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DO use a gentock with RGB pass-through and an RGB monrtor tf possible your previews wiii be clearer and pro-dudug Amiga graphies wtü be easier. to read the sync pulses which are présent in att standard video signats and dérivé a new set of timing pulses from them which are used instead of the Amiga's own, internaüy-generated, clock pulses. These pulses are passed to the Amiga via one of the RGB-port connections. This won't be possible to superimpose the graphies over video images, at teast the Amiga wiü keep cheerfuüy chugging away and you can record graphies direct to videotape, even if you can't overlay them which you might not need to do anyway. One of the gentock's functions is is one of the gentock's most important tasks, because in order for the gentocking process to work successfuüv the Amiga has to take its timing signats from the gentock, and if these are at at! unstable then the Amiga may not perform property, resutting in at) kinds of problems. Once the Amiga is successfutty synced to the video signa! in other words the timing of the tines, fields and frames which constitute the Amiga's video dis-ptay coïncide exaetty with those of the external video signa! the conditions are right for superimposing the graphies. tn order for the Amiga's RCB output to be mixed with the externa! video signa! it must first be encoded to the same format as the video which generatty means converting it to either composite, V C or even YCrCb (a high-quatity broadcast signa! format) video formats, depending upon the circumstances, and the gentock.

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Document sans nom Issue 72 • April 1994 • £3.99 Overseas price C4.2S• Hfl 18.95 4 PRESS _ I COMPUTING Incredible! £40 Complete word processor, thesaurus and dictionary, all crammed onto two CcmpttibW ait* *¦ Amgti including AGA nudinn (1Mb required* Fully featured word processor and DTP program with advanced print and picture capabilities r-j j ¦)£UVa], ™ lr i i i UjUjJBjjj 3 Part 2 of our exclusive 2 KindWords J giveaway
o features a massive O thesaurusanddictionary At long last you
can leave the Shell behind and create your own graphical
interfaces with this easy-to-leam language!
Once again Indi bring you the best deal in town WITH A FULL £50 OFF THE FABULOUS CD32. WHY SO GENEROUS'.’ If S SIMPLE. THE MORE CD32 WE SELL THE MORE SOFTWARE YOU WILL BUY AND AT I DI Prices who could blame you.
Joist i j Amiga CD32 Comes with 4 GREAT GAMES Oscar, Diggers, Wing Commander and Dangerous Streets INDI DIRECT MAIL is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you must first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier will still be there in the future, should you need them.
A mail order purchase frpm INDI is a safe and secure decision and here's why. Indi is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its eleventh year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a group turnover approaching £30 million per annum, INDI have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
No Deposit Credit 5 Years to Pay INDI are now able to offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over £ 100. Payment can be over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 Months and can include insurance to cover repayments in the event of sickness or unemployment All credit facilities are subject to status and applicants must be over the age of 18. If you would like a quote, simply call our sales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the hour.
A. Uj U vwwThe FMY Module allowing Video Movie Playback and the
SXI module to turn it into a Real Computer are only weeks
Amiga CD32 Software Titles Dccpcorc iJ&Tf Sensible Soccer Labyrinth NigdManKisWc QwTpk* *9?
Morph P&rt Overkill Lunar UfrfT Pinball Fantasies Pirates Gold zooi avrr Sock and Destroy ttS'lT Fire Force Chambers of Shaoiin Qfrlff Liberation £16.99 £17.99 £19.99 £19.99 £1999 £19.99 £21.99 £19.99 £19.99 £16.49 £19.99 £17.99 £22.99 Express Cheque Clearance Don't Delay - Order Today INDI TELESALES TEL 0543 419999 FAX 0543 418079 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday
9. 30am - 4.30pm Saturdays Don't send any Money until you are
100% certain that any advertiser has the product that you want
in stock and will deliver to you Immediately.
Far too often we receives letters from customers who are finding it difficult to obtain a refund from an advertiser that has promised to supply but hasn't To give you the confidence to buy from INDI, we have joined the DMA. A very important Independent Authority that demands the highest possible standards from its members. DMA members agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising Practice and to subscribe to the Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBOF). Look out for the DMA Symbol. It is your guarantee signifying to the customer the truly professional edge of the Industry.
£265 Checkout More Great Indi Deals Throughout this Magazine £48.99 £347.99 New Low Price IDE Internal Hard Drives The superb Sharp 14" Monitor I TV provides a real alternative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and 1.5 wan Mpo audio output All you need to know is the low low pnee. The Sharp Monitor TV is the product for you complete with scart socket and connectivity cable and including 12 months Warranty. £169.99 80Mb 25" Internal HD's£l89.99 120Mb 15" Internal HD's£2l4.99 170Mb 25" Internal HD's
£249.99 ....or charge ,.J J..... Amiga 600 with 30 Mb HD and Wang Warranty Commodore 1084 Stereo Monitor A genuinely unrepeatable deal combining an Amiga 600.30 hi Hard Drive and a fanwoc range of gan o and uti*ty software, Trivial Pursuits -The Classic Quiz EPIC - Science fiction Adventure MYTH -Qucstxxi the frigonxsitc K'c Gods ROME -Capture the purple Robe of the Imperial Roman Empire AD 92 -Role playing adventure A A£3,GAT XT.u. amazed at your professional results The Commodore 1084s Stereo Monitor. Compaafcfc wnh all Am*ga product* Featuring
* Stereo Sound
* High resolution display
* Ergonomic Design
* Full Amigs Connectivity Pack.
LICHFIELD STAFFS, WSI3 7SF Please send » ..... I 2) ......
3) ......t |
Price .+ Delivery j I enclose
cheque PO for £ .. I Access YisaNo,...
Signature Name... Zappo
External Floppy Drive Adciress.. I tcode
.....DaytimeTel 0543 419 999 FAX:4I8 07C
Panasonic Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ and 32
SLQ Colour Printing 7 Colour palette (blue. Red. Green,
yellow, vwlec.
Magenta, black) Quiet printing Super 43,5-46 d&a sound level (most matrix printers are typically In excess of 60dBa) 7 Resident Fonts Over IS2.000 type styles using Siper LQ,Courier Prestige. Bold PS Roman, Script and San Serif fonts.
24 Pin Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality output I year Warranty for total peace of mind First Come First Served With Frre Wordworth or Batman Returns Elite II I Panasonic KX • P2023 KX - P4400 KX - P5400 £799.99 Adobe Postscript LED Page printer now available. Specification a above plus 2 Mb Ram standard * Adobe Postscript level fenc 17 Adobe Fonts 4 Optional AppleTalk interface available Quiet printing 46.5 dBa standard mod*. 43.5 dBa super auiet mode On screen set up disk •Including printer dnver for Windows 3.1 Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ 4 Resident
Fonts Courier. Prestige. Bold PS and Script 2 Paper Paths Top and Rear I year Warranty for total peace of mind Recendy reviewed by Amiga Format *A fine 24-pin dot matrix printer at a reasonable price. Buy from INDI AND SAVE OVER £55 Buy this superb printer for |ust £159.99 AND whilst stocks last we'll send you a voucher for a free auto cut sheetfeeder WORTH A FURTHER £89.
FREE SUEETFEEDEIl wct«W paper ntinuous Paper ttliel Printer Cable I used when connecting Amiga to PRICE £8.99 tasonic Colour Ribbon lasonic Black Ribbon pITe'! ”2123 Push-pull tractors Paper Fast Printing Speeds I92CPS 4 Resident Fonts Courier.
WORDWORTH AGA COMPLETELY Whilst Stocks Last FREE WITH LASER PRINTERS 5 pages per minute 28 resident fonts Optional 2nd input bin (total pnnter capacity 2x200 sheets) Low running costs Parallel Interface Optional memory expansion to dust cover for the
4. 5Mb (0.5 Mb as standard) HP laserjet II emulation Inducing
Superprint for money New Low Prices!
£449.99 Sannprim (optimum resolution technoto ) 5 pages per minute HP bseqet III emulation, PCL 5 8 scalable fonts. 28 bitmap fcnts Optional 2nd input txn (total printer capacity 2X 200 sheets) Optional memory expansion to S IMbassta &d) New Low Prices!
£649.99 Indi Direct Mail Customer Charter 1 DIRECT MAIL is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you must first be dent that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier will still be there in the e, should you need them.
Ni order purchase from INDI is a s*f* and secure decision and here's why. Indi is a wholly owned diary of a public company now in its eleventh year of trading and specialising in the supply of puter products » a group turnover approaching £30 million per annum. INDI have the resources and the basing power to offer you the B«l deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around i you need us.
Li are now able to offer Competitive edit Facilities on all orders over £100 % status. Payment can be over 12, or 60 months and an include jrance to cover repayments on the event nckness or unemployment. Why not ring a quote Sameday response.
EASTERN AVENUE, EXPORT NUMBERS TEL; (44)543 419999 FAX; (44)543 418079 LICHFIELD STAFFS. WSI3 7SF Please send I) ... z==:::zzz=::::.
Prirt .4- Delivery I enclose cheque PO for L or charge my AC0494 No Expiry Signature.. Name ... Address . Postcode _ r Your Imagination Is The Only Frontier OpalVision Video Modules Opal Vision State of the Art Mainboard | Opal Vision Video Processor The amazing Opal vision 24 - b*t graphics board and software suit* has been updated and is now even better value for money The software «ulte now include*: Opal Paint V2.0. Now includes full magic wand implementation and Alpha
Channel that allows photo compositing with selectable levels on a pixel by pixel basis. The Chrominance effect allows absolute real cime control of image contrast, brilliance and re-mapping of colours.
Opal A"'"'*** V2.0 - Offering real time play back of animations created by ray tracers, landscape generators, morphers and all other 24 - b*t software.
Opal Hotkey V2.0 • Display Opal vision graphics anytime with key combinations.
'Quite simply, it’s a spectacular product’. Amiga Computing, k ’Undoubtedly the finest most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga’ • Amiga Format.
'Professional quality at this price can't be turned away* - Amiga User International.
"The verdict was unanimous - brilliant". - Amiga Shopper.
£349.99 Limited Offer It’s a high quality real time 24 - bit frame grabber which doesn't require a time base converter. It'i a professional quality genlocker with croma and Luma keying the 256 level linear transparency key allows the definition of transparency between two live video sources on a pixd by pixel biSii for smooth vignettes, antialiascd text and super smooth effects. Plug this card into yOuf OpalVision main board and add a wealth of additional features and functionality.
OpalVision Roaster Chip Included with every Video Processor, the Opal vision Roaster chip provides an endless number of uh definable Digital Video Effects. Take any two video sources (or an Amiga or Opal vision generated graphic): Flip it. Scale it. Route it on tKc X or Y axis. Move it along a path. Zoom it. Move out. You have complete control Build your own custom library of useful wipes and effects and give your video a unique style. OpalVision »the only video system in its price dais with this powerful digital video engine. You've got to sec it to believe il £899.99 Voucher Price ?Voucher
Price available to registerd OpalVision owners. Return voucher with your order.
£659.99 This power packed video and audio mixing, switching and transcoding device connects directly to the Video Processor. This 19 - inch rack mountable unit is so advanced that it has it's Owfl internal computer and every aspect is software controlled for precisely timed and accurate functionality. The video suite includes a wealth Of inputs and outputs. There are 9 video and 10 audio inputs available, plus the 24 • bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outpvts are available simultaneouv ly in RGB or Y R - B B - Y. Composite and S - Video. Choose and 2 sources from these
inputs, assign a transition or special effect and then trigger it manually or automatically. All of the transitions and effects provided by the OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video Suite, the linear transparency key (Alpha channel and transparency effects) can be taken from the Video Processor and or external video source and or output to another production switcher. This allows tnrttparency control between video sources on a pixel by pixel basis. The 10 Audio inputs (five stereo pair,) are fuMy software sequenced with smooth fades and full. 5 band frequency
£899.99 I "Voucher Price available to rewsterd OpalYtsi Return voucher with your order.
OpalVision Video Suite Voucher Price New Low Price 170 mb 2mb Chip Ram No Deposit Credit Terms Available Phone for price on Fast Ram 1000 030 ¦ £929 £659.99 Add this card and achieve 31 Khz, non interfaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC Includes full time base correction of incoming video, the on - board memory also serves as an additional frame store.
£659.99 £899 Rombo Vldl Amiga 24 (RT) is video, you've seen the television adverts using the latest now you can create the same results but at a fraction of the cost mate in this technology. Whether you are a profess** at home Morph Plus is a must INDI PRICE £ 119.9* For the more serious user, this 24 - bit version will again capture from any video source with true photo realistic images’ A staggering 16.8 million colours an be utilised with incredible results. Full AGA chipset suppdft INDI PRICE £219.99 A V Roctec Rocgen Plus.
As above but with extra futures such as tinting and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics. Compatible with all Amigas. INDI PRICE £127.99 Roctec Rockcy, The ultimate accessory for Amiga I Video fans.
Separate RGB controls to croma key on any colour. INDI PRICE £199.99 Deluxe Paint IV AGA Combines powerful tools with an Intuitive interface so both professionals and beginne •.
Alike can get superb results quickly. New enhancements to the software include the abdit] to paint and animate lr ¦“*“ **¦- A * LJ k-u 1 A~ M---- mation features also ii er. You determine the r Art Department Professional The ultimate in image procesamg providing many key benefits to Amiga users working w* pictures. With ADPro you can read, write and convert between most common image fiie Formats w' “ r .. ' ' *“ :hed flexibility Full support for JPEG images makes it possible to mi in fuB 24 - brt colour without needing rti.Hi.ve hard drive storage.
Image can be compressed down to 40Kb!!! INDI PRICE £l3Lf?
S with unmatched tain an image library Typically aWOKb lm Real 3D V2 Is a full featured 3D animation modeling and rendering program. With Real 3DV2 you can produce h.gh quality images and animacions of three dimensional models with an astounding level ot realism. Imagine creating an animation that shows a handful of balls bounce down a flight of stairs to the bottom. Gravity, collision, deflection and the elast I ity of the balls are aN automatically calculated by the progam. INDI PRICE £359,99 Amiga Software Bonanza £16.99 Greatest Golf Ryder Cup Golf ¦Aike your place amongst the Elite fof
P £19.99 ' Brilliant Graphics Paint Package " In terms of design and I sheer specifications Digital Creations realty seem to have | done everything right Effectiveness...'' 99%.
" I really can't fault the end results" - CU Amiga Review INDI PRICE £99.99 yjfKtT Final Copy 2 "About as close to being a desktop publisher as a word processor dare go" - CU Amiga INDI PRICE £62.99 J&Hrf The most powerful word processor to grace the Amiga...90% - CU Amiga INDI PRICE £99.99 JHKT7 .¦al'unasyou : ’ d your u«,. m the Sorcerer £22.99 Magic has never beer so much fun In thq worid of wizardry Chaos Engine CJ&AI £16.99 Save the Wor»d dominated by the Chao* Engine Cool Spot QSM £19.99 Be the COOlett spot around in this top cUss platform nmt Micro Machines Q&Vf L T6.99 home with
chese_Mlm Mjirvelf.
Zool 2 C2Mr £U.99 He's back! Gurdc your hero through hit tougtew test vet Alien Breed 2 O&W L 17.49 up 0f 3lf Blows £22.9,
2) ... II Ml......lilt.

Price . 1 enclose cheque PQ
for £ ..or charge my Access Visa
..Exnirv ....J ..... .....
..•••"•* .
eeeeeeeeieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I Postcode ...... I Indicate
if alternate delivery address I Daytime Tel I INDI DIRECT MAIL
STAFFS. WSI3 7SF TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 07 I AC0494 FREE 2
CLASSIC GAMES This must be toe best value deal ever and not
surprisingly it's INDI that shows the way. The great value
Desktop Dynamite Pack with over £300 of FREE software PLUS 2
New cult games PLUS a New Low Low Price HHHHHI You mav choose
from many different role* from to assassin, from stockbroker
to trader Battle with pirates across a galaxy of worlds, trade
or smuggle goods er become a pirate yourself, the for are
endless, the game a completely open ended.
To Jim £29.99 ITT* A ma»*vc 2 disk program from first film simulation. Vasdy different to the console version with vivid scenes straight from the hit movie Batman has returned in style £29.99 You vidtoi HOM NEW The Best Selling Panasonic KX Low Low Price 1 1 MQ STANDARD FEATURES mr. fVocewar* PCMCIA Sot: 2Mb Chip RAM JT P'ly. AA Chipset' Built m TY Modutaior Built in TY f ‘ maintenance FREE ’ AGA £509.99 £539.99 £579.99 vr» ICL AAChwet S at home nmmoKii y m _ PA £319.99 »Hard Drive Pack [ 120 Hard Drive Pack 170 Mb Hard Drive Pack 12 Months At Home W; Dwuw Pamt IV AGA * Ojcar, Dwws The
Menace AGA ’ Elite II & Batman Returns inc. Batman returns Elite II me Warranty fran 3i* Internal Alpha numeric Desktop Dynamite Panasonic Colour Printer Pack The Superb Dcskto Dynamite pack P2 Quiet Colour Printer with FREE Dustcover Gametek Frontier Elite II and Batman Returns ± A O0 AO p ,US t i • Amiga Challenge; International Sports Challenge. ParadrokJ 90. Cool Croc Twins Desktop Dynamite Colour Printer Pack with fitted Hard Drive.
85 Mb Hard Drive Pack £679.99 170 Mb Hard Drive Pack £749.99 120 Mb Hard Drive Pack £719.99 12 Months At Home Warranty from ICL +* ’For Pkace ok Mind’
* *• » fctrfc as C39.99 ICL the nraior Cwopem computer gem ire
able to
• ttnd the At Home service on most ¦r» Commodore Products to a
ful 3 ymrs ICL are the num authorised Cor-nodore Warranty
Company and a* flier a variety of warranty options to I needs.
Why not afl for decals.
"WoV pick it up from your home, bring it back In 5 working days, give it 12 months on site warranty and that’s Just the beginning”.
When the time comes that you just have to fit a Hard Drive to your Amiga 1200 it is important that your Amiga is handed by the experts. ICL are a Gant International Computer Manufacturing and Repair Company and have been chosen by Commodore as their authorised warranty company for Amiga products.
WARNING Some advertisers arc fitting 35” drives to the Amiga 1200.
Rhe Amiga was never designed
o accept 3 5” drives and fitting one totally invalidates any
Commodore Warranty. Indi only offer official 2.5“ IDE drives
officially accepted by Wane. ICL and Commodore.
Through INDI the Nationwide resources of ICL will guarantee that your Amiga is treated with the care and expertise that it deserves. But that is just the beginning, your new hard drive wdi be given a fofl 12 months At Home Warranty cover. Yes if there s a warranty problem then Id will come to your home and fix it Of course what’s the point of having at home cover on your Hard Drrve and not on your Amiga. So as part of the deal d will add a ieteh-FREE further 12 months at home cover to your Amiga c ompieteiyFRE DOOR TO DOOR 85Mb HARD DRIVE HANCEReNT SERVICE £239.99 DOOR TO DOOR 120Mb HARD
DRIVE ENHANCEMENT SERVICE £279.99 DOOR TO DOOR 170 Mb HARD DRIVE ENHANCEMENT SERVICE £319.99 Complete with 12 Months At home Service through ICL ?Amiga 1200 must be In Ml working order.
Kin* with rage file to maln-
• ffl 1JUCT | AC0494 "Approx I.S time* faster than an A4QQQ 03Q i
¦ the ultimate power configuration, if your dream is to own the
quickest A1200 ever then take a look at this specifi- C ’Amiga
1200 *4Mb 32 - bit Fast RAM (Expandable to an Amazing 120 Mb*?)
‘ *Vroboocs Ml230 XA W 50MHZ MMU (Approx 15 times faster than an A4000 030*!) • 12 Months at home f * Choice of hard drive capacities * Optional SO MHZ 68882 FPU Maths Processor.
2) .....
* ....
Price .....I enclose
cheque PO for £ ...or charge my
Access Visa No „„„„„„„
Expiry ..... ....J .....

Name ....
Address ....
. Panasonic KX - P 2123 Colour Printer
plus Wordworth or Batman Returns I Elite II for only £ I’" I 85
Mb version 120 Mb version 170 Mb version 68882 50 MHZ FPU
£869.99 £899.99 £929.99 £132.54 17 Price Games Option Add
Batman Returns and 0 tt II for £29.99 Do you want your Amiga
1200 to have more memory or to go faster by simply fitting a
board into the external trap door? Microbotics have an
extensive range of products with the immense benefit of Qtipup’
technology. Most boards have soldered chipsets which do not
allow expansion beyond your urthase. Microbotics products allow
you to add extra memory as your computing skills grow Postcode
Indicate if
alternate Daytime Tel .. ¦tidal purchase. I
and new software arrives demanding even more memory.
Memory Expansion Boards Speed 4Mb 8Mb Accelerator Boards Speed 4Mb 8Mb No Deposit Credit 14 Mhz 25 Mhz 50 Mhz £247.99 £447.99 99 .99 am m wn Indi are now able to offer Competitive Credit Facilities on all orders over £ 100 subject to status, ftyment can be over 12, 14, 36, 48 or 60 months and can include insurance to cover repayments on the event of sickness or unemployment. Wny not ring for a quote. Sameday response.
M TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 079 )NTENTS FEATURES King crunchers SJ -LJ Td zu ya u *4 zsj tfJJ.
S was ihe J dir.
Ibil ran Nine pages for enquiring minds The most authoritative monthly columns in the business, covering all areas of specialised Amiga activity | Arexx HE All sorts of information can he sent from program to program if you write an Arexx interface to do it, says Alex Gian H Video 119 | Music Confiued dbout channels, Midi ctfuifnnent links and other such musical tecbm-babbk? Paul Otvma begins to explain | Amos Phil South exploits bis connections to bring you some rf the ten best Amos routines
- as uvJI as a sly [Jug Comms Cumms nut Phil Sotdh lakes life
plunge and leaches netters how to surf - and has a moan about
wurt-maiP Publishing Wbetlrer It's dotlonlot or point-to-point,
Ben Pointer puts you in the font-editing picture In ibis month
doubkhpagf sfjecUil. Adam Phillips winds op with ilw final tort
of the tideo making story Survival Guide to genlocks 44 The
Amiga’s most popular video add-on goes under the microscope
Devil's Advocate 65 Commodore boss David Pleasance takes the
hot seat and a few direct questions Updates 69 ADPro is
re*vamped and Wordworth 3.0 takes on Microsoft Word Bug in the
system 72 Sloppv programmers and cy nical software houses take
a beating REVIEWS Tocatta 50 The latest in German 16-bit sound
sampling gets an audition A4091 59 Fastest Amiga hard drive
controller ever released is timed and tested A1230II 75 A1200
owners can now put the A4000 30 to shame with GVP's new card
Image Engine 77 G2's professional video card, digitiser, and
24-bit package for those with deep pockets Helm 80 Another
superb point-and-click multimedia toolbox for the Amiga - A-Max
IV 86 Can A-Max regain the ground it has lost to Emplant?
MA'RKETi The ultimate computer shopping section swings into action with more unbeatable bargains Shop Window Workbench 2.1 10 out of 10 Switch boxes Datoflyer XDS Smarty Paints Stars of Yesteryear Getting into video Advertising index GAMER Crammed with the creamiest, crunchiest collection of games on the market Gamer Globe Bsa More Lemmings jumping over a cliff The Gamer Files iMl We go under cover at Gremlin software Cheap Seats |jg] Bags of bargain basement releases Cheat Mode: Star Trek |gj] Boldly go without becoming Klingon meat Work in Progress: Ishar 3 Will the next bhar live up to the
first two?
CAME REVIEWS Man Utd Champions BB Simon the Sorceror BB Brian the Lion m Pugsy PH Empire Collection I7H AMIGA Winter Olympics Seek and Destroy KindWords 3 A complete word processor with document layout features, graphics, thesaurus, and spell checker for all your home office needs.
B -5*' I jupwwtt I 1 I tfHTMpmtltf I f*tna«Ww WU’ iTiTl wm EB3 ¦wa wm ?
FS IFH m E33 IFH BH rea nan Create multiple page documents including CompuGraphic outline fonts, graphics, headers and footers, then output them to any Amiga-supported printer. KindWords offers complete control over document layout and printing, and it works on any 1Mb Amiga.
KCTO CliVa Take complete control of CLI-based mmm** utilities and commands direct from your own customised Workbench control panel.
(Not Workbench 1.3) T i REGULARS News 9 ESP 55 I CD72 softw are hits the top spot as Commodore release the A4000T Air vour grievances and lampoon the leading lights with Ezra's help USA News 14 ACAS 61 PatoSdvam 3.0 looks set to wow the DTP world Tricky techie troubles smoothed effortlessly away Comment 16 Competition 94 Aar we driving our readers to drink with ambitious CoverDisks?
Your monthly chance to cash on a big prize giveaway Disk offers 26 Subscriptions 98 I parade or buy those manuals at silly knock-down price!
Get your AC cheaper and faster with a subscription r J Getting started 27 Public Sector 100 As Hollywood hits the Amiga, we look at the graphics explosion which could revolutionise games as the millennium approaches 30 X Don't X miss your Kixx!
We're giving away 36 games from the latest Kixx XL Sierra range in our super competition - it's on page 94. If you never enter you'll
x. never win!
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So sign on today - and save rrg yourself some cash!
Amiga Computing April 1994 Both Sbase Personal and Professional an?
Full'featured, fully relational and powerful databases with pull-down menus, multiple windows and full access to your Amiga's multi-tasking environment and they are now compatible with Amiga DOS 3.0 and the AGA chip set.
New Software for a New Year Business Applications Sbase Professional includes a powerful database management language and supports Arexx. Please call for our datasheets on these superb products.
We are pleased to announce that HiSoft is now the authorised UK contact point for Oxxi's Sbase 4 Amiga products (formerly known as Superbase). We have stock of both Sbase Personal 4.1g and Sbase Professional 4.1g and offer full technical support for these programs with our Silver and Gold support options. We can also offer upgrades from earlier versions ¦ please call or fax for details of upgrades and technical support.
Sbase 4 Professional Personal
* 1 Utilities This is the utility that you simply must own! Maxon
Magic is a funtastic combination of 15 different screen savers,
a system event sound player and many amusing sampled sounds
that will not only be incredibly useful but will give you and
your friends endless enjoyment as well.
The eyes' scrvcn soucr module In octlon Maxon Magic The Maxon Magic screen saver works in all modes, even with graphic cards, and offers you a choice of 15 different amusing and entertaining modules such as Aquarium, Flying Breakfast, Firework, Crazy Warms. Messages, Clock etc. As if that isn't enough value for money, Maxon Magic also lets you assign sounds to most system events including Window Screen open & dose events, Alerts, Keys, Mouse clicks, Requesters and more. Choose from the many sounds provided or simply use your own sampled IFFs!
With Maxon Magic pour Amiga will never look or sound the some again!
The best-value real-time video digitiser you can buy; VideoMaster gives you the ability to record real-time monochrome video with sound at 25 frames per second as well as quality full-screen stills from your camcorder or video recorder.
VideoMaster RGB includes our new colour splitter, ColourMaster, and produces amazing quality colour stills.
Video Music ¦¦ ft.
10011101 001101 III IIIIOOOO Programming VideoMaster AGA works on the A1200 and A600, connects via the PCMCIA slot for extra speed and freedom to use other peripherals, allows high quality stereo sound and supports HAMb and HAMS up to 640 x 512 resolution for stills.
V ColourMaster ColourMaster is a new electronic colour ;plitter which works in conjunction with VideoMaster for stunning Colour Stills.
If you have difficulty obtaining our new titles, just call, quoting your Acceas Masterca rd Visa Switch Connect card number and expiry date arid we will despatch the goods within 5 working days. For an extra £5 we will despatch the Hay of order by ParcelForce 24 hour service. Ask for our new 32-page catalogue.
Clarity 16 is our premier sound sampler allowing rates up to 32KHz in 16 bit stereo and up to 46KHz in 16 bit mono on an A50Q; accelerated machines can handle faster sampling rates. The software provides extensive features including full edit control, a MIDI keyboard emulator, a sample sequencer, many special effects and FFT analysis. Version 1.? Has an up-to-date Workbench 3 look, in its own window and is fully compatible with faster Amigas.
Megalosound is the new 8-bit, stereo, direct-to-disk sampler package; the software is packed full of easy-to-use editing features, special effects and extras such as the ability to print waveforms and sample information.
The package allows sampling up to 84KHz mono and 56KHz stereo to memory and up to 21 Khz stereo to hard disk on an A1200.
Supplied with a hardware volume control and an extensive 144-page manual, Megalosound is impressive value at only £34.95. Prices Clarity 16 new price £129.95 Megalosound £34.95 VideoMaster A500 £69.95 VideoMaster AGA £79.95 VideoMaster RGB £129.95 ColourMaster £69.95 SAS C 6.5 £329.00 Sbase Persona £129.00 Sbase Professional £24P. 00 1 | Maxon Magic £29.95 | SAS C 6.5 The standard C compiler for AmigaDOS gets a major upgrade for 1994; now the SAS C Development System (version 6.5) supports translation of C++ files with Streams and Complex libraries allowing you to write Object Oriented code.
The C++ translator is compatible with CFRONT Version 2.1 from AT&T.
There'S an Improved peephole optimiser, more efficient stack extension and structure return code generation There arc many other improvements including an enhanced instruction scheduler for the 68040 CPU and the 68882 maths coprocessor, an improved profiler, a friendlier interface to grep, support for C++ within CodeProbe and more. Workbench 3.1 include files are supplied. Upgrades start from £59.95 - please call for pricing information.
All products on this page are cither available now or by the end of January 94 - please call to confirm availability.
High Quality Software The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK.
Tel +44 0)525 718181 Fax +44 (0)525713716 i Copyright HiSoft 1994. EsrOL NEWS by John Butters CD32 software hits top spot THE Amiga range will be extended further in the next few weeks when a tower version of the A4QQQ finally goes on sale, Amiga Computing can exclusively reveal.
It is due to be officially launched at the massive CeBIT information technology show in Germany - a year after it was first previewed - and will be available in Britain soon after the event.
The El .949 computer has very similar features to its desktop sis* ter. But also comes with a SCSI-II interface enabling data transfers between compatible devices at 10Mb per second.
The A4000T is fitted with a 68040 processor. 2Mb of chip RAM and 4Mb of fast RAM.
Commodore will not be supplying hard drive models, although some of the manufacturer's trade distributors will be able to fit disks without voiding the machine s warranty.
AMIGA owners will soon be able to buy US*bascd Moonlighter Software's range of utility programs in Britain from Ramiga International (0690 770304), In addition to distribution, the Clywd-based specialist will be offering technical support and software upgrades to owners of the programs.
Titles heading our way include back-up program Ami-Back, tools software Ami-Back Tools and combination package Ami- Back Plus Tools. And TapeWorm-FS enables a SCSI tape device to Tower system coming our way software has become Britain's Wgynt filing compact disc games i*r»at. According to recent sales dktfb compiled bv market research firm hst fwe months after the console hit ihr Meets. Its software has taken more 38 per cent of the total CD games aurket. Outstripping Sega Mega CD and ft CD-ROM.
Commodore's David Pleasance said: Tr* taken us just a few months to domi- ai* the CD software sales chart.
'That’s a testament to the quality of trsc Amiga CD32 and the efforts of the Mftwaie publishers.
"Programmers have only scratched the Moonlighter find British home Video graphics go on show THE cockles of visitors’ hearts were warmed to the core by the sight of rack upon rack of broadcast video equipment at the Video Forum show hold recently at London's Wembley Exhibition Centre.
Tritec were there with their Director II graphics board for video, which looks like a serious competitor for the Amiga Centre Scotland's Harlequin.
G2 had their range of genlocks and Scaia UK shared their stand showing off Scala MM300.
But most interesting of all was DPS’s stand, who had the Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) - basically a board with a fast hard drive on it that emulates a digital disk recorder.
PLONK Take your 24-bit frames you rendered in Imagine, plonk them on the PAR and record them out via composite, Y C or component video straight to any video recorder.
You no longer need a video capable of single frame recording - this baby will send out pictures at full frame rate!
With an optional capture card, you can even digitise up to five seconds of live video straight onto the PAR. Touch it up on the Amiga and send it back out.
First PAL units should already be shipping and you can expect an exclusive review soon in Amiga Computing.
Among the interesting non-Amiga bits was Sony's new UVW range of Betacam cameras, recorders and players.
Betacam is a broadcast video standard used by many TV companies. And Sony have developed this new range of machines following the axing of their U-Matic SP products.
Viva la desktop video revolution!
Surface of 32-bit CD technology. The coming months will see even better games produced - and that can only increase our hold on the chart."
But the news is not all rosy for financially-troubled Commodore, with claims that disappointing Mega CD software sales rather than an increase in CD32’s has caused the situation.
Industry sources say that PC CD-ROM has increased its market share during recent weeks at the expense of the Mega CD, while the CD32 has been static.
They also point out that combined software sales on compact disc still account for little more titan three per cent of the entire marketplace.
Be used as another AmigaDOS device.
Moonlighter vice president Hap Aziz said: “This will finally give our products the high profile we need where there is such a large number of Amiga users and enthusiasts.
"This is a win*win situation for both companies, but Amiga users outside the United States gain the most. We are looking fonvard to a long and fruitful relationship with Ramiga."
Imow you're talking... EDUCATION specialists Ten out of Ten (0742 780370) have announced details of a range of Amiga software designed to teach foreign languages in an entertaining way.
It kicks off with 10 10 French, which follows the National Curriculum so that parents, teachers and pupils can monitor their progress within the grading system.
Getting to grips with GCSE KIDS arc now able to prepare for thi GCSE examinations using new revisi software from Europress Software (06 859333), makers of the top-selling F1 School series.
ADI GCSE follows demand from p ents for software aimed at helping th- children at this key stage in their studi and will be available in three pacl English, French and maths.
It is aimed at pupils in their fourth a fifth year of senior school, and each pa uses the space character ADI to guide s dents through the topics they will be cc ering at school.
As the child works through activiti ADI offers help, encouragement, a praise for jobs well done.
"We have worked closely with teach, and educationalists to rework the (At range for UK students," said Europres Alexa Czechowski.
"The existing range has sold ov 50,000 units in the UK alone, its irresistil mix of fun and learning provi popular with children, parents and tea* ers alike."
Each pack costs £34.99 and contai disks for 14 to 15-year-olds and 15 to year-olds.
News briefs Processing improves IMAGEFX 1.5 has been upgraded to run specifically on EGS Spectrum. US- based Great Valley Products have announced.
The firm say the support brings the power of professional image processing to the high resolution 24-bit environ- ment to deliver precise, fast and professional image processing.
It is available to all registered EGS Spectrum owners for $ 19.95. In Britain telephone Silica Systems on 081-309
Games to be rated COMPUTER and video games makers have now agreed a system of self regulation designed to ensure responsible behaviour by the industry, Under the system, games will be rated according to age suitability, a move aimed at allowing parents to make informed choices about the game playing of their children, Shops, however, will still be able to sell young children titles containing sexual or horrific scenes that are considered ideal only for older computer users.
Monitors return COMMODORE expect colour monitors to be available to Amiga owners within the next few weeks following a shortage which left Christmas buyers unable to find screens for their computers.
David Pleasance said that after being out of production lor several months, the 1084 and 1942 models are again being made and should be in shops soon.
Emulation speeds up FASTER PC emulation is now available for Amigas from German developer Vortex.
Their latest Golden Gate board contains a 486SLC2 processor which gives a Norton SI speed rating of about 85 - compared to 43 from the firm's standard 486SLC version.
The 486SLC2 is claimed to be up to four times faster than a 386SX processor, and the Vortex board comes with improved and faster software.
It will be sold by Britain by South Humberside-based Applied Systems (0652 688330) for £499.
The program contains six colourful games including a word search and liwaders- type shoot-'em-up which take children aged between 8 and 18 years through topics covered at school.
It assumes a little knowledge on the part of the pupil, but according to the developer "starts at some very easy levels".
Project development manager Pete Davidson said: "We believe this package is going to improve everybody's French because we make learning fun.
"We supply points of reference for both teachers and concerned parents, and a nice twist is that even the manual is supplied in French."
The £25.95 package comes with manuals in French, English and a teacher version.
It will be followed by German, Spanish and Italian programs by summer.
French: Kldi Itam wfth tin if Amlgai New crackdown on porn by phone after an earlier proposal to outlaw simulated compute images. This followed the discovery of a file containing a pic ture of a child's head merged on to a woman's body usim latest morphing techniques.
LOOPHOLES in laws governing computer pornography will be closed by new proposals announced by home secretary Michael Howard.
They will make it clear that transmission of obscene material over bulletin boards and private computer links is a criminal offence under the Obscene Publications Act.
And "video work” and ‘video recording” will be redefined for the Video Recordings Act to Include moving images stored for display on computers.
Both measures have been added to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill currently before Parliament and come The Government also plan to make it easier for police t arrest traffickers in pornographic material and give ther extra powers of search and seizure.
"Those who trade in pornography are always seeking ne ways to distribute their vile material, exploiting new techno ogy and challenging the law whenever possible,” said M Howard. “I am determined to do all I can to frustrate thei efforts at every opportunity. Thes proposals will help to prevent pornoc raphers side-stepping the law."
Police say the new proposals wi reinforce grey areas of the law. Bu will not make detection any easier.
They say it is difficult for them t gain access to bulletin boards cor taining porn - and even harder to di« cover paedophile material.
People found guilty of a compute pornography offence could face up t three years in prison and a substantia fine, with the toughest penalties fc those selling such material.
INSIGHT.TECHNOLOGY, lavishly produced by Optonica and published by Commodore gives a fascinating look at modern day technology with pictures, animations, photos, video, narration, text, music and sound effects, over 260 topics in all, from the ball point pen to the space shuttle.
R their I
• vision ? (0625 I kg Fun I m par- | g their ft itudies, packs; K
1h and I h pack I destu- I becov- I ivities, ' it, and ft
.‘achers • ' IADIJ I press's J over I sistible roving j I
teach- I ntains i to 16* I k S 1 Produced in an easy to read
style this concise and entertaining reference title for the
whole family is a real eye IfclkfB*. Opener!
Tuter i pic- ising ce to them I new hnol- d Mr their hese rnog- » will . But r. m to con- ) dis* puter up to antial s for WASHER GAUGES GEARSTICK fCU AMIGA 91% 1 AMIGA FORMAT 87% *
- 90WWAW: AH6 Mut-ft MEOtA BE919 PfcVElOPMCHT MB gMB3HPB We take
the operation of modern technology for granted, npw see how it
works with computer generated graphics and animations showing
exploded views and talk through sequences. Over 700 photographs
show in detail the workings of technology in the fields of the
Home, Military, Communications, Medical, Leisure and Space. * A
comprehensive index of over two thousand words allows you to go
quickly to any topic, or simply use INSIGHTTechnology to browse
and learn. ¦!'
CD32 CDTV and A%70 DRIVES OFTONICA £33.95 IRC Par AVAILABLE NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION OR PLACE AN ORDER PLEASE CALL OR FAX JENNY BURGE ON TEL:0455-558282 FAX:0455 559386 PAYMENT BY CHEOUE OR POSTAL ORDER. SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS PLEASE ALLOW UPTO 28 DAYS DELIVERY - USUALLY WITHIN 48 HOURS Centre promotes Colour prints cost less Effects software comes free VIDEO effects software Video TimeLapse is now bundled free of charge with Optonica's Simpatica single frame rendering system.
It allows timed control of professional video decks to produce time lapse sequences such as flowers in bloom, fast clouds and sunsets and sunrises- Triggering can be produced by various actions including additional hardware plugged into the mouse port, Owners of Simpatica v2 and later can upgrade free of charge.
For users of earlier versions the upgrade costs £49.95, and for newcomers the complete package is priced £350. Optonica can be telephoned on 0455 556282.
Business Amigas A NEW centre has just opened with the aim of promoting the use of Amigas in businesses throughout the country.
The Clywd-based Amiga Centre of Excellence will enable computer buyers to be shown solutions to their individual multimedia needs, from a wide range of hardware and software.
Simpatica: Now coma with effects software Many leading developers of products from around the world have pledged their support for the initiative, and it has been given a huge backing from Commodore.
Interface choice for ADPro SEVERAL features have been added to ASDC's Art Department Professional including a choice of two user interfaces and extra support for third-party products.
Version 2.5 enables users to control the software through list or button-oriented graphical user interfaces, the option apparently making the program easier to use.
There is support for display boards such as Picasso, Retina and Video Toaster, Fargo's thermal printer, and the addition of six new file formats.
A program called Cinemorph is included to convert images between 24 frame per second film style and 60 field per second video-style time bases.
ADPro is sold in Britain by Meridian Software Distribution (081-715 8866) who sell upgrades for £41 and charge £199.% for those new to the package.
"The Amiga Centre of Excellence brings together professional aspects of equipment at every level in the world of Commodore," said spokesman Bill Owen.
"Corporates will see multimedia for their needs and discover how it all works."
ACE can be telephoned on 0690 770304.
Speeding up EXCALIBUR is the name of two A4000 040 accelerators claimed to give the top-end Amiga speed increases of either 400 or 530 per cent. Although pricing remains to be fixed. RCSs British distributor Hydra Systems (0203 473333) expect to sell the boards for £763 and £1,351.
DIARY DATES PRINTER giant Star have cut the price of their SJ-144 colour thermal transfer printer and opened presentation centres aimed at giving better customer support.
The firm say that although the machine was launched last summer at £569, increased production has enabled the company to reduce it to £459 - less than many colour inkjet models.
But by using true colour pigments rather than liquid dyes, Star say the SJ-144's output is brighter than that of inkjets and will not smudge or fade.
In developing the printer, the company claim they paid particular attention to controls and paper handling functions to ensure the machine is easy to use.
Fifteen LEDs give a summary of the printer's status, while zoom and two-page modes enable images to be printed at 100,80, 67 or 50 per cent size for better document formatting.
Output is at 360 x 360 dots per inch and it has a print speed in colour of 1.4 pages per minute.
It is sold through a nationwide network of "strategically placed" presentation centres, made up of retailers who have experience in dealing with computer users needing colour output.
According to Star, the centres will guide customers to exactly April 16,1994 Spring All Micro Show Vam Bingley Hall, Staffs Organiser: Sharward Services (0473 272002) Last autumn's show boasted 70 exhibitors - some with Amiga software and hardware.
April 22 to 24,1994 MEMS *94 Venue: Wembley Conference Centre, London Organiser:: Westminster Exhibitions (0222 5)2128) Britain's leading Midi and electronic music show, with many household* name firms attending Programs bundled for greyscale scans THE latest hand scanner package from London-based Golden Image (061-365 1102) contains a range of software to give 256 greyscale-type results.
Among the programs packed with the device are scanning system AlfaScan Plus t OCR, while Merge It enables images up to A4 in size to be scanned.
Touch Up can be used to brush up pictures once they have been put into the computer, and can import and export images to paint and desktop publishing software using a range of formats.
The £135 bundle runs on any Amiga fitted with at least 2.5Mb of memory, and a hard disk is needed to run the OCR option.
September 20-25,1994 Live‘94 Venue: Earls Court Organiser: News International (071-7826893) Commodore have already pledged their support for this large consumer electronics show.
October 6-9,1994 BBC Big Bash Venue: NEC, Birmingham Organiser: Haymarkt't Exhibitions Future World area of this big show will contain the latest computer games and virtual reality.
October 26-30,1994 Future Entertainment Show Venue: Earls Court II Organiser: Future Exhibitions (0225442244) The biggest public show of computer and video games players and a chance to see Christmas releases.
Overseas March 16*23,1994 CeBIT 94 Venue: Hanover, Germany Organiser: Deutsche Messe (01049511890) Europe's premier information technology show often used by Commodore for the launch of new hardware.
The right printer for their needs and will give a high level of support "Users now have a far greater choice of colour* panting options available," said Star marketing manager Annette Tarlton.
"The SJ-144 Presentation Centres will work closely with the end user and give them the best possible advice on the best value colour method to suit their needs."
Amiga Computing April 1994 2 You can't use Software this Powerful, and produce Documents this Good... f s t nfess, you buy an expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top Publishing Package.., University Autumn Unison ed 70 a soft* nitre, s rtronic fhold- lnt6rnational conom cs If you're looking for a quality Word Processor Publisher that performs as well as this, you may well start by marching through PC and Apple™ Macintosh™ software catalogues.
Even then though, you probably won't find a program that will combine the very best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
You certainly can't find software for your Amiga that’s capable of all this... ;dged sumer show »ames iputer hance 'Proposed eosunes ‘Future s Prospects Conclusions ation d by new Denny Atkin with the latest news from the other side of the pond Commodore support waning What's new It hasn't Wen a month of very good news for Amiga users over here. As this article was going to press, Commodore announced that they were pulling out of the World of Commodore- Amiga show, originally slated to take place in early April in New York City- Commodore have been a major sponsor of the show (the onlv trade
show dedicated to Amiga products in North America), and without the company's participation it wasn't viable to go on with the show.
Even though the Amiga's popularity has been waning for a while in the States, the WOCA shows remained popular and well- attended, and always produced plenty of new-product announcements to help keep Amiga users' spirits up. It's unknown at this point whether the Fall show in Southern California will also be cancelled.
In another blow, a caller inquiring about products with major Amiga developer Cold Disk was told that Amiga development was being dropped.
After that user posted the information to on-line networks, a Cold Disk representative posted the following clarification: "Contrary to this information, Gold Disk has not stopped support of their Amiga products. Cold Disk is suspending development of new versions of software pending further growth in Amiga's market share. To repeat, we are continuing support and will endeavour to solve problems encountered in current versions." So current Cold Disk product owners aren’t left out in the cold when it comes to tech support and possible bug fixes like WordPerfect users were, but it's
unlikely that Gold Disk will update Professional Page, Professional Draw, or their other products.
BRILLIANCE Sources close to Digital Creations (of brilliance fame) indicate that the company have switched to development for IBM-compatibles; we may still see Brilliance 2.0, which is reportedly largely complete, though. The final bit of bad news hasn't been publicly confirmed, but was reported in the ViewPort on-line magazine and verified by a source within Commodore. Apparently development of the AAA chip set has been suspended for the time being due to the costs associated with continued prototyping and development.
There are reports that Commodore have been experimenting with a prototype Amiga that uses an off-the-shelf Cirrus Super VGA graphics processor instead.
This isn't as far-fetched as it sounds: Commodore has said it's focusing • CD32 now, and the AAA chipset is to high-end (read "expensive") for a gan machine.
Also, since Commodore has been tall ing about Rise Amigas running Window NT as a possible future, it would mak sense to go with industry-standard parts 1 AAA was revolutionary when it wa first announced in mid-1990 (yes, it's I in development for over four years!), I at this point Commodore can find off-tl shelf parts that will allow them to create I superior graphics machine at a lowe price than a proprietary design.
On a brighter note, ASDG have just shipped Art Department Professional 2.5, a major upgrade to their cutting-edge image processor; Soft-Logik is finally nearing completion of their long-awaited PageStream 3 0 upgrade which promises to make Professional Page nothing more than a bad memory anyway; and a spectacular update to Oxxi’s TurboText text editor is in the works.
Rays of sunshine ADPro 2.5 was mentioned in last month's column, but it’s so cool I just can't stop talking about it. The specification sheeis just can't get across how much easier the program is to work with nowadays. Check out the new user inter- JEF face running on a 16-colour Workbench screen in Figure I. A more dramatic usability improvement is shown in Figure II, which shows ADPro’s new compositing screen; you can now visually place elements on a picture in a screen mode of your choice.
And the incredible selection of Arexx macros for the included Fred utility give ADPro batch image-processing capabilities unmatched on any platform.
PageStream 3.0 has taken longer to wrap up than Soft-Logik initially estimated, but the program will definitely be worth the wait. I’ve had a chance to work with Alpha versions of the program, and it has many capabilities that are unmatched even by high-end Macintosh programs like Quark Xpress and PageMaker. A revamped user interface (see the accompanying screen grabs), long-document publishing features, Pantone colour support, and full AGA support are only a few of the features added.
If you do find anything missing, a very complete Arexx command suite will let you add just about any capability imaginable. Professional Page users interested in upgrading will be overjoyed to learn that Soft-Logik is including a converter that will let you load your ProPage layouts into PageStream.
UPDATED Recent betas are looking very complete, and you should see the $ 395 package on shelves soon.
Finally. Martin Taillefer, who recently left his job as a software engineer at Commodore to go work for 3DO. Told me that he’s hard at work on an updated version of the TurboText text editor for release figure I by Oxxi early this summer.
The fully-configurable editor was las: 1 updated in 1991, and INOVAtronics’ Edge and ASDG s updated CygnusED Pro have threatened to usurp its position as the ] Amiga's premier text editor. Taillefer like a I good challenge, though, and plans to I pack lots of new features into this] version.
It’s too early to list all the features, but I among the new capabilities will be multilevel Undo, faster screen operation, and - this is revolutionary - the ability to use | wildcards not only in search strings, but | replace strings as well! Look for a hands- on preview in an upcoming instalment of ] this column.
You Can Now... with New Final Writer" * Put Your Finger on the Buttons of the Ultimate Amiga Word Processor Final Writer is not just a one-off product... SoftWood are acknowledged as the World’s leading software company publishing for the Amiga and no other system. So. If Final Writer exceeds your current requirements - whatever your Document Processing needs, whatever your Amiga - SoftWood will still have the Perfect Package for you... s‘ Pen Pal or Final Copy II and Proper Grammar II.„a Complete Range. 1 Once you become a registered SoftWood user, you’ll gain access to unlimited free UK
technical support (others often charge you or don't provide support at all) and preferential upgrades to future versions of these and other exciting new products being developed right now.
From the publisher of the acclaimed Final Copy II comes its new companion. Final Writer - for the author who needs even more! If you already use an Amiga Word Processor, it won’t include the complete and comprehensive array of features found in this latest addition to the SoftWood family.
Can your Word Processor... Output crisp PostScript1'1 font outlines on any graphic printer (not just expensive lasers), and was it supplied with over 110 typefaces? Import, scale, crop, view on screen and output untctured EPS clip-art images (Final Writer is supplied with a hundred), again, on any prater? Also create structured graphics and rotate them along with text to any angle, giving you DTP quality presentation? Provide a huge range of printing options (eg. Thumbnails, valmg. Crop marks etc. on PostScript™ printers) and fulfil other advanced Word Processing tactions easily such as
automatic indexing, table of contents, table of illustrations and bibliography generation? With Final Writer, this is now available to you ., along with a list of fca- Adobe P6US«i|H & .
Warrior font & gruphicai that JUSt gOCS On tmwtnxnxhmA.w and on. We know that sou'll be impressed by this revolution in Amiga
* ord Processing, but don’t be put off by it’s advanced
capabilities. With its complement of A p .
.*r definable Command Buttons and Superb Quality SoltWQTC IOT yOUF AmigS Manual. Final Writer is simply one of the easiest programs to leam and use.
If you've outgrown your existing package ask about our 'trade up' options from your current Word Processor (other publishers' Wfs are eligible too).
SoftWood Products Europe New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE557BP England 1 Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040 Available from all good dealers or. Contact us for a list of nationwide stockists.
All info matum comet 01 tmt of xolug to press, EAEOF. All Trademarks adjumledpeiL The document on the pm itm jMt e * n output m a low ron Comm Bubble Jet.
Ir* i was last ics1 Edge Pro have ft as the 3fer like a plans to nto this ures. But be multi- do, and - :y to use ings. But a hands- ilment of been talk* Window uld make ird parts, en it was , it's been ears!), but id off-the* :o create a t a lower COM M E NT A disk
• r too far with some CoverDisks.
When this leads you to buy another Amiga magazine] or not to bother at all that month, we hope the know!
That you, not we, govern CoverDisk policy will tem| your disappointment.
Vied it empc? I A tribute Brian Redhead, one of Britain's most popular and respected journalists, died on January 23 after a short illness. He was only 64 years old, and for 18 years had been the voice of Radio 4's Today programme whiqh so many of us treasured as our only friend in the morning traffic jam, We can say nothing that has not already been said in the numerous tributes and obituaries which have appeared for Mr Redhead since his untimely death, but his loss was one which British journalism, under threat from tabloid excesses, privacy laws, and a censorious public and governmental
mood, could ill afford.
He, his voice, his humanity, and his shining example of integrity and honesty will be sorely missed y now most readers of the February issue of Amiga Computing will have realised that The Publisher CoverDisk suffers from a few problems. The need for a second floppy drive, and the program's demands on system resources have left many users bewildered and feeling cheated.
Though we admit to a few errors on our part and hold our hands up to inadvertently not stating the program's requirements clearly enough, we have been reviewing the whole CoverDisk situation in an effort to avoid the same sort of cock-up happening in future.
Those of you who have contacted us concerning The Publisher will have already heard this, but for everyone else's benefit, we'd like to offer our apologies. The Publisher was not what our readers expected it to be and we are straining to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again.
Problem is, it was the pressure from readers which led us to use The Publisher in the first place. Survey results, for example, indicate that almost 90 per cent of you are interested in DTP, and a huge number of survey respondents indicated the supreme importance they place on CoverDisks when considering which magazine to buy.
In addition, the replies we received suggested that a sizeable proportion of readers (almost 80 per cent) had
1. 5Mb RAM or more and that just about every one of you had
either a second floppy or a hard drive.
Reader surveys, partly because only a fraction of readers answer them, are never an entirely accurate refelection of the market, but they are often the only hard evidence we have for our readers' preferences and level of equipment.
It is an accepted fact of life in the Amiga magazine world these davs that if you don't give the readers some free commercial software, they'll buy the competition more or less no matter what articles, features, and reviews are to be found in that issue of the magazine.
During the middle of last year, when it became apparent that the supply of good CoverDisk software was running low, we were told, informally, that at least one other major Amiga magazine would welcome the chance to stop using commercial software altogether.
However, without the agreement of all publishers concerned it is impossible to impose this sort of voluntary moratorium.
From the industry's point of view, such a move is well overdue. For every CoverDisk containing a free graphics package, one potential high street or mail order sale is lost, and if the freebie craze continues we can expect to see the Amiga serious software market strangled much more effectively than piracy could ever hope to affect games software.
This legal distribution of high quality commercial software for next to nothing is, of course, a bonanza for the The Publisher: stupid mistake or the inevitable result of disk-mania?
Readers, but if it kills the Amiga's still very healthy productivity market bv flooding it with gratis goodies we, and you, will suffer in the long run.
For the moment, there is little prospect of the CoverDisk War letting up, as all Amiga magazines compete as fiercely as they can for readers, but as long as intense competition is married to over-reaching expectations, CoverDisks will continue to pose a problem.
Many of the packages given away last year - and this includes those of our major competitors - were advanced packages requiring extra RAM, a hard drive, or other hardware to run properly.
GIVEAWAYS Since the initial flood of giveaways, programs which run on an unexpanded 1Mb Amiga have become harder to find, and those which step forward as candidates are often of limited appeal This means that the programs most users could benefit from are not of as much interest to most readers as those which most readers wouldn't be able to utilise because of hardware requirements. Confusing, perhaps, but a fact of life we have had to live with.
Now that the situation has come to a head with The Publisher, however, we can ignore the paradox no longer.
In future, we will strive to find software which most or all of our users can run without having to upgrade their machines.
If this means we can't at times find a package which matches the requirements of our readers (powerful and interesting to use, but capable of running on a standard 1Mb Amiga) you may find that no major freebie is included The AC team EDITOR Stevie Kennedy ASSOCIATE EDITOR Paul Austin TECHNICAL EDITOR Steve White ART EDITORS TymLecky Terry Thiele NEWS EDITOR John Butters PRODUCTION EDITOR Phil Morse STAFF WRITERS Jonathan Haddock Simon Clays Adam Philips TiiuHiefcett ADVERTISING MANAGER Simon Lees AD SALES Jane Nwmingttn AD PRODUCTION Barbara Newall MARKETING MANAGER Lucy Oliver PRODUCTION
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the tdirm n die peeei lor pmsfcte piMabcn 58,305 jan-Jux IW
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MxtWWdSKI04NP Tdk 0625 878838 Fax 0625 8SMS2 Amp Computes a m n&pmdnt patfcaM* end Cartmkn Bantu Modem Ud a* nil mpomtk fer cry t(At irtdo a Kb mue tf for o-raf me apnuit opened 6IW4 firopreu fnwrptie Led No meeere) may be rtpse&xeO e wbak or in pert ndiou wnaen pemwuoK Mue every an a akm.
The pubMen cannot be h*M tapUr rtpenrt* ter ary irron ei erode*, ktnp «r idverthoiwa UWPRESS ENTERPRISE For six years AMIGA Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. As a key member of the Europress magazine group, AMIGA Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available.
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VAT & DELIVERY (Unless otherwise Stated) WITHIN 3 DAYS (UK
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the xailable.
GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 081 686 9973 Mail order prices only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers subject to availability. E&OE. Prices Pack details may change without notice due to currency fluctuations. Please allow 6 working days for cheques to dear GREY* TRONIC riff HC4T ms anj e CD" Cawiati (wftk Oscar AGA. Wmg C Dawfams Stmt* Diggws *Jrypd FRED £279 a ”»mv Cmt« em ruisna music won disc £465 A4000 30 & 40 68030 processor, 68882 25 50 Mhz * colours Item 16.6M, scon desMmg for fKder 1 l Hard Drive es CD" Standard waironty is 12 months
return to base.
12 months on site warranty £39.99 Extra ?yrs on-site warranty £69.99 . PvoirA f B MjdUCII FREE WITH ALL 1200s NIGEL MANSELL AGA.
TROLLS AGA AM COMPILATION PACK 4kcgamal OR DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK '.Vads-wr, 2 ASLl OedwfbnirJAGdi; Qxnr iGA + ftnnw Pirt Ycra» PLUS 4baiti4m ADO £49 ffftCbantd A500* and A60Os come complete with mouse, modulolor I to conned to IV, or monitor bod I , os required, al cobles, monools, [ j operating discs and utilities PUIS WARI- ALONE STARTER ANTY EXTRAS | £ £ HD SIRTWT SIAUAU SilMEtf S3 HI 08 VERSION «ENH WITH ANY COMPUTER 80 120 130 214 999 1059 1129 1189 Hi !* 240 260 1 mi H; m 8»8 ii: |*s u CHAOS ENGINE.
340 520 540 Id
2. 4GI t 1389 [5 .
If [1 * 2279 2579 IH9 Pen, NiM A600ho20SK5i5 40 64 Enc.RoM.MTiK TimuPuum.
It 3 EPIC PACK PLUS HOBBYTE VALUE PACKS Hobbyle ore Famous for dww podu, olomng you to choose whai you borgaat a only a borgawt when you lik* whai you get! So, if you aren't Wild. Wehd i Porodrwd does worse, if Ins* bo5«ly isn't yw, exercise your s NODDY'S Amu Tut, Daun Pan IU*. 700 aw ursn or Wicked, Sleopwofctr sends you lo sleep, Spoce Act h your optioiB and get real yoIu* for monay from HobbyH A600 hd 80 120 210 STARTER RACK A must for new with amiga alone “1 " £15 £25 TRAMPY1 PACK Fun and educational for 2 to 11 (Sane 1*6 t rapd lw*q (arm p 3 Iruh PUIS km An pn 10 blaM discs ieyMwd wwkrr
aw rny 6 llmiid (imodun nfld pmn. Kept 11 let I SPECIAL WITH AMIGA £39 ALONE £59 AumoDbo CD Punt, Kin's, M Mow ftmon UmmKOM'i.
WacoM Disc Frm Disc I years iybi«f« Mali *triing lOfti tl Wnkbuck OtJ Hhtt AltgMl dfgbalnu Aid «sue as yo« gn Aon Oock dm ragubdy. Tsmacdh d rUrmg a fnmk Helps prawn dht Art csUwcAng hi none mods £39.99 mmM ANY 10 £39.99 Ck sae pads am RwdriwdsPjrHt SAMN-toWlniaira 0( r«kvTUnnc (awn Pnparinylt DwHord ?
WowsOwJ (haltngeGel MeshpsdOnkoeragam Grorme Soustss Soc» Vbwt Kmar Mows* mol Pws Meaeswilcbed Joystick. B0 rap. Kxkobk diK box, Dwst Cover Marks 6 game «*ti Tivapy aN tn**A 6 wri mi wPn IWHa Sflinf um tori wi nn rwrljitq VI imdiitii wmiiri ymi*. 3 H11 yam ipufr ajr tW ImAii «*• lnin*d Mini am 4 ) ym Ab mi hripuwift ncWwg Mud (wiwiim Imb 1.2» 1 Pc «. Dfdei twiM ? LrgrN itvion, Spxi, (artnm,itL (main] 10 fc* «U( ytu Iran ggmi injif ymtv x IwmMlk wyMtyW ih (n«A* fMngni al U AN M im um if Am rwi v top-selling I lot Lot pock dudes tha id a Hobbyle WITH AMIGA ALONE ac now idtimflte £44 £59
Fnakemloin (0 (aiMiflmi Sk«em Hako(*« tt *T- !oa Teom WrrsA EddlhiDudit Stock Up| «9ni ) lie Boltetin iur Ink (irmusir doia« if oicadi rtasvrv bacrd ALONE £49 WITH AMIGA £39 RdRahtor tonSmpw Spidemei GAi kmrnn fcioorlnw Xmcn (»¥G Gone of N fcw BodfWarw Apawa Jr m sipirtmwr, AWARD WINNBQ 5poaAtt.&k0ff. (a irtsas7) y aeon you m if sample ppMM Dohk tf vlllsK, Pretodur mete wdubs.
Ixendi prtqiormK dw m AMOS pfogramnir wnidbimthiut SPECIAL WITH AMK £39 ALONE £55 (ndb yxMl m dtsqns to iiKwperali wto ywr AMOSpref Wf wth UK iftl dick. Iwioitn sprtoddnal. Vdcuayi' wtdity.
Dtfokoic, giaybcs * comm Module Kwf heck of utdl card end bank oatunk. Kudg«K ah f PARTICULARLY SWTAMJ CH1LDRLN (MATNEGHI |9N0TA)2WWMPxrR| TITUS MAT VARTH OR AmigaVisiM PeaewrW jcisewion wd jrodjnoi ml PREpS! DESKTOP DYNAMITE AGA PACK (SEE 1200 BOX) £79 ALONE ’DPIII natds 2M8 far a 'SSSsssSS- OLD AMIGA TRADE-M* IK* basr rrode in allowance, extra for peripherals and oueuof *v Trad* in your old nwhinc for a brand new A600 I200 4000 CD« or even a PC.
After trade-*, equipment s checked and refvrbehed by ovr engineen and is then offered at bargain prices, complete with 3 months warranty.
A500s FROM £139 A1500s FROM £199 AMO SO HO---------from 159 Hds* Controllers ...from 179 A3000s from 499 GVPHD8 40 52 209 229 (DHL- .179 XT AT Bboard 50 91 A590 20 40MB... 129 159 OTHER ACCESSORIES-PLEASE ASH 'ACUpNmt *f p*-V? Morhwes my b( limitd NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS MuM-mlm company wbk * yoan nporioaa in (Mamodort product and ban ti stay (onmodort tiaiood stoK dre hnrdty thi Wifi and sit portfts, mJliiwdfl idtcdhsnol. Gamti. Prtgtemnwsg u ndxud sptadas [jwdV nun than omI) OpM 9 A pmllMdffir to Samrday and lO Ooamte 4 30 pm
Sairkm PIUS Ion ntfbts w Ihursdeys (Si Abors ordy) iff lemwmnt dsoMirn (fllirrc utkeme IviAxi end dummRolKn ul cm I600f sqhttghy, Ism (MkibaKhe Some dsy dtspolch lor most oiders lecmsd by S 30 pm txpiiss n ond Saturday «mcH maiob'e Hardware canMy handed and ddncred witty ond iMtf try coped, insured top nan couw senxt Pn dnpafth testing on Araga systems Free 30 day cwic cefcttiw ond delnery tf HEW nplonmm (mapt prodoct utihonvre mwmmonce) Hsefine semperr ond in homo Mgewcn Upgradt and wdi n *fWs to k«*p yw vp i« dot* E«»liwl *ht» sN*s twkt IfWwdwpwtwricme COTV CD Punt, Km'o, 229.** 244.** MULTI
MEDIA (BM 1084 so ? Uam 199.*o i »•« (BM1942 Ums.i«iileiaga 339** if ¦ J Pttp»8833luat£10 209.** 11 StarLC100C 149.** 159.** ipm ±2 Gtiien 240C 24Pncoto(i 252 *o262 *o 2 year Bltwn H iOM HD »*nms *f* SO fiM "«k •«* 3id forty dm« «W tww xlh ntfol Ak W dwimmWi:n ‘On unit ?MB for nmotai m HD mdtb.
A600so WILD, WEIRD Saimm FI Gum 1W.ee 209.** AjtD WKKED rJ&ASJ 269** 284**
319. *o 334 m
349. ** 364.**
389. 99 404.** A500 600 CDTV STARTER PACK A Must for new users!
MicrwrnMwd leyrbck. 10 Blank discs. 80 caponty loctobk disc box mouse mot. Dust com Virus Killer 365 e*379**
415. ** 429.**
569. ** 584.** A INCLUDED AS STANDARD s; The Shoe People OR fan
Schawl Fua Srk*ol 3 ar 4 OS ADI Jm Rtodina OSCeawttog Deluxe
Patot N e 700 dp Art pin Hobbyle Primary Edwcananal PD Pock
Hobbyle 30 Easy (badrta'i Games Pock SERIOUS USER'S PACK
Interested in music, programming ond grophirs?
Then this posh is fur you!
Easy Aims M crcammn, VmUil rwual« ' anpe and HriMMiiq ora fw uirpNlr mmck OR AMOS PreftssloMi 97VAf_ralis Ae mad h «l .atag EVER AOO £10 far ibh agtiaa F« A4000 40: Desktop 01 obove, bat leoloiing the blistering 68040 from ter, with fwl fleotieg point fadmes.
A40OO 40TW: Tow.r wrtb l«l MO fPW MMU premsad whbSCSI IlilDE 1 facts. Maw»MMaNiAliwldwWivwmy.
I WURANn UPCOXMS: imm Dn WaraTy O*.** [ iieiiDfWOtlN * I JyrUtWrnamy £**.H
* AHQ00 4HC m 2+7MB 2+4MI 2-2MB 2 4MI A4000 30; AGA Qdp Set
168030 precesser, 68882 25 50 Mhz ce- Kissor option, 256,000
colours Item 16.6M. scan de*Un * dbpky, Moose, Amiga 3.57176 MB
3.5* drive. Hard
m. Anil* DOS 3.0 sysfoa ond etfities, Neit day ew-sile warranty
Delwxt Point III pius 700 dip Art pks MIDI Rerordmg Stvdw 8 ll
ytu Som a MXII nanmirt. An n miyAuig yn MIDI Intarior* nwd le
wnpese and dil ywi n»s« Hobbyle AMOS PD Greats 1589 1639
• CD32 CONSOLE SPECIAL Choose ony* 3 CD decs (see softwore
section) for £59.90 ai»04 w CD32 SOFTWARE Orti 73 tides
specialty written for the CO32 should be in stock (phoei foe
list), inc. Syndicate Tool 7, Jumuc Park, Chon Engine, many ef
which include a full CO music nock olongwd* the game. About Mf
ef existing COTV ides ora compatible. CD» * 0K0 yday normal
mask (6s and (6*6 dfca ¦ HOT BUG GAMES PAOL The toH Hot I
includes 1 joystick!!! | ¦naiir KtfRttEttRMafiP 10 *Hol lit!"
Gomel Sm liAng A 8m ngkl for ctnml HOT UST. Tr fbom TW
GREATEST1 b htel dienpti. Thddwis genes aratobii 80 Pr*g.
Hebbytr PP '*M«*»p Ora«tsr*ckII TO skeet. DasibM.DnfcitpruilnhH
i Htus kilns • a must to- n«r .Imgj wrw' WE WANT TO BEAT ALL
Btonk disu, mo*s« o»ol, 80 (opacity lorkaU* disc bar, plus dwst torac HOME APPLICATION PACK A1200 1200 2MB 269 1200 +20MB HD 379 1200 +60MB HD 439 1200 +80MB HO 469 1200+120M8 HD 509 1200 +207MBH0 549 Extra 4MB 4 dock fitted ADD £200
- CIM APPROVED HARO DRIVES NlbpdmOlWudeydbKnj humNaiM wd com Mlk
CAM m- irt. Wmtnt, «iim AVAILABLE NOW!
Fwl Motion fideo module for CD” lawk hi* Nnk Mm Dm) £189 « COMING SOON floppy dnw. Keyboard. Mow* (0*1* AT 301 | Ptrfoct for al Home Office needs Vwws KiBar Disk, TW Works Pbrtpum Deluxe Pment III* with aaimolioa ? 700 Ckp Art pki Digilo Horn* Artomrts Aay Two Hot Ust THIas THE HOT US GREAT Individv* packagmd gaimm BETTER THAN 11 REST !!
You feeding mm AO AMIGA 24 BIT HARDWARE GENLOCKS MODEMS Rendole 8802 (1200 tompot) .13V.W ttoPfclv330_____1094.94 Rmdafe8802FMC_______________15995 RagerH 1200tomptf . 138 50 Rntit 8802 SVHV8860 ...469.99 Rap ____________289.99 Haro GerM 292_2H90 Supra ?400Mod«n ..78.95 MONTTORS ACCESSORIES 1014 IMS ? Leads______________________194.90 Sand lor toy 14' monitor______________________ .12.99 339.90
376. 99
965. 99 DCTV.. TO SSr otiv2w.s---- ittMVNPfiVFIV+WKT.
§ 0* Imparl Vision 24 .1255.99 POA HHAfflOUM 32 MT RAMBMKB WARD I
• 1 i7 c*e phem mafefc ** • red Ami 24 hit Him B 5290- Wwak-
- 689.99 » IK *WC ar&tb tnnabk w» rates bet «f ai 4 life tael AbA
Modes in this range
• •¦dondsniir__________________ SuprarFax Modem.. MODEM _
E14S.99 28190 ..148.90 aesssssA Wrth .
Comms 8 Power SUPRA 14440 FAX MODEM Asobow, but up to 14,400 Fai Dato ...... Rocgen plus Rockey Bundb-------------------------
889. 99
- 29.99
259. 99 £279.00 £419.99 .519.90
1790. 90
37. 90 ACCESSORIES A DISCS A500 600 1200prtatar»*«..28.99
Alite Botendft nJoysbk.... 10.99 A500 1200 Cmrtfdl (wit*
34.90 Bua Jaystat 11.99 A600 (Mhal
(Mite 27.90 CDTV Kayboord ..54.99 Bfickitta
CDTV Joystick adapt. .39.99 Zy-fi
Spwkm .37.90 10 Blank DS D0 disc in box
4.99 Zv Fi Pro Sonitin .57.90 10 Blank DS HD
disc ________6.99 50 Blank 05 00 disc______17.99 A520
Modulator _____29.99 50 Blank DS ND disc.....-27.99 DbjC
34. 99 Bped £1489.99 Smlo D Pucote but art: 4MB n)« RIM.
PoarawniJ* rewltfwn to 140011280. B«A « video con»o4« inc. i
10MHz dock, wrft FrlE T ‘ font Jt EXPANSION
A5005l2kRanEAprOKk„ ...21,99 «'iX0bae A500+
IMIinp ...29.99 NplfflM... .64.90
134. 90
194. 90 ntuving tea SVMS qdrt . 16 7AA colours.
TCOvitwlcoAte lot Peggy Mpej nudci oiricn to Pcgjy...,. A500t 2MI, nt to BUI 149.99 £189.« N F hr AIM
37. 99 .115.99
169. 99 .157.99
37. 95 .38.95 .49.95 HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS
AwhrtoJIiOMHO .JJ9.H Midi SUNNI HO ...... IW.fl
j m i mi wo ? NtBhUte I HilihrMK
lNy,i)(«k .48.4 it WITH ¦ 1200s , MANSELL
- 27199 .ijf.fo 5«? IJ39 *39.
GtTim'rOtoU.'4MB 466*2 CaftelirlTN..._ ¦1730114MII(i _ ssis:... HccWOlSWG mvrnm_______ AGA, iGj SAGA AND | PILATION »ACK vgomesl DESKTOP | UNITE ACK voV.2AG*k Fbnr ASA , CkWftms | Ataim i ui a fer ia »£49 Cgscrkj
474. 91
234. 90 999 .ff SS9.99
219. 91 ...339.99 r&sfflSSliM A600 1200 HD UPGRADES W~mmm
PRINTERS wrm Altai StAATtl Paa JsmSBLi .111.91 11990 14449
154. 49 149 99 .184.99 .218.49 .173.49 ..209.99
248. 49 POA
- 389.90 G Gate 384» 25MHi GVP 40 4 for 1500 .
AT Owa ....„ ..... r fits WHO.. IW30 wS
297. 50
337. 50
417. 50 MM
118. 99 .50 Fewer Hand Scanner 4 2S4C OCR soEtnre for Power Scot
238. 49 ________469.99
359. 99 529.99 r M*lmg empty J SOFTWARE Aims 30 Jmf Amn the
DeOMi-------30.95 AmasCenphr 19.49 Aims Not___________ J2.99
Aims Prof. CcmfiWr 24.99 Easy Amu 22J9 | Bulw?... .
.-48.901 r otust| dividua d gan THAN 5T II .-.*9,99
* 24.99
24. 99 2149 Adoage ... 4150 Amrftsm 17.90 BimAw Tift*
Htghte-136.90 NEW-Broodcoil TilUr AGA SnerHkhret_____139.90
Biaed I Foal bhencir Breed T Fort Pock „ MuuPhetdab
GiordNa... Guwsbop 2000 History Lne.
Gtiren S24i a ...325.90 to 1(74 30 UI--------211.90 Stor 1(74 306 (ol- 275.90 Giinn ad Ible. Nmto E 269.90
23. 99
18. 90
18. 90
23. 99
• 12.99
15. 69
15. 95
17. 49
- 12.99
- 5.99
• 9.99
19. 49 .15.99 Irmmrgs 2______ MkroNochnts..... HoJtiy Klond D...
My. -..... RebccedAGA.._ Swsbta Sccnr POA m .51.49
329. 90
51. 49
159. 99 POA
138. 99
137. 99
46. 90
39. 99 torn pub 509fotft At wo Annie fiuiii ini. Itownei Nnw ioW
t bnw '•ebrMlt«oa«
• 0 eoc
• 29.99 | ids ms I I Cwille 2.5.
91. 50 fra GassDesiS _________29 JS CygeusEd fte 35
...69.75 Ortdety Opis 4 43.90 Gl
loiter- ....-...3159 OekiufWcU inogtnwlH_____
Moemp?4AGA Ist
v. Me.Jasm.iSLt!K . Rt dtoi lb* E6(COt (nee tea ite fijgo Pmwn s
tw rfrteuMalfoenraln-J.
Iswiei:UfMs. • ftoDgu*v,net.Logbrcoitus • Upto4
• (wi oeroegelrssncnto.pl •M.ntn Hwy' Jntlt-mi Stfcfiofmw I k
(mnts as 2) ? I THUNDERBIRDS!!.. Then Fuasi How - Tnriel
Pursrtt--------- I (rmmnidw..... 4irwtewthjei*jrt
• C«l per pegelefincnto.pt • M, nwsfcrrncu * (to ntnshr pcpo
209-00 Gaimtn ,47.50 SM UMa( 229.99
0gertobadiV6 ..... 46.50 OwrtwhodclNkOibn 59.99
Vfdivmimsersi 79 95 Fjy Mooed IPEG -.tlh pas mrHMbrtduip&tlWqi-
IOGMB ot fmwsftm *0 xnpm teuedM 1CUAI 'Smep' gw UK taalrfti u
wpmmn da ta t oTifera aqa* iff G. ucti tn Cf AWT IV bad, so tuy
ini load * twffihi latp DOS 2 aid 3 anpcrtrt AKYX, 24 It) IFF
OCTV. Lower end PrendrnfWi Scentry foin 4 Sctobll.™. Ivbtord &V
Oms (8 Vgdf Bichxrdgare wmsSorar fours Bhint® »fWI ©93XC BC III
169. 99
51. 39
79. 50
115. 95
118. 90 POA
49. 49
74. 50 W Show Pro..... IV leu Pro...... Vidro Studio 3 Video
Boeder .
PNONi FOI PRINT SAHFLES I tStodo dnvw Dtrity (W6 71 ebeve) linHy recommnded ADO C39.9S Vidro Efforts 30 Video Uesttr____ VidiAmqo 12 V2 V1W Of FIR - YdiAmg: 12m6 n : - Rmnanii wr.itf Vdl2 Rw'Tpt*.
M24RcalTir» ...-224.50 VyoMpreVTl crwtfs sremug imlopw tegNnca - lowm oetnnn djudv vtti saehiitiulid IgM rejiito etc, record eimr inc dock aalralrtl Mn 329.90 SefWnMly____110.00 Woiks Plat nun
11. 90
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EALER • Simple to use and extremely powerful, KindWords 3 from The Disc Company features all the best elements of word processing and desktop publishing KindWords 3 is a fully functional word processor and page design application designed with the serious Amiga user in mind. It allows you to combine text and graphics in a single document and print the results, maximising your printer's output to produce high quality colour or black-and-white documents.
KindWords 3 features a massive dictionary and thesaurus to keep your documents grammatically correct and interesting to read, Whatever you're looking for from a word processor, KindWords 3 is bound to have it.
The entire KindWords 3 program resides over both of your CoverDisks. The program and dictionary are on disk 1 and the thesaurus and extras are on disk 2.
You will need four blank disks in order to use the package.
Boot your Amiga using disk 1 and when the Workbench appears open up the Amiga Computing disk. Inside you will find two programs: Make-Program and Make-Dictionary.
Double click on the Make-Program icon and follow the instructions. Do the same with the Make-Dictionary program.
Repeat the above procedure for disk 2; Make-Thesaurus and Make-Extras.
When you have finished you will have four disks making up the complete KindWords 3 package. If you have a hard drive you can install the program by running the installer on the Extras disk. In order to follow this CoverDisk tutorial, hard drive users will need to copy the Docs directory on the Extras disk onto their hard drives.
If you are using a floppy drive insert the KindWords 3 Program disk and reboot your Amiga. Double click on the KindWords3 drawer and then the KindWords3 program icon to load up the software. You're now ready to start!
Once KindWords 3 is up and running you will be presented with the main editing window, including an untitled page, a selection of editing icons and the top bar menu options. The first thing you need to do is load up a previously written document.
Co to the Project menu in the top bar and select Open. If you are running from floppy disk, insert the Extras disk and open the Docs drawer. Click on the Poem file and finally click the Open button- You should now have a document that can be edited. Single drive owners should specify the disk name Extras: in the file requester and then hit Return.
The first thing to do is familiarise yourself with the editing functions. Text editing is indicated by a cursor on the page which moves to the right as text is typed in. As soon as the cursor reaches the far- right margin it is forced down onto the next line.
Any words that split across the margin are word-wrapped to the line below. If C Noma l j ASCII Text © Mtth Line Feeds (Aniga) jHith CR LFs (PC style) C As Hany Paragraphs j As One Paragraph j IFF Text (KindHords 1 & 2) By tllcklng on the Format button you can select how youwish to load or save text.
This Is useful If you are transferring text across different computers PaftSizt j A3 j M Letter j AS c US Letter j US Legal j Hide Tractor j Custon HidthpT” Height [iT7T~ OK CANCEL!
Left [eT5 Right [STs Top [i~l Botton [T7i Header fdTS Footer [575 17 Show Margins The Page layout requester allows you to select thf silt of page you want to work on. If the right one Isn't available press the Custom button and type In your own values Measure: Inches!
You press the Del key, text after the cursor is deleted, while pressing the Backspace key deletes anything before the cursor - these are the basic editing functions.
However, we can affect more than a single character by using the selection technique. Go to the first character in the Poem document and click and hold the left mouse button. Now drag the mouse down. You will notice that the text becomes selected - inverse.
Pressing the Del key or Backspace key will result in the selected text being deleted. Using (he selection technique allows you to perform actions on large amounts of text at a single time.
To save the text you must go to the Project menu and select Save As. Type in Poem2 in the Document window and then click on Save. The new document will then be saved to the disk or hard drive, whichever you are using.
You can then regularly save the document using the Save option from the Project menu or by simply pressing the right-Amiga key and S. We will be covering more on the Save and Load requesters later.
Besides chopping and changing text we can also alter its appearance. Use the selection technique to highlight a line of text and then go to the Format menu.
Select Typeface and you will see a list of the fonts presently loaded in the document. You can select one of these fonts or you can choose another by selecting Other.
If you select Other you will be presented with a list of different fonts which you can load in. You can view each one from the Typeface requester by clicking in Kindw Fitter | ?7info_[7 Excluding drawer |nch3.8;0ff ice KindMords3 E ocs JT No Sort Docunent |Poerv r can open and tare your documents either as a compatible file or as an Ascll text file ords 3 which you want to begin spell checking and select Spelling Checker from the Utilities menu.
2* Show button. When you have chosen the one you want the selected text will ciange accordingly. Using different fonts ¦nthift a document can make it clearer and rwre interesting to read.
You will have noticed in the Format samu that you can also make text bold, snderlined and even italic. These format* ¦re commands are useful for producing subheads and captions, To try them Ml highlight some text and then select them from the menu - Plain returns the irxt to its original state.
KindWords 3 comes with a vast dictionary which you can use to improve the grammatical state of your document. To oad the dictionary, position the text cur-
* or at the point in your document from A requester appears
asking you if you want to check the last word typed in (Check
Word) or the entire document (Check Document). If you click on
Check Document the spell checker will start comparing words
on the page against those in its dictionary. If it cannot find
it a requester pops up displaying the unrecognised word.
At this point you can either type in the correct spelling and click on the Change button; choose to Ignore it or Ignore All occurrences of the word; or select the correctly spelled word from the dictionary's suggestions and click on Change. If the word is correct and the dictionary cannot recognise it, click on the Save button which will add it to its database. When the spell checker has reached the end of the document it will tell you.
Like the dictionary, KindWords 3 also features a massive thesaurus which you can use to improve your parlance fajon't know what it means? Use the thesaurus!).
Open Document To invoke the thesaurus select Thesaurus from the Utilities menu at which point you will be presented with the requester. Type in the word you are looking for in the Look Up window and hit the Return key.
The thesaurus will display any synonyms associated with the Word and whether there are any verbs, nouns or adjectives. You can click on these suggestions for further reference. Click on the Replace button to add the new word to your document or Original to skip back to the first word you typed in. Easy, eh?
Detail The last and probably most important element when editing in KindWords 3 is the Document Info option. Select the Document menu and then Document Info which will produce a window describing your article in detail.
From here you can find out how many words you've typed in, the amount of paragraphs, lines, characters and pictures as well as the time you have spent editing the document. If you want information on selected text simply click the Selection button in the Document Info window.
Now that you are comfortable with the basic editing options KindWords 3 has to offer we can move on to the more advanced features. In the following section we will explain how to personalise your copy of KindWords 3, print documents and alter the page style.
Personalising KindWords 3 is a simple matter of selecting the Preferences option in the Extras menu. From here you can toggle the rulers on and off, change the amount of colours available and instruct the program to save at regular intervals.
Using the Preferences is simple and requires little explanation. Remember, once you have altered the Preferences file wish to save the file. Simply click on Save to overwrite the defaults.
As mentioned earlier, KindWords 3 is not just a word processor, it can also handle picture files - IFFs, which can be manipulated in various ways and printed out.
In the Docs drawer there is a sample picture entitled hippy.iffpicture which we can load into our Poem document. From the Utilities menu select Place Picture and from the file requester select the image and then click on Place. You will then be presented with the Picture Requester.
This allows you to change certain effects when the picture is placed in the document. Text Flow specifies how text fits around it - None will place the picture directly over text, Vertical will force text to flow1 straight down while Contour will mould it around the image.
Colour 0 indicates whether or not you want the background colour to be transparent or opaque and the Stand Off dictates how closely the text flows around the picture.
When the image is loaded it will use the palette used by KindWords 3 but you can instruct it to use its own by clicking in the Use Pic's Palette box. However, this will alter the colours employed by the program and may produce an undesired effect.
Once you are happy with the picture settings click on the OK button. The picture will load showing a cartoon man leaning against a wall. On each comer of the picture box are drag points. Pulling these will alter the dimensions of the box and either shrink or expand the picture.
Holding Shift down while moving the drag boxes will result in the picture being sized proportionally. If you are unhappy with the original settings simply doubleclick on the picture and the Picture Requester will reappear.
Fortunate The default page settings used by KindWords 3 might not always be what you want. How fortunate it is then that the program offers the ability to totally define your own pages, To enable page editing select Page Layout from the Document menu. A window will appear with various options for changing the page size and the margin widths.
To select a new page size simply click on the appropriate button. If the dimensions you want are not available as a default you can click on Custom and enter your own values. The margins, header and footer can also be altered by typing in the required values in the boxes. When you print out your document the margins dictate how snug to the edges of the page the text is.
The default measurement format for the Page Layout option is in inches but you can change it to centimetres by clicking on the Measure button.
When you load or save a document vou Pictures can be enlarged and reduced or shed proportionally and you can use the picture guides tv place Images accurately The fine print Craphlcs Printi the document as on entlrr graphU dump. Including all the fMtS and pictures on the page Graphics * NLQ Prints NLQ (Near Letter Quality) uilng your printer i Inbuilt NLQ fonts returns to the top of the page and then prints the graphics enertc Generic,info Star24Plus Star24Plus.info Star9Plus Stap9Plus.info COL Sktdt j B 1 U • Grtv t j Colour Grey 2 Shade BkW prints solid block or white only Grey 1 and 2: uses
different types of grey scaling for the colours on screen Colour prints using colours on screen (Colour printer only)
- r-i 1 KindUords3 i 1992 Digita International 12:38 PM ¦a| 1
Printer Setup Select the correct driver for your printer
VltroPrlnt Products much finer definition for graphics and
characters Normal-Normal screen resolution High-Normal screen
resolution x2 Super* Normal screen resolution x4 In order to
use Super or High you must here the following UltraPrint fonts
Installed: Blake sans serif Coleridge serif Byron felt Up pen
Worbles- symbol Save Save the current setting ortd quit the
Print Document requester Merge Merge the document with another
and print It (known as maUmerging) Nett Prrr Move between the
two Print Document requesters Button bashing!
_ Typeface 0 7; 7«r overtype mode fCMO: Keypad command mode NUM: Keypad numerk mode Docunent: Drawer: Descript ion: Created: Last Saved: Last Saved By: Revision Nunber: Editing Tine: Last Printed: Poen Workbench?. 8;QffACt XindHords3 » Tue Jan 24 18:59:31 1978 Thu Jan 38 18:59:53 1992 n 4 1 Minute (In Total): 24 * 1 * 1 Pages: 1 Paragraphs: 11 Lines: 13 Words: 96 * flit Characters: 514 , Pictures: 1 jUJKtU* Anything you need to know about your document can be occeued via the Document Info option.
From here you can tee how mony words you've written at well at other valuable Information Text Flow.
Colour & OK O None j Vertical Left j Contour Left j Vertical Right j Contour Right j Opaque O Transparent Stand Off |8.25| r Use Pic's Palette You can load any kind of IFF picture file Into your document to add vltual references.
There are plenty of optlont suitable for all manner of picture formatting can choose to save it as a KindWords 3 document or as Ascii text. A KindWords 3 document can only be viewed by the program but an Ascii file can be viewed by any text reader such as More, MuchMore or PPMore (picture files will hr ignored). Click on the Format button cm the file requester and you will be able to select the appropriate options.
KindWords 3 comes with a help facility which explains the program functions in detail. You can call up the help mode by selecting Help from the Extras menu.
Simply select the topic you want more information on.
Once you are happy with the presentation of your document you can go about printing it. KindWords 3 makes printing your document a fairly straightforward procedure.
To get to the Print Document requester select Print from the Project menu. The requester may look fairly daunting but it does cater for all types of printing and can force even a 9-pin dot matrix printer to produce some pretty spectacular results.
However, the best advice for producing good quality printouts is to experiment with the Print Document settings until you are happy with the results.
To explain in-depth about the printer options would take too long, but you’ll have noticed a brief description of each function in its own box on the previous pages, which should help you to produce some excellent results on paper.
CliVa v2.0 Author: Christian Warren Mention the Amiga Shell and most people will run in fear. The Shell is probably the most avoided element of the Amiga Workbench vet it is certainly the most powerful and quickest interface there is when dealing directly with the operating system and the way in which it works.
For all of you out there who dread the name Shell, here is a superb utility that will allow you to perform all manner of advanced operations without ever loading the Shell up.
CliVa is a utility program that allows you to create a gadget- controlled interface from which you can load programs, copy disks and perform all manner of operations previously only accessible via the Shell.
You will find the CliVa program on disk 2. Open up the CliVa drawer and inside you will see three files - CliVa, Example and CliVa.Doc. CliVa.Doc has been written by the author and explains how to write CliVa config files. As an idea of just what is possible with this program, double-click with the mouse on the Example file.
When the Example has loaded you will be presented with the CliVa interface along with a series of gadgets. By clicking on the gadgets you will be able to perform various tasks such as viewing CliVa.Doc and viewing the actual Example config.
If you click on the Next gadget a new page will appear with a set of different gadgets which are fairly self-explanatory. The Spare gadgets are purely there for cosmetic reasons and will perform no action when clicked.
By holding down the right mouse button at the top of the CliVa display you will be presented with a Project menu. You can flip between pages by selecting Previous Page and Next Page and shrink the window out of sight by clicking on Iconifv.
But the most powerful option in the Project menu is Modify.
By selecting this and then clicking on a gadget you can edit the command that was attached to it in the config file. As an example, select Modify and then click on the View CliVa Instructions gadget. An edit requester will appear with the actual command this gadget uses - c:mmpp sysxliva diva.doc What this command effectively does is call MMPP (a text viewer) from the C directory and display the CliVa.Doc. Don't worry how or why it works as we have provided extensive explanation of the most widely used commands in CliVa. To turn the Modify function off all you need to do is select it again
from the Project menu.
In order to gain experience at creating CliVa config files it's best you take a look at the Example.config. Load up the Ed text editor from your Workbench disk and from Ed load up the Example.config which can be found in the CliVa drawer on your Amiga Computing CoverDisk.
Now all you need to do is study the print out of the config file on these disk pages and locate the appropriate explanation in the commands summary.
Apparently, CliVa does work on WB1.3 but needs Utility.library, which we could not locate. If in future we come across this library we will include it on the CoverDisk.
To load up your CliVa config files from Shell type in: cliva Ipathnamel CliVa config name). And turn the page for a commands summary.
Copying CliVa If you plan to copy CliVa to a hard drive or floppy disk you will need to make sure that you copy the files across that CliVa uses. These are: LlBS:PoticrPicktr.libr|ry llBS;req.librir)r LlBS:di skfont.tibriry Any files in the CliVa drawer should also be copied.
Faulty CoverDisk?
If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk does not work, please return it to: Amiga CoverDisk Europress Direct FREEPOST Ellesmere Port L65 3ED If you bought your copy from a newsagent and find that your CoverDisk is faulty, please return it to: Pro-Soft 5 River Gardens, Business Centre, Spur Road, Feltham TW14 OSN CliVa commands summary RCK =D “Vi nnpp sys _ =D ' 0 np O ¦ COLOR BACKGROUND Colour) Defines the colour of the CllVa Interface background.
0 : FONT font name} font height} =D “Spare Button” WHITE BLUE 2 Defines the font and font she to be used for gadgets.
=D "Spare But ton" WHITE BLUE 2 =D “Spare Button” WHITE BLUE 2 Cj: fONT STYLE style) Lets you alter the font style on gadgets. The style ore: Plain - 0 • Underline - I • Bold - 2 • Italia - 4 • Extended - B You can use multiple style commands by adding the appropriate values together.
=D “Run The NNPP Text Viewer" WHITE BLRCK nnpp 9 . DEF ICON n position} y position} width} Like the POS WINDOW command. Def ICON allows you to specify the top-left comer of the CllVa window (should be the some values as POS WINDOW) and the width. The height Is controlled by the amount of gadgets and their dimensions.
Q : -SET VAR (name) value} This command allows you to create variables which can be used later In your conflg file. In our example the variables have been assigned to colours which are used to define the colour of the CllVa Interface. By allocating variables names, commands are easier to read and manipulate.
Q; POS WINDOW (x position y position} This allows you to set the position of the top left comer of the CUVa Interface.
With this command you can effectively open CllVa anywhere on the screen.
Fj : - COLOR WINDOW letter colour} background colour} Allows you to specify the background colour and letter colour of the window border and menus.
______ WHITE BLUE Cj
- NB_GflDGETS 3 2 0 Computing CliVa Guide 1993’ 0-PIXEU_BETWEEN
GADGET 0 0 3-cJlorIborder°grdget WHITE Bl . -COLOR GADGET DEF
Instructions*' nnpp sys:acd iskutiIstogo cIiva cIiv eng.doc ev»
This Exanp I e Conf ig“ ys:acd iskut
iIstogo cIiva exanple.config Next Page “ mens md 2 PQS_WJNDOH
9 110 G-DEF ICON 0 11 180
- SET_VRR WHITE File - "Exawplc.config’
- SET_V0R GREY O : -NB GADGETS horizontal omount vertical
amount} Informs CIIVo of the amount of gadgets you will be
using. If the dimensions or amount of gadgets exceeds the CllVa
window screen dimensions an error message will be displayed.
O •• WINDOW TITLE 'Title ~) With this command you can add your own title to the window.
Make sure you use quotes.
WHITE BLRCK ttu it“ WHITE BLRCK =D “Previous Page 9 pp =D OXQ =D "Spare Button" WHITE BLUE 2 =D “Spare Button” WHITE BLUE 2 =D “Spare Button” WHITE BLUE 2 =P (|. Ull GADGET (width} height} One of the more Important commands which allows you to define the size of your gadgets.
Q : -0 "gadget title") letter colour) (background colour) font style} command} The above two lines allow you to define a gadget and specify Its colour and font style. The command Is executed when the gadget Is clicked.
0 : -PIXEL FROM BORDER left} right} top} bottom} Defines the space. In pixels between the gadgets and the border of the CllVa Interface.
)- O : GADGET ICONIflED title} Displays the tide In the CUVa window when It has been konHled.
Do not use quotes.
0 • PIXEL BETWEEN CADCET * distance) y distance) Defines the space. In pixels between the gadgets.
Q: COLOR GADGET Def letter colour} (background colour) Allom you to define the colours of the gadgets.
O • 'pp Allows you to attach a previous page command to a gadget, ¦u - COLOR BORDER GADGET (top colour) (bottom colour} This defines the colours used for the gadget borders.
O «p Allows you to attach a next page command to a gadget.
1 Y J1 Exdaajf* Vemjhtder SmptTool SrKtoryOpu Xcepyfc* 0 'Q Quits CUVa. You could attach this to a gadget os a command.
Sock that Shell once and for all. With CUVa you can access all your favourite programs without messing around In DOS Jjj yJsu ujjjpuihjg 33 Ormskirk Rd, Preston, Lancs, PR1 2QP Ladbroke Computing International are ono ol the established home computer doolers *»
* * U K We have devetopod an extensive star-IT service policy
which Involves testing J '¦aniware poor to despatch to ensure
that arrive in working order, ottering froo and support over
the phone and cuslomors informed Although our are not always
the cheapest we do to otter consistently good sorvice
prcevspecifications are correct at copy
* 16 2. 94 (while stocks last), and are to change without prior
notice All
* » ndude VAT but exclude deirvery.
* to Pay can order by mail Cheques Postal Orders
* payable to LacSxoke Compulaig. Or give it card details over the
Delivery is available on small items £40 (Normally £3, phone for details).
Aw C7 lor courier delivery Next working day 3»"-*ry on mainland UK subject to stock (£20 b Saturday delivery).
Open Mon-Sat 9 30am to 5 00pm adbroke Computmg Ltd trading as Ladbroke Computing International Fax: (0772)561071 Tel: 9am-5.30pm (5 Lines) (0772) 203166
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£349 240MB NO RAM £399 2Mb SIMM Upgrade £49.99 4Mb SIMM Upgrade
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with 1Mb RAM, Lemmings A1200 Race & Chase £289.99 Includes
A1200 with 2Mb RAM.
Trolls and Nigel Mansell A1200 Desktop Dynamite £339.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM,* Digita Wordworth, Digita print manager, Deluxe Paint IV, Dennis, Oscar Amiga CD32 £289.99 2Mb RAM. Dual Speed CD ROM.
Multi session, plays music CD’s, 256000 colours on screen, includes 2 games Oscar and Diggers.
Amiga 4000 030 £999.00 Includes A4000,030 processor.
2Mb Chip RAM, 80Mb Hard drive.
Samsung C13352X £179.99 14" SCART input TV with remote control and on screen display (requires SCART cable for high quality display) Commodore 1085S £199.99 Commodore Colour Stereo Monitor including cable Microvitech 1440 £399.99 The Microvitec 1440 is a multisync monitor compatible with the A1200- Includes setup memory for different resolutions.
Colour SVGA Monitor £229.99 High quality Colour SVGA Monitor ,28 dot pitch.
A1200 VGA adaptor £14.99 Falcon VGA Adaptor £9.99 Philips SCART to Amiga £9.99 8833 MKII to Amiga £9.99 Star Star LC100 Colour £149.99 Star LC24 100 Mono £169.00 Star LC24 30 Colour £249.00
• Built in 55 sheet feeder
• 24 Pin Colour Starjet SJ48 Bubblejet £210.00 Star SJ144 £449.00
• Thermal max transfer colour printer
• 144 element head
• Glossy colour output
• 360 dpi resolution Citizen Citizen Swift 240 Colour £270.00
Citizen Projet £199.00 Citizen ABC 24 pin Col.
£179.99 Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 510 £279.00 HP Deskjet 500 Colour £389.00 HP Deskjet 310 £239.99 Lasers Ricoh LP1200 £699.00 Panasonic KX-P4400 Laser £499.99 Seikosha OP104 £479.99 Add £3 for Centronics cable and £7 for next working day courier delivery.
• 16MHz 286 PC Emulator
• Norton rating 15
• Plugs into GVP II HD GVP PC-286 Emulator £89.00 Ergonomically
designed Trak Ball.
320Dpi resolution, 2 microswitched buttons. The Legend Trak Ball is very easy to use. Unlike normal Trak Balls the LEGEND is operated with the thumb freeing the fingers to click buttons.
ONLY £29.99
• Video processor provides real time software control of
brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, filtering,
gain etc.
• Audio processor with two audio inputs, software switchable or
mixable, with software control of Volume, Bass and Treble
G-Lock Genlock £284.00 Plugs into PCMCIA slot Fully external, doesn't affect warranty 170Mb Overdrive £349.99 Phone for higher capacities.
• 290dpi resolution
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A500+ 1Mb upgrade £24.99 A600 1Mb no clock £34.99 Plugs
straight into A600 trap door compatible with A600, A600HD
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• Allows up to 32Mb RAM
• Optional FPU A1230 0 M b No FPU £289.00 A1230 4Mb No FPU
£429.00 A1230 4Mb 68882 FPU £529.00
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56001 Digital Signal Processor
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262144 palette
• 8 Channel, 16 bit, high quality Stereo sound sampling FALCON 1
Mb No HD £499.00 FALCON 4Mb No HD £699.00 FALCON 4Mb 64Mb HD
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exact price for repair. If you do not wish to go ahead with the
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Quotation service £15-00 Min repair charge £35.25 Courier Pickup £11.00 Courier Return £7.00 Same day service £15.00 OFFERS Maximise your enjoyment of your free KindWords 3 software on this month's CoverDisk with our spetial manual offer The original KindWords 3 manual costs only £8.95 including postage and packing. This well made, comprehensive book will enable you to use all of your new word processor’s powerful features, and to take advantage of the refinements that set KindWords 3 apart from the competition.
You’ll soon be using the software to its best potential, creating attractive and effective documents with the help of this easy to read, useful manual.
Un:nnsMMmMBnnnnn Sworn f“W!.a. PniiSpni itnsa i uacn.1 Postcode Tick this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies I Please send me... KindWordsd manual at £8.95 including postage and packing (UK)
* Oversea* readr t need to pay an antra £2 towards postage
'Australian readers can buy the manuai tor S2S. Cheques should
be made payable to Activision.
10 Agnes Street. Meadow Bank. Sydney. Australia, NSW 2114 I wish to pay by: Cheque postal order payable to The Disc Company Ltd Credit card Expiry date Card No KindWords 3 order form Deliver my order to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms) _ Address _ Daytime phone Send this order form to Amiga Computing KindWords 3 Offer; Imediat, B3 Edison Road, St Ives, Huntingdon PE 17 4LF, or if you are paying by credit card you can telephone 0480 496688.
Allow 28 days for delivery.
For more information on KindWords 3 call 081-742 9400 The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Follow these instructions and you'll be up and running in no time!
New readers may have difficulties using our CoverDisk, so we have included this page to help you out.
Of the first things you must do when get your CoverDisk is make a backup copy, then put the original CoverDisk away for safe keeping.
As a rule you should also do this with the majority of your software collection.
Below we explain how to copy files from one disk to another, how to copy the entire CoverDisk and how to de-archive programs. One How to make a backup To copy the entire CoverDisk, load up your Workbench disk, then either click once on the CoverOisk icon and select Duplicate, or select Copy from the Workbench menu, or open CLI Shell and type: D2SKC0PT FRQR DFO; TO OFO; When prompted, put your CoverDisk (the source disk) in dfO: and be ready to replace it with your blank disk (the destination disk). Follow the Amiga's on-screen prompts until the disk copy is completed.
Now put the original away in a safe place and use your backup.
Copying individual files You might at some point want to copy a single program from a CoverDisk to your compilation, Workbench disk or even your hard drive.
• S¥ «W|, ?EDlCEDl MBB8&P cow Iiir.nWiyTrfcrfcWtH.Wrd To do
this you'll need the COPY command. As most CoverDisk programs
are stashed away in their own directories, the quickest way
to copy a program is to copy the whole directory at once. Use
the command: COPY directory) TO (neudisk) All where
(directory) is the full pathname of the directory you wish to
copy, and (newdisk) is the name of the disk and directory into
which it will be copied.
For example, if you wanted to copy a utility called FRED from CoverDisk Its Utilities drawer to a directory called FRED on your Workbench disk, you'd type: COPY C0VERD!SK27:UTllimS FftEft TO U0RXBENCH1.3 FRED ALL Alternatively, you can dick once on the FRED directory
• con and drag it across to the new disk's window. This has the
advantage of creating a new directory for you and copying the
icon as well.
Once you have moved a particular program to where you require it you could experience some problems running the program. This is sometimes caused by the program not being able to find files which it needs to run.
A good example is the text files on the CoverDisk.
These have been crunched using PowerPacker, so when you try to copy them to another disk and then try to read them you can't unless you have also copied the Powerpacker library into your LIBS drawer.
De-archiving Occasionally we have so many programs to fit onto the CoverDisk that we have to archive them. Archiving is where we take the entire contents of a disk and compress them into one file which is much smaller, giving us space to fit more programs onto the disk.
Dearchiving programs which are on the CoverDisk is a very simple task. If a program has been archived then you will need a blank disk to dearchive it onto.
Say we have archived a program called FRED. You simply double dick on FRED's icon, and will be asked if you have a blank disk ready to dearchive to. Type "y* or 'n" accordingly.
Your computer will then copy the archived file into its memory and ask you to insert your blank disk. It will proceed to format the disk, and will then de-crunch the archived file onto your blank disk.
Once this has been done you can simply reboot your machine with the disk which contains the dearchived program on it and then use the program as instructed in the CoverDisk pages.
Note that if you have a Workbench 2 or upward machine you must boot with the CoverDisk write- enabled to perform the dearchiving process.
Workbench 3 If you have a Workbench 3 machine, don't worry - most if not all of the programs on the CoverDisk will work on your machines.
If the program is specifically designed to work with Workbench 3 then you may have to copy the program to your hard drive or Workbench disk using the process described earlier on this page.
White Knight Technology professional ?? (0992) 714539 AMIGA SPECIALISTS Fax 10am - 7pm Monday - Friday m tM Son*fr mCmit CjftNafcKt * PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HQ A1EDD ACCELERATORS GVP A1230 II, 40MHz EC030, Opt. FPU WITH 0MB 32-Bit RAM £ 245 4MB 32-Bit RAM £439 4MB RAM + 40MHz 68882 £ 565 GVP A1230 II. 50MHz 030, Optional FPU WITH 0MB 32-Bit RAM £ 375 4MB 32-Bit RAM £ 575 4MB RAM + 50MHz 68882 £ 719 MICROBOTICS M1230XA WITH 25MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB £225 33MHz 68030 & MMU. 0MB £249 50MHz 68030 & MMU. 0MB £319 AEOOO ACCELERATORS CSA DERRINGER 25MHz 68030 MMU + 68881. Holds One
32-Bit SIMM £ 299 GVP G-FORCE 40MHz 68EC030 + 4MB 32-Bit RAM + SCSI Port £ 589 CSA MAGNUM 28MHz 68040, 0MB & SCSI-2 (Optional Serial & Parallel) £ 849 GVP G-FORCE 33MHz 68040 + 4MB + Serial, Parallel & SCSI Port t 989 CSA MAGNUM 33MHz 68040, 0MB & SCSI-2 (Optional Serial & Parallel) £ 999 A4DOO ACCELERATORS AFTERBURNER 50MHz 68030 MMU, Optional 68882 and 32-Bit RAM £ Call RCS EXCALIBUR 25MHz 68040 + 32-Bit RAM (For A4000-040 ONLY!) £ Call RCS EXCALIBUR 33MHz 68040 + 32-Bit RAM (For A4000-040 ONLY!) £ Call GVP G-FORCE 40MHz 68040 + 32-Bit RAM (For A4000-030 & A4000-040) £ Call Some Cards Will
Work In The Amiga 3000 Please Call for latest Details and pricing.
AMIGA 1200 HO A1200+ 64Mb Hard Drive £439 A1200+ 85Mb Hard Drive £489 A1200 + 127Mb Hard Drive £ 519 A1200 + 209Mb Hard Drive £ 589 All A1200's arc covered by WANG ICL On-SUc Warranty ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AMIGA 4000 A4000-EC030. 2MB RAM. 130 MB £ 989 A4000-EC030, 4MB RAM, 130 MB £1089 A4000-EC030, 6MB RAM, 214 MB £1189 A4000-EC030, 6MB RAM, 340 MB*£1289 A4000-EC030, 6MB RAM, 420 MB*£1389 A4000-EC030, 6MB RAM, 540 MB £1489 A4000-LC040, 6MB RAM, 214 MB £1639 A4000-LC040. 6MB RAM, 340 MB* £1739 A4000-LC040. 6MB RAM, 420 MB* £1839 A4000-LC040, 6MB RAM, 540 MB £1879 A4000-040, 6MB RAM, 80 MB
£1849 A4000-040, 6MB RAM, 130 MB £1899 'tom?
A4000T-040. 6MB RAM, 214 MB IDE £1989 A4000T-040, 6MB RAM, 525 SCSI-II £2289 A4000T-040. 6MB RAM, 1Gb SCSI-II £2589
• Drive oja covered by WANG I ICL On-Site Warranty NEW MODELS DUE
Stereo, 16-Bit. Better than CD Quality - Direct to Disk
Recording, Editing & Playback. Can be used in conjunction with
Bars & Pipes Professional and the Digital Broadcaster from
Digital Micronics via SMPTE.
£1249 SUNRIZE AD1012 STUDIO 16 4 Track Mono. 12-Bit. Direct to Disk Recording. Editing & Playback. Can be used in conjunction with Bars & Pipes Professional and the Digital Broadcaster from Digital Micronics. Via SMPTE.
£499 m w wo Gsav mmm HARD DRIVES A1200 2.5" Internal IOE 60 MB & CABLE £155 80 MB & CABLE £185 170 MB & CABLE £ 265 250 MB & CABLE £ 325 Bam SCSI 170 MB SCSI 3.5* £209 240 MB SCSI 3.5* £ 279 345 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 375 525 MB SCSI 2 3-5“ £ 649
1. 0 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £ 925
1. 6 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £1159
1. 8 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £1209
2. 0 GB SCSI 2 3.5’ £1799
3. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25* £2149
4. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25’£2699 Ask about drives suitable for Digital
Broadcaster 32 Barn IDE 80 MB IDE 3.5’ £ 119 120 MB IDE 3.5" £
179 210 MB IDE 3.5" £ 219 250 MB IDE 3.5“ £ 239 340 MB IDE
3.5’ £ 329 420 MB IDE 3.5“ £ 399 545 MB IDE 3.5“ £ 575 HARD
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+ Up to 64Mb Now £ 325 SEAGATE 2.1Gb BARRACUDA External
SCSI-II Drive The Fastest By Far £2,300 Both Ideal For Use
With The Digital Broadcaster 32 REMOVABLE DRIVES "THE BOX 150“
Drives are supplied with 1 FREE Cartridge OPTIEAL DRIVES
2Gb (Int) £ 949 WANGDAT SCSI DAT- 8Gb (Int) £1089 CD RDM
DRIVES TOSHIBA XM4101B SCSI-2 (Int.), Twin Speed,
Multi-Session (HA mount) £ 279 TOSHIBA XM3301B SCSI-2 (Ext.),
Single Speed, Multi-Session, with cables £ 229 SBFTWARE REAL
3D V2 New Low Price £ 339 ART DEPT. PRO V2.5 £ 149 BRILLIANCE
MEDIA POINT £ 319 TVPAINT 2.0 (Picasso 1 Retina 1 Harlequin
EGS) £ 195 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 210 (AGA) £ 145 OBI 30 Object
Convertor £ 99 MULTIFRAME (For adpro) £ 75 PRO CONTROL (For
Professional Software Available on Request VIDEO PRODUCTS
DIGITAL BROADCASTER 32 This Zorro III card performs all of the
major functions of a full, broadcast quality, ON-LINE,
NON-LINEAR digital video edit suite.
It provides REAL-TIME. FULL MOTION JPEG (50 fields per second) Capture & Compression, direct to hard disk. The video can then be edited and subsequently Decompressed and Played back in REAL-TIME, at 25 fps in broadcast quality, direct to video, laser disk recorder etc. Also included on the board is full SMPTE timecoding. Read & write. The card interfaces with the AD516 Studio 16, 8 track stereo and 4 track mono audio cards from Sunrize Industries to enable full audio (lip sync) to video. It requires an Amiga 3000 or 4000 with 68040 processor, large SCSI-2 hard drive, and fast SCSI-2 hard drive
Typical System:- Amiga 4000 040 (2 + 16. 250Mb HD) Digital Broadcaster 32 (Zorro III Card) Fastlane Z3 (SCSI-2 Controller Card)
2. 1Gb Fast SCSI-2 3.5* HD (For Video) Sunrize AD516 Studio 16
(Audio Card) 525Mb SCSI-2 HD 3.5' x 1' (For Audio) Cub-Scan
1440 Monitor (For Amiga) Commodore 1084S Monitor (For Video)
Image Processing Software (ADPRO) System Configuration &
Testing TOTAL SYSTEM = Approx. £11,000 (inc. VAT) FOR FULL.
OPALVISION MAIN BOARD (V.2) £369 £ Call £ Call £ Call VIDEO PROCESSOR VIDEO SUITE TIME BASE CORRECTOR EVP SPECTRUM EES 24-Bit Zorro II Zorro III EGS Standard Retargettable Graphics Card. For Amiga 1500 2000 3000 4000 SPECTRUM With 1 Mb VRAM £ 349 SPECTRUM With 2Mb VRAM £ 399 SCANNERS EPSON GT-6500 A4.
24-Bit Colour Flatbed Scanner with A$ DG Software & Cable £ 749 GT-8000 as above £ 999 MISCELLANEOUS BSC MULTIFACE 3 I O Card (2 Serial Peris and 1 Parallel Port) £109 RENDALE 8802 FMC Composite Genlock £175 GVP G-LOCK (Y C) £ 295 SYSTEM BUILDING WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE TO BUILD A COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR YOUR APPLICATION - CALL TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS SPECIALISTS?
LOOK NO FURTHER DELIVERY CHARGES Express £6 Economy £4 For timed deliveries, or heavy orders, please call.
MDMTOR5 COMMODORE 1942 (Stereo. Bi-Sync) £ 349 MICROVITEC CUB-SCAN 1440 14“ (Full Multisync. 0.28 pitch. Digital Memory) £ 419 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN 2058 20" (Full Multi-sync. 0.31 pitch. Digital Memory) £1175 EBBB1 EB88B FPUS 68881 20 Mhz PGA £ 49 68882 25 Mhz PGA £ 79 68882 33MHz PGA £109 68882 50 Mhz PGA £149 68882 25 Mhz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. £ 79 68882 33 Mhz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. £ 99 68882 40 Mhz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. £129 MEMORY SIMMS 32 MB SIMM-32 £1750 8 MB SIMM-32 2 MB SlMM-32 1 MB SIMM-8 GVP SIMM-32's 16 MB SIMM-32 £ 800 £ 350 4 MB SIMM-32 £ 160 £ 85 1MB SIMM-32 £ 45 £
45 4 MB SIMM-8 £ 165 1MB £79, 4 MB £195 HARLEQUIN + (with fbee vub y c) With 4Mb Vram double buffered £1549 With 2Mb Vram single buffered £1449 Vlab Y C Real-time digitiser £ 359 Personal 5FC Single Frame Controller £ 449 EDITMAN By Syntronix. Edit Controller £ Call 5YMPATICA Single Frame Controller £ Call RETINA DISPLAY CARD 2Mb £ 379 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 4Mb £ 485 PICASSO II 24-Bit RTG Graphics Card A2 3 4000 up to 1280 x 1024 (2Mb) £ 325 PICASSO Iiwith TVPaint Junior £ 375 PICASSO Iiwith TVPaint 2.0 £ 489 DON’T FORGET TO CALL THE- BIG BANG BURGER BAR BBS 081 909 2064 SURCHARGE It ordering
with ACCESS or VISA, there is a 2.5% surcharge. No surcharge for VISA-OELTA. CONNECT or SWITCH HOW TO ORDER HAVE YOUR DEBITOR credit card details at HAND, AND CALL;- 0992-714539 10-7 Monday- Friday Closed Sat & Sunday BY PDST:- CALLNR8TY0VEMPY P3ICI AND AVAILABILITY BSFS'Si 8EMB9M8 YQWR GRBiR TO: - "WHITE KNIGHT TECHNOLOGY",
cast a brief glance over the development of the computer game
in the past five years, it is obvious that we are reaching a
watershed which could see the end of video games as we know
Though the chart toppers of today are still recognisably descendants of the original Space Invaders game, the next decade of development is likely to push back the boundaries of what is possible until 21st Century games resemble science-fiction more than reality.
The advent of CD-ROM, new super-fast processors, and early experiments with virtual reality promise a leap in technology which is more revolutionary than evolutionary, and the benefits could be felt in less than five years.
Pick up almost any computer game you care to mention and it will follow certain basic principles. The action takes place in an obviously synthetic 2D world, regardless of whether or not the game simulates 3D (the distinction is an important one). Ml interaction is via the relatively crude mouse or joystick device, and all situations which might crop up in the game have been programmed in advance and can't easily be changed.
Only sports and flight simulators cater for human responses which change the way the game actually plays, and even then only in a limited sense.
SKETCHED Ten years from now, however, a "game" might be nothing more than a loosely sketched out world in which the programmer designs the parameters for the sort of obstacles one might meet, and the player, by his or her actions, determines which obstacles or challenges will crop up.
Such open-ended game design, a "virtual world" with or without the 3D headsets, has been the goal of games programmers for years, as programs such as Elite and Ultima Underworld show.
Technology has never afforded the games industry a machine powerful enough yet cheap enough to carry this sort of entertainment to the public, but the moment for such We are convinced that digital media will change the way the world uses computers... Nigel Seed, managing director of Silicon Graphics Ltd a development isn't far off.
Progress in the fields of Rise chip technology, artificial intelligence and alternative input devices mean that in ten years we could all be wearing body suits while standing in the middle of the living room with a headset on, the latter doing its level best to convince us we're deep in the monster's labyrinth.
The damage this could cause to ornaments and domestic pets as Dad - blinded to the real world - takes out another imaginary ore with his broadsword doesn't bear thinking about, but fun levels should rocket.
For the moment we are stuck with a halfway house, CD-ROM games which include oodles of high-tech 3D rendered imagery (Labyrinth and Seventh Guest spring to mind) but which are held back by their linear natures.
Current homo micros are nowhere near powerful enough to create these 3D worlds in real time, so the player is forced to Games without frontiers The AC team look at the cutting edge of games development and ask: “Where do we go from here?” Gremlin Graphics At Gremlin Graphics the subject of gaming in the 21st Century isn't a topic taken lightly. Such is the commitment of managing director, Ian Stewart, that he has invested in two Silicon Graphics Indigo machines.
To explore the parameters and to discover exactly what can be done within the structure of a game on the Indigos. Gremlin have also taken on the skills of two fulltime 3D modellers.
Syd Franklin and David Lewis, working with SGI machines, spend the majority of their time rendering images and animations for future projects.
When we spoke to David he was working on some sprites for a car game (which is being kept under wraps), and Syd had just finished converting an intro sequence for Zool on the CD32.
Along we had a storage system quick enough to just about handle it, though it was still necessary to shrink the sprites."
Both of the 3D modellers at Gremlin have an obvious As Syd explained: “The Zool intro was something I'd done some time ago on the Indigo. When the CD32 came leaning towards creating games that feature the type of graphical reality that the Silicon Graphics machines are capable of.
However, Gremlin remain adamant about the most important aspect of a successful title, and David illustrates the point: “At the moment it seems that gameplay is giving way to fancy graphics. In the near future people will have got used to this Standard of display and insist on a fusion of the two."
TECHNOLOGY David sees Cds as a major medium for storing information. But envisages that areas of technology will split.
. “Games on a screen should, graphics aside, stay the same, but new interactive entertainment like Peter Gabnel’s Xplora 1 CD will break off and create a whole new market.* At the moment many of the images that the Silicon The 3D trio Wavefront, Alias, and Softimage have between them worked with Industrial Light and Magic. LucasFilm. Walt Disney, just about every major TV station in the Western world, and a host of film, TV, and video production companies besides. Now they're moving into games, and we should dfl benefit.
The software developed by the three companies is one full revision ahead of even Lightwave and Real 3D v2. The Amiga's best 3D packages (though the latter don't cost up to £40.000). and when used on machines capable of almost real-time rendering, the results can knock your socks off.
A landscape whose limits are strictly ¦f K the designer.
When the latest hot consoles hit Europe
* ' war. We should have arrived at the baWd of the virtual
revolution, but even DO. Laguar, and Sega's Saturn will strug-
k produce anything other than much
* ** colourful and tuneful versions of the «r old games. These
Rise machines are a hrtratr step forward, but not yet a leap.
The leap should come with the release of ko machines currently in development.
W. Sony's PS-X, is a 32-bit machine but
• ith a team of Rise chips running at
• tween 30 and 80 mips (millions of ¦tractions per second - a
68040 will only 18 mips) and is still deep in the devel- full
smooth 25 frames per second (the same speed as a video or TV
program). The chips at the heart of the PS-X are very similar
to those used m Project Reality. A central processor is aided
by a series of ASICs (application specific ini ?ch* tive we
tiile x m evel wn- ma- tded tagi- beai* uld th a hich ered uest
:k by near arlds d to I k M g d w* § pe of s are most illus- 3
way e got ion of j-iphics machines are creating will probably
never see t* ght of day, put both Syd and David are optimistic
about the future.
* There's a lot to be excited about in the near future, companies
have some hot ideas in the pipeline. For t*ample. Project
Reality which will combine Silicon Vaphics hardware inside a
Nintendo console.’ Syd. While not in disagreement, feels that
virtual reality 5 will really stoke the fire of imagination:
¦Virtual reality is at a very simple polygon level at the
moment, but once you can exist in the kind of world
* S '«con Graphics machine can generate it'll be mazing’ in the
meantime, the Gremlin 3D modellers are con- 'vt to be working
on intro sequences for forthcoming
• Bes like Utopia 2. And both freely admit: “We ¦wily complain,
we have two
• uchines, the design world's our oyster, and we get infor- jplit
ay the Peter whole Silicon opment stage.
The second, Nintendo's Project Reality console, is due for an appearance in arcades this year, but retail release is still not slated until late in 1995.
Both machines have been designed from the ground up to pack enough power for real-time 3D rendering, and many an inflated claim is being made on both sides as the hype war grinds into gear.
PROTOTYPE Neither company have been able to demonstrate games running on prototype machines as yet, but the pedigrees which both Project Reality and PS-X can call upon are impressive.
Nintendo's Project Reality is a joint project in conjunction with Silicon Graphics (SGI), whose lead in the world of super-powerful 3D graphics machines is undisputed.
Using a hybrid of the R4000 Rise chip found in the SGI machines which rendered Terminator 2 special effects. Project Reality promises 100 mips (five times as fast as a 68(440) and 100 M Plops to generate complex shaded 3D scenes in real time.
In keeping with these hyperbolic assurances, Sony claim their PS-X console will be capable of 500,000 Gouraud-shaded polygons per second. At 20,000 per frame in PAL mode this is enough to generate and animate a huge 3D object such as a tyrannosaurus or a complete landscape in I circuits) handling sprites, polygon movement, sound, and so on in much the same way as the Amiga's custom chips (which we'll have to call ASICs now, 1 suppose) have for nine years.
In combination with hugely fast data buses, the multi-chip line up should leave jaws dragging the floorboards wherever it is shown to the public.
So where will this leave the video game (or "gamevideo" as some are now calling it)? Programmers have moved from machine to machine for years in search of the most powerful 3D processing power, so when faced with systems which can create almost photo-realistic games in real time they'll jump on the bandwagon till its axles collapse.
No mainstream computer such as the Amiga or PC will be able to compete with dedicated 64-bit consoles unless they use huge Rise-based central processors, but even then the general purpose machines will lack dedicated ASICs. If Sony and Nintendo manage ¦ ?
To bring their machines to the public for the dubiously low planned price of $ 250, the traditional games market will see a squeeze to make Sonic the Hedgehog look like a gentle hug.
Heading edge games such as Labyrinth on CD32 and Seventh Guest on the PC are forced to compromise playability to achieve their superb 3D graphics, but PS-X and Project Reality threaten to remove the need for fudges- All movement in Seventh Guest, for example, is limited to whether or not the programmers included a pre-rendered animation for that movement, and if not you can forget it. The result is a linear game which becomes more and more tedious as your admiration for the graphics wears off.
REALISTIC A bit like those old text adventures, in fact. Remember them? How many times did you type "get sword" only to be told “I don't know that word"? Well, Seventh Guest is the modem equivalent.
By giving the new consoles a 3D map of the game world and enough bitmap textures to create a realistic look, the programmers can let players just render their own adventures as they go along. Playability and presentation will at last begin to work together instead of competing for room on the disk.
To achieve this explosion in 3D graphics, software companies who up until now have relied heavily on Dpaint and other 2D art packages have been forced to call in the professionals, and this has increasingly meant the use of SGI machines and software from one of Silicon Graphics’s partner companies.
Wavefront, Alias, and Softimage have all developed new versions of packages already much used by the film and TV industries, tailoring them to the specific needs of the games programmer.
Looking into the future, EA producer Kevin Buckner believes many of the new technologies will play a huge role. Technologies such as multi-channel 3D sound will provide a good area for development. Games have progressed visually, presenting stunning 3D graphics.
Electronic Arts see a similar improvement in aural technologies, providing the player with true spatial sound with reflection and absorption properties, thus exactly modelling the acoustics of any given environment.
At the moment virtual reality technology seems to be split 80 per cent hardware to 20 per cent software and Electronic Arts see plenty of scope for improvement in the software department.
The multi-player aspect of a game can transform something from being good to mind-blowing and Kevin Buckner realises that the main problem with most attempts is that the single-player game is designed first and only then is the multi-player support added.
For the multi-player aspect o* a game to truly succeed it needs to be fully designed and must receive the same amount of attention as the single-player version.
Electronic Arts see the future of voice recognition technologies as having great potential for them. They see the keyboard as becoming less involved and the way forward being to slap a microphone into the machine, add voice recognition to the hard* ware spec and tie this in with a multi-player feature Imagine the sort of game where you are stalking corridors and For example, rather than create a broad- cast-quality image, the software enables the programmer to deride how many polygons a scene can contain, given the power of the machine it will eventually run on, and produce graphics which
can be guaranteed to animate at the correct frame rate.
Huge 3D sequences, such as those used in Psygnosis’s Microcosm, can also be generated with an exact "travelling matte” of the landscape, which can be used by programmers as a collision detector. In this way, the real time elements of the game (sprites, explosions, and so on) can interact seamlessly with the pre*rendered backdrop, giving the player a small step forward in 3D gaming.
SGI workstations, pumping out hundreds of mips of pure processing power, can produce graphics many times faster than any comparable desktop machine, but the speed advantage is of most use to artists during the design stage. One company mcnt sensor system designed to track an actor's movements and translate them to the characters in a game.
Using this system, games houses can create human characters both in the games themselves and in the intros, which move in At present, Stephen Hey of the Manchester-based software company can’t see even with massive improvements in the hardware that anything particularly new will happen because there are only a finite number of game genres.
Ocean believe the way forward is via multi-player communication networks. Through the use of satellite and land-based phone lines, players will be able to hook up and interact with “rear people thus creating a far more interesting environment.
On the subject of new platforms for software, interest has been firmly focused on Trip Hawkins’s 3DO and Atari’s Jaguar. Like all new products, Ocean are waiting to see the public reaction to the latest consoles before committing themselves 100 per cent.
While there may be some bitter CD32 owners out there who aren't happy with the straight port overs of software from the A500.
Ocean explain that when a machine is first launched upon the market, its abilities are largely unknown, it isn't until developers get to know a machine's architecture and quirks that its full potential can Virtual or not, you wouldn 't want to meet him on a dart night can hear your partner shouting for help in the distance. As you get closer, his screams get louder - did that scream come from the left or right?
Electronic Arts intend to make full use of new technologies, and promise progress in visual technologies such as the VR helmet, larger, flatter screens, holograms and home theatre, and in tactile technologies, for instance. VR body suits and artificial motion.
Headway will also be made in aural technology, in particular, voice recognition and acoustic environment modelling.
When asked whether increased development costs would force EA to play safe, they state that it is crucial for them that they don’t adopt a defensive or reactive mentality and that a cutting edge industry needs cutting edge thinkers and do-ers.
Bearing this in mind they intend to be more careful with their selection process, ensuring that they pick winners. This will mean having to be far more willing to kill an idea when it looks like going astray rather than trying to make a gem out Of a dull Stone.
As to whether the future will see gamepiay sacrificed at the expense of graphics and sound. Electronic Arts believe this is crucial to keep effects and gamepiay in balance, and that one without the other results in a poor product.
With more and more technologies coming on stream and more and more expertise coming into the industry Electronic Arts see the future as being a bright one. And that we are set for a fun end to the century.
Be realised. Games like TFX and Inferno have development times I of around two years and it’s unlikely that the machines present at the beginning of the process will exist by the time the release date comes round. For this reason, the first batch of software for a new working hard to bring as much realism as possible to tomorrow's games is Alias, whose suite of software tools is being used by eight U.K games houses on a variety of SGI workstations, Chief among the new tools is the MotionSampler, a body move- Ocean Software Electronic Arts exactly the same way as real people - a wnnmgly simple
consideration which lends t* finished product an air of believability
• possible using traditional animation tdvuques.
Laser scanners are also being used by software houses to create huge computer ¦wdeis from real world objects. To create a Rolls Royce exact in every detail and proportion, simply stick it in the scanner
* nd let the laser build a point-by*point map cf it which the
Alias software then inter- Pmfe Scanners sizes vary from
shoebox to six high, so complete human figures can be
• canned then made to move with the motion umpler. Resulting in
breathtaking realism.
Of hould a i or id gamr rack an them to cancre-
• games move in HU MAIM Combine this with a digitised 3D facial
• an, multi-player environments and a VR vadset, and you can see
that the 3D gaming
• redd is fast becoming an entity all of its the human players
and the stunning graphics by their powerful 3D computers. In
other words, the wheel will turn full circle.
In the beginning, the computer game revolution was castigated as an introverted solo pursuit which robbed children of the play experience and of social intercourse.
Computers provided the game and the children simply took part.
By the turn of the century, using power gloves, headsets, and perhaps even body suits, we humans will be providing the game, and it will be the computer which is the passive partner.
Virtual reality, as discussed more than once in recent issues of AC, may be an exciting new technology, particularly in the games scene, but it also brings with it certain medical and social worries.
The link between our senses and our state of mind is acutely sensitive, and to disturb it for long periods of time might cause major problems.
Evidence for the damage you can do by messing too much in this department is apparent through the effects of sensory deprivation experiments, where trauma and serious psycho-somatic side effects are the result if nature's only bridge between the human mind and its environment is broken.
Carnes which contain graphics and sound so realistic as to be indistinguishable from the real world pose questions of their own. Man has never been able to completely fool the brain into thinking its world has changed radically, the technology never having been available.
The day is in sight, however, when that could change, and the prospect of stepping freely between one world and another, though exciting, is also a little worrying.
It is difficult to see how the Amiga's part in the future of games will dev elop. As one of the most important players in the development of the computer game, the Amiga has already played a vital part, but if it is to continue at the leading edge it must become more powerful.
Later this year, the true 24-bit AAA chip set should be launched as the basis of a new Amiga, possibly powered by Motorola's 64- bit Rise PowerPC chip. The combination will be a powerful one and there is no reason why a new Commodore console could not make use of this vast increase in capability.
Running at 66MHz with a big brother planned to run at 120MHz, the PowerPC chip will be as cheap, if not cheaper, than the current 680x0, but many times faster, and is already due to appear in both the A5000 and a new range of Macintosh machines. There is no reason apart from lack of marketing muscle and development funds, then, that Commodore couldn't use the PowerPC AAA combination as the basis for a console to match Sony, Atari, and the rest Virtual reality games running on a new super-Amiga?
Now there’s a thought, eh?
T are merely conversions of existing titles. As programmers the technology further, increasing steps are made to use it n trie full potential, In the eyes of Ocean, it's not so much ‘playing e" but more about becoming acquainted with the technology zefore becoming adventurous.
While the company hasn't exactly got the best track record for payable and original games, with their myriad of licensed-based ?aiformers and other formula-driven work, the likes of TFX and Inferno are rapidly expanding their gaming portfolio.
Stephen Hey believes many new CD titles have concentrated solely on the presentation aspects and that playability seems to have been added afterwards.
To beckon in the next generation requires a rebalancing of this problem so that the traditional games that we know and love today will become the games of yesterday that can be nostalgically remembered and not yearned for.
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4749) 49495
4169. 9)
4239. 95
429. 95
4249. 95 42495
424. 9) 439-9)
4) 495
429. 9)
469. 9)
* 29-95
4127. 95 43495
469. 95 411495
139. 95
4129. 9$
447. 9)
499. 95 439-95
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4839. 95 41179.9)
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4254. 95 414495
449. 95 47495
4177. 95
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* 25.95
4249) 45495
4159. 95
1) 2.9)
449. 95 170Mb 212Mb 256Mb 2"0Mb
4119. 9) 41749) Hard Drive capacities are unformatted to the
nearest 5Mb.
V rm prefer ue can install your drift for you and youV benefit from... voerd) collection of your Amiga I 11% In qualified technicians 1 -naming with Workbench installation
• 'lard bi*k configuration including intalla boo of back up and
repair utility software V fUIli month HARWOODS GOLD warranty k*
BOTH your new Hard Drive AND your aniing wraputer* (out our
'Gold Sdl'lcf’) » t wrier delivery hack to you.
ADD ONLY £25.00 to yottr HD Price NO OM- ELSE OFFERS ALL THCL. You will
n. •nnallv only get warranty tover for the new Hard Drive NOT the
w hole computer!
• tbrr HardIHtk Sties: may be mailable, please p*owe us for
further details Please mote that j*l*wgb smaller sties (eg lO
and bOHb.) Are situ adtertised. They are no longer produced lu
large yuautitiex or eren at all long term repair npUi mnd
parts u-iti become a problem. We uvuld NOT therefore recommend
them SUPRA 1 i4LC FAX MODEM V.32 bis Jhts modem can transmit
and recche both FAXJ.s and DATA at speeds of up to 14400 bps.
Ainigj cable and Modem to Modem Data COM Ms software pcoridcd.
Optional software required iGP FAX. Betow) to enable FAX
facilities. 4159-95 SUPRA FAX PLUS MODEM V.23 bis Tnnsmli and
recrlre FAXES at 9600.’4»00 bps and DATA M 2400 bps. Amiga able
and Modem to Modem Data C0MMS software provided. Optional
software required I below I to enable TAX fadlhies. 4109.95 GP
FAX SOFTWARE R«|o«dmth the above Supr» to enable FAX facilities
• TThUi I j4V,vI| iyinKM '4 f ISTtMSAL r-frU . Hut* g » "a " tXrV
* uri) oeivf | uan i .w Hard Drhrs urr all high Qffkialh
IpafUdiy IDE lourr Power Comumptioa units
- ' •Um.rtiie iS’drhes which the computer was me Jntgmed to use.
AH nails are recognised makes fl I Hvf. Seagate. Western
MgilJetc. | IhrJ frvet an supplied ictib driver software,
* * fat mtnctms and back up repair utility toft- wan Fall I Year
Aparky 130Mb. 170Mb. 260Mb.
FffiWffl Amitek 3.5' built-in Anti 5 irus checker!!! Free head cleaner 16195 Cumana 3.5’ with ihnnigliport.
Extra king cable, head cleaning kit 459.95 Power XL High Density 3-5r Disk Drive 1.7Mb. capacity, free disk head cleaning kit 499-95 Supra FAX DATA Modems External Amiga Disk Drives Capacity 340Mb 4 20Mb fcOMb Others
ml. 'OVERDRIVE 35' HARD DRIVES 42».95 Capacity APS Casing sty-fed
to match vour A1200 2Mb. W FAST Transfer Rates Independent
Power Supply Installation Software and Manual Ilf Orerdrlm
from Ham nods are prr formatted, fully letted and ready to
got Vow you can get an EXTERNAL Hard Drier that simply• plugs
tutu ibe PCMCIA slot of your Amiga A1200 and still retains
(Is FELL Commodore Warranty!
Roicr PHONE 409.95 434495 *364.95 Rrndafe 8802 Unlock Rocgrn Genlock I HQ MkrinWilchtd MEGA MOUSE I HQ Microsw hcbcd tOGdpi Resolution MEGA MOUSE ! HQ Mkroswhchcd MEGA MOUSE be. Mouse Mat Holder j High Quality- raicroswitchcd optical mouse I Alpha Data Mouse Pen I HQ Mkroswltchcd Trackball ! Auto Mouse.joystkk Switcher RSD Control Centre & Monitor Hindi wjth tbtlfi Fur Amiga A5W For Amiga A600 For Amiga A1200 ZipMick Auiofirc Joystick Pyihon 1M The BUG Mkraswitched Koniv Spwdklng Aulofitt kotiix Spccdking Analog Gravis Game Pad Full range of Qukkjoy and other nukes stocked 10 TDK 35" DS DD 50
TDK, 3,5" DS DO 10 TDK 3.5’DS HD 50TDK3.5’DSHD Certified Bulk Disks with labels: IQ with library cok so Dbks • only.- 100 Disks only... 250 Disks only,.
3. 5" Dbk Head Cleaner essential lor reliable loading
RoniboVidil2.V2.00 « n Rombo Vidi 12. Sound & Vision Kombo
Vidi 12, Real Time | C Rombo Vidi 24. Real Time rcchnoMHind
Turbo Sampler NEW Technosound Turbo 2 Miracle keyboard Musk X
full version i.i Midi interface Sport c w cable ZYPI Stereo
Speakers Pro Stereo Speakers Stereo Master Deluxe Musk 2
Mcglosound jj Power Mooo'4,0 Hand £ Held Scanner J Epson
GT6500 Flatbed Scanner Epson GT8000 FhtbcdScanncr J g (Inc.
Art Dept. Professional) Amiga 1200 Ins iik r Guide Amiga A600
Insider Guide Mastering Amiga Assembler Mastering Amiga
Beginners Mastering Amiga C Mastering Amiga Workbench
Mastering Amiga Dos V2 VoLl Mastering .Amiga Dot V2 VoL2
Mastering .Amiga Dot Vi VoLS Mastering.Amiga.A.M05 Mastering
.Amiga A1LXX Mattering Amiga Syutem .51200 Next steps A1200
Beginners Pack A500 1, 2Mb. Trapdoor t G A500Ptus I Mb.
Trapdoor U G A600 Trapdoor t G RAW Cap Inc, fcwry dock) PCMCIA
Cards for .5600 1290 (fit in smart (ard Sloil; PCMCIA-2Mb.
Amiga Accessories Amiga Book Shop Department New Street • Alfretoi Derbyshire • DE55 7B gordon 836781 0773 Fax: 0773 83104( [SEE PAGE U FOR Details EXPORT: Most items ire. Avails flf 7*X FREE PflKf 8 to non UK rtttttnts anti or servtea pvtonneL Please contort us tor conBrmatioa oUnport pricesJiitDPrptac- iBQytaPMtw;. V
- Ffttf mm: by Pircel tot* UK MiMand ¦i, f only, OR: NEXT WodXfK
DAY mm - jut £6.85 per sator itui lor £10.00 Saturn dflLmtnii 1
ni_ii_i t nMilann I Ilnrnntiih naniAilli i utmvet ) j muii
I'fywis. (utspaitH wrnnny m toy sl order op paymwt elMPSBtt).
Why not take a trip out to visit us and see cur fall advertised ratge.. tndiuorc! Plmty of FREE poking!
PROFESSIONAL J FOOTBALL MASTERS A Quite simply the best Football management game for your computer.
We have served thousands of satisfied customers during our 4 years of trading. Over 10,000 man hours (during 5 years) has been dedicated to the production of this constantly improving game. It is one of the most realistic and accurate representations of a professional football managers annual challenge to tactically out wit and conquer every opponent.
Manogers: 1 to 4 Human players, Ratings, Performance statistics, sock ond offers. 3 Difficulty levels, Manager of the month and season awarded, Pools, Pick any team in any division to begin with.
League I Cup: Premier 22 teams, Division 1,2 i 3 have 24 teams, Ptay-offs, Tables. 7 Cup competitions with precise rules (2 legs, extra time, away goal rule, seeded draws, European Cup tobies, 5 subs, non-domestic player restrictions etc.), Finalist route to glory.
Gomes: Yearly fixture previous fet, Week fixtures results. Results from previous meeting with opponent (goes bock up to 6 seasons).
Players: Real life statistics reflecting the start of 93 94 season with real positions, height, oge. Live transfer market. Contract & woge negotiations, Preferred foot (left right both). Loans, Injuries, Training, Speciol talents, Trainees, Goalkeepers (separate skill categories).
Defenders, Midfielders, Attackers & Utility, Retirements, Foreign transfers, Unhappy players, lop 10 Hot shots.
Teom: Training, Tactics (15 different styles), Aggression, Formation allows specific player field settings (Left winger, Sweeper etc.). PIAY BY MAIL Service Now Available Club: Sponsorship, Ground improvements, View opponent, Finances Die Match; Real time scoreboard reporting goals & injuries yellow red cords, Sound effects. Interventions permitted al any time to (honge toctics, formations and make subs. Physical graphical penalty participation (optional). Over 80 different referees.
Other; Fast taxi save, Printer access, 20 Options to set vorious game preferences, Instruction book, Easy to play, Technical support Plus: Over 100 other meticulous refinements impossible to list here.
Editor : Allows you to omend vorious items in saved games. £12 Extra [Si Scottish ; Dedicated version detoils available upon request.
CRICKET MASTERS This is o purely managerial cricket manager game that concentrates on strategy ond includes plenty of relevant statistics. The game has been designed and developed by a true fon of the sport. It replicotes everything that a real manager has to contend with ond it's a totally unique production that anyone with an interest in Cricket should experience.
A summary of the man features is shown below:*
• AXA EQUITY & LAW 18 league county teoms, 50 overs per gome
• 4 Cup competitions including Benson I Hedges, Not West.
• 20 different match umpires with accurate names ond strictness.
• Accurate player details Surname, height ond age.
• 27 different player attributes. Most skills hove o direct
impact on the effectiveness of each individuals actions during
o simulated match.
• Easy player selection. All game text is dearly presented.
• Batting and bowling overages. Top batting ond bowling tobies.
• 3 Different training intensities to boost batting, bowling or
Weather, pitch ond light often moke on impoct on ground condition.
[•full match highlights let you | wotch the action boll by boll with | full graphics and or realistic sampled sound effects for significant events (Fours, Umpire decisions, etc.). Interventions are I permitted at ony time to change batting toctics or fielding placings.
EASY TO PIAY Animated Wrestling gome Joystick or Mouse, v 1 or 2 players
• 3 Batting Bowling classifications (Normal, Attack ond Defend).
• Choice of 15 different field piacings.
• Full scorecard results with best batting and bowing figures.
• Other staff (Physio, Groundkeeper, Scout) can be hired ond
• Annual league fixtures listing. Current week and last leogue
• View current cup competition draws ond historic records.
• Real time transfer market. Player contract and wage
• Sponsors, Printer occess, Finances, Poor ground fines, Manager
• 15 Options to alter game preferences, Load Save gome.
• Instruction book 'with plenty of examples.
• Plus many moie fine details that we are unable to list here.
- rfr STABLE 1 ~ MASTERS V 4 This game has been designed to be
as close to real racing os possible.
Five years of development by a clever racing expert has led to the second revision of this Flat Horse Racing Simulotiofl.
Up to 4 players can porbcipate as Owner Trainers with the primary objective of becoming the top rated trainer, in respect of prize money won, at the end of each racing season (March to November). There ore up to 35 other intelligently controlled computer trainers to compete ogoinst ond compare your personal performance.
To ochieve this aim you must discover o potential champion ond train them so that they become copable of competing well and winning ony of the 47 big prize money roces (Handicop and Group), eg. The Derby To give you an idea of the tools provided in this game to assist you reaching your objective we have listed the main features below:-
• 250 horses each with over 60 independent variables.
• 26 different race courses (2 all weathef), real life
characteristics mirroring the diversity of racecourses in the
UK (descriptions provided).
• 20 Jockeys who vary in ability ond booking fees, Orders &
• Formbook ond Win Summary Cards cover the previous 200 races.
• Animated race display or just the result. View Declaration list
for races
• Very informative report by Head stable lod. Tipsters.
• Racecords similar to racing press. Reol life. Handicaps & Roce
• Viruses, Injuries & Vets. Load Save game. Many other items
included Version 1 is available upon request (Simple training &
betting) @£15.
Open National Tipping Competition 1991 by Rocecoll, regulated by the Tote, this program achieved' joint second. This led to a serious opproach from a wel knowi?
Notionol book maker. Rejected in favour of supporting the public Winnings Statistics: 104 wins out of 166, as from 2 6 to 1 9 93.
Formula This program tefc you exactly what to do. You are NOT permitted to amend our system unlike so many other simMor programs.
How confident con you be in something that invites amendments!
Reseorch I Development: Three years full time roce analysis ond experimentation to refine ond test the prediction system.
Inside Knowledge Plenty of unique hints from contacts in the know.
User Friendly. No racing knowledge required, easy to use, tutorial book.
Restricted Sales As soon os our programs predictions hove a prolific impoct on the betting odds we will stop accepting new buyers.
Monthly Updates Highly recommended option. If ony update foils to breok even we'll send the next one free of charge. From £25.
Price Increase Highly ikefy. Buy now before success forces increase.
GAME OPTIONS A fantastic graphical and or tactical representation of Cricket that has been completely written by o traditional fon. You can physically participate with batting ond or bowling or leave it to the computer to automatically handle. See full feature kt below
• I Day limited Overs Oi test
• White oi coloured clothing
• Three Cricket grounds.
• Lood Save game. Skill levels.
• Compuler Humon players.
• Sound Commentary.
• Umpiie signals.
• All the strokes cut, pull, dnve, etc.
• Appeoh, dropped catches, run outs.
• Bouncers, wkles ond no balls.
• Scorecard & bowling analysis.
• Weather ond ground repoits
• Wagon Wheel
• Manhatton Chart PLAYER VARIETY
• Rated on 8 adjustable factors.
• Left and right handed players.
• Range of hotting types.
• Editor to amend gome slots
• Bowler types include seom, swing, change and both types ol spin
with 8 speed levels FRIENDLY (0NTR01S 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD
HOT-LINE (0702) 600557H
• Icon dnven with point & click.
• large 3D scrolling screen covering the entire playing area.
• Mouse controls bowler's line, length, direchon field settings.
• Joystick contiol of batsman's attack level, strokes ond running
between wickets.
• Surfoce ond pace of pitch
• Rain, bad light, cloud cover, temperature ond humidity.
48 HOUR DISPATCH CHEQUE PAYMENTS 1 If you have o guarantee cheque card or credit card i please write its number on the reverse of your cheque, domg so will ensure dispatch within 48 hours of receipt.
OUR ADDRESS esp so wmwm 32a Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SSI 2ND.' England TEL (0702) 600557 FAX. (0702) 613747 [ ] MAIL ORDERS AH Hie programs detailed in this odretr ore on!,1 available by direct mad Professional Football Atasters V4 Stable Masters V2 Oracle Horse Tipster (RRP £99.95) POSTCODE well-known maxim in the computer industry is that you can never have too much disk space, ’ processing power. Normally, all mt, but you can get more disk space wnph-, and cheaply, or for free, to tfw cheap category we can include utili- ikr Pegger, PowerPacker Professional or Expander,
but there are also many dkwnrare and public domain hard drive Sbpftssion programs that cost little or More we can discuss the merits of disk impression, we need to understand the wrrg techniques used by the different proto give you more space on your disk, finth. There arc the archivers. These pro- Uke single files, or directories of files 1 Kjueeze them down into one big (but smaller than when you started) lou can't use these compressed files
- they must he decompressed first.
Js a variant on this method for floppy only which, instead of compressing the I files, compresses the whole disk, by track.
Secondly, there are the compressors, lew also compress files (obviously!), but ther than clumping them all together as
* file, they compress each file individually.
Lr compression factor is not so great, but r real advantage of this method is that you ¦ carry on using the files as though thev m not compressed at all.
As always, there are some that don't fit into either category', so I'll deal with them last. But first, archivers... We in the Amiga world are very fortunate to have such an enormous amount of PD software available to us. Comparing the amount of PD to owners of Amigas, there are probably more PD programs written per head than for any other machine.
This puts us in the enviable position of being able to find almost any type of program, including archivers, for free (or a minimal shareware fee). First up in our list are die LHArc family of programs.
LHArc is probably the single most popular format for archiving files on the Amiga.
It appears in several forms including LHArc, LZ and Lha, all written by different authors. This, like nearly all of the archiving programs, is designed to be used from the Shell, which rather limits its friendliness, although you can get Workbench front- ends for LHArc which cut out most of the work.
DIRECTORIES Most people will probably use LHArc from within a directory utility like Directory Opus or DiskMaster which allow the user to select files and directories to archive at the touch of a mouse button.
LHArc files are saved with a file extension of .Izh or .lha. My archiver of preference is Lha by Stefan Boberg.
There are several other archiving pro- All you need to know about hard drives, as they get expanded, compressed, packed and archived by Ben Vost l*pander can compress fifes to around 60 per cent In real time This was the packed dir.
HU ¦ HARDWARE grams available for the Amiga. These include Arc, Zoo, Zip and compress files.
Arc and Zoo have pretty much been left behind now, and are very infrequently seen these days.
How to compress Encoding. Faxes and IFF files use this method to keep files as small as possible. It works like this. Take a tile that is a mixture of zeros and ones like so; The usual method for compression, especially in archivers, is one of redundancy removal. If you take a long sentence that repeats itself over and over and over you will see that it can be compressed neatly by representing the repetitions with a code and putting the key for the code somewhere in the archive file. Thus, as an example, this paragraph compressed would look something like this; Zip (or PKZip, as they are
sometimes known) files are more common on the PC, where they are the standard format. If you intend giving someone something for a PC, it is probably best to archive it in a Zip file rather than LHArc it i" " " "ini'" Tbfusuil «elod for l , especially Drchivtrs, ? |(of Idundancy )aoval. If you tikli ijgtentcncld )pe s itself SlSZSyou uillteld it can bifed neMjr by )p)$ ent!g*)petiti|$ »f() • Iputt!g*key for*,(oaeake) !*archi»(file. Tkus,)$ )n cxiaple, (? Paragraph fed Mould iMkloiedg liktl*: *=*cod«'fs*Mipr«irJ*'9Ytr •ts"»nd '*=' the •!a,irC«,tfc,)**re'w"1s"|a*i«" »“it"(*,,e "Is* *’ Run Length
encoding changes the file from being zeros and ones and puts a code in their place. It’s a very simple code, it just gives whether the sequence should be zero or one and how long for: Compress is a Unix file compressor that you will probably only use if you have a modem and an Internet account. When you decompress a compress file (confusing isn't it?) It usually ov erwrites the original archive, so make sure that, if you want to keep it, you have a copy of the original archive somewhere else.
Now this example doesn't work very well because it is too short a piece of text, but the first paragraph is 393 char* acters and the second is 384. Over a much larger file - this article for instance - the amount of compression can be greatly improved.
The other main method is known as RLE or Run Length Arc files are saved with a file extension of .arc. Zoo files with .zoo, Zip files with .zip, and compress files with an extension of Z. The first paragraph comes out as 218 characters, while the second comes out at 87. A massive improvement However, most files aren't as easy as that.
MASHER If you're interested in crunching floppies, you can gel a program called DMS (or Disk Masher System), This takes a floppy and compresses it track-by-track to another location, ie. Your hard drive, or RAM:.
You can't use this archive as it stands though; you need to decompress it back to floppy. DMS expects a disk (it doesn't care whether or not it is formatted) in dfO: and proceeds to decompress, track-by-track again, onto that floppy. DMS files are saved with a file extension of .DMS. And so on to compressors. The first thing that should be pointed out about compressors is that they don't usually compress files as much as archivers do. However, what you lose in disk space you gain in functionality.
There are two commercial offerings: the §S£ - nti Ntn ftrrKwmr,?: ¦~"‘TTTrTT' 41 lavMVMi Haw iii r KS7Ar«;?;*f iTi’-r- he: IS3K: T5R3 PssrMr'aJliVli* What is Jpeg?
The Jpeg graphics file format »s named after its creators, the Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is how it works. The Jpeg compression algorithm takes advantage of the fact that the human eye can't distinguish between as many values of hue, saturation and brightness as a 24-bit display, and “smooths' shades together resulting in a simpler file.
It then uses other data compression methods to further reduce the size of the file.
Because saving a file as a Jpeg means that the original file is modified, the Jpeg image will never be the same as the original 24-bit We. This is known as *1088 compression.
However, depending on the amount of compression, the differences between the original and the Jpeg will almost certainly be too small to notice.
Old but much-used PowerPacker Professional and the new kid on the block, Disk Expander. Actually, when I say new kid on the block, it's not strictly true. Disk Expander is v2 of a shareware piece of software called EPU.
EPU (and Disk Expander) takes advantage of a system of compression libraries called XPK libraries. Each of these libraries has a different forte. One might compress and decompress really quickly, but offer relatively poor compression rates, while another might take a while to compress, but give outstanding compression results.
The advantage of this system is immediately apparent. You start with a control program that watches for files being written to or read from the disk and then applies the compression algorithm the user has chosen The belt known cruncher It still the most useful end widely accepted for files on that disk. If you decide that the compression format doesn't give you the results you wanted in lerms of time saved or filesize, then all you need do is switch to a different compression library. If the author of a compression library brings out a new version, that is all you need update, not the
whole program.
PowerPacker doesn't look at your disk except when reading files. If the file is a program, then PowerPacker automatically docrunches it on the fly; the only thing you might notice about using a powerpacked file is that the mouse pointer, or screen, jiggles and displays strange colours while loading.
This is perfectly normal and is a feature of PowerPacker to show it is working.
If your PowerPacked file is not a program, but data, such as a DTP file or a picture, then you will require some extra software to read that file. If the file is text, a standard picture or animation, then the supplied PPMore, PPShow and PPAnim will display it with no trouble.
DATA FILES Otherwise you will need a program called PP (or PowerPacker Patcher), which decrunches data files as they are being loaded in the same way that PowerPacker does when loading a program.
You can also find a shareware program in public domain libraries called PowerData.
This solves a problem with PowerPacker and changes it into something more like disk expander. The problem with PowerPacker is that you pack a file. Fine.
Then you load it into a paint package or whatever, and edit it. Then you save it back out. The file is no longer packed because PowerPacker doesn't get called to recompress the file. This is exactly what PowerData does. When you save a file that was PowerPacked, PowerData jumps in and recompresses it on the fly.
PowerPacker also comes as a shareware package with some of the Professional version's features removed, but as it only costs around £15, why not get the full version?
There are plenty of other shareware or pub- lie domain compressor programs around, L best-known of which is probably Imploder 1 There is a package that doesn't really fl into either category, and also some prograJ that you wouldn't think of as file comprd sion utilities. They all have to do wii graphics.
Pegger is an American product desij to watch over your hard drive for Toastd Framestores, 24-bit IFF or Ham8 pictures, tm when it sees one being written it automaM cally catches it and converts it to Jpeg form* Similarly, when a program that can't ixd mally load Jpeg images, like Deluxe Pad asks for an image that Pegger has co pressed, it converts the Jpeg image back a Toaster framestore, an IFF or Ham8 pic or a DCTV 3 or 4 bitplane image.
Thus process could also be achieved if yd have a program called Rend24, or you use version of ADPro that comes with a p: called Sentry. Both these programs can be to guard a director)' or dusk, looking for filfl to be written, If the)- see something then thea too can convert the image to Jpeg to sad space. However, they won't convert td image back to IFF if a program like Delud Paint tries to load one of the 1 converted files. R R Contacts Product: Disk Expander Supplier. Power Computing Tel: 0234 843388 Price £35 Product: Pegger Supplier: Ramiga International Tel: 0782 398840 Product:
PowerPacker Professional Supplier: AC Reader Offers Price £14.95
• The shareware and public domain programs mentioned should all
be available from any good PD supplier.
• 'mt Ar nft i' Hi * i ' v fi j V BACKUP PRO X-Backup Pro is the
most powerful disc backup utility available for the Amiga, BUT
DON T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... CIJ imiiju Vof a me. Juh I99i
“IT’S UNBEATABLE.” a veritable bargain at just £39.99 Amiga
Computing. September I99J fast, flexible and reliable imtga
lumpunng, Srpumtnr I99i Unlike other disc backup utilities.
X-BACKUP PRO is totally automatic and extremely simple to use.
It is fully compatible with ALL AMIGA computers.
• Will backup virtually any disc onto another disc.
• Full hard disc backup.
• File management facility.
• Optimise, formats, repairs, verifies.
• Includes the AUTOSWITCH CYCLONE cartridge. Simply plugs into
the external disc drive socket at the rear of the Amiga, and
plug your external disc drive into the back of the CYCLONE
cartridge for unbeatable disc backup power. An external disc
drive is required for use with the CYCLONE cartridge. These are
available from us priced £54.99. FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
If you can find a more powerful disc backup utility, we will give you your money back.
? --i0 efw.
Is £39.99 + £1 postage & packing THIS PRODUCT MUST NOT BE USED TO INFRINGE COPYRIGHT A1200 1200 4mb memory expansion with clock New state of the art design.
32 bit wide auto configuring Fastram.
Zero wait state allows the A1200 to run at full speed.
Increase the speed of the computer by 219% Battery backed clock keeps the correct time and date even when the A1200 is switched off. Simple trapdoor installation.
¦ W.- »v £54.99 V 3 Add £289.99 tor A1200 fitted with above drives.
Our 2.5* hard drives for the Amiga A1200 A600 offer speedy access times and come complete with fitting cable, screws and full instructions. They are pre-formatted and have workbench already ¦"stalled for immediate use. Fully guaranteed for 12 months.
Free fitting service to personal callers Soundblaster The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10 watt stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 3 way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES!
The SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dimension to games playing, imagine stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific stereo tunes. The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games playability! The speakers are powerful 50 watt 3 way units featuring a 3" woofer. 2" honker and a UU r tweeter to provide a HARD DISC DRIVES 40mb Cl 24.99 170mb £259.99 60mb £144.99 210mb £339.99 85mb £174.99 256mb £379.99 12Qmb £214.99 WE’VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED powerful crisp sound.
Telesales open 9am - 6pm Monday-Fnday ____ Access Visa accepted Send a cheque Postal order or credit card details to:- Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England Government. Education and PLC orders welcome.
All prices include VAT at the current rate. Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.). £7.50 Europe. £12.50 rest of world.
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Pro .....£29.95 Right from the very
start the Amiga was a computer built with video in mind. In
addition to providing a revolutionary graphics box, the
Amiga's designers took care to ensure that it could be fairly
easily interfaced with video equipment and provide suitable
outputs for conversion to various standard video formats This
meant that any graphics or animations produced with paint,
animation, 3D or video titling software could easily be
recorded to videotape for posterity. But not always as easily
as you might imagine.
For instance, while simply recording the Amiga's graphics to tape can be quite easily accomplished by several models of Amiga (the Amiga 1200 has both composite and RF video outputs, as well as the standard RGB port, for example) combining graphics and video is a more complicated proposition which cannot be carried out directly by any present, or indeed past, Amiga.
Which is a bit of a problem when you consider that video titles (and plenty other video graphics) are often superimposed directly over video images themselves.
So how is it done? What magic boxes make such TV-style visuals possible?
How do they work, why would you need one, and how do you get the best from it once you have one? These, and more nagging questions, are the subject of this month's Survivor's Guide, This might surprise you, but you'd be wrong if you thought a genlock was a piece of hardware you bolt on to your Amiga in order to add titles and graphics to your videos. Not entirely wrong, but certainly misinformed.
Genlocking per se actually refers to the process of synchronising one video signal, or piece of video equipment, with another
- an absolute requirement if two video signals are to be
successfully combined or mixed together.
SYNCING The term genlocking derives from Generate (or General, according to some sources) Locking, which describes the function of syncing the signals together.
Genlocking is only half the story though, since it is a process called keying which actually superimposes the graphics over video. So we can now see that a genlock must perform several different functions in order to combine video and graphics together. Genlocks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges, and they vary in the number of different functions that they can perform, but the bottom line is that they all enable Amiga graphics to be combined with video images - some more successfully than others, and with more bells and whistles - but combined nonetheless.
Some genlocks have mixing controls to determine the level at which the Amigi graphics will be mixed over video. QtheJ let you adjust the colour, brightness contrast of the incoming video signal.
Some have built-in RGB splitters m case you have an older, mono video tiser- All have some form of selectioJ between pure Amiga, pure video and] mixed video Amiga signals. And all hav«| Want to unlock the Amiga’s vast video potential? Let Gary wgy L White|y suide w you through py ' !Woo sGt vf‘ ' 6 Was GEN the genlock genlocks.
GENLOCKS ft. Jungle GENLOCKS Simple titling can really Hft a home video Genlocking dos and don'ts ? DON'T expect broadcast quality from VHS video equipment and a cheap genlock. Quality is usually (though not exclusivety) related to cost.
I screen scrolling and a quality.
Is one of the genlock's most important tasks, because in order for the genlocking process to work successfully the Amiga has to take its timing signals from the genlock, and if these are at all unstable then the Amiga may not perform properly, resulting in all kinds of problems.
Once the Amiga is successfully synced to the video signal - in other words the timing of the lines, fields and frames which constitute the Amiga's video display coincide exactly with those of the external video signal - the conditions are right for superimposing the graphics.
In order for the Amiga's RGB output to be mixed with the external video signal it must first be encoded to the same format as the video - which generally means converting it to either composite, Y C or even YcrCb (a high-quality broadcast signal format) video formats, depending upon the circumstances, and the genlock.
To read the sync pulses which are present in all standard video signals and derive a new set of timing pulses from them which are used instead of the Amiga's own, internally-generated, clock pulses.
These pulses are passed to the Amiga via one of the RGB-port connections. This INTEGRITY In order to maintain the signal's integrity various electronic processes far beyond the scope of this guide are applied, but suffice it to say that without them the genlock's output wouldn't be anywhere as good as it might be.
Colour phasing, PAL phasing and syncing the colour bursts are three functions which are necessary’ to keep everything on the straight and narrow.
Some genlocks also automatically clip the level of the external video signal, which isn't always a desirable thing - though it does ensure that "hot" colours such as bright reds and blues don't cause the excessive smearing and "noise" problems that they otherwise might.
If you use a genlock then you'll know that it is usually the first palette colour of a graphic, known as colour zero, which is replaced bv the video signal, leaving any non-colour zero content to be added over video. This is because the genlock reads the Amiga's RGB video output, as well as a signal output called zero detect.
Every time an instance of colour zero is detected by the genlock it quickly switches its output to be the incoming video signal.
When no colour zero is present the output is switched to Amiga graphics. By switching between signals extremely rapidly, all incidences of colour zero are replaced by video, resulting in the non- colour zero graphic content appearing to be superimposed over the video images.
This switching system is known as keying.
Incidentally, you might be aware that some genlocks also provide inverse keying. This is where all colours but colour zero in the Amiga graphics are replaced by video, providing a through-the-key- equal than others and have an extra keying system based on something called RGB! (where I stands for intensity) which, like zero detect, is an output from the RGB port used to send control signals to the genlock, this time based on the intensity of a colour, rather than specifying just whether colour zero is present or not.
The RGB1 keying system is often called foreground mode (to distinguish it from colour zero background mode). RGBI permits any colour other than colour zero to be used selectively as a key colour - for instance palette colour one could be green, and the kever circuits in the genlock could be preset to accept this as the key colour - so that keying would take place each time such a green was detected hole type of effect, which is why this type of keying is sometimes called keyhole mode.
So we can see that synchronising the Amiga to the external video signal and then combining its graphics with video by keying are the two essential parts of genlocking graphics and video.
But that's not necessarily the end of it, because some genlocks are created more Buying a genlock Unless you re really strapped for cash, buy a genlock which has an RGB passthrough - you’ll be able to use your Amiga RGB monitor then. If you use S-VHS or Video 8 then go for a Y C-capable model for improved picture quality.
Don't worry about extras like colour and brightness correction, they aren't strictly necessary. Quality is more important than quantity, though I think you'll probably find the ability to fade graphics up and down over video useful - unlike the paltry selection of wipes which some genlocks provide.
4 Get down to some creative video work... by the switching circuits (this time driven by the RGBI output). In most cases foreground keying isn't necessary, and regular colour zero keying should be quite sufficient for most jobs, though it can be useful to have the choice sometimes.
One last point to note is that genlocks can only work with Amiga display modes which are capable of being genlocked.
This might seem like an obvious point but if you have an ACA-equipped Amiga (eg an A1200 or A4000) and a multisync mom itor and commonly work in DBLPAL mode, for instance, you'll find that you cannot genlock graphics over video.
EXTERNAL This is because the higher display rate of the Amiga cannot be synced to the external video signal. If you want to find out which display modes can be gen- locked, open the ScreenMode requester from Workbench Preferences and you'11 find the relevant information displayed there.
And that's my attempt at explaining how a genlock works without using too many long words or too much obscure jargon, Because when it comes right down to it all you probably really want to do is just to plug a genlock into your Amiga and get down to some creative, nay even artistic, video work.
How the genlock actually does what it does is probably the least of your concerns. But if the quality of your work is important to you, read the box on dos and don'ts. A few simple tips could make a vast difference to your output. _ Happy genlocking!
Jargon buster composite video A standard video » commonly provided by most video eqJ ment. Used by genlocks, video mixers m other video applications. Called compos because it combines brightness (Y) cam
(C) and synchronising data into a -4 signal.
Field Half of an interlaced frame of containing either odd or even scan lines frame The basic video picture provided!
Two interlaced fields. In PAL this conttfl 625 horizontal lines of information and MU 1 25 of a second to display - hence raj are 25 frames for every second of video genlocking Commonly (and i understood to be the overlaying of compijj graphics over video images by using a m lock. Genlocking actually refers to the pM cess of synchronising the Amiga (or oM piece of equipment) to an external m signal.
Interlace The method used in video to play more information on screen by first playing one field and then its counterpart I of asecoJ the fields alternate every 1 50th 1 in the PAL system, the human eye is food r franj into thinking it sees a full image (or rather than the two distinct sets of horizcrtl lines which make up each field.
Keying An electronic video process v.rd replaces either a selected brightne* (lumakeying) or colour (chromakeyind within one video signal (for example Amiga graphic) with video images from second source, such as a camera or udd recorder.
Overscan By producing a video image a graphic larger than the visible screen area S a TV or vKJeo monitor the possibilities of 9m image not entirely filling are drasticaM reduced. Such an image is said to be ¦ overscan format. The Amiga can produJ graphics in overscan resolutions - for exanl pie 736 x 576 pixels in hr-res interlace.
PAL The TV system used in the UK arm several other countries.
RF video A combined audio and video sm nal designed for transmission at radio fill quency. Used in TV aerials and videlj recorder-to-TV applications. Not suitable tal genlocking. Vision mixing or digitising work I RGB video The Amiga’s native video sym tern, providing red. Green and blue signalM (and synchronisation information) to providM better quality output than RF, composite al Y C video signals when displayed on a suil able RGB monitor.
Y C video An improvement over comp video as the brightness (Y) and chromina
(C) signals are processed separately, resu*-?
Ing in better picture quality. Y C is common** used in S-VHS and Video 8 applications.
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Head Office WTS Electronic Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton 0582 491949 Computer Mail Bedford No. 16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 WHERE TO FIND US!
Computer Mall St. Neots No.6 £18 £37 i£40 s£49 Priory Mall Shopping Centre St. Neots 0480 471117 asonai . nal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal S Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St, Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 ¦ M USIC adjust the mix, some form of monitoring is essential and this is achieved via the board's loopback feature which enables the selected signal s to be monitored constantly, thereby allowing you to initiate
sampling at the optimum moment.
It's been a long time coming, but at last AC can provide the definitive review of the very latest European import. Although the necessary Toccata hardware has been in the office for some time, the lack of any documentation has kept it firmly at the back of the goodie cupboard.
Thankfully, postie has finally come good with English documentation for the Toccata sampler and its accompanying Samplitude editing software. However, before diving into the aforementioned software a brief introduction to the hardware might be wise.
As is rapidly becoming the norm in the world of 16-bit sampling, a Zorro slot is an essential for Toccata - which obviously puts the A1200 and below out of the picture.
Assuming you have the necessary slot, adding the various I O connections is pretty straightforward with the back of the board providing a stereo line-in, an aux input plus a single stereo line-out.
However the story doesn't end there, as the board also provides a microphone input alongside a second auxiliary. But strangely enough, both these additional ports sit approximately half-way along the board and therefore require connections to be trailed into the machine.
SET UP Assuming you supplied the necessary cabling, inputs, outputs and amplification, it’s time to boot the control software and set up the board. Fortunately initialisation is taken care of on boot-up via WB Start- up User Start-up so all that's required is adjustment of the odd slider plus selection of the required input.
As you've probably guessed I O is one of the board's strengths and this is reflected in the control panel which boasts both 8 and 16-bit sampling in both stereo and mono, plus the essentia! Sample rate slider which offers rates between 5,513Hz and the ultimate of 48kHz - which is the standard for DAT recordings.
Not surprisingly you're provided with Line, Auxl, mic and mix options, with the last two being particularly notable in that the mix feature allows both aux inputs to be combined and recorded simultaneously as part of the same sample.
Although mike input isn't particularly unique, unusually it does benefit from a very useful gain option which means there’s no need to pre-amplify the input externally prior to sampling. Obviously to Lastly the overall output level of the board can also be adjusted - however this shouldn't be confused with actual recording levels- In order to avoid recording samples that are either too quiet, or too loud ("clipped"), close attention must be taken to the actual input levels.
To assist this you're provided with a generic input slider as well as a pull-down option, initiating a real-time stereo level indicator which operates just like an analogue VU meter. As a result, clipping or quiet samples shouldn't be a problem.
Will tell you, a sample is only ever as good As you may have already guessed, as its editor - or in the case of Toccata, as board is much more of a multime Vorsprung Assuming you have a signal with appropriate recording levels, the next task is to activate the Toccata recorder, select a location and format for your new sample, and hit the Record button. The new sample will then be recorded directly to hard disk or RAM, depending upon your particular preference.
Once safely recorded you can play back direct from the recorder, or alternatively load up the Toccata jingle player and audition your latest import from there alongside, any others you may have in the same directory.
As you've probably guessed, basic setup and recording are very straightforward, but how does the board fare when it comes to sound quality? Well as you’d expect from the creators of the Vlab range of digitisers, Toccata's sound quality is exceptional. Indeed, after extensive testing I'd say it's probably the best yet for the Amiga.
And better still, the default hardware also supports hardware compression which provides a very respectable disk space saving in exchange for a slight degradation in the signal-to-noise ratio.
In the case of 16-bit samples, this translates to an SNR of 70dB compressed, as opposed to %dB uncompressed.
However no matter how impressive the The VlabY C connection As I mentioned earlier, the creators of Toccata already have an impressive track record in Amiga video with their premier product, namely VlabY C, a digitiser widely regarded as the premier video grabber.
One of the major reasons for such acclaim is VlabY C’s ability to grab sequential video images via IFR frame grabbing option which allows multiple passes over a defined section of video - thereby building up an entire, frame accurate sequence.
Impressive stuff, but thanks to Toccata that's only the tip of the iceberg. Now, using the 16-bit talents of the board, full 16-bit audio can also play a part in the equation.
To combine the two, all that’s required is a click on the Toccata option within the IFR control panel and the process becomes totally automated, the end result being a perfect 16-bit soundtrack to accompany your 24-bit grabs.
Pro options amplitude Pro II egm* 99 9 upgrade :puon and provides much improved Uidi functionality including Midi-based »ample dumps and access to the Usestro DAT backup system, which not
• y allows system backups onto DAT, 3ut also pure digital
recording and '¦ustering via Toccata.
Bcvird than a traditional Midi-friendly 4ovct-to-disk recorder. However COHSider- rs its target user base it appears curiously bcimg in some basic multimedia requirements, the most notable of which is the lack ai direct Arexx support. As a result, its use within 5cala or McdiaPoint productions would appear tricky at best.
Nedia Another curious aspect is its affinity - or prrhaps lack of it - to Midi. Although an cf-grade to Samplitude Proll makes its pos- to dump Midi data to a suitable sam- pfang keyboard, the basic version has no direct Midi connection, so alas there's no ¦ray to transport or trigger samples via Midi.
As a result there's also no way of using the card under direct sequencer control, and even if this were possible, there's no means of pitch-shifting existing samples.
As a consequence, anyone in the market for a pseudo-sampling keyboard had better look elsewhere.
The speed of sound Like most power exploits, 16-bit sound makes heavy demands on both disk space and your CPU. In the case of disk space the equation obviously varies according to the sample rate and format you require, but to give you an idea the average stereo sample recorded at 41kHz - otherwise known as CD quality - will require approximately 11Mb of RAM per minute. * * As for the CPU, a 68020 is the lower limit. Using this you could expect to record a stereo sample at 32kHz but that would be the upper limit- For full CD or DAT quality an 030 processor would be essential, while quadro
samples really need an 040.
Basically, with its various limitations Toccata is very much a matter of taste. The actual sound quality is exceptional which could carve it a niche as a direct-to-disk may tering system.
Obviously the link with Vlab will ensure at least limited success in the multimedia department courtesy of existing VlabY C users, while the convoluted approach to Arexx - via Samplitude - could make it an appealing investment for the hordes of Scala fans. However, with the strong market position of the SunRize boards and their existing links to all kinds of software, it's difficult to see how Toccata will successfully break into the mass market.
Basically the problem boils down to software. If Macro Systems can continue to support and build on their existing hardware. Toccata could well become a world beater - the question is, will they? Watch this space to find out.
Add to this a lack of support for that videographic and musical essential 5MPTE timecode, and Toccata's place in the market becomes rather difficult to pin down.
In its defence comes the accompanying sample editor Samplitude. As you've probably spotted, the basic Toccata software suite has a drastic lack of editing options and as a result Samplitude plays an essential part in the overall Toccata equation.
As you can probably tell from the screenshots, Samplitude is essentially very similar to the vast majority of 8-bit Amiga sample editors, and of course there’s no reason why you can't operate Toccata as an 8-bit sampler if you wish.
For the old guard Samplitude will be a very familiar with the usual cut and paste operations, mixing, fading and special effects alongside sample shifting, amplitude control and so on. In short all you need to manage and edit your creations.
Assign your buffers and let Samplitude do the trkky stuff Four track simultaneous playback at DAT quality - Impressive itutf Amiga Computing April 1994 E On a more glamorous note, Samplitude also offers the odd power feature, such as very advanced range control. Thanks to this feature you can select an infinite number of ranges within the sample and then employ the program’s playlist feature to sequence the various ranges together.
To do this you're provided with a mini single-track sequence from which any one of the ranges can be selected and dropped into the sequence along with a user-definable repeat. Once all your ranges arc in place you simply hit the play button and the playlist kicks into life, leaping around the sample to run the sequence.
SYSTEM ESSENTIALS I'lli I ...-nli.il Vi HOW * Ktsi»inincnilt-.l Amplification PROJECTS Another impressive element is the program's ability to combine and split projects. A project is simply another name for a sample which in the case of Samplitude can be either mono, stereo or quadro projects.
The bottom line Product; Toccata Supplier: Amiga Centre Scotland Price: £370 Tel: 089687 583 As you've probably guessed, thanks to Samplitude Toccata can play twin stereo samples simultaneously which can either be built up from four individual mono samples or twin stereo recordings - and of course any four-track sample can be broken down either into stereo or mono for Ease of use: 8 Implementation: 6 Valuo for monoy: 6 Overall: 7 additional editing if necessary.
Arexx is another added bonus of the Samplitude environment. Although ideally Toccata should have an Arexx port all of its own, at least Samplitude can provide an alternative window into the world of multimedia - if by a slightly roundabout route.
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STAMFORD Lincs PE9 1 PJ MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 0780 55888 For Immediate Despatch (subject to security clearance) Minimum order £15.00 Delivery Charges: Economy £2.00. Express £7.50 Post Cheque or Postal Order made out to
* “Audition Computers Ltd" along with your Name, Address.
Telephone Number and Details of your Order, to the address
All Prices include 17.5% VAT. E&OE LETTERS ¦ After readins y°ur Cut out the middle men news story about Citizen selling their ProLaser 6000 direct to the public, I had a thought. Why don't Commodore sell direct to t* public? Maybe then they could sell the CD32 at £199 or £149, the A1200 at £249, «d the A4000 030 for £699 or even less.
This would allow their machines to sell t very competitive prices, could easily drop below PC prices, and could blow
• ray Sega and Nintendo!
Sales would rise and Commodore Crtld still make a healthy profit. Dealers axild still sell Amiga hardware and software, so it wouldn't be that much of problem for them to lose Amiga
• ales.
If there are more Amiga users, sales of hardware and software will increase, iking up some of the difference the dealers would lose by not selling the Amiga range.
At first it would cost Commodore lots money to start a sales division. They would have to build Commodore shops and advertise extensively, but they would get their money back.
Ezra Surfs Postbag Finally, can people stop complaining about Commodore and the new chip sets?
Enjoy your Amiga! 1 paid £1,500 for my A4000 030 with 240Mb hard drive and 6Mb RAM only to find the same machine after a few months would have cost me only £1230.
Do 1 feel ripped of by Commodore and feel the urge to buy a PC? No way. My A4000 is still a great machine and I enjoy using it. It's obvious that the A1200 and CD32 are going to remain the same, the A4000 Q30 is going to be replaced by the AA+ chipset, and the A4000 040 is going to be replaced by the AAA chipset, but 1 don't care. I'm looking forward to the day, actually.
The Amiga has a future, no matter what model you own.
Stem Browne, Camberley Commodore UK didn't put you up to this letter, did they? Seriously, though, I'm glad you haven't been swamped by the waves of gloom encouraged by some sections of the Amiga world since Commodore's financial figures were announced.
Yes, the Amiga has a very bright future, and yes it will develop as it goes on, with a AAA chipset machine appearing some time this autumn (we believe) to be followed by the much vaunted Rise-based Amiga with Windows NT capability.
However, your idea for selling Amigas direct to the public stinks. Sorry, but there you have it.
Commodore's success has been due in no small part to the efforts of third parties.
Everyone from the small high street computer store to the peripherals manufacturers have supported the Amiga by building businesses around it (making money in the process, of couree), and if the intricate dealer network was damaged the Amiga would suffer.
Cutting the high street man with his technical support and advice out of the Commodore chain would reduce the machine's presence on the high street and lower the standards of service we receive. In addition, the dealers would probably drop the Amiga altogether if the biggest chunk of business was taken away from them.
Direct sales are, more or less, available through the mail order companies, and if Commodore were to invest in a chain of shops, they would be forced to sell the Amiga at a higher price than present to recoup the investment. Sorry, but as business plans go, this is a concrete rowing boat.
Analogue woes Game over, man!
Nave an Amiga 1200 on which I play homier Elite II and Knights of the Sky.
"¦ecentfy, I purchased an analogue joystick find that it will not work on these games.
Can I "fix* this or is there some way I can M the software to my joystick? The games
* re brilliant but the digital joystick I also ‘s e is driving me
to drugs and drink.
Andrew Curran r m afraid that if a game does not contain code to accept analogue joystick out, there’s nothing you can do about
* The number of Amiga games which 3on’t accept analogue joysticks
is a reflection of the fact that most Amiga oysticks have
always been digital, ¦ttereas most PC sticks are analogue.
On most games, you can get round
- w digital controls by selecting mouse control, then plugging in
a Gravis uousestick, but these are expensive and :niy for the
dedicated flight buff.
Write to the games companies concerned and express your preference for
• -alogue control if you want to see it eluded in future games.
You might also ask Digital integration
• hy their superb Tornado game accepts mtogue joysticks but has
no facility to :alibrate them, making the option about m much
use as a chocolate teaspoon.
Just the other day, 1 finished a rather long and arduous computer game (I won't say which one, as most of them are culprits these days) which rewarded my perseverance and dedication with a load of rubbish.
The final screen, at which 1 had expected a groovy animation, some enthusiastic "well done" back-thumping, or even just a nice tune, was no more than a static, badly drawn picture with a few words on it. Anti-climax or what?
It seems to me that the biggest problem with the games industry today is that they have forgotten the basic psychology of game playing. We don't do it just to spend some time - there has to be an objective or series of objectives and we should be prompted towards them and rewarded when we achieve them. Otherwise, what’s the point in finishing a game?
All right, you get that inner glow of self-satisfaction, but this is dampened by the feeling that the programmers didn't think finishing the game they themselves programmed worthy of congratulation or even much note. Is this another indication of the get-rich-quick attitude so many software people have these days?
Whatever happened to good old-fashioned games fanatics writing the sort of games they'd love to play themselves? It's by writing from this motivation that classics are bom, not by marketing men with slide rules and calculators where their pleasure centres should be.
Would Lemmings, Populous, Manic Miner, or Elite have been half as good if the authors hadn't written from a sense of fun and love of games, as they SO obviously did? No!
So the message is: fire the marketing men and hire some of us unemployed games players - we’ll keep you right, and lower the unemployment figure at the same time!
Alan Garrity, Portsmouth Hmm - this is a little extreme as reactions go. Why should you get so het up about an end-of-game screen? I suppose your criticisms are valid, but most of the classic games you mention had no decent victory screen either.
On the other hand, modem games design does seem to concentrate too much on graphics and sound to the expense of playability, but the game players, encouraged (perhaps) by the games magazines, are as much to blame as the software companies.
When a preview appears in an Amiga magazine, all you see of the game arc some screenshots, and if the graphics displayed by these static, miniscule representations of the game are colourful and well drawn the public responds by upping its expectations.
The games companies, regardless of whether they are partly responsible for the expectations of their customers, respond to what they feel people want from them.
Only when people remember that design and playability are the most important aspects of any game will the situation change. Until then, games houses will feel free to create beautiful looking games with little or no depth to them, because that's what the public demands, Hollywood has been phoning potential customers for years to try out movie ideas on them before investing millions in actual production, resulting in bland but spectacular films such as Die Hard and Jurdiiie Park (heavy ort dinosaurs, light Ort plot) and it can't be long before the spiralling costs of games production starts to
force games companies to play even safer.
If we all want CD-ROM games with masses of graphics and music (both time-consuming and expensive to produce), we'll have to accept that the games houses will be more and more cautious about which projects receive the thousands of pounds of development cash.
Your own tastes and demands are, in large part, the key to what the software houses will produce, so it's up to you. ¦LETTERS Piracy sucks I'll get straight to the point. Piracy - it sucks! I used to be the owner of a Mega Drive and Mega CD, but after paying £40 to £60 for a game 1 thought "sod that, I'll sell up and buy an Amiga''. So I bought an A1200 and it's superb.
However, since buying it, I found that people arc getting "cracked" games from bulletin boards. Why do they do it? Can't these people see that they are ruining the best computer in the world?
Got something to say through We pages of AC?
Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication. Drop him a line at: Ezra Surf's Postbag. Amiga Computing Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP If I can't afford to buy a game I don't just think "oh, I'll just copy it". It would be easy to do so, but Amiga games are so much cheaper than console games anyway, and much better (especially the AGA ones).
I say to the Amiga-owning world please, please don't let the Amiga games scene die. Buy the game, don't copy it.
Please don't enclose saes as Ezra just hasn't got enough paper to reply personally¦ He might also have to shorten your letters, so don 't be offended it you end up Craig Bowman, Durham Your comments would, I'm sure, be echoed by every software company in the world, and not a few sensible Amiga getting the chop. See Amiga piracy as a bigger threat, perhaps because the Amiga press and the law-abiding sections of the Amiga community have made such a big issue of piracy over the years.
The bitterest pill to swallow is that our reward for continually assessing the threat from software thieves is to be treated as thieves ourselves.
Why else should many games be hard drive installable on the PC but not on the Amiga if not because the software companies think we are thieves and PC owners are 100 per cent honest?
As I am interested in tracing my family tree, the Scion program on a recent CoverDisk seemed just the thing until I noticed that it only works with WB2 and better Can you tell me it there's a Workbench 1 3 version so I can use it with my A500?
Chris Butcher. Romford Scion's author, Robbie Akin, neglected to include his address in the main program's About screen or RISCy business Having read of Commodore's plans to use RISC in their next generation Amigas, and perhaps even the PC Power chip from Motorola, I was wondering if we can look forward to a period of cross-machine compatibility. If so, it wouldn't be before time.
The Amiga and the Macintosh already use the same CPU, yet Mac emulators arc still more expensive than Maes themselves once you've bought a hard drive and some extra RAM to dedicate to the Mac side. Now if everyone's taking a step forward, why can't they all take roughly the same one?
1 was one of the early Amax users but have recently switched to Emplant, and I can recommend the emulation road to anyone. 1 know it Isn't the panacea sometimes claimed for it, but running two computer from the same box makes life so much easier when, like me, you use a variety of computers at home and at work.
The Amiga has the advantage of cheap and highly efficient software, especially in graphics and 3D, while my Mac side runs expensive professional DTP and design packages I’ve borrowed from work. If I can put aside enough for an optical drive or a Syquest, I should be able to transfer work from home to office and back again with supreme ease- Don't the major manufacturers see the benefits? Why don't they open their eyes to the flexibility we the paying public are asking for?
G Bim’den, Dumbarton The Power PC chip is indeed planned for use in the next range of Macs and has been mooted as a possible CPU in the A5000, but don't expect the PC world to take it on board.
Windows NT has been mentioned as a crossover point between the Pentium 586 and the A5000, but again this is only an early speculation fuelled by unguarded comments leaked from Commodore before the company's finances sank into the doldrums. In short, don't hold your breath.
Owners as well. However, so long as there are illegal copies selling for less or even freely available through cracking networks, there will always be people willing and eager to take advantage.
We will never dampen the demand for pirated games with out dramatic price cutting, and as the games world seems in the main manual, but Scion has been around for a while and there should be an older WB1.3 version.
Formerly known as Arjay Geneologist, Scion is now in v3, so if anyone out there can suggest where older versions might be avail* able, or if the author can contact us, we'll pass on the information. Failing this, try one of the PD houses who advertise in this magazine.
Unwilling to take this step, we must hope the long arm of the law can be used to good effect.
Don't think this problem is restricted to the Amiga, though.
The PC world is as rife with piracy as the Amiga one, but for some reason the games companies still AGA upgrade I was reading in one of your magazines about a conversion to make the A500 into an A1200 for less than £150.1 don't know which magazine it was, but I’m very interested.
Apparently, you fit a motherboard to the A500 which has all the 32-bit, AGA, and CPU chips to go with it, and I would be grateful if you could give me as much information as possible.
A M Teasdale, MiddlcsborOugh The conversion you write of was offered by an American company called Copperhead Technologies and is a straight motherboard replacement where all that is saved of the original A500 is the power supply, plastic casing, keyboard, and floppy drive.
We hear that Copperhead are a little difficult to contact by phone, so for further information, write to them at: Copperhead Technologies .
104 jay Street Schenectady NY 12305 * USA Video CD not good enough Having read your CD32 supplement November issue. I must complain Video CD comment on page four Tv de states that movie buffs win be the jump on Video CD.
How false and misleading! Any informed person has to know that the respecting film lover wouldn't even the Video CD option, not to mention doning (he amazing Laserdisc f because Video CD’s picture quality s slightly superior to the ageing VHS.
I mean, who would be stupid invest his or her money on such a new tern just to watch movies with picture struggling to compete with a very old Oh. I forgot to mention the inc VHS-beating Video CD features, such minutes on a disc and no record facility A Laserdisc player (getting cheapo better every day) can otter tremendous ture and sound quality with full wide and Dolby Surround Pro Logic su combined with a huge availability of operas, and music videos. This includes very latest blockbusters, and not just movies.
It's all quite clear, I think, and the between Laserdisc and Video CD was say the least, unfortunate. I'm fully b£J CD32, even the use of FMV for ga (though Sega’s new LaserEctive system deliver much more), but when it comes movie watching, Video CD is ridiculous.
Alex Poiedouiis, Well, so far the only people who’ve stupid enough invest heavily In Video have been Polygram, Paramount. W Brothers, and just about ever other player in the film and music businesses There’s no guarantee, of course, these poor misguided outsiders are informed, but I think we can saf assume they won’t hang back from ing the most of their investment.
Laserdisc is now, and always been, a fringe format and one which always been an overpriced resort movie snobs and fanatics. The film we mentioned in our supplement, ah to a person, will never even have seer Laserdisc in action, never mind know: of the tiny band of people who own one Agreed, Video CD isn't of hugely ter quality than VHS in absolute t but it is still far better. The digital s sound on a Video CD will never su from hiss, there will never be white li on screen, no problems with tracki and no need to fast forward or rewind.
Remember that audio tape can so just about as good as a CD when fi bought, but try the two after six and hear the difference.
With the convergence between music, and games industry settled on Video CD, Laserdisc can have all t technical advantages it wants and still be superseded.
I about The ait- he first to toy weii- the setf- conskJer ion aba"- format ty is only became even better... FfenRal tnough to| now SyS- ire quality Id one?
Icrediblf jch as 74 ality.
Aper ana idous ptc- Je screen support.
I of films.
;ludes the t just cu?
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Igely bet- le term lal stereo er suffi hite lines trackin ‘wind, in sound hen fii mon I MP. WORD PROCESSOR: You can... Open multiple documents simultaneously: search and replace: cut, cop)’ and piste: check your spelling with a 110,000+ word dictionary: import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint, or Clip Art tiles in various sizes and colours: automatically flow text around graphic1- in any Workbench compatible font (there are over 200 available styles in different sizes iixl colours to suit your design... Even as you type!
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at the moment to gauge exactly how fast the card will work as no good SCSI-II testing software could be found in time for the test.
Most existing benchmarks tail to stretch the interface to its limits, and some even crash during the test procedure. As a result, any speed ratings we have are strictly provisional, but it doesn’t take a minutely accurate test to show up the huge difference between this and older boards.
For example, writing a 6.5Mb file to hard drive using the A4091 takes 14.5 seconds, and a staggering 78 seconds using the A4000's built-in IDE interface. This in itself is a slow result for the A4091. As the limited DiskPerf and DiskSpeed tests earned out indicated a transfer speed well in excess of 8Mb per second.
Drive fragmentation and the vast differences between SCSI-1!
And IDE put the test in perspective, but A4000 owners should have no doubts that adding SCSI-II is tantamount to boosting the Amiga's base jpeed.
Access times are similarly blistering, working out at around 4ms, though for some reason the read and directory scan results from our test programs did not accord with the evidence of our own eyes.
Much slower test readings suggest that the software itsetf is at fault rather than the A4091, so if anyone out there can provide a reliable SCSI-II lest program, stick it in the post.
Mfotm illcction position mm ' ieo asm _ Scanner llard Diito _ DKB 4091 :«*, SCSI II Hard Drive Controller r .. * JjLLJ j Stay on fhe When the Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) became an industry stan- a was only a matter of time before the Aaunds of a baying populace forced the
• pniii. To produce a successor.
Nrt content with SCSI's speed, ability to up to seven devices including scan-
• o and printers and economical use of pro- tune, the market
wanted more.
What the Tefal men came up with was Mr imaginatively named SCSI-II, a new ¦terd of interface with maximum data «**rer rates up to a theoretical ceiling of ¦Mb per second and access times which
• r our breath away.
Until now, SCSI-1! Was unavailable on the C- ij. But the release of DKB's A4091 at ¦ft nib* the gap. Originally a project hatched M the Amiga in-house development team,
• r A4091 was farmed out to DKB when Conmodore halted the project
to concen- on the pressing task of survival. Only by putting
everything into making and selling Amigas could Commodore
keep afloat, and to the relief of those who had been waiting
for the A4091, DKB stepped in.
Fitting in the 32-bit Zorro 111 slots found in A3000 and A4000 machines, the card has no accommodation for extra RAM of its own, but offers a SCSI-II through port and a set of rear mounted dip switches for setting the board's various SCSI options.
Different switch settings cater for internal and external drive mountings, the new fast bus mode, and the host ID number to facilitate the addition of a drive to an existing system.
New active termination technology is also offered in the shape of a terminator pack which the user can attach to the end of the SCSI chain, thus avoiding the old fashioned method of (in my case, anyway) flicking little resistors across the room with a screwdriver to the accompaniment of much Lap record profanity- As the terminator pack dangles wonyingly from the end of the SCSI cable, I was a little worried about where it might end up, but the small PCB is almost entirely encased in glutinous insulating plastic, so there should be no chance of a disastrous short circuit.
Due to the lack of space in an A4000 Zorro bay, a handy length of cable is supplied to enable the connection of a drive mounted in the second 3.5in floppy compartment, and with the dip switches it should be relatively easy for inexperienced users to add extra devices. The manual, though, could be a little more expansive on some points.
Hard drives, and SCSI drives in particular, are a source of much confusion (wen among many so-called experts) and the 40-odd page manual doesn't help much.
EMPHASIS There are good, dear instructions on fitting the card and any accompanying hard drives, but with a little more on why things work and more emphasis on trouble shooting would make things easier for nervous users (or most of us, in other words).
One note for potential buyers of the A4091 is that many of the older A4000 machines contain an early version of the Buster chip which, while not ruling out the use of SCSI-II, negates a great deal of the speed benefits.
Without an upgrade from Wang, entailing the replacement of the motherboard if your Buster is surface mounted, transfer speed will be little more than 2Mb per second.
This aside, I have no hesitation in recommending the A4091 to all those involved in productivity work, particularly direct to disk sampling, 24-bit graphics, and other storageintensive activities. Bung an A4091 in an Amiga used for such purposes and life will never be the same again.
Zorro III required Stevie Kennedy takes A4091, the UK's first Amiga SCSI-II hard drive card, for a test drive rhe bottom line Implementation 6 Ease of use 8 Value for money 8 Overall 8 Phone: 0234 843388 LABELS WELL. NEARLY!
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HELP Confused? Perplexed? Steve White has answers to all your Amiga-related queries from script files to RAM types ACAS - SI Run those scripts TS* 1 finally purchased an IDE 120Mb hard drive for my A1200 and it has just changed my life ¦Untlv. Now that everything |Workbench 3.0 has to offer is so easily ¦BK&ible, I am literally devouring the
• tauals and now feel fairly confide with the Workbench -
especially the I I have challenged myself to write a tad disk
install script so that I can easily
• P? Wy floppy software onto the hard Wne without messing around
dragging tans or using the Shell. I've tested the npt and
everything seems to work fine, |tah I have to open the Shell
and type Vupcute hdinstall" every time I want to am it What I
really need is to be able to an icon to the script so that it
can be with just the click of a button. Could pm please explain
if this is possible or I understand that IconX has some- tang
to do with it. Your help would be appreciated.
Martin Dean, Hastings rAli, if only everything was so Simple. You're quite right when you mention IconX because it is tntegral part of attaching an icon to a
• mpt file.
IconX is present in the C directory of phir hard drive and basically interprets ta script commands much in the way tar the Shell does.
I suppose the first thing to do would be iv design an icon for your hard drive mitalUr script. Design the icon using kouEdit in the Tools drawer of your W oekbeneh and make sure the Type menu 4ns Project selected - a script file is described as a Project.
Save the icon in the same location and
* *th the same name as the script file. Locate the icon, click it
once and flfcm select Information... from the Icons everything
about the script file, however, trying to run it from the icon
ivill have no effect until you give it a Default Tool. With the
Information window back up, click in the Default Tool;
window, Type in IconX, hit Return and then click on Save.
Noiv when you click on the icon you should find that your hard drive installer script has been successfully executed. You could then leave out the icon so that it appears on the main Workbench window.
Easy, eh?
What a picture All disks have a disk icon attached to them but is it possible to create one for the RAM disk? I recently designed my own disk icons and cringe when the horrid Commodore effort appears.
1 have tried copying a dusk icon across but it obviously is lost when I turn the machine off or warm boot.
Simon Johns, Manchester rlt is possible to attach a disk icon to the RAM disk but you can’t simply copy a disk icon into it. There is a sneakier way which will guarantee your RAM disk boots up with pride.
Design the icon and save it to the S directory as RAMlcon. Next, load up the User-Startup, also in the S directory, using Ed and type in: copy n1l: sys:t riaicon to racdisk.info Save the User-Startup and then reboot the Amiga. You should now have a RAM disk Gag those drives 1 am being driven mad! It's not a lack of RAM, it's not a lack of hard drive space, it’s not even the lack of hard drive installer programs in computer games. No, this problem is serious - clicky drive syndrome!
Is there any way I can stop my bloody disk drives from constantly clicking all the time? I regularly boot my A590 with blank disks in the drives just so the incessant clicking slops.
The down side of this is that it incre ases my hard drive access time. I've tried music, meditation, everything, to no avail.
It doesn't matter what the cost, there must be something out there that will Why fast RAM?
Ql have read many articles regarding RAM in yours and other Amiga magazines. But I still cannol appreciate the difference between chip and fast RAM I don’t want a thorough breakdown of the thing, just a simple this is why and this is why not.
A friend has told me that adding fast RAM greatly speeds up the Amiga but I imagined this was the job of a processor. Does fast RAM really turbo charge the Amiga?
Jamie Dome. Isle ol Wighl A The truthful answer to whether fast RAM actually turbo chargers the Amiga is no! However, that's not to say that there Isn't a noticeable difference in speed when it is available.
If you have no fast RAM and you load a program it will dump itself in the chip RAM. This is used by the Amiga's chips to perform calculations and if there are too many programs in chip RAM the Amiga begins to slow as the chips struggle to find space in which to perform their calculations, When there is fast RAM the programs will use this instead, thus leaving the chip RAM to the chips themselves.
If you are considering using your Amiga seriously I would strongly recommend that you purchase some fast RAM - 2Mb at the minimum with 4Mb recommended.
Turn the clicking off - why does it happen anyway?
Peter Sibbs, Northampton In my experience, every hard drive owner eventually falls foul of the dreaded clicky drive syndrome as you so perfectly put it, but there is a program out there and the good neivs is it won't cost you a bean.
The program you're after is available from most reputable public domain houses for just the price of a disk and is called NCIick. Unfortunatelyf I can't remember the programmer's name but it does work and brings sweet relief instantly, It not only disables DFO but also DF1, DF2 and DF3.
Arcade thrills!
Wg* After selling my Archimedes 19$ and saving for what seems like a millennium I have finally bought myself an Amiga computer and I'm very pleased with its performance.
I am very keen to learn how to write computer games and hopefully market them. This was never a reality with the ¦ TECHNICAL HELP Archimedes but now I have the Amiga I feel confident that I could write a game of my own.
Could vou please explain what the best programming languages are and what software I would need in order to create games?
M m ACAS Lance Richards, London rWell Lance, it would seem to me that you haven't really dabbled with computer programming much in the past. Writing games to match those available now would take a great deal of time and patience.
Games programmers invariably use Assembly language to write tlicir games.
As the Amiga is such a complex piece of hardware their are many facets to programming it that must be mastered.
You got problems too? Then drop a line to Amiga Computing Advice Service, Europe House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP and we'll move heaven and earth to help in these columns. But sorry, we cannot reply personally, so save those SAEs.
Fortunately, there are a couple of excellent programming packages that would allow you to create very respectable games without a degree in mathematics.
Europress Software are responsible for the world-renowned Amos programming language. It is similar in many respects to Basic, but is far more powerful. But if it is really only games that you want to create you would probably be better off getting hold of Acid Software's superb Blitz Basic 2.
Blitz 2 has been designed with the beginner in mind and offers complex graphics and sound handling which while powerful, won’t have you tearing your hair out when it comes to learning the language.
You can contact Europress Software on 0625 859444 and Blit: Basic 2 is available from Meridian at the humble price of CIO.
The best paint package you probably will have already got with your Amiga - Deluxe Paint. If not, contact Electronic Arts on 0753 549442.
Missing printer After saving long and hard my two children purchased an Amiga 1200 which was fine until Christmas.
As a surprise I bought them an Epson LQ100 printer. We spent time reading the manuals and magazines but couldn't get the printer to work. The Workbench 3.0 software was installed and everything went fine until we came to the point of selecting a printer driver from the printer prefs program.
Can you please help? I wrote to Commodore several weeks ago but have had no reply as of yet.
Airs L Wright, Sheffield rWhen you say you installed Workbench 3.0 I presume that you also own a hard drive. If the software is installed correctm using the official Commodore insta program you should at least have I Generic driver in the Printer Ty window.
I would imagine that either the i ware has not been correctly installed l that there is some kind of er on your main Workbench disk. La and open the Workbench disk take a look in the Printer drawer i Devs.
Inside you should find a printer t called Generic. Drag it into fl Printer drawer found inside the i drawer on your hard drive. When tp next load up the printer prefs Generi should be available in the Printer Typd window.
If you can't find the Generic driver I suggest you get yourself a replacemen set of Workbench disks. Explain fl the dealer from who you bought tk computer about the problem and see i you can have a new set of disks. If ftt doesn't work you will have to cal Commodore.
Shell short-cuts After tampering with the Shell and finally getting to grips with it I would like to add some hot key definitions so that I can speed up my typing of commands.
At present I am personalising my Workbench and have installed the excellent MagicWB PD program. Now all that is left is to personalise the Shell. I understand that creating hot keys is possible in the Amiga but I can’t fathom out exactly how it is done.
David Holden. Soulhampton r Danger! MagicWB may look very attractive but we installed it on the Amigas here at Amiga Computing and it caused quite a few problems.
My advice would be to delete It immediately and personalise the icons yourself - a far more satisfying and sate option - rather than risking your Amiga's health.
Anyway, on to your point about personalising your Shell. When you load the Shell up it reads a file in your S directory called Shell-Startup. This text file contains information about hot keys, called Alias in Amiga DOS, and various other attributes of the Shell window. Take a look at by typing: attach a command to the alias.
The next time you load up the Shell, type In "hello" and see what happens The Allas command is more powerful than explained here but this should keep you going for the moment.
It ¦ Clear "Ecrio nEie;WEIJ»- as Xcopy ‘Copy aonE' ¦.as c stdcit Alias htllo echo ¦hello" ed *:»lell-it»rtup' from the Shell itself.
Let s say that you wanted the Shell to print "hello" when you typed "hello".
You would need to type in: 'iliu hello echo 'hello* and then save It by pressing Esc then x and then Return. All you need to do is FREE! 64page AMIGA GUIDE FROM SILICA - THE UK’s No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS AVAILABLE NOW - CONTACT US NOW FOR YOUR FREE COPY
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0278. Desert Storm --------------- Information on Gull War D28G
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people a little bit scared. So, while they were telling us
on the one hand that they were doing things, they put
themselves on hold to see what was going to happen to
Commodore before they committed their resources.
I can't really blame them but at the end of the day, I'm obviously not happy that we were given lots of commitments which were not fulfilled. 1 can honestly say now that 1 don’t know of any company that's in that position now - they're putting their resources into it In fact, the levels of sales at first, even for standard ports as you rightly call them, have been quite staggering so far as I'm aware. I don't know of any major company that is not committed to producing on its own... Much of what goes on the computer industry warrants a closer look
- d ssatisfied customers, promises ade and not kept, fickle
attitudes Kxvards social issues and many other areas are ripe
for investigation.
Each month, we'll be bringing you concise interviews with the wheelers md dealers of the industry for you to
- ake up your own mind on how you, as a customer, are being
The series kicks off with David easance, MD of Commodore (UK), speaking about why their new wun- derkind is not receiving the good
• esponse they expected from some of yjr readers.
Ivid, what can you say to r buyers of the CD32 who
* t«l let down and disap* fainted with the lack of original
software that was frcnised to them by the end f 93? Straight
port-overs roi A500 games with extra f Hand and colours are
• e-of-the art 32 bil CD technology gaming we were led to «pect
soon after the launch... An fftut's a fairly simple question
• answer - to manufacture I produce a standard enter- nment
product, by that I an a floppy disk or car- dge-based product,
takes ately nine months, produce a CD-based duct using all the
technol- r and facilities that are avail- on highly-specified
Abased machines takes ut t8 months. The product »only released
to two (com- i] because we had a very ng requirement to keep
the t secret.
The product was given to a dful of developers three to r months prior to its bunch the realities of it are that 1 are a large number of good products under pment but the timescale nit takes longer than the e's been on the market.
, in essence, the answer is t patient".
Do you feel about the ftware houses that made nises and subsequently their deadlines? Do like the consumer, feel t down?
. There are certainly a num- r of publishing companies made commitments to us Uy that they were work- ; on various projects and I nk in all honesty that nodore s financial posi- ugly While your recent double page spreads quoting lead* ing games makers confirming their continuing support is encouraging, when are we actually going to see CD32*specific games other than Liberation ?
Microcosm is due out at any time and that is pretty damn good. Rise of the Robots is due out, they're telling me, at the beginning of March and that's fantastic.
So, it's very imminent - I mean, we're in early February now but my belief is the best titles will come out probably in the pre- Christmas period this year because there really is 12 months' development in these products and they can't be done any faster... so much to use, you know.
Industry sources have suggested that there are maybe as little as 50,000 CD32 units in British homes at present. Is this figure worrying for the future of the CD32 and therefore for Commodore as a whole?
We have not achieved the level of sales that we would've liked and I think that there arc a number of reasons for that. Certainly, the lack of software of any description was a definite negative in terms of people committing to buy the machine and 1 can’t blame them for that.
Also, the reality of it is that the console market is considerably down on... everybody's estimates. I would suggest to you that ?
|Jhe Commodore Ifl 32 comes under close scrutiny in the first of many inquisitions into the kind of gjSj treatment you, the lycustomer, receive. Adam f Phillips asks the questions ¦ INTERVIEW "The Jaguar, w terms of its specification, is somewhat of a scam - it’s not a 64-bit product...”
- David Pleasance Thank you for your time.
• If you have any opinions, views or information on what you have
read would like to see covered, then please a line at The Devil
;! Advocate at the address, the intention being to print
replies. We look forward to hearing you... Well, it's no secret
that Commodore don't have huge resources at this moment in
history. The press launch in the States during the CES show was
extremely well attended with over 200 journalists and
extremely well received - and I'm not just saving that because
I like making all positive notes. I'm absolutely genuine
about that.
I've been very critical about what the Stateside people have done in the past but this particular launch went very well and 1 think the reason why it went down so well is because there is such a down feeling and an anticlimax regarding 3DO - everybody though it was going to be wonderful.
The 3DO shipment figures I've been told are 32,000 units shipped to retailers and less than 10,000 have sold through since September. The American journalists are very disappointed and believe the 3DO is A disaster and are really looking for something to fill its void.
With the launch, we've shown what the CD32 can do and what the potential is. They are very excited about it and 1 think you'll find that we will have had within the last week or two and the next two to three weeks, a great deal of coverage.
The product isn’t shipping until March
- we are not in a position to do a massive campaign. 1 mean it
costs millions and millions of dollars to do that but our plan
is to launch in a very similar way to that which Atari have
done with the jaguar; to launch in a couple of specific areas
and promote within those areas, and I think that the potential
is very large.
We actually genuinely believe that we can do somewhere between 200 and 300,000 units in a 12-month period from Sega and Nintendo are at least 40 per cent down on their estimates. We believe that we still have made the lion's share of CD- based hardware sales but obviously, the numbers arc dow n on what we predicted.
However, what I can say confidently is that there is no question in my mind, and I've been at Commodore for ten years, that in the (time) the CD32 has been released, we have had a better sales penetration than any other previous product, including the Commodore 64 and the Amiga 500.
I think it bodes very well - my belief is that the CD32 will most definitely be the product for this Christmas, 1994.
To truly make the CD32 a success, America is the market to be conquered.
Apparently, the release Stateside was a low profile affair which again leads to the question - are Commodore doing enough?
To be much later this year if it hits this year at all; I suspect it will They are going through the same problems that we are going through in terms of product written for it so I believe that we have a head- start - we launched in October... to hit the shelves first.
My belief is that having this year headstart is definitely going to be advantageous to us - there is nothing that the Saturn product spec delivers that is exceptional in regard to our specification.
Jaguar in terms of its specification is somewhat of a scam - it's not a 64-bit product as everyone who looks at it the date of launch in the States.
In the future, how do you reckon your chances are against the 3DO, jaguar, Saturn and other high- spec machines that arc coming to our shores at some stage this year?
1 think we have a big advantage in terms of 3DO, Saturn and the Nintendo alliance, and that is we have a product that already exists. You know, when Saturn hits the States or Europe, it's going end of the day, we all know it's the software that drives the hardware.
Having said all of those things of course, we have a number of products under devel- efa opment which I can absolutely I assure you will compete in terms of specification with any product that we know of or can potentially be promoted.
Listen, I'll give you a very good example, this project from Nintendo with Silicon Graphics. They were showing what the potential will be at the CES show in Las Vegas straight from a 540,000 machine with these fantastic realises. I'm not so sure about the end user, but it's not a 64-bit product.
The other thing about the Jaguar is that obviously at the moment it's a cartridge- based system and the CD doesn't exist for it.
My information is, and 1 don't think that you'll disagree, that the majority of software publishers arc desperately trying to get out of cartridge manufacturing... they're not really keen to commit writing for it and at the graphics, but they were showing a monitor that cost $ 5,000.
There's no way on God's earth kid at home is going to see that on • his home without paying $ 5,000 monitor to give that resolution. To ¦ think that's a scam, never mind anyone thinks.
So in terms of our technical tion, the projects we have under opment can certainly keep ahead oi competition.
The CD32 Mk II is in developmnC i present. Can you tell me about the tr%J nological advancements from the m sent model and when it is going (• m released?
I can't and I won't because the wa thing in the world is publishing va ware which stops buying my product, can't afford that - I havr| have people continual buying my product. Sa won't comment on that Should customers be i cerned that their rece purchase could bcce obsolete by the end of l year?
No it'll never become lete, absolutely no way all. The one message we have to get through that technology cannot i still.
For our readers, do have any promises would like to make i cerning the future of i CD32 and the Ami| range?
Concerning the CDJ there are a number very high profile companies currently mitted to writing the machine.
Finally, is it true that you once second in an Opportunity show in Australia for playing th menco guitar?
[Short laugh] Yeah, 1 actually c a national contest, yeah... many ago.
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ELITE 2 - PMOSfTf ER ..U2. W ai«r iW
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FANTASIES ....(24.99 Ft ait a I .01.99
i* US! DIE SOCCER ......(24.99 ittALES
WYACE .(24.99 .04.99 MIC* 4
JOYSTICKS ¦mr nous ..115.99 UWMb
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S5“«» i Cyclone N*kl)«j backup* Bradford A58 Laada ¦imwian of
tho (npynqht hilikt u
li. »l. Totally Comprehensive Courses (each is a compilation of
24 programs with a book and manual).
- p Of excellent quality (e.g. "...a very recommendable
edutainment program..." AMIGA USER IMTERNATIOnAL).
R Language courses that speak! "Invaluable revision aids" pc home.
LCL announces an incredible new release! Jk | micro maths „yn,-GcsB | Helps you pass your GCSE and co trs: JICSE Chart Topper MICRO SPANISH (Beginners - GCSE St Ihisiness) j Complete course of spoken and written Spanish. Suitable for holidaymakers, students, enthusiasts and businessmen (AS it includes a program that generates your Spanish business letters automatically). It includes real speech on disk - so for example, in one program vou see a large, cute cartoon Spaniard who speaks to you with his moutfi moving as he talks. It demystifies Spanish and makes it fun. (lMb).
24-Program course includes;
• Percentages it Prxhom 4 SrrplilVatEr in ilgrfcri • Advanced
statistics SmuhMW® ftyjlbwu
• Average. And heXtjrwm • SmpJe and compound t Application*
otPWtupiru 9 Indxw riAigebra
• Ratio and propcrboo mfctrfl thaww. * bvkes m Anthmtbc
• Vum.Vr • Wutwot bungla • I njcntreln
• MctKunbnn • Profit ind lou • FinrnsatxmcfMfffrraic "***
• Folvfjon pnipertwH • Stmilir trough 24-Program course includes:
• Pronunciation
• Sipisic notices foind t Tune
• Perfect It Prrterite
• Colour* in Spam ? Plurals Tenses
• Thcarticks
• Er verbs
• Conversation
• Imperfect Tetwe
• Big picture vocabulary e The uses of wr- and
• Small picture vocabulary
• Adjectives
• Future & immediate
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Comprehtrekn eererator 24 programs e.g. Tuition • Practical Experiments • Learning by Pictures • Adventure game etc. (1Mb).
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(Physics, Chemistry & Biology, 8yrs - GCSE) f GHI Software
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We are always in stock.
Lct (DEPT AMO, THAMES HOUSE, 73 BIANDY ROAD, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, OXON RC4 1QB MICRO VGUSF (8 ca SEj 24 programs • Spelling • Punctuation * Grammar
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will be sent within 24 ho
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A n A n A n A n A n A n A it A n
r) *DeJtfa “Pi Softcvcw Atd a a a5»a a a a ac -3 ai -at»'afa ac-a
& Wicked Pack ...... 199.00 A1200 Desktop Dynamite 60Mb
HDD *cl Commodore Warranty .... 489.00 A1200
Desktop Dynamite 80Mb HDD
...53900 A1200 Desklop
Dynamite 120Mb HDD 509 00 PRINTERS
All printers include a parallel cable Star LC-10O
Colour 145.00 Star
LC24-100 ...- ......
- .....179.00 Star LC24-20 Mkll .... 20900
Star LC24-30 Colour ..... 229,00 Star LC24-300
Colour ...295.00
Star StarJet SJ-48 DubWe
Jet ..219.00
Star SJ-144 Cotour
Thermal ....
.509.00 MONITORS All monitors include Amiga Cables Commodore
1084SStef9O .
.199.00 Commodore 1942
Dual Sync Stereo 0 28
Dot .....349-00
DISK DRIVES Zappo A500'WO 1200 3.5" External
Drive ....- ..(p&p
£3) 54.95 A600 or A2000 Internal 3 5*
_ ...(p&p £2) 59 95 A500 Internal 3 5'
Drives .(P&P
£2) 54.95 A60G1200 85Mb Internal Hard Dnv*
A60C 1200 127Mb Internal Hard
Drrvo .
,269.00 GVP 120Mb SCSI HDD tor A1500*000 3000 4000
MISCELLANEOUS A1200 Hawk RAM ? Ctock 2 4Mb RAM No
FPU . (Free p&p) 129 199 A1200 Hawk RAM + Clock
2Mb RAM ? 33MHz 66882 FPU ..... (Free p&p)
199 00 A120O Hawk RAM + Clock 4Mb RAM » 20MHz 68882
FPU ...... (Free pip) 245 00 A1200 Hawk RAM *
Clock 4Mb RAM - 40MHz 68882 FPU ...(Free pip)
289.00 GVP A1200-11 Accelerator 680306C + 4Mb
RAM ....(Free pip) 429 00
(pip £2) 18 95 Amiga 1200 Desktop Dynamite Wordworth AGA +
Print Manager Deluxe Paint AGA Dennis the Menace AGA + Oscar
AGA £339 Amiga CD32 Dangerous Streets Pack Commodore's
Fantastic CD ROM Console £279 Amiga 4000 030 Now with Free
Dpaint IV Free Wordworth V2 Free Print Wordworth Manager 2Mb
RAM 130Mb HDD £999 4Mb RAM 130Mb HDD £1099 6Mb RAM 214Mb HDD
£1199 6Mb RAM 540Mb HDD £1499 Anti-Surge 4x13 amp Socket Block
... Sonmax Zip St* Super Pro Joystick ------ , .
The BUG Joystick .. (p&p £2) 12.95 (p&p £2) 12.95 CHIPS - Free p&p A600 1200 Smartcaid FASTftAM 2 4Mb .....119 179 Kickstart V2.04 ROM for A500 2000 .... 17.95 Kickstad VI 3 ROM lor A500 2000 - .15 95 Super Denise 8373 (For New Graphics Modes) ..... 19.00 1Mb Fat Agnus 8372 - ..... ..19.00 CIA Cnp8520...... 7.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE 17.5%
VAT. CARRIAGE £7 Prices subject to change wunoul notce E & OE (All A4000 1200 Prices include Home Maintenance) 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) MasterCard riAiiAnAnAtiAriAriAHAiiAriAfiAnAnAnAnAriAriAnAriAriAn UPDATES¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ Thanks to the ever growing number of hard disk users, the backup business has become one of r major growth areas when it comes to mis software. As a result Central Coast Bvrware have enjoyed something of a ¦na period.
However, improved sales have a ten- mc to attract fhe opposition, which in the ¦r of software security has meant a much Iproved revision to the Ami-Back range of and utility programs.
Fc*h Quarterback and Ami-back have a «miJar approach to the subject with a ited back-up package in the form of ck and Ami-back alongside sepa- r disk management packages entitled erback tools and Ami-back tools However after years as the dominant f m disk management, Central Coast t recently found themselves playing
* as Ami-back launched their latest with the addition of back-up
uling - something which the new ck couldn't match.
[ Tbs unpleasant surprise obviously infu- I the boys and girls at Central Coast, lly considering they had only just I their latest version of Quarterback.
Quarterback 1 Status SchediJe Save I Select voUne to backup or restore Backup Op ton* . _ adprosonpts Argument?; Ok Backup type: Destination
- Qmplete h Selective Cancel rFloppy anvej rofo jv mm I
Tape RemovaWej DevbcSteW* |fj Owt fo [- xAmgaPQSfite
?||Work:QB6 QB Backto | r Dbplay this reejjester before volume
- c=aW- t=3 tcjius ed m+g&FX Uiting assigns and selective back
ups are all a pari of the new package sion, fast tape advance
and quick eraser features.
On top of that come several new Arexx macro commands - some of which have been designed specifically for the scheduler, while many of the existing macros have been updated and expanded to further improve Quarterback’s automated Operations. However useful, much of the above is basically icing, while the real appeal has to be the program's impressive paate speed. Support for multiple tape back-ups has also been included, allowing large volumes to be spread across several small tapes. Tape support has also been improved to cater for more modem tape streamers which offer hardware compres
Fterrrdcr |Zl itt [it works 90U damn it I " *ctlv® 1 P-Jnactive Cancel Day Week Year |1994 |fj r 1st Annually 2|3|4|5kj?|ft| 2nd 9|idi 3rd Time Ihr i!H2,h 4th dDHti Last J Hourly J Qaly J From End of Month Set up a reminder and launch 1 ome 1 ottwnn whenever you want As a consequence they've now retaliated with the release of Quarterback v6 only months after its predecessor. However, this time scheduling is high on the agenda with a standalone utility- appended to the basic Quarterback package.
To be fair the authors have taken the opportunity to do a little tidying-up as well as adding the aforementioned scheduler. At the forefront of the new enhancements comes much improved data compression which can write to floppies at normal t works!-test ords, Paul Austin peruses the ultimate in Amiga updates including the all-new ADPro2.5, Wordworth 3 and the latest revision of Quarterback ictures nd disk back-ups iDPro upgrade ! The company terms “the most significant upgrade in
* y". ASDG’s Art Department Professional - alias
- now offers much improved display board support, ) pre-written
Arexx programs, direct support for the : Pnmera dye sublimation
printer, new file formats and
S. plus an entirely new look for the interface itself, i program
also offers a choice of several completely e-compliant user
interfaces. According to com- 1 resident Mr Perry Kivolowitz:
“A new and thoroughly ¦ user interface was our most requested
improve* We surveyed our customers and found that some I a
list-oriented graphical user interface - GUI - for while
others preferred a button oriented GUI for e We implemented
both and allowed them to be 1 confkjurably."
O's GUI now runs on many third-party display such as the Picasso, using RTG - ReTargetable t - technology. ADPro can now render images in a 1 on the same screen as its user interface, bringing of Wysiwyg performance to the product. Other Tin ri&m [IB?
SISK Mumm tunic In LKM KhMCIm 1.1 rtlctor ¦I auMf 1 cm Q| »*» r.r (.11 ErftiSIS fc: S,rTu«».» K&lisififffHiiir ktlf In***! 01 Iwrt ffl OnraiM! Q I i!i*!_ «i« : pnr | a i*M: (wj _j M -m J nm«: P: «ur Hiwrt I »¦ I c«wt . ~ -.v - , Improved automation courtesy of the all new MlD newly supported third-party hardware includes DPS PAR.
EGS, Retina Z-lll and Retina, and the Video Toaster Image format support has been improved with the addition of six new file formats in ADPro and three in the optional Professional Conversion Pack.
In the case of ADPro, support has been added for Commodore's CDXL animation format, Digital Broadcaster Jstream files. FLC and FLI animations. ICO files and direct reading and writing of Workbench icons.
The PCP has grown to support files in the SGI. Alias, and Wavefront, both the RLA and RLB formats. Owners of the PCP should note that, as in the past, their PCP modules will be upgraded as part of the ADPro upgrade.
SUBLIMATION ADPro 2.5 directly supports the Fargo Primera printer in its dye sublimation mode - its thermal transfer mode was already supported by ADPro's PrefPrinter saver. "The Primera is a breakthrough due to its low price,’ said Sales Manager Gina Cemiglia.
"We've adapted our state-of-the-art printer support to drive the Primera in dye-sub’ mode, including the ability to print huge posters in amazing colour."
The' new package also includes more than 100 pre-writ- ten Arexx programs, many of which are interactively cus- tomisable by the user. Used m conjunction with the latest version of FRED, these Arexx programs can be combined ¦UPDATES The third word Word processing has to be one of the hardest fought markets on the Amiga, with constant revisions and updates prompting more of the same from the hard pressed opposition.
Over the last few years Digita have
- on the whole - managed to retain the high ground courtesy of
Wordworth, a package which in its day set new standards for
Amiga word processing.
However in recent months the tide has turned with the arrival of Final Writer, a package which made a very serious challenge for the title of the Amiga’s premier word processor. As a result Digita have now bounced back with the third revision of Wordworth.
Obviously Digita had to pull something special out of the bag. And with the arrival of Auto Correct they could have done exactly that. Thanks to this new feature, minor typing errors are automatically corrected for you without the assistance of the usual spell check, For example if you inadvertently typed “teh" instead of *the", the error would be automatically spotted and replaced with the correct spelling as [radicate oil iilly mltlokn lhankt to Auto Correction soon as you hit the spacebar. Better still, the process is completely configurable, so you're free to add your own definitions to
the list. For example by simply adding the letters AC and the appropriate definition the software would replace it with Amiga Computing every time that letter combination appeared.
Customising in general has seen a lot of attention with another example being the arrival of new user-definable interface which enables you to specify the typeface, the gadget sizes and group titles. It's even possible to edit the pop-up requesters if required.
For pro users special attention has been given to file sharing between and additions have been made such as the ability to perform alpha channel blending with most file formats, not just those that support their own alpha channel, Composites can now be performed over a range of colours permitting more flexible chroma keying.
New operators include Histogram Equalization and a brush-based Pattern operator. A new program called CineMorph - not to be confused with the older GVP product of the same name - is included and can convert streams of images between 24 frame per second film-style and 60 field per second video-style timebases.
The program also benefits from improved documentation in the form of a new manual that includes nine tutorials, many more pictures and diagrams, and a much improved Arexx programming section. The manual has also been reorganised - and its index expanded.
ADPro 2.5's price will remain unchanged at S299, but existing owners can upgrade for $ 45 plus shipping and can, for the first time, upgrade via telephone using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express- For more information.
New scheduler. Obviously the scheduler’s primary concern is unattended back-ups via Quarterback but thanks to the generosities of the programmers, scheduler can turn its hand to much more besides.
In fact the program can be used start any program or Arexx script at a particular time or according to a predefined regular - or even irregular - schedule. As if that wasn’t enough, it can also provide on-screen reminders using the same process. Instead of adding a program or script you can type in a message which will pop-up on the year, month, day and time of your choice.
Actually setting up scheduler with any one of the aforementioned events is simplicity itself - you simply boot the program, add a new event, define the start time and whether it should be yearly, monthly, or daily. Basically any perceivably combination of time and date is possible on either a repetitive or single-event basis.
NEW EVENT In order to activate the process you simply add the new event - with an appropriate title
- and save it out Basically that’s it. Assuming you do the
sensible thing and add the program to your Workbench-startup
drawer - with the appropriate tool types - it will bootup
every time you start the machine, depositing an Applcon on
the Workbench ready to receive new events and activate existing
Essentially that's about it. Not exactly a major revision but for any registered users out their it's definitely worth the extra investment. And for any would-be new investors the latest revisions certainly go a long way to reaffirming Quarterback's position as the leading light in software security.
On wen prmtewi bring a much Improved level of Intuition in an infinite number of ways, producing a huge array of full motion special effects automatically In addition. ADPro now allows users to define their own Arexx programs which can be incorporated directly into ADPro’s configurable user interface. Other improvements Macintosh, Microsoft Windows ans | DOS-based applications. Hard cop* presentation has also been enhanced ] via the Digita Print Manager which novf ships with Wordworth-specific replace- I ment printer drivers for the HP Deskjei and HP Laserjet range, as well as Canon's BJ
printers, To get the best from the new drivers, Digita have included the reference library of Agfa Compugraphic fonts, which formerly sold separately for £69,95. And which provides a selection of 50 fonts - all of which are now offered as a freebie bonus with the new Wordworth.
For any new investors. Wordworth3 will set you back a penny under £150.
While upgraders can cash in on the new software for just £4999 However if you've got any other word processor and fancy a trade-in I Digita will take your old package plus £59.99 in exchange for their latest creation, For more information contact Digita International on 0395 270273.
Contact Ms Gina Cerniglia at ASDG Incorporated Stewart Street. Madison Wl 53713 or call 0101 600 !
6585. To upgrade direct contact ASDG on; 0101 608 ;
BLITTERSOFT (Dept AC) 40 COLLEY HILL, BRADWELL, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS, MK13 9DB TRAPFAX SOFTWARE The ultimate in Amiga Fax software. For class 2 standard Send faxes from ANY preferences printer driven program! Superb quality and flexibility. Features delayed transmissions, multiple fax scheduling, Integrated Phonebook, Fax Viewer. Arexx interface and Network support!
Only £74.95 SERVICE AND SUPPORT We are EXCLUSIVE UK distributors for all advertised products. We offer full technical support and after sales service. This is unlimited and free. We also support our products directly on-line via our BBS. Mere you will find all the latest software upgrades plus help and advice and latest PD!
PICASSO II EM PLANT WAVETOOLS fcfegetable Graphics (RTG) is the future of Amiga graphics display «“"Qiogy. True RTG means that a graphics device will not be 1 by the memoiy limitations of the host system's Chip mem- or by the speed of the custom chips. A true RTG device does not i :o use Chip RAM at all. And can run exclusively in Fast RAM if I for the best possible performance whilst allowing any behaved software to utilise the enhanced resolutions and ’ modes Of the RTG device without any modification to the Well behaved software will be able to run on their own resolution custom screens and
will not have to rely on running ¦ either the Workbench screen, or screen promotion hacks, to compatibility.
Picasso II RTG Emulator integrates seamlessly into the Amiga
• rating system to give the most reliable emulation available.
The fesolutions provided by the Picasso II appear in all your
applica- te*s as new screen modes selectable from the standard
Sr«'"Mode requester. For any program that allows you to choose
a screen mode, you would simply choose a Picasso II screen mxa
as an alternative (such as Picasso: 1280 x 1024). You will not
• * to wait for any custom programmed versions of any program
• r «compliant with the rules of the operating software. Such
* tgrams will be able to immediately take advantage of the Acasso
II board. Programs that are written with AGA in mind will be e*
to immediately take advantage of the new modes available to
5* Picasso II is designed to take full advantage of the host comput- v system. The built in Blitter and high speed memory subsystem ¦un that you will have super fast screen updates. Switching atfween Picasso II mode screens is very fast and switching between Vasso II mode screens and native Amiga screens is nearly instan- aneous (as fast as your monitor can re-sync). Because the Picasso i RTG board does not use Chip RAM, your Amiga will be less likely tt sutler from bus contention problems normally associated with v-ning high resolution screens and heavy DMA activity.
• i p.Mssq II RTG emulator has been designed so that it uses no ;
RAM. All available screen modes on the Picasso II use only Fast
UM This sophisticated design means that even a 1Mb Picasso II
beard can support as many high resolution 256 colour screens as
Ml lit in the Fast RAM of your system.
Hi Picasso II comes with several screen modes and resolutions fcif are industry standard and for which all monitors are designed.
Tvse modes operate at the proper scan rates and frequencies in infer to take advantage of the most popular monitors available. In »ome instances, where those modes may not be sufficient, you can
• e* create your own custom screen modes with PicassoMode You « •
be able to create screen modes that exactly match your monitors
qvencles and resolution capabilities.Picasso II comes with
HwActor (animation program), IFF, GIF, JPEG and MPEG Viewers rd
drivers for ADPro. ImageFX, ImageMaster and Real3D. A TVPaint
2.0 bundle is available too Great New Prices - TVPaint Junior
PICASSO I11 MB + TV PAINT Jnr. £319.95 PICASSO II 2 MB ? TV PAINT Jnr. £349.95 PICASSO I11 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 £469.95 PICASSO II 2 MB + TV PAINT 2.0 £499.95 EMPLANT will revolutionise the way you use your Amiga! Imagine one card offering multiple emulations that ALL multi-task (after all. Isn't that the way the Amiga was meant to work!)
The supplied Mac emulation boasts full colour 16 ECS.
256 AGA, 1.6 Million v ith supported graphics cards) and superb Stereo Sound.
EMPLANT supports Hard Drives, (via on-board SCSI or AmigaDOS partitions), Hard Files. MAC 800K (via Mac drive adapter). MAC IBM 1.44Mb. IBM 720K, EMPLANT and AMAX formats, The SCSI interface supports both Amiga peripherals and the peripherals of the emulated system at transfer rates of over 1 Mb Sec.
EMPLANT supports AppleTalk. Serial ports, Printers.
Modems, Midi, etc. You may use SyQuest, Any AmigaDOS device (DHO:. RAD:. VDO: etc.). Scanners.
Graphics Tablets, CD ROM etc. Emulation speed is exceptional and compatibility is excellent, All known software runs! Built in file transfer between platforms is provided, with new MultiOS system and support for the Amiga Parallel port for direct printing via Amiga drivers! I The IBM 386 486 emulation is imminent, with Atari 800 ST Falcon, C64 128, SNES SEGA. Apple II (among Others) all planned in the future. These will be available as low cost upgrade modules.
EMPLANT currently supports any Zorro equipped Amiga with the A1200 PCMCIA version out soon.The Mac emulation alone requires 68020 30 40 with 4Mb RAM minimum and also 256K Macll x cx SE30 ROMs.
EMPLANT can be expanded to provide 2Mb of battery- backed static RAM and has an audio digitiser built in!
An MMU FPU is no longer required!
New versions now available to suit your requirement.
Now you can really make some waves with the awesome sound of the all new WaveTools 16 bit Amiga sound system.
WaveTools 16 bit audio card plugs into any Amiga 1500, 2000 (accelerated). 3000. Or 4000 computers.
WaveTools hardware and software gives your Amiga the punchy sound quality of CD's and DAT recorders at a fraction of the price of other 16 bit sound cards. WaveTools uses your computers hard disk drive to directly record, edit, mix and playback audio with the clarity and crispness that only 16 bit technology can provide, in Amiga compatible AIFF 16 stereo file format.
Using state of the art circuitry and the latest in 64X oversampled Sigma-Delta conversion technology. WaveTools has a frequency response of 10Hz to 20KHz and a dynamic range of 85dB lor faithful reproduction of sounds Irom the fattest bass to the thinnest strings. WaveTools provides a pair ol stereo I O jacks for direct connection to any device with standard line in and line out connectors. Record from CO players. OAT recorders. Video Tape, Videodisk or any other line level audio sources.
WaveTools is able to sample data at a variety of sampling rates as low as 19KHz as well as the standard rates of 441 Khz and 46KHz for CD and DAT compatibility. WaveTools includes a waveform editor for cut. Copy, paste and mix operations on Selected portions Of audio waveforms. Edits can be tagged as destructive or non-destructive. WaveTools also maintains an internal time code in the format of SMPTE 24. 25 and 30 frames per second to ensure perfect synchronisation of your audio files with video and animation, if required.
The WAVETOOLS RTX (Real Time Effects) Module adds an AD2105 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a SMPTE time code reader generator. The DSP allows real time 8 track mixing and playback (Stereo Out), and realtime effects such as flange, echo, slapback, EO etc. The architecture is open to allow third party developer support (custom DSP routines). The SMPTE time code reader allows WaveTools to chase Longitudinal Time Code (LTC), Vertical interval Time Code (VITC) and Midi Time Code (MTC). It accepts composite NTSC or PAL video for VITC and line level audio tor LTC. The time code generator can
stripe VITC or LTC and can generate a user positioned time code burn-in window for making a video work print with time code stamped on it.
WAVETOOLS £349.95 £299.95 £599.95 RTX Module (Ships February) WAVETOOLS RTX (both boards) UPPER DISK TOOLS This amazing new program otters a great new concept in the recovery of deleted or lost tiles from either corrupt or normal disks. Files are recovered from disk through a new virtual AmigaDOS device called REC: that is mounted by recovery. Each scannable disk drive has a directory within the REC: device with the same name. These can be floppies or hard drive partitions, including those formatted with the newer file systems Directory Cached or international.
Once the user scans any of these directories, the program analyses the respective AmigaDOS disk drive and builds that disks directory tree. The files found during the scanning process are placed in directories according to their category, either normal deleted files, deleted files without parent directories or files without headers.
The brilliance of this concept is that users can retrieve the files with a simple copy procedure from the REC: device to anywhere else, using the CU. Workbench or their favourite directory utility program!
Everything is so transparent that it is even possible to read or execute a file from the REC: device1 UPPER DISK TOOLS is supplied with a full user manual and is an absolute dream to use.
UPPER DISK TOOLS cost just £19.95 CREDIT CARD ORDERS ATTRACT A 2.5% HANDLING CHARGE. GOODS NOT SENT ON A TRIAL BASIS E&OE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT STANDARO COURIER C300.NEXT DAY £8.00 (OVER 10KG - PLEASE CALL) TO ORDER CALL OR FAX TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME UK BBS (0908) 220196 (0908) 310208 It's quite amazing to see how much the computer industry has evolved since the very early days of the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64. How times have changed since those exciting days when quality' was all-important and the sales of games meant little against the entertainment value thev offered.
Nowadays the purchaser matters little, entertainment matters less and the incredibly wealthy software industry runs with a narrow criteria based on money and self- promotion, and all at the expense of what used to be the singularly most important element in the industry - the games player.
P I 1 -• • t * 3 White 0 (5) Driver 484 vds First light of on FPV ond the golfer In MicroProse Cofi does a runner. And where are those data disks!
As Amiga owners you may think that you have been well supported by the software publishers, venting your anger and frustrations at Commodore's often perplexing marketing strategy - but you'd be wrong.
Commodore have made mistakes, but theirs are a far cry from the often cut-throat, uncaring attitudes that exist within the software industry'. What I am about to sav is not intended to shock, but to inform the reader of the unprofessional attitudes that often exist behind the glossy exterior that is the software publisher.
As the popularity of the Amiga home computer grew, so did the software industry as a whole. What were once family businesses very rapidly evolved into corporate giants and with this evolution came the inevitable distance between publisher and purchaser.
The once all-important guv at the end of the line had now been forgotten amid contracts worth millions and an industry which often no longer cared about quality, sacrificing it for quantity.
Of all the various tribes of home computer and console owners, it is the Amiga fraternity who have suffered the most The biggest bone of contention between Amiga owners and software publishers is piracy - something most people know exists but know little about.
As far as software publishers are concerned, piracy is to blame for every shortfall with Amiga software - poor packaging, bugs, lack of after-sales support and non- hard disk installable software are all cited.
And now piracy has become the excuse used by software publishers to avoid what is considered hassle from purchasers - the same purchasers who were and still are responsible for the growth of the computer industry', especially Amiga owners!
Only by uncovering the many ways in which Amiga owners have been shortchanged can we gain a good impression of the real truth behind the threat of piracy.
A bug in the Probably one of the most successful companies who have declined to properly support Amiga owners in the past are Ocean Software. Famous for their unimaginative and uninspiring movie licences which have sold millions to the younger age group arguably due to their tides and subject matters, Ocean's F-29 Retaliator and Epic are two of the most bugged games around - and this from one of the biggest software publishers in the world!
HELD BACK And when MirrorSoft were in business a few years back, they deliberately held back their Turtles game from computer magazines because they knew full well it would be slated.
It is this kind of skulduggery that has helped shape the software industry we know today. But the problems don't end when a game has been purchased.
Bugged software rarely causes an uproar
- partly due to the appeasing nature of the British public - but
it is becoming more and more common.
It is true to say that nearly all software houses have some kind of bug-testing team and to all intents and purposes they do their best to ensure that software hits the shelves "bug free". Unfortunately due to self-imposed deadlines, and sales and marketing teams who care little for quality, the quantity of software that is actually released bugged is phenomenal.
The sales and marketing team will invariably admit the existence of these bugs in their products, although they will skate over the problem whenever they can, putting it down to (self-imposed) deadlines and the fact that you can never totally free a game from bugs.
OK, that's a fairly valid point, but where are the numerous bug patches that grace the PC? A tremendous number of bug patches are available for this machine on bulletin boards, in the public domain and from the actual companies concerned.
I was disgusted with the contemptuous attitudi of some publishers towards their buyers In all my time in the computer enti ment industry I have never seen a patch the Amiga- if there are any they must I few and far between!
MicroProse have had problems wil
• nr
i. i ii t * * • , ML Jt" i »*¦ If m mL* * 'ijff ¦PI If* 1; r
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* ft . B
* : jv A Four disks of torturous pain thanks to the neglect of a
hard drive Install option. Cheers. Virgin "I :& Turret
Numy* ihirt turret.
It may look like a string of bullets but It Is In fad a bug.
If this appears you're In trouble because the game freezes soon after
* * Bandits at 1 O’clock low e Is your home computer being pushed
out into the cold by decaying standards? Steve White
investigates the decline in software quality ystem B17 Flying
Fortress, for example, does «ot run correctly on either the
A600 or I, nor does it fully utilise the enhanced ce of what
are considered default tor cards.
They didn't appear particularly concerned and nothing more was said.
There are others that I could mention and they know who they are. If Digital Integration can produce excellent and complete games why can't other software companies? Digital Integration, famous for their flight simulations, have released only two within the last three years - F16 Combat Pilot and Tornado.
Both are exceptional games that look good and play well and which have sold deservedly well - you need only read the manuals to realise that you’re dealing with a company who care about their user base.
Digital Integration have also announced that they are planning to release an enhanced version of Tornado, all previous Knights of the Sky suffers from a random that causes the screen to update approx- 'y one frame for every one second real- . And just at the crucial moments in the §w* If you play MicroProse Golf with an FPU (floating point unit) or certain fast RAM «*p*nsions in your Amiga, the golfer sprite i&heson and off.
ATTITUDE Indeed, I was personally so disgusted with the contemptuous attitude of some
• oftwan? Publishers towards their loyal buyers that I decided
to help Rowan Software “-bug their Reach for the Skies game for
On average, I reported twice the number oi bugs that Virgin's team spotted. After my wcond report I did not receive later versions md subsequently the game was released - bugs included, some of which I had even informed them about. There you go, a prime example of the ignorance of software bouses.
Combat Air Patrol (CAP) from Liveipool- b»sed Psygnosis was indeed bugged, again
* the most crucial moments in the game, lust who is testing this
software? When 1 challenged Psygnosis about the problem bugs
removed. This is certainly a first, and congratulations must go
out to DI for taking the initiative.
If software publishers refuse to release bug patches there is an alternative - an independent committee employing a specialised team of testers set up especially to monitor software and help the software pubKsl rs to clean up their products.
Anyone who ignores the advice of the committee would have a sticker slapped on their software informing the public that it has not been properly tested and that it may contain errors.
Retailers would undoubtedly refuse to take unchecked software which would force software publishers to spend more time making sure their products were working correctly.
Unfortunately, it is not just bugged software that causes problems. Ocean recently released their movie conversion of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park on the A1200 and although the program came on four disks it was not hard disk installable (something they have rectified with the release of Ryder Cup).
ABYSMAL The loading time is abysmal from floppy and you spend more time waiting for game sections to load than playing the bloody thing - as far as hard disk installable software goes, the Amiga has been left out in the cold.
Software publishers justify' their lack of support for Amiga hard disk oivners by insisting that piracy is tw big a problem and that few Amiga owners actually own hard drives.
Well, I for one feel deeply put out when I have to suffer a four-disk floppy swap just because software publishers can't or won't protect their games adequately.
What's wrong with manual or codewheel protection? Sure, it won't stop the big-time hacker, but then you never will. What it will do is reduce the chances of the small-time pirate copying software and distributing it.
Although software publishers will tell you otherwise, PC piracy is becoming just as much of a problem as Amiga piracy, yet all PC games are installable and very few have any form of copy protection. In 1993 more than 700,000 CD games were copied!
Action should be taken to reduce piracy but not at the expense of law-abiding Amiga owners who are paying £25 to £35 a game Probably the most annoying floppy game In the world, lurvisk Port would have benefited considerably from a hard drive Install option After-sale lessons Debbie Durrant is public relations manager at Digital Integration. I spoke to her about Tornado, and after-sale support for purchasers- "If there are any Tornado Amiga owners having problems or they simply need help they can of course ring our helpline. We are also updating the master disks in which we have cured as many
bugs as we possibly can."
As for the future. Dl have much more to offer as far as Tornado Amiga goes. Debbie explains; We are definitely releasing a dedicated A1200 version of Tornado, scheduled for release mid to end March 94. This version will have 256 colours and PC standard graphics - and hard drive mandatory. * Registered users will be able to upgrade from the A500 version of Tornado to the dedicated version for a nominal charge.
Digital Integration are also developing the Operation Desert Storm data disk but unfortunately it will only be compatible with the dedicated A1200 version. This is sched- uled for May 94.
This kind of after-sales support is fairly rare but hopefully other software publishers will take notice and change their rather blase attitudes.
And expect bug-free, hard disk installable software.
And to insist that there are few hard disk owners is totally untrue - and with the advent of the A1200 there are more hard disk users now than ever before! In a recent survey in Amiga Computing, 40 per cent of readers claimed they owned hard drives.
It’s about time software publishers stopped treating us Amiga owners like brainless morons who have nothing better to do other than play arcade games and then copy them.
Most of us have second disk drives, yet some companies still support only one drive with two disk games. Many own hard drives yet most Amiga software is not hard drive installable.
And all of us want to be entertained with high quality, impressive software, but still games are released that are bugged and lacking in originality. If the software publishers have a problem with piracy, then they should sort it out, instead of making the rest of us loyal Amiga owners suffer.
We are all responsible for the growth of this industry in some form or another and the sooner software publishers realise this the better. They are only damaging their own image and chances of success in the future.
So, guilty parties, please take note and change your attitudes or expect to see more articles of this kind in future - something none of us want to happen.
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Ike enrtncedlypes ' nyone who owns an A1200 can’t have failed
to notice that, even though it boasts an 020 processor, speed
increase often isn't much better that of a 68000-based Amiga.
Working in AGA mode can prove a
• , especially with a measly 2Mb of RAM, raped, plundered and
pillaged the machine itself and any programs that running at
the time.
The obvious upgrade is a Fast RAM »n to relieve the strain on the chips, you're still left with an Amiga that drags Jret and doubles over at the mere sniff of complex 3D project, animation or game.
Fortunately; GYP have the hardware that «rfl make even an A4000 owner him green |«n*h envy - the A1230 Turbo+ accelerator RAM expansion with FPU (Floating t Unit).
[ The board offers 4Mb of Fast RAM, gradable to 32Mb using 32-bit Simm an 030 processor running at 50MHz ¦n* an optional FPU 68882 (capable of performing decimal arithmetic calculations ff times faster than the main processor), battery-backed clock and an expansion connector for modular additions to the A1230. Impressive, eh?
On first inspection the unit appears fairly ¦fcust, complemented by a manual that is both clear and concise with instructions written with the novice in mind. An toproved trapdoor cover is also supplied, remoulded in order to compensate for the ureand shape of the A1230.
The most arduous task in fitting the bcurd is getting it into the bloody expansion I've got the slot beneath the A1200. This is not a fault of GVP but is instead due to poor design by Commodore.
Once the A1230 is in place and snugly connected to the expansion bus the driver software must be installed. As with all recent GYP products the installer disk is neatly designed and simple to use. There are several programs on the disk which allow you to test the Fast RAM and view information about the board itself.
Certainly the most important part of the software is the Kickstart ROM remapping program which resides in the VVBStartup drawer. When the software is installed the A1200 Kickstart is allocated an area of 32-bit Fast RAM, normally 512k which it can reside in.
REMAPPING As the A1230,s memory can be accessed far quicker than the ROM chips in the A1200 this greatly speeds the Workbench up and the accessing of programs. However, the board must have at least 4Mb of Fast RAM in order for the ROM remapping to succeed.
With the board fitted and software correctly installed the speed difference is instantly noticeable and quite shocking!
Using a reliable benchtest program running the infamous Beachball test in which a beach ball is rendered on the screen, the accelerated A1200 was 65 times faster than a standard A12Q0 with no Fast RAM.
Other tests produced similar results with the accelerated A1200 far out-pacing the standard machine and simply wiping the floor with the A5QQ Plus.
However, benchtests are one thing - the true test comes with applications software, more so graphical applications which require extensive rendering times and rely heavily on processor power.
The tests were performed using Imagine and Imagine FP, the latter utilises the FPU in the A1230. A complex 3D image was rendered using both programs and the time differences noted. Although the standard Imagine program performed relatively well, rendering the image in 14m 39s, the FPU version made swift work of the image rendering it in an amazing 2m 35s.
Apart from testing out the customary graphical rendering times the A1230 was also tested with a variety of games, mainly Tornado and Formula 1 Grand Prix.
Tornado, which is virtually impossible to play on a bog-standard A1200 performed admirably under the A1230. Even on maximum graphic settings it was fast and smooth in even* department. The same was true of F1GP with the cars hurtling around the tracks at hair-raising speed The A1230 Turbot is a fairly expensive piece of equipment but the increase in speed is worth ever)’ penny. As a standalone machine, the A1200 is fairly basic and somewhat lacking when it comes to rendering complex 3D shapes and ruqping 3D intensive games.
But the addition of the A1230 turns it into a speed demon with unparalleled performance which even the A400Q has trouble matching. Once installed it will change your life forever and ma e the impossible possible. P7T3 The bottom line .
Product: A1230 Turbo+ Supplier: Silica Price: £579 Phone: 081-3091111 Ease of uso 9 Implementation 10 Value for money 9 Overall 9 power A1200 owners can turbo-charge their Amigas with the A1230 Turbo+, the most advanced accelerator and RAM expansion to date, says Steve White Comparing these benchmarks you con set just haw fast the A1230 Turbot Is.
Four tests were performed: Dhrystone and Imath which utilise the 030 processor, and BeochBall and iavage which make extensive use of the fHJ.
By looking at the resultant graphs you can see the comparison between the accelerated A1200 and the standard At200 with no fast RAM. The difference In speed h astronomical A Protext 6 - A Winning Performance Styles Styles let you make flexible use of printer fonts and effects. You can change a font throughout a document with a single operation.
Document Layout An easy to use dialogue lets you lay out your page precisely as you want using inches or cm for the page length, margins and tabs.
Protext is still the fastest , Fastest at editing.
Fastest at spell checking.
• Fastest at printing.
Protext still has the best printer support Hundreds of printers supported PostScript driver included Scalable font support Colour printing Automatic line spacing Protext still has the most advanced features including:
• Styles NEW Graphics import ~.W Spelling checker
• Thesaurus Hyphenation Document analysis Glossary Footnotes
Widows and orphans Index and contents Addition of numbers
• File sorting
• Mail merge Programming language Graphics Graphic images may be
imported into a Protext document. Supports IMG, PCX, GIF and
IFF. You can select any resolution and scale the image. Dot
matrix, inkjet and laser printers.
Printers Protext's unrivalled understanding of printers gives you the highest quality printing at the highest possible speed.
Using a printer's built in fonts enables Protext to print pages in seconds rather than the minutes taken by some programs.
Protext is now easier than ever to use Menus and dialogue boxes Interactive Help 'JEW l Macro editor Dictionary editor The list price of Protext 6 is C152.75 but you can order direct today for just £QQ inclusive. For the Atari ST and TT.
Phone us today and we will send you a usable demo version and a full specification, absolutely free. Upgrade offers available • please call us for the current price.
Amor Ltd (AMC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE1 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24hr), Fax: 0733 67299 VIDEO The video V6 posite or Y C, and as Image Engine is designed with an external sync in mind, a time base corrector is essential when using domestic VCRs.
Our test was carried out with a Panasonic FS90 S-VHS video recorder, one of the better household units, and though the card's realtime digitiser would grab "on the fly", the sync signal from the VCR was not to Image Engine's liking, Using the Panasonic's perfect pause for grabbing reduced sync levels to the point where the picture started to roll, and only with the correcting influence of a TBC was Image Engine comfortable with the input.
In total, then, the ideal minimum set-up includes £800 worth of TBC or a sync generator, and £285 worth of RGB splitter (G2 supply the Sony YR-1000 for this purpose), bringing the equipment budget to over £3,000 and putting the card well out of the enthusiast's price bracket. So what professional benefits did we get for our money?
Before using a TBC, grab quality from Image Engine was, if anything, poorer than the £300 Vlab card and certainly no better than Rombo’s Vidi Amiga 24. Once the system settled down, however, and a higher quality signal was being used.
Image Engine started to shine.
Real-time grabs in crisp detail without Image Engine brings professional features and a professional price tag to Amiga video.
Stevie Kennedy hits the gas .....Ul The whole thrust of the Amiga video market has always been to cut the huge price tags out computer video work, and to this end m of cheap and cheerful digitisers, :ks, and 24-bit cards has flowed the manufacturers into the f hands of thousands of Amiga ¦aphers.
There have always been high-end add-ons aimed at the semi-profes- and professional markets, though, G2 Systems have been responsible for of them.
Starting with the successful MeoCenter range of high quality gen- fcds. Keyers, and faders, G2 have
• CJnded their range of products to cover mm about everything the
video user might rVwd A gap in the range was left when the
MasterPiece 24-bit card was discontinued, and G2's response
is Image Engine.
Fitting in any Zorro slot, Image Engine is a 32-bit graphics card with on*board graphics processor, 3Mb VRAM to enable double buffering and the use of an 8-bit alpha channel, and an optional 8Mb RAM.
The on-board processor is theTexas Instruments 34020, a dedicated graphics chip which can run at high speed, but which requires software to be specially coded to take advantage of it.
PROFESSIONAL Other system requirements soon put Image Engine well beyond the enthusiast market and into the professional domain.
The board's only video input is in the form of a component RGB port, so a video Splitter is required for any work with com- Variable rub through multi In flexible mlxet between Images appreciable interlace flicker started to roll onto the hard drive for use with the Imagica software, and before long I was able to start working in a productive fashion.
Imagica’s ease of use helps the process along quite nicely, and as paint packages go it is a smooth performer, though not quite up to the standards of TVPaint or TVPaint Jr. Designed for the professional user, Imagica shamelessly apes the way in which Quantel's Paintbox software operates, with all menus available from a pop- down panel.
The package is divided into several parts, each concentrating on an area such as Draw, Brush, Video, and Stencil, and without using the manual it is easy enough to get to grips with most functions.
One surprising observation was that despite the 8Mb RAM and 3Mb VRAM Uvt video preview Is available behind all Imogka's menu i ¦VIDEO coupled to the TI34020, Imagica Couldn't be described as the world’s fastest paint package, and compares poorly in some respects with EGS Paint on the Spectrum 24 28.
Most operations are smooth enough, but when flood fills or area filters are brought into play - never mind the airbrush feature - speed suffers badly. To compensate for this, brush handling is very good. Scaling and rotation in particular are easy and quick, and the skew feature is also pleasingly fast.
Disappointinglv, soft edged brushes aren't directly supported asin TV Paint, though a sort of soft edging can be achieved through the stencil tool. This latter is probably the best and most fully featured tool Imagica can boast, and lends the videographer a fair degree of flexibility.
Stencils can be set up using solid colours in the usual fashion, but with the use of three tolerance settings a great many more effects can be pressed into service. Sliders on the stencil window can be used to select chrominance (colour), luminance (brightness), or difference as a percentage of the area being masked so that the user can soft edge the stencil itself, KEYER This won't work with the standard setup, but when a linear keyer is used in combination with Image Engine, the stencil feature works with the alpha channel to provide 256 layers of bleed for on-screen graphics of
all kinds.
With the full kit it is possible to produce finished video sequences to match many TV stitions, but only digital keying is catered for internally, and this is much less effective.
Text support is an area where Imagica at oqce impresses and disappoints. Both bitmap and outline CompuGraphic fonts are supported, so the user can take advantage of the many superb typefaces supplied by shareware libraries, font handling is fast, and any user-defined gradient can be applied to give the finished titles a snazzy appearance, but there are a couple of bugs in the way text is handled.
Typing directly over a live video signal is easy enough, a fact which enables the correct matching of colours, but once the first line of text has been stamped down, all subsequent text suffers from screen corruption.
JonhTHhn £ Tramparent text and rub through working together In Image composition 1 Amiga Computing April 1994 The bug is an infuriating one and limits the use of text over graphics and video, and one can only hope that G2 sort it out as soon as possible.
Beyond this annoying glitch, text handling is actually very good. The user can set varying levels of anti-aliasing, and as all text is treated as a brush, it is possible to rotate, flip, and skew titles before stamping them down.
In conjuction with the varying rub through and transparency controls available for all functions, it would be possible to create advanced text effects if only the bug were eradicated.
On the main control panel, three sliders are used to set the speed at which a painting effect is applied (of most use with the airbrush), and the weight of paint to be used.
In effect, this slider simply makes use of the board's alpha channel to produce transparency effects which can be applied to all features from flood fills to text.
Rub through is the most impressive option to use transparency, and works by "rubbing through" the foreground image to partly reveal the background image held in Image Engine's second 24-bit buffer.
As a full screen effect, rub through can be used to blend two images, and when Once assisted by a TBQ, the grubber tan capture even fast j moving Images used with a text brush or other complex shape it is capable of producing pretty snazzy results.
Unfortunately, Imagica doesn't have a direct equivalent of TVPaint's density tool, so soft edged text brushes and flood fills are not possible. This is perhaps a tool which only a minority of videographers would at first require, but it adds a new level of flexibility and should have been included in a package with professional aims and a price tag to suit.
POWERFUL Another disappointment was the texture feature, potentially the most powerful brush related tool in Imagica's arsenal.
Texture is used to grab a brush, then tile, fit, or map it to any shape the user chooses.
In this way, TVPaint is able to give the impression that a brush (someone's face, for example) has been wrapped onto a sphere by simply fitting the image into a circle. Imagica has this feature, but it was not implemented in the current version of the software.
Only the tile method of texture mapping works, a crude fill feature which can be used to create neat backgrounds from small brushes but which is nowhere near as flexible as the oppositions' textures.
When the Fit and Map options are enabled, Imagica will have more of an answer to TVPaint, but for the moment it is let down in this area.
The remaining paint features, including smooth and sme.ir, are impressive and fill the package out, but the filtering option is of most use. Using a rectangular filter or the gauss option any video grab can be cleaned up automatically to partly remove any interlace jitter, and the Sobel filters create very nice embossed effects.
In context, Imagica isn't really good value for money when compared to the newly priced TVPaint, but in combination with Image Engine's hardware features it does make for a good video production tool.
For professional users looking to buy a complete system or a card which will fit smoothly into an existing professional setup, Image Engine and Imagica make for a solid team.
Those on a budget or who use mostly Y C or composite video will probably want to save a small fortune and go for one the Amiga's much cheaper, if non-professional, solutions. L M 3 Jargon buster component vs compo Component video signals are of separate red, green, bluue, and chronisation signals, as opposed to posite where the RGB informal passed along the same cable. Ci video is of a much higher quality and used only by professionals Y C (S-VHS) A halfway house I composite video (CVBS) and i Y C video signals are composed of 1 streams, one for luminance, and one 1 chrominance. S-VHS video
is simply a signal with a separate digital audio trao time base corrector Usually to TBC. Time base correctors are i workhorses of the video world and to boost and clean up the sync from video inputs to ensure that devices can make a dean lock with RGB splitter encoder A device splits a composite signal (CVBS or' into its component reg. Green, and sync signals for use with high equipment alpha channel An 8-bit (258-level)» used to fade one image or video i into or over another. Used mainly by 1 keyers as a reference for the way in one signal keys over another linear keyer An expensive
piece video hardware which utilises alpha nel signals to blend two live video i over (usually) 256 steps digital keyer Usually found in the mon or garden genlock, a digital I simply slaps a computer image over i video signal using a single colour (i colour zero) to produce simple titling i other effects The bottom line Ease of use 8 Implementation 7 Value for money 5 Overall 6 Supplier; G2 Systems Phono: 0252737151 Prices: Image Engine El,400 Imagica £816 Designed to brim performance at a' peripherals offer outstanding value-for- money. They are built to ensure easy fitting, and trouble free
operation - making them a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so reliable that we are pleased to offer a full two year warranty on the inoLY Technology AmiTek products detailed here.
DELUXE DRIVE 2 FLOPPY FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS DELUXE FEATURES The ArmTck drwe has been specially designed to meet the needs of Amga users and has many deluxe features wtoeh are not fiduded in other dnves - checkout thecompetfeorv ANTI-CLICK The anti-click teature stops your drive from making lengthy whirs and dicks that occur when the dove Is empty and searching tor afek ANTI-VIRUS The switcftabte Ann-Virus mode stops track 0 v ruses ntectng the disk wnie n the dme Yet. Unlko many other dnves which have virus Uters, this Anti-Virus mode can be disabled alowing some tossy oopy protected
software to nit.
- OR THE AMIGA 1200 AMITEK '.he CfKW&ng power of your A1200. Be
ready lor me new of software which makes more fernand) on
Arr*ga memory and
- noogy The AmiTek Hawk RAM
• ’S.Ofl iftCtodW up to 8m. Fast 32-b.t the awity 10 suopon a
sophisticated 2 FPU (Floating Point Unit • drasiicaiy ises the
speed or maths intensive
• rations) and a oattery backed up dock to a hah standard, this
board can be «sJy installed and comes with a 2 y**r The Hawk
RAM beard is In 9 pre-oonfigured versions
• •jotng you to select the model whch best Mi your requirements.
ADD ADDITIONAL DRIVES As a acubie sided mecnaiwm the AmTok drive gras 880K ol dek space alter loomattira it is also daisy-charveie.
Whch means that ycu may add further dnves»your system and. Uses very imte power from your Amiga
• High Quality 3 2” Sony Mechanism
• Strong Metal Casing
• Built-In Anti-Click Feature
• Enable Disable Switch HIGH QUALITY SONY MECHANISM ArmTek look
the time to source a mecharwi that has all the teaiires.
Quality and reiiatxlfty that Amiga owners have been crying out
lor, Alter vigorously testing Sony's mech*ni}m, 4 proved io tn
the tnsi by tar avatawe
• 75ms Access time
• Daisy Chainable Via Thru Port
• Low Power Usage
• No Need For External PSU
• 2 Year Warranty
• Plugs straight into A1200 trapdoor - No soktenng roqu.rod
• Upgradeable FAST RAM board to 1. 2.4 or 8**?
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs lor easy upgrades
• Three types of optional Floating Poini Unit • 20mh*. 33mm or
40wm PLCC 68382 co-processor
• Comprehensive easy to follow manual with illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and A1200HD computers
• Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty
• 2 year warranty Amu MufefPU MltafRJ 4I»*. II 1*00 tet RAM Mb MM
4m RA rfY 2Q *?
33 mi 405V2 1«u £99 £149
- j 2 u 4£« £129 - £199 £249 £199 -
- £299 8 RAW £399 -
J - ?
AMIGAS £ RAM UPGRADES AHIlfK FOR AMIGA 500 600 Many business
packages and advanced games require more than your Amiga's
standard memory capacity to run at their lull potential The
AmiTek range of RAM upgrades is the perfect way to add that
extra memory "TV capacity to your system. The 4.
Followring RAM upgrades are all (YEAR trapdoor cards and fitting will not VWAAAANTY atfed ybuT Amiga's warranty The internal AmiTek
• ceecement dnve is
• mI tor users who «¦* to ropieico existing twternal yn;« »'i,
.iv.) np7ira*i ci'aE.Tin C!pk'A4rr.i ’ n
• hgh quality Mvnaf Iia, 3»*
• we rn«harvsm for
* » Amiga 5 Xy500i».LS
• you need to M the »*»* is included, plus m*f to follow Mtmg
uctions ana 24 ¦owls replacement ftarantee The AmiTek External
Modulator makes an ideal replacement modulator for all Amiga
owners, Everything needed is supplied. Like all AmiTek
peripherals, it comes with an easy to follow manual User
friendly manual included
• High quality design
• FREE RF cable supplied A500plus - The A5Wplus has a batterv
backed clock built-in. So these tMc RAM upgrades do not require
this SSI Tej £44 £119 £179 modulator A600 - Low cost tun RAM
upgrades, with or wilhout .i battery backed clock I £341 M- V4T
034 UK IE40 ¦rs -* E38
- a. ***' ff * INC VAT-OBI 3600 INC VAT - RAM 0020 INC VAT-RAM
8040 MAIL ORDER: Oid»r Lfcee Opw Mao-Sil 1-4 The Mobs, HstMcy
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buy yout o«w Amg prodiKa, we svgant you thi* ve y cwetuty
about WHERE you buy them Coraidcr wnal emIM ike a few months
alter you have m** you' pvrdw, when yw may 'enure oddrtcral
wrcm-ab or software, or heto and adncc And, Mil the company you
* * *om contact you with doils ol now producM’ Ai Sica. We
• wvre mot you wfl lyva oamng Ip wyrry atttv! Ye can m«t or
roquromenl* mth an unOersiandno wtncti is seccra lo Complete
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expononce iho 'Sica Seivke'
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era' Bull
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proteisonal compittr salts
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detats ol lurdwn Kppritraii and software
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*ron Th an - qw SIOCUP SHOP: Ow»-«ib km* I 1-4 The Mews,
Haiherley Rd, &dcup Kent DAM 4DX U1» NqN f nla, ¦ Tun Til:
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so i'iSmaoCM»r-e Xr«wi_let? Nyi T vHO| _ IPSWICH SHOP: Til:
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applicable): ____________________ I
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V hich computer(s),
if any. Do you own?
E»OE you iM iptaUMon* may Ptoau r« Iq ft VltMl imOTMdcn.
125F ¦ MULTIMEDIA I f mand.
You You want to send can. For Arexx comexam- mands to pie, enter other proa complete Arexx grams script into a you can textfield object and exeuse the cute it Helm using script lan; guage Arexx comireix Press the llrlp kpy ;mtl.
~ Utility Books | (Dkrwarr 2. W
* :J8:n im
p. *. i.ii j Ujekome- Rtta imIiiiMb j BabyPainl BdUhBook HookBaxe
Calendar Cards Connert Customer UirBook iSBEi I HelmGlossary
HelmPaini 'Ublfilfejiij I .lukeBoK Soles Phonebook Storyboard
b heimtest BwfifWSW .¦¦¦.av-il1 Heimi BookiheH front end
provides easy access to profits Music |MTg8WWWWB for the
masses! H jcggwXgwgwwSXOT tel Power impressive new piece of
multimedia authoring software able. Charts let you display
values graphically using bar graphs, scattergraphs, pie
charts and so on. Imagefields are used for picture type
graphics and can be linked to either ILBM pics brushes or
ANIM-5 files.
Timers objects are useful for creating kiosk-type automated books that move from page to page of their own accord.
Even the humble textfield provides a bit of a surprise: In addition to the expected characteristics, such as being able to link them to Ascii files and use any font or colour. Hypertext links can be added to words or phrases.
Helm has its own integral art package The Arexx connection Amiga Computing April 1994 With powerful graphics and sound facilities there was never any doubt that the Amiga was going to make an ideal platform for multimedia presentation work.
Now heavyweight packages like Scala may have already set the standard at the top end of the marketplace. But as far as multimedia authoring systems in general are concerned, the field is Still wide open and some interesting new products are beginning to emerge.
One such offering, from Eagle Tree Software, is called Helm. It's a complete multimedia authoring system that allows users, even those without programming experience, to create fully-fledged multi- media presentations.
Helm can also be used to build certain types of applications software such as simple database or interactive questionnaire programs. Its approach to the creation of its electronic books is "object oriented".
GRAPHICAL This may sound all very fancy but what it really means is that you set up and define the pages of these books by creating various graphical objects and moving them around using the mouse.
The usual first step is to set up the overall framework by creating a Form definition. A Form is the name given to a book's master page and this can contain objects which are inherited, ie shared, by all other pages of the book.
If, for example, you were creating an address book database, you might set up the form with Name, Address, and Telephone Number textfields so that these items appeared on every page of the book.
Eight basic types of Helm objects are available: Selectors, charts, shapes, buttons, imagefields, textfields, timers, and PIPfields (a specialist 1V24 Videographics card field).
Within these basic categories all manner of parameters can be adjusted and, as you’ll see from the example screenshots, there is plenty of scope for variety.
Selectors are ready-made groups of buttons and text. There's a calendar, radio box, some sliders, a pop-up menu, clock, file selector, multiple choice requester, and various other ready-made units avail* It’s all hands on deck as Paul Overaa takes a look at Helm, an which provides all-common types of drawing modes and effects (gradient fills, adjustable air brushes and so on). There are some nice extras like reduction of pictures to black white and antique (sepia) tone thrown in as well.
Once images are incorporated into imagefields the facilities become rather different from conventional drawing programs like Dpaint because the objects can then be moved around as separate entities.
Object creation and editing is extremely easy. Suppose on every page you want two identically sized button gadgets labelled Last Page and Next Page to allow the user to move between the various pages of a book.
Select the Edit Form menu option, choose the button gadget tool, and then use the mouse to mark out a rectangle of a suitable size. Helm automatically creates a button gadget of that size for you.
When this gadget is selected control points appear which enable you to move it around or, if necessary, change its sufll Objects can be cut, copied and pasted and NxM object duplication options are avail able which allow things like identical looking gadget arrays to be produces within seconds- Once created other characteristics, sudl as colour and gadget text, could then be changed by double clicking on the obprtJ and altering the parameters in the infoM mation requester boxes that appear.
These types of object creation steps *¦ continued until both the form and 4 individual page layouts are deemed satisfactory. At this stage you've basicaM created one or more pages of objects ami the next step is to 'program' any objed that has to do anything.
There are two ways of doing this and the first option is to use pre-programme!
Actions. To add an action to an object voJ pick up the action from a catalogue la provided by Helm's Action Editor an!
Just drop it into the action list of the obyectj What sort of things can you make ad object do? Here are a few possible Held actions to whet your appetite. You can gd to a specific page, execute a program m DOS command (or Arexx script), opd AmigaCuide documents, move object!
Play SMUS music files, use the narrated display pictures or animations, scroll ted in textfields, send text to the serial devJ 80 MULTIMEDIA!
P - - February 1994 jMaarv I it r h I r s s M T 111 T F S
* ia n i? It 14 i) 1 H 3 4 5 6 ?
8 9 10 11 12 M 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Hard, 1 N 1 H T F 1 iZJ 28 | t 7 • 1 14 11 1t It 14 11 11 11 11
• • ” *? Ir it ir m i tt tt ?4 n n Ll 2) ! N n n m x ~ la mation
about that country to be displayed.
Render those polygons invisible so that only the map itself is displayed and the net effect is that as a user clicks on various countries they'll be sent to the appropriate pages of information. Neat eh!
Hypertext link actions are treated in just the same way as other object actions.
So, links created in text files can not only be set to move to a different area of text but can cause other actions to be performed as well.
All these things give the non-programmer the ability- to hook up different tasks to objects simply and easily. Needless to say these facilities on their own are, for many applications, more than adequate.
Helm has plenty of other goodies as well. There are menu creation options, genlock and CDTV commands. Books, pages, images, and reports can be sent to the printer or a PostScript device. A talking people facility allows the narrator to be synchronised to animated figures.
Five user levels are available which sK" Ur h+m has many potential warn of application tmi play 8SVX sound samples.
I Actions can incorporate visual effects Ifcr fades, dissolves, scrolls and wipes and wfm can even make various page layers jaad objects visible or invisible, j In case you're wondering whv you
• ht Want invisible objects in a book try (•»* dea for size.
You could have a picture « the map of the world on a page and
irregular polygons around countries
• arterest.
You then attach goto actions to these r°*M$ on objects that cause a page of inforts size- ed and
* avail-
• ntical duced 5, such hen be objects
• informs are nd or ?emed isicallv :ts and object lis and immed
xt you ;ue list or and object ake an »Helm can go ram or i I,
open bject*.
Irrator oil text device Running * 3S auto-pilot 1 a Helm has a definite feather in its cap in the form of its own language, which allows you to program objects to perform arbitrarily complex sets of actions.
The language is a rather strange mix of Basic. Arexx and an English phrase-styled database language, but it is comprehensive and provides a reasonable selection of control structures. If-then testing, while, do-while and for
• oops, and even multiple choice case statements are all
The language doesn't use variables as such; it uses things called containers that can be used to store anything from umbers and text items to graphics images and music files.
Container arrays are supported and the language com- Tiands cover everything from dedicated book manipulation 1 Mb steering Making a date with Helm I l,; turn (nlnl fturi 4 ImH kwrld tmm MrUa NiMIt IMF AM* IntlHMt ini ItlMll II 1 _=- -----.
And multimedia actions, maths functions and disk I O (including a positional file seek command), to specialised Helm system functions.
At times the language, at least with simple scripts, looks almost like written English, as this following page movement example shows; On SclcctUp 1 right arrot begin go to next p gr end You wouldn't, incidentally, actually have to write scripts for performing these type of simple page turning operations because Helm has pre-programmed actions available for this.
Allow a book creator to limit the way in which a book is used (these include a navigate, that is vim only, mode for multimedia presentations). Password protection is also available to keep end users from changing the user level.
Helm's approach to book creation is a bit like the object-oriented interface used by, say, Inovatronic's PowerWindows, although far more powerful.
There are a lot of facilities available and, as with all packages of this size, you can easily get a bit overwhelmed initially.
During the first few days 1 got lost more than a few times and once even managed to reset the user level of one particular project to a browse-only state which prevented further editing.
The manual is quite good in this respect and there is a chapter that deals in some detail with common problems and their solutions. OK, so I panicked a few times, but overall the whole learning process was enjoyable and within a couple of days Helm had become both fun to use Cadget controlled multimedia displays like these are surprisingly easy fp product | and a productive tool.
But is it good bye or good buy? Well, the latter. If you haven't guessed already I'm impressed with Helm. I'm not saying it's perfect in every respect but it is a well priced, clever, and very capable piece of software.
Equally important, there are no dongles or other multimedia use restrictions to contend with so, once your multimedia masterpieces are complete, they are yours to do what you want with.
In fact Helm provides a separate browser program that can be distributed freely to enable other Amiga users to read Helm-created books.
Helm runs on any Amiga with 1Mb or more of memory and Kickstart 1.3 or higher but you need Release 3 and the AGA chipset to use all of Helm's features.
The package comes supplied on three disks along with a fairly plain looking, but comprehensive and useful, A4 manual. The files on the disks are packed but both floppy and hard disk installation (using the now standard Amiga installer program) is straightforward.
The version of Helm that I reviewed
(vl. 44) did have a few bugs but let me emphasise that there was
nothing bug-wise that I would describe as serious.
WINDOW I found that an undoseable output window can occur when attempting, via Arexx, to open books that do not exist. I also found that some of my external Arexx control scripts were returning errors for no obvious reason.
It turns out that the Arexx error indicator was not being set properly by Helm itself but having spoken to Eagle Tree Software I already know that these bugs, along with a few others that I hadn’t been able to find, are being fixed in the latest release.
As with all multimedia authoring packages, the results you'll get from Helm will be proportional to the effort put into your work, Make no mistake though; Helm itself will not hold you back - it's perfectly good enough for serious multi- media applications and as such it deserves to do very well ff t Y indeed. F m . I The bottom line Product: Holm Supplier: Meridian Software Price: £99.95 Phone: 081-543 3500 Ease of use 9 Implementation 9 Value for money Overall 9 SYSTEM ESSENTIALS i'.t I.’ ‘ i 1 ,1 VII LOW Krcumnwndnl RAM Kick tart or later ms Suppliers of Public Domain & Shareware
throughout the world for years.
Over 30,000 customers worldwide. Over 3000 disks, also complete Fred Fish library + TBAG and more umirf53 Mdrtrl H.MfigFlfyvI.OJ.MJCONvrlCb UNITES 4 AI*«Fc*e»2 19 . An.pi Vnrog*»l02, Cv» »«on« *1 9t UTWESJ DOST.oo.v2 IO Whu fcTro*e* W.Ckx»*2. Sdwfcte.lO UUITE56 I.Enmrfr.Itt S tefl.l7.IVE:»3 2J MUSIC 2 *W Mqlisfioft. Ttw»«n 0»h«Moon, Ocnce.Onxgi Nogstne MUSC 3 1993 Anr sntsHr1, Bmra**., U»»4 !»**• MUSiC 4 tint. Tw Gm U tv. GU*~- Ml 3 Otdarc biUpr «W*-.*. AM 4 Imfi, townm. Lo ftxw* T»t*4oohJw» GAMES 1 IoiUlAIoUMmS NFWSRAS are offWot distributors for these Incredible Wes: Ntl unutKS 1 .
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Mm fo*. Monts- j] Dwradii you* *200 I F,m Syrwcrt X 1534 Action RqAjy .. 1553 A1200 Degrades 1325 PC hm *2 ' 546 AGA Maaodano 1547Hoii AGA II Magodamo IJIJ JdwuiMb l305 vVB3 6x«d.cps A gwol d*ns TheSeqiet Gr*gi Grorinn 4Mb 8otidrcp» Ip* wp Vonow Oc* D i.ws Gmor Pic Jomkxw* Wcrtt*-cA Safer formas, Cepe.
TZIZIfcs ...Pa Pta fnxlct Ge-o-aVy CorAgu-es liCCH&ww Uhti lor Res 5n1oM System Mflntor ......UU* ..mb Uus ...UWi ...A0AfreocT. Gmar Coid Gomt l$ 7JDoiCW, IJM V.mm4 Ulol I354VW«WV5 1584 SpKtwn ftolalcv I 7 1283 he Bil Wi 1215 AGA ha 1 24* ?oe*.ci 1216 AGA Ats2.24.be graphic* 1217 AGA P »3. Jifcitgrapkci l2l8AGAFci4.2AbiltrBpha 1210 VMM 1300 HD htp IJUJpwlhl.
1317 M5W I 8 1219 AI200 LMI»«I 15854ortw.» A1200 Lhb »2 1586 scrma.t A1203 Uiti 45 1587 EoeUa*. AI203 UtJi 14 ICOD MortWnano 4 1601 Klonflik* AGA (3 disks} 1603 Motarolo n.od*i 2 (2 ddksj Great hvodwi oom» Pme&mo 1«Ut*Walu2 lo05NoPomot5de l«6MpgcWV _..... 165'2 bptc 0«mo 1653 VwxJJoMnw AG* n AGA Demo I2995pect Demo CieaM o thnnng W8 Wiq AGA Dens _______ AGAOwifi 856 Pig* AGA Dwto (2 detaf G-«cr30ocscn ga Musicians Freeware Magazine P e worlds number I music magazine Comes on disk, full of the lotest gossip, utils, music both MIDI and Amiga only, if you ore interested in music then you simply
con not AS.SS this Issue 16- C1.50 All bock issues available, please osk_ Bottleaxe Cotalogue * £0.50 Fred Fish Catalogue - £0.50 We stack Fish 0-900* Postage Pleose odd the following postage on top of your order £1.00 UK&CI £1.50 Europe £3.00 ROW Freeware Titles lATtST NtWtPUlH MetWARf Nf OOK 23 (AKT }| Vi...hw 2 Modern A i. SewpW Vli»o* ond S»afy Ptoce l AM0 NfoiSK 24 (AST 6) lor.n.o Co4or«»o 9 BodoAioln 2, urcwng fiords Mo* 3. Snck, 2, TmMyjtiH 2. Tern 2 8 Woccf «h« N* 0ISK 25 (MUSK 5) S. Hon SO Iw. DoM K 115 8 lion ftocS NT MM 36 ImlrtK 6) M. Iwthevd txierpry vd Jimp 4 Joy. So*»c C»y.
SwUlenp &
r. - 'A-l-r-n NF OtSK 37 (MUSK 7) J. Velankomp I Bon. MiScom. JuV
Sorrahina. TciWiU*. Sttfti* A
O. i »T M NF OtSK 28 (MMOS 3) B6126D, tArtrfr.ol A Snlen NF DISK
29 limurilS 7) A&ock.p v4 03 - ABCDroUory ,3 AivonWonoo* vl 24
Wepv2 10 Bo«Mo»*l Fix stertnb.l I T . Uil.y Foci »l
MojwSti*v2l hxSS37 100.1 VCU V7.04 FrocumFm 6 Sepwm Jcrvw
Color ImuMt NF OtSK 30 (UTIUT1IS 81 Acaic.121 AJ x2.3
0S-C0Topitvl C«hmmv26
• Fiturl.l ffr*t»vtt NF DISK 31 (UTIUTIfS 9) BmlMoxvl 1 DtdtWv v2
*9* 39 45 . 38 30 MtgaVmr »2 - 5»oft*Crocke »4 10
AmH .M(lUC« 1V?-EdWofd»4 i -M.t.gj. UbraryTimprvt.l P.VUvm.I 1
FoavSnapv2 2 • homowvl 0-7SVI j4 k**d. ».-.' 3 These sample
disks are of excellent qualify, they are £2.50 each and o 16
produced by artists themselves Sample Disk 1 45 drums &
percusstan sounds from o Roland PCM Sound Cord.
Sample Disk 2 58 orehesfrol winds including flutes, bran, laxes. Trumpets, bross chords ond ethnic winds.
Sample Disk 3 30 atmospheric non-instrumental death & homy sounds Sample Disk 4 32 selected lead & boss sounds from the Korg 707 Synthesiser Sample Disk S 16 rich. M ana dynamic grand piano soundi including chords The best piano heoraon on Amtgol Sample Disk 6 48 characteristic somples taken from
o Korg Woveskthon Mostly lead boss ek Sample Disk 7 53
characteristic sounds token yet again from the wavestation
leod boss effects.
Sample Difk 8 46 chords sompled from the Korg Waveslotion. Pods, choirs, synths, moior. Minor, sus2 etc. Sample Disk 9 Korg Ml drums. 84 drums percussion sounds from the Korg Ml Synthesiser All standard drum sounds, with hits, losers, etc Sample Disk 10 A collection of ambient ond hard hitting sounds creoted on the Korg Wave station Rove away Sample Disk 11 More ambient, hard hitting rave techno sounds, Greet stuff.
Sample Disk 12, 13, 14, & 15 _Available olsolll_ AM FM magazines ore also available from BPP And special disks, look ol AM FM box r We hove 30 disks full of great music mod ules to be played in MED or other music pockoges Over 100 in foct. Ranging from rove to slow melodies All 30 disks £25 or £1.50 eoch Order Mod tt f being 130) 1061 600 Bujineu IcfWi ..... Yes 600 1556 Account Mot* Keep up o dob foona 1579 Agraph V2 , Gec*e Graphs, $ o*e Tf 893 An 03* Pro ...DoloBo* Store info 895 Amicosh ... Business Tool dOOBenkid .Jmintis
Tool 1551 Bbotell N«w Doteba*. Wppyt Moil Merge 796 Business Cord Moke' CfMH B Cwdi 1589 ICO Collator Grot Kids ColiulflW 799 Clerk. ....Accounts Package 839 DTP . DesbopP-UsUr 1562 RleOFox ......Keep in Trocs. Orgonise 898 Fexybote Database ..... Anobtr 780 Forms Really ......Creole forms of ol type 1515 Ulnos labd Ptireir ...Prmf labels IJ72 hup« Printer ...WnU Invoices 897 lOpWil 6 Testments ..Examples 1164 title office W?ro. Dbase r, one 1124 Nog Diary .Oreof D07, render 1523PoyAdvia
..... SusnessTod 709 Somodth«ets Tcbe Sheet Colcdofion 1568 T8«tEngr*4 ..... Text Editor 1320 Text Plus 4 ______ Arafet good Texl Editor 716 Wordwright ..... Word Pro v~ Z 1552 A500P'jsE,,vlob' forWB).3ui n 1556AcaHrtMcwr Keep »gcl d finance 1411 Arr go Guide v3 43... The ales! D vr-'suto-.
L560Amaj Compler Updote 1.36 ..... Update 1561 AmMUpdotot I 36 ..Updote 1003 Assosvns MegcboOl ..Owt» greoi Bbiodti 1042 Asto 22 Spoce .....AsVobgy proggy 1528 Bonne- Creob greol looking banners 1562 Benchmorks the Best-------- lest AMIGAs 1310 Gjsk. Hdrive compress like Dolsooce 1550 Dcopy 3 .1---------Greot disk copying program 1403 Dil Sol* 2 .....Repots bod deks 761 Djnomile fc«ti 1 Dpomt forts 782 Dynamise fort* 2 .. Ppgint Fora 1002 Estentiol Utib 8 ......PkrtyUfils 1512 Fast Code HD &FD Cod* ... Yes 1531 F?ocio*s
Forihekddies 1535 Game Tamer 4.01 ...400 Gome Cheats 1563 Gdd Ed V.94 (2 Oiks) Gieer Ed*y 15l9fhbridlrsin,men(i SomegtMFraMS 1301 teogre Objects ..toy Trace Ogee's 1124 le Nog A dory, rewind* program 1506 lockpick 2 ..Copies gomes, reroves protection 1001 Med v3.2...... Greot Muvc Oeotion 761 Mego J1I1 . Some great utls 1564 Mf Bockup Hard Dive Bockip proggy 1502 Nccmm v3 Grey Tjrterxjl Progrcm 704 NorttC ... .CCo»p% 1511 OcUrred Uke MED. Wih 8 Chorrels 1038 Picbo* Mite Skying Catdote 1059 fKdure Coverters . .Gmphc Ccvwwtt 1565 Plosmo Couds AGA
Creole Rosmo 1571 Fpshow latest . GrapfvcV«wer 1284 Frapoge Utils A Genies Hordy mdeed 1266 P-etrocker v3 01 .Music Tracker 1525 Reorg lotest Ed .Optmise your Desks 1568 Dice C V2.06 (2 Diski| C Compil* 1400 Svprtflr* v2,Ql ..Screen Bkxker 1329 5iprsound II Sound Manipulation, sempJer 1406 Temt v3 4 (2 disl»| Best Trminol P'oggy 1413 Terairais Ancffwr Terminal Pro y ISOiToahMoroget latisl Add merui t WB 1530 Ttue Ed 5.5___________ Gteof Tea Edar 1178 Twn Express Amgo PC»CD32.2 Disks 1566 V Morph OwM Morph Amt»s 1191
VCR filer .....A Dbosebt Videos 1567 Vvus Checker vl 33 ....Don't Suffer 1610 Xbect Pro VI3 .Xlent Dt.m Seo.enc* Personal Details Unit 1)5. HI-TECH HOUSE, BLACK FRIARS 1 STREET; NORWICH. NORFOLK NR3 1SF Enjoy Arcade Quality Games, Discount on all CD32 titles and hardware to members, JOIN NOW.
Ilkl HE No.1 CD32 USERS GR I1 W FOR ONLY £9.99' A UNIT D5, HI-TECH HOUSE, BLACKFRIARS STREET, NORWICH NR3 1SF CDUG 's Member's Benefits & All IT IDEOCRKATOR - ProfosioMl Music Vidro arum Take your Music To Another Dimension I Wtui IV. Y.Hir Musk CD s Look t jIc’ Boring Wua* Ditto* I WiujVln'i n be grtul if u cuuU enhance yuur , »u mauc CD'* I uh bfejthLskiny inugn and »irrui»om. Viiinbiiuxl aiih Hiilf of ‘ c An special effect* timd perfectly » th the Mimic?
Q O c
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software | l:tmg the Anvi mg 32 bll power of Amiga ('1)32. VrWv
Cm*i* ' i, Mtcf more. E*ulv pcivuhlc. Along »ilh video creator
I c.vnri annihrr pickupe Kamiom Kavev. Uhicli give* 00 the CD
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«w of video vicMiif, hwi under computer control, run at hurt «ul rm.Ii Include Over 1(100 Images Multitude 01 Slick I lYofrtuonul lilrvti PtydudelK colour clumfCt wilh PvvvkoCj’cW - Kavy 10 utc monte cmurollcil cibii* "Renuv" YtiktfD music Vttlwn iRnjuirrt Vuku (1) Ailnptnri £39.99 In members
- - ~~- I 0 0 e 2, (S n a O" c 3 KEYBOARDS Adding j Key tx wit u
yuur CD32. Will open up another Dwnenuon in cimununtcunng w nh
your CD32. Program ihji mjuire you to type will now funclaon
currently. Please phone u1 today tor a great price and friendly
S-Purt give* yow CDJ2 a serial port Which means you will be jMc
to use device* such as Modems Serial Printers Midi Interface
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Ctunpuin fur Transferring ftlrs with this it you gam the
* cents Sotiwure. Pbooc now for details £29 50 Prices ;mc lor
mcmluTs only. Lo join c;ill om nunihcr iioan on 0603 662066 or
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-**3-88 Now for* who* I od Gome* ...... .£15.40 Nov. dm » who.
Uod Gomei 2 £U.46 ..-£23.88 OMHtlAMNtR ------------! £23ls8
loot_______________________________£23.88 Uaifk . £23.81
Ryders Cup Gd -------------£23.88 into* Turbo TrOouy ______
- ....C26J3 Donowow* Straw* ----------£2348
Mktocou.________ - ..- .....£27.99 TFX
- ..... £27.99
Datum ____________ -----... ,._ _____.£16.49
....£22.49 ...£22.49 I I II
..£22.49 Co8 lot oil nawcit Mitt ..
......AM Mitt ovoilobi* ......Col CD33 to
Scort .. Cd
..Cd .. - .....Cd
Ptoy---------------- ....£23.99 ...£19.99
Hutchinson. FnrytlopOMfio - ....£27.99
in £9,00 ..CoD .._C1999 ...Cot!
, ....(tel f 17 Cholbng .- .... ______________Col Protect X ...Cd ....£23.99 ___________Cdt ......„CJ Chambers 4 Shooim ..... ....£20.99 Jtmtalo - .....- ......- .....£29 w FMV ’Full Motion Video' Adaptor Albius SIM III mi itch CD Rims m your CD31 Now yuur CD32 Is ¦ Ctmtpicv oil in one Hmic Ijuciuuimcni l nit. CD films available tun*'!
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C. D.U.G. ~ from f Compatibility lots of useful utilities to
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disk drives Fixes messy demos to work on A500 Plus and
1200 4000 etc If this won't, nothing will £5.00 A1200 400G
AGA- « A package for ta lucky owners of on AGA machine such as
AMIGA 4000 or Amiga 1200 Includes greot demos, 24 bit pictures
Some specific 1200 4000 utilities and loads more £7.00 treat N
16 packs work on all Amiga's Education - Want lo educate
yourself, or others.
Children or odults, both catered for.
Includes - Spanish. German, French.
Japonese, Maths. Science. Astronomy and much more £7.00 stic Cft Ita ol our Clip Art pocks ore of very high quak % Bom on scteen and printed output Con be
* «ed by oil Desktop Publishers & Art Pockoges tad come with an
installation progtam which is bd proof Allowing you to install
them lo both fcee. And hatd drives Pack I £9.99 A ton amount of
Cfips covering Boi dmgt. Foods, Advertising Aids, Airaoh.
Humour. Cooper Gqpfucs. Animals, Ms, love. Holiday, Girls
Women. Assotied M.-K AotamoWej and Business Pack 2 £9.99 a ml
amount of Great dips coswing Education, 'antaiy florV fiowerj,
OW Antique. Awco1, Sorer, Spate Comping fotar kmm, Sport,
Trami, Wor, RecycAng, SO'Ang and Booting The best gomes
cctaction. Includes Arcade, Board Gomes. Mind Bogglcrs, Beat Um
Up's, 5hoot Em Up's.
Bot derdoih type, Car, Plane, Cords.
Education and More This pock it updated as new software arrives, therefore we con not supply listings of contents herel Phone £7.00 You run o small business? Or simply wont to keep up lo dote with your finance? Write letters? Accounts? Well here is your onswer. Complete business package ol in one Contains the best word processor, spell checker, doto- bose, spreadsheet, account package, graphs ond more all for £7.00 BnufeforsPack Emulate other computers such os Commodote 64, Spectrum 48k, IBM PC ond more by using your Amiga Play Atic Atoc on the Spectrum Wotd processors on the IBM etc.
Ful instructions.
£6.00 Introduction A pockoge based ol people who ore new to PD. Gives you o taste of the folowing copiers, demos, musk, gomes, utilities ond toys, gropfv ics Utilities & moro £5.00 For all you Steven Spielberg's to come.
This pock IS for wdeo enthusiasts if VOU hove not already noticed Video tillers, special graphic effects, tests and more Comes with added bonus of backgrounds & video fonts and a special database for storing your video coHec- lion on Cut! £7.00 Tecrmosryie If you are -nto Rave Techno style troeks then you will N-joy tin pockoge It contains o music progrom (MED) ond comas complete with great Rave Teehno tracks lot you to listen to. But not only con you listen to them, you also get lots and lots of Instruments, Boots. Vocals, Bass and more BE YOUR OWN MC. Create your own tracks Record them
onto your lopes Make some noise! £7.00 Scalable Fonts if* Kpve 400 sealable fonts, split into 4 pocks r £9 99 each Dial's 100 scalable fonts lor « W tay con be used wtlh all DTP’s that sup an Adobe Type 1 Fonts Pleose nng if mttrest- la Compugrophic Pack 1 £9.99 Pack 2 £9.99 Pack 3 £9.99 Pack 4 £9.99 Dus pock is unbelievable value ll ii a complete monuol on uking the lotV- guoge 'C for more .n-depih ihon any book. It come with over 70 on-disk examples reody for you lo run (ftO typing tarn in first). Covers SctOOAi, Windows. IDCMP, Gadgets, Graphics and much more. 12 chopiers in oil You
also gel a complete 'C compiler chucked in ready for you to compile your programs Great Value! £9.99
mm. ...... Personal Details rTl Name L-X-3 Address.
Postcode VISA It onknn; by imlit cud thru umpty uhftuuw lUfiOY- hbftSK ur (flWJi KC0t» uni uu tufl-ill ute yw f* do not have enqvgh roam h*r* to show 9u oil tan grpgt looking fonts, which is o »f, but if you have a fax machine we will be ¦fcghied to fax you a complete sample nowl h send you details. Jus' pban* gnd oA k » Evenings & Weekends: (0603) 261060 Unit 1)5. HI-TECH HOUSE. BLACKFRIARS STREET. NORWICH. NORFOLK NR3ISF TTLEAXE 3720 BEETLfe GAME Addictive Platform game 3721 OCTAMED V2 Updated Octamed v2 IJII.IIII.I.UJIJ.lltllljrilll.l.lilJIJ.OTECTIT.I.IilJIil.M : 3722 MPEG MOVIES A
collection of MPEO movies and MPEG player 3723 TOTAL V7AH Bnhent game 3724 UPCAT ks2,’3 For cataloguing your risk collodion on the Amiga 3725 D SOLVE CROSSWORD Crossword solver 3726 2.2 UNLIMITED Brilliant muse by Scoopex 3728 XMAS LEMMINGS Demo of Xmas Lemmings 3729 KLAW UTILITIES 5 Moro rrvscetiancou* util* 3730 MR BUNS UTILS A small collection of utils 3731 DOCUMENT PROTECTOR Document Die protection 3732 DEMO MAKER UTILS A collection 0* tools for coating demo's 3733 OCTAMED SAMPLES High quality samples : 3734-2 PICTURE FONTS A 2 disk set of IFF fonts 3736-2 FONTS & TEXTURES 2 disks of
professional toots and textures 3738 HOTBLOX New Tetrts done 3739 EASY CALC Nee little spreadsheet 3740 EPROMMER ETC Eprommer on the Amiga?
3741 KIDS FAVOURITES 2 Lots of children's Nursery rhymes 3742 MENU LAUNCHER V1.0 Easy to use menu system 3744 MONTAGE-LANDSCAPES SPACE BALLS 2 An Amazing new rave demo set on 2 disks.
Tho follow up to: ‘Simply slate ot the art* It's even better than the first Order code C793-2 y 3745 HIGH OCTANE A 2 player top view racing game.
Wicked' 3746 ASTR022 V35 Yoi* Star sgns 3747 MENUMASTER V3 Easy to use menu SySttm
L. 3748 COCCAINE 3748 PERSONAL DIARY -94 Diary system lor 1994
3750 3D GAMES 2 A ccrloctcn ol 30 games 375t FERRARI AGA
SLIDES Lovely 2S6 colour picture* 3752 MR BROWNSTONE 3753-2
DRUMKIT SAMPLES 2 dek collection of drum samples 3755-2 ON THE
GREEN h 3757 rave samples A cofediM 61 rave samples 3758 GRAPH
PRO Graph petting software J 3759-2 PARNET SETUP Tutorial on
the Parnet settp . 3761-2 STARTREK THEMES Theme* from Star
Trek and The Next Generation 3763-2 THE JOURNEY A 2 disk
animation 3765 3 MUSIC GUIDE A 3 disk lutonal on creating
musk: on the Amiga 3788-2 THUNDERBIRDS Comical anmason 3770
JUNIOR MATHS Shareware maths lor kids ORDER FORM Credit Card
Details Credit card no: Name . 3771 STOP SMOKING
3 way* to slop smoking, very sick indeed 3772 MAGIC WORKBENCH
Contains loads of 8 colour Workbench Icons 3773-3 GRAPEVINE 17
Disk magazine on 3 disks ' 3776 FATAL MISSION 2 Excefenl new
fast paced ShOOfem up. Great' 3777 OPERATION FIRESTORM
Stunning new game. Amazing graphic* ! 3778 MAP STATION Map
maker 3779-2 STARTREK 6 Comical 2 disk Animation 3781-7
SPECTRUM GAMES 2-fl Hundreds ot games for use with the
Spectrun Emulator 3778 CDTV KEYBOARDS TO 0032 Use your CDTV
keyboard e fi your no«CQ32 . 3789-2 BODYSHOP 5 AGA Lovely lady
pictures 3791 -2 HOLODECK STARTREK A collection ol impressive
Startrek pictures 3793-2 SPACEBALL 2 After tho hugely
succwstiS Stale of the Art. Space bate 2 is now available and
even better than the last 3795 XANADU •EXPUSfTT AGA AGA
megademo 3796-2 FIT CHICKS 3 AGA Lovoly ladies 3798-2 FIT
CHICKS 2 AGA Wicked Grrtie pictures 3800 VIEWTEK V2.0 AGA
Graphic viewer 3801 ORC ATTACK New arcadfttiungeon game 3802
EMPTY HEAD AGA impressive AGA demo 3803 ADDRESSER Bnlmant
Address Keeper 3804-10 COLOUR FONTS 10 disks 5f Colour kntS
3814 UNPLEASANT WAYS TO DtE Sick, but comical slides 3815
DEATH WALK 1.5 MEG Sick t 5meg Animation 3816 IMAGINE USS
ENTERPRISE Object tor Imagine 3817 *CRUNCHMANtAr includes
every Aflchivot & De- Archiver avafable 3818 SUICIDE MAN 2
Very sick animation. Good 3819 SIUCON JOURNAL A personal Diary
3821 DTV STUFF Desk Top Yideo Stuff!
3822 MAND 20QO AQA Mandelbrot generator, with real bme Zoom!
3824 TURBO DISK’ Speod up your drive ScC6SS 3825 ELEVATION 2 Great arcade game 3826 PARBENCH Pamol set up tor use through Workbench 3627 CRUNCHER&COPIERS Loads & Loads 3828 VOLCANO AGA New AGA demonstration 3829 DEPTH CHARGE GAME Basic but addtelive 3831-2 CHANNEL Z AGA Ccontains Stories. Utils etc 3833-4 MANGA SLIDES AGA A hOgc amount of hand drawn graphics 3837 BBC EMULATOR A BBC Emulator* D006-3 SPECCY EMULATOR Run your old spodrum game* your AMIGA Excellent on the A1200 3838-2 COMPLEX -ORIGIN- AGA Amazing Al2 megadomo on 2 daks. Stunning introduewn 384 GRAPHIC GRINDER A collection of
Graprs converters 3941 ASI GRAPHICS TOOLS Converters etc. 3842 DISK MANAGER III Powerful disk cataloguer 3843-2 STARTREK AGA Very impressive AGA Star Trek pictures 3845 FOOTBALL FORECASTER t 2 Pool* predictor 3846 MAGNUM 1.7 Magazine creator loo PRINTER DRIVERS' A collection of printer dnvers for Slar, Panasonic. Hewlett P. Seikosha, Epson.
Amstrad, IBM, OKI, Commodore, etc Order C033 3847 HIGHWAY CODE Learn the highway oodo 3848-3 ICONS PLUS KS2 3 Hundred* of WB2 3 loons
- 395* GAME TAMER 4.$ 4 Over 400 game cheats1 3852 MULTIPLEX GAME
Addictive new puzzie game 3853 SMELLS LIKE N0.5 Amazing new
A1200 Mogademo 3854 PARNET HELP Need help with Pemot?
3855 ASI AUDIO MAGIC V A collection ol music toots 3656 ? TITLERII 2 *upert video wlers 3858 LCO GAMES 5 all time classic LCD games 3859 SUNJETS ANIMATION Wow* 3860 BATTLE FORCE New Arcade Adventure 3861 NOSTAGIUM ‘URIDIUM‘ Very amtor to Undium 3862 PARA ATTACK 3863 EASYCALC* KS2 3 The most power! Ui Amiga based spreadsheet available Very srmfar to LOTUS 123 3864-4 MEAN MACHINES Amazaig 3.5meg Animation ?868 NEURAL ASSAULT Very impressive Mega demo 3869 PLACEBO INVADERS Very colourful space Invaders done 3870 TACHYON Tron done ? 3871 MOOSE DRIVER ffacmg) Addictive new top view racing game.
Contains greet Graphics & sound 3872 FANTASY TO REALITY New Rave comptotion 3873 DfTHEL IN SPACE Superb quality Shoot'em up cum platform game, similar to Jetset Woy. But better 3875 PRO CAD ELECTRONIC Etectonics Computer Aided Design Package. Great' 3877 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER Ppwerlul PAY Analyser 3879 X PASSWORDS Password protect your hard disk & floppy daks 3880-2 TRAXII TRACKERS A collection of latest Muse makers
- samples etc end modix*?, reatJy to use 3883 SOLAR LORDS Arcade
RPG game 3888 MEGABALL AGA laiest and greatest A1200 verson on
MegaBal SAMPLE DISKS ? E000-5 VOCALS 1-5 (5 DISKS) ! E006-5
Til ......Amiga
Total PD disks Total packs.
Total order value: £ ....+P&P=£..... Payment method .* Exp. Date: PD Prices per disk I SingkJiW......Z3 00 Z-5 ------£j*I ndi 6- iOdidu IITtraik llornure-----llJUcadi ciiu-iTrn.i.24»k. wxim. Pack mu HdiOijiii px-a Pibm mU j toil ot ?0ji tor FA? A Hr UK OVERSEAS ORDERS Ottncas onfcn arc aclcomc. Hut ptenc mid 25p to each tluk ordered. & 11,00 to each Pack ordered, a minimum of 5 dnk- apply. All Otcneat order* are senl by Tint ebeu Air Mail.
COLLECTING DISKS You are welcome to collect your PD order, but ySu arc advised to phone it through prior Id collodion Office hour*. 9.30uro-5 30pm Mon-Sat ORDERING BY POST Simply vrod ycur enfcr in re an r 4 page, lining the number* you rcqtwt die loial cost, and your nurnc & addrcsi or i 1 you with umpty mart on the titles you wish to order, fill la your name etc. and icnd thcrc page* re EPIC MARKETING. In Floor Office*. Jla Faringitoa Rd. SwuxU.
Will* SSI 5AR. RacLwing hill payment ORDERING BY PHONE Call My time bciwcen 9.30 A 5 Vlpra Monday lo Saturday with yw tttdii can) details and the dids you would hke to order EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31a FARINCDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN1 5AR lj£_i m Order hotline. 0793 490988 Fax: 512073 S Create professional looking front ends to your
d. sks mat look as if a J r J r J-J professional programmer H m
| r m made them, Put m your own logo's, music & scroll
messages etc PfKk p*Ce Opty £7,QQ DMQ7-3 DEMO MAKERS An Arcade
game with a hint ot Dungeon Master Features superb "Dungeon"
graphics and atmosphere sound.
Dcopy 31 is the most up lo date PD copter * available. Copy modes nclude Dos, various Nibble modes. Bam copy and more If you want a good copier get this.
A collection of A1200 degrader toots, it allows you to temporanly downgrade your A1200 so most oldor games work on your new Amiga.
Jgrams »1oxt, IE C356. A1200 DEGRADERS C576. DCOPY 3.1 The complete system tor cataloguing your Video, CD, D»sk ft Mus*c collection, tnree d**ks of databases to keep track of your entertainment media.
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• windoe.
C837. BBC EMULATOR EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31a FARINGDQN RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR ¦ EMULATION When A-Max shipped for the Amiga in 1989, it was an amazing accomplishment.
There was a little cartridge you could plug into the back of your Amiga and turn it into an almost completely compatible Macintosh.
Sure, you were turning a multitasking, colour computer into a single-tasking black-and-white computer, but for those who needed to bring home work from Mac programs such as PageMaker or Word, the cartridge was a godsend.
For others, though, the Mac was pretty unexciting compared to the Amiga, and A-Max was just one of those devices that you bragged was available for your Amiga but never really considered buying. Cut to 1994. The formerly horing-but- easy Macintosh has burgeoned into the colourful machine for the arty elite. Sure, its latest attempt at learning to multitask is still rather pitiable, but the two colours of the original Macs have exploded into 16 million.
A-Max II, an enhanced version of the original A-Max that took over your Amiga and was still limited to black-and-white emulation, or the far more impressive Emplant board from Utilities Unlimited, which not only supported full colour but also let you run Mac programs concurrently with Amiga software.
Obviously, Emplant has been tH? Emulator of choice for most users since its release. Well, ReadySoft's Simon Douglas, the first to successfully emulate the Macintosh on the Amiga, didn't just Sit back and let his product get passed by.
He's been hard at work, and the result is A-Max IV Colour, ReadySoft's competitor in the multitasking, colour Macintosh emulation arena.
A-Max IV Colour is a Zorro II card that Mac software has gone from something that was great if you wanted to write letters with so many fonts that they looked like ransom notes to some of the most creative stuff available for personal computers.
Programs like Fractal Design Painter and Kai's Power Tools are fascinating enough to entice even the most jaded Amiga user into wanting to run Macintosh software.
Until recently, the only options for running Mac software on your Amiga were will work in the At500 and higher In actually identical to the old A-Max II PI board, except for new software and GAL chip which is replaced. You upgrade an A-Max II Plus to A-Max II colour. However, the new software wod work on the older A*Max and A-Max 1 cartridges, so A500 600 1200 own* won't be able to use the product- A-Max IV is available as a compli package, or as an upgrade to the A-Max Plus board. Note that once the board upgraded to A-Max IV level, the older M Max II Plus emulation software will longer run
on it.
HIGHER On the Amiga side you'll need at least 68020 processor (all colour Macs have least an 020), 2Mb of free RAM, a AmigaDOS 2.1 or higher. To get deceJ performance you'll really want at le 4Mb of fast RAM, and a hard drive t must - a Mac without a hard drive fl nearly useless.
If you have a Commodore high-densi disk drive you'll be able to read and wnd Macintosh 1.44Mb disks while running tM emulation - a handy and sometimes rxej essary feature.
On the Macintosh side, you'll need • secure a legal copy of the Mac's operatic system. You'll need a set of 12M Macintosh ROM chips as found in the M 512Ke and Mac Plus; these should hj readily available for less than £100.
Although the emulation will technical work with Macintosh System 7, which c be found on the on-line networks, it's vrf] limited under that OS, requiring yf»u I full colour emulation gives A Max a new dimension... WW[ Select Window " -" ¦ -j' Ip n 4 o s ¦ * 0 ft J & 6 T ¦ §??1 HJ t - 1 R zr- 6 J£- rjTETTl ZEE ...oi does running professional 10ftware like Adobe Photoshop 9 Amiga Computing April 1994 ro-
- -
• •
• •• ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦
• i i | Custom
- - - - ¦ r iii- Edit Mode image A-Max IV is the obvious choice
for owners of earlier A-Max equipment, since it’s a fa
inexpensive upgrade But what if you’re buying a Mac emulator
for the first time? Sho you buy A-Max IV or Utilities
Unlimited’s Emplant? Each board has advantages, so 41 depend on
your emulation needs.
As of this writing. Emplant wins in the compatibility department. Because it uses?
Mac II ROM chips and duplicates Macintosh sound hardware on its board, it does a rr*i better job running hardware-intensive application? Tike games.
SimCrty 2000 runs fine on Emplant, while it only brings up a Wank screen on A-Mai Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, packed with digitised sounds on Emplant. Is silent on A-U IV - and it runs at about 1 5 speed on A-Max. Emplant’s graphics updates are faster w A-Max’s. But otherwise the emulations run at similar speeds. Emplant benchmarks i remarkably taster in some floating-point operations using the Mac Speedometer bent mark, but in actual operation the emulations feel about the same.
And while Emplant's screen updates are faster, it doesn't otter the really impressive I useful multiple-monitor support that A-Max IV does. Also. A-Max IV offers large, scrol virtual screens as an option; Emplant doesn’t.
Utilities Unlimited are promising advanced file transfer capabilities for a future Emp update, but as of this writing A-Max wins in that department.
Both emulators allow you to copy files between the systems, but A-Max is capab* copying entire directories at once while Emplant forces you to select each file individm Also. A-Max's clipboard support is a nice bonus. Emplant forces you to manually cho The competition EMULATION*
* ttgfcser, : wntii ] Hi:.
Device fitfemcts DtviCtt ' !iU ft-WixUt i 1 it ifS £51 mplrti
- Max ¦ oard :?
Lder A-1 will nc I I Jmtsing and setting up hard drlrei con be a pain with any emulator ive is i rive » density d write ling the .es nec- leed to crating ! 128k he Mac uld b* tnicalhr ich can t's ven- vou to earn off system caches. System 7.1 or her is a better bet, and it should be able from any Macintosh dealer.
Installing the board is fairly easy. First, f course, you'll need to plug the Mac lOVls into vour A-Max board. Then open ur Amiga's case, remove the disk drive able from your motherboard and attach it Ip the A-Mox IV board.
Attach another cable to the mother- Kvird, slide A-Max IV into a free slot, and dose your case. Installation of the emula- | bon software is effortless, as ReadySoft »*es Commodore's standard Installer Selected Nice |fVtRX Partition hmi V] Haunt fomat | 1 Boot 1 Existing file Rdd Partition Search SCSI Device I Create Nev File Sire 1811 | " JJ J fib application. Once everything's installed on the Amiga side of things, it's time to set up your new Macintosh. First, you'll need to set up a boot drive.
You have three options for your system disk. The easiest way to get up and running is to connect an actual Macintosh external SCSI drive to your Amiga's SCSI controller. Apple dealers sell these drives with System 7.1 already installed, making it a plug-and-go proposition.
Another option is to dedicate a partition on an Amiga hard drive SCSI or IDE) to the Macintosh emulation. Finally, you can create a file device - a file on an Amiga drive that looks to the Macintosh like a real hard drive - but this is the slowest available option.
Whichever option you choose, it's much easier to get up and running with third-party controllers as A-Max IV now uses the Amiga operating system total to the drives, so you no longer need to Find a special .AMHD driver for your hard drive controller. Earlier versions of A-Max couldn't utilise AmigaDOS since they threw the Operating system out when running Mac emulation.
If you have a high density floppy drive, installing the Mac operating system software works just like with a real Macintosh. If you have only an 880k floppy drive, though, things will be a little more complicated.
First of all. You'll have to special-order System 7.1 on low-density disks - like most newer Macintosh software, Apple ship the operating system on high-density disks.
Then you'll have to use the A-Max IV disk transfer program to copy all of the installation disks to temporary files on your hard drive and use those to install the operating system. As you can see, you'll save a lot of headaches if you buy a high-density drive.
Once the operating system is installed, you're ready to get up and running. Your system will be essentially equivalent to whatever Macintosh model uses the same microprocessor as in your Amiga. The primary difference is that the A-Max IV board uses the old 128k ROMs, a mixed blessing. The 128k ROMs are less expensive and more readily available than the more recent 256k and 512k ROMs, but you'll pay a bit in compatibility.
These ROMs don't include Colour QuickDraw, so ReadySoft had to add software emulation of the Mac's colour graphics routines to the A-Max software. A few applications, such as Adobe Photoshop
2. 5, require Colour QuickDraw in ROM and may be difficult or
impossible to get running under A-Max IV.
One of the biggest improvements over earlier versions of A-Max is that this one doesn't take over your system completely
- you can run Macintosh and Amiga software simultaneously.
PRIORITY You can adjust the task priority and how it shares time with the Amiga side of things when running in the foreground or background. You allocate a certain amount of memory (2,100k total by default) to the Macintosh system software and InlTs, but after that the emulation dynAMIGAlly allocates RAM from the Amiga's free memory pool as it needs it.
You can now exchange data between the Mac and Amiga sides of your computer in a number of ways. The A-Max File Transfer program runs under the Mac emulation and will copy individual files or entire directories between Amiga and Mac hard disks.
Files can be copied without modification, or you can use one of the translation options. Text and PostScript options will translate text line endings for the appropriate computer, while the less useful MacPaint translation option will convert between MacPaint pictures and two- colour IFF images.
Finally, MacBinary translation allows you to transfer Macfiles you’ve downloaded using Amiga programs to the Macintosh side, using the MacBinary i much memory to allocate for Mac emulation; if you allocate all your fast RAM to the Vac side of things and need it later on the Amiga side, you'll have to shut down and
• estart the Mac emulation to change the memory setting.
A-Max IV allocates most of its memory as it needs it automatically, so you can just quit particular Mac applications if you need more RAM on the Amiga side.
The serial ports included standard on the A-Max board are only useful under Macintosh emulation. Emplant's optional expansion ports also enhance the Amiga side of the computer; you can use the serial ports for Amiga communications software, and you can attach Amiga storage devices to Emplant’s SCSI controller.
A-Max IV is the clear winner if you need to access iow-den$ ity Macintosh disks, even mough that capability is more limited in this new version. Right now the hardware adaptor
• eeded to read and write 800k floppies using Emplant is
unavailable, and the only option s to attach a real Macintosh
800k floppy drive using an old A-Max cartridge or a home- cuilt
interface The ROMs needed for A-Max IV are more easily found
and less expensive man the ones necessary for Emplant. But they
don't seem to be quite as compatible with colour Macintosh
software despite ReadySoft's patches.
Sive an pable c Finally. Utilities Unlimited are promising new emulation modules for Emplant. Whereas A-Max IV Colour is a Macintosh emulator only. The Apple II emulator for Emplant is compete (see last month's issue), and Utilities Unlimited is hard at work on a 486 PC emulator. However, always use caution when making a purchasing decision based on promised, rather than shipping, capabilities.
Information to make sure the Mac's information forks are retained.
New to A-Max IV is the ability to transfer text between the Amiga and Mac sides of the computer using the system clipboard. Just make sure that the Finder is the active program on the Mac side and you'll be able to copy and paste between your Macintosh software and any Amiga programs that use the standard system clipboard.
Does it work?
A-Max IV is packed with new features, but how well does it work? Any program so radically upgraded is bound to have a few kinks to work out. And A-Max IV is no exception.
Initial releases of the software have been somewhat flaky on Amiga 4000 040 and other 68040-based machines, locking up inexplicably on some systems and causing errors On the SYS: partitions of others. ReadySoft are hard at work on finding the reasons for these problems and should have them corrected by the time you read this. * Of bigger concern is graphics compatibility. Of all the serious applications that I tned.
Only Photoshop 2.5 had any problems (the older v2.0 works fine). But the same couldn't be said for games. I was unable to get SimCity 2000. Maelstrom, or Star Trek: 25th Anniversary to work property under A-Max IV, although all worked fine under the Emplant emulator. Star Trek actually did load, but was unplayably slow, Then again, if you have an Amiga, who needs Mac games?
Note that this capability works only for text; graphics and other data can't be transferred via the clipboard.
Along with multitasking, the most attractive improvement in A-Max IV is full colour support. How much colour capability you get depends on how your Amiga is equipped graphically. If your Amiga has the original ECS chip set, you'll be able to run in up to 16 colours - not a huge improvement.
RETINA AGA-equipped Amiga 4000 machines support 2, 4, 16, or 256 colours. If you have a GfxBase video card, Picasso II, or Retina board plugged into an ECS or AGA machine, you can run in 256 colours or full 24-bit, 16 million colour mode.
If you need Macintosh emulation for applications such as Fractal Design Painter that benefit from 24-bit colour, you'll definitely want to add a video board. For stuff like desktop publishing and Excel, though, you'll find 256 colours sufficient.
One really neat feature that real Macs have is support for multiple video boards.
If you plug two video cards in a real Macintosh, you can run two or more monitors off one machine and move the mouse pointer back and forth between them.
A-Max IV implements this useful feature on the Amiga in a couple of ways.
First of all, if you have two monitors - one for standard Amiga video and one for your graphics card - and you can set them tip to work just like a real Macintosh, moving your pointer and dragging windows from one monitor to the other.
But even if you don't have multiple physical ..monitors attached to your Amiga, you can open multiple Mac screens on the system. One setup 1 use fairly often is to create an 800 x 600 Super72-mode 256-colour screen to hold MmiSran .iJT. - _| IhltiUdHH Sw.il Pardlel Start Bax IVI full video preferences are available during A Max s startup sequtme my Photoshop 2.0 editing screen, and a second 640x480 16-colour Productivitymode screen to hold all the Photoshop tool windows.
I WJSt (ntrillftt tain luiit-ii Vifti a ijrirfeWM ¦ J-U V I That way I can have my editing window unobstructed, but easily and quickly access all my took. A-Max thinks the second screen is a monitor to the right of the first one, so to change tools I just move the pointer off the right edge of the screen.
The second screen instantly pops to the front, I select my tool, and drag the pointer back off the left side of the screen, returning me to my editing screen.
Video speed is only fair using the native chips in the standard, Accurate refresh mode. The Optimised mode is faster, but it achieves this speed by skipping some screen updates when it falls behind; it's not suitable for Quicktime animations or games.
Finally, there's a Paranoid mode that improves compatibility with some applications that write directly to video hard- jm SCSI fotvKkin Everything from hard drives to I O and networking can be fully configured till JS Strtwi n tkis controlUr [2 to of UK' I f Wixistf hr»oH Jj Iwoflt f7Tj
- £m ware, but when it's turned on it dramatically slows screen
The A-Max IV board includes two RS- 422 serial ports. These can be used to attach Macintosh modems and printers, or to connect the board to a LocalTalk network. SANA-ll-compatible Ethernet boards are also supported for connecting to Ethernet networks.
Unfortunately, no drivers are included for the Amiga side, so you can't use the RS-422 ports as extra serial ports for your Amiga when you're not running the emulation.
A-Max IV can also use your Amiga's built-in serial and parallel ports. I had no problem printing to my parallel printer using the public domain DeskJet
3. 1 driver, but I experienced occasional lockups when using the
Amiga's serial port with Macintosh communications software.
Communications were flawless when I used a Mac modem cable to connect the same modem directly to the A-Max Old versions of A-Max would translate ImageVVriter printouts to Epson format for printing on dot matrix printers, but the results were poor at best.
If you can't find a Macintosh printer driver for your printer, A-Max IV gives you two options. First, you can select the ImageWriter driver from the Chooser and have A-Max create an IFF image of the bitmap that would have been sent to the ImageWriter; you can then load this into an Amiga paint or desktop publishing program and print it from there.
The bottom line Ease of use: 7 Impelmentation: 7 Value for money: 6 Overall: 7 Although A-Max IV has much better hard drive support than previous versions, floppy support suffered with the upgrade. Apparently the hardw H isn't capable of reading the oddly fonfll ted Mac 800k disks when multitaskjl Amiga and Macintosh programs so ReadySoft only supports readi
1. 44Mb high density disks under 4 emulation.
Not only will it not read Mac-6 800k disks under the emulation, but il can't handle 800k disks formatted earlier versions of A-Max.
To transfer software on 800k d you'll have to use the A-Max IV Transfer program, which copies fit to virtual disk files in your Devs: d tor)’. When you boot the emulation files appear on your Finder screen jus*_ if the actual disks were inserted; you cm then run the installation programs or ccM the files to your hard drive.
High density’ floppies can be transput ently exchanged between A-Max IV and real Macintosh. For directly accessing loti density disks created with A-Max IV, vq have two options.
UNIQUE The first is to format 800k disks ita i unique format that can only be read bv V Max IV equipped Amigas. The second fl to use a special 720k format that can read by any Macintosh equipped with!
1,44Mb SuperDrive.
The latter option works well in ma situations, unless you need the exd|| 80k of storage. In that case, you'll have copy the files to an 800k virtual di file, then use the disk transfer progi to copy that to a Mac-format floppy.
As mentioned above, hard disk su; is improved. Also, the SCSI Preference feature can be used to mount other SCS devices on the Macintosh side. I was abi to use this feature to run various Mac timed in titles using an NEC CD-ROIl drive.
A-Max IV does an admirable job ru» ning Mac applications, and hopefullj ReadySoft will be able to address some « the graphics incompatibilities in a fuha update.
This is a worthy contender to* new emulatin purchasers (see the "Competition" box though), and is a mu 4- have for those who own yj A-Max II Plus boards. F ¦ * SYSTEM ESSENTIALS I RFP * fssriili.il YELLOW = Recommended Why Is Wordworth The World's No. L Amiga Word processor Innovative features like TextEffects" Type some text, set the font, colour, shadows, and then, weeeeee! Try rotate, circle, spiral, arc, star; create eye-catching effects with text.
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Thinking for you, DigiSense." Built-in intelligence. Like Auto Correct, which automatically corrects mistakes as you type. On-line help is always available, should you need it.
Stylish drawing tools. Now you can freely draw lines, boxes, circles, TextEffects™ and tables, straight onto the page.
Pictures and colour. Place pictures with up to 256 colours, and then size, scale and drag them as necessary (text flows around the image automatically).
Easy-to-use. With the University of Wales, Swansea, we've been studying 1,000 users working with Wordworth. We watched, we listened and we thought. The result is right before your eyes.
To find out more about the world of Wordworth and the new Wordworth 3, call 0395 270273, or write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ.
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replacement) £44.95 COLLECTION SERVICE AVAILABLE To take advantage of this exceptional offer, tfmpty Wml or hand deliver yovt computer to Ouf workshop complex.
' address details below, enclosing this adverrtscmenr voucher, payment, fault description, return address, along with your daytime and evening telephone number and we will do the rest Should you require Croup 4 Security return delivery, simply add £5 00 to the repair charge.
Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 6 lines) (We rrwrvr the right to reject machines which. In out opinion, me beyond tepalt- Normal charge apptiml Shew time!
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As you can see from the price.
VideoScan is definitely a pro product which justifies the addi* Banal investment courtesy of several bower features such as video mixing and ¦Btnmated transitions - the like of which p*tn't been available since the demise of Regressive Peripherals and their pkfcoBlender.
I Although the VideoBlender was primar- Br software controlled, VideoScan is ¦tirely hardware based. However if you Ipore the control differences both products are surprisingly similar.
Like the VideoBlender, VideoScan offers ftp simultaneous input and mixing of two ideo signals, S-VHS and VHS transcoding, fius the usual selection of key combina- Iwns providing graphic overlays and laoives.
Better still, transition between the vari- s states is given added glamour via a knlt-in special effects generator which provides horizontal, vertical, circular
• ed inverted wipes either singly or in combination.
As you can see from the photography, combining and fading between the various canals is handled by assorted fadcrs on the front panel of the unit [ However thanks to the special effects, ftudware control is supplemented by an Automatic fade option which applies the [cflKt s for you at a predefined speed.
Fortunately the designers have added the ability set the automatic transition ipeed manually. But the necessary adjuster » situated in a recess on the side of the unit Input and output As you’ve probably gathered VideoScan isn't exactly short in the I O department. As mentioned both composite and S-VHS are supported on all Video ins and outputs via high quality BNCs and S-VHS mini DINs.
In addition the ability to transcode between S-VHS and composite - allowing a composite input to be combined with Amiga graphics and output as S- VHS. Or vice versa is pretty impressive.
Monitoring the various signals is always important and here again VideoScan scores well with both VGA and med-res monitor ports for the Amiga display, in addition composite and S-VHS loops provide separate monitoring of the Video 1 input signal If required.
Add to that a separate key I O connector which will accept or supply a key signal to or from an external video system and you have a very comprehensive videographic environment suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.
Multiple mixing effetti ready and welting, all you need li a time- bate turret I or .1 Paul Austin examines the latest in Amiga videography as VideoScan arrives on the scene so adjustment on the fly isn't really on the cards.
Amiga's RGB and power, the only other essential is at least one Video In. In this state you have a basic genlock setup which with the assistance of the faders can produce all the standard genlock effects for titling, animated logos and dissolves - either full or partial - between the video and computer signals.
In order to generate the required combination you simple select composite or S- VHS input and chtxwe Key on the output control panel. Now If you move to the dis- Due to the entirely hardware-based control system, actually setting it up is Very straightforward, Like all genlocks its primary concern is connection to the Amiga's 23-pin RGB out.
Once safely plugged-in you simply select the Amiga as the power source via a small flip switch which toggles between bypass or off, Amiga, and external.
The external option requires a standalone power supply which isn't included. T" ' However this shouldn't be necessary unless you’re running a smaller, heavily expanded machine.
4ft m y W % VideoScan special Aside from the Ixtellent keying quality In eomposlte and SVHi VIDEO Mixing musts Unfortunately combining both video signals isn’t as straightforward as just plugging a composite or Y C cable into the second Video In.
In order to initiate mixing, both video signals must first be passed through an external video mixer or 7BC (time- based corrector) Unfortunately both methods require heavy additional investment which in the case of a TBC will leave little change out of £800.
Assuming you have Ihe necessary hardware, connection becomes slightly more involved with either the composite or S-VHS signals connecting to video 1 as normal.
However the signal must then be passed onto the TBC via the loop output option At the same time the second video signal is passed to the TBC directly. The two are then combined and passed onto the Video 2 input.
If all s well you should be able to dissolve and mix between the two signals using the same faders and mixing effects as previously employed during basic genlocking operations.
The only limitation in the mixing department is the inability of VideoScan to transcode when mixing solve faders the signals can be combined as required. If your aspirations stretch to more exotic effects you'll require the assistance of a second video input. Once installed you horizons expand considerably with access to all the output options - sole output of the first or reference video, Amiga only output, or a combination of the video and Amiga output.
However most important of all is the fourth option which enables you to mix directly between the two incoming video signals. In this state the dissolve faders and mixing effects apply to the two video signals rather than the genlocked combination of Amiga and Video 1. E3 The bottom line Basically a quality pro product that does a great job of filling a gap left with the demise of the VideoBlender. As the price and features imply this isn’t meant for the home market, but if you’re a serious or semi-pro videographer it's a relatively cheap introduction to high-end production methods and
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Prnler I disk £3 50 CLU21 INVOICE MASTER Son your raoea out BWY wtTTi imi one 1 Oak £3,50 CLU22 H 0 M *1 1 A lurd *we nulliaitorg mem system 1 ask gso GUIS’Gi-X. Psgmmitrs a«3 1 dak O 50 Cl UM ORAW SELECTOR «2 Pnrti pmlirtKn ldslt350 CLU31 FIOWCHARTBL Nett curt. 1 dm 0 M CLU32 POWER TEXT 2 Won! BfCOHJOi 1d8l£150 CLU33 AM-TIKTION AlYDS »ti&wt Itt 1 dlk£350 CIU34 IMAGE OOCTOR Pictur* proccsw 1 d« O 50 6AMCS CLGtfi TRUCKING ON Try mO wi me truck Heel exceliri 2 1 dato£450 Gi f)35 DRAGON TIES Ot) Apnot type nwnno fIM ore. T d*kO50 Cl G13 PAFMOOX Artist are to KeirxeecmtnctsoMig 1 AkQ50 I CLG14
SOMC SMARTKWAO AicefKt ;«Tnrm me g -. 1drk£350 j CLGT6 CRYSTAL MAZE S-«fr 4 Urt picmm t.pe Ids* £3 It . CLG19 SKAN 29 8'il tfOtOimir wilti 220 tfwii md end tf InW mwsten l«tk£350 ClGi9S16.lAftBCA £'.Yrtrascnj*njshc«*'iiKi|Hne 30WE550 I CIG71 ROWER POWER Try and growHowwi btfon The tug$ til them. 1 d3*E35fl CIG73 MARVIN THE MARTIAR A rruurv* m»a tyt« pime whet you .
Wtoet f.hK ta Ihv av.i t dak D.50 CUZlEMYB tiiiknrmtniitfrcirixtfwaiTuii laeRDb?
AG25 WHITE RABBITS Another purrfc t.pe pjrre I «tk £3 5U CIG2S MONSTER ISLAND A cxw type aperture anr ; the ine* id ) DangKnimdOrKiom I 0 £35fl . 0.631 DWTT 9WCKET5 * Tc in6pkJliD?m oene' 1 deRQ.M CLG32 7 HOCKS Fan rnacticfix fdniCJM CLG33 BAT O' ROOMS 1 o- 2 plr.ee ball game 1 dak D M GL6J4 CYBERNET 5:«KSHc ajrtftf 1 dak D M : CLG38 QUIHGO Pub qn2 2.K0 iumom I Bik £3 SO llXttfl pjr2iw*0.ja. tOMPnmmfmUff, ] OiU Projnms ? C$ St noise mu we stock all cin rmes BOULDERDASH lilies now wortoa A5O0,A500*,,AM0l'A1200 A4H0 1 - HASCHBIERI I:SffiE88SS8t )B|Mi « EMERALD MIRE BOU.OMOASH 2a c. Co'l.ru o-
LI MTMAI MIRl T00lt0v« |aj«) AMRAiO MIRK CAVE EDTTOB ,V RAtfPRO :WRAiO PRO 3 WRA.OPROl WRA-O PRO* EXTRA mumm-m* ;WE«&.pttWS?1JonV FOR COTV. A570. C032 , ? COPD 1 .... £1995 ? COPD 2 ..... £l$ d5 I H CDPD3 - .. £19 95 a ~ 17 BIT COLL .... £3995 ? 17 BIT COMT £19 95 CD32 COMMERCIAL CAMES ? ALFRED CHICKEN £25 99 v ? ARABIAN NIGHTS £14 99 ? CASTLES 2 ... £3999 D GENERATION . £2599 ? FIRE FORCE ...... £2999 I ? JAMES PONO 2 . £2999 LIBERATION .
£29 99 MEAN ARENAS______________ £29 99 ' ? MORPH ..... £29 99 tl GEL MANSELL RAC .
£2999 NOW GAMES 1 ... £19 99 | ? NOW GAMES 2 ... £1999 OVTRKILULUNARC £2999 PINPALL FANTASIES £32.99 i PIRATES GOLD £29.99 SENSIBLE SOCCER 92793 .£29.99 ? SLEEPWALKER £29 99 ? TROLLS ... £2999 WHALES VOYAGE .... £2999 ? ZOOl .. £2999 ' PLEASE A00 FOR PAP UraCI OVERSEAS = £2.50 f? Tl . Ul IX. ' 3M c withatxhet 2 dam E4 50 ClE&TC: BkdiHBH WftVS&W EWEIULDMNESM HhpWBiI EwfHA.DAX«S!S FufAA.0 MW 1 I bVEHtC HLNXEP MW 2 ITER IefUi.0 VINES U pWjI lihtS i . .. RFAfEVEL I’K&vUDM.
RIC.tLEO EVEHW.C VINES 2 EmfWLDHUO Oamaark II UUUTHCUUMST l• IAAAATWN MIRES 2 1 ¦ UUUTHON AWES 3 Ka mtWsi Rhusu Jir*V ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS PC TASK V2.0 Fpll vprsipn allows PC Software on ail Amiaas Supports VGA. But SVGA on AGA machines Requires mln 1 meg RAM. MS DOS V3 3* Disk A570 ADD-ON COTV DRIVE Turn your 506'500* xito i CDTV Run CO proas or Audio CD's Simply fits into I sum oxpansmn slot Min 1Mb Agnus Cnip read Comes with Free COPDI worth £19.95 A Pric« £44.99 t £1 pAp UK.
£2 50 Overseas Hutchmson 5 Encyclopaedia worth £29.99 Price £99.99
* £7.50 Carriage UK only WE STOCK FRED FISH 1 - 950 DELTRAX PD
(AC), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Cohvyn, Clwvd LL29 9NP DISK
PRICES: 1-2 Disks = 12.00 earh. 3-1$ Disks a Clio each 16-24
Disks « £1.2$ each. 25+ Disks = £1.00 each Overseas orders
welcome payable in sterling please.
Catalogue disk £ I IMI Fast, reliable friendly service.
Make cheques postal orders payable lo T f:l.TRAX pp* lg I h: I 1 = I" I = y Q .. Fodteode ....- ..... ..... Name .... Address ..... POSTAGE & PACKING: UK =f 0p per order.
F. uropc = +20p per disk: R O W. = +40p per disk Note: Prices are
per disk and not per set HI - iti) ilkb*
• TUB 112 Wsi Swa WlfQf BOON M,won GMJl Tre crtf WxnUit ¦ GOLDEN
FLEECE Iw vtt xtonm !’ liM uilftS Hj p. Put Oinhm: SPEK TWWTR5
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GENERATION I KOCHI Gca) antic - kx wiRtsr in ms* VVIWSUcrty
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SUPER AUOASIi 3:ssmia?
Npnoffr .. 74 • POOfE!
N ¦ hrst i___ j-.vmsl_____ ru STONE AGE in. US COUPATlBLEl ¦ j9t HICIItii j1.
G85 QmfiOR HIES Quit tin 9m
* *: WARD GAMS 37 AT* ATU CM pm G9t MRTHWK* S::lf )$ E.U
• jt24 WE RIDER S au tariff 5£ U GIJSRiJWt .n; :G1» RUSH HOUR
‘raw* • Set icras M ml . GI27 TQNTESftlfT Spaed Ml tips
OF FOOU5h*4«mm GmUAOSHMPSuiiiiiHs G!'MTOT*lMR?«»tjt»
REVENGE iVrfOTn tmmnsiiw GU:GM»JCOVt»tl*IIONII p»«
II ! J GUI MAKES A LADDERS Gori Gu ujmu&M too r; M G1H JUR
IAMBI I l;H imuirr G151E-IYK task(IU Gib? OUKEOItt Of KAMI HI P
G153 OUCX4 SKYER Pwlwm £.»V»r f, IW MASTER Of Tmf TOWH Sled It*
9*n POSB I! IK ETHOS ted j4« »pci G157 BATTLE CAB 30 Wl SE LL
G1MCIt*lLE«£RQj;*5fU«i .. filK CATACOMB i'Sffi ift - «y wrf
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GIB.m-SHOOimUPSMti iiHM S1HIC IAU Kttftvfi ?nl' :•!'*! PAAUGOR
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BD»llTTl£BCWlE*R 80 tl WjiDfBS J18IM • EoiTOH .. BD 82 - CAVt
13o * Bp o-flifRAupMWi BO 91 EMERALD MM 6 BD K • EMCRAiO MWE
0D-»-»R0M«4 M 1 IQ KIXGMKS 1 OD'II 93RDMRE7.5
• »il2-»R6l«*a BO 113 BOND NIK 9 0O1I4-OORPMNE 11 .. BO
J K tlfl-A0WluTS2 i3o»«i »13l-fVfflAlOCfil««R J BO 132 - EWEAAlD CRUNCHER 1 J10133 -JUNIOR ICE MNE 2 „ B0134 RcCraro MIRES III BO 13S • EMERALD FR£AK _ BO 136 • EREA* MINE I . BO 13? - EREAKMIRE 2 S 138 EXCEPTION I 139 -xjriORI G 80140 - OAM3ND MNE 1 8141 EVEHA.DfRfA(ll 142 - RJRRER MIRE 3 . 90143 - BuiGUiNE i 90 144 • BWCMINE 2 _ 80 US - 9UGMIRE 3 80 146-VENOM 1 _ 90U- VENOM 2 SUB - INTO TW HISTORY HOLES 149 -NOflTHiaMT MINE I 8150-EMERALD MW TUTORIAL IS I-EMERALD MNE TUTORIAL 3 “ BD 152 EMERALD MW URAL U ony 80 (S3 tJett FMFRALDMWS 11 BiV
• CUlPfROAJH PA(K$ Ani1C.ru SB Al. JO - DO 10 A*|M.t4T.M Or
Sinjl.ll PD Ptkm 8tJ5-MMIKl
* 2S - NNOMNE ’0 SO 127 - DANMARK 1 3 122 SNEIMIHE I D123 07 VIKt
012* - 02 VlK 2 .•WRMHAHSRIKHSt lirfcSf U G?Xl HIOHWT THIf SAME
AR ?; i Uhtfl w* »kr»w w*t m ohod con QRUIGRAWRI *(. Brti1 A*«d
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GftlOtUMXfuv (ccknl u»Bn*nW' Pxnai u". RIV1HGI MUTANT CAMUS Si U G?I I |AnUNf*T$ Hmtfci:* fMWrn Ggl? UM 10IDS 6MB twn1 «'t XARATl MORH Kinvncirt W} IRAK IR THE CRASS :Utom - not GI2' MIZAROS 00MRW Qnfit Jh GJ?c rue KINGDOM : tci:’ GJ23 ARCAOtA in.-lru - ir, i G 24 PORK A POM Slip the luti G?2SWBRia Atanolw i' MIOMSEU-mcM Gsi’HRHR II G22IM0T5ITSRUIMC Cu; Q22tTCTR£M-l«V« G232 KMPrr I THE ALIEN KVACCRS jZO 10THUAI Grirtic all GttlMKUMttSEUG** ! ?34 MEHIM RUGIS 08K13 pms G?62 M* i MB3 Tcun Mftiim .tr« yxO C GiW CffERO* Aicift ef.lirc mmiioi g:« ward prix simuiator w*j.
g. ’kmnouncsti GJEti HYPHI TUT CHEATS Gjf’ TKMHMAM pn* tttt IK
BUST Itocn loin ASSASSINS PACKS Aaylt e Clt.St Any M * 00.08
Any SO z [47.50 Or sinfty tl PO Prim L fUrtASSiSSK (UTK5
uHlUWlUVfllU J -14S ii stk» • 1TV1W11; M Aunra ¦ Piust
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A iartC IMKC350 Cl Egfi MICHltm lock a* thr stai rtaitti tfe
From antMlura and ckfc on an p ta lot into 1 dak £3.50 CLE'O
BASICALLY AMIGA G«! W tjimv ou Anrfll lo dir Tul 3 d«U 050
ClEi i EAST FWT l«m tulB on n guiar an] becomt ngotttK re bm
(will soinai idSiEa SG Cl-16KINGS AND QUEERS f .id aulal
HeUomrtflv* Hmcr wlh triprtcfami'**4h(itturwl 2ditto£450
GLF20 M TOP FUR Arc * 4 proyinn »tul;. TTw tMDkn 1 d8k 1350
CIE22 CHESS TEACHER U»n how to (* V thus Du stt. Way «mh ms
weFinoai). 1 del £340 . Cl£25 WQRQ COACH Y3.1 Lam tow lo ptf
ciUtrtrd Cnjtdt on Bit O*ano IdsiO SQ Cl f 27 CAM A comptrM
Tan. Can) irmriator lor the (Jnw* B-unj uj 2 dob £4 50 CLE2S
PUN WITH CUBBY B crcgra-imt* IB bdp 9t tfnhtm Ram mrt' Am i
4IHE350 CLE33 PEG A PICTURE Daw b A wtK «he( Beii» or ihtpit.
Mrtl It cfiUfir I ditl C-350 Cl£31 UXWRSTAHOIWG AMOS 2 HtuK
prowmt Mar.nj Amw n« a*Mnore »rt*. Dis crognm. 2 deto £4 50
Culi WSSERSCHMITT BtlOf LtarnJdioit dft pimoFHiBtUni G346
WflK II :-iv; r ntOr, 0371 ERIC TW WARNOR $ m to 6*uiMi 63')
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G3sM3KA«!UM1 330! FRUIT MACHINE I W3S ):oJ 0®7 W WON Dftir* C*P1 11ST! BOMB JIUY ¦Ulcon G3W OTHELUWrim t*in ttuc G3Jt SOUTAIHE UNPIEH Cndi 3382 WILLY ¦ Ttf CASTLE F kMM tUftnn GS) FRUIT SALAD rblUm Amrnt n Ttrrul G» MM 10 H WS96CKUW Brt :m - Mm u jSS GdJOT Cnt tew (Uftm ymt G3MATQBBNVW1 G38) VECTA STORM H I V* Impel On 34(1) BhilTAl TETIB G4CGTITRISPR0 MM SUPER PAWHR 0404 BRIDGE 64C6 UR HOU GolFt? Data) 34(£ SLIDE SWAES :unt SWT MY CUB FRMIOUTW SPACE S--wl m ip i4B) SON Of IIAB6IR *K*tar UDm irllll IRMWOK Wkffrt ptif G410 MYSTERY 2144 AO FifinsU Minty uh S411 GUSH Fib P(4tn dm G412 WEIICAR
RAJSACRE Anadl Kiwi 3413101HFGA GANTS ,'diUl GulBOIMwilirioin!
I*’5 3LAMMU fi4irt MifBvsmr tm G416 MATHEW U16 tfiw iron* nut G417 NUGSIE Urrr TU*i»e ;irrpxr iMrlin 3418 ROUlfnE . PtMTO 2 Gcal pit.* mrt 13|
- 3I19IUT2 CAMSS IV.-.-n birrt*. Sperirtc 3476 SUO MARKS Aju,i'
91m) gnu WTJDNB ApfO»IPJAHOKffiHBW7B-l' 0472 HIY BURGLARty to
Ikap* G423OLYNPMO :ienn.*}i! 2Hem ... TCSOLAR
SYSTEM2Sotptl)owil. !us« i3 Mia£3 50 . Q r!(* HOME INVENTIONS l
rsi n .giMtl IP’ InntMUMAK Hub pctirt tmn sub wtti mtnlmti unct
1750 2 dato i* 50 Cl£*5 FUR WITH CUBBY 2 7 croj* foi ou-g»terj
1 dsk £3 50 CLI45 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY I titk £3 50
C. t 1.’ SEA SENSE r .1(1 Ot Sii Mxu Code. WfiHi 1 dak D 50 at«!
ROCKET MATH? 1dr,lOM UTILmtS auil VIDEO TITlEfl Mike wui added
look BioTesscnit sGralen tit I ink 173 50 CaLKD fYPWO TutM
Tvwng can M *o longv a probMm wlh dut 1 dsk £3 JO
0. UM AGRAPH Onxr :e clarS an) hr axle mrt* sae lark G 0 CLL*
PLAY AND RAVE 2 A mute madait InUe ta create niute 2 J4« £4
. CLUlfl POWER ACCOUNTS HMD BQKMflll tf yfiui txftnd wUi («Bla d luncl 1 3!l.£350 fOUCATKW Z CLE01 DINOSAURS Iftim at abort wrtain types al ftnceauri L« Ju'jsse Innvc »id C’tx):rou 2 d*k? C4 M GLEC3 SOLAR SYSTEM Kim jtcul re SoUr iyjltm wttl nlo on Pkett «i: will ccturw 3 dsks ES 50 THE A64 EMULATOR V3.0 Latest version (or afl Amigas
- run C84 disk drive and software ? Printers File transfer -
complete | runs faster ttmn origin Price C54 99 4 Cl pip UK
E2 50 Overseas CLE06 A CH0R0 Iaare lucla. Itx jurtif by Harirrj
to ncaty w» anoNCtoidJVRl 1«N£3iO . CltQB Itf THS IffSTRUCTQfl
5« ffirouifi Pe GCSCs vMIt’ Uia MBRfi M4UMrUfiriTkmn*4MKH G425
FottUl G4S NUN FLOP G43’RQIO 10 HJIL Ricnj ri-i’ G439 FHHTIWG
WAMIORS SfM HgMti 2 ckra G439 URNINCS 2 H3 «al G440 NAPOLEOMC
Gui'ElORCIJMiJnrtci.At, Jpjpy, G446 CONCWST A DOMHATOH or pm
5450 OOMET K0M2 fUWni 5451 OPERATION WTIOR 20 Gtjfrta ! G4U N
DOOM HPQWM S454HKH OCTAK CirrntJrtnj &4»FAT« MISSION 2 Stwimip
G4S7 KUNG FU CHARUf -‘Lncrni bm m up «:« GAMES GALORE 13 £429
*3.1 SHE IIIVA1I0R i (Worn :9SCORCHfO TAMS ink «?0 AMOS
IMOSAMORf T fr.jl mdn 64?' STAR TREI1NQ TRIVIA '2 OsAil GI22
SUPER TOMCAT 5h»rt «*i 19 iG273 ICO OREAMS 'tiM cM puns -
COMPETITION Get your Kixx out of this!
SIERRA m R«tore its tormet gWV yerin9 ** W* « ebVa% twee and There’ll be six lucky winners who’ll each take home a set of the first game from each of the six series mentioned here, all from the new Kixx XL Sierra range of titles.
The new range includes the Space Quest, King's Quest, Hoyle's Book of Games, Police Quest, Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry series. The first and second releases of all these series are out now.
The Kixx XL series has grown from the original Kixx series aiming to provide a range of top quality, licensed titles at affordable prices, providing premium branded products from various well known software houses costing from £12.99 to £16.99. This selection bridges the gap between premium, full price games and budget software. The motto is 100 per cent quality, 100 per cent value, nothing compromised, and the brand has continually dominated the top slots in the Gallup charts.
¦¦ Yd ‘ .
lit md 1 - mw The third and fourth parts of Space Quest and the third part of Police Quest are coming soon.
ERBP (my To enter all you have to do is send you answers to these two simple questions and the tie-breaker on a postcard, with your name, address and daytime telephone number; to; Amiga Computing Kixx XL Competition, Europress Direct, PO Box 2, Ellesmere Port L65 3EA What is the Kixx XL motto?
,s comir 3 s0°n Part three Tie-breaker (in no more than 20 words): The Kixx XL range sounds good for me because... You must state on your card if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies. The closing date is April 30.
How many winners of this competition are there?
Retutt information may be obtained by wrttns to our office* Mo cash alternative to the Pfln tiwlaWf The eXoc» dccvpn It final cormpon'frnc* *•« be entered il 1994 1 - I aJV5AVy •J ¦ UY ?0 PD DISKS 8. GET A FREE MOUSE MAT WORTH FgS PD DISKS & GET A FREE DUST COVER WOHTH E3.G!
UY 35 PD DISKS & GET A FREE JOYSTICK WORTH ( 6.90 DISKS 8 GET 10 FREE PD DISKS WORTH C9.90 0K if AM oiriatnonwn EST 1991 - UTILITIES I UI_j (iumeiMvwCremur
1) 21- The ( mim.t Dnk 1'32 Xlulrm Lnl* U34.
Red DeviM ill* 1 U3J.
VuiiuiirKkri Spnul 1! 3*.
Parm.Muuc-Media ID? C*nl Drtiener INI.
Red DevlU ItnK 4 L,43...Fuiuir Ctimiwr LU4 Krfnrnt Makeev** 1-45 PF. Gum Utllv 168 LIT. .Idhel Ivt.uncr ! 14?
1 llinme kto Dnk 1 U50.
Piv*er Cnmp (IUI* 1 U5I_ J ui Beach U55 Vnkhk U37 Otkbenrt U59 . Ftml Dctivner UftO.. D-Paint Fonlt 1
1) 61 ILKnnl Font* 2 U62 Med 3.21) U63.. Direvi Anim Cmln LVU.
( riiMwunl Drucncr LW. CU Help t Olbert
1. 67 SfTracket Meyu j I* Ltlimite H» | | Lft».
Lhlnutv Bv«*. 2
1) 73 Puwerkyn 1174 M-Cad U75.
Louraal H.«e AfC'l U76.
Home Unlilie* 1177 Fvvimv.uI U7S.. Ami Raw VRI.. ikvihnfcli Y2.0 U82.. Slulc.In,w MiiUr U*3.
Caluloy Wuriihop 1
CM. . Catalog WtvLthop 2 W7 lUrd bi*k Ulih L«M4 Vnijitui Radio(Al
U95 C-Lighl « Oibert
GFX Unk 1 UIUO Ham l ab 1101 Sid ViO UIIXL-A-Gcae Ul 1.1 Midi UlUitae* l'lIWI19 VideoUlil*(2l
I) 132 ..GFX Ltd. 2 L'l.LViM NenhC 12) I'IV.
CnvvdXvu (demo) 1 I3*...5rai»l!itfuidl nli L'l 3?
IfnMMttlier':11 1 14(1 Squudl 1 i ’.lit oalyl L'141 Squadi 2 (2.IM mly UI4I Ten Mu t 11*4 Ivnm. Nirnipky | 11143 Iftgilal Iniro Dexign | I 14ft Vu Clip An 13147 Spcoram 1 ftuiUiv i . MipMirani YiKilkn 12151 UI52 Red Ivvili Util* 6 UI54 AnweafuL W P Plkl tllt IV*. Did.
L'13.4 L'I6J ...Ounkhnxh »(104) DIM Rim riujkiw l iftft Denrui't Haul Di.k LI67 IvltuVluher Uil* l’l 68 llnmr Buticet* 3 III 72 HI 76 Squelch (1 3 only) GFX DM* 3 UIT7 Slur Oiart.
T!l79-l*a..DtCf(2l I4181 Ccknc Ivmu MtAer 11186-200 Track In. IIV3U 11307 k«i Collection 1 U20I Due kne* limn 1 I" 211 ChemeubelKv L'2I2 Amnulcd Fvnmen
121. 3 .De*k Top Pukidit-I 1213 ..MroySui: L2l(kJi(atta V Kklla
12 U2I8
IX. i.1 Haw WuanJ I'223 Ten Pm Dou Bate 1221 (J Bawlkila R..* I
226. Gamcv Nohnnw 1
112. 31 D-Paint Font* 3 U23S Aim Cadi VI U2JI Lwwtuau 1'240 kic
hdiiir U252 .(tpneomm 2.0 12254 New Suprik.ller* 2 | L735
Rmrader .2.0 1236 Auri .ST F.mukih* j 125* D-Cnpy ?
1) 262 K' F.muldliv UJ73 Vui Fan. 1 U274 lUmot Ijhrlc U275
NllHuv-TCir kao 1 I'27?
Invoice Printer l'28.1 Headline Font* U2*9 Airw Ipltier U290 Ku,k* *n 2.0
l. '2V1 Hikk Tiger Lyll* 2 U291...Te*t Engine V4 0 1296 Lliimue
Dixk Crej L2?7 lOPPCopien L'2v» IN otr acker V3jo U2w Addrcu
Prini V3 1 U303 Game Tamer 1' 1CW Millie Bave VI L'309
- PP MinlcrurKh 13311 VooyfeVUO UJIJ Prv A*nnlosy Pool* W i ml It
U3I4 U3I9 Lr4erV2.l V32l (ianWn Dnipirr U327 .Heeler Surf U'29
Minx Engine V3.4 IIKI Survww 17331 X-Beai Piv 1 U332 Super* lew
V2.4 04 3-.Gurnei Cnmp 2
K. Garnet 044 .S.E.U.C.K. 1______ 045 Sacc Caiwt Comp 040 damn
Camp J 04* Ray* Cumc Did
083. ..Ummmft I’atk GM. Sur Tiek S.tUP 0161 .E-Type GIM T.«&d
(.in'Va Lance CI04 ..Di y Diamond.
GI63 Nil Mam Land GIM.
Word Sijuare Solver GI67 .cm** Fire GIM .Waue land.
GI70 GI7I iixu Bill Crtit Sue GI72 Mrke A Break (il 7J.
Viiiamble GI74 1-1 Challenge
0175. .Othelkc GI78...Evii Dead G»nv 0179 Trmmci OIWk-181 Pcornp.
1*2 0182 Diplomacy OIK3 !
M. *.« Dvfl GI85 (ume Buy Tor.. 2 G186 Water Wnk* 0187 Acl Of Wir
0188 Muinnl. Game.
OIS9-I93 Trmclutd. 1-5 (i|9d Xmjlll 0193-196 Ndlhbmn 121 GI97 Ameutvi InvMler* G|i8...(iamr Bin Tetri. 1 GI99.
Tr.rcr. 0300 Badkcnn 2 C30I .DrMwio ( 2(U...Avlllda 02U5. .1 bcati Dnk 2 G206 ChcM. Didt 3
c. ya Airpun 1 G209 TRAC.
G2I0 The Chdden Fleece G2II legend uUjnthion 0212- 2IJ T ...Ui
Ann (une 1 G2I6.
Super Sid G2I7., Light B*e» G2IK Kelayet G2I9.
Air Hoekcj Amu* Chiu One G*30.
Teia* Oiainum G222.
0. 223 Premier Pic* G224 Thru*! Duel G225 W Mile Giddy
r. :rh G227 Super Pong Frail SabJ 0228 Braintvw (i229 leiqun)
G2.30. SfKf l«v?Mpg G23I.
Karuie Worn G2J2.
Super 1 cow Mitup-r PDCii) Cnmp 1 G2M Ccdour Chanoe.
0245 Bailie Of Brium 0216 Sucvf Twinlri G237...Ca*lle G23S. Nomtri*(• Only.
023? Rung I'u Olurte.
0242 MkwMari.fi G243 BiivhI Runner DEMOS Mnul Hangover Ito n eptei Ivmi W 14 ('upper i'Bit Minir Deram World Unnm’l Tt*ul Remix'Dcn... TU fteduwuit
51. JM.SttKVla) Sew Teh Reel3 2)
T. xul Remit ' Demo TV Them Ipit IvlT.I M Collection Virtual
V«an Sinking Demo TTT Demo Voyage Saf* Demo Video BfTeci* 3D Cull Vector Ikimc 2 ¦ Jnwnotnciu Demo Amm ID p(nv A Tnp To Mai'.
¦A20QD Gmlucklkrmo t2..B«dhram I (2l i Budhrain J
• Ohmic* NcieTwherr pithanj demo Akni ru MfRerao'
- AChrgiliti Demo I -Tool I Vitro* tun Mt B Demo Cntp 4 Wilier S
T. Dram III Ilefcon I I’ Aurora W IVir»' llfuh M Demo!
IB htvw Demo
• PutuMtxm I* Goldiire Mcgademu LW3i.SoW ui(2i UjnihKa Realty’ '
The Silent* "Ice" '75 -Cryiul Symphonic.
Jtij Of linpe 2 ..So Brain No Riun vtJ9.C)fb«g Ucmoi« Coaxial Comp f SAC Diik I Com.
I fciul Or Century IW i Pnmncn3 _ I -Avenger* Mrlkemt.
CU Diunlrr Dunn
• -TmIT EnufT I Owl Fridge Demo k Hjrdcrack M lJmm I Ihjrauik
Hammer f Six Of One Demo Flanet.uk- 4emn»ng» Revenge 15* Tuul
Retpray 1 Boiram 1
• Phenomena Incrxpocc
• Total Retrial ¦ Klllng The Trigger ) (TiSDcnxn i Toul Recount L
Tcttl Krtiov
* 3-S|MHfflui)tir i D-MubMUcnw ’ Sun Connection 2 Krfrans IV Wall
GAMES OI ..Return Tnlainh
r. J Gametcomp 5 Gi . Llijj) Ijliy 04 Scum Hum ¦' Parachute
Jou*t tV. I i are u FmHv
d. Tnntni 09 FwrdoCco GlOOrtp Gil Bug Bath 012 Arcnittb (ilk
Itumamm GI4...fUcjpe Frvnn Jim 013 Mirra Adventure Gift Gnwnd
Alla.I CI?...Mcgah*ll GIK. ..IntidrN Huh 01?., Advemurti OKI.
Bank-forec C22 Oraoon Cave 024 KmpOf jn (»2 Mayhem G26
Mechtlighr 027 The Tenmctiame G2n ntxhhcr G2V . Duck Roym S79
FmklinDead SW Wendy lamer Slider S8I The InvicMc W.-rhl S82-H?
Tcrminaior 212 S84 Famotv Pic* S85. (iuH War Slidet SW „.
Magical Pk* S88...0ulf War Tribute S8S-90...S Thlng Fithy (2)
S?I...F!ldceado Mulct CLR LICENCEWARE nranM obi Pbthata lama w
mill uw« r arfraun. LiaUtl (lBTi.iitiCt trtAanaranaamnna
aBlttUimilMuawiu i a«ai«*ataaii irtuVTV lluot ! Ike IIMOIRM.
Mi t M ivrkwaMv ;mo» (UB * (HH !a v on f. fur* Um • nor «P
mMk i M 031 (IM Him IV.1R 11(« rM MOV «• • IM. Aamta
trqflvtkar t n idaAw tW«u. In rivnv,Ty4mW, ttm H»tTry»i 2 RAVE
RAVING 10 DISKE FOR 01A.V £ 10.50 - FfcP ANIMS AL.
Pr.gve ScquciKV A2.. Ghml Pool A'.. Jogger * Magician 1 A4 Gvmnad Demo : as.. FrKMt Flight A6 Bmkethall Demo A8 .
Walker Ihrrno A?.. Magician 2 AIO Pugi tn Sfuoe All .Luxor Teenager AI3 Juggler Demo Alb . C.kiI Coigiir AI7 .Mono Cycle Anim AI8 ...RctvccgAmm AXI May Item On Wheel.
A2I Jugetie 2 A22 ShnttliMvk Anim A23 X Pot Anim A27 F1«5 Manouvre A28 Ullliwd Anim a2?
Fylhivc Leave. Duct A30...Si&rnaR 2 Anim A3I Sur Trek Anim A3 2.
.franca revenge A34 Mud.Hina Anim AX5 ..Stealthy Anim. 2 A36 .Raider*Of ThelMil A 47 Bug. Bunny Show , A3* .Iraq VvLK Anim , A19 Mike Tyvon anim A42 Walker 2 A43 Walker 3 A45-46. LagWOvk (2l A47 Etpioding Head A an .Police Car Chow A49. TepGun ttemo A5«,..Animiion. Demo A5l .5 Way* To Kill a Slide A52 Aniilhcr 5 Wray» A53 Hamun Ihc rmnir A34 .3D Sfuicdnp AJJ ...Mr Pkfatu Head A59 Jo* level Flight A63 Amy V'» Walker AM Real PinKill Amm A66 Pdfkv Pig Anim Aft?
Advcnlure* Of Chuck A7IV7I ...Max Overdrive l2) A71 Spacchullle Amm A74...Ghnutuufrv * Hi*w A?ft Alarm Anim A77...Flighr Anim A78 Puna Amm AT?
Ttai Anim
A. VI Rad Hird Amm AX | Holiday Anim A82 l-itlcr The Fid* H*
Miner. Amm A86 Pocket Watch Arm.. Avft-93 ihe Minie* 2i4i A95.
My TlnTuy A9A T-I it 2 Anim A99 .Termmaiur X A100.. Dulptim Dreimi AIOI IK.. IWOntiinl»i2i Aid.
. Ifidory of Amy A101 ,. L g« Anim l2 Meg i | _ liflrvkJIHkl iotiku. MirMmara.tlar 111 i Ik88 W « ir.Kfn*wn»H k»v« IanU. A OUHOBtOMVVdU
MC. V ni »di*uaMr.«kia i.wa«n la* IM 0®
QITt4M.luMTa. i*aual.a|laaiia 1 a*.
Ol; Kill IIJtindkiMdMiKhuiMd IU MnmII ilMtmvii. 1 4a,iiJ*r.a4.«r.
• raarca-nr latdl IU 'NTO)ia.iux«yamam MOV m .lflOniWTIIXinLirei
t£id.aTiKt0Mi IM (II UllK6nMVtnlw.kr »ll
aniUSHUMIIttruriauliimLCtfMe Ml 11 'VieWMinemaWaiarairaihmi
1M03 . L.J CVWW»K,M1l.t.-v wia L rla« CU2IIVV Uia*3ni*a,«w
**«tTt aiatt aWaaaa l« CU3HMI ill ilrll'iMarrrn.rai lha( ® 0121
l-IS CWVMIWM laaWtoU m.c aaaMa
i:iK«IRIi.llMUtiu uaafp-i.i.j*mia«(Ma !
OfctiutAiiv ihml •¦vn vwjir ku ImiOB
IVI. I IMS UA» Vll Im u. ma M. m m ea 44 EDUCATION PACK ORDER NO:
VMIOtOtroS.PMXTWCTUBK ETC AGERSIiCF SAOUlT 15 «SK910B ONLY £15.50 I PIP ill ittOttKf lamaannulutut .em.wiare** ' (U ' IUT l®I Ltff oh. ¦ re par a* Mtai a w a W u* ™ I MdlMOV m * UWI U « d a Hw w*n ad a..! i«i«w :aa- os Ol r nriUIUJK ac link Mama um I *a UJ) a£'i«lltt.l3»Rll 'da«uuamanlwatMbi M 1*0* IUNIUI Hun riauliaftadattMuklTaMMM* i Hoi nu k rnr n *a*u i n«wa • v ai iuai« i «ai n u (IfilJMMMjn CLIPART PACK ORDER NO: P03 WlfH IKK Of PICTURES TO CHOOSE TfkOM THIS IS A MUST f OR AU. VOU 0-PAWT AtlOOTPEdTHliyWTS HOMSFOR 09LV £ 15.50 • PIP
i. iO.Orevilay, WI...7 Tile* QJIm GJ2 MccaC.Hiw I
r. kl-U SarTrA l(2l
Q. WV7 sur Trek 2(3l
G. 'K-.W Mechiorce I ? OKI Klondvkc 012 Cb lie:*3UMlii.ta nihaa
p*TmnhiU Mfltt CU 0mS(U(«llMtk.».ar-Infaia. ntanmaalat I
8(164.031 (U.' WWWXl uvctau U Aaam aanmn a r Mr u -|** 11
a* u V :i..ffl9Bim ui varbt lahianWrwAm I6ti 1 BUSINESS PACK 1
- 1 11 iknMiaaaa. ¦ T 0 (i4*r i.olH-» Onip a G5t) (iamec
Oevwh G5l-52...Tfuckm* |2| G53...1elpoc
053. . QiiK'k And Silva QmmJMMMM G57...Lamer Game G5II .
.Oamevcomp T tiW (uirvs cmnp * Gml. .Pom Pom (ivKr G6I Ca
temnnei Obi Crttlal Cavrnw GP.'_ Inui (rfvl Tjernal K.me On
LemmingtHdt (iM. IhmnHilKTiallrnpe Gti7...laune ST Pont (RiH
Paranoid (iti'i. KimIp, G7tl Cvmtaw Death CT7I Prialc Ivle t
Treaturc Serene 2 073 Cnilet G74 Dynamite Ihct (it* Card
Garnet I 076 .Wun'iQued G77 Gruwih 07* SUM G79 Abe Alic
GW.Napokonic Sim GKI. PfojKt I Gtl. Aaicr Zone i u n *
vnenwi i pyea» ei*f a. i ** w a m 18* j
0l. fEnnnnriTM»i*en«ee*«8tni|*lt4 BUSINESS PACK 2 ORDER NO:
RUNNING SMOOTH 16 DISKS TOR ONI Y £ 10.50 . PiF ' l1lim;tmilB E.« m* .*a up a W v n .4a la cnUnlMO® | CU.' IM«*.UVWW,|IKM., , xtw,tat• rnrn.
• rkiwaiiiw .'tui(43i | CUI) vmtMMVUH HII*lNnn«;t6wpa.dk.paiwa |
cii fiS«Vim|«vi»t, -..f .aaKarkhtwruinym iMi!M lie
Ui‘M(Mtll313TDt:%u8a«i afrtitmiltt OEMIXTBCMURNbate.teaalae
!M U* lU)'IMC«m.OnKklj .aiAuaamm.Wl t» IMO» ci£ t km raisiKM
r».. re i« iv*i cm hr |oui Oi - W UITu'u Ittl Wrt. - v«t U
,khn a* im u aoWMlaaei Vn*.l«ytl«w. .' ** U V 1 4 2 STAR TREK
PACK 10 OISKC FOR ONLY £10.50 . PIP rro nn I (11 , iiwurmjivu.
N 0 w n crUMCUt tva UmaaalMIV* Wat IUU1 lUf fllRCflmTI*aakaln|r.pu»«*n. HUH ! CiiMUCkiiiCjmienoaVkenwtiiaa IMUI 11 I *U vest Uui* Vuk am «.*• IM (1V I 'iCntnO liian ¦ ¦aMimr'a Matt Mira I taC'3i | aiawuiNdv.a.MnM lt4.i v mwuriwikkl 21 » MkUriura*. IhiiUkl SLIDES SI Ham Pie-t Show I SJ Xukmi elldrt 33-Matrienr ilido V Pmy Ihvrkei Shlmnuculair C«UKtMD S4. Simpamt Mulct Sllk-I L.Chinnel 42(21 SI 2...Bruce Ixe Slide* 514 Adam* Family 515 . Vii VU| Sltdo 517 DnckUmh Jure SIB_Dr W ho Drum S20 .Saw Slidet S22-24 WWF Slidet (3) S27 Demont Shdft S28. Total Recall
529. ..Joe t Mulct S 30 Ham Pkv Shorn 2 S32 ..Nfi|htMHin Slider
533. .Roger fJoin vl*Jn 554 Ipt Maiden Slide* SIS-36 TeWlat
Richter |2| S3S Batkct caie 2
S. W Ecet Slidet Stuiraamn Det me 2
841. Fra*xm brtue I S41 («.V.in Gate Slidet
543. . Clumun Slippert
544. .Cf) Ft* Dawn S*3~,FWJ«WH Heulrtw I2l
547. ..Kick Off .1 Slide* S4H...PD Slakthm S4V-52. .Tefnwrutor(4|
S5J R.*«.w 2 Slide.
S54. Traekmaiter Slidfi S35 Fivpntu.ni Realm* 2 SJO-GortrU Slide* 5?7 Pi-ntvvto Slide* SJS-Hcllniltcf Slade* S59 .Night Breed Slide* Ntitl . Kayiraemg Sri I ..Horror Slide* SttL.AIutcle Mania S7|...C(ulureC'o(ntaiu 572 TT* Wonder Ycura S7.V WaicrdlipDimn 575 .Ferrari 54* Pie-v 576 Belinda Carluke S 77-Cher Slide.
V. 92 Hlir ar.1 093 The Mur (ionic (PM Sulxullurr G?4 Hc4lywtxxl
Trivia 097 Mmntaa cm Hal} Grail Advemure (illlO Arran Co.mine.
r. 101 (Tattle C.xtW I (JIII2. Cord Oune* 2
(illl. l. Seqxr Skexla ( hall GI(M...Grand Prlv Sim 0106
CinrmnerC'tinfllci 2 01(17 MiwionX Raid 2 (.III* .M Game
OIIO. Tnrky a Theiufi Gill MarbicSink GII2 Garnet Ceimp
II) Gt 13. Alack lack Lab Gill UungcnnOfMudmj (ill5
5migaCotumnt Gl lb. RiWocwp In Irau (ill? VIJUM Carivlt
OI2H22...W«loek(Ji GI34 Ban Sinxwn GI36 ...Air Ace J GI27
Hrrikua t on K« 012*.. Pipeline (•12? ..Dung Of Dieidian
0112. Prim Quew G155 Star Trek 1 GIM Plperidcr CIW ..DowTdDiW
G|4k S.JtrdV»ud GI44_Ome*a Race 0145 Mittioo kaud 3 (il46
Trri 73 GI47, Wackln WtmdcHand CI4N . Sqoait Rcvenpr OW.
Sky M fa Givi. Wei Reiver GI5I. Airmanla GI52 Wizard Vkortd
GIM. Toullj Franiv Quu GI55. Cheat V2.0 0I5A Snvith Teliy
0139 BiDy The IxaEon
C. INI llhrij H|IUII(ta.ia’dni i4a aallti t mw»nli*i a* JMOJk ’I
I one* Hydra TI.FJfOfif Demin I i thrlpoclci. Demo Cave l-t
Weinl l Iraqui Demo 7311 Dvlrra utl2»
T. I. SO Demo k Devil. Colour* Ltrakmo Sthe Groove Rxmjum
’?J2ft..Rcal Empathy (2) 'W..Red Dwarf if) l BnVwu M Demo
Melted Experience
7. Od* wy 15) k Watchman Demo I- Anarchy SmokcrCo ! Fil 209 The
Ko rage "044. Hardwired (2» ..Wildfire M Drmo I Mindw arp
ViTVmn W.Skimr Ikemni 2i 52-Treaclf Twm.D Mr kfcn Sloriet
Seeing l» Believing .war Of The An May ilav Re. Mwhr
V36i.Je*a*On E'» 2| Kith Tank Optimum Preuure Mad Rue
7. InThe Ca Derm I .Dynamic lllutueit TwxOf Mmd ' »i Pmv2 I
Ixikul Ean .976 World of (v.mir.O.ve Clauurophiihlu PBJImnn
Ivmo ¦lit. The Trip ¦JI2 3 Projocl Trchnu(2 DW4 bumpier dBm
MmduarpiAUAl OVC Panu Rhei (AGAl BMW Hvtlen.
|Wd Grapevine IA||| P**h-» Grapevine 16 )|
* -401 Grapevine I7 J» 0tt2. In the Kitchen ASSASSINS PACKS £1.50
,.E30,50*p*p 5« DISKS ..C4350tp»p 70 DISKS. EMOOtpAp ALL 1*6.
C050&.p&p Ol IUimiHIMn«BIUa.kaak)a.nw M(U 111 .vvltllbdini
kvnailWDrin nmMrhna Wiac.: la. U V I 111 IVUFimll-.lt
iVMttaDSenwdreMt.Mi ni rSl3t»*!f I wya «r* mMwaaiiaauU N6IMU9
EDUCATION tl likcaiicn Pack I F-2 FaJucalion Pack 2 LI Educimon
Pack 3 C4. JutucMion Pack J
F. 5 Education Pack 5 L6...Educjaum Pack ft K7 Educational W«Ut I
l. «,..Ldu*ainmal Game* E9 . Math Drill KKI Amiga Function Com .
UHS (HI MlffiA4BAl3iMV«lDRi An(j I Oft: Bin ra««I ! (ICC niS 1 uoidaahrvairrfMrn• |«r IU0S 11** VlVttlVUyu Wulrua. XltauJrt.VMaaaa I 14(1® CIU" miruvnm Tiy Mm rp mianibi (X(bk:h4l ACCESSORIES MOUSE HOUSE . E? 50 MOUSE MAT ..... .....C2 0 AIBGA MOUSE . .....£1459 10 CAP BOX ......£tJ9 A500 COVER ... C3 99 A600 COVER A120D COVER ....£3.99
3. 5- DSDO DISKS .
. £0.69 MONITOR STAND. .. - ___£10.99 -1 ' .m immikTKR t.«f a*Mma n*|ia. IMOBlto | IUTI ¦kG»nOiWa«.ina*eare * M MO* Pt«(MU|MB4|NlipM* IM alaiimiKlllVtai 0* ¦ F.I I. Unnare Fd Comp iv* « S Maeht nii.1 It® II ttm«.jr8Mirli* 6Ma Ktidtt I (llillMLClMIMIIVCfepartriplet**AtoaM.**
* »al UL'% (lii :KliJKUUim»p vfcKvrtfnMaiteit I MW® ru that»iu.*.
riiHh. A • ¦* i«*o.n E12..Simon Sav.
El5. KidtPaiM 111 Nun Ural 2
F. I 5 Colour It E 16-Colour The Alphabet
F. I7 DTP For Chi wen LIH Algebra
F. I? An»tvjjnam F2IV. AnlmaJlaod' K2I. Amnul Sound* K22 M.lllarv
Wjr Sound.
F. 2J. ..Vehicle* Sound* Fi 24(23 Rrjd & leara I (21 H26.. Junior
Math* Hi NltWIA(udAeamm 10¦ hw(r* ddnm l A0?
TI|4 WIKHUnUM* v«eai lUMetfik ta* ' At Li® tnt*U 181 BHAI HOWTQQRPEB (I at* 1 All you nctd to do is put the numbvr* ‘ ‘ IVWIIIW Ml IX Uil ltlM. Mtm gfn. Avo «, hff ¦BLCrAaMrrdV iiL(V.VHiyi:«vi.,3 JtEetaeaif newun M of tho disks r»)uiftd and Mnd rt to the addres* below along with a cheque or PO made payable to DISKOVERY Please doni forgot to indude th» cofffd postage to ensure ipeedy delivery llCiKfllllllR'lll lni. ir* nra '**.(«X ftOJOaTKWii tat*... ».ff rfmwki»¦ trrm I nr.: ilffliiiro»«iiyiep»iwiiwwi*h M«eeiei tUC'UUtM* VatTllt tMaanp| a HuitMIHCfvnEaitoCulMrarMhanrid llti'ft
:ir MmtlMn aA»'j. *|ia IMO* I lt WMIIIWIVD I, .U ,4 WK.Iku*- I n.-i M T laAa'aWi (XU PRICES P1IBUC OTW.IS 1 . .fl.Meceh Ici...n.J5wrt ?J. ..HWerct FvYpyyF?,, wp lecrwo'.tt -OTp WoddPB. F:A0 iKttw hOso ¦ lm»A|aaa*raui IM WOT NO SWITCH SEND YOUR ORDER TO... DEGRADER
CLAYTON, BRADFORD, W YORKS BD14 6SJ ] E We mvk cn re Ml of the
Imor CD ; n call fcr Ihe best prices in title* I MICROCOSM
mniJt.rtitifiMiM.it ? DPS I WORKBENCH 3.
A rcplasesnem cops ol WB3,josi in case sour original h*» gore down.
? DR2 A1200 HD INSTALLER AI iXtl hml drik mvlatUlum Ktflware.
For prepwiog your hard disk.
Ktling [wrtitmin and lunnunuy your hard disk, wvuks on any sine ? DPH PRINTER DRIVFJLS A UrgeenUeuirai nf Wixklwth 3 pnmer driven. Includes Star.
Kinawmc. Epson. Canon etc. all easy to install.
? Dfi5 ENGINEERS KIT AGA A x*tidele diugnoslics kil for die A12IKUA4CXK1 metrairy leslx.
Kettvuid. Mauw. Drivei rtc ? DJN6 E.XTFRMIN k AOA Vims dficcsor set for AGA nuiheaei. Din deled & kill met JOOVInMb ? DPI7 CRACK n COPY AGA.
A Work hers: h 3 collrebon of untiiKv fur copying and cracking Amiga soBware.
ALFRED CHICKEN £19.99 AMUCK i I4.W ALIEN BREED 2 £24.49 Very tivlith pme ? BUOY BLOWS GALACTIC £24.99 Till he.i heat'em up atailabk.
Unical 2M colour actKn BURNING RUBBER tll.W CASTI.ES 12J40 CHAOS ENGINE £14.40 One of the bifficu ASM games of 95, is not. Available oo the A1200
£9.99 Entunol A12011 tcrtxHi of Ifci.
Very addictive pUlfoniKr BISIIAR 2 C2I 99 JURASSIC I'ARK £1999 The hij-peit game of the year, h*ed mi il* smash ho film Smooth rasifci-direaiunal scrnlkng action NIGEL MANSFli. £9 99 OSCAR £1999 HNB AI.I. FANTASIES &}. » A 256 svkmr tendon of Anwga* nm wmvlctfvd pinball jure ? OVERKILL £17.90 l»M paced Defender done RYDER CLIP £19.99 SABRE TEAM £l4.49 SIM IJFF: £24.90 SIMON THE SORCERER £29 99 SKID MARKS lenhart.nl £21.99 SLEEPWALKER £19.99 SOCCER KID £2190 Oik of the best and moil original platixm gatnev arounJ ? STAR IREK 13ih £2x.99 Nice hniKiiiv Sur Trek nJientuie.
JWJHlrf'lMrd.t.tl O T.F.X. £25.99 T« siiinair ¦ flijl* vmdaikn fo*u*tv gnbelmiNe tnyrio ml spml Q URIDIUM 2 lenhamrvl. £21.90 Thr long awaited sequel an an all time cUsvae shout 'em up. Now enhanced for tlw A1200 ? ZOOL £14.49 Amiga*t version of Sega'* Sonic fl ZOOI. 2 iFnhartcd)_£1994
o DELUXE PAINT IV AGA £7I The longrvl lived Amiga par* package
ram uippwlx 25WOO colours.
? WORDWORTH 5 AGA POA One of the tvil Woidpnaetuvt annmd. A very pfrifcnimtal pwkkge with graphics iirgvri ? PAGE SETTER ' (49 A » ry competent lint DTP package, similar to Pro Page bin i kit of the fnlly bit' ukcn out ? PRO PACE 4.1 POA
l. *ic*i version of thii populur desktop B publisher SUPERB ASE
PERSONAL 4 £!«• RRII.I.IANCE £149 Top ol ibe runic AGA
graptbcc iw.k:igiv imMietalMt lavtf ? DIRECTORY OPUS 4 £65 TV
Urinune «n Dtftciory icoh. Fuc copy. TcnaoK. Mcnt, deleu etc.
Rated ‘W» in Aniiga ham* ? PAGESTREAM l POA Long awaited no*
venam ol the mot.
Powerful Amiga iloluop puMithing pockage a*«labV. List vrnion i uid to even put die Mac to tltame ? MEDIA POINT (multimedia. £399 New Dctklup video tytlent ? PC TASK £30 At tour, you to nta PC VGA icdtwarr oo your Amiga n B449 CEUGNTTT. FONTS ? 11146 IIUTY FONTS 1 rl h 145 IFF FONTS n B13941 AMIGA FONTS l ? AVI’ HEADLINE FONTS rjMj FONTS H ( M)7 3( OIXMIK H NTS neon COMF1 fTKR F.YFS FONTS nnoi 2AIXIHE FONTS JC4T0 RUSSIAN AIXJHF.
J C52* POST • PS FONTS HC5U FONT FARM I J CIYX9 ( OMWIC.RAPIIX' ncwi POS1M RIKI FONTS n PSHVNTS 1-10. Pagestreom A lOJiikcoUctiliHuy some hfilliuni Pagestream lusts ? C21VI SUPER HAM PIX 6 disk* of ereul eruphtcv ? CM6 HOI AGA MEGADEMO TV worlds Tin* ACA demo QC2S7 AI200TCTRIS A running new A1209 ictm.
Lovely graphics ? C2S8 A121X1 VIRUS KILLERS A (election of uut killen ? C2H9 Al2tt)imLmfiS A collection of uvclul utils QC293 PCX DATATYPE Displays pc pc v files ? C24J SYSINFTI Checkout thr pcifoeniance of your A1200 ? Cvu WHS HACKS Over 50 workbench hacks ?055 WH'.SUPER KILLERS A collection of Virus killers ? C356 A12«l DEGRADERS Helps degrade your A12(h) so you can run a lot of Ihc older Amiga games ? C375 S-KICK (downgrade*!
Very powerful decrader ? C403 MORE WB3 HACKS Another 50 or to hicks ? C405 W1NBLENOER A 256 colour fractal genttaior QC4IK NKA A1200 UTILS A wlcrtivn of v«rinv» wh ? C4I9 2 FIT CHICKS A 2 disk set of pretty pictures of vcnitvn ? C422 RETINA BURN Fan A1200 rase demo. (Ushy graphics etc ?C42J-I NiGHT BREED A 2 disk (vllnrnm of icniphtes ? C425 FREAKS BODYSHOP More Vauliful women ? C428 ANDYS WB3 UTILS PrKtihIv the bed collection of ACQQurililfet avuilahle ? C429 PLASMA CLOUDS 236 Another great plasma generator ? C432 ACTION REPLAY IV An A1200 Actiun Replay ’ Yep th* s right, it can rtp ef*.
Rip muss. A sound ft etc. It suyi revideiu in ntemury tiniil the compuKi tv turned off. A help function is integrated into the software ? C43S DEVWARE JPF.G A cnUcciioet of Jpeg unlit** ? C4.56 JPEG LTTLITIES AimVi tel ol Jpeg utilities ? C465-2 SPEC EMULATOR SpecHum emulitor on 2 diskt.
Conuin a xfeetim of ready w use spectrum games and you can loud other games from cassette with an mlcrlacc.
Althnuuh it i not chcmmI Order code: (j MGLO Interface priced at £54.93 + P&P CCWt-10 AO A SLIDES A 10 di»k collection of an OclW UCMESS AGA 4MEG The imju mu lli|tiH (ten fame availaHc, 256 tctain in ht es. Tttyuirc* 4mh ram ; }C209 WB3 RAINBOW Pint a n« urtcr drfmshlc nunho* behind your workbench ? C211 5 WEIRD SCIENCE AOA A 3 di«k collection of vomc tiumting an nurt ItKladct AmmaK and varita» other pactum ? C2I( 9 JPBO ACA IMAGES ‘J dicks of unhelif vahle graphic* THE NEW A1200 DF.tikAltK.HS |6U V4Ht run old wflu-arr on yout Antlfi 1200 Latcrl compilation of A1200 ikiwngnidcrv a 2 dttk vet
that contains various game li ves.
Kick I 4, Kill AG A and lixtdv of other Dvgnhfinf twls D CW7-2 Nett A1200 Detnulen PUBLIC DOMAIN cam ? C467 PP SHOW 3.DA Display AGA puwerpacked picture filrs.
? C500 MINDWARP Yery impmuvc AGA demo Includes raaliime fractal landscape anlraancn ? CVII HDMEM Use yew Hml Ditk as virnuJ memory...requires Mmt( ? C530 QUICK GR AB AGA Effective AGA picture npper.
? CSS6 PANTA RHF.1 AGA AI2fl()mr£jdcnio. (knd ? 053 PC TASK 2 U laris you run PC VGA soRwure on yuur A1200. Shareware.
? C5« 2 AGA DEMO S. ZAIalXlimndcftui.
QCHW OSCAR AGA A 4 level preview of Oscar One of the flrsi AI SKI games.
? Cfcll) I.YAPUNOV1A AGA A vat of Sfwv gcncrMnr* llnbellevkde colour eflects.
? C61S AGAIXX) Crappy AflA demo ? CB2U 2 BODYSHOP 4 Brillstnl AOA pKlures of tV tcmule species, in a slideshow format.
? C627-2 MOTTJROU INVADERS 2 An AGA Spin: Invader* done wilh nn ansor.nj I meg, soundtrack lo booL Fasi piced areadr adiun on 2 disks ? C67R CHROMAGIC: MUSIC The wufld'* firvl AGA mutlc demo disk. No) bud!
? C6K7 TMAP DEMO An Inceraclise 3D animation with U3RK luvely fuinj im the imln iu-no.
? C6HH JPEG DATATYPE ? C693 MANDELMANIA 4 A121X1 supported fractal gciRnnar Citei nit* end multi, wilh raiirmiMc ? TXX) I FRENCH DEMO AciA Very pohshed French pnimctional demo tor the AnxVAJlXX). Bnllunt paptiKal effects ? D0Q5-3KLONDIKE AGA A J disk version of Kjondile KsccikM 156&-ikiurcMd garw.
? C772 MAGIC WORKBENCH a sBxth nc* Bfechbnttk ? Cm MKGABAIJ AGA Bnlltani new breakout game n«S3 SMELLS LIKE NO.5 fKtii new AGA Sunrtk pictures.
? CS39-2COMPLEX AGA Simply slunnutg 2 iAsk demo InHudrt ManuuiAt WJMraeed Spues trait mirudKtKRi Q C83A-4 MANGA SI.IDES Four disks of tiunrang graplncs.
? CK31-2CMANNfcL mag ?028 VOIjCANODEMO Vial hit surd QCH22 MAND2lX» Real tine Zoom mnmllrtviM generator.
p. . I liar* AGA mcgademis Lovely graphics luotmev ? CWXI VTEWTLK
V2 I iiitj AGA |dciure viwer.
? C79H 2FIT CHICKS 2 AGA Stunning gitly pwrare* n« to be missed, get the set.
? C796 2FIT CHICKS 3 AGA OufcLaU ? CTO XANADU AGA DEMO Amaemg new AGA mega demo QC7S9-2 BODY SHOPS B'Arn ontriUn tiik (or our burn AGA m rviirv Jiif ¦:iuji.iii.ii« ? CDI22I CONVERTERS PACK Convert from any format K any format ? CDI252 rsi tmi.mM *2.
A col lest ii HI of Kkils fur RSI maker ? CDI255 PKTURkHKLP VIA ? 0)1,32l KIPIIiKS ul JO i arwm nppers for piciures A sound ? CDI343 ICONMANIA BCDI545 HARD DRIVE tmi.S CDI686 FLOOD SYSTEM This hat 7(1 nr« iTi'thcil cnmmandt.
WEDO(NGSl2dlsksl Iky£1ESl24lsks RF4JGKX.S (5 iluktl Wwi AIRCRAFT VU-N(2dokil VmtMANDdlA.l KIDSfldsksi IH MM vv MB Ml l.-I M M l M *l Si'.i k.. I PI SOIddokil ANIXUIA i Ml sillII'.I i ms : soioolsi: diskti BABIES I SPORTGiliikil ill ' Ml-K ! MIDCCALl'distil SI:A I III DECORATIVE WACKY !iillll S s I BANNFKi 12 dltkil n owm' UlTIFKII II * ! FOOD 2 disksi
• B0BDE55 ’2 Jnk-l MAC (TIPS MilftSiftACK VhiCTMUJ.S FLORAL jgfjg
purchase fur juil £1.00 rj*-2 TWPO0 r : sftowiiMi ? CI5I
The tesi PD word pnsevve ttftUNf ? C329 ABASE YIJ3.
Very powerful'TVslhie user deflniMr database ? F7B7 ADDRESSER V2.
Small hut compncM ddBm dutahr* |H»«es envelopes, labels, csrds etc. multiple sereth option ? Cl21 PAY ADVICE.
Cakul»rt yotp wage* ? I'M GRAMMAR CHECKER.
Brilliam new disk that cm chock thr grammar ol your dwumraisAellirs aa lells you white yfn W Hi4»dd ip QB842 BUDGET Mrlgw hiKlgci ls» lie mooih ? BT92 WBAS8 IJ A wry small bat pvwerhd dauhme em runs Rmugh hlektwnch ? A9JH 600 ILTTliRS.
A esdhsins of pee-wrillcn ieuers ft* you in simply change ihe rekvrni pn*k aiwlprinimji.
?C033PRINTER DRIVERS A l«ge seleclioa of dnverv ? CII2 ADDRESS PRINT VJ.
Address Tel .Amiga_______ Payment method ...Total disks:.. Price C ..? P&d ȣ ...... Credit Card Details Credit card no: Exp. Date: I*D OVERSEAS ORDERS Ovcracas order* arc welcome foe PD dink*, but plea.se add 25p per disk.
Foe comtnenrial game* please add £250 for PAP Rc: Hardware, call for pnoe*.
COLLECTING You arc welcome lo collect your order, but you air advised to phone it through pnor io collection.
Office hixirv 9.30uin-3.30pm Mon-Sal ORDERING PY POST Simply tend your order in on an A4 page, listing Ibc numbers you reqwre.
Ihc lotal end. And yut* nan* & addms or if you wish simply mark off the titles vcai wish lo onJcr, fill in your naira: etc, and vend lilts puge lo KPK MARKETING. Id FkwirOffioev JU Poring** Rd. SumJnn. Wilis SS: 5AR.endi*»ng lull puymeril eP&P.
ORDERING BY PHONE Call any lime hdWort 9.30 A J.Mpi* Mflttdoy W Sbunlay with t» credit canl detail* and fix ilcrm you would like lo onlcr Delivery Chireo: Please 50p for delivery of PD disks in the UK & Mainland.
? SAME DAY GUARANTEED DISPATCH ON PI BI.IC DOMAIN TITLES ADO £4.00 Memory. Commercial Software A CD Games, etc. Add £ 1.00 PAP per Hem. For Hardware odd £7.50 for dclisery EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31a FARINGDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR TUTORIAL!
Ith half a dozen lilies or so installed in your hard drive, the public domain market ¦ paid off dividends in the saving cash Bpirtment.
Inside the Shell There's only one problem - some of the won't actually run even when lUed, no matter how much you assign
n. Turning to the trusty pages of ga Computing, you continue your
Bt for learning and understanding... There's a wealth of games
and utilities ,J there in the public sector that unfortu*
Hrly require a little more work than just ng the files to the
hard drive.
W ith all the files installed in their own wer and the assign lines written, there t still problems that may arise. The sim- Hb fact is that there can be certain essen* m system files on the original disk that pven't transferred over and need to be f Manually.
Adam Phillips reports on some of the more unseen features tucked away deep in the heart of the Amiga 1200 Part 6 WORTHWHILE make the next process easier on If and for future disk and directory'
- gement, it's a worthwhile invest- it to buy a disk and
directory' manager will help you sort and transfer files een
different directories (as in hard e, floppy and optical, but
I'll save that tion for a later date...), i can pick one of
these up from reputable PD libraries for a very reale price
and if, like us in the office, want the best then Directory
Opus is
• deal choice, i this example, we'll being using the “ementioned
package but the same Jules apply to any comprehensive utility
this sort. Slip the original disk of the Disk managers Atal lor
real liling power, those highly useful titles are a life-saver
in terms ol time and
- •dse ol use by simply giving the user the opportunity to use
options such as comparing
• aes, copying, deleting and searching amongst many Other
features Directory Opus v4-.1 Approx. £60 The king ol the
castle and still reigning supreme on the Amiga as the best
money can buy Disk Manager Approx. £30 An average and
relatively uselul management system.
Software that is refusing to boot up into the disk drive and then proceed to boot up the disk manager.
List the contents of the disk and then bring up the contents of the hard drive in the root (main) directory that contains the drawers named C, Devs, L, Libs and S. Don't panic, these simply contain certain files for running the various programs already on the hard drive. Once both have been brought up, first of all compare their Libs files.
As with all the drawers (Devs and the like), certain files may be present on the original dusk that aren't on the hard disk.
] WW hM bribe?
Imer ms I iPriHMiw riiWiw} Dir Type these lines Into Shell to see If you can find the right command to boot the software up... use the spacebar to pause the ensuing lists SID II ApprOx. £2 Irom any good PD outlet Ideal for beginners boasting a series of features only bettered by Directory Opus. See how you go with this and if more power is needed, upgrade to Opus, Recommended This can easily be rectified by copying the file across to the matching drawer and thereby installing it. It’s usual for manv games to have particular libraries essential to their operation and without them, they won’t
run. If this doesn’t work then it's a case of ploughing through the other drawers looking for the differences.
You can avoid a potentially disastrous situation by making sure that you never replace the same file with what seems to be another identical file if you decide to move a large section across.
WORKBENCH Some of these seemingly identical files are in fact written for earlier versions of Workbench and if put in place of the correct one, could seriously mess up other programs that already work quite successfully as they are.
After all this is done and you've reset the machine, try clicking on the game or utility icon to see if it now boots iivwith all the files in place. If the pesky little sucker still insists on not budging then it may well only be possible to boot up from Shell - move your pointer over to the Shell icon and open it up.
Type in CD DHO (The dhO refers to the volume where the game or utility is stored); and DRAWER (which drawer the Software is in) and hit the return key.
Type in DIR (directory) and the contents of the drawer will be listed. Look for a file name that appears as if it could be executable (as in run) such as RUN GAME. Once spotted, simply type it in and the software should at last boot up ready for you to play or use to your hearts content.
If you're having problems identifying the required file, type in ed DHO:s startup-sequence and look through which files the computer needs to get the program going.
Finally, when exiting Shell, don't save what you've done - it's not necessary to.
Simply hold the right mouse down and go to the pull-down menus at the top of the screen. Select Quit and you'll exist Shell without saving anything you shouldn’t just in case you accidentally hit a few wrong keys. After that, fingers crossed and away vou go... ¦ r ¦ E3 SU BSCRIPTIONS Subscribe to the top value So, you're wondering, what exactly is this exclusive treatment? It's a whole range of things that ensure you get your copy of Amiga Computing without any fuss or effort.
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Mastering Amiga Beginners special offer For only £3.95 this book will provide you with a solid grounding, through easy to understand step- by-step explanations. The computer terminology is explained at every stage and there are full descriptions of the software, hardware and new technologies, such as video and CD, which are available for use with your Amiga.
This superb book includes coverage of the A1200 and A600, Workbench familiarity, preferences, utilities, beginners AmigaDOS, programming, fonts, printers, graphics, music and sound, public domain, viruses, upgrading, comms, desktop video, multimedia and much, much more.
R .-irr1 3 Premier Manager 2 JPREMIEI flEv rite3 3 This is the latest football management sim from Gremlin. Following on from its predecessor, Premier Manager 2 takes the whole football management scenario one stage further, and although more complex than the first version, loses none of the addictive appeal which made it the success it was.
- A- Well. I have had over 100 disKs sent to me for review just
for this issue! So anyone out .
There who recently invested in an A1200 and is constantly being told by spotty, "sponsored" salesman in your high street tech stores that consoles are the future, don't worry because I have a feeling that the Amiga is here to stay for quite some time... PUBLIC ?
Adam Phillips dissects the echelons of the PD that other magazines can't reach in this month's round-up of the good, the bad and the hideously ugly... D'Day Programmed by: AM Cooke Available from: AM Cooke With Schindler's List on the way, the topic of the world wears and their remembrance, or more so how they should be remembered, has raised certain questions about turning what was an horrific rime in world history into entertainment.
One thing that has always struck me about the PD are the various educational packages that handle this kind of material with an intelligence and responsibility that informs and keeps the events that lost millions of lives in perspective.
D-Day is a Hypertext-created guide to the famous day when the Allies landed on the shores of Normandy to drive the Germans back.
Presented in a series of menus, the user is able to access information on the Allies, the Nazis and the event itself. Using text and maps, these categories are split down further into more options to give a solid overview of the battle where 2,500 Allies lost their lives.
Ideal for students wanting to find out more on the subject in a simple, easy-to- use package, D-Day is another title that explains instead of exploiting.
Morton Strikes Back Programmed by: David Parsons Available from: David Parsons Colourful, well-defined graphics are the first thing to hit you when booting up Morton Strikes Back - a fun, professional- looking platformer program in the vein of James Pond.
Taking elements of jump-'em-ups from across the ages, Morton is a cute character with a large green nose, stick legs and arms and little else. The action revolves simply around leaping from platform to platform, grabbing coins and other such bonuses while trying to make it to the exit at the end of each level.
Along the way, various beasties in the shape of snakes, birds and other paraphernalia obstruct your path which can mostly be dispatched by jumping on their heads (ahh, that old chestnut).
The gameplay is addictive and fun and contains a fair challenge with sixty levels for your money set in different areas. With Hit the boll at the wall and grab the power upt at they drtft down to receive a Brucey Bonus In Mega Ball, an ACAonty game more power-ups and differing objects i a challenge lhat packed a hefty punch, I would be a PD classic because the pn tation is very well done indeed.
As it stands though, Morton Strtk Back is a samey, albeit fun experience ideal for younger children and adulq alike.
Mega Ball AGA Programmed by: Ed Mackey Available from: Kew=ll • Disk No G1Q7JI Breakout, eh? An old crusty dinosaur a game which was huge in its day i then submerged back into the quag from whence it came.
Then, years in the making arvA after arcade companies had out of any original ideas, the powers t be came out with the admitted!!
Excellent Arkanoid - Breakout w 4 knobs on.
The colourful graphics, speed anfl Don't Go Down into the Cellar Available from PD Soft • Disk No 3509 After last month's Commodore plug thanks to the ray-traced delights of Craig Codings s Mean CD Machine. I wasn't expecting to see such an ambitious animation for rather a long time.
As usual. I'm happy to eat my words with this Offering from the US of A. Coming on a substantial nine disks and requiring a mere 7Mb to run. This is a colourful anim about a short trip down into the cellar.
Don't go Dow Seen from the point of view of the victim, we creep down the basement stairs and have a good poke around with horrific consequences. The end result is 15 seconds of 24-bit graphical excellence that, while lacking in the plot department, yet again shows what can be achieved with a high-end Amiga.
The horrify journey starts ot the entrance to the perilous Ctihr, twinging open the door, you itart your dtuent Amina fnmnutitlCI Adril 1994 PD and SHAREWARE* Worlds Beyond Available from Phil’s PD • Disk No. S7 Coming on three separate disks? Worlds Beyond is a compilation of some of the best book covers that'll ever grace the shelves of the fantasy section at WHSmith. Let alone your Amiga 1200, Well over a dozen pictures lifted from the novels of authors like Harry Harrison and Robert Hoklstock, are provided rendered in a very fetching 256 coloured interlace display.
The only real gripe is that you have to boot up afresh for each disk instead of the program simply asking you to insert the next one. Other than this, Worlds Beyond is definitely worth sinking your artistic cravings into. Recommended.
Ghly lOft on it m It j term «ost importantly, the myriad of power- «ps hidden elusively in the hovering Weeks made the 2D Original into a fully- fledged game.
* fun edutainment" (I hate that ward) program for the youthful
among us j Now, for your PD playing eyes only, comes Mega Ball,
a clone of the afore- I mentioned but with even more bits and
pteces added.
| Taking your robotic "bat", you have I to knock a ball at various screens of Mocks with the sole aim of destroying them and moving onto the next level.
Tsand h, this resen- trikes ience.
Idults Lasers, expansion kits, magnetic balls and many other power-ups drop from the skies, giving the player a better chance of proceeding in the game. Like
* »e forefathers before it, Mega Ball is a fiendishly addictive
title to while away a couple of hours with.
Mice are broken through fists slamming down onto them at high velocity and the promise of vengeance is oft fwom against the programmer for mak- mg what is a very simple, basic idea so enjoyable and bloody frustrating at the
* *me time, 1078 ;aur of iy and igminr 5 and I run rs that
ttedljr t with | d and The only gripe is a little dodginess on
'behalf of the ball which flickers a little when hurtling
around the screen, and Ae apparently inexplicable speed that it
• ometimes reaches for no apparent reason only to slow down a
few moments liter.
Otherwise, this little beauty is well worth the humble asking price and comes highly recommended to arcade action fans.
Animal Land Programmed by: Mick Wilson Available from; Mick Wilson The key element to any educational package on a computer is that it has to be fun above anything else. No matter how much information is crammed onto one disk, if the proceedings aren't actually enjoyable to play then there is little hope for any toddler ever gleaning and retaining knowledge from the whole experience.
Animal Land is definitely fun to play and is presented as a series of logic problems. The user is presented with a landscape or farmyard and a series of numbers are dotted round the screen - one on a branch, the other in the pond and so on.
The computer asks in a flat and emotionless voice where a particular animal would be such as an owl. In this case, press the number that is on the right place on the screen. You'll then be told if you're right and the owl appears silting on the branch.
After a couple of these scenarios, the program moves onto a memory test where the pupil has to remember which number corresponded to which animal.
This is difficult but again useful for sharpening the young grey cells. Attracting an ?
Shot by shot ito the Cellar MAT r v slain pass under your feet In guid animation Pi the sweat 19im to trkkle down your batk The tight elaustrophobk spate triggers a growing feeling of panic In your gut... Trembling, the ponk turn to terror rating as thr pod pulls both its gelatinous lips... the rest you 'll have to buy Calling all PD libraries... ...and individuals with anything remotely worth my while having a peek at. If you want something released a$ PD, or you're a library with stacks of hot new stuff that you haven't seen reviewed in these pages yet why not drop me a line with a copy,
full documentation and everything clearly labeled? I promise I'll at least look at your work.
Adam Phillips, PD submissions, Amiga Computing Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK104NP ¦ PD and SHAREWARE audience in the office is always a good sign for anv package and Animal Land is no exception to the rule. Recommended.
Willy's Humungous Adventure Programmed by: Matthew Wood roof Available from: Matthew Woodroof Willy, for everyone's information, is a floating bodiless purple head who's spent an age and a half hovering in front of his tele vision screen vegetating quite happily.
But things have become just a tad confusing. Apparently, the government has banned public transport and makes the good citizens of whatever time, place and era walk through bomb-laden mazes on their way to work... Erm, suffice to say I threw the plot Out of the window and focused on the actual game itself. The premise is simple enough - guide Willy, said hero of the title, round die screen with the mouse, grabbing diamonds.
Bombs are laid out to make life difficult and indeed, stop Willy permanently.
Fortunately, power-ups in the form of easier tal-like swirling patterns, this does offer some originality over rJ competition.
The rave track included isn't bad either and if you're in need d a computer visual fix, then this may be what you're looking for.
Intt im I itfrr mw iiur ¦if} ItortfcMcIi rwk" ti«i m w m* - I - Otrtiutf (iritit
• UitMrwn CifUil
- lamttd (i» til « lammtrl «itil
• IfWKW »(rrwf Mfl CIRiCNf ttlWM litatrial Itlm fluimllii
iffi'* firtfjito RtUra The Discovery of the Atom Paul Matthews
Available from Jorvik Public Domain Disk No UT0272 Another
educational package for this month concerns itself with the
scientific facts and history of the atom and its subsequent
misuses and achievements A multiple choice quiz is presented
at the end of the entire session to see how much the user has
managed to soak up. Disk accessing and swapping is a little
annoying but fortunately, it's possible to install both disks
on hard drive.
Packed with text, digitised stills and animations illustrating most aspects of the broad subject from the likes of atomic structure and nuclear fusion to isotopes and the hydrogen bomb. The Discovery of the Atom is ideal tor the older students.
K*..4.c hurt r'ta1 It s bach, bigger and better than before - It's the tmall Ptoln*» *** Then again, if you had that much monid you wouldn't need to look after yom shares - somebody would happily do I for vou.
All in all, this adds up to a comprrivd sive and highly practical package tfcd at £10 for the entire set is investing in.
Small business pack appeared not so long ago in the pages of this magazine. You’ll no doubt be pleased that the pack has now been increased to 11 disks with a few new programs to feast the eyes and finances on.
For example, Share Manager allows the user to keep a track on your share portfolio
- the only problem being that prog can only handle numbers up to
Well wor e3 Lay your hands on me PD Soft l Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea SS12YD Tel: 0702 466933 AM Cooke 195 Woodmansteme Road Streatham. London SW16 5UB GVB-PD 43 Badger Close, Maidenhead SL62TE Tel: 0831 649386 Jorvik Public Domain 22 Hemlock Avenue, Huntington York Y03 9DG Tel: 0904 624637 KEW=H PO Box 672, South Croydon CR2 9YS David Parsons * OakfiekJ Lodge. Hatch Beauchamp Taunton TA3 6SG £5 for Morton Strikes Back Phil s 1200-only PD Club Phillips Woods 101 Grove Road, Gosport P012 4JJ Make cheques out to Philip Woods for £3 Nick Wilson Storm Software, 3 Crabtree Road Barwell LE9 8DB
Matthew Woodroof 278 Priests Lane, Shenfield Brentwood CM 15 8LD and tighter steering, extra lives and even level clearance aid the player towards victory. Presented in a series of increasingly difficult screens, Willy's Humungous Adventure is a taxing piece of software that's a real challenge but immensely frustrating at times - there's a time limit to complete each screen and the controls using the mouse need time and patience to make for steady steering and the clearing of obstacles.
The net result, though, is a addictive and off-the-wall title - special merits have to go to the sound FX. Willy lets out a loud "yeah” whenever he grabs a diamond and a smile creeps across his face. A drum roll also accompanies every decision made on the Options screen which all adds to the off-beat effect.
There's a definite Jeff Minter-ish feel to the whole affair and for that reason plus the enticement of a truly challenging game that even comes with its own comic, Willy's big one is definitely worth a long, hard look.
The Small Business Pack Produced by: G V Broad Available from: GV Broad PD Disk No U305 Regular readers of this column will probably notice that Mr Broad’s rather excellent Demos must be a difficult thing to do judging by many of the ones I've received this month. Most seem to fall into the category of whirling 3D boxes and bouncing circles that leads to boredom-inducing viewing.
While no offence is to be gwen to the people who write these routines because they’re probably pretty tricky to do, it shows a distinct lack of imagination.
Phaw suffers from some of the above without a doubt but also included are some effects that I haven't come across before.
From the spinning cube (oh no, you think) that is rendered in wispy, web like lines (instead of the usual solid variety) to the frac* Produced by: Scoopex Available from: PD-Soft Disk No 3529 Phaw Amiga Computing April 1994 102 We also stack: FRED-FISH 1-830 T-BAES 1-S7
L. S.D. docS 1-45
• Please order a disk catalogue Bamn GIIB MISSION X on Catalogin'
Oink (please OttSt a catalogue dishJ mm QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE:
WE STOCK OVER 3000+ DISKS All titles are compatible with all
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* MGA FOX 01t. • The bet PD fed Top Pihnbrg forth Amp i XCOW
PROFESSIONAL • Very euy 4 poaeHii di j roper hexle el PotWs
C-WAhlAlHUdsW-Tnt'youhwtoirsywC : neiud-tunpis I m SUSftCSS
LfTTW • 600 reedy letter (toed n to KyWOftfotKtttir) I M*T AND
AMWAT!. Tool ts part end mm piphc
• ’’t I01HYTHMS .tH AAUASinO I Stil tt« b«t t Nfy to u» tahw
¦221AAWSPAJKT Easy ttuw tan D-pwt 43i SPOCH TOY • Mete yow Anp
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- MS PC IWJUTOIY311 |1»orty1 • LileK K Mlitor, 254 cofow VGA Cofr
| OUCX TCKX 2 ¦ Utst (opyn; took
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CATALOGUE DISK GAMES CM WE - CM d«k awrsbe with I pod ami Mi
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unlit M ?-nje;t' i Srppn TfM pnts G237SOUI8I Very MrTf pnn
convene*. Up to (pteyv or pbyaifKOffprttr.tyMt A12W G2S» "Ml
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G3J3 Oltt-KTK - TV bet defender tjp* pm vnth NltMlpovwcup GJM
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Sut 2 • Vrj ate jiitforn pnet nrth tr&repjpfoa G3SS W3NDEUU •
5inW o Mro M* pmi GK2 DELUXE MCVUY • 5« thi b« ?»w m
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G) » CASINO GAME5 • W» «T? Tjpi pno G3W TfTRN • TV liteit seta
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RK STAR 22 Wzaf PACI • A u»j oleow ol 22 pu22l« Tpoc G«U
56IENCIV • Very sinlr U the corrmetiM 91m 2NCN WS ROUin •
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-UMLATCR Ttmkile EftjM K Spifflh Uenftat EM M VIED (A500 only)
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Sft*n Auddrnttt HO -GUM TO LOMIt MCI PAH • Tutoml oe *e pne I hc« to *v»d tea pen [41 -XO AlPHAIT Dnoey il 26 Httm ol In epheV.
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TREK MEGA DEMO E • Rene o4t« » h 4cv* 01201911 VOYAGE (ASCII
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A6M1I KxirSHCf 5 (2 ebb) ¦ Mecfi irm of Cm A AAR FIT Q*(* VOL 1
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CONK Aneuli tern tit r Run.
Oahnt A21S MA00IMI (2 Ibhl - Nmmi fern, pt Kit. 1 fMtf!
A221AUENS - TV bnt Aae* UdeihM 4 dem Ain SATUtN RY SY - ReetirtetAe eveneton ol Voyepw II probe % pest Sehrt A2H MANGA C0MK SUOCSHCW • lots tf po d lApnKt cfu ind tarsfonw type ww AffiCATSCJOESHOW'ForMlcitlCAin AM TOThACO ASIA SaNEtr AN WATCH (2 Mil Eertent hxW wribpn iKj dtrtuph the Kenerjl A» FAST CAA UM A12W look of tat 4 eepenm ceriUedwr CB4 EMULATOR vs E & 50* original C64 Games Pack n* verg Me«t CB4 erVan I Emulator. Now you ran even program it Jum Wu the CM computer Supert talup pd OhL) - £4.99 (A500 IJ onhj) ZX SPECTRUM 48k k 50* original Specy Games Packs I nm h the v«g latest
iwwun 11.71 non run murti faster k Include sound. You can rvm trajmm it likp the orHjinai ZX SPEXRLM 48k - FtRIll l SI thra pgr oho carm with large mllrrtmn of nmjtnrU specrg q-tmes like ELIIE. Whwllp, Shnolrta p, Etnderkeeper etc. ONLY...E4.99 ALL AIWI6A5 Iptewt gtf iOi Games compilations | pack only Supit akjc% 101 of great gnmn park include CRAZY 5Lf. INVADER U. TetRlZ. TlECTFflC TRAIN, MONOPOLY and 9B more great game* etc. Suitable for all age« k for all Amiga* I IXIOW OIMLY £10.99 | ASSASSIN GAMES PACKS Val 1-MO WE sfutfo l uf vnttrv rnllrrtmn at 4wzks z) ijtvrKw pack. Far gamp* Ikt
plPimp order d t atnhMjiir rttah. Ml 4»saHFn iMihs are Mill on p 99p per dftA NEW IOI GAMES Urand new ctAk-ftkut of IOI gn turn ftnck.
Jtun gamp* pork 19 Ideal tor all gante* farm Hitli enough 1.1nation tn keep men the mu*l ga ne* tan ploying for a long time Itome on large number of iU*k*J.
• kiltable tor all age* buiMJu ran all ahkxMi ONLY CM.39
EDUCATION i I! GAMES Our best seller. Best of eduratnn k 21
gam« SdMa For all Amigas OIMLY £4.99 RS DEMO MAKER m 5 dhh set.
The best demo maker git IA5001.3 only) OIMLY £4.95 fxtrp Ami 4
XEW . Imltj ES SO HrUHnnt Vf Vnf.-l gurries, dnffn. F COHI (Il
cJjsh Q-PAIN1 FO TS Pack l.g or 3 anlg E+95 ISO. Ffutlitij Iff
hart -4 Otoha per path FS LOGO FONTS Pack I,a or 3only £4.95
Mkuf tor logo hoodUnv*. •» dWiv per pmh QUALITY O. T.P. OJP APT
5 dh»kl..anlu £4.95 tOO* o hiQh Quality imagom IS iMieJ PAGE
STREAM FONTS (6 dfkml only £5.95 M'hg pay mum far guot ty font*
C. G. FONTS for all major OJP 170+4 .£6.95 Another 7 rJMs of
quoMtu C.O. fonta
• W HIGH DUALITY PABL5TRLAM CLIPART only Wp per i*eA. Load hi to
P.*taram*. P, T P, CLIP ART IANY PAINT OR QTPI £4.95 tuinhiits
A bunrfmh of quaUty cUp art IS ittnk%l 1B+ DEIYIOi
aXJ-SkBOTjSlS.A' aE**f*WA 2Q4VUntrS9lMI 217-MftTSE ¦MMMOlN
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font I 1074 .[omputpr Cue Font 7 Foe5 -foray Font Intumr I Font
I | Prices 99p per disk Pkmt add Dp for postagr per order (Ltd
Latest catalogue disk please add 70p lEurufip otkl &Sfi ftvr
iMok for etJ l Iwitrlth itlr odd 5Up per disk PAP) MAKE P.O.
or Cheque pauohle to: FIVE STAR PO
• *end to: PRICE & HOW TO ORDER FIVE-STAR [Dept AEBJ 48 Ixemesia
Amington Tam worth B77 4EL Tel: 0027 68496 mtpenlfajtimFk k dff
orders some day despatch J"lFIVE STAR SOFTWARE"!
1 i: smswm i i i I Please cut and return this Token for I ¦ frpp drsfo nith 10 or more title order s I L only applies nlth this token j ftXJI -Z5 FontJI-5) H7I5 .fJnJinp Prtftrf Eont I rXJ 6 .Deluxe Paint Funt a FOI7 tOpkixp Point font 3 I EOS rflMm- Panit font 4 man .«.* font ui tor Cut tPftui „ [ont Vi ft HD .Ok* Font Volunor I FD4r, .Mona Font ink imp I FU50 .PSluyu Funt Ih9l FOSO .C.G. Font 11-71 tO70 .Paoetreain Fait (1-6) RUBYSOFT (UK) LTD, (Dept AMC) 96 Lillie Road. London.
SW6 7SR. England Tel: 071 381 8998 or 071 6101703 Fax; 071 6101703 Some shop prices will differ.
- *38---2858 MU fflOf jirumrmop ._A0S „00S tiKMMrtnf
...AM 1505 JUMTFMOnN- ..... TTU 17* 1 I s 1 1
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SUPERLEAQUE___________- ____ AW- _____010 AM 1156 EYE OF THE
...17.05- nr? 705
FlfSTRtffAOiEt . - .rasd Fit STEALTH
FKHTER ...- . ________MJP... .....14* .
.....TBA.....SAM HiM .r „ .24.56 FATHAMA12*0R ASK . AW ...
I7J5 AW FOOTBALLCXRECTOR2__________ ... ..... ____AW AM FURY OF
,.. W__ . 2AM GLOBAL DOMINATION ... . - AW __24* QLCMLdLUMrms ...... AW _ .17* RlfMBUX GOAL .-.....- .....
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* S$ ASStN SPECIAL EDITION....____ . - WJ5 1055 .....MM
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MA ..... Asf urnf rrvpr ..... „„.....1705 1755 MM .
- --------AW . ... at 96 ffiFtRT. ‘SPMTFHFAD ... .
-AW-------17.85 AW 505 MM ,,1705 DOQERSA1200 ONLY_ _
..AW-0406 ntspewAHFHnto ...... AM l7« DOOFfOHT.
- ..... . JUS JUS CASTLES? A1 f00 GUY
QOLFIBMaftoaiKi-mm ism LOON --IU» IIM wrcoFTHEfmasr---Mft iak LOST TREASURES Of HFOOOU TEXTOALY......JW MJS0 mi vmmnm_____________u*. 11* uuxBor_____________nx 17.«5 UMCLAND0UZY., --------•* MS 7M_*.7M ...10* 10* ..M-
2-..___ smotywwhqs S*UfEAMORAl20W ERSlOM1SMEQf*Q-m 9MP9QMS
7JI SM3N THE SOAKERSt A W® VEKWAt... SMP9C»«awrvs»0Hu ---
15. SO ...40.08 .1200 5I2K UPGRADE ASCO WITH CLOCK... .12.00 312K
OR 600 OA 1600...
TV_.----------------a» LEAD TYYH EXT J9PCK MOUSE--------000
17. 99 NIGEL MANSELL_______ . 13.99 nOSECONOPRBE'... Jig
GOLD------ project*-___ __17M_17M FUN SCHOOL SPECIAL PAINT
HBBBETTA _________________ 17*---1705 XdfPDf__________
AM------17.95 MAVIS BEACON VERS** 2 AIL AGES- AM--1005
MNOFFKE.---------------- NODDYS BIG ADVENTURE 3*________
SCALA500._______AM MW AM....-170105 __., 17*----17* ST
AMIGA Adi ENGLISH 1I 12-1SY13-13Y14-14715 EA_19.5Q--19SO ADI
EA-----HIA-----14.00 APT FRENCH 11 12-IBns W4-14T8
EA----1050___16.50 EASYAMOS----AM_B4JI6 AMOS PRO
COMPILER-------------AM___JAM FUN SCHOOL 4(7-11)-
. 10.09 QWAtr.----
(LANOEPX - DELUXE PAINT 4____ M A--48* AM__17.06
- 17*_____17.05 _AM JL* ..17.05,,___17JB AM, 5005 20 99
IPX’ ...... .I7JJC TROLLS-- ,24.99 WHALES VOYAGE _____ .
14.99 ZOOL (AGA)___________ ¦1MB CD 32 MACHINES AVAILABLE
...... FMY ADAPTOR--------- .18* BAMY MORE TmB DUE
(UNDER 5)- F JN SCHOOL 4 (5-7)-
- 17.05----17.06
Please charge my Access Visa No:.
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Add £1.00 pAp par dam. All |oystidtt £1.00 P&P each. £3.750* all Euros*, ind all ottiar eountrtas £4.75 par Item BffO pAMMa £1.50pwlwn-ANpr1c88auUosttoci«aPoeor manirtactufin pried rwlrw wttfrout rraDca. E&Ot Pmaa not. M«* on*r compwlw may taki up to 20 days to iWhw good* from receipt of onMia, HOMWlOOdt nonwly dMptfdwd w«Mi 2 d v P*ase rtow for cHmu. Clunrcd fi*tuK*msq EXPORT ORD««« WELCOME ORDER FORM Please supply me with the following for Computer.. Date Name..... Address.
Thm-SFrn Monday to SmvWy Aflat fcpiwa ? TaMoya AmipOona ordar Hot I In.
071 381 8998 r ttm for Titles Price P&P MEXT DAT GUAAUNTEEO OniVtRV AVAJLABlt, CLASS POSTAGE RATI.
..Postcode.. Tel.
I bef most of you don't even remember February 14 1991. Well, you should do because that wos the day when Psygnosis released Lemmings - a game which has delighted ond amazed computer gamer worldwide.
Gamesplayers hove rescued the dumb sviodol critters from their certain doom on over 20 different machine formats and thus mode lemmings the biggest selling computer gome series of oil time.
The green-haired creatures are this year celebrating their third year, in which over the span of time the Lemmings fomily has grown to include Oh No! More Lemmings, the epic sequel Lemmings 2: The Tribes and the seasonal smash-hit Christmas Lemmings.
The original Lemmings is still being converted to other mochine formats, plus the Lemmings merchandise has increased to include the Lemmings comic strip in Max Overload - there's even a TV cartoon m the pipeline.
The real news if you haven't guessed by now is that Lemmings 3 is coming SOOn.
According to a Psygnosis spokesman it's going to be bigger and better and contain much more frantic fun thon ever before.
As soon as we find out more detoils obout the suicide-'em-up which is sure to be one of, if not the biggest gome of the yeor, we'll be sure to let you know.
J ||j r-THTB director, Tim Chaney commented on the link*up: "Sensible Software’s track record is second to none and we're delighted that our ongoing relationship with them now stretches well into
"Having worked with them over the lost couple ol years we know exactly how good Sensible is. It makes sense for the number one publisher to seek strategic alliances with companies like Sensible.'
Virgin Interactive Entertainment hove strengthened their existing ties with Europe's leoding development team, Sensible Software, in o deal that will deliver a spectacular series of products over the next two years.
Virgin have signed up the next sports simulation from the team, Sensible Golf - a game that will build on the reputation of the dossk Sensible Soccer. Golf will be released for the Amiga in die lost quarter of 1994. Virgin's European manoging Sensible’s manoging director, Jon Hare added: "We've worked very successfully with Virgin before ond they're our perfect publishing partner.
They always put the product first ond share our obsession with quality. We're both determined to make the next generation of Sensible product the best yet.'
One of Sensible1* previous efforts, the award-winning Sensible Soccer Sierra kick off!
Colours Sierra Soccer is presented in superb 3D with 4,000 frames of Sierra ore renowned for publishing top quality adventure games like Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Willy Beamish ond Space Quest, but they're about to enter the sport simulation morket witn Sierra Soccer.
World Cup Edition.
The gome contains 24 World Cup teams plus the option to include teams that didn't manoge to qualify this yeor like, er, England. Eoch team has o 22-man squad with occurote names, positions, skin ond hair S animation. Other animation sequences include the referee showing and red cords and the physio ond stretcher-bearers treating body injured players.
There will be loads of digitised sound ond speech effects for comers free-kicks ond penalties. Sierra Soccer is looking like it could be o bit special and hopefully we'l have a preview lined up for die next issue.
Nr nr i leans beieuiui! Riayu i n WKT* v - M'fl 1 U*SA a t ~7 |r««. I Hrrwiw k l_ 1 *fter*ir a f Hot ¦¦ 1 I •*•7* J* II »if *, .
L 1 isAUVUjjr! I + E I BwunA i W OT I h m I M v | rnA I • AiiX %F4 ¦«?!
Hmultu Mr* rrwl (.WilllUell 1 *r" * ¦AV h i Forvifmi" ” 1 Sus-sen ¦ UN h- IB H- 1 SouUi Korea ! I 1 S«l« h'OlA f Frjrwe K2 r IS 1® II : 1 Cneland ¦ 1 mu lean 1 The game includes the option to choose between 24 World Cup teams Thomas the Tank - certified!
Alternotive Software, makers of the Thomos tie Tank Engine range of games, are one of tw first software publishers in the UK to comply with the new video and computer aame labelling regulations. They are currently re* pocking all their popular children's collection to include the Uc label whkh means that the software is particularly Suitable for children.
It's show time! NM t interactive games entertainment market has grown ond
- ged dramatically over the lost couple cl years and he Sp'irg i
.-coean Computer Trode Show will mirror that development.
"‘e event has always been a focus for c~d reaction of *e iwusg video games industry attracting exhibitors such as
• tendo, Sego, Philips and Virgin Interactive Entertainment. ECTS
Spnng 94 will see the first unveil* g of the Sega, Nintendo ond
CD-based titles thgt will dominate the gomes morhet this yeor.
ECTS attroch exhibitors and visitors from all over the globe os trode ond press olike get the first
- «pses of the hardware and softwore stars of the year.
The event will dso offer more focus on the much talked about convergence of media ond technol- zy as companies begin to demonstrate new softwore such as games with full-motion video
• guences.
The newly launched musk video CD titles for machines like Commodore's CD32 and Philips Cdi «the closest things yet to interactive movies are also expected to be on show at the ECTS, Cat Maclean, Event Director commented on the forthcoming show, said: ’The gomes industry is at insular or introspective onymore, It is port of the wider global entertainment morket. Linking with Plywood and the music business, creating new and exciting entertainment products for the 1990s.
"ECTS is the ploce where those ties ore visibly strengthened and where companies come together put long term strategies into place, whkh will see the games development community positioned the heort of the converging entertainment morket.
The show starts on the April 10 and runs for three days of the Business Design Centre in London.
»trode and press only, but we ll be there to give you the low-down an whot's hot for 1994.
This now means that Thomas the Tank Engine along with Postman Pat, Popeye, Sooty and Sweep will carry for the first time 0 government Suitability warning.
According to Alternative's sales and marketing manager David Watkins this means tat 'these gomes are particularly suitable for the younger gamer thus giving parents a greater degree of confidence' He continues: 'Lost year we brought together oil our younger gomer softwore under the umbrella brand ‘The Children's Collection and at the same time introduced oge guidance statements on dl the packaging. The new classifications are simply on extension of this policy' A new gome featuring Thomas the Tank Engine has just been releosed at £12.99 while the original game is going to be re released in
new boxed pockoging which will include the Uc label Talkin' trivia Trivial Pursuit, the activity which couses divorce ond family breakdown, is the world's most popular board gome ond Domark have speciafty developed the gome for the CD32. Using the very latest CD technology you con now answer questions based on octual recorded historical speeches and events, Eoch question is also accompanied by a nil i t I DITION digitised picture and on animated Master of Ceremonies, Russell the Bird, is there to guide you through eoch stage of the game and keep your scores.
Russell the Trivial Pursuit bird's script and voice was provided by a guy called Chris Longhorn who has previously worked as a scriptwriter on The Muppet Show.
There are over 2,000 questions spoken by the quiz master, plus guest celebrities such os William Shakespeare and Moe West will ask you the various categories of questions. Trivial Pursuit CD32 should be available by the time you reod this and itl cost you the measly sum of £29.99. It's big and it's bulging, but enough of my problems, here's this month's superb bunch of games REVIEWS • REVIEWS • REVIEWS Man United Premier League Champions 112 Krisalis' third Man United license and this time it's going to give Sensible Soccer a good run for its money Simon the
Sorceror .114 Our very own Simon waves his wand as he inspects Adventure Soft's latest magical graphic adventure Brian the Lion ...... ,...116 Psygnosis go down into the jungle and return with a roaring good, console bashing platformer Puggsy ...118 He's an alien and he waddles and to be perfectly honest that's all I know about Psygnosis' latest platform star. Sorry!
Award Winners Gold ...119 Empire bundle Zool, Sensible Soccer, Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker and Elite games together for an incredible price. Bargain!
Winter Olympics . ,,,,...120 Us Gold head for the slopes and bob their sleighs in the official Lillehammer '94 licence and that's snow joke!
Seek 'n' Destroy 123 It's a rootin' tootin' helicopter blast-em-up for the CD32 and Simon Clays in sat firmly in the cockpit Feature: Gremlin Profile .....108 We see what makes the Sheffield-based software house tick and take a sneaky glance at their forthcoming releases ALTERNATIVE Ian Stewart: managing director Gremlin in the works Although he was in a bit of a huny at the time, we managed to catch the industrious Ian Stewart and sat him down for a chat about Me.
The universe and everything.
Ian first started out working for Laskys. A high street retail outfit that stocked computers. Making his way up the ladder to become group manager and in charge of five stores Ian noticed that there was a definite lack of support software-wise in the slowty expanding computer market Ian got some cash together and decided to set up a shop selling software called Just Micro. He then saw the massive opportunities in actually producing the games software. He quickly found people to produce the games and thus Gremlin Graphics was bom.
Gremlin’s first ever game appeared on the good ol' Commodore 64 in 1984 and was called Monty Pigeon which was incidentally programmed by Tony Crowther who more recently has made h«s name with games like Captive and Liberation.
Competing against the likes of Ocean and Imagine way back in the mid-80s was something Ian en|oyed- He took a very active role in producing most of Gremlin's products back then and luckrfy still manages to do the same now, although obviously he's not as involved as he was before.
Ian lists Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Zool and Premier Manager as games that made Gremlin step up a gear and move into league with the big boys of the computer software ndustry.
He doesn't actually have a favourite game although he's happy to mention Zool simply because it was and still is Gremlin’s biggest selling game.
When asked about the future of the games industry, Ian predicted that most companies will start to tighten their belts. He also foresees that larger groups will join forces to make the best use of up and coming technology such as the CD format, plus there will be lots more corporate be-ins.
Gremlin's MD also says that they have no desire to stop developing for the Amiga simply because the machine has proved to be so successful for them. He also deems the CD32 to be a very good prospect. This is backed up by the fact that Gremlin have some CD titles currently in development although it’s al very hush-hush at the moment and he wouldn't tell me anything about them.
When asked about his what he likes about the games industry Ian said he appreciated the challenge and creativeness of the job. When asked about the other side of the coin he said that he doesn't like the number of computer mags available and could walk into a shop, pick up six magazines and couldn't tell which one was which - although he did say that he liked Amiga Computing because it tries to be that little M different from the norm, so a big slap on the back for us methnks.
My final question to Ian was about the future of Gremlin Graphics to which he simply replied: “Our commitment towards the games industry speaks for itself ’ Gamer gives you yet another low-down on what makes a software house tick. Jonathan Maddock talks to two of Gremlin’s prime movers about the past, the present and the future, while Simon Clays takes a sneaky peek at two of the firms forthcoming releases, K240 and Hero Quest Z "M wked ol tbe Sheffield-bosed com-
• jjjjj Ih. Fim, s resources to Patrick Phelan.software 2 Wile
reoding his feed Wc oiobarUfo’Gremtnond
* w ter Ihe posto md j( fnestobMsed member ofAe leom K does his
job because he loves doing "*ney waiting for 0rte 0f mochmes,
because this mean: are just silting on rheir mod "®9 Ming to
buy software W i When asked obouf the I gomes ond the
technology tzpsifrt,
• -ySKst: « nandgeias,e0|OJyw.dn( Gremlin's Software Monoo,
WteyesAotAepptfcwillha £e borne within the next yeor Mten
quem'oned about Ihe ful Grophics, Potnck lorel& 'Otnpony
climbing onwords "r portcoWywc obout being fobn over by o big
c. [00011. But il would be nice to branches of Gremlin oil over
the wc
- Stats : ninnLirf iCk,ICOn',See0nZd’:"gP opwrds because from
what I've * .JoU'l future iiUlng „7 brij He libs the people he
wo,Is with
* h* easy lor hen £. * d”sn 1 W“N to move, simply fr jerMonager
2. He reckons the key oobsorbmgoftd he's quite h0ppi|y 1 ki °ne
more 9«ne* syndromi '» three and fo„r i„ lhe Pafnck say, thol
if, very differ KSKxd1"- ovoUl'LT* '°"'os"c tocbology pZ i t10
fhe consumer today, C ha,8! P60?1® "*o save (heir ond0
,lV5,‘rale "“cion ond Vrt fted on the (un*s Oppeored '» •«.
Socfc Zool, K Monager, Nigel Monsell's World now a software
mon- to bep his bonding tlTe now es-pitss 0 clossi- Be wen
ImoUdneti for film Jolrid starred oil his computer
OTWbyereotagp ™ time wosrmuarding, but wry bor- A rough black
and white draft of what the box artwork for Haro Quest 2 will
eventually look like softography
- 00 1200 032 SwifchbJode 2 Supercars Supercors 2 A500 AI200
A500 A1200 AWCD3T A500 CD32 ZZZiLl cKr-1- farWHlW- ¦ ----- 0
~ The New World: ¦- Ll i66ifH u:
- __BSS -tone Seymour Pegosus -- A500 Swpicious Cargo Apnl 1994
t.'v-'?. =7?
Systems made up of unlimited plgnelory moteriol and asteroids.
Of most importance to be Empire was the fod that these stor groups were densely populated wilh valuoble resources (hot were much needed by me Empire and could safely see them into the next millennium.
Also, there were a whole host of new unknown ores that hod never been touched by human bonds that could expand the technology of human kind.
With the prospect of billions of tonnes of ore waiting to be mined, colonies started to pop up al over this once uncharted region of spoce.
Within ten years the corporations had established major fields and were shipping bock large quantities of ores. But, as well as the major companies, licences were granted to independent traders.
They were encouroged to fund colonies with the understanding that they got to keep 30 per cent of ony revenue that was generated from ore sales.
It's at this stage that you're going to enter into the foray.
When K240 is completed you'll lake on the role of one such independent who has recently established g pigneering colony in on uninhabited section of the Magellanic Cloud Your missions are oil going to plan, until one of your scOut ships disappears. At first you’re convinced just a system failure is lo biome far this phenomenon, until another one of your ships is probed by an alien craft.
As the commander of the colony you will be set several objectives, which will have to be monoged and scrutinised very closely if you are to be successful.
Pint ond most important will be the exploration of the Cloud for ores ond the expansion of your colony ond your mining operation.
Also, you will have to maintain the day-to-day running of your colony, investing time ond money into developing scientific research into new inventions.
These breakthroughs in technology will encourage better productivity, which will in turn boost the supply rate to the workforce.
As well os the passive workforce vou employ, there is also the development and deployment of your colony’s militia to take core of.
K240 is set to lest your strategical abilities ond skills o» people management. On the one bond you'll have over 40 different styles of building to manipulate, while you juggle your exploration of up to 24 asteroids per sector wilh the other You'll oho have to dispense wilh or control be six different alien roces that inhabit the region around you. To do this munitions plants to facilitate the different ships and missiles you'll be capable of manufacturing.
K240 will also include digitised speech, otmosphehc sound effects and o very impressive cinematic opening sequence, but it is not going to be o gome for the bint hearted, and you're going to have your work Cut Out for you with the level of intelligence ond strategic qualities the enemy ore to be pro- grammed with. After the out-of this-world success of I ond oil the resultant enhancements ond new scenarios that K240 boasts, I think it's fair to say that strategy gamers ore going to have both their hands full for a good while.
Legacy of Sorasil Following the success of the Hero Quest board gomes, Gremlin were given the task of converting this popular RPG onto the AMIGA.
Now, the award-winning 3D isometric odvenlure gome is •
• ' . I ¦
* I * Roughs and colour visuals from the Gremlin art department
obout to give birth to o sequel in the shape of the Hero'
Masters series. First to see the light of day will be the dc
completion, Legacy of Sorasil.
Set in the fobled land of Rhio, you will be chorged w*| task of discovering what malignant evil power is killing ( good folk of the land with a plague.
To help you in your crusade to free the land, you -41 able to enlist the talents of a team of odventurers. Ya 1 f able to choose o porty of four heroes from a range of i would bes. Perhaps you'll enjoy the bone-melting roar Borbarkm, or maybe select the subtle powers of the f choice wiH be yours.
Using o point-and-click interface system you must yOuf bond of adventurers, ond lead them through the I a search for dues.
You will be called upon to combine magical skills wit- ( blatant muscle of swordsmanship os you bottle your i through ten stages of highly intelligent foes.
Unlike its predecessor, legend of Sorasil totes place i multitude of locations, from the dark dank depths of I Vampire King's barrow, through to the overgrown i the Iron-Wood forest; they're all there for you to explore As you journey through the land of Rhia you'll learn t its intricate history, ond inevitably find clues that may f save your life.
Legocy of Sorasil is shaping up to look like a rather I 3D extravoganza in the world of times gone by. Using i easy to use play system ond the now familiar point-a control method. Legacy of Sorasil should appeal to I adventurers ond arcade lovers alike.
M4 CfKI II CMC* I : 9aP EZ3BE3I f 2 Y3 *010*61 piAsmfl K240 will include digitised speech, atmospheric sound effects and a very Impressive cinematic opening sequence Building new spacecraft is just one factor that will test your strategical abilities Genesia - a game of creation and power for 1 to 3 players.
The owner of a small land, you must expand and develop your population to become the most significant in the world of Cenesia. In 5 worlds, each requiring unique strategies, you must manage everything, from food and water to employment and taxes.
Will you conquer the lands of your 2 opponents, or form an alliance with them in an attempt to recover the seven missing jewels?
Only with a strong economy, powerful army and new technology will you fulfil your ambitions.
7V U |OYSTKK(MECASTAR 89% CENERATION 4 MINDSCAPE Mindscape International Ltd., Priority House, Charles Avenue, Maltings Park, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9PQ Tel: 0444 246333 Fax: 0444 248996 AVAILABLE FOR: PC & 100% COMPATIBLES, AMIGA r * MJCROIDS © 1993 Microids. All Rights Reserved.
F Man Ltd Champions * If’s been quiet on the footboll pome scene over the lost few months and the Sensi vs Goal war has died down, but there's a new challenger m town. Going by the name of Monchester United Premier Leogue Champions, this new boy is ready to give its all and take the footballing crown.
It's been- produced by Krisalis and is in fact their third Manchester United licence The previous two efforts were viewed from the side ond Krisalis thought that they weren't going to gain onything by producing yet another one Unashamedly inspired by Sensible Soccer, Krisalis have created a footboll game that is viewed from above. You might think that there's nothing new obout that because Sensible did it first ond did it best, but you would be wrong because Manchester United Premier League Champions is the game which Sensible Soccer should" ve been and never was.
Whereas Sensible Soccer was a cartoon-like and mare arcade-based game, Krisalis' new piece of software is a true football game for try?
Football fanatics. It could almost be called a management simulator and this is becouse it has a huge strategy element to it.
This is all thanks to Krisalis's Tocti-arid system. The grid lets you decide where and now you want your players to play. For instance, you con make up any formation you want and unlike most footboll games they will stick to this formation.
You could have oil your team in attack which will leave massive gaps in your defence, but at leost your team will stick to this system until you decide to change it. That's just one way of play* ing that perhaps you'll never use, but it illustrates the point that your teom will do exactty what you tell them.
A much better and more practical example would be to fell your full-backs what they should do. Should they stay back in defence or do you want them running up the wings to put crosses in for your forward men? The choice, os they say, is yours.
Manchester United Premier League Champions has every teom from the Premier, Endsleigh and Vauxnall Conference divisions featured in it. Each team has 'real* players and each one of these players has his own defined skill levels.
MAXIMUM Ryan Giggs, as on example, hos most of his ratings at the maximum level whereas players from the lower divisions will have lower skill ratings. Most other football games tend to have oil the players at the same skill level, but by giving individuals different ratings Krisolis have managed to moke Premier League Champions as realistic os possible.
W As a rule previous football games have had the option of making your own league and cup competitions ond Premier Leogue Champions is not an exception to this rule, but if does give you the chance to play an entire football season or seasons if you’re a dedicated enough games player.
You start off with your fresh squad of players and take part in the Leogue, the Coca Cola Cup and the FA Cup. As you progress your players will gel injured and you'll have la change your team selection accordingly, You can also keep an eye on your league position, your squod, lop goal scorers ond injuries from a whole wealth of statistical information, Weather conditions play a big part in football gomes ond olso in Manchester United Premie* Up to four players can choose a team and apparently I'm going to playing against Alex Ferguson!
Really matter because you'll be so focused on tfl game that you'll not notice.
The pitch surfaces can be varied; all the umJ pitches are in there like the mud sorfoce t J there are o couple of new ones like the fogwj and frosty pitch or the 'this pome should've bad abandoned os we in the office like to coll it5 I At first control over the players is quite cult, rather like the sensation you got when pad ing Sensible Soccer for the first time, but procid mokes perfect ond within no time at all you t aJ spraying bolls all over the pitch like FrJ Cantona.
You con make the players shoot, lob, paqJ heod, chest and volley the ball. Volleying is ot ticularly impressive because the balls road FORMATION i Piltiitu « I fcuifcCUir « ' Jwiis Inns « ’A Vvau la&l&j « ;Y to JiiMjl 12 tlW H'M 3 SS SttiW « 1:i*t Pmtf 7 CdJi Wt« i'Lwht stats I! I k .... A nice feature in KrisaJis's football game is the option to choose away strips. Make those colour clashes a thing of the past The Tacti-grid is a nm and innovative feature that actually works!
Tms strategy element of the game makes Kritails' effort really shine Man Ltd Champions 11 Crimbsy forward, Tony Ford makes his way towards Bolton's penalty area Tony heads towards the corner of the pitch and then sends ever a lethal cress .
FTjl The nimble forward skips around a couple of defenders with the bell still glued to his feet .. ¦* Oh my word! Tony Ford has curled the ball into the not.
Crimbsy's second goal and it's all over bar the shouting Action replay The bad floats over the Bolton keeper and It's getting incredibly close to the net cross the screen like a nuclear missile and, of t if you manage fo get the ball in the back f the net you can look very smug indeed.
Manchester United Premier league Champions i lots of little nice touches, like the replay func- . Not only can you rewind, play and wotch the i in slow motion, but you con wotch your stunt mm HAMPIONS Krisnlis return with yet another United licence, but believe you me this piece of software is going straight to the top of the league Eric "Oo-ah" Cantona gets his marching I orders for kicking the keeper's bead in.
I See I fo« you tt was realistic goals going in from the opposite viewpoint, This wos afwoys o proolem in Sensible Soccer when shooting down becouse you missed mosl of the action thanks to the god being in (he wgy.
You can substitute your players, but normally in other products you have to wait until your players' legs are half falling off. Krisolis nave v ft n u Blackburn Rovers line-up against Newcastle United. A quick toot from the rtfaud the battle will begin... GessR cr 1 rectified this problem because when a nasty tackle goes in it octuolly tells you what state your r is in, this makes those importonl manage- I decisions a lot easier.
Another interesting little feature is the ability ’ :s me to name who takes the defensive ond attacking free-kicks and more importantly who takes the penalties. OK, so it's maybe not that important, but it's a lot more realistic thon having the player who got fouled take them.
It's all these nice touches which turns a very good game into o brilliant piece of software and the only thing which I noticed that was left out was the ability to transfer players, but hey you can’t have everything can you.
Although I detest Manchester United I have to say that Krisolis’ Manchester United Premier leogue Champions would make it onto my top ten Amiga games ever. I'v* thrown away my copies of Sensible Soccer and Goal because Krisolis have created on ultimately more satisfying football gome that will appeal to the true football fan.
The graphics are nicely presented and highly realistic. Couple this with its level of playability and addiction and you've got a hell of a game on your hands. The management element is what really makes the game for me because it makes the product for more interactive thon previous football software.
You might have a problem in controlling your players at first, but over o short period of time you will start to master it.
Krisolis have produced some damn fine footy gomes in the past, but this surpasses them pl|, I don't know how the games-buying public will take to it, but I've not been able to put it down and I'm off to play it again as soon as I've scribbled these last few words down.
I could enthuse for mosl of the magazine about how good it is, but space forbids me doing that. I put my hand on my heart I advise you to buy it. I promise you will not be disappointed.
JONATHAN MADDOCK f VISION 00000000© AUDIO DIFFICULTY 00000000© LASTABILITY 000000O00& 93% Krisolis hove produced an absolute scorcher ol a football game. Goal and Sensible Soccer tons will want to have this games boble s Buy it and float to football heeven.
Rove j if to I Publisher ¦ Krisolis Developer In-house Disks 2 Price 125 99 HO Install No Sice ? I meg If * not often thgt g piece of software wings its way by carrier pigeon to the Gamer solitary confinement cell. In fact come to think of it it's quite o rarity for anything at all to come into the office by that means.
Simon the Sorcerer That aside, it's not often that something arrives ond you find some strange mystkol connection. Somehow, you feel intrinsically drown towards it. In the cose of Adventure Soft's new , title Simon the Sorcerer there were two unconny connections that sent an icy chill down my spine.
For one, the main charocter and I both shore the same namesake, and secondly, well I'm not a sorcerer, but when I wos in Greece on holidoy this girl said I was magic... No, seriously, not only do we shore the same namesake, but we olso have the misfortune ok coming from the some region of the world.
So knowing that Adventure Soft draw their experience and rich sense of humour from that halcyon heartland of Birmingham, I decided to jump in and give them a fair whip of the proverbial crock (am I meant to say that the other way around?).
It's not that this reviewer is particularly sentimental about the area he grew up in, but he knows the prejudice that midlanders have to endure from the rest of the mocking public.
100 seriously, inis The fresh smell ol the coeetry air Tuu " isn't lo say that they gives wa t0 ,he c,imm reaiit, ,f the give owoy «me sfc hown't ony depfb to f]iry „„ „oivaleB, Hitlees bunker °"d kl11 ,he etm them or thot your phere.
Mind drifts while playing, it's just they never Being 0 pOirtt-and-click style romp, SilM* otlempt to be anything more than fun. Sorcerer's gameplay is fairly simple to mos The plot begins ond the metaphorical cornflour The screen comprises of a graphic window Due to the nature of the accent everyone thinks thgt Brummies hgve the IQ of a toothbrush, ond it doesn't matter if you're the Deon of Aston (not Saunders you understand) University, people sliM believe you to be socially retorded.
Anyway, it's very pleasing to see that the Simon s just about to take a giant leap... Chant "Ala-Kazam!" And other magical-type sayings as we find out whether Simon the Sorcerer weaves a spell or gets stuck in his magic circle mocking ond humiliation haven't held Adventure Soft back from turning out a quality product.
Simon the Sorcerer is a point and click graphical adventure. It will no doubt be compared to that AMIGA bench- ____ mark adventure, Monkey Island 2, whether the two are ot oil comparoble is on avenue we'll stroll along later.
But they both b k‘ feature a strong - ¦* 'v*. I element of humour and inane stupidity that render them - r impossible to take »c v loo seriously. This Th.,,csh 5mc„ o(thc, isn'l10 °r rt,ot **y ai.es wav the Crimn thickens the gravy, when Simon, the central t acler, is thrust into o world of spells, mog« confusion.
Simon's frolics begin when he receives a I from his mate.
Calypso is the G*.
High Wizard ol f- Deli, ond has sek- Simon from hund" of other punters to cue him from the ho*.
Of the evil wri: Sordid.
That's oil the plot • you're given, one reveal ony more of • story thot unlc try air around you it nif lity of the give away some it's bunker °Lnd Ul ,he 0,~ phere.
Simon the Sorcerer employs a very smart auto-mapp* facility that sends you to the location of your chok- M tt It's a fairy tale acid nightmare. Here Siroc encounters a troll-and-goat-rump comi Simon the Sorcerer Our hero takes time out to admire the splendid view... now there's Wales for you, not Remember this adage: If in doubt it's better to be a man with a pig in a poke, than a man with none at all
• wwy list and a command list.
Ihe graphic window allows you to see Simon i quite good being able to refer to tbe gome mQni because I could be beaming subliminal
- wuoges about myself to you), control his move- nmds,
communicate and interact witb other charters and look for
other objects.
Out in the frozen wastes, Simon takes time to play musical statues with a Cossack Moving your apprentice wizord is just a sim- j* case of clicking on tbe display area witb your ¦we. Everything else you require Simon to do ontrolled from tbe command list, for exo you wisb to use Simon to com-
- ynKate with someone, you simply dick on tbe toll to” option and
then point your mouse over
* e person witb wbich you wisb to speak.
Most of the other commands that you can :orry out operate in this manner and in the nojority of cases you are only having to dick on fce oction and the chorocter or object you wish to nterocf with.
During play if you've chosen to talk to one of be characters and their answer requires a reply, then the you are given a list of replies or questions to dick onto.
One of the handiest features in Simon the Sorcerer is the way the gome hondles mapping.
Like many of the more modern titles, STS features an auto-mapper, so you don't have to waste valuable time, pencil lead ond elbow grease on drawing on graph paper.
Apart bom its time-saving element, tbe map in Simon hos another quite unique facility. If you dick on any location that the auto-mapper has mapped, then you're automatically sent there.
This not only saves time, but also stops any element of boredom that might creep in bom travel* ling through tbe same locations.
The locations ore some of the most visually attractive I've seen on an Amiga. While they don't pretend to recreate ony type of reolity, they're stylised in such a way os to give the feel of a fairy tale book.
In fact, some of the characters are pulled straight out of tbe realms of tbe Brothers Grimm.
So, don't be astonished if you run into wicked witches with houses mode of confectionery (there must be a licence tie-in there fellas) or trolls, or goats who ore fairly gruff to say tbe least.
The attention to detail throughout tbe whole of the odventure is quite stunning. For example, os you are wandering through the forest you'll see squirrels run up trees in fright of you, os butterflies flit and settle around your heod (man, it’s a hippie New Age dreamer's haven), While we're on the topic of graphics, it's worth mentioning that there ore two versions to be released. There's the standard A5QQ version, and an A1200 version which hos the obvious advantage of having the extra colours. Apart from this, there aren't that many other noticeable differences.
Simon tbe Sorcerer is cram-pocked witb puzzles, funny quips and silly asides. While it's a title that you're not meant to take too seriously, it will give you plenty to think about if you're to complete it.
The main reason for this is tbot some of tbe puzzles are really quite abstract in their formulation and will toke o considerable amount of time to deduce. This shouldn't be thought of as a criticism, but as a way of making a thoroughly enjoyable sarcastic romp last that little longer.
On the sound front, Simon has a recurrent theme that runs throughout tbe whole gome. As computer soundtracks go it's not too bod; it varies depending upon your encounters and is, at the end of the day, best described as catchy.
But like most songs that drop into tbot groove, you end up hating it intensely.
At the end of a very magical extravaganza of
o day, it has to be said tbot Simon tbe Sorcerer is a really
enjoyable, highly playable piece of software (well folks, how
could you slog your own namesake off?).
I think that even the programmers expected comparisons with Monkey Island 2 to be made.
However, while Simon the Sorcerer uses the same type of technique to control all of your actions, you could never accuse Adventure Soft of copying Monke 2.
So reoders, if you're concerned that you're going to be buying o done - forget if. The only real similarity between the two is tbe foct that they ore both easy to pick up ond get into, and are both endowed with a tod more wit thon your normal offerings.
Simon the Sorcerer is a very large (nine disks in oil) well thought-out graphical odventure that'll keep you happy and out of harm's way in the land of giants, fairies and dwarves.
SIMON CLAYS VISION 00000000 AUDIO 0000000 DIFFICULTY 0000000 LASTABILITY r???????m; Simon is wt* thought out. Will written ond well presented. It s both btg without ' being boring, ana tun without ever being Flat oh well. I knew the s*milari- tv with myself would end somewhere).
Another idyllic mystical setting to sigh at as you journey along “For the last time I'm 18, now can I have two pints of lager and a packet of those sausage and herb crisps?"
Adventure Soft Adventure Soft 9 £34.99 Yes 1 meg Publisher Developer ?
Disks ?
Price ?
HD Install ?
Sue* Brian the Lion Right, hgnds yp who knows someone who owns a Super Nintendo or o Sega Mego Drive ond is always brogging obout how 'good' the gomes ore. I guess if s just about every Amiga owner out there.
I bet you've always wanted to give them a good smock in the face and show them that your Amiga can keep up with the so-colled super 'consoles' Well, now you can!
I don't mean you con odualfy hit them becovse you'd go to court and get done on a ABH charge ond you'd probably sue me lor telling you to do it and I'd fd out with you and counler sue and - well ifd all get out of hand.
No, instead of using your fist, use Brian the Lion os your haymaker. Published by Psygnosis and developed by Reflections (previous credits include all three Shadow of the Beast games), Brian the mm ting wifi his suddenly ini Geezo mochine con ochieve. The graphics ond sound ore jaw-droppingfy good, the addiction level is just about right. Playability-wise you can't go wrong gnd Brian he lion has so many nice touches that N 1 VISIO ©000000000 not that much different from plotformer, but H is roaring good is my favourite plotformer of the OK, so it's gn qven AUDIO 0000000© moment.
DIFFICULTY 00000©©© LASTABILITY 000000O0 The graphics ore sex on the screen, the sound's great, it ploys like o platform demon and is os addictive qs nicotine and caffeine mixed together. It's certainly the best plotformer I’ve played in a tang time.
Publisher ? Psygnosis Developer ? Reflections Disk* ? 3 Price £25.99 HD Install ? Yes Size I meg PRISMATIC Geezo, who likes listening to dodgy guitar- based rock bands, has kidnapped Chris and is going to use his prismatic powers to hypnotise all the jungle creatures and crown himself king of the beasts.
So Brian is sent forth on o quest. Our 'mane' man must take on wave after wave of Geeza's followers ond cross the island in order to save his poi gnd reclaim his title of Kina of the Beasts On the surface Brian the Lion looks for all the world like o bog-standard plotformer, but I personally don't think it is thanks to the gob-smockingly good graphics.
It features full multi-layered parallax scrolling, 182 colours on-screen ot once ond 50 original tunes, and is the first game to introduce the famous Super Nintendo Mode 7- ; slyle effects onto the Amiga. These " 1 effects ore used to zoom, fade, ond rotate the graphics and con even map on imoge or texture onto a cylinder.
Brian the Lion is not Lion is o plotformer that shouts an 'anylhing you can do* warning to all those pesky Sega and Nintendo owners.
Brian is a new kind of hero who wears o wild pair of beoch shorts and has on awesome quiff that even Elvis would be proud of, if he hadn't of died on the toilet tho! Is. Brian may look cute, but underneath that character lies a pair of sharp daws ond a fearsome roor.
Subtitled Rumble ift the Jungle, ond o year-and- a-half in the making, Reflections's plotformer is a tale of friendship. One day while Brian was chat- wifi his best buddy Chris the Crystal, they were iterrupted by a big, ugly monster colled H0®G3 Rearing good platform fun from Psygnosis. I'd be lyin' if I said if was rubbish! Geddit! Lion? Lyin'? You see they sound the same, but they're spelled different, eh just forget it oil platform action though because hglfway through, the game mutates into a left to right scrolling shoot 'em-up that is very reminiscent of an old Gremlin game called
This break in he constant platform fun is most welcome and stops the gamesplayer from getting bored, Reflections’s plotformer contains some really nice touches, especially Brian's roor. This can be used to kill smaller creatures ond startle midde-sized creatures. Try it ogowsf one of the end-of-level bosses, though, | and you'll get your comeuppance... k On first glonce, Brian the Lion looks and plays like every other bog-standard plotformer, but if you probe deeper you! Find a wonderful ana highly stylish
* piece of software.
Reflections have done o impressive job in creating a console product for the Amiga which proudly boasts just whot Commodore's SNIGGER SNIGGER?
At’s so bloody funny? The game is called SkidMarks, what’s wrong with you poms? Not has every Amiga magazine devoted columns of childish schoolboy humour when swing the game, they seem to have missed the point. The point is that SkidMarks is a imunications revolution just waiting to happen!
A 2400 baud modern, registered SkidMarks racers will be able to compete in our national ipionship. Over the next few months we are fine tuning the comms code and polishing Dther 12 competetion tracks to kick the championships off this June.
If you haven't already got yourself a copy of the racingest, chasingest, car game of the ade then get your pedal to the metal and race down to your software shop now!
BLITZ NEWS New AGA support is now available for Blitz2. All the enhanced display capabilities of the AGA chipset have been made available to Blitz2 programmers including 24 bit colour control, 256 colour screens, super hires horizontal scrolling, 64 pixel wide sprites and more.
New GadTools support offers the applications programmer access to 12 new gadget types including sliders, scrollers, listviews and palette gadgets. New ASL support allows the opening of Screen, Font and File Requesters in single commands.
"A milestone in Amiga games. One of the most playable racers ever... If future BlitzBASIC ames are as good as this one, we are going to see the Amiga and CD-32 become the games machine of the decade... SkidMarks is for Car Racing what Kick Off was to Football."
CU AMIGA SCREENSTAR (92%) 'An immensely satisfying experience akin to peeling those stringy white bits off tangerines... SkidMarks is without doubt the best racing game I have ever played outside of an arcade" AMIGA ACTION ACCOLADE (90%) "A no nonsense, adrenalin-pumping racer. SkidMarks is beautifully simple to play. Like SensiSoccer, this is a timeless two-player game which is likely to be dragged out of your collection time and time again."
THE ONE (88%) 'It bring's out those primal competitive urges, better than running around in woods naked and banging on big drums. It’s packaged playability, it’s canned competetion. It is great!"
FORMAT GOLD (90%) Currently under development for release in subsequent BUM issues (Blitz User Magazines) are:
* Developers-Pack for creating Blitz2 user extensions
* GadTools design utility
* CD32 specific command library
* Highspeed animation language
* Rerelease of Blitz2 3D
* 68020 optimized libraries If you’re programming the Amiga and
haven't taken a serious look at the fastest growing language in
the industry then do so now!
Acid Software PO Box 3172 Hampstead London NW1 9XA ph 071 482 4066 Stifle your cynisism for yet another cutesy platform effort Harmless platform fun. To coin a clichi Ttiere ore some clever time puzzle elements to work out but they bon t realty compensate for the blotont averageness of it oil.
Inti These days platformers are churned out faster than a whippet on speed and they have to be pretty darn spedoculor to attract mare thon a glance from your overage gamesplayer An unusual angle or puzzle element is not enough any more to 5n interest ond I'm afraid Puggsy s into that same desperate block hole of hopelessness. In fact it maybe worse than that... much worse.
Puggsy is your usual *oah, isn't he cute*-type of charocter who odds to the sickliness factor. He is an alien (yes, very originol) but looks unconnilv like a pickled onion with a condom on his bead.
He has lost his way and has stopped at another world to ask directions but unfortunately some racoons have decided to steal his spaceship. Oh what a story line, the powers v genius, hey?
Puggsy's only hope is to battle through the 17 different locations, 5 end-of-level guordians ond to finally reach the ancient city of Radantis to face the ultimate guardian and eventually rescue his spoceship.
Controlling Pugasy is by joystick and is clumsier than a drunk elephant on roller skates.
The controls feel chunky and vnresponsive and become very tedious.
Gomeplay involves your charocter picking up the many object} that can be found and using them in some manner to solve the puzzles. Within the level there ore switches, locks and teleports which can be activated (or deactivated! By throwing various objects at them. Throw keys at locks to open things, for instance.
Each object hos its own *weiahl' modelled on real world gravity so, for example, holding a heavy object would stop Puggsy being blown around by a fan enabling him to walk easier Objects con be stocked up to get to higher levels.
JUMPING Puggsy can also hook objects onto platforms that con't be reoched by jumping.
As the objects act under gravity, some con float or bounce. Puggsy can make use of balloons which he floats on. Bonus points are awarded for any objects corried through to the next level His speed and jump ability con be increased by picking up training shoes, and by using son shades he is temporarily protected.
On the plus side, (yes there is one) the end-of'level guardians are huge and relatively appealing. The map screen is a nice touch.
Puggsy can travel back and fro la dll ibe previous levels he’s been to.
Graphics are your usual nice, colourful tm thing, well drcrwn but they would hardly moke gasp in amazement. The soundtracks are jaua enough and cheerful which only make* 1 move irritating.
The gome would be ideally su*m to a younger games player but ta*[ hardly rings true when yOu sider that most of the kids nufl ore demonding the latest oh most bloodiest beot-'em-ups! 1 A lot of effort has obviously gaJ into this game especially in deseed the puzzles, but it really is nothing Another plaltormer, which plods along ot a snafl pace, hardly up to Psygnosis's usual hia standords.
TINA HACKETT VISION 0000Q00 ** AUDIO 000000**** DIFFICULTY Compilation Bl rough to you by Archer Maclean, the ¦ same author behind the great Pool simulation ol the some name, Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker aims to reproduce all the action ol the real snooker game Highly realistic, it incorporates virtually everything from the real thing.
The game ollows one or two players to practise against each other, set up and perform trick shots, and compete ogoinst eoch other or lour increas
y. " kv&M ti* «*i.m«¦ r l.im 11 non mci.i. ..••mm r-nn m .anrvf
•;'V |f«9- , Here'S ydur info StrMa on the planet Lave TIUfl 0
i t * •• i 90% A great bargain of a compitation - and not a
duff game in sight! Four brilliant classic j lor o mere £30
What more do you want lot your money?
Publishers Empire Developer ? N o Disks ? 6 Price ? £29.99 HD Installs N o Size s l meg Sensible Soccer Empire have taken four eld classics, bundled them into one package and released them at a bargain of a price.
Who says life is cruel?
Ingly challenging computer controlled opponents.
The game is controlled by mouse and keyboard ond the dear icon ponel allows you to set up your shots os if in o real game. Things such as the amount of power you wish to cue the boll with, whether spin should be used and even when to cholic the cue must be decided.
The gome can be viewed from eight different angles to enable you to view the game from behind the ball, or to view the entire table to plan your gome ond shots more accurately ¦ Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker This simulation plays and looks like the real to the ru 0* pace travel has never looked so good ond, 3*.wiCn -; r.r. ..... although relatively dated, 0 especially with all the
* ¦•••¦• I ter- w.mr r l.wrn, i - .eo* r mci.i. - •
- ----- ,,, ,«nr, re(enf hype over its sucessor Frontier, mmm
r-T7.-ci i -.'ai: imHiu t'Ocmir-:-.n jr.zu Elite con stiH hold
its own in qraphics, . luimi i Jl j j i l-iv
X. 7 sound ond playability.
Hete's your info screen on the planet Lave A strategy space trading gome with a touch of blost-'em-up thrown in for good measure you room ground five galaxies attempting to gain success and become one of the Elite.
You will encounter many planets on your travels which you will need lo trade with to ochieve success. Land on the space stations in order to trade with the pig nets. Trgde drugs or slaves for higher profit but beware - you rwn the risk of the law tracking you down in their Viper ships!
You Start your adventure gn the planet lave, use prices of goads ond buy materials to trade with other planets. Trading prices from system to system will vary so plan your strategy well. Also aim to build up your spaceship from a Cobra Mk3 with its measly pulse lasers to a fighting force to be reckoned wilh.
This is a massive gome and will provide hours of play. It will provide an incredible challenge for even the most competent strategy-ers. Bite is undoubtedly a classic.
¦Ok right, colourful, cheery, witty, stunning, but hey, l s that's enough about me1 J J W0 On with the review. Zool is cvcrylhi no you could want m a plot- former, o nuge gome pocked with
* t zs? N ic* plenty to do, bonuses to collect and Zool gets a
biui in the sweety level baddies to kill Zool gtti a bun in the
sweety level Although it's yet another platformer, Zool is a
great example of its genre ond is extremely playable The
graphics are extremely attractive and the soundtracks (choose
from four different ones from rock to rove] ore excellent and
lit m with the speedy gomeplay As a ninja alien type thmg you
must speed around the many different worlds such as 'weet world
music world and fruit worlds, facing end-of-level guardians and
enemies like the Flying Pea Pods ond lethal Toffee Apples There
is your usual bonus collectibles and o handy rcnge of weapons
at your disposal Such 6s smart bombs and invulnerability
shields. Bonus levels ore also there (or you to dis cover. The
range ol options included in the game odd variety. Choose from
levels of diffi cully, inertia, continues and sped ol the game
A very able plafformer, Zool is a massive game, ond with many o
nice touch it's not hard to see why Zool was included m diis
collection nd as if you thought this compilation couldn't get
any better Empire have gone and put the football game of 1993
in there as well! A highly realistic football simulation
Sensible Soccer combines oil the action ond atmosphere of the
real thing.
Choose from competing in a friendly game, or take charge of your favourite club or national team from all over Europe m o variety of cup and leogue competitions. Bring your friends in on the oction too by playing head to head or competing in a mufli-player competition, The many options available will help you gear the gome to the sort of match you desire Game length can be altered as can the weather which can be seasonally adjusted and ibe sort of pitch surface you wish to play on.
The control of your player couldn't be simpler as the controls are extremely responsive and move in the way you'd expect.
The dear presentation of the game and nice graphics arc merely an added bonus to the wonderful gameploy Brilliant stuff!
TINA HACKETTj Winter Olympics OLYMPICS Ski, skuto, shoot and jump your socks off in US Gold's simulation of the world's greatest winter sports spectacle US Gold have always been some of the leaders in producing lop-hole sport simulations, so it comes as no surprise that they've beaten all their competitors to the Winter Olympics licence. The Winter Olympics will be over by the time you read this, but hey, you'll be able to re-live the whole event via your delightful computer.
The Olympics this year are beina held in Norway’s small town of lillehammer. According to the 'souvenir brochure' that you get free with the game, the lillenammer games will be both an international festival and a sports extravogonza reflecting human achievement based on genuine values.
Er, yes.
Wnler Olympics (the game) also reflects human achievement based an genuine values, but involves on awful lot of joystick waggling to boot! There are nine different sports to choose from which include ski jumping, downhill, giant slalom, bobsleigh, speed skating, luge ond the biathlon.
Up to four players can play Winter Olympics and once you've chosen a name and which country you want to represent you ore plunged straight into the oction. The first event is the biathlon and if s an essential port of he game becouse it's a link event between sports in the full Olympic programme.
The biathlon, for those that don't know, is a games (yeah it's more thon likely! - Ed). The bobsleigh is presented in two sections.
The first is viewed from the side ond involves you getting your team into ihe sleigh The second is a 3D section ond is viewed from the driver's point of view. The 30 section is quite good, but I've seen better.
Although Winter Olympics is a multi-player you hove to take it in turns to compete in the event except for the speed skating when you con compete ogainst each other.
It is an elimination event, so if you get left at he back of the pock you’re out. Like many of the sports in US Gold's sports simulation speed skating is o joystick woggler Apart from the subtle innuendo, I wish that there could be some way of getting rid of the woggler becouse they do tend to weaken your joystick and, ahem, leave you wih a sore wrist.
But woggling does seem to be the best control method for this type of gome, so until someone invents something better we'll just have to put up with.
I'm just skating (ahem) over the events in Winter Olympics, but os with most games of this genre, some are good events while others are bad.
Whether you want to buy Winter Olympics all depends on how much you like winter sports A:: simulation if1 s not amoving, but if you love AI things sporty at winter then you’ll like US Gan sports sim. For the averoge Joe trying to survive m the street there ore much better gomes available fc spend your money on.
Aha. One of those gold medal thirsgies! I bet I could get a few quid for that down the pawn shop... [ VISION | AUDIO 000000 ••• I DIFFICULTY OOGGOO0© LAST ABILITY 0000000 «fc US Gold's sports | simulation is neither f amazing nor | complete rubwm, so that leaves the in-between bit, but it has got soma nice graphics which makes It better than average.
I Publisher ? US Gold I Developer ? In-house Disks ? 3 Price ? «2 ?9 I HD Install No »°1 L..I5Q Ojtzuare 10% y
Palmers Road 0g1 361 5730 6730 New Southgate 24 hour fax une
LONDON N11 1SL 081 361 2733 BIT MAP BROTHERS VOL 1 only Cl 196
Xerwn CaUuar and Spaadtwlil DREAM TEAM only £1166
TerwairtwU.SmteOfa.aadWWF LOR06 OF POWER only £22.99 $ a«a U,
Rad Ban* Ra*oad Tyooea and Padest OanaiW SPACE LEGENDS Of*
£16.66 MagwiMlK t. EIU and Wwg Coaaanter SOCCER MANIA only
£11.96 Foottel Maregtr h. • Soexer, FotftaX Monegw W C Edloa
Md MaoeraeeSocow COMBAT CLASSICS "only £269* FI*Slaalh Fqtdar.
SM SaMcaII and Pacfc iWaada BIG BOX only Cl S.66 CafUx liaod.
Tit T8 ox the Mooa. (Wan Qum TeanagaO-jaen ftjteWPhs
PurpteSrtir* Pays KrypKW tM. ' vejwg JeeSsox, Mo HceUfM TEST
DRIVE II COLLECTION onfytlJ.99 Mued* Can. CaMornm cn»tw*«*
E. (0(im« CouM awl S«w Cars BOBO- only0896
• act to Wa Fww* WL R-Tjya, * • Raa: GkoWMarsOWdneCadh TVS ports
FocXtak S hang hat AinaVte SaWad BowkooiW BOARD GENIUS Mlytl
7.66 Oeta* M oeooolr. Dehwe ScraMft Cteudo MtWw Cxlecth* w*4
B*k 4 WHEEL ORWE only £16.96 Ldus t t*rt Ce*c* Ota n«*y
tms$ u um (•dCoaboRaow POWER PACK only £14,9?
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• M Rm*o* lileadt COMBAT CLASSICS only (23** F IS Slida Eagta II.
«** Abacd Sub and Taaw Yantae KIXX TRIPLE RACK 1 (SPORTS) only
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£1399, P Oragea. Skadow Wwtor andD Nmm NAPOLEON ICS on ty
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KclOfl 1 Pmeaih* S*d(dAcd and Poyubui ANIMATION CLASSICS only
£27.99 SpM*Ac*.Ordgeaikdin andWiathdlhaDawoa STRAT80Y MASTER
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Thunderh*wtAM-73M .£21.88 Tip 08 -...... Toki
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Chaoa Eton I - Cerberus Epic EDUCATIONAL ADI Englah Al Ages
each £1696 ADI French All Ages each £1690 ADI
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668 Attack Sub C9» Hudson Hawk .. Afterburner
... ttto Ikt .. Aleied
Been ... £699 Indy last Ciusaie Gnphic
ArienoxJl . £699 Jer»esPond £1696 £3696 £1699
£1999 £1196 £1699 £1799 £1999 £1696 £1696 £1996 £20 99 £896
Je«SetW*y £599 J Khan Squash £6 96 UMNmjtl ..._ £688 lns1 N-naa
III lardRAi rttOCOP- £7.99 .. RV.F Honda .
Shadonlands ..... Shadow ol the Beast Shadow Warnor ..... Sherman M4 .... ShmoN ..... Smpsons £996 lorn baid RAC RaRy £899 Lotus Esprk . (996 lotus Tuttall [690 Manmc Mansiom ------ (696 Mane Miner ...... (899 Man United Europe £696 M Jackson Uoonwal* £699 Mxtoetot £639 Mig29Fi4crum..... £699 Moonstei Racers . C699 Miader..... £696 Narc . Conllct in Europe. £7» Ntrw Zealand Story Desxie Strip Poker (not AGOO) £6 99 NmjaRernr.
Double Dragon lord £690 North&Soulh Diagon Nm a (6 96 Out Run 0mi £690 Operaton harrto FaceCW-Icehockey £788 Cperaton9t»a«h Fantasy Wortl Dcry £596 Operafcn Thunderbolt.
Fl6 Combat PM ______£7 96 Operation WoK...... FbgM ot the intruder CS99 OJUuft Europi
F. O F T___________________ £698 Pang ...... Future
Wars ..... £699 ™i Boxmg GaunSetH ..... £899
P«bdlMa»c Ghotlbutsers II .£899 ....
Mend over Heels ... , £899 £699 £696 £698 £7 96 £7 96
£699 £888 (9 96 (896
(7. 99 Speedball II £690 Storgldef II £639 SUMe Fleet £7 69 Stunt
Car Racer £899 Supeptoi ... £690 Super CJUt II £799
SuoeiMangOn £990 SwechBiade £696 Swfch Bled* II £1696 ma
£1699 £19.99 (2296 £ 099 £2399 £1999 £11 99 £17.96 (2390
£1299 £1696 £1190 £2396 Cloud Kiwdom Cciosws Chess Com bo
Racer CdiHet in Ei Gunthtp Hartequui H*rp»p (1 Uegj ‘ ’ ‘ mud
AVI £698 L’896 (796 £690 £698 GhouVnGhod* . £6®
Predator (896 World Championship Boamg (896 Herf Heeb
;rz: : £899 P *K»oiPmm -------------£896
ZakMcKiacken .. £896 A Tran Con Set ______
£1399 AikMnsFaaiy ......£7 96 Akducfci 1.2 (4*1011200|
£19 99 Ar Combat PakcJ ..£1999 Ax Force Com wander
£1999 AlrtaChCtofl ......£1639 Awn Breed 2..... £17.90 Alco
Breed Special Edlbn . £9 99 Alwns III_________ £16.99
AiMWinGMutoR......£16 » »» Awe* to ______ £2396
AmoaCotxplar--------fllto Amo* P»bl*4*rbhil £5460 Amos
ProfwonN Conpttet 12399 Am«Th*Cr**tof ....£36 99
Apccafypw ...... £1996 Arabian Nigh* 50x1260 £1996 AimujiAm
.£1399 Aimowgetaon II * - C1A90 Avsawn ________
£1699 AT AC ..... £2396 8l7FtpigF«tH$ ....£2399
Ban*otttwCotRicForge .. £2499 BaftfiARJAN II (Ptyg) . . £1090
Bail v* r« World ¦----------£1696 Batman Return*
*. ......£1696 Baft* Clw* II . £1699 BdMWe93....„
......- £2086 Bat* it* II ______________£2296 Bad*
loads______ £1696 B*wan.. ___________ £1199 Beneath the SlMl
Sky £1998 BmJtglP'fy »96 Campaign Mceon Disk
Campaign II------ Canon fatal Capft*--------------
Captkrell-------------- Car and Dr hW' ... Carl lew*
Chafcrge Catott .. Castes Oat* Oise - Castes
II .... Castto d Or Bftoa £1398 Chaoa Engine £1699
Champenshp Manager 63 £1699 Chase HQ
II .£699 Chuck Rock II
..£698 Black C Budaolt BUM* Bbb.
Bk* Max ..... Body Blow*----- Body Biom GalkCftC .
Brutal Sport* Footbae Bubba Nsta ------- Buck Rogers . Buck Rogers I*.
B n .
Cadaver • the pay dl Cattar ... Carnal aMeaiaeMlMfftltr* Campaign Sporting Darts-----£7.99 Burnng Rubber ......£1696 A800 I Meg OiMecUpg A320AiitMI . A320 Aldus USA Another World .... A-Train dock A500. Imeg Upgrade leoWad*.dock £49 96 TOP TITLES ia» AMIGA £23W £27 99 CO 99 £•9 99 £i» » £12 99 . £9 99 £1399 £23® £12 99 (!6» ¦ £11.96 D Day £1699 Drtuxe Muse Con Set £74.99 PwfCpI* £1699 D*nni*50 Y1200 ___________£17.90 Ota«IWb -n- .....£1999 Desert S6A* II ‘(Jungl* Sli) £2099 DftoR ......£1*96 D«jger* (CD)
.£2396 OnneyAnwiabonStudro £74 96 DsposaWiMero .£1699 £14 98 £1686 Harrwr Asaaul'AVBS £2396 HerosOueel II _________ £1696 hrk S'j»I Blues £7.80 Hied Guns .£2386 Hktorytn* 1914-1$ ...... (21.90 Mock .. 0690 Inter nebonal Open Gol £1699 ishirl 5001200 ... £1690 JejwiXtfW ....£i6» James Pond II (Op Starfish) £1696 J Whie's WhirWrd .....£1699 J Barnes (1 Mcq) ......£1698 Eyeol____ Eye ol the Beholder II F15 Strike Eagle II...... F11 A Sttfth Fighter F19 Slaalh fighter..... F29 Reaiator ________ Falcon
. . Falcon Mover Dak I Falcon Matron Oi*k H Fate o Atlantis (Ad*) Fale ol Ailants (Aid F aft an 5031200 _____ FnalFdM _____ Fre andlo*------------ FreStone HD Scenery Fmshbaek___________ Football Manager III*.. ’ lELltE 2)..... It.** Furr** Global Olect ..... 'OjilMIQIMf ti n m~ QtoMfte GoaHOAORM..______ Goblins II .. G Gooch Cricket Graham Taylor £990 Grand Pier (Formuta) . .£2399 Gunship1000 ...... £2390 European Champion* ..£1696 Ey* d tie Beholder .....£1296 Fufe DC Flnfter 1 F iff; otir* M cm of Mogc III (23991 Moonstone_______________
£16» Monkey Istond ... £1288 Monkey rsttrvju . (2599 Mortal Kowbel _____£1699 Mouse (SwitchaUe)---CS.W Morph ...... £1599 Ml NutZ .. £1688 Mrth . £896 Nick Faldo Go* £2396 N cky H . £1699 N Mantel World Ctawp £2088 Network Q Rely ..... £1688 Noddy* B g Adventure (1696 Norty Ones (C0323 -------- £l6» One SteS 3*yC*j £1390 0u1Mnders*„ ... £1699 Qverdihe ....£i7.» Overtoil .. £1499 Paciic Islands -T Yankee II QQ99 Patio: Islands II * ...... £2199 PardW Stars ------ £1388 Pstroan
£1990 PGAGoK Tour . £2096 PGA Courses Disk .. £1096 PktalOmM ________£1580 Pinball Dreams II £1696 PinbaJ Fantasws (CD32) £1996 Poputous U - The Chaleng* £11.96 Populous II • (1 Msg) £2398 Power end Glory ----£ 9.88 Power Up Compiation.-. £1299 Premwr Manager________ £1690 Premier Manager 0 ...... £1699 PuthOver £698 KsnoGane Snow £1199 Kng&imol Germany* ...... £1999 Khgwakw . £1999 Kings Cued VI* (At200) £3799 Kmghl Mat* £1196 Knight ol V* Sty £1299 Lambouighnr USA Chaim grC 16 96 Lawn Mower Man * £1690 learn*
._ E1Q88 UetoWd ......£1390 Legacy* - .... £2399 legacy ol$ i*a*il £1696 I**..- .- .. £1199 legend II (Words of LegWi £1699 Legend ol Kyrand* learnings .. L Mixings and Dale D*k lemmrgsll _______ Lwiemgs - OalaDiak...... Learnings - Stand Aene Lme Okra________________ Unto____________:..... IqrtjKxJ* -------- looat __________________ Lost Vangs .... loaf Treaku*4ellnlb«m lotus TuiboChalfcnge III Ml Tank Platoon ...... MacDonald Land----------- Maetebcm J1 aieg) .. .... TOP TITLES J Madden t Football Jurassic Paik
K240 ______________ KGB ManUtdPremvr' ¦ Mar* a Uesng _ Mean Arenas* .... McroMadWiM Mciocroee God
u. II.... Sensb* Soccer 92-83-----£1698 Setters
£21.96 SHADOW BEAST II £11 96 Shad?* of ht
Bakst III £1198 Shadow Wortti .... £1688 S nt Serve* «
£1296 San Ant .. C2299 San Ear*
.... Cl6 90 Srt Lie A1206I500 . £1898 Sflion the
Sorcerer .... £2388 Stepwafcer 50G1200 . £1499
SnowBro* .£1696 Soccer Kid 5061200 £1698 Soup Trft*
£1698 Space 1883 . £1696 Spec* Gun £1296 Spec* Mali
... £2398 Space Crusade. Upgrade £1698 Spec*
Guest IV £2388 Special Force* .... £2399 Starlight II
£1096 TOP TITLES Puny ..... Ratoed Tycoon
... Reach tor (he Skies Red Baron , Road Raeh _ ....
Robn Hood (Mileniurr.
Rowcod RobOCOd A1200 ... Robocoplll ...------- fleM Sport-------- Roohia*'.....---------- Ryder Cep .- SeUt Team ----------- Sabre Teem A1200 Scrabble (US Gold) Second Samurai.... Atom no Barbarian .... Barbarian II ..... Banian Trie Mon* BacJchavVs 1842 .. Blood Money ... Bkjee Brothers...... Cabal____________ Gallom* Games Carrier Command CelcaGTa Raky Cenkeldd Square* Chase MQ TOP TRIES AMIGA TOPTfTLES AMIGA Star Trek 2ith Anniversary' £2396 TVSporti Bbxrvg £1190 SttiFnpue ......£2098 T«rc*n3 ....£1689 Slfreo Master ......£2690 T oes ¦
- ---. £2896 £1299 £1690 . £17.90 £1696 £11 96 £17.99 £1690 £1696
£9.96 £1696 £19.98 £7.90 £688 £9.88 £699 £599 £699 £698 £699
£899 M90 SwN . £899 £7.99 TatminaKK
II .....£698 Tbus t* Fox
....£896 Turrcnnll £7 96
Untouchattes-------£896 ViOlMto . £690
WCLtadOtlOMd . £698 £896 £896 MM £639 £689 £899 HI H
£699 £688 £696 £696 Smash TV __________£696 gfg WING COMMANDER
£1696 We Kid £7.99 we N LIZ ------------ Ct6»
WoodytWfirtd £2398 WWF , £1698 W.W F. I . £1696
Ye! Joe* ...... £1696 2od 50CV1200 .
pitted x C999 Pro Tennw Tour £699 Pucne .. £688 Rainbow
Islands £699 RamboW £696 HBI2 Basebto
__________£696 ResokibOA 101 ..... £690 Rrck Dangerous
II . £7.98 euM boradMiO'* 00 £599 00 £1199 DO £1598 00 ....
£21.88 DO £3996 Tv Sports Batehad £11 90 Zbii Pimm «M SO» per
10 «* e »he« vdemgtaceuiiPiP £1696 Wholes £20 96 Whke Please
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Seek & Destroy I Hk l-NIJiy IJIJg iSSflpO haJUJUJih; m phimf rutnb. Vnti must 7FJ EL 71*01 Df Ooh, no. One of those over-armed S5S53E5 Arab types has clipped my tail rotor with a lucky strike from his camel-mounted Biro and blotting paper combination The mission screen informs you of who you will have to blow Into little bartmued pieces Under normal circumstances a CD title should command more spoce than we've granted it here. However, as you proceed further into the review irli become I quite apparent to you why we have resisted the I temptation.
What you have in Seek and Destroy is basically I a Desert Strike done without the desert or the I stake! Seek ond Destroy is a foirfy stroightforword I helicopter Gulf-'em-vp.
Your overall mission is to take control of the I Apache gunship, fly into enemy territory and teach I iem o jolly good lesson.
[ To help you ochieve the unenviable task of I putting every Arab nation tfwouoh virtual genocide, I you have the normal, rather obvious armoury of I weapons. On board are a full range of machine guns and I air-to-ground missiles, all of which con be put to great effect. By for tbe best weapon within your large arsend is the Air Strike. This dlows you to coll up an immediate heavy missile strike. All you hove to do is fly over the area you want Battening, press the button and get your cnopper out of there.
Five seconds later the whole area is totally torched in a most effective way.
In fact, by far the most impressive aspecl of Seek and Destroy are the sound effects. Improved by the virtue of CD technology, the sound is excellent, from the whipping rotors of the Apache, through to the grind of the heovy machine-gun chewing through buildings.
Like Desert Strike, Seek and Destroy is viewed from an overhead perspective. Graphically, the eorlhbound views are pretty average and seem os though they were created for on A500, although the way the Apache's shadow costs its pixelled imoge on to the landscape below is particularly well handled.
AJ the final analysis Seek and Destroy isn't real- thot bod in its essence. It moves quite slickly and i'$ plenty of action within the structure of the ly lha there1 Char-grilM jndigww dwert Bedouin - you got it However, there aren't that many missions in total, and more disappointing is the lock of variety involved. For example, in the majority of coses you'll either be destroying Other helicopters, or ground-based tanks and buildings.
After the first couple of missions, Seek and Destroy soon becomes frustrating and a little dull Part of the reason is becouse of the gross lock of variety in the odion ond the enemy's reliance on downing your Apache by a war of attrition.
It's not os if they vary too greatly; you just seem to get more enemies on your screen ot one time, and it becomes neigh-on impossible to co-ordinate your weaponry among thot level of confusion.
To be honest I'm o little disappointed with Yision software. After the auite excellent Cybermetix and their cracking little platformer Woodie's World, Seek and Destroy is well beJow par, Given fhe type of product Seek and Destroy is, it might well hove proved popular on the A500 and A600 on floppy drive, and did indeed make a brief appearance. But, os a practically full-priced title for Commodore's 32-bit CD-driven prodigy, it's extremely hard to justify.
SIMON CLAYS I visumT___ AUDIO AUDIO 00000000 DIFFICULTY 000000BBBB LASTABILITY It's teally hard to justify a title ot this nature on what is Commodore's flagship console, it it was my money thot hod been Hushed into the moelstrom of fhe U-bend on a CD32 fitle of this duality, l'd probobly wont to llush myseli down oflerwords Publisher* MicroPros* Developer ? Yision Software What delights does Tina the Easter Bunny have in store for you this month? Well, lots of yummy chocolatey-type goodies are lacking but what we do have are plenty of budgets reviewed for your deliberation .1 ¦'-•IS Eye
of the Beholder Another World Kixx XL • £14.99 Kixx XL • £16.99 « 89% Now here's a mystery I've been pondering over for quite a while. It concerns the fact that whenever another futuristic world or plonet is portrayed in a computer game, it's always as a gloomy or dismal place to be.
I mean, nobody has ever shown imoges of future worlds being nice cheery ploces, where houses ore made of no-calorie chocolate, or Saturday night television actually shows something intelligent.
But hey, I guess that wouldn't moke for a very exciting plot for the various films, books and computer games that take up this futuristic theme, and Another World is just one of the some.
Gloom, doom, mystery ond oil things nasty combine to become this highly atmospheric adventure game and hey, does it work well. I was engrossed ofter merely seeing the story screen.
A young scientist, while experimenting with sub-atomic portides, has his laboratory struck by lightning, teleporting him into another dimension.
If s a world completely different to eorth, ond you, taking on the role of scientist Lester Chaykin, must drew upon ell your resources and intelligence to survive.
You must explore your new surroundings while avoiding, for instance, dangerous slug-type creatures with their instantaneous death bites, or deodly panthers. Sub-humon creatures found in the World will either help or hinder you... Another World combines excellent graphics, panoramic bock- drops ond superb sound effects to make a stunning atmospheric game. You'd be one pint short of a booze up to miss out on this one, especially if you didn't catch it first time around.
Scared though I am of rule books thicker than War ond Peace ond whether I octuolly know the difference between Lawful Neutral or a Chootic Good, I delved into the mystery world of Kixx XL's latest RPG-er, Eye of the Beholder.
The action takes place in the sewers beneath the City of Waterdeep in TSR's Forgotten Realms game world. It is rumoured that evfl lurks in these sewers, and it must be found and destroyed.
To begin you need to develop your porty, choosing four characters all with various attributes, strengths and weaknesses which can be altered. Race, class, alignment and ability must be decided upon for oil characters; these attributes will have a marked impression an the outcome of the game.
The dearly set*out Adventure screen allows you to keep track of your team, their current states and any objects they may possess. The 3D View Window enables you to see the action. Movement is through the arrow icons and a compass shows your porty's direction, ond will help you to map the lower levels.
There are a vast number of spells which will help you on your quest such as Cloudkill, a close ronge spell which billows a cloud of deodly vapour ond can kill lesser monsters like leeches.
There seems to be a vast amount here to keep your average RPG- er happy. The good graphics and easy controllability moke this a "Dam bones, (torn bones, dem dry bones." Here is one of your character screens showing his inventory, and erm, a skeleton, how nice!
P. S I, I 82% Police Quest Kixx XL • £16.99 Men in uniforms
sounds like o good ideo for o gome to me, ond Police Qvest
certainly isn't a disappointment. Stanley and Hutch it oin't
(which is probably good because Starsk s dodgy haircut left a
lot to be desired) but it is a pretty entertaining police
odventure game.
As a typical Sierra bock-cataloguer it isn't exactly hot in the graphics and sound departments, but the idea is rather novel which makes for some unusual gameplay.
You stort the gome os o lowly police officer (called Sonny Bond, hmm!) Ond must work your way up to the dizzy heights of going undercover to try ond bust the notorious Death Angel and his gang, wonted for dastardly crimes of murder, drug trafficking and robbery.
Routine duties such as handing out tickets ond attending briefings must be undertaken before you'll get to the top. Personal hygiene ond keeping a smart uniform must become pari of a police officer1 s doily routine. All procedures must be followed to the letter or else it's bock to codet school for you!
Hi Points ore awarded for each puzzle or clue you con pick up on. Reading newspapers, clipboards ond the like can provide vital clues so remember that, however insignificant something may seem, it may prove cruciol.
Attention to detail within the game provides o realistic simulation of American | life, os for os I con tell anyway, but haying never been an Americon police i ‘ 81% wouldn't really know. Handcuffing procedures, vehicle safety inspections and driving codes become on integral part of the game.
Commands con be typed in far your character and Police Quest can understand a wide variety of verbs so controlling the gome is fairly simple.
The Restore Gome function is a great help as it would become extremely frustrating to have to start from scratch eoch time just because you’d made a small mistake.
Although rather doted, Police Quest is a redly playable game and makes a nice change to your usual odventure.
DANGEROUS PROPORTIONS OF HUMOUR AND WrZAlb AND DRAGONS AND GIANTS AND BARBARIANS AND OWLS Afjff Ml i QUADRUPEDS AND DWARVES LAR AE AND PRINCESSES AND WITCHES AN!) TROLLS AND GOATS AND GOBLII Bd Drf IDS M) SH.VMKNJ AM) WEREI'ROCS AM... MM ; V “What an; vow leUfing nt TOTftiiapptfLJjiu r % contiruied to Stare J me hilt said nothing, ft canfe.isifel surprwiffreir reader. Tkerylhim yhis magic forest seemed demined In niso-Wft anger. Uiily tomofriwc dwarf will tell me to nafT off a ruin socially inept SfwamgMfig vyill lay a guilt trip on me. Banishing fne shapeshiftn wik| and 'j , freeing
Calypso the Wizard had sounded like any old • computerised graphic advent lift for hot roddjatiMMers.
Yet having savoured the armpit, p-omas of a I) angry
• troll, been eaten by an amphibia and h«vimr I, •
• j discovered how utnrlv uninteresting fungi ;nidv| flora can
be.I findjgyseljjktfo onlinarv questflR 7 'a K ill m J* f4
Jkl V W ith thousands of frames of fou|fc!)eve popping
animation I and lull colour music vuu must hear-vvith voiir&rs
to ftilly appreciate. Vou'U moye through a land so amazing Jf M
- *ou U be amazed. • ORCeftGR Hijacked A On USS Enterprise
1. Fight pirates
B. On USS Enterprise
1. Hail Mosoda
2. Response 1,1 and 1
3. Talk to Spock
4. Use computer
5. Search Masada
6. Use Ubvra
7. Send prefix code: 293391-197736- 3829 8 Lower USS Enterprise's
shields 9 Beam to Mosoda C, Transporter Room
1. Use medical tricorder on Transporter Chief 2, Take
3. Talk to Transporter Chief
4. Use Spock on transporter controls
5. Exit East door
D. Corridor 1, Use scientific tricorder on North door
2. Use scientific tricorder on junk
3. Get junk
4. Exit East door
E. Brig
1. Use stun phasers on two guards
2. Use scientific tricorder on brig forcefield
3. Use scientific tricorder on brig controls
4. Use scientific tricorder on wires below brig controls The
start of the adventure and the crew are ail set to go where no
man hat gone before
5. Use Spock on wires below brig controls
6. Use Spock on brig controls Use the Klingon hand on the panel
to find out what mysteries lie beyond the door
7. Take wires below brig controls
8. Exit West door
E. Corridor
1. Use stun or kill phoser on phaser welder
2. Use pboser welder on force field
3. Exit South
G. Transporter Room
1. Use phoser elder on metol bits
2. Use IransmOgrifier bit on transmogrifier
3. Use transmogrifier wirfs bit on transporter controls
4. Use wire from brig controls on transporter controls
5. Use Spock on transporter controls
H. Masada Bridge That cabinet might hold a vital piece of
nMiiinMAAi mm m m J m J Aa equipment neeuca 10 solve the
I. Tolk to Elasi Cereth
2. Use response 1
3. Beam bock to USS Enterprise Beam aboard and lei Gamer give you
an iatergalactic lesson on hew to complete the first three
episodes of Interplay's amazing strategy adventure STAR TREK
25th anniversary Demon World
A. Colony Buildings . Talk to Angevin
2. Use responses 1,1 and 1
3. Talk to Spock
4. Talk to McCoy
5. Enter South-East building
B. Gathering Hall
1. Talk to Brother Stephen 2 Use medical tricorder on Brother
3. Exit North
C. Colony Buildings Exit North path
D. Klingon Field
1. Use stun phaser on three Klingons
2. Use scientific tricorder on Klin
3. Pick up Klingon hand in front of neor est Klingon
4. Exit North cove mouth
E. Cave Mouth
1. Use medkol tricorder on red berries
2. Take berries
3. Exit South
F. Klingon Field . ExitSoulh
G. Colony Buildinas
1. Enter South-East building
H. Gathering Hall
1. Give berries to Brother Stephen
2. Exit North
I. Colony Buildings
1. Enter North-Eost building
J. Brother Stephen's Study
1. Give berries to Brother Stephen
2. Use berries on'molecular synthesizer
3. Use Klingon hand on Brother Stephen 4 Use Klingon hand on work
5. Use Kirk on glass cose
6. Use response 2 7 Reod mineral specimens
8. Reod meteorite 9 Read fossil shells
10. Reod skull of small alien animal 11 Reod twist of metal
12. Use response 6
13. Look of Brother Stephen’s computer
14. Take glass case
15. Take skull
16. Take twist of metol
17. Exit North L Gathering Hall
1. Use hypodytoxin on Brother Chub
2. Tolk to Brothers Stephen, Roberts, Chub and Grisnosh
3. Use medical tricordor on Brothers Stephen, Roberts, Chub and
Grisnosh 4, Exit North Apfit Doctors »om may Oa interested in
th There is a deadly virus rampaging through the ship and
only Kirk and his beys cm save the da, Use McCoy on the
computer to try to gain that vital bit of information
M. Colony Buildings
1. Exit North Path Minaon Exit Norm cave mouth 0, Cove Mouth
1. Exit North tunnel
P. Cavern with door
1. Use kill phoser on rocks until man oppears 2, Use medical
tricorder on Brother Kondrey
3. Use medical bag on Brother Kondrey
4. Talk to Brother Kondrey
5. Use Klingon hand on panel on right side of door
6. Exit North tunnel
Q. Nauian Control Room 1, Use medical and scientific tricorders
on machines
2. Use scientific tricorder on Art
3. Use scientific tricorder on slide switches 4 Use Kirk on slide
5. Align oil three switches to middle position
6. Use scientific tricorder on alien
7. Talk to alien 8 Use skul on olien
9. Use response 1
10. Use twist of metol on olien 11 Beam bock to USS Enterprise
Love’s Labour Jeopardised A On USS Enterprise
1. Fight Romulan ship B On USS Enterprise
1. Hail ARK7 station
2. Beam to ARK7
C. ARK7 Bridge
1. Use Spock on central computer
2. Use McCoy 0" central computer
3. Use medical tricorder on room
4. Use medical tricorder on Spodc $ . Use McCoy on central
6. Read TLTDH gas
7. Read orborus virus
8. Reod di-hydrogen dioxide
9. Reod ammonia
10. Reod nitrous oxide
11. Exit Norih door
D. Synthesizer lob 1 Use Kirk on left cabinet
2. Take anti-grav unit
3. Look at synthesizer
4. Look at synthesizer chomber
5. Exit East door
E. Research Lab 1, Exit North door
F. Fusion Reactor Room
1. Take wrench
2. Use Kirk on right close* 3, Use wrench on N2 tonk vglve
4. Use anti-grov unit on N2 tonk
5. Use wrench on lower panel on for left of computer console
6. Use scientific tricorder on insulation
7. Take insulation
8. Exit South
G. Research Lab
1. Use insulation in distillator
2. Use Kirk on freezer unit
3. Take Orborus virus culture 4 Exit North-West doer
H. Synthesizer Lab 1, Use wrench on top of gas tanks
2. Use Spock on synthesizer controls
3. Take water canister
4. Use pofyberykarbonate in syntaesizer red chamber
5. Use Spock on synthesizer controls
6. Take TLTDH gos canister 7 Use wrench on top of 90s tanks
8. Use anti-grav unit on 02 tank 9, Use N2 tank on vacant valve
10. Use wrench on top of gas tanks
11. Use Spock on synthesizer controls
12. Take ammonia canister
13. Exit East door
I. Research Lab
1. Look at viral accelerator
2. Use odxxus virus culture in viral occeJerator grey chamber 3,
Use arnmonio canister in virgl accelerator green chamber
4. Use McCoy on viral accelerator
5. Take orborus cure from viral accelerator grey chamber
6. Exit North-West door
J. Synthesizer Lab
1. Use orborus cure in synthesizer red chamber
2. Use Spock on synthesizer controls
3. Take orborus cure serum 4, Use orborus cure serum on Spock
5. Exit East door
K. Research Lab 1 Exit North door L Fusion Reactor room Use
wrench on oir vent
2. Use TLTDH gos in oir vent
3. Exit Souta M Research Lab . Use Kirk on ladder
N. Crew Quarters Use orborus serum on Romulans
2. Use woler on Romulans
3. Use Kirk on ladder
0. Research Lab
1. Exit North-West door
P. Synthesizer Lab
1. Use wrench on top of gos tanks
2. Use anti-grav unit on N2 tank
3. Use 05 tank on vacant vahe
4. Use wrench on top of gas tanks
5. Use Speck on synthesizer controls
6. Take water canister
7. Exit East door
Q. Research Lab
1. Use Kirk on ladder R Genesis Lab . Use orborus cure serum on
Romulan Preax 2, U» wgter on Pregx
3. Untie prisoners
4. Talk to Preax Use response 1
6. Beam back to USS Enterprise It's worth picking up that wrench
because no doubt it'll come in handy later on In the
transporter room and tft obviously Scotty's day off. Beau us
down, err whoever you are... WORM IN 1 ... Vl ¦ * •; '?'
- -* ?
' 4t « &P| ' ’ '3 mssapi sisaamsij c «oc ki- 9 A ro *- j*
* m W&- ) 1 M « ( A ' *)JY P vt?
* ** A «M *
* n 4rwlgo n Hwrtj ? DpclI lffiBjy.- ]r~ fig iM ffl [ d;S
"jaiTiitlttlBl jad O S ”3 M* L J f i«5 p 1 M iJ i )|jM
rr BlTTTMliT vT B Bl »* rri‘ r i R i u** sti
- «x is over 2,000 years older, and the last
• jrvivof of the Black Drogon race. His story »bock to times when
dragons were fre- used to fight battles.
Im particularly desperate onslaught m the White Knights and the evil Powers of dl of the Black Dragon race was wiped
- fy Wohratax survived the battle and as a ; for his courage and
bravery, he was cre- Lord of Sith and made
* »ol.
3ptvre this great prize, Shandor must per- reincarnation ceremony during the plan- conjunction of the two moons, the sun and the plonet Ishar. This is where you're set to come into the oction. Taking the rale of a party of odventurers, you must destroy the drogon before Shandor can perform the rituol which will transform him into the most powerful entity on the face of the earth. According to Daze Marketing who handle the UK promotional activities of Silmarils, the key to success in Ishar 3 is time. Though you will not directly roce against the clock, you'll have to travel through various time
portals which will lead you to varying historical zones in the development of Ishor.
SIGNIFICANT In order to achieve any significant progress you'll have to moke sure your team appear at all the salient points in time, and affect history in the correct manner.
The main overriding feeling you're left with after Ishars 1 ond 2 is the attention to detail, occurocy and distinctive look that Silmarils games have.
Fans of, or indeed newcomers to, the Ishar titles will be pleosed to hear that Silmarils are keen to maintain that imoge, and are pocking the game full of enhancements to add even more realism.
While it's too eorfy to determine exactly what the final product will contain, this progressive French software company are boasting some fairparty researching same arcane myth in a library.
Something new to this new addition to the Ishar trilogy will be animated film sequences of events, which will odd a whole extra dimension of reality and atmosphere to the title.
With all these and more features included in Ishar 3, the game looks as though it could well become a benchmark odventure title, and set a new standard in first-person role-play gaming on the Amiga.
Silmarils have always had a reputation for producing intelligent and visually stunning games. While we've yet to see the finished product, both the screenshots and early demos look set to give role players a very large, very involving dip into the world of Tolkien. But remember, too many jaunts into this fantasy world could become Hobbit- forming... re* 1XUAK tbe even oles of Infinity rii, op ‘X4f V AMIGA A4000 040 The flagship of the Commodore flmigo range.
Based around the 68040 processor. Comes uuith o Hard Drive. 2+4 RAM ond UJB 3.0. 85 Mb version -£ 1899 340Mb version-62069 130Mb version - £ 1919 426Mb version - £2149 200Mb version -£1939 540Mb version- £2299 250Mb version -£1979 AMIGA A4000 030 The some specifications os it's big brother but designed oround the 68030 processor. The A4000 030 comes uuith a Hard Drive. 1 +1 RAM and UJB 3.0. (FOR 2 + 2 PLCASC ADD £69) We are recognised in the Amiga community as one of the leading specialists in Hard Drives and Mass Data Storage.
340Mb version- £1099 426Mb version- £1199 540Mb version- £1299 85 Mb version - £899 130Mb version - £969 200Mb version - £999 250Mb version -£1039 AMIGA A1200 The A1200 sports many of the features of the A4000 series. Based oround the 68020 processor with 2Mb of RAM ond UJB 3.0 os standard. A full range of Hard Drives ore also available for the A1200.
120Mb H.D version £494 170Mb H.D version-£528 200Mb H.D version - £548 256Mb H.D version-£578 Basic A1200 - £289 40Mb H.D version £388 60Mb H.D version - £445 85Mb H.D version - £468 DCSKTOP DVNAMITC PACK The desktop Dynamite Pack contains 5 pieces of software written specificolly for the AGA chipset, which includes DpaintAGA, UjordworthAGA, Oscar and other with a total street value of over £300.
£28.95 PAGCSCTTCR 3 £43.99 PRO DRRLU V3.0 £64.99 PRO PAGC V4.0 £89 99 GAMCS CIVILISATION AGA £ 39.01 CIVILISATION AGA UPGRADC £ 19.0 (SCND VOUR DISKS AND DCTAILS) PRINTCRS CITIZCN CITIZCN 240 £212.0 CITIZCN 240C £234 0 PANASONIC KXP 2123 COLOUR £210.0 KXP2023 £178.0 HCUJLCTT PACKARD HP 500C £290.0 HP 510 £246 0 HP 550C £490.0 OV€RDRIV€ 35 These external hard "~7 drives come in on F * DBS box styled to match the Amiga A1200. They plug in j via the PCMCIA slot ™ and include an
- 7 ] external PSU so os . J not invalidate your Commodore war-
ranty. Ultra fost sfer rotes of up to 2Mb sec. Full 1 yeor war
ty, all the software needed to mount and figure the drive is
Mb version -£299 340Mb version- £449 Mb version - £349 426Mb version- £549 Mb version - £399 540Mb version- £699 200 UPGRRDCS P SCSI RAM BOARD s board is user fittoble via the trapdoor tension slot of the A1200. It hos slots for up to 'b of 32bit RAM, a maths co-pro ond includes a 1 interface os standard.
£179.00 £349.00 £ 59.00 a NO FPU ‘b RAM 33MHz FPU SI CABL6 KIT SPA1230 BOARD other quality trapdoor expansion for the
200. It features a 68030 processor os standard d has slots for o
moths co-pro ond up to 8Mb 52bit RAM.
'b NO FPU 'b RAM 40MHz FPU £269.00 £439.00 ff RCCCSSORICS £ 99.00 £129.00 £ 64.00 £153.00 Whz 68882 FPU V Hz 68882 FPU ¦lb 32bit RAM Ab 32bit RAM 6 ARM BOARD s budget expansion board fits via the trapdoor, os 2x32bit SIMM sockets for up to 8Mb of tmory. O 16MHz 68881 FPU. Ond o battery eked clock fitted os standard.
8 with 0Mb RAM 68881 £ 99.00 ¦8 with 1Mb RAM 68881 £129.00
* 8 with 4Mb RAM 68881 £229.00 IDC INTERNAL HARD DRIV€ KITS These
kits come complete with screws, instructions and all the
software necessary to prep and configure the drive.
40Mb-£139 60Mb-£l 19 80Mb-£179 120Mb-£279 209Mb-£399 R4000 UPGRRDCS PHOTON (FOB 84000 030) This board wil transform an AMIGA A4000 030 into
o fully fledged 040. It features a 040 CPU module with o MMU and
a built-in FPU running ot 25MHz.
PHOTON UPGRADC £699 HCLLFIRC (FOR A4000 030) This is a replacement CPU board for the A4000 030. It features a 50 Mhz clock speed, o built in MMU ond o 50 Mhz 68882 FPU. Vour 030 will only be 10% slower than on 040 during most operations.
H6LLFIR6 UPGRADC £299 DKB 128 The DKB 128 is o 0 woit stote memory expansion board for the A4000 series. It hos slots for up to 128Mb of 32bit RAM using SIMMS of any size. It is a true ZORRO 3 card which makes for a very fast board.
DKB BOARD (BLANK) £269 (See chips for memory) HARD DRIVCS (R1200 & R4000) These Hard Drives can be fitted at any time by us (FOR THC A1200) or the end-user. All the necessary software is included.
85Mb - £129.00 330Mb - £299.00 130Mb - £149.00 426Mb - £369.00 200Mb - £199.00 540Mb - £399.00 250Mb - £249.00 FITTING F€€ FOR A1200 £ 29.00 CHIPS £ 39.00 £134.00 £ 89.00 £ 99.00 £129.00 1Mb SIMM 4Mb SIMM 25MHz 68882 FPU 33MHz 68882 FPU -f CRVSTAL 40MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL CD32 CONSOL* This machine represents the future in home entertainment ond video gome ploy. A self-contained CD console which you can expand into a full CD bosed home computer. CD32 comes complete with two stunning AGA games.
All FOR JUST £279 We offer a full fitting, installation and advice service to anybody interested in upgrading or adding a Hard Drive to system.
A full range of Amiga products are available from our mail order service at:- S0FTWARE DEMON Ltd.
(0736)331039 Examples of other messages sent to REXX from ’rx" • launch a progrcro open a tracing console add a function host jisight wmmm' i T.-2sd Arexx All sorts of ittfonmUion cun be sent from program lo program if you write an Arexx interface to do it.
Says Alex Gian Expert views on the latest applications In the last few issues we have had an introductory look at programming Intuition graphics with Arexx.
Enabling us to leave the bounds of the C1J and to write programs with a true Amiga look and feel. We will now look at a subject that is supposed to be exceptionally daunting, namely, interfacing with Arexx.
Before some readers run off. Let me say that we will not be presenting reams of cryptic code here, but rather studying the basic principles involved (hopefully the code will be clear too!).
Even users who never intend to write an interface in their lives will be able to gain an insight into Arexx's inner workings which will allow them to get the most out of their own favourite Arexx applications.
In fact, some of our first examples will Ix: presented, not in C or Assembler, not even in Basic, Ixit in Arexx itself This, I hope will make everything as clear as possible. Like so many other things in computer programming, our subject Is not too Ixid once you break it up into manageable bits.
By the time we reach the end of this study you w ill be able to add an Arexx interface to your ow n programs, either by designing it from scratch, or by grafting it on using one of the several available utilities.
To understand the Arexx interface we must first look at its basic building blocks. In a bare-bones Arexx system, there are three of them; First is the Interpreter (libsirexxsyslib.library), As you probably already know, the interpreter is implemented as a shared Amiga library.
There are two advantages to this approach: it makes for easy multitasking, since several Arexx programs running simultaneously can all share the same interpreter (try doing that in Basic...) and certain of the mechanisms used by the interpreter - especially those used for interprocess communication - are available to the programmer as functions, so they don't have to be reinvented every time an interface is designed.
However, since the interpreter is a library, it cannot be used on its own, Ixit needs a process to call it up. This brings us to the second element, the Resident Process (SysiSystem RexxMast), The resident process is the controller at the core of the system. It is launched with the RexxMast command (which regular Arexx users will already have somewhere in their startup).
The resident process does two jobs: it opens a public port named REXX by which it may be accessed: and it keeps track of all global information about the Arexx sysmessages returned from REXX port, printing their details at the console.
It is useful to remember tliat rx is not the only way of launching an Arexx program. Most applications programs w ith advanced Arexx interfaces allow you to launch Arexx i scripts without leaving the application environment.
There are also third-party Shells tliat can launch Arexx programs withrxit rx. And even some rx clones. Of course, j you can also launch a program from within another Arexx program simply by giving its name on a line.
Arexx treats all unrecognised lines as external commands and sends them off to the current port, which is REXX by default. By now you should be able to see clearly that all the above cases are equivalent - all they do is send the details of the Arexx program we want to run to the resident process!
We have said that every application program with an Arexx inter-] face, must have (at least) one port to] receive and reply to Arexx messages.
The name of the port is selected by the application. Each application obviously also has its own set of meaningful instructions to which it] can respond. Such an application,] With a port and a set of instructions,!
Is officially called an Arexx host.
Suppose we want a host applies- ] tion to do something automatically.] such as getting a drawing program draw a line, a text editor to perfr a search or formatting operation, ai communications program to scan tem - the number of Arexx programs running, the libraries that are available, and other information about Arexx resources. Once launched, the resident process remains available until it is specifically shut down.
All communication between Arexx units, regardless of its nature, is performed by Arexx messages sent to Arexx ports, and by the replies posted back at these ports, once the messages have lieen processed.
The details contained in the messages may determine the specific behaviour of die system. Ixit there is absolutely ; no Arexx activity if there isn't a port and a message involved.
So, for instance, whenever you run an Arexx program, what you are actually doing is sending a message w ith the details of the program to the REXX port of the resident process. The process then loads up the program, oversees its interpretation, and returns the relevant code or result back to you.
The command launcher (Sys:Rexxc rx) is the most common way to launch an individual Arexx program. The rx command sends the information about the program you want to run to the REXX port, as described above.
It will also determine details like whether your program is a file or a quoted string typed at the CL1. And receive any Out o AREXX data from ihe modem, a test utility to beep, or whatever... Even though the two types may hosts appear quite different from within Arexx, they are very similar in their inner structure. All that is involved is a port and a mechanism to get and process the message. In fact, there is no reason why a host could not lx both a command host and a function host.
The differencevS lie in the contents of the Arexx messages, rather than in the ports. The Arexx message is a 128-byte structure that has several data fields.
These tell us what type of message it is, what instruction it represents. What arguments it may have, whether it wants a reply, and much more. It is (indirectly) possible to get all the information about the current state of the Arexx system from any single message.
When designing an interface for an Arexx host, the important thing In order to make the host perform the desired action, we have to make sure that a relevant Arexx message gets to the host’s port (we will see how to do this later).
This message will contain the instruction we wish to send, any extra arguments, as well as certain other details, which we will look at soon. Once the host receives die message, it is responsible for extracting the relevant information, processing it. And sending back the return axle and any results.
By now it should be dear that the resident process itself is a host. We amid say dial there are two broad cases of Arexx messages travelling around the Amiga environment.
Firstly, there are those messages which are going to the REXX port; these in turn may either lx* launching programs, or ocherwise acting on the resident process. Secondly, we have those messages directed to the pus of specific hosts requesting an action.
At this point, we should make it clear that Arexx supports two different types of host, known as command hosts and function hosts.
Although they both obey all the rules that we have outlined above, they differ in the way they are called from an Arexx program; they also differ in the way they receive any arguments and return any results.
When adding an Arexx interface, we must first decide which your interface All sorts of information can be sent from program to program if you write an Arexx interface to do it. Alex Gian demystifies the whole subject ? * • ? Explained later L0K6 L0N6 ); one to use. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Commands are sent to a command host’s port by specifying the port's name within the Arexx program (using the ADDRESS instruction).
It is the Arexx programmers respoasibility to make sure it is set correctly, although some applications may set it automatically.
Commands sent to a command host are all in the form erf a single string, and any arguments are separated by blank spaces. For instance: A9DRESS 'PortNne' 'CoaamdNiae' Arguaentl ArguatntZ Arguaenc3 There is no limit to the number of arguments, and the whole command string may be up to 64k long. Results from Command hosts have to be requested specifically by setting OPTIONS RESULTS instruction and checking the special variable called RESULT. Command hosts are the more common, and in some ways simpler to implement.
Functions hosts’ pons do not have to lx* specified, since they add themselves to the Arexx system as soon as they are launched (by sending a special message to the REXX port of the resident process).
From then on all the functions defined in the host, are available as if they were part of Arexx. When searching for a function, the system follows the standard order of functions defined in the program itself; built-in Arexx functions; libraries and function hosts; and external programs.
One of the problems with this system is that all function names are treated as global by die resident process, so you have to make sure that your function host is not subject to name clashes. Host functions are called just like regular functions. For Instance; funcles * HostFunc(Argu«ent1, *rjuient2, ArjunentJ) There is a limit of 15 arguments, aldiough each one may lx up to 61k long. You are more likely to use function hosts when you want results returned more efficiently.
Is how you recognise and treat incoming messages. Some of this work is straightforward, and some less so. But there is nothing really difficult.
Figure II shows what the message structure looks like in C; note that the name of each field begins with “rm_"; Don’t panic if you don't understand the C notation. Next time we will explain diese fields more fully, and also write a small program to demonstrate their use - without using any C!
We will also see how die system allows you to mix pure Arexx code with “hast code’ by passing messages hack and forth. We have already given some hints on dlls today.
We will also lx* including a small utility diat monitors messages sent to the REXX port - a great help for visualising what is going on. See you then.
Struct fiexxHsg ( struct Message ra.nodt; * Identifies aessage is valid Exec tessige * APTR r«_TaskBloek; I* Explained liter » APTR rx_Ub8ise; * Explained later ' wCNo rajction; I* Uhat kind of tessige is it? * LONS rajtemltl; * Main result (return) code of aessage * LONG ra_Result2; * Secondary result code or pointer to result froa functions * STRPTI ra_Arg$ [16); * an array of 1d slots for the lain instruction and any function arguments * struct HsgPort * ra.PassPort; I* pointer to another port explained later * STRPTR rt_Coi«Sddr; I• The nate of the Host Port * 5TRPTR
raJileEit; 10*6 ra.Stdin; ra.Stdout; r«_avail; The Ei The Ei The Ei The Ei The Ei The§n
* he The End The End It’s make The editing suites Buying any
video equipment is going to set you back ample lumps of cash
but fortunately the Amiga i a very video friendly machine.
Listed below are two examples of the sort of packages that can
bought to help with editing your masterpiece.
Allows the user to simply choose the IN and points of the edit and let the machine do the n The main downside is the frame accuracy three to five frames out is the average miss ra:« This may not sound like much but it renders tft system pretty much redundant for profession!
Work where precision is absolutely necessary On the other hand, for rough cuts and the fin t’s in the can. It’s a wrap. In other words, it's finished.
Actors and crew leave, with anticipation building for the final result. It’s all gone well and the footage looks promising. Reac hing for the Yellow Pages, your fingers do the walking to iIh.- Video Services section, the words editing suite Ilanging in your mind... A mass of adverts greet you. Each trying to grab your attention.
Picking up the phone, you systematically dial each one. The more quotes .you receive, the stronger the urge to slam down the phone and call it a day.
“It'll cost £400*, *£230', ‘£250 an hour with the Avid system, sir," Feeling numb, you replace the phone and start to reconsider your future career, Post production is the next stage to filmatic perfection where the video can lie made or broken by the pressing of a few editing buttons. As you prolxibly discovered for yourself before die shtxn started, professional editing suites cost a rather healthy amount of money to hire.
A far wiser idea is to invest in your own editing system to be used in conjunction with your Amiga - a very versatile machine ideal for video use because of cheap genlocks and all the accessories available. Check out the two editing suites reviewed elsewhere in this guide for furtlier detaiLs.
Once over this hurdle, the job of finishing die film can Ixgin.
First of all. It's advisable to sit down with all the rushes and logging sheets and go through each tape. Choose the takes you want to use for each shot and mark them down on the logging sheets.
This saves you time while editing and if you ever do decide to go for die full professional suite, it'll save money as well.
The editing process Is split into three significant stages - the nxigh cut, die second cut and the final cut. Imagine an out-of- focus shot and through the editing the image slowly comes into shape to create the final picture.
Tile rough cut is simply an opportunity to grab the shots that you want to use and slap them down on tape in the right order.
No attention needs to be given to the exact timing of the mis at this stage.
The main concern is to simply see it in die order you initially think Is right which may highlight any changes that need to be made. Remember, as widi die shoot, you don't have to stick to the storyboard rigidly - if certain shots look better in another place, try it now and experiment a little.
For the second cut, start to tighten up the shots and clip away at the frames. You'll lie surprised even after this stage dial you'll spot places where die video can lie tightened further.
The final cut is where everything comes together, all the mistakes made right and comers cut as finely as possible. Then music is laid and the titles put in their beginning and end positions. One of the main principles of editing is to always cut on the action whedier it is physically or dialogue Ixtsed to carry the edit. It moves the story along, giving the pnxeedings a rhythm and pace that involves the audience more, Secondly, it's necessary for one piece of action shot to cut together accurately with the next. The tendency among beginners is to try and exactly match the point which is
cut from with the proceeding shot.
For example, imagine a fist pulling back to hit someone and just as it launches forward we cut tc it from a different position as it makes impact on the victims ncxse. For the best method in most cases for gening the perfect edit, cut as the fist lias started to launch.
Then, iastead of trying to find the exact point that matches in both shots, advance the second image by a few frames past the point. When cut together, you'll see that this slightest of “jump" cuts makes the action flow better and more fluently.
If the question of choosing between gtxxl acting but dodgy camera work and vice versa should arise, go for the acting - a solid performance can carry a film more than fancy shots.
One element that can be often overlooked is sound. There An ideal starting block for the amateur, Edit Mate is a simple but effective editing tool. By reading your video recorder's tape counters. Edit Mate Supplier: Meridian Distribution Phone: 081-543 3500 Price: £199.95 SECOND IMAGE Edit Mate Essential reading On Directing Film • David Mamet Faber and Faber £6.99 An excellent, readable book that takes the reader through the basic principles of filmic storytelling, from one of the world's most acclaimed movie and theatre directors.
British Film Institute Film And Television Handbook £14.95 For videomakers who want to go a stage further, this encyclopaedia of up-to-date names and addresses of production companies, competitions and much more is a must- purchase.
VIDEO Posters, titles and video cases When the editing has finally been finished, It’s important to make the packaging and credits as polished as the contents of the tape.
Investing in a colour printer and a DTP package such as PageStream 2.2 (v3 to be released soon) gives the opportunity to produce some top-notch video covers and mini posters.
Titling can be done easily with the Amiga either using a basic paint program to create flick sheet titles or for some hard-earned cash, Big Alternative Scroller II (around £60) or the Scala Home Video Titler (around £80).
As you've probably gathered by now, the business of video creation is an expensive one even at the lower end of the market. Amiga Computing's advice is to keep reading each month for information on the latest developments, to stay in the full picture!
Are only two channels for music, dialogue and other effects so plan where and what you use carefully beforehand. If you're in a lucky enough position to have a sound mixer, I lien tracks can be mixed together and life becomes a whole lot easier.
Punter, get interviews with local magazines and newspapers, start a showreel and l x)k for a break in the industry - tlte choices are many and varied.
Above all. Enjoy the success created through your hard work, learn from mistakes made and keeping shooting videos. Good luck!
Once the final cut is done, show it to the cast and crew first and then to everyone you know, enter it into national and international competitions, get it certified by the BBFC and ask your local video store to stock it as a free rental vid for the interested or break time few videos, this may well be the system for you
- to find out if you actually enjoy the experience before
ploughing money into Videopilot.
Videopilot Supplier: To be enounced soon Price: approx £1,000 For the budding professional videomaker, Videopilot is an excellent system for achieving solid results. While the cost may bring tears to your eyes, the machine is worthy of the price tag.
Coming in a smartly designed casing with full tape manipulation facilities, it also boasts a highly useful shuttle facility which enables the user to flick through the frames on at a time for optimum accuracy.
Up to four VCRs can be attached to the unit and once hooked up, can be operated solely via the Amiga and Videop'iot, The software that comes with the package is simple to use and of a high standard and includes a basic titling system as the icing on the cake.
Videopilot is also compatible with the different timecode systems found on VCRs. When taping, many video recorders lay down a running time on the tape as they record. These come in various formats - VITC (Panasonic), RCTC (Sony) and LTC (used by many home videos and camcorders).
While having many features to tempt the potential buyer, there are downsides. The Videopilot cannot perform cross fading between two images and can't even achieve a fade to black. To lay your hands on these extra capabilities will require another handout for the appropriate hardware.
The other problem is that some recorders don’t lay time codes and therefore editing with tapes used by them are useless because the editing machine has nothing to read and align with.
In this doublepage special, Adam Phillips winds up with the final reel of the video making story There are two solutions to this problem - either copy the tape on another machine that does lay down a time code which leads to a loss in generation (the quality of the picture suffers) or have your video recorders modified so that it becomes LTC-compatible. This will cost you £100 for the conversion and make any warranty that you have redundant.
If this all sounds like technical jargon then make sure that you contact the dealers to get solid advice about your particular requirements.
Overall, the financial sacrifice is worth the end results - with editing accuracy being between one and three frames, this is the best system that money can buy within the price range.
.* .£265.00 available - please phone with vour requirements.
Vmf £169.00 £199.00 7 Beresford Close. Waterlooville.
Hampshire P0751W Tel: 10705) 642409 Office hours: I0am-7pm MoaFn,IOanv3pm Sat. mr~ Mffi WS lift Mi) "Bsdal-H . MJPEGhcj tt'erd Ssrcr Sirrrsats m Fnka Elerc*.
TanSfc ¦uascPat Vftfrt 12 ffltrtOS III}) Vf«ni?Sdai7i VA kqsNt wSSwitfi VA SsslacY® Wsrttyifm VAOufeSdife ffMSnrte&PiU?
AtrtSurct Sqce DEMOS laron MtA-Ort OwnTrw WE STOCK: LSD Lagal Tools fr»d Fun Panorama APOC Slope Amicw Auaumt Glim IMG DsktUfMMi Gnptnw «n.
Pkn • nkh* »»wry of mnuarv hr alt A rdon. Kuhiwj 4fi4 nrikj win turn Catalogue Disk tree Kith iour llnfartar Scapo i Jtrrtts OuiSy Bum QmtrGmt EichraUJ GccCttnr'lSowr Uwarjatn® ssr- irm&wvj ‘YfWXKiJCCW m kwsSittOimms UxJtafreWrtr MkBM HsveArs Darn's Rap Mil taro Midi LWSrTpneBeslfa VwiKuJSUACjI Strata Wroswe irfetsetaelWl LS0':a9Biii| frtCfttfiorfiit LS0IMCf»|4| .Viwirwut Tachxbgcat Deab AMIGA Desktop Video Amiga Systems A1200 120 MB HD .... E500.00 A1200 120 MB HD 4MB Memory+Co pro ......i .....£800.00 A4000
30 40 ...3 ...i ..EP.O.A. All systems Cflme with 1 year on site warrant). Varioussystem configurations are available. Please call with your exact requirements.
Memory Expansion A1200 2 MB+20MHZ 688X2 ...‘ ...£195.00 A1200 4 MB+20 Hz 68882 ....£245.00 A4000 A1200 4MB SIMMS .i .....£135.00 A4000 A1200 8V1B SIMMS _ Other configumtioi IDE Hard Driw 80 MB ....§...... 120 MB ....* .... -.....r.£7 ...J ..... All drives come prc formatted and include cables Paint & Presentation Software Seal* MM2U .
J ...£145-00 Scala MM30O .. 4 ..... £299.00 Mediapqint ..£289.00 Brilliance 1 ......* .....£149.00 _ VIDEOWORLD 8 Ardoch Gardens. Glasgow. G72 8HB Telephone: 041 641 1142 Dragon Systems (0492) 543963 Discount Computer 2iardware & Software Specialists L TKiCWi-hcUdrgtjawKlB ....WWW CWK»MAPBTWa$ 0NAUA4roiua«B Atk* 1900 Iw Y Chase p**, nc. Camotat wrtv i2J3
W HMAUOOIUwmiBardWjaoW __________£189.95 As*o**ri6i*b'rtt ..-M5M A1SOORAMF9U Board 4Mb 68389 £03.95 assr g - M Ml OtnpWOW ncnopnrttr------------flOl.99 OT-NiqilWWttlfTOTO - ..Ml OtK S*«94pnw*wpnrqp---------------------£10.99 Ali Amiga HD modeh arc dfriwl Commodore approved models, A wide range of Amiga harctware & software available including printers, RAM expansions, accelerators, consoles, this is just a small sample!
HOWTO ORDER Make cheques P.O. payable to Dragon Systems and send with your order to: DRAGON SYSTEMS, 5 Ffordd Y Maer, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd 1128 5DH.
Add £5.00 for deiwery. Goods despatched on cheque clearance.
Lines open 9am-11am, 4pm-11pm 7 days
• Prices may vary - phone first to check availability & price.
*E40€ 15*2 94 EXCLUSIVE PD The friendly PD service for all
Amiga users - something for everyone UTILITIES Atswpwgi TmMmMI
C«flrC2'BMD»JttDee Shlfc»Strf j ASI Al2tD Ftx Ds* Asi' ttc’tw
AssflFonpTPl ftrtUnrj Prrwi»T«t £B PtwcitsSanjes AsjfelP'rHrs
Cfeu«&x»tatir» oamto TofKlWAG«wFt« uctartHEmiair All disks £1
per disk Postage: UK 50p. Europe add 20p per disk. World add
40p per disk Cheques payable to Exclusive PD IF WE HAVEN’T GOT
IT ... WE’LL GET IT AT NO EXTRA CHARGE Nexus Pro Background
High QuallV IFF Pictures that arc perfect for Videolitling, 3D Rendering, etc!
Work in Scala. Dpaint. Brilliance, Mediapoint.
Set One : Papers Various paper types, including Parchments. Marbled. Papyrus, Foils aikl Embossed.
Set Two : Fabrics Varied Fabric backgrounds including Silks. Sitinfc. Cottons, Leathfcf, Denim.
Etc. t , jk Set Three : Textures » Various textures including Stoneworks, Woods. Floorboards, Marbles etc. Set Four : Travel Including Famous landmarks from around the world, perfect for use as Chromakeyed Backgrounds or for Holiday video title-backgrounds.
Set Five : Weddings Including Parchments, Silks & Bowers, Satins, romantic brushes, etc "If you use an Amiga for vour vidcotitling you can't afford to be without these sets~.They eontf highly recommended."
1. 0.V. Storyboard Magazine "Plenty of pictures for the
pound...These pictures look excellent."
Amiga Shopper Price per set - £35,00 or buy the whole range for £150.00 NEW! NEW! NEW!
Nexus Pro Videofonts Set This five disk set containsbvcr 50 high quality scalable fonts that arc the perfect solution to your videotitling and DTP requirements. Compatible with Scala, Brilliance. Final Writer. Pro Page. Pagcsiream. Etc. Amazing value at only ..|i £14.99 DELIVERY: Next day L5.00 2-3 days £2.50 Deliveries are subject to stock availability.
MAIL ORDER DISK SUPPLIERS WHOLESALE I RETAIL GRADE ‘A’ BLANK DISKS FULLY CERTIFIED, ONE FOR ONE GUARANTEE DSDD 3.5 DSHD 3.5 250 - £70 + £3 p&p 250 - £106 + £3 p&p 100-£30+ £3 p&p 100-£43 + £3 p&p 50 -£17+ £3 p&p 50 -£22 +£3 p&p Includes FREE LABELS & prompt despatch 10 DSDD IN LIBRARY CASE ONLY £4.99 + £1 p&p 10 DSHD IN LIBRARY CASE ONLY £5.99 + £1 p&p 100 CAPACITY LOCKABLE DISK BOX ONLY £3.50 + £2 p&p INCREDIBLE DAT OFFER !!!!!!
¦ DAT R48 £4.30 ¦ DAT R62 £4.60 ¦ DAT R92 £5.00 ¦ DAT R122 £5.50 each + £1 p&p PHONE THE PLANET DATA QUOTELINE AND BE AMAZED HOW CHEAPLY WE CAN MEET YOUR BLANK MEDIA NEEDS Tel: 0234 240954 Fax: 0234 240272 PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: PLANET DATA 9 High Street South, Olney, Bucks, MK46 4AA he Amiga collects Mkli data via the serial port but to get the right electronic and cabling connections you have to use something called a Midi interface, the cheapest of which as you'll probably know cast around £20 and are available from many Amiga dealers.
With simple systems you take one Midi lead from the Midi Out terminal of the synthesizer (or whatever it is that you are using) and connect it to the Midi In terminal on the interface.
MUSIC Assuming you also w'ant to play back your recording, you then need to take a second lead from the Midi Out terminal of the interface and connect it to the Midi In terminal on the synthesizer.
Recording is simple. You just load your sequencer program, set it into record mode (every sequencer has a different w'ay of doing this) and play. Whenever you touch the keyboard, or alter a control, your synthesizer will transmit digital messages (Midi messages) - and it is these messages which the sequencer will store.
Songs can be created piece by piece using multiple sequencer tracks and by selecting the sequencer’s play option (again all sequencers have different ways of doing this) copies of all of the recorded messages can lie sent back to the synthesizer. The result?
The synthesizer will use that Midi data to recreate everything you've played.
It is also possible to Ixiild Midi systems that contain many more instruments (extra synthesizers, drum machines and so on) and up to 16 different units can be linked together on a conventional system.
SELECTIVE This is because Midi recognises the existence of 16 separate channels and certain messages, called channel messages, contain a cliannel number embedded within them. Each piece of equipment can therefore be selective about the messages the)' respond to.
It’s a bit like someone writing a letter to you, sticking it in an addressed envelope and posting it. The letter, along with a great many others, gets moved around the postal system but the contents arc essentially ignored until the letter arrives at your door.
You know the letter Is for you because it lias got your name and address on it - a Midi unit will know when a suitable channel message arrives because it will have a channel number identical to the channel number the unit has been set up to respond to.
This selectivity means that, in theory at least, it Is possible to have say your Amiga sequencer, a dozen synthesizers, plus a few dnim machines and sound effect units, all linked together (via their Midi In and Midi Thru ports) using what is effectively a giant Midi cable loop. I say in theory because there’s a snag in that every lime a message passes through a piece of Midi equipment a slight deterioration in the signal quality (and a small time delay) occurs.
Some Midi interfaces provide multiple Midi Out terminals specifically to solve this problem but another solution is to use a device known as a Midi Thru Box. These allow you to turn a single Midi Out connection into any number of outpuLs so that each instrument can then get its own copy of the Midi messages coming from the interface. The result? Signal quality Is better and time delays are eliminated so there’s less chance of any communications problems arising.
Prices V3 Thru box £14.95 V10 thru box £39 95 3M Merger £99 MLD line dnvers (per pair) £89.95 Phihp Rees: tel 0608 811215 Philip Rees specialise in these types of units and now provide an extensive range of boxes. The smallest device offered provides three Midi Out terminals, it’s called the V3 and is battery' driven. Further up the scale comes the maias powered V10 which has its own Ixiilt-in transformer power supply and drives ten Midi Out terminals.
There’s not a lot you can say about Midi Thru boxes themselves, other than the fact that they work, Basically you plug them in and forget about them, it s as simple as that.
The same company also produce many more specialised units for merging and rout- The Midi jungle ing Midi signals. Even merging two streams of incoming Midi data into one Is not quite as simple as it might seem but Philip Rees's latest 3M merging device can actually combine up to three input streams.
Confused about channels and Midi equipment links?
Paul Overaa explains what's what Midi line driver (MID) units that can support Midi links of up to one kilometre (the normal cable length limit is about 15 metres) are also available.
Why would you need to use such long cable lengths? Well, unless you use Midi professionally you w'ouldn't but these gadgets do get used by live bands, in recording studio control rooms, theatres, and in other situations where the sequencer equipment has to be situated a long way from the actual Midi gear being controlled.
You never know* - the musicians among you now happily building home recording studios might also find that MLD units come in handy!
Recovery 1.00 - Copyright @ Upper Design 1992,1993 (iot deleted Vl Dieted §;: VjLosi v*l t&astertea?
Search: j stte Search ca thc Fas! Sear J Skip react errors Before - FORMULA r*e f IIAI11 Ntx j' 3 3 T . . la nnll an | j j nail AI900 compatible Recovery (part of Upper Disk Tools):
* Very fast retrieval of files from AmigaDOS disks including
damaged or corrupted ones. Both from hard and floppy disks.
* Supports the reading of "File Systems" up to those new to
AmigaDOS 3.1 (even under AmigaDOS 2.04)
* Requires AmigaDOS 2.04 or greater. Runs as a Device & Commodity
Upper Disk Tools is £19.95 (Access VISA Switch) & available
from .. Brian Fowler Computers Limited Tel: 0392 499 755 and
Bliliersoft Tel Fax: 0908 220196 Or from the Distributor by UK
cheque (p&p included for Europe. £1 extra elsewhere):
Wheelbarrow Software Limited. Broad Oak. Two Tree Hill.
Henley-on-Thames. Oxon, RG9 IRQ. (no callers please) Just
£14,951 includes instruction manual PLEASE MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL
ORDER PAYABLE TO:- S. RENNOCKS Dept. AC, 1 Cherrington Drive,
Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HE
From ovor BO Disk* ADOBE or COMRUOnARHIC ormot. Bock Disk contain* 13 Font* and costs 11:65 and £»;C CWUESE Ita BACK!!
WE introduced (he PIC n MIX concept (o (he AMIGA and mm- by demand: THE RETURN OF THB INDIVIDUAL FONT SELECTION SERVICE!
YOU CHOOSE tha FONTS We make up your DISKS!
_Price* for individual Font Selection start from__ 30p each
SL'Ot k i£ Ji.
INK-JET BUBBLEJET SERVICES Having u»*d Ink-Jsts for 3 Tears, we leal wt ara In a uniqu* position to offor a erst class sorvlco to all ot our customers. Wo only supply RAINIER Ink roails for all printers which ws CUARANTII will five a BETTI* quality lh*A from your original Cartridge W* alto Supply a comprahanslva rang* of l*k-Jat Bubbl J « Consumables Including: COLOUR KITS OMOINAL CARTMIOOCS CLaaMINO KITS TlYBLiK WOBBLER zA££ 2)d; ©?woos© PefcEE POWSiilftii ilipilpygk PHONE AN INFO-PACK: TEL 0702 202835 24 HOUR SERVICE CRACKLING COMMS using the system. Next is Christopher Bridge
C.K.Bridge@mcs.salford.ac.uk who wants to know.
“At Salford University all the students are given the use of Internet and FTP like most Janet Sites. Mainly I am striving to get useful ftp and exciting Internet numbers or addresses. Useful, being for my Amiga obviously.
‘What 1 am looking for is a gcxxl site to get GIFs BMPs PCX, New Utilities. New Music Modules and also one with a simple file structure so that I don't have to spend half my time roaming around.
“I have got several hundred addresses from an Ftp site but I don’t liave the time to go through them finding the best as I go. (A lot of essays to do you know!)
“A good site which I do know is grind.isca.uiowa.edu . Do you know of this one? Is it possible for a PC here at the University to call up art Amiga-Specific lie email boxes have been fair buzzing themselves off the wall this month, and so 1 thought I'd take another opportunity to check out the mail I’ve been getting electronically.
If you want to send me some email then feel free, but do try not to clog up the airwaves with "hello, I just tliought 1 say hello as I’ve got nothing better to do. Blah blah waffle".
Think about email as if it were a letter or a phone call.
Introduce yourself briefly, are you a reader, what computer you use mainly, and then for goodness sake get to the point.
I’m getting tired of huge messages about all the computers that you've ever owned, what you mate said alxxit me the other day and who you’re going out with at the moment.
This is a waste of bandwidth, not to mention my time. If your email is bigger than a screen's-worth of text, then most people’s eyes start to glaze over unless it’s really very interesting.
Don't also cross-post huge documents from other sources.
Send them on disk if you must. Right, that's the comms style guide over with, let’s dive into some post.
Richard Borrett R,BorreU$ herts,ae.uk says: ¦| have just started to use the computer systems at the University of Hertfordshire and currently I am just playing around with the system, albeit carefully. 1 just happen to write to you because you happen to work for my favourite computer magazine, Arnica Computing and you are the only address I have (Xitside Hatfield.
Net surfing
• I am currently using the FTP system, and I am wondering whether
I can use direct phone numlxrrs to contact various bulletin
boards. I appreciate that you may be busy, and sending messages
Is expensive, but a reply would lie most helpful."
Well, replying costs virtually nothing most of the time, so I'm happy to talk to you about BBS. You can't dial up any external BBS. Unless of course you have your ow n Amiga, phoneline and modem.
Unless a BBS is part of a network, like Fidonet, you generally have no wray in from the outside, and even if you did it wouldn't be the same as logging on.
Some BBSs like CIX allow you to log on from external systems by TFL.NFT, but most systems wrhich allow this charge you for bulletin board, ie one nin on an Amiga* I think the answer is obviously no but you've got to try.
“What is the average weekly cost of your phone bill? All the magazines I read only tell you about the price of the modem, the best ones to buy etc. but none answer the most important question that of phone hill costs. What if you're on the modem and someone is trying to call your house?” As far as good sites, there are literally thousands. I use the US sites wuarchive.wustI.edu and wcarchive.cdrom.com a lot.
And also ftp.funet.fi which is in Finland.
Most of these I picked up the addresses for from recommen- datioas from other Net users. A little bit of detective work, you see, ;t good skill to develop if you want to be a really useful Net user.
.All these sites have F.XTENSIVE files from Aminet and other Amiga related stuff, as well as lots of other cool stuff. You might also like to try Imperial College, on ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk as they also carry a lot of useful stuff.
Second question, yes you can dial up the Amiga BBS with your PC. You can even download programs but of course you have to transfer them to the Amiga before you can run them.
Weekly costs for my phone bill are greatly reduced since I got a 14,400 baud modem, and besides I work from home and so my phone hills are alxxit £100 a month anyway, whether I use the modem or not.
Off-line readers are a boon if you can get one for systems that you use. They reduce on-line time to the minimum. If you are using the modem and someone calls your house it will give an engaged tone the same as if you were talking on the phone, The phone doesn't distinguish between speech and data, as they are both sounds being sent down the line Unless you’ve got multiple lines you will lie holding up the phone whenever you use the modem.
Comms nut Phil South takes the plunge and teachers netters how to surf Write stuff Write to me Phil South. Comms Column, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park.
Macclesfield. SK10 4NP, Or how about dropping me some email on: Dxsnouty@ctx.compulmk.co.uk Direct connection snouty@dlrcon.couk CompuServe 100102.1500 'Premie* ‘Tftail Order Some titles may not be released at the time ot going to press. Please send cheque PO (made out to Premier Mail Order) Access Visa No. Ond expiry date to: Dept AC72, 9-10 The Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SSI4 3JJ. Tel: 0268-271172 Fax: 0268-271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. We Are Open 364 Days A Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P
for.Europe and £3.50 for Rest of the World. Next day delivery service available £4 per item Ltnnrgi DojM» Fw» uu - axi-lt, Cana D* 9® 22® S-ie'Lcjju* Wzrox* __17® ..12® II I!
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17. 90 21W 19M » Jilt *» COM 12 » COS IT to ii n ion 1780 2* H
2216 1TS8 17» 22® 088 CDS 18® tow 20W 13® COM 1 1*®
3. 5" BLANK DISKS AteJKVtl!-- Mid, MirWr..-- .. Grno AntnW
SvTOP A7p«* I Gr*n Dfmel OW 12t* .... Ccnjaion Me
EM* ......1 OudiJcy2To«e OiKXJo Jttftfrv ..... i
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100. .. 200 100 I0».
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CARE ELECTRONICS Dept AMC, 15 Holland Gardens, Garston, Watford, Herts, WD2 6JN. Fax: 0923 672102 Amiga Computing April 1994 140 rogramming in Amos isn't so much a bit of coding, more a way of life. Once you first start meddling alxxit with graphics and sound, and crack your first bit of maths for collision detection, you're off. Nothing can stand in your way.
I recently look delivery of a mail sack from the AC office.
Wow. All those bits of paper and disks, all of them either saying what do I do from here with this buggy bit of code that I'm currently banging my head on, or look at what I've done, isn’t it brilliant? The two groups really ought to get together, I think.
MOS Someone who belongs to the latter category' is most definitely one Steve Bennett, who sent me a number of excellent routines for you to see, some of which I’ve included in this issue.
Steve has grasped a fundamental truth alxxit Amos. It's the computer programming language for people with imagination, in the same way that C is the language for people with calculators hard wired to their foreheads, and assembly is the language for people who if you look closely you can see little Os and Is in the pupils of their eyes... Steve has some very useful routines that he uses and he's given me permission to reprint some of them here. The first is a way of doing something in Amos Classic that you formerly could only do using Amos Pro.
As Steve said in his letter: “One of the few things that I like about Pro is the way in which y xi can create outline text, which I think adds a lot to die look of buttons, etc. ‘I was thinking if it would be easy to create die same effect using Classic. As it turned out, it is very easy to do...": Rea Aaos Outline Teat Routine Rea By Steve Bennett 'I ‘Ink Colour 1 9 * Bickground Colour ' 0 - Outline Colour 'I - X Pos ' i - y Pos 1 TitS - Message (Is 4 ; Flash Off Ink 0 Box 100,100 To 200,115 Ink 2 Polyline 100,115 To 100,100 To 200,100 _OUT_TEXT[2,4,0,106,111,* Button It"]
_OUMEXT[2,4,0,20,40,"$ iapte Outline Text Routine"] IoUT_TEXTC3,5,0,20,60,“Thit*s Eitier To Oo Than I Thought"] OUT TEXTC2,5,6,20,80,“It would be using Aaos Classic!’] Procedure _00TJHTtI,B,0,l,T,TITI] Sr Mriting 0 Ink 0,9 Text X-1,I,TXT* Text I,M,TXT* Text lei,T,TXT!
Teit I,Tel,TXT!
Ink 1,0 Text X,Y,TITS Sr Mriting 1 End Proc Next a couple of really cool utility programs which check the state of your two most valuable peripherals, your printer: Rea Check Printer Status lei By Steve Bennett P$ =Hei»(Petk(»fOOOQ If P$ =*$ FC* Then Print 'Printer Is Online’ If PJ='SFD*) or(P$ s’SF8*) or(PS=“SF9“1 Then Print "Printer Is 91 = Offline* If(PI=*Wf) or(PS=*SFB") Then Print "Piper Is Out" and your disk drives: lea Check Bisk Irive Status lea By Steve 8ennett I Jonathan Parish If l*ngth(4)=0 Reserve As Work 1,36 : Rea * bank for disk status check * End If .CHEKJRMC"df(};"J P=Pina If
P=80 Then Print "Disk Is Write Protected" If P=81 Then Print "Validating Bisk’ If P=82 Then Print "Disk Is Ready To Save Bata Onto" Procedure JIECKJIIVEIDRS] And lastly, a routine which gives you multiple bobs whizzing left right and centre all over the screen: Rea Screen Switching Multi Bob Effect Ren By Steve Bennett Oegree For T=0 To 4 Screen Open T,320,2S6,16,lowres Flash Off : Hide On Set Sprite Palette Cls 0 next T MUMBEt=1 : Ret •* This is the Bob laage which is used first •* Tlr-IBO : OfFSET=180 Repeat Add A,1,0 To 4 If OFFSETS Then 0ffSETs-M If 0FfSET=-180 Repeat For R=1 To 50 : For
T=4 To 0 Step -1 : Mait Vbl : Screen To Front T : Next T : Neat R Until House Key Default End If Mait Vbl Screen To Front A : Screen A Paste Bob TWO,(Cos T1*2Q)*0fF$ EM20 ,RUBBER Add T1,2 : If T1= 340 : T1*-M : OFFSET=0FF- SET-30 : Add RUBBER,1,1 To 5 : End If Until Rouse Click Default Routine stuff Phil South exploits his connections to bring you some of the very best Amos routines I particularly like die sine wave motion of the bobs as they mov e across the screen. Can you diink of a way of making the bobs move further apart and have their own sine wave motion as they move along the sine wave
jxuh? A son of wiggle within a wiggle! Try it and see, and why not send in your best ideas?
Keep in touch If you have an Amos question or even a routine or two you've written which might be of interest to other Amos coders, then why not send It in to: Phil South, Amos Almanac, Amiga Computing, Europa House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK104NP.
Too big to print!
Now as you can see from the above, Steven is a very good Amos coder, which is why - I'll come clean
- he's a constant contributor to Totally Amos, and why he’s
produced Understanding Amos 2, his own book-on-a-disk.
This program shows you how to do certain basic things like using joysticks, bobs, the mouse, and it’s available from all your usual Amos disk dealers, Get it now and complete your Amos disk tutorial collection. It answers all the most frequently asked questions about Amos.
Steve has also written a utility program to create Zones, as I asked in a previous edition of AC. Even though this is too big to print in the magazine, I'll endeavour to put it on a forthcoming CoverDisk, along with the source code of that and some of Steve's larger and more impressive code. Well done.
Steve, and thanks again for letting us see this great work.
ARTWORKS CLIPART Original images for the computer. NOT public domain ALL DISKS GUARANTEED VIRUS FREE 24 HOUR TURNAROUND TELEPHONE SUPPORT ADVICE LINE WMC Each Ask contains between 115 and 270 onginal. High resolution, high quality images for use with Amiga art. Desk loo publishing and wleo programs Deluxe Pant, Photon Paint.
Pagesetter, Pro Page, Pagestream, wordwtyth, Penpal, Scaia etc 1 Peta ? Castles, cottages and churches 3 Tree* ¦ Signs and symbols 5 Wild animal* $ Prehistoric life 7 Signs end symbols 2 8 Weddings and family occasions 9 Fishing and freshwater life 10 Signs and symbols 3 11. Christmas 12 Frames and borders These are only a small sample of our vasi selection of PD titles, we stock tho full range of Fred Fish. Scope and Assassins We can supply any PD disk odvertlsed in Ihis mogazine.
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disk*) Spreadsheet LITTLE OFFICE w p D base £ spreadsheet SIMPLE ACCOUNTS STOCK ANALYST Keep track of your shares TEXT ENOINE V4.0 Good wordprocessar NOTEBOOK Put text files Into book form PACKS ELECTRONICS PACK Trorwcod. Digital Bread Board. ? More 4 disks • f 3 50 * PROGRAMMERS PACK Fortran. Pascal. C. ? Docs utilities 5 disks £4.45 IMAGINE OBJECTS V TEXTURES for your favourite ray trocer 7 disks £5.95 COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS 36 scalable fonts.
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Configurable for kids of different ages or abilities Versatile clear menus - Text or Icons Two full size workscreens with brush eut-and-paste* LOTS of functions - freehand, lines, shapes, patterns, symmetry & zoom Standard keyboard shortcuts Load & save standard brush, picture & palette files - Use Amiga fonts
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with I Mb free chip memory No orders on approval, but try a
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Calls to 0891 990 505 charged ol 36p per mmuie cheap rale. 48p per minuie all other times, i Ttevan Designs Ltd PO Box 13 Atdorshot. Hants. GU12 6YX._J PA AT Central Repairs on: rM* 1 QUALITY AMIGA REPAIRS i&dhqq A500, A500+, A590, A6oo, Upgrades + Engineering requirements A1200, A1500, A2000, rJ v 7 A4nnn SAME DAY SERVICE £34.99 + parts (comps in by 11am) rwvvv, mvvv Plus Amiga add on hard drives and monitors.
Door to door pick up + delivery anywhere in the U.K. Spares alSO available 144, Tanner St., Tower Bridge, London SE1 2HG Tel. 071-252 3553 ! NORMAL SERVICE £24.99 + parts (Typically 24 hrs) he keeps telling me I’m becoming an ill-tempered old so-and-so. Enough of the old. I growl. Hurling abuse at the poor defenceless monitor is the cause of her accusations, but I do have g xxl reason. Oh yes I do!
Like anyone who uses their hard-earned money to buy software, when I discover this software isn't all it should lx; I get just a mite upset. And ropy outline fonts are no exception.
I suppose I shouldn't complain, as you do get what you pay for, and these fonts don't cost much at all, but more than once I've bovtghr a shareware font, got it home, installed it. And when I've gone to use it I've found the spacing between the characters is all up the creek. Or it's missing some characters.
Or it's just plain knackered. Mot the sort of font you want for producing professional looking documents!
But I have a secret weapon to sort out these wretched critters, an outline font editor called TypeSmith. Armed with TypeSmiih I can quickly make corrections to the font and then get back to what 1 was doing. I have found thus to lx* more productive than hurling abuse at my monitor, which hasn't done anything wrong. Yet.
You, too. Will no doulx have taken advantage of the wide variety of PI) and shareware fonts. Ah, hut there's nothing like rolling your own. Or. When a font doesn't look right, having the tools on hand to dean it up.
If you're working with outline fonts, you need TypeSmith.
After having it at my beck and call for more than a year now, I've grown to depend on it lx*ing there.
CONVERTING TypeSmith's uses are manifold. The obvious use is for converting I between font formats. If you own PageStream you will have probably lx Right a load of PostScript fonts for it. But what about all those programs that use Compugraphic fonts?
Buy a load more in that format? Mali, TypeSmith will convert them.
You can also convert Compugraphic to Compugraphic.
Confused? Well, say you have both ProPage and Wordworth and you've bought a volume or two of Digita's Compugraphic fonts to use in Wordworth.
When you install them and see how useful they are in Wordworth. You decide you want to use them in ProPage, but you can't Ixrcause ProPage uses a slightly different format.
TypeSmith to the rescue.
TypeSmith will also enable you to create bitmap fonts from PostScript or Compugraphic ones - useful for creating fonts for use in programs that don't support outlines, like older versions of DeluxePaint lor example.
.Something I use TypeSmiih for quite often is to create bitmap fonts for PageStream. If you'v e used PageStream with PostScript fonts you will know how long it takes to display them, hut PageStream can also make use of the ABF. The bitmap equivalent of a PostScript font, which it can display much, much faster. TypeSmith does it again.
But enough of converting fonts. How about we get a little bit more ambitious and create some fonts of our own? Come back PUBLISHING here you chickens! I'm not talking about sitting down at a drawing board and painstakingly designing a whole new typeface. I'm talking about special purpose fonts, For example I recently need some fancy dropped capitals for a document. I found the best way forward was to create the capitals in An Expression, save each letter as a DR2D drawing and then import these into TypeSmith, where I was able to add some finishing touches.
There’s more. Reading through magazines you may notice selective use of symbols things like arrowheads, end of article markers, question and answer symbols, and many others. OK, there are a plenty of these types of fonts available, but it's so easy, why not draw your own?
They can then be used in all your publishing work and will lx* like hidden Typecast signatures. Why use what everyone else Is using? Be original!
Just be sure to keep the symbols very simple and no-one need ever know you can't draw for toffees.
Whether it’s dot-to- dot or point-to- point, Ben Pointer puts you in the font editing picture Logos are another example of a special purpose font. You might for instance have 15 different clients who will all have different logos. Using TypeSmith these can lx* placed together in a single font. No having to go looking for them all over the place, all there in the one font, just a single keypress away.
If you find drawing on the screen a little difficult you can take the easier route of drawing something on paper, scanning it at a high resolution to get a large bitmap of it. And then use TypeSmith to auto-trace the bitmap.
Now, I don't generally recommend auto-tracing as it can make a right cock-up of things at times, and I'm not just referring to TypeSmith’s auto-trace feature but any auto-trace program. However I have been known in moments of desperation to use auto-trace to get things like signatures from paper to font.
No doulx there are a whole host of other uses for TypeSmith.
Like any drawing or painting program, after you become experienced at operating it, the only limit is your imagination. I wonder sometimes how I ever did without Ty|X*Smith.
By using a drawing program like Art Expression you can create a series of fancy symbols and then import them into TypeSmith to create a fontful of them TypeSmith is what you need to patch up those ropy fonts, like this one where the spacing has gone to pot
DISTRIBUTORS - amiga computing issue52 unuarno clip hq t Fully
fontaaml u tnafms. FMtJy ter nport fKo yw'pmgrama | EMC Volume
1 • 5 Disks C14.00 - Classic IFF Opart I
- - - uxmto 256 IFF C0L0UQ 6QWHICS FOB A( n unit) 29 en awe,as
IFF256 loonal pics lhAl will load tfcfBdly into any 24 I
application, such use those
- 5 Di
14. 00 256 Women its!
.50 256 Horses 1 and more horses!
Horses 2 more Horses' £14.00 IFF Fantasy 1 t ag£rr; W&n & W&nwA.
I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Deep EMC Volume 215 -6 Disks - £16.50 - I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek EMC Volume 216-6 Disks - £16 50 -.
I Quality pictures and artwork from S 56 EMC Volume 59 - 0L I Bamboo Per Plants. Cacti, I EMC Volume 60 • 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Plants 2 I Herbs Food rotated plant* and ots (f other plants1 I EMC Volume 61 ¦ 6 Disks • £16.50 IFF Military I Aircraft. WWli Panes. Fgnter*. Tanks. Snip* and cts more1 EMC Volume 62 • 5 Dtsks • £14.00 - IFF Fruit I Apples. Grapes. R'berrws Sbemee. Cnema* Peers etc I EMC Volum® 63 • 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF People 2 I Barnes Kids. K*fs StiA Men. Covrttr * Famous etc I EMC Volume 64 - 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF People 3 I Circus. Htstorc. Borders Beauty Lingene.
Hairdressmg ole EMC Volume 65 - 6 Dsks • £16.50 IFF Events B'day. Eaeter. Haluween. Xma* and nearty 2mb ot Wedding EMC Volume 66 • 6 Disks £16.50 • IFF Work GardervProcrVonCommon 1000 Working Men Machinery 80c EMC Volume 67 6 Disks - £18.50 • IFF Food 1 . Baluin BBO SwoetiPuddmgv Jun1000d. ChotsV aflers Vegs EMC Volume 68 6 Disks £16.50 • IFF Food 2 I Salad. Mushroom*. Sweeteom, Woe. Champagne etc EMC Volume 69 - 5 Disks £14.00 IFF Science Doctors. Anatomy Dentals Medical Egjp. No-see etc EMC Volume 70 - S Disks - £14.00 IFF Education 2 Books. Teacher*. Holgon. Mu*ioln«rjmants Dancing and
more' EMC Volume 71 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Geography World Pics - Asia. Egypt. Alnca, Europe Inda. Arabc etc EMC Volume 72 • 5 Disks £14.00 - IFF Various 3 Boats. Ort Road. ItaiauVGeiman Cars. Buses. Trams. A,-craft etc. EMC Volume 73 • 5 Disks £14.00 - IFF Various 4 Can'll-.* Mouses. Canoon* and lots more* EMC Volume 74 - S Disks • £14.00 IFF Various 5 Obco Equip doming Computer*. Electrics. CXT-ce Borders etc. EMC Volumo 75 - 5 Oiski - £14.00 IFF Various 6 Soccer. Hunting. Farina Matter Am, Fnwer* and tots more1 CMC Volumo 76 -5 Do . TAsscs, MouJencW, Fantasy I I sin EMC Volume 162-6 I
A lwcrk tw Kd8 for Kds idea' I Ntw EMC Volume 163 6 I Cnekrt. Exercise Marta Am.
£16.50 • IFF Plants I rueca. Biirushp*. Thrille* e Lakes t _ 256 World People Irtcans and more!
256 TNG 1 il Generation J Nexl ( £14.00 IFF Various 7 M Stuff. Footwear end more* Trek iracters etc. £16.50 - IFFKidsAri Nursurys and PuynrousS' iks - C 16.50 IFF Sports 2 ling. Rugby and lots mcie' nt* EMC Volume 164 6 D.ste C16.50 IFF Sports 3 Football. Fisting. Ice Hockey TPBowlng. Snooker & Wktosurfing I new EMC Volume 165- 6 Disks • C 16.50 - IFF Animafs 6 Jungle Bird*. Horee*. Fisn. Farm, Cats (an typos) and lot* more* stwEMC Volume 166- 5 D-sks Cl4.00 IFF Maps 1 European Countries S American. Middle Ead. West moM* etc. atw EMC Volume 167- 5 Disks - C14.00 IFF Maps 2 Amc*n A sen. Amenca
(and Stares) ana other Cocntres nrvi EMC Volume 168 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF VarioUSB Mouses Elec appkancee and tots ol Wood Meta 'working Toots' new EMC Volume 169 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF VariOUS9 Events Xma*. Working Pecpe. Cars. OanJening. Transport etc sew EMC Volume 170- 6 Disks - C16.50 IFF Various 10 2trO» of Borders. Fixrvture. Food. Pieoes. Toys S LOTS ot Trams I mtw EMC Volume 171- 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Varioua11 Carreras, Cowboys Kids A tots o' Business A Computer Looos , *rw EMC Volume 172 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Vark ut12 | Meoca.'. Statues rnsecn tAap* and lots ot Mu»f People Bits' |
OTHEP rOMTi UNO Cl IP HPT I EMC Vol 2 -6 Dtsks - £16.50 PC ClipArt 1 gem structured' img ctpart Computers, BonJer* and lots more I EMC Vol 3 2 Disks - £ 6.00 - Pagastnam Fonts 134 Pagettroam iiymat tone* ccmpotbte w*h M program varoons I EMC Vol 21 - 6 D'Sk £16.50 PCX Clipart I For P'slream - Annuls, Cartoon Computers. Sports etc I EMC Vol 32 • 6 Dtsks • £16.50 IMG ClipArt I For P’slream - Animats. Food. Cartoon*, Ptanls and Drinks 1 EMC Vol 33 6 Disks - £16.50 ¦ tMG ClipArt I For P'slream Peopie. Xmat, Bukings Sports and Transport I EMC Vol 48 - 5 Disks - £14.00 CoiorFonts 154 4,8 and 16
color fonts lor Dpaint Scala OpeMston etc I EMC Vol 49 5 Dtsks - £14.00 CoiorFonts 163 4.8 and 16 color lonts tor Dpaint, Scale. Opalvaron «c 1 EMC Vol 18 - 5 Disks £16.50 60 Pdraw Fonts I EMC Vol 19 -5 Disks- £16.50 63 Pdraw Fonts | EMC Vol 20 • 5 Disks £16.50 50 Pdraw Fonts Typesmith Demo Disk £3.50 Pagestream2 Demo Disks £6.99 Opalvision Update Disks £6.99 EMC Volume 40 - 5 Disks - £14.00 IFF Borders | Stummy Borders • Arwnai*. Womon. ObeCt* and Nafuril *tC olvme 41 - 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF People 1 I Babes. Kid*. Men. Women, Working, Farmies. FanVtus Perpm ewe Volume 42 - 5 Disks £14.00 IFF
Natural I Plant*. Flowers. Tropical Plants, Trses and Garden Plant* I EMC Volume 43 - 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF Sports I Gytnniwtcs Motor. Tennis. Opr. Viator Bel Gama* ale.. I ewe Volume 44 • 6 Disks £16.50 IFF Education 1 I Sbles. School Churcne* Cnnst. Pneats. Hstory and PlAd*6 I EMC volume 45 - 5 D-sks - £14.00 IFF Various 1 I Food, Easter, Xmos&Boroeni. Valent row Steals and Wreaths I ewe Volume 46 - 5 t sks - £14.00 IFF Various 2 I Bullings Doncrw. Music Rescue. Zodiac and Survval etc I ewe Volume 47 5 Disks £14.00 - IFF Humour I Arti'ves Chckona, tools People. FrwL Kids. Oenbsts and Fish I
EMC Volume 50 - 6 Disks £16-50 IFF Dogs Cats I Just nixxe every breed ol Dog & Cat. Inc Wild Dogs «Xat* I EMC Volume 51 • 5 D*&5 £14.00 IFF BirdsAnsecta I Eagles. Oats. Parrot*. Common, Flies, Bugs. Bees and Sprier* I EMC Volume 52 - 5 Disks £14.00 IFF Animals 3 I Beavem, Geibrs Hamsrof* Deers, Farm Morse- and Rabbits EMC Volume 53 - 5 Disks • £14.00 IFF Animals 4 I Frogs. Snakes Trop Fsh, Sea.Freshntater Feb. insocts etc. I EMC Volume 54 - 5 Disks - £14.00 IFF Animals 5 I Ape*. Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras. Bears, Teddy Boars etc EMC Volume 55 • 6 Dtsks - £16 50 • IFF Flowtr* i I Da Its.
Fiowenng Plants. Ckrys. Ins. Margotos. Orchds. LiOws ate EMC Volume 56 ¦ 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Flomrs 2 I Poppes, Flowers 4 kx* more flowers' EMC Volume 57 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Fldvms 3 I Petunia* Tulps P’owors and lots more Flowers EMC Volume 58 • 6 Disks ¦ £16.50 IFF Trees Humorous. Oeh. Pine. Mope. Willows, Pams. Bor« ole.
I. Sports. MwMil. Animal*. CoffBtfers _ J EMC Volume 28 5 Disks
- £14.00 - Classic IFF Ctrpart | Animal* Xmas. CMS Compute's.
Hteoei&Bofdars A Seatons i mv my oumnv iff cup hot w* nmmM
(hat rev *»•* * “a** w *wmoty * «•»»¦«• •e*1 EMC Volume 34 - 5
Disks • £14.00 • IFF Animals 1 Bows. BfOs Doc* Water. Intecia.
Horses OeptiWR and Ettrfc EMC Volume 3S 5 D«ks • £14.00 IFF
Animals 2 . Cats. WM Cals. Funny Ca’.s. Trap FisK. H4h. Farm
and Funny I EMC Volume 36 8 Disks £22.00 • IFF Transport I Jun
about svaryiHng iron, Ansafi to Boat* and Cars (o Trams I ewe
volume 37 5 Disks £14.00 - IFF Business | ContQUMra. Oftc«,
B*j9 People Printer* and Funny 0USin«S EMC Volume 38 - 5 Disks
_ I Bartenana. Beasts. KrocWi, Weapon* I ig6ri5 Won A W6me ewe
Volume 39 - 5 D.sks £14.00 IFF Fantasy 2 I Darrnna DeWS,
Monsters. Sxols Wiiches & Wizards ole 1132 - 5 Disks - £14.00
- 256 Lingerie n, of all shapes and sizOS, in Dngorie I EMC
Volume 134 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Various 1 | Mixture of
pics, mainly of Women & Fantasy.. Starter volume1 “
• MC Volume 135 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Reptiles hakes. Frogs,
Lizards, Crocs and some amazing pics of Dinos.
I EMC Volume 136 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Classic Cars 6 disks packed with Classic cars of all shapes and sizes EMC Volume 137-6 Di$ k$ - £16.50 256 Cars 3 I Votles. Porches Aston, Countachs. E-Type, Mini. RR. Esprit elc.
EMC Volume 138-6 Disks - £16.50 256 Fast Cars I Teslas. F-40's. Countachs. Porches. Lotus and lots more!
EMC Volume 139-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Racing 6 disks full ol Indy Racing, Formula 1. Dreg Racing and more' EMC Volume 140-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Boats I Power. Yachts. Military and just about every Other type Ol boal!
EMC Volume 141-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Trains 1 1 st of our 256 Train vote, containing Steam and Electic locos' EMC Volume 142-5 Disks - £14.00 256 Trains 2 2nd dt Ouf 256 Train vols. Contalmng Steam and Eledic looos!
EMC Volume 143-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Trains 3 3rd of our 256 Train vols. Containing Sloam and Elect* locos!
EMC Volume 144-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Trains 4 4th of 256 Tran vote, containing Steam and Electic iOCOS!
, EMC Volume 145-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Military Desert Storm, Tanks, Bombs. Jets, Cannons. Navel and more!
EMC Volume 146-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Flight Planes, H'copters, LightPlanes and stunnrig pics, of Hot Air balloons | EMC Volume 100-6 Disks - £16.50 - 2l | Really cute and humorous pictures of Cats and : Volume 101-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cats 2 really cuto and humorous pictures ol Cats and Kittens!
I EMC Volume 1Q2 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 WaterLife Dolphins. Whales. Frogs. Fish, GoWFish and lots more!
EMC Volume 103-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Sun & Sea Just about everything Iron Tropcal Islands to Sandy Beaches EMC Volume 104 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 1 Pandas Deers. Bears (all lypesi. Zebras and lore more!
EMC Volume 105 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 2 Elephants, Gonilas. Chimps. Monkeys, Soais, Koalas and more!
EMC Volume 106 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - 256 Animals 3 Wolves, Moose. Cougar. Kangaroo Fox Pups and lots more1 EMC Volume 107 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Animals 4 I Lizard, Squirrels, Walrus, Kitions and tots ol other Animals EMC Volume 108-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 1 Forests. Mountain Rwer&takos. Waterfalls. Rainbows» EMC Volume 113-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 America Grand Canyon. Vegas. CeasarsPalace White House etc EMC Volume 114-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Castles Castles with Moats. Castles on Mountains Castles on Rivers elc.
EMC Volume 115-6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 The World From around the world - Egypt, Japan. Itaty, France. England etc. EMC Volume 116 - 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Birds 1 Parrots, Humming Birds. Flamingos, and lots more Birds' EMC Volume 117-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Birds 2 Ducks. Eagles. Hawks. Owls. Winter Birds ana more Birds7 EMC Volume 118-5 pi?ks - £14.00 256 Birds 3 Swans. Falcons ano lots ol birds that we can I identify1 EMC Vol Porches, I EMC Volume 90 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Planes 1 Falcons. Spitfire, Bombers. F-14's. Tomcats and more' EMC Volume 91 -6 Disks - £16-50 - 256 Planes 2 F-15s. FC 16
s, Harriet, B17's. Stealth Bomborsand more' EMC Volume 92 - 5 Disks • £14.00 • 256 Space 1 The Earth , NASA Space Shots. Lots ol Planets andmore' EMC Volume 93 - 5 Disks - £14.00 256 Space 2 enterprises Space Shuttles. NASA Shots and moref EMC Volume 122 - 5 Disks - £14.00 2561________ | Rendered Dragons. Glasshouse. Medcedes cars ana more!
Sm® 123 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 2 ugs, Chess Boards. Various Kooms, F-18 and more1 I EMC Volume 124-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 3 Rendered kitchens. Bowling Insects. Cameras and more!
EMC Volume 125-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls Beautiful Women dressed in very little. Blood boiling' lume 119-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 1 Jragons, Female Warriors and lots more!
I EMC Volume 120-6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Fantasy 2 Dragon Lance pics, Dracula, Skull Warriors and lots more' EMC Volume 121 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Tho Movies Batman, Starwars, Top Cun, Temunator indy. Karate Kid etc I EMC Volume 88 - 6 Disks - £18.50 - 256 Cars 1 | Ferrarts Corvette. Mercs. Formula 1. Sports Cars and more!
Blume 89 - 6 Dtsks - £16,50 - 256 Cars 2 lambos. Classic. E-Typa and US Sports Cars EMC Volume 98 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Dogs 1 Ajsatlon.labrador Cute puppies and even some u yTines' EMC Volume 99 - 5 Disks - y 4.00 - 256 Dogs 2 Sorters. Cuie Doos with Cals. Cute Puppies and more' EMC Volume 95 Lions, Tigers. Leopards and EMC Volume 96 - 6 Disl Running Horses. Foals, Roder EMC Volume 97 -6D.sks- Horses in the snow Horses on the I EMC Volume 112-5 Disks - £14.00 I AmencarvAmazon Indians. Hawauans. Afn
- 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Wildcats nd lots of other Wildcats ___7
Volume 94 Lois ol Beautnui Women 24 bit or AGA etc. You can
also autitul"v)omen, c 5 and more y pics as it 129 - 5 Disks -
£14.00 • 256 Swim Suits oautiful Women, of all shapes and
sizes, in Swimsuits I EMC Volume 130-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256
Bikinis BeautifulWomen, of all shapes and sizes, in Baunis EMC
Volume 131-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Beach Girts | Women on the
boacn the kind ol babes you see in Boywatch!
EMC Volumo 126-5 Disks - £14.00 - 25$ Gi Boautitui Women dressed in very little. Bioodboiimg H EMC Volume 127 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 3 BeautifulWomon dressed irt vary Uttle ..BtoOdDOiling!
Jme 128 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Water Girls Ifomon under Watorfalls. At the Pool and very wet!
EMC Volume 109-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 2 | Snow Topped Mountians. MountianLakes. Watenalts Slream9 etc. EMC Volume 110-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama Rolling Kills. Snow Scenes. Farms, SmaB Harbour, and Lots me Rolling I EMC Volume 111-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The Sun | Sunnses and Sunsets (rom Cities to Lakes to Deserts' Girls 2 more!
1 Star Trek • 217 -6 Disks- £16.50 - _ y pictures and artwork from Star Trek - !
J EMC Volume 218-6 Disks - £16.50 256 TNG 2 I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek - The Next Generation.
I EMC Volume 219 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 TNG 3 I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek • The Noxt Generation EMC Volume 220 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Star Trek 2 I Great pictures and artwork from Star Trek • Original senes & Movies.
EMC Volume 221 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Star Trek 3 3mat pictures and artwork trom Star Trek ¦ Original series & Movies I EMC Volume 222 - 6 Disks • £16.50 256 Conan I Excellent 256 artwork featuring Conan the Barbarian I EMC Volume 223 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 Dr Who I Great pictures and excellent artwork frem the cuH series Dr who EMC Volume 224 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 TV-SciFi I This volume comprises of pictures and artwork from Blake 7 and ‘V’ EMC Volume 225 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 D.Lance 1 I Stunning, high quality artwork trom Dragon Lance EMC Volume 226 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 D.Lance 2
I Stunning, high quality artwork from Dragon Lance EMC Volume 227 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 1 I Exceptional artwork by Ihe renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo I EMC Volume 228 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 2 I Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo EMC Volume 229 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 3 I Excoptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Boris Valiko.
EMC Volume 230 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 BorisV 4 I Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo EMC Volume 231 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 BorisV 5 I Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Bons vaflejo EMC Volume 232 - 6 D.sks - £16.50 256 BorisV 6 I Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist BbriS Vallejo.
EMC Volume 233 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 BorisV 7 I Exceptional artwork by the renowned tantasy artist Bons Vallejo EMC Volume 234 - 6 Disks - £16.50 256 BorisV 8 I Exceptional artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Bons Vallejo EMC Volume 235 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Kelly 1 I Excellent artwork by the famous fantasy artist Ken Kelly EMC Volume 236 - 6 Di$ ks • £16.50 - 256 Kelly 2 I Excellent artwork by the famous fantasy artist Ken Kelly EMC Volume 237 - 6 Disks • £16.50 ¦ 256 SclFi Art 1 I Mixed bag ol great artwork and pictures with a general SciFi theme EMC Volume 238 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256
SciFi Art 2 I Mixed bag of great artwork and pictures with a gonerai SciFi theme.
I EMC Volume 239 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Woodroffe I Really good W* rd fantasy pie s from the world ot Patrick Woodroffe EMC Volume 240 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Movies 2 | Excellent pcs 'artwork from films - DS9, Star Wars. Termmalor. V .
EMC Volume 241 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 D&D Stunning artwork with a Dungeons and Dragons theme EMC Volume 242 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 3 Loads of good quality general fantasy artwork EMC Volume 243 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 White 1 Spectacular artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Tim WhrtO EMC Volume 244 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 White 2 Spectacular artwork by the renowned fantasy artist Tim White.
EMC Volume 245 - 6 D.sks - £16.50 256 White 3 Spectacular artwork by the renowned tantasy artist Tim White.
MORE 256 IFF COLOUR 6RRPHlCf FOR aca ano 29 m aMioav I EMC Volume 147-6 D.sks - £16.50 - 256 Jet Fighters IF-117 5 Phantoms, F-16 Falcons, Aircraft Camera and lots morel EMC Volume 148-6 Disks • £16.50 - 256 Snow Scenes I Spectacular pics ot Snow Capped M'tains. Snowy Forests & Rivers _ Volume 149-6 D*§ks - £16.50 - 256 WaterLife 2 urful pics, ot Tropical Fish, Coral. SlarFish and lots more!
I EMC Volume 150-6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 Travel I Stonehenge. KnAjTut (Stunning). G Canyon, Collesium and more!
EMC Volume 151-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 NASA 1 I A nauts, Shuttles. Planets, Lunar Module* and Hubbie T'scope etc | EMC Volume 152 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 NASA 2 Shuttles. S'lites. Launch Sites. Launchs and lots ol Space Shots’ , EMC Volume 153 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes t I Due to overwhelming demand yet more disks of Beautiful Babes' EMC Volume 154-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 2 | Duo to overwhelming demand yet more disks ot Beautrtul Babes!
J Volume 155-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 3 i to overwhelming demand, yet more disks of Beavt'M Babes' I EMC Volume 156-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Babes 4 I Due to overwhelming demand .yet more disks of Beautiful Babes’ EMC Volume 157-6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 Babes 5 I Due to overwhotmng demand yet more daks of Beautiful Babes!
I EMC Volume 158-6 Disks - £16.50 256 Hunks I One for tho Girls - 6 disks Ol Chippendale' type Hunky men!
I EMC Volume 159 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Various 2 Pictures mainly compn&mg of Babes and Wild Cats.
EMC Volume 160-6 D'Sks - £16.50 256 Various 3 Famous Peopio, Waterlile. Snow Scenes and Travel EMC Volume 161 - 6 Disks • £16.50 • 256 Various 4 Space. Hunks, Babes. Rock Stars and Famous Peopio' EMC Volume 208 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Robots Some amazing high quality artwork ot chrome piatod female robots . EMC Volume 209 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Heavy Metal I Very nice fantasy type artwork Irpm Heavy Metal magazine EiWC Volume 210-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Star Wars I Quality pictures and artwork from the Star Wats movies EMC Volume 211-6 Disks £16.50 - 256 Night Breed I Quality pictures and
artwork from the SciFI senos - Nignt Breed I EMC Volume 212-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 DS9 1 I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek • Deep Space N«e I EMC Volume 213 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 DS9 2 I Quality pictures and artwork from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine.
| EMC Volume 214 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 DS9 3 p Space Nine Nino '5 ;e Nine VIDEOGRAPHERS KMC are teaming up with a leading film production team with the aim of conducting weekend seminars covering all aspects of Amiga related video production and post production for the beginner, semi-pro and full Pro. If you arc interested, send an SAB along with a brief letter detailing I I your interests and we will forward you full information & course [ I prospectus when details have been finalised.
• 5 Disks £14.00
- 5 CtekS - £14.00
- 5 OS** • £14.00
• 5 Disk* £14.00
• 5 Daks £14.00
* 5 Disks £144)0
• 5 Disks £14.00
• 5 Disks £14.00 EMC Vol 4 EMC Vol 5 EMC Vol 6 EMC Vol 7 EMC Vol
16 EMC Vol 17 EMC Vol 27 EMC Vol 29 9 disk contentsI 61 CGFonts
64 CGFonts 57 CGFonts 58 CGFonts 64 CGFonts 66 CGFonts
* r CGForts SO CGFonts 90 CGFonts COMPUTER SAFARI Desktop
Publishing Typefaces E M C are ihe exclusive UK and European
distributors for the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED commercial Computer
Safari range of DTP Typefaces. Safah fonts are of exceptional
quality, contain I FULL character sets and have been highly
praised in the UK Amiga press For those of you that have
already purchased, or have information on the Safari fonts, we
would like to inform you that Safari compilation packs are now
available | Full details are included in the EMC information
HAVE vourrwma ARE YOU SJC« Z* -awm'WB * TO orr -:v» • 'I ¦¦ EVER WAKTtC K a PHOTOS ma am t EVER MMTI PRESttfTM *1 ipaa yacwHLail , korphan* A « *» * so per TO mm i I We prow*r - v* • r» I but I roqurac •* ¦ • I (PCX. Tie or «: ' ¦ T ' FOR MORE IXTM Amiga Compute. - w wpc _ "E.M.C. are T"w Ewft f Font distributors in the UK" they then placed us at...No.1 In the TOP 10 of fhe Amiga hardware software chart!
Ian Wngley fro* - •' pa Wmtgm • «m tf sa»d “... must say that I'm quite impressed... Amiga Forms' r warn WwtB.
.E.M.C « ~r.it of expertise in the tricky area of fonts and can provide professional help and advice to customers" I Amiga Forma' ’ rescalable fonts available anywhere...there’s no cheaper way of getting quality fonts" | CUAmiga m **w 9 w**- u*«: couldn't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C." | Amiga Shore* '888 0** am and EMC... “The Top Desktop Publishing Typeface Award For 1992" Pat McDord*: ir mmary 1992 said...
• v best person to talk to about fonts, in the UK at any rate is
Errol at E.M.C" 'EMC * erne mt :. • throat retail area has come
none too soon, their service and technical backup is second to
E Mi : »G -4PHIC - Font, Clipart and Software suppliers to over 7,000 customers!
Our .• »•_» - ng technical support and service. If this is true why do the following companiesprefer to buy their OTP software frgm y*?
Information packs and updates are included FREE with any order!
• Nt** ' i, * Mate (fijiatf, andrmliraded(jfeeA daiitiod!
83 Type I t 68 7ypel'i ¦ 76 Type I's 73 Typers
- & Typers NEVJ rm I TOMr yoiuws I EMC Vol 77 - 5 Daks £10-50 -
78 Typel's EMC Vol 78 - 5 Disks £18-50 - 69 Typel's EMC Vol 79
• 5 Osks ¦ £16.50 • 04 Type 1s EMC Vol 80 - 5 Daks - tltst - 71
Type i s |EMCVol81 - 5 Daks - C18J0 - T05 Typers I EMC Vol 8 -
5 Daks - EMC Vol 9 - 5 Daks - MOJO EMC Vol 10 *5 Ml -tHJO EMC
Vol 23 - 5 Dm DUI EMC Vol 24 - 5 DalS • OO-SO EMC Vol
25-5DM t1«Ji EMC Vol 26 t EMC Vol 30 • S OM-tHa EMC Vol 31 Som
MJI I Tru» _ -**» v«- • . ¦¦¦% I rO (Mttti o •* PW .
CltPJUT* k.‘i » B Wr *CT I iVebfiw rvi r. -• -• • JP » ¦ NTIM
ec re Ml MOLT TOUTS n wmirie Tonis I neodolaa-f 'J •» ' I ¦ ¦ I
f AUW A (is* nr amm 67 Type 1s 63 Typel's 63 Type 1s
Ccwr»Mf.e»e »-.r $ £*'¦* i Wgefimtmumii The Publisher.
Wmeretc rm f touts Pie* r i Fev 16 eoiour imrcev for mu mmicmy a VERY HIGH QUALITY u issa MJCtoiijjt YOU WONT BELIEVE THAT THESE IMAGES ONLY CONTAIN 1ft COLOURS!
I EMC Volume 173- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Chicks 1 I Girts. £»rt* and moro Girt* Stunrirg Picture* Enough to ruike you drool1 I EMC Volume 174-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Chicks 2 Girts. (*rts and more Girt* Stunrxrg Pictures Enough to make you drool' I EMC Volume 175-6 Disks • £16.50 • ECS Chicks 3 I Girts. Girls and more Girls. Siunrarg Picture* Enough to make you drool1 EMC Volume 176- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 4 I Girts. Girts and mare Girts. Slunnr-g Pictures Enough to make you drool' EMC Volume 177- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Chicks 5 I Girts. Curttsnd mors Girt*. Stinmrg Pictim Enough to make you
drool' I EMC Volume 178- 6 Disks - £16.50 • ECS Panorama 1 I Mountains, Lakes, trees, landscapes - Great Scaia B drope or Orawt Ace!
EMC Volume 179* 6 Disks • £16.50 - ECS Panorama 2 I Mon ream* lakes Trees, Landscapes - Great Seals S drops or Dpami Pics' EMC Volume 180-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Panorama 3 I Mountains. Lake* Trees, Landscapes ¦ Great Seals 8 drops or Opamt Pcs' I EMC Volume 181-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Panorama 4 I Mountains, lake* Trees, UrOKSPYf ScfW 8 V OpfW P C5' EMC Volume 182-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Space 1 Jjsl about ovoiyeung K ho with Space meludng NASA and Star Trot!
EMC Volume 183-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Space 2 I JjsI ebcut over,wmg to do with Space inclining NASA and Star Trek EMC Volume 184-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Cars 1 I BMWs. E-Typos. Panaris, Formula 1. Porchos. Indy Car Ftacirg and more!
EMC Volume 185-6 D.sks - £16.50 - ECS Cars 2 I Courtachs. Feme is E-Types Veflea. TraruAmo, Comoros and Classic EMC Volume 186-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Aircraft 1 I Atcah CartiM, Fitla, HftkoopMtt, Mustangs, Phantoms and tots morel EMC Volume 187-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Aircraft 2 I Bdhbers. Buccaneers, Fl17i, Hunters. F144, Fl5s, Fl6s and loti more' EMC Volume 188- 6 Disks - £16,50 - ECS Animals 1 I Apes. Bears Pandas Seals WoVes, Reirdoers. Doors and Wis mare' EMC Volume 189-6 Disks • £16.50 • ECS Animals 2 I Oirosaurs. Eeohants. Snakes. Iguanas. Spiders Frogs and lots more' | EMC Volume 190-6
Disks - £16.50 - ECS Animals 3 Tho vol mainly contains Horses but also includes some other Animals I EMC Volume 191-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Animals 4 I Tbs vol manly contains Wto Cats but also nciuGss soma other Annnats EMC Volume 192-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Dogs&Cats 1 I Loads c vary nigh qua tty pictures ol Domestic Dogs and Gals EMC Volume 193- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Dogs&Cats 2 I Even more very nigh qua My pictures of Domestic Dogs and Cats.
EMC Volume 194- 6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Famous People I I Film Stars, Rock Stars, Other Famous People ano lots of WWF Stars EMC Volume 195-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Military I Tank*, Arc rah garners, Qgsgrt Qlgrrn Pics, trrtanlry and 0*9 mgr*r EMC Volume 196-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS Motor Racing I Raorg Bikos. Oag. Senra Scftumackar. Mantel A kits ol Formula One EMC Volume 197-6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS Trains I Packed lull of pictures ot Steam Trams ond OmsesEieclrc Locomotftet EMC Volume 198- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS WaterLife I TropicaJFish, Coral A Other Sea Creature* Groat ptctises tor Backdrops!
EMC Volume 199-6 Disks - £16.50 ECS World 1 I Pcs ot Egypl (inc Tut'), France. Greece. Ilaly. USA etc iHoflday Videos’) EMC Volume 200- 6 Disks - £16.50 - ECS World 2 I Am. (naans, Anuta, Chinn, Hmair ir*4ta. Japan ? To r (Hrtiflay Videos7 TUB BMC INFORMATION PACK The HARD COPY EMC information pack includes full details of ALL the fonts EMC has on offer, inc. Computer Safari Fonts, along with full font printouts, details of our PNM and scanning services, details of our ECS 16 colour and AGA 256 colour image collections, details of our PCX, GEM. Monochrome.
EPS. Multiformat and colour clipart, a font and clipart | compatability guide and many example printouts from our clipart collections.
| To get your copy, please send us your name address with... £ 1.00 & 25p postage (Payment can be made with either stamps. PostaTorders or cheque) Sorry We have now been forced to make a nominal charge info pack _M cover it's mcmsing site production costs ECMPSULMTE0 POSTSCRIPT CUPttRT I Yery chpad suitable for use with Pagestream.
EMC Vol. 12 - 6 Disks - £16-50 - EPS Clipart Weddings. Houses. Ofltce, Kids. Mil.Planes. Boats. Food.
EMC Vol. 13-6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Clipart Buildings, Animals. Sport. Aircraft. Hols. Chefs. People.
EMC Vol. 14 • 6 Disks • £16.50 • EPS Clipart | Houses. World. Music. BiPlanes. Males Females elc.. V0U COULD WIIN €50 MOUTH OF EMC V0FTWIWF As part of our service EMC mns regular competitions.
FULL DETAILS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE EMC INFORMATION PACK EMC Volume 201 • 6 Disks ¦ £16.50 ¦ CCA Animals 1 This voAime contains a where host ol Birds. Insects and Dmoeaurs EMC Volume* 202 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - CCA Animals 2 Lots ot high quality Aloured clipart of Dogs, Cats and RepMgs, , EMC Volume 203 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - CCA Animals 3 horses. Reptiles and iusi about every mammal you could possibly think ofi EMC Volume 204 -10 Disks- £25.00 - CCA Maps The volume contains ful colour maps ol probably every country on Earth* EMC Volume 205 - 6 Dtsks - £16.50 - CCA Flowers Pol Plants. Wild Flowers.
Garden Flowers, Bulbs. Hanging plants etc EMC Volume 206 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - CCA Natural The volume contains lots ot Fruit. Vegetables and Trees EMC Volume 207 - 6 Dtsks - £16.50 - CCA Various Lots ol coloured Musical Instrument* Planes, Ships. Transport and Fish, 16 COLOUR CL IP MR 7 TOR MU MIMI6MS I This VERY HIGH QUALITY colour clipart ts suitable for use with ALL Amiga programs that syppport the use ol colour clipart including Pagostream. Ppage. Psetfer. Wordworth. Final Copy. FlnaiWrtta, | PenPal. Kindwords, Photon Paml. DigiPaml Dpalnt. Scaia elc .
All disks, except the disks on EMC Volume 204. Contain special IFF index thumbnail screens. Simply double click on the ’Disk the entire t Index" icon to see the e H E.M.Computergraphic 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex. C015 1JU Tel: 0255 431389 Fax: 0255 428666 ¦READER OFFERS VGA MONITOR ADAPTOR RE INK SPRAY TURBO TOUCH JOYPAD Ths (S 3 iMai new style Of tend nett control Just pass your finger over the sensor - No more finger fobgue a blisters And thanks to better diagonal and circular |J60-) control, the newest and most challengng games are easier to control and more hr to play. The Tirto Touch
360 bnngs a new dvnenwn of control and comfort to video game play.
The AMI VGA Adaptor is a handy little gadget which gives most Amiga owners easy access to the higher resolution display of a VGA monitor.
• It is very easy to use - just plug in and off you go
• Works with any standard VGA or Multisync monitor
• Use screens of up to 640 pixels x 480 lines without interface
and without flicker
• Compatible with Amiga 500.500+. 600.1200,1500.2000
• Operates with Kickstart 1.3. 2.045 and 3.0
• Screen dnver software supplied
• Through-port allows the connection of a CGA display i Full
technical support telephone service littJ Pnc Order No.
S2J 99 9556 VGAAIonitorAdaper Save money and the environment with Re-ink Spray and bong back life to your exhausted printer ribbon. Simple and cost effective, it can save you up to 90% on nbbon costs and gives cleaner, blacker pnrt with no blotches and it works for all fabric nbbons JuSt open the ribbon case, spray Rhnk onto the rtbOfl and hey prestol ONLY TRO|AN LIGHT PEN Wouldn't it be good to really 'draw' when using paint and graphics packages? Well now you can. By plugging the amazing Light Pen in instead of your cumbersome mouse, it comes with a specially designed drawing package.
Kwikdraw, as weti as compatibility software for most Workbench-run programs.
READER OFFERS Order Hotline: 051-357 1275 Fqx: 051-357 2813 General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 Or er a» any time of the day or night. Don't forget to give your name, address and credit card number VIDI AMIGA 12 VIDI (24) RT d j
(12) RT ££249 The ultimate towcost colour digkiser for the Amiga!
No RGB splitters or optical filters are required, and you
can grab fuii-cofour images in less than a second (mono are
grabbed in real time). With an abundance of file formats,
full multitasking andxompotfe or S-video output * s vcrsatie
and powerful This will push your Am*ja to its limits.
Real-time image capture in excess of broadcast quality. True
colour, photorealistic picture Wes grabbed from any video
source. Display resolutions up to 1472 x 576.
It offers al Amiga users 24-b* image capture, wth no restrictions on video equipment or Amiga hardware Product Price Order No 1 l -afziier CW00WO99) o.VM Product Price Order No. 1 fl7iOI|WflW; 9566 J READER OFFERSI X COPY PROFESSIONAL REAL-TIME 3D GRAPHICS CLARITY 16 suprt) package enaDtos me Anvga user to back up their dsa efficiently and effectively ”'JB rxoOr
• '. .-.-rcrcrxr i.r ! *» .;' ullity
• . Lei n ppy dsk tuck-up. Tord oik backup and Me back-up
• Also backs up ST. IBM etc disks 1 t* CopY ft
• Checks dsks for Httfl ft XnaM*a* ft
• Opormn daw lor two loading ft ft
• Fast formattng
• Copies up to 4 cWu n 4fl sec ones
• Full update icrvtcwiKtfe X OPr PROFESSfONN. Caters for aflyour
needs, nfluded m the package « a tmal narowax rtcrfacc that
plug} into the external dirt drive port at rear o« the Amga and
your external disk drive |rf you have one| plugs rto the back
of the interface Ths .news the Digtal 8« Image Copy Mode to use
the Adaptive Rjhe warn Modulation routines to backup vrtuafly
al known does.
1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Europress ftrett neither condones rtof audWrft! The UK of tho joftwwt for the reproduction of copyngfted software. The cftered by X-Copy Pro we intended to backup usea own software. PD Software L other such programs where permisson had been gram. R rt degal to make coprs of copyrghced traced wkhp* me pemusson of the copyright newer Learn how to write programs with smooth flowing 3D _ effects and produce high speed animation in real ®KIiBIBjB§ I book. At the same ome.
¦¦¦BAmiga learn about Amiga [ ReaFTime a$ semWy |anguage Crapbics painlessly and B enjoyably. (listings disk also available to avoid the effort of typing them all out| At last from Mcrodeal comes the fira ever low cost Stereo 1e 5c Sampir for the Amga. Contain} two 16 tx analog to 49W 09M10 m«g convertors to allow stereo sound ckgrtmng The system can record sound from suitable equipment such » CD players, cassette recorder or any Aif or line level signal source via the stereo phone sockets prwded SlPPO phono outputs are provided for cormection to an amplifier O' miner The hardware plugs r*n
:hr senai and printer pcru and so can be used with the whole Amiga
i. irqo of comDJie11. I not enough. Clarriy 16 also ft j w*Jj|r
contains a Mdi mte ace fcr use w«h ft ** a Midi keyboard or
smwr. WtKh « compatible with ma(or commercial tdtMft The
Editor program provides the user with the ufwnace m power and
sophistication, packed with features which appear lor the
first bme for any home computer The My mufwasking. Window
styled editor aOdwi individual samples to be loaded into the
computer and edited separately I Mb Ram is recommended ONLY
ONLY ONLY Product Price Order N Wr.neJO&T oSooiodyt CU95 9SJJ
to'rwJO&nmitoirM,' 123*5 WS Price Order No.
£35 W 9522 Price Order No.
[129 9i 9977 Product Xcopyfobuaial VIDEOMASTER MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING OPTICAL PEN MOUSE The Ultnuce Multi Media System far your compuler Vdecmaster a t rtvauoorwy breaUhroogh n hrne computer technology corrbnmg ihe compiesty of a Wdeo ftg user w«n a Scurd Samper in a snge easy to uie low cost urn to tmng you the Jtrrute heme miti meda vfaeo audo ederg package VdtomMp *« you to record monochrome. Quarter ween pucturn at speech cf up 10 25 30 frames per second |£i opcAJ5A| prondng utoa smooth payback at hgh ipeedt Thssc pctm can be recorded from the output of a wtfco recorder of dcectv frpm
a wdeo camera or a camcorder and replayed on you computer screen tfdconwiw can product great yty'iufcpcttfes from any vdcowcrA'lh a piuse or sal frame facflty The colour ftbtnpmuclcdin ms package wR enable me users cf Mdeo cameras or c jmcordcrs K produce high quaity sK pCtxCS n gVyfaus CcfctJ Vdeomasw (eabm a sound sampler as pan al the hardware. Though me software can beusedwUierte’rtfsecndumpien Trn*wFpcnedbyjfU)wwtiaAJrrcofdng and eotng program w*w the wdeamaster software The Vdeomaster system *o features a ndeo scouercer The compete paoage conuns Vie ttJramasttf vdec dgtisng and sand
umplng hanJwwe ur»t. TB-Cotour Afcers far cohu (MfXii uK. C0trpeW M user gude and MiyHtmvoftwarE Simply the finest typmg program n the world, ths award winning software takes you step by step through the keyboard Coaching you at your own speed and skill level, monitoring your progress, the stunnmg graphics, the hefp facilities and complete typing textbook makes learning to type interestng and fun A stylish Pen Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement. It has Micro-Switch buttons which is ideal for DP, artwork etc. It comes with its own Optical Pad ONLY ONLY ONLY Produd
Vkfaorcstr OpKdPtnMov* TECHNO SOUND TURBO PRICE ORDER NO PRODUCT TT2 Krt b«n completffy redesigned wtft CUSTOM5ED PUU. DOWN MENUS and rwny superb feaares have been mtrodtAfd These ncuoc DIRECT TO HARD DISK RECORDWG. 10 now you cxn m*e those realy long recordngs without aiming out of memory The boit m TRACKER program alows you to input sampled notes from the computer keyboard so tha you can create yw own mefodtes The SEQUENCER allows you to ink very long samples together without the rwd to dhpiay the waveforms on tfr Kwn, and mdeal for rem«cs and K«9 compiation The MINI MOOUU enables samples to
be pMytd on all 4 audio channels from a MIDI keyboard. Don Box or External Sequencer iMdi Interlace reqi*red| Samples can now be stored on an edc fas which allows rapfa access drect from memory A wrte range of CONTROUA&E elfWtt |ndudng novocesl can be added to the samples including Variable Detay.
VanabfeEchoandVanabieSynthess :hr RI U J lC,il . fS irck.de SWEEP RAMP ,n() Pro I UP DOWN Offers subject to availability.
All prices mdude UK postage, packing and VAT. For orders over £10 please add £5 lor Eira€EC. £10 f * overseas untoss specified above Overseas orders despatched by Airmail.
Valid to April 30, 1994 Please add postage as detailed Pfaase nek il you do not wilh to receive promotional mafanal from other oompames TOTAL I wish to pay by: Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Europress Direct Address Access Mastercard EurocarcV BarclaycardVisa'Connect Post Code Daytime telephone number in case of queries.
Send to; Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB |No stamp needed if posted m ukj Products arc noonaSy desfxwhed withn 48 houn of receipr but delivery °f certam iiems could ukc op to 28 days *.MC Product Price Order N fetao Seurd hrtc l' A Upy-ud. 09 95 *XS Amiga Computing April 1994 mwiitf p_i_ SUPERDOPER 3 1 SCRIBHlfc COMMS II (?)
500k makes I bootable disk!
800k makes 1 non-hootahlc disk!
Phone for the LATEST PROGRAMS!
I-J disks £1J0 I 4 or nwirr ONLY £1.25!
PO Box 672 South Croydon Surrey CR2 9YS Tel: 081-657 1617 Jorvik Public Domain (Dept AC 4) 99 Hemlock Avenue, Yortt TO J tot Tel: 0904 624637 PD Only (40p + disk) 99p t 50p pfcp ‘) + 25p for Flah CoUk CATA ANEW* Pic ‘n Mix A Fish - Please i Always in Stock Fish 1-930, LSD Tools 1-150, Demos. Lnh.
Slideshows, Anims, ASI Carnes 1-155, Fontv U» Disks, Grapevine, TJT, 1-4 Please make chequeWPOs payable to: _D BATImAH_ Your (Jioieo P.l). One of the biggest PD Houses in Britain For a fast and reliable but foremost friendly v. Fofall your P.D needs We rannot be bettered So dont delay send for a catalogue today Only 7Qp Tel: 061 881 8994 OUR FIRST 300 CUSTOMERS GET DISKS AT 80p OR LESS CATAUX.l i: IllSh - top UK TWO DlCLA» vr.KMn. ca»cd onnauncN f!Hf||nj|Cll7 ALL AVAILABLE MlbA vpTV TITLES HARTER & M COTV JOYSTICK CONVERTER & MEMORY SWITCH. FimO UNDER CBM... WARRANTY. IQ* C0TV TITLES
• 24 Hour Turnaround?
• Possibly the best catalogue in the country?
• Friendly service run by Women?
UI this for 85p per disk?
Then *nd 5Qp +• SAE f« our of 2000 * Asks to: Dept CO. 2 WyelifTe Terrace, (iilmorton Ruud, Lutterworth, Leicester. LEI7 4I)X f 11 0 U . LO MI’ If UuiLrj' LLL2 ) Amiga AlSOO frcrtMO Amiga Cdjl . 11 AO Bex of SO Bunk Disk* .xktdng kteti) Clf Pre Formatted HD Duks 11 .V' SC Free loal dalvery (10 into radius) All your computer needs catered lor Please phone or lax lor latest pnees.
Barry Voce oboz 264973 XX Campion Street, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GR MILITARY SIMULATON5 Barborosso June 1941 @£17 00 For those interested in intelligent strategy worgomes. Send SAE far details lo: KW Software 155 Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7PS 50 TOP AMIGA GAMES FOR ONLY £9.99 POSTPAID!!
Thvie games are NOT PubUc Domain or Shareware They aro ALL 199] Copyrighted garnet tltlet!
Adventure*. Puiiteu. Platformers. Sports.
ShOOt-Vfwups, Beat-em-upt etc. Some of these game* were MEGA HITS FUTURE SOFTWARE |AC| 8 Magnolia Park. Dunmurry, Belfast BT17 0DS All AMIGAS - I MEGABYTE MINIMUM!
Fast Despatch on orders. Overseas add C2.O0. Amiga-64-Link £2M° Links C64 128 peripherals lo the Amiga parallel port (C64 not rwjuiitdi Use your old C64 printer with the Amiga .MPS. DPS. Star, Citizen. Seikwht, Brother...) Transfer C64 disk files to the Amiga (BASIC. E»y*ripi, sequential. B«nan-.i York Electronic Research Tel HMMi 610722 tax ilWOD 67006.1 The I'.ultliK'ks. Jockey I-me. Hum melon. York. Y03 9NI-.
_ j- _ t - v rr -w Ofh* 01. New fmorpnsa Cenfrn. Lime Haatn Ind. Esi.
¦ Y' |V| f 1 Ilf OW Church Road. Coventry, CV6 7NB. Unrad Kingdom ¦i ¦' * M. 2-V Tel: 0203 M1687 Fas: 0S03 634508 CJ No hassle, No fuss, Just order from us.
For a free listing of the whole library, just phone the iitMvfi number.
All the latest demo's available, including "9 fingers" (see review page . . F°r other new releases) The Final Frontier issue 6 now available! (5 Disk issue) only £7*£1 P&P PD . Poat and Packaging 1-10 Disks £1 per disk Prices 1-10 Disks £1 ?1-25 Disks £0.95 por disk 11-25 Disks £1.25 _26-* Disks £0.90 perdok_26* Dtsks £1.50_ NORTHERN AMIGA USERS GROUP the User Group foe Arty Amiga Owner. Any Age. Anywhere FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE, .FREE MEMBERSHIP Why join another Amiga dub7 Our General memborshp is free and tho range of 6ennce» fhal we Offer a Outtland g Why pay extortionate pnees at another
dub when they oher little in the way ot help.
DdMuM or member input7 AJI wo ask from you a to send an SAE tor our information peck and application form. We are sura you will want to join by then' imiotSJUL m *t aAfmi » nWw *r jMrt
P. O. Bo* 151, Darlington.
County Durham. DL3 8YT The terwCee avwiadto to members.
• Discount at Firs! Computer Centre In Leeds ¦ Jiwwli olT hwilwin
ami .olluaiv at ltu» tiTrrtmitr'
• Consultancy Service
- kaal iniuulumy *«*«- Ittiull) Ml} lm PC M«m'
• Typesetting and Wordprocesslng v? Will hpevt o» wonFpnxitu mi
ractnhcn tkvuimi
• Swap-Shop
• twjp uUWw fame «ah «ho mrWhrri yaitlH
• MemUera Section altxc. Mrailvii kwn. TwdMattoftwarr uleNunvd nt
a Monthly Disk Magazine a jtliNc nwniMi cwum IX) ItV. M C
ikwnM Imwcx
• Regular Meetings for Members
• Cheap Public Domain Urcv tihnry - Poai TmpOe B'JmW «Wlr «»A»
tw* A1200 P.D. 50p per disk For a catalogue send a SAE lo:
Phillip Woods. 101 Grove Rd. Gosport, Hants Pol2 4Jj
C. C.C. (AC4 . PO Bei 121. Gcrrinh Cross. Becks. SL9 9JP
_(0753)884473_ AMIGA - PC - All Commodore Call (081)651 5436
or Write to 45 Brookscroft, Linton Glade, Croydon CR0 9NA
Independent Commodore Products Users Group AMIGA KEYBOARD
OVERLAYS now yw un rife tin ttpoiri cemim m i* ktytoiai' *-Ml
I'XTOiWii j yfe3 Y=cS Brilliant tor flight swbtMns and ill
Kojnms with ktytoarl ccmminfs qiiws. Mxsit jrajhia, bnifats.
DTP. IfryUiiftj Cheques or postal orders only to: Sifverbird,
Dept AC4.47 Barton Rond.
Harllngton. Bedfordshire LU5 6LG. England For til AMIGA keyboards except A11100. A500. Sold ontf m puts ol lm lor tt Wpbs post 4 Pitting.
UK 80p: Europe iBFPOFI SO. Rest ol the WorUC2.50 Scorpion PD S?
T" "LOOK" 'T NEW LOWER DISK PRICES 1 -20 - 75p each, 21 ? 59p each For our comprehensive catalogue disk send 50p or 2 1 st Class stamps + SAE BRAND NEW CATALOGUE DISK OUT NOW 26 Broadmarsh Close, Grove, Wantage, Oxen, 0X12 0NH Dominator One P.D. TeM0709)837488 ioam-«pm SoatePDflisk Cl .75 Each itoVdatfs £».50E«h tu-19 Disk’s C12S Each 20 or mom Ci 00 Each LSOttoodsks C13SEK* LSD Legal Tods £125 Each SpnmDoc* CT25 Each Grap«Vin« disks Ci 00 Set Of 3 Frad Fun daks £1.15 Eden Juol AMIGA McntMy £1.25 Eacn Soopo osks 1-220 Cl 25 Eacft Ful sol JAM Oisxs n0 m ad) £10 00 Save £2 50 Full Spnnf 1 -8
(Not me 7) £7 00Save£l75 Full sat ISO Docs CSS 00 Save C2 35 Fmd Fish 1 to 890 now In siocfc £1.20 Each Fid Mt LSD Lagal Toots C54 00 Sav. £225 We havo hurriiedS of PO disks rnogng *rom Oomo s. Mufcc. Uwitm*. Virus Killers. Muse Damo’s. A1200 Osmo's. Emulators, Fonts. 100‘s of module disks, about 0000 samples, Pictures. Cip Art and LOU more.
Fora Fra« Catalogue dak send a SAE lo OP ROEBUCK. 11 THE UAL TINGS. ALMA ROAO. ROTHERHAM. SOUTH YORKSHIRE. SCO 2JA PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES’PQSTAL ORDERS TO GP ROEBUCK (THANK YOU) All P0M4I Orders are despatchM tno same day on raewnrg your order (1st class poat) VT shop ysgf.
Y M8BQi®«7o*150 W SySmartyPaints, 10 out of 10, Switch boxes' Workbench 2.1 enhancer pack, dataflyer XDS Stem ol Yostoryoor..l57 Cheap and effective hard drives for A500 owners GoHing 158 Jv Hints and tips for the video beginner A ®0ok review.. 16 l4P . The latest paper-bound y Amiga title examined Workbench 2.1 upgrade Supplier: First Computer Centre Phone: 0532 319444 Price: £50 £60 with Kickstart ROM ust when you thought it was safe to consider yourself complete when it came to upgrading and I that, along comes another Workbench for you to look at I have a number of Amigas. And I
don’t know about you. But I can’t really be bothered to upgrade them all the time to the ultimate spec. Most of the machines I have are WB2 machines, although one is still 1.2! I do have a 1.3 chip lying about but you know I just can't seem to find the time to change it and besides I'm kind of nostalgic for the old beast Now it happens that I already know a little bit about Workbench 2.1. and that is because I have a book on WB 3.0. the OS which you find in your common or garden A1200 or A4Q00. You see the simple fact is that 2.1 is 3.0 without all the frilly little AGA btts, which as a
non-AGA man I find a tantalising concept Commodore's official Workbench 2.1 upgrade, promising WB3.0 facilities to 2.04 users, is finally available ? | Devs ED I IQ 1 r A A DOSDr ivers Shell NoFastMen Fountain r Keynaps ilkt Aaa Aaa L Fornat F ixFonts RexxMast Mon itors n Printers _±_ 3 11 I Inside the huge box you get a lot of packing, five floppies and four books. The floppies are Install. Workbench. Fonts. Locale, and Extras, and these are all spooled onto your hard drive (which is a requirement for this version) using the Workbench Installer program.
Simply run the Install program from the icon on the Install disk and the rest is automatic. If you have Workbench 2.04 installed on your machine the system will overwrite it and install the new OS over the top of it Sadly this OS will only work if you have a WB 2.04 ROM in your Amiga. If your machine is a 3000.500 Plus or 600 then you have this already (if you buy an A600 now it should have 2.1 In it so ask before you buy).
If your machine is an old A500 or A2000 then chances are you are running the old 1.3 ROMs and you’ll have to buy a kit which has the ROM in it as well. The books are top notch, and for Commodore they are really quite well produced and readable. There is a book on Workbench 2.1, one on AmigaDOS. One on using Arexx, and one on Amiga hard drives, don’t ask me why.
A change worth noting is that Arexx is now completely part of the system, and rightly so as a lot of programs now assume that you have it installed.
Also free with this revision is CrossDOS. Which is now bolted onto the system. All you have to do to fit PC format disk readability is drag the PC disk icons from the Storage drawer into the Devs DOSdrivers drawer.
Each time you insert a disk you will get the choice to look at it as either a PC or Amiga disk through both Workbench and Shell.
The Locale system is also included, which sets the language and time zones for your system. Printer support now also includes PostScript, which will be a welcome bonus to those people who already use laser printers for DTP.
Is it the bee’s knees? Well yes. If a little late for most people. The extra features are certainly worth the money, although you might not notice a lot of functional difference if you are already used to 2.04. apart from those few little widgets to which 3.0 users are accustomed.
You can’t have II if you don’t have the Kickstart 2 ROMs, but this is also the first WB not to work on anything less than a hard drive It’s too big. Sign of the times I guess.
Some of us like to have the latest thing, that's a fact, and if you do then this is it Operating system as fashion statement?
Whatever next?
PHIL SOUTH Workbench Kickstart version 37.175 Workbench version 38.36 Copyright S 1985-1991 Connodore-Rniga, Inc. (HI Rights Reserved OK Dinosaurs and Junior Essentials education programs Supplier: 10 out of 10 Educational Systems Phone. 0742 780370 Price: £25.95 Though producing a range of educational packages which lag behind others in terms of graphics and sound quality. 10 out of 10 have always released software which is well targeted and educationally focused. The two latest releases go along with this general trend.
Junior Essentials is the better of the two and covers a wide range of subjects through the use of simple games. Spelling, grammar, arithmetic, and science are covered, as are history, geography, French, and telling time.
Aimed at the 5 to 11 years age group, the two-disk set comprises of six games dealing with 36 National Curriculum attainment targets, progress in which is automatically recorded on the usual 10 out of 10 progress chart Children arc awarded one or two stars depending on their success, and up to 64 can be monitored at once.
The games themselves are well thought out. A mixture of arcade-type and more sedate point-and-click exercises. Probably the best is Break Up. An Arkanoid clone in which the pupil shoots away the bricks around a variety of answers to a question before hitting the correct answer and claiming the points. In most games.
A timer can be selected to add a bit of spice, and as any one of the curriculum subjects can be the object of each game there should be enough variety to keep young kids happy for some time. High score tables and an element of customisation provide incentive if a clip round the ear won't keep them at the screen.
Dinosaurs is a slightly weaker package, though its theme should ensure that the tyrannosaurus-obsessed youngsters in the post-Jurassic Park period are at least interested in the subject matter.
Consisting of six games and constructed in the same style as Junior Essentials. Dinosaurs benefits from the high score tables, progress chart, and customisation of its stablemate, but the approach it takes can sometimes be a little overambitious.
If a magazine reviewer can be confused by a question which asks "Which dinosaur's name means „r then a six-year-old certainly can (though we shouldn't make too many assumptions about reviewer intelligence).
In other ways, though. Dinosaurs makes up for this and completing the six games should result in a child who knows enough to bore the rest of the family silly when they watch Jurassic Park on video.
The combination of direct multiple choice questions and games which offer a series of clues about a particular dinosaur species means that the child can bring knowledge gained from one game to bear on the next. Despite the narow subject matter, this sort of fact finding keeps the interest level reasonably high, Over the course of this program, a child should learn which dinosaurs were carnivorous and which were herbivores, the relative sizes of the different species, attack methods, and so on.
The games used are less arcade-oriented than those in Junior Essentials, but the Spare Ribs. T-Rex. And Lost Island sections should provide monster fun for your Own little monsters. With the current craze for dinosaurs still rampant, this package could be a gentle child-friendly introduction to the notion of education through the Amiga, and as such it is recommended.
Dinosaurs fits well with the sort of general knowledge projects carried out in Junior Schools all over the country and can either stand on its own or as a package to return to when little Tarquin starts to tire of the three Rs.
STEVIE KENNEDY Hi Workbench through the years
1. 0 Only used in early Amiga 1000s. Used a Kickstart on a disk
and was really a very 2.04 The ROMs were cast in stone. A
proper working A3000. And the A500 Rus. Then hard-to-gse piece
of software It fought back, like a good OS should. Sod this
easy-to- use lark, that's for wussies.
1. 2 Early A500 and A2000 machines All the bugs were ironed out.
But people still wanted more for their dosh. Windows was
making us feel a bit peeved too. So more oomph! Was wanted
1. 3 Late model A500s and A2000s Now we had command history in
AmigaDOS, and Workbench was a little bit smarter, although it
still looked pretty much the same as before. Deep blue
background and white borders. Looked kmda tacky, like a Silly
PC Of something.
2. 0 The Amiga 3000 broke the mould. We had seen the future, and
it was light grey and blue. But again is was Kickstart on disk
and bugs galore. And yeah, where was the WB 2 upgrade kit for
us real Amiga users, eh?
By way of a taste of things to come the A600, which was halt the man the A1200 was going to be.
3. 0 The A1200 and A4000. You can now also have pictures in up to
256-colours on your Workbench, It eats memory like a hungry
pig with a stomach extension. But it has Locale. So what?
2. 1 Hang on shouldn't this come before 3.0? This is WB 3 for the
masses. The masses of people who already have Amigas. All the
tricky technical stuff of WB 3 without all the AGA stuff, like
pictures in your windows and backdrop. Bastards.
4. 0 Soon to be launched onto a fully suspecting public, the
ultimate OS for the 90s.
Something which makes Windows look like a PC operating system. How far can you go with cosmetic enhancements?
Data switch boxes Parallel, serial, and monitor switch boxes for all Amigas Supplier: Lightwave Ltd Phone: OS I-650 5003 Price: Call Switch boxes are ungiamorous, unexciting, and go almost unnoticed by most users, but they are as essential as a mouse to many productivity setups.
As the peripherals start to pile up, the situation will soon arise where more than one commonly used piece of kit demand to use the same port Scanners which use the parallel port are the usual culprits, competing as they do with printers, and anything which tries to hog the serial port, such as a dongle for an expensive piece of software, will clash with a modem.
Data switch boxes come in all sizes for all sorts of ports, and the range distributed by Lightwave covers just about everything. The units we looked at included the serial, parallel, and monitor boxes, and straight away the monitor switcher came in handy as a switch between the normal Amiga display and the Retina 24-bit card's output Normally, one would have to either use two monitors (one attached to the Amiga, the other to the Retina's RGB port), or the monitor swapped over every time an image was displayed on the Retina. With the switcher box. You just connect the monitor to the box and
use a couple of RGB leads to connect the box to the two video pom.
Hey presto, all you have to do is flick a switch to view any Retina image, Lovely, The switch boxes are very sturdily constructed in steel and use quality rotary switches which give the impression that they would last a lifetime. Other touches include full shielding and gold plated contacts, plus littie rubber feet to stop the boxes sliding across the desk.
STEVIE KENNEDY DataFlyer XDS External 3.5in IDE hard drive kit for A600 AI200 Supplier: First Computer Centre Phone: 0532 319444 Price: £54.99 (hard drives optional) The advantages of a hard drive are numerous but it seems that the larger the hard drive the quicker it fills up and eventually you find yourself constantly shifting programs and data in order to maximise the space.
What many A600 and A1200 owners might not know is that the IDE interface in their machines can control two drive units if only a second one could be fitted inside the Amiga's tight plastic casing. First Computer Centre think they have the answer in the shape of the DataFlyer XDS, an external box which uses the internal IDE interface.
The DataFlyer features a lightweight metal case complete with ribbons and software but although the manual is fairly clear, actually fitting the kit into the machine is a nightmare.
It is not a simple task and certainly not recommended for Amiga novices as it requires a great deal of fiddling inside the machine. The actual ribbon plugs into the IDE port on the motherboard and exits through the PCMCIA slot.
There is an additional IDE connector on the ribbon so that you can attach your own drive. This may sound simple in concept but when it comes down to the practical, things rapidly get very difficult.
In order to feed the ribbon through the PCMCIA slot you need to remove the motherboard protective plate which i$ a real chore. The manual warns that the plate is fairly sharp and care should be taken when removing it Fairly sharp? The plate is so sharp it would put the teeth of a Great White shark to shame.
However, once the pain of fitting was over the drive performed exceedingly well and looked at home sat alongside the A1200. There wasn't a noticeable speed increase over the built-in IDE but the major advantage of this kind of hardware is increasing the storage capacity and avoiding the use of the slow PCMCIA slot The DataFlyer powers from the Amiga supply but there is an optional PSU port if the load proves too great Jumpers are also included if you want to change the power input and set up how the drive should be interpreted - either as a single, master or slave drive. This depends very
much on how many hard drives you presently use and which ones are auto- booting.
Provided you can put up with the installation, the DataFlyer XDS is a very useful piece of equipment that allows you to upgrade the storage capacity of your present system without having to replace your old hard drive (good news for 40Mb owners).
I would have to question its durability due to the very suspect wire connections which weren't very well secured and did tend to come away from the port connectors, but hopefully the First Computer Centre will rectify this as soon as possible.
The drive case and cables costs £54.99 and 3.5in drives can be purchased at an additional cost, the largest drive size being 420Mb.
SmartyPaints Children's paint package for ages 5 to 14 ycari Supplier: Chroma Computer Images Phone: 0328 862693 Price; £28.50 Paint packages for younger children are a more commor. .pt these days than in years gone by. But there are still only a Kid Pix being the most notable recent release. SmartyParrs • a simple package with a new twist in that it is designed with parent in mind and can be configured for each child m household.
The idea is based around a main menu containing a vj- *-• of the usual painting and drawing tools from where the act* painting menu can be controlled. Parents are invited to decide which tools each child an master, and the menus which appear when that child uses the package can be set to include only those tools.
When the parent is happy that the tools are just right, "locking" the menu ensures that the configuration is saved to disk.
Chroma allow each household to copy the disk for each child and each configuration, so there's no need to spend £28.50 more than once.
A PIN number feature is available so that only by typing it in an the user access the configuration screen, so parents have access and control and an leave little Jane and Johnnie to paint away in peace.
What SmartyPaints brings to the “edutainment" field is the process whereby a child an be set a number of exercises, or just left to draw freehand until the parent or teacher decides it is time to introduce a new tool.
By gradually increasing the tools available to the kiddy, a sense of definite achievement is encouraged as is a structured approach to teaching computer art.
As a bonus, by restricting the tools to the bare minimum, one an avoid the usual confused stare when twenty or so buttons spring to life on screen when first booting a piece of software. AQd as any teacher will tell you. Making a child comfortable with a new task is half the battle.
STEVIE KENNEDY Qomjpwtem £st Commodore 11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS 14Mhz 68020,2 MB RAM, 3,5" Floppy hrive, AGA Chip Set.
A120 262,000 Colours On Screen and Free On-Site Warranty.
Free Technical Support £289.95 Official C- Haiti Drive Versions Available Phone Us!
We stock CD ROM Disks THE AMIGA CONNECTION Your One Stop Cable and Connector Shop.
Canon BjlOsx Popular and affordable near laser quality Bubble Jet.
£22409 Studio Printer Software Get the most from your Printer £40.05 Expert buying advice, friendly service and excellent support.
HP DJSSOC Colour Deskjet with full printing.
Superb output!
Excellent paper handling!
MICROVITEC Cub-Scan supports all AGA modes £429-90 Also available Commodore's 1942 monitor.
£349.99 Fed-CASE Flowcharting Code Generator We are the UK Distributors for this excellent product.
USB Sportster Fax Modem 14400bps One of the fastest modems you can buy.
CD32 FMV Module Now In Stock!
Watch CD Movies!
MV Modul Now Available' Watch MPEG £289.95 Choice of Fast Pr 'rt4 hip Set, 16.8 Million Colour Pak»* Jjt* display. 3.5" HD Drive '* A® f V° *1)** A*' P1 Hard Drjve (SCS|
* n Slots. Complete with on-Site Warranty. Various for
compatibility reassurance!
,. machines, not "grey imports".
Accelerators for the A4000 and A1200 Western Digital GVP AlZ3«S*rto ii SOMHz Accelerator.
Battery Backed Clock Uc. Ot from £379.00 scsin dkb40Q1 Controller AtiailaNe Now!
A® Ol Caviar IDE drive 128k eache J40 MB - FAST!
A® Coll Now For 030 New Prices 040 Phone for best deal By Post Can’t see what you want? Just ring (0302) 400 7SS we have lots more than we can show here!
[ jr_[j w T r Q_rrlil| By Phone For an even faster service telephone our sales hot line and quote your credit or debit card number. Ffiendly and expert buying advice is available at all limes.
(0392) 499 755 Send your cheque Postal order to the address above. Clearly state your name, address, telephone number and the product(s) you require. Prices can change so please phone to confirm price and availability.
Please allow seven working days for your cheque to clear.
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0392 423480 All Prices Shown Include VAT. Standard Delivery Is Free. No Hidden Extras.
United Public D The in n o v a t o r s i h r C I. R . The Central Licenseware Register .. Commercial Quality programs at a PI) price!
AM T AS YS ASI 141 AM 7?
Asim ASI TV ASI HI ASI XI ASI It' AM X I Ml* Basically Medicine ASI 1!
CLE051 PAINT PASTE A DRAW This is a stunnmg drawing colounng book. ConUimng lots ol background pictures, brushes to paste on, plus eotor to design your own . You can even add your own artwork to the picture A superbly presented program, this one is a must lor young children't disk E3 50 .
Am ei AM n ASI *4 CLE54 TITANIC Yes. A book covering one ot the most lamous ot all passenger ships The Titarrc and its latetul maiden voyage Thu title ts Merailly crammed with taels and liigures Oh one 51 the most fascinating ships ot all time, a ship which was thought to o« unsmkabte! Cornea on 2 dsk* and is prcad 8t £4 50 ?
LATEST ASSASSINS CLU03 TYPING TUTOR A program here now tor ah you budding ottice ctorks. Loarnng to type can » a reel pain lessons cost a lortune. But not when you an amlga ' TN* program w* take you Step by step through a toll typ-ng course tttowwg •?'ero to place your hngers and tots mote Betore long you II ba abe to type as last as l can i Pn« £3 50 * Always in nock. Wo currently have Irum I -154 in slock!
Lmrx. Fetrwe *«m Uupx'
X. xtiUVr. M.ulrxr. 4 Sir' • V’rn.Ir.uV.i V1a.ur.rrnl or! .
Vrac.ictnc IIA Ca W«n‘ • Y (H lW, l*ANA k VrtCTYkeH* e V ie
V»*Tk» * Ilko'eY Dn i 4 UtoMnn k Uar*ar «T ni6mr»wucro* *L
CLU032 POWERTEXT 2 The is a superb S poYverlui wordproces&ng
program featuring embedded commands, automatic saving. Mar in
spetling checker, user detmabto warflwrappmg A much much more!
Bty never need any more than tins !
Needs t mg ot ram. 1 disk £3.50 • iMtaii' *7 lrt4 0a.lt ¦um (hacr Mewl ttan-V nwlr 2 Iwcm. 4 I y aM u~a . Y Sutra. Frrtv. 4 Onrf V -Y UnnuMlWli Srril.u pw ix r» »Y hraNfcn»«rM hutlr ».»! Wh.1 Cu M. AmhwimV 4 AvriWvW * Y lu*r W Wr BeaaC T r ¦ 4 V(iW«Y Itcrv .net UmmB.uda 4 Awrn'.V kiixiU«.CfMmI Ap4a Wsfp« Y CLG041 FI RACER This la a very professional game 3d graphics m a Formula one type veto as viewed trom me drmng seal Speed is subtect to tne speed ot your machino (it really zooms on an Amiga 4000!) Lots ot ton lor anyone who likes driving game* with super graphics 5 sound' Very impresswe
game 1 **k £3 50 .
RFVf fl f ftnttl Wtpp Ot 0M9M BertiMV Ay 1W ThOKO *V H Uf kpl BwilV 4A9 .SMI 4AJ fUCWj W1 W (Wr 4* A .iMpH awiFFlwmc 1001TMA83K DtNOSAlAIS CLIPART The ten ige ot Oinouur* only 150'r TOO? JUR488IC OIMOS4UWS C4MMRT 1 Mari. QmMy dptl ealy r»'.
TOO) JURASSIC DINOSAURS CLIPART 2 Mon super JweMK Art' only 3.301* T904 CrtYACtOUS OIMOSAURS C. WABT 1 TM* w T rar . .rxl only 1401.
TOO) CRTTAC10U3 0IN0SAURS CuTAHT J TlWetMopS T mi »lr, aMy 1 M' i CL0042 CRYSTAL SKULL This was written as a commercial release but was never reieasod! R is a tok 3d tgl? Paying ‘Dungnon Master* type game, speak to passers by. Kit them, investigate any one ol 4 pyramids wnn all its ghosts A gobins Tn* wil keep up your interest lor ages' t disk £350 * CLU10 POWER ACCOUNTS account statement*, etc 3 50 .
CLUtt CALCV1 veryusetol spreadsheet program' 1 ddk 3 50 • CLU12 VIRTUAL WINDOWS Nwebook Address book! Disk 3 50 .
CLU13 OATOS A powertol database many features i ask 3.50 * CLUU STOCK CONTRaLER Keoo track ot stocks l Osk 3 50 .
CLU15 EPOCH VI calendar lor Amiga. 1299 yrdia'ry 1 d«k3 50 .
CLU1A CROSS STITCH good needlework program.1 disk 3.60 .
CLU17 LctO FONTS Nice fonts loi Star LC10 printer! 1 ask 3 50.. CLU18 LC2O0 FONTS Fonts lor your LC200 printer! 1 disk 3 50 * CLU19LC24 FONTS Fonti for yout Star 24 pin pmtar.l Dsk 3 50 CLU20 CANON BJ1D Super Fonts tor Bubblejet idisk 3.50. CLU21 INVOICE MASTER Son out your mvo.ee*' I d.sk 3 50 .
CLU22 HARD DRIVE MENU Superb hard drrve utility' 1 disk 3 50 - CLU23 FI5 ANIM BRUSHES Needs D paint' 1 ask 3.50.. CLU24 RED LOTUS ANIM BRUSHES Needs D Paint 1 disk 3 S0.« CLU2S STARFIGMTER ANIM BRUSHES For Opamt 2 disks 4 50.. CLU26 star vOyaGER AniM BRUSHES la Dpamt3 diskss 5 50.
&U?7 tUAGE BASE Smpie authoring package 1 disk 3.50.. CLU28 CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Needs 1 mb chip 3 50.
CLU29 G F.X Graphes corwertots sprite editors etc* t disk 3 50* CLU30 DRAW SELECTOR V2 pools preacbon prog t ask 3.50. CLU31 FLOWCHARTER For creation ot nowenarts' t ask 3 50.
CLU33 AM TUITION Create WB3 look & Ini progs d'Sk 3 50* CLU34 IMAGE DOCTOR Vi Image processing r disk 3.50.. CLU35 CRITERION Database tor Phn toot ackers etc! OI9k3 50* SSL:.
Hiflin sCRTH c 13 t»o n r« paaao t Oi PU)S« PRMT4 n DRIVER GENERATCR S ’¦ PWJT PfWT STVDK? VI Zi P-n* PO A - PU108 ROT A Arrow 30 atm- 3 ;o:o Vo-F Puioa ioua**; Sha w iio*n tor Piwoi .
Pui 12-3 SOMETHING TORMOtieN WseUII T dak 3 50 • disk 3 50. * romrani xi .1 i-fxi 1,1 iri«.j 1 u - - MULTI-PLOT Siaxte dau pwnngptoonm 1 • S BENCiaUASTrH Wrrau W iLfi I Martrrt]" SICHXK) 5MEELEV COMP Vrf Om*m i men MORE CLR GAMES CIGCa TMUCKW ON True* natugtmtrf, orrulalan 2 tfiAs 4 JO • aOM ORAQON TIES Sjpsrb Wwl wry aMdrm I Cttl 350 • CLOOB MOTOR OUIL q*wl 33 car rxon* j r* 131*3 40.
CLQ12 BULLDOZER BOBClsariONR a INXSa' I ask 330 • CL0I3 PARADOX Artofw 900: [x.Jfi* gm' 1 an* 3 50 .
Cl0h scnc SMAnrt-tAp c«» p 7v™ gsm» I am » se.
CLOIS SPLOOGE TK I SCAPE puuw puitom- 1 Otk 3 SO.
CL01S CRYSTAL MAZE A tier (N»t gvtlf ' ae 7 90 •
CL. 017 IMBRILM Eivtvnt gr»i r: j.»-ru*. 1 aw 3SO.
Ftgif JKAN7SGoto*SeMoign22C WWW 1 aw JS0 • Cl 070 JUNGLE BLNOLE Me* *tonUn 0wn*' I art 3 SO .
CACTI FLOWER POWER Or* brtv* Big* ul Vwml 9U 3 40.
ClCTS MARVP4 TIE MARTIAN A -az. !)( • gam* I art S SO .
CLGT4 EASY MONEY nut macho* omiWleri 1N01 doi 2 or 3 3 40 CLG7S WHITE RABBTS Thao a goodO-.'J* gar*' 1 «(A 3 30 • ClGTS MONSTER ISLAND 0u-O*on Unw gam.' 1 art 3 SO .
CLG28 TIME RIF T Cam. CMyrt w* 4 ma zcnot' 1 drt 3.S0 • Class oa Pranaxarlc Ctvamifi 'MCv* gmi.-d1 1 art 3 SO • CLG38 RAW R-) amry -orrm. Grrl lha IrtwrrunWJ I art J 50 .
CIGJR OUINOO V4 os Net (txD e-os gam.' I art 3 80 r CLQ39 CVBALLS Slaw crt Pvough a mil -at*' 1 ana 3 to.
CLO40 TRAX A Inal nachna win a a**i-ioa' 1 art 3 50.
£l&43 Pit IT Tnwagam lot J 5 oiayrs IdtokSS.
CL044 VIKING SAGA G'achcal sralvgv gam* 1 arta 3 SO* CLG43 KNKVMt f *hT 7 pWrai rtwrlwi aria gar* 2 dtks 4 Hr CL 04* ARCHFELAGO6 CakWAXjN Congu-er lha awtM’ I dirt 3 SO.
SPITFIRE! The legendary WWH tighter' 2 ask* 4 50 .
MESSERSCHMITT BF 109 And tne German! 2 disks 4.50 * YOUR FIRST PONY All you need to know' 2 disks 4 50 - MACHINE Teaches tods to tell time. 2 d.sks 4 50.. CLE37 DISCOVERY AMERICA Leern about the USA! T «»k 3 50.. CLE38 HOME INVENTIONS inventions sinew 1750 2 disks 4 50 - CLE39 MY LITTLE ARTIST cotouring book Needs Img 2 Oaks 4 50.. CLE40 BOREALIS JUNIOR Drawing tor young Children i disk 3 SO CLE 42 COMPOSITION Photograph Tutonal dsk 1 disk 3 60 CLE43 AMOS LANGUAGE QUIZ Helps earn Amos t disk 3 50.
CLE44 PORTRAITURE 2nd photo tutorial program 1 ask 3 50* CLE45 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 Anodiev 7 tab MW games' 1 ask 3 50.
CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Good lor odjcation tdisk 3.50.. ClE47 SIA SENSE Learn all about boats' 1 d.sk 3 50 • OLE48 ROCKET MATHS Easy maths tor tods' 1 disk 3.50.. CLE50 DRATV2.4 Runecasteo Translator, needs! 5mg 2 a*k*4 50.
CLE52 TELL THE TIME Ju» what the kids no«d t disk 3 50t I CLE05 A CHORO So you want become the next Eric Clapton ihen Ina 4 |u« whai you n««d' Th* program will leach you nearly every single guitar chord including lingering tecnintquet. It wil even play the chords using me amigas built In sound chip, A mvsl lor every angle guitar ptayor beginner end experts alike Price C3.50 • CLE049 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS 3 la the latest TC' to join this exetent series « uses a new laybut giving you a ding image 5 mlo buttons onevery page' It includes the new superstar ot the dmo world Vstoezaptor It you are
at ail iniitnjsted In Ivioeaurs this is a must to complete you Dinosaur library!! Over 30 images supplied on 3 Oska Of* £5 50 • CLE035 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM 2 In to'* sequel to our m«1 popular tin*. Chnt Mil bnngs you the very latest on me Solar System' All the very latest planetary m«s«ns are covered & if you thought the mages m TC! Solar System were good wa: until you see these 40* mages! Tbs is a must it you have TCI Solar Syitoffl SuP0li«J on 3 tfrska only £5 50 ?
CLE15 FASY FRET By Keeh Klatwodhy. This program IS a pjitar scales tutor, ma vary mng tor the buddmg leao guitarist! We play the scales mrough (he Amgas sound Cnp wm aiustment or spoed tor every level 0» stoll reguired! There are many ewcim n m ny scales so you loo can become me next rock legend' Supolied on one flsk priced C3 50 * CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM Now our most popular ntto i This one nvttos you to learn at about the solar system wtfh •nto»mabon on as ot me Otaneis A systems w*lh prclur** suppled by Nasa mis s a superb educaoonal package 'o' cwg en a adults This : tio * so bg
4 Is supolwd on Three d-sks and is pneod al any C5 50 .
CLE02 TOTAL CONCEPTS OEOLOOY Tmt Ddo is the second in me senas ol quality programs by Chris hi*, using the OoklOisk Hyperbook system. 4 wul gude you and your chbdren on an inter score guded tour mrough me incredible -ond ol volcanos, rocks and minerals Two disks only £4 50. • CLE029 PREHISTORIC FUN PACK Tnis is a superb litla containing tour tun dnouur games Oinoslider a tiles puzzle game. Dinosaw s a ygsaw memory game Snakes A caves is the old tavounte snakes & ladders, and Eggsiincl is a tun egg collecting game!
Will keep the kids amused tor ages! I disk C3 50 * MORE CLR EDUCATIONAL MORE CLR UTILITIES j Most CI.R lilies ok on A!200!
Jigsaw. 1 ask 3 50.» & PLAY 3 educaconal programs: 1 disk 3 50 • it SAFE Teaches safety in the home 1 o*h 3 50 ?
TOP FUN Four programs 1 ask 3.50 ?
Oonstmcbon set' 1 ask 3 56' ?
Way' 1 dak 3 50 .
1 dak 3 50 .
2 dsks 4 50 .
Tutor 1 oak 3 50. .
T ask 3 50. • CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING 2 dak* 4 50 .
Exedenl gude lo the surs 1 dsk 3 50. • LADDERS Good speting program 1 dsk 3 50 .
AMIGA guide to Amigados' 3 disks 5 50 * LETS LEARN For children o 5-7 years 1 ask 3.50 » ack 3 50* I disk 3.50.« 3 dak* 5 50.. CLU01 viDEO TITLER Create voeo titlOT1 1 ask 3 50! * CLU04 ALPHAGRAPH for producing Bar & Pie charts etc! 3 50 CLU07 PhilO Simple lo use database system, t ask 3 50 .
GLU09 PLAY 5 RAYE2 Music module Imker, 2 disks 4 50* CLE41 BASICALLY MEDICINE A title written by mamtwrs ot the St John s Ambulance brigade Itw is a superb Mie covering Diseases treatment. Medone 5 Drugs. Health A Illness, Basic equipment needed A me medcdl pioneers wng helped create modern Medone' A really usefu bee. Comes on two Asks 4 50 .
New r*Yt nwlGQ |Y18 100«F) BooO****** gm*m m rrtsrrm h cctftorf on Al oo
- 'V Amg« 500 600 O' 1200" KM) C¥€IUL0 MAC* *1 mMfMIUiOIMIM
KMMAli&IMMN KMIWWWnM ft rciiMMfe. IHftan K*omn*iOM»ci » 90011
xmstn •« Mil HMMDWUII nvrtnaiMoi
• coi rwo a mnc «
• 00*1 AC* Mmt 91 KIM R10 r«4 HITCIM NOLI
• (XI K*0 T*C CMWOTV IflMC KwiLIT nCiMi'C* MW MM* iimjiI tH» «•
Most CLR lilies ok on A1200!
R uwciiOh or ioJ frw assenDMO anywheie now all autoboct on A1200' (though not all games mil run)Scmethog tor avsryorel Av I 1«l RNIrrprUr. ArrtM Aoivali!»'' All: InikxvHlh LAAmiKltTOUlZfl'it
• VS11 u»j»i«p a mwi' *V VII4 Inoci Or MrAujOwtn kwyi ««'• AMI
Rui.OuUdi Aktuurtr.Y AM 4 P».... 0~iWi4.Uf.rw WrlMl. C .
AM l Himm. Tni.Ni|h 'vue'kMlmm« ami *i.K :iiuiwiipi4
• Wl » IMH. Bmlt r l a yawed' Y AM III Lkw*. HprW. Ivkrtl 4 Syv’*
AM 11 Ort Taw., jtoml 4 Tr«u., AU i: lunnm Ce. Kwrrjxej XII
AM H 1 «irMuMkJU.I ABMIM.-'. AM I* OM4Tk*tnf : 4 Am(. Ckw'-t AU 1.1 Bmk w Lum 4 UwleiM'l AM IA Wmriw* W XIHm.ir.iui tY AS) 17 Taava.Orimb umti Burinv-1 AM IX Hmt P..» Slill.fr Cvm*. «. • Y AM IV CTOH» T MAfndJ).Betanc 4 m.t'r OTIMO ASIM A*, him Mill. .ra.limu (Van Wvy *Y AM21 Zm Tntiii tatani4 l»e*ir..l AS IV UnaipMh.Yi li a ,„v Owl M.miwY AM 21 Old Mrvlll'Jnrrfm. Ar.M AJIJ4 (tfrrfcr .1 .m*U Ha (Vui UmirW'iY AM 29 M- H-.4.C.tfvr VvMhivkF TjfvY AM 5* lUrrrTuru. V2 SmMIr AwdiSivrrr 4m ¦LSI J1 AU.lii4.-4M Mil krklv Imtfil AM tucdv. OiMrvi iMMkn?. MxIWnlv.}. A1I 2t Dwi, Kim. .tm* B Hi. Alii.
G*4ku*Y ASI 0 *.. A mm t«U hr* lew Ulhl'.l AM II AnmuCui) m. re!. Y AU U *14 Wto m I RnT.iMW' .V I 14 IlifrrUll 4 W.' 2 pul f«n !
RUM? Ddoey Th» SMI PD (Mfc oapw 4 morv • Y PUJ» DBW Th* Hnnnrwr to Sxupl 30 *• . Y PU»5 ELECTOXAD 06NO ora iNugnw .
PlAW QHAPWCS UTILITIES Vinova "W jrognmi'V Fi ;v.i iiaui ah HIK) V? CeCo ~.! VGA PC ufr mam . V Pu:«4 MARDCeiVE UTS.S Mwtm*4 4 »nD» 4 moi.-V PiKes ICCIUAMU. Proof*- a™ * wn '• Y «m iCCHS Oiwi ou-toii wr comy PUMT IMPVOC40 V4 0 MtMton.K*wq U*. V Puces JAZZBEHCH Antrmfcn Wh tor I bj uun PU02I JR COM4 I CO Weocm urn amm twc**o« v PM027 MCTAILK2N UTILS For Eiltcn S nor* Uts. V PJ0.’37fkltJ3 JAUC5B8LE OMSNtw Mumsftt i4)i Y PU1S1 LAMCeuiiOER Vacial wM®. ... PU1W SI0 7 Q . Pn 1 or*OKy UN1!’ MEGAI.V PUIST MOOED 7 ttoa-* tor Swart 4 eoba.V PU1S6 VIDEO WIPES Mirt* A hrtn CvaaN 4 .Y PU7C0 UTTIEKNCM l
) Ham HP 1 J tmnsm PUTOl CVClCrtS w~c FlasnixVaLMI coucr • ,Y PU703 SCOPE 184 u»« • crta kai Pywea V PU7M GATOR GR4PHCS Oc-i't tutr 4 caw .
PUZOS PC TA« PC EmOaKr No- Vwart 7 VGA' -Y PU207 MU USX) CoiCrt* 502 A M.nxr. “O.AMOA . .
PUZOS AS HASOYTo:l r- 1 -ma* corpwicr c4 UM Y PUZOI FFCD FISH CATALOGUE oow* XISM 1 IttO .Y PUZIO PCQ PastAi Latnx vartaxi of Sta patzwi conpton PUT! 5 CAPTIONATOR S.p-0 rtarmor. Nrto liarqf.Y PU71) WBHACKSi OCSOCSOI cr HKIS KF • ownrir T PU721-771 S OCX.OR CONS HoyV J» ol "a- com .V PC779 «G 24 M araphoa ccrrn-no. m art' .Y PCZ30 MORE PRNTER DRIVERS now srwrt arvan'.Y PC740 FrtiCOPY vi 4 OO 1.1 art cocvni (Yoyaiw.Y RJ24! CALORIE BA5E UWW W c«:(ia n- aCai.T PC743 ASPiCE Croj* arayui prograrW.Y PJJ44 BOR APPt TlT Tha a a -arc* Muuat prognalt'.V PU24S2S8 C MANUAL Lawi iwrtnn on 12 arta 11.Y
Puses WCHARO SMEDLEY COUP IIMmgagrt PF.Y PUBM LYAPUM3V FsMjia 1 jnjtult hMlAlliY PUS73 GCLF RECORDER Dmabart to- 30I «m'i Y Pis73 PcirAMIGA SmtAi IsMtMyed • *tt ' v PU274 TOONCAD Vi 0 (laeronc CYCrtl aawgn'*v PLOT9 V UORFU V230 Yoa a PO notrtng prog". Y PUITS30 VIDEO ARPUCATCeS Wtoo rtna*. V PulTt GRAPHCS CONVERTED PC.*A»gi CT- Contnr put*3 LITTLEBENCH rw ccrt- A uto CtoaT on, PU143 OPTIUTILS 1 O-airmaO SR • Gat ». V pui«4 OptiuTnS i 0m pw «e *x '. V PU149 ELECThONC PROTOTYPER V-oboaid dugw V PVJitt* clipart set: 15 dm eisieBMT o«mr y PUHT MULTIPLOT S PU17TS BENCHUJ PintomcHAKis PWJT PfWT
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GENES vr. Von tnoAn.* (MSS* PRO PAGE HELP DISK E.»«.«. uWu
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l. nk A...V. IbMMMv. Inn he Cray (liiw * O R I) E R I N ; M A I)
E E A S V BY POST: send your Name. Address & Order details
with a Cheque PO IMO to any of the companies listed BY PHOMK:
Call us with your card nuinher expiry date and details for a I
si class service. All major cards accepted PI) PRICKS: I - 5
disks C2.00 per disk • b - 25 disks CI.25 per disk • 26 or
more disk are xiill nnh ‘P)p per disk ' POST & FAC Kl (i: I k
¦ 50p • I k 'Recorded Delivery* 11.25 * Kuntpe »25p per disk •
Ktsl of World «50p per disk KKMKMHKK; Vyc stock Fish I-**»A0.
I'hojj 1-74. Amos. Scope, Snag, Amicus. AMIGAs & lots more
superb PI) disks!!
PLEASE NOTE All disks on the adven should work on the Amiga 1.21.3 dos systems unless otherwise stated! All disks witn a sign should work on the Amiga 500-. & 600 machines!
However there are so many different setups now in use it is becoming impossible to test (or every possible variation, so please use some caution especially with A1500 2000 with various dos systems. CDTV and ot course the new Amiga 1200 & 4000 systems. Disks marked with a "Y" should bo okay on the Al200 4000 though obviously not yel extensively tested Please take care!
Main Distributors Lnial WIWHM.v Sapaa cll|-rt dn*.‘. UTU IPX t *U- (Man. J a.. I ate*.
AftTAI RHICKM L .1M. Nl 4 U. .tA*n1. .HUM W MU LIRE RATI jtarM nr II p4*a««'.
TRIM MEN ImihlUIM* II nrtlt miaa W.IMI V 26NL. Lall irf ta-aar* ilpa*.
* RI*T Kill. ’ *•*. .aaM»la« Lai. Tip.tl'- LRTM HI MSI NX Im* Tut
al aflLa .L-aol. « I a* 1IMII I *0 Nr alTWa I.pa Am*.
«¦ I It HI BOOTS InK afuiaMH lYff Mol- .Hill KAIAILVU. Maaia«Mk«-W.
ARIIi XMAS J ANA. A W nl.lt* p»V.
.Rl 1.1 If M M 3 *M al.«N pn1 .
.HI la .MAI Al.. I aaa-MM .uatl. (Nlun.'. ARTIST ATX Imh IT On bal wpn puatli .
.Ml I* AM.MOI KtTKA I* 0« -INaaall..'. ARTIT V I*.MX.. 3 *Mtt * -laaal *haarad.
ARTIA RARII-N I Ufaal m. ¦ Na*. LAnaw' • Arlra APAIRT } ANA. FaRM afar. PaaHm.'- Al I.M I Ml MIK AaaiRaa *1 Kpa d*» .
ART3I Ml HU Al ; *•». Nall .* a**, al .0| «'• AR 133 MAI I FT Pht raa ln.aa IN .Naan’ • AKIZI Dt.l OMAHA I! AMINTIIN In...... Mil- ARI1* MAI NY lam. Ia«ia VKI* III II III Al X I AalaU. I.pt |HlMitA'.
.HI» RANNUES J Mi Ml U Nan'.
.Rl EY ART SOI AILA1 H 1M»*. Ilaral mC.
.HI 3. Rl TtmUV Me. Ptfaml.
.HTJA IIMW 1 dn*. M a NaOkariaaa IN .
ART.M ( OUR KIM. ROOR I ifcair la DhMbi:.
.MTU RtiRtatX. 2M. ¦wmlw.llTr. AKT.'l MAC I«'• -• »RNT**! •«*«!• ARU3 HORNR A( R Ntaa w.«a l*MrtS ARIM IIWT III .K. lilna. Rf T..la. hatao!* AR I IE I AMI! I ARI T ilnl. LaiNax iA|un'.
.Hl» AriRlW.N . laaUn .RI.YYIKMtAI I*.... HaHldplhan'.
.111*1 All I HA M.IA. J iXaaPA . R.Mlv'. ARI al IMM1HIM.IH I I.Yipt Mmpnl- ARTA1 CAT wooix 1 is 11 a -*drd pan1.
ART*' AERIE'AN VVIMIIKT Tyi APUaaa.rn.akr. .RT44 AMI XU AN VHMXXATi Maaa aalnal.'. ARIA! ARIW AACMIIR IIA Vinim inanik'.
«RI*a I «RM MIMMMT IN ImMmfc'.
ARIO HI HP' ".HUH ll.la nriw. B** *k. .HI*. MURE AMAI.I » Al... aapuk Akin ASIMAI UM AR I AoikiulkM il'ln PU0A8 DVNAARIF PONTS * CuTiPwM lmt cm.u Y PLOW DYNAMTE FONTS Ala* Ci WPjIX Fonp V PUMA IORTS AND RAM IA1NAG1N RIG Mkac Dm* PUMS FONTS A SLIPPAGES BaUd-w* » Unto. Y Puiet QELGN'Tt r 5NT? (:..ynP*o* Hrp1.
K118S8 CCSU0PC1ITAX FONTS (4; Px»8d »r IXP.Y PU701 MALICE FONTS E.plff* laiF 1 ar» lor Ownt'.Y pye»7 C »Yf,S P0NT5 fv yM a- OW".
PJST76 GELKaNITC FONTS IV Y» -YW* n Hur»- PUB I 43 COLOUR FONTSASSKiNA8iE Opin *WI3I •’ PU9W I0NTFAPM CvlU* SS Uig* I Srml tafli .V PU390 FONT I ADM 3 Lap mx* good Hrtt' .'
PWI»1 FONT EARN J Argrv MP oar«Hd nr Lhti.y PLH»1 ? HAPLEOUN FONTS Ham HUM A Nai-**l2|.V AKI«I NITANHAI ART a.lalk* paM p.'. ARIW I AMU 1 Kf.HH J *.aEAmarnu Ml.!. ARK.CIHI III AHX H 2 anu*a« .aatun kk.‘. ARIM.P.CE A TRAVNPtlRI On a » lb-1.
AhtM.or(«mV] Jtraral a. ant....1- «RTa* .INIKTV* Akm 1l.1a.an’. ARTP Ml 1 1*1. M natal Wf« pMwr*’.
.HIM IRA.il ]4M..m*lra.allka !. art*a .mum I Ntkn A «NN e«Rp.:uil .R la* .. I T..IA * II.ASlil.' Ror.l at. Aaara.
AR I al I INI! I.... af ayaalU XumT .Y At I AT RWTH EM 1 Mam Mir m*an paiian.r -1 Arlk.RI ATAI RANI 3dk*.ulRaOanfaM palura. . V AH I a* MORE IPX.IP A! A la I. A Mma. Pataara.! .V AMP AMM * RIRIi AA aka aanm! .V .HIM. M.I"HI RN ANIMALA.II a aaamdp*! ; .1 ARI*' Rl Rl HinI D Klin aa*a Mi Hah.Ipan' •' .HIa* *1 A'I A MATH Aaa*.U .hm.nAmn.rt.rijl.V .RIM 1RAVNPORI .1 *..* arsAWflaam Mur*auri3-l AH IT* TRI Hi* « IN AIN' I all nl U afaan I. ala.au' .V ARI’I ANTRIXAX.V J «*• a a*n*.«.al 4*m' *1’ Air: AIRARAH AIWi M alMnrad (Mlm.33- •!
ART’1 RIKU* uo,h» k. Hank W l*»a. A a.' .V ARI 'I DIMES Ihtk. M*tua** rat»a..V ARITTMIHSA-S I ASII f S A Bt II IXM.A I a pin *V AR|T*STORIVMA( I .1. . ....I .,..0. |nlMa.' -1 ARITT liARDTN luM a k rlU IIHrd (Uliinni ll a» .KITH AIII.11 AR! I* An*. »* mlaur. 11 .-1 l*i .1 ARITN III III sus I.NaPIIII S Ska pkluia..- .1 Ahim kills ASIMAI,. DISK I ale onao. Am*! .V tRIHI I ARM A HORSI.S Nka laral fUt....' .1 AHTX3 AMIM Aallm 1 Ilian Mlpa' •!
ARTHI .S.TOMA 2 *1*. Al Mur «*iaa HakMaa awf.A ARTS* A AMPIV; IN m *Mnt IN ! .1 AHIM WU.IXJFI 3AUL. R-a * .lUiak .l Ji.l .RIM VI.HIM A VAATH Al Tu Aa *Hk Mb'.!
PUOi J !*oNvT-A*9 STARCWWT 2 Good p-oo a. V Pul 74 ASTRO 33 groNamonN AMKWQy rw- Vvfc' .V PUT I AMIGA PUNT A mt* raa pNMTB t'l H' Y PJ?| ? Pt PM CHECK PLUS I podl cnukllu Ikfl Y Pus 13 RACE RATER Aikfimt hsra* wig trogroaari .Y PU238MORC V7 r*n*cuala. • «. «n.l,V PLOW ASTFCNOUV .J ta*cUarn irro on noaar i,van' .V PU3M STAHVIEW GaM .ar* cF 0M Hr grrtn Shb *b!*y PU3SJ IOPCASit II » raong p KCTon troer»tr' .Y PIX361 COURSE FORM SrrfcH. !-»*» mg (radcro- .Y PU3T» POCiS TO0LS2 S peoN -»Wad p.o «*H'.Y FUJ77 MMG sml Sarpta aooooglCAl pngrb"' .Y PULWS THE HJVArt AURA Irrworro DODL |?l aY PU*S«
PM 174 CLASSIC WORKS Qrt*g t Bm* dm*ac»' a» PM12S 90NIX MUSIC Sdffl* nir. .tear* R*(*i|loHRb|aY PM 1*3 CLASSU OOAO B»,-n Toccl.i Fugua 11 o caup) PM1M MOZART fUfTC CONCEffTW 'mBChml-V PAW 11 MAMOKLS rrntWORKS MUS4C I Ian* cMyl •!
AM65M APD03B AMOS UPATER LATEST VERSION .136 . Y APOIR} 1 P00« KMGOOM Oood raplorNion gama |2|.
AP0M7 SHAPES e.»M Uda gkrto !.V APOM7 CASSETTE LABELLER . MIXED SOURCE.. APB271 WIZARDS 00MAPI 8'RP «' ppv« xum.Y AP034I TOTALLY AMOS Ooo* *ad -or arafrmnnanl.Y APOJ47 NOTEBOOK A SHOPPING LIST tail lb UM la Y AP0343 FAMILY KBTOftV DATABASE Utoal vwfciM'.Y AP0373 COMMLIR I M UPOATE. LATEST comgtow I.Y APD431 KARATE WORM II fits Iolt gBPNl ,r AP043S DRIVER TEST Tap apmd ol your r«*cttona'.Y APD443 SLIOESHOW CONSTRUCTION SET V21 .Y APD45I WOOOVS PLAYTIME EalBlMllll UnbbI .Y AP04S2 RAMOS PRO For Aiaoo ProlMbrooa .Y A POUR TOP or THE LEAGUE rilBil nurmmf'•» APOIC4 AMOS PRO UPOATER VT.12 AaM toPdl
aY | PAGYI I Mt 6 AMY’ VS WALK! • Cun A aa.y I iU V FAX I HC •• HA’MAS 3C*"(.R •• ¦HL (UT ’ * ’ !'.TR:K68 BADE Unj B01 a MAC*! ERG SMDOf AEROKXXYS IT, ’¦ • PA?»T tRaC-S STEALTHY II M T* y» SmaW* I.V Sunrrti nrw 3 diak Dihuns PAB3* iKJuT CYCLES (2| Tron b aoon- WSSIfSf« HE yss: y
- ill knc|i v.tu nu. l.c ajr. Oaj;* the WALKER»« Th* MaKoeaei
* a you liy lo ikYwl onr PM?5 THE VY«.K£R n tfxTSnuc •. V
opm»Kiu aOrr anMhrr Hm PAMB * RACIAL ANIMATION Mi ao*an D* im
rnauV .nnlc AIK1 last zamrpl*. PW»1 3 GAS TURBINE STEAM A
- ill ,h i PWU AMY JOGS WALKS A SNEE2ES Cf E Sdmaiti' .Y MAC «u.
An caacwul I Pkxa taCTA TO RUN INTO A WALL by tY Scfmi U' .Y
PA9W Air A0AITY rwn es WT-. YTY -rr, - uau Y A UPO l.Kmuwaac
luwlucl PAYOO VTOL CONTEST Cme* WfctiwtSrm .Y unlY X.WaSOp DSP
PAY0. DOLPHIN DREAMS O l OtNFiai mat. . Y T pAinil KNOFtSuEO 2
SoM» Brt MNMMRMa Y H PA I OS 7 Tmf JOURNEY FaC Vacial pea fc
aoai 2 Y PAT IB 3 9CHWART •*»» Sot lanJHg fc borrow' -V
PA141 StiRLNG I ENGNt Aww Itorgm A-a t.Y PA 1*3 XMAS ANIMATION
Ar»vw"g fcnamw- .Y PA'*5 sutwers AnaM No nran if m punra' .Y
PA'afc FLY ANIM Hoa-a. Op. R* d«.irol I 3i.V PAU? EAEIlN AMU
Fill VUTto tw if ErWIWI 1 3)*T PA'40 cmcijs ANIUATCN HJ-»M
kxoad arran .Y PA1« 5PAR TrtK t t’lrrr am «NW1 rYHTNn.Y PQ124
TOTAL WAR Thu diokdW t.p* (lire' .
PolZ7AlRMANUSupwM*l*smio«m*lwAodmrt.Y RQI2S CHEAT WOFKS Sucks olwcW.
«*3'3' ATIASIIS A fK« Oang uramgy pqi * battle of baitam awar «*im w* gwntf DUNGEONS Of MADRCU ! *:• -- DAD ganu.Y "O't: MM10 GAMES Sln»* ol fun ml*. PH' Pol«» A NGHT AT THE TORN Wtt, W l admnt.n1. PG143 V»AR nry good ao«»»arca0t au V PQ15A Nium Ml t 1 MVA0CHS Mrc nnirlyptgir PQ140 MR BACK Grail iwo l p» kAM am W PotfcA GAMt TAMER 3 3 ami Mtlgr * HJ Ml .
P0166 SOLID WXJOp Nw* llto PC.IT* AMCS CRIMFET S*a*r am cnOM* nana 1 or 2t*.
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PG»» AS WWBENCH GAMES Good M* p o»n» PC»0 ASI WC««BEN:m GAMES I And toyyp toi PG»I 7 UOICJRCXA CCC IVYACERS Fc» iJQOCNi PQ3B3 MAD F|GhTE«» »«, PD .-non 1XC ONLY POJC4 KLCNDKE f AGA E»N«n 3 aw.. IJOO ON PG3» HIGH OCTANE S.pat M1IW3 6-Wrfl PG3M JELlYQIJE'jl *.•» PJM 0OW iY PO310 PLB2WCRD SHIro t*«* 0«»r» 9«m« .V PSHI' COLOUR CHANGES **;c coaw PoonI oao» PG312 SUPERPOSE. Oottt p« i po* » a.r •m-. ?.
P0113 ROAD TO FELL Sow (aW.Y 00004 AAAOS 30 0CA*O 9-IWW aom. F.«l allaoa «.
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POOS? SILENTS OLCON. TRASH hc mMM' • Pol SO 3* ALCATRAZ OOO* Ssv A .; ' Ck on S PdiM DECAY GET FROGCEO Sot»T om**' .Y PO'tA DA UK OfMCtl Uhq* nmi a»no anr tY Pol 70 PIECE or MUD Goeal 30 v*t«r afiicis .Y POY7. 2 SLENTS EXPOSED' inomMM (toll .Y Pol 77 * TRSI TME ZCNE N»« ion* Qtofl .VI. FOI82 SPACE UAL; knujiti Pl.-imH ittugcfll P0183 OIOTAL IE THAI EXIT Good **uin a»ro a PO10M! ANDfaCMEW MW(Y3« rap Hu * G-nr PpigT mqv A1.1A Of MO IX 1JOO dano » nuB’ '?« PO108 SANO-r WY3«i D 0» COMUOCORE Sup* Oo Pdl*an0 SLENTS ML*Cr. OOANl(MO fdxNno P0K0 PIONIX DEMO 1*2 fiMTl I9 *0*(TI)I.Y PDGCI 12C0 MTROS »«
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’DPI) I Fnalurrv Errd F tah I AAA. Hundrttl. Of nmalc mudolrv & much much
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I'lcHat add 50|| par I D far I'M' Onh I9.«5. mo*re CD Rom Wtd B tm Bn» o.«r 10030 Ita*. 400 240t pug anagm fc 400 Hand A Him PWUM VWBORI iRPdlBdl 01EMBBCNW Ol OORT (. I kONlok 1200 AGA01 RED LOTUS S»rr -g down th. Ro*d f ABM JtT nr.HKR u.doo u». * wrm*, itfx AOH63 STAR TREK Snilto IV pad Guo!11 m HVTA Kl IMOCM CflUS£P Fynj bwM ffn a AGA39 STAR WARS FgHar Ay by rrcxmava 1 AGA 10 STAR TREK twima t. dry Rx». Her.
I. W. PO30 5QA TEL: 0 9 8 3 5 2 9 5 9 4 FAX: 0 9 8 3 8 21 5 9 9
091 5X7 1195 FAX: 091 587 1195
h. how we wept when three million Amiga owners suddenly realised
that the machine which had made it all happen - the A500 - was
being discontinued in favour of the A1200.
A500 owners might have been left behind by AGA technology, but the result is that they can now pick up some real hardware bargains Despite the apparent obsolescence of the old sea dog of the range, however, it is still the most numerous model by a long stretch and will still run the majority of modern software.
Of SIMM modules. It is blessed with good prepping and formatting software, an excellent manual, and a reputation for reliability which would make most other drive manufacturers green with envy.
Inside the unit a quiet cooling fan and tidy layout speak well of the drive's general design, and the game switch mounted on top of the casing is a handy aid for Thousands of owners have decided to hang on to their machines for one reason or another, usually through a shortage of cash, and though they may feel left out of things at times, the price of A500 add-ons has plummeted and some real bargains are there for the taking.
A quick whizz through Acs advertisements should be enough to confirm the harvest of hardware goodies at silly prices.
GVP HD8+ Currently being knocked out at £199 for the 42Mb version, CVP's HD8+ has to be the A500 hard drive bargain of the moment.
Distributor Silica Systems (081-309 1111) have progressively cut the price of the drive from its near-£400 original price tag as a response to the A500 going on the back burner, and as a result the A500's fastest hard drive is now one of the cheapest.
The HD8+ has an access time of about 11ms, will transfer data at 1 Mb per second (twice as fast as many A500 drives) and can accept up to 8Mb RAM in the form Commodore A590 capability and a through-port which fits in the A500 s DMA slot for warranty-free installation.
Is a good buy. Evesham Micros (0386 765180) are one company which in the past have revitalised old A590s with new drives, and New Horizons (0227 773177) supply the original unit for £175, cheaper than any other alternative.
For your money, you got an official Commodore product with good manuals and decent installation software - something which can’t always be said for the low price A1200 HD kits wo ve seen over the past year, Though for long a bit of a whipping boy for those with faster hard drives, the A590 has seen an upturn in its fortunes of late as its price has dropped and various retailers have souped up the basic specifications.
Originally a slowish 20Mb IDE drive, the A590 soon adopted SCSI and was then treated to a variety of third-party drive units, usually in the shape of a spritely Quantum 40Mb or better.
The result is a tidy little unit with 2Mb fast RAM expansion It might seem a bit like advising a car fanatic to buy a Hillman Imp. But if all you need is something to get you from A to B cheaply and effectively, then any old British banger is better than a push bike.
A5QQ owners who need a hard drive but don't fancy spending £300 or more on a faster drive tor a machine which is performing its swan song, the A590 those who use a lot of auto-booting game disks. Ally this to the SCSI through-port and you have a hard drive with all the features you'll need.
You can even slot a PC286 emulator into the drive's internal mini-slot expansion port, though whether in this day and age a 286 emulator is of any use to you is another matter entirely.
CBM A570 Commodore's long-delayed CD-ROM drive for the A500 and A500 Plus was never the success it would have had to have been to breath new life into CDTV, a task which was almost Lazarus-like in proportions, but the failure of the initial launch means that stocks of the drive can still be found selling at prices so silly they'd make the Three Stooges look like a straight act.
Silica Systems (081-390 1111) were until recently selling the unit for £150, a price which is low enough to make A570 almost a throw away freebie.
Bundled software, with nominal value almost in excess of the A570 itself, includes Sim City, Lemmings, an encyclopaedia, and the CDPD disc with hundreds of PD utilities, so new owners have a good start to their CD-ROM collection.
Hutchinsons Encyclopaedia isn't the best piece of software you'll ever encounter, being slow to use and cursed with an awful interface, but if you fancy a cheap family CD-ROM library the A570 is a good bet.
All CDTV titles will work with the drive, titles which themselves are being sold at bargain bucket prices, so for a limited outlay the user with specific education or reference needs can pick up a system with lots of life left in it.
Games are less numerous for CDTV A570, but there are enough to keep you going if you haven't already played them on floppy, and the half dozen or so shareware CD-ROM discs around contain the bulk of all deceit Amiga PD and shareware released up until about 1993* STEVIE KENNEDY Compi Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners & Disks BLACK Croat* RMI'W.-imi KmihAlMPm Arovtrad r( VU5*«5lll 03510 BwtkeMHiH'MA'IIW iV Cill tn I’lHVLMMil-Svil! Iiv Coraim-torr MPS I BTLXl Emm I OWBSRVmu'tv.
Biinwia»m. m Epsaa EX MX,'RXUMl’l V l l-M»
- IA»W» ..rsounn Tall' SMI . R_ PtoirriUTP12W OhlMLICfl
W. ilt Disney ChaMctcrs Cats & Dogs Animals jl. " Sport
Caricatures Transport Menu Borders Cartoons Various Pictures
Symbols Sewing Children Scenic Views Far East _ Poster Edges
Printer & & & PiaMnuk. i 1 112411411 ur T*
A ft
l. w jii 3JI
3. 11 PuuMnii KXPKBA'I HWKl'IJO; 2J9 174 LM 2JI :a5
2. TI
2. 50 2J0 hnmonic KXP2I2.V21M
5. 75 544 540 5 20 m
3. 74 335 35 SdkoduSLki-viu?
» 333 333
3. 13 us LT 150 :jo Star 1.C1W2* Id) 229
2. 14
1. 94 144 430
4. V5 415
3. 95 Star 1.(200 340 2J3 245 245
4. 10
3. 95
3. T5, 335 StarLCW-KY200 246
2. 71 231 231 345 3J*
3. 10 I 2JH Taun Kan KP8IMI59IB915
3. 14
2. 79 259 UI Uf 321 155
3. 11 aJm* a list.
Ft w
1. 97
1. 77 UT Duuvnii KXF2I2.V218P m 10,48
10. 18
9. 88 '.XI
3. 75 335 335 Star 1.1 tO 2ft'IM 640 5A5 545
5. 25 PI 22B :. M 148 Star I.C3W
9. 78 943 943 9 ID
3. 17
3. 02 1X2 242 Surl.C24.HY2W 943 94*
9. M MS Ring for Ribbons Not Listed.
Posters Price* on Application.
Menu Lists Price* on Application.
Letterheads £9.00 per 100 P&P Inc. TEL FAX; 0705 646 024 3K" Disks & Disk Boxes Inkjets. Ink Refills & Toners Cam N-l Wf CirtrWgt: 17,54 tack Commodore MPS12'll (jrtridce 12.1) mb HP Dcskjel Cartridge 'Dotihfc tap-i 24.24 rath HP DnAjelTri-Ccfcur Cartridge 215.114 each IIP Thinkjrt'Tjuirl.irt ( artridgc I2.I.WK M* itwn round 72hrs. Weddingi rfnd Function* .1 speciality.
Mrfim in colour If required. Phone for details DS DD DS HD 10 Disks £5 £8 25 Dbks €12 £18 50 Disks £21 £31 100 Disks £36 £56 250 Disks £83 £128 500 Disks £162 £238 1(H) Cap.
Lockable Disk Box £5.99 w ith orders of E Ilk STILL THE BESTS HPMfr TrWalaar I'airid-c Refill I6.IW each Inkjet Reftil. TTwin Packs i for l a HJ1W29. BJ30*.
HP Deskjet. Wailabfc in Black. Cyan. Mt*entt. Yellow.
KctL Blur. Bro«n. Litht (irrtn. Lbrk Green. Und Gold.
I Pick tl I.M, Packs HO.hO «.5* Paiks 9.9? Ei _ HP Leerjct I LI 11 T«acr CirtrWur 44.51 each Hl'IjwrjH IIIMIII1 limtr (irtridjr 33.14 wh Ring For Inkjets & Toners Noi listed.
5. 49
4. 99
3. 99
3. 99
3. 99
3. 99 COMPUTE-A-RACE+ £19.99 THE FINAL EDITION After over 3 yean
ol research and development. Compute-A Racc - The Final
Edition h» been rckaxd WHAT DOES IT DOT Compote-A-Race* K a
non*-Racing Fr eviction Program written eeclustvely for the
Amiga The proyam can predict races, select bets. Circulate
return and will achtse on most aspects of British Horse facing
IS IT COMPUCATID TO Utt» No. Features an ease of use for ooth
the 1st time buyer and more experienced user alfce. Wlthn da.s
resulting a race wii become tecond retire W|U IHIIP VTPATOT No
Re des ned for longterm use, The Final Edeion is the OKY
prediction proyam you will cm neca No hrmcr purclw* ft
profit a betting for km' caurvnuuua* - n* nrtAi twnoN - tit.w
m*«*' %, . Data Disk, Manual, Wallet. UbeU as feaured m The
Sporting life ORDER nowi I'refannilthl i MS-IKIS i disks
inriUhlr ill 2p tilrj diik.
All Disks Certified 1 (HX9r Error Free and INCLUDE FREE Labels.
Miscellaneous Items CPI. & Monitor Dint Cover Monitor Dinl Cover KO Column Prinlcr Dusl Coser niitn 51H) Diisl l iner Amiga «M Dml Costr Amiiyi I2D0 Dutl Cover Roll KhM 3 ." Disk l abels 3V Disk Cleaning Kit Parallel Prinlcr Cable IIAni Mom* Mai
8. 99 199
3. 99
2. 99 All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ m%) & UK Delivery 0543 250377
Ring us or send cheques to: 0543 250377 Owl Associates Ltd.
Dept 182. Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield. Staffs WS14
9SE E3 Cheques P.O. payable to HANDISOFT (Mail Order ONLY)
Handisoft, 37 Hearsall Lane, Spon End, Coventry, CV5 6HF Aol
(rtiirnwniu A EjlWtMiuaal onlrn xrii.mu- SPECIAL BUSINESS PACK
GAMES PACK 2 a PACKS Con tains 5 disks A further 5 disks
Contains 5 disks (Imtains ,t disks Contains 5 disks Contain*
5 disk* Contain* 5 disks Contains 5 disks Contains 5 disks
Contain* 5 disks HOW TO ORDER Please make cheques with
bankers card number or postal orders payable lo "ORION PD"
All orders despatched 1st class same day + a AMKIt AWW
compatible. I i = Number of disks
• = Only WB2 3 compatible Y - A1200 Compatible DEI*!’ AC3 14
091-438 5021 D IB. N CD
14. 95 £4.95 £4.95
12. 95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 PRICES I-Id DISKS 1125
£2.011 WORLD X4.00 UI73 h tr hjvo • U«l CuatmtamrY VHO
nw SU« - U6S0 WmiSui.
UWI S'ijretilla 1 1 ? Y BCA Weddnp III* Y G09I Sifw ftretut 92 ? V 1174 Mqk Rh knjKHcr ’ i t’Ji .Vktcii Pnu 1 UM4 ABCUnlJ*
k. shiw«:ity quo Fiui Mi.1hi: 21Y WIT) AbrU94|.Y llf.57 Vl'rtnr*
Ctrr « » U6*5 Stnvdm II) • F*TA Rrl».re '))*Y Oil)
TiaaldKtrovtr* UI76 Mnc III 1.1+ Y UW2 16*5 MSM * Syi Mcntir
BCAWWI1 AnnfltY Gill Dmrr.Y uiay ioic*».
Umm lucrtNi ic w Iiinu UM.T ArujihM 1 II . Y BCA Ki* 2n Y Oil) VaerOnlr CIA' TV»«yrnyrM4 U6TJ kbirun 10 * Y Vm Msl Plr.tr-Y BCA Bunt.. 11)4 Y Gll« 8jiltCih2* 1321 IVIVmSUte U676 .Vuua SU.irr • UWI SrleCopv » Y BCA Offce« Y GDO Grmiti ? Y
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L!677 SKKl'MdUhAWI UI5I NeutW.'O* BCA XnW.V,.Y GI29 TtawiY f» |jr5xvtCvr)«.rr U678 D Pan TutrU •
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UM9 HrJ IS.ILH 2 * V C*54 Vlfofd.. BCA flthr.. Y Gin NoMmlrnl* US) MererMne)0*Y U««i Ara*. World’0«Y 007 TV Litle Tmella ? Y BCASponi’i-Y 0192 Srw CjvJ Cdmn • Y UD4 Oevjre - Y UtOI f-jke hi ¦ UWH Wire Xlrlir, LSI • Y BCA (XvnpK • Y Gill Fiui Saxfuie ) r Y U2U Bbre Kmc Itrt, 1 .
UNO (Jirlrr Canfmu • U96S Fort F*m ) . Y BCASkdvrKS+Y GSM Term. • UD6 VmroSUuier.Y UND AMGrnrilnUU* l'97» Ciftm Uiiimml * BCA Buna. (!)? Y 0220 Ha* law *AB2 IttlonOi I'M Gowh*rtJ.W OK Miuliwi BCA Buwtllrcv ? Y G224 fctiprtf UTI DtfrUet 13* Y IW Mr Brli,. 1.146 Y U») Drk»vVidcu» BCA IknlmCireY
02) 6 Slxl Mrl llnmc ?
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G*4» Crrial.Y UU4 Skp Srera lUMrv » U7)7 OmlMrY I'HC? Ftudm*
renter -Y BCA R.Mjum Ol * Y
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CC. tnwen i)i • V tKtn Yetp»Y flisi E-Tyoe 7 » Y t'*449 IBM PC
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One of the key factors in its success has been the machine’s ability to output a video-compatible sync signal which makes it perfect when used in combination with a genlock.
Thanks to the aforementioned sync, overlaying Amiga graphics over live video is quite literally simplicity itself.
Because of this, titling and combining animation with live action are almost second nature. To achieve such effects in the home environment prior to the arrival of the Amiga was to say the least a tricky business.
Formerly this type of production required a PC with lots of additional hardware, including dedicated add-ons to provide a Yideo-compatible signal containing the appropriate sync, plus a suitable sound card to supply the audio. And of course in order to actually genlock a signal you'd still need to add a genlock.
Fortunately the Amiga has all of these elements built-in - with the exception of a genlock - which means animation and Amiga-based audio can be sent straight to tape without any additional investment Even the genlock isn't an essential when recording graphics courtesy of the Amiga’s built-in external modulator.
However for most video productions a genlock is often an essential, which even on the Amiga demands a little extra investment Assuming this is the case and you can’t resist the opportunity to combine video with Amiga graphics, the most important element is to understand exactly how a genlock operates.
Essentially all it does is replace the first colour in the Amiga's register with the incoming video signal. In reality this means that anything painted using this register will appear transparent and allow the live video to show through.
However before going any further it’s worth clearing up a common misconception. Although the first colour in the Amiga register is normally black, this doesn't mean you can't use black Paul Austin reveals all those videographic essentials that any would-be Scorcese should know before embarking on a career in the movies - ¦¦ as part of your Amiga graphics.
In order to use an identical colour you simply have to alter the colour of another colour pot elsewhere in the palette. The actual colour plays no part in the genlocking procedure; its position in the register merely determines which colours appear transparent Although the basic replacement of colour zero is the key to genlocking, it's only the beginning. In most cases a genlock will offer much more than a simple off on combination of the two signals.
For example, the majority will also employ faders to allow dissolves between the two signals. As a result, it's possible to start with the video signal and then fade up the Amiga graphics
- or vice versa.
And of course with the assistance of a genlock, this enables logos or animations to fade-up while leaving the colour zero areas of the image untouched.
If you're interested in recording Amiga animation without the video option there's yet another piece of hardware which could prove invaluable. Although it's possible to record direct Composition Centro!
Pest ination Height Sourc e ' Height tt Offset Cant or Transparent Coion Range F ron A soft touch As you're probably well aware the Amiga market is quite literally fit to burst with video-compatible software. Fortunately almost every Amiga ever sold shipped with a copy of Dpaint, which since time immemorial has been the most important tool for any videographer.
However even Dpaint has its limitations - especially if your primary concern is titling.
Fortunately, thanks to the machine's success as a titling environment, there's a huge range of titling software to suit just about every pocket, with products such as Scala HVT and The Big Alternative Scroller servicing the lower end while MediaPoint and MM300 provide the professionals with the ultimate in multimedia functionality.
With the exception of the genlock - and of course the Amiga - there's very little else that could be classed as an essential. However that doesn't mean there isn't a huge array of potential add-ons.
Continuing in a genlocking vein, there's another hardware add-on known as a chroma keyer. Basically this works in a similar manner to a genlock but instead of replacing a colour in the Amiga's palette it will isolate a particular colour within the incoming video signal and replace this with computer graphics.
In professional studios this is known as a blue screen effect and Is the driving force behind the so-called ‘weather man effects ”, Basically on the Amiga the choice of chroma keyers is very limited with perhaps the only affordable option being the RocKey from RocTek.
However be warned: Chroma keying requires pro studio conditions with ample lighting and appropriate backdrops, and even then the results can vary dramatically - definitely serious punter productions.
On a lower level come the hordes of assorted to tape via the composite output of the modulator, the quality isn’t exactly broadcast Fortunately there is an alternative in the form of a PAL encoder. Basically an encoder has one aim in life and that's to provide the optimum conversion from the RGB signal of the Amiga into either composite or S-VHS video.
Assuming you have the necessary hardware and are ready to record, there are a few essential working practices which will ensure you get the best possible results.
When working with composite VHS video it’s essentially that you avoid the problem of colour bleeding. Unfortunately due to the limitations of composite video it's vital that any Amiga-generated colours are either at or below 192 in the Amiga's colour range. For those new to the Amiga, the available frame grabbers which can provide standard. 24-bit and AGA stills and in some cases sequential video sequences.
Obviously price and performance play a part, but if money isn't a problem VlabY C stands head and shoulders above the opposition - especially if you're interested in sequential grabbing and optimum quality.
Another key aspect of video production is editing. If you can’t edit your creations effectively you’ll sacrifice almost all of the impact your amazing graphics may lend to the production. Nothing looks worse that scruffy cuts and sloppy transitions... As a result some form of editing is essential. If you're lucky enough to have compatible VCRs camcorders, most manufacturers offer built- in edit control either via direct edit cables or proprietary edit boxes.
However if you need additional help. EditMate from Meridian offers friendly - if slightly inaccurate - editing across a collection of assorted players and recorders.
Range stretches from 0 to 255. However if you exceed 192 when sending Amiga graphics to tape, the colours will appear to bleed into their neighbours, producing a smudged or blurred image.
Unfortunately many Amiga packages use palette requesters that show the available registers in a scale from 0 to 15. In this situation never exceed 12 when compiling your images.
Even when these precautions are taken it's still possible to suffer from so-called hot colours. Fortunately there is a trick which can solve the problem - especially if your primarily interest is titling or animated logos.
Basically all you do is load the image into Dpaint, select a dark colour as your pen and cut out the text or logo. Now select the Edge... Outline option from the brush menu.
At this point an outline should appear around the brush. If the line is too. Thin simply repeat the process until you have a distinct edge on the text or logotype.
Essentially all this does is provide a border which will stop highly saturated colours bleeding and blending together. Obviously this is ideal for overlaid graphics, but what about full-frame computer graphics such as ray-traced animations?
In this situation the solution is slightly more expensive and involves investing m dedicated image processing package such as ADPro, ImageMr, or ImageFX - all of which provide advanced colour control. In the case of ADPro you're even provided with a dedicated broadcast limit operator which will automatically adjust the saturation and luminescence to the correct value for composite video.
Another habit worth adopting is blacking your master tape prior to recording. Basically all you do is create a completely black image in your favourite paint package and record this over the entire tape.
Extra hardware Although a seemingly odd pastime, it has a few very useful side effects. Firstly it automatically adds a sync to the tape which makes editing much easier later on in the production process. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, blacking the tape dramatically reduces one of the perennial problems associated with video, namely drop-out Drop-out is a infuriating problem which appears as a sudden and sometimes dramatic drop in colour during playback. The problem usually rectifies itself after a few seconds but this usually makes even more noticeable.
Hopefully blacking the tape beforehand should go a long way towards eradicating the problem. Finally when your tape Is ready to roll, always start recording a few minutes into the tape, as this allows the tape to stabilise which again improves editing and minimises drop-out Moving on up Animation again is one of the Amiga's strong points with a profusion of ray tracers and renders available to supplement Dpaint Brilliance productions. Essentially any buying decision should revolve around a combina