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When it comes to graphics, there's not much that can touch the Amiga's powerfut capabit-ities. That's why you can find the Amiga generating the graphics for such TV sériés as Babylon 5 and Star Trek. Because of this obvious strength in the graphics department. it's hardly surprising to find that there's quite a tôt of graphics software available for the Amiga. Most of these packages, you wiü find. tend to be aimed at users of intermediate or advanced experience. and the demands of such powerfut packages also often requtre an Amiga with tots of memory and powerfut add-ons which are probably beyond the price range çi many u$ er$. Novice to expert SmartyPaints is différent, however. it's an art package that caters for users ranging from a young chiid. right up to intermediate ievei. You may ask how such a wide range can be catered for by one art package, and the answer ires in the 'smart menu' feature which aüows you to customise SmartyPaints depending on the needs of the user, tt can also run on Amigas with a minimum of 1 Mb. although the more memory you have the more screens you can work with. SmartyPaints has evolved from early 1990 where it was available for the Nimbus PC as the Boreatis trilogy of schoots' art programs. Boroatis Jnr was aimed at infants. Borealis was for 7-11 year olds and Boreatis Gotd was for adutts. tt is thus a natural progression from these early concepts and now serves aü three âge groups. thanks to its smari menu facitity. This facitity aüows the owner to tailor the drawing toots icon display according to âge groups and abitities. SmartyPaints is not designed to be immediately used by a smaü chitd without any adutt intervention. tt initiatty toads with aü menus, icons and functions set up for a user with intermediate knowledge, tt therefore needs to be configured for individual children according to their Amiga Computing

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Document sans nom Sara Tty feint, Feature packed and extremely versatile, this unique art package caters for all age groups and abilities Lightwave 4: r AC takes the 1 first look at L the ultimate, in rendering J and j animation: COMPLETE PROGRAM Worth C30 r "7&e PLUS Cobra 275Mhz e 3D Digitiser e Squirrel i CanDo 3 Internet Add-ons P 'ZVcird Science 90S 'WtccCtcnt.ectta, 07cai&tt I Cross Mac e Aminet 1
• Dpaint 5 Images 500 Ham Easy Ledgers e Office round-up images
500 24-bit J (W/J* 500 Ham8 I g Clip an I K, 2100 mono files
lISH 1300 colour fi,es m v Audio Amiga fonts 100 colour fonts
100 Adobe fonts 80 PostScript Plus 79 750 music modules 2300
sound sampli Compugraphic »nts & scalable clip art ^ Plus: Also
includes all the utilities, viewers end ^ support files needed
to make the most of « this amazing CD Compatible with all
Amigas - including CD32! ^
* 5$ Qnf'lO'S UOUIUI Vl/i _ VF INDI CALCULUS i l l u 'i" "trr
* All Indi Products are Delivered Free Of Charge Buying Mail
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Credit Cards 1 (ywt "1 "\)m!ever irmr Cl) .11 fes M * E3 1 SWITCH l ROM needt, f/ir ‘W Zap/to Drive can ImuIIc it4 Amiga Format ’More sliming than W- m ^ - Express Cheque Clearance Simply write your cheque guarantee card number, name and address on the back of your cheque and we will normally be abfe TO despatch your order the day that we recewe your cheque. Cheques, received without a cheque guarantee card number, will normally dear within a maximum 7 working days._ Customer Care The substantial volume of sales calls comming into our office has resulted in delays in the crucial area of
customer care. To ensure that all customer queries are handled speedily and efficiently a new customer care department has been established. Our new department will be happy to assist you on their new numberI C/4 "> A I QO'l I Mon -Fri I0am-4pm U I 3*1 J *11 7“Z I / ¦* 01543 419999 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday 9.30am - 3.30 Saturday We understand but some non standard Accelerator boards may cause problems when us-ng the Zappo CD ROM Please confirm compatibility at the erne of order as Indi cannot accept responsfeiity for thrs problem APR 29.8% Subject to Status.
- ^ ^ ana inciuamg 11 montns warran £279.99 £164.99 Drives have
comC MWN so INDI PASS THE ADVANTAGE onto you Plugs into the
PCMCIA Slot of the Amiga 600 & 1200 and is ready to go.
Excellent build quality at an amazing price.
12 Months Warranty £149.” £189” £204.” £259.” is
2. 5” INTERNAL Hard Drive Prices The massive reduction in hard
drive prices has forced us to reconsider our position and
stock 2.5" drives 170 Mb £159.99 260 Mb £252.50 420 Mb £269.99
540 Mb £402.50 Complete with installation disk and lead Amiga
600 Hard Drive 30 Mb £49.99 Includes Trivial Persuits, Myst,
Rome A.D. 92, Epic This superb monitor offers a high quality
0.28 dot pitch and low radiation total MPR-JI compliance
Complete with external Stert* Sp«k«rt and ^eludes all leads -
ths «j the monitor that we have all been wamqgfor.
The superb Sharp 14” Monitor / TV provides a real alternative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and 1.5 watt Mpo audio output. All you need to know is the low low price.
The Sharp Monitor ITY is the product for you complete with scart socket and connectivity cable and including 12 months Warranty.
MAIL PRINTER ACCESSORIES NEW Panasonic KX-P2I35 The NEW KX- befoffi easy lo*Sng
2) Paper Pack -500 sheets of quality A4 paper I 3) Continuous
Paper 2000 sheets I pan bong paper
4) Parallel Printer Cable -Used lor Cornering Amp to Panasonic
5) Panasonic Colour Ribbon -Cdotr ribbon for KX-P2I23
6) Panasonic Black Ribbon Black ribbon for KX-P2I23_ * I* * I* I*
I YearW;
- rlatnxpnntersaresuppi harge. Other Companies i O extra for this
120 page buik m sheeroeder. A Ibc beJtpush tractor feed to radioc f ^ to«d^^ar^leydoforty46idBfl(4L5dB»fisiper9unmodc) Printing 46JdBa* 43.5 dBaSQ Mode and 7 letter quaky i FREEPHONE Tractor feed 0600 444220 2 paper paths for 7£ur FREE A™*3 Driver Dak /Cdourpnnang I _ 250 cps Draft Micron, 83 cps LQ Please note all with a tractor feed charge approximately Mulople font capaMces ndrfng 3 draft
I) Printer Dust Cover Tailored dust cover far the Panasonc
KX-2123 pnrner INDI PRICE £11.49 INDI PRICE £1149 INDI PRICE
£2149 INDI PRICE£I 1.49 INDI PRICE £15.49 INDI PRICE £9.49
Allows your A1200 to run 1.52 times faster than a A4000 / 030
• Easy trap door installation (No soldering required)* Fast RAM
upgradable to 128 Mb (72 pin 32 bit) * On board battery backed
clock ' Does not interfere with PCMCIA port 50mhz £204.99
50mhz+50mhz FPU £234.99 MBX 1230 XA 50 Mhz 50 Mhz 68030 & MMU
Amiga Replacement Floppy Drives I I Commodore 601 NEC Printer
Amiga 5001500+ /Q QQ Amiga 600/1200 *"*7.77 Trapdoor upgrade
for the fjj /flQl Amiga 600, 512KA-L NEC PINWRITER P2Q New to
the Calculus Printer Range the NEC P2Q ak« 24 pin dot matrix
technology to its limit offering a real cost effective solution
to the home or small office user * Flexible paper handling,
bottom fed continuous, multipart cut sheet and envelopes * I6K
print buffer * 96 CPS m letter mode and a superfast 192 CPS in
draft mode. 1 < 48dBA accoustk noise • Paper Parking * Manual
£124.99 Do You Own An Amiga A15001A2QQ01A3000 Or A4000 2091
SCSI Controller Card
* 6.6 Roms for use in the A4000 * Upto 2Mb of 16 bn dips an be
* Any 3.5" SCSI Hard Drive can be fined t i t\
* Install software for SCSI Hard Drive Any other standard f 00
SCSI device can be added # •##
* Tape streamer * SCSI Scanner ncz ix r^n a ka t A Ad
* External Hard Drive 256K DRAM memory £.4.47 Canon printers .
NEW Canon BJ-200ex The NEW Bj-200ex has pnnt speeds of over 3ppm. It incorporates and in built 'smooching' funcoon giving and effective resolution of upto 720 * 360 dpi! At the faster speeds of 204cps HQ. And 248cps HS. The BJ-200ex sol maintains the whisper quiet operation of 42 dBA. And of course the buik - in 100 x A4 automatic sheetfeeder. £233.83 Canon BJC-4000 '
* Colour desktop bubble jet w*h Separate CMYK ink tanks *360 DPI,
720 with black only *248 cps HI 173 CPS HQ,(BC-20 opt.H96 CPS
HS. 346HQ * Pnnts on media * Buik in Sheetfeeder
* Windows compatible * 8 Standard typefaces * I year Canon
Warranty £351.33 Canon BJC-600
* Windows compatible *fast print speeds for colour and bbek
'Separate CMYK ink ranks* 8 resident typefaces 20 truetype
fonts "Prints on various media* I Year Warranty £4 | 3 60 SX-1
CD 32 EXPANSKJN MODULE Expansion Options Black Keyboard £42.99
Zappo Floppy Drive £49.09 Sxl Compatible The Among $X. I Module
snpfr slots -mo the back of your Amp CD 32 and a whole world of
expansion opens up for you. Add a keyboard, floppy drive or
even fit a superiast hard drive, insanely your CD32 a no mere
console, it's a real computer.
FREE FRED FISH SX-I Expansion Module SX-1 SuPBt Bundle
* SX-1 Expansion Module ?Black Keyboard ?Zappo Floppy Drive
£199." £264.99 ROMBO MEGAMIX. Low cost, hi spec digital effects
cartridge plugs into the printer port of the Amigai Allows
stereo samping from afrnost any musical source. PRICE £29.49
TAKE TWO. Animation package is a must for computer artists and
enthusiasts of all ages. As used in Rolf Harris Cartoon Club.
PRICE £37.49 YIDI AMIGA 12. The ultimate low cost colour
digitiser for the Amiga, "the best value full colour
digitiser'on the market".- Amiga FormatPRICE £72.49 ROMBO VI Dl
AMIGA 12 (RT) Based on the best selling Vidi Amiga 11 This all
new version offers real time colour capture from any video
source. Full AGA chipset support as standard for all
A1200/A4000.PRICE £ 132.49 ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 24 (RT) Plus FREE
Power Supply For the more serious user, this 24 - bit version
will again capture from any video | source with true photo
realistic images! A staggering 16.8 million colours can be 34
Ankerside Shopping Centre TEL 01827 67776 WALSALL 46 Park Mall
Saddler Centre TEL 01922 21700 NORTH ALTRINCHAM 59 Georae
Street nLOI6TO9743J DONCASTER I South Mall Frcncheate| Centre
TEL 01301 349997 LEEDS I Bond Street Centre I TEL 0113 2454098
NORTHWICH 85 Woon Street TEL 01606 47883 HULL lltamQn TEL
OI48258SIDO AYLESBURY 39 Friars Square Centre TEL 01296 436811
MAIDENHEAD 6Nxhoton Wjk m 01628 770768 IHEMEL HEMPSTEAD Mariwws
Centre TEL 01442 250035 FARNBOROUGH I Princes Mead Shopping
Centre TB. 01252 377722 MIDLANDS BURTONUPON- TRB4T The Octagon
New Street TEL 01283 517505 COVENTRY 24 Orchard Walk Shopping Centre m0l2© 520778 SUTTON COLDFIELD 80ThePwde TEL 0121 3SS4839 Scoop Purchase Top Quality 100% Error Free BULK DISKS 50 Disk Pack £15.49 Disk Labels 500 Pack £7.49 PRESTON St George's Centre TEL 01772 259494 SHEFFIELD 67 The Moor Sheffield TEL 0114 2721192 WARRINGTON 52 The Mai! Golden Square TEL0I92S 575055 WIGAN 18a The Galleries Shopping Centre TEL 01942 323915 The Spindles TEL 0161 inoi DIRECT MAIL rccogvMa ai Tr*|P Maria and Copyrights AM pncn arc correct *\ Dm* o* gomg to press. I & QL Some Cakuhis Stores truy not cany a full
range of Indi prodKtv Phene to avori ctappomtmenL MAIL ORDER SALES HOTLINE 01543 419999
* Insured deliveries by securicor are drfvered Free of Charge
Monday » Friday. A surcharge of £10 IS required on a
$anirday.(lA Mainland) ConiEins ddOtit) Ihe Essential guide to
Umiga gaming Pro Fining Logos 79 Reuieuis Video tuition from
the head honcho at Amblin Imaging. A must for Wavenders Ea5q
Ledgers 35 Studio IB Pro 79 Let your Amiga take the pain out of
balancing the books The art of noise. A video guide to
professional A V editing on the Amiga 100 LanDo 3 Squirrel The
standalone SCSI II interface that makes an A1200 a very serious
machine 8D BE The authoring system comes of age. Ben Vost test
the latest incarnation of CanDo 104 Iiuist ft 106 Yet another
Amiga database, but this could very be the best in the business
DP aint 5 ID Hminet 89 122 lYe lead the new look old soldier in
to fray as the paint package battle hots up Quite simply the
best serious CD combo ever seen on the Amiga 124 Stevie Kennedy
gets interactive with the latest in modelling technology
Faster, cheaper and infinitely more flexible. The Raptor has
met its match 126 trass Dlac B9 Read, wrtie and format Mac hard
drives and floppies with the best in cmss-compafoiity 108 112
114 115 116 120 121 Softmare Repairs System On-line Amiga games
aplenty. Tina Hacketi brings you the latest exciting news from
the Amiga games scene Beat the System Plenty of hints and tips
for Gremlin's excellent beat-'em-up, Shadow Fighter Preview:
Brutal Paws of Fury On, two. Three. ‘aah.' See this non-violent
and rather cute beat-'em-up from Gametek Preview: Baldies
Gareth Lofthouse takes a look at Gametek's latest strategy game
featuring the follically challenged Preview: Lost Eden Take a
sneak preview at Cryo's stunning adventure coming to a CD32
near you soon System Essentials System takes a look at the
latest re-releases. This month.
Guardian for the A1200 and Theme Park lor the CD32 Ruffian Whizz Super Skidmarks 2 Championship Manager Italia Angst Game Reuiews TFX It's Cricket Features Home Office Roundup Would-be tycoons take note, os we put the best to the test Internet Hdd-ons G2 Our very own DOS doctor takes the sting out of Amiga maintenance Assembler The aficionado of assembler does what nobody does better ¦¦¦a vn iuc nrnrya dLJ Digitiser 5* r. _c m. _ lobra 275 Rlhe 97 Frank Nord continues the Internet crusade with details for the Internet newbie, including how to download all the files you need to get online with
Demon Internet Services M 15599 on sate ‘tfilan CDUER STORY m The [duerdisksS (Tlultimedia Toolkit (D ^7 Well and truly stuffed. That's just one of the descriptions about our amazing CD give-away which features 547 Mb of files for you to use with your Amiga.
A versatile and feature-packed art program for all ages which can also be easily configured for use as an edutainment tool for infants The first looH at flew Teh s latest uersion of Lightwaue.
Tin other Hmiga magaaine giues gnu the best, first Reculhrs Sqb page 3D iieuis VTS get whi USR Iks ESP is The place to vent all your anger and praise - its the letters page Public Sector sd The impresario Subscriptions 1 "... fflWF iEli'uii HEHS^^hh sg Techy problems put to the sword courtesy of Daz the destroyer AMGA GUIDE 129 Turn to page 7E.
...for details of Hmiga (omputings subscription offers this month 133 Hrbhh v'- Paul Overaa shows you a naming system to remember your files by Uideo No more rough edges. Cary Whiteley proves what anti-aliasing can do & Rlusic Paul Overaa s ever*promised review of Steinberg's Pro 24 sequencer :• (omms Phil South reveiws the movies before they’re out over here Rmu5 It's the turn of a reader who reveals a couple of his useful programs HfEfr Publishing Paper folding on an Amiga? Phil South shows you what he means LVTS get what they deserve while C=UK fight off a new contender The closure of Amiga
Worfd. Denny Atkin views what went wrong llleird Science Offer a1!
Make our CD special even better with this great offer SmartqPaints Offer Vt Our usual disk offer still stands this month. Don't lose out ^%Se C Science '7%uCti(*tedi<% *7&&C6cC'^ 5 & wV rj| ifr ILVlll 1 205D \s/W£ __ / 1 save ™- £10 HISTORYLINE CAMPAIGN GUNSHIP 2000 SETTLERS T2 CHAOS ENGINE MONKEY ISLAND 2
12. 99 21.49 or 22.99 A1200 SENSI WORLD OF SOCCER
19. 99
23. 99
24. 99 41200
25. 99 20.49 12.491 mb or A1200 n _r~ wine commano^ WING
19. 49 A1200 TOWER ASSAULT
20. 99 A1200
47. 99 1290 LOMBARD RAC RALLY (S12K) 6 99 999 LORDS OF THE REALM
* wHI not work on 4500 Mbs, 4400 a/41200 NQ12 -- wHI not work on
41200 512M * will work on 512k mothmtt N(W Item 1149 'ZW 17 BIT
ONLY)........... SUB WAR ZW 23 99 FI I7A STEALTH FIGHTER 2 0
14. 49 Z299 20 99 '2-99 . " TACTICAL MANAGE" - ENOUSH LEAGUE 18
49 ' 7" TCTO(C 7rYwfYi«»c oic KP««LL ia.USRX<l3 • I6.»
PIRATES GOLD .............................. RISE Of THE
SPEEC6ALL2 1*2 STRIKER SUB WAR 2060 ........................
'2 SUPER FROG ............................ ¦[dataz/press_magazine/Amiga_Computing/HTML_TXT/Amiga_Computing_Issue_086_1995_May.htm] SUSS^ngucr a
TEMPTRESS ........14. THEME PAW ....................il.
UFO • ENEMY UNKNOWN • JJ ULTIMA 5 (S12KI (N012) ............ S. UNIVERSE 22.
2....................... 19.49 INTEGRATED WORD .. TRV1AL
10. 99 coMPrrmoN pro extra clear base.
1) 99 JUNGLE STRKE 1099 K240 (UTOPIA 2) 949 KINGS QUEST 4 7 99
• IK PARK TOP GEAR 2 (I Mbl ...... ...«r FOFVJULA 1 MASTERS M ”
12. 99 |--- AMIGA GAMES I — CHEETAH Wf*—'. BUG MiCROswrrcKD with
- , AuTGFlRC
(SHOO 109 KUN3F000* LEMMINGS 14 96 24 Bt MS PAC74AN * 14 99
1490 .VAFSIRD5 • world class soccer XENCPHOBE
Of ATLANTIS mnt Guide spccui reserve aoe VERSON...... 3 99 KIDS
MINT BCCK 12 99 15 90 13*9 999 999
26. 99 APB- ................................... BASKETBRAWl BLL
32. 99 CALIFORNIA GAMES • CASINO.................................
MINES 2 MORE PtVBHAREWARE • 19.99 REQUIRED)........ 87.99
[Bfll l[B]lKl C1RTV LARRY RENEOAOE COP GRAPMtt. Vibta mo dcm
landscapes couble dragon • '°T? ANO (XASSCAL BOOKS TEXT - 19
BUNDLE 2/0 470.00 AMIGA CD32 I t‘li! |\ 1 ' - • 0A--LL .u'is:;
P* |l I V‘ “ =Q.%?F JHS yaBMEr^KI;! Frouapalletteot 167 "w. - -
.....................194.99 TRANSFORMS CD-32 INTO A FULLY
...........................49 99 HIGH POWERED 230 WATT POWER
OQ FOR ANY AMIGA OR SX-1 “T*77 V r&r-'jjr"
..............................64.77 3 y 1 r«MB FORMATTED
MB WITH 32K CACHE 117.99 80 MB WITH 64K CACHE 129.99 80 MB
WITH 64K CACHE 129 99 170 MB WITH 64K CACHE 169 99 170 MB WITH
• MS PAN0ERQVS creatures
RAM CHIP (3 SPARE RAM SLOTS) 996 59 1170.99 QUAD 8 • WITH 8 MB
RAM CHIP (3 SPARE RAM SLOTS) 1102.97 1295.99 QUAD 16 • WITH 16
........................ 189.99 EXTERNAL CO «0U DRIVE COMPETE
PROOF OUICKSHOT SOUNOMATE 4 STEREO SPEAKERS FOP AMIGA. CO-3200 PERSONAL STEREO VOLUME ANO BALANCE BASS AND TREBLE BOOST 4W*4W MUSIC 17 99 WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN- Merrben reteva xt 40-wa* Cok** CU> Vagajme bi-momhy. Each ua> •«.>«.* » talacODn hom ou< eo*re„e nr go ana rcUOM el Mel CM worth ol axpon. To* 1MI.VJI MvYiJe 6rt kto jxoduets Lwrfcwt are u-oe, no oOigaaon to Oiry anyting MEMBERSHIP FEES UK EC WORLD 0N£ YEAK HMOHIHS) 7.00 (toe) 9.00 n.oo> 11.00/7.ow One ye*- price ncu*j jr. *9*9 gt Sgwa ANVY9 ragwne am E180 Of XS Cater* All pncM incmde VAT and 2-3 working
day carnage to UK mainland Software and perrpheras are wnt py post, hardware by White Arrow Allow one Of two day* lot processing and despatch ol stock Hems V/e issue confirmatory ol s> orders received 300, All official UK products, aU at HEAVILY discounted prices Order by post or by phone or com# to one of the Special Reserve OffNIOomtolpmCLUB SHOPS 7 MTS A WEEK 43 Broomfield Rd CHELMSFORD near the bus station The Mailings SAWBRIDGEWORTH ¦ wr me tram station Over 250,000 people have joined Special Reserve 10am to 8pm Daily 01279 600204 Order by fox on 01279 726142 - we II fax bock to confirm
receipt CREDrT CaRo switch EXPWY DATE _SIGNATURE. _(ISSUE NO_ Cheques payable ip SPECIAL RESERVE at
P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM21 9PH loviuet, Km* leMrt chiy nor ,*1 M
avnHbto Hem phon. Lo enooi tnliMIy Prteer 6*d OfVn may mQm/.
Poor nolhcaton SAVE * Suwng ok A* relal C*Y» PRICES CORRECT AT
TIME OF GoiMOTOPRESS 1603.96 E »OE hiMr-Wnlflln LW. 2 swn Bet
I. The Ualrge SwtnSx-adh H*tt CIU1 UPQ CITIZEN ABC 24 PIN
PRINTER............ 124.99 CANNON BjC-4000 COLOUR INK JET
discounts e • 7 HUGE range Xle CtTIZEN PROJET lie COLOUR
COSTS AND EASY TO USE 2 YEAR WARRANTY Enter membership numfcer
(if applicable) or NEW-MEMBERSHIP FEElANNUAL UK 7.00) HUGE
range of hardware, software.
Booki. Peripherals and leads lot PC. CO Rom. Amiga. CO]?. Soga.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE A VAT £ Chequo/P.OyAccess/MastercariirSwitclvVisa m It TA The Game Development System Termite Telecommunications « for your Amiga ft Customise all aspects of the object, including sequence placement speed, display method, priority, & object collision detection parameters Are you tired ol those BASIC" game development systems? Roady for one that you can really sink your teeth into? Fast Parallax scrolling9 No problem Dual Playfields?7 A piece of cake! Multiple viewports with multiple animated 6b|6ClS Ort independent paths with multiply defined background and object
collision detection7?7 Child's play!
"fytrh >Vfc». * 4*% +
* **** vu B Save complex animation sequences out as a single
object addressable by the system' B Optional custom encryption
to protect your work.
£3 Fully supports AGA chipset and mode promotion.
£3 Hardware level smooth scrolling on a per viewport basis Fasl Parallax scrolling! Independently scroll in dual playfield mode £3 Custom copper lists Custom hardware sprites.
£3 Over 350 pages ol documentation fully describing the system utility programs, and over 130 library functions £3 Detailed manual tutorial walks you through the creation of an actual game that exercises all the major components of the system!
£3 Extra disks full of commented example source code ft Complete animation system with transparent double buffering and prioritised object display £5 Define custom object to object and object-to-background collision detection and response £3 Automatic placement and animation of mutti-sequenced animated objects with a single call Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the Information Super Highway7 Don't worry* Termite «s so easy to use that even a first time telecommunicator wtll feel at home Yet it has all of the power and flexibility to satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior' Termite i9 designed
to take full advantage of ail of the newest features of Workbench 2 * and beyond It Is 100% Amiga Stylo Guide compliant and provides you with all of the modern user interface features to really enjoy playing in the highway!
£3 Cham objects. Animating one object animates them all' B Automatic virtual space and virtual obioct handling £3 Dynamic animation control.
Modify on the fly!
Ft Complete audio system to make audio playback easy! Automatic load and play ol IFF samples Interrupt driven background sound replay m i®ioi/i^prrurariiBO the Termite Button Bar Termite comes complete with a comprehensive manual explaining the operation of every program function including a quickstart tutorial. Arexx programming examples and a telecommunications glossary We have also set up the button bar with useful, instant access to CIX and other popular BBSs Termite (RRP £39.95 inc) and Gamesmith (RRP £99.95 me) should be available now from all good Amiga stores In case ol difficulty you
can order directly from HiSoft... £3 Easy-to-use. Customisablo joystick polling routines.
£3 Very fast and efficient ILBM picture loader.
The GamcSmith Development System fully supports and is compatible with all Amigas including AGA A C Compiler or 680x0 Assembler is required. From shoot 'em ups to graphic adventures, from intergalactic conquest to strategic simulation, the GameSmiih Development System is the perfect solution.
HiSoft High Quality Software Gamesmith now comos complete with Devpac Lite and a reduced version ol Dice C so you can start programming straight out of the box.
The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 Don't let the limitations ol yesterday keep you from forging the masterpiece ol tomorrow!
£5 Speeds from 300 to 115.200 bps £3 Flexible phone book with unique configurations for each number £3 Supports Amiga standard XPR libraries allowing you to choose from a wide variety of transfer protocols such as Xmodem. Ymodem Zmodem, Kprmif and more.
£3 Supports Amiga standard XEM externa! Terminal emulations in addition to the built in ANSI and VT-102 terminal emulations K- cJL ‘ --Hi, s , J6>-£v ¦••-M B Configurable review buffer with cut and paste editing between any window Vf.' M V. 'V,J ft The unique scnpt recording function watches your actions and writes complex scripts for you* Creating fast parallax scrolling landscapes is easy with the Gamesmith system ft Flexibility* Termite is so completely configurable that everyone can make it their own dream terminal program1 Professional game development is made easy with the new GameSmith
Development System Over 3 years in the making. GDS gives you the low level power lo create the masterpiece of your dreams in a single, comprehensive, easy to use development system.
Build up your animations graphically In the interactive character animator CITAS and then output m C or Assombler source code £3 User configurable floating Button Bar* Assign any program function macro, or Arexx script to any button Want your own icons? Just assign any IFF image to the button' £3 Automatic call logging Whore you were, for how long, and how much you spent all saved for you.
Ft Configurable text macros.
£3 Support lor multiple line BBSs ft Fully Arexx programmable for complete automation Assign your scnpts to the button bar or install them as a menu option.
£5 Multi-tasking chat window Great for those real time conferences (3 Completely font and screen sensitive. You choose the font and screen mode and Termite automatically adjusts everything GRAPHICS lh flElDS II- Qtj HDHITI PHILLIPS Ihail order compami raided bu Fraud squad Punters left licking their wounds after deal¬ ing with the now notorious Luton-based WTS Electronics mail order company can take comfort in the raid carried out on the firm by the Bedfordshire fraud squad on 1 March. While the main target was WTS, Total Computer Supplies, based in Hemel Hempstead, were also raided because
the police believe the two firms may be connected.
David Pleece, managing director of WTS and his co-director, Mark Barnby, were arrested and company documents seized after a staggering 800 complaints were made to various governing bodies such as the trading standards council and the Advertising Standards Authority.
Thirty Bedfordshire and Luton fraud squad officers, both plain clothes and uni¬ formed. Swooped on the suspects at dawn.
Also arrested were Sean Saint, company secretary of Total Computers, and the director, Patricia Dykes. DC Ron Lack, one of the key players in the operation, told Amiga Computing that the four individuals have been released on bail as he and his team continue their lengthy breakdown of the thousands of documents the case has thrown up. The department has been snowed under with phone calls from angry customers of WTS and he expects this to continue “People who ordered at Chnstmas usua¬ lly phone a company up afterwards if they don’t receive their goods. They’re fobbed off with some excuse and
then told they’ll receive it in a month’s time. This doesn't happen and come mid-March, beginning of April, people start to take serious action such as hiring a solicitor" commented Lack.
The bad news for punters eager for a speedy conclusion is that they’ll have to be patient for the time being while police continue their extensive investigations.
Dark horse When the German company Escom appeared for the first time last year, not many peo¬ ple outside Of its home country had heard of them. With over 200 retail stores in Germany and central Europe, the firm has only recently bought retail outlets in England. To give an idea of the si2e and success of the company. Escom is the second largest computer manufacturer in Germany and recently, two new shareholders have come on board, each allegedly worth 80 billion and 15 billion German marks respectiv¬ ely. Both having major plans to move into interactive media and cable television.
With this kind of clout and an ex-Commodore chief in its management. Escom are hopefully in a position to offer Amiga users a bright future if their buyout is successful.
The next generation of flmigas?
Interesting news has surfaced about an Amiga-compatible graph¬ ics and video workstation called the DraCo from German company Macrosystem GmbH. The makers have side-stepped the Amiga custom chips by replacing them with powerful software and hard¬ ware combinations.
Macrosystem believe that any software compatible with the Amiga will work on the DraCo such as Lightwave, ImageFX and AdPro. Also, hardware that doesn't rely on the Amiga custom chipset should work fine.
The first machine using this technology is planned to be unveiled at the NAB show in Las Vegas on the 9 April, with the product going on sale in early sum¬ mer. It'll come in a full-size tower with a minimum of 4Mb expand¬ able to 128Mb of on-board 72-pin SIMMs. A parallel port and triple speed CD-ROM drive will also be included. After this initial machine, a variety of different specced models are also being produced to suit particular user's needs.
Brush ujith disaster The Commodore buyout has been at the centre of another shock with Escom, a German company that has over 200 chainstores spread throughout Europe, apparently having their bid accepted by the liquidator, Franklyn Wilson. This, as usual, means that the bidding process should get underway in the next four to six weeks The revelation came about after Escom bought a key Commodore trade¬ mark from the bankruptcy trustee Bernard Hembach of the now defunct German subsidiary. This sale went through on 16 February despite the US bankruptcy court trying to block the sale with a
temporary restraining order.
Allegedly, Escom’s original intention was to use the trademark to produce clone machines to fill the hungry Amiga market, and that they had no interest in the other facets of the defunct company.
The reaction in the Bahamas and America was one of fury as the liquida¬ tors there said that the German liquidator had no right to receive the jumi.4 million paid for the trademark because it belongs to CEL, not simply the subsidiary. The US judge wanted to know why Hembrach shouldn't be held in civil contempt and a Situation was created that could have derailed the whole proceedings tor several weeks.
Hembach has argued that the American court has no jurisdiction in the matter, say¬ ing the logo was owned by the German subsidiary, not the parent company.
Allegedly. David Rleasance. Managing director and head of the MBO at G=UK, threatened to pull out if Commodore’s trademark was not included in the buy¬ out, While Pleasance wants to rename the company, they, like Escom,are rumoured to have intentions for licensing Amiga technology to third-party developers, but without the trademark - this wouldn't be possible.
Fortunately. Escom have now backed down and agreed to buy the remnants of Commodore from the Bahamian liquida¬ tors, with the promise of handing over the trademark if their bid should be topped by one of their competitors.
At the moment the liquidators are in the process of arranging the day on which the bidding process will take place.
Amiga Computing —Ill NEWS Amiga under the spotlight After the success of last year's show, Spotlight 95 returns again between the 10 and 11 of June at the Hammersmith Novotei hotel. The exhibition is aimed at the more serious end user who.
While interested in games, wants to get more out their machine.
With the backing of our good selves at Amiga Computing, the show is also being sponsored by various manufac¬ turers and distributors. The organisers.
Gasteiner Technology, are predicting a fourfold increase in size, with a wide variety of companies attending. These include Commodore UK. Power Computing. HiSoft. First Computer Centre. Meridian Software and more.
For further information on booking, give Priscilla Bell a call on 0181-345
[ompuSerue heads for the Internet Taking a major step closer to offering its users the Internet via their services. CompuServe have acquired SPRY for approximately 0 million in the largest ever acquisition in the rapidly growing Internet industry.
SPRY manufacture the number one selling Internet access product as 'Internet in a box.’ “This move is of tremendous importance to the industry and offers outstanding opportunities for CompuServe.'' said Maury Cox, CompuServe President and Chief Executive Officer. “It addresses three signifi¬ cant opportunities available to CompuServe; Internet Aeui wide bag printer Seikosha. Makers of watches and printers, have announced the arrival of their latest addition to the dot matrix range, the MP-5450. Featuring a 9-pin print head and a faclility for printing larger than usual sheets, the company
claim that the printer is capable of 300 characters per second and can print in colour if required.
The price tag attached to the new model is a rather substantial £349. While prices will drop once in the shops, we haven't seen such an expensive recommended retail price for a low-end machine in quite some time. Let’s hope it's something really special.
The company is also releasing the Speedjet 360 Colour at a more reasonable cost of £279. Featuring a colour print head with 51 nozzles and the ability to print both landscape and portrait orientation, more details can be obtained from Seikosha on 01753 685873.
Access from the CompuServe Information Service: the creation of future services on the Internet; and the abil¬ ity to assist our corporate network customers in accessing the Internet. This acquisition turns us into the premier one-stop shop for Net access and services."
The main benefit being touted for the end user is the Internet Made Easy feature of SPRY's one-button installation of their Internet Mosaic software. Internet access will be offered from 140 countries with more than 420 points of presence for local dial-up connection.
Internet begins trading For owners wanting to make the most out of their CD32 console. Premier Developments have released the Combi-Centre ‘workstation’ for serious multimedia users. Designed to allow the CD32, SX1 Expansion, monitor, keyboard, disk drive and other peripherals to sit on a special shelving unit, the workstation's unique feature is the sliding shelf which allows easy access to the CD32's loading bay.
Costing £49.99, phone John Germany on 01487 823684 for more details, or pay a visit to an Amiga specialist near you.
The First Bank of Ontemet. The FBOI for short, has announced the initiation of transaction processing services for the Internet electronic commerce. Purchases over the Internet can now be made with¬ out exposing personal credit card information.
Usually, Internet purchase procedures require personal credit card information that can be monitored by thousands of people all over the world. It has been known for users to attempt to either decode the credit card information or impersonate the customer in future transactions.
Combi-Con tra workstation: Foaturos a slido-out tray tor accost to CD32 loading bay The new system uses the Automated Teller Machine card which has a cash limit prepaid by the customer. The FBOI say the system is safe because access to ATM funds without the possession of both the ATM card and the Personal Identification Number is not possible.
All transactions are handled by the bank itself with both customer and suppl¬ ier going directly through it via the use of e-mail. The only downside is that the FBOI charges five per cent for every transaction, but if this system points the way towards a safer security on the information highway, perhaps it's a price worth paying.
A complete range of paper and film specifically designed to give a quality out¬ put from inkjet printers has been launched by Infotec Supplies. For anyone whose used one of the temperamental machines, they can be very picky about the paper they're printing onto.
Bleeding text and images, paper jams and an assortment of other niggling details can often make a print out look as if it just popped out of a 9-pin dot matrix machine. Bob Milford, head of Infotec's Supplies division commented: “Many inkjet printer users have experienced seri¬ ous problems by using paper not designed for inkjet printers. We have designed the Imagejet range solely for the inkjet market, even down to specific papers for specific machines, to ensure that these problems are eliminated.” There a variety of paper types in the range to suit the needs and wallet of users, and a
technical line has been set up to aid buyers in making the right choice for their particular printer. For more information, contact Infotec UK on 0181-207 2700.
Amiga Computing 10 APRIL 1995 I-
• u^vimuiivii vji iiuo, a uip iw u ic un mvvic iiv/iii iiic i j
iu the 17 April could be of interest. Being held at Riccione in
Italy, the festival covers art derived from the production of
computer images, animations and musical compositions.
Stop the press For more details, contact Carlo Mainardi on 39 541 643016.
Wired? Connected? Hooked? If you've recently plugged in to the internet then your first port of call has to be Amiga Computing's new home page packed with reviews, previews and news.
Reach us by tapping in this URL web address: ft i A http://www.demon.co.uk/amigacomp/ Enjoy and make sure to send us your opinions and views on what you see and what you would like to see. Cybersurfs up dudes and dudettes!
A (Ilction magic Bit Movie 95: An example ol the work being shown - True Love by Bony Hollywood in [ommodore buqaut script shock With all the twisting and turning of the dragged out Commodore situation, three major stu¬ dios in Hollywood are offering substantial amounts of money to buy a script based on the bankruptcy proceedings for adaptation to the big screen. The unknown script writer, appar¬ ently a former MD of Commodore, is selling the rights for the story to the highest bidder.
Several stars are rumoured to be interested including Omar Shariff as corporate and bridge playing Medhi Ali, Warwick Davies as David Pleasance (famous for his role as lead Ewok in Return of the Jedi), Demi Moore as the cruel money-crazed creditor and Sharon Stone as the sun tanned liquidator with an attitude. Allegedly.
You can expect to see this potential Oscar grabber called Delayed come January... 1999.
For non-linear editors. DTV users and 3D artists, the US-bom Motion Clips is a CD-ROM containing over 8,000 frames of royalty free stock footage. Consisting of 20 image sequences that can be used as back¬ grounds. Textures, or reflection maps, these anims can be imported to a wide selection of programs such as Lightwave. Wavemaker.
ImageFX, Hollywood FX, AdPro and more. Look out for our review in next month’s Amiga Computing.
Unstoppable print machines Printers seem to be the only peripheral that, like modems, never go out of fashion, with a constant influx of new models pumping into the showrooms. Now. Intergex Systems have unveiled their ColourJet Master, a thermal inkjet-based printer at a reasonable price of £249.
Offering 300 by 300 dpi in colour and 600 by 300 dpi in colour, the printer has a built-in 150 sheet feeder and a duty cycle of up to 2000 month.
(nucij sequel After the success of Envoy, the peer-to-peer networking software, its makers. Intangible Assets Manufacturing, have released the sequel.
Envoy 2. Its new features include support of Amiga 2.04 DOS packet types, support for removable media, enhanced reliability and robust recovery, localisation, AmigaGuide documentation and more. For users of the original Envoy, upgrades are available, and anyone inter¬ ested can call Almathera. LAM’s UK distributors, on 0181-687 0040.
Godsend Fur inhjet users Swelling popularity After Lightwave Pro magazine comes the arrival of the latest addition to Lightwave extras. Into The Light. This monthly newsletter has tutori¬ als. New product releases, tips, tricks and business advice for profes¬ sional animators. Subscription charges are for 12 issues and for more details, e-mail Jose Burgos on lntoLight@aol.com. Hardman results A few months ago, we featured those horrifically talented people at Aardman Animations in our humble pages. While there, we managed to scrounge three Wallace and Gromit T-shirts from Nick Park and co.
And set a competition for you, the readers. The results are as follows: Jon Glendening, Brighton, Adrian Pang. London and Lucy Marr up in sunny Glasgow. Well done, and expect your prize any day soon.
Amiga Computing MAY 1 995 1- OPEN SUNDAY MAM TO 4PM FIRST computer centre (leeds )Tel:01132 319444 CD ROM Drives PRINTERS Think again If you are considering buying a modem from anywhere else. We are probably the largest supplier of modems for the Amiga supported by a wraith of experience. Log into vwr free BBS modem line for technical and sales, available 24 hours a day.
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telephone quoting your credit card. Please make cheques
payable to the: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Do not forget to include the delivery tariff & Dept. code.
Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance.
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with free parking
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Tns m*rgcs with the AS8 (by-pasting Leeds town centre) which
meets the Armley gyratory. After T/ving World* at traffic
lights take a right, left, left again. A 2nd left to get to FCC
First Comm Bulletin Board Why not place your orders on our new
bulletin board. I Fint comm it not just a means of ordering, it
also I gives you access to read or download technical sup-1 |
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Tel. 01 13 231 1422 O now open late night Wednesday & Thursday till 7.30t
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SUPRA 28 ACCELERATOR for the A500/A500+& AI 500/2000 28 Mhz, uses AS00/AS00+ side port only £127.99!
PRIMA ROM SHARERS ACCELERATORS DISKS i yo*r AS00 Mui or A800 fsA 2 now only £ 17.99 or £24.99 for keyboard switchable version MISCELLANEOUS Mindwarp AGA Demo (PDAOI S) I disk £ 1.50 Magic Workbench Util* (PDAOI7) I disk£1.50 PC Task Emulator (PDA019) I disk £1.50 Spectrum Emulator ver. 1.7. (PDA028) I disk*I.SO Spectrum Games Disk (PDA030) 2 disk £2.2?
9 Fingers Rave Demo (PDA033) 2 disk £2.25 Andys Workbench 3 Utils (PDA03I) I dUt< I JO CLI,'SHELL Hrip (PDA002) I disk £1.50 Protracker 3 (PDA046) I disk £1.50 Prrspr* Hypnmh (PDAQ37) I disk £1.50 Benchmark Tests (PDA03S) I disk £1.50 Tetrus AGA (POA043) I disk £ I.SO Clipart Dhk 6 (PDAC06) I disk* I.50 Clipart 10 pack (PDAC25)IOdbk £12.50 CD ROM drivers (Ami) (PDACDI)ldiik£l.50 CD ROM Bonus Util* (PDACD2) I disk £1.50
V. Morph (PDAOSI) I disk £ I .SO Kefrans Desert Dreamt
(PDAOI2)2disk£2.25 Grapevine 17 (PDA009) 3 disk £2.75 Last
Stand On Hoth (PDAOI4)4di*k£3.2S Motorola Invaders AGA
(PDA016) 2 disk £2.25 Fit Cwx 2 (PDA034) 2 disk £2.2S
UTILITIES Newfl Directory Opus 5 £59.99 GP FAX 2J software
£49.99 Prima AOOftf 1200 Herd Drive setup software £5.99 Xcopy
Pro inc. hardware £24.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS Pro 2.5 £145.99
£99.99 £59.99 £69.99 £8.99 £24.99 £19.99 £77.99 £399-99 £8.99
Video Creator for CD32 £31.99 Yhta Pro) (4Mb required) £29.99
Studio Pro II (print software) £59.9?
WORD PROCESSING/DTP Final Copy 2 (UK) Rritsm 2 NEW LOW fWCfl £49.99 Final Writer DTP NEW LOW PaiCE! £72.99 Penpal 1.4 £34.99 Pagrstrram ] U.K. version £249.99 17 Bit CoBoction £33.49 17 Bit Continuation £14.49 17 Bit Phase 4 £14.49 17 Bit/LSD compendium 1 £18.99 17 8.0LSD compendium 2 £16.99 Adult Sensation £16.99 Aminat 4 (Nov 94) £14.49 Amines 5 £14.49 Ammct collection (Box set 4 CD'*) £29.99 Amo* Users CD £16.99 Assassin* CP £19,99 CD-PD 1 £16.99 CD-PD2 £16.99 CD-PD J £16.99 CD-PD 4 £16.99 Demo CD 1 £16.99 Demo CD 2 £16.99 DeskTop Video CD £13.99 EuroSccne 1 £12.49 Emerald Mines £12,49 GIFs
Gaiore £14.10 Goldfish 1 £24.49 GoldFiih 2 £24.49 Illusion* CD £8.99 Light ROM £37.99 MukiMedia ToolKit £16.99 Network CO £12.49 Professional Fonts £16.99 Sheer Delight £16.99 Sounds Terrific £16.99 Space 8, Astronomy £16.99 Towns ofTunn £16.99 Weird Science CkpArt £8.99 Weird Science Fonts £8.99 Weird Science Animt £16.99 WPD Fonts £12.49 WPD Hottest 4 £12.49 WPD Utils 1-1500 £1149 NEW/PRIMA CD-ROM Volume 1 510Mb of fonts, artwork, photo's, demos, utils, games now only £16.99 MISCELLANEOUS Distant Suns S MUSIC/SOUND First Font* Disk I First Fonts Disk 2 or 3 First Fonts Disk 4 D-Copy Y3
Edword Pro V4 Reloldck 1.3 Klondyke AGA £94.99 £54.99 £29.99 £74.99 £59.99 £24.99 £20.99 £28.99 PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 30 f™i,m National Lottery Predictor (PDA040) I disk*I.SO (POAFOI) I disk £2.50 NEWS Amiga World tails it quits Denny Rthin reports on the decline of the US Umiga magaaine industry - he first all-Amiga magazine. Amiga World. Closed after the April 1995 issue, almost exactly ten years after the first issue hit the stands. That issue offered little hard information about the then new computer, and the graphics proudly displayed throughout the maga¬ zine seem positively primitive
compared to what’s being done on Amigas today. But to computer users of the day - weaned on Commodore 64s and CGA IBM Xts - they looked like digital masterpieces.
At one time there were 10 Amiga magazines in the US. With the death of Amiga World, due to fewer ads and a dropping number of subscribers, we’re down to one Amiga magazine over here, and that hasn't been able to meet its monthly publication schedule lately, Luckily, we can still obtain Amiga Computing and lesser UK Amiga magazines, so US users aren't completely out of luck - although we get awfully jealous when we read of how much software and hardware support there is still available on your side of the Pond.
Still, it’s sad to see a magazine go that’s support¬ ed the computer for a decade. R.I.P. Amiga World.
Computer, as well as on-line publications (such as the well-known Amiga Report) and some spe¬ ciality newsletters. One of the best of the latter category is Scientific Amigan, Walter Lounsbery's Amiga publishing isn’t completely dead over here, mind you. There are a number of video¬ oriented magazines that still cover our favourite newsletter devoted to research, analysis, design, and technical education with Amigas.
If you want to use your Amiga for more than saving Lemmings, you'll enjoy this fascinating look at how the Amiga can be used in science.
Some of the material could easily fit in a dry, scholarly journal, but this newsletter also packs plenty of interesting opinion and neat ideas on new uses for your Amiga. For information, write to Scientific Amigan, P.O. 60685, Savannah, GA 31420-0685 USA; e-mail waltal@wetl.sf.ca.us; or call or fax (912) 898-1760.
Last plane to If B Premature PE - too soon for its own good Cutting it a little close, multimedia users need¬ ing expert advice and a look at some of the lat¬ est gear to aid in productions on all scales should consider heading for the nearest airport.
The NAB Multimedia World is a Las Vegas- based show that is running from 9 to 13 April and covers a wide range of topics such as Video Toaster and Lightwave to seminars on how to use America's hottest DV equipment.
There are more than 100 of the world's lead¬ ing multimedia developers and manufacturers on call to answer questions and offer advice on how to improve your productions. For more details, fax the organisers on 0101 301 216 1847 or e-mail them on register€nab.org. Pip mania continues After receiving glowing accolades from this humble magazine. VCE Inc are releasing the sequel to Pyromania. Aptly titled Pyromania 2. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the special effects com¬ pilation is made up of 37 Quicktime movies, 1736 PICT files representing 16 PICT sequences, and three fire
loops. The new visual trickery that can be incorporated into Lightwave and other packages is made up of fire, smoke, fireworks, and more.
All footage was shot on 35mm motion picture film and, if it’s anything like its forefather title, should be something rather special. To order by fax. Call 0101 818 362 3490.
Utilities Unlimited’s PC emulator for the Emplant board, the E586DX, has finally shipped.
Unfortunately, it seems that's not a call to rejoice.
Jim Drew and company seem to have jumped the gun on this one, as the current emulation is incom¬ plete and problem-plagued. Like the first release Of the Emplant Mac emulator, compatibility problems abound and documentation is minimal. Drew assures me that the problems will be addressed very soon with a new revision of the emulator ported from the PowerPC version he's been working on - this update should be smaller (500K versus 1,4MB) and more compatible.
To UU’s credit, though, while the first release of the Emplant Mac emulation was a disaster, the cur¬ rent revision of the emulator is a fine-tuned, highly compatible system that does a great job running the vast majority of Macintosh software. Given time, the E586DX emulation will likely be similarly capable.
The .95 module (which requires the Zorro II- based Emplant board, which starts at 9.95) is Supposed to support the entire Pentium instruction set, including protected and virtual modes. The sales literature claims the emulation supports MDA, CGA.
EGA. VGA, and SVGA video modes, sound, hard and floppy drives. CD-ROM drives, SCSI devices, joysticks, and other PC features. Advertisements feature the emulation running Doom II and Windows.
The emulator that shipped to users in mid-March, though, didn't run Doom II or Windows. In fact, as this was written (about a week after the E586DX release), users on the online networks and Internet reported success-only In running DOS, some old games, and text-based programs like WordPerfect.
Even getting those running was a challenge, though, since Utilities Unlimited shipped the product without the BIOS ROM necessary for PC emulation - they had problems licensing a BIOS in time for release.
Drew says he's writing a custom BIOS for the E586DX, but in the meantime users need to find a real PC to borrow a BIOS chip from, or download BIOS images from PC manufacturer bulletin boards or from FTP sites such as american.megal- rends.com. Also missing from the first release are serial and parallel port support. SVGA support (there are no drivers for custom Amiga graphics cards), and the ability to turn on the full CPU transcription mode that promises to make this faster than other PC emula¬ tors. Many users also reported problems getting CD-ROM support to work.
In short, this product was released before it was completed. Given the precipitous state of the US Amiga market. UU may have felt pressure to just get it out the door and prove that it was on the way.
Whatever the reason, the PC Emplant just isn't very useful yet. But Jim Drew's track record with the Mac emulation suggests he'll get the PC emulation run¬ ning smoothly in short order. It should be in better shape by the time you read this. Your best bet is to contact UK distributor Blittersoft and see if updated software is available.
The E586DX module is available from Utilities Unlimited. 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue #16, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 USA. Phone (602) 680-9004, or fax (602) 453-6407. It's distributed in Europe by Blittersoft. Phone (0)1908 261466, fax (0)1908 261488, or e-mail plesurf@cix.compulink.co.uk. Amiga Computing 14 MAY 1995 Flight of fantasy?
No... with a Blizzard or Cyberstorm Accelerator, your Amiga will fly!
If you’ve ever sat and waited for your Amiga to catch up, you’ll know that an extra boost of power would be just the ticket.
But, the only problem is the cost... isn't it?
Well not any more. When you compare our cost per MIP with other boards you’ll be surprised at just how little you’ll have to pay to enhance the performance of your Amiga computer.
Then, the sky’s the limit!
1 i i r s
• gn, ban ling ice.
Cks on ito GA or % CYBERVISIO.N64 BUZZARD 1220/4 4.\lb TURBO BLIZZARD 1230-m TIRBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY The multi award-winning 1220 4 offers by far the best price performance ratio of any A1200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market. Of course the 1220 4 also incorporates everything else that a good memory expansion should too. Such as a Real Time Clock, further RAM expandability, optional FPU etc. as well as offering a Clock Speed Doubling Circuit which runs the 32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz. Not only does the 1220 ;4 give Amiga A1200 owners all this, but the price has broken the sound
harrier too!
Integrated 2HMHz U8EC020 32-B*t RAM Clock Speed Doubler for up to 500®* overall performance increase Factory Installed Tested 4Mb of 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mh with Add-4 Board
• Integrated Battery Backed Real Time Clock Easy Trapdoor
Instalbiion, retains CBM Warranty Can be disabled in situ for
full games compatibility 1220/4 Turbo £229.95 4 Mb 32-Bii Fast
RAM 28MHz 680FC20 CPU Adtl-4 Board (extra 4Mb for 1220/4)
£169-95 4Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM add-on Motorola FPU £( ^11 68882
MEMORY BOARD is the high est performing 68030 accdoaior for the
A1200. With iLs rapKl -Hi Mhz 68EC03Q CPU. Or faster still
50MHz 68030 with MMU, it offers up to 500% performance increase
overall. Hie 1230-III has further expansion options w ith its
integral Fast Expansion Bus for Add-on Modules such as tlx
SCSI-2 Controller (due for release early 95). With its industry
standard SIMM socket it provides up to 32Mh of GRAPHICS BOARD
For all Zorro-3 Amigas this (>4-Bit high speed graphics engine,
blitter has up to 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Bit colour or 1024 x
768 pixels in 2l-Bit True Color. 2Mb of display memory (4Mb
user upgradeable). Call and request our technical brochure.
Just £299.95 autcKonfiguring 32-Bit FAST RAM. 1230.ffl Turbo
0Mb mu? 68EC030
• PGA FPU Socket up to 50MHz . Lnonxikm * Data Buna Mod., Turbo
0Mb. 30MHz 68030 & Mml'
• Automat*, Kickstan Re-Mapping SCSI-11 Module for 1230-111
£189.95 £229.95 £TBA £CaU £Call £Call (can Ix disabled if
* Battery Backed Self Recharging Real Time Clock
• Easy Trapdrxrr Installation FASTLANF. Z3 SCSI BLIZZARD 4030
Motoroto FPU 68882 PGA 25/30 50MHz 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion
32-Bit. "2 pin LARGER SIMMS AVAILABLE Doul $ Lighming FAST DMA
SCSI-11 interface lor Amiga A4000 owners. Expandability up to
64Mb. Of 32-Bit Fast RAM. Doesn't require any Buster Chip'
upgrades. Use with hard drives.
CD Rom etc £299.95 FULL 50MHz 68030 with M.VII ACCELERATOR for Amiga 4000 0.50 s. Replaces the A4000's CPU and offers an FPU option. Approx. SONj overall performance increase when fined with 50MHz 688B2 PGA FPU.
From £219.95 Upgrade your A4000 030 or 040 with the new CYBERSTORM MODULAR ACCELERATOR, and you'll hj\ i “The Worlds Fastest .Amiga". With iLs new 50MHz 68060 CPU (due February '95). It provides up to 10 Times the perlormance of standard A4OOO 030s (82.2 MIPS, compared to 15. » MIPS!).
Optional SCSI-2 and Ethernet I O Module. Call and request our 4 page technical brochure. IPHONF.
The Blizzard Performance Advantage... Mr/MrsAliss/Ms: Address: County (Country) Daytime Phone llrim required: Initialise Surname; Just look below to see how w ell your Amiga really could fly!
It 9 Standard A500/600/1300/2000 Standard AI2DII lAlMOwfiffflW A12QQwith 1230-fitffi |- I I WHFIM 2Mb CHIP/lMh FAST . • 77v <l/vw dtV WPS awfurulue /vrjormanccfiguivs using Vjx/rj/o Postcode: Eiening Phone: Card holder's signature: Oog m n Card No.: Expiry Date: 1-5
s. o 0 — X ,01 to Issue N0.1 Snitch Only): Cheque/Bank
Draft/Postal Order for £ :____ payable to Gordon Harwood
Computers Limited- (Allprices are I K including VAT and[m'Jage
(Hernm customers please call to ccatfirm [uicing beftnv
urderiitgi Gordon liarwimd Computers Unwed New Street.
Alfrcton. Derbyshire DE55 "BP Td 1)1 ~3836*81 Facsimile: 01
~3831040 Department: 3CO e ¦ computers ¦ harwood the UK's
favourite Amiga Dealer t'S big, it’s d6ver, but what the hell
is it? And what exactly will I actually get out of it - apart
from the kudos of quoting an e-mail address once in a while.
If you listen to pretentious ramblings of media, you'd be quite right to envisage the Internet as a pseudo intellectual utopia, where access guarantees a near psychedelic experi¬ ence - what a load of old cobblers!
Lllhat does it all mean?
Paul Hustin puts the Internet into perspectiue. With a rough guide to euactlg what all the fuss is about What rt does provide is a means for mere mortals to get the one thing which increasin¬ gly makes the difference between the haves and the have nots in the modern world. In short, access to information.
It’s obvious from the Amiga Computing mail that the average reader is getting just a little cheesed off with the seemingly endless supply of mind-boggling acronyms and buzzwords that make up this ethereal electronic soup.
Basically, if you strip away the hype you're left with five key areas, each of which boasts its own collection of utilities and applications to help control and access the information you send and receive.
E-mail E-mail and your individual address is the basic element in the equation. For example, ezra surf's address is ezra@acomp.cjemon.co.uk. and in affect this works just like a virtual PO box number. Literally everything ezra sends and receives has to quote this unique address, and if you've got internet access, a modem, and a phone line, you can send him e-mail from anywhere on the planet - but please don’t.
Better still, he can dial-in from anywhere, quote his password and account details and download all the mail sent to him. The actual information is constantly maintained and Web browsing A web browser such as Amosaic offers a similar means of filtering and navigating the net, however Web browsers filter information rather than files.
Own addresses and ail you need to do is enter an address into your browser and you'll go directly - or at least indirectly - to information you need.
For example, if you're interested in a new sports car the motor sports homepage would seem a logical place to start. From there you might click on a hypertext button for new models, which in turn might have a When you read an Internet article you'll invariably come across a screen shot of a Web browser. In short, browsers are the pretty face of the internet.
Like users. Web pages have their updated for you by your internet provider - in this case Demon Internet. When ezra next logs-on. Demon knows when he last down¬ loaded mail and will check the in-basket and send anything still pending.
FTP sites In short, an FTP site is the Internet's name for a freely accessible software archive. When you log-on to an FTP site you're actually directly accessing someone etse's hard drive.
This becomes obvious when you run utils such as GUI-FTP. On one side of the screen you’ll see your directories, and on the other will be the list of directories and files at that particular site. If you see something you like, select it and copy it across - it's that simple.
There are literally thousands of FTP sites all over the world, some of which have dedicated Amiga sections known as the Aminet.
Gophering Actually visiting all the FTP sites individually would be impossible, and that’s where utilities like Archie and Gopher come into their own.
Both offer an automated search facility. Archie link to a review of the latest Porche, and so on... That’s how the majority of Web pages operate - you simply browse around for related links until you reach the precise information you need. And of course, if you find a page you'll want to visit regularly, it can be added to your hotlist and then visited directly whenever you feel like it.
Will search for keywords within a list of FTP sites and files maintained by your provider, whereas Gopher provides a point-and-click search facility of Gopher-specific FTP sites via an Amiga Guide front-end.
Basically, both provide an invaluable means of filtering file information, allowing you to find and get what you as quickly as possible.
Newsgroups This is where the truly weird and wonderful make their mark. Strange, surreal, interesting and in some cases outrageous is definitely the order of the day. If you're interested in a partic¬ ular subject, no matter how obscure, I guaran¬ tee there'll be a newsgroup dedicated to it - and even if by some bizarre quirk of fate there isn't, you can always start one... Newsgroups are probably best described as off-line, topic-specific, citizens band e-mail.
Confused? So you should be. Basically, when you subscribe to a newsgroup you become a member of a band of like-minded individuals, each of whom automatically receive all the new news posted in that particular group every time they elect to get their news.
When you actually get news via nntptrans- fer, the software checks which groups you're a member of then grabs all the new postings since your last visit. You can then reply directly to another member, comment on a message, or post your own messages of files.
Well, that's the basics. There are many more involved but the point is, don’t be put off, get involved, and most important of all have fun.
The HI team Paul Austin Darren Evans Tym ledcy Teny Thiele AdamPhiipi EDITOR DEPUTY EDITOR ART EDITORS NEWS EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR STAFF WRITERS Judith Chapman Jonathan Haddock Tina Hackett Gareth Ldfthouse Dave Cuvck Simon Lc«s Jane Normington Sue Horsefield Barbara NewaH ADVERTISING MANAGER AD SALES AD SALES AO PRODUCTION MARKETING MANAGER Claire Maudsley PRODUCTION HANAGER Sandra Childs SYSTEMS MANAGER David Stewart CIRCULATION DIRECTOR David Wren COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Denise Wright DISTRIBUTION COMAG (M9S) 44405S SUBSCRIPTION OS 1-257 2WI Member of the Audrt Bureiu of Crcuhoorv ^51 54,305
juir-Dec m hibWad by IDG Medo fieda Howe.AdlngtonPsHt. MiccJesfeld*l04NP Tel 0625 878888 Fix 0425 CHAIRMAN Richard Hease MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield We regret Amigo Compounj cannot offer technical help op i peoona) ba» either by telephone or in wriopj. All reader enqunes should be subrmted to the address in this panel for possible publication.
Amiga Compubng is on independent pubkobon ond Commodore Business Mochines Ltd art not responsible for ony of the ortidB m this issue ony of the optnions expressed @1995 IDG Media. No material may be reproduced n whole or in part without written permission Wme every care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally reponsiWe for any errors in arbdes, listings or advertisements m idg MEDIA For «bc yean Amiga Computing has been the leading maguine for Amiga enthusiasts. As a key member of the IDG communications group, Amiga Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each
month with the most dedicated coverage of the 12 Inue lubsenption (U.tl (UK), Uf.99 (EEC) lU9f (World) Ongoing quorterfjr direct deb* Cl0.W (UK onfy) Pnritod and bound by Duncan Webb Offset I Maidstone) Lid Amiga Computing AMIGA A1200/A3000/A4000 A500/A2000 Picosso IIRTG, the graphics board all others are measured against:
• Graphics board for oil Amiga's with Zorro-Bus • Workbench
driver to retarget all programs and WB to the Picasso • y
• Supports up to 256 colors with WB3.1. even on A2000 and A3000
• WB resolutions definable up to 1600 x 1280 pixels
• KiColor (!6Bit) and TrueColor (24Bit) graphics: 16M colors!
• Drivers for most grophic progroms such os AdPro, ImogeFX.
ImogeMoster, Reol30
• Allows connection ol any VGA or Multiscon monitor
• AI084 and A108I ore still usable with a special cable
• Block borders gone forever, takes fil odvonloge of monitor's
• System compliant implementation of monitorfib, resolution selec
table using screen mode requester
• Monitor-File compliant with System 2.x or higher, resolution
selectable using screenmode requester
• View regular Amigo ond special Picossoll-RTG screens on some
Monitor without changing cobles.
• Screen promoter to moke older progroms work on Picasso
• Dioggable screens onrnvotin^’" ve(0\ qiflph'C
• Available with I MB or 2MB upgra daUe from IMB to 2MB at
anytime Y/ "dw modvb, Pobto, exponds your Pkosso II with two
new outputs, U«ngihe
• * a Pcblo, you con view your Pkosso output on any TV or VCR.
Alt ' wil*19U(% ^ you would only expect to see from broadcost
video encoders. That is why the Pkosso II video encoder module
Pablo, won in the (German) magazine Amiga Mogazin' V (issue
5/94) lest for video encoders
* ' • Three cobles included: RCA, S-VHS and SCART ^ • 5 floppy
disks with drivers, animation demos and more
• 24Bil Animation program included 15kHz overload protection Ate
yw in need ol a last and easy cennecfcn between two A/wggtfUw
the Ipw-COVt network yjlvlHjn, 15 otpclly whal yoy v«mt» Just
plug it in, .mloll ihe soWc and It runs' Nothing codd be ecskt
thon thot Uono is the network solution for those with 0 small
budget ond kg needs You con even shore your hard drives ond
• fw every (!) Amigo ftomWB 2.0 on wi*o fteeporolel port
• kxWes coble P
• Indodes Commodore's Envoy networkng softwore
• English monuai
• cutomotically reconnection after (re-lboohng without new
• Every mochme usable os server and cWnt Plugs onto the Pkosso II
no Zorro Slot required Eosy installation of video modes
Blittersoft • 6 Drakes Mews • Crowtthifl • Milton Keynes •
Buckinghamshire • MK8 0ER Order Line -66 Wellweg 95 D- 31157
Sarstedt - Germany 10 technical Hotline
* 11 Orders 40 Mailbox Queries/Technical -77 Fax -88 BBS -99
White Knight E & OE 6/03/95 THE PROFESSIONAL f non 00000*1
6pm Monday - Friday PO BOX 38, WARE, HERTS, SG11 1TX FAX 01920
822302 ’ 5* tanliiir On Oniil Ont. Mir VMIrtl or Vha-IMU GVP
A1230 Performance Series II AU PRICES INCLUDE; vat Two SIMM
Slots (GVP’s 4 or 16Mb only), Clock, Optional 68882 FPU And
SCSI Port WITH 40MHz EC030,4Mb RAM £ 299 40MHz. 4Mb RAM & FPU £
399 50MHz 030, 4Mb RAM £419 50MHz, 4Mb RAM & FPU £ 509
Additional 4Mb SIMM for A1230-II £ 195 GVP A1291 SCSI l/F for
A1230 II £ 59 VIPER 68030 By Power Computing One SIMM Slot
(Industry Standard. 72 pin).
Clock. Optional 68882 FPU And SCSI-2 Port Various Versions 28,33,40 & 50MHz with or without MMU are available FROM £129 Please call for full specification & prices MONITORS PHILIPS CM8833-II 14" PAL RGB, Y/C & Composite Input (0.38 dot pitch, Stereo) £ 239 MICROVITEC CUB-SCAN 1438 14" (Multi-sync, 0.28 dot pitch, No Sound) £ 295 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN 2038 20" (Multi-sync. 0.31 dot pitch. With DMS) £1175 Workbench/ Kick start
3. I Upgrade Kits Rom(s), Disks. Manuals & Fitting Instructions
A500/500+/1500/2000Z 89.95 A1200/3000/4000 £ 99.95 NETWORKING
AMIGANET Ethernet for A2/3/4000 £249 ARIADNE Ethernet for
A2/3/4000 £ 199 l-CARD PCMCIA Ethernet - A1200 £249 Network
Software Available On Request Eg. ENLAN DFS. ENVOY. TCP/IP.
NOVELL. DECNET CPU s & FPU s 68881 20MHz PGA £ 24 68882 25MHz
PGA £ 39 60882 33MHz PGA £ 69 68882 50MHz PGA £ 89 68882 25MHz
PLCC - For A4000/030 etc. £ 69 68882 33MHz PLCC - For
A4000/030 etc. £ 79 68882 40MHz PLCC - For A4000/030 etc. £
119 68040 25MHz - For Upgrading A4000-LC040 £ 165 68030 25MHz
with MMU (PGA Style) £ 59 68030 33MHz with MMU (PGA Style) £
89 68030 50MHz with MMU (PGA Style) £ 109 CYBERSTDRM 50MHz
68060 Accelerator For The Amiga 4000 RUNNING AT OVER 80 MIPS !
Only £ 995 Full Specification Sheet Available 40MHz 68040 Version £ 765 040 Version w/o CPU £ 449 Fast SCSI-II Controller £ 175 I/O Module (SCSI-II, Ethernet & 2Mbit Serial port) £ 375 BLIZZARD 4030 TURBO 50MHz 68030 + MMU, Opt. FPU (For A3000/4000) £ 209 COMMODORE A3640 Card, 25MHz 68040 (As Fitted In Amiga 4000-040) $/H £ 419 WARP ENGINE 28/33/40MHZ 68040 4 x 72Pin SIMM Slots for upto 128Mb RAM Built in FAST SCSI-II DMA Interface 28MHz Version (With 68040/25) ! 799 40MHz Version (With 68040/40) ' 1099 LIGHTWAVE 3D V3.5 £449 Amiga & PC Version 4 Due Soon Expected Price £ 695 + VAT. Buy V3.5
now, upgrade to V4 and SAVE ££££’s LIGHTWAVE TUTORIAL VIDEOS Five Available - £ 49 each / £ 199 set AUDIO PRODUCTS SUNRIZE AD516 / STUDIO 16 8 Track, 16-Bit, DAT Quality, Direct to Disk Recording. Timecoded Cuelist. Can be used with Bars & Pipes Professional, the PAR etc Full Specification Sheet Available £999 I ()(,(A ( A 4 Track, 16-Bit, Direct to Disk Recording. With Samplitude Software .
Ideal for Vlab Y/C’s IFR, or the Vlab Motion £ 349 HARD DRIVES Bare SCSI A1200ACCELERATORS A4000ACCELERATORS 350 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 199 540 MB SCSI2 3.5" £ 289
1. 0 GB SCSI2 3.5" £649 4Gb Mlcropolis AV SCSI2 7200rpm, 9ms,1Mb
2. 1Gb £ 999
4. 2Gb £ 1499 A4000 IDE 420 MB IDE 3.5" £159 540 MB IDE 3.5" £
209 730 MB IDE 3.5" £ 229 850 MB IDE 3.5" £ 259
1. 08 GB IDE 3.5" £339
1. 28 GB IDE 3.5" £359 DRIVES FOR PAR Mlcropolis 2217A £899 FAST
Only £ 295 MEMORY SIMM S 32MB SIMM-32 £1099 16MB SIMM-32 £575
8MB SIMM-32 £315 4MB SIMM-32 £150 2MB SIMM-32 £ 85 1MB SIMM-32
£ 29 GVP SIMM-32's 4MB £ 195 EDIT CONTROLLER The KRP 'TES30"
Uses ‘Burned ln“ Timecode. Controls Upto 5 Machines. RCTC
compatible, SMPTE. GPI Trigger. LANC / Panasonic / RS232 etc.
Shot Lists, Mixer control. Audio cues, synchronised audio
dubbtng. Upgradable to 8 parallel control industrial machines
RS422, From £ 549 Call For Full Specifications _ VIDEO
PRODUCTS BROADCASTER ELITE This Zorro III card performs the
major functions of a Broadcast Quality, On-Line. Non-Linear,
Digital Video edit suite (CCIR601 720 x 576 resolution). It
provides REAL-TIME. FULL MOTION JPEG (50 fields / second)
Capture & Compression, direct to disk. The video can be edited
and played back in REAL-TIME, at 50 fields/sec in broadcast
quality - direct to Betacam etc. The board has full LTC and
VITC timecoding (on all connectors - Composite. Y/C and YUV).
It also interfaces with the AD516 Studio 16 and NEW Amadeus
16-Bit audio cards to enable simultaneous audio and video
editing. It requires an Amiga 4000 with full 68040 processor,
large SCSI-2 hard drives, and fast SCSI-II controller.
Complete System - From £11.950 plus VAT BroadCaster Elite Card £ 4098 plus VAT System Requirements (minimum) Amiga4000-030 or 4000-040 <2 +8Mb.0.5Gb HD) Broadcaster Elite (Zorro III Card) with Software Warp Engine 28MHz with SCSI-II or Fast lane Z3 2,lC.b Fast SCSI-2 3.5" HD (For Video) Sunrize AD5I6 or Amadeus (Audio Card) MultiSync & PAL Monitors GIVING FULL BROADCAST QUALITY.
All systems are fully configured and tested and are supplied with limited telephone support. Technical Support is additional for purchase of individual cards.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR TO ARRANGE A FULL DEMONSTRATION. PLEASE CALL Dealers We are Exclusive UK Distributors PIUS TBC card with transcoding PAL/SECAM/NTSC etc. £ 595 E2 mstc Multi-Standard TBC with full transcoding, genlocking etc. £ 1749 Vlab Motion Real-time JPEG Compression & Playback Video & Animation card £ 999 Real-time Hi8 digitiser card £ 349 24BIT GRAPHICS CARDS AMIGA 3000 & 4000 ONLY CYBERVISION 64 ULTRA FAST 64-BIT, Zorro III, 1280x1024 - 2Mb £ 319 4Mb, Version of CYBERVISION 64 £ 399 RETINA BLTZ3 Zorro III, -1Mb £ 459 RETINA BLTZ3 Zorro III, - 4Mb £ 599 AMIGA 1500/2000/3000/4000
PICCOLO SD64 ALPINE 64-BIT RTG card 2Mb, Zorro I I/I 11 Switching £ 295 4Mb, Version of PICCOLO SD64 £ 345 PICASSO II 2Mb with TVPaint Jr. £ 295 RETINA 2Mb with VD Paint. £ 365 RETINA 4Mb with VD Paint, £ 465 OPALVISION Call For Latest Information GENLOCKS EVP G-Loch External Composite & S-VHS / Hi8 unit. SAW Controlled £ 265 HAMA 292 External Composite & S-VHS / Hi8 unit. RGB correction etc. £ 279 HAMA 290 External Composite & S-VHS / Hi8 unit. RGB correction, Picture Enhancement, Fade to Black, Keyhole. £ 679 G2 VIDEOCENTERXCl £ 579 G2 GENE SYS VIDEOCENTER £ 929 G2 VIDEOCENTER PLUS VC2 £1139
DAT - 4Gb, Internal £ 799 8MM Exabyte DAT - 3 5 / 7Gb, Int. £ 1199 CD POM DPJVCS TOSHIBA XM5201B SCSI-2 (Int.), 3.4 x Speed, Multi-Session (Tray Load) £ 179 PANASONIC CR533S SCSI-2 (Ext.), 2 x Speed, Multi-Session (Caddy Load) £ 195 POWER Ext. A1200 with Squirrel l/F £ 199 MPEG DECODER SCALA MD100. Zorro II card. Play MPEG bitsreams from hard disk or CD. Can be controlled from SCALA MM300 & MM400. Includes encoding software. £ 599 EfAPlANT MAC/PC EMULATOR Basic Version £ 245 SCSI at AppleTalk £295 Deluxe (Both) A4 SCANNERS EPSON GT-6500 600dpi.
24Bit with s/w & Cable £ 699 EPSON GT-8000 800dpi.
24Bit with s/w & Cable £ 989 NEW SERVICES We now offer a number of services to Amiga users :- RENDERING frames from Lightwave, Real or Imagine OUTPUT frames to video tape (VHS/S-VHS/Beta SP) PICTURE Formal Conversion (MAC/PC/AMIGA/SGI etc) NON-LINEAR EDITING (VHS/S-VHS/Beta SP etc.) DATA TRANSLATION (Syquest MO. DAT, QIC etc.) SPECIALISTS WE OFFER SERVICE. AND AFTER-SALES BACKUP THAT IS SECOND TO NONE DEMONSTRATIONS DEMONSTRATIONS OF OUR HIGH END SYSTEMS CAN BE MADE BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT DELIVERY CHARGES Express Small £ 6 Medium £ 7 For large items, please call.
SURCHARGE If ordering with ACCESS or VISA there is a 2.5% surcharge.
No surcharge for DELTA, CONNECT or SWITCH.
PisHs j\GES 7Ac ' >P Weird Science ^HuCtimcdia ^ [D
spectacular H massiue SWUlb of Amiga files await you on our
enrlusiue Multimedia loolHit [0. Plus our usual fouerOisK with
art for all ages from the complete and easy-to-use
SmartyPaints program Lueird Science multimedia Toolkit
Supplier: Weird Science
- W-© hat's this on the cover of Am/ga Computing. Yes indeedy (he
says in dubious Ben Elton style), this one's for all you
readers out there with CDTVs, CD32s or those nitty PCMCIA SCSI
host adapters such as Squirrel.
If you check out the adverts in computer magazines, you will no doubt find a lot of CD titles are sprouting up with masses of Amiga gear on them.
Well, we managed to get our sweaty hands on one. And in conjunction with Weird Science we thought it would be a good idea to give it away, free, to all you wonderful readers because we love you so much.
Name game And just what is the name of this CD adorning your beloved Amiga Computing this month? Well, it's the Multimedia Toolkit with 547Mb of images, fonts, clip art, sound modules and samples.
If you dabble in DTP or use a word processor, there are thousands of fonts, images and clip art to help spruce up your artwork and documents. Or if you're a music nut who likes to create kickin' sound tracks with your favourite music tracker, there ate thousands of complete music modules to listen to as well as samples for you to create your own music. You will also find two top music trackers to use.
To top it all off, there's half a megabyte of icons to replace those dreary defaults which Workbench provides you with.
To use the CD-ROM you will need a it;yjv- as; This bottei allows m to LISTEN to the ffPTlJ selected HBSIC NODULE or SflNPLE. ***** It is possible to alter tbe speed of the MILES.
To figure out mdiat all thoao buttons do, click on the blue Holp button. You are than in help mode and can click on any button for a dotcription jgl1 miflrcnjffBal j m 1 m M1: Ml ion { : msliimi Ef iimnmnnr^H | i COVERDISK either a CDTV. CD32 or an Amiga equipped with an adapter that allows you to eorwect CD-ROM peripherals, such as the Squirrel and Zappo devices.
There are two ways to access the files on the CD-ROM. For CDTV and CD32. As well as Amiga devices that allow you to boot from the CD-ROM. Resetting your machine with the Multimedia Toolkit in the dnve will automatically load the Multimedia Toolkit program.
Once loaded, you are given the choice of what device to use for the program (mouse or joystick), Click on either and you will then find yourself at the Main Menu- From here you can choose to access the Multimedia Toolkit Main Program, or fire up the slideshow to sit back and view the many pictures on the CD.
The Main Program provides you with an easy-to-use method of browsing through the files on the CD-ROM. With it you can view both images and clip art files, as well as listen to the thousands of music and sample files - all at the click of a button.
Copying I! Also provides a simple file manager utility which supplies tools for copying files from the CD to your hard disk or floppy dnve.
Using this, you can transfer files such as the huge collection of fonts to your fonts directory for immediate use by the appropriate programs.
To find out what the various buttons on the interface do, simply click on the blue Help button. This puts you in (yes. You guessed it) help mode. Now. Clicking on any button will display a description of what that button actually does.
With 547Mb of files, I’d call that a well- stuffed CD. So, what are you waiting for?
Fire up your CD-ROM drive, jam the Multimedia Tookit CD in it and see how long it takes you to view and listen to everything.
Bear in mind that although CDTV and CD32 owners can view and listen to the various images and sound modules on this CD, to transfer the files for use from the CD the appropriate hardware is required.
What on earth?
So. Just what does this huge 547Mb of files consist of then? The following, that’s what:
• 500 original 24-bit images with HAM8 and HAM Interlace versions
• Over 1300 coloured clip art
• More than 2100 Mono clip art
• 120 standard Amiga fonts
• 100 plus coloured fonts
• Over 100 Adobe fonts
• 80 PostScript fonts
• 750 music modules
• 2300 samples
• Utilities to view and listen to many of the files SmartqPaints
Supplier: Chroma When it comes to graphics, there's not much
that can touch the Amiga's powerful capabil¬ ities. That's why
you can find the Amiga generating the graphics for such TV
series as Babylon 5 and Star Trek.
Because of this obvious strength in the graphics department, it's hardly surprising to find that there's quite a lot of graphics software available for the Amiga.
Most of these packages, you will find, tend to be aimed at users of intermediate or advanced experience, and the demands of such powerful packages also often require an Amiga with lots of memory and powerful add-ons - which are probably beyond the price range of many users.
Novice to expert SmartyPaints is different, however. It's an art package that caters for users ranging from a young child, right up to intermediate level. You may ask how such a wide range can be catered for by one art package, and the answer lies in the 'smart menu' feature which allows you to customise SmartyPaints depending on the needs of the user. It can also run on Amigas with a minimum of 1 Mb, although the more memory you have the more screens you can work with.
SmartyPaints has evolved from early 1990 where it was available for the Nimbus PC as the Borealis trilogy of schools' art pro¬ grams. Borealis Jnr was aimed at infants, Borealis was for 7-11 year olds and Borealis Gold was for adults. It is thus a natural pro¬ gression from these early concepts and now serves all three age groups, thanks to its smart menu facility.
This facility allows the owner to tailor the drawing tools icon display according to age groups and abilities. SmartyPaints is not designed to be immediately used by a small child without any adult intervention.
It initially loads with all menus, icons and functions set up for a user with intermediate knowledge, It therefore needs to be config¬ ured for individual children according to their There are lot* of fools and features to aid the Amiga artist in the croation of an artistic mastorpioco abilities before they are given it. Configuring the menus is very simple. To try It out, load up SmartyPaints and read the tutorial that follows. Once loaded, you will see there are many function icons to choose from. In this particular mode, all features and tools are available for the intermediate user.
For a small child, you can choose which drawing tools should be displayed by alter¬ ing the smart menu. If you now click the right mouse button you will be taken to the drawing screen and as you can see. There is a selection of tools and palette icons to choose from.
This is the smart menu and can be removed While drawing on the screen by Clicking again on the right mouse button.
Another right mouse dick will bring it back again. Depending on the configuration you have set, there will also be a Main menu icon button on the far left of the screen.
Clicking on this will take you back to the main menu.
If you have a small child, so wish to cre¬ ate a speaal 'kids version' of the program, you need to decide which tools are appropriate for their age.
Indicators Once you have a list of appropriate tools, it may be a good idea to draw a simple lay¬ out design to indicate which tools will be grouped together etc. This needs to be done because when you are choosing tools to be included in your custom menu, they are added from right to left, top to bottom.
SmartyPaints doesn't allow you to arbitrarily remove and replace a single icon from within the middle of a list.
Once you have a design for your custom layout, it’s time to configure SmartyPaints.
First of all you will have to dear the default smart menu, so click on the light blue icon marked Clear S, Menu. After a brief delay, the current smart menu will be displayed in blue at the top of the screen.
You may now click on each icon to erase it from the list (be sure to click on the lower I vmnEM -MM
- j VdjM I-
- |d •h nr] -I pF rr uiib'j £?iflD£ OKM ill IS G-LU E ;wipe| :M/
C:;sCL£ HI 55 FLVSJ T2/T yyjiA cyr itf:'J5rl OijlfC Z'f-’j'Jili rLC'-rl rUP-y u/j* ri-srui /-Dr i,i D WiM ’jiiifJJ ' GfCL I Gdpr GL2fJ: rr
• MV r'JHI rlCVr i :m=
• Jjii'J rnLZTtZ
J. IV2 r,\LZIIZ i IV>/.
Sffip I I5HU5 UlrO rlfSSr.4 ciurr "vjn C V.'Aiit WK jiiZ
W. lr-10 At tho top of tha screen, In a nice shade of blue, la a
custom smart menu untler construction Amiga Computing MAY 1995
I- COVERDISK —|i May l»M Saraafly P^iirit y 11rfZmeww+mm
Hssembler The drawing screen and 5EriE5 filES complete with e
little something I prepared omHleri For those budding coders
out there fol¬ lowing our regular Assembler program¬ ming
series, this month’s example files can be found on the
SmartyPaints disk in the drawer called AC CoverDisk Files.
1M EA'vHO La I U12 MOJ I I I jjgg] rz/T SmartqPaints graphics competition Now that you have a versatile art package at your fingertips, why not create some of your own masterpieces and enter our great competition?
All you have to do is send in any number of pictures created (at least partially) with SmartyPaints on a standard AmigaDOS formatted disk, along with the registration card you receive when you buy the SmartyPaints manual (see disk offers).
There’s no age limit, but age will be taken into consideration when judging the entries.
The price The winner will receive an Amiga bundle of goodies which include the following;
• 3.5" Amiga floppy disk drive
• 50 floppy disks
• A disk storage box to keep things tidy
• A pair of Screenbeat 3 stereo speakers. Great for playing games
• A cuddly cute Amiga mouse
• A cartoon mouse mat All entries must be in by the 29th of June.
Send your entries to SmartyPaints Competition. Chroma. 153 Holt Road. Fakenham. Norfolk NR21 8JF.
Name;.... Address; Postcode: Age; Tel: right of each button icon). Notice that it's not possible to delete the Main Menu but¬ ton. This is because you will always need some way of returning to the main menu screen.
Once you have deleted the icons you don’t need, click again on Clear S. Menu and you will see the smart menu disappear.
If you now click on the right mouse button to revisit the drawing screen and smart menu display, you will see that the buttons you erased have indeed gone from the smart menu.
Availability Click on the Main Menu button and we will now add our own buttons to the smart menu. Click on the Stack S. Menu button and the smart menu will again appear at the top of the menu (minus the buttons you erased earlier). Now. By clicking on any of the light grey icons you can choose which functions will be available within the smart menu. As you click on each function, you will see it appear in the smart menu displayed at the top of the screen.
Continue adding functions until you are satisfied with the list that is going to be available for the smart menu, then click on Stack S. Menu to finish. If you dick the right mouse button now. You will be taken to the drawing screen and will see the smart menu now contains your custom functions.
You may now click on the Save Config SmartqPaints manual and dish offer There are many more features available in SmartyPaints, so to get the most from this versatile and educational program, you can send off for the printed SmartyPaints manual and disk. The disk contains lots of kids clip-art for your child to create their own pictures. For details of this special offer, turn to page 44 icon from the main menu to save your smart menu layout, and SmartyPaints w»n load your smart menu automatically when it’s run.
Of course, we all know how small chil¬ dren like to explore and experiment, so we now need some way of preventing them from accessing the main menu and mess¬ ing up things like your PIN number, or accessing other inappropriate functions.
Once you have your custom smart menu for your five-year old artist or whoever, clicking on Menu Lock will disable the Main Menu icon button from the smart menu. For security, you will be asked for a PIN number to enter before the function is executed.
The default PIN number is 1234, but this can be changed to your own personal num¬ ber by clicking on the Change PIN # button You will be asked to enter your new PIN number twice for confirmation and then the number will become permanent. Keep a note somewhere of the new number so you don't forget it.
When you have entered the PIN number for the Menu Lock function, go in to the drawing screen with the smart menu and you will notice that the Main Menu button will disappear, preventing your child from accessing the main menu. SmartyPaints is now in ‘kid proof mode.'
If at anytime you wish to access the man menu for some reason, a secret hot key' | lets you gain access. Simply hold down the Help key and the letter M until the mam menu appears.
You can now click on Save Config and your SmartyPaints disk will always load up in ’kid mode’ (until you alter things of course).
That’s it. Now you can customise your [ SmartyPaints art package for either yoursef or your little one to play with.
Faultq (ouerDisks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic. TIB House. 11 Edward Street. Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Amiga Computing MAY 1995 —I Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear R POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a/b Stanley St. Bedford MK41 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 x4 CD-ROM QUAD SPEED CD ROM SCSI Connectors POWER OTHER 3MB 1.5MB ? ?
OR £199 £199 SCSI Connectors Audio In/Out POWER CD-ROM ¦ The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600/1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-11 interface, allowing up to six additional peripherals to be connected, for example: Syquest Drives, Hard Drives, Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. Whats more the Power CD-ROM features a ‘Hot-Plug’ and ‘Un-Plug’, which allows you to connect/disconnect at any time the Power CD-ROM and any additional devices, even when your Amiga is switched on.. The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead*
and software: Audio CD, CD32 Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and PhotoCD software.
FULLY SUPPORTS ‘HOT UN PLUG’ AUTOMATIC BOOTING OF CD-ROMS DOUBLE SPEED, MULTI SESSION HIGH QUALITY METAL CASING MAX TRANSFER (INTERFACE) CD32 EMULATION THRU PORT FOR ADDITIONAL DEVICES NUMBER OF SUPPORTABLE DEYICES Amiga 600/1200 Double - Speed CD-ROM £199 Quad - Speed CD-ROM £299 Amiga 4000 NoSCSI Interface Double - Speed CD-ROM .....£159 Quad - Speed CD-ROM . ....£259 Accessories Amiga 4000 SCSI-lnterface £129 Multi-media Speakers 80 Watt .. .....£54 Educational orders welcome • Worldwide distribution available
• ujtor*, Trade and Al p«Mi rnSude VA' Speefeitkm i/vj yy.a ire
subtea to minje wtboul il VldVWtl V* AJ WdfcH irt or b,
le'esfione w# be *c«itod ony *i>nct to ar term r4 ccndtcnt ci
inAe. Copa of whch if* H*o,dwj*cr rtefjta.
DISK OFFER Hi “TVeirul Science Weird Science Ltd. I Rowland Close, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 2SE Telephone 01116 2340682 Fax 01116 2364932 Multimedia Toolkit 2 SPECIAL OFFERS ‘Tleca ^.elea&e Multimedia Toolkit 2 ^ntneductonef, ofaer fai leadenA 0/ From £29rf£Tto £24.95 Offer ends May 1995 Following on from the highly succesful Multimedia Toolkit (featured with this magazine) is the NEW Multimedia Toolkit
2. Multimedia Toolkit 2 comprises of TWO Compact Discs for the
multimedia Professional. Over 1.2 gigs of the very best
graphics and sound awaits. This double CD set has been geared
towards the music and video professional with 500 new 24-bit
images of backdrops and textures. Ham8, 256 and 16 colour
versions included for use with Scala. Octamed 5.04 Full
Version (wirh Aura support), support files from many Octamed
experts such as modules and samples. Over 50 megs of Midicraft
midi files, samples and modules. (Midicraft are professional
musi¬ cians producing Compact Discs such as ‘A Drop in the
Ocean*, described below.) 200 megs of Imagine and Lightwave
objects and support files. Thousands of items of Clip art,
Fonts, Samples, Modules and Midi Files. Plus many, many tools
and ultilities to improve your multimedia presentations. All
the items are available direct from the Compact Discs with
Octamed running straight from the CD.
Aleelutety (MtitaudiHq quality and value far money.
Nexus Pro CD Reference Library CD-ROM 300 New 24-bit backgrounds 150 Original images 470 Compugraphic fonts 80 16-bit samples From,£4935to £39.95 Offer ends May 1995 A Drop in the Ocean by The Craft Brothers A music Compact Disc completed entirely on the Amiga coupled with some very high quality musical instruments and an awful lot of talent Special Offer at only £10.99 “Weind Science Additional Ojffasi £5.00 off all orders over £20.00 excludes Cds on this page Offer ends .May 1995 Mniniinim tel MAY 1995 1 E>i-:sr 'jot* Jvfijsicr Bars&Pipes Pro v2.5...........£199.95 Upgrade v2 to
v2.5..............£79.95 Creativity Kit...................£24.99 Internal Sounds Kit..............£24.99 Multimedia Kit.................£24.99 MusicBox A or B ..............£24.99 Peformance Tools Kit............£29.99 Power Tods Kit................£29.99 Pro Studio Kit..................£29 95 Rules for Tools..............£29,99 /A//\C»7: PKOC£\S\V/fVG' <& CA£> Imagine 3 The latest version of the premier Amiga raytracer.
New features include bones, more fx, deforma¬ tions and more £99.95 An Department Professional v2.5.. £139,00 More conversion options. CDXl modules, hothnks to Dpaint AD Pro Conversion Pack.........£59.99 Caligari 24 ...................£89.95 Easy to use 24 Pit colour tenderer Caligari Broadcast v3.1.........£249.99 Doug's Pro Control..............£50.95 Batch processing front end lor Art Department Secrets of Frontier Elite .........£8.95 A1200 Insider Guide ........£12.95 A1200 Next Steps ..........£12.95 Anvga Disks A Drives..........£12.95 Assembler Gu 'PC..............£13.95 Imagine Hints
& Tips.............£7.95 ^Tnch A-Z................£13.95 tering Amiga Amos..........£17.95 A1200 Insider Guide The perfect insight into the Amiga A1200, covering AGA screen modes, Workbench 3 and much, much more ' £12.95 Lightwave....................£449.95 Maxxon Magic.................£23.95 Screensaver Morph Plus.................£129.95 Broadcast qvaHy morphing A warping - hot/inks to Art Dept and Art Dept add ons Essence vol 1 ? Forge...........£79.95 Essence vol 2 ? Forge...........£79.95 Collections of algorithmic textures for Imagine 3 • Forge manipulates them Pixel 3D Pro
II.................£59.95 Real 3D Classic.............£69.95 Real 3D V2.4.................£299.95 X-CAD 2000................£39.95 Good quality CAD package X-CAD 3000 .................£119.95 Adds full 30 capabilities and rendering to XCAD 2000 Mastenng Amiga Arexx..........£17.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners £17.95 Mastenng Amiga Printers.........£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference....................£19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Tutorial......................£19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Vol1 £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Vot2 £17.95 Mastering Amiga Scnpts..........£19.95 Amiga Beginner s
Pack..........£36.95 Includes A1200 Insider Guide. A1200 Next Steps.
Anvga Insider Video * 4 disks of shareware WorKbench Booster Pack.........£36.95 includes Workbench 3 A-Z Insider Guide. Disks 8, Drrves Insider Guide A tutorial video j F*/\INE F*/\ C/C/V CiES H * Brilliance 2 Still the best all round pnce/performance paint package. Fully supports AGA screenmodes. Ani¬ mations. And it’s last!
£45.95 Deluxe Paint 4 1................£54.95 Non AGA version Personal Paint 6.1.............£39.95 Latest version ¦ now supports HAM and animations Photogenies..................£49.95 Mac beater! Hundreds of natural efforts TV Paint 3..................£599.95 Simply the best pro package for the Amiga artist with hundreds of incredible features 1 Deluxe Paint 5 AGA SOTl'W/ARE DE\SEE01»MEN PC Task 3 PC Task 3 allows you to run software designed (or IBM Pcs and compatibles on you Amiga ! It emulates a 80286 based PC. So you can run Windows 3.1 and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. On
an AGA Amiga you can even run SVGA screen modes' RRP £79.95 - Emerald Price £59.95 Upgrade from v2 £34.95 - please call for details Upgrade from PD version £44.95! - Limited offer runs until the 30th April PatchMeister.................£79.95 SuperJAMI 1.1+................£59.95 SyncPro SMPTE Box...........£151 95 Triple Play Plus...............£159.95 Aura 12 W Sampler.............£79.95 Deluxe Music 2.................£69.95 Megalosound Sampler...........£23.95 Music X 2...................£74.95 Pro Midi Interface...............£19.95 Technosound Turbo 2...........£25.95 The amazing new
Squirrel SCSI interface lets you add SCSI devices to your Amiga 600/1200, including CD Drives (includes CD32 emulation) £64.95 Pro Grab 24RT................£125.95 24 Bit Beal-Time Colour Frame Grabbing Rendale 8802 Genlock..........£159.95 Good Quality Genlock, Fades, Chromakey, Etc Rendale 9402 SVHS...........£279.95 As Above. But Super VHS Databases Power Quad Speed CD Rom Drive Datanexus New............. £24.95 Digita Datastore New.......... £45 95 Final Data New.............. £39.95 Sbase Pro 4................ £139.95 Sbase Personal 4........... . £69.95 GB Route Plus...............
£31.95 Mailshot Pigs............... .. £35.95 Music Libranan............... . . £22.95 Plants For All Seasons......... . . £22 95 Library of plants, preferred soil types Education ADI GCSE Maths......... , £19.99 ADI GCSE English............ . . . £19.99 ADI GCSE French.......... . . £19.99 ADI Junior Reading.......... . . . £15.99 ADI Junior Counting.......... . . . £15.99 Kid Pix..................... .. . £19 95 Paint and Create.......... . . £16.99 Spelling Fair...................£16 99 Noddy's Playtime...............£i6.99 Noddy's Big Adventure...........£16.99 ware Squirrel SCSI Interface
........£64.95 Video Backup System + Phono cable £54,95 Backs Up Hard Drives Onto Standard VHS Videos Video Back-up System ? Scarl cable £57.95 Vldi Amiga 12 AGA............£64.95 Vidi 12 Real Time.............£149.95 Vidi 24 Real Time............£209.95 High Quality 24 Bit Reah Time Framo Grabber Picasso 2 ? 2Mb & TV Paint Junior £289.95 High Quahty. Fast 24 Bit Graphics Card Tabby Graphics Tablet...........£57.95 AS Graphics Tablet ¦ Great Wuh BnNtance.
Personal Pamt, Etc Floppy Drive.............£49.95 Video & Multimedia Big Alternative Scroller 2.........£49 95 Can Do 3....... £229.95 Media Point v3................£249.95 Montage 24................£259.95 Scala HT100..................£49.95 Scala MM211 Now Lowor Price £94.95 Scala MM30QNeiv Lower Price .....219.95 Scala MM400 ..............£249.95 Scala Echo EE 100.............£139.95 Package Deal - Save £39.95 I Scala MM400+EE100..........£349.95 Gamesmith The integrated games system. Comes with Dice GS c compiler. Devpac GS assembler, custom libraries, and an excellent manual.
Final Copy 2..................£47 95 Final Writer 3..................£69.95 Mini Office....................£37.95 Pen Pal.....................£29.00 TypeSmith 2.5................£118.95 Pagestream 3 £174.95 Wordworth 3.1SE...............£44.95 Wordworth 3.1.................£79.95 Personal Fonts Maker ......£19.95 Distant Suns 5 0...............£27.95 Vista Pro 3.0..................£27.95 ViSta Lite (only 2mb required) ......£27,95 Makepath lor Vista . £9.95 Terraform lor Vista............£9.95 ViSla.DiStantSuns.Makepath*T erralorm £59.95 Vista Pro or Lite.Makepath+Terraform. £39.95 devices!
Includes PSU, manu¬ al, Audio CD Utility, CD32 Emulation & Photo CD Software £299.95 Double Spood Drive £199.95 £79.95 Amos Professional..............£29.95 Amos Pro Compiler.............£24.95 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5..............£59.95 DevPac 3.....................£51,95 Hisoft BASIC 2.................£54.95 Intos........................£25.95 Finance Management Cashbook Combo..............£59.99 D»gita Home Office .............£39.95 Money Matters................£34.99 Personal Finance Manager +......£19 95 System 3E ...................£49.99 Turbocalc 2...................£49.95 Utilities
Amiback......................£ceH DirWork 2.....................£29.95 Disk Expander.................£29.95 Gigamem.....................£47.95 GP Fax......................Ccall Fax modem software Infonexus NEW...............£25.95 Trap Fax....................£49.95 Video Back-up System Phono . £54.95 Video Back-up System Scan £57.95 Directory Opus 5 £49.95 m OS 3.1 for A500/2000 ...........£83.95 OS 3.1 for A1200...............£93.95 OS 3.1 for A3000...............£93.95 OS 3.1 for A4000....... £93.95 Workbench Upgrade.
Connects to Syquest Drives, DAT, Scanners, Hard Disks & more Emerald - Your One Stop Productivity Shop How to order Cheques made payable to Emerald Creative. Allow at least 5 working days to clear.
Tel 0181-713 8866 Fox OIX1-7I T XX77 lioimi House, T4 Homlle llank London Ml H) //)It Credit Card Visa, Mastercard. Access, Delta, Switch We bill your card when we despatch the order not before.
Postage & Packing Charges within the UK are £3.50 unless otherwise stated. Recorded post «S an extra £0.
Next day courier is £4.95 inc. VAT within the UK mainland Please ask for overseas pncing.
Pnc-o * pncrig nclutlos VAT but not carnage. Wo rooorvo tho nght to change pncea - you wtH bo vilonnod of any change whan you order.
Pmhlnrrc. Fa^y proCud wJ be roplKWJ or rap*.r*d * burned within 30 days of purchase We mil refund il we can’t rapair the goods EAOE SOFTWARE ots of people have good ideas for making money, but very few of us actually do anything about them. How many of us, for example, have heard about a new product or service and cried plaintively: ‘Hey, that was my idea!'
Getting a dream idea off the ground Will take drive, imagina¬ tion, hard work and persistence, and unfor¬ tunately your home computer will be no help whatsoever in these departments.
However, organisation and presentation are equally important ingre¬ dients in the recipe for success, and in this respect the Amiga could be invaluable - even if you are starting on a shoestring.
The three major packages available are not new products, but they tan now be picked up at cheaper prices than ever before - making them worthy of consider¬ ation for anyone taking their first tentative steps into the world of small business.
ASSESS YOUR NEEDS The PC has become such a common feature in the workplace you’d be forgiven for thinking that starting a business with¬ out Microsoft’s Windows is like deep div¬ ing without an air supply- Yet these machines are expensive; even if you get a cheaper (and consequently less reliable) Europress's Mini-Office carries the distinc¬ tion of being the only truly integrated busi¬ ness package of the bunch - the rest are really composed of separate programs thrown together into a bargain bundle.
It’s also the most comprehensive prod¬ uct of the lot, thanks to the fact that it included the five most commonly needed types Of business program, all accessed from one main menu.
The word processor is more capable than might be expected at the price.
There's a 50,000 word dictionary, the option to import ASCII text, the basic text formatting facilities, and wrap-round text.
Alongside Digita's Wordworth SE it may look rather unsophisticated and lacking in advanced features, but it makes a good account of itself as part of the overall package.
Databases are an equally indispensible Colourful icons and an integrated ayetem make Mini Office the moat enjoyable package to work with when H cornea to awapplng between programs type of business software, so it's good news that this one is easy to use with all the standard sorting functions included. A less obvious but undoubtedly useful inclu¬ sion is the disk utilities program which acts as a basic file manager so you can keep make with all the software bundled in, it's a big financial commitment to take when initially testing the water for your project’s viability.
Whether you start out with one of the all-in-one packages reviewed, or choose pricier but more profes¬ sional options like Wordworth 3.1 and TurboCalc, the Amiga's virtues as a machine for small business should not be over¬ looked.
Remember, many business needs can be catered for very cheaply: Advertising leaflets, business cor¬ respondence, client databases or spread¬ sheets need not always be flashy to be effeo tive or efficient. What’s more, even if your busi¬ ness outgrows your software's capabilities, these packages will already have paid for themselves within the first few months.
Those years ago, it certainly can't com¬ pete with the power of the budgei WordWorth $E released recently.
That's not to say it’s worthless - il your word processing needs are basic it will probably prove perfectly ade¬ quate. Though it's a bit long in the tooth, it does use Digita's Humar Interface Protocol, which in English The main strength of Disc Company’s Home Office Kit has got to be the inclusion ol the highly respected Maxiplan 4. For a long time the unchallenged leader in its field, this feature-packed spreadsheet analyser would still be many Amiga accountant’s first choice.
Considering the price, Maxiplan is amazingly powerful and flexible. Allowing users to create spreadsheets of more than 500 columns and 65,000 rows, and featuring extensive linking, analysis and import/export facilities, it is a must for anyone requiring advanced functions at an affordable price. The availability of Macros to automate repetitive tasks is also a definite boon.
Maxiplan includes a colour chart creator, which means that as well as crunching numbers it can present your data professionally. This aspect of the software is admirably simple, as usually you can select a range of data and a type of chart anc the program will do the rest automatically.
Kind Words, by comparison, has fared less well with time. Inferior to Digita's Wordsworth 1.1 when it came out ai: Home Office Delune Amiga Computing MAY 1995 SOFTWARE ih good th all 3d. A mdu- i acts keep Great things often come from small beginnings, — particularly true for successful entrepreneurs. For — those mith big ideas but emptg pockets, Gareth — lofthouse reuiems three business packages under £50 — ) means it's easy to control.
In the printing stakes, Kindwords lack of support for Postscript fonts is quite a serious flaw, and advanced features like auto-correct were but dreams back in those days. Still, you get what you pay for.
Infofile makes up the third and final part of the package, and it turns out to be a rather strange little program. Primarily, it's a simple database that allows even technophobes to knock up information records within minutes. Columns and rows can be moved and resized using the mouse and, for those daunted by Maxiplan, it :hing re is t and jita's jt all com- dget } s - if sasic ade- i the man glish your work organised. Spreadsheets, by their nature, are not so simple to use as, say, databases, but at least there are keyboard shortcuts as well as menus to work with.
What is appealing is the way data can easily be taken from the spreadsheet and made into a graph, which in turn can be ¦nported into the word processor as part of a document.
Like the Lotus Suite on the PC. Mini Office maximises ease of use by maintaining a con¬ sistent control system through each of the sub-programs. The video recorder-style tool¬ bar isn't brilliantly successful, but it's nonetheless strange that more developers haven't attempted a similar approach on the Amiga.
It has to be said that the package is look¬ ing slightly dated now. And the inclusion of a few new features would not go amiss. The Amiga needs an integrated package like this, so it’s a shame that Europress has not seen fit to develop a new update - in my view, doing so would justify a higher price. For also includes basic calculation options.
That’s all very dull and handy, but what's peculiar is the option to create an automated slideshow with sound using Infofile - especially since this is set up using the same database interface. Why this was included in the same package I'm not sure, but who knows, it might prove useful, If serious financial analysis is a must for your business then Maxiplan 4 should make you give this package more than a cursory glance. Since it's available separately for £30. However, you may decide not to bother with the whole bundle.
Some, however. Mini Office remains a bet¬ ter option than other more expensive alternatives - and that's despite its age.
Its ease of use and uniform control sys¬ tem should make it attractive to those who find some aspects of computing daunting, and as an all-rounder there is still nothing to beat it at this price.
Product: Home Office Kit Deluxe Price: £69 Supplier: Silica Tel: 0181-309 1111 Product; Mini Office Price: £59.99 Supplier: Europress Software Tel: 0625 859333 Implementation Value for money Overall_ The bottom lino The bottom line Ease of use Ease of use Implementation Value for money Overall This old chestnut is composed of four pro¬ grams: Home Accounts. Mailshot Plus, DG Calc and Day by Day. And costs roughly half as much as the other two packages.
Digita's package is the only one to indude something resembling a diary/personal organ¬ iser, something that might have given it the edge over the other titles. Sadly, I'd much rather stick with writing memos to myself because this system is drab in appearance and amateurishly implemented- Mailshot Plus is a handy little program for printing out labels for envelopes with the mini¬ mum of fuss, and naturally it allows for mailmerge with Wordworth. Our copy, however, was significantly bugged.
The Home Accounts manager is the prede¬ cessor to the recently reviewed Money Matters, so it's all about keeping your personal finances in order. It doesn't have the latest ver¬ sion's pretty icons but it will keep track of all those standing orders for you. After working with Maxiplan, the spreadsheet program in this package leaves a lot to be desired for the pro¬ fessional, and it’s no surprise to find it lacks the power of that benchmark title.
Nevertheless, it's not quite so limited as it looks thanks to the availability of 52 formulae, a ‘Goto cell' feature, password and cell locking facilities. There's also a feature allowing any row or column to be held on screen as the spreadsheet scrolls beneath.
Overall, the package feels outdated, hit and miss and unstable on the A1200 we used. It is cheap and better targeted for household finances/records than the other products reviewed, so it may be worth considering.
Before spending any money I’d see what alter¬ natives were available in the PD libraries first.
Digits Hams Office The bottom ling Product: Digita Homo Office Price; £35 Supplier: Digita International Tel; 01395 270273 Ease of use Implementation Value for money Overall_ Amiga Computing If you want to learn to type t*e a pro mar w superb Typing tutor m will hotp you on your way.
Onty £3 00
1. TYPING TUTOR A set of 10 of the best puzzle games for the
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A docent file manager.
A menu system, a few WB games 4 more £7 ? TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE WP COM8-3. NETWORKING SET An essential purchase y\-- for any hard dnvo own¬ ers. Includos backup tools, virus tools, (ksk repairer, and loads ol ^WB> Only £5.00 ? HDT5-2. HARD DISK TOOLS Create your own fasci¬ nating 30 stereogram pictures on your Amiga Complete with demo pictures, viewer and Magic Eye maker Only £5.00 StarTrek Action'Strategy game You take contrgt of ail key personnel on the bridge great sound fx and graphics make this a superb game £6 00 STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Over 100 games or 5 great disks All tho clas¬ sics are
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Hours of fun for just £1000 Get your finances in order with this excellent package Keep track of your fuel, petrol, 4 food Mis. Fnd out where an your money geoe each month. Onty C7.00 J FIN7-3. FINANCE PACK Now tho wheather is I nice, it's tme to do the garden, and tho bost | way to got out of dong it is to spend loads of time designing it.
Only £3.00 IGRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER A two disk collection of Workbench 3 back¬ drops Very easy to use Works with Hard disk of Floppy disk.
Grown up's only... Only £5.00 A two disk set of new workbencgh backdrops and icons lor use with Mage Workbench, on any Kickstan 2 or 3.
MagicWB available £3 MagicWB extras.... £5 Mako your own hard¬ ware and save £££.
Sound samplers, mem¬ ory expansions Bndgeboards etc. Knowledge ol LHA reg Only £4.00 ? WGB5-2. W0RKBENCH3 BACKDROPS ? MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRA'S HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS 2 The complete small office su4e. Includes Wordprocessor.
Database. Speadshoot and Diary Compatible on all Amiga s Only £7.00 Tho most powerful word search, crossword solver available on the amiga Includes a &£- tiQnpry ot over 58.000 words and you can add y-our own. Only £5.00 Over 40 top quality compugraph-c fonts for use on Workbench.
PageStream Dpaint4.
Wordworth2&3 etc A great value set of fonts AH for only £7 Word Processing Patabase \Z Spreadsheet 01 Piary [vf 3SS& iff™ WOOD aar ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE ? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER Pro PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS Fifty of tho best Bitmap fonts available This pack also rcludes a powerful fom editor Compatible with Workbench. D Pant 8lc £7.00 A huge set of classic board games, Includes Monopoly. Scrabble.
Cluedo, Mastermind.
Othello, Backgammon, and more. Great tun for al the family. Only £10 /?/// FqmqiTIC FONTS ABCDEFG 1234567 " .
• i 1 »««< • MW 1 IBM ? FNT7-3. FIFTY FANTASTIC FONTS ? EFB2-1.
ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS Order Hotline: 01793 490988 Fax Order
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collection of very high quality cmono clipart, suitable for Al
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Includes software and an external disk inter¬ face tor betler results.
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Panasonic. HP ofc, etc Easy to install £3.00 Includos print manager, table printer, address keeper, printer drivers, loads of other printer tools Knowledge ol LHA required for use.
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Includes Hundreds of essential utilities Just £9.99 ? ‘ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Vol.1 I NEW!!! The Startrek [ Multimedia CD. Con- I tains: Animations, Sound samples and hundreds of pictures Only £27.99 STARTREK MULTIMEDIA CD S« ¦ wn ** ¦mr ttflii Jf The biggest collection of Clipart available EVER' Cotour + B4W IFF. EPS. Pagestrsam, GIF. PCX.
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DOUBLE CDROM A bargain at just £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD —Ill GRAPHICS *0 Surface special There are major changes across the board here, the first being a much improved reflection map option which includes Backdrop only. Spherical map.
Ray traced & backdrop, and finally ray tracing & Spherical. As you’ve probably guessed, the latter two offer a new and much more flexible method of adding realism to object reflections within a scene.
Vet another new addition is an Alpha shadow option. This provides an easy method of adding shadow from objects to real-world elements within projection mapped scenes - ‘dancing on the desk effects' with added panache.
Next-up come more plug-in options, this time the spotlight falling on plug-in textures. As you may already know.
Steve Worley - the creator of the essence procedural texture collection for imagine - is already hard at work porting essence Paul Rustin ouersees the refit of the most - important software update of1995. In an - enclusiue preuiew of lightwaue Uersion 5 - I lamera Uerg special effects Like the images section, camera control hasn't really seen too many changes. In fact the only obvious addition is numerical input for aspect ratios. For the average videographer this isn't exactly earth shatter¬ ing. But for anyone looking to work in film, or print, it is something of a godsend.
Although most of the control panels have undergone a minor reshuffle to accommodate the new features, none have altered dramatically - except the Effects/composition panel. This highly undervalued aspect of Lightwave has seen a dramatic change with an all-new layout providing a much clearer indica¬ tion of exactly of what's on offer. Better still, there are plans for image process¬ ing plug-ins - which rumour has it will include a complete plug-in ImageFX module.
Aside from the physical change to the composition panel, it also holds some new features including foreground dis¬ solve with envelope, plus a new high/tow ith the impending launch of Lightwave V4 on the PC, Alpha.
SGI and of course the Amiga, the interest, hype and misinformation surround- ing this latest revision to the ultimate in desktop rendering has already reached fever pitch.
As the first magazine to actually use the software. Amiga Computing plans to bring you a two-part insider guide to the latest updates, starting with a close inspection of the additions to layout.
Although still in Beta test, this latest revi¬ sion already promises much more than sim¬ ply cross compatibility. Unlike its predeces¬ sor, version 4 is by no means a simple face lift from a previous incarnation. In fact, even in its present form it promises, and indeed delivers the most important change since the program's initial launch as a standalone PAL compatible.
At first glance there seems little change from version 3.5, but look a little closer and you soon discover a whole host of new and improved features lurking behind a seem¬ ingly insignificant collection of new buttons and envelopes.
To kick things off we'll start with a stroll along the control panels. First up is the Scene section, which ironically only offers one major change - however it's still pretty dramatic.
As you can see. The panel now offers a frames per second setting - in addition to an end-beeb option. Obviously, an FPS setting will make designing for a whole range of applications other than just video much more straightforward. However, there’s an even more important underlying change. In the past. Lightwave calculated all its anima¬ tion in meters per second. Now that's changed, with the introduction of FPS as the default measuring system for textural animation.
In this panel the variety of new features really start to show. It’s here where the first plug-in. Entitled Plug*in Disp appears, which in this case offers access for third-party developers to produce add-on displacement programs, automated object manipulation and deformation systems, and of course particle animation software.
Next-up comes Unseen-by-rays. This again is another major innovation, allowing selected objects to be rendered as non¬ traced elements even though they're part of a ray traced scene.
Unseen-by-fog is another newcomer. It does exactly as the title suggests, thereby allowing certain objects, backdrops and projection-mapped elements to play an uninhibited part in scenes which use the fog effect.
Object options Amiga Computing 30 MAY 1995 Seamless kinematic mouement in a matter of minutes - impressiue. No matter iitiniaiip leak at it over as a Lightwave plug-in.
Unfortunately, they won't ship as a standard feature of Lightwave V4.
The final newcomer in the Surfaces section is the long-awaited Glow Effect.
Courtesy of glow you can add a user* definable aura or incandescence around any surface - no need anymore to slap lens flares everywhere if you need to fake some radiosity within a scene. Better still, Glow offers a mean? Of easily generating some very tricky effects, such as realistic lasers, neon lighting and so on.
However be warned - adding glow does increase rendering times quite dramatically, as a separate image processing pass is required during render to generate the effect.
Perhaps the most notable change in this section has to be the option for user- definable file naming conventions.
According to NewTek this has been added to make Lightwave files more compatible with the filename requirements of other packages. I think it's been added to make life a little easier for the PC.
The only other new arrival is a rather mysterious Fader Alpha button, which with¬ out the aid of a manual remains something of a mystery. Best guess is that it's another add-on for improved keying during image composition.
Another notable change is improved sup¬ port for third-party graphics cards.
However, during testing I didn't notice any dramatic change with regards to the Picasso - although the interface was marginally faster when running a 800x600 display. Unfortunately, the preview option flatly refused to play back either wireframe or bounding box anims. Obviously with a Beta some bugs are to be expected and hopefully this one will be put to the sword prior to release.
At the top of the Lights panel sits another newbie to the Lightwave repertoire, namely Global Flare Int.
Basically, this provides a means of ramping all the lens flares in a scene up or down automatically. The feature was specifically requested by makers of SeaQuest DSV to provide an easier method of controlling Ions flares during power out/power ups and explosion sequences.
Lens flares are another area that’s seen some major attention, with one of the biggest changes being the ability to user define Anamorphic distortion. Unfortunately, this can't be enveloped at present, but even as it stands it’s pretty useful for generating the Star Trek TNG warp effect and other spatial anomalies.
Add to that user-definable streak set¬ tings, which include the ability to set streak, intensity, density and sharpness, and you have a fairly comprehensive editing environment for ail manner of flare effects.
Ffle to none pt the highly e has ill-new ndica- Better xess- it will igeFX to the some id dis- gh/low Mo major changea, apart from a froth approach to tile name* colour feature for keying operations.
The only remaining element is the con¬ trol system for the aforementioned Glow Effect. As you can see from the screen shot, configuring the new feature isn't exactly a tricky business.
The image section is unique, because it’s the only section not to boast any major changes - assuming you don't have access to a Flyer that is.
Not surprisingly, support for Flyer Clips has been added to the sequen¬ tial image section. However, there’s no direct support for the PAR. Or any other third-party DV system. Plug-ins may appear later.
Images as before Screamernet Unfortunately, power users aren't lik¬ ely to be overjoyed when it comes to Network rendering. As it stands there appears to be no change to the basic ScreamerNet set-up.
One of the biggest disappointments of ScreamerNet in Lightwave 3.5 was the lack of batch rendering. Alas that's still the case. Lets hope the profusion I of plug-ins will offer support for some sort of batch rendering add-on. But like all plug-ins it will undoubtedly mean additional expense.
Amiga Computing GRAPHICS Inuerse Kinetics At first glance, life on the main layout screen seems almost identical to its predecessor. In fact the only obvious difference is the change from XY, XZ and ZY view buttons to a far more comprehensible Front. Top and Side selection.
However, look a little closer and you'll notice what has to be the most important new arrival in the entire package, namely the mysterious Goal button. Believe it or not. This insignificant little gad¬ get is the key to Inverse Kinematics. It’s new. It’s cool, and best of all it's really easy!
It's obvious that the arrival of features like bones, child bone and auto Key adjust in 3.5 was no accident. When these features - especially the bone options - are blended with the new found kinematic skills you arrive at spectacular end results. Unlike many 3D systems, kinematics in Lightwave is a dream to use and incredibly simple to set up. In the screen shot we've used bones to illustrate the technique, but you can use objects in exactly the same way Firstly you add the basic elements - which in this simple example was just two null objects. Then the four bones were added to the first
null object - that's where child bone option comes into its own.
Next the bones were parented four to three, three to two and two to one. And finally bone four was told to treat the null object number two as its goal.
From then on it’s playtime! You simply grab the second null object and move it around - at which point all the bones bend in classic kinematic style as they attempt to track the goal. I told you it was easy! When you’ve arrived at a pose you like, a simple 'key all items' command makes it perma¬ nent. If you wish you can still move and edit the components In the kinematic chain without affecting their counterparts, or the basic kinematic relationship.
All things considered it is a near perfect solution The only element missing is the ability to limit the movement, or angle of rotation for the various elements in the chain. For example, a forearm would happily revolve at the elbow and go straight through the upper arm and back out the other side.
NewTek have admitted that kinematics still requires development, and are already working on the 'wish list’ for the next revision.
However, even with this minor inconvenience the overall implementation is excellent. For exam¬ ple, if we replaced null object one with a finger object, it would bend and flex just like the real thing. Thanks to the bones the object would also deform properly - given the necessary polygons.
Seamless kinematic movement in a matter of minutes - impressive, no matter which way you look at it.
Added bonus Although not immediately obvious, kine¬ matics also provides a solution for another missing link in the Lightwave chain. In previous revisions it was impossible to tar¬ get one object to another. However, thanks to Inverse Kinematics we finally have a solution. Because objects/bones don’t need to be physically linked to each other, or trie goal they’re tracking, making one object 'watch and follow' another is really easy, All you need is a parent, the tracking object and a target or goal object. You then parent the tracker and tell it to use the target object as its goal. Better
still, you can target the goal object with as many trackers as you want, so, you could have every head in a tennis crowd follow the ball, or every gun on a ship track the incoming attacker.
Although this may not sound particular¬ ly revolutionary, it’s a feature that many pro animators have been longing for. In fact, for many this will been just as impor¬ tant as full kinematics.
Glow Tha all-new colpur faatura in aelion.
Could thl a ba tha firs* of many imago procaaalng optlona to plug directly Into tha Lightwav* intortaca?
Plug-in motion As already mentioned, plug-ins are going to play a big part in the future development of Lightwave. Nowhere will this be more appar¬ ent than within the move requester, which like its control panel counterparts has its own plug-in option.
From here you can expect the likes of WaveMaker. Dynamic Motion Module, Power Macros and Impact to make their mark with all manner of motion specific add¬ ons. According to NewTeks' Brad Pebbler. A number of projects are well under construc¬ tion, including a new modula from the creators of Sparks which employs particle animation to generate realistic fur effects and other organic forms. Even NewTek are getting in on the third-party act by enlisting the help of Elastic Reality - formerly know* as ASDG. As a result, NewTek will licenst the rights to include over 20 ADPro-styk loaders and savers
within Lightwave V4.
Although not active in the Beta version NewTek have already guaranteed that al the aforementioned loaders and savers wi be a standard element, and will cater for a the major image formats, across a!
Hnd finally Obviously, with the software Still effectively under construction' there s still th Odd feature which isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders. However, even as it stand: the new Lightwave has the makings of a truly spectacular product. Almost all th wish list elements have been included, in addition to a host of new features th; quite literally put Lightwave on a par with the best that Wavefront. Alias an Softimage can offer. And all at a tiny fraction of their asking price.
Internally there's also very little to complain about. Lightwave 3.5 scenes, object and textures all appear to work faultlessly with the latest version. And better sti there appears to be no problem in porting Lightwave 4 files between formats.
Basically that's all that space will allow for this month. Next month we'll take close look at the changes to modeller. However, if all goes well, we hope to brii you the first full review of the complete package, plus another very speei Lightwave exclusive. Stay tuned.. Amiga Computing CLOCK CARTRIDGE Our unique and highly rated external i>xk cartndge will enable your Amiga lo continually store the correct time and dal n <s own battery backed memory Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas.
DRIVES high speed 2.5’ IDE hard drives for the Ai200 & A600 computers come complete with fining cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are tested, formatted, partitioned and have Workbench Installed tor immediate use Fitting is incredibly simple: if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you wtll be able to plug the hard drive into the hard dnve socket!
Free while-you-wait fitting for personal callers.
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HOW TO ORDER CALL (0115) 944 4501 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER SOFTWARE vfiry small business owner knows I that cost cutting IS a key element to I staying afloat in financially hard »m©s. Clear and concise organisation of costs, expenses and wages are vital.
Computers over the last few years have helped businesses move from forests of rtmidating paperwork into a single machine ¦th hopefully two hard drives - one to use.
Fw other for back-up purposes.
At present the PC rules, dominates and monopolises the work place. Whether it be
• 296 or a Pentium, many companies
• 'ave made the switch, What about the JeLJ Easy earnings
alternatives, though, to the grossly expensive kit needed to
run some of the more user tnendly. Graphically pleasing
packages that nave a resounding price tag starting from £150
themselves ?
There's the Mac which, unfortunately at the moment, doesn't have any real accountancy programs to mention. Then there's the Amiga
- a fraction of the cost of a PC and now. With the arrival of
Easy Ledgers 2 at a mere £29,99. A very viable contender as a
business machine for company accounts.
Coming on a single disk, the program is hard drive installable only but very simple to set up. To stop the likes of pirates sinking their teeth and hacking claws into the made- rvAustralia title, a dongle has been included to slot into the joystick port on the Amiga, and a 208 page manual, nicely binded and an essential addition, has been included to wear any potential thief's photocopier out.
This is divided into four principle ‘books’, but despite the excellent instructions, the user is going to need their imports sorted from their exports to get cracking with Resentful Fortunately for Easy Ledgers 2, this package isn't an example of a jack-of- all-trades, master-of-none. Produced by some of the programmers that created utility masterpieces such as Directory Opus, this all-in-one accountancy soft¬ ware has created something of a stir in the accountancy department at IDG sim¬ ply because, on first impressions for the price, they've been impressed by the value for money on offer
Indeed, as you read, resentful looks at expensive PC-based hardware and soft¬ ware are being exchanged.
The wealth of facilities open to them with Easy Ledgers 2.
The four books are purchases, sales, ledgers and jobs Clicking on one of these takes you into their specific sub-directories.
Sales and purchases are obviously there to keep track on all the selling and buying that goes on in a thriving company, and invoices are easily produced with a few keyboard entries.
The Ledger is vital for detailing credits and debits, the Inventory holds all details of stock prices and quantities and, finally, the jobs icon gives you a breakdown of all work fin¬ ished, in progress or just simply a quote to a potential customer, COMPLEX It has to be said that while the package is easy to use once set-up, actually doing so is a complex affair. At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter how user-friendly a package is - it’s going to take time to master anything that deals with facts and figures of this nature.
There are masses of nominal codes for users to apply their own values to and there’s little chance of ever actually running out.
Customer fists, receipts, balances and credit card details can all be stored, shown on screen, exported to disk to be used on other packages, and printed out to show those dreadfully nice people at the Inland Revenue when they come aknocking.
If I have any criticism it would have to be the ledger. On most packages, when altenng the balance you would not be allowed to go out of balance at any point without the com¬ puter telling you so. In Easy Ledgers 2 you can do all your readjustments, leave and then only be told when you try and move into another section that you're in the minus figures.
This may sound like a minor detail, but when entering large amounts of figures it’s always highly beneficial to be to*d at the time With Britain edging its mag nut of those crippling recession-stricken gears, Hdam Phillips looks at a package that'll aid small businesses inualuablg fmmm Lmffr Invwtorv Jobs illfS The four books' panel which forms the hub of Cosy Lodgers 2.
Click on one of the icons and off you go if something is wrong, and not later. Other than this though, for small businesses and dare I say it, medium-sized businesses as well. Easy Ledgers 2 makes perfect economic sense and has to come highly recommended.
Coupled with a low price and a substantial amount of facilities that could fill several pages of this mag. Accountancy has never had it so good. ZilsT The bottom line Product: Easy Ledgers 2 Price: £29.99 Supplier: Wizard Developments Telephone: 01322272908 Ease of use B Implementation _____9 Value for money 9 Overall_9 Amiga Computing 35 MAY 1995 —[- The There are lots of tasty peripherals to arid — to your Hmiga, yet for years owners haue — been denied a cheap, effectiue way of — using them. Hareth lofthouse reports on — how Hi-Soft's Spuirrel bridges the gap — torage is an issue that every
Amiga enthusiast will have considered in one way or another. It may be that they’re interested in benefiting from the giga¬ bytes of sounds, pictures and files available on CD-ROM, or they may require a second hard drive to supplement their internal HD.
Equally, they may be attracted to portable storage media like Syquest or Flopticals.
For a long time there have been plenty of high quality add-ons available, the best of which were SCSI-compatible devices.
Unfortunately. A1200 and A600 owners had no truly affordable way of using SCSI devices, which meant their options for expansion were severely limited.
Now, Hi-Soft have produced the Squirrel SCSI device as an answer to this problem.
Named after the famous storage-hungry ani¬ mal. This utilitanan-looking device certainly isn’t cute, but it could prove invaluable.
The Squirrel package incorporates the device itself, software to run it, plus a couple of disks worth of useful PD programs applica¬ ble to using the product. Mercifully, since SCSI chaining isn’t always as simple as it may appear, Hi-Soft have also included an extremely comprehensive manual.
The hardware itself is very small, consisting of a black card connected to a SCSI cable.
This cable is rather short but that’s sensible when you realise the total length of the SCSI chain's cabling shouldn’t exceed a certain length.
The Squirrel fits into the otherwise unused PCMIA slot on the side of your Amiga.
Physical connection is a precarious procedure because the pins inside your machine are extremely delicate, but that’s a problem with the Amiga hardware rather than the SCSI flew horieons To get an idea of just how much flexibility the Squirrel allows for. Here are some of the devices you could be adding to your Amiga.
Large volumes of data 6: Printers: Not directly sup¬ ported in the software, but if you do have a printer with a SCSI interface, connecting it for use should be simple.
7. Scanners: Some scanners are also SCSI compatible - and that
makes seven devices for starters.
3. Syquest Drives: High- capacity storage media with the
advantage over your hard drive of being portable.
4: Magneto opticals: Again cartridge based, but this media uses a laser to read/write informa¬ tion. Rather a pricey option.
5: Tape Streamers: Most affordable method of backing up
1. Hard Drives: SCSI is very fast, but limitations with the hard¬
ware mean you won’t get the ben¬ efits of ultra-speedy Hard
Nevertheless, that extra space could prove invaluable.
2. CD Drives: Hi-Soft have their own range, but you should be
able to use any CD-ROM Drive - including the latest jukebox
disc changers !
Device. Using the PCMIA slot as the conned tion port has the benefit of leaving the usuaH more valuable trapdoor slot free.
Unfortunately, the PCMIA interface ca interfere with some memory expansions usn the trapdoor, but again that's an Amiga hard ware problem rather than anything to do w4 Hi-Soft. At least this connection metho avoids the need to open up your Amiga, whw means there's no danger of invalidating th warranty.
The PCMIA is supposed to allow for pluJ and play*, which means you should be able I plug and unplug the Squirrel whether yot Amiga ts on or off. This could be slightty mil leading when it comes to attaching the SCS penpherals, however, since the manual rec ommends that the penpherals and the com puter are turned off dunng the procedure. Th best advice is to err on the side of caution.
GUIDELINES Setting up a chain of peripherals (SCS allows up to seven to be attached) will gener ally be a problem-free process, providin some basic rules are followed. For each SCS device on the chain you must select a drfferer number between nought and six to allow thei to communicate together without conflict.
This is rarety a difficult task since virtually a SCSI devices have little switches on the bad allowing adjustments to the ID number to b< made quickly. The only possible problem ma arise if there's no external switch at all - how ever, there is probably a way of using th peripheral even if it means using the device at the only machine in your chain.
Termination, on the other hand, can be i more problematic issue. Basically, each er* of the chain must be terminated to avoif ’bounce back' interference. Trouble arises if for example, an internally terminated device i placed in the middle of the chain or one end i not terminated at all.
Thankfully. Hi-Soft have not taken a grea Amiga Computing 36 MAY 1995 HARDWARE ¦h deal of technical knowledge for granted, so the nng-bound manual provided is very compre¬ hensive and gives deer explanations of the more difficult areas of SCSI chaining. Add to that the fact that you will get free technical sup¬ port for one month after purchase and it seems even a patient simpleton will be able to overcome problems should they occur.
Tecchies, and those with the need for speed, will be pleased to know that the trans¬ fer speeds achieved through the Squirrel are very reasonable - a rate of 1.2 Mb per second can be attained on the standard Amiga. The box claims that 3 Mb/sec is possible on an accelerated machine, but unfortunately 1,6Mb connec- 3 usually ace can ns using ga hard-
• do with method ia. Which iting the for plug 9 able to w your
htty mis- he SCSI lual rec- he com- ure. The tion.
S (SCSI II gener- rovidmg ch SCSI different low then
• ct.
Lually ai the back
• er to be em may B-how- sing tho eviceas professional method of
expanding their computer.
The difference between SCSI 1 and SCSI 2 protocols, however, may leave people with some confusion and uncertainty. Since the Squirrel is a SCSI 2 device, own¬ ers of peripherals that use the older standard may fear compatibility problems.
Thankfully they need not worry. SCSI 2 is a new stan¬ dard which makes improvements in the speed and power of the system, but compatibility was retained with the existing SCSI chips. So. Even if you do have a SCSI 1 device, you should have no problems using it with the Squirrel.
An be a ach end
o avoid arises if.
Tevice is le end is a great 8 10 10 _9 The A1200 and A600 indude an IDE interface as it is, so you may be wondering what’s wrong with this method of connecting penpherals? Well, the problem is that the IDE interface was originally designed with just hard drives in mind and consequently suffers from marked limitations in comparison to SCSI. IDE. For example, can only control two devices at any one time, whereas the Squirrel can handle up to seven.
SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface, and is an international standard allowing different hard¬ ware devices to talk to each other. By now. Most people are aware that SCSI represents the most desirable and That's the hardware pretty much dealt with, but of course the software supplied is equally important. Installation couldn’t be easier, and again the manual supplements the Commodore installer program with helpful advice concerning the questions you will be asked during the process.
Most important is the inclusion of the vital software drivers which allow devices to be used. This means you should be able to use any SCSI CD-ROM drive, for example, which is a big bonus since the likes of Pioneer Or Toshiba only supply driver software for Pcs and Macs.
There's no need to mess around with the soft¬ ware once It's is closer to the mark at the moment. This is not. As some have claimed, the fault of the PCMIA slot (which should allow for a transfer of 3Mb per second) but rather the fact that faster hardware would inevitably prove more costly to produce. Despite this limitation, the Squirrel will allow tor transfers at speeds dou¬ ble that of your IDE drive, and for 95 per cent of us that will do very nicety indeed HELPING HAND 5(515: What and uihg ?
Installed. Every time you plug your Squirrel in it will mount and dismount devices on the chain automatically.
For the game players out there, the soft¬ ware is even better thanks to the in-built CD32 emulator. Until very recently. A1200 users who wanted to play CD32 games could only do so using a Zappo drive which, while being a perfectly good product, suffered from the limitation of not being a SCSI unit.
Now. However, the Squirrel allows you to buy any CD-ROM Drive and it will run the majority of CD32 titles available. It should be remembered, however, that AAOO users will not have this option available since they lack AGA graphics capability.
As a final bonus, there are also two disks of PD software which include a variety of audio players so you can use the drive for music Cds. When you realise that computer dnves are often better for audio reproduction than the average Hi-fi CD player, thanks to their greater accuracy, such additions begin to look very handy. There’s also a CD to HD sampler for users of music editors.
Considering its potential, this is undeniably a very humble, not to mention dull piece of equipment to look at, I just hope this doesn't prompt any Amiga owners to turn the page before they've considered what the Squirrel can do for them.
It’s hard to think of any package in the Amiga's history that has done so many things for such a small amount of money.
Not only is SCSI now an affordable option for A1200/600 users, but It allows them to use a huge range of peripherals.
Add to that the CD32 emulation software and the quality of the documentation, and this product's exemplary standards become clear. Yes. The Squirrel is small and modest
- but if you ever want your Amiga to evolve, do not overtook this
SVSIEm ESSEFIIIRLS red essential black Recommended (Jerdict ?
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1 3470 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 3571 CINDY CRAWFORD 2 III CO 3468 SAILORMOON 3527 SHERILYN FENN 3467 RANMA 3438 FAST CARS ner t---V 3412 XMEN 3402 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK V- l_l_ 3411 NEXT GENERATION 3401 RETURN OF THE JEDI 3408 FACES II 3400 DR WHO GRAPHICS he Deluxe Paint legend is nearly on par with Lightwave in some quarters. Around since the early days of the Amiga, the package has grown up and finally reached its fifth instalment under the protective wing of software giant, Electronic Arts.
The next Used for the last few years by amateurs and professionals alike for picture creating, sprite making and animation, its reputation in its field has been second to none. Then Photogenics happened - while not boasting any animation facilities, it’s a package that offers some extremely powerful image manipulation functions at a cut-throat price.
With Photogenics setting the graphics scene alight, can the latest uersion of Oelune Paint catch op on lost ground?
Ttdam Phillips throws his canuas in the bin and picks up a mouse With Deluxe Paint 5 and its pedigree In tow behind it, perhaps the young upstart can be put to shame. Well, yes and rtO... Coming on four disks with a rather Sub¬ stantial manual weighing in at 337 pages.
DP5 requires the minimum of installation fuss. My initial reaction when booting the package up was one of disappointment - the interface remains the same, but for a few tweaks here and there. I can live with this non-development quite happily but the main, immediately obvious gripe is the same old lack of speed - go up to a pop-down menu and it croaks open, SLOW DOWN Fair enough that in high resolution modes you're going to have some slowing down but, even on a 4000. The lack of speed is disheartening and easily detracts your attention away from some of the program s powerful features and
upgrades. I couldn’t help but feel that while there have been fresh rounds of ammo tucked into DP5 s artistic arsenal, the same cranking code that made up DP4 remains and doesn't appear to have been touched, even though the manual states differently.
Getting through this disappointment though, and flicking to the new features list in the manual stops this tide of negativity and hope springs forth. There have been over 25 enhancements and updates to the program, some of which are extremely powerful and highly useful.
True Colour and Arexx support, the much needed natural media option, light table enhancements, loading animations of any size, key frame animation, improved file format support that now includes Anim Op-8 as well as the old anim 5 format and many other facilities, options and fancy bits The main muscle of DP5’s talent is animation and, whether it be brush or camera- based, is simple and produces some highly effec¬ tive results. With the arrival of the latest version, we can show a cou¬ ple of new fea¬ tures that deserve a mention: have been included to create a formidable package.
For those who don't know. Deluxe Paint 5 has two main halves to it - the picture creating on one side and animation on the other. Each has always proven to be versa¬ tile and popular with users. Some of the professional companies interviewed by Amiga Computing during the last few months always quote DP4 as their main 2D image and animation creator.
Unarduous animation The main screen is presented as a draw¬ ing surface with a list of tools and palettes Clicking on adjust brings up a wireframe outline of your brush. Move, rotate and manipulate it into the desired position and bit enter. The opening key frame it tel. Do the tame with end position... down the right-hand side and a amount of pull-down menus along The painting side of the package has 1 improved upon. Along with the favourites such as smear, blend, smooth which are all as effective as I there is now a set of natural medn textures.
PAINTING ON CANVAS A senes of canvases can be loaded] for example differing oil canvases, mesh, and varying grades of paper can in turn be painted onto with different brush styles on offer. While the!
Of textures for the canvas may 4 substantial and on the whole look effective, there's only a paltry ar brush types available - watercolour, felt tip and oil.
Iook vw i mount l ur, end Despite this, what is on offer works d and satisfying results can be gleaned v( quickly. Remember though that this is ooj puter graphics, not an exact simulation the mediums being emulated - there «d a few cases where the reactions seen * screen wouldn't happen on a real canw 24-bit graphics card users can reitsd the new true colour option which enafil the loading, saving and editing GRAPHICS Incisiue instructions t generation 'nere's nothing worse than having a powerful, flexible product being plopped your lap followed by an illegible, unin- 'Irgent manual that makes
the package Ifder to use if you do decide to read it.
• Vitness Imagine 2 and its appalling accompanying paper-wasting
One of DP5's strong points is its mainly well-written manual Easy to fol- ow with a fair sprinkling of tutorials to break in the computer graphic virgins.
Electronic Arts have come up with a hefty but not intimidating tome. There are a couple of weak areas that do need
• i little time going through thorn and a ?ew more illustrations
here and there would have been nice to exemplify some of the
options that aren't massively clear m textual form , For Arexx
users, a full list and description of each available command is
documented and should aid the learn¬ ing curve necessary for
picking up the basics of AmigaDOS.
One of tlie most welcome upgrades lias to be the airbrusb and its complete Kclecd 24-bit images. This feature is highly useful and an absolutely necessary inclusion for professional users. One of the most welcome upgrades has to be the airbrush and its complete overhaul.
Featuring a rather classy look, the new version puts the speckly. ST-like ancient effort to shame with a smooth spraying action, However, for those who wish to remain faithful to the original tool they've probably been using for years, the makers have kindly included the old version as well, DP5 also includes an Arexx facility for engineering the paint package to your exact requirements - at last. Through the use of an extensive library of commands listed at the back of the manual with individual descriptions, the user can create the recordings of toolbox choices, menu choices and mouse and
screen interactions mat can be recalled via the series of jser-definable macros available.
The more advanced out there can really Qfi i,". - -4 no UL I go to town interacting with other programs and can create complex scripts to suit their needs. The colour side of DP5 has received something of a facelift as well. There’s now an option to turn the grid around the colour cells on and off to do accurate side by side colour comparisons, and RGB and HSV sliders are shown simultaneously.
OPTIONS Also, there are now true RGB colour cells, colour cell extended selections and a larger enhanced mixing area for the palette maestros among you. One feature that has been overlooked and would have benefited the program immensely is the lack of image processing abilities, for example being able to lay a texture over a picture as you can with Photogenics.
There’s no emboss, false colour, motion blur, displace or other ‘paint-on effects' that could have pushed DP5 in to the pole There are now a wide range of textures, media and tools to choose from. Here is a list of some of the best and most eye¬ catching.
Bugging issue On several occasions while running Deluxe Paint 5. The computer packed in and crashed for no apparent reason.
While not devastating by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a worrying habit, so remember to save as frequently as possi¬ ble to avoid losing your work, especially before any major graphics operations.
Another area that requires a whinge is changing the screen modes - when a new resolution is selected the program flicks back to Workbench, changes the resolution and then moves back into the drawing screen. In some cases, though, it remained in Workbench and I had to flick back manually to Deluxe Paint 5. Not a massive complaint but an annoying glitch all the same.
77m drawing aeraan remain* with only inconspicuous addition position as the ultimate art tool for profes¬ sional artists, and given a whole new dimension to the animation side of the package in terms of special effects.
The omission is surprising considering the programmers at Electronic Arts must have seen the potential thorn in their side - Photogenics. Perhaps they didn't realise, or didn't have the time to inject some of the ideas into their own product. Maybe in the next version?
Deluxe Paint's strongest side has always been animation and it's that principle feature that has sold previous versions in lorry loads. One new feature outshines all the other in DP5: Being able to enter your key animation frame at both the beginning and end points of your sequence.
Echoing the user friendliness of Lightwave, select either the start or end of your anim and click on adjust. A wire frame preview of either the beginning or final posi¬ tion of your logo, character or whatever appears on screen. It can then be GRAPHICS
- Ill Ihemarq management The instructions say that to get the
most out of Deluxe Paint 5, it’s best to have 4Mb of RAM or
more. The absolute mini¬ mum you can have is 2Mb of RAM - in
all honesty, this simply isn't accurate. When using the likes
of the camera movement option in the animation section with a
hi-res detailed picture, to even generate five frames of
movement on a full screen image produces a ‘not enough memory1
message. And that's on a 4000 with 16 megs of RAM.
While using higher resolutions is always going to eat up the memory, for profes- sional uses hi-res is absolutely essential - no client is going to fancy watching the logo for their new company in low resolu¬ tion. With this in mind, I'd say the absolute minimum for animation work is 4Mb. With a recommended amount being in the 8 meg region.
Manipulated, tilted and moved via the numeric pad 4 and then, with a press of the return key, whatever changes have been made are recorded and become the key frame for the animation. All numerical input- sare automatically updated by the computer.
This approach makes the whole process so much easier and removes any frustration at having to do it numerically through inter¬ faces. Add to this the slow in and out options when an animated object comes to the end of its path and you have the poten¬ tial for creating some very flowing moving images without any hassle.
Tho DoluxoPtayor now comas with a variety of improvement*. From displaying multi-paletted anims and playing thorn dirootty oti tho hard drive to providing lull support lor Aftoxx, tho DoluxoPtayor la still a handy addition to tho Deluxe Painting package For perfectionists out there, once the ani¬ mation has been 'rendered' you're able to play the piece back and, if your computer can’t maintain a specified animation rate, a speedometer can be called up at any point while it's running to provide you with an estimated animation rate. A small but useful idea. It's now possible to edit, create,
load HEBHB HE or wore Files __ Dplayer 62,848 rTTWrrT* Drawer 86/02/78 02:1 fin in Drawer 07/02/78 07:1 Rn inbrush Drawer 06/02/78 82:1 Brush Drawer 09/02/78 84:5 Co lours Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 F ont s Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 Ga I 1erv Drawer 86/82/78 02:1 Icons Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 Karafonts Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 L ibs Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 Macros Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 Media Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 Move Drawer 07/02/78 23:3 Patterns Drawer 86/02/78 02:1 P i c t ure Drawer 09/02/78 04:5 T ext ures Drawer 06/02/78 02:1 Pattern Drawer File |Wn in Ok | VoluHti | Parent | Cancel | and save multiple palette
animations, something that the likes of Brilliance boast¬ ed over DP4, and play them back in the improved DeluxePlayer that also allows anims to be played direct from the hard drive.
One of the most revolutionary ideas to be implemented is the camera movement. In the past, it’s only been brushes that could be shot all over the screen but now you can have the ‘camera’ pan, zoom in and zoom out of a scene.
The process is as simple as animating a brush, with the same key framing routine and X, Y. Z co-ordinates. Two pages' are needed to create the likes of scrolling so that the computer can wrap round to create the illusion of a seamless routine.
GOOD AND BAD On the whole, the end results are rather good and I can imagine the facility being of real value for game's development. Scala presentations and the likes. Its only short¬ comings are zooming right in. Where every¬ thing becomes incredibly pixelised because it doesn’t render each frame but simply uses the original. In turn, this affects the camera movement as it becomes horrifically jerky and slow.
The other bad point, which is perhaps understandable, is when using the cam movement in higher resolutions. Slap up a medium-sized logo and you'll be fine for moving and zooming in on, but if trying to move on a screen full of detailed graphics, no matter how much memory you have, you'll run out - the computer's chip RAM can't handle it. Other than these limitations, the camera movement is a welcome inclusion to DP5’s range of features.
For those wanting to print their fine-tuned results, full printing options are available and include an animboard feature - this facility allows certain frames to be taken from an anim and printed out as a story¬ board for reference work or for showing to clients.
An idea like this is invaluable for profes¬ sional work. All these features add up to a very attractive proposition for animators who want a versatile 2D animation package. £& Uerdict The rivalry between Deluxe Paint and Photogenics has the potential to become as full blown as the constant battle between Wordworth and Final Writer. Like the two word processors, it's a case of what you need the pack¬ age for. While both boast extensive painting facilities for image making, when it comes to animation or image processing, neither shine in both departments.
Animators will have to stick with, and in most cases be very happy to have Deluxe Paint 5. There are faults with memory management and lack of speed but its painting facilities are smooth and easy to operate, gleaning convincing and in some cases reward¬ ing results just from moving the water¬ colour brush over a light canvas background.
The main problem with the software is twofold - speed and lack of image processing tools. Photogenics on the other hand has these in an abun¬ dance but lacks any kind of animation facilities.
Perhaps some readers are sitting there shaking their heads and thinking these are two different packages for differing purposes. Correct in some ways, but if one of the enterprising companies involved could create an art package that encompasses all of the above, we could be looking at some¬ thing exceptional and not just very good.
Until this happens, decide what y^u need - in both cases these are high calibre packages, with Photogenics just pipping the post for all-round professional excellence and sheer value for money.
SVSIEfTl ESSEFIIIHLS RED : Essen: i BLACK - Recommended 2 Mb|4 Mb 8 Mb Any Amiga The bottom lino Product: Deluxe Paint 5 Supplier All good Amiga retailers Price: £89.99 Ease of use_9 Implementation _8 Value for money-8 Overall_9 Amiga Computing MAY 1995 —I ALL WORK AND ALL PLAY THE TWO-IN-ONE MONITOR FROM MICROVITEC There's a new, highly versatile, dual purpose colour monitor that's unbelievable value for both business and games use.
Assured reliability and quality by Microvitec, the UK's leading monitor manufacturer, features include: 0 14" screen £ 0.28mm dot pitch
• 15-40 kHz
• ' Microvitec Pic. The Quadrant,
• MRPII compliant Chester West. Sealand Road, 0 Designed and
manufactured in the UK Chester CHI 4QR Compatible with all
workbench modes, the Auto-Scan 1438 has high performance
electronics and an ultra fine tube for sharp, crystal clear
Designed and built to exacting standards for Tel: 0244 377566 Fax: 0244 373401 CALL NOW ON 0244 377566 FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER DISK OFFER | mxnwm ¦ wm jmu mwn i- . |o !
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fLLiPSi Ovrl Clr£Li DISC m;iw nooo 72/T 200lA vj r itfs'JSrl
OitftaS rLff'-fl ru?-/ '.'JrlO UtJt U-5frA V-5 M
S. fP 03 _____ 'JiitM \i 'jiiiM Of Oil 00? F CLSrlrl ^siit lAiib
fOlVX.l ______ _
* W' Vi£iV‘r icons II IrO rlialOid ourr M 'i;n i'jc: C-Uu 105
kills Jt ¦ WM ¦ L YOU 0«ft SmartyPaints you to oromto vorslons
for your 0090/ allowing to umo SmartyPaints order form Have you
finished doodling and scribbling with our exclusive and
fully-working SmartyPaints CoverDisk? Do you want / to find out
about all the other / features hidden away In this great art
If you do, send off for the SmartyPaints manual which describes all the features and drawing tools available to the Amiga artists.
As well as the printed manual, we are also throwing in a disk containing lots of kid clip-art for the youngsters. With this clip-art, your child can easily create their own pictures by simply pasting the pictures to the drawing screen.
N i i i i i i i i i Please send me: SmartyPaints printed manual and kkJ clip-art disk for the princely sum of £8 (includes p&p) Deliver to: Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss) _ Address Daytime phone Postcode I wish to pay by: ? Cheque/postal order payable to IDG Media ? Credit card Card No. | | | | || | | | | I I I I I I I I I I Expiry Date Please allow 2A days for delivery while stocks last Q Tick this box it you do not wish to receive promotional maienal from other companies Tick this box H you do not wsh to receive promotional maienal from other companies SmartyPaints features
• Fully customisabl' K to cater for all ages and abilities
• Sound effects to keep the kiddies interested # Fully
icon-driven interface for ease of use
• 15 drawing tools
• Comprehensive cut and r paste editing tools
• Six different drawing mode
• Fast access keyboard shortcuts for many functions
• Supports multiple screens for Amigas with 2Mb or more Amiga
Computing Damn ib Current auailabilitq I am a subscriber to
your magazine and was reading the article entitled 'Straw pole'
in January '95s ESP (issue 82). I was interested to read the
first line which says that Amiga Computing is already available
via the Internet. I would like to know in what way is it
available. What services are currently accessible via the
Internet and is it possible for me to access software, reviews
etc? If so, how? Thanks for a great mag.
Gary Harris garyhGion.apana. org.au Now this is what I’d call a timely letter. Although Amiga Computing has long been accessible on the Internet via our long-standing CIX account - amigacomputing@clk.compulink.co.uk. - we can also be accessed via our CompuServe account on 70007,4734.
However, as you're obviously well aware, having full Internet access to Amiga Computing is what's really called for. And as luck would have it. That's exactly what will be available by the time you read this. Amiga Computing is proud to announce what we consider to be the best and most interactive Amiga magazine on the Internet.
Via our new Amiga Computing Homepage, anyone running a Web browser can fully Interact with the magazine by mailing directly to ACAS, ESP. System and so on.
In addition, we'll be providing tasters and even full reviews of the latest hardware and software, plus highlights of the forthcoming issue and special Internet subscrip¬ tion offers. The only element that won't be available - yet - will be an Amiga Computing-$pec\t\c FTP site. Watch this space.
To access our URL/Homepage, search for Amiga Computing from any main index.
Next month we will publish our URL/Homepage address for you so you can access the information directly, I have just bought your January '95 issue and was intrigued by the CanDo CoverOisk.
However, the upgrade schemes are over¬ priced and do not cater for the low-end market. I am a student and unable to pay the high price, but I would like to leam the package. Is there any way the manuals could be sold separately?
This will probably generate more profit for INOVAtronics. As I doubt the majority of users can, or will, upgrade through your magazine. Surely this will then apply to the Pareto effect of economics - that 80 per cent of the potential market will buy 20 per cent of their products. If more people wrote into you this might happen - you made a similar mis¬ take with the Publisher CoverDisk by not catering for the mass market.
Ryan Morse Milton Keynes H only it was that simple. Unfortunately, you have a rather naive idea of how commercial CoverDisk give-aways actu¬ ally operate. Although we can persuade a supplier to allow Amiga Computing to cover mount a particular product, we have no control whatsoever over the price for subsequent upgrades. Neither do we take a percentage if readers do indeed decide to upgrade.
In fact, the only part we play in the upgrade process is the provision of free pagination and design for the actual upgrade offer - which again is paid for by Amiga Computing In reality, we Price breaker?
I am writing to you in reference to B A Mills' letter in the February *95 issue about a Helm user group. I am a Helm user and purchased the program when it was released on the strength of two magazine reviews. I have had two disk-books reviewed in your magazine (History of the World Cup, and First-Aid Essentials) which I created with Helm and am currently working on a project to do with my job.
I have tried to get in contact with Eagle Tree Software about upgrades as I have found a couple of bugs in the version I have (1.44), but with no suc¬ cess. I am not even sure if they are still in business. I would be grateful if you would include my name on invariably make a substantial loss on the deal, as a supplier will often demand payment for the product Itself before they'll consider being a part of the initial promotion, To be honest you're probably right - lower cost equals higher profits. But alas that’s something which is out of our hands. Although we may distribute a product as a
one-off. Copyright and commercial decisions remain firmly in the hands of the supplier.
L5 amjbodi] there?
FiHing the fonts We have an A500 with a 512k upgrade which is connected to an Integrex Colorjet Series 2 printer. If I type anything into the computer using any program (e.g. Kindwords) then change the size or style of the printing, the monitor screen shows exactly what I require but the printer will only print everything in the same size and style. Can you please tell me if I have a printer driver problem?
If this is the problem, would you be so good as to advise me on a possible solu¬ tion. I would be obliged if you would give me information on how best to upgrade the A500, say to a 2Mb RAM for instance, and would any upgrade be worthwhile.
Please say a BIG thank you to all the staff of Amiga Computing for such an excellent magazine. I was so impressed I took out a subscription, so please keep up the good work.
B, Dixon Co. Durham Well you'll be glad to know there's probably a simple solution to your first the Users list as the program deserves more than a slow death.
Gerard Fitzpatrick, Republic of Ireland.
It appears you missed the March '95 issue, which features the latest 1.65 revision to the program.
Just in case there's anyone out there who was caught in the same snow drift on the way to the newsagents, here’s the details for any would-be upgraders or investors.
Product: Helm Supplier: Eureka Price: 99.95 Phone: 010 314637 0800 Amiga Computin initially refused - we were unable to return the product to Mr Oldham as he said he would refuse the item if it was sent back to him. However, it was decided for customer rela¬ tions to refund this gentleman in full, another fact Mr Oldham omits to point out.
I do feel we should have been asked about this com¬ plaint first as it is clear the con¬ tents of Oldham's letter are untrue. Power Computing have a customer relations record second none, and unsubstantiated com¬ plaints like this can give a completely wrong impression to a reader.
I wouiq. Like to have your comments on this matter.
Tony laniri Power Computing Ltd.
It's pretty obvious that there's been a breakdown of communications across the board. However, that doesn’t excuse a lack of professionalism on our part. It’s true that greater efforts should have been made to substantiate Mr Oldman’s story.
However, I think even Power would agree the angle and tone of the reply to Mr Oldman's letter did more to defend Power's position and reputation than anything else.
Over recent months Amiga Computing has done more to champ ion the cause of the consumer than any other Amiga title. Obviously, in this case more care should have been taken, but I do feel we deserve some credit for defending the buying public in the face of a powerful financial lobby of the advertising community, while also being willing to except and learn from our mistakes.
H friendly offer Having read the article on page 13 of the February ‘95 issue ‘Stop Phoning’, it would appear there are quite a few Amiga H helping ear!
I have only been using my Amiga 1200 for a year now and have tried reading numerous magazines. Out of all of them I prefer your magazine as it is easy to read and you give away some excellent disks.
However, I have encountered prob¬ lems on two of your disks. Easy Amos and Anim Workshop. Those, I think, could have been cleared up in a matter of minutes but instead I have to write in with the problem and wait for a reply.
Why don't you have a Helpline so that you could make things easier for everyone. This is the only reason I have not subscribed to your magazine.
Please consider this... Brian Goodfellow Northumberland In the past Amiga Computing ran a CoverDisk helpline as a permanent feature. However, over recent months we’ve been running without a full-time CoverDisk editor and unfortunately, until this situation is resolved I'm afraid the CoverDisk helpline will remain inactive.
However, when a replacement is found, rest assured the helpline will be reactivated. If anyone out there is interested in the job feel free to send an application. Please mark your let¬ ter RE: CoverDisk Editor Application.
Users out there who would like a copy d your CoverDisk which contains InfoFile I have the CoverDisk, and if you art agreeable am prepared to supply a com plete copy of the disk for £1 to cover tht cost of the floppy, plus post and packag ing. I will undertake to supply the copies bj return of post ASAP.
Mr Johnsot Oxot If you're interested in Mr Johnson') offer, address your letters to: Mr P Johnson, 67 Oakley Road, Chinnor Oxon OX9 4HR Printing power I am looking for an easy-to-use spread sheet which has good output on a inkj« printer. Any suggestions ?
Nicolai P. Axelset Norwt Just the way I like a letter. Short, sweet, and to the point. Although there are l number of home office/spreadshea combinations, my personal favourite 4 Maxiplan4. However, I strongly sugged you pop back to the contents page ant take a close look at our home offict round-up for a slightly less bias* opinion on the subject.
Luestion time you'll find a complete list of our assorted e-mail addresses in reply to the opening letter in this very column.
If anyone prefers to submit articles by post, it's essential it is supplied on disk, and as you sugges ted, it's also vital that the file is provided in the ASCII file format.
However, it doesn’t stop there. Any submission must also be accompanied with a collection of screen grabs and demo images - where applicable - with on average three images per page, Each of these must be accompanied by an appropriate caption.
As for word count, Amiga Computing usually oper¬ ates on 900 words per page - so multiplying this fig¬ ure will roughly equal the required word count.
However, it must be stressed that any unsolicited editorial will only be paid for W, and only if It appears in print. So be warned! However, if you do fancy your chances as a freelancer, please feel free to give it a go. Our editor is always open to new ideas.
Problem. It sounds like you haven’t told the machine you want to use the Amiga fonts rather than the printer's own internal fonts.
To rectify the problem go to the printer set-up screen, which will probably appear as a button in the print requester. Once there, simply alter the settings from use printer fonts to use normal or internal fonts. The wording may vary, but the principle should remain the same.
As for your queries concerning A5QQ upgrades, you'll find a feature in the April issue which details a whole range of A500-specific accelerators, hard drives and RAM expansions which have just been released by Power Computing.
However, I'd strongly suggest you con¬ sider investing in an A1200, regardless of what you decide to do about upgrading your A500. If you're looking for long-term compatibility, an A1200 is increasingly becoming an essential for any dedicated Amiga fan.
Power to replM I refer to your magazine's letters page in February ‘95s issue of Amiga Computing concerning a Mr C R Oldham of Manchester.
Mr. Oldham ordered a 200 Watt PSU and a 50mhz FPU from my company in August 1994. Power does not and never has stocked 200 Watt PSUs and this was a genuine error on my sales department side whom I can only presume misheard the order and sent the wrong product. A refund was issued within three weeks and not the two months that is stated in this letter.
As is common with other sellers of com¬ puter products, we do not issue refunds for computer chips or software as this can be copied, corrupted or mishandled. We will obviously exchange products if there is indeed a fault, but this was not the case (no fault was found by the company’s tech¬ nicians) and that is why a refund was I want to submit an article, as well as suggestions for sub¬ jects I’d be happy to provide articles on. My questions are as follows:
1. Do you accept submissions by e-mail? If so. To what address?
2. If sent snailmail, to which address should I mail submissions?
3. Do you want disks wtth the text in addition to printed copies?
4. If so, what format should the text be in (ASCII)?
5. Do you have any guidelines for submissions? (maxi¬ mum line
length, maximum and minimum number of words etc...)
VidarHorstad vidarh@ifi.uio.no Okay, first of all we re more
than happy to receive e-mail submissions. In fact, e-mail is
increasingly becoming the norm for almost all our freelance
material. As for Amiga Computings e-mail address.
—jinnem Amiga Computing Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 nes are subject to stock availability up to 7 days for cheques to clear POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a/b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 a 1200 eading f them ?asy to tcellent I prob- 1 Amos think, matter write in ply.
Ine so tier for I have azine.
Dfellow wland ran a lanent ecent ithout r and ion is rDisk ent is le will ere is i send ur let- ation.
XL 1.76MB The XL Drive 1.76MB measures half the height of a standard external floppy drive and allows you to store a massive 1.76MB on a high density disk. The A4QQQ internal drive fits perfectly underneath the original drive and no case cutring is required.
EXTERNAL..........£59.95 INTERNAL ..........£55.95 A4000 INT............£55.95 POWER DRIVE ¦ The Power Drive now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander, free.
Floppy Expander allows you to compress files on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anri- Click, Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Thru’port, Cyclone Compatible Chip, Backup Hardware and Blitz Compatible feature.
EXTERNAL..........£49.95 CYCLONE S/W ONLY . .£ I 0.00 INTERNAL DRIVES ¦ Our internal drives use the same drive mechanisms as the Amiga to ensure complete compatibility.
PC88I A500 ..........£30.95 PC882 A2000 .........£30.95 PC883 A600/I200 ......£35.95 VIPER 68030 SERIES ¦
• RAM Up to 8MB (Viper D/128MB (Viper 2)
• Full Kickstart Remapping
• Optional SCSI-II adaptor
• On-board battery backed clock/68882 Co-processor
• Instruction and data burst modes copy ol i
• File.
You are | a com* Dver the packag- Dpies by Johnson Qxon nson's »: Mr P linnor, Bare Board ...£115.95 Bare Board ...£169.95 4MB Viper ... .£249.95 4MB Viper . .. .£299.95 8MB Yiper ... ,£399.95 8MB Viper ... .£439.95 r spread- a inkjet \ xelsen.
Norway sweet, e are a jsheet urite is uggest ge and office ilased Bare Board ...£135.95 Bare Board ...£199.95 4MB Viper £269.95 4MB Viper £329.95 8MB Viper ... .£4 19.95 8MB Viper ... .£469.95 28MHz FPU £25 SCSI-II Adaptor . . . .£79 33MHz FPU £50 4MB SIMM.......£139 40MHz FPU £70 8MB SIMM.......£299 VIPER VIPER 68030 68030 40MHz RC or 50MHz RC with MMU, RAM upto 128MB, FPU-PGA only.
Bare 40MHz £229.00 40MHZ-4MB £379.00 40MHz-8MB .......£499.00 Bare 50MHz £249.00 S0MHz-4MB .......£399.00 50MHz-8MB £519.00 POWER 1208
• A1200 RAM board
• PCMCIA friendly (ft»
• Uses 1x32 SIMM
• Amiga Format Gold award
• Expand upto 8MB 2MB..............£139.00
4MB..............£189.00 8mb..............£329.00
CLIPART DISTRIBUTORS amiga computing issue52 IFF Transport irs
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Vwmen EMC Volume 39 5 Disks • £14.00 IFF Fantasy 2 Dec-on I
Oavl*. Morolors. StoiK, Wftche* & Wowes ale EMC Volume 40 • 5
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Champeone ote.. f EMC Volume 69 5 Dii.;5 - £14.00 - IFF Science jM^te^teHteryOonUteMe<3cal Equip. NcrMtMC_ EMC Volume I Books. Teachers, Stunning artwork by EMC Volume 227 EMC Volume 228 EMC Volume 229 EMC Volume 230 EMC Volume 231 EMC Volume 232 EMC Volume 233 EMC Volum© 234 it Boris Vallejo BorisV 1 Boris V 2 BorisV3 BorisV4 BorisV 5 BorisV 6 BorisV7 BorisV8 EMC Vol Socce- Hjnnng.
EMC Volume 76 75-51 F sn.nj. I 78 -51 When you buy any 2 EMC buy 3 volumes and you qe Off' and so on Basically I 1 art Natu-al rl; ^^C^^Farmel^Famcu^Poopla I EMC Volume 42 5 Disks £1400 IFF Natural Pants Fimrec*. Tropical Plants. True* and Oardan Plants.
~M Volume 43 5 Disks - £14.00 IFF Sporia laitcs. Meter. Tennis. Gdl Water. Bst Games en- ' Volume 44 5 Disks Cl 6.50 IFF Education t Schoot. ©lurches, ©mat, Pnosts. History and PlACAl EMC Volume 45 5 Disks £14.00 IFF Various 1 Food. Easter. XmasABorders Valentine*. Slacks art W«4t« EMC Volume 46 5 Disks £14.00 IFF Various 2 Buioraa. Oanona Muvc. Rescue. Zodiac and SurvM® AX . 47 -5 Disks £14.00 IFF Humour Poop'o Frtrl Ktu, Dentals an) Fsh I CMC Volume 60 -6 Disks - £16.50 IFF DoqsJCala Just about every treed cf Dog A C4I «V WHS Dow I EMC Volum* 51 - 5 Disks £14.00 IFF Blrd&lnsecls Eiates 0*4*.
Parrots Common Re*. Bias Bom art Sectors.
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¦M||^H7p - 5 Disks £14.00 • IFF Education 2 Ratoon. Mustclnstrument* Darcog and rrcri' 1 EMC Volume 71 - 8 Disks E16.50 • IFF Geography World Pics - Asa. TmpC. Alnca. Turcpe. India Arabc «c EMC Volume 72 -5 Disks £14.00 • IFF Various 3 Bean. Off Road. Italian-Gen-wi Cars Bute*. Trams, Ancraft ate EMC Volume 73 • 5 Cksks • £14.00 IFF Various 4 Castes. Houte*. Canoon* and lots more' EMC Volume 74 ¦ 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Various 5 Once Eqerp Ctcthmg. Ccrrputers, EteCSrV* Oftice BonMr* ale.
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- mm WdMMfll I* 0 rxj I I ' ' BITUBBPIO CLIP BBT sortdXtvrt as
twvwi. Roady to'awort nto your pmgramt EMC Volume 1 • 5 Oaks -
£14.00 - Classic IFF Ctpail
5p«1*.Cartoon*.Miliary.A/Wral*.Transport Prop®«nc Xma*.
EMC Volume 11 -4 Disks - £14.00 Classic IFF Clipart Pkc'C. F900. Aircraft. Annuls, Cato'Doo*. Spent. Tr*mporl ate I EMC Volum* 15-8 Daks • £22.60 Classic IFF CWM/t UfiCtnjncV KM*, Sco-ts, Antmah. Aelgton. Ofloe. Food ana mo-*l EMC Volunw 22 - 5 Daks £14.00 • Classic IFF Ctoflrf People, Spent Mcdcai. Animal*. Computer*. O«o* axi ion nW EMC Volume 28 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • Classic IFF Clipart Animals Xmas. Cats. Computer*. H*#d*rs,8crder» 4 Saeuxe imrv HICH QUBLIV9 IFF CUP BBT W» ye,, tew «t »—»«*¦*«/—n«o W ut W»— w*iii | EMC Volume 34 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • IFF Animals 1 ¦Bea-s. Brds. Dcgi. Water.
I roads. Horses Repiim and ExM^H EMC Volume 35 - 5 Disks - £14.00 IFF Animals i Cat*. WM Cats. Finny Cats. Yrop.FJ»h. Fb/- Form *na Funny!
OTHER FONTV UNO CLIPART EMC Vol 3 - 2 Daks £ 6.00 Pagaslream Fonts 3* Pagwtmam lormAI ICJU, SO/fpsltte Wtfl aN Cfogt8fll WkfB EMC Vol 18 -5 Disks - £16.50 - 60 Pdrsw Fonts EMC Vol 19 - 5 Disks - £16.50 ¦ 63 Pdraw Fonts EMC Vol 20 - 5 Disks £16.50 50 Pdraw Fonts EMC Vol 4$ - 5 Daks £14.00 • CotorFonts 4,8 an) 16 oottr forts tor 0P*iit Seals, Opa.Ms-y *K EMC Vol 49 5 Disks - £14.00 • ColorFonls 83 4 8 and 18 Cdlar lerilt tor Dpsirt Seals. Opalv«lon stc For Pageatream and Wordworth 3 users; EMC Vol 2 6 Desks - £16.50 - PC ChpAri Oftm stnjrturKV.mg ctpart. CcrrpJirv Ocnktiirt we iW EMC Vol 21 - 6
Disks - £16.50 PCX Clipart Animals. Cartoon*. CompJW*. SoCftL etc EMC Vol 32 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IMG CllpArt Animal*. Pood Cartoon*. PWW and Drinks EMC Vto! 33 - 6 Dsk* £16.50 IMG CllpArt | Pecpto, Xma* But ding* Sports ard Tran*port
e. 1XC5 Xua* Working PM0*. Cart. CU'aanrg. Tmupciitc EMC Volume
170 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF VarlouslO 2rr6- ol Borden. FufWU*.
FwS. PUCBS. Toy* A LOTS 3l Tratnt EMC Volume 171- 6Dteks -
£16.50 IFF Varlouall Cjmorat ConBew, KM* Itnd Buunosj 4
Cotrpu»r EMC Volume 172- 6 D.sks £16.50 - IFF Varioua12 Opal
vis ion 2.3b Update Disks C6.99
• 'inny EMC Volume 36 8 Disks .. JuM aoout averythrg from
Aircraft lo RmnMl arious9 a/O Cars -o
• IFF Business
• acfit. Printer* and Funny Busneta| ptcf I EMC Volume W 6 Disks
- £16.50 256 Cars 1 Ferrarts. Corvette, Mores. Formula 1,
Sports Cars and more!
EMC Volume 89 6 Di$ks • £16.50 256 Cars 2 Porcnes, Lambos, Classic. T*Typo, and US Sporta^Cars.
EMC Volume 90 6 Di^ks - £16.50 256 Planes 1 Falcons, Sp*cfire Bombers F-14's, Tonxatsandmor*1 Emp Volume 91 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Planes 2 r-158. F-168. Namer, B17s, Slaaim Bombers and more!
1 EMC Volume 93. 5, Disks - £14.00 256 Space 2 tnterprisos, Space Shuttles, NASA Shots ard mere EMC Volume 94 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Women Lots of Boautdul Women and Models EMC Volume 95 5 Disks £14.00 256 Wildcats Dons, Tigers. Leopards and lots of other Wildcats!
EMC Volume % G Disks - £16.50 256 Horses 1 Running Horses, Foals. Hodeo Horses and more horscsr EMC Volume 97 - 6 Disks £16.50 256 HotSSS 2 | Horses in the snow. Horses on the beach and more Horses!
®C Volume 98 5 Disks £14.00 256 Dogs 1 non Labrador, Cute puppios and even seme ugly ones- EMC Volume 99 5D«sk$ - tt 4.00 256 Doga 2 Setters. Cute Odd* with Cats Cuts Pipcxes and motor EMC Volume 100 - 6 Disks - £16.50 2S6Cats 1 Hea*y cute ana humorous pictures of Cats and Kittens' EMC Volume 101-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cats 2 , More really cuto and humorous pictures of Cats and Kcttens!
EMC Volume 103 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Sun A Sea Just about everything from Tropical Islands to Sandy Beaches EMC Volume 104-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 1 Pandas. Doors. Bears (all lypos). Zebras and more' EMC Volume 105-6 Disks - £18.50 256 Animals 2 tlophanis. Gor las. Chimps, ktonkeys. Seats. Koalas and more' EMC Volume 106 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 3 Wolves. Moose. Cougar. Kangaroo, fox Pups and lots more1 EMC Volume 108-6 Disks - £16,50 - 256 Panorama 1 Forests. Mountain RiversTLakes. WatonaHs, Rainbows ana more.
BMC Volume 109 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Panorama 2 Snow Topped Mountiarts MountlanLakes. Waterfalls. Streams etc EMC Volume 110-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 3 Rolling Hills. Snow Scenes. Farms. Smai Harbour, and Lots more!
EMC Volume 111-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The Sun Sunrises and Si*wets from Cities lo Lakes to Deserts!
EMC Volume 112-5 Disks -. £14.00 - 256 World People American/Amazon Indians. Hawanans. Africans and more' EMC Volume 113 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 America Grand Canyon. Vegas CeasarsPalaoe, White House etc EMC Volume 114 6 Disks £16.50 • 256 Castles Cashes with Moats, Castles on Mountains, Castles on Rivers etc.. EMC Volume 115 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Tte World From around the world - Egypt. J.tpan. Italy, France England etc EMC Volume 116 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Birds 1 Parrots. Humming Birds. Flamingoa, and Ms more Birds' EMC Volume 118-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Birds 3 Swans. Faicons and lots oT
birds that we can t identify1 EMC Volume 119 6 Disks £16.50 256 Fantasy 1 Wamors, Dragons. Female Warriors and lots more!
EMC Volume 120-6 Disks • £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 2 Dragon Lance pics, Dracuia Skull Warrxxs and lots more* EMC Volume 121-6 Disks - £16.50 256 The Movies Batman, Starwars, Top Gun. Terminator, indy. Karate Kid etc EMC Volume 122 - 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Renders 1 Rendered Dragons . Glasshouse Modcedes care and more' EMC Volume 123 - 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Renders 2 Rendered Bugs. Chess Boards Vanous Rwm*. F-18 ana more!
EMC Volume 124-5 Disks - £14.00 256 Renders 3 Rendered kitchens Bovwng insects, Cameras arid mom!
EMC Volume 125-5 Disks £14.00 - 255 Girls 1 BeautifulWomen dressed m very Mt'-e . Btoodooillng!
EMC Volume 126 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 2 Beautiful Women dressed in very little.. Bloodbc-iing'_ EMC Volume 1*7-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 3 i Beautiful Women dressod in very little...Btoooboiimg!
EMC Volume 128-6 Disks, - £16.50 256 Water Girts Seaut/ul Women under^Waterfalls, at the Pool and very weT EMC Volume 129-5 Disks • £14.00 - 256 Swim Suits BeeutrfulWomen, of all shapes ana sizes, m Smmsuits EMC Volume 130-5 Disks - £14.00 256 Bikinis Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Badrid EMC Volume 131-5 Disks - £14.00 256 Beach Girls Women cn the beach, th* fund ol babes you so* In Baywalch' EMC Volume 132-5 Disks - £14.00 • 256 Lingerie Beautiful Women, ol a* shapes and sizes, m Lingerie.
EMC Volume 134 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 2& Various 1 Malufo ol piC8 mainly Ol Wompn & Fantasy Tslarter volume!?
EafC Volume 135 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Reptiles Snakes Frogs Lizards. Crocs and some amazing pics of Dmos, EMC Volume 136-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Classic Cars 6 daks packed with Classic care of aH shapes and AiZBS EMC Volume 137-6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Cars 3 Vettes, Porches. Aston. Courvtachs, t-Type, Mini, RR. Esprit etc EMC Volume 138-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fast Cars Testas. F-40's. Coiailachs, Porches. Lotus and lots more!
EMC Volume 139 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Raping 6 OdkS full Of Indy Rncmg Formula l. Drag Racing and more' EMC Volume 140-6 Disks • £16.50 256 Boats Power, YaPhte, Milttary and |us! About eveiy othor type ol boal!
EMC Volume 141 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Trains 1 1st of our 256 Train vols containing Steam and tlecfic loCOS!
I EMC Volume 142-5 Disks • £14.00 - 256 Trains 2 2nd of our 256 Tram vote containing Steam and Eiectc locos' EMC Volume 143-5 Disks • £14.00 256 Trains 3 3rd Of our 258 Train vois containing Steam and Electic locos' EMC Volume 144 • 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Trains 4 4th ol 256 Tram vds. Contortng Steam and Bectic looos' EMC Volume 145-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Military Desert Storm. Tanks. Bombs. J*1s. Cannons lYavel and more1 EMC Volume 146 6 D^ks - £16.50 256 Flight i Planes. H'ooptore. UgritPlanes and stunning pics, of Hot Air baltocns. | or 1
I EMC Volume 147-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Jet Fighters | F-1 Its, Phantoms, F-16 Faloons. Aircraft Carrfors and lots more!
EMC Volume 148-6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 Snow Scenes Spectacular pica, ol Snow Capped M tains, Snowy Forests 4 Rivers.
I EMC Volume 149-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 WeterLife 2 Colourful pics of Tropical Fish, Coral. SlorFoh and lots more!
EMC Volume 150 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Travel | Stonehenge, KingTul (Slunning). G.cinyon. CoHeswrn and more!
EMC Volume 151-5 Disks • £14.00 • 256 NASA 1 A nauts. Shuttlee. Planets. Lunar Modules and Hubble Tscope etc EMC volume 152-5 Disks - £14.00 256 NASA 2 Shuttles. S'lites, Launch Sites, Launch* and lots of Space Shots!
EMC Volume 153 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Babes 1 Due to overwhelming demand .yet more rksks of Beautiful Babes!
EMC Volume 154 6 Disks • £16.50 - 256 Babes 2 Due to overwhelming domand. Yet more di6ks of Beautiful Babe*' EMC Volume 155-6 Disks - £16.50 256 Babes 3 Due lo ovenMtetming demand y6f more dirts of Beautiful Babes!
I EMC Volume 156 6 Di&ks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 4 Due lo overwhelming demand yet more disks ol Beautiful Babes1 | EMC Volume 157 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Babes 5 Due to overwhelming demand yet more disk* of Beautiful Babes' I EMC Volume 158 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Hunks | On® for the Gals • 6 dirts of Chippendale' type Hunky men!
EMC Volume 159 6 Disks £16.50 256 Various 2 i Pictures m*inty comprising of Babot and Wild Cats.
EMC Yolume 160-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Various 3 i Famous People, Watertte. Snow Scenes and Travel EMC Volume 161-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Various 4 Space, Hunks, Babes. Rock Stars and Famous People' EMC Volume 208 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Robots Some amwrg high quality artwork ol chrome plated female robots , EMC Volume 209 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Heavy Metal Very nice fantasy type artwork from Heavy Metal magazine , EMC Volume 210 -6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Star Wars QuaMy pictures and artwork from the Star Wars movios EMC Yolume 211-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Night Breed Quality pictures and artwork from
ihe SctFl serios • Nighf Breed EMC Volume 212 - 6 Disks ¦ £16.50 ¦ 256 DS9 1 Quality pictuiee and artwork from Star Trek • Doep Space Nine EMC Volume 213 6 Disks - £16.50 256 DS9 2 QuaMy pictures and artwork from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
EMC Volume 214 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 DS9 3 Qualify pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine, EMC Volume 215 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 DS9 4 QuaMy pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine EMC Volume 216 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 QS9 5 Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Deep Space Nino.
EMC Volume 217 6 Disks - £18.50 - 256 TNG 1 I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek • The Next Generation EMC Volume 218 6 Disks - £16.50 256 TNG 2 QuaMy pictures and artwork from Star Trek - The Next Generation EMC Volume 219 6 Disks • £16.50 - 256 TNG 3 Quality pictures and artwork from Siar Trek • The Nexl Generation.
EMC Volume 220 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Star Trek 2 Great pictures and artwork from Star Trek • Original eerie* 4 Movies EMC Volume 221 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Star Trek 3 Great pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Original sanes 4 Movies.
EMC Volume 222 - 6 Disks • £16.50 256 Conan Excellent 2S6 artwork featuring Conan the Barbarian EMC Volume 223 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Dr Who Great pictures and excellent artwork from the cult series Dr Who EMC Volume 224 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 TV-SciFI This volume comprises of petures and artwork from Blake 7 and 'V* EMC Volume 225 6 Disks £16.50 - 256 D.Lance 1 Brilliant high quality artwork from Dragon Lance.
EMC Volume 226 • 6 Disks £16.50 256 D.Lance 2 BrikarS high qua My artwork from Dragon Lance EMC Volume 235 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Kelly 1 Excellent artwork t>y tho famous fantasy artist Kon Ke-iy EMC Volume 236 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Kelly 2 I ExceBenl artwork by lh® famous fantasy artist Ken Kelly EMC Volume 237 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 SciFi Art 1 Mixed bag of great artwork and pcture* with a general SciFi them® EMC Volume 238 6 Disks £16.50 - 256 SclFI Art 2 Mixed bag of great artwork and pictures with a general SciFi (heme.
I EMC Volume 239 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Woodrofte | Really good Weird fantasy pc s from the work) of Patrick Woodroffe , EMC Volume 240 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Movies 2 | Excellent pfc&'artwoik trom Urns - DS9, Star Wars. Terminator, “V.
TMC Volume 241 - 6 Disks £16.50 256 DAD itunnmg artwork with a Dungeons and Dragons iheme j EMC Volume 242 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Fantasy 3 | Loads ol good qualify general fantasy artwork I Spectacular artwork by th* renowned fantasy artist Tlffl Whit® I EMC Volume 243 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 White 1 EMC Volum® 244 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 White 2 EMC Volume 245 6 Disks £16.50 256 White 3 DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS!
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The renowned fantasy arti
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- 6 Disks • £16.50 256
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- 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256
• 6 Disks £16.50 256 ilify for a £3.00 discount umos and you got
£6.00 i purchase 2 o» morn me ol disks you order NO
Final Writer. Wordworth 3, Lightwave etc EMC Vol 4 - 5 Disks £14.00 - 67 Type 1's EMC Vol 5 - 5 D.Sks - £14.00 • 63 Typel's EMC Vol 6 - 5 Disks £14.00 -83 Typel s EMC Vol 7 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • 68 Typel’s EMC Vol 16 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 76 Typel s EMC Vol 17 5 Disks - £14.00 • 79 Typel s EMC Vol 27 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - 56 Typet 's EMC Vol 20 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - 80 Typel s EMC Yol 77 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 76 Type t s EMC Vol 78 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 69 Typel s EMC Vol 79 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 84 Typel's EMC Vol 80 5 Disks • £16.50 • 71 Typel 's EMC Vol 81 - 5 Disks - £16.50 • 106 Typefs waSi,
Scan opa'KMy’ and Dpam ’i u etc EMC Vol 8 5 Disks - £16.50 • 61 CGFonts EMC Vol 9 5 Dtsks - £16.50 - 64 CGFonts EMC Vol 10 - 5 Disks - £16.50 • 57 CGFonts EMC Vol 23 - 5 Disks • £16.50 - 58 CGFonts EMC Vol 24 5 Disks - £16.50 • 64 CGFonts EMC Vol 25 5 Disks • £16.50 • 66 CGFonts EMC Vol 26 5 Disks - £16.50 71 CGFonts EMC Vol 30 5 Disks - £16.50 - 59 CGFonts EMC Vol 31 • 5 Disks - £16.50 • 60 CGFonts EMC Vol 82 - 5 Disks £16.50 - 53 CGFonts EMC Vol 83 5 Disks £16.50 - 4$ CGFonts EMC Vol 84 5 Disks £16.50 - 46 CGFonts EMC Vol 85 5 Disks - £16.50 - 46 CGFonts EMC Vol 86 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 34
CGFonts EMC Vol 87 5 Disks £16.50 • 36 CGFonts PICK W MIX SEMI CM FONT PICK N MX FONT SERVICE Thu saves, unwc aim « vnp&ntnMdwcpaM For erampte <*»' CG Scaiaew tom can Be si«p*etf mtn cot aqHrfcjamv Whoitn MtSm fl Fuf octai1* in the FMC Mprmafton Pac* CLIPART PICK N MIX SERVICE The PhMf CtMrr tennne i# ctoaigned tor pettole M>ho «r« ^o>tmflOVAUnayancnaparfl^tUiia^ * fc? 16 mouQ imagfi for all auicas Thee# VERY high quality mn are OmtBMM Wtn All Anw» artt acre YOU WONT BEICVE THAT THESE IMAGES ONLY CONTAIN 18 COLOURS!
EMC Volume 173-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 1 QMS, Gn* an) msm Gins. Slurring Ptekjre«...EncuQh to itvmm» you drooll EMC Volume 174-6 Disks £16.50 ECS Chicks 2 Gina Q>rt* an) mom Guts. Stunning Pvtu'M.. Enough to mak# you drool* EMC Volume 175- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 3 Gnt». Oirts an) nr*# Girts. Stunning Ihrtu’W. Enough to •naka yoy rt EMC Volume 176- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 4 O'* 0‘rt» «ng rK'v Grtj, Stj-mnj Returns -Enough to matt ycu Oroc# EMC Volume 177- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 5 Qhs. Gkttand mere On. Stuwg Betur*A. EraugH to m#*e you dwell EMC Volume 178-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS
Panorama 1 Mountains. Lakes Trees. Lsnfecape# • Greet Scats Bdrope cr Dpamt P.-*' EMC Volume 179 6 Disks £16.50 ECS Panorama 2 Mountains. Lakes Trees. Landscapes - Great Seed Birons cr Opent Pea* EMC Volume 180 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Panorama 3 Mountains. Lakes. Trees Landscapes • Great S'Ao 8'drops or Opere Re#' EMC Volume 181 6 Dtsks £16.50 - ECS Panorama 4 Moonwtna takee. Treas. Landscapes Greer Scala B'drops or Dpmni Ptp** EMC Volume 182-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Space 1 tvtryVmg to do mtt- Space mcLdng NASA and Star Tmki EMC Volume 183-6 Dtsks - £16.50 ECS Space 2 Jja JbOttl rver/thng lo *nn
Space metodi'0 NASA and Star T*ek' EMC Volume 184-6 Disks £16.50 - ECS Cars 1 BMW* E Tyree. Ferrans. Fo-mjal. Rorche*. Indy Car Racing and moiW EMC Volume 165-6 Disks £16.50 ECS Cars 2 Counted*. Forrant E-Types. Vanes TrantAm*. Cnrraros and Classc EMC Volume 186-6 Disks ¦ £16.50 ECS Aircraft 1 Aircalt Cams'#. F16*. Hekocte»s Mustangs. Phantom# and tot* ntoief EMC Volume 187-6 Disks £16.50 ECS Aircraft 2 Bcreers, Buccaneers, Ft 17s, ftsdais, Fia» FtSe, F18e anc lots more' EMC Volume 188- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Animals 1 Apes, Boars, Panda*. Seat*. Wwos, Rctnooors, Dmti and lots more' EMC Volume
189- 6 Disks £16.50 ECS Animals 2 Dinosaur*. Elephants. S*w« iguanas Spdars. Fmg# »rd lots me»e* EMC Volume 190-6 Disks £16.50 ECS Animals 3 Tnzvol meniy contain# Horses bu( also ndudaa aome oT*r Antnels EMC Volume 191-6 Disks £16.50 ECS Animals 4 This Yd rrarnty cowan# Wild Cats tu also nauvt some othar Annals EMC Volume 192-6 Disks ¦ £16.50 ECS Dogs&Csts 1 Loads ot very high qualty pclures cf Domestic Doge and Cats EMC Volume 193- 6 Disks £16.50 ECS DogsACats 2 Even more very high quaoty pctures ol Demesne Ocg* and Cats EMC Volume 194-6 Disks • £16.50 ECS Famous People Film Stars, Hx» &tn.
Of»f Famous PacpM and lot* of WWF Start EMC Volume 195-6 Disks £16.50 ECS Military Tmki. Ahtirt Cam**. Dawn Stem Pci. Infantry and lota mdc* EMC Volume 196-6 Disks • £16.50 ECS Motor Racing Wscng Bkos, Drag Sew*. SchumackeY. Mansell 4 tots d Formula One EMC Volume 197-6 Disks £16.50 - ECS Trains Packed Ml ol Rau-w of Steam Tram and OeisrtHectnc locomotive* EMC Volume 198-6 Disks • £16.50 ECS WaterLlfe TrcpcaFMv Cora* 4 Otre- Sea Cteetires. Great pictures tor Bachdrcp#' EMC Volume 199-6 Disks £16.50 ECS WoHd I Plea or Egypt (re Tutt). France. Gmee*. Nay, USA etc (Hdtoay Vtieo*?)
EMC Volume 200- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS World 2 Am Indans, A'nuta China, Bmei", 'rqg, Jac«r • Ire'S iMofOiy VKJOO#’) fNcnpmano pomcript clipart EMC Vol. 12 -6 Disks - £16.50 EPS Clipart Weddings. Houses. Office, Kids, Mil Planes Boats. Food.
EMC Vol. 13 - 6 Disks - £16.50 EPS Clipart Buildings. Animals, Sport, Aircraft, Hote, Chefs, People EMC Vol. 14 6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Clipart Houses. World Music, BiPlanes. Males/Females etc.. Don 't bother with the rest... ...BUY FROM THE BEST!
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Full drlMe ore available in (he EMC into pact and into pack updalat!
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suruegs another diuerse sackful of PO and shareware offerings
[qbErman Written by: Fablo Bizzetti Available from: Freestyle
PD pring is at last here and everything is alright in the
world. An end to the long dark evenings is some¬ thing in
itself, but I reckon people are generally less depressed and
more inclined to irrational prolonged periods of good temper
at this time of year.
It was, therefore, with a smile on my face that I tore open this month's bundle of jiffy bags and spread the contents across the desk. Among them, unable to be squeezed into the spatially-challenged PD pages, were yet more pro¬ grams whose title could be produced by rearranging the words Winner and Lottery.' (Still, only four this month, so things are looking up).
Also in there, and thoroughly worthy of reviews had they not graced these pages but a few issues ago, were new versions of two top-quality products: The definitive Thrust clone, Roketz. And the cheapest and best image processing package around, ImageStudio, which at version 2.0 now supports Arexx and can outpace Image FX. But enough of my drooling. The question on everyone’s lips is: Will any of the following join them as PD/shareware classics?
* 1 Edited by: Philip C Swales Available from: Philip C Swales
This is the first issue of what, unsurprisingly, turns out to
be a disk magazine dedicated to movies. First impressions are
good, with attractive introductory screens giving way to a
clear and lengthy index. This high standard is maintained in
the readable and generally well written articles, all of which
are neatly presented and free from irritating mistakes in
spelling and grammar.
As one would expect, a few recent film releases are reviewed, including Forrest Gump, City Slickers 2. IT. And plenty more.
But there's a great deal more to this maga¬ zine than simple reviews. Entertaining fea¬ tures on multiscreen cinemas, film censor¬ ship and TV language cuts, and even quizzes on some classic films.
It is refreshing to find such a professionally produced disk magazine covering an area so well. The only criticism I would have is that many of the articles are perhaps a little brief, although on balance this is made up for by the wealth of varied features present. The editor and contributors have done a marvel¬ lous job, and future issues of this diskmag should certainly be worth looking out for.
Qootje Produced by: Tragedy Available from: OnLine PD Disk No. OD28 I know it's pretty racist of me. But I've always found the Belgians a strange bunch. For example, they build motorways with tight bends and steep hills, have two languages with authentically bleepy sound effects q produce a beautifully presented game.
Roaming around the maz? Of dots ar*, loathsome bunch of computer foes; Th Macintosh apple, the joypad, the Atari Fi symbol, an Acorn, and an Empty badge. Physical contact with these to be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, ever, there are power pills dotted around maze which temporarily make them ble. Additionally, it is now possible to over the nasties or to turn around along a pathway to flee, avoiding them isn't always easy.
Cyberman is quite a tricky little and also very addictive. Part of th may come from the challenge of relate the 3D action to the conventional maze map in the top right-hand comer of screen, something which can prove than you might think. This is an and polished game featuring arcade action, and is the sort of game will entertain everybody.
And consequently two names for most of thei cities, and will charge you for using their toi lets. Still, I thought, slotting Zootje into tht drive. I've probably got the wrong impression Fruit Salad Written by: S Hayne Available from: Cheetah PD Typically jolly platform frolics are on offer Fruit Salad, complete with compulsory ga ish graphics and tinkly tunes. Basically, th object of the game is to scuttle and lea around a series of screens filled wii objects to collect and nasties to avoic Once the collectables are, erm, collects the background colours will start to cyck producing a rather
mad psychedelic effec A large red arrow will also appear, pointin the way to the next screen.
While on paper there doesn't seem to b a lot to Fruit Salad, in practice it presents fairly tough challenge because after oni the first couple of screens, things start t get hard Fruit Salad is hardly going to set th world on fire, but it's not a bad effort an there are plenty of far worse platformer about. The game is available from Pi libraries but it is shareware, so those wh play it are obliged to send the author fiver. Registered users receive a enhanced version of Fruit Salad Amiga Computing II® MAY 1995 GAME D of the MONTH = matching through a ¦¦w takes on m wholo «*» dimension in v •
got the cult MTV characters to a tee. As a consequence, if you're one of the distress¬ ingly large number of people who wander around mindlessly mumbling “Huh huh, that's like cool, and stuff then you’ll be in heaven.
More sane people might be impressed by the animation and crisp sound samples but will probably be eager to get back to the ostrich, and they won't be disappointed.
After something of a repeat performance, our lone ostrich makes way for a looping ani¬ mation of many things running along while the credits scroll up the screen.
At the end of the day, it's quite well done and I'm sure it’s very nice if you are into this sort of thing. Be warned though; don't expect to understand why on earth anybody would produce such peculiar ’entertainment.’ Dead Of flight falling all PD libraries... ...and individuals with absolutely any pro¬ gram, whatever its purpose, which you con¬ sider worthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licenceware, if it’s of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. I promise I'll at
least look at your work. Please clearly label the disk, and include a cover letter supplying a description of the disk contents and some basic instruc¬ tions. The address to send the disks to is: Dave Cuslck PD submissions Amiga Computing Media House Adiington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP detective work is the order of the day here.
While the majority of the screen area is taken up with a well-drawn depiction of the current location, complete with any occu¬ pants. An inventory is also displayed in a strip across the bottom of the screen.
When the right mouse button is pressed, an additional strip containing the options Close, Open, Take and Use appears.
Actions are accomplished by moving the pointer to one of these options and releas¬ ing the button, then left clicking on the ?
Dgians are probably perfectly sensible and normal people. Five minutes later I was surer tan ever that Belgians are a peculiar breed.
Zootje is a demo, and I won't even attempt to guess what the title means in English. It's got decent enough music and graphics but toe thing is, I can't understand why anybody vould want to put together a two minute sequence featuring a headbanging ostrich.
Its not all ostriches, however - there is a bnef interlude featuring the twosome the Radio Times is keen to describe as ‘the "eavy metal anti-heroes', Beavis and Butthead. I have to say that in all honesty, toe term I would be keen to describe these iw characters could not possibly be printed to a family magazine, but suffice it to say that to© aptly named programmers Tragedy have gnai oeccabte timing >* required during ¦ • ttage of Fruit Salad - and it's i the third screen This selection of cartoon clip art covers themes and characters as varied as skateboarding ducks and Roadrunner There
are. In total, five coloured screens and black and white screens, each filled with plenty of pictures.
The artwork (or it could be scanner- work, since it doesn’t Despite suffering a little from some minor translation errors, this Italian murder mystery game is a pretty impressive effort. In a man¬ ner not entirely dissimilar from Delphine’s Cruise For A Corpse, the plot finds several people together in an isolated location - in this instance a mountain chalet - where a murder has taken place. The victim, by the name of Diana, could have been killed by any one of the other eight individuals in residence. A good helping of pointy-clicky Awww, look at the cutesy- mention anywhere wootsy wabbits!
Screenfuls of hQW ,he djsk was similarly twee cartoon charac¦ , . . .
Ters are on offer on the Tiny dUCed) IS Of a high Toons clip Art disk standard throughout.
Produced by: Treeision Available from: Freestyle PD Some of the characters appear to be original, although it has to be said, a fair few are famous cartoon stars, which it must be said raises a few questions about copyright. With this in mind it appears to definitely be a case of ‘for personal use only,' Still, even in this sort of limited role the pictures could well be worth getting hold of. The coloured screens, attractive as they are, might not really prove very useful, but the black and white Screens are Certainly Attractive although slightly of sufficient variety and th* w°Hd Cup screen
is one of five quality for use by keen colouredp<cllire. On desktop publishers. Tiny Toons disk Amiga Computing I thtttfM object to perform the action.
Graphics and sound are impressive - par¬ ticularly the sampled sound effects which accompany many actions. Also, there’s always plenty of depth in games of this ilk. So Dead Of Night is a fairly fine game on all counts. Although I haven’t yet reached the message telling me that's as far as I can go.
This is apparently a demo version. The full monty costs US and is available from the authors.
ToagriEtit Fields lanhs Produced by: Magnetic Helds Available from: OnLine PD Disk No. OG87 From the title screen logo it appears this is the same Magnetic Fields responsible for the hit Lotus games. This might just raise expectations a little, although it would hardly be fair to expect PD offering Tanks to com¬ pare with that classic arcade racing series.
Approach MF Tanks as if it were any other PD disk and you'll find it to be a competent and enjoyable blaster.
Controlling your tank via the mouse, the objective is simply to seek out and destroy enemy tanks before they do the same to you. Hitting the left button fires, whereas the right button activates one of your three smart bombs, killing all enemies in the area.
The scanner at the top of the screen is an invaluable aid as increasingly large numbers of enemy tanks close in.
The simple line graphics might not look too Stunning but they contribute to a fast and smooth game. In fact, while Tanks is a very simplistic affair, it's actually quite enter¬ taining for a while. Admittedly, after a bit it does start to drag, but it is the sort of thing you can whip out every now and again for a quick blast.
Thinking a floppy disk is wrrto-protected when it’s not, and a whole host of other interesting offerings. And for just £1.75 for a total of 26 programs. Mega Disk 2 is also very good value.
As possibly being of use to bulletin board operators, this could prove useful for people writing Read-Me documents as. For example, a logo could be incorporated.
Games fans struggling with their favourites will be particularly interested in Frontier Trainer and Skidmarks Edit. These allow various settings to be altered, making the games slightly easier.
Among the best of the rest is Soundbox, a competent if slightly limited sound sample editor and converter. The small amount of documentation provided is in German but the interface is hardly difficult to work with and overall this isn’t a bad effort. In conclu¬ sion, this is an interesting although scarcely essential compilation of utilities. Still, it might be worth getting hold of if only for Jsplit. £& Welcome to paradise... Cheetah PD 29 Green Lane. Middlesborough.
Cleveland TS5 7SJ Freestyle PD 108 Woodside Way. Short Heath.
Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH (Tel: 01922 710985) OnLine PD 1 The Cloisters. Halsall Lane. Formby.
Liverpool L37 3PX (Tel: 01704 834335) Philip C Swales 28 Campbell Road, Hartlepool.
Cleveland TS25 3BB (MovieZone costs £1.40) Professional PD 28a Woodland Rise West. Sunway Park. Sheringham. Norfolk NR26 8PF Hot on the heels of Mega Disk #1. Which featured oodles of tiny top-quality games, comes this selection of utilities.
A couple of these programs will already be favourites of Amiga users across the country such as GUIarc, which removes a great deal of the tedium from archiving and extracting LHA files. There are also plenty of decent programs that might not be part of everybody's collection.
For instance, Arestaure is a file undeletion program, the sort of thing you might not fully appreciate the value of until that special file bites the dust and there's no back¬ up copy to fall back on. Chopper performs the same function as Jsplit, reviewed elsewhere in these pages, with a similarly attractive interface, and Crypt is an excel¬ lent file protection program ideal for paranoid comms buffs.
There’s also SystemSpeed. A tiny benchmark pro¬ gram, SoftProtect, a way of tricking your machine into A mixed bag of utilities are included on this disk, of which the highlight is probably Jsplit.
Imagine for a moment that you want to transfer a large file from your friends’ hard drive to your own - possibly a picture or a huge archive. The problem is. It's too big to fit on a floppy disk.
Jsplit is designed to deal with this sort of situation. It takes a file and basically splits it into parts of a specified size. It can then rejoin them later, perhaps on another machine, It's a simple but good idea and the user-friendly Interface makes this an extremely valuable program to have handy.
The descriptively named ILMB2ASCII converts IFF pictures into text files. As well tup Wtaur* kctltfkr kulvitiM 'Vjiroii kctUriti* 1 ________J1* ...l______I* & urn I e twHi iku i Compiled by: Jonathan Fisher Available from: Professional PD Disk No. MG02 Written by: Various Available from: OnLine PD Disk No. OU84 Flummq Utils *E 4 software accelerator It included on the Flummy Utilities disk mega Dish *B Iwi I POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a/b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 a TELEPHONE 0 1234 27300 TOWER CASES VIDEO DAC 18-BIT ?
Dt, and or just s also The free bundled software saves your images in the following formats: IFF.
IFF24, RGB and Anim, plus a scries of dithering modes to enhance the overall quality of the images.
YIDEODAC .......£39.95 i board people is. For d. their sted in These
• naking ndbox, ample )unt of an but rk with ondu- arcely Still,
it ily for ACEEX MODEMS I Epatibll rm cat omrni 1 A * ill
UamENit 'A .
' —• •»**¦ ¦ A SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 1500/4000 Upgradable to 8MB of RAM.
OCTOGEN 2008 .........£129 GRAPHIC SYSTEMS ¦ Microgcn genlock allows you to overlay professional looking graphics onto your home¬ made movies, Microgen comes complete with titling software and hardware controlled fades.
MICROGEN SVHS Genlock .£ I 79.95 MICROGEN \ HS Genlock . . .£99.95 Yideon 3.0 unlocks the Amiga’s graphic potential. Digitize and display all 4096 colours in high resolution mode and the stunning
29. 791 colours mode. Digitize in 24-bit. Directly from a VCR.
Video Camera, LaserDisc. Ere.
VIDEON 3.0..........£139.95 Maxigen 2 is a very high quality genlock for overdaying graphics onto VHS or SVHS. Full hardware fades, colour composition controls and excellent keying quality.
MAXIGEN 2 Genlock £299.95 Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 —livenes are subject to stock availability f- The A1200 Tower comes complete with 3 x
5. 25” drive bays, 5 x 3.5" drive bays, real time clock. 5 x
Zorro slots, 4 x PC slots and a key¬ board interface.
The A4000 Tower comes complete with 6 x
5. 25" drive bays, 5 x 3.5’ drive bays, real time dock, 7 x Zorro
slots and 5 x PC slots.
Both Towers arc easy to install.
TOWER A1200 ...........£499 TOWER A4000 ...........£429 EXTENDED KEYBOARD ,£29.95 PSU 230watt ......£99.95 PSU 250watt (available 3/95) . .£ I 29.95 Uecx Fax Modems feature: Full Haynes ipatiblity, error detection + correction, cable and manuals included, Ncomm lunications software. Auto dial. Auto ' and leased line support.
ACEEX v32 BIS 14,400 bps £169 ACEEX v32 BIS FanFax 28,800 bps £229 TRAPFAX Fax Modem Software . . .£49 GENLOCKS/DIGITIZERS HbdDEM CD-DE ¦ | OCTOGEN SCSI-2 This card allows you to connect a CD-ROM drive o your Amiga 2000/3000/4000, Syqucst
5. 5" and IDE HD's. Complete with cables, ¦ofrwarc and manual.
ROM 2.04 or above.
TANDEM CD-DE CARD £69 VGA ADAPTOR...........£15 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE Connect SCSI pcrphicrals £59.95 AURA 12/16-bit direct- to -disk sampler A600/1200 ........... .£79.95 MEGALOSOUND 8-bit direct- to -disk sampler, all Amiga's £29.95 VIDEOMASTER AGA Realtime video with sound ? Stills A600/1200 £59.95 VIDEOMASTER AGA RGB VidcoMisicr AGA plus ColourMaster .£99.95 VIDEOMASTER Realtime video with sound ? Stills A500/A500t . . . .£52.95 VIDEOMASTER RGB VidcoMastcr plus ColourMaster A500/A500. £89.95 COLOURMASTER RGB splitter for VidcoMastcr............£52.95 PROMIDI INTERFACE Amiga Midi
interface.............£ 19.95 PICASSO II | Picasso II is a 24-bit graphics card offering true retargerable graphics on any Zorro based Amiga. Picasso resolutions arc available from the standard Screen Modes program, all useable by OS friendly programs. 'Hie new Chunky option offers incredible speed with a 256 Workbench which is many times faster than AGA! All screens arc stored in fast RAM, removing 2MB Chip RAM limitations. PicassoModc allows the creation of custom screens quickly and simply. Picasso II comes with TVPaint Junior and drivers for InugeFX. AdPro. ImageMasrcr, Real 3D and GIF,
IFF. JPF.G and MPEG viewers. Also included is the MainActor animation program.
PICasso II........£299.95 with tv paint 2.0 £329.95 PABLO Video Encoder . .£ I 29.95 512 X 32 72pin Simm .. .£79.95 GARY............ 1 X 32 72pin Simm . .
..£149.95 PAULA...........
- ---£19 1 x 8 30pin Simm ... .. .£34.95 DENISE .......... ...£19
4 x 8 30pin Simm .. ..£149.95 SUPER DENISE ____ .. .£25 1 x 8
GVP Simm ... ..£159.95 KEYBOARD 1C..... —£12 1 X 4 Static
Column A3000 . . .£50 FAT AGNUS IMB ... —£19 1 X 4 DIP.......
......£50 FAT AGNUS 2MB ... .. .£29 256 x 4 DIP ..... .......£5
.....£6 1 x 1 DIP....... .......£5 RS232 CABLE...... _____£6 CIA .......... ......£12 SCSI EXTERNAL . . .
- ---£15 Video Dac 18-bit is a graphics card which allows the
Amiga to display
262. 144 colours simultaneously. The software can display images
or animations created and saved with any other 24-bit
Video Dac 18-bit plugs externally into the RGB connector with thru' port capabilities, allowing the use of digitizers such as Videon. Or a genlock recording with your VCR any image you created in
262. 144 colours.
Video Dac 18-bit is able to split the screen and display images/animations ar different resolutions or colours at rhe same time.
HISOFT PRODUCTS CHIPS/SPARES All products have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available At snces rcAde YXT ipeclrxcni ra pnees srr subcct to cnr*. J. rctxe 4 rademrt; re i-.w.Mj.; Ail or*n r wr«ng or by tetepbx* vwl oe Krcpwd artf mto <xr wr* ini caxtars ot mat, copet of me frw of e-jrge on rrxfjro GRAPHICS 11 J ^ nyone interested in 3D modelling has, “W\ at some point, seen a model so well made it makes them stop and admire the creator's handiwork. Whether it be dinosaurs, animated human faces, or cars with smooth,
flowing lines, there are plenty of exam¬ ples around that make you think “how did they do that?"
Often, the answer is that they used a 3D digi¬ tiser to ‘scan’ a physical object and import its vital statistics to a ray tracing package, where the model is tidied up before textures and other effects are added. Indeed, much of the drudge work in modelling can be done by electronic sidekicks if you have the sort of production bud¬ gets enjoyed by Industrial Light and Magic.
In high-end digitisers used by movie compa¬ nies, a scanning laser beam builds up a picture of an object's surface in minute detail before passing the data to a Silicon Graphics machine for interpretation. The 3D artist can build a model in plastic or any other substance, or have it built by the traditional model makers who brought us the Star Wars designs, then digitise it to cut out most of the time-consuming job of translating the model to computer graphics.
PRICE DROP For a long time now, small companies and enthusiasts have been unable to use this sort of technology, but a growing number of American manufacturers are releasing smaller, less expensive digitisers which are now coming down in price - enough for them to be a realis¬ tic option. One such unit is the Immersion Personal Digitiser which, though still not cheap, is a powerful tool for any modeller.
Laser scanning would be far too expensive, so the personal digitiser makes use of a jointed arm (much like a robot arm) with a stylus on the end. This sits on a bread-board-sized base and is connected to the Amiga via a control box and serial cable.
Build quality is as good as you'd expect from a device costing this much. The arm itself is made of tough, thick plastic with a solid brass stylus, and the base board is half an inch thick with rubber feet to stop it sliding around. To avoid any plug difficulties on either side of the Atlantic, the control box uses a standard kettle lead connection, and all necessary cabling Good For qour bones Digitising (including a custom serial cable) is supplied.
The unit’s Vertisketch software is installed in no time and uses Arexx macros to enable the digitiser to be controlled directly from Lightwave's Modeller. There are several con¬ trol macros, but the most important - Get Point - simply passes a position request to the digitiser's control unit which replies with a three dimensional co-ordinate. A point is then created on screen to correspond to the arm's positron when the macro was invoked.
Hardly any delay is involved in the process, so digitising a long series of points is a simple matter of moving the stylus to a new location with one hand and hitting the relevant function key with the other. The manual suggests using F10 for the Get Points macro, but you can set this system up any way you like.
Several macros are supplied to ensure agreement between the arm and Lightwave's internal 3D world. Set Origin, for example, can be used to select any point within the arm's reach and treat that point as Modellers equiv¬ alent of co-ordinate 0,0,0, and the Set Orientation macro ensures that your digitising table is oriented in the same way as the Modeller environment. The latter becom very important because you have an obj< which is too big or awkward to digitise in ai piece. By creating a simple triangle Modeller and aligning it with another that y create using the digrtiser, users can enst
that the centre of the digitiser's universe always in the same Lightwave position.
With this common frame of reference, is much easier to ensure that two parts ol larger object can be glued together ags once they've been digitised.
I say much easier, but the process still is what you'd call a walk in the park. Probal the biggest limitation of digitisers Such as tl one is that they have problems with large oddly-shaped subjects.
At full stretch, the tip of the stylus will rea about 55cm from the base of the arm. T when you have to loop the arm up and ov an object, this reach comes down to abc 30cm or \ess.
For objects such as a thigh bone (usee one of the pre-supplied examples), this me digitising in two or more sections and resulting hassles when the finished modi glued together in Lightwave.
For smaller objects, the arm is easily « ble of digitising a complete object, anc Amiga Computing GRAPHICS Steuie hennedg loohs at - Immersion Personal digitiser - and finds an Bhpensiue - short-cut to modelling heauen - accuracy is impressive. When the stylus is ''eld to the subject's surface at a reasonable angle, errors are in the order of about half a rnlmetre. It’s only when you're really stretch- ng to reach a difficult spot with the stylus that pouts can start to fty around a little.
If the angle between the stylus and the object is less than about 45 degrees, your <*gitised points sometimes appear in unpre¬ dictable places, though this can be rectified mth a quick move operation. Keep the arm within its more comfortable limits and it hardly tver misses the target.
The aim uses sensors at each joint similar to those used in robotics, and these sensors need only keep a very careful eye on the angle at which the arm is being rotated. With toe information, and knowledge of the arm’s physical dimensions, working out the three dimensional position of the stylus tip is a relatively simple maths puzzle.
Scornes t object ? In one ngle lhat you ensure /erse is ence. It irts of a r again isn’t ‘robably i as this large or ill reach but nd over
o about used as means and the nodel is ly capa and its TRUE SIZE
The firmware on board the control box uses real world
measurements, so if you are digitis- ng a model of a Spitfire
which is only 15cm long you'll have to scale it up to its
proper vir¬ tual size later on. This should be seen as an
advantage rather than a disadvantage, though, as it ensures the
hardware side of the equation always knows what it's doing and,
more importantly, where.
Once all lines have been digitised, you should be able to use Modeller’s Skin feature to create a continuous surface across the splines, or the Patch option if you want more control - though this is a trickier method. The finished model’s quality and accuracy are affected more by the user's skill at judging where to take sample points and how many samples to take, rather than the accuracy of the arm.
This is the tricky bit, and requires a fair Amiga Computing MAY 1995 amount of patience and practice. The use of plasticine (again, a small amount of this is supplied) or tape to stick a subject firmfy to the digitising table is highly recommended, and any time spent marking off the grid and think¬ ing about the best way to digitise each object pays great dividends.
Be warned that you'll need a steady hand to get the most from Immersion - the arm moves very freely on its joints and can’t be positioned 'hands off.' There's an optional foot pedal which can be used to leave both hands free when sampling points, but I found that stomping on this usually caused my hands to wobble at exactly the wrong moment.
Apart from these considerations, there’s very little to worry about when using Immersion, and onty those with absolutely no dexterity will have any real problems.
You’d have to be a dedicated and wealthy enthusiast to splash out on a peripheral such ¦HR ' _ Implementation Value for money Overall as this, but for many small companies and self-employed 3D artists the Immersion Personal Digitiser is a high quality, accurate tool which would quickly repay the investment through offering increased flexibility and cutting down on modelling time.
It’s just a pity we're going to have to send it back.
Svsttm EssEniiflis RED = Essential BLACK = Recommended Lightwave 3D software The bottom line Product: Immersion Personal Digitiser Price: £1.599+VAT (prices vary according to any software or implements included) Supplier Raytech BBS Phone: 01862 832000 Ease of use GAMES£ EDUCATION 1831APOLI011 (2) Text cook about Apollo misl 1527 BACK TO SCHOOL 1-3 (J» Educational games lor kids 1632 CALCULUS COMBAT (1) Montai arithmetic quiz 946 DINOSAURS VOL 1 (1) Tern book all about Dmowurs 1636 OR STRANGE (1) Excellent colourful platform game 1829 DUMMIES GUIDE TO COMMS AND INTERNET (2) A very helpful aude
to the net TREENS 5 * (1) A1200 ONLY 1865 AGA UTILITIES (3) Ror>324 PPShow. Viewitk.
Bblan*, ForceVOA DoubfoX.
Icon Ulusoo. Oucfc Grab, AMIGA PD & SHAREWARE GENERAL UTILITIES 1919 USOOS > AMGA DOS 2J (1) Adis Lwd* M«WdS ID til Amga 1261 N COMM V3(1) Modem package 1987 PAGESTREAM 3F UP0ATE (2) 1318 PrfNTER DRIVERS (1) Caron BJ; HP Dea^et ftcoh U>1200 1998 R.A.E. TUTOR (1| A must ter amateui tado enlhjaeils 17S6 SO PROf V2.01* 4(1) The very IsiKi version 1770 SNOOPDOS V3 4 (1) 1948 TERM V4(3) EMM Term package 1305 TEXT ENGME V4.1 (1) Text EdlcrAVord processor 1833 THE DESIGNER 4(1) A GUI creator 1920 VIRUS CHECKER VS50 (1) The latest Virm Checker - a mud 2011 VISION A SOUND 4 (3) PPMore, PPShow. PPAram
etc. HamS-JPeg. Ooudnte.
1619 A1200 HD SET UP (1) A12M HD prep disk 1273 AS1 RX P6SK(1) Get A500 programs *orkng' 1431 BC TIME SENSUALITY (2) Impressive MegaDerro 1358 BlG GIRLS (X) (1) 1732 BODY SHOP 6 (X) (3) Page 3 style pictures 1834 BREATHTAKING DEMO (5) Megaoemc needs 4 megtiHD 1875 C CRAWFORD (X)(3) 1881 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (X) (3) Excellent pictures of lop models 1873 CHANNEL Z MAG (2) Packed artdes. Utrtlws etc 1758 CYBERTECH CORP (3) Destroy me Alen# if you can!
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Textbook Classical Mythology JFO<6) Full inlormaitoi aboui UFOa
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WAR 11(1) Second World War textbock 1607 WORLD MAPS COLOUR CLIP
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PACK 16 disks packod with AGA beauties Irom the famous Body
Shop collection £12.00 (A1200 only - not suitable fgr anyone
imder 16) OFFICE PACK 5 essential toots tor the small office -
Word Processor. Database.
Spreadsheet. Forms Designer & Accounts £4.50 1864 PERIHELION (1) 1986 PRETTY WOMAN (1) 1852 RANMA (MANGA) (1) 1852 RETURN OF THE JEOi 1984 RIPPIN YARNS (1) 1851 SAILORMOON (1) 1642 SANDMAN (FUTURIST) (1) 1980 SHERILYN FENN (X)(1) 1718 STAR tR£K OLD (1) 17M STAR TREK NEW (1| 1853 STAR WARS (1) 1785 SWIMSUITS (X) (1) 1857 TRADITIONAL (1) 1783 X-MfiN (l) (D BITS* PIECES 450 files of various clips drum loops etc in Music-X (10 disks). Amiga MIDI (9 asks) and PC MIDI (9 <fcsks) formats £6.00 MIDICRAFT MAGAZINE Folowng on from where the highly successhil AM'FM leA off, tf*s new NEW - AURAL ILLUSION
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required) produced and arranged by Kevan & Gareth Craft Volume 1-£15.00 Vol 2 for Keys - £10.00 Volume 3 • £20.00 Dynamite Drums 1 - £10.00 Dynamite Drums 2 - £15.00 Call for further details TYPING TUTOR 2 Updated version of this comprehensive Typing Tutor with NATIONAL LOTTERY-IT COULD BE YOU!
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ETHEREAL -£2.S0 Amiga floppy disk version ol Dave Sulirvans track for the
* Am*ga Experiment" CD.
Although the CD may not now be published you can hear Daves work on this huge OdMED module Fruit machint sin (Need iMeg i FI 40 HENRY HOUSE (£4.99) ARTIE4.99) acannedrtFF pica H/W PROGRAMMERS MANUAL Vol 5 & 6 now available
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Exceaent Horse Racing Sim.
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3. Wordworlh 2*.
Page Setter 3 etc. £12.00 IMAGINE OBJECTS 16 Disks packed full of quality Imagine objecis covering many subjects.
£1 2.00 2009 HARO DRIVE UTILS I (2) Abac* Up, Fa Cw*. VC. Cick Do* 2.
ReOig, Daemon, VY Back Upefc 1918 HO GAMES 2 MSTALLER(I) Install many game* on to your HD mctudng Model Kombat etc. 1626 ICON EDITOR V4 (1) Eoelurr Shareware Icon Editor 2003 IMAGE STUDIO V2 4 (2) Latest Shareware version - Image processor and conversion package 1961 IMAGINE OBJECTS (3) Excelcrl Surwara objects 1954 IMAGINE OBJECTS (1) Babylon 5 objects 1719 LION K1IG CLIPART (3) IFF Colour cipart Irom Disney 1768 MENY MENU SYSTEM • (1) Menu system u»d on H.AMFM etc. 788 MESSY SID 2(1) Amiga > PC F4e converter 1999 MORSE COOE TUTOR (1) Eicelerc training program OctaMED MODS Hundreds of modules
from the Med Users Group members collection 10 Osks per peck, 6 packs currently available C8.00 per peck SAMPLE ILLUSIONS A collection of unique sounds created with the Aural Illusion samplo processing package and saved as 8-wt IFF samples 8 disks for £5.00 KLONDIKE AGA Klondike V3 ? 10 card sets Airbrush. C64. Puzzled.
Trad. Reko. C. Crawford, Faces. Manga, Iron Maiden (A1200HD Only) £8.00 for set ASSASSINS GAMES We slock the ocmpfele range ol Assassns Games (1-226) SPECIAL OFFER - BUY 10 DISKS FOR ONLY £8.00 ASI215 Super Battlezone. Cybertns. Mash the Potato* ASI216 Bomber 2000. Black Dawn 94. Dice ASI217 Mangled Fenders. Dual Maze. Cubik ASI218 Age of Rock. Hearts Black Lady. Commando Rad AS1219 Chopper Attack, Route 66. Gimme 5 AS1220 Or Strange. Ajien Frenry, 1-Worm ASI221 Hoi Ar, Brazza n Rum, Pott of Fun ASI222 ESP. Loop N Loop. Pong II ASI223 Laser Bikes. Oporatcn Desort Storm. Poker Soliiare. Maze
AS1224 Square Slones. Top Hal Willy. Star Buster ASI225 Steel Devils. Xenosto. Back Gammon ASI226 Jimpng Jack. Tochnobal Z*o AS1WB6 Mni Pacman, Esnake. Roach Farm. Otieao. Super Cod.
Wbren. Masiermnd. Mno Swepper 2 7 MUSIC UTILITIES 1706 AUDIO MAGIC 8 4(1) FM Synth, Midi Packet Mastor.
OctaMED Player. X Module ete 1998 AUOtQ MAGIC 12 4(1) Sound Machine. Some Drum KA Ptay 16.CD-DA 1767 DROP IN THE OCEAN (1) Demo of at Midicrafl products 1921 EAGLE PLAYER V1.54 (1) Nuti (orrrai music player (LHA format) 1482 MIDI TUTORIAL (1) Problems with MIDI - Help is here 1989 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 1 (1) 1990 MI04 UTILITIES VOL 2 (2) Loads of useful Midi utilities 1992 MUSIC X UTILITIES VOL 1(1) 1993 MUSIC X UTILITIES VOL 2 (3) Packed with MjSCX UtllbS* 1463 NO SAMPLER? (3) Various nppers and other tools 1444 OctaMED V4 MANUAL (1) Hafpwuh OctaMED V4 2024 PROTRACKER V3.15(1) Latest version of
this popular backer 1472 THE BEST OF 94 (3) Dak mag total OctaMED were 1855 X BEAT PRO «(1) The very latest Drum Uachne OCTAMED tS MODULES 1458 BARNEY WARTS Tf ALL (1) 1925 FADE TO GREY (2) 1461 FRIEN05 OF PAULA 5(1) 1659 FRIENDS OF PAULA 6(1) 1927 HARMOMOUSLY OlFFEflENT (1) 1438 MAKINTRAX VOL 1(1) 1501 MELODIC ALLY CORRECT (1) 1503 MUSICALLY CHALLENGED (1) 1928 MUSIC FIRST BLUES (1) 1661 ROBS ROCKERS (2) 1922 TALK TALK VOL 1 (15M)(1) 1923 WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME (2) We also stock entire range of Med User Group Sampte* bid Modi ious of othh hohus m HtOTfUtKlS ire. 4*0 THOUSANDS Of IfVMW SANfUS
ALSOAHIUMl 2014 THE GATHERWG M (10) Various Modules from The Gathering 94 Party (LHA format) FI UCENCEWARE WE STOCK THE COMPLETE RANGE OF F1 TITLES F1 07 FORTRESS * (£3.99) Vf» trttdtnSMM) gant iNced 2 tog am F1 10 KARATE MASTER 4 (£3.99) Seriou* Karate aim (2 Mm chip) FI IIREUC5 OF DELDRONEYE (t8.») Epic adventure game <2 Meg chip) FI 22 ASK ME ANOTHER (£3.99) Educational programa to 3* year* F127 THE STATES OF EUROPE (E3» Encyclopaedia about Europe F1 28 C.L INDEX 4 (£3.99) Amiga Oox C commands ref book FI 31 POWER BASE « (£3.99) Powerful, user friendly i F1 33 POWER PLANNEI Personal
organiser F134F1 CHALLENGE #(£3.99) Manage your own GP racing tear FI 37 SUPER BINGO 2 4 (£3.99) Bingo F138 Colourful platlorm game for lodi FI 42 MAGPIES KIDS CLIP A I scanned FI 43 MAGPIES CUP ART (£7.99) 900 high quality acannetVIFF pics F1 44 BLACKBOARD V3 (£5.99) Image processor. Needs 2 drives F1 48 ERIK (£3.99) quality platform game FI SO BEG»*ERS GUWE TO AMOS Jt499l FI 51 WoflKBENCHAMlGADOSltfAWi Text book about Kick V2 or above F1 55 AMOSZINE 4 (£3.99) Special edition to ait Amoa users F1 59 PUNTER (£3.99) 1*4 Player Horae Racing Game F1 60 ULTIMATE OUIZ (£3.99) Well presented Trivia
Quiz FI 61 CAPTAIN CARNAGE (£3.99) Excellent 'Alien Syndrome* gams FI 68 G.R.A.C. 4 (£4.99) Powerful Graphic Adventure Croatia F1 69 GUITAR CHORD COACH (£3.991 A must for a* guitarist. - teach chorda CD ROMS CD-ROM prices include p&p (UK enlyl BUY DIRECT FROM - I THE U.S.A. & SAVE S MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT 2 ¦ £29.95 The long awaited follow up to the flighty successful Multimedia Toolkit 1 has arrived and this double CD has got to be THE release of the year v©f$*6rt of OctaMED V5.04. hundreds of modules, samples and utilities from D User Group and OctaMED BBS. Over 50 Megs of MIDI/Music-X files and
other from the Craft brothers, 140 Megs of Imagine and 50 Megs of Lightwave objects, of textures, backdrops, landscapes and other pics in 24-bit JPEG, Ham-0 and (Scala etc. formats), loads of Magic Workbench Icons etc. and lots, lots more.
OUR OWN AMIGA CD ROMS BCI-M.T CD (DECEMBER 94) night CD< £9.99 Brought to you by BETTER CONCEPTS INC.. dm CD contain* over | GIG of the latent, greatest, most useful program* off the Internet. Utilities, gamcv graphic*, mutic. Entertainment plus tone more' All complete with a custom built interface written jUit for thi* CD that will let you smooth through the archived files A allow you to launch any program, without ever leasing the interface' Planned to be released quancrly. Ihe latest version (available t* DECEMBER 94 ~ SHEER DE1.IGHT CD32/CD £14.99 [Adults only please' This CD is specially
designed for your CD32 or AMIGA CD ROM Filled with over 3.800 images of beautiful women posing in I t*. Lingerie, semi nude, plus more' MUSIC MOD & SOUND EFFECT CD
• Specially geared towards Amiga owners
• Over 2.800 Music MODS (Clauieal. Pop.
Rock. Techno. Acid. Rave. Mellow...)!
• Over 6.300 Sound Sample* ranging from Sound Effect*. Digitized
speech, all kinds of inurnment* & more
• Also comes with several MOD & Sound Sample player* for your
Amiga computer' 17-BIT PHASE FOUR - £19.95 All the very latest
from the 17-Bit collection.
ADULT SENSATIONS-£19.95 The perfect companion for all nature lovers.
AMOS PD-£19.95 t*-« official AMOS PD library (1 to 621) and lots more ASSASSINS COLLECTION - £19.95 (fcw 650 games ready to run from an easy to use menu CDPD 4 ¦ £19.95 F*h disks 891 to 1000. AM/FM. GNU C/C++, etc DESKTOP VIDEO-£14.95 Sacks of textures, fonts, backgrounds, objects & utils.
EMERALD MINES-£14.95 Over 10.000 levels of this classic game OK on CQ32 FRESH FISH 8 - £24.99 Double CD with Ihe very latest from Fred Fish (Fresh Fish 7 still available at £19.95) GOLDFISH £29.95 Fred Fish 1 to 1000 in archived and ready to run form GOLD FISH 2 - £29.95 Double CD with the best of Fresh Fish 1 to 6 HOTTEST 5-£19.95 Very latest demos, games, amms etc. trom PD-Soft.
(Hottest 4 still available at £19.95) ILLUSIONS 3D - £9.95 Loads of Stereogram tools & pics for the Amiga & PC LSD/17-BIT COMPENDIUM - £19.95 LSD Legal Tools 1 to 149, Pics. Anlms & much more NETWORK ROM-£14.95 Various networking tools. Fish. AMOS. T-Bag etc. PROFESSIONAL UTILITIES - £19.95 Over 1500 disks of applications & utilities from PD-Soft PROF. GIF £19.95 PROF. PCX - £19.95 SOUNDS TERRIFIC £19.95 &3uble CD with thousands of music files for Amiga & PC.
W. S. CLIP ART - £9.95 W.S. FONTS - £9.95 AMINET 5 - £19.95
Latest offenngs from the Aminet archive. Thousands of files of
applications, mods, demos tools etc. & over 1000 games.
• Specially geared towards Amiga owttts
• Clip Art Directory contain* over 2.500 BdkW EPS Structured
Image*. 1.500* IFF Image*, plu* over 8.000 PCX Images'
• 1.000'* of Type 1 Adobe Fonts A Postscript Fonts!
• All vour Desktop Publishing & Word Processing need* on one CD'
AMINET PACK 1 £34.95 The best value CD title around. Aminets 1
to 4, recompiled and updated on this massive 4 disk set.
Bathing *uit*.
Image* are all U.K. OK!
All complete with MANY MORE ON THE WAY!
RGAIN CD32 TftLES SXI EXPANSION BOARD FOR CD32 Thu expansion bos plugs into the buck of your CD32 and turns it into an Amiga 1200 clone' Allows you to hook up RGB monitor, parallel device.] send device, floppy drives, external 3.5 inch & internal 2.5 inch IDE hard; drives, any AT-101 style keyboard, additional RAM. Mouse A more Wh) j only have a CD32 when vou can have an A1200 also' Onlv £ 129!!
• Keyboard for SXI add £25 • Additional 4MB RAM add £ 103 BA
Pinball Fj Ibrccd S B Pinball Fantasies/Sleepwalker £9; Alien
Breed S F Vquak £16.90; Chaos Engine j£8; Bubba A St.x £11;
Cannon Fodder ]£I2; Premier £7 JO; Manchester l td Ltd Soccer
£10; Banshee £10; Skeleton krew £18; Cattles II £9. Dragonstonc
£19; FI) Harder £9. Month 16 25. Kid Chaos £9; Arcade Pool
£9.99; Lost Viking* £9; Chuck Rock I £6.25; Out to Lunch £9.
Chuck Rock II £7.50. Overkill £9; Tower Assault £18.
Darkseed £10; Super Starduu £18; Total [Carnage £6 25, Digger* £8; Co'ergirl Strip Poker t K/B reiTT £9.
This b just a small part of what w» null* have. Get our cutalocur to see over 100 lillo listed for CD32!
ANIMATIONS-£19.95 2 CD set from Weird Science containing over a gigabyte of all types and sizes of animations. All ready fo run from easy fo use menus.
7. APFO CDI200 CD ROM DRIVE An external, double speed CD ROM
drive that hook* up to your A1200'*| PCMCIA *kx and allow* you
to run CD32, CDTV, any Amiga CD ROM,: audio CD'*. Kodak Photo
CD'* & more! Only £169!!
• W/Soflware Bundle • I; Global Effect CD. Diggers CD &
Competition Pro Pad Only £184.99
• W/Sodw are Bundle K2. Pinball FantaueUSIeepwalkcr CD. Mean
Arena* CD A Competition Pro Pad Only £1*4 99 LSD/17-BfT VOL 2
£19.95 Over 600 Meg of the latest comms. Leisure, programming &
utils software for Kicksfart 2 4 3 users.
SPECTRUM SENSATIONS £19.95 Amiga & PC Spectrum emulators and masses of Speccy games BETTER CONCEPTS, INC. 10 MANDON TERRACE NEW CITY, NY 10956 USA 914-639-5095 VOICE!
914-634-7097 FAX Buy any 2 CD-ROM's and sai/e 10% Buy B for a massive IS% discount DISKS A BOXES (£1.00 pip) DSDD DISKS 100% error free (price includes labels) 10-£4.00 50 -£18.75 100-£35.00 DSDD BRANDED 10 • £5.00 50 - £22.50 100- £40.00 DSHD DISKS 10 - £5.00 50 - £22.50 100-240.00 DSHD BRANDED 10 -£7.00 50 - £32.50 100-£60.00 EXTRA DISK LABELS 100-21.50 500 - £6.00 1000 - 210.00 DISK BOXES 10 cap -£1.25 (buy 5 for £5.00) 40 cap - £4.00 100 cap-24.99 MEGA MOUSE Micfoswitched
* oodpi ultra high resolution £12.95 KIDZ MOUSE £12.95
comprehensive courses (each is a compilation of, lTSPEAK!
Programs with a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) ... of excellent quality (eg, "LCL are the best for providing help in this nk area " AMIGA COMPUTING) C=9S* in AMIGA COMPUTING REVIEW) with far loo many topics lo list, but some example!, arc; CD32 or Amiga CD. (Zappo etc) • 30 programs including film-like
* Ad or* talk to you in French k you reply • Top CD Music etc
Cjop seiie"r> 24 programs equiv • Algebra • Geometry •
Trigonometry • Statistics ^Arithmetic etc |MK R(> F KhINCH
(Beginners - GCSE)| CggmpXTrtk£> Real speech • Graphics
adventure game • Talking cannon clc ACCESSORIES MOUSE MAT - C2
-£17.50 JOYSTICKS APACHE 1 - £7 50 PYTHON 1M - C9.95
STARFIGHTER • £9.95 ZPSTlCK - £12 95
• c ANALOGUE joysticks AVENGER - £12.50 SUPER WARRIOR-£17 50
132 COLUMN PRINTER - £4,99 14* MONITOR • £4 99 A5QCVA600A1200 •
£2 99 (stale model required) CABLES A CORRECTORS PRINTER LEAD
(1.8m) - £3.99 PRINTER LEAD (5ml-£6.99 MODEM LEAD • Cs 99 AMIGA
8m) - £4.99 4 PLAYER ADAPTOR • £5 99 LONG JS EXTERNDER - £4 99
(3.0m) - £4.99 MIDI LEAD 6 0m}-£6.99 Compute? Talk 24 program*
• Real speech • Graphic* adventure game • Business letter
generator etc [MICRO Kma.ISH (H years - GC’SEi | 24 programs •
Speak & Spell • Punctuation • Grammar • Literature etc ~~
[\UCR(H*PANI$I^^^car^^CS^^usincss)Jj C^ompuSr Talkj^ 24
program* • Real speech • Graphic* adventure game • Business
letter generator 11 Mb) etc (?.») (£3.99) r kldi (£4.991 r p*C«
C7.W) Fpici
• W) irivM ss (UJJ9) PARNET
1. 8m lead - £10.00
5. 0m lead-215.00 CD11 - AMIGA SERIAL LEAD £19.95 STARTS* PACK
Uunk Disks. Mouse Mat, Head Cleaning Kit, 100 Capacity Disk
Box, Amiga Dust Cover stale A500/A60CVA1200) £15.00
[^^O^^j^M^^j^h£sicsjChcmisti^Biolo£^(liwjars^jGC^^ 24 programs
• Tuition • Practical experiments • Learning by pictures
• Adventure game (1 Mb) etc Il’RIMARV MATHS Col KSE (3-12 years)
j 2 l program* • Tables • Add • Subtract • Divide
• Multiply (Long k Short) • Fractions etc [MFG^MATllM^cve^ourse^l
24 programs • Calculus • Algebra • Geometry • Full-screen
graphs etc £5 OFF TOTAL FOR 2 COURSES. £10 OFF FOR 3. £17 OFF
FOR 4 *AI i^n* Lcl Cue n Sand Cramcup*4 * ¦ il top; All courses
are on floppy disk and cost £24.99. except CD MICRO FRENCH
which costs £29.99. Cheques payable 10 LCL. Free catalogue
Trade enquiries welcome.
LCL (DEPT AMC). THAMES HOUSE. 73 BUNDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON-THAMES. OXON RG9 Iqb Please remember to add the following Postage & Packing charges: 50p to orders for P.DVLicenceware only (£1.50 Europe. £3.00 R.O.W.) or £1.00 if your order includes other items (Europe & R O W. at cost).
Please make cheque&/po*tal orders payable to SEASOFt COMPUTING and send to: SEASOFT COMPUTING. Unit 3. Martello Enterprise Centre, Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN 17 7PA or telephone (01903)850378
10. 00am to 7.00pm Mon-Fri (to 5pm Sat) Callers by appointment
only please ) C3-W) gamo Creator £3.99) chords hH Phone 0491
579345 sent within 24hrs ?
AM A1200 RAM A600& A1200 HARD DRIVE New low-cost 32 bit A1200 RAM cards with dock. FPU socket & standard 72 pin simms.
0MB card 1MB card 2Mb card 4MB card 8mb card For FPU see below A500 A1200 A4000 £30.95 £35 95 n/a n/a £55.95 £55 95 A500 A1200 A4000 £39.95 £39.95 £39.95 £59,95 £59.95 £59,95 Best Time to buy 2.5" e49 £65 hard drive for your A600 Epson gtsooo I Epson GTI 9000 image FX SPECIAL OFFER OCR s\v for above scanner & A1200 with our SPECIAL OFFER this MONTH.
80mb £79 120mb £130 260mb £200 340mb £275 all above drives includes cables & software £99 £169 £299 PRINTERS A 600 RAM ; CITIZEN ABC COL 200 COL 240 COL HEWLETT PACKARD 320 520 560 EPSON STYLUS 720 DPI £159 £179 £229 1Q £229 500 £249 £399 £449
3. 5” ide Hard Drive for A1200 or A4000 all at jLOW! LOW! Prices
130mb £101 270mb £150 420mb £155 540mb £179 730mb £239 ’gig
£399 i 3.5" drives fit straight in to A4000.
And can be fitted into an A1200 with’ ^ a bit of effort & a cable kit.
A1200 cable kit £10 SQUIRREL £289 £229 £419 Microvitec 1438 Philips 8833MK2 Microvitec 1440 Internal External £179 £248 £285 £359 £185 £255 £195 £265 SyQuest cartridge 44mb 88mb 200mb 270mb 105mb
3. 5" SCSI & SCSI 2 Hard Drive all at SPECIAL OFFER ¦ I20mb £99
“5 '270mb £169 340mb £229 540mb £229 1gig £429 Floating point
unit for our A1200| ram cards & Viper boards 28MHz 33MHz .
40MHz £79 0mb 50MHz £110 £34 £39 £60 £49 £42 Simms for GVP1230 11MB £35 4MB £199B
* This simm are also used in GVP 1230 II. A580 & G-Force TANDEM
All new Tandem card for A1500 to A4000 now supports MITSUMI 3
speed & 4 speed CD-ROM Tandem card £69 MITSUMI 3 speed £169
MITSUMI 4 speed £199 Tandem can also used as IDE hard drive
Alfapower ilDE controller for Amiga A500 & A500 plus with option to upgrade to 8mb ram Alfapower £95 72 pin simms 11MB 72 pin £27 2MB 72pin £65 4MB 72pin £129 8MB 72pin £269 16MB 72pin £399 32MB 72pin £799 This Simms 32 BIT used by Amiga
4000. VIPER. Warp Engine. M- jTEC.Blizzard,Cobra 28-40 Mhz.
Amitek.Emplant ,Hawk and many more, please phone for more infor¬ mation OKTAGON 4008 OKTAGON4008 £129 SEE ABOVE for hard drives DELIVERY CHARGES Small consumables and software items under the value or £50 please add £3.50 P&P. Other items above £50 please add £10 courier service. Offshore and high¬ lands. Please call for a quotation. In addi¬ tion. We offer the following express ser¬ vices:- Saturday delivery normal rate plus £10 per box. E&OE prices subject to change without prior notice. All trademarks acknowledged.
£99 ! External and Internal floppy drives from POWER £99 Computing £259 ?internals £579 720k £675 11.76k £999 £99 ’'External 720k £35 11.76k HOW TO ORDER When ordering by telephone please quote your credit card number followed by the expiry date and also your full name and address. If paying by cheque please make it payable to Gasteiner Technology.
In any correspondence please quote a phone number and also a postal code, please allow five working days for cheque clearance.
REPAIR SERVICE New service centre for most Amiga comput¬ ers. We offer a quotation service of £10 for which we will examine your computer and report back with an exact quotation price for the repair. If the repair is carried out the £10 is then deducted from your bill.
DSDD DSHD £3.50 £6.00 £15.00 £25.00 £145.00 £245.00 £280.00 £480,00 DISKS WITH LABELS BRITISH WADE ERROR FREE New PCMCIA Slot SCSI 2 interface for Amiga A1200 Squirrel £69 External SCSI case £69 External SyQuest case £69 External CD-ROM case £69 For SCSI hard drive low price look above Blank Disks For A600 please phone !
MONITORS SyQuest £35 1000 All prices include VAT Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Gasteiner Technologies 126 Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, London N18 2XA Tel: 0181-345-6000 Fax: 0181-345-6868 lime for another bout of problem bashing courtesy of the eHtremely helpful flfUS pages Fast math 4 j\ I have an unexpanded A1200 \ v- whidiis beginning to seem a little on the slow side since I started play¬ ing flight sims. I am now looking to increase the speed at which my A1200 runs and until I can afford a 68030 accelerator board, I was wondering whether I can simply add a float¬ ing point unit (FPU) to my A1200’s insides to speed things up a little.
Is there a simple FPU upgrade I can buy?
I'm quite prepared to do a bit of soldering.
Also, why are there no 68040 accelerators around for the A1200?
J. Matthews, Grimsby rFor a start, you need to upgrade your
memory. Believe it or not,
* merely adding extra Fast RAM to your A1200 can significantly
speed up some software, particularly flight sims.
This is because Fast RAM is 32-bit mem¬ ory independent of Chip RAM and can be accessed very quickly indeed.
It's not possible to simply fit an FPU to your Amiga's insides. Currently, the only way to do so is via a memory upgrade board which features an FPU socket (of which there are many), or through installing a processor upgrade board such as the many 68030 products around.
Be patient, save up your dosh and buy a 68030 upgrade board with FPU slot and 72-pin SIMM slots (preferably two or more). That way you will solve all your A1200’s speed and memory problems in one go.
There are no 68040 accelerators because there are problems in keeping these powerful chips cool, and in the extremely small confines of an A1200 there is no room to fit a CPU fan on the 68040. Another problem with fitting a 68040 is that it's big enough without having a fan stuck on top of it. So, it’s all down to a space and heat problem.
I suppose it wouldn't be too much of a conceptual leap to figure that maybe an external 68040 upgrade board in some sort of casing with a lead connecting it to the A1200‘s upgrade slot is possible, but no one has done it yet - presumably due to the costs involved. I certainly wouldn't mind a big bad 040 in my little A1200, so if any entrepreneurial boffin types are out there, take heed.
Sim CitM tDthup .. I have owned an Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1200/4 4Mb fast RAM and GVP 85Mb hard drive, which was installed by the shop I bought it from.
The hard drive is split into three partitions: Workbench (5Mb). Work, (40Mb) and Games (40Mb). I also have a Commodore 1942 monitor and a Star LC24-200 colour Itlemorii Bkpense I have been shopping around for the best 1 price for 72-pin SIMM modules. I have a DKB 1240 030 accelerator card which has one 72- pin SIMM socket Ideally. I want 16Mb as I am keen on computer graphics. Unfortunately, this would mean I would need a single 16Mb SIMM, which is hard to find and is a lot more expensive then even two 8Mb SIMMs.
Why is it that one 16Mb SIMM is more expensive than two 8MB SIMMs when you are getting the same amount of memory in fewer components9 Are we being ripped off7
D. Taylor. Liverpool ,16Mb SIMMs are expensive because they |use
extremely compact memory chips Compared to 8Mb SIMMs. Such
memory chips are. At the moment, more expensive to pro¬ duce.
As demand increases and production becomes more cost
effective, we will no doubt soon see 16Mb prices drop
dramatically, and will probably start drooling over even
bigger SIMM modules, Such is life in the fast moving field of
computer technology. Just think back to when you thought 1Mb
was expensive and opulent before 4Mb and 8Mb SIMMs appeared, ^
I used to own an A5QQ compu- ter with a GVP hard drive. One of
my favourite games was Silent Service II, which was installed
onto a ^•rd drive partition by the program's ^mr\ installer
After about three months with my A500.1 eventually had the opportunity to a second hand A1200. Which I duly id of course. I then set about transfer¬ or^ my programs on my A500's drive to the A1200's internal IDE drive using Quarterback.
I have now finished Silent Service II tried to delete it from my hard drive, have managed to delete all the files in Silent Service II drawer but when I
* y to delete the drawer itself, I get the error message 'Icon in
I know a little about Workbench and AmigaDOS and realised that there was probably an Assign statement in the user-startup or startup-sequence scripts.
However, after browsing through these two files with a fine toothcomb, I can’t for tie life of me find any Assigns relating to the game. How can I get rid of the damned Silent Service II icon?
G, Whittaker, Sussex ^ There are a few ways to create Assigns for Workbench, besides having them directly stated in the user-startup or startup- sequence scripts. One way is to have a completely separate script file contain¬ ing the Assign statements which is called from either the user-startup or startup-sequence by an Execute com¬ mand. See if you can find any Execute commands and check the files they are calling.
Also, another common method is to have a file in the WBStartup drawer.
Anything in here is automatically exe¬ cuted when you boot Workbench, and your game may well have placed a file in there which is creating the Assigns.
There were several things I wanted to buy k>r my Amiga 1200. Unfortunately, when I was ready for the Personal Font Maker update, I was not able to obtain it as it was no longer available. Perhaps there is someone who has it and no longer has any interest in it? Can you help?
Mr F Fortune, Fife We failed to turn up a possible source for you Mr Fortune, but there may be someone out there who can help you.
So, W you have the item in question and no longer require it, drop us a line and we'll put you in touch with Mr Fortune.
Personal plea m You’re undatable Amiga Computing 59 Rnorak mqth I v jj I want to set the record straight about programmers who are unfairly labelled vl> \/ Anoraks. Everybody seems to think that because you are a programmer, you must be a dull person with no life and few friends.
5=—Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes A find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stub- ,^=;> N born refusal of your Amiga software or hardware to behave properly?
* Wel1-calm down and swaPthe axe ,or Pen and paper, jot down your
problems, along with a thorough description of your Amiga
setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG
Media. Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Well, this is not true. Now that I've got that off my chest, can you recommend a good book on 3D graphics programming? I am keen to create demos and ultimately a game using 3D graphics?
K. Stanley. Birmingham Rnq questions?
My definition of an Anorak is someone who's entire social life revolves £ I around their computer, to the exclusion of all else. They are more than
* likely fashion unconscious, often wearing trainers in
conjunction with casual trousers and, even more disturbingly,
sporting a tank top.
Printer. Last Christmas, my wife bought me Sim City 2000 and after following the install procedure I tried to play the game. The result was my that Amiga crashed, allegedly due to the program not accessing the required libraries (according to a technical guy at Maxis).
That is not my problem. The problem now is that somehow my startup sequence file seems to have been affected and every time I turn on my A1200 I get an AmigaDOS screen. The only way I can get the Workbench screen to appear is to boot with a Workbench floppy disk installed in DFO:.
I have tried to find out how to install Workbench onto a hard drive but all the shops inform me that unless I am ‘up to speed' with AmigaDOS. I will find it difficult - however, they will do it for me for a small remuneration, typically £16 plus VAT.
What I would like to know is:
1. What is so difficult about installing Workbench onto a hard
2. Why doesn’t Workbench have an install program?
3. What is the best book to instruct a novice on Workbench?
4. Having looked at computer languages to learn, I am unable to
distinguish between GFA Basic. Easy Amos, and AmigaDOS.
Which will be the best one to get into?
D. Hargreaves-Tumer, Norwich rl can't imagine why Sim City has
messed up your startup* sequence file. Any installation
program worth its salt should have made a backup of your
startup- sequence file before altering it. Even They wear
spectacles which have broken and have been taped in the middle
and invariably talk in a rather nasal fashion with a tone of
voice akin to Terry Christian of The Word fame.
Unfortunately. Anorak is mistakenly used to describe programmers in general.
This may be due to the fact that long ago, when computers were found only In large institutions and took up an entire room, programmers usually had David Bellamy-type beards and did indeed wear tank tops.
They may well have had no social life because programming a computer in those days usually meant flipping switches for each command. A long and tedious process.
Today, however, most programmers are hip, especially those who can produce games with awesome graphics and intros. What would cool films like Terminator be without programmers to create those awesome graphics tools eh? So, not all programmers are Mr Harry Hypotenuse, sum of all the squares - just some of them are.
As for your request for a good book on 3D, you may still be able to get hold of Amiga Real-time 3D Graphics by Andrew Tyler and published by Sigma (ISBN 1-85058-275-0). Ask for it at any good bookstore.
Though your startup-sequence is messed up, Workbench should still be resident on your hard drive. The start- up-sequence file is actually responsible for loading Workbench, but you can do this manually yourself. Try typing Loadwb. This should set your hard drive into activity, hopefully loading Workbench. Next, type Endcli to close the AmigaDOS screen, revealing Workbench in all its glory.
You should now look in the S: drawer and look for a file that looks like a back¬ up of the startup-sequence, something like startup-sequence.bak or similar.
Rename this to startup-sequence and reboot your Amiga - hopefully, this should restore your original setup.
As for your specific questions - well, here we go with the answers:
1. Workbench is really easy to install and does indeed have its
own install FPU failure?
Whatsoever. Check your upgrade board's manual for fitting instructions for the FPU.
Some software will not work when an FPU is detected and to overcome this, many upgrade boards have a ‘jumper’ (a kind of on-off switch) which allows you to enable or disable the FPU without having to remove It entirely from the board.
It may be that this jumper is in the disable position.
Failing that, I'm afraid your upgrade board or FPU may well be damaged. Take your board to the supplier you got the FPU from and ask them to test It with another FPU. This will allow you to check whether the upgrade board or the FPU itself is faulty.
^ I have an A1200 which is fitted with a 4Mb mem- ory expansion board which also features an FPU socket. I have recently bought an FPU along with VistaPro version 3.
After fitting the FPU to my expansion board. I was look¬ ing forward to using the floating point version of the pro¬ gram. Unfortunately, when I run the FPU version of VistaPro, I get the message ‘Program failed (error 800 OOOOB) Wait for disk activity to finish.’ What's going on?
R Stilby, Warwickshire It seems as if VistaPro isn't finding your FPU. The same thing happens when you
- try to run VistaPro without any FPU Amiga Computing I El MAY
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II. You using le of such ut it is For just £129.95 (VoGreb*1 ts
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Inside are the most important. The directory palled bin is so-called because it should contain binaries or programs, and if we look inside we find it does.
This is the nexus of operations for AmiTCP, where everything starts from. Make sure the following items in your bin directory have the ‘s' protect bit set: Demon don't 0M1 support HP but do unofficial) moulds a lot of help foe people torn to get to p5 uuthit ust what you need. Another Internet article. More boring comms talk.
Obscure stuff about IP addresses, baud rates and WWW sites. You'd probably rather drink a quart of paint. But in case you aren't fed up with the whole prospect of hav¬ ing to wade through a few more pages of coverage on the superinfobahn. I’autoroute d'informatique, or the information superhigh¬ way, here is the article for the Amiga net newbie.
If you've never used the net before, or have been struggling along with AmigaNOS, too scared to venture into the wild waters of AmiTCP. Then read on MacDuff. The first thing to bear in mind about this article is we are going to be discussing the Internet with relevance to one particular company, Demon Internet Services, who featured on last month's CoverDisk giveaway.
Demon don’t officially support AmiTCP yet, but do unofficially provide a lot of help for people trying to get to grips with it. There is already an installer for AmiTCP on Demon's ftp site, as detailed in one of the boxouts on the following pages, so you shouldn't have to do much faffing about to get it to work from scratch.
Having said that, AmiTCP does need some tweaking to get the most from it. And you will want to search out some of your own tools to replace some of those that come with it.
BARE ESSENTIALS This article is not going to try to explain how to use the Internet, or how to get files from it, but you will need several files from Demon to be able to follow this article through to its conclusion. These files are: AmiTCP-DISrlO.lha, R10-Update1.lha. and AmiDisUtils.lha. They can all be found on Demon's ftp server in the pub/amiga/amitcp- /installer directory.
The first of these files is the actual Demon installer for AmiTCP. This works really well and you shouldn't have any problems installing it. Before you dive back onto the net with your new-found AmiTCP-ness, you really ought to unpack both of the other two files as they contain newer versions of stuff in the main archive.
Now, let's have a look at all the stuff you have just installed. In your AmiTCP directory you should find a directory called bin, one called db and one called usr. There will also be several other directories, but these three 1
• Link - this is a script to let you get online.
• netstat - an Arexx program giving information about your
connection. Not immediately important.
• nntptransfer - very important.
This is the script that gets news for you from Demon.
• postnews - again, very impor¬ tant. This script lets you write
news articles or follow up other people's articles.
• startnet - this script must be executed before you can do any*
thing else. You might have cho¬ sen for it to be included in
your user-startup when you installed AmiTCP.
• stopnet - why would you want to?
• SynClock - this script synchro¬ nises your Amiga's clock with
another machines over the net.
Especially useful to people who don't have a clock on their machines and want to download news (as we shall see later).
• talkrequest.rx - not immediately important, this script lets
you set up an AmiTCP talk session.
• telnet - this script lets you use telnet.
• tin - this is your newsreader script and is very important.
The db directory contains only two scripts Amiga Computing lb Just when you thought it was safe — to look in a computer magaaine — again, up pops another 'net article. — Frank fiord inuestigates — Buttons for Ddpus an AmigaDOS' command like this: C:uuxt i UU to) Once you are a confirmed netter. You might want to put some net-related buttons in your Dopus config.
KOne that springs to mind is a button for the Aminet Index. You’ll have to make sure you always put it in [the same place, like Text:lndex, or something simi¬ lar. But you can make a button which just needs a I command to ’Read Text:lndex' and Robert is your I father’s brother.
You can also set up buttons for uuencoding and [decoding, although not for compress (well, I [haven't yet figured a way of doing it - if you have [then let me know.) For uuencoding you will need for uudecoding you need: C:uuit x (o) and for uudecoding with LHA decompression you can put: C:uuxt u to) Remember to make sure that the flags for output win¬ dow. No filename qotes and cd source are ticked for all of these. You might also want to put a button in to allow you quick and easy access to your AmiTCP directory, scandir AmiTCP: for instance fwe are initially interested in - dialscript fand
NewsStamp. You can edit your (dialscript to change the number of (retries you wish to perform when trying connect, your modem settings, and what number your modem will dial.
The NewsStamp script merely (contains the exact date and time you last downloaded news. This is (extremely important. If you go away (for a couple of days, or go on holiday, make sure you check this scnpt before 'you get back on the net - if you don't you could be looking at several thou¬ sands of articles to be downloaded for | news and an enormous phone bill.
The way the script reads goes like 'this: go into that directory first of all. In it you should find a directory called .tin and several files all starting with . - newsrc. .signature, etc. Come back out and have a look in lib.
This will contain an aliases file, a Config file and a newsgroup file, among others. The aliases file is for working with Mail and lets you just type someone's name rather than their entire e-mail address.
VARIABLES Config is where all your environment vari¬ ables are set: what your username is. What your host is, what time2one you are in, etc. Lastly, but by no means least, there is the newsgroups file. This sets what newsgroups nntptransfer goes looking for when you link up. The number at the end of each line is the amount of days before the articles in that group will be able to be trimmed, so don’t set it too high otherwise your hard drive will soon fill up. Because I am usually on every day, I set it for one day for most groups.
Come back out of lib into the usr direct¬ ory. The mail directory you should see is where any mail addressed to you will go, the news directory is where all your unbatched news articles will go. And the spool directory is where any mail or articles you send go ?
Ms.denon.co.uk 950305 1020H Your news server, year-month-day. Hour- min-sec On the other hand, the usr directory is a real can o’ worms. There are files galore in here that we might want to change. For starters you should see directories named: lib, mail, news, spool, and also one named after your username, in my case Ben. Let’s On# ot the nice things about MUI I* that you con set how mi your MUI- based applications loo*. Thmy can look like thin... ... or even like this ...like this... Amiga Computing MAY 1995 I'—!l FEATURE until they can be sent.
As a rule, you shouldn’t need to investi¬ gate these directories in your everyday use of AmiTCP. The only time you might want to visit the Spool directory is if you have writ¬ ten a piece of mail or news you think you shouldn’t send. For every piece of mail you will find three similarly-named files. You must delete all three otherwise your send- mail daemon will get confused.
Now it’s time to get online. The first thing to do is actually connect to Demon. By now you should have installed AmiTCP from the installer, setting your IP address, password, host name and modem settings, etc. You should also have copied the later versions of some of the files from the LHA archives I suggested previously. If you haven’t done this because you haven’t been able to use FTP, it doesn’t matter - we will do it now.
In preparation for full-on. Shell-based, techie-type internet access (we'll deal with the easier stuff later), you should edit your shell-startup script. This can be found in S: and you should add the following line to the end of it: pith *iltcp:bin sy&:remc add 64 MAY 1995 the dial aiindoui nil sham uihat is happening as gou tm to connert. II m set an engaged tone, then the dialscript mill retrg for as mang attempts as sou haue set make sure your modem is switched on and ready to roll. Type: link up Two windows should now appear on your Workbench screen, one claiming to be ’AmiTCPIP Log’ and
the other 'Dialling... The dial window will show what is happen¬ ing as you try to connect. If you get an engaged tone, then the dialscript will retry for as many attempts as you have set. If the modem seems to have connected, but the dialscript times out. You have two choices.
You can either reboot your machine (pretty drastic and not very nice to have to do if you are seriously multitasking) or wait until the dialscript has run through all its iterations and then type link down.
However, this probably won't happen.
What will probably happen is you will con¬ nect to Demon, your ’Dialling...' window will disappear and the ’AmiTCPIP Log' window will say that Mailkick has been started.
Mailkick is the program that sends any mail you have written. You are now on the net, officially.
Right, we are now going to download heaps of files. You don't have to download all of these programs, indeed you don't actually have to download any of them - they just make life a lot easier, and in some cases, more interesting. Here's my list of the best ones to get, and why: Very important Gui-FTP.Iha: amitcp/utils - 40Kb. Much easier than using ncftp, this gives you a file- manager-type window for downloading and uploading files from ftp sites and takes care of logging on, etc. uuxt20.lha: util/arc - 14Kb. You need this if you want to send files in mail, or decode people’s news articles,
etc. compress.lzh: util/arc - 56Kb. If you see files that are labelled filename.Z, they are compressed. Use this program to decom¬ press them. Especially useful for INDEX files.
Context. Amosaic.
Mosaic 1.2_AmiTCP.Iha: amitcp/extras - ] 194Kb. The only World Wide Web browser available for the Amiga at the moment There is a newer, beta version at the Amosaic home page. Needs MUI.
AMHotlistV1.50.lha amitcp/extras - 15Kb Hotlist for Amosaic. Also needs MUI to ] work, plink21.lha amitcp/utils - 33Kb. Plink is a replacement script for linking up and has many extra options.
Not necessary but handy AutoSig12.lha: amitcp/utils - 30Kb, Adds random signatures to your news postings.
SynCro1_3.lha: amitcp/utils - 8Kb.
A system clock synchroniser.
To get these files we are going to have to use ftp or file transfer protocol. I'm not going to explain what file transfer protocol actually is. It's beyond the scope of this arti¬ cle and there are numerous books on the Internet so you should find literature galore on it. My recommendations are Ed Krol's The Whole Internet, which is available direct from Demon, or any of the FAQs you find online.
You should still have your shell window open, so type: ncftp ftp.deion.eo.uk into it. Ncftp is the nearest thing to a user- friendly, keyboard-based ftp client on the Amiga, but I still suggest one of the first things you get is GUI-FTP in the list above.
You should end up with an 'ftp>' prompt and some text saying welcome to Demon's ftp server. You should then ‘cd’, just like normal, to the pub/amiga directory from where you can cd to the directories listed above for the files you want to download.
FTP uses a command called get to download the files and Unix (which is what nearly all ftp servers are running as an operating system) is case-dependant, so you will have to get the exact spelling for your files. An ideal situation would look like this: Uorkb«Rck:> ncftp ftp.deaon.co.uk Welcome to Demon internet's ftp archive.
Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
Logged into disabuse.
Demon.co.uk. 1.5.6 (September 20, 1993), Amiga version 1.2 (May 3 1994) ncftp>cd pub/nlgi/ialtcp Non Jul 25 09:00:00 GNT 1991 For Demon users to install AmiTCP, please download the AmiTCP-DISrIO archive from the installer directory.
Other people are welcome to download it, but the installer s designed specifically for use with Demon internet Services. Other users may still find trvs useful, as it contains a complete Mail.
News. FTP. Telnet. Gopher and so on retaliation. Not to be installed over existing AmiTCP setups.
Wed Jan 12 12:59:43 GMT 1994 P’ease upload AMITCP files into the direc¬ tory /pub/amiga/amitcp/incoming. Files must be accompanied by a .readme' or ' desc' or \rea' or else they will be erased.
This file should contain an upload name (e- mail address) and a single line description or the file, as well as any additional descrip- fcve information you wish to include.
Tras - owser ment.
It the 15Kb.
IUI to k is a d has Adds igs.
Please e-Mail details of uploads to orrver@demon.net. TueJan 11 18:47:33 GMT 1994 Please see the file README for details about AmiTCP PLEASE note that Demon InterNet do not officially support AmiTCP (yet) S'sifc'js».d«i:vc«.uk:/&u&/»iigi/iiitcp I *cftp>gti fiui-fTP.ltii fcf-FIP.lki: bo such tile OR directory.
Tisibust.dmrco.uk:/pub/aaiga/aaitcp ncftp>cd
• tils iisabuse.deeon.co.uk:/pub/aai ga/aeitcp/util» ncftp>get
Gul-FTP.lb* Gui-FTP.lha: .......... l*1-FTP.lha: 50816 bytes
received in *6.08 sec- 6«ds, 1.08 K/s.
• cftp>close ncftp>quit Horkbench:> Imperial College m London,
next to the Science Museum. It's address (and I can assure you.
You will be typing this one in a lot) is 'src.doc.ic.ac.uk'. If
you just want to get MUI right now.
That's fine, but a good idea would be to download the INDEX file in the aminet directory. This is a complete listing of all files available on Aminet and you can use Dopus to search through it for files you want to get. Also, there is normally a RECENT file which details programs uploaded to Aminet in the last seven days - if you want to really be up-to-date. The INDEX file gets updated weekly.
If you have already downloaded com¬ press, you can download the INDEX.Z file which shpuld be much smaler To decom¬ press it. Make a copy of it r\ RAM:, open a shell window and cd to ram: and type:
- I i«»i I know I didn't put the 2 on the end. Com¬ press doesn't
need or want rt. You will then find that your INDEX 2 file has
disap¬ peared. To be replaced by a fully-formed INDEX file
which 4 plain old ASCII text.
You can now browse through ail the files on the Aminet without having to be online, pick the items you want, get on and retrieve them, and get off again m the shortest possible time.
Next is mail and news. They go hand-in- hand because the articles you send to newsgroups are treated just like normal mail at your end of the Internet connection.
Sending mail couldn't be easier Just load the program MaiT in your bin directory and hit the mari button. By default. Mail will use Ed for you to write mail with, but you can change rt to another text edrtor Most Amiga users on the Internet tend to use Cygnus Ed or Turtootext. But you can use any non¬ resident text editor you bke The file you need to edit to change editor is AmiTCP: usr/TityConfig. But this is avail¬ able from Mail, so you don’t have to go searching for it. When you send mail make sure you get the address right - unlike the The ultimata address book providing Instant access
across the entire planet.
There arm literally hundreds of thousands ot individual places and related Into Just waiting to be browsed Amiga Computing MAY 1 995 1- post office the Internet is very unforgiving for wrong mail addresses, even down to the case of the letters. Once you have got used fo Mail, you might like to try Elm which is also available on Demon’s ftp server and is.
I think, much better.
News, on the other hand. Isn't quite so p'PHBW SGI Homepage NASA HotWired Demon UK Yahoo Search IDG HomePage Internet Shopping Motor Sport Music Index Coffee ?
X-Files Homepage Kennedy Space Centre FBI HomePage Lycos Search Iconz Nwz London Music Subway Navigator The Whitehouse BBC TV Power PC HomePage CIX Amiga Homepage NewTek Lightwave & Toaster Record Labels New Butts X-FBes FTP Useless WWW pages AmiNet Homepage Site of the Day is Cool Sites of the Da and Fun Ines s Who on the net Wide Web Robots, Wan rawler I Services JumpStation Header JumpStation Title Video Games Page _ Add | delete | Edit | ?
Easy to deal with. For a start, you have to actually get it. To do this you should type ‘nntptransfer’ in your open shell window when you are online. You will get one of two responses for this, either that Demon's newsserver is too busy and you should try again later, or that you are connected to it.
By default you will only download news for the demon newsgroups dealing with the Amiga. If you want to get stuff other than this, you will need to edit your AmiTCP:usr/lib/newsgroups file to include the groups you wish to subscribe to. If you don’t know what any of the groups are called, you will need to download the ACTIVE list from Demon s ftp server. This contains all the newsgroups available through Demon.
If you want to subscribe to a whole hier¬ archy of news, for instance the comp.sys.amiga hierarchy, you can put an asterisk as a wildcard as follows; coap.sys.aaigi 1 coip.jyt.iaig*.’ 1 This will subscribe to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga and any subordinate ones such as comp.sys.amiga.graphics, comp.sys.amiga.hardware. and comp.sys.amiga.marketplace, etc. without you having to type them all in by hand.
Once you have edited this file to your sat¬ isfaction and run nntptransfer successfully, it is time for you to start reading the news you have downloaded. To do this you should run the Tin script in your bin directo¬ ry. This should open a console window A typical example of Tin trawling through Just one ol the endless supply of nows groups fust gagging for subscribers which will probably ask you if you want to subscribe to something (the name of the first newsgroup you entered in your news¬ groups file). Hit the ‘Y‘ key for each ques¬ tion to subscribe to those newsgroups.
You should then get a window with a list of the newsgroups you have subscribed to.
With numbers by their left-hand side. These numbers represent the number of articles in each group. To enter a group and start reading you use the cursor keys to move up and down, and the right arrow key to enter.
Then you will be at article level, so use the up and down cursor keys to move through the articles you have to read, and the return key to read one. If there is more text than will fit in the window, use the down cursor key to get to the next bit. And keep using it because that will move you to the next arti¬ cle in the thread once you have finished with the current one.
TWO-SIDED STORY A thread is a bit like a conversation in a newsgroup. One person starts it off. Then another replies and so on. Moving through the thread ensures you get both sides of the story. You can come out of a thread by hitting the left arrow key, If you have sub¬ scribed to a binaries newsgroup you are going to want to join together several articles, save them as one piece and uudecode them.
Tin can do this easily. If you have four articles that are numbered (0/3), [1/31. [2/3] and [3/3] in the subject line (or title), you can ignore the one that says [0/3] - that's just a description of the rest of the articles.
For the others, make sure the cursor is on the [1/3] article and hit the 1’ key for lag'.
This will move the cursor down a line and put a little number 1 next to the title of the [1/3] article.
If the [2/3] article is next you can hit the Y key again and proceed onto the [3/3] article.
If not, position the cursor on the [2/3] article and hit it. Once you have all three with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively by their titles, you can hit the ‘s' key for ’save'. You will then be asked what you want to save, so you should press the shift key down and hit the't' key again for tagged articles.
You will then be asked for a filename for the files. If they are a split uuencoded file you can just type 'temp' as a filename, as the individual files are unimportant. If the files themselves are important you can give them a descriptive name and Tin will auto¬ matically append a .1, .2. etc. And if these articles are uuencoded. Tin will let you] uudecode them by choosing 'u' from the next set of options.
If you have chosen to uudecode the files.
Tin will eventually ask you if you want to delete post-processed files, to which you will be able to happily answer yes. The files you have saved will appear in your Amitcp:usr/usemame/news directory.
If you have read an article you want to reply to, you have two choices. You can choose to reply by e-mail to the author (by hitting V on the keyboard while reading tho article), or you can follow up to the news¬ group (by hitting T while reading the arti¬ cle). This will bring up your text editor con¬ taining all the text that was in the article (which can, and should in some cases, be I deleted so you don't waste space) to which!
You can reply.
Once you have finished typing, you should save and exit, and Tin will check your article and let you either go back and edit it. Forget it altogether or post it. When you have finished reading your news, you can quit Tin by repeatedly hitting the left arrow key until the Tin window disappears. I You might also, at this juncture, want to run Trimnews in your bin directory. I've put Trimnews into my tin script so that it asks me whether or not I want to trim my news articles every time I leave Tin, as follows: Ask ‘Do you umt to Tria Dims nou (y/l)?* If uarn tHanivs else endif QUALITY
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Blank disks 10forG4.99 Mouse Mats Deluxe Mouse Mats £2.75 each CATALOGUE DISKS 75p each Oalall* of ov«r 4000 UllK» I" our library updated regularly PRICES POSTAGE UK orders: 75p Europe: £1.50 World : £3.00 PD„..£1.00 per disk 90p each for 10 to 24 85p each for 25 or more 75p each for 50 or more Send cheque/postal order made payable to: mmsm iimi* Dept. AMC, 18 Maple Road, Horfield, Credit Card orders Tel: 0117P42SS87 (10ar OUR TOP TEN BESTSELLERS
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10. Rave Vision All 10 for £8.50 inclusive SOFTWARE Mace ¦ MRC1
MAC2 MRC3 HCDB 1L&J Eject Disk Mi T*xt Translation Show files
by Share and share alike _ Size: Das Type; Par it ions: b Ran
t Size: | I Dos Type; | Used; f aJ Cancel - f there's one
thing that computers excel at, it's in creating human frus¬
tration levels to otherwise unheard of heights when trying to
get them to share information with ease.
Of course, there are lots of expensive hardware solutions to making these uncoop¬ erative beasts talk to one another, such as modems and network cards, but when it comes to the seemingly simple act of trans¬ ferring the odd file via storage devices such as floppy disks, everything collapses into an archaic realm of incompatibility.
Things aren't hopeless however, after all, the Amiga is now on relatively good speak¬ ing terms with MSDOS Pcs, being quite capable of reading and writing PC floppy disks, thus making the transfer of files quite easy between these two computers.
But, hiding away in its own little world, doing its own little thing in its own little way is Partitions llilll mm ]_ ??? Squirrelscsi ??? Scst.device ?? Carddisk.device f?? ???,device Conner Peripherals ' device ««) the Macintosh computer. Apple’s little babies have always been a breed apart and it's when the average Amiga owner attempts to try and transfer files between these comput¬ ers that they encounter an unscaleable wall with the words 'No trespassing. Apple employees only."
This is mainly due to the fact that the Macintosh file system is quite complex inter* nally, and nghtly so. This internal complexity is required to provide the end user with what is generally believed to be the most power¬ ful. Yet easy-to-use graphical user interface.
Just look at all the window and icon-driven operating systems in use now, such as Windows on the PC and even the Amiga’s Workbench, and you can see where their designers got their inspiration from.
There is a sneaky way to circumvent this INSPIRING wall though. Utilities are available for the Mac which enable it to read PC formatted disks.
So. Armed with the fact that an Amiga can for¬ mat a PC disk, courtesy of the PCO: device driver found in the DOSDrivers drawer within the Devs drawer on most Amigas. A working, but potentially lengthy and arduous detour can be found around this wall.
The problem is that in the somewhat ques¬ tionable wisdom of the MSDOS operating system developers, they decided that file¬ names need never be more than eight char¬ acters long with a three letter extender, usual¬ ly denoting filetype.
This creates a problem when copying files between the Amiga and the Mac. You see, the Amiga can safely handle 25 character file¬ names while the Mac toddles along nicely using up to 31. So. You can imagine the renaming session you will have to go through to get those filenames down to the eight char¬ acter PC limit once on the PC disk.
PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS Of course, you could just let the filenames be chopped off at the eighth character auto¬ matically when they are stored on the PC disk, but this has its problems. What, for instance, happens when you want to transfer 300 sequentially named animation files called FLYINGLOGO001, FLYINGLOGO002 and so on? I'll tell you what - chopping each of these down to the poxy PC eight characters gives you the filename FLYINGLO.GOO. Which means all 300 files will take on this name and H software utility which allows — your Hmiga to road and writo lilac — dishs with no hardware in sight. —
Hard to belieue? Then read on— Amiga Computing SOFTWARE ''—ll a hell Of a lot Of ‘File already exists’ mes¬ sages will be generated, presenting you with the prospect of renaming the whole lot.
"«ru‘" * * 1* ll* (Ml • What would be much better is if the Amiga could simply be made to read and write Mac files just like it can with PC files. This usually meant investing in an expensive Mac emula¬ tor. Like the Emplant. For simple file transfers though, it’s ever so expensive.
Well, now there’s a simple and, above all.
Low-cost way to do it. Some clever people at Consultron have come up with a software- only utility to allow your Amiga and a Mac to get on friendly speaking terms.
Should you find that CrossMac Isn’t working » At you can too, thoro tro plonty of support It thould, tho Or CrottMoc diagnostic program programs and iMRfH to hoip mako your Should Shod some light on your dllommm Amiga to Mac filo transfers easy and palntosm I The name of this wonder of wonders is CrossMac and with it your Amiga to Mac file transfer problems disappear. CrossMac allows your Amiga to format. Read and write Mac-format floppy and hard disks with Installation is simply a matter of running the installer script and once installed it works very well indeed, considering the complex way
a Mac stores files on a disk. There isn’t even the need for a chunky interface when copying files from an AmigaDOS drive to a Mac drive, thanks to the fact that CrossMac fully integrates itself into the Amiga’s operating system.
Hs uiander of wonders e Wat and uiitti it pr Amiga to Idat file transfer oroblems disapoear.
[rossUlat ataus gout Amiga to format, toad and write Idat format floppy and hard disks uith ease Much the same way as you get a PCO: device driver, which when loaded displays a disk icon on Workbench for any PC disks in your Amiga drive, CrossMac provides device drivers called MACO, MAC1 and so on.
Copying files from an AmigaDOS disk to a Mac disk is then simpfy a matter of dragging the file icon to the Mac disk and vice versa.
ADDED CONCERNS There are a couple of things to bear in mind when using the CLI or third-party file utilities such as Directory Opus. CrossMac makes extensive use of the Comment field for an Amiga file in order to store important information.
When dragging files for copying via Workbench, this field is automatically included in the copying process. When using CLI though, you have to specify this explicitly using the COM option. File utilities usually have a Clone comment’ option, so check your manual on how to set up your software to take this step.
There are also some neat file transfer facilities available when your files are tra¬ versing the Amiga to Mac road, such as the ability to recognise MacBinary files, providing transparent conversion into the correct type, Also available is a filetype database feature that automatically embeds the correct file- type and creator information for any data being copied from your Amiga to a Mac disk.
CrossMac certainly delivers the goods. It is especially useful for we humble Amiga Computing writers here at IDG Media. All the editorial and artwork for our magazines are laid out using Macintosh computers. There is thus a constant need to transfer both text files and picture files from Amigas to give to our subs and art editors, and I have found that CrossMac is ideal for effi¬ cient trouble-free transfers.
So If you find yourself wanting a low-cost, efficient and. Above all. Trouble-free method of transferring files between your Amiga and a Mac. Consultron s CrossMac is currently the bees knees.
Thereby allowing the Mac operating system to fully recognise the file.
Probably the most common type of file which will be transferred between Mac and Amigas will be ASCII text files. CrossMac allows for intermediate text translation during the file copying process. This simple text translation feature converts some of the non-standard, or international. ASCII text characters.
This is activated by simply adding the ) character to the end of any file which is being read or written, for example: copy MACQ:fflenaae.ext] (6 IFOMHtftftlt.Kt CrossMac also allows Amiga owners access to Mac-format hard disks and CD-ROMs.
Two main types of Mac hard drive are sup¬ ported. Type 1 is termed ‘Real’ and is a hard drive which has been formatted and parti¬ tioned with the Mac file system, either by a Mac computer or configured so that CrossMac may format it.
This is especially useful when using removable media hard drives such as the Syquest range, which utilise high capacity cartridges’ Which can be brought to another Mac for data exchange.
The second type of Mac hard disk is termed Simulated. This is essentially a Mac hard disk stored on an AmigaDOS partition.
Such a simulated hard disk takes the form of a file which is a complete image’ of a Mac hard disk. This is generally only useful if you plan to share your existing AmigaDOS drive as a boot partition for hardware such as Emplant.
A third type of high capacity disk is also available when wishing to read Mac formatted CD-ROMs.
To create or access the above drives types, CrossMac provides two utilities, ‘ConfigDisk.CrossMAC for setting up hard drives and ‘ConfigDisk_CDROM' for access¬ ing CD-ROMs. I have to admit to being somewhat sceptical of CrossMac being able to provide an Amiga to Mac file transfer capa¬ bility which would remain transparent, as if simply using copying between standard AmigaDOS disks, but that is exactly what you get. If you have an Amiga with a 1.4Mb flop¬ py drive that is.
You see, if your main activity will be trans¬ ferring files via floppy disk. CrossMac only works without hardware when it is dealing with high density 1.4Mb disk drives. For those with low density drives, like those found in all A500S, AOOOs and A1200s - in other words the Amiga majority - Emplant Mac emulator and its File Ti utility, or Amax drives (not available UK to my knowledge), is required.
£;, s. Boo hoo. I hear all you non high owners crying, that’s no use to me then is Well, not all is doom and gloom. You we just happen to have been fooling wilh neat bit of kit called Squirrel SCSI, a host adapter from HiSoft which lets you nect up to seven SCSI devices to your or A1200 via the PCMCIA slot.
So I decided to check whether Cr would happily co-operate with the when accessing Mac-format hard drives CD-ROMs. And guess what? It did admirably.
One particular scenario involved a only CD-ROM which contained hundn and hundreds of high resolution 24-bit tures. Armed with my Squirrel, I connected CD-ROM drive to it. Inserted the Mac CD-ROM into the drive and ran CrossMac^ Config_CDROM utility. This duty took through a few simple procedures to create mountfile that allowed me to access the CD-ROM using a drive icon on t Workbench to click on.
I then copied lots of the example pictu from the CD-ROM onto my Amiga ha drive, simply by dragging them from tl Mac CD-ROM window into my ope^ AmigaDOS partition window. I then fired u| ADPro to view them without any hiccup!
Whatsoever. /[>y SVSTEfTl ESSEnilflLS RED * Essential BLACK - Recommended The bottom line Product; Cro$$Mac Supplier; Hi Soft Price: £99.95 Tel: 01525 718 181 Ease of use_ Implementation Value for money Overall_ Amiga Computing G* INFO NEXUS new!
Cx..—.I InfoNexus is a sophisticated file management system with integral InfoNexus is a sophisticated file management < network support An ideal replacement for both features a full on line help system. As well as t delete, rename files. InfoNexus allows you to v InfoNexus is simply the best File/Data manage ig the ability to move copy hearrtaunch just about any I the market today!
ALL AMIGAS1 MEG RAM MIN DATA NEXUS new: CT-—J DataNexus is a very powerful and configurable, yet easy to use. Flat f DataNexus is a very powerful and configu integral multlfngriia support for images s; guides. CDXL motion video, program & sc any data storage and retrieval project Fu DataNexus a must for your data iasy to use. Flat file database Its yjmjc. Animations, amiga es make it ideal for just about nt layout and mail merge make SIMPATICA 2 + VTL
o < \Wt . MM MS Umtirr Simpatica allows - frame by frame pr much,
ie, smooth sale* and improvir Supplied with both better choice
for v be rendered to video tape costing over ten times as id.
Simpatica has been on Bnteed a reliable product \miga and 24
bit image seq oducing the same results a; video playback at 25
frame: iq, for over four years so yo ALL AMIGAS 2 meg ram min
:o TimeLapse, there is no 80%AMIG \ I SKR I NT MAGAZIM jx
INTERPLAY CXLmJ \JKU Interplay is a unique product for the
Amiga ill iXl .it you to produce CD32 applications commercial
standard and was written specific so no other Amiga authoring
system comes c used to produce the three highly acclaimed ti
£749.95 ly for the CD32 ALL AMIGAS 4 MEG RAM . HARO DISK MW: 8
PNKWS r2 PANDORA’S CD Pandora's CD shows you just what can be
achieved with multimedia on CD. An all original promotional
litjp contain £4.99 something tor everyone, from educational
productions to | information, picture, texture, clipart and
sound libraries, a jukebox, children's games and a sampler of
iMtaht Techn Simply a must for anyone with a Commodore
^ yii » CD32 - CDTV - A570 87%AMIGA FORMAT MAGAZINK 88% AMIGA I SKR INTKRN \ ITONAI. M VGA/INK ished by Commodor nimations. Photos, s ip all from the ball INSIGHT:Technology. Lavishly produced by gives a fascinating look at modern technolo video, narration, text, music and sound effe point pen to the space shuttle CD32 • CDTV • A570 87%AMIGA FORMAT 91% ( I AMIGA INSIGHT DINOSAURS INSIGHT:Dinosaurs is the second in the INSIGHT series, a lavishly produced, highly acclaimed tile, rich in multimedia. Produced in association with the Natural History Museum. London, one of the world's leading
Dinosaur centres of excellence, you can be assured that Dinosaurs is both technically correct and produced to the most exacting standards. Also features: DinoPaint. DinoQuiz and DinoPuzzle.
INSIGHT:Dinosaurs has had the best reviews ol any CD32/CDTV reference title so far (lowest mark 88%‘), see for yourself why.
£39.95 CD32 - CDTV - A570 92** FORM V I <;OI.I> AWAKI) 91« <1 \MK;A (TOP RATED!
96'4 ( DIN I si K (.KOI I* NEWS 90‘, COMPI U K SHOPPER END CHEQUE'PO TO OPTONICA LTD. 1 THE TERRACE. HIGH STREET LUTTERWORTH. LEICS. LE17 4BA. UK OR TELEPHONE 0455 558282 FOR MORE DETAILS. ALL PRICES INC VAT & P&P PLEASE ADD C2 FOR P&P ON OVERSEAS ORDERS. DEALER ENQUIRIES WELCOME hen buying your new Amiga, part of the package is a one year on-site maintenance con¬ tract. When this runs out, those with money can renew it or take out an exten¬ ded warranty from a third-party company.
However, Joe Public is often left high and dry, especially when his five-year old workhorse A500 gives up and decides to take early retirement. Repairing a faulty, ageing Amiga, or one just past its warra¬ nty via a recognised Commodore dealer can be a costly business, with a lot of time spent fault finding.
Frequently, the problem, albeit time- consuming to detect, can be quite simple.
Naturally, this creates a niche for diagnos¬ tic software and hardware, so the cause of the problem can be discovered by the owner, in preference to paying an engi¬ neer to tackle the problem. Often, after running the diagnostics, the user may be surprised to find that the problem can be corrected quite simply by himself, without the need to involve a third party.
Evidently the advantages of these diag¬ nostics are quite clear. It allows the user to assess the problem with their computer before taking steps to correct the fault. In black and white, this is a very nice idea but there are many different types of diag¬ nostic kit that do varying things, and even more different types of problems to deal with.
DOUBLE DIAGNOSIS Software for diagnosing different prob¬ lems can be roughly categorised into two types The first of these deals with physi¬ cal hardware problems which may occur from damage to the computer caused by the user. The second deals with the gen¬ eral set up of the computer, i.e. if the sys¬ tem seems to be behaving correctly, with all the add-on devices functioning normally.
Daily use of an Amiga can involve the plugging-in and unplugging of expansions, a lot of turning on and off. And many disk- changes. Inevitably, there will come an event when something goes wrong, because of a user mistake. The computer error may manifest itself in many ways, for example printing may not work, or the keyboard misbehaves.
The Advanced Amiga Analyaer can be toon harm, explaining the function and achamatic routing of one of the pina of th« aerial port, after clicking on It Diagnosing the fault can often involve examining the symptoms to find the cause, as many problems.will have a fvtnrM ImaTyztr based upon the information you enterc For example, the problem may be relate to the mouse, and the problem with tt mouse may be because the right mous button doesn't work. ECS Diagnostics W^ then tell you that the problem is with tt Paula Chip.
Common route. One piece of software that carries out this job is called ECS Diagnostics, which is shareware, by Charles Clayton. Although it offers no real diagnostic functions and will not detect a fault on your computer, it will serve as an aid to determining what the problem has been caused by.
The process is simple, and is almost like a flow-chart. First it determines the area of the problem, and then the particu¬ lars. The program will then offer an expla¬ nation to what it thinks is the culprit.
ENHANCEMENTS Although this software functions ver well for the purpose it was intended, ther is much room for enhancement. If it gav reasons for how the error was caused, Hardware tests Printers, modems and other peripherals failing to work are usually a result of damage to the ports on the rear of the computer. Advanced Amiga Analyser by Wiicom offers the ability to test for these problems.
The kit comprises of four 'D‘ type connectors, with LEDs protruding from the plastic casing, and a disk containing the software. The idea behind the hardware/software com¬ bination is to allow testing of all the functions of the I/O ports.
The normal procedure for testing is to have the Serial, parallel and gameport ‘do connected to each of the corresponding ports. When the computer is turned on, the LEDs will light up to Show whether the power pins on each port are supplying a current. The software is loaded to display a diagram of the I/O port about to be tested. All the informa¬ tion about the port is displayed on the screen, with the description of each pin labelled One click with the mouse on a particular pin on the diagram will reveal more informa¬ tion about its use. By clicking on pin 1 of gameport 1. The program will
tell you that it has four uses; for a digital joystick it Is up. On a mouse it is the vertical pulse and SO on.
Information related to system schematics is also given, so having detected a fault with the particular pin. The problem can be localised.
On the same information window, the program states that pin 1 of gameport 1 is buffered through 74LS157 chip (U2. Pin 11) and into the 8632 Denise chip (U201).
Presumably, upon an error, either of these could be replaced.
One interesting feature of the diagram of the I/O ports is that whenever there is a sig- Amiga Computing MAY 1995 QIY diagnostics lired of the niggling fault with gour Hmiga? Don't want to pag — rnstlg repair bills when the problem mag be triuial? Ujilf Dees — inuestigates diagnostics, a possible answer to gour problems — he* fe Mr: I (rtlrtnt iMmix m* iMMrtr nal travelling through any of the pins, say from a mouse movement or button depression, the comparative pin is illuminated on the screen, depicting its function.
While any of the 'dongles' are attached to the computer, the test on the corresponding L'O port may be carried out. These tests carry out multiple data transfers over all of the appropriate pins, verifying they are working correctly. As each test on the ports is carried out, the process can be seen visually by the illumination of the pins on the screen. Like the gameport diagram, detailed information about the schematic routing of any of the pins on the port is available at the click of a button .
If an error occurs during the testing, an elaborate explanation is given to amend the problem. For example, one error that occurred during testing was: DTR is not transmitting proper signal. Check the trace from serial pin 20 to CIA-B pin 9. Note that it passes through the 1488 (U304), pins 11. 12 and 13 and EMI325. If the trace is OK, replace these, if the problem persists, replace CIA-B (U301, odd).’ Obviously, undertaking a task such as this is not for the faint-hearted, but in compari¬ son to most of the other diagnostic software reviewed, at least, it offers some information on how to
repair A fault. If you are experienced with electronics and willing to carry out repairs yourself, an Amiga Schematics guide would be necessary to locate the troublesome parts.
The software also facilitates disk and memory checking functions, which both seem to work adequately, with enough on-line information to explain any fault.
The sig¬ how it may be corrected, it may have more use as a*guide to rectifying faults man a simple information tool.
Throughout the PD market there are many different programs that boast the ability to diagnose a fault with an Amiga.
Unfortunately, some of these fall short of
* »eir claims. The most popular format for diagnostic software is
a compilation of separate utilities, each testing a different
function of the Amiga.
Engineers Kit is an example of this. It contains 20 different utilities for testing the Amiga's innards and the tests range from (fcsplaying a pretty HAM picture to bench¬ marking the computer, The disk includes A500/A2000 SysTest, which checks all Amiga functions, from sprite handling to the audio channels, in a diagnostic fash¬ ion. As this is Commodore’s recognised testing software, it appears on most compilations under different guises.
Although SysTest seems to analyse what appear to be rather crucial parts of your Amiga, the infor¬ mation it returns is particu¬ larly useless if there is an error. The results of each test are given by either a pass or a fail. If. For example, there is an error in the sprite testing, there is no additional information to explain the signifi¬ cance or origin of this error. The same applies to any sub-test of SysTest; a pass or fail is given (-O- ' SP J UDI.WVJ 00000000^000 000000000000 0000OOOOOOOOO ©00000000' SERIAL 25 PIN D FEMALE PARALLEL 25 PINO MALE Here ere the wiring diagrams lor the
serial and parallel port dongles This Illustration shows what tlin ‘dong/o' should look like when finlahed.
Note the LEDs protruding through the plastic casing If you do not wish to splash out on the Advanced Amiga Analyser, you can tost the output voltages with a meter, or make your own dongles with incorporated LEDs. The process is simple.
Using a volt meter, place the negative probe on pin 7 of the serial port. Touch pin 9 and then pin 10. If all is OK they should read -12v and +12v respectively.
Next, you will need to take readings from the parallel port, using pin number 17 as a ground. Test k the voltages 1 on pins 14 I and 16. Pin f 14 should read +5 volts and pin 16 should read +5 volts a few seconds after boot up. As this is the line to let peripherals know the Amiga has been reset.
The test for the video port uses pin 20 as a ground. Testing pin 23 should give a +5v reading and both 21 and 22 will give - 12v and +12v respectively. Finally, both gameports use pin number 7 as a ground. Probe pin number 8 to give a +5v reading on the meter.
If you are a master of soldering and intricate work, the push-on dongles may be the answer to testing your Amiga. For a full set of four dongles you will need four 1 Kilo ohm resistors, and 4 220 ohm resistors, plus three green LEDs, three red and one yellow. These components are mounted inside the plastic cases of D type connectors, and four of these, including the connectors themselves, will be needed; 1 x 25 pin male. 1 x 25 pin female. 1 x 23 pin female and 1 x 9 pin female.
The LEDs can simply be pushed through holes drilled in the plastic cas-: Ing. Follow the wiring diagrams for con-1 struction of the parts. Once constructed, these dongles can be used to test the j power lines from each of the ports. Be careful not to plug-in and unplug these while the computer is switched on. All of the components for the dongles can be found at any good electrical/computer parts store. May all your diagnosis' be good ones!
VIDEO 23 PIN D FEMALE O0000000O000 MOUSE 9 PIN D FEMALE OO0O0 ©9 00 Amiga Computing ?
Without further information offered.
The other utilities in the compilation are typical offerings for testing your Amiga. You can load the workbench 1.3 clock program if you wish which will display the correct time if everything is working okay. The key¬ board, disk and joystick tests are perhaps the most useful of the three, but are not really necessary to determine that some¬ thing does not work with any of these devices.
In general, this is one of the better diag¬ nostic compilations, offering a higher degree of stability than its competitors - although the usefulness of some of the tests is somewhat dubious. It is also doubt¬ ful that this compilation can be called a ‘diagnosis' disk, as most of the utilities will tell you there is a problem with the part tested, but give no further information on how to deal with it.
For example, there is no information explaining the fault on your computer if the double-buffered, pretty rotating cube test does not work. Maybe it is your disk-drive having an allergy to blue polygons!
TESTING, TESTING System Exerciser from PD Soft is an alternative shareware offering, with tests available for both the disk drive and the memory. Although both tests seem to func¬ tion well, with errors detected property, the presentation is quite poor, and the disk test program actually appears on the Engineer s Kit disk!
Amiga System Checkers Toolbox is an alternative compilation from Ground Zero and contains some interesting programs for testing your system, The package includes Amiga intuition Based Benchmarks (AIBB V3) which helps give you a better idea what your Amiga is all about. If this is not enough, version 3.24 of Syslnfo is also included to divulge further information on your machine.
Apart from these tv^p utilities, the rest seem rather mundane and thrown together in comparison, including a keyboard matrix tester and Clock Doctor (which will not even see a clock even though there is one there!)
There is also a joystick tester and various other system utilities and monitors. As per usual, the rather user-unfriendly A500/A2000 SysTest program is bundled in.
For those of you who own SCSI hard disks, and are having problems with them, a program to look at is SCSI Tester V2.0, by John Yeager. SCSI Tester will carry out a physical test of every sector on your hard drive, the SCSI bus in general. It is useful for determining problems with the SCSI cabling and SCSI device driver code, and faults present with the SCSI bus and any hard drives on it.
INVESTIGATING SCSI Tester V2.0 is a well-presented program, with an easy-to-use point and click interface. All you have to do is choose which SCSI device driver the program is to investigate. The drive you choose to exam¬ ine is selected by choosing the appropriate values of SCSI ID. Board and LUN. The program then scans the SCSI bus and all the sectors of the chosen hard disk. All the results are displayed in a log file, which contains information on all the bad sectors found and additional information about the specifications Of the SCSI Hardware.
Using Syslnfo and other system perfor¬ mance monitors is useful if you own an accelerator or hard disk. By comparing your machine’s benchmarks against others, it is possible to see what can be altered on your system to reach optimum performance. For example, you may have a SCSI hard drive attached to your system, but Syslnfo says is not transferring data as fast as it cov be. To rectify this you could make sure t!
SCSI disconnect/reconnect is enabled.
If the controller is a GVP product, yc may require the DMA bus hold feature c the gvpscsi.device to be turned on - you have a higher performance hard dis attached. Syslnfo will also tell you if th instruction and data caches are switche on, or if the system ROM has bee copied to 32-bit memory to speed-u access. /ri Suppliers ECS Diagnostics: 17 bit software Tel: 01924 366982: (disk ho. 3347) Engineers Kit: 17 bit software: (disk no. 2576) System Exerciser: PD Soft Tel: 01702 466933: (disk no. U30) Advanced Amiga Analyser: Grapevine Tel: 0101 914 357 2424; Price: £49.95 Tel. 0116 234 0682 or
Fax. 0116 236 4932 Militated k Toolkit CD ifiiiiji! N seiflflfifi3 IK ( 111 1 IIIKIII E; CONTENTS I MAP FONTS CHXIURE1) *“ An immense amount of Amos Code for only £19.95" imm Mi SOUNDS TERRIFIC A double CD pack containing over
1. 2 Gigabytes of musical acd sounds data for the Amiga and IBM
PC computer*. It all add* up to the moat complete collection
of sounds on any platform and will form vital pan of any
muuctam CD collection, nr Firm (A Cotl VaWdanf (1719 Iwfl Thr
Xrafxi 1719m.
JxUn.BnJCatn+mUlM Cvmtog M l«1r. / 17.99 I Fiih C<dM H wAi 117.99
ilm. lXSiarTrrkHIS.99n. Wa«M> KarU £15.99 /iiyrfjun (15*1 x^ftaar
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—- Ultimate Games CD I games for the CD®. CDTV CONTENTS ip
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Calamrn & Amiga CD. Ready to nm from a simple MENU system
I0D* CD* compatible Alio include* Auaauns floppy disks I to
200 archived easily copied back to floppy. Workbench.
Parnet & Sernet included between a CDTV or CD32 and any other Amiga, ote drive for your Amiga, allowing access to the Rom. The CD32 cable also available uses the A s complete with a keyboard pass through, thus wncct FMV or SXI addons. Network CD sets ti I disables the reset function, allowing the CD to 1509660 CD.
Rowlandson Close Leicester Leics. LE4 2SE k/eAd, Science, Tel. 0II6 2M 0682 Fax. 0116 236 4932 network CD TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME ?
CONTENTS Pamct & Sernet Ncomm &. Term Twin Express Fred Fish 800 to 975 Amos PD 478io 603 74 Utility Disks PhotoCD Conversion 500 Images in 256 cols.
Network CD £ 14.99 CD32 Cable f 19.95 Pamet Cable £ 9.99 ONLY £ 9.99 ONLY £ 19.95 ONLY £ 19.95 FONTS CD » complete CD dedicated to Fonts the Amiga range of computers.
PC compatible. Many tortMU are catered for, Adobe, CO Font*. Coloured. Postscript.
IFF. PCX. Pagcstrcam.
Tnmpe. Calamus and GDOS.
Ammg up to die mow complete CD of Font* for the Amiga ever, b nod over 18.000 Tiles in 900
550meg* of Clip Art for Amiga anil PC*. The moM comprehensive
collection of Clip Art ever far the Amiga range of computers.
In total over 26,000 file*. The following formats are catered
for. HAW Iff Bitmap.
Coloured Iff Bitmap. Proclips, EPS, Pugmcttcr. Pagesircam. IMG. Ccrel Draw and coloured brushes. All are AVAllAMa: I ROM ALL (,001) STOCKISTS 4600 Modules, 14.000 Samples 56# Scni* Scores A 4500 Instruments 302 OctameiVMed Modules 1190 Midi Fuci 1552 Voc A 642 Wav Samples Utilities for both Amiga & IBM PC Atmga aid PC Compatible ready to uw and easily accessible in subject directories CLIPART CD AMIGA A PC CnmpuHMr itly from die CD.
15. 000 . Mims Biniufi A 1500 Cotouml 1500 EPS 600C IMG. 95
P^csctia yn Pmeotm. IK. Piocllps. >20 Cent MS FnnuAop aid
Bnohc* tar Optra i lor any DTP work.
LIBRARY ON COMPACT DEC The OfScui Attn PI) Library i* the target tourer of .Amo* related source wide and program* n die world today. I he library u run by Lai & Anne Titcka and n endured by Eurnrest Softwwe, the puNithcn of Amm and Arm Pin. Thb compact due contain* the entne library fnm dnk I to 620.
Each one uranged nti own tlinxlury and catalogued. The due orontn cum of 33X00 fila wth ora 1600 Anna tame calc file. 100 tpmc tank*. 260 Qext bank*. 800 simple*. Numerou* muuc bank* and several ruenwnm to Amos & Amo* Pro Tha* CD » truly a testament to the immense fnilouing dut Amm aid Amm Pro h» tchcved m ftf pad few yon «*J represent* thousand* of man houra of wnting Atom code which will prove to be on invaluable source of help and nation to tie Amm user.
The Amm PD Library contain* many game* and Uhtatio, which will prove interesting to die Amm user and nun-Amm user alike, limgme the eotue ccramscrf a PD. Library un ore CD.
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Q. » O: What the press said about Ivacksuit Manager. "The best
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LOAN A PLAYER TO ANOTHER CLUB TTTU_________________________________ II if» NKT tnwq vbu» toul Mmputt nflwn nuifer. Yau oil irr, tfitftnAy otiur.ng tut {rcdtfU |Im« twl i tfwqur a barfer ptytt » Ajwratw Schwa* tot pro 0ul 85p P-P IlK f.*n jrjJl O* (crrphtrt fO>i» cjtKii krait 4 ccnouirr to ttn Kbun nwd or wlemore OJ CICO.TCARO HOTIK (op»n ICUn to 5pm Iaxi uFrlleo 01977790767 EXCITING IN GAME COMMENTARY ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE LIMITED. Department TSM. Units S-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract. West Yorkshire, WF8 2LN. Facsimile: 01977 790243 This product is not endorsed by any football
authority' official team or player UPDATES »(- Instant Ithough there’s been a number of video tutorial companies plying their wares to the Amiga world over the years, it must be said the overall standard has been pretty poor. Having said that, there is one very notable exam¬ ple. Namely Desktop Images, a company from across the pond who've made their name via a range of highly acclaimed Lightwave and Toaster-specific tutorials.
When it comes to professionalism, pre¬ sentation and overall quality, Desktop Images quite literally set a standard others rarely match. The question is, will that tradition continue with their latest efforts?
BKPBftiSB Studio IS pro Audio for Uideo update Amidst the graphical euphoria that sometimes appears to completely engulf the Amiga, its success in the sound department often gets overlooked.
At the forefront of this success has been the SunRize Industries AD1012 and AD516 direct- to-disk sampling systems. It’s no exaggeration to place both alongside the very best on any computer platform. As a result. Desktop Images have wisety set out to complement this amazing hardware with a tutorial video hosted by a professional Studio 16 demonstrator and a three time Emmy Award winning dialogue editor. Basically, the video is designed to offer all the insider knowledge needed to master the techniques required for pro-quality video post production.
In the first section, our anchor man and pro¬ fessional demonstrator, Tony Shannon, takes you through a step-by-step guide to adding a complete sound track to a movie trailer.
During the demo Tony adds sound effects, Ip synchs vocals from the original rushes and narration, as well as a stereo musical backing track. After adding and synching samples, Tony moves on to the mix down process, = RS Product: Studio 16 Pro Audio for Video Product; Pro Flying Logo Techniques Supplier: Premier Vision Price: £38.95 each Tel: 0171 721 7050 detailing all the necessary skills needs to link tracks for automated fades and pans.
In short, after Tony's excellent introduction
- which takes up roughfy 3/4 of the tape - you should be well
versed in the Timeline Cuelist, Digital Waveform Editor,
Automated Ihis month the spotlight falls on — the uerg latest
in uideo tuition — for iightwaue and Studio IS — Mixer, Sample
List and of course the Recorder. To put the icing, or rather
the mar¬ keting on the cake, Tony's efforts are fol¬ lowed by a
rather brief, but nevertheless informative overview by David
During Mr Scharf's section you’re taken through a basic tutorial on adding ambient sound and removing unwanted elements in the original rushes. In short, useful but not exactly inspiring stuff, However, overall, and primarily thanks to Tony Shannon, the tape does offer some excellent advice and tricks of the trade, I’ve been running Studk?16 for quite some time and would still be happy to cough-up the necessary cash for this kind of essential information. Highly recommended.
As mentioned earlier, Lightwave and Toaster tutorials are what Desktop Images are best known for. And in an attempt to build on their existing success they've now targeted a specific, and often lucrative area for many commercial animators.
Flying logos may lack the glamour of Babylon5 or RoboCop but they're nev¬ ertheless the bread and butter that keep many an animator in business. As a result, who better to take you through the finer points than the maestro of the flying logo Mr Tony Stutterheim.
During Tony’s inside guide you’re shown some interesting tips on how to make more effective use of the cam¬ eras within layout. However, the video's real strength has to be Tony's explanation on how to create the kind of effects that make the difference between enthusiasts and professionals, while avoiding the sort of mistakes and production methods that can put hours.
If not days on the job. As well as layout hints, Tony also offers some essential tips for making the most of modeller when creating actual logos and adding bevels. However it's back in layout where most of the real points are scored, with the most valuable informa¬ tion being how to produce streak effects, the use of null objects and the creation of the ubiquitous moving sheen effect.
Being an experienced Lightwave user, I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the overall content, as the majority of the tape will almost certainly run over familiar ground for anyone who’s been using Lightwave regularly.
Having said that, there are some real pearls in among the more obvious examples - with the most notable being the aforementioned moving sheen effect. Like most, I've had a bash at this effect and met with less than favourable results. Fortunately, Tony does have an easy solution which I guarantee will leave many animators slapping their foreheads in a *why didn't I think of that' manner.
Like it’s counterpart, the tape con¬ cludes with a separate section, during Tony's closing address attention turns, rather ironically, to WaveMaker.
If you’re a regular reader you may recall that WaveMaker is a standalone Lightwave add-on, designed by Tony, in conjunction with Axiom software. For those who are unfamiliar with the prod¬ uct, WaveMaker is a highly automated flying logo generator. The irony is that WaveMaker largely negates the need for any practical modelling and design skills when it comes to quality flying logo animation.
Admittedly. WaveMaker couldn't replicate the techniques covered in the tape, but after Tony’s guided tour it's very tempting to put your new found knowledge aside and simply invest in a copy of WaveMaker.
Pro Plijing logo lechniquEs Obviously, there's been some seri¬ ous horse trading when it comes to content. Still, it must be sa»d the overall package does deliver the goods, espe¬ cially for those who are either new to Lightwave or make their money exclu¬ sively from corporate and commercial animation.
Amiga Computing MAY 1 995 1- —Ill GRAPHICS o It might seem odd that a develop¬ er's tool like CanDo should be reviewed by a non-programmer like me, as opposed to, say. Phil South or Paul Overaa. Both of whom have had a lot of good advice to give over the years when it comes to programming. But the thing is, that's what CanDo is all about. It gives peo¬ ple like me the ability to create standalone tools which can be given to anyone. Okay, it might not be as fast as a creation in C or Assembler, but hey. Who cares? I haven't had to sit down and wade through heaps of technical jargon or Commodore
ROM kernel manuals just to put a window on an Amiga screen.
CanDo should need no introduction to regular readers of Amiga Computing as an earlier version of it was given dwdy on the January cover disk. If you played around with it you now know that CanDo is an appli¬ cation developer that lets you build fairly complex programs without needing to know how to code.
SCRIPTING All you need is a basic understanding of scripting very similar to AmigaDOS to create Amos-type, custom screen programs, or window-based, Workbench-bound tools.
Well-known programs that have been made with CanDo include ProControl, the ADPro batch processor, and Sparks, an add-on for Lightwave.
So what does this new version offer by way of enhancements? Firstly, the interface has. Once again, been redesigned. As shown in the pictures on these pages, instead of there being a static button bar there is now a dynamic list of options that can be changed to suit your tastes. If. For instance, you never program anything that needs a joystick, you can either remove the joystick option from the list, or simply move it to the end.
This main layer is not the only thing that has been changed - most of the individual requesters for these tools have been re¬ arranged and are now. For the most part, more sensibly arranged. The main purpose of this re-design seems to be an attempt to make CanDo look more professional; rather than using chunky buttons designed to marked (two operations instead of one). My main wish for future versions of CanDo would be a user-definable, external text editor, with the button bar in the CanDo editor attached as a separate program running on the same screen.
As it stands at the moment. I am having to run Turbotext in the background to type In my text and then switch back and forth between Turbotext and CanDo to use the function tools. This is a real waste of my time.
FIRST AID The old-style help has been replaced by a large AmigaGuide document detailing all commands and functions, accessible by simply double-clicking on the word in ques¬ tion. However, with this leap towards stan¬ dardisation, one of the more useful facets of CanDo’S online help has been lost; that of being able to insert the correct command appeal to those who still run their Amiga's on a TV. CanDo 3's interface is a strictly hi-res affair, even going as far as to support RTG graphics cards like Picasso. But this attempt to appear more professional is only partially successful.
Although CanDo is now firmly oriented towards 2.x and 3.x development, it does not take advantage of all the added facilities offered by these versions of the Workbench. As an example, although the cycle gadget provided by CanDo looks and behaves like a normal AmigaDOS cycle gadget, the fact that programs like CycleToMenu won't work with CanDo-gen- erated cycle gadgets is a bit of a give-away.
One of my main problems with earlier versions of CanDo was the lack of a decent script editor. This has still not been addressed in version 3. Which still has an editor that can only cut. Copy and paste complete lines which first have to be You tan with As from version 3. CanDo no longer supports true standalone programs without the user paying extra. If you want to create a public domain or shareware program whose registration fee is going to be less than , you are entitled to distribute the CanDo library with your program. This is a similar idea to MUI- based programs where a
MUImaster.library is required before you can use the program. A 200k overhead might seem exces¬ sive if you are only using one MUI application, but when you have four or five running on your machine, all using the same library, it no longer seems such a sacrifice.
The other advantage is that you don't have to incorporate everything into your program itself - the library takes care of all those functions - so your program size is small and easy to download. Users writing kiosk POI systems or full-on commer¬ cial applications are required to pay for a runtime or special licence version of CanDo.
Standalone stuff Travel around an endleaa city courtesy ol CanDo'a amazing one-way ayatcm CANDO CITY Amiga Computing
• I- GRAPHICS Arexx - this tool looks for any Arexx ports
currently open and lets you talk to them.
Bookmark - this is where you dick to add a bookmark to the list.
BrushAnim - this tool lets you load, show and edit the path of a brushanim. The results are entered Into your script.
Buffer - lets you work with all the buffers in your application.
Card - lets you insert various commands to do with the cards in your deck.
Coordinate - this puts a cross hair on your interface end when you click, enters the co-ordinates into your script.
CoordinateBox - this works the same way, only you draw out a box. The top left- hand comer co-ordinates are entered with the distances to the opposite corner into your script.
Dos - this lets you run external Amiga pro¬ grams from within your CanDo application.
Effects,Brush - this adds transitional effects to brushes you are showing in your program, Effects,Palette - this adds transitions to palette changes in your program.
FileRequester - this brings up a file requester in which you can choose a file.
This filename and its path are then insert¬ ed into your script.
Layout - lets you flow text around your interface.
Librarian - this lets you build up a library of code modules that you might want to use in other areas of your program, or even in other programs entirely.
Objects - this tool lets you insert code into your script dealing with the objects (buttons, fields, documents, etc.) in your program.
Paint - this Is a simple drawing program that lets you draw into your interface.
CanDo then converts what you have drawn into code and inserts it into your script.
Picture - this brings up a file requester to let you choose a picture to show.
Routines - this behaves in the same way as the main toolbar version with the added benefit that you can directly insert the name of the routine into your script.
Sound - this tool lets you set the volume, channel and filename of a sound to be played.
SoundSequence - this is an expanded version of the above command allowing you to play modules or sequences of indi¬ vidual sounds.
Text - lets you print text into your interface.
Variable Browser - this brings up a list of all the variables in your program and their contents so you can insert them into your script.
This is a list of all the tools available every time you enter the script editor. Most of them are there to save you from having to type in endless commands to achieve an effect, and will automatically enter code into your script.
Script editor tools [anDo Ben Ua5t disrouers whether or — not the new uersion of tanDo — Hues up to its past reputation template back into your script once you had thoroughly researched your topic.
Hence the arrival of the Lexicon Assistant. This lets you use wildcards to set Imits on which of Can Do's 448 commands and functions you wish to sort through, and clicking on the two buttons at the bottom of the window will either bring the AmigaGuide help document back up or insert the com¬ mand into your script - usually with a help¬ ing line giving options for that command which is commented out of the script so it can do no harm, As I didn't get a look at version 2 (or 2.5) of CanDo, I'm not really in a position to say whether the manual has changed since then, but it certainly has changed
since the last version I own (which is 1.5). No more the spiralbound glossy manual. Now we have a ring binder containing 634 pages packed with closely-typed information, along with a separate Tutorials manual. It might just be me, but I found it really difficult to find what I was looking for in the manual as it seemed to be based on the AmigaGuide document.
If you just look up a topic in the index, say Documents, it will refer you to a single page, not the several I was expecting. This page will contain an overview of the Document tool and give you page numbers to refer to for each command relevant to documents in CanDo. In my opinion, my old version 1 manual dealt with this in a much better fashion, grouping all the document commands together alphabetically before moving onto another topic, The manual that comes with CanDo 3 has an overview for each topic near the start of the manual and then an alphabeti¬ cally-sorted section of every single
command - all 448 of them. This means that if you aren't exactly sure what you tanDo is an appliiation Hopei that lets w build fairlii (ompleH programs uithout needing to know how to rode, flllw need is a basil understanding of| scripting Window/Effect Fade thru Randon Color Fade thru White Genlock Dissolve Colors Pull Doun Pull Ui Amiga Computing GRAPHICS Improved Border Requester: Font Requester: Config CanDo: Document Object Tool: Field Object Tool: Menu Object Tool: Proportional Object Tool: Timer Object Tool: Screen Definition: Window Editor: Window Options.
New Editor Tools: Arexx Buffers: Brush Effects: Palette Effects: Librarian Objects: Variable Browser.
Object Tools: Align Object: BufferManager: LastScript Print; Text VariableManager.
Script Editor; Calculator; Help Menu (now uses AmigaGuide); Lexicon Assistant.
Need to know, you have to look in two sep¬ arate places before you are guided to the right area. This might not be a problem in a 40-page manual (you could probably flip to the right page anyway, with practice), but in this monster it is quite a nuisance.
The resemblance of the manual to the accompanying on-line help is further reinforced by the fact that the entry for a command in the manual is exactly matched by that in the on-line documentation. There are no added examples or explanations which is a great shame as it can be quite frustrating to have to search through all that documentation, only to find that the expla¬ nation you were looking for isn't there - only a command template. I think my solution is going to be to get some dividers for my manual to at least make my searching easier.
BETTER BY DESIGN The Tutorial manual is much improved over the rather simple examples provided with CanDo 1.5. There are complete script breakdowns, and the features demonstra¬ ted are, for the most part, a little more inter¬ esting and useful than showing a picture of a rabbit and a porcupine. They skip over certain features, but I think that in all my years of trying software tutorials I have never found one that explained absolutely everything, and I'm aware that other people might have different priorities.
A familiar interface, but unitor the akin it 's all change for tho all-new CanDo One of the other features that was sorely lacking in my previous version of CanDo was support for system file requesters, con¬ firmation requesters, and so on. In my old copy of CanDo. If I wanted to have a file requester for my programs I would actually have to make a separate 'deck' (which is what CanDo calls the programs it creates) that contained the file requester I would have to write myself, then call that deck up from my original program.
Well, now CanDo supports calls for ASL requesters and allows you to use the command AskForResponse, which puts a standard AmigaDOS requester on the screen, of the ‘Are you sure you want to quit?’ variety. These requesters are proper AmigaDOS ones and can have their choic¬ es selected with the left Amiga-V or -B key¬ board combinations. If you are using ARQ then these requesters do pop up in the mid¬ dle of the screen.
CanDo 3 now has a special effects fea¬ ture which can be used for transitions between brushes, palettes or pictures, much like that which comes with Scala, and which takes exactly as long as you want them to - no matter whether you are using them on a humble A500 or the fastest A4000 going. In addition to its already good brushanim support, this feature will guaran¬ tee fans who want to further jazz up their presentations.
TUTORIALS CanDo's brushanim support is amply demonstrated in two of the tutorial scripts provided. One is one of those practically ubiquitous lottery number picker programs, but this one is really nice as you can see by the picture on the previous page. The balls with the numbers on are actually all from one brushanim which shows a ball with the numbers from 1 to 100 on it.
CanDo then simply sets the brushanim to whichever frame is required to show the correct number. Simple and effective. The other tutorial is an interactive drive-through of an endless city, created by having brushanims for moving straight ahead, turn¬ ing left and right and doing a U-tum.
But I don’t want to cast too much of a downer on CanDo. It is probably the only way I am ever going to be able to produce a standalone program which could be run by anyone. It is an incredibly powerful program which can be used for things from the sim¬ plest button-based toolbar, through data¬ bases and spreadsheets to multimedia applications.
A. *7 Editor tools CanDo’s complete set of editors include: Align
Object - lets you neatly arrange tN: elements in your program
on a grid basis.
Arexx - this tool is for defining a script the will occur when your program receives a message through its Arexx port.
Bookmark - this comes in very handy when you have a lot of scripts. In the script edrtcx one of the first buttons down the right-hano side is the Bookmark button. Clicking on ths makes CanDo take a note of the script you are editing.
BrushAnim - this is for editing the BrushAnims that are going to be used by your program. It isn't used as a drawing package.
BufferManager - brings up a request?’ showing all current buffers and their contents and lets you play around with them.
Button - one of the most used tools. Ths lets you create buttons of all shapes, colours and sizes, which can be dragged, single¬ clicked or double-clicked on.
ConfigCanDo - basically CanDo Prefs 4 lets you edit various aspects of the CanDo interface to suit your tastes.
Disk - this tool is for the creation of scripts when a disk is inserted into a drive or removed.
Document - Lets you incorporate a list v»e* or scrolling text box in your program.
Field - this one lets you create text c* numeric fields for your program.
GamePort - lets you determine what foysti:* or mouse actions do in your program.
Keylnput - lets you set keyboard-controlle: events in your program.
LastMark - this jumps you straight to the la> Bookmark you set, without having to use the Bookmark tool.
LastScript - this jumps you straight to thi last script you edited.
Menu - this tool lets you create menus I your program which can be standard ter- based ones, or contain images.
MenuRender - lets you perform a script before the menus are created for a program ObjectLayer - this lets you rearrange tf I relative depth of your buttons, fields, etc- Print - this will print out your complete dec* or parts of it, as you like.
Proportional - lets you create proportion* gadgets (sliders) for your application.
RightMousebutton - you can attach senf ts to a right mouse button event with this tool.
Routines - CanDo lets you have routine s that are independent from the normal script* and this tool lets you access them directly.
Sound - this lets you attach scripts sounds played in your application.
SuperDuper - A tool to make copies of buttons, fields, etc. SuperMover - this tool lets you move one more objects around your interface using ar.
X. y offset.
Text - this tool is for placing text into yoj program.
VariableManager - this brings up a list of t* variables in your program and lets yob manipulate them.
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ease of use and power.
Mostly you have one end of the scale tipped to one side at the detriment of the other. Too easy to use and they often seem to lack any real power. Too powerful and they become overly cryptic with masses of commands and features hidden away within an ominously imposing and large manual, that has a page count that would make the encyclopaedia Brittanica blush.
Yes, there are very few which can claim to maintain their footing between these two extremes. Twist 2, from the ever prolific HiSoft, is one of them, however.
Versatility is one of Twist 2's strengths, allowing you to organise information easily and quickly and to manipulate it using some extremely powerful functions and features.
Any project from a simple card-file-type address book or a complete, integrated sales system with relations between many other database files are easily achieved using Twist 2.
Creating and using a database generally consists of creating fields containing specific data which is collected into records and then organised into forms. The user can then access, search and generally process this organised data in many weird and wonderful ways using various functions and features built into the database.
A quick scan of the reference section of the Twist 2 manual is evidence enough to realise you have a comprehensive and pow¬ erful suite of functions and features at your fingertips. Thanks to the Arexx interface, those requiring even more power can turn their hand to this programming tool to create ¦HWJkWL~ IRTtMfHrKS; MbC£.a ...«... BKSPJS. ~ ~ tKiaacr,•=.«., BKCaRSL— looking good Presentation of your data is an important factor in how easy to read and informative your records look. Twist 2 allows you to eas¬ ily create the look of your database via the Form editor. Using the mouse, simply
click and drag the various form objects into position, sizing them to your requirements.
These form objects include database Fields, Text for adding informative descriptions on the form. Box. Which allows you to pro¬ vide a visual indication of grouped items. Image, to enable you to display icons on the form and, more interestingly. File objects.
File objects are quite a powerful feature within Twist 2 and allow you to use external files thanks to Workbench's Datatypes feature.
Such external files can include IFF pictures, sound samples and any other filetype supported by the Datatype.
Some of these form objects can also have attributes such as colour, allowing you to create a visually informative and even aesthetically-pleasing database.
Amiga Computing even more features and functions. The basic building block of a database is its fields, which are specific data elements of a specific data type. Twist 2 has four main types of data which are text, numbers (integer or floating point) or a calendar date.
* o Twist and The mark of a quality database program is in what
functions and processes can be applied to these fields. Twist
2’s real power stems from its comprehensive array of func¬
tions which include statistical, boolean, geo¬ metric. Text
string and conditional functions - more than enough for most
CALCULATIONS You can assign a mathematical process to fields to automatically calculate figures. For example, say your database has a floating point field called Value which holds the price of a certain product excluding VAT.
However, you want to be able to Include VAT should the need arise. Therefore, you assign a field called VAT to be a floating point number which can either hold the num¬ ber 0. For no VAT or 17.5 for the current rate.
You would thus edit the Value field to con¬ tain the expression (Total * (VAT /100)) + Total, which will give the full price including any VAT if present. Although a somewhat simple example, the range of functions and possible expressions is almost unlimited.
Other field functions that can be applied include validation, which ensures the correct data is being entered. An example of this would be the VAT field. Obviously, the only values valid here are either 0 or 17.5. To ensure the operator cannot enter any incorrect figures, this field could be validated using the expression VAT ==0 II VAT =17.5. In English, this expression is essen¬ tially saying that the VAT field can only have the number 0 OR (expressed as the II characters) 17.5 in it, and anything else is just not on!
Thankfully, for those who are currently scratching their heads at the above expres¬ sion, there is a complete reference section in the Twist 2 manual which describes al th* various symbols and mathematical oper»-1 tors. If, after reading this, I can get the gist it, anybody can.
There are also five attnbutes which Tw«i 2 can assign to a field. These are Mol editable (pretty self explanatory). Required - which means the field must have data entered into it. Fixed - meaning once dasa has been entered, no further calculation or validation will be performed - Zero - if empty, forces a field to a zero value if no | data is present - and the last attribute. Fit. \ brings up a pop-up list which displays three settings, Fixed length. Compressed and Virtual. These are very useful when your database starts to attain mammoth i proportions.
When you save your database, every fiett and record is saved to disk, The default set¬ ting is Fixed length, which means all parts ol every record in the database, whether al characters are used or not, are saved to disk. If you have quite large text fields, the size of the database can rapidly become extreme, taking up copious amounts of valuable disk space.
This problem can be avoided by the use of the Compressed option. If a field is set to compressed it is not stored in the main data¬ base file but in a second file which contains all the other compressed fields that happen to be present within the database. The obvious drawback, of course, is that the information takes a little longer to retrieve because Twist 2 can't immediately find it in the database file.
The final setting is Virtual, and no. Twist 2 doesn't come with a VR headset. The Virtual setting stores nothing at all in the database file; instead the content of the field is com¬ puted every time the record is used from the calculation attached to the field.
Fields can also be Indexed, which means all values for a field are contained in a sepa¬ rate file and can be set to either ascending .4 DatataM tJ- .
~____pr — £!TRI« tm m.'&'bZJS »n?:«™ “1 ’iaifiiaiiin Sii&g A great example of Just what you can achieve using Twist 2. This Is a database for the Aminat CD-ROM, complete with built-in file extractor SOFTWARE "I- .A A. shout This Is where you design the layout of your records Including the ability 19 have graphics, buttons and boxes to givo It that professional look or descending order. Once you have all your fields created, it's time to start entering your data. Twist 2 can display your fields in one of two ways, as a record form or list. A record form will display one record at a time where¬
as a list will display multiple records on one screen row. With the columns defining the fields.
Buttons at the top of the screen allow you to select whether you wish to Query (or search) the database as well as add. Edit or delete records, Two arrow buttons allow you to browse through records one at a time, or you can use the arrow keys on your Amiga's keyboard.
GOOD RELATIONS Twist 2 is a relational database which means you can build relations into your database forms. Simpler databases are generally termed ‘flat-file'. Which means their forms simply consist of the fields within the one database file. Using Twist 2 you can create fields whose contents can be found in another database file. This provides for a more powerful and highly efficient database structure.
Relational databases are extremely useful in areas such as a sales system, where you may have various departments or people handling areas such as stock, orders and customers. They allow you to create relatio¬ nal fields within records and these fields get their information from separate database files.
It's quite possible to have all the informa¬ tion to hand in just one big database file, but this would obviously be overly complex to create, would make searching unnecessarily slow and would probably be very cumber¬ some to maintain. It would be much easier to have separate database files which could be integrated into each other, and this is exactly what relational databases allow.
A good example of this would be for a mail Darren fuans gets in a whirl oner - Iwist S. one of the best relational- database applications for the Dmiga - order firm who regularly send out promotio¬ nal leaflets on their stock. Obviously, such a firm would have separate departments dealing with stock control and ordering, as well as customer details.
Twist 2 can be configured to use any available screen modes as well as custom or standard file requesters It is decided that a promotional leaflet is to be produced detailing a new range of soft¬ ware for the Amiga and this leaflet is to be sent off to their customers. The firm also deal in PC and Macintosh software so they will not want to target these customers for the promotional run. Using Twist 2's relational features, a separate database dedicated to producing the required information for the promotional run could be created.
REQUIREMENTS This database would allow the user to search the stock database for machine- specific software and search the customer database for households with the required computers, thereby producing the required data for the promotional leaflet. Such versa¬ tility and efficiency would be difficult to achieve using a simple flat-file database.
Because of the demands on the Amiga this little powerhouse of a database pro¬ vides, such as support for datatypes, it will only work on Amigas with Workbench 2 or above. Although you can probably coax Twist 2 to run on a 1Mb floppy-based system, you won't be able to do much with it. Hence, a hard disk and memory upgrade are highly recommended if you are to get the best from it.
Twist 2 is powerful, fast, easy to use and the most versatile database application avail¬ able for your Amiga. If you are intent on injecting some kind of organisation into your life, look no further.
SVSIEm ESSEFITIHLS RED i Essentia: BLACK Recommended 3 Mb 2^ Workbench RAM The bottom line Product; Twist 2 Supplier; HiSoft Price: £99.95 Phone: 01525 718181 Ease of use 10 Implementation 10 Hidden away in the masses of features which Twist 2 provides is a useful mailmerge feature Value for money- Overall_ 9 10 “ !«r-|
• *— —It’JUM----1
* )*•<' a-'.-
- E— • _ _ „
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U044 0AMK8TAR na.t Irel 2-l| knA d utt.
1) 0,1 DtS* MAO CREATOR etwlt I tat miuui-a lit17 NORTH C <0mp4w
(2) (Ml* prearMmna taaui III?) MO ¦ * r<<inU n*M nri UI31
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AMO AMIMTE .Ul tn Imi U1 TO S*C«MY t MIAS <4 01 3 .pi., I«r
awn bWtph V1W WASTWStM V’.l tonpM A4«r0a- trip U1H UMJMTE0
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coanot.1 ;i:i)i.i UIIM WOW «IM* (AM ratal 24. »tf* ttal UIOI
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11) 40 ABCMVfR TOOLS IfrM *1 U*lh*t4 0242 lUPLOCCR 4 0 Out P.
Mlsnwi f ¦c«4*il 0243 Tta A-T COPIER {not WB3| Tj «U co«M>
02*4 FftACUl Uml WX Ol 4UCUI pioaruta trll 024T 048K CRUHCM
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aNn VOYAGO) I I GORF • rimm Ha.to. I FAST CM - UM> ol «M1 4 I
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Osto OtSK MANAGER V] craaU esttUau*. D «l yeut it.
04*7 AMOS PROFESSIONAL UFOATEiOdta ..It. 044* FOACASTER V2 UM img pttaKUon grtpRi 06*2 UUSSN HAHOY TOOL 3 me Wit vm ASSASim HANOT TOOL -nw> iron Uim 0814 St** R OOPCR 3. (NOT HI.]) VlMI«U Oepta 0*44 P C 0 totmtow Paoed Uigum .if tortpt.
IBM AMTOOL SSDNA I <JM4 arjtm* toff LEU* NEGACMtAT V3 . ..m mcr. Am. Mm U7C0 AMMATTON CONSTRUCTION ftT VI 2 . FX* UTOJ V M3W*t« fMH meow iwtph «RUu«or UW r.AUF TAMFR (5141..» Em mm gmi tfme.
Uroe last wll i tEst»Mi!i<t - nt is. Mi UTIP PFRFFCT.PAIMT 3) Vwy my to M4t.nl PMUM un S COW .2 PLAYER P», CD. Rh. N UTI t cH&wrrR KIT uCf mi tt. In.
U'i» M40NW V* RtOAftO P* frt*l Eat immm trw UT2I roMT FARM V] . UN d tom . Ten! ,Cm UT2J EXOTIC RIPPER 'MM at tta Mat MunaB’totm rt ^«^a58?ts$j555EL UTM ARE* MANUAL (RM W*131 emcNla RWRuW HqEtl <c U,’«CROSS DOS 11 Jtui naaamt PC..AMIGA «lt maw 0741 HO OISK TOOL SOX ¦ nrnv mm Out ual r«omnan otMMt 0742 n?/n to c.orx-r auronor.T rx-,« . ,.u I At Id UJ43 UTIL Cut MNUt vJ MJUt AUTO HOOT DICK 0744 FRACTAL MANU.SMJMORPH BlIHanl cotMRon rr, 074* A> WORX0ENCH fRM I 3 ORLY) 'apUtamam U7U-. 20 GAO DEL (X SIGNER (*4 .Hu Am Any ...gU 1.11 U74T AsmoMY V2 mdd Mat purul pmOlttlen 0748 ILLUSIONS OHAWtNO
wooiMi U> Op«m 074* OtSK PE FAR 3 lltoepy I ifej IfKUda •ottaaetacl.
0710 NU8IC CATALOOOE*ol ASM 13| Mty MM » m ur:i SYSTEM CUCCMR TtKJL ITUli Iw pm Amljl IHMW 1 0752 EPU STACKER aouOla tta .Idtpa d your WIVE 0713 HARO OOTVE OTA. Lot mm Harp drMa UBI UTM PAMEMX aitwlw icetrpM* i 075* PRO CAO atoetrorac lalaal crcu. Beard da.Onai 1 075* we MENU LAUNCHER • «anu ay,lam may & U740 ICON PLUS |J nSKSI lAjnWwtl U HUNiiM ICONS o». U741 RELOCKIT 14 UIMIWBi 3 laiuwi UB20 MOW 10 COOE IH C (2 Oak.; . M usn ACTION REPLAY YlJ). Cartndoi 1*23 ACTION REPLAY V4 (A1J0* 0NL> WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF L!
SCOPE 1-220 FRED-FISH 1-1000 COMMODORE VIC 20 (plus) emulator + 30 top Vic 20 Game r i hrt frotf the CotWOOCflE teby W&. 1*8 pack mom *m» tw 30 toe VdO imfi i•« C09K CMMA WJUCt 5JUXW. I DCS at COMMODORE 64 V3 & 45 TOP C64 GAMES Tim a *» tery KM CW mu* W. Tits set oxura «. Top CW gnu UiW# 3*rt» Pamsn>.5*1 WlylLtsilkrty.BhctLitre Itetw Tiny must* Arts neuMcCNUJllte. I as n or 3* t *aJ) is ~j\ cn try Only £4.99 COHPATBLt WTH All AWGA5 ZX SPECTRUM 48K V2+ UTBT VEItMN i *U# » n at «e I » * to ay* SpMiai pa* M MH|WiiiaiMkiuwnrnl<lM<iitM«MMM U p*:u KWWnuUK'Wtm [nliMlX.wJVrtfmBllSll fclMiMtl HMUII»
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Due 2. Jet Set Willy 112, Beach head 2. Manic Miner
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K-Kong and 300 more All packs«e compatible with all Amlass All 400 Spectrum f*4Q nn games for only fcl <IMN«KWIIlUUOmMl(IMIM BUSINESS SOFTWARE
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MTELOUT MW nr) |M Wh AOAMO SOME JU6I1C M Oamo ot fo mn MW «AM
Aa SEC0UU£*0 AGAir.7 TO Tie DCATM wy good Itnttr rtGMTta r-"
miasm mss bbw<xmmw SiMS M)3 wamm mmm @3 H iM23
3) M63 a ®0§K ?©'iM3.7 Saul DISK DRIVE HEAD CLEANING KIT r"* t J
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Object 2« M0 Vmwn fc(*cts Vol t {J Oitkti aji Oepc* V* I (I Ohtal rowrs v«t i 210 RID Tru* I I (SOWS) soar FyarPMnt — BoOi CW 2 • HatcopMc Me (2 0«in
* o.J3DU.i LIGHTWAVE Object 22S LW VkriOM Obtoei Vot IISCNLsi 22S
LW Viriout Oetoct Yol 21J Dafts) 2Jt LW Tni* FONTS Vol I <!
Dwui SCULPT Object MS SC Vanoue Obpcl Vol 11S Diokt; NS SC
Vonoie Omod Vot I p Diurn iid SC Truo r6kt» vci i it Otekal
DESKTOP PUBLISHING FONTS & CLIPART Fonts ara compatible with
PageStraam 18 A above. Pro- Page V2.1 1 above. Pageaetter V3.
TypeSmllh. Final Copy. Final Writer. Worthword* V2 1 above.
Workbench V2 * above Other OTP or WORD PROCESSOR pleaee refer
to manual 1 check if your DTP or WORD PROCESSOR can uee tha
tom* Hated below CALIGARI Object 240 CA Various Obp<* Vot 11t
Distal }«S CA Vonout Ot»o<> Vat 2 |t 0Wa| 2J6 CA Truo FONTS Vot
l (t Oteui HARD-OISK USER SPECIAL OFFER us 9 m m rora •!« imt m
Tike Jwcrntt Fro FrtVgii-24 in conprtts tomd lor orty £11.99 N
6UGME UT1UTKI. ,3 4W.I UN Ol ¦ uriri ter oomori. Aoton. Crasto
ihygti oic Lnogho Obpct He* lor i «mm nnuMa a amesun i< To
order write font type & disk (volume) number Computa Graphic
(CG) vol 1-60 Adobe font Volume (disk) 1-59 Also available
special fonts for ProPage V2 disk 1-18 Page Setter V2 disk 1-18
also available E.P.S. clip art Pack 1/2/3/4 (5 disks per pack)
DACC.CTOCAU ri ID AOT inHM <C riUk. —1.1 BUII-VO V ly- .’V-'
Dina-POfld -Dinaeonq 9KAafl-UAI • ti*<3 «ju «OTXKMJtX *a».!,«
be a* -eaCHee < “*sasir*> MIMAOMI 2 StXiOY SYSTEM p Ooks| A||m
I no tin! On Ins hstpriutena on evert EMPLANT e586DXsm
Emulation Module The new E586DX emulation module otters a high
speed 586DX (FPU. MMU. And new instruction set) emulation with
complete low-level architecture suppori, giving you the ability
to run DOS. OS/2. NT. Windows 3.x and even Chicago! There is
suppori for MDA. CGA, EGA. VGA.
SVGA video modes (dependant on hardware. AGA or a supported graphics card is required for VGA/SVGA) .
Sound, joysticks, floppy drives, hard drives, extended memory, and more!
Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900.
Support for up to 16 colours Is provided for non-AGA machines A4000 owners can use a full 256 colours! Up to 24 bit (16 millions) colours is supported using third party video boards. Built in multiple file transfer allows for quick and easy transfers between the Amiga and MAC emulation. Support for AmigaDOS devices. Scanners. CD ROM. MIDI. SyQuest removable drives. Printers. Modems etc. Full stereo sound is supported too! Requires Macintosh RQMs (not supplied).
The possibilities with a multi-platform machine are endless. Now you can take advantage of a whole host Of great software previously unavailable, and use them to compliment each other. By upgrading your Amiga (extra memory, faster processor, etc) you instantly upgrade your emulation too! All major graphics cards are supported for Improved video performance such as: CyberGraphics.
Picasso II. EGS-Spectrum. Vivld-24. Rainbow II. Rainbow
III. Visiona Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina Z3, Piccolo.
PiccoloSD64. EGS110/24. And Opal Vision!
Blittersoft are the exclusive European distributors for Utilities Unlimited. We provide a full technical suppori service, as well as software upgrades to sll official UK boards. Check before you buy.
EMPLANT BASIC £249.95 EMPLANT OPTION A (AppleTalk ports) E299.95 EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI) £299.95 EMPLANT DELUXE £349.95 rS86DXm MODULE £119.95 PICASSO II PICASSO II is the leading graphics card on the Amiga. It offers unrivalled support and retargetable graphics on any Zorro based Amiga. Workbench emulation offers 256 colours, even on non-AGA machines (Requires OS3,i) at resolutions up to 1600x1280. Supports HiColour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit) graphics -16 million oolours!
There is no longer a Chip RAM limitation and screen configuration is provided through PicassoMode, which allows the creation of custom screens quickly and simply.
PABLO is the new Video Encoder option for Picasso n, expanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal, and one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port. All PAL compatible video devices can be plugged into Pablo, such as a colour TV or a video recorder. Pablo has 15KHz overload protection and is supplied with cables/adapters, Animation examples and a 24 bit animation player.
PICASSO II2MB PABLO VIDEO ENCODER £299.95 £129.95 OS 3.1 AMIGA OS 3.1 Many ot the latest software requires the latest operating system Now you can upgrade to KickStart 3.1 for virtually any Amiga. Non-AGA machines can deliver a 256 colour Workbench with OS3.1 and Picasso II.
£84.95 £94.95
053. 1 FOR AMIGA 500 OR 2000
053. 1 FOR AMIGA 1200, 3000 OR 4000 nsvoion 5-5 -aqufo »Mng » bo
(tint ¦ sretwswal eompjw repairwMai company (WVK« wdiengo
erry demegod or mconeclfjr Iwed oomporwls ARIADNE Ever
wanted to set up a network but been afraid of the complexity
involved? Now there is a simple but effective solution for
any Zorro based Amiga. In addition. Ariadne has two extra
parallel ports and includes Commodores industry standard
software solution ENVOY.
Ariadne ofters lOBase-2 (Thin ethemet. Coax cable) and 1 Qbase-T (Twisted pair, western jacket). Socket for a boot ROM. SANA-II compatible driver for ethemet and parallel port. 32Kb cache to support the CPU and full manuals.
You can hook up additional Amiga s to the parallel ports with Liana, £199.95 ARIADNE LIANA Liana is the ideal solution for a quick, easy yet efficient connection between two Amiga's. Simply plug the special cable Into the parallel porl. Install the software and you are ready to go. Now you can share hard drives etc. without on a small budget. The software supplied is ENVOY.
LIANA £59.95 PICCOLO SD64 The Piccolo SD64 graphics board is a state of the art Zorro ll/lll (auto-sensing) graphics card with a built in Amiga video pass-through and expansion port for forthcoming modules (such as video encoder), Using the latest 64 bit Alpine graphics processor. 64 bit blitter and fast Zorro III interlace. Incredible 24-bit speeds are achieved.
Piccolo SD64 comes with the latest EGS system and 24- bit paint package as well as loaders/savers tor many common packages and a slideshow program A full Workbench emulation is also part of the package.
The board is available as a 2Mb or 4Mb system, with no chip RAM limitations.
The maximum pixel clock is 110 Mhz and user definable resolutions to 1600x1280 are achievable The 2Mb board can display a maximum ot 800x600 in full 24 bit colour, whilst the 2Mb board can display 1024x768 (interlace).
£299.95 f349.95 PICCOLO SD64 2Mb PICCOLO SD64 4Mb WE HAVE MOVED.
We can now arrange demonstration of any product at our new premises. All demonstrations by appointment only so please call first.
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The CyberStorm carrier board inserts into the 200 pin Amiga fast slot, and has ports for the CPU, Memory and I/O modules. The CPU module Is prepared for clock speeds to 80MHz, with active cooling and an extra expansion port for future modules (ie DSP board). The CyberStorm memory board can carry 4 SIMMs using standard 72 pin modules, single or double sided and either 4,8,16,or 32Mb (Max 128Mb). Data transmission of 50Mb/sec is achieved. The CyberStorm I/O module consists of a Fast SCSI-II interface with up to 7Mb/s Asynchronous. 10Mb/s Synchronous transfers and Active bus terminations.
LOMbit/s Ethemet controller (10BaseT) with SANA driver and BNC/DSub 15 connectors and high speed 2MBaud RS232 Serial interface. The CyberStorm SCSI module has the same specification as the SCSI interface on the I/O module.
CyberStorm 040 40 Mhz No proc.
£449.95 CyberStorm 040 40 Mhz £729.95 CyberStorm 060 50 Mhz £899.95 CyberStorm Z3 SCSI module £149.95 CyberStorm I/O module £349.95 CyberStorm upgrade 040 to 060 £399.95 CyberVlslon 2Mb £299.95 CyberVislon 4Mb £369.95 The CyberVision64 graphics card composes of a 64 bit graphics processor and Blitter with 32 bit Zorro III bus interface. It is available in 2Mb or 4Mb versions (using common memory modules), offering up to 1600x1200 interlaced. 1280x1024 non-interlaced and 135MHz video bandwidth. Planar*to*Chunky pixel conversion is performed by on board hardware, some 6-8 faster than typical
software solutions and accelerating Workbench emulation. Support for draggable and virtual screens, expandable bus for future cards (Video. JPEG. MPEG..) and Amiga video pass-through The CyberStorm 060 and CyberVision64 should be available by the end of March. We have back-ordered - Reserve your unit NOW!
PhotoWorX & FolioWorX PhotoWorX software to read PhotoCd format, save, image process etc. FolioWorX player lor PhotoCD and PortFolio CD's, both Amiga and CD32 versions (specify) £49.95 £39.95 Blittersoft 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER Orders Only Technical A Queries Fax 01908 261466 01908 261477 01908 261488 01908 261499 BBS (24 Hour) Order by AccessA/isa/Delta/Switch or Postal order/Cheque Prices and applications may change without notice All prices include VAT AH trade maria acknowledged. It ts advisable to telephone to confirm prtcing/avaliabiliry on any product TRADE
ENQUIRIES WELCOME. E&OE also plesuriOctx.compurink.oo.uk GRAPHICS minet is the Amiga-specific side to W the Internet. Some bright spark <?ut I there decided that all the best share- I ¦•re programs, graphics, sounds, samples
* *J the other mass of material just sitting t*re in cyberspace
deserved an official as a set of four Cds at a very reasorv
phce. It has to be said, the end result is impressive.
Aminet Set 1 is the culmination of this kJea, a satisfyingly chunky box with four discs sitting inconspicuously in their r «*ots, Amiga delights bursting from each groove. For people worried about value for
• nooey, there's no need to - for the hungry.
N*gh greedy user, there are four megabytes of data here to be pillaged, abused and used.
With 12,500 separate archives, you're not gang to be bored with this for quite some
• me.
So what exactly is the whole collection frade up of? That's an impossible question to answer in one page - there's that much on offer. Paint programs, sound modules, ray- Taced graphics, spreadsheets, stereogram creators. 3D objects, icon replacements, mimbrushes. Games (both shareware and commercial demos), drivers for hardware, communications progs such as envoy net¬ work software. SaarAG and Fish disks, devel¬ opment software and more and more and more. Plus, there are charts of the most pop¬ ular downloads so you can access the good stuff immediately - there's something here for everyone
SEARCHING This amount of files may sound daunting to plunder through, but the compilers have also come up with an excellent system for finding out exactly what you want. On each disk is a Kill index for both the particular CD in your drive and a global index listing everything on the four discs.
To make things even simpler, there is a local and global search system where you enter a key word such as Imagine and the computer subsequently hunts through the catalogue quickly, presenting you with a run¬ down of any files that are connected. On one side, there's an archived file and on the other is a description of that particular file.
With some compilation discs you may well get a huge amount of data to surf through, but there’s invariably hair pulling as the right viewers need to be set up and assigns fiddled with to make many of the programs work.
And here is another strength of thg Aminet discs.
The system has been set up so various viewers and other facilities that aid in the Hakes sense Another enticing aspect of this collec¬ tion is that once you've spent the cash, it's going to be cheaper in the long term than downloading all the stuff from the Internet. No enflamed phone bills, dodgy phone lines or slow loading because of spooling large amounts of graphics for viewing. Indeed, this collection makes perfect economic sense at only £29.99. the world on \ a disc Pdam Phillips reuiews Hminet Sat I the ID— collection so utterly pached udth goodies — you may neuer need another [0-P0IJ1
again — only have a slight interest in the Amiga and want to find out all about its ins, outs and capabilities, you can't go far wrong with this.
The Aminet Collection is one of the most impressive packages I’ve had the fortune to come across, and I look forward to giving the next selection a glowing review if the makers can keep this standard up. Highly recommended, /r.ef running, listening and viewing of files are already in position. In most cases, when you select the file you want a menu appears offer¬ ing to either rurVshow the file there and then or extract it to RAM More often than not the system works sur¬ prisingly well and quickly. Run an animation, flick across to a game and then extract a file into RAM that can be used in
Imagine as an object - this kind of versatility is satisfying and relatively hassle free, leaving you to enjoy the goods on offer, it has to be said, though, that there are times when things don't go to plan - the computer crashes or the file you have selected consistently fails to load up or extract.
The bottom line } Product: The Aminet Set 1 Price: £29.99 Supplier: 17 bit Software Tel: 01924 366962 In fairness to the collection, a substantial part of this data is shareware and public domain, so there has to be a certain amount of leeway granted to the compilers for any small glitches - PD and shareware material doesn’t receive the play testing that most commercial software gets, so expect some oversights, mistakes or bugs. In some cases, using a file manager such as Directory Opus can help sort any cumbersome files. If you Ease of U86 Implementation Value for money Overall_ JO _9 Amiga
Computing THIS MONTH fW O ¦ F t " m Fi - m___ SUPER SKIDMARKS Reviewed!
0000312 ASM 2894617 ! | l 1 m ¦¦¦¦ YOU LOSE i*S IP* i SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2
- Previewed!
Agassssr On sa/e 13 April. For a few weeks.
• i- [tattling an old Some simple smooth scroll routines In
notion Mmmmmmmmmm Hmmm$m$mmm$m mmmmmmm$mmmm\ mmmmmmmmmm
tmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm® mmmmmmmmmmm immmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm
J-J i- J- » .«! Ji -iii m Ji l al j t's a well known fad that
assem¬ bler code, even when reasonably well documented, is
rarely easy to understand unless you have a good idea of what
the code is supposed to be doing in the first place. Needless
to say. This makes many of the tricks used by assembly lan¬
guage coders look far more difficult than they really are. A
typical case in point is the lob of making an Amiga display
'smooth scroir and since it seemed to me this would be an area
many of you would be interes¬ ted in. I've chosen to devote
some time to fust this subject.
In fact, over the next two instalments I’ll be modifying and extending the 680x0 code provided last month in order to pro¬ duce a demo that vertically smooth scrolls an Intuition screen. Before explaining how this type of smooth scrolling is actually done, however, let me kill off one false trail.
Those of you who have the Amiga's graphics library documentation may have seen that there is a library routine called ScrollVPortQ that can be used to produce display scrolling effects. The plain truth is that while, in theory, this routine could con¬ ceivably be used to produce smooth scrolls, the results obtained by using this function are just not good enough.
The autodocs themselves mention that the ScrollVPort() function is slow and can produce visible ‘hashing’ of the display. So, if ScrollVPortf) can't be used, is there an alternative course of action available to us?
The answer here is very definitely yes, but m order to appreciate it it's necessary to be dear in your mind how Amiga displays are generated.
All displays are created by allocating blocks of memory called 'bitplanes,' in which each 'bit' represents a pixel position on the display. Normal displays will contain a number of separate bitplanes and by taking the appropriate pixel bit from each bitplane, the Amiga's display hard¬ ware is able to generate a colour register number.
Values stored in each colour register Mm Mm Although display bitplanes have to be stored in chip memory (because they need to be accessible to the custom chips) they do not have fixed positions as such. In fact, when a screen is opened the bitplanes will be allocated in any convenient area of chip memory available.
Needless to say this means the graphics system needs to have some way of identi¬ fying the position of these bitplanes and the structure used is called a BitMap. This structure can be found in the graphics/gfx.i include file and you'll notice from the description below that it contains space for determine the actual colours seen on the screen, and it’s because a screen's colour register number range depends on the number of bitplanes being used that the colours available with different screen types varies. A one bitplane screen can only have two colours (corresponding to any single bit in the
bitplane. Being either a 0 or a 1). Two bitplane screens can have four colours (each bit from each bitplane is combined to produce one of four values 00, 01, 10, or 11) and so on.
MEMORY Because the BitMap's bitplane pointers define the memory locations used to pro¬ duce the display that appears on your mon¬ itor. You might expect that, by arranging for a display's bitplane pointers to be increased by an amount which corresponds to the pixel-width of the screen, it would be possible to shift the display memory downwards by one line.
Similarly, by decreasing those pointers by the same amount the display might be expected to shift upwards one line.
Although very close to the truth, this doesn’t work because a part of the story is still missing. While the BitMap structure certainly defines the initial display memory being used, the Amiga's graphics co¬ processor (the 'Copper') which handles the display generation doesn't actually collect its bitplane information from this source Instead it uses copies of the bitplane point¬ ers that have been embedded into a series of instructions called a 'copper list'.
Once Intuition has opened a screen and generated these copper instructions, the bitplane pointers held in the BitMap struc¬ ture's are essentially redundant as far as the display generation process is con¬ cerned. The important bitplane pointer Smooth scrolling is one of the most useful tricks an aspiring BBOhO Hmiga coder can learn about. This month Paul Oueraa starts explaining hour it is done using assembly language up to eight bitplane pointers: SttUCTUIE 6iti»p,0 t/010 bt_?ytC»P(r|Q¥ UOID b*_lo** BYTE bOllQI BYTE b. teptk VOID bijad STIUCT bi.PlMM, 8** ;poir.ttrs to the bitplanes UBEl
Di.smof Amiga Computing 91 TUTORIAL values are those in the hardware copper list, so if bitplane pointer adjustment needs to be done quickly, this is the place to do it.
In short we need to search this list, find the instructions which set up the bitplane pointers at the start of each display frame, and alter these.
CALLSTS V1«uAddrtti,_lAtultionBllt we. 1 dO,aO copy to an address register 1 Mil. 1
u. LOFCprlistlaOUO !
• Bit.1 Start pf list npv in al) 1 .search capi.u f$eO/(aO> loot
at instruction 1 beq.s .seirchend found eO instruction 1 iddq.l
14,10 I8VI to ntxt instruction 1 bra. S .search and keep
searching 1 .searcAendaddq.l 12,aO aove to 2nd instruction word
¦ove. 1 eO,copperlist_p and save pointer J Listing 1: The
copper llmt searching code In all Its glory!
To avoid visible display disturbance, it’s obvious that such adjustments need to be made at times when the Copper is not trying to read the bitplane addresses itself. The secret here lies in realising that the Copper re-initialisatiori occurs as part of the house¬ keeping that goes on during vertical blank¬ ing intervals. A number of options are avail¬ able but I'll discuss these when I deal with the scroll code itself.
As you increase (or decrease) a screen’s bitplane pointers, the effect will be to bring new bitplane memory into the visible display area. If, therefore, you set up a normal sized screen, the result of any bitplane pointer adjustment will be to move the memory area being used for the real display Figure 1; Only the lower part of each bitplane will be visible when the screen first opens.
Top part of display will not be visible when screen first opens This lower part of display will be visible when screen opens 640 pixels wide outside the memory holding valid screen graphics information. This usually means that rubbish gets displayed on the screen, so the secret is to create an oversized display-memory area so that you only ever scroll within the bounds of whatever valid graphics data you've set up.
CREATIONS As far as screen and window creation is concerned, very few changes are needed to last month’s code. The screen’s title and Bitplane start identified by original bitplane pointer title bar will be removed by setting M SA_Quiet tag to true and, because a dd- play window is needed that is free fr any of Intuition's system gadgets. I going to turn the window into one of ‘invisible* borderless backdrop variety.
To implement these latter changes I the WA_Borderless and WA_Backdr tags to true, add false WA_DepthGac and WA_CloseGadget tags, and m( the window’s title and drag bar tags, these tags are defined in the system hec ers but, as per usual, I'll be defining own versions so that those of you wit the official includes can still assemble code. The end result is that you'll fir these changed tag definitions incorporate into the window’s tag list:
dc. l MA_Dr*gBar,FALSE
dc. l HL.Title/HUll
dc. l VAJordcrless/TRUE
dc. l MAJaekdrop,TRUE
dc. lUAJepth6adget, FALSE
dc. IMAJlosefiadget, FALSE Screen and window sizes also have be
changed and here I have, somewh arbitrarily, chosen to use a
high-res 640] pixel wide screen with a height of 6C lines.
The resulting arrangement of th»l screen’s bitplanes in
memory, relative to| what you as a viewer would see on yoi
monitor, is shown in figure 1.
Searching the harduiare copper list Within the screen data that Intuition sets up there is a pointer to a View structure and the first thing we need to do is get the address of this using Intuition's ViewAddressO function. The result comes back in dO and can be used immediately, because within the View structure there is a field called v_LOFCprList.
This points to a cprlist structure which provides a pointer to the copper list the hardware actually exe¬ cutes. The end result is that we identify the start of the required hardware list using this sort of code: CALLSTS VievAddress,_IntuitionBase ¦ove.I dO,aO copy to an address register 10v s >I v_LflFCprlist{aO),aO aove.I crl_start(aO),aQ pointer to start of list nov in aO Once we’ve got to this stage a loop needs to be used to locate the appropriate bitplane instructions.
Copper instructions consist of two 16-bit words where the first word specifies the instruction type and the second specifies a data item. The instruc¬ tion we need to locate is the first of a series of ’move' instructions that copy bitplane pointer values into the Amiga’s bitplane hardware registers.
As the hardware registers can only hold 16-bit val¬ ues it actually requires a pair of registers, and there¬ fore two separate copper instructions, to store a full 32-bit memory pointer. It just so happens that the first pair of high and low bitplane registers set up in Intuition-created copper lists are those of the lowest numbered bitplane. Conventionally known as bitplane 1.
The corresponding registers, called BPL1PTH and BPL1PTL. Have absolute addresses of SOOeO and {jumi [dataz/press_magazine/Amiga_Computing/HTML_TXT/Amiga_Computing_Issue_086_1995_May.htm]}e2 above the custom chips base address, so what we need is a search loop which moves through a hardware copper list two words at a time, comparing the first word of each instruction until it finds one which starts with SeO: jipi.v f!eQ,U0) look at instroction tfq.s .searchend found eO instruction addq.l AA,*0 love to neit instruc- bra.s .search and keep searching .smell Hon When the loop terminates, the first bitplane oriented copper instruction has been found, so just add two to it so that aO is
pointing to the second word (the data word) of the instruction, and then you can store the result for future use: .searcbend addg.l 12,aQ aove to 2nd instruction uord ¦ove.1 aO,copperlist_p and save pointer If we put all these ideas together we end up with the code shown in listing 1. Don’t worry if some of the ideas seem like magic to start with - just con¬ centrate on understanding the basis of what we’re doing. The important thing is that this code fragment enables us to find out the whereabouts of the instructions which set up those bitplane addresses in the copper list Intuition places.
The only bad news from your point of view is that you now have to wait until next month's instalment to see how we make use of this information!
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F s s e ii j i n, "'kii hi i n i a \ SnfetNs toiMMta wsfe it nnnMij We chart the rise anti fall of the sen CD R*«l| dTC IB JTMI- PC
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Graphics ¦h- Off to th Steuie Hennedg tries tobra HUP and giues his Umiga a taste of the world's fastest mirroproressor the network connections made, the user runs Lightwave then uses the Screamer Net panel in Layout to initialise the Cobra, send data to it, and collect the rendered images it sends back.
TECHNICAL HITCHES It sounds easy, and when everything is up and running it is, but getting to this stage can be a minor nightmare. To be fair, we were testing with a beta copy of the Screamer Net software and an alpha test copy of the Lightwave engine on the Cobra side, and we didn't have the benefit of an automatic installation routine you’d find in a finished product. When the quirks are e know that 3D ray tracing i J demands powerful processors, and many Amiga owners would kill for a 68040 to make Imagine, Real 3D or Lightwave really buzz. However, in the big bad world of commercial
rendering, even the Amiga's fastest chip is a non-starter.
When a production company needs sev¬ eral minutes of broadcast quality graphics in a hurry, only the Silicon Graphics machines have been able to produce the Sdrt of speeds required. The Raptor (reviewed in our December ‘94 issue) changed that and gave the Amiga world some big guns of its own. And now Cobra AXP brings top-end professional performance tantalisingly closer.
You’ll still pay about £7,000 for the privi¬ lege. But with Cobra you get 64Mb RAM, a 1Gb hard drive, and the DEC Ajpha processor running at a whopping 275MHz.
All this in a neat tower system complete with 14 inch multisync monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Windows NT.
Windows? Yup, ‘fraid so. Cobra runs the DEC Alpha version of Microsoft's network¬ ing front-end and uses its ethernet card to talk to the Amiga. By running a PC version of Lightwave’s core rendering engine through an emulated MS-Dos window, Cobra is able to work in partnership with the Amiga, even though running under an alien environment.
The Amiga side needs only a copy of Lightwave, NewTek’s Screamer Net soft¬ ware. And a suitable ethernet card. With e races ironed out. There’s no reason to believe that the Cobra won't function as a virtual plug-in-and-go machine, but for the moment the user is faced with a lot of messing around with host names and IP numbers before the ethernet side of things is happy. With full release versions of the software. Screamer Net in particular, users will hopefully find that this part of the initial setup procedure is taken care of behind the scenes.
Too frame animation would taka over 21 hours to rondar on tho A4000 and a Cobra would raca through it in only 2.2 hour*, but without a botch option, overnight rendering would waste at least sis hours of precious time Once operating, the link between the two machines works very reliably and it’s possi¬ ble to mess the system around without confusing the network. Worry-free hands- off reliability is important when you might want to leave the machine rendering overnight, though this kind of operation does expose a few damning weaknesses in the Screamer Net software.
The scenes which make up a complete 3D animation don't all have to take hours and hours to render, not even with the Alpha chip, but Screamer Net is mostly manually operated and has no facility for batch processing. This means that if a large scene is set to render overnight it might take only a few hours, after which the Cobra and Amiga are sitting idle and using Alpha processor The sample textures example scone renders in 17 minutes SO seconds on an A4000, and only 1 mlnuta 41 seconds on the Cobra. That’s a 904 per cent speed increase!
When the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) began work on its 64-bit Rise chips a few years ago. They were only the latest in a long line of companies who had trodden the reduced instruction set path. By 1992.
However, the DEC Alpha had been recognised by the Guineas Book of Records as the world's fastest micro¬ processor. And it gets faster all the time.
Full 64-bit from start to finish, the chip is capable of up to two CPU instructions per clock cycle, giving the Cobra a maximum theoretical perfor¬ mance of 550 millions of instructions per second (Mips) compared to the A4000's 18 Mips. What's more, because DEC had just dropped devel¬ opment on their failed Prism proces¬ sor, they decided the next family of chips would have a 25-year develop¬ ment life, which means the current chips could end up running at over 1000 Mips.
Mm a GRAPHICS Hi X tho final panel la used to load tha scene into the Cobra's remote copy of tho Lightwave rendering engine, plua button* to begin ren¬ dering or chut Screamer Not
1. Th* Screamer Not process begins With M Click on tho Init
button, which Instructs the Ami git to aearch for available
processors on tho othomot connection Z Nomt, tho user uses
this bonk of buttons to send a scene end its objectc and
Images to tho Cobra? This takes less than a minute tor most
scenes The control panel processor in Iwo or three networked
5. Tho individual buttone for Bonding imago and object Ales are
uaatul when you are experimenting with a econo, and change
juat a couple of thinga before rendering again
4. Any available processors up to e maximum of eight will bo
s/town in thlt win¬ dow and their atatua la Indi¬ cated.
Screamer Net can use more than one type of ScreanerNet Control
Panel I Uait ing for CPUs to finish rendering I CPU Type
Status I 1 Rlpha Rendering frame 1 I ® ¦ 7 I 8 X_CL Send RI I
Files Send Object Files Frame Rdvance nil Files f Send Scene
- ar Send Independent Screamer Load © Last Frame Rendered Rug
Rendering Tine: Screamer Render I Screamer Shutdown Cont inue
would have thought it a good idea to i this excess capacity
into service.
Rendering the frames mentioned above] on the Cobra takes between three and seconds (jingsf), which makes it all the!
More frustrating when the rest of thej process makes this up to 45 seconds pwj frame. Until the basic operation of] Screamer Net and Lightwave are char to make more use of the Alpha chip, system as it stands is surprising^ inefficient.
With more complex frames whichl require proper ray tracing or more inten-1 sive calculations, the efficiency of the sys-1 tern improves, but there's always at least 30 seconds per frame lost, and when you render 300 or more this adds up very I quickly. Having said that, when you watch ] a frame which would take the A4000 18!
Minutes churned out in only 62 seconds by the Cobra, it’s difficult not to step back in t awe.
Oodles of RAM. And then make use of all this hardware only 50 per cent of the time.
For example, the standard Space Fighters scene from the Lightwave sam¬ ples takes between 44 and 70 seconds per frame when rendered on a 68040 at medi¬ um resolution and no anti-aliasing. The Cobra is often slower.
Yes. Slower. Data can be passed across ethernet connections at megabytes per second, but Lightwave takes 40 seconds or more to grab the rendered data from the Cobra and write it to disk, during which time the Alpha chip is doing absolutely nothing.
STAGE FRIGHT Lightwave has always been a bit slow off the mark when it goes into the ‘integrating pixels' and ‘writing RGB data to disk' stages, but as there's a version of the core rendering engine on the Cobra and an awful lot of spare space on its hard drive and in its 64Mb RAM. You'd think someone n ova »ng*J
3. Th# Keeping up with the big begs up electricity for no good
To set up a scene for use with Screamer Net, the user loads it as usual in Layout, then brings up the network panel using the SN button found in later versions of Lightwave. He or she then has to go through a ridiculous sequence of initialising the Alpha chip (fair enough), clicking on buttons to send the scene, object, and image data to the Cobra, another to tell it to load the scene, and a final button to start rendering.
PREFERRED ASPECTS Separate buttons are available to sand just the object, image or scene data across in case changes have been made to one of these since the scene was last sent to Cobra, but though this is useful, a batch render option would have been much more welcome. With the machinery and software at your disposal when using Lightwave on the Cobra, it’s very frustrating not to be able to give the beast a long list of scenes and tell it not to bother you until it has fin¬ ished them. Arexx scripts could be used to automate things, so why didn't NewTek take this option?
A second complaint is the amount of time the Cobra chip sits idle, even cluring rendering, while the data is passed between the two machines and written to disk on the Amiga. For some reason, the Screamer Net programmers have made it possible to link up to huge machines with super-fast chips, massive hard drives, and A performance monitor running on the Cobra under Window a NT gives a graphical dlaplay of tho amount of time tho Alpha chip ia forced to alt around and wait. The yellow lino ahowa procoa- sor activity, which drops to zero for long perioda between rendering In full operation the
Cobra is about 20 times faster than the 68040-based A4000. Though some of the perfor¬ mance is squandered by the networking software. Our 62 seconds example was based on actual rendering time. Once the PC and Amiga Lightwave programs had finished shuttling data around and writing it to disk, this became 111 seconds per frame, a 79 per cent slow down.
Don’t get me wrong - Cobra is one mean piece of equipment which at the £7,000 price mark blows Raptor out of the water and leaves all other desktop power stations for dead (it eats Pentiums for break¬ fast). But the fact that it could be a lot faster with more efficient disk writes on the Amiga Lightwave side is something any prospective owner would find as frustrating as I did.
Smaller companies and very wealthy freelance graphic artists, however, will see Cobra as a chance to join the big leagues without spending hundreds of thousands of pounds. Indeed, a suitable summary for this product is that you could buy a complete network of machines and software for the price of just one (slower) Silicon Graphics Indigo and one copy of its superb but ludicrously expensive software.
Think about it. For the cost of a small business loan, you could be the next Industrial Light and Magic.
The bottom line Product: Cobra 275AXP Supplier: Carrera Inc Price £7,000 approx Phone: 0101 714 7075051 Ease of use_ Implementation Value for money Overall_ Amiga Computing Your essential guide to Hmiga gaming 9 stato of the 19 full Saturn tost Pm, sysnm nnHivsis 104 Beat The System Want to impress your friends at Shadow Fighter? Look no further with our hints and tips 105 Brutal Paws of Fury A dose look at the furry fracas in the pipeline from Gametek 122 Baldies 124 3 Lost Eden System searches out paradise, coming soon on the CD32 Ruffiar^Slld —" m a Whizz ?115 — m A _Super Skidmarks 2 S116
Championship Manager Italia _ 19fl —" m a Angst =121 Bureau 13 Gametek are busily working on the Amiga version of Bureau 13. It's a high-tech adven¬ ture based on the paper role-playing-game by Richard Tucholka. The scenario takes place around a highly classified government agency whose aim is to wipe out all forms of paranormal and supernatural phenomena.
You can choose your team from the six avail¬ able such as The Hacker, an expert in com¬ puters, biophysics and weapons or The Vampire, with superhuman powers and the ability to morph into mist. The puzzles vary depending on your team.
BUREAU# Atmospheric adventures in Bureau 13 Howzat!
There are cricket games galore at the moment, especially with Team 17 working on their latest project Final Over, Arcade Sports Cricket. The game is the follow-up to Arcade Pool and King Pin and continues their Arcade sports series, At another bargain price of £12.99, it promises that 'while being the most comprehensive game of its ilk, it still remains easy to play and forever entertaining.’ rm It also boasts intricately designed and animated sprites who throw, run.
I g fus Aeh, look at the little sprites - Final Over looks like it will be a very fun game catch, bowl and even celebrate. All thi players have different abilities such 4 individual bowling skills, strength am Arcane's games QQQQQ The Amiga market looks set to be bombarded with some top quality software over the coming months, thanks to Kent based company.
A release is imminent of their very stylish race-'em-up Turbo Trax and work has already started on the AGA version. A pinball game is also in progress at the moment and boasts an impressive list of stats and features. Due for release in September, this game will have an optional split-screen view in multi-ball allowing you to see all balls at one time, a high/low-res toggle, triple layered tables and a larger LED dot matrix scroll panel.
It also promises to be very authentic with left/right/up nudge, realistic ball motion and collision. Other features will include up to four flippers on each table, three balls running at full speed, drop- targets, kick backs and new ideas such as whirlpools, magnets, flip- up ramps and spinners outholes. The game will have over 1000 frames of LED animation per table, animated balls including light- sourcing and larger tables - 320x640 all in 256 colours.
They also have an arcade/adventure coming soon based around Robert E. Howards' Hyboria Chronicles. Called Conan the Conqueror, the story follows on from Conan the Destroyer. You play Conan and find yourself locked underground in a dungeon and it is your quest to get the throne back from the evil wizard Xaltotuen.
It will be viewed from an isometric point and already looks as if it will have some very impressive graphics. It's being coded by Monoceros Design of Finland and looks set for a June release.
It is also rumoured that Arcane are working on a Thunderhawk- style helicopter flight sim and we'll be bringing you more news and previews on these developments as they happen.
Lap it up O There is a racing game on the horizon from Black Legend/ Kellion Software called Leading Lap It is a polygon racer that has you competing in illegal road races As you race through the city you'll have to avoid all the other traffic and obstacles that get in your way. It also employs a fairness' system so if you’re very good the computer keeps up to your pace, but if you're failing miserably the cars are put back to your level and lap.
Also from Kellion is a rather bizarre puzzler game that revolves around Ants - strange but true!
A novel twist to the usual puaiers Conan the Conqueror will be a highly atmospheric title with top quality graphics pace. There are many predefined teams including county and national - and if these don't suit then you can create your own. Realistic sound effects and a detailed scoreboard will add authenticity.
Martyn Brown, Creative Director for Team 17 stated; "The emphasis is firmly on delivering a completely playable, fun simulation in the mould of our other arcade sports series titles. Final Over cer¬ tainly has plenty of amusing animations and all the features that cricket fans demand."
Final Over is due out for AGA Amigas and on CD32 very soon.
Thalion's beat-'em-up Thalion have a beat-'em-up in progress and as yet it hasn't got a name, but things are already looking pretty good at this stage. It's more than likely to be CD32-only and is a first effort from programmer, Kwok Man.
Another feature to be included is the Seesaw Fight where instead of having two energy bars, there is only one split into two colours.
When you hit your opponent his colour goes down and yours goes up, but if he hits you it goes back to the middle. This is a fairer system and means matches could last for ages for two equally-matched opponents. A tag team mode will also be included.
There will be 32 fighters in all and each will have their own (and easy to find) special moves. As well as these, there Will be Super Moves which can be carried out once your character has pulled off a particular combination.
The Speris Legacy There's always been a bit of a gap in the Amiga market as far as Zelda-style games go. That is until now. Binary Emotions are working on a game called The Speris Legacy which will be in much the same vein. This comes at a welcome time for Team 17, who are publishing the game, because their earlier plans to release a similar title on the Amiga, called Witchwood, have been shelved.
You play Cho and have just inherited the throne of Speris off your chum Kale (who has just been murdered by his evil brother who wanted the throne for him¬ self). Gallus (his bother) is now after your blood and you, being an all round good guy, vow to crush Gallus and restore order. You then have to wander around the land, solving the puzzles and talking to the other characters.
From what we've seen from the screenshots it will be a very nice looking game, with brightly coloured graphics. The adventure will take you over many locations including Sharma City - a place reserved for Royalty - Cow Tree Island - an island inhabited by intelligent but mad people and where the cows do their business from trees (oh, very nice!) - and Makiah, Garden of Otalia. Look for¬ ward to The Speris Legacy early this Summer.
First Impressions Impressions, the people behind those rather serious strategy games, have gone for a change in direction with their latest venture, Ultimate Soccer Manager.
Although there are always plenty of management games around, Impressions believe this one is going to be different as they have explored three new angles. These are match view, development of the ground and stadium, and the seedier side to the gamel The programmers all felt that with some previous management games, the actions of the manager, such as changing the formation mid-match, didn't really affect the game. They’ve rectified this with an over head match view sys¬ tem which shows how effective your tactics are and how your changes are affecting the game.
The stadium development will also be more detailed, with a full business option. The aim is to make your ground as profitable as possible with club shops, bars, fast food outlets, training ground and effective access to the ground. You will also be responsible for setting club merchandising prices as well as the gate prices. Ultimate Soccer Manager will show your empire growing from your basic ground to a first class stadium.
USM has a totally new aspect to it with its dirty tricks elements and will give you the opportunity to play underhand! You can rig matches, offer bungs to other managers to get the player you want, and bet against your own team winning - be warned though, you do run the risk of an investigation by the FA.
Other features will include a Talent Scout Option, Press Conferences, Sponsorship and advertising, and Bank Loans. Publishing is by Daze and USM should be available very soon.
C -YSIEm ?elBctmnsL Shadow Fighter As far as beat'-em-ups go on the Amiga I've been more than pleasantly surprised by Shadow Fighter. It could go from strength to strength after the release of the AGA version and finally take the beat-'em-up crown away from games like Body Blows and Mortal Kombat. Shadow Fighter is, quite simply, thumping good fun.
The all Mew World of Lemmings Anyone who played the original game and liked it will love to get their hands on a copy of Psygnosis' latest offering. It’s what you might call a conglomer¬ ation of old and new. The old being the original and incredibly addictive gaming concept the new being the advances in graphics and sound. These two ele¬ ments combined make for a rip-roaring, action- packed 90-level puzzler that just gets better and better the more you play.
Skeleton Krew Extractors CD32-Rom Extractors is graced with some of the best graphics I've ever seen for this type of game and is packed to the brim with more addictive gameplay than you can possibly cope with. There are literally thou¬ sands of hours of play contained within the game.
Fans of Diggers will no doubt be interested in Extractors, but I hope Millennium gain a few more fans through this release and people don’t ignore it this time around.
All Terrain Racing On the balance of things it beats its predecessors because of a greater long-term incentive. The rewards of winning the money, then spending it to soup up my motor filled me with a boyish flush of satisfaction - and that's the sort of thing to keep a player going. It's got the looks, the features and the speed to take the chequered flag. Go forth and spend your money.
The scores on the doors A guide to how our revolutionary scoring system works... With all the new releases available, you’re probably wondering which ones to spend your hard-earned cash on. Well, just take a look below...... We re sure many of you are now familiar with our new scoring system, but for those reading Amig.
Computing for the first time and those who might have forgotten exactly how it works, here is our guide to the System scoring, err system.
In our opinion, review scores have lost their con¬ text as a percentage: some products receiving scores which were only a few percentage short of being the “perfect" game, when in truth they were only marginally above average.
OK, so the scores might seem unnaturally low at first but that's only because other scoring systems tend to be on the high side and perhaps not as comprehensive or honest as they could be In the long run you'll receive a more concise and reader-orientated review that's geared towards the consumer.
0-20 This is given to the lowest of the low 21-30 An all-round poor game that may have a single saving grace 31-40 Just below the average, perhaps let down by d few indiscretions.
41-55 Games of this score are roughly average with 50 being a perfectly average score.
56-66 This is an above average game and is worth buying. For this reason it would be awarded the BRONZE award.
67-77 A game of high quality that you as a reviewer would have no reservation in recommending Anything of this ilk would be awarded the SILVER award.
78-89 A brilliant title. Definitely worth buying and almost the defini tive of its kind. This type of game would receive the GOLD award.
£29.99 LIBERATION ~ £34.99 MICROCOSM £44.99 OSCAR £29.99
PROJECT X £12.99 ULT B/BLOWS m £29.99 TOTAL RRP VALUE! £462.92
LATEST TITLES Exile £29.99 ami tin Frontier £29.99 Kingpin
£14.99 Ml W Lost Eden £29,99 Pinball Illusions £29.99 A*P A4f1
Skidmarks 2 £29.99 Soccer Kid £14.99 ams art SPEEOBALL 2 £14.99
ANIUt Subwars 2050 £29.99 MS MCI Theme Park £34. W World Cup
Golf £29.99 output With this high quality ¦npor.ite. Stereo
Monitor KAF ¦ WATCH,. MOVIES Sunn St*rx6t Turn the CD* imo a
IJIy tuoetiona* AmlQa i 200 compatibly computer.
* X,MOOOtE "g'JgfSfc OCQ C199 £39 £59 uTTi:*..^ CONNECT TO AN
AMIGA COMPUit" saru&csskfTS,,.
J^PORT^CRW. C0MMUHICAT10MS INTf WACt - CD” ^ yw, CO* to r. Ss5sSS®I*29T StcoSo I CO IWOMD 01 tommy mm-u/ff JOYSTICK CONTROLLER SvSSSsSJSS’ £14®* i turbo #»t ***" * ¦^tM0 fnnlrc* THE SILICA j SERVICE I COMPUTER ’HIM A nil'111 WINNER MMM Cwrry Senx* I SHOPPER 1904 Awirds MMMTni Swf Atsr SmttStnXt l R#Arnt «ni rlarwii VVHFN tn hi h uta «• twovKJe all the aura help adwee and naw product Pdormalivi yOu may neod both now and in to Min. V** ono ol out slow*, oi rolum ttus coupon new *vl begin lo nxpamince the *Sfca Samoa' FWF DELIVERY « UK mwund on cram w:t C40.VAI Soul ipnl'tlliiAcn tturi}!
(C? 55-VATi CO onlits i.mti («.Y*t
• r v vmi mmnw.
• M ? I we* ro ai*rM y Sac* SUM House. Sidcup «*t. QA14 4DX PLUS
BRANCHES AT: BRISTOL 0117-9291071 CAROIFF ... 01222 341576
CHELMSFORD 'ygsnm-»t*r. 27mn$ra 01245 356511 CROYDON 0181MB
4453 GLASGOW Ittgnws9fA ;,: 0141-221 0088 GUILDFORD 01483
301300 HARROW Sttli^.r: 0181-477 4300 huh ommm-9*+m ftcqkismb
Q1462 828181 IPSWICH CiWN«jnw Iku.i 01473 721313 lONOON
:v3Taa»rtnCcu!toil 01715004000 IONOON ~ imRm*‘w¦ WOYWS: 01/1
580 3000 LUTON • 0158? 21201 MANCHESTER >• U-rtiiSV* 0101037
0066 PLYMOUTH 01752 266666 ROMfOBO b—WBHU teMWtt 01708 766066
SHErriELO IH^wNiln 0ii4?/6«6ii SHEFFIELD OrttrUm' m UudMUIO
0114 256 9779 SIDCUP -ir ¦ y • ¦ = 0181-3028811 SOUTHAMPTON:- .
.m, 01703 723688 SUU1HEND - 01702 462426 THURROCK 01/08 863M7
f"1: Sl« AMQ3U C6H-2il hum Kitc-p =« 5ccm kot 3AM C» PLEASE
SEND INFORMATION ON AMIGA CD Mr/Mrv'M'SvMs:.........•»....
Inltate Surname. .......................... Company .« —.
Address ......... —, ______ Postcode ...... Tel (Home) _______ Tel (Work):--------------------- When compui«r(si. It any. Do you own?
_ ..... 231EJ :>niiimAn«u Off WMMinanli ¦ Name: Soria Name: Slamdunk Just to make our lives easier. I've devised this handy table.
Simply find the special move you wish to perform, read the corresponding letter next to it and then look up the joystick move on the table. Easy!
Special moves: Spinning roundhoiM
- D; Flying kick - G; Double drop 1 kick-J Special moves: Jumping
8-ball - Q Spinning fire kick - H; Speed attack
- G; Spinning fire B-ball - D; Head spring kick - B Forward,
down/forward, down + fire Backward, dowrVforward, down + fire
Down, dowrVforward, forward * fire Down, down/back, back +
fire_ Down/forward, down, down/back, back + fire Back, forward
+ fire Down, up + fire Jump, down/back + fire Special moves:
Genie hurricane - D; Mystery fire - C; Teleport - E; Magic
carpet - A Special moves: Power smash fist - D; Body drop - C
Rock roll - G; Spinning fire hand - E you a fantastic guide to
the various kicks, punches and If you're having major problems
with Gremlin's superb beat-'em- up, you can do the dirty deed
and use these type-in cheats Name: Yarado Name: Okura What
exactly does it do?
Gives you unlimited credits Special moves: Electric speed - E; Spirit power - D; Electric body - F; Electric splash - J; Spinning arms - G Special moves: Electric sword - F; Spinning blade - C Thunder power
- J; Steel sword - A; Teleport - A Allows you to fight as Puppaz
MBARIVIDISOCCAFFARIMBARI Allows you to fight as Shadow Fighter
Type in at start of each round and opponents will lose all
their energy ^ H \i K 'i H M PUPflZZ ¦ Name: Cody Name: Electra
Name: Yurgen Name: Salvador Nation: Danmark Nation: Gormony
Special moves: Gun fire - D; Power fist - C; Earthquake fist -
A Special moves: Electric body - F; Power launch - C Earth
power energy - E; Electric boomerang - D; Double kick - H;
Spinning jump - G Notion: USA Special moves: Kuto kick - A;
Fast punch - F; Flying power kick - G; Kuto fireball - D
Notion: Spain Special moves: Spinning powerbail - C; Turning
flip kick - H; Flash panther - G Name: Toni Name: Lee Chen
Notion: Noty Special moves: Burning uppercut - A; Spinning fire
- E; Flame kick - B; Massive uppercut - H Notion: Chino Special
moves: Fire hand spring - H. Fist of Falling sun - C; Fire fist
- D, Fury kick - F; Falling nunchaku - A Nation: Thailand
Nation: Unknown Special moves: Fast fire somersault - D;
Spinning kick - A; Power combi¬ nation - E; Speed elbow smash -
G; Hangmans uppercut - H Notion: Unknown Special Moves: Unknown
Nation: Unknown Special moves: Liquid silver attack - D;
Melting body - E a Special moves: Fireball - D; Speed dragon -
E; Dragon uppercut - H; Dragon kick - C; Circle of fire - A
Notion: Japan Special applications: Bowling Ball; Buzzing Saw;
Electric Fence Force; Flame Thrower; Jack in the Box Punch;
Head Bomb Nation: Taiwan w * r i (D < (D because, like
cartoons, it uses the same comical violence.
For example, included in this game is a feature similar to when Jerry hits Tom with a frying pan and stars appear ‘over his head - it's that kind of humour. Other ’cartoonist techniques' will include face pulls, having heads knocked back at obscure angles, and rubber bodies. Cartoon capers replace the normal gratu¬ itous violence and Gametek are hoping the game will help appease the anti-violence lobby who are complain¬ ing about the violence in games.
The characters are also cartoon like. There are eight characters in all and each are different animals such as Kung Fu Bunny. Leon the lion, Tai Cheetah and Karate Croc. They all have special traits - both strengths and weaknesses which are bound to make them rather
o you think all beat-'em-ups are nothing more than gratuitous
blood and gore? Do bloodied torsos make your stomach churn?
Fear not because Gametek have an alternative you could even
invite the Vicar around to play. Called Brutal Paws of Fury,
it's still a beat-'em-up, but with a differ¬ ence. Forget
ferocious characters that would rip your head off as soon as
they look at you, and clean up the entrails and the headless
corpses - there is a new fight¬ ing game taking to the ring.
Already available on the consoles. Brutal Paws of Fury is
almost ready to hit the Amiga and could well steel the hearts
of many, The premise behind it is a little unusual; It's a
'car¬ toon' martial arts game and certainly promises to be
original. There are lots of cute creatures all aiming to beat
each other up (in the nicest possible way, of course!) To
decide who is worthy of wearing the Belt of Heaven - an award
which brings great honour.
This contest is judged by the Dali Llama, who every four years goes on a quest to find the world's greatest warriors, The fighters are all invited to his peaceful island to compete against each other and are judged not only on their martial arts skills but also how much of the 'warrior spirit' they possess. The winner can then claim the coveted Belt of Heaven. Now I say cartoon endearing. As Gametek say: “Players will benefit more I from identifying with Kung-Fu Bunny and his quiet I wisdom than from the blood-thirsty characters in cur* rent ‘beat-em-ups* which are a cause of concern to I many
Brutal Paws of Fury will incorporate a clever learning I element. Unlike most beat-'em*ups, you are not auto-1 matically given all the moves. As you beat two oppo¬ nents, the Dali Lama reveals a new move. A 30-second countdown then begins and you are shown how to coo-1 figure your joystick. You then have two tries in which to I attempt the move. As in real martial arts, you must try ] and qualify for higher belts and the more advanced belt you get the more moves you can do.
There are many different moves for all of the charac-1 ters and you can play all of the competitors, so the 1 game promises to last. Moves will include some of the typical beat-'em-up ideas such as aerial kicks, but it is j Still all very cartoon oriented. Combined with these are some very unusual moves. Leo the Lion, for example, is a rock star character who has a guitar move - as he plays his guitar the screen shakes and damages his opponent.
TAUNTING There will also be a feature called Taunt Moves which has two uses: It will add a nice humorous touch but will also work as a way of replenishing your life meter - so now, even if you only have the tiniest bit of energy left, you can turn away from your opponent, taunt them and boost your energy back a bit, giving you a second chance to win the fight. This is different to other beat-'em-ups where you'd be tempted to give up if you only had a little energy left. An instant replay system will allow you to watch each fight frame by frame, at many different speeds - therefore you can |
learn from your mistakes or brag about a round well fought. To keep the game competitive there is a !
Tournament system which allows up to eight players to Brutal Fury compete in a single tournament or you can play in teams to try and defeat each other.
Level Passwords and a Save game Option will make life easier as well because not only does it store levels but it also remembers belt grade, moves learnt, the number of victories and losses and even the player's name so each password can be individualised.
As you can see from the screenshots, the game is going to be an absolute visual treat. The backdrops are detailed with varied settings, from jungles to beaches. The actual characters look good as well and Leon the Lion Ivan Bear Paws of are cute enough to appear in any cartoon. A great deal of attention to detail will make all the characters charming.
See? No blood, no gore. Brutal Paws of Fury is going to be so squeaky clean you could take it home to meet your parents. Gameplay promise to keep the funda¬ mental excitement of more traditional beat-'em-ups, but gone is the controversial excessive violence so it should have widespread appeal and make this genre more accessible for a wider audience.
Brutal Paws of Fury will be available early in May priced £29.99 for both the disk and CD32 version.
Tai Cheetah Motto: To teach someone is to be responsible for them He is devoted to those close to him but cold towards enemies and he lacks the self-motivation to excel Some moves: Fire Kick, Fire Punch Ivan Bear Motto: You can rest when you're dead A down-to-earth character who stands for no nonsense and believes any problem can be over¬ come by a bit of common sense Some moves: Penjat Silat Mind Throw. Big Belly Kang Fu Bunny Motto: To know fear is courage A kind and considerate character who gains great pleasure from seeing how he has helped someone succeed Some moves: Double Flash Kick,
Dance of Death Leon the Lion Motto; I have only one judge, the world Leon never forgets a debt and will always even up the score.
Some moves: Roar, Lightening Fury Meet some of the characters in ms he good old flight sim. A genre almost JH ^4 as old as home computing itself, this
- S type of game always attracted a I hardcore fan base. There
were, and still are, people who relish the oppor- tunity to
immerse themselves in com¬ pletely authentic flying experiences
- people to whom accuracy is more important than appearance.
An equally large number of game players, however, found the whole genre deadly dull.
Ground details were bland and unconvincing.
There was no sensation of motion, and so- called dogfights often boiled down to elec¬ tronic Combat with specks on the horizon. Then PLAYABILITY TFX stands for Tactical Fighter Experiment, a fact which should remind prospective buyers that this is not just a flashy visual feast, but rather a very serious simulation.
Having read how demanding TFX is as a piece of software, you may be wonder¬ ing what the minimum amount of kit is to get it running properly.
The bottom line is that it can be played on a basic A12QQ - just about - but you will have to turn down the detail to its minimum setting, which means missing out on some of the finer touches. Having said that, it still looks better than the opposition in most respects.
If you’ve got an accelerator things start to get more impressive, and the more fast RAM available the better. There’s also an FPU version, so if you're lucky enough to have an accelerator fitted with a maths co-processor you should be set up for a pretty stunning experience.
Whatever your machine's specifications are, however, one thing must be stressed if you want to enjoy playing the game: It needs an analogue joystick.
While there is an option to use a digital joystick or keyboard, this seriously under¬ mines the smoothness of control, especially when flying the planes at high speed.
For whatever reason, the digital controllers can’t keep up with the graphics.
There are three hi-tech planes to Choose from: The Eurofighter 2000, the Lockheed F-22 Or the F-117 Stealth Fighter. Each one handles differently and possesses different armament capacities.
Several varying modes allow for differ¬ ent levels of action and involvement. To start with, the arcade mode is a bit of no- nonsense fun that sets the player off right in the middle of the action. The plain object here is to compete for kills against the dock and work your way up the hi-score board.
In preparation for more serious chal¬ lenges, ten training missions must be suc¬ cessfully completed. This should give players a good introduction to mastering the navigation and weapon systems.
Once players prove themselves to be up to the job, they can take on the role of pilot flying for the United Nations in a large variety of missions. Alternatively, they may wish to test their skills against all the different flying conditions in the simulator mode.
Combat is realistic yet exciting. You'll find it very difficult, for example, to bring anything down with a chain gun, but tracking MiGs with the right missile isn't too tough.
The copy we had did still have some bugs, most of which were minor. One of the worst was the Chinook helicopters - the models had been imported incor¬ rectly, leaving them distorted in design.
DID are aware of these flaws so hopefully they will be swiftly corrected.
TFX is highly configurable, so it's possi¬ ble to mess with various options during flight. For example, players can alter how strictly the laws of physics are applied to their aircraft.
Similarly, adjustments can be made to the level of G-force effects the pilot will suffer. Set it to maximum and some play¬ ers will find it too restrictive - any manoeuvre seems to have the pilot blacking out and breathing heavily.
Action at the break of dawn: The F22 swoops over a city Forget the empty, flat landscapes and the basic block-like shapes used by some flight Sims to represent enemy units, TFX was designed to inspire and awe, and the words 'if looks could kill* have never seemed so apt. From the moment the player starts the engines up. There are significant dif¬ ferences between the look of this game and the standard sim fare. The skies in TFX have space and depth, and once airborne, the player has a panoramic view of patchwork fields or detailed cities passing beneath them, It is a far cry from the blue sky,
yellow desert simplicity of some flying games.
Missions can take place in a range of conditions including day, night and dawn flights, and players may encounter cloud cover or even storm weather accompanied by sheet lightning.
The visual realism gives each mission a different flavour. Night-time bombing doesn't just mean flying with a blacked- out screen - the sky in TFX has a faint, gradiated luminescence, while on the ground, cities are represented by convincing dusters of light, Cross over enemy gun installations and the air is filled by streams of rising light as tracer bullets track onto your air¬ craft. At times it can be breathtakingly atmospheric.
Stormy conditions are gloomy and grey, with the most convincing clouds seen in any game I’ve played yet. As you pass into them the view outside the window gradu¬ ally mists before becoming completely obscured.
Explosions, special I effects and fancy camera views are offered as a sat¬ isfying reward for honing those flying skills. Physical danger is represented by more than a flashing warning light in the cockpit, as AA guns pump the skies full of clouds of shrapnel.
It may not be politically correct, but the kill is what a game like this is ulti¬ mately about. It’s rewarding, therefore, that explosions are impressive and that it's easy to view any victim going down.
Players can launch missiles and watch them streak off leaving a trail behind, SOUPED IIP SIM It’s the flight sim Amiga owners have been waiting for, but is the eKcitement justified? Gareth Lofthouse locks on target | >.;« . . ». «\ I * j!ns x" [ja| j_ Y-' L u'f \ M ' \
• ~ as «ra SUN rn to DC -U TO 'H Pillisler Ocean Derelipers DID
Disks 6 Price €39 99 6eire fii|lt Su HD ustali Yes Ciiirtl
Sfsiei JifstKt Sippirts 11201 MODI ReteneHrt (1921 Unfit
jijfiiti Attacking ahlpt with then they can change to the
missile's view to watch it close in on the enemy, When it comes
to different views in general, TFX is better equipped than any
rival as far as impressing your mates is concerned, One mode
allows you to look in any direction from the cockpit (as
opposed to the usual left, right and behind view), but the best
is the fly-by shot which brings your fighter swooping
impressively towards the camera.
Cockpit detail is high, with all neces¬ sary indicators being visible from the normal cockpit view. There are three screens on which a huge range of information displays can be selected, so the purists should feel well catered for.
The important thing to realise, unfortunately, is that TFX can only be seen in its full glory if played on a fast powerful machine, because basic A1200 users will find the screen update too slow with the game detail turned up high.
Most players will probably be able to play TFX with medium detail. This means going without a few frills, such as emblems on a fighter's tailwing, but on the whole TFX still looks highly impressive.
You got your vtry own Stealth bomber to snoop about in after iundown Oeierr i mire.
The I uro fighter 000 takes off in the Lebanon Try before you buy For a long time, Microprose were the developers the sim fanatics put their faith in. One of the first game makers to introduce combat mis¬ sions into the genre, their product's playability was always strong, even when the graphics were rather dull.
Featuring a stealth bomber as one of its planes, TFX bears compar¬ ison with Microprose's F117-A Accuracy levels seem to be pretty much the same, but when it comes to the graphics department the Microprose game is old, and it looks it The closest rival technically to TFX has got to be Tornado.
Featuring some stunning graphics, unprecedented accuracy and involv¬ ing campaigns, It remains a very impressive game.
An enemy about to bita the hull*t at my missile locks in for the kill TFX surpasses its predecessor in most respects, however, simply because it combines even more detailed graphics while making improvements On the running Speed. In short, DID have produced the best Amiga sim ever.
As has been mentioned else¬ where in the review, minor bugs cropped up here and there, but generally they were no great cause for concern.
More worrying is the fact that our copy of TFX did not seem sta¬ ble running on a basic A1200.
Thanks to regular crashing in the middle of a game. DID are aware of the problems and have made assurances that any problems will be resolved before the prod¬ uct hits the streets. The cautious among you, however, may like to see it up and running before you splash any cash.
Missions arc given more authenticity with a few extra details such as news reports 'Taka on tha missions - fight for peace.'
Flying for the UN gives TFX a small twist on the usual SIM theme Another humiliating meeting with a typically sour-faced colonel - I must stop trashing planes Let's start with the bad point - the music. Imagine you've just bought the ultimate flight simulator boasting an unprecedented level of realism and excitement, and you’re looking with anticipation at the introductory screens in preparation for the experience of Tactical Fighter Experiment.
In come the martial drum sounds sim games use to get you keyed up for the mission. So far so good, but as you prepare to arm your fighter with the latest deadly hardware, things on the music front start to go ludi¬ crously wrong. Enter the noodling tinny noise of a theme played on a 1983 Casio.
Not that this matters one iota, but it made me laugh. Otherwise, the game’s audio is proficiently handled, with plenty of varied effects to flesh out the atmosphere for the game.
A number of voices pipe up with information for the pilot during the game, including the girl with the home counties accent at take-off ("engines onl") and the redneck yank who, when you shoot a plane down, tastefully jeers "toasted bogey!"
Bay doors, the brakes and landing gears all make a satisfying hydraulic groan when activated - small touches maybe, but ones which make the game that bit more convincing.
TFX was originally designed with the fastest, mega¬ buck Pcs in mind, so there were understandable doubts as to whether a conversion was worthwhile for the much cheaper, and in some respects less powerful A1200.
So now that it's finally here, what's the verdict?
DID have pushed the Amiga to the limit in an attempt to bring us the best flight sim ever. They have undoubtedly done an excellent job, but whether or not TFX is for you will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, the basic A1200 cannot show the game off at anywhere near its best - a point worth considering if you're only interested in those gorgeous graphics. Even so, with minimum detail it still looks good and the real sim fan will find plenty of depth and accuracy in the actual gameplay to occupy many an early morning.
The more powerful your Amiga is, however, the more impressive TFX becomes, and at its best it really can be quite stunning. With a suitably acceler¬ ated machine, this game has the visual flair and excitement to attract fans usually put off by the Sim- designers1 fetish for complexity.
It's a shame that only the select few will be able to play the game in 1? "^rr.
Its best form, but , DID can't be blamed AtlNUlVf for pushing the (iJJrE**1 Amiga's capabilities |i to the limit. An out- :l standing sim in its own rights, there's a lot to recommend it to owners of lower-powered machines.
Problems aside, this game beats its closest rival both in detail and in speed. TFX is the best sim on the Amiga of all time, and that's a fact unlikely to change in a long, long time April ms Commodore 11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS CD32 Expansion Modules AM Memory, Floppy Drives. Hard Drives.
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Bfcl028 +»e INTRODUCTION he game of cricket - what could be nicer on a warm summer's afternoon than pottering along to the local pavilion to watch the village team or maybe even partaking in a game yourself?
It's a nice image, but being in good old England we don't get many warm summer's afternoons so what better way to enjoy the sport than from the comfort of your armchair in front of the monitor.
This in mind, it is perhaps rather surprising that there haven't been many computer cricket games. In fact the only good one that springs to mind is Audiogenic's Graham Gouch. But this could all be set to change. Team 17 are working on their more arcadey Final Over cricket game and now we also have Grandslam's latest contribution. But will it really bowl you over?
Cricket !
¦pppmpi s Aah, the crack of leather on willow. No, it’s not the latest scandal involving a lory minister. It’s Cricket - literally. Tina Hackett is your umpire I must say I was slightly confused by the graphics for It's Cricket -1 mean, when I saw the batting or bowling screens I was impressed. They are nicely set out, the sprites are large and well-animated and the stadium is detailed. But (and this is a big but) when the fielding screen came up it looked absolutely abysmal. The sprites are tiny and very basic and took me back to graphics from about ten years ago! It just looked very strange
- like two different games.
At the beginning, not Surprisingly, are the title sequences, which show a si Hi IS The introduction for the game is a loud dancey tune, but what is really impressive on the sonics front though is the speech samples. These have been taken from match commentary so you get things like "It's in the air" or "He's out” and these phrases fit in with the action and give an authentic feel. The crowd effects work well too with cheers, boos and the like going off when appropriate, all helping to create a good international cricket atmosphere.
Selection of digitised pictures contain* ing cricket memorabilia. This is a very nice touch that cricket fans are bound to love. The pictures are used through¬ out the game to select your players and they give the game a more human touch rather than having to choose from a lot of facts and figures. You can also put in your own images by using a paint package.
The different animated sequences that appear throughout the game work well, such as Umpire decisions, and there's even a rather strange but realis¬ tic animation of a duck for, you guessed it, no runs scored.
Rmrn Overall this game just didn't work in the playability stakes.
The bowling aspect is okay, as is the batting, but the field¬ ing is absolutely dreadful. Once the batsman has hit the ball you then get an overhead view of the rest of the field.
If you're on the bowling side you have to pick a fielder, move him to where the ball is probably going to land and then he will throw the ball back. This is very fiddly and tedious and it's more a case of guesswork than actual skill.
The bowling isn’t too bad - you get to pick whether you want to bowl the ball around or over the wicket and then you can choose whether you want spin or not. Pace or spin bowling is determined by the player's attribute in the Player's Profile. This works well enough but after a while would become rather repetitive. The batting part is quite nice though - once you've remembered which controls do what. There are 12 moves available and you press the joy¬ stick once, twice or three times followed by up, down, left or right depending on the shot you want. This method allows for some really nice
moves to be executed.
The game has its good points, such as having plenty of player stats which should go down well with the real cricket buffs, and it is also expandable for future add-ons. However, despite some nice graphics, a great cricketing atmosphere and some cleverly-used speech samples, the fielding aspect lets the whole thing down.
A shame.
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637, Swindon SN1 3DN. Offer limited to the first 10,000 customers, and only one CD per customer applies. If you wish to collect, you can exchange this advert for your free CD from Epic in Swindon, This offer is run separate from any other offer we are currently running. An up to date CD-ROM list will be sent with your free CD. Please allow 14 days for delivery E&OE Enter Ruffian then, the latest recruit to the platform- ing ranks. Set in a jungle, you take on the unfortunate role of Ruffian, a cross between Tarzan, Mowgli from the Jungle Book and Sid the Sexist. The mission is to set free a
certain amount of pixies caught up in carnivo¬ rous plants dotted over the scrolling landscape of each level. The player achieves this by spitting plant seeds to liberate the little fellas and also take out the various creatures that festoon the dimbable vegetation.
Once done, race to the exit to move onto the next level. Dotted all over the place are jewels, gold cups, potions and spells that can be used to progress further into the game. And that's pretty much it.
F platformer graces the Amiga. Adam Phillips goes into the jungle to find nut if it’s any good or simply another lethargic run ‘n’ jump effort Ruffian The various effects that make up the atmospheric sound¬ track of Ruffian are probably the game's strongest area.
The jungle noise of crickets clicking in the background is complimented by the screeches and calls of unseen animals. While it’s all rather diched, it works well.
The most novel and per¬ haps gross sound effect is the guttural noises of Ruffian as he fires a healthful glob of flem-covered, bullet-like seeds at anything that moves.
Charming... One of the endof- Itvel-ftyle bosses that must be destroyed to reach previously inaccessible areas linn While effective. Ruffian's visual presenta¬ tion is of a decidedly average quality. The main character. Ruffian, while 'packed with character', is not exactly the most satisfying of sprites to see leaping from platform to platform. Like all jump-'em- ups these days, he too has his own little routines when left standing still for too long - the most memorable one being a full-on moonie.
The other creatures that infest the for- est are again average, with not much in the way of character. The gorillas are especially badly drawn and walk round as if they have a corn cob stuck in a particu¬ larly sensitive orifice. Another annoyance is that some of the platforms and ene¬ mies can sometimes blend all too easily in to the background. While adding to the challenge, it can also lay on the frustra¬ tion in large thick wads as you fall for the fourth time down a level and have to work your way round again.
While the multi-directional scrolling is of a high quality, the lack of any parallax scrolling and the PD-ish look of the whole game really doesn't make one ache to get further into it on a search for graphical delights, but just to turn the computer off.
Q [rijH latformers are regular cannon fodder in the laser-mounted sights of cynical reviewers.
Constant complaints of the genre being dead and ready for burial are levelled at the software houses - yet the platform phenomena keeps rolling onwards This particular reviewer doesn't actually have a problem with a game style that has been round for the last 14 years or so as long as it’s done well. Take a look at Flashback on the Amiga or Donkey Kong Country on the SNES and it’s obvious there's still life in the genre yet - it just takes a little time, imagination and a fresh 40°/o At first, it's easy to pass this game off without so much as a second glance. Unfortunately, for the reviewer,
on second, third, fourth and fifth intense gazes at the screen, it doesn’t really get any better. Ruffian can be best described as a game that uncomfortably lands somewhere between PD and a fully-fledged commercial release.
On its good side, there are a couple of novel ele¬ ments. Firstly there's the spitting of seeds which requires aiming Ruffian's head with the left and right keys and then releasing the fire button to send the seed hurtling on its way to its destination. Then, having to shoot the pixies to release them can involve bouncing said seeds off walls to reach them - a nice idea.
The game tries to imitate instead of establish its own EEDJ platforming identity. On your travels, power-ups are available which increase firepower, make your jumps higher and give other intially tempting bonuses such as a magic carpet. End-of-level-like bosses have to be destroyed to reach particular points but unfortunately, all these usually enticing elements, which probably sounded good on paper, seem rather half-hearted and simply fail to capture the adrenaline or imagination of the player.
The game is certainly a challenge with its time limits and tough goings on through the large areas of each level, but the whole experience leaves you with an empty feeling of having seen and done this all before.
Not a platformer I can recommend, unfortunately - per¬ haps those cynical reviewers were right after all.
INTRODUCTION Flair Software are back hoping their latest game will inject some new life into the platform genre.
Gareth lofthouse takes Whizz for a whirl lakliwWa. TUiin f ¦ftm inn
- rMIISKr. Tflf 5ilflrE
- Droller flair Software
- 0isto:2
- Price: 525.98 — Son: Platini San Disk Install: Wly botfeer —
Ciitni: Joystick — Sippsrts; 91200 Okay, I'm a bit tired of
platformers, so the likelihood of me being stunned into silent
awe by Whizz was rather unlikely.
Nevertheless. I was hoping for some entertaining puzzles and a few fresh twists on an old idea.
Whizz does feature the odd interesting innovation, but unfortunately they are not successfully pulled off. Take the isometric view, for example. This device has worked well in a lot of games since Knightlore on the Spectrum, but try to zip round in Whizz and things get frustrating. The problem is that Whizz is about a race against time, and the tradi¬ tional Sonic Hedgehog view seems better suited to that sort of challenge.
The way players are supposed to spin the rabbit into enemies to kill them is another example of either a singular lack of imagination or effort on the developer's part.
Added to that is the fact that it's tough from the outset and you have to go right back to the level's beginning - factors which won't help to win new friends for the genre.
For those who've had enough of the usual platform fare to last a lifetime, my advice is to give Whizz a wide berth.
Then again, my advice for those who do like the genre is to give it a miss in the hope that something half professional might come along.
Whirl is hardly going to turn heads as far as its looks go, but it's not too bad. The isomet¬ ric view is an unusual touch in this type of game, the main character is likeable enough, and the general effect is cheerfully colourful.
Details have been added to give Whizz a dream-like appearance. For example, the first level appears to be set high up in the sky, with the ocean visible miles below the action.
Then there’s the Indoor World of Gamesville, a bizarre land of puzzles featuring giant cards that again would look perfectly at home in a Whizz Sadly this game's sound¬ track is more likely to irri¬ tate than give Whizz appeal. It's the sort of sonic sewage we've been listen¬ ing to on computer games since the mid-'80s, and frankly I'd rather play with the sound turned off than suffer it all over again.
If old ideas are going to get rehashed, developers should at least attempt to perfect them. To me, the humdrgm nature of the sound effects in Whizz give it away as a half-hearted affair.
M % miga platformers have always MAM been rather hit and miss when it ¦ M V comes to quality in comparison VjKl to their console counterparts. People have said good things about games like Zool or Superfrog, but good as they were, I found them to be pale reflections of the best Sega and Nintendo rivals.
Now this jaded genre has a newcomer designed by Flair Software.
Featuring a rabbit remarkably similar to the one in Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Whiz2 is slightly unusual in that it's an isometric adventure
- in other words, a platformer in 3D.
The story behind Whizz is simple, you’ll be surprised to hear. Our rapidly rotating rabbit is being chased by his adversary Ratty in a bal¬ loon around the mystical world, leading to adventures set on levels like the Green Grassed Castle or the South Sea Beaches.
Disembarking from his aerial transport. Whizz sets off on each level in a race against time, frantically seeking a variety of collectables needed to complete his mission. If the sands of time run out before he succeeds, however. Ratty will catch him up and finish him off.
Lewis Carroll adventure. Unfortunately there are a fair few drawbacks as well. The mon¬ sters are at best unimpressive and at worst ineptly designed - the bouncing tubes, for example, shouldn't really have made it off the drawing board.
There are various features to visually reward the player. Hopping onto some but¬ tons will launch bonus scoring rockets, doors shatter when approached using the correct device, and as in the Nintendo Mario series, there are power-up mushrooms to be con¬ sumed. Why these platform programmers are fixated by magic mushrooms I ¦¦¦¦ couldn't say. Hi MT w- C And we're off - get ready to bum rubber.
Oh no. Boy racer mode setting in again Yes. It's cows towing caravans - you can see why they're called Acid Software III ew Zealand company, Acid Software, are really building a reputation for top-quality software at the moment.
Just a few months ago they released the superb Guardian, a 3D isometric shoot-'em- up, then followed Roadkill, a stunning over¬ head racer.
This time they are once again concentrating their efforts on another racer - one that has a hard act to follow if it wants to live up to the reputation of its predecessor. Yes, it's the sequel to their highly acclaimed race-'em-up.
Skidmarks and has many new features. There are new cars, caravan towing and new tracks a-plenty, but with all the current racers around can it still stand up to the competition?
Fun race-'em-ups are undergoing a bit of a revival of late- We’ve had Team 17's ATR which scored a healthy 89 per cent, and was packed with playa¬ bility thanks to being able to win money to soup up your car. ATR also had some very nice looking, varied tracks with tunnels and oil slicks on the road, and although there were only three cars they all handled significantly different. However, in Skidmarks 2 it actually feels more competitive and the rough and tumble approach works well as you all scramble to the finish.
Super Pifelisfcer: Guildhall Dmliper; Acid Siftnrc BISKS: 1 Price: mil Gem: Racer Hard disk install: Tes Ciitral sptei: Jijstiek/Iejlurd Supports: All ftiipas |1NM ReciMeided: 68000 upwards Skidmarks 2 will also have to watch its back from the new competition, Arcane's racer Turbo Trax. Which also looks very promising.
Another fun racer that springs to mind is Micro Machines - the tabletop matchbox car game that had you racing around school desks and kitchen tables. Although Skidmarks 2 is set in ’proper’ sur¬ roundings, it does remind me of Micro machines in it's chaotic, fun and cutesy approach.
This time round, Skids' 2 has a lot of advan¬ tages over its rivals with its many options, multi¬ player features and many screen modes. It also has millions of cars to choose from - where else can you race cows towing caravans?!
The original Skidmarks was never the most graphi¬ cally high-tech of racing games but was definitely one of the most appealing. It gave the genre a whole new slant with a real fun, almost cute, look to it with its miniature matchbox-type cars.
Skidmarks 2 has kept this same approach and made it even better.
As stated before, there are the vehicles from the original plus others, including the option to race some cows and tow caravans! This all looks terrific and adds a very humorous touch. The different cars are all fantastic, from the Vws to the Midget, and there is even the option to change their colours from the blues and greens to a fluorescent tone.
There are many more tracks included this time with a variety of different settings. There's an icy terrain, a desert, and a Grand Prix circuit among others, and each works really well with bright colourful backdrop* and plenty of detail. Miniature spectators fit in with the cute style, and other addi¬ tions such as signs and advertising hoardings look good.
A lot of the graphics have been designed with the gameplay in mind, for example, textured tracks and ramps have been included to provide a more challenging race, but they also look good - espe¬ cially when the cars leap up into the air over the bumps!
Playability is what Super Skidmarks is all about. It's a pure race-'em-up, there's no doubt about that, and whereas other racing games penalise you for bumping into other cars, this one actively encourages it! You bum off from the starting line in true 'boy racer* style, nudge other cars into the barriers, skilfully steer around the bends and negotiate the ramps. And what great fun it is too!
Unfortunately, there isn't a feature where you can collect bonuses or win money to upgrade your car which would have provided more longevity to the one-player games. However, the Championship mode does compensate in some way as it provides some kind of long-term objective and gives more of a purpose to the proceedings.
Where the game really shines, though, is through the multi-player mode. Extra players can make use of Keyboard controls or the joystick adap¬ tor and it's definitely worthwhile drag¬ ging a few friends into the proceedings to experience all the thrills and spills.
Skidmarks There are plenty of different tracks available now to test even the most experienced racer. Twelve new ones have been included, plus the game is compatible with the original 12. Each has a variety of challenges from the simple figure of eight tracks to com¬ plex, windy courses with hairpin bends and ramps or bumps you will need to leap over in true rally style. A lot of the tracks have arrows showing you where to go but it still takes a lot of practice to learn where you are going, how to master the corners and the like.
Tina Hackett dons her helmet and leathers and gears up to review the Control of the game is either via the keyboard or the joystick. The accelera¬ tor on the joystick is implemented by pushing forward or by pressing fire, and the keyboard controls are either through the arrow or control keys.
Both work equally well and a lot is down to which you think is easier.
Skids 2 caters for both the experts and those new to the game because you can change how the car handles.
For example, as well as the usual Classic you can choose Slippery which makes the car totally difficult to han¬ dle, or Pedal Car which gives you a chance to practice - and if you haven't played it before you're going to need it!
The trick is to treat the vehicles like Rally cars and try to slide them round the tracks rather than steer them around. And it's recommended you don't take your finger off the accelerator button!
Oh and while you wait for the disks to load you can have a game of Pong - a nice, novel touch that saves you sitting around doing nothing.
Super Skidmarks 2 has plenty of extra features this time, including the ability to customise your own vehicles- By using Imagine 2 you can render your cars and add them to the game.
Acid Software are going to be releasing their SkidMarks Racer magazine for fans of the game which will inform players of new tracks and upgrades. It will also run competitions such as designing trackside details and a car modelling competition. A GrandPrix registra¬ tion section will let readers contact each other to organ¬ ise race meetings and through a BBS, schedule playoffs.
The game is hard disk installable but Acid feel that because of Piracy problems they have not yet made the track disks installable. However, they are hoping that with the first issue of their magazine they will be including a Track Disk Install utility.
The multi-player aspect of the game is brilliant and the game supports four joystick adapters which connect two extra joysticks via the parallel port - the manual even contains instructions on how to build such a device.
Skidmarks 2 also has improved comms support for local and remote linking, so if you have a Modem you can link to other players and race over the phone lines.
Another nice addition is the different screen modes available. There's Hi (on an AGA machine) and Lo-res (low gives you a large, closer view of the cars) or if two or three players are taking part then the screen splits either two or three ways. A Shared screen mode is also available for four-player team racing.
AGA owners can also race up to eight cars at once and if your machine has more than 1Mb of memory, you will be able to race more than one type of car in one race and listen to the option screen music. Talking of sound, it is also possible to replace audio samples in the sfx drawer with your own.
The game starts with a loud rock tune which gets you in the mood for some serious rac¬ ing. It's not the kind of tune you'd like to sit and listen to but it does fit in with the feel of the game.
In the actual game itself you do get some very good authentic racing noises. You are given a countdown bleep before each race, your engine roars into life, there's a clash of bumpers as the cars fight for pole position and tyres screech as you spin around the next bend. This all conjures up the competitive racing spirit in you and has you tearing round the circuits like a thing possessed.
A quirky addition is the horn - you can activate this by pulling back on the joystick or left and right keys together. This is great when you are right behind someone and you can let rip with the horn before sneakily overtaking them on the inside.
Music kicks in again on the options screens and it's adequate enough and fits in, but as I say, you won't want to listen to it for long.
This is one hell of a race-'em-up it has to be said.
Okay, so it just relies on the racing part and has no bonuses or upgrades to strive for. But it’s great fun, especially when you have two or more players. It works really well in bringing out the competitive edge in you and with all the different tracks it pro¬ vides a challenge. The many different championships add variety too.
The extra cars you get this time round are a great aspect. Some are just there for novelty value, such as the cows, but with a light-hearted game such as this it comes across really well. The Vws and Minis look good too - they're cute and fanatics of these vehicles Will love having the opportunity to race around in their favourite cars.
Caravan towing is more than just a novelty too because it is very tricky trying to race around the tracks with these cumbersome vehicles strapped to the back.
Graphics are not particularly advanced but they look colourful and fun, which definitely fits in with the feel of the game. The options screens could do with some work on them though - they didn't look particularly good and were fiddly to operate. It didn't look exactly polished and I would like to have seen something more user-friendly and a bit more attractive to look at. There were a few minor glitches and bugs along the way but I can't say they happened all that * often or were particu¬ larly noticeable - they certainly don't detract ' from what is a thoroughly X • enjoyable game.
AMKSft GOLD AWARD This is one of the most playable and fun race-'em- ups around and with the vast amount of new fea¬ tures added it's certainly worth a look, even if you have the original Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners & Disks Kegworth, Derby DE74 2HY 01509 670706 Fax: 01509 674703 Aim trad PCWBMIUfLmp Brnbrr MMMnOMNVUB l itirrn IHMkl .SPltt’SeBI 24/9 Oaunodsrt MPS I22WIH4 154 Epuw tVMXJEUVFXAJM h pwn I X MVKMOOA VM\UK>0 town lAKWWI Mmnnnunn Tally MW I NEC Hinvrllrf PHB OKI MI.ISiitVI91W.VI45 a fi ft IS BULK PxniWHC Kar 11LVI1 Mil 149 kf fi, .1*6 351 3 31 311 Pmuitor
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INTRODUCTION Publisher: Bnark Developer: litelek Bisks: 1 (2
link needed 1 m: 12411 Genre: Spirts/naiueieit Nan Disk
iistall; Yes Ciitnl: Mouse Supports: All Aiipis |1lk+|
Reeumeilel 68000 opvarfc Search options lirenents' WJM omark's
Championship Manager was highly acc- laimed by both the press
and public alike and now it's been re- released to contain one
of the most exciting leagues in the world - Italy.
Championship Manager Italia '95 has full details on players in Serie A and Serie B and contains all the major domestic and European competitions.
Championship Manager Italia ‘95 Italy - pasta, ice-cream, the Leaning Tnwer nf Pisa. Oh yeah and football, exciting football!
Dnmark have taken their Champinnship Management game and given it an Italian flavour. Tina Hackett has a taste nf the actinn Graphics are mainly table-based, so it is essential these are clearly set-out.
Fortunately, Championship Manager has always been nicely presented with plenty of bright colourful screens and an easy-to-access icon system. There's a background screen, showing a footballer, which can be changed, along with the background colour - it's really just a novelty aspect but does add some variety. The match is viewed with a series of bars showing the performance of each team's defence, midfield and attack, and gives a running commentary. This doesn't look as good as some of the matches in other games but it still keeps the essential excitement.
Championship Manager won’t blow you away with super high-tech visuals but as management games have never really been under too close a scrutiny with regards to graphics anyway, as long as they work well enough it doesn't matter too much. The emphasis in the game is on good old-fashioned playability, but then again it may look slightly dated against the latest Premier Manager.
11. HUT.
5D°o (La Coppa Italia). This starts with 32 teams with two from Serie A, 20 from Serie B and 10 from Serie C. The second round takes the 16 winners of the first round plus 16 from Serie A until it gets down to two for the final. You can also take part in the European Cup, the UEFA cup, the Cup Winners' Cup and the Anglo-ltalian Cup, so there's abso¬ lutely loads to keep you occupied.
One thing to remember about this Italian game is that the playing style varies enor¬ mously. Teams in Serie A and Serie B have a more continental style, with a far more tacti¬ cal element such as testing each other's strengths and weaknesses, and it leaves you with the dilemma of whether to bring your knowledge of English football into the game or adopt their style - so even experts have a new challenge!
70% Okay, the game is still basically the original Championship Manager, so it keeps the great addictive playability of the first, but if you've played its prede¬ cessor to death then whether you buy it or not will depend on how much you want to have a version with the Italian League. Saying that though, it will provide a new challenge and it's great to see a different slant on the genre rather than just the English League.
There’s going to be a great deal of competition around soon for football management games and although this isn't as modern or stacked full of new ideas, it sticks to its routes and remains as playable as ever. This is still one of the most realistic and stats-packed manage¬ ment games around, and if you've not experienced the joys of this title before or you want to try your hand at the Italian League, it's definitely worth giving this a try.
PLAYABILITY There's a great deal to get to grips with in Championship Manager. It is a very in-depth simulation but is still a great deal of fun and remains as addictive as hell! There are plenty of up-to-date stats available to ensure you pick a winning team.
You can send your scout to look for new players and give specific instructions on the type of player you want and you have all the other tasks to keep an eye on too, whether it be player fitness or arranging friendlies.
As this is the Italian version you get to play in the Italian League which simulates Serie A and Serie B. In Serie A, 18 teams play each other twice (home and away). Serie B has 20 teams, who again play each other twice. You also get to play in the Italian Cup 85°/d eads of sweat roll down your body, I INTRODUCTION trepidation delays each step you ¦ take, and terror grips your heart in ^ V its icy grasp. Killer droids and 1beasts of voracious appetite stalk the cramped, dimly lit corridors of this desolate cargo freighter; the inva¬ sion force of an alien race committed to the extermination of
humanity. Strewn through the dark halls is evidence of the beasts' pas¬ sage; corpses litter the grated deck and the sweet smell of blood is strong in the air."
This is how Angst is introduced in the manual - now why do 1 feel an anticlimax coming on?
The introduction sets the standard for what's to follow This is a bit better. True, the gunfire is thor¬ oughly unsatisfying, but at least there's some sampled speech and the doorways open with a suitable noise. When you're being attacked by the pods there's a pass¬ able electric sizzling and the dinosaur mon¬ sters let loose a strangulated roar when killed.
However, you needn't expect any in-game music to increase the tension as you wander from dead end to dead end.
Set on a spaceship designed using Lightwave and featuring aliens developed in Imagine, the graphics for Angst could have benefited from two of the Amiga's finest creative packages.
Why then, does it look only slightly more colourful than your average database pro¬ gram? Why are those Lightwave-rendered walls generally so blank and featureless?
There are only five critters (sic) to fight within the game, and the ones I've seen are none too impressive. The first level features the pathetic pods with pincers, while later there are dinosaur monsters that could make the creatures in Deathmask look threatening.
Considering the lack of detail in the game, you'd think you could at least view the action through a decent sized window, but in Angst, three quarters of the screen is taken up by the Canadian software developers Rave may be new, but they show high ambitioos. Gareth Lofthouse finds out if they cao pull it off A body on the third deck - perhaps they died of boredom control panel. There’s not much excuse for this, because some of the icons there are just space wasters.
A lot of time is spent wandering around mazes, so the inclusion of a mapping device is a perfectly good idea. Unfortunately, this is so tiny as to be almost useless. It also updates very slowly, a problem Rave software say arises from the 'primitive radio wave technology* your character is using - hands up who’s convinced.
PT 30°/q 26°/i Visually unimpressive games can sometimes conceal gameplay of a surprisingly high calibre - just look at Tetris, for example. Sadly, there's no redemption for Angst in this department either.
Fighting aliens in claustrophobic corridors could be great, but there's zero skill involved and the whole experience is completely unconvincing. Add to that the tragic nature of the graphics and you should get a picture of how unsatisfying it all is.
There are supposed to be puzzle levels included as a break from the action, but my only experience of this was wandering around empty corridors, open¬ ing door after door and finding the odd key pass. I daresay there's more to it later on, but I think I did well to persevere for a couple of hours.
Unbelievably, Angst won't work with a 1Mb Amiga because the program requires another 512k of RAM to run. Other peculiarities include the fact that it can multitask, the benefits of which are unclear to me.
This game has been previewed elsewhere as some kind of Doom variant, but you only have to look at the screen shots to see how ridiculous that compari¬ son is. If anything, it's more like the ancient Dungeon Master, only with inferior graphics and gameplay.
I'm sorry to stick the boot in on a game that has probably taken a lot of work, but it should not have been put out as a full priced commercial release.
Angst means anxiety - presumably for the makers, because this game's about as exciting as a walk in a multi-storey car park.
121 ¦a?1IIS Life is tough when you've got no hair - here one Baldy disappears into a hole left by a plant pit trap, while two others are victims of the spring they'll inevitably encounter. Needless to say, however, the opposition is not going to take it lying down.
The game is controlled from a god-like position. To get started players will have to build houses for their Baldies and then find the right balance between collect¬ ing, inventing and breeding - yes, that's right, breeding, because no matter how unsavoury the act of baldy procreation may be, the bigger the tribe the more you'll be able to accomplish.
Our press release warns that this game is not to be compared to Lemmings or Settlers, but Baldies is going to appeal to fans of strategy games with arcade front-ends. There are also similarities to old favourites like Populous, Sim City and particularly Megalomania, but thankfully Creative Edge have injected large amounts of creativity and humour to give the title an original flavour.
His month seems to be one of extremes, with the ultra detailed sim accu¬ racy of TFX at one end of the pole and the pure adrenaline-kicking action of Skidmarks at the other. Both are excellent, but it has to be said that the first can seem so serious as to be po-faced, while the other is fun but hardly involving enough to tie you up gaming for days on end.
Fortunately, gameplayers looking for fun and a small dose of mental stimulation won't have to hold their breath for too long. Developed by newcomers Creative Edge, Baldies is shaping up well to enter the exclusive top drawer reserved for classic games like Populous and Lemmings.
The Baldies may look completely harmless, but beneath their placid exterior it turns out they're a right old bunch of vicious, conniving creatures. The graphics are sweet and bright, but this game is about nothing short of tribal warfare.
Players will lead a band of Baldies through quirkily- . , ^ .. ’ . ¦ , , ., . , ,, • , The attention to detail if obviously highly themed worlds, their object being to collect materials, lmpnsslv0t with different types of Baldies strategically invent devices and kill off the enemy tribes exhibiting diffemt characteristics Though Baldies will be a strategy game, the designers have concentrated their efforts on making it easy to control and get in to. In fact, any task that took more than two clicks on the mouse was abandoned in order to make sure the game was quick and easy to play.
There are going to be a number of different types of Baldy to control, ranging from workers and soldiers to scien¬ tists and giants. Each will have their own characteristics - some will have a nap when they're bored, while others will take shelter under trees when it rains.
Many actions taken by the player will be rewarded graph¬ ically. Drop a firehead bomb on your enemy, for example, and they'll run screaming and waving their arms in a tortur¬ ous blaze of flame. It all sounds very pleasant.
A huge range of weird and wonderful inventions have been included in the game, though in the interests of playa¬ bility they're introduced a few at a time as you progress iqlllS the door there'll be yet another unpleasant fate awaiting them.
From level to level. Mines and fox traps are some of the first ones players will use, and they come in a variety of sizes to inflict varying levels of destruction.
If it's as good as it sounds at this stage, Baldies could be one of the few gaming experiences that will actually have you laughing. Mad inventions like exploding cows can be dropped on enemy houses or left on timers so that they blow up in fields. As you might expect, the consequences for any nearby Baldies will be gory.
CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER Cars will later become available, allowing players to mow down the enemy, while helicopters will take the murderous heroes to the air. Stranger still is the rabbit invention: Drop one of these on your house and you'll increase the Baldies rate of breeding.
By dabbling about on each level, players will begin to pick up strategies, and the more cruel and cunning the better. One tactic is to place a foxtrap outside your enemy's doorway, then drop a skunk on top of the house. This will have the effect of stinking the Baldies out, and of course as they come charging through Players have to think strategi¬ cally about how they extend their houses as well. Building a garage, for example, will allow your scientist to invent the car, and if you want that heli¬ copter then you'll have to erect a castle.
A lot of additional touches have been added for the sake of pure entertainment. There are Baldies who will snatch fish as they leap out of the sea, while a rather more seedy slaphead can be caught urinating on-screen.
Players will have the opportu¬ nity to vent their malice over a variety of themed levels, many of which have already been designed. Creative Edge haven't yet decided which ones are Wto•m*tin professions, from workers and soldiers to going to appear in the final the more e<centricscientists game, but you might find an Antarctic land in which Baldies can die of exposure or a hell level featuring demonic housing.
Naturally, you can go up against computer-controlled tribes, but the option to link Amigas and challenge a friend promises an extra level of enjoyment. In fact, it's this factor that makes it reminiscent of an ancient Spectrum game called Spy Versus Spy. Like Baldies, the object of this game was to spring traps on your friends, allowing you to savour their expressions as their character help¬ lessly exploded, got squashed or frazzled. Bringing this type of sadistic appeal into the Populous genre should give Baldies added originality and an addictive buzz.
How well the game turns out remains to be seen, but it's encouraging to see the amount of effort gone into designing Baldies for playability. It's often said that the best games have simple rules while offering a challenge with depth.
This is equally true for computer games, and with the strategy element combined with an arcade-style method of controlling, the game sounds very promising.
Forget suicidal rodents - the Lemmings series hasn't progressed much since it's first incarnation anyway. We'll be giving this game the definitive Amiga Computing assessment as soon as possible, but as it stands Baldies could give Gametek another winner and make Creative Edge a name to remember.
C CD-ROM owners have been somewhat spoilt of late, having a wealth of quality adventure titles to choose from, while the humble CD32 owner had to merely look on and drool. But all that is set to change because there's an adven¬ ture coming your way soon that is going to take the CD32 by storm. Okay, admittedly it was out on the PC CD-ROM first but a version for the CD32 is well under way and if it stays true to its predecessor (which we’re promised it will - if not better!) We could be about to witness a whole new era for the machine that has been perceived by some as the underdog.
Containing 3D rendered graphics and full speech throughout. Lost Eden looks to be something totally different to anything done on the CD32 before.
Development is by Cryo - the French team behind KGB and the CD version of Frank Herbert's Dune.
The actual concept is quite unusual for an adventure and takes place in a time when dinosaurs and humans roam the earth. But the dinosaurs fall into two types; The non-violent vegetarians and the blood thirsty predator types like the Tyrannosaurs. Moorkus Rex is the Tyrannosaurs leader and wants to destroy the human race so that he can rule the whole planet- Humans hide out in caves but they still fair badly against the aggressive attacks.
One town, however, staves off the invasions. This is strongly and with each of the settings you will feel as if you are | actually there.
The Citadel and is the first fortified place of mankind.
Built by Priam the Builder, this fortification has pro¬ tected the Priam dynasty from the Tyrannosaurs and you. As Adam, must discover the secret of the Citadel because you will soon have to succeed your father, Priam the Conqueror.
Gameplay focuses on wan¬ dering around the environ¬ ment, picking up clues and solving the puzzles. These promise to be fairly straight¬ forward and logical rather than those frustratingly obscure puzzles found in some adventures.
There will be a vast amount of different locations to explore on your quest. These vary from the dark and dingy caves with crumbling skeletons to vast expanses of lush countryside. The screenshots (PC CD-Rom) shown on these pages will probably give you some idea as to how visually stunning the game will be, but you really have to see the game in action to fully appreciate how good the graphics look. Every attention to detail has been paid and will really make a difference to the whole presentation. The atmosphere comes across very The characters are rich and vividly portrayed too.
Each has a wide range of mannerisms and features that create their personalities and backgrounds well. The 1 animations are very smooth and life-like, especially with the dinosaurs who move realistically - well, as far j as we know! For example, the bigger dinosaurs actually look heavy and cumbersome.
ENHANCEMENTS The music will enhance the game considerably and I each environment will contain different Sound effects j to reflect the atmosphere. As you walk around, the dra¬ matic changes in sound will work well in transporting you from each location.
In the past even some good adventure games have fallen into the trap of being too fiddly to control. Lost | Eden will resolve this by using an intelligent cursor sys- I tern. You have your normal on-screen icon and as you move it around the picture it will change according to the appropriate action. For instance, if there is another character there you can move the cursor over them and it will turn to a 'talk' icon. This will make life easier, rather than having to click on the person and then go to a separate panel to find the talk icon, ¦IT tilt Another useful feature will be the map system
which will allow you to move from one place to the other simply by clicking on the area you want to go to. The icon also lets you move around freely and turns to an arrow to show you where you can travel, and if you've come to the end of a section it becomes a stop symbol - this will save precious time.
What will really make Lost Eden stand out on the CD32 though is the full speech system throughout. As you meet with each character they will talk to you and impart vital clues. All the characters will have their own voices with appropriate accents, and their tone of voice will match what they are saying - not like in some speech adventures where the characters mumble on in monotone! The actual things they say will be useful too and not there for the sake of it. If you've heard the information before you can skip it but if you miss anything the information is backed up by text underneath.
Obviously, until we've played the final version we can't comment on how the actual gameplay will shape up, but it's fair to predirt that with the fantastic graph¬ ics, full speech and an intriguing plot already imple¬ mented. It has plenty of ingredients to ensure one hell of a title.
Lost Eden will be released in the very near future, so look out There'S no doubt that the game will be visually striking ^!x&a^sfnfixnr.
I. rofrlT'rt U-ji" * Develiper: Bilirrog Disks: M/A Price: €21.88
Genre: Business siiilatim lari lisk install: I/A Giitnl
Sjstei; Joypad Supports: CD32 This fast-paced shoot-'em-up was
a huge success on the CD32 and thankfully it’s now been
converted to the A1200, SO those lucky enough to own one can
enjoy one of the finest 3D blasters on the Amiga.
Guardian is set in the future in a shrinking universe only a few light years in diameter. Different life forms are battling for the last resources and it is your job as a 'Guardian' to protect the remaining human species. In theory the objectives sound fairly simple but as always, the reality is far different. You have a nice big spacecraft, armed to the teeth with weapons, and with it you must destroy the Dronoids - alien craft armed with Trilium bombs. You track them down with your scanners and Quardian really looks smooth even choose whether to When the screen becomes chaotic Theme Park is
now available to I your CD32. Bullfrog's hit buv-1 ness sim, which requires you to I build your own amusement 1 park, has been tweaked enhanced and made all that to I nicer for the CD version. You!
Start off with your piece of land I and can then go on to build rides galore, hire staff. I purchase shops and attractions and everything else that will turn yotf I park in to a success story.
However, life isn't that easy. There are other, greedier, entrepreneurs trying to luft I the Joe Public into their parks instead. It's not just a case of building the biggest and I best attractions either, because being a shrewd businessman comes into it too. You I have to negotiate salaries, plan your site, and keep an eye on the little people's opin- ions. Luckily they don't keep their thoughts to themselves because a memory bubble I appears over their heads letting you no if they are hungry/thirsty/tired of walking/think your park is a con etc. and you can alter your park accordingly.
Graphics are superb and will make the most hard-hearted go "Aaah." Each ride has been well animated and even the little sprites are endearing. The sound effects work well too and create the atmosphere of the park, with children laughing in the back- ] ground and music playing for the different rides.
Three different simulation levels enable you to play the game as simply or as com- | plex as you want. Sandbox level is for beginners and you won't have to worry about all the financial decisions. The next level brings in some of the managerial aspects where you'll have to negotiate with staff and so on. And if you want the proper business sim¬ ulation you can play on Full level, whereby all the finances are down to you and rivals can buy shares in your park.
The differences to the CD version are mainly cosmetic and the intro has been improved. Another thing Pillisfcer: tlectnaic Arts to note is the use of a CD controller rather than a keyboard/mouse, but this is slightly more fiddly, j However, this is still a highly recommended re- release for CD32 owners and for a light-hearted, but in-depth business sim, you couldn't go far wrong with Theme Park.
r. 1 launch smart bombs or tracking ' -v'i1" ' As tnis was
originally a CD32 Cj \J L L* game, control is either via a %,
AWARD Control Pad or a combination of keyboard and mouse. This
is a little\® strange at first but still works excep¬ tionally
well, giving you full control over your spaceship. You can
perform backflips which allow you to get enemies in your
sight, and with the enemies following different patterns of
attack things get very challenging.
The 3D polygon graphics still look good and the action is incredibly smooth. Sound-wise it isn't bad, especially with explosions, bangs and engine roars going off left, right and centre - you really do get the satisfying blast-'em-up feel of the game.
The gameplay is fast and frantic and as you progress things become very chaotic - it gets the adrenaline pumping, making it an excellent example of its genre. A1200 owners should thank their lucky Stars that this is now available and if pure blast-em-ups are for you, then I'd say this is an essential buy.
Theme Park r Leading the way in Amiga advice, the definitive guide is back to keep L enthusiasts fully informed System Medical Frank Nord takes a look at how configuration can make your life and that of the computer a little more bearable Amiga 3D Stevie Kennedy shows you how to make realistic models without the use of a 30 digitiser Amos 1 Phil South rests his brain for a month and lets an avid Amos fan take all the credit with his two useful programs Arexx 137 Oo you understand what all your file names and codes mean?
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£7.50 T U T ? R I R I Tidying Oil of you. I hope, have some
sort of directory and fHe utility running on your Amiga, and
some of you nay even have Directory Opus, a program that simply
cries out for configuration, the topic of this month s medical
you could copy files to the destination directory by dragging
and dropping them, you unpacked LHA archives by doing the same
thing. Uh-uh No. LHA is a distinct file type, so it is really
easy to set up a command for Dopus to use if you double-click
on it.
Make the Click-M-Click function into copy, the same as it is for normal files, and make extract a double<lick function.
Following this, let’s play around with those Copy. Copy As. Move. Move As buttons I like the simplicity that single key shortcuts give, whereby if you want to copy something you hit the c key. Why not duplicate this in Dopus and go further - make Copy As shift c'. And Move V and Move As shift V OK.
To make best use of Dopus you should try to give as much space as possible to the directory windows; use a small font for the buttons and title bars, run in a higher resolution, that sort of thing. Then finally, and most importantly, do some surgery on those buttons.
One of the first things I changed when I got my copy of Dopus was the fact that although Acronym alert - part two: G-P sound samples are in the 8SVX format, etc. ILBM Interleaved BitMap. The Amiga IFF picture file format.
JPEG: Joint Photographic Expert Group. The now famous interpretive image format which can make still 24-bit images as small as I/I 00th of their original size. See also MPEG.
MMU Memory Management Unit. For a 68020 the MMU is a separate chip called the 68851, In a full 68030 (not 68EC030) or 68040. The MMU is inside the mam chip.
MPEG: Motion Picture Expert Group A new standard required for animations. MPEGs are like a Jingle JPEG image followed by a stream of delta images (delta images only store the changes between the previous frame and the current frame) interspersed with further JPEG images to act as checkpoints.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.
GUI: Graphical User Interface. A visually-oriented system allowing you to tell a compute* what to do by u*ng visuals symbols rather than typing in commands.
HAM Hold And Modify. An Amiga graphics mode that allows an the 4096 colours in an ECS4)ased Amiga's palette to be displayed on screen at once.
IDE- Integrated Drive Electronics. The other popular hard drive standard IDE drives don't tend to be as fast as SCSI ones and due to limitaoons within the IDE spec, can't go up to sizes as large as SCSI.
IFF: Interchange File Format. Although people refer to pictures on the Amiga as being IFF. This is not strictly true. IFF is a standard developed by Commodore for creating file formats that can be used with any machine and any file type, Thus Amiga pictures are actually in the ILBM (qv j format, iff MAY 1995 UP Amiga Medical Part 4 Organisation is tho name of the game as Franh fiord gets Directory Opus running to his satisfaction you've still got Delete to assign to a keyboard shortcut - you could use x‘ to carry the analogy further - but there is a key just crying out to be used as a shortcut
for this command; the ‘Del’ key Okay, now we re rolling. There are actually filetypes set up for more file types than Dopus actually has commands for in the default configuration, so let's make use of some of those. If you own a copy of GPFax.
You can get Dopus to show all your FAXX files - you can also get Dopus to show 24-bit pictures on a non-24-Oit system by assigning the Jpeg and ILBM 24-txt filetypes to a viewer like Viewtek uiEiumc There's now a utility you could run from Dopus to view Imagine and Lightwave objects in a window so you can pick out all your 3D models. If you are lucky enough to own a 24-bit display card of some description, you can set up filetypes to show 24-txt and Jpeg ed pictures on that along with 24-txt animation formats like AVI or Mpeg - provided your card has software that supports those file formats.
Another thing I don't like about Dopus is its dnvelist buttons. If you re-read the list in the ConfigDopus program, they lose all their to use it. Except for those first six buttons. If I want to get easy access to an assign, say. Or a drive that might not be on my system all the time, like a CD-ROM or RarNET. I make a normal button for it. This has the added advantage that you can have two complementary drives in the same place, accessed by clicking either the left or right mouse button For instance. I now have a button that has Downloads: on one side and Uploads: on the other. You can do the
If you are running Dopus on a Workbench 3.x machine, what about viewing AmigaGuide documents on the same screen? Make a button for this, or create a filetype to recognise AmigaGuide documents as opposed to plain ASCII text files (Have a took at some AmigaGuide documents, they always contain the word ©database' at the start so you can use the Match' command to check for this). Then specify an AmigDOS command to view the AmigaGuide documents: srs:utU<t<ts/iultfvie* (f> PUBSCIEEl "MPUS.r When you doubleclick on one of these documents, the Multiview window will appear on your Dopus screen instead
of the Workbench.
One more thing. Are you still opening up a shell window and typing, ed S startup- sequence. Make a button in Dopus that lets you edit ail those script files without having to enter their names by hand. In addition to Stanup-sequence and user-startup, you might also consider adding Ed-startup, if you use Ed a lot. Shett-startup. If you use the shell a lot and if you run Parnet quite often, what about an Edit Net:Sys/s/startup-sequence button. If you want to run other programs from within Dopus. Like Multiview. Make sure you have the Asynchronous flag switched on. So you don't have to wait until
you've finished reading that document or whatever, before you can get on and copy some files.
I Europress Software is Britain’s leading pro¬ ducer of educational & productivity programs for the Amiga.
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Name Address: T©|©. Account start date.........................—.......... We require three nodenames of your choice to choose from should a duplicate exist within our system We will confirm which of the three nodenames have been chosen for your account.
Nodename 1: Nodename 2:.
Nodename 3; -............. --...................— Credit card details —vi- mTTTTrrrrnrrm 0181-371 1234 (Sales - London) 0131-552 0344 (Sales • Edinburgh) 0181-371 1010 (HelpLine) 0181-371 1150 (Fax) Send your completed voucher to: Demon Internet Ltd Gateway House 322 Regents Park Road Finchley. London. N3 2QQ 0181-371 1000 (Switchboard) e-mart mtemet@demon n©t Amiga Computing I U I D H I H I Amiga 3D Part 2 The whole grabbing process took about 30 minutes, leaving me with a much better idea of what a jeep looked like, and some very useful images.
You'd get much the same result with one ftotoscoping is easy The games industry have made rotoscoping' into a buzzword and given the technique a hightech image it doesn't deseive. It is one of the most basic cheating methods you'll ever see. And anyone with a digitiser can do it with ease.
Just take a video tape of a person doing whatever it is you want to recreate on screen - walking, running, jumping, kicking a ball, serving in tennis, and so on - then grab a number of frames from the complete action sequence. These can then be used as backdrops to ensure your human model is put into the correct postures at the correct time, and 0 either you nor I could count the I number of times the 3D ' modelling beginner will finish a complex object that has taken many hours of work, then scratch his or her head and say "/know. It doesn’t look quite right.' The problem is usually one of
overall proportion and shape, and even a very carefully constructed model can be ruined by subtle inaccuracies.
Keeping a model in tune with the real world object or design you've based it on is a lot easier than you might think, and aS long as you have a hand scanner or digitiser yOu should never have to resort to guesswork.
Unless you have a photographic memory and artistic skills to match, designing an object off the top of your head only works with completely fictitious shapes such as spaceships Even in this area, though, starting with a set of blueprints is preferable to jumping in with both feet. Creating plans for an object in advance is the best way to decide exactly what shape it will take, how complex it needs to be. And whether it looks any good to begin with, If you draw these blueprints on paper, they can be scanned In, and if you create them in Dpaint just save them to disk as an IFF. Plans for
real-world objects can be scanned from photographs or grabbed from video using one of the many low-cost video grabbers such as Vlab or VkJi Amiga, and once on disk they can be used as a cheat's shortcut to accurate modelling.
We'll look at Imagine 3.0 and Lightwave for examples of how this can be done, but the technique used by both programs is very similar. On Ughrwave. Use Layout to load the various scans, grabs or drawings you've created, then go to the display options panel in modeller to set the background image on the X. Y. or 2 axes.
Imagine users can select a backdrop image from the View menu and it will appear in whichever of the three views was last active.
Getting the picture Stouie hennedM Qhamines a simple wag to mahe realistic models as quitklg as possible and without the aid of an eHpensiue 3D digitiser Of the two packages. Imagine works with backdrops more accurately because it automatically retains pixel aspect ratios, but lightwave users can edit the image's dimensions to compensate if the picture comes in looking a little stretched.
For an example, I've used an American jeep modelled in Lightwave, though the same process couW easily be used in Imagine. First, a search through my oW videos produced a tape of A Bridge Too Far.
Which is ideal because there are zillions of jeeps in the movie.
CHHB HfID 5RUE Next. Vlab was used to grab a skipioad of images from some of the jeep-laden scenes, the images then saved to hard drive as basic 16-colour greyscale IFFs. After all. You don't need to bother with huge 24-bit scans and grabs if all you want is an outline to follow.
Some of the grabs were taken with tracing in mind, and I took care to capture frames when the camera was looking directly at a jeep's front or side views.
Other Images were taken with jeeps in different positions, distances from the camera, and so on to be used as reference.
Your finished animation will look as lifelike as Flashback ever did If you have a hand scanner but no digioser. You can look in libraries for books that include sequenced images of people or animals in action (try the photography and natural history sections), or just pause your VCR at the same points you'd normally grab a frame and trace a matchsock outline of the position of the person s limbs. Use these as a guide or scan in your matchsock drawings and use them as IFF backdrops.
Accuracy is always worth the effort it In accurate enough for the right affect without having to bo perfect of those illustrated books that always end up in remainder bins or bargain bookshops.
Find one with lots of pictures of the sort of vehicles or aircraft you want to model, then keep it by your side and scan in any side-on images for direct tracing.
Not found in remainder bins, but worm their price to any modeller, are the Janes series of reference works. These, in common w>th the Observer series, usually have * photograph and side, front, and top elevations shown in wireframe. They might have been designed for 3D modellers, and just one book can contain outlines for dozens of aircraft, ships, or vehicles Plastic model kits are another source of good blueprints, and they have the bonus that you can build the model to keep as a 30 reference. With a cheap greyscale hand scanner, you II have as accurate a template as you can wish for In only
a few minutes Whatever your chosen method, captunnq and using good images of the object you are trying to model makes for the best start n any project. If something doesn't look quite nghi your finished image or animation can be ruined by something as simple as the wheeh looking a bit too large - hardly the result you want after all that modelling and rendering Amiga Computing supported by GASTEINER ~ir~> G7 ^ ^Presented in association with AMIGA COMPUTfl )R 'f iSlifiri fiOthusiastihaHv sunnorL'~,LJ L ^ A onr,-rk"_r-. 18 _T IF IT'S 1VV5 THAT MUST MEAN ANOTHER BREATHTAKING £ tsi ATARI AND AMIGA
- fml. ^ is* PLACE: NOVOTEL HO^^^SSlE^M^^g)ND0N.
DATE: 10th & 11th JUNE 1995 TIME: 10AM TO 6PM == ___09 , • ¦ va - ~X~ *- TICKETS: £5.00 children unper? Free For advanced booking phone Gasteiner oi| 0181^.
• • • •
• • • mil p Mat B End Proc And thats it Quick and easy, and a
rather good effect If I was usng it tor a film effect Td add a
random element to the pauses between frames, just a itfle. To
simulate the way people type Now ri move on to Shadowtext This
creates drop shadows on the text on screen, and it's a nice
routine which adds a little bit of pizzazz to game programs and
any sort of multimedia. The proper usage of the PROC is:
JMBOBTEIT [l,T,SC,TC,T$] Scrttn Open 0,520,256,4,Id.fH Flask
Off Curs Off : Hide On : Cls 0 : Wait Vbt Write stuff If you
have an Amos question, or a routine you'd like to share with
the world, then please wnte to Ptm South. Amos Column.
Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper. Make the routines short fuse these routines as a guide) and reasonably independent of any graphics and sound support files, although I will make provision for these if necessary Proceduri _$H»0OTE*T(X,T,SC,TC,T*3 The first thing we do in the PROC is to enable JAM I mode via the Gr Writing command: (r Writing 0 ShAdoutext bv B.L.6 AMOS-PRO uh«*re vour drejnt «. One I rue- Next we set up a loop: for 4*0 To 1 Ink SC If A*1 Lurking in the shadows
This is an interesting routine, nicely coded and you could expand on It in a number of ways. For example, create a white drop shadow with no letters (a very trendy text effect) by making the colour of the letters the same as your background, and making the colour of the shadow white or at least a lighter tone of the same colour. Another idea would be to make two shadows, one brighter and one darker than the text, arid make the text the same colour as the background. Then offset the lighter colour up and left of the text, and the darker colour to the right and below the text. This will give you
a nice bas relief effect.
Text effects are cheap in processing time and easy to create, as long as you are creative with the way you display them. You can also animate the effects with a bit of judicious coding - for example, you could fade up the bas relief effect to make it look as though the text is emerging from the surface. Id be interested to sec any effects like this that you come up with.
By changing the values of X and Yyou can the depth and direction of the shadow: I*ItJ ; T*T-J ; Ink TC The end/if and the Text command end the loop and print the text to the screen: and it returns for more, rf there is more, If not it ends the PROC, returning you to the main program his month s programs were sent by BL Gaunt -1 wish people would send their first names, it's much more personal.
Actually, they are called procedures or PROG. As that's what they are. And as such they can be bolted onto any program. The PROG are ShadOwtext and Typewriter, the latter being a better version of the program included with Ari10S Pro Both programs work in Amos Pro and AMOS
1. 3. To start off well look at the Typewriter PROC.
The code is good because it makes a noise if there is a letter to type, and if there is a space it remains silent. The sample provided is the sound of a typewriter key. Which could, of course, be replaced by the sound of a computer keyboard if you want to be a bit more modem The font could also be changed to make it a useful special effect for science fiction films. The proper usage of the PROC is This refers to the sample Of a typewriter key being hit, which you must toad into bank 3 by hand before you start coding - it win then be saved with the program. Finaly. Before we get mto the routine
you turn off all the screen junk: where X.Y equals the location on the screen, S is the speed the text is typed at. And T$ is a string of text to be typed.
First off the initialise screen line is: Flesh Off : Paper 0 : (uri Off : Hide : Clt 0 Screen Open 0,440,256,1,Bin* Sir Sink 3 and then a sample bank is sec Remake, remodel _TWill 1TEIC 10,10,1,'Uo*! Typewriter effect Kith sound too.'] .TTPIIIIITE»C1,12,B,’l0¥ He seen to be |oitj places. Ro aore need to were a dead cbicken.*] Clear Key : Waft Key : Edit using the Inc command to move along to the next letter. Finally, insert a small wait command to delay the characters as they type onto the screen: The clear and wart are included to make sure the finished text can be seen before the program
The procedure itself is very Simple: This now means we are starting with a clean sheet of paper.
The text to be typed is fed into the procedure, as are the other attributes locate I,T : Print leftS(AS,1) lot I Procedure _TTPEMITEI[l#T,P,i$] Firstly, set up the length of the text in your string in characters using the LEN function: Next use Locate and print string to the screen: TESTMlc(left»tt$,U) If TEST>32 Tien San Play 1,1 tor 0*0 To lanUS) Then using the RightS function, grab the first character in the string: Check for spaces In the text and if any are found you don t play the sound: If B>0 Then AS'0igfctSUS,l<a(UM> kssue4 April Edition £1.25 Six times your weight in videos! Freddy
Krueger's coemption and Andm (Wrt And loads more! J 111 be bock on poge 16 of this rather splendid mog.
See the review of True Lies on video. Be amazed ot the quality of the words and, in ^ fact, the pictures too!
INSIDE: MGV’s Very own Oscar winners for last year, How to make a blockbusting movie, Interview with Kryten (Red Dwarf) and Dennis Hopper (Speed his month's theme, in a nutshell, is about writing understandable code, and while most programmers will doubtless have their own ideas on f/3551/ coding . W. tells all... what constitutes an easy-tCHead program. I thought it might be useful to recap on the conventions I use. One thing that is obviously helpful is the use of understandable names for variables and I tend to use towercase names, adding underscore characters to improve readability.
For example, an Arexx statement which reads: eiitJlipTlUE I* set tilt fl»| - i*cr •/ I* his derided to quit */ is. In my mind, much preferred to something like: tf*1 With function names I capitalise the first letter of each part of the function name - CalculateAverage(), GetResponsefl and so on.
Arexx itself doesn't care about the capitalisation (function names are all treated as upper case anyway) but the above mentioned arrangement does seem to aid readability.
Above all make sure the name tells you something about What the function does - it may seem all very clever at the time to create a function called HaveANiceDayl) but six months later it's likely to be you who's sitting there wondering what on earth rt does!
Arexx variables are effectively typeless' so you don't need to declare variables as holding numbers, strings and so on. Despite this. I believe it is actually very useful to be able to imply something about the type of data held in a variable from its name.
You may have noticed that I often add a $ suffix to Arexx variables which are specifically used to hold text strings. I might, for example, use name$ and address S to collect name and address strings from a user. If. On the other hand. I knew that the user input was going to be a number then I’d use variable names like value, age. X. or n. I should point out that in this case these 'pseudo type' arrangements are not a common Arexx convention and internally, Arexx cares little about the types of values placed into a variable. Nevertheless the convention has served me well and it is one I
recommend With some advanced applications it is also occasionally useful to adopt additional conventions Prefixing global variables with the character g_ and suffixing pointer variables Fair comment All Arexx programs have to start with a comment line so there s a good chance there will, at least, be a program name at the start of your scripts. But why stop there - additional comments can make a world of difference to understanding a program.
Don't make the mistake, incidentally, of thinking that comments are Just for the benefit of other users and that you understand your code well enough not to need additional remarks. You may understand your code when you write it, but it's amazing how code tricks, which seemed perfectly obvious at the time they were written, appear to loose their inherent obviousness as time goes on.
You should not get carried away to the point where you impose unreasonable numbers of restrictions on either yourself or anyone else who has to read your code The aim is to adopt a set of coding guidelines which help and are easily usable, and luckily, for the most part at least, all that's needed is common sense coupled to 4 consistent methodical approach!
Amiga Computing ¦ 4 little extra care when writing Arexx ecript* can produce dividend% In the long run!
Using _p can help tell you something about the data stored in the variable Another rule of thumb concerns avoiding the use of absolute constants within the bulk of your program code Unfortunately. Arexx doesn't provide much direct help in this area but pseudo constant values can still be set up simply by loading values into variables (which are subsequently never changed) My preference is to use uppercase names for constant values like this: ESCtfl * ’lb'1 By getting into the habit of placing such definitions near the start of a program, you will always know wnere to look for them. The
separation also makes the values easy to change and because symbolic names rather than the underlying definitions themselves are used, the program automatically becomes easier to understand.
This 'trick' is especially useful when dealing with cohttol character sequences (this of course was what last month's instalment was all about) but the ideas can also be applied in other areas as well. There is, for instance, a good case, particularly with larger scripts, for eliminating explicit text messages from the bulk of your code. If. For example, you set up this initial error message definition VR0N6JHLUE » 'sorry this value is not correct' then within the main sections of the program the appropriate error message can be displayed using: say WROIfiJAlUE Equally important u the fact
that the message, which may actually get used in a number of different code areas of the script is now defined in a single place This ensures that any changes to the initial definition results in those modifications automatically being used throughout the program!
Only one magazine can fill this space... America's Premier Video Game Magazine IS COMING SOON Ho ora it For & Hollywood baddy m the recent Hamson Ford version of The Fugitive, and he is also the Romulan Tomalok in Star Trek: The Next Generation On the Delphi Internet system you can see the X-Files stuff as I've said before, you can also go to the Hollywood On-Une pages which contain the excellent publicity photos and animations from new films released in the US. This often means you can see a p*ture from a new film long before it ever premieres over here.
Also, you can download AVI files from the system, playable on PC. What good is that to me you may ask?
Well, not too much unless you use the MamActor animation processor program, wttth means you can translate the program from an AVI into an Arum file. The pictures and sound samples are m GIF or Jpeg format and the sounds are in WAV format easily convertible into Amiga sounds using sound converters like Sound Exchange - which is available on CIX, At the moment I'm busy downloading some files from Stargate. A film I've just seen, and now I have one of the best scenes from the selection sitting on my Workbench The Hollywood Orvtine pages are also to be found on CompuServe, if you can afford to
download them that is. I know the costs for CompuServe have gone down in recent months, but it's still one of the most expensive ways to get orvlme. They do have a number of Other movie resources but you mainly get Celebrity Rctufes which can be accessed by typing GO ARCHIVE and go to Library 4. Film TV Stage and Radio.
Films up including the one which was on Channel 4 a few weeks ago. Simple Men. Plus Amateur, which is currently on release as we speak and playing to packed houses all over the country.
To use the Cardiff Movie Database, simply set your Web browser to the URL and you're in If you like films you have got to add this to your menu of favounte places I've mentioned the Babylon 5 Lurkets Guide before, but I II skim that again in case anyone wasn't paying attention The senes has just started .
Again on UK TV. So if you're a fan of this senes you can get the definitive orvline guide to the show by setting your browser to: allowing you access to the files on the senes.
Pictures from the FTP site and profiles on all the actors. If you've ever been watching the program and thought who is that under all that make-up.
The voice is familiar.' Then thtf is the place to find out For example. Andreas Katsulas. Who plays Ambassador G'kar. Also plays the one armed Contact point If you have any BBSs you'd like to tell me about or there's anything you'd like to find on the Internet but can't please feel free to ask me You can reach me by e-mail at these locations.
Internet CIX The Direct Connection CompuServe Delphi People who don't use comms are often mystified by what you can get on the Internet and why you should want to use rt. The common comment is that yOu must be into computers to want to use one, Of need to know about them to use the Internet Both comments are true in one sense, but nonsense in another.
You don't have to like computers to use them for fun and you don't have to know how a game works to enjoy playing it. By the same token, if you are into something like films, which I am.
Then you stiM have something on the Internet Delphi and CompuServe which is going to help you with your interest.
For a start there's the big daddy of them an, the Cardiff Movie Database, This is a place where you can find out almost anything you want to know about movies. You can do a word search for a film tide, actor, actress, director or cinematographer, or indeed any number of film people, and the results will be displayed on your screen Not only that - once you have an item on the screen, you can dick on the names and get a list of the other films that person was involved in.
This is an invaluable cross referencing tool, even if you aren't Barry Norman (or perhaps you are, and if you are then why shouldn't you be?) If you're just into films then this is better than hundreds of film books crammed together.
What's more, if the entry for a film isn't in there and you eventually find out what it is, you can put it in. Thereby expanding the database. Every time you log into it there will be more and more tides for you to read, and the information is bang up to date I typed in Hal Hartley, a US film maker who makes quirky low-budget films, and I got all of his All disks compatible with all AWUGA5 when disk KOOl-Dlskstart vl.3 is used on A500+/A600/ A1200/A4W0Q 129 CATHERINE WAY BATH EASTON BATH, AVON BA I 7PB mil mm rm M@MIT(X! ®(E®(y7€HlQ) M% W) mp VMM f§p SPEEDY PD BATH 01225 858229 ASSASSIN
EXCELLENT VALUE GAMES NOS UP TO 147 TO ORDER QUOTE Ail - THEN THE aSKNiia KAS-123 Alitthi nenfts price - Wp LoefcbdcwfcrcAtn.
• res j2 Ml 3 rl TutfOmi :
i. -'cl thtct ic b i tvs: rxe a* nr* AATTCRM C!W GC® AGA CHESS
VIDEO ART JS26 TV GPAiRX hU^rcpi I r at -th Opint A Get I odd
(2 dnks| U!E9hAF.L£QUNVK0ARTi BicMtoH lor lerlockL tiptrb
(fulrt Ul 71 HARlEOUN FCNTS ri-rw lom UI72 MV^fQUN KNTJ2 M«
nr» umdEIi U303 FERSON41/TY ANALTSS U304 viiWTEC V10I. Vrwiranjpec ^lUBfEG. AGA jtmn irodo U3QS TELTTtX Cretu i '«V< recetar o» fSJ* AMIGA U307 VIRTUAL WORLDS A 3 doomttnc itrotftrt to not* rotnd 30 otpcts U308 SNOOPDOS U3WAMGAXVI 12 UJIO VIRUS WORKSHOP V46 Ul 11 SCM4 Wotfcr* <Je«o c# rap pne flKiSMf AGA UJI2 COPT>€ vOTPROLoto^o* UJI3WOGAH8LEVJ.I U3I4 SIKICK SOO* KICK UpiDOWN G069 ARA2M4X Mif not oert o* il 12001 G091KGAI9 G094 BOARD B CARD GAMES M047 SPACEBAUS ENR i HX DISK ft* doctor H*n>a CaTa.C^SjCHMB lidtUil I DtGnSEDSAmE PLAYER 'WCFESOnai DEMO HaRP ) REAL 30 I CARD MAKE* iwhSnGiBi'Ai
XENEXFwinretstBiSliwk) Gwlfiwi Mom ir*X W Md IJ WiB C-Oifc13th HOLE GOLF |2DSKS| G057 SPACE INVAOSR5 fti 2 «f«n G0S8 SPACE RESCUE Sdt ihootin GC59 A7105 CRICKET WiB I HARO GOST REVOLUTION -2 WOO G*M8 G068 OVERIANDC1. Hoes icrol but ¦trtihon ;4Q svdsinjl AANAGE Buk it il itorStfc wSCirJpmn TlBRfam IfnoMifutAv m mnpM MTHNTKO
• AIDDW5I-HV r WARS SnUiticra i par«r kwh w* il wr t2 Mi GMA RAGS
on th» Ar iji I UNUSAuoAnenMK iffiaastt 3 SLHCUET7E *,«««:,«
Ano9e 7 prop I SsgKg! MOTfan*. SpnaK Gkrmr ird nlun
TO SCHOOL 2 EOJI COLWR TT 10* MkNrrCpoqS We iho ssodt ilwut 10
A. Qt/i. AOI9TO A023 PICTURES SET (S*tan li'uisttsr injt't A02A
FIT CHCKS IWJ crt, (2 4*u »M) A02S BOOT SHOP Man |rV • A4A
AD30 FERRARI HCS ASIA NtGHTWEED >o n 2SA<o*wr (2 <«ai G0*2 AGA
TETRIS With 2S4 cotan 2 Data
original ws: M2» CRJGNAL AiK 3 1*1533 TECHNOTRONC MMX
pmjmycgUMKiASX M337TECHNOMANA 2 Mi*4 C-AAD M0DUJ5. Csonei
OXDEIING Al Pds. Dsks arc at Wp EACH ? PSP PAYMENT by Cheques
& F*Os only payable to SPEEDY PD.
Orders sent It* cbsv Please state machine & magazine.
POSTAGE UK 8CP (EUROPE ? 30P PER DISK) WORLD + 4CP PER DISK) THIS MONTHS OFFERS (ALL + PiP) MIX (10=£8iO) (I S=£ IL50) (20=£ I62S) (2S=£20.05) (30>£2350) »SSL. A JPF ^HS Hgpy rwomm«r<M ts tmswtnu Lw. A kssruc rtrafl fcr AGA twiftts PLEASE^ATE 1 HACHff AJ fur tea ire trj tr« MrafLDSC U00* ATOOL Vha ulmo miw CATALOGUE DISK AT 75p FREE WITH ORDER
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647403 Amiga Computing MAY 1995 I ¦ I ¦ ack in the late 1980s.
When I was using H ¦ ¦ an Amga 1000.1 got tired of me jagged
edged images Dpamt was producing and decided there must be a
way to make things better looking After all, expensive TV
graphics machines could make nice-looking text and images, so
why couldn't my costly A1000 be coaxed into doing similar
I'd read about something called anti-aliasing in the professional TV broadcasting and graphics journals of the time and decided this was what I needed. Unfortunately, none of the Amiga software then available was able to do automatic anti¬ aliasing. So I had to devise my own. Hand-crafted, techniques My research indicated that anb-aliasing iS a method used to smooth out the jagged appearance produced, where the edges of contrasting coloured pixels clash - a good example being the visibly stepped edges of a white diagonal on a black background. Such blocluness didn't look professional enough
for me. So I started adding intermediate colours by hand in order to smooth out thejaggies.
As mentioned in last month's column. I work almost exclusively in Hi-res interlace - something which often pushed my A1000 (expanded to 2Mb!)
To Its limits Even so. I persevered usmg carefully chosen I (xotour palettes which wouW allow me to design static texts and logos, while so* being able to provide the intermediate colours necessary for antialiasing.
Of course AGA and graphics card owners won't have such restrictive palette problems, but there are still plenty of Amiga owners who don't have that luxury. To them I say that if you do some judicious planning, there's lots your Arrxga can do without needing a huge paleae range.
Anti-aliasing works by fooling the eye into seeing a smooth graduation between strongly contrasting colours Often just a single, carefully-chosen intermediate colour will suffice, though better results will be obtained using two or three colours which Wend successively between the colours to be anti-aliased.
However, anti-aliasing at low resolutions wiB not be as successful because it is much easier to see the larger pixels, so the intermediary pixels won’t be as mtsieadmg to the eye and the illusion (for that is what anti-aliasing is) is unlikely to be convincing.
Worth it in the end Experimentation with anti-aliasing settings will usually pay dividends and you II find that you can often increase your rendering speeds, so achieving better throughput without significant quality loss. Of course, you could always splash out a few thousand on a blindingly fast accelerator or perhaps a Raptor (for Lightwave), but most of us don't have this kind of money to throw around, so any increase in speed while keeping quality levels up is going to be viewed as a happy compromise.
So get out your paint or 3D program, experiment with anti-aliasing and theri honestly ask yourself if you could ever go back to those unsightly jaggies ever again!
Fl smoother finish all round >X£ BB Cam Whiteleg turns his attention to Bhplaining anti-aliasing, making gour images better loohimg ¦ Antialiasing smooths out the lagged odgos of bitmapped graphics by applying intermediate tones to graduate between two strongly contrasting colours. A normal bitmapped font is shown at tho top, with Hs anti-aliased equivalent underneath on screen for so little time that the eye won t be able to tell whether they have the jaggies or not Fixing up any frames where the logo remans static for any period of time will suffice.
Of course, there isn't always a need foe anti¬ aliasing. And in the long run it greatly depends on what you (or your elients| are happy with. If you produce 3D images and animations you are probably already aware how much extra time can be added to your rendering by turning on any anti¬ aliasing options.
If you use Imagine there's often no need to turn the antwfiasing settings all the way up to maximum unless you require perfect suns, especially when producing sequences for animation. With Lightwave it is usually acceptable to stick to the Low anti¬ aliasing setting and often quite permissible to reduce the level Of Adaptive Sampling from its default setting of 8 to 48. 68 or even more.
Contact Gary Whiteley can be emailed as drga29cix.compuknk.co.uk. He also has a book on Amiga DTV available - 'Amiga Desktop Video' from Future Publishing.
The hardest part is knowing where to place the intermediate colours to the best effect but as usual practice makes perfect Don't thrtc that only images with restricted palettes will benefit from antialiasing
- even 24-Wt images look better with nonjagged edges as they
appear to more dosefy resemble what we see in the real world In
the end it s all down to looks, and if it looks right it«right
Nowadays, all good 2D and 3D graphics programs offer some form
of antialiasing, whether automatic or ihrough manual operations
such as smoothing However, if you're using text in a 2D program
there could be a better way - make ano- aliased versions of
fonts by using either Zen's AntiA to turn Compugraphic and
Amiga bitmap fonts into multicoloured Colorfonts. Or A2A
(available from Alternative Image) to turn Type I Postscript
fonts into Amiga Colorfonts tHLCULnxmns Programs such as AntiA
and A2A as well as 2D paint and 3D rendering programs use
calculations to determine the optimum intermediary colours, so
take much of die hard work out of anwfcasmg tf you re appfymg
ano-ahasmg by hand to a 2D animated sequence such as a flying
logo, there's little point m cleaning up every frame, as each
stays Amiga Computing Link Two Amiga Computers Flexi
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* Menu driven software.
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* Includes parallel cable.
* Includes easy to follow manual.
At an Amazing price of £49.95 including postage ? Package.
Make cheques/Postal orders made payable to Mr Sturgess.
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5 Ideal monitor stand jhJ Otk Idr
6. Hoi* Cwtem, and <** §C§t «¦ SCSI 2 dm* ones Awtable irom tfocx
hx on> £129.95 > PtP CDROM Option PomrsUbcn. Dual Speed CORcvn
? Squirret ONLY £329.95. HUP HttdZoiro Slots’ Sorry, Bat »e
may ban a barter Ilea. Jot pea aa a celt!
Amiga Computing All Prices include Vat HiQ Ltd, 176 Kenton Lane, Harrow, Middx, HA3 8SU.
Fax -t-44 (0)81 909 3885 Tel +44 (0)81 909 2092 142 ¦ Tho Pro 24 'a drum map adit or is particularly usalul effects, and powerful logical edit facilities which allow all sorts of event translation operations to be carried out.
It's possible to split multi-channel tracks and re¬ direct the data to alternative tracks on a channel- bychannel basis. You can also remove empties and doubles (duplicate Midi events which you sometimes get when combining sequences), and there’s a whole range of cut/expand, pattern split track mixing, tempo change and stepnnput options in addition to the usual types of copy/move/defete block-oriented edit facilities. There's even a 'Midi- Monitor window which provides details of Midi events as they arrive.
\mm ESSEflTIRLS | RED r Essentia BLACK - Recommended 1 . 1 "f i The bottom line Product: Pro 24 Amiga Price: £239 inc.VAT Supplier: Harman Audio Tel: 0181 207 5050 Ease of use_8 Implementation 7 Value for money_9 Overall_7 ¦ Pro 24 Amigm't main display Amiga Computing MAY 1995 i I little over five years ago Steinberg I released a version of their Pro 24 sequencer for the Amiga. Despite the fact that the Amiga was badly in need of additional good quality music software. Pro 24 Amiga failed to have the same impact of the Atari ST version.
This was little or nothing to do with the software itself, but simply a reflection that relatively few people were using Amigas for sequencing at that time. In recent years, interest in Amiga Midi sequencing has grown considerably and. Since many of you will have missed this sequencer first time around, I thought some uptodate details of the Steinberg offering might be useful.
Pro 24 Amiga is actually a rewrite, rather than a direct port of the original Atari ST program. It is.
Supplied on a single disk and. As expected, comes with a Steinberg key1 - i.e. a dongle - that must be present m the second joystick port at all times. The manual 8 very weil written and has good introductory and tutorial material, but the best news is that despite some fairly detailed accounts m later chapters, the manual has been kept to a reasonable size so it doesn't take forever and a day to read.
The top half of the mam Pro 24 Amiga display contains the track indicators, track selection, record pointer icons and the activity bars for each of the 24 tracks. Needless to say. The set of tape-transport controls of Pro 24 Amiga look much the same as those found on other sequencers, with each track having a set of playback parameters that determine whether data is transposed, quantized, delayed, filtered or muted.
As well as a tape mode there is a sequence mode which allows you to create links for repeating sections and so on. A 'master track', quite separate from the 24 normal tracks, is also available and is used for storing tempo changes, time signatures and other global characteristics.
Losing its way Although there is almost nothing that cannot be done with this sequencer. I d be less than honest if I didn't mention that I think the package is now showing its age. Amiga software, like that of all other machines, has moved forward a long way in five years.
There's no doubt at a|i that Steinberg s Pro 24 Amiga sequencer is extremely powerful, and would clearly be ideal for any user that has had previous experience with Pro 24 on the Atari ST. For everyone else though I'm not so sure, and I suspect that what is really needed is a revamp to bring the package up-to-date.
Blast From the past As with most heavyweight sequencers, there are simply far too many facilities to be able to mention them all. Pro 24 Amiga supports internal and external clocks, MTC and SMPTE, and offers a range of metronome/count-in facilities including the sending of user-definable Midi notes When editing, a track survey window lets you see a visual picture of the data present while a track content display provides detailed event-by- event info. Location markers make it possible to mark out specific areas of a sequence and. In conjunction with the editing facilities, this forms an
easy-to-use yet powerful arrangement.
RIGHT IrflCH A 'subtrack mode enables incoming data to be split and redirected to specific tracks and of course all the usual things like channel reassignment on output automatic punctwn and puncfvout etc. are provided Pro 24 Amiga, like its ongmal ST counterpart has its own gnd-style drum editor, provides some comprehensive Sysex facilities, supports Midi file load/save options and (surprisingly) can even handle SMUS format. There are also plenty of nice touches like a score editor, alternate channel echo (Dept AMC) 23 Stanwell Close, Wincobink, Sheffield 1PL T#l: (0114) 249 2950 ALL DISKS
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• 4^3 (4) Kaitogs Land Shakki Lakka SilySocos: Acto sumasa 13 (2)
Roots AmaflaCatnc* Vwrual Oroams (3) (HD) Suirrok TNG Gama Oova
Oemo(2| Pofca, Mon* RunOifBubOia Pueman Worlds Dotty Pocmon 3D
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EvfADwm Oaone Swwmp Thog MumDumDI A/1 ol Broafeng Head* (6)
SpantMls 9 Fngen (21 At 200 GAMES KoMhe 314) |HD) Q AMES Viper
Daogamrou*# htadtcfrten 3 (3) HgTiQctvwTurM MogaCol! 3 Groan5
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Canvas 18th Hole &3» (2) Eve inaocts D«u«a GalSflS V2 4 Gtger
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Vdactraeker 2 AGA Ai2O0HOPropO*k Action RooUy 4 A 512) Magic WO
12d (2) (HO) Magic WO Eitm. (2) Mayc WB Bocttfroc* (3) Zsmt,
Spaoey Em VI3 RettUOiHA A1200 Gamas Fa Dsk Movegude 2,4 (2)
(MD| At200 SLIDCS Bcoysnop 6 (2) BcdrMop 7 (2) eod>*hcp0|»
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Lllaby/c Rcallimr SVIIS AirLmk ^nnirnljyoiir Vide , £an lie fonimllcd tin fll’r Keyboard or via Arc A. Create your otin rcfiuty in your favourite paint Atoka® niirli on tlic ViforKlK-neli anflif fraWffflT from your AffM^a." I 2 GB Barracuda C9EO 1 GB Barracuda ">v EEGO 23D MB FuJHsu Magneto Optical £749 Box nf Five 23ITMB MO Disks £>85 Lightwave Courses Call for details Humanoid Call for detail^ t €25 €429 €34 Vista Pro 3.0 Lightwave 3.5 Kcad 38 disks containing hundreds of Speccy games. Full listing on catalogue disk.
Choose I disk FREE with each 10 you buy 30 Modelling Service 24-Bit Colour Scanning A3 Plotting Service Send 3 x 1st class stamps for catalogue disk listing over 6000 titles with FREE D-Copy, FREE Game and FREE Up-date PHONE: 01843 202 150. FAK: 01843 292150 4 WANTED: SECOND HAND AMIGA 3000 90p per order Fish Disks I to 1000 Assassins 1 to 220 17 Bit Disks 1 to 3351+ Heaw make chcquesiTOs payable to M. Grieve All ditlu ptp70pper Amiga Computing rsgami? In a DTP column? Well, only in tne loosest sense of the word I'm talking about folded paper - two-fold and three-fold brochures, greetings
cards, paper aeroplanes and so on. They might seem like tough tasks when you first look at them, but they can actually be quite easy and a lot of fun to do.
The only thing they really rely on is the ability to rotate graphics and text. So your PageStream, ProPage. Wordworth 3.1 and Final Writer will be fine, but things like PageSetter or KindWords aren't suitable, The very first dung to bear in mind is that you can t do this solely on the computer (well, not unless you have a brain the sue of a planet) So get out a spare piece of A4 and have a good look at it.
What sort of printer do you have? If it's one that relies on tractor or friction feed you know you won't be able to print on the bottom inch or so of the paper If it s a laser, you won't be able to print nght up to the side edges. Know the limitations you are stuck with and don't jump straight into your design without considenng these elements of space mEHSUREITlEnTS The next thing you will have to do is get your ruler out. Fold the paper so that it resembles the final shape you want whether it be the complex folds of a paper aeroplane or simply folded into quarters for a birthday card Then
measure where the crease marks are.
The best way of assuring accuracy is to draw your fold lines in your DTP package and then adjust them numerically, rather than by eye. For lines at an angle, you might find it easier to use a protractor to calculate the angle from the edge of the page and enter it thu way, instead of trying to fix start and end points in space.
Once you have marked up your page with lines, you are then ready to proceed onto the design side Of things. As a birthday card is the simplest example, we will have a look at that first.
Your page should be divided into four quarters Looking at the piece of paper you have folded you will see you need to use the top-left hand corner for the inside of the card and the bottom right-hand comer for the cover.
The inside of the card has to be upside-down, so your best bet is to create your greeting in that section of the page (the right way up), and once you are satisfied that it fits, looks nice, and is going to print, you can then select all the items in the section, and group them together if
• • • • # # # FranH fiord takes a look at the intricacies of DIP
origami ¦ This is tho out’ side of our three-told brochure
faoctions two, six and one) continuation of a graphic from one
half of the brochure to the other, and if you are going to need
to print on the back of the middle section For ease of use. You
will probably find it less confusing to sketch out your idea
onto your sheet of A4 first and number the sections from one to
six. Repeat this numbenng in your DTP program - you can always
get nd of them once the design is complete.
Imagine a threefold brochure folded up in front of you. The section you can see first (the first flap) is called section one. The next flap is section two. Then the three spread sections are three, four and five, leaving the middle panel on the back of the brochure as section six.
One of the nicest examples of continuity in a three-fold brochure is where there is a picture on the cover (section 11 which, when opened, reveals the same picture on the second flap, but perhaps with some more text on it (section 2), which also continues onto the «nnde of the first section (section 3). When you open the second flap, the enure inside of the brochure is revealed to Show the complete picture.
Falling into place Turning Japanese SB The iflustraoons on this page show the two pages I have done in PageStream 2 2 (or this son of brochure The quahty of the globe seems shoddy, but as it ts an EP5 graphic it w»« print okay This type of three-fold brochure takes a lot more thought, and in this instance was achieved using three copies of the dip; one on sections three, four and live, and one on section one - moved so this section had the middle of the graphK in it The remainder of the graphic falls off the nght-hand side of the page and also covers section six.
The last Clip IS wed on section two. Again with the middle pan of the graphic over it and the left- hand portion of the graphic has fasen off the left-hand side of the page and the other third is covering section six. Thu is why I have covered the whole of section six with a white borderless box to cover up the overlapping images.
Flay around with these concepts and try your hand at the paper aeroplane idea The techniques I have explained might prove more problematic with one of the word pubfeshet programs, but with a bit of ingenuity, you should be able to cope.
Necessary, before rotating the whole bunch through 180 degrees A threefold brochure is somewhat more difficult to plan as you will almost certainly want to print on both sides of the paper. You will need two pages, both divided into three in the same places |if you have a master page facility in the program you are using. I would suggest you use that).
Then you will need to decide which flap wifl show on the outside, whether you want a Amiga Computing IDE/SCSI 2.5’73.5" HD Our high quality 2.5"/3.5" IDE/SCSI hard drives come wirh a one year warranty.
The 2.5” HD’s come with cable & manual.
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3. 5” IDE hard drive and included in the pack is the installation
software which allows you to configure the drive to your own
OVERDRIVE BARE...........£99 OVERDRIVE 360MB.........£259 M-TEC HD The AT-500 IDE external hard drive for the A500 comes complete wirh an internal ROM socket so you can switch between a
2. 04 and 1.3 ROM without haying to open your Amiga casing.
AT-500 BARE ...............£99 AT-500 360MB ..........£259 QUEST DRIVES II Removable storage systems from Syqucst.
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CONTROLLER CARD £ I 29 VIDEO BACKUP 3.0 This innovative
product allows you to backup your software onto a VHS
cassette, so you can store up to 520MB on one four hour tape.
Version 3-0 has new backup modes for Amigas with a 68020 or
higher CPU, a new user interface that also runs on the
Workbench screen, a two times speed improvement over vl.5,
data compression over three times faster than vl.5 and also
able to watch television on your 1084s monitor.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART.........£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO........£60 UPGRADE TO Y3.0.............£20 DISK EXPANDER ¦ Disk Expander includes the following features:
• Can add up to 50% to your hard drive capacity
• Fast compression and decompression
• Works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even
the RAM disk
• Reliable in tests, no data corruption
• Flexible and expandable as new compression libraries are
• Once installed the program is transparent to the user
• Works on any Amiga with any Kicksrart DISK
EXPANDER..............£25 FLOPPY EXPANDER ¦ Floppy Expander
allows you to fit about
1. 5MB on a standard floppy drive and an amazing 3MB when used in
conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76MB. This is achieved by
compressing data 30 - 70% of its original size, which all of
this happens automatically.
FLOPPY EXPANDER ...........£10 Increase your Amiga 500/2000 chip RAM ro a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 1MB of RAM and drawing extra memory from any other RAM you have installed in your Amiga. No soldering required.
MEGACHIP RAM...........£159 RAM UPGRADES (M We manufacture a vast range of memory cards for all the Amiga range of computers.
5I2K RAM WITH CLOCK £24 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK ..£19 A600 I MB RAM..............£34 A500+ I MB RAM.............£29 00 2MB RAM A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM ............£90 WORKBENCH II Release 2.1/3.1, inc. 2.1/3.1 software and user guides.
2. 05 ROM CHIP..............£25
3. 1 A500/A2000 ..............£85
3. 1 A3000/A4000 .............£95
2. 05 ROM. DISK & MANUAL . .£59 TELEPHONE 0 I 234 273000 We
accept most major credit cards and y to help you with any
( at Tax Free PnCM *5 to confirm prices BFP0 orders welcome PostCode Signature
• Scan in 24-bit (16.7 million colours) at upto 200DPI (all
Amigas, not just AGA)*
• Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas not justAGA)
• Full control of scanner mode from s/w*
• Thru’ port for printer connection
• Fully supports AGA chipset
• Save images in avariety of formats
• Display HAM8/24-bit images on a non-
• AGA Amiga (via image conversion)
• Full ediring facilities
• Many image processing functions inc. brightness, colour,
contrast, relief, scale
• Add colour to black and white images and even convert them to
• Compatible with all Amigas System Requirements
2. 04 ROM or above. Minimum I MB Recommended 2MB or above 'Only
available on Colour PbwcrScanncr 4 POWERSCAN 4 B/W.........£99
POWERSCAN 4 COLOUR ...£199 OCR (when purchased with scanner) .
. . £20 OCR SOFTWARE ...........£49 POWERSCAN 4 S/W ONLY . . .
£39 WARP ENGINE The high speed 040 board you install directly
into the CPU slot, not a Zorro III slot!
WARP ENGINE BARE.......£699 WARP ENGINE 28MHZ......£799 WARP ENGINE 33MHZ £899 WARP ENGINE 40MHZ .. . .£ I 099 POWER SUPPLIES ¦ Replacement PSUs for GVP external HD and Overdrive.
POWER SUPPLY.........£39.95 Iware of external hard drives that use power from the Amiga external floppy port.
Full 68020 processor with MMU Works with all A500s, A500+ Optional 68881/68882 (PLCC or PGA) Up to 4MB FAST RAM Fully auto-configuring Supports Motorolla cache system Supports Kickstart remapping Disable jumper Not Compatible with GVP Hard drive 68020 A500 BARE .........£99 68020 A500 4MB.........£239 The Epson GT-6500 24-bit colour A4 flatbed scanner has output resolutions up to 1200DPI in 16.7 million colours, greyscale and line art. The GT-6500 comes with software, cables and manual.
GT-6500 POWERSCAN £599 GT-6500 IMAGE FX .£689 DOCUMENT FEEDER.....£399 Epson Stylus Inkjet, Data Cable 10 Sheets of 720DPI Paper 10 Sheets of320DPI Paper Studio II Software .. .....£489 EPSON LQ-300 24-PIN £189 LQ-300 COLOUR KIT......£39 A500 68020 The Epson Stylus colour inkjet prints up to 16 million colours with a maximum resolution of 72QDPI.
Complete with Studio II software (£49.95 Studio II only).
R- G ¦ 11*1 KvJ 1 • .1 iL- * ta4 Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available
• $ frxm raj* **T ai prca rr utyed 14 (http «MltlOUt '/*Xt U MMW«
Itt XITTwWQpt m 3*9*1 r wwy a tvr-jra-* ad StKCtttM flrtrNbrKl.
«¦? ** tendtow trade, capo Wrf rr mock Ire cI :*wjr or rscuer.
Delivery 2-3Days£Z50r Next Day£5 ~pSat£10 Minimum Delivery £2.50 Allow up lo 7 days for cheques to cleer POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a/b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 Telephone System Owned Description Total Amount line, delivery) £ Credit Card No.
Ordering by cheque/PO please make them payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required Name Address Expiry Oate . -¥ $
Amiga Format 93% CU Amiga 94% Amiga Shopper 95% JAM “ The best piece of hardware I've ever \ ^nois ¦ *s'a As you can see, the Amiga press has gone nuts over our new Squirrel SCSI interface for the A600/A1200. In case you've missed these reviews, the Squirrel SCSI is a plug-and-play add-on that allows you to connect up to 7 SCSI peripherals to your Amiga. Just think of it. CD-ROM, Hard drive, Scanner, DAT, Optical, SyQuest. Tape Streamer - all on line at the same time! No wonder we named it after that famous storage-hungry animal! To go with Squirrel, here are some great value devices... bought
for my A1200 well done, HiSoft! 99 SCSI CD-ROM Drives SCSI Hard Drives SyQuest Drives Ordering Information All HiSoft products (see the complete list below) should be available through your favourite Amiga dealer, it you have difficulty in obtaining any title you can order directly from HiSoft - just call us free on 0500 223660, \ armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days or, for an extra £6. By * guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders.
All prices include VAT. Export orders call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs. © 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.'
HiSoft products for your Amiga: Squirrel SCSI interface - £69.95, Squirrel Storage Systems - as above.
Aura 12/16 bit sampler • £99.95, Megalosound 8 bit sampler- £34 95, ProMidi interface - £24.95. HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95, HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95. Gamesmith - £99 95. Termite • £39.95, Twist 2 database - £99.95, Maxon Magic - £29.95. Upper Disk Tools - £14.95. VistaLite inc MakePath/TerraForm - £39.95 and much more. Coming soon: DiskMagic (disk toolsl and Clnema4D.
SuperOoublc - in! £129, ext £189 SvptrTriple - in! £189, ext £249 Not all CD-ROM drives are the same. Our SuperDouble and SuperTriple drives are fast, modern devices supporting all the SCSI features that you'll need, based on quality units from the world's leading manufacturers of CD-ROM. Sony & Toshiba.
Both drives are cased in extremely stylish enclosures with all SCSI connectors and offer fast access times, stereo headphone sockets with volume control, phono line output, PhotoCD” mutti-session support. CD32 emulation (with the Squirrel SCSI interface). CD-DA compatibility with the convenience of tray-loaded action. The SuperDouble™ CD-ROM drive offers 360Kb/sec transfer while the SuperTriple’* attains 5lOKb/sec, both far taster than any competitive dnve for the Amiga 9Q% Amiga f jrwat These are the drives we use for developing and testing the Squirrel hardware and software - need we say
Squirrel Storage Systems All our Squirrel Storage Systems come either bare (ini - ready for installation internally within a suitably-equipped Amiga or other computer) or fully-cased (ext) with integral power supply. SCSI in/out, SCSI ID selector and audio out (for CD-ROM) The cases we supply are high quality, shielded, snap-together enclosures, each with 40W power Supply - the back paneiof the 5.25' case is shown above These SCSI enclosures are avaiiabie at £69.95 each (please specify 3.5“ or 5.25* when ordering) The neat Squirrel SCSI interface is shown on the right. The unit simply plugs
into the PCMCIA slot, comes complete with all the software you need together with a cable which terminates in a 50-way Amphenol plug to attach to your first SCSI device.
Twist 2 Twist 2 is the new, friendly, relational database for all Amigas. Twists range of power features such as its integrated lorms designer, its varied & multi-level querying, its N:1 1:N & N:M relations coupled with its un-ciuttered. Well designed user interlace make it ideal for both the first-time and the seasoned database user.
Twist 2 is the only database you will ever need - a product that expands to meet your requirements as they grow So. Before you buy another database, why not take a look at the Twist demo disk?
Introducing removable SCSI drives for your . Amiga Based on reliable, proven SyQuest” ‘ mechanisms, these 88Mb and 27QMb units offer transportable, compact, high performance and.
Above all. Expandable storage for all your computing needs. SyQuest is the world leader in this technology across computer platforms which means that you can transfer work between Amiga, Macintosh” and PC. With ease. We recommend the CrossDOS and CrossMac software packages to simplify portability - cell tor pricing. Our drive prices mcfude 1 free cartridge.
The latest of our highly acclaimed sound samplers for the A6QQ/A12QQ, Aura otters high performance 12/16 bit quality with direct-to-disk sampling plus a host of software features Octamed 5.04 up compatible.
96% Amiga Shopper 90% AUI Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the Information Super Highway? Don't worry.
Termite is so easy to use that even a first time user will feel at home. Yet it has all the power and flexibility to satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior!
Termite is packod with features and comes with its superb Button Bar already set up for instant access to CIX and many BBSs gg% Amjga Computing 95% AUI 88% CU Amiga These drives offer fast seek times (14ms @ 270Mb, 11ms @ 540730Mb. 9ms @ 1Gb), large caches and high speed data transfer rates (l,5Mb/sec wfth Squirrel). All units can be supplied for you to fit in your own case or pre-installed in one of our professional Squirrel Storage Cases. The Squirrel does not auto-boot external hard disks but you can do this from floppy or from internal IDE hard disk.
270Mb £169, 540Mb £239 730Mb £279, 1Gb £479 Add £60 for external units Hard drives are becoming more and more affordable and we can now offer some tremendous puces on a range of superb quality. Quantum drives in a range ol capacities.
Professional game development is made easy with the new GameSmith Development System. Over 3 years in the making. GDS gives you the low level power to create the masterpiece of your dreams in a single, easy-to-use, comprehensive environment, using C or assembler Comes complete with junior versions of Dice C and Devpac 3 90% AUI 92% CU Amiga HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0)1525 713716 Termite 1 script program (which answers ques tion 2). Even though your internal hard drive was already formatted and parti tioned when you bought
it, you should still have received the Workbench installation disks as well as a disk for your hard drive with the appropriate utilities for formatting and partitioning.

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