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Cittes Bourdin, Head of Public Rotations for Amiga Technotogies, was positive about the compar s forthcoming plans and was keento express his detightat the respense to the recent Paris Amiga show had this December. He remarked: "tn spite of the fact France was in chaos [because of the strikes] many people stitt came " tt was estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 people turned up to see, amongst other things, the new Amiga 4000 Tower with the 060 processor. Demonstrated on it was TV Paint3.6 with a Wacom Art Pad. "People were very excited by the speed of the set-up" Bourdin continued. A question and Answer session took place on the Sunday. AT have also unveiled more on their mystery internet package due for retease in January. An exact price was not revealed atthough they stated that it would be below! 300 DM (around E600) and would indude att the software needed to get on the tntemet bundled with an Al 200. This would indude a PC Stot Modem, TCP tP Stack, Web Browser, FTP program, E-mail program and tRC program. A rumour that Netscape was being ported over to the Amiga was denied. Bourdin stated: There witt be a tôt of new software coming out for the Amiga soon from companies that have never developed for the Amiga before who previously work on PC and Mac products. There wilt be some Web Browsers of very high-quatity but we are definitely not denting with Netscape." However, another rumour doing the rounds was vatidaîed at the recent press conférence in Hannover. it was believed that Apple had offered Amiga Technotogies a port of QuickTime and at the conférence which was attended by Executives from Apple, Germany, the deaf was confirmed. WORLD OF AMIGA E ottowing tast month's report that owners of the new Amiga Magic Packs were experienc- ing compatibitity probtems, Amiga Technotogies gave us their response: "We have noticed that there are some probtems with games software on the new Amiga Al 200's. To resolve this, we are working on a hardware sotution that witt be fitted at no cost to the customer, by an authorised Amiga Deafer."

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Document sans nom JiJlfcijiVWyji) Exclusive demo of this innovative multimedia package February 1996 IMAG?
Be the first to try out the Amiga's multimedia presentation software. V ith our ¦' M ' ' I mage vision demo disk.
You 've seen nothing like it!
Workbench 2 1Mb Februar 1996 i 3ii Lkio I) A beach with a difference!
Try out the latest management game from Vulcan r - JU rJJnanj j J njj d hi J ut J Prenm Bond% I I IV I I IUVI III Iw behind the ma PLUS
• Canon B
card which can fit 8h RAM on-board.
Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
£79.95 £259 I £10 £59 £159 £549 £19.95 £79.95
5. 25" SCSI or IDE CASE
3. 5' SCSI or IDE CASE____ £79.95 A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) .
£TBA * A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) .
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL £79.95
1. 76 XL DRIVE INTERNAL.....£75
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ..£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE £49.95
PC881 A500 .... £30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£35.95
PC883 A600 1200 .£35.95 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£259
£CALL HITACHI 340MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 510MB 2.5
IDE .....£CALL 810MB 2.5 IDE ....£CALL 1 GIGABYTE
2.5 IDE .£CALL OTHERS 120MB 2.5 IDE ....£95 The
Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. The EZ Drive
stores 135MB on a single 3.5“ cartridge and has a seek time of
13.5ms. Comes complete with one 135MB cartridge. (A SCSI
interface is required)
1. 76 XL DRIVE UEST EZ1 35
3. 5 SUPER XL DRIVE £129.95 The Super XL Drive allows you to
3. 5MB on a high density disk.
256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . £75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) . . £125.95 2 X 32 SIMM (8MB) . . .. £235.95 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB) . . £499.95 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) £30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) £139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . £25 1 X 4 DIP £25 256 X 4 DIP ..£5 1 X 1 DIP .£5 CIA ....£12 GARY ..£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE ......£25 KEYBOARD IC .... £12 FAT AGNUS 1MB .....£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ....£29 PRINTER CABLE
.£6 RS232 CABLE ...£6 SCSI EXTERNAL ......£15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ..£19
2. 04 ROM CHIP ......£25 SX-32 is an internal add-on card
for your CD32 and features: VGA port. RGE port, parallel port,
serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock, control
er for
2. 5' hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB) Turn your CD-32
into a A1200 Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard
drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE,
Floppies and even the RAM disk Disk Expander works on any
Amiga with any Kickstart.
CHIPS & SPARES DISK EXPANDER FLOPPY EXPANDER DISK EXPANDER SX-32 MODULE Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjun:tion with the XL Drive 1.76. FLOPPY EXPANDER EXTERNAL CASES SCSI case suitable for CD-ROM HD DAT and Optical drives.
ACEEX V32 BI5 14.4 notBTxmovto £99 | X-LINK TRUE VJ4 38 8 BT APPROVED £229.95 TRAPFAX MODEM SOFTWARE . £49 ALL MODEMS INCLUDE SOFTWARE ANO CA ltS ft n Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD j and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings!
High quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and youri Amiga.
Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fasti serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal2 expansion peripheral for your Amiga*
1200. Please call for more information.
Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection | for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
Call for details A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto .
128M8 of user installable memory and a , SCSI-11 hard disk controller.
S C C A1. 0i: EP FP1 ¦ SURF SQUIRREL ... £P0A SQUIRREL MPEG SURF SQUIRREL Int £59.95 2 £79.95 £29.95 AL IO-EXTENDER A 2 0 0 0 680 6 0 4MBGVPRAM 16MB GVP RAM Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
GVP RAM MODEMS HI-SOFT ioEXTENDER squirrel scsi Interface ¦ included where you see this logo in RAM EXPANSION SCANNER £489 RAM POWERSCAN SCAN £89.95 £169,95 £20 £49.95 £20 £49.95 £39,95 RAM POWERTAB Excellent picture quality, auto fade control. Alpha channel and optional software control.
NEPTUNE-GENLOCK ......£599.95 PRINTFRS MONITORS I SCANNER SOFTWARE SIRIUS II GENLOCK EPSON STYLUS INC.PAPER £489 EPSON STYLUS PRO XL A3+ . .£1499 tPSON STYLUS PRO XL INCLUDE STUDIO II SOFTWARE STUDIO II SOFTWARE ......£49.95 FLATBED POWERSCANNER S W £35 GRAPHIC VIDEO £59.95 VGA ADAPTOR VGA ADAPTOR £15 GLIDEPOINT ! Processor accelerator card for ) and A500+, with an option to fit B1 or 68882 coprocessor (PLCC or , This card can fit upto 4MB FAST H and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM . £99.95 68020 EC 4MB RAM £239.95 MEMORY CARDS ! CLOCK . . £24.95 riTHOUT CLOCK .£19.95 £39.95 £29.95 ur Amiga 5QQ 20QQ chip RAM to 2MB MegaChip does this by jwn 2MB RAM and also now 2MB Fat Agnus No wittering is MEGACHIP RAM A 5 0 0 6 8 0 2 0 EC £159.95 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-S000 ...£489.95 74-BIT, INC POWEWCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 ......£579.95 14-BIT. INC POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ..£729.95 74-BIT. INC IMAGE FX REV. 1.S SOFTWABE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95
OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNED) OCR SOFTWARE . POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY PC INTERFACE ? COL S W PC INTERFACE ? B W $ W (all supports HAM8 24-bit AGA Amiga (via i editing facilities ROM or above, min FLATBED SCANNERS Just like the Neptune-Genlock, the new Sirius II combines excellent quality with user friendliness. In addition, this genlock disposes of blue-box keying, bypass.
RGB-colour correction, a stereo-audio control with microphone input as well as an integrated test pattern generator for adjustment.
SIRIUS II GENLOCK ..... £919.95 Reduction of quality loss when copying, colour and contrast correction, suppression of colour drop-outs, elimination of basically any copy protection. The video signal is edited in professional 4:2:2 studio standard and is sychroni2ed entirely new.
TBC-ENHANCER ...£919.95 NEPTUNE GENLOCK TBC-ENH ANCER video S-VHS £399 Intuitive curwr control at your finger tips .Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) ALPS GLIDEPOINT .£59.95 POWER TABLET Pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet including cables and software.
POWER TABLET 12 X 12 £195.95 IBCL. REN. CURSOR AND ROWER TAB VW GURU-ROM V 6 A SOI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. This ROM has a very fait transfer rate of up to 3.5MB S, maximising your CPU processing time. Guru supports all SOI device types including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, scanners, Syquest drives etc.Guru ROM is compatible with Amiga OS 1.3 through to 3.1 and is SCSI -I SCSI-2 compatible. Please call for further Information.
GURU-ROM V6 ....£49.95 phone orders We accept most major credit cards and are Nappy to help you with any queries poftal orders Ordering by cheque PO pleese make payable to Power Computing Ltd end specify which delivery
* * required warranty All Power products come with a 12 month
warranty unless Otherwise specified, technical support Help is
on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided
for Power customer*.
¦all-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices BFPO orders welcome.
• all-order teres All prices include VAT. Specifications and
prices are subject to change without notice All trademarks are
acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be
accepted only Subject to our terms and conditions of trade,
copies of which are available on request.
MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR TEL 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 ¦a POWER.
POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W onten +5YST6M* EVIEWS m m A. 53 Shareware roundup El System news 78 No news is good news, or so they say. There's not much happening in the Amiga games world at the moment, but take a look any way Dungeon master 2 80 The sequel to the hugely popular Dungeon Master, you get to collect scrolls, recrjit members and all other things dungeon like Worms 82 Some might say this is going to be one of the greatest games ever to be created on the Amiga. Find out for your self Sensible world of soccer 86 SIVOS is undoubtedly the best game on the
Amiga, and with a new updated version just released’ is it even better?
Breathless 88 Another Doom clone arrives on the Amiga, in this case developed by Italian wizards Fields of Vision Star crusader 90 Crusade along with the stars in Gametek's huge space epic. Thisll last you light years Hills ea lido 92 Featured on our coverdisk this month, Hillsea Lido gets a full review, covering all aspects of promenade tomfoolery Tennis champs 96 you cannot be serious!' As John McEnroe would screech at the top of his voice, although Tennis Champs is certainly 'in.'
Extreme racing 98 Guildhall Leisure grace the Amiga screens again to provide us with more top quality entertainment Frank Nord gets an extra dimension with the aid of the latest in Amiga 3D Final calc_ The spreadsheet saga takes another twist thanks to the boys and girls at Softwood Eureka!_ EATU RES Laser cuidance _ Neil Mohr cranks up the engine and takes to the road with the Amiga's latest route finder The CD stream keeps flooding in and we keep fisihing out the best of the bunch Tina Hackett explores how the Amiga is inspiring a*new generation Cinema 4d.
Am i Atlas You've got the demo, now check out the finer points of the full version Canon bjc 610 The last word in colour printing technology, or just another paragraph?
El Image vision m EH EH c OVER STORY Goldeneye The name's Bond, James Bond.
One of my favourite gadgets is the Amiga. Find out how it was used to help me with my latest trouser-busting adventure ED Public sector MACEVI SI ON DEMO Probably the easiest way to create stunning multimedia presentations. ImageVision sports an innovative and intuitive interface that looks as good as it is to use.
Hill sea lido demo Hillsea Lido is Theme Park for the beach. With all the parts of the full game, the demo lets you manage three different shops and two rides, and you can actually watch your Saturday night theatre show Also on the second disk: Tritus, an amazingly addictive, three-player Tetris-style game The conservative approach with a back to basics look at Amiga menus An insider guide to scattering with the king of coding,, Paul Overaa Comment_ Paul Austin discusses the hype surrounding the PC explosion News_ HE COVERDISKS Netscape rumours confirmed, plus the latest on the Quicktime
conversion MIGA GUIDE Paul Overaa goes on i bug hunt with a guide to Arexx error correction EGULARS Neil Mohr takes a realistic look at the Internet and puts it in its place Ben Vost puts the hare sell into persepctive wth a guide to,effective layouts Amiga Computing °OoI LY- tJL'J’JA UatfL’iJiJai Our unique and highly rated external Clock Cartridge will enable you Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas ,- ONLY £19.99 (plus 11.00 postage and packing) Usi I X &ip&isj unsj1 A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU These hard dnves simply push onto the side of the A500 or A500+ aid will give your computer all the benefits that hard drives offe*. The drives are supplied formatted, partitioned and have Workbench installed for immediate use.
Full instructions and software supplied.
The hard drive also has the fatiHty to add 2.4.6 or 8mb of RAM nsKletL A500 + 250mb HARD DRIVE £209.99 Additional RAM for ttv* hard drive £89.99 per 2mb Discdogy is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package composes the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk ditve. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataftyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the sgnals on the internal IDE interlace to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
» The Dataftyer SCSI-*- will operate upto 5 SCSI devices such as CDROMS. Hard drives. SyQuest removeable drives, tape I back up drives etc. jf Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataftyer SCSI+ is com- patiWe with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600.
A The Dataftyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 Y (simply pushes in. No need to remove the metal shleW) and provides a _ J' 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the *----” back of the A1200.
Full instructions and software supplied.
DATAFLYER SCSI+ ONLY £69.99 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI Interface_ r£19.99 EACH Ulil J2U J Incredibly fast (upto 4x faster than a ZIP drive) SCSI drive will store a massive 135mb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply.
SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ONLY £234.99 or £274.99 with a Squirrel or Dataftyer 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 kMAZfl10 " OR BUY SPECIAL BOTH FOR £24.99 j J-JJ V JiiiJ Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful . Tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti j Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a full 50 page manual.
PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET 72 pm smms suitable for Apollo accelerators. A4000. A1200 memory j t expansons etc. |-™ 33mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £49 99 40mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £69.99 50mhz 68882 FPU (PGA) £79.99 lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £114.99 8mb £219.99 Aii FPU s are supplier) with crystal oscilators DASA 4VUU5 .
A4O00 SCSI controller expansion card that allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be connected to the A4000. Includes full user manual and installation software including CDROM drivers. Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices. I- I ujr-rrl DATAFLYER 4000SX I ONLY £94.99
- L y DsiJ 7 3 HigNy rated SCSI dnve will store lOOmb per
cartridge. Comes Complete with power supply. SCSI cable,
instructions and cartridge.
ONLY £189.99 or £229.99 with a Squirrel or Dataftyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 This superb package is a must for any CD-ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CD7V emulation, audio CD player software including librarian features, Direct reading of 16bit audio samples, full support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD Discs.
Includes the 'FISHMARKET' CD-ROM disk packed with public domain Fred Rsh disks and a huge 115 page | I Information packed spiral I ASIM CDFS I bound manual.
¦ ONLY £49.99 BH [i r r ik.
Order NOW for immediate despatc the SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bis) £79.99 SPEEDCOM+BF ,800 V34) £159.99 FREE 'NH' ctToR FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (credit switch card sales only) tel: 0161 796 5279 for enquiries or fax: 0161 796 3208 HU j'jj (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa. Switch. Delta.
Connect etc accepted APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +lmb £139.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £214.99 An incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete with MMU, 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a floating point unit and battery backed clock. Runs at just under 9.5 MIPS (million instructions per second!)
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Please phone first to check availability of any item.
I APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99 4mb SIMM £114.99 8mb SIMM £219.99 68882 FPU £69.99 From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Internally fitting A600 Accelerator features 68020 and FPU bott running at 28MHZ. 72 ptn simm socket for up to 8 Mb of FASTRAM. Easy fit.
Makes your 600 faster than a 3000!!
APOLLO A620 ONLY £134.99
• I- 2MB £199.99 + 4MB £264.99 SpttD'JU j’jJ j’jJ UD.3 j'jj£i Our
highly rated, top quality feature racked modems are Ideal for
Amiga users. All modems include ou £19.99 which includes a caWe
to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software. Amiga
Guide to Ccmms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you
will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well
as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction
• MNP 5 Data Compression
• Fax Class I and II compatible. Group 3
• Hayes Compatible
• Full 80 page manual
• 12 Months guarantee QBX| Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete
with power supply, SCSI cables, docking station and full
instructions. Also includes stereo headphones and carrying
case for use as personal CD player.
RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £174.99 WITH DATAFLYER £174.99 yu ijjii Our high speed 2.5’ IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple: if you can plug the mouse Into the mouse socket, you will be able to plug the hard drive Into the hard drive socket.
AHULLU gn Amazing power for such a I pnce, This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU to enable your A1200 to run at 5 MIPS (million instructions per second)! Uses standard 72 pin SIMMS and includes a battery backed dock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
IJATiii UIU Jis 85mb £89.99 120mb £104.99 170mb £119.99 250mb £139.99 340mb £174.99 540mb £284.99 indows 95, Warp OS2, pull 'n' play, A f f A Pentiums, P6 chips, millions spent and vast fortunes in the making.
The question is, does the buying public get a real bang for their buck, or simply end up engulfed in the aftershock of endless investment and upgrades?
Given the money and marketing lavished on the new breed of so called 'user friendly Pcs, it would seem there's no choice when it comes to home computing. Like a double seat on the train, you've got to get in first - stocks won't last, buy or be laughed at The marketing pressure is intense.
There's no rest byte, the all powerful PC sits in shop fronts across the land struggling to scroll a seemingly endless stream of virtues before the eyes of any would-be investors. If you want the best you've got to pay for it The question is, what's on sale here - the machine or the marketing?
Just six months ago a friend of -nine quite rightly tired of the seemingly endless wait for the Amiga to get back on its little lubber feet.
After lots of reading and research he opted for a quality PC Even after a lot of bartering his new baby still weighed in at a hefty £1400.
Problem child At the time this new 'all singing all dancing' sibling was the apple of his daddy's eye.
Unfortunately, just six months on this rapidly ageing 486 DXII has become something of a problem child.
The Pentium is now well and truly ruling the roost and his train spotting, acne ridden DX is rapidly becoming a computing wallflower. The glossy games that added so much attraction to the initial investment now demand a Pentium to deliver the promise so lavishly emblazoned in print and on the packaging.
Like the average hot-hatch, his former pride and joy would be lucky to generate a third of its showroom asking price out on the street And yes, I know Amiga's depreciate as well, but the pain of depreciation is directly linked to the initial investment. And in relation to the PQ that's one area in which the Amiga certainly scores some points.
Of course, pride and poverty doesn't entertain the idea of selling up. After all 'it's still a serious machine that can run everything a Pentium can.' The point is, did he leally want a serious machine, or something that could play games and still be taken seriously. Man, machine and marketing in perfect turmoil.
The question of keeping up with the Jones', Pentiums, P6s is a familiar tale across every platform, including the Amiga. However, the forgotten hero does have few distinct advantages in the dog eat dog world of the PC Not least of these is a generic background.
Every Amiga sold has a standard architecture and although this can be expanded upon with assorted accelerators and ad-ons, the basic structure remains he same. As a consequence, developers are forced to work within predefined guidelines which in the long term benefit all.
It's true there’s a fair amount of diversity within the platform as a whole, but as a gen* eral rule there is a degree of uniformity which goes a long way to combating the evolutionary frenzy that dogs the PC The relaunch of the A1200 may not be a technological breakthrough, but at least it offers an alternative to confusion, unnecessary expenditure, and the marketing hype that surrounds the constantly changing landscape of the PC market Perhaps the most important question for any would-be buyer is not which machine is the most powerful, but which is the most appropriate. The gloss and
glamour of the Pentium and Microsoft marketing machine leads many to overlook the real issues.
It's all too easy to fall into the dinner party bore mentality and justify your investment by reassuring yourself and others that, if you wanted too, you could run Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word and so on. But in the cold light of day, are you ever really likely to? - especially considering that just one of these blue chip applications could buy you an The ads are glossy, the hype is at feverish pitch, but is there really a safe distance when it comes to the PC explosion?
Entire Amiga. Admittedly, PC games and indeed some applications are pulling away from their Amiga counterparts, but so are their prices and the cost in hardware required to run them.
No CHANCE Don't get me wrong. A 100MHz Pentium with 16Mb of RAM, a quad-speed CD-ROM and 17 inch monitor is a very respectable machine.
But don't expect to get much change out of £2000. And be warned - this sort of spec is rapidly becoming the entry point for a PC with more than a six month shelf live.
Contrast that against the £350 asking price for an A1200 and you have a real incentive to look long and hard at your reasoning. There are almost as many reasons for investing in a computer as there are computers on the market However, if you are in the market make sure you're buying the machine and not jpst the marketing that surrounds it By the way, this shouldn't be a problem on the Amiga, as there isn't any... AJ7 Paul Austin Editor The HC team EDITOR Paul Austn DEPUTY EDITOR Ben Vost ART EDITOR Tym leckey NEWS EDITOR Tina Haclett COVERDISK EDITOR Neil Mohr PRODUCTION EDITOR Judith
Chapman GAMES EDITOR Tina Hadiett STAFF WRITERS Andrew Haddock DaveCuuck ADVERTISING MANAGER Lisa Bract well AD SALES Jane Normington AD SALES Sue Horvfield AD PRODUCTION Barbara Newall MARKETING MANAGER Claire Mawdsley MARKETING ASSISTANT Victoria QuimvHarkin PRODUCTION MANAGER Sandra Quids SYSTEMS MANAGER David Stewart CIRCULATION DIRECTOR David Wren COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Denise Wright DISTRIBUTION COHAG (01895) 444055 SUBSCRIPTION 0I5I-3S7 2961 Member of the Audit Bureau of Crcuboons June-Dee 1994 Published by IDG Mcdo. Medu Mouse. Adlmgtan Park, MicdesWdSKI04NP Teh 01625 878888. Fax 01625
8S06S2 Emal contacts Editorial edit@acompdemon.co.uk Advertnng adj@acomp.demon.couk CHAIRMAN Richard Hease MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield We regret AMIGA Computing cannot ofer technical help on a personal basis ether by telephone or in writing. AH reader enquries should be submitted to the address in this panel for possible publication 33,546 Am Computing Ban independent psMeottw and Commodore Business Mochmes Ltd are rot responsible for any of the orvdes in this issue or fir ony of the opinions expressed.
©1995 IDG Media. No material may be reproduced m whole or in part without written permission. While every are is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally repoisibie for any errors in articles, listings or advensements IDG MEDIA For six yean AMIGA Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. As a key member of the IDG communicabonf group. AMIGA Computing promises to inform, educatr and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available.
12 issue subsenption £44.99 (UKJ. £49.99 (EEC) £14.99 (WorW) Ongoing ouorterfy direct deNc £ 0.99 fUK only) Printed and bound by Duncan Webb Offset (Maidstone) Ltd Amiga Computing FOR MAIL ORDER Europe’s No.l Disk Duplication System No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch Discology is the optimum package for beginners & experts alike who wish to create back-up copies of original floppy disks speedily and easily.
Siegfried DISCOLOGY Included is the Discology disk. Discology Cartridge and a 36 page printed manual Features a cartridge backup mode for heavily protected disk (Requires the use of an external disk dnve) Two Nibble modes for coping with protected IBM and Atari disks Sync Scan checks for unknown protection systems 1 Recognition of long and short tracks 1 Modem users can backup disks via a modem to another Amiga 1 anywhere in the world 1 Fully multitasking, copies with high density disk etc Full update service is available for registered users FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (credit switch card sales
only) tel: 0161 796 5279 for enquiries or fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to: Discology comprises all the functions that are demanded from a top quality back-up program.
Telephone for t riiEl full informtion sheet SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF.
ENGLAND Access. Visa. Switch. Delta Connect etc accepted Siegfried ANTI VIRUS Siegfried Anti Virus Professional is a multifunction tool for combating virus attacks. It features powerful early recogni tion of viruses and includes preventative measures for infested systems.
Virus search on any device (Hard disk, floppy disk CD-ROM etc.) Quick tracing of link and file viruses etc. Block Test to search for viruses at the block level of a device Automated unpacking of compressed programs for virus checking Recognition of Bootblock Viruses with analysis Safeguards hard drives Rigid Disk Blocks A N 1 Includes a comprehensive 50 page printed manual j§ g ANTI VIRUS 1 Full update service to registered users Includes many more features.
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
P ease phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONSi From trie M62 junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Telephone for a nlZ* full information sheet Th« floppy drivo for the multimtdia ago This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at just lib, has fast transfer and access times (up to Imb s transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand, your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized disks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at A level that will make you want to unzip your wallet immediately!
He's Back... Fallowing on from the original ground- ''reaking Squirrel SCSI Interface. HiSoft is vroutti to announce Surf Squirrel. Offering nm higher SCSI performance, suto-booting, ind an ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripteral for your Amiga A1200. Squirrel is also the only SCSI expansion that is hot pug and unpug.
Requires no opening of your Amiga, no technical knou'ledge and does not invalidate your warranty! Contact HiSoft for more information on the amazing Surf Squirrel.
Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft include everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including:
• Easy access drivers • Temporary unpwtcct
• Reword protect • Cartridge initialisation
• Write protection • Cartridge eject Price itic 100Mb cartridge,
extra 100Mb cartridges £15.95 or less!
Order your Zip drive now to avoid disappointmentI 1GB £349 luad-Speed The Best-Value Hard Drives CD-ROM £259 (1*9 MOTMl Disk Magic £39.95 Newly released, Disk Magic (screenshot on the left), is I th? Ultimiate file and disk management utility for your I Amiga. DiskMAC.IC makes every task you perform - from the copying of a file, to the extraction of an archived file, as simple as a clicking on a button! In fact,!
After using DiskMAC.IC, you’ll wonder how you ever 1 used you Amiga without it!
DiskMAGIC is exceptionally configurable, with the ability’ to alter window layout, file types, action buttonsa fonts, screen mode, archive handling, viewers and morte DskMAGIC is compatible with all AMIGAs running Wffl (or higher) and with 1.5MB or more of free memory.
$ r aub - As music experts (all sampler products are as I our own design, built and programmed in *9 the UK), you can trust HiSoft to deliver the M right package for you; a professional Midi interface (ProMidi £24.95), a great-value, 8-bit direct-to-disk sampler (Megalosound £24.95) or a superb quality 12 1b-bit stereo, direct-to-disk PCMCIA unit (Aura), both samplers have superb real-time effects.
Termite £39.95 Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the Information Super Highway? Don’t worry!
Termite is so easy to use that even a first time telecommunicator will feel at home.
Termite is 100% WB2 Style Guide compliant and provf] you with all of the modem user interface features to really enjoy playing in the highway!
Irmite supports both the Amiga XPR and XEM librane as well as having its own internal Zmodem. Termite is campatible with all Amigas running WB2 (or higher) w 1MB or more of free memory and all modems hard drive then HiSuft your needs w hr liter ' ran internaldnvefcr If you want a SCSI hard has the one to you are looking for an your tower external 1Gb SCSI-aware Amiga, Based on are and £199.95 of-a-drive fi The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 rant and MPEG COMPATIBLE Zip is a trademark of Iomega Irtc ItiflUZ and CDTV emulation softwam
rff HI you raw all those games and othf Jla M tfilrs such as Vidro Creator.
Jr The gnat-looking Amu ACD-iOQ • CD-ROM drive, a fast, double-speed CD-ROM with full SCSI vecification plus compmuuaw controls oifthefront to that you can ploy music Cds direcu bt tp utfarmatoc LCD pine!
AU this, packagcd.together, at a tail superb price, with ryll 1 year warranl mechanisms from top supplier*. With full manufacturer's warranty, imBMpaMFes are fully tested for all Amiga computi r and come with our own warranty- and technical .Apport Hard Drives SCSI 2.5“ IDE 420Mb interim £159 40Mb in*. : £54. 420Mb einii £229 65Mb 0** £69,95 lCbinlraul £299 l20Mbinkmil £9955 1Gb ot n,i 069 170Mb hum £124.95 nd technical _ from HiSoft 71 HiSoft has dopr it again with a brilliant multimedia pack of SquujelScSI interface, Aiwa CD-ROM and the 10-on-l0pack of Cds!
Ust look at what you get: TV amazing fviuHMfag Squirrel SCSI interfiled &irick almps up to 7 peripherals (hard drioc. $ D-R( M.
Zip, anna etc) fgjy daisy-chained fo* Fr ' TheAImathera 10-cm-l6 jack of Cds, thi*is 10 Cds including the Item Yanbr game.
2000 clipart images, the Illustrated Works of i leads of cost).
Shakespeare 1000s p much, much ‘Squirrel MPEG requires a SCSI CD-ROM that is Cdi* (Great Book) or VideoCD (White Book) compatiNe. Check yow CD-ROM supplier for compatibility details.
Order Hotline m _ (D 0500 223660 Xho®! L SYSTEMS "his exciting new package is available at the amazingly-loJ price of only £199.95, Cinema4D is set to revolutionise the I 3D-rendering and animation market.
Cinema4D provides an easy-to-use multi-tasking editor; I replete with every conceivable option including multi-window editing, interactive modelling, direct modelling in 3D, basic and complex primitives, easy object!
Manipulation, hierarchies, an optimised FPU CPU version and much more!
Gnema4D also includes a comprehensive file conversion jtility to allow full import of your Cuffenl objects.
To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
Bnng the cinema into your home and onto your computer with Squirrel MPEG. Playing the VideoCD and CDI CD-ROMs. Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and lf -bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as Hi Squirrel, and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM* Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone as an addition to your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Coming Soon... nv SCSI him; n«m to XW AtMV ManMi** I, IBM4V OnnfulMr All prices include UK VAT (p 173% CinemadD Despite setbacks regarding the compatibility of the new Amiga drives, Amiga Technologies have announced some positive developments for the future of the Amiga.
Gilles Bourdin, Head of Public Relations for Amiga Technologies, was positive about the company's forthcoming plans and was keen to express his delight at the response to the recent Paris Amiga show held this December. He remarked: “In spite of the fact France was in chaos (because of the strikes] many people still came." It was estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 people turned up to see, amongst other things, the new Amiga 4000 Tower with the 060 processor. Demonstrated on it was TV Paint3.6 with a Wacom Art Pad. "People were very excited by the speed of the set-up" Bourdin continued.
A question and Answer session took place on the Sunday.
TECHNOLOGIES AT have also unveiled more on their mystery Internet package due for release in January. An exact price was not revealed although they stated that it would be below 1300 DM (around £600) and would include all the software needed to get on the Internet bundled with an A1200. This would include a PC Slot Modem, TCP IP Stack, Web Browser, FTP program, E-mail program and IRC program. A rumour that Netscape was being ported over to the Amiga was denied. Bourdin stated: There will be a lot of new software coming out for the Amiga soon from companies that have never developed for the
Amiga before who previously work on PC and Mac prod* ucts. There will be some Web Browsers of very high-quality but we are definitely not dealing with Netscape."
However, another rumour doing the rounds was validated at the recent press conference in Hannover. It was believed that Apple had offered Amiga Technologies a port of QuickTime and at the conference O The A4 xx Towr on which was attended by Executives from display at the recent Paris show . _ . . , _ , w TV P.ini 3.e APPfe “(many, the deal was confirmed.
ORLD OF AMIGA Qompatiblity reply E ollowing last month's report that owners of the new Amiga Magic Packs were experienc- ¦ ing compatibility problems, Amiga Technologies gave us their response: "We have noticed that there are some problems with games software on the new Amiga At 200's. To resolve this, we are working on a hardware solution that will be fitted at no cost to the customer, by an authorised Amiga Dealer."
They continued: To avoid such problems in the future, we kindly encourage that software publishers make sure that the programs they develop respect the programming guidelines.
Amiga Technologies will be happy to process any information requests from developers concerning this issue."
D y the time you read this the World
* * of Amiga show will have taken place in Ontario, Canada.
Billed as North America's largest Amiga Trade Show, Petro
Tyschtschenko, General Manger cf AT GmbH, is to open the
The schedule for the show is to include Amiga on the Internet, Scald Multimedia Production, and PC and Macintosh Emulation. Phase 5 and Soft- Logik are among thirty exhibitors listed to take part We'll hopefully be bringing yoj a full report next month.
This leads nicely on to the UK's very own World of Amiga Show which has been confirmed and will be held at the Hammersmith Novotel on the 12 and 13 April.
ALENT SCOUTS Keep an eye out in the forthcoming months for a competition from Amiga Technologies. The competition will be aimed at bringing out fresh talented Amiga programmers and artists, and will be run over 12 months and be divided into two sections.
One is to program a demo such as a utility or game and the other is for budding artists to create something arty on the Amiga.
The competition will be open to all readers UK and overseas and the prize may be a trip to the Solectron factory in France.
Jonathan Anderson, Managing Director for the UK commented: "There are lots of talented people out there. We want them to help make the Amiga shine."
YETECHS HAVE IT Yorkshire based Eyetech have announced the release of their Endicor Prefs 24 bit driver for the Epson Stylus Color Printer. The Endicor driver is supplied as both an Amiga preferences driver and a standalone printing program. They offer full 24*bit printing with user definable colour correction, printing mode and resolution. From the standard Enprint printing program you can also get image scaling, positioning and rotation. The driver retails at £34.95. From what we've seen the quality is of a high standard - the pictures were from HAM-8 images at an average 700x500
pixels resolution Amiga Computing FX TO FLY It's been months in development but Ocean have now announced that TFX is going to come out on the Amiga after all. Am go Computing investigated claims that it wasn’t going to be released when a disgruntled reader called us, angry at having upgraded his Amiga specifically for the forthcoming flight sim to be then told that it wasn't coming out at all. We reviewed the game back in May 1995 from the final AmigaD version and found it to be an excellent game with the exception of a few bugs. We were also concerned that the game would not run
satisfactorily on a standard A1200 which we reported at the time According to a spokesman from Ocean, DID decided it wasn't good enough and despite problems with the original programmer, pressed on to make a version they were happy with.
We can happily report now that the game wll be released in April and we hope to bring you a rereview as soon as possible.
B RGAlN GAMES SoundScape Multimedia, a PC-based educational compony, have confirmed reports that they have bought out Rasputin Software. This means that they have a surplus of ex-Rasputin stock which they can offer readers at the greatly reduced price of £9.99. The games avail- able are Jet Strike and Clockwiser with Amiga, ACA and CD32 versions and Base Jumpers (CD32 and Amiga). For further information contact: SoundScape Multimedia, Suite 4, The Woodrow Centre, 65-66 Woodrow, London SSI8 SDH. Telephone: 0181-855 3702.
Birthday CELEBRATIONS Amiga Atlanta. Inc are one of the oldest Amiga user groups in the United Stores aid on Saturday 20 January they will be celebrating their 10th anniversary. But they are not cele- broting alone os it is also the I Oth anniversary of the Amiga computer, and Amiga Atlanta, Inc ore inviting Amiga users from all over the world to participate in their celebratory banquet which is being held at the Terrace Garden Inn in Atlanta.
Representatives from Amiga Technologies are expected to fly in from Germany to give the keynote address and other key Amiga figures such as Fred fish will be there. Whilst over in Atlanta, they also suggest that visitors :ake in the tour of Olympic Venues!
For more information see the Aai Home Page: httpj www. Mindspring. Com - anigaatl; or Email lomor @mindspring.com VIEWSONIC MOVE INTO EUROPE ViewSonic, the second largest monitor manufacturer in the United States, are non establishing themselves in Europe with new head quarters based in Dusseldorf, Germany.
ViewSonic Europe offers Us own te:hnical centre, a customer support team, sales and marketing division and financial :entre.
Managing Director, Michael Kommer said: "ViewSonic's European sales more than doubled in 1994, and we are quickly becoming a major force in the European market.These are exciting times for ViewSonic, and we ere here in Europe to stay.’ DID are also continuing to support the platform with another title in the pipeline. Details are sketchy at the moment but we'll bring you more as we get it ?
GA EXPERIENCE OFFER Sadeness have announced a special offer for all owners of their AGA Experience Volume 1 CD-ROM. By returning you registration cards you will be entitled to a £5 discount of their next release, The AGA Experience Volume 2. The CD should be released around 13 March but those wanting to take up this offer must return their registration cards by 20February. Volume 1 is still available but quantity is limited. It can be obtained directly from Sadeness Software, 13 Russell Terrace, Mundesley, Norfolk, Nrl 1 8U. It is priced at £17.99 which includes post and packaging. Contact
them on 01263 722169.
UMOUR OF NEW AMIGA OS A miga Computing have heard on the grapevine of a new operating system for the Amiga.
™ The information we have received so far is that it is not WB V4.1 and is a new third-party OS. Apparently it's written in 'C and therefore PowerPC native. From the rumour we heard, it will 'change the way you will use your Amiga' because of a system that works with 'modules’ and a language similar to Arexx. Hmm.. PRINGFIELD OFFER AMIGA TUITION Essex-based Springfield Multi Media have announced their latest initiative to give owners the most benefit from the new Amiga packs. The company have expanded the pack with extra memory, a L2000 genlock, and half a day of training on how to use the
The company commented: 'Quite often new Amiga users, particularly with video in mind, are left to struggle, often buying inappropriate software and hardware and rarely obtaining the full benefit of their purchases. Our new Amiga pack represents excellent value for money by packaging it with additional memory and a superb genlock, together with our training session, to make sure the user is all set to gain immediate benefit" The complete package is available for £1,150 from Springfield Multi Media. Contact them on 01245 227588.
12 Amiga Computing FEBRUARY ProGrab"*.. Supports all recent Am.q.ts and is abo fully AGA Onpsrt (tjipiMH You tan render images m any Workbench icreen 11ncluding HAMS mode (Amiga RAM permitting KB* ProGrab’- Wi and Loads aiugrt m IFF IL8M. IFF IIBM24, PEG. BMP FCX and TARGAlHc fgrmatj ProGrao mvci Animations ai 1 'AramS files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA ntcrface and separate sound sampler I as Amm5 « 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing Hucrvs (AGA only) and dithering methods arc also new to ffcrfir* Wrsion 2.5 ji Photogcnics fully supports ProGrats
• ltd a custom loader to enable grabs directly from within . The
program • saving YOU trmd ProGrab'* JcFtiwre hat built In mono
and colour animation facilities flu rninttxv Of ftampt n
dependant upon youi Amiga t RAM ProGrab'*.
Release 2.5.* software now includes .
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Aloud the ftghest resolutions ¦ Even
with low memory An*gai 'r fUHtti One Systems .vmccr the r*cd
lor an MMJ ' ragumngjuu two Had Owe Space .
• AOOmONAi. TELXTEXT FACUTIES With either Tetrestrial or SateTkte
TV signals.
Camcorder JJP E¥= *=*
• VV s:*" I-'1:!**].» The Beu VM« Hartfivaw pmi i to ttv Arrvg*
Thu n csoecuty ptcasng Becajs* th* wad nnn liom the A»n« »
Shoppes iruguneS readm Our Satisfied Customer s’ ,• , i' At.i
'Aappc» 95H STAR Buy inc fcmahs lie Var p end tatNU to tt*
crgna COBUI we ive* mghfy rtpmsed' : Hgny Bnorrrnnj Ufhflhcr
you I*? A VfofOgrflpflCf Cffl Oftcr*i Ana. We* to the ftoGraB
24RT rV,i Jla Mnrer* lUr Fn&jb'' AfTsqu Farrr.it 9JV, Gold
toting M comrnern i»r Wyfc .urt Fto .t;jute UV) fnf dowiw »
get1 ‘KmSt*- ¦ v.tjt- In' rrrKv no Mtrrr d»7trjr atpr. So (run
ly w Ubc’ and Crttrj ter next teHum ifwi at, artf agtner rrx
the same prue' CUErn yo PmGrat)*1 s tfib to Begemm arid lempn
tight Budget'and, Very had I i It* irxnry. Ncxhrn (an to* + Awd
Mr Mrs .Mbs M?*: Initial! Si: Address: County (Country):
Daylimc Phone: _ ProGrab Plus 9 £129-95 inc. p&p PCMCIA
Interface 9 £34.95 inc. p&p . _ _V I5.x S W (User tpxndr) *
JH.95 Optional FAST Courier Delivery i 16.95 mm HARW00Dl3aff‘
:0IVIPUTERSC3 G3 don Harwood Computers Limited.
W Street. Alfreton. Derbyshire DESS "BP FAX: 01 773 831040 of... TELEPHONE 773 836781 I enclose a Cheque Bank f rafl' Postai Order for £ RAB... Rapid Frame Hng on your Amiga The revolutionary 5-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and
excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard 7V signal passing through your VCR player ., the choice is yours.
With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview tyour'camfordeT I window and Grab (because the hardware including s-vhs | | grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source cievicef| Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from ether TV or satellite sources or, Take a signal from a ] TV with SCART output.. | STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor. OTP or graphics package For just £129.95...
ProGrab is supplied vwth everytftng you'll need +
• ProGrab'* 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.*
Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting
• User Manual • Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrato optonal PCMCIA Interface includes me Uteu version software and extends perform lor wnouvprotKoonal uxn ¦ altering me following benefits
• Easter Downloading Times (up to FIVE times quicker!
¦ improved anmabon speeds df up to 11 fps (monol and 3 Vps (colour)
• Sound samptng and animation copafcrttie*. (separate sound
sampler rcqured|
• Srf.sncj of animations direct to you Amiga* hard drve
• Freeing of your Amiga ParaW Port for use by a printer or other
paralW peripheral devee ProGrab* supports any Amiga with
Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM.
Or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver or, G'ab TV or video pictures from your VCRS video output including S-VHS.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Cue wfi Be requmd to Surname: Postcode: Evening Phone: Otvrseas Customers... Him' call for prices, sblpptnp vie Card holder's signature: Card No - - - ??
?n ???id CDUL Expiry Date Valid From: (Switch Only) b»uc Number: f- (Switch Only) (_ 1 D ?fcmu*£CO made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPtTERS LIMITED OMPUTER SOLUTION ALIEN BP
POLE PC I sim cm SMONT THEME I UFO El ULTtWAl vinoco If the thought of the dentists drill instils deep fear in you then worry no longer because Virtual Products have a new approach that could take the dentist-day blues away.
Virtual Products, the company behind the virtual reality headset i-glasses are now installing the headset into dentists surgeries to take the patient's mind off the treatment they're having.
The glasses allow the patient to watch 3D films or listen to music videos but because of the glasses' size and weight, the dentist can still access the patient's mouth easily.
Through the headset the patient can experience the effect of a two metre screen with stereo sound. The glasses can display 2 or 3D video, PC games and television. They are compatible with standard video output and can be connected to an Amiga, Apple or IBM PC.
Denis Premiski, Virtual Product's General Manager QlX-SPEED CD-ROM AT £149 n hilips* latest product is a six-speed CD-30M drive priced at only £149. Although designed ¦ primarily for the PC, the drive can be ised with the Amiga via Blittersoffs ATAPI IDE driver. It offers a motorised, caddy-free loading mechanism, 900KB sec data transfer rate, 128Kb memory buffer, and a seek time of less than 200ms.
Amiga Computing 14 FEBRUARY Legal eagles City law firm Denton Hall are helping to prevent businesses suffer a pitfall from tne complicated laws surrounding the Internet They offer an on-line legal audit to ensure that the many companies that are starting to use the Internet can do so legally.
Denton Hall advise companies that it is important to monitor the Internet to ensure their corporate image is not at risk. They can offer advice on how to monitor the Internet to watch for rights infringement and defamation.
They also recommend that firms giving their employees e-mail and on-line access need an internal code to regulate its use.
AA ON THE WEB Motoring company the AA are now online with a homepage with all sorts of information for the motorist. You can now access their history, find out how to become a member, and general motoring information such as fuel prices. The AA’s presence on the Internet is expected to grow to become more i rue-active, with the possibility of buying AA products and services directly through the Internet and special pages for AA members only, but we are keen to get feedback on what is warted from such a service' said Pete Johnson, Managing Director of AA Commercial Servites.
The AA is at http: ww.theaa.co.uk theaa Help at HAND Befrienders International, the Samaritan movement worldwide, alarmed by the growing number of suicide messages from Internet users, are hoping to use the Net as a helpline.
Apparently, suicide is the third most common cause Qf death in men oged 16-35 who are in the highest risk group Research has shown that most users of the Internet are male and in the younger age group and Befrienders International believe they are most at risk. The recent service by the Samaritans which offers an e-mail service to communicate with Internet users who are in crisis has shown a big demand for such a projects.
A recent conference held in London by the organisation encouraged similar schemes in other countries and languages and interest was expressed by USA. Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. Vanda Scott, Director-General of Befrienders International remarked: *It is vital that we counter the pro-suicide messages and ensure that people who need help know where they can turn for help.'
The Somoritans are at: jo@samaritans.org. n remier Developments, the designers of :he range of Centre desktop computer worksta- ¦ tions, have a new solution to keep your computer area as orderly as possible. Called the Premier 'MUL-T-MEDIA', it is of the same sort of design as the Uni-Centre but is now bigger to accommodate more peripherals.
Increased shelf space on the top means that a good sized pair of speakers will also fit comfortably by the side of the monitor. The workstation is suitable for all home computers and in the case of an A600 or A1200 the extra room will also allow for the PCMCIA ported Squirrel or Overdrive to be attached.
It is available for £40.42 and can be found in most computer retail outlets. Contact Premier Developments on 01487 823684 for further details.
19. 99 A,200 12.99 At2oo 18.49 19-99 22,99 cok 21.99cdk 20.99
19.49ai2« 5.99 cd32 top 20 xtra savings FQPMJLA t GRAAO PRIX
15.99 MW-i U %l IfcJjfcadO IIS COPE COMPILATION VOL 3 |Oj|
hSW] MOWTOS6GO.F 7 2 BURBA M Stt* PREW€H Lug 1 PrtlvFPriBivP
MONKEY ISLAND 2 12 99 GLOOM 2 20 99 ’ *AVc f f 5 SENSIBLE
00 ”OAO-OIL 12 99 WV - f 19 99 SRP - Off 95 -C3 SAVE £16 13
» SPEEDBALL &2|5UK| 7 99 bobOCOD (JAMES POND 2 3 99
- -----F WfER OOQ SPEEDBALL 2 ICO}} ONLY) 12 99 12 99 SHADOW
OEDUCT C8 UNTIL JAN 3' y k|1 Hlftr Top SellerS nlW at reduced
IHH|f prices Special Reserve Top 40 are carefully selected
titles from our entire range wrth further price roducfions.
• ¦ NEW Item 512K • atll work on 512* machine* KIR « EittfMl Of
IV* Required Top 6*H*r. Hav* b**n compiled from Sp*c-.»l
to 8pm 7 days a week!
01279 600204 Cnhsation aga COM COMPILATION VOL 1 SKELETON KREvr HBMDAL'v ?
• loom iooom clone i ANGLE STRIKE
UFO-EMMY UNKNOWN ULHIMTc SOCCER MANAOER «OCOP . AMIGA TOP 30 l«AU JOLLY COMP OKNCNFOKEn SETTLERS OUOS ENOME. T2 M ,«0 .',00 SHAREWARE GAMES I GU.NCW EOEC€R 2 OWPIQNSHIP MANAGER 2 K»if ' JM Buy any tem af the same time as c-nirvg o? ReneAih; lot I m one year and we'll give you I GUYVER1 =§=] MQI0J Animated Action manGa VIDEO (Rated 15) j a&U SUPERMODEL KELLY ifliS!
37.99 LOADED 39.99 LONE SOLDIER 34 99 MORTAL KOMBAT 3 39 99 NHL ICE HOCKEY 9fi 34 99 NOVASTORM 37.99 PAN2ER GENERAL • 33 99 PGA TOUR GOLF 96 34 99 PHILOSOMO 37 99 PSYCHIC DETECTIVE 36 99 RAPID RELOAD 3799 RAYMAN 34 99 WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN MEMBERSHIP FEES UK EC WORLD ONE YEA* £6.00 £8.00 £10.00 Club benefits include tegular club magazines. £180 worth of XS Savers (coupons) per year, club compeiitions and nuge discounts across the range Members are under no obligation to buy.
A* prices nelude VAT and carnage to MOST UK mainland addresses Overseas order m« t be paid by credit card Hardware i*m* (battery or m «s) are only supplied to the UK addresses Overseas surcharge £2.00 per software item or 25% on other Items ftQCK CAPita.S pmmI M,LT Name & Add ess_ a _Postcode_ (MseaiPCi Phone No_Machine_ Enter membership number (if applicable) or NEWJIEllfiERStilP FEE (ANNUAL UK 8.00) uni 0I5K tf CD ROM SYNDICATE THEME PARK UFO • ENEMY UNKNOWN 2190 ULTIMATE SOCC09 MANAGER 23*9 VlfiOCOP 2099 YHN3 COMMANDER 1 WORLD CUP YEAR 9* fr I? GOAL CMAMP1CW=HIP MGR 94 • D ,999 °lS
* ' *- WITH 170MB INTERNAL til HARD DRIVE .499.99
colour inkjet ONLY 279.99 M NOZZLES 80 COLUMN. 5 FONTS. 8 PPM
rorOO'PKOALS KLST u?fi; WITH FREEWHEEL (jaaaiu I 12.99 f
12. 99 !
13. 99 Club Shops at CHELMSFORD, ESSEX 43 Broomfield Road Juki
around the comer from the l u» station SAWBRIDGEWORTH. HERTS
The Makings. Station Road.
A few miles from the Ml 1. Near the station.
Items bought In the shops carry a 50p surcharge on the Mall Order prices JfltmQwi only but you can order at you join reserve, coi; L*1lte Special Ititiae m %uc4u*t GUI PLAYSTATION 299.99 WITH FIEE EXTRA PAD A WORTH 29.M Jk L to IK. Pl.,Sl.llon •- THEME PARK THUNOERHAWK 2 • TXT TWISTED METAL VIEWPOINT WARHAWK WING CMDR 3 WIPE OUT WORLD CUP GOLF VIORMS RiOOE RACER 3999 ROAD RASH 3490 STAR BLADE ALPHA 3799 STRIKER 96 36 99 Start U*4 l*f FutSMU . T tt a MONITOR AND STEREO TV £5} AMIGA M1438 14" MULTISYNC MONITOF 289.99 FOR A12O0 AND A40M. WITH BuiLT IN STEREO SPEAKERS 0 28 DOT PITCH MPRJI LOW
PAD WITH AUTOTURBO FIRE Please use ths box to add any optional
fasl delivery charge atCiflM Pwt sop DC' pflsicd Horn
Cheque P.OJCreditcharge Access SwitctvVisa_ REDITCARD XPIRY
Loon subject to status.
Please phone for written details Extracting disks Before you even think of putting the cover disks anywhere near your computer you should make sure you write protect them. By moving the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see through the hole, you prevent your disks being damaged in any way.
There should be no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it To extract the programs off the second disk you must make sure you have booted your computer with the first cover disk, otherwise your Amiga will not be able to find the c:lnstaKer pro- , gram, and frustration will soon set in.
McCOVP We* To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the onscreen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next The program can then be found in your RAM disk.
You also have the option of using a floppy disk. If you pick this option, make sure you have a blank formatted disk at the ready, and if you only have one drive get ready for lots of disk swapping and a long wait Screen Menu Author: Stuart MacKinnon Workbench: 3.0 We push your brains to the limits with multimedia authoring and management training ImageVision Requires 3Mb RAM Specifications To easily run ImageVision from Workbench you need 3Mb of RAM. Unfortunately, there is i easy way around this, it's just that to get the sort of features that ImageVision provides need a lot of RAM. Having
said that, it is just possible to get ImageVision up and running on a 2Mb machine.
This will still allow you try out the program, but you will not have very much memory le over. 2Mb owners will have to do the following: after you have installed ImageVision into,« your Work: partition, reset your machine aid hold down both the mouse buttons. This bring up the Amiga's early startup menu, and here you just dick on the boot with no startup button, This starts your Amiga with the absolute minimum amount of stuff in memory. To runj ImageVision you need to type the following.
Assign env: envarc: assign libs: sys:classts add Vork:IaagtVision (or uKdimr directory your installed IV to) assign lv_Te«p: Imp IaageVision Screen Menu is a tiny little program that adds a well needed function to your Amiga's screen bar in the form of a new selectable menu from the screen cyde gadget, in the to? Right of the screen. This menu lists all the currently opened screens and by selecting one you can jump straight to it. This saves you having to individually flick through each one - if you have a lot of screens open you can end up flicking past the one you want and have to cycle
through them all over again.
This will now start ImageVision but you will only have around 350k to play around with. To] get some more memory there are a couple of other things you can do. From withiij ImageVision itself you should select a non-interlaced screen mode. You can also remove a co pie of files from the ImageVision directory. If you select show all hies from the Workben menu and go into the system drawer, delete the pattern drawer and then go into the moduk drawer and delete the two Mpeg modile files. This save further memory when you rui ImageVision. You may even want to remove the Anim modules.
ScreenMenu can be started from either Workbench or the shell.
There are a couple of SleepyPointers are a tooltypes in the information requester that change how ScreenMenu works.
Qualifiers can be set to on or off, and if it is on you have to press the shift key before the menu will appear. There is also a Delay option so that if you do not use a qualifier, you can set a short delay before the menu appears so that the screen cycle gadget can be used as normal.
Author: Antonio Santos Workbench: 3.0 It is amazing. We are meant to have this great multimedia computer with all its specialised custom chips to provide sprite and blitter support and what do you get to look at when you are waiting for something to finish? If you are lucky you can gorp at boring old stationary clock symbols - woopy- doo-dar.
Well SleepyPointers is to the rescue. This very well written shareware program will banish those old boring wait pointers to well, somewhere else, and instead you i have the choice of either a lovely spinnin hour glass or the classic spinning watch| pointers.
To get SleepyPointers up and running j double-dick on whichever style pointer like, and if you want to run it every time i start your computer, just drop the icon inti your WBStartup drawer.
ImageVision Author: ImageLab Technology Workbench: 3.0, Hard Drive, 3Mb RAM You have read the review, now you can try out ImageVision for yourselves in this saved disabled demo - all the functions and options of the full program are available for you to try out here.
As in the full program, you get a tutorial script that is automatically loaded. If you run this you will get a feel for what ImageVision is capable of. If you have '.rouble understanding any of the functions you can hit the help button and the context- sensitive AmigaCuide help will pop up, allowing you to read all about the current functions.
ImageVision has three main windows.
The largest is the main script window where you construct presentations. Icons can be dragged into this from the icon window allowing you to add another section to the current script.
To link icons together after you have brought a new one onto the script window you must dick on the top of the white tail that comes out of the top of each icon and drag it over to the icon you want it connected to. Menu icons are the only ones that can have more than one icon connected to it. To adjust the settings of I 1 I 1 any of the icons you should double-click on that icon. This will bring up a new requester in which you can modify any of the settings. As ImageVision internally multitasks you are able to have as many of these windows open as you like, and you can even work on more than
one script at a time.
Once you have set up a script to test it, just hit the run icon in the tools window on the right of the screen. Most of the norma! Editing tools are available here. If you want to cut any icon connection you select the icon and then hit the cut connection icon.
Mpeg - sets up a Mpeg video Installing ImageVision Author: ImageLab Technology Sound - lay a sample Workbench: 3.0, Hard Drive, 3Mb RAM For you people lucky enough to have an ACA machine with a hard drive you will be able to try out this great program for yourselves. Installing ImageVision is very straightforward if you follow these simple instructions.
The simplest and quickest way to do this is to boot your machine with your hard drive, and once Workbench has loaded insert the first coverdisk. For this extraction Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic TIB House, 11 Edward Street Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery process to work properly a couple of files are needed on your hard drive, namely the Amiga Installer program and Lha. If you open up the coverdisk window and double-click on the SetUp-HD icon this will check if you have these to program, and if not they will be copied over on to your system.
Once this has been done you can just double-click on the ImageVision icon, and either extract the program to RAM or your hard drive. After this the program needs to be actually installed onto your system, so double-click on the install icon and follow the on-screen instructions.
This is an early version of ImageVision and it can have problems with certain overscan settings, so if you find some menu buttons do not respond, try setting your PAL overscan settings to 720x275, or for DblPal to 720x550, and this should clear up any problems.
Qcons Return - returns from a subroutine v‘. -
- A .
Installing Hillsea Lido demo The easiest way to get the Hillsea Lido demo up and running is to reset your computer and then insert the second coverdisk into the internal drive. Follow the onscreen commands and when you are asked to insert a blank disk, remove the coverdisk and place a blank disk into the internal drive and hit return. Once this has finished, if you reset your machine you will be able to play Hillsea Lido from this disk.
Hard drive users will be pleased to know that the demo is hard drive installable, as is the full game. To copy the game on to your hard drive, go into Workbench and drag the Hillsea Lido game disk icon into the directory window where you wish the game’s drawer to be created. Just open this drawer and double-dick on the Hillsea Lido icon.
Hillsea Lido Demo - the seaside MANAGEMENT SIMULATOR.
Author, Vulcan Software Workbench 2.04 Your business proposals have been approved by the local authorities and they have wished you every success with your seaside development project. You have been granted 20 metres of beach and corresponding promenade, plus full ownership of the Pier Theatre. You will have the opportunity to expand your resort up to a ma imum size of 200 metres in the future. How you choose to manage your resort is entirely your concern, but the authorities maintain the right to reward or penalise you in areas that remain under their jurisdiction.
' ;
* * nr*.rjssssi. ‘ft v Hillsea Lido is a seaside management
simulator. In effect this means yoj are given access to all the
elements needec to turn an empty stretch of beach into a
thriving resort It sounds easy enough but the reality is far
more complicated. You will need to show real flair as an
entrepreneur in order to use the different elements of the game
to your advantage.
Hillsea Lido is a mouse-driven game, and most of the icons in the game have two or three functions. For example, when increasing the selling price of, say, the candy floss, you can use the left mouse button to increase the total by one, the rght mouse button to add ten, or both mouse buttons to add a hundred. Also, the scrolling action area can be speeded up using combinations of mouse buttons. If you are in any doubt, just experiment and you will soon find various short cuts that allow you to control the game in the way you want. The first thing D I thank you ladies and gentleman. For my
next trick... you see when starting Hillsea Lido is 20 metres of empty Promenade. Behind the Promenade is your beach which can be accessed by clicking the LMB on the beach icon at the bottom of the screen. These tv o are known as the Action Areas and are where the results of all your decisions take place. When your resort eventually expands you will then be able to scroll left and right along its entirety by using the arrow icons at the bottom of the screen. The main icons are situated beneath the Action Areas aid allow you to access the different elements of Hillsea Lido.
Catalogue SeaDreams wares are displayed in a catalogue which is relevant to whether you are viewing the beach or promenade when you choose this icon. You can scroll through this catalogue of shops and facilities by clicking on the salesman's hand or the bottom of the catalogue. Each page shows you a picture and a description of the shop and facility. If you wish to buy one simply click on the pile of cash and your mouse pointer will be exchanged for a rectangle to represent the size of the shop or facility. You must then paste this rectangular scaled down representation at the bottom
of the screen. If you change your mind you can click on the RMB to escape before pasting.
To purchase more land simply click on the sand mound and for more information about SeaDreams Ltd click on their logo.
Once built you can dick on the shop or beach hire facility in the Action Area, and use the LMB to access their individual information screens In here you can set the price of your stock or your rides by clicking on the arrows, and you can change the commission paid to the employee in the same way.
The bleach bar is an indication of how clean your shop is, or the spanner, in the case of your beach hire fadlities, indicates how safe they are. You can clean your shops by clicking on the spanner icon SUNORY 3M3000 soooooo 'SwDffiaws Jit-aaanm
77. Cl Hillsea lido’s burger joints are slightly more
Imaginative looking than your local MC king PI What's a
seaside resort without someone selling icecream?
Amiga Computing 18 FEBRUARY 1996 which is situated on the right of the screen.
The demolish icon speak for itself.
All the different types of stock you will ever require for your promenade shops are displayed here. You can set the amount of stock you wish to order using the arrow buttons, and when you are satisfied with your order click on the sales woman who will inform you if the stock is available. If it is, the delivery truck will start off on its journey.
Entertainment You can book an act for your theatre any day of the week in readiness for the Sunday show night Scroll through the acts by clicking on the arrows on the left of the screen, and when you have chosen one simply click on the cash and the act will be booked, the ticket price on the right of the screen changes depending on which act you choose. On Sunday night you will be automatically transported to the theatre so you can see all the people piling into it, along with all the lovely dosh you will be making.
You can hire various individuals to work on a casual basis. The left-hand side of the screen applies to the promenade and the right to the beach. Find out more information about each character with the LMB, and the hire button will do just that - hire people.
The tourist screen allows you to find out all sort of information about the people that come to visit your beach. Each tourist gives seven ratings on your beach. When they visit a shop three bars appear rating the politeness of the staff, pricing, and how clean the shops and beach are. The other four at the bottom of the screen relate to how much they want of the following: sugar, hunger, thirst and souvenirs. They will also tell you what they would like you to build next, and the customer is always right
- so you'd better listen.
If you think you can save money by being a skin flint and not paying cleaning and repair bills, think again. Regular health and safety checks will fine lax beach owners over dirty or dangerous shops and rides. Once a ride has been fined, the warning never goes unless you demolish it. If you let things really slip you could even injure or poison someone, and then you will be fined even more.
Installing Tritus demo After the Hillsea Lido demo has been copied onto a blank disk you will be able to do the same process for our demo version of the shareware game Tritus. Just wait until you are prompted to insert a blank disk and then hit return.
Once this has finished, if you reset your machine you will be able to play Tritus from this disk. Hard drive users will again be pleased to know that Tritus is hard drive installable. To copy the game on to your hard drive, from Workbench, open up the Tritus disk window and then drag the Tritus drawer to whichever destination drawer you want it to go in. You will then be able to open up the Tritus drawer and double-click on the cute icor. It will even quit back to the Workbench.
Tritus demo Author: Davin Pearson Workbench 2.04 So you think you are a hard Tetris player do you? Well, as the old saying goes, you ain't seen nothing yet Tritus is a bit of a turbo nutter, fuel-injected Tetris, a power-upped, monster-infested, multi-player, evil addictive game. Once you start you cannot stop.
Tritus is a simultaneous three-player Tetris-style game, but with a twist or two and the odd surprise up its sleeve. When you first start the game and get past the initial intro you will see three game areas with a press fire message.
C Three-player action with Tritus Tritus can have up to three players on at once, but do not worry if you have no friends, or that no-one is around to play as the computer will take control of the remaining players. If you do play against the computer you can cheat and get a few seconds head start by quickly hitting your fire button - that is if you are the sort of person who does cheat Once you are off the mark the idea of the game is the same as Tetris, that by filling up a full horizontal line you will remove it, but in this game doing that adds a line to your competitors' areas. If you
manage to do five lines in one go, the most possible, you are congratulated with a screen shuddering thud and a flash guitar rift It does not stop there. Every now and again a little blue greebly will drop down everyones screen and start to eat away at your block, destroying all the hard work you have done.
To stop it just drop a block on its sorty head, and watch it go squish with all its bodily fluids dribbling down the screen - mmmmm.
Finally, there are other power-ups available such as giving your enemies horribly shaped blocks for a short time, or making all their blocks invisible.
iu - 1
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Make cheques payable to: *JSM TRADING Ltd* 26 Old Bedford Roac. Luton. Beds. LU2 7NZ Amiga Computing The full version of ImageVision is regularly priced at £149.95. However, all Amiga Computing readers can upgrade to the full commercial product for the discounted price of £89.95. ImageVision will give you the ability to create a powerful interactive presentation with ease, and a lot of work has been put into the user interface to make it simple and intuitive. Being built from modules, ImageVision is also very flexible
- any new feature that comes along can be installed without
making changes to the main program.
ImageVision order form Please rush me: x i i i Please send me ImageVision at £89.95 Deliver to: Name (Mr Mrs Ms Miss) Address Daytime phone Postcode I wish to pay by: B Cheque Credit card Card No. I | I II ] Expiry Date m Please allow (28 days) for delivery Please send your order form to: Amiga Computing Reader Offer, Blittersoft, 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry, Milton Keynes MK8 OER England Tckttvsboxltyoudonotw&to rnceive promotional matonal from other axnpanies __i Here are just a few reasons why you need ImageVision:
• A lot of work has been put into the design and perforA mance of
ImageVision. The interface is very easy to use an many
different input possibilities are supported. Many func- tions
that the environment provides can be accessed throug icons,
which makes working with ImageVision very intuitive.
' The modularity of ImageVision makes it possible to conf ure the environment in a large number of ways, giving it I personal touch. New features can be added and old can i removed at will. Third-party developers are able to maki modules so that ImageVision supports certain specific products.
• ImageVision is totally multitasking. You may run othe programs
in the background, or you may run ImageVision in the background
- the choice is yours. ImageVision si designed to provide a
carefree, multithreaded and multitask4 ing environment. To
make the runtime part of ImageVision effective as possible,
even the runtime processes art] internally multitasking.
Currently, four processes are givin you the maximum
• Easy-to-use drag W drop interface.
• Load and manipulate your own graphical objects in the CFX
• A comprehensive and intelligent Online He fll documentation
that is accessible at all times.
• Total modularity that will make upgrades very easy an
I Supported Icons - Menus, Slideshows, Anims, Mpeg Sound, Subroutines, Jumps
• Supported picture format is IFF ILBM, any size, and i number of
different picture formats through Datatypes.
Before running the multimedia presentation the user ca change the Runtime videomode between PAL or DblPAL make the presentation suitable to either a TV set or i multiscan monitor.
I ImageVision is capable of essentially improving the sp of CfxObjects handling in runtime mode by its uniqud ImageCache functions, f In all file requesters, only files that have the right format fa the current selection are displayed.
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©veryone knows the shortest route between two points is a straight line - the Romans knew it look at all their old roads, dead straight If you wanted to go anywhere back then you just got into your two horse powered chariot and let her rip down Caesar's Way, doing a cool twenty mph. Nowadays, thanks to the brilliantly planned road building policy things are not quite so easy. In fact I hear a couple of universities are thinking about starting up PhDs in trip planning.
For anyone who does not have such a degree, AmiAtlas is just what you need. The only other Amiga route planning program I can think of is Gbroute - that was a bit of a half hearted port of the PC program. It is also pretty old now and there really is no comparison, whatsoever, to AmiAtlas.
AmiAtlas comes on two disks that contain the main program and the normal map of Germany. As standard you only get the German map but a wide selection of European countries are available, ing one for the UK and Ireland, may not seem too helpful but if you ever venture out to Germany for holiday, or for whatever reason, this would then be very handy.
As this is a German product the first thing you have to do is change the language to English from the 'Verschiedenes' or Miscellaneous menu. Once done, all the menus and windows will appear in English. The program uses the normal locale catalogues that were introduced with Workbench 2.1 but it does not automatically detect which language you are using which is a little strange, but once done you do not have again.
Function icons As standard the tool dock that is AmiAtlas is turned off so you will probably want to turn this on as well. This gives you a lovely scrollable selection of icons at the top of the map window. From here most of AmiAtlas’s functions are available.
When you first run AmiAtlas it loads up the last map you were using, and it is possible to set a start location. Therefore, every time it is run, AmiAtlas will always be centrec on your chosen place. In this case you will bs presented with a map of Germany.
When it comes to how you have the maps loaded, AmiAtlas is very flexible. As long as you have enough memory you can load as many maps in as you want It is also very simple to add another map to an existing one and you Qaking it work Installation of AmiAtlas is through the standard Amiga Installer so no problem there. The program and German maps are extracted from the first two disks into their own drawer and an assign has to be made in your user-startup. If you then want to install any other maps these come separately on another disk, are again installed using the Amiga installer, which is
copied straight into the AmiAtlas directory into a new drawer, each country having a separate drawer ps Neil Mohr longs for the wide anj rolling open road and finds it witf the route planner, AmiAtlas what should or should not be shown on the map. From the point of view of drawing the land, things like islands and rivers can be] removed, along with the ability to tell AmiAtlas] not to bother colouring in the land and sea ¦ this would also be helpful if you are running in ] less than 16 colours.
Can merge maps to create a single new map file, so removing the hassle of having to load multiple maps in the first place.
Guiding your way around the map is a very simple business - you can use the cursor keys to scroll around or for larger jumps the proportional sliders are available. An elastic band zoom enables you to get a doser look at whin ever roads or towns take your fancy. Even on a plain A1200 the map redraws are very quick - you will have to start twiddling you thumbs if you load both the UK and German maps and zoom right out but then you are being a bit silly so it serves you right If the screen refresh is not quick enough, due to there being too many roads or towns being drawn, there is a
comprehensive set of drawing tools to allow you to precisely choose Road mapping AmiAtlas has a fairly straightforward way of] organising the roads and towns, going from] minor back roads up to motorways, and froml capitals to drive through to towns. Using the] Map Detail requester you can specify exactly | which roads and towns should be displayed. It I is also possible to show motorway cross overs] and exits. Other details that can be viewed are | parks, hotels and rivers. Unfortunately, the | Amiga Computing English map that comes with AmiAtlas only contains the road and towns data.
Compared to the accompanying German map this is fairly sparse, as the German map has full details on hotels you can stay at Just ask to view the hotels and a bunch of little bed symbols will appear on the German map. Click on one of them and you get a full run down on that hotel, including the full address, phone and fax numbers, how much rooms are, what yoj get in the rooms, what other types of functions they do, and what credit cards they take - pretty extensive I would say. The same goes for amusement parks, with AmiAtlas giving you information about how much it is to get in and what rides
and attractions each park has.
If you wanted, it is possible to enter new towns and roads, so if new road routes do appear you can update the AmiAtlas mapi This process is fairfy painless. To add a new town you just have to dick on the map whera the new town should be placed. You then, using the pop up gadget, select which country and county the town should be placed in, along with which roads should run into it The same process is used to add new roads - you can just pick the start and destination towns, along with what the road should be called and how long it is. The new road is then added to the map database, and will
be used in any future route calculations.
The main use of AmiAtlas is to help you work out the best route to take fot a certain journey. In doing this AmiAtlas can work out the fastest, shortest or most pleasant way for you to go. It can also calcu- Jargon box an extension available since Workbench 2.1 that allows any program supporting Locole to work in, potentially any language part of the locale language system. For a program to work in French it needs oil the English text that is used m it to be translated and stored in a French language cotalogue someone Finally realised that it might be a good idea to make installing
programs onto hard drive a httfe cosier for the user, so the Inst otter program was ! Written a term taken from (he operating system NextStep used on a computer called Next A dock is a group of icons that gives you a short cut to other unctions late how far and how long it is, how much petrol you would use and therefore how much the trip would cost you. Qncm a routa has b Htn p ann d The petrol and time you ean viow it on the map and seo amounts are calculated from values that you give The only real discrepancy was the amount of time the trip would take. The time calculated by AmiAtlas
would normally only be around 2 3 of what the trip would actually take. For instance, it reckoned it should take me 20 minutes to get to work. Even with good traffic this figure should be more like 35 minutes, but otherwise the planned route was perfect As it is possible to load more than one map into AmiAtlas, you can have both the German RED essential C 2 Mb 3Mb hard disk space Workbench RAM 6 Mb 020 rocessor RAM IHTI UCT DETAILS Product AmiAtlas Andreas, RegulSteinweg, 661462, Konigstein, Germany 50DM AmiAtlas Pro 30DM Uk Other map 20DM Postage Registration Poland Hungary Czechoslovakia
Germany plus France Austria Denmark Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall 94% 79% picked this option, or you can just enter the town names straight into the string gadgets.
A good feature here is that you can enter the start of the town name. Press return and a list of close matching town names pops up, allowing you to quickly select one of them.
AmiAtlas also stores previously used names in the pop up gadgets, again allowing you to quickly select a regularly used town. You can also add stop off points to your route, in the same manner, allowing you to go via other towns.
Trip calculation is very quick - even fairly complicated ones are completed in seconds. You then get a breakdown of the route with all the , various road changes, f how long it takes, how
* *«•« £*1 much petrol you use, and you can view it on the map.
When we tested it with long 7 routes down south which a couple
of people in the office regularly take, the chosen route was
pretty much what they considered to be the fastest route. Coin-
cidently, the petrol con- mll tho nozeatary change points
Sumption and pricing WdS also about right Qvailable maps
Currently, eleven other maps other than the standard German map
are available, these are: AmiAtlas. Therefore, depending on
what car you have you can change the Km ltr value.
You also need to set up the correct speed limits for motorways and dual carriageways - or euro roads as AmiAtlas refers to them. This is made a little trickier as the speeds are all in kilometres.
When it comes to setting a route, there are two ways to enter it Either dick on the start and finish location, which means that both the start and finish towns have to be in sight as you cannot scroll around once you have '7he main use of AmiAtlas is to help you work out the best route to take for a certain journey. AmiAtlas can work out the fastest, shortest or most pleasant way for you Italy Belgium United Kingdom and Ireland A Spanish map is being worked on and a single European wide map is also being considered. All these extra maps are 30DM, apart from the extended German map which is
And UK maps visible along with any others you may add. Unfortunately, you cannot plan routes from the UK to Germany as there is no French map to fill the gaps in between, and the absence of any ferry routes or a channel tunnel route would also make it a little difficult It ] would be interesting to see if this would be possible if you did have the French map, and such things like ferry routes were taken into account The main problems with AmiAtlas all come about because it is a German product If you were German you would not have any complaints with the program, but English people are
generally different and can be a little picky about things. It is a little annoying that you have to tell it that you are working in English, and that you also need to state that you want money to be worked out in pounds. Fair enough - there are at least options to allow you to change the currency and language, but it would be nice if it could do this automatically.
ARD TO FAU LT Any criticisms I have managed to dig up here are really very minor - things like the kilometre measurements are a little annoying, but they do not change the fact that the program is very useful. If you ignore these slight niggles, AmiAtlas is nearly flawless. If the programmer could remove the leftover foreign words and allow miles instead of Kilometres I would not be able to fault it in any way. Currently, the only other major problem is that the on-line help has not been translated, but AmiAtlas is so easy to use you do not need it j line Requirements BLACK ecommended Amiga
Computing ver since mankind first picked up | a stick or rock and thumped it on r something else in order to create something, we have been fascinated by building things with our bare hands.
Our tools were at first primitive; flint replaced wood, bronze replaced flint, iron replaced bronze, but we used them to help us develop other useful things such as transport and shelter.
In recent years our cars, aeroplanes and buildings have become so complex that we use computers to help us make them instead of set squares, axes and magnifying glasses, and building things has become a more abstract process. There are people alive today who could build a complex motorcar or an office block that have never done so in the real world.
Computer world Their achievements are all based in the virtual world of the computer. Even fi ms are being made on computers with silicon actors replacing the real thing. Films like Disney's Toy Story or nVs ReBoot are paving the way forward using the latest technology to build their worlds.
So welcome to the wonderful world of 3D according to Cinema4D. It's a new package of German origin on offer from HiSoft Systems and is a low-cost competitor to the likes of Imagine, Real 3D3 and Lightwave.
But before we start comparing features, let's have a look at the product Cinema4D comes on six disks which have to be instated on a minimum of a Workbench 2.04 machine with 9Mb hard disk space, but Cinema4D definitely prefers Workbench 3 and takes advantage of the AGA chipset to the full.
If, like me, you have an older ECS machine, but you have a graphics card, then Cinema4D will happily work on a high resolution display, but it seems that the current version isn't overly keen on chunky pixel screenmodes, so it might be best to run on a planar screen if your RTG software supports it Usually, the conversion is only run on versSreSl Frank Nord examines the latest 3D program in depth... cue the most obvious of which is the increased fineness of the vectors used to represent objects on the screen which is a definite help when your scene is getting cluttered.
So let's have a look at the software. First impressions are very good. Here's a piece of software with a stylish grey interface, sharp looking icons in toolbox windows, and a main window which can show several screen with more than a certain number of bitplanes, so you might be able to get arounc it that way - the only thing you'll lose is the ability to render in a window on the Cinema4D screen as the interface itself only relies on a four colour palette. Other than that, unlike current versions of LightWave and Imagine, there are no limitations for graphics card owners and considerable
advantages, Cinema4D has a really good attitude towards the display of your models. If you are running on a slow machine (aren't we all, even if vre have an '060?), you can change the way your objects get shown to speed up the display. You can separately alter the way active and inactive objects are shown in case you want full detail while you are editing an object (handy, that), but aren't too bothered by the way it looks while you are editing other objects. Cinema4D gives you a range of settings from fully visible to fully invisible, and will even start to perform automatically when your
object database gets too large so that you don't end up just getting an out of memory warning (your machine crashes).
Amiga Computing ¦, Cin*ma's scono contains tho n»dy made mannoquin model O Sines Lightwave doesn't eeme with * bloke, it's just the table and stool different views, all at once or one at a time. If you want to you can run more than one main window to give you a number of different views of your scene. To save space, your toolbox icons are actually pop-up menus which save further space by doubling up their functions. This is also a time-saving feature and one that comes in very handy.
Pop-up The way it works is that if you select one of these pop-up options it works using the defaults set into the program, but if you are holding down the shift key or using the right mouse button to pop up the menu, releasing the mouse button over a pop-up menu item will open a dialogue window to let you alter the settings the item will use. For instance, if you choose the cube item from the 'Create primitive' pop-up menu, Cinema4D will chuck out a cube 200mm across by default.
However, if you hold down the shift key while selecting the cube, you will be presented with a numeric requester in which to put the dimensions of your object The same principle applies to menu items as well as the pop-ups, although you are obviously restricted to using the shift key to get to the settings requesters as you are already using the right mouse button to open the menus in the first place. However, what is odd is the fact that with all this space saving, Cinema4D still offers you both a disc primitive and a cylinder object even though you could always just extrude the disc.
FX DEPARTMENT The same applies for the cube and lectan- gle items and it does seem odd that you can only enter one dimension for a cube (side length). Okay, so a cube is supposed to have equal length sides all round, but it would be more ergonomic to allow the user to enter all the dimensions of the cube to create boxes of differing sizes more quickly than having to scale the cube in different directions to create the same effect.
This is the main problem with Cinema4D and it also plagues Imagine (to a greater extent I would say). The way the interface works isn't as fluid as it could be, forcing the user to use an awkward combination of the mouse and keyboard to achieve what she needs to. Working with a mouse is great if "Welcome to the wonderful world of Cinema4D - a low-cost competitor to the likes of Imagine, Real3D and Lightwave" you are just starting out with a package - some people rely solely on their mouse skills, never touching a keyboard shortcut - but most people want their work to progress as speedily as
possible, so therefore want to be able to circumvent the sometimes lengthy process of moving the mouse to and fro to go from the object to the toolbar and back to the object and so on. Cinema4D has a number of shortcuts, especially for the menu items, but needs a method by which you can select the move, scale and rotate Just like Imagine, Onemo4D can add effects to an actor in its animation timeline window. This window is very reminiscent of Imagine's Stage editor but unlike Imagine, its use doesn’t preclude you from doing anything else. Along with the usual and pretty pedestrian explode
effect, there are more impressive ones such as the pulse effect where you can alter the shape of a range of objects according to a mathematical formula, such as a sine wave.
Objects pulsed in this fashion react in different ways according to whether you have chosen to include sub-objects in the wave or not, and some pretty interesting results can develop, especially since you can define a pulse for not only the size of the object but also its position and direction.
Just like almost every other 3D package I have worked with, Cinema4D allows you to morph one object into another, but, again, just like every other 3D package I have used, you have to make sure that both objects have exactly the same number of points and edges.
Cinema4D also has two other effects that I have never seen in a low-end package anywhere, and they are ibration Qrops dept. Cinema4D has so many ancillary features that it becomes hard to find the space to mention them all, but ones to be noted include the separate ray tracer which can be run on its own, taking advantage of all available memory (the other advantage is that versions of the ray tracer could be written to take advantage of a co-processor board like MacroSystem’s DEC Alpha board or Phase5’s PowerUp without the need to convert the entire package). Cinema4D also has an object
converter that will read a wide variety of objects and convert for use in Cinema4D.
Functions more easily than by using the mouse.
But I don't want to give you the idea that Cinema4D isn't any good. It has some absolutely superb methods of working including an object hierarchy similar to that used by Real3D. In fact, if you have used and Melt. Melt does exactly what you might think and is actually a bit limited in its uses. You can almost do exactly what Melt does by stretching your object vertically down to nothing over the course of your animation, while stretching it out horizontally to make it look like a puddle is being created.
Having said that, it is nice that Cinemo4D provides an option to oo this automatically, saving you the trouble. Of course, it doesn't do any of the funky things that Dynamation can do like melting your object so that it pours down a funnel or splits in fwo when melted over a knife, but then the only machines you can perform these feats on is an SCI, and if you've got he money to buy one of those, and Dynamation, then you won't be interested in Cinema4D anyway.
The last effect, and one I can think of plenty of uses for, is called Vibrate. This randomly jitters the selected object in terms of its size, position or rotation over a length of time. The effect is completely random and the only parameters you have to enter are for maximum extents of the jitter in either direction.
Amiga Computing ReaUD (particularly vl.4) and Imagine, you swiftly feel at home using Cinena4D. But Cinema4D has features such as tie automatic determination of units and the ability to use maths in numeric requesters (if you can't be bothered to work out the individual lengths of the walls in a non-rectangular room this comes in very handy), the background grid gets scaled with the cisplay and disappears if it gets too small, unlike imagine's, and the ability (if you run your Cinema4D screen in enough colours) to be able to render in a window on the Cinema4D screen is also a nice touch.
On the minus side, Cinema4D won't work with Postscript fonts (just like old versions of Real3D, fonts have to be built by hand and are all separate objects. You are supplied with two
- Helvetica and Diamond - which both look pretty similar) and has
no algorithmic textures at all, so anything other than solid
colours has to be scanned, grabbed or hand-painted.
Then again, Cinema4D's method of ensuring that the texture you have applied works prop- CENERY DEPT. As a test I tried to build a pretty simple scene in Cinema4D and compared the time it took to the same scene built in Lightwave. I constructed a simple table and a milking stool using primitives and boolean operations. I surfaced the objects and rendered the scene at o low resolution. From start to finish it took me over an hour in Cinema4D, but it has to be said that I am not as familicr with the package as I am with Lightwave.
The same scene in LightWav? Took me about half an hour to complete (without the human model), but the important thing was that even if it had taken me the seme time, it would have been easier because of the way Lightwave is put together. Having said that, I also tried the same scene in Imagine 3 and it took me the same amount of time as Cinema4D, but it felt harder to create the scene and I am familiar with Imagine.
HERE ARE MY ACTORS Cinema4D has an inverse kinematics system built in and very handily comes with a mannequin object ready to roll at the click of a button. The IK system that comes with Cinema4D doesn't have any form of constraints that would be required to stop your elbow bending backwards, but that notwithstanding is actually damn easy to use and, apart from the odd hand pointing the wrong way, is pretty accurate. Although this doesn't make character animation into something as simple as a simple thing, it certainly beats manually positioning limbs hands down and is so much faster that
you'll probably end up using it all the bloody time.
Erfy is superb and gives absolute control over texturing. The way it works is that you edit a grid which overlays your object which is subject to all the same tools as the objects themselves, such as rotate, move and scale.
The type of grid that appears depends on the type of texture wrap you have chosen - choose a planar map and you just get a flat squarish grid, but choose cylindrical or spherical mapping and you end up with a full or par- tial cylinder or sphere surrounding your object Back on the positive side, Cinema4D has a help bar which constantly comments on whatever item your pointer lingers over, and Cinema4D's requesters all check your input and won't let you leave until you enter a figure which meets the minimum or maximum criteria. Cinema4D's numeric requesters also remember what figures you
last entered, saving a lot of time when building a large number of similar objects.
It also has some funky features like being!
Able to set the light for your scene based on I longitude and latitude settings, and a calendar to accurately recreate daylight, and a mathe-l matical perturber for objects that allows you to I change a ball into some sort of weird sea] anemone in one easy step. A !
'S A WRAP Well, that's all we've got room for.i Cinemo4D is a good package that needs some tweaking to make it a great package and is certainly a competitor for Imagine.
With version 3 already looming on the hori-1 zon Cinema4D looks set for a bright future.
Bottom Requirements RED BLACK CttWl 3 Mb 2.0 Workbench Hard drive RAM 12 Mb RTG graphics| card AGA RAM or above Product details Cinema4D Product HiSoft Systems Supplier Price £199 01525 718181 EE Ease of use 73% Implementation 75% Value For Money 85% Overall 80% Amiga Computing Imagine what you could do with The UK’s leading Lightwave and Alpha experts Best Prices Best Service guaranteed ...Newtek LightWave 3D v.4 (the new manuals are excellent) The definitive 3D rendering and animation software package.
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We also handle direct from manufacturers the Draco and all Macro System products.
Raptor 3 We are the official distributor of Deskstation products in the UK.
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We also supply for the UK.
Ssnapmaps, Building Objects, Humanoid, Sparks, WaveMaker. Impact & many more.
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The New Cyberstorr 060 We sell the tools to fire your imagination.
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- Phone for latest details Sales and credit card hotline 0171 721
70S0 1995 was not the kincest of years for Amiga stalwarts
While the return of the Amiga to production was good news for any company in the market, the absence of any of Softwood's software from Amiga Technologies' Magic Pack must have been a worrying issue for the makers of such well known programs as Final Writer.
Worse still, arch-rivals Digita International had a virtual monopoly on the contents of the pack as far as the serious applications were concerned. While the bund e represen- ted a reasonably good deal for the consumer, it must have made rivals wonder if continued development of their products were worthwhile. After all, how many new Amiga owners are going to buy something like Final Writer if they already have a wcrdprocessor supplied for free ?
Nevertheless, Final Calc has now been released after four years of development, and the initial comparison with the Magic Pack's Turbo Calc looks favourable. The question is, however, does it offer enough that's new to win a large user base of its own?
Interface To begin with that all important interface, Final Calc doesn't look quite so polished as PC industry standards like Excel and Lotus 1-2-3, but essentially the introduction of tool bars and drag and drop data manipulation follows their example in creating a user- friendly environment. As you'd expect from any professional Amiga program, you can control many functions in a variety of ways, from using drop down menus to keyboard short cuts.
Important for the beginner is Final Calc's on-line help facility. Whenever you select a command from a menu it will usually give you an explanatory option from an AmigaGuide. What's more, the instructions to be found are more helpful than the token aid you get from too many Amiga on-line help guides. Remember also that Softwood have a help forum in which you can get technical advice on CompuServe. Equally valuable for a |l NAL [demand It has to be said that the price probably predudes most casual Amiga users looking for something cheap to keep track of their personal finances. It's also a
fact that this is Softwood's most demanding product as far as your Amiga's specification is concerned as well.
Though Final Data will work with 2Mb of RAM, they freely admit that to get a respectable level of functionality out of it you really need at least 3Mb. ot surprisingly, you 7 also need a hard drive with 5Mb of free space since you can't run it off floppy. AmigaGuide end Arexx libraries are also highly recommended.
Though the requirements are fairly high, however, it's probably worth it for someone who really needs a more professional spreadsheet to work on at home.
The count In Final Calc Softwood think they've created the spreadsheet program to beat them all. Gareth Lofthouse reviews time formats, and cell ranges. There's also an amazing 178 maths functions with comparison and logical operators.
Technically daunting program like a Spreadsheet, Final Cak's good quality documentation makes it worth a few extra bob in itself. A Ring-binder containing extensive chapters on every detail of the program you could possibly want to know about really sets an example for Amiga products we can only hope is followed elsewhere. The only flaw in my view is the absense of a step-by-step tutorial, something that makes getting into the program that bit more difficult Fortunately, behind the glossy exterior you will find a number crunching program of immense power and flexibility. There's a
comprehensive array of editing functions you'd expea - for example the ability tc edit formulas and paste filenames, date stiings, Final Calc uses a 'Recalc System' to late the value of formulas in each proj* Basically, the Recalc scans through the pri ject looking for formulas that need solvii evaluating the value of the formula in each] cell, and then storing the result back irv each cell. In Final Calc this all occurs auto- Grabs that Final Calc probably has the edge over any rival in terms of manipulative power, but its primary selling point is more likely to be its superiority in terms of
data presentation.
There is an extensive variety of graphM to chose from, allowing data to be pre-I sented in numerous different ways - for example, there's stacked bar graphs, pit charts and X-Y-Z scatters. These are presented in 2D by default, but each of then, can instantly be transformed into a mod visually impressive 3D model at the did of a button.
Generating a graph from a range data really is very easy, but customising to your requirements is more of a pi lem. It's possible to include titles, legei and notes around the visual data, b Amiga Computing J2J net _||u l» W jrtH* | frflw iKltc tftir in* Wuf _J IlfJf» iKllt matically in the background and you can continue to work while it's happening - unless you prefer to recalculate manually, that is.
If you make a mess of the accounts however, Softwood's program has a distinct advantage in its unlimited undo function, final Calc keeps track of all the changes you make to a project's data, and allows you to undo any changes made up to the first change since you loaded or started the project Even better, if you mistakenly unco one of your changes you can then redo it under the same principal.
Smart presentation As you will have gathered if you've read the section on the program's graph generating capabilities, Final Calc is heavily geared towards the smart presentation of data. With this in mind 'Outline Fonts' are used when printing in order to achieve a better quality of print from the printer. It supports Postscript Type I and 3 files and Macintosh ATM font files as well as Softwood font files.
Final Calc will also prove valuable for those using industry standard Lotus l-2-3.wkl spreadsheet files at work, and who occasionally want to work on them on their Amiga at home, since the program supports this type of file.
More common but equally important for this type of program is the ability to implement Macros that will automate a series of operations, with obvious benefits on your irsfoit productivity as a consequence. The toolkit is also a standard but necessary component of the spreadsheet, allowing users to import and export text and perform search and replace operations. A further strength is Final Calc's ability to treat data in a project range as a database.
"Still there's no doubt that spreadsheets on the Amiga have never looked so good before, and this is important if you're in the business of illustrating conclusions about a set of data."
Tha spreadsheet allows Macros to bo used to automate repetitive tasks Pefbrrm caJcubbcns on, far example, a range olccNs to come up vwtfi a tosol Ddmes a scnp! And hour it s run, oXohs losis to be automated Verdict So how does it shape up against the competition? Well the good news is that Final Calc outclasses any other Amiga spreadsheet in many respects. Its range of mathematical formulas should be sufficient even for full-time accountants, and unlimited undo redo functions and online help are the sort of functions that make daunting programs more tolerable in use.
Of course, Final Calc particularly shines because of its presentation tools. This is not just a superficial benefit either, since a range of graphs give users valuable choices over how they present their raw data. Whether animation will be worthwhile for many users or merely a gimmick is unclear, but it's worth giving people the option to experiment There are numerous other plus points too, like the program's support for Lotus l-2-3.wkl files. However, though the program can import ASCII files from Final Data, they've failed to follow Lotus's example and push Calc as part of an overall
Amiga suite. For years it's been possible to generate a graph in Lotus l-2-3 and then easily incorporate it into an AmiPro word- processor document so it would make sense for Softwood to advocate a similar use of Final Calc and Final Writer.
Generally, I think more work needs to go into making Final Calc a more instinctive, easy program to use, though no number of pretty icons are going to make a spreadsheet the easiest type of software to get to grips with.
The online help is a good start and the manual is excellent, but some functions still seem unnecessarily complicated.
Then of course there's the matter of price.
Final Calc isn't cheap, but then it offers a level of professionalism that justifies it The Amiga deserves a spreadsheet package for the more serious user, and this is certainly a good step in the right direction.
Line Requirements GRAB frankly it seemed unnecessarily tricky to get the results I anticipated. Similarly, you can alter the colours of just about everything, but again it seems like a surprisingly complex process. Of course, reading the manual properly overcomes this, but it's less user friendly in this particular respect than I had hoped for.
Still there's no doubt that spreadsheets on the Amiga have never looked so good before, and this is important if you're ;n the business of illustrating conclusions about a set of data.
Another breakthrough is Final Calc's ability to animate graphs so that changes through time can be displayed. This is undertaken using the Edit Animation window, and once again its not exactly child's play, so that ring-bound manual will again prove handy. Printing the graphs is pretty quick though because of its print spooler which will work on jobs in the background while you continue with your work.
3 Mb RAM Product details Final Calc Softwood £99.95 01773 836781 Scores Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall Amiga Computing Dept AC95, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT ,.„¦ , ¦ j f i, -01325 352260 |L J t lSj sales@active2.demon.co.uk IOW TO ORDER Public Domain Prices Key [WB2+] Workbench 2+ OnlJ [WB3+] Workbench 3+ Onl|j| Number of Disks Minimum Memory For AGA Machines I Minimum Processor!
Hard Drive Needed f Each Public Domain Disk 99p [20] Postage On All Orders 75p fle* 3*nti oufc.de UK but it £ U aOd 10%I0 TOTAL Nesdenfc *1 Res! O WorH aM 15% to TOTAL Catalogue Disk 50p ftwWW V» c««v « Uwnm'?. Qvf f«f [1MB] [AGA] [030] [HD] BUY lO PD DISKS GET 1 FREE!!
Mike all Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to ACTIVE SOFTWARE NEW TITLES I U686 VIRUS WORKSHOP v56 iw«t wra re* ,v . .
1 U687 VIRUS CHECKER a-..-. I U6M BASIC ELECTRONICS Vl.5aunltoleam*acfaic*' . !
I U689 TURBO CAT PRO «1.1FiTu;f «wtim»clNMcat I atopa. -u»lpj n iM. Leadfe I*** ml crrtm t * lai [WfK.
I U69I VMM V3.2 teu ran mat um refti* «my | A»s;.||nc I U692 F1-GP EDTTOfl v3.01 kOM m »ux Alt .
I U693 A SPELL v5.8 and.• at I aw«« to.mH Uti edeaa p*B2 ¦ I U695 NAVIGATOR v2 Th* a 8UPOW Mo** you toty Mount r I iraM • JO urn From rwmtnw* t mm* roinrwiti Ntlttor * I •¦Mlna.'OMnjMn ato-l unual .ea*t radaa JOIWmlTOW I aflactaca dbetnedtoo 'tryoravaliocrtori.iei-rrirk.iwua Mwiper I ¦ i pwimn lyaaar* M »liw uiea »»tJ« B "W 5 I (tawno* FF S*:1.m »V« 0« Wi •*?*» V.e;. | (020.; [K | |2 OtVral I U699 MESSY SlD v3 a*i feu * ma M »u la PC rx* rare I attoa l G*caoOOS cr WB3I Am fanre. *«» tan My ,1VB2.| I U70O TEXT ENGINE vS xwimdhwMwinli.. wn.-. | U701 DATATYPES DISK neeora PV3 Fan REKOdetoto*''
Thwe n IMK irrae OU (t imt «Mt hr WorNrenfli on vi« I U702 SHAPE SHIFTER v3.2 ¦ M truth iMd Him wwnol N I Mart A«« Uk wnreirr Vow nawd SMC RCMa and SytMm 7 5 D uaa Iffmpmpam |lgO.CIW 2 Ull Ul .[»0 f othhiw| I U70* MAGIC PAINT BOX PEMOtVr.. • tie we.
I U705CHEATS v2.1 aw.dcMMh..- .
I U706 VARK CLI TOOLS 9 ImA o» greet CU toore I U70B POWER TITLER DEMO .u. t Mo Man amSW I U710 SONIC DRUM KIT v2.1 Fuu ontnw* I U711 GUI AMOSv1.9u-HMCMilarAM03Pn ,,! .¦ I U712 PROTECTOR vl.1 praiactyci* tart dree fWB *| I U713 NUCLEUS PRO DEMO .:«•.«oaU I MoyVcrt e-d inj mjilltl CWW A o»* y . To emu* AGA ftrrlwvta tv
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I U7I6 FIASCO v1 mart dmmm ayMe- « ,»« m .
I U717 ULTRA ACCOUNTS 2 decent icnini paaao* ,v I 0718 DEMOMANIA vlM Carp*. Tyauva m i» mik*. Id.. I traduced tia dera creatot tor you to oMi wnt darnel |V«B2 •' B DM*: I U720 MAGIC 64 mtt M MM • toad bo4h DM *U T44 Mm Mo C64 1 .nAit: Mr (o» Hyokrt.aCtAfenimnyouraAKiMMth.p'crwn I U721 REMOATE v2.1 p.MniiiM')’«gan« I U722 FINAL WRAPPER vai 1 on t .i-. m ih im a MM Me. Foi Fum) WiM rMMM 2 3 : HI---.
I U723 POWER PROCEDUERS vl JO amos I U734 BLITZ BASIC V2.1. im 6l v» ttthiaWQ u* | «M)*bMa 9SMnwta. BfttBoiTtMr. OmonMc |UB2.| I U725 X .PAINT V3.4 am oi ¦ good aoa pm* «£»». I GM24S DELUXE PACMAN AOA Mem * reran pm.Oy *• or d 0«tuu 0 liege I GM2M BATTLESHIPS a an tuatu oara ty Pa a*m*m.
1 GM263 CODENAME NANO raM hw. 9m Om «' GM2S4 SCORTCHED TANKS vl tS gm I GM26S BLITZ BOMBERS torac GM268 EXCELL CARD GAMES in aimcvdganMhw* ,aua; GM269 MASTER BLASTER B dMMbanb jm * GM271 SUPER COMBAT 3 r-an »rmi(mr*-y»f*a'Q afTV I loodw Si*wb jrapiK* 0NM»»*o»mp»f» ’2 Oml I GM273 REBELLION an atUnMM oorm *«• * Bomvk.
I GM27S MARATHON 2 pa,r- acton Qtra I GM276 THE DEVILS ABODE -tune, pa au»K olVtwdl* I Wn*o* Ttai H a 30 henp ad .anlaa Oaoan I GM277 SPEED • DOOMER 2 va««n 2 M pa Ooon. Con. Tfoa I guoNcs. IN. Data! MaM Bki and a c»J' InW eCKimq iaqaj 1 GM279 ALIEN BASH II ¦*» amtai to Chaaa Engra vaiy gns GM2S0 SKID RACER w a n; »ra nd tor I GM28I DUCK DODGERS ; • « *at. ,n«.. ; I GM2S2TRAP EM »;odt*MKm.t»i«PMana:9ara i»vy. .
I GM283 ZOMBIES a. w (i.m) ayto ihsoLarajp |AQ«J GM284 DARK ANGEL HmWuU fltN. Sultm a 1 pOMi unfits I GM28S BLACK DAWN V awPw man * »- uMLn ;,n I GM286 GALLEONS 2 m« 30 •itoMamup [ft . ¦ I GM287 ENGINES . Reya. Prat gan.
I GM2BE HELSINKI FORCE i t ai* joad Niian gem : ¦ I GM2B9 C AROZ oad and uta AGA lO»»*ia car*, on ECS Aireg.
I GM292 POWEROIDS gaed.n I GM296 INNER DEMONS kk » .
| GM299 SUPER SKIODY THINGS 3 .-ret. -.wo cna KkoWFt Dmattrou'iJBea'aUtodpanguntarandfMlea' I GM300 GRAVITY FORCE II EDITOR g.a, tora 2 -w.| I GM301 DELUXE CALACA V2.6C A w Wwcaan* .-p ra I uauaa»nxaw.nailla nnr an nwicflial; AuvaoKn AOA; I CM302 AUTOMOBILES v1.5 w«t K.nj ka th. Ar da d aBacara tac*a MP Pa adaay In hava uFM 4 (Uva'A [2 OaM| I GM303 EMOTIONAL CONFLICT 30 ****** GM304 JIGSAW v2 2 igwwaiw 9«"a |AGA; I GM305 PRO FOOTBALL v1.1tooaap.Mrta. ... GM306 BOOMIN ECK o.natnara- ocra fWB2.
GM310 COALA DEMO -Ira* Com.IMc«aa.»ana I GM311 FENDERS - TITANIC EOITION cat oar dafy gara I GM312 PENGUINS.daraolacM |ia»o~g»rarwa,. I GM313 MOTOR DUAL :MMc 30 t.7 c*aya. aM and chaaa pan.
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Latest demos continued . 0226 SUPREME"CHAOS" D227 SCOOPEX "ALIEN" Scocfm wa BACK p fa 90* a good D228 STELLAR “HUMAN" Etaat ataaa "*%ran e.:-wrant P 0236 MELON "PLANET M* ...:«a.cauatcaataaagrtiaw.* racp RmaaaM at a patty p fa NaPattandt acanfy D231 AXIS "PICTURE BOOK" muattaaatfPaDaatdatto lataaaaa to mitty pcpP» cctnctManw.a [AGA, J4 Oaaa.'
0234 INTERACTIVE ABSTRACT" «a. IMmuaIkwH* patty n fa tMPanand* [KlArl rutna* |H[ , '* Ufe" 0235 MELON DESIGN "BAYGON" -aart. Cat«»ay alyto ret*1 D236 EMBASSY "THRILLED" Aaaatt«ty "96ratoaa 0237 SI LENTS "FRUIT MACHINE" M-rt AaanCc, Mttora 0238 VANITY 'AMAZED" ahpta j r** datno to- Vdtfy M fa uaus ptacty ibul rata M PatN| Galttaal (AGA) p Dalai D239 OXYGENE 'CONTROL* foaaftaG AS.F Badyf* 0240 PARALLEX "ZIF" GASP aarew Orel [2 Cmt "aga] mo; D241 ASSEMBLY "95 INTROS ::4«*n ol vbo.
0241 AXIS "TIME A EMOTION" -,*aakn.A« ,v .. 0242 HOODLUM “WATER WHISPER" dacatfadana 0243 MYSTIC "FEAR" Macumreo Oood |AGa . *„ D24G TBL "0UE7" taa - tram Pamady Pi . . .a up i..t 0247 RAZOR 1911 "FALKORV" » - D248 SCOOPEX "ISO" «ay a taca] Gat4no*' ; u5;iac,a D249 STELLAR "AURORA" ¦** hvm S*a*«- *ca( GRAPEVINE 21 *ucatt d** ragayna *m LSO |2 CM*• i DEADLOCK 9 auya« ret rapuna try VwafamaAaatcOM NFA WORD 5 NrA . • NF A WORO 6 rea napoa lorn NFA |A0a NFA WORD 7 cttt -agapnaKmNrA |*..» .
UFO : FINDING THE TRUTH UFO FINDING THE TRUTH 3 panaxmal an) UFOaMI ALIENS CONFIDENTIAL 2 UFO and paammd pxM WEATHER GUIDE LUCIFERS "UNHOLY INNOCENCE" LUCIFERS "WICKED GRIMOIRE" t*nra cut aa* LUCIFERS BOOK OF SHADES" MAGNETIC FICTION tom o'Mtoyy «pkh” KIDS DISK 7 atnrer utoat f a pogtam SCOOPEX "ARTCORE" Doondu gafary atoatox-" (at.aj NFA SOURCE "N COOE 2 AUOS aoww daa magana TITANIC B fdatacf m dalabaaa cn fa Tow daaata* HISTORY OF THE WORLD CUP u aapread 13 0 MAIN LIBRARY U078 WB3 HD INSTALL DISK Ptaa. Tottrat rto nyaa* «m to yew MatflOma [WB3] U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 AddatsoiaioytM vIBManu
U235 BE -ORG vXI I Haogdnaaa yna reaatanl dak V.BJ. U302 VIEWTEK v2.01 JPCO **d OIF pea afh aaan . N.‘.
1) 317 ACTION REPLAY PRO Area. Mgrtay fat to. Ai JOO ;aoa| U316
1) 349 LIBRARIES * OATATYPES doyremat nrela rea t
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GUIDE Vl LaatnAmgaDOeaaMNaynvam U426 EPU STAKKER vl .70 dout4a
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U440 SNOOPOOS v3 uaa (noopdoa to ¦real fad to tad GJ *4.41 AnkAU b* HUM U4S3 MAIN ACTOR vl .55 «n Buy* IWW.J U454 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA toa ijamrre U467 T U.O E. vl .00 Tla Ltoraan D- ad- an] EntfaKat can Da uaadtodagadt AllOO1000OatouaaWet 3. Raraaa Hal ram ate U475 RELOKICK v1.4A FINAL naaakk a fa raal erere d*gt» at atom Forgat pa fata «t 41. PH a fa rad fwtg U479 MSOOS FOR AMIGADOS Afare yo. To ua. Fa 148 DOB cotimanda on yoa Ajr.pi Ajao uaa fa U8OO6 atat "¦ wo;. | U480 HO GAMES INSTALLER II rum jvr«a S»m* Aaaren tAMd Kortai a. Auf m TmrtAa ami aMU 12 mva"
1) 487 BIRTHDATE HISTORY V221 Om» mmrn rat tarerad anyautaMtdiyl
U499 M.UJ. V2.3CraataQuMartacaa NaradtotUaaac ;.v:, U502
GBLANKER V3.6 020 An oconaad anon la 02GOC.« W C*V» (VWU.I
US14 DISK STICK vl.1 k*m ¦MAfgaraenii U521 ADORESS PRINT v4
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U523 DOPUS MAGIC COMPANIAN . *Ga d tunra. AREXX KrVO I* Dofiut ! Vl H9 • ] US33 CAR DATA ANALYST Mxitot muimwipiftar rrmno* Fv*1 Xr f* Anrpa US43 TOOLS MANAGER Aarea you fa raa a-dodrefnta on U553 OFX CONVERTOR Vl .7 CM t4 ferraaa ani ***** bf. LBM PCX. POSTSCRIPT EG More utilities continued . U554 SOUND BOX vl .97 Cowm Kuna unpw tom iff raw WAV. UACSTKO vOC A Iff and MAUO to airy d fa ao:|.. tml tvraa a toad m aa IFF Mvaaa WAV or lead aa WAV andawaaa IFF (vb;.i U580 OEUTRACKER II V2.1 A gaol mxMa ptoyv v. US54 EXOTIC RIPPER v3.1 rood, and aa «ia iota- |V«£.
U576 BLITZ BLANKER V2S Owi MaNcat ¦ m. tn rei raa fa aantcaa ol MUI C4f0i MjretarOad aoaan Uantar .riy. U588 PC-TASK V3.10 Al r** PC Tad »S Dara tatacn U594 AMIGA FAX V1A2 Sandtacaoa laaaa at your Aynga wBi.
U617 HO GAMES INSTALL 3 O 20 gvwKthu s««- Stoaratu S-atoa Wondo4 Sant tola mataaad ,"AS2«I U618 TEXTURE STUOIO vl.02 acaga raa. A.iu.t .,r..
1) 619 BALLS! SupaiDandpo-aAjiLonatyiaagam :aga| U623 AMIGA
CD-ROM GUIDE GmM (MUdt d Amqi 03i Amptpjtoa doc (weg.J U628
ICONIAN v2.91 S ot AGA «on adw. ;aoa| U634 FRO DO vl J Tta
waty taal CM amdatot tor fa Aatga Rare.
Ttd :*3 wfti on iVaijj.j ]3K*| U635 OOPUS UTILS 2 Loada d Ufa It. Cractoy Ofata 44 Wtota Ktpa Anu toufnaa art oac rW9?.| ICKpvn U838 TYPING DEMON .ounncatot*.varyojcMyt U838 ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 Airwratuwaa [WVJ-; U648 HO GAMES INSTALLER 4 -*» ra a wirei totyojt tonutta gaanaa Ota-aarere Arad Pp«a»dl»a ato [tVB2.| U549 enLOCK .cotptognamtoraturtdiva ww- U6S0 BOOKIE BEATER Smi i« coom tt im own gvw mil • U653 SKIDMARKS 2 CARS 4 nta tor f« AOA Sanmat ; o UB54 SUPER DMS v2 A ptnaiij -relaca lot OMS .. .
1) 658 DOPUS v5»»v5.11 UPGRADE upgtMaOOgiA
1) 670 TERM v4.5 00 Tam a tra moat comfratanrea oornnncatont
pKaagamPO.rafaatTycatanamaltataaaa (3D] U67I TERM V4.5 030
.anontoy030prtcaaaota 0672 ORGANISER BITS a arena, a to Ogu.
Otpanaw )-oada Ogra Ctpvrao'] U674 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR vJB cwsmv* Emoakr Ycu noad an AGA Amiga M 028* paocoaaar 0677 EASY CALC v2B auret. Tptaadgwat ptpgta* . .. .
0679 AREXX GUI0Ev2Aaart to tare. A.... • yvn.
U650 MOSAIC v2B lam ration 0 Bd VMO Dtoat. FTCP !
0682 VARK'S CLI TOOLS VOL 8 ftootoatCU tore p.i f*v U683 IMAGE STUDIO v2 WMMranUn [WB2.|!2D( 7*C|IW0.| U684 ESSENTIAL AMINET 8 naavtodacofuncaretaa OM58 BLACK DAWN B a tram GM67 SCRABBLE i- toaare loan) gam.
GM76 STARWOIDS rtua and otoa maad . ¦ GM93 KLONDIKE M ta tort dma uaott |MD ti.6. '.sv.. GM97 TOP HAT WILLY an Amga at Sal W»y" *p ¦:« AdActva- GM105 DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 .out*, barb data GM118 CHANEQUES ,« mir44« l Algrmrtalyw jra* Oaact you *B* man r*tt dHarani aaflai to fa and jz OoM) GM125KELLOGS LANDWOWtTttabaalPOpOforar mar . .. GM127 ZAXXONauret* TtaC04daaacno-ronaa tofta Jmgai GM131 SUPER MEGA FRUITS a g oj F*a MacNre gan.
QM132 SAMURAI SHOWDOWN t.a a an onuorg Stan Fgtre »va. Good" AGAJ GM137 MEGABLOCK V2 fa taat Tara gar*, cn fa Amga GM138 CYBERMAN «W a 30 pacra- oma Vary reca-mread GM140 INTERNAL COMBUSTION rod .Mia V»*re- n*A ttayai oorggana GMI41 MADHOUSE a vaint* ad.ara a goma ¦; tx r.x GM147 DELUXE GALAGA v2.51 rad la fa ta« PO dodan up etwaeler QM150 ROCKETZ V2.25 u«a4 *GA crwy 2-t4aya fttuaavrxd-atn uf para Or 4 fa moat aOJcdrt irutopiayar garaa avail |AOK OM164 CYBERGAMES a.:.**! A am* fgr«* one -it pre' Tla ¦ pnreaK* fa baaii bad am uc garaa n fa PiMc Oomam 20| GM169 MASH -..ujiiDTfgn
iTifwWorn;gong kuommu banwaar umwratga atto Ctatnon Foddw GM174 TANKS!auolaniana run GM176 ALIEN GENOCIDE n* A Qgmaban wtd aoaf ao.iKf. GM178 OOOMER * »Md Doota caya tx fa Amga [AO -r GM180 CARNAGE r.-ol guai»ilgo. And ra* GM183 PSSST AGA .arawbai Paten fa Spaocy' WaO fa a fa Amgawint GM184 SCREECH *nrat car nareg para GM185 BOARD GAMES Cudo a fa rain gar. Raa GM187 FEARS 2 AGA m*r UjcMmOm Trta ¦ a dara olffa In- GM188 CARO GAMES OELUXE A rat **m you lead an] uaa yaw KtoaM. Ondi19»xn and ancet-t cn *oa ¦ p«u| [gup] OM191 CHILD ADVENTURE AQA-mat todmlKutoa'• gngtacat areartua to ac4n fa
myatocy to daot you natna u Owal GM224 BATTLE DUEL AGA bop. Dud * a SUPdW raatreym atlfary typa gam (AGAJ GM226 GLOOM A omo ratpcti ol LtYtxtTKo Doon txm iacu; GM227 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 A wttuai aAly ptopaot aga; GM238 LAST LAP vl Eacolanttaorggdta tor ona or too Mayan GM239 ULTIMATE STAR TREK g -al aralagy gar* GM242 PSYCHUELai-t. Braadaya liiaii *» 4) . .
GM24S THE PYRAMIO QAME Apuirep**r~ pma .
These conuin tcon cacfcdroos. Dmwr*. Loos mareosr brushos and docks and much much moral Magic WB Extra* volum* 1 [2 Oiaka] Magic WB Extras volum* 2 (2 Oisks] Magic WB Extrai volum* 3 [2 Disks] Magic WB Extras voluma 4 [2 Disks] Magic WB Extras volum* 5 (2 Disk*] Magic WB Extras volum* 6 (2 Disks) Magic WB Extra volume 7 [2 D »k»j Msglc WB E 1rss volum* 8 (2 Otaks] Magic WB Extras volum* 9 (2 Disks j Msglc WB Extras volum* 10 [2 Disks] Magic WB Extras volum* 11 (2 Disks] Magic WB Extras volum* 12 (2 Disks] Magic WB Extra* volum* 13 (2 Disks] Msglc WB Extras volum* 14 (2 Disks] Buy ifl 14
voluiMi for £25.99 ot aach voluma Bt£l.9 FI SOFTWARE FI &5fW.8»« 8(8 a smul owwaliv* C6ir wny which uut* be called F1 Licencttware. That are speonlismg n cheap.« tty oneoisd Amiga software Meat ot lhas* products *• tost in thsir area and offer superb value lor money AM | grammers recede 25% ol me sale pnoe Comng wirnm next few months are more uniaue Mie* (call lor more deUM AMOS Pro Compiler - Available lale 191 Relics of Deldroney 2 - late December 19 FI-14 TOTS TIME C3.99arecdMnp gtana tot udaaid* t FI-31 POWERBASE v3.3 £3.98 a a*dalabarecropatt FI-33 POWER PLANNER E3.99 vra enj- FM1
GRAND PRIX MANAGER £3.99 wnyou o*ngiaxiM| g lawn 1994 taaaon M*tmrand*t ,AGA| FI-50 GUIDE TO AMOS v2 £4.99 drahrebaM-'-'a 9*1. » | Araa 3np4 « guda to top yeu unMndandi |WB3.. FI-56 GIDDY 2 E3 99 f-cytd to tots, FI-62 JUNIOR ARTIST C3.99-attitoia»nr»alodraw7 Fl-67 BU8BLE TRUBBLE £4.99 reariaaada pre- FI-68 AQUANAUT A £3.99 -.part* pa-* Oat fv- FI-74 AMIGA ASSIST C3.99 rauductoty togmngoda J F1-76 OBST1CKLE C3 99 iu:a4 trattotm ragt Ora. Onq FI-81 AOUAKONAGA £5.99 A ut. M. Oooti re -at* FI-83 MAGE COMPRESSOR £399'..AMOS care* ,vW FI-84 WORD PLUS* PROvl.3 £4.99 Waxttolru-*-..*; | fret Uaad to
aal tot n 4 »l (WBJ.
FI-86 LEGIONS OF DAWN £4.99 SoFi Ou"o-n w-mt M- garna ChOca ol aara alcr-dractas *m toada c» waapcna FI-87 LEGIONS OF DAWN £4.99 -red rea varan F1-102 AURIGA £4.99 rary race* SMMCUnt FI-107 GREENIES £3.99 a 33 rat* m*g attot to Id re*n FI-108 PUSH AND PULL £3.99 cMr t a nubaa by payu.; dd 311 C*xM Supatb gooraca Ar ual "Aitwre wv»t’ l.Vpa,"' AtuJ FI-109 GUIDE TO WORKBENCH 3 VOL3 (TOOLS) £3.9l| i *v.'« Kxul VS 2 Mr tvs voO'td 'rtai.
Fl-l 10 FALLING DOWN £3.99mdlttpFomafa AAA36 tod rafaan *m»n adacarf alraaapy gama |AGA| FI-111 RETURN TO ZANTIS £3 99 . cam AUOS -wnati aU- togual bah-awt HEUCS A Padutiit * j fa tottboctwo la 7 eratad nCLICS 2 PoW n Ctt* acNanljta w FI-112 AMOSZINE 9 £5.99 oai*ui fa AMOS da* num f t | wa** tga beta, aouca and mot. Kx tt* AMOS ptogra F1.113 AMOS AGA EXTENSIONS £3.99 - Wllihpg Ttvii giwn fiay a mrani FO resty nil artrefang n CvtAY A ¦• -Ota tar CJ» Tha AAIOS AQA Ertanaiya adret ycu to toad and ,dff| AGA ectoiaa-«an AMOS. CU Mure. |Md ac*aa*a ale. ,vau.| FI-114 AMOS DIALOGUE PROCEDURES C3.99 .
.. dorant AMOS aai cl acaarakna. Ui« pauado nLbon iarhocxjaa G l r«| tocas GAO ToMa-in aoaa witan AAAOS n«;.| FI-115 BLACK DAWN 6 £4.99 ra Wg* duxotuaa. Atre »-d vfnw ) mm* tmc* **?* wnc€het uvwt, grafts mthmTtum 11 mf Ian ol Vm fnrvfxa wman d) nol nm Pm flY82t] FI-115 WILLY'S WEIRDY NIGHTMARE £3.99 ara ycu relf aun Ian? -4*4 J* S* Wh Oam *t Mua4«r4 OFX |Aii4Jl FI-119 EPSILON 9 £3 99 fta ama pane*W«advn toa toaia OAAC *ar an 7 A pa nc areanan* Vt- - f* a-g *1 to £aa Baaa ill FI-117 ANT WARS 2 £3.99 a recant cnchad u-aa ckna niaj FI-118 M.A.S.H. 2 £4.99-ntyonalra-a abud MASH 4 gara Had re a
T*«n 17 V oma cava and t was on cF fa no aavael Antgi ronnara racanlAAIOS nnlg Tlta raraon 7olfn g «*inuaaaadp«yaMly,g.apr ca and rata -A'Jj,]
G. R.A.C. v2| Do you bdnara vre commartol gam** cutn u Momey xurd
and cth*. Advan- tota pamea atvj man you eculd prtg.»m yout
own verson7 With tno Graphic Advanlura Oaatura v2 you can
aaaly r-al* a potrt and ck *fyenww gam* i«a Epsilon 9 or
Pate* ot Oddroneye Ths a the long tnuatlad version 2 when i
contain* many new teatute* such a* I ff Arrm KCCCfl. *4sl
cTdfdctr scac jrc xoon. Player ruhsM| iawlch fran mamclat to
cttaraclat on *ci*an). Ova* 3D new MT command*, an rrproved
tcnpl eater. 32 background cOyscti i many rata A aupa'h
'al-aaa GRAC a FI a bail avat saltngVH £6.91 BRAND NEW RELEASE
BLACKBOARD 4 gfl P*ri at ih* n«* F i CiOLiia i aicalwnl mage
prscal now comes wan ar crania iiy faat u.ad manual. Tha I
veraton ccrAana *n onina I rouline, ng* hie I ada faoMwti.
Rosata pcaxre so any angia n 30. Nm Cullar ua wtlh x»» 99
ptcturtl in HAM. Row axSanstva pnil*i»nca Irwa, fai nail
imagaa. Maah lunclixa am nm GLX trcmanffl £8.99 *TAR Buy m
Amga Shoppat Oacambw 96 rtc-i INTRO TO DOS 2 Jjfc WOW' Vw«oi)
ol Hut borert. Guda and nctoducOon 10 WcdM and Amiga DOS
Vettton cno otAamed aupatb gtadoe rani* oI mwgwma - ag 90% a?
AUI am) 92S. N Araja Shoppar Ot want to loam how to ueo your
Amiga? Tla* has tanca as tnxh i motion a* fre «r*l vettaon
with ««.v-y4i i i«1u.*« Tha aaan* lo Mam ibxl DOS commands,
ore CU ot about lYcnbardi . , _ _ ilea! Verpon was gven 9©%
STAR Buy by *n £6.77 Bhoppat n Novambar 1995 Asi-p«it pradjct
vyg| MAGIC PAINT BOX 'fa |M*9C Psnl Box 11 * lupatti naa parr
program tor at aga* IlM ar-od at chfdran unoa. 8 years c age
Of* re aulab* to* prarel aaaJy damon*ci*la to tha. Children
ita iinptoly yal powettJM [turn* Excelent lionl and. *4
dheie.a panirg look and lha ab J [pttv UI cotobr pcauea dliaa
fom rre program to any cotour ptfT Ow to d8ani.il came
funaiona' Comae »ren tot tatomnca ...Me e braelh c foah or"
wrote Amga Shopp*. Tor pure mart value, lha -aiios cormeroal
pachpgre w* £6.99 Smppr 6% STAR Buy in Norane*' 95. |WW.; i n
¦ Do you want the latest PO CD-Rom that contains tho I latest
PD to November 1995’ Contains tho greatest [ and latest PD
from two supe b PD libranes Tho I interlace must bo tho most
easy to use CD interface I on any CO Coded by tho author of
tho groat I Deadlock Ask magazine • just poni. Read about the
I disk and cAcfc to extract Superb and very easy to
I. The contents have also been updated so S el the latest PD
until early November I and loads mote as listed opposite
• with an on-line help routine, multitask - h routine and hotkeys
function It you »the West or greatest PD software then look
here' The CO confams It war 100 daks, over 640Mffa of data oM
,3 GIG J Cf public domain erb value CD-Rom at only £19.99 NEW!
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NEW - UPDATED VERSION New Search Routine I he mulli-bwktng WKVCMnd Will seek nie names or number
- New 'Hot-Keys' Function just press 'S' tor search or -E' lor
extract. fe(p' lor help!
New Separate List Buttons click a buoon lor "Unities’ or "Demos" etc etc Over 200 New Disks 200 new disks wnce Zoom 1 on 1st of June 1995 Restyled, Remastered new help end information gi oe, rcatyted artwork' Supotbl
• Greatest & latest PD from October 94 - November 95 : Utile,
games, demos, slideshows, education, disk mags and morel
mefuding moor ot rwi advert and loads of gnat PD aoftwwa
• NEW 100 Klondike Card Games Defuse CwdseU
• Ground Zero s Themed Imagine Objects
• NEW’ A great selection of Active Software Pro Packs
• NEW All the Professional Sound Samptas [SO Disks]
• Over 22MB« ot road-to-vww use Magic WB icons ate FI
LICENCEWARE volume one - F7-0? To FI-100 Sx* ot the run-cf-the
mil ok] PO CD releases oonttirg cotecions from pre-1995?*?
This CD conuirs the complete cofectxm of Ft Lee roe warn imes from F1O01 to FI- 100 Over lOQUHsof mow than 200 disks' Tns CD « worth wot over £500. * tho tasks were boughs separately There is someWmg lor everyone on the CO - games, unities, kx*. Professional c»part and music, beginners guides, educatonai programs and much more. Some superb material is contained withn this CD-Rom Blackboard v3 (mage maripulabon), Ultimate Quiz 2 (general Quiz). Word Plus Pro (ongnally valued af Cl?), Fortress (strategy God game). Rthcs ol Detdronoyg (voted test P0 gam* ever by Amiga Format).
ER»C (voted second best PD gams ever). Powerhsse (databse program). QRAC (superb tAonfcey Island1 style advcntixe game creator with 000'1 ol copies eold on floppy), Inlroducoon to WB (best soling F1 Title). AbsOUte Beginners Guide lo AMOS Junior Amsi (kids paint package) or Tots Time (one of many kids educational programs). Use some of the professWiI muse mffiin you gam**, with no extra 1 charges What oboul the cl part lor youi DTP documents? AMOS programmers I have a hekJ day with this CO - AMOSzne, gude to AMOS and AMOS supple-1 ments Somettvng lor everyone With a rery easy to use
AmgaOuideO interface I With 90N of the programs running strain from the CO Remember that the pro- I gram* are commercial, with copynght owned by Ft Ucenceware 99 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE - NOT PD!
THE AMINET COLLECTION NFA AGA EXPERIENCE NFA havo bwn serving the Amiga 'scene reoenAy with an amaj- ing amount of ottcd Wei known in the IM tar their Bodyshos senes. Eicefent AGA onty Word dak magazine and programs such at Balls'. Boomn Eck' and enLock present their first CO lor the Amiga Uni** ethof maw releases, rna cortens AGA PO Iron the last 3 years ot which 90S will an straight from the CO1 Cortetns the I»»1 VVB3- unities and creative tcA ware (tOOMB). The greatest AGA games (tOOMB). Hgh quality AGA sitoesncws (150MB). The most out standsig AGA demos |2WM6), enterianing and intormatrve
disk magaznes and the besi of the real inducing the licenced Amga Reports and ad tee Amga Doom clones NFA have also coirpled bads of exclusive wares for the CD: slideshows. Klondike cards and more All tew and contained in superb exclusive raynreced comtied drawers sol within a Mage Workbench environment makes the CO an absolute pleasura K use' The CO woUd make a superb Xmas present tor any A1200 or A4000 user wn a CO-fiom TRADE details and prices avertable on request. £19 99 Out of Stock £- June 95 £11.99 August 95 £13.99 October 95 [Out Now] £12.99 December 95 [Pre-Order] £11.99 February 96
[Pre-Order] £11.99 April 96 [Pre-Order] £11.99 AMINET COLLECTION VOL1 £22.99 The Amnet Colteclion « a superb tat of tour CD s lor any Amiga user Conrans Amnet 1-4.
PD from 93 to December 94. 4 GIG* or date!
AMINET COLLECTION V0L2 £24.99 Amnet Set 2 contans ad me Amnet up'oads snce release 1 PD trom Dooember 1994 to November 1995 Ggabytes dour CD's) of game*, utrthes. Demon, pctures. Anmatons.
Tods, modules and mere Also contains 300 books Irom the Project Gulonburg CD-Rom AMINET SERIES BI-MONTHLY xpenerice SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE tnr, s¦** so Arrant CO ¦ -Willi lilatety to- ¦OWIWI m send S to you kv ri t se »av br oadt a daM card Card W1 on daaaten AMINET SET 2 OUT NOW
- FI SENSATIONS I 50 FI Sratiwi a on sier-g «*• CD no- oon- |
oanng ow IMMfi cr nnt tcton • TEXTURE PORTFOLIO I rtmom and
SO-Fi gm Cmgu-at rcuk I Euc**:-- S. Surtnw (he Orpite TWO. Oeap
t. Voyogar and re trui. Bdtnin Dr Ww ndarerdt. Rktexoe BUM.inn*.
Man*. 2CC1 ¦on rnow. Tow tw*i an nary ora km At ra «*v % ¦ M
hot- •» CO Xfl*0*i PC an* MAC bOU$ £tLCP*KtiM £18.99 LIGHT ROM
- Olgakytaa ol data on the ODUM 3 C D “ Includes
j. lAPM-n SL *ertoua lama* (UP MW), luew at ms 10 0- cntryeWM
tar your oenappbalnre Oro-SWJ iO» voc eat. Icoo wav w 4SC0 _R
LijMalX ¦I •
- _ __ihoecaaa VOLUME 2 ru OO srtnts a:rot* te* gt•*. 100 30
oCyaria. Wary irnirn 3D anncapa*. ICOO I mop HOUKM DM* tor fata
Pro at * coStcnon nitwn twi* Cf efteoi tor wegm 30Sixte tat uj«
Mm rot and Scupi 30 Hit CO • auuiUs Rrnn t«r* uoniatrr. Ant
J coiKect Si:. Uuam k* H* waHW nr ont VXW9 or «w maimw ORDER
f°BSCR,",0rs£BV,ct imaM-Hr rrinj. Wlteate lufc r *•« wtea) Rr
mi mp»i »«i re titittri wdsenirtfc wutorfi?»S.|uy janut.-. f*h
ia , Py craOl c. MM ca* CanSoao IB' Cca anra m. ram T». WWW**''
Stehtar re CO* Ti* ba SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE I «r 10 a*.
But»:rte* w Oort F»h S la | ‘ C2Z VS ntmia S6 •* *¦** l| • pay
* (MMi MicM Cantab IlCDs £19.99 "“*“*«_| ¦MiILIlI Pam nargatv The
CO-Ron •• tut lUt VJ Amga PC and MAC £7.99 SOUNDS TERRIFIC dtp*
aaarg r4 part td any.
Orcraaaxna- irutKlon* kti-ary o amalaa* ooOateon 4 SOO nuxaay '*000 aaneto*. Mi Sort, woraa 4SOO irwVuea-* JC« oclamed Ml ter rrusci JOO W0« ni iwegne dr} » ynu ar* a kAjUnxlTi kin tea., vuu outo nu mat itaan roaun* Z £22.99 9mm IIGA GAMES Cds £34.99 £19.99 £24.99 £17.99 COLOUR LIBRARY C64 SENSATIONS TEN ON TEN PACK
* '*4 auo. Aa Annan.
Posts Butaigi.
Caro Cartoon*.
Can. Correutors.
Ono*aa». Oogt Favway F *h FU0* *-*•«» | varwon at
* vt I* Irejnert V«a Fra V, Tie trtgi
- I Tzt. XcctT Clanata r1 1 am «1tm r. IjJ.v- rrarf I « nvmii
Turt.1 Car v3. NtoMExuS ¦lt« *•* -*«.1 In nil l-on t C men
Cr ommca inye* '-MB ol An*TCP dae eotc ol CD Pan imwueaa. Mate paaTtX Mte ol Htk* data ale A nr, many to CO akmg wan a face idir m- aon or CP Wma to ate you CO- iSSINS 1 GAMIRS DELIGHT POWER GAMES
* contamng 3 superb CD s. Tno Assassins voi- ¦ over 500 games,
many ready-to-run direct a neeib custom irtorlace CD32
compatibie Gamers I Ortaint no PD games - sofefy Commercial
Uurt K Games contains tons ot PD games, many ready to run ,co
iW»0»terMf.ff : . FRESH FONTS H V-Juna i comMi* S2S U®. Ol k*-N
Owo l?1 tamal. Vonute |31 .
I hctuaa |1T). Seal l»l Sana SarF 1011 Scrpl OT| Vourre 3 rmtari S32 Mb* c4 lo«t* Oaco S3 lor.1*. M Sam S*m l». Scap i* The*. VOLUME 7 £16.99 KLONDIKE GOLD Have you entered the race to coioci Kjondke cards before your I friends? Even the Amga 'scene' has gone Kioodhe mad! This CO I shoiAJ contein over 300 cards, on mease all roady-to-run and n I LMA format (tor BBS and HD use) Marry, marry exclusive cords from | Scene memban KlontNui III runnifiol stragh! Irom the CD and a patch to alow | you to use tee cards from the CD-Rom' Also includes Card Games Deluxe. Card I and toots such as Dir
Reko REKO GO tor | Photogerocs. REKO dalarype etc __£9.99 j_ 17BIT DIMENSION V Fotowirg on trom the nghiy successful Phase 4 CO-Rom the CD I con Ians hundreds of megabytes ot date from the 17BI1 Software I Amiga PD library The 5th dec in this senes contains only the very I best, hand selected scftwaro including demos, games uUitio*. " graphics, artwork, dsk magazines, nxisc I moduies and mucg more. The CD is can I Ibtxl anxino an AmgaGuOe style rlertar. I which slows you to reed about each dak I and (hen un-dm the disks to floppy You I canrat un-dms to RAD with teas release I eapaain
con* oting or tan CO* They are Team -we Pandora* CO World Veto Asaa WjanatoO Shaiaapaoro COPOI COPOZ Oamo 1 Cemra and Nahroranq Fa* t Clpart am Ptwro Iteery CO WS CUPART £18.99 . He train pulls in to Halifax station.
" p The walls are elaborately decorated with garish paintings and the word 'Eureka' is splashed everywhere. A noisy troop of school kids leave the train and rush down a sandy track towards an equally garish building. The venue for the day was the Eureka museum in Halifax, Yorkshire, but immediately things seemed very strange - the many children all clamouring to get in the doors all looked unusually excited about the prospect of spending the morning in a museum.
However, Eureka, as I later found out, is no ordinary museum - it's interactive and is specifically designed for even the most inquisitive of children who want to touch, erplore or even kick the exhibits. As Pippa Hardcastle, Press and PR Co-ordinator for the museum told me: "The children have the opportunity for a ‘hands on’ experience. It makes the learning process so much easier* The museum is divided into three sections and every one of the 350 exhibits has to be as robust | and sturdy as possible - children will be children after all. The first is Me and My Body where you can play
Digestion Pinball or turn the pedals to see how your skeleton works. The second is Invent, Crea:e and Communicate where children can try their hand at broadcasting the news and lastly, Living and Working Together where, for instance, the workings of a bathroom are explained. There is also a fourth' in development called Things.
But what on earth has this got to do with the Amiga? You are probably wondering. Well, believe it or not behind some of the high-tech exhibits and interactive displays is actually a rather humble looking Amiga. Well, two Amigas to be precise. But appearances can be deceptive because despite the Amiga being swamped by the many other forms of technological machinery that control the museum, the Amigas operate two of the most imaginative displays there.
Walk into the Bedroom section of Living and Working Together and you will find a display called Dreams, and in front of you a monitor.
The inquisitive child will find that when they face the screen their image is picked up and projected onto the it - much to their delight!
Three backgrounds then run together in sequence, one being balloons, the next fish, and then a 'raining cats and dogs' storm. The camera picks up the child's image, digitises it and the Amiga 5000 puts the whole picture together. On the balloons screen, fcr example, the child can then move their Pippa Hardcastie remarked, whilst showing me around the museum, that the children seemed to pick up on new technology iar easier than their bewildered looking parerts.
As she spoke we saw one child take a mouse off their embarrassed technophobic parent and immediately continue operating the display.
Eureka believe it is important to reinforce Tina Hackett takes a look at how a museum for children is using the Amiga to bring interactive exhibits to life arms to 'touch' the balloons that are flying past and the computer system picks up on this and pops the balloon.
This innovative system is called InVideo and has been developed by American '70's singer supremo, Dean Friedman. After reaching the dizzy heights of pop stardom, Friedman turned his hand to multimedia and tailor-made the this and from 10 February until 26 March I they are holding a temporary exhibition 11 called Megafun, with Computers aimed at I increasing children's confidence with I Information Technology. It will house 22 I computer and video-based exhibits and chil• I dren will be able to try things like starring in I their own video, create soundscapes and K cycle in a 3D city.
System specifically for Eureka. The project has I been extremely successful and has taken off all I over the world.
InVideo's Neal Fink explained the ideal behind it: “It's a virtual reality system without I NVIDEO AROtl After Friedman's success with the InVideo system at Eureka, the project has been developed for many other venues and other purposes The company behind it all is called InVideo Systems, Inc and they describe their system as an "unencumbered virtual reality system which allows participants to step inside a video game and interact in real-time with animated objects."
As well as 'Dreams' they have also foui the system perfect for Virtual Volleyball' which has been installed in the Museum of Science in Boston amongst others. It simulates the actual game of volleyball on a beach and eight players can have a go at this realistic InVideo block diagram GENLOCK VIDEO M _mtvm AMIGA peripherals or goggles' Apparently this proves ideal in a what needs to be a 'child proof im as there are no extra peripherals or foments for a child to damage. It also makes interacting as simple and fuss-free as possible.
The Amiga-based InVideo system can also be found downstairs in the Panasonic Theatre.
Walking in to the theatre you find a hjge ween in front of you with all manner of weird and colourful things cast on to it from a video projector. This time it's controlled by an A3000 and once again the InVideo system comes nto its own A camera picks up the image of the (hid and projects it back in full colour - urlike the Dreams exhibit which is in one colour. One exercise involves letters of the alphabet mov- «ig around the screen - the child can reach out touch it, and it will turn into an object | beginning with that letter - B, for example, turns into a butterfly. This is great for
children with disabilities*' explains Hardcastle. "It gives Ihem a chance to interact with something eas- fy* A similar sort of thing can be done with numbers too, and helps the younger age group with number recognition and learning.
Another exercise is called AirPaint which is Re a human paintbox and allows the child to oidr up colours from a palette and draw them across the screen with their body.
Jim Williamson is the museum's techrical manager and is very pleased with how well the Amiga system works: "If we were considering using virtual reality again we would definitely use the Amiga. It's a good reliable They also designed q gome for elodeon called Eat-A-Bug which has on all over the States. The idea behind is for a child to catch one of the flies, bugs or and eat it without being caught by spider .or centipede.
As well as museums, amusement centres or olso benefiting from the system which has Ihe odvontoge over traditional VR in that it can poperated by all ages, is robust, hygienic and t need someone to supervise - this is illustrated in the Eureka museum where fonts prefer to let the children roam [IrouQh of will rather than having to monitor ond supervise their every move!
Machine and suits the task well.'
Not related to the Amiga, but also created by Friedman, is the Music Box. Children can create tunes with different parts of the body such as walking across the musical stepping stones or sitting on each stool which then lets out a honk from one of the giant horns.
Walking around, you realise just how well designed Eureka is. Each section is geared to the National Curriculum and because of the variety, each age and ability seams to be catered for.
Award winning Eureka are certainly on to a winning formula with their lively approach to learning. Since it opened in July 1992, it has attracted over one million visitors and they hope to have this figure topping 1.5 million before Easter.
Patronised by HRH The Prince of Wales, the museum has earned itself 15 top awards including the 1993 Visitor Attraction of the Year from the English Tourist Board. In 1994 they also won the National Heritage IBM Museum of the Year award for the most imaginative use of interactive and multimedia technology. It seems that this new breed of museum is certainly in demand and people are favouring them in place of the dusty museums of the past where noise was frowned upon and touching the exhibits was definitely out of order.
If you want to see Eureka for yourself it can be found in Halifax, West Yorkshire and is situated next to the railway station. It is open daily from 10am until 5pm. Prices range from £4.50 for an adult to £3.50 for children aged 3 to 12.
Contact them on 01422 330069 for more details.
"The children have the opportunity for a 'hands on' experience. It makes the learning process so much easier" AUDIO MIXER AUDIO IN T f i I It X coo T ! Ttt I ill!
ELIEVER IN AMIGA The Eureka museum in Halifax is not the only museum to see the virtues of an Amiga-based system The London Transport Museum in Covent Carden is already reaping tne benefits using an Amiga and CD32-based system. The CD32s provide touch screen computers which display various information such as the Underground hypermap. But what's particularly impressive is the 1938 Underground train simulator. The front window of the train has been replaced with a computer screen with graphics controlled by the Amiga 4000. Two other simulators of an 1890 and 1992 models are controlled by
More recently, Amiga Computing covered how the London War Museum use a similar touch screen system in their building. Scala's Infochannel is used to convey information about the exhibits on to screens around the museum. There is also a Scala touch screen display used for their Civilian Dead exhibit Amiga Computing Our (icmian Version distributed by: Stefan Ossowskis Schatztrulie, Essen +49 201 788778 "It makes as uotes from Internet Review (comply s.amiga.review s) Pro vers’ ° 1 0 is one *SAFE* the I
* £69.75 inc nulti-u A 6 convex Up to 650Meg on
- T7Q 7* One AFS Hard drive Lzy. J NoMuFS £69.75 niulti u$ et ***
r Amiga multi-tasking capability to the max". AFS: the Amiga
Power To Certified Amiga Developers On, ¦ 4' , ne'e'0' 98$ |
~*T.„ _. !ttfflSSL ft.l Lit J. 11VUU1V ence as adding some
fast SCSI Zorro III controller from hell".
Vfp ica"V nTS '""‘‘m avato'°'e i I ", u„„,co,°*» •.
'Cj Serf'Uin v' ngpeje & A3000030Oktagon SCSI 2 "If it sounds like I raved, then T Ami-FileSafe Cover feature "One of the reasons why we used the Amiga on Goldeneye, or rather LightWave, is because we had used it on Cyber Jack.
We knew it as a very, very good renderer" Amiga on Goldeneye, or rather LightWave, is becajse we had used it on CyberJack. We knew it as a very, very good renderer. We were still using Wavefront as our core system for some of Goldeneye, but the Wavefront renderer isn't very good. It doesn't do motion blur or anything like that So we had to have a system that does all that There were these shots in Goldeneye where they wanted the MiG-29s coming from infinity - a pinpoint - and moving towards the camera, roaring over it. We have a motion control rig on M stage which we used for a lot of the
shots in Goldeneye, but when you have a 2’ miniature of a MiG-29 and you have a 40' motion control track, you can't get the model to a pinpoint, you can get it to about an eighth of a frame, but you just can't get it any smaller.
“So if you’re stuck in that position, the only thing you can do with the motion control rig is pick the model up as a DVE - digital video effect - i.e. stop the model at a certain point, pick it up as a cut-out, then fly the cut-out off. You probably know, though, that when you do that there is that nasty point ames Bond is a name that few of Amiga Computing will be unfamiliar with. Since his very exploits under the pen of lar ning up to his latest adventures on the | screen courtesy of Pierce Brosnan, his [ret agent lifestyle and fabulous gadgets i been the envy of many a fan. People
icuss their favourite prop - mine is the i Martin that first made an appearance l Goldfinger and reappears for a short time I Goldeneye - their favourite baddie - for me would defi-_ have to be Gray's Blofeld - many other topics make the years the films little shorter.
1995 was the hat Bond was id this time with ler budget than istead of traips- all over the world, most d’s derring do took n soundstages and ation around Britain, n an even smaller scale than that, as like the radar dish rising out of the 90 per cent modelled (not in 3D trees and other vegetation are very to get looking realistic and the waves the lake are practically impossible to in 3D). All that existed in real life was and Izabella Scorupco were walking along.
The same principle applies to the scene where Scorupco climbs out of the ruined radar tower in Siberia and wanders through the burning ruins. Only the path she took was actually real, with the remainder being created in model shops by extremely skilled craftsmen. And it is in Siberia that the Amiga's main contribution was made to the realistic and cheap completion of the film.
Even with the disbanding of the Soviet Union and the availability of Russian airforce jets to perform the flying, how much do you think it would have cost the producers of Goldeneye to rent three MiG-29's (plus another to film from) for the flight past the radar tower, let alone the cost of blowing them up?
Well, I don't know either, but it was obviou- _sly too much for the producers who approached Alan Marques and the Magic Camera Company to see if they could do it cheaper. You might remember Alan Marques from a feature we did last year about the use of the Amiga in another film - CyberJack - and he and the Amiga have been very busy ever since. I caught up with him last Friday and spoke to when you have to change over and invariably you'll always get a jump when that happens.
So we elected, because we knew the shots were high speed and we knew that there was going to be a lot of blur, to do the shots as a CG effect.
"So basically, what we did was get a model of an F-15 off the Internet, a really cheap and nasty 400 polygon model, and did some tests with it at video resolution. We got a load of background stills of deserts and mountains and Evan (Davies - one of Alan's team) did some nice texture maps for this 400 polygon model which was verv simple - the hull was literally only eight sides. We did the textures for it including the cockpit etc. and the whole tests were done in one day.
Goldeneye trivia Pierce Brosnon ivcisn't the only octor considered for the new James Bond. Other tips for the top ob included Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Sam Neill and, believe it or not, Hugh Grant.
Lynda LaPhnt was too busy writing her new book to accept the job of writing Goldeneye's script The name Goldeneye comes from the name of Ian Fleming's holiday home m Jamaica where he wrote the James Bond novels and stories.
Ft A foreground Alphachannel eras used so that the planes could fly behind the dish and trees Dawn to dusk We got the model in the morning, did the texture maps the same morning, aid did the three animations in the afternoon at video resolution on the backgrounds in LightWave.
We did the renders of the three o; them flying over the camera, rendered them all on the Raptor by five in the evening, and sent a tape up to Leavesden by the next morning and they instantly said, 'Right, do the shots CGI...'." I asked Alan if he could have done the shots on an SGI and he said that it certainly was possible - if you had the right software, software he didn't have at the time. He also added that in his opinion, LightWave is one of the fastest renderers in the world for motion blur, ray tracing and so on.
"So we used LightWave with the F-15s. At video resolution with three F-15s, 400 polys each, full motion blur, fully ray traced shadows and reflections we were getting about a minute a frame on the Raptor. When they approved the shots they said they had three effects for us to do and they ended up using two of the shots we provided - the third was a big close-up, very nice, but they didn't use it "Basically, we had the three MiGs flyii over the dish and another shot where thi were flying over mountains. We had to get Viewpoint model at that point because had to have a proper MiG-29 and had a
MiG-29 on the Internet that use, so we bought Viewpoint's about £250. Of course, Viewpoint country don't have the LightWave they only have the Wavefront and i boys' ones, but the nice thing was said it was no problem. We phoned and gave them a purchase order « just e-mailed it us the next day from in LightWave format, uuencoded, in binmail on CIX.
"So we downloaded it, uudecoded it ai edited it. Being a Viewpoint model, one the things we discovered with it, which wouldn't think would happen, is that we a lot of rendering problems with it - couldn't figure out why, when the models a distance displayed their wings and fins
• Still on the topic of animation tools, the way motion paths are
edited in the requester leaves something to be desired. A
Bezier method with handles on the control points would make
more sense.
• One of Imagine's tools that LightWave could benefit from is the
ability to 'associate' objects to one another. For instance, a
rollercoaster animation with several carriages can be animated
travelling along the rails in Imagine reasonably easily, with
each carriage following on from the one in front, but in
LightWave you would have to load the same motion path in for
each carriage and work out cn offset for each key frame.
Overall, Alan believes Lightwave's modeller to be pretty good but odds that there really ought to be a function that is the opposite of metaform - an intelligent polygon This would have made the process of simplifying the ViewPoht MiG-29 down from the 10,000-odd polygons it started os into the 533 polygon object it became. As it was, the original model had to be loaded into a background layer in the modeller and traced over - in essence the Magic Camera Company ended up making a whole new model.
N Since we were on the topic of LightWave, I asked Alan what he thought of LightWave compared to the other 3D modelling packages he uses, particularly those on the SCI.
On the whole, Alan is satisfied with how LightWave is turning out, but he said for film production there were definitely some things that needed improvement: Oat the moment LightWave can only display a single one bitplane image as a background image. What LightWave really needs is a way to show an animation as a backdrop so that 3D objects moving across it can be checked for consistency.
• Although it is good that LightWave has now got an inverse
kinematics function, it needs to have several improvements made
to it namely the ability to 'stick' part of an object to
another object like a foot to the floor or a hand to a cup, to
make it really useful.
• Another important addition to Lightwave's animation tools would
be the possibility to animate a switch between targets or
parent objects so that you could aim a gun at one object then
move the sights onto another in the course of an animation.
Qightwave's missing bits Amiga Computing 1996 0 -and fully tex 1 ured bricks, they weren't going down to fine detail - and guess what, it's converted from another format. There were a lot of single point polygons in it which, once we had searched the database and sorted it out, caused us no further problems [ 'So we solved that one, got some nice texture maps on them, and animated them in Lightwave over the background plate, matching the lighting to the background frame we had. On the Raptor Plus we've got, which is a 2 x MIPS4600 machine, we were I rendering the three MiC-29s at about
500 polygons each for a total of 1500 polys - not much, but then we were using full-on motion blur, ray traced shadows and reflections and we were getting about six minutes a frame which was very good at 1 k : horizontal.
I 'This was the same trick we pulled on CyberJack. We never render t the resolution of a film because every time we do that the CGI is too sharp, it just doesn't even remotely [fit into the background. You end up blurring t h e image to go into the background using filters which take time to do the work. So we do it at half resolution and blow it up.
'The biggest problem we had, and the real killer because NewTek wouldn't give me a beta copy of Lightwave 4, was the lack of a pixel aspect ratio setting for LightWave. It's now in version 4, but it wasn't in 3.5. If you're doing an anamorphic film you need to have a squeezed image. Therefore, you need to be able to render an image at, say, 1 k x 860 but at a pixel aspect ratio that will make the image deliberately squashed so that it would be right for anamorphic when it's stretched out "We couldn't do that in the version of Lightwave we had, so we had to do the most bizarre renders in
LightWave to get anamorphic results. We had to render twice the height, then crop it and cut it out and then stretch it to get an anamorphic result It was very hard, and NewTek could have Goldeneye trivia The Rolling Stones ore said to hove turned down an offer to record the theme song Goldeneye took $ 28 million in its first weekend in the US and £S.§ million in its first week in the UK Goldeneye is the first James Bond film to have filmed on location inside the former Soviet Union, the country that banned all sateen previous movies Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1996 helped us out but.. So we had
to be 'creative' and although it was hard we managed. If you see the film I would say that nobody would ever know that they were computer models." On that point I would definitely agree with Alan.
The Magic Camera Company had nothing to do with the VDU displays that are used throughout the movie, but he concurred with my opinion that they looked like Dpaint creations, and when we discussed the United Artists logo at the start of the film he said that he would be 'gobsmacked' if it wasn't done in LightWave. - OTENTIAL PURCHASER?
WHAT IS ESCOM THINKING??!! Not enough interest in an A12QQ here in North America?
Those of us with older machines have been salivating for the last 20 months over the possibility of upgrading. I sit here typing this on my maxed out A600 (6Mb RAM, 160Mb hard drive) angered at every ad in your magazine because of the lack of support for this poor orphan (can't even get an accelerator), frustrated by too-slow-Brilliance with only 4096 colours and DREAMING of an A1200 with a 1260 Blizzard board, a CD drive and 16 million colours. Here's my credit card number - (We didn't think we ought to print H you know, just in case - ES) - forward it to Escom and tell them to bill me
when they have my order ready!
Keep your letters coming in to Ezra Surf and you could be a fifty pound prize winner Would a monitor (I run in interfa:ed Euro36 mode not NTSC) allow me to use one of the new PAL A1200s or are there other subtler differences that would prevent me from ordering one from the UK?
And one completely unrelated thought Your screen shots in the mag shouldn't show screens with the standard Amiga drawers and icons - they're ugly. For those of is with IBM and Mac friends that glance through our mag, it makes the Amiga look out of date.
Finally, thanks for the lifeline to u in the US.
Art McMahon, Hemet, Ca'ifornia USA If Amiga Technologies want Mr McMahon's credit card number, they can give me a call and I'll be glad to forward it to them. As for your monitor question, the PAL Amigas differ from the NTSC ones in only a few respects. Firstly, the UK Amigas are all shipped with a 240v transformer for power.
Secondly, you would need to change the modulator and a timing chip if you wanted to use your Amiga at any time with video (including genlocks). Other than that if you got one of the new multiscan monitors, it should work alright As for ugly drawers and icons, we have a variety of machines in the office and while no-one really likes the newkons approach, we do have a couple of MagicWB-equipped Amigas and some that still use the standard four colour icons. All you have to say to your friends is that they should take note of the Ke those letter, coming! Ifyo cant be bothered to find a bit of
paper and a stamp why not e-mail us? Simpt point your mailer to: ESP (a acomp.demon.coM ‘ There's a £50 pound prize for the best letter printed as an incentht classic simplicity of the Amiga's icons an the lack of extraneous, memory-hungq hard drive space-wasting, multicolour!
Messy, titchy icons.
Y€ gj b 01 ui B al Qnternet backlash What's happened to the support for the Amiga comms scene? I can appreciate that the Internet is a massive success but there is the large number of BBS sites out there that you seem to have forgotten. Almost all of the public domain sector software that gets reviewed in your magazine has originated from various BBS sites, not on the Internet Granted, some new stuff does come from the Internet, but the majority of it originates from the private BBS scene. I know as over the last two years NFA PD Productions have had over one hundred reviews in various
When you call a private BBS, the sysop has control over what files are available. The Internet is running wild with pornography, piracy, and files on how to blow your arms off. Once a file is on the Internet it is almost impossible to delete as the file goes to hundreds of sites within a few days. A private system is also generally used by only two or three people at a time, so the system doesn't slow down to a snail's pace on a Sunday. However, this does restrict the number of users that can connect in a 24-hour period, but to compensate for this there are hundreds of private systems around
the wodd including many eastern bloc countries.
As far as e-mail goes, the Internet wins hands down.
However, there are some really good mail networks that connect thousands of users across Europe like the Missing Link and Fidonet to name but two. Most private BBSs will support at least one of these networks.
The Big Hard One 0116 266 1610 NFA HQ 28800bps Bugged Out BBS 0116 237 5147 NFA Mail distribution site 14400bps Warp Speed 0151 928 6610 NFA Tempest support site 33600bps Rigsbys BBS 0153 026 0160 Independent 14400bps The Hot Rock 0116 238 7710 Independent 14400bps We should like to see a small area of your magazine given over to advertise BBS sites because we feel very ignored by you and we do reach many hundreds of dedicated Amiga users every day. We organise meetings of users and stands at computer fairs, so we do do our bit for the Amiga scene.
A point worth mentioning to parents who may be reading these pages is that you shouldn't just buy your child a modem and give them an hour a day on the phone. Sit with them and monitor what they are doing as there are some very strange people out there (people who won't use their real names for instance - ES). Give them some of your time - even if you don't fully understand what your child is doing you will recognise titles like 'randynurse.jpg', etc Well that's enough moaning, I would now like to be blunt and ask for a plug for our UK bulletin boards. All the latest issues of The Word are
available and people may wish to upload their articles, etc if they wish them to be included. All these sites are open from 8PM-8AM and are mail linked.
All speeds of modem may connect to our sites from 300 baud up as we believe a lot of people buy cheap modems for a start, and if they enjoy what they see a faster modem normally follows. We are doing our best to provide a good service to our users and most of us have invested in high-powered machines and large storage devces. We leave them running throughout the night fo other people to use. All we are asking is for a little support from the magazines we buy every month.
Deck the Ripper, NFA P0 I'd just like to say that I don't like people using pseudonyms when writing in to me at Amiga Computing. It certainly dumped your chances of receiving the £50] prize for best letter this month (who would we make hi payable to?), but anyway, you do have several good points about BBSs providing more of a sense of community than the Internet currently does. Th Internet b also still a lot harder to connect to than a| BBS, but by the same count it does offer an awful lot more.
As for your decrying the net for the smut piracy and| bomb-making files available on it I think you are I a little hypocritical as the vast majority of these files al] originated on BBSs. Still, we want to help support an use of Amigas and if you are feeling a little left out it's] mainly because we have to cover what's hot Amiga Computing ELF HELP E XPANSION ANGST r i ?
INAL WORD Having received your magazine for several years now I have built up a large collection of your coverdisks. One such disk I now wish to use regularly is the February 1994 coverdisk. The Publisher. In that issue of the magazine there was an offer to buy the official manual for the program, so I bought the manual and just left it on the shelf awaiting the time when I would need it The magazine had a serial number in it to override the built-in copy protection on the Publisher disk once it was unarchived, but unfortunately, I seem to have lost the magazine with the number in it Could
you possibly let me have the serial number for the program so that I can install the program onto my hard drive and, more importantly, use it Geoff Bowell, Colne It feels like we get a request for this serial number every three months or so, SO do keep this copy of the magazine handy, just in case you might need it!
Here's the number you need to unlock The Publisher: 6547495F I1 I h«e owned my Amiga 1200 for about two years now. To start with I used it mostly for games and Dpaint, but since then I have bought a hard drive, accelerator and monitor and agree that if the Amiga is to continue users must keep their machines up to date.
But more importantly than that, they must also know how to use them property. Since upgrading, my Amiga has become ten times pore usable, but if I hadn't spent the time etting to know the OS, I wouldn't have get alf as much benefit from the upgrades as I eve.
I Naturally, there will always be beginners h problems, but some of the people who te in and say that they have been Amiga irs for years sound like they have never in opened a Shell window! I conside- lyself a complete amateur but I'm sure I ould be able to answer at least half the oblems you get sent just by explaining how p use'assign'.
S Why don't you help raise user competence II running a special offer on a book like BSB's e png Amiga DOS (which was what I used), d d stop ACAS from getting clogged up with th simple problems.
V I would also like to congratulate you on the
* comparison feature in December's Amiga
* mputing - it was very interesting and, most eportantly, honest
Maybe in a future issue i'll put forward some ideas suggestions
on 1 at we should expect from Workbench 4 d when we can expect
Rinally, there has been a lot of speculation whether the AAA chipset, which was
* parently 98 per cent complete when nmodore went bust will be
used in a new iga. As David Pleasance said that it would a
million times better than anything any- ! Else had, it makes
you wonder what it S and why there's any question of it not J"g
Nigel Harper, Nunbumholme, York y uite agree, but you can't expect everyone pWant to leam to use the Shell. Actually, t fact that people have to assign soft- ire points towards a deficiency in ukbench that should be addressed in Lure versions of the operating system.
J'm glad you liked the OS comparison rjture - Frank Nord is blushing with pride »n as we speak. It came easy to him, of l rse, as our resident operating system , ert He could have extended the article ill ten pages if we had let him. And as future Workbench suggestions, I hope j found his artide last month as interest- ¦ as you did the comparison feature, lastly, it doesn't look like the AAA t'pset will ever surface. Amiga hnologies are trying to work out ether to supply the Amiga with a custom pset, or go for a more general level of npatibility with PC manufacturers and ig in a VGA-type
graphics card. Even if
- y work out this conflict satisfactorily and ;be custom
chipset's favour, they would need to do an awful lot of work
with to bring it up to speed.
Who says that good things can't come from bad ones? With Amiga World's demise I am now blessed with your publication and I believe you are 'Numero Uno'.
I share B Nicholson's concerns in his letter in issue 4 (English readers will have Mr Nicholson's letter in the November issue - ES). As an A3000 owner I have seen very little A3000 improvements available in the market (I guess Comnodore got it right with this design). To go straight to the point, perhaps this time Amiga Technologies' engineers could be challenged to design a motherboard for the next generation of Amigas that would have a processor slot where the CPU would reside and would be easily upgraded but, more importantly, two video slots where one would be populated by the video
display co-processors and video custom chips on a daughterboard.
Perhaps this would solve the dreaded occasions when an improved video chipset hits the market and loyal users were forced to keep up and upgrade, or stagnate with their old Amigas.
Perhaps Escom could even gain by manufacturing these video processors and making them available to other video board manufacturers (maybe they will even make their way into Pcs and Macs thus gaining greater exposure in the market). Make the Amiga into an open system.
I don’t want to put down AGA-equipped Amigas but releasing software solely for these units actually leaves the rest of the Amiga owners out of the picture. Maybe software libraries and drivers should be produced by Amiga Technologies and provided to Amiga software developers.
These patches would allow software to take advantage of the AGA chipset but also third-party video boards. Let's face it many Amiga owners are not going to get rid of their units just to get AGA machines. They want to add peripherals (CD-ROMs, ZIP drives, etc) they can share with another computer, while they wait for the next RISC-based Amigas to hit the market I sincerely wish the very best to Escom and their Amiga Technologies division. In order to maintain the loyalty of Amiga fans, Escom must show a dedication to continuously improve and aggressively advertise and market Amigas. And it's
up to the users to spread the word.
Jose A Ferreira, Kingsland, Go USA Obviously, in the computer world it is a case of move or die. Commodore released some fine machines and the A3000 was the best of them, but that was five years ago now and it is time to get with the plan. However, as you say, it would be better for you to wait for the new PowerAmiga rather than spending money on a machine that will be obsolete in about 12 month's time.
Amiga Technologies face a difficult task over the coming year in persuading people that buying an Amiga actually makes sense. In order to overcome potential purchasers' worries about the lack of compatibility the Amiga has with other platforms, I think we will see a move to a more standardised machine, possibly without the custom graphics chipset that we have become used to, opening the way for third-party graphics cards to take over the market Just a note to ask why publishers on the Amiga don't look for cross-platform compatibility in their products. I own copies of both Final Copy and
Wordworth, yet I cannot transfer files between them and my PC at work without saving out as ASCII and having to redo all my layout work.
It iust seems like developers live in their own little worlds and never pay any attention to what's going on around them. If I did that n my business, I wouldn't make any money.
The computing industry is probably the only one where standards are created by competing companies which can be used industry-wide for better all-round performance, but Amiga software houses seem to ignore all of it R A Bryant, Shepstow I quite agree. The lack of observation means that companies end up reinventing everything from scratch each time without paying attention to what other people are doing, meaning the Amiga loses out on some handy features like PNG or support for word processor file formats.
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BACK TO 6K0 X re 3 S gam»a Rfto4«MQ mSffiTa ass&a&n: nil CULT
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SiKlwrsiiS- rebSnjinxalertu jflASKltomtwttJ nor)5 *C t nrMM 4
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iPociiiMatnD)tuInjiITntottunytuEirotl:iticttjmrri 3Mt0KlcnyO
ROUBLE WITH A PSU A1200 accelerators I know of that can be
easily disabled are the Blizzard boards - with the 1230 you
just hold down the 2 key when you reset the machine and the
entire board is disabled.
Finally, I have not actually played any games that suffered from having an accelerator, and all Doom clones and flight simulators will benefit with a faster screen update.
You would normally assume, in this sort of case, that the program is at fault, but Protext is normally a very well behaved program, and version 4.3 should run under Workbench 2 without any problems.
Generally, in these situations you have to assume that the program is at fault, but as I have said you should not be having any trouble with Pretext. Your first move would be to check the program tool types. From here you can normally adjust certain options to do with how a program works. In this instance, an option to get Protext to run on its own screen would be nice to try.
After that, you are only really left with trying to adjust any window settings from within the program, or it is always worth checking that some other background program or hack, as some of them can turn out to be, is not interfering with it. Other than that, it would be worth considering an upgraded to Protext 5.
You want to make your own power supply unit? I personally wouldn't recommend it, unless you are 100 per cent sure as to what you are doing. There is always the risk that you are going to fry your Amiga, and normally there is not too much need for a more powerful PSU.
It is, however, possible to do and there are a number of files on Aminet that explain how to convert a PC povrer supply for use with an Amiga. The most important thing is, you must make sure you get all the power connections correct otherwise you will be the proud owrer of one ex-Amiga.
The reason you cannot get hold of an Amiga power plug is that it is a none standard connection, being used only on Amigas. The only way you are going to get hold of one is by cutting the plug off your old Amiga PSU, and then solder the lead to the PC power supply.
It would also be advisable to double check the power output from the PSU with a multi tester, before actually connecting it to your Amiga.
As far as I know, there is no way to disable the Apollo board without actually removing it from the trap door The only . I have been an Amiga user for nearly J five years, using an A5O0. Having . seen all the really good programs _J that you give away on your cover disks, I am now getting an Al 200 as I feel I am missing out all the time. I have two questions I hope you can help me out with, Firstly, where can I buy a PSU plug that goes into the Amiga? I have asked all the shops in Hull, but keep being told that you cannot buy them. I would like to make my own workstation, but I need the
plug for the PC PSU.
My other question is, if I buy an Apollo 1220 for the A1200, can it be turned off by some sort of command? I have been informed that some games run too fast with the accelerator in the trap door.
Peter Grainger, Hull ?
Since using a standard A1200 with a 40Mb hard drive, Protext v4 has obstinately refused to open its window. If intuition has been allowed to reset the Workbench screen once or more since bootup, due to any of the screen, palette or font preferences being in ENV:, Protext will refuse to open its window.
It is possible to get Protext to run by either having Workbench run in 2 colours - that makes it look really horrible - or not allowing Iprefs to run in the startup- sequence. The only other way to get Protext to work is by using a Workbench screen that is 1900 pixels wide. Protext will then open a huge window that is not at all practical to use.
Mr Churchill, Nottingham Protext is quite an old program, and even version 4 was written with Workbench 1.3 in mind. Having said that, there really should be no problems running such an OS legal program, unless it is doing something naughty.
ACAS is the name, trouble shooting is the game. You've got a problem, then we can solve it ROTEXT PROCRASTINATOR Qemote devices Hi, I am Diego and am writing from i Argentina. I have an A1200 with 6Mb and would like to know a couple of things. I’m searching for a game fiat can be played over the modem, and I already have Skid Marks II. But would like to try something a bit different.
A friend of mine has bought a CD32 and saw a cable that you can plug into the Al 200 and CD32 to allow you to access the CD32 with the A1200. Do you know of this cable, and does it actually work?
Diego Waisman, Buenos Aires V t It i J ou Arof t is always nice to hear from one of our farther flung readers, and Argentina is pretty far flung. Games that are playable over the modem, in the Skid Marks manner, are pretty rare on the Amiga. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Knights of the Sky by MicroProse. This is a very good World War 1 dog fighting flight sim and really zooms along on a A1200, as it was written with the A500 in mind. Other than that I cannot think of any others, and even all our game gurus were stumped.
With regard to what your friend saw. A couple of devices came out that allowed the CD32 to be connected to an A1200. This was via a serial cable and using something like serNET which lets you access the CD32 drive like any other disk from the Workbench. They work well, but the real problem with all of these is that they are generally quite slow because of the slow serial cable.
1 1 ¦ 1 1 IJ Amiga Computing 44 FEBRUARY 1996 11 am thinking of buying an A1200 J later this year, but there are a num* J ber of questions I am confused about that I would like answering before I buy one. I will probably be using the Amiga for scanning and vrord processing applications.
1. What is the difference between 2.5 and
3. 5 inch hard drives?
2. Is there really enough room to fit and install one of the
above drives inside the A1200?
3. Which do you recommend - internal or external?
4. Does an IDE hard drive mean it is internal?
5. An 'Over Drive’ hard drive seemed to cost less and be more
convenient, and does not invalidate the Amiga's warranty by
sloping straight into the PCMCIA port. Does this mean I cannot
use the Squirrel interface?
6. Using SCSI CD-ROM drives on the Aniga, which Cds can I use?
Philips CD-i, CD32 PC CD-ROMs?
7. How good are the graphics of the ACA chipset compared with
Andrew, a.m.h.wongl@udan.cc.uk It would probably have been easier just to say tell me y f everything you know about IDE drives and the Amiga! IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics, this means that the hard drive interface is built into the drive. So when it comes to fitting an IDE drive all you have to do is connect it with an IDE cable.
To answer your first two questions, 3.5 inch drives are, surprisingly, an inch wider and generally a lot larger than 2.5 inch drives. They also have a separate power supply and are quite a bit cheaper, due to them being easier to make. The A1200 was designed to take a single 2.5 inch hard drive internally, but it is possible to fit a
3. 5 inch drive inside an A1200, although it is quite a squeeze
and you need to get hold of a special cable to fit it I would
opt for the internal drive, mainly because it does not take up
any more desk space, and as long as the drive is fitted by an
authorised dealer you will not invalidate your warranty.
The OverDrive hard drives are actually IDE mechanisms, so IDE drives do not have to be fitted internally. The main reason for times find yourself ISSING MMU I own an Amiga 4000 030 and have been having trouble with running out of RAM I when using my sound sampler and digitiser. A friend suggested I send off for a J virtual memory program from a PD house.
I followed the instructions which said it will work on any Amiga with Workbench
2. x and higher, but I just simply cannot get it to work. All I
can get it to do is write a 4Mb file to my hard drive and then
crash. I hope you can help.
James Sergeant, Sussex f - J - poised over your fcJi Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave properly?
Well, calm down and swap the axe fot pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service. IDC Media, Media House, Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Alternatively, e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk .ft
- - tic -[ ha' things in life were only so simple.
Unfortunately, the program instructions are lying. To use
virtual memory in this way, you have to have a MMU - a memory
management unit - fitted to your machine.
The 030 version of the A4000 is the EC version, so has no MMU, and therefore, unfortunately, you will not be able to get the advantages of virtual memory.
The low price of the OverDrives is that they use 3.5 inch drives which are cheaper. The big draw back is that you will lose your PC slot, so you will not be able to use any other hardware that uses the PC slot.
Ql200 ANSWERS In answer to question six, the Amiga can read any of these Cds but it can only run programs which are written for the Amiga. Therefore, you may be able to look at file on a PC CD, but you cannot run any PC programs.
It is a little difficult to directly compare AGA to a PC system. HAM modes are unique to the Amiga and can be thought of as a pseudo 24-bit display that only requires 8 bitplanes. Therefore, on a display basis AGA is equivalent to a 2Mb SVGA graphics card. Where it loses out is on screen update. If you try to run a 256 colour screen on anything but a low resolution screen then AGA starts to show the strain. If you then try a DblPAL no flicker screen in 256 colours, screen update almost grinds to a halt On PC systems the effects of running higher resolution modes are much less pronounced,
as PC video cards use video RAM. This allows the screen to be updated by the computer, as well as being outputted to the monitor for display. The AGA chipset can only do one of these at a time, and in high resolution screens, displaying the screen takes up so much time that there are very few clock cycles left for the screen to be re-drawn.
Qd quandary I want to add a CD-ROM tc my A1200, but the information I am getting i about CD-ROMs seems to be inconsistent. In reading letters about J CD-ROMs, people seem to be having quite a bit of trouble getting them up i and running.
So, my questions are: Do you have recommendations as to brands that are compatible with my system?; do I have to get drivers, since I have Workbench
3. 0, from the AmiCDRom handler, o* would they be included and be
able to work on the Amiga when I purchase a CD-ROM?; would the
Squirrel help in connecting the CD-ROM up to my system? Any
other pertinent information you might have about CD-ROMs would
be quite helpful to me since I am starting at 'ground zero.'
Michael Wilson, Seattle USA & I think you have got a little too worried about fitting a CD-ROM to your Amiga. The process should be, and is, very straightforward.
You have probably got a little confused from other problem letters in which people are trying to add CD-ROMs to an existing SCSI board. If you already own a SCSI interface then it is necessary to get hold of the AmiCDRom handler software - this is public domain, so is readily available. The installation is very straightforward - you just have to make sure you pick the right device name for you SCSI interface and that the CD is set to the right SCSI ID. This is where people can have problems, but you just have to check in the manual what the device name is for that particular interface.
If you are starting from scratch then I would recommend the Squirrel option.
You get a proper SCSI interface, and the supplied software is setup to use a CD- ROM. If you purchase the CD-ROM with the Squirrel you have a ready-to-use solution. Just install the software, which is very straightforward, and away you g°- Currently, the only real bind with Amiga CD software is CD32 incompatibility.
The Squirrel comes with CD32 emulation which is pretty good, but can still fail to run some CD32 games - however, all other Amiga Cds will work fine.
Hopefully, game writers producing CD software will move towards writing generic Amiga CD titles that simply act like hard drive installed games, but working from the CD.
Amiga Computing o f the cold weather is getting you down, then there is a solution.
Get yourself a nice warm mug of w tea, snuggle up in a comfortable chair, and take a look at some of these low- priced lovelies. Who needs January sales?
PD and shareware releases are affordable the whole year round- Dave Cusick braves the northern winter to bring to you the best in Amiga PD and shareware LTRA ACCOUNTS FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS ¦'tesriwua; j ¦ !
C Watch your titles explode, one of many impressive effects Navigator Tltler has to Offer Programmed by: Richard Smedley Mark Simonetti Available from: 17 Bit Software Disk No: 3929 It's all very well deciding you want to organise your accounts more effectively using your Amiga, but take a look at the software that's available and you may be put off. It's not that it's not up to the job; more that you're not up to deciphering it. A good old pen and paper are far simpler,.. On this disk are two excellent little programs. The first, Ultra Accounts 2.0, is joyfully easy to get up and running,
and helpful documentation speeds up the process still further. The screen is uncluttered and the intu- ition-style interface means you'll feel at home right away. Setting up your accounts is relatively painless and then it’s simply a matter of sorting out standing orders and timed events. Then you're ready to start entering ifltAOvfcsfoN Kcqi'.ltr V*u' NOW 1 I ’ 'ft "'15 Navigator is a superb virtual reality design tool which is ideal for all manner of applications ranging from games to complex design work, where architectural plans can be ‘brought to life' within a computer. It
works in real time, allowing total interactivity and allowing the user to examine objects from every angle.
The first of the two disks contains a fast and effective viewing program, some rather brief documentation, and numerous examples of what can be achieved. The second disk features Navigator Titler, an excellent utility for designing flashy effects for use in videos and presentations. There's also Nwipe, which allows texture mapping onto 3D objects, and can produce some really impressive effects.
To really get the most out of the programs, a fast Amiga is required. On my A1200, running at around five times the speed of a standard A500, things can be pretty jerky. This is especially true if you decide to use Hi-res, interlaced screens, or fancy texture mapping. Unfortunately, the programs use integer maths so owners of FPUs won't be at any advantage - a nippy processor and lots of FastRAM are the only solution.
Navigator is shareware, but at only a tenner a time it's well worth the money considering everything it is capable of. It has something to offer everyone, and can be put to all sorts of uses, from business to video work and even game design. Highly ~ , - recommended nwr «„ reuummenueo. Suburb with Navigator day-to-day transactions. The program also features graphical analyses of transactions (either on one day, in a week, or over a month), lets you enter reminders, and keeps a log file in case you accidentally alter soiie- thing and need to backtrack at a later date.
Also included is Financial Accounts 1.4, which offers pretty much everything that Ultra Accounts does, with added extras such as VAT statements and an investments portfolio. This, too, is a very capable pro- i gram, so the choice between Ultra and Financial is largely a matter of personal preference. They're both shareware, and each costs a tenner to register, As usual, registration entitles you to future updates and helps persuade the author to continue to develop his or her product Amiga Computing W' Qigp-ed v3 WARE Produced by: Oliver Roberts Available from: Aminet Geoff Crammond's
Formula One Grand Prix is quite probably the greatest computer game ever (although admittedly Sensible World Of Soccer comes quite close). The problem is that Microprose have not seen fit to update it in any way whatsoever since its original release in 1991, with the consequence that the data contained in the game is now rather out of date.
To address this problem, and to provide numerous gameplay improvements, Oliver Roberts wrote FIGP-Ed, an early version of which made its way onto an Amiga Computing coverdisk some time ago. It enabled the editing of team and driver names, car colour schemes and suchlike, and allowed less patient drivers to cheat by employing the driver aids even on the higher skill levels.
FIGP-Ed has since developed at a phenomenal pace. Version 3 enhances the game in numerous ways. It's now possible to edit, amongst other things, car set-ups and camera views, the lap records, and the Irame rate of the display (producing smoother graphics on faster machines). There are also plenty of fancy additions: there's an optional pit-lane speed limit for added realism plus the facility to upgrade computer car performance on various circuits, and a handy cheat whereby your car's position can be snapshotted at any point and then recalled.
The latter function is extremely useful for practising tricky comers. It's also now possible to display plenty of useful information during races, such as the time difference between your car and the cars in front and behind when you cross the start finish line.
You can even change the sound effects and graphics should you feel the urge.
FIGP-Ed is shareware, with registration costing £6. Considering the hours of extra interest it can add to an already classic game, this is an absolutely essential purchase.
Tracksi lo-C*r O Even the trackside camera positions can be adjusted Qear down THE WALL Produced by: Union Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall receives the demo Available from: 17 Bit Software treatment, with a rather scratchy sample of the song Disk No: 3907 being accompanied by plenty of fairly fuzzy graphics.
Don't expect Gilmour and co to perform at CD quality; knackered 70's tape-deck quality is closer to the mark. However, some quite impressive data compression has obviously gone on to squeeze this whole production onto one floppy disk, so the low sample quality is excusable. (It also probably helps avoids copyright problems...) The visuals, if a little less than impressive in definition, are at least a little more imaginative and impressive than might be expected. They're not stunning by any stretch of the imagination, but they're passable.
Suddenly, however, Another Brick In The Wall finishes and we're catapulted into a rather average, highly predictable demo featuring texture-mapped donuts and cheesy tracker music.
This bizarre turn of events is a little disappointing but unfortunately not entirely unexpected; perhaps a sad indictment of Amiga demos in 1995. There are few surprises left these days, and demo programmers don't seem to be going out of their way to hit us with them. Still, at least Tear Down The Wall includes some music that's not straight out of the Euro-cheese dance stable.
I want to hear from you if you have any progranujihatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review.
Whether it sM be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licence- ware. If yon fool it's of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it id with all haste. Although Public Sector receives too many submissions to cover them all I promise I'll at least look at your work - even K it's yet another tottery program or Klondike carda L It does make my job a lot easier Ihoogh if disks are clearly labelled. Please also Include a cover letter detailing the disk contents and price, and giving some basic instructions. The magic address i*;
Dave Cusick. PO submissions Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Path Maccles field SKIO 4NP Breetings: a GALLERY II Produced by: Jason Jordache Available from: 17 Bit Software Disk No: 3921 This is a collection of Jpeg images designed for greetings cards. The highly stylised artwork is colourful and attractive and the quality throughout is excellent Some of the designs have vaguely fantastical themes, whilst there is also a cute cow and plenty of abstract images. There are a couple that you perhaps wouldn't send to kiddies.
Maybe not the most useful disk in the world, but an effective way of showcasing this artist's talents.
Amiga Computing ?
LI ZONE 1 ' I Q OWEROIDS Produced by: Professional PD Available from: Professional PD Another compilation of handy little utilities, in the mould of the Vark disks. Most a'e accompanied by ReadMe files, and those which aren't are, for the most part, relatively easy to get to grips with.
There are plenty of useful inclusions: there's Cachefont, which creates a file listing everything in your Fonts drawer, allowing programs to scan its contents far more quickly; ClidcNot, which stops the floppy drive from making that irritating clicking noise when there's no disk inserted; and Cpalette, which brings up a palette requester on any screen.
DoubleX forces mode promotion on ACA machines, even on programs which normally refuse to be affected. Embedder is a superb AGA downgrading utility that runs as an Applcon, so AGA-unfriendly programs can simply be dropped onto its icon and run instantly. Fatemem is for A1200 owners, and converts all but 512k of RAM into FastRAM, and apparently this makes it possible to run certain applications such as Caligari, which otherwise would refuse to run.
GIFlist displays useful information about GIF MM it lit UTI i in* Ha na im ra U Mur _____ iut u J •»!»
r. 'KrsOT
G. ..
• • ,*h i I im liUtam ni 4 ui im tr U. «M I tfMR I UR tm 1. I
(II tfMf ill ft* f.lHMMUTl tut u tin **’i M2 It ’tlfrt IM
Mfk.MM Mil f |U ril (Ml
• V (lllllll *« »( Ri.i. ( ill M IM mi tm
• w 131 *» itf MU flttltt It ttll Ml- 1J JM Mtl MwlHI wtia ¦an
iirtr ii Id wmii urui it til r«M IM mil j -irtBHHfc-** ¦¦ O CLI
Zone: Incredibly useful but not really likely to provide
exciting grabs files and can add little notes for future refer
ence. IdlelED turns the power light into a CPU load indicator,
so that it's possible to tell when your machine is working
hard. Nuke is a ’secure' deletion program - it physically
removes a program rather than simply telling the machine to
forget about its existence. This means the File cannot later be
undeleted by some curious individual.
SystemSpeed, unsurprisingly, can tell you how swift your machine is, whilst Stonecracker is a crunching utility in the Powerpacker mould which squishes programs down whilst leaving them fully executable. Snoopdos, although included in vl5 as opposed to the vastly superior v3, shou'd be on everyone's herd drive* It's excellent for finding out exactly why a stubborn program is refusing to work correctly.
There are many more too, although in some cases it may take a bit of work figuring out how the authors have compressed the documentation - Ppmore won't recognise several ReadMe files. The chances are that long time owners will already own a fair few of these utilities, but with so many to choose from, it's a fair bet that everyone will find at least a couple of new gems.
48 Amiga Computing FEBRUARY J 996 Produced by: Matthias Bock Asteroids is the sort of classic that has spawned many imi- Available from: 17 Bit Software tations, probably the most famous of which is Disk No: 3920 Bloodhouse's Super Stardust which boasted stunning graph cs and a difficulty factor which made the legendary hard Rick Dangerous games seem like a doddle.
Poweroids doesn't offer the same drop-dead gorgeous graphics - in fact, the visuals are somewhat disappointing. However, there is the added bonus of multi-player blasting action, because up to four players can participate simultaneously with a four-player adapter. If you don't own one of those little gizmos, it's at east possible to enlist the help of one chum to help destroy wave after wave of asteroids. There's also an excellent battle mode where players try to blast the living daylights out of one another.
Unfortunately though, you'll only get the chance to blast a couple of screenfuls of asteroids into oblivion with this particular version, because Poweroids is shareware. The full version, with scores more levels, costs 20DM. Somewha: strangely, Poweroids requires a 68020 and 1 meg of chip RAM, but it does multitask happily (so don't get worried if the starfield starts to fade, it's just MOP'S screen saver kicking in).
000256011 M0022210 r'ooooooon L(Ah. 02 % 0 • m 0 4 0 C Poweroids allows you to blast a friend into submission, or It you haven't got any friends, you can at least blow up some rocks Produced by: Professional PD Available from: Professional PD AUNTED BY YOU Ali Prior has struck again. The latest in his long line of gambling prediction titles is Pro- Greyhounds. This arrived in the office in a sizeable box, accompanied by a bottle of 'Man’s Best Friend’, an allegedly alcoholic product which in fact turned out to be a bottle of Fruits Unlimited. The program itself features the same friendly
interface as its predecessors, and whilst I won't claim to have any idea as to its effectiveness, it does have all the hallmarks of a quality product.
Something MOS AGA EXTENSION HOT IN A COLD C It's finally possible to display attractive ACA pictures in Amos Let's see, the Amiga A1200 has been around for, what, three years now? And Amos, infamous for refusing to run on any new machine until a patch is released for it, has never been upgraded to take advantage of the AGA chipset. Until now, that is. Formerly available for £10 from the now deceased AmigaNuts PD, this extension can now be obtained for £3.99, and whilst it's still far from completion, it does finally offer keen Amos programmers some AGA effects.
AGA screens can now be opened, the full range of colours is now available, and a host of enhanced versions of standard Amos commands are included. There are plenty of demonstration programs too, so getting used to the new (and well documented) commands shouldn't be too much of a chore.
Fully compatible with both 'Classic' Amos and Amos Pro, this has been eagerly anticipated by many for a very long time.
_Artec Colour
- Scanner T £399.00 m complete wtth card rn cable amd software TO
OKTAGON 4008 SCSI CARD True SCSI II controller for your Amiga 1500 to 4000, upgradeable to 8MB using Zipp Ram allows you to connect H-Disk.
Syquest CD Roms etc. £99.00 MULTIFACE III ADDS 2 SERIAL & 1 PARALLEL PORT TO ANY AMIGA 1500 TO 4000 AMIGA A600 A500 A500+ EXTERNAL SCSI HDISK with 45W PSU FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS RAM CARDS A600 1MB Ram A600 1 MB Ram & Clock A500+ 1MB Ram A500 1 2MB Ram A1200 RAM CARDS PCMCIA compatible (With Clock & FPU socket) £20.00 £33.00 £20.00 £15.00 340MB £199.00 540MB £229.00 850MB £269.00 1GIG £299.00 2 4 9GIG £POA SQUIRREL £54.00 SPECIAL OFFER Usm DRIVES FOR AMIGA A60Q 1200 COMPLETE WTTH SOFTWARE. CABLES & INSTRUCTIONS 40MB £40.00 120MB £79.00 340MB £165.00 510MB £229.00 850MB £399.00 1GIG £P.O.A
3. 5” HARD DRIVES IDE SCSI 270MB £99 340MB £119 £119 420MB £119
£129 540MB £139 £169 810MB £189 £229 1-GIG £199 £229 0MB 2MB
4MB 8MB ZIP RAMS £49.00 £109.00 £159.00 £239.00 2MB £99.00
MEMORY 30 64 72 Pin Pin Pin 1MB £25 £N A £35 2MB £89 £N A £69
4MB £109 £199 £109 8MB £239 £N A £239 16MB £389 £N A £389 32MB
COMPATIBLE WTTH PC AND APPLE MACINTOSH MCLUDES STEREO HEADPHONES, CARRY CASE. AC ADAPTER KODAK PHOTO CD READY 04 nn f f BSLUDBSOmMMFOftMACQRPC £109.00 EXTERNAL FLOPPY £39.95 ANTVCLJCK •ANTT-VIRUS'THRU PORT FOR ALL AMIGAS MONITORS Microvitek 1438 £259.00 Microvitek 1440 £399.00 Samsung 15" £319.00 Samsung 17” £599.00 Samsung 20" £POA ACCELERATORS A4g8H)?040 £2150 A4$ 8H?$ 60 £2450 WITH FREE!!! SQUIRREL INTERFACE 100MB ZIP DRIVE£199.oo ALFA-POWER DOUBLE SPEED £159.00 QUAD SPEED £239.00 SIX SPEED £POA PORTABLE CD £POA FPU I Increases the performance of your machine when adding these FPU’s,
suitable for all Accelerator & | Ram cards for A1200 and Amiga 4000 Computers 28Mhz (PLCC) £24.00 33Mhz (PLCC) £39.00 40Mhz (PLCC)clk £59.00 50Mhz (PGA) £89.00 FOR 120MB 420MB 810MB 1 GIG 500+ £179.00 £199.00 £269.00 £299.00 SYQUEST DRIVES Int. Ext.
£219 £269 £229 £279 £339 £389 £349 £399 Viper 68030 28Mhz 0MB Viper 68030 40Mhz 0MB I Viper 68030 50Mhz 0MB £119.00 £189.00 £199.00 88MB 105MB 200MB 270MB___ ____ BOTH THE ZIPP & SYQUEST DRIVES NEED SCSI CONTROLLER ON ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS ... APPOLLO 68020 28Mhz 0MB ,I! APPOLLO 68030 50Mhz 0MB £99.00 £199.00 WITH FREE FPU AMIGA A600 ACCELERATOR 68020 28MHZ UPGRADEABLE TO 8MB RAM ONLY £209.00 IN STOCK WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!!
EAOE PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE ALL TRADEMARKS ACKNOWLEDGED Gasteiner 126 Fore Tel: 0181-345-6000 Hottest 1. 2. 3 & 6 Set CODE. CD240 PRICE £20 . 8PECCY SENSATI01 CODE: coiao IT1MTTD VTIDWM in.I..,,.,.,... sturrwaf. OAnuir tram I4ash I I......Ik. 1 w. g|&djK|
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• Bral Picbr ,laa Hku Luu. Tman AllUn i I'M Mt...' PDSOFT 1
Bryant Avenue, vouthenp-on-sea ESSEX. Ssl 2yD. UK Tel (01702)
466933 eax 617123 bbs (0181) 2510077 8 9 :.'«it(*irr» ir n
vr.tft .Tsir. ha rar- (ulfrd N. apnt inAnc ikrmy ill lip pnn
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DrfWfSfs.lkeltmi Ttsrs Amiga Utilities 2 CODE: CWOl PRICE:
(19.1 Aa Tmtlra ijWmey al M«(iM la talaftee finhtr Kriaui Math
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rrlraar oil COBUM IPM«VnR*Ml I 500 ft tilt" disks rads' in DM5
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SO * Art Rrlalesl MmMmi Intrs lury In.I. ..ui. PtkVkwn unlluixh in (Ur THE COLOUR LIBRARY nraklnfi nihluMm CODE: C01OT PRICE: £9.90 (MAC lMi|Yfli Unokn Maul »»U «K t mr if Mi 1 wtOt 101 NT • «•! NO»» wold c« tk«*l lalrwdwetlM la WarhhaarJi r*-i •wit.'
Ahaakata ft rw laser. Calda ta AM04 Juniee ArtM Iklde |uu.l prakacr' Tsii Ttasa liad nun) kids pn«aM Commercial Software 4-man Him all.
Uui flip an aari ¦ Map. Laitrattv n Itrta.itans hunts MrstlsU Milnan MraUll The fltra mar la “Im asrfakdr" imu mean fd the inftuUr draAnift [tiaitdrrs an parhMrv tktats A word nnrsst.tr. dlferfly fttnn the CD We lusr uutusk.1 averal usrhil usmur.
ID mliMMe ike larltf ma»' »l ihls itw run la piijj oir rm bb-mt » ™ » vara aarr c4 utr 11.taps cst Hits dlar. Urtra s t.se Ses, ml 1. Ptseaosfalnn *i,.-h u A lull huliunl m.ara- .aan sdatm ad Ostt 100 MW ra mme tin 1 200 disks' Thss CD IS sw1 tart! Can 1300 d tla thsk.
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War nra Until No Reality Pro Clipart Voli CODE: COOB3 PRI Caw
tHtk • 350 r*ge Book «mm mrd»alnfrll|M£l 1 Kim im In in
sIiiiims to 9 Mdullt ml «MMf4v bn* ail llw I New - Updated
version Tllf Mnfct U*klnc trarrhniul *a nt Mr SCI-FI SENSATIONS
9E: CD207 PRICE: £18.99 i . Niii t Nakkucmis KfKSiV t .ra.es tm
I T t M I Xna feral a.uni
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• A.srilaMr la aatalha* ZOOM Oawn ra THE SOUND LIBRARY CODE:
CD10I PRICE £19 99 Cara i.OOOMb aTMahaal Mil U Ikaluun ft V(
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Cmacnnti Advrstnur • rush id r.nraiss Uraral.dU.Uiut. • SU»
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Ruuramftra • Mm Rill2 - f.lo Crasaartaea imar ttluill.. RriutiAIM l-vr.m ItlUltiu ro Mwkc Vbrtftaacft .ulnui br Umd inskl.u... ! -» It.il. ls.k k.His j MWIltXXlM I tan* OukKd ItaWpwfl vmu.lt. ran. UaJK IX Mat: twlfj Ma0r Cl) Mat, llakh.aa SutaM Mujr Vsoa 13 U-u avt Mbit. Hud Missies. Hum tens -a.mf ran l.saaTl Tftti|.lilr» I'prlur (Ur» inti kuihMfl The AGA Experience CODE: CD310 PRICE: £14.99 rhr Bwl ialratlM if MM Sul!*.,, an. Eh... The Af.A tl,e,lr... V MA la.i a.ki, Halt Mm I H Ml I ¦iika PphlKra aaat maav nth't.
Wan Pa par mv iw Ivirut. I We. : Wdl'ne, WPF, WRP fl 11 ad 2i|. M will'll is an rsi.ti.ni t.dbinm id ana Plcase.add .75p for each title ordered towards postage and packing.
KXCLITUyX IWA Ihana |ariltt. Illks ware era- atr.l bv Iradmc Ajwas ««iii VT A sir. It. Alh l a thtsID these Wks hsVadr Aikl StpWhtws XlraslAa istidaala ai.1 ntlirte the CD frulltlas rsrrr AHA NT A ralraaa in Haw e. katuid U.r ImObM Word dRURM DM d ~vmT Aim ¦minifies tu disk Duffs TW lallir .s.OreUtU id GRAPHIC SENSATIONS CODE: CD10B PRICE: EI9.99 ~ha IlKDM ciadauis a In - eMSiSEl Prof Fonts & Clipart CODE. CD02* PRICE: £9 SEXY SENSATIONS K: CD230 PRICE: £19.99 TO new ZB* Mae ill l.Ulnl Iu Ihr I KaYaaTwi(» tiw"**'" bl t IhUo. I 4 2 IMPS hat y-si. * Mtm. ViM VtaV. Wiki Til Miff* aral dkat
ka Wwwluww Crnprurnl (DOOiTmi t ntiuwa I ¦tea.fs Ilka ftdsuf lie* lit ill Ch All Otapiur wwkWHf. R_vr. Ltd Vhat fwa do Ml: ' Aalmadrau m Anlm. AVI rad EU ' Piefurea u. .11 lama Imaatne 41 Mphusrar )4]krls A halllllw. I oftlpSfWfS l.atlli Tim.) I: IV are 11,1,1 11, m. Ural. LfSfft'a Mia I'fCHtn thitkla Min,. Mme. Hra* “new. Tire Kit. Vrhbtrs. Vblrsi and V font! Hu ImuJiir 4 UritwatT ui nw 1X0)1 UiiRnhilllUutryxjM Wrir iraio4rst ufdi Ha wff lint pttlure* This CD iTrees xaapktr wllli an nweftrsa ran epsletn whxl mules || eaay hi line II* Itmips ipmkli TW Inparlra cdlnsaxi 2 pimru taken to i«d
taanal ptn*«sa|tes. I lies hair taan s earn Turbocalc v2.1 n ... » akrvt a WkiKitff pUytark ARCADE CLASSICS CODE: CD207 PRICE: £14.99 lhm« MfnllMaad Anwlr ilMn w an rpMnnl nHMrunn all mr uM lUuk lurlwllnfCC A
• Amnili
* ITII01 luitf. Ttur • CmnCT
• Tkm • Trim
• O-nrrl
• Trail II
• riugyi
• Mvi.r Wair
• Mou« I* Mini
• Cnilirjmlr .Bun • DrmlHul
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.lain., AiftMb oui* 23oMb tkv 110Mb Huh lOMkilC hard SMI.
Assassins Games 2 tiCSStl PRICE: E18.M Mbm* Oi»m « fUr wlih Ike Wkal da yun *r«: 22Mll Sain tad k PRICE: £8.99 ««'• l«°P Amiga Tools III Thu co CODE: CD225 PRICE: £24.99 Jg* ! Itanhwy Twto Oat tody la is* a away ml Ihla CDBOM! .
• syautn Tmla
• 10.1irliTuitim.il
• Nrnmrk Tool.
• vmaa Toaaky ¦ Wnr.hraah Toed.
‘OnSilMi __
• Iteywarln* f ym * Ivima.
DrllpW a CD 11 . . .• III.- I,..I, : Ir Amina road 9 CIWIIM la Ihr Uaail lu lb.a.1 Itmlil a Scrwa and all Ur III, 47am, m ihr dna- air rhm-iir fucohla m lha tint In illr, Tkara % mi oaoal In iknuni. M suauH aanr uf dna (*i«roma Ik, Darooa Dmunm cd MAX0N I'n aim I, ir n 4«wrralad An anlir. IXBOM ufwl (anar Ma i an lilt* a rrtauraH allfurl ’’rwf.rmb New Title -
• Urar wtaaibto of EPS dByml Ol lOrwt »im it* cdfocn. Uo
uiutila%tng rn| mum Pm 1% ntV jut I mw ct modulo: many trlmtrr
n iln npu Fresh Fonts II L CD103 PRICE: E19.M ¦Is w«h a aU»
il Mb 4
- tourer crtir Hmi' n.V n Ifitttt «Ufc w KnM»I i I'VIX po war It
4 kry In wBwuit pitahu K Tkeil~ (i »vVn PM «tlh Ihuwuiul. Ill
KMIMIU 11*1 ulialyv alrl BawlMiT.ilr ¦ a IfT tk m Diplit |,nn
«ii ¦m OuictMlll ln|uuiln »H1I l.llilll-- naMl w-oldlM £T.ipl,k
litipilm feflfcirortol «*¦.-« ¦MB* Ini••) n. ..wl.afr mtiaor)
*4y lu.
JiBaaniv ¦» mi du|U ft ailiim* }mwmu|iauiin ln.nlfcriMllni. Mlv, UtOn MiUi l-wb.-yja, Twn runni% %IIM»«% 1,atari, aula. -.1* il mi nar vmui||iMWI _Gamcrs Delight 2 CCOMa PRICE: £24.90 J will • M«M C Utcr's Group Library l CD040 PRICK: £19.99 nil fan mi C I ¦¦Bob Min
- BI»6MU •CM»|| 2IMB.I ¦HUM). * Min 143 Smkl H11 SUM! ' Mum iiitl
Jump 54 da capo DIM PRICE: £27.99 |W toM air .d%o crnTVktU In
alkiw K It Cm till mmn ihla .nniiurl HI* ibcimeurv
- nua-hw ¦flnl r urn Iv mi I fra* unnn ¦ipa ftm. Lha w-ckltaiiih
m Buiim-. * tt*.iinl la* V iJdTuvP ir mill ha iIiwuiimiiu Ml.
Nullity IT vamuai r* ft nr... Hur .airtatU vw Ilia nq rnrttn ka
Anl*i yixlr iIimuiikiii prirrkWiI muan la Hit dMini tnatrarlLan
y III pin Ihrni Hum (mill Iim A% %»m nun lull nil nail jUannl
Itiun lha nil. Tint 1% a COMM .4 I«r«I| mi. H Up "¦fi™
ooflrtoon 4|*l iiirra. Aluminum aultabard Braky Ena W Vhwaala
Tbtff mr illinuM ka ____ aintijn-i mr. xrs nh a im.r Uui iK*xMh
mil Inlrini WU Alwnauluiln! L% a mrrul
* Aill%ia* mUo. Mill n.ir.u.1 by uibrt----- whom I •. Liar. Nmir
u oaMatt villi can Ikr yarn Thrwr nil.l. mi on luir hrurd of.
* Mllf utliM. Nr nn Il run you ml ray* 11 linn %wl To *r1 liar
Inal irauliam CODE: CD16S PRICE: £8.99 Caimy Um BmBIO 1.0 Ini
Ike Aaalfa.
Tvr I TWO* U I hr rai au lu M«l u IBB t*uprl A Pall Icalnrrd UldXUta _
o per. 11*4 mu*, mti I ..ah nun. R% am I IiUMlIn In dr Amyp !»•*
Sain ami nOri ankllnhMri almlMuU- waaayfr, ndlaiUun. Lour.
• Mir Iran M *nla l T cuntfttr art IOO. Id »** Ml llkalillav
¦*)»% ai.lm.ll Iua%. Lull, raUDirhnl ml imly n urn ftmn Ilia
CI .
TT» M « Huipir uKuiluiuti lu ofifjam tkr bam
- ---- aul naan aat‘ a aU hr lu.ti Includes manual!.
Uir Aamy. .nil nan aOhanul .l|.Ui. ml |ia.-kiaer am II m pnl rmana. Jpnm. Mail pin CM ami mum irriyl..i.a of Urqurlatf hal «uih m RPC. Ant Pag. . Ranplrir maul laum fuida M amMr nn Ilia CO Ikrrr «ra » ana Aaai»4X)6 mirrnrt MBB.
Mhh m iOram Bn AalTCP mil fcrwn Eric Schwartz Productions CD Archive CODE: CD229 PRICE: £24.99 £»(r Vhuam iumb nn Pua rruiRlkr Byou Inn a 4an%n liuUua.
Mrb u tMlaalin I Cm. Sail nr tmWrrk lha man to miy CDRCmt a (Ur% i% aniiida iliirB.uk iSturraauri u nuuWv no Ur COI Iww » I'n .1114 In katuadail Ualtaan B3.4S Network 2 Package CODE: CP3» PRICE: £39.99 HancniiaH Cootala. Ika full _ (Ml .aralnn of Mlinaf 6.
Ika lalaal mdu of Ikla
• uprrt Basic ulUllks OctaMED v6.0 CODE: CD237 PRICE: £29.99 Tka
oOtalal (IrliaM • CD Meeting Pearls 3 CODE: CD224 PRICE: £8.99
Oianuay'i mom popular Amu r«" • arm oddirlun: Mrraui Inula III
Uu*l nn Ur nnimiia am raa id Unnan hub II lay ptMhlMl r%m nun
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torn aiMaal At or waira l auiiaflnl mill MM IbM. Yvo ran mm
Ukapo Ip am rrraiaai hi nrrtuu paail. Ill Mail h prt D"in
Momtkoa Ini a knmil iiuk kb n»«a
• rairh bnllim oOar pn JiW I. llir niml ym premlad cm any Ani«a
CONOU rbal do too 4*1- (Mhuaab. W koir |uuaulnl a unal art .mil
d CD klllr lu allmy tttual ai lira lu lha CD ROM Ttns. You im
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Martin* Prrata 111 hi ynu nonlt luorul prali., orraiuCM dm bunalmU id hamn Jhnanr and FublK Uoaiaai p««ramt arr Tmlm vl 4 Mota ni dniKo and aO hdl maui orr lUrarll) ruMl* lrr.au ilut CD. Bnr » nn BauUaihm iwhmqI ImudailK* Of lha atruKmnouu lu kurtl M la ¦OOoSMr mill ua» paiftdrma lha inartrkrhaanc nuK'iRJ uf Iht ilmiui u urkalnl n ran- prnurd fUr UK*
• II. Otral raise lar masry’ Ami*, shoppai Turho Coir 3 (1,
Cluurr. Cm Im____ ClXlBKoaaa. ShaaadPtn Daauanua Uoa» r.D0na. A
Caftli I'm. Ami*. Mima., luro Trw 2 0.
LiMaatKISB A WMIKXltB 2 8. DhlaUn IW .up M i in,n A mail l ,n: mil Iralllf mar tltm I SrMa a * (haplnr Mi,in. ApyHk aenn.
QSBURMf Global Amiga Experience CODE: CD199 PRICE: £24.99 r«l am baaf Amfya Aohiamar mttk mmnm CODE: CDI42
r. m .a .uar (o liul MtHitoac irkoi ran Una air inns i «•' nil
!hi% ‘ 13-1 iVTortl in Ir d.aaruaar All UM .-an Ik a.dli
inland h ytlau hull dlfaa So IllMalu l»AI, aul mioanu air r»
1c mm C.I lllla7DRUM Coma* Armaianuunt of lum IBMfUflV
illaliiliulrtl mflraar Im lha .Ainua Tkr Olobul Aahlpu
Capr.Vaatar cDHOM Tbr Rill lnim.IT. pa imam la a
1) 14 pi” AM? But Mr Titian I 24 XH'allll tj I rt'aail ft 3.
Invuy rx Id flu.Haan.r. I 3 Hal, A Ibpaa J 3 nlrt|4av
UnSaballiiD ill Ilia Full varal n. u illdalik MklpRsI naapma
milinlail a I 13. Imaam 2 0. VmuJvo I 0 OuiaM X TMEdar I ?2ID.
XC W Ckilua %.-h% Pro 03 Umh _ 16Mb I’lCM Ilia Mai. Of Vmh Du.
BardiBhk CIVRUM Umh Kihll alt-aim yvi*yama IfMli larmmal
prcx-ama 23Mb DMEACUaaaaaalcaaimlUda* IJMI, MlaU pee1'im’ It
Mil’ll pfitfomi STMIi Ivima and Milinaomi I lUMb Uauhr fa* A
T»X 31Mb Arr II far, lie bttiili UMI, Maaluht ami llmull 46MI.
KrtlLSf) hr Aatlpi innH : i!a,srmiTiru'yn'‘*nu“ I Uvmr
naanipaiamn id al|du alunnrl .Au|*aict many DniOaa loidt
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Akna |am and I I»n|i i.luui, I ' Illara.ll Itiri I
r. aliih ¦I mrmin ora pi|aia aaau inuuiiaiaaa Ortrvlrw of
• Irma imm luaa-mata nuluibn*rckmi. Raw- li*ai lual uluiaum
aalpiumanl ml n inil A KOIt ON IM* COM 1WI OP THIS CD ROM
OronaBl Ikr nn Hike CO-MOM IpiUiuMh aiunulunn uil ¦r nic.1 nr*
OK In a l.nlr airid auilinu.I .« H aarurr vmp |M%mr anil
anun.lnl Mi"- ' - unamul ilmag II a anaw*1 ro Ika i)alll,u»yi
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rd h alifa I.. |.nalma ink.ii Iul and rrauiitr ml la 16 b
inainn .-.four, flu, 1*1 thai XH'allll I* . 1,1., a (Ink,
• K*Ml (.mm y -«f mh m an in mllaf lr pmairil imau. Faun momiM.
Him nmin iiiamul tf • pMnuuB* iiffinilir incur Tu ffilllMUr I
aiioil | »r iMb CP ROM a luoi inmiMi pirlurr lalmKripiliMnii
Mpl imiiir M CODE: CD231 PRICE: £49.99 I Ika Uadla* r4*a. 34 Ml
polal I Xi Paint t3,2
* orr aim nulmtrd othtf Umi m arlf tahir lunrtuwi fur n a dial
ikila SCS (piaikaaafy uuralroaad an ail) RIIM and an Hfakalad
Mitulbaulhaa nu 4o yw (ac-aaoMh AmfTCP Ml iiuhv ka kMurkmc Doa
iuii.illliui Cl MUM IMIaloan all
li. TrV.I I M| MM,____ Ml.ll TiKf. And 1*1114) nil, Wilitr
Mum* Pyiypaiut ami Sadlman November 1995 Aminet Set 2 constat of Aminet i. 8, 7 A H Die trt-end Sel Arc hue l» puMulied and lu. Just hern relraftcd November 95 What do you get mr. Content.
Disk A - Tools I 2U** IXM0 I: Mi lira dnr* 270Mb 870 tkxuiuriu.
4CMb21C Tna SW 73Mb 17C Make dam:. 33 SMb U00 Drtiaia cama KOMI. 1.000 Can aa*H* H6MI.I.I XI Ccamnumcallima Itwil fl Mb |0(l llatthrara rablatl Dul D _ 88Mba« Um_________ dn. 12Mli20f tluk III) Kaila nun KiM.Mli MK) moil. 3SHMI. 2.700 im* 2»MI 2(K Mia. Sdmia CODE: CD098 Wuch mam* ml lie Wl Ami*, .aimauuaa dlrwctly ttata cn ami 100. Ul tuuiMiiuin raartj lie iiawln* turd la n CO Tor ni fs wuun at! ITT m*w i*iki. RuPtc ft tVfuvWtox Vbwn.lm tar Aminet Set 1 CODE: CollS PRICE: £24 99 Quite .Imply ihr beat CD compile lion around *£U Amiga” Ptrtt Isr ufl Ullnbarr I.. in* ™ nl .ulMtaafiaalb, M.*l
Inn* mm lum Mas. Tixd m Own iMbull. AS*S aton rm in deride sftuh i.xt mu snulil like in ux» » iwu I'M Mas Amusdtatar ¦!* yaa tuaru as Von wdl luw De n|inrriniy to aatmri I bam l.uf, dialal* Ihr UuU&ll.ao |i,«» Weird Science Animations Volume 11 PRICE: £18.99 0fak8 J 134Mb noil Cirauhh.
337Mli 1,100 IVImr, 6c anum HTMhafK Taw S.llnua dm hlMhdlX ~ Aminet Set 2 _ CODE: CD220 PRICE: £24:99 liar,, at a cl liar .culla d araimaui* umi in mil In mu Om dndpuk ID 9lmplrnm*r lllllaflra wnpf *U mail aa44.nu* Tlr muul ¦January 1999 Aminet Set 1 cociftlM- tiiyt ot 4 CD». Tbr ram.
Plclr du lilvr » pulv Usbrd lar the 1st lime.
Wh*t do you |et! Ofr su» rila. Cnuawi faal itcti. La the wealth of the Amioetl Disk B ¦ Graphics m rnnliTM and GddPUh CD.
K“ 'Flu Wine Umi Umt wt
• Ifuasp. L« Hu. AukdKudi
- -------An,144. Itr Inrw Ur ai|r rii Ilia ihr Imt mnwiilliii D»K
on taota Aonp tad PC kallun «UI uuka n illhaaal a anlir miaV
CODE: CD227 PRICE; 119.99 mauertat t. a* arr. Ad and SklMb IMS!
Hi tiara k tana.
170Mb 430 litau.
I MID. 270 MlorUamanui Goldfish Volume 3 icaxi Danina 930 . Gamra 340 DmUpmi.
Disk D - Mods Disk C ¦ Pun
3. Ion Muw Mixlulaa I 1)00 Cotiuiiuiucaunu.
Millie Sihwa r Ctr, Per Cd PUP Telal Ami IfU IUUU Tip (13 74 I RftlOCll.W *190 438 4a j BlnllCIOM *2 2G 135 U 0 to 12 CD.0VUI 1X1 *43 00 f Otol.1 M 000175 tdft TU !
Pavnirnl li ' Credit Card or Sieitch will be charged at £11.99 and only charged for when posted, or pay in advanced to lake Ihe above special offers. Ipoc credit card kales pleasuring U»» above phone number; The .Amlnrl discs are published every !
2 nicmilu and ttirrr * N9u over
1. 200 world widr subscribers and glowing every day. It s the
moad popular Ainlg.i CDKOM nerles f.Iuw*r a, wdl. T «
Ibana «ia .ton. mania.! In IkTlop Wml RKAMIIE cmla Ua Yuu
ahnukd maw aim ilr IR5TAU wnid U. if ml imu*t OcddBtak btncr
Ihr IKSTAU. Mrlpl sB niakr » pra in* I rnnl Iliaangr, lu llw
nua* u u wair lu aun U m a*Va max la |f jin* wyRi Oetdriak
Vofumr 3 conUtaa a mktilum uf sdiwuav anlmaiy-aa. Ra. Mac mad
odiar nuiranU t. a».t on fiaMinib CDBOM.
Iwlwaan kfaywaidev 10**4 411U K.aanuim KNA , with am of Ihr Malta Ul uinlllnt In Ihr UlrM niMiuH All rf Ihe millet Ul U aeu! « dkwrllv laimi Uaa CDROM
• SubMTlplllfll ScfVlCC whlfh Kill cull slop at Any time by post.
Telephone or Fxl.
• Example for 3 discs Blurting wuh Aminet 9. Out s Amlnrl 9. 108
II for £10.99 curb plus 75p poster & packing bring Ihr total to
£35.22 Payment fly Cheques or Postal Orders complete payment in
e only!
Amlnrl 0 . CD777 thaawbaf I0» lu„um, r iMhm I AbinlP l*Kn«i|vmanl| id ac4V r III ihmauHiU ci archne. Stor« llw taka am id Wi T rn Ml Him ttOMb ..I iww .M wara lu* .,|i|irwrd Tkr nuinil cdlUun ban . .
Afwauuinci., m.amdukei Mmr II,an 1410 *.ra L IIKludaal Mam awnluln ait d a aar% I.U). uu.1 I lly ml bmura Inn Tkr aarrUanl uaat I llilarl*-a ha% alu, arjai Iru.nl (Ullbn lmiir.se HUOIB Birr Ul IhimumU ul airlnw. *ifncr Ihr irlraar of Amuwl 6 Ba.r lha* MK1MI. Clira v.tlu... L hn, a|i|wunl lha rurrani admioi lk» a ,| ui I
l. xu ai l..u«w, II) ixri anupT • a DT7 mal 1 luulunmlu m
mcludail Amlnrl a - CO30S Drmhar «V i.aiuim lu.av Third oam
nuat ihinB »' mm arrtuaaftft %S AlUMM.uulr. maklltt rWaVuh
m.nll niiua ukei binutlt Yen ii* rxjuna nun li cr»e L CD
mabaalrn* i.mI.iic ilta-maaunail.il, amniui* I InmaU % il|rt .
Imunc fmean.i atasliu |W lum iunnlli4 aminaluma. War.bin* Im
ana nlla inakatial. An mikoui aura lava,In* Weird Science
Coloured Artwork Volnme I CODE: CD238 PRICE: £8.991 Aminat C
COI 79 Jum 'J8 ¦Ilk a bru% * .Iraua aa ,iui nrallafHr m Hmawd
yi .11.i Aminet 7 - CDIS4 Auaiu TiS imiUaan mam ihrn 1 ta.
Hy’c la*rom| «Mtl uf ,f CODE: 77?
Tka Bawl Saunwaaf A who. Tka AC.A Amlnct Series a ¦P Tools 3 he?
Pi UPD Gold Freahflah X CODE: CD210 PRICE: £17.99 17 Bit 5_ COPS; CD212 PRICE: £18.99 Fractal 2 CODE:CD209 PRICE: £19.99 Adult 2 CODE: CD2Q6 PRICE: £19.99 Frozenflsh CODE; CD202 PRICE: £19.99 _ G rollers CODE: CDIS3 PRICE: £24.90 Lightworks | CODE: CDI41 PRICE: £24.99 Terrasound :: 00213 !i £17.99 CODE: CD 118 PRICE: £24.99 CODE, com PRICE: £9.99 1 li!
DT Video CODE: C0077 PRICE: £13.99 rn c Galantic 2 CODE: CDI09 PRICE: £9.99 m Adult Sensal I CODF. CD072 I PRICE - £1 ; 179 I Hail W S Anlms GIGAGnt CODE: CD1 IS PRICE: £29.99 Demomaina CODE: CDUl PRICE: £9.99 Gamers Del CODE: CD110 PRICE: £9.99 FrcshFish 2 CODE: CD103 PRICE: £14.99 Emerald Mi CODE: CDG78 PRICE: £12.99 CODE: CDOB8 PRICE: k!7.99 m Illusions CODE: CD087 PRICE: £3.99 S-351 Power Gam CODE: CD070 PRICE; *9.99 i Med 1 ;.CD07I CE: £7.99 Ultra Med 2 CODE: CD07I PRICE: *7.99 Town Tune CODE: CD066 PRICE; *18.89 Visions CODE: CD083 PRICE: £19.99 Utilities 1 CODE: CD08I PRICE; £0.98 Amok
2&3 Gold Fish 2 CODE:CDOS9 PRICE: £17.09 CODE: CD088 PRICE: £24.99 I ns Multimed 2 CODE: CD038 PRICE: £17.99 htrom :CD087 :: £29.99 Sound Terr Euroscene Asaaaslnsl CODE: CDOS4 PRICE: £4.99 Amos 2 Lock-n-load Goldfish Demos 2 CODF C DO09 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD044 PRICE: £19.99 CobE: CD039 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD033 PRICE: £19.99 CODE: CD028 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CDOIO PRICE: £24.99 Gamer's Delight is another compilation CD courtesy of Schatzruhe, and basically it's based along the lines of the Assassins disk. This, too, is also the second in the series but there were certain flaws in the menu system
With this CD being designed by a foreign company, the translation comes across differently.
For example, instead of platform games being referred to as 'platform games', they were referred to as 'jump and run', which in fairness is no real fault of their own, it just looks odd. The cursor to select options was a very faint colour, and straining your eyes to make out what you were going to select was imminent Gamers Delight 2 has now made an appearance containing 1070 games from different categories.
There are 70 commercial releases, so don't expect Public Domain, and an example from the 'Jump and Run’ category would be 'Go Kevin Go' - sounds great. There are various other games called Gardener, Rollerball, Willi Wacker and Balls. I suppose that sums up the CD quite well.
No CONTEST It may not be as polished as the Assassins series, but it's different The games may be unheard of, and they may not be of outstanding quality, but that’s certainly not what you expect for £26.95. Although the Assassins compilation is the same price, it's double the quality. I don't think there's any doubt which one you should go for.
Bottoi line I amer's delight 2 UCT DETAILS Gamer's Delight 21 Product: Supplier:
G. TJ Price: £26.95 Phone: +49671 85937 Ease of use 77%
Implementation 81% Value For Money 81% Overall 80% From UFOs
to networks this CD collection covers essential programs and
graphics for your Amiga. Andy Maddock reviews mi Bottom line
Each CD ii iplit into various cat-
• 90WM. This it the music CD Everybody who's anybody will have
seen, heard, or even used the Aminet series, either on the past
CD-ROM series or via modem. All the time, people are uploading
their software for use on Aminet’s extremely impressive
collection. Since its launch there have been nine CD-ROMs and
these all contain the latest software for that time. Therefore,
if you happened to own the entire lot, you would proDa* bly
have the most comprehensive library of Amiga software to date.
G. T.I. are back to distribute the famous Aminet Sets, and
already they are on to their second in the series. The entire
package is not cheap, at £34.95, although for your money you
do get four Cds absolutely packed with gorgeous goodies that
were uploaded in November.
The Cds are split into categories - the first containing the Mod2SMD • hu m _ - -- w 3 Start mi.: II 1 Kill Wmi.:31 1 _J Mna (II ImH: t» 1 m Smh: 1 1 Htcfc: (-J l Nr*... Vila**: H I - tell | U*... | Sm... | II tx | Pin utilities, documents, text and business software; the second contains pictures and graphic software, the third contains all the fun topics such as games and demos along with more utilities for use with your hardware; and the fourth and final CD is entirely dedicated to music modules, samples, and Comms software.
There is 850Mb of music modules that any music fan would gladly pay £35 for. The Aminet series is and always will be the greatest compilations to date. With its excel lent AmigaGuide database allowing you to access everything, de- read- ing from a click of I?
A button, this is the definitive compila tion. Well, until December's comes anyway.
Amiga Computing O UN D UP Bottom line The Assassins Ultimate Games is the second in the series of Cds, following on from the ! Immensely popular first instalment It included all the Assassins collections packed, and ready to unpack, onto floppy disks. The first CD contained a wide variety of excellent games as well as some compilations of Product details Assassins Ultimate games 2 weird Science £19.95 Phone: 0116 234 0682 issnssHi Ease of use Implementation • Value For Money Overall by some excellent presentation. There are descriptions of the games as well as information on the author,
so it really does add up to being one of the most professionally presented Cds around today.
Utilities. What made this compilation superb were the presentation and features, an excellent menu system, bootable or non- bootable as well as compatibility with the CD32.
This collection has game disks 1-120, 60 utility disks, and 70 workbench games.
These are all in the usual DMS format and will need unpacking to floppy disks. You can access everything from the excellently implemented AmigaGuide database, and all the information you require will undoubtedly feature here, including compatibility with various machines.
The games contained on the CD range from shoot-'em-ups to pub quizzes, and if you're not looking for something specific then there is something here for absolutely anyone.
If you're looking for a decent CD with a whole host of PD games and utilities, Assassins is undoubtedly the best It features an easy-to-use menu system, accompanied Qssassins ultimate games 2 The first Network CD arrived courtesy of Weird Science some time ago, and now their latest Networking CD has finally appeared - faster and far more powerful than ever before.
ETWORK CD 2 The main idea is to join together the Amiga and a CD32 via a cable from the Serial or Parallel port to the Auxiliary port on the CD32. This will give your CD32 a new lease of life as a remote CD-ROM drive As most CD drives are operated via SCSI and the PCMCIA slot, the majority tend to be quad-speed and almost instantaneous. You may be thinking that because the CD32 is only double-speed, the file exchange rate won't be particularly good. Well, you would be right, although on this Network CD there are many programs to get the most from your CD32 as well as the fastest speed.
Setting up is made even easier thar before - a simple process of entering the CD, booting up tie machine, waiting for it to be ready, and sending all the relevant information down the Serial cable. Then a pseudo-device entitled 'Network' will appear on your desktop. Inside here you will find a CDO and RAM drawer, and you must remember that they are only drawers and not devices. Once this is set-up you can change the CD in CD32 because it will override the auto-reset function, then all you have to do is assign it and away you go - it's as simple as that.
What makes this one of the most delightful packages is that if you should move the mouse pointer off-screen it will simply appear to have locked up. Adding another monitor through the CD32 will reveal your mouse pointer moving swiftly around on the other monitor. Also, not only can the mouse be transferred to the other machine, but also the keyboard, as soon as you move off-screen.
Improvements Depending on your machine and setup, you will have a variety of baud rates from 57,600 to 115,200, and for a standard A1200 you'd be able to get away with 76,800. There are programs such as SID, for file transfers and for viewing various formats, as well as many other Internet and access tools.
You can also unpack various bootable disks to make the connection procedure even easier.
The main improvements over the first are that the CD boots in around 45 seconds, the CD32's programs can be run from the Amiga itself, the connection procedure is simplified to only a click of a button, and you also get many animations, games and images bundled on the disk to kickstart you CD-Rom usage - these can all be viewed or played through SID, so everything you could possibly think of has been included.
Anybody with a CD32 and Amiga should seriously think about getting connected. If you look at all the CD-ROMs on these very pages you will see just what you are missing out on. This is none other than an essential purchase.
Bottom line Product DETAILS Product: Network CD 2 Supplier: Weird Science | Price: £ 14.99 Serial Cable: £24.99 I Phone: 0116 234 0682 Theie are so many questions about ufology that most people are either too scared to ask or too sensible. People are frightened with the unknown, and recently, although having being around for many years, aliens are beginning to steal the limelight and become more believable than ghosts. Or are they the same thing?
One reputed feature of Aliens is that they can take any form! Apparently.
What does an Alien look like? Coes the government really communicate with them? Was the Roswell incident a cover-up? Have places like Hangar 18 stored ufology? Who are the Men in Black? Why do they drive red Escorts?
OUND UP NCOUNTERS: THE UFO PHENOMENON EXPOSED All these questions and more are revealed on this brand new CD called Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon Exposed. On the rear cover it says: This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know.'
And this is perfectly true.
However, don't take it the wrong way, thinking they're stolen classified reports. They are merely documents people have managed to lay their hands on. Are they true? Nobody knows.
If the government did come out and make world panic However, if they manage to keep it as one of those 'believe it or not' subjects, the public would have no option but to disbelieve it According to a document in the CD itself, there are over 70 recognised species of 'Aliens' or other beings.
The most popular of species has to be the 'Greys.' These are described as being thin and spindly, have large bald heads, huge dark eyes, two dots for a nose, and a small line for a mouth. And of course they are grey.
After having read almost every document on the entire CD, I now feel as though I'm getting to know quite a bit For instance, did you know that the government are carrying out a coverup as we speak? Well, it's called an indoctrination, and it's a plan to make you disbelieve.
When a UFO sighting is reported, and it's a major one which the government can't explain, they filter it through to a popular medium - namely the tabloids. They will then blow it out of proportion - such as the 'I was snatched by Pamela Anderson look-a-like aliens!' Story - so people laugh it off, and subconsciously dismiss the whole thing. Clever? I think so.
THE UFO Hsnomf lorv This CD covers every budding ufologist's dreams as there are documents covering abductions, origins, cattle mutilations, crop circles, landings, sightings, crashed UFOs, and government conspiracies and cover-ups.
Basically, the entire CD uses an AmigaGuide and all the documents can be accessed very easily along with a mears there are a lot of documents. However, each cate-1 gory has its own pre-packed Lha file so you can instantly I unpack it to your hard drive.
All the information on the CD is excellent It gives all 1 sorts of documents that are supposedly 'top secret' and some of the accounts of abductions will send a shiver I down your spine. The whole CD covers everything to do j with UFOs, especially offering explanations as to why World War 2 started! Hitler was an alien! Er, I made that up actually. It does sound like some people take it too far, fcut after actually reading the documents, how can you possibly not believe it? This is the case when 500,000 people have reported abductions in America j and they all roughly follow the same pattern.
If vou have a keen interest in ufology or you're looking ] for some convincing evidence, look no further.
Bottom line DETAILS 1 Product: Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon Supplier: 17 Bit Software Price: £19.99 Phone: 01924 366982 ES Ease of use 91% Implementation 93% Value For Money 89% Overall 91% [JUROCSENE 2 By now, you probably know about underground clubs and places where everyone gets together to 'join as one’ and just enjoy life.
No restrictions, no egotistical bigots - everybody is free to enjoy what they want to enjoy.
Euroscene is more or less an underground Amiga scene, where various Amiga users get together for parties and groupings for demo showings, music and pictures, amongst other things, and then generally talk about it afterwards - on demos. That's why you always get a certain type of text on demo scrollers which, if you haven't been to a certain venue, you won't understand. Generally, these venues are held all around the country, although mainly in Europe.
This CD contains various files from these particular get-togethers. Images, demos, i* * *£ IjfVv
• fr- r 4 r v*1
• * 4)t - C Strango pleturoa arm tho tnto nature ot Euro econo
music, graphics and all the relative players and views are
included. The main source of all these various formats come
from diskmags and if you're a keen follower of these, then they
will undoubtedly inform you of various forthcoming 'bashes.'
Categorisation The categories are divided up into a listing which is sorted by the name of the group.
You may recognise some of them if you have used Aminet or other compilation Cds. Most of the larger files or demos are compressed as a DMS format, although there are many ready-to-run programs and files. There are also various graphic viewers, mod players, text resources, programming guides and many other useful utilities. As you'd expect, the quality of the demo image module rea- j lly depends on the respective quality of the I group. At the moment, the Polka Brothers!
Seem to have made a big impact of the I demo scene, ranking high in the charts of | many diskmags.
If you are into the demo side and getting j to know other Amiga users, then Eurosce will manage to satisfy your curiosity i these underground happenings. It's certainly ] good value for money at £9.99. Bottom line Product DETAILS Product: Euroscene 2 Supplier: Weird science Price: £9.99’ Phone: 0166 324 0682 Ease of use 82% Implementation 73% Value For Money 89% Overall 85% Amiga Computing finjbJL POWER CD-ROM wer CD-ROM for the Amiga 1200 plugs directly into the port and provides a direct and SCSI-II interface, allowing x additional devices to be cted. What's more the Power features a
‘Hot-plug* whin you to connect and disconnect
- ROM and any other additionel even when the Amiga is on.
ROM drive comes with a SCSI rface, PSU, manual, audio leac, ins lead and software which Includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator, PEG film Decoder and Photo CD.
CIA CD-ROM'S CD ices AMINET SET 1 (4 CD'S) £25 AMINETSET 2 ..£25 AMINET 5 ....' £12 AMINET 6 £12 AMINET 7 £12 AMINET 8 ...£12 MEETING PEARLS 1 ...£10 MEETING PEARLS 2 ....£10 MEETING PEARLS 3 ....£10 AMIGA TOOLS 3 ......£25 XIPAINT V3.2 ..£35 CD-WRITE ...£39 CD-BOOT 1.0 ..£29 CD AMIGA 600 1200 £179 £249
* 2 SPEED CD-ROM inc.SOuirrel .
longer sell this product due to the lack of support lor VCD and
CD-i formats 04 MPEG Films). This CO player will not play
A 1 2 0 0 PACK 2MB of RAM
3. 5“ Floppy Drive
2. 5“ 170MB HD Option Wordsworth v4se Digita Datastore v1.1
Digita Organiser v1.1 Turbo Calc v3.5 Photogenics v1.2se
Personal Paint v6.4 Workbench v3.1 Whizz 3D Game Pinball Mania
Game £389 £489 A 4 0 0 0 TOWER 6MB RAM 68040 25 or 68060 50
Workbench v3.1 AGA Chip Set
16. 7 Million Colours
1. 2GB SCSI Hard Drive
1. 76MB Floppy Drive 2 x 3.5" Drive Bays umaim* csam: £2199 £2499
£579 £289 All prices include VAT EzzmnEEScm ?
Hard drive versions.
Does not indude disks or manuals 68040 25Mhz or 68060 SOMhz Processor 6MB RAM
1. 2GB Hard Drive
1. 76 Floppy Drive PCMCIA Smart Card Slot 32-bit 68020EC
Processor AGA Chipset
16. 7 Million Colours Built-In Modulator FOR OROER FORM SEE DPS
ADVERT TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 AbmIl POWER
Mi mcis maixx vat vtrwiCAnom amo mitts unwa to cntnc* «atmout vena ah taadtmaiki rat acknowi iocco mi oaous m wuimm or r» 'in mow wiu n acoftiB omit suMct 10 out mcmv4M2 roiorrovira »»adi conn or wn am avahari ran o cmami on in av tg b mm® m 2dm mw&i LOWEST PRICES BEST SERVICE $ ' % LOW RAPID DELIVERY SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0183. 686 9973 0181 781 1551 PRINTERS
lifllifflftl DS HD 50 3.5" Disks .....£15.99
...£18.99 + 100 cop lockoble box Add £4.00 100 3.5*
Disks .....£27.99 £28.99 + 100 cap lockable box Add
£4.00 150 3.5' Disks......£38.99 £41.99 ? 2x 100 lockoble box
Add£8.00 200 3.5" Disks £48.99 £51.99 ? 2 x 100 lockoble box
Add £8.00 300 3.5" Disks.. £73.99 £76.99 + 3 x 100 lockoble
box ...Add £12.00 400 3.5" Disks £98.99 £101.99 + 4x 100
lockable box Add £16.00 500 3.5" Disks £123.99.....£126.99 + 5
x 100 lockable box ..Add £17.50 1000 3.5’
Disks ...£229.99 £234.99 + 10 x 100 lockable box Add
• 24 pn SUPER Quiet COLOUR pnnter
• 20 Page bun in sheet feeder
• 7 Cohxit omttnQ ' 250 Cps OraR Merer. 83 CpS LQ
• 2 paper paths - top 4 rear
• Noae level 43 5 dBA m super quwi mods £164.99 CITIZEN ABC
• 24 pm COLOUR pnnter
• 50 Page butnn sheet feeder
• 102 Cps OraR Micron. 64 Cpe LQ £144.99 CITIZEN SWIFT 200C
• 24 pm COLOUR pnnter
• ULTRA quiet mode 43 dBA
• 216 Cps Draft Mlcton. 72 Cpe LQ £169.99 I Add £15 lor Stack
RODon (Dot Main* only). Dust cover, printer stand. 500 A4 paper
• 0o.tm30.A4
• 1 Year Warranty peed p to 373 epe Amstrod 9512 Citizen
120O ISP10 Swih24 9 Epson IQ 100 ......
Epson LX80 86 90 Epson LQ400 500 800 850 Epson F
X MX RX80 1X800 f*C Fwriter P220O Seikosbo SP1200 1600 2000
PonosonK KXP1123 1124 1180 Panasonic 2135.
... Panasonic KXP 2123 2180 Stor LC10 20 100
...... Star LC20O ....
StarIC2410 24200 COLOUR Citizen Sw.lt 24
Panasonic 2135 2123 2180 Stor 1C 10 20 100 Star
LC2O0 ... Star IC2410 24200 Add £2.00
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£16 99 I ¦Canon BJ 10 200 Block ink Refill £7 99 ¦Citizen
Projet IIC Colocr £34 00 I ¦Citizen Proiet IIC Mono £20 50 | "
Add £2 00 Post ond Pocki, UTIRNAL OVIRDRIVI HARD DISK Bordet
game* and data pcriaMty to A4O0 A1200 |External cosing £68.00
560Mb £234.99 | INTERNAL 15" ? CABLE + SOFTWARE , 80Mb 2.5V
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5’ £124.99 510Mb £259.99 | Protect your computers ogomi vokoge
spikes & surges ¦ Four way extension Spike Protector £17.991 ¦
Spike Protector plug £14.99 I | Standard Power Supply (or Amiga
£37.99 | odd £2 post ond pockogirg I Overdrive Double Speed
CD ...£174.991 I Overdrive Quod Speed
CD...-------£234.991 ¦ Amiga CD32 ? 7 gomes ? Kit to ¦connect
to Al 200 .£205.001 INK CARTRIDGES &
AMIOA CAB LIS Am.gp to TV Scorl £10 99 Ar-.gj to Sony TV
... CIO 99 Ar.gn fo Arngo [Pornet Null modem.)
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£4.00 I Stor OiMn Porosonic Pnnsers £4 00 | AWWEEI Amqo Onk
Dfr.«s Jscny 2yn warrant) £49 99 Amitok 1 76K) Dnk Dnw £86 99
AMIGA Mouse (top gxilry) ....£11 50
Internal(V mASK ASQO» M: AI.VX £34 £44 TV Vodukrtor (2yn
-orrony) £34 Deb.* Mew* ,Ma Cl 99 1000 label. £8 99 3 5" Dtk
heod Ceoner £199 Pyfor 1M Jcy.txk £8 75 ADO £2 FOR DELIVERY
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• 204cps HQ and 24«cps HS
• Whisper quiet operation c4 42dBA 000*7 OH
• 8u«4n 100 » A4 automate sheet feedw T II VIM
• 1 YeerWarr»ity CANON BJ 30
• MONO totqM prrter 4 Pnrrta o**« 3ppm
• Bufl.n smoothrq' hnctron gvng *n eflecw* 720 ¦ 360 *
• incorporated eeay to uee ICO control panel 4 a earning to let
to* user Uvsw when toe cstWge «'unrmo short clink CANON BJC
• COLOUR Intcjot printer
• Prints up to 4ppm - using the tagh perormanoe cartridge
• 360 dpi for cotour printing and an ededtve 720 x 360 cpi mono
r3Er“ £289.99 CANON BJC - 610e
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• Buti n smocthng' Lrcion gvrg an alttctve 720 a 720 dp tor mono
• improred Icqc c jimI: it e« aloe* ycutocmt cotxx giapturs at o
twrd ol 0 6-1.2 ppm.
• Pnnts on vsnous msda 4 has faat pnnt AlJA A A peeds lot cotax
and Mack V 11 1 UU
• Separata CMYK irk tarki Ip econpncat pnknj 4.7 IL.JW
• 1 Yeer Waramy
* COLOUR Inkjet pmtar 4 Pmts over 3ppm
* BoM-ta ’smoothing' tuncnon giving an dlecttre 720 * 360 dpi
• M» a toe adrancad features 3 the BJ-30 BUT aWi added
adraniages ctth* MEW 80-11 COLOUR mfc carti»3j» - that gves
TRUE ttodi output ' Built-in 30 x A4 integral sheedeeder
• t Year Warranty HEWLETT PACKARD 600 I * Intqet MONO
pantw----------------------- -... £245.00 I CCLOUROPriON
-Add£25 to omanopoce HEWLETT PACKARD 660C £289.99 £184.99 CANON
BJC - 70 4000
AMIGA CD32 SX1 Modular Expansion ..£191.99 7 Games
Park: Keyboard for ClJ32 ....£36.99 Grnon
Fodder Disk Drive for CD32 ..£49.99 Diggers,
Liberation, CD32 to Amiga 1200 iflt wftwe...£29.99 Oscar
Microcosm CD32 to Scort ...£11.99 ProjectX.
Ubmc* Competition Pro Pad ...£15.99 Body Blow Commodore
Original Pod £8.99 fiy4A(| CD32 HiFi
Lead ..XII.99 Add £2 pAp for
xce.sor.es Fre« Delivery MONITORS AMITEK 1084S MICROVITEC
* Amiga A4000T Computer - 6Mb RAM - 1.2GB HD | I * MC68040-25 or
MC68060-50 Processor
* 1.7Mb 3.5” Floppy Disk Drive | * AGA Chip Set - Workbench 3.1
16. 7 Million Colour Palette I * 4 Channel Stereo Scala MM300
Pre-installed WAS £2231 £2099™ WAS £2525 £2359.99vat This
superb monitor offers •3
o high quality 0 28 dot pitch ond low rodiohon Mol MRP *
compliance Complete with external StWW Sp*C*ers and indudes oil
leads New design comes wilti built in speakers, not as shown in
£279.99 SHARP MONITOR TV Hu superb Svrp M” Mcnfcr TV prendts
o red dumane a a Connakrt Vo'tor ¦di U ijndor renott cortd 39
dwmel dearer*: ato teodi tinrg. Dgld on kwi display and I 5 wot
Vpo aide OA put Al fin W to bow s +• few lo , frt* The
5hxpMoeitar TV n de f 1 A 00 p’MidWvo. Ce»rp***««f scort IX I
leTT socket on3 ccrvectMiy cade end | kert Coble__£10.99 wUnc
12 wrPi Wjrrafy
• 14' CGA colour mom lor wfh Till & Swivel Stone e Pitch of 0
39mm (mawal says 012mm)
• Included cable to con £100001 nect I to your Aimgo X I Ow»WW
AMIGA M1438S sal Anvgo 1 gies Ironded Monitor
• 28rrm Dot Pitch Colour Mon tor
• Built n Stereo Speakers
• Maxenum Resolution 102x x 768 Interlaced £287.99 e MPRI
• Ai«o tconr-ng RAM UPGRADES & ACCELERATORS I Al 200 2Mb RAM
£119.991 IA1200 4Mb RAM £174.99 IA1200 8Mb RAM £289.99 133Mhz
PlCC FPU £35,00 APOLLO A1200 ACCELERATOR I Apollo 1220 28whr
68020 6882 £98.991 IaocIIo 1220 * 4Mb £227.99 1 ¦Apaio 1232 50
68030 £198.99 I Apollo 1232 e-lMb £327.99 A500 500+ 600
Upgrades (inc clock) IA500 upto 1Mb £24.99 Ia500* upto 2Mb
£28.99 Ia600 upto 2Mb £39.99 FAX MODEM Modem only tOPFoxs w
Tomodol4 4lcirt £99.99 £139.99 X-link 14.1k e*£129.99
£169.99 kxnodo 28.8k inf. . £199.99 £239.99 X-link 28.8k ext
£229.99 £269.99 ith Amiga powered systems being used to drive
powerful multi- media information With aims to topple Scala
MM400's reign as the supremo Amiga multimedia package, Neil
Mohr discovers whether ImageVision can pull off a coup to
learn, easy to use, and feature packed il it is going to beat
The main interface consists of three basic windows - the script, tools, and icon windows. Using all three you can easily and quickly construct complex multimedia presentations. For each script you are working on there is a single script window. A start icon will always be the first icon you ha e and from this start point you drag in new icons, each icon relating to the action you want to take place at that point in the scrips Construction The actual Script construction is done in a tree-style format, with parent icons in the tree having 'child' icons connected from them. As this is meant
to represent the linear sequence that the presentation will take, only menu icons are allowed to have more than one 'child' connection.
With a menu icon, each of its child icons would represent a possible selection in that menu. All the others have to be connected in the sequence they should appear in. To Jargon box something the Amiga was doing Q years ago Multimedia is a bu word thought up by some marketing man to make Pcs and Windows sound a good idea. The true meaning is anything that can convey more than one media type, re. Sound. Te*t and grophics.
Short lor Motion Picture Fipert Croup, this is a way of storing video footage in a much smaller amount ol space than normal methods.
To decompress Mpeg video footage requires a lot of processing power, ond normally only a special decompression chip can achieve TV standard picture quality connect one icon to another, every icon has a small white tail coming out of the top of it, and you just grab this and drag it to the icon you want to connect it to. The two icons will then be linked in the tree.
Once icons have been dragged from the icon's window into the script window they can be moved around, selected, cut, pasted, and if you double-click on them you can configure the various aspects of that type of icon.
To help distinguish between similar icon types in the script window, each kon can be given a name that is shown in the screen title bar when you place the mouse over it.
This way of constructing the script is excellent. It is possible to see the form that the presentation will take straight away, and it is very easy to change the flow of a presentation. I was a little concerned at first that a large script would become unwieldy because the tree could become quite large, but to prevent this ImageVision has a couple of tools to help you organise the script into sections.
The first are the group and ungroup functions which help you package a selected area of icons into a single group icon on the script B in a variety of ways. You are able to choose what font the text should appear as, whether it should be freely positioned or formatted with left right justification or centred.
Along with these, you can also add drop shadows, background colour, text fill colour, or apply a bevelled effect to the text all of which can take their colour from a scrollable colour selection at the bottom of the requester.
Once text has been entered you are free to move it anywhere on the screen you want using the mouse, or enter another section of text which you can then apply with a different set of effects. Any of the current available colours can also be changed by hitting the edit button, and th s then pops up one of those newish Amiga colour wheel gadgets, allowing you to choose a new colour.
Systems at such places as the Cleveland police force, Colchester Zoo, hotels, petrol stations, football grounds and a multitude of other areas all over the world, and at a fraction of the cost of alternative PC systems. The Amiga has more than proved it has the capabilities to be used in such systems.
ImageVision is a new product from a company based in Sweden, and it is their intention to produce and develop ImageVision to be, at the very least, as functional as Scala MM400, if not better.
The ImageVision package comes in a very well presented double CD case. The actual disk is on the front side of the CD case with the extras CD on the other. You do not actually need a CD-ROM drive to use the program because the entire ImageVision program and bask tutorial are all compressed onto the single floppy. The CD is just there to hold a far more advanced demo script and a whole host of extras.
Some of the extras include a wide selection of excellent backdrops covering liquids, stone and some more surreal types, fullscreen Mpeg animations, along with a few music modules and a lot of high-quality sound samples. These are not all installed with the ImageVision program but will, of course, still be available off the CD.
Installation is very straightforward using the standard installer, even though it does take a while. A basic installation will only require about 5Mb worth of hard drive space, while if you go for the full installation including the full CD demo script, this requires over 25Mb of hard drive space. Everything gets copied into a single directory, apart from the extra fonts and a couple of assigns that have to be added to your user-startup.
When you start up ImageVision, the first thing that strikes you is just how good looking it is. The interface even puts MUI to shame, but just because something is good looking does not particularly mean it is worth having. This thing is going to have to be quick This built-in part of ImageVision is where you can construct your various menu screens. If you double-click on any menu icon in the script window you can gain access to the graphics editor from the menu's requester.
The graphics editor seems to have been designed with the basic assumption that you will be using a background graphic which will then have your various menu choices on top of that This is because most of the tools available are geared towards laying out and presenting blocks of text over a background screen. Having said that you are able to load in brushes over your background and scale these to any size you wish and move them to any position.
The main tool box available on the editor's screen allows you to change the appearance of the on-screen text RAPHICS EDITOR Amiga Computing 58 FEBRUARY J 996 EAUTIFUL BUTTONS Bound You have the iMHy to ploy any datatype iample - am atandard thim tlks IFF 8SVX format. The mly real options you have aro to add a lade to the end of the sample. A cycle tedget allows you to control how the umpla icon works, either playing the sample until It finishes or the user stops ft. 4 more helpful option Is the 'async jtay' which allows you to play a sample sad for the script to continue, so you could play an
animation along with the sample, or whatever action icons you place after the sample loon. You would thee use either a sample Icon set to stop or stop all to end the original sample.
Seven icon types are available at the moment, and each one has different properties, allowing you to perform different effects in presentations or to help organise the script Menu A menu icon is the only one that can have more than one link from it, and each link from the icon represents a possible selection in that menu.
From the menu requester you can gain access to the click and graphic editors where menu buttons are created and changed. You can also specify the type of wipe you want to bring tho menu onto the screen with. A sample can be played along with the menu, and you can say If the right mouse button should take the user back to the last menu.
I Animation ImageVision has support to play standard IFF Anim 5 8 and CDXL, and It will also play an Mpeg card if you have one.
Both use separate requesters with none Mpeg animations, allowing you to choose a background picture and also a screen offset. Mpeg options are a little more limited, with only the option to have the sound turned off, and Mpeg play Is controlled similarly to sound samples r LICK EDITOR A so available from a menu icon's requester, the dick editor is where you add the actual active areas to buttons or hot spots on each menu screen. When you first run the dick editor for any one menu, you are presented with whatever graphic design you have drawn up for that menu, along with a list view requester
with all the possible menu selections for that screen.
The possible selections are to go back to the previous menu from the current one. And normally this is made possible by pressing the right mouse button anywhere on the screen, and the others will be all the child nodes from that icon. These are all listed in the 'Action' list view requester.
To make an area of the screen 'selectable' you have to first mark out the area that you want the user to hove to dick on for any one menu selection. This is done by using one of four tools provided by ImageVision. Currently, buttons can take four shapes - either rectangular, circular, ellipse, or a complex polygon shape. The polygon shape allows you to define any outline shape using any number of straight lines, so with only a little patience it is possible to build up some quite complex button shapes.
Mogic User Interface, o completely obfea-onented set of librories thot allow the user to tailor almost every aspect of
o MUI program's interface to therr own tastes an extremely
powerful multimedia program, copable of producing very
complex interactive presentations Used all over the world for
all manner of information tasks.
If € line Requirements RED essential 30 Mb hard __ drive apace Mpeg card Product DETAILS Product ImageVision Supplier BlitterSoft Price £149.95 Tel 01908 061466 HHEQX ES Ease of use _95% Implementation 82% Value For Money 89% Overall 90% window. This will help you tidy up the look of your scripts. When a section of the script has been tested, select all the icons, hit the group option, and you will be left with a single group icon. This can be given a name in the normal way so you know what it is at a later date.
The other tools are the jump, subroutine and return icons which allow you to create a new section of the script away from the rest.
By adding a jump icon where the new sec- tion should go and then adding a subroutine icon, you are able to create part of the script away from the rest of it The return icon then forces the script to return back to the parent icon of the original jump command.
This all adds up to a highly intuitive, easy- to-use interface with which it is a doddle to Compared to Scab there is only a paltry number of wipes and fades available. The scroll gadget to the right of them, however, suggests that there could be future additions here. The wipes currently available are fade to black white and background, slide up down, bounce up down, cover up over, and card up down. Wipes can be applied between sections in the script, so menus can be gracefully disposed of, and in the slide shows, with different wipes being applied to each picture.
Quickly knock up impressive and easy-to-use presentations. However, in its current form even the authors admit ImageVision is not currently on a par with Scala, but it is their firm intentions to make it so.
The program has been written in a mod- ula form so new icons can be added at any time, therefore making the program easy to extend. ImageVision also has the advantage of being a good deal cheaper than MM400.
A way of storing music.
Invented years ago (or use with on old AMIGA progrom, tracker modules hove been with us ever since. The PC bos now got the most advanced tracker programs, such as Scream Tracker, a tracker that allows up to 32 channels. There s. however, an Amiga player available.
IPES AND FADES an object-oriented extension to AmigaDOS. A progrom supporting Datatypes can load any tile you have a Data Type for.
Jargon box In terms of features, Scala currently has the advantage, but with ImageVision's superb easy-to-use interface, and if the authors can keep regularly adding to ImageVision, Scala could be faced with a very strong competitor.
Amiga Computing urful Canon A new inkjet printer to supersede the BIC600, but is it a significant improvement?
Frank Nord finds out to find third-party papers cheaper.
Canon has retained the cartridge me nism that was present on the BJC600I where you have a print head and four sep-j arate cartridges for the inks - one bla cartridge that can be double the size of the] others, and one each of a cyan, magen " ;yWo O A familiar Image gets the Canon treatment CD ReP,ace Yellow Ink Amiga Computing 0rikey, haven't printers come a long way since that old Star LC-10? I can distinctly remember passing round colour output from that printer pointing out the excellence of tl reproduction. Okay, so it was bit murky and, yes, there was some evidence of banding, but look,
c-o-l-o-u-r printouts for only £75 more than the mono version of the printer!
No, don't print too many pictures that have yellow in them 'cos the yellow band on the ribbon gets all messed up and yellow comes out more like a bilious green, but hey, who uses yellow anyway?
And when I got my Canon BjlOe, wow! Print quality technically superior to a laser printer, compact and bijou, fantastic. But Canon's new baby is as far in advance of the BjlOe as that was in advance of that sad old Star. Apart from the lack of Postscript interpreter on board, you could almost mistake it for a colour proofing machine. The BJC610 has the small footprint innately typical of previous Canon bubblejet printers and is beautifully styled. The construction of this beautifully styled printer isn't half bad either. When I had my BJ10 it was a lot more rickety and plasticky than this
one is, although Canon still haven't been able to get rid of the customary grinding noises as the print head gets cleaned.
Like most other bubblejets you really only get the best results on special coated paper, but __ unlike Because the BJC610 is such a high resolution machine it is difficult to make sure that the print head is optimally aligned when it comes out of the box. To remedy this, Canon have a handy little self-test function that prints out bars onto a sheet of paper along with instructions on what to do. Simply choose the bar that looks the most solid and make the lights light up in the right combination and voild, you've just set your print head correctly. It is features like this that make owning and
running a modern printer light years ahead of all those old lo-fi models we used to use.
SAMPLES ECHANTILLONS KUSTER ¦¦¦ •• wmmmmm¦ ¦¦¦¦ some other inkjets currently on the market, you can print on standard copier bond with the BJC610. Canon can also supply you with a variety of specialist papers and films to meet your needs such as transparencies, glossy papers and back print film. If you are going to use it for high-quality DTP do be aware that running costs, particularly if you are using the coated paper, are going to be quite high, but no more so for the BJC610 than for any similar printer.
Canon's own brand coated paper goes for £22 ex VAT for 200 sheets, but you will probably be able Vfhat indeed. Well, you know that the B1C610 has a maxi- I mum print resolution of 720dpi, but unfortunately, the only way to take advantage of this super printing without I spending any extra money, at the time of writing, is to j own a PC equipped with Windows. Canon have produced UU extremely high speed driver for Windows that will output 720dpi prints (after a while - high resolution [ printing takes time), but there is no equivalent for the j Amiga.
More sadly, there are no plans to ship this printer with a driver of any sort for the Amiga owner, although it can be used with the current BJC610 drivers that are available.
Canon can also supply you with a variety of specialist papers and films to meet your needs such as transparencies, glossy papers and back print film that you have at least a smidgen of a view of the line the printer is currently painting down onto the paper means that if there is anything drastically wrong - printing in greyscale rather than colour, for instance - you can stop the print immediately rather than have to wait until the paper has emerged from the body of the machine.
And yellow cartridge. These can all be indi* vidually replaced so if you're printing cff all those yellow pictures that you never did when you had a colour dot-matrix printer, you won't be forced to go out and buy all four inks in one go.
Right that's it. I'm out of ink on the topic of the Canon BJC610, but it remains for me to say that I thought I was getting the best end of the stick with my mono Postscript laser printer. However, the results achievable with this are nothing short of superb. Make sure you include the cost of buying Studio II in your budget when buying this printer because you won't get even half as good results without it, and use Canon's glossy paper for your bestest prints. Right, I'm off to persuade Canon to let me keep this one and see if I can't persuade them to give me some more ink... 7*f Bottom
I-line Masterpiece If you go for a 24-bit 720dpi masterpiece of printing, don't expect to walk away with it immediately, unless it's about 5mm across that is. The BJC610 is not as fast as the equivalent Hewlett Packard, as Canon themselves readily admit. But, as they say, would you rather wait a minute less for a print, or have the highest possible quality?
Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended UOJ Studio II OTTfWl DETAILS Product Canon BJC610 Supplier Canon (UK) Ltd.
Price £499 + VAT Tel 0181-773 3173 ES Ease of use 90% Implementation 89% Value For Money 90% Overall 90% © RS
C. on.M-n However, because these were written for the BJC600
rather than the BJC610, they only work at up to 360dpi so you
will only be using half the printer's capabilities.
Since Wolf Faust has always had such a good relationship with Canon there is a possibility that the Windows software might be reproduced on the Amiga, which would definitely be an improvement as everything is automated through it. As it is, your only option if you want to get the best results out of this printer (or indeed any printer) is to buy Studio. The very latest version (2.10) supports the BJC6J0 fully and outputs fantastic results thanks to the unique colour matching system it employs.
No arguments there then. Even so, most of the prints I did, which varied in size between a quarter of a page and half a page, took no longer than fifteen minutes.
The way the paper feeds into the printer is quite handy too. The fact Amiga Computing BIT SOFTWARE POSTAGE RATES [UK] Disk Orders 50p CD's 75p Each.
[EU] Disk Orders 10% CD's £1.00 Ea.
[OE] Disk Orders 20% CD’s £1.50 Ea.
01924 366982 FAX: 01924 200943 loor Offices, 2 3 Market Street efield, West Yorkshire. WF1 1DH MAX POSTAGE PAYABLE [UK] Disk Orders 50p CD's £1.50 [EU] Disk Orders 10% CD's £4.00 [OE] Disk Orders 20% CD's £6.00 ice Hours Mon - Sat 9:00 To 5:30 Answerphone At All Other Times ALL ORDERS SENT 1ST CUSS POST AIRMAIL ALL OUR AMIGA PD DISK ARE ONLY £1.00 EACH WE WILL PRICE MATCH ANY STOCK CD FOUN CHEAPER ELSEWHER AMOS CD 2 LSD Compendium 3 Following The Success Of LSD Compendium 1 &2, Comes This Most Recent Bumper Collection.
Over 600 MB Of Data Has Been Included Covering Just About Every PD Subject From Games And Demos To Source Code And FAQ's.
"One Of The Most Useful & User Friendly Discs Around If You Like Trie Fun Side Of Amiga PD, LSD 3 Is Definitely The One For You."
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Heavy Bias Towards Games, Text, Modules & Pictures
- EXPOSED Statements From Military Top Bra FBI, CIA, NSA Etc
Texts UFO Related Photographs Sightings & Abductions ENCOUNTERS
Forget The X-Files UFO’s Are REAL Encounters Is THE Most
Comprehensive UFO Expose Ever Produced On CC Just A Small
Experience Selection Of What You Can Expect Alien Origins &
Technology AMINET SET 2 £24.99 Contains The Entire Contents Of
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Superb Value For Money!
Contains NEW Data Since 8!
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F1GP Editor 3977 OPUS 5 UTILS 2 Opus FTP. Opus Ust ? AREXX 3976 OPUS 5 UTILS 1 Updated AREXX Scnpts, Fonts Etc. 3975 SCION V4 09 Genedogy Program 3974 SUPERVIEW 5.10 Graphics Viewer (HD REQ) 3973 IMAGE ENGINEER V2 1a Requires Superview V5 3972 PIXELSTORM DEMO Superti AGA Hand Drawn Artwork 3971 PRINTER DRIVERS DISK Includes BJC 600 4000 Driver 3970 STAR STUDIO Utils & Drivers Fa Star Pnnters 3969 SYS SPEED V1 1 System Speed Tester MUI Required 3968 MADHOUSE V11 Modular Screen Blanker MUI Required 3967 ‘ODOYSSEY' AGA FIX Fixes The Classic Demo For AGA' 3966 MAGIC FAINT BOX Demo Of F1 GOLD
Title 3985 FILER V3 24 Good Dopus Clone 3964 IMAGE FX PATCH Patches V2 1 To V2 1a 3963 EXECUTIVE V1 2 Unix Uke Task Scheduler 3962 (AB) AUTOMOBILES V1 5 4 Player Overhead Driving Game 3961 MANGLED FENDERS COMBAT EDITION Great Smashemup' 3960 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5 6 Suport Virus Killer 3959 PATCHES DISK Fa CrossOos 6 Cross Map & Typesmith 3958 TEENY WEENY 4 LEVEL DEMO Of An AGA Arcade Puzzler 3957 ARGUS Vertical Scrolling Shootem Up 3956 (AB) THE WORD 8 Scene Disk Mag 3965 PAY ADVICE V5.0 Help Calculate Wfcges Etc 3964 ALIEN FISH FINGER Good Shooiem Platform* 3953 PRO ZODIAC 2000 V1 Astrology
Program 3952ICONIAN V2 96 AGA Icon Edita 3951 MELON PLANET M Supert. AGA Demo 3950 F1 GP EDITOR V3.02 Very Lates: Gped Update 3949 ABACKUP V5 01 Excellent HD Backup Util 3948 JPEG AGA V22 The Best AGA Jpeg File Viewer Eva' 3947 ROBS KOT GAMES 16 AGA Orly Games Comp 3946 FLYING TIGERS Helicopter Warfare Sim 3945 ROBS HOT VIRUS KILLERS 2 Latest Virus Killer Comp 3944 DELUXE GALAGA V2 6 AGA Excellent Shootem Up I 3943 DELUXE GALAGA V2.6 ECS Version. Superb' 3942 3RD DIMENSION 19 3D Construction Kit Disk Mag 3941 RED DWARF DISKMAG 1 Premia Issue' 3940 VARK CLI UTILS 10 Compilation Of CLI Utils
3939 BLACK DAWN 6 HELLBOUND F1 Demo 3938 LYAPUNOV V2 0 Excellent Lyapunov Fractal Generator 3937 U FO ENEMY UNCLOTHED Great P**S Take Game' 3936 NEW UTILS 13 Indudes Virus Checker V7.17 3935 PENGUINS DEMO Nice AGA Demo 3934 REMDATE V2.1 Remember Spedal Dates Etc 3333 (ABCDI ICONS & BACKDROPS Very Mc§ Tool 3932 BACKDROPS & STARTUP PICS Fa Workbench Speccy 2 Grolier Enc.
Adult Sens. 2 SCI FI Sens
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Software. Anims, Pictures And Other Material Released On Fred
Fish CD Roms Between November 94 & November 95.
With Most Of Tho Material Updated To The Latest Available Versions All Material Is Included In Ready To Run Format From Either Workbench Or An AmigaGuide Menu.
LIGHT ROM 3 £44.99 I The Most Ambitious Release To Date, Consisting Of 3 CD’s!
Includes 175 Megs Of Imagiru Objects. 100MB For 3D Studio I 30MB For Sculpt & 7MB For Real 3D. The Second CD Includes 700 Textures In Jpeg Format, Along With Toaster Wipes & CG Fonts + Many Landscape Files Rom 3 Mainly Contains Digital Elevation Map« For Use With Vista. Scenery Animator Etc„ DOZENS MORE CD s AND THOUSANDS MORE PD DISKS AVAILABLE. CALL US FOR A FREE CATALOGUE!
Ou could not but help notice the prolific nature of the Aminet Cds - turn your back for one moment and bang another one flies through the office door and hits in the back of the head, ntly, there seems to be a new one every month, which is [4 testament to how lively the Amiga PD scene has been and is sfB very much so.
In amongst all the stuff you find on Aminet, there is a type of program distributed under the title of shareware. This is the concept where the author afiows you to test their program, which they could have spent years developing, to decide if you want to keep it If you do keep the program you are obliged to send the author a set fee which can be as little as fke pounds.
O UNDJJP Neil Mohr looks at some the best Shareware on offer Paying your shareware fee gives the author an incentive to keep on developing the r progam, and gives you direct support from the author for that program. This is along with the fact that the author of a program you have registered for is much more likely to listen to any additions you want to that program.
If you use a shareware program you really should go out and pay the fee. Not only will you have that nice warm glowing feeling that you have done something righteous and good for once in your fife, you will also give the author another reason to keep on developing their program. You also get support from them which normally includes them sending you the next few updates, and they are usually very helpful when it comes to problem solving. So all you people who have unregistered programs lurking on your hard drive, nip down to the bank, get your wallet out, and give yourself a huge karma boost
All the following programs have demos available on Aminet where you can also find full ordering details.
Bottom line Requirements RED cssenfro BLACK n commended 1 Mb Workbench RAM 6 Mb 020 030 RAM own to the list and save them for future use.
Some of you might be quite surprised when you look at the system requirements at the small amount of memory needed, because normally image processing programs need as much memory as possible. ImageStudio gets round this by implementing internal virtual memory which allows the image data to be stored on your hard drive, therefore taking up no memory.
The down side is that all the disk access slows down the preview redraws. If you do have enough of RAM then you can tell ImageStudio to use the RAM Disk as the virtual memory storage space to gain a large speed increase.
With a good modular program design allowing you to add your own convolutes and Arexx scripts at a later date, and regular updates being Product details Product ImageStudio Supplier Graham Dean, 14 Fielding Avenue, Poynton, Stockport. Cheshire.
SKI 2 1YX England Registration E10, S20 Overseas Overall 90% QmageStudio ImageStudio should be fairly well known to everyone. Programmed by a couple of local Macclesfield lads, this is a very well supported and put together image processing program.
The main improvement for the latest version is the addition of full colour windowed previews that let you get a better impression of what the final picture will be like.
[ The package comes on two disks and is installed using - everyone together now - the standard Amiga installer, For people that have never used ImageStudio before, there arc a good few tutorials to guide you through the different aspects of it These are in with the AmigaGuide manual which also doubles as the on-line help.
J You now have the option of the prevew window working in either grey scale or colour modes. You will be glad to know that the colour previews seem to be redrawn as fast as the grey scale ones, but you will need a Hi res screen mode with at least 64 colours to get the best out of it ImageStudio has the normal array of cobur control effects like balance, gamma and con- | trast, along with the standard image maniou- labon tools, such as flip, scale, cut grey scale, negative and pixellated. The more interesting parts of ImageStudio come in the form of its convolute effects and the comprehensive
Arexxport Convolute is a normal image processing function, and through it you can produce hundreds of different effects. With ImageStudio you get a number of standard convolutes which you can select from the handy convolute list view. It is also possible to add your Amiga Computing Qm i Broker A rather unusual program, AmiBroker is a comprehensive share manager, allowing you to study and predict trends in the market and to maintain a portfolio of shares. Installing is via the Amiga installer and this copies all the necessary files in to a single directory and installs a couple of
OUNDUP The main interface is wonderfully programmed. All the necessary tools are at hand in icon form, and the list of Shares are displayed in a scrollable list view. The remainder of the screen is taken up with a dsplay of the recent form of the selected share along with any of the statistical analysis functions you can choose. One excellent feature is that when you select or deselect an analysis function, the remaining windows automatically resize to fit them all onto the screen.
There are eight technical indicators of which I know nothing about, but there are good explanations of them in the AmigaGuide manual, allowing you to try and predict how your various shares will perform. This runs alongside a risk yield map that allows you to quickly see which shares give the best return et what risk.
One problem with shares is that if you have a good number of them in your portfolio, or just want to track a lot of them, there is a lot of data involved. Currently, AmiBroker only supports importing Teletext data from the Polish stock exchange. The programmer, however, is willing to modify the program for other countries, and is working on an ASCII import to make importing share data much easier.
As with AmiAtlas, this is better than many commercial products, and at SI 5 is a give away. With an excellent complete English translated manual and a set of comprehensive features for tracking the stock exchange, AmiBroker is a brilliant program, t is a shame that it may not get the wide use on the Amiga that it deserves.
Bottom line Requirements RED essental BLACK recommended Workbench Product DETAILS Product AmiBroker Supplier Tomasz Janeczko ul. Wroblewskiego 25 1005 PL 51-627 Wroclaw POLAND Registration SI 5 post $ 10 email tjaneczk@asic.ictpior.wroc.pl Overall D PR D I PR's straight forward intorfaco Is quick to learn and easy to use v -dJgTl " jw wa
- ; j g-JCi n? ¦ ¦ ¦ -r-T XECUTIVE the various accept undo and
cancel buttons always being available and in the same place, no
ter what function you are using. All the information on the
current picture is always available in top section, while the
middle is used to cisplay all the options for whichever
function you selected. This gives a good coherent interface
which is quickly learnt and very easy to use.
Another nice touch is if the current image is too large for the screen, you can either hit the space key to toggle the control panel on or off, a there is a small gadget in the top right that allows you to easily scroll the preview screen around.
Where IPR comes out on top over most other packages is the extremely good palette control functions it provides. Fairly normal functions allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma available, but the immediate option allows you to adjust the palette in real time, so cutting out any wait for a picture redraw, Only the grey scale and broadcast colour functions do not allow this.
Other functions provided by IPR are mainly restricted to warping or flipping the picture in some way. Nothing too Earth shattering here - simple flips, rotates quite nice fish-eye and sine wave effects that do not leave you hanging around either.
Overall, IPR is a very well presented program, quick to learn and easy to use. Unfortunately, other than the colour control of IPR there leally is nothing here that makes IPR standout There is, however, a lot of promise and perhaps a new version would change the situation.
Tation that comes with the distribution archive - which also doubles as the excellent on-line help - the author goes into great depth about explaining the use of different processor time sharing schemes, Some are suited to low processor loads while others handle high load systems better, and to help tailor Executive to your system there are six different schemes for you to choose, so everyone should be able to find one to suit To your average user just using Wordworth, this is not going to be amazingly useful, but for the power user and people that have a few CPU sucking programs running
alongside each other, Executive can be of real value. It sits in the background diligently polling each task, and you will never know its there - apart from the fact that your programs will be running much smoother together.
For anyone that is not aware, the Amiga has a 32-bit multitasking operating system, and has had since it first came out ten years ago. You may have noticed recently that this was the cornerstone to IBM's OS Warp adverts, which seemed to proclaim this as some sort of amazing feat of programming genius. Sorry boys - beat you to it Executive compliments the existing way AmigaDOS assigns processor time to each program running on your Amiga. Normally, the operating system will share processor time between the highest priority programs that are asking for processing time.
What Executive does is to watch how much processing time every program is using and shares it evenly.
Therefore, every program that needs processor time can get some, so no single program can hog all of the processor. If you read the documenThe Amiga really has got more than its fair« of image processing software, so any new | gram is going to have to be something special 1 get any sort of attention. Image Processini Revelations is a fairly straightforward program I get up and running - a single half Mb execu with two extra directories. Containing Arexx i preference settings.
IPR runs using two separate custom sere Brilliance style. The front one contains the co panel with the other screen showing you a I screen preview of any loaded picture.
The main control panel is nicely arranged, * Bottom Uriel Requirements BLACK recommend-.': RED essential G2) I 4 Mb Workbench jj RAM Product details Product IPR Supplier Bamie Productions, PO Box 172, 2270 AD Voorburg, Netherlands Registration SI 80 Europe $ 200 World Overall 75 Bottom
- line Requirements BLACK 'ecommendec RED essential E 1Mb
Harddisk space Workbench UCT DETAILS Product Executive Supplier
Petri Nordlund Vanhamaantie 428800 PORI FINLAND Registration
£10 Overall 95% Amiga Computing - _ "3 10 n cu ?8ii '? Q.2
- Qi X * 5 * tL u H
* ls§ .s.2 g 3, w 11 C 5 Z gs=* i«s?
O o -s - « ls = *- .2 c 3 0 C 05 Ll_ CO Q_
* §*!: ted S|H 3 If -» y qj h- h- 05 -s + + 2 in in $ £
o uui2 UJ I CE LU c DQCQ
o t ?
JA =
k. o Lj c ) 5; Qo C* ft.
Gill Uj£?w Q£ O) ” DC cOuj Q Q-Q B5|S ®s - ' Q. QC ”2 Q oi
• ’?“ 7A Ool UJ 0 CO 0 = 0 £!2 Zoi ace 2 UJ Q g O LU ~ DC LU
UJ 0. U
Q. ) Sill silt!
I •¦= *0 is (D j © -D S-jE !§|p ? -D Q. 05 • • l-roS £f&% ' .2*= o o !Q-m Crt : s 2Z.* i=5§* Sx°2 ;los§ : « cm 1-55 ' tt h~ C 5 C D 0 !uoU-a s • to . P !°§| 8 ) ro a o : * 11 1 U 11-2 2 = -5jJi 30 9 « o O co CC co cO ro 0 O r is* III Uj Tjr r* §» 02 5 rvi ujg - 5lo £ 2 c ® & b S§?al5 "2 o 0 co S © 8 q. 2 3 O c ) -g v, Q- t o) C5
- c _ O) r* T3
• - U08 CO) •p5«gi ¦D _ ©CO 3 .
2 8 c Eco
- o Sr ~ z w5 , i c5 2 -TO - w1wc05 0 S CL 9 S c w 45 p 1 fli
« C T) -• I uj = u l_ T3 r « C 2 O ® | = *5 *° -*- ra 8 a* co
5 (8 * » 3 § CO e*s?§I
- a_ is
o 2- to 5 P 0 m C TJ •¦
- D oP O cOCLh- S O _ ¦Q CO-1 =5-0 E _ Wo O to (0 0 £2 r is 0
8J--0 0 2 N C75 Z a 23 LO CM 0 02
• »¦ LL t- sl CM w- r- a 0 11 UJ LU rn ?o‘ getss oo|2
- 5 i o o: Uj pc Q 02 DC a. u- ( 2 ;o Shareware games OUNDUP
aster blaster r n r r gr r r r r r m sjl -:-"p r r rir r T-;*r
r rfjrHfC r pj When thla first cam* out it wsts said to
• ncourag* kids to go out planting bomba. Yeah, right people who
do not know, Master Blaster is a maze type of game. You start
off in a grid maze, trapped by explodable blocks. By dropping
bombs you create more room to move around in and when you get
the chance you can blow your fellow competitors to kingdom
come. Along the way you can get power ups to gain more bombs,
bigger flames and other handy abilities, This new shareware
version adds many features to the original game. Along with
the original gameplay and the ability to have five players on
at once, the new version allows you to adjust almost every part
of the game.
You can select your favourite character graphics, how many wins are needed, and how much money to start with.
Master Blaster allows you to collect money so you can buy power ups before you start the next round, and there is the chance to win free money in the nerve shattering Wheel-O-Fortune.
With extra power ups, team play, three different levels, selectable power ups, and even better coding than the last version, you can now quit to Workbench. With addiction beyond belief Master Blaster is a must buy.
Bottom fine Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended J£ Workbench PAL Monitor 1 Mb •• J RAM Product Master Blaster Supplier Alexander IvanofAm Dorfanger 2D-58644 Iserlohn, Germany Registration $ 20 or 25DM Overall 100% ?
ELUXE GALAGA U Having an extra player helpa apice things up quite a lot, even though they might cower In a corner ntt PIOOOOO 1 30 -80 HIOOOOOOOO P 200000080«n r'M 4.
A 4 V K VI ?
V v € m V s f •
* 4 Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1996 Another fiendishly addictive
game, Deluxe Galaga is apparently based on an old Vic20 game
called StarBattfe - can a Vic20 game be anything but old? As
with Master Blaster, the programmer’s main aim is for the game
to play well, and Deluxe Galaga certainly does that.
Reminiscent of many old space invader type shoot-'em-ups, you
have to battle your way through wave upon wave of menacing
alien meanies.
Each wave swoops down in various initial attack patterns to form at the top of the screen, where they deploy in sorties, Galaxians style. Once you have killed them all, you're onto the next level. To add another layer to the game there are power ups to pick up which have been dropped by the aliens when you killed them, along with money to collect that you can then spend in the end-of-level shops. In later levels, goo money sense is almost as important as gotx game play because you have to save up for larger weapons.
With large end-of-level beasties, simul neous two-player action, a trying met bonus game, and another bonus level in form of a memory game, there is plenty to keep you occupied.
The 1 Bottom linel Requirements RED essential black recommence PAL Monitor 1 Mb Workbench Product details Product Deluxe Galaga Supplier Edgar M Vigdal 5830 LUSTER, NORWAY Registration £5 or$ 10 Overall E3 Light ROM 3
053. 1 A500 600 150Q 2000
053. 1 At 200
053. 1 A3000
053. 1 A 4000 £39.95 Liana Liana is the ideal solution tor a
quick, easy yet efficient connection between any two Amiga s
Simply plug the special cable into the parallel pod and
install the Envoy software The software otters FileSystem
import and export, network pnnting and multi-user support
The Liana network driver Is completely SANA-II compatible £
69.95 LIANA £ 59.95 Ariadne Arladno offers a simple but
effective Network solution (or any Zorro based Amiga Two
extra parallel ports The industry standard software solution
Envoy 10Base-2 (Thm ethemet. Coax cable) and lOBase-T
(Twisted pair, western jacket) Socket for a boot ROM and
32Kb CPU cache, SANA-II compatible dnver for ethemet and
parallel port ARIADNE £219.95 SSO II is the leading graphics
card for any Zorro based Amiga The Workbench oilers 256
colours, even on non-AGA machines (Requres OS3 i) at
resolutions up to 1280 Choose colour depths Including H
Colour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit) No ip RAM
limitations' and an in-built Amiga vdeo pass-through makes
Picasso II the best graphics card around!
£119.95 so II Standard 1Mb 2Mb II + TVPaint 2.0 1Mb 2Mb [Picasso II Creativity 2Mb :asso II Creativity Plus 2Mb isso II MultiMedia 2Mb ) II MultiMedia Plus 2Mb 3raphX Software £219.95 £249.95 £369.95 £399.95 £289.95 £309.95 £349.95 £529.95 £ 34.95 £119.95 DOUBLER 4000 SOMHj 040 n* £299-95 r'CQ_ Order by Accms VisaOefla Switch or Postal Order Cheque.
No added surcharges - All prices fully Inclusive of VAT.
Postage and Packing r7 00 (Next Day) fS 00 (Two Day) and £15.00 (Sabrtay) Pnees and speoftcaauns miy changa wonout notice n is amsabe to tetopnena to conkm pricing noeaftcaocrV avasoiiiy MKV4 ordering f AOE All baaom»ks ackncwiedgsd At orders subfect to ojr larms and commons of tradng. Avaiabfe on requaat Hours cX business 0 15am - 500 pm MondayFnday TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME e-mail pfesurt*cix compUto* co iA CompuServe 1CXJ5232224 , hup feww.mag-net co utoBatfi 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. UK.
C m O 7 01908 261466 01908 261477 01908 261488 01908 261499 Orders Vlittersoft ’ Emplant - Macintosh and PC emulations.
Implant can be used with any accelerated Zorn based Amiga. With Macintosh and PC emulation ndtrtes. Emplant is the Amiga's only all-in-one emulation solution.
Bdntoshx Emulation Module A lull generic- Macintosh with the speed depondent upon your processor.
An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC Ho An A4000 « equivalent to a Quadra 900 Support tor up to 16 colours (non-AGA). 256 colocrs (AGA) or up to 24 bit colours usaig thru party video boards such as Picasso II. Cyber Vision, Piccolo SD64, Retina etc Butt in intelligent multiple file transfer for transfers between the Amiga and MAC Support for Amiga DOS devices. CD ROM direct Scanning, MIDI. SyQuest. Printers, Modems etc. Total compatibility through on-board SCSI Interlace (Option B and Deluxe) Full 8 -M stereo sound Requires Macintosh ll llx lcx SE30 256K ROMs (not supplied) Supports an Floppy
formats (Even 800K Mac drives with additional AMIA interlace) e586DX SX Emulation Module MOA. CGA. EGA. VGA. SVGA video modes (AGA is required lor VGA SVGA) Sound. Floppy drives, AmigaDOS partitions. Extended Memory, and more!
Print from Windows or DOS via Amiga MPLANT BASIC ~ £239.95. IMPLANT OPTION A (APPLETALK SERIAL) £279.95 Use C° ** Am'ga PPLANT OPTION B (SCSI INTERFACE) £279.95 “ CD RQM ®2*’ MPLANT DELUXE (APPLETALK A SCSI) £299.95 Wl11 runo °9,am8 ,equlre 9reatef 8860X SX PC MODULE (NowIndudae BIOS) £109.85 j”"*2”.2”?”?______
• CBIOS(AMIBIOS) FOR e586DX sold alone £ 10.00 ilSu AMIA (800K
MAC DRIVE AOAPTER) ? MAC DRIVE £ 89.95 PU| vftfSi0ns and 456 PC
B,0S MainActor Broadcast lilnActor Broadcast is a completely
new pniDon program for any Amiga with OS2.04 or ¦US- Over 20
Load Save modules (AVI. BMP. DL.
FU, FLC. GIF. IFF, IFF-Anim3 5 7 8 J. JPEG PCX, QtaekTim* ) with AVI, QuickTime and | JPEG support up to 24-txt Index r«le for faster reloading ol animations and playback from Hard Dr ve Supper: for any graphics card tor 24-txt as well OS standard Amiga screen modes Effects modules to apply effects directly into the animation (Text Scroll. Scale Rotate.)
19 Sound modules tor sound music playback nd compressed (OctaMed. SM3) in 8 and 16 As the Standard pack but with TVPaint 2 0 As the Standard pack but with PhotoGenics 2.1 As Creativity pack but includes full CyberGraphics As the Standard pack but with Pablo Video Encoder and MahActor Professional As the MultiMedia pack but with MainActorBroadast Full release tor all graphics boards Enhance your choices, we have a variety of excellent bundles, offering fantastic value!
Includes TVPaint Junior. MainActor, Viewers etc. Joining, Convert. Spilt animations and autoswich to optimal colour depth AREXX-Pon for external control, and ¦KXOSyttoms multiple library supp«yi Picasso II Bundles £179.95 £ 49.95 The new ATAPI Cache CDFS package offers excellent facilities for your A4000 At 200 or A600 Use an ATAPI CD-ROM drive with the A4000 A1200 Of A600 IDE controller The Atapi device is able to support up to 4 irts With the A4000 and A1200 (not A6O0) With an additional special cable This may be up to two hard-drsks or any number ot CD-Roms This effectively adds a ‘second’
futy operational IDE port to the system CacheCDFS. Excellent CDFileSystem software PlayCD (audio) and C032-Emulator ATAPI + Cache CDFS ? CD32 £ 49.95 ATAPI Software ? 4-Way Cable A4000 £ 69.95 ATAPI Software 14-Way Cable A1200 £74.95 Amiga Computers AMIGA We can supply the full range of machines at the best possible prices Call for availability.
A4000 40 68040 Processor at 25MHz.
2Mb Chip RAM. 4Mb Fast RAM 1 2Gb Fast SCSI-II Hard Drive Shipped with SCALA MM-300 £2099.95 A4000 60 68060 Processor at 50MHz 2Mb Chip RAM. 4Mb Fast RAM 1 2Gb Fast SCSI-II Hard Drive Stopped with SCALA MM-300 £2399.95 A1200 68020 Processor at 14MHz 2Mb Ctop RAM £389.95 A1200HD 68020 Processor at 14MHz 2Mb Chip RAM 170Mb Hard Drive.
£479.95 Best Prices on Computers Gusrsnteedl Pablo Video Encoder pablo is the Video Encoder option for Picasso II oxpanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal and one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port All PAL compatible videc devices cart be plugged into Pablo, such as a cotour TV or a video recorder AmiTCP is the most popular TCP.IP implementation for the Amiga Connect your Amiga to heterogeneous notworks and tho Internet.
Supports Network-Fifc-System (NFS) as a client Uses SANA-ll Interlace Optimised version for 68020+ CPU included.
Full English manual Additional applications FTP. Telnet, rsh etc. ATAPI + CDFS PABLO VIDEO ENCODER AmiTCP £89.95 £99 95 £9995 £9995 AmlTCP Now available for ANY Amigal The full Eseom licensed OS3 1 packs will bring your Amiga up to the very latest operating system OS3.1 is rrore efficient, offers more features and is becoming necessary lot many high end applications AMIGA OS 3.1 OS3.1 LIGHT ROM 3 IS a three CO pack offering tremendous quality and vatoe to the um CD ROM 1 Ovar 4500 Ligntwave obiacti divided into cafegones including Anatomy, Avtaton, Botany, I Buildings Furniture FX, | Holiday*
Household, Logos, Music Srups Space 5W», Tooli m3 YeNdH. N Showcase directory features contributions from LlgMwM artists around the world Every Lightwave ObfeCt Is represented n easy preview thumbnail renderings (IFF.
TAROA A JPEG) CD ROM 2 Collection ot 3D obiects in cthe tormets including magma 1175 Mb), 3D Studio It 10 Mb) and $ gg|p| 30 (30 Mb) Textures In JPEG format complete with thumbnaes. PO gratae programs and demos tor PC and Amga Ccdecsen ot 3D landscapes m Lightwave. 30 stuJo and tmagna tormat& Vdeo Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts CD ROM 3 Bonus "DEM ROM" includes over KXXJ OEMs (Digital ElevMon Maos I lor use with Wortd Coneoructlon Set VataPro and Scenery Anmator on any platform Use DEM ROM (along with any ol Tieee programs) to create realtsoc bac* grounds or nights through your
tavourife scenery to meorporete into Lightwave or other 30 program* as background sequences All OEMs include thumbnail renderings ot their tneir topographical maps Doubler 4000 40 The Doubler 4000 50 Mhz 68040 accelerator delivers across-the-board speed increases tor all applications and system functions, translating Into 8 significant productivity gain This powerful "plug and play" accelerator is 100% hardware and software ¦ compatible, smce It still uses a I Motorola 68040 processor The I Doubler 4000 includes an on- chip math co-processor, and will dramatically sp«d up any application -
such as rendenng
- that depends on calculations.
Syslnfo reports and increase from 18 76 MIPS of Ihe 1 standard A4000 to 37 72 MIPS with the Doubler Installed' An integral cooling system ensures that the Doubler 4000 runs cooler and more reliably at 50 Mhz than the original processor WCS's friendly design makes it easy to create scenes with just the view you want. You can work in multiple windows to lay out motion paths, adjust colours and modify ecosystems all at the same bme Camera View shows a vwe frame rendering ot the scene of any animation frame. Solid shaded, ecosystem, diagnostic and animation previews can also be generated Camera
position and over 20 other attributes can be set Interactively Haze, horizon, v ew arc. Vertical exaggeration and Sun position are |ust a tew of them WCS requires OS 2 04 or greater 4 Mb RAM (8 kit) recommended) Both 68030 and 040 optimised versions are supplied World Construction Set World Construction Set is a 3-D terrain modelling and animation program that otters unlimited flexibility and control WCS provides a wealth of solutions, whether you are creating for video print media, commercial or scientific applications, or just tor fun.
Key-framed animation, colour-mapping, unlimited scene size detailed ecosystem control, interactive GUI and many other features WORLD CONSTRUCTION SET LIGHT ROM 3 VISIT OUR NEW WEB SITE http: Www.fleveI.co.uk for latest prices & bargains NEW THIS MONTH Books - Connect your Amiga A Guide to the internet. Lans BBS A: online Services hy Dale L.Larsen - This is by an ex C’= member of the Amiga Networking Group. Well written comprehensive, this is a must 254 pages £11.95. The Multi-Data Machine gives you a 4X CdRom plus a 650M removable in one half height drive. The Fourth software includes the
advanced tools for removable niec which have until now. Only been available on the Mo-.Miga (ELD's .op of the range 1,3Gh M.O. system).
Ami-FileSafe - the new filing system which has taken the Amiga market place by storm - is also included along with with Full CDRom support.
Prices: Internal SCSI2 £510.00+ VAT = £§99.25 Options: L iemal add £ 45.00+VAT = £ 52.87 OktagonCurd add £ 95,00+ VAT - £111.62 Play safe. Dealers can supply AFS as standard.
AFS protects your hard drive from invalidation. Choos dealer who can supply your new A1200 & A4000 with AFS standard. Get safety and vastly improved' performance.
And NOW ZIP rives shipped with AJ Fourth Level Removable Media Networking Tools included Commercial C Compiler for Amiga which has heel continuously supported & developed to become the most reliable and usei friendly package.
Sole Distributors Europe Africa, Asia (Except France & Gcrmum) Fullv Internet Test FFS DirScan 409 CrcateFile 227 ReadFile 244 Units Files Sec k sec Seek and write 4bytes (stun & end) xlOO 53.6 Sec 4.4Sec Warning if you use a hard drive using FI 'S then if your machine crashes or you reset whilst writing to disk then your drive will most likely he invalid.
Get protected now with AFS.
All our HARD DRIVES are shipped with AFS New LOW Prices Phone for details - SCSI, IDE all types available.
Envoy £45.00 incl VAT Amiga Envoy is the standard Amiga peer-to-peer networking software developed by Commodore's Amiga Networking Group.
"Cool" - Dave Haynie, Ex C= Senior Hardware Engineer We are Sole European Distributors Commodore Death Bed Video £ 14.01) Inc Vat By the master Dave Haynie Brilliant personal video shot by Dave Haynie. Over two hours of recollections, stories & action by the C= people. This is a video you must not miss.
The Christmas present for every Amiga fan DISKSALV 3.5 AFS with free upgrades to V4AFS includes FFS bug fixes & file recovery for AFS £40.00 inc VAT This enhanced version is a result of the combined work of FLD & Dave Haynie Shipping NOW!!
AFS User £29.75 Pro £79.75 ; See the performance Now with Undelete!!
P&P EEC £ 3.50 Other £ 6.50 re V3 £98.75 P&P EEC £ 5.50 Other £10.00 Another Fourth Level BrandedProduct: Distributors : H,Distribution crniam: Stefan Ossowskis Schat .truhe V 11 y weden: Orebro Videoreklam tal): Db-Liue A Fourth l-CTtl "ulh l'ricu:.M£Systems Development SA: AIM Distributor & Dealer Enquiries +44 (0) 117 955 8225 VISA UK Orders to FLDistrihution 31 Ashley Hill Montpelier Bristol BS6 5JA Digital dinosaurs still seem to be in vogue even two years after the release of Jurassic Park. Frank Nord investigates shouldn't read the manual if you are one of those people who get incensed
by poor spelling. Numerous 'their's for ‘there's and bizarre punctuation means that the manual las a less than professional feel to it, and I would urge Jeff (the author) to use a spell checker before he does his next print run.
Things like this do make a big impression on people and can spoil a very good product However, at a cost of only £24.99, it is hard to ;ault the amount of work that has gone into the truly important side of this package - the models. F Jargon box bumpmaps are pictures without colour information (i.e. greyscale), that are used by 3D rendering programs to give the impression that an object's surface rs bumpy when rendered. If you need to actually deform the surface of an object you haw to use a displacement mop.
States is a function in Imagine 5.0 and higher that albws the user to set positioning and texture information for on object. Once you have set several states you can then morph between them ivith this powerful and under-used feature.
BLACK recommended Imagine 3.x Lots wmrmM mm Product Dinoverse Supplier Kryonix design Price £24.99 Tel 01303 243845 SCOR Ease of use 85 b Implementation Value For Money 90% Overall 75% The objects contained in this set are all of reasonable but not outstanding quality, but the amount of effort that has gone into emoting o decent skeleton for them is easy to see. Kryonix Design deserves plenty of support for this collection and Amiga Computing awaits his collection of Stotes ontrolled aircraft Un the beginning the earth cooled, the seas formed, and life came _ to the planet. That life volved
from single cell animals all the way up the food chain to the dinosaurs which eventually became extinct for reasons still uncertain. Man reached his ascendancy and invented the home computer, for which more men designed the software Imagine 3. Finally, there came Dinoverse from a small company called Kryonix and now we join the story.
Dinoverse is the name of a very cheap set of objects designed for use with Imagine 3 or higher based around a variety of dinoseurs.
There are four dinosaurs in the package ranging from the highly-detailed Velociraptor design to the Triceratops. In addition to these four familiar beasties, there is also a selection of listoric plants and insects, although, given the differences in scale, you might never end up using them in the same scene together.
¦ EXTURE MAPS The objects themselves are not modelled in superfine detail, but certainly detail enough for whole body foreground shots, except for the | velociraptor which fills a disk all by itself. The texture maps that the author has created for the models are nice, with larger-than-screen sized bitmaps for good surface detail, but there are no separate greyscale bumpmaps for that authentic pebbly skin look.
This is wholly due to Imagine's deficit when it comes to bump mapping an object with a re. The reason for this is that Imagine 3 uses the Y-axis to determine the apparent extent of the peaks and troughs of a picture used as a bumpmap, which means that positioning and sizing a texture in three dimensions becomes an impossibility. To add insult to injury, Imagine's fairly groovy states funcion doesn't work properly with bumpmaps, so although you can set a state you can't lock it down. This means that instead of the bumpmap moving with your object it stays in the same place, so that your object
moves through the texture. This problem is supposed to be resolved in Imagine 4, but as Kryonix supply the wjects without bumpmaps, it's all much of a muchness. In addition also find several landscapes that have been saved out of Vista Pro in two versions as low and very low resolution (compared to the originals) Imagine objects which would make a useful background on which to place your saurian actors.
To finish off the scene, Kryonix have provided an animated sky map with 120 frames of animation to overlay onto a cloud object as a transparency map. The sky animation is extremely subtle, so don't expect to see major changes in the sky if you use it Also, it doesn't loop, which is a shame, so there's no use making your animations exactly 120 frames to take advantage of a loop.
The 10 disk set comes with a printed manual explaining how to install the disks (simply copy them all into a drawer and assign it accordingly) and more importantly, how to actually use the objects in Imagine. The tutorial provided is written in a sparky, clear manner and makes it easy for even the bare bones (if you'll forgive the pun) beginner to get to grips with the awkwardness that is the States function. One thing that must be pointed out is that you probably Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1996 .
Bascaty this is a 3 dak ccmpltfon ot tools which should really have been on Workbereh. Eg Virus Kiler. Fast text edocr ana diactayer Menu sysnm. File manner. A few Workbench ganes and more. Only £7.00 ?SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT BDTXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE Texl Engne s Ihe easiest lo use Wordorocesoor package available on the Amiga, n even includes a competent Spel check tMture Sutablo lor all Amiga's Only £300 W TWl News maker m a innate lo uss colour msS ZMJk 0«Mop publishing package mpoit [rPff*WTJ* EM your own graphcs taxi etc. Compatible mcr lr* wttt ail pcoulnr pnmcr maXos
* Bre 3 ? NRL4-1. NEWS MAKER ?RDS3-1. MAGIC EYE KIT Create your
own tascnatng 30 mage j eye images wllh ease This package
hcludes The Random Oct S?er generator and a number ol ready to
use images.
Orty £3.00 ¦ Professional graphics converters. Can convert graphcs between etio Aniga.
PC, Mac & Alan ST SuapcnsNF, TIF. IFF. PCX BMP ole Kicksiart 2 or above recorrmenied Only £5.00 ?GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTERS WM PIMMImI Cittto Office consists of a pcrwertull IMMMB 0” I Wordprccessmg package, a seel RT cf|pCACr' A dary system, a name and r- . Address database, and a powertuil rmj spreadsheet Kicksiart 2 or above Only P OO ?IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE WuuSZaTiTm,c,ols '•'oec *'P«S ,c ”s' V|»2 ”*,c- " mmm Suatitie vam tiiicktitop:, AMIGA SOFTWARE sPFruu Sutebe lor use stand -.store c.- nccn i ..ebon with Scaiaelc. Only £12 00 ?VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOOLS vma] Around 50 scalable
ccmpugraplvc toms SJS" «T lot use with Wordwortti2S3 "SBSs Pa90S,rearn- Workbench 2&3. High 'fSmSn 5m * duality printout tram 5po*n upto tOOpomt.
3SeT Only £7.00 ?PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS A coloci ion oI essential hard Jnve manlenance isos Lke dsksahe 2.
Hoteckup. HO Menu system. Virus Checker, ana dozens more.
I ~ J Only £500 ? HDT5-2. HARDDISK TOOLS ~~ ~ r II you ve |ust 901 a new A120) hart Disk Wen to prep & install it cofrectly V-u II need We correct software Ths H software comes suppled on 1 disxs mIf your gonna do 4, do it prcprrty a ft»p.co ?AHD7-2. A1200 HARD DISK INSTALLER A powertuil set ol cataloging tools Catalogue your Record. CD. Vdeo a dak collection with case, and search on any aspect or held.
Suitable lor use with Kicksiart 2 A 3 only. Onty £5.00 ?CTG5-3. CATALOGUERS Dwors ol easy to follow recipes M**4 11 your a tuddng Ian Bee* or Fcyd j
• 2r9M men mts gourmet! Cookbook s pst the i Wing tor you You'll
bo a prolesscnelis no time 1 Be sure tou rest your cooking cn
your M-4»»s firs** Only f 3 00 ?GCB3-1. GOURMET COOKBOOK Hit
you ve iust purchased your Amga you may be a Bit ooggleo how
you tae it properly. Well this five dak set take you through
the CLVShell. Wcrkben:h step by slep showing you every thing
you need to know. Only £9.00 ?ABG9-5. AMIGA BEGINNERS GUIDE the
canon ffisravcnc Star. HP range o' pnniors aswell as hundreds
nore... Very easy to use instatatnn procedure.
WM!v?T OntvC3.co ? DRV3-1. PRO. PRINTER DRIVERS Hovei 130 top quaity cotour imajes from the Lon King cartoon Mm Each imago is slomd as ready to use IFF 90 can be imported into ANY pant or DesKKip pubhstong package Only £6.00 ?LKA6-3. LION KING CLIPART ¦ Tho disk doubler can Rurally dcuWe me space available on your harJisk. II you ve got an 60mb dnve you'I end up with over 130mb. Runs on any Xmtga silently in tho bodtgrowd Only £5 00 ? EPU5-2. DISK DOUBLER The Professional mono ctpad collection ccnssjs ol 10 disks feaiumg hun- dreds cf VERY hgh quality mo«o mages. SuOiecJs are included 1 ke
Xmas. Animals, Transport, P00X0, m~ Hl Eyecsrtchere esc. Only £13.00 ?GFX13-10. PRO. MONO CLIPART Mono Pagesetter cApert contans hun- dra3s 01 3feal mcno c'part lfna9C* tor
• HI VmRA 9 use m any verson ol Pagesett*’ Subjects include:
Animals. People,
T. -n",rnt h -.irr Cmpme's. 5co*5 ? MPC3-1. MONO PAGESETTER ART
Miscellanous colour clipart mages JD Around 100 in all
covering cats, dogs.
* 8 cars, trees, pianos, boais ole Suitable lor use n any Paint
or Desklcp 3 Pubishmg paccago J Only £9.00 ?CCP9-5. COLOUR
CLIPART ¦ Magic Workbench is an navftna replacement Womtoench
Grvesyoua oomaledey new 6 cdour updated Workbench A hard disk
is nighty recommended Vorous extras disks am avalaote
seperatly. Only £300 ? MWB3-1. MAGIC WORKBENCH An updated 2 dsk
verson . Contans dozons of DIY hardware kits, Ike how r1|l i to
fit your A1200 into a mm lower PC case, build your own sampler,
memory expansion. CD32 Link lead etc. etc Orty £4 00 ? HWP4-2.
HARDWARE PROJECTS ¦ - j Opreams Tiroe suoorb ea:.»' to ms I .i
A t ,h® complete begnner or anyone who al the moment types
with cne or two fingers.. Orty £3.00 ?TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS An
esse real cdlecton ol disk recovery A salvage toots for any
Armas Weather a 'loppy or your Harddisk has concwved an error
ths package wil see you allnghl Easy 10 use ? DRT5-2. DISK
RECOVERY TOOLS ¦ Word tinder Plus is the most powerful Amiga
crossword solver avasltbte K date. Cam solve anagrams,
cosswords etc. contains a dictionary of over 50,000 Engish
words, and you can easiy add your own Onty £5 00 ?WFP5-2. WORD
FINDER PLUS Etwntal lor Bogmrwrs is a otecton 01 A Wes
essentia' lo- the smooth urwiteopt- 4P . Ed uso of your Amiga
All the most jm pfw asked lor Ibranes and Viewes are I r&Jtoi
like More. Muchmon. Ppmore.
_*iRwuJelc. Only£2.00 ?EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS ¦ Three Stratrek games. Includis Startrek the Arcade game. St atrek TNG. And the Original Starlrck Decompresses to SIX disks Only £6 00 ? STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Play your old Commodore 64 games on your Amiga Incudes around a dozen of the moet loved C64 games and the tot- «t and fastest avaiiab'e C64 emulator Remember me good old daytl Only £5.00 ?CBM5-2. C64 EMULATOR & GAMES 11$ limo to pm on your shorts and dg 1 the garden.. NOT. Now the best wry to I get cut ol dong this e to use me f excuss that you are lar to busy desgn* j ng the
gardon 10 actual do «!.
_Orty £3.00 ?GRN3-1.3D GARDEN DESIGNER There are cwor 1000 Amiga viruses c renBy "dotng me rounds'. So catchng 1 one «ni a hard Itvng to do Ths coleo lion ot Virus ktiers e updated regularly.
So you can be sure you 1 be abto to j _detect and k« all known v uses. £4.061 ?VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLERS 11 ycu ve gal a lemcremeniai Amga im ] The Engneers Kit is what you noeo | You can lest your Drrves. Your Hard dsk. Memory, Koyt»ard, Sound chps. J grechw chips. Mome. Joysticks ate... Only £3.00 ? ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT ¦Play hundreds cf classic Spectrum 48 games on your [ Amiga. Ths very easy lo use Emuaiiy will run on every Amiga. The faster your machne Ihe fastor,smoother the gatros run Games include Skoc! Daze. Manic miner. Little computer pecpte, Monty mole. Startrok. The Senbnal. Etc.
Packl (SPE5-3) Speccy em & 50 games. Ony£500 Pack? (SPG 15-7i 100 classic games Only £15.00 Pach3 (SPG35-33; 400 classic games. Only £3800 Pack4 ISEH40-1) Spoccy em. 50 games and tape deck interface. Only £40,00 (CD 119) Speccy S«nsatlon2 CO Only £17.99 ?SPECCY EMULATORS The Ultimate Chess & Tulor 2. Luitabte tor any 2mb* Amga. Contains on* ol Inbuilt speech, and great graphcs.
Suitable lor tho learner of semipro _Only £7.00 ?JIT7-3. CHESS & TUTOR 2 With this language tutor you cojld team to apeak either SPANISH FRENCH. GERMAN, ITALIAN Ofl JAPANESE Easy 10 use. And rasy lo understand?' '5 Only £8 00 ?LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTORS THE EPIC COLLECTION Amign CDROM Version?
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Ne of the most common prob- j lems most new Amigas have is 'with the AmigaDOS command Install. Install allows you write a block onto a formatted disk so that it I auto load when the disk is inserted. Your ench disk has a bootblock.
However, if you only have a single drive, I Install can be a nightmare. The prob- i arises when you want to install a d sk in [DFO (the internal drive) but your Amiga eps asking for your Workbench disk which [ it then duly tries to install. The Install :om- I is located in the C directory on your Orkbench disk which means that the nch disk must be in DFO at the time [ the Install command is executed, g Fortunately, there is a neat way round this )lem by using the Resident command, dent simply pre-loads selected files into nory so that they no longer need to be ded from the Workbench disk.
Open the Shell and type in the following: Ed S:St»rtup-S*qutnct J This will load up ED, the Amiga's text editor I along with the text file Startup-Sequence.
I uVWV y » If you're a beginner you're at the right place. Steve White explains how you can get the most out of your Amiga home computer and Workbench Resident 1111: C:lnstill PURE Save the edited Startup-Sequence by pressing Esc, x and then Return, then reboot your Amiga with the Workbench disk in DFO.
You should now be able to insert a blank disk in DFO when Workbench has loaded and run the Install command with no problem.
_JBU ; !3:i!S m mm 3s aiti ,n tfilF : afvv• : - _ 15 Calt-i : - BRV».:»*r nt»r» SS I f; ferr” «n 'NIL: LIBS: ADO URL I HI RES1DEN1 COMMHMDS LORDS INSTALL INTO RRM C By making program* Roaldont in your Startup-Sequence you won't have to load thorn trom dlak i:INV MM:CI Iaboard!
ISGUISE If you've used the Shell at all you will realise J how boring it can be typing out long-whded I commands And if you make a mistake you I have to type the bloomin' thing out again. Or i so it seems.
Once again, Workbench comes to the res- f cue this time in the form of Aliases. An alias is simply a label of your choice that points j to a command. Let me show you a better nexample. Open you Shell and type in: Ed S:$ hell*St«rtup [ibis will load up ED with the text file Shell- rtup located in the S directory. This file ally contains the current aliases and is ded every time you run the Shell. Below [ the last alias type in: Altai q tndcU Save the Shell-Startup by pressing Esc, x and then Return and finally close the Shell window. Now open it up again and type in q ived by Return. The Shell
should close [again. The alias has told the She I to ¦Understand q to mean enddi.
Lei i-»l jrfui* ISGUISE HICH FORMAT When you first get your Workbench the first thing you want to do is load it up and try out everything. But being too adventurerous can have its pitfalls. I, and many other Amiga owners, have fallen foul of the scrolling Workbench.
In ScreenMode you can alter the size of the Workbench display and scroll to any areas not visible in the monitor dimensions with the mouse. Having a Workbench the size of Wembley Stadium sounds exciting but eats up precious memory. Whatever you do, don't save the ScreenMode preferences or you may Find that when you reboot later on, Workbench won't load because of insufficient memory.
This is not the place for complicated solutions so avoid it at all costs.
Thanks to its user-friendliness. Workbench makes formatting disks a painless procedure. Just insert a disk into DFO, click it once, and select Format Disk from the menus.
If you look in the System drawer on your Workbench you’ll notice an icon called Format as well. By running this program you are not only restricted to DFO but can also format your hard drive, if you have one, or PC disks provided you have the PCO datatype in the Datatypes drawer found in Devs (short for devices, which is exactly what disks drives are).
You can still use the same options provided by the menu Format Disk option but with the advantage of being able to choose a particular device.
Qotal recall Pressing the right keys is a precarious business when you're new to the Amiga, and making mistakes in the Shell can be a problem. But by pressing the arrow up and arrow down (cursor) keys Shell will allow you to recall your previously entered commands so that you can simply edit the mistakes you made previously.
Previous Command Next Command C Don't koop typing out tho** command*. Uao tho Shell'* butter function to retrace your it eps 1 I O Cut down those long AmigaDOS commands by u*mg aliases from the Shell-Startup file Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1996 IGGER IS BETTER ?
If you run out of room on your Workbench desktop there is a way you can make the screen larger. This really only applies to those of you using a proper computer monitor and not the TV.
Go to the Prefs drawer and run the Overscan program. Select Edit Text Size and drag the four perimeter boxes to their outermost limits. Click on use and then do the same for Edit Graphics Size. Now click on the Save button and you will find yourself with a larger Workbench than before. You may need to alter the screen settings on your monitor in order to re-position Workbench.
J D Using Overscan In the Prefs drawer you can Increase the size of your Workbench without running out of memory D inensions M i n tnun Size: 640 X 256 Text S i ze : 640 x 256 Graph ics Size: 64 0 x 256 Max tnun Size: 724 x 283 Edit Text S i ze. .
1 Edit Graphics Size . . .
1 Use Cane eI H GREAT RECOVERY ETTING THE SCENE When you first load your Workbench disk it looks rather bland. This is because it is preset tol display itself in only four colours. You can change this by altering the amount of colours in the] ScreenMode program located in the Prefs drawer. However, you should be warned that] I using more colours takes more of your Amiga's memory and slows down Workbench quite!
If you have Fast memory, using more colours won't be a problem and you can customise! I your Amiga to your heart's content. Just look at how exciting Workbench can!
Really be. I If you take a look in the DOSDrivers drawer in Storage you'll notice a program called RAD. RAD is very similar to the RAM disk and is faster than floppy disk drives and hard drives.
RAD is actually a recoverable RAM disk which keeps its contents even when you reboot your Amiga or it crashes. The only time it is emptied is when you turn the Amiga on and off from the power supply. Obviously, if you're runn ng from floppy disk RAD can prove an invaluable ally.
You can copy files to and from RAD by simply selecting the directory RAD; or by double-clicking on the disk icon on the Workbench desktop. As an example: Copy t*0:t«UU« to dfQ; If you want RAD to automatically be run every time you boot your Amiga you can simply drag its icon to the DOSDrivers drawer in the Devs directory. It’s as simple as that!
Qcons When you start to personalise your Workbench and start designing your own icons (everyone does it), you'll realise that the RAM disk can't have a disk icon attached to it. This is because when you reboot your Amiga everything in RAM is erased - including any icons.
Once again, there is a solution. First create yourself an icon in IconEdit and make sure it is a disk type. Now save it as RAM Icon to your S directory. Load your User-Startup file into ED as explained above, type in the following and then save it; copy 111: S:SAIIIcon to RAH:Dtsk.info This copies your RAMIcon icon in the S directory to RAM as disk.info (the name of disk type icons) when Workbench loads.
Provided you have done everything right you should see your icon on the Workbench screen with Ram Disk underneath.
Jargon box Imiol - this « an ArmgoOOS command that wires a booiblock to o formatteddsi so than wtf auto- rrwOcoty bool by Cseil DEO - the name of the Amiga's tttemal disk drne Subsequent disk cfrvM or kMkd Dfl, DF2 and DFS ED-EQ, short far Editor and another AnvgoDOS command, is the Amga's personal text editing program Startup-Sequence - tha s a text foe located in the S directory on the tAMbench disk. Iwien Workbench is booted the Amga boks for the file and runs ony commands m it You should lease the Startup- Sequence done, entering your oun commands m the Uset-SMup text file also located
in $ .
Render* WL DOS cammand
- Resident a on m-buK command that lets the Amga to bad the specM
DOS command into the ram (Random Access Memory) desk so that *
no bnger needs to be boded from disk Shei-Startup - die Me e
boded by Shet and contains alt your abases Ate - the function
aHavs you id assign short-cuts to AnugaOOS commands in the
SheS-Startup SaeenAAode - the progrom resides m the Prefs
droevr and atbws you to set the resolution, sue and cuburs of
your Wfaribench Qhe right function O You can attach certain
Workbench functions to the F1-F10 key by using Fkey In the
Commodities drawer in Tools Above the numerical characters on
your keyboard is a line of keys preceded by F and numbered
from 1 to 10. These keys are normally used by games software
but Workbench also allows you to use them through the Fkey
program in the Commodities drawer in the Tools directory.
When you run this program, a window appears in which you can attach certain events to any of the F (Function) keys. To create a new key simply press the New Key button and type in F preceded by the key I number. By clicking on the Command button] Conn«nd Run Program you can cycle through a list of options] ven 1 regarding Workbench operations. It is even possible to get a program to run from an F key by typing in the program name and] location in the Command Parameters box.
To make your F key changes permanent select Save Defined Keys from the menu. ] You could even drag the Fkey program to your WBStartup drawer so that it runs every time you boot your Amiga.
A. S The World’s Fastest Amiga!
CYBERSTORM - THE I IRST FULL 68060 ACCELERATOR FOR THE A40CO lastfefikiiA ofeiut ,lKWou«ptfMn'»Jw When Cybcnlotm. A 50MHz 6806(1 ward, renders j test graphic wtli Imagine 20 software, the processing lime is FAST- just 245 minutes - Compare this with 1031 rm *on a sundani A4000 1 I0'2V Cyberstorm 68060 50 50MHz 680(0,0MI (F.xpandahlc lu 128Mb) 4PHONE ffturei sbmv are m WPS ami ukv him (omfmuuv perftinmct u« urtits tatybondrtsnm.WXM and Cybenhm ratmp uv 60 SanuiKf.nl SUUfc) THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR BOARDS ARE UNSURPASSED... Just Compare our Performance!
Sunitml AVMVtiun iKuvzooo fcWfl MantUrilAliMO l-Vt| HW»nh 1ZUHV. TtWft-i.MS!
Ubxl mill libit 1XKI& iMl» t|SOO .?¦*» »rth JrtWl, 1MI A i n fi uiih i t Ix'rstnnii 'Will & ixds LiTjlTT i lh »¦'d Mi Iww 50MHz l'»4aW 68030 A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb The Blizzard 1230-1' Turbo Accelerator Memory Board is the sBXcssortoihc mirtet leading 1230-111 aid die highest performing MM30 xcclenaor as ailahle fee the A12(0! Nee cah has there han an INCREASE in spmfiotoi. But also i DECREASE IS' PRICT' With its 50MHz 68030 aid MMU. Ik ne* 12304V offen EVEN MORE for LESS' With a Sydnfbrating nf 9.411using a 61) NaiCTetood SIMMs yw ca toe the 1230-1'’ is m fast -1
pofiirmaac gain of up to 500% h as-hiesed' Options s u its Fad Expattswo Bus iikfade Modulo swh as a SCSI-2 CootrcAcr. An ¦dustn standard SIMM soclet prossdes for up to 128Mb of auuxunfiwring 32-Bit FAST RAM (or 256Mb with the SCSI-2 option mcb&ag ks an SIMM socket).
• Easy Trapdoor Installation
• Battery It*Aid Self Recharge Rral Time (ixk
• High Performance DMA Expamacn wnh Full 32-lht wtde
• 6S)3ii miy be daahied with a Simple Keystroke on Boot Up
allowing' Full (iimcs Gmpahhibv - Even Badly Programed Older
• PGA FPU Socket allowing Optional 50MHz, d«K2 FPU 1230-I r
Turbo 50MHz 68030 5 MMU M 0Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM (Expandable tu
12 1h) 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion (Fast 60 Nanosecond) P12A
32-Bit. ~2 pin (Callfor Uir r SIAM[wes 1 *iyt»S Motorola Maths
Co-processor (.8882 PGA type FPU. 50MH SCSI-2 Module' for iym
Turfal (With addfliortaJ 128Mb SIMM socket) NEW 68060
you'd like to know how to make YOUR Amiga A1200, A1500 or A20O3
is list as airy Amiga cut be., ask for our fnx brochure which
shows you bow!
Blizzard products have always been at the forefront of the Anuga accelerator market and we were the first to launch 68060 hoards with the amazing performance they bring, Since that launch, there have been shortages of (8060 Motorola CPUs and production output has fluctuated.
Although supplies f these chips were expected to lie fully tm line by now. Motoroh cannot meet the demand Ufc are assured however that by the early pat i 1996 Motorola will he m a posiinn lo fulfil the mar kefs needs and hence. Ihmard pnxJuct dcfays (winch air beyond rxir ctmin I) should disippcar Until then you nuv well 1 Should I be tempted to buy on *040 instead?
Mtxrll. When Jic Blizzard '06(h an be Twt or Three times as fas yet cost as little a I1 * more, why buy an Vho which offen a far lower price to pcrfnnrun.e ratio' When we considered the possibility of producing an ‘intcnri W. wr decided t w» not a pnxhict worthy of devdopmnL The fjtu are simple, if YOI: want the FASTHT Amiga, a fiHW) is tK- ONLY way Maybe you should think about reserving a Blizzard 1260 or 2060 now - stocks are hound to be limited when the mighty 68060 returns' a xtuII will now. But an '(MO will always keep your Atragi 28MHz 58EC020 A1200 TURBO 4Mb. 32-Bit RAM Expandable to
8Mb Multi award-winning KUZ ARl) 1220 4 4 lb TURBO Ofim by far ihc hot price perfomuna- ratio of RBI JM200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market »wjx«*mg everything a good memory heard tbedd • such as a Heal Time (lock. RAM ¦Bttfabity, uptional I PI etc With its Mrtnrob Processor running the- 32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz, the 12214 has broken all the harriers' Choi the facts for yourself and fit die BEST Amigi A1200 WEUMf) Turbo Memory Ward available
• Integrated 28MHz 6BEC0S) (Jock Speed Double fix up lo 3W’)
ovmll performance increase
• Fktory Insulted A Teacd 4Mb 32-Bit FAST RA.V
• Expandalic to 8Mb with Blizzard Add-t IkxrnJ »Integrated
Battery Baikcd Real Tune Clock
• Easy Trapdoor Iruullatiun
• Can be disabled in situ for full games cooipatibiiiy 0220 4
Turbo 2tAMHz 6«K0I2 ) 7717 4Mh 32-Bit Fast R.AM (Expandable to
Kmhl_ Htl79.w Add-» Board - extra 4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 32-Bit
Fast RAM addon
* 169* 1260 Turbo' For the Aingi 120)s 50MHz 6806(1 S MMI CCQQ.91
0Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM. RAQQ95 bjunibHctofiAMI. 77 M Bfaanl xv!
CrxMirri ;m).s ix *rjnl ret M il luti »s ai *.«!* i hi imfKtnm
hunk' Tlrv 11 lul Awn)» Wsirb v. fmot jir, rtrhr .rrtrjliu
VMHilZI krrutrw-.iuMcu.-ls »‘u *t VmtZ
U.i.vlfir'tirSIOIOtlH.SUom.sraiM ijulis irxi irfocriri KVXKE
Motorola Maths Co-processors P882 PLCC type IT!, 25 33MHz £Call
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(X) are auitablo for over 16s only SPECIAL VALUE PO PACKS ONLY
£7.50 PER 10 DISK PACK 2440 • ROM 4 DISK MAG * (2)
- STAR TREK GUIDE a (6) All you wanted to know about StarTrek
2458 - DR WHO ANWVERSARY »(5) Do you kraw wtw pm Daleks w«r 7
2466 • FINDWG THE TRUTH 2 * (2) 2468 F1NDWG THE TRUTH 3 » (1)
All the lertesl on UFO Indngs 2469-DOS MAN (1) Ret book lor
begrimer» and experts 2470- IMAGE STUOIOM (2) Latest version ol
ths excellent program This is only a very small selection of PD
titles In our collection.
If you cannot see what you are looking for then PLEASE ASK.
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package especially, for kids Reviewed Worms The best game of
the year? We think so, because we haven’t stopped playing it
since it arrived Breathless Your essential guide to Amiga
gaming Fields of Vision make their debut on the Amiga with one
of the best Doom clones money can buy Star Crusader Gametek’s
space epic steps out into the warm sunshine that is the Amiga
Unfortunately for them, it begins to rain Sensible World of Soccer 95 96 The promised update has finally appeared No more bugs, no more crashes, and no more Paul Ince at Man United. Hurrah!
Hillsea Lido The Theme Park-like game is here! Can you possibly compete with the likes of Blackpool?
Dungeon Master 2 Wizards, Warriors and little Viking’s with small Unicorns No, that’s Dungeons and Dragons! Oh, lordy!
Previewed Extreme Racing A first-person perspective racing game.
Is it Mario Kart? Is it any good? Does it play like donkey? All the answers are here... Tennis Champs The summer has now gone. That’s why we always get a tennis game. I don't know why? And, more importantly. I don't care why After many weeks of intense gameplay we almost managed to complete Flight of the Amazon Queen. Here’s the first part... news No news shocker By Andy Maddock t's true. I'm afraid to say, although we are brimming with games as usual and we've even had to leave some out! My god, what is happening! As far as news is concerned, we're a little short.
By the end of the month my big 'News' file is usually brimming with faxes and transcribed telephone conversations, but all I could find when I looked was a hairy half-eaten apple, which I forgot all about - but finished without haste.
But don't despair! There are enough Doom clones coming out over the next few months to keep us going for ages. There have been so many, surely everybody is losing track of which one's best. Hopefull we'll have a definitive Dc guide sometime during th future when we'll be looking i every single aspect of eac game, to reveal the champ of champions. Sounds excitir Probably not.
Why don't you tell us whc you think? Write to us at usual address.
Weapons at the ready! More Doom. Marvellous We can always rely on OTM for a bit of exclusive news. Yes, they're back with the latest Information on some new releases they’ve managed to latch themselves onto.
First up is a game entitled Watchtower which is basically a top-down 'Commando'-style arcade war game. There'll be a simultaneous two-player mode, several weapons, three different types of terrain including desert, jungle and city, six long and challenging missions, adjustable skill levels* and end-of-level guardians. Instead of it sounding like a first in gaming entertainment, it looks like the old arcade ’Commando' re-visited, jazzed up and ready to roll.
The game's being developed by Cyber Arts, a name that sounds familiar, but I can't think why. They are from Finland and apparently are set to thrill and excite games players everywhere.
A new breed No sooner had Alien Breed 3D hit the shelves than Alien Breed 3D special edition is already on its way.
The programmer has managed to re-write the original 3D engine and managed to get the graphics up to the level of Breathless and the brand new Nemac IV. Like Breathless, Alien Breed 3D will include minor additions such as being able to look up and down as well as major additions such as a level editor.
As you can see from this screenshot, the sequel to Alien Breed 3D is looking pretty good There will be supports for graphic cards such as Picasso II. And you will be able to alter the pixel ratio from 2:2, 2:1 to 1:1. This is essential because some people prefer to play fast on a small screen, or dismiss the graphics for a full sized screen. It's all down to a matter of taste and opinion.
You will be able to load all the original levels from Alien Breed 3D into the editor and twist and change them as much as you like - or even design completely new ones. Not only that, you will be able to draw your own aliens, add mission text, and even make new sound effects.
From these screenshots it looks like this is going to better the original Alien Breed 3D and that got 91 per cent in our review. Can the best get better? We'll find out next month when we'll hopefully bring you a full preview.
Guildhall Leisure have finally got around to rel* ing ther data disk for Gloom. It's called Gt Deluxe and features new levels, beasts and afl sorts of things.
The whole interface has now been re-writt For example, you can now play via a m choose a screen resolution as well as a sere mode, and even play in a Workbench windo1 You can now use the virtual i glasses as well as var-j ious graphic cards. It is ECS and AGA compatible] and yoj can basically customise it completely to suit your own needs. Finally, you can finally play it in super Hi-res.
The whole thing looks like a vast improve over the last and hopefully we'll give it a low-down in the next month or two in our D special Hurrah!
System Selections Even more Doom Hurrah! We are pleased to announce that after rifting through the many mail bags of entries we nave found a winner to our Gloom competition.
Admittedly, it did take us around 2 or 3 minutes to actually find one. And as we promised, we have printed the winning entry.
We received some excellent entres including one from James Stansfield from Jersey who sent us a disk! Wow. It was a very scary disk - it was a grey. Clever that. When our Technical Editor suggested we see what was actually on the disk, there was another monster! Blimey he's spent some time thinking up that.
Another good entry was Yorkshire lad. Liam Walker's Angel of Death. He drew it from all different angles and for a 13-year old it was a cracking effort!
Michael Garcia's Aguantos was also very good And there were three of the funniest entries ever Firstly David Torres from Watford and Javier Ospina from New York kindly set us in their entry form without an entry. Good try lads, but the sheer audacity of it will win you absolutely nothing. And although Ben Finowski's entry didn't actually win, check out the witty humour. In sec- fes, I'm afraid so, Just when you thought we'd shut the door i the face of Doom clones comes Nemac IV. We are cur- sntly chasing up a review copy so we'll hopefully bring you a ireview next month. It's by a German
team, and pro- |rammed by Stefan Schlott - a name previously unfamiliar to I lot of you, including me.
Basically, yes. It's another Doom clone, although this one appears to be slightly Fears Score: 92% Issue 93 It's t een a bit of a Doom fest over the lost few months, ond after hearing exclusive news that around three are planned to be developed over the forthcoming months, it looks like we'll have to do Doom special.
Only two of the Doom clones have realty shined so far - Fears and Alien Breed 3D. I feel that Fears was and still is ihe best, although, not many people actually ogreo with me.
Pure and simply. Fears was the most lun - rt may have not had the technical superiorities over games like AB3D but It stHI had me at the Amiga for a number of weeks.
More special then the rest. For Instance, the new virtual i glasses will be compatible, and virtual reality is something which Doom on the PC has yet to feature.
We saw this demo on a recent upload from Aminet. The graphics ran at a horrific rate and the sound effects were the best yet on any other Doom clone. The explosions were pretty graphic and it plays far better because you have to collect codes from various computers dotted around the maze to unlock the doors.
Also on Nemac IV you can select the screen size from absolutely anything as well as the resolution.
Flight of the Amazon Queen Score: 93% Issue 94 is J ’ mrmm- 1 Da you tla* a ...Hi I «•! 1 ot»fha a« wa «*v ' • Gloom competition results After months of speculation, flight of the Amazon Queen touched down with quite a bang, knocking up a highly respectable score of 93%. Although many gamers still believe that Monkey Island holds a special place In the heart, you can't help but make room for FOTAQ. Featuring superbly animated sequences and sarcastically pleasurable dialogue. Flight of the Amazon Queen is and always will be excellent fun.
Alien Breed 3D Score: 91% Issue 94 This Doom clone arrived very shortly after Fears and Gloom. The developers were none other than Team 17 so we knew this was going to be a quality product.
This is by far the most Doom-Hke game on the Amiga Asa Marge tt's ‘Specie’ ond and third place we shall award Liam Walker and James Stansfield for their efforts with a copy of Gloom.
Finally, the winner is... Asa Margetts and his marvellous Specie. Congratulations - the CD32 and Gloom will shortly be in the post. Be patient though!
Leading Lap Score: 90% Issue 95 After MicroProse announced Formula One Grand Prtx 2 was only going to be developed on the PC. A huge grey cloud covered the sunshine that overwhelmingly shone on Amiga gamesplay- ers everywhere - crushing all hopes.
That was until Leading Lap was released and what a crackeri Featuring some excellent polygons which shifted at a horrific rate. Leading Lap was the premium racing game.
Coala Score 91% Issue 95 Empire Interactive have finally dipped their foe into the stream of Amiga games to bring another quality product into the world.
Coala was Its name, and cuteness certainly wasn't Its game. Featuring Apache helicopters and loads of missions, a chopper extravaganza was in order ond I was there with minel A marvellous game with fantastic graphics.
JIJ tiknirr Ilf I review Dungeo Mast Reviewed by Tina Hackett Spooky heh, this Is the foreboding Skullkeep, a place of adventuro etc equel time again and it's one that die-hard fans of role-playing games have been wetting themselves in anticipation for for years, particularly Neil, our coverdisk editor - we've literally been swimming around the office with Neil shouting "It's nearly here, it's nearly here.' Personally. I wondered what the attraction was. But nevertheless I donned my trusty green RPG tights, wizards wand, and magic potions and teleported myself into RPG land.
Apparently, the original came out around 1987 as far as anyone in the office can remember. So those who enjoyed the original have been waiting a long, long time for this sequel. But their patience has finally paid off and the game is here, packed with enhancements and new challenges.
The original apparently sold In excess of a quarter cf a million copies and if this is anything to go by. It's successor should attract a huge amount of interest. But we have to remember that this was nine years ago and demands of today's gamesplayers have altered you’ll like it... but not a lot... Magic (sorry, magick) plays a hug© part in the gam© and you'll have to put some effort into learning its ways. First of all you will need Mana.
Each adventurer has a different amount and it is a good indication of their overall spellcasting skills. Then, as they say, practice makes perfect and before you can go off casting your large spells, you need to practice their weaker forms.
Magick Maps are also available and lets wizards and priests check out their surrounding environments. A basic map shows stationary objects but the more advanced can show hostile creatures or mana-laden Items.
T Thrill seekers won’t find the ultimate adrenaline rush here but a bit of patience pays dividends and you do feel well rewarded for your troubles.} dramatically. You start your travels in a dingy dungeon (surprise) and your lask is to prevent Dragoth's minions creating the Zo gate that will allow him to enter Skullkeep (eh?). First of all you will have to check out the Cryochambers. In each one there is a potential Champion - someone you can select to be on your team. Each has particular strengths end weaknesses and you will need to choose carefully because you are stuck with them for the
rest of the adventure.
Setting off along the dimly lit corridors, you must look carefully for anything that may help you on your travels. There are the usual problems to solve like finding a key to get through doors.
You also need to collect and more Importantly read, scrolls which impart vital clues. When you find your way out of there, watch out because no sooner you have set off then you are attacked by hideous monsters which you'll have how hard I try I can't convince myself that I'm a muscle-bound warrior called Torham). Sounds and graphics work well in portraying the surreal world and the overall look is effective.
The game is rather more expensive than usual so you may want to take this into account. Put is this way - if you're a fan of the genre and have waited for this for a long time then you won't be disappointed, but on the other hand, if you’re little more than a casual admirer. Then think carefully - it's not a modern game, it takes patience and appears quite dated. All the same, it's nice to see an old concept revived.
To destroy. Don't fear, though, if one of your characters gets destroyed because you can always bring them back to life In the resurrection alter - but use with caution because every time you do this, the Champion will be weaker than before.
Collectables The Scroll - this can provide hints and instructions for spells Keys - hidden in dll cunning places, the key Is needed to get beyond the doors Weapons extra arms can be picked up and can be used later on the tougher foes Coins - money makes the world go round so the more you can get, the better And that's just a small slice of the game. There is absolutely tons to it and will keep the most hardened of adventurers happy for a good while. On top of this, you also have your magic spells to cast and the many monsters to deal with
- which, incidentally, are different from last time in that you
can employ tactics, particularly of the running away kind (my
own favourite when dealing with such foes).
The final word I must admit, the game did pleasantly surprise me and it wasn't os bland as I’d at first feared. Thrill seekers won't find the ultimate adrenaline rush here but a bit of patience pays dividends and you do feel well rewarded for your troubles. Some of the battles can be a bit tedious but you can run away should you want to.
The graphics have kept the original style but this does leave it all looking rather dated and some of the monsters are quite laughable. Saying that, though, the improved atmospherics do something to increase realism (I'm not sure what exactly, because no matter I riUMP BOO That’s you, the one with the arrow above your head. Now to find a victim.. publish the game multi-format and the rest is history, so they say. It's certainly heart-warming to see that these new generation of high tech machines with their glossy games are interested in anything our humble machine has to offer, and if first
impressions are anything to go by It certainly looks like it won't disappoint.
The idea behind it. If you don't already know, is that you are placed in control of a team of Worms and quite simply you have to obliterate the opposition in all manner of cunning ways. It does require a fair amount of skill, though, because the other team are all trying to do exactly the same thing.
You have a number of different weapons at your disposal and there are also different ways you can defend yourself. Each worm is dotted around the landscape and according to the rms Team 17 Ocean Andy Davidson £29.99 weapon that will charge into your enemy and explode.
Airstrike - an eight-bomb airstrike can be directed to a certain area and can wipe out a number of worms Kamikaze - if desperate, your worm can carry out a move that ends in self-sacrifice. He charges himself into a crowd of worms which will send them flying, even though he has to die for the cause.
Homing Missile ahh. The traditional are sometimes best.
Launch the missile and watch it hurl into the sky and towards the enemy. You need practice though to estimate the most likely path it will take.
DISKS HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS Hfter all the hype. It's finally here - the end product, the final boxed version for ! Which we saved ourselves. Yes. It's ! Worms, and after what seems like an eternity we have the game everyone's been waiting for. And we do mean literally everyone because the game is available on PC. PC CD- ROM. Mac. Mega Drive. SNES. Playstation. Saturn.
Jaguar. CD32. Gameboy and Amiga - the machine the game was made on.
Programmed originally by Andy Davidson on the Amiga, he sent the game to Team 17 who wanted to Gentlemen - choose your weapons Each weapon works in a different way and it's best to select them to suit your chosen strategy. Here are a selection of some of the best.
The Sheep - this is In rare supply and is only available from a weapons crate which is dropped onto the ground. The sheep is actually a deadly All Amigas 1 Mb (2Mb recommended to access all the levels) Som« of the various weapons on offer t Hours of entertainment from one game - who'd have thought that a garden invertebrate could be so much fun? 5 tire of playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey as 16 friends can all play at once. You are clso guaranteed variety because each time you play the land is randomly generated, and there are just so many tactics and weapons to learn to use that every game
will be different.
And it doesn't end there. If you have Internet access you can keep an eye out fcr hints and upgrades on the Worm dedicated site which can be found at http: www.team! 7.com tl 7 tl 7worm.
Another bonus is that if you get bored with the backgrounds on offer, you can create your own landscapes using a package such as Dpairt. Hours of entertainment from one game - who'd have thought that a garden invertebrate could be so much fun?
Ironment, you can find yourself on unforgiving ritory such as the desert with no trees to hide hind. Or a cliff face which leaves you exposed your rivals.
You simply choose a weapon take aim and ire If you hit a worm or he hits you. You are trea- I to all kinds of bizarre squeaks and sounds like upid' (if you make a mistake) or 'Fatality' (when i worm meets his doom). It sounds quite blood- sty but as you’ve probably gathered, it's all in a light-hearted way, and before any realists harp on about blood and violence in nes, the whole thing Is In a cartoon style with nations, comical sounds, and some great (if her small) worm characters. And what brilliant tm it is too.
However, there are a couple of niggling little 3s which could be improved. The teams of irms all look identical and it would have been if you could tell them apart immediately Ith the use of colour coding. It's all very well giv- them names that show which team they joys of Worming are also available for the vD32. It's pretty much the same as above but ; the added bonus of animations, choice of nd track, and lets you play your own audio 's in the background.
You can still save data through the NV-RAM.
Trol is via the control panel which works as I as the traditional mouse and keyboard.
CD32 too!
Worms doesn't have an intriguing plot, it doesn't have high-tech graphics, and neither does it have sophisticated gameplay. So why is it perhaps one of the most appealing and addictive games of all time, and why Is it appearing on so many platforms? What is its elusive quality that makes me and countless others in the office want to sneak back for just one more go? It's hard to fathom out -1 mean the gameplay relies on the age old Scorched Tanks style and the graphics aren't the most advanced, but somehow it works, and works very well indeed.
The worms have a character all of their own and there's nothing more satisfying than watching your opposing worm being blasted into oblivion. It's brilliant as a multi-player game too and perfect party entertainment should you belong to, but sometimes they overlap on the screen and make It very hard to read. But apart from this, it's near to perfection and pretty much everything you would want from a game.
Final word hints & tips ou play Joe. A dashing young adventurer and first off you find yourself locked in a dressing room by arch enemy Anderson who firmly intends to use the Amazon Queen to transport the glamorous Faye to her Brazilian film location. Pick up everything you can find obviously lying around then use the curtain cord and pick up the wig which is lying behind it in the recess. Pick up two lots of sheets from the floor and you'll see a laundry chute. Join the two sheets together to make a rope and then fix the rope to the radiator.
Use the rope, climb down the chute and drop into the basement. There's a door over on the right but it's locked. You can only pick up a few items off the cupboard so you'll need to move the ladder to be able to pick up some amusing comedy breasts and a crowbar from the box of crowbars.
Flight thel Amazo Quee Head up the stairs to the left but if you try and get Joe past the heavies by the door they'll throw him back in the locked room upstairs, so only go as far as the reception and talk to the bellboy about the key. If you say that you're a friend of Lola bellboy will let him have the key so take it and head downstairs. Use the key on the locked door and move inside.
When you talk to Lola it becomes apparent she's clearly an old flame of Joe's but now she's seeing your arch enemy Anderson. Ask Lola for help and after she's moaned about you for a bit she gets in the shower and demands that you bring her a towel before she'll get out. To accomplish this you need to climb back up the sheet rope into the locked room and use the crowbar on the chest to find a lovely, fluffy towel. Take it back down to Lola and she'll get out of the shower before, somewhat bizarrely giving Joe a sequined dress. Use the dress in the basement and, combined with the comedy breasts
and the wig you can just about pass Joe off as a woman.
Stuck on Warner Interactive's excellent adventure?!
Pick up some tips here Walk over to the stairs and you should be able to get through the foyer. Even though they're a bit thick the doormen will soon realise they've been ¦ The comedy breasts could come in handy later on and give chase. Change back into your ial clothes then find the oil hdden under the Throw the chicken and then use the oil on :o’s car. Splattering the windscreen and making crash.
Joe arrives at the airport just in time to stop
• rson taking Faye away. Whatever you say end up punching
Anderson, so you can have bit of fun with the insults should
you want to get a slanging match. With the storm brewing it's
to get in the plane and fly ever the Amazon (forest where,
predictably, you'll get struck by itning almost immediately.
When the plane crash lands your main objec- is to recover as many useful items as you can.
Fy en up the duffle bag and take the lighter and mife. Look at the water- Dgged seats and you'll ind a comic coupon, the ily bit that survived from parky's Commander locket comic. Sparky is absolutely devastated by the loss of his comic, as iu'II discover when you ilk to him. At which time I also give you some tf jerky.
Open the hatch and Ik over to it. The water outside is swarming with inhas so give them the beef jerky and move onto the giant lily. Cut the lily free by using the tnife on the stem then pick up the broken propeller and propel the threesome to the bank by using it On the Illy.
Sparky tells you of his need to find a Commander Rocket versus the Mob' before Joe sets off to find a telephone. Head north into the screen. From now on east is to the right of the creen. South for the front and west for the left- hand side. Joe bumps into Wedgewood the parrot who prattles on about how Princess Azura has 3een captured and how Trader Bcb is now her only hope. As Wedgewood flies off. Cut the vine with knife and carry on down the trail.
Soon Joe's path becomes blocked by a huge gorilla, so heod back past the plane and see what's to the south. The broken bridge can be repaired using the vine, allowing you to cross to the other side an get to the banana. Unfortunately the Gorilla is not interested in the banana so you're forced to engage it in conversation. Talking to it will uncover that gorillas live in Africa not South America at all and then, confused by your argument. It will have a terrible moment of self doubt and explode, clearing the path and making a bit of a mess at the same time. Go up to the pinnacle from where
you can see every location that you'll be visiting throughout the rest of the game.
However, your main priority is to find civilisation and work out what on earth the parrot was blathering on about. You should now head downhill tc Trader Bob's, In the meantime, Faye has a bit of a tantrum about being left at the crash site and throws a bottle of her perfume at Sparky and stomps off into the trees.
Wander through the pygmy village and into the shambles that is Trader Bob's. Bob knows a lot about what's happening in the jungle, including some rumours about the factory where everyone seems to think Princess Azura is being held. Most of what's on display in Bob's isn't for sale although the records, the nets, the alcohol and the vacuum cleaner are. Trade the beef jerky with Bob in return for some money and then buy the battery powered vacuum cleaner with it.
Talk to Wedgewood the parrot and then tc Naomi. She learned English from the missionaries and is worried about her date that night with Bob and would willingly swap her hairdressing scissors for some perfume. Leave the village and on the way it will be worth your while talking to the Witch Doctor. You won't understand what it has to say yet but when you meet the missionaries you can get a translation.
At this point Frank is In his secret lab chuckling to himself about turning amazon women intc dinosaurs and so on, and you should be climbing that pinnacle again. The missionaries live in the jungle so head off there. Take the north fork in the path then head over the fallen tree and past the threetoed sloth.
When you get to the next clearing Joe meets Bud and Skip who're two professional explorers.
Talking to Bud reveals that they're trying to get recaptured by the tribe of Amazon women as they were released last time as a result of Bud's embarrassing heat rash. He says that he'd pay a fortune for a cure. Talk to Skip and you'll discover that he's Into the same comics as Sparky. Sparky wants a Commander Rocket versus the Mob issue, which coincidentally is the one Skip has got and he very kindly gives it to Joe. Read the comic yourself for an odded bonus.
• And that's your lot for now. I'm afraid. We'll be bringing you
the next part sometime in the near future - we hope so anyway..
.just as soon os we gei further ourselves¦. • blast-.
6 Bob knows a lot about what's happening in the jungle, including some rumours about the factory where everyone seems to think Princess Azura is being held Jjj inrun mi lMliM review Reviewed by Andy Maddock Sensible World of your striker scored, he would still end up at half value he started at.
Renegade, the publishers of the first edition, back with a pseudo-update disk with lots of r features that will undoubtedly spring the life into your old version of SWOS. The first ot update is the new teams. All the clubs from '95-'96 season are in their respective divisions, all the new signings and values are included, unfortunately for some. Eric Cantona has returi There was a version of SWOS that appeared some coverdisks. This contained updated infori tion on teams and most of the bugs had been fixed, and. Of course, when this version hit the shops. Eric Cantona's sentence was uncertain,
so they left him out. But now he's back - talking more 'ubbish than ever before I The most recen updated signings are Mark Hateley at QPR, Pat Gascoigne at Rangers, Roberto Baggio at AC Milan and. Of course. David Ginola at Newcastle.
When you begin a career you can enter your nationality so you know which country should be approaching you for international management Yes. This option is finally here! Even though the original SWOS manual stated this option could be obtained, it never appeared. All the new kits have Sensible planning All Amigas, 1 Mb SUPPORTS No t this point in the review. I'm supposed to begin with a nice introduction - possibly talk about the first few versions of SWOS. Or even the other bizarre fruit versions. But no. What's the point in building up a game that needs no build up.
Some might say Sensible World of Soccer lost its appeal after a while because of the bugs and bizarre crashes. Admittedly, I never experienced any crashes although the major bug that most people found irritating was the monetary system.
There were ways of recruiting ‘free’ 10 million pound players, and players disappearing off the face of the earth, and no matter how many goals PUBLISHER Time Warner DEVELOPER Sensible software PRICE £24.99 DISKS HD INSTALL Sensible Soccer has been going for a long time now. The first version ever seen appeared on various coverdisks throughout the industry and to be honest, it was pretty unplayable.
Then came the first official Sensible Soccer which was reputed at that time to be the best Amiga game ever. Then followed version 1.1 which featured a referee and updated teams. After this came several bizarre versions - which also appeared on coverdisks. There was a fruit version whereby you could control either sensi-like oranges and apples. Alongside this was a Bulldog Blighty version which pitted England against Germany - not just in the world cup. But in 1944 as well!
F';.L i. As you can probably see, Alan Shearer's on the ball - his name is presented in the top corner The most recent version is undoubtedly the best, Sensible World of Soccer emerged as the ultimate football game on the Amiga. And now it's time to welcome the flood of data disks. This is now the second in the series. How many more? Who knows... r SEASONS TOP SCOPE* |c OwtSJONOME fA DW1SJONONC CH OMSION ONE CH DIVISION ONE 'Al WVTSJON one go OMSJON Of« (A) LEAGUE CUP ROUND 2 LEG I OWISJQNQNE (A) HOLVEFtHAMPTON H WOLVERHAMPTON H. WOLVERHAt TON H WOLVERHAMPTON H WOLVERHAMPTON M e
WOLVERHAMPTON M. WOLVERHAMPTON M UOLVEPHAMPTONH m implemented, although they still have the ie designs. For instance. Newcastle now boast ir excellent away strip of claret and blue
• ps.
In the first SWOS it was extremely difficult to ss if a player would be good for your club, as
• re was no way of comparing stats - the only :ation was the
price tag. Now *he players are rated in stars, and the more
stars the better the lyer - simple!
One of SWOS' rules which, to be honest. I did- t even notice until a few months ago. Is that you fe allowed three substitutes, and they can all be ield players. This is why Vinny Jones ended up the net after their keeper got himself sent off.
When you enter the squad select screen, not are you presented with ’Goals' but you now V SOUTHEND UNITED V STOKE CTTY V BPPNSLE V SLNOEPLANO V TPANMERE ROVERS V LUTON TOWN V CHESTER ntLO V OPMSfiv TOWN have a training facility. The idea is to control your 'A' team against your ’B' team. Your first team contains all the players that would feature in real life, and the second team contains mock-up players to act as reserves, loan, and trial players. These can be brought into the side at any time during the season and if they are any good, their value will begin to increase, so those million
pound youngsters like Robbie Fowler can now successfully be achieved. You play these games on a pitch reminiscent of the first Sensible Soccer - hardly any sound and no stadium.
There are actual in-game differences to this new version, but only small ones. Your players' names now appear in the top left-hand j corner of the screen; you can J now head the ball without ridicu- j lously diving about the place; j the crowd now jump up and down like proper fans should; when the players score they will show their jubilation with their arms; it's now a lot easier to run around players, especially if you’re controlling someone like Alan Shearer; and to top it J all off. With a quick press of j the joystick you can now j inform a player if he should j come and collect the
Or wait on the spot so if you want to pass the ball out to the wing, it will go to the wing.
The differences are merely cosmetic and affect the gameplay mirv j imally, although if you j were to return to your j original game you'd miss j these slight changes an I awful lot.
Final word 6 If you're a i real fan of Sensible Soccer, then this is an absolutely essential purchase 5 PlAy nrfTCH NEXT MATCH VIEH COMFEfmONS view world CLUB BUSINESS The managers' timetable-like screen is no different whatsoever. Hurrah! Three cheers?
If you're a real fan of Sensible Soccer, then this is an absolutely essential purchase. Please keep me out of the ‘it's not worth it' debate, because there will always be someone who believes all these features should have been In the original - which is probably true.
|| litrarylUl review Breathless is another game that we first caught glimpse of from Aminet. And then it was a 3D engine demo - show- I ing off the graphics. I must say it looked absolutely mouth-watering - the smooth graphics were smoother than a peach, no. Even a baby's bottom, and that's saying something.
In fanfare-llke fashion a demo of the game arrived. I have to admit that after the previous Doom-clones. My mind wasn't really on the job as I was rapidly losing consciousness with sheer boredom. I mean, all you readers have to do is pick one and play it. I have to play them ai and then fill around two pages in exactlj the same way. I think I deserve a medal fa describing about six similar games in or ertirely different way. Ahem. OBE? I think soi Please send your rewards and 'congratulations!
Not to mention money, to the usual address.
So this looks like my last review of a Doon game either because I haven't noticed anymor in the pipeline or I shall be handing in my notic as a doom game reviewer after this. I must admi it's been nice. I'll miss all you Doom fans, but it’ time to go. But not before I've finished with at absolute cracker. Here we go.
Breathless, developed by Fields of Vision j about the seventh or eighth Doom clone t appear on the Amiga. There are four worlds, one each one has five sub-levels. Each world will hav( Its own password so you are able to continu where you left off. Also, there are twelve differef enemies which proves that Breathless is quite j aried.
As with the usual collection there are plenty d PUBLISHER Power Computing Fields of Vision £29.99 DISKS 2 E Yes A1200 4s with every other Doom-liks game, pressing space opens doors and secret passages HD INSTALL SUPPORTS Mmrf INI The computer terminal allows you to buy and boost your weapons, not to mention keys and health items atUh£ ' mm f 1 aooBOoy ! !Q !
The backroom boys i The programmer for Breathless is called Alberto ngo and has programmed on the Amiga for long time. His past projects include T-Racer ilch he made for the Amiga a while ago.
10I0 Di Maio Is the team manager. He orks as a musician and worked out the map d sound effects for Breathless. Finally, inluca Abbate is 15-years old, yep, 15-years and designed the 2D graphics and textures,
• unds like a bit of a genius to me!
Llectables, and by that I don't mean Star Wars jres or Dinky cars, I mean power-ups. Weapons, imo. And health. What rarely features in most niga Doom clones is the finding of keys which frill let you open the colour correspond- I door. In various other clones, you jally find a switch which will be ) red colour and by switching it jreen. Will open another ar somewhere else in the ze.
Breathless allows you to ak for credits which act cash, and when it all otals up at the foot of i he screen, you'll be le to log-on at a com- ater terminal and buy 3apon boosts, new jns, health and keys. A bit ke a computerised Tesco.
Another feature which you an easily perform is looking up ’ down. Doom on the PC looked etty weird because when you saw a anster on a top platform high above your- self, shooting from your eye-level could easily kill it - realistically, this isn't possible. However, Breathless lets you look up or down at any angle to see the enemy. Most of the time you will enter a huge room and find what looks like a drained swimming pool with a number of beasts in the bottom.
Looking down enables you to pick them off one by one.
However, there is a downside. The view is quite difficult to toggle between and it's hard to shoot everything from the one angle. This, however, is about the only niggle I can find. There is one other but I wouldn't refer to it as a niggle. You see. Nearly all the walls are at right angles, giving the game much of a boxy feel, but it's only when you actually think about it that It has any effect on you. By the way, I didn't even notice until someone else kindly pointed it out.
6 Breathless features some excellent graphics and sound effects, and it plays like a dreamy The final word This Is supposed to be night time. That’s why your vision is slightly impaired and all you can see is the sky light!
Considering this isn't the first Doom clone, you'd expect It to be at least above average after seeing the other efforts, and Breathless Is above average in most ways. Whether it will suit your needs is another matter. Although there may be four different worlds with five sub-worlds, it still won't really last you that long. Okay, so maybe it is a challenging game, but you get a password after you finish a level, letting you carry on. So you could probably finish in less than a week.
That's about my only gripe.
Otherwise. Breathless features some excellent graphics apd sound effects, and it plays like a dream. This certainly ranks alongside Fears and Alien Breed 3D - there's absolutely no doubt in my mind.
Review You can scroll through all the available craft. Sadly, though, you can’t play as an alien and invade Earth!
Strange things, coloured in strange ways. Hmm.
Maybe this is quite intriguing after all Reviewed by Andy Maddock Crusade PUBLISHER Gametek DEVELOPER Human soft PRICE £29.99 DISKS 1 1 HD INSTALL Yes There's that cool guy on the computer-like, swivel chair. He’ll tell you loads of useful things SUPPORTS A1200 itlrtto l»l JO This looks like an alien boardroom - apart from the fact it's not. It’s a human boardroom Manual read I'm not really the sort of person who'll sift through the manual to find little bits of information - well, maybe I should have but I didn't.
And I knew if I did look in the manual, there was no way I'd find an option entitled ‘Change game completely.' My hopes were dashed! I was upset. I was glad, because at least I hadn't spent about £30 on it.
The mouse pointer has turned Into a rather attractive star... Ahhh, twinkle, twinkle Hurrah, it's all installed! As I double-clicked on the program icon. I carefully positioned the mouse to make as little movement as possible, and it gave me reboot deja vu. ‘It's going tc crash! It is. It is... Ed!!! Noooo." To my surprise, it didn't, and with- haste it displayed a requester ‘This will reboot r machine' Well thank-you very much.
As soon as the hard drive light stopped flickering like an epileptic Christmas light. Star Crusader had landed. Boy, was I happy - relieved too!
There followed some nice introduction screens, and a very long wait for the game to appear.
Another cup of tea? Oh yes. Please.
When I returned, a strange alien-like object was displayed on-screen and after careful manipulation of the mouse, a small star highlighted various options - which to the human eye were damn near unreadable. A quick guess later and I was escorted to what looked like a mission briefing room - indeed It was! There were some digitised faces at the top of the screen announcing something. They did go on for a while, and to be completely honest. I didn't take much notice of the dialogue. If I had. You certainly wouldn't be reading this now.
After this, a cool guy on a computer-like swive chair showed me what looked like some more mission briefings and led me to some more options. Blimey. I thought, there's a lot to this - and I haven't even done anything yet!
When I finally got out into space. I was actually pretty disappointed. Although there was a nice ray-traced intro bit that lasted about 0.76 seconds, I was left severely despondent. I didn't seem to have much control over the spaceship, and even after realising the mouse wasn't plugged In, I still didn't have much control. The scrolling was extremely jerky, and I had to check that a) the accelerator board was in and. B) if it was working What made my misery complete was that I couldn't even get out of the game when I wanted to - it was as if it had grabbed me through the monitor and said play
me!' I couldn't put it down, probably because I was in the hope of it getting better - either that or a power cut.
6 I'm being absolutely straight with you now - don’t believe the hype.
What hype? I hear you say Final word i 1 will apologise if you were expecting a high flying space epic, accompanied by an informative, factual review. If I'd told you everything about the game and then said it was utter rubbish, what's the point? If a friend told you a really boring story, would you ask him to tell it again, only in more detail. No? 1 didn't think so.
My job is not to build-up the game until it sounds like the best thing ever. It is to inform you of how it plays, if it's worth the money, and most of all. If it's any good. And that's what 1 believe 1 have done.
I'm being absolutely straight with you now - don't believe the hype. What hype? 1 hear you say. Good point, is my reply.
Filrurj till 91 review Vulcan Software DEVELOPER In-house £12.99 EZ DISKS 2 HD INSTALL yes SUPPORTS All Amigas. 1Mb Let’s go to work h, I do like to be beside the seaside.
Oh I do like to be beside the sea.
Tralalaleh etc.' or so the old ditty went which nobody can ever remember the next few lines for. Well, believe it or not. This is a relevant intro tenuous link because software company Vulcan have taken this theme and used it in their latest game. Called Hill Sea Lido, it's a seaside management simulator - sounds a little odd. I mean what possible work is involved in managing a stretch of beach? Well.
It's a whole lot more complicated than you might think, and there is plenty of work involved as a budding business entrepreneur.
You have 20 metres of beach and promenade to do with what you want, plus the running of the Pier Theatre, and the aim is to expand your desolate stretch of beach into a money-making resort. You must buy shops, build attractions, and keep the place tidy. Staff must be hired too. From the lifeguard to the guy that walks around with a sandwich board advertising the shows. You need Lido to keep a constant eye on your stock such 0 keeping the burger bar filled with burgers, am keep the price at a rate which will keep th customers happy and keep you in profit.
Okay, so it's not a serious simulation of busina life, but then again, why would you want one llk that anyway? What it does offer is a novel see nario which, although fun, is very challenging, it'i actually very hard to get those profits rolling in You also have to make sure your resort passes th high standards of the Health and Safet Inspector who will fine you a ridiculous amount c money should he find low standards of hygien During the game you will need to hire casual labour to keep the place running smoothly. You should aim to keep your beech and promenade as tidy as possible and to
do this you can hire Refuse Specialists. Don't forget to collect the money from your shops and facilities - you can send out your Cash Man and the money will then be transferred to your bank. However, it may also be wise to hire Wideboy Securities to protect him whilst he's doing this.
Regularly hire the Advertisers to walk around the beach to tell everyone about the weekly entertainment.
The safety of the swimmers is important too. So a Life Guard can be called upon to keep an eye out. And when you've booked one of the many talents for your show, it pays to advertise, so fotnirj till jJJJ Take your pick from the many shops and attractions to keep your visitors happy Showtime - watch what Basil can do with his bendy balloons 15 IT •: i I OCClR' fi mu nsosi nn I I. RUBBER RINGS and heeky ChippenDave bares all to the audit,, .ce. Sound options are available for this too and. For instance, if you want to order something from the warehouse the cashier will shake her head to
agree or disagree accompanied by an “Uh huh!" Or "Aha!' - basically yes or no. The usual seaside noises can be heard, along with van engines and whines of complaint from the disgruntled customers If they see too much litter. There are also some nice, cheerful dittys which keep the whole thing rolling along nicely.
:'SH®as 0® '*r*r*»r*r*FT •. R"r* *.
1i*. I»iv ' iit'ift safety. At the other end of the scale, though, you keep your resort pristine Hen you stand a iod chance of winning one of the possible iwards which as well as giving prestige comes ith extra money.
Tourists can also be a pain but as usual the istomer is always right. If there aren't enough ffreshments or activities they won’t come back, fou can find out who they are by clicking on im - the screen will tell you hew fussy they are.
At they want you to build and for. Example, w hungry they are.
Graphically, it’s bright and cheerful and has a :harm of its own. It's probably not as detailed as some games but the cartoon style works well with the light-hearted theme of the game. There ire some entertaining animations such as the rarious shows you can book - Michael Jickson performs his great grabbing the crotch routine' ?
H , rn Ip- OoflNl (lofiiici Ash, all the joys of the seaside. Enough candy floss to make you sick and sand in your sandwiches
- esc v
kmRHINMTin |( Without a doubt, this is one of the most fun
games we've hod over the last few months.
Animations add humour, playability is challenging, and the theme is refreshing.
It's not quite as in-depth as Theme Park, which is another game in this fun management- type genre, and maybe it's not up to the same graphical quality, but It Is definitely as addictive and plays brilliantly. It’s only £12.99 and stacks an absolute ton of gameplay into It. Superbly designed and a real bargain to boot - you'd be crazy not to buy this.
Things are looking up at long last with the recent releases Flight of the Amazon Queen, Breathless and Coala. Along with this title we could definitely see a revival for the Amiga games scene A real breath of fresh air.
£ Superbly designed and a real bargain to boot - you'd be crazy not to buy this Please note: the game is only available through mail order direct from Vulcan. Contact them on 01705 670269.
Book acts such as the talented Michael Jickson - the more famous will cost more but attract a bigger ticket price Amiga Computing reader offer Hillsea Lido, the seaside management simulator Order your copies of Hill Sea Lido Only £12.99 + £1.50 p&p Available only through mail order Real time simulation 100s of .any characters Hysterical animations Panoramic parallax scrolling Uproarious theatre shows ‘Smart character* engine l(X)s of ‘real life’ scenarios 7 interactive playing areas 40 screens of building areas Save game facility Hard drive installable Compatible with all Amigas Mouse driven
Requires I Meg Future datadisk expansion Free technical support Another addition to Vulcan Software’s value for money Mini Series TU£ SSAM* £ MANAoimCNT SimulATo*?
Hillsea Lida is the new name from Vulcan Softw are w hich provides all the thrills and spills of designing your own seaside resort.
Hillsea Lido is the game in which you ow n a slice of coastline. Put your business skills to the test as you endeavour to turn an empty stretch of beach into a sun drenched gold mine.
You must employ cunning decision-making Un ties in every aspect of the game. The positioning of your shops, the prices you charge for watersport hire, the shows you choose to hook for your theatre, and the amount you pay your staff are just a few of the many elements involved in building the finest Seaside Resort in the world.
On the Promenade - you must (use your skill and judgement to build i row of shops and facilities to entice the tourists On the beach - your visitors won't he happy until there’s plenty to do. From Donkey Rides, Speedboats and Rubber Dinghy hire . In the Theatre - book one of j the many acts from Cheeky ' ChipenDave to Basil and his Bendy Balloons “Superbly designed and a real bargain to boot - you’d be crazy not to buy this.” 90% Please send a copy of sco t AfUiQfor the Amiga to: £14.49 £14.49 Mr Mrs Miss Ms ...
Address . enclose a CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER for the value of Please make payable to: Vulcan Software Limited.
Please charge my ACCESS MASTERCARD VISA with Credit Card Number: Post Code .
Amiga Computing Offer Telephone ... _ . . _.
Expiry date ..Signature .. Send Your completed order form and payment to: Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road. Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants P02 7NA The price of £14.4V includes VAT and carriage wuhin the UK Mainland. Orders w ill he sent w ithin two days of receipt and subject to Min k awtlahdil Our Ref MIL I Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners & Disks •» 1995 Product Line Printer Ribbons U A & ft 344 !l .UI UI SB 17 150 2J0 175 155 U5 SB 17* UI 130 45* US 4.15 Wf 41 195 3.75 U5 345 3J 3.10 10 ffi ITS IS! LV 3J»
3.21 341 IXI 112 1.97 1.77 147
3. 9 3.75 355 3.3?
343 I» 1U 241 ILVCK i*T?CflllVII24,ll4l Pinmunit KXPI«Mlia 9tr|«t2 Finavmk N I'2I1V2IM ViUhjXIWW Mar 11'ID124190 Star LOW Star L( 24-I42W lavan Nap KPIIWIffllWl?
« ti a 1VI 254 134
j. vi IV. U 44 CN) - - US 13 Ml : 1.94 144
3. w " Ui US
2. V. . 151 SS VIJ . ¦• 179 199 hi u».; i - MJS M mh. 545 US
9. 7X ' 941 943 94? Sjg *JH MmHI 'jmnm Vimtrnd DMI’-UM m*U
PCWI2jM5l2iiQ»N Mfcrr MIIMItMlimft l'iti rn ImiH.smNwift 249
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Emui FXAIX RXIttfWMXIW0 ip»Mi i Maeaomann Tab MX) NEC HeartUr
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Written and produced by Amiga people.
If you love Amiga you will love this!
Peter James Business Centre.
Pump Lane. Hayes. Middlesex UB3 3NT COMPACT DISC CASSETTE rtljPli ft fit; Postage packaging U.K £ 1.49 Rest of the World £ 1.99 FILL IN THE COUPON WITH CHEQUE'POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO TANGENT MUSIC MAIL ORDER FORM
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I One Compjo Oik O Caaaettc Q "j Name ...- ..... I Address ....- I .. Postcode .
I Enclose chequc pottal Ordct lor Q Amiga Computing Previewed by Andy Maddock nms f l "M A 1 I J There are three courts you can select from if you are playing a friendly against either the computer or a human
r. jiv HVR roil ennis games on the Amiga have never really made
an impact on the market.
In fact, the only game I can remember that was any good was Advantage Tennis - programmed by a foreign company I think. It was a sort of 3D simulation career game using wire frames.
Recently. I wrote a preview for another new game called Center Court, and I moaned about Tennis being one of those less popular sports - well, at least not as popular as football. And to be quite frank, it's a bit boring as a spectator sport.
Alright, so it may be good to actually play, but as a spectator all you can do is watch.
For instance, at a football match, shouting and jumping up and down like escaped monkeys seems to have an effect on the team you're The character select screen shows all the characters you can select trom their respective countries supporting and if they win. It feels like you helpe them. If you try that at a tennis game, the blok sitting in the baby's high chair just tells you to quiet - just so the players can concentrate We that's right you see. Because football, cricta basketball and every other sport in the enti world requires no concentration at all! No sirree, I'm afraid to say. It all
comes down to b absolute wet. Yes. That's what they are - Ooh it takes all the concentration in the world ¦ fire Biirinns nnr service moor pro CMRR SKILLS On scrum inc rnsi music on OlEtt cpii irnrcHES off LORO CRRRRCTERS PLOVER PROFILES orfrtf owe smiE disk You can tweak all the options to make Super Tennis Champs play how you want it to CARLOS n PIS o RYRT0T1 D PIS CHUCK 0 PIS _ BU7Z 0 PIS k KRRS c PIS s svntN 0 PTS 4- JUICE 0 PIS s: ROCER 0 PIS X iirru: i ¦ 0 PIS i hi nit i 0 PIS ?
Mnnn 0 PIS == nnn 0 PIS l nnniEi 0 PIS :: sinn 0 PIS erne 0 PIS == JULIUS o PIS The ranking screen shows how well you're doing during the course of a season RRNKING Fit for anyone The first thing you notice about Super Tennis Champs is its polished feel. It feels like someone has actually taken the time to present an Amiga game the punters actually will want to play. There wasn’t really any media hype of any description, it just sort of crept up behind us when we thought the future of games was going to be disappointing. Audiogenic could never stand accused of releasing half-hearted games to
make a quick buck As you can see from all their past products. Audiogenic have always come up with the goods and managed to cater for all types of gamesplayers.
Super Tennis Champs is no exception, and without delving too much Into the statistical side, it will undoubtedly appeal to everyone because it's one of those games you can st down and play, especiall against a friend. The two-player enjoyment stretches it to the limit - in fact many office arguments have been resolved with a few sets of Super Tennis Champs.
TENNIS CHAMPS PRESS FIRE R m il I HI SOFTWARE CRTIE @1995 Runior.rnie softurre ltd.
The title screen shows some excellent characters, that are so well drawn and look good able to hit a tennis ball really hard! I have to ‘ogise about my attitude, but surely you can rstand why I feel like this.
The second Is merely a cross-hair which you place where you want the ball to bounce. Also, the players all have their own statistics and attributes SO the player you will pick will have a varied effect on your success.
The Grand Slam tour takes you all over the world playing at various venues, and before you start the tournament you are split randomly against all the other competitors from around the world.
Depending on the venue, you will either play on a hard, clay or grass court.
Before you begin to get worried, there's an option for you to save your game so you can continue at a later date if things get a little tough.
The options screen allows you to change settings such as the service. You can keep all the players on the same skill, and can alter the scrolling if the ball goes out all about It! So this is cr, singles... Of play. YOU OlSO get an overview of the players you Super Tennis Champs by Audiogenic is nother in the long line of post- hristmas games, including ¦yssey. Which should be out w, and Exile - the rejuve- ted classic space romp.
Me. Super Tennis hamps looks extremely Super Tennis on the per Nintendo, and the ~y the sprites are drawn | instantly recognisable, also managed to tch up a credible 90 per nt and more In most zines.
The characters in the game I had their own personalities - t like Super Tennis Champs has.
R example, there's Buzz from rmany and Synex from game.
Moment, or league, or go the way and take part in a Grand Slam inst many more computer or human com- titors. You are then ranked in a table and the er you get in a tournament, the more points uget.
The actual playing part of Super Tennis amps is superb. Firstly, ycu can choose tween two systems of service. The first is sligh- harder - you have to hold the fire button wn to act as power and use o subtle direction plant the ball in the opposing player’s court.
At the moment it must be about 92 per cent complete - all that's waiting to be added is the obvious presentational screens, and features such as a manual and box. The gameplay is set about right, all the competitions are accessible, so from what I’ve seen it's going to be one of the best games this year - even though it’s hardy started- JRKE i nnp.n svnEH RUZZ PARIS OPEN ¦ nnnnin fTRC KRRS STRfl I CHUCFt JULIUS RVRTOn GREG nnniEL ROGER CRRLOS HERRI _ 1 1 yRLRV SAVE You can see who you'd possibly get to play In the next round via the tournament tree get to play with and against, so you can
pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, there's the option to load in more characters from disk.
Final word You can take part in a standard friendly game, tournament, or league, or go all the way and take part in a Grand Slam 5 g J itkan lltl preview -J Previewed by Andy Maddock uiidhall Leisure have been pushing releases out like nobody's business. A few months back Gloom received 81 per cent from yours truly because it was one of the first attempts at a Doom-like game.
Then followed Fears, which although it was slower, was excellent fun. Hot on the tail of these two releases is Extreme Racing, a sort of first-perspective view racing game, which looks a lot like the SNES version of Super Mario Kart - which is I no bad thing!
If I remember rightly. I previously saw some screenshots of this uploaded to Amine. Back then it wasn't signed to a publisher or anything, and to be honest. It did look pretty good. It was titled XTR' which a comprehensive applicc obviously meant Extreme although reasonably simple to Racing - although it was spelt This may look like a pretty badly drawn Basically, the screen Xtreme Racing, Gosh, how screen. However, don't worry, it's just a into a tile-like grid wh€ dithered screen we manipulate the English I anguage!
I was always a big fan of Super Mario Kart on the SNES and when I saw the screenshots of 'XTR' I could see a lot of similarities, However, instead of the excellent Mario characters. Extreme Racing featured different cars - a Police car, a VW Beetle, a Ferrari, and more. What made this so much better than Mario Kart was that four | could race at the same time on one Amk connecting two machines would enable players to battle it out all at the same tir So If you've got plenty of friends like some friendly rivalry. Extr| Racing could be just you're looking for.
Although it is still a fa off completion it’s pretty impressive, j graphics are very toon like - working 1 with the backgrcj and track graphics- the best thing by about it Is the fact j you can custom!!
On our preview there was an editor, allc you to edit the tracks, and itj you could load up oc and place them on screen. I'm not sure whether this will be Indy on tne complete package, although they!
To have already planned some data disks1 new tracks and the editor, depending on; game's success.
When I mentioned you could customise!
Mj pCtfsai nr
• c »• SB-* The track editor Is excellent. It allows you to chop
and change sections easily and efficiently Four players can
play at any one time. And if you add another Amiga, eight can
In one-player mode Extreme Racing is at its fastest. It really does play like Super Mario Kart too!
Uiran mi because the tracks are manipulated In the same way. Extreme Racing is looking far more professional than Virtual Karting, and if a few tweaks are made befcre the full version appears. It could well be one of the finest multiplayer games of the year. We'll have to wait and see.
The last racing game I saw on the Amiga was Turbo Trax, and that was pretty good, except it didn’t really offer anything new that stood out from the rest.
As far as I know, the only game that's relatively similar to Extreme Racing is OTM's Virtual Karting - and that's only Get your mates round difficulty levels as well as cup races and the aforementioned championship.
You will be able to race around a series cf themed tracks including water world, radioactive world, normal roads, and space tracks where you have to stay on the track, presumably because you're in orbit.
As with Mario Kart, there's a battle mode where you chase your opponent around a track, with the idea of smashing him up - rather than completing laps. It's pretty similar to the Mario Kart version whereby three balloons are attached to your kart and you must pop your opponents balloons. As it proudly states on the in-game instructions. ‘It's Mario Kart - only not as cute!’ Too right mate.
Entire game, I mean you can change resolutions, camera angles, frames per second, car detail, background detail, dithering and the screen size.
Almost every key on the keyboard manages to tange something.
The actual game will feature a championship where you win cash in respect for your placing, ond can then upgrade your cor to give it better engines, brakes and tyres. You will be able to run your car over question marked-shaped joxes which will randomly present you with a weapon for you to blow awcy the opposition with. These include missiles, mines and even homing sheep! Finally, there will be three The characters you can choose from are pretty sketchy at the moment, although from what I can make out there is a funny bloke, a kid, a monster, a policeman, a woman, a cool guy. A Chinese man,
and a green monster. They may change - hopefully, they will.
Hopefully, there will be full race replays so you can watch where you went wrong and why, and thankfully. Extreme Racing will be HD Installable.
Final word Super Mario Kart, was and always will be, one of the finest racing games on any format - ever. If Extreme Racing can be half as good, then It looks like Guildhall Leisure and Black Magic are going to be riding high in the charts again, so soon after their success of Fears and Gloom. All you have to do is wait for the full review, which should be next month - space allowing.
As for the actual game itself. I played it on a A1200 with a Blizzard 1220 and it was vev Impressive, especially when altering some detail and playing around with the frames per second.
* You will be able to race around a series of themed tracks
including water world, radioactive world, normal roads, and
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service available w c GUIDE Frank Nord looks at Workbench menus
in a continuation of his hints for beginners Paul Overaa takes
a look at the routnies used to run and loas Amigas How to
destro those bugs in your Arexx scripts with Paul Overaa's
debugging tips Nei Mohr tackles the problem of over
enthusiastic users of the Internet Advertising's a tricky
business, Make sure ’JP your ad has impact Frank Nord shows how
Continuing his look at making arcade games in Amos, Phil South
looks at gun firing From Commodore to music. Paul Overaa
reviews David Pleasance’s new music CD Steve White looks at
principles and specific techniques relevant to animation
Following on from hints on font styles, Cary Whiteley moves on
to video titling If you're a 3D enthusiast then these on-line
offerings will be cf great use to your work Frank Nord
continues his beginners series with a look at Workbench's Would
you like to see the menu?
? Tet*op Execute Ccwnend Ae4-evAI itxMrte Al IttlMestsp About... out operation. This means you could have a director window open on Workbench, then occess the Window menu to show all files, view them by name, and select them all in one fluid motion. In The Workbench menu Pbl You can type a shell command into the text gadget that appears and any results will appear in a text window. You can use this menu item to open a shell window by typing 'newshell' into the text gadget that appears.
Redraw All Redraw all - redraw all and the following item, Update all, are both rarely used and are for refreshing the screen display and updating drawer contents respectively.
Update All Update all • see above.
Last Message last Message - shows the last message that appeared in the Workbench title bar. This can be useful if an AmigaDOS error appears and disappears too quickly to be seen.
• We'll carry this on next issue and move onto the other menus.
So, no-one got any problems formatting disks? Good. This month I thought we would cover the menu system that AmigaDOS uses on Workbench. In my opinion Workbench’s menus are the best of the four main operating systems that most people are familiar with. The Mac's mouse only has o«e button so you have to click ot the top of the screen to get menus to appear, and the titles are there all the time, taking up spoce that could be used for something else.
Although Windows supports thiee button mice, most applications still use the left mouse button to do everything, like the Mac. Menu titles are also on constant display ond have to be clicked on to appear.
The menus in Windows are ever worse when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. Both 'he Mac and the Amiga use fairly standard keys for commonplace operations, like AMIGA-Q for quit, while Windows uses the really obvious shortcut Alt-F4 to exit an application.
The Atari ST's operating system is based around GEM, one of the first GUI systems, ond is pretty poor compared to the others. To get at menus on an ST, all you have to do is move your mouse up to the top of the screen. But this can be a source of annoyance as you pop menus open unintentionally ond slow down your work.
But where the Amiga really scores is in its unique ability to select more than one menj item in a single Backdrop AB - the backdrop command allows you to turn on or off the main Workbench window. This window contains all the drive icons you have mounted on your machine including the RAM disk.
When you double-click on an icon it opens a window in the normal fashion, but you can impress people with the speed of your machine by opening a load of windows and then clicking them to the bock of the main Workbench window. Then, when you double-click on a drive icon whose window you already have open, the window will pop to the front of the Workbench window instantly, making it look as though you have a super fast hard drive.
If you want to get rid of the backdrop window on a permanent basis, you should turn on the backdrop item and then, making sure you have no windows selected or Workbench, use the 'snapshot window' item in the Window menu.
Execute Command... E3E V Backdrop menus Ixecute command... Al - this item opens a window on Workbench that's like a one-shot Shell window.
Cose you don't know how to perform this feat, it is simplicity itself.
Try it for yourself by following the example I just used. Open a window that usually contains files without icons like the RAM disk, for example. Now hold down the right mouse button os usual to occess the Window menu, but insteod of just letting go of it when you are over the right option, click the left mouse button once insteod. Click the left mouse button on the 'show all files' item first, then on the 'view by name' option. Lastly, let go of the right mouse button when you are on the 'select contents' menu item and the menu will disappear back up at the top of the screen. Your RAM
disk window will rush about showing the files, changing them into text, and then selecting them oil.
Now I know that this demonstration doesn't actually serve very many useful purposes, but you may well have programs like PogeStream that have menu options that can have tick marks next to them to indicate that they have been selected. You can now select more thon one option ot once, rather than selecting one, waiting for the operation to occur, going back to the menu, waiting, going bock to the menu, and so on.
So let’s have a good look at the menus provided by Workbench and check out who! Options they provide. While we are doing this you will notice that some menu options are 'ghosted' - the text looks funny. This is a visual indication of a menu item that cannot be used at the present time. For instance, if you have no windows open or selected, then there is little point in using the 'show all files’ menu item, so it is ghosted.
Amiga Computing 102 FEBRUARY 1996 SUPfRSTAR erior performance. Full on speed. Yours when add the new Falcon 68040 060 accelerator to your iga 1200. It's like never hitting the brakes. State- f-the-art-technology for the ultimate rush. Seriously 3ster than a 4000 040 at a fraction of the cost. Fit the alcon, feel the speed. If you dare.
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20MH2 FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 4QMHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA .£89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE vi*er ii onivi £69.95 4MB SIMM £125.95 8MB SIMM £235.95 The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-11 adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor, instruction and data burst modes, VIPER 28 MKII BARE ......£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB......£199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £239.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £355.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £619.95 VIPER MKII SCSI AOAPTOR £79.95 P C 1 2 0 8 A1200 8MB RAM
card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
VIPER 50MHZ ‘O' PC1208 BARE ...£55.95 PC1208 1MB £85.95 PC1208 2MB ....£129.95 PC1208 4MB .....£179.95 PC1208 8MB ..£299.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
£199.95 £279.95 £325.95 £435.95 £649.95 WARP ENGINES £POA VIPER 50 BARE VIPER 50 2MB .
VIPER 50 4MB .
VIPER 50 8MB VIPER 50 16MB WARP ENGINES rO3 Easily upgradable to the 68060 Processor** 68060 Processor socket built-in I Can host up to 128MB of Local Burst RAM Fast SCSMI III SMA I Hard Disk Controller (10MB Sec) PCMCIA Compatible and fully auto-configuring
• Spwd bated on the 680*0 ZSMHx CPU I •• Upgrade 68060 price
programme available toon ¦ Amiga cate needt to be opened and
trapdoor modified I IWTTTn vtix 'OR ORDER FORM SEE OPS ADVERT
TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B
- £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 01268 271173 100307-1544 IEST OF
WORLD- £ 3 50 Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail
Order or CIS : 100307-15 Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) &
Expiry Date to: - Dept:AC02 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES
FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun
10an-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the
time of going to press.Most titles are despatched same day, but
can take up to 28 days. VAT is included 500 1200 CO 500 1200 CO
Hanbo* islands R8I Bssebei 2 Reach For The
Skies .....
6. 9 9--
6. 9 9-- 12 90 Realms, ......
19. 99 - - Red Baron. ...
12. 90----- ftse Ol The Robots .... Reky Woods ...
9. 9927.99 22.99
10. 99------
- ----- 9 99 9.99 Rood Rath-------------------
10. 99-- MIM______ Robinson's Rer nem (A50O») 22.9922 9922.99
Rome A092 12.99 ----- • Ruaby League Coech .....
19.99-- Rwfi iterate 17.99--- ~
Rulfwn 13 99-- SENSIBLE GOLF__________19 9-- SENSIBLE WORLD
OF SOCCER 19 99 --
Settlors- ...-.....19.99-- Shag
Fu ...... .
.17 99 -- Shuttle - SiFlijht Sim ... Stem Soccer ... .12 99 - - .1699 -- Slenl Service 2____________ .1299 ---- Sm City 2000 .. . ......26 09 -- Sm Lae_______________________ 10 9922.99 - Smpsone .... Skeleton Krew .. 8 99 -----
- -- 7.00 4 99 8kktmmk8...._ ......- .. SKIDMARKS
2---------------- SmtMn . 1299 --
19. 99 -19.99
17. 9917.99 17.99 Steepwafeer .... 8 99 8
9919.99 SoosrKM Soccer Team Manager ..
Space Academy Space Quest 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.. Spocdbail
9. 99 9.99 19.99 10 99 ----
19. 99 17.99 12 99 - -----
- 8.99 -12.99 Spans Legacy. .... Sphercal
Worlds ...... Sports Challenge .....-.....
Stardust Special Edition Star
Crusader ...... CnmI F, D 19 99 -19 99
.17.09--17.00 .12.99 - ---- . 9.99---- 189919 99 -- 3 D OQ
...... ___ jubvi rnn1 c
SwksFM- . .. 14.65 ’¦*¦ ......
.10.09----- STRIP POT .. Stjnt Car
Raoer ...... Suburban Commando . Subversion
..... ______ QIIRU AD 0(V»A ..--9.99
6. 99 .. 7.99-- 8 99 Super League Manager Super Mediane
Brothers Super Sterdus) ... Super Sireedghter
2 .. Supor Tennis Champ ...
SOMltfM....- ..... .. -12.9922,09 19
9919-9919.99 899 -- 8.99
- ---19.99 19.99 20 9920 99 20 99 .17 99 - ----
- -----1200 Suporskiamarks . .1999 ---19.99
Supremacy to 99 ------ Syndicate________________________ Taetc*
Mm - Endeh cr Scots TACTICAL MANAGER 2 ... .1299 - 22 99 .1999
--- ..19.99 * Team Yankee Test Malch Cricket
Terminator 2 The Bg 6 - Dizzy ... .1299 -- _
7.99-- 699 --
- -12.99 ThaClua-------1 .. The
Games . The Greate« • Compilabon .
The Publisher ,---19 99 19-99
10. 99-- . 21.99 - - 22 99 --- Their Fnest Hour ...
12. 99 ..... .22.9922.99 22.99
Thundartwrit_________________ . 4.00---- Tiny
froopa..... ________________ .22.99 --19 99 Top 100
Games ... ..-----9,99 Top Geer
2 ------------------ Torvak..
17. 9917 9919.99 _ 4.99-- Total FOOtbtNn ... Touring
Car Challenge . Tower Assaut ...
Townr rf Sctih ,22,99 --
- 12.99-- .13.991399 19 99
19. 9919 99 - Traps 4 Treasures 17 99 -17 99 Treble Champione
2 .. 7.99 --- Triple Action • Voi 6 Super Terns
* AvnaV ? Time Bandit ... 9.99 Turbo Tran 19.99 -
• Turning Ports .. UFO .1299 ---- 12 9912
99 22 99 Ultimate Boay Sttat .. unmate
GoF ..... UIImate Soccer Manager ¦ : j---19
99 . 8 99 ----- .19 991999 - .17.99-- Universe 22 99 -22 99
Vrocop r______ VIRTUAL KARTING . Veal
Light .. Wheel Bon Wirt ! In QmMI .17
9917.99 - . -19.99 - 19 99 -19.99
- ---19 99 - 1 7 00 17 00 A
• TIM L UJ OJLLC ..... Wing Commardar Wmlir
Gold ... Wizkid . 1 I .55 1 1 .55 D 55 1299 ---
.12.90-- .10.99-- Omm Eneydqp8 J«.l INSIGHT DINOSAURS.
JiKibr Typts.1 (5-10)------- Kid PI* .- WO 1200 CO 500 1200 CO 12 99
- •12 99
- 1299 oefl Sue .....10.99 - A10 Tank
Kiler______________12.99 - A320 Approach Trainer 26.99---- G
Gooch-Bi ACM Attack CcmpiMlton - CwuamfloMtoS GROWERS Super
Sktomarfc* 199919 99 " " “ AC© BLITZ
COMPILER .29.99 -- Addam* Family. .. 8.99--
Adrtrtures ol Robin Hoo J 12 99 --- Air Bucks 1 2
12 9912 99 -- Aladdn. ...... 19
00 ALIEN BREED 3D------------ .-22.99 2299
AtenOVrWs 1999 --1999 AD Tortam
Raco? 17.9919.99 19 99 i 25
- 25
- 25
- 25 ’ 25
• 25
• 25 125 1 25 1299 9 99 9 99 129912 99
9. 99 .199919 991999
- 12.99-- .699--- 8 99 9.99 1299 899 ---1299 10 99 ------
• • 19 991999 .19.99--
12. 99------ 19 9919.99 1999 Andre A 12S 125 125 125 1 25 '25 1
25 1 25 I 25 ' 25
• 25 i 2S 125 125 125 125 125 125 ...13* 12 1 25 125 1 25 125 1
25 1 25 1 25 1 25 ' 25 i 25
1. 25 ' 25 125 1 25 ’25 ’ 25 125 i 25 ’25 '25 . 125 125 125 125
125 125 125 125 l 25 1 25 1 25 I 25
1. 25 1 25 1 25 1 25 I 25
1. 25 1 25
1. 25 ’ 25 1 25 t 25 2 50 1 25
• 25 ’25 i 25
• 25 125 125 ....125 250 125 ’ 25 4 99 250 125 125 125 1 25 I 25
125 125 125 125 125 I 25 125 125 1 25 125 12 125 125 125
1. 25 125 125 1 25 125 1 25 125
8. 99 899
7. 99 999
- 1999
- 999
- 1999
- 22.99
- 14.99
- 1999
- 1799 17,99
- 19.99 ...______12.99 - -
10. 99-- . ......17.99--- A500* 19 9926 99 -- ......19941999 1999
-- 699 ---- - 19 99 -
13. 99
10. 99 1399 899 Tnjy I RobinMJPPM Scroogo Xmas Carol(8*) The
Three Bean (5-lCi... Wind In The Wuows fr.)l Wizard O!
Oz .. 199919.99 1999
13. 991999
4. 99 - 499
- 1399 179919991999
10. 99 Insight Dinosaurs Intelligent StrategyGai International
One Day JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES 10 Capacity 3 5-Disk 80* 50
Capacity 3.5*Oisk Box 100 Capacity 3 5'Osk Box ________ 140
.... 5.99 .... 7.99 4 Paver Joystick
Adapet .... AMITEK FUSION GehLOCK .. ......_...
4.88 ....94.99 Analog Joyshck Adaptor - ...
Automatic JoystickiMouse Spicer
- ------- 4.99 14 99 CH FLK»HTS TICK (ANALOG) . Cheetah
126* ..- .. (AAR)29 99 .... 7 99
Cheelah Bug Compel eon Pro Joypad for
C032 ..
- ..11 99 1399 External 680K Rcopy Drrve .. I____
59 99 Framvrt»l Steermo Wiecl .24.99 Gravis Analog
Joystick (AAR)29 99 GRAVIS ANALOG PRO JOYSTICK(AAR)54.99 Gravis
Adv Switch JovsBCk . 22 99 Gravis
Gamepad . ..-15.99 Hand Heto
Scanner Internal BOOK Floonv Cmre AfiOO 109 99 4799 INTERNAL
680K FlOPP,r DRIVE AfiWA1200.,49.99
Meuse_____________________________10 99 Mouse house
1. 99 Mousemai ... JoyMkJVMouse
Exienson Cable Joystick Y SpHter ......
______1.99 .. 8.99 ______4.99 Logc 3 Delta Ray Autdtre
JY156 ....10.99 Looic 3 Qualro GT AutMifO JT1SS
...10 99 Lixic 3 Qualm JT164 ..... POWER SUPPLY
UNIT-------------- Qutckpy Hyperpad .....
QuMM Ppm 6 .....
- 8 99 ....39.99 .. 8.99 1399 Qutckpy II
Turbo ...10.99 Saitek M*gagnp 2 Autetee
MX220 10.99 Sailok Mogagnp -MX'32 (Analog)..(AAR) 13.99
Screenbeal 3 Soaaken S8203 12 99 Screenbeal 4 Speaken S8204
Screenbeal 5 Speaker) S8205 ....11.99 11 99
Screenbeal Pro 50 Speakers S825C Screenbeal RCA Adapter Cable
Screenbeal Power Supply .. i- .32 99
.. ijf ... 7 99 SIMM 4 MEG EXPANSION - 70 NS SIMM
B MEG EXPANSION ¦ 70 NS _________119.99
230. 09 SIMM 16 MEG EXPANSION • 70 NS 445.99 Sunccm Analog Eooe 1
(AnaVog) (AAR) 14 99 SunccmFhghl Max (Analog) .....(AARV27
99 Sunccm FX2i3X !L rrt * Rrt-f rtindeli AAR) 17 99 Sunccm
Stik Sock________________ Suoccfn Tac 2..... ....
3.99 799 Thrustmaster XL Joyteck ...... SX-1
WcoQSOck ....- . 4.99
- 1999 493 499 1399 COLON ISA' Combat CiaseiC8 i Combat Classics
2 Combat Classics 3 Complelo Choss World Cuss Loaoorticurd
World Cup Gelt .. World Cup USA '94 WORLD CUP YEAR-94..
Wortd Of Clipart World Of Games .. World Of GIF Wcrtd Of Pinups Vol 1 World Of Pinups Vot2._..... World Of Photo World Of Sound Wend cr VMM .... World ol Footbal . World Of Got Wortd ol Soocor ..... WorkK at War Wortos ol Legend WORMS .17.99 19 99
- 9.99
- 9.99
- 9.99
- 9 99
- 12.99
- 9.99
- 9.99
- 9 99
3. 5“ Blank Discs TDK Pncci LOW Ugh
- ow High Low High 10
5. 90
6. 09
3. 99 590
3. 50 4 09 20
11. 60
13. 50
7. 80
11. 50
6. 60
9. 50 50 27 50 32 50 1750
27. 50 16 25 22 50 100 5250 6250
32. 50 5250
29. 99 4250 .19.99
17. 90 _ 7.99
6. 99 .12.99 .19.99
19. 88 . 8.99 .16.99
6. 99 ...25.99 RECYCLED CSDO Low 10 6 299 206 650 SO 6 1250 100 6
PD & Shareware BUSINESS SPECIAL OFFERS B001 A-Gene (1 meat
B002 Business Card Qakor ..... B003 Database Maste’
- ---125 ___125 ... .125 Allred Chicken
BaflleToeds .....
Beavers . ii!
- 12.99
- 12.99
- -12.09 BOO* Ami Cash ... B005
Ambase Prof B006 600 Business
LtGere ... 1.25 125 125 Body Blows
Chaos Engine ..
12. 99 12.99 --- . 9.99---12.99 993 999 999 B007 Text Engma BOOB
PC Task- .....-...... 8011 A-Grach
... .125 ___1.25 .....,1 25 Coot World .
CfyWliP**0O* -,„., .
Dennt*.--------------------------- DtsposaOlo
8. 99 , 9,99
- - B013 AnaMK ALC-------------------------- BQ15 Stock Anptyn
B016 bttie Office ... B017
Budgets VI .34______________________ ......2 50 ......125 !
- 12.99 1 25
- ---125 Fty Haidar------------------- Footbal
Glory. .. ......______ ! 8.99 12.99 8 99 ---- EDUCATIONAL
E0D2 The Bible (4 Daks) . _____4.99 Garden Fax -
Frute ? Veg . -
- 12.99 E0D3 Wortd Databank .... ____12S Garden
Fax • Garden Planls.
Garden Fax - Indoor Plants Garden Fax - Trees * Shrubs ”
* 12.00
- 12.99 12.99 E0O4 GCSE Maths ...... - ...... E006
Total Concepts------------------ PAA7 QahL Y.lL ____125
......125 Humans 1*2 ------------- Jack Ncklaus
Unlmted . J Nickiius Designer C»p An James Pond 2 RoboCod
1299 7 99
- 12.99 1299 999 9 99
- 999 tWf ban* 1 E008 Dunks DTP .
E0O3 Colour The A at»bet Eoio The Hghway Code E011 Junior Math)
. ..125 12S
• 25 .....125 ......125 Jeisinka
K240 . Last Nlnta 3 999 799
E012 Electronic Tram Sal (1 MEG).
E013 Leom 4 Play 1 . ......125 ......125 Mean Arenas ...... MICROPROSE GOLF_______ 1299
- 12.99 E014 Loam 4 Play 2 .... E6l5 Treasure
Hunt. ..____ ..
- -----125 ____125 Morph Myth .....
... Naughty Ones...... .... 799
- 12-99
- 12.99 E016 Wraithed One E017 Story
Land 2 ......- . E018
WoMsname -..... ......125 ___125
____1.25 250 125 2 50 125 125 250 125 750 125
2. 50
12. 9 9--
13. 99 -
13. 9 9--
17. 9917.99 125 l 25 125 125 ____ Crash PymnUff__ Cruise For A
Corpse------- Curne ol Enchaniia ...... Cybereon
3 Cyborspace_____________ D
Generator!----------- „.. 0 Thompson's Olympic Chal
17. 9 9-- 12J9----
17. 9 9--
17. 9 9--
12. 9 9-- .1229---- .10.99--
22. 99 ---
12. 99 -17.99 .6.00-- Dawn Patrol 22 9922.99 -
Dm rot_______:_______
22. 9922.99 -- Oesert Strike .... OkpoMtXe
Hero Otzhyjte Big 8 .12.90--
7. 99 -
- -1299
12. 99---
22. 9922.99 - DUNE 1 OR 2 .... DUNGEON MASTER
12. 99--
- 22.99 - El Mi .
12. 99----- EUUS-FlWBH.....- .... ELITE 3 - 1ST ENCOUNTERS
Bmxyo____________________ 19 90 --1999 .---19.99 1999
17. 99 -1799 Empire Soccer 94 Epic
...... European Champcms Evasive
Acticn ...
EXILE ..- 19 99 --
12. 99 rfr r ™ .10.99-- .19.99 ----1999 . 9.9919.99 1999 Extreme
Racing ------------- -19991999 Eye Of The Bahoder 1 or 2-
.12.99------- FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX...12.99--
FI .12.99-- F1 Wortd Champ
EdbonASOCM 9 99 ---- Fl3StrtaLagit2_______12J9 F17
Challenge ....10.99--- FIB
SmtiFttiier___________1199-- F117A SteenhAQhter 1299 -----
F29 ...10 99 --- F*nt»»y
Mtfteger ...... 899---
FEARS .. .19.99 19.99 Fed* Ol
Gtary FIFA Soccer 12 9912.99 22 99 1999 ---
RreFwce . Flashback. F
Sim 2 Japan Scenery F Sim 2 Hawaran Scorory 9'utai Paws o*
Fury, i lual Fociball BubbanStu frjttu r Stii &
B. iCde Bobbie Buttle & Squeak BudcAan
BURNTIME .17,9917 99 Campaign
2 12.99| Cadaver Pay on 1299 Canncn Foodor 2
19.99 CANNON FODDER ....12 99
Cankaxx ..... 8 99 Carrier Command *
99 Caesar Doluxo ...12.99 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 2
19.99 Champ Man End Ol Sensor 1199 Champ Manager tiaiia 95 16
99 Champ Man Compendium 1 .99 Chauk Rock -- Chock Rock
2 .. 4 93 Chock Rock 1 & 2 .
CIVILISATION 12.99 12.99 Classic Board Game*
..... 8.99 -- CLASSIC COLL - DELPHINE 16.99-- CLASSIC C0U-
LUCAS ARTS 19.99-- CIOCkVMMr 9.99 9 99 9 99 QubFooMI
... 999 9.99 -- COALA--------------------- 19.99 -
Cohort 2....____________________19.991 Goton©» 0egueor
..10 99 SATlON Football Glory Indoors FOOTBALL
STATISTICIAN PRO26 99 Fulur* Wars 10 99 Gamer Gold
Collection - Bump N Bum * jatssrme * Nk* Faksos Goi» -----
1S.99 Global Bled _________ 4.99 GLOOM
...... 19.99 11.99 Gloom Date
06k ... ... -12.99 - Gloom 2 -----If.99 Obom Dakota
. 19.99 G Gooch-Second Inning* .... ti.99--
Ggooeh-TeM Match Special 19.99-- 1999 .19 99 --- .2299 --
22. 99 -- Cora A1200 Bundle Skeleton Krew.
Banshee. HetmdaB 2..... 19.99 - Cora CD32 Bundle 1 Banshee.Hemdaf 2.
Lfrvrerse. SuevWsn Krew. .. 2299 Core CD32 Bundle 2 BoObanSttx.
Premef. Chue* Rock 1*2 '890 499 Agawi Tf AncmerWord ApkJya Araoan Knchls Arcade Poor Archer Mareara Poo Alroorty... .
A»ft'd Writers 2 B 1 7 Fiyirg Fortross .
Bald* .
Banshee ... Base Jumpers MHMchm______________ BMIe Me *93 ...... 17.99 Batttehawks 1942 ..12.99 Behind The Iron Gate 16.991 Beneath A Steel Sky .....20.99 Benefacicf Big Sea .
BrdSCfPrey |M|| Crypt..... a Tennis .22.99
• oodnet Mz Bcmbors Blitz Term .. Bhja
Angels .. My Pi-.- , c„,.
Bravo Romoo Delta...-...- 8 99 Bwacrtl . 2299 -- Brian The Lxon 19.99 17.99 1799 LeediogLap ....-
19. 9919 99 -- Legend* 3 Va’our ... L««um Sul Larry 1 0f2
or3 Lemmnoe 1 .... ....
12. 99--
12. 09-----
- ---19.99 LEMMINGS 3------------ brka -The Challenge ....
Lion King ....
- 19.99 - 12 99 ----- -
- -19.99 - Lombard RAC RaBy Loom..-------- Lords of the
Realm .- Lotus Tnogy .
Lure Of The Temptress Ml Tank Platoon ...
699-- 12 99 - 22 9922 99 -
- -9.99 12 99 --
12. 99 - - Marhurter "New York* .
Manhunter ‘San Francisco*... 1299 --
12. 99-- Man UM • The Doubte Marvena Marvellous Adv Master
Axe .. Megaraee--------------------
Megatraveiler 1 or 2 . Messengers Of
Doom__________ MICROPROSE GOLF ...
19. 9 9-------
- --19.9919.99
19. 9919.99 19 99
- ---2290
12. 99 ---
19. 9 9--
12. 9 9-- Microsgh! Warriors . Mvrn U •
- --19.9919.99 17 BO Mklwnte- 10 00--- Midwriter
2______ ... MlghJy Max ... .12.99----
17 9919 99 - Mntanr Masterpieces ~ ... Mhk
OfSce ..... MONKEY ISLAND 1 OR 2.... .1699 ---
.36.99 -- ,12.98-- Moonbase Morph ...
- --- 7.99 8.99 1 *2 GO ...... n OQ W 0*wLr» Mr . Nutt
... MUSC X 2.0 ..
Mutant League Hockey . Napdeonics .-
1 J.e* U.Jr* .17.99-- ,27.98 • ---
17. 991799 -
12. 99----- Navy Moves ...... New Zealand Story
.... Nigel Mansells Wchamp......
NtMitbreod .... Odyssey ----------------- One Day
Cnckaf . ON TX WLL-W0RU) CUP EcfTIOi On The
Ba 1-League Edition OperMion H4fh f . Operator
SteeBh . 6.99-- . 6.99-- 8 99 --19.99
6. 99--- 17 99--- . 8.99---- i 9 99 999 -
19. 992299 - . 8.00-- .11.99-- Ortantal Games.. Outrun
Europa . Overorrve ______ Overhrd
8. 99 _ 699 ---- . 8.99-- .22.99 - 1 r
PmrtCtan .12.99-- PEN
PAUWOROPROCESSOR). 24.99 -- PGA European
Tour .....17.9917.99 17.99 PGA Tour
Got .....-.....12.99-- PHOTOGENICS V 12--------- -37.99
- Pinball Dreams 4 Fantasies . 22.99 ----- Pinball
Fantasias ......19.9924.99 Pinball
tensions_____________ PINBALL MANIA . Pinball
Magic .... ..--19 99 19 99 .. -19.99 - egg - -
Pirates ... 10 99 ---- Pirates
Goto Pinkie .... „-----22 gg .17 gg
ig.gg nayer Manager z _„,uw--- PLAYER MANAGER 2
EXTRA -13.99 - Ppi* P»P ?ri 19 9919,99 - Pokce Que*» 1 or 2 or
3 12 99 - Populous 4 Promised Lands... 12.99 Popuous
2 ....12.99--- POWERBASE V3 5( DAT ABASE)
14.99-- Ponwrdr,ve 19 9919 99 19 99
Powerhouse ..- ..... Powermooger 4 DTXsk ..
PREMIER MANAGER 3. ... Prom Man MuBi Edit Sys...... Pnmt
Mover .... PRIMAL RAGE ..
Project X 22 9022.99 - 12 99 ---- .
4.99 ......12-99 .12.9917.98 - ..10.99-- .17.99
- 19.99 - - 10 99-- dr Qrt Pro Temis Tour
Pushover----------- Pussies Galore ..
- o.sw 8 99 -- .--16.9916.99
PuBy- ....
8. 99---- 1 ft Ml 9 A rtA Pudy Sryuad....____
Owek ..... Oueal For Gkyy 1 or 2---------
- 19.99 19.99 9 99--- .12.99--
Wreckers .... WWF 1 or
2 ..... X-IT - Zonked ....
Gooch - 94 95 Oata Disk 4 99 -- ’ Gooch • Battle lor tie Ashes
. 4.99---- III ENCYCLOPEDIA--22,99 Gremlin Four Pack -
loJus.Premier Manage 2, Space Crusade.Zoc 2 ... 13 99 ---
Guardian _..._ 9.99 9.99 Guness Disc of
Records -----1699
Gcnshp .10.99------- 0UM9WP
2000 .....12.99 24.99 22.99 Hama Barbera
Animation 29.99 ----- Hard Nova ..... 899 --
Heart of Chna 12.99--
Hekndafl .. 499
h9inxJM2 ...... 4.99 7.892299 Halpl
Compjlallon ¦ Puna Z.Pinftatl Praams.
Pro TenmsToor.Fi Rsong.Loadervoard. The Homans.Sherlock Hoimcs.Poshcver. Pnnce OT Persia 17.99----- High Seas Trader.: .....-....---22.99 - Hisiory Una 1914-18 ...12.99--- Hits lor Si* • Vol 1 - Crxcaoo 90 ?
F19 ? THUS me Fox* Star Goose * Grand Pnx Master ...... 9.99 Hits tor Si* -Vol 2 FIS! * HarobaS Blues Brothers t Hammer Boy * Eye erf ?ew.HermayP»M2.HiWor 9 99 ¦ Hits tor Six - Vol 3 - Crazy Cars 3 t Gonahp * Mega Phoenx * ArtwM
* Archpeiegos * Star Rty 9.99 Hit* for Six • Vol 6 Sitonf
Serve* 2 * 3D Wood Tenms * World Cncket * G Sajness Soccer *
StormM . 9.99 --- Hits lor SI* - Vol 7 - Special Forces * 30
Wood Box ng * Slade Wamoc * Windsurf W y* Nebulous 9 99
Hits lor Six - Voi 6 - Railroad Tycoon * Inf Tenms • WC Footbav
Manager * NefbereortdrBmGameFaNng.BM - - Hook .
699 --- HoyteiBookolGames1or2w3.10.99-- HudnnHavm 690
Human* 14 2 ... 19.99 Immortal . 10.99----- ossibte
Mssicn 2025 . 22 99 24.99 22.99 i Jones • Allan * Adv
1299---- - 800________ 10.99--- ... 14 99 r Games
19 99 --- Day Cncket 9.99--- IniOS -AMOS 16.99--
(TSCitcket .18.99-----
J4!h«P0rtd3 ..... 8.90 J Nlcklaus Greatest
18 ..... 6.99---- Jaguar XJ220 ...... 4.99 ---
Jimmy While's Snooker 12.99-- John Madden Football 10.99-----
JjTOlo Strike .....17.8817.9917.99
KGBl .... 12.99-- Kick OH 3 Euro
Challenge 16.9919.99 --- KkJ Chaos 17.9919 99 19.99 Kingpin....
_.10.9912.99 12.99 Kings Quest 1, 2, 3.4 or
5... .12.99-- KmgsOuoste ... 22.99 -- Krvghts
Of The Sky 10,99-- Out To Lunch ___________
Powergames Sabre
Team_________________ _ Sanpete Se *tr« » 1299 Sensible Soccer
mierraiional.-- Snartewlighter ... 9 99 SIMON THE
SORCERDR 1 ...1299 Sieve Davis Snooker . 4 99
Tornado . 9 99 Total
Carnage_______________________ Vamgs. .. 8.99 WEMBLEY
NTERNATKMAl SOCCER - Womboy Rugby League 7.99 World dMsRtgeyW 9
99 Zooi ------ 8.99 Zool 2 8 99 ADI GCSE
French- ...22.99 AOI Junior Courrtng (4 5| or
(6-7} 13.99 Btfter Spellna f8-10) 13.99 Belter
Maths (12 16)...... 13.99 Cave Maze (8-12)..... 10.99 Classic
Board Game Ches&BadkaamMaOw oto... 4.99 ~ onGo&ns (8-131
.....10.99 Mage Mams (4-5)_________ MaBis Dragons (6-13)------
Mams Mana (8-12) . .... Mix and Malch iM) ... Noddy’s P Time or
6g A4* (3*| 16.99 Pcture Fractions (7-1(5 • -.....10.99 Wdh
Trolls (5-12) . 10.99 The fiouso (6-10) 10.99 Hood 8*
13.98 .. - - .... 139g .13.93 .13.99
Label Designer C003 Super
Fonts . OTOS Deluxe Pain
Tutor... - .. C006 Shadow Dorro Maknr
- ... C007C»pAl1 COM Uknois
Labels - .. ..... C011 Word Power ....
C012 Font Farm .... CoiSvYne
Maker .. C014 Assasseis ..
C016 Garden Desagnor ________________ C017 X
Beal .- .. UTILITIES
U003 The Workshop __________________ U008 Address Book
U0O8 Asteroid ..... U010
Autograph U013 The High! Way
U014 PfliWK PrPl«' Dnver ..... U0I5 HP. Pnnter Omtt
.... U016 Seikrteha PrirYer Driver ..... U017
Cannon 6 Cezen Printer Driver U020 Bad
Formal .... U021 Amga Begmers Guikie
U022 Belter Bench Vi 2 - U023
De-grader 500 600 1200 ...._ . U024 Exlomun-8 Virus
Kiler U027 Fake Memory for a 1200 . U028 Action
Replay For The 600 U029 Amiga Tulorlal
.. U030 A CtS OataCase U035 Text
Plus v4 00 ..... U037 unimaw Cheats
And Sdutons .
0938 Numect Pad For 600 . U039 Calone Base 0040 J R Comm ... 0041 Race Raptor- ..... 0042 Pods Pools V2 U043 Training Log .... 0 M4 MasbeNbick .. 0045 0-Solve ____ , , , UO*8L0Ckpic v2 .0 U047 Relo Kick vl 4 ... U048 Ptocad Electmd ... U049 Dividends Winner .. U052 Essential Virus Killer ... U053 soccer League ..... DEMOS 4 RAVE D001 Mflht Breed...._ ..... D002 Iron Maiden Stetestaw D003 Oood
Morning Velinam ..... 0004 Oeep Show . D006 Frcvcon Ho»ror Show D006 Tola- Recall Sideshow D007 Evil Dead (1 meg) . D0C6 Batman Cartoon .. DOMRobooop----------------------- D010 Viz Slideshow ... D011 Not The 9 Ociock News DO 12 Raider Ol The Los! Ark .. D013 Predator Demo.. , .. 0014 Sale Sex . 0015 Stealthy 2 (1 meg) -------------- 0016 Jim Hendrix Sideshow 0018 Holeten Pua - .. 0019 Popeye Moeis The Beech Boys 0021 Moonwalker
Dema ...... 0022 Mike Tyson 1 ireg) 0024 Termnatof ... 0026 Lite Of Brain ... 0027 The Gaif«d Slideshow 0028 Teeraoe Turtiet Swwncw . 0029 WWF Sideshow 0030 The Gathenng GFX ... 0041 Enterpnse leaving Dock 0042 Grts of Sport________________________ D043 The Run |1 meg) 0044 Star Trok Ammauona ..... 0045 Jasua On E a _.... D046 How To Skin A Cot .. 0047 Calendar Girls ... D048 Rave Vision ... 0049 Tectvw
Warner . D050 Jesus Loves Acid D051 House Samptes ..... 0052 Rave Length...- .... MUSIC M028 Pnk Floyd The Yrtll Rcim------ M029 No Limns M030 Cybome* .. M031 Moiiv-8 .. MO32 Sound Track Slam r (4 asks).
Goi4 2aiwon ------- ... G015 Earth Invaders ___________________ G017 Mayhem G018 The Fun House ...... G019 Amos Games G020 Games Galore . G021 Ouadnx (pal only) .. GQ22 Buzzard - ...... ..... G023 Break Out------------------ G024 Demottton Mission G025 Lady Bug Ino1000or 1200) G026 Depth Charge G029 Dual . G030 Spitfire Assault--------------------------- G03i TetnsPre .. G032 Relayer .... G033 Bcmb Jacky G034 Top
Secret . G035 RagcaKtier ----------------- G036Wlzwar.._______________________ G038 Calculus Combat . 0030 Slob--------------------------------- G040 Sector ..... G041 Oush..„. ......_ ... G042 Smurl Hurt ..- ._.. G043 Super League Manager G044 Quiz Master I Edtof . 0045 Revenge Ol The Mulani Camels .
G046 Tank Atlack .. G047 Whea Kngrt .. G048 Wibbie Wortd Gwdy G051 Alianlis ...... - ..... GO52 Adventure Souttions (not 1200) GO53 Legend Ol Lothian. .... G054 IronCladS (not 1200) G055 Vazars Wars _________________________ G056 Fortress (demo) .... G057 NeigFfcour* Adventure G058 Space Reecue____________________ G059 Dungeon Delver SPORTS SP001 Top Of The League SP0O4 Mr Mon Otymoc* . SPC05 Sambal! ... SP006 Slrtkaball _______________ SP007 Amos
Cricket ... SP0O8 Grand Pnx Simulator .. SIMULATIONS SM001 5 Smulaton Gam»s (nof 1200) SM002 Relum To Earth ... SMO03 Napoeor.c Wartare Sm v5 SM004 Wheel of Fortune (not 1200) SMOOS Card Sharp SMO06 Sub Attack SM007 Rouielle ... SM0O8 Act 01 War . .
SM0O9 Moo Market _______________ WE ALSO SELL SONY PLAYSTATION. SEGA SATURN. SNES. AMIGA. ST AND JAGUAR GAMES. JOYSTICKS AND PERIPHERALS • PHONE NOW Paul Overaa delves beneath the surface of the Amiga's program scatter loading routines Scatter brain wm ver the next few issues I am going to be taking o look at the routines that are used to load and run Amiga programs. The storting point for these discussions are he files used to store an executable program on disk, in other words the socalled AMIGADOS 'Load Files’.
A load file consists of a number of units known as flunks’ which, amongst other things, contain program code, static dota such os graphics and text, and details of ony uninitialised space needed by the program. When o user runs such o program, ether from the Workbench or by typing its name at a Shell window, on AmigaDOS loading routine is brcught into oction.
J The first thing that happens is that a header block is read and the space for o hunk table, used during fo loading operations, is allocated. Immediately after tivs, appropriate amounts of memory for the various code, data and bss (uninitialised space) hunks present in the load file are allocated, with the iunk contents being reod into the acquired memory blocks.
Because separate memory allocations for the various hynks ore made, the hynk information boscolly jus* gets loaded into any suitable memory area that is Iovuilable (with the loading routine performing any absolute address relocation calculations and creating [ ony segment code links that may be required) Program segments produced in this way ore linked together using an arrangement known os o 'seglist' and the original DOS routine for scatter loading a program into memory. LoodSegO, for example will create just such a list, and return a pointer to it, if the ! Lood is successful. At some
stage, of course, any pro gram loaded by this routine will need to be removed I from memory and the routine used to perform this operation is called UnLoodSegO.
Function: segli st_p=LoadSeg(f i lenaoe _?)
Placing a load file INTO MEMORY The use of the LoodSegO routine itself is easy. Load a pointer to the filename into register dl and then make a conventional DOS library call in this fashion: ¦ove.l ffiltna»e,d1 load file naae CALLSTS load$ eg,JOSBase The result which comes back in dO should, of course, be checked for errors and often a convenient way of doing this will be to store the pointer in memory and test the zero flpg after the move has been completed like this: lore.1 dO,seglistj preserve BCPL pointer for unloading beq.i .error Having got the seglist equivalent of a load file safely
into memory, the DOS library provides routines, including one called CreateProcf), which allows the code to be brought to life as a separate process. There are, however, other uses for the loading routines - you can, far example, pass files containing just image doto structures through the conventional assemble link stages, producing graphics data that can be scatter loaded. When it comes to using functions like Intuition's Drawlmagef) and so on you do, however, need to be able to locate the start of the real data within each segment.
Individual segments which make up a seglist are tied together by means of poinh ers (BCPL pointers) with a NULL value signifying the end of the seglist chain. If we then take the starting BPTR seglist pointer provided by a routine such os LoadSegf), left shift it by two bit positions and add 4, we end with an address that is the start of the real segment information. Here's a typical piece of example code for scatter loading a load file into memory and locating the entry point of the first segment: Funclfen It The ¦ove.l CALLSTS Ifiteniae,d1 Loid$ eg,JOSBiit AmigaDOS ocattar oove.l dO,seglistj
preserve BCPL pointer for unloading loading »agllst beq.s .error creation routine 1st.1 K,d0 addq.l f4,d0 ¦ove.l d0,i1 at points to entry point As far as file loading and seglist creation is concerned that's basically it - the AmigaDOS routines take care of all the difficult stuff. The next thing to do is take a look at how seglists can be used and, needless to say, this part of the story comes next month.
Blisters: dO d1 ‘Prototype: BPT* loadSeglcbar *1 Input Value: filena«c_p pointer to I null ttritnittd string pointir to 1 seglist or HULL if error occurs Seglist pointers hturn Value: seglistj * jfiwttion: succes9=UnLoadSeg ieglist_p) bgisttrs: dO d1 prototype: BOOL UnloadSeglBPTI) liput Vacua: saglistj) * pointer to a seglist Boolean success failure indicator l«turn Value: Wee*} s r ion 2: The AmigaDOS aagmont unloading routlna AmigaDOS has its roots in an operating system called Tripos, much of which was written in a language called BCPL. ’ Amiga coders in general do not have to worry about
BCPL except for the fact that it uses a form of long word address* ing based on the normal 680x0-style memory addresses divided by four. If, therefore, an AmigaD05 function is specified as returning a BPTR, i.e. a BCPL- type pointer, you have to multiply that address by four before using it.
If an AMIGADOS function returns a BPTR, then any equivalent deallocation function will also expect a BPTR as well.
This being so, it's usually best to store these pointers in BCPL form and then convert them just before use like this: ¦ove.l bcplj ,dQ BCPL fora Isl.l
* 2,d0 real aackine address Amiga Computing 105 VILLAGE TRONl Ate
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m m H
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O O fj
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ImogeMoster, Real3D
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Monitor without changing cobles.
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up a network, use our Ariadne Ethernet card that is conpalible
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• IOBose-2 (Thin Ethernet, coax cable) ard 1 Obase I (Twisted
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• English manual Blittersoft • b Drakes Mews • Downhill • Milton
Keynes • Buckinghamshire • MKE Order Line +44 (0) 1908 26 -66
Wellweg 95 D- 31157 Sarstedt - Germany 10 technical Hotline
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-77 Fax +44 0)l908 26i4-88 BBS +44 (0)1908 26: --99 Paul Overaa
explains bow Arexx's de-bugging facilities :an be used to [find
errors in scripts huntm r ALL Traces all clauses as they are
BACKGROUND This mode is the same as OFF except far the fact that the TS support program can not override it.
COMMANDS All command clauses are traced before being sent fa the external host. Any non- zero return codes ore also displayed.
ERRORS Commands which result in a non-zero error code are traced.
INTERMEDIATES Clauses and all intermediate results of expression evaluation are traced (including values of variables, the results of function calls and expansion of compound names.
LABELS Traces labels reached either in sequence or via flow control statements.
NORMAL Default tracing mode. Similar to the ERRORS mode except that an error ceiling value (set using the OPTIONS FAILAT instruction form) is used to determine whether or not an error trace should be generated.
OFF Tracing is turned off by this option although this situation can be overridden by Arexx's TS program.
RESULTS Traces the results of every expression that is evaluated.
SCAN Similar to ALL but it is a parse-only scan so the program does not actually get executed.
Table 1: Options available with Arexx's TRACE Instruction The TRACE INSTRUCTION ebugging and testing can be ore of the m most time-consuming stages of ony soft- ware development, and Arexx scripts ¦I are, of course, no exception to this. The use of proper structured design techniques, modular programming, top-down development and so on tdps, but it will not eliminate all the problems. No matter how conscientious o programmer you ore, some mistakes ore bound to be made Sometimes problems will be due to simple syntax errors caused by, say, a basic misunderstanding of how a statement should be
written, or a dyslexic slip at the keyboard - inadvertently writing Uppre() when you meant Upper(| for example, or writing a semi-colon when you meant to write a colon because you didn't hit the shift key ot the right time.
Such mistakes are usually considered harmless because they are easily found and therefore easily corrected.
Arexx is very good in this respect ond not [only will it identify most errors but you can oe fairly [sure that any Arexx program which gels to a [tunable stage is going to be nigh on 100 per cent [syntactically correct.
If, whilst developing a script, you get oast the rivial syntax error stage and your program seems b run in some fashion, then often you will be home ond dry. Occasionally, however, things will go wrong - o progrom moy run to a point and then for no obvious reason moy just fail to behave os expected It's at this stage that we enter the realm of debugging proper and one of the most important tools available to the modern programmer is easily usable trace facilities.
Arexx supports two basic modes of tracing: Firstly, there is the normal or 'non-interactive' tracing mode which simply allows troce information to fce viewed. Secondly, there is an ’interactive' mode which allows the programmer to step through the program and interact with it as the troce proceeds fna sidin or sterr if available). It is possible to look lot the contents of voriobles, re-execute douses, and men type in instructions which are subsequently ¦executed os though they were a part of the urogram itself.
The syntax of this instruction takes the general form... TRACE [ symbol I stringS I ((VALUE) expression)) which means that three basic forms of the instruction exist, namely: TRACE symbol TRACE string$ TRACE [VALUE] expression where the symbol, string or expression must either represent (or reduce to) a positive or negative integer, or be one of the options (or a single letter abbrevia- tion) shown in table J. Negative numeric values, incidentally, indicate a 'suppression count', which turns Arexx's tracing off for a given number of clauses. A positive value given during interactive trac
ing indicates that a number of interactive 'pauses for input' are to be skipped over.
The trace output itself can be sent to one of three places: Directly back to std- out (which for programs launched from Amiga Computing mm a CLI Shell console is the CLI Shell window itself); to a file associated with a standard error (stderr) file handle (this can of course be another console window); or to Arexx's Global Tracing Console (a special console which can be opened using the TCO utility program).
Before deciding where trace information should be sent, Arexx checks for the existence of an stderr file handle. If you have opened a window or file tied to this file handle, or have opened the Global Tracing Console (which is automatically attached to stderr), then Arexx will send its information to this destination, otherwise it will send its output through the standard output channel (stdout). The benefit of having trace information sent through a separate channel if simple - it avoids having trace output and normal program output intermixed at the same window.
Of course, what we need now is a few examples of these facilities in action to drive home the ideas. Needless to say this is exactly what's coming in the next issuel WHILE-U-WAIT -;r „ ¦ I COMPUTERS & MONITORS NEW LOW FIXED PRICE Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
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* , Fantasy f Net eil Mohr thinks me people really
o seem to be iving in a virtual eality t amazes me sometimes the
gap that can appear between reality and the fevered overblown
profilings of some computer journalists. If you were to
believe everything you were listen to, we should all be living
in this amazing called Cyberspace, zooming at breck neck eed
down Magically raytraced tunnels, and bizarre abstroct worlds -
all presented with ks that would shame topof-the-range Silicon
hie mochines. Not that you would have time to ond admire such a
drool-inducing scene os you be having cyber sex with hundreds
of luscious, ling, ready and waiting sex vixens, from all ners
of the globe.
Sounds good to me -1 cannot wait to get a slice that cake. Unfortunately, the reality is a litte more to Earth. Let's foce it, you're lucky if you can the NetScape poge in under five seconds, but it ms that many people, when talking about the rnef, live in this possibly hollucinogeiicolly- ed fontosy future.
The icing on the cake came when wotching a cer- British computer games show, and one guy ed the words: "I'll just download this movie" and m, a QuickTime movie of Drudge Dread instantly rs. Apart from sending me into fits of bughter sweoring profusely, this sort of misleading action exactly what is going to drive people away from mg the Internet.
Tain and When actually asked how long it would take to load that movie, the journalist admitted it could quarter of an hour for leased line users, and at 45 minutes for normol home users, So whot he take iBrowse available Well a demo at least. The much awaited and talked tabout Web browser, iBrowse, has finally hit the
j. streets. The final program will be a commercial product so
only an early cut-dpwn alpha version is available for you to
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iBrowse information, and the latest demo.
Even though iBrowse has taken a bit of a beating on IRC, my early impressions are very encouraging.
Allowing multiple network connections, iBrowse can jasynchronously load graphics for the current Web page. Even this cut-down version that only allows a maximum four.network connections is downloading pages as fast as NetScape, and the final version allows up to ten connections. Along with a large improvement in windows scrolling and the fact it does not lock up when downloading information, iBrowse is set to be the premier Amiga Web browser.
But hang on, what is this I hear about Amiga Technologies talking to NetScape? This could get interesting, was showing you was not a true representation of what you would look ot on the Web.
All right, I hear you cry, I have just spent the last couple of paragraphs slogging off the Internet, so whol good is it?
You want to find out the latest on the Galileo probe. When it was approoching Jupiter, NASA had up-to-the minute position data of exactly when it would reoch the Jovian atmosphere. Have you seen the PAWS portable Amiga? Why not check it out at Blittersoft’s new Web page.
This is whol makes the Internet so useful - information. A great example of this was when I was trying to find anything said by Amiga Technologies ot the Toaster Expo. My first port of call was the AMIGA IRC channel. From here you can talk to anyone around the world in real time. Having found out that the Power Amiga would be using the MPC604, I thought it may be useful to find something out about it. Fire up your Web browser, go to ony one of the available search engines - Lycos being my choice - and you quickly end up with a good selection of links to IBM ond Motorola’s Web pages.
The Internet ond all the related services it provides are a great resource, and perhaps in the future some of the things will come to poss. Silicon graphics have produced a virtual web language which allows you to explore a three dimensional space over the Internet. I think many people may need lo take a reality check, becouse it is fine for us with leased lines ond free phone calls, but the public, the people who will make or break this thing, do not have these.
Useful sites http: www.amiga.de Amiga Technologies - home of the AMIGA. The new Amiga Technologies home page is now up ond running in English. Find out all the latest news about the AMIGA Plenty of good information, including speech transcripts from Cologne ond the Toaster Expo.
Http: power.globalnews.com ppchom
e. htm PowerPC News - the PowerPC News home page. A bi-weekly
look at the PowerPC world, possibly of interest os the Amiga
has had a couple of mentions recently.
Http: www.mot.com SPS PowerPC Motorola PPC HomePage - Motorola's PowerPC home page You want to know onything about the PowerPC processor you can find it here.
Http: www.chips.ibm.com products p pc index. Html IBM PPC - the IBM PPC home page, more info on the PowerPC processor. IBM tend to concentrate on the future PPC range.
Http: www.uroulette.com:8000 UrouLehe - fancy adding a bit of spice info your life, then try UrouLette. This will transport you to a random Web sight, and where you will stop nobody knows.
Http: www.iam.com Intangible Assets Manufacturing - home of 1AM.
Find out about all their latest products and more.lAM have lots of AMIGA networking experience and is the home of the best disk salvage program DijkSalv.
Http: www.mag-net.co.uk Bsoft BlitterSoft - find out about all BlitterSoft's newest product range, including the yet to be released PAWs portable Amiga kits, for the A600.A1200 and A4000.
Http: www.team 17.co.uk ’he Wonderful Team 17 Web Site! -ond it is.
Read about all Team 17's latest projects, ond try them out to Find out obout Worms and AB3D special addition, looks domn good.
Http: www.cs.colostate.edu ~dreil- ing smartform.html SawySearch - a multi-search engine searcher.
Increase your chance of finding a useful Web right with this parallel searcher.
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Reptiles. SnowScenea. Space. Star Trek (TOS & Movies) Tram* * 67 MB ol 736 x 666 Video Backdrops.
OTHER STUFF Pagestream3 update* from 3 010 V3.0H, Complete OpMvl lon2.3b update. 19 additional third party Opahrlsion utllHle*. Typesmlth 2-Sa update and Demo, Pagestream2 Ocmo. 18 really u*eM UIBffle* and load* more1 £24.99 + pftp| Typel EMC 78. 79. SO * 81 - Pagestream EMC 3 - CG EMC S3. S4. 65. S6 & 87 209 CI'p*om* end *S ow previously unreleased Typel, CG and Cotowfont* FuSy sorted into sub-directories irumMf of dredor*s Isrod *1 Wacko**) Events (45). Military (26). Misc (33). Sport (37). Transport (35). Work (37) and World (41).
Flowers, Insects, Mammal*, Treat, Xma*.
• •• EMC-PHASE 2 CONTENTS... £24.99 ? P It | FONTS Typel EMC
1727.29*77 - CO EMC 25.26,30,31*82 - Colour EMC 48*49 and 71
Imagine Typels CLIPART Fully sorted nto sutwVectonw (numnor ol
directories islol in trachaia).
IFF Alphabet (4). E order i 16). Buddings (6). Cartoon (t7). Computer (7). Education (5), Electric (6). Food 90). History (5). Natural (S9|. Space * SciFI (3).
IFF Col Fruit. World Mapa (ol every country on Earth'), Shipe. Vegetable* GEM Arrow* * Sian. Border . Budding*, Clipart. Ofllca, OtharStutl. Photo.Transport IMG Animals, Cartcona, Food. OtharStutl. Paopta. Plants. Sport*. TheArts Transport. Xmas IMAGES In IFF I&2S0 ostour and HAM rterlsce lormats.
America, BabylonS. Birds, BarUV, Britain. Dog*. Egypt Equest FamousPeople. Gala. Kelly. Military, NightBread. Panorama. People. SclFI. Terminator. Texture*. Star Trek (TNG). V. Watar Scenes. Wildcats. World.
WorldPeople & over 70 MB ot 736 x 566 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 * 2S6 colour lormats Superb organisaiion.
No duplication of the same data on the same Cds.
No duplication of the same data across different Cds.
Award winning quality software.
Developed and designed to meet exacting standards and not a budget.
Developed for quality and not for a uick profit.
‘ signed by a company that places a very high priority on the quality of it s products.
Optimised data organisation with the emphasis placed on ease of use.
Produced by a company with a long track record for quality products.
No DMS archives to pad out the CD. | No I,HA archives in pad out the CD.
No files in weird alien formats that you can’t access or use.
Files that have uppcrflnwer vase names with more than 8 characters.
Full font installation instructions.
Font preview*for EVERY font.
All CG FonLs with .ate files and postscript downloadable fonts.
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High quality clipart that has been aoppc d scalcd and checked.
High quality clipart that has been logically sorted into sub directories.
The Phase I CD. For example, has 114 different Animal directories... how's that for sorting !
High quality clipart images that have | descriptive filenames.
High quality clipart that is fully thumbnail indexed.
IFF conversions of all EPS clipart.
(Just incase you can't use the EPS) IFF conversions of all GEM clip (Just incase you can't use the GEM) IFF conversions of all IMG clipart.
(Just incase you can't use the IMG) No corrupt files.
Full access from Workbench for novice users.
Icons tliat are neatly snapshotted into place.
Designed to be used... and not to he thrown in the bin!
| EMC PHASE 1,2 & 3 CD DISCOUNTS Buy any two Cds for £44.99 + p & p Buy all three tor £59.99 + p & p Pottage lor 2 CD* UK-C1.50. Europe-CS 00. Workt-CS.OO e lor 3 CO* UK-C2.00. Europe-CSOO. World-t10.00 contained on a Ids that should have
E. M.C’s INDEX Release Date: 11th MAR 1996 RRP £14.99+p&p hing
thrwgh countless Cds to locate an Image INDEX is the answer!
Even If you don't have all the Cds covered by INDEX, you can use it to view the contents of a particular CD before you decide to buy It!
Cds covered Include ..3ro(!)Fonts & Clipart, Graphic & Adult Sensations World of Clipart, ProPlcs. Pandora. RHS Color Kolocton. Aminet 3-7.
Multimedia Toolkit 1. Clpart Heaven. Fresh Arto Mother of all Clipart, PCX Potpourri, Publique Art, So Much Screenware, SciFI 4 Fantasy. Gifs Galore. Oipart Goliath. Clipart Warehouse. GifGalaxy and Almathera's C0PD3. Demo. Demo2. 10 on10 & DTV Cds PRE RELEASE OFFER £12.99 ? Pip for all orders taken between 13 Jaa '96 and 9 Feb. '96 £13.99 ? Pip for all orders taken between 10 Feb. '96 and 9 Mar. '96 ,- -The EMC Phase 1, 2 and 3 Cds are also available fromI P w LH Publishing, Gordon Harwoods Shop. W i|
C. H.I.P.S. Computer Shops al Middtesbo rough, Stockton. Redcar &
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and Packing rates for One CD UK-E1 and Europe-£4 Other
Countnes-£6 (for 1st Pass recorded Airmail) [ IF YOU HAVE A
Mam E&OE Cheques Postal Odors viy.it*! Lo E.M.ComputlrghaPWC Cheques are subject lo 5 working day clearance
: 01255 431389 Fax: 01255 428666 ank Nord shows u how to avoid
ws in your Iverts nybody can lay out an od that consists of a
full-poge picture overlaid witk four lines of text telling the
reader to contact blahdiblah on this freephone number, those
you see in the Sunday supplements, but ods, particularly in
Amiga Computing, aren't that They actually have to sell a
large number products to a skeptical, but targeted, audience.
The art of advertising As ever, price is of paramount performance 0 lot of blurb obout the product is usually essory, unless, of course, it is a brand new of kit that noone has seen before or it's a bit ‘¦.tic ond deserves a word or two of explono-
i. In fact, we should be able to break down ising in Amiga
Computing into three cistincl ies - those that have hundreds
of products sell, like gomes mail order houses or PD dries,
those that have between 10 and 50 ducts to sell, like most of
our advertisers, and thot only need to plug one or two items
like Gordon Harwood od for Pro-Grab. Too cramped, too Ir the
first instance, you can’t really be too much text. Mot the cy
with your layout, particularly if it distracts ,ay out eye
from searching through the list of items for *n ad¥mr1 that
matches your customers' requirements.
Should probably end up with a column formol the information, with boxes ot the top ard bot- of the page for the name of the company and ing information. It's a bit tricky to comment er on these sort of ods as there is little room for design elements, but make sure the eoder scan ocross easily from the title to the price, er by adding alternating coloured bars or by ng a line of dots across (PageStreom 3 can this automatically), and perhaps new items or ial offers can be flogged with a different colour or a bolder typeface. The third example, single item ads, are the ones with the most design
potential. You con do practically anything and sometimes this freedom can be disconcerting. The most important thing is to ovoid the 'boxy' look that a lot of adverts produced on the AMIGA achieve effortlessly. If you are only advertising on* product, you con afford to spend the time and effort in order to make your od look o bit special. Beware of using too many colours or type- styles. I know it has been said before, but it is a basic rule of layout that you shouldn't make your design too busy There are ads in Amiga Computing (I won't mention any names) thot are incredibly hard to garner
any information from because they have colours running riot over the layout and text thot is too hard to read. This is not the approach to take.
First of all, sit back with o cup of tea or a whisky and plan out your page (or spread) on a piece of paper, just sketching in where you want things to go. Make a list of items that you want on the poge, phone and fax numbers, e-moil addresses, price information, delivery detoils and so on. If you take credit cards, find the relevant images for those you occept and if you can't find any, try the magazine your ad will appear in - they will almost certainly hqve some. Of course, if you ore producing the magazine your ad will appear m, then you'll just have to draw some for yourself in Dpaint or,
preferably, ProDraw Mora appealing lo tho oyo fs fW« ad with ton taxi and mora whita apace Bear in mind the differences between mono and colour artwork if you ore producing on od thot will appear in someone else's magazine, and make sure you speak to the magazine's art department wel in advance about deadlines if you propose to send them an Amiga DP file for output. Most magazines have never heard of ProPoge or PageStreom, so will be suspicious of taking on a file fron one of these packages. The problems continue for the AMIGA DTP'er os neither ProPage nor PageStreom produce files that are
even remotely compatible with QuarkXPress or PageMaker.
Probably your best bet if you are dealing with a large magazine is to lay out your ad as you want it ond then send the pictures, logos, etc. to the magazine along with a printout (preferably in colour) of your ad for the art deportment to work from and lay out in the DTP package of their choice.
We'll continue with some of the themes that can be used for your adverts next month and go into more depth on the topic, but until then, be cool.
Pagestream s s Not much this month. I haven't heard from Soft-Logik for a while and there's been no news on 3.0i, so I can only assume that no news is good news and they are busy beavering away on it even as I write this month's column. More news as soon as I get it... Amiga Computing 111 AMIGA 1200 “MAGIC" COMPUTERS 27 Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham NG15 7LD.
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Pack includes:- Nick Faldo's Golf.
Chaos Engine. Pinball Fantasies.
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Compugraphic fonts & clipart.
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i. «9 ** * j* If will do our best to beat It.
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* Please call - new drive expected * STUDIO 2 - PRINTER S W
Professional print studio for the Amiga. Enhance Ihe output of
your printer inc. 720DPI on Epson Stylus Colour Only
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optional 7200PI printer driver (coated paper required) Built In
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j FAX Modem. The Logc3 stackable storage box Complete with all
leads. PSU and holds up to 240 disks Comms software.
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V34.28.800 £179.99 ALFA DATA PRODUCTS
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Requires internal fitting £139.99 Accelerator card for the A1500 2000. Available in 25 or 50Mhz versions, complete with 68882 FPU & SCSI-2 interface. Not compatible with GVP cards MEMORY SIMMS 40Mhz £699.99 060 50Mhz £899.99 Only £99.99 4MB • £129.99 8MB - £239.99 16MB - £399.99 16MB • £CALL FROM £299.99 HOWTO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Visage Computers”. Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH & VISA DELTA DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 STANDARD - £3.95 BY PHONE - Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.
CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964 2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER il Soufh shows you iw to emulate ore arcade game chniques using the1 lot so cheesy Amos Nol with bullet logs, eh? I bet you don't think about them or give them a second thought, co you?
You don't hove the slightest idea what I'm talking about, do you? Well, a fbg, for the purposes of this discourse, is a vari- l which is set to indicate to a program that a i state exists. So when the Bog is set, some- I has happened that the program should know jt, and more importantly doesn't need to check ir again Until, that is, the state changes, in which i the flag is changed ond the program then rts checking for that stote again. Corfused?
F let's use on example.
Over to you Why not send me your examples of flags, and interesting uses to which they can be put. Making a process easier, shewing the program that states have changed, even some interesting flip-flop effects (I'll be going into those another time) - anything really as long as it's about 10 lines of code or less and it includes a flag or two. I'm particularly interested in graphic effects, but timing and more mundane task are acceptable. Perhaps there is an interface problem you can solve with these flags?
Look into it. I'll look at the best in a month or two. In the meantime I'll see you next month for another arcade game routine which you'll find handy when you design your own version of an arcade classic.
I arcade games, you fire a bullet from your ship loser whatever. The progrom checks the l button and if it's on it octivotes and moves a t sprite across the screen away from the gun, it otes the sound effect of the gun going off, and cks the bullet across the screen until it hits hing.
You moke a loop to check for the button on joystick being pressed. Simple enough, yes?
F, the first thing you notice when you write 0 itme like this from scratch is thot when yoj press button the loop checking for the button press round obout 50 times a second, so when you you get a horrible stoccato buzzing noise I the bullet doesn't actually leave (or the buzzing stop) until you've released the button.
I buzzing noise is the bullet sound, the bang, played many times over ond over vev fast, reoson the bullet doesn’t leave the barrel is thot its journey every time the button is sensed to the down position. So how do you moke the n press once and only once? Now you're If you carefully follow Phil South's Instruction* you will
• oon hove ships shooting from the hip
- or somewhere getting the idea. You use a flog. Take the
following example: If Fired) Then Sea Play 1 : Bob 2,SI,SY,2 :
ni‘Si : at*st Add AX,5 : Bob 2,AX,AT,2 : If AX SXt100 Then Bob
Off 2 Thot's simple enough. Sense the joystick, moke a bang (in
this case a nice sample), then move the sprite two pixels ot o
time from the barrel to the edge of the screen in a straight
line. If it gels 100 pixels away from the ship without hitting
something it gets turned off. But this routine suffers from
buzzing and no bullets. The better way of doing it is: If
Firetl) md AISSFLAS-0 Then S» Pliy 1 : RISSFLA6*! : Bob
2,SX,ST,2 : AX=SX : AT«$ T If AI$ SfUG 1 Then Add AX,5 : Bob
2,AX AT,2 : If AI SX«10B Then Bob Off 2 : AISSfLAG-0 In this
version, when the button is pressed the flag MISSflAG is set
from 0 to 1. In the next line the missile is moved only if
MISSfLAG is still 1. Until the missile moves 100 pixels away
from the barrel, the flag is still set, so the fire button is
deod. You only fire one shct. When the first missile vanishes
(you could explode it, but in this case it just vanishes), you
con then shoot another. Obviously, you could vary the timing
so that you con add a multiple shot, perhaps, or male it a
second (or 50 50ths of a second) or even hall a second between
shots, enabling the player to get his finger off the button.
This is an extremely useful technique ond one which answers a lot of those questions you ask, like "how do you do that?" Nine times out of ten the answer is either flogs, subroutines or vectors. A side benefit of using flogs in your Amos programming is that these techniques ore used quite a lot in the worlds of C and assembly programming. So os and when you move On to those languoges, as you might in the cou'se of time, you will be prepared for at least one cool trick.
Write stuff If you have any other Amos programs or queries about Amos, please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Medio House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield $ K10 4NP, Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk, flake the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code and, if possible, make them use no external graphics, or if they can t be used without them then be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes for
sound files. Follow these guidelines and you'll be sure of making me a happy man if nothing else.
Amiga Computing D-ROM...GD-ROM...CD*ROM...(jD-ROM...CD-ROM...CD-ROM...CD-ROM...i]D-ROM..XD-RQM. Aminet 8 Aaana* CD 4 de»ad Augu* 1995. Conaatt ol appro.mntaV I I grgcCyaaa cf aohamra r 3600 Oft Hub a Sac* *a raiaoaa ol Arraaal CD 7 non Aon JA0 MB nr- tebwota «oa oppaortd Tha cwrant adhon Haa o i«aacad loeua am aaoadulaa, mnta thon 1000 modi horn Antnar -wa mcljded Utar handl* occett tohwore molat *a AmaaaaCDSopiaoiumioina tUBJ Aminet 9 CD-Write WhoMI You art con writ taa yoar Cdat CDROM a haau long baa« on ataara part cf Amgo ccnpotng Moray utart olaody own o CDROM dm*, end *t nunbar el
tdhvoi* (Wlagat areiloM* at CD u aacraoang nao*!y Imfl now, hough. » wor not potafcla » aarta to Csa Wa hoaa inlmd Aaa p-obiaaa aaa* out naw latoJiMo nay produar Ralph Bobd ond Stalon Otto-Wft Sxh«m.h. on prard a prtwrr wttol ar. Im mudnd a nornl of tophtaktgy CDWrae e'ohltt you to rtrtuoly -rl* loCDtwrha* ordinary CD ROM drna Ham now an, yo» wll ba atoa to will*, diltli. Acd mo dfy dm on yow CD» Thu prodrct wll taka you mto o naw aro. Ond you -* ba otoa to iMrj. CDROM tacHaoiogy to lit Ulaai C44.91 CDBoot 1.0 CDBoca it a iortoutc naw ptcabd *nl mbaa yen to uaa olraoal any C032 go-ea on o.
A1200 o. AiOOO |w* AT- o SCSICD- ROM dnaa ond airy llaiyiianl. Yoa ton craota a coaAguroiion l(a lor ooth CO. Containing ntormghon on ** joypod araokiton. You Lon alto aata Aw hrgkMora tf oath CD32 goraw Tha ataga and maolsmon ol CDBoo* it mry »o.y, gito lor ba nntn, daa to Aw a rallwu Engkh manual Jmca lha compalRrlfy A awry kgh. You coo uta 9 % ol CD32 gomat currandy ou labia CDBoot .t cm aaxall.fr aohwura tohnon ior of AiaagoitwcJu tato woaJd lha to .Mar *a world of CD32 gamatf C3A05 Aminet Set 1 Anirwi it tha world a lorgaa' rdla c*an of haaly dnmbutobto Amiga aohwora Up to 10 000 uaart
oixau *a aoal archhaa artary day and cmntoti prograinrwri pubirth dnactty uc Armaai Uartl itcanA, ooxau to Amnai wot lanrdad to nWarnxatonal rwTwcl Mart Will Ara.rwt lot 1. Contwtaig cf * Cds lha compicra orchrr. A ptMnhad lha Ant tana Thia CDROMcolactlOft, which •% dcrud onwry 1995, odan on olmrau maahoMttoto ratarvpr ol topuolia Shotoaroay A wada uanaty ol program! Ii ngladtd Applunona Go mat, Oamov Bckrra*. Modi Aiamoheni. Daaotopar-Motonoi I eonioir* opprpairrcnaly 4 gigobymt ol aebwora m 2 500 arxhnwt aad you ml: anyay ihe xonicrtoblt utarlMwtoea C39.95 Aminet Set 2 AMJKT sn 2. Dawd
Nwambar 995, coroiim of oppta.irtoaly 4 gigabyaaa of loltwora m 12 000 Ofrhrraa WhaAar you tla cpfJka tool gorawt ccamuracatom or programning iha SET gutt yoa cM you naad fcoty to uaa indaa frawa and iwarth tocilhai moia ocxauing 4 o ptooauaa (3495 Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill lha Mating Paorti Volum. Ill cotfan. 6 JO MB cl *t hnatl 10 tab wora no o tpacrd utar itreitoce. Wtach hot keen cwoted lo ollcn.
You la laid ww program cf your choc, wr* aata Tla ccntamt 10 MB hjcler. Cnrtdwr. Arabr.a Aognjmt 3 MB CDROM IhlAei 2! MB Coalmantcodor* sad Network Biogroma J UB Dabwggng Todi ft MB Daaaiopraanr Todt • 13 MB floppy, Hard Oil o*t SCSI Program* 8 MS iducotcnal Brograr,, V Ml Con.. U MB GtopNct Rrogtomi 39 MB Internet Moata Dmdioe* Updorad Varak»r 7 MB Mad. Too. And Brog.ram 27 MS Voda 12 MB Muuc Rrognjmi 21 MB Blrtu-ei 13 MB AmiTCI ond rtcru ior Nahawtoig 40 MS Dceima« ea»«. CDROM Defthaiat alt W MB PoaTaX U-IW pranoua anailobh on pry CDROM 15 MB UltU«a 30 MB MTMIAtgai Coilactona ol doh.t,p.t.
bandrma'l programa, knna. Prog mm a Ipr nmcnaur rtydo ond alarm cpd alac tionic art pM? Ng or* ojb irpkidad. F9 95 Tha do copo CDROM It o toarxe tor higbquoUy "uk bo* tot hafarvng t'joyAitt and for templet to um id craatng youl own mnlc. Thu It not fit) ot o*ae 'cracm coHeaAon ol nodolet Mony moditot and tottptoa ai* auelatrmAy la da copo Intudad arw non than UOO of tha botl ovatoble modulet ond 20CO hrghryaolaatr i arts GdtwOfl nllait NdfiSO 1.0, a lull Iwliftd UNII4U opwdmj ayttem web bo* 100 ic os ond bworto* (oc *o Amga l366, Sun 3 and n*or arthrtac-lrrai Go naMurfing w* *¦ logo tatoc*on
cd luppliod »«SiOrtirg loolt O*or tuppllod poclogat include o booty raleate d tho X wtn&ne ivVam |X1IR6| tor ha Amga Mth
• tony addncnal clarea, o*d poclogat tudi ot pad. Omoa. Gonai
.mil pcogrami. And many aiagabytai ol important Nil Mat awth at
«Ci and fAQt A rompleta .nuallobcm grid. U oofafato on *• CD
That. Ora alto tona AtngaOOS irnemal ulld«| w* pt rfianla to*
AadTCR o-d [n«jy C9.95 XiPaint V3.2 XlPomt la a wodng adga. 2AM
pawl program lf» I damandi aI nowxa rrd .apart alia, and wihm a
d* too wrt Im oW* to picdut* lOtoirlul and cimiin art A cotoan
Tha aoruon ol Xihanl panaadaa a prxAaiuoml pi at a- urtotxnabla
prca parlormonca ratio Ovwraiaw ol Faolirai Oavarta pant W»'i
-xto tontait and tcfmuivn adutHiai Meak. Win* i*u hmcaont
Aubruth wrA odpntobto aproy Hnctoa* lurcton lor mor.puknng
iroHugai ond onrTKitora - 1 «aa* oMploang uung CompugrpcAK
fentt Support 1*1 graphic lormott UrAnalad Undo Own manpiW
chamal Sapporta many gmpha: cotot loywt o roaf ptOfetJi Araaa
pat Otog & Dtoo cotoun Cam rial I fmwnwra docunantaapn 60
luanjiei. JO londKOpt prcturoa and marry tonta indudad (49.05
The Light Works Rayanong - A faaonatng o'no ol *• coaputo
yipia] Irom *a cofiputar paitocdy randarad. Toacnnie paopla al
wo-W Tva Antgo wot lha Ini cotrpMar lo 0* snad l*r ft ond todoy
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Toboe J Rklilo' bom Co!
WAom detailed obfech tlu* *a pwcpie. TtpecaBy *•» A hamowt eeiance liekon Hmt ora weed to dencnarnde ha 0 ol a royirocetg program TV object! Ara hgMy «*•"V realata: d.« V lha oppAcohon cf ccmdat t ol *e wcdelt Uni* now it wot dHhciA lo ocqura data d crdar lo tr»cw cnw own tcanot ot onwatcni C2W NetlMews Offline Vol NwtNe-i Offlma Vol. I .a ihe Hu dbl ol a nm. B tanat ol Antgo CDROMi whch conom ol * groupi Ircm lha icnar*at Every nyluma lautwaa ortidee whrrh coMoin hot nmoiri krportort » aipactt ol lha Amiga, prettreleoiei. DucuiMRt aid tana A npwvaodf' *t "dvtM N**lywy C nf thy rh«p ol
going in touch weh Uta-al. CW.fi ReshFish 10 w Tha Fradafi* CDROMwawt prodaxwd daacty by Baud Ba* pnyn I daa Amiga uwt an* twndradi cf aaagalrytaa of Aw totaaa haaTy -a JdnrnbuaabW urttwoaa Ptbhthad opproaiaaotuly awry iwp aao«a*v
• Mh foantw U u two CD M« uyikMUtig Mb kdtmowaau wixa fto 5
loaaal aoHana. N aaa* ot on a»a- growwg tuiacton ol look
Ifcnjnar | dccamantrrten and otha .nlut itoMnaJ Atot a updeend
-rh auay
* ralaota CI7.VS Gamers' Delight II All products are available in
your local Amiga-sh or through national mail-order-companies
Thw CD ccwioant 1070 gonat lo* *a Comraodora Arango horn r*Ha
aag cotagcnwi An ran. Juaap & Run Cad Ganai Pxdat Slnalagy
Gomea o aahoto tonga ol computer areartorawar* owattl Gamert'
Dwight wll hold you xaptvend tor hour a and guaanluaa toegtoal
aag piaoaraa 70 gomua ora conmtnctal aarwmi - no pt*Ac donoi" &
no daeaotl Tho CD eon bo tun on ony Amgo w* CD-ROM dnua,l MB
haa metaaory ond Joyancl kaypod (26.95 O 7 mrnrn
International Distribute Grenville Trading international (
Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel +49-61 71
-85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,12 The sound
of music?
Paul Overaa looks ehind the scenes f a new Amiga usic project with difference miga users are soon going to be introduced, initially via mail order advertisements, to a company called Tongent Music Design and a compact disc and n cassette) album colled Everybody's Girfriend.
At has this to do with the Amiga music cene?
Ite a lot - you see the three partners of Tongent „sic ore none other than Edward Fermor, Richard
* x... Oftd David Pleasance who, as yoj'll all oubtless know, was
Managing Director of ommodore Business Machines UK until Escom
jmBH purchased the worldwide assets of the Commodore group and
the UK branch Fad to Whot you probably will not know is that
David Pleasance is also o musician, a guitarist ii fact, with a
particular passion for Flomenco. He's hod his own Flamenco
dance company, has studied guitar in Spain, and has appeared
in concert, cabaret ond on TV, supporting people like John
Farnham and Gollogher and Lyle.
AMIGA is actually Spanish for girlfriend and the Everybody's Girlfriend olbum is then essentially a celebration in music of ten yeors of the AMIGA, with the 14 tracks being inspired by the Amiga, recorded using AMIGAs, and written and produced by people who know the AMIGA.
This first olbum provides a chance to hear something of the musical talents of David Pleasance.
Everybody's Girlfriend wos in fact David's brainchild, with the initial planning of the project beginning around November of 1994. Recording, which did not start until September of last year, hat been carried out using AMIGAs running the Blue Ribbon Soundworks Bars & Pipes sequencer, and the Sunrise Studio 16 8-frock, 16-bit digital recording system. When it comes to professional recording, however, not even AMIGAs can work in total isolation ond, needless to soy, Tangent's 32 channel, 24-trock digital recording studio also has its fair sF are of other hi-tech equipment scattered around.
There's a Soundcraft DC2000 fully automated desk, ond two Tascam DA88 recorders which link to the Amiga-based Sunrise Studio 16 system.
Everything gets mastered to a Tascam DA30 MKII DAT which can then be recorded to o Mgrontz DD82 DCC, a Sony TCK61 IS, ond to Phillips recordable CD (which is linked incidentally to on Amiga 3000T). If you also add the massive assortment of outboard effects, sound modules and samplers, including a Roland JV1080, Roland S760 and a Korg Wavestation SR, Genelec monitors in the control room, Spirit Absolute 2s in the studio and so on, then it's hardly surprising thot things sound good.
There is, incidentally, also a small satellite studio available which pindudes an Amiga 4000 030 running Bars & Pipes where many of the ideas for the new Tangent Music album started life.
This in itself should be of interest because this latter type of setup is typical of that which can be found in the home studios of many AMIGA-based musicians.
If've been one of the few reviewers lucky I enough to get a sneak preview of the tracks on the Everybody's Girlfriend album. It's quite an impressive mixed bag with the music and lyrics for all except four of the tracks being attributed to a band called 'Passion', who turn Out to be Tangent's Ed Fermor and Richard Knox, both of whom are established session players. Ed also has lots of TV and video work under his belt and in 1993, for I instance, accompanied the renowned deaf per- Icussfon sf Evelyn Glennie on a world tour.
I Richard, a singer songwriter keyboard player, I has played and recorded both in the UK and I the States and, as well as various TV appear- I ances, also has a number of film credits to his I name.
Richard Knox does a good job with the main vocals on half a dozen of the tracks, although there Is a particularly good raunchy number called 'Lay You Down' which features P J Philips and Angie Brown on vocals. You'll also find an interesting raw blues track, and a few instrumentals including an excellent David Pleasance Flamenco track ‘Para Mi Amiga (Homage to Jay Miner)'. You might like to know, incidentally, that David's personal favourites from the album are the pop song Don't Let Me Fall, the love song called Roses, and an instrumental track, Infinity!
I should think that the fact that David Pleasance is both executive producer on the Everybody's Girlfriend album, and one of the musicians, is going to be enough in itself to make this offering a bit of a collectors' item amongst Amiga owners. When you add to this the fact that the album will show you exactly what can be done music-wise with an Amiga sequencer, I suspect Tangent Music are going to be onto a sure-fire winner with this new project!
Facts and figures Compoct Disk £11.99 Twin Cassette £10.99 Credit Card Hotline - Tel: 0181 -573 5614 Postal Orders to: ‘Everybody's Girlfriend', Tangent Music, Dial House, Unit 6, Peter James Business Centre, Pump Lone, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 3NT Amiga Computing I Dept AC0296 I Zone 1 lid. J == IPO Box 69, I Slone, I Staffordshire Ivns8t.il TcqU*. |A‘X0.A5*i Tew*, ot Sou. (A 1200S Vnpt I Tfuun TmialluniM
f. m..r Iwr hlfonlAIjfo) fcecbit Ooty Gl&cr* Gu f«am (AI100)
Haroqum • W««wd |.mwlondl(AIM»l )«5cnH(AIZD) KWO «k» cm 1
lure*. ,.AMC Upcy rf SwaMl fKTCQ OM Go» n Etttif tMtiUo
Ml (AIJQOi (AIJOOl oatfw Aokm CmhOmmci 11001 Trcdi Vajl w»MO*S World C t»)oc GnhM.tiriar GuySoy HjdfcBwry Hound too Mewwi Anbar Vfo AnnWit* Ame } BtutLord Sup*, nntwiw 8.UI Swtch ttnf (net IU0I Wbld. 1 Twfoww Soccw Star Wcrta Cup Seoty ? SMWQhrtur Hwgo, fcvVut*, Stm DmVwVo Sem Mocker POX am £1100 . ..ill* out . Cnee am £1 00 i}.
Great prices, same day despatch, free gifts, regular prize draws.
W. ’M CJI' ItaiIt «*»• lu ttrtn r. • w ... ... .
I. ir-i 11 •¦ ll '« iJvwiv., ivv lam, tutiin, iv" ,11:* 'V MMII
• ¦111 ,1,1'tMUMiinuMi : «
i. mj Mkunt l»w .«*. re. Wii uwrvnm u:« aii.U* n .» i « I" M.
111. » 11 irrrn riyn nnnnaui.rK I®*
u. «ltnni f tM*iin ivw «,,.¦ • s.I-VISMI' : I.- waji »
i"itviv..ni*iy|“ ii'”
iv. ..,":ti iiirus 1 •• . Ft ,1 HU 1)1 T. im iitnw i- mull
iiti'tt iv" ....V.III.IMI a ,,u. i i-i« III IMVi II ID. L •
" (¦awiuiavnan » * aMtitiUAtnin. Aw VI .•(¦I :¦• -mi vi
Mitnorrw it *r.
V. «l«V« I"* m*;i lifft. KT 1J " ,a« x nuAmrtn UN v»hj i»yn hi
¦) r*
I. IMHW l»w , I, 1. ¦. . 11 «, 'I
* |_| Mt.tv in II r,
V. HII'IIKO a«.n mu* i» 1 *1 il"
i. imi nr T tviyviii' l*w i .«- Mmmui iaimi lie I* M- f - '
..... «• m u i.l Ulit 1"'" !» ;. I.isvtn. j«» u«
,;.l-. ,',w r, 1, n, 41 .
. • .•.! »,m ,, - , .. nv,. ¦ „ „ trMJt HIUCIjUI " i .nn ii".ii i*. Num U" OfM rrwe'tl • «»* " PP ...... ivim 1 » "
• '• • i. i • • • ¦ al'io . , Mlt.l i u o i‘
• lvmk e"n "" o*w A V.U i iiu r « miuamil i iavm » ¦ ¦« v
;• ¦ 1 lairatm »•" . •-«• I** IN, it*
• ••!• ri'nin»f i
VI. . :i,« f,u ¦
vi. -tl IHAIK Vt,lK 11 n
• aar ummiv Tilt u.um u«t m»ri'iN imi nut iiv.i i iio f. Jl«
nuaiiM no Mutmt-'i' 17 it. Aw uMxyTn.tiMtit i. w
v. i- nwrnm
• iia-MvrteAiu lite-i iii::k, ii« iu n» l’» hmmu itlt'p r.'
• rtlMItt vmsu.i. i l*W
r. um ua ,v nit njuris .~ w vm i.i.rijn ¦ * ,, ,u,)!,,I a 71 f
Mwnw ii •» ia»ii tewsv*.' Iii m m« ,'l..l!K|«n !•“- uui
txiav r»
i. nn uiu «uil iv» „tivu.iiMi«ii;n I-" • .
..tin »MV* f* IVJ.H. !'»¦ oauyuDit) tret win nvmAint name n~
mil. N m ill ££" Ull'I.-rHlllllIl, f .-'I- ..... IK,;
rL,umut |v,-M ,-»n mm" oiv un
- I..M Ilk •: «. M bmomtllKt £IH vhm miikiu *i mv rm . . . • 1..
..« nii.ve run U*MI TO*i.IA 1 M" v-l".'1 VHI )-¦ i* t far*
va*j11 I." mil |.*r«.i4 ,Kt |."
• m; imr -¦ « omiirti ii«
i. ,*’ nm*ti n.iTiiui uAsva, :i» MI'. W '.mi Wwl.S .' .• :•- vv»
i m • i vi v «¦v i ..".I »1SUI 1' 1. '- ¦ ., *¦ ¦ 1) I-
•• hup nx« i r« v-.iiv MftS'ivt • '1 v i- ,:• • mw
v. ia i'iiu .’i» • VW, II M J1 "HIM I* " IVMJI AUC'I
tfTTl»'rHnL« t'AA U»Y* i ui api mi ii uvi,nuw rut '**
(IN2IAYMII anil'UM iv" cvar mttui him w n uurr?.lti i'») vhm
in,,.' ,ki in, tin vw LU fWmfKMfX »* im riiiiei t«v,it * t'w
...... | H'ui Msr.,ni»'mi 'ics m«*
lll. l NMMIII I*." MW
v. ,'. ,.m.' i viamrawnv I... ii»*
mii. isnuii.imu ¦ *
ll. i«KM|i|imnlM«U IIW
* 11V mill mw HI' l» v -1 '. Ii-l I , . • I ill»!tl»IIU»Mt.W. 17
i. »*taSV«K«lHy 1*" ,'W 1IWI) , » • . I . . 11 •'
W. *ti VITTUI' w ¦nr*. ,.«-nn i iv*- LUAlTltyyVMlOl 1 MW
WU|ii'tltl« m ItWTlI KM ceu nionim » ¦euou* ** , Mp I till k
b |*B Ik • »%»«i • L k 11 Ift .’ ¦ ',
u. . -IV 1 l-I • « ss : i*uni ha** iv*» « • •• IUIM • »• - •
V. .- 1 M) 1 UU ’ I I. '•
* , -BV • M' iM (Nriun: Vln HIM, , TIAIVU't i. • " s 1%-i- (MIKUP
V€M 11 « Mil J * 141
* U..-' 1 WIH l*V V • sicvVnw sr it w n4A.a«»itu imn V ¦ ». l
.1 ¦ I' • • • I' • ¦vi.v uv »v : n« v.»iRa*r«YtiilflI4A MW
(i iil UlYkS 14 96 ¦*vv. ,u» «i
• IWVi'fv If 0f* tc~ . M-A »h. ,i Smiir »•-a i HIIM'ivi : .*¦•'
Iamii aoimuvhh, inMKi* v»i n aih m*oiuii« n.u .‘ VMM AIX VHMKlUltmRU Un: am oat lmzjvi The price you see, is the price you pay, V.A.T., P&P are ALL included.
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Steve White explains how you can make your object brushes dance to your tune So far we have studied the basic pinci- ples of picture design, bockdrops ond special effects. This month, ond for the ¦I next few issues, we will be lookirg ot animation principles and specific techniques gpplicable to animotion.
1) 2) 3) 4) Obviously, drawing single images is a lo- less
painless than creating an animation, but most reputable art
packages include a plethora of different functions that make
animation on o computer a hell of a lot easier, and quicker,
than that on joper. Unfortunately, understanding the ech-
niques can take a while and even then, applying them correctly
can prove a recurring nightmare.
So for simplicity's sake, I won't be going into the Nth dimension lo explain these functions bu‘ will provide simple techniques with results so the you have o head start for your own experimentation.
Just os with a single image, it is vitally inpor- tont thot you put your animation down on paper first in the form of storyboards. Storyboards are small roughs of the key elements, scenes and camero ongles within on animotion. You don't need to draw in detail, just enough so that you personally understand what it is you're plarning and how it works.
Rendering options The next thing to do is work out what animated effects are included and the best options for rendering (drawing) them. To pinpoint certain aspects I will be referring to the animation shown here in the screenshots. The techniques explcined can be employed in many different ways and with any animation, not just the one I have supplied.
At the computer, the first thing to do is to design all the objects that will make up your completed anim (short for animation). Although it is more oppeoling to actually design os you go, I can guarantee you'll eventuolly wish you hadn’t. Creae all the objects and save them independently with suitable filenames. If you end up with a lot of objects and they’re not properly labelled, you end up wasting precious time ond freaking out regularly. With the boring bits out of the way you con then simply click all the pieces together and From start to finish When zooming objects in you'll quickly
realise that the pixels that make up the object turn 'blocky' as they are magnified.
There is a way around this which entails drawing the original object at its largest size. You can then set the animation position to the last frame in the zoom and render the brush zooming out, but with the animation running backwards and with a positive value in the End z position.
You'll feel happier, and more confident, spending time getting the finished animation accurate.
Both Deluxe Paint ond Brilliance have powerful Move functions. They allow you to set the initial start position of the brush, the end position, as well as any rotations you want to occur throughout the procedure. There are three important values for both position ond rotation and these are labelled x, y ond z. The x and y are the easiest to explain and understand. With x you can move your brush in the horizontal (left and right) and y allows you to move the brush in the vertical (up and down). If you are moving clouds or a ship you would use the x position, ond to move a lift or a helicopter
you would use y. Z is a different matter altogether If you can imogine a line travelling straight through the centre of your screen, you will have discovered the z axis.
When you realise that z moves brushes closer ond farther away it is easier to visualise this imaginary line. The position of a brush has two uses - for moving objects or for camera pons. If you move a car off screen from a standstill then it will be clearly obvious that the object has itself moved. However, if you move an entire scene off screen then it will appear that the camera has in fact moved (panned) rather than the scene. The same principle also applies to z. You con appear to move an object closer or farther away but by moving the entire scene you give the impression thot the camera
is zooming in or out. Sorry to go on about x, y ond z, but they need to be understood if you are maximise your potential with computer-aided animation.
X, y and z also feature with rotation as well os position. Using rotation you can turn your brush in every angle while the brush is being moved through the position axis' settings. Rotation is more difficult to grasp than position but if you con imogine the x, y and z position lines on your screen, rotation simply rotates the brush around the corresponding axis, like an apple skewered on a stick. I have supplied a screenshot indicating the position and rotation axis, so if you still can't quite grasp the idea take a look at it.
Amiga Computing 117 fwG Arcado Classics s an original collection ol ALL your old arcade favountes Including Amiga & PC venations of: PACMAN.
Keyboard recommended.
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Subjects include: Animats.
Analomy, Babios, Mon, Women. Trees, Reptiles, Insects.
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Technology. SeaWe, Space. Symbols. Royalty. Dinosaurs.
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Buwness, Office, Workers, Cartoon. Lion King, Education, Food, Gardening. Holidays, Houses & Buidngs.
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Sensation is an exciting new CD-ROM contaming over
1. 3GIG of SCI-FI images, animations, 3D objects. Sound FX,
Documents, Themotunes.
Scripts & SCI-FI games Subjects included BabytonS. Startrek (The original, TNG. Deep Space 9 and Voyager). Batman. Dr Who, Thundorbirds, Robocop Soa Quest DSV. Blademnner. Aliens. Terror hawks. 2001 Bjake7.
Batlloslar Galactica, Tron. Total Recal. 2010, Space 1999 etc.
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ways receive the latest version. CU Amiga 91% AUI 93*.
If your into Horror then| this original CD ROM will please you no ond It contains Thousands of gru- some images, tons of I gory animations. Bloody games Spine tingling horror type sounds. Horror stories. Eariee music modules. Pictures & animations Irom hundreds ot honor films and heaps of real-life blood n'guts (Adults only) ILLUSION ESSENTIAL HOTTEST,4 PRO FONTS St CLIPART» MULTIMEDIA Over 70CX) royalty free colour images Subiects ndudo cats, aviation, animals. People, hi-tech, space, cars, trams, toxtures, nature, sports, pinups. Boats, (towers, plants, soasons.
Birds, technology, raytraced. Cartoons. Fantasy, art. Reptiles etc, etc. HORROR SENSATION NEW (coi44) £19.99 Retro gaming at it's best. Around 5000 a* lime classic spectrum game tiles 00 one CD-ROM. Emulators included for the Amiga. Mac. Alan ST & PC (dos & Windows) Games include Manic Miner.
Skool daze. Monty mole, Startrek. Thrust, Jot Sot Willy, The Hobbit, Slnp Poker, Danger Mouse. The Senlinol. Micro Oymp*s. Under Wurtde. Uridium, Abe Atac. River raid, Barbarian. Hunchback and around 5000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-toad games. Speccy part 2 also contains hundreds of documents contaming instructions tor most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats. Keyboard required.
Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CUAMIGA 91% - AUI Over 90% - AC over 9t Contains our most popular floppy based software titles on one giant CD-ROM Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in 0«0 90. This compilation contains hundreds of megabytes ot Amiga software. Subjects mclude: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts. Graphics converters. Music tutorials. Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds ot Sound FX and samples. Vims Killers. Hard dak Installer 41 tools. Vanous Hardware
projects, A number of classic demo s. Hundreds ot games mduding Shoot om ups. Mmd teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games. The latest Assassins games. Emulators and the latest LSD utililios are also Included ’Supplied with printed Index.
The Grolier electronic Muttimedia encyclopedia contains thousands ol pagos of formation on every subject, with Thousands of great colour photographs and illustrations and hundreds of sound clips from the BBC this CD-ROM is an essential purchase tor all CD-ROM users.
Rated 97% AC - 94% AF GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA THE EPIC C0LLECTT0Nv2 new pricemi (CP100X) £19 9v SPECCY SENSATION 2 (CD46x) £24.99 (CD152) - I AGA experience contains hundreds ol megabytes of AGA animations, mega demos, tools, graphics etc. basically everything every roteasod tor AGA based machines. Rated over 90% This CD centers rtomvncn lhat NOBODY warts you to tcxjw about text documents and photographs reWng to UFO a tngs rid abduo- tons etc sree 1941 asv*4 as hu dtds far ‘cfasstef doamerts.
Nfi* NOTHING BUT TETRIS (coi48) £9 9 LUCKY DIP Volume 2 (coiea) cs.99 AGA EXPERIENCE (Cdicb ci v • ENCOUNTERS (CD179) £14.99 UK FREE PHONE Order line: i 0500 131 486 W 'Verseas Order ; Enq - *¦' «= ¦ - -- ----- 01793 514188 Fkc 01793 514187 PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS PLEASE SUPPLY pR'Cesinc , . AT TT7 ITEMS OTY MACHINE.
AMIGA COMPUTING AMOUNT ENCLOSED 1 : W T k. UK & EUROPE Open Monday-Saturday, Please make cheques payable to: EPIC.
P&P in UK = El per tide. Overseas P&P = £2 per title. Free colour CD list available. E&OE Gary Whiteley offers [some helpful advice for would-be Amiga E2352a ince I've given you all that font information over the last few months, ond hinted at some of the ways you can use fonts for video titling, I thought it might be a good idea to go over the basics of video titling hard- I wore, what you need, how it's connected together ond what you might achieve with o basic setup.
11 keep it as simple os possible for hose of you with the yearning, but not yet the knowledge, to odd graphics and titles to your own videos, such os holidoy films, weddings and family events.
I If you have an Amiga with its own colour video J Ovtpvt (such os the Amiga 1200) then you olreody I hove a machine with which you can do simple I titling and graphics to video. You probably realise ¦ that you can use either the RF or video outputs to I display your AMIGA programs on a suitable TV, but did you know that you can also use them to 1 record the output from your AMIGA to video? The I simplest way is to connect the A1200‘s RF output to the aerial input on youf VCR, and then monitor [ I via your TV in the usual way whilst you record or prepare graphics, though the picture quality t
be marvellous.
Won I Titling for beginners Crossovers NB - AMIGA MAY REQUIRE MODULATOR OR GENLOCK TO OBTAIN VIDEO OUTPUT Add another VCR in place of the Amiga and you con copy sections of your production across and ; moke an edit from your original video footage, [ cutting out all the worst ports. If you want to odd a title or graphic simply reconnect the AMIGA to the record VCR (the one you're editing onto), use your favourite paint or titling software to make your graphics, and then record them. The quality of the edits you'll get with such a system will be rather Two bjslc systems for mmiga video titling
and graphics I hit ond miss, since there's no way to control the [occuracy of the cuts, so 'glitches' ore likely to [occur, but for almost no outlay (provided you can get your hands on two VCRs, one ol which could Single connection I In addition to its overlay functions, the advantage of using a I genlock is that you don't have to keep reconnecting equip- Imenf, since it can output either Amiga graphics, incoming Ivideo, or a combination of both, so if you just want to edit mkture only simply switch the genlock's output to Video a However, a genlock still won't cure glitchy edits, since it
idoesn f affect the way that two (unsynchronised) VCRs relate |lo each other whilst editing. In fact, without a proper editing l rsfem which synchronises the two VCRs, you shouldn't Btxpect either split second accuracy or perfectly clean edits.
J Remember that you're working on the cheap, so bear this in ¦mind before you get depressed wondering why your £1000 I cobbled-together video edit suite can't compare to a £10000 lPro-5VH5 or £30000* BetoCom system.
Be a comcorder) and a TV or two (a second TV is useful for cueing up the ployback VCR, though not totally essential) you can ot least experiment with video titling from your AMIGA.
Incidentally, if your VCR has a composite video input in addition to the standard RF you'd be better advised to use it if possible, since the quality will be better than RF. If your video has a SCART connector you can always buy o suitable set of leads to connect from the A1200's phono video output to your VCR's SCART socket.
Owners of most other AMIGAs won’t have it so easy. Inexplicably, for such.a DTV-friendly machine, most of the other AMIGAs in circulation don't have an RF or colour Yideo output, so you'll have to odd one in the form of either a modulator, genlock or encoder cord, depending on your needs, your budget and the type of Amiga you hove.
Eoch of these devices connects to the Amiga’s RGB port and convert the Amiga's native RGB signal to one or more forms of video signal, for instance RF, composite video, or SVHS.
Genlocks allow computer graphics to be ‘keyed’ over background video, enabling text or graphics to be superimposed directly on top of video pictures. In simple terms, this means that wherever the background colour (palette Colour
0) occurs, the video image will show through behind the graphics,
though some genlocks permit other colours to be used os their
background key colour.
Modulators and encoders simply convert RGB to video ond cannot usually provide any superimposition or other genlock functions. They ore usually used to fake the Amiga's display to a TV or monitor, or to provide a video signal for recording and or further manipulation. Note that an encoder will generally provide o higher quality output than a modulator, since they are built with video in mind, rother than TV display.
If you hadn't already realised it, you'll also need two VCRs if you want to use o genlock. One VCR provides playback for the source video, which in turn is needed to 'genlock' (in other words, synchronise) the Amiga's display timing to that of the incoming video signal, while the second VCR is necessary to record the composited graphics ond source video from the genlock's output.
Contact point You con e-mail Gory Whiteley as drgoz@cix.compulink.co.uk Amiga Computing AMIGA REHURS FIXED PRICE ONLY £42,99 Incl.
(A500 +. A600 and CD-32 Only) Est. 14 Yean I
* Price includes PARTS. LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 day warranty on all repairs
* 24 hour turn-around on most repairs
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 AMIGA A1200 Repairs
only £52.99 - Fully Inclusive I SPECIAL OFFERS I A1200 Vtiktfi
Vifmute Vojch £295.00 k. , Pack Includes:
* Al 200 Computer * Worisworth AGA ? Dennis the Menace * Oscar ?
Digita Print Mrg + Deluxe Pairti IV * 1Yf RTB warranty *
Workbench 3.0 ” A500 Internal Drive ......£29.95 A60Q 1200
CALL FOR COLLECTION OR PERSONALLY DELIVER TO THE EXPERTS FOR FAST RELIABLE REPAIR OF YOUR AMIGA FOR ONLY ? PARTS WE REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL A500, A600, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 S3 72A 1 Meg Agnus 8375 2 Meg Agnus LISA (A1200) 8374 Alice (A1200) 8362 Denise (A500) 8373 Super Oenise 5719 Gary 8520 CIA (A500 ») 8520 CIA (A600 1200) 8364 Paula (A500 *) 8364 Paula (PLCC) t&.oo £19.80 £420 t e&o £2240 £24.50 £24,50 i £52701 £3270 £0.60 £16.40 £7.60 £t200 £1200 £1234 £16.70 £18.00 yUp £18.00 £38.00 Add £1.50 PAP on chips. £3.00 PAP on drives A PSUs. We reserve the right to refuse
|g ATTENTION ALL DEALERS********** Our company offers the most competitive dealer repair service on all home computer*.
Credit facility available. SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION PACK TOOAY.
252 3553 E Mail PeltrOfailcomp.domon.co.uk Service HOTLINE Tel
(0111) 247 0059 HI Ctapnter Semkts |K|. 115 Mo Rnl. Leicester
i£2 Iff * 68000 CPU Video OAC (Al200) Kicks la rt 1.2 Kickslarl
1.3 Kickstarl 7 04 Kickstarl 2.06 Kickstarl 3.1 (A500) Rom
Sharer NEW Mo4u alory Xchange Modulator* CO 32 ROM Drive A500
Motherboard 6A m mam VI nai n ne it ran A500 Keytoard 06X70
A600 Keyboard £29.00 A1200 Keyboard £34.00 A5M.M0 12M PSU tiiAO
CD-32 PSU UtXJO A2000 A3000 PSU £66.00 VGA Adaptor £600
- ftip- Computtr'Stmicti nwrmcimenui FREE GIFT WITH EVERY REPAIR
BARGAIN HARD DRIVES FITTED 85 500 Mb CALL EXCHANGE SERVICE MODULATORS ...El 9.50 PSU ...£19.50 DISK DRIVES . £25.50 KEYBOARDS .C25.50 COLOUR GRAPHICS LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE' Y» it’» true the new Flexi 3 will remove banding and white line* fnm dot matrix 8c bubblejet printers Now you can have laser quality on your printer.
I i Other new features include -
* Balanced control for picture enhancement * Select area to be
printed * Select size to be printed
* Page control * Colour sevc * Ink correction * Automatic poster
mode for larger than A4 ?
Gamma correction * Spooler for colour letterheads etc ? Colour separation * Now with anti-aliasing to remove fagged edges A Large range of dithering (dot pattern) * Variable level uf shingling to totally remove handing and white lines A Colour catalogue function will print a miniature of each picture configuration between 1 -8 acTossyou. * Suitable for Citizen. Epson. Hewlett Packard. NEC. Panasonic.
Seikosha, Star and just about any dot matrix or Inkjet bubblejet lazerjet printer CARE SPECIAL £29.95 UPGRADE FLEXIDUVP TO FLEXIDIMP 3.
ONLY 04.45 INC RETURN MASTER DISK How to order: Enclose cheques PO made payable to: CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access Visa CARE ELECTRONICS Dept AMC, 15 Holland Gardens, Garston, Watford, Herts, WD2 6JN. Fax: 01923 672102 Q ORDER LINE ON 01923 894064 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND CARRIAGE mmm COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS & RELOADS Just take the top off, take out the old ribbon and reload It with a new one. Full instructions supplied.
Complete One Five ribbon reload reloads Citizen Swift ABC 224 £11.95 £6.99 £29.95 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 £9.99 £6.99 £29.95 Panasonic KXP2135 £9.99 £6.99 £29.95 Star LC200 9 pin £9.63 £5.99 £23.95 Star I.C24-10 20 200 £9.63 £6.99 £29.95 Star LC24-30 LC240 £8.99 £4.99 £19.99 Seikosha SL95 £14.95 £6.99 £29.95 INKJET REFILLS For: HP DESKJET 500, 510, 520, 550, 500C, 550C, 560C.
BJ10E EX SX, BC02, BJ200, BJ130, BJ300. BJ330.
6 Refill Kit 120ml pure black .£16.99 CANON BJC 600, BJC 4000 20 Refill Kit 120ml pure black ...£16.99 EPSON STYLUS four refills 120ml pure black £16.99 EPSON STYLUS T RICOLOUR refill, 4 refills of yellow, magenta & cyan 180ml .£24.99 TRICOLOUR REFILL felTS FOR H P. DESKJET RANGE CANON BJC600, BJC4000 etc. 10 Refills of Yellow, Magenta & Cyan 180ml ..t ....£24.99 Print Head Recovery Fluid for unblocking nozzles ...£15.95 Important: Please state type when
SPECIAL RE-INK 7-or Panasonic 1080 81,1124,1180,2113,2135, Star X200 9 Pin, Epson LQ100. Oki 182 390. Black bob
- Je will re-ink Kxb-nbbons .£9.95 BLACK PRINTER RIBBON RELOADS
Just take the top off, take out the old ribbon and reload it
with a new one.
Citizen Swift ABC 120D 5 black reloads ...19.99 Epson FX80 LQ800 Range 5 black reloads__£11.99 Seikosha 1900 2400 SL95 5 black reloads ..-£9.99 Star LQO 20 100 5 black reloads .....14.99 Star LC24 Range 5 black reloads ....£9.99 Star LC24-30 LC240 5 black reloads -.....-£14.99 T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS TRIM OS NORM At I’APF.R IRON ON T-SHIRT 4 Colour Citizen Swift ABC 240 ...£19.99 4 Colour Citizen Swift (Reload) ....£9.99 4 Colour Star LC10 - ..-....£10.99 4 Colour Star 1.C200 9
Pin .....£12.99 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin (Reload) ..£7.99 4 Colour Star LC2O0 24 Pin.. : - ..£19.99 4 Colour Star 24 Pin (Reload) £9,99 1 Colour Star LC10 .. £9.99 1 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin ...£9.99 1 Colour all Star 24 Pin ...,......£9.99 1 Colour Epson FX80 LQ400 MX80.... £9.99 1 Colour Epson LX80 ....£9.99 1 Colour Panasonic KXP 1080 .£9.99 Wide range of other ribbons available.
COLOUR KITS for MONO PRINTERS F you'd bought a colour printer instead of a mono one? Wouldn't it be nice to print out pictures in colour? Now you can with Amiga it". Each Amiga FlexiKolor kit comes complete with everything you need to print in colour, includirig superb software. The colour kit is Ever wished "FlexiKolor Kit' .» -ul e. ......------ t-i i. i-i-------» m i -a . Arantee. Also on all models listed below' paper not listed below please pnone.
Citizen 120D+, NEC P6, P6+. Please COMPLETE KIT £39.95 [Paul Austin explores le on-line offerings Ifor the 3D enthusiast The invisible ou could be forgiven for thinking thot the AMIGA on-line experience consists of Aminet and not much else. However, the reolity is very different Take a trip i The Amiga HomePage ond you'll soon jlise there's a lot more on offer to Amiga folk than the world's biggest PD and Shareware For 3D fans specifically the real heart and soul d the web has to be the Tomahawk site which can be accessed in all its glory via the web courtesy of the WaveRider Homepage From
here the casual browser gets occess to a [fitly massive collection of models, textures, images, i, tips ond just about everything imaginable for ore LightWave fans.
Thanks lo some thoughtful page design foveRider con be used as a jump point to just 1 LightWave contacts WaveRider http: tomahawk welch.jhu.edu Newtek http: www.newtek.com Engulf & devour http: is.eunet.ch People ahd home.hfml Digital Dream http: uptown.turnpike.net H Herbert Imaginative Systems http: Long Island Medio Group http : www. 1 i. net -rlhomme l i mg. Html The New Graphics BBS http: www.graphics.rent.comi Side FX http: www2.hunterlink.net.au ~ddrjb Electron Dreams: ftp: ftp. Pd.org : pub edreo ms lw about everything of note when it comes lolightWave
Needless to say you're free to browse the finer points of the Tomahawk ftp archive, but in oddition you're given the option to link up with various other AMIGA 3D oriented ftp sites, and even the odd gopner site gets a mention and potential hotlink.
Obviously models and modelling oddons available from the ftp site or at the top of most people's shopping list. And true to form WaveRider offers a concise and friendly means of listing and subsequently accessing the goodies on offer via a excellent hot linked index.
To add even more user friendliness to the WaveRider experience the site is about to implement a Java oriented on-line preview of the models avalable from the archives.
Soon anyone kitted out with a suitable Java compliant browser will be able to audition the models on offer actually on the site, prior to committing to what can often be a very sizeable download. If you're in the market for lots of LightWave freebies WaveRider is simply loo good to ignore.
The imagine angle hough perhaps not offering the technical excellence of WaveRider, Ian Smith's Homepage certainly does its bit for agine users on both the Amiga and PC.
Thanks to Ian's efforts as a Shareware author, Imagine bns can download a very respectable collection of add-ons, ixtures and utilities, with notables being Ian's own eations which include a collection of nine algorithmic extures and a variety of support programs, including a exture interface and assorted file conversion tools.
Add to that an excellent sub-page entitled 'The big List of nagine Tools' and you arrive at an invaluable resource for negine fans an both Amiga and PC. Split into two eateries, 'The Big List' offers a collection of fexfure sets and dd-ons plus an impressive range of even more format con- ersion tools allowing object transfers between Imagine, ghtWave and Real 3D.
Real 3D contacts Real 3D Homepage http: www. Real3d .great fi MSA Real3D Homepage http: www.msassoc.co.jp mso ereal3d.html Real 3D Activa http: www.win.net ~real3d Imagine contacts I Conny's corner http: www.is.kiruno.se ~cjo I Imogine mailing list http: www.is.kiruna.se ~cjo rf-iml.html Iml faq http: www.is.kiruno.se ~cjo foq7 main.html The sites, resources ond URLs spotlighted .in this column are by no means the whole story when it comes to Amiga-related 3D on the web. Having said that, they should offer a useful introduction to what's on offer.
When you've got the time, be sure to check out the ossorted contacts panels - they'll all lead you to even more sites software and assorted goodies. Have fun... I Dare 2 Imagine http: www.is.kiruno.se ~cjo d2i main.html Last but not least in our on-line extravaganza comes the good old Real 3D.
Basically the format is a familiar one, with the best jump point being offered by the Official Real 3D Homepage.
From here you can hotlink to a variety of sites. However, be warned - this is a media rich site which demands a fairly quick connection. Leaving aside an assortment of sexy graphics and commercial plugs for the software, the real highlights come from a sub-page creatively entitled 'Other.' From here you can link up with the various resources floating around in the electronic ethee. Needless to say, given the inherent complexity of the package, joining the mailing list is a particularly wise move.
Aside from the Real 3D specific stuff, the official site also boasts an impressive collection of links to more general 3D-related web resources, all of which are well worth a visit regardless of the allegiance to a particular package or platform.
' ' A ' I ' it l ,' , j I I A' K * * ' ' ¦
• -T Amiga Computing Tfree j GAMES CHEATS 14 EMULATOR ON ALL
FRIENDLY All Games are on 1 disk and run on all Amigas unless
otherwise stated.
9YL Tel: 01702 29S887 I j Name: .... ¦ Address I Ummml Amiga
Model: ...... 4 Postcode:- .
• 1055 3DSK HYPER RACE 1 ? 1057 A12 TURBO-JAM ' 1059 MANSELL NOT
1.3 1072SUPER-OWVE [ n 1132 A12 LAST LAP I I 024 ELF & PP
1 1014 CRAZY GOI I LI 4181000 CHEATS | ? 931 BACKDOOR V3 | 621
OVER 18 GAMES J 101 TERROR UNER VI ' 1 10012D5K ADVENT 2 1081
964 TEAM TETRIS 971 SFEUTRIS ? 1074 5TATIX NOT 1.3 ?
121SA1200BUT-TRIS 1240IOCK-SU0E L 1245 Y-ATTACK NOT 1.3
BOMB32 PAOM A12 ? 1070PLAT-MAN ? 1096PUC-MAN 1138A12 CYBER MAN
010 POKER ARCADE 1073 CARD PACK 1112 A12 CAROS VI ? 1140A12
1230 MUGSIES ? 1231 POUND ISLE NO 13 1266 3 DISK PANlC-SO ?
1278 2DSK A12S-HEADS ? 134 2DSK 8LACKDAWN 5 ? 1K020SX MOVIES
LORDS ? 1 *88 2DSK S-COM8AT 3 ? I'M CARNAGE NOT 13 ? 1222
MEGADEMOS ? 1104 2DSK OXYGENE 2 C 1146 Fua MOON : J 1184
133 FRAC LAND BUILD 1195 IMAGE DESK A1200 ? 1299 A1200 MAG
In the last year or so, wnile everybody tried to make PC's behave Ii 1 e the AMIGA, we sold more Network cards than ever as professional AMIGA users realised just how much better the AMIGA is for Video and Multimedia production.
Thanks to ESC0M, the AMIGA is still around, and we look forward to another 14 years of supplying your Network needs.
Networking AMIGAs: if it exists, HYDRA 5YSTEMS manufacture or supply it. One-stop shopping - Ethernetconnexionsfor every model from A500 to A4000, and all the Software there ever was.
If it has an Ethernet Port we can talk to it... AMIGA to AM IG As, NOVELL File Server, UNIX Sox, a VAX, DEC ALPHA, SGI, even PC’s ifyou must. Get wired real soon - withalltherightconnections... For Dealer Information in your Country, Call or Fax these guys: HYDRA SYSTEMS Red Lane, Kenilworth, UK. CV8 1PB Tel Fax: (+44) (0)1203 473333 qfi J J j ---g the AMIGA - but when you've been Networking Commodore kit since before the IBM PC Amiga Computing AVAILABLE NOW “Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before." Amiga format magazine ORDER HOTLINE 01234 273000 256 AGA
* * v £ £ ¦ Vn* SuperDouble CD Pack SCSI Zip Drives 1 MllHI L A
U As Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from
HiSoft include everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware
Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a lOCMb cartridge, all necessary
leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft.
• Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotect
* protect • Cartnd imtMadm
• Write'protection • Cartridge eject Since being introduced, the
Zip™ Drive has caused a storm in I he storage industry',
offering an unrivalled level of price, performance and
reliability. This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk
drive weighs in at just 1 lb, has fast transfer and access
times (up to Imb s transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your
hand, your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on
floppy-sized disks, is perfect for all types of application and
is priced at a level that will make you want to unzip your
wallet immediately!
Price inc 100Mb cartridge, extra 100Mb cartridges £15.95 or less!
Order your Zip drive now to ovoid disappointmentI The superb SuperDouble CD-ROM is back! Using an excellent 2.4 speed drive from Sony, this CD-ROM provides outstanding performance at an amazing price. With a 360Kb s data transfer rate and a 230ms access time, the SuperDouble CD-ROM provides all the speed for the power user.
The SuperDouble is fully compatible with Ihe new Squirrel MPEG card, supporting Ihe industry standard VideoCD (White Book) format.
The SuperDouble CD-ROM pack includes the award-winning AGA Experience CD-ROM • rated 93% in issue 79 of Amiga Formal. This CD- ROM is crammed full of pictures, utilities, demos, animations and tools for AGA Amigas. The SuperDouble pack also includes Ihe latest Aminet CD- ROM. This disk is brimming with the latest PD, shareware, utilities, demos and picture files from the Aminet archives on the internet.
A full classic Squirrel is also included in the pack. This allows easy connection of any SCSI peripheral lo the A1200. The package has all Ihe necessary drivers and software for easy connection of hard drives, CD-ROMs and removable disk drives, such a» the Zip" Drive, to your Amiga.
Cinema4D DiskMAGIC Easy File & Disk Management Constantly doing battle with the ShelbCLI? Stop this futile struggle with DiskMAGIC, the easy-to-use file and disk management utility from HiSoft.
DiskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from the copying of disks and files to the viewing of pictures and anims. In fact, after using DiskMAGIC, you'll wonder how you ever used your Amiga without it.
S Y S.T-E M.JS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel:+44 (0)1525 718181 Fax! +44 (0) 1525 713716 email: hisoftf$ cix.compulink.co. uk Zip is a trademark of Iomega Inc Cinema4D is the easy-to- use ray-tracing and animation system for your Amiga.
Equipped with an intuition- based multi-tasking editor, CinemalD is replete with every conceivable option including window-based real-time interactive modelling, direct modelling in 3D, basic and complex primitives with infinite variations, easy object manipulation, floating toolbars, user-defined menus, object and texture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A 1200 etc.) & FPUs, and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of "virtual reality", breathing life into objects and scenes.
Whether you have your spaceship dock with a spacestation, or take a tour arounc the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it’s so simple.
Just a few mouse clicks and you Professional Ray-Tracing and Animation for your Amiga will have your objects move realistically through time and space- Cinema4D also includes MagicLink, the flexible hbject converter.
MagicLink converts all popular object formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.) to Cinema4D format & back.
Order Hotline © 0500 223660 To order any of Ihe products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send u a cheque or postal orders, made out lo HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft E&OE All prices include UK VAT (a 175% 1 0216 FACULTY ‘MAN ON MOON" v.r,g=na M* fnmlaaJa, ada uI MatM |a data] ]HQ| |MK -| |aoa; I D217 ABYSS"DRUGSTORE" 0219 SANITY "ROOTS II" *w A vary dare* damn ttot |ca»| r 220 FREEZERS "DREAM WALKER" 0221 FREEZERS "LECH" AGA «nnRa.JmcftMtaat I danor i«v loadaMfa aara nxttaa - aarMBafe: j 0222 ARTWORK 'GREENDAY" a taoam (act, «, I wary Jaoanl tnjrai. [AGA| |H0( fi 5aAa| 2 cannot believe just how addictive this game is, it should have a government health warning on the side. I must have lost days playing this game with my friends. To be
fair, I was a huge fan of the original Dynna Blaster which also allowed up to five players and had the same sickeningly addictive game play. For 3 wu ikc.'jdc vat vinriCAiiOrt apa p* i .»» v

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