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Commodore s David Pteasance said: Amiga CD32 is not just the worid s most sophisticated games console ifs also 9 genuine home entertainment piatform. "At this new price it just obliterates everything else on the market. it you want to buy a console there s simply nothing e!$ e worth considering. Btizzard 1230-t! Turbo Board comes with a 68EC030 processor running at 40MHz, a SCSt-t! DMA controtter, a bat-tery-backed ctock and can be expanded with up to 64Mb of memory. A high-end version of the board fitted with a 50MHz processor and a memory managing uni! witt be available for the speed hungry The MMU is used by the Amiga in apptications such as virtual memory or remapping of the Kickstart operating System to fast RAM instead of using it from slower ROM. ASS claim their second board witt give owners of A4000 030s twice the operating performance of an unaccelerated machine by doubting the processor*s speed. E8Q6Q heads far Hmiga THE first Amiga acceterator to use Motorola's top-end 68060 processor is promised for retease this sommer from speciatist Advanced Systems and Software. Cyberstorm 060 50 witt use a 50MHz ver$ içn of the chip which the developer claims wit) boost the A4000's operating speed from 18 mittion instructions per second to 70mips. The €1,200 system witt consist of a Cyberstorm Carrier Board fitted with a CPU module and a memory board that can accept up to 128Mb of fast RAM. A4000 owners who do not need quite as much performance from their computer witt be targeted for the €800 Cyberstorm 040 040.

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Document sans nom Issue 74 ¦ June 1994 *£3.99 Overseas price £4.25 Hfl 7&S5 fiUrVPRESS r,t n i i nr m i i t A A 7 As a digital day dawns we plot the Amiga's Product reviews Studio 16 - The ultimate in direct to disk sampling CD-Rom - The latest SCSI drive taken for a spin Final Writer 2 - Could this be the ultimate WP?
Digitiser - Get the best grabs in the business Distant Suns 5 Explore the universe the easy way involving leisure coverage 9 ,, Once again Indi bring you the best deal in town wrm A FLU £54 OFF THE FABULOUS SPECTACULAR CD32 Voyage I Vk. Why- so generous? Its simple. The MORE CD32 WE SELL THF. MORE SOFTWARE YOU WILL BIT and at Indi Prices who could bi ame you.
XiDirt' JtlKSKT I Amiga CD32 Comes with 2 GREAT GAMES Microcosm and Chaos Engine and whilst stocks last FREE Osca-, Dirgers, Wing Commander and Dangerous Streets Pi UJ 44 vThe addictive platforrr. « game Lemmings completely FREF Mb CD32 will play your favourite Music CD's FMV Module rif 4 Now In Stock! LI “4.99 Amiga CD32 Software Titles FRONTIER ELITE II Microcosm Deepcorr Sensible Soccer Labyrinth Morph Overkill I Lunar Pinball Fantasies Pirates Gold Zool Seek and Destroy Bubba 1n' Stix Nick Faldo Golf Liberation normally Don’t Delay - Order Today £129.99 £319.99 The MICROLIN FX.
Everything you need in a Fax Modem.
Simple to sec up and use Owersaly compatible I accurate data and Image nmmiiwoo You've seen all the review on this popular and affordable second Amiga drive. "Compatible with all Amiga* Quality 9 out of IQ.
Exceptional value for money.
Amiga Computing High Speed Group 3 14400 bps and 9600 bps (ax facility trarofcrnng an - Monitor Comparison Size T Pitch
- OlB- ete with Gift-Ware Tde A mail order purchase from INDI is
a safe and secure decision and here's why. Indi is a wholly
owned subsidiary of a public company now m its eleventh year of
trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a group turnover approaching £30 million per annum. INDI have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deak, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
No Deposit Credit 5 Years to Pay INDI are now able to offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over £100. Payment can be over 12. 24, 36.
48 or 60 Months and can include insurance to cover repayments in the event of sickness or unemployment All credit facilities are subject to status and applicants must be over the age of 18. If you would like a quote, simply call our sales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the hour.
This Sup«rb A4 Amiga Scanner voted 'Amiga Shopper Best Buy arrives complete with Merge fT and Micrograph OCR Software.
Merge IT allow? The simple, quick merging of two on-screen images and Micrograph OCR turns your Amiga into art efficient text reading system.
Amiga 500 500 plus A60Q A 1200 A 1500 2006 3000 4000 Minimum I Mb memory Minimum 2Mb memory & a Hard Disk to run OCR option.
‘ Kickstart. Workbench VI.2 or higher.
J) original and very exciong. Before you buy mail order you must
first be confident that you will receive the product you've
ordered and that the supplier will soil be there in the
future, should you need The MICROLIN FX 32 PLUS The high
powcrod performer.
- ----- and .,_______,_|A4 page m seconds.
V. 42 V.42bis error correction and diu compression, i great
money saver when you have volumes of data to transmit INDI
DIRECT MAIL AlfaScan - Plus 256 Greyscale Hand Scanner Express
Cheque Clearance PACE MODEMS The No. I in Telecoms £269.99
(Except ASM) 11 i Software suitable for all Am Simply write
your cheque guarantee card number, name and address on the
back ot your cheque and we will nor- INDI TELESALES TEL 0543
419999 FAX 0543 418079 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday
9. 30am - 4.30pm Saturdays guarantee mum 7 working days.
£169.99 Commodore 1942 Pro Graphics Multi Sync 14" | 0.28 plus external Stereo Speakers | Add a pair of our Quality Stereo Speakers to your existing Monitor.
Pack includes Stereo Speakers and Protracker V2.0 Stereo Sound Sampler for all Amiga* (exc. A500) Indi Price £ | 7.99 Indi arc proud to announce the arrival of die Fvo Gnphcs Mdti Sync Am Congndble Color Monitor.
This superb mentor dfers a high quaky 0.28 dot pitch and taw radnoon total MPR4I compfance.
Complete wnh external Stereo Spates and ndudcs al leads • tho a the momtx that w* have al been waring for.
Pro Graphics Multi Sync Monitor with Stereo Speakers lnput AnalogTS Analog RGB I MPR £319.99 £19.99 LATrt £32.99 £16.99 £17.99 £19.99 £19.99 £19.99 £21.99 £19.99 £19.99 £16.49 £19.99 £24.99 jjvn £22.99 Zappo External Floppy Drive LOW LOW PRICE Sharp Monitor I TV The superb Sharp 14" Monitor TV provides a real alternative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and 1.5 watt Mpo audio output All you need to know is the low low price. The Sharp Monitor I TV is the product £169.99 New Low Price IDE Internal
Hard Drives Indi an now offer top quality 2.5* Internal Hard Drive* for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at unbeatable prices, All drives , come complete with cable and installation software.
80Mb 23" Internal HD’s £169.99 120Mb 15" Internal HD's £214.99 170Mb 15" Internal HD's £249.99 Zappo 601 Trapdoor upgrade for the Amiga 600. I Mb with RTC INDI PRICE £49.99 Zappo 601 NC As above only 512K. No dock INDI PRICE £29.99 Amiga600with 30 Mb Hard Drire +12 Months On Site Warranty unrepeatable deal com- txning an Amiga 600. 30 Mb Hard Drive and a fantastic range of games and utility software.
Trivial Pursuits -The Classic Quiz EPIC - Science fiction Adventure MYTH -Question the judgement of the Gods ROME -Capture the purple Robe of die Imperial Roman Empire AD 92 -Role playing adventure AMKjA TEXT A powerful word processing PRICE CRASH!!
1 use but highly be amazed at ional results DELUXE PAINT III Movie quality animations at the press.
Of a key. JD perspectives and a complete set of paint tools £229.99 TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 079 First Come First Served Panasonic Colour Printer Deal!!
Panasonic KX ¦ P4400 anasonic Quiet printing 46-5 dBa standard mode. 435 dBa super quiet mode On screen set up disk-lndudmc printer driver for Windows 3 I Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ 4 Resident Fonts Courier. Prcsbgc. Bold P$ and Script 2 Paper Paths Top and Rear I year Warranty for tool peace of mind Recently reviewed by Amiga Format *A fine 24-pin dot matrix printer at a reasonable price. Buy from INDI AND SAYE OYER £72 Buy this superb printer for just £144.99 AND whilst stocks last we'l send you a voucher for a free auto cut shect ccder WORTH A FURTHER £S9.
FREE SIIFFITFFDFK KX-P4410 Laser Printing KX-P4430 New Ultra - Compact LED Page Prirrter Announcing the I Paiw«mk KX • P 4400 LEO P*ge printer, the printer that 1 fits virtually anywhere. Ultra small foot print (12.7cm X 38.1 cm I ex trays) and under 65 kg, this printer travels with you. I
• 4 pages per minute of crisp. 300 dpi laser R.WJ I qualrnr
output. R-HiaAa i| 100 sheet multi purpose paper tray 117 1
IA4. Letter, legal and executive) ' 1 ‘ I 1 28 intemafbiimapped
fonts fMu
• HplascrjctseriesllP I Mb Ram expandable to 5 Mb f A t j 1600
copies per toner. F ZtnV 00
• I Year On Srte Warranty hlV tll Panasonic] KX - P5400 | Adobe
Postscript LED Page printer now available. Specification as
above plus 2 Mb Ram standard Adobe Postscript level 2*k 17
Adobe Fonts Optional AppleTalk interface available Printer
I) Printer Dust Cover INDI PRICE £8.97 « Printer Stand
- 2 Rece printer stand INDI PRICE £9.99 Continuous Paper
- 2000 sheets I part Intmg pap INDI PRICE £19.99 R Parallel
Printer Cable »To be used when connecting imnaic printers
INDIPRlCE £8.99 INDI PRICE £12.99 INDI PRICE £6.99 New Low
New Low Prices!
9 * pin narrow carriagi £449.99 disk + windows 3.1 driver SAVE* WORDWORTH AGA COMPLETELY Whilst Stocks Last FREE WITH LASER PRINTERS xm £114.99 ESI Indi Direct Mail Customer Charter INDI DIRECT MAIL I RINGWAY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, EASTERN AVENUE, LICHFIELD STAFFS. WSI3 7SF PLEASE ENCLOSE IS FOR SECURICOR DELIVERY Please send I) ... fc======z===== Price .? Delivery AC0694 I enclose cheque PO for £ or charge my No Deposit Credit No J......J Signature..
Name ...... Address, ...... our Imagination Is The Only Frontier _ Yc Opal Vision State of the Art Mainboard Opal Vision Vid- ess The amazing Opal vision 24 • bit graphics board and software suite has been updated and is now even better value for money.
The software suite now includes: Opal Paint V2.0. Now Includes full magic wand implementation and Alpha Channel that allows photo compositing with selectable levels on a pixel by pixel basis. The Chrominance effect allows absolute real time control of Image contrast, brilliance and re-mapping of colours.
Opal Animat* V2.0 - Offering real time play back of animations created by ray tracers, landscape generators, morphers and all other 24 - bit software.
Opal Hotkey V2.0 ¦ Display Opal vision graphics anytime with key combinations.
‘Quite simply, it's a spectacular product" Amiga Computing.
L 'Undoubtedly the finest, most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga’ • Amiga Format.
'Professional quality at this price can't be turned away" - Amiga User International.
"The verdict was unanimous • brilliant". • Amiga Shopper.
£349.99 Limited Offer | It's a high quality real time 24 - bit frame grabber which c. converter, it's a professional quality genlocker with croma and level linear transparency key allows the definition of transparency be: video sources on a pixel by pixel basis for smooch vignectes, antialiased tc smooth effects. Plug this card into your OpalVision main board and add a weau additional features and functionalit $ OpalVision Roaster Chip OpalVision Video Suite Included with every Video Processor, the Opal vision Roaster chip provides an endless * efinable Digital Video Effects. Take any two
video sources (or an Amiga This power packed video and audio mixing, switching and transcoding device connects direcdy to the Video Processor. This 19 - inch rack mountable unit is so advanced that it has it's own internal computer and every aspect is software controlled for precisely omed and accurate functionality. The video suite includes a wealth of inputs and outputs. There are 9 video and 10 audio inputs available, plus the 24 - bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously m RGB or Y R - B B - Y. Composite and S • Video. Choose and 2
sources from these Inputs, assign a transition or special effect and then trigger it manually or automatically. All of the transitions and effects provided by the OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video Suite, the linear transparency key (Alpha channel and transparency effects) can be taken from the Video Processor and or external video source and or output to another production switcher, This allow* transparency control between video sources on a pixel by pixel basis. The 10 Audio inputs (five stereo pairs) are fuHy software sequenced with smooth fades and full, 5 band
frequency equalization.
Number of user d or Opal vision generated graphic). Flip it. Scale it. Rotate it on the X or Y axis. Move it along a path. Zoom it Move out. You have complete control. Build your own custom style. OpalVision is the engine. You've got tc aiong a pain, ioom «. Riove oui. Iou nave compieie control, duii library of useful wipes and effects and give your videos a unique sc only video system in its price class witn this powerful digital video see it to believe it. .» .. Voucher Price W £899.99 £659.99
* Voucher Price available to registerd OpalVision owners. Return
voucher with your order | Amiga 4000 I 030 ~| New Low Price
£929.99 mb 2mb Chip Ram OpalVision Scan Rate Converter I TBC
Add this card and achieve 31 Khz. Non interlaced output of
Amiga and OpalVision graphics and any incoming video source in
either PAL or NTSC.
Includes full time - base Correction of incoming video, the on - board memory also serves as an additional frame store.
• Voucher Price available to registerd OpalVision owners. Return
voucher with your order.
You’ve seen Mich techniques in Morph Plus is the Rombo Vidi Amiga 24 (RT) For the more serious user, this 24 - bit version will again capture from any video source with true photo realistic images! A staggering 16 8 million colours can be utilised with incredtile results. Full AGA chipset support.
INDI PRICE £219.99 ultimate in this technology. Whether you are a i al artist or just want to experiment at home horph Plus is a must INDI PRICE £119!
Deluxe Paint IV AGA Combines powerful tools with an Intuitive Interface so both professionals and beginneo alike can get superb results quickly. New enhancements to the software include the ab- - to paint and animate in 4696 colours in the Amiga Ham (hold and modify) mode. New, ¦ mation features also include metamorphosis allowing you to change one You determine the number of frames and Dpaint does the rest. INDI PRICE £64.99 Roctec Rocgcn Plus.
As above but with extra features such as tinting and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics. Compatible with all Amigas. INDI PRICE £127.99 Art Department Professional V2.5 The ultimate in image processing providing many key benefits to pictures. With Adrro you can read, write and convert between ,.
Formats with unmatched flexibility. Full support for JPEG images makes it possible image library in full 24 - bit colour without needing massive hard drive storage y a 600Kb image can be compressed down to 40*Q !!! INDI PRICE £132.99 lYldi Amiga 12. The ultimate low cost colour [digitiser for the Amiga, "the best value full colour ¦digitiser on the market*.- Amiga Format llNDI PRICE £69.99 plombo Vidi Amiga 12 (RT) Based on the AMIga users working most common image fib Typicaly; Real 3D V2 Is a full featured 3D animation modeling and rendering program. With Real 3DV2 you Roctec Rockey.
The ultimate accessory for Amiga Video fans.
Separate RGB controls to croma key on any colour. INDI PRICE £199.99 best selling Vidi Amiga 12 This all new version offers real ome colour capture from any Yidco source. Full AGA chipset as standard for all A120Q A4000.
PRICE £129.99 can produce high quality images and animations of three dimensional models with an astounding level of realism. Imagine creating an animation that shows a handful of I support; bounce down a flight of sain to the bottom. Gravity, collision, deflection and the eian rty of the balls are all automatically calculated by the program INDI PRICE £338.99 Brilliance Amiga Software Bonanza End Of Line Products Brilliant " Graphics Paint Package In terms of design and sheer specifications Digital Creations really seem to have done everything right.
Effectiveness...' 99%." I really can't fault the end results" • CU Amiga Review INDI PRICE £99.99 Ryder Cup Golf Body Blows Galactic Settlers Simon the Sorcerer Premier Manager Cool Spot Burning Rubber Skidmarks Noddy’s Big Adventure (3*7) Noddy's Playtime (3*7) ADI French (l 1-12) ADI Maths (12-13) ADI Junior Read (6-7) ADI Junior Count (6-7) ADI Maths (13-14) ADI English(i3-I4) £11.99 £19.99 £22.99 £22.99 £11.99 £19.99 £11.99 £11.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £12.99 £12.99 £15.99 £15.99 We have a limited quantity of product that we must clear, so check out these crazy prices.
Rom Sharer and 1.3 Kickstart Rom Have you bought an Amiga and can't run your old Amiga 500 I 3 games, here's your Solution.
Amiga 600 1500 2000 3000 INDI PRICE £24.99 BPM| the Amiga...90% - CU Amiga Final The most powerful word processor
o grace the AMIGA...90% - CU Ami NDI PRICE £99.99 to pfrrf LLMT
j&rr LlfrTf (JL4r?rf Roctec RocKnight A Virus can be very
expensive, so why not protect your Amp A500 600 or 1200 with
this great Anti-Virus unit. Fits between your floppy drive and
Amiga INDI PRICE £2.99 Final Copy 2 "About as close to being
a desktop publisher as a word processor dare go” - CU Amiga
INDI PRICE £62.99 J&rtT ime Office _ ¦ Three great programs to
make your Amiga a powerful Business tool * Kindwords 3 Worn
Processing * Maxiptan 4 spreadsheet Database * Info file an
incredible Tile of business utilities allowing you to store and
organise addresses, phone numbers and business ¦LUXI Amiga 500
Power Supplies Very expensive when you can get them, so here's
a once onfy chance to solve a problem at a crazy price.
INDI PRICE £29.99 contacts.
INDI PRICE £49.99 iga 500 500+ 600 ?I 200 .*69:79 TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 079 FREE 2 CLASSIC GAMES Now Indi offer you the Ultimate in choice, our Exclusive Elite Pack with all THE POWER OF THE DESKTOP DYNAMITE PLUS FREE BATMAN RETURNS AND ELITE II or the New Combat I Innovation Pack. Both at the same LOW LOW Price You may choose from many rolci from explorer to assassin, from stockbroker to trader Battle with pirates across a plaxy of different worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself, the gttUS 10 aim for are endless, the game is completely open ended.
L 29 99 Ithe ultimate In space adventure ' Er Annar rhu imAnmnr tron fnninn Frontier Elite II1 A massive 2 disk program from the First film simulation. Vastly different to the console version with vivid scenes straight from the hit movie. Batman has returned in style. £2-9.99 Desktop Dynamite Pack A1200 STANDARD FEATURES 68020 Processor PCMCIA Slot 2Mb Chip RAM 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive AA Chipset Built in TY Modulator Alpha numeric Keypad 12 Months at home maintenance.
Amiga Combat Innovations Pack Amiga Elite Pack FREE Wordworth AGA Print Manager Personal Paint V4 Day by Day Total Carnage Brian the Lion Zool 2 Elite II Batman Returns FREE Wordworth AGA Print Manager Deluxe Paint IV AGA Oscar AGA Dennis The Menace AGA Elite II Batman Returns Hard Drive Options 60 Mb Hard Drive Pack £469.99 80 Mb Hard Drive Pack £489.99 120 Mb Hard Drive Pack £539.99170 Mb Hard Drive Pack £579.99 12 Months At Home Warranty from ICL WARNING Snew Desktop Dynamite Pack with FRKK Classic Games and a Professionally fitted Hard Drive Option | y ICL Desktop Dynamite Panasonic
Colour Printer Pacft home The Superb De k jOynamite pack X NEW The Best Selling Panasonic KX - P2123 QuietC lour Printer with FREE Dustcover and cable Gametek Frontier Elite II and Batman Returns ± A UU AA L if t Amiga Challenge: International Sports Challenge. Paradroid 90. Cool Croc Twins New Low' Price Hard Drive Options Desktop Dynamite Colour Printer Pack with fitted Hard Drive.
60 Mb Hard Drive Pack £649.99 80 Mb Hard Drive Pack £669.99 170 Mb Hard Drive Pack £749.99 120 Mb Hard Drive Pack £719.99 12 Months At Home Warranty from ICL "We'll pick It up from your home, bring it back in 7 working daj«, grve it 12 months on rite warranty and that's Just the beginning'.
When the time comes that you just have to fit a Hard Drive to your Amiga 1200 it Is important that your Amiga u handed by the experts. ICL are a Giant International Computer Manufacturing and Repair Company and have been chosen by Commodore as their authorised warranty company for Amiga products.
Through INDI the Nationwide resources of ICL will guarantee that your Amiga is treated with the care and expertise that it deserves. But that is just the beginning, your new hard drive will be given a full 12 months At Home Warranty cover. Yes if there is a warranty problem then ICL will come to your home and fix it.
Of course whit's the point of having at home cover on your Hard Drive and not on your Amin. So as part of the deal ICL wiH add a further 12 months at home cover to your Amiga completely FREE DOOR TO DOOR 80Mb HARD DRIVE ENHANCEMENT SERVICE £219.99 DOOR TO DOOR 120Mb HARD DRIVE ENHANCEMENT SERVICE £279.99 DOOR TO DOOR 170 Mb HARD DRIVE ENHANCEMENT SERVICE £319.99 Complete with 12 Months At home Service through ICL ?Amiga 1200 must be In full working order.
Amiga 1200 030 Desktop Dynamite Superfast Digitiser Pack Amiga 1200 030 Elite Professional Pack "Approx 1.5 times faster than an A4000 030 This is the ultimate power configuration. If your dream is to own the quickest A1200 ever then take a look at this specification: ?Amiga 1200 * 2Mb Chip and 2Mb Fast RAM (Expandable to an Amaring 128 Mb!!)
* Microboncs Ml230 XA W S0MHZ MMU (Approx 1.5 times faster than
an A4QQQ 03Q'!) * 12 Months at home Warranty * Choice of hard
dnve opacities * Optional 50 MHZ 68882 FPU Maths Processor 80
Mb version £849.99 , ... 1 2 Price Games Option I 20 Mb Version
£899.99 Add Batman Returns and Elite 170 Mb version £929.99 «
for £29.99 48882 SO MHZ FPU £132.54 Panasonic KX - P 2123
Colour Printer plus Wordworth or Batman Returns I Elite II SAVE
forONLY £ 179.99ffSS Accelerator Boards Speed 4Mb 8Mb Memory
Expansion Board!
Speed 4Mb 8Mb No Deposit Credit Indi are now able to offer Competitive Credit Facilities on all orders over £ 100 subject to status. Payment can be over I 2, 14, 36. 48 or 60 months and can include insurance to cover repayments on the event of sickness or unemployment. Why not ring for a quote. Sameday response._ SCOOP PURCHASE 50 Mhz £459.99 £599.99 ConiEms Mb Ihe essential guide to dmiga gaming System On-line 130 The latest new$ from the European Computer Trade Show p us a look at the recommended releases from the last three months Art Attack With CD animations becoming more common in the
Amiga games world, Simon Clays decided to visit and talk to Vincent James from Fat City Fifms 134 Fantasy Football Here we go! The second part of our feature where we take at look at all the football games coming your way in 1994 138 Better By Design Jonathan Maddock makes a second visit to Core Design to take at look at their forthcoming graphic adventure. Universe 142 Beat the System The second part of our complete guide to Adventure Soft's excellent Simon the Sorcerer 158 System Essentials Strapped for cash ? Well why not take a look at this CD32 budget special featuring Brutal Sports
Football, Qwak and Alien Breed 161 Preview; Inferno Billed as the ultimate space adventure, Jonathan Maddock checks out Digital Image Design’s forthcoming game that will blow your rmdt 162 Finns SuRUIUHL GUIDE TO DIGITISERS 38 Professional advice on how to get the best grabs in the business Ldrddd Irrdspori Iduseuid ti Can CD32 really bridge the gap between the past and the present?
DhTR REGISTRAR 71 We talk to the people who keep big brother in his place DeUIL'5 HoUDERTE 1D3 Software inspired by the cinema: a sad excuse for box-shifting or just good business?
PRDGRflmmiRG HDURD-UP 115 Fancy learning a language? If so, why not take our expert advice Updates 127 Studio 16 v3. We explore the ultimate front end in direct to disk recording 5D 56 79 Beneath a Steel Sky 144 98 The Blue and the Gray 148 Total Carnage 154 Perihelion 150 Apocalypse 156 GflfllE REUIEUJS Darkmere PRR A new era for Amiga videography - digital video is here at last Bhrgrir Buys OCR on the cheap • Inky solutions • More sound for less money Hmi [D-ROITl At last a CD-ROM for the big box machines, but alas no FMV Distrrt Suns To boldy go a bit further than before. The cosmic journey
continues Firri Uiriter As Wordworth 3 battles with the bugs. Final Wnter turns up trumps [IlD-miGR The ultimate in optical technology you can share with any machine M issue m sale mss CDUEH STDRV The LDUERDISh Uirus taker 116.31 The Amiga's premiere virus killer from John Veldthuis. Eradicate any viral infection and remember
- Safe Hex always!
Heguihhs Deuis 9 It Amiga support assured as Commodore falters Deht fHoniH Find out what's in store in our July issue [omi Vhy do so many g CtllinC STARTED B7 1DB IB Why do so many games refuse to install? Paul Austin asks 19 How to get the very best from the Amiga Computing CoverDisk Usm nReHH
* The language that almost every Amiga program can understand 17?
I |173 RHB m 9HHM 173 l v Titling, editing, hardware and software, it's all here... Eomms The audible side of the Amiga explained and explored Rmos Make sure you're a part of the E-Mail explosion The perfact programming language tor binary beginners fnm. Dip From pixels to paper - the definitive guide to DTP Disk offers s?
Upgrades a-go-go. If you've got the software why not add a manual ESP 6i For people who don't pull any punches - the letters page from hell... HERS If you need a hand we're here to help Public sector Atma GUIDE ¦ Start a BBS 166 B AmigaDOS 3.0 170 | Assembler 172 ¦ Classifieds 184 Sqslnfo Find out just how fast your Amiga really is in this powerful benchmark program Dogfight Take to the skies in your trusty biplane and deal death amid the clouds lain Collect the flags and return them to your base in this great multi-player game h-Spread 2 If you regularly lose control of your finances then
K-Spread 2 is the program for you. This fully-working spreadsheet application will make sense of your financial worries and organise them!
Adam Philips provides a potted guide to the best in PD As we enter the digital age Paul Austin enamines the Amiga's plate in the neui order.
See page SO Subscribe to the best Rmiga ma go sine and not only mill we deliuer it to ynur door, but we ll 5Bue gnu money nn the cnuer price and let gnu chnnse a free gift!
Subscriptions Turn to Page 91 HiSoft BASIC 2 at last!
HiSoft BASIC 2 is a complete development system which is ideal for both the professional and the casual programmer.
Your programs can be written with the integrated, multi-window editor where there is a complete range of features that allow you to create, edit and run your BASIC programs without ever leaving the comfortable interactive environment: block marking with the mouse, cut, copy and paste, bookmarks for quick reference, fast, case-sensitive search and replace, flexible organisation of your text windows, compilation at the touch of a key and much more.
I c I n s t i n c t ...have you got it?
The editor takes full advantage of the new features of Workbench 2 and Workbench 3 and there is a version of the editor that emulates many of the advanced features of The Compiler Workbench 2 under Workbench 1.3. HiSoft BASIC 2 is a compiler that feels like an interpreter when you use it from within the integrated environment. It takes source code either directly or via the include statement and produces fast, efficient 68000 code: it is also possible to pre-tokenise your source code to obtain maximum speed of compilation. The syntax is highly compatible with other implementations including
Microsoft QuickBASIC,M (PC), AmigaBASIC etc. allowing modern, structured programming with a high degree of portability between different machines. The graphics commands built into HiSoft BASIC let you take advantage of the AGA chip set.
You can link with assembly language and SAS Lattice C programs and compile to memory for testing or compile to disk to produce your final, standalone masterpiece.
The Debugger There are times when your program does not behave in the way that you planned. On these occasions, you can use TRON TROFF statements to trace execution by line number, or you can invoke the HiSoft BASIC debugger.
This is a medium-code-level debugger, which displays the source code and object code of your program at the same time. You have access to all your BASIC sub- program and function names and you can step through the BASIC source code by line, setting breakpoints as appropriate.
The Libraries Even Animation Datatypes are easy!
HiSoft BASIC 2 comes with libraries that let you access the features of all versions of the Amiga operating system from Workbench 1.3 up to Workbench 3.1. The standard Amiga names are used, as described in the ROM Kernel manuals, making it easy to translate examples from C. There are examples of using and displaying IFF files, Datatypes, Gadtools gadgets & menus. Tasks. Sound etc. The Package HiSoft BASIC 2 is supplied with a comprehensive, 640-page manual which, in addition to user and reference sections, also contains an extensive tutorial on using the package.
The system works on all Amiga computers with 1 Mb or more of memory, at least one floppy drive, keyboard and mouse, in all 80 column screen resolutions. We recommend 2Mb of memory and a hard disk if you intend to work on larger programs or to take full advantage of the new operating system features.
Registered users of HiSoft RASIC version I enn upgrade In telephone - please call for in for mo I ion Order Form Name: Address: Please rush me HiSoft BASIC 2 for my Amiga computer (with at least 1Mb memory HiSoft BASIC 2 @ £79.95 + £2 p&p Upgrade from HiSoft BASIC 1 @ £39.95 + £2 p&p ar j j Q.
Signed: Expiry and Issue : ±i I1EIU5 Bm JDHD BUTTERS Amiga support pledge as [BID losses continue SOFTWARE and hardware developers have promised to continue supporting the Amiga even if Commodore fail to survive their cash crisis.
With a massive user base for the computer around Europe, companies are confident they can continue to make profit from Amiga products for several more years.
Their commitment comes as financially- troubled Commodore posted an $ 8.2 million toss for their second quarter - traditionally the year s most successful sales period.
But sales slumped to just $ 70.1 million from $ 237.7 million in the corresponding period a year ago and shares in the company sank from $ 3 to 37 cents each on the announcement.
The weak performance was blamed on financial constraints which hampered the firm’s ability to supply products and poor economic conditions in Europe - Commodore’s key market.
Although the cash shortfall has been cut back considerably, the company had predicted they would return to profitability in the quarter and now maintain negative equity.
They have warned that without financial help they could be thrown into reorganisation or liquidation proceedings, and are talking with creditors about proposed restructuring.
Power Computing boss Tony Laniri’s comments were typical of those from Amiga developers: "With so many Amigas in use around the world, there's at least three or four years' life left in the machine even if Commodore go down," he said.
And most industry figures believe that even if Commodore crash the Amiga name will continue, and at press time there was speculation of an imminent take over of the firm.
But Commodore’s managing director for finance and operations, Colin Proudfoot, is confident the company will continue trading: “Commodore have the survival instinct," he said.
“Market conditions will improve - our restructuring programme has already resulted in reduced losses - and demand for our product will continue to grow in 1994,' Free tickets Far Amiga show Hpproual stamp to aid buqing AMIGA dealer Gasteiner (081-345 6000) are offering 200 Amiga Computing readers free tickets to their Spotlight ‘94 computer show due to be held on May 28 and 29 The event will be at the Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith.
London and according to the organiser has a line up of exhibitors including HiSoft. Meridian. AlfaOata and Power Computing.
They are expected to show several new Amiga products including a 12-bit sound card for the A1200. New software from the United States and a range of CD32 add-ons.
A SCSI hard drive controller for the A4000 will be shown for the first time and Microvitec plan to display their latest multi sync monitor, the 1438.
From German peripheral manufacturer BSC there will be a A1200 ROM drive and Golden Image promise to offer discounts on their hardware.
The first 200 people to call 081-345 6573 and quote reference AMC1 will each receive free entrance.
A SEAL of approval aimed at making life easier for Amiga owners looking to buy software and hardware is soon to be launched by Commodore.
The manufacturer says the stamp will be issued only after third-party products have undergone “rigorous" tests in their US and UK offices.
Disk drives, scanners and memory expansions are expected to be among the first peripherals to be given the seal, and should be available within the next few weeks.
But already the scheme is facing difficulties, with several players within the market saying they are unwilling to pay hefty fees to Commodore for the use of the stamp.
“We want to give users reassurance when they invest in a machine," said Commodore's David Pieasance.
"The seal of approval will provide that reassurance - a guarantee of quality for the best peripherals and software.* But one industry figure, who didn't want to be named, said end users could find themselves picking up the costs of getting products approved Amiga Computing NEWS (D-Hd lihelM for H1BD0 I1EIU5 BRIEFS flminet goes ED A CD*ROM containing 3.800 Amiga pro* grams from the Aminet Internet archive is now available from Gasteiner (081* 345 6000).
Its 650Mb of software ranges from games to business applications and programming tools, and contains more than 100 demos of full price packages.
According to Gasteiner the Aminet disc is in ISO-9660 format and can be read from most CD systems. It cannot be booted from CDTV. Price, £49.99. IT is now likely that a CD-ROM drive for the A1200 will be launched by Commodore this autumn.
The device has been under development for around a year, but last Christmas the firm announced the project had been shelved because of technical difficulties.
Commodore are now considering the release of the CD1200 without compatibility for Mpeg full motion video.
When plugged into an A1200, such a drive would be able to load many CD32 games and audio compact discs, but unable to play video Cds or software containing video clips.
Release of the drive is likely to delight the many A1200 owners who have asked for CD compatibility, but CD32 players are worried that it will hold back FMV games.
They believe some games makers will hold back on developing titles containing video footage y because they will be able to sell discs to owners of both machines without extra work.
According to industry sources the drive has already gone into production for sale in Germany, and Commodore say they have not set a provisional price for the British market, Handy colour LondDn gets Idusic-H makes 1 dealt an UK music easu POWER Computing (0234 843388) will soon add an 18-bit colour hand scanner to their range of Amiga products.
The £149 device will come with the full version of Migraph's optical character recognition software and should be compatible with aH Amigas.
68D3D comes cheap VIPER will be the A1200’s cheapest 68030 accelerator when it is launched by Bedford-based Power Computing (0234 843388) in the next few weeks.
The board will feature a 28MHz version of the 68030 and be able to accept up to 128Mb of memory. A battery- backed clock will come as standard and SCSI-II as an option.
Prices remain to be finalised, but head of the company Tony Laniri expects the unpopulated board to cost in the region of £150.
Pegger spreads Jpeg A UTILITY which has been designed to enable programs that don't support Jpeg images to use them automatically has just found a British distributor.
By monitoring drawers. Pegger is able to convert Jpeg pictures into a format compatible with most Amiga packages, and its compression is claimed to offer great hard disk saving.
It sells for £99.95 from Meridian Software Distribution (081-543 3500).
Folour refills COLOUR inkjet printer owners can now refill empty cartridges using Tri-colour Refill. The pack includes 20ml each of magenta, yellow and cyan inks. It is sold by Ilford-based Jerome Russell (081* 478 7771) for £9.99. THE second Amiga Centre of Excellence (ACE) has just opened in central London.
The new centre is run by multimedia specialists Premier Vision and aims to provide a one-stop service for professional users looking for complete solutions.
It is hoped that ACE will spread nationwide and into Europe - with each centre combining advice and technical help with the ability to tailor a system to individual customer's needs.
“We’ll continue what we've always been doing - but much better in central London," said Premier Vision director Andy Gould. The concept of ACE is a very good thing for the Amiga."
Commodore's multimedia sales manager Kieron Sumner added; “More and more professional users are turning to the Amiga as a uniquely versatile and affordable platform.
“What ACE offers them is a dedicated, knowledgeable base to tailor a complete package to their particular needs."
Premier Vision are at The Foundry.
156 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8EN. Tel: 071-721 7050.
MIDI sequencing program MuSic-X has been improved with the addition of new modules aimed at making it easier for musicians to create songs.
Among the new features is a better Amiga Audio Player which gives more than a dozen extra Midi commands and recognises Attack Velocity when playing samples.
A DeFlam module has been added to allow grace notes and finger crushes which occur during recording to be removed without quantizing.
An improved Quantise module aims to allow more accurate selection of what to quantise and has support groups such as Triplets.
And sequences can be printed to a file or disk for editing using the new Print Event List feature.
Version two also comes with Notator-X, a Wysiwyg notation publishing program which allows both packages to be run together to transform scores without needing disk access.
The £149.99 software is expected to go on sale during July from The Software Business (0480 496497). Upgrades from earlier versions should be available within the next few weeks.
[D flmigas access PhotoCD PHOTOWORX is the first Kodak-licensed software to enable Amigas fitted with XA-compatible CD-ROM drives to access Photo
Images are loaded into the computer by the user double-clicking on the mouse and the program has support for all Amiga screen resolutions.
Owners Of OpalVision EGS. Picasso. Retina and Piccolo will see the benefit of their graphics boards and there is a range of image processing capabilities.
Pictures can be saved in Amiga IFF file format and output to mono or colour printers. It sells for £89.95 from Blittersoft (0908 220196).
Amiga Computing 10 JUNE 1 994 You can't use Software this Powerful, and produce Documents this Good... qr.m-rinr:r,rTrEaprirr*ni"iHnnr:HFli nnt Hnia jjrh r. T?rrrr_ir jg[ jzmi L'uh fnHy AiIkhim ‘*««ou Economics Unless, you buy an expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top Publishing Package,,.
If you're looking for a quality Word Processor Publisher that performs as well as this, you may well start by searching through PC and Apple™ Macintosh™ software catalogues.
Even then though, you probably won't find a program that will combine the very best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
You certainly can’t find software for your Amiga that's capable of all this... ...or Can You?
© m NEWS Speeding up ujith German boards (lideo spectacular heads to Europe TWO boards designed to boost the speed of the A1200 and A4Q00 are due for imminent release by Germany-based developer Advanced Systems and Software.
Blizzard 1230*11 Turbo Board comes with a 68ECQ30 processor running at 40MHz, a SCSI-II DMA controller, a battery-backed clock and can be expanded with up to 64Mb of memory.
A high-end version of the board fitted with a 50MHz processor and a memory managing unit will be available for the speed hungry, The MMU is used by the Amiga in applications such as virtual memory or remapping of the Kickstart operating system to fast RAM instead of using it from slower ROM.
ASS claim their second board will give owners of A4000 030S twice the operating performance of an unaccelerated machine by doubling the processor's speed.
THE first Amiga accelerator to use Motorola’s top-end 68060 processor is promised for release this summer from specialist Advanced Systems and Software.
Cyberstorm 060 50 will use a 50MHz version of the chip which the developer claims will boost the A4000’s operating speed from 18 million instructions per second to 70mips.
The £1,200 system will consist of a Cyberstorm Carrier Board fitted with a CPU module and a memory board that can accept up to 128Mb of fast RAM.
A4000 owners who do not need quite as much performance from their computer will be targeted for the £800 Cyberstorm 040 040.
Running a 68040 processor at 40MHz, the board is The 40MHz version is expected to cost £250 and the 50MHz model will be priced just under £300. Gordon Harwood are ASS’s British distributor and can be telephoned on 0773 836781.
ROMBO, makers of video digitiser Vidi- Amiga. Have moved to 2B Young Square.
Brucefield Industrial Estate, Livingston EH54 9BX. The new telephone number is 0506 414631.
Dpaision promised to set neuj standards EUROPEANS are now able to use one of the Amiga's most spectacular peripherals - NewTek's Video Toaster.
The system, which manipulates graphics, animation and text with video, has already become popular with television production companies across the United States.
Now. By combining it with Prime Image's Passport 4000 converter, the Video Toaster can be used with Europe's PAL broadcasting system.
Although expensive for everyday Amiga enthusiasts, the device is a cheap alternative for traditional TV and film equipment needed to make top video effects.
The Video Toaster makes it possible for A4000s to perform a number of digital effects to progress from one video scene to the next.
They include video frames which fly out of the screen, poured water, shattered glass and tom page - in addition to the producer being able to create their own.
And animators will be targeted for its sophisticated Lightwave software, which can be used to render and sculpt images.
Commodore’s national multimedia sales manager Kieron Sumner said: "Every Amiga user realises the huge potential of the range. The Video Toaster changes potential into reality.
“I'm convinced its availability here will propel the Amiga towards domination of the TV special effects market."
Experts, however, say the conversion lowers the quality too much for it to be used professionally by the European television and film industry.
NewTek, who deny rumours that they are working on a PAL version of Video Toaster, can be telephoned in Kansas, USA on 010 1 013 228 8000 and Prime Image on 010 1 408 867 6519.
I w
• !:s Paaaport 4000: Bring* Vidoo Toaator to Europo A COMPLETE
OpalVision Desktop Video ¦ System which is claimed by its maker
to set new standards was launched recently in the United
The main board - which is already popular with Amiga owners - gives a true 24- bit display with a palette of 16.7 million colours, and comes with leading paint program OpalPaint.
Adding the OpalVision Video processor provides hundreds of pre-defined 3D digital video effects as well as an unlimited number which can be user- created.
It features a real-time 24-bit frame grabber - which does not need a time-based corrector - and a genlock with chroma, luma and transparency keying. Software is supplied for the creation and editing of digital video effects.
Completing the system, OpalVision Video Suit is an audio and video mixing, switching and transcoding device.
CD3B price tumbles in summer promotion CD32 will have its price cut by £50 within the next few weeks, as part of a summer promotion aimed at stimulating sales of the machine.
The move brings Commodore's new Spectacular Voyage pack down to £249 and according to the manufacturer makes the machine the best value games console in the world.
Inside the bundle, the CD32 is accompanied by two software titles. Psygnosis' Microcosm and Renegade's Chaos Engine - and, while stocks last, four games from the Dangerous Streets pack.
Commodore's David Pleasance said: "Amiga CD32 is not just the world's most sophisticated games console - it's also a genuine home entertainment platform.
“At this new price it just obliterates everything else on the market. If you want to buy a console there’s simply nothing else worth considering."
It is a rack-mountable video switcher featuring nine video inputs with Video In and Out available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y. Composite and S- Video.
A linear transparency key provides control between two video sources on a pixel- by-pixel basis, and the ten-input audio mixer is software sequenced.
“OpalVision sets new standards for the desktop video industry," claimed OpalVision project technical director Gary Rayner.
“The quality and variety of our digital video effects, the versatility of our switcher and the breadth of our functionality puts OpalVision way ahead of the pack."
The system self-configures for both PAL and NTSC modes and is available in Britain through Indi (0543 419999). The main board costs £349 and each module is priced £899.
G80ED heads for Amiga expected to increase the speed of applications by two and a half times compared to a standard A4000 040.
Both products will have extension capabilities. A cache module which connects to the CPU is promised to give “significant" performance increase.
And a communications module still under development will provide a SCSI-II interface, and Ethernet controller and high speed serial ports.
Looking to the future, ASS boss Wolf Dietrich says that Cyberstorm based on a 68060 running at 66MHz should run top-end Amigas at more than 90mips.
Advanced Systems & Software can be telephoned in Germany on 010 49 69 5488130, and their British distributor Gordon Harwood contacted on 0773 836781.
Amiga Computing You Can Now... with New Final Writer NEW RELEASE 2 WITH 9 ADDED FEATURE IMPROVEMNTS ?
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AU information correct at time of going to prttL E&EOE. All Trudemarks acinowledged The document on theprevious page hw output M d low cost Canon Bubble Jtl NEXT MONTH The On sale 0] Olay broader If you Enjoy Amiga (omputing's balanced approaci to the Hmiga marhet, you won't want to miss Julq'5 crop of reuiews and in-depth features Next month’s Amiga Computing is a must for all serious Amiga owners!
Covenng the first full expansion system for CD32, the long-awaited Imagine 3.0 graphics package, the latest version of the Amiga's premier music system.
Bars&Ripes. A roundup of the best video digitisers on offer, and our usual blend of tutorials, articles, and technical advice, we can assure you that your Amiga money will be well spent.
Add to this the hard-hitting System games coverage of Rise of the Robots.
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32 bit wide auto configuring Fastram Zero wait state allows the A1200 to run at full speed.
Increase the speed of the computer by 219% Battery backed clock keeps the correct time and date even when the A1200 is switched off. Simple trapdoor installation.
£54.99 30mb 40mb 60mb 85mb SUPERB VALUE FOR MONEY IREN OFTWARE Soundblaster The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10 watt stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 3 way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES!
The SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dimension to games playing, imagine stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific stereo tunes. The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games playabi lity!
The speakers are powerlul 5b watt 3 way units featuring a 3" woofer. 2" honker and a CkCk 1" tweeter to provide a Add £289.99 tor A1200 fitted with above drives.
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A Hi M) EDITORIAL Hard times With the huge increase in hard driue sates, why is it so many ttmiga releases still don't install?
Paul Hustin puts some old encuses to the sword hanks to information supplied during recent surveys it's became obvious that floppy-based Amigas are in decline. According to our research at least 40 per cent of Amiga Computing's existing readership are already devoted hard disk users.
Add these existing converts to the battalions of floppy users who intend to upgrade as soon as the cash becomes available and you have a strong argument in favour of installation.
Given these facts, it would appear a strange marketing plan to exclude the hard disk from any imminent software release. Even so. A fairly extensive straw poll of games enthusiasts came up with an estimate that only about 40 per cent of games sold ship with an installation option.
This is even more annoying when you con* sider that almost every productivity package sold on the machine offers the option to install as standard.
Obviously in certain areas of the games market the situation is very similar, as most graphic adventures and simulations also ship with installers.
In most cases such games usually - and quite rightly - insist on some form of password protection, either in the form of a code-wheel or via the manual. Great. I've got no problem with spending a second or two deciphering the occasional code, so why not extend the procedure to all Amiga games?
In their defence, most software houses would claim that due to the sheer size of such games, installation is almost a prerequisite. In addition, software which fits into this genre usually sells to the more mature games enthusiast who is - in their opinion - less likely to pirate software.
Add to that the complexity of such games and the subsequent dependency on a manual and you have a much more secure platform for sales. All fairly logical argument perhaps, but in my experience a pirate isn't likely to hang up his or her Jolly Roger just because they've turned 25.
This argument is bolstered by the PC market. Which is becoming increasingly ravaged by the scourge of software seas, and yet almost every PC program sold offers installation as standard, and when they don't, sales often plummet.
Basically the problem appears be one of perception. Amiga users are obviously seen as potential criminals in the eyes of software It's high time that soltmare houses hah more mnfidence in developers. But if we're nothing more than computer-based kleptomaniacs, why is it that the Amiga still accounts for 50 per cent of total computer games sales in the UK?
This figure becomes even more impressive when you consider the Amiga is probably out* numbered by the PC by a factor of at least ten to one. I’m not trying to suggest that there isn’t a piracy problem on the Amiga - of course there is - but the same is equally true on the PC platform.
This bnngs us back to the question of protection. If it works for flight sims and so on. Why shouldn't the same be true for more conventional games like Desert Strike, and classic sports sims such as Goal or Sensible Soccer - all of which would have benefited immensely from hard drive installation?
The software houses would argue that once a game is installable it invariably becomes easier to pirate. In that case, why not pile on the protection with code wheels which can’t be photocopied or whatever it takes?
If it's a matter of people hacking into the code and actually cracking the game, there's little anyone can do except the programmers, and to be honest for such professional pirates installation isn't really a consideration. After all they've been doing the same to floppies for years so what difference will installation make to them?
OK. You may ask what all the fuss is about. If you can't wait a couple of minutes for a game to load, or simply aren’t willing to swap the occasional disk, tough! If you can’t handle a bit of inconvenience, who cares? Buy a different game or get something similar elsewhere.
It’s this last point which worries me more than anything else. If the buying public can’t get what they want from the Amiga, why shouldn't they look elsewhere? After all, everything installs on the PC. Doesn’t it... If you're not an existing hard drive user this may seem a rather extreme argument but believe me it's not a million miles from reality Until you've used a hard drive it’s hard to appreciate how dependent you become on them.
It’s a bit like owning a car - when you've never had one they're just another means of getting from A-to-B. But drag a passing motorist from their cosy little hatchback and swap it for a bus pass and you'll soon discover what a bit of inconvenience can do to people.
Basically it's high time that software houses had a little more confidence in the people who keep them in their company cars. If not, this paranoia with protection could seriously backfire. Although many would have you believe otherwise, the Amiga market is maturing all the time, and if the software houses don’t wake up to the fact that the expectations of the buying public are evolving too, we'll all suffer at the expense of lesser machines.
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£ : ¦=£ V . JF !£~im « H k VI De-archiuing applications - Workbench 2.0 and aboue Don't forgot to Inoert a blank dlok at lha prompt pnd before proofing Procood The Files drawer contains all the utilities set up so that you can use them from the CoverDisk. A Games drawer is also provided so that you can play these immediately. If you want to install the games make sure you copy all the necessary files across as listed in the CoverDisk pages.
(Im m inm ii Mu OTMfi.» (Hit« wrt Inteli tint!
!IU1 I Itr IrU-HnW n tLTIf I •ill NniwIIImmMhv few' j ftit .III MM(i lM*l~ lik.wl IIHtltN* Any commands that nood to bo addod to your Uter- Startup can bo dono with tho proof of button UI
• f *¦» I tt . Zjl m J- £- Ihe Amiga [omputing [ouerOish is
designed to be as simple to use as possible. FoIIouj these
instructions and i ou'll be up and running in no time!
- i on Proceed, at which point you will be told to insert a blank
disk ready for formatting.
Once you have clicked on Proceed, the installer will indicate that it is formatting the disk in DFO. When this has finished, click on Proceed again to start the de-archiving procedure. When the application has been de-archived you will be told where the dearchived files are. Click once again on Proceed to finish.
If at any time you are unsure as to whether you want to continue installing, you can click on the Abort Install button.
Occasionally, utilities may need to add instructions to your User-Startup file located in the S directory so that they will function correctly. If you want to add the instructions. Click on Proceed when prompted.
Tho Workbench
2. 0 and 3.0 inotallor Icon 0 13 Uf all at I tan J Mila j in nit
C Hum De-arthiuing applications - Workbench 1.B blank disk(s).
You will then be asked to insert a disk to be formatted into
DFO and either press y to continue or n to abort.
Provided you answer y, the disk you insert will be formatted and the application de-archived.
Installing utilities You should first run the MakeUtilitiesDisk_ 1.3 to format a blank disk called ACUtilities which will be used to store any utilities you eventually install.
This disk can be used with future CoverDisk utilities until it becomes full. The MakeUtilitiesDisk1.3 program will be a permanent feature of the CoverDisk.
To install any utilities, boot your machine with your CoverDisk inserted in DFO. Utilities can be installed by clicking on their install icon found in the appropriate drawer in the WB_1.3_Only drawer. You cannot specify their destination and any additions to the Startup- Sequence must be done manually.
When installed the utilities are copied to a drawer called ACUtils on the ACUtilities disk.
Always boot from your CoverDisk when dearchiving applications. The installer programs can be located via the install icon with the appropriate name in the W8_2&3_Only drawer.
The de-archiving procedure has been much improved and now combines the power of the official Commodore installer program with that of Workbench 2.0 and 3.0. The installer program is designed to be powerful yet simple for the beginner and features a user-friendly interface allowing you to de-archive programs with a minimum amount of fuss. The installer programs for Workbench 2 and 3 users can be located via the icons named: InitiUCprojria mad InitiUPF* To run. Simply double click on the icon which will load up the installer program.
Using the installer ignore the buttons that appear when the retailer program boots up and simply click on the Proceed button. The program will then copy the necessary files to RAM.
Once this has finished it will inform you that it is about to format a disk in DFQ. Click Always boot from your CoverDisk when de-archiving applications. The installer programs can be located via the install icon with the appropriate name in the WB_1.3_Only drawer.
Don't worry about tho inotallor optiono.
Simply click on tho Procood button M*Urn* to ikr UmI «*»!» • iMt 1 bMtallattM Mini F last at t lot 4..I J tf.t.od I* Instill WIT ImtlllCprogria naie3J.3 IntttltPFH 1.3 hatoti eg: When you load up the 1.3 installer the program will first prepare itself ready to de-archive the program to a Installing utilities The procedure for installing utilities is much the same as installing applications, except that you can boot from your hard drive or Workbench disk. As utilities don't need to be de-archived, you are asked to specify a directory on your hard drive or Workbench disk where you would like to
install them.
If you don't want to install to the default directory you can change it by clicking on Change Destination. The Show Drives button will allow you to select a new device and directory. You can create a new drawer for your utility to go in by clicking on the Make New Drawer button and typing in the name.
You can also make a utilities disk by running the MakeUtilitiesDisk1.3 program located in the WB_1.3_only drawer and installing your utilities to here. At times you may be asked if you want to install a utility's documentation. A tick box indicates that the documentation is selected for inclusion, but you can click on the box to ignore it or simply dick on the Skip This Part button.
The utility installer programs can be found in the appropriate program drawer in the WB_2&3_Only drawer.
Documonto and create now drawer thank§ to tho inotallor'a user-friendly interface We have now managed to fix tho problem with AmigaDOS displaying a "disk is write protected" requester when a write-enebled d«ek is inserted. Just make sure you insert a blank disk when the installer programs tell you - and not before or after.
Amiga Computing COVERDISK ¦Hi De-archiuing gour (ouErDish Workbench 2.0 and 3.0 Users of Workbench later than 1.3 can use the official Commodore installer program which we have especially adapted to de-archive the contents of the CoverDisks with the minimal amount of fuss.
The installer is simple to use: just follow the instructions and dick the buttons. Make sure you boot from your CoverDisk with the disk I write enabled when de-archiving Personal Fonts Maker and Epoch Master.
When installing Spooler and ?Tree boot from your Workbench disk or hard drive as the programs are installed onto these disks, although any auto-booting disk will do.
Workbench 1.3 Users with 1.3 machines should double click on the lnstallPFM_1.3 to de-archive the Personal Fonts Maker program. We will be working to adapt the Commodore installer so that it works on 1.3 machines in the future.
Take control oF iiour finances If your finances need a shake up look no further than- mSoft'5 fully working k-Spread 8 spreadsheet- and graph creator, says Steue Ulhite- Hard drive installation Hard drive owners should simply copy the de-archived programs across but will need to make an assign for Personal Fonts Maker to work properly.
Load up Ed then load the startup- sequence file located in the S directory. Just before the LoadWB command type in; Assign PM: Cpithnaae] Save the startup-sequence by pressing Esc - x and then Return.
1=5, ¦ ¦ 'Si 1 1 i 578 »i ajJiflU ? O have finished entering the example It should look similar to this picture
- Spread 2 is a fully functional spreadsheet that will allow you
to keep your finances in check without the hassle of dragging
out the calculator and folders crammed with documents.
The program is ready-to-use and all you need to do to load it up is to insert CoverDisk 1 into drive DFO: and reset your Amiga.
The advantages of a spreadsheet program such as K-Spread 2 are many.
Spreadsheets offer a clear and concise way of storing financial information without the need to keep hold of bills, statements and transaction papers.
Also, when you have created a spreadsheet you can use it over and over again as all the calculations are performed by your Amiga.
When K-Spread 2 has loaded, doubleclick on the disk icon. Inside the window you will find the main Kspread program and the graph generator KspreadQ.
Printer is a preferences program that will allow you to specify the type of printer you are using. We have already included EpsonQ, EpsonX, Star24Plus and StarSPIus as these are the most common printer setups. Double-click on the Kspread icon to load up the main program. You will be presented with K-Spread's main display window made up of the spreadsheet cells, the Edit window and the main menus. All spread- Amiga Computing 15 sheet applications are made up of cells as !hey make it far easier for the program to perform calculations. The cells are referenced by letters across the top and
numbers down the left-hand side. Therefore, every cell can be quickly referenced - B6, A3 for example.
You will also notice that there are two different cursors on the screen - an outline cursor and a solid cursor. The outlined cursor ndicates the cell presently being edited and the solid cursor indicates the copy and paste destination.
Take a look at the small window to the top-left of the screen behind K-Spread 2’s main window. This is called the Edit window and it is here that you type in your cell data.
There are four different types of data that can be stored in a cell and these are Value - ordinary numbers. Text - a description, Formula - a formula for calculating the contents of a cell or more, and Label which is used simply as a heading or inside a formula as a reference to a row or column.
You can change the data type in the Edit window by pressing the Tab key. The present data type is displayed in the window title oar. Before we go on to explain the more advanced options in K-Spread 2, let's find out how we can create a basic spreadsheet.
Position the spreadsheet cursor (outlined) on the cell BO by holding down the Shift key and clicking on it. The Shift key selects the spreadsheet cursor which you can also move with the cursor keys. Alter the data type in the Edit window to Text with the Tab key. Now type in January and press Return.
January will appear in cell BO Move the cursor to CO and this time enter February. Do the same for cell DO entering March instead Now we need to enter the Row Headers.
Hold down the Shift key and click in cell A2.
As the Edit window is still in Text mode simply type in Sales and press Return.
Click on A4 and enter Margin, Gross Profit in A6, Expense in A8 and Net Profit in A10.
You will notice that the text you have entered bleeds across the margin.
To change this click and hold the left mouse button on the right edge line of column A and move it across to the right slightly, so that the text fits into the cells. When you release the button click on This in the requester so that you affect only the A column.
Move to cell B2 and press Tab until you see Value appear in the Edit window. Type in 500 and move the cursor to the next cell to the right. Type in 550 and 570 in the next two cells.
Next select cell B4 and change the data type to Formula. Type in 0.22* then point with the mouse at cell B2 and press the LMB (left mouse button) with the Ctrl key held down. This will add the cell reference B2 to the formula. Press Return.
We wish to repeat this formula in each of the cells to which Margin refers, so move the solid cursor over B4 by clicking on it.
Release the LMB and then click and hold it down again to select and grab the cell. Drag it across to the row heading 4 edge line until all the cells in that row are highlighted.
When you release the LMB you will be presented with the Row Range requester.
Global will copy the selected cell formula across all the cells in the selected row.
Window is defined by the value specified in the Set Slider Range option in the Options Window menu and Cursor will set the limit to that defined by the cursor.
However, we wish to define the range ourselves so type in C:D in the line below the option buttons. This tells K-Spread 2 that we wish to copy the formula across cells C4 and Marg.r l , fiross Prof it ¦lira; *158 Expense mmammmm Het profit m&W'JmBHEL 438.58 I' Tho Edit window it whoro you enter cell Information much am formulaa, tmmt and valumm.
Thm Tab kmy mwltchmm bmlwaar* tho data typos Screen features D4. When the program asks Do you want formula amendment? Answer Yes and any changes to the formula will be made by the program automatically.
This is important because we want C4 to contain the formula 0.22*C2 rather than
0. 22*B2 and cell D4 to contain the formula
0. 22*D2. To complete the entry of data, move the outline cursor
to cell B6. This is Gross Profit for January which we define
0. 95*. Point to the cell B4 with the LMB and Ctrl held down so
that &4 appears in the formula. Press return to enter the
To copy the formula across the other cells in the row select cell B6 by clicking once and then drag the selected cell to the row header, making sure that the remainder of row 6 is highlighted before releasing the mouse button.
Specify the range as C:D as before and make sure that the answer to Do you want formula amendment is Yes.
Now enter a set of values into row 8.
Expense. Remember to select cell B8 and set the data type to Value.
Once the three items of data are entered, move the outline cursor to cell B10. We are now going to define Net Profit to be Gross Profit minus Expense.
Change the data type to Formula, move the mouse pointer to cell B6 and click the LMB and press Ctrl. This will copy B6 into the Edit window formula.
Type a minus sign, move the mouse pointer to the cell B8 and Ctrl click once. You should now have B6-B8 in the Edit window.
Press return to fix the cell formula.
Replicate the Net Profit line in the same way as the Gross Profit line by dragging it to the row header. Remember that the range should be C:D.
You have just designed your first spreadsheet using K-Spread 2. You can save this as Example using the Save .SPD Data File options from the Project menu. The .SPD is added by the program so that you know it is a spreadsheet file.
In order to use the graphs you will need to quit K-Spread 2 and load up KspreadG.
From the Project menu load up your Example spreadsheet and highlight the cells from B2 to D10. Do this by clicking on B2 and then, with the LMB held down drag the mouse to D10 and then release.
GRAPHS We have now selected an area for which we can draw a graph. Selecting text may cause an error to occur. From the Display menu select Graph and then Vertical Clustered Bar Chart.
The graph will open up its own window along with a new set of menus. The menus allow you to alter things such as text formatting. Which fonts are used for text and text entering.
If you wish to add text to your graph select Edit from the Text menu and type in the text you wish to add. When you click on Okay the text will be placed on the graph area and can be moved into position with the mouse button.
Once you have finished designing your graph you can then save it down using the Save option from the Project menu. All the graphs are saved as IFF so you can load them into documents and print them out.
Try experimenting with the other graph types. Click on the close window gadget to quit the graph display.
We will now take a look at K-Spread 2’s other features which will help you to create powerful spreadsheets.
K-Spread 2 manipulates data by moving, copying or using the cells on the sheet.
Before the cell can be moved or copied, the program must know which cell (or which btocfc of cells) is being used, or to what Uirus (hether uB.3t if you with to vm the graph facilities you must load up tha KspreadG program -¦ Author: John Veldthuis Virus Checker holds the title of the Amiga's premiere virus killer due to fli ability to eradicate all known virus programs without intervention from thi user.
Workbench 1.3 Workbench 1.3 users should install Virus Checker to their ACUtilities 6* before using it.
If you want Virus Checker to be loaded every time you switch on yoJ, Amiga you should type in the following command in your startup-sequence I run [patk niae} Vlruj_Checkr When you load Virus Checker you will be presented with the VC window bar!
If you insert a disk Virus Checker will report any found viruses and ask you fl you want to destroy it.
By clicking on the menu bar with the left mouse button you can select thj menus from the top of the screen by holding down the right mouse button. 1 These menus contain VC’s more intensive virus checks. Link File sea' Scan memory and Saddam damage scan are independent checks for th particular types of virus infection.
If you insert a disk with a non-AmigaDOS bootblock. Virus Checker will you that it cannot recognise the bootblock and that it could be a virus.
Range of cells the block is to be copied.
This is done by selecting the cell or block of cells. This means, for a single cell, a single click on the cell. The cell will be highlight-!
Ed to indicate selection.
To select a block (a rectangle), or a column or row. Position the mouse pointer on one corner, hold down the mouse button | and drag the corner diagonally opposite (for a row or column just drag in a straight line) Release the mouse button when the last cel is reached.
You will see an entire row or column, starting from the current first row or column You can copy and replicate cells by foF | lowing the procedure listed below:
1. Select the source cell by clicking once. It I laiw - 18° South
Amiga Computing ignore from the menu buttons as this is
invariably not a virus.
Selecting Remove could damage the disk if it was not intended to be AMIGADOS compatible, such as most games software.
3 tO • Dm Pi is dis* n you ince Workbench 2 & 3 Workbench 2 & 3 users can run Virus Checker from the Files drawer on the CoverDisk or you can install it to your Workbench or ACUtilities disk.
W bayou ict the on.
Scar those vill tei Selec Workbench 2 A 3 usore can tailor Virus Chockar to th*lr own neads with the menu options For a rundown on the basic operation of Virus Checker read the Workbench
1. 3 instructions. Note that you can install Virus Checker to the
WBStartup drawer so that it loads every time you boot your
By clicking on the re-size window gadget in the Virus Checker bar.
Workbench 2 & 3 users can bring up VC’s advanced options screen.
There are a multitude of options that you can set here but only a few are important at this moment.
Click the Use Window button off so that the tick disappears. This will stop the Virus Checker bar appearing every time you boot your Amiga. You can always bring the bar back again by using the Exchange Commodity on Workbench Take a look at the window on the far right. In this window you can add files for Virus Checker to automatically check when it loads. The most common virus victim is the startup-sequence.
Click on the Add button below the window and then type the following in the requester: s:stirtup-fCQu«nct At the bottom of the window you can select which drive you would like VC to check when disks are inserted. If you had a second drive you would dick on the DF1: button so that a tick appears.
Click on the Save button to store your settings and then on the close window gadget to close the Virus Checker bar.
Will appear highlighted.
DlOC* i sin- light- col- ir on Jtton (for ine) t cell imn nn.
e. It
2. Position the mouse pointer on the cell and drag it to the
destination cell by holding down the LMB. Release the LMB when
the destination cell appears highlighted.
You can also copy cells to entire rows or columns. Before you perform any copying select the source cell - releasing the LMB once the cell has turned black.
Drag the cell to the column header, positioning the source cell image so that the entire row or column turns black. Release the LMB and a requester will appear giving Range options. The Range requester options are explained above.
To insert and delete complete rows or columns, press down the Shift key and click on either a row or column header. A requester will open (Column and Row Edit).
This requester asks for the number (Amount) of rows or columns to insert or delete and gives the options of Insert, Delete or Cancel. In Insert mode the rows or columns are inserted before the current row or column. In Delete mode the current row or column and rows or columns to the right or below are deleted.
As mentioned earlier, one of the data types allowed in the Edit window is Labels.
A label is text within a formula which is used to reference another cell.
LABELS Any cell can be designated to be a label by entering some text into it and choosing its data type to be Label (L). Any other cells below and to the right of this cell may then use this label to build up a cell reference.
Let's say we have some column headings of the months January, February etc., with January in cell BO and a row heading of Sales in cell A2.
To refer to cell B2, which would be Sales for January, in a formula or range, we can either:
1. Refer to the cell as B2 from the keyboard.
2. Click on the cell with the LMB and the Ctrl key.
3. Make the column and row header's data type Label and refer to
the cell as January.Sales. Note that a label is case sensitive
- the program will not recognise a reference to january or
If there is more than one label of the same name the label which is nearest to the subject cell will be used. When you copy a cell that uses a label, you will be asked if you want to amend the formula to refer to a new column or row label, or not.
If, at any point you delete a label any references to it will be replaced by the corresponding row or column title e.g. A. AE. 34 etc. However, you cannot use these titles as label names. Note also that you cannot refer to a label unless the cell you refer to is below and to the right of it.
Let's now take a look at some of the menu facilities in K-Spread 2. In the joystick left or right quickly releases a mine. For the full list of controls see fig 1.
The terrain icon to the top-right of the control icons allows you to select the terrain on which the ensuing battle will take place. The default is tanks over land. Clicking on the icon changes it to gunboats patrolling the river ways.
Those options that are crossed out are only available in the registered version of Tanx. Once you are happy with the set-up you should click on the Go icon to begin the game.
The screen is divided into four regions and each region scrolls in accordance with its associated tank or boat.
At the bottom of each region is the status information which displays the amount of flags collected, how many your tank or boat currently holds (only three can be collected at one time) the amount of mines you have remaining and the time left.
Your vehicle can only take three shots before it blows up and you are returned back to base. If you die when you are carrying flags they are released and can be collected by other players.
Ives n to led ieir »lay lost the ich ach md ec- and ec- ing Each player has four cannons protecting their base and flags. The cannons are controlled by the computer but can be permanently destroyed by enemy fire.
If you are in a battle near your own base with the cannons are firing and they hit you, no damage will be registered.
Your gun is capable of blasting through walls, hedgerows and buildings but keep an eye on the enemy vehicles to check they aren't sneaking up on you.
Keep in mind how many flags you have collected. Three and you should head back to base to store them. Nothing is worse then getting shot and losing your flags, only for them to be picked up by the enemy.
When the time limit has run down the winner will be announced in a celebration of violence. The losing players and their tanks (or boats) will be crushed under your tracks.
Directional Left ... .... advance left Directional Right . . Advance right Directional Up ...... ... advance up Direction Down .. advance down Direction Fire .. fire shell Rotational Left .... Rotational Right .. rotate right Rotational Up advance Rotational Down ..... ....reverse Rotational Fire ... fire shell A &' advance or reverse Z & reverse or advance down X & ....rotate left or advance left C &. Rotate right or advance right Left A & Space .. ....fire shell Left Alt &
Right A ...... Esc .. P ...... ...pause game Figura 1 Amiga Computing COVERDISK Ill OptionsA Vmdow menu the Set Slider Range allows you to make the windows sliders operate on any range of cells.
For example, if you set the range B56 BB80 then when you move the window sliders, the cells you can move to will lie within the range B56:BB80.
The Grid option allows the spreadsheet to be displayed with or without the horizontal and vertical lines. This affects the window that is currently active.
Find & Replace offers the facility to find and replace a value or text string. Click in the Find bar to select the contents you want to search for and then in the Repl bar to select what you want to change it to.
You can select which cell type you wish to search and the area in which they will be affected if found.
PRINTING When you are happy with your spreadsheet you can then print it out for future reference. To pnnt, select either Print Sheet or Print Listing from the Printer menu.
Print Sheet allows you to print the required range. Print Listing lists all the cells to the printer.
Below is a list of the printer options that appear when you select one of the above menu options: PRT: Translated codes sent to the Pnnter Device selected in Preferences PAR • Codes sent untranslated to the parallel port SER • Codes sent untranslated to the serial port File ¦ Send untranslated to a file, the name of which is entered by the user Sideways - Sent untranslated to a 100% compatible Epson FX80 or equivalent (which supports downloadable fonts).
Note the printer buffer inside the printer must be disabled. On an FX80 this means setting the DIP switches 1 -4 to Off.
Dogfight Author; Dan Rhodes DogFight is a classic aerial combat game that first appeared on the VCS in the form of Combat.
Up to four players can participate at one time but only one will survive to be called champion. The game is set during World War I when all that men could fly was a dumsy biplane.
However, these biplanes can turn on a sixpence and have immense speed capabilities. Climb into your cockpit and let's take a flight through DogFight... On loading up the game and pressing Space you will be presented with the pre-game options. By pressing the key F1 to F4 you can toggle the amount of players and which control methods they will be using.
There are five methods of control and they are Joystick One, Joystick Two, Cursor Keys, Z. X and Shift and Out To Lunch. To gain a better impression of the flight controls and in-game keys take a look at fig 1.
DARING The basic idea of the game is to shoot down the other players while remaining intact and safely out of harms way. This involves pulling some fairly daring stunts and using the clouds as cover.
Each player begins at his or her airfield ready to take off. You begin with ten lives indicated below each hanger and these deplete as you are hit.
Press the fire button or fire key to start the engines and begin take off. When the biplane has enough speed use the left or right control direction to take off. Don't try and pull up too early otherwise the plane will blow up on the runway.
When off the runway, climb gradually to 10 0 q 1 gain some height and then dive straight down, pulling up at the last moment to gain speed.
If you pull up too steeply the plane will stall (known to DogFight aces as Floating Death) and you will find yourself hurtling back to earth. If this occurs push the nose straight down, wait for the engine to cut back in and quickly push either nght or left to recover the stall.
As you improve you will find that you can easily pop off other players while falling - hence the name Floating Death.
Once you're comfortable controlling your Si]5lnfo Author; Nic Wilson If you ever wondered how fast your Amiga really is Syslnfo is the program for you. You can load the program from the Files drawer or install it.
When you load Syslnfo it will inform you that it is evaluating your machine after which it will display the main panel.
If you look in the internal Hardware Modes window you will see the hardware information about your Amiga. Syslnfo will tell you what CPU you have on board, whether or not an MMU or FPU is present, the speed and a humorous comment about the results from the author.
You can check your Amiga's speed capabilities by clicking on the Speed button, After a few seconds while your speed is compared against other Amigas the results are shown along with a bar chart.
Click on the Expand or Shrink button to enlarge or reduce the oar chart display. As well as the speed of your computer you can also find out information about memory, boards such as RAM expansions and drives. You can even print the result as a permanent record. Just don't start a “my computer's faster than yours" »ar with the neighbour, mm 1 :• -rr.c: ii!
1 I'Jki'iflJilill'l PR rii2 graphics FAS layers FAS iriuilion FRS dot... FflS AaUnUwH m u. ssssiJ 641 Clock CLOCK FOUND Wmfx AGA ALICE - 2Meg Node FALlHigh Res Display AGA LlSfl CHIP CPU NHz 68EC828 FPU 68882 MNU M fl V8R $ 88888888 HortzntKHz 15,60 Eclock Hz 789379 Ransey rev N A Icache ON Gary revN A DcacheN A Card Slot YES Burst N A Vert Hz 58 DburstN A Supply Hz 50 Cback N A Dhrystones You A6 8 680M 7MHz B2 88 68888 7f1Hz 81 88 EC828 14MHz 82 88 68828 Mhz 83 88 68838 2511Hz 84 88 68848 231Hz b i'Mj i Chip Speed 1 iiyj Il jUjJlii! 1 1 Mm ii jm! IfaKS iMli ; If-ir1 I FIfWlI DLL 1 1_ 1 With
Syalnfo you Can mee Jumi how ami or mlow your Amiga really ia [ DOGFIGHT SIMULATOR F1:*FIRST JoySTICK F2:*CURS0R KeyS F3: KGyS (SHIFT.Z.X) 'fH:*OUT TO LuflCH PROGRRf) ROD GRAPHICS By Dfln RHODES L rm b 10 OR 10 00 Up to tour player* con participate in Dogfight Pi ahy
- w*l Figure 2 Joystick One Left - rotate left or right (depends
on selected plane) Right - rotate left or right (depends on
selected plane) Fire - fire cannons Joystick Two Left - rotate
left or right (depends on selected plane) Right- rotate left or
right (depends on selected plane) Fire - fire cannons Cursor
Keys Left arrow - rotate left or right (depends on selected
plane) Right arrow - rotate left or right (depends on selected
plane) Up arrow - fire cannons Keyboard Z - rotate left or
right (depends on selected plane) X - rotate left or right
(depends on selected plane) Shift - fire cannons Out To Lunch
select this for any non-players P- Pause orVoff Q- Quit to
options screen Esc - Quit DogFight AGA owners If you own a
A1200, or any Amiga equipped with AGA, please select Enhanced
from the Boot-up options screen.
To get to this screen reset the Amiga and hold down both mouse buttons until it appears.
m Vlfut CTMCMf VS 94 Hi Sytlnfo t i w-~i i-i plane you can start to create you own attack manoeuvres. The clouds provide excellent coverage and a well executed rack from them can prove devastating to re enemy.
ANNOYING Strafing planes that are taking off can tip He Dalance in your favour but it does prove irnoymg to the other players and you may hnd yourself under attack from everyone etee playing.
Avoid spinning dogfights because you are more likely to crash into your opponent than shoot him down. If you do get into such a fight dive away at the best moment and try and entice your opponent into the ground.
Beware of wrapping bullets, If you fire across the screen and then turn and reenter on the other side you may find yourself being shot down by your own bullet - a waste of a life and very embarrassing, The last player remaining is considered the victor. If there are two players and they shoot each other at the same time (it can happen) then the game will be declared a draw.
Faulty [ouerDisk If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk does not work, please return It to: Amiga CoverDisk, Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port L65 3ED If you bought your copy from a newsgent and find that your CoverDisk Is faulty, please return it to: PC Wise. Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthyr CF48 2YY Think mou can dn better?
Want to be famous? We are always on the look-out for quality Amiga programs for the CoverDisk. If you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it in and we'B have a look.
The Amiga Computing CoverOisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places all over the worid from New Zealand to the USA. So if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous.
Please make sure that you Nst ALL library and other files necessary for the program to work.
Peel free to design your own icons for programs that run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
H you ensure your program is as compatible as possible with a wide variety of Amigas, it will also stand a better chance of publication. We are especially interested in small programs whether they be games, utilities or whatever.
We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work which has not been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain.
If you wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to pub- ksh it, but would, of course, be happier if we had been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by the submissions form, a copy of it. Or a signed declaration to the same effect. Please supply your full name, address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an impractical exercise.
Post your submissions WITH A COPY OF THIS FORM to: Steve White, Amiga Computing, CoverDisk Submissions, Europa House, Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Name.... .. Address . Ago.
Daytime phone . Evening phone... Submission name ...... ...... ... Submission size.
Type of program: Qgame 0 Utility Q Other ...... You must sign this declaration: The material on this disk is mine. I didn't steal it from someone else It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it. I understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing, and signing the declaration. I am giving full copyright control to Europress Enterprise Ltd.
I understand that if my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I will be paid the current applicable rate. I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for any possible litigation ansing by breach of it by Europress Publications Ltd as a result of using my submission.
Signed, Amiga Computing 25 JUNE 1994 1- Ha' D’i'°s M&Hp ?*** Ludjj LjjlB yjjjjjuiJjjzj 33 Ormskirk Rd, Preston, Lancs, PR12QP ladbtoke Computing International are one oI tl e established home computer dealers in tte U K We have developed an extensive cuekener service policy wtech involves testing ot at hardware poor lo despatch to ensure that goedi arrive in working order, ottering tree advtce and support over the phone and haepmg customers informed Although our pneet ere not always the cheapest we do endeavour to offer consistently good service and backup All pdcee speeificalions are
correct al copy data 13 4 5M (while slocks last), and are subfect to change without prior notice. All prices ndude VAT but exclude delivery Howto Pay You can order by mall ChequevPostal Orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing. Or glvo your credit card details ovor the phone Delivery Postal delivery is available on small Items under £40 (Normally £3. Phone tor-details) Add £7 tor courier defavory Next working day deftvery on mainland UK subject to stock C20 for Saturday delivery) Open Mon-Sai 9 30am to 5.00pm Ladbroke Computing Ltd trading as Ladbroko Computing lntem bpn*i Fax: (0772) 561071
Tel: 9am-5.30pm (5 Lines) ym mmm Qmtffo *0ts Star Star LC100 Colour £129.99 Star LC24 100 Mono £169.00 Star LC24 30 Colour £209.99
• Built in 55 sheet feeder
• 24 Pin Colour StarJet SJ48 Bubblejet £210.00 Star SJ144 £369.99
• Thermal max transfer colour printer
• 144 element head
• Glossy colour output
• 360 dpi resolution Citizen Citizen Swift 240 Colour £250.00
Citizen ABC 24 pin Col. £179.99 Hewlett Packard HP DeskJet 520
£279.99 HP DeskJet 550 Colour £429.99 HP Deskjet 310 £239.99
Lasers Ricoh LP1200 £699.00 Panatonic KX-P4400 Laser £499.99
Setkosha OP104 £479.99 Add £3 for Centronics cable and £7 for
next working day courier delivery.
• Quantum SCSI Hard drive
• Ultra fast 11ms access
• Up to 8Mb RAM on board SPECIAL OFFER 170MB NO RAM £349 240MB NO
RAM £439.99 2Mb SIMM Upgrade £54.99 4Mb SIMM Upgrade £109.99
evP 2S6 w1**"
• 16MHz 286 PC Emulator
• Norton rating 15
• Plugs into GVP II HD GVP PC-286 Emulator £89.00 kb*11 rr- fra
Ergonomically designed Trak Ball, 320Dpi resolution. 2
microswitched buttons. The Legend Trak Ball is very easy to
use. Unlike normal Trak Balls the LEGEND is operated with the
thumb freeing the fingers to click buttons.
ONLY £29.99 18WKWocH
• Video processor provides real time software control of
brightness, contrast, saturation, hue.
Sharpness, filtering, gain etc.
• Audio processor with two audio inputs, software switchable or
mixable, with software control of Volume, Bass and Treble
G-Lock Genlock £284.00 Rendale 8802 Genlock £149.99 Plugs into PCMCIA slot Fully external, doesn't affect warranty 250Mb Overdrive £349.99 Phone for higher capacities.
Amiga A600 Wild, Weird, Wicked Pack £194.99 Includes A6QQ. Pushover, Grand Prix, Putty, Dpaint III.
A1200 Race & Chase £279.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM.
Trolls and Nigel Mansell A1200 Desktop Dynamite £329.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM, Digita Wordworth, Digita print manager, Deluxe Paint IV, Dennis.
Oscar Amiga CD32 £279.99 2Mb RAM. Dual Speed CD ROM.
Multi session, plays music CD's, 256000 colours on screen, includes 2 games Oscar and Diggers.
Amiga 4000 030 £999.00 Includes A4000, 030 processor.
2Mb Chip RAM. 80Mb Hard drive.
• 290dpi resolution
• 2 Microswitched buttons
• Opto Mechanical mechanism
• Switchable between Amiga ST
• Direct Mouse Replacement Eklipse Mouse £11.99 nappy Prive
• 880K formatted capacity
• Double sided. Double density
• Through port Amitek Drive £59.00 A500 600 Internal Drives Phone
tpilltJPg'*"’ A500 512K upgrade £16.99 A500+ 1Mb upgrade £24.99
A600 1Mb no clock £34.99 Plugs straight into A600 trap door
compatible with A600, A600HD lerat°r cce 40MHz 68030
accelerator Makes your Amiga 1200 run over 7 times quicker.
Allows up to 32Mb RAM Optional FPU £429.00 A1230 4Mb No FPU A1230 4Mb 68882 FPU £529.00 Samsung C13352X £179.95 14' SCART input TV with remote control and on screen display (requires SCART cable for high quality display).
Microvitec 1438 £289.95 The Microvitec 1438 is a multisync I monitor compatible with A500 A600 A1200 A4000.
Microvitech 1440 £399.95 The Microvitec 1440 is a multisync I monitor compatible with the A1200 Includes setup memory for different resolutions.
Colour SVGA Monitor £229.95 High quality Colour SVGA Monitor .28 dot pitch.
A1200 VGA adaptor £11.99 Falcon VGA Adaptor £9.99 Philips SCART to Amiga £9.99 8833 MKII to Amiga £9.99 Zmtaleon 030
• 16MHz 32 bit 68030 Central Processor, 16MHz Blitter, 32MHz
56001 Digital Signal Processor
• 1,44Mb 3.5" Floppy, up to 14Mb RAM. Displays 65536 colours from
262144 palette
• 8 Channel. 16 bit, high quality Stereo sound sampling FALCON 1
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£799.00 FALCON 4Mb 127Mb HD £899.00 FALCON 4Mb 209Mb HD £999.00
Falcon Screen Blaster £89.00 Our Service department can repair
Amiga's in minimum time at competitive rates. We can arrange
for courier pickup and return delivery of your machine to
ensure it’s safety. We even have a same day service which will
ensure your machine is given pnonty and subject to fault,
completed the same day. We offer a Quotation service for £15
for which we will examine your machine and report back with an
exact price for repair. If you do not wish to go ahead wrth the
repairs then just pay the £15. However if you do go ahead then
the charge is included in the minimum charge. Please note: The
minimum charge covers labour, parts are extra.
Quotation service Min repair charge Courier Pickup Courier Return Same day service £15.00 £35.25 £11.00 £7.00 £15.00 DISK OFFER CAPITALISE ON YOUR K-SPREAD 2
79. 9$ te J9.9S ync
9. 99 nc
9. 99 tor
1. 99
9. 99
9. 99
9. 99 Mb .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 Send this order form to Amiga
Computing K-Spread Offer. HiSott. The Old School. Greenfield.
Bedford MK45 5DE. Or if you are paying by credit card you can
telephone 0525 718181 Allow 28 days for delivery K-Spread
order form Please send me the K-Spread and K-Data software and
manual package at £19.95, plus £2 towards postage and packing
(UK) Overseas readers need to pay an additional £2 towards
postage Mail my order to.
Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms).
Address .... Postcode ... Daytime Telephone ..... I wish to pay by... D Cheque Postal Order payable to HiSoft Ltd D Credit Card (AccessA isa Mastercard) D Switch Connect _ _ Expiry date r if Card no (issue number for Switch) ?
Tick this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies ou now have K-Spread 2, a ]simple-to-use yet very effective spreadsheet program for all Amigas, on this issue’s Amiga Computing CoverDisk. This special Amiga Computing offer brings you. Not only the K-Spread disk and truly excellent manual, but K- Data, the database program as well. The manual will help you get to grips with both of your new pieces of software. This very well produced paperback is both comprehensive and easy to read.
The database, K-Data, is an editing and reporting program. It is used after you have designed your record layout and enables you to enter data, edit it, generate reports, create classes and perform various other operations.
This superb package, the two pieces of software and the manual, normally retail at £39.99. As you already have K-Spread 2, you can have the rest of the package for the special Amiga Computing price of £19.95, plus £2 towards postage and packing.
Get K-Data, the database program, and the manual for both programs for only £19.95 COVERDISK Amiga Computing vwflBS-sicy PHOTO GRAPHICS PACK FOR A4000 Take high quality images from CD (CDIY, (D32 or roue owi photographs processed onto Kodak" Photo CD) and input them tor manipulation into any DTP or An pockoge in ony Iff file formot. Software provides fuM image processing and output support for 24 bit display cards such as Pimro, Retina. PicoHo. Opal Vision, etc CD Systom indadai: TotUba CD ROM drhra, SCSI II control and software £ 594,90 £399.99 a V Q n r r * W rU N s M f L H 0 9 Y 1 A ST !
TEL i ol ALE : ( MARK tans I
0727) ;et p HEISTS 85BOC laiceI A L 3 5 O i 5 4 4 1391 IC _
kW* C0NS01E CD32 SOFTWARE CD*’ Ceasoit (with Osc* AGA. Wing
(mu* Ouneicees Sertets, Moyer i .ieyped FtfD £269.99 l&ver
7S litfes spaciaRy wrrttew for the [should be in slock
(phone foe bst). Inc. | Syndicate, ltd 2, Jurassic Poik,
(boos Engine, many of wimk wWe o full CD musk Irock
alongside the geme. About had of exiling (DTV titles ere
compathfe. CD3J ml oka piey mrmol music Cds «d (D«C 1too
CD11 Standard worronty is 12 months return to base A4000
30 & 40 | A4000 30: ACA Chip Set ? 68030 processor, 88882
25 SO Mht CO- I processor epFieo. 2S6.000 colours from
16.6M. scon doubling far flicker trie display, Mouse, Amiga
3.5* 1.76 Ml 3.S’ drive. Hard Drive as below, Amiga DOS 3.0
system and atRties.
A4000 401C: Desktop as above, bat featuring the ttttorkf 68040 processor, with hi floating point fodrtiet, AVAILABLE NOW!
CD32 FMV AND 5X1 As ohovi withoet SCSI...... WHEW PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME AS A4000 CD System Amiga 4000 Display Cards Image Processing s w Pboto-Reafirtk Printing FuHMwVtaNwdUtferCD* MhfrmfcuWdmfec) MiaobotoSXL As abom ... 56990 4MB SIMM .. ...1159.99 PicOBO 2MB £309.90 Retina 4MB -------------- ....£459.90 Art Dept Pro 2.5 .... ....£129.00 Imogo fX ....£179.90 Prtmerc Colour Printer with 100 Print Pock £899.90 12 months on-site warranty £39.99 MwedkrSXI _ Extra 2yn eo-sila warranry £69.99 floppy dme for Sxl-----E4 1 ‘ MANAGE* NICEL MAMHU i I
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After trade-in, equipment is checked and refurbished by our engineers and is then offered at bargain prices, complete with 3 months warranty A500s FROM £139 A1500s FROM £199 A600 SD HD ...from 159 Hds ? Controllers ...from 179 A3000s from 499 GVP HU 40 S2 209 229 CDTV 179 XT AT Bboard ....„50 91 A590 20 4QMB,...129 159 OTHER AcaSSORIES - PLEASE ASK.
'Acceptance of pre-V? Mocknes may be Smiled 2MB Single D ?20MB HD
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Dock fitted "CIM ApfROVEU HASP WHVIS MhgdimaWuUrydKwd dacmemitai eM un wth CM m WITH ANY 269 359 419 429 479 S29 679 J rap gam ADD £9, COMPUTER
- JM Wi t» m “i its1- ip DlfMTOP B1 pack am 2 HOT UST ADD £44
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Yew options and STARTER PACK Hobbyse are fomous for their pocks, ofcwtng you to choose nhat you want, w+riht shl bmfitting bprn package deal scmngs in is only o bargam when you Me what you gel1 So, d you aren't Wild, Weird or Wicked, Sleepwalker sends you to deep, Space Ace leaves y Pqrodioid does worse, if Bask baskolly isn't you. Exercise your options and get real value lor money from Hobbyte INCLUDED PLUS WARR- ASSTANOARD ALONE STARTER ANTY EXTRAS £ £ THE HOT U OB1AT Individ* packaged gaa BITTIR THAN RKST !i .a?
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sentngnoMyre with amiga alone wir.nr.t £44 £59 (•MoiiMg Iohn«Mtrtul*«ngNNi joystick Ul nw RMRMtEttKKSfJlSB 10 Hot list" Gomel tawglaihr (u».« HOT UST, or
194. .H209* A must for new with amiga alohe ffflSSS WID, WEIRD
AND WICKED rM.n»ww.m« A600 hd 20 EMC S3?
1W.w209.ee m uxn ei roii get ihsm Ckecl *0 flflsfah, Wptwiy rf skminj Wh Fnandi HeJpi prrvtra dwt oust (olcctwg «e mont comacti 5
* fi ill* OR The Shoe People OR FtmSchae) 2 Fm School 3or4 OR ADI
)nr Reading OR Caaating Del..* Paint II ?700 dpArtpkf Hobbyte
Primary Edacatioad PD Pock Hobbyte 30 Easy Cudree's Garni Pad
v**ra" "wi»*‘"«« w‘w»ed*»se SERIOUS USER'S PACK Interested in
music .
Programming and graphics? F.Q Then (hit pock is for you! WV t4V OR AMOS Prolessioaal V'*"+1 tfw aaewdIwghmsirertng EVER wnatumw felsrnSSSktffl Hobbyte AMOS PO Demm *1 etMm Fraliecker mu nofuWi
* - axeryh prtyanwwi nal na AMOS erogrwim 274.ee 284 Ik.
Fcuai Pun n*. PM litum le bese HO venkm ore SO umts M wNk lop qw&y 3rd part, ones and «t»
• iti mhtl dtu * Ml dauntnioso* *0f1H needs HU br anmaficn cn HO
medals DnHard?
Cobnut OmO (hdbnpGel Icededqn donx hoot p rto W U*m, Farywh. Ugmi cha.BWv S»*n NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS
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• (wrmodore Ironed staff me friendy end hebM and me parents.
«WtttMf gomes progrsnrnng or tnchmai yecicfa (iniM y more than onet)
• Open if pa Monday ta Sehudoy and 1000 am to 4.301 ‘ ' ““
FrarAomtantO (cpinn Kw imMagNrOfl log Team WresAg IddAeDuckt
Stock lb} limmngsfAAF Round 6eMt f*Fattar lerlSnBoe
Spidwamrv Xpl* Anwra * Araalmio Xmcn (*VGGem*ol»»i KxbMimar
Afdmt Af i mnrbftvnr.
Anb AWARD WINNER Scon Act. Kick Off. PspoMc |cmeesB2] SfiTT' pm Sudors PUIS nvwmnl iktypfflfl.
D* sq h High*; fow Cohrs nelceme for advice and dtmmslnion ot eur IIOO* sq ft High si. Foam Centre brand*
• Some day despatch (or mod erden leaned by S.30 pm; express an
• Hordwort carafuly handled end detnered safely and leEobtp by
coped, inured, tap Ronw courier sendee
• Pra-dnpolch tntinQ on Amiga syMms
• Free 30 day cornier reflection and deimy of HEW repkxemert
fe.cepi preducl DESKTOP DYNAMITE EXTRA Wordsworth 2 ACA. CpfnAl
Mixe Pohrt IV AGA with AMIGA alone £44 £59 Oscar AGA
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service, £10 pa boi Offshcre end Hgncnds Pleaseerquie IN ADWION
tamdneedus SIS tanextd _ttamd nn» M SB_ HP AUTHORISED DEALER •
CITIZEN DEALER PIUS LF E A T U R E uring a misspent youth among
other aspiring musicians, a conversation broke out revolving
around the future of the music business. In a fit of exuberance
I immediately adopted the technological banner, only to find
myself mstantty in a minority of one.
* 0 Undaunted, I stated my case: “In ten years time everything
will be run by Midi, and what's left over will be nothing more
than a series of ones and zeros on a giant hard drive."
Believe me. This wasn’t a popular theory in a roomful of musical die-hards deter* mined to “keep music live" no matter what the cost. At the time hard drives were still very much a rarity, while Midi was nothing more than a blasphemous four-letter word more often used as an insult than an option.
Gigging musicians are notohous technophobes and on the whole wouldn't - at the time - touch a computer with a Stylophone.
As a result things soon got fairly heated as the enemy circled the wagons around the analogue flag.
Fortunately the conversation eventually turned to the usual obsessions of young men and my seemingly hysterical opinions were soon put down to a dodgy pint.
As it turned out my estimate was conservative to say the least. Now just five years latter the digital age is definitely upon us.
And in almost every walk of life analogue is in terminal decline.
Albums have been crushed underfoot by CD, cassettes are at the mercy of DAT and even video is evolving into a digital medium with FMV Cds and direct-to-disk digital video recording.
All fairly predictable; after all, you can't stop progress. However the really interesting point isn't the change in format, it's the fact that all these elements are no longer The optical option In ten gears time Hcnithing null be nr hilt and what's left oner mi lie nothing rare than a series of ones and eeros on a giant hard driue the islands they once were.
Audio is becoming ever more synonymous with video, and information in general is inexorably making the difference between the haves and the have-nots in science, industry, economics and education.
If information is indeed power, what part can the Amiga play as worlds collide? After all. What can a jumped-up games machine offer that the Pcs and Macs can't match?
In my opinion the clue lies in the Amiga’s humble beginnings. Unlike the opposition it has evolved over the years while the others have, for the most part, rested on their corporate laurels.
Take the PC - although it's been the staple diet of the business community for over 20 years, its basic architecture has never changed. It's true that power Pcs in the 486 and Pentium bracket have become much faster, but essentially they're still dinosaurs in disguise.
No matter how quick they become, Pcs will never multitask, and certainly won’t suddenly develop the natural affinity with video that the Amiga has enjoyed since day one.
DORMANT It’s true that more than one program can be loaded into a PC, but only one can ever running. The others simply sit dormant in the background - not exactly the perfect multimedia approach.
The same is true for Macintoshes; just like Pcs they can load multiple packages, but again only one is ever active. Obviously the Mac is a more worthy challenger courtesy of its idiot-proof point and click interface and existing kudos in the media - extensively in publishing.
However, no matter how glossy the brochure, a Mac simply isn't a multimedia machine. That particular mantle is exclusively the property of the Amiga.
At this point you're probably resigning yourself to a few pages of biased, and probably unsubstantiated twaddle from a self- confessed Amiga fan. As little as a year ago I’d probably would have agreed wholeheart- Paul Austin charts the - Amiga's position in - the nem order as the - media worlds collide - The Without doubt one of the biggest stumbling blocks for computing in general has been the incompatibility between the various machines and their operating systems.
It's true that things have improved over the last couple of years with Commodore finally embracing PC disks as a transfer option.
As a result the two machines can now enjoy fairly uninhibited communication - as indeed can the Mac - courtesy of its ability to read both double and high-density PC disks.
Unfortunately although a big improvement. Floppies are becoming ever more inadequate due to the pure volume of data which needs to be transferred. A classic example is ray-traced animation, which has been saved out n a 24-bit format before to single frame recording.
In such circumstances, floppies are almost use- ess a§ a result some form of mass media transfer is essential, in the past the SyQuest removable hard disk was the orty answer, although this has been challenged recently with the arrival of various optical drives - the most successful being the 128Mb 3.5in variety, Unfortunately both these systems rely on an identical drive mechanism and more importantly an OS-compatible machine at the destination.
Fortunately these barriers are finally coming down with the arrival of the Mo-Miga optical disk drive - see separate review. Not only The excellent Mo-Uig* drive breaking down the barrier* In OS communication* does it provide double the normal storage of a 5 25in optical by delivering a staggering 1.2 gigabytes per disk, but it also offers totally transparent transfer between Mac. Amiga PC and even Unix.
Obviously any transfers require the actual drive unit, but the disks themselves simply appear as normal DOS volume regardless of the machine using them.
Not surprisingly, the actual file format has to be supported by the source and destination machines, but that's about it. As a result you can transfer data to just about any system so it's even possible to communicate with Silicon Graphics Indigos when necessary.
As you've probably guessed, Mo-Miga uses its own proprietary file system to achieve compatibility between platforms. With this in mind you'd expect the actual transfer time to be fairly slow, but surprisingly they're pretty quick and can sustain 2Mb per second stretching up to 5Mb in burst mode.
Unfortunately 2Mb per second is still too slow for existing digital video systems, the PAR included, However it's more than adequate for most applications - including the AD516 and other direct-to-disk samplers.
Amiga Computing any serious corporate interest.
After all, no matter how good the machine, nothing sells into the corporate market without the proper exposure, and in that particular department the Amiga has always been disastrous.
However over recent months the machine has finally begun to received the serious attention it deserves. As you may recall from the last issue, Commodore - along with a number of third-party developers - have established the ACE initiative.
Admittedly it’s still early days with only one Amiga Centre of Excellence established. However with another five set to spread the Amiga’s corporate message across the UK, the potential is there.
Add ACE to the sterling efforts of independents such as Premier Vision - a com* pany responsible for hosting regular seminars which introduce the best in Amiga technology to professional markets - and the future looks brighter than ever.
Although the basic Amiga has obvious benefits as a potential multimedia workstation, the machine itself is only the beginning. It’s really the third-party peripherals that lead the charge, and if sold correctly they could make the machine the crossroads at which all the digital highways converge.
Before moving on to the tools of the trade, it’s probably worth clarifying what makes up this almost mythical digital ether.
The most obvious example is email. As you're probably well aware this can take many forms, with perhaps the most egalitarian example being the Internet.
Unlike many comms systems, the Internet isn't a BBS. In fact it’s much more akin to a peer-to-peer local area network which you may already use at work.
However in the case of the Internet the network is on a truly massive scale.
Aside from offering direct connections to thousands of research facilities, universities and companies, it also offers links to 110 ?
FEATURE Above all else, the miga is best known as a videographic tool, mainly due 10 its natural affinity with video and its ability to generate a sync - a factor which has made it the ideal choice for genlocking. Titling and computer-generated animation destined for tape.
Thanks to’these basic skills and the artistic nature of the machine, some of the best animation and jay-tracing software available on any platform has emerged on the Amiga. However although capable of generating astonishing graphics it has always suffered when it came to recording.
In the past the only option was to invest in an SP edit recorder capable of recording frames individually. Unfortunately this had two major drawbacks.
’ Firstly such i machine retails at around £5.500 and worse still a punishing schedule of single frame recording invariably means hundreds of pounds a year simply to maintain the tape heads.
Fortunately the dark ages are at last coming to an end with the arrival of dedicated digital video recording. At present there are at least three systems in the final stages of development, two of which will be on sale by the time you read this article. At the forefront of the clamour to capture this massively lucrative market is the much publicised Personal Animation Recorder - alias PAR - from Digital Processing Systems.
Although initially designed as a simple replacement for single frame recording the PAR - like the Amiga - has evolved into something of a monster. • In addition to simply compiling single frames into 24-bit Jpeg animation the system can also digitise live video - again in real-time - using the AD3000 TBC digitising card. As if that wasn t impressive enough, 16-W audio has also been added via the AD516 direct-to-disk sampling system.
As a result, the PAR. AD3000 and AD516 combo builds into the first truly broadcast quality audio video system to appear on any desktop platform, Although it's hard to believe that such power can emanate from a single machine. I can confirm it works perfectly - see the Personal Asimation Recorder review for more information.
Although at this point In the issue I can't confirm further expansion pos- .
Sibiiities (again, seethe Personal Animation Recorder review) the AD516S natural affinity with Bars & Pipes Pro 2 could well allow additional hardware and software such as Scala to become yet another element in a PAR audio video setup.
As you may already be aware. B&PPro2 can be much more than a Straightforward Midi sequencer In fact, courtesy of its Media Madness module, any Midi sequence can be used to trigger both external hardware and additional software.
Thanks to the SMPTE timecode generated by the AD516. It's theoretically possible for all the element to share a common timing reference and sequence their efforts accordingly, making the Amiga the heart of the most powerful multimedia system on any platform.
Mm Digital uideo countries and an estimated user base of over ten million.
In terms of data transfer the figures are quite literally mind-boggling, with an average of ten terabytes of information being shunted around the world every month. Add to that 4,600 news groups and over 130 gigabytes of PD and you’re looking at a real monster.
Initiated in 1969. And still subsidised, by the US Federal government, it’s rapidly realising vice-president Al Gore’s dream of a “data super-highway".
Obviously the Internet isn't the only comms option, and in fact there's a whole host of networks such as CompuServe and CIX which offer similar global access, sometimes in combination with the Internet, but all from the comfort of an intuitive menu-driven front end.
As you can imagine the global village - alias big brother - has big advantages, not least of which is the ability to side-step compatibility problems between various operating systems.
TRANSFORMATION Assuming you can read a particular file format - not usually a problem on the Amiga - literally anything can be transferred, regardless of size and all in a matter of minutes.
Another imminent link in the evolutionary chain is the arrival of optical fibre as the standard in telecommunications. Once in place, video conferencing could well supersede or at very least transform email as we know it.
Again, the Amiga has a headstart in such an environment courtesy of its affinity with video and the profusion of cards such as the IV24 and FrameMachine which already support PIP - picture in picture
- displays.
Add a camera and some additional connections to this existing tech nology and the Amiga is in the perfect position to jump on the fibre-optic bandwagon. Although still a few years away from general use, BT are already shipping videophones and video conferencing equipment - the times they are a changing... Although much of the above has dealt with the potential of the Amiga, the future is already at hand courtesy of products such as GVP's PhonePak.
As the name suggests, this is a dedicated telecommunications card which provides message redirection: “Press 1 for customer services, press 2 for sales and distribution”, and so on.
You can also use a similar pre-recorded approach to specify what kind of communication you wish to make: “Press 3 to leave voice mail, press 4 to send a fax...’. It's also possible to add time date stamps to incoming messages and set up scheduled transmissions for your own faxes, thereby avoiding the expense of peak rate calls.
When employed as a network server you can also set up private mail areas, it's even possible to specify that the number of an incoming fax I 00000 I I OotlOCI I I I ? I I I p&wnjsL PjP&S'jj&a Simpla but officiant.
Tha PAR 1 l x. Ifrtrwwl 4 1 1 pnr Sjy intartaoa In action Amiga Computin JUNE 1994 I De interrogated and if necessary thereby avoiding junk faxes - which i$ already a serious prob- rr r, me States.
No *«ver, PhonePak is by no means the telecommunication option on the Like video cards, the variety of fax is growing almost by the day with like Supra leading the field with sraned fax modems that ship with propri- lory software L*e GVP's PhonePak, they can sched- jt* transmissions as well as automatics t detect incoming fax information - and r course they can still operate just like a
• »crmal modem when you feel the urge to yet on-line- fne only
obvious limitation of fax
- ms is the lack of voice mail and can i-d'rection - but to be
honest if you s-eady have an answer phone and don’t .cerate as
part of a network it’s not really a problem.
FEATURE Combine the potential of comms and the Vniga’s existing multimedia skill and yet
- ¦ore promise is revealed. Existing Amiga . I rware such as
InfoChannel can already .: date satellite information centres
and :otnt-of-sale sites from a central control
• •chine.
Because the flmiga offers true multitasking, changes run be made ¦a rdless of urhether a presentation is aradu running As a result a single operator can update an infinite number of machines simply by r ailing direct into the satellites to automati- :alty replace or update existing presenta- »ns. Add new ones, alter display times or download new pages.
And of course, because the Amiga offers true multitasking, changes can be made egardless of whether a presentation is already running.
As you'll discover in the digital video sec- lon. The possibilities offered by recent inno- .ations are finally providing the pro hardware platform that the Amiga has been : jilding towards for the last few years.
Although excellent software has been around for some time, use of the Amiga in a broadcast environment has always suffered ?rom the limitations of mass data transfer - single frame recording being a classic example - combined with communication difficulties between other machines (see The optical options).
Fortunately even these sticky problems are now resolved, and all that remains is the perennial problem of speed. Although the Amiga is just as fast as a 486 PC or Mac Quadra, it’s still pretty slow in comparison to dedicated graphics workstations.
However, this stumbling block could soon be removed with the imminent arrival of at east four 4000 040 accelerators, the Warp transputer, and a planned 060 from Advanced Software Systems, which if claims are correct will easily provide workstation performance on the only true multi- media machine.
Amiga Computing JUNE 1 994 Fast fibres The unsung hero of the information explosion is the fibre-optic cable. These cables ere capable of carrying 565 megabits (70Mb) of information every second in the form of laser pulses, and it is this huge increase in transmission speeds which will make most new digital services possible.
British Telecom have already laid 1.5m km of fibre optic cable, almost all of it to businesses. There is little impetus for the company to use the cables on domestic lines because apart from the cost of the operation; BT are forbidden from providing home entertainment services until the year 2001, although they are already looking at a video- on-demand service.
By that time, the plan is to have fibre-optic supplied to every business using more than five phone lines. As the next generation of cables should transmit two gigabits per second, the possibilities for teleworking and home entertainment are almost endless.
And by Mail Order, speedy delivery!
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what to do with them onre theg're there Q Survivors' Guide
takes a look at the technology. Types and uses of video
digitisers, and offers a few hints and tips on getting the
best from them, as wei: as a mini round-up of some top
digitiser buys.
Broadly speaking, a digitiser is a piece of hardware which attaches to a computer to enable external data to be first sampled and then converted into information which the computer can understand and utilise.
Video Source GRABBERS Sound samplers are also digitisers, but in this article we re going to concentrate on video digitisers - sometimes known s frame grabbers.
Unlike flatbed or hand scanners, which are used to capture images from paper or thin films (such a transparencies), video i a typical capture and conversion path that a gnal will take during the digitising process Video digitisers have many uses, including grabbing stills for use in animations, graphics or titles, or to incorporate into desktop publishing projects.
With the right kind of digitiser entire sequences can be grabbed and subsequently animated to provide video clips which could be used in games. CD-ROMS, interactive presentations or desktop video presentations.
Digitised images can be used as the basis for morphing sequences.
Video clips can even be used as a basis for hand-drawn animations through a process called rotoscoping. Where each frame of a sequence is redrawn from Ihe original grab to give a new style or dimension to a character while still retaining its natural movement.
Even traditional cel animators can make use of digitising, grabbing each individual frame under a rostrum camera and then using the Amiga to play the sequence back This is especially useful when ‘line-testing' - that is checking that the line drawings which will be used to produce the finished, coloured, cels all animate smoothly together.
And of course there’s the digitised pom that today's school-kids are reputed to be swapping m the playground. How do you think that gets on to disk? Yes, that’s right - it's digitised!
Digitiser uses Connecting a digitiser end video source to your Amiga is actually quite straightforward or almost as long as the Amiga family of computers has been in existence, video digitisers have been available for them. The trailblazer was NewTek's compact, direct-to-your-Amiga DigiView - reputedly designed and built in a garage by Tim Jenison, the man who later led his own desktop video revolution with the famous Video Toaster.
But every dog has its day and increasingly powerful digitisers incorporating more and more features have since supplanted DigiView to help Amiga owners exploit their artistic and creative talents and make capturing images from video a piece of cake.
Today there are over a dozen different Amiga digitisers on the market, including those which are integrated into other hardware, such as NewTek's Video Toaster or Digital Creation's DCTV. This month's Cam idhiteleg looks at what is needed to get real pictures Amiga Computing digitisers need to be fed a video signal - usually composite or YC - to do their magic. But. As with scanners, the quality of the output reflects the quality of the input; the old maxim of garbage in. Garbage out applies to digitising as much anything else.
SPLIT The video signal may be a still from a camera or VCR or a live, moving image, depending whether the digitiser used is a slow or fast scan model. This analogue signal is then electronically split into its three colour components - red. Green and blue (RGB) - before being converted into digital data which can be sent to the Amiga.
Almost all external digitisers transfer this data to the Amiga via the parallel port.
Internal digitisers communicate directly to the computer hardware. Once transferred, the digitising software can then instruct the Amiga to recombine the digital RGB data into an image which can be viewed on screen, either in a native Amiga format such as IFF or - if a suitable display card is fitted - it may be possible to see a full- colour, 24-bit version (though this largely depends on the digitiser's software as well as the display card). There are a couple of Hints and tips There are several simple measures which you can take to improve the quality of your digitised images. The first
three apply only when grabbing from a video camera.
T Ensure that the digitising subject is evenly and adequately lit by using portable lighting, such as Anglepoise lamps or fluorescent strips or by reflecting daylight onto the subject using sheets of white paper or polystyrene sheeting. Obviously there's little you can do if your subject is outdoors but wait for the natural light to improve - unless you have suitable lighting, of course.
• Don't forget to White Balance your camera to get the truest
colour representation. This is particularly important when
using artificial. Or mixed natural and artificial, light
• Use a stable camera mounting, particularly when the digitiser
is a slow scan model. A tripod, copy stand or simply placing
the camera on a solid base will help enormously in removing any
unwanted motion blurring which might otherwise mar the
digitised image.
• When digitising from videotape with a slow scan digitiser it is
essential to use a VCR which has a perfect freeze-frame
facility, otherwise the resulting image will almost certainly
exhibit teanng or other artefacts caused by any slight
movement which might happen when the tape is paused at the
required point.
• Use good quality tapes and keep your video deck in top working
order, taking particular care to keep its heads clean. Where
possible (ie if your VCR and digitiser can handle it) use YC
signals instead of regular composite ones, as these will give
significantly increased digitising quality.
Digitising variations which need explaining.
I've already mentioned slow and fast scan digitisers, but what exactly are they? Well, there's certainly a clue in the names!
Slow scan digitisers grab and convert the incoming video signal (let's think of it as a single, full-screen image) in small chunks and the whole process can take from several seconds to over a minute, depending on the Amiga, the digitiser, and the grabbing resolution.
STATIC Since the grabbing takes time, it is essential that the image remains absolutely static during the entire operation, otherwise blurring or image break-up could easily happen.
This can easily be achieved with a well- mounted camera, but digitising from video- ?
Hi v r D E 0 Three of the best The slow sran digitisers are much cheaper. But lach the finesse of the fast sran models Ulhich digitiser for mdu?
Tape requires that the source VCR has a rock-solid freeze-frame facility.
Fast scan digitisers contain a frame buffer - a dedicated memory area - which is used to continually sample the incoming video. Frame by frame.
When the digitising process is triggered the video frame currently stored in the frame buffer is frozen and held as long as required Consequently, the captured frame can be digitised very quickly because the video picture is already stored in the frame buffer.
However, even these real-time digitisers cannot capture continuous sequences of video frames in real-time because of the data transfer rates required, so I prefer the term “fast scan" to “real-time".
SLOWER Also, it still takes time to convert the grabbed image into a format which can be viewed or stored by the Amiga, especially where the Amiga has a slower processor, such as a standard 68000 chip.
The greatest advantage of fast scan digitisers is that they can easily grab images from moving video without suffering the blurring or break-up associated with slow scan models.
Occasionally though, some motion jitter may be evident in a displayed image because of marked differences between the two interlaced fields which make up the complete video frame and it may thus be necessary to de-interlace the image to remove the jitter (and. As a consequence, lose some of the contained picture information). But this is a small price to pay for the ultimate convenience of fast scan grabbing.
There are two main considerations herd - first cost, and then the type of Amiga which you own. A top-notch fast scan digitiser such as Vlab YC or Vidi Amiga 24RT will set you back upwards of £250, but will provide great grabs in up to 24-bit quality, along with other benefits, depending upon the digitiser model.
Slow scan digitisers are much cheaper, but lack the finesse of the fast scan models.
Nevertheless, perfectly acceptable images can be grabbed with such hardware, provided that you have video equipment capable of rock-solid freeze frames.
The type of Amiga dictates whether the digitising hardware can be externally or internally connected. Amigas without Zorro slots (the A500, A600 and A1200) can only accept external digitisers but other models can use either external units or internally-mounted cards.
The advantage of internal cards is both speed and tidiness; data transfer is improved by utilising the Amiga's data bus and there are no extra boxes to squeeze onto your desk.
If you're in the market for a digitiser then here are three which provide both good value and totality grabbing into the bargain.
Vidi Amiga 12 • Rombo Productions A slow scan digitiser priced at well under £100, the Vidi 12 is an external model which connects to the Amiga's parallel port and draws its power from the disk drive port. Grab quality is very impressive at the price and the unit is easy to set up and use.
With both Y C and composite inputs Vidi 12 should satisfy the needs of most hobbyists - and even some professional applications. AGA Amigas are fully supported and there's a black and white preview screen to let you see the images you want to capture.
Requires at least 1Mb of memory and works with all Amigas (some models may need a gender changer or extension cable).
Vidi-Amiga 24RT • Rombo Productions Rombo's newest digitiser is a real-time, fast scan model capable of grabbing from either composite or Y C video and saving an image in impressive 24-bit hi-res overscan (as well as other formats, including ILBM, AGA and TIFF).
The 24RT attaches externally to the Amiga's parallel port and takes its power from an external 9V supply. Grab quality is nothing short of stunning, though you really need a hard drive to store the 24- bit digitised images that can be produced, as they tend to be rather large.
The software even includes a range of image processing functions which could well come in handy when you need a special effect or two.
Vidi-Amiga 24RT works with any Amiga (may need extension cable gender changer) and requires at least 2Mb of RAM. RRP £299, though should be available for less.
There is also a cut-down version of the 24RT - the Vidi-Amiga 12RT. The only difference is that it cannot grab interlaced images (maximum size 720 x 368 pixels) but it does cost around half the price of the 24RT!
The only major drawback I could see with the RT models was that the preview screen worked rather slowly, though Rombo have just released a new version of the software so perhaps this has now been cured.
Vlab YC • MacroSystem Vlab YC is a fast scan digitiser which accepts either composite or Y C video. Unlike the Vidi models, this one installs internally into an Amiga Zorro slot, which gives it the edge for speed over the Vidi-Amiga 24RT. It also performs a few clever tricks, the best of which is to grab continuous sequences direct to hard dnve.
Vlab grabs at extremely high quality (up to 24 bit) but, like Vidi-Amiga 24RT, it cannot capture images in full video overscan - only up to a maximum of 720 x 625 pixels.
Vlab requires at least 1Mb of RAM and AmigaDOS 2.0. A hard disk is almost indispensible - and a definite requirement when grabbing sequences.
Vlab Y C costs a little more than Vidi-Amiga 24RT but it does provide the convenience of internal mounting and sequence grabbing, among other benefits. On quality though, there's little to separate the two.
There are, of course, a number of other digitisers on the market - some which are standalone, others which are pari of another device (DCTV for example).
Those mentioned above are my personal recommendations but of course you should do some research of your own to find out what best suits your needs and budget.
Amiga Computing KU233||- To computer The video digitiser The video digitiser or frame grabber captures an image which is in the form of an analogue video signal and converts it into digital signals which can be used and manipulated by the computer.
At the simplest level the digitiser samples the video signal waveform and describes the high and low points of the wave in'numerical data.
This produces a black and white image on the computer. To get a better image with more grey levels the video signal waveform is sampled at faster speeds and at more levels in between the darkest and lightest points.
Colour signals are split into their red. Green and blue components and each of these individual signals are sampled as if they were monochrome. Once in digital form the red. Green and blue data is reconstructed by the computer to give a full colour image on screen.
Composite versus component Video signals come in two main types. Composite and component signals. Composite video is most widely used of the two but component video provides better quality.
Composite video comprises a luminance signal (brightness), a chrominance signal (Red, green and blue) and a synchonisation signal all sent along the same cable.
Component video sends red. Green and blue signals along different cables.
Before a composite colour signal can be digitised it has to be split into its component parts so that each part can be sampled.
Digitiser samples individual colour signals ME me rv Sampling more levels and faster speed produces more tonal levels in image Digitiser samples signal for high and low points producing black and white image =7- colour filters ......Red, green and blue filters used with mono cameras to enable colour grabs to be made. Older digitisers such as DigiView used such filters.
Hardware used to capture and digitally convert a video image into a format which can be used by a computer. Two varieties exist - slow scan and fast scan. Fast scan digitisers use frame buffers to enable rapid grabbing from video.
..Dedicated memory built in to a fast scan digitiser. Used to dynAMIGAlly capture a full frame of video on demand.
Frame buffer RGB video camera video signal.
Hix 1 r Jtlono r S-Vidoo Edit nr colour Jvideo 1 (arousot 1 i avideo 2 load| Saw 1-- j Msec .An electronic signal which contains video information. Various formats include Composite. YC. Component. RGB and RF (radio frequency). The first two are most commonly used in digitising, editing and other applications and the latter is generally used for domestic TV transmissions. YC is the format used in S-VHS and Video8 equipment and provides superior quality to Composite video.
.Hardware for capturing images as video. Available in two flavours - chip (CCD) and tube, according to the type of image sensor used.
Modern cameras are usually chip cameras and offer more reliability, flexibility and sensitivity in a smaller package, Older or cheaper cameras may be mono only and require the use of colour filters.
..In a similar way to which light can be split into three primary colours (red. Yellow and blue), a video image can be electronically split into three separate RGB components. This RGB data can then be used for storage, conversion and high-quality display on a suitable monitor.
Amiga Computing JUNE 1994 1- 9i 9 m9im' at s ihi lyli«.
; j!
£,« = !C) 2 5 * fjl =« - * ||I Isj, 5 2 ] i mi r u i :i* s ;it- *5 j
I. ; If :? 0 si* 5 :s«S :« « _ maetatoiaciaaa •» t
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* SS*S-e« S i5i'sS& -!“ illilj liiililils useums have suffered in
this new age of hi-tech customers demanding exciting and
involving hands- on experiences. Walking round a mausoleum to
history, not being able to touch, manipulate or participate
with the exhibits, is fast becoming an historic event in
Fortunately for British culture and heritage as we know it. Enterprising individuals and teams have started to change this perception of museums, and now, after nine months of redevelopment, the London Transport Museum has opened its doors with an exhibition that tells the story of the past in a refreshing and modern fashion.
Situated in Covent Garden, the museum underwent a complete facelift for nine months during 1993. Four million pounds later, and the building that houses the array of different transport machinery has changed into a plush, up-to-date interactive learning experience.
Interesting New floors have been built and a multitude of displays, video walls and simulators installed to make the visitor’s tour as interesting and informative as possible.
In the impressive-lookmg building with its high walkway and spiral staircases, the exhibition is broken into several sections on different elements of travel - from 1930s buses and horse-drawn trams to the latest minibuses and underground system.
Ujith £* million and 6516585. The re-launched london transport museum has entered the technological era. giuing uisitors the chance to smell, see. Touch, hear and taste london s oast. 6dam Phillips reports Each is a story in itself that builds up like a jigsaw puzzle into a full-blown picture of how Londoners travelled in the past and present.
This may sound similar to other museums but very soon you begin to sense a difference. Walking through the display of horse-drawn trams, you start to smell that distinctive odour of horses and hear their hooves as they hit cobbled streets in full quadraphonic sound.
As you pass the first tram, a screen placed on a stand looks back at you. On closer inspection, it reveals a picture with a set of options at the bottom of it. Pressing on one of these flicks the next image on, revealing another part of the story. Indeed.
Continue walking and you’ll see. Hear, smell, touch and taste your way around all of the exhibits, making the experience all the more interesting and - more importantly
- involving.
Because of this attention to detail, there always has to be a high performance, multi- media machine driving it. With 65 CD32s With this influx of technology, there are bound to be people out there who are a little nervous of touching a screen, simply because it's new to most visitors.
In fact. Rob Lansdown believes that there are quite definable age groups who will use the screens, or won't unless prompted. For three to 16-year-okJs it's no problem. They know their Somes and Marios so why should touching a screen bother them?
Sixteen to 25-year-olds are embarrassed a little to touch the screen, wtule the middle-aged are reluctant at first, stand back and watch and then step in to have a go. The elderly won’t touch without plenty of encouragement Fortunately, any misgivings about people shying away from technology
- ave been well and truly trounced with the latest attendance
figures show- ng an increase in popularity since the museum's
Installed on racks out of sight, with expa- » sion units, three high-powered Amigas an* further plans to expand the range, the LT1 has more than its fair share.
The two principal men behind the deve- opment of the museum's new technolo - cal look are Mick Tinker, of Indea Information, and Rob Lansdown. Head y communications and displays for the museum.
It all began four years ago when Indea an Amiga-specific multimedia company were brought in to help with two simulator to be included within the existing exhibits These were so successful (arc reviewed by this very magazine in 1990 the that when LTM began to hunt round for ideas and people to carry them out, Indea I Information were the obvious choice.
Mick Tinker, technical director for the company, was asked to make a presentation. With the likes of the Philips CD-i biting at his heels, Tinker realised that Commodore's CDTV. While having the ab*- ity to provide the graphics required, couei I not deliver the clarity of text needed.
Having heard about the CD32 and its highly useful expansion port, he drew up a rough design for a module that wou c expand on the machine's basic facilities and suit all the museum's needs.
After successfully outshining rival machines, the CD32 was selected as the tool for the job. And plans for its installation ' began Rob Lansdown came on board to wort out how the CD unit would be usee throughout every aspect of the museum Each human sense was to be given fut attention - what people would hear as the-. ; moved from exhibit to exhibit, what they would smell and how they would interact Amiga Computing MULTIMEDIA
• i-
• -r what is usually a hands-off experi- rc* xpan- s and
* LTM level- ologi- ndex ad of r the idex, any.
Ator$ fits.
990) As Lansdown enthusiastically points out: ''a-.spofi is all
about movement, so it was x lo us to create the illusion of
movement “ ough the technology."
The first step was to install the machines
• one room for efficiency and effective ~ct ie-shooting
management. “We were r,*iany given three months for
* ¦« was reduced to eight weeks and then
- '-¦any down to eight days - the pressure ¦as certainly on."
Next up was the Cdx that enabled gen- ccfcing, networking all the machines to rw respective places, the ability to sense I for idex the nta- ting hat ibil- tuld its pa uld ies val the ion Drk ed m. ull iey ey ict touch screens and other highly useful features.
After attaching these to each of the CD32s and putting them in a rack system, 680 cables were fed from the room to various points all over the museum and 572 hours were spent soldering and crimping the leads.
The end result is that all sounds and visuals, other than the video walls, are controlled by the CD32s and Amigas.
The software used in the exhibits ranges from simple touch-screen information bases to three underground simulators. There are over 40 monitors around the building, each displaying information about a particular exhibit and its history.
Photographs from the past are shown and text can be viewed in either French, German or English; more languages will be included when the system is finished.
Reading through the text, you'll see a particular word highlighted by a box. Press on this and you'll enter a sub-section giving further details on the particular subject selected.
The disc accessing time is around two seconds and the usual number of sheets to look through ranges from 15 to 20 per vehicle. Lansdown hopes to increase this to 50 in the future.
Continuing around the museum, one of the most impressive and interesting exhibits is the computer-displayed Underground hypermap. It shows the Underground's development from its early beginnings in 1603 with the opening of the Metropolitan Line, to the 1990s.
3000 screens Pressing on the date counter at the bottom, the CD32 adds the train lines at the time they were built. Touch one of these lines on the screen and you'll be shown a close-up of that particular segment.
Press on an underground station and information about its history will be displayed depending upon which year was chosen. Any photographic images will also be flashed up for your perusal.
This system runs from a 550Mb data file that includes 3,000 screens and a program to run it all. This is all put on three disks and played via the CD32.
To add to the Underground experience even more there are three simulators to lay your hands on. The first is of a 1938 train that is housed in an authentic train cab with fully operational controls.
The front window has been replaced by a computer screen that displays real time 3D graphics provided by the highly powerful Amiga 4000. The player must accelerate down the tunnel and then come to a stop at the station so passengers may get on and off.
Sounds like simple stuff when compared to the likes of TFX but given the realistic setting and the highly attractive graphics, this is an well executed idea. The other two The museum is open from ten in the morning until six in the evening and charges an admission fee.
There are concessions for senior citizens, UB40s, students and the registered disabled.
For further information. Ring 071-836 8557 for recorded information. And for more details on the Cdx expansion unit, phone Mick Tinker on 0256 703426 at Index Information.
Simulators, run by A2000s, show the 1890 and 1992 models of underground train with the latest being fully computerised, even down to the speed the vehicle travels in the tunnels.
The aural side of the museum is well catered for too - stepping on to a old train and sitting down, you'll begin to hear the sounds of wheels on rails as they clank their way towards a non-existent destination. Speakers under the seat add to the experience to give the visitor a feeling of motion without ever leaving the platform Go over to the country display which catalogue the vehicles once used by the commuting public, and birds can be heard chirping away in the background in clear digital recordings.
Move upstairs to the minibus sound simulator and the user is able to sit in the driver’s seat, go up through the gears, flash indicators and open and close doors, all accompanied by the relevant sound effects.
The wave of progress has not stopped here, though. There are plans to enlarge the amount of information to the visitor, to increase the number of screens and include full motion video displays as well to maximise user involvement.
Coming away from the new look London Transport Museum leaves you with the feeling that at least one part of our British heritage will remain in years to come because the owners and curators decided to move with the times.
And if you're wondering what taste can be sampled at the museum, then try their caf6 after you've finished your visit. Aj?
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Clipart 9-Garfield.. Clipart 10-5 | Clipart 11 • Wildlife-------- i(Amfy...... I CD ROM Bonus Utils .... Megaball AGA. .. Revelations Slidethow,,.,.... MlnlMorph______________ FlndlL---------------- kmply the be*t! Fit* onto the tide expansion port Auto configure* with no software patching.
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Courtesy of the assorted buttons you join various anims to create fini movies, split existing files into s scenes, export frames as individual ranges, fields or frames as either Targa or PAR files.
FRAMES You can also rename anims as duplicate them. Like all the other procaJ ing tools, duplication will work on both frames and ranges as well as offering added bonus of optional ping-ponging anim reversal.
Not surprisingly the copy and move i mand permits anims to be shared 4 other projects while the append ena new live footage to be joined directly III! 5l|5t!Hl Udfhed peMii fit from tlie off Get ready to - be amaaed as Paul Gustin eHplores the most emiting digital deuelopment euer to hit the Rmiga .1 ith the possible exception of the Video Toaster, nothing has generated so much excitement as the imminent arrival of the PAR - alias Personnel Animation Recorder - from Digital Processing Systems.
As the name suggests, the PAR card was initially designed to bridge the gap between rendering and actually recording Amiga graphics. In the past the only means to achieve full-frame 24-bit video was to record each frame individually onto tape with an SP edit recorder.
Unfortunately this Kind of hardware costs around £5,500 and if used heavily demands another £800 a year in maintenance. In addition the recording process is slow and you're never guaranteed that the end result won't suffer from drop-out or other imperfections.
S0ULUTI0N As a result every serious Amiga artist has been praying for a solution to this irritating - not to mention expensive - problem. As a result. DPS set to work developing a digital video recording system which would provide superior quality, security and speed at a much more affordable price.
Fortunately they didn't stop there, and what was initially a single frame recording system has now become a complete digital audio video system capable of grabbing, editing and playing CD quality audio and 24-bit live video as well as compiling 24-bit animation from the Amiga.
As you may have guessed the PAR card is by no means the only element in this seemingly impossible equation. In fact to build the complete system you require two couple of clicks r~r 1 iTf"Jrnrr Jinnr- l-:rv - U 1ML!
1 Kw uu ij jtji nn ujrrfr rfr-inrnwui 1 i; SI [ Bare A Pipes Pro 2, Studio 16 and PAR all working in perfect hamony j _!
R j, muw1 - 1 111' | I if- i 1 gSnw. I| 1 &’1 p iUm 1__________ .
If « 1 H r 1 M'jr'A., r i - ..... The heart and soul of the system. Gomplile anims or capture live video with a The entire system worked perfectly right from the off, but I did find one aspect of the system difficult to master. As you already know the PAR can work in concert with the AD516 sampler However the manual only managers to lavish a couple of paragraphs on _ subject of combining the two. As a result I was forced to figure out the best way to sync the it cards together.
Thanks to the SMPTE option on the PAR control software you can tell the PAR to pause particular SMPTE number is read internally from the SunRize board.
Initially I tried in vain to dive between the two programs in a desperate attempt to trigger the simultaneously. Unfortunately the end results were invariably disastrous.
Fortunately in a rare spark of genius I remembered that v3.0 of the Studio 16 offers in out facility. As a result I simply matched the SMPTE trigger and recording duration in the software to the punch in out time within Studio16 then hit record.
The SMPTE count started, the punch-in began and the pause record on the PAR transport trol was releasedsimultaneously, providing totally accurate sync between both audio and video addition cards. For sound you'll need the SunRize direct to disk recorder and for live video recording the DPS AD3000 capture card.
If you flip to the System Essentials box you'll see this adds up to quite a sizable investment. However the system is completely modular. If you don’t need sound or live video capture the PAR will function perfectly without them.
After adding the appropriate hardware, the first port of call is the PAR control software. From left to right you have the list of projects, a selection of animations within the current project and a list of available AmigaDOS volumes that you can download frames to or compile animations from.
At the bottom of the project window you're provided with vanous options to initiate and control them as well as a format the dedicated IDE hard disk s.
In the central files window await the HARDWARE!
Stem rathe ipler.
S on th| nc the tw use until i jer the twc s a puncn ri the PAP Sport cor- video.
R editing recorde: b the cut you can ‘inisheo smaller jal stills ier IFF well as Drocess- 30th stil ring th€ ling anc ve corned with ?nables tly ontc As a result it's possible to completely automate anim generation. Simply tell the software to render direct to the DDR volume and PAR will automatically compile the animation as it progresses, saving you time and better still massive amounts of disk space.
And because the PAR hard drive can be I must admit on first unpacking the complete system it does look rather daunting with three cards, the essential IDE hard disk plus connecting cables.
However after connecting the IDE and capture card to the Par and sliding in both adjacent Zorro slots along with AD516, things soon looked more friendly.
After replacing the lid and connect up the necessary audio and Video Ins and Outs I sat down to install the software fully expecting countless teething troubles.
However much to my surprise the system was completely glitch- free right from the off - and remained so throughout the entire review.
Not once did the system let me down, not a single frame was dropped or sample misplaced. OK. You might expect nothing less from such expensive hardware, but believe me total reliability is a rare thing and stands as a testament to the excellent build quality and software development that’s gone into the system, For the technophiles in the audience the combination of the cap* ture card and PAR provide composite, S-VHS and component video ms and outs respectively, while the AD516 sampler provides eight track recording and playback via twin stereo ins and outs.. : add a new scene you simply
repeat the process on the next track and when all your edits are you just drag the sound samples onto the same track, butt them up against each other and
• re various anims together in the PAR software.
• • a result you can build an entire movie from countless video
sequences and still retain perfect lip put the system to the
ultimate test I then loaded Bars&Pipes Pro 2 and added Studio16
as an t:?;sory. Again the AD516’s SMPTE timecode was used as a
common reference to link the programs
• :: jtput with the sampled sounds.
~en recorded a matching CD quality stereo audio and video sequence on PAR and SunRi2e loaded in a Midi composition and sat back in disbelief as the amm played with perfect lip sync re Midi instruments added the backing music.
Taenty-four bit, full frame, full motion video, a CD quality stereo sound track and live : accompaniment all from a single machine and without a single glitch, Impressive almost sounds like rtsuft.., tr existing file.
.ast but not least comes the delete command which again can be applied to ranges r entire animations. Like its counterparts, AmigaDOS window bristles with buttons rich enable you to navigate the Amiga's rectory structure, add stills from disk, build mation from pre-renderod sequences yQ even load individual images for viewing.
A particularly pleasant touch is the inclu- fcon of a colour filter which will automatically fit down hot colours - making them com- aafitte with the colour limitations of video -
• *xh if exceeded can cause real problems ¦nen recording to tape.
While on the subject of anim compilation, me of the most important aspects of PAR’S lUWlty with AmigaDOS is its ability to com- : e animation direct from rendering software.
When the PAR software boots it automati- creates a virtual volume entitled DDR:.
Addressed as a normal AmigaDOS volume, it can also be backed-up using software such as Ami-Back or Quarterback.
Although direct render-recording is easily the most efficient approach it doesn't mean you can't compile from existing files; in fact as long as the files are saved as 24-bit IFFs anything goes, with an average conversion time being one to 12 seconds for each frame.
At the bottom of the scene we come to the heart of PAR control system with an array of tape-deck-style transport controls.
All the old favourites are available including play, pause, single frame advance, first and last frame, slow motion and of course record. However buttons aren't the only ?
HARDWARE Ill means of control. A slider has also been added enabling the mouse to become a graphical jog shuttle. Simply click a button and drag the bar to the frame of your choice
- all in real-time of course.
Above the transport control sit arguably the most important elements in the entire interface On the left you have the frame count in the PAR format, while the right shows its equivalent in SMPTE timecode.
By referencing the two you can cut and paste frame accurately and mirror the edits in the SunRize sampling software to maintain lip sync with the audio track.
Below the transport controls await a further eight buttons plus the FPS - or frames per second control. When the transport is in slow motion mode, the FPS window allows any slow-motion speed to be applied First up in the button bank comes the grab option which allows you to take a single real-time grab from the incoming video.
Alongside is the curiously titled E E button which enables a live preview of the video source - this automatically activates prior to recording.
CONTROLS Next comes the frame or field selector; basically this toggles the PAR between full interlaced video and individual video fields, which is very useful when running in slow- motion as interlace flicker can often be a real problem.
Alongside field and frame control comes the GPI button which apparently stands for general purpose interface. Basically this allows limited remote control from either a second mouse or edit controller.
Unfortunately the GPI demands some basic cable construction to make the necessary connections but once established pause and play can be toggled directly from the edit controller - unfortunately that's as far as it goes.
On the second row lurks the mono button which surprise, surprise toggles between colour and mono. Alongside this awaits a film video button which enables playback of your creation at 24 FPS - alias movie speed... Following this comes the field selector for As you've probably gathered I’m impressed if not amazed by the power, flexibility and reliability of the system. However nothing is ever completely perfect and PAR is no exception.
First of all the manual could do with some attention. At the moment it’s slightly vague in some key areas - with the connection between the PAR and SunRize board being the most notable example.
In fact the audio link could be made a little simpler m general. Fortunately SunRize are aware of the problem and have promised a virtual PAR track in the next software update.
Hopefully this will completely automate the audio video connection, but until then you'll be forced to note SMPTE times and cut and paste the audio and video separately.
Another omission is the lack of an RS244 control port on the PAR card.
Without such remote transport control it's impossible to totally integrate the PAR with an edit controller or A-B roll system.
However, leaving these two curable problems aside, it must be stressed that the PAR system is nothing short of the next step up the evolutionary ladder for the Amiga and videography in general.
The field or frame button directly above.
Lastly comes the all-important SMPTE button which produces a requester into which you add the SMPTE trigger time for simultaneous control of playback and recording when running in conjunction with the SunRize software.
In the bottom right await another four controls which combine to fine tune the incoming video and aid colour correction. First up is the prefs requester which allows alteration of screen colours and adjustment of the sync between the PAR and an external genlock sync - if selected. Next up comes Proc Amp control.
Basically this only applies to systems running the AD3000 frame grabber. In addition to being a capture card it doubles up as a TBC which can colour correct the incoming video.
In addition, it's from here you select the video source whether it be Composite. Y C, or S- VHS Hi8 and CAV - otherwise known as component. It's also possible to freeze the incoming video and define a range of ten colour correction presets which can be recalled to improve the colour balance or generate colourising effects which are then passed Onto the PAR during recording.
With the exception of the Quit button all that remains is quality control. In the case of the PAR this is split into two elements. First comes the Q- Factor, which as you've probably guessed refers to image quality. The higher the Q-Factor the higher the image quality in the subsequent animation.
However to achieve higher image quality you must increase the number of blocks used to store each frame. Obviously the bigger the block setting the more space will be required for the subsequent animation.
In addition the speed of the target drive also affects the maximum possible Q- Factor. Basically the whole process is a balance between image quality, disk space and hardware speed.
BALANCING Fortunately you're aided in the balancing act by a requester which pops-up at the end of each recording telling you what the maximum block size was in that particular sequence.
As a result you can adjust the block size accordingly and re-record to attain the maximum storage space in relation to the required Q-Factor. The maximum possible Q-Factor is 23 which is akin to Mil. In other words as close as you can get to D1 - alias true digital video - without a digital camera.
To give you a better idea. Composite video is roughly Q-Factor 10 while S-VHS lies between 12 to 14. And to achieve SP Although PAR is a spectacular development, it’s worth remembering that it is the first of its kind. In fact there are already two systems - from Macro Systems and Helfrich - which are in the final stages of development and promise a similar blend of 24-bit video and 16-bit audio.
Better still, both plan to retail at a significantly lower pnce, and unlike PAR claim not to require a dedicated hard disk. However, I find it very difficult to see how they can out perform the PAR when it comes to overall quality and. Perhaps equally importantly, reliability.
Quality you’d need a Q-Factor of maybe 15 to 17. When grabbing, live video time is of the essence and the maximum reliable G- Factor I could manage was 18 with a m mum block limit. As mentioned, th e translates to image quality above tha* of a Betacam SP player - however due the block sizes this would only all about 5 6 minutes of footage on a one gigabyte drive.
However when you’re compili animation from rendered images the 0- Factor could be pushed even closer to the maximum - as the system has mud» longer to process the data and compile anim.
If you're willing to set your sights a lower, at lets say S-VHS Betacam SP ity, I’d say you'd squeeze between and ten minutes from the same one gigabyte drive.
Of course you’re not restricted to ms I particular drive size and if necessary i| second drive can be added as a Slave f space becomes a problem. L* j SVSTEfTl ESSEnilRl!
RED = Esser BLACK ¦* Recommence 4 Mb 030 040 Hard drive RAM 1 The bottom lino Product: PAR Supplier: Premier Vision Tel: 071-721 7050 Fax: 071 721 7109 PAR: £1,675 Micropolis IDE drive 1 gigabyte: £743 AD3000 real-time capture card: £895 AD516 direct-to-disk sampler: £999 (an prices ere EX vat) Ease of use: 9 Implementation: 9 Value for money: 8 Overall: 9 Amiga Computing NEW PRODUCTS RETURN THE COUPON FOR 64-PAGE AMIGA GUIDE FOR ALL AMIGAS FOR A1500 A2000 AA3000 A4000 M performance. Hgh resolution. 24-bfl board ihal 4000 beyond AQA! But me hardware is arty hat3 of me picture Without
quality software, your investment * il be wasted Not only do« GVP s own award wmnng graphics applcat-on tmagefX tally support EOS Spectrum but atso, usng a Workbench drw. Nearty all exrsthg Amg Workbench compatWa apckatote wit al*? Work pn jnd 5 pc*d me EQS Spect'um system
• tub or 2uo ot On-board Memory £ud gives. Rtnhar rosokMont 6
more cdourt (Ipatom Vl imuZM)
• On-board Hardware BUTTER
• FdtOre Rclargclable Graphics Support
• Zorro II or Zorro III Autosensing
• Scan Rates up to 80*m
• 80.000.000 Plxels sec Pixel Display Speed (84)11)
• Programmable Display Resolution 320x200 lo 1600x1280
• Supports Data Transfer Rates up to 12ku sec on Zorro III
Systems EGS SPECTRUM t« AI2M ll SKBvsr twite Ait Me V I* 5JWU
h. Iia MAI mjjiicn TU SJVWt tu. T« it*l .n *« IU
• im* (font fast ft*M SIMM i RAM 3?16i r«.
• 4M» 60ns fast RAM SIMM - iRAM 3240) - 099..
• 16M 60iu Fiat RAM SIMM |BAM 3286I - ['299 Ths nan S f AT23D-U
imm n *0uv 6K3XC m Mu-: MQ3D twAjixlOM lr* tlr nest W.zrrrt
jccetnK't svt hr tf» AI?X Tvy W njM yW1 V J1 'I'1 i ' )Ott
'ftVb »t'IOt j V lv ttTtn 'irlV-i It'S Oil *Bltr tun IK Ujrtlrl
AlfoC «lutr* mqil irnliU (iNirli'.U) MMU OR FPU?
If* Kuk vuikti itiicf. A tu*« M«n:r. Umjinrt Mmifc ilM i W‘ n:n »J!ttKXH) fHMh ooUrct An OptMU fPU imm tig Pant Unt tj- *asii* njw usuntrtii it merit Vr the lOet- Kit Mu,; urtru:»tttni. Tun am RAM ipjtirr aclmi iua B iSw. M - jr UNIQUE MODULE EXPANDABILITY Ik *’-230-11 n m;u n pit yji qr in? Vtw tiKlO'Sltr to yjit *r'«i it HIM rruUM GVPwl* sujnjS mJi i';r Olo;tmi rrrtm 9» tnr MH9 j fiih imd SC5W ifftrtiu A tfi-tit Mu': uruw im mi me tram (ratnnyrtll »t«Urnt) Al imiiln can M tM *fhoj! Ir.itutnj tlr AfUSttMhVfy _A1230-11 PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR
• 40mhj 68O30rc and Sqmki 68030 Accelerator
• Unique Feature Connector for Module Expansion
• Built-in Memory Management Unit on Souhi Version 4&&P
• Optional 60ns 32ue RAM Upgrade . Battery Backed Clock VT
'KXSZZS”*™2 arm
• Sophisticated Memory Management and Cache Control Software
• Klckstart Remapping Technology WITH UNDUE M00U.E EXPANSION
68030 WITH MMU £349 £399 The HC8+ is a high speed hard DRIVE and RAM card I which can also be used to increase your Amiga's RAM by up to 8m RAM |2£22j
• High Speed DMA SCSI Controller Can Handle up to 7 Devices e
Ultra Fast Access SCSI Herd Drive Option • See Below
• Supplied Unpopulated, the HCB+ can be Upgraded to Give You up
lo 84 ot FAST RAM • See Below tor Details
• Direct Memory Access Style Design tor Top Speed Transfer HC84-
HARD DRIVE CARD FOR ALL AMIQA8 t - m Capture sound trom an
external Murco and play it tuck in a stereo o* mono on your
Amiga um _ The latest version of GVP's Oigita! Sound Studio i
IDSS8*) enatiles you to (j create audio etfects lor use in
games or |ingtev
• km Slykt High Imparl. Cietr Pol, drtmatt Casing
• Skmktineootir Hms up lo 31 Sound Sampltt m Mtmar,
• heiliimt OtcMescap* Spttkm Anjiym. Fdto t -- Renritrabon DSS8+
AMXCompahOte a
• Microphono kwri L . MOD TUI 6 MIDI CompUiM M W W
• Wf Samptff gift lyv*’ Wiae ACCELERATORS FOR THE AMIGA 500 &
500PLUS ? RAM EXPANSION TO 8m ine A500 H08« ptowles me •_ Ihl
ultimate In hud dwe periorm- joce. It can also increase the
mertoty at your Amiga by up to 8m. Support up to su SCSI
devices and provide PC com- palAlo emulation via its j j custom
expansian slot (mini slot) see below I imtkui Obiat m* b«i
nw I
* rv*a.nUetoterlf»AJ0O j .
A. . 11 FEATURES MODEL i m am 120ml scsi 120Mb HD SAVE £84! ....
8m, USING 2,4, 6 Of 8 SIMMS 1m SIMM £39.95 EACH «u v 030
40mm* PREVIOUS PRICE CneUorph from GVP conns up th« wodd of
Morphing, the pnx**S of converting coe imago lo anolhor lo
croala Uaxrting spocial alfoctt Currewty very pcpular rt muse
videos and feature films, mcrphng has become the taehonaMe
video effect to use Now witn CinoMotph you can create these
slurring effects on yrvir Amga . Supports m a a ChtpsM
• Static or Full Motion Morptung
• Single Imago Warping 4 % jfT 1 1 Brt.re yxi oeofle when «l »
buy you new Amga K ~J I ir'jij.li we sugpnl i - a thr* »ert
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s lee you hint rrtufe y when you may «»qjre eourtona; penphereb
or cottware or help and adrice. And. •« Ihe conpurv you buy
from ooreacr you «rh (Mats d new produdi? Al Sica we ensue vei
you Mil have nodvng to wony abou! Vltti fliil i twirted
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lequrerrorta niti an underKiruii*
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lawn FREE Uoraiura and wgn to "Sica Sernce'
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menUiM itrere n i wnirl divot lot Saturday dilfMry)
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: A tom «f Bchniul exptiB wff W it
your sense*
• PRICE MATCH: IW »IKr. Ecmpjltort On a-Sirro prwhct - Simi Jf«
• PART OF A £50U A YEAR COMPANY Wfh ever 203 stiff - Ws ire «M
rtttbK and piotlabk
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avalede from ifle itetitM suppler
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terms APR N4N - arQen «m(0 on leqtesii MAIL ORDER THE SILICA
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Tel: 141-221 0088 Dfbtnfgms u rwX 97 Ar?y)e Si Gasgcr*'
Slratfcyde G2 8AR IPSWICH Tel 0473 221313 Oebenhami im jm.
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the swapper to work in conjunction with arc ellerators Simple
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How to make your Amiga into a robot controller - Ask for catalogue sales hotline 0582 491949 (6 lines), 0480 47111 7(24hr), fax 0582 505900 Qg Credit card ordering by phone is easy Simply phone our sales hotline quoting your credit card number., expiry date, name and address and the products you wish to order and we'll do the rest. Alternatively write the above details on your letter when ordering by post.
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MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT II 5.00 NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND. Should you wish your order to be sent by courier service please add £5. This method secures the item with full insurance, not express.
WARRANTY: One year warranty return to base. ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
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Computer Mall Bedford Computer Mall St.Neots Computer Mall Hertford Computer .Mall Dunstable Head Office ATS Electronic Ltd Ouul End Lane Luton 0582 491949 The Harpur Centre Priory Mall Stropping Centre 49 Railway Street 84 High Street North Bedford St.Neots Hertford Dunstable 0234 218228 0480 471117 0992 503606 Bedfordshire 0582 475747 ’*.!*,t»MUblft. WTS«wt*r*k,inn*!pun wb«Mr wll**puixl« *•,!|iWwll, pi.trurt ..H,gfltt -Vw.ilwffldmto,ddwr, Uf H jmIKiXi lull**If lnnl .Wrrtw*mwlVlmm,«iu»ildMt A(X REVIEWS jet refills Inkjet refills certainly aren't anything new but in the past they've always
seemed rather expensive. In fact in some cases the difference between a refill and a completely new cartridge has been relatively nominal.
With this the case, many - myself included - have been put off the whole process, especially when confronted with the prospect of fiddling around with syringes and bottles of potentially messy ink.
However. Jarome Russell are determined to revamp the appeal of the refill. Unfortunately they can't avoid the age old problem of syringes but they have done a remarkable job of bridging the divide between hassle and expense As you can see. The fairly stylish box conceals not one but two refill bottles along with the essential syringe.
Tridges, although a little common se should allow pretty much any cartridge to oe recharged.
Unfortunately colour refills aren't an but for mono printers Jerome Russell o probably the most cost effective refills in business with each pack retailing at just £5.99 or two for £9.99 - including postage and packing.
In addition you also receive fairly extensive instructions on how to refill a number of the more popular inkjet cartridges.
These include a step- by-step guide to the Hewlett Packard. Canon and Olivetti range of car Supplier: Jerome Russell Price: £5.99 Tel: 081-478 7771 Bargain Unmissable optical character recognition software, multimedia speakers and budget inkjet printer refills get the onte-ouer from Paul Hustin Most Multiscan monitors can easily be used with Amigas. Some more modern multiscan monitors incorporate QMS (Digital Memory Sizing) which automatically resizes the screen to cope with extended video features such as overscan etc Without this feature, it is necessary to adjust the picture suing and
position with the controls available Mullrscan monitors are generally the most expensive o1 all types ol monitors.
You should expect to pay more for DMS When buying a multisync monitor, make sure it is able to scan down to horizontal frequencies of at least 15kHz. Tor Ihe Amiga's PAL and NTSC modes miGraph M software OCR software on the Amiga for less than £50. Surely not? Well unbelievable as it may seem, the Amiga's leading OCR software has taken a dramatic price cut, down from a rather hopeful £265 to just £49.95. For those unfamiliar with the term, optical character recognition quite literally teaches your machine to read All you need do is provide the text in the form of a scan which is then
interpreted by the software. If all goes well it should then produce an Ascii text file which can be loaded into any word processor. DTP package or text editor.
As you'd expect such a system relies heavily on the quality of the scan, but assuming you can provide the necessary IFF. TIFF or IMG image the process can be surprisingly fast, and better still accurate.
As you may have guessed via the reference to the various file formats it isn't even necessary to own one of the scanners directly supported by the software. In fact any scanner that can provide a reasonable resolution mono scan can be used with the software.
As far a resolution is concerned the higher the better, with the optimum level being 400dpi. Although having said that I've tested the software using a JX100 colour scanner which has a maximum resolution of 200dpi. And the results were still very respectable.
However no matter what scanner you choose it's a good idea to have a fairly reasonable amount of RAM on-hand - around 3 to 4Mb is probably a sensible starting point.
It's not that the program demands a lot of RAM. But unless you can scan and process a fairly sizeable area and still retain reasonable resolution rt would probably be quicker to copy the text manually.
Considering the complexity of what's going on in the background, the program itself is surprisingly simple and friendly - a classic example being the ability to rotate and flip the scan to achieve the correct orientation.
Assuming you're happy with the scan, what's next? Well that depends on the scan itself. If it's pure text you can simple process the whole page However, what happens if there's graphics and artwork spattered around the scan?
Fortunately Migraph have come up with a solution in the form of a selection of basic drawing tools which allow the creation of boxes and polygon regions which can be drawn around specific areas of text.
Obviously many publications - ours included - present their copy in columns or legs, which if scanned from top to bottom would generate an illegible mess.
However with the assistance of the drawing tools you can isolate each section. Column or box out. If you then select them in the appropriate order before Amiga Computing JUNE 1 994 1- REVIEWS Idultimedia speakers Add-on speakers are nothing new to the Amiga but in the past the vast majority have been rather shabby creations which on the whole would look more at home on the back shelf of a Cortina.
Snse lo be ption offer i Ihe
5. 99. and However GoldenlMAGE are set add a little glamour to
the Amiga's audio output courtesy of their new Multimedia
speakers. Unlike most addon speaker systems, this new range
appear to be dedicated computer speakers rather than cheap car
speaker converts.
As you can see. Styling has been taken very seriously with obvious results combining good looks with logical design. Controls are pretty basic with a simple off on switch, and volume control controlling both speakers.
The only minor annoyance concerns connecting them to the Amiga. Unlike most add-on speakers these rely on a stereo mini-jack for input rather than the usual phono configuration.
As a result you'll probably be forced to buy additional cable from your local Tandy to make necessary connections However in my opinion they're well worth the additional effort and expense. It's fairly obvious that the speakers are basically a port-across f rom the PC which often uses such connections for the various PC sound cards.
As for sound quality there's no complaints whatsoever - especially considering the price.
Two classic signs of dodgy construction are speaker rattle and signal distortion at higher volumes. But in this case there was no sign of either, even when they were cranked up to full volume.
However before you rush to the phone it must be stressed that the Multimedia range are dedicated computer speakers and aren’t really much use for anything else. The impedance is very high and as a result they do need to be driven fairly hard.
In addition they are slightly lacking in bass department and have a marked tenancy to buzz slightly when used with anything other than computer output.
Basically they look great, sound good and retail at a very affordable £29.95. If you want to add a little glamour and improve your audio at the same time they're a big improvement on the opposition.
Supplier: GoldenlMAGE Price: £29.95 Tel: 081-365 1102
- tiating the OCR. Each is processed in sequence and compiled
into the out- out file in the correct order.
When the OCR is initiated it relies on mathematical definitions to identify each letter in combination with an optional interactive learning. In the past OCR software relied on raster-based processing which demanded a huge database to which scanned data could be cross-referenced: fortunately this sn't the case with the Migraph software.
Thanks to Omnifont mathematical definitions, the database isn't required i-q as a result much less space is needed, while accuracy and flexibility have
• proved considerably.
Of course, interactive learning hasn’t been abandoned and after every OCR :ass you're presented with a screen which scrolls through the text picking up any dodgy characters, symbols and grammatical marks that the software doesn't recognise.
As a result you can train the software to spot irregular words or typos which can be appended to the existing dictionary. If you can’t be bothered editing the text manually it's also possible to let the software automatically scan the data and correct any obvious mistakes.
Not surprisingly, the process isn’t perfect with a common mistake being the
• a lure to spot capitals and grammatically misinterpret marks.
However if you tend to process particular fonts on a regular
basis even these errors can be eliminated.
All in all I'm pretty impressed. It did fall down on serif fonts more often, although on sans serif typefaces it was often near-perfect. Basically if you've got a lot of text to convert and suffer from particularly poor typing speed, it’s just what the doctor ordered.
Add together a decent scanner, a reasonable amount of RAM. The Migraph software and a good word processor, and plagiarism couldn't be simpler.
Personally I found by far the fastest working method was to process the scan, run the automatic recognition sequence and then load the text straight into a word processor - preferably employing the Collins Linguibase proximity spell checking system.
Once safely installed into the word processor, a quick spelling check usually corrects any remaining errors. Finish off with a quick read through, and Robert's a close relative - so to speak... Supplier: GoldenlMAGE Price: £49.95 Tel: 081-365 1102 Amiga Computing JUNE 1 994 1- COMPETITION Get the power... The PowerPlay video, presented by Dominic Diamond, reveals the wealth of crucial skills and techniques which led to Danny Curley becoming the former CJK and European games playing champion.
Danny is now a product evaluator for a company involved in developing new games* He tests them, identifies faults and suggests improvements.
...to become a computer games master in our PowerPlay video competition The strategic techniques outlined in PowerPlay work across all the various games formats and are applicable to players of varying abilities. Techniques covered include strategic skills, joystick control, screen positioning and weapon use. Entering this competition could enable you to drastically improve your scores, without having to resort to cheating!
To enter, all you have to do is send the entry form below to PowerPlay competition, Amiga Computing, Europress Direct, PO Box 2, South Wirral L65 3EA.
The closing date is June 30.
Result Information may be obtained by writing to our offices. No cash alternative to othe prize is availalbe. The editor's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered Into.
ENTRY FORM r-“ 01: What i$ Danny's fib?
02: Name two of the techniques coveted in the video Tie-breaker (in no more than 20 words): I need help with my games playing because____ 126 Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, London I I18 2AX Tel: 081-345 6000 Fax: 081-345 6868 A40Q9 (32 BIT RAM) COMPUTERS PICASSO II GVP Amiga A4000 040+ Hard drive 1MB version ... £289 I ACCELERATORS 2MB version ..£325 £49.95 ...£69.95 .£149.95 Ram with clock upgradeable RST RAM board to 1, 2, 4 or Bmb MM optional floating point unit £89 £115 .£179
- cDu .....£359 Ptl for above
(also for A4000) £35 £79 £114 £154 A600 RAM
o dock ...£23.95 m
clock .£39.95 A500 RAM ! To
dock £14.95 with
clock ..£24.95 A500+ RAM
1MB .....£23.95 nmt RAM for
GVP Hardrives I 32
DU ..£29.95 32
Drt £149.95 Simms RAM for GVP (A1230) 54
pin .£49.95
p«n .....£179.95 PCMCIA
CAROS .£109 ...£169 HARD DRIVES Amiga A500 ? A500plus :€
controller for A500 and A500+ with
f. V8 RAM option for standard 2.5" or 3.5* P C. compatible hard
drives toiler only .... SMB with
controller ..... SMB with ci CU «249
• with i fl..£279 with i £299 ..£319
[controller ....£369 : with
controller ....£399 Hard drive for
A1S00, A2000, A3000 end A4000 (Spec as above) lonroller
only £89 «MB with
controller ...... £209
• 5MB with controller ......£249
* 20MB with controller .....£279 :00MB with controller
.....£299 i50MB with
controller ...1319 with controller
...£379 IB with
controller ....£429 i with controller
......£499 Mew Oktagon 4008 SCSI-2 controller
with up to 8MB upgradeable for A1S00, A2000, A3000t now A4000
I-yitroller only., ....£99 '
'OMB With controller £299
j OMB ...£399
iQMB £599
* 2G-Byte .....£899 : 0
G-Byte ...£1599 4 0 G-Byte
£2499 85MB2+4RAM £1895 120MB
2+4 RAM ..£1919 200MB
2+4RAM ...£1939 250MB
2+4RAM ...£1979 340MB 2+4
RAM ...£2069 420MB
2+4RAM ...£2149 540MB
2+4RAM ...£2299 Amiga A4000 030+
Hard drive 85MB 1 +
1RAM ...£899 130MB 1 + 1 RAM
..£969 200MB 1+1
RAM .£999 250MB 1 + 1RAM
£1039 340MB 1+1 RAM
£1099 426MB 1+1
RAM ...... £1199 540MB 1+1
RAM ...£1299 Amiga A1200
A1200 .....£285
A1200 + 40MB ..£385 A1200 +
65MB ...£440 A1200 ? 80MB
£449 A1200+
127MB ..£499 A1200 +
200MB ..,,..£549 A1200 +
340MB . Desktop Dynamite pack
for above please add £40 Amiga CD32 Console CD32 with four
games £289 mm Commodore
1942 ...£339 Commodore
1940 ..£289 Commodore
1085 ..£199 Microvitec
Multisync ......£389 SVGA
Monitor ....£199 Hewlett
Packard HP 310 ... £239 HP
510 ...£260 HP
500 Colour ..£299 HP 550
Colour ....£479 HP 1200
Colour .£1399 HP 4 Laser
printer ...£599 Citizen Swift 90
colour ....£159 Swift 200
colour ...£200 Swift 240
colour ..£249 ProJet
II ......£250 Seikosha
SP 1900 ...£124.99 SP
2400. £154 SL
90 ......£154
95 ......£295
LC 20 .....£129
LC 100 cotour £149 LC
200 ...£199 LC
24-30 colour ..£229 LC
24-300 .....£299 SJ 48
BubWeJet ..£205 Fargo
Primera pnnler ....£819 DISK
3.5* ......£58 Power
3.5* £53 Cumana
3.5* .... £58 HARD DRIVES 15" Internal
Hard drives for A600 and A12OO
40MB ...* . POA
65MB £149
85MB, .....£169
120MB £215
170MB ...£269
209MB .£329 all
A3000 AND A4000
* Supports Mitsumi Lu005 or FX0011D CD Rom drive
* Includes SO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem
* Includes “playCD" utility for audio operation
• Complete online documentation
* Compatible with workbench 3.1 cd File System Babel CDFS, ASIM
CD-ROM filesystem and single photo C-Ds
* Supports most IDE hard drive
ROM .....£269 CDTV ADD for A500 or
A570 £99
MULTIFACE CARD 3 Multi I O card for Amiga A15QO A2000 AJOOO or
A4000 2 additional serial ports and 1 parallel port £99
SCANNERS ALFAOATA 250 Greyscale scanners fur A500 A500+ A600
A1200 A1SOO A2000 AJOOO and new A4000 AD 105 with Touch up and
merge it Software ......£119.95 AD 105+
with Touch up and merge it and OCR
Software ..£169 (AO 105+ require 2MB RAM ad
hard drive) ALFA COLOUR 256K 18 bit colour scanner for all
Amiga system AD 105C ..£339
MIGRAPH COLOUR BURST 262144 colour scanner with
SCANNERS Power Scanner 4 (mono) ......£119 Power Scanner
4 (colour) ....£239 Power Scanner 4 +
OCR ...£159 Power Scanner
3 ... £99 EPSON Epson GT65QQ power
scan ..£699 Epson GT6500
ASDG ....£789 Epson GT8000 power
scan £1199 Epson GT8000
ASDG ..£1298 40MHZ A1230 OMB RAM £249
£449 £579 £679 £79 for A1200 ...
40MHZ A1230 4MB RAM for
A1200 .... 50MHZ
A123011 4MB RAM for
A1200 .... 50MHZ
A1230II 4MB RAM 68882 FPU (50MHZ) for
A1200 SCSI
DPI mouse ..£13 95 ALFADATA optical mouse .....
£29.99 ALFADATA optical Pen
mouse .£34.95 ALFADATA
cystal trackball £29.95 GASTEINER 400 DPI mouse £14.95 Low cost
mouse ..£8 ACCESSORIES Dust
covers .....£6 Disk
Boxes from ...£5 Monitor
stand ..£10 Real Time
clock A1200 £ 15 Scart
cables ....£10 Printer
cables ...... £5 Modem
cables £8 Null
cables .... £8 SCSI
cables .. £8
2. 5* IDE cable .£10
2. 5* to 3.5* cable ... £15 Auto mouse Joystick
switch ...£12.99 Philips 8833II cable
....£10 Branded disc
(10) ....£5
3. 6* Internal drive for Amiga A500 .....£49
3. 5* internal drive for A600 £79 KSTTiili
SUPPLY A500-A1200 PSU .. £34 95
A2000 ... £79.95 Disk Expander for HD and
floppies ...£35
GIGA MEM Virtual memory for all Amlgas with
MMU .£39.99 Saxon
Pro ....£29.95 Repair
service New service centre for most Amiga computers. We offer
a quotation service of £10 for which we will examine your
computer and report back with an exact quotation price for the
repair. If the repair is carried out the £10 is then deducted
from your bill.
How to order When ordering by telephone please quote your credit card number followed by the expiry date and also your full name and address. If paying by cheque please make it payable to Gasteiner Technology.
In any correspondence please quote a phone number and also a postal code, please allow five working days for cheque clearance.
Delivery charges 3E Small consumables and software items under the value of £54 please add £3.50 P&P Other items except lasers, next day courier service (10 per box. Offshore and highlands, please call for a quotation. In addition, we offer the following express services:- Saturday delivery normal rate plut £15 per box. Morning. Next day normal rate phis £10 per box E&0E prices subject to change without prior notke. All trademarks acknowledged.
Software that matches your Hardware Business Applications Utilities We have stock of both Sbase Personal
4. 1g and Sbase Professional 4.1g and offer full technical
support for these programs with our Silver and Gold support
options. We can also offer upgrades from earlier versions -
please call or fax for details of upgrades and technical
Sbase Professional includes a powerful database management language and supports Arexx. Please call for our datasheets on these superb products.
JVJsj on Mqdfc The Maxon Magic screen saver works in all modes, even with graphic cards, and offers you a choice of 21) different amusing and entertaining modules such as Aquarium, Plying Breakfast, Fireworks, Crazy Worms, Messages, Clock etc. This is the utility that you simply must rA-. It that isfl I enough value tor money.
Own! Maxon Magic is a funtastic combination of 20 different animated f screen savers, a system event sound 4 manager and many amusing sampWl sounds that will not only ho incredibly jj useful but will gi e you and your endless enjoyment as "Ji®:
- Via Von Magic ¦tk) lets you assign f yirids ty most system
events 4 ltd injftvi iyt w Sc iwn open & I evjCs. .Merts.
Keys, Moust1 V U.Vgrttiys and more. C Ivxvse r BNUHMiHind!!
Provided Or . tjjSeVvyr own sampled Il l s!
S'* -5 I I Video Music Programming 10011101 K)| 10110 I 11IOOOO, "VIDE STER EOMA The best-value real-time video digitiser you can buy; VideoMaster gives you the ability to record real-time monochrome video with sound at 25 frames per second as well as quality full-screen stills from your camcorder or video recorder.
VideoMaster RGB includes our new colour splitter, ColourMaster, and produces amazing quality colour stills.
VideoMaster AGA works on the A1200 and A600, connects via the PCMCIA slot for extra speed and freedom to use other peripherals, allows high quality stereo sound and supports HAM6 and HAM8 Up to 640 X 512 resolution for stills.
5R ColourMaster ColourMaster is a new electronic colour splitter which works in conjunction with VideoMaster for stunning colour stills.
If you have difficulty obtaining our new titles, just call, quoting your Access Maatercard Visa Switch Connect card number and expiry dafe and we will despatch the goods within 5 working days. For an extra £5 we will despatch the day of order by ParcelForce 24 hour aervice.
Clarity 16 is our premier sound sampler allowing rates up to 32KHz in 16 bit stereo and up to 48KHz in 16 bit mono on an A500; accelerated machines can handle faster sampling rates. The software provides extensive features including full edit control, a MIDI keyboard emulator, a sample sequencer, many special effects and FFT analysis. Vvrvnn I h.is an up-to-date Workbench 3 look, in its own window and is fully compatible with faster Amiga*, Megalosound is the new 8-bit, stereo, direct-to-disk sampler package; the software is packed full of easy-to-use editing features, special effects and
extras such as the ability to print waveforms and sample information.
The package allows sampling up to 84KHz mono and 56KHz stereo to memory and up to 21KHz stereo to hard disk on an A12O0.
Supplied with a hardware volume control and art extensive 144-page manual, Megalosound is impressive value at only £34.95. Prices Clarity 16 new price £129.95 Megalosound £34.95 VideoMaster A 500 £69.95 VideoMaster AGA £79.95 VideoMaster RGB £129.95 ColourMaster £69.95 SAS C6.51 £329.00 Sbase Personal £129.00 Sbase Professional £249.00 Maxon Magic £29.95 All products on this page conic with full UK technical support from IliSnfi Plcuvc coll lor detail*.
High Quality Software The Old School Croon field Bedford MK455DE UK.
Tel +44(0) 525 718181 lax +44 (0) 525 713716 Q Copyright HiSoft 1994. E&Of.
NanxBi| I'm writing to say that I think the debate over pornography has unfairly left the other areas of concern in the shade. Yes. We need to know about the dangers. And yes. Our police should have better ways to stop this going on. And I agree that the tacky pictures you pnnted were necessary to raise awareness (though only just), but what about violence?
Buckets of blood Your raised the issue a long time ago in an article called Seditious Sprites, but it has been a dead area ever since then. I for one
- ¦ave a 15-year-old son who has seen some of the softer computer
porn and it’s not something I’m over-concerned about.
The images he has on disk are no worse than those in the tabloids, but some of the games he plays are much more worrying.
There are some in which the blood flows by the bucketful, and characters scream very convincingly (I think it must be samples from actors), and these are his favourite.
It seems that the more violence the better as far as he is concerned, and the look of concentrated glee on his face when he p ays some of these games is reminiscent of a sci-fi film noir.
Some of the language he is prompted to jse when he “kills" his opponents has caused blazing rows, particularly when he’s Imagine that shouting something like “die. You b !" At me screen This area of computer software might in tn past have been less worrying, but now ne wants a CD32 and one of those .-¦deo cartndges so he can play CD movie games.
I worry that the games will be more violent than most films, and I don't want my son killing real people and enjoying it. Even f they are only on-screen.
Shouldn't there be more said about computer violence? Parents such as myself would welcome more debate and some sort c* guidance.
Mrs Gilly Weston, Cardiff The question of excessive violence in computer games has never been taken very seriously because up until recently very few games contained anything other than cartoon violence. Any attempt to address the Issue was met by comparisons to Tom and Jerry, and to be honest the comparison is a valid one.
However, as Video CD takes off, and CD-ROM titles come to contain more and more animation - much of it digitised from real life - the industry will have to look long and hard at its policy in this area.
Check the magazine reviews and, If possible, take a look at the software In the shop before buying it.
CDTU left out Being a CDTV owner I am getting sick and tired over all the hype about CD32. Yes it is a great machine but what about its predecessor?
CDTV owners, like myself, have been left high and dry by Commodore. Whatever happened to the rumoured trade-in offers where existing CDTV owners could possibly upgrade to the A1200 or CD32?
All we are left with is a bloody expensive A500 with a CD drive shoved in a black box, and a rapidly diminishing software selection, I have written to Commodore on several occasions regarding upgrades and trade- ins. And I am still awaiting a reply, so on behalf of all CDTV owners I would like to ask you: James Ferman of the British Board of Film Classification told us two years ago that as soon as CD-ROM games contained real-life images, they would come under the remit of the censors and would be age rated.
With the current problems at the BBFC, however, and the pressures of classification on thousands of videos, never mind a whole new medium, it is difficult to see how the present system will cope.
Titles such as Voyeur on the CD! And Demolition Man should, by Mr Ferman's criteria, be subject to classification, but as the TV, movie, and computer industries gradually merge, the dividing lines will be blurred beyond belief.
We will be looking at this subject again in the near future, examining the extent of computerised violence and how parents and others can be assured that games are safe for their children, but for the moment the only guide you have is Elspa's new system and good old common sense.
1 Are there going to be any trade-in offers?
If so. How much and when?
2 Are there any upgrades available to bring When in doubt over a game's content, products which are still good value for money, but we neglected to point out just how difficult the book Is to come by these days.
Sorry folks, but ss Imagine 3.0 Is on ths way, Steve le working hard at tha naxt edition of the book to incorporate the new features, and aa soon as Undemanding Imagine 3 la available, we’ll let you know.
Ths previous tdltlon has been discontinued for the moment, and we can only suggsst that you look for e US advertiser In a copy of Amlge World, which can be found at some larger branches of WH Smiths.
While reading your March issue, I came across your advert for a book called Understanding Imagine 2 by the author Steve Worley (page 157).
However, on making enquiries at my local bookshop I was told that this book is not on record, but if I could give them the name of the publisher, they might be able to order it for me.
Could you therefore please let me have this information or who I should get in touch with so that I can get hold of it?
Peter Sheldon, Bradford The advert you refer to was In fact a minl-review designed to remind new and old ueers of pest Amiga Computing JUNE 1994 1- • a rapidly dating machine up to the current spec?
The PC with its myriad Bios systems), and has retained a better record of downward compatibility than many PC fans would believe.
Ash a PC owner how many Windows programs were usable on the 286AT if you think Amiga owners are hard done by.
3. Is it worth ditching my CDTV and saving up to buy a PC which
won’t date as fast as my Amiga?
Finally. I would like to thanks Commodore for showing CDTV owners the kind of support we showed them when we bought the machine - not.
@§Sinf ' Amiga layouts Firstly, I'd like to thank voi Mr O Pollard, London Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for being Amiga enthusiasts - it’s nice to know that a leading Amiga magazine isn't run by a load of businessmen. However, if you are Amiga enthusiasts, prove it by switching to the Amiga to produce Amiga Computing when PageStream 3.0 is released.
Having received an information pack from Soft-Logik, PageStream 3.0 has about 60 new features which aren't present in Quark Xpress. With the superior multitasking Workbench 3.0 operating system, which far out-performs System 7, and the blinding speed of the A4000. I suggest switching to the Amiga.
I respect the fact that the manager of AC may not want to dump his beloved Macs, even though PageStream 3,0 is the best DTP package available, but get the message across nicely, and beg if necessary to use the superior Amiga
- I’m sure you'll get your way in the end.
Imagine a network of Amiga 4000s all linked to each other, all running the premier DTP package. OK, I realise the Mac’s childish operating system and one button mouse have a certain charm, but seeing as Amiga Computing is always ahead of the rest, wouldn’t using A4000s and PageStream 3.0 give you that extra boost over your competitors?
Nathan White. Walsall We asked Commodore on your behalf, and the answer was that no such upgrade was in the pipeline. To be fair to Commodore, the rumours you refer to would have been just that, and no Commodore statement has ever actually promised an upgrade, even though they should really have done so.
Software support, as you point out, is dwindling, but there are still a lot of available titles, even if the vast majority of CD developers have moved lock, stock and barrel to the new 32-bit wunderkind.
Something to say through the pages of AC?
Bira Surf Is our mailman, dedicated to reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication. Drop him a Unsat: Eira Surf 's Postbag. Amiga Computing Adllngton Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP You will find that as the year drags on the CDTV will be more and more a forgotten relic of the past, if it hasn't acquired that status already.
Please don't enclose sees hasn't got enough paper to reply[ personally. Ho might also have to Mshorten your letters, so donIM be offended If you end up getting the chop.
The idea in the first place was over-ambitious, and the attempt to kick start the CDTV market by releasing the A570 was an ignominious failure, mainly because it was expensive and most users saw It as old technology.
As for existing upgrades, the only one I know of in the UK is offered by ZCL (0543 414817) who will fit a 2Mb chip RAM upgrade, but it’s not cheap.
Your final comment about Pcs not becoming obsolete is a bit naive, considering the move the PC market has made from 8086 through 80286, 80386 (with the various SX options) to 80486, never mind the huge variety of conflicting sound, video, and interface standards, all of which will be obsolete when the Pentium machines arrive in force.
You aren't the first reader to suggest that we use Amigas to produce the magazine, and you won’t be the last, but to suggest we switch from a program (Quark Xpress) with thousands of hours in a professional environment under its belt for a new and as yet untried pack- Dish feedback X n The Amiga has used only four CPUs and three chip sets in eight years (unlike r Your Comment article, “A disk too far" in April's issue may well have been a valid point of view, but I felt it came across as an unnecessary apology.
Bit on the top quality software and maybe go for more shareware stuff, and remember the old adage: you can please all of the people some of the time... Vic Storey, Dereham I think I should point out to the rest of the readers that we didn't pay you to write this letter. Yes, we will carry on with CovarDiaka, and use commercial software if we can find suitable packages, but though you are correct in pointing out that a single software house will benefit from a disk giveaway (they wouldn't do it otherwise), the point made in our comment article was that the market as a whole might be suffering.
One manufacturer of, say, graphics packages might make a tidy profit out of a disk promotion, but the number of such packages sold in the six months after such a promotion must surely be minimal, and this can't help retailers or other software houses.
The policy of other magazine publishers is out of our hands, and the expectations of Amiga users likewise, but there isn't a single Amiga journalist (especially those who have to put these disks together) who wouldn't welcome the chance to drop free packeges altogether.
Without doubt you have given away some quality software on CoverDisks over the years that I have been reading you mag, and even though some of rt has been of no interest to me whatsoever, I still think that I get value for money.
As for the free distribution of programs on CoverDisks causing damage to the software industry, is this strictly true? It could be said that many of these programs are in fact past their sell-by dates.
For example, you said that Kindwords and The Publisher are worth £40, yet they are both advertised in your mag at £29.99. It's always possible that these freebie CoverDisks may even help the software houses. I mean you usually give away early versions of programs, so when readers use them they may well decide to upgrade.
What about the offers of manuals that go with most disks? As most of them are around the £10 mark I would imagine this would generate a fair bit of income.
Anyway, please carry on with CoverDisks even if you have to cut back a age is nothing short of madness.
Even if PageStream 3.0 were available on the Mac, it is highly unlikely that our art editors would be switched from a package they know to one which they don't until it had undergone at least six months of intensive testing by our systems manager. One bug in the wrong place could cost us tens of thousands of pounds.
In addition, Europress is a large group publishing over a dozen titles, all of which are laid out on the Mac, and we need the great degree of flexibility this offers us.
We need to know that if we have an art editor off sick or on holiday, we can switch one from an Acorn, ST, PC or Nintendo magazine to an Amiga magazine with ease. Are you suggesting that all these highly trained and highly skilled layout specialists are retrained in the use of a new program?
If PageStream 3.0 lives up to its press releases, we will have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone setting up a DTP or magazine business for the first time, but the program is a latecomer and can’t hope to break into Quark’s existing user base.
Sorry if you think this is in some way unpatriotic, but it makes more commercial sense than Amiga tunnel vision.
Amiga Computing JUNE 1 994 1- Since its launch. Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type Not surprising when you consider the extensive features at your fingertips, combined with user friendly simplicity, it was bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor test, Amiga Format commented "There is little to fault Pen Pal. It deserves to do well" - quite a prediction it seems! J Format have since said that it's "Still the best value for M money...” If you're not a Pen Pal user yet, we hope you soon will be. Because at just £39.95... the best just became better, even
better value!
Rations A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil till your Word Processing needs, and... with an integrated Database too! It’s all so easy to use, you'll rarely need to refer to the extensiv e 2511 page lay- i fiat spiral bound manual Users frequently tell us that they've k never found a program they get on with so well.
Nil WORD PRCKTSSOK You can... Open multiple documents simultaneously: seureh and replace; cut. Copy and paste; cheek your spelling with a HO.OIXk word dictionary; import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint. Or Clip Art lilcs in various sizes and colours; automatically How text an Kind graphics in any Workheix h compatible font i (there are over 200 available styles) in different sizes
* and a4ours to suit your design... Even as you type!
Full Page View with position, alii and creation of graphic objects and extremely useful forms designer. All this Imm a wual processor and... Much, Much. More! As you can see fftxn the documents shown on the left, this is ik) oolinaiy program!
Till . DATABASE With 32 fields per record 323 M) records |vt daialxise and a last soil of KID records in less than 5 wxundv this is a mil ilatalxise.
Mail merging inlo the Word processor couldn't tv simpler, with easy creation of templates lor letters or A A A reports, into w Inch inloniuition can he merged A White Knight Technology THE PROFESSIONAL TP 0992 - 714539 I 2 04 94 AMIGA SPECIALISTS FAX 10am-7pm Monday - Friday PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HQ £1189 £1289 £1389 £1489 £345 £515 £625 £ 79 £225 £249 £319 £419 £369 £469 A* £169 £209 £239 £279 £329 £429 A2000ACCELERATORS CSA DERRINGER 25MHz 68030 mMU + 68881. Holds One 32-Bit SIMM £329 GVP G-FORCE 40MHz 68EC030 + 4MB 32-Bit RAM + SCSI Port £ 589 CSA MAGNUM 28MHz 68040,
4MB & SCSI-2 (Optional Serial & Parallel) £ 849 GVP G-FORCE 33MHz 68040 + 4MB + Serial, Parallel & SCSI Ports £ 989 A1200ACCELERATORS GVP A1230 II. 40MHz EC030, Opt. FPU WITH 0MB 32-Bit FIAM £ 245 4MB 32-Bit RAM £ 439 4MB RAM + 40MHz 68882 £ 565 GVP A1230 II, 50MHz 030, Optional FPU 4MB 32-Bit RAM 4MB RAM + 50MHz 68882 GVP A1291 SCSI l F for A1230 II MICROBOTICS M1230XA WITH 25MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB 33MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB 50MHz 68030 & MMU. 0MB Special 50MHz 68030 & 68882, 0MB CSA 12-GUAGE WITH 33MHz 68030 & SCSI, 0MB 50MHz 68030 & SCSI, 0MB WITH 0MB 32-Bit RAM FPU’s are available, priced from
£75 The LC-040 has an MMU but no FPU A4000-LC040, 6MB RAM, 214 MB £ 1639 A4000-LC040. 6MB RAM, 340 MB £ 1739 A4000-LC040. 6MB RAM, 420 MB £ 1839 A4000-LC040. 6MB RAM, 540 MB £ 1879 Upgrade to the full 68040 processor for i 165 MbAfistt-k The 040-Tower has both an MMU and FPU It has 2 video slots and both SCSI-II & IDE A4000T-040, 6MB RAM. No H Drive £1889 A4000T-040. 6MB RAM, 214 MB IDE £ 1989 A4000T-040 6MB RAM, 525 SCSI-II £ 2289 A4000T-040 6MB RAM, 1Gb SCSI-II £2589 Other Configurations Available - Please Call FREE WITH RLL R4000S DCLUXC PA NT IV AGA WORDWORTH V2 AGA PRINT MANAGER The
EC-030 has no MMU or FPU A4000-EC030 6MB RAM. 130 MB £ 1149 A4000-EC030 6MB RAM, 214 MB A4000-EC030 6MB RAM. 340 MB A4000-EC030. 6MB RAM, 420 MB A4000-EC030 6MB RAM, 540 MB AMIGA 4000 AUU P(*JC« NCLUDt VAT HARD DRIVES A1200 2.S'' Internal IDE 170 MB & CABLE £265 250 MB & CABLE £ 339 Bare SCSI 170 MB SCSI 3.5“ £ 199 290 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 289 340 MB SCSI 3,5“ £ 369 525 MB SCSI2 3.5“ £ 589
1. 0 GB SCSI2 3.5“ £825
1. 6 GB SCSI2 3.5" £1159
1. 8 GB SCSI2 3.5" £1209
2. 0 GB SCSI2 3.5“ £1799
3. 0 GB SCSI2 5.25" £2149
4. 0 GB SCSI2 5.25" £2699 Ask about drives suitable for Digital
Broadcaster 32 A4000IDE 130 MB IDE 3.5" 210 MB IDE 3.5" 270 MB
IDE 3.5" 340 MB IDE 3.5" 420 MB IDE 3.5" 540 MB IDE 3.5"
(A4000-040 or LC ONLY!) £ 649 RCS EXCALIBUR 33MHz 68040 +
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68040 + 4Mb 32-Bit RAM (For A4000 & A3000) £1275 Please Call
for full details on these items The Nfmmmm® Has Been Delayed.
AMIGA 1200HD A1200 + 80 MB Hard Drive £ 439 A1200 + 127 MB Hard Drive £ 489 A1200 + 200 MB Hard Drive £ 539 A1200 + 340 MB Hard Drive £ 689 ADD £50 FOR INNOVATIONS PACK All AI 200’k are covered hy WANG ICL On-Site Warranty AUDIO PRODUCTS SUNRIZE AD516 STUDIO 16 8 Track Stereo 16-Bit. Better than CD Quality • Direct to Disk Recording, Editing & Playback. Can be used in conjunction with Bars & Pipes Professional and the Digital Broadcaster trom Digital Micromcs via SMPTE New Lower Price £ 117 5 Inc. VAT SUNRIZE AD1012 STUDIO 16 4 Track Mono. 12-Bil.Direct to Disk Recording, Editing &
Playback Similar specifications to AD516 above £499 SOTH NOW WITH V3.0 SOFTWARC We Are The SOLE UK Distributors For All Sunrize Industries Products Please Call For A Full Brochure HARD DRIVE CONTROLLERS GVP HC8 A4008 SCSI + RAM A2000 & 4000 £129 FASTLANE Z3 SCSI-2 + Upto 256Mb £ 325 SEAGATE 2.1Gb BARRACUDA The Fastest SCSI-2 Hard Drive By Far ( 5.8 Mb s Sustained ) Now Only £ 1599 The Fast lane Z 3 And Seagate Barracuda Is The Only Combination Suitable For Achieving Beta SF Video Quality On The Digital Broadcaster 32.
TVPAINT 2 (Picasso Retina Harlequin IEGS) £ 185 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 210 (AGA) £ 145 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 300 (AGA) £ 295 OBI 3D Object Convertor £ 99 MULTIFRAME (ForADPRO) £ 75 PRO CONTROL (For ADPRO) £ 65 ASIM CD-ROM FILESYSTEM (V2) £ 59 Other Professional Software Available On Request MONITORS MICROVITEC CUB-SCAN 1438 14" (Multi-sync, 0.28 dot pitch, No Sound) £ 295 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN 2038 20" (Multi-sync. 0.31 dot pitch. Digital Memory) £1175 CPU s & FPU s 68882 25MHz PGA £ 59 68882 50MHz PGA £139 68881 20MHz PGA £ 39 68882 33MHz PGA £ 99 68882 25MHz PLCC • For A4000 030 etc. 68882 33MHz PLCC
- For A4000 030 etc. 68882 40MHz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. 68040 25MHz • For Upgrading A4000-LC040 68030 25MHz with MMU (PGA Style) £ 75 £ 89 £129 £165 £ 69 £109 £149 68030 33MHz with MMU (PGA Style) 68030 50MHz with MMU (PGA Style) MEMORY SIMM S 32MB SIMM-32 £1599 16MB SIMM-32 £ 749 8MB SIMM-32 £ 325 4MB SIMM-32 £ 160 2MB SIMM-32 £ 85 1MB SlMM-32 £ 45 GVP SIMM-32’s 1MB £69. 4MB £195 The New Number For The BIO BANG BURGER BAR BBS is 081 954 9967 VIDEO PRODUCTS DIGITAL BROADCASTER 32 This Zorro III card performs all of the major functions of a full, broadcast quality. ON-LINE, NON-LINEAR
digital (CCIR601 720 x 576 PAL resolution) video edit suite. It provides REAL-TIME.
FULL MOTION JPEG (50 fields per second) Capture & Compression, direct to hard disk. The video can then be edited and subsequently Decompressed & Played back in REAL-TIME, at 25 fps in upto broadcast quality, direct to video, laser disk recorder etc. Also included on the board is full SMPTE timecoding. Read & write. The card can interface with the AD516 Studio 16. 8 track stereo and AD1012 4 track mono audio cards from Sunrize Industries to enable full audio synchronisation to video. It requires an Amiga 4000 or 4000T with 68040 processor, large SCSI-2 hard drive, and fast SCSI-2 hard drive
controller. CT Typical System : (Approx £11.000 inc. VAT) Amiga 4000T-040 2 +l6Mb. Igb HD) IN Digital Broadcaster 32 (Zorro III Card) McdiuFlex Producer (Editing Softwarc) flfl Fastlane Z3 (SCSI-2 Controller Card) El
2. Igb Fast SCSI-2 3.5“ HD (For Video) Sunrize ADS 16 Studio 16
(Audio Card) |n Cub-Scun 1438 Monitor (For Amiga) Commodore
I084S Monitor (For Video) M3 Image Processing Software (ADPRO)
System Configuration & Testing ¦¦ GIVING FULL, BROADCAST (Beta
Dealers ¦ We are SOLE UK Distributors - Call OPAUVJSJON MAIN BOARD (V.2) £399 VIDEO PROCESSOR £ call VIDEO SUITE £ call TIME BASE CORRECTOR £ call EVP SPECTRUM EES 24-Bit Zorro III Zorro III EGS Standard Retargettable Graphics Card. For Amiga 1500 2000 3000 4000 SPECTRUM With 2Mb VRAM £ 399 HARLEQUIN + (NEW Lower Price) With 4Mb Vram double buffered £ 1149 VlabY C Real-time digitiser £ 359 Personal SFC Single Frame Controller £ 449 EDITMAN By Syntronix. Edit Controller £ Call SYMfWICA II Single Frame Rendering System With Time Lapse + Stop Motion Facilities £ 349 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 2Mb
£ 379 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 4Mb £ 485 PICASSO II 24-Bit RTG Graphics Card for A1500 3000 & 4000 giving upto 1280 x 1024 resolution displays. With 2Mb VRAM Now supplied with TVPaint Jr. £ 345 PICASSO II with TVPaint 2.0 £ 489 VIDEO TOASTER 4000 ntsc) WITH LIGHTWAVE V3.1 £ 1949 PAL CONVERTOR is available - CALL SCANNERS EPSON GT-6500 A4.
SERVICE FOR A PERSONAL SERVICE, AND AFTER-SALES BACKUP THAT IS SECOND TO NONE, LOOK NO FURTHER DELIVERY CHARGES Express Small £ 6 Medium £ 7 Economy Small £ 5 Medium £ 6 For large items, please call SURCHARGE If ordering with ACCESS or VISA, there is a 2.5% surcharge.
No surcharge for DELTA, CONNECT or SWITCH.
is the second title in the INSIGHT series, a lavishly .
Produced title rich in multimedia. You can be assured INSIGHT:Dinosajjrs will be visually stunning and technically correct as the title is being produced in association with the British Natural History Museum, one of the world's foremost centres of excellence in the field of paleontology. A unique title for the whole family, produced in a concise, easy to read style which allows it to be used for reference and browsing alike.
A comprehensive A-Z section gives in depth information on.the best known dinosaurs from Allosaurus to VelociraptonjS Life of the Dinosaurs covers Anatomy, Attack And Defen pHerbivores.
Carnivores, Climate, Pack Hunters, Lone Hunters, Herds, Scavengers, Descendants and much more. M World of the Dinosaujg covers Death Of The Dinosaurs. Shifting Continents.
| Family Tree, Fossil Hunters and Hunting and much more.
DINO SAW is a Chinese jigsaw with 25 different dinosaur puzzii DINO PAINT is a simple to use children’s colouring book with 25 pages for you to colour, I DINO QUIZ is a multimedia quiz for one or two players with questions on all aspects of Dinosaurs.
TEXT - Comprehensive text coverage PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS - Stunning photos and illustrations from the Natural History Museum and its comprehensive photo library.
RAPHICS AND ANIMATIONS • Computer generated 2D and 3D animations bring to life the world of the Dinosaurs.
GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONS - Computer bring to life the world of th NARRATIONS - Hear the story of the Dinosaurs.
MOTION VIDEO - Video clips bring to life A comprehensive cross ToeBpce index and onlirte glos ry give you quick and asy access to the information you nled.
Cd: OPTONICA [pandora s CD shows you fust Wflj| can be achieved with multimfifia and your Commodore CD system, an all original promotional disc containing something for everyone, Rve Senses production, the Nuclear indOatry, number counting game, Milfbn Keynes guidebook, jukebox, clipart library, photo library, textures library, aound effects library and a sampler of INSIGHT:Technology. Sample the wonderful world of Optonicd multimedia.
:= nt problems from iLter space _ nave an Amiga A1200 with a 4Mb J upgrade, maths co-processor and a 185Mb hard drive. I have tried to ostall Star Trek and Deluxe Paint IV «*i' - ame tree with my Amiga.
" •ever, neither of them contain an «K»! S’ogram so I have dragged all the ¦rs :nto a partition of my hard drive.
Eferturtatoly, neither of the programs mi I get an error message “unable to :c-e- your tool Deluxe Paint IV Star tove added to my stadup-sequenqe the Assign Dcluic Pilot lV Stir Trek me on checking them with SnoopDos. The to-:«ing have failed - Ram Disk, Z dies, Rexxc, System, S. Prefs,
• S&artup. Tools and Tools Commodities.
Toc on earth can I do to get these to run?
A Bemascone. West Sussex I find it very strange that neither . Of the programs you describe ' have installer programs for them. I know for a fact that Deluxe
• i nt IV uses the official Commodore mailer. Ah. Well!
What I would do is to create two drawls on a partition of your hard drive :-ji*ed DpaintIV and Star Trek. I would ~en copy the contents of these pro- ; into their respective drawers . Fc.ng the window menu and selecting s'ow all files.
These programs use their own fonts to you will have to copy any fonts in
- e drawer to your hard drive s Fonts s rectory. The programs
should en work successfully (famous last
• ords).
Rt they do work you can then delete any unwanted directories from each rawer. Directories such as S» C. Libs, Devs and L can be deleted as files from
- •ese drawers are called from the hard :*ive system. I find the
SnoopDos reports a little suspicious. If the programs fail to
work after trying out the above procedure I would suggest you
reformat you hard drive and re-install the system software
(Workbench 3.0). If all this fails I would advise you to send
the products back to Electronic Arts and ask for copies that
include the installer program.
H toothM grin I wish to produce professional j clip art, on teeth and related subjects. This comes in IBM and Macintosh formats. Will I be able to use either of these formats directly or failing that, what other hardware would I require?
I have an Amiga 500 Pius with extra floppy drive. GVP 42Mb hard drive and 5Mb RAM expansion. I also own an HP printer which I use to print graphics. I hope you can give me some advice.
R Parlitt, N Ireland C Let’s clear up one point first. I Cj presume you want to use clip art Jr rather than produce it, in which case your best bet for clip art material is to check out the many PD (public domain) advertisers in Amiga Computing.
They normally contain a vast amount of clip art although if you want to find IBM and Macintosh artwork you will need ?
Hauing problems with gour Hmiga? Looh no further than MRS for solutions to all gour Rmiga-related problems AMIGA COMPUTING ADVICE SERVICE The price of compatibilitq
• 1 ¦¦¦ I currently own an A1200HD and desper- 2 ately wish to
add CD32 capability. I seem "to have two choices - wait for the
much- delayed CD32 add-on for the A1200 or buy a standalone
CD32 console and a suitable interface I :etween the two
I would be grateful if you could tell me what the
• *ely release date for the CD32 add-on or console nterface is to
be and the cost.
I am fed up with waiting for the add-on, but am nervous that if I buy a standalone console I won't be able to buy an interface at a reasonable pnee - and
• nat the add-on might subsequently have proved a cheaper choice.
Any advice?
F Fitch, Ipswich r There are two possible options for CD32 L . And A1200 compatibility and at the ' moment only one of these has been realised. Commodore considered building some kind of interface connector that would allow the A1200 to plug in to the CD32 but apparently came across problems with the FMV and decided to drop the project. However, other hardware manufacturers have taken an interest.
The second option was taken up by Microbotics and consisted of building a specialised keyboard, external floppy drive, printer option and memory expansion unit that could be manufactured to fit around the CD32.
The keyboard fits to the CD32 via an external expansion device that connects to the CD32 SXI port. It may seem a bit extreme but you could sell your A1200, buy the Microbotics expansion module and start from there.
You can find out more information about the Microbotics expansion module by calling Indi Direct on 0543 419999. The keyboard will cost you £45.99, the external Zappo drive £49.99 and the SXI Expansion Module £139.99. Uhraftmt C Noma I j High j Super j Ban r Grey 1 j Colour j Grey 2 window described on page 22 (Printer Setup). Please tell me if I have overlooked something or if my assumptions are correct that the CoverDisk is not as complete as implied. I await your response with interest.
A Skipper, Lincoln f* There have been quite a few let- ters of complaint about the missing Printer Setup, but I am afraid you are all wrong. My first piece of advice Moke mure ybu ere running the correct version of the Diskfont library If Fountain it to load correctly You act problems too?
Then drop a line to Rmiga Computing Rduue Seruke. Europe House.
Hdiington Park, matdesfield SK10 4I1P and well moue heauen and earth to help in these columns. But SoffH. Uie cannot replq personally so saue those 5Rfs Amiga Computing JUNE 1994 All AmigaDOS disks such as Workbench and most com- j mercial packages have the same structure. That is to say that certain directories and files need to be present on a disk for the programs to work.
When copying programs onto a hard drive it is not always enough to simply copy the main program across. Any other files that the program needs, which are invisible from Workbench may also need to be copied. In your case, explode.library v4.
Libraries are stored in the LIBS directory of your hard drive.
The explode.library is in the LIBS drawer on your Maxiplan disk so you need to copy it across to the LIBS drawer on your hard drive.
Insert your Maxiplan disk into the internal drive - DFO, open up the CLI or Shell and type in the following: drive but I cannot get past the “I need explode library v4" requester.
I remember this was mentioned in an earlier copy of Amiga Computing but I have extracted all the pages I wanted to keep from past magazines and destroyed what remains due to lack of space.
Unfortunately, I did not keep the solution to the Explode library problem.
Could you kindly point me in the right direction either with instructions or with the date of the magazine in which the correction was given?
J Woodcock, Devon to purchase magazines specific to these computers.
Scouring the Amiga PD libraries, I was unable to find any clip art on the subject of dentistry (I presume this is why you're after Clip art On teeth).
If you manage to get hold of clip art in IFF form, which is the image file standard for the Amiga, you should be able to load it into any reasonable word processor.
IBM and Macintosh-related clip art may need to be converted to IFF if you want to use it so you will need some kind of image manipulation program such as AdPro 2 or MorphPlus.
Remember, most clip art is two colour only - black and white. Colour clip art is available but is normally only AGA-com- patible so you would need to own an A1200 or A4000.
If anyone has any knowledge of clip art related to teeth, write in to ACAS and I'll pass the Information on.
Missing set-up J Having just purchased the April issue of Amiga Computing, I am somewhat disappointed to find that the copy of KindWords 3 on the CoverDisks does not perform as suggested in the magazine.
True, you offer a very good word processor but there appears to be no way to print graphics from it as ybu cannot access the
- • I use an Amiga 500 with two floppy drives and a recently 2
added hard drive. I have installed Maxiplan onto my hard cjpy
df0:l1bs txplode.libriry to lib): This should solve your
IHplode goes HUJDL This will copy the Diskfont library v37 over to your Workbench disk. The reason that v37 is not on the Workbench disk is simply because there was not enough space for that and the lesser version Diskfont library.
To enable the fonts directory on the Fonts disk you will need to add the following command 1 to your User-Startup in the S directory of your Workbench disk: I wonder if you could help a novice with the fdlow- r 2 ing problem? I use an Amiga A500 Plus with an extra floppy drive and a Star LC20 printer. I boot with Workbench 2.04 and am trying to get the Fountain program to run off the Extras disk.
When I click its icon all I get is the message “Cannot open diskfont.library 3T. I have tried using the Diskfont library from off the supplied Fonts disk but it is the same.
What am I doing wrong? I know my way around the keyboard but as I say I am a learner so could you explain how to cure this problem in a simple way?
S Flynn, Newcastle the information that you need in the Workbench manual page C-2 entitled Installing ¦ Fountain. However there is a mistake.
Boot up your Amiga with Workbench 2.04 and with the AmigaFonts2.0 disk in DF1. Open the Shell and type in the following; The Defer option tells Assign not to request the Amig?Fonts2.Q disk until the system needs it Your system will then access the disk every time it needs to access a font file.
Now when you run Fountain from the Extras disk it should load without any problems.
Is to read the CoverDisk instructions fully. Take a look at the annotated diagrams on page 22. Look at the top picture and locate the button labelled Next. When you click on this] button, the Printer Setup requester v appear.
Likewise, clicking on the button labelled Prev in the Printer Setup' requester takes you back to the Prir* Document requester. Nuff said!
According to Commodore's technical support chaps and chapesses you will find Um the Prev and No*l button* to twitch batwoon tho printer aetup and print document requeatera R Fountain of wurnj copy Hill: df 1 :l1bs diskfont.library to libs: assign FORTS: AaigaFonts2.0:fonts DEFER C Positive j Negative Shade: Epson Scanners TW GT-6500 and CT-8000 24-bit colour
• cd scanners from Epson scan up to A4 in size, ¦ output
resolutions of up to 1200DP1 00 the and 1600DPI on the GT-8000
in 16.7 colours, greyscale or line an. The scanners either
PowcrScan or Image FX scanning An optional automatic document
feeder GT-6500 PowcrScan ....£599 n GT-6500 Image
FX .....£689 GT-8000 PowcrScan ....£849 GT-8000
Image FX .....£929 Vscument
Feeder £399 PowerScan 4 Completely
re-designed powerful user interface, produce 256 greyscale
images (on a AGA machine), scan in 64 greyscales (non AGA Amiga
can only display 16), add colour to greyscale imago, special
effects, new support for 18-bit scanner, add text to scans,
available with mono or colour scanner. A1200 600 version
available soon.
PowcrScan 4 (Mono) ..£ 119 PowerScan 4 (Colour) .£239 PowcrScan 4 inc. OCR ...£ 159 PowerScan 4 upgrade interface ...£50 PowcrScan 4 upgrade software ....£20 OCR Full version ...£49 Epson LQ-150 The LQ-150 is a but, quiet 24-pin colour dot matrix printer. With draft printing speeds of up to 216 cps and high quality colour (ext and graphics output. The LQ-150 has a built-in 50 sheet paper cassette with automatic paper feed, and an optional tractor unit for use with continuous and multipart stationery.
Operating either flat or flipped oh its back - to save desk space - the LQ-150 incorporates Epson's E5C P and E5P P2 printer languages ensuring compatibility with most popular software packages.
It also comes supplied with Windows printer driver for use oft your IBM AS well.
Epson LQ-150 Power Computing being an Epson distributor and dealer can supply all Epson products at uncompromising prices.
Free Epson baseball cap and . 1 T-ihirt when you purchase EpsoN an LQ-I50 Printer.
I Subject to availability.
Sv__ Epson LQ-150 (inc. All cables) £229 Tractor Unit ..£29.95 Black Ribbon ....£5.95 Colour Ribbon ......£15.95 POWER COMPUTING LIMITED 44a b Stanley Street Bedford MK41 7RW Telephone 0234 273000 Facsimile 0234 352207 EPSON DISTRIBUTOR All ptxo uuludr VAT. Delivery eon. E 6c OE A1200 Beginners Pack The Inside Story for just £39.95 from EH3 s With two top-selling books, the A1200 Insider Guide and A1200 Next Steps, plus a full one-hour instructional video and four disks of essential software the A1200 Beginners Pack is an
essential purchase for all A1200 owners.
Amazing Specification and Outstanding Value - that’s the Amiga A1200 Beginners Pack!
We’ve taken two top-selling books and combined them with the number one tutorial video, four disks of the best PD Shareware software around and packaged it into one great value pack - all for just under £40!
Already thousands of Amiga owners worldwide have invested in our bumper value pack - guaranteed to get you inside the A1200 in three easy stages.
* Start by viewing Wall Street Video's 60-mlnute introduction to
the A1200 on how to do all those essential everyday tasks.
• Read the best selling Amiga book - the Amiga A1200 Insider
Guide. Taking you step-by-step through the fundamentals, it
introduces the Workbench.
AmigaDOS, the Extras Disk. Copying. Printers and much, much more.
• Leave the basics of the Workbench and AmigaDOS behind as Peter
Fitzpatrick's Amiga A1200 Next Steps shows you how to use
MultiView hypertext, install and use a hard dnve, reconfigure
your System, deal with screen modes, the many preference
settings and many other subjects.
And if that Isn't enough the four disks included contain the most useful software any beginner could want, including: a wordprocessor. Database.
Workbench utilities, fonts, graphics, virus checker and recording studio!
Full details on how to get the best use out of all the software are provided on the accompanying leaflet.
Both books and video are available separately.
Amiga A1200 Beginners Pack E39.95 (Inc VAT) plus C3 p&p, ISBN: 1-873308-30-2
- Available in all good bookshops - For all Amigas - the complete
guide to disks and drives.
Having problems getting to grips with disks and drives? Whether its simply copying a file or installing software to run from your hard disk this latest Insider Guide from the pen of Paul Overaa has the answer.
It covers everything from floppies to hard disks. Ram Disks to RAD disks, even CD-Rom drives, explaining not only how they work but also how to use them efficiently. Ever had a corrupt disk or lost a file somewhere? Find out what to do when things go wrong, how to repair a disk and perform essential back-ups. If you have an Amiga with a disk dnve and value your information then this is the book for you.
Amiga Disks and Drives Paul Overaa. 256 pages. E14.95. ISBN: 1-873308-34-5 CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0923)894355
- 24-hour ansaphone service - Free postage on ell books In the
UK. AddC3per book tor Europe.
£6 per book elsewhere. Add C3 postage on the A1300 Beginners Pack.
International Orders: Phone *44 923 504355 - Pax *44 023 894366.
Please rush me the following items: To order, send choques POs made payable to ‘Bruce Smith Books Ltd' to: Bruce Smith Books Ltd (AC). FREEPOST 242, PO Box 382. St. Albans. Herts.
AL2 3BR.
.0£. Alternatively charge my Access Visa Mastercard No: Address.
Postcode- A flexible SPREADSHEET with more than 50 functions, simplifying the most complex domestic monthly budgets or commercial cash flow forecasts.
A versatile DATABASE which is simple to use and powerful enough to deal with anything from basic address book functions to club membership lists and business records.
• A supremely friendly DISC MANAGER to make using your Amiga as
painless a task as possible.
6 Incredible GRAPHICS with more than 18 types of graphs and charts available to brighten up your presentations or make your month by month financial situation as easy to appreciate as possible. You can even make use of eye-catching 3D effects!
Wordprocessor: Compote a letter, check your spelling with the 50,000 word dictionary, mailmerqe details from a database file, add graphics, wrap tent around it, load ASCII text, highlight with bold, italic and underline... and morel liiiiililll Graphics: Enter data dtfectly or load from the spreadsheet or database; produce pie charts with exploded segments; display bar charts side by side or stacked: overlay your graphs on an imported IFF picture; add a 3D view, add text or lines... and more!
Database: Build up a versatile card Index, incorporate up tfl SO fields with 70 characters each, use search and replace to modify data, do powerful multi-field sorting, perform arithmetic functions... and more!
Disc Utilities: Avoid the confusion of Workbench, create bootable files, format discs, copy files from disc to disc, make directories; delete and rename files, make multiple copies of your discs... and more!
Spreadsheet: Prepare budgets or tables, alter column widths, insert or delete columns, cut and paste data, lock blocks, choose from over 50 functions... and more!
Cff 5%C*J J Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire SKI0 4NP, Tel: 0625 859333 SOFTWARE MW Office works on all Amigas with 1 megabyte RAM, can read Amiga IFF files and for US users, fully supports the NTSC standard.
AMIA fSTON SOFTWARE pres'erTt FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE u4 An incredibly addictive and detailed formula one simulation for 1-4 players.
Watch the races as they unfold with three levels of highlights.
Crashes, spins, pile ups, ear failures, stop go penalties, weather changes, fastest & record laps, make pitstops. Four Independent levels Of difficulty. Accurate and detailed graphics of the teams, circuits etc. UNIT 6 MIDGATE PETERBOROUGH CAMB5PE1 1TN 0733 349696 22 THE FORUM STEVENAGE HERTS 0438 354449 19 THE BROADWAY THE BOURNE SOUTHGATE LONDON N14 6PH 081-882 4942 5 LYNTON PARADE CHESHUNT HERTS EN8 8LF 0992 625323 IS teams, 2 cars per team, SO drivers with varying skills, complete engine & tyre contracts. Choose tyre compounds, tune your engines, change wing settings, even train your pit
Qualifying, 16 accurate championship circuits, news section, realistic sound In, load save games, weather forecasts, statistics saved, latest FISA rules, sponsors, full drivers and constructors LaJ championships and so much more.
Includes latest up to the minute dciails n credibly addictive, produced by true formula one fans, rftc most realistic formula one management simulation, suarameed.
F rjfMSA Oft OMU1M0L Ihf 1 PH 1 ||| ip "" _ mm • =on 6 | £179.99 rliil.i i ¦ snowline rmfirpg Including SoAwcm Setup Just £14.95!
Includes instruction manual 1994 season updater disk for existing owners just £3 PLEASE MAKE CHEQUETOSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO; S RENNOCKS Dept. AC, 1 Cherrington Drive, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6NE i ?*VJVW*VVViWWiW.VWaWuWuWyVVWJW. Bdart yn miuh a prict tul.
CONSULT A SPECIALIST THE SPECIALIST COMPUTER SHOP A* Last A double-decker that won't keep you waiting.
Introducing JKCS fiP Dual, High-Density Floppy Drive Works with all Amigas running Kickstart 1.2 or higher Includes hard drive backup software Reads and writes PC disks on any Amiga.
High-speed analogue external disk copier, includes software track display.
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"It is the most important and singularly useful product I have seen since Amiga Shopper began.Amiga Shopper - January 1994 Comparison by Feature Features Competitor KCS HD1 Kickstart 2 04- Double-density 880K formatted High Density 1 76Mb formatted
1. 2 6r bettor Belter than 2Mb Better than 4Mb Filina Systems FFS
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2. U Workbench 2.1+ Workbonch 2.1 + Workbench 30 Yes - all
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call Bitccn noM Copyright, Dwya a Patents Act 1988 S an
r»:r .jgr t; y rci n vx* flv p+ n :l pixy To uk ft copKT
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0 Counting 4 5 ?
Reading 4 5 ?
Counting 6 7 ?
Reading 6 7 ?
And Amiga can help lou made m E exams aOtTH WEST Ashton under lyne: VU Doto (061 339 0326) Bolton: Bolton Computer Centre (0204 841937) Bolton: Computer World UK (0204 49 Mister (ArwJote Centra): Computer Softwre Centre (061 224 3375) Stockport: VU Doto (06) 477 6739) MIDLANDS AND SOUTH W ¦ft Soft Centre (0633 868131) Leamington Spa: Spa Computer* (0926 337648) Nottingham: SI (toironw (0602 632467) Stoke on Trent: Town 1 ’28611) Conterbury: Computer World (0227 766788) Eafing Broodway: Borkmans 1081 840 4114) Ipswich: Bits'n'Byles (0473 219961) Kingston: 5 W (0268 778909) London: Dotal
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1) Burnley: Bundey Computer Centre (0782 31108) lauster Cash
Computers (0574 61133) Birmingham: Mr (Me (021 643 6222)
Country: Coventry Computer Centre (0203 223G81) (0782 287540)
Swansea: Mertec (0792 467980) SOUTH EAST Brighton: Gome 12
Sofhwre (081 974 8900) Kingston upon Thants; Borkmon* (061S46
5941) Leigh on So® Computers (0372 613937) Hartodc Database
(0708 890976) The Plaza: London Wl: (0482 74887) Stockton:
Topseft (0642 670503). Calculus stores please ring bead office
on 0543 store Gome Ltd please ring head office on 081 974 1555
for your nearest store Organisations me'd neuer M of suddenlg
got our addresses and started shouing garbage through our
letteitones Us the information reuolution gathers pate, the
amount of data about each other me store on computer increases
euerg dag. Steuie hennedg talks to the man mho regulates its
use required to register as data users - a status which can
apply to any organisation which keeps personal details (just a
name and address are sufficient) on computer concerning
living individuals.
Upon registration, the uses to which data will be put must be dearly stated, and data must thereafter be used according to general data protection principles set down by the Act.
On the other side of the coin, individuals have a right under the Act - a nght which the Registrar will enforce by law if necessary - to know of all data held on computer concerning his or her personal details, the so-called subject access right.
If the information is inaccurate, you can have it corrected or deleted, and claim compensation for any damage or distress caused in such cases or by the unauthorised disclosure of information.
To find out what information, say. You bank holds on you. Simply get in touch witr, the Registrar and find out the name of tte person who the company has designated as their Data Protection Officer. Next, write to that person using words similar to these: "I wish to make an application under my right of subject access as covered by section 21 of the Data Protection Act (1934). Please supply me with any and all information which you hold on me and to which I am entitled, or confirm that none is held."
The letter should be sent by registered post so that in the event of non-compliance you can prove that the company failed to respond within the statutory time limit of 40 days. A fee of up to £10 can be charged by the data holder, so it is always best to check before writing and to include the correct pay- Gps warned over computer thefts Numerous lost cases have resulted in success lor data protection he Data Protection Registrar, Eric Howe CBE, is the man who watches Big Brother, and were it not for the efforts of his busy offices in Wilmslow. Cheshire. Orwell's nightmare figure could be
much more than just a fictional vision of a fictional future.
Since the office was set up to administer the Data Protection Act of 1984. It has grown in stature and profile from an organisation whose aims few could understand to one of the most important watchdogs of the digital age, employing over 100 staff and answering thousands of enquiries every year. Last year alone, a record 5,068 complaints were received from individuals concerned that data on them was being misused.
The role of the registrar is to monitor the extent and use of data held on computer under the terms of the Data Protection Act.
And to enforce the law when companies or organisations over-step the mark.
This involves both ensuring that companies register themselves as data users and, where necessary, bringing proceedings either to the courts or to the Data Protection Tribunal.
To begin with, when computerised mailing lists became one of the big growth industries of the 80s, most of us were worried only about aggressive direct marketing campaigns and the often mysterious ways in which organisations we d never heard of suddenly got our addresses and started shoving garbage through our letterboxes.
These days, however, there are many more serious issues which take up an increasing proportion of the Registrar’s time.
Lately, for example, we have seen tribunal and court, cases over the use of data by policemen, accountants, and cases where people found out that they were, according to their own mortgage lender, officially dead.
Schools. Gps and hospitals have also come under the Registrar's microscope and been instructed to tighten up their procedures. With the general aim that we treat personal data with the respect which is due to it rather than as just another commodity.
The process of protecting us from computerised prying starts when companies are Policeman illegally tapped into computer u' kink chief £ “'-11 I' f Uklnil ij f i*»: '••i.n i, m FEATURE FEATURE ¦h
- ent, if any. If the xmpany fails to reply, or you discov- e
that data is either completely wrong or accurate, the Data
Protection Registrar will
• ¦sip by forcing the company to provide the
- ‘ormation or change it where needs be.
The most numerous, perhaps, but there has been a gradual spreading of the Act into new areas.
For the future, as computerised data use becomes more and more an everyday problem. Probably the most limiting factor is that from one office comprising mostly of staff answering telephone calls, the Registrar is expected to monitor the whole of the UK. In addition, public awareness is low. And few people realise just how strong are their rights in this area.
This was greatly improved by an advertising campaign in the early part of 1993, and by the increasing suspicion of people that someone somewhere knows too much about them, but there’s still a long way to go. It is estimated that about a quarter of companies who are required to register still have not.
And without an enlarged staff it is difficult to STIFF FINES The Registrar can’t arrest or imprison .'der the Act, but stiff fines can be levied, or me company can be deregistered, which stops them processing personal data and e*ectivefy puts them out of business.
Such sanctions will usually put the fear of God into even the most reluctant organisa-
* cn Test cases heard either in the courts or re tnbunal process
have, since the Act was :assed, clarified, and in some cases
strengthened the application of the Registrar’s powers.
Cases involving direct marketing firms are The European angle An EC directive issued in 1990, and revised in October 1992 has laid down the basis for a Europe-wide data protection consensus by which the laws in force in the member countries can be harmonised and better provisions be made for cross-border data transfer.
Footing, if not better, with those of big business can only be good news.
Arguments are going on at European level over several sticking points, for example over how exempt the press should be and the power of the EC Commission in this area, but we should see agreement some time next year and a new Data Protection Act in 1997.
Let’s hope they get it right, and the balance between privacy, personal rights, and the interests of a free press is struck at a sensible level.
In particular, though, all have agreed that personal privacy is the most important concern. This will be balanced against the need for freedom of expression and a free press, and matters of public interest such as criminal investigations, but the drift back towards putting ordinary people's interests on a level Eight golden rules Every registered organisation must abide by the principles, laid out in the Data Protection Act, which govern the way in which information can be collected, stored, and used.
These are fairly broadly-stated, but ignoring or breaking them can result in legal action, and if an organisation has done so in relation to your own details, you can make them pay. All per- sonal data held on computer systems must be; 1 collected and processed fairly and lawfully 2 held only for lawful purposes described in the organisation's register entry 3 used or disclosed only for those purposes or in a manner compatible with those purposes 4 adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are held 5 accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date
Information Is available to anyone who need* it, so If you have doubts, you know what to do about them 6 held no longer than is necessary 7 accessible to the individual concerned who, where appropriate, has the nght to have information about themselves corrected or erased 8 protected by proper security For example, if you pay your Council Tax by credit card, the local authority might keep your name address, telephone number, and details of your card on record.
However, they would be hard pressed to justify keeping your card details, or even your phone number on record, as neither is strictly necessary for the maintaining of a record of tax payers, and would therefore fail to satisfy principle four, If you moved away from the area, the council would be obliged to remove all personal details they had collected on you. Thus adhering to pnn- ciple six, and the council would not be able to use the data for any other purposes, such as passing details to another department for a second purpose.
See how the Registrar can quickly turn this round.
A surprising number of people don’t fully appreciate just how much extraneous, inaccurate. Or downright damaging data can be held on them and how quickly this can be sent from one organisation to another with sometimes disastrous results.
We've all heard stories about those who were listed as dead, or whose credit rating was wrongly altered, but the few cases to reach the media are only the tip of the iceberg.
Just about everything we do these days can be affected by computer data, whether financial such as when a loan application is turned down for no reason we can fathom, or social, when everything from criminal records to ex-directory phone numbers can go astray in the electronic jungle.
In an age when the world is becoming one huge information network, it is only through the efforts of public watchdog bodies such as the Registrar that the rights of otherwise powerless individuals can be protected Amiga Computing Shopper best mpdtihk1 (imports*:* ports) IFF. IMG. PCX, TFF and Compatible with al Amiga's A500,A300- A600,A1200.AI500,A2000,A2500,A The new 262.144Colour Hand Scanner for all Amiga Systems.
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6310. ... Zircon (2 Mb)---------- - Space shoot em up
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Version 2 „ ...... Work out your winrwgs
..Training Log _,.. .Baft Talk ________ ,,Mast*
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Parsriuti Joust .Try & catch a
parachute 6215 Bafflements .... Hunchback game 6217 ...Act
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Office________ U241 Wnemakei _ U242 Budgets 134
U243 D-Sofve .. U244. .Colour The
U244 Lodrpc V2 0 . U24S .ReioXick VI .4 ..
t) 25i Procad Electroid..... U252 Divide A1200 ONLY U235
Sleepless Nights D285 Fairlight_______ 0286 Nopontolsale D288
.. .Revelations.. . D289 State 01 Art..... D290 Raving Mad Me
0291 Uth4» Exit .„ .
..Coinpilaion of A1200 utilities 29 meoot graphics on one disk Stinnmg French demo ...» Photo realistic sideshow Famous ouality demo High QMMy muse video Sunning demo D294 AGA Swmuits (5 disks) IFF 256 colour pictures use with Dpamt etc 0300 Technotrack II .. More rave muse 030 1 Retina ..... ExceBrnt Vector tern demo D335 Utopia_________________ A1200 slideshow 0310 Nigel Manset .. AGA slide shoe G321 AGA Klondike (3 Wts) ExceHem gatienc* card game 6322 Giger Tetris. . Tetris done G323 U Chess
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• : owed by the A570 which suffered a similar
• s:e, and now we have the more successful 3032 However, unlike
in the case of Pcs and Macs, there has never been an official
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Five cards - Commodore's A3000. A2090.
A2091, and A590, and GVP types - are catered for, but if using another card such as VS or ICD, the user must supply the device
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The CD unit supplied is an internal Toshiba :* the type usually seen inside Pcs.
Manufacturers’ claims aside, it is no faster than xe would expect of a CD-ROM drive, manag- "g around 140 to 150k per second on large and under 100k per second with smaller ies. But this is the norm for the medium.
Access times of over 200ms (as opposed to
- «-d drives with under 20ms) mean that CD-
* OM discs drag their heels when used with a r'kbench, but again
this is no worse than IC’V With its four times oversampling,
audio i-a ty won’t impress hi-fi buffs, but for most ::nputer
uses it is perfectly adequate.
Two audio player programs included on
- •i setup disc are PlayCDDA, a cranky CLI irty. And the
excellent Workbench-driven . -acBox player.
ayCDDA uses the Amiga’s audio channels : -d plays music via the monitor speakers,
• nch is not a great listening expenence. While . JceBox uses
only the headphone Socket
o. -d on the front of the drive from where xxrd can be passed to
an amplifier There’s (D-H01U storage could transform the man
me use the Fmiga.
Steuie hennedn looks at an offering from First fhoire tomputers also a CD ripper program to grab samples from CD at up to 44kHz quality, but the second disk will be of most use to non-musical users. It contains a variety of utilities to enable the unpacking of ZIP and ARJ archives (both very common on PC CD-ROM discs) and the viewing of GIF graphic files, among other formats.
FORMATS Most ISO 9660 standard Cds currently available include images in GIF or one of the other formats popular outside the Amiga world, and viewers for these types are most welcome.
The file system will read Mac HFS and Rock Ridge International Protocol as well, so there should be plenty of material to choose from.
Users aren’t stuck with data files, however, and it is possible to play a great many CDTV titles from the dnve. You can't auto-boot from CD0: (the device name the drive works under), but running CDTV programs from Workbench is as easy as running them from floppies, and often a matter of clicking on an icon. Some CD32 games will also run from the dnve, but in most cases only if it is plugged into an AGA machine.
In all, this is a tidy package and a well thought out CD-ROM bundle. Despite the potential for chaos when attaching an internal SCSI device, the on-disk documentation and the Toshiba manual should see the average user through, and once set up the device becomes a steady and reliable AmigaDOS drive.
I would have liked a more exhaustive Amiga- based manual, and a help section for those new to SCSI and CD-ROM, but the friendly installer removes much of the need for these.
Given the right audience - multimedia. DTP.
And music - this solution to the CD-ROM problem should do well.
SVSTEm ESSEIIIIRIS REO • Gwent-,* BLACK - Recommended The bottom line Ease of use 7 Implementation 8 Value for money 8 Overall 8 Product: Toshiba 4101 CD-ROM pack Supplier: First Computer Centre Phone: 0532 319444 Price: £202,10 Amiga Computing EXPRESS PD, Dept AC, Magazine Business Centre, II Newarke Street, Uicester LEI 5SS.
Tel: (0533) 559711 Fax: (0533) 490118 Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm Quality Amiga Public Domain and Share Software Uf] ’aiwOMviiPl tetaMmfcn no mam in m K13 V*«f»«M«ninH) UlCwtHK PMN rw bahf(H ««MMiiinPI « m4jmb uoMctnooinm M(oiYMk«4i»i(D)j UMIV mi Kmnn Kin**.
FJ4Ull*jirAil|)) VingoalciHgem HilMn*!
Nhiu iii hu inm umu* h» nn iUkomTipiii) ttfaU niJDbnmHMOl CmtHnMmn J 1)4 frond »w (Mtnww giiMtoiriiWhKmn Cm ciA UlMlltqDravU Waitr l*JC2I Mm irt M bwWiiMr l w Ai U7S4 fttc l*M»?N«la*in r (ri Ml hr fa uiu Ksifiin trauMiorara Mra mmv y?4in(l] NwiIMmmUi kMr MOO 40 IK *TW lftwtora.1 147 bn Ami (V) tnit*Ww V 01 (f| taaiaawirtM»«4»i imuQoniRmro i wu* fOAfllranoMlM'l llltKwmM'aWratM :W»K *,rll Fra.
• strain!
UOVtamWRinm Wto K Strain* *« m fintim J UIWI CyranO (HO uni}lb,VMir)m (taMS*giraa *nfM rm ira uoiiwro Ciw* J gliateidMivinW '
• imoMH iMfin(Ti HriiM UNI lUiMMitininci Itrmmm+V ¦rato d Mug *4
iraW fW ras wa?Swni*iNnminm * «•»¦«•• fMfnntaiWjtntnm DmtMpra
lOMUUMtilMHKnm )MtMt UimiUkdiihMI.IOIOim fM.tw.1
W. V militotaclitiitOI uiiniinonitMtt iut.ii uMiomtovis«im*i
iUwtuiwB j(4S9W «4« "Sit fww Hi 4 m tn' iiACMvMkxfNMMUBir
ntfaUMu M UII1 Annum him DkA (f) IT) M45 * frail*, if)
YnpiMratOM'i *1, ,..... JJI) OnatCM (tm(f)(T1 IrtrfCStiran io; iMniiNbmcniini iiUntiH ini U4 Ora DBA (II Dra *4 lor tW (»4 mbu ftlj ¦rfanNraUndir l9*4V J Msfa NM.lt UHJ*W»b»««(rim ] Hragr Mtnrai IK 171 lira to Al 7N am IIDMtfU Wtenl t«Wn vw, Aramfah UU.
Itortigfivklirrau.fatJn totngiVMnw Muf raA* mi ?l n M UIN’AU'dMra J Intoin MM* MW U!MK« total! Mltlptflk Ntf *m,UiW itai*
• mltf m Q4 UV tSffotmmmu.
Tfdl'naMAUW UKOftiWp FWC.MM mynwita ii toim nwim WO OT-ta (in no i AW4 Hraratot Aim Mtot 0110 Oral ran. Ra on Hwhwtnmm N S * '' ' ‘ i -- flit !af *»tra(M(fim nM r.n«»l- Gmt Usra.Mato.mir) |m44Uk nn ran*i InS UII»«A«nOMlMkinm Ml nil ctow UIHI'Ai.u fin l.immci MnuiNgfali JIA3 Umi(dsrtn(4|(f)(T) Hnnn .lOMhigrimn Iraki .'llfl I100ltodtosa*,*|in(t) hliqnn lonsNMfwMiibMgANiiinm nm maCd fTTA Cgtlira InihfHM U IkifoJiAGi VtMn fOA HQm AGA A nag lUu yam1 GmffcpUUiral linOU.I(Uii 0HW«igA»W«J Aoa U.fi4M MiCICMViaA.. UmA inn gllJINraie.VMittR MwhlMhilinO UlllAlMM4al1 iAfiA *ff ( CIO NgHtcNdiidn 10
ACAIMn 61 1 I WNd)Mn » AGAMn UiMUAMWraAWmfcl CnAmmAm Aitl Urai.fcU f.iicl?
Fill fcgMnitt Aitl 1*4 Aailwl ft) AGA GooAAmMiranra ASM 'AA,*1GA hOM *'M HV HtfMlMfiGnraiIA10I AUOOwMAb!
Aid fiwt AGA ft.* il *4. |» i nr» MulHratlr.
MiltwnlJpn UlltOtDhif pngnn (tmftV*M* M5 foc4lv inn tinm mm NO IraOraHIiMM mim»inniCMn( imm fpnMpiti iMDnotHbinO) ItadimtfA Ilf
Mm JMU Irr, • uimMMHinm rat nu MlMinm Omw UraUralraiallinm UraU,«U. U. AI4) UthAwOl Utrkn InfctBwinm hip4ti rAa» AMJ fe,*, hra, ir, :•: I OaradHinmi nrara » ««4» «IONDa ( ratra(nin All un mnurm NM tw CM (IxmiT) MM fill MilooArara Ibf*l l'*lirakra IIUn«in4nrr7 f|m AMI Dm UraWi ff| |Yi A cl Mtt tMuinirminm faiuui m« amoimm P04S Utftetadlllin IfcMnnlni iNJ nu 10(04 UmM Om 01 liaaftfc fhrainnin UNII AN Inrau l«Mn Ini 4t«t(o ko U-T'atta W44 IkngN AKCMtmMMMcbrH glOIM.iraraiHfim fMAnracifararaJM.
MUM Ml omic m M* fat rat ¦a mm ImintMlM Amp :nl«fe uhaoa. Ikpn to nU ¦ICranm Mnpai Amiga repair5 Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at £44.95 inclusive of parts, labour. VAT and return postage packing Commodore registered for full technical support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust your machine to the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also included (extra charge possible if found to need complete replacement) Repairs to other Commodore systems
undertaken - ohone for details Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted • phone for details £44.95 COLLECTION SERVICE AVAILABLE To take advantage of this exceptional offer simply send 01 hand deliver your computet to our workshop complex, address details below, enclosing this advertisement voucher, payment, fault description, returrt Address, along with your daytime and evening telephone number and we will do the rest Should you require Group 4 Security return delivery, simply add £5.00 to the repair charge Q TST WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949
(6 lines) Iwe reserve the right to reject machines which. In W opinion, are beyond repair- Normal charge applies) SEASOFT The Logical Choice p s =ii4i=- D OctaMED Pro VS.Otb - £30.00 Latest version of this famous 8-channel music editor with new Workbench v2 1 files (Note - requires Kickstart 2.04 or later) OctaMED Companion - £15.99 £1.00 pip) Printed tutorial & accompanying disks Esseniial reading lor all OctaMED V5 users AMFC Pro Converts files between most trackers and OctaMED & Music-X format £10.00 TECHN0S0UND SAMPLERS TURBO ¦ £22.50 TURBO 2 - £29.95 NEW LOW PRICES CLR GAMES
TRUCKIN-ON 2 (£450) DRAGON VlLES(£3.50)1 Etorllt-re Shut*!,, pur re fume MOTOR DUEL (£3.50) 3D Cm racing Ummk cm up PIC IT (£4.50) GiKhpNW trim juror PARADOX (£3.50) I ui-llmi ilMjinjputtr |innr SONIC SMART1EHEAD (£3.50) HA.5o.iu - K«J» pluli.mi pjnre OUINGO (£3,50) l-u! ijuir nuKimr urouhnre CRYSTAL MAZE (£3.50) Mcelkni picnan uvlc IMBRUIM (£3.50) Litvlkm nl.iKwm tdNvntm nr JUNGLE BUNGLE C3.50) Tnii'OniW*. Ulu’nwt gimr to khk WHITE RABBCTS (£3.50)
T. iuii. •Uim.f, p.„K cut EDUCATION (C3.S0) N Mor C3W) SKY
(£3.50) i, LADDERS (£3.50) mmm A mUat tpctliM name USCALLY
AMIGA (£5.50) ¦¦ ¦ • -* **«« i"4 4"'1g» Po
- £*5 lEARN (£3.50) iron to Viycar c*tl
• svJLBET TEACH (£3.50)
W. L.A. r«wniw u,.vd AS* FRET (£3.50) &KA PLAY (£3.50) IihbmiI
prntram loc touni klilt
* _*t rr safe (oso) »? Bit oKaai uftly in t*c lumr K TOP FUN
(£3.30) mm v Lid. With wmji'nkium jCWASIA (£3.50) «•»
w;*inrprogram1 urn.Ui 3-CSS TEACHER (£3.50) Yhm to vnnrwr.
MO YOUR LANGUAGE 90 "p -cmctc iiHjtiiltirv cuuikr WiEO READING (£5.50) m i mm rt»Jaw 'I.ill* DO*D COACH (£3.50) laflkaiiuhii luluf ULT T. (£4.50)
• V* nLtkn program •1 WITH CUBBY (£3.50) ClkKWUlUl KUDO for kMl
«E-iST0RIC FUN PACK (£3 50)
• M Dmiuut jma (m Lull
• CG A PICTURE (£3.50) hM - v Mur with coMJicd wn JCERSTANDING
AMOS (£4.50)
• mm Ior Amm urn. Ill about » r* .TTLE ARTIST (£4.50) bar »vmr
book fee you fie Uji COEALIS JUNIOR (£3.50) a »»«,u ruAiar lie
children USCALLY MEDICINE (£4.50) 0m aD upti'*, hoi cd. Drop
: POSITION (£3.50) %* «r»c luunal eti comiwuti.ii THE TIME (£3.50)
- A* • . 1 to men idlljvtHTV OS-RAITURE (£3.50) A-yylw luxriif
jlvut nonum r BBY 2 (£3.50)1 »¦•»*« ?»U(t hit yuiag children ~l
CHALLENGE V2 Manage your own racing loam with this addictive &
detailed simulation POWER BASE V2.2 Powerful user friendly
database program POWER PLANNER Personal organiser w!'h diary
address telephone book, automatic reminders, regular events e4c
TOTAL IRRELEVANCE Issue 6 of the official MED User Group (MUG)
disk magazine is now available - £2.50 Issue 5 still available
- £2.50
T. 1.1993 (the best of issues 1 to 4) - £4.50 NEW - Dick V mix
modules - NEW Dozens of OctaMED modules produced by MED User
Group members • call or write lor full details Other goodies
from MUG (see PD prices below) SAMPLES - Drum Kit (2). Bass
Sounds (1), Brass & Woodwind (1) NO SAMPLER? (2) No need for a
sampler with this collection of rippers etc. FRIENDS OF PAULA
5(1) Latest in a series of brilliant OctaMED 4 5 modules (FOP
1 to 4 also available) _ MIDI TUTORIAL (1) AM FM disk magazine
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Qgi (The C»vemnn) (£3.50)
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TENPIN BOWLING (£3.50) rvdVmi howling guru CLR UTILITIES VIDEO
TITLER (£3.50) RrofeWM'iia huh In wui »«)ri» TYPING TUTOR
(£3.50) Vlr ocuim. VtiiKtWfd Wmoo' IA GRAPH (£3.50)
Cnnipidumnr gr.iptng propim POWER ACCOUNTS (£3.50) Kk|i Uii.'k
(it vtw (uM wvmri CALC V1.3 (£3.50) PuttdTo! M«u)tlKR SUPER
SOUNO V4.7 (£3.50) Pnvora wne ce4lim X-STITCH LITE (£3.50)
Predict enwt .nuh du t.
INVOICE MASTER V2 (£3.50) Crrair ;»ur imn iniwm IMAGEBASE (£3.50) Mull-aoiu pi'piri lTc«i A SounJl ADVENTURE TOOLKIT (£3.50) TniAnoinKM DRAW SELECTOR V2 (£3.50) Profc pnsliction crorjm FLOW CHARTER (£3.50) Create new llouct.m. POWER TEXT 2 (£3.50) Lwclltni Won) pniccua vpell dial i .,...j. . I. ALPH ACC HARDWARE PROGRAMMERS MANUAL Disk 1 (PD) - £2.00 Disks 210 4-£12.50 DISK 5 NOW AVAILABLE £5.00 CLR ENCYCLOPEDIAS Qsk based eneyeopeduu covering a tange c interesting subjects Using a combination c4 teal, diagrams drawings A photographs each tide a entertaining as wo» os oducatonal DINOSAURS
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I 11 rr tuiitf) Al m«)fsc code.
«CCKtr MATHS (£3.50) NCOMM V3 (1) Powerful comms package NORTH C (2) (’•compiler NUMPAD (1) Adds nunune keypad lo Aftfifl PC TASK V2 (1) Demo of PC cmuloior PROCAD ELEC. V1.3 (1) Dcitw Cireuil PCB design SID 2(1) comprehensive directory utility SPECTRUM EMULATOR V1.7 (1) l aicsr Spectrum Emulator SUPERVIEWER (1) Slideshow construction kil TEXT ENGINE V4.1 (1) Text cdiior word processor TEXT PLUS 3(1) liMvlteni ten cdrlni V-MORPH V2.3(1) Morphine program VIRUS CHECKER (1) Latest VC V6J3 a must ASI GAMES ASI 151 - Knlhan Incnienl, Caffeine Free Dicl, Zyard AS1152 - Klawz. Dicuior 2.
Big Willy and Ihc Troll Asl 153* Exit I V Decile AS1154 • Wackman. Bobs.
(ionlen. Kaluom AS1155 • Mcgablock, Digger.
Crazy Clock AS1156-World Darts.
Quockcr, Karate Champ ASI 157 • Fatal Mission.
Strikes and Spares AS1158 • Scrabble, fordo.
Uchcss III AS1159 • Driving Maniocs.
Smidue. Colour (lunge A$ l 160 • BingV. Ekct e* UTILITIES A-BASE (1) tied lent duLibaic progrjm AGENE V4.18 (1) Dcm i of cnmmercial package AMIGA FOX V1 (1) Desktop nublithing pnigmni ASTRO 22 V3.5(1) Serinux aumlogv nmanm ACC 1-4(1) BcM of Issues A.C.C. 1-4
C. MANUAL V3 (12) Comprehensive C Mnnuul GAMES EDUCATIONAL AJ200
AMIGA CODERS CLUB hints, tips & soorco codo lor asaombly
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(2) Die only PD golf game around AGATRON STAtl TREK (2) Game
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SLIDESHOW (1) Brilliant AGA slideshow HOI AGA DEMO 2(1) The very first AGA Demo HOI DEMO 2(1) 6) A must for all beginners CLASSIC BOOKS • I nglnh literature ask (or complete luting eg Slvikcspcua- (I2 CODE MUNGUS V5.1 (1) Highway code tutor D PAINT TUTORIAL (I) Excellent D Paini tutorial JUNIOR MATHS (1) Teach young children to odd etc LEARN AND PLAY (2) Varuiui progs lor 5-10 vcan.
STORY LAND 2(1) Save tinland from the witcti TC ASTRONOMY (1) Disk txivcd encyclopedia TC DINOSAURS VOL 1 (1) Fint of the brill TC E*D,-l0P('1lin THE LITTLE TRAVELLER (1) Lcurn all about uiber cnunincv WORLD WAR 11(1) Info about Ihc Second Wolrd War DEMOS 242 FAIRUGHT(I) Slunnmr demo ALCATRAZ - ODDESSY (5) (Bio A1200) Amarine ilemo BAIT MASKING (1) Erie Schwartz demo DESERT DREAMS (2) Men demo fruin Kdrcm GET FROGGED (1) Superb nmm - singing (mg JESUS ON E S (2) Acid demo (2 dnves) PINK FLOYD (6) (2 dcfVM) Classic Mega dens.' - The Wail RAGE ALCHEMY (2) Excellent demo REVELATIONS (1) Quality
slideshow UNSPORTING (1) 2 Meg anim AKVTar.k amusing aest version of this assic genealogical jatabase program £15.00 CD ROMS (Cl .00 PAP) CDP01.2&3 £19.95 each dt.l A Inn. Ke more AMINET - £19.95 Lacu uilllimeti for the MUSIC GUIDE TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) CtoMMMW gwleildriKs, MED 3.21 (1) Final uruoa ill clmlr cdw MIDI CRAFT-VOL 1(1) Demo of MUSIC VMIbl t'k.
MUSIC ENGINE (1) Mult) fc*mu mutk pl»n OctaMEO V2 (1) lull (unctmmng if Ctunncl (dm OctaMED V4 1) OctaMED VS (1) Vim-vavz dntui PROTRACKER 3.018(1) X-BEATPR0(1) OCTAMEO MODULES MAKING TRAX - VOL I t) MICROCRAFT (4, MUSICALLY CHALLENGED r Keep ifAk of jour hmk acc.
COMMUNICATE VI J(1) Sign ian KLONDIKE I AGA nuticncc came K RHODES SLIDESHOW FanUxv tlidcxhnw MANGA SLIDESHOW (4) Famouv Japancvc artwork MAGIC WORKBENCH (I) Create dazzling backdrop* MAGIC FACTbRY (2) F,xce|feni Slai Trek |uleshnws MEGABALL 3 AGA (1) n wlteni version MIRAGE SUBLIMINAL XTC (2)
F. xcellenl acid demo MOTOROLA INVADERS (2) An AGA inace invaders
game NIGHTBREED VOL 1 (2) VOL 2 (2) VOL 3 (2) Excellenl AGA
pictures POINT OF SALE (1) Stunning AGA dentu SLEEPLESS NIGHTS
l. 'ieful ulililiev Icon Master etc SPACEBALLS 9 FINGERS (2)
Absolutely fnhxiloui Vlcr.i SUPER HAM PICS (6)
F. xcellcnt Hnm pics TETRIS AGA UTILITIES (1) Clasue tame ami
unliitev UCHESS (1) Ullimaic chess program (4 meg) VIEWTEK
VI,05(1) AGA piclurcanimaiion viewer 0)
o wwr Fxcvlleni copying program EASY CALC (4 EASY CALCt (DOS
2)(1) Excellent vprcadvheei ENGINEERS TOOL KfT (1) Diunovtic
provnun FREECOPY V1.8 (1) Install Mmeiac on your HD FRED FISH
CAT (1) Lixtx all Fred Fivh dn( FORMS UNLIMITED (1) & 600 BUS.
LETTERS 0) L vcful huMiicw pioeiamv GOLF RECORDER (1) Gull
djtahavc ICON PLUS (3) Various ictmv and uselui Ulilv INSCRIPT
V1.1 (1) Video litter KICK 1.3(1) Run lhavc A.50O proaranM
KICKSTART 2(1) Fjnulotev Kkkston 2 on A500 LOCK PICK 2(1)
Install manv eames on HD MCADV1.22(1) Technical draw ing
package MAGNUM VI. 9(1) Disk mugazine creator MENU MASTER 3(1)
Create v«ir wo menus MESSY SID 2 (1) Amigu - PC file convenor
* ¦ muni I1 () lifcrir* nn tfm tnlliau 2 dnA coBretion T7 BIT
fK . Inhnr A muno dip art fanli. Vimpkr. A mire GAMESl.2«i3
MEGA MOUSE 4000pr ultra high ros £14.95 MIDI INTERFACE with
leads £22.$ 0 Aij mcturc »ninufu»n
W. B3 BACKGROUNDS in« WB3 HACKS (f) UNDS 11) v for w bf i
CtArurrd buckctm
FREE! * Selection of fun hucki Note - Titles marked will
not work on A500 (V1.2 V1.3) machines Unless otherwise stated
all advertised titles work on A500 (1 meg). A500+. A600 &
A1200 machines ACCESSORIES (£1.00 pApl PYTHON JOYSTICK -£9 99
COVER - £2 99 4400 DUST COVER -£2.99 A1200 DUST COVER £399
LEAD (5m - £6.99 PLAYER ADAPTOR - £5.99
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3. 5" DISKS WITH LABELS 100% erTor tree DS.'DD (AMIGA etc.) 10 -
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Aicenceware Ortiy (£1.50 Europe. £3.00 rest of Wodd) or £1.00
if your order indudes other items (Europe & rest of World a!
Cos!).. Send cheques postal orders lo: SEASOFT COMPUTING (Dept
AC), The Business Centre. First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue.
Rustington. West Sussex BN16 3EY or telephone ¦¦¦ (0903)850378
10. 00am to 7.00pm Mon-Fri (lo 5pm Sat) Callers by appointment
PE19 2AU.
MofHEtS________________ ____£7.99 MfGiiOMANU ...
OkfOfENCWMB .... ..Cf.ff McnAUMSfilOUNDfn .Cf.ff DCBBAKNIUFaB__ .....X7.ff mm MANAG9 .. . £7.ff OK-..., ..... .... _________ .. aw «wn*MA**Ga2________ ...-Xfff HdfiUnONOf«8IMOH3.. ... ...Xiff JMUT WlfTB illflltf__ _£7.99 INUNQUSJWf __£4.99 UctNDSOFVAUXM______ „ _______w.ff nrwiwwx ...... ____0.99 LiMKUHCS 1___ .C999 uruuv . _______-Cf.ff JiMMNG57__ ..mm ioot .. _______________Xf.ff £999 cnaoHK-
XliW owsMa .. ouBtuuamimr.
OfiUU««COmOONSfrjXJ7.9f MOJUUttfltftt.
.ciiff mnomm .cim imn .
CfWSMDGftMi ....mm uomvucai.
C229f DorOfflllMQ--- xcai_ ycctmm.
£9.99 (WHILE STOCKS LAST)* FREE * FRIi EDUCATIONAL I MORE ON AMIGA GAMES YOU RECEIVE A FREE ZOOL WORTH CD32 TITLES UTILITIES UUMWMi-.. _Xlf.ff ..Xlfff pur Zjvim musiontt-----cif.ff £5*258 tarn aw ..... Mff 2T22S212*Ii .XW.ff COCK J______M » KNSOCOUPJj MZJDfSHSMX1 BNCfK} £2 ft MOFGtfr_______________ AKCSftCftSCNtt ilfff ul* £2Iff mnctBsaswm XmiS'ttHnrei (MPUK 4 Cfff .CM OfUGfi Cjf.ff :L£H Ujue:, 12 Jf MWS0WV2 _.
['if xawrnui tst'Jf NX5W1 c* iMvxoxi: 01* MxtOIV Cfiff ijomiwmsai nw ximtnu ORDER FORM 2E 30 E3 Please supply me with the following for: Computer: ... Titles Pm POST A PACKING TOTAL MTE, j DIRECT SOFTWARE, AMC06 SC, UNIT 3, WILL MATCH PRICES!! NEVER BEEN BEATENII TRY US!!
Please charge my Access Visa No: CJCJCJCJ 0C300 Cl 0 O O 0000 Expiry Date: 00 00 CROSS KEYS SHOPPING MAU, ST. NEOTS, CAMBRIDGESHIRE. PE192AU.
NAME:.... ADDRESS: POST AND PACKING UK MAINLAND = FREE EEC = £3.00 PER ITEM NON EEC = £4.50 PER ITEM POST CODE: . i 'AU mmsAKSfNrourBYKC0WfDD(um' rr. I AU IIBMS SUSJtCT TO AVAILAMIIITY I CL: . I AU PRICtS SutJlCT TO CHANGl WITHOUT NOVCi, t.t 0.1. FIMfff AUOW FOB ChfQUl Clfxuc I SOMf GAMIS MAY NOT tl BtllASlO | A T T1MI OF GOING TO PUSS amma emmtm ms m Please make cheques A PO's payable to: BLITTERSOFT (Dept AC) 40 COLLEY HILL, BRADWELL, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS, MK13 9DB TRAPFAX SOFTWARE The ultimate in Amiga Fax software. For class 2 standard. Send faxes from ANY
preferences printer driven program! Superb quality and flexibility. Features delayed transmissions, multiple fax scheduling. Integrated Phonebook, Fax Viewer. Arexx interface and Network support!
Now only £49.95 UPPER DISK TOOLS A great new concept in the recovery of deleted or lost files from any normal disk. Files are recovered through a new virtual AmigaDOS device called REC: using the CLI. Workbench or your favourite file utility. Simplicity itself - A dream to use! The best £19.05 you will ever spend on your Amiga.
PICASSO II .casso II RTG Emulator integrates seamlessly into the Amiga ¦rating system to give the most reliable emulation available. The
* ¦ resolutions provided by the Picasso II appear in ail your
applica- IM as new screen modes selectable from the standard
£r«nMode requester. For any program that allows you to choose a
* • screen mode, you would simply choose a Picasso II screen
* ode as an alternative (such as Picasso: 1280 x 1024). OS
friendly jngrams will be able to immediately take advantage of
the Picasso toard The Picasso II uses a built in Blitter and
high speed memo-
- subsystem that offers super fast screen updates. Because the
* casso II RTG board does not use Chip RAM. Your Amiga will be
ess ikety to suffer from bus contention problems normally
- r *'th running high resolution screens and heavy DMA activity.
You ar .S3 last RAM as graphics memory, leaving the 2MB
restriction l*nd ”• * Pipasso U comes With several screen modes
and resolution?
Rai are industry standard and tor which all monitors are designed ~-*se modes operate at the proper scan rates and frequencies in T3er to take advantage of the most popular monitors available. In Ktne instances, where those modes may not be sufficient, you can «• create your own custom screen modes with PicassoMode pro- r*" Picasso II comes with TVPaint Junior. MainActor (animation :r:gram). IFF, GIF. JPEG and MPEG Viewers and drivers for ADPro,
- ageFX. ImageMaster and Real 3D. A TVPaint 2.0 bundle is avail-
* *100 TOWER POWER! An Amazing Power-User Pic'n'Mix!
Amiga Model Price Add Picasso II* Add Emplant Deluxe Add Emplant Deluxe 4- Picasso II' U000T 214 Mb IDE £1949.95 £2269.95 £2299.95 £2599.95 MQ00T 525 Mb SCSI-2 £2199.95 £2549.95 £2519.95 £2849.95 U000T 1.05 Gb SCSI-2 £2499.95 £2819.95 £2849.95 £3149.95 U000LC 214 Mb IDE £1629.95 £1949.95 £1979.95 £2279.95 U000LC 540 Mb IDE £1849.95 £2169.95 £2199.95 £2499.95 Great New Prices - TVPaint Junior Included!
£319.95 PICASSO II 2 MB ? TV PAINT Jnr.
£349.95 PICASSO I11 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 £469.95 PICASSO II 2 MB + TV PAINT 2.0 £499.95 EMPLANT EMPLANT will revolutionise the way you use your Amiga! Imagine one card offering multiple emulations that ALL multi-task (after all.
Isn't that the way the Amiga was meant to work!)
The supplied Mac emulation boasts fuff colour (16 ECS, 25$ AGA,
16. 7 Million with supported graphics cards) and superb Stereo
EMPLANT running Photoshop in 256 colours, whilst fully multi-taskingf EMPLANf supports Hard Drives, (via on-board SCSI or AmigaDOS partitions). Hard Files, MAC 8O0K (via lilac drive adapter). MAC IBM
1. 44Mb, IBM 720K, EMPLANT and AMAX formats. The SCSI interface
supports both the Amiga and the emulated machine at transfer
rates of over 1 Mb Sec.
EMPLANT supports AppleTalk. Serial ports. Printers. Modems. Midi, etc. You may use SyQuest. Any AmigaDOS device (DHO:. RAD:. VDO: etc.). Scanners. Graphics Tablets. CD ROM etc. Emulation speed is exceptional and compatibility Is excellent. All known software runs! Built in file transfer between platforms is provided with new MultiOS system and support for the Amiga Parallel Serial port for direct printing modem va the Amiga! Cut and paste text between Amiga Mac programs too. The IBM 386 486 emulation module will be out soon.
EMPLANT supports any Zorro equipped Amiga with the A1200 PCMCIA version out soon.The Mac emulation alone requires 68020 30 40 with 4Mb RAM minimum and also 256K Macll x cx SE30 ROMs.
WaveTools 16 bit audio card plugs Into any Amiga 1500.2000 (accelerated), 3000. Or 4000 computer, giving your Amiga the punchy sound quality of CD's and DAT recorders at a fraction of the price of other 16 bit sound cards WaveTools uses your computers hard disk drive to directly record, edit, mix and playback audio in Amiga compatible AIFF 16 stereo file format Using state ot the art circuitry WaveTools has a frequency response of 10Hz to 20KHz and a dynamic range of 85dB for faithful reproduction of sounds from the fattest bass to the thinnest strings. WaveTools provides a pair of stereo
I O jacks for direct connection to any device with standard line in and line out connectors. Record Irom CD players, DAT recorders. Video Tape. Videodisk or any other line level audio sources WaveTools is able to sample data at a variety of sampling rates as low as 19KHz as well as the standard rates ot 44.1 Khz and 46KHz tor CD and DAT compatibility WaveTools includes a waveform editor for cut. Copy, paste and mix operations on selected portions of audio waveforms. WaveTools maintains an internal time code in the format of SMPTE 24, 25 and 30 frames per second to ensure perfect
synchronisation of your audio files with video and animation. II required.
The WAVETOOLS RTX (Real Time Effects) Module adds an AD2105 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a SMPTE time code reader generator. The DSP allows real time 8 track mixing and playback (stereo out), and realtime eflects such as flange, echo, slapback. EQ etc. The architecture is open to allow third party developer support (custom DSP routines). The SMPTE time code reader allows WaveTools to chase Longitudinal Time Code (LTC). Vertical interval Time Code (VITC) and Midi Time Code (MTC). It accepts composite NTSC or PAL video for VITC and line level audio for LTC The time code generator can
stripe VITC or LTC and can generate a user positioned time code burn-in window for making a video work prinl with time code stamped on it.
WAVETOOLS £349.95 RTX Module (Ships April) £299.95 WAVETOOLS RTX (both boards) £599.95 COMMS Thanks to BT and Mercury, you can now dial anyway in the UK T R A P FA X on weekends for the cost of a local call That'S only about ; .1 . '1 .
£2.00 per hour! Thanks to Blittersoft, you can now own a spanking new 14.400 V32bis Fax Modem with the Ultimate Fax soltv are lor an all-time low price, complete with TRAPFAX. The ultimate Amiga Fax software!
This modem incorporates the proven Rockwell technology resulting in incredible performance and great looks, The world of Comms (and its wealth of PD soltv are and support) can be yours to explore! Why put up with a slower modem?
PEGASUS 14,400 External Fax Modem
V. 32.V42 (thruput 57,600 bps), Class 1&2 Fax £199.95 THERE'S
:.r exclusive options give unrivalled power! Take your pick from any of the new Commodore machines, from the new low : • ced LC machines to the flagship Tower! Now, with our enhanced options, you can add 24-bit display and a full emulation f-gme in the shape of EMPLANT. Mac emulation included with the IBM module expected during April (£99.95 upgrade), "¦agme the capabilities of this multi-platformed workstation, all multi-tasking and in full colour!
Casso II is the full 2Mb board, and includes TVPaint Junior. Add £130 for TVPaint 2.0 Add £160.00 for additional 4Mb SIMMs.
STANDARD COURIER £3 OO.NEXT DAY £8.00 (OVER idkO-PLEASE CalLj (0908) 220196 (0908) 310208 V Sponsored by COMPUTING Spotlight 94 will provide visitors with demonstrations of software and h dware conjigurations and permit them to ask questions about many products directly to experts in the field. The show will a wide range of hardware and software, bargains many items at substantially reduced prices.
Ft* also otter Discover the world of Amiga and Atari with the following top name companies: Among the top companies exhibiting will be HiSoft with a wide range of software for both the Atari and Amiga range including a 12 bit sound card for the Amiga A1200 and a Voicemail system for the Atari.
Meridian Software will be showing new software from America. AlfaData Benelux have a range of brand new CD32 add-ons. Power Computing will be showing their new SCSI hard drive controller for the Amiga A4000. Microvitec are displaying their latest multisync monitor, the 1438, suitable for use by both Atari and Amiga machines. System Solutions and Atari Workshop will be demonstrating an exciting range of new products from both Germany and America. This includes new software called Expander for an Atari CD ROM, HD Drive, an invaluable hard drive utility and Power Up, a Falcon accelerator. BSC of
Germany are showing their superb add-on ROM drive for the A1200 Amiga together with other useful products. Europress, well known publishers of Atari ST User, Amiga Computing and ST Review will have all their magazines and back issues available. GE Soft Systems are demonstrating an accelerator for the Atari Falcon together with a novel clone’ STE. Digital Village and Music Village will be showing and demonstrating all the latest products for the music industry and Prima Technologies have a keyboard for the CD32 and various other successful and unusual products. Golden Image will be exhibiting
a wide range of peripheral hardware at amazing discounts and ACE will be showing the World of CD ROMS from Holland. 16 32 Systems will have their huge Public Domain software library for both the Atari and Amiga and Lightwave will be able to solve all your cable and connector problems. We also hope to demonstrate the new Atari Jaguar 64 bit machine with its amazing capabilities and CU Amiga will be offering technical support to help solve those little problems that are ever present.
• Hi-Soft •Gasteiner •Golden Image
• Meridian Software 0 Marpet • Europress Enterprise
• Weekend Developments , Anlic 8ystems •Miernvitec G I U OL
• Power Computing • 1st Computer Centre • BSC (Germany)
• Computronics • Alfa Data (Benelux) • Broadfield Computers AND
GASTEINER Novotel Hotel Exhibition Centre Hammersmith, London
28th & 29th May, 1994 10am - 6pm is the only place to be!
Tickets: £5.00 on the door £3.50 IN ADVANCE Order your advance tickets on the ticket Hotline or fill in the coupon below TICKET HOTLINE: 081m345 8573 I require advance tickets @ £3.50 each Send to: GASTEINER 126 Fore Street Upper Edmonton London NX18 2AX Payment I enclose £___ Name_ Address_ J OPEN ALL HOURS WELL, NEARLY!
9am-10pm Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sunday 29p £31 ‘Ask for Special Disk Offer when ordering
2. 5" HARO DRIVES FOR A600 A1200 60 MEG £149 80 MEG £189 120 MEG
£209 250 MEG £259 344 MEG £309 Hard drives include full
fitting kit & instructions PRINTERS & RIBBONS Star LC100
Colour ....£134.00 Star LC24-30 * Auto Sheet
Feeder £209.00 Seikosha SP1900 9 Pin Mono ..£119.00 Seikosha
SL95 24 Pirt Col £189.95 HP310 Colour
Inkjet ..£219.00 HP310 + Auto Sheet Feeder
£269.00 Star LC24-200 Colour ..£274.00 LC20 100
mono ribbon .£4.50 LC 100 colour ribbon
......£6.75 LC24 200 mono
ribbon .£5.50 LC24 200 colour
ribbon £13.50 LC200 mono
ribbon ......£4.50 LC200 colour
ribbon ......£9.75 LEADS & CABLES
Printer . .£3.99
Serial .. .£4.99 Null
Modem ... .£5.99 Joystick Extender 3
metre £3.99 Joystick Mouse Extender ..£3.99 Amiga
to SCART ...£7.99 Amiga to
1084S 8833 £7.99 Analog Joystick
Adapter ...£4.99 4 Player
Adapter ....£5.99 LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!
TRACTORFEED DISK LABELS Now you can print your own professional disk labels!
500 Plain white disk labels on tractor teed, complete with FOUR disks ol software and artwork.
Yours for ONLY £9.95 1000 Labels with software ONLY £13.50 AMIGA HARDWARE A1200 Race and Chase Pack .£289.95 A1200 Desktop Dynamite. ..£329.95 CD32 + Oscar Diggers £289.95 100 CAP BOX .99* Amiga A4000 ......£Phone Microvitec 1438 Monitor £295.00 Cubscan 1440 Multisync £399.95 External Floppy + Virus Killer £56.95 A500 Internal Floppy Drive....£48.95 A500 512K Ram Exp. + Clock .£23.50 A500 1.5 Meg Ram Exp £76.95 A500+ 1 Meg Ram Exp £33.95 A1200 2 Meg Ram Exp+Clock£109.95 A1200 4 Meg Ram Exp+Clock £174.95 A50Q A60Q A1200 Power Supply ..£29.95 DISKS & LABELS All disks are
supplied with labels.
UNBRANDED DISKS are 100% error free.
In the unlikely event that any of our disks are faulty, then we will replace the disks AND reimburse your return postage!
3. 5" DSDD Grade A £0.37 each
3. 5" DSDD Grade B £0.29 each 3,5”
Rainbow .£0.44 each
3. 5' DSHD ....£0.58 each
3. 5" DSDD Fuji (box of 10)......£4.90
3. 5" DSHD Fuji (box of 10)......£8.90
5. 25“ DSDD Fuji (box of 10) ....£2.50
5. 25" DSHD Fuji (box of 10) ....£4.90 1000 3.5"
labels .....£6.50 1000 3.5"
tractorfeed .£8.50 STORAGE BOXES Most types are
available for 3.5' or 5.25' (ksks.
10 capacity .....£0.95 20 capacity .....£1.95 40 capacity .....£3.49 50 capacity .....£3.95 100 capacity ...£4.50 80 capacity Banx drawer £8.49 150 capacity Posso drawer ...£15.95 200 capacity drawer £14.95 MISCELLANEOUS SPECIAL OFFERS!!
Mousehouse .. £1.80 Mousemat 9mm thick ...£2.50 Diskdrive cleaner £1.80 A500 Dustcover ..£3.50 A600 Dustcover ..£3.50 A1200 Dustcover £3.50 Monitor Dustcover .....£3.50 LC20 Dustcover .£3.50 LC100 Dustcover ......£3.50 LC200 Dustcover ......£3.50 LC24-200 Dustcover .£3.50 Roboshift ...£13.95 Amiga Lightpen £29.95
Optical Mouse £32.00 Manhattan Mouse .....£9.99 Megamogse u ..£11.95 Megamouse 400 DPI ..£12.95 Point Mouse .....£12.95 Alfadata Trackball ...£26.95 Crystal Trackball .....£32.00 Zydek Truedox Trackball £25.95 Zyfi Amp Speakers ..£37.50 Zydek Pro Speakers £49.00 Action Replay Mk III £56.95 Midi Master £26.00 Tilt Turn Monitor Stand ..£9.95 2-piece Printer Stand £3.49
Metal Printer Stand ...£8.99 A4 Copyholder ...£5.99 Metal Angle Poise Copy Holder..£14.95 A500 A600 ROM Sharer £14.95 V1.3 ROM V2.04 ROM £25.95 Microperl Tractorfeed Paper 500 sheets £4.50 2000 sheets...£13.00 JOYSTICKS All joysticks have autofire feature except those marked *.
Trigger Grip Models Quickshot turbo ..£6.95 Python 1M ...£7.99 Jetfighter ...£12.00 Topstar .....£19.50 Sigma Ray .£14.95 Base Fire Button Models Maverick 1M ... £12.95 Megastar ...£21.50 Zipstick ..£12.95 Comp Pro 5000* .....£10.95 Comp Pro Extra £12.95 Comp Pro Star .£12.95 Cruiser Multicolour* ...£9.95
Advanced Gravis Black £24 99 Advanced Gravis Clear ......£27.99 Comp Pro Star MINI ...£14.95 Aviator 1 Flightyoke .£23.50 Handheld Models Speedking .£10.50 Navigator ...£13.95 Bug ..£12.00 ANALOG JOYSTICKS Jit any Amina Warrior 5 .£14.95 Saitek Megagrip 3 .£19.50 Speedking Analog £13.95 Intruder 5 £25.50 Aviator 5 Flightyoke ..£27.50 Adaptor to use
any PC analog joystick on an Amiga ......ONLY £4.99 COMPUTER SUPPLIEi 0782 206608 ¦ Anytime I A 0782 642497 . 9.00em.S.30pm 0630 653193 0782 320111 tv.nmg, a BUSINESS HOURS 9am to 10pm Mon Sat, 10am to 6pm Sun All items and offers subject to availability. E&OE Postage £3.30 Next Day £3.75 We accept Pos. Cheques & credit cards visa Please write Cheque Card Number on cheque for Instant clearance BUSINESS AND EDUCATION ORDERS WELCOME All Prices Inc VAT DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES 36 HOPE STREET, HANLEY, STOKE-ON-TRENT ST1 5BS ..... "Everything (ft the dream became extremely
vivid. I hui suddenly intensely of temperature, air movement, smells and sounds. I had a strong sense of being in control. I leapt into the air and flew. The sensation was the most exhilarating and realistic dream experience I have ever had. The feeling of exhilaration lasted all the next day. “ Now it's your turn with the astonishing Nora Dreamer!
Will send you a FRKK Trance Induction tape produced by Stephen LaBerge. The designer of the Nova Dreamer and author of two best-selling books on lucid dreaming.
LaBerge's hypnotic voice with background music and sound effects will help you create a mindset in which lucid £54.95 VHS vidao tapa* £7495 nd«r on* ibtcM £139.00 £233.00 £29.00 ....£19.95 £99 95 £109 99 £150 00 £39 99 £69 95 ,£118 95 £99 99 £64.00 £34.99 £40.00 £89 95 £279 99 £149 95 £299 95 £290 00 £39 95 £49 95 £48 95 £39 00 la £24 95 ..£24.95 Hlease send me the Items marked below, | understand that ir I am nut completely satisfied I can return my purchase within 30 days lor a full refund.
JI enclose a cheque for £_ J Please debit my Access Visa number Expiry dale:_ Signature Name ___ j Please send me Qty Items Nov a Dreamer Trance Induction tape M nullah Price £275 FREE £299 Total £_ £_ Packing and Parcel Force delivery £3.50 I Add an addihmil (2 for Rest Pay Peliwry} Total: £ ? Please send me the full LifeTools catalogue Address Postcode AMIGA PC UTILITIES PC TASK ..£39.96
- - ¦ VGA EGA PC. Toed A nrM MS DM Man BOOKS 9ruca Sm.lh Bddk*
at 200 Insider Guide .113.95 A1200 Next Steps £13 95 Assembler
Insider Guide £14.95 A-2 gf Workbench El4.95 Mastering Amiga
Assembler £21.95 Mastering Amiga Amos £18.95 Mastering Amiga
Arexx .CIS 95 Mastering Amiga Beginners . £18 95 Mastering
Amiga Printers ...£18 95 Mastering AmigaOo* 3,0
Reference ....£20.95 Mastering AmigaDOS 3.0 Tutorial £20
95 Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Volume 1 .....£20 95 Mastering AmigaDOS
2 Volume 2......£18 95 DISK UTILITIES Oisk Expander Ccmpieww
your hard or*re£29 95 X-Copy Professional nw.sw utesi £24.99
Ggamcm ......£47.50 Hypercacho £37.55
9M C String herd dnva* 22 tnn noppefc.320 Quarterback Tools
Deluxe £59 95 « *snoed dek doctor Quarterback v6 Back i® and
arcrw* *ystcm£59 95 Video Back-up System £54 95 BacU ud r eo*5
and hard tjrww onto VHS vtflso tapes U«*OAAOe TO O BACK V6 FOR
C2S.99 DATABASE 5base Personal 4 £99.95 Sbase Pro 4 vl.3
***•" yw wa n ma lk £31 95 Mailshot Plus
.....- .£35 95 Music Librarian ......
£15 95 Plants For All Seasons .....£l5 95 PBLVERS Stand
alone g*v*» O-rwira sith noBnAa 10 ASDGt Art Dept Prolewon®
Epson GT6500 Scanner Software £99.95 Sharp JX100 Driver £99 95
Sharp JX300 Driver £359.00 Abekas Driver ....
£119.95 Lasergraphics LFR Driver ..£119 95 IMAGE
PROCESSING Art Expressions .£145.00 Real 3D Classic 30
rendwng, ray tracing. £69.95 Real 3D V2.4 Ultra powerful £359
95 Caligart 24 PAL .. C94 95 Caligari
Broadcast v3.1 ......£349 99 Art Department Professional
v2.5 ... £145 00 Art Dept Pro Conversion
Kit ..£59.99 Load and save d erent Ua tormata n
AdPro Doug'a Pro Control ...£50.95 Baton
processing Iron end lor AO Pro and Morph PI js Morph Plus
..£139.00 TWW Mpti morph
and »»'p magei Pixel 3D Pro .£79.95
Create 30 images from scratch, or horn 2D pcture* Video
Director vxttoEdNtng ..Cl 15.95 Professional Draw v3.0 £67 95
FINANCE MANAGEMENT Arena Account* ry* Ktwa package. . . £82 95
Cashbook Combo ....£59 99 Oay By Day Otary
and personal organsar ....£24 99 Home Accounts 3 (Money
Matters) £39 99 Personal Finance Manager Plus £29 95 System 3
catfflow.uiet ledgtrmck cororot .£44.99 System 3E £49.99
INTEGRATED PACKAGES Mini Office Vd tpreao inaat dauteie £37 95
MUSIC SOFTWARE Bars&Pipes Professional ..£199 95
Creativity Kit £29 99 Internal Sounds £29 99 Multimedia Kit £29
99 Music Box A £29 99 Music Box B £29 99 Peformance Tools Kit
£35.99 Power Tools Kit ......£35 99 Pro
Studio Kit £32.95 Rules for Tools £29.99 One-Stop Music Shop
£499.99 PatchMeister ...£79.95 Super JAM! Vl.1+€asy way to meae
nuw1 £74.95 SynePro Syncfvcnx* mtdi wth mjtonMia £151.96 Triple
Play Plus £159 95 Cmty 16 1* O* sampler with software £109 95
Pro Midi Interface paricnnance ™j £24 95 Stereo Master 8 tut
sound umprer £29 95 MegaMix Mastor £29 95 Magalosound £29 95
Deluxe Music Construction Kit v2.... £68 95 Miracle Piano £259
95 team to read and play muse man writs panama to your
saquanoar with tn« KJI sire MIDI keyboard and software
Technosound Turbo 2 £29.95 ORDER 3 AND GET 10* OFF PAINT Arf
FvnrMtlnnt MAS on Brilliance a tantastc 32 M per* packaga £139
95 Deluxe Paint 4.5 AGA £59 95 Deluxe Paint 4.1 Std. Non AGA
£59 99 Pwxnnal Paint vd 0 £40 00 DrrifAfiainnal Draw uT ft fQQ
QA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Cvanu* Ed Professional v3.5 £69 95 Amos
Professional Amos Professional Compiler DevPac3 £34 95
.£24.95 .£51.95 SASCVer6.5+ £249 00 Pascal
. £79.95 CanDo V2.5
...... £89.95 Blitx Basic v2
Editmate ... ......£179.95
Control vtoao from Amiga, add sound via ma rmxng £75900 Epson
GT6500 Colour Scanner
* 4 flatbed cdour Sganre- wsn ASOG Video Back-up System Back* up
your ttoppeshard drrvaa onto Vidi Amiga 12 Grab) lull colour
imago* bom video ri U Vidi 12 Roal Time ....
104V TtL 081 715 8866 FAX 081 715 8877 SPECIAL OFFER ORDER 2
ITEMS AND GET 5* OFF WE t DIP PenPal UK Personal Write
Wordworth 3.0 AGA Professional Page
v4.1 Pro Page v4.1 ? Pro Draw v3 Pagosettor
v3 Pagestream v2.22
... TypoSmith 2 Font Omtgnar..... Final Writer UK
. Final Copy II UK Turboprint
Professional . Personal Font Maker VIDEO
TITLING Helm inl .vi Montage ?* t* aga Titing Scala MulllMedia
MM210 Seals MM300 Media Point V*(NfW VIRTUAL REALITY Distant
Suns v5.0 Aioonoir* ini Scenery Animator v4 Vista Pro v3.1
Craata 30 tamscapet Vista Lite (only 2mb needed) (new) Makepath
for Vista Animate a pan in w Terraform f6r Vista HOW TO ORDER
and PAY Chaqua mada payable to ‘Emerald Creeiwe* Alow af easl 7
working days for cheques lo Pear Credit Card VIM. Mastercard
Delta We wd tHI your card ahen we procese ycur order and ship
the product.
Not More Pricing. A4 pacing nodes VAT. But not carnage We ie*er * the right to clwtga pncee You wtl be udormed o» any pres marge before your order tt acceceed Post and Packaging efiargea wflhm me OK are C2.90. Recorded poet a an e«*.ia CO 54 Next oay couner a C4 05 ric VAT wlhin the UK ManlSAd PteMd 8tk for Overseas prterig Problems: faulty product wit be GLADLY replaced or raparedwitiunWdaysofpurcheia Phone us and wa wil Ml you NNI to oo Wtl refund tw csnl repair your tautty product Keep your Invotoe E40E
• Nova Dreamer micro electronics in a soft sleep mask with liny
batteries included
• Built-in jack socket for future connection to your PC
• Crystal clear 20-page Instruction manual
• 90-page Count in Lucid Dreaming
• Questionnaire and charts to complete
• Exploring the World of hicid Dreaming book
• One year's subscription to the Lucidity dreaming happens
Institute's 16-pagc quarterly newsletter This superb tape normally NightUghl retails for £15.95 - but you will All this for just £275! [gemke!
• Ring Chris or Geraldine on 0625 858885 to place Liitfl your
order or ask any further questions * Fax them on 0625 850551.
Office hours: 8.30am to 7pm and beyond • Or fill out the coupon
below, and send it to: IjfeTools, Dept AC6, FREEPOST SKISS2,
Pox num. Stockport SKI 2 IFZ (no stomp needed}. Wc endeavour lo
despatch your order on the day we receive it by 48-hour
courier, but allow 28 days for delivery just in case.
Send for a FRKK catalogue f 4 with detailed descriptions of all our products.
New technology for Trade enquiries welcome. W a mnre fulfilling life Now you can lake charge of your dreams and do anything you want and experience a fabulous dream world that can seem just as real as this one - with the astonishing Nova Dreamer.
You wear a soft sleep mask af night, and photoelectric sensors in the microelectronics sense the movement of your eyes during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The clever device decides that you arc dreaming and gives you a cue in your dream to let you know lhal you are in fact dreaming.
The light or sound cue is at just the right brightness or volume to enter your dream without waking you. This is similar to your alarm clock or radio coming into your dream in the morning. By following the exercises that come with your Nova Dreamer you will recognise the cue when you're dreaming, and experience breathtaking adventure that can feel more real than reality! This is lucid dreaming!
If you've ever had very realistic flying dreams or out-of-body type experiences then you'll appreciate the incredible power The ama .ing MindLab. Entirely different from the Nova Dreamer, enables you to feel profoundly relaxed in just 25 minutes.
You simply put on the goggles and headphones, close your eyes, and the gently pulsating lights and sounds guide you down into a deep restful state. Among the 25 sessions are ones for accelerated learning, deep sleep, visualising and energy boosting. Downloads further sessions from cassette in just 15 seconds - and we give you an extra 42 sessions on tape' Only £299. TFull info pack available on request.)
Of this device to create these adventures again and at will! You can even fulfil your wildest fantasies and experience peak sexual experiences in complete safety!
This is just like hi-tech Virtual Reality - and it's here now!
In addition, if you order now. We Awaken within your dreams - it's like a hi-tech virtual world!
HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: AVAILABLE: YOURS Hi FEATURE -O the Hubble Guide Star Catalogue Originally constructed to allc* astronomers to find stars which are clos* to brighter objects in the night sky. The Hubble Guide contains over 16,000,00: objects down to magnitude 16, To give you some idea of the power d Distant Suns and its ability to dispia.
Objects our own sun serves as a hr* example. Placed at ten parsecs, our our sun would shine at a measly 4th magr.
Comprehensive Conversely, sixteenth magnitue* objects can only be seen by moderat powered telescopes and are two or times beyond the range of human eyesight.
Found within the protective packaprg that accompanies Distant Suns is a cor- prehensive manual that has as much r Name Constellation Magnitude Sirius Canis Major
• 1.4 Arcturus Bootes
- 0.1 Vega Lyra
0. 0 Rigel Orion
0. 1 Capella Auriga
0. 2 Procyon Canis Minor 0,4 Altair Aquila
0. 8 Aldebaan Taurus
0. 8 Betelgeux Orion vanable Antares Scorpio
0. 9 Spica Virgo
1. 0 Fomalhaut Piscis Australis
1. 1 Pollux Gemini
1. 2 Deneb Cygnus
1. 3 Regulus Leo
1. 3 Amiga Computing he stars, the planets and even the moon have
long been a source of terrestnal fascination to the human
race. Early civilisations, from the most sociologically
advanced to the most scientifically retarded, stared with
wonder at the night sky.
They revered bodies like the sun and moon as god deities, and, even from very early times, embraced a relationship between the solar system and ourselves.
While the night sky has changed little, humankind's perspective of the universe has drastically altered. The earth is no longer flat, the sun no longer revolves around our tiny dustball. And the moon (alas) isn't made of cheese.
More importantly, studying the night sky no longer affects the gravity of your pocket to astronomical proportions. A cheap refracting telescope costs very little, and computer power has meant the home enthusiast can calculate movements and distances using something humble - like a 68000 processor.
HEAVENLY With all this computational power available it comes as some surprise that there’s very little software available, short of shareware and PD. That covers this area.
However, back in 1989 Virtual Reality Laboratories unveiled Distant Suns. Since its inception, programmer Dave Schreiber - himself a keen astronomer - has sought to combine accurate data with colour graphics in a bid to recreate the heavens inside the confines of a monitor.
The latest modification. V5.0, allows the user to view the heavens in glorious 256 colour for the first time. Before any of this can take place however, you’re going to have to install Distant Suns on to your machine.
Anything lower than an A1200 carrying a Stars in i|our eges (amputees are used constantly in modern enploration of space, and distant Suns uS.O claims to be the perfect companion for a starry night. Simon (lays stares through the uieuifinder 68030 will take in the region of 40 minutes to install to, so you'll have plenty of time to brush up on your constellations.
Once the program has completed its installation, re-booting displays whatever you've set up as the default. It’s probably as well to configure Distant Suns in Planetarium mode, which displays the whole of the northern hemisphere, and by this virtue is an excellent base to begin any work.
Displaywise. Distant Suns contains all stellar activity down to a magnitude (brightness) of 5.8 in its Core Star database.
However, in addition to these 4,000-odd stars. Distant Suns contains a second database composed of small files.
These allow you to access more accurate. Compressed regions of the sky. And make more detail available, while preserving both RAM and hard disk space.
But by far the most impressive feature is 1 mm --
• *«¦¦¦¦¦ - Distant Sunt uses a combination of menus and
icomcontrolled toolboxes FEATURE
• h- aoout the science of astronomy as it iaout menus and icons,
manual s layout serves as an intuitive way of developing both
ind knowledge of the program, the different aspects of stellar
ition into various projects. Distant jses a dever tutorial
system to edu- he user.
Minimi limiimil 1 The proper motion option allowe you to track the movement of the etare d because of this depth, even an lished astronomer will feel more using the tutorials as a guide for a a few very basic operations underling the fundamentals of astral menu mechanics, the user is left to the rest of the galaxy at the flick of
i. erything within Distant Suns is mouse menu driven, although in
v5.0 an icon- tOQl palette has been introduced to it extra
speed to the options more y*y used.
Time travel Accessing your favourite objects, or. Find- ¦g new features, can be achieved in a vari- tr» of ways. Because Distant Suns has Mr 14.000 years of galactic activity stored
• mm its core (dipping as deep into the mate of history as 4,500
BC. And soaring m 'Orward into the tenth millennium), you sar
witness any given event.
The most accurate and concise method Ending objects at a given time is by using environment feature. This not only i«ws you to type in the exact date and me that you'd like to witness, but also the ascension and declination of the object (the
• stem astronomers use to pinpoint xiects, which is analogous to
latitude and crgitude).
Taking matters one step further, you can
• so change your local co-ordinates using re azimuth and altitude
settings. But. What »es it mean in layman's terms?
Basically if, for example, you wanted to wit- rss Orion as its two red giant stars lumbered into the Giza sky above the pyramids
2. 500BC, or witness the planetary alignment of the eighties
(which was incidentally
- eant to have caused the destruction of Earth), you can, by
simply entering the xrrect information into the environment
Once you've accessed a particular zone y space you can zoom or pan out of any given area. Again this is accomplished by using the depth of field option from the menu, or using the newly-implemented icon bar.
There are also a full range of other facilities which will fascinate enthusiasts and novices alike. Distant Suns allows you to plot the motions of the stars, and track their movements using the star trails gadget.
While performing such a task, the user can display the constellations as they would appear in the night sky. Add lines to aid their recognition and print every star's name on-screen.
Stars can also be centred on the monitor and all relevant information, such as size, distance, luminosity and in some cases a picture obtained.
Taking matters one step further, the program includes a facility which allows you to replicate dawn, dusk, and even lets you distort your view with a city glare effect.
As an added treat, and the author encourages turning out the lights, you can ask the computer to simulate the twinkling of the stars.
Deep space Distant Suns also encompasses facilities to view deep space objects like star clusters. Nebulae and galaxies. Included on the menu bar is an option to turn on the NGC (New General Catalogue) and Messier objects.
Again, once centred using the mouse, information pertaining to them can be dragged from the menu bar.
Closer to home. Distant Suns has plenty of features to satisfy observation of the solar system. The user can observe sunspots, lunar eclipses and a whole host of planetary motions in action.
The key to this device is through the use of a clock, which is situated within the menu. This allows you to speed time up. Or slow it down, depending on what you are viewing.
As you can imagine, some of the images that can be simulated, like the orbit of Pluto, take hundreds of years to complete their course. Whereas, a solar flare during an eclipse will last only seconds, and needs to be slowed down.
Distant Suns also incorporates comets and asteroid bodies, and allows the user to do everything, and view everything in the same manner as the other aforementioned objects. But, one of the most enterprising features of the program is its ability to create your own real-time animations. The process involves using tools from the menu, and, or. Arexx commands.
For the most part animations can be completed with ease using the programs own devices, for more complicated animations Arexx scripting is required. £& SVSIEfTl ESSEnilHLS RED BLACK = Recommended 4 Mb RAM Hard drive The bottom line Product: Distant Suns v5.0 Supplier: Virtual Reality Laboratories Phone:081-5433500 Price; C59.95 ! Ease of use: 6 Implementation: 8 Value for money: 8 Overall: 9 In candu5ian In terms of features. Virtual Reality Laboratories have included just about every object that lights up the night sky, It's also impressive that every facet within the structure of the
program is accurate and faultless to a tee.
The images, if a little scarce (considering it's an AGA version), are concise, and the rendering of the stars particularly impressive. The same can be said of the animation creator and the planetary orbit and motion animator.
Since v4.0, Distant Suns does feel as though it has matured somewhat. And the inclusion of an icon bar, for the more regularly used options, seems like a natural progression.
Distant Suns is involved enough to keep even the keenest of amateurs at the technological sharp-end of astronomy for quite a while. As a tool for the keen observer. Distant Suns can't be faulted, in fact its even been adopted by leading space writer and expert Arthur C Clarke.
But, aside from enthusiasts and schools I see little mileage in Distant Suns for any other user. By the virtue of its subject matter, Distant Suns has to tackle complicated astrophysics, and can in no way be deemed as a package with which to learn.
The bottom line is that Distant Suns is a first-rate astronomical aid to the amateur, the lecturer or the determined novice with a fascination but no practical experience, and is probably a waste of money to those who just fancy a slide show.
While v5.0 for the Amiga is still a disk-driven affair. CD32 owners may read with some interest that a CD-ROM version for the Apple Macintosh range of machines has just been released.
Intrinsically, the program is the same, but the number of images fhaf a CD can store has meant that a much more diverse range of images are available to the user.
As well as different views of major objects within the solar system, the CD version boasts photographs of deep space images, like the Crab Nebulae.
As an added bonus this version of Distant Suns features movie sequences of all the planets in our system. While there's no news from VR Laboratories about a CD32 version, watch this “space" for updates.
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Sm NrtlDuy Dtlnen 1(4 SilUKenly PAYMENT dIiaiLs PRICES (Price* arc Prr Disk) i . u line 1-4 J..L. im
* 10 4-k. I: 0 ll 34 4MuU60 li fe e-k.fl T, J|. 4tok.U K ¦
SPECIAL OFFERS - (ll Order an, 14 PD dntu fur lh pner of 11
(halt only 11194. Ftp P* I' i which i oiili f 1.57 lor rich
(2l Order *117 24 PD ditkt for Eh* (V pner 4 mix04 40. Ftp PAPiwkach ntrnll 11.4'fill ciihdiisl.
' ('OI.LKCTISG DISKS Yo« cm no« cnBm my Jiili froai o« nlfiEX kUh m »hk'fc it 1'iti i. 6-H Dw*«m
R. -J. WhcnJ On Sc0.ESSEX.SSI 2VO l iCIitinu daki kit iliwpn Hut
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QjOIIi m iO«ef All Mill .UPS DrilMip A tom Post Code I
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194 guide for your Amiga!
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Amiga Computing JUNE 1994 Mastering Amiga Beginners special offer For only £3.95 this book will provide you with a solid grounding, through easy to understand step- by-step explanations. The computer terminology is explained at every stage and there are full descriptions of the software, hardware and new technologies, such as video and CD, which are available for use with your Amiga.
This superb book includes coverage of the A1200 and A600, Workbench familiarity, prefer* ences, utilities, beginners AmigaDOS, programming, fonts, printers, graphics, music and sound, public domain, viruses, upgrading, comms, desktop video, multimedia and much, much more.
Cznzz - I Zool ft This widely acclaimed game follows Zool's travels through a further six huge levels, larger than those in the original, * that feature a number of different ways S of completion.
Zool has new and special abilities, including expert climbing skills and is now accompanied by his pet dog, Zoon. With great sound effects, hidden bonus rooms, highly intelligent enemies and the choice to play Zooz, Zool's girlfriend (shown here), Zool 2 makes an excellent free gift.
Zool 2 is suitable for any machine, though A1200 owners Sg can choose an enhanced version f a © (see order form).
EDUCATION ADVENTURES Written by experienced teachers COOMBE VALLEY SOFTWARE MATHS DRAGONS. Ag« 5*12* Designed to give practice in the four rule* of number. Sum type and degree of difficwfty can be selected Set in the caverns of Sw Math* Dragons, you must rescue ibe scattered pieces of your train set from lha attractions of ibe baby dragon* REASONING WITH TROLLS. Age* 5-11 You play ibe port of ibe SmoBesl BiRy Goat Graff, who wont* to get to ibe otbor side of ibe river wbere tbe gross is greener. In order to get iboro you mud croi* a number of bndgOs, eOch wiA 0 resident trod Safe passage will
depend on your answers to a set of graded, reasoning questions.
TIDY THI HOUSI. Ago* 5-9 A first adventure game, set in tbe (omilior territory of an untidy bouse, wbere tbo player must get their younger brother ond sitter reody lo go out ond do a bit of tidying up at the samo time. Tho game helps develop reoding ond keyboard skills, plus logical thought ond planning T1MI PUIS. Agee S-13 Father Time hot gone out for the day, leaving you to dog tit tho Watch Dog He's easy lo look after, just give him bis food ond water ond take him for o walk and he'll be happy. It’s o pity tbe Time Flies nave got loose but if you are good at solving time problems, they
shouWn't be too much trouble. You set the type of problem ond level of difficulty.
CAVI MAZI. Agee 8-13 A first odvonlure for o slightly older oge range. You hove befriended a lost hungry ond slightly awkward, baby dragon. Al you have to do now is to find bis lunchbox, feed him and then guide him home pad ihe Cmoda in o maze of caverns The game helpt (Wop reoding and keyboard skils plus logical thought and planning.
RICTURS FRACTIONS. Agee M6 This gome it designed for those who have jud storied frodion work ond who ore not yet reody lo deal with diem in purely numericol form Questions are presented in the form of pictures from which die player must work out a fraction ond then answer in eidier word or number form.
FRACTION GOBLINS. Agee 1-1)1 A ggmf which gives practice in fractions. Any or al of the rules of number can be selected, os can the difficulty level and type of fraction. The simplest level will allow the most hesitant novice to succeed while die hordes! Will probably require pencil and paper no matter how good you are ? 7-8 Disk 5et - For the Student, Traveller, Businessman Coombe Valley Software *18 Nelson Close • Teignmouth • Devon * TQ14 9NH Tel: 0626 776695 Send SAE for details. Send 50p or disc for demo. Please specify your computer and software in which you are interested.
AUDIO GALLERY Audio Gallery, from Fairbrothers Inc,, brings a foreign language ta life.
ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE, SPANISH - £35.95 CHINESE, JAPANESE, KOREAN, RUSSIAN - £39.95 USERS SAYi ’Enclosed is the demo disk I ordered several weeks ago. I would now like to order the whole German Disk Set I am very impressed with the quality of ihe graphics of dtis program and om excited about receiving the entire program.'
* .. die word SPECTACULAR is an understatement. The concept is
fantastic, the clarity of wooch is wonderful and I was struck
by tbo amount of vocabulary I teamed I entend lo spreod ihe
word about your program to every educator I meet. Thank you for
this wonderful program.’ ¦EVIIWIRS SAYi
* lf you're just starting to leom o foreign language, ihe Audio
Gallery series is indilpensahle os a learning tool,..If you re
planning a trip abroad, a good phrowbook and the appropriate
Audio Gallery tide will give you everything you need to know to
survive in the language I highly recommend the whole series * -
Info ’A truly originol idea it o rare thing Foirbrothers Inc.
in ihe US hot apparently achieved (he impossible by releasing o
product that stands olone in the market, offering the answer to
a question thot's hitherto been ignored the mastering of o
foreign longuoge The software is designed to provide a complete
library of everyday words in a whole range of longuoget . All
in all its a good pockoge arid ided for teaching children , it
could become the perfect Teaming tool lor all oges * - AMIGA
Computing ? All words and phrases Fully Digitised Speech ?
Include* Dictionary, Pronunciation Guide, Quizzes ? 25-30
Topics such as Weather, Numbers, Food etc. Analogic Computers
(UK) Ltd Telephone Mon-Fn 9am-6.30pm ANA ANA _0G
- OGIC Unit 6, Ashway Centre Sa* -»am-5.00pm Elm Crescent ASM CdA
QCYC Kingston-Upon-Thamcs VW I Surrey KT2 6HH Tel Fax: 081-541
Ssf aaS
HP310 229.95
HP520 249.95 HP
55QC ...449.95 1 MEG 3.5“
A500 Internal .44.95 1 MEG 3.5" A600
Internal .54.95 1 MEG 3.5" A1200
Internal ......54.95 ACCESSORIES 512K RAM
A500 .24.95 512K RAM A5QQ+ .....24 95 I
MEG RAM A500+ ..44.95 I MEG RAM + Clock
A6QQ.....54.95 AMIGA 290 DPI Mouse ..14,95
MAT ..4.95 DUST
ZJPSTICK ......14.95 10 BRANDED BLANK DISKS 9.95 10
PRINTER CABLE .....9.95 A1200
V1.3...... .24.95 8375 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS.24.95 KICKSTART ROM
V2.04 . .24.95 8375 2 MEG FATTER AGNUS.29.95 KICKSTART
ROM V2.05 .34.95 PAULA . .19.95
ROM SHARER .... .19.95
GARY .. .11.95 A500 A500 +
KEYBOARD ... .59.95 CIA ..
...8.95 A600 A1200 + KEYBOARD 6995
68000 . .14.95 AMIGA
PSU ...... .44.95 6570 KEYBOARD CHIP ..
.24.95 ? All prices include VAT and SAME DAY DESPATCH subject
to availability ? Fixed charge for repair does not include disk
drive replacement nor keyboard
* All prices subject to change without notice * We reserve the
right to refuse any computer monitor repair Amiga Computing
tT1I.ITIi:S » • a8ynpn«rif»ywt!Bf»nafii'ire ¦ .* • ¦••TBITBTTIU
luwww ¦uA KsflB ( ** Ubrb iHngin
* a.'- luiVOUSHO?
Mfti - 3 D.T.P i«t Ttf PaNJiing in itr An i
* 4t*C C li (MilT*hnuIn. Iipif-IT¦.
¦tom • KU IfTTtl mil npt tnntu kim ¦MBV «v2 ANIMATE Irni m pmiiinrui wmmmvmn
* a !¦ .--’WBnjuWlirlnlJias*!. a« tMI *tM iturrinuribr D-fWi 9453
TOT Mar tot Amf. Tf*nh nut biiut acWJOO O Mikr ncn fnipjni ii
cn Mr d4 » n-afOOl II! Ur cfV'tin lAr & fufi.ni %¦ -P
IQUCITOOIS jrjfdKluf hi gut M •.. UvJPtaHnpp " »«¦ so D mivrtr
KAMI at tin M • *-Jt MIMS Vm tviII u* Tiru firfrin » MWOKMKTK*!
OM.FCMM.Kui. taanrMI-iuJfl 3» 4BC0PT VUCdfl mk (oniKTkiil pm m
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• . MToruDTOiiivdwbJ Intel mL'.k MalXTllEfiAMB omsBAbi JTYCOIM ¦
Low II Awrri M 3 vPAVC GENOAtUtGnk ovdygKr kcmy » • til TV hot
i l«« itiai. Ktiw jwp.n
* :«-* IM COMPILATION Urw rmpt ! J jN,*
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* T SRB SIXMO In-pmt (Bin cU ttt ar pifhir
- .T*Oa »UUIIWi:JislV .ftrmrr. S KID P« OJCK12 diti Uiiln uil Mnt
mm ¦WUdo I Ul reORSSWfiU TV Uw n] repdn! At E ACTrOS-aiATOt
1001 HiJalPMtki* a»4knnjri»i|roj,.jni ¦ IbtfNmC r AGB batel dil
rajonc ,ma XUJOR GRAPHIC TVTW Gaik rod *ia |wi )¦ ikMKi _
• (BIB TOOL Miif tht mw ;l «w friilff
TOMOMCA'BfMUUIORHilrnufafihrBI* mmec• trtind i SX TOCODt
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«• rfdt iY4 afat AI2Mrtltt CrtjpwYl 5: M jXDICK 2 Imm c;p fn«i.r;« kjwr j -«UiW ¦riSpnnlKDnnmW
• ys UPAIR KIT: Rcpr iJ.jk i ofy 6.1 rc ixvuToi Yzji (i»«Ur) a
ok* u &aucKiooi:U(du •nkiMk Jt C
JUVLAl)!i:aiii)ThJii-.v'7fi*.d(bininC MikUfrfkcirfC Al U DOIO
MAKU ’ : Mql IM A3NIJI X~ tUGtC 1*1 Idfnwf wu uMilwd (i» rmnrr
d 1HT DKIKB Vl.l aW ll %JS «.d orfcanBT. Luuf* rrmnmik iC
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mi pwi ikl avic-il f.MU.Ul* m i pm tuUi mn WKASTU (««tKUf
(Xdioiii jmm . *• ASAASSN Conn .ilwut oH aipm
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XIGiOS UMIB Yt for tiro r»:tr pm rial
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ABOVE IS ONLY A SMALL LIST OF TITLES AVAILABLE - PLEASE ORDER A CATALOGUE DISK Vm iinlir ii 1'jijar A DrifJi lififutn CDTtflABRlhf).|ijn-ba«Jf»Mn»*Mnbi (iiwmpki ntliunplKttMiVI.'MI G2SA ISSIDfl cut bf.'A Skd iuliir pin 'furt iVm iiW Mto ii ntlilf mtrt cm tank axnu M*t: fac p CJ7« MR WC Afc*it owAflw In. Vun bi1 Gifl MADONNA NUDE ft-fflb 15 furin Irpw prr CAM TOP SfCJtFT Btiijii [Marx pm uniit to OCLAN RAINBOW & PARASOl (Mi AIMI cuj nin Ntnc np u v bo« aw- tip pm »*fi iiiNti(iMnuA iRimmtM CUI DONUT CONCi Rcvm -nr p.li-t»t Ut AI .'Ml G3)5 CRAZY M J ok fldfarrt (ron Riitni pif bo GJ56
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MIYHIT STAR 22RDU PACK AmafaifdiaiifQ ftza tip pia,«rtiy idn
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F050 »C.G. Font 11-71 F07TJ •Pdaestream font 0-61 ©oftWood's Final Writer word processor was launched last year to the acclaim of most reviewers and was held by many to be the best word processor around.
However, perfection is hard to come by, and the program had a few failings. With the release of Digita's Wordworth 3, SoftWood couldn't have picked a better time to hit back.
If these two competing packages could be pigeonholed. Final Writer has always been the better DTP and layout specialist of the pair, and Wordworlh more of a word cruncher for long documents.
Poor graphics performance from the Digita program and flaws in Final Writer’s text handling reinforced the distinction, but since the initial launch of both word processors, the line has become a hazy one.
Last month's review of Wordworth 3 showed that, though the first release was badly bugged. Digita had taken a leaf from Softwood's book and converted to the school of glitzy design.
With new layout features such as flexible text frames and templates, Wordworth threatened to pull the rug out from under Softwood's feet when the bug-fixed version was dispatched to users.
To be fair, Final Writer v2 is not a new version of the program but a relatively minor upgrade which deals mainly with improving the user interface. The only new feature is a revamped Undo Redo which now works with both text and graphics- Imported graphics can sutler from the program's lack of a proportional scaling option In time-honoured fashion, the Undo option will reverse any text editing action, but it will now work in a similar fashion with the pro- instead of using the usual button to flick frc one bank to the next, the user can resize t floating toolbox so that all tods are availac
from one window.
Some users will never need to make use floating toolboxes such as this, and there a those who detest the things, but it is at better to offer the option.
By hiding boxes behind documents so rM only the depth gadgets can be seen it is pod sible to keep them out of the way but instantly accessible, so there's no reason to make use of them.
N rm d P rM troi With the tool strip out of the way on its toolbox, the space it occupied in the top can be used to display the new drop menus for paragraph style and font control gram’s built-in drawing tools, However, no Undo is allowed for actions carried out on imported images, and as Wordworth's facility to retain the original image's proportions when scaling on-screen removes much of the need for a graphic Undo, Final Writer doesn't have an edge in this department, Where the SoftWood offering has always been in front is in its approach to style tags and user-defined button bars. Unlike
Wordworth, Final Writer can utilise up to eight fully-customised banks of buttons, though it would be a rare user who needed more than two.
A new touch for this release is that the button bars can be detached from the ruler bar and placed anywhere on-screen in a floating toolbox. The main advantage of this is that TRADITIONAL In almost exactly the same way Wordworth 3, fonts, font size, and text stji can now be selected from quick and ead drop downs rather than the traditional mend used in Final Writer v1.
However, the way in which the font sd drop-down is presented makes it a par n use. Rather than present the four or five nd common font sizes, the huge menu wnd appears shows every point size you cd imagine, forcing the user to scroll thread them.
To test how far this ridiculous feature wad go I tned scrolling up the sizes to the lara available, but gave up at about 230. There I Final Writer Word Processor for the Amiga"’ Poio.j - j ii-i i1 lEnr.nnpirinnr nnkJpsnnpnHBPii I ti5g*sawi.ie»3 | »|u | r1toiroa| r11 New look, new (jOI I) ¦ approach, AWARD K new scoring system from SoftWood, Inc. SOFTWARE
* c facility to just type the required font size re a string
gadget as in Wordworth 3.
; fror i re the lilab* jsecr e art (ways 0 thar posit stii ?n ncf ovr 1 rvlr down ol.
Y as style eas enus : size lin to mosr vhich i can ough vouk: irges- are is On a brighter note, Final Writer's style ags. For which Wordworth still has no equiva- ent. Can now be placed in a floating toolbox :* their own for easy use during document rrmatting.
The style tag approach is by far the best rsr users who use a package for DTP-like cbs. As any style the user likes for headlines, footers, endnotes, and so on can be assigned to a style tag which can then be sphed to any piece of text with the dick of a Dutton.
As v2 retains the ability to define function keystrokes for each style tag. Final Writer jsers now have three different methods to Toose from.
Keyboard jockeys with good memories can sxk to F-keys. Traditionalists can use the old MMJ8, and bright young things can fiddle
• th toolboxes.
Another new toolbox is provided for the which normally sit on the ruler bar, but most users will want to replace with the
* ew paragraph formatting controls. Once :-jsted from their old
position, they can be : aced in a resizable tool box or just
left in the
* demess as the user sees fit.
Containing the rotation, master page. Cut.
Daste, and other useful tools as they do, ~ese are too-often-used features to relegate to the old menus, and it is a nice touch that re designers allowed for a toolbox option so ireuenge [an Final Writer S make up the ground it has Inst to Wordwnrth 3? Steuie hennedg finds out missed opportunity Final Writer 1 had few damaging faults, but those which it had have not been changed or improved with this release, and it has to go down as a missed opportunity.
Of most note is the fact that there is still no Show Codes option to enable the user to view carnage returns, spaces and tabs. In day-to-day use this is a feature which would be rarefy used, but when it is required, such as when text is imported from another package or from another machine, it is an essential basic feature for any word processor.
Reformatting an alien document and having to guess where the double spaces, tabs, and carnage returns are can be a nightmare to make Michael Portillo as prime minister seem almost that we can have our cake and eat it.
Configurability, already a great strength of the package, has been further enhanced, and the program's modern feel is now even stronger. In addition, Final Writer’s huge advantage in graphics handling speed has not been reduced so far by Digita's efforts.
However, given that no new power features have been added and that Wordworth 3 (once the bugs are fixed) now has many layout advantages over its rival, it looks as though Softwood's thunder has been well and truly stolen.
Final Writer, with its fast graphics, style dream-like. Another annoying feature is the auto-save, which simply reminds the user when a certain amount of time has passed rather than automatically save the document as it should.
Wordworth 3's equivalent can be set for either true auto-save or just a reminder, making it much more useful.
Graphics scaling on-screen, though much faster than any other package, has always suffered from the lack of a proportion option, and it still does.
Few imported images come in at just the nght size, and usually have to be scaled to fit the document. When this happens, though, the Final Wnter user is forced to mess around until the image is back in its original shape.
As the disk we received from distributors Gordon Harwood is a Beta test version, it is possible that these tweaks will still be carried out, but there’s nothing to suggest that they will. Fingers crossed, folks.
Tags and master pages is still better equipped for DTP on AGA machines than Wordworth 3, but the latter's new features ensure that the decision to buy one or the other will be based more on simple user preference than on any definite lead one package has over the other.
Jargon buster drop down menus: Presented on-screen as 3D buttons, making them easier and quicker to access with the left mouse button than the old menus we've always used with the right mouse button.
Floating toolboxes: A way of presenting the program’s various features as icons within windows which can be placed anywhere on-screen, making them quicker to use and more fnendly towards the user's configuration preferences.
Proportion fixing: A method whereby when an image is re-sized it retains its original height to width ratio so that the picture within doesn’t become distorted.
SVSTEfTl ESSEFITIHLS RED - Essential BLACK = Recommended 2 Mb 1 Mb The bottom line Supplier. Gordon Harwood Ltd Phone: 0773 836781 Price: £114.95 Ease of use 9 Implementation 8 Value for money 9 Overall 9 Amiga Computin 99 United Public L e i n n oval o rs Most CI.K lilies .. The Central Licenseware Register .. Com inertial Quality nromims ai a PD price!
Basically Medicine ASI Yl I ASI II , All 1 I ASI III) 1 COMrtK n PRO ( OMMI HCIM. CurAKI'
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CL LUO CANON BJ10 Super Fonts tor Bubble ! 1dl*k 3 50.
CLU21 INVOICE MASTER Sort out your mvotces* 1 dak 3.50. .
CLU22 HARO DRIVE MENU Superb hard dr«e ubktyl 1 disk 3 50.- CLU27 IMAGE BASE Smpie aulhomg package t disk 3 50 .
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CLU31 FLOWCHARTER For creation ol howchartsl 1 disk 3 50.
CLU33 AM TU'tiON Create WB3 look K leal p*ogs tditk 3 60* GLU34 IMAGE DOCTOR Vt IIP fl* processing 1 dsk 3 50.. CLU35 CRITERION Database lor Photographers etct dlsk3 50.
CLU36 ILINOIS PROFESSONAl Fab labelling system 2 di4ks4 50 37 FIND IT Thssj inaii hP I two. I IM,--, •. , , -ij.M-r . ... X .
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ROM PRO Pafit wf LP Qt9( EtoWM r vtotoq ¦MEteWrB OU ’ fs- M PUSS7 PC PRMT unis Lee. El umTW utw*-« m FUIM TV T'TLES OE**P suwwwn. Tr PUJ77S PAM1«T SOFTWAHt mil PU}7Al20SurKS3W0N «tt IktoU Fulfil Spfciiuki EulLATOfl VI litraml FUMM TME Mnt A Oder 8t4Mte »•«!* MM A jnod liu 1 UidJW, xtfmr .
I’.IM 1200 HD PhfP Iw m 1XO PutoTRfOiYlAg MORE CLR GAMES aOto TRUCKIS ON itnUHan .' Imf l 4 K • C-OM CrtAOON TLEB S«5*b •mtw .tty 49901.4 I dit 150 t QidlJ BU.L002I» BOB CM »«" o' Oecta' I oak 3 » .
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CLGt7 ItNWIuM EieMm O'ltrr. Adrtmt'r ’ Ot* 7 V" CCOM JHOCE BUNOU Nio echemj'* »»"•'' onk 3 W • a OH FLOWER POWER Gto twrwe tugi oil nwnl dM JK.
AON EASY MONE Y Vui tKMw imUMcr' iliel dot 4 er 31J SO ad» WHITE HABprTS im it exti curt* e«tt*‘ ' *** JM • CLQ24 MOMSH « ISLAND Dtngttxi Muh, mno'' wt J SO .
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CL045 KMQHT FOHI 2 o*i|" nwrtwi«-» sum 1OW* 4 SO.
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CLE 12 ALPHABET TEACH BpBlkog prog-am tor |hf kids'i dak 3 50* CLE 13 HOME BREW Crowle your own brows! I dek 3 50. • CLE .4 TOTAL CONCEPTS ECOLOGY Learn eootoqy 3 dsks 5 50 • CLE’6 KINGS i QUEENS A nmory lesson' 2 (Mu 4 50 .
CLE 17 THINGAMAJIG An electronc ygsaw I Osk 3 50. .
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CUJ9 MY LITTLE ARTIST cotounng book Needs 1 mg 2 disks 4 53 .
CLE43 BOREALIS JUNIOR OrawtoO tor young children I dak 3 50 *
Z. E4J COMPOSITION Photograoh Tulonal ddk I disk 3 50 CLE4J AUQ$
LANGUAGE OUI2 Helps learn Amos ' ask 3 50- CU44 PORTRAITURE
2nd photo tutorial program I dak 3 50t OHS FUN WtTH CUBBY 2
AnotNf 7 lab kids gamea' 1 disk 3.50* : -L4T BASIC HUMAN
ANATOMY Good lor education 1disk 3 50 * CLE47 SEA SENSE Learn
all about boats' 1 dak 3 50 * CLE4* ROCKET MatHS Easy malhe
tor kids! T difik 3 SO .
ClESO DRATV24 Runecaitett Translator needs' 5mg 2ddks4 50.
Cl£S2 tell THE time Just what the tods need i disk 3 50- Cu£S3 LETS LEARN 2 Super early learning fltok' 1 dak 3 50.
CU5& BASCAily BASC Learn Basic proQrammng 1 disk 3.80 CLE02 TOTAL CONCEPTS OEOLOOV TM DIM « irw second in me mi« ol quauty program* by Civ* Ml. Usino mo GooDisk Hyper1000* system, it will guide you and your chtdfen on an mle-active guided lour through ttie mcreOtrie world ol votoeno* rock* and mneras Two dska only £4 50 • CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM Now our most populaf yte I This one invite* you » town 31 about mo tolar trtiem wm information on ail ol tho planets & systems with picture* supplied by New.
This s a superb educational package lor children & adults Ths Ml* is 46 *0 " ¦* *upO*toJ On Three ditkS and IS pnceo at only £3.80, * CLEOS A-CHORD So you want become me nest Eric Clapton then m* « uti what you neod i Tha urogram Will teach you nearly every Single guitar chord including tmgenng leclxnques. It wil even play me chords using the arrvgaS built in sound Chip A mutt lor entry Single gusar ptaye* beginner and expens firtke Price £3.50 ?
CLEis FAST FRET By Keith KlaNWIhy. This program 4 a guitar JcatffS tutor, the very Itvng tor the buttdng tead gunansjt Wll play me scatos through the Amigas sound cNp with a|i Ument ol speed lor every laval Ol tkil required' Thara ate marry exeroacs in many scales so you too can become the naxl rock legend1 Suppled on one dak pnced £3.56 ?
CLE029 PREHISTORIC FUN PACK Thi* ia » W* Utte ccntaimrg tour tun dinosaur games. ObtotMer a lilee puzzle game Onosaw is a ygsaw memory game Snakos & caves t the old favour lie snakes A ladders, and Eggstnct is a tun egg collecting gems'
W. l keep the kdfi amused tor ages' t dsk £3 SO • CLE03S TOTAL
CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM 2 In me sequel to our most popular *ce,
Chris HA bnngs you tho very latest on the Solar System' All
the vary idlest planetary mlspon* pro covered * it you thought
the •napes 1 Tct Sow Srsiem were good «a* until you see these
40. Mages' TN* « a must * you have Tct Solar System SupRiwo on
3 disk* on* C5 50 .
CLE049 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS 3 I* the laiest TCI lo |0in (hit exadent series 4 usos a new layout giving you a dlno image A nlo buttons oneroty page1 't ncud« me new superstar ol the dlno wood Velociraptor H you are al all interested n Dmoeeur* the i* a must to complete your OiHMAur Ibrwyl! Over 30 images suppled on 3 daks only cs 50.
MORE CLR EDUCATIONAL Musi ( IK titles ok on A 200!
L Y CHEMISTRY AI MORE CLR UTILITIES 1 OS* J 3U1 * CLU03 TYPtiG TUTOR A program here now tor all you budding omce clerks, teaming to type can oe a real pain, lessons cost a fortune, but not whert yOu have an amiga ' Ths program will take you step by step through a tub typing course, showing where lo place your Unger* and lots more Betore long you * Be aNo to tyoeas last a* lean I Price £3.50 • CLU03? POWERTEXT 2 Thi* I* a superb a powerful wordprocessmg program, featuring emoedded commands, automatic saving. Mel mergng built in loallmQ checker use dehnebto function keys, wordwrapping A much
much more' You will probably never need eny more than this I Needs t mg ol ram. 1 disk £3 50.» CLG041 FI RACER The it a very proiessonat game, 3d graphics in a Formula one type von aa vewod from the driving Mat Speed « kibfoct lo tns speed ol your machine (It fWky rooms on an Anvga 4O00'| LoU Ot km tor anyone who Mkes driving games wan super graphics I souftdl Vary imorestne gome 1 disk £3.90 • CL0042 CRYSTAL SKULL This was wrflen as a commercial teleaso bui was rover released' n is a toll 34 rgie playing 'Dungeon Master* type game speak to passem by kill them nveshgale any one ol 4 pyramids
with al its gholH & goblins Tits wW keep up your merest lor ages' t ®sk £3 50,* CLE41 BASICALLY MEOtCINE A MW written Dy members ot the St John's Ambulance brigade. This e i wparb sea covering Onoaws.treatment. Medicine A Ougv Heath a llmeee Basic oquipment needod A tho medcal poneors who helped create modem Medonei A -eaty useful M* Comes on Mo disks 4,80,* CLE0S1 PAINT PASTE A DRAW This Is a stunmng dramrg colouring boo*, containing lots O* background pictures brushes » posts on plus editor to cevgn your own , you can even add your own artwork to the pichse A superbly presented program. Its*
one a a must lor young children't dak £3 50 • CLES4 TITANIC Yet. A book covering one ol me most famous ol all passenger shps The Tttanc and
• m «s latetul maiden voyage This title is iitorallty crammed
with tacts and tiojres on one ol the mow tftXmatmg S|,ip« ol
all Bme. A shp which was thought to be unsmkabie' Comes on 2
Osks and is priced al £4 50 » BI4 lirtkIMAH l.AYU-t Wa 'Oa ntte
wttr '00 (YEB 100*111 aoddHdtih gtmet si the
* t| Anga 400 KX1 or IBXrt IOT IWIMOIMCSI- roociiMiianimiia
* w» wax itwri« uvKiniiMi a’ BhneCKMHWt* ok on . T suMien**i u u
nmDoawu u ¦iKX.CWWI 1
• wiWANuwr ¦mjbiMfMMxr nmiUHl M • tftUM IM KunueiiMi BOOT
CHCAMThCUCS nobaA* OtoWyw • V l-Uto,' 0-CCPY The bed Ppdt* «pfr
» r r. . V PVWW CBW Th. IwetrtH. » SMK 3D'" . V
* VW 41ECTROCAD or WO onui Hmtew .
“XOJ anAFHCS UTKI-IES Vancuk ml erognrte. V euosj HAA«.An mo w teco-«H voa pC Vf»*aw . V HU054 Kancomvt uTL5MflB»c*ai A RtOMi 4RWetV I'lAleS ICOKAAANIA h»cr*l» fjl'* t "0* V PlAXa iCONS C'wnti pwkad *W kMTH '. Y PU0M e»tCOEe V4 b UaeiMing ue. V hJMB JAHBEMH AJWfWtM W» to 123 imn FLKTI -IB COWW 1 02 Uxtofi Mi awwte (a:«ro* v RJD7J Ml TAUKMi UTILS Fan (dtoi a rtae vt*’ Y BU97H7* MNO JAMBS BIBLE OHSNm |4 . V hjore M CAD «r»i efeapi pedaee E«w**f*.v PU0B3 WEBSY SID 1 nrntOTMt PC FtM. Il-l 'l . V
n. MSJ WqftSE POCSAAwy Ix f. ,«o hart v PUOie7 W3RTH C 1 3 iZl
Cerrpwe C oowpw 4 Ite. Y PLOS8 NortlM C 1 3 T’rt 1 nt prtM '
Oak tween'.V PU04I PBNT STUbkJ Vl 25 PlV-O ptmA lmxl.il . Y
PU'Ce BOT A wipe .10 e**ft0 l» Mt Vwy popuiv .V PU'Oai: 'J iu;
Btvcttmi tW to Ppsja • * PVJi li'3 BCAVETVlPtO on NOIHN Vutol
Loarww. V PUII5 811MJIATOP Rjn Aim tt u«ajj " 7 Dwm PU1J1-J TV
Iconnaiw.bersto.f Y Bul2SU.T«APAJItl .3 A rms* ptr* PKUgt'
PC AA*ei fit CcmWWt PL'401 iTTlEetMCH Fi* wpw A g*. Ojdomy
PU'43 C4*TkjTKS 1 CruriHte Cl1 Car. «. V PU144 CPT1VTA 5 7 Hl
PVJ1S2eeCKIPABT SIT 15 1X«« u' !'• 9€SI fill.-' • V Puier
wulTi PLOT Su wt aim ikcflfx) eturim '.
PUITf BeHO«AASTEBW»t*»wB«n3' IbtMWd' CSIsK nCNAWJ SUECLEY COUP VM CluitK i tore PU1S: STOCK ANALYST TecrocW lrv«w PWW.Y Ml. 18* TPOMk VlRUi kUER9 J1 irui »aer»1 ttocsY PUIS1 LANCtoJKDtB ?wtWUmewtWBXK.Y PUIS? -401 Qtr ro1 oroojry wl " VEGN’V FLU47 MOWO I COAfti lor SptMt S »eB*.V PU' H YotC Wmta UaN « Wn PpAft S'* .V IUJ00 IITTLE0CHOI I 314m lor 1 3 mttw..' PUJtO CYCLOPS Wen) htwmneay ™m i .y PU20J SCOPE 1S4UH4 MaivPlue*V PUJ04 gATON QAAPHiCS Ctoew wu ow.
BU205 PC TASK PC Enudto New Vmmxm. 2 VOAi .V puaoi wll I cud ccMm so: * wiriest rc AWiOA .v Putot Asi HANOYTOOLS 3 MAI urrptlMR al uM Y Ptoce FBEO FISH CAIAiOOUE CdWw hSM I - atO .Y PUJIO SCO PA9CAL I HHM r-e dost satecTOT or hu games ever xaomec anywhere now al autoboot on A1200! I though not all games mil tun Som*lhrg tor m-eryon*' All I Tim. Ki bn w. Vim All: knaknHih ’.MiMlriNaranlnirY w u.jeui* i»i, i AV4 (nonfin"
* •« ... t..t * i AH* VXI ' AVI « .UrfetMIMUifalryf A ' A1I v
I..I fuur ml A Rlv « r . V asi iu l.«. p(»i.« nvu * sr.'. All
II IW I'ftt*. Iran I :.n 4 !',»?*»* kU I.' I hnanit C« r XH
«lil Uiirt iomNiRtxtulhllm'i AM II I UrrfA.Imue: A A ,« C AV 11 SiKacin I run A Unlwi.u Y f*u?es IHEECCer VI * pew*nj e * ccpyn} tro*™m'.r PUM1 CALOKIE BASE UmiA V fiWNM wi 40er.V Flfi*3 A§mcx Ctxfi 4f«7ui pwyvw.v FL044BOU APPtTlt Tit* 4 k not* aWtOw ' prtput’ .V PLUiSafi C MANUAL LMMI vwnWn Ofl 1IMMI ill) .V PUNS RCHKRD SAICOLtv 6CAd H UwigAnM Hrf.V PLUM LYAPUNOV fCUCUl S UNMWV VaiuW'.V PiflneetXRtcoaPER p ¦itooMHaew. Y PU271 PC-.AA*tiA Sewer to Mpwywl .doew.V MU TRONICAD V 38 QfiChcnt (TOK Cmfigil.Y PV11I V WORPM « X Tw 4 PO naaHnj projC. Y PJ78? ASI UUITIVISCN1 tnnuti «*» 4 rtcnuutxe.Y
Puses WORKBENCH 3 BAC*aRouND& 1XOCNLYI PU2B6 'hSCPIPT Pr y«" to Ydf» H»V «Y Pua*7 ujwpali Wc iMced •mAWtrrifiOO ONLYi AM*) 1X4 It!.1 tlalff o«u f | Ail 41 kiu JJOf.lUbOBL AM All AM U MIC Kxmw tipniUtll lMil '•«»' AM 4. OntrkiiNmiJKMb Incrw W*Y AU «¦ Anfl g. If, I I.Un Astt “ ‘ -------- ASM Ail *v itMXtanyf. If **t Mm •: at !.Y ASIM LNWf*r*»flt*»WI»rtk«K.'.Y Ain: ifA'kt UmMfi.AW ¦ AM M Yum. If.No* MwmuM u' . Y kil M U.W. 11* C4I « N1' • t AM 11 Hum. Hcwm a AfMrna.' . F AU M Y.trw U ClKiw VmInu a Tunl.Y AH »1 h eae Ixnnw Uiut JwNi Hywn.
4nai*tamr*Y ASI |V Im. ikrTWUtmK. II*..« A IWTT'.N ASI Si «.. •. Iwv~oi vi.lt C.« .k n *Y ASI ;i Cxv. Ten. KmlkniTU a li .Y ASI a i.nn.«..k Wun.U,l VI «... AM ;i U«1 If.tr. Hin..rim. u,.!_¦ AB14 Ht.ffve u4.vnvk B.» CnA Itkuit a.'*Y AM J! Mi anvkXifsmt.knfmtkl Ail !A 1w.~i v: Wll. AifsAi Uww *111 AM IT A4«ktlrai UcMK. Hi.1i Ml'.V ASI a Dwdi DrtUn. Inskh2. Stot.nlwit huoo: A OfSt Ooki Whtm pram • V I'utm.ii A44 EHUAlUR VER5CN }«(25 ni S» AAMTEUH WO I Irlwmll 10 » 0 " PLUZI • COLOM OCNS HftawM K fw* I rum JPEQ 24 n gretftoi umtrtwen e. PUKW WOBE PfSrtsR 0«VERS * pfffrf c S.V SSINS (iAMKS PACKS
AS'« Spa nil I Ma*unn 4 xfamW . Wfau uuni i r wm.daieam'e V « 4 f
• m*. J|wdp»n*V Wlr l . ILAlixk. .Y AM fit I ASI HI iuoo aii OW
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All W hpTiff? M..u.m, A Ilf mtl IX ~f ' *Y AM AI SmUn Fnt. A On.t HI' .Y AM *4 OnmnMri Newell urn M cult Y AM At hfttml. 6m IW F. .U Owl mmln.
AM AA Com mwt Amu.mtr.fmt A At 4Wet! .V Atl»1 SeytfVht Nw.L T)jm II4 VAXT'.Y AUU UcnfttM XoumHuKn A Atim'.Y AOM MuIifX .lr.UJ Sf.li! Hnt*r mllY PJJM l« CUC* TU UW .w*ai' »Y PU393 AW *ix CeSk 2 Seoyt) ..Wwti 'u da - ¦ Paw 0 pi MU « Yi 0 htU't tto crmtfto' »t PU3»e BAD TOTOAAT IAW. M* mom .
PIJ3N AJB6 AtTBfi PtTVli’M* HOM !TV1 •' PutoOAAABUSHVICJFrnUrttumpoOWIW •’ ... iMOoopt 3 pvm:» UAOC WCAKOflOi LW*M I M4fc PU4M IOCXPCK2 LhcroiKn-nwv p eemi* •• PL41T A.rj QSK KLPfR } Mm Ml, Jtfies.1 PL42S 1AACN1IW CREATCR VI * DwtiMa niMn PwlOGAhntN 01 SkiNER CkMO* lOUgimr .» PLMf kk»EW MATt CoftH* trs» Wl’' •' FU4J? BLA£JL»WD I-ell (TUMur-* ITJgP ' PU4.XX4 TWIN EXPRESS AnC. PC cottrt* | PU4* RUSH A an* ahlfl nfff'
P. I440 5 IWAoNToeuECTS A M6 tIxtur PU44* CRUNIHCR5 PACK j:
aneo’i c PU447 WlhlWOBPli A i*» rrtrsnro oeckear • PU44*
SplCtR90FT UTIt S Isxumy tPMKtV I PUATOJO 6l« V5 5 C COUPlTS
to i PL457 as video t,tiers s.» •»«.. PtMii A5 WcflKBENCH 23
UTIS V*r , T Kal**na v (~'*in r A 1 • 7% liHr buk 1 fTii
m Ml * Or«» AnlJI (MNit» urtatM I A ASI m AfWf Mrn IW VJHI
T f « Ml »l Ml i: AniU**i ' AM l» I AM II As*.. A ¦ AM 15
I’usit* pr Unlicktisl A la AM M See.-Teavl.nl. H Mrwf.lrfw f
1 AV»‘ AuwOulkHfJwx MJ.»I4 .
AM n ilrfcnin. S.U.W A Uau' • I All m XllmuJCu* .!
AM XI IU.1M M.l... A MnrlmMT .» All41 Kan Mum 4 ironin' -Y Aui: Hli lM*. TldOKWitk,'.'
AH SI tnjil hH| •*** » Mnk * Aire t All *1 kxnkuliMtae llwliMtU AS *1 h»«mf pcvTititr A Ixy a Mew AMI* Dmiunnfiihilmn.
Ail V. •ui tM.Uun.I.m.W,, V ASI I* k.lw IX. H» .men, A 1
H. lf«Wan*(wr AM I HI Ml ini A« UIJ h«i 1WJ. Brtvn! A htJti'»Y AM
VII IktlvwOmrv. Wa.kfi.tMn AM )M Nil (Annie nw AH PwlxW emAum.
A Dcwl WW*« AM K*. ImtiCwrawMk il VMI) m 4 » AM IOT Imm III.
In XI htuke A Y*»I All Hk irliNi. Sir*-*, her • i PlJ'OJ
AS1C0U1UT SLOE «"|» iVkim PSKI3 OEFWAJt MAY 1 UAL’ S.»- r„« 1
*40.312 AMR J Psffi? HU DYVAWIC HAW H* lYlerm Stem-. ,
FSU,’:SUPEBHAMCA»»ihMaimwIIMgt. • P31 is THE QATttRNQ »
Suivmmmw PS' 11« NIOHT0BErn a:ua la Of 3 PJ' IV CYMC6TC
SL'OESH'IW S-e PS'JO Kl r'H ilmOCES S.CT 1 '•"
iuu;ff"o PS'2«NkAC(C FACTOBV « l.**ol ' cs' in I Ni: TBRtED
AOA ;,i ut: ‘ PS' M MAW Tt k'U«E S A S-.-f PS'li JIRAV.I
1'AHAIAI inrnih] p-.'M ' coup.r 'I «AuriA rvc.if.ila’, PS' J1
SIAfl WARS 51IM9MUW flu, IU4»d PS-.VJ4n V(C TEAFSr*;. I...»
P3141 WATii: iuiCESMCVr? !*:¦- ' PS142 AKIBA.KWf N SLOES SrowO
kAtfO. M J AH iM .V*m« k.frl. AM 140 TO.I Mtw. DlXnui
ImttaN* Nun AO 141 tr.fi Ati Nwni II t (tU IrUw • asi I4J a«m
ovnj v. a • ASI 143 k ASI i» AM 14.1 ASI 14*1 AM' l’ lUiiumti
MmTwi '«*» AM 111 htArtffl Vwl|» A Susmlmf .1 AM IWCtfhiii »'W
» I ff- *ikh ifmt mtw AH iMilkSohv. OuMAkaitniM 1 ASI III
Knllft lmNr«rinof Irar a 7..N .
ASI IO KltmfAhlni* } 4 lt| mil A ifmir lm*-1 ASI III F.t 11 a Hcfllf f.f«f .V All lit *Ami„ma II.4m I .mrir 1 KJ.ftY .1 ASI ISA M.tf.. I 0(*u a Cylft link *1 AM IwlW.Uf.lrA * kjrur Ihinr tY ASI 111 **.« .Ut.h ,*-.-4 . Tn» • AM 111 Iwmnmt r.itl |...I.mo«* It 4 *w AM H . IW ink Wom utCfirlil ••• Slum AM iw Biw UJ Ui a Lay' •* AM 111 AiWimt lr(*i I.Hm A Yup AO IW ifoho Am.non Ua n Ilk Two 4] ASI lit Mr a tdi linun, II a llew I ASI IH Hmfn. MwMnUr A Molt'
A. 1I I :n Mm INI AI unn Mi a PH*r «w AM IT.' Uaatkf, *V I .iff
taa A On1 .1 AM I a fcwc ImUtW.hTMw r*”' *4 AM I XI IX.fr
Knrtuf. »¦"« A l w‘ *1 AM IM ri.« .mN. F.ftT IfUN.w' AM I).
Min. I l.Aft A.i.l'«tlf l A Tiwa Ail ll» hy.oNM.KU* iWMiHl W
frmv* T*r. Jan A HiAmrn' IW,,. II AIM. Itw A i*r i O R D K K I
N ii VI A I) K R A S Y 11 POST: kt'tid your Nitnir.
d(lrr%*i & Order dtlaili with u ('ht-quc 1*0 IVIO in uni
of (he compunie* listed |’||() K: ( nil ut % if li your card
uumltcr tipin dale unit dr toils fur a 1st I’lavs senior. All
oiujur curds iKLvptcd l*l PKI( K.S: I . 5 disks £2.0(1 per
disk *6-25 disks £1.25 per disk • 26 or inurr disk arc Mill
*H»ly Wp per disk !
POST A PACKIMi: UK 50p • I K 'Ktoirdcd lU'lisrn* £1.25 • Kumpe *25p per disk • Knl of Wurlil +S0p prr disk Kt Mt Mltf K: Nvc stuck Hsli 1-950. I liaji 1-74. Amos. Scope. Snau. niicus« AMIGAs A lols morr sopcrb 1*1) disks!!
PLEASE NOTE: All disks on Ihe advert shgyld work on the Amiga 6 systems unless otherwiso staled! All disks with a ug- should work on the Amiga 500* & 600 machines!
However there are so many different setups now in use n becoming impossible to test lor every possible variation t please use some caution especially with Al 500 2000 with various des systoms, C0TV and ol course the new Amiga & 4000 systems. Disks marked with a "Y~ should bo okay A1200 4000 though obviously not yet extensively tested Please take care!
) lain Distributors i m i I a t o r s D j i 111 COLOURED CLIPART GAMES TFM « 8 SUDM) COX'ecnon Ot Cobum) Cip*n rt xn ANTi r * MOI caps .... eur-v II maspy trt Han moan UC*3C catecvsl, tfiajgn soma rtaj?! Atic atac Rt*v p*yae*. n.'- is m 16 colours. Can be loaded tnio Define P&rsi 4 PG023 battllfcrce m'mrj. ¦*»' o."«' «V, 5W", 990, 1299 9 499Q ) Pgon COLOSSUS * WQBLO Fad sftu PG03I OamsiAAT t-iAMM* Mil a*Mntj »-1 PG032 DfMGCtG GAVE MO RyW nnt Wmii Y POO34 ETERNAL ROME BMMfly A DCMM S. Y P5»*6 MACK fl'WI *« •NtMM’tMteOT »t|W *Y POCtf HOLLYWOOD TRYIA laoa T».w Omm* .
1*0048 HOI Y QRAJL Ona ol Itu bar Tail adiMnai. V P00S3 LAWN A B.DWS toil acMarfcn aarw • Y PGOW LOR« OF CCNOUtST K»:t l x» j 0»D mh. Y P5W3 MENTAL IUA0E I &x*u-ot. R.idtn 1 rtteuii.
PQ0B3 MCRIA Covw ao.uru't row larwco J 41 .V PGOM HAFOLEOMC WAR 9MJLAT0R A il ilnj, «AMl POMB MO MAMS LAND H K7 «*' «¦’« .'oil mip.Y rOOTD PITIW DUST ttMCUl »u irwwi Wlfcml.
PGON S C*A POV GUMSER L»* bt»T’wlorPaM-V Ptcrj PROPERTY MAWET BKOMt I nloran m POOTt RETunu TO EARTH Eoa W4« at war .V room slyln Ills »uwtaa («« u*r-u vf;R ROOTS si ALAMOt A Wwuru wtw-J. E»'w .Y PC.' ?| THE Nsnr.PR Cll» * WW JPTM PG'2I AiCO. OAUES PAC 21 0 h« id in en a ( 0 .Y PQI24 TOTAL WAR Tut .1 a aooO 'MR ’IPt lO-H' .
POO'S nUSNISS II TTURS (VfacM. Wltu . Mrnt.Y PB0» TEXT ENGNE 4.1 THE LATEST Varaen «' .Y HAI l-AJIItt AU. V. IV A.. I 4 ' YU • r, VCUA Llirin, •• IIA'UAN .. ,.»l II .... : • .vri it; s-RKES rack lira M t ... FA043ERC S MORE AERDTOONS Vo wll, . V p*045 ERC S STEALTHY || M« 25 M SHMtr, I.Y Sunerti «¦ J tlltk fuhlins PAOSSa UKJHT CYCLES oi Tron mtruawo t-imr f.K I Hr IJOO inly* Ttux Wali6(4i : f. iragran.
Will In, In... An a... , A', ? T,« AKKAI M A Umc tftrrol. Y will krrji T ™"J •" I PA071 Tl WALKER .1 TX» «*5K wr M*f* I* V 44 y M(iy Kkklctiaot PA075THE WALKER ,t A20X) A CUM*: ¦ 7V imxintni irflfY juinImf Hum PAOtt, fractal amimtfcx U Kmin .cm » Man.* acvilpa 4IkI lavi blKKI'ltv PAUJI 3GAS TLFWXt, STEAM A PETROL ENGWE IjftY " ¦ P l*A0M AMY .XXifi WALKS I TRW I IS b* t SdnMPXl* tY u PA018 HOW TO RUN INTO A WALL HyCrKScwIX .Y PAOT6ATF AGILITY rawESahit.wr atti teinuN.Y
OPEAAtS Grotl OelBMr aim . Y PA!034 K *3=ISKR 2 8.0*0 Knl
aranuonil. Y H PAICA-7 THE JCURF4EV f£ Facial pea 5 anna(2|.Y
¦ I'AI ID 3 SCRWAir 2 SantvwSol w-d'0 A la*.bar! .Y ¦
EM3INC San* tnm.Y ¦ PA1223 THUFOER8ROS AF4M F4 a annuNcn-
|2|.V ¦ PA141 &TIHLW3 IIENQNE AwW. Lit) ««0 8 i-tnUY ¦ PAI43
AMAS ANW4ATON Arrutng * rrtMan . Y ¦ F A!43 STAR TREK Cowar
CIXU bTm.1 innatnuY ¦ PA150 RAGTAG XWUONr Arcrxr run-, aniT.
.Y ¦ path IvllWj AMM F4c«IMFXM lon«0' aY PA1S2 NATCNAL WEATHER
Juruin) W* artnUY m PAI54 QAFFY LOSE8 HIS HEAD Amuog ar.HKC'r
. V A UFO Unwon nil) S,»t% p. lUSOElHpUll.MMacSD' in UHmSn
utulff'i dun: PP137.40 HEAD7F5 FOR HC4JE .. A
nun ll nnuh (=1=1X1 •* MCArt MACHNE CoilG* turn* MEGA |4|)*T0
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(19 1 5 8 7 1 1 95 FAX: 1)91 58 7 11 9 5 BLITTERCHIPS AMC6.
6 7 46 9 FAX: 0535 6 ft 7 4 ft 9 AMC6,1 CHAIN LANE. NEWPORT I
W P03Q5QA TEL: 0 9 8 3 5 2 9 5 9 4 FAX: 0 983 8 21 59 V iiy
.mi TKL: U 274 731462 iruMtrrouu UNBELIE' 1, HUY 10 PD RISKS 6
Mental Hangover ing».
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1) 101 Atralra Mdnoi 1 DIQ2. A Garin Demo Drill Total
Destruction OIOS Mt U Demo Comp 4 DwiiVUHrST Dtrmw Dill (Mom I
I DII7 AuroraMDrmo I Dim Cull M’Drini 2 I 1)12.1 Precis** Demo
Dl" Ftunaika | D1iftCxAdfire Megadetno
1) 137 13K .So What (2i | "9 Drv,K.Nc*Rciilil)- DI44 The Silentt
1) 145 Crym! Symphonlct
l) |4H Kay Of Hope 2 DIO No Brain No Pun DIM I 3M* lw|Doiw2)
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D22.1 Cool Fridge Demo D226 Iludcmk M IV.no
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Oicensing is big money. From sports and arcade games to films and comics, software companies are regularly vying to lay their «nds on the next blockbuster title - Mortal Kombat
* om Acclaim and Jurassic Park from Ocean have been gaggenngly
successful worldwide, the names them- ¦»os selling the product
by the trucker: to eager fans, r theory at least, the idea of
licensing s a sound one - programmers, graphic iftsts and game
designers have access t: a wealth of characters, storylines and
Other potential reas. Offering the opportunity to exploit the
material for
* rat it's worth and give the punter an addictive and payable
title in return.
Iscecni More often than not though, the reality seems to be customers walking away from their computers after a five-minute play on many of these tie-ins feeling more than a little ripped off.
Any potential has been swiftly replaced by a haggard and ancient game design, flaccid graphics and lasting appeal of the type usually associated with a funeral.
The end result is a product that looks as if it has been thrown together in a week, and is sold purely on its name to the unsuspecting games-player.
Ocean have a long history of (mainly film) licensing, from the low standards of Darkman, Dennis and Terminator 2 to the highly playable likes of Robocop 3, Addams Family and the Untouchables.
The Manchester-based company have achieved a financially successful senes of products, but have they been fair to their customers?
H licence too far?
• Why have Ocean involved themselves to much with licensing, and
do you rtend to continue investing in this area?
B We will continue to involve ourselves
• th film licences in the future but to a
- uCh lesser extent than we have done p the past. The simple
reason is the length jf time it now takes to develop a quality
• Has that been a problem in the past?
Bit has been a problem in the more »cent past, but in the future, with :10rtainly the CD platforms coming
• rough, the length of development is a minimum of two years.
Now. You Xfl’t pick up a film licence sometimes until
• ¦thin a year of the intended release of the 9m.
You desperately try to coincide the
• eiease of the game with the film. That's recome an
Ihe computer game has become big business, a money-spinning and accepted part of merchandising, but is the customer getting ualue for money? Odam Phillips interuieuis Ocean's marketing manager Simon fUty about their past track record and uihat the future holds W Is using licences simply a safe route to financial gain?
It isn’t a safe route, nothing in computer games is a safe route... ® Is it safer?
0 it is safer in terms of marketing but we pay a substantial amount of money for a licence because it quite simply provides a massive pre-awareness of a product before we've even started. I say Jurassic Park to you, you don’t need to know anything about the computer game except what the content of the title is.
If I say to you. For example, Jelly Boy, which is game that we've got to sell this year, it’s an excellent critically-acclaimed game but I have to start at square one which means - again - we have to spend more money on the physical marketing of the product.
36 Do you think, then, that there is a better chance of people buying a game if it is a licence?
0 Yes certainly, especially in the peak Christmas periods when a parental purchase becomes paramount - a parent pops along to the local store and wants to get a game for their son or daughter.
They usually have no knowledge of computer games. If they’re lucky, they've hopefully managed to suss out which games machines they have to buy for. They then look around.
They've heard about this nasty Mortal Kombat thingy. So, for example, (they’ll say): “Oh, there’s Jurassic Park, now that was a great family film," or whatever: “Home Alone, that was another great family film. I'll pick that up."
There are certain values that people attach to films, for example Jurassic Park - quality, entertainment - that are then sub- liminally associated with our product.
S On a more personal note, they go into the shop and buy the game. The kids get it and it's a poor game. Does that bother you or Is It a case of "this is business and that's the way it is"?
0 That could be very crass to say “this is business, pal. That's the way it is" because the proof of that pudding is that this market is now completely driven.
It has changed, it is completely driven by market... err. By school and playground buzz. We might receive great day one sales for a poor product, but it will then fall apart Kids ate so sophisticated noui that mou haue to get the product right first so that m licence you pith up is just an aid to thel marketing Amiga Computing Il ?
INTERVIEW very quickly. What we managed to achieve with Jurassic Park was great day one sales because of parental purchase, because of the ’must-have" buy. Because of the reviews that were already established in the press.
Then word gets around that it is a good game Kids see their mates playing it and want to get it themselves and so you continue on a line.
You can draw exactly the same analogy these days with films themselves having massive first weekend sales before dying because the public don't like them.
You can’t kid the public, and kids are so sophisticated now that you have to get the product right first so that any licence you pick up is just an aid to the marketing.
That sounds quite pompous from where you're sat, coming from Ocean who have produced both good and bad games over the last few years in relation to film licences, but our attitude has completely changed.
A If companies do continue to produce poor licensed games, do you feel that they will do the software industry more harm than good, with customers becoming wary and less eager to part with their cash?
0 | think that those companies would be fools to themselves. I don’t believe that it ...hut with Dennis, an abysmal plat former released al around the same time. Is It a case ot one step forward and two steps back? Time will tell... will damage the industry because the kids have plenty of other choice from original product coming through to vote for with their pocket money.
So. You'll continue to get vast amounts of money paid out on film licences, but then they’ll get dumped somewhere along the line.
K Are there any promises you'd like to make about the standard of licensing m the future?
0 We will pick up a licence where we fee* that we already have a project in development that can be associated with that licence.
For example, let’s say we’ve been working on a space game for a year and then a space movie comes along the lines of Star Wars. We would pick up on that and coukc easily adjust the graphics having got the gameplay right first in association with the film.
You cannot release a film licence prod- j uct these days which isn't going to get a 901 per cent review. We do work on such smat margins that we have to see a return.
38 How has Jurassic Park been selling?
0 Due to it being a good game and receiv ing 90 per cent reviews, it has been oixl best selling game of all time, and that was I a combination of the ability to market a high profile licence, and having a good game working together in the toughest Christmas market we've ever had.
S Thank you for your time.
• If you have any comments or questions about this month's I
interview then send them to us at the J usual address. It you
know of any area in the computer industry that you feel would
benefit from a visit by the Devil's Advocate, then drop Amiga
Computing a line at the usual address.
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VwtnJm. Wiitkrt. Ckkmrp pniicn «I’4P ordkrim; by phone CUI my HIM brown V 111 A S.Vlpii Mindly In Suuilry -K* ywu aMl op drmU ml iht rcai ym wnai IM in trin___ UK Deliver) charges. Ptcavc add a total ol 50p for Povuyc A Packing.
SAME DAY GUARANTEED DISPATCH ON ABOVE TITI.F.S ADD £4.00 CompatibilitylVI1 Cota,, tlil*n ‘"ta0 ** 11HAMIWIUIM, mi *ill *i»t »uh »m |uwyt ;ui I n MM, t Dcitw pun 4. Ptow
* foul wnev Pnt-hgc. Hpmim. Cu Plra* ihrti ywr Art 01 DeAttp
puHuhitg minul it yoi «t mix. Or imply call u«
• C GCVI I GRAPHICS CONVERTER it muliHr 1 il U » ilkx* ) •»»««
Oeie irrujti m dim apfixuicni. «htr Aw lime »ti«l EPIC
WILTS, SN15AR ANIMATION Flying Lessons We receive many ani
mations. These are usually 3D ray-traced wonders which regu
larly take your breath away with swishing angles and plush
shading, but sometimes lack any real character or life that
makes animation such a interesting and vital medium. These
demos also usually last about five to 30 sector MollV BROIUN (1
t| - ft!
M » V » j 1 w 2 i Passenger On Tit an i c ? EXIT In Lifeboat No.B His Brown orginised the uiomen to ioui and took lifeboat Nu.16 in tow, ending up in command of (he two. Nftet the disaster she was nicknamed the ‘The unsinkable Mollg Blown'.
Amiga [[imputing searches the libraries of the mrld to bring gnu the latest reuieuis from the public domain, fldam Phillips eHamines the talent o Fast reflexes are I don't remember any game ever attracting quite the attention that this title received - people crowded round the monitor to witness two games-reviewing gunfighters struggling to be the quickest on the draw.
Might sound like nothing special; in fact it's based on an ancient arcade game. The main differences between the old version and this update are the digitised graphics of each cowboy as they face each other, waiting for the digitised voice to cut in saying
* draw!‘.
On hearing the command, the quickest player to pull out their gun and fire wins the round. The opposition collapses in a pool of blood and it's time to move on to the next go There are five shoot-outs in all and the person who wins the most is the overall
f. nner There are variations on the theme - isten - pick up the
phone, dial the number of the program of your choice and order
it. You won't be disappointed with the few pounds you spend.
The Amiga public domain is alive and kicking... Cunfightpr
Programmed by: Overdose Software it's possible to choose a
short cowboy from the library of two characters; when shot for
the first time, his hat will simply fly off and another volley
from your apparently semiautomatic machine gun is required
to finally put him to rest.
This is hugely simple stuff but with the attention to detail and individuality on offer, with the Plasticine cowboys and their humorous look, this is a great two-player title that deserves a look in.
Available from: 17 bit PD Titanic Produced by: Paul Thompson Disasters, and especially the human variety. Have on regular occasions spawned thousands of articles, television programmes, books and, in some cases, films.
Most exploit, but some highlight the human strength and courage that it took to overcome the tragedies, It's good to see - as ever - the public domain showing its metal in dealing with a horrific incident in a responsible and professional manner.
Titanic is a comprehensive and extensive telling of the ship's birth and subsequent death. As well as this, there entries on other aspects of the now legendary ship that its makers said could never be sunk - the media reaction, the people on board and even the list of the food used in the galleys. This is all supported with music, digitised stills and diagrams.
Produced on the Scala multimedia package. The proceedings have a very professional and polished look, with many useful options and help keys. There is also a wealth of text to plough through which is well written and, to be honest, gripping and horrific in places. The package s main Watch Bob learning to fly in this two-and-hall-mlnute animation seconds where, refreshingly, Flying Lessons boasts approximately a two- minute 30-second, humour-filled, soulful animation that shows real talent.
The main character is called Bob. Who looks like a blob. One day, while settling Titanic la an extensive educational package - on this screen, it’s possible to click on a person and be given a brief history of the role that they played on the ill-fated ship drums, cymbals, triangles, claps and voice samples among many others.
Sown for a sunbathe, he sees a bird and reams of flying himself. On waking up.
Has an idea and sets out about making fantasy a reality.
What follows is the story of his three
• Mmpts to fly. Shown in Rhubarb and Costard style with
flickering, constantly sniffing line drawings and a basic
colour scheme.
There's a real feel of comic timing
• nrough out most of the piece and the style in which it is drawn
is ideal and full of character. Bob's movement's are Sub- re
and well-planned and shows its creator's talents in a very
good light.
Flying Lessons is an imaginative, simple breath of fresh air and deserves to be part of any senous animation collector's selection. Highly recommended.
Available from: $ Atieweii Simply click on the sound you want and place it in one of tracks graphically represented in the order needed. Then, hit the play button and off the computer goes, thumping out your beat at any speed you should desire.
Strength is the accessibility - with its good ooks and an involving operating system, this is simply more interesting, especially for a younger participant, than a book, and shows off how a computer can be used as serious teaching tools.
Of all the educational titles I've had the fortune to review over the last few months.
Titanic is the best I have come across.
Available from: Educational Software Disk No CLE 54B Available from: M Lavery fllanilifG & SpendwisG Programmed by: Marc Fontein Thanks to some healthy, right-on thinking New Zealand programmer, we now have the pleasure of two positive thinking, forward planning, burying-the-past utilities that are actually rather useful.
Maxilife may sound like a coffee brand but is in fact a future financial planner. By entering your monetary details such as your salary, rate interest and any debts that you might have (shame on you!), the program is capable of working out your money and how much you'll have after certain period of time (five years and so on).
Sonic Drum Programmed by: Malcolm Lavery One of the most exciting developments of the computer age is the opportunity for everyday people to flex their creative muscles. Through the use of technology, subjects are demystified and in many cases, made more simple to us. Because a computer is ideal medium for laying ideas out in a clear and thorough way.
Sonic Drum is one such facility for venting your artistic yearnings in to a constructive and satisfying end result, Presented in simple and easy-to-use icons and symbols, the user has four tracks to fill to the brim with sampled Each option has a useful help feature that explains exactly what you need to do in that particular section. There's only one real problem - instead of entenng balance per year like you're supposed to, yOu can't - the program actually asks for any debts you might have which is a little confusing.
Once all details have been entered, hit the _sunt mb mi yy_
* :g ? ? 9 a e X 4 Attain; 993 PD and SHAREWARE Calling all PD
libraries... ...and individuals with anything remotely worth my
while having a peek at. If you want something released as PD,
or you're a library with stacks of hot new stuff that you
haven't seen reviewed in these pages yet why not drop me a line
with a copy, M documentation and everything dearty labelled? I
promise 111 at least look at your work.
Adam Phillips, PD submissions, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP ART of the MONTH ' Scan is Lame Produced by: Syntex Tenebres Available from: Jorvik Public Domain Disk No SS0282 Coming on two disks.
I Scan is Lame is presumably a tribute to the artist's handle drawn talents rather than relying on a piece of equipment with no artistic merit whatsoever to do all the work.
Syntex Tenebres's attempt at making a point is backed up with some excellent 256-colour AGA pictures that are of a very high standard. If you're expecting Francis Bacon or Monet then don't look here, but if you’re after some commercially-oriented pictures then this package is worth its weight in gold.
There are seven images that can be chosen from the main screen. Each is named and is on a part of a jigsaw - simply press on the one you want and sit back and enjoy the view.
Names include Woman, Top Model, Future, Jurassic, Easy Rider, The Car and Spirit of Ecstasy. A few of these images are a little risque but no worse than anything you might find on the walls of some hip restaurant in Camden Town. Highly recommended.
PD and SHAREWARE Hi lime Runners Heading for Home. The actual anim is very short indeec
- about ten seconds in all - and shows a spaceship coming in to
dock at a space station. The work is certainly accomplished
but the length of the piece (understandable really given the
power and memory needed to run it) is a bit of a let-down,
especially after his latest piece Don't Go into the Cellar.
Having said this, if you’re after a show that boasts the usual high standard that the Amiga can achieve in al things Disney and if you have a machine with at leas; 3Mb of RAM and KickStart 2 or higher, then indulge in this luxury.
Programmed by: Simulmondo There I was, quietly sitting at my desk, going through this month’s offerings from the libraries and individuals and coming across this disk. On loading up, I was presented with addresses for Italy, which instantly generated a strong feeling of curiosity; I rarely receive anything from Italy, and after viewing this game, I hope I'll be receiving a lot more.
On loading, a menu pops up asking if you'd like to see the video story or plough straight in to the game. Choosing the game, a series of reasonably drawn pictures appear telling the story of the hero and how he and his various friends travel through time until one of them, Jessica, is held hostage by the Blue Skunks.
The basic premise is to find your lost time-travelling scooter, fill it up with petrol and get her in the right time period. After this interesting plot. I was eager to press on with the game itself!
Once loaded in. The player is presented with a large central sprite in the vein of Conrad out of Flashback, the platforming classic from last year.
The man can be made to jump, leap, run, walk and crouch - albeit not as smoothly as Delphine’s creation but for PD.
It’s impressive stuff. As far as I could tell, the object is to run around hitting the enemy, that come in the shape of robots when inside the complex at the beginning, and caveman when outside in the jungle and caves.
Chasms need to be leaped, and on discovery of the scooter, a logic puzzle game pops up where you have to work out how to get the wretched thing started.
Dinosaurs are another common occurrence, with tyrannosaurus rex and tricer- atops making appearances in a couple of cut-away scenes encountered during your travels.
The graphics are of a high standard, and although no way as smooth as Flashback, are still pleasing to the eye. The main criticism for most of the game is that there is really not that much to do other than hit, leap and run along. Having said that, there is enough here to warrant a purchase to see a large title with some excellent touches. Keep it coming, Italy.
Available from: Jorvik Public Domain Disk No GAO 158 Heading for Home Produced by: M Bareham You may recall a couple of months back when I awarded the Animation of the Month to a title called Don't Go in the Cellar that I referred to the maker as a American.
Imagine my horror and humble apologies when I received a phone call from Basildon that in fact the author is an Essex man called M Bareham. So now you know. Fortunately, here’s another opportunity to witness some more of his ray-traced, 3D work in the form of stats key and you'll get a full run-down of your glittering financial future. Also included on the disk, is Spendwise, a program that helps analysis everyday expenses and suggests items that you can cut down on to save money.
The utility is presented as a series of lists with the names of expenses such groceries, petrol and so on. These are all fully changeable and you simply enter via the keyboard how much you spend each week on each item. You then prioritise it by entering a number from 0 up to 10, which indicates an essential expenditure such as having to catch the bus in to work in the morning.
Once all this has been inputted, the user can call up a stats list with a breakdown of what money is being spent and suggestions for where money can be cut.
These are both interesting and useful planning tools which in the words of the author, help you live life to the fullest. Hmm... Available from: Scribble PD Disk No U298 Blaster Programmed by: J R Evans Whatever people's tastes are in games, whether it be arcade, strategy or adventuring, there always seems to be space for a good, hardcore shoot-'em-up that boasts addictive and exciting gameplay.
Take Blaster - it looks from the screenshots as being a pretty average looking title but put the disk in the drive, pick up the joystick and you won't put it down for quite a Shoot everything that movos and just try and stay alive In Blaster, a treniied shoot-'em-up "ir-
* r r, immrt ¦ J* M 1 - 1 ¦
• A - 4 AjES A S£ o f r
* wT"f 1 cannon i ¦ ATWwe §£j anaon capabilities •
q i.:hacgg»Hagb».cl4 JL
• oxnascreen wipor?
¦kb 1 TK®uifeir-jfc kllng nicnm i iii i i Amiga Computing while. There are no frills, just thrills as guide you ship through a vertically scroll blast fest that nearly reaches the frenzed heights of Llamatron.
There are apparently 140 different types 3 enemy to take pot-shots at and this alon* guarantees that there’s always something t little different to see on each planet - even I they are difficult to see sometimes agairsr the background.
The action is fast and furious and nei lets up for a second. Throw in a pile power-ups that descend from the top of on screen increasing firepower, lives and mar other features, and you've got a game thj you must buy - so why are you still reading7 Available from: Scribble PD Disk No U296 laij qour hands an me f Malcolm Lavery 20 Shakospeare Av. Orglll Egromont CA22 2HF Make cheque out for £5 payable to Malcolm Lavery Scribble PD 2 Hillside Cottages, Burstall IP83DY Tel: 0473 652588 17 Bit Software PD 1st Floor Oftlcos, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield WF1 1DH Tel: 0924 366982 Steve Attewell 28
Camelia Grove, Fair Oak Eastleigh S05 7GR Write a letter, with a small, henlthy-f i donation, to Steve Attowoll Epic First Floor Offices. 31a Faringdon Road Swindon SNI 5AR 0793 512073 Jorvik Public Domain 22 Hemlock Avenue, York Y03 9DG Your Choice PD Library 39 Lambton Road. Chort1on-cum-Hardr M21 OZJ Tel-061*861 8994 Makes cheques out for £4.50 to Your Choice PD Library PUBLIC DOMAIN Dept AMC. 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT other ALL NEW UTILITIES ? U200*12 Play and reed challenge (2) O U201*12 FastFacts... everything you ever need to know about the solar system
? U202*12 Kids Games... Geography, maths.
Soence. Word games ? U203*12 Amiga Beginner... tul tutonal ? U204*12 MATKSAOV... simple maths problems to solve REFLEXTEST tests ? U205*12 Japanese...word-aday & vocab.
? U206*12 Child quiz...simple quiz game wth colourful graphoai pcti es Irom ages S and upwards. Excellent game ? U207*12 Gelignite fonts (2) if you want some colourful Dpaint lores U U208*12 Football League Edltor...Update your teams league position as the results come in ? U209+12 IboM Emulatro V1.5...CGA IBM pc emulalor written to run on any Amiga shareware version n U210+12 Account master...Excelenl Amos written program ? U211*12 Directory Utils...Highly recommended programs, designed lo maka CU & Shell tasks virtually obsolete ? U212*12 Grinder...complete graphc conversion package thai
supports GIF, I PEG, AtanST. (Noochromo.
Degas). PCX. Targa. TIFF. Ham-E.
And TIFF formal pics ? W1?*12 Inscripf vl.l...produce video titles, me. Fully ediable text entries 11 U214.12 Repair4t 2...BewZap V3.3. a mulb soctor lilo witting syslom FIXDisfc vl 2. Recover as much as possible Irom a defective *sk. CxskSalve vl 42. Creates a new tile structure on a different device, with as much data salvaged trom the ongtnal disk ? U215+12 Mandel Explorer (2)...This is the best dctochon ol Fractal Generating software on the Amiga ? U216.12 3d Helper...helps you start out wrth 3d graphc*.
? U217*12 Icon tool klt...eveiy tool possible U U218*12 Space...helps you study space. «a the stars and celesbal ob«c*.s ? U219*12 Troni CAD v1.0...lho best CAD program avafable lor the Amiga ? U221+12 System Test v4.t...checks and report] on the health ol you computer ? U222*12 F1M v2.2...lntroMakor IFF imports C U223*12 Compugraphlc fonls...wtll work with Dpant V4.1. ProPage 3.
PageStream. Page Setter, WorkBench v2 64., About 30 fonts(3) ? U224*12 Letters ft boHerplele .Standard format letters lo cut and paste into your word processor.
? U22S+12 Lyapunovia VI .5...colour1ul program making pictures from a mathematical formula ? U226*12 Protection...Utilities coledton 16 prp your rt-iLi ? U227*12 Club League...to holp you keep track ot stats and tads ? U228*12 NCOMM V3.0...communicaDon3 program ? U229*12 VMORPH v2.21...create smooth morphs between two images U U230*12 Workbench 3...u1ility. ? U231*12 Octamod v2.0...music eddtor ? U232+12 WB 3 Screens ..enhance your Workbench *sk backgrounds with those colour pcs.
? 0233*12 Utile Traveller vl.l...Zoom in on any country on a world map to obtain useful information ? U234*12 Printing dlsk...conlains Banner, Graph Paper vl 2 and Disk Print V3-S9.
? U23S* 12 Udrsw v1.0..provides a mechanism lor ihe rapid drawing ol bitmap diagrams n U236* 12 XI Rave samples...Garren Watts 808 Sbilo sample* (IFF).
? U237*12 EasyCalc v1,0„.Spread sheet ? U238* 12 Par8ench...!he software to hookup two Amigas or COTVs ? U239*12 Developer...the official Commodore's developers kit ? U240*12 EDPIayer . It looks, acts and sounds ike a CD player' ? U24W12 3d graphics...several 3d modeling and ray tracking progs ? U242.12 Graphic*...Stunning graphic images creator... roses, rayshadee elc.
N U243*12 AGA UTILS 2...2 56 colour .con editor, Plamsa2S6 and QuickGrab Vl.l ? U244.12 Winblender V39.28...stunmng AGA fractals, 6e03b'040i'FPU versions inc. ? U245*12 Geneaologist V3.04... specialised database lor taepng track o» your family tree n U246*12 Stock analyst...technical analysis
- secunbes program helping you to work out best share buys ?
1)247*12 Astronomy v2.0...ca'culates nro about the sun.moon,
panels and constefcabons.
? U248.12 Ming Shu Chinese Astrology., .craatss a horoscope in seconds n U249* 12 Titanic Chests v1.4...950k ot raw ? U2»*12 TEK ATAK moduiW...musc ? U2S1+12 Colourful Icons ? U252«12 View Tools...contains convert. View Troo. Tamily iron - easy lo uso IJ U253*12 Major League...keep up to date with your ekib'9 fortunes C U254*12 Sttr View...graphic ilkisirabon ot Ihe stars C U255.12 Forca*tar...racing predetor 11 U256*12 Antl-flictwr,..stops lltcker on rs res ? U257*l2 Football League Editor ? U256«12 OrawMAp v4,1„.wortd map ift2mb ? U259*12 Race Rater V1.6...horso racing predictor ? U260.12
DtakPrtnt v3.5l...prims labels ? U261*12 Software Uster vl,6...keeps hack of your software cotection ? U262.12 Onltna v1.4...8hcrteuis and cheats for games C U263*12 Screen Blanker ...one of tho best' includes the Tweghi Zone ? U264*12 Tr*x...brilliant dish lor people trying lo gel started on tho music sido ? U265*12 HO Click v2.53...an easy to use HO menu and Woihbench tour Also enclosed is a prog to create Requestors of all kinds from a shell script ? U266* 12 Pools Tools 2...Debugged version ot tho pools forecaster ? U267*l2 Football Forecast...demo version : U266»i2 Text Engine
v4.(L,debugged version of tho best pd wordprocessor ? U269*12 AGA utite...Great cortocoon for all A1200 owners ? U270.12 Golf Scorerev 1.84...new golf scoring program - unafyso your game ? U271*12 SupefYfeww*l2...contams detailed instructions on how 10 create your ? U272*12 F574...HD cache speed up prog ? U273*12 Solo Samples...five disks with drums, synths. Break beats and modules.
? 0274*12 Digital disk 1...oomputor mag U U27S*12 Utility mania ? U278*12 Astro 22 v3.0...now comes with mprpvod graphcs, greater accuracy and hard drtvo support ALL NEW GAMES ? G001*12 Necessary roughness...American football game written on Amos ? G002*12 Exlt-13...Ian Quigley puzzle game vwlh 68k source code. Also enables user the chance to see how the game was wnnen ? G003.12 Wlbble .best platform game ? G004*12 Smurfhunt...amusing shoot om up IJ G005*12 Fighting wsmors...arcade style fighting game - excellent.
? G006*12 Muggie v10...toxt adventure.
? ChequeaP.O's payable to STRICTLY PD ? Buy 30 or more disks for just 75p each ? Over 21 disks ONLY 85p EACH ? Only 99p per disk when you order 11 or more!
? Orders of f 0 or less pay £1.25 por disk ? Please add £1 to all UK orders for first dass poslage.Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Rest of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs.
? Catalogue Ask available only £1. Reviews of well over 1000 disks + loads more ?The complete Strictly P.O. library is now available in Austra&a To order a catalogue please send a cheque or postal order for $ 2.00 to Hargware, 29 Woraiu St, Woramanga, ACT 26H, Australia, WE NOW STOCK ASSASSINS GAMES 1-120 DEPT AMC, 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL Bsl 5UT ? 0006*12 Neighbours (2 disks. Imb. 2drives) Slop Paul Robinson in this superb Ramsay SI caper P 0008*12 A1200 Tetris...classic. ? G009* 12 Dr Marto...great game ? G010*12 18th Hoi*...|? Risks. 2 drive*) Veiy addicsrvs golf
game UTILITY WORKSHOPS These disks contain a number of programs on the seme theme, giving you outstanding value for money. The disks are compatible with all Amigas, with easy to follow, printable instructions.
? FX1*12 THE PRINT WORKSHOP ? FX2«12 THE HARD DRIVE WORKSHOP ? FXJ*12 THE GRAPHIC WORKSHOP ? FX4»12 THE VIDEO TITLERS WORKSHOP ? FXS«12 THE PACKERS WORKSHOP ? FX6*12 THE DISK REPAIR WORKSHOP ? FX7*12 THE HATCHERS WORKSHOP n FX8*12 THE VIRUS KILLERS WORKSHOP ALL NEW DEMOS ? 001*12 World War N...lKt book about WWIl ? 002*12 OfgMal version of the Warriors ...(5(Asks, Imb) This absolute monster of a music demo contains 9 tracks spanning 28 mmutes wrth 2 6megs ol rave music and 200 Mdbyt64 Of gfApNCS. Gat 4 ftOWl ? 003*12 Androm«da...wK;kiiddiimo, ? 004*12 A1200 6 Demo Compilation ? DOS* 12 Jesus
on £‘s...(2 disks) The best rave music domo lo dalo.
? 006*12 Mlndwarp...Excellent AGA demo - show off your A1200 n 007*12 Swimsuit slideshow (2 disks) „,SHjnking aphx*] in bikini] pr part] of bikinis' ? 008*12 H015 AQA Demo...another great demo lor showng oft your A12QQ.
? 009* 12 Desert dreams (2 disks).. .Kefrons have pul together another demo classic - bghly recommended ? 010*12 256 women...This photo realistic 256 colour pcture sel oonlams beautiful women in A256 format and will load onto any 24 ttt’AEA application such as Dpami etc and can bo used on worttbonch backd'ops (5 d'sKsi FONTS Strictly PD presents an amazing new font collection There are 26 disks within the set In two forms: Adobe Type 1 or scalable.
Adobe fonts work has been tostod on final copy Mb, PageStream y2.1t, Profession,-'' Page v3.0. Pageselter v3.0. Workbench v2.0 and v3.0. Both types wifi work with loads ot other Amiga packages lhai can lake me font formats Ploase state Adobe or scalable when ordenng fonts.
? GLAMOUR PACK 1 Ten disks stuffed full of foxy chicks (A500 only) ? GLAMOUR PACK 2 More of the same... (A500, A500+ and A600 only) ? GLAMOUR PACK 3 ? GLAMOUR PACK 4 ? GLAMOUR PACK 5 ? GLAMOUR PACK 6 Stunning scantily clad girls... This photo realistic 256 picture set contains beautiful women in A256 format and will load onto any 24-bit AEA application, such as Dpaint etc and can be used bn Workbench backdrops (A1200 only) ? VIDEO PACK This four disk set contains loads of great video titling utilities, together with a 50 page manual to help you get the most out of each programme ? BUSINESS
PACK This 10 disk pack contains loads of useful progs for your business ? GAMES PACK Ten disks full of great games ? A1200 PACK Great starter pack tor the A1200.
Blank disks... 12 in own box... £7.50, 50... £22.50
100. .. £40.00. Mouse mats... £2.99 each 600O YNKKS get NUMPAI)
KM 397 TO GKTMORK progs working DELTRAX PD ii-l lax: 0492
515981 BUSINESS UTILITIES : luiwiHKitctmiOMRT ifc Mts ta Khi
11 MuirllCMC • i7i 5»-ut ytr IUWI “ :* mtma urn mat
h. h tuti Wmian s.niiw uu fi.'M wnnen t speu «W mftne
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8. 1» «m« fmann
¥ W Uii, ! ii.r,wmuum nmr nut Fuffirtwnw i (u m nuaunuvm«m.Gam-
Bjffl MMIfaMO *8*1 TM AJUMHHNHUauin
0. 134 FC FORM umRS
8. jj‘ mi uma mwtw •) i r at i.«i« UXIWTW'EMuMn Rffli OMUI HOI
kinn trie SUWtlMMiUMi Koa* Umttf*" -4'uoi*«i UM’IMHnentBi
u) viMB«i.ionuu M«llU0B Jt»r*l EMULATORS PRINTER DRIVERS Kl*5 OK
IMUUIOR fliwu V' ¦•'¦ti' POOLS WUMD JUNIOR VIJ hm; tnMMon
utui Gao* outn* HJSS IttHt tvrih W«ipr»
- M9 STOOL ANAITST Slcda 4 Sum mmowmhipvi;
• •SI i WHOM J (‘art ) w i»*OI tJ mm; Km HIT ¦ «» unnm tow 601
CUBU VI 2 (MO «nl turn KJM VOOTY VI « HWM81 ujim f HIM Hm
OIWOIRO HM toMMI PRS8CH4MM4 i?Ditairutw«yW' Pfl«9HO*!*'*vl
It?0U*t FlOSt «mc I Mil J*H.t *!• C proos Fwt? 4MIQ61»? 1 BMIft
Itwi C PFOH UATP If »4 rtrur, .am P«)64 MIT AUDI IQ' KOMI.
* •*065 Mpt il I V2MIQ* •':owur PRM6 N0OUIA7 Unauee 6IIU..C
COWtn'] Own PR368 PC0 SHI LI PUUI Cn~plei Pfl*9 t' UDGUIfit
MANUAL tf.l U toa PH3?0 C» JUKI (Me UM K» Inn C*. A :
“CnSJflKfCOnrvI iftrvmsimiKY 0 CPJil ¦ il I Bmati :"PWtn (I 5
cm) 1 CPW0 *D CHU0CM * COPT t GaitcUoS CP34I com COW* rf.O lisl
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V3.0 Latest version for a* Amigas - run C64 disk drive and
software • printers Ho transfer - complete packaoe - runs
faster than original Price £54.99 .Cl pApUK 12 50 Overseas
GUJ7.' MJU 20 FONTS ' GU22S REAL TRIM |20hM)3DIVs gj?4: mCk
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a*ows PC Software on all Amigas Supports VGA. But SVGA on A6A
machines Requires mm 1 meg RAM.MSOOSV33.Oitk Price £44.99 .Cl
DAP UK £2.S0 Overseas Ut MATM MUAM Ld Vx Mon) Ml 111 2M0EASMH
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FOR COTV. A570, C032 CDPO 1 ......11995 CDPD2 ..C199S CDPD3 ...CI9.95 17 BIT COLl £39.95 17 BIT CONT ....£19.95 PlEASt AOD FOR PIP UK-E1 OVERSEAS-£2.50 13 “ OMOREM FAMUNnlS 6m4 F a" THI»16N ,:«.-. Llrt. .n* P-*2 JUROR HAIMS O?) READ 4 LURK (2 44*)| !:-4N*R0f*CT9ff $ «4n) WE STOCK FRED FISH 1 * 950 GAMES 1 KCAIAU Mnt-wiyitf*N 2 STAR TREK 112 MR) S «l (M A1200S CJUUfOfoooMiM miit .'4 HOLY MAIL Tirol, GOLDENflEECE Tee crty «}eeititt : S3 CAAO GUMS Hup. Cut Cum it: 2 : SuKA fWNl Nil Give Dicwnj tw.Uft . RGMKSOUBIfxipniram WztSOUST • Aiulipink
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IdiikPrtirim.ISSO ? DiU Propsm. M $ 0 3 DM Projfim ¦ ES.SO
DISK PRICES: 1-2 Disks = £2.00 each, 3-15 Disks = £1.50 each
16-24 Disks = £1.25 each, 25+ Disks = £1.00 each Oversea*
orders welcome payable in sterling please.
Catalogue disk 11.00. Fast, reliable fncndly service.
Make chcqucs posial orders payable lo "DELTRAX PD' DELTRAX PD (AC), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP POSTAGE & PACKING: Name Address.
UK = 60p per order; Europe = +20p per disk; R.O.W. = +40p per disk Note: Prices are per disk and not per set PoHcode.. §g s = *2 *C §§* £S ip ii s j Mi Sl5g gill S -t Q 2 J8 d 0 2 lllg siia ; S2S t 5 _ O B g °ii* rt s .
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H.y| a P. S y vi * y *- £ z1- J-ofoi $ oSf!u a* “ S§5 JE
sc .£ is d§i ;s !¦$ b- heen to start programming or to add
to gour m euisting coding shills?
Paul Oueraa guides gnu through tho must popular programming pa (hages for Basic, [ [**. And BBOhO assembler will suit your purpose. You also need to choose a language that you are likely to be technically comfortable with, otherwise you may get disheartened with your lack of progress.
If, for example, you are new to programming and want to find some way of making a start then Basic is a very good choice; 66000 Assembly language is not.
If on the other hand you are an already competent coder who has moved to the Amiga from some other machine, you may be unworried by the prospect of learning C or Assembler and may even decide to dismiss the use of Basic altogether. One other practical point that everyone should consider before investing in a new language is whether the product is likely to be well supported or not. How can you tell? Well, one way is to read round-ups like this!
Microprocessors, such as the 680x0 chips used in the Amiga, work by executing instructions built out of binary numbers. Although it is possible to program the 680x0 at this numerical machine code level most programmers use something called Assembly language that allows 680x0 instructions to be wntten in terms of meaningful names.
For instance, to move a number from a processor register to a particular memory location you would use a Move instruction. Assembler programming is Still closely related to the underlying processor chip and for this reason it’s called a low-level language.
On the Amiga this type of coding requires not only knowledge of the Motorola 680x0 chip but an indepth understanding of the Amiga's operating system as well.
Make no mistake, it is a big challenge simply because there is so much to understand but, having said that, Assembler programming is addictive.
Among the more dedicated Amiga programmers, 680x0 coding is very popular indeed!
ERROR PRONE This type of programming is, however, time consuming and error prone, which is one of the reasons why a variety of so-called high-level, easier to use languages have been developed.
Basic is a high-level language that was originally designed specifically for teaching programming to beginners - the initials actually stand for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. At one time almost every available version of Basic was different. So it got a bad name for portability.
Nowadays the situation is much better at least as far as the core Basic commands are concerned. In recent years the language itself has also improved immensely (it’s become far more powerful) but it is Still an easy language to learn and use, and that is its main claim to fame.
The C language gets a lot of coverage in the Amiga world - namely because it is the most important of all Amiga languages (much of the Amiga's system software was written in it).
C is a compiled high-level language that is flexible enough to allow programmers to do things that were previously only possible with Assembler.
This, plus some portability advantages, is the reason that C is popular as a systems programming language.
As many people are now discovering, learning to [ [?? Packages SAS C C++ V6.50 HiSott Price: £329 Students': £250 v6.xx upgrade: £59.95 v5.xx upgrade: £149 v4.xx upgrade: £209 Hanoi*Invakad ulth Bafara using anv Black (aw f, IM black mill ba flPtl Black* p» v ba narko* allbar wllb tha ba«m black) and Ctrl-1 (and black) comtnli ar kv MldlM doun Ilia I*ft noo»* buttan and dragging Ilia following labia datcrlba* lb function available In tha Bloch Haa*. And It al*o llatk iMMcut* whara thav aklkt.
Version 6.50 of the SAS C Development System has just arrived and the most important news is that SAS have decided to bring the C++- language into the SAS C environment at no extra cost.
Copy narkad block at R* cursor III Anna t Oatata narkad block Rt-Rnl*a d Inaart narkad blOCk It tk* CBPI*F and Rt-flNl«a n dalat It fran It* pravlau* p *lt«an land Ika narkad klack t« til PRN: davlf ¦aad a flla at tha cursor Mrita Iha narkad black la a flla Nava Iba cursor ta tha baalnnlno of Iba black flog iba cursor ta tha and af tha blach o © © The software comes supplied on six disks. As well as the editor, C compiler and C++ translator, linker, debugger, function libraries and the Amiga header files, you also get a whole host of other utilities for tracing program execution,
performing direct file editing and so on.
There are global and peephole optimis- ers that can improve the efficiency of the generated code, a disassembler, and even a 680x0 macro assembler thrown in for good measure. The compiler itself is fully Ansi-compliant and also extremely fast, Moat ot tho important SAS C C++ do fault a can bo aot via tho Scoptiona front ond Ttrr TTW7 nr COMPILER OPIIOMS.. I MISSftOL OPTIONS I COBt OPIIUNS 1 L1tl XREF OP11 OH*. . .
. | PROTOTYPE OPTIONS... | Ol NoL 1*1 I OI _J O' .91 HjXr.E .
_| Ol MaVarbasa I
O. MaL Ink J O . HM; 1 01 Varsiaa PrMr«Nm M dlPlaygf~l SPEC ML L
i «« J lava Dafault | Sawc t * q I »t Coat Itwal law Mindou
Emi h ifi iri ir« ira i rs ir? Iri ir» irm J : i ia u H ia i*
n id n it Jr-i- in i+-i Btl nttlPl 1 U 1 If! I im J % I at I
a 1 l I k J a I ji IJ 1 a 1P 11 IJ I .1
• art IT Im Ic la M In In I. I. 1 I-mt | a | ? J.;+l .1 IZ U ) I
MLTI » I_to at a_I It I At-T| 1_I . Il-I Kav Nan* w CaOa
Quatlflar ?-!-.« f +T -• T •----»-T I
- ,| |--- «|, - -1 1* |-*-I I Ulfll IM» I "LI L - « A* wall at
about 1,500 pa got of documantalion, SAS C C+ + off art on-llno
holp Uo'r«b-.7nTTrrTr-n- | »»s cj mutt
- uai Latirist I Irani I irniL IllIM Hanu la lac•lan apy Print
daad I 33B J ¦aoinntn due in part to the fact that the compiler
driver. Called sc. Loads shared libraries to handle the
various phases (instead of invoking multiple programs) and uses
Global Symbol Tables (GSTs) which remain in RAM between
Other recently added enhancements make it possible to designate auto-initialisation functions that are called prior to the main() function being executed, and autotermination functions (executed when the main code returns).
The compiler can also generate code to allocate a new stack to be created if the old stack runs out (good news for coders who wnte a lot of recursive code) and do a lot of other clever things besides.
All of the important compiler options concerning compiler operation, error message generation, file listing, code optimising, linking and so on, are done through an Intuition-based (gadget and menu-driven) interface called Scoptions.
The debugger, called CodeProbe, has been given a number of additional enhancements in the latest release but the main one is that it can now be used to debug C++ files.
The compiler s front end (called sc) which previously accepted C source code.
Assembly language files, object files and libraries, now accepts C++ files as well.
Although the C compiler parts of the pae« age can be used with a floppy-based system, you need a hard disk in order to us« the C++ translator.
If you are contemplating moving to SAS C C++ then you ought to assume that * hard disk and a couple of megabytes y RAM are essential - the package will the?
Work like a dream.
SAS C C++ is a brilliant package superb documentation (about 1,500 pages of tutorial and reference material) and ar exemplary record of user support. There s nothing to touch it) Manx’s Aztec C No current distributors Price: £not known This package is still used in the St but seems to have vanished from the market. Basically it’s just being m tioned for completeness because C, at one time, provided the main c( tition to Lattice C - the package became SAS C. Aztec C had many good points and Lattice it came with its own set of prc ming utilities (editor, librarian, debt and so on) and a
comprehensive fur library.
Iga Computing jm i C compiler package is quite a big commitment, main problem is not understanding the C language
* j *airty easy to get to grips with), but learning about
* ay you interface with and use the Amiga's library «jwes f
you've not used a compiler before you'll need to
• r« hard and even experienced programmers can jp to a year to
come to grips with C on the Amiga.
In ihfl impo Amiga’s is flex- gs tha he re* mmirv; ningto 2RILLIANT Once you’re over the initial problems, though, every- ¦s says the same thing... it's a brilliant language but .. do have to be fairly disciplined as far as your fccroach to program design and coding goes.
Z ncidentally. Has changed in recent years and the 7-90*1 form is called K&R C after a couple of chaps i*ed Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, the lan- P-jge s creators. There is now an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for the C language and this improved form is called ANSI C. Given the choice it is ANSI C that you should learn to use.
C++ (pronounced C plus plus) is an object-orient* ed programming language developed dunng the early 80s by Bjame Stroustrup's language team.
Throughout its development there has been a strong commitment to keeping C++ compatible with the C language. C++ supports a construct known as a class that allows programmers to define objects which have their own data characteristics and procedures.
The end result is that the programmer can work at a much higher level of abstraction and so avoid the nitty-gritty details that make the programming of larger projects difficult in other languages. You should not attempt to learn C++ until you are happy with C itself.
[nmpilers uersus interpreters pack- d sys- 0 use SAS [hat a tes of 1 then » with ages id an ere is KL I ¦ EX1 Macro 68 la a powerful Assembler but it lacka the Devpac easy-to-uee front end tates e UK nen- tetec mpe- that j like iram- gger ctipn Hssemblgr packages Devpac 3 msoft Price: £69.95 '-ere’s no doubt that the current Devpac package provides the ultimate Assembler envi- :iment available to the Amiga user at the present time. The editor offers multiple-file edit- rg with full mouse-controlled cut-and-paste and the ability to open individually scrollable
- Jtiple windows on the same file.
There are bookmark set and locate facilities, macro recording facilities for memorising
• eypress sequences, and powerful Assembler debugger integration
options. As well as the editor, Assembler and debugger, the
Devpac 3 package includes Blink, the Amiga's linker, =
Commodore FD file converter and other utilities.
You also get the Assembly language include files, the standard run-time and link craries plus extra maths and iff parse libraries), startup-code etc. and some example programs to get you started.
Macro 68 Helios Software Price: £130 Macro 68 is a fully featured, customisable, macro assembler for the 680x0 family of processors- Some of its more unusual features include support for Copper list programming, Arexx controllability, and recognition of both old and new style Motorola 680x0 syntax. Unlike Devpac it doesn't have an easy-to-use front end but most coders tend in fact to use Macro 68 in conjunction with an Arexx-based editor anyway.
An awful lot of work has gone into Macro 68 and in practice the Assembler does admittedly provide facilities that advanced coders could find very useful.
Having said that, it is not a particularly user-friendly package and in particular the manual lacks the soft, tutorial-style sections that make life easier for the newcomer to 680x0 coding.
KkntoHMS tljn Ptltari (»¦ tetexm nrr k : UK!1 . |:1 He VMM |l wff j* IsrMfM 1*1 l‘S«» aMg «,
f. ; «eukimil m }: nnnm my ¦ pn tan wn |m mom (I *¦»« IWO |m ww.
Itrr, |1 p |* .....
p. WW |J M M H- pi mw ft WlMt lm * (MM* M«t
* * mg VS* *• :*»* * am* raro a Macro69 and CygnusEd
Professional make tor a good Arexx- driven combination
Drogrammers tan take iid to a gear to rome to grips mitli ( on
the Amiga We mentioned the basic difference between these two
approaches in the jargon buster. To elaborate: If you've got a
loop which contains instructions that are executed 500 times
then the interpreter will translate the instructions within
the loop 500 times as well as executing them 500 times. A
compiler-based equivalent does the translation once and
generates the necessary machine code.
When the program runs, all the translation stuff has been done already - so compilers produce programs which in general will run faster.
The disadvantage of using a compiler is that the process of creating a program is more complicated. You have to write the program (the source code) using a text editor, then compile it.
EXTRA CODE After that you may also have to link extra code (start up code, code for library functions and so on) to your program and only then can it be run.
If there is a bug then it's back to the editor, make the necessary changes, recompile and so on.
There are quite a few tools around which help automate the process but it is still fairly long-winded.
Most interpreted languages are quite the opposite - you can stop a program, make changes, and then immediately run the new version.
Interpreted languages are good for the development stages. Compilers are good for speed.
Some languages, most notably Basic, come in both forms and often the compiling facilities are so well integrated into the system that you barely realise that a compiler is being used.
Amiga Computing Basic packages T ZL 0000*0009* «1. MciMI'e i1 (Sm !*lw • CM ''L.iiun «aun*t iUKiM-j I fm ':«un.uuMi MM m L’lw uMre' n I ini M Imlli'I.W Amos users csn quickly build graphical interlaces... I 1 0 0 I tiu*( two of tho many good quality games which tho speedy Bliti Basic 2 lo responsible tor GFA Basic v3.52 Data Media Interpreter: £50 Compiler £30 extra II O GFA Basic has been around for some time and although it still has its han core followers, interest from new users seems to be on the decline. Part of !*• * reason for this would seem to be due to a general lack of support
from Dau Media. The package runs OK on older machines, and on the A1200, but since the release of GFA Basic v3.5 (the last major release) problems have appearec on some machines.
...but tho language remains as simple as Basic GFA Basic doesn't work properly on the A3000 or A4000 machines arc users of various non-standard Amigas also seem to have had a variety of problems. Since it seems that there are no planned GFA upgrades or official fixes tc eliminate these problems at the moment, we can only suggest, until were hear something positive from Data Media, that you do not jump on this particular bandwagon.
4 i • HiSoft Power Basic HiSoft Price: £29.95 This is a perfectly respectable Basic which has been around a while and * aimed primary at Workbench 1.3 users who want a cheap entry point into Base on the Amiga.
Amos Europress Software Easy Amos: £34.99 Amos Professional: £49,99 Amos Professional Compiler: £34.99 Amos is a games-oriented Basic-style language which was designed to be easy-to-learn. Powerful, and to take full advantage of the Amiga's graphics capabilities, it succeeded on almost all counts and. As a result, has become very popular indeed. Easy Amos, which is a sort of cut-down core version of the language, is a good package for the total beginner.
If you are already familiar with another Basic, or just wish to have access to some of the more advanced facilities right from the word go, then opt for the Professional version because it offers far more powerful features. Amos Pro, incidentally, provides some very powerful Amiga-specific graphics sound extensions.
The long-awaited Pro Amos compiler arrived during the latter part of last year and, depending on the code being compiled, it can offer anything from slight to substantial speed increases.
The compiler is compatible with both the Easy Amos and Amos Professional packages but users of Easy Amos ought really to consider upgrading to Amos Pro before getting the compiler.
Blitz 2 easy - you just select compile run from tho menu. Bocause Ol its speed, Blitz is great for games programming and this is where its main applications lie Blitz 2 provides some language extensions called NowTypes and built-in list processing support A lot of the Blitz 2 facilities seem to be aimed at tire more advanced programmer and this coupled to the rather unusual language extensions means that it doesn't seem to bo particularly suitable for those approaching Basic for tho first lime Hobbyte Price: £48.90 Blitz Basic is getting quite a name for itself because, as a compiled
Basic, it is extremely fast. Programs are normally created using Blitz Basic's integrated editor compiler environment (called TED) and an interactive rumtime debugger is provided which allows you to examine the high-level source code as a program runs. Compiling itself is HiSoft Basic 2 HiSoft Price: £79 (expected) Unlike the Amos and Blitz offerings. HiSoft Basic has not been specifically aimed at the Amiga games programming fraternity. It has simply been a very good, and very well supported, compiled Basic whose core facilities are broadly compatible With Microsoft-style Basics found on
many other machines.
As we are going to press, a new version - called HiSoft Basic 2 - is being released, which offers a host of new Workbench 2 3 oriented goodies.
One major effect of the changes will be to make using the Amiga's Intuition and other operating system functions much easier. We also know that a new editor (actually the one that is now provided with Devpac) and a debugger are being provided.
Q| 68888 Q| Mord Mord OIL d u*» .bi r r No yarning* Ignore Multiple Includes Low Menorv flssenblv List Svntinl Table PD packages As well as commercial products you’ll find many languages available as public domain offerings. Cursor is a three-pass Basic compiler for programs written in Amiga Basic. NorthC* PDC, and Dice are popular C compiler packages. There’s even Gnu C++ available for the more ambitious among you.
Charlie Gibbs deserves a mention here because he produced what is now a firmly established and respected. Freely distributable Amiga Assembler package, called A68k. It forms the basis of a lot of PD Assembler packages and you'll also find it present on almost all public domain C compiler disks.
* r»P I oC H10-3. A Thrff wnnur LINKI IB ENDtl dec taro external
r«f«rrncfl. . .
Xrrr .RbsExecBose LXILRN_LIB Opehllbrarv EXTERN.LIB DltplavBevp EXTERN.LIB CloaeLibrarv Devpac's editor ia easy to use and providea integrated control over tho Best C compiler SAS C C++ - there is absolutely nothing to touch this package.
Needless to say it also provides the best C++ translator as well.
Best Amiga Assembler Devpac 3 - again this package is in a class of its own.
Best Basic We’re going for Amos because il has proven support, good Amiga-oriented facilities, and a large established, and relatively content, user base. But the improved HiSoft Basic 2 (which we've not yet seen) is also certain to be very good indeed.
Since this could provide some surprises it might well be safest to wait until the HiSoft offering arrives before making any commitment.
; vartables and static data... .IntuitionBase dt.I 1 intuit lon.noHP dc.b 'intuit*
• -m-mmrnmmmmmwmmm-MW------------ (Jl On rirM
U. . Qi On First Use D» roc t ory u»rJ Cane* I |
1M..IntuitlonBasa EXIT intuition coll to Moth th BB.aB
DltplovB*op._IntuitlonBot oil don to uv con now cioop thP
library as novr.l .IntuittonBaac,a1 CRLLSYS
Clo»pLibr«rv._Rb*ExpcBasp EXIT Clr.t d» rt» List Netro
FKPansions List Conditionals Onlv Tirst Eass Listing Sot . . .
S»t. . .
Set... Tncl ude3 .8:1 nc~i ud* Hdd. . .
Ndd.. .
Cancel | lain
- LEUf 681181 2 Maths Coprocessor 68851 Henorv NanjqeNonl Unit
Mo Supervisor Instructions nilou Narrow £ero Operands Odd Hut
onatii PC-Relative Ensure PC-Belative Code Check Absolutes for
Hissing I No Even Indirection Checltihd No Expression Ivp*
Chocking Drhuu 6 82 2 Deup u
66. 596 S2 S Qentta
64. 632 GfnRn.upli 43 MJ M MonRn
37. 636 HonNn. 1 ibf i U 11,2?B h; h tyitcn.9
143. 998 8 2 e ncn gggTga olh.r-T T Case Insensitive Svnbois
Underscore for Local Labrls ai Basawblar Option* Control
function library; A set of pre-written useful subroutines
collected together in a separate file.
Interpreters and compilers: High-level languages come in two main varieties - interpreted and compiled, The difference is that with an interpreted language you'll write a program and as it runs the interpreter takes each statement in turn, translates it (ie works out what it has to do), and then executes the equivalent machine code.
Optimiser: A program that can automatically rearrange, ie optimise, the code you've written to make it either run faster or occupy less space.
Portable programs: A program is portable If its source code can be trans* ferred from one type Of computer to another and made to run with little or no change. The more work needed to get the program running on a new machine, the less portable the code is considered to be.
Data Media: 0734 794941 Europress Software: 0625 859333 HiSoft: 0525 718181 Helios Software: 0623 554828 Hobbyte Computers: 0582 457195 Ji argon bu5tor Supplier contacts Amiga Computing
HQT I m txvtfnts. Ninety lot import i»iw you' programs EMC
Volume 1 • 5 Daks C14.00 • Class* IFF Cnutrt Animals,
Transport, Peopla and Xnyfe Sports Cartoons 6 Disks-£16.50
Ife. Snow Scenes and 256 Various 3 Itrav ravef.
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£16.50 IFF Rowers 3 Pwunaa, Tulips. Fcreors arc lots mom Flower* EMC Volume 58 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Trees Humorous Oak. Pine Maple. Wlkwra. Palma, Bcnta «c EMC Volume 59 - 6 D.skt. £16.50 IFF Plants1 ¦ tliirusnns, Nine 256 DS9 5 Deep Space Nre.
256 TNG 1 The Next Generate Bamboo. Pot Plant*. C«k Yucca rushes. TiusHmoic EMC Volume 60 • 6 Disks £16.50 - IFF Plants 2 mm Food reined plans and lots ci oil*- ptarw tm tm 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Military Fi iler* Tanks Smps arrf vpts merfti | Heitu EafC Volume 61 Aitcran WIVII“ EMC Volume 62 5 Disks £14.00 IFF Fruit I Apples Grapes H berres Sbor- as, Cnorr* s Poara etc EMC Volume Babes x.j, *.j,; EMC Volume 64 5 Disks • Circus Hislcrc, Borrxus fV,.iul EMC Volume 65 - 6 D.sks fido aste-r. Halloween. Xmas and nearly 2mb al Wedding IFF People.
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- -------176. 5 Dok • £14.00 ¦ IFF Various 7 Fooreoar end more'
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EMC Volume 101 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Cots 2 Mo*o roolly cule and humorous pictures of Cats and Kittens!
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EMC Volume 112-5 Disks - £14.00 256 World People Amencan-Amazon Indians, Hawaitans, Africans and morel EMC Volume 113 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - 256 America Grand Canyon. Vegas. CeasarsPatace. White House eic.
EMC Volume 114-6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Castles Caslfos with Moats. Castles on Mountains. Castles on Rivers etc EMC Volume 115- 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The World From around the world • Egypt, Japan. Italy. France. England etc. EMC Volume 116 - 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Birds 1 Parrots. Humming Birds. Flamingos, and lots more Birds!
EMC Volume 118-5 Disks - £14.00 256 Birds 3 Swans. Falcons and lots of birds that we can t identify1 EMC Volume 119-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 1 Warriors, Dragons, Female Warners and lots more!
EMC Volume 120 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 2 Drag?n Lance pics, uracufa, Skull Warriors and lots more!
EafC Volume 121-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The Movies Batman, Ssarwars Top Gun. Terminator. Indy, Karate Kid etc. I EMC Volume 122 - 5 Disks £14.00 256 Renders 1 Rendered Dragons, Glasshouse, Medcedes cars and more!
EMC Volume 123 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 2 Rendered Bugs, Cness Boards. Various Rooms. F-18 and more!
EMC Volume 124-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 3 Rondcrnd kitchens, Bowing, Insects. Cameras and more!
! EMC Volume 125 - 5 Disks £14.00 - 256 Girls 1 Beautiful Women dressed at very little Blood bokng' EMC Volume 126 - 5,Disks £14.00 - 256 Girts 2 Beautiful V brYteft dressed m very little Blood Doilmg' EMC Volume 127 • 5 Disks • £14.00 256 Girts 3 Beautiful Women dressed m veiy little.. Blood willing' EMC Volume 128 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Water Girls Beautiful Womon under Waferfall6, at the Pool and very wet' EMC Volume 129 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Swim Suits Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Swimsuits EMC Volume 130 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Bikinis Beautiful Women, of all shapes
ana sizes, in Bikinis EMC Volume 131 -5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Beach Girls Women on the beach, the lond of batoi you see in Baywatch' EMCVplume 132-5 Disks • £14.00 • 256 Lingerie Beaultful Women, of all shapes and sizes, In Lmgene ( EMC Volume 134 -5 Disks £14.00 - 256 Various 1 Mixture ol pics mainly or Women & Fantasy .Starter volume'?
EMC Volume 135 - 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Reptiles Snakes, Frogs. Lizards, Crocs and V?me ama ng picfof Oinos.
EMC Volume 136-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Classic Cars 6 daks packed Wilh Classic cars of all shapes and sizes.
EMC Volume 137-6 Disks • £16.50 256 Cars 3 Vettos. Porches, Aston. Countachs. E-Type. Mm, RR, Esprit etc EMC Volume 138-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fast Cars Teslas F-40'e. Countachs, Porches. Lotus and lots morel EMC Volume 139-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Racing 6 disks full of Indy Racing. Formula 1. Drag Racing and more!
EMC Volume 140-6 Disks - £16.50 256 Boats Power Yachis, Military and jusl about every other type of boatl EMC Volume 141-5 Disks • £14.00 - 256 Trains 1 1st of our 256 Tran vols containing Steam and Electic locos' EMC Volume 142-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Trains 2 2nd of our 256 Train vols. Containing Steam and Eledic locos!
EMC Volume 143 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Troins 3 3rd of our 256 Tran vols. Containing Steam and Eloctic locos!
EMC Volume 144 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Trains 4 4th of 256 Train vol? Containing Steam and Electic locos!
EMC Volume 145-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Military Desert Storm, Tanks, Bombs, Jets, Cannons, Navel and more!
EMC Volume 146 -6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Flight Planes. H'copters. LightPtanes and stunning pics of Hot Air balloons.
24 bit or A&A etc. You can also 256 IFF COLOUR 6MPHICS FOR ncn UNO 2B RIT HMI6RI' EMC Volume 221 • 6 Di$ k$ - £16.50 - 256 Star Trek 3 | Great pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Original series S Moines EafC Volume 222 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Conan :xcellent 256 artwork featuring Q n (ho Barbarian I EMC Volume 223 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Dr Who | Groat piciures and exoelleni artwork trom the cutt senes Dr Who EMC Volume 224 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 TV-SciFi This volume composes of pictures and artwork from Blake 7 and V EMC Volume 225 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 D.Lance 1 I Stunning, high
quality artwork from Dragon Lance EMC Volume 226 • 6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 D.Lance 2 Stunning, high quality artwork from Dragon Lance I EMC Volume 227 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 BorlsV 1 Exceplionai artwotk by Ihe renowned fantasy artal Bons Valleio EMC Volume 228 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV2 Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Bons Vallejo EMC Volume 229 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 3 Exceptional artwork by the renowned tantasy artist Bons Vailec EMC Volume 230 - 6 D'sks - £16.50 256 BorisV 4 Exceptional artwork by the ronownod fantasy artist Boris VaNejo EMC Volume 231 - 6
Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV S Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Boris Vaietc EMC Volume 232 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 6 Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artlsl Boris Vaitetc EMC Volume 233 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 7 Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo EMC Volume 234 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 8 Exceplionai artwork by Ihe renowned fantasy artist Bons Vallejo EMC Volume 235 • 6 Disks • £16.50 256 Kelly 1 Excellent artwork by the famous fantasy artist Ken Kelly EMC Volume 236 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Kelly 2 Excellent
artwork by the lamous fantasy artist Ken Kelly EMC Volume 237 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 SciFi Art 1 ! Mixed bag ot great artwork and pictures with a general SoF, , EMC Volume 238 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 SciFi Art 2 Mixed bag ot groat artwork and pictures with a general SciFi theme EMC Volume 239 - 6 Disks £16.50 • 256 Woodroffe Reafry good Weird fantasy pic s from the world of Patnck Wooe- to , EMC Volume 240 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Movies 2 Excellent pic&'artwotk from film - 089 Star Wars. Terminator. "Y EMC Volume 241 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 DAD Stunning artwork with a Dungeons and Dragons
EMC Volume 242 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 3 | Load? Gt good quality general fantasy artwork.
EMC Volume 243 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 White 1 spectacular artwork by Ihe renowned fantasy artist Tim White I EMC Volume 244 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 White 2 Spectacular artwork by the ronownod fantasy artist Tim White EMC Volume 245 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 White 3 Spociaculnr artwork by Ihe renowned fantasy artet Tim Wfctie MORE 256 IFF COLOUR 6RRPUICS FOR RCII JVM 29 RIT JVMJ6JV?
EMC Volume 147-6 Disks - £16,50 - 256 Jet Fighters | F-117s. Phantoms. F-16 Falcons. Aircraft Carriers and tots moro!
, EMC Volume 148-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Snow Scenes Spectaciiar pics, ot Snow Capped M tans, Snowy Forests 4 River?
EMC Volume 149-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 WaterLUe 2 Colourful pics, ol Tropical Fish. Coral. SlarFish and lots more!
EMC Volume 150-6 Disks • £16.50 256 Travel Stonohenge. KmgTut (Stunning). G.Canyon. Cottesium and more' EMC Volume 151-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 NASA 1 A'nauts. Shuttles, Planets, Lunar Modules and Hubble T'scope etc EMC Volume 152-5 Disks - £14.00 256 NASA 2 Shuttles, S’htes, Launch Sn??, Launch? Ond k?ts ol Space Shots' EMC Volume 153-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 1 Due to overwhelming demand, .yet more risks of Beautiful Babes' EMC Volume 154 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Babes 2 Due to overwhelming demand yet more disks ot Beautiful Babes!
EMC Volume 155-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 3 Due to overwhelm ) demand. Yet more disks ol Beautiful Babes' EMC Volume 156-6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 Babes 4 I Due to overwhelm* demand . Yet more disks ol Beautiful Babes!
, EMC Volume 157-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 5 Due to overwhelming demand ye! More disks ol Beautiful Babes' EMC Volume 158-6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 Hunks 0no for the Girls • 6 dwks of Chippendale type Hunky men' EMC Volume 159 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Various 2 Pictures mainly comprising ol Babes and Wild Can.
Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek EMC Volume 217 - 6 Disks - £16,50 • Qua My pictures and artwork from Star Trek • EMC Volume 218-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 TNG 2 Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek • The Next Generator j EMC Volume 219 -6 D«Sks - £16,50 - 256 TNG 3 | Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek • Tho Next Generation EMC Volume 220 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Star Trek 2 Groat pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Original series & Mo-.« VIDEOGRAPHERS EMC are learning up with u Icadu film production team with the aim of conducting weekend seminare covering all
aspects of Amiga related video productxi and post production for the beginner, semi-pro and full Pro I’ you :ue iniemied. Send an Sab along with a brief letter deu:!=j your interests and we will forward you full information & coin prospectus when details have been finalised.
| EMC Volume 216 -6 Disks - £16,50 ork irorr EMC Yolume 160 I Famous People. Water!
EMC Volu Space, Hum EMC Volume 214 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 DS9 3 Quality pictures and artwork trom Star Trek • Deep Space Nine EMC Volume 215 ¦ 6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 DS9 4 I Quality pictures and artwork trom Star Trek - Deep Space 256 DS92 Space I I Quality pictures and artwork from the Itar Wars movies EMC Volume 211-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Night Breed | Quality picture? And artwork trom the SciFt senes - Night Breed EMC Volume 212 • 6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 DS9 1 ' pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Deep Spaoe Nine EMC Volume 209 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Heavy Metal work fro EMC Volume 210-6
PI (A *r MIX TEBVICET Wx otter you not one..but TWO Pick W Utx Senrteext FONT PICK W MIX FONT SERVICE 77m wrvi«. UvWrf Mhan. It mplemanM pmpeny1 For exainp* M CG ScaM* kxits c*n t* suppled with poxnovrt iA.rn:.W wr.M fonK (.! Reou.-od.l Who «i» auppliM MMIT Ft.o OsUits ki fin EMC inkxmixon Pack.. CUP ART PICK N- MIX SERVICE We tmeve ms to 0« tha tm umnca ol to type ort ANY compute plxttom So *tvX »tho Cfpxrt PfSjt aerww? Wtk Datttyfwan«vwnrmddHiGHQUAUTYciQtBlona parncuftroutMcr the setviai cotM bu tor you Nyouatem retd did si M of Hotart. Olsihcm people medics’ Roinpmyvu or own toddy Padre
fust contact us mnO xx CfttrtJ ttak (e* MUI faiW made to meet yeur requrmimn MANNING lEBVm HAVE YOU EVER NEEDED SOME ARTWORK SCANNING?
EVER WANTED TO SMARTEN UP YOUR VrOED PRESENTATIONS WITH CUSTOM GRAPHICS* W» nave ottored tna soryca. To cuotomar* who nava ost ov*rayur oCmgn*nmojhiourawimndaenwena do vorv popiior with ovoryoodv froth amateur jtOprcMuonal vdoc urey vrc con pfuvOa r ,rom vou' SO DPI TO too Opt -IN ANY FORMAT FROM MONOCHROME TO 24 Btt ovdc ApWiM scare, on cMt. In standard lFM.lt tamatt.
- oqureaw* con ahoauwy artwork tamoal PC wma»* | (PCX. Tilt. G
eicl on MS-Oos high dsn: FOR MORE DETAILS..,GIVE US A RING!
Amiga Computing in issue 52 said.
“E.M.C. are the FIRST and FOREMOST Font distributors In the UK" they then placed us at...No.i In the TOP 10 of the Amiga hardware software chart!
Ian Wngley from Amiga Shopper in issue 16 said... ,.l must say that I’m quite impressed,,," Amiga Format in issue 36 said... "...EMC. have an enormous amount of expertise in the tricky area of fonts and can provide professional help and advice to customers" Amiga Format Special Edition said "...the best value rescalable fonts available anywhere,,,there’s no cheaper way of getting quality fonts" CUAmiga in the issue of September ‘92 said... "...you couldn't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C." Amiga Shopper January 1992 gave Safan Fonts and EMC.. “The Top
Desktop Publishing Typeface Award For 1992“ Pat McDonald from Amiga Formal in issue January 1992 said.. "The best person to talk to about fonts, In the UK at any rate is Errol at E.M.C“ Amiga Mart November 1992 said... "EMC’s emergence Into the cut-throat retail area has come none too soon, their service and technical backup Is second to none."
E. M.COMPUTERGRAPHIC - Font, Clipart and Software suppliers to
over 7,000 customers!
Our so called competitors claim to otter outstanding technical support and service. If this is true why do tho following companies prefer to buy their DTP Softwif* from U*?
• Aiobe fjonh) jMotoe lifmiit anr «ntiroller r eck
rJif t tfrt J n StALMlF FONTS Conpxtblx mfi a vtnnons otPPme*
PSMxt&X IVWcrth.
Mblti Sailii Cpahtaon and Opj.it 4 f» ale EMC Vol 8 -5 Disks • £18.50 • 61 CGFonts EMC Vol 9 - 5 Disks - £18.50 - 64 CGFonts EMC Vol 10 - 5 Disks - £16.50 • 57 CGFonts EMC Vol 23 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 58 CGFonts EMC Vol 24 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - $ 4 CGFonts EMC Vol 25 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 66 CGFonts EMC Vol 26 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 71 CGFonts EMC Vol 30 - 5 Disks - £16.50 59 CGFonts EMC Vol 31 - 5 Disks • £16.50 - 60 CGFonts NEVi CO SCALABLE FONTS Supplied due to popular demand, with PS downloadable*!
EMC Vol. 82 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 53 CGFonts EMC Vol. 83 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 48 CGFonts EMC Vol. 84 - 5 Disks £16.50 46 CGFonts EMC Vol. 85 - 5 Disks £16.50 - 46 CGFonts EMC Vol. 86 5 Disks • £16.50 - 34 CGFonts EMC Vol. 87 - 5 Disks £16.50 - 36 CGFonts 84 Typet ; 71 Typefs toe Typers FCS 16 COLOUfi IMA6ES FOB ALL AMI6AS atith AU Ahmk ana were lllttl tfttfCttH for NO* wvji y'VTJ Wf yell inn, num.. w. rv.iu.. ¦ w3C 'ItlMOl L'fll' tie X venter* d Dpsml. All pTP’OfBDrtCS cuocnimt and a a etbocatv nun whan utcd at v*d®o backdrops i YOU WONT BELIEVE THAT THESE IMAGES ONLY CONTAIN 16 COLOURS!
EMC Volume 173- 6 Disks - £16.50 • ECS Chicks 1 Qirtt Quia and iron Qui Stunnng Pdum Enough to make you drool' ewe Volume 174-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 2 Oftt Gun ana man G»t* Siumnj Poum Enough to moks you flroa1 ewe Volume 175- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Chicks 3 Grts. Grrtt ana more G»K Slurring Pourei Enough to mafca you Oroc*' ewe Volume 176- 6 DtSks - £16.50 - ECS Chicks 4 Grli GrH and more Quit. Slum on Pictures Enough lo maka you drod' eWC Volume 177-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 5 Oris. Gala and mote Girts Slianng Picture* Enough 10 NAM yOu (VW EWC Volume 178- 6 Disks • £16.50 ECS
Panorama 1 Mountains. Lakes. Tnsas. LafldKOOOS - QreW Scala 8'drops or Dparrl Pica' ewe Volume 179 6 Disks • £16.50 ECS Panorama 2 Mountain} takat Treat Lartfccooas - Gxat Scala B'fliopo or Opaht PK»' ewe Volume 180- 6 Disks • £16 50 ECS Panorama 3 Mountains Lukas T tws Landacaosa ¦ G'tutf Scala B dropa or Dpant Pica' EWC Volume 181 6 Disks • £16.50 - ECS Panorama 4 Mountains I turns Troaa, Landscape* - Groat Scala B'»op« o’ Opamt Pica' ewe Volume 182 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Space 1 Just about avaiyttwti id te otlh Sdam inciudry) NASA ana Star Iraki EMC Volume 183 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Space 2
Just about avaryttwg to do *nm Spaca mcludrg NASA and Star Trek' EWC Volume 184 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Cars 1 BMW*. E'Typei Fomins. FcmxJal Porches. Indy Car Paong and mora' EWC Volume 165 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Cars 2 Couaacha. Farrana F-Tyoaa. Vanaa. TranaAms. Comaros and Ctaaaic EWC Volume 186 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Aircraft 1 Aricott Carnors F Ida Hedoopteni. LAiaangi Partcna and kita mora1 EMC Volume 187 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Aircraft 2 Boirb&i. Buttar+an FI17|, HuMstt, Fmi F!S» Ft6s and tott more' EWC Volume 188 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Animals 1 Ape* Boa is Panda*. Seals Wolves. Rend**’*.
Oner* and lot* mora' EWC Volume 189 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Animals 2 OinoMMV Enphants. Snakes Iguana* SpUc-s Frgga and tats nW EWC Volume 190-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Animals 3 Th* vd many coma int Horans but also rncktdna tome ottv** Anmnli EMC Volume 191 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Animals 4 Tho vd mainly contains Wnd Cota tnd aoo rrdixkts some other An mas eWC Volume 192-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Dogs&Cats 1 Low; ol vary high oaatty petisos of Domestic Dog* and Cat* EWC Volume 193- 6 Disks £16.50 ECS Dogs&Cats 2 Ever more vary hqh quslty pictures ol Ocmaiec Doga and Cata EMC Volume 194 6 Disks - £16.50 -
ECS Famous People Flm Stats. Rock Stan, Other Famous Pew* and ton o Wwr Smrs ewe Volume 195-6 Disks • £16.50 ECS Military Tanka. Aircraft Camara Desen Storm Pea. Kitorcry end Ctt more1 EWC Volume 196- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Motor Racing Roeng Bikes. Oag. Senna Schtsnadior. Maroon & lots d Fcvmja One EMC Volume 197-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Trains Packed full at pictures ol Stum Trim and OenekElacirc Locomotives EWC Volume 198 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS WaterLife TropcttFHh. CooU & Other Saa Creaturea Great pctures lor Backdrop** EWC Volume 199-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS World 1 Pica ot Egjpt One Tut?),
France, Greece, naty, USA etc «wddey V‘deo»,l EWC Volume 200- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS World 2 Indent. A nuta. Chna Brian Inda Japan » more iHoldny Vdoo*'7| pff 16 mOUfi fLIPBBT FOB ALL AMI6AS This VERY HIGH QUALITY colour dipart is surtabte tor use with ALL Amiga programs that syppport the use ol colour clipart jndudjna PnrjnMrn.tm F’f’nge, Psoner Wordworth, Final Copy, Rrial Witter, PonPal. K-ndwords Photon Paint, DigiPaint, DpaoM. Scala Ate All dtks, except the disks on EMC Volume 204. Contsin special IFF index thumbnail screens. Simply double dick on Ihe "Disk he entire disk contents!
Im 1 FONTS Compatible with Pagestream. Tho Publisher, Final Copy2 rel2. Final Wnler etc. EMC Vol 4 - 5 Disks- £14.00- 67 Type t'S 5 Disks • £14.00 - 63 Typet'S 5 Disks • £14.00 - 83 Typet's EMC Vol 5 EMC Vol 6 EMC Vol 7 EWC Vol 16 ewe Vol 17 £WC Vol 27 Index' icon to i 5 Disks - £14.00 - 69 5® 5 Disks • £14.00 • 76 5 Disks £14.00 79 5 Disks £14.00 - 56 Typet £WC Vol 29 - 5 Disks £14.00 - 80 Typet eWC Volume 201 6 Disks - £16.50 - CCA Animals 1 The volume contains a v.hoio host ol B-rds Insects and Dmosaura EWC Volume 202 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - CCA Animals 2 Lots ot high quaity coloured ckpert ot
Doge. Cate and Reptiles EWC Volume 203 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - CCA Animals 3 Horace. Ftecmtao and |ucl about every mamrrel you coo'd poswy think oT eWC Volume 204 10 Disks- £25.00 CCA Maps Thai volume contain* lull colour maps ot probably cvory country on Earth!
EWC Volume 205 6 Disks £16.50 CCA Flowers Pot Plants Wild Rowers. Garden Flowers. Bulbs Hanging Plants etc. EWC Volume 206 - 6 Disks - £16.50 CCA Natural This volume contains lots of Fru*. Vegetables and Trees EWC Volume 207 6 Disks - £16.50 CCA Various Lota ot coloured Musical Instrumonta. Pianos. Ships. Transport and Fish NEW TVPE t FONT VOLUMES ewe Vol 77 • 5 Disks • £16.50 78 Typet's EMC Vol 78 - 5 Disks - £16.50 69 Typet s ewe Vol 79 - 5 Disks - £16.50 84 TypeFs EMC Vol 80 • 5 Disks £16.50 ewe Vol 81 - 5 Disks-C16.50 FCAPiULATFO P0MCBIBT CLWABT Very high quality clipart, suitable for use
wilh Pagestream.
Ppagei .O* and Final ftnter.
EMC Vol. 12-6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Cliparl Weddings, Houses. Office. Kids. Mil Planes. Boats. Food EMC Vol. 13 • 6 Disks • £16.50 • EPS Clipart Buildings, Animals, Sport. Aircraft, HqIs, Chefs. People.
EMC Vol. 14 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • EPS Clipart Houses, World. Music Biplanes, Matos Females etc Don’t bother with the rest... ...BUY FROM THE BEST!
The Amiga press have given EMC and it's products rave reviews. Now the video press are following suit. EMC's products received tho coveted Camcorder User Gold Award _May 1994 edition_ THE EMC INF0HMATI0N PACK The HARD COPY EMC information pack includes full details of ALL the fonts EMC has on offer, inc. Computer Safari Fonts, along with full font printouts, details of our PNM and scanning services, details of our ECS 16 colour and AGA 256 colour image collections, details of our PCX, GEM, monochrome, EPS, multiformat and colour cliparl, a font and clipan compatability guide and many example
printouts from our huge cliparl collections.
To get your copy, please send us your name and address, along with.,, £1.00 It 25p PofTJlfiF (Payment can be made with either stamps, postal orders or cheque) COMPUTER SAFARI Desktop Publishing Typefaces £. W.C am the exclusive UK and European distributors tor the HIGHL Y ACCLAIMED commercial Computer Safari range of DTP Typefaces. Safari fonts are ot exceptional quality, contain FULL character sets and have been highly praised in the UK Amiga press For those of you that have already purchased, or have m ormation on the Safari fonts, we wOuld like to inform you that Satan compilation packs are
now available Full details are induded in the EMC information pack Information packs and updates are included FREE with any order! _ dn Card* Wolcomo Saino Ony Discalch 710 mnwnuri ordot iquoa Paaiul Ordfi'a poyalHe to e,M,CO PU?FHC.RAt’Hir Cheques are subject to 5 working day clearance
E. M. COMPUTERGRAPHIC mm 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex. C015 1JU
Fax: 0255 428666 Tel: 0255 431389 Basic packages T ZL GFA
Basic v3.52 Data Media Interpreter: £50 Compiler £30 extra GFA
Basic has been around for some time and although it still has
its hardcore followers, interest from new users seems to be
on the decline. Pari of the reason for this would seem to be
due to a general lack of support from Data Media. The package
runs OK on older machines, and on the A1200. But since the
release of GFA Basic v3.5 (the last major release) problems
have appeared on some machines.
GFA Basic doesn't work properly on the A3000 or A4000 machines anc users of various non-standard Amigas also seem to have had a vanety of problems. Since it seems that there are no planned GFA upgrades or official fixes to eliminate these problems at the moment, we can only suggest, until were hear something positive from Data Media, that you do not jump on this particular bandwagon.
4 i 4 HiSoft Power Basic HiSoft Price: £29.95 This is a perfectly respectable Basic which has been around a while and s aimed primary at Workbench 1.3 users who want a cheap entry point into Base on the Amiga.
Amos Europress Software Easy Amos: £34.99 Amos Professional: C49.99 Amos Professional Compiler: £34.
Amos is a games-onented Basic-style language which was designed to be easy-to-leam. Powerful, and to take full advantage of the Amiga s graphics capabilities. It succeeded on almost all counts and, as a result, has become very popular indeed. Easy Amos, which is a sort of cut-down core version of the language, is a good package for the total beginner.
If you are already familiar with another Basic, or just wish to have access to some of the more advanced facilities right from the word go, then opt for the Professional version because it offers far more powerful features. Amos Pro, incidentally, provides some very powerful Amiga-specific graphics sound extensions.
The long-awaited Pro Amos compiler arrived during the latter part of last year and, depending on the code being compiled, it can offer anything from slight to substantial speed increases.
The compiler is compatible with both the Easy Amos and Amos Professional packages but users of Easy Amos ought really to consider upgrading to Amos Pro before getting the compiler.
Blitz 2 Hobbyte easy - you just select compile run from the menu Because of its speed, Blitz is great for games programming and this is whero its main applications lie. Blitz 2 provides some language extensions called NowTypes and built-in list processing support A lot of the Blitz 2 facilities seem to be aimed at the more advanced programmer and this coupled to tho rather unusual language extensions means that it doesn't seem to be particularly suitable for those approaching Basic for the first time Price: £48.90 Blitz Basic Is gotting quite a name for itself because, as a compiled Basic,
il is exlromely fast. Programs are normally created using Blitz Basic's integrated editor compiler environment (Called TED) and an interactive run-time debugger is provided which allows you lo examine the high-level source code as a program runs Compiling itself is HiSoft Basic 2 HiSoft Price: £79 (expected) Unlike the Amos and Blitz offerings, HiSoft Basic has not been specitcaM aimed at the Amiga games programming fraternity, It has simply been a ver» good, and vety well supported, compiled Basic whose core facilities are compatible with Microsoft-style Basics found on many other machines.
As we are going to press, a new version - called HiSoH Basic 2 - is released, which offers a host of new Workbench 2 3 oriented goodies.
One major effect of the changes will be to make using the Amiga's li and other operating system functions much easier. We also know that a 1 editor (actually the one that is now provided with Devpac) and a debugger- being provided.
»l 6BHHH Ol Long Ol Uord Ol Word 68B81 2 Hath* (oprocetior 68831 Mohopv ManageHont Unit Mo Supervisor Instructions nilou Narrow Coro Operand* add Hutonatic PC-Relative Ensure PC-Beletive Code Chech Absolute* for Hissing I No Even Indirection Checking Mo Expression Ivpe Cheching dCase Insensitive Svnbots Underscore for Local Lebels U«a I Jargon buster function library; A set of pre-written useful subroutines collected together in a separate file interpreters and compilers: High-level languages come in two main varieties - interpreted and compiled The difference is that with an interpreted
language you'll write a program and as it runs the interpreter takes each statement in turn, translates it (ie works out what it has to do), and then executes the equivalent machine code.
Optimiser: A program that can automatically rearrange, ie optimise, the code you've written to make it either run faster or occupy less space.
Portable programs: A program is portable if its source code can be transferred from one type of computer to another and made to run with little or no change. The more work needed to get the program running on a new machine, the less portable the code is considered to be.
PD pachagB5 As well as commercial products you'll find many languages available as public domain offerings. Cursor is a three-pass Basic compiler for programs written in Amiga Basic. NorthC* PDC, and Dice are popular C compiler packages. There's even Gnu C + + available for the more ambitious among you.
Charlie Gibbs deserves a mention here because he produced what is now a firmly established and respected. Freely distributable Amiga Assembler package, called A68k. It forms the basis of a lot of PD Assembler packages and you'll also find it present on almost all public domain C compiler disks.
Nove.i dll,.Intuit IonBase beg EXIT ; now let’s Hake an intuition call to flash Move.1 N8.eB CALLSYS ; all done so ut can now close the library as novr.l .IntuittonBase,el EXIT Best C compiler SAS C C++ - there is absolutely nothing to touch this package.
Needless to say it also provides the best C++ translator as well.
Best Amiga Assembler Devpac 3 - again this package is in a Class of its own.
Best Basic We're going for Amos because it has proven support, good Amiga-oriented facilities, and a large established, and relatively content, user base. But the improved HiSoft Basic 2 (which we've not yet seen) is also certain to be very good indeed.
Since this could provide some surprises it might well be safest to wait until the HiSoft offering arrives before making any commitment.
Data Media: 0734 794941 Europress Software: 0625 859333 HiSoft: 0525 718181 Helios Software: 0623 554828 Devpac'* editor it easy to use and Hobbyte Computers: provide* integrated ncoo AK71Ql% control over the f1W JummMw Supplier cpntacts Devpac Assembler control la via OadToohatylo requesters Amiga Computing HARD DRIVE 1200.
(229. 99
04. 99 . (24.99
(64. 99
(64. 99 (ST.99
(44. 99 . (49.99 I . 549.99 . 1189.9*
vmioniiT.li . (11.99
114. 11 I . 117.99 E .554.99 . 1)5.99
. (44.11
1) 4.99
117. 99
129. 99 . 09.99
125. 99
(17. 19 E . 12*9.9* (1J.11 1
1) 8.*»
(49. 91
124. 9*
(11. 11 k
5711. 11 .. 447*.»» ..(1)1.11 50MHz 17*4,91 ... 45)*.** ..*74.91
, (1*5.11 , 1119.99 . 1549.99
547. 99
1159. 99
(289. *1 (POA
(99. *9
(51. 99
(99. *9
1) 41.99
(17. 99 E
1111. 99
0) 9.99 ' I " I ' L KICK t JOYSTICK!
515. 19
411. 91
(14. 14
112. ** AMIGA 500 HARD DRIVES & UPGRADES Ia *. Fuaav pacna Me.
Callla* lo roallre price 4 ava| ability, in niiuiic :**4 All
r i yin a raixrraS.
OPENl M N PR! S-ipe, SAT S-4.10 SUV -FRONR BfMON 8TTTIV6 OFT 11*1.»*
5) 49.11
1469. »» for A500 (or A3 00 (or A500
• PRIC* DOW* - sptcui omi |CVP SttlEl II HM 41 Hog
C. 7 III III U HD*• I7D»oq I err SERIES 11 BD8. )40*eq AS90 4 OVP
170MEO (229.99 J40MZG 019.99 4JOMEO (439.99
1119. 99
1191. 99
1) 41.11 __________
5469. 99 ,or CVP IID«
* C8 A5)0 6 CON A590 I CVP (HUM IIK* lor Al500 1000 4Q0C - ao
Hcl » Intaq 8PHC1AL OPPt* CVP SIRIS* II HC8 • )40Mq RFVCUU.
OPPM I 1M1XX AT 9K» aAffIC 7*4 »e B4ULATDR P»* A TOO ETC 4
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* 462 Manchester Flics* Bttl COIBrT AS OP |-4 »l. But i« e*y kav*
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tbark availaballiy 4 avoid inappnialenil W nllKI, Ml tP*TH*f* «
eo occur fr« tie* in I.e., n aaaanarya MICROVITEC 1438 ex 14"
PITCH |dpsicned sspeciallt roa the AMIGA SIVEL TILT BASf,
Iprbset auto picture aiaii RUE WLTISTNC ¦ NOUS MITH ALL SICAS
IN ALL MOMS.* PC* (SVCA) only £289.99 Inc loads |OPTIONAL
COVTROCl ROS |ICAAT ioCkET inc Asiga laid.
1) Order by phon* using pour credit, chartje, or debit card.
7) Order by Mail - tending cheque basket* dratt or postal oritera
ptyablt to TRILOC1C.
J| Pleaie add part poatega 1 peeking Ol II rW t? •***! Ordara under llflO or
17. 00 to anil orders over 1100.
Urqo hMvy or frazils itana asnt by carrier onlyi aBHS IS.SOl (Narniqht Cl.50 Cl Mainland only. Scottish Highlands l».50l 0.1*11.MO. III.00; 8IRR •C}0 C* Saturday dalivary 114.60 (Hot available to Scottish Itighlandal Cooda renin our properly until paid lor. ‘tobjact to goods being in stock.
• 2 23 ro A4000 030CC 2KE0 4MI0 AKEG BOS 80* (179 11071 11129 DOM
WO i *19 (1099 11149 170* *)» (1071 (1121 (1179 212M BO* 11049
(1149 11199 250M (1069 11161 (1219 I4CM K * 119*9 11199 (1249
420M NO* 11149 11749 11299 j4d* a* (2749
1114) 5121?
FRICFt isrttoR TtTt DEL till FAINT 4 I U0RW6RTI Vi 4000 040LC 6MEG (110 TO 348N HR YBMIflM OMIT) Abb (450 70 A»OVR 610 (MRC PS ICES | avs ttst iwtnpaa .. mm ADD PC COMPATIBILITY YO TOUR 3000,3000 OH *000 I V00 TP I 4«a JiMHt PC CARD ...1499.99 VCRWS 4H6 5WHI PC CA»0 ... 1649.99 BOTH PC CARDS HAVE MM1C SAM SVCA CatD (or above (roa ... (49.99 a TOD CUN7H0LLIA CHIP .....121.11 NCMiTOR MASTER enables VCA ecnitor display PC a Aiug* output. .(101.99 , CITZIEH I CHUBS SW1PT 9D *40*0 ......1149.99 I CITIZEN Wirr »0 COLOUR .... (139.11 CITITEN SWIM 240 MONO .....1104. I emits sNIH 340 C6W0R
...(229.19 CITIttN SW1PT IbD MOWO .....1179.9* | CHIUS SNIP! 100 COLOUR ... 1194.99 ] PtOatT il - HEP MCPtL ......5229.1) BP DESKJET DEALER IMSSJIT 550 C . 1489.99 Imturr socc ..i JET 110 NOEO .....1114.9* |D**IJI7 110 COCOCR ..tll4.9*
1) 19 MEET PEEPS* I49.99 UNIT 1, 253 NEW WORKS RD,
BRADFORD, UK, BD12 OOP Ret 1«8* PAX 0371 (00150 ACCESS VISA
8J11S ..... CASON BJC600 .... I It.' 10 AUTO
• HITCH CARDS JkCCSFKB POR PRINTERS only £129.99 only £159.99
only £179.99 only £219.99 only £234.99 only £259.99 only
£299.99 only £349.99 only £449.99 YOU CAN 'T 00 HRONO.,. ALL
PRXYl, All drwee are formatted parlR-oned & FULL «vcr* bench t%
installed so (hey are •ecvdy lo uM BASED Pot DM riTTIRC A7 m
HR Imt » MET 01**.
The drive* auppl led are exactly aa (ilted by us and are ready to use.
If foe already bave a drive, tke cable* an available separately:-
J. SVl.S* IM CAUH «».»»
1. 1* *.** ADAPTOR * CU1.I til.il
1. }* !.}* ADAPTOR 4 LONS CASLE 114,11 (for connecting ).5* drive
externally PRO VIDEO PROCESSOR ONLY £149.99 IA stand alone
two input audio i v‘,deo I HUE* (with SVBS in out). Has
eraasfada, | fade to black, overlay) wipe*. T‘n* 4 I I Lie 4
stciao Una input*. Amum. Valuf VIOI 12 ...5
18.11 VJ0I URT .1179.*» vim
)4»r .iu*.ii CVP IV 14
Iron 1*89.1* GV? 80S SPBCT*UM EHOM 11)9.99 EMC*
89.99 A DSC. SorvASB with scanner .. 1*8.99 HAS) SCANNER
64CAET 400D?t .1109.** OMEG £69.99 1MF.G £94.00 2 MEG £129.99
4MEG £194.99 8 MEG £389.99 Mad* by Aaitah HIT* OPTIONAL VIDEO
NITS 41480 eo PPU .. | HUB auto 1 tom (1887 .
GVP A1230-2 iCHta "in ao fpy * te*8 5QN1S WITH 4NVO no PPU .. 4C*I HOOUU 32BIT RAM CARDS Driv* a lira uz utmi a vari niti IlfS* GVP A1230-2 40MHz With 68881 socket lor PRO. Naa leo )2blt ¦¦paneton connector.
* TST8M )T ..159.99 TRCasOSOONO TUR40 2 .
1)9.19 TERRAFORM .126.99 THE
VI ....04.11 L'PPt* SAXO Oils TOOLS ......(19.99 VIOCO
J ...(57.99 MW WORTH J aga ...... 579.9)
saxuais iuua: - *4V« rvix wu
• LI71 BASIC ) .(9.11
8RILL1ASCE (119.99 CALL1 CAR( 24
.. 99.99 I1TCK 49 JHR .511,11
Lecera plos 189.9* Nii’C LlMAklAR ......111.11 ECRSOSAL PAIST 114.9* SCENERY ANIMATOR .....(49.99 STST9IA WO ...119.99 SCALA (04.99 TER BO AMIGA ELECTRONIC I IT .129.99 VISIONARY . (19.00 A59J 500* EON SNITCH (1,19 EXTERSAL DRIVE *OOT SWITCH . (4.99 ASTIA A500 500* 10 (ANEI II (14.9* ne SIMPSOSS A500 500 | ...(2.99 CAHAIH 1IASNT cA508.| ....0.99 TO! 50 AKIU A CPU MBS U «TK* EDUCATIONAL TITLE* luFFIISS E RstTOCRS.t WEN TITLES VYUroes I* RED Awd 4CASSEI WPIVA7I ......1109.19 AJOC PRO CONTROL .....(59.** Aol JUSIO*
KASCE .....114.99 t ADI (MUZ . 517,19 I A1A7DIH 49 V3 .1191.99 Woi 5)1.11 A»*)S - EAST ...II).99 AND* ID ...(11.19 AH0S COMPILER .11*.99 M*D5 PHOmSICKAL - 9CWN TO 1)1.19 AH3S PRO CCMPILER ....(21.99 ART 9EPT PM LSI ;.5 ......1149.99
• Ml AS9 PIPES PtO V2 cross ob» V5 ... OAT by
..... run SCHOOL J IANCE ...... PDV SCHOOL 4 RARC8
...... CICAWN ... cr Roart plus .... GOLD
BASIC ..149.99 ]«A«H5*T|R R7 ..... 11*9.99
KID'S P!X .(19.99
• oni UrVTMLK MM» V«P
• PUE UTILITIHS worth (29. *9
• ee opposite for details.
• COLLECTION t PITTXN0 SERVICE Not local I • ws collect lit, 6
return bp overnight carrier tor only 519.99 Brlra. [Mainland
unlyi AJTO PJMDfflEP.
If we fit the drive, we cover your computer for the remainder o( it Ueonth Mrrioty. _ COMPARE OUR DRIVES TO EXTERNAL UNITS.
AVAILABLE NOW' LOWER COST NO ULIABLILITT PROBLEMS HO COMPATIBILITY PROBLEMS PCMCIA BLOT REMAINS PUB 100* OP BATIiPIEO CUSTOMERS Miy rick (((a and have to pay In advance [or coeplicated external PCMCIA unita ahis!) Have ptorad unsellable in Lht past, bespits whet you nay have, read, our hard dnvea involve* cutting 6f th« Cli«, ID drilling ot hole*, »* reaoval ol the (loppy drive.
* wm ant* *v*il*biv »(¦ » ‘toci LATTICTliAl C V 6.
MA4EPA7H EON VISTA MAILSHOT Pin..... MAX I PLAN V4 . NEILIH4 MATH! ...... MEDIA E01W7 . MICRO RANCe . MINI OEPICT B mohit Manm...... MUSIC X 1.1 . sooot s Eumw TOP SOFTWARE SCOOT'S BIC A0VEV7D4E ......(17.*9 E PACESETTER ) ..(41.1* PAJRT n (MATE ......117.9) I PACES;HEAP 2.22 ......(6*.99 fEHEAL IT1LL CPU ...05,91 BOOKS MAST*XIVC AMIGA AXKXX ......01.15 MASTER 1*5 «i5* Pdf I V54. | I|) .95 MASTERIVC AMIGA DOS 2 VOL 2 tit.*5 NA5TEI11C HOUBCKH (19.93 MASTERZVC AMIGA MS I VOI 1 (21.95 MiSTERiyC AMIGA 50* I VOL ) 01.15 MASTERIVC AMIGA
C ....(11.*5 MASTER1VC AMIGA PRINTERS ...(11.95 MA5TEI2NG AMIGA ASKMBLCI .. (74.13 MASTER INC AMIGA SYSTEM .....(2*. 95 MASTER INC AMIGA AMCH (11.15 A600 ISSiaSR GUIDE .(14.95 A1200 INSIDER GUIDE .(14.95 A170Q THE Ktxr iUti .....(14.93 ASSEMBLER INSIDER CPIOE ----114.15 VIDEOS DELUXE PAINT 4 VIDEO (12.91 ADVANCED DELUXE PAIST 4 ....(12.99 aCOXBHERS PACE CesptiM* Al309 Iniidvr ovide, *i|00 Veat stapal Tutorial Video S uaatul Hftnra. GREAT VAUE AT ...1)1.11 A1200 NO HD A1200+40MEG A1200+64MEG A1200+80MEG A1200+17 OMEG A1200+212MEG Al200+25OMEG Al200+34OMEG Al
1. 1* It 2.S ).*’ W 1.5 TV MO»UUt7Q( (exchange) .
.. 119 1* L52U Tf MODULATOR - HEW .
.. 129 » PARSBT CADI I )M LONC .... IF IICESTART 1.J RfW . »* IlCkSTAIT !.f4 HtN ...... .. 529 11 B52CA I O CHIP .... ..115 ** AMU! !VTERBAI. 01IV* .... .. 151 9) cvp cexuist rsa .. .. (69 95 COPT PRO Inc WK2 Cyekxne «.7ap4o. UK 1 CYCLONE ADAPTOR E9.W QUARTERBACK Yfl CM OT
H. Making teckupawithout thepereuaaicn I ‘ the cupyiighl holder
ia illegal.
HD BACKUP & RECOVERY ioptwari WORTH (33.*9 CofpriRRi HD backup 6 ta recovery toola * BO prep diek.
AvsiUbla ssparstaly exc RD prep diak) (or 42).49 BACKUP UTILITIES CIS.99 free jakd okIVIS ‘ AXXGAS I9R CABLE I*.** ADAPTOR 4 CABLE 4II.91 SPARES fc MISC new ONLY £289.99 ONLY £399.99 ONLY £439.99 ONLY £454.99 ONLY £499.99 ONLY £514.99 ONLY £539.99 ONLY £579.99 ONLY £619.99 ONLY £699.99 MONITOR LEADS Abl - MOST TV* WITH SCART SOCRET ALL AMIGAS ine audio laad .. 1J.99 | AL6 AMS7MD CPC 464 MOBITOI 5IJ.91 AL6S AMSTRAO STEREO MONITOR (14.** AL7P CMB3 !0844 VOMITOB TO ALL AMIGAS ine aound load ......114.91 ALI) 1PIN MALE HJLTIStSCS LEAO TO Abb AMIGAS (12.19 | ALI 2 15PIN PtMAt.i
3ROW Many niliiiync Kwuon ...514.191 ALI) I5PIN MALE )R0W Many ¦ultiaync eonitor* ...114.19 | MWULATOR Iximifll LEAD - A*GvC*» mdulator overhang ...(10.9* I NCNITOB SNIVEL • HEAVY OOTT lll.M CUU, EXPANDERS worth
(10. 9* 2uay - £24.99 inc cable 9wey - £27.99 inc cable
* way - (39.99 inc cable For connecting upto ) device* to yoi
coaputar* PRINTER FORT. Switch to I coHputer legd incudcdi-
State 'W4IC f tor printaraF or shott lor Oiqitiaer, tcanner 4
aarysl.ra. BEETLE N0U« . LECfV) BALL .. ERLIPS8
400DP! ....114.99 UX1BAD CONTEOLLEA ..U6.19
STIC* ......(4.19 TOP STAR JOT ST ICS .....114.99
......(11.19 CDJ2 COMTROC. RAOS ....114.99 xeast joTinei
uutci n.n [chaos CSS05 Ut n CJ1979D UtSPlCAtE - --- loUM-ITT
JOYSTlCE ImWSE k»i luUJT COVER r jhoicel I?nu Isv sarp H»IVt
SEAL N TYPE KEYBOARD SKIMS £12.99 urn 61* Miff 1 L16UI64.
Pit anogly over your keyboard - roulded to lit over each key, but (lvxible enough lo type through indered. Available Tor all AMIGA* plaaae elate wliidh._ MIDI inrorACZ £33.99 CWJQOr 1 POST DtSIGM Nidi leada l.h -0.11 )v • 0.91 SUPCRPI 2 STEREO STS701 04.11 20W CHAHRL, MAINS PSU BUILT IB, BA4S, TIEBLE 4 VOLUM COHTROi.J. ONLY £54.99 ANTI VIRUS, AWT! CLICK, DISABLE SWITCH, 711X0 PORT, STEM. CASE, R* ALL ANKAS. 2YR WAP PARTY.
5 AHITEK DRIVE PAT ST PAT PZRiOIIAL PAIST « ptical drives have recently taken a bit ot a back seat to the DAT tape as a means of mass storage and back-up,
• 'ey have always offered a few major ages, and with 4th Level's
Mo-Miga 1.2 te drive the format looks set to make a in
professional circles.
The Mo-Miga unit is a 5.25in disc offering i n* per side for a total of 1 2Gb driven, ide- | by an A4000 equipped with the A4091 5CSWI hard drive interface.
As such, it is a professional user's device and
* which is aimed primanly at those with huge aca requirements
such as videographers and rvs«3an$ . Fitting either internally
or externally, re drive works faster than SCSI-1 hard drives,
rc n its final form with on-board 1Mb RAM zxre. Should be even
The manufacturers claim 2Mb per second
• nnmum transfer rate under AmigaDOS and up r 5Mb in fast SCSI-II
burst mode - figures
* r»ch we couldn't test as we looked at a pre- joduction version
of the unit.
What was surprising, though, was the speed .-T the drive running under standard AmigaDOS 1 ng systems. Just under 1.4Mb per second ransfer rates (DiskSpeed 4.2 with 512k buffer) md an access time of under 40ms gives the jwe a huge advantage over all previous optical aewces (though SCSI-II no doubt has a lot to do «rih this). Mo-Miga will of course work with older SCSI-1 interfaces, but performance is reduced.
Much of the unit's speed is gained through re Mo-Miga device driver. This important piece at coding sits between AmigaDOS and the drive md communicates directly using SCSI com-
- ands. So that when Mo-Miga's own filing system is used a
faster synchronous burst mode can be utilised for streaming
data to disc very quickly. Under the more usual desktop working
conditions, Mo-Miga handles small files well considering the
disadvantages of the optical medium. A new filing system
developed by 4th Level, which will be shipping with the
finished drives, will handle small files much more effi
ciently and faster than at the moment.
From its performance on our pre-production unit, the new system seems set to make Mo- Miga a very useable general purpose drive.
Other software supplied with the device makes it possible to set up a cartridge to work like a bulletin board. The Audit program is designed to enable the system operator to track all user of the machine, and can be a valuable aid to secunty.
Passwords can be set, and various levels of user access set so that some may perform all function whereas others can only read data, and so on. Security can be varied from partition to partition and disc to disc, so for example it is possible to allow full use of general software while locking people out of sensitive data areas.
Other software includes Mo-Miga Exchange to allow users to swap discs without worrying about unauthorised or untimely use of their data, and a vanety of utilities for controlling the discs themselves, such as a blanker to stop the disc spinning after a period of inactivity, thus saving wear and tear In all. This is a well thought out and fairty complete system rather than simpty an optical drive, and one which should render sterling service in any professional environment.
Home users might never see a Mo-Miga, but BBS sysops, videographers. And musicians would be advised to give the unit a try.
Half a Hlo!
Mo-Miga's capacity and speed makes it an ideal drive for mulitple partitions holding a variety of programs. The problem with using removable media in such a way. However, is that the Amiga can become confused when what it thought was a fixed hard drive is no longer there. Swap cartridges and you can quickly run into problems. To body-swerve Ihe danger. Mo-Miga's software uses a startup script for each partition which contains the assigns and other commands relating to any software held on that partition. In addition, the partitions are automatically dismounted.
This approach requires that the user moves any assigns from the user- startup script to the relevant partition startup script, but once done the advantage of not panicking the Amiga every time a disc is ejected makes up for the initial hassle.
SVSIEm ISSEnilHLS ' RED BLACK = Recommended
• ••••••• Zorro required SCSI card The bottom line Ease of use 6
Implementation d Value for money 7 Overall 7 Product: Mo-Miga
optical drive Supplier: Ramiga International Phone: 0090 770304
Price: Drive £2,300. Discs Qf 40 e, Wide open spaces mo ny With
the new Wa-flUga optical driue. Your data can haue as much room
to ron around in as you like. Steuie hennedg goes fora gallop
pr* 'im __: _ -- : _usj wen* i...
* » N
• ill. To* rn T In.
• 0»(lirr r,„ «*¦ Ml "»r ; -H IWII.tMtl inti* « IIMKUIr r«.
Hue Ml 4 law HUM NM- T, IN to am*ri ¦err- t *«i wkM !§¦!
BM BM ww r lit*
• mu: »ti test K tin.
_ The Exchange program can be used to control when users can access a disc and the level ol access ihey are entitled to
- »411* Hill • (IM
l. ,l Ui-.
III Imn Mill 11 mirM. CIMM) TlllM IHM I m* Inn li inn Hi inu.
• II IMN Mlt.il K*rM. U**** hm.iiiM (ru
• M*r Inn I* »*rl«n 1 r«* Jill* in |lllHl! UM | t ltd M* ton M«*
to tto *n I* *4.1* ¦ MllllM Htllllf IK*.I* Ktlltt*.
Mt nmrtto
- IlM lil* lr*i* l*t *t«* i H*» .l«* ¦UtlHtollM
• Man .******
• (Mill* Wit** •«(•** •!(•***- toll M* Mlult tlttor to*to * •
»|*K- U*n Cfrr titor I tor tort trre v tot ill1 i*Ik(w*k* * (•
Ik* r»*11* Mm.
(!*»?• Mil ( II**** Ml* I*. Iw* ««rlM K r»Ml l*« Mt *( tl* ImtM NUM.
Audit allows Ihe superuser lo keep track ol which actions have been carried out, and thus deled hackers a I ah early stage IJ
o A rror.ro Amiga Computing TURBO TOUCH JOYPAD ¦ VGA MONITOR
• Compatible with Amiga 500.500+. 600.1200.1500,2000
• Operates with Kickstart 1.3. 2.045 and 3.0
• Screen driver software supplied
• Through-port allows the connection of a CGA I A dop ay only
• Full technical suppott telephone service £37.v Wouldn't it
De good to really 'draw' when using paint and graphics
packages? Well now you can. By plugging the amazing lighi Pen
in instead of your cumbersome mouse it comes with a specially
designed drawing package, Kwikdraw. As well as compatibly
software for most Workbench-run programs.
ThsBjradcJnwoylcoffwidhpWcontrcflef M pass your finger over thesenwr-No more finger fettgue or bhten And thane to better diagonal and ortUar (360’) controf. Me newest and most cfwiengng games arc e*er c coriroi and more fun 10 pty The li bo Touch 360Pnngs a new dmengon of control and comfort lo video game ptay TROJAN LIGHT PEN
• it is very easy to use - just plug in and off you go Works
with any standard VGA or Multisync monitor t Use screens of up
to 640 pixels x 480 lines wtthout interface and without flicker
The AMI VGA Adaptor is a handy littfe gadget which gives most
Amiga owners easy access to the higher resolution display of a
VGA monitor Save money and the environment with ReJnk Spray and
bmg tua life to your exhausted printer rtbon Simple and cost
effective t jr save you up to 90% on ribbon costs and gives
cleaner, blacker pnrt with no blotches and it works lor a*
fabric ribbons Just open the ribbon case, spray Re-Ink onto the
nbbon and hey prestol HEADER OFFERS Order Hotline: 051-357 1275
Fax: 051*357 2813 General Enquiries: 051*357 2961 Order at any
time of the day or night. Don't forget to give your name,
address and credit card number I m
(24) RT I I VIDI (12) RT VIDI AMIGA 12 The ultimate towcost
colour d*giWP M the Amiga' No RGB spktten or optical fitters
arc required, and you can grab full-colour images m less
than a second (mono are grabbed n real wnej with an
abundance of fife formats, full multitasking and composite
or S tdeo output, it s versatile and powerful Thu w§ push
your Amiga to us lirrxts ReaMme image capture n excess of
broadcast quality. True colour, photorealistic picture files
grabbed from any video source. Osplay resolutions up to 1472
x 576.
It offers all Amiga users 24-ba image capture, with no restrictions on video equipment or Amiga hardware.
This offers all the functionality and specification oi Vidi |24) RT. but in 12-bit Capturing 4096 colour images in real-time from any video source. It comes complete with plug in device with easy to retail software. Simple enough for the novice yet powerful enough for the professional.
* jafrom Microdeai comes me fint ever low cost Stereo 16 Bn
Sampler tr y* AmKja. Grains two 16 W andog to dgtal digitaf to
analog xwtm to alow ucrco sound digmsing. The system can re«*d
sound lore suratfe eqrtpmenc such as CD piaym, cassette
recorder or any HJX y me level sgrwf source wa the stereo phone
sockets prcwded. Stereo ycno outputs are provided lor
connection c an amptfier or mixer The hardware plugs into the
serial and porter ports and so can be .sed with the whole Amga
ange of computers As if this is 'otM&jgliOanty I6al» :ruim a
Midi rterface for use irth } VkS keyboard or limtar. Which n
compatible swth rvyor commercial software The Editor program
provides the user swth the ultnwte n power and sophuticabon.
Parted with features whch appear for the first ume for any nome
computer. The fully multi-tasking window styled erttor allows
ndradual samples to he loaded into the computer and edited
I Mb Ram is recommended.
V£35.«_ Prx* OrtUr No.
£12995 9977 This superb package enables the Amiga user to back up their discs efficiently and effectively.
Features mckxJc:
• The mw pmprch?nuvf U*k-up i iity
• includes (loppy disk back-up. Hard disk backup woo Me backup
• Aho backs up ST. IfiM etc doks ¦ Checks disks for errors
• Optimises data for faster loading
• Fail fonrntrng
• Copies up to 4 disks n 48 seconds
• full update service avabble X-CQPY WfESSICm eaten for af yw
needs, included r the p*‘age ? A small (wrdwarc nterfacc thjt
pkjgs mo the external dksk drve port at rew ot the Amiga and
your external disk dwr |if you have onr) plugs mo the back of
ihe interface This akws the Digital Bit Image Copy Mode to use
the Miptw Puse Width ModUatwn rosAna to backup vtnufby ad known
t*X) 1088 COPYRIGHT ACI Europress Direct neither condones nor
authorises the use of Ih6 software for the reproduction of
copyrighted software. The facrttim olered By Xcopy Pro arc
mended to backup usco own »nwwe, pp Sc rware & other such
programs where permssion had been gwn k is HegH to mjke cop*s
0a copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright
holder Learn how to wnte programs with smooth flowing 3D
effects and produce high speed animation in real time
controlled by the Amiga joystick with this book. At the same
Amiga learn about Amiga assembly language painlessly and enjoyably. (listings disk also available to avoid the effort of typing them all outj.
MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING VIDEOMASTER OPTICAL PEN MOUSE A stylish Pen Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement. It has Micro-Switch buttons which is ideal foe DTP. Artwork etc. It comes with its own Optical Pad imply the finest typing program m the world. Tha award winning software takes you step by step through the keyboard. Coachng you at your own speed and sKiV level, mcmtonng your progress, the stunning graphs, the help faoK« and complete typng textbook makes learning to type interesting and fun The Utwute ktfli Media Syitem tor your computer Wdeomasier .5 3 revdutonary
txcaMhrough n hcure compuw iKhndogy corrbmng me corpteoty of a Video Dgtoer wth a Sound Samper in 3 sngeeasy 10 ute tow coflunk to bong you (he utnuie heme muft mate vOedaji0 ectang package VldtcrTMiter wO alow you lo record monochrome, quaner screen pounes at speeds of up to fram« per second fiWUMl prwrtmj utoa unoom pUytuci at hgi Swds Ihcic pctum can be rwcrdrt (rot: Ihf otflpul of n vifleo'Koras or drecify tnxtiawdeocancraoracamccfderandrepliyerJonywxcoTputer screen Wkcmaacr car product gwt yey wle pictum from fry nJeo sot ce win a pwvt or stit frame taolty The cctour (ten prowded n ihs
package oil enadf the users or wdto camtras o'camcortJers 10 produce Njpi ijaaMy u»l pflures in glonous cokw TECHNO SOUND TURBO II TTJfwibetn completely redoignecl wsh CUSTQM5CD PUU. DOWN anp many superb featu-es have been introduced These nclude DIRECT TO HARO DISK RECORQNG, so now you can make those really long recordngs without running out of memcry The bun m TRACKER program aHows you to input sampled notes from the computer keyboard so that you can create your own mckxks The SEOUENCER wtowi you to Irfr very long samples together wtthom the need to display the waveforms on the screen, and 6
it*.* ter rwnues and song completion The MINI IMOOUi enetrtcs sanplo to be pkTyrt on dl 4 ajOo cfvnndi from a MO keyboard. Oum Bo* or Extemai Sepjencer (Midi knterface requrer Samples can now be stored on an edit lot whch allows rapid access direct from memory. A wide range of CONTROUABU effect) (ncludwg novelties; can be added to the samples mctoding Variable Delay Varubto Echo and Variable Synthesis The REALTIME EFFECTS are af coniroKabie and can be uwd as preau (up to 999).
New fMtira ncudc SHKP. RAMP and I wish to pay by: Name _ Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Europress Direct Address ? Access MastercarrtfEurocatd'' Bardaycard VlsaVConnwct pitch up down Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB iNo stamp needed if posed t ia Prpducti are normaly on patched wtihn 48 hours of receipt bur ddwty of certain ems could take up to 28 days 5 READER OFFERS Offers subiect to availability, All pneas include UK postage, packing and VAT For ofde'sow CIO please add £5 tor Eire EEC. £10 for overseas unless specified above Overseas orders
despaicbed by Airmail, Valid to April 30, 1994 PRODUCT ORDER NO PRICE Please add pcxsiage as detailed ? Please frtrt you do rwwsh to tecewDrorrxxionfiTOfBtalfrOT other cortpanies TOTAL.
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E-mail for the masses. FREE 16 page CD32 supplement ON 2 DISKS: AMOS 30. Batdog. Stickit. Aroach.
Virus Checker and Akeko-A6A Caligan 24 reviewed Survival guide to hard drives.
Reviews ol Phone Pak. Vlab Y C and Alla Colour Hand Scanner.
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9*Tfj Any 6 issues above £18.00 Amiga Computing Binder £5.95 55* All prices include vat Please place your orders on the Reader Oilers form on page 91 UPDATES realities accompany the 24-bit video of the PAR card.
In addition, if the PAR is used in combination with the optional AD3000 TBC real-time digitiser, you have perfect audio video sync which could even enjoy simultaneous Midi and multimedia support from B&PProS.
As you've probably gathered, the combination of the SunRize hardware and the new software is in my opinion the only credible option for anyone involved in professional Amiga audio.
Although the opposition both offer excellent sound quality, they simply can't match up when it comes to usability. Neither offer SMPTE or Midi support at the moment, and certainly can't compete when it comes to joining forces with other products.
Unfortunately there’s a pnce to pay for near perfection and in the case of the Studio 16 it comes to a heart stopping £200 for the software upgrade alone.
Obviously if you’re happy with the existing software stick with it, but if you’re a heavy user who’s looking for improved productivity and unbelievable ease of use you’d bo insane not to invest in this excellent - if rather expensive - upgrade.
Die softujare is in mg opinion tlio onlii credible option for anyone inuoW in professional flmiga audio Dreg end drop technology al its beet in Ihe ell new Cue list SunRize software upgrades are available from: Premier Vision Tel: 071-274 4407 1 TL JEJI: _____TMlgri.* !»J Lifg ±4 iH :£dl= JLI U33I ¦H yaaaalBM ¦ i i Ml* •imply the best direct to disk tempting sottwere in the business enabling graphic representations of each sam- ; e to be shunted between tracks and along
• he time-line with a simple mouse click.
Perhaps even more important is the arrival of a range of tools which allow samples on the same track to fade, crossfade or butt up with adjacent samples - again no typing required.
Thanks to this feature, hours - if not days - of painstaking editing can be avoided, and more importantly any alterations are completely non-destructive. If you don't like a mix or crossfade, simply grab the sample and slide it closer or further away; it's literally that simple.
As you'd expect the software offers a variety of linear and non-linear fade styles - all user definable of course - which when added lo the unbelievable simplicity of simply sliding the samples back and forth makes Studio 16 easily the best pro audio solution on the machine.
In addition to sample mixing you're also provided with punch-in punch-out recording direct into the Cuelist, which again is a dream for professional musicians and vkleographers.
Add to that the finishing touch of totally automated ping-ponging - again within the Cuelist - and you have the makings of a masterpiece. For those unfamiliar with musical terminology ping-ponging is simply a means of unRize Industries have held the top spot in the serious sampling business for years with a combination of nt sound quality, unrivalled flexibility.
M a natural affinity to other third-party hard-
- e and software.
The face of new competition from both
* *«etools and the Toccata direct-to-disk sys- SunRize have
decided to consolidate position with release of version 3 of
their 9uao 16 control software.
Aihoogh the actual hardware remains iden- a the new tront-end certainly shouldn't be idered as a simple facelift. The most
- cortant element of the new package has to
* *ne introduction of drag-and-drop technolo- as part of Cuelist
For those unfamiliar with the software, the !-eiist is basically the program's internal sequencer. After recording and editing your samples, it enables you to arrange them over eight tracks of the AD516 or the four of the
• 01012.
N a brilliant piece of design, the Cuelist has completely overhauled and now pro- . Ses a graphical rather than numerical uproach to the problem of sequencing samples.
Better still, everything is now totally mouse- anven with a new drag-and-drop approach combining existing tracks into a mono or stereo pre-mix - thereby freeing the component tracks for fresh recording.
Combine the power of the Cuelist with the program's existing ability to record and adjust fader and pan positions in real time and you have arguably the best truly non-lin- ear direct-to-disk recording and editing system on any platform However in the case of SunRize, internal talents are only the beginning.
As you may already know, Studio 16 has a natural affinity with the Amiga's premier sequencing package Bars &Pipes Pro 2.
Thanks to the ability of both SunRize boards to generate SMPTE timecode which can be passed internally to software.
MULTIMEDIA Better still, the SunRize controls can even appear within the B&PPro2 interface. As a result you’re free to combine the Midi and multimedia talents of the standard sequencer with the sampling exploits of Studio 16, As you'd expect, the primary use for the SunRize within B&PPro2 is to provide live virtual tracks which sync precisely with the Midi output of the sequencer, thereby brings vocals, guitar and other formerly analogue elements into a truly digital environment.
It’s also possible to append individual samples to specific Midi notes, thereby enabling drum tracks and vocal hooks to be built-up from the profusion of CD-based sample libranes on the market.
In addition to software, Studio 16 also provides a direct link to digital video via the same SMPTE generation used by B&PPro2.
As a result, either the 12 or 16-bit board can be linked directly with the PAR animation recorder to provide a 16 12-bit soundtrack to Digital The dmiga's leading 16-bit sampler just got a major refit. Paul dustin nuersees the improuements W | ON J. |Huff bark | =S| Dnq ! Ii i m irr Amiga Computing ROUS REET JOYSTICK “THE BEST CAME IN THE WORL wJf| II m rx r w "Tv “ ¦ 1 r-T* nr V 1 n _|j ,- yd J" ' nHF iwr " i, J K H |* ’ -r J 1 y* mzM sp WHEN THE GOING UTS TOUGH THE GANGS HEAD FOR THE DANGEROUS STREETS - THE MEW BREED OF FIGHTING GAME. WITH EIGHT OF THE BIGUST AND BEST FIGHTERS FROM
ENGLAND. TEL: 44-661-860260. FAX: 44-661-860270. SURF NINJAS©
NEW LINE CINEMA CORP. Leading gnu through the Amiga maee euerg
month, with enpert tutorials on programming, OTP. Uideo. Music,
lomms. And much much more... Rhbhh 17t Alex Gian on Arexx
Interfacing, plus hints and tips for budding users of the
language Uideo 177 Adam Phillips looks at time-coding, one of
the most crucial elements of any production music 179 Paul
Overaa judges two answers to the problem of affordable musical
scoring [omms Phil South fills us in on the latest in the world
of communications GUIDE Up and Running 1G8 Comms expert Phil
South on how to start your own BBS without spending a fortune
HmigaDOS 170 Steve White continues his voyage along the paths
of the Amiga’s operating system Hmos 183 Write your own snowing
text routine with Phil South's help Publishing IBS Retouching
your photographs can improve your life, as Ben Pointer found
out Hssembler 173 Beginners' guidance from Mark Jackson on the
most powerful programming language Classifieds 181 Snap up a
second hand bargain in our readers' own advertising spot Can
you kick it?
The 1994 World Cup is coming this Summer and along with it are about a billion football games. The one which looks like becoming the firm favourite for the top spot is Kick Off 3 from Anco.
It's the follow up to the legendary Kick Off 2 which shattered sales records and soared to the top of the charts. Kick Off 3 promises to be packed full of dynamic and totally unique new features.
Unlike its predecessors, the third game in the series will be viewed from the side rather from above. New features include special moves such as flick ups and diving headers and 30 different set plays for corners and free kicks giving the most realistic dead ball situations ever.
Over 2,000 frames of animation have been used to create smooth, fast flowing action which the creators say make Kick Off 3 the most realistic soccer game ever.
We shall see if what they say is true when it arrives later this year, but by an accounts Kick Off 3 is going to be absolutely massive.
O D ¦ D he Return of Dark Seed Software publisher Cyberdreams has announced that Dark Seed will soon be available for the Amiga CD32. Dark Seed, winner of the highly coveted Software Publisher's Association Award for Best Fantasy Role Playing Adventure Program, has sold over 135,000 units worldwide, and continues to be a bestselling product among science-fiction enthusiasts.
Cyberdreams collaborated with Surrealist HR Giger to produce the gothic horror adventure. Giger is world renown for his work on feature films such as Alien, Poltergeist and Alien 3.
Giger revolutionised the look of science- fiction with his unique biomechanical style, which depicts the synthesis of biology and technology as they would have evolved without the influence of man.
In Dark Seed you play Mike Dawson, a science-fiction writer who has just moved into a Victorian mansion. As you explore your new home, you discover a gateway to a parallel universe inhabited by sinister and horrific beings whose sole intent is to destroy all o* humanity.
Mike has only three days to solve the mystery or he will undergo an evil and bi2arre transformation.
The CD version of Dark Seed is expecte: to have an enhanced soundtrack including digitised speech and even more spectacuir Giger-inspired graphics, Although it’s not scheduled for an Amiga release, Dark Seed 2 will be released latr this year on the PC, Macintosh and Sega C systems. It will pick up from where the Dark Seed left off and will involve e* more diabolical machinations by the a' of the Dark World.
Dark Seed 2 will take advantat of the latest computer technol* and feature more digitised sounds and mations, plus more importantly expanded story and improved pu« structures.
Hopefully Cyberdreams will eventi release it on the Amiga because I kr there are adventure gamers out there dying to get their hands on the sequel Jin IM aasunoaiu Empire take off Valhalla from Vulcan Not a company to rest on their laurels, Empire have got a huge bundle of releases planned from now and until the end of the year. We've already previewed Oreamweb and Cyberspace, both of which are due for a Summer release, but Empire have got some more delightful nuggets of software tucked up their sleeves.
Due for release in June is the creatively-titled Empire Soccer which apparently captures all the excitement and fast paced action of the World Cup competition. Empire Soccer will feature an extraordinary depth of gameplay coupled with some dazzling high resolution 256-colour graphics.
On the pitch you'll be able to perform moves such as diving headers, banana kicks, overhead kicks, back passes and power shots. Empire are trying to put emphasis on the games smooth scrolling and it’s highly reactive ball and players.
Empire’s second release, The Dawn of Aerial Combat, is a return to the skies with a state-of-the-art World War I flight simulation. Each event is played out in superb 3D with full control of 15 aircraft. The game takes a detailed look at dozens of actual situations from WW1 and provides background information on real-life aces and planes.
Scheduled for a September release, The Dawn of Aerial Combat is looking very good indeed and you can expect a in-depth System preview in the near future.
Sega has announced that work has ceased on t!
Cartridge machine and is being switched to a sir tined initially for the US and European markets.
Mars is different from the Jupiter in that it is 16-bit hardware and is designed to fit into the like the Master System Power Base converter.
3DO’s UK launch has now been given the pros looks as though the UK price will be a lot lowei is due to the price being cut in the States. The s States which is around £300.
3DO software is steadily increasing and the I titles that should be out between March and M« Sewer Shark. Out Of This World and the Psygnos Sega Japan have just launched a new hand-hi tied the Megajet at a cost of around £90. The rr screen is currently being used on first class Japa SvSTEf!)
Lechnologij The section where we shine a spotlight on the major players in the computer industry and their latest and forthcoming hardware and software Vulcan Software are a brand new software house who are hoping to make a name for themselves in the Amiga marketplace.
W-S ¦ I *3 •[
• ThfcrypT Their first release is Valhalla: Lord of Infinity
which has been in production for almost a year and is sched
uled for a June release Billed as a speech adventure, Vulcan
claim that Valhalla is the very first game of its type on the
Amiga. The finished version will have a handful of disks
entirely dedicated to the aural side of the product.
The game is viewed from a top- down perspective of the main character, Valhalla, an innocent elfish kind of creature.
The finished product will be a collection of logical problems which get gradually more and more complex as you progress through the levels.
Programmed by two graduates, Lisa Tunnah and Paul Hale Carrington, Valhalla is looking very impressive and Vulcan's first entry into the cut-throat world of Amiga games could well become a big success.
Ocean get Mighty Mighty Max is an inch-high adventurer who is currently a top-selling toy across Europe and the US. Not only does he appear in a range of toys, but he has his own television series and range of videos.
It thus comes as no surprise that Mighty Max, via the software talents of Ocean, is going to appear in his very own computer game.
True to the futuristic theme of the cartoon, the game features an innovative split screen two player mode. During the fast-paced action, Mighty Max must recover as many as 400 components of the world's most powerful weapon before his arch-enemy, SkullMaster, uses it to destroy the Earth. In two-player mode, each player will have separate components to assemble, and each is able to sabotage the others attempts. With five scenes, each with five levels, of frantic head-to-head action, Mighty Max is, allegedly, set to make a mighty mark on the Amiga at the end of the year.
Other Ocean news involves their Hit Squad budget label. Recent negotiations have lead to Ocean acquiring the rights to republish 12 of Virgin Interactive's software titles.
Paul Millar, the Hit Squad Sales Manager, commented: "The Hit Squad is synonymous with value for money and quality and the Virgin titles will certainly strengthen our position as the best budget label around.
"All of the 12 titles are outstanding in their own right and I am proud to have them in the Hit Squad portfolio."
The Virgin deal will add to the label's already impressive line-up of titles such as Lure of the Temptress, Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker, Dune, Archer Maclean's Pool, Realms, Supremacy, KGB, Reach for the Skies, Shuttle, Dune 2. Legend of Kyrandia and Cannon Fodder.
All of these signings are due for release within the next year Jill 1IM 131 Svsitm ?glBctmn5 £ Skidmarks Acid Software's racer has got gorgeous graphics, superb sound, is highly playable and unbelievably addictive. It's a very polished racer that totally destroys all of its competitors. I could go on for hours praising this game, but I really only need say two words - buy it.
SBfc"' f T&g I r% Bum Simon the Sorcerer Adventure Soft's game is cram-packed with puzzles, funny quips and silly asides. While it's a title that you're not meant to take too seriously, it will give you plenty to think about if you're to complete it. Simon the Sorcerer is a very large, well thought-out graphical adventure that'll keep you happy and out of harm's way in the land of giants, fairies and dwarves The scores on the doors Our rigorous scoring system explained In tfiis section we tell you which pieces of software have shined over the last few months and why they should have a place in
your games collection As part of the new look and feel of the software section we have taken a fresh look at the way we score our reviews. In our opinion, review scores have lost their context as percentages; some products have been receiving scores which were only a few percentage points short of perfection, when in truth the products were only marginally above average.
OK, so the scores might seem unnaturally low at first but that’s only because other scoring systems tend to be on the high side and perhaps not as comprehensive or honest as they could be.
In the long run you'll receive a more concise and reader-oriented review that's geared towards the consumer.
0-20 This is given to the lowest of the low 21-30 An all-round poor game that may have a single saving grace 31-40 Just below the average, perhaps let down by a few indiscretions.
41-55 Games of this score are roughly average with 50 being a perfectly average score.
Man Utd Premier league Champions I've thrown away my copies of Sensible Soccer and Goal because Krisalis have created an ultimately more satisfying football game that will appeal to the true football fan.
The graphics are nicely presented and highly realistic.
Couple this with its level of playability and addiction and you've got a hell of a game on your hands. Goal and Sensible Soccer fans will want to have this game's babies. Buy it and float to football heaven.
56-66 This is an above average game and is worth buying. For this reason it would be awarded the BRONZE award.
Labyrinth of Time The bottom line is that Labyrinth is a superb addition to the adventure genre. It has amazing stylised graphics and a level of depth and playability seldom found in computer games these days It's great news for punters who've put faith in Commodore and the CD32 because this is a title which starts to truly show a little of the machine's capability.
67-77 A game of high quality that we have no reservation in recommending. Anything of this ilk would be given the SILVER award.
Hero Quest 2: legacy of Sorasil Legacy is very easy to pick up, using a point-and-dick system in conjunction with the mouse. This is typical of every aspect of Sorasil - generally it's easy to use and even easier to find your self absorbed within.
This combination of D&D style rules blended in with the visual aspects of combat and spell-casting will make Hero Quest 2 an instant success with RPG lovers.
K240 OK, SO it might not have spectacular graphics or sound, but it has it where it counts and that is in the gameplay and addiction departments. I'm finding it really hard to fault K240, but I suppose if you play enough it will eventually get a bit unvaried, but the later aliens are incredibly tough and will take a lot of experienced K240 playing to beat.
Gremlin's space strategy is a truly engrossing game that will keep you awake until the early hours and I heartily recommend it as this month's game to get your mitts on.
78-89 A brilliant title. Definitely worth buying and almost the definitive of its kind. This standard of game would receive the GOLD award.
RubYsoft cuk ltd
- ZT 071 381 8998 071 610 1703 ® RUBY CHARTBUSTERS RUBYSOFT (UK)
LTD, (Dept AMC), 96 Lillie Road, London, SW6 7SR. England Some
shop prices will differ.
MANCHESTER IMEDPROIIEAGUE--------NN _ UAMACUV4SKMS________tcee maelstrom-----nn_ icm mm__.7J»_ K240 (UTOPIA 2)’APRf.. A TRAIN___________ A TRAIN CONST* KJT.. ...7.90 .17.96
22. 96 uanuAcmes.
LACftomoseonAWPm.- UCROfWSEOOF___ JO-86 MSSLES OVER XENON . ..NN 1996 1226 MONOPOLY' .. . .. Mi .. .11. £8 MORPH A1200 VERSION . ._ . .. .J9A. .. .re.as MORTAL KQMBAT- 2396____22.96 ..VM. ..VM. HARDWARE THE 0 FORCE YOKE NEEDS AUIGA ADAPTOR 48.(0 THE GRAYTSAMOA PAD-------17M THELOQCSLOQPADAMQA_____ MW THE BUG___9828 ,1729 .1726 ..to m ..m__vm ..I1M---VM
- NN___17.86 MR------JAM jm.
Port cum i (900 I? 00 POWEPMONG£R»WW1----- . ______ ______12.96_____ 1796 PRLULR UAAMtfi IU&QSTU1UFO---- MtA .
- 1796- ...A«0 .1796 PfttMLR UAMQER 2 1 U£0 * .
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ELAacrm..-. IM .EM blade of oesmr ,, BOBS BAD OAY.. LEAD NULL MOOEM FOR HEA0TOHEAC6.
VERSON_______M A.
FUN SCHOOL 4 (UNDER ft ___________KM.... IBM TW SCHOOL 4fi-7)---------HM.-16.ee UNOFFKE- NOODYSBIQACNmUHESt.
FUN SCHOOL 4 (7-11).
MIA ...J228 STAR TREK25TNAIH ER8AKYAIXOHDOMY NN----1200 snrnnourme urn urn BUPER SPACE P VADER8-------
- 796 726 1726
...2296 TFPMNATOR 2 ARCADE .- .
_____NA . .
- --
- ----1929.
NWMS«8ERAANIMnaN .. ...AM.. ......5299 HBK QUEST .... ...796...
HSTORYLHE1614-1910 ...-...... -.....NN.
...__NM..... THEATRE OF DEATH. .....- .
.....-AM- .....-IS6S
- 11M.
_1128 TOTAL CARNAGE. - _____NN .
1966 1R6u2Ai200rtRSidH.
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.- ..... ....TBA ________ MA-.
CD 32 TITLES .17.06 ¦ 17.66 .17.66 .1990 NICK FALDOS GOLF .... ......MM NK2EL MANSELL ..- ....
- -----------1629 NO SECOND PRUE1...... ...... PINBALL FANTASIES
.... ...23.06 PROJECT X PLUS Fi7
...17M SENSIBLE SOCCER - ... ......
NINJAS' ... .. . 000 TOTAL
CARNAGE .... ..23.66 TRMAL
PURSUIT ... ..10.00 ZOQL
....20026 FUV ADAPTOR .
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- VM I0NQ MAKER ...... u ¦ 0.98 KhOS
QUEST P .....
- .....-JKA...... 2590 DGENERA710N.
DEEP CORE------ DONK.____ CASTLES 2- 16 06
0. 00
16. 96 .1120 1000 ... TBA FMEPORCe.
Valid from: Expiry date.
Please charge my Access Visa No: E ORDER FORM Please supply me with the following for Date Name item tor Titles Price P&P I TOTAL.
PlfljM add £150 per item. All price; luDpct to cAmje or minvtoftyrer* prt« r?vtfw| tfttiQUt rvjttce EftOt "Pt* "wi 0 4r OON(iniH may take up to 28 days to deWer good* from receipt of orten.
HoNMrooodi nonritfy w«nattMd»Wn2dM _ _ Ptesfi iErni hr ¦ iNtowhfchequei (NMAAOCjm .Postcode. Tel MX PORT OftDNAi WELCOME The rain doesn't depress you in Manchester. You get that much of it that after a while that it becomes just a mild irritation. In this instant it's doing me no favours. I'm late, lost and having trouble finding my intended destination, It can't be that tough though, this is Chorltomcum- Hardy. The Chorlton, of Chorlton and the Wheelies fame. The home of the most famous animation studio's in the United Kingdom, Cosgrove Hall.
The company that bought you Danger Mouse, Duckula, Wind in the Willows, and, perhaps to their eventual cost the full-length animated film The Big Friendly Giant.
Back in the middle 80s, Cosgrove Hall was undoubtedly the largest employer of Manchester's creative population, and churning out hour after hour of television quality animation.
That is, until the recession began to bite harder than one of Baron Greenback's monster creations, and Cosgrove Hall began to collapse.
Mu After embracing animation
Q. and cartoons, the TV compa- nies saw them as old hat, and
cut huge holes in the bud- I gets.
Suddenly, the streets of Manchester were littered with animators and background artists. Fortunately Art l attack include complicated animated introductions.
Simon Clays visits a Manchester animation studio to meet animator extraordinaire Vincent James . I.I 6 I CO38 ------*1 JAMES POND f jfe R0B0C0D though, as one medium began to dry up, another one emerged.
In this case it was due to the advent of CD technology, and the software industry's desire to improve the quality of its product with introductions and link animations.
As this research information runs through my head once more. I suddenly notice the rain distorted sign I'm after, the key to my destination and home to Fat City Films.
Fat City, along with a couple of other Manchestr based animators, have managed to break into a fie-: that could have never become a reality if technology hadn't intervened, The man who initiated this slight swagger awai from TV animation into the world of computer gam* is Fat City company director, Vincent James.
Sitting back in the comfort of Fat City's pape' strewn offices, I sip coffee and wait for Vincent, ft feels homely, and I can't work out whether u s How it's done... Ofat City receive the script, some ideas generated by meetings and a storyboard ©A first draft of the moving animations is drawn and then sharpened into a blue- line animation, This is then transferred onto video, and shown to Millennium, ©Following an approval by Millennium, the animation is tidied through a process called clean-up. In this procedure the blue-lines are inked over and tidied up.
lUk Then the line drawings are photo- Vdfcr copied onto transparent cells using heat imaging. Then the background artists, Aileen Raistrick and Michelle Graney, paint the background cells on the reverse of the cell using water-based paints.
The different layers having gone through the same processes are all put together. To avoid mistakes all the action is tied up using a field size. Basically, this is a square which aligns each layer, and allows the animators to know exactly where something is taking place.
©From here, the finished cells are taken to film. Animation is generally filmed on 16mm, 35mm and Hi-band video. From here, the film is sent to be processed.
If the rush print meets the required standard, then it goes to editing and splicing. Then, the rush print is sent back to the processors and the answer print comes through.
Then, if Millennium are satisfied with the answer print, the film goes to dubbing for sound to be added.
The only exception to this whole procedure is if lip-synching is required; then, this needs to be added at a much earlier stage.
Oecause everywhere I look I'm seeing wall-mounted televisual icons from my youth like Danger Mouse, enfold and Duckula, or whether it is just plain comfortable.
Vincent appears, and after a short bout of cursing ousy schedules we get down to the business of the morning. After a few words about some of the Earned shots on the wall, I eventually managed to ask Vincent how he got started in animation.
“I left school with no formal kind of art qualification. In fact, I had a job at Aerospace. But, I hated it that much I left for a job in a design studio.
"They were knocking out rag-mags and that kind of thing, and ever so often there'd be some form of spot cartoon, which I got into doing."
"This went on for about five years, until Cosgrove Hall approached me. Having seen some of my strips they asked me to join."
Vincent explains that Cosgrove Hall were just on the verge of massive expansion: "When I started there, there were about 60 of us, six months later and there were 120 - it was crazy."
On this note, the conversation swings around to Vincent's work at Cosgrove Hall. "While the majority of the animation staff were involved on BFG, five of us were busily creating Duckula in collaboration with the American cable channel Nickelodeon."
“I was frustrated and decided to freelance. After ?
That I went to Leeds and worked on a project called Fiddly Foodleburg. It was a totally spaced-out cartoon series. I mean totally drug-oriented and created by this burnt out old hippy.
“But, some good did come of it, as I learned all the other techniques of animation like camera and sound, things that at Cosgrove Hall you'd never have been allowed to learn. Oh. And I met Aileen, who does all the painting of the backgrounds in Pond."
And this moved us very neatly onto the subject of James Pond, and Fat City's association with Millennium Interactive- Pond Three features an animated introduction which some of you may well have seen extracts from on the CD32 version of Pond 2.
Vincent explained how the two companies came together: "I met Millennium because of a mate I had from my freelance days- He said he'd got some design work from this computer place."
“They turned out to be Millennium, and needed someone to design their animation sequence for them. Anyway. I met them and got the job."
"We were going to do the backgrounds, but we soon found out that it wouldn't be that sensible a thing to do. The.main reason being that it's just too technical for us."
PROBLEMS “They had a lot of trouble with our drawings. You see, computer artists repeat things and loop different backdrops. It was killing usl “We were just drawing backgrounds, and they thought they were lovely, but they ended up in the bin because they would have soaked up that much memory."
With this in mind I asked Vincent what kind of problems they encountered during production.
"Problems, problems, yes. There were plenty We produced a test piece that didn't work [laughs]. We did watercolour wash backgrounds, and of course they have a watery look to them. And, because the girls mix paints randomly, the colours are impossible to match."
Having visited Millennium Interactive on several occasions. I’ve always found them to be quite a progressive go-ahead team. The products they release are quite innovative, so I'm interested to find out what the relationship is like.
“They're not awful [laughs louder], they're a good bunch of guys. But in terms of animation they don't really know what they’re on about. They tend to be really finnicky about little things."
"Basically there's a clash between art-based cre- atives and computer creatives. They both want to achieve roughly the same thing but go about them in completely different ways."
As the tempo and volume of the conversation shifts up a gear, we slip into computer games in general: i "What happens at the moment is that the nonartists, in the shape of programmers, make the games, and use us to fill in missing bits."
"But these guys aren't trained animators. In fact, they don't know the first thing about techniques of character movement, they just guess."
"Most of the games lack invention. The games houses think they create stylised characters, but they have no idea how to bring something to life.
'Most of them are still in the mid-80s using bloody air-brushes on muscle-bound blokes or marine-boy clones. They haven't got a clue."
Following this line of enquiry further, I’m curious to establish if Fat City have designed any computer game characters of there own.
"Yes, we’ve done a couple of things. We did some work on a game Millennium have got coming out soon called Pinkie. For Pinkie we did some of the ingame animation, and the title sequence."
Vincent went on to explain how he came to be working on Pinkie: “I first saw Pinkie When it first arrived at Millennium. I was down there by chance, and these guys started hawking this thing they'd got."
"It was one of the nicest things I'd seen. I loved the colours and the palette they’d used on the backgrounds - quite psychedelic."
"We're also doing some of the character move- f ' 1 * ec »v A A ments for James Pond Four. They fax down sc rough outlines, and we give them back three dr ent versions of actions, like thrusting or jumping."
Order to move During my visit to Fat City Films I met up with Paul Johnson who was given the arduous task of explaining the techniques employed in manufacturing animation for the Pond and Pinkie sequences.
While in conversation Paul, a 25-year-old graduate in animation, told me that before he'd worked for Fa: City and done a stint at Catalyst, the company that animated the introduction to Soccer Kid.
Paul described the method through which Millennium get animated game movements off Fat City.
"Millennium send down a set of storyboards and rough character designs. Trial and error has already told us that there are certain things you can't do on a computer.* “For example, characters can't walk up or down slopes any steeper than 22 degrees, if the hill is steep*' then the character just doesn't look right."
"Anyway, being well aware of the pitfalls, we then draw rough pencil animation cycles. Obviously, we'l.
Redesign anything we think's a little flawed."
“Then, the pencil animations are cleaned up and turned into what we call blue-line animations (which speak for themselves). These are then transferred from film onto video, and we send them off to Millennium to be transferred into Dpaint"
* 5yst£m* "They then transfer them into an Amiga and them in
"More importantly, we're actually doing a g called Mega-Mite. It's kind of reversing the prc that we've worked under before."
As it's a project that's been kept pretty tigl under wraps. Vincent takes me down another av and begins to enthuse about the future: "Not long ago, you couldn't have this type of mation in computer games. Now, we have inserts between levels and all sorts."
COMPUTER GAMES "I remember the early attempts to convert ar tion to CD. It was all jerky because it missed fra Now technology has shifted a little further and put it straight onto a CD."
"I'm not too up on computers, but I hear raving about full motion video. The potential interactive animation is huge."
Drawing to a dose, I ask whether computer are proving to be a lucrative new avenue for ar tors: "On the whole computer games have been healthy for animators. At the end of the day it's1 I mean you want to make a Tom 'n‘ Jerry, but got to pay the bills."
Glancing down I notice my empty coffee Vincent follows my stare, offers to re-fill my mug i politely informs me that he's got to fly off to Having one of final query, I push my luck and ask who his favourite cartoon characters is.
The answer comes immediately, and wit* authority that is without question: "Felix the Cat without a doubt, He i$ the designed character of all time. Simplicity in essence, and 50 years ahead of its time."
With this, the meeting comes to a close, Vir on his way to Leeds and I'm back on the anir streets of Chorlton.
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.129J J Iltt MiMPMMSKriiMniinrei i Sierra World Cup Soccer 1 and distance, 4,000 frames of player animation, and a 3D view for fast and smooth graphics.
Other features will include a replay option with fast forward, rewind and freeze frame; animated sequences of referees and injuries to players; and digitised sound and speech effects.
W H Sierra Soccer liven up the game with animated sequences such as this red card incident I 1 » 1 ILSA 0 0 Br«l!
Ith the forthcoming World Cup this June, many software houses have seen a great opportunity for a swift marketing ploy - namely bring out as many football titles as possible to cash in on World Cup fever which is bound to hit the country. But never before are we going to be so spoiled for choice, as the reviews on these three pages show.
Introduction Sierra are making their way onto the football simulation scene with Sierra Soccer. From what we've seen the game will have a whole host of options and features.
It can boast built-in intelligence for accurate computer simulation, a new free kick and corner directional system allowing you to choose height World Cup USA '94 US Got: This major World Cup tie-in will contain many variables you can alter, like being able to change the glue factor, whether you prefer to play the ball sticking to your foot or whether you like it to bounce away from you.
Many features from other football games have been added to World Ga USA and so it promises to be one & the most comprehensive release&| around.
The game is set for release arw*tf June - just in time for the start of vm World Cup.
- STSTfiNh wm IcicIc Off 3 Anco lmagineer Kick Off 3 was set to
hit the shelves sometime in May on many formats including Amiga
and the CD32, and it's sure to be heavy competition for the
other releases.
Thirty-two top international teams, each with their own distinct playing styles, compete for the World Cup. The main change is to be the game's view, from overhead to side-on.
Steve Screech, one of the original programmers of Kick Off 2, is overseeing the development, while Enigma Variation will be dealing with the coding.
The SNES version is nearing completion and it's already looking impressive, but the Amiga version promises to be a lot faster as well. The game can boast 2,000 frames of animation and state-of-the-art sound effects.
New options will include practice, arcade and simulation modes. At any point in the game you will be able to access match reports or give team pep talks to give your players specific instructions.
Graphically the game contains a lot of detail Sensible World of Soccer Sensible Software Renegade Renegade and Sensible Software are looking to release The Sensible World of Soccer sometime in August of this year. The game promises to be different in that it will combine all aspects of a good management game, while retaining its original playability.
As team manager, the player can choose from 1,500 world club sides from any one of the world's main leagues. Try your hand at either manager, player or a combination of the two. Thus the game should appeal to both the management strategy buffs and the arcade player.
Sponsorship A common trend in sports games, football games in particular, is to get a big name to endorse your product. What bigger name than Manchester United?
We talked to Tim James, Krisalis's PR man, about their Manchester United Trilogy. Tim James is far from being boastful when he says that the trilogy has been the most successful product that Krisalis have released.
The original idea of managing director Tony Kavanagh, it was obviously a good move, but how much of it do they believe was down to the product, rather than the name behind it?
Tim is quick to point out that no matter what a product is called, the actual game is what counts, and it’s all down to how successful the programmers have been.
However in the early days, with Krisalis still establishing themselves, Tim believes that having such a licence behind their first United release did a great deal to increase their credibility.
Having such a club behind their game could have its drawbacks, namely that fans from rival clubs will avoid their game on principle. But Tim has no doubts that having Manchester United behind them does not have disadvantages.
He believes that as one of the most successful clubs in Europe they have gained great respect from football fans even those from rival clubs. As opposed to choosing other big clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal and Leeds, Manchester United have earned much admiration for what they stand for.
However. Manchester United didn't have a great deal of say in the development of the game, unlike some of Krisalis's other releases such as their Graham Taylor licence where Taylor played a large part in helping create the right statistics and features for the game. Manchester United simply placed their trust in the experts and left them to it.
As for the future, there are no United releases on the horizon but Krisalis have just renewed their contract with the team. So, who knows, perhaps Manchester United - Premiere League and FA Cup champions?
»tba Taking a peek into the distant future, Rage plan to release a sequel to Striker sometime near Christmas. Efforts have been made to make the game as realistic as possible, using animation from real footage.
A lot of work has gone into the computer intelligence aspect of the game, as a common complaint about Striker was that it became too easy to beat.
?SYSTEM* Empire Soccer Empire software This game will involve special team powers as well as the usual moves, such as Super Barge enabling you to knock down an opponent for up to ten seconds.
Other features include a full statistical game analysis at half time and Comical Cameo sequences for goals, bookings and the like. The game uses 256-colour graphics and 400 frames of arcade-style play.
Choose from one of the 24 national teams in this year's World Cup, each one having been studied to match the playing style and ability of the real squad, and guide them to World Cup success.
Five skill settings will ensure that the game will appeal to all, from the novice to the expert. Expect this one to hit our shelves around June.
LUtmi i I’ PIUYtll Hit Mi 0 PBICCTOBH 0 MI ILIUM* P Hhtl 0 Kill 0 Cl (IVKIM M l.»UMI M JOHI * A riCNMM MAC! I I 7s 0 ,1 I VI HU I HMIKl H imum o 0 33 MAHIH I MO 34
* 5 IlCOIHC I* 91 PAIS IMG f 33 IHOOItilC 13 94 C0M1BOL «t 32
niMCfr 12 (4 II*1.P s I ON 4 33 MOUIM I 3
* root oot ¦ 3 PIUYIII OS icouto o
* 001S 0 IBQIMING I! NallNim SS iw toil II 1$ II IS 117 21 14 7?
Ii 21 « 27 13 15 13 30 02 17 2$ n 21 IS l .
21 19 74
• I 3 Premier Manager 2 comes highly recommended. Taking on the
role of manager, you will need fo make decisions such as which
new players to buy If all this football arcade madness is
already becoming too much, there are alternatives.
Management games are becoming increasingly popular with those who prefer a game that requires a bit of thought and strategy with their football. The Premier Manager duo and Championship Manager are among the most popular of this particular genre.
The idea behind them is to take on the role of team manager and lead your squad to success.
Things such as keeping your ground, squad, and money under control become part of your job. In short, all the responsibilities of a manager become yours.
Even a platformer has taken up the football theme, in Krisalis's Soccer Kid, with a football-kicking sprite. The game was acclaimed for its brilliant graphics and unusual playability.
Alternatively, if you'd like a football game but don't want to bother with all the rules then try the sequel to Brutal Sports Football, called Brutal Sports Soccer - soon to be released.
While Brutal Sports Football was based on American Football, this release will centre loosely around British football, with the same idea behind It; of beating the living daylights out of your opponent.
The management Sensible Soccer Renegade This is a basic port-over from the original but the sound effects seem to have been enhancec to really create the all-important matc- atmosphere.
Playability remains as smooth and addiaivt as ever. The sprites do seem a little inferior t: more recent games and lack the animatior but when gameplay is this good it perhaps isn't that essential and there are plenty c* options to tailor the game to your needs.
John Barnes European Football Buzz Another basic port-over for the CD is Joh* Barnes European Football, released o- Krisalis's budget label, Buzz. It is set around the European Football Championships a-: contains advanced features such as intellige- defensive walls, aftertouch and action replays The game runs at arcade speed and makes of a stereo soundtrack.
To the future With all the leaps in graphics and sound appearing across the gaming genres, the question on most footy fans' lips is - what's the next generation of Sensible Soccers going to look like?
The Sega Saturn, to be released at the end of this year, could give a solid hint as to the direction the genre is moving in. Saturn Soccer is from the makers of the much-touted Virtua series (racing, fighters) and from the early preview shots glimpsed at the recent CE5 show, it looks like quite a stormer.
Featuring multiple imaginative views of the action and full polygon graphics, this is shaping up to be quite a title on the visuals side. Whether it can match the playability of the likes of Sensible Soccer is another question altogether.
Likewise, FIFA Soccer on the 3D0 features panning, zooming and digitised players, producing breathtaking results, but as Steve Dunn, the programmer of Sierra Soccer, says: "The playability [of the next generation] could be fractionally better, but not desperately better."
Tim James of Krisalis is very much adamant about putting playability before graphical enhancements. He sees the next step as heading towards more individuality for the players - how well they run, kick and handle. These are techniques which they have already used in their Manchester United Premier League I Champions, and he hopes that bringing more managerial skills to the game wt? I produce a more rounded and varied experience.
If you shout at a player, you'll be able to see the results in the next match - 1 may well be better on pitch and move faster or, alternatively, sulk and not pla, the best of his abilities.
Virtual reality is regarded by some as being the ultimate way forward, and vr I viable option for the future - could it be possible that a few years down the i «• I we'll be able to slip a VR head unit on and take part in the ultimate football «* • I rience as we race around Wembley stadium with the roar of fans echoing in o-rl ears?
The one important factor that has been present in many of the classics is playability - this must be one of the most consistently addictive genres, prov -• the player with hours of fun and frustration.
Hopefully, the introduction of CD technology, faster processors and fancy m bilities won't detract from the previous quality of gameplay which has made * genre what it is today.
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Whole bundle of games lined up. Jonathan Maddock talks to the people behind Universe, just one release coming your way soon c H ing his eccentric Uncle George who is an inventor.
Boris, being the naive chap he is, sits in a strange pod machine and get transported to another dimension. That's where the adventure begins. System ore Design are one of those companies who strive for quality and not quantity. A bad game from Core is a very rare occurrence. Over the next few months, you are going to be constantly bombarded by their products and I'm happy to report that, true to form, there isn't a bad game in their latest batch of releases.
One such game planned for a July 94 release is Universe. This graphic text adventure has been created by the same development team who were responsible for the critically acclaimed Curse of Enchantia.
It's all about a journey into a futuristic parallel universe which contains a dimension of cosmic rivalry and warring alien races. The story begins as an ordinary lad called Boris Verne is visitpopped down to Derby to talk to Gary, Jim, Stu and Rolf, the team who developed Universe; this is what they had to say about life, the universe and the game that could become the one of best graphic adventures on the Amiga; Q: What did you do before you started work at Core Design?
Gaz; I worked for another software company and did such games as Scooby & Scrappy Doo, Yogi Bear and numerous others Ibudget titles] that I can't be arsed to remember.
Jim; I spent three years in oblivion at university supposedly studying computer systems engineering.
Stu; I got up in the mornings, pretended to go to college but didn't, hung around outside in minus 90 degree temperatures and hung out with my girlfriend.
Rolf: Before Core Design, I had done several illustrations for book covers, worked for Games Workshop etc, all after doing an architecture degree.
Q: How did you come up with the idea for Universe?
Nally had for a film script. That never went anywhere so I decided to turn it into a game.
Q: What makes Universe different from every other adventure? Are there any unique features?
Gaz: Yes there are some unique features; SPAC (Super Pre-Adjusted Colours) mode for one. SPAC mode allows the display of up to 2S6 colours on a normal Amiga 500.
Jim: Also, the music system is similar to LucasArts' Imuse in that it changes depending on the current mood of the game. We've never see that before on the Amiga.
Stu: The main character, Boris, a s. scales, which is pretty unusual on th» Amiga. Boris was rotoscoped to get re* istic basic moves (eight-directional wah cycles, pick up etc). Any other moves an hand-drawn and animated by us.
Q: Universe will appear on th* Amiga CD32. What additional ft* tures can we expect to see?
Rolf: Due to the fact that the A500 vision is already in 2S6 colours, ther* shouldn't be that much of a difference graphically. We will be using mor* shades though, as the A500 only has .
Shades per colour whereas the CD32 ha
Jim: We're also looking into speech r the CD32 version, but we're not too s about that at the moment.
Gaz; Of course there will be ttv expected CD music rather than the fotf 1 channel Amiga stuff.
Q: What do you think of the new dr based technology ?
Stu: Which CD technology? The CD1 doesn't in our opinion live up to tv hype.
Jim: Yes, it's just a A1200 with a CD drive bolted on as an afterthought.
Caz: It's the only CD drive I know of which can't actually fade music!
Rolf: But it does have the Planar chip n there... somewhere!
Gaz: It's just a pity it's not any use.
All: Yeah... It's really great.
Q: Explain the processes involved in designing a game (from simple sketches to finished product): Rolf: We'll tell you when we find out.
Stu: There's not really a definitive way of designing a game. Everyone does it differently.
Jim: We start by having a meeting where everyone in the team sits around, drinks coffee and talks over ideas that they'd like to see in the game. We then work out which bits of the initial design are feasible.
Gaz: And then we do the business... Stu: Rolf will start by roughly sketching out the general layout of the scenes before he starts to paint them. Once they're painted, they are scanned in using a flat-bed scanner and a PC and touched up if necessary, Rolf: We then subject the nice picture to SPAC mode which converts the original Scanned image so that the Amiga can display it in 256 colours.
Jim: This usually needs considerable touching up, but it's worth it in the end Stu: We (Jim and myself) then do the background animations and sprites in the palette dictated to us by SPAC mode.
Gaz: Generally the process is a long one which would take up far too much space here to really go into any depth.
* Q: Your previous adventure, Curse of Enchantia, used a icon
control system. Universe will use a text system. What
benefits do you get from this new system of control and how
easyldifficult was it to implement?
Rolf: Conversations between characters in Universe is one benefit.
Jim: Yeah, it's not really possible to have a conversation using icons, is it?
Gaz: Benefits? It worksl Stu: I no longer have to draw stupid things like "pay respect to the dead" in a 24 by 24 pixel icon.
Q: Universe will incorporate some arcade sequences. This has been done before unsuccessfully in games like Operation Stealth and Indiana Jones. What will these sequences be like in Universe?
Jim: We are aware that previous adventures have suffered considerably due to the inclusion of arcade sequences so we've kept this in mind.
Generally, adventure players don't want arcade pieces in their games so we've not dwelled upon them in Universe.
Gaz: The ones that are there are short and simple and should make an interesting break in the game, Rolf: You won’t be spending hours try* ing to get past them in other words.
Q: Finally, in not more than 20 words, tell our readers why they should run out to their local shopping emporium to buy Universe... All: At this point, we'd like to sing a song: J "Universe.
Universe, it's better than bad, it's good!'.
Whoops, that's 21 words!
INTRODUCTION Beneath You take on the role of Robert Foster, who as a youngster crash-landed in a desolate place known only as the Cap. With his parents dead, Robert was taken in and fostered by Tribesmen.
Treated as one of the tribe, Robert learned to survive by hunting and scavenging. As years passed he started to discover new talents such as building robots and one of them, Joey, became his constant companion.
Then one day the eldest tribesman had a premonition of the evil that was coming to the Gap.
That evil was the security helicopter. After the Commander had threatened the old tribesman with death, Robert came out of hiding and was promptly abducted by brutal security forces and brought to a place called Union City.
His fate is in your hands as he talks to people and explores the area around him, in an attempt to discover why he was brought to the city.
Right at the start of the adventure you find that Foster has escaped from the wreck of the helicopter in which he was kidnapped. You must ensure that he eludes security in order to discover his past and his destiny.
Entering Reich's room you have a swift look around, hut the only place worth investigating is under his pillow where he keeps his magazines. Ahem I h h art of Dave Gibbons and it quite literally m W took my breath away- If you've never read Watchmen then right after this review I urge you to go out and buy it and if you haven't got the cash, beg or steal yourself a copy.
Dave, who previously worked on popular weekly 2000AD, tried and failed to make a Watchmen game, but he still had the computer bug and has now joined up forces with Revolution Software, whose previous software credits include the highly acclaimed Lure of the Temptress, to work on Beneath a Steel Sky.
Two years in the making. Revolution Software have significantly enhanced their unique Virtual Theatre system and created a game that is six times bigger than Lure of the Temptress.
The Virtual Theatre system allows all the characters to realistically move about independently in their world. For instance, if you find a character in a certain room, don't expect them to be there when you return.
As with most games of this genre, the adventure is all controlled via the mouse and clicking on objects or characters will cause the hero of the game to interact with them.
Entitled Watchmen, which featured the A few years ago I bought a graphic novel Dave Gibbons began his comics career in
1973. A frequent contributor to the magazine 2000AD, he
illustrated such renowned strips as Harlem Heroes, Dan Dare
and Rogue Trooper for that publication.
Gibbons has also worked on the popular Doctor Who strip, and in 1982 he began his association with DC Comics, drawing the Green Lantern series.
His work with Alan Moore on Watchmen helped win him a Best Writer Artist combination award at the 1987 Jack Kirby Comics Industry Awards ceremony.
Monthly magazine, Q, said Watchmen was “The most advanced comic yet, one which elevates the medium from the mere childish diversion to the level of an artform".
Jonathan Maddock grabs his trusty mouse and clicks his way into a state of adventuring bliss, courtesy of Virgin and Revolution Software There isn't a lot to shout about on the sound front and is infact quite weak.
The atmospheric introduction music is adequate enough, but you've heard it several times before. Actual in-game sound effects are few and far between. This is about the only disappointing thing about Beneath a Steel Sky, A nice touch of gentle music playing throughout wouldn't have gone a miss.
I know there are people out there who don't like their adventur* ing thought-processes disturbed by meddlesome tunes, but for those kind of people there is always the volume switch.
Some of the in-game sound effects are really bad. Especially the alarm at the beginning of the story which sounds like a bad case of flatulence, and although it does cause much hilarity it isn't really an excuse for bad sound WJTjM effects.
Visually. Beneath a Steel Sky is just about as sexy as Amiga graphics get. I guess a lot of it is down to the amazing talents of Dave Gibbons who not only is responsible for designing part of the actual game and creating the back* ground graphics, but also kindly provided Beneath a Steel Sky with a brilliant scene-setting 8-page comic book.
The game starts with a brief, but well-animated introduction of the security helicopter crashing with the hero escaping amidst a hail of bullets, but then you are plunged straight into the actual adventure.
Revolution's adventure features some exceptional character sprites and some jaw- droppingly good backgrounds and when compared to previous games of this genre it literally outshines them all.
The animation is smooth and fluid and you really get a sense that each sprite has its own character and personality. Even just small sections of Beneath a Steel Sky are worth mentioning.
For instance, if I told you there's a bit where a cat jumps off a bed, you wouldn't be that impressed, but it is so well animated that you actually feel like telling everyone about it.
I have tried, but failed to knock the graphics in the game simply because they are so damn perfect. I doff my cap to Dave Gibbons and the graphic artists that have obviously worked so hard on Beneath a Steel Sky.
When entering Burke's Bio Surgery you are faced with a hologram receptionist who won't let you In. But perhaps talking to your robot chum might solve a few problems There are loads of previous adventures I could compare Beneath a Steel Sky to, in fact far too many to name here, but classics like The Secret of Monkey Island 2 spring to mind.
There are certain points in Revolution's graphic adventure where humour pops up and this is very reminiscent of the witticisms found in US Gold’s swash-buckling Monkey Island 2.
One of the better adventures that you could compare it to is • previous release of Revolution Software. Lure of the Temptress.
Lure featured some luscious graphics, some good atmosphe sound effects and incorporated the then revolutionary Virtual Theatre system.
The story is all about a chap called Diermont and his mission to free the Turnvale Village from the evil clutches of Selena. » apprentice sorceress.
At the time the game received a walloping 92% and a Gamr Gold award. The reviewer at the time summed Lure up by saying "If you're the more patient type of gamer who wants a challenge that will give you months of enjoyment, look no further than lore of the Temptress".
Beneath a Steel Sky is just about one of the best graphic adventures I have played to date on the Amiga. Everything about it just oozes quality and over the last couple of weeks it's been a real pleasure to play.
Before I praise it anymore I should point out its few unfortunate faults. Firstly, it comes on 15 (count 'em!) Disks and you will .without a shadow of a doubt, need a hard drive. The actual installation process takes well over an hour, but why it should take this long is completely beyond me.
I played Beneath a Steel Sky on the A1200 and it kept crashing about every 15 minutes. It's not just me either because another member of the AC team, who was as deeply engrossed in Virgin's adventure as me, experienced the same problems.
Rutting these faults, which do take the edge off the actual brilliance of the game, aside, I would heartily recommend Beneath a Steel Sky to any adventure fan. Why do I recommend it though?
Well, the graphics are good enough to marry and have children with, the gameplay and actual storyline are first-rate, it's easy to play and you just couldn't wish for a better adventure.
The actual puzzles contained within the game do vary from the obvious to the baffling, but you have a lot of fun trying to work them out and when you do a sense of achievement washes over you.
Beneath a Steel Sky is not aimed at the very young market though, because it does have a small amount of swearing and innuendo contained within it. Nothing that shocking, but I'd just thought I'd let you know.
Beneath a Steel Sky was just a whisker away fro - getting a Platinum award, but due to the amour r bugs I suffered I'm now a little bitter and I've consequently knocked the score down. No matter vvh* software comes out, there is little excuse for lett -g bugs get into a game.
Revolution Software have surpassed the amaz. g Lure of the Temptress with their latest adven'.j-* and I congratulate them on making such a fwt adventure game. If it doesn't go to the top of software charts then I think there is simply no jur.*a in this world.
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gamer's favourite gaming period, and there have been a few mostly ill-fated attempts to bring the sweep of this continental struggle to the small screen over the years.
Impressions, whose games have in the past covered just about every other area of conflict, have entered the fray with a game aimed at those who enjoy marshalling lead figures around a tabletop. And those who prefer a more behind-the-lines strategic involvement.
Creating a playable computer game which mimics the movement of thousands of troops on a battlefield is notoriously difficult, and when this is paired with a strategic overview of a four-year war, the task becomes a little daunting.
Can Impressions pull it off? INTRODUCTION When the South began the bombardment of Fort Sumter, Charleston, in April 1861. They were talcing the first armed steps in a war which was to last four years and cost the lives of 617,000 Americans, two-thirds of whom were destined to die in the charnel houses that were the hospitals of the time.
Despite the initial successes of the Confederate forces, their early military superiority, dashing tactics (particularly in the Shenandoah valley under Jackson and Longstreet), and fanatical commitment could only delay the day when northern industrial and numerical superiority ground them into the dust.
Bull Run, where Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname, was to be followed by a succession of victories and defeats until the turning point of the war at Gettysburg.
There the Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania died, along with Stevie Kennedy dons his uniform as the war gamer’s favourite slaughter subject makes an appearance on the Amiga 23,000 Union troops and 28,000 Confederates, and Robert E Lee had suffered his first defeat.
The psychological effect of the battle on both sides was immense, and the North gradually pushed the Rebs back until, on April 9, 1865, Lee signed the terms of his surrender to his old rival Ulysses 5 Grant in the courthouse of a tiny town called Appomattox.
Ihere c nothing left for ra to do but 90 end General Grant and I mould rather die a thousand deaths Genera Robert E Lee just before his surrender to Grant It had been the bloodiest war in US history, more costly even than World War 2 was to prove.
game's graphics vary in quality and consistency depending upon which screen is
* mg viewed, so while the static information screens and the
strategic maps are quite well drawn, the representation of
battles is poor and based entirely on the existing Impressions
battle system which hasn't changed much for a couple of years.
To the tabletop fanatic used to pushing immaculately modelled and painted figures across intricately detailed fake countryside, the battle scenes will be a particular disappointment. Soldiers are drawn in blocky lo-res and move jerkily across the screen, and the battlefields themselves are about as basic as one can get.
On the other hand, information screens showing historical events from the war itself are easy on the eye, and the map of North America is up to the task.
Graphics during the manoeuvre and strategic phases of the game don't impress m an artistic sense, but they are good enough and the various control options are presented clearly and neatly.
More realistic battle scenes would have given The Blue and the Gray a much better visual appeal, but as this is a more cerebral game than most, it is not as damaging a weakness as it might otherwise have been.
More infuriating by the difficult mouse control when scrolling across the battlefield.
After a few practice battles, though (in one of which my three division Union army was routed by a single understrength Rebel infantry division) the pieces start to fall into place and the depth of the battle system starts to show.
Fighting out a huge affair, such as the first battle of Bull Run, can take a very long time, because when there are 30,000 soldiers on each side you have to knock speed right down and scroll back and forward like a mad thing to keep track of what's going on.
Add the fog of war option and unit re-supply and things become even trickier and time-consuming.
On the whole, though, the war gaming fan will find enough in this game to warrant buying it. Particularly as the tabletop variety takes even longer to organise and play.
Other gamers will scratch their chins in a thoughtful manner and give it a wide berth, but that's only to be expected.
50% 5D° d Split into strategic and tactical sections. The game's simulation of the Civil War is by no means perfect, but it is good enough given the limitations of a two-disk package and a four-year continental war.
Strategy is probably the weakest section, and players are limited in what they can do to affect the outcome of the war. Using train and ship transports properly, destroying railway lines, and judging where and when to commit reserves or raise new divisions are the only real strategic decisions.
As the north's victory was SO dependent upon its numerical and economic strength aided by a naval blockade, some sort of economic dimension to the game would have helped. However, as the war itself consisted mostly of attempts to locate and destroy as many enemy troops as possible, the lack of more subtle elements is acceptable.
In battle mode, poor graphics don't help much, but the battle sysWithout becoming too gruesome, the game does make an attempt at battle noises, with musket volleys, neighing horses, and booming cannons at the appropriate moment, but there's a distinct lack of other touches.
I would have liked a Rebel Yell when the Confederates charge (which, true to life, they often do in this game), and some sort of general battle hubbub, but overall the sound isn't too bad. Music is OK as far as it goes, which isn't far, and there are a couple of attempts at the battle hymns of the time.
Tem itself is well worked out. Troops can be grouped into large formations or used as individual units, and they can be told to form lines two deep, assume skirmishing formation, or even squares.
Each unit has its own firepower, attack, and defence ratings as well as troop quality and morale, all of which have a direct result on game play, and different weapons can have an effect too.
Union troops, for example, have the Sharps and Enfield carbines whereas Confederates use mostly older muskets, and cavalry can be told to use either sabres for maximum effect in charges, or carbines for more static manoeuvres.
In play, moving troops around can be a real pain, and the control system during battles is rather clunky at times. However, so long as the battle speed is kept down (there are ten settings), tabletop players should feel at home with most elements.
If you can see past the graphics and have the patience to play a full battle, then there is a good war gaming system trying to break free of the game design, and fans of the genre should find enough dept- to keep them going.
Ion rm Sixty per cent might seem a generous score for a game which falls over in the graphics side and has a few simulation flaws, but as Impressions are aiming at the war gaming fan and as the battle system is basically sound, The Blue and the Grey comes over as a reasonable attempt at an extensive and unwieldy subject. * The superb manuals help a great deal, and as there are good campaign and battle tutorials the game should be approachable by non-war gamers as well as the experienced weekend general.
To aid the beginner, there's also an excellent 180-page history of the Civil War which covers the material in some depth and in a very readable style.
It takes some time and a lot of patience to get to grips with this game, particularly as the early battles are made 65% sygnosis are not largely regarded for their ¦ efforts in the adventure interest for lovers of this genre.
Now, with the help of Morbid Visions, Psygnosis are re-entering the RPG market with the highly stylised Perihelion.
BRONZI AWARD Perihelion Another foray into doom, gloom and the ultimate demise of the human race?
As ungodly beings emanate from the void, Simon Clays casts a glance at the world of Perihelion Both the introduction and in-game music have obviously been given some thought. How many times in the software world has a game had a I graphical style that didn't quite match the feel c I the music? Countless.
But not so in Perihelion. The curious graphic*' I images complement perfectly the whistle of wine rushing through a building and the deep nas« | reverb of the synthesizer.
Perihelion is an extremely interesting departure from the normal RPG St.* Dungeons & Dragons title. While it's still largely a first-person 3D title, the desigfr ers have attempted to tread a different path on many other aspects of the game For instance, many titles of this genre have a very similar style for represent spells and spellcasting. They are either awarded on graduating your character- rank, found lying around in corners of arcane buildings, or bought from dooj magicians.
In Perihelion the designers have opted for a similar technique as Dungeor Master, with the acolyte in question having to construct the spell from runic syi* As the name suggests, Perihelion is a solar-centric culture, leftovers from an ancient, technocratic society which all but vanished in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.
The principle relic, as a reminder of that era, is a ruined metropolis named MidUght Our tale begins on this strange futuristic world of Perihelion, where the society is constructed of mutants and surgical and genetically enhanced groups of humanoids.
One such character is Finian, a Bionocron, and student of psionics. It's during his pilgrimage to the Psionic Training Institute that the plot unfolds.
As part of his mental separation of mind and body, he must approach the school through the desert. After a hazardous passage, Finian finds himself in his simple room enduring a preparatory state of meditation before he faces the time of the Mannis.
As he meditates deeper, putting aside the physical pain he has faced through the desert. Finian has a vision. He is out in the desert again, only this time he’s not alone- Finian feels a force, an entity so powerful it totally engulfs his soul. He can only gaze in horror as this great evil moves about him, eventually yanking him high into the air.
Suddenly, the entity relinquishes its grip on and he spirals towards the yellow sand below him. As the dusty void immerses him, he hears a voice, a foreboding, malevolent boom that tells him that the time has come.
The story is relayed back to the head of the institute, who having called a meeting of the Council, informs them that he senses danger, and that their leader Rex Helion must know of these events.
As a response to Finian's prophecy, Rex Helion orders that Project Awakening must be initiated, the premise of which is to safeguard against this unborn evil, thus ensuring the future of Perihelion.
So, there they stood. Six unborn souls ready to do battle with a malignant force that has itself yet to be born. To Rex Helion, Emperor of Perihelion it sounded pure folly, but how many times have the psionics been right before?
The style of Perihelion lends itself to a very traditional sci-fi feel. Many of the themes of cyberpunk societies with neural networking and genetically manufactured humanoids are central to the core of the title. These images have been very well implemented, especially the head-shots of the six genetic warriors you control during play.
The intro sequence too has been well handled. It blends moody futuristic city landscapes with some excellent snippets of animation, and works to great effect.
Though play is a montage of styles, it's comprised mainly of 3D first person perspective. This again, is highly stylised, and reminded me of a downtown Mega City 1 from Judge Dredd.
Its only let down is the repetition of locations. As you wander around the deserted ruins of cities, turning one corner or looking at a building entrance soon leaves you feeling as though you've inherited some of the aforementioned psionic powers of precognition.
Still, on the whole Perihelion looks the part. One can tell that some trouble has gone into the design, arting and feel of every screen that the user interacts with.
To the designers credit much of the effort and polish that have gone into this aspect rubs off on the user's enthusiasm and make it i just a touch more pleasant to use.
Bols. The computer network that your mutated characters can log on to and access, is also a nice extension of concurrent themes.
; fur 3 is i'VHfe n " VifH apro %FWt I'F’ijfcHTo '«!**.** ife b a Not only does it feel right that your characters should have the technological insight to be able to perform such a task, but its also relevant to the completion of the story.
The only aspect of Perihelion that let it down slightly was the combat. It's a completely understandable notion to take the user to a separate screen to commence battle; it grants the opportunity to make tactical decisions, aim and effect repairs. But it's where, if a computer game can ever manage it. The fantasy of being real is lost.
However, while it's a little samey in places, Perihelion is a very competent adventure, and I look forward to the next offering from this development team.
Th equipment inventory displays all your hi-tech hit that's available Many of the characters in the game have undergone cybernetic surgery. The term cybernetic is derived from the Greek kuber- nan, "to steer".
It's the science concerned with how systems organise, regulate, and reproduce themselves, and also how they evolve and learn.
In the laboratory, inanimate objects are created that behave like living systems Applications range from the creation of electronic artificial limbs to the running of a fully automated factory where decision-making machines operate up to management level.
Cybernetics was founded and named in 1947 by US mathematician Norbert Wiener, originally the study of control systems using feedback to produce automatic processes.
Us* th* runic symbols fo create psi spells The idea of cybernetics became that popular that TV series were spawned, the most popular being that irrepressible man in the red tracksuit Steve Austin, none Other than the Six Million Dollar Man.
Through the eighties ideas were expanded, and with special effects technology vastly improved, films like James Cameron s Terminator were born.
N development for the best part of three years.
INTRODUCTION Darkmere is the first in a line of RPG-style titles from Derby-based Core Design. Due to the time it took to complete. Darkstone (the sequel) will follow very shortly after its older brother.
Little things like swinging signposts and flickering lamps give Darkmere an atmospheric edge SOUND During play, Darkmere concen* trates its efforts on effects, and uses mood music during loading sequences. The sounds effects within each level are crisp and amplify the mood of the play to great effect.
Whether it be the grunt of an angry ore, or the howl of wind through the trees in the forest, they're all extremely well executed.
Classic isometric action. Darkmere is best compared with titles like Cadaver (if anyone remembers it), and very recently Gremlin's Legacy of Sorasil (Amiga Computing No 73, Silver Award winner).
Consisting of three different levels, Darkmere uses a richly stylised technique i is brimming with detail. For example, as you approach the tavern the signpost door is swinging in the wind and the lights that illuminate the paths flicker - r* light as a breeze passes.
The landscape is also extremely detailed with masses of graphical objects to examine, search and interact with.
The animation of your muscle-bound Ebryn, and indeed all of the characters within Darkmere. Is extremely well executed. The character sprites are fairly large and move and fight extremely smoothly.
As you journey around the many varied locations you'll encounter many little extra animations that, although unrelated to the plot, add that extra dimension of realism.
For instance, as you make your way around the town you'll encounter rats, and during a forage through the forest rabbits hop by.
Darkmere is probably the most detailed, isometric title ever to emerge for this genre. The graphics are extremely well suited and are cleverly crafted to give a very atmospheric ‘£raJhic*iprommm feel. Of Darkmere GRAPHICS EOT Set in times of olde, Darkmere is a sad tale of unrequited love. Its plot follows the fortunes of King Gildorn and his son Ebryn. As a young man, Gildorn killed an evil dragon, but was ousted from his homeland for interfering in human destiny Back in his own land, Gildorn was proclaimed King and a time of great prosperity and order began. Sometime later a young female
elf was found wandering the outskirts of the surrounding forest.
Remembering nothing but her name. Berengaria was given shelter by the King. Over the following months. King Gildorn grew closer to Berengaria, eventually falling in love with her.
The romance blossomed and a wedding soon followed.
Glad tidings continued with the news that Berengaria was pregnant, and following tradition, Berengaria disappeared into the forest to give birth.
Time passed, and when the queen did not reappear, Gildorn became anxious and decided to go searching for her.
. .. .
GOLD AWARD V J*. ? * x" - „ . ¦ Questing for good has been a talent the Anglo Saxons have relished in for many centuries. Perhaps our most famous religious liberator is Richard I (the Lion-heart). King of England from 1189, he spent all but six months of his reign abroad fighting for Christianity in the Middle East.
Richard and his knights believed that Saladin and his Muslim followers were in dire need of religious instruction through force. This is regardless of the fact that the Muslims tolerated gentiles, and lived side by side until the Christian invasion.
In the third crusade of 1191-92, Richard won victories at Cyprus, Acre, and Arsuf, but failed to recover Jerusalem from Saladin.
Saladin was sultan of Egypt, and born of Kurdish blood. He was renown for his knightly courtesy, and made peace with Richard in 1192.
Following this, Richard returned home to claim his throne from his brother John. Unhappy with peace, Richard looked closer to home and duly went to war with the French. In 1199 he died fighting in France.
- - . • - * .
X ZL After the hustle end bustle ot the town, the next level tekes you Into the forest On your way through the forest your path is blocked by a group ot standing stones Hiding beneath a pile of pile of rocks, the undead strike For days he rode, then in despair he came across a leafy glade and found a new born child, his son.
Years passed and the son grew stronger, but the queen never returned. The King grew more and more melancholy as still she didn't return. Instead he took to gazing into his crystal, staring for hours and hours upon time in a vain search for his beloved Berengaria.
The more he gazed, the more the land became a magnet for evil. The ores returned, thieves and cut-throats every one of them. They ravaged the land and went undetected by the King as he withdrew further into the crystal.
Greater evils were rumoured to be spreading around the surrounding lands and forest. Eventually Ebryn approached his distressed father and told him he was going to restore the kingdom to its former glory.
Agreeing that his sorrow has caused neglect, Gildorn tells Ebryn to find his old friend. Malthar the Mage. To aid Ebryn, Gildorn gives him his Elven Blade that is bestowed with Elven power, and a crystal that will allow Ebryn to call for help from him.
With that Ebryn leaves the castle and sets off to uncover the malodorous evil that curses the land.
Mere Fit to die for a caose? Ready to take on an army of darkness? Sharpen ynur blade and enter the domain of the Darkmere OPINION This must Surely rate as one of the best 3D isometric adventures ever to appear on the Amiga. It possesses a haunting style that is completely unique, and seldom achieved in many computer titles.
Character interaction is extremely simple to grasp, and the menu system which helps you negotiate your character through a seemingly endless environment is the essence of simplicity to use.
However, by far the most impressive facet of Darkmere is the graphics. They pay such attention to detail and create such a mood that it gives the adventure an immediate head-start over everything else it competes against.
If I had a criticism - and it's only a minor one - it's that the majority of battles that you engage in are exactly the same and don't require any particular skill to win. For example, whenever you fight against one of the abundant supply of ores, you just hold your Fire button down, point the joystick into one of the attack positions, and the stupid ore just keeps walking into you until it spontaneously combusts.
Nevertheless, Darkmere is a pretty classy title, it’s contained in a huge playing area (be prepared to map), has interesting and very moody graphics, and contains objectives and puzzles that will hold your attention for a good while.
Overhead shoot-'em-ups have quite ||j| l]l|l|h| | [ ! B 1 a heritage in computer games his- UulBIHl I tory. Starting with the fiendishly wWM addictive Robotron. A genre was created and continued down the years with the likes of Gauntlet Commando and Smash TV.
The latter title received some press coverage over the amount of blood spilled with each killing and now, with Total Carnage, this tradition continues.
Violence has always sold games. From the early days of IK+, Barbarian and Moonstone, to the recent Mortal Kombat featuring spinal columns being ripped out of opponents, it's clear that blood-letting is a money spinner.
Total Carnage comes from the makers of Smash TV, a game which included multiple bloody deaths in a glamorised scenario. While the argument rages between software companies and parental teaching groups to find out what kind of effect this all has on the younger generation, plans have already been mobilised by ELSPA (European Leisure Software Publishers' Association) to introduce a voluntary ratings system to guide the parent on the most suitable purchase for their youngster.
Total Carnage is not a title to be that concerned about - while the enemy may explode in a shower of blood, there are no screams of pain-or burning corpses as found in such titles as Syndicate or Mortal Kombat and the gore is very much in the comical sense, especially with the cartoonised and rough- looking graphics.
First came Robotron, then Smash TV, its vioient sequel. Now, from Ice, comes a game with blood and bikinis - Total Carnage, a conversion of the Williams coin-op.
Adam Phillips reviews Out of nowhere came the power-mad General Akhboob who is as mentally balanced as Jack Nicholson in The Shining. While the latter was restricted to a single hotel and a fire axe, unfortunately the former has access to an arsenal of missiles and the entire world.
He has managed to create an army of mutants from radioactive waste produced at his nuclear generator. With his endless supply of disposable creatures and hostages, the General is ready to take on the globe and claim it as his own... Only two men are brave, strong and simple-minded enough to even consider taking on the General at his own game - Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem, the Doomsday Squad.
The simple directive is to enter the complex, rescue hostages, disable Akhboob's forces, get inside his stronghold and go after the big man himself.
If you're a shoot-'em-up and are after two-playe' games that pump the adrenaline and pack a che lenge, then side-step Tou Carnage and go for Chac-s 1 Engine, Alien Breed 2 :• I Llamatron, a PD title by Je” Minter. The latter feature excellent sampled soun: crude early 80s style grapr ~ but superior gameplay anc 1 with power-ups and hea” I pumping addictiveness, : j one of the best, cheapest arc most absorbing overhear blast fests available for yoj- machine.
The overhead viewing angle is, in most cases, an effective one and Total Carnage is no different. The largest problem with the presentation is that the graphics of the sprites and the backdrops simply look worn and crude compared to the likes of Chaos Engine and Alien Breed 2 which were released a few months ago.
The characters' legs have a remarkable per spective where it seems they shrink from the pelvis down into feet that take size 0 shoes. While it is appreciated that the graphic artist was simply trying to achieve a realistic look for the overhead angle, it simply doesn't work.
The animation is fair on the whole with the relatively bloody deaths of mutant soldiers as they explode on meeting a bullet The scrolling is slow and fixed - when the game wants you to move, you move and if it doesn't, you stay where you are or risk walking face first into a homicidal axe-wielding maniac.
Another regular difficulty is moving your way to the top of the screen and having to wait for the slow scrolling to catch up. And like much enhanced software, it's hard to see why this is specifically an A1200 version.
«¦ s 5 i i ft 11
- S S 5 £ s 5 s S I £ s a £ 3 s a s a Shoot-'em-ups have become
some of the most tired releases in software. With the steady
increase of technology and companies opting out of fresh,
original and playable ideas to stick firmly with the easy
road of licences, customer's wallets are beginning to suffer
more and more.
Total Carnage is a typical example of a reasonable conversion of an average coin-op that will sell simply With this kind of licence, the sound is usually a clash of music, screams and other high pitched, audience-grabbing aural effects.
Surprisingly, Total Carnage is a little restrained in this department - there is no music over the intro and option screens and during the game itself, gunfire and the impact of bullets make up the main bulk of the sound. Tnese admittedly are solid effects and add impact to the gameplay.
Speech is also a welcome inclusion with a voice crying out "total carnage" as a wealth of mutants waddle on to the screen towards you. Other samples include the hostages who cry for your help, and when retrieved thank you for your time and effort.
Sadly enough, the only women to appear in the game are wearing bikinis with a ball and chain who flatter your ego every time you rescue one of them by proclaiming that you are a hero in a bimbo voice. Equal rights have yet to enter the gaming arena... All malm hostages are fully dressed
- all female hostages are In skimpy
b. k.ms after reaching into your pocket and fishing out £30,
Total Carnage is not really worth the money.
The action, while constant, is never really adrenalin pumping and has more in common with a hard slog with the Fire button than exciting and spontaneous play.
The graphics also detract appeal from the overall package, leaving Total Carnage with averageness as its main quality, and consumers with a dry and tepid emptiness in their wallets because of the name and hype attached to it. If you enjoyed the original then you’ll glean a certain amount of satisfaction from this.
Indeed, the proceedings can be relatively involving, especially in two-player mode, and with 20 battle zones to wage war through, there is certainly a hefty challenge to be met.
The numerous power-ups for weaponry and air strikes also add incentive to see how much damage you can cause in the shortest amount of time.
At the end of a wage-earning day, though, and ot content with the success of their recent war-'em-up Cannpn Fodder, Virgin seem to be continuing on the warmongering path with this, their latest offering, Apocalypse Borrowing many of its ideas and looks from the film Apocalypse Now, the game suggests the scenario of the Vietnam war Political correctness is abandoned as you take control of your helicopter, massacre enemy soldiers with a vast array of weapons and destroy their bases and artillery.
The game was the original idea of development team Strangeways, who disbanded the project leaving it in the capable hands of Miracle Games.
Their aim was to create a product for the Amiga that was worthy of an arcade machine, And now after what seems like an eternity the title is finally here. But was it worth the wait?
A great deal of the atmosphere has been conjured through the excellent sonics resulting in an almost chilling realism. From small details like the background jungle effects to the many different weapon noises, they all combine to portray an authentic war zone atmosphere. A vital factor in a successful shoot-'em-up is how accurate the weaponry sounds.
Apocalypse creates this well.
Mission Apocalypse. Rebel forces have invaded the insignificant island of Majipoor taking hundreds of prisoners. Chosen from one of the Elite, it is your mission to destroy the enemy forces and rescue as many prisoners of war as possible.
Find the five key enemy bases situated in the dense jungle, attempt to blow up the battleship docked somewhere on the island and rescue your best buddy being held in a ruined temple in the heart of the jungle.
Above all, rescue captured scientists and military experts. A medical team is at your disposal. Use your piloting skills and the multitude of weapons available to you to get through this arduous task.
156 JIM 1114 However intentional it was, the game can be closely related to the Vietnam war and so a title of this nature will inevitably raise questions on moral implications.
S « s « a I I § £ s 1.1 = 1 . I t f I s I j= Si 5 5 jg .5 35 I!
.. •; ua ¦! SC,- "S I5"a' = il i iliiisiss
a. aaa.boaBUMOB As the conflict was so controversial in the first
place and comparatively recent, the game could cause
offence. More so perhaps across the Atlantic than here, but
even so it is perhaps worth considering the inspiration behind
the game.
The routes of the conflict can be traced back to 19S4, to the Geneva Convention when Vietnam was split into the Communist North and the Pro-Western South, right up until 1975. It was later known as "America's longest and most unpopular war”.
For the first time the full horrors of war came under the scrutiny of the general public via the new medium of television.
Anti-war protests broke out. Some resulting in Outbreaks of violence.
One such protest took place on October 15. 1969. This was the Vietnam Moratorium, and was the biggest anti-war demonstration ever organised in America The war resulted in the loss of 200,000 South Vietnamese soldiers, one million North Vietnamese soldiers and 500,000 civilians. Losses were also high on the American side with 56,555 US soldiers killed between 1961-75, a fifth by their own men.
For instance, in August 1966 20 US soldiers died when US planes accidentally napalmed their own troops. Neutral Cambodia also suffered, estimating one million killed or wounded by US bombings.
As far as being a highly realistic war game goes, Apocalypse looks and sounds the business, evoking a powerful image of war. But it does verge on the excessively difficult side, and although this provides Apocalypse is a multi-direc- tional parallax scroller which makes for a technically stunning game. The backgrounds update at the same rate as the helicopter flies giving a convincing feeling of flying over the terrain.
A Jungle settings have been cleverly used to recreate the terrain almost to the extent of looking like a scene from the aforementioned Apocalypse Now. The immense amount of foreground and background detail make Apocalypse astoundingly authentic.
However, the multi-layered backdrops and different levels of platforms used causes problems, especially when gameplay becomes hectic.
One moment's lack in concentration and you find yourself exploding into the ground as it is sometimes difficult to make out which is merely foreground detail and which is a landing platform.
Sprites are well-animated and despite their size show a great amount of detail, displaying all the gory effects of explosions.
Longevity, the game becomes exceedingly frustrating.
It is also let down by the fiddly control system, and although the helicopter is easy to fly, the Fire button serves the same function for both weapons and changing direction resulting in firing accidentally - sometimes at your own men.
[oj C* - - j-t Jtw Z'tJ ’ W ' IH More depth in the gameplay, rather than just an advanced shoot-'em-up, would have benefited the game, and a save game option would have removed some of the frustration.
However it is graphically brilliant and the realistic, sampled sound effects make the game stand out above others in this genre.
,151 shop, walk left, right, taking the middle path. Wai« right and go first right. Use the watermelon on the sousaphone. Go to the centre of the forest and up the steps to the right. Walk into the cave entrance.
Go right, into the house. Walk to the ladder, use hammer on the plank. Go to Scull Island and take the Frogsbane. Walk back to the ladder. Continue right anc use the sousaphone. Enter cave, remembering to reac the sign. In the cave, give the cold remedy to the Dragon. Go back inside and pick up the fire extinguisher.
Go outside and look at the boulder, using the hoo* with the boulder (by clicking on boulder). Simon w* climb up. Walk to the hole. By using the rope with the magnet and then using them with the hole you can collect gold pieces - you’ll need 48. Walk behind cave anc take and look at the rock. Go to the village and walk through the middle archway. Use the rock on the anw Talk to th* tree Hump QflOQO beat the 2
• _5vsum SmppEi Bab's Bad Baij There are a multitude of codes
available for this unusual puzzler.
Here are just a few to start with. More next month.
Level 15= WDPDEWOF Level 20= VDPEFWNG Level 25= TCKFGXQH Level 30= SEAGGVPH Level 35= RCKHHXOI I his back. Get the key and head upstairs. Enter the mine. Use the key on the door, go in and say to the Dwarf: “I've come to make you an offer" (and it's in the inventory). Give the Dwarf the beer voucher, saying "pah, think nothing of it". He should reward you.
Alk outside and collect the beer. Go to the centre of the forest. Wear the beard to go into the dwarf mine. You will find a dwarf with a spear; offer him a bribe or simply give him the beer.
Walk back up the stairs, go past the dwarf at the table and enter the mine. Go to the door and you will see a hook which you should pick up. Try the door and talk to the dwarves. Leave the mine and remove your beard.
Keep walking left to the four paths. There you should take the top left path. You will come to the stone table. Now walk right back to the four paths. Go left and left again; you will find a wise owl. On talking to him, he will lose a feather which you can take.
Go to the troll bridge. Going right you will tee the three paths again. Take the middle path to the right.
Continue over the bridge and you will meet an Oaf.
Talk to him and ask him about beans. Simon will walk away after watering the beans. Go back and look at the beans, and pick them up.
Go to the centre of the forest. Put on the beard and go into the Dwarf mine. Go down to the drunken dwarves and use the feather on the fat dwarf lying on Go to the village and through the archway to Dodgy Geezer. Give him the gem, making sure he doesn't rip you off. Now go to Calypso's cottage and use the beans in the compost. Pick up the watermelon.
Go to the front of the cottage, go right and then Straight up behind Blacksmith's cottage. Go left and open the box. Look at the empty boxes. Pick and look at the spell book.
Take the rat bone, use the paper on the door and the rat bone in lock, pick up the paper and use the key in lock. Walk out, take the bucket and go down stairs.
Take the mints, pick up the Flaming Brand and open the Iron Maiden, talk to the Druid, remove ring, and talk again. Use the bucket and Flaming Brand on the Druid. Quickly get into the Iron Maiden. Open Iron Maiden, go to the frog and get the hacksaw which you should use on the bars. Go back to the village and to the shop and pick up the hammer. Going out of the Go into the shop and pick up the white spirit. Leaving the shop, walk back through the archway and into the house. Give the Frogsbane to the frog and leave to gc back through the archway to the hole.
Talk to the hole and give the fossil to the hole Enter the cave and go right until you see the hole Look at the dirt and take the Milrith Ore which yg« can use with the anvil on going back to the village.
Going back to the centre of the forest, talk to the woodcutter. Enter his house and take the climbing pin Use the fire extinguisher with the fireplace. Move the hook and pick up the mahogany, Walk back to tne fireplace to leave, to find the tree stump. Talk to the stump and go to the crossroads.
Take the bottom right path and use the hair. Loot at the floorboards and use the woodworm with the Use the ladder with the hole. Open the tomb and gc inside. Open the tomb again, pick up the loose ban- 158 Iby Jin mi T age and the staff. Go to the pub. Into the back room, ; ve the wizards the staff, and pay them.
H. W»fc on the J upt* Jer. Us* ;ake tt» ght a-c to reac to tkt ne
fir* ie hoc* ion w vith the canto- ave ar-c id waft ie anv:
Now go to the Dragon's cave. Behind it you will find ledges
below the climbing pins. Go onto them, con- ‘-ue right and
talk to the tree. Use white spirit on the : nk splodge and
talk to the tree again. Go to the tch’s cottage. Inside you'll
find the Witch; challenge ¦v to a fight.
Keep trying the magic words on her until you defeat
* *r. She'll turn into a Dragon, on which you can say
aDracadabra”, turning her into a mouse. Click on the ouse hole
and escape.
Go to the Dragon's cave, walk behind it and use the mbing pin in the hole. Walk right and talk to the snowman. Consume the mints and walk up the steps.
Now go to the Tower of Doom and walk to the door.
Jse the broom and consume the potion. Pick up the eaf, look at the bucket and pick up the stone. Go left and use the hair with the tap. Pick up the lily leaf and use the match stick with it.
Sail to the seeds and take them. Use the stone with the seeds. Use the oil on the tap, move the hair and sail to the puddle centre. Talk to the frog and walk to him.
Look at the edge of the water and pick up the Tadpole.
Talk to the frog. Consume the mushroom. Open the door and go inside. Pick up the branch, and go back and use it on the chest. Pick up the Shield and the spear, Go down the spiral staircase. Move the lever. Pick up the chest and use it on the block. Move lever again and take candles. Use the spear on the skull and pick the skull up. Go upstairs to the bedroom. Take the magic wand and talk to the mirror. Look at the book.
Take the pouch and use the sock in it. Use the pouch with the hole.
Go upstairs, and look at and take the book and the chemicals. The chemicals can be used on the shie-d and the shield used on the hook, Talk to the Demons, and talk again telling them you can send them back to Hell. Ask for their names and draw a square on the floor. Go down and talk to the mirror asking to see the Lab.
Go back to the Demons, talk and send them back to Hell. Go into the Teleporter and go to Rondor.
Talk to the attendant; look at the brochures. Use the Elastic band with the sapling. Pick up the pebble.
Use the catapult with the bell, walk to the pits and across the bridge.
Pick up the floor wax. Use the wand on Sordid.
Go back to the counter. Take the matches (found on the right). Go back to Sordid and use the matches on the pits. Use the wand in lava. Now go back to Sordid and use floor wax with Sordid.
Congratulations, you've now finished the game!
G. vo the fossil to the hole to pay the wiiards to pa n Jurassic
Park pSvsnm Here are some B5A48352 level codes to E54C67AA
help you with the D5F4AB62 popular Ocean 95B48B42 film
licence. 85A4834A 85B48B42 F54C6FAA C57C77B2 D56C7FBA A5149F5A
SnipPEi h you e. :o the g pin re the
o the
o the Talk to the woodcutter ¦ Chilling* the witch to a fight
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3. 6* IDE and SCSI, as well as their existing Video Products.
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• ormaitad ready to nMa* your WorkBancn For aoacilication* oI th
ckrvai pl«M4 Crt' Is FRAME MACHINE Better than Opal Uision?
24bif VUU Display Buffer - Real Time 24 bit VUU Uideo Crabber Add Compatible Genlock for Full Screen Uideo Anim UliPes CDXL video grabber - PIP Uideo display • Switching YC & Compo input ADPRO lmagemaster loader and Saver - RGB Output Compatible with AI500 to A4000T.
And the Price ONLY £599.99 CALL NOW!!
What is the best thins about Frame Machine you CAN BUY IT NOW!!
All Prices include Vat and PAP
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PRICE Cheques and postal orders to: DIRECT COMPUTERS, 2
Woodstock Street, Rochdale Lancashire. 0112 7DG Tel. 0706
EXCLUSIVE Of CARRIAGE Amiga Computing S £ 2 I- 3 s - 1 1 - II
« 11S85 ihiillt!
I C032 Brutal Sports Football, and ducks into Team 17’s budget CD32 compilation ot Qwak and Alien Breed Special Edition Appearing across many formats, Brutal Sports has proved highly popular, and now it's here to grace the CD32. If you're not familiar with this title, the idea behind it is based loosely around American Football, The main variation is that this version is based in the future, has no rules and the primary object, other than scoring goals, is to beat the pulp out of your opponents!
This is all depicted through gory graphics of decapitations, knifings and all other forms of physical violence imaginable. All this could encourage a high moral tone, but in this case it is more than necessary and what's more, it's fun!
As a mixture between a beat-'em-up and a futuristic sports sim, you get to guide a team of mutated creatures to League success. Winning is achieved by the obvious method of scoring the most goals or by slaughtering six of the opposition.
Pick-ups are also a major factor in deciding your victory or failure. These take several forms and can be found scattered around the pitch. Rabbits speed up your players whereas tortoises do the opposite.
Devices such as lightning or ice-cubes strike down your unfortunate opponents. But of course they can make use of these pick-ups too.
All this makes for a hugely enjoyable mixture of frantic American Football and hilarious beat-'em-up action. The two-player mode provides an opportunity for competing against a friend, and even more excitement.
Extra additions to this CD version include graphical details showing a crowd of aliens, enhanced sound effects and a rock sound track.
For those thinking of investing in some quality software for their CD32, this comes highly recommended.
Brutal Sports Football II I Although fairly old, Alien Breed is still an excellent arcade blast-'em-up and an undoubted classic, Compared to its sequel it perhaps isn't as sophisticated but despite this it doesn't appear as dated as you might think.
Viewed from a top down perspective, you take on an alien army who have infested a Federation research station. Based in the future, you are positioned in a galaxy on the brink of war, and with the aid of various weapons it becomes your role to blast the aliens and complete the missions.
Alien Breed is a highly atmospheric game and the tension created works well as the action becomes more and more frantic, with aliens appearing out of nowhere which you need to destroy.
Good graphics contribute to the atmosphere considerably, with settings such as dingy corridors and space terminals. The added small details make highly realistic backgrounds and create a futuristic feeling.
The eerie music also conjures up a great deal of the atmosphere. Other sound effects, such as gunshots and aliens yelping when hit, work well, and sampled speech has been used to generate realism.
Extra features have been added to this new edition, such as new missions and bigger levels, so newcomers to the game and Alien Breed veterans alike will find the game a challenge. The two-player mode also adds an extra dimension to the gameplay.
This is blasting mayhem at its best, and it's well worth a look if you didn't catch this excellent title first time round.
Classic arcade platform action completes this double act in the form of Qwak, a Alien Breed Special Edition & Qwak highly playable title whose sprite is a duck. The game could be accused of being a Bubble Bobble clone but this does not detract in any way from its quality.
And although platformers these days hardly have a reputation fpr originality, this one stands out for its totally absorbing gameplay.
The aim is relatively simple. Clear the screen of baddies, collect bonuses and grab the keys to open the doors to the next level.
Life is made more difficult with the inclusion of dissolving platforms, time limits and all manner of strange enemies to hinder you.
Firing eggs at the enemies will eliminate them; points are awarded for successfully doing so, and after each of the eight worlds you'll face one of the tough end- of-level guardians.
The game contains a two-player feature which works well in providing variety, and the puzzle angle also adds another element guaranteeing longevity.
Graphics are colourful and complement the overall fun feeling of the game.
This is also picked up in the accompanying tune which is in keeping with the lively gameplay. The controls are well designed and make the game instantly playable Qwak, although not exactly intellectually demanding, will provide hours of fun gameplay and a good laugh along the way as well.
Alien Breed 66% Qwak 60% jiii mi _mM_ game software entitled Epic.
This was going to be the space adventure to rival the classic Elite, but dogged by the time scale they were working to, DID found that the product had speed problems and was plagued by bugs.
Svstem tj 4 Inferno is the sequel to Epic, but Amiga technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in the 19 or so months since Epic was released. DID's sequel will have far superior graphics and sound, plus it will contain a world several times larger than the one seen in its predecessor.
It has been in development for well over a year now which translates into ten man years of hard work.
Inferno is set 90 years after Epic left off. You are invited to do battle anywhere through an entire solar system consisting of seven planets. Three moons, alien and human installations and interplanetary space zones.
Rollowing hot on the heels of tfx (previewed in last month's System) is Digital Image Design's Inferno, which is currently being tipped by those in the know as the ultimate space game.
Inferno utilises the same 3D graphics engine that DID used for TFX, but they have updated and included some improvements into the graphics system.
Way back in September 1992, Ocean released a DID It's basically a typical story about humans vs aliens fighting a space war. You are taken on an impressive 3D graphic journey around beautifully scrolling landscapes.
In between the intense action of space combat you can sit back and watch the Inferno story unfold with incredible animations and characters that can actually talk. Now that CD technology has been introduced via Commodore's CD32. There are limitless options avail-1 able to a software house when the time comes to dc the music and sound.
Although it does cost a lot more money, professional musicians can be drafted in to produce some startling and exciting pieces of music for today's games. The Manchester-based company initially pursued big-nam* artists such as the KLF or The Orb to provide the musical j compositions.
After much thought, Ocean appointed Nick and Fiend from the band Alien Sex Fiend to write the mus* I that would hopefully bring that important bit of atmosphere into Inferno.
Alien Sex Fiend might seem a unusual choice to dc the sounds for a computer game. They can be best DID have one of the best 3D engines around and it's been modified and developed over the last five years. Five or six graphic artists have been handling the 3D work for Inferno for well over eight months.
Sean Hollywood, art and design director at DID. Is the man most responsible for the superb visuals found in the game.
The third dimension "In terms of Inferno, development was first started to see if we could logis- tically do what we wanted to. We thought of some new design and graphical techniques that we would all like to incorporate into the whole package as well as 3D techniques for the ingame stuff.
"We develop on a number of multiple fronts. The design will go on in tandem with the technology as well as the artwork."
Inferno features a comic which introduces the player to the characters within the game. The man responsible for the art found inside it is Sean Phillips, renowned 2000AD artist famous for, among other projects, his superb sketches of Judge Dredd and Devlin Waugh. "The comic is part of the instruction manual - a kind of introduction to the characters and the world they inhabit. We sat down and decided that we wanted to concentrate on the interaction between the humans and aliens which isn't part of the game, but is something we were able to do extremely well in the comic."
Sean continues, "The characters are science-fiction cliches. You've got a human, blonde-haired hero and you've got your ugly, evil aliens. The characters can’t die at the end. We've got to make sure they finish in the comic as they start in the game."
Tfiona’ artling is. The |-name nusical arno described as a Goth band and are heavily guitar-based, but they're also highly talented and can be incredibly diverse. They have over the last decade released 11 albums and gradually built up a large and faithful following. Once Alien Sex Fiend had discussed exactly what Ocean wanted from them they set about writing the soundtrack, along with guy called Barry Leitch. Barry is one of Ocean's top in-house musician who has been responsible for the music found in over 80 games including the forthcoming TFX.
Nick Fiend found it a considerable change writing the music for Inferno. He compares the process with that of creating an album: "You get the same result - five weeks of differing moods. Although I’m not that musical I do know what I like, so it's relatively the same process except I haven't been able to mix it or put a guitar on it. All I could really do was direct which is very frustrating."
The music has a very ambient feel to it. It’S highly atmospheric and changes in conjunction with what's happening in the game. Alien Sex Fiend are hoping to give the soundtrack a more techno feel to it and then release it as a record independent from the game.
CD32 owners have been going through what I can only call a software rough patch.
Microcosm raised a few eyebrows but although it had some pretty amazing graphics it was desperately lacking on the playability front.
Inferno has superb graphics and sound, but more importantly DID have spent a lot of time developing the gameplay, so CD32 owners start saving your money Inferno © will become the game to buy for your machine.
I personally think that DID's space game will become one of those titles that will delight every single gamesplayer. TFX and Inferno are groundbreaking as far as technological achievement is concerned and herald a new era in computer gaming. From now on things are only going to get better... and better.
The introduction sequence to Inferno will amaze you.
And by the time you've played the game you'll need to lie down in a darkened room FREE PD SOFTWARE AMIGA - PC • All Commodore Call (081) 651 5436 or Write to 45 Brookscroft, Linton Glade, Croydon CRO 9NA Independent Commodore Products Users Group C032 SPECIAL OFFERS Morph £19.99 Mean Arninrt£19.99 Allred Chicken £19.99 Pinball £24.99 IK-*- £12.99 Arabian Nights £12.99 Zool £19.99 Nigel Mansell £19.99 Trolls £19.99 Seek & Destroy £19.99 7 Gates Jambala £19.99 Prey £19.99 Pirates Bold £24.99 Overkill £19.99 John Barnes £12.99 Chuck Rock £12.99 9 DEAN STREET MARLOW BUCKS SL7 3AA 0628 891022 ?
(1. 00 each DISK BOXES SF.ND FORA inc p&p CATALOGUE DISK fkm wd i
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Software All recommended retail prices less 20% Ring 0527
542940 for catalogue and prices Ansaphnne Service in u« 50 TOP
NwM gjattt Jft NOT Public Domain or Shareware They art ALL 1991 Copyrighted 9***1 tm*»!
Advcnturet. Punlrri. Ptotformcrs, S peril, Shoot««Hipi. B**t-*nv«pi etr.
Some of there garnet wore MEGA HITS FUTURE SOFTWARE (AC)
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Grsqtlh), Mirqicv mu«, «wit cok rod aorr any mrk tlWJ ft' * (*¦ did art pnerdmtlSOptrnm luun S anil 6 n*r its 2 did.* or u pntr afU. SO prr iiuar Fa rove detail* (SAE |4c*k uurlo wJcr. »we 10 Jonathan ftutherford 64 Western Avenue. Prudhoe. Northumberland NE426PA Amiga-64-Link ??
Links ( 64 128 peripherals to the Amiga parallel port C64 not required 1 Use your old C64 printer with the Amiga (MPS, DPS, Sur. Attorn, Scikosha. Brother., i Transfer C64 disk files to the Amiga (BASIC, Easy script, Sequential, Binary- I_ York Electronic Research 1 The Puddtvks. JiK'kcv l.aoc. Huntington. N ork. Y()3 ONI- Tel i(WtM M0722 lax (MM) h’OOb* f ARNOLD COMI't I lilt SUPPLIES Amiga AI zoo 'mCUO Amiga COM .. UU Bos of SO Blank Disk* raldkvatlMI £19 Prc Forauttad HO Disks Oftm 501 Fim Ideal delh«ty (10 mie ndus) All your computer needs catered taf.
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- I til.
GEX - Den*?'* Music - Eu OL'R FIRST 300 CUSTOMERS GET DISKS AT BopOR LESS CATALOGUE OINK • fcSpOK TWO Im CLAYS STAMPS (hit BBS 07 li 17401J 2lhnl AMIGA KEYBOARD OVERLAYS now inti «o ar lr (lie Uytnd Cmtmift f* «** kytoiri!
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(3) FullMocn Beyond Bdirf MpngRre DEMOS Fhdav Ai Faaht
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V fingrr* (2) Growy Coiours Mrmtvv Ovvrfcwd Dncicr VSItn Rrflrx Snake Ridrr (2) fowsKmjutiwjifl Otff WQRco or uuKU |40) (A0*i uimreus DECKER V* 3) U14JDEOWOeR51*900 Ortil uissMASCcoxiJMioaHr:.
UIBGUUET TOOLS S0K V70 U1«TCaSM*X*5ERV7'tJOl U144 *GA »JW E«51*1X0 ot,i UlSPAWCT l.lBUI U1* MA&C W0RK8C4O1VI0 Wi?RfOUESTERT1XtSY2IA U211 VXCTKBEHCM100 SCBEERS tr.eailWUftCTViK.Misl If18 PORT MOOS 3 Why not cake aivanuao Arty Qu»rt«s mg 10709) I m mi Dio, 0-1? OSTlr*S?dk 3Tt® PD Disks Wp Postage jQp Pkn* make chaqiMS BOt payable tot D BATCMAM urns KaivM Stonecracker v 4 103 Vim*7JI vl IY (2XW.| CAG v?l A-Craph v20 EpochV ITShtnv *4 0(2.(M* ASI Audbo-Mapc VI ASJVmnKiUm Aceoonl Matirr v!21 Jorvik PD I Tear* (2) Knth Rhudn Finumr Agaxha AMC) • 99 HEMLOCK AVENUE • YORK • V03 9DQ : (0904)624637
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9) 41 SX1RA XUEN SllOES ol OJI 3 M cr*.'-’ IS 1 I) dski lo»
C*2 00 Al ask pccos ixluOP 1«l cUst posl A pacus |S374m
twiwmn 10am • Cpro and we roll ba haoov to sort Pwm out VY«
n*v* 5 rt*s oKoononce aod 3 y*ar* aawnanoo of P.D Eree
f.atjVogix disk witrt avwy ortur* Sand vote orders to G P
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typesetting service provides.
Leading gnu through the Rmiga maae euerg month, with Bhpert tutorials on programming.
OTP. Uideo. Music, comms. And much much more... GUIDE V»V nReHH m
* Alex Gian on Arexx interfacing, plus hints ¦ • • and tips for
budding users of the language Uideo 17?
"b • Adam Phillips looks at time-coding, one of j • the most crucial elements of any production music 173 Paul Overaa judges two answers to the problem of affordable musical scoring RoiigaDDS 170 Steve White continues his voyage along the paths of the Amiga's operating system Up aod Runoiog 188 Comms expert Phil South on how to start your own BBS without spending a fortune [001015 .81 Phil South fills us in on the latest in the world of communications | V Amos 183 B* *« " Write your own snowing text ¦ • routine with Phil South's help I ¦ • • Retouching your photographs can improve your
life, as Ben Pointer found out Hssembler 172 Beginners' guidance from Mark Jackson on the most powerful programming language [lassifieds 184: Snap up a second hand bargain in our readers' own advertising spot i u i ? R i n i @ome people love to use BBSs, and spend aJI their time (and of course money) playing with conferencing systems, sending huge wads of cash every month to a big building in Cleveland. Ohio.
? | Bbs |Q|C » m m na i I usernaint sysop m IRU M bbsl boards userinit = 1 MM lif I opensysop sysnai Docs MU m nenus vot ing ? l l ~2i Tho baaic-codod BBS aotlwaro can at loaat bo ro-jiggod by tho uaor While paying the bosses of CompuServe to drive expensive cars is fun for a while, it soon palls and you realise that what you want most is to start your own system, and so not have to worry about paying for your on-line time Once you get past that initial leap, you are into a very deep muddy puddle indeed, because while setting up a BBS is physically quite easy, technically it is fraught with
difficulties the larger your system gets. The trick is to start with a plan, and being the kind soul I am. I thought now would be a good time to tell you how it's all done The Three Point Plan goes like this: there is a simple method, a medium method and really devilishly complex method. You can start at one end and work you way up to the most complex configuration, or jump right in at medium or complex, it's up to you Seruing But I would advise that you hone your sysop skills on a smaller system before you start laying out dosh hand over fist for a full- size ten line BBS and conferencing
system for the masses.
It's one thing to make an error on a small system where you only have yourself to blame, but try cocking up when you have 100 angry subscribers out for your blood, and you'll Wish you'd listened to my advice SimPlESI The simplest sort of BBS can be set up in an afternoon, as you already have most of what you need in your machine, if you're into comms in any way that is. All you need is a computer (One Amiga check!) A modem, and a bit of host software.
There is a natty little one which comes with Ncomm which will do the job. All you have to do is set your modem to answer, set up the software and wait for people to can Oh, and it would be a good idea to tell people you have set up a BBS or nobody will can you!
You don't need to have another phoneline dedicated to the BBS, as you just have to limit the amount of hours the BBS is active. Jay between 9pm in the evening and 8am the next morning, or even just evenings at weekends, and such. Most BBS freaks will stay up late to catch a BBS.
As far as the hardware is concerned, the Amiga needs to have a hard disk to store the BBS software and make the system run reasonably fast. The modem should really handle speeds up to 14.400 baud, although
9. 600 will suffice The comms software you use will generally be
free or shareware, although if you really must spend the dosh
there are some very good programs commercially available too
The following hints really go for all types of BBS Before you
can run a BBS. Your modem needs to be able to automatically
pick up the phone and connect the user who's dialling you up
to your computer To set a modem to answer the phone you have
to type ATS0=4. Which is the Hayes code for auto-answer the 4
in this case means that the phone will nog four times before
being answered To set the modem back to non-answer mode,
simply set ATS0=0 Sometimes the software will handle this
automatically, but Check this out before you go typing in InfT
Secondly you have to set up the software.
This can be easy or hard depending on the software, and usually just involves writing all the text for the menus and messages which The Elite BBS v.3Hojyrijft 1991 Elite BBS Utilities fou have the following options: I - Parameters change
- Create Elite files
- Edit users accounts
- Hake transfer listing
- Search for a file in transfer sec* ' Expand the Hail.Keys and
- Expand the Board.Keys and Board.f
- Exit program Choose (1 - 8); Enter Nwber: the user will see on
the system. This obviously involves a little bit of planning,
sc design What you'd like the system to include before you
start menu hacking Finally you have to advertise that your
board is active and let people know what t Is they can expect
if they call it. Is it a machine specific board, full of Amiga
Is it about gardening or conjuring? Is it a full-colour, all-singing, all-dancing board designed for entertainment, or just a simp* text-dnven information resource?
Forward planning is everything m tho world, and if you want a system that people will come back to. It has to be clearly laid out and easy to use.
The drawbacks of this simple System are that only one person can access your B8C s AmQUK II is a I Select Packet Registered To:
AniQWK... About RniQHK... fienane Packet... HELP!!!... Delete
Packet... Du it and Exit Configuration and Inatallation are two
very important aspects for any new Sysop Amiga Computing I U I
0 H I fl I Phil South loohs at the trials and tribulations of
setting up gour oiun bulletin board siistem. And couers some of
the pitfalls and technical problems Hou might encounter 5U5tern
BBS it is. So slipping the word Amiga in there might help.
If it features a lot of file and chat areas then the word Exchange is popular.
Organise the menus is a logical way. And minimise the amount of input you demand from the punter Oh yes. And if your BBS software permits, why not use ANSI colour graphics?
These enhance the look of your board and make it look professional - unless you're not so clever with ANSI graphics of course, in which case it looks like disorganised crap Once you have experienced running your own BBS on a single line, and you've built up a user base of enthusiastic followers (or perhaps notj, the time has come to expand to the next level of being a sysop - the dedicated line.
This involves getting a new BT line running into your home so the BBS can run 24 hours a day. OK. So people can only access the system one at a time, but at least they have a wider choices of times of day to call, especially with the new cheap daytime phone rates If you are running a 24-hour BBS. Then the trick is to expand your hard disk, get better software which handles more features, and thereby increase the usefulness of your system As you are starting to lay out money for your system, it may be as well have a subscription too. Meaning that sooner or later you can make your money back on
the stuff that you ve paid out for.
Subscnptions are best paid by cheque, and when the cheque has been validated.
You can upgrade the user to a higher access level This could mean they have access to areas closed to the general norv paying public, or they could have unlimited time, as opposed to a non-paying guest limit of 30 minutes or so.
To boost the amount of uploads you get.
You can also get the software to specify upload download ratios of 2:1. So to download one file the user has to upload two, or something like that, or perhaps if you think that's a bit harsh, how about 1:5.
Where they have to upload one item for every five they download Now you're really cooking, and the system is starting to look and feel like a real system.
After that the sky’s the limit. If you BBS is commercial enough to pull in the users, you can add all sorts of stuff with the money you'll make: Internet and Fidonet feeds.
Usenet news, on-line games, and most important of all multiple lines.
MULTIPlEH And in this day and age an ISDN line wouldn't go amiss. ISDN is a really fast multiplexed system which allows not only
64. 000 bits per second but also two lines simultaneously.
So you can transfer files and talk to your bookie at the same time! It only cost the same as two lines too. So if you are thinking of this it might be a good idea to call BT for more details Multiple lines in the conventional sense means one line for every serial port and modem on your host machine. This means you either have to get a lot of machines all running the same software (not a good idea) or you have to get a multiple serial port card for your Amiga.
The ones which spring to mind for this purpose are the GVP IO Extender board |$ I99), the Dual Serial Board from ASDG ($ 299). And the Comports 8 ($ 479) and Amiga PCMCIA Senal Comms Adaptor ($ 249) both from AMIGA Business Computers in the USA. Tbe latter unit means you can add multiple ports to an A600 or A1200 via the PCMCIA slot!
If you earn a lot of money out of your Up and Running a time, and you'll only have limited room on your hard disk for files, and limited amounts ot files to download.
You could expand this a lot if you have a CD-ROM with the Fred Fish or Ammet software on it. But by and large you II be limited to whatever software you already have lying about.
[flUHV HUE A few points: Think of a catchy title.
Calling yourself the Greasy Sausage BBS is unlikely to win you many fans, except perhaps among greasy sausage eaters.
Try something with a science-fiction or fantasy flavour, like Crazy Robot. Grey Planet Wizard's Demesne, or Warriors Tomb. The title of your BBS should reflect the kind of ng. So 3- our
- hate ? O iles?
Ta fd impie us are IBS at ¦i BBS you can even quit your job and become a full time sysop, which has happened in a wide variety of cases. It is a big job. And you'll soon have to hire some help if your system gets really big.
You will also quite early on have to declare your earnings from the system for tax purposes This is simple, as dll you have to do is hire an accountant (free until they do your accounts) and they will sort out ail this nasty paperwork for you.
All you have to do is keep a record of how much you earn and how much you spend on the system, and you’ll be laughing. Not only that, you'll never have to talk to the tax man or answer any Status Pane : TH6-BBS : Shareware Version 1.B2 XQXQX Version 1.82 51986, Patrick E. Hughes Send Your $ 25.00 Contributions and (onntnts to: Terninal Znoden Seed Men Receive Men Reed Men Receive Graphically uninapiring, but trinity la atlll ono ot tho boat Sends jnd tie.
Ittn! Pit rick E. Hughes 419 H. Lirchnont, Suite 4128 Los Hngeles, Of 98884 Checks Payable to : Patrick Hughes Calculator Though now tailing bohlnd, TAG BBS la a vary amooth ayatam Amiga Computing TUTORIAL Jargon buster ANSI: Stands for American National Standards Institute. Generally refers to the ANSI Character set the standard character set for computers, which although has certain inconsistencies Detween platforms l*e Amiga and PC is the set used by BBS software. It also refers to the coloured I graphics you see on BBSs bandwidth: The amount of information that can flow between two points
at a grven time. Also used to denote the amount of information a person can absorb before their brain swells up and squirts out of their ears.
Baud rate: Pronounced 'bored'.
Commonly descnbed as the rate at which your modem can send and receive information Not the same as BPS. As baud rate is the amount of modulation changes per second on a given channel. Three hundred bits per second is 600 baud, if you want to be ptcky - see bits per second Of BPS.
BPS: Bits per second. The number of actual bits (rather than modulation changes) that a modem sends per second
- see also baud rate Hayes: The Hayes command set is a set of
codes understood by almost all modems in use today, based on a
simple set of codes prefixed by the letters AT. So ATZ is
ATH is hang up and ATS0=4 is auto answer in four rings.
ISDN: Stands for Integrated Service Digital Network, and is the only fully digital multiplexed comms system we have When I say 'we'. I mean anyone with the money to have it installed It replaces the old analogue way of doing things with a full digital network over normal BT lines. It iS expensive though RS232: One of the existing standards f x serial pom. Which just so happens to be the one adopted by the Anvga This identifies not only the type of port but the cables you need to use that port shareware: Freely distributed software which you get to use for nothing for a specified time, but
after that time you have !
To pay the author. Its a very cosmic way for software to change hands, and does wonders for your karma, except if you don't pay up and use the software for free, m which case you're damned for all time.
Terminal: terminals used to be dumb devices Who's only job was to communicate with another computer, They consist of a screen, a keyboard and an RS232 socket plus a bit of simple software m ROM. You can emulate one of these old- , fashioned devices with a terminal emulator 1 program, like Ncomm, letters form the Inland Revenue because your accountant will get all the letters too and deal with that for you as well Another slightly negative aspect of being a sysop is that you might unwittingly fall foul of the law. If your BBS is discovered to contain any copyright software or porn.
Piracy and porn are the scourge of the BBS business and every day you read in the trade press about a BBS being raided and all the disks in the building being impounded as evidence This means not only any disks used by the BBS but also any disk belonging to BBBBS I Fred Fish 7971 Arexx host script for use with the outmoded Baud Bandit which as BB is not widely available any more, and a bit of a washout.
BBS (Fred Fish 30) A cheap Basic-coded BBS system, which could be reeoded into something smart if anyone could spare the time Cflet Amiga (Perspeitiue Software $ 129,951 Fully featured BBS system, with scope fa up to 24 lines, with feeds for Fidonet and Usenet Needs a hard disk and I Mb of RAM, plus 100k for each additional line.
From your local dealer or direct from Perspective Software. PO Box 40191, Redford Ml 48240, USA Tel 010 I (313) 537-6168.
DIG Professional llelepro Technologies $ 229) A full professional BBS. Comes bundled with Trapdoor and DIGMaii and is the best ready to serve Fidonet package around, It s not a single program but an integrated suite which run together to form a very you. Your friends and also any hardware you own. Like modems and computers etc. This can be a very expensive mistake, and it would be wise to avoid any possible problems by being very strict about what you allow people to upload.
SHOT OFF Post warning messages state that anyone putting your BBS at risk by uploading suspect material will be shot off the system and not have their subscription refunded, to cover the administrative costs of sorting the mess out Also you have to ensure that the What software?
Complex BBS operating system All it needs is 512k and a hard disk. Get it from your dealer or direct from TelePro Technologies, 7898A Gaetz Ave., Red Deer.
Alberta T4P 3N4. Canada.
Tel; 010 I (403) 347-3262 EHCEL5IBH!
Professional Isqscom Design $ 199 95) One of the finest and easiest to use commercial systems. Full GUI control.
BBSUNK links BBSs together, Fidonet. Usenet and Internet mail, pnvate mailboxes. QWK off-line reader, and Arexx interface.
A demo version is available. From your local dealer or contact Syscom Design.
PO Box 452. Clair Shores. Ml 48080 [Kornm (Fred Fish G2ll Shareware. Industry-standard comms program with bonus Host mode IHGBBS (Fred Fish 8B3) Shareware. Used to be a really good system, but has since been overtaken by other freeware and shareware systems like TnnityBBS.
System is virus free, by routinely checking everything which is uploaded to the system.
Being a sysop is fun. But you also take on a great responsibility.
The bonuses are that you are involved in something really good. You are getting people together and all your on-line exploits can be free. All the people you meet are dialling you. So you don't pay a bean And it could end up being your job.
Earning you fame and fortune, putting the planets in alignment - generally a Good Thing for all concerned.
So that's it. You too can be the best sysop in the world, and all for the price of a bit of shareware and a modem.
TrinitgBBS (shareware) A really good system which is free to download from any BBS which has it. This is pretty much the best of the bunch, shareware wise, and deserves a look, if you can trace it.
EliteBBS (Fred Fish It1!)
A tnmmed down on-line message and file handNng system, which includes a message base, private mail, file Wxary, and support for Xmodem. Ymodem and Zmodem Not bad Henolink IIHO Global [omputer [enter $ 165) Multi line BBS with Fidonet support, with extensive menu configuration to allow the system to look like any popular system or even to invent your own.
Capacity for over 6.500 message and file bases, and compatible with Xenolmk.
Paragon and Arexx external door programs. 512k and hard drive needed From your dealer or direct from IHD Global Computer Center. 205 Eighth Street. National City. CA 91950.
BBS 010 I (619)477-2368.
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.. K34AC J I U I ? R I H I On last months issue we created the necessary drawers and a basic startup-sequence needed for an AmigaDOS disk to autoboot Now we will be adding the necessary files to make the disk load with a minimum system environment.
Step ping into I if you take a look at the startup-sequence we created last month you * find that it is made up of the following C commands - Echo. Assign, LoadWB and EndCU.
Any commands in the startup-sequence must be present in the C directory so you will need to copy the necessary files across from your Workbench disk.
Type in the following Copy c:ecko to RyDi*k:c Copy c:istign to HyDisk:c copy c:lo*dvb to HyDisk:c (Opy c:endcIi to Hyli sk: c As we add more commands to the startup- sequence so you will need to copy them into the C directory Certain applications require their own fonts. Fortunately. AmigaDOS compensates for this by storing fonts in the Fonts drawer and assigning the label FONTS to it From the Shell type in the following ¦akedir PyDisk:Fonts application is run it will look for its fonts in the FONTS assign directory.
In order to give the disk MyOisk some default preference values we need to copy across the file systerrxonfiguration that resides in the Devs directory of your Workbench disk.
System-configuration is a small file that contains simple preference information such as the default printer (Genenc). Screen resolution and colours Obviously, if you want more control over your preferences you will need to copy across the Prefs drawer and associated files.
Don't worry about this for now as we will be explaining this in greater depth in a future issue For the moment simply copy the systenKonfiguration using the command below: copy dcvs:systea-configuration to HyDi*k:devi Mere you cmn m the baalc Shell command* that need to be entered In order to cromte tho correct directorlen and copy Ihe nocoaaary filea acresa to MyDiak Get Mour floppM dishs to auto-boot in this setond instalment of Steue lUhite's Bhtlusiue AmigaDOS 3.0 tutorial Jorkbench: Workbench:
5. Workbench:
5. Workbench!
5. Workbench:
5. Workbench:
5. Workbench:
S. Workbench;
5. Workbench:
S. Workbench:
5. Workbench!
5. Workbench:
5. Workbench: Workbench copy dec ho to flyDisklc copy clsssign
to HyDisk:c copy c:loadwb to HyDisktc copy c:endcIi to
HyDisklc itakedir HyDisklFonts Edit the startup-sequence again
and underneath Assign ENV. Ram: type in: Assign FONTS:
NyDisk:Fonti To save the startup-sequence press Esc. X and
then Return.
Now, whenever you copy an application over to MyOisk you can copy any necessary fonts into the Fonts drawer. When the ¦ Ctrl+Y Deletes all characters from the i to the end of the line the enure line I*.q Esc, x OuitEd Save file Ed, the text editor used to edit the startup-sequence features a wealth of word processor abittoes. Below is a list of some of the Ed editing keys and their effects.
Top of the file At this point we may as well copy over the device driver files as well. Device drivers are required if you want your Workbench to be able to communicate with external hardware such as a printer or modem.
The files we need are clipboard, device (controls writing and reading clips to CUPS); paraiief.device (controls access to the parallel port); printer, device (controls access to the punter device, and serial, device Editing in Ed In a later instalment of this tutorial we will be showing you how you can get a printer up and running from your auto-booting disk The devices above will then come into use.
We now need to add a single file to the L directory The file we need is called port- handier and basically provides the AmigaDOS interface for the SER:, PAR. And PRT. Devices. These devices basically allow output to printers and modems.
Don’t worry too much about them as once they are copied onto the disk the user need never worry about them again, To copy the file across use the following command: last but by no means least we need to copy a couple of libraries across to the libs directory The two files are called asl. Library and diskfont.library. Asl.library provides the file, font and screen requesters that AmigaDOS uses and Diskfont.library contains information that allows Workbench 3.0 to interpret fonts and read them.
Diskfonfs major advantage is that it allows two or more programs to multitask |be loaded and running simultaneously) and use the same font. Copy these files across with the following commands which controls access to the serial port) in order to copy these across type in the following in the Shell.
Copy dev*:cl»pboird.device to HyDi»k:dev» copy devsiparallel.device to HyDiskldevs copy devs:printer.device to HyDisk:devs copy devs:serial.device to HyDiskldevs copy libi;isl.library to Ryliskilibs copy Ub»:diskfont.library to RylUkslibi copy l:port-hmdler to HyDiskrl Now the basic files have been copied across you can test your disk by inserting it into DFO and rebooting your Amiga The disk should load with no problems Open up MyQisk by doubleclicking on the disk icon and take a look at the top wmdo* bar.
This bar should inform you that MyOisk a 14% full, 718k free and 119k in use. Use Show All Files from the Window menu on Workbench to see the drawers and the* contents.
If everything is as it should be you have successfully completed the first section of the tutorial. If not, we would advise you restart the tutorial from the beginning, We can now create the preferences Wes and assigns MyDisk needs so that we can eventually use a pnnter. In order for us to use the preferences programs we need to create an area for any preference files to d?
Stored, These files are loaded when any preferences program are run.
The preferences files reside in Command syntax loidVB l-DEBUU] [DELAY] [CLEANUP] [«•- PATH3 Copy CFROX] Cpith | Pattern] [TO] [Pit* I Pittcrn] [Ull [QUIET] Ed CflOH] [Pith | Pittcrn] [SIZE n ] MTU Pith | Pattern] Mmv] [TABS n ] MbTH n ] MIC*' n ] Version C 1ibriry | device | filc ] [ veriion l ] C revision l j [ uoit !
Amiga Computing I U T D H I R I ofJmigaOOS j MyDisk M fuUf 718K fpeeM in use | i 10 |im| (2J i c Fonts libs Iwy iwy II deus I S A V By using the Show All command from tho Workbench menus you eon check the content• of MyDisk Jargon buster DEVS:Clipboard.device: Controls writing and reading dips to CUPS DEV5:Parallel.device: Controls access to the parallel port.
DEVSrPrinter.device: Controls access to the pnnter device DEVS.Scriai.device: Controls access to the serial port OEVS;System-configuration: Contain basic default preferences such as printer, colours and resolution.
Lport-handler: The AmigaDOS interface handler for the SER:, PAR: and PRT. Devices U6S:Diskfont.library: Library modules for finding and loading font files UBS:Asi.iibrary: rile, font and screen mode requester modules.
FONTS; Stores fonts and their descriptions.
ENVARC: Stands for environment variables arch ve and points to the location where all the preferences default files are stored.
Ia= AmigaDOS 3.0 Part 2 acroc nto ems i the indovi Sk« Ise on ar ave of j Ues in to to ibe 0|C m It may be checking each drawer to make sure the correct tiles assign echo enddi (oadub i 5 have been copied to the correct places (11*1 (111*1 tt mlit fisaif sMtfitj. Lip* (Tll-C tt oit.
Prat ss n»t fax filnw Mtte.
:iiidl Hhntm (8 Utrktnrti: (8 Hirkfcfffli;ltilitits lwis 8tr*cttri4ptis liiv (8 hrttmkilttlitits hpis i* mi: m kit M llffttorvlpis nil )10 tViv 8ft* limtmfpis.(fi 18 toy ojn 8.1 )n' (:*fl li'K!ir 0ii! sit (U Ipw ill Fii Im Wi:JwRNrtX.I-( no; ft* llPKt* Itrtcto IM*. •*- ItfKWfM irKtjrptPis irKtorvtpis ifKlorws tm What we have effectively done here is created an area where the preferences default files can reside - MyDisk:Prefs Env- Archive Sys. We nave also created mdrvidual drawers for ENV. T and CUPS stops RAM from becoming cluttered.
You will notice that we have not assigned ENVARC which points to the preferences defaults This is because ENVARC is built into the ROM Read Only Memory) and therefore doesn't need to be manually assigned in the startup-sequence.
The reason we copy the ENVARC preferences defaults into ENV in RAM is because they are quicker to load and also you can use your preferences without Sys:Prefs Env-Archrve 5ys which is pointed to by the assign ENVARC At this point we also need to edit our startup-sequence Load up Ed and the startup-sequence from MyDisk and delete the following line: Bakedir laa:T Rakedir AaarClipboards lakedir Raa:ENV Assign CLIPS: ( a:Clipboards Assign I: R«i:T Cop; Hll: ENVARC: laaitNV ALL HOREO Save the startup-sequence and then open up the Shell and type in the following commands; Now. Below the Echo
command type in the following: Rilttdir S;s:Pr»fs Riktdir Sys:Prefs Env-Archive Riktdir Sys;Prefs Env-Archiv( Sys Assign I; tia; Assign CUV; In; effecting the Originals Obviously, when you actually come to save the preferences the originals are written over Before we go on to improve our auto- booting disk let's take a look at some of the most common problems when dealing with AmigaDOS and how to get around them.
Let's take a look at the Shell in closer detail. Although it lookj fairly basic it features a very useful facility that is not immediately apparent If a mistake is made when typing in an AmigaDOS command, most users will simply re-type the command. However, this is not necessary as the Shell has the ability to SnoopDOS is an excellent utility lor finding out II m program Is missing a particular flla retrieve previously entered commands with the cursor up and cursor down arrow keys.
Another common problem is a failure to copy libraries when copying utilities or installing applications on a hard drive.
Remember, all AmigaDOS disks have the same structure Itisimportant when copying programs to make sure that any relevant libraries are copied also.
If you have ever seen a requester pop up telling you that you need a library version something or other then you can be sure that you haven't copied all the necessary files across.
Sometimes the requester will appear informing you that you haven't got a certain library in the Ubs directory when in fact you have The deciding factor here is the library version number Almost an library files contain version information which you can use to find out how old or new a library is. You can then Now that version is installed you Should have no problems installing the correct libraries for applications This month's CoverDisk includes a superb utility called SnoopDOS which is ideal for finding out if programs are calling any libraries or other such files.
SnoopDOS opens a window and reports any calls made by applications Anything that is missing is registered as a fail. You can then copy the missing files across.
In next month s issue we will be finding out how to get a printer up and running as well as copying the preferences programs. This will return the statement ‘diskfont library 39.3*. As version is fairly useful it should rea«y be copied onto MyOisk, It is only 4k in size so it won t take up much space on the disk Type in the following command copy or keep the latest version To find out the version number of the diskfont library, for example, type following in the Shell: version HyDisk:libs diskfont.library cop; aversion to Ry*isk:c Amiga Computing IUIOR I HL ©re you ready for another tnp Into
the wonderful world of 68000 machine-code?
Following on from last month, when we took over the system and set up a 32-colour screen. We ll now add the main character of the game, that little yellow blob that answers to the name of Pacman.
PacHing i What we want is Pacman moving around the screen under joystick control.
SO we ll need a routine to read the joystick, and another to draw the spnte onto the screen.
Of course we want the sprite to be animated too. As it would be a bit bonng if he wasn't. That's really no problem though; we just need to change the graphics part in the spnte-structure every frame. What? Trust met First of all we need to decide whether to have Pacman as a software or hardware Sprite. Perhaps I'd better explain what the difference is. A software sprite is one physically drawn onto the screen bitmaps with the blitter; this takes time but there are no restrictions to the number of bobs IBIitter ObjectS). Their size or the number of colours they have.
On the other hand we could use hardware sprites, which are much easier to use and don't take any processor time at all to draw, There are drawbacks though (aren't there always?) - in their basic form there are eight hardware sprites which are a fixed 16 pixels wide and can have only four colours, though two sprites can be ‘attached’, giving one with 16 colours.
DC. W $ 0000. Soooo (END OF SPRITE) XX = X-coordinate of sprite YY
= r-coordinate of spnte NN = line after the last line of
sprite BB = other Oits Fig. 1 Layout ol mprlto •tructurm
collision There is another advantage to using sprites of the
hardware variety in that we can use the hardware collision
detection registers to find out what sprites have run into
other sprites, or a background colour.
It is much better to use the hardware collision registers if you can as they are pixe perfect in their collision detection and of course take no processor time to calculate!
Don't you just hate those games where the programmer has taken it upon himself to code his own collision detection routines, but hasn't done a very good job of it. And you are left fuming when your ship explodes even though you know the other ship didn't touch you?
Talk about rennventing the wheel. All right. I know that there are times when you Can't use the hardware collision detection registers, but they could at least do as good a job at coding their own routines!
There are other ways the hardware helps you if you re coding your own collision detection routines, eg the blitter has a function where you blit two areas together and you are told whether the two areas touched, even With a single pixel. SO there really is no excuse for not coding a decent collision detection system To keep things simple I've decided to use hardware sprites for Pacman and the ghosts. As four colours are a little lir for Pacman I II attach two hardware spnc to form a 16-colour one. The ghosts ah need to be four-colour sprites though, giving us up to six ghosts.
All right, now we've got that sortw s I'll go into how we go about actually setting up our sprites. The first thing to i is to set up the sprite structures, whxh in the form as shown in Fig I. The first two words in the structure *• the control words which contain the sprite s x and y co-ordinates, the scank* after the last line of the sprite (N) and another bit defining if the spnte is attached or not.
Following this is the actual graphics data of the sprite, le what you will aouMt see on the screen. At the end of all the the control words for the next sprite - j you can produce more than one spnte pr DMA channel, providing there is at leas one scanlme between them vertically Reading the keyboard couldn't be easier, because the hardware does all the tricky stuff like handshaking the keyboard for you - all you have to do ll read the byte held in C1AA5DR (SBFECOI J, decode it (see the source code on the CoverDisk) and there is the key code of the key being pressed, If you have a copy of the
Amiga coders bible.
More commonly known as the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual, then look up page 249 to see what codes apply to which keys.
Reading the joystick mouse isn't quite as simple, but iin t difficult either, You read JOYODAT ($ OFF 00A] for port t or JOY1 DAT (JDFFOOC) for port 2. The joystkk has four switches fleft right up down), so when the Joystick is pressed diagonally, two switches are closed (eg left and up).
So you ve got the word you ve read from JOYODAT or JOY 1 DAT. If bit one is one then the right switch is being pressed. If It's zero then K * not. Similarly if bit nine Is one then the left switch Reading the ports is being pressed.
You can test these bits with the BTST instruction (short for Bit TeST), eg btst 9,d0. To test if the joystick has been pressed forward or back isn't as straightforward. You will need to XOR bit zero to bit one to find the State of the back switch, and XOR bit eight to bit nine to find the state of the forward switch.
Again, if you can t get your head round what rm saying here then look at this month s source code to see how it’s actually done In practice. We want to test for the Fire button being pressed too
- the state of the Fire button is stored in bit six of C1AAPRA
(SBFEOOf) for port one and bit seven for port two; a zero means
the Fire button is being pressed while a one means it isn't.
For example, the piece of code below would wait for the Fire button of the joystick plugged into port two (the normal joystkk port) to be pressed, you would call it with a bsr wait fire: While we re on the subject I II explain briefly how you read the mouse. Just like with the joystkk, you read JOYODAT or JOY1 DAT depends; on whkh port the mouse is plugged into (usually port onc|.
First of all. The word Is spilt into two bytes, the high byte being the vertical state of the mouse ana the low byte the horizontal state. Now, what you have to do every frame is subtract the new x and y values from the old values from the last frame.
So what you are left with is the difference from the last frame to the present one for the horizons and vertical directions. If you want a mouse potnte on the screen like the one on the Workbench screen then you just have to add these values to your x and y coordinates, check that dOCSh t put the pointer off the screen, then call your routine that sets the sprite s control words.
Amiga Computing i u i ? N i n i Adding the Patman character to our game is the subject of the second part of fTlarh Jachson's Assembler series fa 17 Transparent Colour 1 Colour2 Colour 3 Spntes 0& 1 Col 16 Col 17 Col 18 Col 19 Spntes 263 Col 20 Col 21 Col 22 Col 23 Spntes 46.5 Col 24 Col 25 Col 26 Col 27 Spntes 56.6 Col 28 Col 29 Col 30 Col 31 Fig. 3 Allocation of colouri for hardware sprites
* »«*’ ? S si B "SP Assembler Now as I've said before, the main
Pacman sprite is going to be a 16-colour attached one It is
very easy to attach two spntes once you've done all of the
tricky stuff of setting the control words on the first sprite -
all you have to do is copy the control words from the first
spnte to the second one so they both appear at exactly the same
position on the screen, then just set the attach bit of the
second spnte s second control word (bit seven) Simple as thatl
The spntes you attach must be sprite pairs though, ie you can
attach sprite one Bit number 15 14 13 12 II 09 08 07 06 05 04
03 02 01 00 Word 1 Y7 Y6 Y5 Y4 Y3 Y2 VI Y0 X8 X7 X6 X5 X4 X3 X2
XI Word 2 N7 N6 N5 N4 N3 N2 Nl NO A - - - - Y8 N8 xo A =
Attachment bit Fig. 2 Format ol control word* However, if you
don't want any more spntes you put two zero words in to mark
the end.
This all sounds pretty easy so far. But nothing in life is as easy as you first thinkl To make life more difficult. Commodore decided to split up the bits that make up the
* . Y & n coordinates, so the layout of the control words ends up
looking like Fig II. To g ve a horizontal range of 0 to 447 and
a vertical range of 0 to about 300 requires nine bits of data
(eight bits only give a range from Q to 255|.
SiGfiiFimni The most significant bits of the y coordinate and the line after the last line of the sprite coordinate and the least significant bit of the x coordinate are stored in the last three bits of control word two, while the other eight bits of each of them are grouped together as bytes and stored as shown in Fig II.
Some coders don't bother using Y8. N8 6.
X0 for ease of use (or because they're too lazy to code a proper routine); this means that the spnte can only be posmoned on an even x coordinate and can t enter the bottom 56 lines of the screen!
Of course, we ll use a proper routine. To see how the bits are set in the control words look at the source code on this month's CoverDisk. The way I do it is to work on the coordinates as separate words and then every frame, set the control words from them.
To spnte zero, sprite three to sprite two.
Sprite five to sprite four and sprite seven to sprite six. You couldn't, for example, attach spnte two to sprite six.
The spnte pairs are used for other things too. Like hardware collision detection; you can only test for collisions between sprite pairs, eg if sprite zero or one has hit spnte four or five, or sprite six or seven Some thought therefore needs to be given to which sprites you use for which things; if you were writing a Breakout- style game with the bat and ball as hardware sprites, you wouldn't want to make the bat spnte 0 and the ball sprite I as you couldn't use the hardware method to detect a collision between them The spnte pairs come up again when you come to set the sprite's colours. Each
sprite pair can have a separate set of colours, the hardware spntes using colours 17-31 The colour allocation is shown in Fig III The video priority between hardware sprites is fixed; sprite zero appears above sprite one, which appears above spnte two. And so on. However you can set the order in which they appear in relation to the playfield (the normal screen), or playfields if you've set up a dual-playfield screen, with BPLCQN2. We want all sprites to appear above the playfield. So we ll set BPLCON2 to $ 20.
BlIIIEH You may nonce in this month's source code that I've used the blitter to copy the ‘are you ready?’, ‘paused" and ‘game over' graphics onto the screen (after copying what was already on the screen into a buffer of course, so we can restore it after).
Well, I haven't got time this month to go into the inner workings of the Amiga s infamous blitter chip, but you can look forward to that in a future article I'll be back next month with more tales from machine code land about setting up our screen with all those little dots and paths and things, while not forgetting the hardware collision detection.
Amiga Computing I ontmuing our saga on interfacing I with Arexx. This month we are I looking at function hosts. In contrast to a command host, which allows specific commands to he sent to it, a function host allows new functions to be added to Arexx. As if the host was a library.
The functions added are global, and they will be available to any calling Arexx program; the program does not even need to know that the host is running, as this is taken care of by the resident process.
There are advantages and disadvantages to using function hosts. On the minus side, the global naming convention used by function hosts could cause a name clash.
It may also be better for a user to know that he is sending his messages to a specific package
- this way he has a dearer idea Of what is going on.
On the plus side, function hosts handle results in a neater manner than command hosts, since you do not have to use the; Functi OPTIONS UNITS; ; tOOtESS ‘hostid- dress* 'hostcotaand'; tsIINLT;... kludge. With a function host all you need is an expression like; lsflOJtl«ncti9D(irjuients) to achieve the same end. Ultimately, the choice of which interface to use depends on the programmer and the specific program requirements.
Broadly speaking, there are two cases where you are likely to need an Arexx interface. Their distinction is by no means clear cut. And there can be a great deal of overlap. They are when the program needs to be controlled externally, perhaps remotely, and when it needs to provide a batch language for its users Back to Arexx basics In the first case, a command host is probably a better idea, while in the second case a function host may do a better job. Especially if a lot Of results are involved.
Since - for the purposes of Arexx - a function host behaves pretty much like a library, it could be used to prototype a library of useful functions.
Sunnary Trace Conso By now. You should be quite familiar with the Arexx hierarchy of function resolution. »e I. program defined functions. 2 built-in Arexx functions, 3. Libraries and function hosts, and 4.
External Arexx macro programs fin REXX; or the current directory).
DirSize CD- here Whatls?
Open Close TS TE version narkers » icons » HALT Arexx The RXL1B command |without any arguments) will show you all the libraries and hosts available to the Arexx system at any time.
This command is also used to attach new libraries, but function hosts are responsible for attaching themselves to the system This is described below.
We have already said that despite their apparent differences, funcoon hosts and command hosts are quite similar in their underlying structure The main differences are in the way that the message gets to the host, and the way that the arguments and results are handled However, both hosts are quite similar in their basics. Once it gets a valid message, the host must decode the RexxArgs fsee previous issue) so that it knows what the command function is and what the arguments are From then on. It is entirely up to the programmer to decide what action to take.
When it is time to reply to the message (preferably as soon as possible) the appropriate RexxArgs are created, stuffed into the message slots, and the message is then replied to.
In order for the function host to register itself with Arexx. So that Arexx can check if any undefined functions belong to it it must send a special command |rm_Action) to the resident process.
This is known as the RXADDFH command and is defined as the four-byte value 07000000'x. It is the first command that must be sent by the host After this, the function host will be checked for all calls which are not program-defined or built-in.
When the RXADDFH command is sent, its first argument is the name of the host s port.
I have devoted most of the space in the last four issues to fairly technical subjects, so here, out of consideration to newer users, we ll look at certain neat tricks that will enable you to streamline the use of your system, and also get a feel of how best to use Arexx All of you will have noticed the Workbench menu called Tools which normally has only Ualng a tool manmgor (9 ftdd custom Arokm support to tho Workbonch Workbench Window leans Tools MB-Extra SH Workbench_ Ran Disk a Hilbert a WorkBench and its second argument is the port s priority Likewise there is a RXREMFH command for when
the function hosts wants to disconnect from the Arexx system.
Since just about every element of the Amiga s OS kernel has a priority, ports are no exception and this can be used to give a small increase m speed by giving the port a slightly higher priority than other Arexx pons running at the same time This means that this port will be the first one encountered when the system list are searched. Incidentally, you may have noticed that this is the same technique employed by the RexxView utility which was included in the last issue By creating a port called REXX and giving it a slightly higher priority than the regular REXX port, it allows it to intercept
any messages going to REXX so that we can monitor them before they are passed them on to their one item - Reset WB Some (probably most) of you will also know that there are several utilities available (eg Tool Manager.
ToolsDeamon and so on) that allow you to launch programs of your choice from these menus Most of these utilities are freely distributable, so it is really worth your while getting copies Whereas these tool manager- n Open+Start Amiga Computing _ egitimate owner. This may not be the most egal of Arexx programming techniques, but it s certainty handy for our purposes at this stage!
Kt rw as idoa iein he Here is a code fragment showing how a function host would add itself to the system.
We use the same system that we have used in our examples so far. Ie an Arexx program which combines rexxsupport.library calls, along with a number of exec, library calls where rexxsuppon is not flexible enough. We use rxgen. Library to access the Exec functions directly from Arexx. |See listing IJ.
For the sake of clarity we do not include any checks here. But. Of course, they are essential if the program is to have any semblance of robustness. The host must also release the system at some stage using RXREMFH
• We will look at a complete version of this program next time.
See you then 'issuae ill libriries properly open * •and port
is defined • picket =
8enACill(,reiisysHb*,’'CreateReiillsgH,port_addr I* include a
check for port creation* 'place values in RexxMsg • CALL
tiport 0ffset(packet,28},ActionCode,4) I* it Mill need the
folding dofintions for rxjen * * fn addition to those ie lave
already. They ire * • derived fros the fl files. See tie
rxgen doss V llBS.eiec.Putflsg * 'FE?2'i||AA||'2l)Q?0i'x
LIBS.rcixsyslib.CreateReixN g = •FF70*«||hSS||*20090.01•«
LlBi.rtxxgyxMb.DeleteReiiNjg * *FF6**e||A|I,2009’« • There ire
thejr Aren action codes and ' * aodifiers for adding a
function host • riadsfh * '07000000'x (XfB.ROIIET = 20
ActionCode * Bit$ et(RXA»DFH,RXFBJIORRET ed y the 'send the
aessage' •(first check that RexX is up and running)1
rex._addr * fienhCallCexec- FIndPort- REII-) (All SenAC.l I
(•exec" ,9ut(Rsg* ,re«x_»ddr) * that's it our host i no*
registered! • git :XX ' He nou allocate a ReuHsg to tend *1
Li*ting I hosts type programs allow you to launch applications
without having to open up drawers, their main strength is that
they allow Workbench mouse selections to be used as parameters
This means that you can select a Workbench icon and pass it to
an Arexx scnpt as an argument.
I have found several excellent uses for this.
Here is one I use all the time. Do you sometimes use the Workbench to examine files that are deeply nested on a hard disk drive or even a CD-ROM. And then need to do some more elaborate work, which requires a Shell?
You have to open a Shell window and type in the directory you need, which may be a very long name indeed, eg: Vork:subdir1 subdir2 ... subdirll. If you have to do this a lot, it can get irritating.
The following little script can be attached to your tool manager utility and will automatically open a Shell window with the current directory set to the icon you have clicked on, no matter • CDMrt.rtxi * RAISE ARG 'II'i her. *22*i * httriinc if our selection is i directory, * ' i siaple file, or in icon (.info) vithout i file V PARSE VALUE 5tlt«F(herf HITH type .
SELECT VMEM type * 'FILE' THEN CALL CctlirllNtO WHEN type : 'Dll' THEN CALL CmereO OTHEIHISE 00 kcre * here || '.info' IF Eiists(htrt) THEN CALL GetHrNneO ELSE »0 * Tou should NfvEt get here ‘ SAY ‘String* Error selection: 1 her* 'Oi'i 'is not a file or Dir!'
How deeply nested it isl I have called the scnpt Cdhere.rexx. (see listing IIJ and I use it with N Francois's excellent ToolsDeamon.
Note that the first line in the GetDirNamel) function assumes that you have added RegExp.library to your system I desenbed this library, and the regular expression syntax, back in the January issue. If you do not have it, you must use an alternate way to extract the directory name only from the full path name.
There are several ways to do this. Here is a macro based on using the position of the last or T encountered. Note that it assumes that the argument is of the form Dev:dirl dir2 dir3. .. etc and does not check this: •OirNaie.reii : get the directory niae1 fulln»ee=»rg(i) col«li»tpoif:' futlnaat) sla±ltitp6i(' ',fullniM) iirk:iix(eol,sli) PARSE VAR futlnaic dirnait tairk filemae RETURN dirnut Ell EXIT 0 GetlirNaae: lere = RESubitrlhere,*.?[: ]') CALL CDNereO RETURN CbHere: Prigaal'd'fhere) AD9RESS CORNAND 'neushtll ail:' RETURN EIIT 5 Ell ENR If you use the above method, then you should
substitute the first line in the GetDirName() function with: here * Ifrlaaedtre) and add the above macro to your REXX: directory Another approach to this problem could use the redirected output of the AmigaDOS command list fullname Iformat %f in an Arexx script There are several other uses for this kind of script m conjunction with a tool manager; since they allow such a high degree of customisation, they will be mainly dependent on the user.
They can be used to replace much of the work of bulky directory managers Some of the commoner uses I have found include handling the Arexx tracing console, creating a friendlier interface to archivers like zoo and lha. Getting directory sizes and information about files, as well as several specialised and individual uses.
Some of these uses could be handled by AmigaDOS scripts, but most would be too awkward, especially if they had nontrivial parsing or mathematical requirements.
With AmigaDOS you might find the need for custom commands, whereas Arexx lets you write them yourself. It provides an ideal and integrated way to link up everything in your system. Happy experimenting.. Hieh Gian on Hrbhh interfacing, plus hints and tips for budding usefs of the language Lilting II VIDEOWORLD 8 Ardoch Gardens, Glasgow, G72 8HB Telephone; 041 641 1142 HOW TO MAKE IT WITH GIRLS AMIGA Desktop Video Amiga Systems A1200 120 MB HD ....L .~ £600.00 AI200 120 MB HD4MB Memorjr+Cajpro ...... £749.00 A4000
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ruined with clumsy, inappropriate cutting and lack of timing.
Time code is the heart of any editing suite.
The system offers a means of identifying each consecutive frame of recording with a cumulative time counter. This reading is given m eight figures - hours, minutes, seconds and frames.
It allows matenal to be lined up down to the last frame and also gives the editing suite a point of reference when asked to perform a cut
- without one, it couldn't operate.
One of the most common problems encountered with amateur videos are the timing of the cuts. This isn't usually down to the editor but more the equipment that is being used - without the time code, you'll be relying on luck to give you accuracy.
In professional broadcasting, frame accuracy has to be exact. Simply working with two video recorders connected by a couple of leads is not enough - there i$ no way of setting them to run at the same time and the same speed without spending some cash on necessary Amiga hardware to aid you in your endeavours.
There are different types of time code systems on offer, the two most common for the amateur being VITC and RCTC. VITC (Vertical Interval Time CodeJ is found on VHS M If you want your video to look as if it just rolled out of the BBC, then accurate and polished editing is vital. FM video recorders and camcorders The code is written onto the tape as it passes by the video heads.
This is done by placing the necessary information as lines at the Start of each video track. Fortunately, when replayed, this info is out of sight and is only read by the recorder.
It's vital that the time code is recorded during shooting and if not then, during a copying process that'll lay down one for you.
SHDDIinC RCTC (Rewritable Commercial Time Code) allows the user to rewrite or add the code after the material has been shot, as well as recording it during shooting. This leads to much more flexibility and versatility due to its unrestrictive nature, Another important and time-saving advantage HOURS MINUTES SECONDS FRAMES fh« timo-code display as iound in profasslonal adlilng sultas coding fldam Phillips takes a dose look at time-coding, one of the ami editing suite made simple the originals and helps prevent any harm coming to them before the final cut is reached via dirty heads or coffee
spillages (after all. No- one is perfect), Above all, if you want your video to look as if it just rolled out of the BBC. Then accurate and polished editing is vital.
Of time code is the help it can offer when logging the tapes. As discussed a few months back in these pages, logging is a process where all the shots on each tape are written down with their respective time code readings In the editing suite, this means that shots can be found easily and with speed thus saving money and frustration. It's vital that the tape you are going to record your video on to is time-coded as well.
Clever camcorders Without, the machine will be able to read the tape that images are to come from but it won't be able to place them on the receiving recorder. The preparation process is called black'n' bursting.
Some camcorders have built-in time code generators or. Usually, an add-on that can be plugged straight in to the unit.
Whenever the machine begins to record, it'll automatically start to lay the time code down on the tape and it's common to see this displayed via the viewfinder.
You'll find that, once in an editing suite that has the right compatibility and a time scode reader father provided by the original camcorder or a VCR with a reader), the time will appear on the editing console digital display.
This simply means that you place the cassette into a time code generator and record black onto the tape therefore preparing it for editing. This is easily achieved by placing the cap on the lens and detaching the microphone to rid the tape of any unwanted noise.
Another useful tip if you're doing several cuts of the video: it's advisable to make copies of the original footage and use these for the off-line versions (the rough cut, second cut and so on). This puts less wear and tear on Amiga Computing 17; JUNE 1994 ¦ MICROLAND BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittimmniiini«iiii»ti»*«' Search for ftte x. tiptcteleted • V Deteted IW Lost ¦M tieacterhw?
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• • • •
• • •
V. V The Op punches pulled this month as Paul Oueraa checks out
tiuo music programs that prouide affordable score notation
facilities score, notes and chord positions are still
completely flexible so you can dick on notes and drag them to
a new position. You can also move notes and chords
horizontally in the same manner Because of this. Deluxe Music
is particularly suitable for educational purposes and you can.
For instance, mark sections of a song for repeats then have the notes of the song flashed as the section is played When you are learning to read music suclj facilities are quite useful TEEIHinC One piece of bad news that hasn't received the attention that it should is that Deluxe Music seems to be having more than its fair share of teething troubles I've even been able to crash the program at times by just attempting to load a Midi file (some load OK, some don't). To their credit Electronic Arts are rapidly sorting out the problems, so if you've already bought a copy and are having
difficulties then get onto EA's technical support team (0753 549442) for the latest update disk.
• Deluxe Music 2 costs £67 90 and is available from Hobbyte
Computers (tel: 0727 856005).
• Tiger Cub costs £59.95 and is available from Key Audio Systems
|0245 3440011 You might, incidentally, be interested to know
that a compare called Avalon Music Development (tel 081 -699
7004) now provide a UK technical helpline for registered users
of all Dr Ts music software ¦ Tiger Cub-a good •nfry- laval
with score disptey printing tecllltio* Amiga Computing ot
everyone either wants, or can afford, an Amiga music system
built around heavyweight sequencer and notation software like
Dr T's KCS and Copyist software.
There are however plenty of users who are finding that some sort of notation facilities are a useful extra to have around and at the more affordable end of the market there are two Amiga music programs that, to some extent, fit the bill.
One of these is Deluxe Music 2. The new version of Electronic Arts' Deluxe Music Construction Set program which made a relatively quiet entry into the marketplace during the latter part of last year, Because of its price, integral score handling facilities, the ability to operate with both Midi and internal Amiga sounds, and the fact that it is primarily aimed at home users, the program superficially bears comparison to the other affordable notation-oriented contender - Dr T's Tiger Cub. I say superficially because while these two packages have all the above goals in common, they are actually
aimed at very different markets as far as usage is concerned.
Deluxe Music 2 is not a sequencer as such - it's more an interactive musical notation program. Composition revolves around Deluxe Music's Score Window which appears on the screen, together with the Tool Window and Piano Keyboard, when the program first loads You enter music into this window in one of four ways: By loading a song from disk: by selecting notes from a Tool window and dropping them onto the staff; by playing them on the on-screen piano keyboard; or by entering them via a Midi keyboard connected to your Amiga with a Midi interface.
Deluxe Music 2 is easy to use and the latest version has many new features. Up to 48 staves can be used, you can have multiple song projects open at the same time, and there is improved note resolution |64th notes and rests and septuplets are available).
A stand-alone player module, keystroke macros and an Arexx interface have been added and the Midi options now include some long awaited Midi file support.
The key element as far Deluxe Music is concerned however is that the score display facilities are interactive. Once entered into a importance of dots Dr rs Tiger Cub goes in rather a different direction to Deluxe Mus»c. Basically Tiger Cub is a 12-track Midi sequencer with rock solid timing that also offers good internal sound facilities. In addition to this the package includes a QuickScore module which is able to convert Tiger Cub sequence data into conventional musical scores.
Unlike Deluxe Music, though, the score handling facilities are view print only (although some notation display adjustments are provided). To edit notes you must leave QuickScore and return to Tiger Cub's sequencer- style editing.
These edit facilities revolve around a notation scheme whereby notes are displayed as horizontal bars with the horizontal length of a bar indicating the duration of the note.
The height of a particular note stem represents the note on velocity; it measures how hard notes are struck (both of these aspects can be edited individually using the mouse).
The graphic editor works on a single track at a time using a track window which provides gadgets for inserting, copying and moving notes, changing the edit screen display magnification and so on. There’s also a controller window available for editing controllers, pitch bend data, aftertouch and so on.
Tiger Cub can be used without any Midi equipment at all but in all honesty it functions best as an entry-level Midi sequencer. In this guise it does a very good job indeed.
RtiaijuT £1-JL AM* illflAl nm" CM fiTj « i ¥1- fl I]! 7 r I**; Ml jffl i jdiujl MM nr ? I«m _] Cut if k«t« in ll III II iffMfl m STILL THE BEST!
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A) :« scut* cf iter* A(pgs *j»nsXnnfW»iC h»»ii teen* a water*
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presto* Cheques P.O. payable to HANDISOFT (Mail Order ONLY)
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Cjrf. Spell Ctnicr.
Fieefai YtpmfJm )fl MimM Ture HI SIMAS PAC K J • 5 MAS - tt.lt F«n» WiMi Mn»x WII. Tenpin JO, SycteL Jmm L«v 3 fee Spell. H)peiCoL eft) Buuieu leim fVvhete. PC-Tail Usl Dm, Prm swi» ADOBE TYTE I FONTS - 5 DISKS - £S.W
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Ampe*. I «*. Mx«i.f, flamwiM* cn DPAINT FONTS PACK - 3 DISKS -134* HiAlMdi c4 ie* ItflS if Jlllemt ilM. Put lllte DPAINT It COMRIR EOSOS - 5 DtSKS - U.99 untlil! If 7 Dili • 15.49 1 uliAjliflf .cab 14.i Amiga Computing H 8 ust a thought These items I'm about I to describe to you are essential reading for the comms nut, Don't just think about reading them, get them today.
First I would humbly suggest you go and buy the New Hacker's Dictionary |MIT Press) edited by Enc Raymond This book is a hardcopy version of the famous Usenet Jargon File, which was collected together as a son of frequently asked questions file on the kind of language used on the nets and in computer circles.
It grew and grew, and indeed even after this book was published it still continued to grow and is available on-line in many forms This book is a son of document of where the jargon file was at in 1991. And although it’s a big thick book, it's meant to be dipped into at random and cross referenced. It contains entries like the following; fritterware n An excess of capability that serves no productive end. The canonical example is the font-diddling software on the Mac (see macdink), the term describes anything that eats huge amounts of time for quite marginal gains in function but seduces people
into using it anyway.
Like kicking dead whales down the beach adj. Describes a slow, difficult, and disgusting process. First popularized by a famous quote about the difficulty of getting work done under one of IBM's mainframe Oses. 'Well, you could write a C compiler in COBOL, but it would be like kicking dead whales down the beach * See also fear and loathing.
Hack I. n. Originally, a quick job that produces what is needed, but not well. 2. N. An incredibly good, and perhaps very time consuming piece of work that produces exactly what is needed. 3. Vt. To bear emotionally or physically. 'I can't hack this head* 4. Vt. To work on something (typically a program). In an immediate sense; *What are you doing?* Tm hacking TECO." In a general (time extended) sense; ‘What do you do around here?* *1 hack TECO’ More generally. ‘I hack foo* is roughly equivalent to "foo is my major interest (or project)' 'I hack solid state physics." 5. Vt. To Game, net and
• • t •
• • • m HU fr (omrns watcher Phil South fills us in on tho latest
in tho world of communications pull a prank on. See sense 2 and
hacker (sense
5) . 6. Vi. To interact with the computer in a playful and
exploratory rather than goal-directed way. 'Whatcha up to?'
'Oh. Just hacking." 7. N. short for hacker. 8. See nethack
anything about computers It would save us all a lot of grief.
The second item of reading matter is Wired magazine. It s the hackers' magazine of choice, and regularly features new areas Of the net to go and explore, plus a number of really good related topics.
You can get it from Counter Productions, PO Box 556. London. SE5 ORL. Send for a free catalogue of other great and weird books and magazines.
As you can see a comprehensive and very readable tome for the light-hearted hacker, it also has the best definition of the word hacker I've ever seen! Any stupid tabloid journalist should check this book out before writing running for just under a year now, and has attracted over 350 regular users. Well worth a look IMHO.* More of you sysops are sending me letters and email about your BBSs, and although I can't guarantee I'll visit them and review them, I will always give them a mention. Send your details to the usual address.
First up is Robert Dale who writes BBS Watch J K L M 1 ” 1 Pm 0 In case you didn't know. IMHO is net-speak for In My Humble Opinion. Also you might like to try this suggestion from Paul Sherlock: "I am writing to tell you about a BBS system called Wacky Carrot. It is based in West Mailing in Kent on 0732 871878.1 started downloading files but could not run them, so I left a message for the sysop and he was extremely helpful, talking me through all the compacting and archiving utils.'
* 1 enjoyed your recent article... and you asked for details of
other bulletin boards (a follow up to Lee Sander s letter).
Well, you're more than welcome to give mine a bell on 081-683
3536! It s called Darkside, is on-line 24 hours using a 16k8
HST modem, has over 200 echoes from Fido, Amiganet and
Mercurynet and runs on the Xenolink Pro BBS software.
File buffs are catered for with 1.2 gigs of hard drive file space (about X full at the moment) and a CD-ROM on-line (currently the AmiNet CD, but with several others available ) The BBS has been What a nice chap. It's worthwhile learning about compaction and archive utilities, just in case you happen across some wacky ones on the Net. I'll perhaps do a run-down of some of the weirder ones next time.
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Postcode Send your order l» Modem Publications I Dept. Spl, Steeple House. Percy Street. Coventry CVI 3BY All onlw will he itespaiihed within 7 days like to see your programs, and the last few months have seen a cascading pie of disks coming my way. Containing programs and games. The stuff has all been of an unusually high quality and I'm very impressed, it just goes to show if you place a programming tool of sufficient compexity in the hands of enough people, you can create a lot of creative stuff I think the big software houses could learn a thing or two from you. A big thanks to everyone
who has sent in a program recently. If you want to send something to me. Then check out my submission guidelines below.
One of the best routines I've seen this month is a urtque method of sending text onto the screen, created by Malcolm Lavery. Mai has contributed a number of routines on disk and we'll be visiting his source code periodically over the next few months.
Winter in July various positions in the line using the following routine HhtlHHHBIItlttttlMB TES*RidS(TEXS,P0S,37) fir Hritins 0 Ink 1,0 Teit 10,10,TEI This routine sends text snowing in from the top of the screen. The effect is quite hypnotic, and very cleverly done " Inovirtj Tilt
• I '* By Njltoli Lavery Screen Open 0 320,256 16,lures Palette
J0,Sfff Cls 0 Screen Ope" 1,320,256,16,Lomi Cls 0 After the
usual guff we set the palette to black and white.
Palette lO,JrfF Then double buffenng is switched on and synchro is switched off. This means you have more control over the screen refreshes Rouble Buffer Synchrd Off Now we can set up some variables: P0S=0 Clobil 6,AS,TEXS,P0S w y xSt1 s r»mi 8 11 and then we re into the mam program loop: Do II Synchro Hit Vbl Loop The procedure wh»ch controls the routine s snowing text is called IN. But of course you could call it SNOW or something like that.
Procedure It Choose screen 0 and clear It: Serein 0 Cli 0 Jiffy bags are go The vanable TEX$ contains the text you want to snow down the screen: If you want to send m your routines to me, please by all means do so. But send the programs as Ascn text and ensure that they are typaWe, that is to say not too much stuff stripped m from disk as ABK files.
Try to create any bobs etc using the DRAW and GET BOB commands, like this month's example. Also make sure that the program is short enough to go on the page. It s not very often I Tltt»* ITS $ WHG TEIT JUST FOR TOO * TEXS=T£XS*”SO PUT Ot YOUR NELLIES AH» CONE OUT* TEXI=TEXS*’iOT VERY EXCITIN6 THIS NETHOO IS IT " TEX*=TEXH* BUT IT LOOKS BETTER OVER IFFY'S “ TEXS*TEX»*“ BYE 6YEEEEEE And then you can grab letters from the text from and this routine puts the bobs to the screen: 8*1 For 1*10 To 300 Step 8 (et Bob 8,X,0 To ie7,18 Add BJ Next X Add P0S,3?
If POSUiatTCIS) POS=0 E"d If Screen 1 B=1 Y=-500 1*1 For 1*10 To 300 Step 8 Bob B,X,Y,B Add 6,1 Neit I Dia CMECK 38) Repeat R:Ulnd(36) Sprinkle in a little AMAL to keep things moving: If CHECK(R)-0 Channel I To Bob R AS=’Hove 0,740,50;Rove 0,-10,5;Rove 0,10,5;* Anil R,AS Anal On I Synchro (HECKCRM Add COUNT,1 Add 1,1 End If Until COUNT=37 for TT*1 To 100 Synchro Haft Vbl Neit tt Phil South mith a deddedlij unisonal but undeniably neat snowing tent routine lor 1=1 To 37 Channel R To Bob I AS=-Rdve 0,20,5;' AllI R,AS AllI On R Synchro Hit Vbl Next I for Tte1 To 50 Synchro Hit Vbl Next TT End
Proc and that's it! It's snowing text Sounds like that should be a single by The Weather Girls. Or perhaps not.
¦ Simple, maybo, but clever and quit• hypAdlle get to spread the Amos column over two pages, so do a quick word count on your program using a word processor and make sure it only contains about 400-500 words. Send the program on disk to the normal address.
If you have an Amos question, or a program to contribute, then please write to Phil South. Amos Column. Amiga CompuDng.
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World . 176 Wheel Barrow S ware..... 178 Whiteknight .. ...64. 65 Worldwide marketing..... 160 WTS Electronics ...... .54. 55. 80 York Electronic Res . 164 In tho original photo • man ham wolkod behind ono ot tho girlm' homdmjumtat tho wrong momont, and tho throo youngmtorm »ro mo tar apart (hat I hoy don't appear (o bo triondly with on another on real life bi| retouching qour photographs try would we want to retouch a
photograph? Well, there are three main reasons. The most obvious one is to repair damaged photographs, usually old ones.
This is a painstaking but very worthwhile Dastime. And possibly a profitable one too Purists might argue that a digital version of the photo is not the same thing, that part of the attraction is the age of the photo, and even the smell of it. But if the image is fading, preserving that image has to be the most important thing People will pay to have their old photos restored to their former glory. Once in the computer, a slide-show of photos can be transferred to video tape, which is a bit tacky but by far the cheapest option, or on to CotfOM in any file format they wish, or printed on a dye
sublimation printer - the results of which will be almost indistinguishable from a real photograph.
The recent launch of the Fargo Primera dye printing process within the pocket of the veiy small business.
A second reason for retouching photos is to enhance one or more features in the photo The fashion magazine industry uses photo retouching extensively for almost all portraits Of models, especially cover portraits.
Ups are smoothed, re-shaped and recoloured ZitS and wayward strands of hair are removed.
Eyes are brightened and often re-shaped to look sub printer has brought the power of this sexier or more innocent Retouching fashion photos is a highly skilled and highly paid job. To get proper photo-realistic results you have to work with massive 24-bit or Finishing touches 32-bit images, perhaps 4,000 pixels wide by
5. 000 pixels high.
Lots of memory is required, lots of hard disk space is required, and the fastest possible CPU is required, and even then it can take a whole day to retouch just one photo.
A third reason for retouching is what I use it for most - altering photos There are a million reasons why you would want to alter a photo One obvious reason is to combine bits of two or more photos into one graphic, or compositing as it is called Another is to turn a mediocre photograph into a better one. Which is what my example this month is all about Take a look at the ongmai photo shown There are two elementary things wrong with it.
First, someone has walked behind one of the girt s heads just when the photo was snapped Second, the group is not tight enough, in fact the girl on the right is being totally excluded from the group because she is so far away from the boy. Fixing this type of problems is a lot easier than it might at first appear - provided you have the correct tools. Top of the list has to be a fast Amiga with at least 8Mb of RAM (much more is much better) and a fairly large hard drive.
• i : r i
• TTY** i nn«aa . .
I ri mrm *c If the Amiga is not AGA, then you really do need a 24-bit graphics card, but if you've got a beefed-up A1200 or A4000. Then working on a Ham-8 screen will be plenty good enough.
UIHTURL Software-wise you need either GYPs ImageFX or Black Belt's Imagemaster (AOPro cannot do this sort of thing | My preference is ImageFX because it has its own built-in virtual memory.
Imagemaster. Alas, doesn't, and it doesn t work with GigaMem very well Removing the man behind the girl s head was achieved with ImageFX s Pantograph feature. This tool copies pixels from one area to another The job was done in three bits. First I copied After some retouching In ImogoFX we've got rid ot tho man and brought tho kids together. Hove • good look and mao if you can mpot the tell-tale sign* ot retouching pixels of the lower beach over the guy's trunks and thigh, then pixels of the sunbathing area over his upper torso, then I manually painted over his head, which was the easiest part
because all I had to do was extend the door and wall of that building.
GHD05E5 the tfiiKs of the trade Man removed, the next job was to bring these three young people together. And it is as simple as cutting out brushes and repositioning them What makes the retouching invisible to the human eye is the blending of the edges of the brush, or feathering as ImageFX calls it.
I set quite a short Wend, just four pixels, and for the girl on the right I first cut out a rectangular brush of the whole of the right half of the photo, cutting just to the left of the girl's skin on the swimsuit I then moved this as far across toward the boy as I could without overlapping him, then pasted it down Uttle bp here: Use the left Amiga key and the cursor keys for finer control over positioning brushes Left Amiga-Left Alt is the keyboard equivalent of pressing the left mouse burton, and will stamp down the brush Lasdy I cut out one girl after the other as lasso brushes and move
them even closer to the boy, every so slightly overlapping the boy with the girl on his left (the one with red hat) as she is leaning away slightly and still looked like she would rather be somewhere else Save in IFF24 format, and that's it. If you know some retouching has been done and you look closely, you might just be able to see some tdkale signs But no one else will see them, and you will be hailed as a genius and. With any luck, paid lots of money for your time and trouble.
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Extra 4MB Simm £159.95 The original PCI204 4MB 32-bit memory expansion it still available, and is exceptional value.
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MegaChip RAM .£159 A 5 0 0 Memory A 4-chip 5I2K RAM expansion with a battery backed clock.