commercial release but the three disks are now available for a tenner.
Big kid that I am, I had great fun playing with the on-screen musical keyboard in the Music Maker ¦KtflS Kida, ah? Ona of Lannon'a nlppara apparantly draw m plctura and eallad It 'Lucy In Tha Sky With Diamonds', Inspiring John to writ a tha aong. Do wa ballmvm him boya and glrla7 program. Six different instruments are available and there are some accompaniments too, and whilst it's not quite on a par with the Fun School build-a-band thingy for sheer entertainment value, it's nevertheless extremely good.
Dot 2 Dot is also well implemented, with a selection of pictures for completion which can then be coloured in. Unfortunately, some of the numbers next to the dots can run into one another on the more complex patterns, but since the program won't let you draw a line that's out of place, this isn't a big problem.
There's a computerised version of 1-Spy, which uses Being for THE BENEFIT of Mr Kite!
Steve Bye, the nice chap at FI Licenceware who created the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Workbench (of which volume 3 is now available) has just written a little booklet called First Steps With The Amiga A1200. It contains sections on caring for floppy disks, loading software, formatting and copying disks, deleting and recovering files, creating bootable disks and detecting and dealing with viruses. The 20-page booklet is available free to anyone who wants one; just send an AS SAE.
Colourful pictures absolutely jam-packed with I objects and beasties of all kinds. The object is to I guess a certain number of them in as little time as I possible.
There is one of those fiendishly difficult picture slide I puzzles too, as well as a colouring pad, a word search, I and a pairs game.
Virtually all the programs have multiple difficulty lev-1 els, and the visual appeal of the entire production is I immense. It is practically guaranteed to hold the atterv I tion of even the most restless of kiddies for some time I It kept me busy anyway.
Amiga Computing Qrena IDICRAFT MAGAZINES 8 Produced by: The Craft Brothers Available from: Seasoft Programmed by: Malcolm lavery Available from: Malcolm Lavery Top platform-puzzling frolics, vaguely reminiscent of a certain classic game starring small suicidal rodents.
Your task is to guide the cute little Teeny Weeny things across some treacherous screens using a variety of objects scattered around. One wrong move can result in one of Our heroes meeting their maker in some unpleasant way. Swift thinking is required too, because you are up against a strict time limit The graphics are lovely and colourful, and the loveable Irttl'unS move smoothly around the strange landscapes. To accompany the action you can select one of 15 little ditties, of which the cheesy 'New York, New York' tune is my personal favourite. If the music starts to get irritating
after a while, you can choose to have the excellent sound effects instead. As with Lemmings, there's a password system so you won't have to replay the earlier levels once you've Completed them. FT Toony Weenys: Lemming a with bigger It's all very well having a blast on something like flrJVhic* mndt *mh dit1mr*nt 9»mePiay Wipeout but at the end of the day the most entertaining games in the long term tend to be those that tax the brain in some way, and offer a little variety in the action. Teeny Weenys certainly meets these criteria.
So just to recap: top tunes, silly sound effects, excellent graphics, addictive gameplay. It's hard drive installable too. What more could you want? Well, an AGA Amiga, because it only works on those.
But if your machine is up to it, this game has got the lot - and for six quid it's a bargain.
U out ing to out is and is i once Disney may have had a box-office flop on their hands when they came up with cult sci- fi classic Tron, but they were unwittingly inspiring hordes of programmers when they dreamt up the infamous light cydes game.
K you experienced a strange sense of d£j£ vu reading that paragraph, then you've either got an incredibly good memory or you've recently been looking through your back issues of Amiga Computing. That's the exact same sentence that began my review of Wired Chaos back in AC79. So why would anyone bother writing yet another light cycles game? Well, as it says on the accompanying letter, they do tend to be 'cheap and cheerful, addictive, and relatively quick to code.'
Arena is not PD or shareware, but a commercial release. It's the first game from The Development Foundation, who have other products in the pipeline which they promise are “graphically and sonically far superior to Arena, have far more complex gameplay, and rely quite heavily on LightWave rendered graphics' But Arena is pretty good.
Excellent presentation, a good range of options and a screen editor are what sets it apart from the pack. The gameplay itself is, well, light cycles really, but in addition to the 'classic' game there is an updated 'arcade' version with colourful backdrops, optional strobe effects, walls and so on.
Up to four cyclists can participate, although three of these can be controlled by the computer if you don't happen to have any like-minded chums handy. It's all good dean fun, and it's a quarter of the price of most commercial games.
Incidentally, The Development Foundation say they are on the look out for graphic artists, game designers and programmers, so if you think you're what they are looking for... A readable music magazine which, as the title suggests is aimed at MIDI users. Articles cover subjects such as the benefits of MIDI, equalizers, ten top tips from the Craft Brothers, and for some reason, a discography for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. Readers' letters are also included, containing opinions and questions for the writers. There is a review of the public domain Eagleplayer 1.54, and an Octamed module and a
Protracker module are thrown in too.
There are also some General MIDI format tunes on the disk; five in standard MIDI format (two original compositions, plus Scarlet’s 'Independent Love Song', Tina Turner's 'River Deep Mountain High’ and M People’s 'Sight For Sore Eyes') and two in OctaMed6 MIDI format (Take That's 'Back For Good' and Janet Jackson's *Whoops Nov ). The standard of these is excellent Some MIDI utilities are also thrown in for good measure, such as General MIDI emulators for the Roland D-5, DIO and D110 synths and a Music-X to MIDI 2.1 format file converter.
Whilst there are not a vast amount of things to read, the producers are boldly attempting to produce an issue each month so it's unreasonable to expect too much. The range of tunes and utilities help to ensure that this is a worthwhile addition to any musician's disk box.
At the same time as each issue is produced, the makers release a separate samples disk. MIDIcraft Samples 8 contains a decent selection of high quality instrument samples for use in tracker programs and samplers, and is recommended for Amiga musicians after some new sounds.
Qeeny weenys I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review. Whfltftmr it will be freely distributable publk domain, shareware or licencewtre; H you feel it's of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it hr a jtffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. “Public Sector receives too many submissions to cover them aff l promise TU at least look at your Wbrk - eve V its yet another lottery program or Klondike cardseL It does make my job a lot easier though if disks are dearly labelled. Pfease also include a
cover letter detailing the disk contents and price, and giving some basic instructions. The magic addressls: Dove Cuskk, submissions Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park Macclesfield MI04NP Qnlock 2.1 Programmed by: Mike Carter Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk No: UT362 If you suspect unwanted eyes are taking a peek at some of the more sensitive files on your hard drive, what can be done? Well, you could lock your Amiga away when not in use, but that would be a little drastic A password protection program would be a better bet And what if you reckon one of the offspring is
using the computer after their bedtime? Periodically checking they're not at the computer would become a bit tedious. Better to have a program which only lets them use the machine at certain times of day.
Enlock can do all this and more. After installation using the supplied script, the program can be configured to suit your particular needs without much hassle at all. An unlimited number of users can be created, each with their own user name and password. Each user can have their own section of a hard drive which only they can access, where they can keep whatever they choose, and because this directory is always assigned as USER: regardless of who is currently using the machine, word processors and suchlike can be set to save files into USER: and files will automatically be placed in the
individual user's private section.
On booting up the machine, every user can have their own startup-sequences, which can include sampled speech and sound effects to add an extra sparkle.
Enlock can also check memory vectors, acting as a very basic virus checker. And as well as restricting each user's access to specified times, Enlock keeps track of every attempt to log on, whether successful or not On the down side, the time restricted accessing feature doesn't like it if the 'stop' time is after midnight and the 'start' time is before - you couldn't for instance, specify a time band from 23:00 to 01:00. The author points this current limitation out in the accompanying AmigaGuide file, but it's not a major irritation, and it will probably be fixed soon anyway.
This is by far the best hard drive protection program I've come across, boasting plenty of features and appearing very reliable and stable. Definitely a worthwhile investment for security conscious family members.
CHESS 3.3 Programmed by: Stefan Salewski Available from: Your Choice Disk No: GA601 When I was at school I always used to get nominated by my classmates or form tutor to enter the annual House Chess tournament - not because I was any good, but because I'd been stupid enough to volunteer for a laugh back in the first year, and I soon tired of protesting when everyone said "Dave will do it he did it last year.*1 Never having been a great Chess fan anyway, the boredom of sitting through lunch times locked in what were allegedly 'tactical battles of wit and skill' with incredibly tedious
friendless individuals didn't really endear the game to me. I'm not knocking Chess, you understand; it's just that when everyone else toddled outside at noon for a game of football, I would have to wearily trudge to the 'Flexible Learning Suite' (i.e. a room with a telly and silly shaped desks) for an hour of slowly munching my butties [Vtiitss V).?: It's mutt's tv* Yov's whilst said sad individuals pondered their next move.
Of course, playing against a computer doesn't present the same comedy opportunities as the real game. You can't deliberately lose to the four move checkmate if it's a sunny Friday and the football is tied at 2-2 for the week, and you can't laugh hysterically when you accidentally beat a bloke four years older than you who devotes his whole life to the game.
But it does have some advantages; you can limit the computer to ten seconds thinking time per move, for instance.
Vchess is about as good a shareware chess game as I've seen. It doesn't go for flashy presentation (in fact, it's pretty horrific to look at) but it plays a fine game (or a crap one, if you so choose). It also has lots of nice features, like a totally resizable board which can be rotated in 90 degree stages.
Games can be loaded and saved at any point, and the computer can be set the challenge of reaching Checkmate within a couple of moves.
This version of Vchess is not restricted in any way whatsoever. If you use it, however, don't take advantage of the author's generosity - send him the 20DM registration fee, because it's clear that a lot of work has gone into this offering.
Programmed by: Richard Thompson Available from: Richard Thompson This sort of thing has been done before, but it's either been done badly or done expensively. It's nice to see that Revision Master is neither bad nor expensive, costing a mere fiver for a full registered version - rather more affordable for students than the astronomical registration fee for Student Aid 2 (reviewed in issue
82) . There's even a save-disabled demonstration version
available from the author for £1.50. The main purpose of the
program is to allow the student to create question and answer
quizzes, and then use them to test his or her knowledge and
gauge their progress from the results.
The simple interface makes designing a quiz a straightforward task, although it will XI Amiga Computing Qjeluxe pacman aga Programmed by: Edgar M Vigdal Available from: Your Choice Disk No: 603 It's interesting that a lot of the most playable PD and shareware games are updated versions of classics. Featuring tasty ACA graphics and smaller mazes than the original, this version of Pacman has lost none of the playability. Under this new lick of paint, it's the same old Pacman, as enjoyable as ever.
New gameplay features include extra bonuses for Pacman to pick up, such as guns with which to shoot the ghosts, glue with which to slow them down, shields, and overdrive pills. These only last until the current screen is cleared, however, and rather than making the game easier they simply add a bit of variety to the proceedings. If you're really pathetic, the best bet is to alter the difficulty level, as one of the three levels is bound to suit The mazes also change subtly as you f :k of ; fea- t and jnce, jthor lying twill gram ures ely a imily progress, and before starting a new screen
it's wise to have a quick check, because otherwise you can find yourself fleeing down a corridor that doesn't actually lead to where you thought it did... There are some decent sound effects to accompany the action, and if these prove irritating, hitting E will start a tune - at least that's the idea, although my copy didn't want to oblige. Still, to my mind, the old munching sound is a vital part of Pacman anyway.
This extremely addictive and superbly presented game is shareware, and Mr Vigdal most certainly deserves the ten US dollars registration fee.
With A LITTLE HELP FROM MISTER 21 G&tetos Gfee(&? Woe teW ° fore, ione ision live, ered j for ation ssue Tion- jthor is to and test their WM What is Plants nake their oun food frort sunlight, this process called?
_ IS fiinrTrTiMiraE SE3B Q Evan Andy Haddock got this one right (but ha had to consult tha Junior Illustrated Book of Aclence first) E23 jog the memory. Revision Master also offers another extremely helpful function, The first is the Vocabulary section, ideal for those studying a foreign language, or perhaps science students with plenty of technical terms to learn. This can be presented in the form of a quiz, or more entertainingly as anagrams, or a word search, or as a memory testing game.
The mildly humorous sound effects and attractive presentation make Revision Master more interesting than most of its predecessors too. If exams are just around the corner, this could be an excellent investment.
IB-BOM...I!U-j!0!yj...CD-!BDIII...!iU-!!U! J...CB-BOM...!iII-jlLIUJ...BD-IIOM...ljU-llU! J...OD-BOM. Cpo.ni it a Inodmg ndg*, 24-b* poM program h dcrwdi ol nov * ond or p.*' ottm, and wlhn a 4 loo wll bn abU te p-odm. CcJourlul omf craahra ad 4 colouf* Thii raroon ol X owl pramdm o prahivuorol ¦ a on mbeatthle pncd perfcmance role OrarvM ol Fmrm - Drraria pair* fmdom m C9I«9Y ond Mlvrolgn adpyyn ri Mgjl, g dnn .
Imcltxi Ai.trinh wlh od)vilobl* H»ray hmcde kmcton h-.. maupdmirg mcMogni aid unlmalionr Mb oraofra.ng wung Compugrapluc lonm Srpporl h graphic lormon UnUntod Undo Dh*rm • ckontal SvpporU many g.opke tordi lay 11 la o prairam Arnwr port Ckag & Drop colom Ex-rad (jMMXib dua-MiohoA 60 BiWh $ 0 * pctomt a»d masy lonli mcludnd £ 49 95 Aminet Set 1 An.ft* .19* world ‘ i lorg*P colWdHMi of IraMy d.PnbutoW* Amgo toll or. Up 16 10.000 mm ocean A* roil ortbrm aivMy doy ond ccurd.u programirmn pubMh dracdy « Airtnrf Uml racrnlty occett to ftnrm mat itVruod to mmnortoral rmhrort utm Wih Aninm Sal I.
tcniolng of 4 CD*. 9m cooplrra orchrra n pufatdmd lUAnllm. Thh CMOM oll*c*on. Mhch n dalod Joruaiy 1995, olfmi on alnotf .iMnhoutibl raMnoic ol topucfu* Sharawara A wdr vonMy of prograrm it mdudod Apploafont, Gann, Dwoo* Ptdim. Mod*. Anmomoni, Dnwlopn' Mnra.ml H camiura apprcumaMy 4 ggobytoi ol toh-oi. M 12.500 o hrrat and you w«l .r*oy 9* ccndortobl* umwUmHoc* 129 C".
Aminet 9 NolNoin Ohinn Vo* I a 4m Im* dll of o im« Mitot of Amgo CtXROMi which contora ol grocpi lit.* 9* iM*r 4t. Emry vefuM f*oira* mldn mhich tomato km nimotn importoM Oipeffl of 4« Amgn. Prnu-iimoMV rf« ci '4 Workbench Add-On Volume 1 th. Worktrarch AddOn CMOM a 4m «hol compofton to yooi went bunch On 4m CO you wK noi only find 9* bail program, 4m or* orakob*. For ih« Amiga. Bi* you w* oIm g*i 4mn raodyionn hem 9* CO. 9 odeUm* to hi, nor. Ii on toUoUf scrip! 9al imtolh lb. Dnimd program to you* Xarddbli IX* CO corari di 01*01 ol Wow. Ml Hm programme. 4m iw, ** .mA* ohd lb* gom*. Wll fad
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• peclal pile*. I you of regtiteed Txeroiieo Shope*Hi*f tor 40 DM
(niMod oi 50 DM I in adrfttoo to*i, Hmr. A a 50 MB Moc
pjrttayn, prayng around -A Moc appktAon* !.ghi away. Teran
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couim. Loodi oi modriet w k P, io 4nl you can try P nghl array
Am'W.n ihr now XII imr. For 4m Amiga a avotobW lo $ 40, Iratood
of $ 50. You con to ra more than 100 - DM rd9 lira CD IX flora
you orfy kora to mrd « 4m appropriate pog* in Hm bootiel to 4m
o«lhof ol 9« program. £74.95 CD-Write Whotih You 1*11 con! Onto
to your CdtT CMOMi bora long bran an «wW pan oi Amiga carnpilmg
Many non ob*ody o-n a CMOM drrra, aid 4m nunbm of icflwar.
Podagra orarobJ. On CD m mcreoting Usodfy Ural now. Dough, tt
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Mw mmXha nory product- Ralph Bohn I ond Stolon Onowtb'r
SchcMrah* ora proud 10 prtwrf mtiol coo bt coro*d«*d o irontl
cf technology CD-Wrto wnbln you to ratoaty wrto to Cdi M9 a.
crdnor, CD ROM drrra from raw on, you -4 bn obln to •titoi
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I 5 doaiiraraaion ond od *. Nrdrl matonal ihal .1 updotod wrth ywy " 5 raUara. Rr'yC GDBoot 1.0 CDBod it a loniavR n*w product 9m *nafcl*i you to ut* airrarl any CD32 gemn on at A1200 or A4000 |wdh AT- m SCSI-CB ROM thrre and any M*iymmn| You can cram, o coahgrrmton I*.
Im *och CD. Comoiring mionrmlon on *• Joy pod wndofan, You cob alio ibv. Ih. XgXxUM* ol *6tb CD32 p6U* IX* ui6£t AacI tratoXolion of COBorn U v*ry *aty, aim lor tragmof. Dr. to 4m ucallani Cnglrth mmucH. Sine* 4w compaiMty n my hgh. You can n. 9BX of CD32 gorrai onrmclly oraOobb CDBod ii on t-CpUfnl Mhw9ra MafK- hw 9» -ho wpc*d to ¦me ih. World of CD32 ganatl £ 14 95 Aminet Set 2 AM INI! SET 2. Datod hioramtm. 1995. Cooimh cf oppraxlmatofy 4 grgabyto. Ol loft-ora m 12-000 archira* Whnlhnr you oln applro Horn, gonnt. Comntnrcokom or pragrammng. *n SET grrai you ol you fraud Eaiy to aw ind*r
Uni and rao'th ioclUtof noin acrauing * a pkrmura £34.95 Gamers' Delight II Tkri CO corlom. 1070 gamm for 4ra Cannodcr. AMIGA horn dHW ing cetogormi Ackon. jtrp & Ru Cord Gamut, Pu44*M- Snotogy mg ptootur. 70 gorrai ore cammmtool raf-ora • no ptUk domon & no donoil IBM CO car bn ran on ony Amgo with CD-ROM drrra. I Mt bra rrmmory mid ioyitd Joypod (54 93 All products are available in your local Amiga-s or through national mail-order-companies International Distrifc Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill ft* Morning Paoiii Voimra ill ot*oira 650 MB oi Ih. Uni 10 io v worn vo a «p*cri am n rtoc., which hoi
bnm created to alow you 10 M 4* program cJ rfoi tUi* -» *au. IX* wiwi 10 MB foctw. CrandMr. Anhw Program. 3 MB CMOM Umkn 21 MB Commnicatoa aid N«r*o k Program 5 MB Obuggng Took 39 MB Dflopomnl Tooh 11 MB floppy. Mord Oral am SCSI Fragrant 8 MB Erlucahcnol Piog.nm. 9 MB Gom 35 MB Oaphvi Program 39 MB Irwmol Wcrro Omofeaw Updatod Vmiton 7MIMd Tool* and Program, 27 MB Mod. 12 MB Muk Program, 21 MB Rdurn 13 MB AmilCP ord mi* lor Nmatag 60 MS Documorfobra. CMOM Daoirau.1 at 96 MB ho»T.X I 4 not pravoj, amiobU on ony CMOM 15 Mi IXMn 30 MB KTMl-Pog., ColWdiom of doturyp., b«dn»t program. Earn,
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Lowing a year of uncertainty in the Amiga community, ywnlo 3 thousands, if not tens of thousands, with a large hall and big-name appeal to the masses. Something worthy to be stamped a 'World of Amiga'. So the right people (Wonder’s InfoTech division) were put on the job, North American distributors SMG were brought onboard to show off the new Amigas, and even Petro Tyschtschenko, top exec at Amiga Technologies, was convinced to come for a day and a half of the festivities, C Si fan t Paw Productions’ PAWS Amiga portabla kit.
Shown hara im tha A1200 version, which raally work ad This isn't the Consumer Electronics Show, where industry pundits gather to “oooh' and “ohhh" over new products and moke meeting-room orders for 50,000 units for delivery in six months. Amiga users get whipped up into a frenzy around all of this great stuff and want a chance to walk out with some. Since Wonder organised the event they, of course, took up a good deal of space in the centre of the show floor with a retail zone that also housed the giant-screen TV announcing the upcoming events of the day and the major exhibitors at the show.
Other dealers didn't quite feel the need to bring a huge 7V, but drew customers all the same. Companies from the US and Canada such as Zipperware, National Amiga, and Valleysoft, showed off their wares, and even user groups got in on the action, such as the Toronto Pet User Croup. The tables were rarely quiet and the proprietors rarely lost their smiles - two definite plusses if you're looking for signs of retail success.
Ot was a bad sign when wqa New-' York 1994 was cancelled, but not overly surprising as it was to take i _place in April, the month of Commodore's collapse. As it never happened, North America had to wait two whole years for a follow up to WOAs in Pasadena and Toronto, and thanks to the efforts of dozens, if not hundreds, of people, WOA Toronto December '95 ended the long drought By the end of Jul s Calgary AmiJAM show, Wonder Computers’ CEO, Mark Habinski, was convinced that a full-blown, big-budget Amiga show would be a good thing for the North American Amiga market Something that would
gun for attendance in the Jason Compton reports on the new enthusiasm shown at the World of Amiga show in Toronto and to launch the show with a keynote.
The speech was virtually the same content delivered at November's Computer '95 show in Cologne, with references to the new Amiga slogan, 'Back For the Future', the upcoming but still slightly nebulous Amiga 1200+, and the move to PowerPC. It lasted some 40 minutes, but that left over 21 hours of show time to fill. People managed to fill the time gaps by checking out various demonstrations ranging from 3D animation to emulation, and by wandering through the two aisles of the show floor, with Amiga merchandise and exhibitors all around them, not to mention the hordes of fellow Amiga fans.
Official counts were not available but the show seems to have attracted over 3,000 Amiga users out to Toronto, a number that eclipses the draw of both the Calgary and Montreal shows of the summer. ?
Amiga Computing EW HARDWARE It would be a shame to overlook the Amiga Technologies 4000T, 1200, and 1438S. While none are 'new' products in the strictest sense, they're new enough, and were the items everyone wanted to see as soon as they got in the building. Wisely, SMG left an A4000T open to show people the guts, and to prove that they were truly real.
It was certainly a crowded house for non-linear editing solutions for the Amiga, with four packages represented
- NewTek's Toaster Flyer combination, the Broadcaster Elite
system, and MacroSystem's Vlab Motion for the Amiga and Draco
non-linear editing computer.
The Toaster Flyer setup largely consisted of rolling videotapes showing actual professional animations and special effects done with the combination, but machines were set up to show off the work as well. The polish of a large, proud Video Toaster sign anchored the area and grabbed people's attention. Say what you will, NewTek has serious name recognition in these parts.
Considerably less name recognition belongs to CineReal Pro-Video Productions, Canadian distributors for the Broadcaster Elite non-linear package. Unlike NewTek's system, Broadcaster Elite is NTSC and PAL compatible. The manufacturers have also taken it upon themselves to produce a custom 16-bit sound editing card for specific use with the card in the wake of Sunrize's demise. CineReal's approach to building systems was interesting. They quite literally want to install a complete system, including workstation desk. A different sort of concept, but one very viable in professional markets C Tha
guts of the new Amiga Technologies Amiga 4000T exposed where time is money and you'd rather someone take care of the details for you.
The final entries in the non-linear sweepstakes came from German company MacroSystem, represented by their North American distributors NoahJi's and their Canadian representative RSVP. Their breakthrough non- linear card, the Vlab Motion, was being shown, but EW SOFTWARE Oregon Research was on hand with their new distribution products, including HiSoft's Disk Tools for the ZIP Drive and one of the show-stoppers, Cinema4D. The company has quite wisely opted to publish their own version in the States, allowing them to fill their increosing order backlog more efficiently. Old favourites including
Terminus and On the Ball were also on display.
Lazarus Engineering unveiled their first totally revamped product from Wonder Computer's buyout of New Horizons' software. DesignWorks 2.0, redesigned from
1. 0 and Lazarus' 1.1, was shown on a souped-up A4000. DW 2.0 is
intended to be a low-cost solution to common structured
drawing and design tasks.
Intangible Assets Manufacturing, in addition to pushing the very popular Deathbed Vigil documentary, also brought a couple of new goodies to the table in the form of the AFS file system from FLD of the UK, and MegaBall 4. For years, MegaBall was sold by the Mackey brothers (Ed and Al) as shareware, but Dale Larson, I AM's el "Now sporting more bricks than you can shake a stick at, MegaBall is an Amiga success story in a shocking red box" Presidente, was always very fond of the game. After registering the software years ago and, more recently, employing Al for a summer internship, he decided to
go the whole hog and publish the work. Now sporting more bricks than you can shake a stick at, MegaBall is an Amiga success story in a shocking red box.
Their white T-shirts are unassuming (they do look good in suits though), but the team of John Basile and Chris Aldi at Phantom Development are one of the most exciting - and eclectic - software designers and publishers in North America, and perhaps the world at this point. While their initial offerings have not been chortbust- ing, they have been promising.
Innovation Digitol Quill is one of the few actively supported commercial text editors on the market, and ClassAct is an innovative gadget toolkit for developers unhappy with present CUI-building options. The ClassAct package realises a number of GUI enhancements for programmers that were promised in Commodore's CATS representation of the future (and never completed) AmigaOS 4.0. Hell Pigs, a Croatian-developed graphical adventure gome, is still slated for publication through Phantom, but has not yet been completed.
Robokeet! CD32 educational software was there that may just catch on - it's easy to use and catchy. You control Robokeet, who needs to spell words correctly in order to have enough energy to survive in arcade action sequences against cats and their henchmen. Neat stuff.
Soft-Logik had a large area set up near the entrance both to promote the latest revision of PageStream 3.0, and to spread the word about Digita’s products, which they now distribute on this continent (except for TurboCalc). The very large monitor set up was interesting - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a DTP page that imposing before.
One of the biggest attractions didn’t sell a single copy because it's not done yet Capital Punishment (see preview in this month's System) a new beat-'em-up from clickBOOM software, was in its third beta for the show. Despite only pitting identical warriors against each other, it still brought in a constant flow of players (on the several demo A 1200s set up for duels) and viewers. Alex Petrovic and his assistant Sofia, kept order and promoted their software, which looks very impressive on a I stock A1200, with AGA graphics, shading effects and, of course, lots of violence and blood.
Ironically, the game was written in I PAL, which is hard to argue with given the large market outside North America. Even without NTSC support, which would certainly be welcome, the game looks very j promising and could certainly do a great deal towards reviving confidence in a North American game market for both developers and players.
Mainly in its capacity as a companion to their Draco 060- based Amiga-compatible non-linear editing computer.
Aside horn being a computer with a lot of hyphenated terms, the Draco is nothing if not very fast and very good at what it's intended to do - quickly, and cheaply, and digitally, edit video.
For pure amazement value, visitors didn't have to look beyond the Microscribe booth. Microscribe is a clever desk-mounted pen on a rotating arm that is used to digitise 3D objects in Lightwave. It doesn't come cheap, but for the Lightwave professional with a difficult task ahead of them, say, 'Create 3 different types of nozzles by tomorrow for a presentation', the device looks to be a lifesaver.
New m tad ecare came ;d by their non* i, but Line-up DKB showed up with a jeweller's case full of their product line, from A1200 accelerators to the new Wildfire 060 card for the A2000, a new SCSI hardcard, and a serial parallel addition card called the Link-UP. Their 060 line is expected to be extended to the A3000, A4000, and most likely the A1200 as well.
When all was said and done, even seeing the Amiga Tech 4000T was less significant than what Phase5's MD, Wolf Dietrich, brought to the party - an engineering prototype of the PowerUP card for the A4000. After all, the 4000T is at best the present and at worst the past But the PowerPC mounted on that card is the future of the C ktacrosystam's Draco 060-basad Amiga compatible non-linear editing computer. It’s a long name, but a very powerful machine Amiga, which is why poor Mr Dietrich was absolutely swamped from open to dose each day, even though the card was a non-functioning unit in a glass
case. Having an 060 Cyberstorm and 64-bit CyberVision card on display drew fans as well.
ISCELLANEOUS AND HONOURABLE MENTIONS !evel- ; still ifom, ware easy i keet, order re in ; and near atest tread vhich rient 'arge don't that 't sell » yet.
) this from beta nticol ) ught ever- ond itant, soft- on Q iding ? And en in n the Even f cer- very great in a both B The Toronto Pet User Croup caught my eye with a Commodore 65 on display. They're an exceptionally rare breed, a late-'80s early '90's project to put a new 8-bit machine in the gap left open by the 64.
Wci Distribution had a large area set up which they parcelled out to the aforementioned NoahJi's and Phantom Development What was left over, they used to showcase their entire product line available for Canadian and North American dealer sales.
PreSpect Technics didn't have anything newer available than they did at the Montreal show in August, still plugging away at their MultiFace IV serial parallel card. The same goes for AmiTrix, who brought Amiga Link to the party. Still, it was nice to see familiar faces.
Bruce Smith Books were represented by JCV and Bruce Smith himself, which I imagine took several users by surprise. Very few Amiga books are published and sold in the US.
Legendary Design Technologies brought a number of retail items and showcased their own line of in-house projects, including the Link-lt! Parallel cable between Amigas and Pcs, a new game (not ready for release) from their Entertainment division, and dataTAX 95 for North America.
Village Tronic didn't bring anything exceedingly new to the show, other than new boxes for Amiga OS 3.1 and AmiTCP 4, which they now publish. But they were very enthusiastic about the upcoming Picasso IV graphics card.
Eric Schwartz, infamous Amiga animator, wasn't displaying anything except his new T- shirt design. A mean A4000 setup leers over a hill with the slogan 'Amiga: We're Back, And We're Pissed.' A must-wear for any true Amiga fan.
It's been a long, hard road for North America, the market that never quite seems to give the Amiga a break. But the message from WOA Toronto was that even on long, hard roads, there are bright spots, and turning points. Developers and retailers worldwide got together to make the Toronto show the largest all-Amiga event in years, a resounding success. WOA Vancouver June '96 is on its way.
Contact point Jason Compton is the Editor-in-Chief of Amiga Report Magazine. Fax (708) 741-
0689. You can contact him at jcompton a]xnet.com: AR on Aminet -
docs mags ar???.lha; AR Mailing list - Mail me; AR on WWW -
Http: www.omnipresence.com Amiga News AR T THE END OF THE
DAY Amiga Computing Neil Mohr takes a Final Writer's user
view of the forthcoming Wordworth 3 to see how it stands up
Othink Darwin had something going with this evolution
Survival of the fittest, only the i ¦¦ .strong survive, if something cannot adapt then it just curls up into a tiny ball and dies. The same seems to be happening in the constant war that is the Amiga word processing market, but in this case programs have to be constantly updated otherwise they fall behind and another program will be more than glad to jump in and take the top spot.
Wordworth It should be obvious that I am talking about the pitched battle between Wordworth and Final Writer which has been raging for the last few years. At the start Final Writer seemed to be ahead of Wordworth - it had AGA support first, was faster and had an Arexx port, That was until version 4 of Wordworth came along, having Digita's text effects and the ability to produce tables, something Final Writer users are still waiting for, and with all of its speed problems addressed, round two went to Wordworth. Of course, version four of Final Writer was recently released with a completely
Jargon box rfie old font system used by the AMIGA Only specific sues of any one font ore stored, and trying to use other sues results in a blocky looking typeface the standard outline font format used by Pcs a foirly widespread Amiga graphics board, overshadowed recently by the Cybergrophrcs system revamped interface and grammar checker, but overall it may have been that the last Final Writer was more aesthetic than practical.
All of a sudden Wordworth 5 can be seen thundering over the horizon with the cavalry, packing a good selection of new features, all ready to bolster its already fairly good defences and redress any advantage Final Writer 4 may have gained.
Interface Unlike the last Final Writer update, current Wordworth users will not be seeing any major changes on the interface side of things, apart from the addition of a few new buttons which allow access to some of the new features added to this forthcoming release. The first of these are found along the ribbon bar at the top of every Wordworth window.
" think SoftWood are going to have to pull their proverbial finger out, as Digita have done themselves proud" These new buttons add some handy formatting commands that can make your documents look a good deal better.
The first three - bullet, indent left and indent right - have been in Final Writer for a Qeature comparison Seeing the main competition for Wordworth 5, when it is released, will be Final Writer 4, it may be a good idea to see how each of these programs main features stand up when compared together.
Nnjpnn _pEnn j_pnn jnrinfljss' RAWING TOOLS When it comes to simple drawing tools, both Wordworth and Final Writer have their own advantages. The main advantage that Wordworth has is its much superior line drawing. For all of Wordworth's shapes, the requester that controls how they look is modeless. This means it works separately from the main program, and when you adjust a setting this is immediately reflected in your document, allowing you see how the change looks. In Final Writer you have to get rid of the requester before you can see what your changes have done.
Final Writer only has three different types of lines - plain, arrowed or curved - and this pales in comparison to the options available to Wordworth users. From the line information requester you can add various shapes to the beginning and ends of lines as well as apply dash effects and the text flow.
With either program you can create a basic number of re-sizeable shapes, and for Poetry* any of the shapes you can choose the fill and outline colours, or leave them as transparent Final Writer really wins here because a number of new shapes were added for version four which allowed you to independently adjust the position of any of the shape's handles, giving you much greater flexibility. Also, a blaring omission from Wordworth for me is any sort of graphic rotate setting - Final Writer has had this since it came out so there is no real excuse.
Amiga Computing good while now, and are very useful when you want to highlight a number of points in a document by allowing you to make them stand out from the rest of the document A fast format tool is now available that allows paragraph information to be pasted from one to another. This goes along with the major addition of style sheets, and for any Final Writer user these will be a fairly well know function, The ability to have predefined styles is an extremely helpful one because it allows you to very quickly format a document or essay to your normal styles.
Th 5 ¦J Importing For example, if you import some plain text with all the various paragraphs, headings and titles as standard text, Wordworth makes it an easy task to format the document Using your previously defined set of Style sheets, you can just highlight the heading and then select the heading style which is then applied to your heading text. If you now select the first paragraph of the main body ormat- your ft and r for a text and select the corresponding body text style, the paragraph will be formatted using the correct font, tab settings and text justification.
Wordworth goes even further than Final Writer in that styles can be copied from paragraph to paragraph. You can even apply styles using user-definable hot keys, of which 20 are available.
As a Final Writer user there are some very welcome GUI features in the Wordworth interface that I would like to see in Final Writer, and these are all connected with manipulating graphics. One annoying problem in Final Writer is that text and graphics have to be manipulated with completely separate 'pointers'. Therefore, when switch* ing from editing text to graphics you have to select the correct edit mode from the tools strip or menu item. When you are constantly doing this it becomes a little tiresome, particularly when compared to the Wordworth system, where you never have to bother with
what you are editing. Wordworth Jargon box also known os none-modeol, this refers to a requester that runs separo- tely from the mom program.
Wordworth's 200m requester can be left out, and wifi effect the last selected document window allow you to generate any sue of font you like without loss of detail, in contrast to Bitmap fonts. The Amiga outline font system is Compu graphics automatically detects whether the pointer is over a graphic or text and will switch to the correct edit mode.
An offshoot of this is that depending on what part of a graphic object you are selecting, different actions are available. Place the pointer Over a resize handle and the pointer changes to the resize pointer, so you know the next action will be to resize the graphic In Final Writer there is always a little guess work involved in knowing whether you are about to select, deselect or resize a graphic's box, as there is no way of telling if the pointer is over a resize handle or not, until it is too late.
Arexx support Arexx was probably the last main feature that Final Writer held over Wordworth. It was always the case that Wordworth had no Arexx port, but whether this was any major disadvantage is debatable, as I am sure many users do not even touch the function, even though Arexx can be put to very good uses.
For example, Final Writer did not have any text effects, but they were introduced to it by a third-party Arexx script that allowed you to spiral and wave text. This does highlight the sort of complex manipulation that is possible through an Arexx port Digita have already put this Arexx port to good use through the addition of a new fea* ture called Wizards. These are basically going to be interactive tutorials that will guide the user through various parts of Wordworth such as mail merging, which can be quite complex and difficult to explain in a manual.
As Arexx can access every part of the As standard, Wordworth comes with its text effects, allowing you to apply several effects to a section of text I have never realty seen the point in these because along with being fairly slow, if you use any more than a couple of words you start to have size problems, with text overlapping or taking up to much room.
A third party did write an Arexx script called Final Wrapper that gave Final Writer the same sort of abilities. It works very well, but again it is the sort of thing you use once and never touch again.
One thing that I was hoping to see in Final Writer 4 was a table function, but it never appeared. The Wordworth table is very straightforward and simple to use.
Once you have created a new table object you can adjust any of the cells to whatever size you want, and type text directly into them, applying styles as you would for normal text You will also be able to 'hot-link' the final version of Wordworth to TurboCalc and import spreadsheets as Wordworth tables. This was not implemented on this beta version but will be available for the release version.
Sater from iphic had real Wordworth text boxes show a conceptual difference to those in Final Writer. They act like a separate movable text window that you can type directly to and apply different styles to any part of this text In Final Writer, once a text box has been created it becomes more or less a standalone graphic object that can be moved around and resized, with the text inside automatically resizing to the shape of the box. When a Wordworth text box is resized the text stays the same. Both styles of text boxes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and a choice to create both
would be very welcome.
Wordworth program this makes it very simple to open up and activate parts of the program while giving the user a running commentary of what is exactly happening. This new Wizard system allows for future expansion by both Digita and third parties.
So it is all very well and good having great page layout on screen, but what about out- putting it to a printer. Has this version of Wordworth got anything new? There are a couple of improvements here, one which will benefit most people while the other only owners of Hewlett Packard LaserJet printers.
Printing The one of interest to most people is the background printing, a wonderful function that lets you print your document without the wait.
Once the printing has started you are free to cany on and edit your document, be it another one or the one you were just working on, and Wordworth will carry on regardless. The only possible downside to this is that printing can be quite processor intensive as there can be a lot of data involved, particularly when graphics are being used. It may be that Wordworth becomes fairly unusable when printing due to the print process hogging all the processor cycles, so negating the feature.
HP LaserJet owners will be pleased to know that Wordworth now supports downloadable printer fonts, which will speed up printing by huge amounts. This is because instead of the entire page having to be created dot by dot, which is what Wordworth use to do, the font description can now be sent to the printer and only the ASCII text needs to be downloaded, so speeding up printing no end. The version of Wordworth that I have been looking at is only a beta version, made evident by the Wordworth 3.1 logos that still adorn the icons and startup screen. From using the program, and the helpful notes
supplied by Digita, it is apparent that the program is almost complete, with only the interface to the new Wizards and Arexx waiting to be updated.
I have to say I am mightily impressed with this latest version of Wordworth, even in this beta form. I have always dismissed earlier versions as they seemed to be slower than Final Writer when it came to move things around the screen, but this latest version seems to shift text and graphics around with competent speed. I think Softwood are going to have to pull their proverbial finger out, as Digita have done themselves proud.
Even this beta copy is running fast on a Al200 with no problems. It seems while Softwood have been twiddling with Final Writer's interface, Digita have been working on adding some constructive and useful features. It has even been updated specifically for I the Picasso board, and perhaps they may add I even more for the final version?
Graphics With both programs having virtually identical text manipulation tools, apart from Final Writer's grammar checker, the ability of each program to manipulate graphics is the only area left that could differentiate them. When doing any type of document it is always useful to be able tQ include diagrams of one sort or another, because not only do they brighten up the document but they make it easier to read and can add clarity to whatever it is you are writing about Both programs allow you create basic geometric shapes that you can then re-scale and move around. With a bit of thought
and patience you can create fairly complex diagrams, and to help you both programs have similar functions available to manipulate individual or groups of graphic objects.
Once you have a number of shapes on screen you will have to start to move them into position and arrange them in the correct sequence. Functions available either from the tool bar or menu options let you push graphics to the front or back, lock graphics in place, and a group selection allows you to treat a number of objects as a single group.
I tried to create the same diagram in both programs to see if there were any noticeable differences that showed one program to be easier to use than the other. The first thing I found was that Wordworth's tables can be used very nicely to create grids, but in Final Writer you have to mess around individually aligning lines which is very time consuming.
The ability to leave out the scale requester, as it is modeless, is also helpful.
Final Writer does have its own advantages.
I was saying that the intelligent way Wordworth's pointer works is helpful, but being able to select graphic-only editing in Final Writer has its own plusses.
Each time you clicked on a graphic in Wordworth it flicked the screen to the top left of the screen as it switched to text mode, and after a while this got to be very annoying A major problem for Wordworth was when I came to resize a group of objects.
The results were a complete mess, especially when compared to Final Writer. The main problem would seem to be the text boxes and tables, as these cannot be scaled, but even some of the normal objects did not seem to scale correctly.
Amiga Computing Jargon box atastore 2 is the latest incarnation p of Digita's Amiga database. Before Relational ifotcbr.u- - a complex but powerful vay of arranging data in tables via special unique 'keys', o fowing each data entry to be uniquely identifiable. Do a computing degree to find more out about this thrilling subject 'New'for Workbench 2 was the concept of public screens. A public screen can be shared by any number of other programs if you want them to open on that screen. Workbench uses a pub- Itc screen, surprisingly called Workbench. As standard this is the default public
Screen but this can be over written.
Joint Photographic Experts Croup is a new-ish picture hie format that allows images to be saved in a very compact fife, when compared to normal 24-btt images.
Ems to npetent have to ta have ;t on a i while h Final vorking ful fea- :alfy for iay add ¦ a 3 Neil Mohr tries to spot the additions in Datastore 2 r Bottom ¦ me EttTlWl DETAILS Product Datastore Supplier Digita I Price £49.95 (Upgrade £14.95) [ Tel_ 01395 270273 ES Ease of use 90% Implementation 80% Value For Money 85% Overall 85% hie in le top
o text e very h was bjects.
Pecia- ! Main boxes d, but id not Ol start you should understand that _Datastore is not a relational database, it basically allows you to store, manipulate and search through a flat list of data. The only relational database I know of for the Amiga is Twist 2, not that being a relational database is necessarily a good thing, since you really need a degree to be able to design and create a reliable relational database.
Installing Datastore is made very simple by Digita's usual Installer script, allowing you to install Datastore onto floppies or a hard drive partition. The whole Datastore package is fairly compact, taking up less than 1 Mb of space.
As I was saying before, Datastore allows you to store lists of data grouped into records, each record in a database having the same fields. Fields are either textual or graphic in nature, and along with the normal user entered text and numeric data fields, there are a number of other specialised fields that can be chosen.
A date field is available along with time and boolean fields. The latter is quiet interesting as it allows you to define a list of preset choices, so restricting the user, when they come to fill in that field, whatever entries you have made.
The graphic field is very flexi ble due to the fact that it supports picture datatypes.
Therefore, all the various picture Datatypes you have installed are the picture formats that Datastore supports.
When adding a graphic to a new record, you click in the picture field and a file requester pops up allowing you to choose the picture that should go into that record's field. The image is then loaded, remapped to the screen colours, and scaled for the box.
Sections The use of Datastore is split into two distinct sections, the first being the design side. Here you design what the form will look like and where data is entered into the database.
Using a simple point and dick interface you can quickly place entry fields for any of the supported Datatypes, along with captions that can be in any Amiga font As for graphics fields, any supported datatype picture can be placed on the form and scaled to any size.
Once you are happy with your design you can then switch to the other side of Datastore and actually enter data into the database. You can have the database sorted on any of the fields and can perform searches on any field, I’m sure current Datastore owners would like to know what is new for version 2. Well, the main addition will be quickly recognised by anyone who has used FinalData. Normally with Datastore you are only able to individually view records through the forms you design. This is fine for just flicking through records, or if you want to do a search, but if you wish to view many
records at once, or need to perform operations on many records, it is limiting.
The new list view organises all your records into rows, with each column representing a field. The width of each column can be individually changed, and you can move fields around by grabbing the field title and moving it to wherever you wish it to appear in the list. The entire list can be quickly scrolled up and down using the normal windows scroller.
By selecting individual or multiple records you can delete, cut and copy large blocks of records. Alongside this a new query mode is available. By selecting a group of records you can choose to hide these, and a switch option will switch the currently selected records with any hidden ones. Any other queries now applied will only take effect on the visible records, Other improvements allow you to print each record graphically, so whatever form design you come up with, you can print this out with each record. At the moment, it is only possible to print either the current record or every record -
there is no way just Overall, Datastore is a good straightforward database. To some the ability to design flashy forms may seem a little pointless, but the ability to actually print out these graphic forms give then a purpose beyond just an aesthetic one. It is simple enough to learn and use and the full on line help will help you out of any difficulties.
For current users the main bonus of upgrading is the new list view mode. For anyone with a large database this is of genuine use, as it does provide the best way of viewing large amounts of data.
To select a number or range of records. Other minor improvements allow you to have the find requester constantly out on the screen, making editing records a little easier as the requester will always be at hand, and finally you can choose to have Datastore open its window on any public screen. rjy INAL WORD Amiga Computing Oqu just cannot seem to get away from the Internet As if the expansive coverage it gets in the normal _computer press and magazines is not enough, the Internet has well and truly permeated the normal news, even though you may only ever seem to hear how evil and corrupting
it is.
With Internet fanatics spouting crazy figures about how many people are on the Internet and new Internet providers popping up by the day, it looks like the it is going to be a permanent part of our everyday lives. Amiga users have always had quite a strong presence on the Internet with probably the most organised and expansive software collection currently around in the form of every coverdisk editor's dream Aminet to the large number of Amiga- related news groups. This could quite possibly be because Amiga users have always had the tools necessary to browse the various parts that make up
the Internet freely available, including the currently most prominent form, the World Wide Web.
With the World Wide Web exploding faster than a fast exploding thing, Neil Mohr takes a look at what is available for Amiga Web authors Amiga presence It used to be that the main presence of the Amiga on the WWW came in the form of the very good Amiga home page, stored on Omnipresence, a Web sewer that itself is run on an Amiga. Other than that you were left to a few user home pages and any Amiga companies that wanted to have a Web presence.
Things, however, are starting to pick up, with almost all Amiga magazines having a Web site, A new program that has not been released and is still in a very early form is HTML Engine. This is going to be similar to Web Maker with a single drag and drop interface that has a direct link to Amosaic, allowing you to easily see what the design currently looks like.
All the most common HTML commands will be readily available either from buttons on the interlace or via hot keys. If you wish to add links to other sites there is a list of current links, so you can easily add them. The author also plans for the HTML side to be only one facet of HTML Engine. He is writing the program so that you can create Perl and Arexx scripts as well using the same interface, with each one being an added module.
The new Amiga Technologies site, and the almost daily expanding Amiga Web Directory. It looks like Amiga Web sites are quickly gaining in number.
This trend looks like it should continue. With the imminent Amiga Tech Internet package, the number of Amiga owners on-line could really take off, many of whom will be demanding good Amiga information resources along with being able to create and maintain their very own Web sites. So how would budding Web authors find more out about Web authoring, what Amiga software is currently available, and how well does it perform?
When it comes to the design of HTML authoring tools there are a number of approaches that can be taken. The simplest, and currently the only one used on the Amiga, is to create your Web pages using a normal text editor, inserting the HTML commands as you go along, and then to test these pages using a normal Web browser. All the current Amiga tools take this approach because it is the simplest Routing The most obvious other route is to have a ful drag and drop graphic interface that allows you to position text and pictures, add links and forms, then save off the HTML code The reason this
approach has not been taken is because you might as well write a full Web browser at the same time. Such a program is not even really available for any other platform.
Though programs such as PageMill come very close, it is still necessary to view the Web pages with Netscape.
A final approach, used on the PC and Acorn, is to allow the user to design Web pages on a current DTP or Word Processor that allows you TML-HEAVEN Probably the longest running Amiga HTML authoring tool is HTML-Heaven, currently up to version 1.3. As I mentioned before.
Heaven's approach allows you to use your favourite text editor to create your Web pages and then use Amosaic or iBrowse to view the finished version.
Built into this latest version of Heaven is an auto-update function which will magically update Amosaic with any changes you make to your Web page. Not that having Amosaic running on its own screen and flicking between the fwo was really any problem before. All you had to do was then hit the reload button to see all your new changes.
HTML-Heaven makes the most of the Amiga's Arexx abilities. Four programs let you add all the various standard HTML codes along with forms and Netscape's extra commands, then all this is sent to your text editor via Arexx. As many of the HTML commands need a start and finish command to mark out the block of text it should effect, HTML-Heaven allows you to select a block of text as if you were going to cut it and then if you apply the HTML code, the start and finish codes will be placed at the beginning and end of the marked block. Some of Heaven's interfaces are a little awkward to use due
to their small size, but all the HTML commands are readily accessible, so allowing you to quickly add formatting commands.
For HTML beginners, Heaven also comes with a very good AmigaGuide that describes the basic HTML commands very well.
Amiga Computing EB MAKER d df I Providing a similar solution to HTML' Heaven, Web Maker takes a slightly different approach. The interface is dominated by the edit area, which is where the HTML commands are added to any text you want. This obviously differs from Heaven which allows you to use your favourite text ng pages :urrent le it is t a full vs you s and e rea- :en is I 1 Web am is tform. I 2 very I Web torn, I on a I syou [J]tml commands If wont to leam how to create Web pages you need to get hold of some sort of HTML reference manual. A good introduction AmigaGuide comes with
HTML-Heaven, and this is good enough to get you going. For people on the web The Planet Access HTML page on httpy www.planetnet pa2html.html has links to loads of HTML references, probably more than you will ever need.
The following are some of the basic HTML codes that would allow you to produce a basic Web page. Many codes apply an effect to a selection of text To mark out the text there are start and finish commands, and the finish command is always the same as the start commands but with a add to the front of it HTML HTML Marks the start and finish of the Web page HEAD HEAD Encloses the page header. Some browsers allow you just to browse page headers to speed things up THLE TITLE Set the title of the current Web page BODY Marks the start of the main page text Hx Hx Where V is 1 to
6. Marks any text that should be in header text with 1 being the largest text 6 the smallest P Indicates that a paragraph should be inserted here P ALIGN=x P Replacement for the old paragraph marker, allows text alignment such as left fight and centre A HREF|NAME HREF A Denotes a link to another document or link, while NAME marks text that you can link to using HREF Li Marks an entry in a list UU UL Plain list OL OL Ordered or Numbered list HR Draws a horizontal line 1MG ALIGN=top SRC=image Adds an in-line image, along with text formatting A HREF = im*ge word5 A
Adds an external link to a file or image ADDRESS ADDRESS Usually allows a means of e-mailing the author at the end of the web page Amiga Computing to add graphics, save the document off, and then process this saved document and produce the HTML ccfde. I think this would be an excellent idea for Softwood or Digita to take up. It may even be possible to use their Arexx ports to interrogate the current document and generate the HTML code from it this way. It is possible to find out graphic positioning and text style information from Final Writer's Arexx port so it may be possible.
Unfortunately, no such solution currently exists, and I cannot see such a program or Arexx extension being developed as the demand for it is too small.
This currently leaves only three Amiga options open. The first is to manually enter all the HTML codes. You could speed this process up by assigning HTML codes to function keys, but this is still a far from perfect solution. So any program that can provide a better way to add HTML code to your program is going to be very welcome.
Your main three problems when trying to organise a Web sight are going to be formatting text with the HTML commands, adding inline graphics and links to other pages or sites.
The easiest way of doing this is to produce the text you want to include in the Web page, format this with the HTML commands, and then start to add your in-line graphics and links to other sites. Consequently, any program must allow you to easily add HTML commands.
9 your
• xt it.
Es *y [ editor, but this approach does have its own advantages. The main advantage is that the interface is an App window which allows you to drag and drop text graphics or any other type of file into the Web Maker window and add the correct sort of link or HTML command. You may be Jargon box WWW - World Wide kVeb. Just one of the mony faces of the Internet Arexx - the Amiga's built-in programming language, and oho allows programs to control eoch other Amosoic - the original but not the best Amiga Web Browser iBtowse - stiW under development. IBrome iutil be a commerce! Web browser that
looks like rt could be os fast os NetScape Mul - Mogic User Interface, a GUI library that has many advantages for the user and programmer, but is memory hungry HTML - Hyper Text Mark-up Language, (he language used to 'describe' Web pages, from which Web browsers create Web pages HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol App Window - a program window that ollows you to drop files into it Perl - the scnpting language used to handle the informa- tron received from WWW forms apprehensive about using the built-in text editor, but it is quite nice to use, adding a more Mac-like editing system. This allows
you to select an area of text and then delete or replace the whole area with S whatever you type next. If you do not like the editor, you could always mite the body text in your normal text editor and import it to Web Maker.
The drag and drop approach does make adding graphics and links to other sites a fairly easy business. You just move the cursor to where you want the new link in your text, drag the file over, and the appropriate HTML command will appear.
Command control Web Maker does a similar job as HTML- Heaven when it comes to adding commands. You highlight the text that the effect should be applied to, hit the appropriate button, and the start and finish commands will be placed around the select text Compared to Heaven, probably the biggest problem with Web maker is that even though it has all the current HTML commands, they are only accessible through Workbench menus. This is much slower than having a window with each command having its own button, as HTML heaven does. Some sort of list view with the commands in would be a welcome
With a handy list view holding link addresses to graphics and any other sites you may wish, Web Maker provides a good integrated HTML authoring solution.
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SOFTWARE J* *1700 FIX CWK VOL J (taa My M) B dak abeva ara
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your AISOQ'JUOM ream* 700 -1OOO NCWCA4I NEW Spectrum Caines
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Ami-FileSafe - the new filing system which has taken the Amiga market place by storm - is also included along with with Full CDRom support.
Prices: Internal SCSI2 £510.00+ VAT = £599.25 Options: External add £ 45.00+VAT = £ 52.87 Oktagon Card add £ 95.00+ VAT = £111.62 HE'S then if Warning if you use a your machine crashe disk then your drive Get protected now with AFS.
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P&P EEC £ 3.50 Other £ 6.50 Dice V3 £98.75 P&P EEC £ 5.50 Other £10.00 Test FFS DirScan 409 CreateFile 227 ReadFile 244 Units Files Sec k sec k scc Seek and write 4bytes (start & end) xl(H) 53.6 Sec 4.4Scc „ents Certified AmigaDevel0per, 0;,7 el Pn V eV Distributors : FLDistribution ermany: Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe weden: Orebro Videoreklam taly: Db-Line outh frica:MLSysteins SA: AIM ve (6 A Fourth Level Development Distributor & Dealer Enquiries +44 (0) 117 955 8225 Access A UK Orders to FLDistribution 31 Ashley Hill Montpelier Bristol BS6 5JA As you become more familiar with the soft
ware available for your Amiga you will notice that many programs can be installed onto a hard drive. If you are using an Amiga without a hard drive, make it your first priority to get one.
However, there are many excellent software titles out there that apparently have no installer program, making them seemingly useless for your setup. Don't be put off - most application software can be installed onto a hard drive, it's just a case of knowing where to put what To the beginner, the mere prospect of copying software onto a hard drive is an ominous one, but it really isn't that difficult First of all you need to find out exactly what is on the disk you are trying to copy to your hard drive. The best way to do this is to insert the disk into DFO, run the Shell and type in: dir
dfO: This will display the contents of the disk with further directories, marked by (dir). The important directories you want are called Libs, Q S, L and Devs. These directories are present on your hard drive and you should copy the contents of the above mentioned directories into the ones on your hard drive.
Don't copy files across that are already present on your hard drive, just the ones that you haven’t got As an example, let's suppose you wanted to copy a file called ReqTools.library from the Libs drawer on DFO to the same drawer on your hard drive. To do this you If you're new to the Amiga home computer or simply an old hand who still cringes at the mere mention of Workbench you've come to the right place would type in the Shell: copy IFOclibs reotools.library to Vorkbench:libs You can then make a directory with a suitable name in a location of your choice and copy the actual program file
from DFO: into this new directoiy. The program should then run okay.
Qackup with ease If you own an Amiga with a hard drive you may have never spared a thought to what would happen if your hard drive became corrupted, or even worse conked out completely. If you weren't aware that this could ever happen then think again!
Jargon box Assign - tha command a&ows you to assign labels to (factories 8SVX - the Commodore sound sampte standard which Workbench understands Hot aS sound samples are in this hrmot FT - see drove Pcntcn - o partition a a specified section of a hord dme that is formatted ndwdudly so as to oct os
o separate device. You con hove as many partmons as you hie but
they can only be set when you format your hord dive PO - Pubk
Domom companies seK nonobly, fugh quaftyAmgo software for ust
the pnce of a dak.
The authors depend on donations from users orq reg&gfon fee in which registered users receive free updoes hner-daer - the printer dmer a
o dedicated program fat Okm your Workbench to communicate with
you pnver Not ai pmten come with a smtable printer drrver Over
the past three years my hard drive has ’gone down' no fewer
than 16 times - not bad you may think, but one was so fatal I
had to purchase a new hard drive, losing all my precious work
forever. And believe me, when your hard drive gives up the
ghost your whole world falls apart - no joke!
The obvious solution is to back up your hard drive regularly to floppy disk. Unfortunately, backing up an entire hard drive to floppy can take hours and can take hundreds of floppy disks.
Backing up to. Floppy disk is something you cannot avoid but there is a better and far quicker way.
Create a drawer on your hard drive, or better still a partition, called Data. Everything you create with your applications, whether it be text or graphics etc, you can now copy and save into Data. Now, all you need to do is back up this directory or partition only - you can always copy the applications back onto your hard drive from the original floppy disks.
ON T DIE Everything seems fine. You create new drawers, you delete old drawers. You're in perfect harmony with your machine when suddenly a particularly stubborn little drawer refuses to die. No matter how much you try to kill him he still dings on for dear life, flashing his obstinacy and constantly repeating the message 'Error while removing (202) object is in use'. Then suddenly everything grinds to all halt.. The reason why he won't go is simple.
Some drawers (directories) have what is called an Assign made to them which is simply a label that directs a particular program to that directory. A drawer cannot be deleted if it has an Assign attached to it (Assigns are explained in more detail later on).
Any Assigns a program needs should be entered in the file User-Startup in the 5 directory. Open the Shell and type: ed *:usifstirt«p You should look for a line that begins with Assign and has the name of the directory you are trying to delete at the end of it. For example: Assign Hello: Workbench:Utilities Delete this line, save the new User-Startup file, and then reboot your Amiga. Now the Assign has been removed you should be able to delete the drawer.
Amiga Computing RAG AND DROP If you are using the Workbench Icons... menu command Copy to duplicate disks you'll be pleased to know that there is a simpler method if you are lucky enough to own a second disk drive.
Put the disk you wish to copy from into DFO and the disk you want to copy to in DF1 (your second disk drive).
When the disk icon for DFO appears on the Workbench simply dick on it once and with the left mouse button held down, drag and release it over the disk icon for Dfl. The copying process will now begin. Simplicity is such a beautiful thing.
OUNDS FAMILIAR H OU ARE HERE Using Amiga Workbench can be a lot of fun and there are many different ways you can alter Workbench to suit your own requirements. Apart from the usual graphic changes you can make, you can also alter the way in which your Workbench informs you of errors.
I briefly mentioned Assign earlier but this command is so useful it deserves more of a mention. Assign is powerful in that it allows you to access a particular directory by a single name. Assigns are normally made by programs during installation or startup and invariably reside in the User- Startup file in the S directory.
Some Assigns are made by your Workbench and can be found in the Startup-Sequence also located in S. However, these are required by Workbench to operate properly and should not be touched.
Let's imagine a scenario in which you created a drawer in the Workbench Utilities directory called Pictures which, strangely enough, contained all your graphics. To save and load pictures to and from this drawer you would need to select Workbench, then Utilities, and finally Pictures from your paint package's file requester. Using an Assign such as: Located in the Prefs drawer is the program Sound. This program allows you to change the alert settings which can either flash the screen or play a sound effect, or even a combination of both.
The Sound Type: button can be switched between the standard Workbench beep or a sound effect of your own choice which you can select with the Select Sample... button. The samples you load must be of the 8SVX or IFF form. You can get sound samples in this form from magazine coverdisks and PD (Public Domain) houses. • 3 | could tell you a funny story about desktop sound effects, but I won't.
They can be great hin end highly annoying to others. Use your Imagination 1 Flash Display 1 Make Sound leaisa Sound Type: B| Sampled Sound 1 Sound Vo tune: Sound Pitch: Beep Length: Select Sanple... 1 Sanple Nane: |CoubelI.xrlD.RI Test Sound 1 Save | Use | Cancel
(A) *S: you would be able to select Pictures: instead, and you
would automatically go straight into the Workbench:Utilities
Pictures drawer. You would put an Assign like this in your
User-Startup file using Ed.
Some programs look for an Assign which may not be enabled. If a program kicks up a requester stating 'Please insert volume name ' you can make an Assign called name to point to the directory you think the program is trying to locate.
Assign is flexible in that you can remove it without having to actually delete it from the User-Startup file. To remove an Assign open the Shell and enter; ISSING DRIVER Although a printer is a fine addition to any home computer, many users shy away from them due to their apparent complexity. One of the biggest printer-related problems is that of the stranded printer driver. A suitable printer driver is required in order for your Workbench to be able to communicate successfully with your printer.
When you purchase a new printer you may be fortunate enough to get a dedicated Amiga printer driver, but in most cases you must send off to the retailer, most of whom are very obliging.
The real problem comes when installing the printer driver onto your Workbench. Where do you put it? Once again, the solution is very simple. Located in the Workbench Devs directory is a drawer called Printers. It is here you should copy your printer driver to. You can then select your printer driver from the Printer program in the Prefs directory.
Assign niac : move Wrs. M «• Min (m'liflttw D Using Assign you can accass directories by simply sslacting tha appropriate label If you find that your £ signs look awfully like a S sign, or vice-versa, you probably have the wrong key map selected. Run the Input program in the Prefs directory and you should see a list of your current keymaps on the right-hand side. Provided Now.* t ¦ccol r.ttan: tll-tlllt I mt HX-CIUB NilV! M m
K. v Ktn Iwmi ¦ «*•: II Ktvhaar* t*at: r you have installed the
correct keymaps you should see the one for your nationality.
Simply click on it so that it is selected and then select
Save. Open the Shell and you should now find that your Amiga
is printing the correct keys.
C If you don't faal ready to loam another language, make sure you select the correct keymap for your nationality Amiga Computing ter with ItlNse unique p disk Neil Mohr has been running around the offices saying zoom a lot. The n alter u can ge the tion of sound mples i from i£aj i 3 j j be the reason a 64Mb Simm - if that is your idea of a restriction - but apparently the latest Mark IV SGI connector being produced by Phase 5 has the additional feature of allowing a second Simm to be fitted, which can be up to 128Mb. So in theory the 1260 can have a total of 192Mb fitted to it 64Mb on the
main board and 128Mb via the SGI expansion.
Compatibility I have also been informed by Gordon Harwood that the Mark IV SGI module works with the Blizzard 1230 accelerator, so any 1230 owners with the mark IV SGI modules could upgrade to the 1260 and keep their current SGI module.
So how does it perform? Well what did you expect me to say. If you want the fastest Amiga in the world get this board. Syslnfo shows it to be running around twice the speed of a A4000, but this does not do the 060 justice.
Even 'real world’ tests such as Lha and XPK crunch times show the 060 to average three to four times the speed of an A4QQQ, and AIBB shows that the 1260 board does almost three times as many Mflops as an A4000.
Viewing and saving Jpegs becomes as fast as normal iLBMs. You must also remember that programs can be compiled especially for the 060 chip, and these programs can take advantage of the 060's new superscalar architecture and gain a further speed increase. However, whether companies will produce such a version remains to be seen. At the end of the day, fit a Blizzard 1260, and suddenly an Al 200 becomes the perfect rendering machine, and for half the price of an A4000. £ 7 »s you lality.
D and d you inting feel ¦9*.
I rect Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended vide a smooth system where you can work with no annoying blocked system, At the moment CyberPatcher supports the following programs:
- Mand2000d(large speed up)
- SceneryAnimator(large speed up)
- Imagineflarge speed up)
• Vista Pro
- Lightwave
- Real 3d
- Maxon Cinema4D The difference is very noticeable when using
Mand2000, from rendering no faster than a normal Al200 before
hand, to rendering at least 30 times foster after CyberPatcher
has been run.
One disappointment is that this problem also seems to be effecting most of the current Doom clones for the Amiga. I was looking forward to trying Breathless out on a full screen, but the actual redraw speed ends up being worse than a normal A1200. I have been told by Cordon Harwood that CyberPatcher will be updated, and they are currently collating a list of programs that needed to be 'fixed'.
A1200 SIMM pTTTTHH ETA I L S Product Supplier Price Blizzard 1260 Cordon Harwood Board - £599.95 4Mb- 134.95 8Mb - 274.95 SCSI Kit IV £99.95 01773 836781 hem f the 0 be ated 1 are e do try is elect Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall
• 0% J0% 90% 83% One interesting side effect of the 060 is that
certain mathsintensive programs can actually cause all manner
of problems. The problem with several Amiga applications on
the 68040 and 68060 is that they are compiled for the 6888x
maths co-processor.
This co-processor has more FPU instructions than the 68040 and 68060, mainly complex transcendental functions such os sine, cosine and logarithmic, and these instructions have to be emulated on the more advanced 680x0 processors. Unknown instructions cause a trap and during the trap the emulation has to find the right emulation routine and run this function. In a trap the processor is in the Supervisor mode and no other tasks can run. This effect is visible by the mouse jerking around. The system will become more unusable the more unimplemented instructions are used by a program.
Obviously this is going to effect the people who will benefit most from owning an 060 machine - raytracers, To get around these problems, Phase 5 have provided a number of programs. CyberPatcher, the main one to use, tries to patch the most used instructions that have to be emulated. The speed up depends on the program but the main job is to proower were the First company out f J with a 060 compatible board, but Gordon Harwood are first I to place one on our desk for a thorough good seeing to. Well this is what all you A12 freaks have really been for - an 060 board. The first thing that
strikes you about this board is just how sparse it is, the 060 chip taking up the majority of the space, but with only five others chips being visible. I would assume this is a good thing as it means less to go wrong in the future. The shape of the board is identical to that of the Blizzard 1230 accelera tor, with an edge connector the side of it allowing a SGI to be added at a later date.
Fitting the board is very straightforward due to the extra space provided by the edge connector, and once in place there is a good centimetre of room at the end, allowing the board to be removed easily. As the 060 is only a 3.3v device a fan is not needed, and I had no over heating problems even after the computer was on all day.
The board will accept any 70ns or faster, single sided 72 pin, 32 or 36-bit Simm. This restricts the largest Simm the board can take to OOM AND GLOOM Amiga Computing J?* k Lm ANTI GRAVITY PRODUCTS J 1o80097oGRAVITY 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 USA I TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (3K» 576-6383 f Since 1991 Anti Gravity Has Been The Leader In Bringing To The Professional Market The fie Bleeding Edge 3D Animation and Desktop Video Products Available! For A Complete Listing The Products You Want Or To Order On-Line; Visit Us On The Web @ http: www.antigravity.cc j All Products Are Shipped
from the USA, But You Can Order From UK Order HOT Lint
* All Prices are USA Priced and Do Not include any VAT, duties or
any other Taxe« Amiga Computers % For People Who Want More Than
Just A Pc!
AMIGA A 4000T AMIGA A4000T - The Machine Power That Makes Video Production A Total Experience A4000T SYSTEMS A4000T S2795 25MHZ-040 6MB 1GB fii AG Super Software Bundle A4000T S2895 25MHz-040 6MB lGB 2x CD-Rom fit AG Super Software Bundle rn A4000T $ 4195 25MHz-040 6MB 1CB 4x Read-2x WriteCD-Rom w Mastering Sostware fit AG Software Bundle AG SUPER SOFTWARE BUNDLE FROM AMIGA tfCHNOtOGJfS P1UJ fRQMANTI GRAVITY.
Ftiol oj»ni i Pff sorwl fai* 6.4, i Pr» ImUhd onymr t ilrm Q»gjn;r 11, 4 St. Internet Softwar*.
Word.vorth Pmt Mmegrr. TieboCjtc J.S Meqic Workbench, QjtMtorr 11 M4U, PlnDrfl Mjmt. | MajK thw ' Super Low Price 2TSMHi Alpha Systems!, 4 Af $ ' 1MWAa«R BS275A 275MHz Alpha AXP 2 D64A CPU 2MB of Cache, IGB HD, 2X CD-ROM Drive, 2MB Display Card, Windows-NT, Keyboard, & Mouse.
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LightWave Workstations %¦ CALL
s. * . vjMnsiin&k: i RECORDABLE CD-ROM DRIVES] Pinnacle External
2X Recordable $ 1245 Toshiba 2X Recordable n u ¦ O, Windows
Intel Win-NT Alpha Win NT IV1IRS AIVIIG X SGI $ 895 $ 2395 S
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Pentitrator System Card From Anti Gravity Labs Expandor Bus
Card The ultimate in slot expamion lor your «j Amiga. It give*
you 7-Zerro. 2-Video, .,, 4 PCI. MSA slots to your Amiga 4000.
Toother with the Aol Tower Cate it provide, a home tor the Pentitrator System Card; Or a great expansion device for an over-loaded Amiga 4066.
$ 245 The Pentitrator System Card allows you to add a full Pentium, computer to your Amiga 4000 • with speeds up to 150MHz.
Specifcatiom; BUS: 132MB sec PCI-Bus PU: Pentium 75 150MHz DM: PC104 EPROM LM: Upto 128MB iChK 256K-1MB Int. PORTS: IDE & Floppy Ext. PORTS: COM1, COM2.
PS 2 Mouse, High Speed RS-232, Enhanced Parallel Pentitrator 7 SSXwKb Slot: Fits in the PCI and Expandor Bus Card ISA bus slot** ACL Tower Case $ 1895
• (Soon for AJ000.4000T) "(Requires Ixpandor Bus Card and ACM
Tower Cate) AOL Tower Case, The Perfect exspansion case for
your Amiga 4000 or Video Toaster Flyer System. And A Must for
the Pentitrator Svstcm Card to add all tnose PC peripherals,
AC M Tower Cd5?
WuhOut Pcmrr Supply $ 395 With e p4B(tof Bus $ 640 W fh Power Supply $ 495 With OpiMtor 80s $ 740 Pentttrator-XX Pentitrator 7s Pentltrator-90 Pentitrator-wo Pentitrator-120 Pentitrator 133 Pentitrator iso Helfa to foliage
1129. 95 Building Materials & Fabric s
1129. 95 Super Bundle: fkfplusmf S240.00 'i 7 ? A Lock & Key
$ 145 Lock & Key is 0powerful Motion Plug-In for LightWove
3D v4.0 thot allows you to:
- Eliminate "foot slide' during walk animations Simulate
parenting on a frame-by-frame basis
- Lock an object to a bone!
Available for Amiga. Intel, and Alpha platform si NEW! Version 2.1 Pixel 3D Professional WaveLink Ver-1 S95 Connects any two Anugas for file sharing and distributive render ing using LightWave or Light Dave. You can even batch render!
$ 195 Lock 3c Key UPGRADES SC at I Use PlxProZ.t to load, save and display seventeen different 30 file formats, including 30 Studio. Imagine, complete DXF AutoCAD and li grtWave scenes and objects. Pixel 30 lui become a standard in the Video Toaster and 30 animation workplace 1 Load and save 17 different 30 tile formats Is the most powerful object logo utility avaAable.
Use PixPro2 to convert bitmap pictures of logos and stupes to 3D with tmrtvaled speed and quality Smooth, extrude and bevel your converted bitmaps with precise control.
Jvwoahannai including LightWave sees objects, Imagine Objects lupport) complete bXF scenes. LightWave Ytmnrarchy s (with Ji iupport) complete bXF AutoCAD sopor t, 30 Studio (ASCII and Unary). Wavefront ii moret aUUk Anlm Workshop Ver-2 $ 95 A Work s provides tools to create, play, process, edit and add sound to your animations. Add Sound V 2 support sail AGA modes. AnimS, 7, ¦ 8 formats.
• • • V ’WsWI* S3 * ,a»yr' a j
• ?
H-a- w: x* o. ' l*r 1 * lock Ei Key Is a powerful Motion Mug in for LightWave 30 4 with lock (t Key you can simulate parenting of any item to any other Item on-the fly. Use ft to keep you characters feet on the ground without sinking or slindirra. Have your characters pick things up without using duplicate objects, use ft on bone hierarchies to eliminate gimbal lock Lock & Ke af L jhtWave3D 4.0 I- _ $ 45 Over 50 Kitchen S Bathroom Object* lighting Object*, appliance*. Cabinetry, link*, vanities, bathtub*, toilet* ft toiletry. A more. Door* ¦ drawer* can be animated!
Interior Design 2’• eplica Technology Interior Design 1: Over 50 Real-WbrW Scaled Furniture Object*: H bed*, table*, chair*. Bb Ciblnets, and more h| Door* and drawer* can Bj bcanimalcdl H S95 Homes: Four complete, scaled homes for Lightwave. Exteriors, Interior rooms. Doors and windows animated. Over 120 surfaces per home.
Interior Design 3 Interior Construction: $ 95 Over 500 Objects In All!
Over 50 Real World Scaled Office Ob|ect*: chair*, detks, book ca*et, file cabinet*, thelvct, PC workcenterc & more.
Create room* and Interior* with over 100 Object*: door*, window*, stair*, fixture*. Mold ings, walls, floor*, celling* and room*.
(PAR) PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER Visual Inspirations DIGITAL Amiga NTSC S1595 PAL 5 2995 PC (ISA bus) NTSC S 1595 PAL S 2995 PnOCESSMQ systems mc New Flyer & V-Lob Motion EDL generator and VTR controller %125 p PE cspiion PERCEPTION PVR-2500 $ 1695 CAPTURE CARD AD-2500 $ 895 m2 The Complete image Frocaung Soktkri Anirni ACA madn. ICS _ _ rscai h*M«O.A*»wM»X.OCrv._ $ 245 tpvxvVurp tx Ao. V H Wah 6 ll» WaJtaaOiMqSMn.Sxulg. Cofcnw. Onptrst Yw*w- ’wh (Afctnnh. OmWi Or«»M Stitn 0N6 Krapik AM* Osawlsl. Tu« Oul Mn a VIDEO DRIVES SeaCate 2GB $ 995 4GB $ 1395 9GB $ 2595 MOVING TEXTURES FX Maps: Boding,
Bunt. Ok Boding Bunt (sins fl Disturb. (KjgM liquid. Pour, Rough, fQc Spot*. Swift. Tid*. HHB Water A. Water B. Waves A. h Tru Maps 2 versions of m T ime lapse cloud animation, cackling fire, smooth burning flames, bubbling steam, ocean, end * ow moving smoke.
Volume one by leo Martin and volume two by Mark Thompson are State-Of-The-Art Ft. The impressive front end of end of Visual Fxqcti you into production now, no previous lightwave experience needed. The transition volume* are Krfect for u*e with the Newtek Video Flyer or the DPS rsonal Animation Recorder, just select what Images or video sequencer vou want to uic and Visual FX will do the video sequencer you want to we ana visual ta win ao me rest. The logo volumes are ju*t as easy. Simply select what object you wish to replace our default and vou are off on replace you your way to creating
proferrion.rl quality animation! That you never thought possible. Visual W requesters actually open up on the llohtWavc screen and walk you throuqh Open up on the llqhtWavc screen and walk you through each step. Visual ft I* perfect for batch processing. Each volume comes with 20 effect*, each of which has a full 30 frame preview animation attached to it 10 you will know exactly what the effect will look like. Visual FX works with both the Video Toaster and stand alone lightwave.
SURFACE PRO FOR LIGHTWAVE 30 Finally, a collection of useful, ready to use, low memory, seamless surfaces for the LightWave professional. Surface Pro offers a wide varietiy of seamless image-based LightWave surfaces. Surface Pro gives you over 60 newsurfaces that are Instantly available through LightWave: Liquid Metal. Circuit Board, Nebula, Wood, Globe Wrap, Water, Flame. Marble, Chrome, and more.
? Import, Create, Export tDL's (CMXt* CrassValley) ? Online Editing ? Control over your deck from your computer ? Keeos track of mulliDle source taDei ? Keeps track of multiple source taper ? Digitize and Redigitire ? User-Configurable Screen Backgrounds ? Ease of Operation ? Time lapse Record ? Requires NcwTek Flyer or Vlab Motion .
? Compatible w th V-lAN. Amilink. Ft BCD single- « Compatible w th V-IAN. AmiLink. Ft BCD single frames. H the EVO-96SO and Sanyo CVRS-9SO. Single Frame VCRs.
T. ulTool; Environment 1 R.silRool nS.iAUolcl 1 fl.sitfonn "l p p
DEDICATED Universal UK D ROM DIGITAL Mi55fr plus IMAGERY Dynamic llealties Household Items (so ob ccis) Mcdlcal Anatomy (JS ob r i%) Space Fssnntlnl* (SO oblt ts Atitos Vehlclo* (65 ob acts) Cl.'cflcL’Je lit LC.iUiciciL' 'cccciiu- LW- etc U'uivuval lumas USA TEL 00H310 393 6650 nave a Return Matorai AjtNyizslior • ..rocr iHWAl Lw •" original paoagng.
Ealien* A 20% roslockmg tee apples to oil evchanqes of urfiko product* 61 any ardors lhal . .
I opeon AGP s able lo shp via, 1) Fodoral Expmw Pronty. Standard Ovom ii, and Second Day Economy. 2) UPS overnight. Rnkf ¦¦ Hi ¦¦ „ . . --- OH conwworKe Snoprg dtvnage must be mponefl dntclfy Is re C«nW' wtttvn 10 days Federal Exprws logoe usod ponmsaion This atfmrtsemenr. Ns ooneonu and tt style are the Copynght ot Are.
I Gravity Product* and cannot bo dupAcated •nthoot expros* wrcsen pofmaaion Al eademart* are the property of there respective companies, a Software Bl Vtta II fme srhfl* SuppttM last Ad EfleCXlve Oates 1 ...... •' AT cr any Citl-- I Wrm* and Conditions: r 'VOW PfUCE GUARANTEED' a subject to Ant Gravity Product* (AGP) dtcrosvon. W on a COM by case bow* and ventcotionfavailabflry Caatof shippng rates, wranbe* and 1 Other poloes tha! AppV OitVlMsa Bn Inilled and pncoi are aub|ecl 10 Change wnoul POK* AGP accepts COO c de** payable by ca»h.art chock orsy Payment mmi aooompany •» purchase onlen V»
• re able :o cCV quantity osctxnls lo deawoi nr 3 system buiden.
Odor* may tw paid b, Asa. Mastercard AJI sales an- ‘nal No re
A, S-t'96 to 4-3096 No pnoes Seted In IN* advertisement indude
VAT or any other duue* or taxee
I. and condition.
ANTI GRAVI' PRODUCT 0 returns* ploase Detective exchanges are lor same product only and flViU No guarantees mm impied as to product performance »*th * ur system or aa to manuMdumt dakna and specft- are cancmiod after shipping Al orders concerted mud obtain a cancePMfen number. Ai exchange* are at x* id Day Eoonomy, 2) UPS overnight. Second Oay. And Gttxrtd Most order* aw shpped within 48 houre tor your H800e7*GRAVIT 456 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 9040 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-63 [hoosB iiour fantastic When you subscribe to Amiga Computing K240 Save over Gremlin’s outer space
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18 ONLY) (CD169) £19.99 sometime in February 96 thts CD actually over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour 3D viewing software and top quality glasses are also supplied Order now for Imediate despatch apon release (CD145) C 19.99 SPECIAL EDITION PACK (Ordercode: CD180) ADULT SENSATION 1 &2 FOR JUST £29.99 +P&P World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM containing around 40.000 mono and colour clipart images contained in over 100 catagooes in IFF, GIF. PCX. COR. EPS. TIF.
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essential purchase lor all CD-ROM users Rated97% AC- 94% AF GR0LIER ENCYCLOPEDIA (CP46x) £24.
Tfts CD cortans ntermatton hat NC0OOY warts you to knew about and rdudes tons'of megabytes d tart documents ant photogrnfts retang to UFO strings and abductors elcsnce 1941 aswelaahuv
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2 contains stacks of games, demos, di- part. Fonts, music,
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Basically everything every released for AGA based macfwies Rated over 90% included LUCKY DIP Volume 2 (cdim) ;5.m ENCOUNTERS (CQ178) 0500 131 486 % i'll ..-.I.-.; I hrtar 1 Cr I . A"*-* 700 SS S nn Far mm M11R7 Overseas Order Enquiry line. 01793 SI 4103 f®coi7k»514i«7 EPIC Marketing, 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. SN1 3BU. UK AGA EXPERIENCE n u - PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME___ ADDRESS NOTHING BUT TETRIS (coua, Bj) PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS UK & EUROPE Open Mopday-Sfltlirctoy, Please make cheques payable to: EPIC P&P in UK = £1 per title. Overseas P&P = £2 per tide. Free colour CD fist
AMIGA CQMPUT1HS AMOUNT ENCLOSED 75- If you Ive m Australia or New-Zealand you can now purchase any of the above CO ROM titles from our Sydney based premises. Send your orders or enquiries to: "i®** EPIC. 36 Forest Road. Heathcoto. NSW. 2233. Australia, fjfo Pvraee nuke cheque* payable Jo ASHIfcirt ForaPrtoeKp* wndaSAE. Forprto toAftofcn ®*npfyd»4tofUK£gprfc I irapped Contents ! Lidil von i ai.7iar System News Andy Maddock takes you on a trip to Amiga games heaven.
Well, gives you the lowdown on Uropa 2 and Trapped anyway Xtreme Racing Hang up your fluffy dice and get your motor running courtesy of Guildhall Super Tennis Champs Anyone for tennis? Grab your rackets for this latest offering iased M Not ollec- itains Zeewolf 2 Binary Asylum release their eagerly-anticipated sequel to their hit game Soccer Stars ’96 Andy Maddock checks out this bargain football compilation from Empire Capital Punishment Tina Haekett turns green at the sight of this rather gory beat*’em-up Gloom Deluxe Just as you thought it was safe ...yes, another - addition to the family
has appeared Audiogenic’s souped-up version of the old classic. System take a look Pinball Prelude It’s a month for pinball it seems. We have two for you to take a look at Penguins We’ve not seen many puzzlers around for a while so stop here for the latest brain teaser Slamtilt We take a sneak preview of 21st Century's forthcoming pinball sim news By Andy Maddock n this very issue you will be able to read a review of Audiogenic's latest tennis simulation and once you've done that, this little bit of news may interest you.
There are some Super Tennis Chomps data disks on the way and the first will contain all the lady competitors. Also, if you use it with the original. You will be able to set up mixed doubles competitions, etc. It will be available soon priced at £7.99 and for more information you can contact Audiogenic Customer Services on 0181-424 2244.
? RiRt PUTions ont onE ?
Si mi ice nocr win pro ciiofi si:ilis on scnutiinn fhsi fltisic mi niEU cm nincurs on Free games and stuff Punishment on-line Also in this issue we have reviewed Capitol Punishment by Click Boom, so if you want to play the latest version you can FTP to your favourite Aminet site - for Great Britain it will be located at Imperial College at src.doc.ic.ac.uk and you will then find It located in the Game Demo directory.
Recently we've received a couple of letters regarding games and some cheats. If you have any queries about the Amiga games market then don't hesitate to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and either post or e-mail your problems to us, and we'll do our best to provide some answers. We may even hand out some free games in exchange for some decent letters or cheats.
So get writing - but don't bother calling by phone. Believe it or not we are pretty busy and if we had to stop every five minutes to write down a cheat, we wouldn't have time to write the magazine! Send your cheats to the address printed on the comment page of this issue.
Responsibility for completing some important missions. They include rescuing colonists, destroying communication rooms of the main network, guiding stranded hover vehicles and rescuing hostages.
To help you along the way you will be able to access and log on to computer terminals to access new weaponry and repair facilities, as well as becoming a net surfer, downloading information to sell giving you some cash to play around with.
Not only is the game an arcade Austex Software are a new game developers from way down under in Australia who have arrived on the Amiga games scene with a game which has been in development for quite some time - only they won't tell us how long!
The title has been confirmed as Uropd2 - The Ulterior Colony and from what I've seen, it's looking surprisingly good. The concept behind the whole idea is basically space. The idea is based on the moon called Europa which orbits the planet Jupiter. Taking control of a Tekite Warrior means you have the adventure-like romp, it will also turn into c shoot-'em-up when you need to travel somewhere else. There are also a couple of sub missions thrown in to make this slightly more interesting. The game is viewed isometrica In a 3D fashion, accompanied by some excellent light-sourced vector 3D
Uropa2 will feature multitasking, an AGA enhanced version, will be hard drive instal lable, and the developers are still considering if they will they do an ECS version with a CD3: version to follow. If the gameplay can matct the graphics then we may well see Uropal very soon.
Shopping on a Saturday afternoon Throughout these past four or five months we have always been slightly unsure about the amount of games System would feature. But thanks to all those great loyal software houses out there we've been brimming with better quality games than ever before. So when City Cars arrived in the office our hearts slumped to our feet. Just when we thought there was hope of being another excellent month full of marvellous entertainment far you to spend your cash on... minutes before deadline City Cars arrives. What timing!
If you can cast your minds back to the early Spectrum days of games like OutRun and Chase HQ then maybe you'll have an idea of what City Cars plays like. Although this effort is actually in colouc the gameplay is fairty non-existent.
It features two city cars which you'd expect your grandparents to drive when they're off shopping, and what's ironic is the fact that when you pick up the joystick you do feel as though you are a rather slightty impaired pensioner because you can't even keep it in a straight line. Also, when you put your foot down it seems to go about 300 mph or something ridiculous - and that's where the similarities between pensioners and City Cars tails off. As they usually prefer to go at 3mph... on a motorway.
I do feel sorry for Allan Surgess, the programmer. Because he's probably spent a long time on it. But I'm sorry, it just cannot compete with the quality of games out there already. Anyway, here are some screenshots just to prove it. Although I've judged it from first looks, we may give it a full review if we've got enough space.
Trapped inside my cyberpants with its possibilities of being a brand new Doom clone we decided to let you know about it.
Going back to the dodgy translation of the title before, it was actually Das Rad von Telmar.
So from my GCSE exam I remembered that ‘Rad' meant bicycle and we assumed ’Telmar' must've meant something negative such as... death! But. Er it doesn't, so. Er... we thought it was funny!
We only received this minutes before deadline so we'll try and expand on this rather poor effort of an article next month, OK?
A cheap Obsession Hurrah! Thanks to the January sales Obsession has now been reduced by a tenner. It used to be £29.9$ and is now priced at £19 95 Yep that’s it.
Trapped is a new game by German developers Oxyron Software and Is a Doom Dungeon Master like game. It captures all the thrills of dungeon exploring as well as all the graphical capabilities of Doom.
The full title of the game is Trapped: The Bicycle of Death, otherwise known as a Raleigh Chopper.
Nah, we're only kidding.
We downloaded this preview from Aminet and Our friends at Domark are now on-line, joining the so very few Amiga publishers such as Team
17. Ocean and MicroProse.
You will now be able to find more information about Domark's latest offerings including the most eagerly awaited football management game ever - Championship Manager 2.
The site provides links to many different pages for players and non-players of Championship Manager as well as an IRC channel for you to discuss various footballing and Championship Manager issues. It's well worth checking out even though it's still in development. The address Is http: domark.com Here are the league tables from the first round on the Grasslands track. As you can see. I’m not doing too well Guildhall Silltunna Software £29.99 E 3 c Yes f’Kf . . . Ii.» ID STAR!
TRAOC Pressing escape during a race will bring up the many hundreds of option screens you can change everything!
You can preview the tracks by pressing the corresponding keys to see where the corners and obstacles are ast month we brought you a preview and mentioned that this gam© was looking particularly good. If you've ever played Super Mario Kart on the SNES then you'll undoubtedly have an idea of what to expect. Considering Mario Kart was. And probably still is. One of the finest games Nintendo have ever produced, to describe this as an Amiga version wouldn't be straying from the truth.
Over the last few months the games side of the Amiga has all been pretty similar. For instance, the games have all tried to be quick - especially the Doom clones. To enable the best speed, detail levels, resolutions and screen sizes have all been made completely configurable, leaving it up to the user to play how they prefer.
Extreme Racing, or rather Xtreme Racing as it has now decided to call itself, comes complete with a menu containing a feast of options which let you change more or less everything. You can change the controls, weapons, car settings and laps, as well as the in-game options which allow you to tinker with the more technical aspects, namely frames per second, pixel sizes, dithering, and switching between the blitter and C2P screen modes.
The actual game features three modes of play - a single race mode, a cup race or a complete season. The first Is basically a practice session and it won't really matter if you happen to finish in last place; the cup mode is split up into three - the Tortoise Cup, Custard Cup and Xtreme Cup - the latter being the most difficult, containing awkward computer drivers and The only point that may lower the tone Is that even though it may look brilliant and play like a dream, some people may argue that there is a certain cheapness. I am, of course, referring to the sheep, lemmings, and men by the
side of the road. I suppose the sheep would have been okay because It is very funny to'see a high speed sheep flying on your tail ready to explode at any moment. Although there are lemmings walking up and down trying to stop you. A more original idea would probably have been better, or not at all. Younger players may find it instantly hilarious and bask in its warm summer glow that is humour, but older players may be a little disappointed with the cheap jokes. It would have been better to stick some trees in the way rather than a badly drawn lemming.
Tough tracks with many obstacles. The Season mode is a complete tour throughout the game, and in the Silltunna Grand Prix, depending on where you actually finish will result in how many points you will receive.
There are eight other drivers to compete against and they all have varied attributes which you must look out for during a race. Each character also has its own particular car.
Super Mario Kart boasted an excellent mode whereby your kart had three balloons surrounding it and the first to pop all three would win.
Lowering the tone 4 The best thing about Xtreme Racing has to be the 3D texture mapped graphics which are truly superb Reviewed by Andy Maddock Xtreme These could be popped by missiles and carefully positioned banana skins. Xtreme Racing contains exactly the same as this, although the banana skins have been replaced with sheep.
There are three levels of difficulty so the game will last for months. The computer-controlled cars are extremely tough on the easier Racing levels so I can't imagine how much practice you'd have to put in to get up to a winning standard.
There are also around 10 different courses, each with two different tracks. The second is usually littered with tight bends and annoying obstacles which will undoubtedly frustrate you beyond belief.
The best thing about Xtreme Racing has to be the 3D texture mapped graphics which are truly superb - they even look better than Mario Kart!
The cars are well drawn and there is an infinite amount of angles you can view your car from.
This all adds up to being nothing short of perfect In the presentation department. As mentioned before, there are options galore and the graphical presentation screens are of a highly professional standard.
I will point out that you will need either an A1200 or A4000 with at least 2Mb of RAM. And an accelerator is strongly recommended if you want the best speeds.
Final word If you have loads of friends gagging for a bit of multi- simultaneous action then there's nothing better than to link two AMIGAs together via o null modem cable so all eight people can take part (four on each screen). Even with the screen divided into quarters it still doesn't restrict your view of the action which Is quite a surprise.
There is no better multiplayer game available to satisfy the needs of eight people. The graphics are excellent, the sounds are good and it plays like a dream. What more could you possibly ask for from a game?
¦Utl Till preview What are going to make this different from the last are almost certainly the options } ¦ "¦rw ey. Have you noticed anything I M ffl different? Look a little harder. Yes, I that's right, there's only one Doom clone this month. 'So what!' You're probably thinking, well If you reod the last four or five copies of Amiga Computing then you'll notice we've been reviewing two or three every month.
I still don't know what the attraction is, what makes Doom so much better than a couple of seasons on a football management gome. Don't get me wrong. I'll happily play all these Doomlike games. It's just that I can't see the attraction in copying the original Doom. Why should we bother nicking their ideas. I'm sure many AMIGA developers have original ideas somewhere, so let's see a game they'll want to copy.
After Gloom received 81 per cent three or four months back, Guildhall Leisure finally come home for tea with their first pseudo-data disk. And surely not the last.
From what I hqve noticed from the preview version, the mazes are slightly harder - instead of opening a door for bare chested madmen to run out, you can flick switches which will open doors elsewhere, making it more puzzling.
All this could add up to being one of the finest Doom clones we are yet to see. All I can say is, if you've got a good machine, expect a very good Doom clone soon.
What are going to make this different from the last are almost certainly the options. They've managed to squeeze more and more playing options into the game to enable you to chop and change the features you don't like. For Instance, as the Amiga's technology is slowly improving, more and more machines are being upgraded to faster, efficient and generally better machines. The games are beginning to move with the times.
Although there are many people out there with a standard A1200 with say, Sensible Soccer, there are many with either an upgraded A1200 or A4000 who aren't really getting good gaming value for the price of their machine.
Guildhall Leisure are leading this campaign for games players to get the most out of their system set-up because last month we saw them release a racing game entitled Extreme Racing which could be completely configured depending on your own set-up.
For example, if you bought a graphics card solely for use with an art package, why should it stop there. If you can buy games that will manipulate and take advantage of it then why not.
Although these people may be in a minority, they are growing very slowly by upgrading their A500 to either an Al 200 with an accelerator or even an A4000. It may cost quite a bit. But people are still doing it - moving with the times that is.
The good thing is. You can still manage to play these games such as Gloom and Extreme Racing on a standard A1200. Although on an accelerated machine they are far more superior.
Change of scenery The options in Gloom Deluxe include being able to change the game to classic, enhanced or OS friendly so you can play it as it used to be, graphically enhanced or in a workbench window. There will also be support for various graphic cards, as well as the new and rather expensive Virtual I glasses.
The whole Doom level system will be completely re-vamped with new levels, and new places and stages. All the resolutions and screen modes will be completely configurable, allowing you to play Gloom in super Hkes for example, so the graphics will instantly escape that original pixel look and have a look similar to that of Breathless.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc squimu £179 X4 SPEED CD-ROM inc.souiRRti £249 AMIGA 4000 DUAL SPEED CD-ROM EXT £139 A* £54 ¦ QUAD SPEED CD-ROM EXT £199 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE £129 SCSI CABLE . £10 £179* £249 Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-H interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a ’Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
CD-ROM'S AMINETSET 1 (4 CD’S) .£25 AMINETSET 2 .£25 AMINET 5 ...£12 AMINET 6 ...£12 AMINET 7 £12 AMINET 8 .£12 MEETING PEARLS 1 ....£10 MEETING PEARLS 2 ..£10 MEETING PEARLS 3 ....£10 AMIGA TOOLS 3 ......£25 XIPAINT V3.2 ..£35 CD-WRITE £39 CD-BOOT 1.0 £29
no longer sell this product due to the lack of support for VCD
and CD-i formats
(i. e MPEG Films). This CO player will not play movies.
A 1 2 0 0 PACK HA4000 TOWER £2199 £2499
1. 2GB Hard Drive
1. 76 Floppy Drive £289 2MB of RAM
3. 5“ Floppy Drive
2. 5“ 170MB HD Option Wordsworth v4se Digita Datastore vl.1
Digita Organiser v1.1 Turbo Calc v3.5 Photogenics v1.2se
Personal Paint v6.4 Workbench v3.1 Whizz 3D Game Pinball Mania
Game £389 £489 6MB RAM 68040 25 or 68060 50 Workbench v3.1 AGA
Chip Set
16. 7 Million Colours
1. 2GB SCSI Hard Drive
1. 76MB Floppy Drive 2 x 3.5“ Drive Bays All prices include VAT
hard drive vemonc Does not indude driks or menuals PCMCIA
Smart Card Slot 32-bit 68020EC Processor AGA Chipset
16. 7 Million Colours Built-In Modulator FOR ORDER FORM SEE DPS
ADVERT TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 m KB POWER.
POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W AUTCKIlMClUDf VAT T*tOWtAT «rt **0 mot AM lUMCT TO CHAW.it Wit-OUT NOTU1. *11 mOIWAMCT Ml AtKHOWWOCIO All 0*0««1 H HH.I.HC B TttitMCMI mi M ACCirTtOOM.. V.HiU' TO OU» TIAM1 AMD CONOUOW5 0» t«AM. FO*«C W AM AVAIIA11 (Ht « ftUAU OM IfOJIlT Super Reviewed by Tina Hackett Tenni review PUBLISHER Audiogenic DEVELOPER Mental software PRICE £25.99 DISKS HD INSTALL SUPPORTS All Amigas, 1 Mfc ood old tennis. It conjures nice, cheery images of Wimbledon, strawberries and cream and. Best of all, summer.
So you can imagine that getting a tennis game in the middle of dreary Winter on a drizzly Monday morning was a real tonic. Immediately my spirits soared and I let my mind wander to hot, summer days playing tennis in the fresh air - and then I remembered, I'm crap at tennis. Ahh, well, it was a nice image for a while. But this wasn't going to be a problem in Audiogenic's latest simulation as I later found out, and after a brief flip through the manual, the game can be immediately dived into.
What is instantly apparent is the style the developers have plumped for. And instead of a stats-laden, realistic simulation, the cartoon characters suggest that this game is going to be fun. Before getting straight into a match you have a range of options to select to set the game up to your liking, so everyone is catered for - from the poor novice (like moi!) To budding Agassi's. Once you've got to grips with the basic skills there are a number of different tournaments you can take part in, from an Exhibit!
Mode to Grandslam. Tournament or Leagi Exhibition allows you play singles or doubles with any players, on any surface, in a match of 1.3 of 5 sets. Leagues can also be played as either singles or doubles and if you have a four-player parallel port adapter, up to four people can take part. As a budding tennis star, you also get to see the world through singles tournaments in Paris, New York, Melbourne or London.
Although it doesn't have tedious, mind-boggling stats, there is still a tactical element to it.
Players have different skills and styles of playing which add variety and keep it realistic. Carlos, for example, is a young Spaniard (ohh, stereotypes heh?). Apparently he has a flashing backhand supported by speed. Chuck, on the other hand (American, if you hadn't already guessed), has an enormous serve and stunning forehand. However, as he is cumbersome he The many courts offer a different style of game- play (see? Authentic, eh?) That will challenge your game each time.
Hard for the more experienced, this court is a real challenge as it will be fast-paced and will make the ball bounce high Grass expect low balls but still high speed when you play on o grass court Clay high bounces but a slower paced game are to be found on a clay court.
Don’t get court out As you get better, you can opt to The players all have different take part in the many competitions skill levels and playing styles 82 The sprites are rticely designed and well animated Hey, check out the cool, bearded netcord Judge keeps his rallies short. Control is either via a one or two button joystick or a CD32 controller.
All options work well but I felt the CD32 controller was easier for a beginner like me because the controls are located on separate buttons.
For example, one button is for a normal shot, another for topspin, one for lob. And another for slice, whilst the directional pad controls the direction and length of shot.
Although having sound effects in this sort of game is nothing new - expected, in fact - they are notable because they are actually rather good and definitely enhance the atmosphere.
The crowd cheers for the players when they score but you also get a sampled voice of the umpire which cries ‘Net' or "Out" as required, which works well in adding a touch of authenticity. Graphically, the game has also been clever- Playing to win.
Your competitors all have different skills, so take a look and you'll know what you're up against: Buzz - Germany He wears down his opponents with his powerful play.
Roger - English A tough player but lacks invention.
Ihara - Japan A new player, he has a weak service. But with his speed he can turn a lost cause into a winning shot.
Greg - Australia The former number one, he has excellent agility and a big serve.
Ly thought out. The view of the court works well so that you can see all that is going on and employs a raised view as if you are looking from above the court.
The sprites are a good size, mainly because they are easy to control but also because some animations have been included which add to the fun. The player can be seen Jumping up and down excitedly if he wins, but if he loses he has a McEnroe-type tantrum. Too small a character and you can't see what's going on, too large and they would look cumbersome and slow.
4 It's a great game and one which won't fail to impress 9 Final word Super Tennis Champs is a superb game which takes two minutes to get into but ages to master. It's instantly playable and the intuitive controls make it a dream to play. Saying that, you can either play with a Joystick or CD32 joypad and as a personal preference, I found the Joypad a great deal easier. The cartoon-style graphics work very nicely too and look appealing.
Although the game can be played tactically by weighing up the skills of the opposition, you can just jump straight into the game as a novice and still get a rewarding match - until you can build up your skills to enter one of the many tournaments. The game supports a four-player adapter which suits Super Tennis Champs brilliantly (who says computer games are anti-social?), and it works especially well when you pit your skills against a friend with a similar level of ability.
All in all, if you like tennis sims you'll love this. But you'll also love this even if you don't! It's a great game and one which won't fail to impress!
Hirtk 1111 83 r vi w 1 Reviewed by Andy Maddock iAU dU Cowbat Psvcholooq Tost Find pflqa 5 in and soloat tho !
1 1.....1 i- mow Cowtmt Handbook, i inaaos printed thoro: have to admit that flight simulators or action-packed 'war in the skies' games don't really appeal to me. I can't really give you a reason why. It's just that I don't like them - at all. I never actually played the first Zeewolf because of my predicament and therefore haven't a clue about what it was like, although I am Informed that it was very good, and if something can arouse our technical editor other than graphic cards and accelerators then I knew I was missing something.
Zeewolf 2 was given a full preview a month or two ago and from then on looked liked it was going to be another excellent action game following on from the success of the first Zeewolf.
Zeewolf is the name of a helicopter which belongs to a company called Zenith Research, and basically you are plunged straight into the action at a minute's notice because your opposition Ecliptico, who were defeated in the first Zeewolf. Have decided to take revenge because first time around you didn't completely destroy them I SUPPORTS All Amlgas There are 32 missions in total and they are all split up into various phases which are either divided into Seek and Destroy. Airlift. Escort. Rescue.
I Wild Justic The status bar at the top of the screen will inform you of your ammunition, health, stocks and mission objectives Protect Building Vehicle or Capture buildingJ Most of the missions are self-explanatory and; mast of the time you will find yourself flying about blowing up the odd building and picking up peo- pie who come hurtling out. The missions aren't; exactly tough and won't present you with a huge: challenge, although having said that, they aren't so easy you'll complete them in minutes - you'll still have to become an accomplished player and manage to maintain steady and
constant: control over the helicopter in awkward situations.- Stocking up Like most war strategy games, reloading and refuelling will replenish your vehicle completely, almost as if you are given an extra life. In Zeewolf, you are given a stock number and your frigate will store a number of missiles, rockets or whatever for you, and once all your stocks are used up that's it. You're on your own to use your stocks wisely.
Although the main idea behind Zeewolf is to control a helicopter, you can link onto other vehicles via a camel. No, not the one with humps, but a remote link camel. You can link up to either a Cougar tank. Kestrel VTOl plane. Barracuda boat, or the Transport helicopter. All these are useful in various different missions and you break links between your two vehicles whenever you wish.
However, you'll have to be careful because when you run out of fuel, you will have to break the link and leave because It will self destruct. Purely because Zenith Research don't wantworking vehicles left In the hands of the opposing side, namely Ecliptico.
You start each mission with a considerable amount Of ammunition and by returning to the frigate, another camel will engage with your helicopter and you will be presented with a screen to refuel and re-load, depending on what you have in stock. There is a healthy choice of weaponry at your disposal Before you begin your missions you will be given all the necessary briefings so you know where to go first and why and what you must do when you get there. Before I began I was constantly thinking I’d completed all the objectives until I noticed there was a small but important building yet to be
destroyed - which was quite annoying as my fuel gauge began to move towards the empty symbol. It really is a game that must be mastered carefully and skilfully, as well as quickly.
Seek and Destrov Find and eliminate ene«v ftFVs.
Active Bear AFV As you can see in the top left corner of the screen, the action will continue while you can still chock out your mission objectives Even though you can flick between your mission briefings and the action during the game, you will still receive an overview before you begin Throughout your mission you will be able to revert back to your mission briefings in a very clever way. For instance, in most games, when you flick from the action to a map screen, the former tends to remain paused until you switch back. Not here. Though, bee ause when you do flick to the map screen you will
notice it is split Into quarters.
The bottom right quarter contains all the necessary briefings and can be toggled by the press of a key. While the top left quarter will continue to show the action in a screen much smaller. Not only does this feature allow you to plan ahead while still battling, it also speeds up the game so you don't have to keep stopping and starting.
I The missions are reasonably challenging and if you're into war and guns and that then Zeewolf is an excellent purchase 9 Final word Having mentioned at the beginning of the game that these games don't really appeal to me. I'm... not changing my mind. Ha! You thought I was going to be converted into playing simulators all the time. No, how wrong can you be! It's not that Zeewolf 2 isn't any good - it's actually an excellent game if you like this sort of thing. I'll gladly try it out and review It - just don't make me take It home.
The graphics are excellent and the odd viewpoint works remarkably well. The missions are reasonably challenging and if you're Into war and guns and that, then Zeewolf is an excellent purchase - one that shouldn't be missed.
85 «.-.mu review There are so many little baddies who will take delight in annoying you, and to top it off - they don't even kill you! } PUBLISHER Audiogenic In-house £29.99 El 2 d HD INSTALL No ETE A1200 SUPPORTS efore you say a word. I know and so does everybody else in the world that Exile has already been released. In fact a long time ago - it appeared as a demo on a coverdisk and I can remember playing it for absolutely ages and then I never recalled seeing the game in the shops. I don't know why.
Reviewed by Andy Maddock You can imagine my surprise when it arrived in the office just a few weeks ago. I was delighted at the fact I could now play the game I had wanted to play years ago.
I promptly loaded up the two disks and while I waited I had a quick look at the manual, which wasn't really a good idea as it was packed full of keyboard shortcuts and in-depth paragraphs about each weapon, monster, etc. I didn't really want to read it as I'd already played a demo thousands of times so I went straight Into the game.
I won't explain the plot completely because
a) I don't want to spoil it for you and b) It's far too long to
print here. If I tell you some bad guy has nicked a special
device needed to transport your ship from galaxy to galaxy and
you need it back, then I think you'll get the gist.
When I started moving my little sprite about the screen I have to admit to being slightly disappointed as the sprites had been revamped completely and instead of the top little spaceman in his little space suit as before, there was, in fact, a blonde-haired geezer who looked completely out of place. Never mind, I thought, at least the actual game still looks similar. What I completely forgot after playing the demo y ago is that is was so hard I couldn't even get the first level. I ended up going back to the ual to follow the walkthrough to save me plot ing through the other pages, and
still it give me any clues as to what to do. I managed to pick up some stdl and chuck it about a bit and I even blew things up.
I think what lets it down 4 the control system. It's all bit difficult you see. You'i a spaceman and y* have a jetpack strapi to your back and pushi up and down on the} stick will 'thrust' you that particular directi' Simple? Not when you're trying carefully to plant grenades using left and right on the joystick. In most cases you will end up banging your heod severely against the side of the spaceship.
U in tion I suppose after a while you will get the hang of the control method, but it Is very tricky to begin with. The worse thing I can say about Exile is that it's very very frustrating. If you should have a high stress level, I suggest you stick to something like Tetris or, better still, sleeping. There are so many little baddies who will take delight in annoying you. And to top it off - they don't even kill you! They'll happily knock you all over the shop without even having a purpose in life.
Final word I'm not saying Exile is a bad game, it's just that the frustration factor is far too high. The puzzles are excellent, testing your puzzle-solving ability as well as your actions, and it manages to sustain a high Interest level. Most people will see the game as it is. But there are a select few who win find it more trouble than it's worth.
Although this is the A1200 version and it boasts enhanced AGA graphics, I still think it's lost some of its character, and although technically It's far superior, I still prefer the other one.
Ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player ., the choice is yours.
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS it.
Or. Take a signal from TV with SCART output or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver A ProGrab™ supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM.
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ProGrab"' Supports all recent Amiga* and I* Alio fully AGA Chipset You can render image* in any Workbench screen e resolution including HAMS mode (Amiga RAM permittlngl ProGrab™* Software ha* built In mono and colour aramation facilities I the number of frame* i* dependant upon your Amiga* RAM ProGrab"V Release 2.5.x software now mcJudes ProGrab 5 optional PCMCIA interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for set lyyj professionai users - offering the fotowing benefits
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PCMCIA Interface for Al 200 and A600 - Only £34.95 For just £129.95... or, Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRS video output including S-VHS STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
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?? ???? ??tnnnrB 773 836781 made payable to GORIX» HARWOOD co.mpitf.rs limited I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for i i violence in a pinball game? - makes you wonder what the world is coming to } i n b a I I games and 21st Century
- they go together like fish 'n' chips, syrup pudding and
custard, and Frinton coach holidays and old people.
That was until their last effort. Pinball Mania, which went together more like Bernard Graphic, look vi a high Manning and Kate standard with plenty of .... ..__ fowl Moss. Well, this time 21st Century want to set the record straight with a new pinballer for the Amiga which looks set to shine.
Called Liquid Dezign (yes, correct spelling - they are Swedish!) They are a completely new development team who took the game to 21 st Century as a very brave first attempt. 21st Century were impressed to say the least and well, here it is. Well, nearly. It was almost complete when we saw the preview version and a release date has been set for April.
Okay, it's yet another pinballer, so what does it have that is going to make it stand out from the countless others we've seen? Firstly, the graphics look of a pretty good standard but what immediately strikes is the use of the display panel. This has been used before for animations and the score, but in this case it forms an integral part of the game as well.
From each of the four tables you can access sub-games which are stacked full of different animations. For example on the Pirate table, if you hit one of the lights you are made to walk the plank, and each time you fall to light a ramp, a rope snaps and you will fall Into a shark infested sea. Yes, sounds nice doesn't it? However, it promises to get a lot gorier (violence in a pinball game? - makes you wonder what the world is coming to).
We're talking monsters that tear your face off, monkeys that hook the top of your head off.
And stabbings or Different missions something - all with win provide a appropriate squelchy challenge sound effects.
Multi-ball has also been included and instea of having to mess around yourself changing th screen from Hi- to Lo-res an back, it automatically does for you. Missions look to be the bit more interesting from th norm, too, which will provide real challenge for even th most skilled players.
Slamtilt is going to be for th A1200 and looks set to be real hit. I don't know if it wi need a ratings certificate because of the violence included - it's cartoon ini nature and not particularly graphic so it will be interest to see what happens on thi point. It certainly looks to b€ that bit different because o this and the many sub-game will add variety to an old for mula. The graphics look gooc and the music moves along nicely with the pace of th game - with enough differen tunes to keep even the most diverse musical tastes happy We look forward to seeing the final version.
Bascaiiy ths -s a 3 Osk complason ot Jpfar A 'iWr *heh should -e-aiy nave enrr r.r taVnBlI Workbench eg: Virus Kllet. Fast text edtor ard drsplayer Mor.j system. File manager, A lea Workbench game-- an) more. Only £7 00 ?SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT BPHH Text Engine a the easiest to use j K-wus-.oJ Wo-dprocessc' pack.vge available cn ¦H j the Amiga It even includes a compe- tent Spat chock feature I Suitable tor at Amga’* f-]onV£300 ?TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE Nows maker e a ample to use colour Desktop pubfehmg package import your own graphics. Text etc. Compatote with at popular ponter makes
5Ers£T I TBH Only £4.00 ?NRL4-1 NEWS MAKER ¦ Create your own luematng 3D mage eye images witn ease This package incudes The Random Dot Stereogram generator and a number ol ready to use mages.
? HDT5-2.
P S Ba8 ProAesswral grapnes converter*. Can E 'r GGT-Tl tb'vir yvr.n between :r* Am.jj ¦I BB PC Mac & Atan ST Supports OlF.
I ~ - TlF. IFF. PCX BMP etc KckStert 2 c• .«c*« reccom«noeo & Only £5.00 ?GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTERS A six dsk cored an ol Video titling toob. Video nvpes. Fonts, Vdoo tillers.
Subtitle gone ratw. Vdeo backdrops esc..... Suitable ter use stand-tfone or incon- |ucticn wen Scala etc.... Only £12.00 VIDEO TITLING TOOLS A collection ot essential hard dnve maintenance tools. Like: dtsksalve 2.
Hdbackup. HO Menu system. Virus Checker, and dozens more Only ES.OO HARDDISK TOOLS K__ _ 6" A pcmerful set ol cetalcgng tcos SM Catalogue your Recod. CD Video and ft*. . Sw dsk collection wzn ease, and search on any aspect or fwk).
Fcrfeu-iy egSi Suitable lor use «Mh Kekstait 2 ft 3 KeI oNy.OniyCS.oo ?CTG5-3. CATALOGUERS Utmrd OnamWml UtTO OtocC CCOSStS Ol a pOWOriutl Cilllpr* Wordprccessingpackage.aapflf
* r~mifiiltf PT chockel-A a&y system, a name and Z’r=; Mdte$ s
database. And a powwtul wmrT Ltj spreadsheet KckstaiEGfaDcvB
0f*y£7.00 ?IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE It you vr US! PjfC'iSSM ycjr
An.ja you e" ; uflH may be a t t boggled how you use it
EflsUjl property. Wei the live disk set take you through the
CllSl e' Wohtanch step U by step showing you every Ihrg you Jg
need to knm Only £9 00 ?ABG9-5. AMIGA BEGINNERS GUIDE I mam
Around 50 scalable compugraphlc fonts ttt?” • forusowth
WortJwcrtl 2ft3,
• egg** ujhit Pagsstream, Workbench 243. High IwSSS “ . Qualty
pmtout from 5port uolo I"*** tOOpont.
3ST Only £7 00 ?PSF7-3. C0MPUGRAPHIC FONTS ~ Nf Mono Pagesetter ckpari ccntama hi v minrBd drod*61 S'441 moft° 6 car Im*9“,Bf llll use in any version of Pagesetter Mt Subjects include: Animals. People.
T-an*ocrt Hi-tech. Ccmputor* Sports.
• 3 11 ycu ve yust got a new A1200 hard dSXttlfiOtoprflpft mftad
it oorrecity I u* -1 et r-rT* you n need the correct software.
Tna software come* Suppled or 2 dr**s f your gonna do it. Do
property Esg-a2S.OUyC7.C0 ?AHD7-2. A1200 HARD DISK INSTALLER
An essential cotecton ot dsk recovery ft salvage tool* for any
Amga Woather a tlcpoy or your Harddisk has conggvpd an error
the package will see you alrght Easy to use ? DRT5-2. DISK
RECOVERY TOOLS T~] Dozens ci easy to Wow -copes j If your a
budding tan Beele or Ftoyd MyW then ths gourmeo cookbook is
|ust the II thing lor you. You II be a professional n nr. ;me
3e sure you tesf *xv cootong 00 yrx ’lr uws ftrs'"' Cn f3 00
?GCB3-1. GOURMET COOKBOOK Blit Bme to put on you shorts and Og
the garden.. NOT Now the best way to get out of doing this is
to use the excuse that you are tar to busy deigning the
garden to actual do «!.
T. vr HfMOmSt l
• H jp P5! C5HOn»yC300 ?DRV3-1. PRO. PRINTER DRIVERS 1
MsceUanous odcor clipart imago* ?CCP9-5.
1 Around !(X) in all covering cats. Dogs.
1 cars, trees, planes, boats otc I S-Jitabie lor use * any Paint or Deckfep ] Publishing pacKage j Only £9.00 ?WFP5-2.
COLOUR CLIPART 1 Word tinder Plus «the most powertull I Amga oossword solver avaiable to I dale Can who anagrame. Crosswords I etc contains a dctonary of over 50.000 I English wcrda. And you can easily add I your own Ony £5.oo WORD FINDER PLUS T "in rn an: over ••Xu An-ja (w. : WM -e-t one lent a hard thng to do. This collec- ttgn gl Vrni? Kilters « updated negUarty.
So you can be sure you II be able to delect and tell aM known virusee £4.00 ?VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLERS ¦KVTT] Oitit 120 :oc qwuty ccbu' ruwi I from the Lien Kirg catdDr !im Each Hwnlj mage is sroroc as ready to us* car be impprea ntc Anv paint V • Desktop pubiehng package
B. ’ B Orly £6 00 ?LKA6-3. LION KING CLIPART h! ’ Magic
Workbench is an navabve K f95lEar teplacement Wcrktonch Grres
you a & tfej S' compleiiay new 8 colour updated t k jJl - I'
V orkDercn A h.srd dsk s higWy roc riju Jlii cnimended Vanous
ertrai dsks a-e I wrtW«»C«taily Only£300 ?MWB3-1. MAGIC
WORKBENCH Essenfeai lor Begnners is a collection of . Fios
essential lor the smooth unirtteAip!- A . Ed usa of your
Amiga. At the most ¦M. Pw ukad tor Uxanes and Viewers are iFa
* inchidod tka More. Muchmor*. Ppmore.
I etc Only £2.00 ?EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS all you ve got a teirprementai Amga the The Engneers Kt is what you need You can test your Drive*. Your Hard disk. Memory, Keyboard, Soi tdehip*, graphics chips. Mouse, joysticks etc.... 0hy£300 ?ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT
- ¦a. The Professonal mcrvs cMpah ooltec- . Tion consists of 10
dteks featuring hun- Oreds of VERY Itl i omltfy mono images
Subjects are mctudod Mie: Xmas. Anntals, Transport, People,
Eyecatchers eto Only £13.00 ?GFX13-10. PRO. MONO CLIPART IV i**
K InbwH spoech, ana flfMf gnpfiea.
1 Sutabie lor me toamer ol semrpro Bk ~;HM Only £7 00 jU Contains ovcry one ot these advertised titles p'us thousands more of our most popular floppy based softwaro lilies on one gianl CD-ROM. Now you 030 Purchase on,"e EP,C col lection m one go This compilation contains hundreds of megabytes of Amiga software Features a 5up©rt multimedia Amiga front-end Catagones include: Colour. Bitmap.
Compugraphtc fonts & Adobe loots. Graphics converters. Music tutorials. Beginners guide. 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk Installer & tools.
Various Hardware projects, A number of classic demo's. Hundreds of games including Shoot'em ups.
Mrtd teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade, board games elc ‘Supplied with pnnted index catalogue ?JIT7-3. CHESS & TUTOR 2 With this anguage tutor you couU rVCfWJI team to K c.s« either SPAN SH L'4BPM H rriENCH GERMAN ITALIAN Cfl . ' BB JAPANESE Easy 'O uvr. -it'd pjW to ? Literal i d»stantf 777 the e a t will :ate nee i In larly ting this be 9 of mes for- ood ong the rent nost py.
The Ony £8 00 ?LTP8-4. UNGUAGE TUTORS 9LIFI Hindred* oI Very high qua*ty prole*- I sionalty (irushed colour dip toots tor jTMjJ use n any Pant package Exceltert for j yTl Video work, demo making etc ?CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS Got yo.ir finances -n croer wrn ths P SFv 1 - aw Wtec-r.n .-.t h:;i-« • narco srn 1 ware K«t !ia t. •• tt•,
- 3:,r'31 Petrol. Gas E x-cry Uo 9a9c ttcn‘ °": Only £7.00 ?
FIN7-3. HOME FINANCE Order line: 01793514107 01-793 514188 EPIC
Marketing. 138-139 Victoria Rd. Swindon, Wilts. SN1 3BU. UK 5 ,
ra. An updated 2 dsk verawi.. Contains 2?" Dozens ol OIY
hafowere kits, like how
• ffto ta your A1200 into a mm tower PC t *!%¦-£[-- a case, buld
your own sarrpter. Memory HiWntSaT'i? Expansion, CD32 Link lead
etc. etc. Only £4 00 ?HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS Contains Three
supeib easy to use Typmg tutors tor the Amiga Suable lor Fte
Ccfhptete beginner or anyone who at the moment types wrth one
or two fngere Only £3.00 ?TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS HA new
replacement 2 disk Workbench that features: Startrek toon*.
Backdrop*, and amuong sound samples whenever you do anytnmg wrong Sjitabe tor KtiuUfi2&3 machines.
Only £5.00 ?TNG5-2. NEXT GENERATION WB I jF A colocton ol Locery Winners. Help
r. wBl It ycur sett boat tho Lottory with ths KKM • * suporb dsk
”' - W : Every «sgk let your computer ganerato P‘ «* T : the
Winning’ numfcari H you play me Lottery then gelthis d«k Only
£5.00 ?LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNERS ¦ Three Siretrek games.
Includes Startrek the Arcade game. Stretrek TNG. And the
Original Staitrek.
Decompresses to SIX deks Onfy £8.00 ?STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Hptay ypgr okl Commodore 64 games on your Amiga Includes around a dozen oI the most loved C64 games and the tales! And latest available C64 emulator.
Remember the good old days1 Only £5.00 ?CBM5-2, C64 EMULATOR & GAMES ECTION Amiga CDROM Version2 Cjasic Bmrt jjam« nctodes Anxga ( [J. Vanaticm c Scrabbe, Monopoly.
I%* I • tueai Backgarrmcn. Cress. Othalto, is % • Ties. Tic-Tac-Tc«. Cntbage eK Ony £10.00 ?BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES Arcade classes V2 contains vanootions of ctossic games like: Space Invaders.
Frogger. Missrte command. Aye nods.
Q-Bens. Omega race. Centrepede etc Sutatle tor arty Amiga Only £5 00 ?ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS 2 PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS_ ¦ Play hundreds of dasoc Spoclrum 4ft games on your Amga. This very easy to use macfvneM'astenVnooittor the games tun Games ¦rtcluds: Skod daze. Mamc miner, Little computer people.
Monty mote. Startrek. The Senenal. Etc.. Packl (SPE5-3) Speccy »m t 50 games Ony £5 00 Pac*2. (SPGiS-7) 100 etasale game*. Only £15.00 Pack3 I SPG 35-33) 400 classic games. Orty £35.00 PacU. ISEH40-1) Speccy am. 50 games and tape deck Interface. Ony £40 00 (CD119) Speccy Sensation? CD Only £17.99 ?SPECCY EMULATORS H Startrek Magic Workbench backdrops.
An interesting 2 disk collection of Magic Workbench Startrek 8 colour backdrops d you love Startrek you'll love these Only £5.00 ?STB5-2- STARTREK MAGIC WB Classic canj gsmes consets of arowid a flj SO on sucet ca-a 3a.-r iK ike Pixer.
B * Soitam C-nos. Montana. Pcmcon.
' WjPl tack Klcrdike. Spadee. Doll.
?CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POST & PACKING EXP DATE AMOUNT ENCLOSED slpu L rj 24 cau The &3ic Coftecbon vers«on2 CDROM (order code: CDJOOx) is also iivtulablo from cn»- Sydney based offico lor jtet S40 + 52.00 P&P.
Send your outer to EPIC. 36 Forest Road. Heathcote, NSW. 2233. Australia.
• CDROM Moe M etHae wtaeSML Ptooee moke cheque* payable to A.
SHIIfcH revtew Soccer M Reviewed by Andy Maddock Stars
PUBLISHER Kick Off 3 Empire Interactive n my mind the Kick Off
series was always the best football game ever until Sensible
Soccer kindly knocked it into second place.
Kick Off 3 inevitably followed, as sequels do, and to everybody's astonishment it was no longer the top viewed quick game - it had turned into a side-viewed, 'more realistic' DEVELOPER Various PRICE £34.99 DISKS HD INSTALL angle. When I loaded it up I was eager to see the changes made from Kick Off 3 to Kick Off 3 - European Challenge. Am I confusing you? You see, the Kick Off 3 that was released was fairly bug ridden and featured some awkward options.
However, Kick Off 3 - European Challenge was released without them. Okay?
As the game loads up you will notice how many options it has which is a considerable advance from the first two games. Instead of sticking with Steve Screech's Crystal Palace, you now have an extensive selection from the European leagues to the International front, with the likes of England and Brazil. There is also an option to play with a two-buttoned joystick or control pad, making those shots and passes easily distinguishable.
SUPPORTS All Amigas Just look at those names. How ridiculous can you possibly got?
Not much more than this I'm sure!
The actual game does look quite good, but something is very wrong and I just can't seem to put my finger on it. It could be the fact that whomever you play just seems to whack the ball down the centre of the pitch all the time, and in ?urn you will too. The passing system is very wrong
- if you tend to give it a good smash upfield it will usually
arrive at your striker's feet and you can whack it into the
net, and a short pass is unbelievably inaccurate as it will
almost always be ntereepted by the opposition.
It's also pretty difficuit to score as your star striker, whether it's Mark Hughes or Romario. Will usually ’donkey it' right over the bar from a couple of yards out - most unrealistic, well maybe not for Mark Hughes.
S SPORTS If you do play this game for a long time you will get used to it. And believe me. It does get better.
If you stick at it. It gets pretty involving. It's not that it's a bad game, it just lacks thought.
Neucastlo *' 2 Rangers I Newcastle Aston r 0 , Arsenal ?. Arsenal Manchester Fverton 0 Manchester Blackburn 1 Sheffield 0 Blackburn Nottinghaw L Ch l a 0 Nottinghaw
* Palace 1 .'Palace Leeds i Norwich 0 Leeds Al i ver poo 1
Tottenhan In an Predict Match Save Quit The league table Is
pretty small, but all good things come in small packages. This
came in a very large package, actually oclda* nm Premier
Manager has had much the same run of success as the Kick Off
series. Premier Manager 1 was absolutely superb, containing
all the football management areas and generally being one of
the best in the market.
Then followed Premier Manager 2 which, in my mind, was slightly better featuring updated teams, better graphics, and an even easier-to-use control method.
Now there is Premier Manager 3 which is slightly disappointing, although it features some new options for you to make things easier and avoid those more menial tasks of the football world.
The main difference is the match sequences. Instead of featuring a scoreboard showing the action you actually get a mock-up of a ground shown iso- metrically. And all 22 players will run about or ‘flicker’ as much as they can - a good idea on paper, although in practice it didn't really work.
All the teams have been updated to the 1994 95 standard. Which is now out of date, although there is an editor you can purchase if you're really I that bothered.
You can now add an assistant Premier Manager 3 manager to take care of all the time consuming, less exciting jobs such as treating players, sponsorship boards, and training schedules which were especially boring after a few seasons, The whole game is topped off with some nicer presentation screens for building your stadium, match reports and, of course, the match sequences.
One big problem I experienced was that on non-AGA machines the matches were incredibly slow, even when the speed was at its fastest. The ‘ultra’ speed option has disappeared so there's no chance of instant results. I'm sure most people like to play slowly so they can watch their team's performance, but not me.
Overall, apart from the matches. Premier Manager 3 is incredibly detailed and realistic and for this to appear on a compilation is unbeatable.
R«vlew 6 Soccer Stars '96 is probably one of the best football compilations and at £34.99 it is excellent value for money y FIFA International Soccer ' £ Un-run- En?J txtl ril | Hod* Evhibit»on T a« i Eiwrland TV in 7 Uni rod States H*!» Tim d uinutes Goal Keepers Cenputet Of all the many hundreds of football games I’ve played across a wide variety of formats, I never really had any wish to play this on the Amiga - I haven't really got a reason apart from it just didn't appeal to me. From what I saw and heard, though, it did sound very slow and slightly unplayable.
I can remember playing this game on various console formats and it was very good - the isometric view worked pretty well, the only let-down being the speed which was a real disappointment. However, apart from that FIFA was a lot of fun to play.
You can only select from the International teams and unfortunately, they all have fake names so you can't recreate any famous moments.
There is an extensive amount of options, as in Kick Off 3. And the presentation was nothing short of perfect. The game, however, is a different story.
If you're after a realistic game where you can think about your attack and pass it out to the wing, or have a nice steady build up, then you may as well forget the whole thing. This suffers the same symptoms as Kick Off 3 - you inevitably kick it right down the middle of the park until your striker breaks away and scores. One plus point, though, is that nearly every goal you score (if you can) looks absolutely brilliant because of the isometric angle. Unfortunately, all the players run about as fast as hungover hedgehogs and the scrolling jerks terribly.
As far as football games go, FIFA is a sure relegation candidate and is the white elephant of the compilation.
Final word Soccer Stars '96 is probably one of the best football compilations and at £34.99 It is excellent value for money and should be added to any football fan's list of games. The entertainment factor is beyond belief and as I mentioned before, this'll keep you out of everybody's way for forever and a day.
The first version to come from developers Ascon was the World Cup Edition which, in my mind, was the only game which managed to incorporate all the madness of the international stage.
This featured a diary-like game whereby attending meetings and press conferences all had an effect on the outcome of your popularity, so it was up to you whether to train your team everyday, give them afternoons off, have one-to-one talks, send people home, or laze around the swimming poo! Everyday and go to the pub every night - it was all possible.
Now comes the League Edition featuring all the English teams and their respective cup competitions. Here is a warning, however - if you want the realism to be high, you'll have to edit all the teams to get them back up- to-date because there will be players at your club that have probably retired!
By far the best thing about On The Ball is the fact that it gives you an insight into the world of football from a manger's position, and you get to be involved in scandals, just like the real thing. Not only do the press watch your team, they also keep a keen eye on yours and your players' private lives. Then, if you are successful enough at the end of your domestic career, the International jobs will be made available.
On The Ball is by far the best game on the compilation and it'll keep you going for months and months. Also, when you've finished you've got three more games to play! It's not all bad!
17 BIT SOFTWARE 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF1 1DH
• TEL: 01924 366982 Fax: 01924 200943 , • EMAIL:
• WWW: http: www.demon.co.uk bit17 Office Hours Mon. - Sat. 9.00
to 5.30 Answerphone at all other times POSTAGE RATES (UK) Disk
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£19.99 CD32 OK!
£19.99 £14.99 Contains our most recent PD from | disk 3351 to 3870. Something here for everyone!
• Up to 17 B.ts high standards.
[Covers every aspect of Amiga PD .." S 10 Amiga Computing Issue 94 'The selection of software is excellent [Highly recommended " "Top grade stuff- 88% CU Amiga DEC 95 Everything you could possibly want to know about UFOs, Coverups, Top Secret Projects, Conspiracies and MUCH, MUCH more!
"If you have a keen interest in ufology or are looking tor some convincing evidence, look no further," 'Covers every budding ufologists dreams * 91% Amiga Computing FEB 98 Fed up with Cds that promise super quality pictures which turn out to be poor 32 or even 16 colour scans?
This CD contains only the BEST, all AGA only, 256 colour pictures which cover many areas. Ideal for DTP & clipart but simply amazing to look at!
EVERY image included was hand selected for quality. Guaranteed!
This CD contains well over 5000 GIF images in the hand drawn, Japanese ANIME tradition.
All the images contained are of an ADULT nature and therefore, this title cannot be supplied to anyone under 18. All images can be viewed direct from the CD via a custom menu on PC, Amiga & CD32.
PThousands of colour images ¦ created by computer artists from all over the world A must for users with a colour printer!
Mokes ideal colour clipart!
F1 Licenceware CD £29.99 Contains the complete collection of FI -001 to FI-100. This CD rs worth well over £500 if the titles Included were purchased separately. Superb value!
Horror Sensations £19.99 Official Octamed 6 £29.99 Not one for the squeamish' This adult orientated horror CD contain* LOTS of gore. Not to be purchased by anyone with a faint disposition!
Adult Sens. 2 SCI FI Sens Grolier Enc.
Aminet Set 2 LSD 3 IT it £19.99 £19.99 £19.99 £26.99 £24.99 Phase 4 EuroScene 2 Arcade Classics Software 2000 Aminet Set 1 £14.99 £9.99 £14.99 £29.99 £24.99 Assassins 2 Multimedia 2 Network CD 2 Gateway CD £19.99 £9.99 £22.99 £14.99 Meeting Pearls 3 j mooting pearls £9.99 £12.99 £24.99 £39.99 4015 WILLIES WEIRDY NIGHTMARE FI Licenceware Demo 4014 AQUAKON FI Game Demo (2 Meg Chip) 4013 PUNTER V3.1 Horse Racing Game (FI Demo) 4012 GRAC V2.0 FI Licenceware Demo 4011 (ABCD) CHARLEY CAT ANIM Camera-Radene 2.5MB 4010 (ABCD) ULTIMATE LIBRARIES Collection of Libraries 4009 THIRD DIMENSION 21 3D
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Program 3996 DREAM WITH ME Superb AGA Only Demo 3995 (AB) MINDPROBE Another Excellent AGA Demo 3994 NO! Polker Bros AGA Demo 3993 CRAZY-SEXY-COOL AGA Only Demo 3992 MUI V3.1 Latest Release of Magic User Interface 3990 BLOBBLE DEMO Platform Game 3989 (AB) SELLING PICTURES Photo Tutorial 3988 THE ZX FILES 2 Speccy Disk Mag 3987 LIGHT DRIVE Uses Amiga to Drive Disco Lights 3986 (AB) FLASH V FLASH UNITS More Photo Tutorial 3984 ASSASSINS A1200 FIXES 3 More AGA Fixes from ASI 3983 THE ZOO 1 UNBORN Alternative AGA Disk Mag 3982 THIRD DIMENSION 20 3D Construction Kit Disk Mag 3981 PARASITE FI
Licenceware Game Demo 3980 ZSOFT COLLECTION Boing 95 & Rock Hard Willy 3979 F1GP ACCESSORIES Split Time, Lap Time, Display, Etc 3978 F1GP ED V3.10 Very Latest F1GP Editor 3977 OPUS 5 UTILS 2 Opus FTP, Opus List + AREXX 3976 OPUS S UTILS 1 Updated AREXX Scripts, Fonts, Etc 3975 SCION V4.09 Geneology Program 3974 SUPERVIEW 5.10 Graphics Viewer (HD Required) 3973 IMAGE ENGINEER V2.1a Requires Superview V5 3972 PIXELSTORM DEMO Superb AGA Hand Drawn Artwork 3971 PRINTER DRIVERS DISK Includes 8JC 600 4000 Driver 3970 STAR STUDIO Utils & Drivers for Star Printers 3969 SYS SPEED VI. 1 System Speed
Tester. MUI Required 3968 MADHOUSE VI. 1 Modular Screen Blanker. MUI Required 3967 ODDYSSEY' AGA FIX Fixes the Classic Demo for AGA!
3966 MAGIC PAINT BOX Demo of FI GOLD Title 396S FILER V3.24 Good Dopus Clone WWW: http: www.demon.co.uk bit17 GoldFish 3 LightRom 3 AGA Experience Meeting Pearls 3 Aminet 9 4 Experience £19.99 £19.99 DOZENS MORE Cds AND THOUSANDS MORE PD DISKS AVAILABLE. CALL US FOR A FREE CATALOGUE!
YM preview Previewed by Tina Hackett fter a recent absence of new fighting games for the Amiga, a Canadian team are answering the pleas of gamesplayers with a penchant for all that is gory. Called Capital Punishment, it already looks to be a pretty impressive beat-'em-up from some developers called Click Boom, who farm part of a company called Pxl Computers. It's already been on display at the World of Amiga Show in Toronto where it was warmly received by the public and VIPs alike.
LOHQinb... Taking a rather grim and violent approach similar to that of Mortal Kombat, it certainly won't appease the Mary Whitehouses out there, but offering realistic combat and a satisfying range of moves, it will definitely appeal to fans of the genre. The preview version simply had a two-player, one-fighter choice and one environment, but the full commercial version will offer (as well as a the usual extras you'd expect) the option of fighting another player over the telephone line via modem. The fighter's moves wil also be upgraded as you progress.
Start off in the horrible depths of the sewers... And unlike some of the more basic beat-'em-ups, it has an intelligently designed scoring system which works like a ’tug-of-war'.
When one player is hit his energy will go down, while the one who launched the move's bar will go up. Oh. And apparently the best bit (according to the developers) is that if you're losing dreadfully you still get a chance to come back because spikes come out of the wall, and if you're quick and catch your opponent unawares, you can chuck him onto the spikes. Blood will then ooze out from their impaled torso. Well, they do worn you ot the beginning that the game is what’s the story You play a muscle-bound warrior who is on a mission to dethrone the evil master of a huge castle. You start in
the miserable depths of the castle and need to make your way to the very top. Unfortunately, the master knows you are there and intends to foil your plans by placing a guard on each floor.
Apart from your obvious warrior skills you are helped along by the spirit of your deceased mentor, The fights will test the limits of your endurance and should you lose, a fate worse than death awaits you - you will be destined to spend life in eternity with Bernard Manning after nine pints and a Vindaloo or something. Failing that, the master has the power to make you immortal and you will have to serve him for ever.
It certainly won't appease the Mary Whitehouses there (The fighters in action. Keep an eye on your stamina and energy bar Capital Punishment looks great with impressive animated backdrops and plenty of detail. Things such as shadows and groundshakes add to the realism and the characters look good from what we can see on the introduction screen (although, the guys In the office seemed to favour the bare-breasted warrior woman), I hope a few special moves will be incorporated for the full release to add variety to the usual array not recommended for children or those who are sensitive - oh,
that’s okay then!
You have a stamina bar that you will need to ; keep an eye on too. A pink bar represents the head whereas blue represents the body, and occording to which area gets hit, the stamina will 1 fall on the corresponding bar. When this is depleted the warrior will fall into a state of fatigue and is left dangerously open to any move from their t opponent. By quickly tapping on the joystick the player can rejuvenate himself, but the only way to get the stamina back properly is to stand still.
Depending on the kind of move and which part of the body is used, it will take away different energy levels - a block could come in useful as it will stop valuable energy being zapped but not the stamina, however.
As far as the technical bits go.
The game boasts to have a ‘state-of- the-art' bob routine with real-time horizontal flip. This can animate two large characters covering a combined area of over 30,000 pixels at a rate of 25 frames per second. A semi-transparent 3D shadow adds effect and casts itself on the characters and the floors by following the characters' movements at the rate of 25 frames per second.
And there you have it. As previously mentioned, this preview is only from a two- one-char- choice and it will be interesting to see how things shape up. There's also no indication of how many characters there will be in the final thing, but to match the likes of Mortal Kombat it's going to need a fair few - all with special moves!
Atmosphere Is quite effective with a wide range of sound effects such as punches, screams of agony and crashes - a pumping soundtrack starts the proceedings and gets you into the fighting spirit of the game.
Of punches, kicks and throws, and that there is sufficient difference in what each character can da.
There was also a slight problem in players disappearing off the screen which needs to be rectified as it slows things down a little. If it does deliver in these aspects then I see no reason why this won't be a brilliant beat-'em-up which will make a refreshing change after the many Doom games!
Taking a rather grim and violent approach similar to that of Mortal Kombat,
* This is a good effort which is a bargain for the price. It's
rather hard though, so will I keep you occupied for ages -
providing you don't tear your hair out first } hen a good
puzzle game hits the shelves, it can sell by the bucket-load -
look at the success of Lemmings for example. However, there are
many others that just fall by the way-side, due mainly to lack
of originality.
The next in the line of Amiga puzzlers is Penguins - a brave effort from a chap called Scott Hayne who Is dealing with the whole release by himself, from the development to the publishing. Although a commercial release, he is selling the game at a snip of a price of £6.99, so to judge Penguins fairly, this should be kept In mind.
The concept behind it is that you play a fox or something which looks rather similar, and you're mission is to guide some bewildered penguins safely through the levels. (Why this is a fox's job is anyone's guess. What do you want for £7 - realism?). You have various obstacles to overcome, from conveyor belts to flame jets, and you will need to negotiate platforms to get each penguin from one door to the exit.
But the penguins are not completely helpless.
The one in blue can collect keys whilst the other one can club any baddies that stand in the way.
However, this means you'll also have to think about which penguin you want to move out first.
A map function makes life easier and allows you to stay stationary and scroll around the level whilst you plan your next move - and If you find yourself in a no-win situation your only option will be to press escape. Fortunately, a code is presented after each level because if you didn't save I'm convinced you'd be there for decades.
Both the graphics and sound work adequately for the type of game it is - you don't need fancy effects for a puzzler to work. The backgrounds are quite detailed, though, and it's nice to see that Penguins Reviewed by Tina Hackett I review these change every so often. The sprites also look quite nice, although I think they may have benefited from being a little larger Final word Penguins hardly scores highly in the originality stakes but It does offer 60 levels for only £7 and entertaining levels they are too! Each provides a different challenge and they become progressively harder as you go.
Introducing you to each obstacle gradually. However, even the beginning levels are tricky and the game won't be for you if you don't have much patience.
This is a good effort which is a bargain for the price. It's rather hard though, so will keep you occupied for ages - providing you don't tear your hair out first. Ppppick one up today! (Sorry!)
Ff, 8S 154 234
4. 70 4.40 535 5.15
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114 JO IK?
3. 14 177 m 1043 10.4* I i.i 1
7. 7* 443 743 748 SM JL51 331 -VII I 1» 111 IS* D» XM 3.15 V55
335 us in is* ut i* 438 4.1? 35
4. 14 V« 3.75 335
3. 45 XM 111 ill I* 175 155 US 334 311 341 Itl 112 I.W 1.77 147
3. 70 3.75 335 335 in la 28 im 337 342 1*2 142 Pinninc
kXMMIIWWlSK PiiUNirac k r:iLV2l»
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Mica Computing msm review
* Along with all thes presentational features there are many
additional ones which make the game more interesting 5 Pinball
INSTALL SUPPORTS Overall, Pinball Prelude is a game that
features outstanding graphics and superb sound effects. It's
a pity there are only three tables, but with data disks coming
in the near future, this could well turn out to be one of the
best pinball simulators money can buy.
3 d No AGA A1200 Final word aver the last few months I have reviewed j two or three Pinball games and to be | honest, none of them have managed I to sustain my Interest at all - although I did give Thomas the Tank Engine's Pinball a good 90% or something, mainly because
a) it was for kids and b) I thought the novelty effect was good.
I'm not particularty a lover of pinball as I've mentioned countless times before. However, something different happened when I loaded Pinball Prelude
- either I wasn’t fully conscious from the night before or I'd
actually found a pinball game which, believe it or not, I
actually liked.
There are three tables - which is less than the other games - and they're all based around a certain theme, which is basically the whole concept of time. The ‘Past' level features a prehistoric landscape with a huge dinosaur planted right in the middle. There are rock faces, dinosaur footprints.
Reviewed by Andy Maddock Prelud skulls and all things prehistoric. Instead of the borii flippers you get on everyday pinball tables, th« are actually the cro-magnon man's clubs. Not clubs, you know, big wooden things.
Along with all these presentational feat there are many additional ones which make game more interesting such as bonuses and e: balls, waterfall rides, rubberball, splat-the-r bonfires and the Dino ball gobbler. Make of then what you will.
The second table follows the 'time' theme arx features the present day. Yep. All the odvancec technology appears - mobile phones, computers football. This is actually my favourite table because when you bang the ball up to the top of the screer the ball will enter a small football stadium. On the pitch are three static players, and the ball wi bounce around the pitch until it ends up in one o the goals, keeping going until the final whistle. The score for your team will reflect on your points total There are loads of other bonuses like trying C park your car in a full car park, rolling the
ball rounc a satellite dish, camcorder's, and dialling number on a mobile phone. There really are too many tc mention, and they will all take a bit of finding a well - I played it for about half an hour and onh found two or three.
The third and final table is. Of course, the future but it's more like a Star Wars table with graphic such as the carbonite chamber and Luke's greer light saber for flippers. Instead of the ball beinj sprung into play from the right as usual, It sits on the spring in the middle of the screen. This table also features all the multiballs, bonus balls, targets anc other strange extras, but somehow I don't feel this comes close to the Past and Present tables.
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ro owning roiepiayera Features: Wizards sail their RPGs. GDW
- is this the end of roleplaying?
2 Free disks offer Free internet access FrankenCard for Magic - organise your card collection City Designer KingsPoint - a living city on your PC Loads more news and views To order your copy send an SAE with cheque or PO for £1.99 payable to New Frontier Publications to Future Roleplayer, 8 Woodsetts Rd. North Anston. Sheffield. S31 7EQ Call (0181)651 5436 or Write to 45 Brookscroft, Linton Glade, Croydon CR0 9NA Independent Commodore Products Users Group ARE YOU MISSING OUT ON THE VERY BEST AMIGA USER GROUP?????
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* 4 Part two of Frank Nord's look at ad f layout and making them
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Frank Nord hits his stride with the second part of his look at Workbench's menus Welcome back to our world tour of Workbench's menus.
This month we will continue our in-depth study of the Workbench menu before continuing on to the Window menu with its many and varied options. Next month we will be covering the Icons menu and Tools menu before going on to discuss how to improve the productivity of the Workbench menus.
Part 2 That About REQUESTER Workbench's about requester can be mode a lot more informative if you run o commodity like MultiCX.
This changes the data shown in the window from just giving the Kickstart and Workbench versions to giving not only that information but also wbot CPU you have and its status, the amount of memory in your machine and how much of it is being used, ond gives you buttons to flush memory or reboot the machine as well os the standard OK button, The Workbench menu continued... About... - this handy menu item will bring up a window telling you whot internal version of Workbench and Kickstart you are using. Basically, what this means is that instead of getting v2.Q4 for your Kickstart, you would end
up with v37.175 and so on. This information is mainly of use when giving people the configuration of your machine.
Quit - this is one of the most completely pointless items in Workbench's menus. If you choose this menu item you will probably get o message saying that Workbench cannot quit because there are one or more Workbench-launched programs running (this includes commodities), ond if you don't get this, then your Workbench will disappear leaving an empty menu bor. There is no way to restart your AMIGA from this, so the only thing you can do is reset the mochine which you could have done onywoy to save yourself the trouble of closing down all your programs, etc. The Window menu This menu and its items
only become available if you have an active window open on the Workbench screen. If you don't then all the options here will be ghosted out so they cannot be used.
?N New Drawer New drawer - pretty self-explonotory this one. A new directory, complete with associated icon, will appear in the octive window (you can't create a new drawer without an icon when using Workbench's menus). A rename requester will then pofHjp asking you for a new name for the drawer (which, if we're going to be picky, means that the New Drawer menu item really ought to have an ellipsis ofter it as it opens o requester window). The icon used for this new drawer will depend on your default drawer icon which is stored in ENV:sys os 'def_drawer'. You con change this default icon in
two ways. The first is by copying o new drawer icon into ENV:sys ond renaming it as def_drower, ond the second is to load your desired icon into konEdif and save it os default in the Project menu.
Open Parent Open parent - dead easy this one. All it does is open the parent of the current drawer's window.
I Close_ 1K Close - closes the current window. Even easier than the previous definition.
OU Update Update - this item refreshes the contents of the octive window. This con come in handy when you are using o program like Dqpus to move files around or extract orchives ond you alreody have the appropriate windows open on Workbench.
Because Workbench's file notification isn't all it might be, quite often you will find that although you have filled the RAM disk with items in Dopus, it's window on Workbench still appears empty. Using update will save you from having to close the window down and reopen it, Select Contents SA Select contents - selects oil the files in the active drawer.
Clean Up E3.
Clean up - one of the best additions to Workbench 3's menus is the keyboard shortcut assigned to this item. Previously you would need to Snapshot - this is a submenu consisting of two items
- window ond all. These two options allow you lo respectively
snapshot the position ond size of the octive window ond the
positions of oil the icons in the window ond the window
itself. If you use the bockdrop item in the Workbench menu
explained last month, then you should use the Snapshot window
item to moke sure that Workbench comes up in this style.
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TIMES Tel: 0181 546 9575 s * Building blocks Paul Overaa
outlines an unusual use for the DOS segment loading routines I
mentioned last month that one possible additional use of the
LoodSegO and UnloadSegO DOS routines is for loading and
unloading f ¦ blocks of dota such os graphic images.
Needless to say, for this to be done the images themselves need to be provided os conventional AmigaDOS-style load files and, since most graphics start life os IFF files, this means that a certain amount of preliminary conversion work is needed in order to get the graphics into the right form.
Loading and displaying Once an image is in AmigaDOS loadable form it is quite a simple matter to read into the program using LoadSeg()and display it using the Intuition Drawlmagef) function.
Given a valid filename, a typical code fragment for doing this would look something like that shown in listing 2. As always, however, to produce a runable example quite a lot of additional work needs to be done.
A window needs to be opened and, if we want to display a user-specified image file, rather than just use a hard coded filename, then that name has to be collected and a proper file path name built up. I've opted for an Intuition-based Workbench runable example that allows the user to select ond display image files using the asl requester, and next month I'll be giving you the complete source and explaining how it worksI The first step then would be to use, say, Deluxe Paint to create the required grophics object ond store it os o picture file. By switching on Deluxe Paint's X Y coordinate
display o user con easily create objects of o given size so if, say, o graphic image 60 pixels by 80 pixels is needed then a suitable background area can be marked out, the images can be drawn, ond the brush facility used to save that particular area of the display os an IFF file.
Intuition's image drowing is based on o standardised block of dota known as an Image structure, and this is used primarily in conjunction with on Intuition library routine colled Drowlmage(). So, having produced on IFF picture file it then needs to be converted into dota statements which represent the equivalent Intuition Image structure. This con be done using one of the many dedicated public domain converter programs yovl! Find around or, alternatively, by using a program, such os Inovatronic's Power Windows, thot is able to generate assembly longuage-style source data statements
for images loaded into gadgets (see listing 1).
Intuition's high-level laage driving routine Brivtiigelristport, iiage, left.oftset, top.otfset); eO at dO dl rastport pointer to a RistPdft iaegt - pointer to an liege structure left.oftset - a general lift offset uhich will be used with all of tie linked Iiage structures of a particular DravluageO call.
Top.offset a general top offset uhich will be used with all of the linked laage structures of a particular travIaageO call.
Iaagel: de.v 0,0 ;IT origin relative to container TopLeft
dc. u 253,37 ;laage width and height in pixels
dc. v 2 ;nuaber of bitplines in laige
dc. l leagt»eta1 pointer to laagebata
dc. b S0003,s0000 ;PlanePick and PlaneOnOff de.l 0 ;next iiage
structure laageOatal
dc. u Sffff,ifrff,Sffff,Sffrr,irfff,iWf,ttW FFFF
dc. v »ffFf,Sffff,fffff,JFfff,Sffffr*ffff,*ffff FFF8
dc. u Sffff,$ fFff,Sffff,SFfff,*ffff,*ffff,Sffff f FFF de.v
$ fPFf JFfff,JfFff,IfffF,JFfff,JFFff,SfFff fff«
dc. u SfFff,$ FffF,$ FFFf SfFff,lffff,$ fFff,SfFff FFFF
dc. u SFFFF,SFFfF,$ FFFF,$ fFFF,$ FFfP tfEPP,$ PFff FFFI
dc. v SfFFflSFFff,SfffF SFffF,SfFff,$ fFFF $ FFFf FFFF etc Return
Vlllli ont Uatlng 1: Typical output produced by an IFF
Picture • Image Data converter program aove.l lfilenaae,dt
CALLSYS loadSeg,JOSBase aove.l dO,$ egHstj preserva for
unloading btq.s .error would indicate bad load
III. 1 H,dQ addq.l 14,dO ibve.l d0,a1 al points to iaage aove.l
uindov_p,iO aove.l udJPort(aO),aO window's rastport
• oveq 150,dO arbitrary position aoveq I50,d1 arbitrary position
CALLSYS Prsvliage IittuitionBise Uatlng 2: Code fragment lor
loading displaying an imago in load file form When you ore
including grophics data in this way it must, of course, end up
in chip memory otherwise the Amiga's custom chips (namely ihe
blitter) will not be able to occess it. This means ot this
point in the proceedings it will be necessary to edit the image
structure file in order to add o chip memory section directive.
There is, incidentally, a minor difference between the
section syntax used by Devpoc and that used by Charlie Gibb's
A68k assembler With Devpoc chip function Nine: DrevlaigeO
description: Call forul: Registers: Arguments: memory is
specified using this sort of statement: SECTION where DATA_C is
a keyword indicating chip memory and IMAGE just an arbitrary
section name. Charlie Gibb's A68k assembler requires a slightly
different section syntax ond the source code line shown above,
which would of course need to be placed just before the
grophics data itself, must be changed a; SECTION
HUGE,DATA,CHIP The A68k assembler does, of course, also require
that source files contain an explicit END statement, so A68k
users will additionally need to include such end markers in
their imoge files.
Once these modifications hove been made the image structure file con be assembled ond passed through the linker to create a load module that the LoodSegO routine will occept.
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OdaMEDVS mods 2563 CMS TRAX GOLD **(2) 12 crtthe beat OctaMED
VSTO mods from CMSTraxVols 1 lo 10 2580 CONTROL AGA DEM04A(2)
Wnner at GASP Party - vector «fl«s 2579 CMS TRAX 10 4A(t)
(1) Texi'pc* on Tornado, Hamsrs etc 2576 CMS TRAX 94A(1) 2575
EXTER1AI*(1) 2574 CMS TRAX MA(1) 3 Oteks ol OctaMED V6 modules
2573 BEST LOTTERY PROG (1) Demo pworf J tacory fredctor 2572
THIRD DIMENSION 194A 1) 2571 A BACK UP V5.01 4A(1) Powerful HD
back up program 2570 FI PUNTER V3.2 DEM04(1) 2568 GLOOM
DEM04A(1) Ptayabto demo Doom style game 2564 DALA HORSE
D€M04* 4) Powerful AGA HO demo Razor 1911 2563 HEAD &
SH0ULDERS4*(1) Muse disk wim 8 bnllanl mods 2562 GRAPHIC MB
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history ol the Spitfire 2550 VARIOUS PRRITER ORIVERS (1) 2546
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BF109 (1) Textiles on n story ol Messerachmti 2499 TEXT ENGINE
V5 *(1 Powerful led edlw 2493 SHAPESWFTER V3.1l*(1) Mac II
emulator needs 4 megs 6 rom 1429 DUMMIES GUIDE TO COMMS AND
INTERNET (2) 1685 AGA UTILITIES I*(3) Loads oI usefii A1200
uffities 1989 MIDI UTILITIES 4(2) 1910 SPECTRUM EMULATORS' )
Protocols; VacWPatch-Waves Libs 2009 HARD DRIVE UHLS 4(2)
Aback Up; Fix Disk; VC; Click Dos 2; ReQry Tools Dwnm Mr Bock
up «c 2340 OOPUS UTILS VOL 2 (1) Various utilities lor use wm
Dopus 2426 HO GAMES INSTALLER 4 (1) 2469 DOS MAN (1) Re! Book
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50 Loads ol support litas lor Amiga E BODYSMOP COLLECTION 4*
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samples LATEST CD-ROMs free postage & packing on Cds UK only)
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1 (quad) £22.50 AMINET SET 2 (quad) £25.00 AMOS PO Version 2
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ZOOM 2 £17.50 400dpi Mega Mouse - £12.9S AURAL SYNTHETICA -
design provides the most versatile sample generation program
on any platform Samples saved as IFF, AIFF. WAV or SAFF
formats (needs Kickstart 2 or greater & 2Mog of FLAM).
LOOM - £20.00 (£30.00 with comprehensive laser pnnied manual) ALGORITHMIC COMPOSITION SYSTEM LOOM « an exceng departure from me ivyirs d Amiga muse ccmoosecn LOOM is a powerful Veuai Language that can compose aigorlthmtcaify SI use is created by asseniWng otpcts (chords, notes, arpeggos. Dtum pose ms ote. Tho data for (ho muRc being defined try you or by generators A transfomvrtens,
e. g. Fractals, Oscflators, ProbabUy, Non Inear Systems etc. e c
LOOMS environment ndjdes Exieoshw chord, scale and dron partem
ibraiy. Role 8 drum pattern creators, wsuaisers, mcrolumng
seaport and much more (Needs 4Megol RAM) AURAL ILLUSION 2 -
£20.00 8 16 BIT SAMPLE PROCESSOR 32 bit processing, 55
Manipulations 30 Effects including Time Stretch. Graphic Eq.
Mixer & Resonant Filter.
Compatible wuh most popular 8 16 bit file formats including IFF. AIFF.
WAV. VOC etc Improved Synthesised Sound Editor (needs Kickstart 2 or greater & 2 Meg ol RAM) AUDIO Cdt A DROP IN THE OCEAN - E7.95 Tho Craft brother* first album shows what can be achieved with an Amiga and a modest MIDI set up DREAMSTATE - £10.00 We have a limited supply of the latest album from Bjom Lynne MIDICRAFT 9 - £2.50 D sk Magazine igr Amiga Mvwans including General Article*: Product Info; PD 8 CO reviews; Amiga only song. 2 Musk Xand 4 GM Mdi ffe swigs, and useful Midi Unities.
Midicraft product information (Issues 1 to 8 also available) MIDI MODULES High quality Music-X and Amiga PC MIDI files (state format required) produced and arranged by Kevan & Gareth Craft Volume 1 -£15.00 Vol 2 for Keys • £10.00. Volume 3 - £20.00 Dynamite Drums 1 - £10.00. Drums 2 - £15.00
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Swnpie and tun puzzle game
N. B. AMOS 8 Latest issue of this disk magazine for AMOS users
£4.50 includes support disk (Issues 1 to 7 also available)
B. U.O, Issue 2 Second issue ol this disk based magazine 100% do
voted lo users of Bmz Basic £3.50 (Issue 1 to also available)
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your Extras disk?
OBSTtCKLE £3.99 Multi level arcade platform gamo AMIGA ASSIST 4 £3.99 Help s here for you beginners CLINDEX PRO 4 £4.99 A must tor CU users FINAL FRONTIER 9 Latest issue ol cult Trokio disk mag - £4.50 (Issues 1 lo 8 available) Holodock Slideshows (1 to 9) Illusions (Sci-FUFanlasy artwork) HARDWARE PROGRAMMERS MANUAL Issues 1-3 = £12.50 Issues 4. 5 A 6 = £5.00 each Without a trace?
More handy hints on Arexx script tracing with the Rexx meister - Paul Overraa Lojf mgnth I mentioned that Arexx supports an 'interactive' tracing mode which allows the progrommer to step through a pro- ¦¦ gram, and interact with it whilst it is being traced. Depending on the troce option* selected, a variety of data will be shown and it is, in fact, trace script line ???
Command or syntox errors expression or template parse result . value assigned to a ploce holder during parsing c expansion of o compound variable name F function coll result V O V result of a dyadic (two operand) operation P result of a prefix operation v value of a variable L» a label (literal constant) value Table 1: Symbols used to Identity Arexx trace items possible to look ot the contents of variables, re- execute clauses, and even enter additional instructions. Because under normal circumstances all trace output would be interleaved with normal program output, the best ideo when
tracing the execution of a script is to open the Arexx 'global tracing console' and this is done simply by opening a Shell window ond typing TCO!
It is possible to add trace instructions directly into the script that you wish to troce, but Arexx also mointoins an 'external tracing flag' that can be used to force programs into interactive tracing mode. If, in fact, you type TS at the Shell window after opening the global tracing console, the TS [Trace Set) utility will be executed and this will couse all subsequently executed scripts to enter interactive tracing mode automatically. The tracing flog, incidentally, can be cleared by typing TE (Trace End) and Arexx's global tracing console can be closed by typing TCC (Trace Console
Interactive tracing prompts the user (or input with m3 fm~" ] “ * :-.p •• - E:i »•* 1 : '• "¦
• -iwpui*-' ''H&kt ~~ (Ml im.
S3£J JBL m M. Th« Aroxx global tracing conaola In action!
A ' + ' code and at these points you can either press the return key to skip to the new breakpoint, press to r execute the previous clause, or type some executable Arexx statement. Toble 1 shows the code symbols which Arexx uses to identify the types of items it disploys in the troce.
TYPICAL TRACE SESSION There's no doubt at all that the best way to get to grips with Arexx's tracing facilities is to experiment with them using your own scripts, but to get you started, here's what happens in a typical interactive tracing session whilst examining this do-end loop: Example.rexx A end; 2 *-• do i=1 to 50; » *2" 3 *•* say ’AC Test’; ? If at this point we now try typing: ill To turn off the tracing and let the loop run as per normal we could use the command: tr»te background or its single letter equivalent: trace b do i=1 to 50 Sly 'AC Test' end If you execute the above
program this is the sort of information that will appear at the trace console window: 1 ; 2 •-* do i=1 to 50; » •r » -50* J »-* say 'AC Test'; » ‘AC Tisr ? The interactive trace is displaying line positions and clause details as it executes the first iteration of the program loop. Arexx is now waiting for further instructions. Pressing return lets Arexx know that it should continue running up to the next breakpoint, and on doing this the trace display continues with: in response to the * prompt we will see that Arexx prints 2 at the program's normal output window Now, this of course
is the current value of i being used in the program, but if we then typed i=49 and continued tracing we'd see this display appear: A ?-* end; 2 *-* do i=1 to 50; » "50" 3 *-* say 'AC Test'; ? Arexx would have set the I value to 49 and then duly incremented it at the end of the loop.
The result? The program terminates after one more iteration because the value of i then becomes greater than the required loop exit value (ie 50).
If, instead of changing the value of i like this, we had typed another instruction, this too would have been executed and this of course can be used to set new trace display options.
Interactive Tracing and Command Inhibition Toggles: A ? Character (used on its own or in front of a TRACE option) can be used to alternately toggle the tracing mode from normal to interactive and back again. Hence the instruction,,, trace ?
Errors (or its abbreviated form trace ? E) would, if the current mode was set to normal tracing, switch to error tracing in interactive made. If the current mode was interactive then the same instruction would switch to error tracing in non-interactive (ie normal) mode.
A I toggle character can be used in a similar fashion to prevent Arexx from sending commands to external hosts or to re-enable the command communications facility. This is particularly useful when, say, you wish to test ADDRESS COMMAND instructions within programs that may be specifying potentially dangerous AmigaDOS commands (file deletion and so on).
N01.3 ? 1272 BYKER BABES A12 ? 1281 A12 FUNHOUSE ? 1295 A1200 APPLEJACK ? 1308A12PSSST AGA [J 1316 FRACAS (ED 209) [J 1319 PEPSI NOT 1.3 ! I U26 GEEK' GEEK' D 1327A12ROCKETZ2 I 1 1330 CAPTAIN BONUS
MANSELL NOT 1.3 n 1072 SUPER-DRIVE ? 1132 A12 LAST LAP C 1224
V2 H 544 Aft WARRIOR 811 CAR MANIACS ? 926 HEUCO TER ? 1133
M.F TANKS ? 1250 SPEEDWAY V2 ? 1273 A12 TRAIN ORIVER ? 1317
A12 GONE FtSH'N D 1325 A12 TANKS 2 DttK ? 1329 BASE BAU GAME
HINTS A CHEATS n 4181000 CHEATS ? 931 BACKDOOR V3 ? 821
L) 1118 UP TO DATE VI ? 1143 NOSTROMO VS OVER 18 GAMES ? 101
an on 1 disk and run on all Amigas unless otherwise stated.
L) 1136 A12 FEARS V2 ? 116 STAR TREK 2 DISK ? 1182 CASTLEA1200 ?
1209 THE LOST PRINCE ? 1231 POUND ISLE N013 ? 1266 3 DISK
1.3 1170 ZOSK A12 LOADS 1188 2DSK S-COMBAT 3 ? 1189 CARNAGE
OTHELLO ? 603 DOT 13 ? 1037 MARBLES GAME Postcode:.
L) 1186 NOSTROMO 12 ? 1193 LEMMINGS 1204 INTROS VI 1208 2DSK JAZZ
LAND BUILD ? 1195 IMAGE DESK A1200 1299 A12MAGNH CAP ? 1299
A1200 MAG CAD.
8916. 6.C Micro 955 V3-V2 TO VIJ n 1196 MACINTOSH NO 13 DISK
665 MR BACK UP PRO 779 WiB 3 itSTAU 790 WiB 2 WSTAU.
J y If you need a Real s pC Network, that is.
If not, you should talk to my cousin Mickey* He’s got all sorts of things that you can use to tie your Amigas together ... wire and tape and string ’n stuff.
But just how much is your time worth? Me, I’d rather be out chasing women, so I work with AMIGANET and ENLAN-DFS; I move about half a MegaByte a second between my A4000’s, and use my old A500 as a Print Server; now INFONEXUS, the sensational Network File Manager, is bundled FREE with our Boards, you can be so productive you might rediscover what ’free time’ means ... Networking AMIGAs: if it exists, HYDRA SYSTEMS manufacture or supply it. One-stop shopping - Ethernet connexions for every model from A50C to A4000, and all the Software there ever was.
If it has an Ethernet Port we can talk to it... AMIGA to AMIGAs, NOVELL File Server, UNIX Sox, a VAX, DEC ALPHA, SGI, even PC’s ifyou must. Get wired real soon - with all the right connections ... For Dealer Information in your Country, Call or Fax t*hese guys: HYDRA SYSTEMS Red Lane, Kenilworth, UK. CVS 1PB Tel:(+44X0)1203 471111 Fax: 473333 A year in the Web Phil South contemplates the last twelve months on the Internet Browse - Ih• Web browser everyone would like to be using L ixri You may recall about o year or so ago I wrote o piece in this column about the Internet saying how the Web
was a good idea but it was going to be oversubscribed in a very short time? Well it's now 1996, ond sure enough the World Wide Web has become, for most people, the Internet, or ot least the bit of it they see.
Web browsers have all but reploced the other client software thot you ond I use to access the Internet, ond the proliferation of Web sites is such that by the end of 1996 we con expect to see millions of sites rather than thousands or hundreds of thousands. It’s confidently predicted by some thot by the turn of the century there will be one Web site per 2000 people on Earth. So what does this mean in real terms?
For o start it means that getting onto the Web and novigoting around will get harder os the year goes along, and you will have to wail longer ond longer for your chosen Web site to come up onto your screen as the lood on the network increases.
Many major sites ore increasing the amount of nodes and lines and the bandwidth of those lines, but even with expansion and increases in speed the The nextgeneration AMIGA WWW-Browser lire*** -« 2S • 1999 Onipnmio* Inti Authors 6t»f*n Burst tom Hiohwt Ftslwr Kodiwr Sop?
For the Internet to work In any meaningful way after this year, everything is going to have to go up on order of magnitude. Modems are going to have to get faster, phone lines ore going to have to get fatter and cheaper, and the backbone of the Internet is going to have to be accessed faster and more fluidly by the ISPs, the people who ore offering what it laughingly called a service these days.
The WWW was always too slow and a rich boy's toy, and it was always under too much load and waiting for faster technology. The only kind of people who can access big graphically-oriented sites in the US are people with a direct connection,
i. e. businesses, people who work for Internet load will continue
to grow ond the capacity to keep up will get smaller. In
effect it will become unusable unless something happens.
It may be, ond I offer this os one likely scenario, that the demand for the Web will fall off os the less dedicated Net spiders give up once the load goes up lo unfeasible levels. This will, of course, reduce the lood and therefore the usability of the Web will go up.
This is the boom and bust model, which has several recent precedents. Skateboarding in the 70s, Kung Fu, also a '70's thing, ond home computing magazines ore examples I can think of. In the More, bigger.
Companies or magazines, people with more money than sense, and not the unemployed, the homeless and people on low wages, who can't do this and will possibly think thot they are missing out on something very important.
I think that the WWW will become very important, but at the moment it is still about 65 per cent advertising puff, and about 5 per cent silly home pages with pictures which are too large to load.
What the WWW needs is a big shot of technology in the arm, and quick, before it becomes unusable to those who like it and want it to grow sensibly into a new communications and broadcast medium which can compete on a level playing field with TV, radio, video games and movies.
Beginning there is a huge explosion of users ond the demand for the thing grows and grows at a logarithmic rote, a parabola of users shooting up the vsoge graph like a little rocket, ond then just like a rocket, the usage dies off os the dabblers and trendies fall by the woystde. Eventually, the mogozines supporting the hobby die off as the demand falls, and then the usage of the thing, whatever it might be, foils back to usable levels This is what happened with skateboarding and Kung Fu 20 years ago, and possibly will happen soon with the Internet ond, of course, the other two great fads
of the mid '90s, those silly Pogs and allboy groups who do synchronised dancing which looks os though they ore trying to dislodge some dog mess from their shoes.
It's possible, and indeed from a hobbyist's point of view desirable, that this will happen, although it's by no means certain, What will happen if demand for the Internet grows, like thot for TV (thot other great thing which everyone said would never catch on), and we hove on ever escalating amount of people trying to get on. If you think it's hard to get on the Internet now, wail till the load doubles. As it is, you con't access any US sites with any ropidity after about 3pm in the afternoon, so evening Web Surfing is out of the question for the most part, unless you want to spend ot
least 30 minutes of every hour woiting while some bozo's 900k GIF file creeps loods onto your screen. It was never a fast process and if the worst comes to the worst it will become impossible. Unless of course something con be done.
The Amiga Format Shopper Phase 2 reviews results were not
available at the time we went to press.
The EMC Phase 3 reviews will follow soon!
EMC-PHASE 1 CONTENTS... £24.99 + p & p FONTS Typei EMC 4.5.6,7*16 • CG EMC*24 ¦ PreOraw EMC lt.19 * 20 and 52 IFF Clipfonls CLIPART Fu*y sorted into sut - *rectories (number ol dnectone* wad in brackets) IFF Animats (114). Fantasy (27). Music (12). People (73). Rebgion (12).
IFF Col Bird*. Car*. Cat*. Dinosaur*. Dogs, Fi»h, Hfih, uooKmg, Music, Planes. Rep me* EPS Animals. Buildings, Computers. Food. Logos. Otfice. Peoplo. Transport. USA. World.
IMAGES In IFF 16*256 colour end HAU nieriaoe WWW Animals. Balloons. Blaka7. Cars. Conan, Dragon Lance. Fantasy, Horses. Natural. Planes. Racing. Renders.
Reptile* SnotvScena*. Space. Star Trek (T0S * Movie*) Trains A 67 MS o! 736 x 584 Yww Backdrop*.
OTHER STUFF P*ge*tr**m3 updates Irom 3d to v3.0M. Compute Op*M*ion2 3t) update. 19 additional third party Opehrlsion utilities. Type smith 2.5a update end Demo. Pageetre*m2 Demo. 18 realty use«ul UtBtttaa end loeda morel 17 118
119. High quality images tn 3 IFF containing font exampl uair *
:i 123 1:4 p :b Is EMC-PHASE 2 CONTENTS... £24.99 + p & p
FONTS Typel EMC 17.27.29A77 - CG EMC • Colour
EMC 48A49 and 71 tmogma Typel * CLIPART Fully sorted kilo
subdirectories (nixrbar ot d reel cries listed n brackets).
IFF Alphabet (4). Border* (16), Building* (6). C*rtoon. (17), Computer (7). Education (5).
Electric (8). Food (90). History (5), Natural (59). Space A SclFJ (3).
IFF Col Fruit. World Matt (ol every country on Earth!). Ship*. VegataMet.
GEM Arrows A Stars. Borders. Bulldbigs. Clipart. Ofttoa, OtharStutl. Photo. Transport IMG Animals. Cartoon*. Food. OtherStuft. People. Plants, Sports. The Art*. Trtftipoft Xmas IMAGES In IFF 16258 odour and HAM mtsrtace format*.
America. BabylonS. Birds. BoriaV, Britain, Dogs. Egypt, Eouesl. FamousPeople. Girl*. Kelfy. Military.
NightBreed Panorama. People. SdFi, Terminator. Textures. Star Trek (TNG). V, Water Scenes. Wildcats. World.
World People A over 70 MB ol 736 x 588 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 A 2S8 colour formats.
IFF conversions of all IMG clip eyou No corrupt files.
Full access from Workbench for THE EMC PHASE 1 REVIEWS "... ideal for DTP and DTV users" "This is a very useful CD" “Well polished and presented'' M dream Cl) for DTP fans! " "This is a damned fine CD and a must for DTP enthusiasts " "essential for your CDROM library" "This is an excellent CD" "... It is superbly organised" "...virtually impossible to flaw" "...you need this CD" "Quite simply, this is one of the best Cds you can get when it comes lo fonis and clipart! "
• •• THE EMC PHASE 2 REVIEWS “Phase 2 is one of the best complete
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desktop publishing err desktop video" exacting standards and
not a budget.
Developed for quality and not for a quick profit.
Designed by a company that places a very high priority on the quality of it s products.
Optimised data organisation with the emphasis placed on ease of use.
Produced by a company with a long track record for quality products.
No DMS archives to pad out the CD.
No LHA archives to pad out the CD. | No files in weird alien formats that you can't access or use.
Files that have upper lower case names with more than 8 characters.
Tull font installation instructions.
Font preview for EVERY font.
All CG Fonts with .ate files and postscript downloadable fonts.
All Type 1 fonts with .AFM and .PFB font files.
Option to buy a full typeface book thumbnail indexed IFF previews.
High quality clipart that has been cropped scaled and checked.
High quality clipart that has been logically sorted into sub directories.
The Phase I CD. For example, has 114 different Animal directories... how’s that for sorting!
High quality clipart images that have | descriptive filenames.
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GEM) Superb organisation.
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Award winning quality software.
Developed and designed to meet typefa- nplcs.
Ages in formats thai are fully sorted with (Just incase you can't use the GEM) IFF conversions of all IMG clipart.
(Just incase you can't use the IMG) EMC-PHASE 3 CONTENTS... £24.99 p FONTS Typat CMC 78. 79. 80 A 81 • PaB**t *am EMC 3 • CO EMC 83. 84. 85. 88 « 87 300 Cllptonts and all our pravkxisty unralaasod Typel. CO and Colourfont* CUPART Fuiy sorted rite *u&-4ttsc*ones inumbar oI directories Mart r brackets) IFF Events (45). UiliUry (X). Unc (33). Sport (37). Transport (35). Work (37) and World (41).
IFF Cot Flower*, InaocU, Mammal*. Trees, Xmo.
IMAGES m IFF 18 ookHjr. HAM nMrtace and IFF 260 colour tormatt.
Bike* (Motor) Boall. CastHt, Cetf, Cl*M»c Car*, Dungs*™* and Dragon*. Dr Who, Star Trek (DS9). Fractal*.
Girls. Greece. Hunks. Heavy Metal. Naftan Cars Mows*. Robots. Slarwars, WATARINt. Wwta. Woodrofle end over 87 MB ot 738 x 588 Video Bactabops In IFF 18 A 288 odour tormats._ novice users.
129. Icons that are neatly snapshotted I into place.
130. Designed lo be used... and not to be thrown in the bin!
E. M.Coonputeraraphx: S ind£X ts a CD containing thumbnail ndex
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opportunity, perhaps (or tne first tmo, 10 view the graphics
that are contained on Cos that should have included indexes in
the first place! II you've ever been frustrated by searching
through oounttess Cds to locate an image, EMC s INDEX is your
answer' Even if you donT have all the Cds covered by EMC •
INDEX, you can use it to view the contents of a particular CO
before you decade to buy it' Cds covered include . Pro(!)Fonts
& Ckparl, Graphic & Adult Sensations. World ot Clipart.
ProPics. Pandora. RHS Color Kottedion. Amnei | 3-7, Mulomodia
Toolkitl. Opart Heaven, Fresh Arto, Mother of all Clipart. PCX
Potpourn, Publique Art, So Much Screenware, SciFi & f Fantasy.
Gfc Galore. Clipart Goliath Clipart Warehouso, GifGalaxy and
Almathera's CDP03. Demo. Demo2, 10 onto A DTV Cos.
RELEASE T-----*--------------- I EMC PHASE 1,2 & 3 CD I DISCOUNTS Buy any two Cds for £44.99 + p & p Buy all three for £59.99 + p & p Postage tor 2 Cos UK-C1.50, Europe-CS 00. Workt-CS.00
• tor 3 CD* UK-C2.00. Eufope-C8 00. Worid-tlO.OO EMC-PHASE
4...DESKTOP VIDEO DREAMS This is an out and out Desktop Video
CD, aimed directly at users of Scale Multimedia and or
Optonicas Multimedia Expenence. A high proportion of the
matenal will be totally unique, copyrighted by us and therefore
not available anywhere else. This CD will include.. Fully
overscanned professionally designed custom business backdrops
lor high quality presentation work, texture and useful image
backgrounds (ALL backdrops and background images will be
supplied in 800 x 600 24brt jpeg and 256 cotour formats), fully
tested music modules, countdown timer artims .
Runtime display timers, toads of video utilities, hundreds of fully sorted high quality sound samples kleal for use for spot effects, bitmapped fonts in sizes Irom 18 to 168 pt . Specially selected Fountain lntellifont ready CG fonts with automatic install scripts and a whole host of other goodies including ready to run demo versions of Optonicas Multimedia Experience and the new image Vision I EMC PHASE 4 Release Date: 25th MAR 1996 RRP £39.99+p&p EMC PHASE 4 - DESKTOP VIDEO DREAMS WILL BE RELEASED ON 25TH MARCH 1996 PRE RELEASE OFFER PRICE IS £29.99 ? P&P for all orders recieved before
Friday 22nd March 1996 litre EMC Phase 1, 2 and 3 Cds are also available from LH Publishing, Gordon Harwoods Shop,
C. H.I.P.S. Computer shops al Middlesborough, Stockton, RtxJcar *
Dartogton and also at your local SILICA Shop Postage and
Packing rates lor One CD UK-£i and Europe-£4 Qther
Countries-£6 (tor 1st Class recorded Airmail) | IF YOU HAVE A
E. M.Computergraphic e&oe 8 EDITH ROAD, CLACTON, ESSEX. C015 1JU
Cheques are subjocl to 5 working day clearance Tel : 01255
431389 Fax: 01255 428666 The art of advertising Frank Nord
continues his look at what makes a good layout for an advert
Lost month I showed the basics of laying out a single item,
single page, full colour advert, but a lot of potential
advertisers won't hove the luxury of full colour, full page
advertising. There ore several ways lo approoch a limited
budget. The first is to reduce the size of the odvert, the
second is to lose the colour (or ot least most of it).
If you are designing your ad for o quarter page layout, rather than a full page, there are different considerations to be mode. For a start you won't even be able to put the amount of text thot we used in the good page design, it will need to be cut down even further. Because quarter poge advertisers aren't considered as important os full poge or spread advertisers, you will have to make sure your od will still be effective whether it is placed on an outside edge, or inside edge of either a left* or right-hand page. This, unfortunately, necessitates a restricted design (unless you ore
feeling particularly bold) with much of your information centred in your box.
You're not simply going to be able to shrink your full poge layout to fit into a quarter page either This would almost certainly mean that your text will be loo small to see and your contact numbers wouldn't stand out as well os they might either. So whot ore we going to do? Our best bet is not necessarily to ditch the picture and fill the box with text
- unless, of course, the picture is particularly boring
- but we do have to get ocross the most important points of our
product ond our sales speak has to be even more concentrated. A
big price figure is oil you need if your product is familiar to
most people, but if it isn’t then a bulleted list of USPs
(unique selling points) and comments from reviewers con be
very effective, as long as it's short. So pick out the most
important features and work out how to explain them succinctly,
but in as few words as possible.
It's very tricky for me to give you examples of how to do this as your circumstances could be HOW MUCH If you are interested in advertising in an Amiga magazine you will need to get in contact with the advertising department of whatever magazine you choose and ask them to send you a media pack which include details like the target readership of the magazine and the rates for advertising in the mag. Amiga Computing's target readership are mainly over 18 (so they should have some money) and indeed, more than 60 per cent of them earn more than 10k a year.
The rates to advertise in a magazine like Amiga Computing range from £ 105 all the way up to £2100. But vary according to how many ads you will commit yourself to and at what size.
Lcrem Iptum part 2 Inspired by Neville Brody? Bui, ol o completely different from what I om suggesting, but there are always easy rules to follow with regard to contracting text. Things like flowery odjectives and adverbs, stuff in brockets and introductions con always go. What can't go are your product's advantages, ordering information and price, If all thot sounds too much like hard work, you might wont to reduce the amount of colour in your od. This is a lot easier for those adverts thot have more thon 50 products mentioned in them, as we discussed lost month, because you are pretty much
restricted to 0 list format without pictures anyway, but single colour or spot colour advertising a single product is a lot harder since it gives the impression that you are being cheap. If ot all possible, try to make the fact that you hove a restricted colour palette work for you with greyscale dropshodows and WOBs (reversed text - White On Black) helping to give the impression that 0 single spot colour was a design decision on your port rather than 0 financial one.
For inspiration, try to find some of the work of Neville Brody, the UK's most fashionable designer best-known for his work on iD, Arena ond The Face. If you look at the screenshot on this poge, you'll recognise the style instantly from various poster campaigns ond film logos. This is 0 lot harder to achieve than simply reducing the size of your advert, but if you have the flair for it, the results can often look more expensive than 0 full colour ad with a boring design.
Duel 01234567390 01234567891 Everyone's a winner.. .
At long last we've decided to do the draw on the competition we ran last year to win a copy of one of EMComputergraphic's excellent Cds dedicated to DTP. The lucky five winners are as follows: Borry Cutler from Beckenham, Kent RF Baird from Edinburgh B Robertson from Middlesborough Steve Taylor from East Dereham, Norfolk M Clarke from Flixton, Manchester You should oil contact EM Computergraphic on (01255) 431389 to tell them whether you want Phase 1, 2 or 3.
Page stream s s Still nothing concrete this month, but SoftLogik have sent us a press release stating that version 3.0i will work with CyberGraphics-equipped graphics cards becoming the Amiga's first, non-graphics oriented (well, you know what I mean), application to work in 24-bit colour.
Amiga Computing 11 NEW TITLES U686 VIRUS WORKSHOP v&S uiwr «• d* U6B7 VIRUS CHECKER v7,19 r* '~ mm U688 BASIC ELECTRONICS «13w loWm U«a» TURBO CAT PRO vl.tF -u» «wu , ow o th. Raw eat*.
N r JuxpuxAraw.raadtMtoetovlprxiiMtowi (W»J.| U693 A SPELL vS.8 »j ii • am cn«cMr » xox tut • «:» U666 NAVIGATOR v2n**«SU tl a Atm*yeuto*, tocuno.xnw- Iro. ¦ 30 nni Fnm «MaiH» lo mutrM nrjwo Mom v»Vto road rr.xJM fiVB3t| P«-; Hcf IZ CH*V 0609 MESSY SIO *3 Wow you H row « mt* to AC not MM U700 TEXT ENGINE vS mnto m*txjparotod*®» •¦ •-- U701 DATATYPES DISK ok) im pncj r-sm KM) mm+i i*w to* AM IM** out to so Wk UtMhtoa Wr «WI»W on m U702 SHAPE SHIFTER v02 « ito -us-wJ «*wi to r»
• ituAJawMu mum* Too read MAC ROM1! Ins SpNKn 7 5 U we
• program n o.| 15 :¦ ' • * MB. PC toenxxwMiao, U704 MAGIC PAINT
BOX OfMO to th. Ft it» U706 CHEATS v2.1 COPi to Mill »tot I?
Pu»*l live: • I U706 VARK CU TOOLS 9 Law* to CO toe* U7M POWER
TTTLER DEMO.«-« wm tt» - mat Sc* U710 SONIC DRUM KIT vZ1 «UU
vw to n» tour, umkc U711 QUI AMOS vUoMli Out *lv AMOS Ro|Mh|
U712 PROTECTOR vl.ImMcixMMrdmw • U713 NUCLEUS PRO DEMO »u»' A
urn sf • tmxnr* mtowfrcnMnd m xtmm* '.raalto Atom you lo owe,
AOA frto* *n* k» ¦.IwiawNliCOTomulnaMw DoMKM If, *wfl 1*04]
U714 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS V1.21 nwttmrr (Wt .
U716 FIASCO vl *wwb MMH MW • ooay •» ue* « • 1 in 17 ULTRA ACCOUNTS 2 AXOwMi C4CU0I U718 DEMOMANIA vl.90 Cowptu lym'm awni»d*mo*Qto.* praSndMiSwaMerlvyHiDaMNmniSMWifNIMSMU U720 MAGIC 04 Mnrt M im - md eo« 0(M oro TM Mm «*o • C«4 ¦v MM Mm nak* it l» MM CM mMr Mora IK 'AflA| U721 REM0ATE *2.1 pmral Mvaen*" ’ U722 FINAL WRAPPER V3.11 om. Im tp*a* mm* cm m* ®* ,x*M.m«r Ftof«* AM t4UU2A IT*-'-: U723 POWER PROCCOUERS *1 JO auos •mwm U724 BLITZ BASIC V2.11 »*ro o' m. M*«x«wg im- go»jr Mim Iuimii, 6Mi Bcmbtoi. Gixm *k (W9i-I U725X1PAINT T3.4 jorm a,good *0* pant okmq* • U726 PRO 200IAC 2000 vt
wotoogeto program ' U728 SYS SPEED v1.1 m*n» i«mm.(i ¦ - U7W PRO GREYHOUNDS vl.looMxa vM- M U731 WO LOTTERY 06-aw Lottoyprwictn- v U732 SENSIBASC arid ncia MfixpT vr U733 VARK TOOLS 10 v»fr. Mmi Cu m» U734 VARK INTERNET INSTALLER .imnMdug*trioa- UTSS VARK NFA CU TOOLS 1 mM nv» U737 CINEMA 40 DEMO 1ronii»w«t Jopax*** :¦ U738 MUI 3.1 mhm«w«oIiai • U7M VMM .U r* tM«Ulnnn l r*rr ' U741 DOPUS 5 UTILS 1 pmt, to *.!-« to D ** •, ;ar U742 DOPUS S UTILS 2 im.i1, men a.ins to D0*» 5 ME OM248 DELUXE PACMAN AGA Mow ¦ paonm gm by IM Mtrxto OM2S8 BATTLESHIPS A .wy iwm gm by im Amaux* GM263 CODE NAME
NANO *-iwt r.u.1 jr. 0«r * GM2S4 SC0RTCHED TANKS Vi .86 -UW«. •* 0+to QM2SS BUTZ BOMBERS iwr. C m, mm. »m- i*•”** 0M26S EXCELL CARO GAMES III A ir* itr) gima n«i . • GM2S« MASTER BLASTER H Mum oxro «bt - GM271 SUPER COMBAT 3 to...Mo w mum ol awgi to Smtob 7«ru ¦ CcfKI 10 Mi Okto B*tfto C' CMM| |N *I GM273 REBELLION m mi.oO. Uom »ff • (Mtowe.
GM275 MARATHON c*..~ «™ 0*4278 THE DEVILS ABODE MMNn b, im to to* or im WtoUb IS. A ¦ JO Ntoto mMHM*. OWN*.
GM277 SPEED - DOOMER 2 .wwxltolMOwmctco* Mow grama liw UK* Mnrtflej WitnU'«mii*p«*x* i*o*| GM279 ALIEN BASH N wiuNruCNMl",'* wipol GM280 SKID RACER wmfgm meM [tolu - GM2S1 DUCK DODGERS g *« ptotom m» toto *¦¦ ¦ 0M282 TRAP 'EM *o ttoto- (b«. TotoM| • " GM283 ZOM8IES* - »Mfl« *ooitoT.M. OM284 DARK ANOaLFtoXMctiWyto. Tototo-*i.po««oomtoM GM285 BUCK DAWN Vam** allt»MWfera *»•!
GM286 0ALLE0N8 ? 30 mkoi-.h uh GM287 ENGINES. I i,n urua grw GM288 HELSINKI FORCE 2 Miw good torn* j*™ GM2S9 CAROZrt VH AO* lUmM. Ctod. CO ECS Xmg.!
OM292POWEROIOS good. MtoMMtoM*. OCX. ') GM296 INNER DEMONS w :* , jwito GM299 SUPER SK1DOY THINGS 3 (mgram to om oilmpton Oral x»-« ntOto totol Ctogto. Mmd IM cto GM301 DELUXE GALAGA v2.SC a veto .«i. V toWCM VJCb M IM MMW. MMCOM mc AOAtoVCX PON QM302 AUTOMOBILES v1J m»« raoq gvro h» Hu Ang* LovN to iMtomi imcm mv im actor, to am * * * ww*» • D***: GM303 EMOTIONAL CONFUCT 33 artmoto.
GV304 JIGSAW vZJraawNtraM gan" - CM30S PRO FOOTBALL vl.t toot. [»««• «• GmilO CCAU DEMO Mmo to nmr Coau MaoceNr ga M GM311 FENDERS - TITANIC EDITION ca. O«- totr, gam CM312 PENGUINS a Store Bl * euN pKttmi gtona GM313 MOTOR DUAL ammc » V2 p**, ,m» tod ««. »*m Mtamn t»o vtoa:ie» - a* re orer cM?« W«ir» Me mro OJ GM314 LEGEND OF POUNDS ISLAND 30 QM31S TORQUE .MtobmnMn to un*ym ACM I QM318 GRAC v2 DEMO .crnrnmlNaMiincrim' OM320 TOTAL SPECIES aroirw 3Dw atftotov. -!
OM324 AUEN FISH FINGER . Abort am up ga-c GM325 ULYIMATE MANAGER macto. Twt. Awn OM328 NESTLE NES0UICK pntoepMWigvM A GM320 PEPSI GAME «,.»» iromo (carto . Gv-» • GM331 WORMS MAPS V0L1 mb Be veot Wxmi GM332 TRSI STAT1X m aa»:t*t wn gam.
GM333 GLOOM DELUXE DEMO mtoHMMOw" A 0203 MYSTK -IMPOSSIDU IMPOSStBH'TY' to im anrrmw* [xaT, M Gto ttt*l P Cowl [AON D213 PARALLEX CCN 'DEEP* toww to to* OtoMtoxg 95 D216 FACULTY 'MAN ON MOON* w good x™ *om racur, Mtok lewk ol Mwr* I* DtM( 7«1 WB-I IniS 021C SANITY “ROOTS II" vca1 A xwv 0*o*»* a*ms KiaaM 0221 FREEZERS "UECH* AGA sc. To* Iton J*m tfwt* 'Owl Ototxiv. IWB- Lo«l»tolM»*mefOiOM» -tumtoi*tc D222 ARTWORK "GREENOAY* Ww • nomt pa 0227 SCOOPEX 'ALIEN* Sooooa* m BACK x to* "*0* atto « good daW -MM4I AGA] D230 MELON -PLANET M" marm towvc ««a box M guy* to mtoutl AtotMHl 91 • p**7 •" f
NtoMrttovH mcatoV D231 AXIS-PICTURE BOOK* mm Ca om to to. M« Ox-o 0236 MELON DESIGN ‘BAYGON* Mat cwtoywr tor* dxrto D236 EMBASSY 'THRILLED- 95 tow H |:: • D237 SI LENTS “FRUIT MACHINE* MMAwmt, «& dtoru' 0238 VANITY "AMAZED" itum-g mm aaao Irom Vint,, m IM m* totoix txfi »ix* ol thtotfl Oto W AGA] P CUM] 0239 OXYGENE "CONTROL* "omtwOASr parr, US. |: D241 ASSEMBLY » INTROS ccNoon or nwi 0241 AXIS "TIME A EMOTION* ru, aak torn AU* ."o • 0243 MYSTIC -FEAR- irx. 1MW. «m Oocd • x ? R, • x 0247 RAZOR 1911 -FALKORV*in • to.x*|IK)| i»M9l 0248 SCOOPEX *tSO*totomtMdeGto«tioto 7 a... 0249 STELLAR
"AURORA" m* Vom Umw iAGN fit* loBowatg an from Pi* roewni Party 9S- D25BCNCD‘CLOSER* D261 FOCUS DESIGN *SLOWMOTK N* D252 THE PARTY 95 INTROS D2S3 POLKA BROS.-NO- Aga| D2S4 TRSI -CYBERLOGIK- A H1. . C-• D2S5 RAGE -RABIES* D2S8 EMBASSY-CORONA’ A&M2 c»*|. i. at tft* Party 98 rlamoa, piu* af from 1908 and mor* GRAPEVINE 21 ve-b aw togmra fctm 180 - DEADLOCK 9 tuptob dak m*gw« NFA WORD S rtik mount front kFA l*iM] NFA WORD 8 d«k nwgaan* *om I A i*G*l NFA WORD 7 dakirttgunt frcmMA A G*] U 1 •••• NFA WORD 8 OUT SOW LxtM tM» rr*j Xcn NlA V NFA BOOYSHOP 8 uxAiPOtotl SNERILYN FENN SLIDESHOW PHEOBE
-MratiM itoUttoM or. TM Team; toswtw HISTORY OF THE WORLD CUP *i etfftarwd I MAIN LIBRARY U076 WB3 HO INSTALL OISK tomrt md rwtto WB to yog Hard Orwa r*--*4'; U230 TOOLS DAEMON VZ1 Add* too* to tow WB Ma*i inoe RE-ORO vll 1 Da rgxm vow dtowfrlM drx U302 V1EWTEK v2Jt r« «G ml Q» pa* am *aw U317 ACTION REPUY PRO WWHWNUtneAino ' U31B VIDEOTRACKER DATA utx iwt to ttoortdx U319 LIBRARIES ? DATATYPES Or, you am. «*M * Itowy?
Tto*’» • tokamr U3S2 MAGIC W8 v12P tm iwtw. Xwaut to M Potooto i«r .«c*»c« u** ttw art, cxx Etoxa daw to tuoam «*to VB2 •: U3PB TELETEXT vl Jocwtv . Mw «xw rwa.'-i U376 POWERCACHE V37.115 Spww * ,«x mo Cr.. ax*m atl* toe cacM cngrwn vmera to Oft MO 030 and IMO ,V,62-] U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2.0 is. G«yai Osi n *»7
• nnkuNMMxitlxcttottumuaitouaae. (kW-l
1) 408 DISK SALV v2.31 n.j*ret*to OM.'a.ras-rw r U416 AMIGA DOS
OU1DE vl i«m krg 009 to* program IM26EPU STARKER vl.TO pout*
rou-Ntoittom •©*-.' ' .
0434 EDWORO PRO VS tc»:.d too * to* not! Comcrwwrorm *na am, la ia* vnvd pnx***or on p* TO marixA U440 8NOOPDOS v3 Utt Stocedo* to mcnto pngwr, wMy Ax da* tool lo iHd out wnto ttnnm n i 0463 MAIN ACTOR V1.56 An 0454 VtOEOTRACKER 2 AGA IM * 0467 T. UD. E *18Dn*un w*adlod*gad*AlXlV4080*iog**tNBI 3. Rwnom Ini awrt Mt. 0475 RELOKICK v1.4A FINAL ItocMefc a to* mm popvWr cNgsto alUd fVV* »? 1»*» Vl 41 M ¦ M 1*41 UttO 0470 MSOOS FOR AMIQADOS r., r» « m. a- us 009 OontmnncnwvNnga Ana um Ifa *49COS nv1 “ U480 HO GAMES INSTALLER ¦ vwwl Jvngw Saw*. Atotdto.
MonaKontotok Au*v,TuiTei*a-d«»to Umown 0487 BIRTH DATE HISTORY v2J1 Cteck a Mors utilities continued.------ 0502 GBLANKER V3.6 020 a- , CAN Vr9S.| U514 DISK STICK VI.1 A d*t * US21 ADDRESS PRINT v4 ifa. .) 5.ili* tMMNframw Ubafc 0523 DOPUS MAGIC COMPANUN Lewi* to tuawv AAEW incnuDttM [tv3?»| 0533 CAR DATA ANALYST avnto twi r* c* t p*tmx r«l to to* Amo* 0543 TOOLS MANAGER Axcmt rcu to h«v* t 'doto' to «n* an
• Vlavh 2 0.4.|NV93.| U563 GFX CONVERTOR *1.7 D««n tvk% mer» Leah
atux 10 tomx, md urn Ol CBU. PCX. POST9CWPT JpfO v,K.| U 55*
SOUND BOX *147 Gem* mm urge* ton Iff, Fwff.
WAV.M»**TnO.VOC.frFF*toJMAbOroaB'«.»»v*a «tolto»«e» • lead n at PE mw m WAV e» twd *x vaAV *nd*to* a* FF (MI-) U560 DEUTRACkER • v2.1 A aw mogm Pay.
US64 EXOTIC RIPPER v3.1mxtto.mdtmto.nrew n*u.
U576 BLITZ BUNKER V5.5 a« 8am* a axtoe. Tx rto ragtom toa Mpacaa to WU 3*911 ktoOUtotMd tcram aw**,. 83.1 USO0 PC-TA8K va.10 HI rr* rc In* A Dun tw 0594 AMIGA FAX V1.42 Smdtacwm tuw tx you Amga ¦ U917 HD GAMES INSTALL 30*20gxxu,;n w Ve« nato. 8«x*«xa WxM to accew ta b» x«U*ad. Y«3.| 0618 TEXTURE STUDIO vIjOS aUptmow twua*. 8.. 0619 BALLSt 5j»ti md paavtu Lettoy prograw lAQA] 0623 AMIGA CD-ROM GUK)C (kxM » «x»0i to ktg Cta U628 ICON1AN V2.91 *e xb AGA con «M . |A xi| 0634 FR000 vl .5 IM w, Cato OH muanar to to* Amg*. Rom to* ¦5*3 gant* am tow Si-iPW-| U630 DOPUS UTILS 2 Low. D -IN tx
Orartry Q n *5 Mere
• oto*. Am*, rouawa Mo «M 83-j iDogal 0636 TYP1NO DEMON i wn M-
u mm my gtouy • U638 ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 tod Max K : 0648 HD
GAMES INSTALLER 4 tea, mow i awl, t to you dagxTW
Otlaumfrtd,Poewatm«t: r"BJ.| 0649 ettLOCK Lu» exrjram to • Mrd
dnm ¦ 0650 BOOKIE BEATER P-tMwrndWaxpml 6.’-: 0663 SKIOMARKS
2 CARS 4 can to r* *04 Putowm* .
U666 SUPER DMS v2 A pcwwtx xtotwa to 0W9 87 •: U658 DOPUS vS»»v9.11 UPGRADE JtgaJ* Oorut 6J -!
U670 TERM 00 Tww a m* mow tate«*». Cimnukn CW»A0* x PO rvto my oenwwnwi Kwir PC( UB71 TERMtoL5030mraontoB»mxawu4nO) U672 ORGANISER BITS . Cd4Mttot to vetwxwd. To Ogto .
Qg«nur (mwii CkW Ctoroel 0674 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR v2B sCW 8p*cmm Cmvtala Vcu n**d m AOA Am** or 030- prac***w U677 EASY CALC v2B wM wwMM program m- U670 AREXX OUIDE v2A mm ta Mm Amu t, .• :¦. • U680 MOSAIC v2§UMiH6iiyt(liMWMit«tMu l.ifcp*] U682 VARK’S CU TOOLS VOL 8 SoatutCUIooa - gMSwt MBS MIAOE STUDIO *22 M tam 87*1 OTI Pfl JB»*I 0684 ESSENTIAL AMINET 8 ¦¦ * md Mc«ra letwdt K U499 M,U,I. V2-3 cmw* autoi*if»ow. N»»d»d to b.-. GM11 MEGABALL AGA aMoftiW, ten oentowoto ou**V bat
• nu txat gate to AGA ccmputoy. Om I* [AGA] QM22 MISSILES OVER
XERtON :r«», im tww tkdmoa tve* MW on IM Antgt Ancad* gxaMy.
Kaar b* ax by M |Wi»» im* |MA| QM67 SCRABBLE t cam bowd gme
OM78 STARWOIDS rn« m c** ntml |1M9| I. DikS] GM83 ZOMBI
APOCOLYPSC II m CtorMcx Wo* don* «m gu* gara «m w* Wsrf W®*
GM88 MONOPOLY it-. COuc born) g*ra 0*403 KLONDIKE III ii, Mmxn
l-t' M»«-l *«2-!
GM97 TOP HAT WIUY m Aoxg. -jm S« win* nptol Addeato GM106 DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 mr« bemb tow GM118 CHANtGUCB m Me ptaMat A laxxwgt tm gm*.
Dtoct yn* lit* rrvo tomt xMte lo tM *nd. |,Cwi| QM125KEU.OGS UNO NOW’ Tit* car PO pMltonw nf ,aoa.
OM127 ZAXXON wati IM CM tUtac mv oene* w toa Amg*' QM131 SUPER MEGA FRUITS * g:od Fndt Mkftrt* gam.
GM132 SAMURAI SHOWDOWN am a m GM137 MEGABLOCK V2Mce.tT.mt gmwcx to* Amg.
GM138 CYBERMAN-eat A 30 twenen dm* Mry daemt mtftftd.
OM147 DELUXE GALAGA V2J1 tvm te to* itwt PO rnooimm-
* 0 m«r mKto Gto aw d you Mx* m A50C.ACOO ponAGN QMI SO ROCKETZ
V24S txcwb AM cd, KneLWxxrl
• msogaaw Oa to tM mod atdxs.* mjtt (Mtw g*m*t M AGA| GM164 CYBER
GAMES c rtmr A mr-lgNtr urn* Mtn gcre' TM e cxjredy tw bwt
t*d«r ui 9*m*t x m» Pvbfc D*w IXJ) GM169 MASH Bx « Tawn I ft
tVcxn. Gem. A tultl* crow GM174 TANKS! * QM170 ALIEN 0CN0CI0E
*r: Acptrdcr Wul oeni " f I OM17B DOOMER a gx °d Oocxt OoM to
IM Axtgi *UAl|t«| GM180 CARNAGE u u»L gut md gora ini w GM183
PSS8T AGA wmtw Pwt on a. Stwocyt Wti toe a toa Aaagatanavd
GM184 SCREECH ror. «WX«MW GM185 BOARD OAME8ctm*oem*ewngm Mra
QM1B7 FEARS 2 AGA -c-' Uu MW TM a t ttme to Ha V GM1M CARD
GAMES DELUXE rom GM191 CHILD AOVENTURE AGA nt at bad it c twd
grapMW .dmrnr* ta toe* to* "w*wy to elw, ycut MM [i 39 GM224
BATTLE DUEL AGA tuna k* e a SHOTS anisy hpe 9*nc i-»a) 0(4226
GLOOM a dm .«* »- to tM tomeonwg Oeax, den* [AGN 0(4227 WAR OF
THE WORLDS 4 A v-nw ratoly (xogmr .mug GM238 LAST LAP Vl Encmmt
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gme 2 Oato] GM242 PSVCHUEL*- u«otm- * : ' • • GM245 THE PYRAMID
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v2 C4.99 rtuout, c-gxne* gud* to Area | Suet!) Oud* t Mp you
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gud* If a. ¦ FI-77 BEOINNERS GUIDE TO WB3 YOU (PREFSI £3.99.
tegxwt g»3* to Wtotbtocn 3 tM. Tw ptoeranc* toctma. MB F1-76
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AGA £6.99 A no. Ax. CM- ox »«w F1-R3 IMAGE COMPRESSOR £3.99 m
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amapcra F1 -87 LEGIONS OF DAWN £4.99 -*0 »•« nw FI-101 INTRO TO
DOS WB 2 £SJ9 F1-102 AURIGA £4.99 .«r,d*omt»nctoctow FI -107
OREENtES £3.90 . 30 mu*'»«, adto to 1 7 (t*t*ra FI-106 PUSH AND
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‘Aretd* xw1 19 utomd 9?-I FI-109 BEOINNERS GUIDE TO WB3 VOL.3
(TOOLS) 0.99 msra itaS WB3 tHb tha tout* [W0» FI-110 FALLING
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gaomt rnwg, gam* l*QA] FI-111 RETURN TO ZANTKS £3.99 atototr
era to Axtga ronwr* mead AV09 aenxt * Id, wquto tetxmm AEUCS to
OftdroMya W to.
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Each product comas with a multi page printed manual. «ctu«vo sleeve and brandad d»hv All programs regarded bait m ihoir dm AMOS PRO COMPILER £14.99 Do you admr* tre ccxvrercui gwes ouflt a* Mcxiur, Umd and oihto ad.ontura gamm toxl aeh you cooO program your onm veraon? Wfr I the OrnFtc Adtamura Crwfure v7 you «n aawy m« ¦ pom and adventure game Epeion 9 or RtoKS ot bee* evw te*«ng Wa!
G igjggj (WB2-] (NEEDS AMOS PRO)
O. R.A.C. VERSION 2 £6.99 WtT me Graphic Arfctrrvr* Cfaaiuro v?
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Rates ot Detoone,* TH» i* IM tong noted tertian 2 tttoch
contare m*ry n*w ttaturas sutoi u IF* Ann, tupport. Atat
Chirac tar teal* ara zoom, ptoyer t*Jb-*eitch Ivvrta Vom
Chirac tar to dwactw ox acram]. Over 30 n*e scrp« cexvxanda. M
(itprortd acnoi adaor. 32 Dadgroind ohfecti and man, more. A
Hprfr rtoMae • GRAC la Ff* b**t aver saarg atto [iMB-1 DISK
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hard driia. &r u»rq ceiiTprestion routre* you can expand your
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IM aprea up to 2flCMB Imanpt** Vaitou* completed rouinat to
choota from Vary e«r,-ln-j*« KtorUca flM.tcu pa:k» and
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Disks. This advert shows only the let-; est and greatest PD releases, If yw want a title stocked by another: library or a title that you are not sure; is available - call for our help. For a: complete lilt, ask for a cat disk.
You can orOfrr by cheque, postal order or cre&t anI Ones you have deeded upon ID® order con- lenls. Add th* postage change and send the onMr to the aOdfowi wo Of cal win ygir credl card Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
R,-r 01325 352260 E T s.tlor.tractivx2. ixrtioti.co.uk K E Yz [WB2+J Workbench 2 3 Only [xD] Number of Disks [xMB] Minimum Memory (HD] Hard Drive Needed ORDER INFO: Each Public Domoin Disk 99p Postage On All Orders 75p Fhwdtodtx )W to Wbrtd odd KfS k. I07AL Catalogue Disk 50p Make Cheques Payable to: ACTIVE SOFTWARE, Using the buzzword Phil South looks into the options for creating interesting multimedia with Amos Multimedia is a bit of a buzzword with most people at the moment, and has been for some time. Unfortunately for Amiga users, most of the programs which creato »he multimedia
applications we consume are based on PC and Mac platforms. This is for several good reasons, or ol least good reasons if you are a PC or Mac user. The Amiga is a smaller market than the PC, so developers are leaning bock from the format and creating less if not no multimedia applications. Scola is a perfect platform for creating lively presentations, and so is Director, but you can do these kinds of things with Amos, and here's how.
If you have on IFF onimotion you con use the added functionality of AMOS PRO to give you animations in yOur programs. These ore, of Course, mostly for use os game intros, but it is possible to make multimedia programs which use this facility.
Imagine on Amos program which hos been compiled and is mastered onto a CD. Imagine clicking onto a picture and suddenly it bursts into life as on onimotion like, for example, an animation from LightWave or something similar to that.
Making Amos use IFFs is easy. In case you've never done it, here's how it's done. Having first made your IFF file, using Dpoint or LightWave, Real3D or whatever, you can play it straight to o specified screen number, like so: Iff Ania 'big.anli" To 0 This ploys on onimofion called 'big.anim" to screen
0. This is the most direct method of playing on animation in Amos
and it simply lakes the animation you specify and plays it.
You can do this: Iff Ania "Mg.Mir To 0,5 many frames to play
back.) Now you can play bock the frames from a memory bank,
using the Frame Play commond: Other ideas Once you've mastered
playing back animations you could try to sort out how to play
back a narration in sync with the animation, or if not
precisely in sync then at least at the same time. This could
be a narration or perhaps a piece of music. (TIP: try sampling
a snatch of music and looping it for a longer piece of music
end to keep the sample siie down.)
To play back an IFF sample while your animation is playing, first load the sample into a bank (usually bank 5) using the sample loader supplied with Amos. Once your sample is in the bank, you play it back with SAM PLAY, like this: S» Play 1 which plays back the first sample in the sample bank.
As another scenario, which makes a lot more sense for multimedia, you could play a sample of a voice narration, telling everyone what a brilliant animator you are, plus have the music supplied by a MOD file played back using the Track Play command. This means you would have graphics, voice and music all moving at once. Voila, multimedia!
Next month I'll be going through some more specific examples far you. See you then... to make it ploy a specified amount of times, which in this case is five times. You can, if you like, write a simple IFF Anim player routine using this command: Iff Anti fstlSC**’) To 0,10 as the core of the code. You could put this into a nice border or even add your own ploy and rewind buttons, which we'll go into in a minute. Now, there are a number of ways you can manipulate a file to make it play back in certain specified ways. You must first iood the anim file into a bonk, using the OPEN IN command: Open
In 1,*blg.an1i” then use the FRAME LOAD command to Iood the frames to a memory bank: Mraae Load (1 To 10,1000) Now you have all the frames in the animation (ony- thing up to 1000 frames) in bank 10, and you also have a note of how many frames were looded in the variable Z. (This is useful for knowing how F=fra«e Play (10,1,0) Double Buffer fsfrne Pliy(f,1) Notice that Double Buffering is not switched on automatically and you have to activate it yourself.
Now you have full control over the frames, and you can make them step forward and backwards using a mouse-controlled button. Buttons can be mode from any graphic and zones can be drawn over them to make a button sensitive to a mouse click. So you must check if the mouse button has been clicked and if the mouse is in the specified zone. Then you feed the command to the FRAME PLAY part of the routine and you can move the animation bock and forth like that.
IMPORTANT: You hove to use flogs in your program (os discussed in a recent edition of this column) to ensure that only the first click is read when you click on one of these control buttons. Set the Hag to I when the button has been clicked so ony subsequent presses of the button are not read. This could cause big problems in your program if you don't do this, os the frames of the animation won't be played bock in sequence, and everything could go horribly wrong. Flogs ore a good habit to get into anyway, os I said in the previous article.
Amiga Computing WRATH OF CWENOOR HazUUrihSomvzra prwcTfy PrnsdMg Cfty Csr?
A 3D Vector graphics racing car game for the Amiga A1200 »iVS S3S- m y in Inc P&P Flexi-Link Software 1 Oakcroft Close St Leonards Park Gloucester GL4 9NU
• ’"Yin'll 4nn - - - ¦ Or Buy your Demo Disk for only £1.50 To
order make Cheques or Postal Orders made payable to "Mr A.
Sturgess", and send to:
* * I23HR*- v ¦*' r ijn 01452)306252 Flexi-LInk V1.6 - Very
fast Amiga to Amiga link...£30 (As reviewed in Amiga Computing
Christmas Edition) Paul Overaa provides an overview of the
current Amiga Midi sequencing scene.. ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ sequence
Do it in True Midi sequencers, as most of you will doubtless
know, are designed primarily to record, edit ¦H ond play back
Midi data.
Although all such offerings also allow you to use Amiga internal sounds as well the real software, emphasis is primarily on recording from, and playing back to Midi equipment. What sort of choice is there as far as real Amiga Midi sequencers go? Well four sequencer packages have stood the test of time: Sequencer One Plus - Software Technology's Sequencer One Plus is one of the few UK developed sequencers that has found a safe niche for itself amidst the rather awesome heavyweight Stateside competition. Sequencer One Plus offers all the basic functions needed for Midi sequencing and it
supports the use of internal sounds as well os Midi oriented output.
Win a lot ol support lor the new Music-X Two editors are available including o high-level Bar Editor which shows the arrangement of the song, graphically indicating for each track the bars which contain data. The main use of this editor is for viewing and creating arrangements and carrying out block editing operations. More detailed editing is performed using the Step Editor which provides a piano roll-type display.
For a middle range sequencer, Sequencer One Plus offers a surprising number of Midi 'goodies,' although it does, of course, lack many of the refinements found with heavyweight Amiga packages.
You'll find no harmony generators, score printing, or the more esoteric options like SMPTE or Midi Time Code support, but it is nevertheless suitable for most non-professional use and it is very well priced. Software Technology hove essentially concentrated on creating and supporting a 'workhorse' sequencer that offers the user just the basic facilities needed for serious use.
Music-X+Notator-X - Music X has olwoys been a powerful sequencer but when Music-X version 2 come along, a number of facilities including Arexx control and support for multiple serial port cord use were added. The most important addition, however, was the inclusion of a very useful score notation program called Nototor-X which allows you to write, edit and print music scores.
Both Music-X and Notator-X, incidentally, can run as standalone programs, but if your Amiga has more than 1.5 meg of memory then you'll be able to run both programs together and move music data between them. You can, incidentally, also use Notator-X in conjunction with any other sequencer package that supports Midi file import export.
CrgrrrrrrgcnE-EgEssE i refitrnrrrrrrrroErtr-'AA Dr T's KCS - the current Dr T's offering, known os the KCS level II, provides the KCS sequencer, PVG, a Master Editor, Tiger ( a graphic editor), QyickScpr?
(which provides basic score tronscription and printing facilities) ond AutoMix. All of these components ore integrated into Dr T's multi-program environment (MPE). The track editing facilities ore quite sophisticated - there is fully implemented cut and paste editing, pitch transposition, frock shifting, track splitting, note duration and velocity correction functions, track rearrangement, multiple cue points, automatic new track muting (helpful when doing multiple takes), and some interesting note ond controller splitting facilities.
Other goodies include remote Midi control of start stop record functions, support for the Phantom SMPTE interface, controller chasing, time reversal, rechannelling, autocorrecfion, real-time ond step-time editing, inversion and the ability to protect drum ports from transposition. In short there's little you can't do!
Bars & Pipes Professional Blue Ribbon Soundwork's Bars & Pipes Professional is as much a creative tool os a conventional sequencer. There ore very powerful song parameter options which let you define lyric lines, chords keys scales, rhythm data, global dynamics and so on. There's oufomaled mixing, oil the usual stuff like Midi-file, Sysex and internal sounds support, timeline scoring (for video film work) ond SMPTE facilities. In short, Bars & Pipes Pro is a brilliant piece of software which, in practice, suffers from only one real snog - the amount of memory needed to run it. A realistic
set up for serious work would be a fast machine with around 2-4 megs of memory along with o hord disk.
Software Technology's Sequencer One Plus is a useful, and very reasonably priced entry-level product which now has quite a large user base. Both Dr T's KCS and Blue Ribbon Soundwork's Bars&Pipes sequencers, however, are the favourites amongst most professional Amiga musicians, and both Dr T and Blue Ribbon Soundworks do, incidentally, also offer dozens of other Amiga music packages - patch editors, notation software, librarians etc. Music-X has always been popular but of late there has been renewed interest in this package, specifically because of the Notator-X score editing facilities now
provided. Of late it's also been the subject of a substantial price cut and is now very good value for money.
Bottom L i n e_ Product: Dr T’s KCS level I sequencer £99 Supplier: Millenium Music Phone: Tel: 0115 955 2200 Product: Music X v2 + Notator X £49.95 Supplier: Emerald Creative Technology 0181-715 8866 Phone Product: Bors & Pipes Professional Price £199.95 Emerald Creative Technology 0181-715 8866 Supplier: Phene Product: Sequencer One Plus £49.95 (current offer price £39.95) Software Technology Price Supplier: Phone: 0161-236 2515 Amiga Computing Are you in need of ? Favi and easy connection between two AMIGA s? Liana, die low cost network soki tion, is exactly what you want! Just plug it in.
Irntal the software, and it turn! Nothing could be ecsier thon that. Liono is the network solution for those with a small budget ond big needs. You con eren shore your hard drives ond printers
• For every (!) AMIGA from WB 2.0 on with a free porolei port fa
mm fb A
• Includes coble I S U U
• Includes Commodore s Envoy networking software J
• English manual
• automatically reconnection after (re-)booting without new
• Every mothire usoblt os serra and dient ¦y- J -7
- 9* ifff!!1 I f
- ji =jji 11 1| « VIU.AGC TRONIC , .
Piensso ii i I m? Tm *. **- IIJIlJIIIJIIJflllJIJIJIflfllllillllllHJIilHllilll Ariudjiy Don’t get overwhelmed with the complexity of setting op o network, use our Ariadne Ethernet cord thot is compatible with oil Amigas thal hove an available Zorro Slot. Ihis cord is not only eosy to network it also equipped with 1 additional parallel ports offering multiple network solutions.
• lOBose 2 (Thin Ethernet, coax-cable) and lOBose I (Twisted
pair, western jacket)
• Socket lor Boot ROM
• SANA II compotfcle driver for ethernel ond parallel port
• Hook up lo twn additional AMIGAs to the parallel ports with
• 3?KBy1e cache lo support (PU
• Includes Commodore's Envoy networking software P O
• English manual TV L Picasso IIRTG, the graphics board oil
others are measured against: ? Grophics board for all Amiga's
with Zorro-Bus - Workbench driver lo retarget all 2 Ml programs
and WB lo the Picasso
* Supports up to 256 colors with WB3.1, even on A2000 ond A3000 p
O j Q ? WB resolutions definoble up to 1600 x 1280 pixels
* HiColof (16Bit) ond TruoCofor (248H) graphics: 16M colors!
? Drivers for most graphic programs such as AdPro. ImageFX, ImogeMoster, Reol3D ? Allows connection of ony VGA or Multrscon monitor ? Al 084 ond A1081 are still usable with a special coble »Black borders gone forever, takes full advontoge of monitor's capabilities ? System-compliant implementation of nwiitorfile, resolution selet table using screen mode requester »Monitor file compliant with System 2.x or higher resolution selectable using screeitmode requester »View regular AMIGA ond special Pkassoll RTG screens on same Monitor without (hanging cobles
* Screen promoter lo moke older programs work on Picosso
* Draggable screens Available with I MB or 2MB, upgradable from I
MB to 2MB at anytime A works on i idwd" The most popular
TCP IP*implementation for the Amiga.
• conned your AMIGA to heterogeneous networks ond the InlerNet
• supports Network-File-System (NFS) os o client
• uses SANA-II interfere
• optimized version for 68020 CPU included Sod**.**-1
• printed german or english manual
• additional applications ftp. Telnet, rsh etc. System
requirements: AMIGA with al least Workbench ond Kickstart 7.0,1
MB RAM ond ca. 2 MB free space on harddisk.
A Amta0*m . __j ovules
• StsSss sssEiS wiu, "cR' . M.oiwaUc WIWW | |l Wellweg 95 D-
31157 Sorstedt Germany VILLA -E TRONI Tel: i iV lO)M)66 70l5MO
technical Hotline Tel: i ‘19 (0)5066 701 o-ll Orders Tel: s
49 (0)5066 7013*40 Mailbox lul: .‘i9 (0)5O66 0KM9 FAX
Blittersofl • 6 Drakes Mews • (rownhill • Milton Keynes •
Buckinghamshire • MK8 Off Order Line +44 (0) 1908 2614-66
QueriesAechnicol +44 (0) 1908 7614-77 Fax +44 (0) 1908 2614-88
BBS +44 (0) 1908 2614-99 » AnMM II K RUUD Pnce Dealer onces may
wwv c) 1996 Vhaoe Trortc AH right* reserved ¦¦¦¦ Turn your
animation into a professional movie with exciting camera angles
and realistic shadow effects It's in the can!
In last month's article I explained in detail the principles of the X, Y and Z axis and how they eon allow you to manipulate ond ¦i animate brushes with ease and with spec- toculor results. I also touched upon how you can use Move to actually mimic camera pans and zooms.
Camera pans and zooms are important in any animation just as they ore in film, and you can learn a useful techniques by studying the latter.
Implementing different camera angles is an excellent way of speeding up or slowing down the oction and conveying emotion in what is basically a 2D art form. However, camera angles have a more basic appeal ond that is to keep the audience interested in what is actually happening.
Imogine a two hour movie with only one scene and with a single camera angle - you would be The right texture If you con understand the texture of the object you are designing, adding light sources ond shadows to it shouldn't be a problem. The alien portrait shown here can be seen from its early beginnings to the finished artwork, including shadows and much texture detail would have and laborious task if performed by hand, but using the Brighten and Darken effects the process was made infinitely quicker. Using the filled line tool I simply drew in the shapes which were then automatically
brightened or darkened as I desired.
Switching on anti-aliasing also ensured that the shadows and highlights blended in with the rest of the image.
Bored after the first five minutes. Obviously, your animations are not going to run to two hours which is why if is even more important to utilise different camera angles - trying to make a 30-second animation exciting to an audience is certainly the most difficult aspect of computer- generoted animation.
The knowledge required to use camera angles correctly can only come from continued experimentation, so if you are just starting out in computer animation use movies os a source for inspiration. If it helps, try and make notes as to the type of scene the camera angle is linked to. Not only will you build a useful collection of camera angles but also o reference as to which one should be used when and where.
Let there be light When creating animations in a 3D program such as LightWave or Imagine the designer can simply add light by Including light objects in his scene. The rendering process tpkes care of cash ing light and shadow allowing the designer more time to concenfrafe more on objects.
There are no such perks when creating animations in o 2D paint package and light and shadow can often make or break your creation.
Fortunately, with 2D you're not required to recreate the kind of realism expected from a 3D program and therefore you can afford to make lights more stark and shadows much harder.
The First thing to do is make a note of the different lights required on your storyboards. You can then sketch the general direction of each light and note where it falls in relation to the other objects in your scene. By understanding where the light is coming from you will have a pretty good idea where the shadows will be cast. For a static light the shadow should be fairly easy to place, but if the light is animated in any way the shadow is going to change in relation to the movement of the light and any structures it passes over.
A simple way of adding light and shadow is to use the Brighten and Darken effects. For a light cast on the floor you could simply select a filled ellipse with the Brighten effect turned which you can then draw over the floor where the light falls, You could even switch antialiasing on in order to smooth out the edges of the cast light or shadow. If you need more control over the shape of your cast light or shadow you can use the filled line tool instead.
A quick way of drawing shadows is to use the Shear tool which is normally located in the Brush section of your paint package. Using Shear you can draw near accurate shadow castings using the original object as a template.
You should first grab the object which is casting the shadow as a brush and flip it in the Y axis (the direction you flip the brush is dependant on the position and direction of the lightsource
- in this example behind and above).
Using the Shear X option you should shear the brush in the opposite direction from where the light is coming from. With Darken enabled from the brush effects you can then paste the brush down ond you should end up with an instant, and accurate, shadow. You may also need to alter the width and height of the shadow in relation to the height of the lightsource.
Metaform for the masses Paul Austin delivers a quick guide to getting the best from LightWave's funkiest feature elievable organic forms have been the holy groil of 3D design for years Primitives with their blocky angular forms are efficient ond effective for the majority of jobs, but alas, precious few things conform to such a rigid design in the real-wodd.
B ll!
Enter Metaform, the 3D designers dream tool. With the aid of this 3D cure, oil soft sculpted forms are no more than a couple of clicks away. No more struggling with spline curves, no more compromise, this is a seemingly effortless solution for a multitude of modelling nightmares. Unfortunately, like most panaceas, there's an inevitable downside.
Ml For the power players with 060s and unlimited RAM, metaform's seemingly unavoidable side effect is hardly noticeable. However, for mere mortals the multitude of points ond polygons that the process generates con be o real heodoche.
Fortunately, there is a ray of hope in an eosy-to- swollow solution. Due to the simplicity of just hitting the metaform button to obtain instant results, it's incredibly tempting to just fire ond forget. However, if you con contain your enthusiasm and think about what's required from the metaform effect before you hit the button, you could save yourself hundreds if not thousands of RAM-hungry polygons. A classic example of this is the now ubiquitous lightWove round corner cube. Famous for its port in the textures example scene, this opporentfy simple object remained a ‘how did they do that?'
Modelling mystery until the official arrival of metaform in version 3.5. In our example image, the cube on the left boasts 386 polygons whilst its near identical twin on the A simple example ot the smoothing benefits that adding the Odd slice can have to metaformed right angles. Basic stuff, but nevertheless essential for thoee of us on a budget when it comes to available RAM middle weighs in with just 218. However, even this seems extreme compared to the cube on the right which gets the job done with just 164. Look pretty simt- lor, don't they? Number one started life with more poly gons than
the others, comprising a standord 4x4 cube which was then given a single metaform pass. Its port ner in the middle, however, started life os 3x3 cube which enjoyed 20 seconds additional editing os the intemol polygon groups within it were dragged to the comers prior to o single metaform pass. The cube on the right started out the some as its counterpart in 6e centre, but after the metaform pass all the polygons which made up the flat faces of the cube were deleted to be replaced by a single polygon.
Obviously, this approoch is much more time consuming as there's a lot of hiding, reselectmg and build of the individual faces - maybe two or three minutes in total. For the additional effort you get more than a 50 per cent return in polygon efficiency - and that's a figure that can jump dramatically if you need to employ more than one metaform pass to get the desired effec If you multiply the affect by having, let's say, ten, one hundred, or maybe even a thousand duplicates of the object in o single scene, the extra effort soon gets pur into perspective.
Smooth angles !l»t* i 3 Essentially, metaform makes its smoothing calculations based on the proximity of polygons and their relative angles - the closer the grouping the more rounded that particular part of the model becomes.
As a result, it makes sense to use the minimum number of points and simply ensure that the area you want affected the most has the highest proportion of polygons.
Simply moving points and polygons isn't always an option because it could easily destroy the overall shape you require, so a more precise method is called for. The simplest solution is to select the precise area of polygons on the model that needs smoothing and metaform these separately.
Sometimes this alone will do the job reasonably efficiently.
However, simply selecting existing groups doesn't always deliver the goods because the number and shape of polygons present simply doesn't deliver the desired results. Under such conditions, a technique favoured by the pros is to use a combination of a flat plain and LightWave's slice functions to introduce more detail in the form of additional polygons into a selected area, thereby enhancing the smoothing affect of the metaform pass.
I’J man Ax) Our three example* a* *een in modeller. A* you can erne a few aeconds spent on planning, dragging and deleting unnecessary polygons can really pay off Amiga Computing The big three Gary Whiteley explains the principles behind differing TV systems ave you ever wondered why Britain and America have different TV systems, or why SVHS equipment has different connectors fo VHS equipment? It's all down to standards and formats, cunning plans to squeeze more into a pint pot and, of course, the need for constant improvement and more sales.
H Let's start with video standards, of which there ore three predominant video ones in use around the world - PAL, NTSC and SECAM. Each is slightly different from the others and hence lopes recorded using one standard cannot be played back in another without the use of standards converters. For professional quality film and tape transfers these machines ore still very expensive, but nowadays it is possible to buy a relatively cheap multi-standard VHS VCR which can play bock any tape from anywhere in the world using just a single machine.
Perhaps as technology advances there will be just one video standard for the whole world, though it is perhaps unlikely in the foreseeable future, given the sheer investment required to convert everyone's existing equipment over.
Standards The first of three big standords is NTSC (National Television Standards Committee, os used in the USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico and other parts of South America, and the Philippines). NTSC runs at 30 frames of 525 lines per second and is often jokingly referred to as 'Never Twice The Same Colour', but nowadays this isn't necessarily the case. Whilst it's true that NTSC equipment also has a Hue control in oddition to the regular Colour, Brightness and Contrast controls, I've always thought that NTSC looked pretty good, and because of the higher frame rote there isn’t quite so much
apparent flicker with certain kinds of image. In fact, many Americans find PAL TV to be disconcertingly The FRENCH OPTION The second popular standard is SECAM (which stands for Sequential Couleur A Memoire), which was developed by the French from 1959 onwards as an alternative to the then less stable NTSC. SECAM runs at 25 frames of 625 lines per second and is also the adopted TV standard of many French colonies (current and ex-), Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Russia and some of the other ex-Communist bloc countries.
Strangely enough, though, much SECAM material is actually sourced on PAL equipment and only converted to SECAM at the final transmission stage, Unlike most of the rest of Europe, who were trying to agree on a single TV standard, France decided that it would stick with SECAM no matter what. After 1966 France went her own way, whilst the alternative PAL system was adopted by most of her neighbouring countries.
Flickery until their eyes and brains become occustomed to PAL's lower frame rate.
NTSC evolved from an already existing monochrome system and was the first widespread standard for colour television broadcasting, coming into regular use in 1953. As on historical aside, it is said that the Nazis hod both colour TV cameras and video projection in use far the 1936 Olympic gomes, though this is hard to verify, both for political reasons and because German companies such as Telefunken (who were at the forefront of PAL TV development) ore still reluctant to odmit that they might have hod any links with the Nazis.
UK IMPORTANCE The final standard, and the most important one for us, is PAL (Phase Alternate line) and is the one used in the UK, as well as much of Europe, ex- and current UK dependencies and colonies, including Auslrolia, New Zealand, South Africo, Iceland, China and a number of African ond Arab states.
Like SECAM, PAL runs at 25 frames of 625 lines per second and, like SECAM and NTSC, this frame line combination is derived os a division of the national domestic mains electricity frequency (50Hz for PAL and SECAM, 60Hz for NTSC).
Of course, as with all standords there are exceptions. For instance, Brazil uses the PAL system, but with only 525 lines and at 60Hz (PAL-M), whilst Cuba, Haiti ond French Guyana hove SECAM, but with 525 lines. There may also be minor differences between the sound carrying side of some PAL systems. So, if you have a tape of Brazilian TV and you think you can ploy it bock on a standard PAL VCR, you’d be mistaken. I learnt this the hard way, carrying o tape all the way back from Rio only to find out that all I could get oul of it was the sound!
This is where standords converters come in, making it possible to translate from one video system to another. The trouble is, there are some fairly tricky problems to overcome. For instance, when converting from NTSC (30 frames per second, 525 lines) to PAL (25 frames per second, 625 lines) somehow five frames have to be lost and 100 lines per frame gained. Digital equipment ond processing can solve most of these problems, but even so it still isn’t possible to moke up the extra lines from scratch.
Professional standards converters, costing many thousands of pounds, have advanced electronics which can look ahead by up to four fields (2 frames) and then interpolate the results to provide smoother viewing. They also interpolate the lines in the frame and add extro lines to moke up the difference between NTSC's 525 ond PAL’s 625. Cheaper standards converters, for instance in the £1000 or so range, as well as the multistandard VCRs, lend to have a simpler approach and often just throw out the required five frames per second and onfy do limited line interpolation. The result, especially
where action is moving fast, can be a noticeable staggering of the images and jogged diogonal lines where the interpolation isn't of a high enough quality to smooth the picture out sufficiently. It’s the old story of you gel whal you pay for.
TO COME Next Month - Video Formats.
Gary Whiteley can be e-mailed drgaz@cix.compulink.co.uk Amiga Computing ¦ l«l* tl»l A "* a r a IX P ¦ !-»• 1'ld z B
- MlOtCraft
- F1 Ucenceware
• Octamed Expert
- LH Publishing
- The Room Upstars
- V.S.I. ¦ Global Interne! Ltd
- Freelance Wmor
- Freelance Artsl
- Datamation
- Freelance Writer
- Paragon (Freelance)
- Ground Zero Software
- Axiom Video Services
- AMOS Programmer
- MED Users Group
- Imagine Users Group Also!
Kev and Gareth Oaft Sieve Bye Ed Wiles Larry Hickmott Peter and David Clarke Simon & Co Mark Thomas Danny Amor Jason Jordache Dale Hemenway Davd Taylor John Kennedy Jeremy Ford Justin Joyce Andrew Campbell Richard Banmster Spencer Janhs
• Amga MIDI
- AMOS Programming
- Octamed in Deptn
- OTP. Printers. Clcart
- 30 Animation
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- The CD and German MM
- Bitmap Graphics
- Animation
- Storage. Emulation
- Internet etc etc etc!
- PD Section
- Amiga DTV
- AMOS ‘Hands-on'
- Muse (SoundStudio)
- Imagine 'Hands-on'
• Full version of Dopus v4 I • Full version of Octamed vS.04
• Other full programs (TBC) | • ‘Test Drive', exclusive version
of Wordworth 3 I • Limited Version of Ppalnt v6.4 | • Get
Connected' to the Internet
- all you need, all ready to goll | • Essential PD to Get
• Exclusive stuff from various user groups and companies!
• Faat Rendering of 6 bit (256 colour) Images pracbcaity
instantaneous dttpUy ot 256 colour pdure even on stock 020 Amga
There can oe mere tnen one 256 image duptayeo at one time into
the patatte shew
• la a Stand-alone Platform Unlike Other “Hypertext" Products
(HTML Language etc) does not need other programs such as ML
orAmTCP to run
• Allows Text, Picture and Gadget Linka aa Opposed to If*
Pre-daaeaaor cAc* on a picture or animated gadget ant) mow to
anothar page Retrace boc* to your original position.
• Allows the us of Sub-Module* Runnable •* Commands tor
instance, play and show an anVnatron as a command by cAetang on
a button! The commands can aVow you to "Hr*'to anything and
anyehere Cvc* a ink and enatre the dchonery etc
• Multiple Font* A Add Colour from 256 Colour Pallete you can me
as many a-fferen! Fonts at you «e Just use tha norma) Amiga
bitmap fonts » any toe! You can also ado colour to the lext
trom a peteie ot 256 colours Hrghbght a word - add colour
Hghtght dMarart Inks - add cokxa*
• Super Bitmap Window cater tor AnegeGude Imw which take uo more
Anos than is available
• Downward Compatibility It to reed out AmgaGaide format (and
soon HTML pages
• Drawing Tools AAG Mows you to create Anas. Pores, cedes and
colour them by using ample commands such as OORAW 10-40,25-60
or OMIME 10.30.35 - using co ordinates and tangfhi AAG • GUI OS
VERSION Advanced AmigaGuide (AAG) can be a drect replacement
tor the current AmigaGuide In a native OS GUI version it looks
very sml- lar to the existing format, however it is very
different The language aaows more ffexbihy such as the
co-ordination oI text, Imagos and gadgets in upto 256 cotatrs
and can add more pOwWlul feature* SUCh K HTML decoding or use
ot miitpie fonts on a cage AAG can also reoJ old AmigaGude Has
It also ueee the same tacftnquas lor taming " GUCC* Me* I see
second picture i ONODC.
PUNK. (ICOMMAND etc arc the seme as the old format, but new commands have been added such as
OUNE. OGOTO. ©CENTRE etc etc This allows the user to quickly under- stand the simplcity ol writing the doc- umenta page* GLOBAL iNTKRiiET The Get Starto 3 CD should be available from most good Out March 1996 due early April.
CO mail order and high street Anvga retailers. Ail nghts fAflA Mnrlilnarl COO OO reserved Contents may be subtect to change [AGA Machines] £29.99 FI volume one - New Search Routine the tTut-tascng searcMrti ml tam IM names or nutrbar New 'Hot-Keys' Function |us: press -S' lor search or 'E‘ lor extract. 'Help* tor helpt Restyled, Remastered new hep end nformation guda. Restytad artwork) Superb1
• Greatest & latest PO from early 1905 - January 1996 : Ut*v game
I, demos, sSdeshowi, education, disk megs end morel ¦ mchtdng
meet ot thn e&teri and ktedt el greet PO tcltware
• NEW! 100 Klondike Card Game* Deluxe Cerdeels
• NEW Th complete Active Software Pro Pack collection
• NEW! AD the Professional Sound Samples |90 Dtsks]
• NEW Over 25MBt of read-to-view uie Magic WB Icons ate
• NEWt Special 'programming' themed area :*r NEW! READY TO RUN &
DMS Superb value CD-Rom at only £19.99 NEW!
The History of tho Amiga Who invented it? The old Commodore, its bosses, ideas, mw- Jies etc. The Escom rivlval and much more.
‘miga Environment hat a your Amiga? Why is it so special? What is the :ene'? Who are Amiga Technologies and what do they do?
Ne Amiga Hardware
- side, outside, ports, chips all explained Vorkbench and DOS
Vhat o it? Using It. Data and file management. Workbench
..vironment tips, the CLI. Advanced WB and CU tricks
'rogrammlng .MOS. Blitz, assembly. C. Amiga E and AREXX
examined ecome an Artist Overnight aytracing, 30, animation,
bitmap drawing analysed
• come an AMIGA Music Maestro uetamed explained. MO discussed,
musicians interviewed Getting Your Words into Print Word
processing, Desk Top Publishing. Printers. Clipart etc Surfing
the Super Information Highway Intro to the internet. Surfing
the Internet. WWW design.
Armga Internet Providers. Amga Internet software Tho Amiga Technologies Internet pack taken for a test drive.
General Arena Emulation. Operating Systems. Storage Systems. Amiga in Business. Multimedia etc etc etc The Amiga Future Where «the Amiga going? AMIGA Technologies' plans. Amiga visions, possibio industry comments. Amiga 'Visions" - the companies that w* bring us innovative products in 1996. We interview Intersect Developments, Fields of Vision and more.
And Finally Credits, thanks and anything we have forgotten!
111* MERE Zoom release 2 - no in reaOyto-run Do you want the latest PD CO- Rom that contains the latest PD to January 1996?
Contains the greatest and latest PD from two superb PO tbraries. The interface must be the most easy to use CD interface on any CO. Coded by the co-author of the superb new Gal Surted CO • iu« I pont. Read about the disk and click to extract. Superb and very easy to use The contents have also been updated so you get all the latest PD I ixitil early January 1996 and loads more as listed opposite. Comes wfth an on-lne help routine, multitasking search routine and hotkeys tunc- | boo If you want 650MB s of the lateel PO. Then look herel Two formats
- ready-id-run and the DMS format (for shops etc). The pictures
below I show the enhanced QMS interface m action.
YjiMain Contents List: The world’s first truly AGA multimedia, interactive compact disc.
Designed for beginners, new users through to intermediate (and higher!) Levels, it helps an Amiga user understand more about their computer and what it is capable of. Covers many subjects from raytracing to the Internet and from programming to music.
Many ‘well-known’ experts and Amiga-buffs are contributing to this CD. They offer help, answers, tips, tricks and more. Want to know how the experts create a WWW page? Global Internet show how! Stuck using Internet software? John Kennedy explains all.
Also contains forums, opinions and a look to the future with top Amiga developers. Comes with a FREE bonus beginners section with commercial programs, commercial demos and all the PD you need to Get Started, all ready-to-run. If you have an AGA Amiga with a CD player, then get this. PC multimedia CD’s are here!
- -And Starring!
Above are low screen grabs *o«e | an early version of the Gel S CO nterlace: The man page. 3 colour wndoes. Ihe ncutng nonary and an anitnebon e«ar©* | Advanced AmigaGuide (or AAG) is the language that resldos behind the Get Started interface. It offers m«ly enhanced and powerful features over the old AmigaGuide language. To the left of this box is a list of the features AAG contains. AAG could be used in a multimedia product, interface front-end. On-line help program , disk magazine and much more. Contact us for licence details. AAG should be available by May June 1996.
Sick of the run-of-the-mill old PO CD releases con tang collections from pre-1995?!? This CD contains the complete collection of F1 Uoenceware titles from FI-001 to FMOO. Over 100 titles or more than 200 disks! This CD is worth well over E500, if the disks were bought separately There » something for evaryone on me CD - games, utilities, tools, professional clipart and music, beginners guides, educational programs arid much more. Some auperb materiel is contained within this CO-Rom Blackboard v3 (Image manipulation). Ultimate Quiz 2 (general quiz). Word Plus Pro (originally valued *t C15f).
Fortress (strategy God game). Rekcs of Dektronoye (voted best PD game ever by AMIGA Format). ERIC (voted second best PO game ever). Powerbase (databse program), GRAC (superb 'Monkey Island' style adventure game creator with 000's of copies sold on floppy). Introduction to WB (best selling F1 Titte). Absolute Beginners Guido to AMOS, Junior Artist (kids pamt package) or Tots Time (one of many grams). Use some of the professional music within your games, extra charges What about the ckpart for your DTP documents?
Programmers have a field day with this CO • AMOSzme AMOS and AMOS supplements. Something for everyone, easy to use AmigaGuKJeO Interface with 0094 straight from the CD Remember that the programs are with copyright owned by F1 Ucenceware. All program- 99 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE - NOT PD!
'ALL YOU NEED' SECTION The 'all-you-need' section contains a carefully selected coiloction o read-to-run materiel: This section encompasses full (or United) commercial programs such as Octamed v5.04. Personal Paint 6, Directory Opus 4 and Wordworth 'Test-Drive' with commercial demos and superb public domain as chosen by Ground Zero There are exclusive collections from
M. U.G.. the Imagine Users Group.
MlWCraft. AMOSzme authors and Ctoanto Tho PO contents am hghlightod and examined within the Get Started interface There is also a superb ‘Get Connected* area all you need, ready-to-rurVnsta« (all explanod in the Get Started interface!!) To gel onto the Internet Global Internet will be providing the access, so nvnediate 'net aurfng! There are many more reasons to buy Get Started - it's like 3 CD's In 1 - Multimedia CO. Internet Software CD. Commercial Software!
Multimedia At Its Best!
Simple and Easy-to-use
* Educating and Informative Entertaining and Exciting
LICENCEWARE me-FI-01 toFI-100 t Powerful and Amazing!
I This collection of textures has taken a staggenng 5 years to complete.
I Phantasmagoria are a professional graphics company, based in Bristol, j They have been providing textures and backgrounds for video, ray-tracing etc. This CD consists of 500* 24Bit backgrounds and textures. It ncludes the very high quality 24Bit JPEG Nos for video, graphics and multimedia work. Targa's tor PC raytracmg and GIF format lor video titling appfccations. The vangvs 5«t»ns include Abstract - Phantasmagoria. Abstract - Oil Paints. Abstract - Mixed, Animal Stuns. Clouds. Fire, Food. Masonry, Rock, Metal (6 sub-sections), Water, Wood Bark.
Wood Grain. Miscellaneous. No wasted space on this CD-Ftom - a collection of extensive tutorials. This CO comes With a fuH colour multi-page reference booklet for every single texture. An ideal complement to a raytracmg CD such as Light Rom 3 etc Please note that all these textures art exclusive to this CD- tm and cannot be found on anv other collection.
M £19.99 NFA AGA EXPERIENCE NFA neve been j-rv-’g Pie An-tga scent recerjy with an amazing amount ot effort Wet known in me UK for their Bodyshop senes. Excw lent AGA-onfy Vttord dak magazine and programs such as Balls'. '8oomn Eck' and 'anloc*' present the* tret CD tor the Amiga. Unlke o«hor score releases, ths contains AGA PD from the last 3 years ot AtWCll 90% *41 rurt straight from the CO) Con tans the best WB3- unites and creative software 1 ’OOMBI, tn greatest AGA games (1COMB) high Quality AGA V*0«hows I’SOMB), the rrost outstanding AGA Oemos (200MB). Entertaining and intormatrv*
disk maoaznes and the beet of the rest nchxSng the ioenced Airaga Reports and ail the Amiga Coom' clones NFA have aso oompled loads ot exclusive wares ter the CO. Sideshows. Klondfce cards and more. All ths and contaned in superb exclusive raytraced iconined drawers set within a Mage Workbench environment makes the CD an absouta pleasure to user Thts has 001 lo be the most comprehensive CO- Rom ter any AGA user. Want 10 show oft the power o» your r« AGA machna you received af Xmas?
_Get this it you do!
£38.99 | Light Rom 3 is the most ambitious issue to date, consisting of 3 CO Rom's! Rom t is filled with thousands of Lightwave objects and scene files, building upon previous issues. Rom 2 contains huge coaections of 30 objetcs in different file formats including Imagine (1 SMB's). 30 Studio (100MB's). Sculpt (30MB's) and Real 3D (7MB's). It also includes 700 textures in the JPEG format and a Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts. Rom 2 a*so has a collection of 30 landscapes in the Lightwave. Imagine and 30 Studio He for* mats and a co*ect»on of useful Amiga and PC PD programs.
Rom 3 is a "DEM ROM', a bonus CD-ROM containing over 1COO digital elevation maps for use with VistaPro. Scenary Animator and World Construction Set (available from Buttorsoft) on any platform. AH Lightwave objects, textures and OEMs on this collection are represented with thumbnail renderings. Michael Meshew. The author of Light Rom 1. 2 and 3. Has produced a CO that offers the World artistic talent for a reasonable price.
IMFI* SALE £15.99 THE AMINET COLLECTION Oetamad IS the most Mty-to-u6e. Powerful and effective music sequence' on the Amiga Designed tor (tie bognner ngnt through to a music expert, Octamed wft allow you to play upto sight channels of stand on any Amga By uwtxj a fa processor (030j you can even use hgh-quakty samples across ail eight channels eftectwfly doubirg the normal sound output (rormaly four channels) Octamed also has a bun m aouid tampier editor. Custom sound generator and MG support. The CO also contara over 600MB-S ot moOM. The anbte Walkabout sound sample oolleclton and much
mere Documentator coma* n a wvlne tczmjt and a user primed. FUl-foetured aooompanyng manual by Ed Wiles C---- Cl 1.99 £11.99 £11.99 £11.99 £11.99 £11.99 AMINET COLLECTION VOL.1 £22.99 The Amriel ColecUon is a scesfb Ml gt Kw CDS ter any Amga user Contains Am net 1-4, PO from 93 to December '94. 4 GIG'S of Oats!
AMINET COLLECTION VOL-2 £24.99 A iuist Set 2 contare aH the Aminet utfcafl* Since release 1. PD from December 1994 to Novemev ’995. Ggaoyies (four Cds) ot games, utilities, demos pictures, ervmobons.
Tools, modules and more. Atoo content 300 books from the Protect Gutenburg CD-Rom October 96 December 95 I Aminet 10 February 96 [Out Now] Aminet 11 April 96 [Pre-Order] [ Aminet 12 June 96 [Pre-Order] L 'tf-'M INCLUDES MANUALI £29.99 £18.99 WS FONTS Anai aarrm ru-ntd. Imtn , uewb cuaecm evewn I imvtKa Pamai end ter. I nai pnmdad ter romarrvn »two oomoum.
SALE £15.99 £14.99 £7.99 £37.99 17BIT CD 5 WORLD INFO 93 Following SPECCY 2 Mut-SAatnrm GO amalalora hr 4nqt After, ST. Mac wv) PC ln»M ot FAQ* (Spaory
r. l.l» pamaa im
n. kxiOT iflWW) t*c- hvoa V* WWMwa an) | YF) fty Anvgo Owr ISC
attenrt Soaoci ourpuMt waere end load, ol tana aaat Shlhal aam
M l*OWe ol 8po(B an gwnaa tat o mwa ol comeuhro _ Ml .280
Hat » go? Tha
• a wbiw gud. Arotnd mo arand GettraUI nraarq ai 7X cdew to ttao
CO £18.99 SALE | £15.99 £14.99 3D ARENA Ihu *?*• COLOUR LIBRARY
ADULT SENSATIONS 2 Tit* CO e ¦ n» ooftxr n*y cetegxiee win at i
Al mijw in m 24 Bt and I 8 6uurti prca to « COY .hr el AGAArMjo
ICLUl ul a VtlKc ’ M M attxt a araeii’ £29.99 Prm». RiteW,
•%«», pgnn 8o-N Boo Spaca. Spa* Star Trm. Eaamstai Trtaw. War*
Vo. Aakad hr a cdctr oftporl CO - haaa I ar CoftXi OC*f to r*ry
orary ocnaann M*»l rfiy 441 dj* 10 tupwb turfBM tMXjre IMV
nouM uwd A eperc ooaociMn rmm £24.99 £19.99 £24.99 £8.99 stock
many ct discs. If you not see what you ant listed call us for
Nber we will :eh and try to boot y compact disc price sted within this mega-
e. Call for details!
¦When ordering add 75p for postage. | |Orders outside UK add £1.00 every CD for postage. Make I cheques P.O.’s payable to Active | Software and send to the addrest below. You cen pro oFder Go Started by credit card only you card will not be debited until I despatch Of the CD-Rom. ZOOM I release 2 is now available and !n| stock for dolrvory Sond your ordor to: Active Software, PO Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
R,- 01325 352260 r*i - ..... END OF SEASON SALE
• Jiiv SOFTWARi Look out for the SALE sign. ( of March 1996-
Normal prices (call) resume after this date. Please check
availability before ordering.
Scene Storm Is a glorious feasl i of tempting eye candy produded by the legendary SPACEBALLS.
Amazing graphic and audio delights to show your friends what the Amiga can reaty do This CD is packed with every major scene production from 1995, inc*uding al the releases from The Party 5 hekf in Xmas 95 Exclusive Digital Candy material * also included ranging from music competition ontnw to acompiete Development suite. Same Stonr features an easy to use Magic Workbench interface that a simple to set up and a joytc use Much of the contents of Scene Storm are presented as reafly-to-nm files through custom designed icons No more trawling through archives and filling your hard disk with files
Includes: Productions from over 20 Scene Parties held throughout the wortd m 1995.
All the beet demos and intros from the last year, sbdeshows. Music disks, the most popular disk mags and charts. Exdusivg modules taken from the coolest demos as weH as ontnes from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions A complete development suite that will allow you to learn how to code your Own dsmos Development utils are included along with exclusive and easy to follow source code. All purchasers of Scene Storm that own a modem can repster to qualify for 3 months tree downloading of the latest scene files from Digital Candy Bulletin Board. This would normally cost £15. This BBS a classed
as the scence' board in the UK' Place your pre-order now as this will be the hottest selling CO throughout Europe!
A hr ter ms Amiga The UFO phenomenon has hit the computer with true excellent release Forget the X-Files. UFO's are tor real - here a the evkSenc*1 The most comprehensive UFO compilation ever UFO and 'the unknown' tans w* not be daaapotrted with the release Based on AmgaGuide it adows the Interaction of text mes and mages on every possible UFO story Received over 90% In a recent Amiga Computing www. The ony Amiga CO K5UT4 ter UFO and the unknown reeled subects.
Buy you copy before stocks run out* Ex-m*tary end Navy testimonies Documents and text from Um CIA. FBI, NSA, USAF and more Classified information on lop secret projects such as SIGMA.
GRUDGE 13. RE OUGHT, DREAMLAND, MJ-12, BLUE0RQOK etc Who are the men In Mack (MIB)?
Allen origins and technology Cattle mutilations Crop circles Alien abduction* Landings and sightings _ Recovery of crashed UFO discs ... _ _ Government conspiracies end cover-ups £12.99 SPACEBALLS present.
SCENE STORM SCI-FI Sensations is an exiting new CD-Rom containing over 1000M8'* ot science *ctton Images, music, animations, 30 objects tor Imagne and Lightwave, sound FX. Oocumentsitext themtunes. Information and SO-FI gar** Categories ndude Babylon 5. Startrek (the Ongnal. TNG. Deep Space tone, voyager and mo ttvns), Batman.
D Who. Thundeitxrds, Robocop. Btederuvner, Mens, 2001, Battiestar Galactic , TRON, Tgt Recef and many otnor films All the ntormatlon It reedy to rui from the CD. Amga.
PC and MAC New version 2 Is now ovacable con tan ng more SCI- FI data than ever before.
1. 2
i) d*Ac.0396| ffc FREE CATALOGUE Zone I Ltd. ' =~ PO Box 69.
Stone, Staffordshire ST158GH Over 2,000 titles Zone 1 . We software people' The price you sec, is the price you pay, V.A.T., P&P are ALL included.
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BARGAIN HARD DRIVES FITTED 85 500 Mb CALL EXCHANGE SERVICE MODULATORS ...£19.50 PSU ..£19.50 DISK DRIVES ......£25.50 KEYBOARDS ......£25.50 17 Bit Software .....03 1st Computer Centre 22,23 Active Software 112,120,121 Analogic 104 Antigravity Products .70,71 Arnold Comp.Suppiies .100 Blittersoft ...46 Capri CD Distribution ...______100 Care Electronics ...97 Centurion Pd .
100 Classic Amiga PD______________________100 Dart Computer ......97 DTBS . 100 E M Computergraphics .110 Epic Marketing ......74, 89 Fast Amiga Repairs ..122 FlexMJnk Software ...114 Fourth Level Development 28, 66
G. T.I ....M
Gastoiner ....99
GreyTronics ....27 GV Broad
Enterprise .100 lOptional memlx.*rship
scheme: 19 bi-monthly catalogue & disk.
19 Money saving discount voucher* 19 Boom point s.hctn«- I Monthly prize draw 19Free compctitkHW& niorc... MciiiIh'-rsliiii Kate U,U AM* Min. lltLMl lim- * ¦*» VU A I III,,.-. !» 1 * JMJ1AMJIIU* * Uui V* MOM Ml MX A uMAelUUKf* iAtx: lUMitii vftr Ktni 11 IX.ist. .'i " «f». At AM Ml ¦¦ • ,• ¦ ¦ ¦• 1 1 ¦ .uruu'i.Ahii,.' ¦ liaAtnR.mAiHtMiitl uPltiri YU CsUV.'TK UM*S N911M PA»%«irnXY tBHA Mi TAL Kjt TYAU :CU XX won uTmwororwv • » Miw xaihi m uiiTuft :»• UMMAI KuiDMiunn '¦ ** MM! FIKMI 1111 W Ms '%,! *¦ t aai'A UTCiX A « LU
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IMI. 'CIU 1 Ilia I tnMXTI Whft Hi IOS cMmi If you don't kk itmi
yw mu, If you can find a better price.
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to ptw*. 15 1 96 E&OF- PiKo* jnd m«y clung* wjnuul node* So™
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Mouse. The Strane longion. Sloke-on-lient SlatTo dun-e ST3 ?PP
J. S.M. Trading . Kew =
II ..... Owl
Associates ... ....97 Power Computing.IFC,
3.30, 81, IBC ....35 S & S
PD ... ..100 Seasoft
Computing .... ..106
Silica ... ..100 .....6.
7. 9 .....64. 65 The Disk Box ...
..100 Underground PD . ..108
Village Tronics Visage Computers ....
..102 White Knight Technology.
....43 ....38 Zone 1 ..122 AMKM 95% SUCCISS RATI ON All COMPUHRS
252 3553 _E Moil: PahirOloitconip.damon.co.uk_ FREE GIFT WITH
KfT ...?
* &
* * *
r. * ¦ £ * Amiga Magic SuperDouble CD Pack SCSI Zip Drives Amiga
Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft
include everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware
Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary
leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft,
• Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotcct
• IbssuvrJ protect • Cartridge initialisation
• Write protection • Cartridge eject Since being introduced, the
Zip™ Drive has caused a storm in the storage industry, offering
an unrivalled level of price, performance and reliability. This
newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at
just lib, has fast transfer and access times (up to Imb s
transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand, your bag or
your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized disks, is
perfect for all types of application and is priced at a level
that will make you want to unzip your wallet immediately!
Price inc 100Mb cartridge, extra 100Mb cartridges 05,95 or less!
Order your Zip drive now to avoid disappointment!
The superb SuperDouble CD-ROM is back! Using an excellent 2.4 speed drive from Sony, this CD-ROM provides outstanding performance at an amazing price. With a 360Ktvs data transfer rate and a 230ms access time, Ihe SuperDouble CD-ROM provides all the speed for the power user.
The SuperDouble is fully Compatible with the new Squirrel MPEG card, supporting the industry standard VideoCD (White Book) format.
The SuperDouble CD-ROM pack includes the award-winning AGA Experience CD-ROM - rated 93% in issue 79 of Amiga Format. This CD- ROM is crammed full of pictures, utilities, demos, animations and tools for AGA Amigas. The SuperDouble pack also includes the latest Aminet CD- ROM. This disk is brimming with the latest PD, shareware, utilities, demos and picture files from the Aminet archives on the internet.
A full classic Squirrel is also included in the pack. This allows easy connection of any SCSI peripheral to the A1200. The package has all the necessary drivers and software for easy connection of hard drives, CD-ROMs and removable disk drives, such as the Zip'* Drive, to your Amiga.
DiskMAGIC Easy File & Disk Management Constantly doing battle with the Shell CLI? Stop this futile struggle with DiskMAGIC, the easy-to-use file and disk management utility from HiSoft.
DiskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from the copying of disks and files, to the viewing of pictures and anims. In fact, after using DiskMAGIC, you'll wonder how you ever used your Amiga without it.
Professional Animation Ray-Tracing and for your Amiga HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 email: hisoft@cix.compulink.co. uk Zip is a trademark of Iomega Inc Cinema4D is the easy-to- use ray-tracing and animation system for your Amiga.
Equipped with an intuition- based multi-tasking editor, Cinema4D is replete with every conceivable option including window-based real-time interactive modelling, direct modelling in 3D, basic and complex primitives with infinite variations, easy object manipulation, floating toolbars, user-defined menus, object and texture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A1200 etc.) & FPUs, and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of "virtual reality", breathing life into objects and scenes.
Whether you have your spaceship dock with a spacestation, or take a tour around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it's so simple.
Just a few mouse clicks and you will have your objects move realistically through time and space.
Cinema4D also includes MagicLink, the flexible object converter.
MagicLink converts all popular object formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.) to _ Cinema4D format & back.
Order Hotline (Q 0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 2236M), armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. AH prices include VAT Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT @ 173% 1 write on behalf of the 'wrinklies' in our Video Camera Users Club, who try to enjoy the fascinating hobby of video linked with the Amiga computer.
About eight of our members have Amigas, mainly the A1200, and we have an extra monthly get-together to exchange our knowledge regarding computer and video programs.
Our complaint is not aimed At Amiga Computing, or the other Amiga magazines, but at the instructions given with coverdisks to get some of these very useful programs working. For instance, the installation instructions for MainActor on the December 1995 coverdisk include the following: 'Double-dick on the MainActor.lha - to use this you must also have the installer program in your C: directory.', and also; ‘You will have to add a line to your user-startup, that being Assign MainActor:. This allows MainActor to locate all the extra files it uses.'
This must look straightforward to you Young 'uns' using computers, but to us retired 'wrinklies', well, we haven't a clue where C: is, where the user-startup is, or even how to assign anything!
This type of thing happens to us continuously and we end up playing a stupid game that is easier to load most of the time. We think it would be a good idea for you to run a simple, basic instructions page for us 'wrinklies' at regular intervals, which leads us simply and step-by-step through these small problems that stop us from enjoying these programs.
We do have one or two young members who come along to the meetings, their fingers working 2 ONLY £1.25!

Click image to download PDF

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