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More positive actions are taking place as Escom have announced the arriva) of a further 37 stores to their already 127-strong retail outtet force. in further plans to broaden their pubtic image, 1 Juty saw the unveiting of their first steps into TV advertising on British television. The campaign tasted two weeks and depicted a '40's-styte détective offering advice to a confused female PC buyer. White in this instance Escom are plugging the PC. it's another sign of their com-mitmen! to making an impact on the British high Street. The company are also considering TV commercial for the Amiga. but the main confirmed thrust for the relaunch witt be in the press. With this kind of muscle nurturing the Amiga. the hope is that there witt be a sotid retail platform and réputation already instatted by the time new stocks of Amigas are reteased which can only be good news for the machine. Meanwhile. there's more information this month for prospective 4000T owners apparentty. Escom are planning to bmid 22,000 system boards of the high-end Amiga machine in Phitadetphia 12,000 for the European market. 10,000 for the US market meaning that the China production tine witt not be operative for at toast a year. tf rumour is to be betieved. att 22,000 have already been bought by various distributors across the wortd. An unconfirmed rumour also (toating out of Escom is that negotiations with the Phitippine government to release the substantial Commodore inventory had in the Phitippines have been parity successfut. Some paris have already arrived in Germany. but talks are continuing between the government and Escom for the rest. Escom PC ad; TV conwnerefafs for tho Atrdga are undon cons deraMon at tho moment, but tho math advert sing thrust wiM ho tn tho pross More reseafth an thB 'ttEt H meluMne fatelift Just before going to print. the new logo for the Amiga machine came in via fax accompanied by the foüowing blurb: "The Amiga wordmark evokes both a classic and elegant feet as wett as a modem took. Bodoni. the font selected to build upon. is a classic font.

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Document sans nom Issue 90 ¦ September ¦ 1995 ¦ £3.99 Overseas price £4.25 HII 18.95 Power up your Amiga with our utility extravaganza!
September All Amiaas 1995 Check out thle month 'a double-disk utility bonanza, packed with some o1 the greatest Amiga utilities available
• TUDE A Ttta Ulttmat* Dtgndtf and Enhmncf -~
• Exchange A um Vfktn of Exchange
• GfxCon M
• ClassAction Application Launch*
• LockColours Kmp your toon Cmnat P
• Jpeg datatype Urn Baal Jpeg DalaTypa Around The Amiga makes
designs g of even mors great hat will enhance your Amiga on
Planet 24, TV’s hottest production company
• Bouncy World Taka Vangaanca On Tha World
• HDSIeep Shut Down Npby Hard Drtym
• MathScript Crwmtm Graphic* For Equation*
• ARCHandlor
• CyberVisioir-
• Coldfie ter zoo
• Emulation
• Expert system y
• Monitor roundup
• asteinersdanne Accelerator card VIDEO AND GRAPHICS FLOPPY DISK
A sA..n..rrno FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS A500 512K (no clock)
£20.00 A500 512K (inc clock) £25.00 take* an A5M Iron 512K to
600 1200 These mftfr'l ' Amito* Loader repuamcnl drives are
ideal for users who w sh to tpUct tbtir exfstmg internal drive
The pack teaben i oiakr tnttrrm '¥», 84' dm* (TMCfua .i(7i for
Ihe Amga 50a600nuS or Amiga 600 AH that you need lo W your dmt
is mcfuOKt. Plus easy to toitoi Mir?
Instructions and 24 months warranty £34 [£44
• Comprehensive 16-page manual plus full colour sieeve
• Input and output composite video signals
• Switches Oerween wteo only, computer only and mind graptucs FOR
• 14• 36mm. CGA stereo Mtbof monM
• Digital RGB and CVBS
• Power and audio cables £199 etc v«t won mu IMAGE PROCESSING
IMAGE FX v2.0 FOR ALL AMIGAS 0357 more Animation Workshop V2.0
£69.00 Ajkms you lo create (tty proce&a edn and add sound lo
your an manors ASA 5800 Scala Multimedia (mm*oo) £299.00
Updated version ct Scala program wih a «kc e hMl of new toalurw
GB ROUTE PLUS £34.99 Plan Irp* and tourneys ir. Tfie UK ASG 3122 KINDWORDS 3____ £29.00 Pn*e»tonal te«t processor ASK 5832 MAVIS BEACON II £14.00 Toach yotsfte* r png program - ASM 1992 MAXIPLAN 4... £29.00 Busoos* scAwaro tut* - ASM 2012 VISTA PRO 3.0 £24.95 Landscape genensnj package - ASV 8002 WORDWORTH 3.1 SE £49.00 True WYSIWYG Word procoasor - ASW 6030 FINAL WRITER _ £74.95 Word pcftlsner «ttti grapnc* A tools - ASP 3802
• 24M •
• Image thumbnails
• Enhanced tent handling
• Expanded image composing
• AutoFX
• Image FX browser
• Son edge and antialiasing £99 mg vat m TUB drive system opening
up a whole new world ot CD muftimedta technology
• PCMCIA connection
• Quad speed mechanism
• 600Kcsec data transfer rate
• PhotoCO compatible
• Multi-session compatible
VI .2 . * j FOR A1200 A4000 Lt* • Manipulate and pamt graphics
in 24-M
- - • Multiple image editing I® "m • Real-time HAMS display _
J * Open design lets you to add you* X- O
- m own loaders, savers or effects I'wcv Photogenics V12- £54.00
The utlmate 24-brl grapNc and man uMer package ASP 30CO Image
FXV2.0 £199.00 Mow* cotvrwwn al image* borawn se««raI «Horot l
file Icrmnls - ASI213?
EHHEnnsz Amitek A500 600 1200 £29.00 Bag* cdo M raplaoemeni power wppfr «or A5C6WIV1200 • PCW OSIO SEE PAGE 2 FOR FULL OVERDRIVE RANGE NEW VERSION
• Plugs straight urto A1200 trapdoor - No sotderwg required
• Upgradeable FAST RAM board to I. 2.
4 or &ve
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs tor easy upgrades
• Optional Floating Point Unit - 33um or 40kho PLCC 68882
• Comprehensive manual with lustrations
• Works with an A1200 and A1200HD computers
• Does not mvtMate your A1200 warranty
• 2 year warranty INCREASES SPEED BY UP TO 3X the Am !tk Uamba.
External Modulator, makes an ideal replacement modulator for
all Amiga owners Everything needed is supplied Like ad _ AtnOk
peripherals ir jc* O I comes with an easy XL O ** to toHow
manual. I ncv«t qcaw £ SMAM&A ” MODULATOR FOR ALL AMIGAS Hawk 1
Mb - No FPU £99.00 But 32-bl RAM board, Ikx pcp*iatod ard
Dattery WKMd dock - RAM 1210 Hawk 4Mb - No FPU £189.00 8M 32
bl RAM board. 4ut populated, and battery backed dock RAM 1240
Hawk 2Mb - No FPU .£129.00 But 32-td RAM board. ?v* populated
and battery backed dock • RAM 1220 Hawk 8ub - No FPU £329.00
8Mi 32-b* RAM board. But populated and battery backed dock •
RAM 1280 ummbjw FPU 40mm* For Hawk _ £99.00 Cy*tal and FPU (or
Hawk UPG 13S5 FPU 33mh* For Hawk _ £59.00 Cyvlal and PV tor
Hawk. UPG 1250 AMOS PROFESSIONAL £31.00 Game* creator padcage
ASA *81?
AMOS PRO COMPILER £31.00 Corrpies your Amo* program* ASA *83?
EASY AMOS £20.00 l»ra tnendly prcgrammrvg langaugc - AS€ 160?
BRILLIANCE V2.0____ £49.00 Advance paml A aomatcn volt* Am ASB 791?
CANDO V2.5 £99.00 Irteractrve aubcvnuaf auttwrrg - ASC 2200 DATASTORE ...... £49.00 Create your cwn Itrnry • A50 4022 EDGE 1.7 - PRO £24.95 For tent odftrg - AS£ 8200 The Oigda Organiser wtth its sinking interlace superbly emulates the printed Motor diary it lets you type appointments birthdays, lists and more A full address book calendar and task tor are also included It is the only program ot _ its type on the Amiga and has the I r|.99| option of printing pages that can be !
Inserted into a real fdofax |incv»r aaowooj filmed after the tanms storage Hungry anrnd the Spume! SCSI? Nwrtace jmtpy plugs w»0 the PCMCIA slot (avoiding warranty problems) and allcm ton to connect up to? SCSI (fences tb ftut Amiga at the same tone. Res could be any combination pt rum drives SCSI CD ROM drives, tat* Streamers. SyOuest !tmv*M drnvs. Etc ORGANISER - DIGITAL FILOFAX 14" COLOUR MONITOR FOR ALL AMIGAS SOFTWARE OFFERS MicroVrtec 1438 14” £299.00 1SKH2-40KH? 28mm MON 5438 AMIGA CD32 PRINTERS CmZEN 24-PIN ABC colot DOT MATRIX CANON BJC4000 COUN BUBBLE JET HEWLETT PACKARD COUX INK
JET 660c
100 CD-ROM £429 EXC VAT PWIM81 AVAILABLE £149 £319
• m?fM wtf t toy PC or Amiga computer
• 5 Buitt-m fonts. 2 scalable to 40pt
• Budt in SO sheet auto feeder
• Otuen FasysUrt software tor Windows and Amiga
• Auto Sfl facility
• Resolution 360 360dpi
• Black nbbon
• Colour kit supplied including colour ttoboo
• 2 year warranty 173cps (high quality)
• 80 column A4
• Res: 360 x 360dpi - 720 360dpi with smoothing function m mono
• foots. 5 typefaces
• Parallel interface
• 64K mput buffer. 4 IK download buffer
• Emulations’ LQ2SS0. X23E Canon enhanced
• Speed -t pages per minute tOcpi at 248cps thigh spaed) and »
Automatic and manual sheet feeder STUDIO PRO II PRINTER
• Prmt24-Mt graphics
• Workbench drivers lor most primers
• Prints pictures from orsk using 1 very tittle memory
• The (MY ____ professro'ut Igyl Q 1 co our management system on
the Amiga lIMC V*T AtsawooJ 270cpS drift f34cps LO Colour.
06mpp Iconoftss Mode
• Res 600 6000pi black and white 600 * 3000* colour
• 100 sheets A4, up Id NtoyHfpfS
• 8 bitmapped foots tor DOS
• 14 TrueType fonts
H) rWWWt
• ParaNel interlace
• 3yearretumto base warranty SILICA STOCK A FULL RANGE OF
Mouse £11.95 HD & CD-ROM DRIVES, MICE & J’STICKS SwfKhabte *e
Amiga and ST. 300dpi Jtta aanntun buncos - MOU 4000 Mega Mouse
£12.95 Ultra htfi 400cf rwduoon. 5 loci cnac.
ErtorOeta trqef.p cporaftcn MOU 1075 Quickshot Apache OS131 £6.99 2t»» Umcrt 6 loci caMe. T-co-© lor Mutn control 4 suction cups - JOY 6431 Quickshot Starfighter 1 Tkito tin button, 6 tool cable thurt) CcrtrtT, tiandt free atio fro JOY 64«7 £8.99 Zip Stik Super Pro AuioAre. Mcrcawitchas. Hard hed taWe lop jOysftc* - JOY 5600 £12.95 MEGA MOUSE FOR ALL AMIGAS
• Ultra high 400dpi resolution wtth optomechanical encoder
• 5 toot cable
• Effortless fingertip operation with reliable micro- switch
Buttons Soagato ST9145A 127Mb ? GVP Software £199.00 Upgrades
an Armpt 600 or 1200 to a hard a*» model - HAH 0127 Seagate
ST9190AG171 ut ? GVP Software £229.00 upgrades an Anpa 600 or
1200 to a hard ®s* model - HAH 0171 Seagate ST9240AG 210Mb ?
GVP Software £249.00 Upgrades an Amiga CCO 01 1200 to a hard
AMIGA 4000 Allows the connection of external or internal
drives, tape back up units.
CD-ROMS, flopticals and SyQuest Includes many L drivers •
• SCSI expansion card
• Internal and extaml connections
• Cable A drivers me
• Supports rigid disk blocks and SCSI direct OverDrive Double
Speed Cl 79.00 Alcws access to Amiga soeoftc Cds and play CO'
software • HAR 3540 OverDrive Quad Speed £249.00 Alow* access
v AMIGA gpwAC CD* and play CO' software • HAR 3642 SEE FEATURE
ON PAGE I OverDrive HD flDE) Ultra Fast 56CMS Hard Drwe.
Pugs onto PCMCIA tMHAR 3544 £249.00 OverOnve HD CO Combo Unit £199.00 Doufcffl crcM CD Wft wffi space to1 HO as well HAR 3548 Panasonic PD SYSTEM READ WRITE OPTICAL DRIVE
• Quad speed CO-ROM Orive with 6QQK Data Transfer and 195ms
• 650Mb re-wrilabie optical disk drive with removable cartridges
Cartridges (DIS 1500) £45.00 ALL-IN-ONE NEW £645 BC VAT COO OX
JUST A GAMES CONSOLE Critical Zone includes the powerful 32-bit
CD15 games console with built-in dual speed CD-ROM drive, an 11
button controller and 7 top CD-ROM games. Optional upgrades
include keyboard and disk drive (allowing use of A1200
software) and an MPEG video playback card allowing video Cds to
be played on the CD*.
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio & CD+graphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £14.99
• Optional SX1 computer module - ccaoioo arm Optional full screen
video CD module - cca 0320 n cm INC VAT CCD 23 STORES
GUItDfOHD [ittUMi MiNr 51 Jut totoi Ditiitlltt’XiM tlllliiftlli
~ DtXrtim-awnw Z7H»Si 11-3! Fail[« HI- tUUi: mum-mm rms
Dmnruwiw '.ngsSjui* Dawtliii rww Witxx* 5ai.1l PC' [U- 2:1 MU
N« 1(13)1 Omnam DonumPrugKJ S HawMw-wtai want! ?
A wuTicoifi rw'mr SMWrrCS' av ‘w Kiyihtr y OttWtttTB- tr'wr hrtim Cm Otbimrc ¦ at’m- Mirir S: Oofrtum vt ‘or AqPr«* Wermrns - at •« Mnn aWrejiw Txlto Marture :l;m :?•» j 5ia - Sta taw. Hktalty ftj I 'WvrrjTi riwr itoron Dettrnrs- iAntJriml rr-P7C9M 1102 32115!
HIT! Butl IT 71 514 WM 1171 5U Sdt 1171-71812JI 115*2 21201 I1I1-U2 WA 11152 25m HIM 754465 1114-771U11 1114 251 1779 IW-iMMtl 3i?B 22Utt 11712 442426 117M MW7 © DEBE AMS COMPUTER »mii I«4 A»*- h WINNFR 0*«7 Sanvr COMPUTER WiOPPER 1104 Awards
n. ,r4-. MmSotxy [jTiTTffB?
0181-30911111 THE SILICA SERVICE OoIctb you docKJe V HEN to buy. We suggevt you oortwor WhEAE va t»uy ana (* mf *) prefect your mvestmorr w«h a putcnase Irom Srica With our unnvailaa WIL _J .
e. penence and exporaaa we wti p-cMOa ai ma extra he p advioc and
new product rriormanon you may need both now and «tha Mure Buy
drecl. Vert or* of ojr sterns or mMm vw coupon nom and Dopn to
expanerv the "Sica Service- E ‘ 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE Sitca has
bom established lor over 17 years tonget Bun moss ottior
computer suppler*, ind Ms t txbvBn track record in
prolessional computer sales WE PRICE MATCH n before you maxt
your purchase from a Silca store you see thr same goods onered
at a lower price try a wocal c cm pet it or we wll match them
on a Same Prorhxt Same Price bass for customers who order by
telephone wit win match other mall Wdei companies pneet
(including the delivery charge i A4 price matches am subject
to our competitor having the goods ui Moc* OPEN UNTIL 7pm Mir
order ires ire cpin ktavFri 9tm to 7pm ins Sa 9im to 5 30pm
Car your local (lore »:« tf :o nfe-mj hmet HOW TO PAY W»
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9S - arOen ouXet on reguestl WE OFFER DISCOUNTS IS BUSihfti
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C*« 0101 300 06« CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE tRM l44
1774eMnortvj|*rw(iilW 11K rPSmml fW'yfhaHi'Unnrrw Ukxttar.
Caltms WE SUPPORT YOU Free Technical Melplme 0101 309 ttil and
fret Dtocfiutti Jrrailatrtt nn rcqitrW MAIL ORDER & MlAD
OFFICE: Sn.ce Houm, Hathertey Boad, Stocup Kent, 0AI4 40X WEBD
• nnmwcK CALL 0181-309 1111 OR RETURN THE COUPON To Sla
AVC0M-G9JS-2S5. Sau H:um Hutrlr Pd Sdcm. Kut 0A14 40X ? Please
send me an Amiga brochure • tree ot charge ? Please send
delated information on the following products FREE BROCHURES
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it any, do you own?
Mr Alrs'Miss Ms Surname Company Address [oniErns SystSm* Reuihus fliwa HtD-3DD 25 flrtecllinwstation G1 IMM Ihe essential guide to Hmiga gaming System On-line 76 Tina Hackett takes a look at the latest products from the Amiga games scene System Selections 86 We recommend the best games from the past few months Peripherals 88 Want to add realism to your gameplay? Andy Maddock shows you the options available Team 17 update 94 We bring you up to date with the latest from the Wakefield brigade A stunning A4 scanner that puts Epson prices to shame A stunning CD-ROM with good looks and a bargain
price to boot [ijberUisinnet IB Di5h[T1agic 57 Hpollo 1200 66 AC's very own Adonis looks at the latest go faster A1200 addon Another challenger makes its bid for the file managing top spot 101 102 21 22 27 52 58 Player Manager 2 78 Behind the Iron Gate _ 80 Sensible Golt 82 Colonisation 84 VUIUI 1 lUUUV 1 1 Super Skidmarks CD32 92 Timekeepers 96 Base Jumpers CD32 98 Top of the League 100 Competition MicroProse goodies up for grabs in our Strategy competition Budgets A double helping of cheapies rounded up and reviewed Game Reuiews Fihiuues ED or not 5D How to get the best from last month's
amazing MUI giveaway Amiga On Location Ben Vost investigates an Amiga revolution among the animals Emulation How to turn your Amiga into something completely different Etipert Sqstems Gareth Lofthouse talks to the people who make the Amiga think Laser Guidance The Cds just keep a coming. We boot up the best in the business Honitor Roundup 62 RssEmbler The ubiquitous Mr Overaa continues the assembler epic Amiga graphics deserve the best and that's what's on offer M issue an sale 21 Hugust COUEH HIDHV Hmiga Tools 1 & 2 Featured on this month’s shareware bonanza; DISK 1 MCP; Exchange; GfxCon;
ClassAction; Jpeg DataType; MultiFile System; TUDE; LockColours DISK 2 ARChandler; MathScript; FastView; InterPlay; Hdsleep; winArranger; Plus: Transplant - an addictive one or two-player shoot- em-up The Hmiga launches itself into the TU and commercial's arena - uje ash Planet 8% mahers of the Big Breahfast. And Premier Ui5ion how and why they use the top ranhing machine See page SB HCH5 hardware or sc Public Sector 11 Hardware or software problems? The solution is at hand 11 Bargain buys unearthed by Amiga Computing 's PD and shareware specialist AMIGA GUIDE VI, mm 107 Turn to page 72...
Frank Nord pursues shareware to spruce up your machine ...for details of Hmiga (omputings subscription offers this month $ 109 Heius flmm Adam Phillips looks on as the Escom buildup goes into overdnve USH lbs is The Amiga across the pond plus the latest from Soft-Logik [omment It Adam Phillips puts the PC hype into persepctive fSP 37 The Question and answer session with an Amiga angle Hhbhh Paul Overaa points the way to perfect parsing in Arexx Uideo Cary Whiteley goes through a 3D conversion process - painful jftfc music Kv Paul Overaa makes his case for 16-bit sound as standard (omms Phil
South looks at the party approach to Internet legislation Hft! Flmos Phil South stands back to let a contributor say his bit Publishing The facts according to Nord. Amiga fonts explored and explained Hegulhds Where there's smoke there's fire.
E floppy drives
3. 5 super xl drv £129.95 i £79.95 £75 £75 internal drives I hard
drives I External PCMCIA 3.5' IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE BARE .
OVERDRIVE 420MB A ( th« a ( PG RA £189 £299 £599 £719 £539.95 EPSON GT-6500 .
14 BIT 1200ON SCANNER PARAGON 600 . . £399.95 2* BIT 1000PI SCSI SCANNER. INCl SQUIRREL 1 ami ga 400C I ¦ a4000 tower aga flicker fixer A5 A5 AC X- TR £99 £259 SYQUEST DRIVES M EP EP ed The tower comes complete with 6 x
5. 25" drive bays.
5 x 3.5“ drive bays, 7 x Zorro Slots. 5 x PC Slots, real time clock and a 230. Watt power supply.
£199.95 £19.95 £10 Ce £399 Pi IN PI IN4 dj M v« 18 M vil A4000 TOWER .....£349 octogen scsi-2 SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 2000 4000. Upgradable to 8MB RAM £129 TANDEM CD-DE ......£69 OCTOGEN 2008 £25 Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
MICROPOLIS 2 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ... , £659 4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI......£1099 9 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI £2199 OTHERS 80MB 2.5 IDE ......£70 120MB 2.5 IDE .... £95 Save 1.SMB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher.
HEWLETT PACKARD 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£459 340MB 2.5 IDE ____ 510MB2.5IDE .... 810MB 2.5 IDE ____ 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE floppy expander disk expander M-TEC AT500 BARE .
1. 3 GIGABYTE DISK . £139.95 2 TO 4 GIGABYTE ...... £659 4 TO 8
GIGABYTE £899 2 TO 4 CARTRIDGE DL90 £12 4 TO 8
CARTRIDGE DL120 £19.95 Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or
higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART £65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO .£60 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3.....£20 syquest drive ® video backup 3 16l ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI .
100MB DISKETTE .... dat drives zip drive £99 £259 £POA new product 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . £75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) ...£139 2 X 32 SIMM (8MB) ...£279 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB) ..£449 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) . .. £30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) ... £139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . £25 1 X 4 DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP ... £5 1 X 1 DIP £5 CIA .. £12 GARY £19 PAULA .£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE .... £25 KEY80ARD IC ....£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB
......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ..£29 PRINTER CABLE ....£6 RS232 CABLE ..£6 SCSI EXTERNAL ... £15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 . £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE £19
...£79.95 MEGALOSOUND ..£29.95
squirrel »c»i interface Included where you see this logo chips
and spares hisof' ScanDoubler II is a full 24-blt AGA flicker
fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes
and scan doubles non-interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA
monitors to display them Supports VGA, S-VGA and Multiscan
Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pln VGA type connector. Comes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)*. Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas). Thru'port for printer connection. Fully supports AGA chipset. Display HAM8 24-bi images on a non-AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included, Works with 2.04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) £20 OCR SOFTWARE . £49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY . £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W £49.95 pc interface ? B W S W £39.95 Connect a CD-ROM, Syquest and any IDE hd to your A2000 3000 4000.
Comes complete with cable and s w.
ROM 2.04 or above.
Power scanner tandem cd-de SCAN DOUBLER II award winning amiga peripheral manufacturers I... a4000 68060 A 68060 accelerator board for the A4000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSMI hard disk controller. The board can be configured with either 4MB.
8MB, 16MB or 32MB industry standard SIMMs.
A4000 68040 (0MB RAM) £699 A4000 68060 (0MB RAM) £829 4MB STANDARD ADD . £139 4MB GVP ADD......£159 a500 68020ec A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM . £99.95 A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM £239.95 gvp products a2000 68060 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller.
A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) . £699 A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) . . . £829 4M6 STANDARD ADD £139 4MB GVP ADD .....£159 gvp ram Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MB GVP RAM .....£159 16MB GVP RAM ....£549 megachip ram Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
£159.95 MEGACHIP RAM VGA ADAPTOR £15 gvp hc-8 scsi SCSI hard card which can fit 8MB of RAM on-board.
Io-extender Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port. Call for details £59 ioEXTENDER a500 2mb ram A 2MB RAM board for the A50Q which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM £90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK £24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB RAM £39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM £29.95 emulation Mac and PC emulators for the Amiga.
INCLUDES OPTION A AND B E586 DX MODULE PC EMULATOR MODULE glidepoint Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips replaces the mouse or trackball and Tap' for an instant selection.
ALPS GLIDEPOINT . . £59.95 graphic tablets Pen and cursor controlled.
GENIUS 12X12. £195.95
notbtapproved£139 X-LINK TRUE V34 28 8 BT APPROVED £229.95
graphic video Colour graphic cards for the Amiga.
PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£249.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT JNR PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£399.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT 2 CYBERVISION 64 £329.95 M-BfT GRAPHICS ENGINE. INCLUDES 2MB VIDEO DAC ..£25 IB-BIT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR MAXIGEN 3 .....£299.95 VWCO GENLOCK order form phone order* We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers All prkes listed are for the month of publication Ohly, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prkes to non-EC residents Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome ¦lall-order teres All prices include VAT. Specifications and pnces are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged All orders In writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions pi trade, copies of which are available on request NAME ADDRESS POSTCODE SYSTEM OWNED DESCRIPTION TOTAL AMOUNT (inc. Delivery) £ CREDIT CARD NO.
EXPIRY DATE SIGNATURE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 NEXT DAY £5 JSAT £10 MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR for product information sheets please call ¦ 01234 273000 P0WER computing ltd 44A 8 STANLEY STREET sa 01234 352207 BEDFORD MK41 7 R W TELEPHONE FACSIMi .power NEWS Estom's marketing push continues Amigas are released - which can only be good news for the machine. Meanwhile, there's more information this month for prospective 4000T owners - apparently. Escom are planning to build 22,000 system boards of the high-end Amiga machine in Philadelphia - 12,000 for the
European market, 10,000 for the US market - meaning that the China production line will not be operative for at least a year. If rumour is to be believed, all 22,000 have already been bought by various distributors across the world.
An unconfirmed rumour also floating out of Escom is that negotiations with the Philippine government to release the substantial Commodore inventory held in the Philippines have been partly successful. Some parts have already arrived in Germany, but talks are continuing between the government and Escom for the rest.
Moderator cannot take cues from respondents' facial expressions and body language. There was one unforeseen problem though to arise from the enthusiasm of the participants. Apparently,, several people were difficult to get off the line because they were so eager to continue in the discussion.
And the end use of these findings? This type of research means we are talking about a global consumer and we have almost instant access to their psyche and feelings and attitudes to brands and products no matter where they are In the world." Admits Herbert.
Whether it is viewed as an invasion or a privileged invitation to attend a cyberspace market research group on the Internet, Herbert believes the time is not far off when consumers from all round the world "will be baring their souls to the hidden persuaders." Now there’s something to look forward to?
The Internet would appear to be a fascinating attraction for researchers in a quest to find out more about the relationship between operator and computer. Michael Herbert Associates have become the first European company to conduct market research focus groups in cyberspace.
What this means is simple - a ‘room’ was set up and users from all over the world were invited to join the group via e-mail.
The research conducted for the Electronic Telegraph unveiled some interesting results. After ploughing through the transcripts of the meetings, the group's findings would suggest that the technology doesn't hinder people from getting their emotions across.
Indeed, the researchers believe that people tend to be more unhibited in cyberspace than when communicating face-to- face.
This freedom of expression may compensate in part for the fact that the More positive actions are taking place as Escom have announced the arrival of a further 37 stores to their already 127-strong retail outlet force. In further plans to broaden their public image, 1 July saw the unveiling of their first steps into TV advertising on British television.
The campaign lasted two weeks and depicted a ‘40‘s-style detective offering advice to a confused female PC buyer. While in this instance Escom are plugging the PC, it’s another sign of their commitment to making an impact on the British high street.
The company are also considering TV commercials for the Amiga, but the main confirmed thrust for the relaunch will be in the press. With this kind of muscle nurturing the Amiga, the hope is that there will be a solid retail platform and reputation already installed by the time new stocks of
I) welcome facelift Just before going to print, the new logo for
the Amiga machine came in via fax accompanied by the following
blurb: “The Amiga wordmark evokes both a classic and elegant
feel as well as a modern look. Bodoni, the font selected to
build upon, is a classic font. Further refinements involving
the manipulation and subtraction of serifs and the addition of
the red square create a progressive, yet elegant logo.
The red square represents technology and adds energy to the logo by implying a sense of motion."
Here at Amiga Computing, we'd like to know what you think of the new logo. Comments to the usual address please.
AMIGA The new logo: Cscorn unveil the Imbel that will be on the front of all new Amiga machinea
- Ill 11- NEWS Scala has established itself as the leading edge
in multimedia creation, respected and envied by owners of all
machines. However, a Swedish company.
ImageLab Technology, are on the verge of releasing ImageVision, a package they claim is the most easy-to-use multimedia authoring system available.
Hothing the boat The package consists of three editors. The script editor is where presentations are built by placing and linking icons together. Double-clicking on said icons brings up the configuration window where pictures, sounds, animations and more can be added.
The next stage is the click editor where buttons are made interactive to enable users to reach other areas of the presentation. The buttons can be rectangular, circular or polygon shaped and sounds can be added for extra effect.
Finally, there's the graphics editor where circles, lines and rectangles can be created, manipulated and saved as clipart to be loaded into any imported background, where they will be automatically remapped to make full use of the particular screen’s palette.
For more details, contact ImageLab Technology on +46 455 20038 or fax them on +46 455 18866 II retraction In the July issue of Amiga Computing, we printed a story that stated cnminal proceedings had been brought against WTS. This information was incorrect and the company is only under investigation at present. We would like to apologise to the company for the mistake and WTS have also stated that any allegations of fraud are entirely unfounded and any problems were brought about by Commodore's bankruptcy, not through fraudulent behaviour.
Lightlllaue update Available at present in the special pre-launch bundle, anyone buying this set-up can upgrade to the full-blown version on its imminent release. The surprise news is that the final release software will include the much-vaunted texture preview boxes only previously seen in the PC version.
Premier Vision are patting themselves on the backs at the moment after convincing Newtek that the preview was a vital and much-wanted option. The company can be contacted on 0171-721 7050.
Future still in doubt Following. Amiga Computings coverage of ZCL's demise in the last issue, the mail order company have had to close down more of their Calculus stores and lay off further employees - over 40 jobs have been lost in the past month - as pressure mounts to find a buyer, according to Computer Trade Weekly, the industry's newspaper. The firm used to own 21 Calculus outlets throughout the country to sell over the counter to consumers, but due to the slip into receivership only a dozen stores remain open.
ZCL's other assets include the Taurus wholesale division and INDI mail order business.
At present, joint administrative receivers Ian Best and David Duggins are running ZCL as a going concern, hoping a buyer will step forward at some point in the near future. The hangover of Commodore’s bankruptcy continues to affect companies Involved in the Amiga industry.
Summer modem sauings For those whose fingers are itching to do the walking on the Internet. Siren Software are offering discounts of up to £25 across their entire range of Speedcom modems if bought before the 31 September. Fully compatible with the Amiga, the modems come with NCOMM3 and an AmigaGuide to Comms.
For a 14.400. punters can expect to shell out T109.99 and for the top-of-the-range Speedcom+BF running at 28.800, the cost has fallen to £174.99. For more details, call Siren Software on 0161-796 5279 and ask for Simon Cobb.
In the meantime, US Robotics have also announced price cuts across their entire range. The Sportster 14,400 Fax has been reduced to £139. The Sportster 28,800 plummets from £299 to £199. And the WorldPort Dual Standard Cellular pocket modem comes down in price to £149.
Phone US Robotics on 01734 228200 for further information.
Pirate proof at last?
With the software industry all over the world suffering at the hands of pirates.
Diskxpress, the computer disk suppliers, believe they have developed the ultimate in CD protection in the form of Laserlok. The system utilises a combination of software encryption and laser marking on the CD that work in conjunction with each other to give the highest level of security.
Diskxpress also reckon that they have cracked the CD copying machines - none of the current models are able to work round the Laserlok system.
Finally, Laserlok is apparently completely impractical for pirate CD plants to re-master and reproduce thousands of pirate software copies, thus preventing piracy at industrial level. If all these claims turn out to be verified in longterm use, the software industry may be able to breath a sigh of relief and Diskxpress can look forward to an extremely swollen bank account.
The protected software operates only when the original CD-ROM is present in the CD-ROM drive of the machine, thus eliminating piracy at the end user level.
Amiga Computing ll NEWS III Gasteiner shoui a success The digital age has arciued Organised in conjunction with Amiga Computing and ST Format, the recent Gasteiner Spotlight Show held down in London on the weekend of 10-11 of June has been hailed a success by several of the Amiga developers who attended it.
With nearly 4,000 visitors to the exhibition, it is obvious there's life in both the Amiga and ST. “What a brilliant show." Proclaimed Golden Image. “Surely the show for Amiga and Atari users without the maddening crowd of games players!"
At present. Gasteiner are in negotiations with Escom for another show later this year. We'll keep you posted with any developments.
Largest librarg in the uiorld With the multitude of different Cds pouring in through our post box. EM Computergraphic are releasing three CD collections they believe provide Amiga users with unbeatable value. The Cds will compromise of PD shareware and DTP DTV material.
Every font has its own IFF file for quick viewing access and there's also the option of buying a series of typeface books launched along with the Cds that’ll offer a hard copy alternative for instant reference. Clipart and images all have their own thumbnails and are arranged in the relevant directories.
The first of the Cds will be released in September, the second in November, and the final one in January next year. The price for the first CD is £24.99 plus £1 packaging, but customers buying before the 8 September can pick up the first collection for £19.99 + £1 for packaging.
For further information, contact Errol at EM Computergraphic on 01255 431389.
The home page Already receiving a warm welcome from visitors. Amiga Computing's home page is waiting to be perused. For the latest news, previews and reviews, simply type in : http: www.demon.co.uk amigacomp. While the Amiga continues to dominate television screens with its special effects work, the recent Director’s Guild celebration of a 100 years in cinema saw one of Britain's most talented directors give a key speech on the dawning of the digital age. John Boorman, director of Southern Comfort and Hope and Glory, reminisced about the nature of film and at the same time welcomed the
increasing use of digital technology in the movies, hinting that spools of film will most likely become a thing of the past.
If Escom's plans are successful, the Amiga will hopefully continue to play a part in the digital revolution.
FJlulti-Data-OTatii New Irom Fourth Level Developments is the rather | mg 650Mb re-writable phase-change and quM CD-ROM drive Featuring the optcal drve and CO] the system is available as a SCSI lt-based SydMI the appropriate software tor Amiga formats.
Also included is the fully updated version oftta] MIGA multimerka support system and Ami-Sdij new fftng system which, according to «s drive from becoming invalidated when yotf I crashes white wnting to ask.
For more info, contact Fourth Level DmI 01179558225.
Internet freedom ofl speech fcj While the cybersurters of this world face th» prospect of US legislation preventing the apj obscene matenal on the Internet, the Dfl has baft criticised by Senate House Speaker Mr Newt claims Wat the legislation is "a volaton ct free Its a violation of the right ol adults to coi each other.’ The debate continues Hll in a good m Hoping to be the first computer exhWon lowa chanty, the Tarrrworth Computer Show s oerg Mufl 22 September at the Assembly Boons Featurrgffl computer stand with the One, Pet and the Vc 20i| guest appearances, among others, and a ffifld
seimg cheap software and other goodies, thee a--e raising mcney lor career research. ¦ Entrance costs El .50 and, lor p'e-advaneal wnte to D Beits at TCS, 117 Sorrel. Aimnpn Staffordshire Software f m 10 out of 10 .15 nouEfiTistns ihoeh 17 Bit Software 108 1 st Computer Centre ....43 Active Software 54. 55 Amiganuts ...56 Arnold Computer Supp......104 Better Concepts .99 Blittersoft .....24 Brian Fowler Computers......93 Bruce Smith Books .....104 Capri CD
Distribution ..104 Central S ware & Hard 104 Cybersystems ..104 Dart Computer 112, 114
E. M. Computergraphics.....114 Epic Marketing .90,
91 Fast Computer Services.... 116
G. C. Electronics ...114
G. T.1 .68 GBE Compact Disc
Serv ...104 Gillett Multimedia..,., ...118 Grey
Tronics . .....74 Guiding Light Comp .
H. I.Q ...... 47 Hagars
Electronic .... 104 Harwoods ....51. 65
Hi Soft .... ORC
Intermediates ......39
Interplay . 81 Kew =
II ..
Meridian . ......11 NJH
Pd .. ...118 Nucleus
Direct .. 110 Ommidale Suppliers 116 On
Line Pd .... 104 Owl
Associates . OQ PD Power .....
104 PD Soft .30, 31 Power Computing
6,7, IBC Premier Mail Order 36 Saddletramps
PD 104 Seasoft Computing .....106
Silica .....3, IFC Siren
Software ...13 Software 2000
.86. 87 The Amiga User Club .104 TiffyTech
Pd ...112 Underground Pd 99
V12-Pd .40 Visage Computers
Ltd ..26 Whiteknight Technology 71 Wizard
Developments ..60 Wizard Games .110
Zone 1 ......110 For those mourning me
loss of the* classic g unlilies because they don't work cn the
A1200 or I can now take comfort in the news mat Binary fix 99
9 per cent of any problem makers at an Costing £2.99 per one
software fix (PSP 50p | per disk over two), mourners stood
send than recorded delivery to ftaary Emotions, 1 f MaddfiJ
Salisbury. Wiltshire SP2 7H8. Wifi chegues rnolt lo Bnary
Emotions IL H you stfl have any quenes. Cad Andrew 416074
Fractals from France France Festival Distnbution are
translating tww products lor release in the English Amiga
Frontiers ana MandefTour are fractal geoeraMg(| that
apparently feature exclusive formulae and j rendering speeds.
Art & Frontiers and MandefTour are avalat*fl and £30 respectively Irom the fotowing addmj Festival Distribution, 3 Rue Anatola Fr» Chaieneut les Martigues. France.
Nir Va nr y PC Emui ation PC Task 3.1 PC Task 3 allows you to run software designed for IBM Pcs and compatibles on you Amiga ! It emulates a 80286 based PC. So you can run Windows 3 I and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. On an AGA Amiga you can even run SVGA screen modes !
RRP £79.95 - Emerald Price £59.95 Upgrade from v2 £34.95 - please enclose your PC Task v2 disk Upgrade from PD version £44.95 - please enclose your disk Order PC Task 3.1 and Dir Works 1 together at the incredible price of just £74.95 !
Limited stocks only Deluxe Paint 4.| .£54,95 Non AGA version Personal Paint 6.3 New Version £49.95 Photogcmcs .....£49.95 TV Paint 3 Nev. LOWgR Pwd | £299,95 Brilliance 2 ...£45.95 image FX 2 (AF 95%'.!!) .....£184 95 A y Cm :* PWOC7;.S S7 VG 4& CA Databases Counting House New...... Digita Home Office...... Money Matters . Personal Finance Manager ? , System 3E Turbocalc 2 ..... Quad Speed Drive £299.95 Double Speed Drive £199.95 Connects to Syquest Drives. DAT. Scanners. Hard Disks & More Mastering
Amiga Programming Secrets Learn a whole range of coding tricks to enhance & improve your programming techniques £19.95 r Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets !. NEW ......£19.95 Secrets of Frontier Elite .. £8.95 Secrets ofSwn City 2000 .£9.95 AI200lnsxierGu.de .£12.95 AI200 Next Steps £12,95 knp Disks A Drives £ 12.95 Assembler Insider Guide. . , £13.95 Desktop Publishing ...£14.95 Imagine 3 Rolling Upgrade program Includes Imagine 3.1 to 4 ' You must have Imagine 3 to qualify.
3. 1 & 3.2 in stock now.
£99.95 An Department Professional vli £ 139.00 AD Pro Conversion Pack..... £59.99 ASDG GT6S00 Scanner Software £89 95 Cafcgari 24 ..... £89.95 Cafigari Broadcast v3.1 £249 99 ASDG Pro Control ...£50 95 Imagine 3.0 . £99.95 The amazing Squirrel SCSI interface lets you add SCSI devices to your Amiga 600 1200. Including CD Drives (includes CD32 emulation) £59.95 Grab 24RT v2.5 New Verson £ 125.95 24 Bit Red-Tvne Colour Frame Grabbing ftp Grab 24RT SHVS ....£please call Rendale 8802 Genlock ......£159.95 Workbench Upgrw OS 3.1 for A500 2000 .
..£83.95 ktide new Kickstart Roms and Workbench 3 I OS 3.1 for A1200, A30Q0 A A4QQQ.. £93 95 Ame specify wtveh machine Maxxon Magic ...£23.95 Screen saver Morph Plus ....£129.95 Essence vol I ? Forge £79.95 Essence vol 2 ? Forge .£79.95 Naksha Hand Scanner ......£69.95 400 dpi mono hand scanner for A500 & A500* Pixel 3D Pro II . £94.95 Pro Vector 3 New .... in soon - call for details Pro quality structured drawing package Real 3D Classic ..£59,95 Real 3D v3 Nrw ...£299.95
Real 3D 2.4 to 3 upgrade ...£166.95 X-CAD 2000 New Lowe* Puce £22.95 X-CAD 3000 .£119.95 Imagine Hints & Tips ..£7.95 The Font & Clipart Book ......£9.95 Workbench A-Z Insider Guide £ 13.95 Mastering Amiga Arexx .£ 17.95 Mastering Amiga Printers .....£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference . £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Tutorial. £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Vol2 . . £17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Scripts ...£19.95 A1200 Beginner s Pack .... £36.95 Includes A1200 Insider Guide. A1200 Next Steps. Amiga Insider Video ? 4 disks of
shareware Workbench 3 Booster Pack ...£36.95 Rendale 9402 SYHS ..£279.95 Squirrel SCSI Interface .....£64.95 Yidco Backup System + Phono cable. £54 95 Video Back-up System ? Scare cable . . £57.95 Yidi Amiga 12 AGA ..£64 95 Vidi 24 RT ...£149 95 Yidi 24 Pro RT £209.95 High Qualify 24 Bit Real-Time Frame Grabber Naksha Greyscale Hand Scanner for Amiga 500 and 500+ £ Tabby Graphics Tablet ......£57.95 AS Graphics Tablet Final Copy 2 ....£47 95 Final Writer 3 .£69 95 Mini
Office .....£37.95 Pen Pal £29.00 Pagestream 3 ..£174.95 Wordworth 3.1SE .. £44 95 Wordworth 3.1 .£79.95 Aminet 1-4 4 CD pack £24.95 Aminet 5 CD ...£14.95 Desktop Video CD ...£13.95 Essential Utilities vol I CD .....£8 95 Giga Graphics 4 CD pack .....£38.95 Grolier Encyclopedia CD ...£28.95 Runs on CD32 and AGA Amigas GFX Sensation CD ...£18.95 Lightworks by Tobias Richter CD. . £38.95 Speccy Sensation CD .£13.95 ZX Spectrum
Emulator ? Over 500 games Star Trek Multimedia CD .....£25.95 Arcade Classics CD ..... £9.95 World of Clipart Double CD £16.95 AmlFilcSafe .....£63.95 DirWork 2 .....£29 95 Directory Opus 5 ...£49.95 Disk Expander .. £29.95 Gigamcm ...£47.95 GP Fax ... , £44.95 Infonexus New ..£25.95 Studio II Print Manager .£49.95 Termite ......£31.95 Video Back-up System Phono .£54.95 Video Back-up System Scart . £57.95 Quarterback Its back at
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3.5 £59.95 DevPac 3 .....£51.95 Hisoft BASIC 2 .£54.95 Intos ...£25.95 Hisoft Pascal .£74 95 Cashbook Combo. . .£59.99 £49.95 £39.95 £34 99 £1995 £49 99 £4995 Video & Mul timedia.: S()ITWARE DEVELOPMEi A uga CD Roms Utilities When ordering, please don't forget to include the carriage charges ! Charges within the UK are £3.50 for first class post (which usually arrives the next day). £4.05 for first class registered, and £5.50 for next-day courier wtthin the UK mainland. Subject to
availability. Please ask for overseas pricing, and pricing for islands & Scottish Highlands. You can pay by : Cheque : Please make cheques payable to Emerald Creative Technology Ltd.
Credit Card ; Visa, Mastercard. Access, Delta.
Switch and American Express. We only bill your card when we despatch the order, not before.
All pricing includes VAT but not carriage We reserve the right to change prices • you wsB be informed of any change when you order Faulty goods w M be replaced or repaired if returned within 30 days of purchase. We will refund if w* can't repair the goods. It is the responsibility of the customer to check for compatibility of a particular product wwh existing equipment before buying EAO€ ADI GCSE Maths ...£19 99 ADI GCSE English £19 99 ADI GCSE French £19 99 ADI Junior Reading ...£15 99 ADI Junior Counting...... £15.99 Merlin s
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New ..£24.95 Digita Datastore .£45.95 Digita Organiser New £39.95 Final Data New ..£39.95 Twist 2 £89.95 GB Route Plus ...£31.95 Mailshot Plus ...£35.95 Music Librarian . . £22.95 Plants For All Seasons . £22.95 Distant Suns 5.0 .£27.95 Vista Pro 3.0 ...£27.95 Vista Luc ......£24.95 Makepath for Vista ...... £9 95 Terraform for Vista £9.95 VRL Bumxe Pacxs - New Lower Prices
Vlsia.DistamSuns.Makepath+Tcrraform . . . £54,95 Vista Pro or Lite.Mikepath+Tcrraform ... £35.95 :® c eh Don i forxrt, we sell Apple How To Order Virtual Ri m in Miav c Education VISA our sales hotline on 0181-715 8866 lax 01 til-715 RR77 Rapid House, U audio Rank London SW19 WW ? N a surpnse move, Escom have announced that Amigas are once again going to be manufactured in the US - in fact, right back in Pennsylvania, not far from where the first Amigas rolled off the production lines a decade ago.
According to Dan Stets of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Edward Goff, who was Vice President and general counsel for Commodore. Is working with two former Commodore engineers and two Pennsylvania firms to produce circuit boards for the A4000T and assemble the machines.
The Amiga comes home Plans to manufacture the systems in China fell through - the Chinese won't be ready to build Amigas for at least a year. In order to get the machines out in time for Autumn, Escom have made an agreement with Zober Industries in Crodyen. Pennsylvania to produce around 22.000 A4000T motherboards.
About 10.000 of these are destined for the North American market, while the remaining 12.000 will probably be Soft-logik gets effectiue At the time of going to press, Soft-Logik were about to ship PageStream 3 0h. Fixing many more bugs and implementing a host of missing features, and the company expects one more update (3.0I) before the eventual release of the package. Release
3. 1 will be shipped free of charge to all registered PageStream
users, and should finally implement all the features promised
in the original program.
One of the features of PageStream 3 that does work well is the accessory image-processing program. BME. Handy for doing minor touch-up work. BME was nevertheless too limited to serve as a full- fledged DTP accessory, It was. For instance, missing a gamma bme get• *dd„d power adjustment, which is an invaluable tool with gary a meets shipped to Scotland for assembly for the European market.
The North American machines will be assembled by QuickPak Corporation of Norristown. At press-time Escom hoped to have machines in production by August.
For lightening too-dark pictures in your documents.
Now, Soft-Logik has added more oomph to BME with a $ 25 add-on package called Gary's Effects. Once installed. 12 new menu commands are added to BME.
Giving the desktop publisher access to a variety of powerful effects. The new effects include Solarize, which allows you to set the threshold above which pixels are negated, resulting in a combination of positive and-negative images; Median, which streamlines pixel values to make colours more consistent; and Average, which is similar to Median, but more suitable for some pictures.
A number of effects can help you adjust the brightness of your pictures for the best printed image. Minimum spreads out dark areas and shrinks bright areas, while - you guessed it - Maximum spreads out bright areas and shrinks dark areas.
Equalize evens out pixel values to make shadow details more apparent, and Threshold sets the cutoff point for conversion to black and white. Perhaps most useful is Gamma, which brightens the middle range of grey levels without losing significant detail. Your blacks stay black and your whites stay white.
Other adjustments include Hue and Saturation; Blur, which takes off sharp edges by eliminating noise; and Histogram, which graphs the distribution of colour values - you can use this before and after applying other effects to see their results. Finally, there’s the powerful Emplant PI update For those who’ve been hoping their |]j Emplant board is the solution to all their emulation problems, things arc looking up. Version 2.1 of the Emplant E586DX PC emulator is now available. This update now supports printing (serial ports still aren t implemented). Extended memory ] managers, and it will run
Window and DOOM.
Speed is still a problem, thoug- especially when running in 386 Enhanced Mode (the mode Window uses when multitasking DOS appli cations and running 32-bit pro i grams). Still. 2.1 is dramatically bet ter than the first releases, and if his tory repeats itself the emulation should shape up into something pretty solid before the year is out.
Convolve operator, which offers total ( trol and has 20 presets, includin Gaussian Blur to add haze; Gaus Sharpen to remove haze; Laplacian Ed Enhancement to highlight edges an darken other areas: Low-Pass to enh dark areas; High-Pass to emphas bright areas; and Vertical Smooth t smooth NTSC video images. These I only a few of the presets. You can all load and save your own. And control ail the effects with Arexx.
These effects are safe to experin with. Try an effect with its default sett and if you don't like the results, sin choose Undo, change the effect’s slk gadget and try it again.
Soft-Logik has an expanding line PageStream 3 accessories. Other ad ons include a Jpeg graphics loaded, i WordWorth filter that imports WordWo documents with almost all their formatt in tact, and a set of Templates for th popular Paper Direct series of fan papers. All of these, including Gary Effects, are now shipping.
CLOCK CARTRIDGE Our unique and highly rated external dock cartndge will enable your Amiga continually store the correct time and date in Its own batiery backed memory Simply plugs onto the back ot the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas.
MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 32 bit FASTRAM memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and an accelerator FPU socket. Easy trapdoor installation.
2mb £114.99 33mhx 68882 FPU C59.99 4mb £174.99 40mhz 68882 FPU C79.99 8mb £299.99 I SAVE £ 1 0.00 If you purchase an FPU at the same time as a memory expansion NEW ANGE APOLLO A1230 Accelerators 1230 TURBO Turbo 50 version includes 68030 CPU+MMU 50mhz Turbo 28 version includes 68030 CPU+MMU+FPU 28mhz Up to 64mb ot Autoconfiguring Fastram 72»rb 9*C data transfer rate SCSI2 controller built in with transfer rates up to 3.5mb sec Real time battery backed dock. 2 SIMM sockets for 72pln simms 1. 2. 4. 8. 16 or 32mb simms. Turtx) 50 light Includes 50mhz 68030.
FPU socket. Isimm socket and connector for optional SCSI2 adaptor A500 A500+ & A1500 ACCELERATORS 68020 processor complete with 68881 co processor running at 28mhz speeds up your A500 by ten times!
Up fo 4mb ol RAM can bo added. Plugs onto the expansion connector and has a through connector for other peripherals.
A500 Accelerator £149.99 A1SOO 68030+68882 25mhz+SCSI £349.99 A1500 68030+68882 50mhz+SCSI £499.99 NEW RANGE 50 MHZ 68030 FROM £199.99 SPEEDCOM Modems Our highly rated, top quality, feature packed modems are probably the best modems available for use with the Amiga. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth £19.99) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NC0MM3 comms software and an Amiga Guide to Comms. Features MNP 2-4 error correction MNP 5 data compression, Fax class 1&2. Group 3. Hayes compatible. 80 page manual. 12 month warranty OP FAX Software £39.99
(14. 400 V32bis) £109.99 SPEEDCOM+ET
(19. 200 V32Terbo) £139.99 SPEEDCOM+BF
(28. 000 V34 & YFC) £174.99 XLINK 14.400 BT appro £134.99 XUNK
28,800 BT gppro £224.99 ALSO AVAILABLE internal replacement
floppy drive £44,99
DRIVE £54.99 A600 A1200 CD ROM drive (POWER ) £191.99 GOLIATH
2.5’ IDE hard drives tor the A1200 & A600 computers come
complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software,
full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied
by us are tested, formatted, partitioned and have Workbench
installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; il
you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you will be able
to plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket' Free
while-you-walt fitting for personal callers 85mb £99.99 120mb
£114.99 170mb £129.99 258mb £174.99 344mb £224.99 APOLLO
A500 1500 HARD DRIVES IDE interface for Amiga A500 A500* and
A1500 compulers Easy fo ill. Uses standard 3.5 IDE hard dnve.
Intortace only £79.99 Interface with 120mb hard drive £189.99 Interface ''Tib hard drive £229.99 Phone lor vii , w A1500 IDE SCSI RAM card £129.99 NEW RANGE A1230 Turbo SOIight £199.99 A1230 Turbo SO £269.99 A1230 Turbo 28 £189.99 4mb SIMM £139.99 8mb SIMM £289.99 No.1 for Amiga in Manchester Order NOW for immediate despatch.
FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (for credit card sales only) 0161*796 5279 for enquiries or fax 0161-796 3208 Open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm.
Access, Visa & Switch accepted.
Send cheques (made payable to Siren Software).
Postal Orders or credit card details to Siren Software, 178 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6AF England Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
Directions From M62 junction 17, head towards Bury. We are 50 yards on the right after the third set of traffic lights, opposite Masons pub.
All prices include VAT. Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.). £7.50 • Europe and £12.50 rest of the World, sire No.1 for mail order SALES HOT-LINE FREEPHONE 0500 340548 ENQUIRIES: 0161-796 5279 FAX 0161-796 3208 EDITORIAL Ill t’s been amusing the last few months - the clamour in the Amiga games industry and shareware scene to release a Doom-beating product.
Magazine covers have been filled with the agent provocateurs beating their chests that their version is the game which will make Amiga users hold up their heads high once again.
Hnqone for an inferiaritu Doom and Its multitude of variants have graced PC monitors for sometime now - most of them particularly unremarkable and unoriginal. While we can all look forward to the likes of Gloom. Alien Breed 3D and other Doom busters.-the eagerness and almost desperation of some Amiga users for some of the PC's clobber reveals a much more interesting picture.
Forrest (jump wonders w m certain Hmiga users think the grass is greener on the other side There seems to be a peculiar breed of Amiga enthusiasts who yearn for the PC's catalogue of software. They feel as if they are missing out on something great. They've fallen for those glossily shot Microsoft commercials with a ten-a-penny philosophy holding them together. They've been bowled over by IBM's OS 2 Warp system commercials and how. Well, right on it all is. "I normally go and make a cup of tea while the computer's printing. Now I don’t have to." Oh dear, how long have you had to wait
for that
- the Amiga has been doing it for years.
What about the PC's software- its paint packages and 3D rendering software? Its Windows ‘95? Its games? Mutter the disgruntled few.
Amiga Computing has been interviewing the companies that produce some of the highest standards of multimedia and graphics work in the business - they have the money to buy anything they want... SGI.
PowerMacs. P6 Pcs. Dec Alpha machines and more - but for some strange reason they consistently stick with the Amiga for a hefty part of the work.
Even in this issue, the PC's paint packages are compared to the Amigas by Premier Vision and. In the past, by pop promo makers Mu-Media. And guess what?
The Amiga's TV Paint and Dpaint remain at the forefront of their artistic work. 3D Tenderers? Perhaps it’s worth reminding the vague minded that the likes of Lightwave started out and continue on the Amiga, not the PC.
Already in the PC magazines, the Amiga-grown package is taking journalists by storm and there are still drawbacks to the PC’s version.
What about Microsoft's soon-to-be- released-at-long-last-sorry-about-the-wait Windows '95. From first impressions, like OS 2 Warp, it's only beginning to do what the Amiga achieved ten years ago.
PROPAGANDA There’s one thing the enemy in whatever arena has always used - that of propaganda (sorry, marketing strategies). While the Commodore of yesterday were about as popular as an outbreak of Ebola in your own living room and couldn't sell life to a soul-sucking zombie. Microsoft and its competitors know where the consumer power really lies.
It’s all to do with image, and some Amiga owners, while understandably disillusioned with the last year's proceedings, are falling for the hype.
Bill Gates has done a marvellous job. He's Crawled inside your head and littered your brain with flash images, talk of the future, but the reality is far from impressive once you've tom off the shiny, sparkling wrapping paper.
As for games - OK, there’s no doubt that at present the Amiga games market is at an all-time low, that we'll have to wait and see what the boys and girls at Escom can come up with. Believe me when I say that software companies are like a flock of sheep that follow their prize shepherd round, baaing at him, hoping he won't lead them into an abattoir but give them a full rewarding life. Once the Amiga is back on its feet, they'll all come rushing back.
In the meantime, if games are an absolute necessity, why give your hard- earned money to a powerful but clumsy, annoying, irritating machine like the PC? If you're that desperate for a games machine of the future, forget the PC - it’s too much.
Go and spend £299 on a Playstation and shut up while the rest of us carry on using the machine that has single handedly, with its multitude of users, started companies, greenlighted films, and offered a cheap, flexible system for creative and business types alike to finally realise their dream on whatever scale.
MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield We regret AMIGA Computing cannot offer technical help on a personal baw other by telephone or in writing. All reader enqunes should be submitted to the address in this panel for possible publication.
Member of (he Audit Bureau of Orcutuora 33,546 Anvga Computing is an independent fwtocotwi and Commodore Business Machines Ltd are not responsible fbrooyofthe articles in this issue or for any of the opm- ions expressed.
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BY FAX With ACCESS VISA - available 24 hours.
BY FOOT Call in during office hours Monday to Friday Please allow up to 28 days tor delivery The tO out oi tO Series only £25.95 each Available From Stores Nationwide1 COVERDISKS Ill Th F Coueii On this month's jam-packed (ouerOisks me haue ij loads of brilliant utilities which should make pour Omiga life that much easier, with a little fun thrown in for good measure Entraiting (ouerDish files - f you have already booted this month’s CoverDisks. You may have noticed a slight change to normal. We are now using Commodore's installer utility to try and make extracting the archives as easy as
possible for you.
To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the onscreen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM. Select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next. The program can now be found in your RAM disk.
You also have the option of using a floppy disk. If you pick this option make sure you have a blank formatted disk at the ready, and if you only have one disk get ready for lots of disk swapping and a long wait.
Transplant System: Workbench 2 and above Note: To run Transplant, just boot the second disk.
Transplant is a game best played with two players, although you can play a one-pla- yer game. You can either play co-operatively. Or if you are in a particularly unfriendly mood, you can play a friend to the death. In one-player mode you have the whole screen, in two-player mode it s a split-screen affair and a little trickier. There are loads of weapons to collect too. When it boils down to it. It’s simply a great blast- ’em-up that should keep you entertained into the wee small hours.
You may notice that there are no text file instructions for this game, that's because the author didn't supply any. In fact, this game appeared anonymously on a bulletin board. If you are the author of this little gem. Get in touch with us.
Basically though, you simply shoot anything that moves and pick up powerups to beef your weapon level.
When playing a one- player game, you get the whole screen to youraeH. You can also see the enemy coming a mile away In two-player splitscreen mode, things are a little more cramped.
You can also play co-operatively or blast the heel out ol each other •J ?
* 1 CfHlon Author: Dirk Farin Workbench; 1.3 A lot of graphics
work is done using the I Amiga. Hardly a revelation but those
of| you regularly involved in creating gra will have no doubt
encountered the old] problem of your art program not brtj able
to read some of the many graphic He 1 formats in existence on
many computers. I There are quite a few. Such as Jp BMP. PCX.
Targa. Tiff. GIF and mart more. Thankfully, programs like Gh
[la55fl(tion Author: Gasmi Salim Workbench: 3.0 If there's one
thing I like about Marin computers, it's the way they easily I
die files, Unlike the Amiga, a file on th§] Mac can have an
application as to it so that when it is double-clicked thel
associated application is run and the file | loaded ready for
ClassAction provides a similar feati which allows you to automatically iau an appropriate application when a fle is] dropped on ClassAction's Applco Owners of hard drives will have ma files stored on disk, all of varying i such as picture files (IFF. TIF. Jpeg etc), text files, sound files and modules, andj many others.
ClassAction provides a quick and venient way to launch the appropria application for the file by automatic recognising what the file type is and then] either loading the appropriate applicatio for the file or giving you a choice of ap cations to choose from.
For example, if you have an IFF pic-1 ture file, you may want to view it. Or actu- j ally change it using an art program.!
Amiga Computing COVERDISKS JPEG Datalgpg Author: Christoph Feck Workbench: 3.0 DataTypes are a wonderful idea. Any program that uses them can load all the datatypes you have installed on your Workbench without knowing anything about that particular file format. Now you probably already have a Jpeg datatype installed, so why a new one? Well firstly speed. This sucker’s a scorcher, and written by the author of 'FastJPEG' you would not expect anything less.
Secondly configurability - this datatype has its own preferences. For any datatype program you can specify exactly how it will read in Jpeg pictures. Just a few of the options include number Of colours, HAM mode, whether to use dithering, and it will even display a neat little progress indicator if you want.
There are actually two version of the preference program. One uses the normal Amiga GadToolS, while the other uses the super sexy MUI for its interface.
Thia Jpeg datatype will allow you to load Jpeg format pictures and also features various options mtP - master [antral Program Author: AlienDesign Workbench: 2.0 This program is lining itself up to be the mother of all Workbench expansion programs. Workbench is nice to use but there are always little features it seems to lack, such as Tool Alias. Assign preferences. Automatic decrunching and a ' Uishs Wgljg Ud Urn 3 mart* IS'
- W Ws ¦mw nr .j J"** fg rm.tM Ml WB l 3TirBr jT '•**»: H*_I
MI-HTj m«!» m *j
• nr hi a
• 4*0 Ji I_I imtrW M |l Want to convert graphic* file formats
easily and quickly? Then QfxCon is what you need which are
utilities dedicated to image conversion, are plentiful.
GfxCon allows you to load in many picture file formats and output them to another format, most likely the Amigas IFF. It also offers a little mors. As well as converting the image to another format, there are a number of effects you can perform. Such as rotating the image, re-sizing it (with or without interpolation) and dithering.
LJ ClassAction will let you assign both a simple picture viewing utility or an art program like Photogenics to IFF files, so when you drop an IFF file on the ClassAction Applcon it will let you launch the viewer or Photogenics. Also, if the application can accept a filename as a parameter, it will be loaded into the application ready for processing.
RECOGNITION ClassAction requires you to enter certain information about a file type before it can automatically recognise it. You can do this in one of two ways. The first and most simple way is to have ClassAction recognise it by its name. IFF files, for instance, sometime have an extender after the main name. This may be IFF.
The same is true for sound Files such as 8SVX. Another more common example is icon files. These always have the extender INFO after them so you could have ClassAction load your favourite icon editing application when any files with .INFO in their name are dropped onto the ClassAction Applcon, However, this is not a 100 per cent accurate method of recognising files. It may be that a file does not have an extender. For example, an IFF file is called PICTURE1. Using the name- matching method will not recognise this file because it doesn't have an .IFF extender.
Another more powerful and reliable method is to use the Offset feature. This allows you to actually check the contents of the file to find out what type it is. For example, all GIF files have the string GIF at byte 0 of the file. Just load a GIF file into a hex editor and you will see it.
Another example is lha files. At hex offset 2 the string -Ih will be found if it is an lha file.
Thus, using this method is a more reliable way of recognising files as this information will nearly always be the same.
The only time it may change is if the file type is updated by the company who own the copyright for the file type, which is relatively rare.
ClassAction will let you check on up to five offsets to further confirm that the file is indeed the required type. For example, an lha file will also have the value 6d at byte offset 6.
All this information is set up using the ClassAction preferences editor. This is where you also tell ClassAction what applications to launch. There are quite a number of common file types already set up for you, such as lha. Jpeg. Mpeg and many more.
Decent screen blanker. Before you know it you've got 20 programs in your WBStartup drawer, and Workbench is taking ten times as long to load.
Well now you can delete all those programs off the face of your hard drive, as MCP can do all that and more.
Basically, MCP has more features than you can shake several sticks at. To configure all of these, a lovely MUI preference program is provided. So what are you waiting for - stop skulking at the back of the newsagents, get home and install this sucker!
MtP Guide Author: Trevor Morris Workbench 2 0 Okay, so MCP is a great program but the documentation is a little thin on the ground. Well it s virtually none existent, so Trevor Morris, being Ihe nice chappy I'm sure he is. Has pro duced this comprehensive AmigaGuide So now you can not only have MCP you can know how to use it to!
Amiga Computing COVERDISKS Hu Lochtalors hide Author: NOMAD Workbench: 2.0 Incompatible software is not a funny business, so anything that can help the situation is always a blessing. TUDE. Which means The Ultimate Degrader and Enhancer', sounds like it should do the job. And it certainly does.
A comprehensive list of options are available and can be set from CLI. And a GUI or separate icons can be set up for each incompatible program. If TUDE cannot get a program to run. I am pretty sure nothing else will.
Author: Trogeir Hovden Workbench: 3.0 LockColors is a little commodity which will allow you to specify what colour specific pens on the Workbench screen are going to be. This may not sound too amazing, but anyone using Magic Workbench icons will know that icon colours go crazy on screens with more than eight colours. With LockColors you can make sure icon colours are always correct.
IdultiFileSysteni u2.1 Author: Nicola Salmoria Workbench: 2.0 AmigaDos. Being the flexible fnend that it is. Allows you to read a number of different disk formats. If you have the right software installed you can read and write PC and Mac formatted floppy disks, as well a number of file systems that can give you speed and capacity advantages over the conventional Amiga filing system.
The downside to all this is that each file system has to be referred to by a different device name, and ,DF0:????' Icons pop up on the Workbench screen. What MFS does is to unify any filing system you want under a single device name.
So Amiga. PC and Mac disks can all be referred to as DFO:. If you wish to format a disk, you will be asked what file format the new disk should be. MFS automatically recognises the current file system and will pass all disk commands to it.
MFS also provides a commodity, which runs in the background, to allow you to specify which file system you wish to use.
Bouncij World Author: Nick.Christie Workbench: 2.04 There are times when your mind begins to wander while using your computer, a time when you start to ponder the significance of the universe and our insignificance within it, a time when your thoughts are dislocated, slowly straying away from what you were doing on your computer only a few minutes ago. In other words, you're becoming really bored and fed up.
At times like this, many people fire up some of the those small games, such as Klondike, and have a quick go until their brain and thoughts become aligned to what they were doing before.
Fa Pic Jp prc we OC Fo us H sc Bouncy World is one of those strange programs which is on hand for just this situation. It serves no purpose whatso- fl ever, other than to stop you falling asleep I at your keyboard until your brain gets I back in gear.
Once installed, a sprite of the world I bounces around the screen and you can I hit it with the mouse pointer to shove it I around, it’s a real globally unfriendly I program.
HDSIeep x Author: Tomasz Muszynski Workbench: 2.04 HDSIeep is a commodity which allows L you to turn off your hard drive's motor j after a specific period of time. You can This multitasking malarkey is all very well and good, but it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know what is going on you've got 20 Workbench windows open, four shell windows, heaven knows how many applications, and a little planet Earth bouncing around the screen.
What you need in your life is a bit of - stability something to help sort out your Workbench. Here to the rescue is window arranger which lets you clean up that almighty mess that is your Workbench screen.
Window arranger gives you a number of options about how the windows are to be laid out - either horizontally, vertically, ' ca E ta or Tf icc wt a S to ¦i- COVERDISKS Khandler Author: Rafael D Halleweyn Workbench: 2.04 ARCHandler is a neat little utility which allows you to quickly view the contents of archived files. Not only that, it will also allow you to read text files and run program files contained within the archive.
Once run. ARCHandler puts its own drive icon on the screen called Archive, if you double-click on this you can browse through the various devices and directories on your system. If any devices or directories contain filenames with .lha at the end. ARCHandler will assign a drawer icon to them and you can then treat the .lha as though it has already been extracted, allowing you to read and execute any files in there.
We still seem to be in a state of MU I mania, because here is a MUI-based exchange replacement. Commodore's standard exchange program did its job, but it looked crummy - not even applying to their own style guides - and had only the most basic functions.
This MUI replacement looks the business, as do all MUI programs, and it gives you more control over the commodities, allowing you to affect all the currently running commodities, or even a selected range. You need will need the MUI application which was given away on our July issue CoverDisks.
But we believe this is the only one which features the ability to list the tracks on your music Cds by name instead of just having a track number.
Other features include random playing, track preview - which plays 10 seconds of the track - and many other features.
IdathSmpt Author: Simon Ihmig Workbench: 2.04 This utility allows you to create mathematical formulae with those strange and fancy characters. It's ideal for those of you who need to import these strange cascade or in a chess board fashion.
Everyone has there own individual tastes, so the only way to find out which one you like best is to try each type out, This is done by simply adjusting the Icon tooltype to the sorting method you want.
It is also possible to choose exactly which windows are to be resized and moved. You can either specify that only wmdows owned by Workbench can be affected, or you can build up a list of specific tasks and window names in a conftg file. If you find your Workbench is too cluttered, then perhaps this is exactly what you have been waiting for.
Exthange US Author: Marc Schroer Workbench: 2.0 V mathematical characters into your word- processor documents or DTP layouts.
You simply type in the formula you need and MathScript will create the characters required. You can then save the resulting formula as a file in formats such as EPS or Tiff for importing into your documents.
$ l$ 0 specify a hotkey which will allow you to immediately switch off the hard drive motor at the press of a key. Any access to the hard drive will automatically switch the motor back on again HOSIeep only works with A1200 and A40C0 machines and should work with most modern hard drives. See the pro* gram’s documentation file for a list of drives it has been tested with.
Past Diew Author: John Hendrikx Workbench: 2.04 Fast View is a utility which lets you view picture files in IFF. GIF. BMP. PCX and Jpeg formats. There are many similar programs which do this, but Fast View is.
Well, very fast.
It was also designed with both OCS ECS and AGA users in mind too.
For example. Fast View allows those users with OCS ECS machines to view HAMS and IFF 24-bit pictures in HAM screen mode.
Interplay Authors: Stlan AndrQ Olsen & Espen Skog Workbench: 3.0 This is one of the best CD players for the Amiga. There are quite a few out there Now that you’ve had a chance to play around with Personal Paint 4 on our coverdisk, why not upgrade to the latest version?
Available for only £39.95 on disk or even better value CD-ROM, Personal Paint v6.3 is a powerful and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-bit printing package.
Features of Personal Paint 6.3 include
• Animation (featuring storyboarding, superior compression,
multiple palettes, frame-by-frame timing. ANIM-5 7 8 and hybrid
formats, etc.)
• New. Faster image processing effects, including transparency,
alpha channel and single-image stereograms (both SIRDS and
custom pattern stereograms, as in ‘Magic Eye')
• Sophisticated ‘behind the scenes' memory management, including
virtual memory (swaps inactive image data to Fast RAM and disk
storage) and multiple levels of undo and redo
• First paint program worldwide to support the new PNG (Portable
Network Graphics) file format.
Includes an Arexx script to convert GIFs to PNG.
+ Support of Retargettable Graphics (display cards like the Picasso.
Retina. Piccolo. Rainbow. EGS.
Talon. Cybergraphics etc.)
• Animation on RTG display cards (with or without
• Direct, high-quality 24-bit printing (Colour and Black & White)
and interface to third-party software such as Studio Print
• Professional and fast modes for converting 24-bit pictures
PNG, PCX. PBM etc ) to 256 colours or less
• HAM. HAM8 and Picasso 24-bit viewer active during colour
• External input output modules (loaders and savers) for easy
extensions and upgrades. Modules for IFF. PNG. PCX, PBM.
Amiga DataTypes and several others are included. A GIF module
is available from public domain sources.
• Support and editing of IFF. PNG and GIF project annotations
(Author, Copyright and Comment fields, plus Amiga filenotes)
• Autoscroll painting
• Workbench application icon (drag and drop)
• Basic set of Arexx commands for presentations, format
conversions and animations, stereograms and stereo animations,
• Personal Fonts Maker 1 (for Amiga and Printer Fonts) + dozens
of printer downloadable fonts
• Personal Fonts Maker 2 (professional version for colour fonts)
+ dozens of professional colour fonts
• Personal Write 4 + Electronic versions of famous books iai This
offer is only valid for three months, so order now while stocks
last. Send your completed order form to; Personal Paint 6,3
Offer, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park. Macclesfield
SK10 4NP.
91, SL Personal Paint 6.3 order forr Please rush me: Personal Paint 6.3 at the bargain price of £39.95 (including VAT and p&p) - saving £10 off RRP Personal Suite CD-Rom at the bargain price of £39.95 (including VAT and p&p) - saving £10 off RRP Deliver to: Name (Mf Mrs Ms Miss) Address and printing
• ASL-compatible requester
• More power through machine language code: the software is. In
part, up to 500 per cent faster
• ‘New Look' user interface
• A collection of utilities, including colour fonts, new DeskJet
printer drivers (up to four inks) and Jpeg DataType file
Postcode Daytime phone I wish to pay by: J Cheque postal order
payable to IDG Media I I Credit card Card No. RTTTI I I I I I I
I "I i"l Please allow 28 days for delivery while stocks last Q
Tick this box it you do not wish to receive promotional
material from other companies GRAPHICS «- K ¦ crono n Bridge
the gap I
* * Ifct. With the wireframe render acting as a skeleton,
building up a visually accurate scene is easy .
K ith Imagine and, more obviously.
LightWave becoming such predominant players in the Amiga scene nowadays, many of those Amiga owners who lack the power to utilise such 3D applications may be feeling a little left out. However, there are many instances when these programs can be used in a way so as to act as a means to an end rather than the end - a kind of intermediate.
What this artide aims to show is how you can use Imagine, or any other 3D package for that matter, to help make 2D image creation a lot simpler and quicker than relying solely on a 2D art package. As Imagine is the more financially feasible package when compared with Lightwave, I have decided to concentrate on this package alone, although all the techniques can be adapted across applications.
Rendering a complex scene in Imagine Can take a while and many users won't even have the memory to begin rendering. Even so, Imagine can output images in wireframe and shaded polygons which you can then load into a paint package such as Brilliance or Deluxe Paint and touch up. The great bonus with rendering in wireframe or shaded is that very little Ram is required and the scene will take far less time to render than a complex, Ham8, Hi-Res Interlace image.
In this example, I have taken a futuristic dty scene, the skeleton of which I rendered in Imagine. Trying to produce realistic perspective effects in a 2D paint package is extremely difficult - almost impossible.
This is where a 3D application proves an invaluable ally.
BUILDING BLOCKS Most computer-generated artwork originally begins with a series of blocks and lines.
In the dty example the buildings and roads started out as simple blocks which I then painted over. As the background buildings have no real perspective anyway, they were designed solely in Brilliance.
In order to have a good visualisation of how your image is going to look, you should first draw a rough on paper. This will give you an idea of how much of the workload can be performed in 3D. The next step is to load up Imagine and create a new project for your design.
Once a project has been selected you must create a suitable sub-project and set Object-oriented design One of the great pluses when designing wireframe objects in Imagine or LightWave is that you can save the objects and then use them again in any other pictures you decide to create For example, if you wanted to create a new and entirely different city scene from the one shown it would simply be a case of loading in the old city objects and tweaking them to fit the new design.
The rendering presets accordingly. Select ILBM-12bit, BA V Wire and turn off any references to HAM and the AGA chipset.
Obviously, you don't want to render a wireframe image in HAM or 256 colours.
With your project defined you can go to the Detail Editor and begin creating your blocks. More often than not you will simply he able to select the predefined primitives and then just extrude and resize them. Don't worry about setting the scene in the Detail Editor as this is done in the Stage Editor - just create each tuilding block for your image and save them. In the case of the city, all I had to do was add a primitive Disk and Plane and then Extrude them via the Mold menu option.
When you have finished building your blocks you can then enter the Stage Editor where you will be able to set your scene up.
You can also tweak the size and orientation of your objects from here so that they represent your rough image drawn previously.
The great bonus with using a program such as Imagine to build the skeleton of your scene is that you can easily alter the position Once you have created your building blocks you can load them into the Stage Editor of Imagine and set your scene 1 1.
W m I'1 1' ¦ and rotation of the camera to give the best view. You may even be able to find a better camera shot than the one you had originally envisaged.
Once you are happy with your scene you can return to the Project editor and render the image. Because you have only asked Imagine to render in wireframe with limited colours and resolution, the rendering time should take less than a minute. When the rendering is complete you can quit Imagine, load up your favourite 2D paint package and then load in the wireframe picture.
While finishing your masterpiece you'll realise that you could have rendered more of the skeleton image in wireframe, saving yourself a lot less work. Unfortunately, only experience wili highlight these mistakes.
When I designed the city image it was only later in the painting stage that I realised I could have pre-rendered the openings to the buildings and the structures around them.
Instead, realising it was too late I painstakingly. And time consumingly, drew these features in by hand, increasing design time from a few hours to a few days. E& Steue White enplams hate the world of 3D ran proue an inualuable alhj to the low-end Hmiga user Amiga Computing When I visited the zoo it was Still worilJ mg with a beta version of the softwartl which had yet to be pressed ontoflj standard CD. And although thera appeared to be little wrong with the verJ sion I saw. Apart from some timin® problems and the occasional glitch witftl the sound. Premier Vision should havd replaced it
with a final version by tyd time you read this.
Boo IU Ben Uost takes a trip back to [olchester Boo to see how [BBSs are helping to educate aoo uisitors ithout wishing to bore you with too much of my life history, I used to go to Colchester zoo on a fairly regular basis, being a local resident. So I looked forward to revisiting one of my old haunts when I was sent from sunny Macclesfield to even sunnier Colchester this week.
After a long, hot train journey I was as pleased as punch to be greeted by Alex Burr, head of PR for the zoo. She told me that the Discovery centres dotted around the zoo containing the CD32 setups were already a great success with both the children they were aimed at and their accompanying parents or educators. The system is simple to use and attractive, although Ms Burr herself confesses to be baffled by all the new technology. But as she said, the people the information is aimed at are as familiar with a graphical user interface as they are with a television set.
The discovery centre systems consist of a standard CD32. Philips monitor with a touchscreen. And some software designed using Optonica's reknowned CD authoring system which has been written by Premier Vision. The software consists of an information section, quiz section and the usual help and credits screens.
Even with CDXL video clips (which look great) and high-quality sound samples, the entire program and data take less than 100Mb of CD space, allowing w for further expansion at a later date.
Ms Burr praised the CD32 setup all being very good value for money andl | quite robust considering the number people using the machines In addition, to the four CD32s the zoo runs at thi| moment, they also have a couple ofl PC-based information displays, butt these are a far cry from the animated® displays the Amiga provides.
SSq m The zoo provide* a eomprehenalvo break-1 down of whore your entrance tee goo a FEATURE
• i- [D animals plaq Would you like to unswer questions about big
wuis or small cuts ?
At present there are no plans to convert the software into a mass market program, but with the addition of other types of animals I think the whole thing would make an excellent tool for education and general interest. With the big and small cats that Premier Vision have covered With this release of the CD.
There is only about 100Mb of the total disc space used.
Bung on a section about monkeys and apes, which are probably the most interesting animals short of dinosaurs for children, and one about the birds held in captivity at Colchester zoo. And Premier Vision could be onto a best-selling title. The added publicity for Colchester zoo couldn't hurt takings on the gate as people would flock to see the birds, monkeys and cats they have just learnt about on the CD-ROM.
»*e* touch a p.c»i»» v button to chootr an notion' When you click on the Quh button on tho main screen, you got to pick which sort oI cat you want to be quizzed on Choose which Big Cat you would like to answer questions on.
Animal magic adopted animal’s enclosure with your name on it.
COLCHESTER - e a e r- 9 :h e e is id Df m ie )f I jt I d I It* A CONSERVATION CENTRE
• Colchester zoo makes the animals actively seek out their food
rather than just handing it to them on a plate, so to speak.
For instance, the Asian fishing cat has fish put into the pools
in its enclosure so that it is encouraged to behave as it
.would in the wild.
• Zoos worldwide receive more than
600. 000.000 people through their gates every year, or roughly 10
per cent of the world's population t Colchester Zoo is a
breeding centre for over 150 rare and endangered species
• ’From the standpoint of animal welfare. Colchester zoo is a
world leader.' - Trevor Poole Bsc PhD, Aruml Welfare scientist
Over 50 endangered species are now covered by an international
scheme called the Species Survival Plan, or SSP. Some of the
animals covered by the SSP that can be seen at Colchester Zoo
include the Lion Tailed Macaque, Mandrill, Golden Lion Tamarin.
Snow Leopard and the Siberian Tiger.
• Some of the animals at Colchester zoo live in semi-liberty.
This means they are free to roam around an enclosed area, mix
ing with visitors to the zoo.
Non tm sarauopani S roucho e-Cinc button tochooio an option' MoiaCatt ,m Tiger, I think. OK, now to answer the questions. II you give a wrong answer t voice gives you the correct reply ...I picked 'Big Cats' and new I am prosontod with a scrollable list ot typos of big cat Question I of 5 mtrr n» ,1 nmr rm m TtWSOQtllSeaTIORt TtKSfiwnaM Tiger user nfiich a the lanjttt tpeon ot Tiger ?
T The CD32 machines have been set up as part of Colchester Zoo's Year of the Cat which was opened earlier this year by Chris Packham. The presenter of the BBC's Really Wild Show.
• Colchester zoo has an adoption scheme which is open to
individuals and| organisations, For various levels of donation
you are I rewarded with an adoption' certificate and free
entries to the zoo. And for donations of, more than £50 the zoo
will put up a plaque on the THE QUIZ SCOREBOARD wui tcoreoois
out flIS Vnlv i ci! Rxptti Touth 6rr? I or 1SB* n?m qneir «a
Tes. I am indeed a cat expert as the screen kindly inlorms me.
Well, I had a look at the tiger, that counts, doesn't it?
Amiga Computing Picasso II 1Mb Picasso II 1Mb + TVPalnt2 £219.95 £369.95 PICASSO II is the leading graphics card for any Zorro based Amiga.
The Workbench emulation offers 256 colours, even on non-AGA machines (Requires OS3 i) at resolutions up to 1600x1280. Choose colour depths including HiColour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit). No "Chip RAM limitations' and an in-built Amiga video pass-through makes Picasso II the best value graphics card around!
PABLO is tho Video Encoder option for Picasso II. Expanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal, and one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port. All PAL compatible video devices can be plugged into Pablo, such as a colour TV or a video recorder.
At these great new prices, there has never been a better time to enhance your system to allow a 24-bit graphics capability!
=S0 r ml [ Free PhotoWorX t ii IS if PhotoCD software with ».fj$ a ijs I all 2Mb boards1 Picasso II 2Mb Picasso II + TVPaint 2 Pablo Video Encoder
3. Cnmmt 40 Omr Emplant can bo used with any accelerated Zorro
base Amiga. With Macintosh and PC «nu| modules, Emplant is the
Amiga s only all-in-one emulation solution.
Emplant Macintosh® Emulation Module A full generic' Macintosh with the speed dependent upon your processor An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC lla. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900.
Support for up to 16 colours (non-AGA). 256 colours (AGA) or up to 24 bit colours usin third party video boards such as Picasso II. CyberViston. Piccolo SD64. Retina etc. “ Butt in intelligent multiple file transfer for transfers between the Amiga and MAC.
Support for AmigaDOS devices. CD ROM. Direct Scanning. MIDI. SyQuest. Printers, Modems etc. Total compatibility through on-board SCSI interlace (Option B and Full 8 -bit stereo sound Requires Macintosh U llxAlcx SE30 256K ROMs (not s Supports all Floppy formats (Even 800K Mac dnves with additional AMI A interface).
E586DX SX Emulation Module MDA. CGA. EGA. VGA. SVGA video modes (AGA is required for VGA SVGA) Sound. Joysticks. Floppy drives. AmigaDOS partitions. Extended Memory, and moref Print from Windows or DOS via Amiga parallel port.
Use CD ROM drive with any Amiga sided CDROM dhve Will run programs that require greater than a 286 processor.
Comes with both DX (FPU) and SX (no FPU) versions.
Requires 486 PC BIOS, not supplied Blittersoft are the exclusive European distributors for Utilities Unlimited, providing a full technical support, upgrade and warranty service.
EMPLANT BASIC £239.95 EMPLANT OPTION A (AppleTalk ports) C279.95 EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI) £279.95 EMPLANT DELUXE £299.95 PC e586DX MODULE £ 99.95 AM IA £ 49.95 ARIADNE & LIANA NETWORKS MAINACTOR BROADCAST Ariadne offers a simple but effective Network solution for any Zorro based Amiga.
Two extra parallel ports The industry standard software solution ENVOY tOBase-2 (Thin ethernet. Coax cable) and lOBase-T (Twistedpair, western jacket).
Socket for a boot ROM and 32Kb cache to support the CPU SANA-II compatible dnver for ethernet and parallel port.
MainActor Broadcast is a completely new Animation program for any AmigiJ OS2.04 or better.
• Over 20 Load Save modules (AVI. BMP. DL. FLI. FLC. GIF. IFF.
IFF-An JPEG. PCX. QuickTime...) with AVI. QuickTime and JPEG
support up to 24-
• Index file for faster reloading of animations and playback from
Hard Dhve.
• Support for any graphics card for 24-bit as well as standard
Amiga sere
• Effects modules to apply effects direct to animation (Text.
Scroll. Scale. I
• 19 Sound modules for sound music playback incl. Compressed
(OctaMed, i in 8 and 16 voices
• Joining, Convert, Split animations and autoswitch to optimal
colour depth.
• AREXX-Port for external control, and support for MacroSystems
muthpic.H MAINACTOR BROADCAST ARIADNE £219.95 Liana is the
ideal solution for a quick, easy yet efficient connection
between two Amiga's. Simply plug the special cable into the
parallel port, install tho ENVOY software.
LIANA £ 59.95 DOUBLER 4000 - 50MHz Blittersoft deliver tho fastest 68040 accelerator ever tor mo Amiga 4000 040. Setting a now breakthrough in price and performance The new Doubler 4000 50 Mhz 68040 accelerator delivers across-the-board spood increases for all applications and system functions, translating into a significant productivity gam.
This powerful "plug and play” accelerator is 100% hardwaio and software compatible, since it stilt uses a Motorola 68040 processor. It otters an aflordablo upgrade that makes sense, requiring no special software. For a moderato price, users get twice the processing power, yot retain 100% of their Amiga investment N6 Software Upgrading, reconfiguration or incompatibilities Blittersoft 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. U The Doubler 4000 accelerator a an easy-to-install daughter board that simply replaces the 25 Mhz 68040 CPU with a faster SOMHz version already Instated. Anyone
who can install a SIMM can install the Doubler 4000 Customers are supplied with photo-illustrated installation instructions plus the necessary extraction toot to perform the mstaBabon Simply putting a taster processor into an Amiga does not help much unless the system can supply enough data to keep it busy That is why the Motorola 68040 con tans a large on-chip cache This cache trees the Doubler 4000 to work semi-independently of the Amiga memory subsystem. In tact. 85% of the time the cache contains the data and instructions necessary for the Doubler 4000 to operate at full spood 01908 261466
01908 261477 01908 261488 01908 261499 BBS (24 Order by Acces&VisarDeltarSwdch or Postal order- Credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge.
The Doubler 4000 includes an on-chip math co-processor, and will dramatically speed up any application • such as rendering - that depends on calculations it is completely reliable and system sate An integral cooling system ensures that the Doubler 4000 runs cooler and more reliably at 50 Mhz than the original processor.
Why not call our Support BBS or visit our support conference on RELATIVE PERFORMANCE ( Syslnto V3.15 benchmarks. ) DHRYSTONES CPU MIPS DtSK MBYTES SEC A400Q 40 A4000 40 A4000 40
17. 973
18. 76
1. 40 DOUBLER 4000 DOUBLER 4000 DOUBLER 4000
36. 126
37. 72
ENOUIRIES WELCOME e-mail plesurfeox compuhnk.co uk DOUBLER
4000 SOMHz ACCELERATOR i 95 HARDWARE hi- ccording to the
market research
- ¦ * ¦ undertaken for Amiga Compu- 4r ting, the peripheral that
most readers intend to buy in the near future is a CD-ROM
drive. Given the tumbling prices and the increase in quality,
speed and facilities that recently released models offer, this
should come as no surprise.
Dual in the crotun The competition has been very tight, with dual-speed drives coming in as low as £200, while the latest and fastest quads have fallen to around £399. Even more surpnsing was the appearance of a seven disc changer for under £400 in the form of the Nakamtchi MBR-7.
Until earlier this year A600 and A1200 owners were limited n the choices they could make as far CD-ROM was concerned, but thanks to the release of Hi- Soft’s Squirrel it's now possible tor them to connect any SCSI CD drive via the PCMCIA port on the side of their machine Squirrels are now being bundled with popular drives by the usual major distributors BEST BARGAINS The most attractive bargains so far have probably been the Power Computing CD drives which have boasted speed and facilities, while managing to pip their opponents in the price stakes. Now. However, there's a new kid in town.
The Aiwa ACD-300 is available for £169, and even before we start looking at its efficiency in operation, one thing is already completely clear: this is the best looking computer CD drive I've seen, regardless of price.
With a modestly proportioned case featuring some unusually stylish design details, the unit's metallic sturdiness is matched by an equal splash of aesthetic flair. The Aiwa's most instantly surprising and unusual feature, however, is the large LCD display illuminated on the drive's Ia6a. If it were just a gimmick at least it would give the ACD-300 a distinctive look, but this type of display has been used for Ihe cut-throat marhet in [0 driues has led to some of the best bargains euer. Careth lofthouse reuiews an Riuia driue that could set a nem standard in ualue fnr money years on
audio CD players and can prove equally helpful on a computer CD drive.
The drive can operate using either music or computer discs, and it will indicate each CD type on the small screen.
An appealing innovation featured on the unit is the fact that the LCD indicates the drive's SCSI ID number and whether or not the unit is terminated. By doing this.
Facia is the presence of standard audio controls like play and skip-track buttons, allowing Ihe CD to be played like any normal audio unit. The LCD screen indicates track selections in addition to repeat and shuffle functions which come as further music-playing features.
Turning to the back of the unit reveals a more predictable array of ports and dip- switches. SCSI ID is selected by adjusting a switch with the supplied screwdrive, which is a rather more fiddly method than that found with more modem push-button systems Still, at least it can be adjusted externally, as can the internal termination status.
Unnvalled as it is in both design and features, the ACD 300 already looks like the new ber chmark for bargain CD drives.
However. 1st Computer Centre will also throw in a Squirrel with full manual and support software at a reduced price of £40, and there will also be a voucher reducing £5 off the worthy Prima CD reviewed a few months ago. . 7 Problems with paritij In addition to previously discussed SCSI chain problems, here's a new one. On the back of the Aiwa there are A number of dip switches, one of which is a toggle to activate the parity checker The manual recommends that this is generally left on so that the CD can check that data is being transferred down the SCSI chain correctly.
However, the good old Amiga has no need for this facility. In fact, some Amigas will not work with Parity checking on. So if you’re having any problems it’s worth switching this toggle off.
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4MB 72 Pin 70ns ...£129.99 8MB 72 Pin 70ns ...£279.99 16MB 72 Pin 70ns ...£419.99
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Digitizer.] A1200 4000 Recommended. 2.04 &
1. 5 MEG Required Only £129.99 365MB 12ms £149.99 548MB 12ms
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PARTY 94 DEMOS CD32 CRITICAL ZONE PACK 1 Andromeda • Nexus7 AGA 2 Bomb - Motion Ongm2 AGA (2) 3 Sanity - Roots AGA 4 Polka Bros • Twisted AGA 4mb (4) 5 Silents - Soul Kitchen AGA (2) 6 Robels-Whammer Slammer AGA 3) 7 Melon - Ninja AGA 8 Oxyron • Killing Time AGA (4) 9 Dig Drearns-Etemal MadnessAGA(2) 10 40k Intros Wo also stock:- Utilities, Fish 1-1000.
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With FREE GoldFish CD - £194,99 Keyboard for SX1 ..£3759 DISK PRICES & POSTAL RATES DISKS PRICE PER DISK P&P 1-10 £1.00 £1.00 11-25 £0 95 £125 26* £0 90 £1.50 GOLIA TH 200W POWER SUPPL Y High powered PSU for the Amiga. Ideal replacement Only .£44.95 BY POST - Please make cheques & postal orders payable to "VISAGE COMPUTERS Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
HOWTO ORDER CALL (0115) 964 2828 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER FEATURE r On the early days of the Amiga there was a piece of software called Transformer. It was dunky and difficult to use. But it enabled your Amiga to run programs for IBM compatible machines You could wait for a minute for the (MDA) screen to refresh, particularly on an A500.
Following on its heels came Readysoft’s Amax cartridge which plugged into the back of your A500 and gave you a mono Macintosh instead of your nice colour Amiga. If you wanted to use floppy disks, you still had to buy an Apple external floppy drive and an expensive interface to hook it up to your Amiga, or use the oddly-formatted Amax disks which a Mac and Amiga could both read, but which held even less information than a standard Mac low-density floppy.
But things moved on. We got Commodore’s XT and AT bridgeboards, only marginally faster than Transformer was, but they offered opportunities that Pcs and Macintoshes of the day couldn’t
- tho ability to emulate other machines.
Eventually, when the 486 was all the rage, Commodore brought out a 386 emulator and a German company. Vortex, brought out a competitor 386 board and a pseudo 486 board. I say pseudo because the 486 chip used for the board was a halfway house between a 386 and a 486 called the 486slc. It had the code functions of a
486. But the 16-bit accessing of a 386.
ANNOUNCEMENTS At about the same time the Amax IV and Emplant boards were announced.
Emplant gained some incredulous looks from prospective buyers who were boldly Informed that Emplant would do everything they ever needed to do, emulate all sorts of machines, including the Sega Megadrive and Nintendo, and probably even make tea for you. The reality was maybe a little less exciting, but nonetheless valuable as Emplant remains the only solution for a lot of people's emulation needs and Jim Drew had proven a dogged pursuer of the ultimate emulation.
So today's bumper crop of emulators, and the focus for this article, will obviously have to include the Emplant board, now with a preliminary PC emulation module also In place. But what of the others?
Vortex boards can’t be bought in this country any longer, and Commodore’s own brand can only be bough! SecondHuick change artiste Ben Uost enamines the intricacies of disguising gour Bmiga as another machine PCTask, Chris Hames' software-only PC emulator, or to be more precise. 80286 emulator, is now up to version 3.11. It first emerged about two or three years ago and worked quite well even then, as a text-only PC emulator goes. But now.
Hand. As for Amax. Although it is available in the States, it doesn’t seem to have gained much favour on this side of the pond, so it won't be featured in this piece.
However, there are two other contenders on the scene, one of which harks back to its ancestor. Transformer.
D Ktnr Vfjsrt D-- ? D FEATURE , _2J kfrU ;| =J 12l A jU i| A | Ch tea me caf Unit H G!
Amp Paraliel Driver Q|; fyalltl em l Unit a Both Mac emulators offer serial and parallel port emulation, but only Emplant actually has Mac serial ports Implant gained some incredulous looks from prospectiue bugers mho mere boldlg informed that Emplant mould do euergthing theg euer needed ROI i runs] Emp PCTask even supports VGA screen- modes with support for AGA and RTG graphics cards supplying the colours required for VGA. You can even run Windows under PCTask. If you are willing to spend between three and four hours installing the package.
I'm not kidding, the process which is relatively painless on even the most modestly equipped PC becomes a Sisyphian torture on an Amiga. The helpful note in the readme file about copying all the disks onto your PC hard drive first of all should be well noted for any of you out there that hate reading documentation.
There are a variety of versions of the PCTask executable which get installed onto your machine. There are two versions for 68000-based machines and two for machines equipped with faster processors. The two versions differ only in the amount of RAM they use. The normal version can be used on a machine with only 1Mb of RAM (although it will be next to useless on a machine of this spec), but the turbo version can take as much as 8Mb of RAM. And that’s before you allocate any RAM to the PC.
PARTITIONS As with all the emulators mentioned on these pages, PCTask allows you to Shapeshitter mtill won run on your Workbench scroon, only In mono though j* ¦SCI H also set up the various screen mode emulations needed for CGA, EGA and VGA graphics modes, assigning the most appropriate screenmode to resolutions required by the PC.
PCTask comes with quite a comprehensive manual and some support software to allow you to use your Amiga's CD- ROM for the PC. But please be aware - PCTask won t run Doom on your Amiga at any playable speed. It's unlikely that you’ll even get a satisfactory game of Wolfenstein out of it. Coupled with the fact that it will only emulate a 286. PCTask will also only emulate motherboard sound for a PC. Unlike Emplant which offers Soundblaster emulation, limiting its potential for games players out there.
Really, the place where it finds most favour is with students who are possibly using a DOS-based package on their course and would like to run it from home at little cost, no matter what the speed deficits are. ShapeShifter is a shareware Macintosh emulator that has. In the process of writing this article, been upgraded from version 2 to 3.
It now offers the user the ability to hook his or her Pseudo Macintosh up to a TCP IP network and pretty much anything else a Mac owner would expect to be able to do. With the exception of virtual memory. Christian Bauer. Shapeshifter's author.
Faster seek and transfer times but requires you to have a spare hard drive handy or a partition going spare on your current one.
Now, I don't know about you. But I've certainly never had a hard drive just hanging around with nothing to do on my machine, so I usually choose to use a hardfile.
For all the emulators covered here, this is a painless process initiated by you giving a filename and path for the hardfile and then stating the size you wish the Pseudo hard drive to be. The software then sits down and creates a file that size on your hard drive which will then be used for a hard drive under the emulation. For PCTask you can says that virtual memory is out of the loq at the moment as far as future develop ments go. But other than this fty in the oiri ment. Shapeshifter is certainly a cream PI like to spread on the face of my Amiga.
It does take a bit of doing thougl Firstly, you will need a ROM image from Macintosh. Unlike the Emplant boat which uses really old Mac ROMs m« people will probably have thrown fH about four years ago, Shapeshifter makl use of the latest 512k and 1Mb ROM used by Quadras. Powerbooks and Lcs.
Next up you will need a copy of Macintosh operating system softwi called System. I ve run Shapeshifter System 7.1 and I recently upgraded System 7.5. both of which are extn stable once installed. But installing system software can be a bit of a trial, doesn't take the hours that the insi of Windows does on PCTask. But it crash your machine with monotonous frustrating regularity. |M My advice is to boot from the DiskTooM P®*r disk - you'll need to anyway in order I one format your partition or hardfile. Once lor are r matted, copy the entire contents of tfl ru'**' DiskToolS disk onto your new
hard drivs N Eject the floppy and restart the Mac.
Yo*peri| should boot up just fine from the hart y°ur drive. If you are lucky enough to have iCarry CD-ROM and you have register) Shapeshifter with its author, you should able to install a full sion of System 7 the CD.
By the way, II unregistered version ShapeShifter won’ allow you to USQ SCSI device like a ROM. SyQuest scanner, or a ha drive partition, so it woll worth the $ 40 (50DM) registration if only to get the speed up from using partition as opposed to a hardfile (it erates hard disk access by about a of five). I| Once you have got ShapeShifter tj and running, what can you run on it? We* unlike any software-based PC emulate the Amiga shares a lot in common with Macintosh, most importantly they use the same CPU - the 680x0 range frog Motorola. This means there is only a speed decrease emulating a
Macintosh an Amiga because all that really r emulating are calls to the hardware thal; Mac emulator doesn't have.
In fact, on my machine, an A3000T a Picasso card, my Mac emulator is ally faster than the Mac I use at i even though it is based upon exactly same processor - a 25MHz 680; Thanks to the Picasso card it also a much higher resolution than the 512x384 or 640x480 resolutions a able on my nasty little LCIII at the off Now that we've exhausted the ties for PC and Mac emulation in sol let’s turn to the aforementioned card. With the ability to emulate 5l FEATURE ll|- (otherwise known as Pentium) code.
Emplant covers both the Mac and PC in its currently available emulations, Others are supposedly forthcoming but I wouldn't hold your breath as I -believe the team at Utilities Unlimited would like to get these two emulations as close to perfect as possible before announcing any new ones, op spirited Jh.
N a ird Dst )Ut ;es Ws I he ire ng to 3ly he , It on es nd ls to yt- e. 3U rd a id ye »r- m ie of I’t a 5- r d is ie a t- r Let's have a look at the more estab- Kshed Mac side of Emplant first. Emplant certainly offers one definite benefit over ShapeShifter which is that it comes with a pair of serial ports on the back of at least one of the versions of the board. These are necessary for use with AppleTalk, the built-in networking protocol for every Mac.
It also means you can have dedicated peripherals for use on the Mac side of your schizophrenic machine while you carry on using the Amiga side of things.
The deluxe version of the card (and I can't realy see anybody buying any other version if they have the money) offers both the serial ports and a dedicated SCSI nterface ROUGH EDGES For a product that has been so long in development. Emplant is remarkably rough around the edges. Jim Drew insists on sticking to the outdated PowerWindows for the creation of his interfaces for both the Mac and PC emulations. This means you need to have a Standard PAL and NTSC dnver sin your DEVS: monitors drawer. These interfaces also don’t conform to Style Guide standards with non Style Guide cycle gadgets
and requesters.
When you install the software there are even a couple of programs that don't do anything in the Emplant drawer. And although it might seem like a good idea at first to use old 128k Mac ROMs, the fact of the matter is that you're more likely to be able to find 256k. 512k and 1Mb ROMs than you are old 128k ones.
Emplant gets around the fact that these old ROMs can’t access high density drives in software. The only difference in operation between Emplant and ShapeShifter once you have started the software running is that there is an Emplant startup logo on your Mac screen instead of the happy Mac icon. Unlike both PCTask and ShapeShifter. Emplant doesn't offer the opportunity to run an emulation in a window on a standard Amiga public screen.
Also unlike either of the two software emulators. Emplant needs assigns to tell it where hardfiles are located.
To conclude then. Mac emulation on the Amiga is relatively painless. The shareware and hardware solutions both have something to offer, indeed if you don’t have a high density drive you will need to buy Emplant as Shapeshifter doesn't support standard Macintosh 800k disks at all. But when it comes down to it.
There isn't much difference between them.
Both will run games like Marathon.
Maelstrom and Vortex, along with serious applications like QuarkXPress (the software we use to lay out this magazine).
Photoshop and Illustrator - memory allowing. And at a fairly similar rate to a kosher Mac. But PC emulation is a different kettle of fish. Unless you have the patience and determination of Job and you don’t mind having Wolfenstein turned into a strategy game, then get a dedicated bndgeboard which has an 80x86 CPU on it. It will be a lot less frsutrating than having to deal with a software emulation of the chip. Fijjf SVSTEm CSSEnilRLSU That’s mq emulator qou're emulating!
A piece of information that I can pass on to you. From Blittersoft. Is the fact that Christian Bauer's Shapeshifter is a rip off of the Emplant software according to the team at Utilities Unlimited - the manufacturers of the Emplant board. Whether this means that Herr Bauer’s software will soon no longer be available owing to a court case is not clear, but make the most of it while it's there.
RED = Essential BLACK = Recommended Klckstart 1.2 512k RAM MS-DOS software 68030+ 8Mb+ RAM HD floppy drive Hard drive Product: PCTask v3.11 Supplier: Emerald Creative Technology Price: C59.95 Tel: 0181-715 8866 Ease of use 6 Implementation 8 Value for money 7 Overall 7 SVSTEm ESSEnilfllS RED c Essential BLACK = Recommended Klckstart 2.04 2Mb FAST RAM Mac OS MS-DOS software Mac ROM Hard drive 68020+ 8Mb+ RAM HD floppy drive AGA RTG card Product: Emplant Deluxe Supplier: Blittersoft Price: £399 (+£99 for PC emulation) Tel: 01908261466 Ease of use Implementation Value for money Overall 7 7 8 7
SVSTEm ESSEflllHLSh RED = Essential BLACK = Recommended Workbench 2.1 4Mb RAM Mac OS software Mac ROM 68020+ 8Mb-RAM HD floppy drive Hard drive RTG graphics card Product: ShapeShifter v 3.0b Supplier: Aminet (misc emu directory) Price: $ 40 or 50DM E-mail: cbauer@mzdmza.zdv. uni-mai nz.de (* J to No I'lhn JiS«nd J2S«a* J5 Stands Ease of use Implementation Value for money Overall 6 8 7 7 -1 m PC EnuUtor vM tlttHSfrJui to 19,94., Int.
Fr Jin (ta, Jot Fenton 1 Kart liipall PC omulation la tough without a 80x86 procoaaor, but Emplant and PC-Tatk lot you $ at their emulation'* priority ¦gjagn Task In Frail a • jfl TjsklnBriTOri AH v| Sackgrcund Refresh SEPTEMBER 1995 1- Amiga Computing CD181 THE CBM64 SENSATIONS £19.99 CD182 THE COLOUR LIBRARY £9 REMEMBER THK GOOD OLD GAMES WITH i ~-=71 164 SENSATIONS C64 Sensations gives you almost 10.000 C64 H Megadcmos with over 6lM)Mh of sottwarc. Mega ¦ Demos. Games, and utilities lor the Amiga and PC ¦ computers. The disc has all the latest versions of emu- ¦ lators for PC and Arnica
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xxxulJ. Ihr Nel ami HUS mhiivcx n alxo xoiiuin over 1.7(1) i-
clipart .1 inlinu image file' divided inl.x xanuut categoric*
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Vim course row* lUHHUrt bit * I* h m ttH M f?: T7WV CHECKER IoaAoDUKM V1MJ MNBAi ITART ) EMULATl CHECKERS TOOLBI V1447 AWARD CONSTRI Y1IJ4 MAOlf Wt PALETTE VI001 ROMAN MW8 ICONS 7 (AB| V127I MAR. 0 OCX VI044 FANCY PRINTING ITARKER M AIBGA OIAR' 049 SUPER DARI yoy wwpowMwcM yi e (abi Wajt football icons V124] Mafli I t 0SJ£( VI400 JO STEROGRAM )0 TUTORIAL VII11 IMAGE STUDII JTTERM COVER FEATURE From strengt Utter taking a look at the hmiga's use in the pop prom°"*Xl and him industries, hdam Phillips reports on how tlw * pho Umiga is inhltrating the aduertising and JU worm™ Planet 24 aren't
ones to rest on their laurels either - Gaytime TV, the BBC2 gay and lesbian show, and Hotel Babylon, a music and lifestyle program to be broadcast across Europe, are just two productions that are on your screens now or winging their way to a living room near you soon.
An offspring of 24 Hour Productions. Planet 24 has experienced an almost meteoric rise to fame and infamy in its three year history, The company's kingpins
- executive producer. Charlie Parsons, Waheed Alii, head of
business affairs, and one Bob Geldof, rock star, Live Aid guru
and chairman of the company
- have produced a The Th« ticki T bnn a v pro waj by the dep Wa
pro the graj 0 tho gra hey unleashed the carrot top Chris Evans
on an unsuspecting British public who had just crawled wearily
out of bed, they gave us that nasal Mancunian Terry Christian
that everyone loves to hate, they unveiled Gaby Rosiin, the
charismatic early morning bombshell who has middle-aged men
dribbling into their cornflakes, and they relaunched Keith
Chegwin’s career after years of seemingly wandering in the
media wilderness.
The company is Planet 24. Their motto - make it big, make it bold, make it sell. Never far from controversy, the production house has spawned a host Of top-rating shows with its philosophy - The Big Breakfast.
The Word. The Weekend Show and The idea of using Lightwave all day for a top-rated production compam sounds like a dream job for most people. The question though is how do you get out of the living room into the editing suite? Gilbert offers some advice for budding animators: “If you’re going to university or art college, get as much out of the computer as you can to impress people.
“At uni. It’s the ideal time to really be] creative and show off your individi talents - make sure you experiment much as you can while studying."
Mould-breaking production house thj 5° wasn't formed by Oxbridge-educatej dra» white, middle-class academia but fro young blood, fresh talent and enthusiasm In a Situated in a towering building block I London's Docklands, the companyVOCt mo.
As I the big stgle Anyone familiar with Planet 24's work will know the basic style of graphics used across the whole range of programmes - brightly coloured, big, bold and eye-catching. From the crisp logo of The Weekend Show to the animated, oddball animations of The Big Breakfast competitions, the company’s distinct look is instantly recognisable. What follows is a breakdown of the intro to the kid's TV program.
Delicious, aired this summer.
III The doc is ion to bring in tho AMIGA was brought about by Damien Wailing, tho managor ot tho art and graphics department bring in a machine that could do the job and cut costs dramatically in the process.
After hearing good things about the Amiga's graphics capabilities and that program, LightWave. Wailing contacted Premier Vision, the Amiga suppliers, and was shown a demo of the machine’s talents. Because of the nature of the compa- ny's A work, a computer was needed that could produce professional work in the minimum amount of time. On top of this, the system had to be up and running as quickly as possible and not become a weak HOLLYWOOD rSUPl The Soperhmts section frJfh tho Big ito strength Offices are a hive of activity. The red carpeted reception with monitors showing flat morning s
Big Breakfast belies the buzz of business on the upper floors.
Researchers sit hunched over their phones, writers discuss scripts over caffeine-saturated coffee, VTR operators hunt for that elusive shot in the mausoleum of a video library, Mac operators draw up the latest logo design and Grant Gflbert, a 22-year old graphic artist, sits in a darkened room sans air conditioning, oblivious to it all, eyes focused on the Amiga screen as he designs tomorrow morning's logo for The Big Breakfast.
The clock is ticking. Loudly.
The decision to bring in the Amiga as a vital part of the | production process was brought about by the manager of the art and graphics department. Damien Wailing. It is common for production companies to have thetnmmings of program making such as graphics created out-of-house by smaller, more specialist firms. The cost is high though, and with Planet 24's massive graphics output, it only seemed right to 10 COVER FEATURE Ill link in the chain of the production process.
In other words, it needed to be easy to use. The Amiga and. More specifically.
Lightwave fitted the bill perfectly. A 4000 was bought and installed at Planet 24 shortly after the demo. At the time. Grant Gilbert, a graduate of Birmingham university. Had been working as a Mac operator for a couple of months. He was the only artist available so Gilbert was chosen to master the Amiga and has ended up designing all the three dimensional graphics now seen across the range of Planet 24's programmes.
Program profile And did the Amiga save the company money as they had planned? Gilbert is adamant; “It will pay itself off in six months compared to the prices we would have paid outside."
RACE AGAINST TIME Even with Lightwave, though. Gilbert's job is by no means an easy one.
Graphics are constantly changed, upda* ted and altered from day to day. Hour to hour, to suit a particular programme’s needs. Take The Big Breakfast - new competitions crop up regularly, titles have new effects added to them and more.
“This job is all to do with time and that’s what we haven’t got a lot of. You’ve got to bash the graphics out but you've got to know what you're doing" commented Gilbert.
Indeed, after being thrown in the deep end. He's had four months to leam the ins and outs of the Amiga and the results speak for themselves (see panels). The machine itself is 4000 040 with a Warp Engine plus a broad spectrum of Amiga wares - Lightwave. Morph Plus, Photogenic?, AdPro, Brilliance, MultiLayer. MultiFrame and a PARcard form the main bulk of constantly used software, with plans to buy TV Paint and a 24-bit graphics card at some point in the near future, Gilbert has a very definite process for laying out any graphics; “Before sitting down with the computer. I get a piece of paper
and a pencil and plan it first... at the end of the day, you can always tell if 5 FH One of Premier Vision's major jobs this year is their film S FX work on a film called Grim. A horror movie detailing the goings on when a group of people accidentally unleash a demon while using a oujia board, requires said monster to force Its way through solid matter and show victims in various stages of possession.
Lightwave is being used extensively for nearly all the effects which include walls that bend out of shape as the creature forces its way through, the shining red eyes of the possessed, a magical amulet that sparks and flares with power and, In the final sequence, the monster turning into stone as sunlight hits its skin.
Test anims are underway already, with one scene where, as young woman paints her nails, the demon comes up through the floor and drags her down. The creature was filmed against a blue screen and the various effects are now being composited together on the computer.
Premier Vision's low-charging philosophy seems to have pleased potential clients, and contracts for special effects in two other films have already been secured. George Lucas - keep an eye on this team.
The Word - Channel 4, deceased The show that launched a thousand letters of complaint during its five year run, The Word closed this year. The ultimate in tabloid television, its host Terry Christian and his various co-presenters (including Amanda de Cadenet and Dani Behr) have interviewed a host of top celebs over the years, given various fledgling bands such as Nirvana and Take That their first European television appearance, and shocked surprised their viewing audience with the likes of drinking your own vomit, showing what Mr Bobbit's damaged tool looks like now, and alternative quiz
show segments about people’s sexual past.
Delicious - ITV, new series under consideration One of the recent additions to the Planet 24 camp. Delicious is a magazine show aimed at kids. Covering a variety of stories, features, interviews, trivia and gags, the show is billed as a complete reversal for normal kids' shows with hard hitting features, stories and more.
Gaytime TV - BBC2.
Thursday 11.30pm Always on the look-out for untapped markets and perhaps just a touch of controversy. Gaytime TV is a something has been solely designed on a computer - it usually looks tacky."
From there, the drawn image is scanned into a Macintosh and then ported over to Lightwave’s modeller in the background. Gilbert then 'traces' round the drawn image and creates an object normally in the form of a logo.
Once done, it’s in to Lightwave's layout to create the animation. After putting the finished frames onto the PARcard, the final anim is recorded onto Betacam SP and given to the relevant editor to cut into a particular program.
On some occasions, usually for The Big Breakfast. Gilbert takes a camera crew out on location if live footage is specifically needed as a backdrop for the anim. Shoots what he needs, and gives that to the editors as well. The process is simple but the deadlines turn it into a constant race against time: “I often do a whole sequence in a single day."
Gilbert is well aware of the addictiveness of using Lightwave; “I’ve been completely absorbed iri the package all evening...there seem to be no limits to the package - you can do what you like.* In other words, the Amiga has been a roaring success. Gilbert commented: late-showing program covering |i topics gay and lesbian. With segment titles such as Wish You Were Queer; Homos and Gardens, and Camj Countdown, the show is bound ti raise eyebrows in certain quarter across the nation.
The Weekend Show - BBC1, Friday 7.30pm Featuring Supermarket Sweep's Dale Winton as the host, the magazlnj style show covers the more unusuSB and trivial happenings of the past week. From Jodie Foster commerdall in Japan to parodies of the Maxwa trial, the program's note is distinct!] tongue-in-cheek.
The Big Breakfast - Channel 4. Mon-Fri 7am Some would say that this breakfaa show broke the mould of early moiq ing viewing. Chris Evans, Gab Roslin. Paula Yates, Keith Chegm and more have taken this Tiswas-liki madhouse from the drawing boar and turned it into an overnight stijj cess story after its launch in 1992.
While Evans and Yates may have left, the j».„ a show still retains its cultish, fresh approach to the usually dreary subject of breakfast TV. -ri l “When I first heard about the plans an Amiga, I thought it was a gam machine. I'm not the only one... son* my colleagues don't realise what it c do. See the end results and then 'can you do this for me?’" So much in demand is the m; that Gilbert is hoping to have ai Amiga installed at some point Hi future to deal with massive turn* work and requests.
Ulouing on up The offices of Premier Vision. It's those work places that paints an picture for serious Amiga enthusii eight 4000s with various additi* soup up the hardware sit on desks nj to each other. Lightwave gleams ( from several of the monitors and st busy themselves at the keyboards.
There is an atmosphere that ol would normally associate with a prodt tion company as clients come in to vi commissioned animated logos, l shown the company’s range of Dt Alpha machines (Warthogs), and sp cial effects for films are laid out ai Amiga Computing COVER FEATURE I The offices of Premier llision. It's one of those unrts places that paints an Wit picture for serious Amiga enthusiasts - eight toils uiith uarious additions to soup up the Mere sit on desks nent to each other and a mountain of Pentium Pcs, leaving the under powered Amiga licking its wounds under a rock somewhere
Fortunately this isn’t the case. Bishop explains: “For pure rendenng speed and as a LightWave station, the Dec Alpha is That ad in Full What follows is a breakdown of the principal shots in the advert I S I The Zs begin to line up, ready to be transformed Into the rail track. The actual process was complex - Premier Vision morphed from the Z shape to the rail by turning the bottom and top of the Z Into the rails and the middle section Into the sleeper.
For ies ¦ of :an ;ay me ler he of I ! Of
- llic 5 - to exl Dut aff ne uc- ew ire 'ec De* md jnovmmnk
demonstrated to this interested writer.
Premier Vision have been one of the most successful companies to emerge from both the recession and the Amiga’s downfall, relatively unscathed and, more importantly, with expansion on its agenda. Known to most Amiga users as the company that represents NewTek’s Lightwave, the three Mds running the business are David Walker, Andy Bishop and Andy Gould. In the last few months though, they have been involving themselves more and more in both film and television.
The project that began the production house ball rolling was a commercial for SNCF’s Motorail. "We have an ad agency who work for us on the commercials side and all they do is publicise our high-end work to the film and television industry." Explained Andy Bishop. "They wanted to show our work to a couple of Other agencies as well and one of them wanted us for a client they had."
The company's brief was to produce a flat, cartoon-style, 20-second commercial for a slot on Channel 4. “When we animated it, we had a choice - we could either do it by hand and that would have taken two to three weeks longer, or do it m LightWave” said Bishop. “The question was how do you make LightWave seem flatter than it really is?"
TOO REALISTIC The finished result took a week and a half to complete. On the first showing the client still wasn't happy with the toned down three dimensional look. "He said the rails were far too realistic looking - the concrete looked too much like concrete," stated Bishop. “He wanted it to look more plasticky and more hand drawn. So we made the concrete look gold and the rails look pure silver."
The end result was well received by representatives of the company and the Wmmercal has been showing on Channel 4 now for the last two months.
According to Motorail's research, the ad has had a resounding effect on direct sales and has cut down on sales made through travel agents - therefore making more money for the company by cutting out the middle man.
Following on from this success, the future is looking good for Premier Vision
- there are already several film projects on the horizon and
Bishop thinks he knows the reason why they have enough work to
fill their busy schedule for the next year. “We charge what we
feel is a fair price for the client. There are plenty of cases
out in the industry of production companies charging a fortune
for work that simply doesn't justify the price tag.
Give people a fair price and they’ll come back to you again."
With all this success hanging in the air, one would have perhaps thought that Bishop. Walker, Gould and the rest of their crew would be ready to buy as many Warthogs as possible (their own line of ultra-fast Dec Alpha machines) fantastic, but let's say you want to do 24-bit painting - on the PC, its range of 24-bit packages simply aren’t as good TV Paint or even Dpaint."
Multi-tasking is also a big selling point in Bishop’s eyes and he's none too convinced by Windows '95: “Windows '95 is just beginning to catch up with the original Amiga Workbench, let alone the Workbench we're currently using."
At the moment, he sees the Amiga's main downfall as speed but he is hoping that Escom will rectify this problem in the near future. Like Planet 24 though, Premier Vision know a good thing when they see it and the Amiga remains at the forefront of film and television technology. T& The ad opens with a paries of Zs flowing In mil directions round the screen representing the sleeping family on the train. Each was done with bones and In separata scenes.
Once dene, they were put together In Multilayer to produce the final opening acene © & v N N Amiga Computing T rcmier 'THait Order Please Send Cheques PO’s (made out to Premier Mail Order) or Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: AC09 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ.
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16. 99 - ......
8. 99 -
- ---- 10 99 12 99 - ...
12. 99 -
29. 99 - 8 99 -- - 12 99 ---- 12 9912 99
6. 99
- 1999
- 19.99 1999 19 99 - 1999 i7 9910.09 1900 6 99 --- 19 99 - - 12
99 » 8 99 --- 8 99 9.99 1299
8. 00 - 1799 10 99 -- _ 16 99 ...... 19 99 --
12. 99 - 19 9919 99
19. 99
19. 99 - 19 99 17 99 --
• 3 90 _ _
19. 09 17 99 -- 12 99 - ......
22. 99 - ¦¦¦¦¦ 2009 -- 1999 1799 -
17. 99 19 99 --- 12 90 -- ___ 10 .99 - 17 99 -
19. 9920.99 -
19. 90-- ......
29. 90 - - 8 99 ---
- 10 09
8. 99 - ...... 2209 - 19 99 --
- --- 19 9917 99
17. 99 19 9919 99 1999
- -1199 ¦ 9 00 _ 1390 6 99 --- 17991999
19. 99
10. 99 - -
17. 90-- 19 99
- --19 90 ......
16. 9917 99 ......
17. 0017.90
12. 90 - -
6. 90 -
12. 90 - ¦ i
10. 00 - 12 .99 - 1999
8. 99 - 400 -
6. 99 - 12-00-- _____ 19 991999 19 99 14 00 -- 16 99 - 1199 -
16. 80 - ......
17. 99 -
- --
13. 9913 99
- - 13 99
- -1709
8. 99 - ......
19. 99 - -
10. 09 - - 19991999
- --
- -19.99 ¦¦¦¦¦
19. 99 - _
10. 00 -
22. 99 -
- ---
10. 90 -
18. 00 -
22. 00 - .....
22. 99 ----- G Taylors. Soccer Cltatenm CROLlERS ENCYCLOPEDIA.
Insight Dinosaurs . inteSigent strategy Games ... 19.99 lwar a _________ 22.9926 90 tehar 3 It's International Cncket Ivanhoe---------------- J Ncklaus Greatest 18 Jmmy wtvtes Snooker..... John Madden Football .
Jungle ¦ K240 - gteStnke K240 - Utopia 2 KGB Lotus TujbO Tffi™ .
1 Day Cncket 41h & Inches 688 Sub Attack..... A-Tram . Constructor! K4 A10 Tank Kilter ACID BLITZ COMPILER
8. 99 - -
6. 9 9-- 8 90 --
- -22 99
8. 9 9--- 9 99 9.99
- -16.99
10. 9 9--
10. 9 9-------
12. 9024.00 22 00
29. 99 --- 10710 Essential Maths tS-12) 10110 Oerman 16-16) 10 10
French |8 16} 1899 18 99 IB 93 1899 18 99 1899 18 99 16 99 22
99 13 93 1399 13 00 1399 1099 899 to 00 6 90 1699
17. 99 1799
17. 99 ..13* 125 13 .125 ia 125 ia ia ia 1-25 ia 125 129 . Ia ia
ia 12* .125 125 125 ia 125 13 125 13 13 13 13 13 ta 13 ia 13
- .125 t3 13 13 13 ENCYCLOPEI Grand Pnx Circuit GuanMn _______ -
GunbooL- ..... _ Gurahp .... GUNSHIP 2000 Hanna Barbers Animation..... Hardball Hard Drtvtn H___________________ Hard Nova . Head over Heels Head ot China .... McimdaM . Heimdal! 2 ..... HIGH SEAS TRADER .... Harory Line 1914-18 Kook Hrrytss Bock d Gamas 1 or 2 or 3 Hudson Hawk -------------- Humnra 1&2_____________ immortal . Mssion 2025 r Jones • Atlantis Adv __ 500 bn 1CV10 Junior Eseeniiafc (5-11)
10710 Maths Algebra 16-16).
10 10 Math$ Number* 16-1?)
10 10 Maths Siawucs 6-i6T 10110 Structured Soelnn i -9) ADI GCSE MuhsEndtshfterch ADI Jim Cotrtnj |X-5| y$ T) Air Bocks 1 2 Afterburner AJMHn Aien Breed 3D.
ADI JifW Raadng |4-5| Bettet Speding |8 10) Better Maths (12-16)
8. 99
8. 99
8. 9 9---
6. 9 9--
12. 9 9-- 6 99 --- 22 9922 99 22 99
22. 99 - 22 99 -- 699-- 1099 -- 6 99 --- iggg
10. 9 9--- 22 9924 99 22 99 1299
10. 00 1499
19. 99 888 BB 18 9916 99 -
6. 9 9--
6. 9 9--
8. 00---
17. 9919 99 19 99
12. 0 9--
10. 9 9-- 17 9916 9916 90
19. 0 9--
12. 9 9--
18. 9919.90
17. 9919.99 19 99 10 9912.991299
12. 9 9--
22. 99 --
10. 9 9--
6. 9 9----
19. 9919.99 ----
17. 99 - 17 99
12. 0 9--
12. 9 9--
- --1999
19. 9919.99 -
6. 9 9--
12. 9 9-- 19 .99 -
- -1999
6. 9 9--
12. 00--
22. 9022.99 -
- -22 99
- -2209
12. 9 0---- -
12. 9 9--
12. 9 9--
12. 9 9--
19. 99 - -
19. 99 19 99 19 9919 991990
6. 09--- 6 99 --
- --22 99
12. 9 9--
19. 0 9--
12. 9 0--
17. 9 0--
10. 9 9----
12. 9 9--
10. 0 9--
17. 9919 00 -
19. 9 9--
35. 99 --
12. BB-- u gg _
17. 991999 8 99
19. 9 9--
13. 99 - 13 90
17. 9 9--
17. 991799----
12. 9 9--
6. 9 9--
6. 9 9--
27. 99 -27.99
12. 99 -10.90
6. 99 -19.99
8. 9 9--
10. 9 9-- 99 99 -
19. 992299 -
6. 9 9--
11. 9 9--
6. 9 9--
6. 9 9---
6. 9 9--
22. 99 --
6. 9 9--
12. 9 9--
8. 99 17:9917.99 17.99
12. 9 9--
6. 9 9--
22. 99 ---
19. 9024.99 19.99 19.99 6 99 --
10. 9 9--
- --22.99
17. M 17.0019.99
6. 9 9--
13. 9 0--
12. 90 «"»
12. 9 9--
12. 9 9-- 19 9919 9919.99
22. 9922.09 -
12. 9 9-- 699 --
- ----12.99 179917 99 -
10. 9 9--
10. 9 9----- 6 99 --
10. 9 9-- A ion Otympcs A'l Terrain Raoer
- Cave Maze (6-12) ... Count and Add (3 5 .... Aterod
Boast Amazon Queen Another Word ApWya Arcado
PooT ..... Archer Madeans Pool Armour Goadan
.... Award Winner* 2 Bl7Ft|rtng Fortress .....
BakM Banehee____________________________ Base
Jumpers .... BsttAChMS BaRio Isle
83 ..... BaKo hawks 1942 BEAU JOLLY
COMPILATION Bonoatti A Steel Sky Benetaaor Big Sea ....
__..... ... Birds of Proy Black Crypt .. Blastor
. Bfcmftwt ...A5oo* Blkz Tenna
... Blltzsght ... Blue Argels
------------ Body Blow* Galactic Bravo Romeo OeiU ______......
Breach 3 Brian Lara a Cricket Brian The
Lion BnAal Brutal Fool to i ..
BjCOa n Sta A Promier Bubble Bobbie __________ Bubble A
Squeak . Budokan . .._ . Bump
N Bum Bureau 13 ... Burning Rubber
...... BURNTME_________________ Campaign 2_______________ Cabal
22 99
- 12 99
- 14.99 1099
10. 99 13 gg i0.» 1399 699 1699 1099
10. 99 1099 Picture Fractions , .. Reasoning Wllh Trolls |5-12)
Tidy The House (6-10) .. ________(5-10) Wind In Th«
Wllows (S.)
Wizard Ol Oz Kelt Oft 3 Euio Challenge Kid Chaos ... Kingpin ... „... Kings Quest 1,2,3,4 or S..... Kings Quest 6 Knights oi The Sky------------- LastNinia 2_________ LeadnflLm_____________ Legacy ?( So raid ___ legends ot Valour..... Leisure Suit Lamy 1 or 2 or 3 Lemmings 1__ LEMMINGS 3 100 5 99 .. 799 499
7. 99 1199 ...13.99 24 90 22 99 . 1599 1099 1 99 1 99 .699 400
1099 1099 899
6. 99 11 99 .13.99 1700
10. 99 1099 1299 .11.09 11 99 32 99 199 799
5. 99 7,99 1*0.99 499 Lethal Weapon ...... Lmks -The Ctwtenge
Lion King LMONT.______________ Lombard RAC Rally.....
Loom Lords ol the Realm...... LOST EDEN _ Cadaver Pay OH L
Cannon Foador i CANNON FOODER Cardan___________ Garner Command
Castle Master Caesar Deluxo..... Centre Court Tenne Champons d
Sport Lure Ot The To , Mi Tank Platoon ..... Mant
natter •New York* Manmrtier ‘San Francoeo* Man Uk) -
The Double ... Marvens Marvellous Adv ... Muster Axe.
II 13
• 25 13 13 2» 13 ’3 •3 TDK Pnecreo* Umsixxnoco Low High Low High
Low High 10 599 699 3 99 5 99 350 499 20 1150 1350 750 11 SO 6
50 9 SO 50 27 50 32-50
17. 50
27. 50 1625
22. 50 100 52 50 62 50 32 50 52 50 29 99 42 50 MKMCybeme: 1
N tiy-e
- -22 99
- ----1699 1799 --- 1299 -----
17. 9 9--- 17 99 ---
12. 0 9--
22. 00 --
12. 9 9--
10. 9 9-- 22 99----
12. 0 9--
12. 99 -17.99
6. 9 9--
12. 09 -19.99 22 9922 0O-- u go __ 228922 99 -----
17. 9 9--- RECYCLED O&DO Lcrw Oensry 10 7-00 20 0 S.50 50 •
1S-S0 100 0 22.50 t3 ¦3 •3 •3 13 13 •3 13 t3 13 ¦3 13 '3 ’ 25
'25 ’3 13 125 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 IS ...13 13 13 t» 13
256 13 750 13
- 12 99
- 12.89
12. 99
6. 90--
19. 9919 99 22 99 22 9922 99 -
12. 9 9-- 2299 - 17 90 --
12. 99 ------- 19 99 ----19 99
19. 99 19 99 17 » - 17 99
12. 99
19. 99 1299 tO.99
19. 99
22. 99 1799 E011 Jiauor k E012 Electronic Tram Set (1 MEG) E6l3
Learn A Play 1 .. E014 Learn A Play 2 Eot5 Treasure Hunt ...
E016 Wf*fT»d One
12. 99 1299
19. 99 1299
10. 99 11 99 1299 1099 1999 iS
8. 90 -
- - Arabian Kntgrts 8 99 -
8. 90-- BodyBtom ..
12. 9912.99
- --16.99
16. 09 Chaos Engine Cool World -.---------------- 999 -- 8 99 - -
8 99 -
- 19-99
19. 99 Jack Nicklaus Unlimrfod
12. 00 - 6 99 - _ J Nictteus Designer Clio Art 7 99 -
9. 99 - ...... MICROPROSE GOLF____ 12-99 -
12. 99 - - Nick Faldo's Go* .. 12 99 -
12. 99 - - Serwbte Soccer 9&W .
12. 99 - 6 99 ---- 699 -- Slar Trek 25sh Anniversary
SYNOICATE .. ......13 99 1199 -
6. 99-- _____ TORNADO 9-99 9 99
12. 00 - ...... VwlVH ... 6 90 --
10. 90 - - Zool .. 699 -
¦19.99 19.99 12 9912 99 22 99
19. 9 9-- 10 90 -12.99
- -19.99 12 99 --- 1340--
13. 9 9-----
- ---1789 17 9917 99 --
17. 9917.99 - 22 99 -
10. 9 9--
- --19 99
- -6 99
10. 9 9----
19. 99 19.99
11. 99 .
19. 90--
19. 9 9-- 13 13 2» 25 ta 13 13 t3 •3 ¦3 ¦3 •3 •a •a
• a •a ¦ a
- a
12. 99 6 99 -- 22 9922 99 -- 25 9927 99 22 99
10. 9 9-- - 000 0 00
10. 9 9--
6. 99----- EDUCATIONAL 10 10 Oinosaur* (AD Ages). 18 99 10 10
Onwn Tost (Lftameffi) 1800 IQ 10 Early Essentials (3-7) 18 99
10 10 English (6-16) 1899 ,”9W Dragon Ninja ... Dragon
si cne...... Oreamweb DUNE 1 OR 2---------------- Durtgoon
Master 2 .... Bttnana __________________ Elite
• ...„ ..... Elite 2 - Frontier ......
ELITE 3 • 1ST ENCOUNTERS Embryo . Emerald
Mines . Empire Soccer '94 Spfe.mm.m,
European Champions- .
Evasn* Action Excel ent Games Comp..... Exterminator Extractors .. Eye Ot The Behddor t or 2 FORMULA ONE QRAN0 PRJX Ft WORLD CHAMP ED -A500.
F15 Strike Eagle 2 ... Champ Managor Italia *5 Champ Man Compendum Chorlio Jcool ...________________ Chuck Rock 1 A 2 Ctvlisalrco . Classic Board Games..... CLASSIC COLL • OELPHINE ... CLASSIC CQU-LUCAS ARTS Club Football COALA .. COHORT 2.______________ CcJooels Bequest ... COLONISATION _____________ Combat Classes 1 ... Combat Classes 2 Combat Classes 3 Complete Chess .. Coro A1200 Bundle C«yi C032 Buklle 1 Coro 0032 Bcrxllo 2 Coverniri Cratt tor AMOS Crash Dummies .... Cruise For A Corpse Crystal Diaflon
----------- Curse ol Enchant i a Cybercon 3------------------ Cyberspace CytXrrv.orV.1s Dgeneraton . 0 Thompson s Olympic Chall DARK SEED_______ Front Line* Future Wars ----------------- Gamer Gold Collection Global Effect GlobdUe ... OLOOM......_______________________ G Gooch-Second Irmiogt... G Gooch Test Match Specus' G Gooch-World Class Cnekit Dawn Patrol . Deluxe Pant V Debot Oemomanac Oewt Strke...... Disposable Haro Football Glory . F00T8ALI GLORY INDOORS Ft7 Challenge F19 Stealth FicMer Ft 17A Sieacntighter
• ght Fields Ot Gtory FIFA SOCCER Fmul Over Fire Force
Flashback_____________________ F Sim 2 Japan Scenery F Sim 2
Hawaiian Scenery Fink PEN PALfWORDPROCESSORI.. PGA European
Tour... .. PGA Tour God .... Pcsrona y
---------------- Pnt.vl Dreams A Fantasies Pnboii Fantasies
... PINBALL ILLUSIONS .... Pntwri Mage
Pmas-------------------- Prates God Pwde ... Pmghlec
_____________ Player Manager 2 Polce Quest 1 ot 2 or 3 ..
Populous A Promsed Lends POPULOUS 2------ Powetdrrve
. Powerhouse ... .... Powermonger A
DT sk .... Predator ... Premiere
... Premier Manager 3 Prem Man Mub Edit Sys
.. Prime Mover . Pnnce Ol Persia Project X
------------------- Pro Tann* Tour Pushover
Pussies Galore ---- Putty
Putty Squad .-...... Punnic _______________
Omfc------------------- Qjosl For Glory 1 or2 Ra'iroad Tycoon
-__________ Rarrbcw Islands . Rambo
3 ...... RBI Baseball 2________________ Ro*eb
For The fikuw Realms ..._. REO BARON- .. Red Heal
..._ .... Reunion . Rise or The
Rcbors Risky Woods ...... Rcadkil) Match Day
Manager_________ Mean 16 Megarace ------------ Mitgatravoiler 1
or 2 Messengers Ot Doom________ MICROPROSE GOLF____ Men)
Machines ...... Midwinter _____ Midwinter
2 ... MIG 29 Fulcrum .
Mghty Max Mftaty Masterpeoee ..... Mni
Office-..__________________ MONKEY ISLANO 1 OR 2 , Moonbaae
.. Morph MORTAL KOMBAT 1 OR 2.. ‘
Mr.Bfebby_______________ Mr Nuiz ...________________ Mutant
League Hockey .. NapoMon n .. Navy Moves _________
Now Zealand Si cry NHL Hockey 95 .. Nek Faldo*
Gfl* __________ Ngel Manseds W,'Champ...... Ngntbreod.
On The Bai Longue Edition Operation Harrier ...... Otromtor Stealth ...... Oncnta! Gamas ______________ Outrun Europe.- ---------- Overdrive OVERLORD---------- Peng ----- Patrician .- .. Parasol Stars Road Rash Robocop 2 Night 5h|tt ON T) RobOGOO 3_ .... 10.99---- - Rcbnson's Requiem (A5O0*) 22.9922 99 22 99 Rcme AD92 . 12.90 - - Rugby Loague Coach 19 99 ---- Rues Ol Engagement 2 22.99 -- Ri l n Tumble. ...... 17.99---- Ritfian ...... 13.99-- Run the Gauntlet .. 6.99 ----- ---- Sabre Toam
(Enhanced) 20 99 20 99 SCI . 8»------- Second Samurai - ...„.... 19 9919 99 19 99 SENSIBLE GOLF ... 19 99 - SENSffiLE WORLD OF SOCCER 19.99 - Sens.de Soccer imemaconal 13 99 --- Seam_____________________ 19.99 Shadow Wamors ... .... 6 99 ------ Sfiodowtindl 8 99 - ShaqFu_________________________ 17.99 - Shunto • SiFtgm Sm .. 12 99 -- Sierra Soccer ------------ 16.99 - Silont Servtco 2------------ 12 99 ...... Sim City 2000...... 26.99 -- Sim Classes (Ar41.le.Cily) 22.99 -- Simile 109922.99-- Simon The Sorceror .. 22 99
26.99 26 99 SIMON THE SORCEROR 2. 22 9926 99 26 90 smpeone -------------- 6 99 ----- SmkorSwm________________ B99 8 09 -- Skeleton Krew .. 22.99 22 99 Skidmarks-------------------- 12-99-- SKIDMARKS UPGRADE 12,99-- SKIDMARKS 2 19.99 -19.99 SkSchln 179917.991799 Sleepwalker .. 8 99 8 99 19 99 8iy§py____________________ sm------ Soccer Kid .. 9 99 9.9919 99 Soccer Team Marvroer ..._ 1099 ----- Spaca Academy ---------- 1999--1799 SpaceCrueode--------------- 699 ---- Space Quest 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 12 99 ---- Spoedba*2
... 6 99 12.99 Spens Legacy .. 1999- 10 99 Sphencal Worlds 17 99 17.99 Sports CtaSenge______________ 12 99-- Stardust Special Edition ... 9.99---- ---- Star CtusaOer 199919 9919 99 Slarioid ------- ...... 24 99 ------ Streer Fighter 2 . 12 99 -- Strike Fmt .. 1099 ---- Sinker ... 899 - 19.99 STRMPOT_____________19.99 Stun Runner 6 99 ----- Stunt Car Racer ___________ $ 99 - - Subversion____________ - 8.99---- SUBWAR 2050------ 12.99 22.99 Supei Hang On ... 8.99-- Supor Spooo
Invaders 8 99 ---- - Super League Manager 19.9919 9919 99 Super Loop* .... • 9.99 9 99 Soper Methane Brothers 6 99 • 8.99 SUPER STARDUST .. 19.99 19.99 Super Streeflighter 2 20 9920 99 20.99 Supwfiog. . --12.99 Superstodmarks ... 19-99 --19 99 Supremacy ______ 10.99-- Syntkcata .... 12 99 - 22 99 Tact Man - English or Scots 19.99---- TACTICAL MANAGER 2 19.99-- Team l7Co«Vol 1 ... 19.99--- Team Yankea________________ 12.99 - Test Dnve 2 .. 6.90-- Test March Cncket . 9.99--- Terminator 2 ..
6.99---- _____________________ 16.99----
T. F.X ... 2699 - The Bg 6-Dizzy .12.99
The Bk» & The Grey 22.99 ----- The Clue-.. ...
19.9919 99 19 99 The Garries. ....10.99--- The
Greatest. Compilation ... 21.99 ------ - The PuMsher
..... 22 90--- Their Finest Hour----------------
12.99------- Their Finest Mtssons 9.99 --- THEME PARK
22.9922.99 22.99 Tiny Troops ... 22.99 -19.99
Tokl ......- ...... 8.99---- Top Gear
2 . 17.9917 99 19 99 ToWRecal 6 09
---- TOWER ASSAULT---------- 13.9913.99 19.99 ToworoZ Sou's
. 19 9919 90 --- Traps 4
Treasure ... 17.09 17-99 Trivial Pursue
_________... 6.99 .. Tmrtal Pursul Deuxe ...19
99 Turbo Trax .. 19.99 --- Turning
Pare* 12.99--
U. F.O - ..- . 22.9924.99 22-99 Ultmate Body
Blows 1999 unmaw Gitf 8.99----
Ultmate Soccer Mannoor ... 19.9919.99 Uncovered
17.99--- Universe __________________ 22.99 - 22 99 UfltoUChMM
... 6.00---- Valhalla - Betore the War 22.99 -- Vahalla
• Lord Ot Infinity ... 19.99 ---- Voyages Ol Discovery
...... 13.99----- Vrocop . 17.9917.99
--- Vital light .. 1099 ---19 99 Wentotey
Rugby League 17.9917.90 --- WM Cup Soocnr ..... 17 9017
00)090 Wng Ccmmander --------- 12.99-- Wnlor Gold
______________ 12.99--- W-zkid_________________________ 10 99
--- Wortd Cktss Cricket ..19 99 Wortd Ctass
Leadertroard ... 10.99---- Wortd Om Rugby 95 .... 1399
-- Wortd Cup Go* .... - ' 29 90 World Cup
USA -94 . 17.99 - WORLD CUP YEAR 1M ..... 19 99
-- Wortd or Football .... 10 99 ---- Wortd oi Got)
... 17.00--- Worlds a! War 6 99 ----- Worlds ot
Legend ... 12.99--- WORLD CUP S0LF .
19.99 Worms ...... 17 99 --- 19 99
Wrocker* 19.99---- WWF 1 or 2 ...... 8 99 ---
X-rr-Zcnked .... 10.00-- Z-Out ------------
649--- ZakMcKtaken 10 99 --- Ze« Wo* .. 1999 trrm
Zool 1 or 2 .. 1999 SPECIAL OFFERS
Logic3QuatreJTi54 " “‘SSefczzzzz: Ftedots
Tqpttar ______________________ __.it
Turbo____________________ Sailek Me gag r© 2 Auloh-e MX220
Screonbeat 3 Speakers S8203 Screenbeat 4 Speaker*
S8264 .... Screenboat 5 Speakers S820S Screenbeat Pro 50
Speakers S8250 Scrccrboa; RCA Adapter Cable Screenbeat Power
Supply Suncom Sik SVCk------------- Suncom Tac 2
. SX-1
CMS--------------------- Woo O Stick E019 Spoak A Spot
.... CREATIVE CO01 Side Show Greater CO02 Label
Designer .... 0303 Super Fonts C004
Mobed - ... COOS Deluxe Pant Tutor CO06
Shadow Derr© Maker CO07 Clip Alt CO08 ABC
Adventure Creator C009 Lllrrors Labels C010 Audo Anmalicn
C011 Word Power C012 Font Farm __________ C013 Wine Maker ..... C014 Assassins C015 Pnnt Studio C016 Garden Designer CO17X088I________________ Uttunes U003 The Workshop 0013 Anatylic ALC B014 Cltequo Book Accocnt B015 Stock Analyst .. B016 L.-rae Office 9017 Budgets VI.34 . EDUCATIONAL E001 Education i .... EweTtre Bible |4 Disks) E0G3 World Databank E0O4 GCSE Mates E005 Aat'cnomy------------------- E0« Total Concepts E007 Bank Talk E0O8 Dunks DTP E009 Coiout The Alphabel
- _______ - sloypod lor CD32 .. FreawhMl SloorrvgWhwl .
Gravis Adv Swtcn Joystick .. Gravis Gamepad . Mouse .. Mouseriouse ________________ Mousem.t: Joystck Extereicn Cable .... Joysbck Y Sptitlor F Schod 2 (-61 F School 4 ( ' F School V ______________ F School Pair* A Create |S») F School Speiing Fair (7-13) G rotors Encyctopedia..... Huichmson fcncydcoeda INSIGHT DINOSAURS .
Junior Typst (5-10) ... Kid Pa .
B0O2 Business C 9003 Database Master B0O4 Ami Cash .... BOOS Am base Prot BODS MO Bgsncas Ldtora B0O7 Text Engne B008 PC Task ..... BOOT Fite-a fax 9010 QED .. Fraction Gob Ins (8-13).
‘ 2 (-61 or (M) or 180.
4 rb 4M5-73 or |7-11) Imatha (7-11) ... Logic 3 Deka Ray Aulofre JY156 Logic 3 Quatro GT Autoliro JT156 B001 A Gene (1 mog) Card Maker E010 The Hronway Code iorMatt |lc Malha (4-5) . Dragons (6;13) Main Maria (8-12) Mix ana Match (3 5)
3. 5" Blank Discs E017 Story Land 2.
E018 Wolnsname Cheetah Bug Compewron Pro BUSINESS 10 Capaety 3 If Dttk Box 50 Capacity 3.5* Disk Box 100 Capacrty 3 5' Disk Box An,i tog Adaptor Cheetah 125.
Noddy's Ptkn; or ftoAdriJf).
~ ‘ " " 1(7 '- JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES PD & Shareware
13. 99
13. 99 Spe»ound(7-i6)..- 899 The Three Bears
(5-10) .. 13.99 RottnHood(Br).,, u*. 13 99 Scrooge -
Xmas Carol (8*) 13.99 JUNIOR ADVENTURES MQ31 ... . „ M032
Sound Track Slampter (4 daks).
M033 Sound E heels .. GAMES G014 Zaiycon ...... GO 15 Earth Irvadore ..... G016 Psycho Santa _____________ GO! 7 Mayhem .. ... G018 The Fun Mouse ...... GO t9 Amos Ganros . G020 Games Galore------------------- G021 Quadra (polonly) G022 Buzzard ... ------------------------- 6083 Break Out G024 DeirwKion Mwton G025 Lady Boa (not 600 cv 12001...... G026 Depth Charge .- .. G027 Addams Famty ..... G028 Tetren _____________________ G029 Dual ..
G03O Sp-ro Assault ... GQ31 TetrtgPrg .. G032 Rolaye' .. G033 Bomb Jacky .... G034 Top Secret ...._____ G035 Fteflcafcfter .. GO36 Wizwar ..... G037 Battlements _ GQ38 Calculus Corrttil , .. GOM Blob ____________________ G040 Sector . G041 Gush .. G042 Smurt Hunt G043 Super League Manager __ G044 Quiz Master & Editor .... G045 Roverge 01 The Mutant Carneta, G046 Tank Attack G04 7
White Knght . G048 Wibtxe Wortd Giddy ...... GO40 Pree Kingdom ... G050 American Star Trek . G051 Alianbs ...... GofiZ Aovemure Sojticns (not 1200) G053 Legend Ol Lothian ...... G054 Iron Ctads (not1200) G055 Wtzars Wars .. 0056 Fortress (demo) .. .
G057 Neighbours Adventure .. G058 Space Rescue..- !
GOSS Dungeon Di««ti SPORT .eague ...... DEMOS A RAVE 0001 NigN Breed 0002 iron Maiden Slideshow D003 Good Momng Vetnam . D004 Creep show 0005 Fracicn horror show----------- 0006 Total Racol Stidesricm 0007 EvJ Dead (1 meg) . DO06 Batman Cailoon ...... DO09 Robocop D010 Viz Sideshow ... DO11 Nol The 9 Octock News .. Dot2 Fukter Or The Lost Ark D013 Predator Demo ... D014 Safe Sex ... D015SlBaHhy2 (1 mug) ...... D016 Jimi Herdnx
Sideshow ..... D017 Kim Wildo S*desho» D018 HoWen Pits _______________ Co 19 Popcvo Moetr. Tho Bear.h Boys 0020 Slar Trek Animaltor» ... D021 Moonwtrter Demo ... D022 Mke Tyson (1 meg) .... D024 TarmuvMor ..... D02S Aliens Demo----------------- DO28 life Ol li’-vn D027 The Garlield Stdoshcnv . D028 Teenage Tuttles Skdeshcw 0029 WWF Slidoshow ... D030The Gattwrng Gf X .. D041 Enterprise leaving Dock.... 0042 Girls Ol Sport ....._ .
D043 The Run (1 meg) . 0044 Star Trek Anmalfcns ..... D04S Jesus On E's .. 0046 How To Skn A Cat . 004 7 Calondar Girts D048 Rave Vison __________ 0049 Techno Wamor . 0060 Jesus Loves Acid ...... 0051 House Samples 0052 Rave Length ... .... MUSIC M028 Pit* RcryrJ The Wall Remit __ M029 No Lvnils ...... U006 Address Book --------- UO06 Asleroid UO10 Autograph_________________ U013 The Right Way U014 Panasonc Printer Driver U015HP Pnnler Orver U016 Se-kceha Printer Orvor U017 Cannon A Citizen
Pnnler Oriv U016 H P. 550c Pnntor Drn-or .... U0I9 Insiloder V4 00 U020 Bad Formal ..... U021 Amga Begirers Guide UQ22 Better Bench V1.2 ..... U023 De grader 500 600 1200 U024 Exletman-6 Vitus Killer. .
U02S Engineers K4 11220 onty) U027 Fake Memory lor a 1?06 D028 Action Replay For The 600 U029 Amga Tutonal .. 0030 AC E 5 Daiaoa-se U03I Abases Vi 33 ... U035 Text Pus v4 00 .... U037 Ultmate Choate And So kit tom U038 Number Pad For 600 . U039 Calcne Bose U040 J R Comm _______________ LHM1 Race Raptor U042 Pools Pools V2 ______________ 11043 Training Log U044 Maslie Niblick ..... UM5 0-Solve U046 Lockpic v20 ... U047 Rate Kick vl 4 . U048 Ptocad Eteclraid .. U049 Otvdends Vamer .....
UOSOOddsOn U061 Power SP003 18th Hole SP004 Mr Men Of,mp«cs SP005 Sutmbai ..... SP006 Smkebol _______________ SP007 Amo* Cncket .... SP006 Grand Pm Smtotator--------- SIMULATIONS SM601 4 Simuaton Games (not 1200) SM002 Return To Earth . SMOQ3 Napolocnc Warfare Sim v5______ StoSfH Wheel ol Fortune (not 1200) .- SM005 Card Sharp SM006 Sub Attack ...... SM007 Routotta _______ SM006 Act Of Wer ______________ SM309 Micro Market ..... SM310 S-rAteiv- names SPO01 Top Of Tho
League SP002 Scoffieh FocStoflManager... jf Cop«* Uessentia) Virus Ktlor U063 Soccer Leaa D3SEEK31|~ fl big thanh w I'd just like to say thanks very much for the MUI CoverOisk last month. I think people are getting fed up with receiving commercial software on the front of magazines because it will mean the eventual collapse of the Amiga software market. If a user can get a copy of a program (worth £299!) On the cover of a magazine, then he or she is hardly encouraged to spend money on further software because it might be similarly devalued.
Surely the same system applied to full games on CoverDisks can be applied to serious software too? Secondly. I think that putting registered shareware on the front of Amiga Computing encourages shareware authors to further develop their program, and I'm sure they appreciate whatever cash you pay them as shareware is not exactly a good way of making money.
Alex Den hn, Bournemouth Alex, you've put your finger right on the heart of the matter. Just as software piracy is killing the Amiga, so too is this attitude towards serious software.
Unfortunately, while some Amiga users are enlightened souls, the majority just see that there is something worth cash on the cover and buy the magazine regardless. At Amiga Computing we are trying to break out of this syndrome, but you can appreciate that it is difficult because of the reason I just mentioned.
Having said that, we will be running more registered shareware CoverDisks in the future which, as you say, is a valuable source of income for shareware authors. Finally, regarding your comments on ELSPA's recommendation on full- price CoverDisk-mounted games, unfortunately, there is no similar organisation for serious software publishers on the Amiga.
Your uiews and questions aired and answered bq our man of - Second-hand uirus enabled disk into a floppy drive without checking it with a virus checker.
Ian Aisbitt. Hunton, N Yorks.
I am a new subscriber to your excellent magazine and find it particularly helpful to people like myself, who are relatively new to the Amiga.
My local dealer advised against upgrading my A500 and suggested I might try to buy an A1200. So I advertised and was soon the proud possessor of a basic machine which I set to work upgrading.
Firstly, I bought a second floppy drive, then an IDE 85Mb hard disk (I know I should have bought a bigger one but I couldn't afford it!), and finally a 2Mb trapdoor expansion with a clock. I got everything installed and then my problems began' Without wishing to bore you with all the gory details, I was having problems getting a! Manner of things to run correctly; I am not a stupid man and quickly realised something was wrong that I didn't know hw to pul right. After referring to an online guide to Workbench, I quickly decided that I had a dreaded vims.
The Amiga is no more, long lioe the Amiga!
By this time I knew a lot more about how everything worked, so I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled everything from scratch using a fresh set of Workbench disks I also put a virus checker into my WBStartup drawer to find the little swine and kill it - it had to be on one of my floppy disks somewhere.
I eventually found it on. Would you believe, the Vims Checker disk I had been given by the lad that had sold me the Amiga in the first place.
The moral is clear - beware disks from third parties and never put an untried, write A lesson from a rueful reader there.
Perhaps Escom should put a warning and advice about viruses (vlrii to be more exact) in the manuals for the new Amigas.
Fleuibie nightmares Now that the Amiga is due to be relaunched in a few months time there are a large number of Amigas for sale in the various magazines. The newcomer to the Amiga could really benefit from simple instructions on the basic functions, such as 'How to put a program onto a hard drive.' In the past some very good cover disks have been published on your magazine and. Even with the manual, problems Yesterday I phoned the Commodore UK news line and was shocked to hear that the UK management has given up in favour of Escom. Escom have not said that they will continue production of
our beloved computer, in fact they have not said very much apart from the fact that they are very interested in a set-top box. So. After ten years, this is the end of the Amiga.
I will keep my A1200 for as long as possible, but H won't be long before it too is obsolete.
Andrew Markwell. Wallsend. TyneA Wear letters, fara Surf do arise. Perhaps a series on the basics of getting started, gradually moving onto the more interesting aspects, could be undertaken, keeping things simple all the while.
As a newcomer myself, I was attracted by the Amiga’s specification and the fact that a very good program called Amigasat (for getting pictures from weather satellites) was available, but I am currently limited to using most of my software from floppies which is very tedious.
T G David. Sevenoaks Your frustrations are echoed by people all over the world. However, unless we are to reinvent the wheel every six Fear not! Your worries are misplaced. Although it i& true that Commodore UK is no more and that both David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot are no longer involved with Commodore, Escom have vowed to continue to produce the Amiga and at prices that can only benefit the whole Amiga community. Juat have e look et Paul Austin’s expose of the Frankfurt press conference starting on page 22 of last month's issue.
Amiga Computing months or so, we must assume some kind of level of knowledge among our readers. I have no doubt that we will run a beginners series once more, but it might not happen for a while.
In the mean time, keep your chin up. Keep practising with your Amiga and trying to install the software you talk about in your letter, and soon you'll find that you won t want to use space in the magazine for beginners either.
You asked for more letters pages, but what you don't seem to realise is the fact that you have to write Into us. To give you a further incentive, we will offer £50 from Adam Phillips' wages to the best letter written. But please keep quiet about it, as Adam doesn’t Escgiti suggestions This is what I'd like to see Escom do with the Amiga:
1. Encourage the software houses that produce for the PC to port
some of their software over - titles like Encarta '95
shouldn’t take long to do because all the hard data has
already been collected.
2. Get the A600 off the market and make the A1200 the basic
machine at as low a price as possible, say £279 with HD flop*
py and a hard drive. This should be possible given the way
hard drive prices have fallen, and the 68020 can’t cost very
much by now.
3. Launch an A1300 in a PC-style case with a 60MHz 68030, high
density floppy Iduitisgnc?
Multi question I drive. CD-ROM and hard drive for £599.
4. Leave the A4000 alone, but drop the price to £899, add a
CD-ROM and drop the 68030 version.
5. Launch an A6000 which would be an A4000 with a 68060 in it.
If all these things are done, it would generate sufficient cash to pay for the development of the next generation of RISC machines and increase the user base in the process to bring back software developers. Having a range of machines like this would mean the user could start at any level and expand as they wanted and. Like the PC, the top- end machines would be powerful enough to run all the sexy software to encourage people to upgrade.
A Anthony. Dereham Let me go over your points one by one, if I may.
1. The idea of Microsoft porting their multimedia CD-ROM titles
over to the Amiga is great in principle, and you are right
about the data and graphics already having been processed and
collated. However, until Escom manage to convince the wide,
wide world of 'serious' computing that the Amiga is something
other than a games machine, Amiga Encarta 95 ('96, whatever),
is unlikely to appear.
2. By now you will have probably read the great news that
although Escom plan to continue to produce the A600, it will
only be for sale in the emerging markets of the far east and
Africa. As for A1200 pricing, how does the sub £200 price mark
grab you? I agree that it would be better all round if all
Amigas came with high density floppy Vou're all beautiful!
Having read the letter in the July issue from M F Jaquemin Kelmscott, Western Australia, who is looking for a copy of the Easy Amos manual, I would like to say that I have a manual and a complete set of disks that I do not use, and if there is a way ofJ putting me in touch with this reader WflULC ilAOO luese MJENB ikUENE Vs: OlE- IOOVH WUTAl would be happy to send it to him her avius, completely free of charge.
COAt c S*r,Fi Mrs M Lynch, 218 Mendip House ream'
L. 'V .I Market Square _ , . Pore, Edmonton worn London N90TD
0u»m UMO Every day I become more cynical in Ejs Mwj ¦¦¦ my old
age, but getting letters like jun. .! •: this just makes me
swell up with jprno a sense of, of, I’m sorry... I can’t l&w
ON the
• Uaflv WC«L continue... |cd: I hope to shortly upgrade my ageing
A500 to a brand spanking new A4000. With this in mind. I wonder
if you could answer some queries I have regarding future
1. I have recently noticed that some CD-ROM drives advertised in
PC magazines are commented as 'can be used as a slave device
on IDE’. Does this mean you can simply connect a CD-ROM drive
directly to the A4000’s IDE controller, and if not, why not?
2. Will you soon be reviewing the various new 24-bit graphics
cards with 64*bit processors that are now becoming available?
Manufacturing quality monitors, so concerned by this.
Am quite
4. Is it still possible to get a copy of PowerPacker Professional
v4 from your mail order department?
Finally, how about a supertest of various monitors from the major manufacturers?
Steve Taylor, East Dereham I’m glad to see you are going to upgrade tQ an Amiga, Steve, rather than a PC. As for your questions, let’s look at them one at a time:
2. Yes, we will be. Look for the in-depl review of the
Cybervision you mention in this month’s issue, with reference
to programs like ImageFX and Photogenics that support
CyberGraphics new 16 and 24-bit intuition screen modes.
IN KT WARf 64 Ml 170 Hi 340 IV 510 K
3. Speaking personally, I have used my NEC 4FG with a wide
variety of graphics card* including Picasso, Retina and EGS
Spectrum (not to mention the new Cybervision64), and I have
had no problems. Mind you, Ij haven't seen the review you
mention, so perhaps the problem was to do with th« card.
3. Why is it that some graphics cards require alterations when
used with NEC monitors? A recent review for the Piccolo
mentioned this fact.
I want a multisync monitor when I upgrade to my new machine and am looking closely at the NEC range because of their reputation for
1. In theory, yes, you can connect an IDE CD- ROM drive to your
internal IDE controller, but IDE CD-ROMs aren't that common
and as the IDE standard only supports two devices, do you
really want to use one of them for a CD drive?
4, As for Powerpacker Pro, I’m afraid you're a bit late off the mark for that one and we've run out of stock. You could try Emerald Creative on 0181-715 8866 and see if they have a copy.
17. 49 iSM 2199 13 49 1143 1649 1299 11 99 10 49
12. 99 14 99 1299 1299 49 FVAvCR MANAGER 2- POWER HOUSE
BUJOMfOOCM aONEl avo». ....
NDY SCO. ADVANTAGE TFNNIS EUROPEAN CHAMPS 1992 499 22 49 1399 499 14 49 12 99 12 49 1399 19 99 11 49 1949 4 99
20. 99 10 49 20 99 1999 IB 49 1599 1299 1699 13 99 9 99
11. 49 1299 1399 STABLE MASTERS 2099 STAR CRUSADER ... 1999 STEVE
FIGHTER 2 2199 5W1V |512K| |NOP| .4.99 SYNDICATE 1299
512*0 19.49 THEME PARK 22 *9 TOTAL FOOTBALL • 20.99 UFO
560 MB 199 99 OVERORIVE V.11 810 MB 299.99 INTERNAL 2.5” IDE,
• 1199 MsiBfteow ’999 ; ss&tts tlOOYILOWS ' ''99 1999
......_ .21 93
- 22 49 ¦MON MASTER 2 22 49 HMOFQlORV •• I? 49
B?SmLPSS DCOOCT C3 UNTIL AU& 31 H 2C 99 ’9 49 ¦H 99 44 44
• 2 99 999 ’9 49 9 09 .V 4ft J Jf.
12 45 12 99 1'- 4ft 99 IE 41 irw yft ion ;i n i: 4 u n 19 W f wdkiM., iMOtriuee i vfll ml writ on A1200
• iff w* tn fm Imfirirttrfrfnd M • (it*n*al Orire teqtfad .
BC1M 1» SHAREWARE GAMESl 8» black crypt 10 49 BODY BLOWS 6 99
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includes £15 ol new XS Savers. Merreers are under no
obligation All prices mdude VAT and carnage to MOST UK
mainland addresses Oversees orders must be paid by credit
card Hardware items (battery or mains) are only supplied to
Ihe UK mainland Overseas surcharge £2.00 per software rtem or
25% on other iimns CHEF (BLOCK CAPITALS ftaaaal Name &
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5500+ Titles, that’s more than a library with less than that!
¦ u mania i am having a problem installing the excellent MUI program from your July issue. I have extracted the Lha file from your CoverDisk. But when I use MUI I get an About MU! Window appearing every time informing me that this version of MUI is unregistered and that only the System page settings are saved.
It's my understanding that you were giving away a fully working and registered version of this program. I find it rather annoying that such claims can be blatantly made by your magazine and I'm sure you have annoyed a lot of loyal readers in the process.
P Williams, Suffolk Cyou seem to have fallen §1 prey of your own Amiga expertise and knowledge.
As you rightly surmised, the MUI program file on our CoverDisk is indeed an Lha file which can be successfully extracted using the appropriate Lha utility, which you seemed to have done.
Unfortunately, our installer script does more than just extract the main program file. It also copies a key file called MUI.KEY to the S: drawer. This little file essentially tells MUI that it has been registered and should not display the About MUI notice anymore.
Simply copy this file from the Files drawer on our CoverDisk into your S: drawer and you should find yourself with a fully registered and functioning MUI program.
I have recently bought an Amiga second-hand with quite a lot of games software too I bought it for my son who has been hassling me for a new computer ever since his Sega packed in.
However, we are having problems loading the games. The disk drive seems to load OK for a few seconds and then makes a grinding noise and simply tails.
At tir$ t, we thought we had faulty games so we checked them on a friend's At200. Some of the games were indeed faulty, but most of them loaded OK on our friend's machine.
B Gregg. Hammersmith P( (D-ROdls l am thinking about buying the «r) J Squirrel SCSI interface for my ¦5 ' Amiga to take advantage of the many CD-ROM and SCSI hard dnves available, ®lt sounds as though your disk drive is faulty. This I can be because the heads are either dirty, mis- ' aligned or damaged. Try using a disk drive cleaner and see if things improve.
Failing this, it would probably be cheaper to simply buy a new disk drive. Replacement internal disk drives are quite cheap these days, costing around £30. Check out this month s adverts for the best deal.
I I will be buying a CD-ROM as my first 1 peripheral and have a few questions. I have a budget of £180 for a CD-ROM drive and was wondering what model to go for. Can you suggest one?
| I have heard that the Squirrel allows you lo run CD32 games, but not all of them work. My favourite game is Alien you haue now entered a trouble-free boob. It's hers that you tan writs in with gour Rmiga troubles and rereiue enlightenment. So. If ¦ gour Rmiga'5 giuing gou a hard time, drop us a line Breed: Tower Assault, which I play incessantly at my friends house on his CD32.
Will this game work using the Squirrel?
J Sullivan. Birmingham With £180 for your CD-ROM drive, you should go for a AMIGA COMPUTING ADVICE SERVICE compiled all the necessary software for you to easily download from their site.
Check out our July issue (you did get that issue didn't you?) Where we gave away a fully registered version of MUI which you can use with Amosaic. Once you are set up, if you enter these http addresses into Amosaic you will be taken to the Web site of that area where you can browse through masses of information and admire the great graphics to your heart's content.
For details on Demon and their services, you can phone them on 0181- 371 1234, or fax them on 0181-371
1150. You can also e-mail them at: sales@demon.net. Dodgij driuB
• *¦ u quad-speed drive. These have dramatically dropped in price
recently and now cost anywhere from £160 onwards. I recently
paid £165 for a Toshiba model.
As for CD32 games, there are certain games which are programmed in a specific way to make them incompatible with the Squirrel. However, you should have no trouble playing Tower Assault. This was one of the games we used when testing its CD32 compatibility feature and it worked fine.
HUP or not HUP I have recently bought a modem :, n J and am now gradually learning more and more about the wondrous world of comms. I read Amiga Computing every month and have often seen reference to on-line addresses which begin with http.
What is this http and how do I access such areas using my modem?
W Edwards. Chorlton The http references are , addresses for interesting
* areas on the World Wide Web. Http is an acronym for Hyper Text
Transfer Protocol and is essentially a sort of script which is
used by suitable programs for displaying text and graphics.
To access such areas, you will need an account with an Internet provider such as Demon Internet Ltd. You will then need to get hold of appropriate software such as AmitTCP, Amosaic and MUI, which are essential programs for all Amiga owners who wish to access Web sites. If you do subscribe to Demon, they have helpfully Amiga Computing
- - a Do you have a problem? Do you some- J times find yourself
poised over your A) I Amiga with axe in hand, spouting V====p
_ profanity at the stubborn refusal of your Amiga software or
hardware to behave f properly?
- Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down
your problems, along with a thorough description of your Amiga
setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service. IDG
Media House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP Him RflfTl choice questions?
1 havG an A1200 with 85Mb
1. hard drive. I enjoy reading Amiga Computing and am extremely
interested and impressed with the coverage of digital video
and 3D graphics you frequently report on.
I believe the Amiga’s greatest strength is in the digital video market, what with products such as the Personal Animation Recorder, Toaster, LightWave and other Amiga packages being used both by consumers and film and video professionals alike. As you may probably guess, I am quite interested in this area and am keen to get my hands on LightWave 4 to hone my computer animation skills.
Obviously, my standard A1200 setup with its meagre 2Mb chip RAM and 85Mb hard drive are not exactly optimal for running LightWave. Which is why I’m going to invest in a bigger hard drive, an accelerator and more memory.
However, I have been given the opportunity of buying a 8Mb PCMCIA RAM card and was wondering whether to buy it and use it in conjunction with the memory on the accelerator board.
I want to buy the Squirrel interface to allow me to use high capacity and fast SCSI drives for storing my animations, and was wondering if there is some way of having both the Squirrel and the 8Mb RAM card connected at the same time.
Are there any hardware gadgets available or in development which can do this?
K Saunders, Merseyside I would advise against buying V pi the 8Mb PCMCIA card. You
* will not be able to have the Squirrel and the RAM card
connected at the same time. I'm not aware of any methods,
either commercial or DIY, which will allow you to have multiple
PCMCIA devices in the slot.
Also, the PCMCIA slot is a 16-bit expansion port as opposed to the 32- bit trapdoor slot. Therefore, PCMCIA memory cards are almost twice as slow as their trapdoor counterparts.
Dirtq rotten mouse I’ve had my A500 for six months f i** now and the first thing I did when I bought it was buy a new mouse - the Commodore mouse which came with it was, unfortunately, dead.
Now though, after trouble-free operation. My mouse is starting to play up. It isn’t as smooth as it used to be and feels somewhat ‘lumpy,’ and the pointer sometimes doesn’t move immediately, almost as though it was slipping slightly.
What’s wrong with my mouse and can I do anything about it short of buying a new one?
L Conner, Maidenhead Your mouse sounds as V though it simply needs a clean. If you look under the mouse, you will see that it is possible Green monster Please help me. My five
* * month old A1200 displays green screen every time I and boot
the damn thing. It was work ing perfectly well until then.
What's hap pened to my poor Amiga and ho much will it cost me
to get it fixed?
E Erickson, Stansti p* Oh dear. A green screei a*. S usually indicates a problem with Chip RAM, I believe However, I assume you bought tlx A1200 new and if so, it's still undi warranty so you can take it back I the store for them to sort out for n extra cost to you. Hooray to open it up to get at the mouse If you remove the ball and look insi you will probably see three metal plastic rollers. You will also probal see the dirt is clinging to them. This what's causing the lumpy feel ai erratic mouse movement.
You need to remove this dirt with suitable implement (I use a sm screwdriver) and once done, you» probably find everything mu smoother.
Unfortunately, this is a comm problem with all mice (except th with optical mechanisms in place mechanical rollers) and you will that you may have to clean it yi again in another six months time. Ti buying a bottle of anti-static cieanl fluid and cleaning your mouse mi every so often. This may reduce tl amount of dust the mouse ball pld up and deposits on the rollers. Tl cleaning the mouse ball too.
Bad sums rrVjNj * have an Amiga 4000 to which I have recently attached a replacement 540Mb hard drive. I have partitioned the drive into two sections, one for Workbench and one for general data called Work. However, after four error-free months of use, I now get an error message whenever I open the Work partition. The error message says: 'Work has a checksum error on disk block 90758.'
I can cancel the message and there don’t seem to be any adverse effects, but the message is really annoying me. What does this error message mean and how can I get rid of it? A friend tells me I need either DiskSalv or Ami-Back Tools to repair the problem, but which one is the best?
R Allen, Wimbledon A checksum is a numeric value which is V appended to a block of data on the disk.
. The number is the result of a simple calculation of the contents of the block of data and is a method of ensuring that data is not corrupt.
Therefore, your error message is saying that the contents of the data block at 90758 have been altered somehow and don’t match with the checksum figure.
Ami-Back Tools and DiskSalv are, indeed, the answer to your problems. They are two great utilities which allow you to detect and repair all manner of problems. As for which one is best, well, they are pretty much equal and do the same job, so it’s down to your own personal taste.
Big Floppies '*%••. A friend and I are always tr: ferring files between Amigas using floppy dis However, my friend has an A4000 whic features a high density disk and I ha an A1200 which only has a low defflj drive. Are there are any high dend external drives for the A1200?
D Samuels. Bedfoi J? Indeed there are high deni drives available for yoi A1200. Power Computing, wt by the way happen to be located your neck of the woods in suni Bedford, can help you out.
The drives in question are the 3 range which format to 1.76M Internal drives cost 55.95 while ext nal drives cost £59.95. Powi Computing can be contacted 01234 273000.
Amiga Computing HOW TO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Order by telephone quoting your credit •Standard delivery £ I .95 card number. If paying by cheque plcaxr _ ... . _ , _ . _ make payable to: "FIRST COMPUTER 2-3 Week Days £2.95 CENTRE" In any correspondence please |hlp r W* **lc Dav (d quote a phone number, poit code & •r,ext vveeK ay Dept Allow S working days cheque Defcvery subject to stock avoioMHty
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5% _______ • Large showroom with
• Multi-million pound company DEPT. AC, UNIT3, ARMLET PARK
•Overseas orders welcome COURT, STANNINGLEY RD, •Educational
purchase orders welcome LEEDS, LSI2 2AE. Qp£N j Qyjyjyj yyEE
Tel: 0113 231 -9444 E-Mail sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk 24 HR
MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 NEW.'BBS Sale* A
Technical line Tel: 0113 231-1422 Open Sunday r Late Night
Opening 11 am to 4p [ Wednesday A Thursday t till 7.30pm SB
Buimc tfMcktM* AM Yew Low f Pricing Hard Drives Monitors CD ROM Drives a i ura ACD-300 .
* Ury. LCD proX . M. °NLY £ 169.99 ls fo-Hi94AXr'oCO £126.99 I •
120Mt Access tame* 100K» Tramfee rate.
|Plcxtor-PX43CSX4 £239.99 I• ISOMt Acccu Tnndtr rate |NEC6XiX6V! £312.99 I • 150*4. Acceu tkrwVeOO KB Tnunfcr rate- I Overdrive X4Extemal £245.99 IGVP4008+MO£129.99 I SCSI II etteriacc card for bfg box Amiga's I Squirrelscsi interface £40.00 Awhen bought vnth jrrvr. Uttt separate A8 our mo niton comply to U* specifications All monitors coo complete with connecting teaS Microvif Autoscan V .21 dpi. 15(18 Kht, all I Amiga modes. AGAl compatible. No auifco. Tilt| A swlvetl stand.
Only £274.99 mAliM's require an adaptor £6.99 AMITEK 1084-S 14" stereo colour CGA monitor. Ideal for the | game player and the more serious user.
Only £195.99 Tilt and swivel stand only £4.4? When purchased with monitor All monitor dust covers only £5.9
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A12' 600 install (Wa rxxommend 1-5'
Anvxs b» ftttad by HM I inc. software, cables and instructions
|260Mb~£l49.99 420Mb.. 165.99 1540Mb..£ 179.99 8S0Mb.. 259.99
3,5" Hard Drive upgrade kit only!!£!8.99 Includes set up
software, cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
Fitting service available if required.
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit software,
screws, cables and Instr. | B0Mb- 99.99 130Mb- ! 19.99 Mull
potential of your AllOOl I with thv Prim* Technologic!
Trapdoor P RAM txpinilon, includes real time clock.
II MB RAM £89.991 ll MB RAM 1125.991 If MB RAM £189.991 |l MB RAM £333.991 ll MB & 33 Mhi CO PRO £163.991 ¦4 MB & 33 Mhx CO PRO £214.991 |§ MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO £3S7.99| Pari exchange available on your| old memory. Call for pricing.
250Mb £139.99 1 340Mb.. 199.99 All drives supplied by The First Computer Centre have a minimum 12 I month warranty and are tested to ensure 100% compatibility.
Full range of SCSI & IDE drives always in stock.
A500!500+ 600 RAM Expansion |p«MAA500SI2k RAM (no clock) £19.991 PRIMA A500 Plu. I Mb RAM £29.991 AMO I Mb RAM (no clock) £29.991 A600 1200 Hard Drive set up software £5.99 ¦ Ippima Hiprima Genlocks f Tabb Memory Modules Floppy Drives Scanners Power Scan v4 £99.991 255 g'tata on AGA Ampi, M ftcee non AGA f fow er Scan Col £ 199.991 24 t» colour learner. 14.7 mflson colours I Ipha Scan 800 £99.99 800 Oft. 246 giak «wli on ll Ampi | Alpha Scan 256 £139.99 256 pScaWTufl OCA radio uie OCA Epson GT8500 £549.99 30 be flatbed tcanrer. Supwb retulii. Rvquros Art f Department icuuwtg ukMit price £9V
94 |l Mb 72 Pin SIMM 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 4MbT2PinSIMM
• Mb 72 Pin SIMM lit Mb 72 pin SIMM IlMb Jopin SIMM 4 Mb 30 p.n
SIMM 4by4DRAM(DILt) £39.991 £79.991 £130.991 £262.991 £399.991
£34.991 £110.991 (cach)£6.99l |lMbby4ZIPPS (each)£32.99l
4by4ZIPPS (each)£5.99| | Pari exchange available on your | old
memory, Call for pricing.
SONY Deluxe 3.5"Extemal Drive only!!! £49.9 OmfOff switch. Through port. P A | Anti-virus switch, 12 month t VV tough durable metal case. Work Amiga's excellent value.
IXL 1.44Ext.driveONLV!! £84.99 I Ia I 200 600 internal drive £39.99 lA500 500+lntrrnal drive £39.99 RENDALE Afcl hama 292 £275.991 I S-Video, and composite compatible hama 290 £669.99 I S-WJoa.wvScnmpaUcamCring.pfostvmarr I hama A-Cut editor £ I 79.991 Irendale 8802fmc£I59.99| I Suprrh entry level genlock, with pro features I Irendale 9402 £285.991 FiM featured. Supcr VHS genlock
- tSnly £59.99 I The amazing new graphics tablet Inr the Amiga I
I developed with the hefp of First Computers I I 94 rated m
Amga Shopper Requires 1W I lWB or above i low low i mon Ron
BJ30 £204.99 t JTBJCTOCor* *£299.99 paWhyhmrtt. w~« rower. 14
err. Av £Wf Canon BJ200t-x £229.99 p fUfjulo ew prtww. Mmt M
dye 8P9npJC4000Colour £299.99 , N Mf Uk mono pontlrsg I6C dpi
BJC600cCoi. £439.99 ¦ pnmar. Hrtual N8 apt M HEWLETT*' PACKARD
IP540 mono £269.99 RTOio Colour Kit £36.99 ffHP 660 Colour
£385.99 ____!•€ from MP.
P4Llaser printer £469.99 EPSON I Epson Stylus colour £449.99 I RIM IN n»tt AH, r««» jri-exai) leshiolarr I Epson Stylus 800+ £229.99 I Mfot mam AW. L r*w CITIZEN Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee I ABC Colour printer £145.99 1 wvplr |m N»f •» ABC) «o vm 24 pta pnnH* C w»i m I .lars.farrf wn* SO «*«« Auto Am »•«- 1 Tract* lud aptkuul at 07 .IS t I US' ttoptwIM Uh cokHJr NEWllProjet II Colour £249.99 | NEVV.'.'ProjetTmono £POA I H«h qualnr no d| men. Yill.r. I pipWs. » yaar | Star LC 1009 pin Colour £121.99 |
• |U utai, rontw, a NLQ Imu IM p. W.ti Star LC909 pin mono
£102.99 1 tprMw. AV lellt lii. Eel IMM .ptUad. I Star LC240 24
pin mono £117.99 | 24 fan mono pnmar, 112 cpt draft.wttfc AS
hu4t tot Star LC240C 24 pin Colour £ 134.99 I la f» lotow
yrieuf Aif hOll m. 4 IQ fro,.. I Star SJ144 Colour £229.991
Vufoff*! OR-ikW* iVmol IrwnN* |mMo» kw I nwwsng i otn. I miwa.
1.4 plgftn coieur I SupnUrMXModem 288 J Upt»llfJ«*t .(v4U *) •
Cbeiaifu » • UU«J. LCO DI«U,
• Mcnmm S *nn • | V«,W;e«, only £199.99 I Is it a bargam the sue
of a Wppo « fcurr y I I You Beacha!! - Amiga Computing Oct-
IW41 Suprag-MXModem V52tx The roehm tun lull lUM »roi. Uun
V.I2U. I v 1. V.ziro. vn. Vii. Mmfi i, v ai. Vai*k. Cu». I I a
1 .rouron*,. HM M400 be, I Fax. U.M., (r~ wike men fro, fuWu A
t.1*. only i I 51.99 L 'l suprarMMModem I44LC |
V. 32 bis (14400 baud) Unv con onton nf the t$ mdc VlJBls F ••
madam, ¦nrw m b*om Ik* ctau I Isa onto and LftO AtfAi now only
£96.99 Sportshri44 £134.99 [ Amazing price reduction on
Courier Dual Standard V34+ £287.99 Now 33,600 bps.
|i]BF ¦ KiMJfTuH- Prices 10 £3.49 £4.49 30 £9.99 £11.99 SO £15 99 £18.99 100 £29.99 £35.99 200 £S2.99 £63.49 SOO £1 18.99 £142.99 1000 £211.99 £253.99 ii brxdfd 6£e cxrr wd U MULTI COLOUR Disk labels 500 £6.99 1000 £9.99 tidLM 10 Capacity box £0.991 I 50 Capacity lockable box £3.991 100 Capacity lockable box £5.491 I' 90 Capacity Banx box £10.991 I *150 Capacity Posso box £20.991 100 Capacity CD holder £4.991 j *add 0.00 drlivrry rf purihutij pul one Powu | I or Bant box Normal 4efcvery whro ptrchi I with other product or when buying 2 or more.J lew Low Price CD Software Software Peripherals
Consumables Ribbons nSwift ABC mono £3.99 (iSwift ABC colour £12.99 itLC90 mono ribbon £4,99 rLC I (V100 mono £3.69 rLC I Of 100 colour £7.99 rLC240c colour £13.99 irLC240cmono £8.99 irLC240mono £5.99 irLC24-107200 300 Colour £13.99 k Spray for mono ribbons £11.99 |H05T OTHER MAKES AVAILABLE PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills I a fortune In running costs with your “" I itt- Compatible with the MP St. Canon BJIt'WWi11672M.1 flM, Star SJ4I, Citiien Pro|*t and many k Fun range of colour* available.
• refills (22ml) £6.99 tTwTnror.il* (64ml) £12.99
• colour kit (66ml) £19.99 ¦colour kit (88ml) £27.99 krefills
(12Sml) £24.99 Miscellaneous r Switch Box 2 way £12.99 r Switch
Box 3 way £17.99 r Stand* (Uni venal) £7.99 ||J Metre printer
cable £4.99 3 Mtlre printer tabic £6.99 JSMetre printer cable
£8.99 |l8Metreprintercable £12.99 4 part extenilpA cable £9.99
Ink Cartridges Canon BJ 10 Star SJ48 £19.99 Canon BJ200 230
£19.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £13.99 Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack)
£10.99 Canon BJC 70colour(3 pack) £I6.*» Canon BJC 4000 colour
(single)£ 16.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) £7.99 Canon BJC
4000 monok-.rtkMir, £28.99 Canon BjC 600e mono £6.99 Canon B|C
600e colour £8.99 HP.Deskjet colour £26.99 HP. Dcskjet double
mono £24.99 HP. DeskJet 660 double mono £25.99 HP.Deskjet 660
colour £27.99 Epson Stylus mono £15.99 Epson Stylus colour
£36,99 Star SJ 144 mono colour (single) £7.99 Covers All
printer dust covers £5.99 Paper Prices apply only when ordered
with printer or purchased direct from the showroom Fanfold
(tractorfeed) 500 sheets £4.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000
sheets£8.99 Fan fold (tractor feed) 2000 shcetsC I 7.99 Single
sheet 500 sheets £4.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £8.99 Single
sheet 2000 sheets £ 17.99 Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack
£22.99 Dtfivery for 2906 sheets 15 00 whm purchased without
printtr Printer repair specialists toil for quote Yiperll28MMU
RoboshiftMKI £9.99 NEW Mega Mouse+ £ 14.49 MegaMouse400dPi £11.49 True Mousesoo dpi £10.99 Crystal Trackball £34,99 ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers£57.99 Amiga Modulator £34.99 Amiga PSU £34.99 SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER!!
Workbench 2.1 software upgrade only £29.99 Kicks tart 3.0 £34.99 Kicks tart 2.04 £30.99 Kickstart 2.OS (for use in A600) £30.99 Fatter Agnes837S £26.99 Super Denise £18.99 6571 -0326 Keyboard controller 13.99 CIA 8S20A I O controller £10.99 68882 Co Pro 2SmhzPLCC £34.99 68882 Co Pro 33mhxPLCC £44 99 Turbotech realtime clock cartridge L17.99 Fits any Amiga VIDII2 AGAl flK only!! £59.99 VIDI24RT £134.99 voto rtu VIDI 24 RT pro£2 I 4.991 I* bat vuW, ml row crtow hwl tn, r stunt Ful a&A luctwt Ixclfvoh rsu Music Sound Aura I 2 bit iartipling £74.99 I Pro Midi lot vrfar. L»«| Techno Sound Turbo 2
Tecno Sound Turtx, £10.99 | Utilities NEWflbvntory Opul I td.M GP F AX 2.1 soClwarv £49.9* Xcopy ProV2 (Aus hardwaro £24,99 NEWirDiscofogy 05.99 NCWTfCDBoot 1.0 £29.99 Video & Graphics NCWROahixx Pamt S £59.991 BnUiancsl ”1 Dhcant Sum S £29.99 I Hake PathfTerralorm (each) £8.tf I V«U Pro 3 (4Mb required) £29.tt| Word Processing DTP RiuJ Writer DTP NEWT.' £69 91 Final Copy V2UK..New low Price! £48.91 Proful £29.91 .indwordl 3 17 Bit Collection £28 9 17 Bit Continuation L14.49| 17 Bit Phase 4 £l443 17 Bit LSD compendium I £ 14-79| 17 Bit LSD compendium 2 £ 16.9 I Aminct S £ 14.49) NEWT! Aminet
6 I Amlnet collection (Box set 4 CD's) £24.9 Amos Users CD £16.99) Assassins 6I6.W CD-PDI £8-9K CD-PD2 £89« CD-PD 3 £8.9* CD-PD 4 £12-9* Demo CD I £8.9* Demo CD 2 £8.9* GoldFtsh I £24.49 Goldfish 2 £24.49 Illusions CD £8.9* Light ROM t29'9* Light Works £29'9* Meeting Pearls I Meeting Pearls II £7.7* I MultiMedia Toolkit 2 (2xCD‘s) £27.9* Network CD £l2'4* PrimaCD VoLI £16.9* Space And Astronomy £16.9* NEW.'.TenonTenpack IoxCD's £3S.9* Worid Of Pinups £12.9* WPD Hottest 4 £14.9* WPD Hottest 5 £14.9* Wierd Science Fonts £8.9* Weird Science Clipart L Wierd Science Animation £16.9* sector Oaue
tusich uwn't let a nastg hard driue crash preuent him from bringing gnu this month's bejiffgbagged gems Bratwurst: Freaky scaling graphic battles hays never been so much tun Of there’s a lesson to be learned from my experiences this month, then it is that hard drive backups should be performed quite regularly. It's astonishing how many small but incredibly useful programs can be accumulated in just a few weeks, and these are the sort of things that when lost through hard drive problems can prove difficult to find again.
‘Which utilities disk did that little commodity come from?' Can become a worryingly frequent thought.
I El Anyway, enough of my moaning, because fortunately not only was Public Sector fully backed up. But it was totally unaffected by the incident.
The whole saga also gives me an excuse to introduce newer Amiga users to Dave Haynie's excellent shareware program Disksalv, possibly the best disk repair and file recovery utility in existence. You never fully appreciate such programs until the unthinkable occurs.
Paint Paste find Dram Programmed by: Simon Hinchen Available from: Central Licenceware Register Youngsters are capable of producing some rather offbeat artistic creations.
The trouble is that they are often completed using media such as wax crayons or thick paint brushes coated in highly splashable substances. That's why numerous computer paint packages have attempted to put an end to the mess-making without taking all the fun out of art. The problem is that not many of them have succeeded.
If all paint packages aimed at youngsters were as good as Paint Paste And Bratwurst Programmed by: 3 Elks Available from: OnLine PD Disk No. 0X207 Way back in the January issue I showered praise on top two-player starship battlegame Roketz which boasted lovely graphics and a sizeable helping of addictiveness. Well. Bratwurst (apparently in addition to being a type of German sausage) is essentially Roketz with one fundamental difference.
Instead of using conventional graphics. It employs vector graphics which are far less detailed but which can be easily scaled. The benefit of this is that when spacecraft are close to one another the view zooms in to provide an all-action closeup As they get further apart, they remain on the screen at all times because they shrink in size.
Initially, the effect can be a little dis* concerting, but it really does look Draw then the world would be a place. A computerised colouring with added extras, this gem is guan teed to provide hours of amusement I kids of all ages. A selection of ublic Stl impressive and doesn't take long to used to. A happy consequence of seal the graphics is that up to four players compete at once via a four-player stick adaptor. For those lacking one these devices, three can play simultan ously - two on joysticks and one on fl keyboard. There isn't a one-player mod though, so you will need at least oq
friend handy if you fancy a quick blast.
'r a el Ai SC ei bi a tr o c. Options available include a selectio of ship types and weaponry, which ad to the overall appeal of this polisN product. The downside of the technic wizardry employed by Bratwurst is that requires an AGA machine, but this is ti sort of game that makes upgradin worthwhile.
[ode Flame Flano Programmed by: Malcolm Lavery Available from: Malcolm Lavery Sharing a rotating spacecraft the with Bratwurst, Mr Lavery's late offering bears some resemblancei Oids, with little stranded people sea tered around a barren spacesca; awaiting rescue. That's no bad th though, because at the end of the da playability is paramount, and in tf department Code Name Nano del ers the goods.
Attractive introductory screer detailed in-game graphics and drawn scenes can be loaded in as the basis for a picture. These can be filled in with colour, and then various objects and creatures can be pasted on top. If you're feeling particularly inspired it is also pos- sble to draw freehand* onto the picture or to design for yourself some of the pasting objects. If you make a mistake, clicking on the 'Oops' button rectifies the situation | Every action is accompanied by a suitably amusing sound effect, another string in Paint Paste And Draw’s rather well-strung bow. Stamping a caveman on
the dinosaur scene or adjusting the palette selection sliders becomes fun in itself tier ] ?ok j an- I for ] 'e" I get ling can oy- of nfe* the
• de.
)ne ion idd ed cal it it the ng At the end of the day. While no Amiga paint package will really be able to Itthq And ScratchM 1 Produced by: Chrome Australia Available from: OnLine PD Disk No. OA17 I’m beginning to wonder if my not owning a satellite or cable TV system is adversely affecting Public Sector. When Itchy And Scratchy disks 2 and 3 came under scrutiny a couple of issues ago. I blathered something about excellently drawn bright graphics and 30-second bursts of action.
If I had Sky One I might have seen them on The Simpsons earlier, in fact I only saw an episode containing an l&S cartoon at a friend’s house the other day wm V. run: e*fcj«...noRr run: r*}r:jce..uu 1 ft run: ox......nr atm iwn:....uu r utr. Uatr......at mrj ¦ vm on....in*. II i tnnmx.....ms are woe.*......»f VI « vnnn ws7i:;x : S' tin sniff cotu* i .
1 ntu not watts r | eu« nan vsm fl u fcti ft 8« J vralth ol options are on offer Irom the Code Name Nano menu mattering of sampled sound effects combine to create an impressive little game. Space-age computer terminals ire emulated throughout, and it must be said that the presentation is »tremely hard to fault.
There are two worlds to be tackled, each with numerous levels. Each evel has its own password, so frus- iration is kept to a minimum, but that's not to say CNN doesn't present i tough challenge.
Copies are available for a fiver from the author, and as an added bonus it comes with a totally free, gratis and complimentary copy of Sonic Drum Kit. A program so good mat it could easily be sold for a great deal more.
Compete with stripping half naked and rolling around spreading pre-school primary-colour paint on offcut strips of wallpaper. Paint Paste And Draw must be commended for coming a dose second.
I don't know whether these disks are based on original storyboards and drawn from scratch, or are Simply digitised versions of TV cartoons.
It doesn't really concern me a great deal though, because they're still excellent animations and well worth a look.
This fourth title in the series. Screams From A Mall, is no exception. This is violent fun for all the family, and although it comes in a mouse-sized chunk it is hard to fault the quality. I have no hesitation in recommending it to cat haters everywhere.
101 Games 5 Programmed by: Various Available from: Software 2000 Sprawling over seven disks, this pack would seem to have something for everybody due to the sheer number of games included. There are puzzlers such as Rubik’s Cube and numerous Tetris derivatives, arcade games such as space invaders' clones, and little Workbench games such as MiniPac which offers Pacman in a little window.
There are uninspiring programs such as Player 1: tfttflOKd Lives: j rt. 4, A p 4, *
M. M. M. M.
* **«« tm am Mt a a
* !**!* 58? 5R* • Invaderm which, along with 100 other games,
makem up Software 1000'm latest offering You are the
euerqthing... I want to hear from you if you have any program,
whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review.
Whether it will be freely distributable public domain,
shareware or licenceware, if you feel it’s of sufficient
quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or
padded envelope and send it in with all haste. I promise I'll
at least look at your work.
Please clearly label the disk, and include a cover letter supplying a description of the disk contents, price and some basic instructions. The magic address is: Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing Madia House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP the terminally tedious Noughts And Crosses, and downright bizarre things like Arena, in which two players control robots which stand there and blast one another into oblivion.
Mad Bomberman is a hectic bomb- catching bonanza for people with a responsive mouse, while a Defender clone should suffice for those with itchy trigger fingers. Uggo is also a decent shoot-'em-up which is addictive despite some odd slowing down every now and then.
Pong is a faithful reconstruction of those old Grandstand Video Game bat-and-ball things. Boulderdash fans are not forgotten either, since Not Caverunner 2 is another highly unoriginal but perfectly playable game The problem is that there are only a few really good games here. The vast majority are senously mediocre offerings with no lasting appeal and little to set them apari from the crowd. It's hard to imagine eagerly returning to all but a few of these games.
There are also a few which stubbornly refuse to work, which is perhaps understandable given the changes in the Amiga range of computers since some of the older games were written. It's harder to be understanding, though, when the ReadMe files refuse to work from the main menu screens, as they frequently do.
The final disappointment for me was the price tag. Although this is a seven disk package. £10.99 plus 70p postage and packing does seem slightly too much given the unexceptional nature of the programs involved. Perhaps worth a look if you're really stuck for games, but I'm unconvinced.
Amiga Computing PD and SHAREWARE Ill Can you too what It Is yotr GCQ(iQacBO Qa4iaeea' T T •*» Sonic Drum hit 2.1 nil nil Lots of people would probably have taken up the drums wore it not for two slight problems. Firstly, as with all musical instruments, the cost of getting hold of decent equipment can be quite high. Secondly, there is the racket the things tend to make when banged quite hard with drumsticks.
Fortunately. Sonic Drum Kit avoids such problems. It’s totally free to people registering Code Name Nano, and the output volume is, of course, considerably more controllable than with a real life kit.
There are four tracks onto which can be placed all manner of drum sounds according to which of the several supplied drum kits is loaded. A few clicks here and there and before you know it you’ve got a drum track. These can be saved to disk for use later, effectively making Sonic Drum Kit a programmable drum machine.
Playing around with this program can be an addictive experience, because trying out new ideas Don't talk to me about aeroplanes. In these parts the last week in June is a noisy time because that’s when the Woodford Airshow takes place, and as I write all manner of deafening technological wonders are screaming overhead. They don't really do much for me. But many people will happily gaze up into the heavens for hours watching the darned things.
If you fall into that category or are merely curious as to the history of two infamous aeroplanes of yesteryear, the CLR guides to the Spitfire and the Messerschmit are for you. These friendly hyperbook-style guides cover every aspect of the planes and their histories, and feature plenty of excellent illustrations and diagrams.
Flight of a rather more space age variety Programmed by: Malcolm Lavery Available from: Malcolm Lavery Educational Software Available from: Central Licenceware Register is the theme of Rocket Maths, an impressive mathematical quiz program for children. While it is especially suited to younger kids with simple animated sequences rewarding good performances, the difficulty level can be increased to offer a greater challenge.
Older students, or more specifically GCSE and A-level chemists, are the target of Basically: Chemistry. Plenty of is fascinating. The colourful and attractive interlace allows easy access to the features on offer, which include block cutting and pasting, full control over tempo, and everything else one would expect. The only real limit to what you can achieve with such an excellent program is your own imagination.
Lm _aoL JSL -ML (lift UgMiBlB iiliJ IM Utt.1SL ML mJO.
Sonic Drum Kit is so good it might ovon convince Andy Maddock to stop mossing around in Oct a Mod oil day long potentially tricky topics are demyst with this comprehensive hypertext It’s a bit uninspiring visually but there some simple diagrams and the text helpful and informative. One particul interesting feature was the inclusion of Periodic Table which displays detaitoj information when an element is selected Finally, Jigmania is a computerise jigsaw puzzle - or rather, scores of coal puterised jigsaw puzzles, because on j the provided puzzles have been solved I is possible to turn IFF
images into nej puzzles. Each puzzle can be made up a either 35 or 99 pieces and a gnd outline fl which shape of piece goes where can ft superimposed if desired. The music I dire, but turn down the volume and Jigmania is a cracking puzzler. jjj Chris Brown 5 Tyneham Close. Aylesbury. Bucks HP21 9XA Malcolm Lavery 20 Shakespeare Avenue. Orgill.
Egremont. Cumbria CA22 2HF Find the answer within... Ridge Rater RCR Demo Produced by: Chris Brown Available from: Chris Brown Yes. It can be exclusively revealed that Sony is working on a £400 hardware emulation system that will allow AG A Amigas to run Sony Playstation games, such as Mortal Kombat III and Ridge Racer. The latter is the first game lined up for release and will apparently sell for around £S5-£80. The screen shots contained in this demo are really Impressive and the game is currently running only 5-10 per cent slower than the Playstation version, despite being just half
Oh, alright, it’s only a joke. We re not really going to see a Playstation-perfect Ridge Racer on the Amiga.
But this slideshow offers convincing evidence with which to impress gullible friends, and also features a Simple wireframe vector graphics driving game as an added bonus.
While it appears to only have one very short track and it’s not quite Ridge Racer graphically, it is smooth and slick. Still, for £400 you could probably buy a Playstation anyway. But given that the game relies heavily on its incredible graphics, surely you should do yourself a favour, and instead just send a quid or an SAE to Chris Brown for a look at the Ridge Racer screenshots. It’s better value for money than the real thing could ever hope to be.
OnLine PD, 1 The Cloisters. Halsall Lane.
Formby. Liverpool L37 3PX (Tel: 01704 834335) Software 2000 (Tamworth Dept), 48 Nemesia. Amington. Tamworth B77 4EL (Tel: 01827 684969) Central Licenceware Register software is available from many larger PD libraries, including: Seasoft, Unit 3. Martello Enterprise Centre Courtwick Lane. Littlehampton.
West Sussex BN17 7PA (Tel: 01903 850378) Amiga Computing HiQ Limited The Storage and System Design Specialists Tel +44 (0)181 909 2092 Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas Tower Version PowerStation Specificatlons:-
1. 200 wait power supply for complete Power Systems.
2. Good looking high quality steel construction
3. Five drive bays, various mounting configurations.
4 Ideal monitor stand and cables slide underneath
5. High speed Squirrel SCSI2 interface from Hisoft.
6. Dual speed, highly CD32 compatible CD-Rom drive.
7. Power and Hard Drive LED's.
8 Future expansion potential.
9 Low cost when compared to single drive cases.
10. Mix CDRom and Amiga audio outputs thru speakers 11 Computer
speed indicator, 2 speed switchable.
12 DOES NOT VOID WARRANTY Rave reviews in all Magazines PowerStation Case Prices includes internal Audio & SCSI Cables Stereo speaker version £129.95 Desktop version £99.95 Tower version £99.95 Carriage £12.50 PowerStation pack Prices Includes 2 x SCSI CDRom ? Squirrel Stereo speaker version £329.95 Desktop version £299.95 Tower version £299.95 Carriage £12.50 !! HiQ STAR DRIVE BUYS !!
A1200 420Mb IDE Only £129.95 A1200 540Mb IDE Only £149.95 A1200 850Mb IDE Only £199.95 All drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software installed Free fitting for personal callers A1200 Cable Pack £20 Post 4 Packing £7 (CityLmk) SCSI 3.5" Drives Quantum 540Mb FireBall £189.95 Quantum 730Mb Lightning £229.95 Micropolis 2.1 Gb AV drive £829.95 The Greatest Drive since the Model T Ford Well the wait is over and the future has arrived in the shape of the new Panasonic PD System SCSI Optical drive. This unit is a Hybrid 650Mb, Quad speed CD- ROM and Optical Read Write system. (Yes, you
did read that correctly!).
Now you can read all of your favourite CD Titles at over 600Kb per second and by purchasing the low cost 650Mb cartridges you have 650Mb of storage space always on line just like a conventional hard drive.
!Limited Supply!
Internal Drive Unit 650Mb Cartridge External Case COMING VERY SOON (August) Full blown S-Video quality digital Video Recording, Editing and Playback system for PowerStation users only.
• Digital SVHS Comp recording.
• Encoded SVHS Comp Video Output.
• Full Digital Video Editing software includes many high quality
DVE effects.
• Upgrades Processing power.
• 16 bit Audio recording and Playback.
• Includes Mpeg playback facility.
• Mpeg file creation software included.
• 1024 x 768 16 bit colour display
• Add Panasonic PD drive for instant studio.
Prices from approximately £1,500 £599.95 inc. VAT £49.95 inc. VAT £59.95 inc. VAT Samsung New “M” Range Monitors The new Samsung "M" Range monitors are only for the senous Amiga user They work at above the frequency range of the Amigas so you neod to run in Double Pal mode, but the display is the best you will see from the largest monitor maker In the world' 15" does not support DBLPal 15” Gle ..£329.95, 15" Gli ....£399.95 17”supports DBLPal 17" Gli ....£649.95, 17" Glsi ..£749.95 P&P £12.50 Soon to be made in the UK Hi-Fi quality active stereo speakers (Suits all Amigas) Specifications:- w
1. 80 watt active stereo
2. Built in amplifier
3. Colour matched
4. Volume, Bass and Treble
5. Excellent Bass response Price only £49.95 papc7.oo Quad Spesd
versus. Dual
Q. Is Quad Speed the Future?
A. No, around the comer are thane1
Q. Is the extra speed useful?
A- In some circumstances, but most CDI
Q. What about very high quality
A. Yes. 15 minutes worth.
Q. What do HiQ know about
A. See the MultiMedia CDR I (SCSI) CDRom drives i Gigabyte CDRom
It Squirrel SCSI Interftxe 0 Copyright HlSOtt1994 Need wo say more C54.9S +P&P All Prices include VAT HiQ Ltd, 176 Kenton Lane, Harrow, Middx, HA3 8SU.
Email address:- CompuServe 100432,711 Fax 0181 909 3885 Tel 0181 909 2092 he challenge to go beyond the barriers of standard Amiga graphics has seen some major players over the years, each in turn throwing down the gauntlet to the opposition. GVP. MacroSystems and VillageTronic have all tried to corner the market, and now its the turn of Phase 5 to take up the challenge.
On a purely technical basis it's fair to say Phase 5 are off to a flying start, although that statement may raise a eyebrow or two at MacroSystems. The board itself combines a blisteringly fast Zorro3 interface alongside a 64-bit wide graphics controller and some exceptionally smart and friendly software - the latter being something the Retina certainly can t boast in its armoury.
As you may already know, a Zorro3 is a 32-bit slot, which raises the question why does the CyberVision have 64 appended to its title? Basically, this applies to the Trio64 graphics processor and its accompanying 64-bit blitter
- hence the reference.
In reality, this all adds up to incredibly fast internal data transfer, reaching speeds approaching 100Mb per second between the blitter and the board's internal video memory. Add that to fast 24-bit D A conversion and a 135MHz bandwidth and you arrive at extremely fast screen update and refresh rates in 24-bit, high colour or 256 colours, even though the transfer rate between the card and the Amiga's main memory is limited to around 16Mb per second through the Zorro.
Boil all this techno-babble down and you arrive at the fastest graphics board in the business. However, as any RTG owner will tell you. There's a lot more involved in upgrading your graphics than speed. Just as important is compatibility, third-party support and, of course, good old-fashioned user friendliness.
When it comes to compatibility, the Paul Hustin euplores [gberUisionBt - could this be the ultimate in retargetable graphics?
CyberVsion64 certainly scores highly.
The incorporation into the overall Amiga environment, and especially Workbench, is particularly well done.
Amiga environment. GVP's Specti made a ham-handed and ultimatt unsuccessful attempt with the Egf standard, while the Retina suffer* from a classic example of Germj over-complexity. In fact, the only tt success story was the Picasso 111 One of the major problems faced by any RTG board is how to integrate with, and expand upon, the normal memom to resolution requirements 1 Resolution Colour depth Memory required I 640x480 256 (8-bit) 2Mb 640x480 32k (16-bit) 2Mb 640x480 16M (24-bit) 2Mb 800x600 256 (8-bit) 2Mb 800x600 32k (16-bit) 2Mb 800x600 16M (24-bit) 2Mb 1024x768 256 (8-bit) 2Mb 1024x768
32k (16-bit) 2Mb 1024x768 16M (24-bit) 4Mb 1280x1024 256 (8-bit) 2Mb 1280x1024 32k (16-bit) 4Mb 1280x1024 16M (24-bit) 2Mb As briefly mentioned previously, a good monitor is all important to any RTG system, but it is especially important to the CV64. For example, even though you may opt for the 4Mb configuration for the CV64. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you will have access to the very highest resolutions and colour depths on offer.
If your monitor cannot accommodate the necessary line frequency, band width and refresh rate required to generate a specific resolution, rt won't even appear as an option in the ASL-requester. But even if it does appear, it doesn't necessarily follow that it will be a non-interlaced display, unless you have a monitor of the highest quality. In short, there's a chance it will flicker in very high resolutions.
If you're specifically interested in using modes above 800x600, you should be looking for a 17 inch monitor that can accommodate a 56KHz refresh rate.
However, for the real hard-core an larger monitor running at around would be preferable - thereby ensuringj completely flicker-free display.
Bear in mind that an RTG and its tor are an inseparable team. Even if find a 15 inch monitor with the n refresh rate, it’s fairly safe to say tl squinting at tiny icons in super high n lutions will do your eyes no good whal ever, regardless of the dot pitch - dot pitch infers a higher quality display.
Not surprisingly, given the near ii ble integration into the general Workbench environment, software conk patibihty isn't a problem. As stated eaiM it is roughly on a par with both the Retinj and the Picasso II when it comes to han dlmg the graphic idiosyncrasies of certaj none standard packages. These aside, the card performs faultlessly with the majority of Amiga software. During ti GRAPHICS ii- which, although slightly lumpy, did at least make the process of emulation and upgrading screens fairly Hraightforward However, in this particular department it must be said the CV64 scores
particularly highly. Being a Zorro3 card.
The board remained stable, never causing a crash - either to the machine itself or any graphically upgraded software.
Better still, the board's simple but effective control system didn't force multiple return visits to the manual, which perhaps accounts for the minimal documentation which accompanies the card.
The only downside for the CV64.
Especially in relation to the Picasso II. Is ifs lack of direct third-party support. As Picasso users are all too keen to point out. Their board is very well supported, and over the last year it’s become something of an industry standard with direct support within Lightwave, Tvpaint. Photogenics - in fact most high-end graphics specific software now boasts some form of Picasso support.
At least for the time being, that can't be said for the CV64 - although it’s still very early days.
It's only real demand is a suitable machine, namely either an A3000 or A4000 running Workbench kickstart 3.0 or 3.1. In the case of the A3000. 3.1 is the only option, which of course may incur additional upgrade costs - however this is common to all RTG boards which attempt advanced Workbench emulation.
Assuming you have the necessary machine. Workbench, and. Of course, a CV64. You'll have all you’ll need for the most advanced RTG system on the market. As you may already know, the Picasso and Retina options offer either a much improved 256 Workbench - in the Picasso s case - or a four colour Workbench with 24-bit windows for the Retina.
APPLICATION SPECIFIC The CyberVision, however, offers all the available screen modes including 256, plus a no compromise full 24-bit Workbench. Admittedly, there’s little need for a 24-bit Workbench at present. As direct 24-bit support is almost entirely application specific at the moment - a classic example being Workbench itself, which even in its 3.1 revision still only supports graphics of In ftalik it all adds up to Incrediblii fast internal data transfer, reaching speeds approaching 11 per second betuieen the blitter and tbe board's internal uideo 256 colours for backdrops and so on.
However. 24-bit as standard will almost certainly be the format for the future, and considering Phase 5’s existing close ties to Escom Amiga Technologies, it seems likely their base technology will play a part in the move.
The Future Leaving the usefulness of a 24-bit Workbench aside, the most impressive aspect of the CV64 is its incredible speed in all modes and resolutions - whether you're running a 256 or 24-bit Workbench. As any AGA owner will know, running in 256 colours on a standard AGA machine is a painful slow experience. However, on the CV64 both 256 and even 24-bit Workbench screens, regardless of resolution, run at the same speed as 4 or 8 colour screens on a standard machine. Pull- downs leap from the title bar while windows snap into position instantly - this is one fast piece of plastic!
Lllhat's in the bon Aside from the aforementioned installation disk and a few additional drivers, there's one maior freebie on offer, namely PhotogenicsLite. Which as the name suggests is a cut-down version of the Almathera classic.
This particular addition illustrates just how impressive the CyberGraphics standard, especially in the CV64, really is - full 24-bit preview, real-time paint and effects application, and instant image update. In short, one of the few chinks in the Photogenics' armour receives an instant repair.
The freebie is excellent, but for those who have already upgraded to version 1.2 of the full version of Photogenics. It’s even better. I doubt Phase 5 could have found a better example of what the CV64 is capable of.
Apart from the Almathera bundle. Phase 5 have also provided a number of CV64 specific drivers as part of the standard software bundle. Not surprisingly ADPro gets a dedeated saver, along with an ImageFX render module, both being fairly predictable repeats of similar offerings on other boards. Having said that, the ImageFX version does offer the unusual ability to render a 24-bit of the main buffer within a window above the ImageFX panel as an option to firing-up a dedicated scrollable screen.
Other notables include a Maxon Cinema4D output module, a PhotoWorx display driver and lastly, a Real3D external screen module. Aside from these commercial efforts, you're also provided with two viewers, one of which employs the familiar VT- style Workbench interface invoking a dedicated display screen, while the CLI alternative works as either a script-controlled display or perhaps as a pull-in for a directory manager, generating a high colour or 24-bit window on either the Workbench or any pre-defined public screen.
Apart from the breakneck speed of the board, another major appeal is its ease of use. Unlike some RTG [gberllision driuers Another element in the CV64 equation is the arrival of dedicated CyberGraphic drivers for a whole range ot existing RTG boards including the Picasso II and Retina.
Basically, these drivers offer a simitar improvement in functionality, ease of use and improved speed, which at least in part accounts for some of the enhanced performance which the CV64 enjoys.
Obviously. Phase 5 have realised that it's unlikely that the majority of existing RTG owners will be willing to dump their existing kit in favour of the CV64. Great news for the existing RTG set. But it nevertheless seems a rather strange marketing ploy, especially considering that it coincides with the launch of their own board.
GRAPHICS systems, the actual set-up procedure is blissfully simple. After installing the card and software the only thing you have to do is fire-up the newly installed CyberMode utility and select an appropriate monitor specification - in other words one which matches the bandwidth of your monitor, i.e. 48 Khz.
This effectively defines which resolutions will be available to you within the normal Amiga ScreenMode ASL- requester. Once you've made your selection, simply save-out and reboot.
If you then open up the ScreenMode utility you’lf discover a whole host of CyberGraphic modes in a wide range of resolutions ranging from 256 to high colour 64K, and of course the all- important 24-bit posing modes.
MODE SPECIFICATIONS Basically that’s it. You can then specify the mode you like for Workbench or in fact any other software which allows you to specify an independent resolution. However, not all software allows you to set the none standard screen size of colour depth from within the software.
Fortunately. Phase 5 have thought of that and have included a stand-alone Picasso-style NewMode utility which sits in the WBStartup drawer and allows you to intercept, specify and save the desired resolution and depth for any new screens or software you may want to upgrade. However, it must be said the CV64 is no miracle worker
- all the software that causes problems on the other RTG boards
still has the same effect on the CV64. Lightwave’s Modeller and
Layout still suffer the same slow and buggy screen update,
Imagine still has the same re-draw problems and. Of course.
MagicWB icons still get completely porked if you stray above an
8 colour Workbench.
1024*768 la just about the smallest high resolution CV64 mode - anything higher and a 17 inch monitor la a muat LIMITATION The only other limitation in the search for the ultimate image is the available RAM on the board itself. As you can see from the chart, the CV64 ships with either 2Mb or 4Mb of onboard RAM - although according to the manual, upgrading the former is easy.
This does have a direct effect on the available resolutions and colour depths, however. Basically, the 2Mb version can t manage some of IN higher combinations of colour depth and resolutions.
Please bear in mind this chart doej not show all the available resolutions some of which go much higher, esps cially in the 256 and 64K modes* 1280x1927 and 1600x1452 being goo examples. And like its counterpart ot the Picasso, CVMode utility alst enables you to alter and define nes resolutions, assuming your monitor can take the strain. £5 The bottom lino Product: CyberVision 64 Supplier: Gordon Harwood Tel: 01773 836781 Price: 2Mb £329.95 4Mb £439.95 Ease of use-10 implementation-9 Value for money-8 Overall-9 Technically speaking the CV64 is without doubt the most advanced RTG to appear on
the Amiga. When it comes to available display options and speed it again outstrips the opposition. As for Workbench emulation it's faultless, to the point that it’s almost completely assimilated into the normal Workbench environment.
As mentioned earlier it's also the only RTG system to offer a true 24-bit Workbench.
However, the question remains, is there really any serious point to having a 24-bit Workbench at the moment? After all it's your applications which really benefit from the graphic power of the board, not intuition. And it's in that area where the opposition, and especially the The big decision Picasso, already have a head start. On paper the CV64 is without doubt the best card in the business, but I seriously doubt that that will be enough to make the majority of existing RTG users either sell or trash their existing systems.
What the CV64 really needs is a 'must have feature'. Which leaving aside raw speed, it simply doesn't have.
Any newcomers to the RTG market would obviously be mad to overlook the CV64. It’s an exceptional card, but it remains to be seen whether that alone will tempt enough newcomers - if there are any left - away from the widespread support for the Picasso II.
This is basically a great piece of kit, but perhaps kit without a cause. It's a shame that Phase 5 didn't ship with some animation software in the vain of Main Actor, which given the card’s speed could have dropped jaws and opened wallets simultaneously.
If you really need the ultimate in screen update, immense resolutions in 24-bit or otherwise, and can afford a monitor that can keep pace with your investment, it’s a bargain. The question is do you, or are you just trying to keep pace with the guy next door?
Amiga Computing r Amiga shopper header AWARDS I "-sasa?"
SECTlQm ia Hoty ,, WCLUdedi
- e bottom fefr; ProGrab™ caused a Real Fall in the Price of
Quality Frame Grabbing - the Rise in Standards speak for
The revolutionary ProGrab,M 24RT with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it actually costs less than any of its rivals. This real time, PAL-SECAM-NTSC*, 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga, and at the same time has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package.
• S-VHS Connection lead only £4.95 Only necessary if your output
device doesnt have a standard phono composite video out socketl
EZEE3 To get your hands on ProGrab" call our sales line on..
01 773 836781 or Post FAX your requirements on the order form provided.
I pgrade to Software Version 2.5 9 £4.95 inc. pAp please tick Card holder's signature: c ¦ • computer* ¦ iharwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer Gurdon Harwuod Computers Limited New Street. Alfreton. Dertivshire DESS ~BP Tel fit T7t RvtTRI Farximite ftl 77* ft*1040 Dept ACO Expiry Date: The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing... County (Country): Postcode Daytime Phone: Evening Phone Please rush me~. _ ProGrab" Frame Grabber t £129.95 inc. pAp i_ __ PCMCIA Interface « £29.95 inc. pAp i_ SVHS Connector % SA.95 inc. pAp i_ Optional FAST Courier Service DeHvrry £ 6:95 (OtVKMUt Customers - Phase
Cali for Prices tic) TOTAL £_ Card No: With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab,M even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources. Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
Select any video source with composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... Lssuc No (Switch Only): InitiaKsh Address: r Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for i ____:___ payable to Gordon Harwood Computers limited.- v-nniid ProGrab* ruvjUar b MUSEOM NIV romplM* rtlpr.icr mode otticm annaor *r;ti FVV , VCAM nrw NTSC Cr V modm « .mUic to specs* crttr* vWicJl men vippon the replace mode futy heave a* us By Vil drttfe CU Arrogas rating of 86 sad ProGrab™ rs 'Just the jcb tor beginners and scttw profcssorwts on a tvgrt budget' and 'very hard to beat For the money nathng can touch if ProGrab™ boasts a 9?* Geld rating by Amiga Fermat vath comments We 'ProGrab
KvcKs-.-ri’ i! Tcp notth‘ .rrJ Tor sheer v.«jc lor money ProGrab cannot be txvtrn' ftoGrab™ nas just been voted ,ts The Best video Ha'dwarr product fOf fht* Amiq.1 IflH IS espPCJfly pleasing because the award comes ftcxn the nwgannd readers our satisfied customer si ProGrab™ supports any Amiga with (Ockstart 2 04 or later and I ‘?Mb free WW ProGrabTV really does make it that simple!
FEATURE On a memorable scene from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a supercomputer had been set the task of finding the answer to life, the universe and everything. Named Deep Thought, it was the most powerful computer ever designed, yet its builders still had to wait centuries for its oracular report on the biggest question of them all.
After processing for an eternity, it finally pronounced its answer: 42.
Hype about technological developments often leads to ludicrous anti-clima- xes. But this episode of Hitchhiker seems particularly mocking of the grandiose claims made for artificial intelligence (Al).
In reality, too. Al has been a victim of pride before the fall. When this field of research started out in the '70s, the scientists saw computers as the way to build utopia. It was thought that these systems would be set to solve the great problems that faced humanity, that unemployment, poverty and similar social difficulties could all be overcome by the electronic brains of the future.
Now people are a lot more sceptical.
Computers have certainly revolutionised the way many of us live, but they’ve brought their own set of problems; the benefits of these labour-saving devices, for example, have had the side effect of threatening many jobs.
But though Al has progressed more slowly than the original dreamers had hoped, that’s not to say research in the field has been abandoned. There have been encouraging successes as well as failures, with one of the most promising developments to come out of Al being expert systems. And though Al is commonly associated with huge mainframes or workstations, one of the most advanced expert systems in development is currently being constructed at the universities of Salford and Glamorgan on an A4000.
KBTools, like other knowledge-based systems, is designed to capture expertise on computer in a form that can then be negligent computers ?
A computer never lies, they say. But the possibility of receiving erroneous advice from an expert system cannot be ignored. Glitches in the programming, mistakes in the architecture of the inference net. Or simply a flaw in the expert information incorporated by the knowledge engineer could all lead to inaccurate results.
And where bad advice is given in a commercial setting, the question of legal liability must be raised. It will be interesting to see how the courts will deal with this new question in the future. However, for the moment the Chartered Institute of Surveyors have slapped a disclaimer on their expert system that places liability firmly at the feet of the individual user.
Fjj r £jj[ Ut the Uniuersities at Salford and Glamorgan, a new artifirial intelligence system designed to impart eHpertise to the layman is near completion. Gareth lofthouse found out how it's all been done on the Umiga Shared with non-experts. Similar programs are already being used in such diverse fields as medicine, agriculture and finance for diagnosis, selection and prediction contract between surveyors and thei clients. Named INCA, this program is arj example of the sort of powerful expert tern KBTools can be used to construct KBTools aims at two levels of u: First, these programs
require a base human knowledge in a defined subji Expert systems allow a professional to construct large inference nets representing their expert knowledge. Laymen can then use the programs to gain expert judgements on a professional matter. A simple medical diagnostic tool might ask the user ‘Are there spots on the patient s skin?' Depending on the user's response it might then ask questions like how large are the spots’ and 'what colour are they?’ until it has enough information to make its diagnosis of the condition. In other words, they are like electronic advisors.
.__-Tm Assess the degree of clarity of the state of design development in the specification documents.
So far. KBTools itself has been used to design a program that guides users through the complex issues involved in planning a building project and writing a Amiga Computing 52 SEPTEMBER 1995 ¦ FEATURE ¦I so initially there must be an expert - the Knowledge engineer - that can the system with a set of rules.
The second and more general user will those seeking expert guidance from the m - in INCA’s case, this will be the ors. Contractors and developers
• ed in the project. This user simply irs a series of questions
about the ied building development until the can draw up a
contract to suit their Wual requirements.
It’s particularly impressive about ting INCA in action, however, is its ly to cope with the grey areas that ity arise in any profession. In fact asset is vital, for though many Sons in a field of expertise can be Bred either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, there are times where such clearcut answers impossible.
UTES WCA allows for these grey areas in the of a building project. One question ask how clear are the plans in the Ing specification document?' Giving a percentage slide they can use to
• nd. Others allow users to answer b’ or fairly.' And even more
impres- », KBTools imitates human expertise in so far as if it
can't reach its goal with one route of questioning, it will try
to get there using another route.
Given the technological breakthroughs fiat the developers have achieved, some till be surprised that they chose to use lines commonly perceived as home iiters in preference to expensive itions. Dr Andrew Basden from the irsrty of Salford gave their reasons for BsingAmigas.
Twe wanted to have complete freedom Id build a knowledge-based system from tie ground up and not just buy a package Ike Kappa PC,” he explained. “In fact, the Haw sure are you that the Owner will be in a position to grant full possession of the Site on an agreed commencement dale?
Ealhm In spite of uncertainly, is it the intention to specify a date for graining initial possession of the Sac?
Unsure L J Unknown | Help | OK Unknown | Help | OK Review Undo | Abort Review | Undo | Abort j KBToola can cope with grey area* and etill go on to find a result nside the electronic mind Expert systems ask the user a series of questions and then compares the answers to its knowledge base - otherwise known as the inference net - so that it can either draw conclusions or speculate about the possible answer. Using thousands of IF...THEN rules, the expert system uses an inferential process to reach its goal.
Like many expert systems. KBTools uses backward chaining, a commonly used method of deduction to draw inferences using the IF,.THEN rules. The program starts with a question like ‘how much will this building cost to build?' And searches backwards through the system to determine which of the rules in the inference net must be answered before it can reach a conclusion.
Sun Workstation version of Kappa requires 48Mb of memory whereas you can do that sort of thing on the Amiga in 2-3 Mb."
Like many professional users of the machine. Dr Basden cites the Amiga's operating system as being second to none, with power to match Unix but more efficient use of memory, not to mention its true pre-emptive multitasking ability. But like ESCOM. The company who have bought the Amiga technology, he was equally impressed by the computer's multimedia talents.
'From the hardware to the operating system, you’ve got this good integration between things like text, graphics, animation. Sound and video that you don't get on any other machine.’ he commented.
“From the bottom up they're all treated in the same way and that's important because as expert systems progress out of the text era you need to include multi- media clips. On the Amiga you don't need to do much work to get those things in."
KBTools. Like other knowledge-based sqstems. Is designed to capture enpertise on computer in a form that ran tben be shared with nnn-enperte The advantages Dr Basden points to are well illustrated by breakthroughs KBTool itself makes as an expert system.
One impressive example is that the inference net - the heart of the program holding all the expert rules and controlling how they inter-relate - can all be easily constructed thanks to the system graphical use interface. In fact. Dr Basden believes constructing a large inference net would be far more difficult without the Amiga's smooth scrolling capability.
Impressive though KBTools may be.
However, Dr Basden is cautious when asked about the potential for expert systems and the future impact it might have on society. Asked if such programs might eventually give the public access to free legal and financial advice, for example, he replied: “I think it's fairly unlikely. It’s technically possible but the problem is interpretation."
He went on to explain: “With knowledge- based systems as opposed to. Say. Databases. You have an element of interpretation both for how to answer the questions and how to interpret the results.'' The problem is. The only people with the experience to make these interpretations are the professionals which the expert system is imitating in the first place.
Consequently, those hoping that the INCA project will remove the need for the lawyers in a building contract are going to be disappointed.
On the other hand. Dr Basden argues that it should cut down the need for litigation. “Where we've found it useful." He explained, “is in helping people to clarify their ideas and clarify their real requirements. It will help contractors and employers find out what they really want from a contract."
IN USE A similar PC project which Dr Basden contributed to prior to INCA shows how useful expert systems can be in practice.
Named ELSIE, this tool was used by surveyors to help clients plan the costing of proposed building projects.
ELSIE allowed people to experiment with their building project until they found a plan with the right cost. They could see. For example, how the addition of a swimming pool would affect the eventual price of their proposed development. In addition. ELSIE could then produce a report on how it reached its conclusions.
Expert systems were bom at about the same time as the now omnipresent spreadsheet, but clearly they have a long way to go before they are used so widely.
As the name KBTools suggests, they are currently best used as an aid to help experts and non-experts reach mutually satisfactory agreements.
Though progress in this area has been slower than the early optimists had predicted, however, you can't help feeling that KBTools points towards greater things.
After all, they said computers would never beat a human chess genius, yet the Al program Deep Thought has already beaten Kasparov, the best player there's ever been. It will be interesting to see if the expert systems of tomorrow are accomplishing similarly impressive feats. ZT*¥ Amiga Computing 53 SEPTEMBER 1995 r ... I HOT, HOT 89p PD OFFH offer ends 14th September 19W Dept AC90, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT ?L J. B ' I Yj~ 3 3(25 352200 !». Sales@active2.demon.co.uk Key Public Domain Prices Each Public Domain Disk 89p [WB2*] Workbench 2. ( [WB3+] Workbench
3+( [2D] Number of Da* Postage On All Orders 75p Rtwtfsnf* OMSK* DKBirf* Elf MU 10% 10 TOTAL R**«lantt m Rest o' Worta MkUOXto TOTAL Catalogue Disk 50p Cortara lull listing. FI Lxenceware CD's err 11 MB] Minimum Manx [AGA] For AGA Machi [030] Minimum Prcca [HD] Hard Drive Nee Make ail Cheques and Postal Orders Payable la ACTIVE SOFTWARE SCORCHING : r-l ¦ UTILITIES U076 WB3 HO INSTALL DISK [WB3] Piop. Lormil and mUafl WB b you I Hard Dnvc U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 (WB2.)
Adds tool* to your Workbench Menu U239RE-ORGv3.11 |WB?.)
Reorganise your dBfcs.hard d«A U302V1EWTEKV2.01 [WB2.] Viewtek can show many picture formaro nckming JPEG and lha AGA scrocn modes U317 ACTION REPLAY PRO |AGA| Action Replay tor lha A120GA4000 U318 VIDEOTRACKER DATA [4 D| Loads or dan Idas lor UM wimin vaeoiraekar U349 LIBRARIES ? DATATYPES Do you ovsr wo a tbrwf Hara s a coloctorv U352 MAGIC WB v1.2P[WB2.| Tho iiCost voroon ol tho B'cotour loon ropucor Use ifm wtth our Extras disks lor suoetb result*!
U359 TELETEXT vl .20 [WB2»] Create a tented recover wnh your Amiga U376 POWERCACHE v37.115[WB2.i Speed up your Herd Dnve atxeee won ei» cache program Vernons lor 00. 020. 030 and 040 U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2.0fWB2*| Tns program allows you lo assign sounds to Worfcbonch functions Ifco mouu ctcking etc U401 SPECTRUM EMULATOR v2 Way Spactrum games on your Amiga There arc verwia tot tha 00 and 080 processor* U408 DISK SALV v2.31 Tha a tha Past disk tite rapairar n tha Public Domain ItodeletefMlvage Mm and repair dn*t U416 AMIGA DOS GUIDE vl Laam Amiga OOS mm tfWt (KOQWI U426 EPU STAKKER vl.70 |WB24l
Can double your hard dnvo space1 U434 EDWORD PRO v5 fWB2.| 1 Pro is the most comprahemrre and easy U440 SNOOPDOS v3 |WB?«| Uee Snoopdos to morttor program act* ¦deal tool to Undout wnat Itorartos are nr U448 DMS PRO V2.04 |WB2.| 1 tho disk cruncher U453 MAIN ACTOR vl.55 [WB2.1 An mte»lan! Module animation player. Buy II.
U454 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA The AGA urwegatered demomaker.
U455 VIDEOTRACKER 2 OS VERSION For norvAGA Amigas U467T.U.D.E. vl.OD The Ultimate Degrader and Enchancer cam be used to degrade At2Ws and upgrade an A600 U472 ALL NEW AGA ICONS These are 256 colour icons ahitfi are excellent on a AGA macfrne, loads here U475 RELOKICK v1.4A FINAL Reiokick a tho most popular degrader aroind.
Forger the lake vl 41. Thle is the reel thng U479 MSOOS FOR AMIGADOS |WQ2.)
Allows you in use the MS DOS commend* on your Athga Aho us* the MSOOS star *.** U480 HD GAMES INSTALLER U insiaJl Ji ijie SM». Aladdin. Modal Komoat ll Riil ‘n Tumble and about 12 more" U487 BIRTHDATE HISTORY V2.21 Check events that happenad on your birthday!
U499 M.U.I. V2.3 [WB2.)
Deale Gumterfacas Needed lor Mosac etc U501 GBLANKER V3.6 00 (WB3*| The very best screen Wanker m PO U502 GBLANKER V3.6 020 (WB3.)
An optimised version tor 02000740-60 CPU'S.
U510 FINAL FAX SUPER DUPER v3.13 Final Fax allows you to control GPFa* Iron Final Writer, sendno a tax from a normal document U512 ADDRESS PRINT v4 Store adoesses and pnrtl them to latatt U514 DISK STICK vl.1 A disk labeling program.
U317 FINAL WRITER 030 PATCH Eaoatene A patch which turns the roMaso 3 Final Writer nlo an opttmwad 000 version. Oet this!’ U519 SUPEH VIEW v«.42[WM«l Alma you to view a mynod ot GFX formats U523 OOPUS COMPANION |WB2.| WOW* Loads oi useful bit* and pecas lor bopus Aron tics. UPMiefi and U524 PRO TTTLER v2 [WB2.1 LaM! Version ol the popular video niter U532 ALL NEW FINAL WRAPPER v3 Find Wrapper was the utilty that hi Find Writer users last yarn The a lha vary latest version U533 CAR DATA ANALYST Monmt and lest your car's pcriormanca U543 TOOLS MANAGER [2 DisksEWBZ.)
Atom you to have a 'dock* of cons on Wbench U548 IMAGE DESK v1.40 [WB2 | Atom you to thumbnail your pictures lev easy voaing or to allow you to caWtogue mom U549 OCTAMEO DEVELOP. KIT|WB2.| Licenced developers U lor Ociamed 4.?
U550 VMM v3 [WB2.J [NEEDS MMU] [020.] Virtual memoiy program U551 BLUFF VIDEO TITLER |WB2*| SUPERB 30 text video titter Perform mvu unmabcro with 30 text!
U553 GFX CONVERTOR v1.7 (WB2.)
Decent graphics convertor Loads about 10 glfgrent Me tormat* and saves GIF, U.BM, PCX, POSTSCRIPT. JPEG.
U554 SOUND BOX v1.97 [W82.] Cove Is sound uinUm from IFF. RAW. WAV MAESTRO. VOC. AIFF and MAUO to anytrf the supported tormats « toed in as IFF save as WAV or load as WAV ardsave as IFF. Easy!!
U560 OEUTRACKER II v2.1 [WB2»| |2 D] A greai module player.
U564 EXOTIC RIPPER v3.1 [WB2.] Superb module and sample sample ripper.
U565 IMAGE STUDIO v2 fwte*] 2 Outs) AI new verson 2 Loads ol new (natures present in this: Arexx capabiilies, speed increase etc. U566 TERM v4.3 [WB2»] [3 Disks] The best modem communications package U567 TERM v4.3 030 fWRM [3 0| 030 verson o* the modem package U5« LOTTERY WINNER V2-0 [WB?.] Verson 2 Ol she tottery predictor U576 BLITZ BLANKER V2.5 [WB2.| B«7 Blankftr tt srvnmar tool that wtjunw tut car vcas of MUI (0499). Module need screen blanker U581 PAGESTREAM 3F G PTCH |2 D| Thu pattb vuily Improtg* Pagontfaam 3F If gives you landscape non postsenpt pnntmgl U586 MAGIC WB 14 Won' Tha
abMiy to use Magic WB on a WB 13 machine - you need U352 abo U58fl PC-TASK V3.10 All new PC Task v3. Demo version U589 MP LOTTERY V2 Another good lottery program U592 VARK CU UTILS 7 An the latestuW*t hero' US93 PARNET HD Latest version c* tha Pa mar connector U594 AMIGA FAX V1.42 [WB2.] Send ard receive taxes from your Amiga.
U595 EASY LIFE VI.10 [3DISKS] A set or AMOS extenalona U601 SPONDUUX MARK 5[WB?.] An excelent Itnanoa program U602 MAGIC EYE KIT [3 DISKS] Th«lut atows you lo produce your own Mag*- Eye sireograme.
U606 ESSENTIAL AMINET 5 |WB2.| Loads of recent Aminat upload* U607 ESSENTIAL AMINET 4 (WB?.| Even more recant Ammei totoads U617 HO GAMES INSTALL 3 [WB2.J Over 20 games such as Super Skidmarks.
Sensible World ol Soccer to be retailed U618 TEXTURE STUDIO v1.02 |WB2.| For Imagine users - adapi those texhxes U619 BALLS! (AGA) Stoerb and pcroertu lottery program.
U623 AMIGA CD-ROM GUIOE [WB2.| Gudo to toad* oI Amiga Cds - AMIGAguide dx.
U626 VIRUS WORKSHOP vS.1 [WB2.| Very powerful virus checker,'Wler U62S ICONIAN v2.91 |aoa| Superb AGA icon odtor.
U629 DIY REKO V2 [WB2t] |IM4GE FX 2] Design and oonatiuct Klondike cards U631 TRANSITION vl [ A very powerful orapnes o wtnch wll e-iwi adow batch c U633 PROTECTOR |W«.| Prated your hard dnvo from 9 U6J4 FRODO V1.5 [WB2HF The very t»0 C«4 amuator k U635 DOPUS UTILS 2 p Loads ol useM utils ter DrecttvyO U636 TYPING DEMON team how lo type vary quelOf I U638 ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 fl Loads rrcra uaelul Aminat u U&45 RNAL WRITER v3 PCH R For 030• processors - speed Ir U647 LOTTO LUNACY p A well put together tottery program.
U648 HD GAMES INSTALLER 4| Obeit-w Ptrtiall aM PowehJrvrfi a number ol installers tor yotx ll UG49 onLOCK [WK*] NFA present a ttPe lock program tor ai U650 BOOKIE BEATER p Beet the bookie at hi* own gamel E U651 VIRUS CHECKER v«45[l Updated once mere - lamou* vna U U652 ZXAM SPECCY EMULATI WOW’ its hero Ifto NEW SoeciMt fi You need an AGA Amiga or 020. F U853 TURBO SUITE v3.1 [ Turbo Cat and Turbo View vli 0 catalogue you daks into iWs tor vl U6S3 SKIDMARKS 2 CARS [1
* extra car* lor tha AGA Skidmark* 4 U854 MULTTTUDINOS f U655
AUTOSTEREOGR New version & the popular s U65B SUPER DMS v2p A
pOWOflul CuttDfTHTttttn If U658 DOPUS v5»»v5.111 Upgrade your
original Dopus 10 vl DEMOS I oces KAADOMNA S£X' WOIPICS13
OtSKSl I ImmiKillwMnawUWpiy' I 01 ij axis mo iiue mnsuautv
*q*[30| I wvi»i i»vimMnWHr I 0122 COMItllX tlCAL-AOA I h« MW
AGA dawn comwu I OltoCAaJOMt -LOV*-AOA |2 WSXSI C2MB1 I
nrwmpAi'awio muvowm I omeoucASRoa -amielultra-aqa I 013S RotXA
• «,»•!, iBn-Aru a*mi owrw I D142 RAOC-MAXMUM OVEfUmrVE V AQA
laot I wr hn m yfonrfcai tor agm I 01« UrfiAH SOME JUSTICE tt
AQA ] ism hm x aucmri ioaiVm Uni or imu oiiafiEBLUi 4wiT£m6a£*
AGA (2 Oiftkii I on tt* l*». F»*l A iA iftmx I*m mml- I dim
oueto nr mamma is a vamrme- t»| aqa I *i »r»lenl Vwy krg *mp
k*n dn* | O1S0 fHtEJEHS -WIT hREMUM- AQA 1 r v Mad AGA Hmtb Wn
ta «« jnl »M' I OirTOtCTAL EtUWALIUCNtiS l*CA|(2DI8ltS| I
.niMMUoltwrwnwlr * ynx«,|1MOFASTRAM.| I 01 n VWTUAL DREAMS
-PSTCMEOELKr [AQA] [3 01 I nMtfawMirwAtrfy
ClnttotoflnvarfWIMDwitrl I PITS POLKA BROS, -the PREtr 2 DORSJ
I nw'nviiiytMuvWMgunnnVAniurv 0110 UIYKOfl KILLMQ l!Mt (AiOAj
(4 OOKS: I gtrmeiwr 4i»6cotw Vfcf2cen e' 01*3 IMPACT -et A
WORLD OP AWTO' I vwy iwy ivign Bd ,?,ii«Thi vrpnma' 0115
POLKA BROS yiSJOWS « SLUR- 1* DISKS] I ptur klxa *i ns nn danx
OHS ANDnOMEOA -NEXUS T rotnt r« tt tw run, rr ambsap mar 01*0
REBELS -WHAMMER SLAMMER- |AOA) |l 0] I OHM pn A» Mmf a»w rrw m
no RC*p«nr 01 »1 BOMB MOTK5W ORIQIH r (AQA) (2 OtSKSl I na
pm f«u Ooon pan »W (nwoanu Uwncr I Otto ABYSS • OOVE- 12
OISK31 «(vary good Otmo fion r* Puny M I DIM IMS It* CUBIC ONE
AM' AGA [i OUSl | SaliMiehuione ArWnSfliWiiM1 OjtD MYSTIC
‘IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSWUTY' (2 0| ] MyvwoTPMPmtvtftomy9S GWVn1 I
0204 TRSI 'ANHALOMUM I EMM (AQA] I OuA • iXKWtf d m Aon, TRS1.
AM ** | 0213 PARALtJDUCCN-OCEP- AGA (2 OMIm; [1401 Xvnw ,-V P«
fiiPwmj l» 0214 AVALON-RESP044SE- 021* r ACUVTY -MAN ON MOON'
|4 Oltka] |N0l |«MD) 1 Vey (xxu Otmo Imm Paeuh naaiikiKMoTManv
(NO| (2 0«U| a nompMf m teraiy wry J»* v at nxm I 0222 IMPACT
an BACK rM VxriTi |«xri J»nc WW | D2»*T*LLAR-NUMAN- wi ii¦ i
"Humae Mjwner«i • wa* yn «m I V1V1AT SLOVUK (2 DlaKal WHITE
04407 BLACK DAWN ¦ 0*17* SCRABBLE 0*471 STARWOIOS (1MB) (2
OtSKSl prutl am oat rrt.Mi - vwy uktw ipra QMS7 TOP HAT WILLY
«- tunja -J 4 s«4 way rv-c* AoScSm- QM1C6 DYNAMITE WARNIOftS J
OMI1B CMANCOUC* fl 0MU| «•!. Tmo lUau • A Ummgt ryv oana Onto w
m nwn i-r. Nht'cri *!•: tirvmt 044173 ME OARLOCK VJ ora Ol ti
tM T«n glim on Sit An )a 0141 IS KELL OOS LAND |AOA| VfOW Th*
my cwtt n ttiftfln gme ear OM12S SUPER MSGA FRUIT*
• good Fiut Mala gum QM12T 2AXXON tutmtU T*m C64 ekuk new ctnw
to Vw tmgil OW1MFISNV ETSMY mi t mini 1 nm ti maun nl qmV
out n SAMURAI SHOWDOWN [AOA| tm n an *itwui«S imi lafaat dm
GoaP 0*41 S3 HYPER RACE t* t»KS!
Worm turnr-tprM dcna Mut Niyar naxnj OM13S CYBENMAN
• oar A 30 pscinan tw» Vary oacart na d OM130 INTERNAL
COMBUSTION V*e m 3TOA4 4-kiji evJi (Uytr ibvq QM14I MAONOUSr |?
OtSKSl a sn*Paca4 alwRRi Qama Off 147 ptLUFE OALAOA rt.51 mjal
ba fa laat HO aliocaar.ur aval naaAr OM14S CLASSIC PUCMAN
itaaaac Paonar aa I waa cngra*) rtawgail OmlASAUiQA DEMON »i
tna«i card ijamt hr l » An ja OM140 ROCKET2 V2.24 (AQA) pjptrt1
*QA c"»r ? Rfeyvr TyvHWjtwn-rf gwro Ona (4 fw mat nIM.a
iruWcMyw qarna nail OM111 INFECTION »»iy iw d to aaeaar 4-iwyai
gara «th iWyabARr OmtUJliMP VU g 3a spin hrovsh ra Waaaa to
naarh Taa magua qmiw some va decart mg on * tonm lyp* iMItimi
gatro OM1S7 MASTER BLASTER imAar to Dyrn aainx* 2 [«w Done
gatna 0*41M THINK A MANIA |WB2.| auparti map qan »r oaoatan
jiatrxs OMISI OOZE AQA |2 DISKS] oora a ao» axKtwa } (aa w
rAr.Nr gaaw GM1U00TEECS OM1S4 CYBEROANES (2 DtSAS| aacaoan* A
HW rvjNgo' cun, am yja T7*c a (mc«w iPyfaeealbaalaiTMtogamai
aifia hub*; Oman 0441M PUNTER *1.0 Aranafal "on nxng taltoj
gama 0*416* GRAVITY FORCE 2 ContuKTr* ? (layer uw irrotn yiUN
Oner 0*41*7 ACE TM* SPACE CASE Top nctcf, pm" Krrp. Oorrmara*I
ttamart QM1M SC A YE HOI |WB3.| 2 rfayar x44 aeiaan luutai aat
atfw a mu QM1SS MASH Sanaat to Taan 17a n a Vtemu gwra A
autata mom baMsan Imrmngi tra Came* tyUv QMI73 POWER WALLS
* Daoart tat w ha* gama OMI74TANKSI X GAMES KLONDIKE III Ktordfca
cardMts tor lOondKa lllll orty B9p each Knr&ta III |4
Otoks||4M0 RrmJHO cnFy) cnly £3 96 OM1TS AUEN OENOCIOC (2
Am A OparaKr VMI ctona7 0*4IT* OOOMER (AQAI (MO 0*tLY| a good Ooom ttora tor ha Amgi OMIT* SLKNR AQA u®e puuto oama toi AOA cny GHUKIURHAGC btocn. Qua and gtra artJ aieral QM1S3 PSSST AQA araRfta I*ta4 cn ha SpacxyT Vnt la a ft Anvg* varuorr QM1S4 SCR* 4 CM anMm car ik* 9 gana GU1U BOARD GAIKS Stoadoaf* naan garra hara OM1I7 FEARS 2 AQA anal lAm hafiai Tlaa a a daano 4 ha 1WY.I «ma»of varvcn' ktor Mm QMItS CARO GAMES DELUXE |J Duka| JTMai ««»» (rogam fal iftai you to«J mK us nu Ktondk cantal Eutov. Arto anrflwr m Sara 0*41*1 CHILD MURDERER AQA |4 Onk*| not »a tral at « axnda' A tvIuh
ahanton to kai ha nyMary to (lap fCka Ym OM1*2 CHILO MUROCRtR ECS [2 Oala| 0*11*3 SPIUNOTIME OM1*4 BATTLE OUEL AQA |AQA] haHa 3ata SUMf Wl rxh mar atBa fypa gama 0*71*6 BATTLE OUEL ECS |WB2.| ECS rarBon ct h* aBwa QM22S GLOOM [A0A| A demo vene i ol fie torrmnwro Oco” dtre 01*277 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 (AQA] A Wtoal raatry prog’tm cn hr, Amga* 0*427* KINO MON Anaacnrdgtma 0*4220 OOM1NOES A g*m* ar MdueKr ma ¦ ft»* ornng 044223 SUPRFM* FIGHTTR Bue-amte «rh In, S(*as n aryl* y«IH4 0*4234 TOMMY TANKERS 2 harrar iMdaa: lark .aamva garra GI423* ULTWMTE STAR TREK t DM**] Or I rrd t*.1 • gaal ilibg
gra by Trfaa* Iwtnar QK2AJ PSYGMUfL [WB7 j Aiap. Rraad *M ahcca an up 0442*3 LAST LAP *1 E ¦.-**!¦¦ I rachg gama to* caw or haj etaym 0*4244 Commodore 64 GAA4ES PACK [10 04*kl| ’Ochop«-t*oc* d«k»lv* cF 0*4 gamaa tor TiciJovI 4 0447ay THE PVR4UMK) GAME |2 tUaka] A pulSf IIOKim 9BTW MAGIC WB EXTRAS Th*sa contain icon*, backdrop*, drawn * and much much fT'0f*! Magic WB Extras volum* I |2 OI*k*| Magic WB Extra* votum* 2 2 Oiakt] Magic WB Extra* volum* 3 |2 Duks] Magic WD Eatra* vetumf 4 |2 Diaka] Magic WB Extra* ytfume S [2 Disk*] Magic WB Extra* votum* 5 [2 Olfktj Magic WB Extra* volum* 7 [2
Disk*] Magic WB Extra* volume • 12 Otoks) Magic WB Extra* yokima 0 [2 Oukaj Magic WB Extras volume 10 [2 04«ka] Magic WB Extra* irokima tt [3 »*kx Magic WB Extra* volume 12 |2 Oiaks; only Cl. 6 per volume or £21.99 tor all 24 Dlgkal 0447*7 KLONOIKX lf |S Otaka( |XMB) Th* B a apooaa .awn c4 Ctonjaa rc» Okk uaar* calf' 04424* deluxe: pacman aqa Wow a pacmai gama fa auhca aE Dato.a Gaaja 044249 DELUXE PACMAN *C$ 044751 BATTLE TRUCKS GAUM BASH PAMC 0*4237 MORTAL QUAMUAT 04475* BATTLESHIPS A atv pfyaU garra by ha laawaia GUTS* EGO SCRAMBLE Uad.madgam* Vary idculi parhjmar QM2S0 QEM2 GM2S1
OUT NOWII [20 NFA Word 5 - disk magazine NFA Word 6 - new ttsk n Bodyshcp 8 AGA [2 Dsks| Shertfyn Fenn Smeahcn» AGA Ptioeoe Cates Slideshow AGA Enka Slideshow AGA Niki Taylor Slideshow |2D][ Tiny Toons Chparl NFA Big Girts II AGA |3 Owa] Global Fads [2 Disks] X-Files Guide GCSE Maths Exam Papers Project UFO [6 Disks) Travel Guide [2 Disks) UFO Finding TroBt [2 Otstt] UFO : Finding Truth 3 Aliens Confidential 2 Aliens Multimedia 3 (AGA) [90] Weather Grade [3 Disks] Dtiitctack 9 Mitgazino lucilors 'Unholy Innooonce* P Lucrters 'Wicked Gnmotro' lucilers ‘Book ol Shades' ]90f Star Trek Grade [6
Disks) Fl UCENCEWi F1-14TOTST1MI C3.99 IomI for Ytounge. Uicra M-44 BLACKBOARD v3 CJ.99 tiiantial Image proceiior FI-30 GUIDE TO AMOS v2A U mult for aYxry AMOS uiar PI-31 INTRO TO WBINCH C4f Guide to Workbench h OOS F1-54GIDDY3 C3.99 Saquai to Gktdy Fl-62 JUNIOR ARTIST 0,99 Laam Now to draw FI-66 G.R.A.C. C4.99 Graphical Advenlure Creator Fl-67 BUBBLE TRUBBU C4.99 FI-6 AQUANAVTA M.99 auparti game. Gat Ihilt FI-76 OBSTICKii C3.99 FI-31 AOUAKON AGA £3.94 A Mtie Ilka Doom on water.
FI-64 WORD PU Sf PRO vU Want to know a word pat thlM .
Ft-87 LEGIONS Of DAWN C4J Black Dawn HI axcatkml ttrai
• CD-ROM SOFTWARE essional backgrounds and textures are a
protwional graphics Dm based m .
They have provided textures and backgrounds I ¦yeadng and mage work kx the last five years tttoaon consisting of 520* 24Bit backgrounds
• present on this CO-ROM There are the vory | 2-tBt JPEG tHee kx
video, graphc and mutn-1 ¦nd 2M cotour GIFS lor Scala and
raytraong ¦pace on ttxs CO-ROM! For Inetance. No multi-1 ¦ such
as Targa. PCX a oven more obean tor-1 ft tound on other texture
CD s You wilt not find I on this CO either. Picture viowor* are
provided tor | computers For Pro and Novice Users!
R roboto - coll for dotel £29.99 Zoom Over S60MB ol Date v'' Easy to Use GUI Over 1000 Disks v'' Very Latest PD v'' Outstanding Value Free Booklet Eve | Released on tho 29ih ot June. Zoom recorvod some gtowng reports T. Cooper said that H IS the best mtertece I've usecT. Whrfst D S. I Duncan wrote to say *My most nagorty waited CD . Gel on ywlh Zoom 2 NOW!!' Zoom eon- tans the latest PD from at over the country, I the Aminet and B8S sources withn the Active Software library I The interface is a 1 j, GUI based design coded by l o» the famous disk magazine I Select the We you want to read
traadlh* nfonraton then dick to de-compress' With an ontne help fetfyog gat stuck' Easy as that Ovor 560MB of data, (over 1 5 GiGs dltel offenng the user accoss to 1000» o( asks'Must bo
• most comprehansrvo CD's Ehte year' Iwwrebase • outNOWII £19.99
• Sen* ol re i PEARLS :
* J CdfOU ccrta, XdeiKCDHOVr je Tee* Conroyr* ¦ •nuir*)*.
UteTEX-nua 34MQ Mom Da 31M3 Artfwe k PHASE 4 I TmiaeM R BARGAIN CO I SENSATIONS TIM CO ¦ to atuti
* en»wSi n**ie*p* »raihn*i me. 'TBa Solteaiai Mmry Him Jew, to
COX* 14*4 A* Pa *M *r* OMS « wcnMw uvhdi tin ai mrim ¦ pWWV »•
CO d *.! ».OW! "warn isacs «* px • M co £16.99 £17.99 DOUBLE
CO £22.99 i £17.99 INTERNEnNFO lilcr iI GIGA GRAPHICS (g i g ¦
UUSJ0NS IN 3D M-. .. . £0
17. 420 tael document* I ol tan CD* I Th*y am: ' Tami Wh PrOn. CP
WtartD van Atai COPOi.
CQPQJ Ctanw t, Comm and ¦mmmj. Fuie * cata-t mo iToto Utrwy CO vtli I £37.99 Flow mem
- f ml .ta r. S BUM 0* SO Tv) pUMnn magt n ¦Ml •* Mira »•*"'*
lima S mi mupn £8.99 I imaginatii*.
I toartm In* co.
* 000 «
i. (M J500 pra*ac*w r MO* ci MK aanca 100* as m FF hrnat *rd
rrvth tart* *4H »» COM tM «*ou** mm Uws ntnw prdt* e*l * lOM
apy tar a* rmta u*e lo untorawrai Pa inwmM batar* tiny
bun ur Coronjng * • Mwahon fijNAngiPgwtal t* ifcutto CD Dmg*
you mo* Ixmkr. N ISOS I* rwy MU PO mmw SjjW Hi Jhi JUI auo Iwr,
ton tret f *r Al Tv P0 pocuar and he* tad ento • *om Ort T to
M» -*4 ¦v*||| Paw Mo goto omen) and It in tnjwm n3n 1 ima
aeaty. Yw carl e, BeSmady-lorjita GOLD FISH II C24.99 An .nVwl
Volum. I Volume 2 LSD aw* -tanout- lor Gcnlatm *cm* dinne
• w, wdei aw ireg* aXlam tvl w* mw Sn* mo iso lag* Tod an anxaaa
on ufia a** «n *m «*»w id Md'AmTmtNlai _ One eaMy irauan lrt«
m * but * you mad fta, neoo "tw-cmo'i.t-iMM iwi*. El 4.99 CD*
ta-n Airtdrtl IW4 Im ,m . ID Uff I XCCCCCBQQ he ri**n fen irgt
cf Cot «a nvy popuMi «m *M edd m***1t» id Amyl pude aoBM*n AA
votanwt a* DOUBLE CO* van. Fl tortom *1* xn*it*l»
* *! Td GNU WM rortnj EkA*££. Lard I utt* *ls. Pa Conwoax* KOUK..
Vol UMF a P**T*X « COMB cd pt tone. FAX kmt
* 00 OPItrfi lai.l*vt ini Wteeia £23.99 wan. And irony met *«¦
FRESH FISH ¦ B B 1 K| 1 n n un £2 Public
Domain Shareware Licenceware OVER 2000 TITLES AVAILABLE 30
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(which strange seeing as tf| earth is round!!!). We promise a
next day service to the best of our ability.
A SELECTION OF WHAT WE HAVE Assassins games disks 1-145 All of the Assassins utility disks A large selection of games utilities tools etc. IICENCEWARE FI UCENCEWARE (1-59) AMOS AGA EXTENSION AND AMOS DIALOGUE PROCEDURES The AMOS AGA extension hos finally arrived and has been released. Distribution rights have bet given to two companies, Cellar4 and Amiganuts, but if you buy this long awaited extension from A- ganuts, you will also receive AMOS dialogue procedures FREE OF CHARGE. Amos dialogue procedui is really easy to use and gives the amazing effect of being in the Workbench environment, by
usir these procedures, you do not need to touch the Amos interface language. For further informatic please contact Joe at Amiganuts.
GR.A.C. VI. 1 ALL 1 MEG + AMIGAS 2 DISKS (£6.99 + 50p P&P) GR.A.C. VI .1 enables you to create graphical adventures such as Monkey Island 2, Simon the Sorcere and Beneath the Steel Sky. The best thing about GR.A.C. is that you do not need any prior program ming experience, it is easy to use, you get a manual and it is impossible to tell that your game was writ ten using GR.A.C., you just have to check out the full game on disc 2 to find that out for yourself.
AMIGANUTS CATALOGUE DISKS £1.00 INCLUDING P&P AMIGANUTS AMOS USER GROUP I was amazed at the news that AMOS is being discontinued. Well, Europress may think that AMOS an the Amiga are dead, but Amiganuts definitely do not!!! We believe that there are plenty of AMOS use[ out there who would like the chance to work with others world wide. The Amiganuts user group is a about AMOS users working together. It costs £10.00 to join, but you get a lot in return. You will receivj monthly newsletters, AMOS disks from the Amiganuts library at a greatly reduced rate, but most of we will be providing a pen
pal type of business, where if you have a problem, and we are unable i: help, we will send it to another member who may be able to help. If you would like to join, please sen a £10.00 cheque or postal order made payable to AMIGANUTS. You will then receive your first newsle' ter. Please enclose a letter stating your strong points on AMOS and we will then be able to catalogue you in our help section.
Each time you help somebody, you will receive free disks from the Amiganuts library.
Ni- As you can see from this bquence of pictures, EjlskMagic’s method of uHding new banks of gad- [gets is beautifully simple.
’ First, go to the gadgets editor, then load an IFF picture.
1 Select the button in the bank you want to add a picture to.
F then click and hold your left ouse button down on the fpicture in the top-left comer Of the icon you wish to use.
When your crosshair is suit- ! Ably positioned and you let go of the mouse*button, [DiskMagic will ask you for the co-ordinates for the bot- ¦OfTwight corner of the icon, so all you need to do is repeat the process.
And easy to configure. Unlike Dopus 4.
DiskMagic lets you set up multiple banks of buttons that can be either text or icons, and allows you to crop the buttons from pictures, rather than using icons or individual pictures.
Or a long time now I’ve been going on at readers of my regular column in the back of the mag to a file management program. In the 1st I've always told people to buy Opus, but since my somewhat review of the newest ver- n, I've been unsure about continuing to Opus. Along comes an attempt to soothe my fur- but does it succeed?
On is a company familiar to users, but less so to peo- Bl in this country. Until recently, the only Ifexon package we saw over here was only commercial Amiga screen ¦flfcer package, a bizarre concept if ever kre was one. But Maxon are a most pro- Sc company with a word processor, data- base. 3D package and CAD package their belts, not to mention their of programming languages g BASIC, C and Pascal.
[What has this got to do with Well. DiskMagic was ongina- i released in Germany as Maxon Tools, pid it maintains the same teutonic sophis- as Twist and Maxon Magic, is so highly configurable it will mean that no two copies of it fook alike. Like Directory Opus 5, ¦Magic can be run on the Workbench pr its own screen and supports both more ¦Kfitonal windows and the fixed versions ¦Dured by previous versions of Dopus.
' It also makes use of several separate peferences editors rather than the all-in- one program that made Dopus 4 so quick But DiskMagic's biggest feature is its ability to work with LHA archives as though there were normal directories; double-clicking on an archive will result in it being read and displayed as if you had double-clicked on a directory entry. You can then copy the files from the archive into the other directory window and they will be extracted from the archive as you do so.
FILE COPYING Talking of copying files, DiskMagic lets you copy them in the normal fashion by selecting a file or files and hitting the copy button. Alternatively, by holding down a preset qualifier, like the right mouse button, you can simply drag the mouse over to the other directory window. This will put a little box under the mouse pointer that either gives the name of the file you are dragging, or a message saying “All selected files.” DiskMagic is full of nice little touches like this one that just add to the product’s appeal. For instance, there are a whole set of default screen
layouts, plus some user-defined ones, that can be swapped between at the touch of a button. The picture viewer has a setting that allows you to set a time for each picture shown, rather than having to click the mouse Building a better bank Frank nord has a first look at a contender for file manager of the gear button, so DiskMagic can become a simple slide show viewer. On a more complex note, you can set up mouse button actions (including a middle mouse button) for clicking in almost any place on the screen, and you can set up hotkeys for moving through directories with the cursor keys.
One feature of the configuration tools being separate programs that is a good idea is the fact that the configurations are saved separately by each configuration tool, which means they can be replaced modularly, as can the configuration tools themselves, allowing for an easier upgrade path.
The preferences editors themselves should pose no problems for Dopus veterans. After all there are only so many ways you can lay out a button bank editor.
DiskMagic caters for all the expected categories including internal commands, external (AmigaDOS) commands. Arexx senpts and batch files. It also has a fairly compatible list of internal commands and modifiers (you know, the f} things).
The final uiord It would appear that DiskMagic is a bit of a cross between Dopus 4 and Dopus 5.
It has the multiple preferences editors and fluid window positioning that Dopus 5 offers the user, but the source destination. Non-multitasking simplicity of Dopus 4. Actually, this approach is probably ideal for people who are familiar with Dopus 4 but unsure about upgrading to the latest version. Being a halfway house makes DiskMagic feel a little unfriendly to use at times, but overall this is quite a good contender for a replacement for Dopus 4. This is only a preview - DiskMagic is about three weeks away from release as I type this, but it's looking good already.
Amiga Computing SOFTWARE Ill fllakin music Ten on Ion to sorts of culture and population datj Unfortunately, the maps are poorly and the interface doesn’t work partict well with a mouse. A picture library cot ing images from around the world, for a pie. Requires so much fiddling that it's get the right image on screen.
CDPD 1 and 2 are worthy utilities’ o tions that will contain the odd treasure everyone except owners of more recent sions of the series, and a demo disk| hard!
Selected for backdrop and video wori There are pictures of landscapes, clou skies, sunsets and water, all of which i be used to good effect in presentatio packages like SCALA. Otherwise, the | ture library seems to have been compile with an eye to providing useful categorie for as many applications as possible.
Octamed v.5.04 has been included an can be run directly from the disk or install The bottom line Product: Multimedia Toolkit 2 Price: £29.99 Supplier: Weird Science Tel: 0116 2340662 Ease of use_ Implementation Value for money Overall_ 9 9 8 9 Implementation Value for money Overall_ Makin Musik is another collection of music tools including samples. MODs and demo versions of music editing software, and anyone who's been reading our CD coverage will know that similar products in the past have fared badly with this reviewer.
The problem with most products of this nature is the samples are thrown together in no particular order, or at best they are arranged alphabetically so that techno comes right next to tango. There may or may not be good material among the thousands of files these discs contain, but finding it can take days.
Despite its cheesy name, however. Makin Musik have gone some way to redressing this problem by properly dividing its samples and MODs into logical categories.
Admittedly, it’s not always clear why some samples are in a particular drawer, but in comparison to Cds like Town of Tunes, this disc is a dream to use. Thousands of the samples have been taken from the professional AKAI libraries, so the quality should be high. In fact, the word sample is slightly misleading since these sounds are actually digitally transferred from their AKAI sources and converted from 16-bit to 8-bit for use with the Amiga.
Categories range from the ubiquitous house beats and synth sounds to less usual drawers such as ’Film-score' .
‘Cyber-Poiis’ and Comedy.’ The latter type of categories include sound effects, making them of interest to videographers as well as music buffs.
Mods are also available in abundance, and can be loaded into players or trackers, allowing users to learn how they've been created. However, since some of them are rather tacky, a lot of people will just rip out the better samples, of which there are numerous examples.
With a range of demos of the best commercial software to try before you buy. The CD provides exceptional value for money. Let's hope that more musical libraries take note of this compilation’s well-organised approach.
The bottom lino 8 9 8 8 Product: Makin Musik Price: £24.99 Supplier: BPD Exchange Tel: 01603 261060 Ease of use_ It's good to see Weird Science back on form with a double CD collection that improves substantially on the original Toolkit collection. A compilation of images, sounds, 3D and backgrounds, this product will be handy for applications ranging from DTP to video.
Unlike the vast majority of Amiga Cds.
What distinguishes Multimedia Toolkit is the fact that most of the content is not PD.
Take the image banks on the disc, for example - most of these were furnished by a professional photographer employed by Weird Science. This means that the quality is unusually high, though on the downside they are for personal use only and cannot be redistributed.
Equally impressive, however, is the highly user-friendly interface which takes Amiga CD a step nearer to the accessibility we ought to expect. Everything is summarised on an AmigaGuide and can be viewed or played at the click of a button.
Images can all be quickly previewed via a catalogue option in thumbnail size which yields the usual time-saving benefits, and the categories available have been wisely Considering most Cds come with over 600Mb of data, one thing you can rarely complain about is the price. Almathera. However. Have aimed for the ultimate CD bargain with the release of a 10 disc bundle at under £40.
Obviously, at that price a good deal of what's on offer is rather old - the ancient CDTV title. Pandora, being a case in point.
Essentially just a collection of demos made by Optomica, it now looks very dated and is less than perfectly adapted for use with a normal Amiga.
Undeniably, some of the Cds are just filling space - there is the illustrated Shakespeare disc, but who wants to read a play off a computer screen? Other material is old but worth a look, though mainly because it comes so cheap.
Falling into this category is World Vista Atlas, a CD that features some good ideas which merit a more modern update. Users can zoom in on any location in the world to gain maps of increasing detail, and there is cross-referenced statistical information on all (Mimedia Toolkit E Amiga Computing SOFTWARE hi- Archie and Gopher. Overall. Ten on Ten's contents are rather too dated to excite CD- ROM owners who already possess a number of more recent releases. Still, there is some worthwhile material to be found and it will make a good starter pack for anyone who's just bought a drive.
0 The bottom line Product: Ten on Ten Price: £39.99 Supplier: Almathera Tel: 0181-687 0040 Ease of use 6 6 9 .7 Unique t Implementation.
Value for money Overall_ to ver- itionl pic piled] ones very appealing little touch. In fact the music section of the compilation covers the entire second disc and would be attractive enough in its own right. One hundred fully-scored songs and instrumentals, and a vast collection of drum patterns, are augmented by a volume of audio bits and pieces that the developers liken to musical clip art.
Large 3D libraries have also been provided for both Imagine and Lightwave along with the handy utility Show Object which allows for swift previewing and manipulation of the models.
Rivals need to take notice of a product like this, because there are too many compilers regurgitating the same old PD across different Cds. Weird Science are to be congratulated on producing heaps of fresh material in a highly usable format - this one comes highly recommended.
Value for money Overall_ irown in for good measure. At the other however, there is entertainment in form of the commercial tank sim, Team 'ankee. With a strategic gameplay in which the player must control a team of tanks with oO real-time displays, this title should appeal to the more mature Amiga owners likely to buy the package. The fact that it’s currently jbeing advertised as a £15 budget game means that buyers are getting a bargain here Hone.
A CD dedicated to black and white clipart features material for DTP and wordprocess- ing that maintains a level of quality equal to the usual full-priced compilations available.
There's also a disk of colour images featur- aircraft, animals and all the other usual §gories with a demo of the amazing tnics 1.2. to the collection - and possibly the useful of the Cds included - is ithera's Network. Comms and Internet
m. This contains information on how get surfing combined with the
necessary software like AmiTCP v2.3b and tools like nm titles
keep rolling in. Careth lofthouse analyses the latest four
in our now regular, definitiue guide the wheat from the
chaff in fO-dOIJI. And the flood of Far months now Amiga
Computing has been sorting to HD. Impressively, the audio
files (which have been provided by professional musi- cans)
are automatically played on Octamed Player directly from the
AmigaGuide - a The top-selling Aminet Cds are compilations of
the best material for the Amiga available on the Internet, all
conveniently bundled together on a single disc, and this
month sees the release of the latest update.
For anyone who hasn’t seen the collections reviewed previously, they are acclaimed because they mix some of the best examples of Amiga programs, graphics and audio in a general CD, with a user friendly AmigaGuide that automatically decompresses the crunched files.
While maintaining the general appeal of the Aminet Cds. The compilers have given the recent releases a particular focus, and this time the emphasis is on demos. The compilations have always led the way in sensible organisation of data, which is vital considering there are 1.1 gigabytes of information on this CD alone.
The demos are divided into separate categories, with the best separated into a drawer so that users don't have to spend hours searching for quality.
Look out for Deep by Parallax, a typically trippy example of the demos available that distinguishes itself with some impressive graphic effects and its longer- than-usual duration. Other impressive examples were Full Moon and a Darth Vader animation.
Of course, plenty of more serious files are to be found, with 327 utilities. 56Mb of graphics software and 101Mb of mods, fo mention but a few. It's this combination of fun and seriousness that probably makes Aminet Cds so popular.
It has to be said, however, that 2000 demos is hard to justify - after all. Users only want to see them once and many of them really aren't very impressive.
Aminet's superb organisation and sheer breadth of coverage still makes this update appealing, but I’m hoping the seventh disc will concentrate on something rather more worthwhile.
The bottom line 9 .7 9 8 Product: Aminet 6 Price: £14.95 Supplier: Weird Science Tel: 0116 2340682 Ease of use Amiga Computing Amiga External Floppy Da Compatible with all Amigas High Quauty SONY® Drive Robust Mital Cask Anti-cuck as Standard SWITCHABLK ANTI-VIRUS Enable Disable Switch Low Power Consumption Thru Port for Extra Drives 2 Year Warranty 1200 8mb RAM ACCELERATOR Omb 2mb £59.99 ORDtR C00€:W2( £11999 ORDER COOL VttZ 4mb 8mb £17999 ORDER C00C:W2O4 £299„ ORDER C00E:lftO8 UrT MICE MATS T Both Mice have Micro - Switched Buttons and are Amiga ST Switchable 2 Year Warranty I 400 dp, |
ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH TEAR Al pnces include VAT and carnage within I mainland Please add £5 to your order for r Mainland delivery All products are subject toi E&OE Advertised prices and specification may (I without notice Comma Workstations SIZES Single Workstation POE A500 600 1200 Double Workstation PM A500 600 1 200 Pius Extra Shilf VAILABLE IN IF FOR ANY REASON YOU ARE NOT 100% SAT WITH YOUR PURCHASE, YOU CAN RETURN 1 COMPLETE PRODUCT TO US WITHIN 28 DAYS RECEIPT FOR A REFUND.
ORDER H0TLIN Wide Workstation Widi unit ro* A500 6O0 1200 WITH ADDITIONAL SlDE PutPHtRALS 99 t29 OCWDCOM WJW BETWEEN 9AM AND 6PM, MONDAY TO FI TO PAY BY ACCESS OR VISA. TO PAY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE REH| THE ORDER FORM BELOW TO WIDE WotKSTATIOR £34.99 OwttttSfrWBJ A500 600 RAM BOARDS Quality Low Profile Designs Low Chip Count to Improve Reliability All Board Install in Minutes 2 Year Warranty COMTACT US ON INTERNET sales@wizard-o.pemon.co.uk ORDtR COW W160 L Price IXTIRNU ORDER FORM Product Code & Description APPROWD
14. 4k or 28.8k Speeds
* 34 (».«¦). v33au, *33, *33, *33, v33i»,v31 BART BT Approved
Rtouiaio roa uu eat IT um MNP 2-S A v42, v42bis Sync A Async
Operation Automatic Fall Back A Forward for Optimum Line
Performance Oroup 1-2 Fax to 14.4k Fully Hayes Compatible LED
Front Panel Displat OP Fax Software Option prices FROM &9.99
Post Code Supplied with Cable A Software (N-Comm roa Amim) 2
Year Warranty 1 TORNADO 14.4K 0WKC00MMO6 e99.99 X-LINK 14.4K
ORDER CORE: WS04 £129.99 TORNADO 28.8K MDIBCOOE P50J £199.99
X-LINK 28.8K ORDER COOL WWH e229.9» | A500512k NO Q0CK £19
ORDER COD .99 1 : W40I J, I A500si2k WITH CLOCK £24.99 I ORDtR
CODE; W40i| 1A500 plus 1MB £29.99 I ORDER CODE: R40J [ IA600
iMB NO CLOCK £29.99 t; ORDER CODE: W404 |A600imb WITH CLOCK
£39.99 I ORDtR CODE: N40SQ Name Address Phone Number CHEQUES
Bout four years ago I bought a Sharp JX100 for my Amiga. The JX100 was an 18-bit. 200dpi which could only scan an area itly larger than a postcard, but I Stored it. Because I was working in the lade, i didn't have to pay the full retail pnce of £450 plus the £80 cost for the jioltware. But it was still a large chunk of j money to lay out.
I Today. Gasteiner delivered a scanner |M costs less than the price most peo- ie would have paid for the JX100, it can scan pages up to A4 and legal at 600dpi JHWpi with interpolation), in 24-bit wr and it comes with the necessary fiotorare included, I got it out of its large case and had a The scanner itself is made by a ,ny called Artec and seems to be |cf fairly high build quality. A nice touch is tie fad that the lid of the scanner isn't [tinged directly onto the body of the unit but onto feet that can be raised, allowing ‘’the scanning of items thicker than a [sheet of paper, an open
book, for E MonoFiter PI Non?
Output Fie Cl wl Scanning ProScan The scanner comes supplied with the Necessary SCSI cable for hooking up a I normal 25-way DSUB plug, as found on the back of all A3000s. To the scanner’s 50-way Centronics sockets. On the other | hand, there isn't a terminator included in the package, so you will either have to put something else at the end of your SCSI chain, or buy one. The scanner I also comes with a CD-ROM and disk ¦containing software for Windows users, along with a SCSI card for a PC. Which is nice if you decide you absolutely must Bits p Ptxd £UlI Resolution DPI Witness Corrtr ut
Threshold Th* simple front-ond tor tho Arise tcannor software ‘upgrade’ your Amiga to a DOS machine.
On power up. The scanner goes through a whole series of self tests which take place over a period of about two and a half minutes accompanied by periodical groaning noises. Once you have made it through the self test, the scanner happily announces that it is READY TO SCAN!' And away you go.
REPRESENTATION Scanning is a two-step process. First a preview scan is made at screen resolution. Once this is complete. ScanTools opens a screen showing a representation of your scan on which you can draw a box for the final area you wish to scan.
Unfortunately, even if you only wish to scan a tiny area, you still need to wait for ScanTools to scan its entire available area before you can set the part you want.
ScanTools also won't let you rescan the preview at a higher magnification, allowing you to zoom in on the area you wish to scan for greater accuracy. On the other hand, the changes you make to the contrast and brightness settings are shown in the preview, which makes for speedier tone correction. I say tone correction because the preview display can only be shown on a greyscale screen with between two and 16 shades of grey.
One of the other problems with the ScanTools software is the fact that although Gasteiner's ad for the product states that the scanner is capable of scanning at 2400dpi (with interpolation), the software only allows for scanning resolutions up to 600dpi. There is also no support for the optional automatic document feeder, but the software seems to be updated on a fairly regular basis judging by the readme file on the distribution floppy disk, so it's a good possibility that support for both these features will be added in the near future.
In conclusion, I would have to say that, notwithstanding the limitations of the provided ‘ software, the Artec Viewstation A6000C is without doubt the cheapest good quality flatbed scanner I have ever seen. If your Amiga doesn't have a SCSI port, Gasteiner will no doubt be very happy to sell you one of their Oktagon SCSI controller boards.
The bottom line The software that comes with the scanner for the Amiga s fairly basic but works fine. You have control over the resolution, brightness and contrast of your scan and you can scan in either 12-bit or 24-bit colour. 8-bit greyscale or mono lineart. There is an additional threshold control J you are going to use the lineart modes which controls how dark a colour has to be before it gets converted into a line. There is also a filter for greyscale operations which allows you to take colour separated scans by Btenng only red, blue or green These are all pretty standard tools for any
scanning package, but the thing that really sets ScanTool apart is the fact that you can scan an A4 page at 600dpi with only a limited amount of RAM - it would normally take roughly 170Mb. However, that amount of memory has to be available somewhere, so if you do intend to make such incredibly large scans, you'd better make sure you have that amount of space free on your hard drive.
There is also a version of the Scantools program that is accessible as a loader inside AdPro. The interface remains exactly the same as before, the only difference being that you now have to have enough RAM to hold the image in memory.
Product: Artec Viewstation A6000C Supplier: Gasteiner Price: £399 Tel: 0181-345 6000 Ease of use _8 Implementation-8 Value for money-10 Overall --9 Amiga Computing Heauenlifl sk anybody about the Amiga's key strengths and its graphic capabilities a| usually rated fairly near the top. Lightwave. Imagine. Photogenics. TV Pa the list of first class professional software that proves the Amiga's superiority j this field is impressive to say the least.
Then there’s the matter of its natural disposition towards professional video work. the excellent VLAB motion video editor being just one example of the top class ban available. Add to that powerful DTP and WP packages and there’s a lot for the i to boast about. When it comes to showing off these packages at their best, however, I user needs a high-quality monitor. It's ironic, then, that a machine that boasts so i visual treats is often let down by being combined with a poor monitor.
Cybervision, the powerful RTG card reviewed elsewhere in this issue, emphasises I point because without a monitor, many of its high resolution screenmodes are unus Unfortunately. Commodore's monitors were never up to some of the high-end i ties that accompany the Amiga, so where should you turn if you want crisp displays i super-high resolutions ?
In answer to this question Amiga Computing has brought together some of the I names in monitor manufacturing. As always it's horses for courses, but whether ] budget is big or small H shouldn't be to hard to find a display to suit your requirements. | m 17HE Ihe bottom line Product: ViewSonic 17GS Price: £749 RRP Supplier: ViewSonic Tel: 0181-781 1856 Display Features 9 8 8 8 Value for money Overall_ ? He new ViewSonic GS immediately distinguished itself by being considerably lighter and more compact than its rivals. This may not sound too important, but when you see how cumbersome the NEC
XE17 is. Even with its tilting stand, it obviously counts for something.
The GS is another monitor featuring onscreen control menus, and while this doesn't look as good as on the NEC. The supenor accessibility of the buttons mean it’s better to Use. A side benefit of its small size and minimalism in terms of external controls is that it's also the best looker in our view.
With a dot pitch of 0.27, a supercontrast screen, and a double dynamic focus system. Image quality is as sharp and flicker free as you could wish for. More uncommonly, however, the addition of the Viewmatch colour control system allows the white of an image to be adjusted as well as the R and B signals; this has the advantage of ensuring the monitor gives true to life colours.
Safety standards have also been taken to an extreme, with radia tion emissions low enough not only to beat MRP2 but also the TCO 92 standard. With an FST to reduce eye strain and a fully adjustable stand, the GS is a good choice for anyone spending long hours in front of a screen. As with the other big monitors, power management circuits are included, making the GS good for your electricity bill and the environment. In other words, its feature packed with a quality display and an average street price of £570, making it a good rival for the Visionmaster.
For the Amiga user, however, the GS (through no fault of the manufacturers) is not as flexible as the llyama. Unable to sync down as low as the Viewmaster, it can only really be recommended for use with a RTG board.
Uieuisonic 1T"GS I desk-buckling model from NEC is another 17 inch high quality model. It’s also about the ugliest piece of equipment you can attach to your Amiga I've ever seen.
Not that this matters at all since it’s the visual appeal on-screen that really counts.
In this respect the NEC is suitably impressive with sharper images benefiting from dual dynamic beam focus - a newly incorporated technology that improves focus for a cleaner picture from comer to comer.
The XE is a multisync that can handle up to Cybervision's 1152x900 mode, and more with a certain amount of flicker. This is really as high a resolution as your eyes can cope with on a monitor of this size anyway. So for any more detail we’d recommend a 20 inch plus.
Unfortunately, owners of RTG cards are the only ones who can use the NEC owing to the fact that it won’t sync down low enough to cope with the standard AGA Hires modes. On the other hand. Amiga owners who need this sort of quality display will often be using a graphics card anyway.
Controls for the NEC are made up of a combination of external buttons and an impressive on-screen menu which the user navigates using the up-down-left-right buttons mounted on the monitor’s facia. This should go a long way to making picture adjustments less fiddly and comprehensive than has been the case with the usual tiny button approach.
I say should because while the onscreen menu is a great idea, the buttons for using it are much smaller than they should have been. Plus, it’s only fair to say that a ?
Number of them didn't work - we can hope this is due to the fact that the re model had been knocked around i travels from magazine to magazine.
That aside, the 17XE combines a I quality display with some impressive i vations. It's not the machine that rais doubts so much as its pricing, which taking the average street price of!
Seems uncompetitive with Visionmaster 17 inch.
Product: NEC XE 17 Price: £959 RRP Supplier: NEC Tel: 0181-993 8111 Ihe bottom line Display Features Value for money Overall_ Amiga Computing flmitek 1081-5 imsions How that fommodore monitors haue disappeared. buying a display that shows off the hmiga's potential seems more difficult than euer. But. As Bareth lofthouse and Tina Hachett discouered. there are plenty of options auailable are it - in ith are ine :he my his le.
Iili- a4 tst ur dlicrouitec 1138 ? Problem with some Hi-res monitors is that some users find they are tot flexible enough to suit their needs.
However, an all round solution is a MuKiscan monitor. These support various screen modes and will automatically sync to the signal put out by your Amiga, as long as the screen mode is within the monitor's Khz range.
The multiscan's frequency range of ’WO kHz allows the monitor to work with the most popularly used modes wch as Hi*res No Flicker and Productivity, but it can sync down to 15kHz so it's compatible with Lo-res games.
What is irritating is that there is no way Of adjusting the overscan to make the |jcture fit your screen. The end result is I messy looking alignment with black margins taking up part of the screen.
Designed with price in mind you really are only getting the basics. There’s also a lack of ports such as a composite video connection - a useful feature for home video work. But if you want a multiscan monitor that will play games and manage the AGA screen modes then this provides value for money.
Product: Microvitec 1438 Price: £299 Supplier First Computers Tel: 0113 2319444 Display _ Features Value for money Overall_ Philips Pro BOBO The bottom lino ? Ollowing the disappearance of Commodore's basic range of monitors. There's been a gap for a third-party developer to fill with a basic budget monitor for games and Lo-res purposes. Now Amitek have come up with the goods in the form of this 14 incher.
Sadly, if our review model was anything to go by the quality of its construction seems rather poor. Controls hidden behind a cover flap were fiddly and in some cases useless when it came to adjusting the picture. Clarity and depth of colour also seemed rather dull, though that was to be expected in companson to the pricey 17 inch models reviewed.
Fewer excuses can be made, however, for the fact that we had to stick a piece of cardboard down the side of one of the control knobs just to get a stable picture - obviously this raises doubts about its durability.
It’s a shame I can’t do more to recommend the Amitek, since the Amiga market really could do with a £200 basic model for game playing. The truth is. Though, there’s no way I’d trade our ancient Phillips classic for the Amitek as it stands.
The Philips Pro 2000 gives you a monitor and a television for one competitive price. The cynic who may think that a combn nation of both at this price would lead to a compromise of quality will be pleasantly surprised.
The screen is a respectable 17 inches which is a good size for a bedroom TV. And its extra size makes it ideal for playing games on. Picture quality is also of a high standard and has a 2000 character resolution. As a television it also impresses with FastText TeleText and 60 channels, while in-built speakers are provided too which saves splashing out extra on audio.
The 2000 also has a flat screen - an uncommon feature on other monitors of this ilk. However, those who like their monitor to match their Amiga will be disappointed - the Philips Pro 2000 is black. But overall, if you’re after this sort of hybrid, then this provides excellent value without compromising on quality.
The bottom line Product: Phillips Pro 2000 Price: £239 Supplier: Harwoods Tel: 01773 836781 7 8 9 9 Display Features Value for money Overall_ The bottom line Product: Amitek 1084-S Price : £196 Supplier: First Computers Tel: 0113 2319444 Display Features Value for money Overall_ 5 6 7 6 Amiga Computing lyama may be a long way from being the household name that has become, but when it comes to monitors they're up there with the best and this big beauty alone has played a major part in winning the company a few of its awards.
With a 17 inch display, the MF-8617A is hefty both in terms of weight and the size of its footprint. Shockingly big proportions are not unique to the llyama alone, however, and it's a small price to pay for an improved display that's more comfortable on the eye.
Llqama Uision [Raster 17' In terms of aesthetics, it's otherwise perfectly attractive with a case that features smart, clean lines surrounding a FST screen. Like all the best monitors, it’s ergonomically designed with a tilt and swivel stand that means once it’s set up on your desktop, adjusting it to suit your view is very simple - an important consideration when you realise how bad working postures affect people's health permanently.
While on the subject of health, the monitor's level of radiation emissions is below the stringent MRP2 standards set by the Swedish government. Though no one has ever proven that monitors cause miscarriages, it's better to be safe than sorry.
MULTISCAN With the side issues dealt with, its time to look at the monitor's performance. The first point to mention is that the Visionmaster is a multiscan, which basically means it can deal with a wide range of resolutions. Unfortunately, for those hoping to vary serious usage with a bit of gameplaying, this is still not possible on this model - the lowest it will sync to is 27.0. ?
NEC Picture clarity is exceptionally crisp and sharp thanks to the Visionmaster's unusually high calibre dot pitch (0.26) and the use of Hitachi’s best quality tube. In addition, the benefits of the FST screen are enhanced by the simple addition of an anti-static, anti-reflective coating.
The 17 incher picks up further brownie points because it was the only monitor to come with two VGA cables, one of which is designed to take advantage of the higher quality BNC connectid Naturally, the back of the monitor ji tures five ports to accommodate!
Alternative connection.
As should be expected with a pro!
Sional monitor, there's a huge arra!
Controls, including less usual options picture adjustment like Trapezoid Q ture slant) and Raster Rotation (I These are accessed using three but!
And an LCD menu system, which is|l haps less easily used than the m modern on-screen controls that review rivals boasted.
In fact it's very hard to find fault the 17 inch model. Aggressively prii and packed with all the little extras professional user could ask for, llyama was the only monitor that deal with both Amiga Hi-res along Cybervision's super Hi-res modes.
MF8617A remains the all-round wii for the serious user.
The bottom line Product: llyama MF8617A Price: £599 Supplier: llyama Tel: 01438 745482 Display Features Value for money Overall_ ? His 15 inch monitor may lack its big brother’s refinement - the LCD control system is replaced with the traditional fiddly knobs, for example - but at least it still offers a lot in terms of performance for the price.
Help the game player since it won't sync down to 15 Hz.
Picture quality is noticeably inferior to the 17 inch models, though it’s still good enough for the average user undertaking DTP and graphics work, and at the end of the day you get what you pay for. In fact, with a dot pitch of .28 it will still give many more expensive displays a run for their money.
Despite the absence of fancy adjustment controls, llyama have wisely kept most of the picture alteration options included in much more expensive models, again making it attractive for serious users on a budget.
With power management, solid construction, a tilt and turn stand and surprisingly Surprisingly, the monitor worked fine with the Cybervision RTG board's lower resolutions (for example. 1024x768) as well as many normal AGA Hi-res modes.
The only shame is that it still doesn't The bottom line Product: Vision Master MF-8115 Price: £299 Supplier: llyama Tel: 01438 745482 Display _7 Features 8 Value for money-9 Overall_8 Amiga Computing llgama llision Ulaster 15" TH E fORLD ’ s FA 5 T A MIC 1A S ARE Oi V NEW CYBERSTORM ¦...buy one a »ooa »ywo grt a dunce* A 4000 ACCELERATORS rTJ, I'Hv JTOII!
Upgrade yuur A4000 with the CYBERSTORM MODULAR ACCELERATOR, and I gel The Worlds Fastest Amiga! The Width FIRST, and still the ONLY, 68060
• toi cto nw 4s rcn*-‘rw*a test Jppk* *** I® * 2.0 in just 2.45
rains (on a standard anythin Ptiuimm A4000 OW25, it took 10 34
minutes*). Options indude SCSI-2 and Ethernet cm do* • •...the
rrprcvim AMIGA 10 Modules. Retjiiw your FREE 4 page technical
brochure CybefStOmi 68040 40 or Cybcrstorm 68060 50 iCAIIi THE
Sundinl A500rtttVISavZCO) Standard AI200 THE SPEED GAINS YOU'LL GET!
Wfel.’wm VIMHt For all Zom .3 Amigas, this ( 4-Bit high speed graphic- engineblitter offers up to 1600 x 1200 pixeLs in H-Bit colour or 1024 x 768 pixels in Tnie 24-Hit Odour, with 2Mb of display memory (4Mb user upgradeable).
Odl and request our technical brochure.
Cybervision 64 £329*95 For a LIMITED PERIOD - CYBF.RVISION 64s ARE SI PPIJED WITH PHOTOGENICS LITE NEW... CYBERVISION 64 AMIGA 4000 GRAPHICS BOARD ¦Writ (-ytanonn WO - EflMtfa Bmh Citicniorm TM) ¦ SOMli" Figure? Shewn m nwr twn air in MIPS anil an lnhrvfnm sidnywunrt' [ TfimnaiKV k t tuirtf SvJnfu wHjiB l* Hbct ui tbt Annu«i.fpo Koiicr AwjhK !
WcC i m H IvruiIln Mn i-4 c?pcr leader Awinls £229.95 An l l ll I 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion £134.95 32-Bit, 72 pin_ Hy sctfoV n' GoxoineolfAic«'yui’ OfW'tinf.'O nnJ “tia' ACT Ml towM 'aWV » r?w qwOW" rpjuao The multi award-winning 12204 4Mb. Tl'RBO offers by far” jfr bf.M price to performance ratio of HrA1200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market, ¦otporating everything tlut a good memory nxmMiin should, such as a Real Time Clock, fur- fbctRAM expandability, an optional FPU etc. as wdas offering a Ckxk Speed Doubling Circuit which runs Flbe32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz. And... the 12211
his broken all the barriers tixx! Check the faas for RBCicIf and fit tfie BEST Amiga 120(1 Turbo Memory hoard Enind or, phone and ask for our Blizzard ¦ectfitation leaflet to find out more.
Etffcgrik-il 28MB 66EC020 32-Bit RAM dock Speed nkidib lix up U) 30(FJb overall performance increase gfrlot) Installed Tcsltxl 4M1» of 32-Bit FAST HAM pbpundilile to Kmh with Add-4 Hrxird Bfcgnted Bailer - Backed Real Time Clock wHsyTrapdoor Installation [•(an he disabled in situ far full games compatilnliq [ , tld t Board (extra 4Mb for 1220 4) £169.95 Fast RAM add-on, 4Mb 1220 4 NI.IZ7ARD 28 Mhz.
FMb. TURBO MEMORY 1220 4 Turbo Bit Fist RAM 28MHz 680EC20 CPU, 4Mb orola FPU 182 PLCC 25,33MHz THE highest performing A1200 • 68030 Accelerator. With its rapk 40 Mhz. 68EC030 or 50MHz. 68030" with MMU, il offers up to 500% perfo The 1230-IU has further options via its Fast Expansion Bus for add on Modules such as the SCSI-2 Controller.
Utilising an industry standard SIMM socket, it has provision for upto a full 3iVlh of auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM
• PGA FPU Socket up lo 50MHz
• instruction & Data Bunt Modes
• Auto Kk kstari Re-Mapping I with disalblc)
• Batter ' Backed Self Recharge RT Clock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation 1230-III Turbo £189-95 10MHz
68EC0j0, Qmh_ 1230-III Turbo £229.95 50MHz 6B030 &MML. 0Mb_ sca
n Module £89.95 for 1230-111 1230-III BU7.ZARD 40 50MHz. TITLBO
ACCELERATOR MEMORY "...at GH, we'll look after you..." UWKl
SUFWST mi MAItAMTIU: GH h on. Of kffU UK'. *U t«l Aotborixd
itnkt . Previdm (mi dt Ftetefcfi bar« tbh oiofdilotion). Our
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Wo'K brip wrlb ooy g-rioi mi wb«» yo»'rr rtody to ordrr w«
accopt Vho. Nwittrcard, Switch, Co id, Mlo and Lombard
OodHcborga (wait 'ittre cndi' etc Lombard CrriUdnryi and we
happily accept them).
It POST or FAX: Wwa ordtriny bdodo your nonx, oddron oud preferably a contact phono nombor wkb your ardor npiriMOti. H dwyby • aodit doAit iord indudo in whir and oxpry dolo (ond hi norther nritb Switib cardl).
Make O ori (phox dltw 1 dtyi cliaramo prior to devyctrh), lonkm WWng bodily Or nth cr Poiid Or dor I payable to Gordon Harwood (oaipnttn PRKIS: Ptnu rnmmbet lo (wfirn print it nu yta vt look in; ti oi W noyaiM. Pricot cm change (in or dona) Mart the negatlon'i com worth bat psixd. Phox tonfrn boior* xndiny otdtti by pail.
EXPORT Moil ilcmi or* o.dable ol TAX FREE PRKIS lo ooa K inidrati t omi i UK Armd Forcti Ptn I (wilb (O'l docunml!
Phox ml n lor (orrfirwotio* of pruti ond corrtogi cbwyti.
The UK's favourite Amiga Dealer GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED (Department EGEEOE NEW STREET ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Telephone: 01-773-836781 Facsimile: 01-773-831040 HARDWARE here's no getting away from it you know. Once you get a computer. You will eventually sue* cumb to the urges of acquiring more power as your computing needs grow.
And, ironically, when you do spend some cash on an upgrade, it’s not long before you find you are needing even more power.
It’s like some hideous form of addiction, and one that is fed by products such as the Apollo 1220 accelerator. Accelerator cards are probably one of the most craved for upgrades among A1200 owners.
At one time, RAM upgrades were the most popular, but these have been superseded by accelerator boards which also incorporate RAM sockets along with the faster CPUs and FPUs.
In fact while we are on the subject of RAM, not many people realise that just adding FastRAM can significantly speed up your A1200 - just take a look at the benchmark results (see benchmark box) of a standard A1200 and one with 4Mb RAM.
The Apollo is a low-cost accelerator which uses a 28MHz 68EC030 compared to the A1200’s built-in 14MHz one. Also fitted as standard is a 68882 FPU also running at 28MHz which increases your Simply adding FaatRAM to your Amiga greatly apaada H along. Hare are the reaulta ol an unaxpandad A1200 and ona with 4Mb RAM 4 283 You Dhrystones 2844 688 68888 2888 68888 1288 EC820 2588 68828 3888 68838 4888 68848 If* A1200’s ability to perform maths and is essential for applications such as Imagine and other maths-inten- sive programs.
I was a little disappointed to find you are limited to 1 or 4Mb configurations using a single SIMM socket which takes a 72-pin SIMM - I guess that’s the price for the rel-
• 28MHz 68EC020
• 28MHz 68882 FPU
• 1 X 72-pin SIMM socket (1 or 4k'
• PCMCIA compatible
• Battery-backed real-time clock atively low cost of E99.95. For
the fl conscious, there's also a real-time I tery-backed clock
fitted to keep y A1200 ticking along with the rest of world.
A concern for many PCMCIA prod owners when buying accelerator cardf What to looh for There are more and more A1200 accelerator boards appearing all the time. We will also soon see 040 and even 060 accelerators appearing in the near future. Many boards are very similar in performance and features, so, here's a quick list of points to look for in a board when shopping around How many SIMM sockets does it have?
Any accelerator worth its salt should have SIMM sockets for installing RAM. Some boards have two sockets and some have only one.
Two SIMM sockets are obviously preferable to one. If. For instance, you wish to upgrade your current 4Mb RAM capacity to 8Mb, you would have to essentially sell your present 4Mb SIMM and buy an 8Mb one if you have only one SIMM socket.
If you have two. You can simply buy an additional 4Mb SIMM and save quite a bit of cash.
What CPU does the board feature?
There are different methods used by accelerator boards to speed up your computer. As many of you may know, your average A1200's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a Motorola 68EC020.
This runs at a speed of approximately 14 megahertz.
Some boards simply use a faster version of the standard 68EC020 found in all A1200s which are running at higher speeds. The Falcon 1220 reviewed here, for example, uses a 68EC020 running at 28 Megahertz, twice the speed of the one soldered within your A1200. Alternatively, more expensive boards use a completely different, and much more powerful CPU such as a 68030. To further confuse things. Motorola manufacture different varieties of their chips these are used on many accelerator boards, therefore worth knowing what the differed are when shopping around.
For example, the 68EC020 has a 24 address bus which essentially means it can ( use up to 16Mb of memory. A full 68020 h 32-bit address bus and can use much lar memory capacities, theoretically up to 4Gb.
A 68030. Things are different again. Unlike 68020s. The 68EC030 and the 68030 both It a 32-bit address bus. However, the EC ver does not contain a memory management (MMU).
Accelerator boards which take advantag the 68030’s MMU can use virtual memory ties such as the commercially avail!
Gigamem and public domain alternatives I as VMM. These utilities are virtual meni Whether It is compatible with the PCMCIA slot Some accelerators conflict with this slot, throwing up performance problems when using products connected to it.
Visage claim the Apollo is compatible with the PCMCIA interface. We used the Apollo board extensively with the Squirrel iceleration SCSI interface and experienced no problems whatsoever.
As for general performance, the Apollo does not achieve a great performance leap without FastRAM. Once you fit RAM to the single SIMM socket though, it really speeds away. There are many accelerator boards which are as badly designed as the A1200 trapdoor itself, tending to be extremely difficult to fit and equally difficult to remove should you wish to add bigger FastRAM or even FPUs. The Apollo is quite compact, making it easy to push into the tight confines of the trapdoor, and easy to get a grip on when you need to remove it.
COMPACT SIZE One slight problem which may rear its ugly head is that the compact size of the card may cause problems when fitting some SIMMs. The single socket is situated such that only SIMMs which have surface-mounted chips on one side will fit. If you happen to have some RAM handy, or you are offered some secondhand RAM. Be sure it isn't the type which has chips on both sides of the SIMM or it won’t fit.
Oo you feel a need tor speed? Then the Hpollo 1330 accelerator board mao be for you.
Darren tuans takes it for a test driue I Once installed, the Apollo certainly made Workbench more responsive with icons and windows appearing on the screen and generally moving at a much more responsive speed, especially in the higher colour depth screen modes.
Loading up a few flight sim games also produced much improved and smoother animation.
The Apollo certainly provides a great improvement to the speed of your A1200 and at quite a good price too. T.*f The bottom lino Product: Apollo 1220 Supplier: Visage Computers Price: £99.95 Phone: 0115 9642828 Ease of use_ 8 .7 9 8 Implementation Value for money- Overall - managers which allow you to use your hard disk as extra memory for the CPU. If you want to use [ such utilities, make sure the accelerator board his an MMU.
With the imminent arrival of 68040 accelerators for the A1200 such as the Falcon, it’s [ worth mentioning the differences between I these 4-fc Three versions of the 68040 are available, the 0, 68EC040 and the 68LC040. The 68040 ures an MMU as well as a built-in floating I processor (FPU) for speeding up calculations The 68EC040 has an MMU but lacks the [ FPU Finally, the 68LC040 has neither FPU or Bmu.
It will be interesting to see which of the '040 [ chips will be used for A1200 accelerator boards ind even more interesting to see how they deal I tttth the problem of keeping the 040s cool in the ited space of the trapdoor.
Does the accelerator have any upgrade features?
Some of the more recent boards being manufactured today have extra upgrade features such as SCSI 2 add-ons. These allow you to add SCSI devices to your Amiga such as CD-ROMs, fast and large SCSI hard disks, DAT tapes, Tape streamers and other exotic peripherals.
Is the board compatible with the PCMCIA port?
Some boards conflict with the PCMCIA slot and cause problems with PCMCIA products connected to it. Most manufacturers have recognised this problem and are now specifying whether their boards are PCMCIA compatible. Check with your supplier for any reports of conflicts Does the board have an FPU disable feature Some software, particularly some games, do not like FPUs. This is relatively rare these days, though. It would be nice if you could disable the FPU via some jumper without actually having to remove the FPU itself.
Does it come fitted with an FPU?
An FPU further speeds up your Amiga by allowing complex maths to be handled by an FPU.
This allows the main CPU to get on with other tasks while the FPU does all the hard work and just passes the result back.
Some programs won't work without an FPU and some are too slow to use without one. Programs such as LightWave and Imagine make heavy use of maths and an FPU is a must.
Some boards come with FPUs already fitted, while others require you to buy them at additional cost.
Amiga Computing 67 ' Amnat CO 7. D d Aug.rf I99S. (Onatm ol appreaana oty 1.1 ggobytaa ol tottmna In 3ftC0 orch « Vfwa lha tabaia J An mar CD 6 mot* *on 540 MB no- tolj-tM hgy oppan.«d Tha cmrar* 3non lot a ipvoof taur on u*agat mao Aon 10000 mogoa bom Ax r rvara nefwdad Uva. Ii*nd y OCCUl tahrror* ncAav fh*
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Adoba f*d IruoTyp* Th*.. or* 231 ton lomU. On 4ui CD (aoch cotOouMig ot up to 8 diltoar* dylot) Thay 01* dovuhad rr 1***n coMjD'itt Doco (63 fmwbwl, Nor**" P3 to-to.|, Wm |I6 tota. | Sam Saul (29 tomtotl Sc..pi |M todUt| $ ml 136 to.il.t| than*. 119 to itot) £19.95 Gamers' Delight Tvtt CO coMotnt 40 po-ui lor Iho Ccnmodor* Ax o bon dAM «a nMganai *c»0H. Aimp 0 l*n Card 0«T*t 5ngt*gy Oonat • a hot* rang* d comyhnr .nmvjnrr.fr a-oml Oonw Ortghi ml haU yo* copfeotad Ic. Hovri ond 9 a.r*.. bnjlau mg pl*ow * Al ya .i am comrmtrol .. wjti fro pubh ftonon A no hml Tit* CO can b* rwv on any Amqo
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CdfV or Anuao CD32 Conwta -rt 1 MB lr** nrntory and Joy
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Imag man C44.9S Tto do topo CMOM a o moot h» ttg»nt*stor "»«. *" ttdwrng mynymar* ond hr romjWi to ui* «r craafrrg yo*r Ox* moot Thtt il not t f oncnh*. Random coBaOtoi cl moddat Matty xodrto anu tampWt ot* •«lrw.*tr to da cope It*Mad Ot* non than 1400 ol lh bad ovolobla noduln and 7000 tujKqoototy , £27.95
• • •
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Gota-oy. Dhn NartSO 1.6, a M t*Ot*ad UMM Ma opareAng vm»a- mth boh tmrcot and brranm tar *a Aauga, 516. Van 3.
0*d °thar orcMactvuat Go ntaaaarhog mth lha lofg* ftaehon gJ aupplaad narmukng tool. Olh*r wpptbd poctogat .ndud* a b nay .alaata ol lha X mndo- ayvttm |XIIRA| lot * a Amga *4»h " Jnv odJlad clanQ. And pmbagn trt*- 01 (*•'. A»tci, gomat.
Moi progtoni. Ond mony *t goby**t t mporvo* tm hbt M«h at RfCt ond IAOt A conpbm .nriullcrvon flud. * ovaiobi. On lU CO tWo ora alto to ArfcgoDOS Namai ultMl wch at danli tar A*dTCR a-,1 Emoy £9.95 Meeting Pearls Th* M**tng Raodt VcJ.rr* N csMomt WO MB A **l
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program of your rhotca h not* ~V* MB of Mlocnd htotgog*! 30
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and con b« -tad to fl AlpllfetHV-om era a tag C44 95 All
products are available in your local Amiga*!
Or through national mail-order-companiesj International Distrib GTI GoldFish 2 Vatu J ol *• Goldt;* Mtiai cooton. U uUtMH ft lebwr*. «it- r*dto*. (Mhttt and odm muMrai rabotad on fradrfith CMOM'i b **¦.*»* CmuOti IW3 and Nmahi 1994, -id mad ol ft* mam not updcMd to It* Wn*U coktb* kkm* Al iMtanal« mdwcUd nt bd*. Autoad iBBS ody) and -taictoad |i*ady*»iun| totm Grenville Trading Internatic Zimmorsmuhlenweg 61440 Oberursel • Gen Tel +49-61 71 -8593 Fax +49-6171-83 Email; CompuServe 10033 anmvm.
TUTORIAL e reuerse raress This Is the format string Beginner's corner ver the last couple of issues I’ve looked at various parameter passing techniques including the ;-based method used by languages such as C. We’ve already seen how functions written in assembly language can be caled from a C program, but in this instalment : want to look at what is essentially the reverse process, namely the calling ofaC*style routine from an assembly module.
Why the interest in these C connec- i? To be honest it's not the C language Bel (good as it is) which is important here
- I Is the fact that the C-style stack-oriented parameter
passing method discussed in the last issue often has to be used
* cc$ ss linker library functions. This is tuse many of these
libraries were written in C in the first place, or were
ItNntten using stack-based parameter pass- ing in order to be
easily usable by C pro- lers. The bottom line is that this is
ye! Another area which, from a practical ibler programming
viewpoint, it is useful to know something about.
One example of this type of stack-orien- M arrangement is seen with the amiga.lib Inker library. This contains not only the lace stubs and the associated LVO which allow stack-based C compilers to call the register-based Amiga runtime library routines, but a host of other rt functions as well. There are rou- Iras for creating and deleting tasks, ports end 10 request structures, a limited set of the new Amiga programmer, ary use can be the source of much tusion because the term library' is qularly used in two different con- its. Firstly, there are the so called nker libraries - disk files
of useful ctions arranged In a standardised
• mat .' hen a reference to one of these notions is found within
a program it ises the construction of an equiva- nnt
unresolved' reference in the inter- diate object code file. At
link time
o linker, with suitable guidance from c programmer, finds the
library file .i*. contains the function and physi- iliy copies
the function code into the This means that in order to set up
this type of function call an assembly language program must
push the rightmost parameters of the function first, and the
leftmost parameters last!
One routine in the amiga.lib library is a printf() function that provides C-style formatted output. Programs that are started from a Shell window, or which run from the Workbench but have an stdout output window set up by the startup code, can use printf() for stdout style output.
Listing 1 is a typical example of how this function might be used and although it only consists of only five 680x0 instructions, this program can actually be assembled and run. You'll find this example on the CoverDisk as the file september_test1.s, program being created. The other type of library arrangement you'll be regularly exposed to is the Exec run-time library system. The libraries such as intuition, graphics, gadtools. Asl and so on (that you’ll regularly find used in the Amiga Computing assembly language code examples) are all examples of exec-style libraries! Exec-style
run-time libraries never become part of the real program code at all.
The libraries are opened as required while programs are running, and not only exist independently but are in fact written in a way which allows any number of different programs to use them simultaneously.
File and standard I O functions (designed to work directly with AmigaDOS file handles), along with functions for pseudo-random number generation and so on.
Learning how to use these amiga.lib functions will stand you in good stead when you come to consider the use of other C- oriented linker libraries, and the good news is that there's nothing inherently difficult about it providing you appreciate C’s parameter ordering conventions. Remember the parameters of a C function are pushed onto the stack in a right to left order and this implies (think about it!) That it will be the leftmost parameter which is nearest to the top of the stack (just above the return address) SETTING UP Admittedly from assembler a little more work is needed but only to
set up and remove the function parameters. In the listing 1 code, for example, we start by using pea (push effective address) instructions to place pointers to both the text to be printed and the format string onto the stack (defined at the end of the source code using dc.b statements).
Having done that a jsr instruction is used to call the printf() function and the stack pointer readjusted to effectively remove the parameters. Notice how I've used the XDEF and XREF to keep the assembler happy, and have tagged an underscore onto the (unction name. The reasons for this jiggery-pokery were explained in the last issue, but what I want to do now is explain in more detail the steps needed to produce a runable program from listing 1.
The first thing to remember is that the real code of the printf() function is present in the amiga.lib library, and we are going to have to link our program with that library if it is to work. This means that during assembly it is necessary to ask the assembler to produce LINKABLE code. Devpac. Of course, can be set to produce a variety of different output file Paul Oueraa prouides some help for coders muting to use amiga.lib and other [-stgle iinher librarg tunctions from assemblg language- and since I’m printing a text string with this code, two arguments, a format string and the text to
be printed need to be provided.
From C, this function call would actually look like this: priatf("Is", "This mipli ustt the iiigi.lib printfO function!"); Part 14 This is the text to be printed nf- Amiga Computing TUTORIAL A«liU »r Listing H Th* September teatt.a aouret code ££ «. ( jt .£ u*** "** Ml,l- 1 erintMJ rmt; Listing 2: The portion ot the September oxamplo2 program It you re using Oevpac, remember to sot tho 'linkable' Cvflf vplion when assembling this month's examples “ET
* **rk awr -*•!!
Ll... Ll . . .
Ll . . .
Nrnt ..
• 44... sJk:JL aafnQ ( prfntffXiW, ’This prtntfO output is done
fro* the C code"); prlntf(*Zj n* 'but the stclJiO hex
calculation itself is"); printf("Zt n‘, 'being celled froa ay
esseabler pitch!"); lycodfO; * do the nytber to hex
translation * printfCls Zs n* lesult it ",buffer); I* end
display the result • ) IUIL EIU 0 ir EfiU 10 XIEF uin XIEF
prtntf _nin P«* te*t pel foraat j*r iddq.l rts
* 3,sp tut
dc. b 'TM» « forait
dc. b
• Is',If finclude 5tdic.it extern fir char buffer!]; formats,
so if you are using this assembler you must use the Assembler
beltinys menu option to select ‘linkable' coae output. Charlie
Gibb s freely distributable A68k assembler, incidentally,
will produce linkable code automatically.
Most assemblers will give linkable object code modules a '.o’ filename extension by default and you also should stick to this convention. The source file september_test1 .s. which you ll find on this month's CoverDisk, snouid therefore assemble to produce an object code file called September testl o In order to turn this iniei mediate tile into a runable program we neeo to link some startup code, the seplemoerjestl.o module the assembler nas produced and. Of course, the amiga.iib library containing the printf() routine.
MNALPROGRAM If the Blink linker and all the other flies required (i.e. the startup code, the amiga.no library and the September lestt.o module) are in the same direc- toiy, then the final executable program can be pioauced very easily. Open a XDEF IOEF XIEF .¦yeode .buffer .stcl.k ¦ove.l 1200,-tip) pe .buffer Jsr _stcl.li iddq.l 18, sp rts ds.b 9 .buffer _iycode Listing 3i The my code ) assembler patch that calls the C hex conversion function Shell window, make the directory containing the required files the current directory, and then type this command line: blink astartup.obj
sipteiberjestl.o to septeaber.testl library aaigi.lib All being well you should then be able to run the resulting September Jest 1 program by typing its name at the Shell command line. Notice, incidentally, that I specified astartup.obj as the startup module. This is one of the modules provided with Devpac, but if you opted for a different startup module you would, of course, need to change the name on the command line accordingly. Similarly, if you changed the locations of any the files then suitable filepaths wou.
Need to be added to the names usr (otherwise the linker would not be a‘ to find the files).
Some of you may be wondering w since our resulting program is going be run from a Shell command line, can’t just link the code without spe*’ ing a startup module. The reason t startup code has to be present is' order to ensure that a valid stdout put handle exists. One of the additio.
Jobs that most startup modules (indr ing astartup.obj) perform is to set up standard I O handles stdin and stdo Unless this is done a call to prin* would crash the machine, so we m either link with a suitable startup mod or set up the standard output han ourselves.
This latter task is not particularly dl cult, it just involves opening the library and making a call to it's Outp; routine. Nevertheless, in order to k‘ the example code as simple as po ble, I've opted for the startup modui based approach.
Something a little trickier to finish It you've understood most of the material in the last two issues then this next example, which calculates tne hexadecimal equivalent ot a decimal numoer. Snouid be of interest.
Aithougn still only a very small program, it is a little more adventurous in the sense that I've chosen to take an around the houses' approach involving both the calling of an assembler patch from the C code and the calling of a C library function from the assembler patch.
The two sections of the program are shown in listings 2 and 3 and here's how they work: As the program starts the C portion of the code prints some text messages [this time using the C library printfO function]. It then passes control to the mycode() patch which pushes the value to be converted (I’ve arbitrarily chosen 200) and the address of a buffer for the returned hexadecimal string onto the stack.
The C function stcl_h() is then called to do the actual conversion, the stack adjusted to remove the parameters and an rts returns control to the C portion of the code where one last call to printf() delivers the result (c8 hex) to stdout.
To create this program I first assembled the code shown in listing 3 as a linkable object code module. Having done that the C code of listing 2 was compiled and, along with the assembler patch object code module and library code, linked to the C compiler's startup code. Th time, however, it was the standard C library,, rather than the amiga.iib library, that was specified on the command line.
Well that's it! As far as the principles the selves go this is the last of our mixed cod assembler C discussions and next month we6 be back to some pure 680x0-based topics! Do remember, however, that mixed code techniq are of great practical imjxxlance so. Even if found some of the ideas hard going, it’s wo persevering with them. Study the code, run t examples, and in general try to get a 'gut feelr for what has been said over the last two or the issues.
. Jt ¦ OC UJ UJ £g “I H cn D O - 0 Z Q Z UJ w = -t ¦- = -u ¦ a. 2i 3 c lf -OI D.c £ ~ 4j J § CD C W O Q 4j as oi* 0.
- ‘v s: ¦ c Q . O - c ? 3J; -r -3 O .= E p: - So: OC o| ?
O J I- *? S l ®S EC N£ UJ IS CD Sp
- °l i i m i
0) |u 5: = : O M * £ v c fl o
• .2 O C fl O £ I _ D N 5 Q 5 S sg s • 13 ? 51 3 W (0 = 8 .
E..£ Sj gii lilies - _» C 2 3%»*13 i: ( ) E 5 'J 2 $ 208 "S.
CL £ «f C x u « See B
Q) EO 5 j. Q) iS : hi cl c©13 Sss 8.a»®r%S 0-9 =
trrrOninn WM O 0wo co 18?ll g|!§Iy=§5|i"
o ar;¦or.2ffl*;c 2.tr~Co«c IgS»iS?i i?S|S ilffliogLUuOuOJnjOQjw
iTofu) |Bfi gTga.=sE!!£i'i| romro c o oniu-OfflOnjnz u y s-
f ji “¦Sis ?3;1 Oz I oc 15 jii¥3 i8?Is UlllIOl iii m il, °
• 5 §- I |Si _ 9 z
- ftj = °e OP | ® 0 -“ E ; = P -f nO * jo lo “ cs j_ * w •=
3 « ¦¦'• 5 5 g *7 £ ¦ 2 •*¦ E c E ! 5 = | ;
G o W ¦p !s Q 2 CJ CJ -5 rr I 5 P5 = s £§• § O IJ . : ( , ! ¦ 0)
• •: CJ 3 O O i Q- oS|ra K? 0 8aB Q£ c ) "i o w jc 11
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- IBFfO ORDERS Reviewed Colonization Sid Meier's latest
strategy game under the spotlight Behind the Iron Gate Your
essential guide to Amiga gaming Can Black Legend’s latest 3D
shooter really be Doom for the Amiga?
Player Manager 2 Anco’s popular football management sim is back boasting a wealth of new features Timekeepers Will Vulcan Software s new title cut the mustard with puzzle fans?
PiNUItb riKi mu Sensible Golf Sensible Software's golfing sim scores an eagle with our reviewer Top of the League System physio gives this sim the once over Budgets The latest cheapies rounded-up and reviewed Acid Software’s racer. Super Skidmarks, and Rasputin s Base Jumpers re-released for the CD32 Features Peripheral port ticklers Take your gaming'to a whole new level. We take a look at the peripherals available for your Amiga Team 17 update Progress i§ fast being made on some new Amiga titles. System take a preview Competition MicroProse goody bags are up for grabs Anyone for tennis?
By Tina Hackett ennis simulations usually stick to a rather serious angle but new company, GameWave, have a rather fresh- looking approach to the sport, Using charming cartoon sprites and a range of brightly coloured backdrops, their aim is to make the game as fun-looking as possible.
T GameWave are the collective talents of Michael Oakley, Alan Carter and Andrew Oakley, and at the moment they are seeking a publisher to market the game on the Amiga. PC and consoles. Andy and Mike already have an impressive past record working with software houses such as Team 17 and Sega. To date, they have been responsible for the graphics in Alien Vs Predator, Assassin and Alien Breed 3D, so it's a bit of a change of direction for them.
All of the game's 11 characters have their own characteristics such as varying strengths and weaknesses, so a different playing style is required with each game. Weather varies according to location and countries include Australia and the North Pole. You also have the usual four courts to choose from: clay, indoor, grass and cement. An ice court'will provide a bonus level that you access when you reach the end of a tournament. After winning a competition you will get a password for the Power Play game where you are given bombs and turbo and other devious ways of winning Centre of attention
Also on the subject of tennis. Guildhall Leisure Services, the marketing firm that deals with Acic Software products in the UK, have announced possible tie-in for their new game. Centre Court with tennis hero, Andre Agassi. A release expected this summer and a retail price of £19 99 for the Amiga, and £25.99 for the CD32 arv A1200 looks likely.
Axe to grind Internet Milan Wakefield based software house. Team 17, are keeping up with the Internet revolution with their latest venture. Their On-Line games division is raring to go with their first game, an Interactive Football League, it's based around a proper football league where each team plays each other twice, with points awarded accordingly.
You can either play via post with a floppy disk, by modem, or over the Internet. You pay £20 a season for these two latter versions, while playing by post costs an extra £10 but includes posrage £500 is up for grabs for the winner of the league and £50 for cup winners. Manager of the Month awards can also be won.
FTi- CUU 1*,. LMUlM I(wit !¦¦¦¦ O Jt PfJMM t Mlf UM» 1) • l«M » -VIM £«••»!*«•» II Ckw '•hlM'h
• ft* 1 ConAgurab* OtAor*
* *» ¦ O* kU |H,lv • m Oubfetac* £l8Sr.ir. EQH till 11 r.,.
mmj ¦¦HI .....h. u. 03 ® mi S3S3 SO Glz) ’Vr v T i) . .V-TW QW
OTW* If the success of the fantasy leagues in newspapers are
anything to go by, Team 17 will have a great success on their
hands Those wondering what has happened to Millennium's martial
arts title, Master Axe. Con now expect an Autumn release The
game is based on the journey of martial arts’ expert Neil Axe
and his cycle tour across America.
Millennium are now looking at ways to release the game and one option under consid eration is to release the title with a joypad from peripherals company. Powerplay. The pad hos been endorsed by games celebrity, Dave Perry and should add extra value to the package Struck Gold Grandslam have a bargain in store for CD3!
Owners with their latest compilation, Gamfl Gold. It comprises of three CD32 titles, the fligh action game. Jetstrlke, Nick Faldo's Golf, arx cartoon racer. Bump ‘n' Burn. It will be pricer at £29.99 Calling all readers Team talk The spectator's chants and cheers will all be related to what is happening on the pitch This is the new look System. We hope you like it.
As part of this redesign we are giving readers a chance to participate more fully in the section, so any letters, game tips or game queries can be sent to us at the usual address.
(Please mark it ‘System.') As a result of our survey, we have also found that most of you would like to see more budget coverage and information such as Squirrel compatibility for CD-ROM games. The design h general has been revamped too, to give the section a bang up-to-date look. Let us know what you think so far.
Impact Software are a relatively new company | to the Amiga, and their first offering will be a I highly ambitious football simulation called Team.
; Ralph Lovesy. Managing Director for the com- t, pony, remarked: ‘The game will have a true 3D environment. This means the players will no longer go through each other or the goals. The ball will also rebound realistically off the cross bar or advertising boards.'
Other features will Include a fully animated crowd around all the pitch wearing the appropriate colours. Their sound effects will actually be relevant to what's happening on the pitch too.
Lovesy is eager to point out how realistic the game will be to play: ‘Pin-point passes, powerful shots, defensive clearances and subtle chips can be achieved in almost any direction remarkably easily to produce a game of instinctive, free-flowing football and sensational goals. We've also added directional control of shots to replace the unrealistic aftertouch method."
It sounds impressive but we'll have to wait until Autumn to see if the game lives up to the grand features it boasts.
Pole Position update The latest news from Ascon is that progress fe fast being made on their racing manager game, Pole Position. Their last success.
On the Ball, heralded a new phase in the picture-based football management game and its World Cup Edition went straight to number two in the home computer charts. It's hoped that Pole Position will follow suit and also use this graphic style ond picture-based approach. You take the role of managing a Formula One team that you have to take to the top. And will encounter all the problems a real manager would face.
Cheap Tricks!
I Due to the acquisition of (impressions by Sierra, Daze I Marketing will no longer be |: handling this companies PR So I unfortuntaley. This marks the | end of Amiga products from f Daze (bar Pole Poistion from I Ascon) offering one last bargain.
Amiga Computing readers can buy the excellent Ishar 2 and stardust for only £6 each.
To get your hands on these two lovelies (we mean the games) send a cheque or postal order for £5.99 to Amiga Computing offer. Daze Marketing. 9A Canfield Place.
London, NW6 3BT. (Both compatible with A500 1200) : However, as a fond farewell i and as a thank you to those 1 Amiga owners who have I bought their games, they are SYSTEM review Cent**cl$ I Contract Ithout a shadow of a doubt Sensible Software are the definitive football game developers. Although, looking bock over the years. Anco, the masterminds behind the Kick Off series have to be awarded the 'most consistency' trophy.
M Kick Off was their first release which kicked up a tremendous following which inevitably brought around a sequel - namely Player Manager. Back then Anco was the only name that mattered within the football game industry. After the success of Kick Off 2 they looked unbeatable. Although it may not have had the polished graphics that Sensible Soccer had. For gameplay It could not be matched.
Player Manager 2 arrives five years after the prequel. Anco have had time to weigh up the competition. Waiting, and only now deciding to launch their eagerly anticipated sequel.
When you begin the game you are allocated a club to run. This can be any team In division 2. At 28- years old your retirement Is Imminent, but you now have the opportunity to toke Oh a job OS Player Manager in division 2 - revitalising your footballing prowess. You can select which position you would prefer to play, from either a full-back to a striker, and can also select whether to control the entire team or just play as yourself in your selected position.
Once you enter the game and all the administration processes are sorted you will be on holiday. From here you can call people up - scouts, physios, specialists and coaches - and can assign them to your club before the game starts. Also, you must arrange five friendly matches to be played in the pre-season.
Onco this is complete you must speak to some companies who are willing to sponsor your club throughout the season.
PUBLISHER Anco Anco £19.99 E!
3 E No ram All Amigas You can access all the various options through some superb graphics. The first option is outside your ground which has the walls cut-out so you can see all the.different rooms in your stadium. These vary from your office and the boardroom to where it all happens, on the pitch.
DISKS HD INSTALL When you access one of the rooms it takes you to q more detailed view where you can click on notice boards, drawers, telephones etc. This is much the same way as On The Ball is operated, only there are more pictures and Items to select. The idea Is to get SUPPORTS Done You are allocated a contract at the beginning of your managerial career John Barnes still?
In Player Manager 1 - atter taking your team from the depths of the. Then, third division to the first - the challenge had basically disappeared. All that was left was the domestic trophy scene - there were no European competitions or international squads.
Being 28-years old in Player Manager Z you are more or less 'past it' In terms of international football. Although boasting many caps from your earlier days, your international career is now believed to be over. But if you do manage to be a successful player In your last few years, it is possible to receive a call up and within days you will be scooting off to Bisham Abbey to train with the newly promoted youngsters. With data disks arriving later on from Anco. What’s next? The England job itself? We'll have to wait and see.
Your team into a coaching programme and orgi ise a training programme. You can select numer.
Ways to coach your team - from individual attentl to five-a-sides. It is impossible to describe the c ing and tactical depth that is Included in Piayi Manager 2 as it would simply fill up these two pai alone.
From your office you can organise team selectii and transfers. All transactions you make in here are relevant to the actual team itself. You can call the transfer list not just to buy players but to them too. Also, you can view all the club and pli statistics to see the current form. If you want to the game in depth there are many screens you hi layer Manager You can see that the qraohim are very similar to Kicfr Off 3 although the action in viewed from much further out. Thin enables you to see where your team weaknesses are and you can put them right in the tactics editor
• If you want a serious, statistcal football game with plenty of
frills then Player Manager 2 comes top of the list 9 Reviewed
by Andy Maddock stars, with white stars representing the best
players in that particular league, and the darker the star Is.
The less likely the player is to cope at your club. All the
basic football attributes and rules are included - red and
yellow cards, injuries and suspensions are all recorded and
affect the team accordingly.
There is a special room on the top floor of your stadium where all the club's archives are kept. You can study every club in the league, looking at their history, records and current statistics.
A trip to the physio can be warranted if some of your players pick up injuries during the season. If it's something minor such as the flu then resting them for a day or two will bring them back up to full fitness.
However, if It's more serious such as pulled hamstrings or back muscles, then a visit to a specialist is required.
Player Manager 2 doesn't include real players' names as such, This is a shame because it's difficult to assess the true value of players and make it exciting.
For instance, it would be more interesting if Alan Shearer and Eric Cantona were involved in a brawl rather than B McNeil and T Horkouk - it would've added to the realism immensely.
To view before actually stepping out on the pitch, qnd this is where the true managerial feature comes rtoptay.
The actual players each have their own unique llOtistics which range from their nationality to individual player history. Their ratings are determined in Player Manager 2 includes immense realism. Your players can get injured in car crashes and even resort to brawls in nightclubs - which at the moment, is nothing short of unusual in today's game.
Final word As it stands. Player Manager 2 certainly is better than Ultimate Soccer Manager and On The Ball. As for Sensible Soccer, it just cannot be compared, yer Manager 2 and Sensible Soccer are two stely different games. Sensible Soccer has to be the definitive arcade football game, but if you want a serious, statistical football game with plenty of frills then Player Manager 2 comes top of the list, lost month. Toctical Manoger received a healthy score for boasting Its statistics, but Player Manager actually goes a lot further, With update disks promised from Anco. Your version will be
continually updated with new competitions. Tactics and teams. At £19.99. this has to add up to one of the greatest football games to be released. If you enjoyed On The Ball's graphics and Championship Manager's depth and gameplay.
This is undoubtedly the definitive management sim.
Behind SYSTEM The Iron eatd PUBLISHER Kompart Black Legend £25.99 DISKS 2 All Amigas HD INSTALL SUPPORTS I Hoorn on the Amiga would be a dream come true for many owners out there. If you aren’t particularly familiar with Doom or anything identical, I will explain. It's a 3D shoot-'em-up where you control a character who has several mission targets to destroy or complete. The main attraction to Doom has to be the graphics, with hugely detailed sprites used alongside very fast gameplay and tremendous depth.
I can understand the fact that Doom on the PC shouldn't be compared to anything similar on the Amiga due to its technical superiority, but it is obvious what these games are based on. Behind The Iron Gate is an attempt to re-create Doom by using the same methods - only cutting down on the parts the Amiga simply cannot cope with. Is it possible?
Black Legend seem to think so, The idea is to accomplish various small mission objectives. Unfortunately, it doesn't entail anything as involved and exciting as switching off tractor beams and escaping thermal detonators. Behind The Iron Gate seems to consist only of putting the odd key into a lock, which appears to open other gates to take you through to the next level.
On your way through the game you will come across a series of mechanical adversaries which can range from small mobile tanks to mechanically operated helicopters. To help you overcome these obstacles you can search the area for weapons.
Such as pistols, shotguns and lasers You will als come across keys and scanners which are essential pieces of equipment.
As you pick them up you can select which han to put them in. For example, you can have a pisti in your right hand and grenades in your left. Ttl becomes much easier when you are attacking th enemy because it enables you to switch be twee each one with the utmost of efficiency and ease, password system is also included to gave you a W tie more help, so you can note it down and resta whenever you feel is appropriate.
The graphics are surprisingly fast - smooth too Most people believed the Amiga wasn't fd enough to accommodate Doom, but going off th you do begin to think it could be possible. Howevfl at times it tends to zoom off at a horrific rate, lea ing you with no control whatsoever and facing tti wrong direction.
The music is fairty atmospheric, suiting the actio reasonably well, and as for sound effects, there the odd gun shot and scream here and there tx nothing too exceptional.
The colours are simple, with blue walls for the ft level which gradually become a dark red The* certainly isn't an abundance of colour leaping oi which makes it look very boring - and it actually It doesn't really boast any action-packed advei ture, and after a good while the actual playing pa will become nothing more of a chore. Inevttab boredom will set in.
Reviewed by Andy Maddock f ...and as for sound effects, there is the odd gun shot and scream here and there,.. « From the screenshots shown here your fifS Impression will be Doom. You must wipe tha thought from your mind completely and hope for a more realistic version in the future.
I will warn you that If you do decide to invei you will be wishing for Doom as you play It. J Final word THE RETURN OF THE WORLD’S BEST CELLAR!
I t The most eagerly awaited sequel in the history of gaming t Mpic role playing in a dungeon world more realistic and intelligent than ever before t I eatnres incredible new creatures that think for themselves and learn by experience t All new scenarios below and above ground - villages, forests and temples + Mind-blowing special effects include lightning, rain and magic + New easy to use point and click interlace £'1994 Interploy Productions ltd.
I Software Heaven Inc. AH rights reserved Interplay ltd.
Interplay Productions. 71 M'lton Park.
Abingdon, Oxon 0X14 4RX Tel -»44|0) 1235 821668 Fax:-44|0) 1235 821777 fter the success of Sensible World of Soccer. Sensible Software return with their final adios to the Amiga market with another high profile release that's been jockeying between finished and almost finished for the last six months.
Finally, it has landed.
I'm not so sure that golf games are in need of an introduction. Golf is basically golf - clubs, balls, tees and greens, nothing special or original, just golf. A sport where aged businessman do ‘business' during office hours - claiming they're really stuck in traffic SYSTEM A Tho power gouge it foiriy eoty to master. You get frustrated at first, but it will become easier Sensible Golf uses the infamous Sensible Software trademark once again - the character sprites. They are the same ones used in Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder - nice and small but incredibly effective.
After being released as a coverdisk demo on many magazines. Sensible Software were simply unhappy with the result. It didn't play as polished as it looked, so they were going to tweak and twiddle with the gameplay, That was the last I heard - until now.
My first impressions were very good as the graphics looked very much like those in Sensible Soccer - only without shorts. There is an option included to configure your character to look like yourself or your colleagues - the colour of hair, skin, trousers and shirt can all be altered to create your own golfing superstar. You can then make your way to the options screen to fine tune the in-game entertainment - especially the background ambience (bird tweets, to us common folk).
PUBLISHER Virgin Sensible Software PRICE During a season of tournaments. 72 other computer competitors will join you on the leaderboard - all trying to win the huge cash bonus you receive at the end. You can play matchplay, strokeplay or skins. Skins is the firm favourite in the office because you can play for oodles and oodles of cash, The richest after the last hole, wins! It's as simple £29.99 ¥ DISKS HD INSTALL No All Amigas SUPPORTS • Modeiia Championship Leoderboard Nodeira Island (Par 73) - Round 1 * Position Na*ie tfole Score = 17 Tyson 3 Par = 17 Yves 3 Par = 30 AVDY 3 +1 = 30 Arnold
3 +1 = 30 Chipper 3 +1 * A [Play text Hole 1 V Prize Mones Exit Tho Madeira Championship is the first tournament you will take part in during your long, hard trek through a gruelling season.
As that, if you play in a season, you get to part in all the major competitions against best players from around the world. You travel everywhere with your clubs, trying to the leaderboard with your expert prowess.
The idea is to win championships, therefore receiving cash. You will then be entered on the prize money leaderboard where all the greatest players happily take residence. The ultimate goal is to sit at the top of this leaderboard after Teeing off To take a shot, you must first look at a small map which you bring up in the top corner. Here, you can see all the various obstacles as well as the pin and green. Once you have set your direction, you get a zoomed-in view of your golfer which is about the same distance away as Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer - with regard to graphics. You can then
fine-tune your direction a little and get ready to tee off.
Three presses are involved in the actual taking of a shot. The first starts the power-bar. The second selects the power, and as the gauge comes down you have to press It to stop It In the red bit. The red bit Indicates a straight shot, and the yellow either side represents hook and slice. Hopefully, you will now have cleared it down the fairway, and It's time to do it ai again!
Wo were mil mo afraid of playing Tina. She always seems to beat us.
Will that do? Can I have my money, now?
GAZZfl e_ ANDY ;_B_ CUSICK ;_e_ VftLUE sieeee TiNR UP ill 10 e rill 'P g ie st fe er l 3 J 3 r S h ir 3 3 3 i k a u Reviewed by Andy Moddock Oakville ($ 16,600 Per Hole) Nume MDY CUSICK GftZZft TfNrt Current Hole Value: $ 10,660 Play Next Hole Exit Winnings Position Not only can you play strokeplay and matchplay, but you can play for big money in the skins tournament Final word Other than these gripes mentioned before, which aren't anything particularly major, you just need some practice to enable you to become more familiar with the controls.
It is actually very easy to master and hopefully, with some practice, you should be going for the championships.
There is an option to practice any hole from any course, so it is easy to brush up on your golfing skills before heading for ng in many gruelling tournaments and sea- |sons. As soon as you begin to play, you will find Bible Golf very frustrating. When you set your [club for the yardage to the pin. The ball will | never reach the distance.
At first I thought it may have been because I [wain the rough. But no, even if I was on the noy. Well clear of any hazard. It still wouldn't [ go as far as it boasted - it always seemed to fall [ four or five feet short of the pin. This is very oying as your shots will not be as accurate [ os the meter shows.
'The actual hole layouts are very badly gned. When you hope to drive it down the
* ay. You don't expect a huge stream or [bunker slap bang in the
middle. Due to this, you [ either have to smash It up field and
hope it Clear everything, which Is very unlikely.
I or change your driver for an iron so it drops before the hazard, which is extremely tough to (judge Whichever method you plump for, you the big cash prize. The game itself is quite large - with 25 different courses.
Each one isn't amazingly different from the other, but the weather, trees and backgrounds tend to vary a little.
As it stands, it's certainly a fantastic little arcade game with many months Of entertainment. If you can manage to stay calm during the frustrating parts you'll find It very enjoyable - especially with four players.
Always end up In a bunker or water hazard. As it stgnds, there seem to be too many obstacles that Interfere with the actual playing area. It is possible to weave around them, but each shot adds to your overall total, which will certainly not win you championships.
• a fantastic little arcade game with many months of
entertainment} Skins Tournament leaderboard ’ Tti Tupf Jnb*
ucxcw-f *Jc»j Wrw s. flfeMfmf.btWMffl CiMfrf 'Jo'.W.r.tr «'jr
Irft’richlp, »lc ytflHO'Jtlij ©ff« U jU yOv now «t,:gpy if «
art, HflUJPV exit trjra'1! Wd if *- witf nr tri oTherzt" ' Qhe
long-awaited Colonization has finally made its way from the PC
and onto the Amiga. Developer, Sid Meier, already has a stack
of hit titles behind him, including the game's predecessor.
Civilization. Colonization is not really the sequel to this but a lot of the game's features are included.
Much of the original game engine is used too.
The difference lies in when the game is set.
Whereas Civilization put you back in pre-history, building your civilization up to the space age.
Colonization has a more specific time span, putting you in the role of Viceroy of the New World. The America's have just been discovered in 1500 and the game continues up until the American Revolution in 1800.
You have been sent by your country to establish colonies in the newly discovered territories and deal with all the problems that the early settlers faced. Playing as either the English, French.
Spanish or Dutch, you must establish your colony, learn to use the natural resources and set up a viable trade route. Relations with the natives and with the other foreign powers can also be established. Either through diplomacy or war.
The game starts and you have the option to play at different skill levels. Play as a Discoverer if you've never played before and rise through the ranks up to the challenge of Viceroy. This is by far the hardest route and the natives will be less friendly and enemy powers more punning. Help is at hand, however, through your advisers who can be consulted on matters such as trade conditions or the state of play with your rivals.
MicroPros© Unlike a lot of games, as well as facing the challenge in hand, you are also competing against opponents. In this case it is not only natives but the other foreign powers all seeking dominance in the New World. You play in a series of turns - each has a strict sequence of action - and within each turn you can carry out your plans.
To win the game, you must build up enough power to successfully declare independence from your mother country, Alternatively, the game SUPPORTS All AMIGAs lMb+ You must decide whether to declare war or peace with the natives automatically ends in 1800 where your score vi be calculated, although you can play after til time but without any score being accumulated The game requires you to make a vast amou of decisions on trade, warfare and colonial issue Once a colony has been established, the ma priority will be survival and collating enough of tt natural resources to start a small cottage
industi As this accumulates you can start thinking aba establishing trade routes and building a stabl economy.
The education and religious needs of yo colonists should also be addressed, and establB ing schools and colleges will make for betti skilled workers. All the information you may need compiled in vorlous tables and will impart thinj such as how many favour rebellion against th mother country, or how much religious freedof there is.
An encyclopaedia is also provided to giv you helpful information on terrain types or ar particular aspect you need more detail an, Issues get debated within your colony arx eventually Founding Fathers can join yoi fa* Advice panels appear throughout the gamo on matters such as warfare and trade
- a,, ! 1 11 ?
* o|*
* I •
• I w
* 1 *1 !j From the Colony Display, you can control what happens
in your settlement Making history As a player of Colonization
you get to change lory. Set in the period 1500 to 1800. During
the 'ery of the Americas, you get to change the events that
took place.
Unfortunately, the designers have paid little attention to making the font easy to read I Whichever European power you decide to be. You'll have realistic factors that will affect fteQame. The French, for example, co-operate with the natives better because alliances and trade agreements were maintained with the motives for many years.
| One exceptional aspect of the game is that it gives you some historical background as you go along. The manual also gives an interesting Wght into the Irtdian tribes and various facts from this rich period of history.
Ization For the more cerebral Reviewed by Tina Hackett games player, Colonization comes highly recommended 9ntal Congress. With them they can bring col new ideas that will advance the course of fcry. For example. John Paul Jones was a suC- isful Scottish naval commander who served for the colonies during the war of Independence and 1 he joins your congress your navy will get a ate As the game progresses war may become nec- f with other foreign powers you come across, nacy can be sought and whether you wage r will depend on resources. A quick campaign 1 have its benefits but long campaigns
will 3in resources.
I Those familiar with Civilization will see that this ne uses a similar interface. Controlled by the 9, you can click on a drop down menu to $ your orders. Keyboard shortcuts can also used to carry out an order quickly. Some iy also be surprised to see that the game uses 9nch.
| Although it's not a visually stunning game, the hies are more detailed than you'd expect i this wide range overhead view and different rrains are all conveyed realistically. Other graphics worth a mention are the characters that appear throughout the game which are drawn well and add authenticity and an historic air.
Finally, there's plenty of in-game music you can choose from, so you don't get stuck with one grating tune throughout. From Indian pan pipes to jaunty victory tunes, you can take your pick.
Final word Colonization is a very in-depth strategy game and it does take a while to get into. Once there though, it's a thoroughly absorbing title that has been Intelligently written. And fortunately, It doesn't fall into a common strategy trap of becoming tedious or overly complex - the main objective of fun remains throughout.
Also, there is more action than you might think for a turn-based game, and it continually engages the player in planning their next move. For the more cerebral gamesplayer. This comes highly recommended.
ALL OUR PD DISKS We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE pr PACK just write down the pack TITLE ¦all DISKS ARE COMPATIBLES WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED £AYAbLt * £: Soh_LWAHE 2000 G i8kngans At2QO A4000 only |SEN TO ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) TEL OR FAX: 01827 68‘ How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code. EG Uol Against. Some tHies have a number in (). This means the title coma on (x) number of disks, to order PACK just write down the pack TITLE name.
Pack price aa stated. All Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest disk catalogue please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 Price .....99p per disk Plaate add 70p to total for poitaoe A package SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC D6) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL ENGLAND TEL: 01827 68496 SOFTWARE 20 Dept (ACD6) I 9 WILLS STREE LOZELLS BIRMINGHAN B191PP TEL: 0374 678 OR VARIOUS UTILITIES NEW TITLES U*7* ocilrtl PAINT 4 BUGGY SYST1M Ql OeC die m Ocuw rMtl **••*'. H lp 4 II Win biotivm ivstj vt& Ersa- UwoSjl EW lUtE ' ATs'oor'C enygomepleyei hundrede o«pounde (no!
K1.3| rMe Of mo Mooon. Oomi conoti j ft rany mom WA ter BEVa barkdro SSSStUCK vanoua ra-aien e4 kKkaimt. Recommended UMO NEW SUPER MRUS NLLER Inol WB3) kIM 316. vuaa UB47 ASTRO 32 V3 Mleel CmceleM atanVun poemona U649 FORCASTER V2 • heree racing eradMMn program UktO ASSA?KIH COPIER Clola) meludoe XoopySWoofry an u ¦ M4FY ipriH.IM.1. wSOMldltl. F ISF’IU. Ml into sitnto-sconc a t inm Aroo i zi tiri RAMOOM DOT srrnr OgnAM genaralor UMI I ORTH PROGRAMMING |VOT WBI J) I U9VS PRO PAG* 2 I HELP OCSk Large hap Mf CsSpROPAO TKMPLATV. Tone cF ready i«| UBST SCALA BACKGROUND 12 dliki) Vary Tapi 18
DEMOS je 18 and over only X0O CINDY CRAWFORD (2) X74 MADONNA (SEX) (3) X01 SHOWER GIRL X03 BODY TALK (2) XOO MARIE WHITTAKER X24 SABRINA SPECIAL X2S DIE FILKINGER X26 MADONNA EARLY DAYS X28 KATHY LLOYD X30 MEGA-MAID X31 CALENDAR GIRL X32 MAYFAIR X33 UTOPIA (4 DISKS) X45 GIRLS OF SPORf X4fl PAGE 3 GIRLS X70 GON GON GIRL X71 TINA SMALL X91 Calendar girl 95 .ItaV'trinBfitttiiHMha A417 ANNA X-44EN • mora MANGA comk Show* ANIMATIONS i r t rue neu i... - - I FILLET THE FISH «MKCT PROW H Mvr.N al SIM t FIUN ¦ uolut bwng chrard t rufts A enCH - Hmmm Far 14 .
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MADONNA SUO£ ANOTKEH I WAVS TO WLL N(W VIZ - Hmm lor 14 . Only too MUCH 30 ¦ Sramb Spacooh'. ¦ ALIENS I Orflnralj I7w brat Aun,
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IW«I»U au kt kick wm real uh bookm REPORT SICHTPKL UJ O nONUWNO
MIST FOR ALL UFO FANS FECC4MBWEC compatiDte with all Amnas
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FIGHT (nor AM31.11 THE REAL PttPEVE *4 :AS0U 13 erdy) SYSTEM
DEFEND - B llUm Omendar done AIRQA-SOY Game boy emulHor . MirN
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laruel UN SENSVIE SOCCER vary almler lo Sen art cor oamra
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apa DOOM on Pre PC FOOIdtALL MANAGER • now rarelon SOLO
ASSAULT 3D llu Wing Commander SEED Of DARKNESS • 8KIIPM grMtus
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Graal orayrac.
AWIOAROYOwn* tKJr MuUtW . WOK 0VTT4CU IN SPACE Ry«mmy ) OTTBL ANWH »IIURt VMS* MOON AllPT tCNIOUS BACKGAMMON Ih. Bad In PO SO STAR WotO a Onkl br llwnl Ivu.1 UN SENSaeiE SOCCER Mf| Ilnl* to Sanut [a wm RECOMWEHOED FR(Vt MANIA - BrWWnt FruMnAehM* TRICKLE TREAT - ky DOOM on Pa PC TOO!-BALL MANAGEX . Now wraloh SOLO ASSAULT 30 IR* Wins Comma, dw SEED Of DARKNESS • Sulla* grain; Kmi NANO FLT Sypwt* OfMOO gimy RfCOMMEN the GREAT GOLD RAID vary yddh-tlra ANT WAR VI » (LATEST) net I 3 ZTNO-MORPH - Groat orayhira TASK FORCE MTV goad HMD SHADOW clora GREEN Hvt Amatfa gracMc UM f LASMBAC PROFESSIONAL
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OASH CAV7A7 C0LUCTKM2 OASH CAVtAf C0UECTKM2 G44S SUPER MEGA FRUIT- All new Frutt MpcHlne Gf47 SITWAROS ENQUIRY Nyw Ngryy rycmajwrnn GAM DNTVPia MANIAC 10 Hit rarwr the Hdf ftp) car racing - very Ml RECOAMtf HOED GBMRLANET FALL • Lunar Landw done OBM INTENSE 2 Follow up lo part 1 RECOMMEHOED M»1 BUCK TOOTH ADVeHTURE Viry gsM mu» UV4 ehooUeoDact am up RCC04MKN0CD GS« SUREN 0BU1tU!?yMU*i ,AMarMd*wyaaiif FANO 2 MS * mpn. BECSweNOCO G4S4 SUPER INVASION 11 • New SPACE INVADER GBSS ULTHtATED QUIZ - put. D)«a quU machine G497 THE SHEPHERD Bnllrent POPULUS clone REC G44S SUPER MEGA FRUIT- All new Frvrt
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onty ...... MtGA OAUf COLLECTIONS II ) lop Qampi MADONNA NUOE PUZZLES ter IS. O Vv GRAVITY rnaaarvw apara autur nq aa*a CYBER NETIC RrlNona 8 way Mama* PONMV KONG |nol AIJOJ) rl«,.r. Ar-np, CRAZY SUE A- Beat pwMnrm Is data SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE IA Pace ad nor- STAR TREK alnatar lo RAICH but Narda- TOTAL FIRES ¦ Very lad ahool am up.
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aw crew award EC-31 IQ TEST . IQ GAMES pat* l ratal ad E033 TYPING 1000R very feed lipHia Bator EOM CHESS HELPER hotvfoacn how lo play chra.
EOM COMPUTER CARE how ID Cara aboul AMIGAS EG40 GUIDE 10 LOWER BACK PAM Keenai abma • AhawtoavaNJbacApaM Reoemmandad EG41 KIOS ALPHABET AT aipnalxrt Mllw» » TREASURE SEARCH And The Mnn lr*Mu M LEARN A PLAY I (MX AT200I many MM S s
* MR MEN MB1.M LkIIumI ilsty Mwituif I* ASTROMT lulon* on Aow.SUr
PACK (S Bakupaikad wVilot NEW EDUCATION PACK & 21 GAMES 2
erhobby OraM|AOrSKSi --------- MTS TURf i L£TTEfl IMPS M f*4M •
Ifatl Mop 111 * 01 NO WAN OuU on daioaaura E120 JUMOR MAIMS
Orem MarrwMMd ter leeeM Pw maPta aubMcta RECOMMENDED E121
wad. Uda warda fill KID DISK 1 • BitllaM aBjeWon tall E124 K10
OtSK 2 ¦ moreedueoaen program EI2S JURASSIC PARK Ms ol mid
ondWiaaam E1» CHK.0REN SONO 2 coolant S e.cdlani MR l’J7 Ming
HU 1W9 omyi B'« cni-m mm (in ASTRO 22 PRO.V3 ¦ the latasl
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KtoOTSK 3 (OTP} tNwmgpr oram ter Uda 11» I BENCH VEND fllTIN
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E14J KJO OTSK s A 4 - 2 diakaTue ol erMlant ami t iaa chess A
luion - ruu. Warn ,au u. ra m £1U HiTEHNfT • FUU tpde lo raeinm
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Janoneea lanm ElW K£YBOARO TRAINER An eieeUem typMn U E1S7 WORD
POWER ipHkhar •wrU.oaawerl M EIA3 CROSSWORD CREATOR • 3et.Un
(ITT CHILD FAYOUPTTt - EdixMien erodram r 170 FRANTIC OLADf TO
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* 177 crag r punk ? Ter Cyww** bsb» sntf Hill SIGMTUPIC Crf ATON
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LITTLE WOO* I lOMdl A gmpFuea Br.llml, 'acommanoad F»7 BACK TO
SKOOL .ol I oolotoon ol IN* Mil EOM BACK TO SKOOL .ol 2 an
aducalrai won Hbf BACK TO SKOOL Y vl 3 A aunts RECOmSk EtOO
UTTLE TRAVELLER ImlwmaOon an aottel € 101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY .odd
ar* map A Mai E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM Tutorial on we A E104
54 % Tkit is 9* iK) Imu 1 mil tta belt W4 emi lor the Am ja It
lull) muiiln the C64 congulK to you ein pay Kl the lop CP jam t
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AiT lestenualj CCX F4 nit XTTN VC 4MG4 mzi i SPECTRUM , ITJ
GAMES pack j Iflmry large rvrnber ol disks, mice rrxxe games
than | W* my Sptefun pack. D ispoastti to pin iD thf any nil
Spactnm gimet Besides pt l-q gum you cm writs your mm program
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jUilrincnryknoiFuT RCTOJM GAMES CO. SpscDum V2 omiAaior
indudod. I sSf now. Imwd pack available only £39.99 C64 v3 PK4
i iArC64v3md45.100.200 games pack »t?i otfra 55 0641 BMNrg 400
C64 games & uliioei dltks. Comas on large.
R 7 Imi ¦ gamts 1st and toadmg laafat Only £2499 ‘ I |C64 or Spectrum atTven box for more detail MamwipidtumfinJ.
Pr.rtw tttttag tastnjeUns J't induj*fl Ccffprtb* *0 II ktigjs i&Jt vers o’ mo I'O.OeC, AJI SpeCrjn ;xii Krtui dfltrant pmt apsswa a mam pms SPECTRUM ? 50 GAMES PK1 ONLY £4.99 SPECTRUM +100 GAMES PK2 ONLY £7.99 SPECTRUM +200 GAMES PK3 ONLY £12.99 SPECIAL OFFER PACK 4 Take SPECTRUM pack 1, ?, 3 A extra 59 new games FREE. Total 400 games for only £19.99 k| Pill Ke»|uMr*N«i dZX SPECTRUM VI 66* lib AGA M P Uy runt m h •»*». Tan M iddtd is any SpR-trum c*:k lor oniy Sty extra. For any Amiga except KSU.
Ota of the finest co4lection* of fonts available.
'Z7 tote tor Dpdnt »tc. Or Seals. Word-proce*oor,
* 9. DTP. Etc. Thi* Pack conaiata of nearly 700 ftkrant styles ot
fonts. Also moat fonts come In ¦Dvt sizes, making nearly 1500
fonts (estimate).
IBM lir tny Amiga LIFF foot} do-iHA too' mended OM WB a mmm Mr C64& 45 original games...£4.99 C64 & 100 original games...£8.99 C64 & 200 original games.£16.99 Nolr M gmet hivt bam hit) tsstid I Iskd Oir (listing 4S ]bth pack BscrtvausiyidvMtaKlhasbNtingiicadtiythMarwariSgBTKS AQA140 CROSS DOS PLUS *S.1 raxSWre. PC m a AOAI41 PAMUDt ANT 2 OCT)- hwd ol fwrari A roy »«eo AC* 14; SUPER LEAGUE 1 - tltotl man**- gim AOA144 SPEAK A SPELL - ofeMOontl •otTww* la, bid* AdAMi bd Iol'i l« . CWy) Hmnn AOAI4S KCLOO LANO - t»llUn pIMform - a mum AOA1M ACTION REPLAY VS ¦ NEW UPDATE TO V4 AOA2M DIRT AGA MM ¦
AOAMOcuqtacxpioMi_ AGA2S4 KEEEREN AOA Dome lot* ol.
AGAJSJ MINOMIST RAVE gram row MK AGA2S4 OXVGENE MHW Wm AGA2S4 PIT E LOUT onolhor .wy good dmno AOA2BO SOME JUSTTC S4 Damo ol wo month. BWNont wftlri
ACLAJyTgCORG GALaXO a dHk() b inw* imNMowl iho*4t,l.lform g*nW
KC6UUCNK0 AGA2M M»S4LM)Vr R « NON |? Rtl.k.l NrtSMM 10 oHOdRo
AGA2H4 TEAAIMOI OINO PlXtTONM oicoUmii dmo pisnorm Nora M Oat
mm a comoaruai oama AGA2SE TEAM HOI SAQA Th« Fmol cAApNr S dWUI
IN AOA1S4 CP40Y CRAWTONO Vol t ft dufci .
AGA 144 INVEST AT30N (3 Omt) Ttm MniM AGA Ami AQADO WOT CRAWTOflD Vsl R * dliU) WIMO I AQA1T2 VTOEO TRACKER AGA • ulttnao* darno mow.
AGA 114 MAGK WO EXTRA .ol « • t (2 «4N4I AQA1M OIP BEAUTCS Vei (11 14 I mwo 0« OM* AOA1tt flWJAY AT t ether trllunl AGA aamw AG A140 ASS ASX MULTIVISION AGA pK v..og oil ¦ AOA142 AUEN FREN2E 2 p AOA142 AUEN EREN2E 2 d»ft. Moilmp . Paw. Up AGAI24 SJG IB4T SENSUAL h d»») SPAcf BALL 2 A&AZOfl MASQUE RARE 1 HIM KrllMnl p«» jarai AGA202 RAM JAM M • c« t* Bona (2 dNM A0A202 EXPLOIT 2 OEMO no* oflacl wl don.. AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN } d.M rtqure* 2 ddl dilvM A0A2X TREASURE Of TUTARKHAMUN-eUuwWn loot AOA2IO CHANEL I DISK IAAQ (20) AI200 Mat nwgulnw AGA220 KLONDIKE NEW CARO SET (Tdllkl) AOA220 LOVE
2 dHk imp*, Mliw-i AGA22I AGA UTIL 7 A S(2 dl.«.I man uUI AOA234 KNOTTY Slunnno AGA Mdks pKtur* IMM.
AOA240 LOTTERY WINNER hoprfullp mil mpurn ,out duooM oI rtwno 4 mcNpoA QOOO LUCK AOA24I-2M AGA GAME MALONE AGAOMtWt dork tho ootlro cofoctlon or n * AGA GAME GALORE «w:h «M pocA OMR quoiirp AGA ci N»ttN 9-"w* Rf COSIMtNOEO AGA2S1 PACKMAN AGA ¦ re tw" pocmin ,« AOA2S2 ROCKET PO • Sup*. Thruol dM MNIM lor 1 art pldyor AGA2SS RAYWONLO J dNX) wry kngwwiw RGRZ70 Crf All DCMO ¦ KM Cil K Vddor (11KU pi c®s WM vofth nifflnn AOAZn rMVt MAXIMUM OytKMYt U (2 Ma| AGAZ74 CHANNEL I ISSUE I I AGA) (1 dHkn) AGA Mu dMk magpunw RECONMENOEO AQAl .•» AGA UWIUM tnUudrg CM» X. Supordupw YJ, Now Mmiu 2 41c
RECOMMENDED AGA2S0 CHANNEL Z Ihm 1E2 «Mtl AGA dm I mogaxdo aM to moot am ol Opwtil CHANNEL Z Iwuo S (2 SUl) AGA dNk nwgwln* 2amo4nutlc WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL » Sbannmg AGA EMULATOR VIJ AGA Laloal Sporwu- ACAJU Ot+Ult' MoSoROLV - Dowd gowo V. addicilw Printer Pack 5 dink pmck with all lha lataal printing programm nprnclatiy dmnlgnmd lor printing out high quality documanla. Tajrt 6 pieturaa ate and It la ovan abla to print out AS Book lain (vary handy). Eaay to uaa.
A muatfer anx Amlga ownar with printer.
Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 £3ujjJ ZJ NLY RELEASED MAY ‘95 iy latosi games pack. This pack contains ir 100 of ihe very top games. Included are of tta vtry best Games ever released if titles are still on tele as tingle disks).
II games are selectable via menu.
A muit for all Games players.
¦ble for any Amiga C1 3.99 2
13. U330 WcrkBcnch 104 omulatoi run many new A500 plue A500
software A500»A60Q7A1KXVA4000 uh U32B Refockil VI.4 to make
your computer run many of the old A500 software.
U329 RelfcKIT 1,4 OR U33Q Workbench 2.04 only 99p WORKBENCH EXTRA UTILITIES CoMectlon of the baet WB utlllttea like ToolDeamon, Sooopdos VS. lost file finder. Memory monitor. Latest viru* kJHer. Wb Disk copier etc. much too many to ht All on 2 MU only Cl M (not WB1.3). RECOMMENDED GAMES CHEAT PACK II Ptarad yom livourZe gam* tor agn. But :tr l grt lo Ihe md ol Ie»M or game?
HMM pfdbtitM «ft mm turn} 5 *£ Hfl 1868. Of o*m* cPaatsheWlavei cod* adkn rgptty poiM «4C. Should Iwtp yew nmafi many gam** SulUbN lor Ml Am gat - ONLY C4.K Update & fcleeec on 29 July 9S AMOS Thin n me Jargear eodection of Amo* Tunis, rrpt. Graphic, procedurts.
RoutVMA SadvouBr*** gnpru;K utU*N» sprlN. AcrcdMra mol inn library A km* of D» lop p*m« t uhlitin acurra cwJa nut ptck *rt Mp you ryim mor* guadty. Compart A muefi Mar program 10 DISK PACK .£10.90 compatible with ell Amos A Amos Pro TRACING G M Af ME S 10 «MM unmu ¦ p Saul L«H at wm IXM tor amaiL MxrL trwN **ry»
o e+an mruti s *nas.Tm 8U4 I9 M urn ef «**Oa taay Lw (W tw UI
SarXe Lwvu OV|r DR HM1GM Urn* IIMiCM-toTiM UM40M-tMy«r.1
UMAX «s* Rtf4 MIUCM MW M SSASaC. Oeeaax i;riqm bsmcjsi UIS4GM nnwScOiK, HARD DRIVE & DISK DRIVE Space Doubler *iT iMfcflaNMXr rCf Nwnr 4 Addraa* Oatabaao All Ihit for only El .99 ktNanM U971 EPU VIA ONLY 09p SUITAfllE FCF» W820 ORDER A DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER 7Jus Mh CD u itkmi ilw rowr ample!) Rani-e of PD if unique, jiutMttw divbk pane ofon for win hit and xfrnw pah. Mem wint Nearly 1500 dUks lany Pack List on this adyprt & tuny more etc Release DaterSqmber 95... Double CD Price LU.99 t5 d ) O jy j C64 & 45 games pack ! Spectrum V2 & 50 games !
Vic 20 & 30 games ! All 3 packs for only £9.99 I j See description left for details of each pack. | When ordering please state which Amiga you J own. So we can send you the correct pack.
I Note: This offer cannot be used wilh our FREE disk token l I Offer only available with this token Offer ends 1 S*8 95 I j Add extra £5 for an extra 50 Spectrum 4 50 C64 games j AOA2SS DONKEY KONG ¦ Areado dmk nriwmwi AOA247 BOMB PAC • ertromlp good lo pUrp AGA 29d ROCKET 2 - I m p uodorground. BrlBwd graphics arwi bamr mEt! Ptaytn AGA24MCRABBLE - Now 'ul«, run* on *a Awig*« AGAJOO MAGIC WB V2 • Oomo wr*Nn 2 AGAJ02 TUTANKHAM 11(1) AO A JO J PAMELA ANDERSON (2) • 111 HOT AGA204 BOOYSHOP Vi • mor» MMU M wool AGA ISO TMEZONE (2) ¦ V. good gnpnK Khmmni AGA JO 7 OE NT A WOLF - door*. DMno AOARM
NAXIS - roARy ohow »hwl AO A graphc* can do AOA116 FEARS (201 - dooma tlonw dsmo AQAl12 ANX (20) - a.cod. puulo lygo gamoo BrHlam AGA111RAMJAM THE TASTE OEMO . Wry «cU9 damo AflAJII ILEX MVSTIC Uw. AOA damoa AOA220 KLONONCE I (4 MM) • MO rogwwd A 2 mag . Wo
• Ho NOW • INI ol 2S card* lor Nm AGA331 HOT BABR I (2)-JuM
arrtwd AGAS2 HOT BABE 2 (2| - Stunrwig Milu AGA222 HOT BABE 2
121 irodoN. *• orOy AGAJ24 HOT BABE a |2| AQAJ3J HOT BABE i
Games Pack 1 (5 disks) Brtliart caloccr of lha OsK 6csrt aanwa,
*g ScraCCM n*w), Monoooy, Chaa* Oc* Ocrrinoat Outdo etc Far lo
many to M Arcade Games Pock 2 (5 disks) Colaclcr cf the vay Dmi
dsuic vm* gamaa tc CantpdOi Spac* Invgdgr, Pacman, ale A ranv
mom RECOMMENDED Card Games Pack 3 (5 disks) CargAAty pKk ID*
teaal cad gam** Ik* Pokar, Sptda BikJg*.
D*c ,ar. Pooioon Wews.Vlondke. Me. A many mom Puzzle Games Pack 4 (5 disks) 5 dMk Pack win quaky ourra avnsa «ta smon ftAXk Aia.
PuuiVod, Pcium Puzzl* A many mcrg Far lo many to Mil Mini Workbench Games (5 disks) OnaafSwmott'mtrMlnflpacU 3 Otau cramrwj Ivf ol unqjt 9*y Oil p«rT*c) tcKa gam** »c*inckyng onr* 0a-« Bey near m a«lr*r*y lu-rv lo pity t Sny ga-ra he Pacmar, Tam* «c nKCrxn fidld SOFTWARE 2000| FREE!
DISK TOKEN ; Bsy 10 • disk A choose any 1 sitrx Oak FREE. Oder adhtokan only J 100 TOP DEMOS Tha Larggat collection ol damo* ovgr roloaowd - mu pack contain* over 100 lop damoa. Mual for all Oamoa. Out lop aaoar RECOMMENDED ONLY £7.95 suitable for all AmiGAS MANGA AKIRA Bniun: psck cY E dsks ccnanrt) sooe rf the best MMOA AJOW Om VinPm, Dtnoi Ail based on tho ibpmt IMMjA.
Cdiksef )BS5 Ru* on dl AWGAS ItRRPteSortwirtfWOdoi H idranca ordea rtcerred by ?9 A SYSTEM feature Logic 3 Freewheel Steering Wheel Prlco: £12.99 QuickJoy Foot Pedals Price: £12.99 here have been many pointless peripherals in the past merely for novelty use.
However, a steering wheel for racing games on the Amiga seems logical to add to the realism and enhance gameplay, If you want to experience all the thrills of Formula One or off-road antics, a steering wheel could be just what you're looking for.
The steering wheel feels comfortable in your hands, but it's not attached to a steering column. I didn't think it ! Would work without a stand of some description - but It did.
The idea is to hold it in the air - roughly in the centre and push it gently forward to accelerate and back to decelerate.
This works because the wheel's plastic casing contains mercury which flows to the side you turn the wheel
- touching sensors which act accordingly. Two buttons on the
inside of the wheel act as fire buttons, and they can also be
used for changing gear or. In futuristic racing games, to fire
I tried the wheel with all the driving games I could find in our dusty games cupboard - Formula One Grand Prix. SkidMarks, Nigel Mansell and ATR. Although the wheel worked really wen with all of them. Formula One Grand Prix stood out from the rest. This was possibly because it’s a simulation rather than an arcade racing game.
Your everyday run-of-the-mill joysticks are more than adequate, but if you want to add a lit more realism to your racing games then the ste ing wheel is a very worthy purchase. For a £12.99 from Special Reserve, it's the perfe accessory for racing game fanatics.
The Foot Pedals ore an extra extra periphery you like. They can certainly be used in conjunct!
With a joystick, but to achieve the greatest drM experience you must use them in conjunction u the Freewheel steering wheel.
The three pedals can be programmed to yo particular preference via a small switch-box ontt outer casing. They are quite robust, SO you C stamp on them as much as you like.
I was perfectly happy whizzing around a tra on Formula One Grand Prix. Unaware that tt pedals were sliding half-way down the office. Tt small grips on the bottom aren't particularly effe tive, and only by wedging the pedals against tt desk did I manage to proceed.
As the grips were my only major gripe, I suggi you seriously consider odding the QuickJoy peck to your list - along with the steering wheel. Anott essential purchase for budding Damon Hills.
Periplj Aura Interactor Price: £99 The Interactor is a device you strap on to ycx self much like a rucksack. You plug the include amplifier into the sound ports in the back of tt) Amiga which sends channelled vibratio through to the huge box on your back thro-jj electromagnetic actuators.
’Feel the bass beat of hard driving muj soundtracks or the pavement-pounding inter ity of a movie's high speed car chase!' that's what it says on the box. And yes, that what it exactly doesn't do.
I don't know how the Interactor would fc when plugged into the television, but it cert nly doesn't work on the Amiga. All you can fei is one very large thud after another. You or feel it on your back too! How many times hoi you been punched solidly in the centre of yo spine? Surely a facial interactor would be mcr Another product from Tecnoplus, only this time a joystick. These joysticks do tend to annoy me a little. The micro switches seem to make rather a loud clicking noise when you use the direction, especially when you play a quick game which requires a lot of movement. Usually, these
tend to suit flight sims as they are large and feel very slow.
Tecnoplus Scorpion Plus Joystick The Scorpion Plus joystick from Tecnoplus almost certainly works well with flight simulations, and is Price: £10.99 extremely durable. It is probably one of the most hard-wearing joysticks available at the moment - the base of the joystick is very wide and solid, enabling you to attach it to a table using the plungers on the underside. This adds to the stability and allows you to wrestle with it with’ A out it detaching itself.
Overall, it is a sturdy joy- i Stick which will work well with 1 any particular game and will last you a very long time.
CD32 Competition Pro Control Pad Game makers Price: £15.99 tition Pro have always been my favourite ifacturer. Producing the old Competition joysticks. Competition Pro. Now making their on to the CD32, have introduced a con- pad to better the standard Commodore think of everything - graphics, sound and gameplay.
But what about that little something extra? Andy Maddock investigates The pad contains four buttons in total, tot including the eight directional pad, and h one has its own colour and symbol 'Tally for the CD32. There is an auto fee and turbo fire option for each individual Ion and it has to be one of the most nfortable pads .at present.
The only major gripe is the fact that if you do happen to drop it the inside is guaranteed to crack. It certainly isn't the most hard- mg of pads around - in fact, the standard pad can be thrown d without a single scratch. So, I'm afraid you'll just have to be iful with it.
If you are completely and totally sick of your standard CD32 pad and fcnt to buy the best, then the Competition Pro Joypad comes top of the 1st No problem.
Ral port ticklers PC Mission Joystick Amiga Anologue Adaptor often you play them.
There is a catch too. If you buy a PC Mission you have to invest further for an adapter to allow you to use it with your Amiga. At a total cost price of £21.98 rtive, or even a gonad interactor.
Playing a game while being annoyingly imped in the back is not my idea of fun. You fnay os well get someone to hit you In the back while you continually throw £50 notes out of the window. Oh yes. Did I mention it costs £100?
The PC Mission is a professional analogue joystick which is obviously used for analogue Amiga games. You'll have to be careful here as there aren't many around. For instance, the only one that instantly springs to mind is MicroProse's Formula One Grand Prix. I'm sure many flight sims out today do have an analogue option, but it also works normally for other games.
The PC Mission has a very large angle of axis and enables you to control the action slowly and progressively. This Is certainly not recommended for Sensible Soccer, but for flight sims it could be a reasonable purchase, depending how you are probably better looking out for an Amiga-oriented joystick that will be almost certainly much cheaper.
Price: £12.99 Tecnoplus Control Pad dIus. A company who aren't particular well F known by Amiga owners, have decided to introduce peripherals into their production line, one of them being a control pad.
Unlike many other joysticks and control pads, this one is a nice creamy colour. It doesn't have the slickness or style of a Competition Pro, but looks aren't everything.
There is the usual eight-way directional control with three fire-buttons - particularly good for shoot-'em-ups. It feels very comfortable and will 5tt in your hands for hours without raising a blister.
However, it will only work with the Amiga itself, not the CD32.
It comes with an auto - fire switch - absolutely essential for shoot-'em-ups, although many people believe the auto-fire takes the enjoyment out of a game. Also included is a special turbo fire which increases the rate of firing in most games.
Overall, this control pad is fairly well presented and should last a very long time. A worthy purchase.
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An essential purchase for any Amiga user Very easy to use.
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A decent file manager, a monu systom. A lew WB games & more. £7 SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT StarTrek Action Strategy game.
You take control ot all key personnel on the bodge great sound fx and graphics mako this a superb game. £6.00 STG6-3, STARTREK GAMES Now tho wheathor is nice, it s time to do the garden, and the best way to get out ol doing it is to spend loads of timo designing it.
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Sound sampJors, memory expansions.
Bridgeboard? Etc Knowledge ot LHA req.
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Spoil checker etc. An overall easy to use packago Only £3,00 If you want to bnkup | your Amiga to a PC i another Amiga then I is the software for you You can easily transit trios from one machint to another Only £8i 3KflS8S£?- iMuftari ? TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE WP ? COM8-3. NETWORKING SE Create your own fascinating 30 stereogram pictures on your AMIGA.
Complete with demo pictures, viower and Magic Eye maker.
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Magic WB available. £3 MagtcWB oxtra s .. £5 A two cfcsk collection «l Workbench 3 backdrops Very easy lo use. Works with Hard disk of Floppy disk, Grown up's onfy.... J Only £5.00 ? MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRA S Over 40 top quality Cqmpugraphic font? For use on Workbench.
PageStream. Dpaint4.
Wordworth2&3 otc A great value set of fonts All (of only £7 PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS The most powortul word search, crossword solver available on the armga Includes a dictionary of over 58,000 words and you can add your own Only £5.00 The complete small office sude, includes Wordprocossor, Database. Speadi and Diary. Com| on aB Amiga s Only £7 00 Word Processing database Z Spreadsheet 0 Wary 0 ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE A huge set of classic board games. Includes: Monopoly. Scrabble, Cluedo. Maatemvid.
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Only £4.00 A ten disk collection« very high quality c clipart, suitable for ail ] Amiga DTP & Pant packages. All popular I subjects included All ten disks onfy £13] 01793 490988 is Fax Order Line: ! ) 01793 514187 J. * ? DEG4-2. A1200 DEGRADERS ? GFX13-10. PRO. CLIPART ? SXCP30-1. XCOPY TNG This is the most upto j date and comprehen- I sivo collection ol pnntafl drivers available lor fig Amiga Star. Citizen, Panasonic, HP otc. Etc!
Easy to Install. £3.001 Includesprint manager, labte printer, address keeper, printer drivers, loads of othor pnntor tools. Knowledge of LHA required for use Only £7.00 Uo* st,KOSHA % vtf * COMMODORt ; ORDERING BY POST Sfmply send us your order, llst.ng I be Items you roqulre, the total cost and yor asms and address with payment efther-by cheque or postal order made payable to EPIC MARKETING. Most orders are despatched with 4BhourS ORDERING OVER THE PHONE C»U any time between 9:30am - 3:30pm Mon-Sat with your credit card details and a list of lire item: yob would like to order.
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PLEASE STATE YOU-ARE OVER 18 WHEN ORDERING ANY AbOLT TITLES Full Terms and Condlliona available on requeet Wo do not condone the use of pornographic software.
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BBC. VIC20. IBM, SPECTRUM SINCLAIR QL & ATARI ST emulators Only £5.00 SYSTEM Base Orandslam t -it; j Rasputin £19 99 EH No are the usual platformer obstacles to Ladders should be climbed, crumbly walls down, and inhabitants of the buildings This CD32 version comes with extra ments and additional levels. The music has tweaked and a bit of culture added with opera (dubious!). Sound effects provide such as grim squelches when you collide with object.
Additional levels include 'Kung Foo‘ and Therapeutic Event,' and there are more games too such as Jet Fighters. Racing Cars Ballroom Dancing. The existing levels have been tuned up and have new graphics.
B Dubti S333 Jumpers Reviewed by Tina Hackett ? Ase Jumpers arrived on the Amiga not so long ago and at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking it was an old Spectrum game from aeons ago. However, beneath the rather average graphics there's some very entertaining gameplay.
The game is divided into two parts. One is a rather basic platformer, the other - by far the most entertaining part - is a sports event of sorts. Players become the members of a group called the East Beckinsdale Pigeon Fanciers Association who all take part in the strange pastime of Base Jumping.
This involves climbing to the top of a tall building and then jumping off - the first to the ground wins.
You have a parachute to aid the fall but the first to pull the ripcord will be the last to land, However, the later you risk it, the more chance you have of ending up flattened.
During these events you will uncover bonus letters. They can score you extra points and by discovering a certain combination you can then access sub-games. A wide variety are on offer, although they are quite amateur looking, and can be anything from a game of Pac Dude to Portal Wombat - a beat-'em-up.
Different locations are provided for you to dive off, such as Egyptian tombs and castles, and there As a one-player game, Base Jumpers is unexceptional, but get some friends involved and the title really comes to life Although there are many sub-games availat In this one title, they are mainly there for nov Ity value and comic effect rather than prov ing in-depth gameplay. This really applies the game overall too. The multi-player me allows up to four players to compete (two each joypad) and this sort of game really itself well to this. As a one-player game.
Jumpers is unexceptional, but get some involved and the title really comes to life.
Final word BRIAN FOWLER Commodore « n 11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS CD32 Expansion Modules 2 Add Memory, Floppy Drives. Hard Drives.
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E&OE Please Phone To Confirm Latest Prices.
BfcJ032 All Prices Shown Include VAT. Standard Dclivcrv Is Free. No Hidden Exrras.l SYSTEM preview By Tina Hackett ©am 17 are synonymous with excellent Amiga games. Their back catalogue Includes such classics as Alien Breed and Body Blows, and most Amiga owners will have at least one of the four-year old company’s titles in their collection.
Their first game was a beat-’em-up for the Amiga called Full Contact, but things didn’t really take off for them until their second game. Alien Breed. Project-X and Alien Breed Special Edition followed, the latter of which stayed at Number One in the Gallup Charts for 33 weeks - a record which no game has yet beaten.
Team 17's future release schedule also looks set to please with multi-format launch Worms.
Zelda-esque adventure, Speris Legacy and Alien Breed 3D - not to mention Final Over - Arcade Sports Cricket.
The speris legacy Their latest adventure title. Speris Legacy, intends to bring a similar title to Nintendo Classic, namely Legend of Zelda. To the Amiga. Alan Bunker, for Team 17 stated: "We feel the Amiga has at last gained itself a playable game of this genre whereas, in the past, it has been sadly lacking. It'll be interesting to see what the console owners make of this!'
Developing the game are Wiltshire-based team. Binary Emotions. It has been in development for just under a year and is their first Amiga project. Graphic artist, Ian. Explained: "This time was mainly spent on building up the game engine which runs at a full 50hz on AGA machines and 50hz 25hz on ECS. It also contains a nifty text engine which allows us to give the player the freedom of conversation usually found in graphic adventures.'
He continued: “But the problem with most graphic adventures is that the more action-oriented player is left cold. Speris merges this type of interaction with the popular Japanese Actl RPGs. This gives the players of both genres chance to experience a change in game forn plus something familiar to contend with.'
In the game you play Cho Hggwai who is mission to avenge his friend's death. You start with no more than your initiative and have nir locations to explore which Include Spiral Cit Sandoon Hideout and Cow-Tree Island, and ec has a sub-location such as church or a house.'
Character also has the ability to swim in rivers lakes, teleport and leap across ledges.
Three different versions are planned. The include a CD32 title which will make full use of t six button joypad. And an AGA version which i have more colour and background animati The game has taken just under a year to complete and is the team’s first project 94 StftnMrMi better sound. It will also make use of the A's 64-bit wide sprites. The ECS A500+ A600, ¦jgh. Will have all the gameplay but without refinements. An A50Q OCS version is under lslderation depending on demand, but it will e smaller locations and different puzzles.
Binary Emotions are pretty confident in their w baby as a sequel is already planned and lain puzzles from Speris will be linked to their w-up. Emperor Rising. Ian stated: "This will be GA and PC only as we plan to use 256 colour ©red artwork and some truly amazing lo.' Confidence is also high in Escom: "We p to launch this in February '96 to coincide with the launch of Escom's newly planned Amigas."
As well as this, two more games are also on the horizon. An arcade strategy. Nemesis Syndrome, promises destruction, Mechs and chunky weapons in a mysterious quest to destroy or recover the Nemesis project. Work will commence on an 'addictive' arcade puzzler called Minskies Furrballs (Minsk, incidentally, is a cat in Speris) and will combine the qualities of Puyo Puyo on the SNES and Dr Robotnik on the Mega Drive. Speris Legacy should be available in the very near future and it'll be interesting to see how it fares against competition from Krisalis', Legends.
The problem with most graphic adventures is that the more action- oriented player is left cold All the players have different strengths and abilities sre s been little to challenge Graham :h's Cricket on the Amiga up until now. But 17 are hopeful that their forthcoming 3se will change things. This is the first game i the developer, Alan Carter, and opts for a xe fun approach than the traditional sims.
Final Over, it uses animated miniature ttes who can throw, run, dive, crouch and Bbrate. And each player has their own iracteristics.
Bounty teams as well as national teams will 9 included, and you will also be able to create r own. The amount of matches you play can be defined from one to five-day series, limited-over matches. A fully detailed Heboard will also be provided.
[Cricket match atmosphere will be added ough crowd cheers, player outbursts and the ack of the ball being hit. Final Over will be ced at £12.99 on disk and £14.99 on CD.
Final Over - Arcade Sports Cricket developers have gone for a fun-looking approach s is well on the way to an Autumn release w levels are being added all the time to this T-player arcade strategy game. It’s going to a multi-format title and some are already icting ft as the most playable game of the f, You play a worm or team of worms and the t is to kill the opposing team in a manner of us ways.
(You can take part in worm-to-worm combat.
_cpe by tunnelling, build bridges and send ©okas and homing missiles flying into the sition.
Latest scenario to be added to this game Hell - screenshots of which you can see here.
PUBLISHER Vulcan Software DEVELOPER In-house £12.99 DISKS HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS All Amlgas, 1Mb min ulcan Software are from the old school of software companies. With no backing from the likes of Virgin. Electronic Arts or other corporate powerhouses, they have taken the brave move of being one of the only independents still operating commercially in the Amiga gaming arena.
Their first release, Valhalla, caused quite a stir - some magazines proclaimed It as a great white hope, while others slammed it for fundamental game design faults, this magazine among those critics. Timekeepers, their second release, has fortunately made a hit much closer to the playability bullseye.
From scanning through the instructions and looking at the screen set-up. The first reaction instantly rings bells of recognition - it's that damn game Lemmings again in a different guise. In all fairness, though, on playing Timekeepers there are enough differences to warrant some of the game mechanics as original and interesting.
The back-of-the-box blurb comes up with the usual creaking at the joints story - Evil bad guy has decided to dump 20 nuclear missiles in four different time zones. The elite police force, the Timekeepers, have decided to send back 15 officers to dismantle the devices.
Tho four time zones are Hieronymus Land 2m BC. Medieval Land, Vietnam Land and Space Land 2001. Each zone has 15 landscapes to traverse before reaching the bombs. Starting with 15 troops, each landscape is a vertically scrolling obstacle course.
Looking at the icons, there are obvious similarities between Lemmings and Vulcan's title. Like the classic puzzler, each troop walks quite haplessly into a fiery pit if its path should cross such a hazard, and the little blighters need to be told exactly what to do and where to go. There are several options for manipulating them though.
Troops can be told to move in a certain direction. To jump, enter combat with any foe that may be blocking the path, to operate a switch, to wait, or to start the level again. The main and review SYSTEM most important difference to Timekeepers from its c legendary distant cousin. Lemmings, is the actu f implementation of your commands to the troops Instead of clicking on them at the right tim( € when they come across an obstacle v Timekeepers allows you the benefit of time by: t clicking on the desired icon and then leaving c trail of instructions on screen for the troops to fol I low
when you decide to unleash them propet I When they step on the order placed on tha I ground, they carry it out. « This usually involves much mindbending as you work out the best route for all the little fellows to reach the exit point that leads to the next level Then you use one of your men to move through many of the one-way systems, opening doors ‘ setting up bridges and more so that the othea can follow at a later stage.
This lack of oh-god-they're-all-going-to-d* commonly found in Lemmings makes a refreshing change and leaves the player with plenty of time on their hands to concentrate on working out the fiendish layouts. One of the best parts of the actual puzzles are the amount of red herrings me ir ;iVS «j Qnom.O ISMS t The animated intro fills you in on tho story so far The white marks on the playing area represent the different orders the troops will have when they touch them A bird carries our brave soldier across a ridge after he pushes a button From left to right - erase, move in the four different
directions, wait. Jump, operate, attack, pause, start again and load and save options ¦»gner has left for you to follow - this really is the ¦Wong person's game.
6 At £12.99, Timekeepers offers good value for money and packs a healthy amount of playability » Reviewed by Adam Phillips I Despite the lack of time limit, mistakes can be ply made - a directional arrow pointing in the bong direction, a jump command erased by mop confusion so that the next blighter that rares along ends up in boiling lava, and so on. It Spossible to use just one troop and finish all the toeis. But to hinder lazy gamers it is necessary to pe a certain amount of troops remaining to jfcfuse the bombs, depending on which time lone you're in.
¦ There are plenty of nice touches in Inekeepers. Such as the transport and finding tial paths through the treacherous landscapes - pirch a switch and a bird will pick you up and carry you over a previously insurmountable moun- or flick another switch and a lava-buried Cfctoe is winched up to form a walkway for your Graphically, the whole thing is very much in the fe of Valhalla with murky colours and smudgy- Dking graphics. While these work and move fectlvely. It would have been nice to see some ore vividly defined graphics.
As Is the norm with Vulcan Software, there are rtous amusing sound effects and speech sam- K littered liberally throughout the game - the Your troops prepare themselves for teleportation to the next time zone commander of the police force regularly calls out at the beginning and end of each level, and the various in-game effects are of a quality standard such as the shouts and screams given when a troop enters battle.
Make sure you keep some of your characters ond packs a healthy amount been nice to see more Timekeepers.
Alive for the final defusing stage re's no doubt that this is :an's best release so far, i an engaging game sys- i that is easy to use and arding when your plans are cessful and your troops p though the exit one by f At £12.99. Timekeepers offers good value for money of playability to whitter away the hours. The game is only available from Vulcan themselves. So for ordering information give them a call on 01705 670269.
My only problem with Timekeepers is that it could become repetitive after a while - perhaps it would have commands that could be issued to your troops In later levels to extend the addictiveness of the game.
Despite this though, if you only have a few pounds struggling for space In your pocket, give them a breath of fresh air by sending them off to Vulcan and buying a copy of acid Software have earned themselves a reputation as top-quality developers and with such classics as Guardian and Roadkill under their belt it's hardly surprising. However, arguably their best work to date can be found in Super Skidmarks, the sequel to their highly acclaimed race-'em-up. Skidmarks. Receiving rave reviews, including 89 per cent from ourselves, it's now available for the CD32.
There is not a great deal of difference between the versions, although with the CD32 you get a playable demo Of their blast-'em-up. Guardian, the movie from Roadkill and the PD version of Defender.
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the most playable racers available 5 Wil32l Skidmarks Reviewed by Tina Hackett With the sequel comes new cars. These Include the very novel cows on wheels to Vws and Minis.
Although they don't alter the race particularly, you do get a fun graphical style. Towing caravans is also possible and provides for an extra challenge. You can choose to race in different modes such as pedal car or slippery, and this changes how easy it is to control the car and allows you to get in some practice before the real racing starts.
Up to eight cars can be raced at the same time and the challenge is to treat the vehicles like Rally cars and slide them around the tracks rather than steer them.
The variation in the tracks also works well. From the 12 available, some are the easier figure-of-eight style whereas the harder are the more windy spaghetti type. Surfaces also vary, with bumps and ramps and oil slicks giving the racer added problems. The many options available allow t!
Game to be customised to your liking. Differs screen modes, for example, can be changed to split screen or a wider angle depending on ho you want to view the game.
The graphics remain fun throughout and the ferent locations are conveyed well, from desi tracks to sandy beaches. Attention to detail h been paid to the backdrops which vary from pc* trees in the background to miniature spectate watching from the sidelines. The miniature matd box cars also add to the fun feel.
As the cars screech around the circui tyre tracks are left in the dust, and as the ra progresses the track becomes more and rrxx churned up. This works well and adds an authenl touch.
Final word Without a shadow of a doubt, this Is one of the most playable racers available. Each track provides a different challenge, while the different speeds allow all levels of skill to com pete. Multi-player mode is where the game comes into its own though, and brings to It a really competitive pace.
Despite no other enhancements for the CD32 version (the manual hasn't even been amended accordingly) it still comes highly recommended.
Mo*t uteful program* off the Internet Utilities, gumct. Graphic*. Tmivtc, entertainment plus tons more! All complete with a cuttom huilt interlace written juu foe this CD that w ill lei you smooth through the archived Files & allow sou to launch an) program, without ever leaving the interface' Planned to tic released quarterly. The latest version available u DECEMBER 94 DESKTOPS BUSHING (IJPAK1 & t . Specially geared towards Amiga owners
• Hip An Directory contains oser 2,500 B&W EPS Structured Imijjp,
I ,XK » IFF liwgo. Plus over 8,(WO PCX Image*'
• 1,000’s of Type 1 Adobe Fouls A Postscript Fonls'
• All vour Desktop Publishing & Wnnl Processing needs oa one CD'
‘ I BARGAIN CM2 TITLES Pinhill FaniauevSlecpwalkcr £9; Alien i
Breed S.EAJuak £ 16‘Hh Chao. Engine [£8; Buhha A- Slis £1);
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£10; Banshee £10; Skeleton Krcw £18: Castles II £'), Dragoauone
£11; Fly Harder £9 Morph £625: Kid Chaos £9; Arcade Pool £9 99.
Lost Vikings £9. Chuck Rock 1 £6,25; Oul lo Lunch £9. Chuck
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F. puin FVMVRXIDM VMXIWO ' n I.VMMiDI ncxminn Tails 8681 NEC
Plnwrilrr P2240 OKIMLIHiTW19i’lM115 DS DD DS llD 10 Disks £5
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Lockable Disk Box £5.99 with orders of£ICH Prvfurmatted (MS-DOS) disks asailaUe at 2p rxtn.'dksk. All Disks Certified 100Ft Krror Free and INCLUDE FREE Labels.
44-'I each
53. 14 each Miscellaneous Items Roll MMM3X" Dbk Lahefc 3H" Disk
(’leaning Kit Parallel Printer Coble Ixitu Mount Mai
8. 99 199
AND USER FRIENDLY All Games an on 1 disk and run on all Amigas
unless otherwise stated.
P. O. VERSIONS ? 024 ELF 4 PP HAMMER ? 025 HUNTER PLU5 ? 022
UNER VI ? 712 TERROR UNERV2 ? 997 2DK5 ADVENT 1 30012D5K
HAUNTED MINES ?s* emerald mines ? 121 MARATHON MINES ? 3S1
A1200 DOOM 954 DON A1200 3 DISK 92S T ZONES 2 D6K NOA5 1 11038
1087 SHAKKA LAKKA 1010 ROOTS 18 828 3 DISK MAX QID 862 2 DISK
ASCII NOT 1.3 ?1010 TAZ GAS NOT 1.3 . 460 TEKNO RAVE 430 2 DISK
262 2 &5K PREDATORS ? 314 J-O-E 2 DISK 2 DRIVE 267 REBELS
* 31 RAVE KEYBOARDS L 661 MED WQRXSHO* 405X ? 202 MED V3 2 1 20*
AMIGA EMULATION 1 .1005 TUOE NOT 1.3 C 891 B B C MICRO i ; 423
13 9SS RELOKlCK 1.4A ? 414 SKICK 13-30 378 AMO NUMBER PAD
501 R.D PREP A12C0 ? 779 W.B 3INSTAU ? 780 m 2 INSTALL ? 621WD
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3. 14 199 179 159 190 3JI 175 .'.21 IS IM 135 111 cmxMB (ituen
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3. 75 155 JJ5 Star 1 (|IV2H'1W 680 585 515 5 25 U9 IM 161 148 Sur
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5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Stalls YVSI4 9SK SYSTEM Top Of The PUBLISHER Digital Warehouse developer Trident PRICE £25.99 DISKS HD INSTALL SUPPORTS All Amigas expect you'll probably be dreading these next few paragraphs as no doubt you'll have heard it all before. However, don’t write off Top Of The League's chances yet. You never know. Having been a football fan all my life, I seem to get all the new football games jumping onto my desk in a fanfare-like fashion, and to be honest, when you review one or two a month, like I do, they tend to become a tad repetitive. Bear with me though, as I
plough through another 300 seasons in an attempt to bring you the low down on Digital Warehouse's latest football management sim.
Two of the best football management games have actually made an appearance right here in this very issue. These happen to be Player Manager 2 and Qn The Ball To boat these, Top Of The League has to be very special.
In fact, damn near perfect to reach the standards these two giants have set.
Top Of The League is a management simulation only. You don't get to physically play the games, just watch. The idea, as with most management games. Is to win promotion from the third division into the Premier League and pick up every domestic trophy available in the process.
Top Of The League contains a whole host of statistics, but it's a pity most of them aren't really worth knowing as they all seem particularly irrelevant, and they don't affect the match sequences.
Everything you'd ever wish to know about a player can be accessed - birthdate. Birthplace, height and weight are just a few. The actual player statistics are measured in the most complicati way, becoming very difficult to assess the play true value. They are rated from poor to brilliant when each player has about 20 different statist it's difficult to reach an overall rating.
The game itself is accessed through vai menus and. Sadly, are all joystick controlled.
mouse pointer is actually there, but doesni serve any purpose. This is a real disappoin ment because the mouse is a far moi accurate and comfortable way to play game - especially if it's for a particular lengthy period The match sequences a reasonably exciting, although there ares many numbers flashing on and off th screen it is difficult to assess your overc team performance. By the time you'y read them, the match will be over.
The actual depth of Top Of The League is q remarkable. You can look at any player's hist and give them a man-to-man pep talk. If he booked during the last game, you can give him good telling off and instruct him to try harder. Y( can even have a friendly chat about the weat!
If you wish!
The actual depth of| Top Of The League is quite remarkable Reviewed by Andy Maddock League Final word Top Of The League is definitely a football fan's] game. If you've ever experienced the delights] j of standing In the rain without a brolly, and! 1 clutching a cup-a-soup. You'll get more enjoyj I ment out of this than anyone. After all, footbaljL fans like realism, and if you want realism sucreF as the half-time tannOy blaring out a tund while you sip your cup-a soup and take a bit® | out of a hot-dog, then why not give it a try? In will almost certainly appeal to those who turra up week
in week out at a lower division gam®| that gets less coverage than Manchester CIM [ on Sky.
SYSTEM System competition form i 1: Who was the first to establish colonies in the New World?
[] The French ] The Spanish ] The Dutch Tie Breaker: Describe in no more than 20 words where you would choose to set up a colony and why.
2: Who financed Columbus on his journey to the New World?
Strategy Meier Mystery Q Henry VII | | Ferdinand of Aragon |~~] The Pope 3: Which ship did Columbus sail on his expedition?
] Mary Rose [] Santa Maria ] Pinto To tie in with the launch of their latest release, the excellent Colonization, MicroProse are offering some top strategy-type prizes. To stand a chance of winning one of the goody bags, just tick the questions on the competition form, The winner gets a stylish MicroProse jacket, a copy of Civilization, Sid Meier T-shirt and a Colonization mug. The Runners up will receive one of the following on merit of their tie-breaker answer: A copy of Civilization, Sid Meier T-shirt or Colonization mug,
• Please send your entries to: Strategy Compo. Amiga Computing,
IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire
SK10 4NP.
SYSTEM Top slots Set the low-down on the best games we've reviewed from the past few months Obsession Ns is a very able pinballer it has to be pd. It doesn't have the glamour of mball Illusions but it certainly gives it a run for its money.
Virocop It's not the ‘thinking man's title, by any stretch of the imagination, but for the trigger happy this is a title of high quality and provides a great long-term challenge.
I B- Ultimate Soccer Manger The whole game comes across as extremely polished with great attention to detail. Highly recommended to both fans of the genre and those that would normally give this a wide berth.
Man Utd - the Double QjJ Fans of the previous Manchester United games will love this new addition to the Red Devil's family. It is a complete football package for people who are genuinely mad about the beautiful game.
SYSTEM budget Reviewed by Andy Maddock 2050 North Pacific. Antarctica. North Atlantic, and Sou China Sea and the Sea of Japan. All these contc sub-missions which you must complete by destra ing primary and secondary objectives. Before yG start your missions you must configure a charad and then arm your submarine with suitab weaponry for the next mission.
The graphics are very limited due to the fa that there isn't that much in the sea to start will However, the outside views of the submarine a very good and move very smoothly. Because tti graphics are not too special, the game runs fash
- which in this particular genre is an absoluj necessity.
One of Subwar's best points has to be the shet depth of the game. There's an abundance of ta tics and strategic options which you can redefifj and fine tune for each part of the mission.
Overall. Subwar 2050 is a real breath of fresh a offering plenty of new ideas that have never been tried before. At £16.99, games of this calibre are always worth the money.
i ubmarines. Huge torpedo-shaped things that whizz along under water letting off a bleep every three seconds.
They're hardly the most exciting method of attacking enemy ships, are PUBLISHER Powerplus DEVELOPER Microprose PRICE £16.99 they?
Subwar looks a lot like an underwater flight-sim as the controls look and feel the same - the only differences being the underwater graphics and effects. As you begin in the year 2050, you can select a particular war to participate In. Before this, you must plan and carry out some training missions which range from manoeuvring around waypoints to firing at dummy targets. All this practice will enable you to be ready to tackle the important missions later in the game.
There are four large campaigns to take part in - A1200 & HD Traveller 2 PUBLISHER Action Sixteen DEVELOPER Empire £14.99 DISKS HD INSTALL Yes - essential SUPPORTS All Amigas So this is what Dave Cusick docs on his days off from the Public Sector. Yes, he really looks like this too, girls!
Having never played the first Mega Traveller, I can't really comment on it - although word has it that it was a pret- _ ty reasonable game. Mega Traveller 2 - The Quest for the Ancients has a very long and complicated plot which I won't spoil for you. But you take control of five characters - male or female - and lead them around a top-down view of a huge town city complex. You have to save your planet from deadly slime - original but effective.
Mega Traveller is an interactive adventure game whereby you have to stop other planet res idents asking them questions - until you're blue!
The face - to receive various information that ma help you along the way. These characters all hav their own personality and it's quite easy to decid whether to ask them for help or attack them.
All the basic adventuring features (collection i gold coins, weapons, information and maps) or Included within the game. You select one of tti five characters to perform various actions and yc can allocate different objects to each characte It has to be said that the graphics are nothin special at all, As a matter of fact, they all look vet bland and uninteresting, and because of this I d lose Interest. Having not remained interested inevitably didn't get very far and. To be qul frank, I wasn't enjoying it one bit. Most of the tirr the scrolling doesn't catch up with the charact* quick enough
and when you click on somebo else, the chance of you selecting an actk before the character runs off the screen is ve remote.
There are so many other adventure games i choose from that I advise you to save up an extra £5. Because for £20 these days you'll easily find something more worthwhile.
His was the first attempt at a football management simulation by Daze and to be honest, it was and still is quite superb. Giving you a behind-the- scenes look at the world of football onagement, it was probably the most unrealistic gome of the genre but was pure fun to play.
After the success of the World Cup Edition, the eogue Edition was to follow. It contained all the English clubs and basically left out the best bits ot made the World Cup Edition so unique.
The object is to lift the former Jules Rimet trophy by scraping through the qualification stage and jattling on to the cup itself. You can face the likes if great footballing nations including Brazil, fermany and Italy. You begin by sitting at your bsk with your filofax open and the telephone nearby You can make contact with other Wngers and persuade them to play a friendly jlth you and plan coaching programs.
?er 3C- ine aic D Once you've roughly decided on your team, bu can then begin to organise get-together 0ates These are special times during a season Inhere the international team meet on, before, ond after their matches. Once you've been lucky ftough to get through the gruelling qualification pge. It's time to board the jet and set off to the bst country as you begin to battle for the most Smous trophy in the world.
Instead of making team selections from here, ou will be in your bedroom where you Cdh iganise your diary again. This time there are far more options available and everything's left com- bteiy up to you. You can, if you wish, spend very night in the pub, never turn up for training, nd then get bad reports in the paper the follow- tg morning after a particularly heavy night in one of the city's seedy bars. On the other hand, you On the Ball PUBLISHER Daze Marketing Ascon PRICE £16.99 DISKS HD INSTALL Yes - essential SUPPORTS A1200 & HD can talk individually to your team members, hold press
conferences and generally run things as smooth as possible. You can even choose a time to get up and go to sleep!
The actual match sequences are played using animated graphic sequences which look very impressive. Crowd chants are all there to give the game an atmospheric boost! A major drawback, however, is the fact that it will only work on an A1200 with a hard drive. Other than the technical requirements. On The Ball is highly recommended.
Lympic computer games used to be all the rage a few years back - probably because they were currently taking place in Barcelona. Now. With 1996 and Atlanta looming it looks as qh we could be in for another helping of Sicolly enduring activities.
PUBLISHER Action Sixteen DEVELOPER Developer £14.99 DISKS International Sports Challenge was obviously sased at full price around the time of the rcelona Olympics. Time has past and it now the budget zone. There are six events rail to take part in - diving, swimming, horse ding, shooting and the marathon... or snickers! - i you can compete against either the nputer or three other human opponents, with ch event containing targets that must be hieved.
In the diving event you must gain points by I different springboards and various positions I entries into the water. The events are usually 3d on a time basis you must complete event in. Failure to do so will leave you qualified from the tournament.
Actual events themselves are reasonably (eosy to master, However, what is different from st athletic games is the fact that you rarely ve to resort to the waggle frenzy, a method irm sure you're all familiar with. Here, you waggle [the joystick quite strategically. For instance, you keep a steady slow rhythm to keep your 3r going at full pace in the marathon and [this requires a lot of skill and patience rather than [the 'fastest waggler wins' method. This method (may not be as much fun. But It's certainly easier to Sports 3 El Yes All Amigas HD INSTALL SUPPORTS on the wrists. International
Sports Challenge is a fairly enjoyable game while It lasts, as there are only six events. One run through the game and you certainly won't be itching to go through it all again. It certainly contains some new perspectives which have never been used before in the genre, but overall it's an average attempt.
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includng Dialing Codes.
Home Accountant. Address. Amiga Diary, FH Spread 2240- --------- AUDIO MAGIC 9 4(1) Vanoue music utAties. Trackers. Mod Payers etc 2241 -AUDIO MAGIC 10 8(1) Vanous music uhlities mousing Play It.
Sound Erioct. Mpby. Sound Machne, FmsyW.etc 2242 • NOODLES PACK 3 4* (1) Loads of music Modules 2243 - NOODLES PACK 4 4* (1) More excellent Music Modules 2251 -MAN ON THE MOON 4* (4) Requires HD ? 4 Meg Fast 2 Meg chip ram to run tins powerful AGA demo - 2nd Place at the "Gathemg Party 9T A1200 ONLY CD-ROM's - SUMMER SALE free postage & packing IUK onlp) 2059 ASI FIX DISK 3(1) More excellent degraders 1885 AGA UTILITIES (3) Rend24. PPShow, Vwwtek. Boank.
ForceVGA DouWeX. Ptwma. Km Hbson, Ouck Grab. HamS-JPeq Ckxrts 1619 A1200 HD SET UP(1) ADULT SENSATIONS - £17.50 AMINET 54 6-£13.50each AMINET SET 1 (quad pack) - £25.00 ASSASSINS COLLECTION - £17.50 FRESH FONTS 1 4 2 - £17.50 each GIGA GRAPHICS (quad pack) - £34.99 GOLD FISH (double) - £25.00 GOLO FISH 2 (double) - £25.00 GRAPHICS SENSATIONS - £17.50 HOTTEST 4 -£17.50 HOTTEST 5 (wifh book) - £17.50 LSD 17 BIT COMPENDIUM 1 4 2 - £17.50 each MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT 2 - £25.00 PROFESSIONAL UTILITIES - £17.50 PROF. IFF PCX 1 4 PROF. GIF - £17.50 each PROFESSIONAL IFF PCX 2 (with book) - £17.50 SOUNDS
TERRIFIC - £17.50 SOUND & GFX WORKSHOP (double)-£17.50 SPECTRUM SENSATIONS - £17.50 WS ANIMATIONS (dPUWe) - £17.50 WS FONTS 4 CLIP-ART - £9.00 each A1200 HD prep disk 1732 BODY SHOP 8 (X) (3) Page 3 style pictures 2065 BLUE AGA DEM0(1) Demo from Interceptors *95 party" 1881 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (X) (3) Excellent pictures of fop models 2181 CYBERNETIC (4) 3rd at "Tho Gathenng 95* 2187 DEEP (2) Fust place at "The Gathering 95" 2180 ECSTACY (1) Excellent Acid Rave demo 2062 IMPOSSIBLE POSS1BIUTY (2) 1772 LOTTERY WINNER (1) Will 4 help you win a M-fson?
1344 MAGIC WORKBENCH (1) Jazz up your WB - needs HD 1910 AGA SPECTRUM EMULATOR (2) Latest omuiator with 23 games 1912 SPECTRUM GAMES (4) Packed with old Speccy qames 1797 ZOOTJE DEMO (1) SPECIAL VALUE PO PACKS Weird - Beavis & Buthead 2255 - DREAMWAIKER 4* (2) Well presented music demo 7 excellent modules 2257 • GREENDAY fA (3) Needs HD. LHA formal • Excellent Megedemo 2260 - RESPONSE M (1) 2nd place at The Gathering 95 2261 - BLITZ BUNKER V2 60 4 (1) Excellent Screen Blanker 2262 • GLOBAL FACTS 4* (2) Loads oI nterestmg (acts atxxit the wprid 2264 • SWAZBUNKER V2.7 f (1) Modular scteervmouse
blanker 2265 JPEG VIEWER lA (1) Jpeg conversion package 2266-JOKE DISK 4(1) Hundreds of jcfcw _ 2267 - GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS 4(1) A must for at students studying maths 2268 -BIG GIRLS 2 4‘ (XK3) Well presented 20 ‘Page T pics 2271 • X FILES 4* (1) Ccmsrgtenave guide lo the X Files 2272 - FINAL WRAPPER V3 4* (1) Various macros lor Final Wrter 2273-DREAMS OF FLYING •“ (1) Excellent OctaMED modules 2274 • FEARS 2 4* (1) 1 level dtmo of the latest version ot this brilliant "Doom* style game 2275-LETHAL FORMULA 4(1) Excetent Graphic Adventure gamo 2276 - CMS TRAX 5 4 (1) 5 tiaaanf OctaMED Modules
2277-MAGIC DRIVE(1) Utility lo make Ram an extra dma 2278-BOOKIE BEATER4(1) Piece your bet. Hoe much dd you iwi 2279 • ENDURANCE GAME *4 (t) Demo ol graph* 3D Adventure gama 2280-UJLS.H. CAME 4M1) Out o tbs eorid "Tanks' v Temmns* 2281 • BANKS MANAGER V1.4 4 (1) Demo, keep track ot vouBank Account 2282-KIOS ONLY DEMO (1) Dm Blow KuiMf tMnc aofl 2283 - BEATRIX POTTER CLIPART (1) Mono HI Clpart for Dpaint etc 22M- MONSTERS CUPART(I) Mono HI Clpari for Dpaint etc. 2285-REKO DATATYPES 4* (1) 2286 • JUMP EM GAMErf) Commercial qualify platform gamo 2288 - WORLD HSTORY TMETABLE (1) important dates
form 40QQBC to i960 2289 - MAGIC W B EXTRAS VOL 21'(2) 2290 • MAGIC W B EXTRAS VOL 3 4A(2) 2292 - MAGIC W B EXTRAS VOL 4 *(2) 2293 -MAGIC WORKBENCH BACKGROUND KIT 4*(1) Make yout Own backgrounds 2295 - PC TASK V3.1 4* (1) Demo ot the latest PC emuator 2296- (SUB ACID) MANUAL OVERRIDE DEMO 4* (1) Great Mega Demo 2297-FINAL FAX(1) Fax nterface tor Final Writer 2296-CARDGAMES DELUXElA (3) Excellent AGA Video Poker and Blackjack game wt*h uses the Klondike Card sets • HO required 2301 -JET SET WILLY 3 8* (1) Platform game 2302 • NO SAMPLER MODULES 1 *(1) Vanous OctaMED ModUes 2303 - HD GAMES
INSTALLER 3 (1) Loads over 20 gwnes including Beneath Steel Sky. Bump n Bum. Bon Kng AGA Naughty Ones. Sensble World ot Soccer. Skidmarks 2 etc 2304-NFA CARD SET 4* (1) Use wtn KlondikeiMuie Card game 2305 - OCEAN CARD SET *A (1) Use wffi KjorxkkwOeiuxe Card game 2366 • SPACE CARD SET 4A (1) Use with KlcndikeOeluxe Card game 2367-0J SIMPSON CASE (1) Learn all abort thetnalof ihe decade 2308-TOP 95 MODULES (3) Exoeteni mod* from TGP 95 2311 - VIRUS CHECKER V6.55 (1) The latest and best wus checker 2312 • FIREMAN SAM CARO SET (1) For KkmakeCekixe Card Game 2313 - ROSIE AND JIM CARD SET (1) For
Klorxhke'Oeiuxe Card Game 2314 - SUN SUOESHOW 4* (1) Excelled Granics 2315 • TERM V4 3 030 VERSION 4* (1) Latest version includng Locate 2316 • TERM V4J(1) Latest version (lha format) no instate 2317- TERM V4.3 EXTRASU8S (1) HD Required 2319 • ROOTS 2 f* (1) Impressive Demo trom Samy 2319 • WALLACE 6 GROMIT CARO SET (1) For KloMik&tWuxe Card Game 2320-LAST UP (1) Excellent cvertiead car racing game 2321 • TS MORPH V3.2 (1 GAMES A EDUCATIONAL 2121 AZ PAINT Pad (1) Excellent pamt package A-Z pics 2111 COP THE LOT (1) Colourful random tottory selector 1829 DUMMIES GUIDE TO COMM$ AND INTERNET (2)
A very helpful grade to the net 2085 GRAPEVINE 21 (: The very latest news ant] 2056 HISTORY TIMETABLED) World history book Tof d history 1510 KIDS 1-3(4) Excellent educational programs 1627 KIDS DISK 5(1) 3educ. Pn ograms maths loiters 1828 KIDS DISK 6(1) Help Mum with the shopping) 2057 MONOPOLY (1) Popular Board Gamo 2108 PQKER MANIA (1) Addictive Poker Game 2049 PRO GAMBLE (1) Horse racing prediction system 2050 PICTURE MATHS (1) "* I ram mako learning fun 1780 UNKNOWN UFO (6) Full information about UFOs T A-Z (9) Colour dp art for Dpant 4 & 5. DTP etc AURAL ILLUSION 2 £20.00 8 16 BIT
SAMPLE PROCESSOR 32 bit processing 55 manipulations 30 Effects including Time Stretch. Graphic Eq Mixer 4 Resonant Filter Compatible with most popui.n 8 16 M file formats deluding IFF AIFF, WAV, VOC otc Improved Synthesised Sound Editor (needs Kickstarl 2 or greater 4 Meg pf RAM) MIDICRAFT MAGAZINE Fotowing on from where the highly successful AM FM left oft. This new disk based mag from the Craft Brothers is a must lor ail Amiga mvs«?ans £2.50 per Issue (issue 5 now available) MIDI MODULES High quality Music-X and Amigq PC MIDI files (stale tor mat required) produced and arranged by Kovan &
Garetl Cratt Volume 1 - £15.00 Vol 2 for Keys - £10.00 Volume 3 - £20.00 Dynamite Drums 1 - C10.00 Dynamite Drums 2 - £15.00 I Call lor further details MUSIC UTILITIES 1921 EAGLE PLAYER V1.54 (1) Mufti formal music player (LHA ft 1462 MIDI TUTORIAL (1) Problems with MIDI - Help is here 1989 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 1 (1) 1990 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 2 (2) Loads of useful Midi utilities 1991 MUSIC X UTILITIES VOL 1 ft Packed with Musk X Utilities 1993 MUSIC X VTHJTieS YOL 2 (3) Various Synths Protocols, Voice 1 PatcfvV ave libraries 2024 PROTRACKER V3.15 (1) Latest version ot this popular trci 1855 X
BEAT PRO 111(1) The vory latest Drum Machine 0CTANEPSS6N0Dm 2029 EVOLUTION (2) 1925 FADE TO GREY (2) 1927 HARMONIOUSLY DIFFERENT (1) 1928 MUSIC FIRST BLUES (1) 2171 OCTAPUSH ROCK 2(1) 2224 OCTAPUSH WEIRD (1) 1661 ROBS ROCKERS (2) 2031 THE THIN UNE (1) 1923 WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME (2) W also stock the entire range of Med User Group Samples and Mode and loads of other Tracker Modules and thousands of FF and Raw sample* IMAGINE OBJECTS 1G Disks packed full of quality tmagme objocts covering many subjects, something tor everyone £8.00 OchMED MODS Hundreds ot modules from the Mod Users Group
members collodion 10 disks per pack. 6 currently avai £8.00 MAGIC WORKBENCH EXTRAS 10 Disks packed full ot Icons. Backgrounds and utilities for Magic WtB £8.00 CG FONTS PACK Over 250 Compugraphic (onto (Vol 1 or Vol 2 - 10 disks per set) lor WB 2 4 3, Wordworth 2- Page Setter 3 etc £8.00 per pack ASSASSINS GAMES 10 Disks fuf of tho very latest Games from tho Assassins group £8.00 BUSS PIECES 450 tiles ot vanous clips, drum loops ofc. M Music-X (10 disks), Amraa MIDI (9 disks) and PC MIDI (9 disks) formats £8.00 |Ptoa» stale lormat requited) EDUCATIONAL 10 Dmks packed with various Educational
programs aimed at young children £8.00 DISNEY CLIPART 10 Disks ot Mono & Colour IFF Ckpariform Donald Duck to lt*o lnjn Kmy £8.00 SAMPLES PACK 10 disks packed with quality Samplos lor your favounto Muse package (State IFF or RAWl £8.00 OchMED 4 6 disks including the ful version of this A500 compatible music program, manual, samples 4 modules to get you started £5.00 KLONDIKE; VIDEO POKER A BLACKJACK 10 disk pack with those oxcollent card games tor A1200 (HD required) With a number ol card sets £8.00 GLAMOUR PACK 15 disks, packed With AGA boautios trom the famous Body Shop coBedion £12.00
(A 1200 onfy - not suitable tor anyone under 16) IK SPECTRUM 10 disks packed with ttv latest Spoccy Emulator .mi various Speccy Games T nko u tnp down momory OFFICE PACK 5 essential tools tor the smalt office - Word Processor, Database.
Spreadsheet. Forms Designer 4 Accounts £4.50 CLP LICENCEWARE WE STOCK THE COMPLETE RANGE OF CLR TITLES - CALL FOR COMPLETE LIST CLU32 - POWER TEXT 2 - £3.99 Powerful Word Processor and Spell Checker CLU63 - JUNIOR MATHS - £3.99 Pra-Sarfy School fun Maths Tutor CLE58 - STARS 4 GALAXIES - £5.99 Woll preserved encyclopedia nil about the Stars CLU3 - TYPING TUTOR - £3.99 Commercial quality ptogram lessons, speed tests otc CLG72 - OG 2 Af - £3.99 A colourful piatlonm gamo for Juds - worth a look CLE54 - TITANIC - £4.99 Comprehensive information about the Titarac Please remember to add the following
Postage & Packing charges: 50p to orders for P.DVLicenceware only (£1.50 Europe. £3.00 R.O.W.) or £1.00 if your order includes other items (Europe & R.O.W. at cost).
Please make cheques postal orders payable to SEASOFT COMPUTING and send to: Seasoft Computing, (Dept AC), Unit 3, Martello Enterprise Centre, Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7PA or telephone (01903) 850378
10. 00am to 7.00pm Mon-Fri (to 5pm Sat). Callers by appointment
Manage yow own Grand Pnx racing ttwne F1 43 - MAGPIES CLIP
ART C7.99 900 Hiqh Quality mono scanned Iff p*tui a Ft 44 -
BLACKBOARD V - £5.99 Completionsive Image Processor, neods 2
drive;, I Fl 48 ERIK - £3.99 Commercial quality plallorm game
lor kids Ft 66 - GRAC * - £4.99 Powerful Graphic Advonture
PRINTED MANUAL - £6.99 I ©D libraries abound and their |
contents are a cornucopia of free, or seemingly free
software. But is all the software you download from the Ammet
or BBSs, buy from PD libranes or receive on a coverdisK
actually free? The answer is a definite no. The software may
be freely distributable, but that only means you are bound to
sell the software at the cost of a disk, postage and packing,
and your time. This last factor is the one that is most
variable, with some companies charging as little as 99p for a
disk of shareware, and some as much as three or four pounds,
but either way you are still liable for the extra charge
payable to the author of whatever program you get The major
problem that shareware authors complain of is the lack of
anyone actually registering with them, and there are some
reasons for this. The first is that people simply cannot be
bothered. They are quite happy to go on using an evaluation
version of a piece of software forever. This happens most of
all to programmers who impose no limits on the software they
write and only offer UjhatiuarB?
Minimal benefits for people who register.
Lha is an example that comes to mind.
The second reason people give is that most shareware is written overseas and the authors ask for payment in their country"s currency. I have sent English money in the post hundreds of times without incident, and have also sent cash overseas on several occasions without problem.
Frank fiord peruses the uarious breeds of freelq distributable softuiare roaming majestically across the ueldt If you are really worried, you can send your letter registered to most countries these days so that if it does get lost or stolen, you still have recourse with the post office. Even if you choose to take the risk of sending money and it does go missing, how much have you lost? A tenner? Even twenty quid isn't really all that much.
The third reason is usually dependant on the second one. What if you send the money and the author denies you have The SASG One of the reasons people give for not registering shareware is the fact that it is too much trouble to get foreign currency to pay people with, but the SASG (Standardised Amiga Shareware Group) have had a good idea. SASG is a consortium of shareware authors who have grouped together to work on a unified approach to shareware, via the look of the interface, the manner of registration and the promotion of the other members of SASG s work.
Members of SASG include Stefan Stuntz, whose MUI and MFR are superb additions to anyone's Workbench, and Martin Huttenholer who created the brilliant set of icons known as Magic Workbench. Part of the added benefits of dealing with SASG products is the fact that there are registration points in several different countries, including England, so people don't have to send foreign currency overseas. I can only hope that either SASG gains a lot of new members.
On tho CovorOlak last month, ... MU, «""»« “"•«« JP""9 “P ot an sasg product elsewhere.
=«=; sent him anything? To be honest, most shareware authors are so happy at actually having received some reward for their programming skills that you will have a friend for life. Secondly, sending a registered envelope ensures that you can check to see if the letter was delivered and who signed for it.
The Amiga's shareware authors are an inventive bunch, creating tools that you would more than likely have to pay for on other platforms and they deserve our support. Check over the software lurking on your hard drive and see if there are a few utilities you couldn't do without, and that some guy has programmed in the hope of getting some sort of reward.
Either throw those tools away or send the guy his postcard. 20DM or a bar of chocolate. T 7 Getting your wares As there are a wide number of styles of freely distributable software, I feel duty bound to inform you of some of the various types doing the rounds: Public Domain The only public domain software that exists is software that has no copyright notice and which contains the source code necessary to modify the program in any way the user chooses Some shareware titles also come with source code, but the original programs shouldn't be modified using the code Freeware The only type of FD
software you won't have to pay anything extra for The people who write freeware titles don't expect any money, gifts or postcards from you. But I'm pretty sure they wouldn t turn anything down that you actually sent them if you found their program useful.
Shareware Shareware is what the majority of FD software actually IS The author expects you, if you use their program regularly, to contribute to their coffers.
Some shareware is actually Crippleware Shareware that is in some way disabled until the shareware fee has been paid The most common ways of crippling shareware include disabling Load Save functions, disabling other essential features, only allowing the use of a limited area (for a graphics package or spreadsheet) or having annoying requesters that pop up every time you perform an operation Charityware The author expects you to make a contribution to a charity of your choice |to a certain value) and once she has proof of this, you will usually need to send her the receipt, then you will receive
an uncrippled version or the thanks of the author Giftware The author would rather receive something more personal than just cash. Usual requests are for chocolate or programming jobs in the States, but I registered MultiCX by sending the author some maps of my local area Postcardware All that is required to register Postcardware is simply a postcard from your home town saying how much you like the program and how much you want to register it.
Beerware, Chocolateware, Cigaretteware, Joltware I rn sure you can work out for yourselves what the author is actually asking for. With the possible exception of the last example. Jolt is actually an American Cola drink which is held m high esteem by a lot of programmers because it contains extra caffeine and sugar. Ideal for those late night programming sessions Amiga Computing a =Jji.
POSTAGE INFORMATION Please indude 50p Postage For UK Disk Orders And 75p Per item For CD Orders (Max Postage Payable £1 50) Europe Add 10% For Disk Orders 4 1 00 Per CD (Max £5 00) R O W Add 20% For Disk Orders & £1.50 Per CO (MAX £6 00) Al Orders Sent 1st Class Or Air Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH TEL (01924) 366982 FAX (01924) 200943 Mufxtoy To Saturday fi 00 am III ft 30 pm Answerpftonc Al All OtTicr Time* nn z si EST 198a LSD COMPENDIUM 1 £14 99 LSD COMPENDIUM 2 £17.99 TAKE BOTH CD*] FOR ONLY £19.99!
Each CD is pocked with hard to find utilities, games, graphics & demos! Easy to use menu requires kickstart 2 04- ANIMATIONS CD £1 7.99 Superb value for money I 2 CD's containing loads MURaM of animations reody to view direct from the CD! ECS & AGA Anims & viewers are included.
PD Softs own library CD s. Hottest 5 comes complete with a printed contents booklet THE LIGHT ROM £36.99, THE LIGHT ROM 2 £36.9 BUY THEM BOTH FOI £611 cn If you have Lightwave, then these are o ‘must buy* If you intend tc tad raytracing seriously! Reccommenc NETWORK CD £13.99 NETWORK CABLE £18.99 BUY THEM BOTH FOB £31.99 The network CD & Cable ASSASSINS CD £17.99 The most complete and easy to use games CD available. Titles run direct from the CD on ANY Rom drive, incuding CD32I Interface is a very easy to use custom menu.
17 BIT COLLECTIONS 17 BIT CONTINUATION £9 17 BIT PHASE 4 £17.99 TAKE All 3 JETS FOR Ml Each CD contains hundreds of cfei from our library, with an easy to ua point, click & dearchive menul GOLDFISH VOL 1 £26.99 GOLDFISH VOL 2 £26-99 BUY BOTH TITLES FOR £49.99!
Spread over 4 CD's, these sets contain | all of the Fred Fish liorory to 1995!
Hundreds of utilities!
Allows a CD32 to be linked to any other Amiga, givng full file access to any CD I 3815 WORDSEARCH DESIGNER Update To Earlier Version 3814 ENLOCK V1 4 HD Password System 3813 MR GREEDY Childrens Story Book 3812 GARFIELD 1 Short Garfield Animation 3811 FEARS One Level Preview Like Doom 3810 BREAKIN BRICKS AGA Bat 4 Bel Game For AGA Machines 3809 SUPER DMS V2 0 Windowed Version Updated X3808 PAM ANDERSON CARDSET For All Klondikes 3807 NFA - THE WORD 6 Scene Disk Mag 3806 TRANS! TON image Conversion Prog 3805 ZXAM V2.0 Superb Speccy Emulator' 3804 MENUS 4 MORE V3.20 Menu Systems Fa Hds 3803 DUCK
DODGERS Platform Game Great' 3802 SAUCE N CODE 1 Amos Related Source Code Etc 3801 BOOKJE BEATER Predicts Results Ot ANY Sport' 3800 CODE NAME NANO Thrust Type Game Clone 3799 SUPER LOTTERY Still Havent Won Yet?
X3798 HELL RAISER CARDSET Fa Ail Klondikes 3797 PCTASK V3 0 PATCH Patches To V3 10 3796 OCTAMED V60 Demo Version 3795 (AB) IMAGESTUDIO V2.1.0 Superb GFX Conversion Prog X3794 (AB) MALEDICTION 3D Texture Mapped Adventure 3793 BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR Basic Typing Tuition 3792 SCOUT (MUI REQ ) Tod To Monitor Computer 3791 GEMZ Great Puzzle Game' 3790 TURBOSUITE V3.1 Disk Cataloging Sys Demo 3789 (AB) SKID MARKS 2 CARS New Cars For Skidmarks 2 3788 DELUXE PACMAN VI .6 I ECS Version Superb' X3787 DELUXE PACMAN AGA VI.6 AGA Version! Excellent!
3786 EGG SCRAMBLE Mad. Mad Game' 3785 DOS MAN Intensive Dos Tutorial 3784 MULTITUDINOUS HD Menu System 3783 THIRD DIMENSION 14 3D Cons Kit Disk Mag 3782 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS 3 Requires Registered Game X3781 STARTUP & BACKDROPS Pictures Fa Workbench 3 3780 (AB) ROM 4 Scene Disk Mag X3779 MOMENTS Great AGA Demo 3778 SANITY ROOTS II Superb Sequel I 3777 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 Installs Dozens Of New Titles 3776 BUTZ BLANKER V2 60 Required MUI X3775 FIREMAN SAM Klondike Cardset 3774 (AB) MWB BACKDROPS Based On Startrek 3773 LEGIONS OF DAWN F1 Game Demo 2 Meg Req 3772 MOSAIC V1.3b Latest WePsurter
X3771 WALLACE 4 GROMIT Klondike Cardset X3770 ROSIE & JIM CARDSET Fa Klondike AGA 3769 (AB) SHAREWORLD 4 CyberaafTs Osk Mag 3766 XFILES GUIDE Xfiles Serial Guide X3765 LECH DEMO AGA Demo From Freezers X3764 REN 4 STIMPY CARDSET ForWondkieAGA X3763 THIRD DIMENSION 13 3D Ccns Kit Diskmag 3762 MORSE COOE TRAINER Learn Morse The Easy Way!
3761 HARDWARE PROJECTS Now Where's That Hammer?
3760 ROBS HOT GAMES 15 includes Air Taxi' 3759 ROBS HOT LOTTERY STASH Won A Million Yet? Naah' 3758 MAGIC SELECTOR V1.7 Changes SFX Etc On Bootup X3757 FRACTASM CARDSET Fa All Kjonukes X3756 EROTICA CARDSET Fa All Klondikes 3755 NEW UTILS 12 New Batch Of Hot Utrts 3754 NEW UTILS 11 Even Mae Utils' 3753 MWB ICONS 6 BRUSHES More Stash Fa Magic Workbench 3752 ROBS HOT STASH 39 Another Hot Utils Comp 3751 BROWSER II V3.03 Superb Mutt Vmndow Fie Manager 3750 ROBS HOT STASH 38 More Hot Utils From Rob I 3749 TERM V4.3 EXTRAS & UBS HD Required) 3748 TERM V4 3 030 VERSION Indudes Locale 3747 TERM
V4 3 4 LOCALE Archived Vuth LHA NO Insttferi 3746 IMAGE ENGINEER V1 1 Image Processing App '745f------- 3745 NEWROSES CARDSET Fa All Klondikes 3744 DELITRACKER 2 V2 14 Superb Music Player' 3743 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5 1 Kills Ail Knovn Germs Dead I 3742 ROBS HOT VIRUS KILLERS The Latest Of The Best' X3741 (AB) MELCHIOR DEMO AGA 4 HO Only Demo!
3740 SPACED OUT' 2 Superb Platform as Pa Kids!
X3739 DYNAMICS AGA Great 256 Colour Aft Package!
X3737 GENERATIONS CARDSET Fa Klondike AGA X3736 PREHISTORIC CARDSET Fa Klondike AGA 3735 ENDURANCE DEMO 3D Cons. Kit Game 3734 TEXTURE STUDIO V1 0 2 Imagine Textae Manipulator 3732 PC TASK V31 PC Emulata Upgrade 3731 KINGHIGH Original Card Game 3730 SPONDULIX MARK V Shareware Accounts Prog 3729 PRO LOTTERY St Probably Wont Win' 3728 DISK COMPRESSION UTILS Not Fa Beginners' 3727 (AB) GRAPEVINE 21 At Last'! The Wait Is Overt 3726 ROBS HOT STASH 37 Full Of Hot Ware* l Agaml 3725 YET MORE MWB ICONS Tons Of Em!
3724 INTERNET UTILS 2 More Stash Fa Netsurfers X3723 DREAMGIRLS CARDSET Fa Klondike AGA X3722 BIRDS CARDSET The Feathered Type, Fa Klondike X3721 MAMMALS CARDSET Another Klondike Set 3720 THE WORD ISSUE 5 NFA Scene Disk Mag 3719 (AB) MAGE 6 Sd-Fl Disk Mag' 3718 PSYCHEUAL Alien Breed Oone (ish) X3717 (ABC) GREENOAY DEMO HD Only AGA Demo X3716 (AB) SUN SLIDESHOW Hand Drawn AGA Pix.
X3715 (AB) DREAMWALKER Another AGA Demo X3714 (ABCD) MAN ON THE MOON HD. 4 Meg Fast. 2 Meg Chip Demo 3713 MICROMARKET V3 Have A Game On The Stockmarket 3712 (AB) CYBERPUNK NOW 5 More C'jfcerpunkish Artides 3711 NEW1CONS Archived With NO Instaler' 3710 (ABCDEF) PROJECT UFO Some Interesting Stuff Here!
3709 IMAGE DESKV1.5 Create Thumbnail Pix 3708 VARK 7 More CU Utils From Vark 3707 VIRUS WORKSHOP 4 8 Most Up to Date Killer Available 3706 JET SET WILLY 3 Superb Conversion' 3706 BATTLE DUEL ECS Scorched Tanks In Hi-Res X3704 BATTLE DUEL AGA As Above. But AGA Only 3703 SPRINGTIME Infuriating Puzzle Garnet Superb!
3702 SCORCHED TANKS VI .85 Supob Tank V Tank Classic!
X3701 KYLIE CARDSET Fa Nondike 2 4 3 X3700 PLAYBOY CARDSET Oooert Klondfce 1.2 Or 3 Missus!
X3699 OCEAN CARDSET Another Set Fa Klondike 1.2 Or 3 X3696 NBA CARDSET Klondike 1.2 Or 3 X3697 STEPH SEYMOUR CARDSET You Guessed! V 1,2 a 3 X3696 RECORD COVERS CARDSET Just Fa Klondike 2 4 3 3695 SUPER DMS Version 1.4. Easy To Use 3694 (AB) BLOX Ucenceware Demo Puzzle 3693 RED DWARF QUIZ Test Your Dwarf I Q!
IlETSURFGI Al You Meed lo Surf The Intern el HkJiwo,i v.Tth Efl the 6 Disks Include I I Mosaic. GulFTP Gr EFPs Gride lo the hi And Mae CnV £5 991 iir.o-Kun(r 9 Dkfcs fbcked V4lh f Documents & Article* ItalOIng lo, Sittings.
Abductions & Mae S Stuff!. Youis Fa £8.991 MACie Mil Ircnsfotm You Otherwise ] ! Bend Workbench Whh I ?
Superb Pack Of 10 Defcs. | New tore. Fonts & OcT iAI For £9.991 HOME APPLICAT toads Of The More f Home Utis Aje beluded I This 10 Disk Set I lAcc Organisers Add ess t You Heme HI Al For £9.9 AlilinEi6 iitfoccnoi £14.99 THE : 8 NOW IN ST £6.95 WE WILL DO OUR BEST TOM OR EVEN BEAT ANY CO ELSEWHERE ALL ORDERS S JL I SPECCY SENSATION £14 99 Why anyone would want to deg'ade their Amiga to play a speccy game isbeyoneme! You get over 500 an time classics, plus all the emulators you need to purvge Into nostalgiq!
POWER GAMES £14.99 A collection of over 500 superb PD games for any CD rom platfrom including CD32! All titles included run direct from the CD!
TEXTURE GALLERY £36.9 This double CD set contains over 1.3 GIGfl textures in TARGA. JPEG IFF. PICT. SGI & TIFF formats. Perfe for use with any 3D program such imagine or Ightwavel_ MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT 2 £22.99!
Fonts, clipart, objects 24 Bit images. 250 MB of samples & mods from the M.U.G, includes the FULL Octamed 5.04! & MORE!1 AMINET 3 £9.99 't AMINET 4 £9.99 IMAGINE CD £36.99 One of the most complete collections of textures, attributes, objects and backgrounds available for imagine users GROUERS ENCYCLOPEDIA ii IMAGNE ENHANCE £39 Contains exclusive data covering objects,maos, fonts, backdrops, demo ana picture gallery plus othe' varkxj bits 8c bats to enhance your images £26.99!
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I UI DR I H I Smoke 9 I reating fire effects, as we saw a couple of months ago. Is one of the trickier jobs a modeller will face. Apart from I ft difficulty of reproducing the organic ance of the flame, we have to sit 9gttiuugh extended rendering times while f we test the various texture settings to find one we're happy with. ' 99HIE Once you've gone through all the Its I hassle, you might be thinking that it was a e I IK of trouble for not a lot of resuli There Jjre only so many animations where flames be a factor, after all. But with a little
• a thought and application the flames e can be adapted to fit a
great many idons.
For this example, we II look at a single which includes a frigate cutting its way through the high seas- In its progress it will, of course, throw up a wake and as it s an old WWII ship it’ll certainly be making a bit of smoke. We now have two effects to ite which at first don't seem all that related to bnght yellow candle The first job is to decide where the will be placed and what general and size they will be. In this case - with which most of us will be familiar - 'san easy job to visualise both the wake ard the funnel smoke. You’re still going to have to think about size, though.
BRU5HITIHPS As we saw in the candle flame example, me object itself is merely a frame into h we fit our brushmaps. The surface and edges of the model will be made I00 per cent transparent, except where the ihmap causes smoke or wake effects. As we'll also use a stnct texture falloff (to avoid ing ugly solid edges| the object has to be larger than the effect itseff.
A Ship 0f75rrj length would therefore need a bow wake of about 100m minimum ID allow for water sloshing down the ship's side, and we'll need a second 50m wake at the stem to reproduce the churning of the propellers, Similarly, the funnel smoke object will have to extend a fair way beyond the last visible puff of smoke 9 because we’ll want this to blend against StD I background as finely as possible.
I We need to create a wake which is iroughly the same shape as the ship but a on the water Amiga 3D Part 6 Using the same techniques applied to mahing candle flames. Steuie hennedq looks at how lightlilaue can reproduce euergthing from smoke to foaming water lot longer, and we can use the same object scaled down slightly to make the stem wake. The smoke is a bit more of a problem as we have two funnels in this example and the effect has to travel upwards from the funnel and backwards with the wind.
Let's take the smoke first. Colour is easy.
Just choose a mucky oily brown (R77, G50.
033 works for me) and apply it. To create the smoke itself I used a reflection map from Surface Pro. But most vaporous maps would be fine so long as they tile together without too much of a seam. Remember - the smoke will be visible for quite a while and we don't want a regular gap appearing when the brushmap passes through the object.
Reach the end. For the transparency. I used the same 100 per cent settings for the object as with the flame we did. But applied a different brushmap for the transparency mapping (this is where a 24- The ship's speed will be about 40km per hour, which equates to something between 20 and 25 knots. In Lightwave terms, this is about 11 m per second, so we have a basic speed for the texture velocity settings. The Y axis speed, applied to make the smoke appear to come up out of the funnel, should be 2m per second or so Texture size will be roughly two thirds of the smoke object down Its length and
four fifths of the breadth and depth so that the smoke mostly fills the object (which is an invisible frame, remember?) On cross- section. But peters out well before we bit package wrth a decent airbrush comes in very handy). Now we have one map for colour and one for transparency, and the interaction of the two (something you can't predict) should look more randomised than using just one brushmap.
Now set the texture centre right where the smoke is thickest at the mouth of the foremost funnel If you're not sure how to do this accurately, just move the smoke object's pivot point to the nght spot and read the grid reference shown in the bottom nght-hand corner of the Layout screen Once you have set the texture centre property, the rest is a lot easier. Look at the smoke object itseff and measure its exact dimensions. On a 75m ship it should be around 50m in length, and about 15m in diameter at its rear end where the smoke rs dissipating This size would give us a texture falloff of 2.1 in
X (length). 15 in Z. and 15 in Y. As these set the percentage falloff. The smoke should be invisible once it reaches about 47.6m in X (comfortably inside the object), and should taper off as the smoke object widens to more than 13.2m (100 per cent transparency in Z and Y beyond
6. 6m either side of the pivot point).
Works of art With a bit of thought. An understanding of textures, and the careful measurement of your objects. Effects such as smoke and white water needn't be a nightmare to reproduce using basic Lightwave techniques. You might never achieve the degree of realism a professional studio could with its banks of arasts and gigabytes of digitised footage Of water, smoke, explosions, and the rest, but your efforts will be a lot more lifelike than before, and you have enough scope with this technique to produce some starting results.
The finishad animation benefits hugaly from thaaa two additions, though a static frama can't raalty show tho off act Amiga Computing RFPTFMRFR 1QQfi Satellite Smartcard Emulator!
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ON THE Mil ULWXE infTYN* ixcjj orv d* iuu wotuj ar m id€*fl
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I COO 10 hr., 11 OotTAS T1X « hWfcNkAUU'ffvil, wwreivnt kxwis jcuoi KMOKIU N-VNrtJ «';ll ItTto, suew nu v»iki jtmi u.rimis ucr» ICCH N II»SI .HO 1 zcs! N nan uoi nt CHIW moc rut cuto luvn a»uci »itreun aoov Hon |UK,’ HXX I When Ordering please give one alternative also which Amiga If you don't tec whit you want, elcisr calL »t probably stoti ii If you can find a bettct pride, pltaie dal, wt wiB Iry to beat tt.
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• If I |v -i ¦ ne use of the CursorWrite)) function
I. I I outlined last month is for displaying Form filling v!v
field flames in programs that collect | their data via an
on-screen form. Of course, to develop these types of form-fill
applications you also need to be able to collect and display
keypress data at the appropriate position on the screen.
The CursorRead() function I've written for this month's instalment does exactly that, and at first sight it is perhaps a little more complicated than you might expect. The reason is that to produce any useful form-fill application it's necessary to control what a user can. And cannot, type very carefully.
Input fields, for example, need to have their length controlled so that users don't go overwnting areas of the display assigned for other uses. Similarly, some key presses such as function keys) may need to be ignored while others, like backspace, have to be recognised so that special actions can be taken. In other words, it is necessary to parse the input stream so that only those keypresses deemed to be useful are actually used.
This, of course, means that a raw console window must be used and to read the keyboard I'll be using the Arexx Readch() function For the most part Amiga keyboard keys labelled with ANSI standard characters will be translated into their ASCII character equivalent by the console device via the current keymap data. With other keys an escape sequence will be generated and it's important to understand that the number of characters generated does vary from key to key.
ASCII Code (Hex) Action To Be Taken 0-7 Ignore these non-printing characters 8 Do a backspace and reaove last character froa input string 9-19 Ignore these non-printing characters 20-7D Print noraally adding characters to input string 7E (’) Ignore 7F (delete) ignore set cursor to required position do while input character is not a carriage return if characters received count altowed character count do Select Mien char=function or special key ignore all associated characters Rhen char backspace reaove last character • When char is printable print and add to input string Othervisi ignore
character end «nd else force an exit froa parsing routine tod Lit ting II: Skeleton framework ot the keypress routine selact when x$ =CSI then do call Readch(aindo»,1) xJ=lieadch(uiodov,!)
End when i$ ==8ACK$ PACE I i 1 then do i=M Ur1tccMuindou,iSHV||iS) 1nput_strlngJ:Left(lnput_strlngf Length(lnput_strlng$ )-1) xSiRcidch(vindoir,1) end when i$ =SPACE I «$ APPR0X then do i«i*1 Uri techtwindow,xJ) )nput_jtringSsinput_»trlng$ ||xS iSsRe«dch(window,1) ¦ Usting III: The Inner select when statements oi the parsing routine end otherwise xlsResdchtwindow,!)
End For this month's example script the ASCII characters I've chosen to support are shown in listing I. The parsing strategy itself involves a loop whose exit condition is either the reception of a carriage return character or the reception of more characters than specified when the routine is called I've also chosen to look for function and other special keys Home, End and so on) so that the various characters generated by these keys can be safely ignored. Listing 2 shows a pseudocode representation of the routine's structure and if you bear this layout in mind when you look at the CoverDisk
example code, it shouldn't be too difficult to appreciate how ¦ Listing I; Operations to be performed by the keypress parser the routine works. Displaying ordinary characters is easy. We increment a character count, pnnt the character to the screen using Writech)), and add the character to the input string being collected. Having done that we read another character and continue the loop.
Backspace handling involves removing the last displayed character and decreasing the character count.
It is a little more awkward for two reasons.
Firstly, printing a backspace only moves the cursor back one position - it doesn't actually remove the character passed over, so we need to explicitly do this as a separate operation. I've opted for printing a backspace, writing a 7 period character, and then backspacing again to position the cursor at the correct location for a new character.
The console device does, incidentally, support a delete character control sequence, but since using this would physically shift up other characters on that particular display line causing any other field names on the same line to move) this option, for our current purposes, is not suitable.
Paul Oueraa plains hom to write an Rrbhk keq- PfB55 pacing routine The second thing to watch for is that we must only ever do backspace operations while there are still characters left in the input string to delete. You can see how I do this by looking at listing 3 which shows the inner select when statements used m the parser.
The example itself The best way to appreciate this month's discussion is to run the example program for yourself and experiment. Open a shell window and. For convenience, copy the example script to the ram disk and make ram: the current directory by typing... cd ram:). Then run the script by typing... rx september_example and enter some data into the screen form that appears.
At the moment nothing much happens to the data you enter, it just gets redisplayed at the shell window which started the program - just to convince you that the entered fields are being property collected by the CursorReadf) routine.
You'll notice that the example has quite a lot of preliminary setting up code for writing field names, showing the input field sizes using period characters, and collecting the various replies. Each field is essentially treated as a separate entity, but obviously this approach leaves a little to be desired as forms become larger.
The next step is to become a little more organised in the way we display and collect field information and next month will in fact see me adding a rather crafty twist to the ideas I've been discussing over the last couple of issues!
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review says: HARD DRIVES The Internet has become exactly the
kind of buzzword I was hoping it wouldn't with all kinds of
style victims with Apple Macs rampaging around the network
posing as Cyber Warriors, while I users who could get something
out of it are being put off by the associations the Net is
starting to pick up in the public imagination.
The Internet Ulhere to now?
It's full of porn. It's full of weird people. It's full of reams of text about how to make j bombs, drugs, chemical weapons and plastic | replicas of Delia Smith's underwear. It's an | unsavoury place full of people who want to I corrupt our children, sell us things we don't j need, and push their opinions on us while i eavesdropping on what we look at so they know what sort of person we are.
Well okay, a lot of those impressions have some basis in fact These problems do exist on the Internet, but explaining why they exist and I how little a threat to the average person on the street they are is a difficult task. The ! Internet is a place where all of human life and ; experience is gathered, a sort of extension of i the real world, or the Outernet as some wags
• have it.
You find a lot of disturbing things in life, and yes. People have diverse and sometimes downright horrible tastes, politics and points of view, but to badly quote some deep thinker who's name escapes me: "I detest your point of view, but I defend to the death your right to hold it.’ If nobody gets to express themsefyes fully on the Internet, then what is the point of it any more? If the Government legislates against free speech on the Internet, then what use is our Government?
HfWTHinG RflD EUERVTHIIIG Where we are on the Internet is a point in history where almost anything you want to know or want to talk about is there for all to see. What we do next, who we vote for and what their plans are for the Internet are crucial to the future of our country, our culture, and our rights as humans and residents of the United Kingdom and of the Internet.
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¦ Can lha Liberal Democrats help you in your light lor free speech on tho Internet? E-mail thorn now ¦ Or may be the Labour Party can help you on the Intornot debate? As for the consorvotlvetui I'm sure you would like to know about those nice sites on the Internet I've been visiting over the last few weeks? Sure you do.
Bravo that go-ahead satellite channel, you know the one with the fancy ads on the London Underground and in all the magazines? Yup, that's them. Well they're here on the Web too. God save us. Great site though, and really nicely done. Lots of info and pics from all the shows they are showing at the moment which is almost every cult TV show ever made I wish I was allowed to have a satellite dish, but my other half sayS I can't because it's expensive, it's full of trash and it rots my mind. But she let me have an Internet account?!? Go figure http: www.uaep.co.uk bravo. html Dr Fun - another
cartoon strip and a damn fine one too. Best get Netboy and this one and then you'll never have to buy a comic ever again Well perhaps once in a while, but no spandex covered superheroes, okay?
Http: sunsite.unc.edu Dave drfu
n. html Cyberview 3D Document Maker - very technical, but
Http: www. Geom. Umn. Edu apps cybervtew3d about. Html The VRML Repository ¦ Virtual Reality Mark-up Language, the 3D version of HTML A 3D Web interface being developed by a private company and Silicon Graphics. Let s hope Escom make it snappy with the new RISC- based Amigas. And then we'll be flying through real Cyberspace... What is this sudden thing about 3D. Hmm?
Http: www sdsc edu vrml WaxWeb - the orviine version of a cult video called WAX. It's hard to describe, but the web site features some darn good stuff.
You may need access to some kind of PC or Mac to view the films though. Sorry You’ll have to wait until the slated Escom Amiga PC clone comes out. Still, look on the bright side, at least it'll be out before Windows '95 (or Amiga 85 as we like to call it!)
Http: bug.villdge.virginia.edu The Ed Wood Home Page - see the world's worst movies, well buy them from this company anyway. Or at least take down the names of the films and go to your local store and buy them.
This is a part how to and how not to' do web site. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.
Mondo graphics, mondo slow, mondo chic.
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk edwood CONTENTS. Html Making Movies - a film production company, making films in both London and Los Angeles, with details of the films it has in production, plus access by e-mail to a company that might read your screenplay.
Net watch http: www. Makingmovies .com tallent index, html The ARPA Warbreaker Site - I'm not sure what this is, I got it by accident while looking for something else, but it looks real scary. ARPAnet was what the Internet used to be called, ironically enough.
Http: www.wb.com I'M BIFF!!! - this is just plain weird. Mpeg movies? Weird Mpeg movies? You'd have to be sick in the brain to download most of this stuff, but hey! You wouldn't be a Net Potato if you didn't eh?
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Softlogik are releasing version 3.0h as I wnte and this will be the penultimate release before moving to version 3.1. Some of the implemented features in 3.0h will include:
• Speeded up text: The ability to leave graphics and text
external to a file
• Implemented page numbering
• Implemented Auto Hyphenation
• Fixed most known insertion point (text cursor) related problems
t Fixed auto kerning of PostScript fonts
• Fixed the distorted aspect ratio problem with bitmap pictures
• Fixed the distorted aspect ratio problem with landscape pnnting
• Fixed Cut. Copy. Paste. Erase and Undo toolbar buttons
• Fixed copying of objects between documents which also copied
text style tags
• Fixed all send to editor scripts to work property when quitting
an editor and not just when closing an editor's window.
Let’s hope the development continues apace with this Amiga version and that SoftLogik don't get carried away with the development of a PC or Mac version to our detriment Some of the really important features that are still lacking in PageStream 3 include proper EPS export and separations. We have certainly been patient, waiting for a usable version of PageStream, and I hope this patience will soon be paid off.
Professional Page program, followed by Commodore s licensing of the technology for use In Workbench. If you have ProPage installed on a machine with a Workbench revision higher than
2. 0. you will be able to convert ProPage s version of the
Compugraphic format into a format suitable for use with
Simply load up Fountain (or Intellifont if you are using Workbench 3 or higher), and select your CGFont: directory in the souree window. Fountain will then convert the format automatically to WB CG and you will then be able to use the fonts for Workbench. Wordworth and any other package that supports Workbench Compugraphic fonts.
NimbusO: NimbusQ is another mutation of the Postscript type 1 standard, but is a lot faster for screen display. The only programs to support NimbusQ fonts on the Amiga so far are the Softwood range of Word Processors including Final Copy and Final Writer ¦ | ¦ ack in the bad old days of ¦ Workbench I 3 and ProPage 1.3. the LJ situation was simple. You had bitmapped fonts for Workbench and Compugraphic fonts for ProPage PageStream
1. 8 was around, but did anyone actually use it? Probably not. It
had its own font format called dmf. But even with this added
format there wasn't much confusion. Compare that j situation
to today's proliferation of file formats.
Compugraphic, Workbench Compugraphrc.
I Postscript type I. Postscript type 3. Nimbus Q, TrueType, not to mention the good old bitmap and dmf formats. Postscript fonts can be even : further subdrvided into formats for the Apple | Macintosh, those for Windows and those for DOS.
There still isn’t that much confusion over what format typeface to use for which J program. However, the current system is somewhat inefficient with people having to have several copies of a typeface in different formats on their machine for use in different | programs. Perhaps one of the initiatives undertaken by Escom with a new release of Workbench should be the support systemwide of Postscript type 1 fonts, similar to the system
* employed by NeXTStep and the NeXT machines which actually go
one stage further and work systemwide in Postscript for the i
display as well as text.
Another alternative would be to go the Windows route and offer support for TrueType i format fonts, but we don't really want to be seen to emulate Wmdoze now, do we?
Sometimes it's hard to find the font you j want in the format you need, but every DTP I diva should really have a copy of TypeSmith to I hand In its current incarnation it can handle almost all the formats covered in this article with the exception of the NimbusQ format. But as Final Writer - the main program to use I NimbusQ - supports postscript fonts as well.
[ it's not too much of a problem.
If you can t find the font you want in the I format you need and you don't have a copy of j TypeSmith to hand, you could do worse than | ringing EMC on 01255 431389.1 know I've i plugged them before, but they really do j provide the best service for DP users in this I country.
Postscript Type 1: The standard for typography in the publishing industry, the postscript font format was developed by Adobe Systems way back. A scalable font format, it supports additional files for kerning information and screen representations of fonts.
Postscript Type 3: Postscript type I fonts are great but they don’t cope well with very complex shapes. The Type 3 variant was designed to dea! With halftones and shading, but most programs will only output type 3 fonts to a postscript printer, unlike type 1 s. TrueType: TrueType is probably the most common format in use at the moment thanks to its adoption into Windows. TrueType provides a scalable technology similar to the Compugraphic format, but is best suited to screen use.
Compugraphic: AGFA developed the Compugraphic standard originally for their typesetting machines, but the format has become popular on the Amiga thanks primarily to Gold Disk's Font formats Amiga Computing FAST AMIGA REPAIRS FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
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Year warranty. Allow 7 to 21 days for delivery WANTED Working or faulty Amiga Computers Hardware, P.O.A. 10% Discount if you quote this number - 2341 (01332) 280224 Cheques + Postal Orders payable to: Omnidale Supplies 8E Rowan Court Friargate, Derby DE1 1BU (01332)280224 his month it's the turn of Graham Moody, another regular contributor to the column, and this is a program which finds out the specification of a screen.
Over to you Graham.
"Here is a routine that will give you information on the current screen, from the screen number to the amount of memory the screen is using. There are two modes of operation. _SCREEN_INFOf 1J is the silent mode, where by the information is returned from the procedure in a string: SCREENNUMEIUVil(ltftS(U,1)) I-Val(HidS(IS,3,4)) WaMMdSUSJ'O) WlOTH*Val(PidS(IS,13,4)) Hel6HTslilillid*llJ,18,*)) NURBEtOFCOLOURS*Vil(llidS( 11,23,4))
* UN8ER9fBlTPlANE$ :VillHi«(IJ,28,1»
AN0UNT0FSCREEMEMRY*Val(IHd$ (tS,3l),7)) this is how we get the
information, that is returned form the procedure.
.SCREENJIifOtO] is non silent tode uhere by the intonation is displayed directly on screen."
Okay, here's the first part of the code. Don't try to run this! It is not complete, although if you're really clever you might be able to figure out where it's going and beat us to it.
Otherwise, wait until next time and fill in the rest of the code before trying it out. Okay, here we go with part I. First the usual starting type code Screen (lose Screen F$ =fselS(BirS," loed my Iff Picture","to test screen info") If Ft*"" Edit which loads the screen you are going to test and if it doesn't load it will boing you back to the editor.
Else Load Iff ft,lnd(7) This loads the iff picture to a random screen number Close the IF ELSE ENDiF and we re then we locate the cursor and pnnt a prompt to tell the user to press a mouse button: onto the next bit: locate ,13 : Centre "prm lame key."
Repeat : Until House (ey 0 End If Halt Vbl Then we close current screen.
This of course waits for the next vertical blank, and then we are into the first PROC.
Screen Close Screen .SCIEEI.IIFOm IssParaaS and then we start again with the requester to load another picture (or even the same This returns the information from procedure as a string called IS. Which of course we can process later The other form of the PROC is next: pecturelj.
FS*FselJ(OirS,"","Load another Iff Picture","to test screen info")Vait 13 _SCIEEIIIIMEII*Val(LiftS(IS,1)) i: Val(R1dS(IS,3,4)) TsVll(Mdt(IS 8,4)) UI»Tlf=Val(RidS(IS,13,4 ) HEI6HT*Y*liBidl(5l,18 4)) MURBEROFCOLOURSsVal(Rf dS(IS,23,4)) NURBEROfBITPlANES Yal(NidS(lS,28,1» AROUNTOFSCIEENNEROtT=Val(RidSt1S,30,7)) Default This waits for 15 50s of a second Then we test for the picture load again and go back to the editor if it didn't as before If it does load we load it into a random screen: If Fss"* Edit Else Load Iff FS,Rnd(7) End If Nait 15 and after gathering the info we return to a default
status. Now we can PRINT some of the info we've gleaned to the screen: Now we activate the PROC again Print "The screen nuaber ="*StrS(_SCtEE««UPIBER) Who goes there?
Part 1 This prints the screen number, followed by similar statements to print x coordinate, y coordinate, screen width, screen height, maximum number of colours, number of bit planes in use, and finally the amount of screen memory in use, with the following stements: Print "I • "?StrSOUs Print "T s"*StrS T) Print "The screen uidtb •"?StrMNlOTN) Print "The screen height ="*$ trl HEI6HT) Print "The total nuaber of colours are"rStrS(NUN8ER0FC0L0URS) Print "The nuaber of bit-planes is"*Str$ (NUH- BE10FBITPLAHES) Print "The aeaory requiraent *"eStr$ (AH0UNT0F- JCIEEllERORT) .SCIEEI.INFOCOl I8 Piraaf
Befault Direct Now we get to the point where we define the procedures: Procedure JCKBUIftlSILMI] 4APJ1" Note. The gap between the quotes is 39 spaces by my reckoning. Next we set the address of screen table: AD*Scretn Base .SCRCEN.NUNBER OeektScreen Base*1 8 until we hit the current screen number. Now we look for the screen's x and y coordinates: IIFOS*StrS(.SCREEN_IUME«) : XsstightS(INFOS,!)?" " I0ISPLAT*0eck(Screen 6ase*8? INF01S=StrS(XhISPLAY) !S=IS*RightS(lRF01S,Len lNF01S)~
1) «leftS((APS,S-(lcn(INf01SM)) TUSPUWtekfScreen Bast+196)
INFC2J=StrS(YIISPlAY) IS=Il li ghtt(INF02t Len(INF02S)-
1) *Le tl(6APS,5-(Ler.(INF02J)-1)) _$ CDEEN.BIDTIUBeek(Screen
Base*76) and then the width and the height of the screen:
llfQ3S*StrS(_SCIEEV_klIDTR) !S:lS»RightS(INF03S,Len(lNF03S)-
1Mtft»(HPS,5-(len(Ilf03l)-1)) SCREEN HE 16HT=Deek(Screen
1) »laftS(5AP|,}-(LtnlUIF04J)-1}) Then the max amount of colours,
number of planes available and screen memory requirement:
.HAIIUII_NUIIBER_(lf_£OlOURS*Deek( Screen Base*96
1) HeftS(6APS,5-(len(INf05S)-1)) h0PA=0eek(Screen BasetBO)
INF06S*StrS(NOPA) I$ =l$ rRightSUNF06S,Len(INF06S)*
1) «LeftS(6APS,2-(Len lRF06S)-1) TSM(Oeek(Screen
Base*76)*leek(Screen Base*78)*Deek(Screen Base*B0)) 8
IhF07t=Str$ (tSR) IS=ISeR i ghtS(IHF07S,Len(IRF07S)-
1) »Leftl(GAPf,?-(len(INf07iM)) If SIIEIT*0 If .SCREEN NUH8ER=7
ISI=6 Elsi ISI*7 End If
• Next month we'll conclude the process and round it all up.
MOW TO QftDfcR Tick nrie* required tni Knd with scui uar. Oiircv. Af.i pay mem ol clmpr-'pcatal.
uikf u* mh PayiliI; in J)| n • ihe lahtieo at lie Ip nl tin, m!von HukI wnnen onjrn alvi uvepteil DISK PRICES IMIp pci dick i Mmimun order of 5 Adn i Pkuc add Xtp to ceder h* P.P I i alter iilieorwmBer ol A-in PD NJH.(AC) 12 Meesons Mead Roc Word, Essex SS4 1RN TEL .01702 546796 GAMES UJ1LS J » y force 2 ** , n«MU» xn 2S«WUh3 J( lulil Mtmfctct t11 B» . Mann I LV»cn*Si iun ¦SEgL I Uhnnllc yitnw:»iinc i LJDviuifiicc Woman I L Ccaaando luu [ Aicnie Ctomki i'2l Jda .il llir rancx 8RSte i m i i.ii ALL ObKi LKKOR' 1KI CHECKED AM CARRY A ONE FOR ONE Rot-ACMEM ULAIiLMLt ¦UfflLGAMES
LwfllfTlLS JACA loilcrv Prrdutce ajSpcctnnn 1,6 AG A Kcko 1 fann ml I (4) whoa Replay I Pro i» c w b Inara ilrive) Marv WB htoijt (21
- VKleoCacktT AGA i ,,.t,.WI,-|| 1,1.
M3£ Graphic tilth
* } Bactdmm
* V Ytrut Killm lUkr ( A H Unkerv .Jci 1.3. VSI Mulmraua rimbil
J (i) nkey Konp rnrtl
mi. .... DtodMHcIi JdeepiHDMl Jcybcninii 1110*4) Jkr l. JlilUe
he Jmutuul Oiwndr On (HOK)l Moon (4aM4| : :4mHHDX-1); bak™4
Vo (ulnlilc 2 irjpeviqe 'I i2 Xuinol I ¦kumoJ Maiml ___
BsWfir17 rConytmla M Orwsti Mfndi &w?
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Olher new features inchade-
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* Gamma oerection
* Spooler for colour kltertwwix etc
* Colour separation
* Now with anh-alwsing to mr»7*r joggrd edges
* Ihnablr Ifvrt d shmglmg h Intally renwre tsanding and whitr bw
* Calouf caulogue funda) will pnht a minatin of each pietuw
oMl untui bctxwi l-ttacnwycm.
* Suitable for CitHtn Epson. Hewlett Packard, NEC, Panaxceoc,
Srikosha, Star and |utl about any dot rrutrix or ink)rt
‘bubbhyrt la erjct pnrrte?.
BJ10E EX SX, BC02, BJ200, BJ130, BJ300, BJ330.
3 Refill Kit 60ml pure black . .£8.99 6 Refill Kit 120mJpure black .116.99 CANON BJC 600. BJC 400 10 Refill Kit 60ml pure black ...£8.99 20 Refill Kit 120ml pure black ......£16.99 TRICOLOUR REFILL KITS FOR H,P, DESKJET RANGE Canon BJC600, BJC4000 etc. 10 Refills of Yellow, Magenta & Cyan 180ml .£24.99 Print Head Recovery- Fluid for unblocking no ides...- .. ......_£5.95 Important: Please state type when ordering as our inks are specially formulated to match the
Printer and NOT a general purpose ink.
Dun't throw away your plastic printer ribbon cases when the ribbon weirs out just take the lop off. Lake out the old ribbon and reload it with a new one. Black reloads from as little as °9p each.
4 Colour Citizen Swift ...... ....£29.95 4 Colour Citizen Swift (Reload) ..£1195 4 Colour Star LCIO.. ...... . £14.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin ..... £19.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin (Reload) ..... £1195 4 Colour Star LC200 24 Pin....- .....£29.95 4 Colour Star 24 Pin (Reload) ..... £14.95 1 Colour Star LC10 ___________ £11.95 1 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin ......£11.95 I Colour all Star 24 Pin
....£11.95 1 Colour Epson FX80 LQ400 MX80 -________ £11.95 1 Colour Epson LX80 ... £11.95 1 Colour Epson FX100...... £11.95 1 Colour Panasonic KXP1080 ....£11.95 Heat transfer Pens 5 large red orange yellow green blue. Large pens have a marker size nib" £14.95 a set I leaf transfer Pens 5 small red orange yellow green blue. Small pens have a fine nib £1195 a set
o cases when the nbbon j ribbon and reload it with a new one.
It's simple' FuD instructions supplwd.
Rrloads for- Star LC200 9 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload-£599---------5 Reloads - £23.95 Star 24 Pm 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload-£6.99_________5 Reloads-£29.95 Citizen Swift ABC 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload-£6.99_________J Reloads -129.95 Sakosha 5195 96 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99..... ..i Reloads - £29.95 Panasonic KXP2180 2123 2135 4 Colour (Narnul Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 _5 Reloads - £29.95 Ink ribbons also available in Gold, Silver, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Brown, Green, Blue, Red for a wide range of printers.
Don't throw away your plastic printer ribbon cas wears out Just take the top off, take out the old r COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS The Rmiga's race against time
• •
• • Paul Ouuraa Bhplains mini the Amiga badlM needs standardised
system supported, 16-bit sound arrangements he Amiga s built-in
8-bit sampled sound hardware once helped the machine stand head
and shoulders above the competition. Unfortunately, technology
doesn't stand still and what was first seen as one of the
Amiga's strengths, digitised 8-bit sound, has now become a
weakness [if not an outright liability).
The reason is that on other platforms the emphasis in most sound-oriented areas is moving rapidly from 8-bit to 16-bit sound. In fact, you only need look at the PC marketplace to see what is happening. Everyday home PC users are flocking to 16-bit sound cards like no tomorrow, with most taking the opportunity to throw on a CD-ROM drive at the same time.
Why is this happening much quicker on the PC than on the Amiga? Well, one main reason is cost. You can. For example, now get a 16-bit soundcard and software, and a CD-ROM drive for under £200. On the Amiga the situation is very different - decent 16-bit Amiga sound cards are still far too expensive. No matter how bnlliant the SunRize AD516 may be, no everyday Amiga user is going to go out and buy one at current prices.
The Toccata board is cheaper, but although the software offers some useful Vlabs package links it has little in the way of what you might call more generalised 16-bit Amiga software sound support. Blue Ribbon's One Stop Music Shop is also extremely good but again, price- wise. It is beyond the reach of most Amiga users.
So what does all this mean? Well, for end users it's simple: Even just talking hardware - to obtain an up-and-running 16-bit Amiga multimedia system it costs roughly two or three times as much for an Amiga owner as it does a PC user! Incidentally, despite their low prices.
¦ Creal v* Lab* software la good but It wouldn't toll to PC uaora In tho quantity that It dooo worm ft not for tho availability of choap 16-bit mound carda ¦ SunRiio 16-bit aound system
- groat, but far too expensive for tho avorago user almost all PC
sound card packages still come bundled with a lot of support
Creative Lab s Sound Blaster 16 package, for example, provides a sample editor which lets you sample at rates up to 44,100Hz [CD quality). There are Ensemble- programs which provide sound sample, audio CD and Midi file playing facilities, mixer programs, a multimedia authoring package. Monologue for Windows which allows you to add speech facilities to other Windows applications, as well as vanous other programs.
It is these types of hardware and software bargains that are setting the multimedia music rules nowadays and to compete the Amiga has at least got to be in the race. In short it badly needs cheap, yet good, 16-bit sound hardware, along with more system-wide (i.e. Escom standardised) operating system support.
Escom. Of course, are 100 per cent aware of what's been happening in the PC world and there are already strong rumours that an affordable 16-bit DSP (Digital Sound Processing) card is high on their Amiga agenda. This, of course, is something which, for musicians and multimedia users, is very good news indeedl More than a drop in the ocean Those of you who read this column regularly may remember in the past that I've mentioned an Amiga disk-based magazine produced by Bjorn Lynne in Norway, called AM FM (the Amiga Musicians Freeware Magazine).
Unfortunately, publication of AM FM, because of the author's other commitments, has now ceased (disk issue 19 was the last), but the good news is that well-known Amiga music duo Kevan and Gareth Craft have decided to take over the helm.
The magazine is now called the 'MIDICraft Magazine' and most of the previous AM FM distributors both here in the UK and overseas are stocking it along with MIDICraft Sample disks, and so on.
The reason I'm mentioning this is that Kevan and Gareth really do deserve credit for the effort they put into their Amiga-oriented music work. As well as being the authors of countless tracker module songs. PD utility and sample disks (and now publishers of MIDICraft), they've even found time to produce an audio CD called A Drop In the Ocean-.
This contains 12 original tracks and it s not only worth a listen because the songs themselves are quite good, but because it will show you exactly what it is possible to do with Amiga sequencing software - all tracks on the album were in fact sequenced using Amigas running Music X. A Drop in the Ocean costs El0.99 and is available from Seasoft Computing - Tel: 01903 850378. A public domain support disk is also available containing song lyrics in various forms, docs and pictures, and even an OctaMED version of one of the instrumental tracks on the CD!
Amiga Computing DINCSMRS m mstox ?AMINET VOLUME 6 Dated July 95 Contains al re wy latest otiWies peaches. Tools. Mus-c A 0emee_(C01061 £14 99 ?SPACE & ASTRONOMY Hundreds ot NASA picture files, aswoli as text Met from NASA dated back to 1964_(CDI 5) £19.99 ?HUTCHINSONS ENCY.
- Contans all volumes ot the ercyclope riia. Music, famous
speeches. Pictures etc GREAT VALUEI(COt02| Only £14 99 ?INSIGHT
DINOSAURS Produced in association with the Natural History
Musoum London, contans am- matons. Sounds. A text (CD114)
£19.99 ?ILLUSIONS 3D includes hundreds ot pre rendered 3D mages
aswei as tools to make your own tasonannp 3D images COS4)E9 99
?MULTIMEDIA MANIA Toots, Ciloari. Fonts, Arwnaiwns Muse
modiflea. Sound sampfee. And loads mote |C£M9a) £19 99 not cd»
? ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Hundreds ot I he most useful tocto lor
the Amiga Graphics tools, music tools. Disk tools 8tC.(G074|
Onty £9 89 not Cd32 ?COVER GIRL POKER Fewltxes 8 soundtracks,
superb graph ics & choce d languages. A great game for dll
Adults (CO07AMI) £1993 ?THE SOUND Thousands ot samples, muse
modulo* & tods. An excellent value doutrc GD (C0108) £19 99
?GFX SENSATION Over tOOrrh ot Imagine cCyectS hundreds ot
texiures and toad* ot objects tot lightwave (C002 £1999 ? PRO
IFF CLIPART 2 A tantav.c new CO contannn thousands ot cipan
(msges in PCX 'err* Includes ?5Cpd&9 tkXA (CD110) tMt ?STAR
TREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD Contains »ns gl ptflim f BMP. GIF, *F &
JPEG. Hgnflreds O' soung (lies, Anmalon* in FU. FLC. And Anm.
The theme tunes from the ongmal Star Trek aswed and The Next
Generator! And k»ds more_(CDQ4) Onty £27 99 ?SUPER CDROM
To COROMS rn. AH feature a afferent subject of images n BMP Money Wond view, Buwwss, ole. (C0106) £19 99 ?SEXY SOUNDS A bit Ot a novalty. This « an Audo CD containing various mus c track accompa- mad by rathnt naugNry aamctw £7 99 ? HOTTEST 5 Tons Ot Tools. Oame-s, graphics etc taken from the latest set ot PD soft disks htfudw prhted index. (C063) C19 99 ?AMINET SET 1-4 Four CO set ot the very best tools, games, music esc Ejcelenl value'll (COSO) £27.99 ?WS FONTS Thousant ot Adobe A co fonts lor Workbench An
? ARCADE CLASSICS CD Clinic a-cade games Pacman. Frogge*. Astenods. Space Invaders, Centipede. Mtssio Command. O-Beit. A Omega Race * 100 s more (CD76) Only £9.99 net CD32 ? ADULT SENSATION Own 4CO0 Ml rotoix GIF images of Dwuctui eomen Viewers A graphics conveners tor the Amiga are included Order code (CD01) £19 99 ? SPECCY SENSATION Over 500 0&&C spectrum games including Skocl daw.
Manic mner etc. ail ready to run on cne CO on your Amiga Order code (CDP3) £14 99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART A supeiti vaue OeUile CO btte ccrrtaimrvg wound 40 000 IFF. PCX. BMP. GIF, TIF, EPS colour A mono cipart rtejw.
Over 100 dfterent subjects covered (C077) £17.99 'claO EPIC Marketing Victoria Centre.
138 Victoria Rd, Swindon Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK Mail Order Hotline Fax Order line.01793 NEW!!! (SSESTsa Z2ESB Reel World. - 9 Tracks by Paul Wyatt. Paul Ayres & S. Young. £939 A drop in the ocean. ¦ 12 Professional Audio Tracks. 03 Setxy Sounds-Musical tracks accompanied by nauty noises £7Ji FmHi CO b protesstonney pnctaigoxJ & pujduoedJ ORDER VALUE 1 .
Total goods value £.
Postage & Packing £.
Amount enclosed £.
OVERSEAS OROERS Overseas enters ate wetocme c(ease add £2 00 »f CD-ROM t«o COLLECTING YOUR OROER You aro xvolcomo to cotoct your order from any trite Certween 9 30am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday.
ORDERING BY POST Simply send us your order, astlng the items you require, the total cost, and your name A address with payment *ith*r ( y cheque or Postal Qrgc* payable lo EPIC MARKETING ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9:30 & 5:30 Monday Saturday w m your Credit card details and the item* you woUd l*e to order POSTAGE A PACKING UK A Mainland add a total of E1 00 per CO.
CONDITIONS OF SALE | Gcods am ml sold on a trial basis E&OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT With a dedcatod Technical supports Ino wo oher 3)l| I liee technical auspotl to all out customer on al oa i | ware A CD ROM lltlos SATISFACTION GUARANTEED I Most orders are processed withn 48hours I A lull colour CO-ROM catalogue wii be sent free PRIORITY ORDER FORM Name_ Add ress_ Amiga Model_ Payment Method_ Credit card number Exp date _ FREE LUCKY-DIP CDROM CONTAINS GAMES DEMO 3LS. CLIPART SAMPLES E WITH ALL ORDERS OVER £25.00 Most Mlos roquire a floppy drive & Keyboard to function Preaching to the conuerted?
Interchange Plus v3.0 @ 1993 Syndesis Corporation Available Files-Sifctid Files I BIB RT ¦ It might look pretty dull, but Interchange Plus la the best object conversion software on the Amiga Garg Ujhiteleq Ehplairi5 tuhij 3D object conuerters tan sm your day ¦ Behind Its smart interlace Pixel 3D Pro ia a capable, II not always reliable, object converter which can also convert 2D Images Into 3D objects Common 3D object formats Objects produced by AutoDesks 3D Studio software.
Popular AutoCAD object format, producing ASCII files which may require large amounts of Amiga memory to process.
Objects produced by Impulse's Imagine.
Objects from NewTek's LightWave Modeller 3D program.
B-Splme or triangular mesh objects from RealSoft's Read3D software.
Byteby-Byte s now obsolete (at least on the Amiga) object format.
Objects produced by Impulse's precursors to Imagine Objects produced by Aegis's predecessor to lightwave's Modeller3D Digital elevation map files created by Virtual Reality Laboratories Vista range of software.
I III kay. Here's the problem You've found III a great 3D object out there on the Net which should be tdeal for that Dght-deadlme animation video you're doing for a prestige client, but it s in a format neither you nor your 3D software can comprehend. You're desperate to complete the project on time, so what do you do?
Well, you could always load the object into the software it was designed on. And do your animation there. Nice idea, but if it's a Wavefront. Alias or Softimage object then you'd better have a big wedge of cash ready to buy the requisite hardware and software to get your animation up and running. You'll also need some time to familiarise yourself with the system and get up to speed, so this option is almost completely impractical.
Alternatively, you could farm the whole project out to a fully-equipped 3D animation house, if the budget is big enough, though you might still need to tweak the object in the animation house's 3D software to make it look how you want.
Not very viable suggestions so far. You're probably murmuring. And you'd be nght. What we need is another approach, a way of changing the alien' object into something your 3D software can recognise and load. This is where 3D object conveners come in.
3D object converters are basically translators which read an object in a given format, change its code to that of the desired output format and save it as a new object, ready to be loaded into your 3D program. There are two main commercial programs on the Amiga for object conversion - Interchange Plus from Syndesis Corporation and Pixel3D Pro from Axiom Software, and both have their own individual benefits.
For instance, while Interchange Plus (ICP) 3DS |.3ds) DXF (.DXF) Imagine (.iob) LightWave (.fw or .Iwob) Rcal3D Sculpt (.scene) TurboSifver f.ts or .silver) Videoscape 3D (.geo or .bgeo) Vista DEM (.scape) does the better job of converting objects.
Pixei3D also converts 2D bitmap images into extruded 3D objects with bevels and other niceties to enable the construction of. Say. 3D logos from scanned or painted artwork. Sadly, there are no truly flexible PD converters that I know of. Though there are some with very limited conversion abilities.
Now. The smart 3D folks among you will already know that 3D programs such as LightWave. Real3D and Imagine include facilities for importing some formats of 3D objects directly, and also for turning 2D bitmaps into 3D objects, so why the need for extra conversion utilities? Well, if you've ever tried loading Imagine objects into LrghtWave, or LightWave objects into Imagine, then you'll have realised that both are currently impossible because the built-in loaders just don't cover these areas.
However, if you want to import AutoCAD DXF files then all the big three Amiga 3D programs can load them (though not always without problems, since, like MIDI, DXF isn't really the standard format it would like to be).
Recent additions to ReaJ3D mean it is no longer restricted to loading Sculpt format objects as its only external input, but for most object formats an external converter is still required for Real3D and Imagine. So you can see that whether or not you use an object conversion program really depends upon your needs and the capabilities of your 3D software.
One of the main problems when converting objects is that it isn't always possible to convert some of the object's attributes (for example surface and texture maps| into information which can be used when the new object is loaded into its 3D program. There's no easy way round this, because most 3D programs use different methods of surface and texture mapping, which means there will be times when you'll need to attach new texture attributes to the converted object before they'll look the way you want them to.
But this is a small price to pay compared with building the whole object from scratch, especially when a program like ICP can read all the colour, specularity, reflection and refraction data from the incoming object and translate it as faithfully as possible into settings the target 3D software can understand and utilise.
If you were to ask me to recommend which converter software to buy (and if you're serious about 3D you'll certainly need some) I'd have to say Interchange Plus because it offers the widest range of conversion facilities and the most consistent output quality. On the other hand.
Pixel3D has been appearing on magazine cover disks and it does make turning bitmaps into objects quite easy However, it doesn't seem to be able to get object conversion completely nght 100 per cent of the time, resufting in some fiddly object editing to smooth out any shortcomings which may occur.
Contact Gary Whitefey can be e-mailed as drgaz@cix.compulink.co.uk. Amiga Computing A m i long as your ad is ten B wordi or less, it s absolutely V I W free! Should you want more space, you'll find unrivalled value for money - for instance, 25 words cost just £10. Fill in the form bdow and send it to ut with your payments (if applicable) - and remember to include your telephone number!
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Signed Send to: AMC Classifieds, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Order form 190 of the world's best-selling Hmiga uideo digitisers are num auailable for onto £39.99 Please send me: Vidi-Amiga 12(s) at the bargain price of £39.99 (including VAT and P&P) Deliver to: Name (Mr Mrs Ms Miss)_ Address_ _Daytime phone Postcode I wish to pay by: Cheque postal order payable to IDG Media ? Credit card Card No. I I l L i f I I PI 1.1, .1 ] I Expiry Date Please allow 28 days for delivery
Supports several screen modes: 4096 HAM mode
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Brite and greyscales, and is fully compatible with AGA machines
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Originally costing £99.95, this is an award-winning product designed to capture images from any still video source including VCR. Camera and still video camera.
With advanced multi-tasking software combined with a carousel of X«th scale images for immediate test animations and quick reference, Vidi Amiga 12 leads the pack in terms of user- friendliness and simplicity. Vidi Amiga 12 has inputs for both standard composite and Y C. Or S-VHS to allow maximum flexibility connecting Vidi Amiga 12 to your video recorder or camera.
Vidi Amiga's image processing functions let you distort and manipulate the images you capture just like the professionals, with 15 different effects and savers for several file formats for using your work on other platforms.
Some of the features Include:
• Advanced error distribution stippling
• Cut and paste with masking t Capture into a user-definable
• Load and save IFF ILBM and ANIM files
• Grab frames on a X or Y axis t Multiframe store with animated
playback Amiga Computing POWER D-ROM power cd-rom ; The Power
CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA
port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-11 interface,
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more the Rower CD-ROM features a ’Hot-plug’ which allows you to
connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional
devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU. Manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc squirrel . .£199 X4 SPEED CD-ROM inc squirrel .£299 AIWA X2 SPEED INC.SQUIRREL . . £209 AMIGA 4000 DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM £159 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM £259 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE . £129 SCSI INTERFACE REQUIRED FOR A4QQ0 quad-speed £299 £199 quad-speed dual-speed CD-ROM SOFTWARE CDBOOT 1.0 ......£29 FRESHFONTS H £17 GAMERS DELIGHT .....£25 GOLDFISH 2 ...£25 |Br LIGHT ROM ...£39 MAGIC ILLUSIONS .....£10 MEETING PEARLS VOL 1 .. £10 MEETING PEARLS VOL 2 ......£10 THE LIGHT WORKS .£34 THE BEAUTY OF
CHAOS £12 AMINET 5 ... £12 AMINET SET 1 £25 CD-WRITE £39 FRESH FISH 8 . £25 SCSI ID COOLING SWITCH FAN SCSI CONNECTORS AUDIO IN OUT double-speed POWER viper 28mhz ffiMviper co-processor VIPER The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE . . £119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £259.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB . £399.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB.....£569.95 FPU’s complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC . £20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC £39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC £60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA . £89.95 4MB SIMM .£139 8MB SIMM ...£279 c1208 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
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VIPER 50 16MB warp engines .powerj 1234 273000 power computing ltd 44A B STANLEY STREET 1234 352207 BEDFORD MK41 7 R W TELEPHONE FACSIMILE ¦ Squirrels do it Zip!
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2000 clip-art images, the Illustrated Works of Shakespeare, a Comms, Internet & Networking CD, The World Vista Atlas.
1000s of fonts, a complete photo library and much, much more!
The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 SYSTEMS All prices include UK VAT Here is a list of HiSoft titles for the Amiga computers (prices shown are the Individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interface - £69 95, Squirrel Storage Systems - please call. Aura 12 16 b«t sampler - £99.95. Megalosound 8 txt sampler - £34.95. ProMidi interface - £24.95. HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95. HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95. Highspeed Pascal - £99.95. Gamesmith - £99.95, Termite - £39.95. Twist 2 database - £99.95. Maxon Magic - £29.95. Upper Disk Tools - £14.95. VistaUte
inc MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more.
Coming very soon: DiskMagic (disk tools) hard drives, from 365Mb up to 2Gb. Internal devices are suitable for mounting in the A1500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 and come with necessary leads & screws whilst the external drives are supplied in our professional Squirrel 3.5* case (available separately) which includes integral power supply, all SCSI connections and connection leads of your choice (at extra cost).

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