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Did you move up to your Amiga from a Commodore 64? Do you miss those casus! ùtd days of waiting for software to toad off a 1541 disk drive? if so, Questronix's The A64 Package v3 witt tet you reexperience those days of eight-bit gtoty. Atthough previous versions of A64 were shareware, this improved product is a commercia! program. The package includes a smatt box that lets you attach C64 séria! peripherals (disk drives and printers) as web as a thorough!04-page manual. The new version adds compatibitity with att Amiga models (jtthough ACA users wiB have to tum off mode promotion), much botter speed and C64 compatibitity. new S! D sound emulation that sounds just tike the real thing, and fast-toader support. Theres also GEOS compatibitity for 68000-based Amigas. The emulated G64 can appear to have a REU (RAM Expansion Unit) from!28k to 2Mb attached. if you have a tôt of C64 data fîtes sitting around on 5.251n disks, the A647oois conversion utitity's fite-transfer capabitities atone wit! make the product worth the purchase price Other features indude a utititv to convert C64 programs into fast 68000 machine code and a fuB-featured C64 machine-tan-guage monitor. For price and upgrade information, contact Questronix, PO Box 340265, Hartford CT 06134-0265, or catt 010 203 666 8260 You can also reach them at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. using fntemet mail. Amiga Computing March 1994

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Document sans nom Professional 3D graph plotting program with ProDraw and PostScript support ISSUG 71 0 March 1994 9 £3.25 Overseas price £3.50 oHfl 15.95 March 1994 Superb 3D graph program.
Includes support fat AGA non editor ytt Super Du per 3 • The fa test disk copier ir town Dot Dump Print those long docs as AS booklets Fast JPEC * View iPCG files on your Amiga PostScript Aegis Draw and more PLUS: datatypes hr BMP, PCX, MacPaint and windows 01 III Ron Thornton interview • Upper Disk Tools ¦ MW Humanoids • Emplant I BJC-600 • Monitors Amiga Guide • Vidi Amiga 24 (RT) • Panasonic KX-P2123 Amigas at Molyneux t A2A Font converter and much more!
OSCAR. DIGGERS. WING COMMANDER AND DANGEROUS | STREETS PLUS INDI EXCLUSIVE FREEE LEMMINGS A riJ i ii CD j2 FREE £275.00 NEW LOW PRICE SAVE nology, superior graphics to any other console on the market. As it that's not enough it's also cheaper and with the promise of full motion video next year it’s today's hot product £24 V. r r I fJ - I C D ‘J ' E D E E OSCAR. DIGGERS. WING COMMANDER AND DANGEROUS j- J J J J J rV CC STREETS PLUS INDI EXCLUSIVE FREEE LEMMINGS !°6M computer. Add a, i another Amiga, the new ¦¦WET ’rdand rintcr am Printer Option Now that yoi a real Keyboard Option Add a key I
board by _ . _. „ „ . _ simply plugging into the I and turn your computer, why not add a Panasonic Prii CD31 into a real computer and enioy serious graphics and Word Processing have: - Printer INDI DIRECT MAIL is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you must first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier will still be there in the future, should you need them.
A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision and here s why. Indi is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its eleventh year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a group turnover approaching £30 million per annum, INDI have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need US.
Memory Expansion Module Add a Zappo floppy Drive Increase the memory up to 8Mb by the simple at dard 32 - bit S*mrm.
New CD32 Owners Normal Price Can now enjoy all of the advantages of Launch Price £299.99 £275.08 £49.99 £48.99 ] £45.99 £45.99 J £139.99 £99 £535.99 £468.98 The expansion possiWities are as as if you owned and Amiga 1200 SEPARATE PRICES SXI CD32 Expansion Module C139.99 CD32 Keyboard £45.99 Zappo Drive sale price £48.99 J enjoy No Deposit Credit INDI are now able to offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over £ 100. Payment can be over 12, 24. 36.
48 or 60 Months and can include insurance to cover repayments in the event of sickness or unemployment AH credit facilities are subject to status and applicants must be over the age of 18. If you would like a quote, Simply call our sales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the hour.
Amiga CD32 Software Titles Dangerous Streets £19.99 Decpcore £16.99 Sensible Soccer £17.99 Mean Arenas £19.99 Nigel HamcAs World Championships IXTft £19.99 Morph £19.99 Overkill Lunar £19.99 Pinball fj*rr £21.99 Pirates Gold £ 19.99 Zool £19.99 Alfred Chicken £16.49 Castles 2 LZWt £19.99 Chambers of Shaolln £17.99 Liberation £22.99 Commodore 1942 Dual Sync Monitor This new monitor has been specially designed for the New Amiga 1200 and 4000 computers in order for you to enjoy their fantastic graphics to the full. The 1942 Monitor features built in stereo speakers.
Commodore 1084 Stereo Monitor The Commodore 1084s Stereo Monitor. Compatible with all Amiga products.
* Stereo Sound
* High resolution display
* Ergonomic Design
* Full Amijp Connectivity Pack £189.99 Zappo External Floppy
Drive INDI TELESALES TEL 0543 419999 FAX 0S43 418079 9am • 7pm
Monday to Friday
9. 30a m • 4.30pm Saturdays Don't send any Money until you are
100% certain that any advertiser has the product that you want
in stock and will deliver to you immediately.
Far too often Jakki Brambles receives letters from customers who are finding it difficult to obtain a refund from an advertiser that has promised to supply but hasn’t To give you the confidence to buy from INDI. We have joined the DMA. A very important Independent Authority that demands the highest possible standards from its members. DMA members agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising Practice and to subscribe to the Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBOF). Look out for the DMA Symbol. It is your guarantee signifying to the customer the truly professional edge of the
£347.99 Sharp Monitor I TV New Low Price IDE Internal Hard Drives Indi can now offer top quality 2.S" Internal Hard Drives for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at unbeatable prices. All drives come complete with cable and installation software.
Internal HD’s Internal HD’s Internal HD's The superb Sharp 14" Monitor I TV provides a real alternative to a Commodore Morutdf with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and 1.5 watt Mpo audio output All you need to know is the low low price- The Sharp Monitor TV is the product for you complete with scart socket and connectivity cable and including 12 months Warranty. £ 169.99 .
LICHFIELD STAFFS. WSI3 7SF Please send 1 ) .... 2 ) ..
3) ..
Price .? Delivery I enclose
cheque PO for £ ...or charge my
Access I
VrsaNo .....Expiry ..J ..J ...
Signature Name ...
80Mb 2.5" 120Mb 2.5” 17QMb 2.5" £189.99 £200.99 £239.99 :
£169.99 2 Mb Smartcard Zappo 601 Trapdoor upgrade for the
Amiga 600. I Mb with RTC.
INDI PRICE £49,99 The original and still the only fully PCMCIA compatible memory card for the A600 and A1200. Comes with life time guarantee. Beware of cheap immitations.
INDI PRICE £99.99 Address 4 Mb Smartcard Postcode DaytimeTel. Same as above but maximum 4Mb.
INDI PRICE £155.99 TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 079 Panasonic W ¦ *- s arcned the colour printer marl
- -**«• n the KXP 2123 Quiet I sc" found that too with Wor F«» a
copy of Woi Once again Ir.di have t ope with Amiga's powerful
printer you would probably r ble price. We found the perfect
cessing package to use with it. We er with Panasonic we decided
to If you were going :o buy a
29. 99 we thought that might you might be the h of two great
games. How’s that for added value?
That isonil i of word processing isn't for you.
WORDWORTH AGA COMPLETELY FREE! I FREE Word Processing Option Panasonic m ... .
KX- P2I23 The new high performance Panasonic KX-P2I23 24 pin. Quiet colour printer offers leading edge quiet pnnbng technology at an affordable price Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ and 32 SLQ.
Colour Printing 7 Colour palette (blue. Red.
Green yellow, violet, magenta.
B«»ck) Quiet printing Super qu.« 43 -46 dBa sound Itvd (most matrix printer* arc typically in etcess of 60dBa) 7 Resident Font* Over i 52.000 type styles using Super LQ. Courier Prestige. Boid PS Roman.
Script and San Senf fonts.
24 Pm Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality output.
I year Warranty for total peace of mind oattowith the FREE Games Option Frontier Elite II ¦ You may choose from many different from stockbroker to trader, Batde with roiei from explorer to assasin, from stockbroker to trade' Battle with pirates across a galaxy of different worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself The goals to aim for are endless, the game «s completely open ended. £29 99 mmmmm _ wee adventure '-mocr s
• n ' the ncxfU.it Steo toward from tr deoOe
- CU Amiga 971 Batman Returns An wrung program from the first
film simulation. Vastly different to the console version with
vivid scenes straight from the hit movie Batman has returned in
£29.99 A M, Jl | KX - P4400| 1 Panasonic KX - P2023 New Ultra - Compact LED Page Printer Announcing the Panasonic KX - P 4400 LED Page printer, the printer that fits virtually anywhere. Ultra small foot print (12.7cm X 38.1cm ex trays) and under 6.5 kg. This printer travels with you._ “ 4 pages per minute of crisp. 300 dpi laser quality output.
' 100 sheet, multi purpose paper tray (A4. Letter, legal and executive) 28 internal bitmapped fonts ’ HP laserjct series IIP I Mb Ram expandible to 5 Mb
* 1600 copies per toner.
I Year On Site Warranty I £87 1 Mim £499.99 Quiet printing 46.S dBa standard mode. 43i dBa super quiet mode On screen set up disk-Including printer driver for Windows 31 Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft, 64 CPS LQ 4 Resident Fonts Courier. Prestige. Bold PS and Script 2 Paper Paths Top and Rear I year Warranty for total peace of mind Recently reviewed by Amiga Format *A fine 24-pin dot matrix printer at a reasonable price. Buy from INDI AND SAVE OVER £4S Buy this superb printer for Just £169.99 AND whilst stocks last we'll send you a voucher for a free auto eut shcctfccdcr WORTH A FURTHER
FREE SilFFTFFFDFll KX-P44I0 Laser Printing KX-P4430 5 pages per minute 28 resfoem fonts Optional 2nd input bin (total ponter capacity 2x200 sheets) Low running costs Parafiel Interface Optional memory expansion to 4S Mb (03 Mb as standard) HP bseqet U emukatxxi Printer Accessories |7] Paiwi H
• L jii Panasonic Colour Ribbon nbbon for KX-P2I23 INDI PRICE
8) Panasonic Black Ribbon
- Black ribbon for KX-P2I23 INDI PRICE £6.99 ACCESSORY PACKS Pack
I Panasonic Colour Ribbon Pack Contains 6 colour ribbons for
the KXP 2123 RRP £119.99 c ... indi price £69.99 Save £50 Pack
2 Panasonic Deluxe Accessory Pack Conoins automatic
sheetfeeder. 2 bbek ribbons, 2 colour ribbons. I dust cover. 2
piece printer sond RRP £169.99 INDI PRICE £119.99 Save £50
Panasonic Ribbon Pack Contains 2 black and 4 Colour ribbons for
the KXP 2123 RRP £99 99 indi price £59.99 Save £40
I) Panasonic Automatic Sheetfecder
- Automatic shcctfcedcr for KXP 2123 holds 00 A4 sheets INDI
PRICE £89.99f
2) Printer Dust Cover Specially tailored quality Panasonic
KX-2123 pnnte f tailored quality dust cover for the c KX-2123
printer INDI PRICE £8.99
1) Printer Stand
- 2 Piece printer stand INDI PRICE £9.99
4) P -oer Pack 00 sheets of quality A4 paper INDI PRICE £9.99
5) Continuous Paper 2000 sheets I part listing paper INDI PRICE
fT9.99 New Low Prices!
6) Parallel Printer Cable
- To be used when connecting Amiga to Panasonic printers INDI
EXPORT NUMBERS TEL: (44)543 419999 FAX: (44)543 418079 INDI
EASTERN AVENUE, LICHFIELD STAFFS. WSI3 7SF Indi Direct Mail Customer Charter 4 INDI DIRECT MAIL is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you must first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier will sail be there in the future, should you need them.
A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision and here's why Indi is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its eleventh year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a group turnover approaching £30 million per annum. INDI have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, delive when you need us.
Please send I ... ¦Jfczzzzzziizzziiz : Price .+ Delivery I enclose cheque? PO for £ or charge my Access I Visa I No ..Expiry......J......J Signature ...... Name ...... Address ...... ‘liver them next day nationwide and always be around AC0494 No Deposit Credit Indi are now able to offer Competitive Credit Facilities on all orders over £100 subject to
status. Payment can be over 12.
14, 36, 48 or 60 months and can include lyments on the event insurance to cover repayments on the event of sickness or unemployment Why not ring for a quote. Sameday response.
Postcode Daytime Tel FAX: 418 079 TEL: 0543 419 INDI DIRECT HAIL rctognta a Trade Marta and Copyrfriu A» pneo are comet a c ngtoprm E A Q£ CONTENTS Nine pages for enquiring minds The most authoritative monthly columns in the business, covering all areas of specialised Amiga activity Arexx In tfw second pan of bis Arexx gmpbtcs series, Alex (Han shows bow sometimes Arexx can actually be better than bw-ktrl languages I Video What to look out for as the rest of tbe shoot hurtles by In the fifth instalment of Adam Phillips's livid retelling of ibi- ndext-making story FEATURES Babylon 5 The man
behind the most impressive Amiga movio over made dh~ & - ir
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the biggest Amiga monitor in the world Survival guide to
monitors Buying a new monitor can he terrifying. Let AC
provide a clearer picture Emulation Can you really squash a
Mac and a PC inside your Amiga? Denny Atkin says you can Amiga
guide Steve White starts the first of a two-part adventure
into the Amiga Guide Updates ImagoFX takes a step up and
Clarity 16 enjoys a stylish new software revision REVIEWS
GAMER Packed and pulsating with the latest hot releases, Gamer
is the definitive guide for true game fans iraa Gamer Globe
News on forthcoming releases CD32 round-up fcMl Another three
releases for the CD32 Cheap Seats EE9 Another big bundle of
bustling budgets Cheat Mode: Addams Family |1£] How to finish
Ocean's spooky platformer GAME REVIEWS StarTrek na Jurassic
Park ma Fantastic Dizzy 09 Cool Spot i!4 Pirate's Gold CD32
Skidmarks FI DO Labyrinth CD32 fffl Tornado Campaign 2 m AMIGA
Paul Otvma takes a look at a piece of Midi diagnostic IkmlucuY
guaranteed to help Midi users amid unnecessary fault-finding
grief Our Amos guru Phil South looks at DtYfile requesters,
and examines the best way to program llw [de selecting little
blighters Comms bead Pbil South pnun that be am listen
sometimes too by answering tom? Of your comms tpiesilons Ih'ii
Pointer uitb more hints and tips on bote to get tbe very best
results uben producing documents on your Amiga Publishing I
Comms I Amos Music BJ600 The Canon success story goes on A2A
Classy font conversion from Alternative Image Vidi Amiga 24 RT
The latest in instantaneous frame grabbing in 24-bit colour
Humanoids Ultimate 3D modelling from the creator of Cvdoman
Shop Window FQ71 KX-P2123 WKTi] Upper Disk Tools JQQj A1200
Beginners Pack |jQg VideoMaster AGA (ggj The ultimate computer
shopping section swings into action with more unbeatable
bargains m£«» Stars of Yesteryear Classifieds Advertising
index Hard Times page 18 Create 26 types of 2D and 3D graphs,
then output them as IFF, EPS, Aegis Draw, or Geo 3D files for
use in any other package (WB2 3 only) The fastest disk copier
in the business now with a new interface and improved
performance ocDu Output those long text files four to a page
or as complete A5 booklets, all at the touch of a button
16-colour icons for Workbench screens View the most popular
compressed are now easier then ever image format on any ECS or
AGA (WB3 only) New MacPaint, PCX, BMP, and Windows icon
datatypes for MultiView (WB2 3 only) (ECS and AGA only) Amiga
REGULARS News CD32 tn the States and tlx* UK launch of FMV USA
News A glimpse at the latest ADPro plus the transatlantic CD32
Comment Are we in the grip of a technological monster?
Getting Started Drive the inner depths of the Amiga Computing CovcrDi.sk ESP If’* aU here as the proletariat make their presence felt A rur» A AAJtriA* A 1% TTf A - A WM ACAS If you've got a problem who do you call? DOS busters... Reader offers Bargains galore with our collection of shopping list essentials Absolute beginners Let Adam Phillips lead you into the light Subscriptions Subscribe and get your hands on a few freebies in the process Public Sector If it's cheap and cheerful it's here Subscriptions amh CREATE!
The Publisher Take advantage of some of our superb offers for new and renewing subscribers, and ensure that Amiga Computing is delivered to your doorstep every month!
New Qoftware for a New Year Business Applications Utilities Both Sbase Personal and Professional are full-featured, fully relational and powerful databases with pull-down menus, multiple windows and full access to your Amiga's multi-lasking environment and they are now compatible with AmigaD05 3.0 and the ACA chip set Sbase Professional includes a powerful database management language and supports Arexx. Please call for our datasheets on these superb products.
We are pleased to announce that HiSoft is now the authorised UK contact point for Oxxi s Sbase 4 Amiga products (formerly known as Superbase). We have stock of both Sbase Personal 4.1g and Sbase Professional 4.1g and offer full technical support for these programs with our Silver and Gold support options. We can also offer upgrades from earlier versions - please call or fax for details of upgrades and technical support.
Sbase 4 Professional Personal This is ihe utility that you simply must own! Maxon Magic is a funtastic combination of 15 different screen savers, a system event sound player and many amusing sampled sounds that Will not only be incredibly useful but will give you and your friends endless enjoyment as well.
The eye?'
Module In 1 * ..... Maxon Magic The Maxon Magic screen saver works in all modes, even with graphic cards, and offers you a choice of 15 different amusing and entertaining modules such as Aquarium. Flying Bttakfosl, Fimmrks, Crazy Worms, Messages, Clock etc. As if lhat isn't enough value for money. Maxon Magic also lets you assign sounds to most system events including Window Screen open & close events. Alerts, Keys, Mouse clicks. Requesters and more. Choose from the many sounds provided or simply use your own sampled IFF*' With Maxon Magic your Amiga will never look or sound the some again!
The standard C compiler for AmigaDOS gets a major upgrade for 1994; now the SAS C Development System (version 6.5) supports translation of C++- files with Streams and Complex libraries allowing you to write Object Oriented code.
Clarity 16 is our premier sound sampler allowing rates up to 32KHz in 16 bit stereo and up to 48KHz in 16 bit mono on an A5QQ; accelerated machines can handle faster sampling rates. The software provide* extensive features including full edit control, a MIDI keyboard emulator, a sample sequencer, many special effects and FFT analysis. Version 1 -5 has an up-to-date Workbench 3 look, in its own window and is fully compatible with faster Amigas.
The besi-value real-time video digitiser you can buy; VideoMaster gives you the ability to record real-time monochrome video with sound at 25 frames per second as well as quality full-screen stills from your camcorder or video recorder.
Video Master RGB includes our new colour splitter, ColourMaster, and produces amazing quality colour stills.
VideoMaster AG A works on the A1200 and A600, connects via the PCMCIA slot for extra speed and freedom to use other peripherals, allows high quality stereo Sound and supports 1IAM6 and HAMS up to 640 x 512 resolution for stills.
All products on (his page are either available now or by the end of January '94 - please call lo confirm availability.
Megalosound is the new 8-bit, stereo, direct-todisk sampler package; the software is packed full of easy-to-use editing features, special effects and extras such as the ability’ to print waveforms and sample information.
The package allows sampling up to 84KHz mono and 56KHz stereo to memory and up to 21 Khz stereo to hard disk on an A1200.
Supplied with a hardware volume control and an extensive 144-page manual, Megalosound is impressive value at only £34.95. HiSoft ColourMaster High Quality Software The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK.
Tel+44 (0)525 718181 Fax +44 (0) 525 713716 Colour Master is a new electronic colour splitter which works in conjunction with VideoMaster for stunning colour stills.
© Copyright HiSoft 1994. E&OE.
The C++ translator is compatible with CFRONT Version 2.1 from AT&T.
There's an improved peephole optimises more efficient stack extension and structure return code generation.
There are many other improvements including an enhanced instruction scheduler for the 68040 CPU and the 68882 maths coprocessor, an improved profiler, a friendlier interface fo grep, support for C++ within CodeProbe and more. Workbench .11 include files are supplied. Upgrades start from £59.95 - please call for pricing information.
Prices Clarity 16 neu- price £129.95 Megalosound £34.95 VideoMaster A500 £69.95 VideoMaster AGA £79.95 VideoMaster RGB £129.95 ColourMaster £69.95 SAS C 6.5 £329.00 Sbase Personal £129.00 Sbase Professional £249. OO | Maxon Magic £29.95 | If you have difficulty obtaining our new titles, just call, quoting your Access Mastercard Visa Switoh Connect card number and expiry date and we will despatch the goods within 5 working days. For on extra £5 we will despatch the day of order by ParcelForce 24 hour service. Ask for our new 32-pflgG catalogue.
By John Butters THE CD32 assault has continued recently with Commodore launching the revolutionary console in the United States and finally announcing availability of the full motion video module.
Industry experts believe that in order to enjoy long-term success the player must take off in the US, a market which Commodore have so far failed to crack.
But its launch at the Us Vegas Consumer Electronics Show was a low key affair. Software houses gave it their support in small meeting room containing half a dozen machines.
Around 100 game's titles were promised by the time it goes on ule there in the next few weeks. It will cost S399 and be packed with Pinball Fantasies and Sleepwalker.
Back in Britain, the full motion video is now on sale and Commodore claim it can transform the console into the world's best home entertainment package.
When fitted, the Cl99 device enables up to 74 minutes of movies and music videos to be played from a compact disc.
Films available on a CD32 near you... Fatal Attraction Ghost Patriot Games Raiders of the Lost Ark Star Trek Star Trek VI Top Gun The Untouchables Wavne's World Hunt for Red October Indecent Proposal Indiana Jones and the Temple of I)oom Naked Gun 2 ) Holograms to cut CD piracy A MEASURE aimed at cutting illegal copying of compact discs has been announced as figures from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry show CD piracy is on the up.
According to the IFPI. The number of pirated discs printed or imported into Britain during 1992 was 700,000. In the year before there were hardly any.
Now with the computer games industry eager to move to this "piracy free" media, there are worries that it won't be long before it too becomes noticeably affected by illegal copying.
At least one company has announced details of a counter measure which aims to identify discs as authentic. By printing holograms in colour on Cds, Sussex- The module is based on Mpegl technology called Video CD - a standard agreed between industry giants Commodore, Philips, Sony, JVC, Matsushita and Paramount Home Video.
CD32 assault continues Video discs have already started to appear, many of them from Philips using a slightly different format called Video CD-i, but compatible with the Amiga system. They cost from £15.99 each, and among the first 50 films are hits Top Cun, Naked Cun 2 'A Patriot Game's and Wayne's World.
First music discs, meanwhile, include Andrew Llovd Webber's Premier Collection, Brian Adams's Waking up the Neighbours and Inxs's Live Baby Live.
Commodore boss David Pleasance said: "Amiga CD32 cannot be matched as a games machine. Now it can offer movies and music video too.
"It really is the first machine on the market to offer all forms of electronic entertainment in one box."
Based Disctronics say they have made it virtually Impossible to copy discs without expensive equipment.
Although copied discs would still work, customers would be able to identify genuine products and avoid buying substandard imitations.
Disctronics say the security adds very little cost to the software development.
"We feel this must be a good, simple and low-cost step towards security," said the company's chief executive David Mackie.
"We believe it is the responsibility of the Company to provide security features which allow customers to know they are buying the real thing."
Graphics zoom along with Warp ZORRO-based Amiga owners will soon be able to transform their machines into some of the world's fastest and most advanced computer systems.
Warp uses high-performance parallel Rise processors to deliver supercomputer power to people running ray-tracing and other high-end graphics applications.
It consists of a base board containing a single processor and the transputer-based system has slots for two extra processors.
A network connector allows external boxes to be fitted and further processors to be added, and has support for SCSI-II controllers and DSP display modules.
INCREDIBLE Each chip adds 30 million instructions per second to the computer's speed, with 40 modules carrying out an incredible 1,200mips. An unexpanded A4000 operates at about 18mips.
A software driver makes the system compatible with Amiga software including Real 3D. Vista Warp.
Imagine. Art Department Professional and Aladdin 4D, But it needs to be switched off to ensure the computer is compatible with other programs.
Warp will be sold in Britain from April through London-based SatLink (071-371 7471). Prices are expected to be around £1,330 for the base board and £800 for each module.
Towards the end of the year, an even faster version of the product based on the T9000 processor will increase the computer’s speed in steps of 200mips.
EVF II»rireS (EUitfonitors Lsuujpuihjg « « 1 I , -.
Ormskirk Rd, Preston, Lancs, PR1 2QP Ladbroke Computing International arc one of IN longest established home computer dealers in the U.K We have developed an extensive customer service policy which involves testing of all hwdiMfft prior to despatch to ensure that goods arrive in working order, offering free advice and support over the phone and keeping customers informed Although our prices are not always the cheapest we do endeavour to offer consistently good service and backup All pricesvspecitications are correct at copy date 24 1 94 (while stocks last), and are subject to change without
prior notice. All prices include VAT but exclude deftvwy How to Pay You can order by mail Cheques Postal Orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing Or give your credit card details over the phone Delivery Postal delivery is available on small Itoms under £40 (Normally £3. Phone for details) Add £7 for courier delivery Next working day delivery on mainland UK subject to stock (£20 for Saturday delivery) Open Mon-Sat 9.30am to 5 00pm Ladbroke Computing Lid trading as Ladbroko Computing International
• Quantum SCSI Hard drive
• Ultra fast 11 ms access
• Up to 8Mb RAM on board
• 2 year warranty SPECIAL OFFER 170MB NO RAM £349 240MB NO RAM
£399 2Mb SIMM Upgrade £59.99 4Mb SIMM Upgrade £119.99 Amiga
A600 Lemmings Pack £184.99 Includes A600 with 1Mb RAM.
Lemmings A1200 Race & Chase £289.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM Trolls and Nigel Mansell A1200 Desktop Dynamite £339.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM. * Digita Wordworth. Digrta pnnt manager. Deluxe Paint IV. Dennis, Oscar Amiga CD32 £289-99 2Mb RAM. Dual Speed CD ROM.
Multi session, plays music CD's.
256000 colours on screen, includes 2 games Oscar and Diggers.
Amiga 4000 030 £999.00 Includes A4000, 030 processor, 2Mb Chip RAM. 80Mb Hard drive.
Samsung C13352X £179.99 14" SCART input TV with remote control and on screen display (requires SCART cable for high quality display) Commodore 1085$ £189.99 Commodore Colour Stereo Monitor including cable Microvitech 1440 £399.99 The Microvitec 1440 is a multisync monitor compatible with the A1200.
Includes setup memory for different resolutions.
Colour SVGA Monitor £229.99 High quality Colour SVGA Monitor .28 dot pitch.
A1200 VGA adaptor £14.99 Falcon VGA Adaptor £9.99 Philips SCART to Amiga £9.99 8833 MKII to Amiga £9.99 Star Star LC100 Colour £149.99 Star LC24 100 Mono £179.00 Star LC24 30 Colour £249.00
• Built in 55 sheet feeder
• 24 Pin Colour Starjet SJ48 Bubblejet £210.00 Star SJ144 £459.00
• Thermal max transfer colour printer
• 144 element head
• Glossy colour output
• 360 dpi resolution Citizen Citizen Swift 240 Colour £270.00
Citizen Project £209.00 Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 510 £309.00
HP Deskjet 500 Colour £389.00 HP Deskjet 310 £239.99 Lasers
Ricoh LP1200 £699.00 Add £3 for Centronics cable and £7 for
next working day courier delivery.
Goiul*tor 'ZlUtbipse M°use y&fjcon 030
• 16MHz 286 PC Emulator filUfarinters
• Norton rating 15
• Plugs into GVP II HD GVP PC-286 Emulator £89.00 Tra
• Ergonomic design
• 320 dpi resolution
• Easy to use
• Microswitch buttons ONLY £29.99 |WgBRfflP RAI* Repair Se Qyr
A500 5i2K upgrade
• Video processor provides real time software control of
brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, filtering,
gain etc.
• Audio processor with two audio inputs, software switchable or
mixable, with software control of Volume, Bass and Treble
G-Lock Genlock £284.00 nH "ves Plugs into PCMCIA slot Fully external, doesn't affect warranty 170Mb Overdrive £349.99 Phone for higher capacities.
• 290dpi resolution
• 2 Microswitched buttons
• Opto Mechanical mechanism
• Switchable between Amiga ST
• Direct Mouse Replacement Eklipse Mouse £11.99 floppy O'""*
• 880K formatted capacity
• Double sided. Double density
• Through port Cumana CAX 354 £54.99 Amiga 500 internal drive
£49.99 A500 512K upgrade £14.99 A500+ 1Mb upgrade £19.99 A600
1Mb no clock £29.99 Plugs straight into A600 trap door
compatible with A600, A600HD .« £rCel0ra,Or
• 40MHz 68030 accelerator
• Makes your Amiga 1200 run over 7 times quicker,
• Allows up to 32Mb RAM
• Optional FPU A1230 0Mb No FPU £289.00 A1230 4Mb No FPU £429.00
A1230 4Mb 68882 FPU £529.00
• 16MHz 32 bit 68030 Central Processor, 16MHz Blitter, 32MHz
56001 Digital Signal Processor
• 1,44Mb 3.5' Floppy, up to 14Mb RAM. Displays 65536 colours from
262144 palette
• 8 Channel, 16 bit, high quality Stereo sound sampling FALCON 1
Mb No HD £499.00 FALCON 4Mb No HD £699.00 FALCON 4Mb 64Mb HD
£799.00 FALCON 4Mb 127Mb HD £899.00 FALCON 4Mb 209Mb HD £999.00
Falcon Screen Blaster £89.00 rvicas Our Service department can
repair Amiga's in minimum time at competitive rates. We can
arrange for courier pickup and return delivery of your machine
to ensure it's safety. We even have a same day service which
will ensure your machine is given priority and subject to
fault, completed the same day. We offer a Quotation service for
£15 for which we will examine your machine and report back with
an exact price for repair. If you do not wish to go ahead with
the repairs then just pay the £15. However if you do go ahead
then the charge is included in the minimum charge. Please note:
The minimum charge covers labour, parts are extra.
Quotation service £15.00 Min repair charge £35.25 Courier Pickup £11.00 Courier Return £7.00 Same day service £15.00 Phone help 1 Nf* cpmvluncy service has been iM’rld Multimedia (041-
* •*'. I C i crtprmg for people who need eW Kcfcmcjl support for
Amiga i hrjpr and hardware.
Sm ico offered include telephone r scanning frame grabbing, profes- wrvit cotour printing from IFF files and domain distribution.
The helpline is available between
- nr and 9pm and provides advice on Workbench, graphics, video,
desktop publishing and other productivity WffWife.
Customers need to pay an annual registration fee of £15, which gives unlimited access to the helpline - which costs an extra 48p per minute (peak) and '-®p per minute (off peak).
Accessing CD CD-ROM drives which fit into the ; 25in bay of the top-end Amigas are now available to enable owners of the computers to read CDTV, CD32, PC and Macintosh compact discs.
Three versions are available, each Jimed at users who want to access a wide range of clip art and public domain files.
Leeds-based First Computer Centre .0532 319444) expect the £219.99 Toshiba XM4101 to be the most popular. It has a 300 millisecond access time and 317k per second data transfer.
A driver is supplied to allow the compact discs to be used with A1500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 machines, although none of the drives allows CD32 software to be run.. Prices depend on specification, with each drive offering different access times and transfer rates. The XM4101, however, is the cheapest at £219.
A SCSI interface is also needed, with First Computer Centre supplying a device for £122.
Speeding up GREAT Valley Products have announced details of their fastest accelerator yet, the A4000 Gforce 040.
It uses a 68040 processor running at 40MHz, and can be fitted with up to 128Mb of 32-bit Fast RAM.
An expansion socket provides signals for a SCSI-II fast module that gives data transfer rates up to 10Mb per second when used with high performane hard drives.
The board fits into A3000 T and A4000 T computers, and is due for imminent release. British distributor Silica Systems (081-309 1111) say the price remains to be fixed.
First time troubles cut FIRST time printer buyers are targeted for Citizen’s new ABC 24-pin dot matrix machine which, claim the manufacturer, is the easiest- to-use machine on the market.
Billed as a true plug and play printer, Citizen say that newcomers will be able to install and use it within five minutes of opening the box.
The 022 ABC avoids complicated control panels and set-up procedures, and is configured for use with the Amiga by EasyStart software packaged with the machine.
EasyStart provides users with a step-by- step on-screen graphical guide to installation, walking them through the complete process of setting up the printer and preparing it for use.
It has been designed for use in the home and small office, where Citizen believe that many potential customers find computers and printers intimidating.
"Our mission was to develop a printer that really is as easy as ABC," said Citizen’s group product manager, Andy Martin.
"We conceived EasyStart as an interactive, graphical tutorial that guides you through connection, set-up and paper loading.
"Above all, we wanted to make the Citizen ABC amazingly friendly and fun to use.” Other features include a print speed of 160 characters per second in draft mode and 53cps at 10 characters per inch. Memory is 8k and it has a resolution of 360 dots per inch.
Optional extras are a colour kit, push tractor feed and 128k memory.
Cheeky ad targets Sega COMMODORE would have had difficulty finding a cheekier position to place their Sega-knock- ing CD32 advertisement over Christmas.
The aggressive "To be this good will take Sega ages" ad appeared next to Sega's office on Cromwell Road, London throughout the festive period.
Upgrades boom follows deal AN AGREEMENT just signed between Power Computing and US-based DKB Software is promised to bring more upgrades to Amiga owners in Britain.
The first is a SCSI-II card which enables A3000 and A4000 owners to connect up to seven extra devices to their computer.
Once plugged into the machine’s Zorro III expansion slot, the DKB4091 allows peripherals such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives, tape back up units, image scanner and printers to be used.
Its makers claim the £399 card provides the maximum transfer speed for data intensive multimedia applications, and it has a slot to enable a 3.5in hard drive to be fitted on the board. Other upgrades include a board which expands the A1200’s memory up to 8Mb. It has two sockets and prices start at £169,95 for a 2Mb version with a maths co-processor, And for people wanting to increase the memory of high-end Amigas. The firm will soon be selling a board which gives A3000s and A4000s a massive 128Mb of RAM. Within the next few weeks a 68030 accelerator will be launched for the A1200. It will
also allow up to 128Mb of extra memory to be added.
Bedford-based Power Computing can be telephoned on 0234 843388.
Revolutionary painting package nears A REVOLUTIONARY method of painting is set to appear on the Amiga with the release of a new high-end package aimed at broadcasters and other graphics professionals.
The as yet unnamed program breaks away from normal ways of painting on the Commodore computer, instead using multiple layers of "glass”.
Previously this kind of application cost around £100.000, but the new package just needs an Amiga fitted with a 32-bit graphics board.
Exact details remain sketchy, but its British distnbutor says the program will be capable of building images from several elements or as a rough.
Some television adverts are already made in this way, with up to 50 layers of video producing effects that look realistic to the eye "After seven years without anybody improving on Deluxe Paint we have a new idea on how painting should be produced - it's revolutionary.’ said Amiga Centre Scotland boss Martin Lowe.
It is expected to be available from ACS within the next couple of months.
Its price remains to be fixed CompuServe slash connect costs ONLINE information giant CompuServe have slashed connect charges for hourly- priced services by around 40 per cent.
The US-based firm says the cuts have been made possible because advanced technology has resulted in lower operating costs.
"We are pleased to pass these savings on to our members in the form of substantially lower connect rates," said Barry F Berkpv, CompuServe's executive vice president, "We have the financial strength and stability to allow us to reduce our rates while continuing to offer the most extensive range of services in the industry."
Areas affected by the savings include interactive forums, premium travel services, financial services, reference databases and entertainment.
Someone accessing the services using a 1,200 or 2,400 baud modem now pays about £3.30 an hour compared to the old rate of £5.50. Other baud rates see similar cuts.
¦ NEWS Dance record due for Amiga DIARY DATES April 10-12,1994 Europtilrt Computer Trade Shou’ Venue: Business Design Centre, London Organiser: Blenheim On-line (081-742 2828) Europe's largest trade show for the computer and video games industry- April 16,1994 Spring All Micro Show Venue: Binghy Hall, Staffs Organiser: Sharuvrd Services 10473272002) Last autumn's show contained 70 exhibitors - some with Amiga software and hardware.
April 22 to 24,1994 MEMS '94 Venue: Wembley Conference Centre.
London Organiser: Westminster Exhibitions (0222512128) Britain' leading Midi and electronic music show, with many household name firms attending.
September 20-25,1994 Live'94 Venue: Earls Court Organiser: News International (071-782 6893) Commodore have already pledged their support for this large consumer electronics show.
October 6-9,1994 BBC Big Bash Venue: NEC, Birmingham Organiser: Haymarket Exhibitions Future World area of this big show will contain the latest computer games and virtual reality.
October 26-30,1994 Future Entertainment Show Venue: Earls Court II Organiser: Future Exhibitions (0225 442244) The biggest public show of computer and video games players and a chance to see Christmas releases.
MUSICIANS from around the world have joined forces to produce a collection of dance and techno tunes for a record due at the end of May.
Between 15 and 20 tracks are expected to be included on the Amiga Experiment compact disc, all of them generated using the Commodore machine.
The project started last autumn when Newcastle-Upon-Tyne man John Atkinson and local Time Stretch recording studio saw an Amiga demo.
"Seeing the Space Ball rave demo we became impressed by the Amiga's ama ing sound capabilities," John Atkinson told Amiga Computing.
An advert was placed in the computer press asking for musicians to contact him and from the 66 people who responded 11 were picked to be involved with the record.
The collection will be compiled on an A500P using tracker program OctaMed which, with its Midi ability, Atkinson considers to be the best software for the group's needs.
It is planned to cost £6.50 and will be sold by mail order and through public domain libraries.
Driving quality improves Complaints over computer use DESPITE the increased sales of computers over recent years, only one in five Britons find them easy to operate and millions more have other complaints about their use.
That's the finding of a Gallup survey, which also shows people think computers have made business unnecessarily complicated.
Only one in 20 of the 1,000 people questioned believed computers helped running a home or family, with a large number of them saying they will never buy a machine.
The survey also showed concerns about the price of computers, that children spend too much time playing games, and over the spread of computer pornography.
On a more positive note, half of Britons consider computers a must in today's society and nearly as many people think they have made business more sophisticated.
THE EXTERNAL Overdrive hard disk for the A1200 has been improved with a new controller and higher quality' casing and power supply.
It is available with either 250Mb or 340Mb of storage capacity and has an average data transfer rate of 1.5Mb per second and a maximum of 2.5Mb per second.
Dealer Special Reserve (0279 600205) say early reliability problems have now been overcome.
"The new hard drives have been fully tested and found to be reliable, capable and fast," a spokesperson explained. "They are substantially faster than 2.5in internal hard drives."
Prices are around £299 for a 250Mb model and £379 for 340Mb capacity.
Survey to report on security breaches THE Government are carrying out a national survey to find the extent of computer security breaches experienced by British firms.
It will find the costs of violations to companies, identify major causes, give evidence about the level of computer misuse and give an indication of user-awareness of security issues.
Overseas March 16-23,1994 CeBIT 94 Venue: Hanover. Germany Organiser. Deutsche Messe (01049511890) Europe's premier information technology show often used by Commodore for the launch of new hardware.
Ten thousand firms are taking part in the survey and its results are expected early this year.
The last study in 1991 found that more than half of business had suffered from security problems at an estimated total cost of £1.1 billion a year.
10 Amiga Computing March 1994 MediaPoint is the state-of-the-art in interactive presentation software.
Commodore Wo Main Menu |D| New Amiga models Q COTV titles N Utimecia software 1 Other prodjcts * Interactive Information Systems . TM ¦BediaPoint multimedia magic for the Amiga No other software package on the Amiga has this many features in the standard package. Some of the highlights: MediaPoint is professional:
• Script synchronization on standard time, SMPTE and MIDI.
• Play full motion video and samples from harddisk. Supported
animation formats: anim-5, 7 & 8 and (AGA) CDXL.
• Over 150 smooth screen and object transitions.
• Use buttons to create interactive scripts for mouse, keyboard
and touch screen.
• Script events can be scheduled to be displayed on specific days
and times.
• Use ScriptTalk™ language to create customized scripts with
variables, conditional jumps and Arexx support.
MediaPoint is easy to use:
• Cut, copy, paste and undo for all page and script editor
• Script parts can be collapsed and exploded.
• Text editor allows a different font, size, color and style per
• Antialiasing per character color, not to just one color.
• Frame-oriented page editor with solid, pattern and transparent
frames. Over 50 frame transitions.
• Duplicate, centre, align, lock and group move functions for
Weather Conditions MediaPoint means good looking, fast graphics:
• Import any Amiga graphics file including 24 bits.
• Scale and remap to any (AGA) graphics mode.
• Save page layout including text and graphics for use in other
• Ready to use clipart, maps, pictograms, fonts and sounds
• Fast color thumbnails in file requester for easy file browsing.
MediaPoint is modular: Information Channels
• Xapp™ modules for GVP's IV-24, Studio 16 cards, MIDI, CDTV,
LaserDisc players, VCRs, still video players. Coming soon:
Video Toaster xapp.
MediaPoint is complete:
• Standard bundled languages: English, French, German and Dutch.
• Free runtime player.
• No hardware key protection.
MediaPoint is a trademark of MediaPoint Int. All other brand names are the property of their respective owners. For more information: Presentations Activa International Inc: +31-21-538-0639, Fax: +31-21-538-0679.
Activa Technical Support UK: 081-402 5770, BBS 081 986 5964. Fax: 081-402 5780 ACTIVA MttRNATIONAl NEWS When Commodore previewed CD32 at North American World of Amiga shows, they hinted that the major US unveiling would be held at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Denny Atkin on Commodore’s cautious CD32 unveiling at the CES, and the rest of the news from across the water Commodore did have a tasteful booth, but unlike the 3DO, CD-i, and Sega booths which were smack dab in the middle of the floor with literally thousands of people passing them each hour - Commodore chose to exhibit in a room upstairs away from the hustle and bustle.
Low-key US launch for CD32 So while CD32 was there to see, and looking competitive compared to 3DO and blowing CD-i right out of the water, only about a dozen people were in the room to see it each time I walked by.
That's been Commodore's problem in the US for years now. Instead of putting their all into getting the attention of the masses, Commodore have relied on getting the word out to a small group who actively seek them out and hoping those folks will tell their friends.
Commodore did stage a press conference, and that played to a packed house. They started the conference by mentioning that the company had annual sales of S600 million (a few years ago it was SI billion), arfl that there have now been more than five million Amigas sold.
Commodore now feel that their US market is in video workstations, while the European market is more consumer- oriented.
In their bid to become a player in the US consumer market again, the company announced plans to release CD32 here in March. However, the company doesn't have the resources to mount .1 major national advertising campaign in a country this large, so they’re looking to use some innovative techniques to get the word out.
These will include a CD32 Club and an attempt to get CD32 units and titles into rental outlets such as video stores, Commodore said thev had sold over 100,000 CD32 units as of the January show, and said they hope to be able to sell 300,000 to 500,000 CD32 units in the US in 1994.
Although many question their ability to sell that many units without a major advertising campaign, Amiga users hen? Are hopeful that it will happen.
Recent visitors to Commodore's West Chester offices describe it as "a ghost town", and the entire software development crew is down to fewer than ten people now.
Commodore could certainly use the cash generated by a successful CD32 product to get its stagnant Amiga development back on track. In Amiga computer-related news, I Lew Eggebrecht said that the CD32-compat-1 ible CD-ROM add-ons for the A121X1 and I A4000 were still in the works and he hoped I they'd be available soon.
In an interesting side-note, ho mentioned I that Commodore had even considered the I feasibility of creating CD32 add-ons for the I PC and Macintosh, but at the moment no such products were planned.
When asked whether Commodore would release any new Amiga computers this year, Eggebrecht said yes, but declined to elaborate.
ADPro gets better Microbotics sold Although the version number has only been bumped a little bit - to v2.5 - ASDG refer to the new release of Art Department Professional as The most significant upgrade in its history”.
Microbotics, one of the oldest Amiga hardware developers, have been bought by Paravision, a company with a video and connectivity hardware background.
Paravlsion say they will continue to support and develop the current Microbotics product line, and will develop new products with a particular emphasis on A1200 and A4QQQ products, Microbotics recently announced the Modem 19. A high-speed 19.200 bps modem available in both external and internal models for the Amiga.
Paravision’s announcement of the purchase said that they have retained the former Microbotics management, technical, and engineering staff. The announcement also indicated that the team, in addition to developing Amiga products, will also be working on products for PC systems running Windows.
Although Paravision are based in North Ridge, California, the company will continue to handle customer service from the former Microbotics location in Texas.
For more information, contact Paravision, 1251 American Parkway, Richardson, Texas 75081. Or call 010 214 644 0043.
Many long-time ADPro users will consider the user interface to be the upgrade's biggest improvement.
“We surveyed our customers and found that some preferred a list-oriented graphical user interface (GUI) for speed, while others preferred a button-oriented GUI for ease-of-use. “We implemented both and allowed them to be intermixed configurably."
ADPro 2.5 adds RTG (retargetable graphics) technology, so the new user interface can now be displayed directly on the screens created by third-party display boards such as the Picasso, EGS, Retina, and Video Toaster. ADPro can now render its images in a window on the same screen as its user interface.
ASDG have added CDXL, FLC, and FLI animation formats; Digital Broadcasting Jstream; and ICO file format loaders and savers, as well as support for direct reading and writing of Workbench icon files, If you own the Professional Conversion Pack, you'll also get support for SGI, Alias, and Wavefront files - professional stuff indeed!
Turn back the clock The Fargo Primera colour printer - an impressive device that creates absolutely beautiful high-resolution colour output for about S1000 - is now supported by ADPro in its dye sublimation mode. I’ve seen dye sublimation output from the Primera and it easily rivals photographic or typeset output.
An improved version of the FRED batch program and over 100 included Arexx files provide a wealth of full-motion special effects possibilities. Arexx programs can now be integrated into ADPro's customisable user interface.
Professional video and film users of ADPro will appreciate the new CineMorph utility (no relation to the GVP morphing program) which can convert streams of images between 24 frame-per-second film style and 60 field-per-second video-style time bases.
All of this is supported by much-improved documentation that now includes nine tutorials, more illustrations, and an expanded Arexx section.
The retail price of the program remains at S295, and current ADPro owners can upgrade for $ 45 plus shipping. ASDG have started accepting credit cards, so Visa, Mastercard, and American Express users in a rush for their upgrade can order it via phone now.
For more information, call 010 608 273 6585, or wnte to ASDG at 925 Stewart Street. Madison. Wisconsin 53713.
Did you move up to your Amiga from a Commodore 64? Do you miss those casual old days of waiting for software to load off a 1541 disk drive? If so, Questronix's The A64 Package v3 will let you re-experience those days of eight-bit glory.
Although previous versions of A64 were shareware, this improved product is a commercial program. The package includes a small box that lets you attach C64 serial peripherals (disk drives and printers) as well as a thorough 104-page manual.
The new version adds compatibility' with all Amiga models (although AGA users will have to turn off mode promotion), much better speed and C64 compatibility, new SID sound emulation that sounds just like the real thing, and fast-loader support.
There's also GEOS compatibility for 68000-based Amigas. The emulated C64 can appear to have a REU (RAM Expansion Unit) from 128k to 2Mb attached.
If you have a lot of C64 data files sitting around on 5.25in disks, the A64Tools conversion utility’s file-transfer capabilities alone will make the product worth the purchase price Other features include a utility to convert C64 programs into fast 68000 machine code and a full-featured (.64 machine-lan- guage monitor.
For pnee and upgrade information, contact Questronix, 1*0 Box 340265, Hartford CT 06134-0265, or call 010 203 666 8260.
You can also reach them at Questronix@genie.geis.com using Internet mail.
Amiga Computing March 1994 2 You can't use Software this Powerful, and produce Documents this Good... 1 Is * nrp’nr:rrTir-:nfT'c:r®nprrtsRFir:F«Pi ) gPjPPMigTOi japrgpFFFP” JF JIJM
* • M«U KM MMX* «••« »« ftBC man _Q
* •- 'm »j it naaa 3 « r«» ;hm* QJ Economics ' * t Unless,
you buy an expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour
PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top
Publishing Package.
g A '"'visit
* * ** how- ,nternational I C “• King, Comb, conorrt ( I A
If you're looking for a quality Word Processor Publisher that
performs as well as this, you may well start by marching
through PC and Apple™ Macintosh™ software catalogues.
Even then though, you probably won’t find a program that will combine the very' best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
You certainly can’t find 'Oftware for your Amiga that’s capable of all this... ...or Can You?
J J I C I £ Q A c “nuffnj Orig ns Current situotion
* Pr°Posed ensures
* Fufure Aspects Conclusions
• *hht 7 x n- ord
At met thics and technology are two subjects which, though seemingly disparate, have been inextricably linked since the invention of the machine gun and bolt action rifle brought man the power to kill dozens of his fellow men in the course of a few minutes without ever seeing their faces.
Since then, moral arguments have raged with increasing vehemence over the use of technology. At first in warfare, when Arthur "Bomber" Harris found contempt was his only reward for the near destruction of Nazi Germany's transport and industrial bases at the cost of E Losing the race 55,000 RAF aircrew and hundreds of thousands of German civilians, and more recently in medical science.
The widespread application of techniques developed through genetic research reaffirm that man has never failed to use any of the new technologies he has developed, be they weapons designed to kill tens of thousands of civilians in a single sun-hot flash, or methods by which the stuff of life itself is engineered and altered.
Could human rashness and the drive for progress turn computer technology from friend to foe?
Debates, of course, rage on in the medical and other communities concerning ethical problems, but these debates are usually sidelined by the pace at which industry takes advantage of the opportunity for new profit.
Only a few decades after the first serious doubts were raised about genetic engineering, commercial applications for the research carried out since Frick and WatSOrtS DNA work are appearing every year.
In the computer industry we face a similar challenge when we look forward to the application of powerful new processors. Virtual reality, viruses, and artificial intelligence spring to mind as three areas in need of more sober debate.
For example, can it be long before a research engineer working on one of the advanced neural network programmes presently being funded in japan and the USA is confronted by a computer which requests not to be turned off? If a computer could make such a plea of its own volition, we would be faced with a situation in which we had created a slave race of intelligent creatures for whom we were morally responsible, This moment of decision might be before the end of the century.
Simply turning off a machine which had become self* aware would be tantamount to murder.
In more daily practical terms, can we ignore the promise - or threat, if you like - that virtual reality will change the way in which we perceive our environment and lead to new "unreal" experiences? Since the evolution of the human race, the mainstay of our connection with the world we live in has been our senses, and if we are now to trick those senses into believing that the world has changed, shouldn't we be looking at the possible medical and social effects?
Technologies of all kinds, high among them the computer boom, are forging well ahead of fhe ordinary person's ability to assimilate them. Panaceas of all kinds are being promised by scientists who, despite enjoying a less than earned public respect, have nothing in their minds than the next discovery, and for whom the possible consequences of their research is a matter for government legislation rather than personal circumspection.
The scientific community has effectively abrogated its responsibility for the developments it creates. This trend can be traced at least to the half-hearted protests of those involved in the Manhatten Project which produced the first atomic bomb and can be brought down today to those involved in genetic research, who raise both the real problems (as practical advances) and a host of ephemeral answers in the shape of arguments which seldom carry beyond the rarified atmosphere of the scientific journal.
SECOND CLASS If our washing machines, videos, motorway travel, spending, and almost every other aspect of even' day life are to be monitored by computer (as they have been for the last decade), if our bodies are to be made second-class constructions by fhe efforts of scientists seeking the cypher to the genetic code and the perfect human, and if our intellect is to be challenged by increasingly sophisticated computer brains (Kasparov only narrowly defeated his last computer opponent), can we sit back and watch?
There has been little or no debate on the real issue at stake, which is whether or not constant progress, towards which the whole of Western society has been dedicated since Copernicus, is actually desirable. While advances in so many fields threaten to take the humanity out of being human, shouldn't we be taking a step back for a breather?
Since the dawn of time, mankind has never failed to find practical applications for the knowledge our technolog) has made available, and it is time we recognised this fact Advances in genetics, artificial intelligence, and other fields will find their way into the commercial market place or the military, and when they do we might find that our world - the one in which we all live, breath, and reproduce - has been irreversibly altered by anonymous lab technicians with respectable jobs.
If we can't control and monitor the pace of our own ingenuity, can't question the sacrosanct religion of "progress", or are unable to tie our scientists down to the inventions they release on uS, with no thought for their own culpability, can we look forward to a future in which the individual has any liberty at all?
Technological progress is the most powerful religion in the West and seems set to blossom into the future as fusion power, space stations, parallel processors, and genetically engineered children come on stream- If this is the religion of the next few decades, and if serious debate on the direction we are taking is not carried out, then I for one am a heretic.
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Printed m the United Kingdom by 6PCC Ltd, Carlisle You Can Now... with New Final Writer Put Your Finger on the Buttons of the Ultimate Amiga Word Processor SoftWood Quality software for your Amiga From ihc publisher of the acclaimed Final Copy II comes its new companion. Final Writer • for the author who needs even more! If you already use an Amiga Word Processor, it won’t include the complete and comprehensive array of features found in this latest addition to the SoftWood family.
Can your Word Processor... Output crisp PostScript,M font outlines on any graphic primer I not just expensive lasers), and was it supplied with over 110 typefaces? Import, scale, crop, view on screen and output fractured EPS clip-art images (Final Writer is supplied with a hundred), again, on any ftmicr? Also create structured graphics and rotate them along with text to any angle, giving juu DTP quality presentation? Provide a huge range of printing options teg. Thumbnails.
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available to you ‘ along with a list of fea- Adobe PostScript v
Lures ,hat Jusl I*** on «kw.«v ;m(j on re know that joril be impressed by this revolution in Amiga Word Processing, but don't be put off by it's «d»anccd capabilities. With its complement of ¦kt definable Command Buttons and Superb Maul. Final Writer is simply one of the easiest programs to learn and use.
Final Writer is not just a one-off product... SoftWood are acknowledged as the World’s leading software company publishing for the Amiga and no other system. So. If Final Writer exceeds your current requirements - whatever your Document Processing needs, whatever your Amiga - SoftWood will still have the Perfect Package for you... Pen Pal or Final Copy 11 and Proper Grammar II...a Complete Range.
Once you become a registered SoftWood user, you'll gain access to unlimited free UK technical support (others often charge you or don't provide support at all) and preferential upgrades to future versions of these and other exciting new products being developed right now.
If you've outgrown your existing package ask about our 'trade up' options from your current Word Processor (other . publishers' WP’s are eligible too), a « W SoftWood Products Europe % New Street Allreton Derbyshire DE55 7BP England Telephone: 0773 836781 ' Facsimile: 0773 831040 Available from all good dealers or. Contact us for a list of nationwide stockists.
All information correct 11 timeofgotnt; to pros. E&EOE All Trudemarh ncinowledsed. The doormens on the previous pane »m output on a hm cost Canon Bubble Jet.
CD32 CONSOLE SPECIAL Choose any* 3 CO discs (see software section) la £59.90 wusa w w CD32 SOFTWARE CD" CiMMtt (with Oku AGA, Wing Ccmm t Dengnoet Sltwts. Diggers +Joyped flEEl (her 75 titles specially wrirten for the CD5* should be in slock (phone for list), inc. Synicote, Zcol 2. Jurassic Puk. Choos Engine, may ol which include a lull (D music frock alongside the gome. About half oi (listing (DTY tides ore cgmpolibh. CD32 wdl aba pkry normal music Cds ond CD*G decs £279 ©" t EMV (ad os abere PLIH MB MtKK VWO MK £465 A4000 30 & 40 A4000 30: U Chip Ul * 68030 pra(«oi, 68882 25 SO Mhz a-
processor option. 256.000 colours hom 16.6M. scon doubling for flicker tree dhpiay. Mouse, Amiga 3.571.76 MB 3.5' drive. Hard Drive os below, 0s 3.0 system ond utdrtiej, Next day on-site warranty CD" Standard warranty is 12 rnomhs return to base.
12 months on-site warranty £39.99 Extra 2yn on site warranty £69.99 Amiga AVAILABLE NOW!
Full Morion Video module for CD® .. (*tfi f’H Mist Mu Det) £18 COMING SOON Hoppy drive. Keyboard, Mouse CO* fv Al A4000 40: As above, bui featuring rhe blistering 48040 processor, with fufl flooring point fodfities NOT EC version UK models with on-site A40Q0 A4000
1. 1MB HO 5U8TWO SIZE Mt £70
PACK WaOiv oVi24 ChjwrbvlJ A OsayAGA*Ck fWiVbncnu PLUS
4fx*feJMB ADO £49 fl2CC5sorW A1200 EXTRAS A500+ and A600s come
complete with mow, modvlotor I to conned to TV, or monitor
leod I as required, all cables, monuals, f operating discs and
utilities WITH ANY 12002MB 269 1200 .20MB HD 379 1200 .60MB HD
439 1200 .80MB HD 469 1200 .120MB HD 509 1200 1207MB HD 549
Extra 4MB + clock fitted ADD £200 1889 r |f mt hl i 965
PIMIAll FANTASIES, NKK FALDO S (HAllENGf GOLF ADD £19.99 OR LEMMINGS SIMPSONS, CAPTAIN PLANET, PLUS D PAINT IH I GEA BASK sg: 9*5 1079 SPECIAL 1149 1959 s: 2139 "CBM AFPBOVEB HARD DRIVES fiii itfd n itto*ovu»Jry dv aid dmiMMIlM uA luu uth CBM «• MtimftMYia.
1219 2299 2459 1479 174 9a 189 90
194. W 209.99 ADD £14.95 WILD, WEIRD IsnilM liWT lift A4000 30
CO-PflOe 68882 25 MH . ADD £79 68882 SOMHx ADD £159 Fitting
FOC d purchasing A4000 Duuxi vawt III.
AND WICKED OOajeutsn SPECIAL OtiAjet5C0CirdStmsrPod , witimvAmijc ONLY £285 | 269 m 284.90
319. 00 334.90
349. 00 364.99 A600 hd 20 EPIC 40 How, Mrro, ¦ *ru Tiivuu Putswt,
PACK 64 u«* Trn bewxt ------------ PIUS 85 Punt r, faj air
389 9« 404 99 HOBBYTE VALUE PACKS Hobbyle ore famous for
Itwr porks. Remember, a bargain is onfy a borgem when you
like what you Porodroid does worse, if Basic I wool,
whilst still benefiting from package deal sovings.
T! So, if you aren't Wild, Weird or Wicked. Sleepmlker sera you to sleep, Space Ace lecves you feeekng e
365. 09 379.ee
415. 9o429.ee
569. 99 58499 A600 hd 80 120 210 isn't you, exerdse your options
ond get real value for money from Hobbyle STARTKR RACK A
IMSt for MW WITH AMIGA ALONE users! All you need in £j 5 £25
THE HOT U QRIAT indivMi packaamd mat BETTER THAN REST !!
(previous RRPs u £39.99 ANY 10 £29 0is« pocks oao?
Tbvndutirds (7yts.| t I Wv+btsofi [cointsa Papedxry II t Da Hard!
CokBswfteatt OsakrgeGeH Battleships cbssk bcord | Owme Sour« kxte NdgHxMS frankemaeut® Coptoin flonei Sikwrm Hokopler ®?
Tog T«m Wrestkrc TRAMPY'S Al RACK fun ond tducalioMil for 2 IB 11 YbfTJ 5wmlMbawrb(raipmdl 8 irojcd ita-rttg jznt-. A 3 Inth PIUS Jua«x 1 1 park.
L» wr »»rtr efdrap 6 fat end (maim smrtid prnv stage 7.71» 11 r$ SPECIAL WITH AMIGA £39 ALONE £59 ersl All vou need Me vofue pock two Discs CD Pur«, Km‘», foerrt. Mouse. Reaon
* MIT» Cantata Cmot, MEDU WncoM Disc, Fish Disc
229. 00 244.90 CDTY Make wring copies t Workbmh ant otter onpnd
cp(f kotnm dries m scan os yoj pit lb*m (hick dries ogdoftf
mptcaly i sharng »ith frimds Mouse (wot Hetps pteient
drt dua (Ol«tng «n boim ctolotft Phis Microswitched
joystick, SO cop. Lockable disc box. Dost Cow 10 blank discs
Virus Kler Noddy's Playtime OR fcg Adventure OR Merfiit
178. 90 CBM 1084 so CBM1940 lues-1«ai roe AGA 269.00 L 9 nn
6irti) timay rud kmh i ymn md indtr IWTuiScW s«m h»»« rnry
o«rd 9 n| 5 6 undiiil armtlid pantt 3 It 11 ftan. Iperry op
tie brtdde tin leitBliwI entetloK 4 • 7 year aids end
Wp-.luwinh stuffnj falaid (arrxjtin fevds I, ?* 3 fte nc
rMdim faryth »ttpmd itwiortto Spoil, ConowK.Ut The Shoe Pm
OR Fun Srfso Philips 8833 iim™ no 209 go 5AP .90V+
El Tcki ruzznk (t Fun School 3 v4 OR ADI inr Reading OR
Counting Deluxe Paint II. 700 ©p Art pics (Olout enures
24Pie cotout HOT BUG GAMES RACK The top-selling Hobbyte W|TH
m. £44 £59 feystkk ill »rut oi ir« The «tb ijyihik ivor le he
gi«n e Gold wring 92S "THE BUG w posttree snglj-fKniW octwn
undl tnd lc«V 10 ’Hot l»r Games SwkstrsgMthr the GREATEST!
ALONE Hobbyle Primary Educational PD P (mtann) 10 tin Vili ycu Iren jam atk Snple jwiec a dwx ortk »tcy emy lf»th ( tn dw ftuigcit wil be abio to uw lane ol Hobbyte 30 Easy Children's Games Pock ftr current HOT LIST cr sritne " ten's gemrs ova kbit SKRIOU* USER'S RACK Interested in music, programming and graphics?
Then this pack is fer you) Easy Amos m pofmmni lm9.o» Wmdrrftr mmuoi s ' urpw aid tnwrsnnn) kmo for conpwk nonets ?7k Af rtf.nj die suend htgdtcsl ratMg EVER gum. Imrn lo Bflfraomlff rrmte ywrmm gones, ultrtits loads of sampit props rcijdrd Owens of irtlnes, PioXockcr iruvc iwOiles n itprpsranrw. That no AMOS progronmit Stork 80 Prog. Hobbyte PD IrcMts lep pomes the kttirccrs Stir Tim. (omsuti Greats Pock II 10 MjgiWl doremol radi dassksJoerd WITH AMIGA £39 ALONE £49 ti«s« and sheat «n ups, Unldes, Word Pioressu, SpreodsW. Derobnse . Desbop PuU'rsher end ' sttinclt «rw Wkn onutf for nwy Amgo i
Rotnd Fnt Fohser Spcrlirn Tnarqi WoHa Cricket Bert Simpson SpdwnWCflln ju8T« Arcade Trrris Xenon - (+YG Game of f* tiade Aforrw - A Pmver, AI supubr ewM Amu AWARD WINNERS Space An. Rick Off, RpeMaw (counts as 71 blank discs, mouse ¦at, 80 copacity lockable disc box, plus dust tover HOME APPLICATION PACK Perfect for all Home OR AMOS Professional ADO £10 for this option SPECIAL WITH AMIGA £29 Onice Virus Kfller Disk.
80 Prog. Hobbyte PD Greats Pock - see ‘Hottest Lot Pock' The Works Platinum Deluxe Pmi III' with animation . 700 Cfip An pks Digito Home Accounts Any Two Hot List frtlet ALONE £49 Hobbyte AMOS PD Greats (itrft you cwn des»;m to niorpnote irta yaw AMOSpiags Deluxe Paint III, pdas 700 Clip An pics Wf uti UK spal ttii, Ilmwnfi soreadstwil. S«d«*«ys uiley, ditobose grcpiics - comm modu'e Kwp frak of credit card aid bark occcums. Bedgeri. Tf If w bait o MIOt inUrwnml tbs ri ivtiytfuig yen need la roirpae and td( ytur muur MIDI Recording Studio & MIDI btleHere t PARTtOJlARLY SWTAI CHILDREN (MAY
NEED » NOT AI200 COMPAQ rmis NUT VARY Twwful prtstrrition end pr jd«l»:n tool OR AmigaVision pBsI?J DESKTOP DYNAMITE AGA PACK (SEE 1200 BOX) £79 ALONE ‘0P1II natch 2MB for onimttion on HI OLD AMIGA TRADEIN The best irode-m allowance, extra for peripheroh and accessories. Trade in your old machine for o brand new A600 1200 4000 CD” or even o PC.
After trode-in. Equipment is checked and refurbished by our engineers and is then offered at bargain prices, complete with 3 months warranty.
A500s FROM £139 A1 500b FROM £199 A600 SD HO .-from 159 Hds 4 Controllers ...from 179 A30005 ..from 499 GVP HD8 40 52......209 229 COTV ..-.179 XT AT Bboord 50 91 A590 20 40MB .129 159 OTHER ACCESSORIES - PLEASE ASK.
'Acceptance of pr»-V3 machines may be lenetd educariond,. ... . .... , , n Sunders PLUS December Idle aohts to Thursdays (St Afcans wlyl for comeniert stomno.
• (dlcrs welcome for odvkt ond demons*otion at our 1600* sg ft
High St.. Town Centre broaches
• Some day desptth for most orders retried by 5.30 pm: express cm
ond Saturday serwtBavalobfe
• Hardware corefuiy handled and delvtrcd safety ond relobtf by
coged. Insued, lop name courier service
• Pre-despatch testing mAmige systems
• free 30 doy courier coltectico ond defcvery of NEW
repbcenent.lextept product wdh on-site maintenancel
• tisiGne support and in-bouva eaginien
• Upgrade rd trade in offers to keep ywi up to dote NO OTHER
DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS ttdti-milon company with V yean
experience in (omnrodore product otd here to stay (cmmodoce
Ironed staff ore friendly and bebfiJ and ore paenfc, muhmwio
¦Zf. Gaews programming or sechaco specidrJs (usualv mert Aon
Open 94 pm Itendoy to fords, and 10.00 am w430pmS MlI
252. 90 262.90 CO r*» S' un » • 1 yew r* 2 1 yew « z eld S o Z a
• Z 7 2 lyew 1 ft* a ?yew A500 600 CDTV Idirn»HO'irsots«SO win
fitted tep o»9 ty pwty dnvm and com* with irrttrl (fee ? Kit
duunmtoton 'OPtll needs 2MB for ammiicn on HO wodeb.
STARTKR PACK A Musi for new users!
Mnwuihlwd |oysfck 'Get da Mesl bo» von AmpT took lOfahfas, M topotfy kxkobh disc box moose mat dir.Kom IwinKikr Excepriond af»r safes service H HOT JUST Citizen 240C A600 SD 1MB A - tsvu* INCLUDED PLUS Wafift- AS STANDARD ALONE STARTER ANTT EXTRAS £ £ A600SO SrurremJIGwea
APPOINTED DEALEI adwatiwa',_LU lL»s e»p«rth« n nvnW cwte is
i MODEMS 19 Vb PfeiY330 109494 GENLOCKS Rendale 880? (1700
compat) 139.9' Rtndde 8802 FVX 159.95 Rendcde
8802 SVHS 8860 469.99 5 ACCESSORIES SM» 1VM 108S1 ltd ?
(gam* 194.90 ¦ K8 MU ow.
.leods t on site I99,90 I »-*-d«Wf«8833____________ 12.99
• 1CdnM 2tdpiAGAnm*v-rsp«*«i_- 339.90
• rCJOVTTK CUB-SCAN 1440 14* 2tdpfof 1200 4000, iivfirwlely
xtueen I 5KHz (defeat on bool up) and 0 Khz lor all AGA m lilt
and wrwrf Hand CUA BEST BUY* 399.99 t Jhan ?8dp lor 1200 4000 e
above but OT._____1039.99 IK 06-uan 1782,17'. 27dp, 29 82 Khz
horiz. Wan ....889.99 Kmp» Ik AlJOO toiaovitec _____
29.99 1- »*- •* SVGA ?8dp-« lilt &wr,*i 259.99 27 3! 62kHz
______________________ 519.90 SiMaa
'm+m________________________________ 37.90
158. 50
119. 50 ..78.95 ftano Geriock S290 . ..689.99
GffWak ... SUPRA 2,400+ FAX WOPEM Fax Softwore. AloA i
& Power supply .... With 961 (omms SUPRA 14440
FAX MODEM As above, but up lo 14,400 foi Dalo ____________
Rixgen plus Rwkey Bundle - -
- 10.99
- 11.99
54. 99
- 37.90
- 57.90
17. 99 FLOPPY DRIVES ii anwwi 6rirt. Toiycton -
n otl------------------------------ ¦ (41W J 5 extend iriit,
beige__________________________ j W KK rtitdd , Ik: tat ip oW
ivvt jiotoii I • Knw C»aont ccnpittt*
.... |Naawea*WB
..... »*t I
7MU lit in i» Im anj Imjc (VI2)------------ I Vmil'Mnt (mi
itc oi) fcnpo C»E 7) • 10 HD den ftwy Itr I
Wtf340M_________________________ 1 mnd figppy hr
501 100 1709 ..- -......
• a min aWnol iWr .. ¦K'K wwMni
irltinsl flepj? ...... Ddd SI. 50
56. 50 S9.40
64. 09
124. 9?
98. 50
104. 95
94. 90
94. 90
54. 99
69. 99 D discs 27.99 .34.90 IA500 512k Rofli Ex *Qodc 1 150041 Ml
exp .. ¦ A5CC* 2MB exp 1&3MB .
I Aid ...... IA60CL 1200 2MB exp (cord).. |A600i''l200 4Mflexp(cnrd|.. |(Dr lMB«pt5aparAjy«.- IA5C0 Rom Shorer IJ_____ lAMORpmShorprl.W,, I Ai00 lorn Shoret ? 1.3_ | AW65 Ethernet Card ..... Knord 1200 4MB ItoardlTOOWB ..... Kzzord 1700 4M8 25MHz.. Bszzord 12004MB 50MHz
29. 99 149.99
37. 99 137.99
169. 99 157.99 37.95
38. 95
49. 95
229. 95
- 159.90
299. 90
184. 99
749. 99
279. 99
339. 99 tfMhwtiKMW ASC0 hwnwl (ONI HO ASWhtandKMBHO I 1 J hurnjl
I ?0W HD WerteStSIIOUl HD ASTOw 7.Q4 15* 500 MM 1200 ’as
274. 99
239. 90 HIT 85 HI HO W0 1203 SIM 230 8)0 ocniiM 1200
o(pi:-3o.' omh: «k ssis: WV*I*I200 W:?301* 40MHi
«l}Uu4Mrti4IU VI230 iA imiM WfnUyinV)l3P2S*»H: «l304WHr
• Ut 3 in! I AM lot :tw,t AiOO X200JjD_
479. 99
269. 99
429. 99
519. 99
219. 99
339. 99
179. 99
299. 90
269. 99 J89.9D
359. 90
69. 50 .99,50
159. 99
169. 99 .... 199.99
229. 99 .329.99
419. 99 ________ 599.99 by out tfQomi ADD 5 telS® AlOMf Gtireo
120*0 Star K20 .... GliztnWimmT
CiliieflPOcdoer*---- StorlC 100 9 pn col fW«iK IWP21Wc«l
Star 1(200 cot ... SiotlC 24-20 0 ... Sw l( 24-100 29
pet- Scar 1C 24 700 ...... Star l( 24-2CO ctJ. Pantsenk KAP
2123 cel (pwmlQ 100 Epson 10 570 ... Epson 10
870 ... Epson 10 1170 Gtirm S200 24* Gttzcn 5200 24
AtaU40*_ Ok».5248(«f..... Gtizm 524k id*.--- Star 1(24 30 (cl___ Star 1(24 3X(:I Otizen cal HpH. Pri**r Ill 99 .119 90
144. 49 ... 154.49 149 99
159. 90
184. 99 21849 173.49 209 99 248 49 ....209 99
179. 99 . 2S9 90 .469.90 569 90 114 99
199. 99
- .187 90 233 90
325. 90 21890 27590
111. .,POA 139 151 Bmfci'zjwi ... wft raUt 8 fa M0 M99 In
Betti* ten
• irdMro flH w aAKUtlUrmv IMOOVEEM1VE PIPMl HD't HP Deskjet 5 HP
DeskJet I1 Ccmwi BJIOS:
392. 00
489. 00 .519.99
1693. 99
218. 99 IOU 144.90 r»-i
296. 99 -J O'W'«»J
U. nd r,i j IS SL 0»*idrW3S40WHD_ ....187 JO
0. triW3S8M8HD ....-.247JO 35170648 HO ..317
JO )5 2J0 T64MI HO 317 JO 3S 34CHI HO .417 JO
199. 99 OittdttN IS 540MI HO______________POA
238. 49 ,469.99
359. 99 529.99 up to 18b Dsgiirser LEISURE TOP SELLERS Atan Breed
II AGA 22.90 AV8B Horriee Assouh 27.49 Battle Chess
..14.99 BmeofDedn 24.49 Body Blows Goloclk AGA 23.90
B17 Feyina fortress 22.99 Compaq 22.99 Owmpiaiship Manager
16.49 APPIKATION Arena Aaouim ... ExctBtnce 3---------
Find Writer Rmd Words III .
As?aa.H!5.’H::: Pogettreem 2.22. AfGOL lSiS Pogralttr 3 AGA...... Pen Pi 1.5_________ Pen Fmcnec Mon « ‘ APHKS CAD i«0
179. 99
49. 99
24. 99
90. 50 82,50
89. 90
63. 99
99. 90
17. 90
17. 90
37. 49
- 62.90 .219.90
213. 99
17. 90 W»aGA 134.90 rl*t Pro 2 3A- 129.90 Convmion .48.99 Mw
133.90 Vrslo Molwalh X CAD 2000 .
X CAD 3000 ...249.99 X CAD 2 to 3 upgrade 149.99 VIDEO PROD TTTUHG A Video* TV Paint V2 588.90 Adot oat ..48,50 Andgtniiea ...17.90 Broodcovt Titlet II 173.90 NEW-Broodcmt ruler AGA Swper High ret 239.90 Broad T Foot Eduncer .. WA Broad T Font Pact POA Deluxe Hwlolab 51.49
159. 99 JfCIAL [1400ft
94. 90 IlHe if F Grood Prix . ... Gunshki 2000.
Ifetory line____ Indiana Jones lemnwigs! ._. Micro .Vlachnes _.
Monkey hlond II Putty .. RobocodAGA Sernbie Soccer _
22. 90
* 9,99
• 24.99
24. 99
21. 69
23. 99
18. 90 M
15. 69
15. 95 Wjer Iroodeosl 3.
Sttncz Panl A6A Am Lmnatkm MmSkb .. .396.90
29. 99
53. 99 5?,90
56. 90
49. 49
44. 50
39. 90
39. 49
187. 90
149. 99
139. 90
63. 99
- .41.90
28. 50
29. 50 .14.1 AGA RATED olbecunem top DTP i by the indepwdont res
mtf 119.49 ttjrsjmnors * likes trnnsfu MBPWKO £689.90
93. 50
29. 75
69. 75
43. 90
32. 50 8,99 .47.50
255. 99 SOM Took Dekne . .59.99 Con0e2J Gass Dos v5_....
CyjpiftEd Pro 3.5 Directory Opus 4.. GB Route ?______ GfAfat
MoMapi 24 AGA liilmi * grieoTer Opei Vswi and hpodVWM
. Ekie: POA
138. 99
137. 99 £57.99
59. 99
189. 99
51. 39
79. 50
115. 95
118. 90 POA
49. 49
74. 50 St eAGA.. M
107. 90 TV Record. ..... TV Show Pro TV Tixt Pto.. Video Siudo
3...... £& ¦«W3CPn ....119.95 H*»3 . 68.50 «**4AGA
POA M Sonic .71.90 M»«2 374.50 WiSOOHVT
.....64.49 3e H MM210 ..137.90 PEGGER Mid tar
gRpbmMts' -79.95 Ftiy MugrMi Jf£6 idNy pm I dec space
siwrgs- Kwi .HiBdti 'OVfi 'Seoep' jws IHG ixMbiirr n
arogtxmw nor don't otonme sMMit wit os DMJW fV JUEaA. SO Itw
(O’ lood • KM JPE6 Mes.
A) 00S2ond3compotbti 124 hi IF OflY. Loottee :rr: Han 8 Stwart
fast, seonkss stxkgmunl CD DISCS All (DTYMlnl)%off RRP
Pandora- - £479 2,000 dip Art & 99 Sounds CD” DISCS Loock
waitable Phone 112 V2... VI0I OFFER ¦ Vidi Aim»12wh MUSIC
ADI0125tud»16 Sampler ...... Audo Engmeer *2.. Audo Mosier
4___ Bart4PipB2_.... Qority Samper Deluxe Musk Const I
GWDSSPLUS MegoiaKimd sampler 23.90 Midi Interface
.19.95 Mirode K board Tutor 277.99 Roirco Mtgomtx Mvt
27.99 (see offer with Vidi 12) tree Master ......26.99
349. 95
189. 49
41. 49
225. 90 104-99
67. 90
59. 90 £97.90
129. 50
214. 50 aCaioa STWATKAII letwwr anmtMim daw down
57. 99 m2 Red Time .
I 24 Red Time JurossicT*aris ... 27.99 lohK Turbo Ttiogy 27.90 Luna'c Overkill 21.90 Supet Puny AGA 11.90 Sensible Soccer HAGA 18.90 Winter Super Sports 21.90 fercsnrdyi
* up to 34.99 RRP BOOKS Undenming Imognt SST3CC NO DEPOSIT CREDIT
FACILITIES (itdcl teems el 79 8% Apt liaraNe) can b anatgad Ear
pMbnas mb 1150, uibyeri tovlohn Cowactittvf Inaung schemes ere
oho uraAebie tot buunecses «ludmg solo hoder. Ond palncniups
Jud telephone Iw ntuicn detah aid oppkolion foem motion eh
rerord trigger me deck coweoNer h wve.329.90 Sdfcwerei3yL_
189.99 EDUCATIONAL Any Fv" ScW 3 v* 15,99 Any AOI
16.99 Merlin's Moths 16.99 True Prrl 24 .
47.90 VIDEO T*« BACKUP UTILITY .. £57.59 lock* w»o 120MB onto
one 3 £ SE&
22. 90 I X. Turbo 25.50
31. 50 Tccpy AMIGA 24 BfF HARD WARS . TrcD PCIY .....
.....376.99 1 r W W - VIU-S ...965.99 CHUr
GVPIV * VIU-0 ... 1255.99 kOO Import Vrvon
• 16J aBoa cetour photo reafa* *0% • red fen 24 hk mtm*m
• Opted Attn W - wpwimpas. High gn+y rabfa etfe few sign* «
mdU Ud pad fa-s • Opfk*d Mb Mrt* - % 14 U SxiMMr Ui SUPPORTS:
IY Point. Vlob Cofligai. Sjmpalico, Ad Pto. Leal 3D ? Cflbecs
H1500 1.5MB £929 *H2000PKn .£1479 H2000 2MB ?
Alpha £999 *H4000 Plus .....£1579 H3000 3MB fD Wfer £1099
FREE V lab framegrabber H4000 4MB *¦ Alpha +D Boffer £1279 with
- flf‘ Fecsad hM Cod life £324.99 „ MCCOtO 24 BIT C«AmiCS CAK)
16. 7 mta cobn atari Mflv. IMB :xp to 2MB nto M, My
( aj’amiTBde resdutor, Jo;bta buffering - rruhpe screw * WDCX.
Ajpptrl £379.99 MIKWW m 24 811GMWKS CARO+VWO (MIRCUH...
£1489.99 Simhr K Paw tvt * 4.VB who P M, p ’anrrcbe rmiuion *»
1600 x 1280, ii wko contiAi e« 1 lOWIz cbtk Wtti fttf IV Pom
Jnr f tE€6Y MPEG VIDEO CARD £479.99 lie 24 III flfnltufti hem
Ax « oltm stoiag* dwtes drd itbliy tfl irt TWe ItfOwjfi ItH
Amqa1 Lhe rregrnud n iffedi* HeatSVl
H. Ou ut rnxWi tor Pe*y . £129.99 Vl|U £349.99 OPAl VISION
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PAYMENT Vide* Proassor f« Opal Ytston WITH VOUCHERS ... 647.99 Ytd« Slide lor Opal Vwon WITH VOUCHERS 647.99 So* Rolt Conwtlir lot Opafftion WITH VOUCHERS 647.99 Refwo 24 btt gtaii.ese«d ? IMB • VO Part ... 329.00 Kto24bttmhiB ard + 2MB4VDPaiM .....395.00 tUna 24 hit graphics card - 4MB + VD Pa*U ..... __.....489.00 V lab 24 kit teal lime (kittsa I?00 600 S00 e«i ...FI*E k. 4.99 V lab 24 bit rMi lime iothsw 1500 3000 4000 ini - ,.:?89.99 EMULATION G Gale 386sx 2SMH; ..POA 386 486
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ACCESSORIES A DISCS £279*00 £239.90 £148.99 Ragan 1200compat
RocgenRocke Supra 2400 Sypro Modern ....148.90 Good graph
programs, possibly because of their specialised nature, are
hard to find on the Amiga, Spreadsheets such as Maxiplan (given
away with last May’s AC) have built-in graph generators capable
of some of JcGraph's functions, but for professional results
it is hard to beat JcGraph's flexibility and power.
Offering 13 3D graph types and 13 2D graphs, user-definable perspectives, and output in IFF, PostScript EPS, Aegis Draw, and even Geo 3D object format, JcGraph’s colourful results in IFF form at least) can be loaded into any word processor or DTP package you care to mention, and may- even be rendered in 3D by Scenery Animator.
All graphs start life as an Ascii file which contains the data used by the program to render the final graphic. Using a text editor, the user inputs a list of parameters dealing with the number of columns and rows, the legend shown on each axis, and the numerical data itself. Though not as intuitive as the rest of the program, this process has the advantage that any and all data can be used with JcGraph.
Let's start by running JcGraph and loading one of the sample data files. When the program's window appears on the Workbench screen, three separate windows will be visible, one for main control, one for output, and one showing a wireframe preview.
The first thing we need to do is load the data, so hold down the right mouse button and select the Open option from the Project menu.
JcGraph's data files are stored in the SampleData drawer, from which you should choose the file Sample4x4.asc. This is a set of data consisting of four rows and four columns (hence the filename) and makes for a colourful example. Next, hold the right mouse button down again and choose Load from the Graph Type menu- A list of 26 graph types can be found in the GraphTypes drawer, so double click Say it with pie charts From depicting company sales to the monthly budget, Jean Clement’s JcGraph can salvage graphical sense from a numerical mess, and all in glorious 3D colour on the
3D_DefaultType.grf file. Now we have both data and a graph type, so just click on the Render button found on JcGraph's main control panel and after a short interval a 3D graph will be drawn in the output window.
At first, the graph will look a little flat, so take a look at the four sliders on the right of the control panel. These control JJJJ. J. JJJJJ JJJJj DJJJJJJJJJJJJJJr' J,.- Cven the simple 20 graphics can be Impressive... ..but SD addi a great deal (o aid Impact V Amiga Computing March 1994 Fast JPEG Author: Christophe Feck The Jpeg standard, named after the Joint Photographic Experts Group which formulated it. Is an incredibly efficient and compact way of storing huge graph* ics files without losing much of the original image quality.
Depending on the trade-off desired between compression and quality retention it is possible to squeeze 1Mb 24-bit files down to less than 100k then view them again at almost their original quality.
Even at half the ideal quality setting, it can be difficult to spot the difference between the original file and the compressed version except that the latter will be about a quarter of the size. Our only problem is how to view the Jpeg files.
As a new standard, now universally adopted. Jpeg isn’t supported by most established Amiga art packages, but this duet of Jpeg viewers - one each for ECS and AGA Amigas - will decompress the files and display them as HAM or Ham8 images depending on the machine being used To test the program, go to the CU window at the bottom of your CoverDisk screen, click in it to make it active, then type: If you have an AGA machine, you would, of course, type AGA where it says ECS above, The sample Jpeg file, an example of the Essence h textures for imagine
2. 0 which was originally a large 24-bit file, will appear as a
HAM (on ECS machines such as the A500 Plus and A600) or Ham8
picture (on A1200s and A4000s) And that, folks, is that. The
programs use no special libraries and can be copied to a
suitable utilities drawer on another floppy or hard drive by
Just dragging their icons across.
You will, of course, require either a steady supply of Jpeg images from a bulletin board or PD library, but just as soon as we find a decent, reliable Jpeg encoder in the shareware sector, we'll be including it on a later disk.
Vv we ;o just td On ifter a wn in e flat, in the )ntrol Jom* of the more unusual graph types can look a bit spooky [;•* 3D orientation of the wireframe pre* Mm. And by experimenting you should fee Able to position the preview at a suitable angle and perspective. Now click on lender again.
Notice the difference? By offering complete control over orientation, JcGraph fives us total control over the final pearance of the graph.
Depending on the number of colours [ your Workbench uses, each of the columns can be given a user-defined I colour of their own, but the number of I colours on offer is set by Workbench's own palette.
As the CoverDisk uses onlv four colours for Workbench (to save on chip RAM), it is difficult to make the most of the output while JcGraph is still on the Ask, but installing on another disk is a bfevze.
Just drag the JcGraph drawer icon to Another Workbench disk or hard drive which has enough free space (you'll need About 360k for the drawer) and that's it.
The target disk must have the follow- ng libraries in its Libs drawer: icon.librarv _ (WB1.3 and earlier), powerpacker.library (all machines), iffparse.library (all machines), and kd_freq.library (WB1.3 and earlier). Kdjreq.librarv is stored in the CoverDisk's Libs drawer and can be copied to vour new disk’s libs drawer quite easily.
Simply boot from the new disk or hard drive, open a CLI or Shell window, stick the CoverDisk in DFO and type: COPT »*I6*C0XPUT1«G- H ffiCH1994:LIBS KD_FR£Q.LIBRASY TO LIBS: If you have only one floppy drive this will involve a bit of disk swapping, but so long as the library is copied across properly WB1.3 owners should find lhaf JcGraph works perfectly from its new home. One last step is to place an Assign command in your startup-sequence to assign JCGRAPH: lo the program's new drawer.
Once on a disk which use an eight- colour Workbench, the program's Colour and Palette functions come into their own.
Pound on the Edit menu, Palette allows the user to change Workbench colours to create a range of more exciting hues for the finished graph, and Colour enables the application of different colours to the graph's background, ground colour, and those used for each column of data.
Before Colours can be assigned, you must of course load some data, but this is the only restriction, and there’s nothing to stop the user creating a set of very psychedelic bar charts.
All you need do before wallpapering fhe bedroom with these graphs is leaffi the simple rules governing the make-up of a data file.
To begin with, all files are created in a text editor such as Workbench’s Ed and saved as Ascii files. The common format is to start the file with a line which simply says "1002" followed by a comma, a sequence which tells JcGraph that this is one of its data files.
Next, we must specify the number of columns, which are those values used for the X axis (months, vears, and so on), then the number of lines, which corresponds to the number of items in the graph.
For example, if we wanted to compare sales ot three products over half a year, we would enter 6 for the number of months (or columns), and 3 for the number of products (or lines) ensuring that they are separated by a comma.
On the same line we tell JcGraph how often we want the Y axis marked- If, say, our product sales are in tens of thousands, we would use the figure 10, and so on and JcGraph would mark the axis from 0 to the highest figure used in units of 10.
Finally on this line we have a floating point value which enables us to use floating point values if required, but for most graphs this will be set at 0 to force integer mode.
Our first two lines so far look like this: 1002, 6,3,10,0, Next we give JcGraph the sales figures, one line for each month. So, for example, if products A to C respectively sold 20,000, 25,000, and 17,000 units that month, we enter: 20,25,17, and so on until we have covered all the months. For now, just think of a few random sales figures to give us a nice spread for the finished graph.
Finally, we have two lines, one in which we set out the markers for the X axis, and the other in which we name the items being recorded. In our example, these could be: J»ft,F«b,Aar,Apr,P«y,Jun, ProdA,ProdB,ProdC, If we now save this as MyGraph.asc and load it into JcGraph we can see the results tor ourselves.
Full details of the rest of JcGraph's capabilities, including its Arexx interface, can be found in the documentation which, as a matter of interest, you might not want to print out until you've taken a look at the instructions for the excellent DocDump program, also on this month's disk.
Icon Editor v4 Author: Peter Kiem Good 16-colour icon editors for the new Amigas are hard to find, but Icon Editor v4 (IEv4) is one of the best and offers enough features to satisfy even the most artistic icon designers.
With a maximum of 16 colours and the ability to create enormous icons, Iev4 is much better than the Workbench editor supplied with releases 2.04 and 3.0 and is easier to use. Simple controls and self- explanatory menus make creating new images or adapting old ones an easy affair.
4* On loading, once the timed shareware notices have disappeared, the program presents the user with a large edit window through which an image can be scrolled using the standard scroll bars.
In addition, a zoom bar above the main window offers a range of magnifications up to 16 times normal size, at which point pixels are enormous and detailed editing a breeze.
A cluster of four cursor-type arrows in the lower left of the window can be used to physically move the image in the window rather than just scrolling through it, so there are options aplenty to keep users happy.
Painting itself, as with most icon editors, is less well catered for, and only flood fill, text input, and freehand drawing are available.
However, as most of us would rather design our icons in a paint package such as Dpaint, and as Iev4 has an IFF import option, these few tools suffice for touching up and finishing off an image.
Information details for the icon can be set using a large friendly requester. Here the user can decide on any default or other tool types the icon requires, set its initial screen position, and choose which of the basic file types (disk, drawer, project, and soon) it will be.
Images can bo copied from the normal to the selected icon states and can be scaled up or down between one-eighth Positions 25 X, 4 Y. Icon = *** and eight times their original si e. In addition, the program will, automatically recolour a VVB1.3 icon to suit the changed VVB2.04 and later colour palette.
Even programmers are taken care of by the option to export icon information as C| code, providing another dimension ia flexibility. There's no output for assembler code, but as most intuition programming (for beginners at any rate) is done in C this is not a problem.
The Preview mode cleverly depicts the finished icon with all colours correct foe the present Workbench settings and in the currently selected screen mode, so thefe I no excuse for a finished design which SuperDuper 3.
Author: Sebastiano Vigna A brand new version of a program we distributed over a year ago. SuperDuper 3.0 is one of the fastest and most reliable disk copying programs in the shareware sector and, as it has undergone a complete rewnte to take better advantage of WB2 04 and
3. 0, we thought another airing was called for.
Simply speaking, SuperDuper gets around the Workbench limitations on copying disks by using RAM buffers, stepping the heads of any second and third drives attached to your system, and several other tricks to squeeze as much speed as it can from your disk drive.
If you are fortunate enough to own a second floppy drive or even third, the speed at which SuperDuper carries out a complete disk copy will be something to watch.
By reading a disk, storing it in a buffer, and squirting to two or more extra drives at the same time, SuperDuper can make up to three copies of a floppy in less time than it takes the.usual Workbench method to copy one.
The SuperDuper interface is split roughly into three areas. First there is the fuel bar used to show the progress of operations, below which is a second panel containing the program’s options, and on the right there is a selection of buttons to choose source and destination drives and the method which SuperDuper will use.
Four distinct methods are on offer, and a quick examination of them will help explain how this utility works.
Disk2Disk is a straight copy from one disk to another, and to use it you must have a second floppy drive. This simplest method is the best for most single copy functions and functions more quickly than the traditional DiskCopy command. A simple copy from and to the internal drive is about 25 seconds quicker with SuperDuper.
Note that with all buffer methods, once a buffer image of a disk is created, it needn't be read again, which makes subsequent copies twice as fast The second mode is the buffer mode, used for DFO: to DFO: copies, using which SuperDuper will create a RAM image of the disk before writing it to the second disk. If you have a 2Mb Amiga this will take place in one pass, but other users might have to switch disks to avoid the RAM disk overflowing.
Third we have the HDBuffer method, which creates an image of the source disk on hard drive before writing it to the destination disk. This is ideal for those with hard drives but limited memory, with the bonus that the buffered disk can be kept on hard drive until another copy is required.
Lastly, there is the VD (or virtual device) Buffer mode which is best suited to those who use RAD:, VDO:. Or any other recoverable virtual RAM disk.
SuperDuper will create the buffer In these virtual devices, thus ensuring that even if ass, .Control P*rv*-
- Moor---- 1 jfJ r Stop 1 1 *»« 1 W* 1 _| m _J Rrfter J 1 £«! "'
1 . 40t?. 1 _J •"* U HDOuftor J .ft-t | | 3o*On| wnly 1 J"* _J
U-.WW J .«-. ¦' .-. . 1 I1 "1 '1-V -¦ vi ¦¦ ¦¦¦¦!¦ .'-I ¦¦¦¦
¦¦¦¦¦¦ i| SmwtMm 3 0 mfo wrx*g» Statu* fovck Cl***! 116 677 |9
UMHUfT' m Verst Uie koit tdlton colour screen to change an
kon's appearance Icon ggwt ll t Firs' i ill Secofl ext pause,
the project icon will appear in Iev4's edit window where you
can mess about with it as you please. Once all the graphical
editing is over, select Edit Info from the Icon menu and take a
look at the options on offer.
From top left, we can see that Iev4 already knows that the icon is for a project, but there are no proper tool types and no default tool. For our purposes, we need to set the default tool type as IconX, the AmigaDOS command which will automatically execute the script which calls it.
To do this, simply type the following into the default tool string gadget: Author: Robert Grob This is the latest version of a program which is designed to take long, unwieldy text files such as those often found on CoverDisks and shareware disk, chop them up into small pages, which is much the same for the creation of most other icons, and even if you still feel a little unsure there are plenty of hints and tips in the on-disk documentation.
3. 6 and print as many pages as possible to each sheet of paper.
With the help of DocDump's booklet setting it is even possible to have the program arrange documents in the correct order on both sides of a sheet of paper so that once printed they can be cut in half and arranged as a double-sided A5 booklet complete with page numbers.
Coing through this process manually using a word processor Would be unbearably tedious, yet DocDump does it all in moments and without mishap, making it one of those unsung little heroes of the utility world. It does an unglamorous - but very useful - job quickly and effi- :C IC0MX «kel uuu I f Awsnt fit when used for real let's take a quick run through setting wp * project icon. Imagine you have a set of commands you'd like to be able to tot* quickly but which are inappropriate Id the startup-sequence, such as a set of «prvul assign commands.
To run these from Workbench, first tatd your usual text editor (Ed will do) md save out the list of commands (or btoh script as it will now be) to disk, Next, load Iev4, hold down the right ¦ouse button, and choose Load Default tom the Project menu. A list of default icons should appear from which you
• fcould choose Project. After a short 1 addi- Iiv realised ?
Of by n as C ion in
• mbler liming C this :ts the ?ct for in the here's vhich Slop |
¦ ¦ Check | Eormat Options | Info ]J_ SaveCon leafy BIS
something goes wrong during a multiple copy, the image of the
original disk will survive a warm reset.
Verification is carried out on all copy modes, even on the RAM disk itself, so SuperDuper is just as reliable as a normal Workbench DiskCopy. In addition, all the usual options you’d normally have to type in at Shell can be accessed by clicking on the Options button When this is done a second window opens containing a number of gadgets and toggle buttons using which the user can decide on whether or not to have verification on or off (for faster, but less reliable copying), which file system to use, and soon.
Note the stnng gadgets to the right, and in particular the one marked XPK Lib. The shareware and PD XPK libraries now most commonly used by crunchers and packers 'including the FAST and NUKE libraries used by Disk Expander) can be found on many BBSs and in some PD libraries, and as long as you have one of these libraries you can specify that it is to be used in all buffer operations.
In other words, the presence of an XPK library on your system disk will ensure that all data buffered to the RAM disk will be crunched quickly as it is stored, then decrunched on its way to the second disk, thus making it possible for 1 Mb owners to copy complete disks in RAM without any disk swapping.
It is also possible, using the string gadgets in the lower nght to specify the start and end cylinder to avoid copying large tracts of empty disk, and it is an option the more expert among us will find a very useful speed boost.
Other gadgets here either speak for themselves or are pesenbed in the documentation, but note that SuperDuper automatically detects HD disks, so those lucky enough to have one (step forward all you A4000 owners) can use the program with their 1 76Mb disks.
SuperDuper's third useful window is accessed by clicking on the Info button found on the main control screen, a button which opens a window showing in graphical form the progress of all copy operations. Elapsed time, drive status, and number of copies This instructs the Amiga that when our project icon is double clicked, it should load IconX from the C directory of the current system disk and pass the script to it for execution. Now all we need do is close the information window by clicking on the close gadget in the top left, then select Save As from the Project menu.
When the file requester appears, find the script file you originally saved out and save the icon under the same name. Iev4 will not overwrite the file, just save the icon with the ".info" appender to identify it as an icon. Note that this unregistered version of Iev4 will quit out as soon as you save.
Now we can go back to Workbench and double click on our new icon to carry out whatever commands were held in the script file. A straightforward process made are shown and constantly updated, as is a list of the disks so far copied - useful for putting an end to confusion when making a number of different backups.
From the main window it is also possible just to check a disk for errors or format it using the toggled options selected through the options screen, making SuperDuper an all-round, friendly replacement for Format and DiskCopy. The two commands used most by new users and those which provide the most problems at first.
- Src Dest Mode j*j MM f IM Buffer J 1®1 HD Buffer J 1*1 VD
Buffer J full control over the copy process courtesy of
iuperOuper s main screen DataTypes Author: Commodore- Amiga
Inc. DataTypes are a special feature of Workbench 3.0 and are
used by the MultiView utility as loader modules. As soon as a
new DataType is installed on your Workbench 3.0 floppy or
system partition, the MuitiV»ew program win be able to view
files saved in the format corresponding to the new datatype The
directory found on this month s CoverDisk includes a set of
DataTypes covenng the mostly PC'Oriented image formats PCX and
BMP, Windows icon images, and MacPaint bitmaps.
Installing them on your system disk is easy as pie. Boot from your normal system disk or partition, put the CoverDisk in DFO open a Shell window and type: CD DFO:DATATTPES COPT IEVS STS;DEVS ALL CLONE CD CLASSES COPY DATATYPES SYSlCLASSES DATATYPES ALL CLONE AddDitaTypes REFRESH AmigaDOS will copy all the new files to your existing SYS: dts* and when the AddDataTypes command has been issued they vWI be ready for use. MultiView will now recognise any file saved r the new formats, and if you already have the Jpeg and GIF DataTypes distributed on CoverDisks last year you'll be well on your way to
the complete picture viewer.
Look out for new DataTypes as we find them.
Ciently without blowing its own trumpet.
First of all, run the program which will bring up a smallish window peppered with gadgets used to set the various print parameters. There are buttons to toggle support for tabs and line feeds, choose output to one of the printer ports or a drawer on disk, set the page size, and paper type.
On the right of the screen, a set of string gadgets hold the default number of lines per page and so on for each of the standard page settings and document modes Dump, Column, and Booklet).
Dump mode is a simple squashing method to squeeze four times as much text on a single piece of paper and can be difficult to read if you have bad eyesight.
Booklet mode produces cute little A5 double sided booklets but takes a lot more time, and column mode is designed for those long documents such as source code listings, which can be printed in two columns to avoid wasting most of a sheet of paper.
At the moment, DocDump recognises the DISK crunched text files but will not de crunch them, so you'll find the small command Decrunch on this month s disk. Use this from the CLI to decrunch PowerPacked documents using the command: OECRUNCK FILENARE) TO NEUNANE) Where Filename) is the path and name (for example DFO:DocDump Doc Dump.doc) of the original file and |Newname| is the uncrunched file (RAMJXx'Dump.doc would be fine).
Once a text file is available, use the Load button on DocDump's control screen to select it, then click on Analyse. This will open a small info screen telling us how many pages there are in the document and how many sheets of paper will be requiivd depending on the selected print mode.
Our next job is to choose a printer driver using the Load Drv button and the subsequent file requester to open the DEVS:Printers drawer. On our CoverDisk, only the generic printer driver is included, but if vou have installed DocDump to hard drive or another Workbench disk (see Installation panel) you should have a greater selection.
OK so far? So long as you’re happy with the document settings, which we won't go into in great detail here, the document should appear on paper more or less perfectly.
For some documents, fiddling with the default settings is advisable, and for printing the DocDump.doc file itself there are detailed instructions at the beginning of the text file itself on which settings to use.
Faulty CoverDisk?
If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk docs not work, please return it to: Amiga CoverDisk Eurepress Direct FREEPOST Ellesmere Port L65 3ED If you boughl your copy from a newsagent and find that your CoverDisk is faulty, please return it to: PC Wise Dowlais Top Business Park Dowlais Merthyr CF48 2YY Think you can do better?
Want to be famous? We are always on the look-out for quality Amiga programs for the CoverDisk. If you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it in and we'll have a look.
The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places all over the world from New Zealand to the USA, so if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous.
Please make sure that you list ALL library and other files necessary for the program to work. Feel free to design your own icons for programs that run from Workbench, but please don’t make them too big.
If you ensure your program is as compatible as possible with a wide variety of Amigas, it will also stand a better chance of publication. We are especially interested in small programs whether they be games, utilities or whatever.
We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work which has not been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain.
If you wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to publish it, but would, of course, be happier if we had been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by the submissions form, a copy of it, or a signed declaration to the same effect. Please supply your full name, address and phone number Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an impractical exercise Post your submissions WITH A COPY OF THIS FORM to: Colin Yamall, Amiga Computing, CoverDisk Submissions, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SklO 4NP.
Address.. Daytime phono . Evening phone.... Submission name . Submission size.. Type of program: ?Game ?Utility ?Other ...... Y»u must sign thiiLdedftratipn: The material on this disk is mine. 1 didn't steal it from someone eLse. It hasn't been published before and 1 haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it. I understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing, and signing the declaration, I am giving full copyright
control to Europress Enterprise Ltd.
I understand that if my submission is bought by Amiga Computing 1 will be paid the current applicable rate. I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for .my possible litigation arising by breach of it by Furopress Publications Ltd as a result of using my submis- Signed.
DS DD £21.99 + 100 cop lockable box . £25.99 100 3.5"
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030 2Mb RAM 80 Meg .CCALL 030 2Mb RAM 130
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Mat £2.25
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(Unlew otherwise Stated) WITHIN 3 DAYS (UK MAINLAND ONLY) ADD
SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 081 686 9973 Mail order prices
only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers subject to availability.
E&OE Prices Pack details may change without notice due to
currency fluctuations Please allow 6 working days for cheques
9DB TRAPFAX SOFTWARE The ultimate in Amiga Fax software. For
class 2 standard. Send faxes from ANY preferences printer
driven program! Superb quality and flexibility. Features
delayed transmissions, multiple fax scheduling. Integrated
phonebook. Fax Viewer. Arexx interface and Network support!
Only £74.95 SERVICE AND SUPPORT We are EXCLUSIVE UK distributors for all adver tised products We offer full technical suppol and after sales service. This is unlimited an free. We also support our products direct on-line via our BBS Here you will find all the I* est software upgrades plus help and advice latest PD!
PICASSO II EMPLANT WAVETOOLS 4 j-tr I mg cc-i £319.95 £349.95 £349.95 £379.95 £469.95 £499.95 £349!
The Picasso II is designed to take full advantage of the host computer system. The built in Blitter and high speed memory subsystem mean that you v ill have super fast screen updates. Switching between Picasso II mode screens is very fast and switching between Picasso II mode screens and native Amiga screens is nearly instantaneous (as fast as your monitor can re-sync). Because the Picasso II RTG board does not use Chip RAM. Your Amiga will be less likely to Suffer from bus contention problems normally associated with running high resolution screens and heavy DMA activity.
The Picasso II RTG emulator has been designed so that it uses no Chip RAM. All available screen modes on the Picasso II use only Fast RAM. This sophisticated design means that even a 1Mb Picasso II board can support as many high resolution 256 colour screens as will fit in the Fast RAM of your system.
The Pioasso II comes with several screen modes and resolutions that are industry standard and for which all monitors are designed These modes operate at the proper scan rates and frequencies in order to take advantage of the most popular monitors available. In some instances, where those modes may not be sufficient, you can now create your own custom screen modes with PicassoMode You will be able to create screen modes that exactly match your monitors frequencies and resolution capabilities.Picasso II comes with Personal Paint Lite. MainActor (animation program). IFF. GIF. JPEG and MPEG
Viewers and drivers for ADPro. ImageFX, ImageMaster and Real3D. Other bundles are available too Retargetable Graphics (RTG) is the future of Amiga graphics display technology. True RTG means that a graphics device will not be restricted by the memory limitations of the host System's Chip memory. Or by the speed of the custom chips. A true RTG device does not have to use Chip RAM at all. And can run exclusively in Fast RAM if needed for the best possible performance whilst allowing any well behaved software to utilise the enhanced resolutions and colour modes of the RTG device without any
modification to the software. Well behaved software v ill be able to run on their own high resolution custom screens and will not have to rely on running on either the Workbench screen, or screen promotion hacks, to allow compatibility.
The Picasso II RTG Emulator integrates seamlessly into the Amiga operating system to give the most reliable emulation available. The new resolutions provided by the Picasso II appear in all your applications as new screen modes selectable from the standard ScreenMode requester For any program that allows you to choose a new screen mode, you would simply choose a Picasso II screen mode as an alternative (such as Picasso:1280 x 1024). You will not have to wait for any custom programmed versions of any program that is compliant with the rules of the operating software Such programs will be able
to immediately take advantage of the Picasso ll board Programs that are written with AGA in mind will be able to immediately take advantage of the new modes available to the system.
PICASSO 111 MB + TV PAINT 2.0 PICASSO II 2 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 EMPLANT supports Hard Drives, (via on-board SCSI or AmigaDOS partitions). Hard Files. MAC 800K (via Mac drive adapter). MAC IBM 1.44Mb. IBM 720K. EMPLANT and AMAX formats. The SCSI interface supports both Amiga peripherals and the peripherals of the emulated system at transfer rates ot over 1 Mb Sec.
EMPLANT supports AppleTalk. Serial ports. Printers.
Modems. Midi. Etc. You may use SyQuest. Any AmigaDOS device (DHO:. RAD:. VDO: etc.). Scanners, Graphics Tablets. CD ROM etc. Emulation speed is exceptional and compatibility is excellent. All known software runs! The emulations incorporates cross-platform file transfer, The IBM 386 486 emulation is imminent, with Atari 800 ST Falcon. C64 128. SNES SEGA. Apple II (among others) all planned in the future These will be available as low cost upgrade modules.
EMPLANT currently supports any Zorro equipped Amiga with the A1200 PCMCIA version out soon.The Mac emulation alone requires 68020 30 40 with 4Mb RAM minimum and also 256K Macll x cx SE30 ROMs.
EMPLANT can be expanded to provide 2Mb of battery- backed static RAM and has an audio digitiser built in!
Other add-ons are planned.
EMPLANT BASIC (Standard Emulation Board) £299.95 EMPLANT OPTION A (With AppleTalk Serial) £349.95 EMPLANT OPTION B (With Int Ext SCSI) £349.95 EMPLANT DELUXE (Both Opt A&B) £399.95 EMPLANT PCMCIA (A1200 600. RELEASE SOON) £299.95 EMPLANT IBM UPGRADE (RELEASE SOON) £99.95 EMPLANT will revolutionise the way you use your Amiga! Imagine one card offering multiple emulations that ALL multi-task (after all. Isn't that the way the Amiga was meant to work!)
The supplied Mac emulation boasts full colour (16 ECS.
256 AGA. 1.6 Million with supported graphics cards) and superb Stereo Sound.
WaveTools is processing audio in the digital domain, there is a generational *0SS or noise increase normally associated v ith outda ed analogue mixers and recorders WaveTools is able to sample da at a variety of sampling rates as low as 19KHz as well as the stm dard rates of 44 1 Khz and 48KHz for CD and DAT compalibili WaveTools includes a waveform editor for cut. Copy, paste and operations on selected portions of audio waveforms. Edits can tagged as destructive or non-destructive. WaveTools also mam an internal time code in the format of SMPTE 24. 25 and 30 frai per second to ensure perfect
synchronisation of your audio files video and animation, if required The WAVETOOLS RTX (Real Time Effects) Module adds an A02'2 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a SMPTE time code reader erator The DSP allows real time 8 track mixing and playback (stert out), and realtime effects such as flange, echo, slapback, EQ etc. architecture is open to allow third parly developer support (custdl DSP routines). The SMPTE time code reader allows WaveTools I chase Longitudinal Time Code (LTC). Vertical interval Time f (VITC) and Midi Time Code (MTC). It accepts composite NTSC i PAL video for VITC and
line level audio for LTC. The time code ( erator can stripe VITC or LTC and can generate a user position time code bum-in window for making a video work print with tnf code stamped on it.
STUDIO QUALITY SOUND. PROFESSIONAL LEVEL FEATURES Tired of that old 8 bit sound coming out of your Amiga?
Now you can really make some waves with fhe awesome sounc i the all new WaveToots 16 bit Amiga sound system. WaveTools 16 SI audio card plugs into any Amiga 1500. 2000 (accelerated). 3000 I 4000 computers WaveTools hardware and software gives your Amiga the pund sound quality ot CD's and DAT recorders at a traction ot the price I other 16 bit sound cards. WaveTools uses your computers hard drive to directly record, edit, mix and playback audio with the dart and cnspness that only 16 bit technology can provide, m Air j compatible AIFF 16 stereo file format. Using state of the art circufl and
the latest in 64X oversampled Sigma-Delta conversion technw gy. WaveTools has a frequency response of 10Hz to 20KHz anc dynamic range of 85dB for faithful reproduction of sounds from tft fattest bass to the thinnest strings. WaveTools provides a pair stereo I O jacks for direct connection to any device with standard k m and line out connectors. Record from CD players. DAT recorder!
Video Tape. Videodisk or any other line level audio sources.
WaveTools feature set meets the needs of the most demand users. Multiple waveform windows may be opened simultai and you can cut and paste audio open tiles to facilitate building plex audio tracks. In addition to cut and paste WaveTools suppo* digital mixing of unlimited numbers of tracks. Using WaveT mixer, you can layer sound upon sound to produce rich, full v:M tracks that have the quality of studio made multitrack recording Using WaveTools extensive editing and mixing functions, you cj sweeten your basic tracks with overdubs, perform ADR, and piad sound effects at specified points in the
soundtrack. Best of all. Sinfl WAVETOOLS RTX Module (Ships January) WAVETOOLS RTX (both boards) taflf tite 4t.N Qz NT Nil mo ::.n o.;
29. 4iOz
N. NQz &2 E jj 8 E N il II2512.11k I I.M -i Slop TRADE ENQUIRIES
E8QE AIL PRICES INCLUDE VAT STANDARO COURIER £3 0Q NEXT DAY £8 00 (OVER 10KG - PLEASE CALL) TO ORDER CALL OR FAX UK BBS (0908) 220196 (0908) 310208 ill adver suppc ited an directl I the lal vice am The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Follow these instructions and you'll be up and running in no time!
.s TURES of the first things you must do when get your CoverDisk is make a backup copy, then put the original CoverDisk away for safe keeping.
As a rule you should also do this with the majority of your software collection.
Sound ols 16 3000
* punch ; price hard dis he clam in Amij circuit' echnolo ¦ 2 and
from tfi a pair c dard lin jcorde'S nandini aneoust ng con
support iveTool ull audu ordings you cafl nd pla: ill, sinci e
is nc outdat- pie data le stan- itibiiity ind mi; can M amtams
frames les witn m Iwi’l mvtMri m D2105 er gen- (sterM
• tc. Ttif custoi ools to e Coe*!
TSC or Je ger- utionefl th time J
49. 95
99. 95
99. 95
3. 61 Ron 39.186 Copyright S WHN2 Co«%nodore-Rn'9a lot, Rll
Rights Beservtd.
)8 Ybu might at some point want to copy a single program from a CoverDisk to your compilation, Workbench disk or your hard drive.
To do this you'll need the COPY command. As most CoverDisk programs are stashed away in their own directories, the quickest way to copy a program is to copy the whole directory at once. Use the command: COPT (directory) TO (nndisk) ALL
• here directory} is the full pathname of the directory you wish
to copy, and newdisk) is the name of the disk ind directory
into which it will be copied.
For example, if you wanted to copy a utility called ;RED from CoverDisk 27's Utilities drawer to a directory :aMed FRED on your Workbench disk, you'd type: CW C0VEft»ISX27:UTILXTlES FtED TO MRHERCBU fRER ALL Alternatively, you can click once on the FRED directory con and drag it across to the new disk's window. This the advantage of creating a new directory for you
* nd copying the icon as well.
Once you have moved a particular program to where you require it you could experience some problems running the program. This is sometimes caused by the program not being able to find files which it needs to run.
A good example is the text files on the CoverDisk, These have been crunched using PowerPacker, so when you try to copy them to another disk and then try to read I them you can't unless you have also copied the j Powerpacker library into your LIBS drawer.
To copy the entire CoverDisk, load up your Workbench disk, then either click once on the CoverDisk icon and select Duplicate, or select Copy from the Workbench menu, or open CLI Shell and type; ftlSKCOPf ftOR irO: TO 0F0: When prompted, put your CoverDisk (the source ! Ask) in dfO: and be ready to replace it with your blank disk (the destination disk). Follow the Amiga's on-screen prompts until the disk copy is completed.
Now put the original away in a safe place and use
• our backup.
Readers may have difficulties
• sing our CoverDisk, so we have ncluded this page to help you
Below we explain how to copy Hts from one disk to another, how to copy the entire CoverDisk and to de-archive programs. One Copying individual files How to make a backup De-archiving Occasionally we have so many programs to fit onto the CoverDisk that we have to archive them. Archiving is where we take the entire contents ot a disk and compress them into one file which is much smaller, giving us space to fit more programs onto the disk.
Dearchiving programs which are on the CoverDisk is a very simple task. If a program has been archived then you will need a blank disk to dearchive it onto.
Say we have archived a program called FRED. You simply double click on FRED's icon, and will be asked if you have a blank disk ready to dearchive to. Type "y*1 or "n" accordingly.
Your computer will then copy the archived file into its memory and ask you to insert your blank disk. It will proceed to format the disk, and will then de-crunch the archived file onto your blank disk.
Once this has been done you can simply reboot your machine with the disk which contains the dearchived program on it and then use the program as instructed in the CoverDisk pages.
Note that if you have a Workbench 2 or upward machine you must boot with the CoverDisk write- enabled to perform the dearchiving process, Workbench 3 If you have a Workbench 3 machine, don’t worry - most if not all of the programs on the CoverDisk will work on your machines.
If the program is specifically designed to work with Workbench 3 then you may have to copy the program to your hard drive or Workbench disk using the process described earlier on this page.
Ft m •iih l* mliM V (Mil * U
4. it. W ' II MM MW .
It* «»» •*; M ?«n*«iit4, iiw i»* fiin mil » *.*! T» if. W r'fiH •tifti I hi' "i» liri yin ii tel
• briWgi r U law MM Hit An iMtinl. *• »iW*i rtllll. Hi Ml.
I-rmii. Mi’iilin,! J -••ill I. ,l» Inmil with AIJL Amigas and
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AMIGA All prices are inclusive of VAT at 17.5V Pnces are correct at time of going to press and subject to availability - ES0E.
Hai fclgfejifcTime Warranty Plan Now you aJBaa Warranty to ANT hardware item from Harwood* for lev. T|wn ou'd think} Take out up to 5yrs ewer and at the end of that period you can extend cover annually... A LIFETIMES Peace of- Mind! What s more the Warrant) i* fully tramfcrrablc enhancing rJ wlc values should you cvrr decide to upgrade your equipment Bj Av ailablc now even on hardw are you may have purchased dscw hem| gordon Amiga A1200 with 80Mb. Hard Drive, Citizen 240C Colour Printer & Philips Pro 2000 Colour Monltor TV PLUS: All cables. Dust Covers for Amiga & Printer. Citizen Print
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Superbase, Superplan. Nigel Mansells Grand Prix and Trolls AND...|T,?**B| CD32 - THE NEW 1NG REVOLUTION!
Ideal for the ardent games player this 32Bit CD ROM System will expand into a full computer as your needs grow with CBM's planned Keyboard, prives etc. 0PI £289.95 FANTASTIC AT...£999.95 MK3 FOR THE REAL ENTHUSIAST AT A SPECIAL PRICE only...£1 199.95 AND with... ELUjH £199.95 WnilB Stocks Last* £239.95 The one In aO Harwoods paths Amiga A1200 HARD DISK DRIVE OPTIONS 8QMD HDA1200, Philips Pro 2000 Monitor TV Si Citizen 240C Printer £1219 CM 8833 MKII 14" STEREO COLOUR inc. Leads Dust Cover PRO 2000 15" COLOUR SUPER- RES MONITOR TV inc. Leads The best of both Worlds - Quality Computer Display
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Xenon 2 Megablast*. Stir Crazy. TV Sports Football, Hostages. Jumping Jackson. Bubble Plus, Bloodwych. Tin-Tln on the Moon, Krypton Egg. Purple Saturn Day. Eliminator*.
Skychasef Safari Guns, Lombard RAC Rally, Captain Blood.
Strike Force Harrier*. Shy Fox II and Lancaster purchased with an Amiga or Just £24.95 separately.
• Not compatible with A1200, 3000!4000.
CBM 1084S COLOUR 14" £179.95 STEREO Inc, Leads Dust Cover CBM 1942 MULTISYNC 14" NEW LOW... COLOUR STEREO Inc, Leads, £349.95 Dust Cover etc. (for A 1200's, 3000's 6c 4000's) .28 Dot Pitch NEW... MJCROVTTEC CUBSCAN (no DMS)... THE LOWEST COST MULTISYNC MONfTOR AVAILABLE!!!
| • MicroUitec vAMICRQVJTEC CUBSCAN (no DMS).,. 14“Colour Hi*Res MuftiSync Monitor, .28 Dot Pitch available mid Jan. t-299.95 CUBSCAN 1440 DMS... 14'Colour Hi-Res Multi- Sync Monitor. Built-In DMS, .28 Dot Pitch £429.95 0773 836781 New Street • Alfretor Derbyshire • DE55 7B SWITCH Fax: 0773 83104C Croditchargc FINANCE FACILITIES AVAILABLE * Please contact us tor your personal information pack giving full details.
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Blizzard 1200 Memory Board Swift 200 Mono 4194-95 I20D* Mono 4119.9) Swift 200 Colour 4204.95 Sw ift 90 Mono 415495 Swift 240 Mono 4219-95 Swift 90 Colour 4169-95 Swift 240 Colour 4239-95
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Auto-Fccdcr, up to 192cps (draft). 64cps (LQ).
10 Resident LQ Fonts, I4.6K Buffer LC24 300 Colour 24Pin LCD Panel, up to 2(ncps 4289-95 (draft), Socps (LQ). 16 Resident LQ Foryyf. K Buffer. Quid 46 43db Modes STAR LASER PRIMERS... 15-5 1 4579-9) LS-5EX BMIp 4679-95 LS-5TT PostScript 4949-95 Print Manager Available with all new Star Printers or for existing Star users. Higher printing resolutions and more control of your Star. Please ask for details of this great new utility .
Extended Warranty Plan New Prestige Warranty available on all Star primers. This is in addition to Star's standard 1 y ear warranty and can be extended to a max. of THREE YEARS ON-SITE from a very low cost!!! Please ask for further information or check out the booklet we include with every Star Printer Accessories & Consumables INKJET CARTRIDGES: BjlOex sx 415.95 BJHOO- Black 416.95 BJ200 230 415.95 BJ800 Cyan 421-9) BJ600 - Black 46.95 BJ800 - Magenta 421-95 BJ600 Cyan 48.95 BJN00 Yellow *21-95 BJ600 ¦ Magenta *8.95 BI600 Yellow 48.95 SHEET FEEDER): BJIOsx In White or Black *54-95 RIBBONS:
ALTO SHEET MONO COLOUR FEEDERS: 120D 43-95 NONE All NO Column 90 C *3-95 415.95 Models (Please 24 200 240 4445 415.95 «ate) 48495 ACCESSORIES: 9 2-iPin. NOColumn Colour Kit (not 124 ) 437-95 2-iPin. 32K RAM Expansion (not 200 2-10) 613.95 24Pin. 32K RAM Expansion for 200 240 *19.95 J tPin, I2NK RAM Expansion (not 200. 240) 432.95 Accessories Consumables Winner of Amiga Format's (.old Aw ard with a 93* rating the specification Is impressive...
I. imb RAM * tundard k option to add a further iMh, 3JIMIUGHIKMG
FAST Zxn watt ria* FAST RAM (normally quicker itun PCMCIA
cant* I
J. Real lime buttery hacked cluck
* . Jpl •«Art built in fnr STANDARD PtAX type Math, C* Processor,
of up lo 40MHz ?pecdT
S. Eaty At JtHi Trapdoor" fitting retaining C8M Warrajulcs
b. Compact design utilhiiiit latest WT tnhnolmp
Expansion (Blizzards own) k • 33MHz. Fpl Maths (lo-Processor
479-95 BIT All THREE TOGETHER FOR J15T... 4369-95 Blizzard
1230 Tdrbo Accelerator From the makers of the acclaimed
Blizzard 1200 RAM Board comes a great A1200 Accelerator...
1. WO SCO'S performance im rra*e on all application* (with
additional on hoard RAM)
2. OptMwul fast (up in tOMh *c) DMA MS III interface fnr
U) ROM «c. (CDTV, tM %60 Forman), Reimnahlr Driers t Svquot*
Bernoulli rtf) B u-ed on Macintosh etc. A 40MHz MtCftJft
Pnxcmor I p to 30MHz 6BW2 P1.CC or PUA Fpl nil (Math* Co-Pio)
V Ip lo 61Mb of 32-Bit RAM urine standard 72 Pin SIMMS
6. Battrry hacked real lime clock Easy trap door insulbtkm. Dun
MU mid » jrrjmtr-
R. Nv K ftware mnihtd. |um ntog in and go!
BUZZARD 1230 Tl RBO (0Mb.) 424495 4Mb. RAM Expansion. 32Blt SIMM i '¦ t11 33MHz. Fpl1 Maths Co-Processor 479-9) BUT ALL THREE TOGETHER FOR JUST- *449.95 lightning FAST Hard Disk arms for all Amiga A4000 owners. The only IDE answer...
t. Fast tup to I Omb -ec I DMA SCSI II interface for CD ROM rtc.
(CDTV. 50-9660 Forman), Optical-Krmntahk- Drier* Syquc*t»
etc)» uceil on Apple Macintosh ttf.
L hvpimbhk upto( i lhof 3JBill aMKAM
J. Require, nn Buster Chip upgrade!!!
1. (omputihlr with all r sitting Amiga A4000'»
3. 1 x 12-Bit SIMM Socket* Exceptional Value FASTLANE Z3--
*329-95 BjlOsxMono JO 4219-95 4319-95
4369. 95 456495 Bj2o0 Mono. 250cps. Inc. Auli -ShcettiM ,i t
BJ230 Mono. 360dpi 24«cps. ASII BJC600 S, 360dpi Colour
Bubble JeLW* Paper OHP, envelopes. Compact duraWWjfctyiiiim
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0773 836781 Department rAtwi New Street • Alfreton Derbyshire • DE55 7BI Fax: 0773 831040 SORDID The tabloid press have, of course, squeezed every last drop from the sordid tale. After the epilepsy saga (computer games have since been cleared of any link with the inducement of epileptic fits), our cousins in the console sector are now facing a Monopolies and Mergers Commission inquiry into game prices.
The whole porn debate is adding to what is perceived to be the computer industry's image problem in the eyes of the public, or at least in the eyes of the press who purport to reflect public opinion.
In order to engage in any meaningful discussion of the phenomena and how it can be tackled, it is necessary to have a definition of pornography. As is often the case with definitions, here is where the problems start.
We all know pornography when we see it. Anything concerning itself with explicit sex scenes involving children is deemed by virtually everyone as being highly pom »- Pornography has enjoyed a new surge of public outrage of late, due to its apparent transference from the realm of the dodgy, under-the- counter video peddlers to the hi-tech world of computers, modems and digital telephone lines.
Although video is and looks set to be the main outlet for dubious material of this kind for at least the foreseeable future, the fact that digital, computer-based pornographic images and sequences are being discovered much more frequently is undeniable.
The situation was brought to a head recently with the uncovering of computer- doctored images depicting children in pornographic poses; they were actually the bodies of (young) adults with pictures of children's facial features superimposed onto them to get around the law.
It is easy to work out why such material is cropping up more and more regularly - because, unlike pornographic magazines, computer porn can be duplicated with absolutely no loss of quality, so every time a copy is given to someone else, the number of copies in circulation is simultaneously increased.
Graphic and nothing short of disgusting.
Animals don't fare much better, and three or more in a bed, as well as gay lesbian sex scenes, are probably next in terms of outrage value.
Moving on, we have hard porn involving one man and one woman, followed by soft porn involving the same, then Penthouse-style soft pom and finally Page 3-type models wearing smiles and bikinis.
The point is that pornography can mean different things to different people.
Something which a middle-aged man finds acceptable will probably be far from so when presented to a 12-year-old child.
So for the sake of our argument, let’s accept two definitions of pornography. The first is that it is material valued for its erotic rather than its artistic merits. The second is the definition which the law chooses to use, which is that pornography is material deemed likely to corrupt the person viewing it.
This last point is important, because it means the Director of Public Prosecutions must decide in each individual case whether the severity of the material is likely to comipt the individual(s) supplied with that material.
We've already established that more people are viewing computer porn. The problem is that due to the medium upon ...a rapid increase in the number of minors viewing this material which it lives, this rapid increase in the amount of pornography around includes an even more rapid increase in the number of minors viewing the material.
And with children being the group usually deemed most likely to be rupted by sex-based images I sequences, we can understand whjrl suddenly seem to have a computer p crisis on our hands.
The actual material does cover all bi From PD disks put together by spotty 4 lescents with healthy sexual desires bu appealing way of satiating them, ca things like "Girls" and usually contaa nothing more offensive than Baywatd the legfllly-on-sale Lovers Guide (only sale to adults, whom it is deemed it likely to corrupt) to highly dubious letin boards on the continent contaii images of sex with dogs and worse, whole range has been digitised and is n It It includes "interactive" soft- v tor instance waggling the joy* i wncrofe the speed of intercourse for r v.»i couple on the screen, is
avail- i are old-fashioned sets of still, IpfaofeK.
LM whereas most minors have in the I hem exposed (usually at school) to If. Softcore porn which is if not
i. then grudgingly tolerated by . New, computer-based methods of
ution have led not only to more i seeing porn, but to that pom
; much more hardcore than ever A chronology of pornography
Images can be converted from maga- 1950 60S - Pornography is
seen m printed form, both in "soft' legal publications and
illegal, usually imported, magazines whose contents - often
involving children and animals, but always some form of
explicit sexual act - are defined as "hardcore” pom.
1959 - Obscene Publications Act makes it a crime to distribute such matenal to those it is likely to corrupt.
1960s - The emergence of cine-filmed pornography brings it to a wider audience, and for the first time moving images become a player in the field.
Mid-1970s - Advances in video technology lead to pom being distributed on videotape. With this development, easily distributed motion pornography becomes a reality, and video pom is still perceived as the single largest problem area.
1980s - As computer technology gathers pace, porn dis- playable using these new machines appears. The emergence of bulletin boards (BBSs) where porn can be "downloaderf from a remote base into a home computer, makes access to it simpler than ever. Disk-based pom becomes a reality.
1990s - Continually improving graphics, file suppression techniques. Disk storage capacities and other hardware improve both the methods of distribution and the quality of porn on offer.
Zines to computer data with a scanner "grabbed" from video into a computer's memory, with the use of a simple animation viewer even a computer as f accessible as the Amiga is quite K capable of showing short, detailed sexual animations.
And the storage capacity of one CD (as the Lover's i Guide demonstrates) is K mind-bogglingly large.
Once in a computer format, data is usually made available to users via bulletin boards, or BBSs. Basically all you need to set up a BBS is a computer, a modem, and a very, very large hard drive to store all of the pictures on. Your "customers" then simply telephone your modem,‘access what they require and download it into their machines via the telephone.
Equally, many BBSs have an upload facility, whereby the user can send their favourite pictures to the BBSs for other users fo access.
In Our investigations we discovered a number of pornography-peddling BBSs in places as far apart as Holland, the USA and Noway. With names like Bombs BBS and Tiger BBS, they advertise within their underground network, so it is very likely that a user who has found one of these BBSs will know the numbers to access many more.
Outrageously, Banse BBS in Holland, which was exposed on investigating journalist Roger Cook's The Cook Report television programme, was still running at the time of writing. In the past, public domain libraries have also been the source of computer pom.
Since some well-publicised prosecutions over the last two years, the PD porn problem has seemed to die down, in Britain at least, with only the very mild, previously-mentioned "Cirls"-type of disk surviving the application of the law.
To make it quite clear how sophisticated images sent along phone lines are becoming, one British police force have a 5Mb, one-minute movie in better-than-broadcast quality, pulled down a telephone line by them from the States.
This particular sequence was for the PC and would not work on the Amiga, but we all know the Amiga's abilities when compared to those of an average PC, so it must be obvious that such stuff is equally as likely to appear on the Amiga.
Another fact which does nothing to help prevent the spread of porn is the transfer- J With computer porn the current media darling, Phil Morse investigates a trade which is increasingly making the switch from illicit videos to the computer screen one W v)
• y. J ' « file Idil fool ieHmtjt Mocroi Mm CZ2J C -01 lor I
x. w.vx a ao. (la H »»,*77 IW.t?
«a ms.m n w3 . *61 2a.r?s.i*6 I? 3M.PW 7, W.33* tt.tm.no trj act.477 a2.KM.K0 1« «l.«2 Ml,W.«M 22 7K3.252 t« r« n: ».2»7.««?
» 48T«?i X 131, X?
» 093.742 oj M W.tK it *».w
* iW I* 77. 197 j 3tn hi
- * 44
- At rglotcC f.lg.
- rr.rtar ami ¦am « W - Os yi
- Ci»pgri
- Trgr Migo mi ¦ CO Ral«t«4
• 0.» in 111 tog
- li* nei Itn.ftj ¦ fi rai Fotctoa
• Agfcgd Ouggl.c An 1 rail to latad 2» » 31 32 33 3* » tj tm
• tr.e 5d»»H to.gg
- Oaaoa ¦ Owwol to at The stark dltferente between a hardtorc BBS
In A merit a.., : a thcl far i a ¦ Donna L. G i nnw ability rtf
files across computer platforms.
While the spread of, for argument's sake, piracy is limited to the computer platform the game was originally released for - a pirate copy of Lemmings for the PC is no good for your Amiga, for instance - standard picture files can be read on most modern computers, regardless of the machine they originally came from.
With just a modem, a phone number and a modicum of computing experience, anybody can download such porn.
Children are often more computer literate than their parents nowadays, and at increasingly younger ages, which is a particular cause for concern.
And anyway, whereas in the past youngsters may have "found" magazines hidden by fathers or elder brothers, now they can "find" images stored on hard disks or CD-ROMS, such as the Lover's Guide and Virtual Valerie CD products - both of which are quite legal for adults to buy.
CIRCULATION Once a child has got this far, it is reasonable to assume that they will manage to put the images onto a floppy disk or two to take to school for adoring friends to duplicate. Thus dozens of copies, which in turn will be copied, are put into circulation from one initial input into the system from a BBS or other source.
Not surprisingly, the police have encountered several pressing problems in attempting to counter this situation. They must have fully trained staff who are quite capable of conversing across the various I anp computer platforms, and have the technical knowledge necessary to do everything the porn merchants can do with their computers.
They also need investment in the equipment which will allow their trained staff to do the above, and in many cases it's investment that has to begin literally from scratch.
One thing which has changed in favour of the anti-pom lobby in the past year is the level of public awareness. Few police forces have pom far from the top of their agendas nowadays, whereas barely a year ago most forces weren't even aware of the problem, let alone equipped to do any* thing about it.
But even with a fully-trained staff and up-to-date equipment, there are still major problems for anybody trying to regulate the transmission of such material. Until
• LittU !M EugrvV '»Q
0. r.iM frga omr ms »
- *- oim faaala ‘v*.
UlOK fcOT *»« A9.lt tot f i in I ItoriM
- -fcMcl-t.gr f.lgg «24-?«
H. -OMcl-t.gr f.lgg 29* friiMM Ii-r A f'igg EgiK't *»g Oav
- A- fci'u Itala Am «U1 to, gg t fiaygr u.»M 3 t nae.rtogh
i-totad Ouit tias nc.-ig* tcaciai Iffastt I D' 'Lr«n Ju.1 Nyui
teu Oirl jg »tt Cglgr M.-to. T» I » tit Color Ml-toa T» g
toota. Boom and Mir Ppcog aao «rg* vmmf, ms nor. Lut.o. I •!
In* U.naga Wi S1 qnp police appear to be so slack and or pow
erless to stop it that sick celluloid seems to leave the place
at a phenomenal rate, bound for digitising and transmission
across Europe and the USA.
And who is policing the telephone lines in and out of the UK? Well, ignoring conspiratorial theories that big brother knows everything and we're all being bugged, it seems obvious that nobody has the time or manpower to police everything that enters the UK by electronic means - we're not going to see Telephone Customs in the near future.
Certainly it's out of the jurisdiction and scope of the telephone watchdog bodies OFTELand ICST15.
It is, actually, technically illegal to recently, Radio Luxembourg flouted British broadcasting laws by transmitting pro* grammes in English, to the UK, from Luxembourg, where they were set up legally. Something deemed illegal in Britain can, therefore be perfectly legal somewhere else.
The age of consent laws for females is a point in hand: while it's IS in the States, it falls to 16 in the UK, 15 in Denmark and as low as 12 in some places.
In Bangkok it scarcely matters whether some of the shocking acts of debauchery which go on there are legal or not; the It is technically illegal to import pornographic material import pornographic material from couim tries where it is legal into the UK, but has never been tested in the courts, due no small part to the problems outlined above - plus, if someone is caught with such material in the UK there are other laws which they would be prosecuted under.
Looking at the Amiga in particular, things are unfortunately getting worse. In the past, the Amiga has not been able to.
Match the Pcs and Macs of this world either graphically or in CPU speed (thi overall speed of operation is slower).
Basically, the Amiga has not had enough power to handle the really realtf* tic and complex, and thus the real potentially corrupting, pornography.
Unfortunately, with the new base-lev Amiga, the A 12(H), equipped with moral standard memory, better graphics and ¦ faster processor, the most popular SC hook kid’s computer just grew up. The ranpl and accessibility of pornography U Amiga-owning minors has always bee* greater than other computers; now tht gap in the scope and quality of such poti is being considerably narrowed too.
Let's throw in the problem that BBS have quite often got absolutely no idea m to who is accessing their systems, and S can make no judgement as to whether thfl material they are supplying is "likely corrupt" the viewer, and we can see tlud there are very large problems involved any attempts to control this phenomena So what is being done? To start wi theres a considerable tightening of law, which is going on at the time of wrtfl ing and looks set to strengthen thj armoury of the police against the p dlers. At the Tory conference a fe1 ? Vi 1 ¦ -to
• J
• 3 ? Ft r 1 I **- ? , 1 I V 1
* £ I Inirratrai j re r 1 1 1 ElHH 'j ». 1 lie*} ¦ ft “ H * 1 ¦
-rim Hrr- 1 F~- HS222EE5 r i wsmiM.
Amiga Computing March 1994 lerths back, John Major spoke in his Ifcunous "back to basics" speech of a bthtening of the Criminal Justice Bill, is set to go through the House of ercU the time of writing, to specifi- outlaw the type of doctored images t children spoken of earlier.
Michael Howard outlined the govem- ¦mt’s position quite clearly at the end of member last year: sc
• Tough I Tender-minded?
• Emotionally Stable?
• Extrovert or Introvert?
• A Giver ora Taker?
• Sexually Satisfied?
• Sexually Driven?
'New technology continually presents ¦r challenges to the law. I am deter- Hned the law should keep pace with Mm and 1 will not hesitate to act when- tr those who degrade children find means of peddling this material."
But are you - »Confident - or Not?
Sexually Attractive?
He goes on: "We must send the dear- possible signal to pornographers that activities will not be tolerated. It is to take tough measures at the outset t are to succeed in stamping out this trade."
Aware of the Differences between Men and Women?
Om coun- i, but this te, due in outlined ight with!
Are other osecuted irticular, worse. Inj n able to) is world eed (thej ver).
Not had lly realis- ie really phy.
Use-level ith more cs and a r school- he range aphv to] jys been now the jch porn
Iat BBSs i» idea as i, and so ether the likely to see that olvcd in 3mena.
Irt with, g of the of writ- ien the he ped- e a few | This tightening of legislation will, if it becomes law, affect video pornogra- too, which will help the computer cause a little by attacking one of its sources of material.
One law which has not been tested vet Ihe courts, due to the suitability of the :ene Publications Act for this pur- n the past, is the 'mmunications Act (1984). Tucked iV in Section 3, Subsection 41, if states people who transmit obscene mate- eummit the offence of using the telenetworks to do so. This offence soon become punishable by up to months of imprisonment.
LEGISLATION I* could prove to be a particularly use- piece of legislation for the police, as Id they come across a British BBS ying pornographic material but which it could be construed is table for adult viewing, a prosecu- could still be successfully executed the grounds of the phone lines being for its transmission.
While this might smell a little of Big r, if children are accessing pomo- iic BBSs, it's a welcome method of ig those sources down and deter- them from starting up again.
Other proposed changes to the law j-fcclude a beefing up of the powers panted to the police under the Obscene pWiCations Act; such crimes now carrv mr threat of arrest for those involved, Vd are classed as serious arrestable ¦fcflCes. Section 1 .offences under the Protection of Children Act 1978 are now also dealable with bv arrest, and the wording of the relevant sections of the act has been changed in order to clarify the position and assure complete coverage of computer-generated images. These amendments too should shortly become law.
But there's more to dealing with a problem as complex and ingrained as this one than just a tightening of the law - after all, we've seen the difficulties the police have to overcome to apply laws.
Although the new legislation should make things easier, other approaches are vital too, Sgt John Ashley, of Greater Manchester Police's Obscene Publications department, acknowledges the increase in public awareness as opening a number of paths for fighting porn, or at least clearing the brambles and nettles from a few overgrown ones Public awareness always leads to more self-policing: it’s easier to get away with something when the public at large have no clue as to what exactly it is you're getting away with. As the porn underground becomes more exposed, people will become more reluctant
to engage in such activities.
Also, says Sgt Ashley, this public awareness will convince those people who know nothing about their childrens' computers to learn the basics, and those 4 The best way to fight computer porn is to educate parents struggling to get to grips with the technology will at least realise that they should learn how to check for such material on their own their childrens' machines.
And, by making aware the parents and educationalists who have, in the past, also been oblivious to the extent of this rapidly growing problem, the num- her one battle against many crimes - education - can begin to play its part too.
"The publicity in the media and public interest is increasing public awareness," says Sgt Ashley, "but it'll probably make our jobs harder - people are now aware that we are doing this work."
But whether this increased exposure of the problem is a good or bad thing is academic. The computer porn "scandal" is out, and it remains to be seen how effective the new laws will be. As Sgt Ashley says: "The best way to fight computer porn is to educate .
Parents." M jpqi m fT_ frnnTrWl Cover QirC- STRIP POKER F EATU R EI To the future... As computer technology becomes more and more sophisticated, so the quality of the material available and the ease of distribution will improve.
The amazing graphical resolution of the new generation of home computers, such as the AGA Amigas.
Means that better-than-broadcast quality graphics are becoming a reality.
Such machines contain faster processors (it's a big leap from the A500's 68000 to the A1200's 68020 and the A4000's -030s and -040s), demand better monitors and require more memory, all of which make them far more capable of handling a large number of high quality graphical images with ease.
CRAMMED As data compression techniques become more and more sophisticated, so larger and higher quality files will be crammed onto disks.
And when high density disks - which can hold twice the data of the normal-density variety currently dominant - become the norm, so the problem will become even more acute.
Modem technology has leapt forward an incredible amount in the last few years From the initial ability to transfer what then seemed like a staggering 300 bytes a second along a phone line, nowadays it has recently become possible to buy I modems which can transmit at 19,200 baud or above - an increase of 6,400 per cent!
SECONDS Putting it another way. A picture which would take ten minutes to download on a 300 baud modem would take seconds on a modern model. And that's before the data compression techniques have been take into account.. As CD-ROM technology becomes established, the ability to record full- length. Film-quality pornographic sequences onto CD for viewing and manipulation by computer will also become a reality - and as with all j digital media. CD-ROMs don't ' degrade.
Already, "movies' have appeared on the PC platform. With CD-based products like the soft porn Virtual jj Valerie and the Lovers' Guide I appearing, the chances of I similar products appearing on the underground are high, and j the potential content matter of those I products depressingly predictable.
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Everything it do*fl does with a certd flair.
One of the prime behind the success of Amiga in Hollywood i British guy called Thornton. He began using Lightwave portion of the Toaster to create special replace the miniature models tionallv used to bring planets to the screen.
We spoke to Ron at his California and asked him about the Babylon 5 and movie madness in tainment capital of the world.
LEADING Anyone who reads Amiga watches TV can't fail to be aware work of Ron Thornton. He was a special effects man and model maker in UK on cult BBC shows like Doctor Blake's 7, a number of hot sci-fi movies Terminator 2, and now is the creator at visual effects for the Emmy award sci-fi TV show, Babylon 5, soon to be on Channel 4.
But Ron wasn't always a special Few people would deny the impact of the Amiga in the world of film and video. Even in the UK where we have no Video Toasters, Amigas are still welcome in the country’s editing suites as all-purpose graphics computers.
But it is in Tinseltown, aka Hollywood, California, where the Amiga is really making itself known. If the Amiga was an actor, you could write a review of its career like so: "Bom in 1984, Amiga grew up in California, but it was in Europe where his appeal really kicked off. Although famous for his earlier funnier entertainments like Zool and lemmings, he yearned to get back to the serious film making and graphic arts of his youth.
"Ray-tracing was to be a formative influence, and it was Ray in fact who gave him a part in almost every top-notch special effects film of the late 80s and early 90s. Before the century came to a close, Amiga was getting the Oscar on a regular basis and was in Hollywood to stay..." Admittedly the success of the Amiga in the US is based almost entirely on the Video Toaster by NewTek, but this is not to pul down the Amiga at all.
A lot of the usability, the hotness of a product, is down to indefinable things like look and feel. The Amiga is a friendly machine, and Phil South talks to Foundation Imaging’s Ron Thornton about life in Hollywood with his Amiga, and the success of Babylon 5 IHZ. He got his start after Ire quit his job « flight despatcher at Gatwick airport tout any idea of what he was going to tence. You don’t end up doing miniature work on The Addams Family and Terminator 2 without having some kind of track record, and turning in some quality work.
He started out by reading as much as he could about the subject of special effects, and also some magazines which were out at the time which covered the topic.
"Cinemagie had just come out, and there was Starlog which used to give a lot
* 1 was just bored. 1 didn't have any to what sort of job I would
like to do.
Ri then about that time I went with some ¦ds to see the film Alien, which had just ¦r out, and it hit me: Someone actually 9» for people to make all the models and and stuff!"
Igazines are of ti ; a leadu aker in tl rr Who ai novies 111 ator of tl xl winni to be ain So he resolved to get a job in the film ¦ness doing just that. He didn't actually m have any professional model-making prop-making experience, "other than the ml Airfix kits as a kid kind of thing."
But soon he was in the film business.
Mously it wasn't that easy. Thinking of ridea was the first step, but between that ¦tt and doing props and miniatures for wa was a lot of hard work and persis- 4 few ot the j running Lightwave iequentes from Babylon S. and It i oil Ron t doing better coverage in those days to techniques and effects and things, There would be close-up photographs in there of what people were doing, and 1 kind of got the hang of it from that, "I bought the odd kit, typical sci-fi models just to have a look at them to see what came through the kit process. I got the Millennium Falcon kit and I started spot
ting all these tank parts on it, and I thought 'Aha! I can see how this all works'."
But model making was only half the story. The secret of good models is the painting and surface detail.
"A lot of my painting techniques were taught to me by Martin Bauer and Bill Pearson, who were two incredibly talented model makers, who did everything from Aim to Oulland and Flash Gordon. Martin Bauer used to be the chief model maker on S Mff 1993."
1 ¦ 11 ¦ ' i .1 i,i I' . 1 I '-l,v i'-- '.li'i' -d 1!’ good work all the time. To live in California in SP"" *t T where he still . ; WK lives and works MB'*'"'*' t kl‘u f w‘ Imaging i- Kwd in
- J ll PltU'v' called .i.«:i. i,i. V. hnl' is j-:.Tl . b- i.r
n:V* j : Angeles, so dose enough to Hollywood but far enough
away from LA. "We're between the desert and a mountain range."
Ron ended up there in the middle of nowhere in the USA after a series of BBC cutbacks. "It got to September of 1984 and I was doing various freelance work for BBC shows, and the head of the visual effects department at the BBC sent this memo that said that they couldn't do any more sub-contracting. There was no work around so I had to start working on my contacts over here in the USA."
How did he go about gathering contacts in Hollywood? The answer was simply that he wasn't actually just going over there cold and saying "giz a job" - he'd been on a tour of the main effects houses a few years before and had picked up some contacts then.
"The first job I did for Dr Who made me a small profit, and I used the proceeds to take a trip to California. I called up all the places over here that did effects and would just go and see them.
"Those people would give me the names and numbers of people at another place, and so it went cm, It was great, there Hollywood... was were I really caught the hug was me with my first job and I was walking around the places where they made Bud Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars... it was very, very cool. That was where 1 really caught the bug."
And picked up a lot of very useful names for the old Filofax, eh? It didn't hurt that Ron was working on Dr Who of course, which gave him a bit of an "in", but still you have to want Something pretty badly to travel half the way around the world on spec. So, what's Ron Thornton's idea of the best bit of computer graphics in the movies in recent years? Ron's answer is predictable enough.
"The stuff in Jurassic Park, without question. I find it hard to think of anything that could beat that. It's just perfect. But then for $ 15 million it should be!"
Ron's very clear on what makes good computer FX and it's not a lot to do with computers. "The people who did it are film makers, not computer graphics people. They've got a great film 'eye'.
"Their compositing is just superb, their motion tracking, and just the general matching of effects to live footage is superb. 1 think they're an absolute shoo- in for the Oscars this year, and no mistake."
How long will it be before we can do things like Jurassic Pad on the desktop?
Can it ever be done? "It can be done now.
But you’ve got to really work at it." What do you put into the gap vacated by the 15 ?
Million spans, when it's just you, a rainy Saturday, an Amiga 2000 and a 3D program? "Hard work, basically. Yeah really, It’s not so much the 3D considerations but lining up shots and matteing the effects with the action. That and being very skilled at it. These people are very good at their jobs."
OK so we're not film makers here at AC, but we are big 3D fans, so we had to ask does Ron have any professional hints for would-be computer graphics special effects men of the future?
"Attention to detail. It's easy to create shapes and render them, but you have to observe the smallest details and be very critical. That and making sure that you're very good at it."
And when do you stop fiddling about with the details, and when is a model finished? "I can't say I've ever been 100 per cent happy with any models I've ever made. You have to keep looking at your models and saying to yourself how can I make this better? How can I make it more real?” That means that you must edit and alter the model and make sure it's as perfect as it can be before you can ever say it’s finished.
EXCRUCIATING Making a shape and lighting it in five minutes isn’t how it’s done. It's this excruciating attention to detail which has earned Ron all the plaudits and critical acclaim that he has over his career in film.
"One of the be«4 things to do as well is get go and get yourself a lot of reference material. If you're doing a sci-fi type model, either rent yourself a load of sci-fi videos, or pick up books from somewhere like Forbidden Planet, where you can look at what models reallv look like, see what textures are on them and try and duplicate them.
"Go and rent a bunch of videotapes of Thundffbirds. Don't just sit around and have fun with it, really look at it carefully because some of the model making in that show was just fantastic, and you can leam a lot about ageing and dirtying down from that."
Of all the models and effects Ron has done over the years, what are his favourites? "Most of the models I’ve made I'm not particularly proud of, although the Scorpio was a nice model, and they gave me a lot of leeway in the design, detail and textures on it. And it really could stand up to an awful lot."
The Scorpio, of course, was the space ship in which Blake's 7 did their spacefaring, after the original ship The Liberator was blown to bits in the penultimate series.
Owners of the recent Blake's 7 videos will of course be aware that the model is very closely detailed, and can stand some quite dose-up shots.
“When I compared it to some of the models over here it was actually better, which really made me feel good about it I did put a huge amount of time into it. 1 think if you calculated how much I got per hour for working on that ship it would probably work out at about £2 an hour, if that. Fifty pence more like. 1 was working about 14 to 15 hours a day on that thing."
Ron's favourite model on the Babylon 5 show is in fact the Star Fury, the Babylon 5 fighter. "It's very different in the way that it looks. It's just this chunky, ugly looking thing, but it does have a certain beauty to it... it's sort of like Thunderbird 2, a big old ugly thing.
"It was the same sort of philosophy, I didn't want them to be graceful, just utilitarian. Built like a brick shithouse. Whereas all the aliens have all these beautiful ships.
"The animation on these ships is phenomenal. Ever)' time a ship moves it's got to blow a thruster, so if a ship banks you’ve got to hit the top right and bottom left thruster, so that it would be able to I roll, "Then to stop it rolling you have to do the opposite. So there are loads and loads of animation envelopes, ramping up the flame, ramping up the light, then ramping it back down again.
"There's one scene that I did for the first episode called 'Midnight on the Firing Line' and it was just to establish the Star Furies going into battle.
I And these ships are everywhere, tumbling end over end, some tracking another ship that's flying by, and at the same time the camera is rotating about 270 degrees, so you just get this whole feeling of vertigo. There isn't an up or a down, and you don't know which way you’re going."
With so many ships to design, doesn’t Ron ever run out of ideas? Where do the ideas come from then? "Everywhere.
Sometimes from vegetables, there are quite a few ships that are based on food, just for the hell of it.
"The Vorlon ships are inspired by garlic, of all things. Looking at books of deep sea creatures, you look at all of these forms and you grab something and try it. It's a lot easier to do that in a computer.
SHORT CUTS "To efficiently make a space ship as a model, a miniature, you've got to take a lot of short cuts. You have to do stuff like 'kit bashing', pulling pieces of detail out of tank kits, otherwise you just spend forever making it.
“And if I wanted to do something unusual like a crustacean. I'd have to start sculpting or moulding crab shells. But in the computer realm it's quite a lot easier."
As well as modelling and the ability to make and edit shapes easily, techniques can be developed which give your objects in 3D more life and realism.
"It's not just the shape and colouring of an object. It's all in the textures. It's all in the paint job, it always is, even if you're building real model spaceships, “When you build it you'll spray it with primer, and it'll look like shit. But when you actually start to age it and dirty it down a bit of painting, then it begins to show. And that's what separates good computer graphics from bad, ’computcry'-looking graphics."
When Foundation have been doing big shots for Babylon 5 with a large number of ships, sometimes in the hundreds, generic textures are used to give the ships a qp 'look'. But this isn't the best way to do iL “An object can look just OK when | use a sort of generic texture on it, but] very best models are made with dtl textures for all the surfaces. And dd labour over a paint package to make g textures.
"A good example would be grass, i What would you do in a paint packa] get that texture? If you just photograph and digitise it you just get a great look, t to anything and everything for y material."
One of Ron’s favourite technique* based on a neat trick using Lightwad whereby a custom-drawn image, like fcq plates for example, Is mapped onto the face of the object twice, once as the diffu map and again using the same image, specularity map.
This means that the plates in the hull only have a different shade based on general colouring of the ship, but some 1 a different specular value, affecting the i they reflect light.
This adds a lot of surface detail action on the surface of the model light plays across it, and makes the look more real. Real objects don’t reflq light evenly, so why should comp models?
What about the future for Found Imaging? "We re doing some tests for a ¦ v ersion of Dan Dare, which is looking great. It'll be really good if it comes off."
The film is in the works and as is the with these things may or may not get for a few years, but Foundation are e. the best choice for the spaceship effi especially with Ron's taste in spaceships.
For example, when Babylon 5 was created, Ron wanted a look more I Thunderbirds or other Gerry Andeip shows, where the ships were colourful I new looking rather than that awful used look that Star Wars brought into vogue.
"The movie's being written by Tdj Jones of Monty Python and there's a 1 very good people involved in it. It be fantastic."
So where is computer imaging in mo* and TV going? What are the cxtreme»| which we can go in this field?
"You'll get a lot more visual effects you'll get more science-fiction stuff. At moment we're working on a project wM is the nearest thing you'd get to a TV' sen of Jurassic Park but it's not the same, "A lot of very complicated stuff til you'd never be able to get into before n* becomes actually quite easy, It takes abaq ten minutes to do a space ship shot now you haven't got the space ship, it only taid you about two or three hours to build one] "And we have a lot of pre-existing tures, so when you're creating somi you can call up from the library some which will look good."
T The Babylon 5 pilot film is out on video f all good video stores, and the series begins first run on Channel 4 some time in the sect quarter of this year.
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IREN OFTWARE Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England GRAPHICS Until now, if you wanted the ability to grab a video image in 24-bits (that's over 16 million colours, folks) you would have had to pay a princely sum tor the privilege, Enter Rombo, one of the pioneers of audio and video digitising products, and their Vidi Amiga 24RT (hereafter referred to as VA24).
Tor a reasonable £299. You can now experience the higher image quality which 24- bits gives you, with the added bonus of being able to do away with having to pause your video in order to get a stable image.
As well as the impressive hardware contained in the surprisingly small cartridge, VA24 also includes pretty neat editing software featuring a collection of powerful image processing tools.
The cartridge itself includes two RCA- type video inputs and an S-Video input. The advantages of these multiple inputs is that you can attach say, two VCRs in the RCA inputs and a camcorder in the 5-Video input.
You can then simply and conveniently select the video source you want to grab from within the VA24 software by simply clicking on a button.
VA24 automatically detects the type of video signal it is receiving (PAL, NTSC or SECAM) and adapts accordingly.
As hinted at earlier, because of the speed with which VA24 can grab an image, there is no need to pause your video or have your video camera absolutely still.
Such speed is achieved through the combination of two very fast analogue to digital converters and 1Mb of onboard memory within the cartridge.
The two converters read the anal 4 video signal, converting it to the digital ( required by the 1 Mb memory, into whkftfl is subsequently stored.
The only time-consuming part ocC f once VA24 has "read" the video image, lfl image data then has to be transferred to Amiga’s RAM.
The VA24 cartridge is connected to Amiga through its parallel port, This r • i only capable of a data transfer ratefl approximately 20l)k per second. Once trjfl ferred, the pictures also have to be mixed M create the final full colour image.
So depending on the number of colc | and the resolution of the image you hifl grabbed, this transfer and mixing r 4 can take a little time. From clicking on Darren Evans gets to grips with Vidi Amiga 24RT, the latest 24-bit real-time video digitiser from Rombo shind Hardware Control r Jvidti I Jlifet 2 ¦ Lc-Ses Won-latfrlacH JmliJr gig.
(ocrfnl fall ftt r~ juimt Brishtiess -51 Contrast -51 Saturation -111 Hue I p ref err met allow you to man rWf ? «9*rte tot,Art to i»f at well at the ttrten mode to P : _]**. Wilt rrf»1 JnU T i,|m 1 bm» C»n| »««. T Jii«m 2 _J Uf* I 3 HmT Ilm* _J I I to* | Once In the grabbing mode, a 16 or 2S6 grey level preview Image thowt the incoming video ilgnol. To grab, dmpty dick on the Crab button When a greytcole Image hat been itored In memory, you can I ml* It to a telection of tcreen modet to produce a lull colour It riUMt I MhW jfltffor liffvtiM r~ l«»*» P1 n. I 1 i l Amiga Computing March 1994
rabber One problem with the Vldl Amiga 24RT Is that with the cartridge plugged In, the serial port Is obscured. Not a disaster, but a problem all the same button to the final displayed image, a |4B x 512 HamH image took approximately 52 seconds on an A1200 with 4Mb RAM
* *rade.
The modes supported by VA24 range «n 320 x 200 to 1,200 x 512 (1,472 x 576 in [ mncan) in colours from two to Ham8.
The screen modes av ailable are obviously dependant on the type of Amiga you have.
VA24 works on all Amigas barring the A500,
• rrefore only screen modes such as hi-res HamH are available on
AGA machines such
• the A1200. Also, the manual states that at htet 2Mb is
required. Ideally, you will need an additional Fast RAM upgrade
of at tat 2Mb or more to get the most from VA24.
VA24 will also automatically default to 16 pry level grabbing on a non-AGA machine.
Having grabbed and mixed your image to your chosen screen mode, you can then save iw file by simply clicking on the save button.
Before you do that however, you also have some pretty good image processing and editing features at your fingertips.
Clicking on the Edit button will take you to t* VA24 editor. There are 24 image processing functions including emboss, sharpen, and thev can be used to improve or completely change the image. Some of them do require a lot of memory though, especially when processing hi-res or super hi-res images. You can also cut and paste sections of an image one from area or image to another Some of the image processing functions are single operations, whereas other, more complicated ones require you to first enter some parameters. They also differ in the amount of time required to process.
Animation of a number of frames can tv achieved through the use of the Carousel editor. Here, you can load a number of images into memory and then select and edit a range of specified frames.
You can also save out a range of frames as an ANIM file. You can also click on the Play button to see the frames which have been selected play as an animation.
The main portion of the screen is a display showing up to 12 eighth-size images which are in memory. Selecting a single or range of these images is done by simply clicking on the appropriate box, Each box is also numbered.
There are also editing buttons for deleting, moving and clearing specified frames, Overall, the VA24 software works very well. It has lots of features and functions your Image manipulating controls lo processing image array of and useful impressive some pretty MMB The Idltor which allow total and easy control over the hardware in the cartridge.
Unlike other digitisers, there are also no external image controls, such as brightness, colour and contrast, on the cartridge. All these are available within the software.
The quality of images you can get from VA24 is very good indeed. However, something to be aware of if you are intending to go out and buy VA24 is the tvpe of video connections the video source you intend to use has.
VA24 goes some way to solve the problem by providing both a dual RCA composite video inputs as well as the S-Video socket, which gives a much higher quality image with no problems of colour saturation and bleeding.
These two types should allow you to connect the majority of cameras or VCRs without the need for extra cables. The VA24 package even includes a composite and 5-Video cable so you can get up and running straight away.
However, they are a little tw short for my liking and you may wish to buy longer cables for your needs.
The only time you will need to buy extra cables is if your video source uses BNC or other video connectors- Rombo can help you out buy supplying you with the necessary cable at extra cost, or you can just pop down to the local hi-fi video store and ask for one there.
Besides being great fun to use, VA24 can be put (o some useful functions. For instance, if you like to dabble in desktop publishing, you can use VA24 as a very good alternative to a scanner.
All you require is a tripod and some decent lights and you have a much more versatile method of importing your own images into your DTP documents, be they mono or full colour.
VA24 is easy to use, easy to set up and with a reasonable price tag of Q90, a very good buy.
The bottom line Product: Vidi Amiga 24 RT Supplier: Rombo Productions Ltd. Baird Road.
Kirkton Campus. Livingstone.
Scotland EH54 7AZ Phone: 0506 414631 ’2 Mb] rn’imw wri RAM SYSTEM ESSENTIALS PT:f - i ntial 11 LOW • Recommended Processing images The Vidi Amiga 24RT software has an impressive array of image processing functions which can be used to improve or completely change the image in memory. Below are a few examples of what they can do.
Negative can be useful If you digitise a colour negative photograph slide, thereby normalising the Image ¦X Mi g» A Way with Words For starters, this deluxe kit contains KindWords 3 - the latest and greatest Amiga word processor. Fast and friendly, it makes putting your ideas on paper sheer pleasure.
There’s everything you need at hand - page layout, automatic text wraparound, mail merge and much more besides.
Put it all together and the Home Office Kit transforms your Amiga into an instant office, equipped with a super secretary! And at only £69.99 for the complete pack, you get three powerful programs for the price of two. Working as one highly efficient unit.
KITD Ydur Instant Amiga Office Whether you run a small business or just want to organize your life more efficiently, you’ll find the new Home Office Kit Deluxe has all the answers.
Designed for the Amiga, it offers three powerful programmes working together as one.
Without cutting back on any features...only the price!
In Perfect Order With InfoFile, the Amiga database manager, you can keep your business and personal life in perfect order.
The on-scrccn address book is indispensable. Expenses and inventory upkeep is easier than ever before. You can even organize sound and graphics for stunning slide presentations!
Figures Can Be fun Stumped by spreadsheets?
MaxiPlan 4 offers sophisticated spreadsheet and database functions that are easy to handle. Create charts and graphs that make sound financial sense.
It's all here - from macro commands which cut out repetitive work, to file linking and import export capabilities.
V- The Best Solutions al the Best Price the disc company Outstanding Upgrade Offer!
Yes, 1 want to turn my .Amiga into a fully-leatured, desktop office. To receive the Home Office Ku Deluxe for only £39.99,1 am returning my original disk or manual cover from Home Office Kit, KindWords, MaxiPlan, InfoFile or any other word processor, spreadsheet program with a cheque or credit card payment.
Name_ Send Me Home Office Kit Deluxe at £39.99 each Address 'RC’ + shipping charge £_ Total £_ C,ly - Cheque, Visa. Master Card. EuroCard, Switch and Money orders are accepted.
DO NOT SEND CASH. Make cheque payable to: *l1ic Disc Company (UK) Ltd.
Postal Code- Country - Scnd (o; TH£ D,sc COMPANY (UK) Ltd.. C O IMEDIAT, B3, Edison Road, Credit Card Number_ Expiry Date_ St-Ives* Huntingdon. PE 17 4LF, United Kingdom. Allow three weeks for delivery.
For additional information, demonstration disks, or brochures, visit your Amiga dealer Of phone Signature _ » 252524 Fas 0295 252621 Minimum requirements: 1.5 MB of memory and two disk drives; Amiga kickSturt and Amiga Daytime Phone_ ___ Workbench 1.3 or higher. All trademarks acknowledged.
Order hotline. 0793 4909881 S AGA Amiga Specialists (94000 WORLD'S FIRST 32bit GAMES C ONSOLE s ? C4b7 ? C5tm nc5oi ? C530 QC556 ? C553 QC582 ? C608 noun ? C6IK ? C62D- ? C627-: ? ClWH ? CM7 ? CW8 ? CW3 ? COOA-KI AGA XLIDKS A 10 dnk ciRlKiian i.T an ? Cl75 UCHF.SS AGA 4MEG The mod mtrliiecni che« ganif availuble. 2 6 cidnun tn hi res mjutrrv Amb ram ? C20B VIEWTEK llnivctv.il pitturr viewer Q C2W Will RAINBOW Pul- a nice u-ct itrf mahlr rainbow behind your wofkhfJW'h ? C2II 5 vvtiRp SCIENCE AGA A 5 d»k collection (if tome
- tunning art work ? C2IM IM G AGA IMAGES
9. t,x .4«nbclK'yMr graphic- PP SHOW 3.0A t t p!4) AGA powerpKktd
pKture files MINDWARP Very rmptrtwtr AGA denu Includes
realtime fractal lard-cnv mmtalion.
IIDMEM LV y-tui Hard I Ask irtiul mcirsTy leipurr* Mml I QUICK GRAB AOA Effective AGA picture ripper PASTA RHEJ AGA A12lX megadem.1 Good PC TASK 2.1)3 Leo you run PU VGA wflwm 00 your A12(8). Shareware 2 AGA DKMtTS 2 A1218) mini ilenwi- OSCAR AGA A 4 level preview ol Oscar.
Ort ol the first A1218) game-
I. YAPUN0VIA AGA A scet of Spuce gentneor' Unbelievable colour
AciAWX) Crappy AGA demo ! BODYSHOF4 Knll.uul AGA pK'luies ol the fcmaJt tpun in 4 vlidohow format.
1 MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 Ar AGA Spo-t Imjdeb dure weh an unuuuif I meg
- Our-hraik Ki Ik-II Fa-1 paced arcade action on 2 di-ls.
( IIROMAtill MUSIC The workfs firvl AGA mu ic demaihsk. Not had' IM AP DEMO An InlrraiSivf tpaniaulum with some lovely railing iw (he main ncms.
JPEG DATATYPE Automatically displays Jpcg
p. .t j.ci in VtcwteUMulnsiew.
MANDE1.MAMA 4 A1200 jwpfwtcd frend generator. Gives mcc end result-, with no trouble I Rl'.i. PP A' *’t) i1 Artip Wt
• HDSakuju.i- •IXsradcnUN
• Virni inli-n.-r Ivirrct.., Iuv«.W f K fA.SK |PC fm ak- f (V 6-»
n.6 A4000 AMJ1UU Jykftin A 4)1) HR' Ivtiliit AUUOU Avr|*n Krti
Hull ini 11 Tf IIIMtWI lit) HDDS KM IV-6 Kiri 64 (VH IIIMPII)
III. VU1?!
Livn IFUKIM Mrh Hul O.l (lilt l|tMS'-:n fltw iFMiwya u:*h Hul era «i ui.vaxvM cm lEMDiia.
F!5rh Karl au lino IIIMk'SH' cm FVIHS4I t: wmwoaKiMim OIIKTMlSllYlllkVn fdYrin m« Nir AlfBkwlijiigi*.
THF. NEW A1200 DFGKADFKN Let- --mi nut ohl -oftware on your Amiga 1200.
Latr-I - ¦ ¦tiipilalKin of A1200 X-wngradcn, a 2 dith act that cimum- vunou- uumc five-.
Kid. 1.3. KillAGA and load- of .tllUT IX'gRhlrflg loolt 7 C697-2 New A1200 Or ntdefi We stock over Ml of the linest CD32 titles, call fur the hesi prices in titles like MICROCOSM JIR.VSSIU PARK ALIEN BREED PROJFAT I IUI KA1ION ? C225-6 SUPER HAMPfX bdiAi of givai iraphut ? C286 HOI AGA MEGADF-VK) The mirlib tir-I AGA demo ? C2M7 AI200TKTRI.S A -turwi.ny new A1200 Ictri-.
Lovely $ rajthicv ? C288 AIKK) VIRUS Kll U-’RS A -election nf viaii kilter- ? C289 Al 2310 UTILITIES A collection of u-clul util- ? C2W PCX DATATYPI.
Dttpfays K file*.
? C295 SYSINTO Chccioui the pcrfcemancc of yuui A1200 ? C3IM WBJ HACKS ( »er 50 wockNn-.fi h,», I - ? Cm WB3 super kilu:rs A liollfiiwn t»f Ytrut ktHcn ? C356 A1218) DLGRADERS Helpv degrade your A120(1 so you can run i Im uf I lie oklrt Amiga games ? C375 S-KICK (downgraded Very powerful degrader ? C40 mori whuiaCks Another 50 or so hocks ? C405 WINBLF.NDLR A 25b c’dhwr lf*ul iifiwndiw ? C4I? NFA AI2W LrTlLS A selection of various tools ? C4I12 FIT CHICKS A 2 disk «t of per tt y ptctures of women ? C422 RETINA BURN l ad A121*1 me dsnv-i. (lathy 2Tdf*llC» etc ? C42V2 NIGHT BREFJ A 2 dish
collection ol grapbK- ? C425 FRIiAKS BODYSHOF Nf.yr hepul.ful women ? C42S ANDYS WB3 UTILS Po-sihly the bed collection ol AI2G0 tiltlKiC- avuilahlc ? C429 Pl.AS.MA CLOUDS 256 Amwher great pla-ma generator C ] (.'432 ACTION RFJ’IAT IV An AI2(K) Actxtfl Rcpfay'* Yep that's right, it can rvp g(x.
Rip music A sound Is etc h ctayt reudi-m inntetncn until the comytutet n turned oil A help function is integrated nito the MftWaN I ] 0435 DEYWARl; JpfcG A collection of )pcg utilitto ? ¦436 JPEG UTILITIES ' Another «t of ip« uiduies ? C4«L2 SPEC EMULATOR Spectrum emulator.« 2 disks, contain- a -election of ready to use vpatnmt game- an] you can load other games from cassette with an interface, although ti is mst estettiial Ordercotlc; LjMGLOInterface pnevd ai £34.95 ? P&P ( Mi3Vc Ivni«vr. H Wmh
• Built-in TV modular
• PCMCIA -nun cat) -1.0
• 31 hit evpsn-nw tint
• Approved opiinrui iiail drivr- rVwid -ill, mm«K kr pal Mnivrr.
Amiga dm )
* »• ajixliM .cipaodjMc. Ik 16 * mUltca cokim i ¦ ulr warranty by
l.lUWinj Option 2 Deluxe P4.nl IV AGA Woctfs Worth 2 AGA Own?
Ftm AGA A Pnitl Motujer Dranii the game ADA . Option I FREE
ievcludes TrnllwfNiger i Mil) JlVf £50 TO PRICKS BELOW J AGA
golf AGA
* 4)4 • PmKUl I-.iw.imi-- AGA Laguie AGA * S ndic ale I"! 1*3!
?cpxti ”11 Mvh S5Hh i’TM) ;iwM) XXXVb
- J!
H. vtoblii; ..... .
- HI C2W £44« £499 £529 £599
P. O. A. IK'12: i n BCI4M nm'iii' n HCWJ7 n ik inf n boos C429
£579 £629 £659 £729
P. O. A. 1 w'i::h n ITT 144*4 4 (1 EfCHSU fl ETCIAr'H n F4VIWJ
nuCJOXa r V.kn 4M«kn V-kn || inflow £129 £199 £.599 £249
UVH' . Nhuva £ 1 99 uhAir iiftirvfl £299 £499 ‘ r-,. ri S, ¦»
AIM Inr-r
- i K»MiarM laaiun 'IWm l«lnl,b.l
• J hw irw.
FREE Fmtvc ir HI UI IRIT) Opi OiUi rmr f.f fri urii ? Dpil WORKBENCH 3 A replacement copy of WBJ. Just in cok vow onginul has tone dmn ? Nn: a 12i» hd inst aiTfr A ISM Kifd J..S tfeUlliboa salitt vt ? Dpl3 HARD DISK PREP.
For preparing yxnir hard disk.
Sftring jwnmoiK and lorauning wtur turd disk, works on iny m».
? DP-1 PRINTER DRIVERS A Urgei4Vili.*i of WdiklUllfh 1 Fr.mci driver- Includes Star, anasoeiK. Ipson. Canon ca-. All easy loinviall ? Ppvj f'nc.inkhrs Krr aga.
A comgdele diagnostics kil lee the AISM A4(KW mrnvtty tesh.
KoN-jnl, nKHise. Dosg- etc ? (3P6 EXTYJtMINK AGA V uw deie-vu -!i fur AGA mm'hines. Can detect & kill envr SKI Virvne- ? DF.7 CRACK n COPY AGA.
A Workbench 3 collection of ullhtirs fur copying und -rucking Amiga sotiuare SPECIAL OFFER!
COMMODORE 1942 COLOUR MONITOR Only £349 + carriage I EMM m J au 6)Ln MK'KKS t l J.tXJ ¦ k'. £19.99 lUJt* MEED 2 £24.99 . -yUtll jim.tk pMVT BUJW5 GALACTIC 24 00 rm Vo hrut’em up available.
. Mm*l 2*0 colour action t«.«W,«lHBKR (IUW 'mi trimtc IKIng j»;inu' "THIS £2549 0 KNGINk £10.99 ¦* 2* hgjrti A50(1 giene- m «’ a mm available on dir
* »«AT)ON £32,99 £19.99 £19.99 3 fOMl2 £9.99 AmuO A1200 version
of this m abJwu-c platformcr
(21. 90 lAVUT TARK £19 99 ¦ Vjfiw Dane of the )(». Hiu-l m *»
-tush hu fthtt. Strath
• * Artvtktvil -ii.yi.nji aci.in
A. MO-AKI I £9 99 (1000 »*LL FANTASIES £23 99 4 254 rotour
-crvlon .9 Amiga- Mtoful f.inhntl game £|7.«W mu- Defender
chin; Tia?
¦ham ? DELUXE PAINT IV AGA £*l Thf kinged livcO Annf » fumi pudugr now supports 256.1881 oAwfs ? WORDWOR TH 3 AGA POA ( « of the heu Wonlprtvwvits ».in.i.l A vm prole-jKirul podupr with grafts-:- impim ? PACK SETTER 3 £40 A toy umtpcKm fint UTPpo-iugc.
Limlw to Prv Pop: hut a Im of the fnllv hit- ukcn oul ? PRO PAGE 4 I POA latest icrsion of Ihi* fMVtkii desktop publisher BSUPIKBASE PERSONAL 1 (100 BKII.I.IANCk £149 Top ol the nmp: AGA graphics iiKkojc. ..nbcl.eviWy fail!
? PIR FT TORY M’l.S 4 £65 The Uuimote n Inrecfor* tool- )-le copy, cciunie, mine, delete etc. Rued OKI in Ami£it hntniit ? PAGESTRHAM 3 POA Uing awaited nr« cr-K.n nt the meat pmwrful Amiga dc-kuip pnMiiKmj package available, tfen venion i- -asd in even pia the Mac ui vhante ? MKDIA WMVT (iBoKiiwdia) 1200 New DesUop video tytlem ? PC TASK £30 Allow- you IA Aid PC VGA -eftwaff tin ytNir Amiga SPECIfVL!!!
? DOTH FRENCH DEMO AGA V;ty [Killdied French pnxr .onal den»i lor the a tiCtVAauYi, farilliam enphiul cflafi Q D005 ‘KLONDIKF AGA A dish versieeirir Klondike, l urlkrJ 25b col.-ii c-Jfd CWV ? C772 MAGIC WORKBENCH A -aperh new Workbench uptrader. Gise ymir WorkhciK'h i whole nm 8 colour look, over 60 new Workbench iccos and (kvens of tucUlropv, -ery easy lo inshill When imtcnnf uift for our lutrx AHA niftHxirr hu ? ART I: C art: : ART)-) 22 ART4 “ 5RT5-2 n artv: 1 ART).} VH l- " v«T- ARTIII 2 ARTII m ART 17-' UARj )) ARTia 2 ART15 ? ARTIh “ ARTIT-J ? KIIK r AKTIV : r ART2D ? ART2I-: “
art:: “ k: " ? ART.’l _ VRT ' h ART’h.: “ art:: art:» y ARTfV ?
? ART} I I ? Art:: ? ART)' ? ART34-2 “ art): Hart i8 “ vgl ¦.
? ART4II C ART4I ? ART42 ? ART43 n ART44 “ ART4V vmmimacdMHi HOUSES (2dMksi RELIGIOUS () daks i WAV I AIRCR AFT MEN tidbit.
WOMAN CrtrX.I kllHl.MiUi BUSINESS oma STTW.vrs SalFflMf; XMAS 11 M.i K-NiTii'n.i-i ANIMALS CATS SILHOLtntS sritrKii.siiiK-ku BAWL'S SHORT .Jdsksl a pm MEDICAI.. 2 dak-l 51-5 Qffi DtCORATIVE WACKY HOLIDAYS BANNERS i2 disk-1 HDWIItS kmrmnjEs rXK) }d'X i BORDCRS CUIAil M 5 1 ||*s HOKNRACK TF.DDYS (Jih-k-i SHOWTIME YIGI lAIUJ'S non At.
VfYTI DOG WOODCUTS I U 'All ¦ i i I -.
? C329 ABASE VI 33 Very poweriukflevMe uwr delirahle (Ullluvr ? F16? ADORKSSI K VI Small tun competent address dalahase.
Pnse, envelopes Mtseis. Cards etc. multiple teanh option.
? Cl2.3 PAY ADVICE CakulMrv your wagr- ? Cm GRAMMAR CHECKER Brilliant mw di-i Usit van ehni the grammar ol your documeacvleaers and tells j whrr* you've mc-seil up ? BS42 BUDGET Helps tuslrcl he Hit month ? 8792 WBASE 1.3 A set) small Ind pownlul duuhu-e ilua nan thmoxh Workhrndi Q A9t» «8) I.FTTERS A collcvliuu ol pre-wrilte* v.u-r- Bit you to sampis change the relevenc pans, and prim ut ? CD33 PRINTER DRIVERS.
A large sehxtso* of Xiscts ? Cl 12 ADORESS PRINT V3 ? 0)1221 CONVERTERS PACK.
Convert from ans format n unv fonrut ? 01252 RSI inilJTIES*: A cullcotun ul tools (or RSI irukcr ? CDI255 PICTUREHELP VI 0 ? CDI 321) RIPPERS ol 30 .anous npjvrv lor pr-ture- A vrnmd.
Itm has 70 new cldshell commind* ? CDI6MK2 VIDEOTITURS (I0IM £ 19,9*1 £24.99 (20 00
(21. 99 £19.99 (21 .99 k mi SORCERER B MAULS ienhanced) nr»AUOJi
(BUD 9 r ef Ctr hcu jnJ mnti unguul . . A*" pmr* around Tlf
h 250. £28.99
• ¦tel*! Sui Trek altemurt.
£25.99 e n.|H uniiaini. Tarn , *" *'1 -nil'f»«i ¦*»*6 2i*rtinn-ed £21.99 7% 8*1 WilW wxjuel (o an all iluxit 'em up, r*»« ¦u fae the 41 aXl ¦ML i • -whm d HcfM't Sonic : 1 i*ML-relt £19 99 | B449 GELIGNITE HINTS ! II iff. HEFTY FONTS I B145 IFF FONTS B139-6 AMIGA FONTS t I a502 HeaDUKE FONTS 033 FONTS C33Cl7-5CXH.Ol.'R KJNTS CUM COMPLTEX EYES FONTS C«9I IAIX)BK FONTS C'4VI RUSSIAN AOUIil:
C. 528 R ST * PS H3NTS l'5U FONT FARM 3 '(AK9 (YIMI'tflhAI’H 1C
JC69I KISTSCRIPr HINTS 3 PSFONTS I-10 Pa*L-.t«un. A 10 diik
lYillixiKiti ol w’tttf hnllant Prcctlrcun fmtl- CONSUMABLES
fdtyrt to iuU PAP £3.V9 £6.99 £299 £495 £7.99 £4 99 £12.99
£1299 £4 'PI £6.99 ? VI200 CATALOGUE DISK A ».uuNc with every
purchuie (oryuUll.UI) Pi) OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are
welcome for PD disks, hul pJeavc add 25p pr dnk m vcnuncftml
games plnsc idd £2,59 fix PbiP Re Hardware, call lor pftcw
COLLECTING You arc welcome lo collect your order. IxR you arc
advi-ed (o phooe it through poor to coltection Office Ik-iun:
9 30*m-5..l0jim Mon-Sai ORDERING BY POST i-impl) end your
ordci ui Dft uh A4 page. Ii-Iuig thf ftUibNMT sou fcijuilc,
Ihc ucxi con. Itnd your mum: 4 adda-vv ar tl you widi -imply
nuik olf Iff titles v.sj wjsh (is order, fill in yixir rune
etc. and send this, page to KPIC MARKETING. 1st Floor Offices.
31a Fanogdon Rd. Swimkm. Wills SNI 5AR. Enclosing lull payment
ORDERING BY PHONE Call any imvc between 9.30 & 5.30pm Monday
lo Saturday with your s-wdtf finl detail* and the ticnw wtu
would like Is order FORM Credit Card Details Credit card no:
Exp. Date: ... Amiga . Total disks:.
..+ p&p = £ ...... P! Pncn prr disk I s.fult ait D.fri 2-5 disks iliX. kIi 6 lOdriti £175 orii 11« ¦« (I 50 ntft ? I'liM. M-am 4 dhia xU.VJplarPRpHUK
• tttod.. Dcli'cry Chifg?) Priix irvld 5')p fwddivcry of Ppsii-k-
DOMAIN TITLES ADD £4 00 Memory. Commerced Software k CD Games,
etc. Add £1.18) P&P pet itctn. Hot Hardware add £7.30 for
EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31a FARINGDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SNI 5AR Public Domain Software ORDER FORM Name Address ... Tel .Amiga . Order value: £ ......Total disks:.
Payment method ...... ORDERING BY POST Simply vend your orekr in un an A4 page, listing the numbers you rnp* the loial cost, and yiwr name A address or tf yuu widt simply nurl off It liilev you utvh lo octkr. Fill in your name etc. and vend Umc puen • EPIC MARKFTTING, 1*1 Hcs-r Offices. 3U FannpJon Rd. SwimtaL Wilts SNI 5AR. Enclosing full payment.
ORDERING BY PHONE Call any time between 9.30 A 5 *0pin Monday lo Saturdiy with ytm credit card details and the disks you would like loonier.
OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are welcome, but please add 25p to each disk ordered, ami a minimum of 5 disk* apple All foreign arilcts are seni by firvi clnw Air Moil COLI.FXTING DISKS Yuu 4fc welcome lo collect your PD order, bul you are advised lo pfxvne it through prior to collection.
Office hours: 9.30ntn-5.*t:ipm Mon-Sat I’D Pricw ptrdhk lintluvhf uf P&P In Fki iSinglnhsl £1,fll J-5tllAt ...42UV»h 6 11)disks .. fl75n»b 111* ilJOrach CI234-1 mUi mrait* 2 dots* j Please add a Mai of Vip. Ic» P&P tn tltc UK ? Bxll ETYPESuperfust Wi Asteroid* ? B820 PKTFJIS QUEST a 20 level eule pfatlurni tunic, very nddktivc ? BSSO TCTRJX. Tetri* game with vf* from Lemming*. Greji fun.
? B895 DOMINOES. You know whal ihi it sindy?
H«MM) (iRAY SLAYLR H*k n Sluvh BXK7 BlINNY BLAST Shoot x* many little hunny'* a* you tan. Sick!
? B902 GOBLER. Pat-nun clone ? B903 CHA1NSAW DEATH. Miut ? BWO WIZARD WORLD Yen tatc hu dittkult pljifurm game ) B9S2 OAMEBOY TKTRIS. Brill. A npoff of the Gameboy tetri* ? B945 TOP SECRET 2 playei pLKorm (tulip, great fun to play 1 I B'X* SPACE TRAX. 2 player space shoot 'em up ? B9h7 TECHNO BAHN Race the hull kiim a ch&iuenfJ flow Q B9M HI II. ZONF.. Fan paced tmri onul shoot 'em up. Great graph* v ? B973 CYBERNETIX. Last Defendct clone, enhanced Arnica vcrtion.
? B990 BOUNCE A BLAST One pLufumi gunx cunt HntM vin tip.
? C00I DONKEY KONG Old Atari class* gattr ? C5I5 GIDDY itauM) the Iwd platform game available on PD.
? C5I.V2 18th HOL£OOI.F. The first PD golf game, pretty pood ? CJ5ri FIREFLY Vertical blast ’em up ? CJJ7 SPACF. INVASION Bnll not Spue Invader* clone. Great stulf QC082 Gal.AGA 92 Upto dale version of Gilaga from the arcade* 8 Cl 2d CROSS OVLR Purrlc game CIW HOMH JACKY. Iltmthptk’ CI74 OBLIVION l rK«Wclone ? CIT7 OTHELLO ? Cznti MORI A 5 4 Bn II1X11 RPG ; C267 GIGAR TETRIS Polished *er* on of mm lor I meg chip ? Amiga* ? POJ SLAM BALL Supeiti football nuiugement game BC322 TOP OF THE LEAGUE See above cun cash fruit Playjn* iiuii tnichtne limulitor.
QC-Wa) AZTF.C CHALLENGE Great con- version from the CM ? C453 MEGABALL 2 I 1-nest vcruon of that class*' game "Break-Oiil" 8(459 BACilT MAN. Addictive platluntin C456 FRUIT PANIC A new sort Pacman game. Very good ? C'455 GNU CHESS. Up to date diets program. Very intelligent.
? C462 STARIANS Artwing thmx cm up with great giaplncs ? C4ft9 THE RIGHT WAY A Lemming* clone.
? C4Wt AIRPORT An jirirafft: control timulafur QCS.'I PREMIER PICKS Ihc 2nd Premier league is here QCS32 GAME TAMER 4 0. Ovcr4i» cheati for games it* loodk of new ones §070 rummy CS63 ROAD TO HELL Top view racing game, brilliant game play.
? 8*13 SUPF.R PACMAN 91 Up lo dale putitwn clonr, scroll) screen, beefy music, great gaiticpby WORD FINDKR Plus Pottrrful Crossword solver.
Very east in use. Contains a dictionary of over 40.00(1 words, and you can add Vour own!
Order code: ? 1.321-2 Only £5.00 Amiga 1200 Catalogue disk available Qn|v n £1 , K) with any order of PD GAMES n &4I7 CASSETTE PRINTER COVER.
Print visit nun attune inlavv.
? IHI9 ULDIT Y3 0A, Tdt editor ? B471 ONE MAN BAND (NASP) Musk jukebox on the computer .'
] K47* PtMNT A CLICK. New hyhrtd mrnu svttcm. Pmncrful I !H?7 WORDS WflRPS WORDS. A collection of wordprooessorv ? B4S5 AstXH UTILS D B4Mt AMIR AGE DISK MENU Easy In use menu maker ? B5UI BOOT. Intro Construction Kn Creole your own snar s intro t lo disk.* B50I AMIGADKX VI 01 Card filer B5I0 FORMS UNLIMITED "«h ofprc defined teem, including Invoice, Credo Note. Delisery Note etc ? B524 super POWER PACKERS Everything you need mcntnvh lilrs BJ25 AW PLUS unuTlhsa B5 AMKI PLUS UT1UDES S B527 ICONS lOR M l. 2 Iflftsof ready to nin IctHw lot Workhench ? Hh4f SNOOP DOS If viat can I gel a program lo
run by itself on tls own disk, get this it tells you exactly whu Ilhmrtcs Tilcs any program is try ing to Itutl up. 4 greut program ? BWJ RAYSHADE V4 n A PD ray tracer, that is ipiilc dillk-ult to use CLPShell knowledge requited ? BW2 PfkPUP MENU.
Q B6.M KME (KEY MAP EDITOR i ' Bb7f* SHELL TOQI-SIOR WB2 .V ? B698 VIDEO EDITORS KIT Contains different video wipes, and titling Ionic ? BTOI SHOWGIF t IFE2GIF ? Bftiy AMIGA PUNT. Horse race prcdictKin software.
OHM: BUDGET. Home Accounts.
: i BW7 Ml'I.Tl FAX VI (I Fix vending and mvtvittg lass-s on the Amiga. A modem is required ? B906 DTP. Competent sfc*k cop poh ? IWII 2 TW LN EXPRESS Link up two computers iiygeiho. F tlkwrr Amiga to Amiga. PC to PC or Amiga l» PC.
Great for rransfenng files buck and forth, l W nirig diagram itKludcdl BDO02 I'ARNET Simpl? NeivntA title.
B9W LITTLE OFFK F. Includes nmpte wordproccsscw. Slatahasc etc ? BT74 UTTLE BENCH 2 1. Speedy WB BB'w POWER BENCH I (I CU02 0.1 TUTORIAL F.tplaim ai & Shdl, g?V«l fi* beginners ? C003 PASCAL LANGUAGE.
? 0004 AMIGA mORIAI.
QC012 MLLTIDOS 1.12. Ir-n*f :r Amtgn info io PC and»tvt-vfrsu ? Coin ELECTRONK' PROTfxrYPEK ? 0121 FORTRAN COMPII ER nOfiTA BACKUP V3J. Iuddisk huskup ? UWI HAM LAB PRO V2 OS Pounful pttuir nwmpiilJhirAtm'vnvr.
QCI2S T AC K v1.2 Animconstruction.
? C4I0 LOCKPICK 2 Powc.tul cspic. That tun remenc prmcctktn from fiutucv ? C417 BAP FORMAT Remosc* hul tracks on corrupted disks 8C535 DICE COMPILER.
C550 SAFE II Escellffll m disk copter, cun cop) AmigivTC A ST vliskv Over 9 different cop) mode* ? C553 RANDOM OUOTER fc er lime your computer bools up the System will give you j dilTerem quite ? C5M IV TASK 2.03 Idfcvt vmiun of tins iinsi ing new shareware PC ctnubloi. 2 Vi colours tVGAl on an Amiga 1200.
GC564 SniCTRUM EMULATOR I 7 Very fast spectrum cmuUsii. Run vpeccy cairus on your Amiga ? C391E2 Ttxil. MANAGER 2. New Wiekhcneh nungagenwtii syoctn.
Mcmt v)stcm, works much like Windows Hirs program has so minv features, and configuration* 10 list, Credit Csrd Details Credit card no: UTILITIES Exp. Date T1 37A-2 WAI M R DEMO 2 Meg. A truly class* animation of a Walker from Empsn- Nintec Kick wilkt around an Amiga Not hi he missal ? 578-2 WALKER DEMO 2 2 Meg. The second purl is even better, mode to look like a film, and it does, bnllunt.
? Aim F1YF. WAYS TO KILL A MOLL Vet) sick aninutKiits on how to kill little molcv A21II FIVE WAYS TO KILL A MOLE 2 B2w«4 atttif: MOVTF-S 2 B3*9-2 SKUNKS * HUNKS f B393 SEXY SQUIRRfU.
Q B395-2 SCENERY ANIMATION ? B.W7-2 AMY VS WALKER 2 J Meg ? B4IO-2 MK POTATO HEAD “ A(M0 l.inrs A BfTCH. Over l*s.
? Bwil-3 SPFFD UMO 3 Meg ? BV5? K K NORMAN Pari 2. 2 Meg ? B‘ 34 DOLPHIN DREAM ? CtiOiES the. Haunted. 2 Meg. A total
• ¦! 14 Megahyiet. Sil viiniiiua A
1. Kill nl h dnk' A total of 5 minute* of the best animation
you're likely to see on any Amiga.
Roddy's best yrl ? COW 2 ROAD HOG ANIMATION ? Cl 17-2 TALES OF A TIME 3 Meg ? CI29 3 BATMAN ANIMATION Ixitk and atmospheric Butman animation EC 132 CR A7JIE GLOO Thtw pirt anim COM DUNCS BACK 4 Meg ? Cl 39 STAR WARS II 2 Mcc Enhanced version of Swaru animation.
EDUCATIONAL Q C244I FIREWORK AtitlABF.T ? 0172 MAULS RhUTX TEST Answer as many questions nghl as you cun as quick as you cun ? 0*5 DIVISION ? 0)26 FOIR STROKE fcNGINF, ? H93I MATHS CALCULATOR ? B9I5 Henryetu * BOOK OF SPELLS n A420 LFARN AND PLAY I'jBniA MATHS TALK (J B065 ALGEBRA II ? BfW MATHS WIZARD
E. P.U. DISK STACK Dnultie vour disk spare with this great new
package, on a XSOk floppy disk you can fll over 1.5 meg of
information. On a lift meg Hard Disk you can fli over 100 meg
of Information. WrtrlsC llU flllv in thf hiukcnuitvl
(Trderctxte: QC615 mMmiwusi Hip graphics, change ipriien Rip
music & sound fs, tic.
Order code: QC4J2 AmiuN 12(0 p*ini«tJ ? Ftttxilh atn *rt»r flNIMfiTIOMS ? B-ux. WCTBFAVLR MIX A I meg chip mucic denw. Great Hull ? R4KE2 MR POTATO HKAD.
? B49I "IVE GOT THE POWER' ? B493 THE BOUNCER. Kicks like a mule music Irack. Wow B68.1 LEMMINGS VS KOWX'OI) B692 R A.F. 'Software failure' _ B693 l-'RAXION 'Future visions'.
] B72J-3ULTIMATE JARRF Tbice disks lull of un A muiic by Jarre.
? B73 4 H.AYSID 'A-7 OF CM TUNIUS' Oscr lUtl claisK Commoslore fit tune*, they sound just like the original a B749-2PARADISE.
G IlHlkV-'PROJI CTTOTINO ? BN25-5 ALCATRAZ (ODYSSEY I Not Al 2700 An all time class*' spot* epic, over 40 minutes long ? B90S 2 DF.PF.CHE MODE ? CIX5B SPACEB ALLS A I Mcy chip Rate demo Amu lng music, and an outstanding vkIcsi like animation.
") C087-2 JESUS ON fc'S 3nw2 ANARCHY-DIGITAL lllwion.
3 095-2 LSD-TOTAL CHAOS. Very long rase Irak, outstanding ? CI42-2 RED SECTOR 'Tune rone “ ? C557-2 KFFRLNS DESERT DREAMS Ahsoluccty bnllunt mcgademo 2 disk* ? C359 SANITY INTERFERANCF:.
? C395 INTF.RACTIVE DANCE TRASH Rase at its best ? C39f SANfTY JESTERDAY Very nxe music demo ? CJ97 JULY GLOBAL CHAOS' ? C.19S IILADl.INL'Black energy V ? C399 IttEESTYLF. 'PERFECT V ? C4IX) COMPUiX'DEI.IRIUM' ? C40I PIECE 0 MIND G C402 YNDROMF11A Pimv Break, n C43I TKOINOLOfJICAI. DF.ATH. C548 TECHM1PHOBIA MUSIC IXKX) PYGMY PROJECTS. Very latest mcgaVmu. Which Icjiurcv venne iNitsluiulmg city scape animations.
PC EMULATOR PC TASK Run IBM K‘ XT wltwarf nn yttur miga. rn dim let use.
Supports Hnrd Drise*, I) Ram, High Density A Low Density floppy drive*.
Works in VGA on Ihc . I2 KI' V4000.
THE COMPLETE PACKAGE Order ref ? FULL PCT YSK ] PC TASK V2.il Run VGA on A1200 ] LOCKPICK 2. Rctntrsss proievlron J ACTION REPLAY 4 (AGA) | II TRA COPY Pwwtrt'ul disk copter where you tan p a Trtrii while copyit .
] BANNER MAKER. Banner srattw ] A1200 DliGRADERS Run old sort w are ] MINDWARP AGA. Amuring demo J DCOPY 3.1. Lulesf vertion M this, copier.
’ GIDDY GAMF., Ycry cute plalfunncr.
I mk BUSINESS EimT'.RS. A cotiretiun of
MX) prc structured letters, ranging Iront 'yc*ire
sacked’lo’yituoWf" _ Amiga 1200 Degraders Intludr* sarious
(mb In drgradr ymr tl»)» It out run Ihc iddtr Auuga softs
arc. Titles *'hided: Mi AGA I Kith I J. IV- Urgradrr. LakcMow
Order code: GJ C356_ BANNER MAKER Crrnlc ouhlandinu printed tmnnrn Onlcrcotk: DCJW DEMOS ? BI55 LABELLER V3.0 Create sna zy labels for almusi ansthir.
Q BI73 GRAPHICS C.xwrolwn K« Minclbnc'.'us graphtvi Kft*.
A great conqvilalion of do«m of useful utilities.
? Bl75 UNI COPY. IWIul disk svtpn ? BI7h AMIGA Pt.US LT1LS.
A compilation ol tools for the A50O* ? BI77 WORKMATE UTILS Superb compilation of utilities.
I iwerful primer tool kit.
? BIK0 DISK LABEL DfeSIGNEK Create fancy coloured disk labels, yiw . A» include lesl A gUflhids ? BI8I MORECRYITTC UTILS ? BI82 SLICK imi.S ? BI83 BRIT STICK UTILS.
? B243 VOGUE UTILITIES ? BJOIORICOMMJ* Suprtb iiwipilalitw of lonrem comm* 'xkr includes Arehiverv etc as well.
? B112 HARDWARE COPIER Piswerful Hardware coprer software sirmsa to Cyclone, uses Xcopy dreiigle ? B3I3 AMIBASF. PROFESSIONAL II Very professional lUtafuse ? B3I4 USEFULTtXM-S ? BM3 ASSASSINS DISK COPIERS A huge collection ef dtffereni disk dupficaioo ? Pyi7 DIRWORK An essential purchase for the beginner * can copy, rename, move, delete, archive.
Edit pfiitcct etc any file with caw ? B32I) VIDEO DAT Nice looking vidru cassette storing database ? B33I ENVPRINT Pnnts names & addresses on envelopes ? B.3.J2 PR LABF1.
Untvrrval label prtntrt ? B333 SUPER DUPER Very, vers fast iM coprer. Can copy up lo 4 disks in around it seconds ? B.l.U FLASH COPY V0.9. FluUty dnk cuptcr ? B335 AM PACKAGE V2.0. The Conunodore W emulator.
? B359 HARD DRIVE UTILS A collcciion of tool* for Kicking up A managing your hard disk ? B.V' I TYPING THOR leant to type property & fast with Iht* p» Typing tutor ? B412 TITANKN CRUNCHER V1.2 Very powerful file cruncher, exvy in me ? &4|V DISK SPEED V4 I Check the spr* of your drives ? B484 BROTHERHOOD A5IX1* UTI1 S Goes! Compilation of Amili utilities.
? B52S AMOS PAINT V3.7 Very stnular id Deluxe Paint ? B623 IFF CONVERTERS.
Convert between PCVAtari (k Amiga SBW IMB EMULATOR FOR A- ¦ - C4tiV2 SPECTRUM EMULATOR ? C5M PC TASK V2.03 (AGA) B1 *' ( Mi-. ( K, C.i: V2 ; :B979 ATARI ST EMULATOR ? CI5-2 Ql. HMUUTOK ? US97 KtCKSTART 2 EMULATt K ? C495 KICKSTART 3 h.MULAl t H ? PC EMULATOR FOR ANXl ? ('495 KICKSTART 3 EMULAll )H ? C58I SOFT AGA. Emulauir ; _ IXX15-3 KLONDIKE AGA.
• brilliant 3 disk Klondike game with ariu mg 256 cokvur
? C627 2 MOTOROLA INVADERS A I40evluur Spuiv In'udco game ? DtXll FRENCH AGA PROMO Superb new A1200 demonsliMioo.
litlo Inicd shnuld ’•ink on any Amiga unkr» tlaicd EPIC
WILTS, SN15AR rder hotline. 0793 490988 or 512073 MUSIC
AMAZLNG TUNT-S Mr .tiuic rauvic demo Sol VKX.
I’fr ITHP 'GIGAMIX' - 2(1 minute* u4 i Wu muvic mi.v we've heard. Tuvcinating Mi« ml it exen hat Moggy Thacker »¦"( in pan of ii
* -» *A-Z Of C64 TUNES*.
* * ALCATRAZ -MUSLIM 92' Dr imtiv with wime ncul pictures n RON
Mfcl mill HA TUNE.
Uo»v: sounds or science
* p.vuliu title.
JC1I4-2 ’UNLIMITED (51 minutes I Cat ready for possibly the InnjeM music ¦Urn hit the AlKi|i 5 INTERACTIVE DANCE TRASH hunt fare demo te SANITY JESTERDAY.
* peaceful tracks XW7 JELLY 'GLOBAL CHAOS* uC**1 HEADLINE 'Black
Me not to be missed.
: C*JI PIECE OF MIN'D. Great aulT „C«2 ANDROMEDA Tram break ,075 CONTINENTAL TECH DANCE Very food rjvc demo 1 Cvm.: HIS MASTERS NOISE.
A} thik atreviiiianu of t*w 50 irkI* ' i AI AM I f Ml) PAIRUGHT 'Virtual Dreams' «mg new video type demo, great ouuc A peat animation PRIMTERS |050 STAR PRINTER DRIVERS.
A Collection of primer driver* for the range rf tur primm including V * 2d pm “A«logr A BufcHcjn.
'c**| PANASONIC DRIVERS iappn. V pin A 24 pin printers.
21 PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS Ktcvtmn of printer drivers for ihe mwe Kinul user ie: loser, HP etc. Like ull [ driver disks, cavy to mvtall 152 CITIZEN DRIVERS fakthf the quality of your pnni wHh the 4n*m on (hit divk « CANON DRIVERS
• irmully fin ihc BJ series of Canon trrs, mshidinc the new
BJ10** & the Omm RJKlev.
* 9 pin & 24 pin primers.
* ntKcllancnut cottcvtwnttf HP driver*, uding ihc 500 & SOU;.
¦003 DYNAMITE DRIVERS D*«r 70 miscclUneous pnnrcr driven.
COPIERS MAVERICK COWER Removes copy porectum trim hundred* of ffi?
RETRACOPY Powertnl disk copter, that you can play Tetris whilst copying a disk ]C4I0 LOCK PICK 2 Remnvm copy protection front over 401) games 3055 X-KOPtA Very pnwrlul ,ClIXl DISK MATE Simple workbench etifner ¦» W FREE COPY 1.8 Removes copy prvoectmn Irom voriou* games I ON) SAFE II. Very powerful dick copw featuring *»nev* Wpy mode* SUPER DUPER Very fast disk copter , PACCOTYPb) Pacnun wlulti copying aoolher ihsk VISITORS WELCOME WE'RE OPEN FOR VISITORS I DAYS A WEEK, 9J0am.5J0pm CALL YOUR ORDER THROUGH AND COLLECT SAMI! DAY 'JJDESHOW Generator 3.1 K i bootable slideshow ol your an work.
Cavy louse Inc full instructions.
Oder code; DB9W LATEST AMIGA F. V2.I ? C.V.7 ? 071 ? 072 ? CJ7.3 ? 074 ? 072 ? 07ft ? 07?
007* 8079-3 cm: ? CM* ? 089 QC390 BOP N PLOP ADDRESS PRINT 3 I OLTURIM V2 MODE. SWITCH S-KICK DOS DRIVERS Swach between 1.3 and 3 luckvtart* ASTRO 22 V3 SOLITAIRF.
A1BB V5. Symcm wttng OCTAMED PRO SAMPU.S l_SD LEGAL TOOUS «89 Loads of useful ukvis.
Contains printer drivers for irs'sl Hewlett Packard primers ADOBE. FONT S I ? C391-2 ? 093 ? C.VM ? C40* ? C407 ? CH'S SC409 C4I0 BC4II C4I2-4 8C42I C426 ? C427 CG EG NTS JOYSTICK TESTER CHILDREN’S FAVOURITES EXCEL DATABASE. Powerful datatw* HF9S0C PRINTER DRIVER SHIKOSHA PRINTER DRIVERS LOCKPICK 2 TTTAMC5 CHEATS QUALITY TIME Comical Srau animation PROFESSIONAL PRINTERS BAIT MASKING Another great animation by Erik Swart VIPD HARD DLSK UIH-IIIF-V II yi v own n hard divh. You ihutkl
• mo thn dnk. Includes backup tool* etc RUSSIAN ADOBF: FONTS
ACTION REPLAY IV (A 12001 NCOMM V3. The rnrai powcrftl Q C4J0 P
('432 PC4.M iimmiumcatioos pockacc available AR lll.l FRUS ?
GRAMMAR CHECKER. Worit with any wurdjirocc-vtor 299 CLUB MIX 3
N2 ? C325 DIZZY DIAMONDS. New Tetnv game.
?026 CHINESE CHECKERS ? 027 ALIEN HUNT ? C328 SPECTRA PAINT 3.2 QC329 ABASE VI.33 (BRILL). Veiy competent datahusc C3.VM KING JAMES BIBLE TV Bible ‘ ? 0.38 FRACSCAPE Vl.0 ? CM? RPC ADVENTURE URUNTOR Q 038 SILVER BLADE. Fust pueed ¦4kkK 'em up n cm AMIGA BEGINNERS GUIDE A perfect comfumoa for the next Amiga owner ; ] C340 CASH FRUIT ? C341 DAVY S DINGBATS (CGl ? C.342 ESCAPE FROM A CAVE ? C34J-2 OIJ-MPIAD ? CM? CASTLE NOM3S Ore new pUtlvnm game, ncul graphk-« ? C346 AMOS PRO UPDATE 1.12 ? C.347 FXTFRMINH IV mo*i up u. daie collKlion ol virux Killer* axtiiloblr ? C349 SPACEBALLS MOBILE. From
Ihe mukerv of 'Simply stale of art' ? C'350 STAR PRINTER DRIVERS ? C351 PANASONIC PRINIFR l)R VS ? C352 CANON & CITIZEN DRIVERS ? C354 POLYED. 3D object editor ? C360 RSI DEMO MAKER 51X1*.'A1200. Now rcquirct 2 meg of chip memory. C'trale dunning demo juvt like ihc profc«iomal» ? C.V1' THE GATHERING GFX.
Fantavtic art disk ? C3M BETTER BENCH 1.2 New replacement Wathench dtxk LATEST LflTEST PD nt-463 THE DISK MAG ISSUE 1 ? CMW F AIKLIOITT 242 LJC464 UNDERCOVER BRILL!
Eueflendy compo*ed nmic A very imprewive rave demo ? CW1I -6 PAGESTREAM ART.
C485-2 SpfcCCY EMULATOR 1« Sit dick* of StrxKturcd Page Stream art LIC47I ? C472 GRAND I RIX MANAGER.
Super management game HYBRID INSTRUMENTS Very Ven high quality ? CM? HOLISION ART high quality mu*ie invtnunent* You’ve wen ihc primed 3D an. Row here il ? C473 INTRUDER ALLRT i*oo you* Ktvcn.
QC474 FORCATER MINT SPRE AD Mini vprcixi n a powerful bul small vpre.nlvheel Good ? CMW OSCAR PREVIEW AGA.
Addictive new gante.
? C47li FAST INTRO MAKER 2 Powerful demo mokrr ? C6I0 LYAPUNOVIA AOA.
Amuing vpupf gwerwra ? C477 SAMPLE FACTORY 2. Large collection of tuand f.v G C611 DISK MAGAZINE 2 ? C6I2 KUNO FU CHARLIES ? C47* KLAW GAMES III Neal little platlorm cum beat 'em up.
LJC4T9 klaw irnunES III ? CM 3-2 MFNTAI.IMAGH GAMES QC480 BOX (THE ADVENTURE! II you like lest adventures you'll like 2 divk* of Mime ol the tes PD game.* around.
QC4S3 this.
BOOTtM aBOOTGIRL 2 xiipcrti propwns pm * projrnm «»i ihc hc*Ubk ck of any disk ? C6I8 AGADOO AGA.
N C6I9 DATASETTE 64 Sow you can loud from cacvctie on the CM ? C4S4 TEXT VIEW ERS A collection of package.
Leu vteuers & pMutc diowm.
? C62CF2 B0DYSIK P 4 AGA ? C4R5 BONDMINE 12 Hxtuldcrduxh' A 2 deck coHection of tome lovely Girly (JC4V- ESCAPE OF BILLY BURGER AiMiiiive new ptatformer. • piciurev ? *622 micro Market 1.2. ? C4S7 THE NATIONAL WEATHER.
AinuM futtnv uninminxn ? C623 2 MR MEN OLYMPICS A hrilliani chtldrrn't Gtymplck game, lovely ? C490 SPACE CLEANER GAME graphic* and mu*ic.
N C492 tv titles, video rating p«k EP1I cun double the *puce on any dick, that ? C494 MAVERICK COWER Ketnote* bemg floppy or hard. So on a vtamknl QC495 nrottvttuo Irvmi i v«r jwrof* KK'KSTART 3 EMULATOR Jwik divk you'll fn mound 1 5meg ol infomimion. Lit very cat) to uve ant when ? C496 IFF BOOT Whlht your hard divk
h. 'crf*. hitf ii display a nice IFF it'* running it May* ui the
tarkground. To you can u*e your computer a* normal.
Q C497 ptssy POWER DATA ? C'627-2 MOTOR INV 2 AGA ? C49R TRUE ED 5.5 Moionala Invader* 2 ¦* (he fir*l AGA Space ? C5I8 BLOAD RUNNER Taken from ttv Apple, a tendnutii irf hud Runner Inxatkn clone. Oxer 130 colourx no ihc
• wreen, and a 1 nwg Sournhrack Wow' | | C629-4 STAND AT HOTH ?
C5I7 PATIENCE. The curd game A 4 nieg Anui ing Star War*
aniiiMtHUi ? CJIs MONACO Unreal!
? C520 REBOUND. 2 play hot n hall ? Cf.33-2 START OF THE ART ? C52I PAC SIM New Pacnun game A 2 divk colkciMiii of tfratnd 30 graphic ? C522 ACCOUNT MASTER utilities ? C52.V3 AMATEUR RADIO ? CATS ROBOULDIX.
? C526 COLOUR AIRCRAFT ART. A vckMum irf girui plane ptctntn An up to dale Boulderdash game, great trail QC527 REVELATIONS (ARTi PntxiMy the beu hand drawn Amiga art ? CA.36 TLXT F.NG1XF. 4 1 Tbe movl is ilui Word PlDGCWar mtund ? 02* kwt'Vpshjnts Include* a *pell checker.
? 029 1 RACnGNS. LduxatutuJ ? C637 PRO UTILITIES 1 ? C53 3 FONT FARM 3 Over 40 foot* A collection of different Utiliticv ? C53J DICE COMPILER ? C63X STLKL PLAYER VI ? C57* ERROR INK) VI La* you know whai emu number* mean Muxic pUxa ? CA39 DIGITAL U-LUSfON.
QC5J9 SUPER DARK Screen blanker Pitturc converter ? CS48 TECHNOPHOBIA MUSIC D C640-2 STAR BASE 13 ? C549 LSD 112 Inc STD CODE An arcade adventure, hrillumi viuil.
? C550 LSD 113 Inc SAIL II ? CM2 RDPRF.P ? C552 LSD 116 ARESTURE 2.03 For prrptnng youi new A 12(H) HD QC553 LSD 119 Inc COMPLETE E ? CA67 INSECIIODS 2.
? C554 Q CSSS LSD 120 Run Lame AGA TALENT MEGA DEMO An up to date Space Invaders game.
• if vpoce invader* SUPER VIEWER 2 4 ? CW.9 SPECCY GAMES LHA.
? C55H A latgc coltKiiim of datuc .Sfvcirum ? C559 POOLS WIZARD JNR games ? C560 KIDS DISK 2 Throe cxJutaiionil titles QC670-4 SPEED RAVE DEMO A 4 divk non-ttop rave cxtravagan a, not to ? C56I ENTITY GAME he nuued. If you thought SpuccBalt* wo* D«« MUSIC BASF. UTILITY. Perfect gocd. YtW're iivtUdkv’rX for uoruig your recradCD collcaian ? Cfi74 2 WICKED SENSATION A new 2 di k RSI mc?*Jcnn fcalun* ? C564 SPECTRUM EMULATOR 1.7 amo ing viuulv and music QC565 MUGSY HIRED HOOD ? C676 WATERPROOF.
?CSW MOO MARKET GAME ? '677 STEVIE NICKS ?C57I WILLY W ORM. Nice xnake gain; Very funny urople of a Stevie Nicks ? C572 for 2 player* promnlurii SIMON Simon rays ’ ? C678 CHROMAGIC MUSIC AGA A121X1 music demo.
? C679 INTENSE ?cwiExrri.i ? CS75 ? C57b (7077 ? CS78 LEMMINGS NIGHT OUT DCOPY 3.1. Powerful copier PRINTER PAL Vl.0 PRINT A CARD V2 A card ? CS79 pnnling utility CATALOGUE 3 GcfxXI GARDEN DESIGNER Doign your garden »ilh raw Ptef cut QCMO FIREFLY SHOOT bM
* hcdv jvihwuy*. Pondv etc. ? C58I SOFT AGA. AGA emulator ? C682
MANDFXPLOT 2.4 QC5*3 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Sonic game preview ?
Very impRuive A1200 imeraciiw gnpbict QC5S4 SKIDMARKS Brilliantf*cr demo lj C585 COPIERS UNLIMITED Huge cuflectiua of buc k catalogue copter* ? C689 COMPGGRAPH1C FONTS ? C690 ART SELECTTON Over Vi velccted piciurev ?cs» LEMMINGS 2 HD INSTALLER ? Owl POSTSCRIPT FONTS ? C??7 UBS DISK UhkIf of Librgfie* ? CW2 TSMORPH 1 2 QC589 ? C590-3 ? C593 ? C595 WALL STREET TXJOL MANAGER 2 DISKSALVE 2 Rew*ve damaged lilcv witii fan*, hrilliatu uiilny FOOTBALL FORECASTER New murpfaing Miliware ? C693 MANDELMANIA 4 AGA 256 colour AI2f*l Mandelhrnr generator.
? C694 PLANETARIUM D C596 THRUST DUEL Star* 'n' Thingc n C597-3 GRAPEVINE 16 laucu and ? C695 LD WORD PRO 4.
Gi rated divk niugurinc Powerful won) proge**re LATEST PD ?CW6KLAW iriirnhs-i A collection erf utilitm.
? Cb97-2 ASI AGA FIX DISKS 2 di«Lv of A12110 utiliticv to help you get older Amiga garnet io work m yrur next nueBinc.
? C699 ANIMAL LAND I. Childrens educational game.
C700-2 IMAGINE OBJECTS 2 dixkt of Imagine objectc.
? C7IJ2-4 SOURCE CODE . xvcmbto mwvc vudc.
? C7D6-4 SB PROLOG Progrumming langiuigc.
? C7I3I.FT ME. OUT AN1M 2 anmiticm itbrail a dog.
High qualuv Bingo uvttware Ii can even prim out the Bingo cardv ? C7I5 SPAYIAi. HYPERDRIVK.
Favi (tbctl dmra 'em up.
Perfect foe creating ofBcial Bar Codec n C7I7 LIGHT WAVE OBJECTS.
Objects f«v use m Lightwave.
? C7I8NUMTRIS, Another great Tclnv game.
? C7I9 LEMON DEMO ? C720 BEETLE GAME Add mice PlMlorm game.
Upined Octaincd V2.
A collection of MPEG movie* and MPEG ptaver.
? C723 TOTAL WAR Brillianl game.
? C724 UPCAT ki2 3 For cataloguing your divk cxIIccIkhi on the Amiga.
? C725 I) SOLVE CROSSWORD Cn.wywopj volvcr.
? C72f*2 2 UNLIMITED.
Bnltuml niucK by Scoopev ? C728 XMAS LEMMINGS Demo ul Xnut Lemming* ? C72'»KLAW UTILITIES t More mitccllancou* ulilv ? C7J0 MR BUNS UTILS A vmall collection of ulilv.
? C73I DOCUMFaNT PROTIXTOR Dot uincni file protection.
? C732 DEMO MAKER UTILS Toolv for creating demov ? C7J3 (XTAMFD SAMPLES Highqujlilv *amplev.
? C734-2 PKTURF, FONTS, A 2 divk »et of IFF fonts.
? C7Vb-2 FONTS A TEXTURES 2 devks ol prvrfcvsKinul font* ? C73K HOTBLOX.
Next TcirivckMic.
? C739FASYCALC Nice little vpread vheel.
? C74II EPROMMER HTT Kprotnmer ori Ihe Amiga1 * ? C74I KIDS FAVOURITES 1 LtH vf chiMRtfy Nurwry Rhyme* C742 MENU LAUNCHER Vl.0 Fanv to u*c menu vvuem.
[. C744 MOVTAGF-LANDSCAPtS ? 045 HIGH OCTANE A 2 piaytr wp vkw rsycfn* fame ? C74b ASTR022 V3.5. Your vtar signv.
L-jrvv to u*e menu *x tiem.
I l«r wstcm for 1994 ? 050 3D GAMES 2 A collection of 3D game* ? C75I FERRARI AGA SLIDES Lovely 256 colour picture*.
2 disk tvillevftun of Jnim umple* ? C755-2 ON THF. GREEN ? 757 RAVE SAMPLES A collection of rave sample*.
? OS* GRAPH pro Grapli plotlmg *oliwurc.
Tutorial on the Parncl vclup ? C76I -2 STARTREK THEMES.
Theme* from Star Trek and The Nett Generation.
? C763-2 THE JOURNEY A 2 disk animation.
A * di*k lutonal on creating muvic m the Amiga ? C76JL2 TH UNDERBIRDS DLMC) Contkal animolim.
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ASSASS IHS GAMES 1-150 latest titles always available send sae for complete Space shoot cm up CJGI (£3.50) Lxcclleni commercial quality pUtforM Powerful spreadsheet STOCK CONTROLLER (£3.50) ! Plavci overhead racing game PARADOX (£3.50) ACCESSORIES nkcr plaver POWER TEXT 2 (£3.50) Excellent word nnxcsvor POWER ACCOUNTS (£3.50) Keep track of vour bank account CALC VI.3 (£3.50) gaiiK'. A musl lor anv names collects QUINGO (£3.50) Pub uui machine simulalur CRYSTAL MAZE (£3.50) 3D Car racing shoot-cm-up ALL GUNS BLAZING (C3.50) Excellent Shanshi puzzle game MOTOR DUEL (£3.50) Pacnuut si vie game
FI RACER (£3.50) Music module linker,1'placer GRAPH (£3.50) Comprehensive graphing program PLAY N RAVE (£4.5 Compiele c xir,c and vpccd lest, ALPHA f----------- .50) .aichphrasc tnvia game CLR UTILITIES VIDEO TITLER (£3.50) Pnvletsionjl touch to vour v ideos TYPING TUTOR (£3.50) PIC IT (£4.50) Culdiphruse't It seems that businesses all over the world j invest in the Amiga gj to perform one function or another I and the football industry is no different, as Adam Phillips finds out Amiga ONAL 1W » than The shield spins In iD rendered animation using the Superbowl software Competition-0 Video
walls, for those of us in the dark, are those massive screens that dominate large pop concerts «rd te like. The footballing industry has w decided to jump on to the good idea Mndwagon, with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC investing in two hpandaview screens for their Molineux Radium which are the largest permanent lutdoor "video wall" installations in Europe.
KIT Each is virtually the size of a double lecker bus, with the intention being that hev will offer the most comprehensive Bltertainment available at any outdoor tadium.
These are bold claims indeed, so with Cynicism well in hand, 1 travelled down to he home of the Wanderers to find out if see- Rg really was believing... The first thing that hits you is the sheer Icale of the first Expandaview video wall, rs nearly 30 foot in height and width, with ke second one - construction of which larted in February - being constructed to ¦me dimensions.
Designed and manufactured by CD Meractive, specialists in multimedia prod- ids, the walls are constructed from 256 indi- ridual 21 in monitors into a 16 x 16 frame irith a single input lead and increased power cables for the sheer energy needed to nit.
Each of these monitors can be individu- % removed, replaced (useful for when a ingle Teen goes on the blink) or arranged ¦ a variety of combinations from thin hori- fental strip to vertical displays, designed to bit your exact requirements.
ABELS What actually appears on the screen is bsplaved created by an Amiga 4000 and Amiga 1200 connected to each other by their respective serial ports. Using software developed by Amiga-specialising company Optonica Ltd, the two machines are the electronic heart of the video wall.
As Lee Gibson of Optonica is happy to point out: "The Amiga is very geared towards the video environment... with fast, colour graphics and video-compatible signals."
The software comprises of two programs, Studio VrIP and Superbowl. Studio VII5 is a full-blown production and sequencing pre- sentation system. With it, and a rostrum camera, the club can pul together their own sequences for local advertisers and other events.
During Hie football matches themselves.
Superbowl is brought in to play. Designed specifically for sporting events, especially football, it includes the ability' to produce scoreboards, scrolling messages, screen docks, countdowns, stat attacks (statistics) and results from other games during half time. One of the package's strongest fea- The graphics may look like they're out of the quit show Catchphrue, but according to research, they're the most effective for fan participation. In this example, a player has to be treated due to Injury tures is the set of 40 different animations that can be used at the touch of a key so when a
goal is scored, a colourful, smooth anim plays instead of the old hat "Goal!"
Flashing on and off in bold lettering.
The process of running the video wall starts before a single ball has even been kicked. The A4QQ0, using Studio VIP, produces adverts and match details as the crowd arrives. Once the game is underway, the A4000 flicks over to generate the realtime video images that are being pumped onto the screen at the other end.
The actual images are provided either by two VCRs, containing relevant footage such as Studio VIP sequences, or the six ground- level cameras placed at various points in the stadium for live coverage. There is aLso a direct feed from the TV gantry for linking up with television cameras.
In the meantime, the A1200 runs the Superbowl software for the animations and other graphics effects- On top of all this, the PA system can he used by the Amigas too, offering the club a chance to present a full audio-visual experience to its fans.
This all adds up to an impressive piece of modem technology that, at the end of the day, is intended to get more bums on seats and give audiences an experience that'll leave them wanting to come back for more.
From where I’m sitting in the terraces, it looks like it'll work as well.
Contacts Lee Gibson. Optonica Ltd 0455 558282 John Palmer. CD Interactive Ltd 0923 212731 Suppliers of Public Domain & ShareWare throughout the world for years.
Over 30,000 customers worldwide. Over 3000 disks, also complete Fred Fish library + TBAG and more wmmmmK m or* officio? Distributors for tfscse Incredible title*: Nf 1 JTVTVS I Art go McnNy Big Att t. W oU Vo'O M.NToo, TGA2K. WB t47 MACxliFS 1 kq,ar»t.cd [toi. To A) totoi A S n Antiareto’ A n»» Nfl3 V Wendivav ¦ To." Bfinflh* Wtih. Towwi Cccfvoed. Celt Nflk.
K4J UtimtS ? 4Cto Cxtlsto »eC«Jt4 Cel Oucutoi Smigi U«om C® N8 W30Vt£5 2 Cduicl W»c C* ojo CM Cwwne. Co k Om Nfl5 Idr. TatFormdtow Cavwx. Craow of ft* fortt Ocro Tratti *3 MUSIC 1 (tottJ**on 0-.nl LanAfoN To*yw) *1 IT CiytUl fo,".
N»9 AOOUESS Omtn ( •* WW 0*fo-t». Itoiw. Oonitcrvsr bSttr Onrvtng bs Ctvtl f 10 M56UI54 Drw, Dotj lo«w.Dton En»to E«o4.», l»A4rtwi t 17: N»4 CtWOS 1 I'vlmii Q»*«o K 3 Cw»o hpiitoi Nkie NT5 All 1 . Low®5 Coto* 1 Ciws II Dwtaai Wkeme Mne." Orta Nfll MCCUi* 5... M , floral r, »-r 1 A 2 Go »i» M» 1W« K Owwy Nfie mn Hril»oo Klka Nf20 M4 Aft 3 SxtilKiKK 1 Cwcn. R+t 0&I«JV 5em .Tin Vow-aga) Nf 12 AACCUU5 6 fHTT,4 GonaCW s,np'g x*. UaaS'd lOTSonfiptt N»!l lonay. Mouo a Mat to Tretato Ito* Nf2?
Umiris J Aotlt.li 1 11 Nfts 'ey *1 M, f'K9* Cfc yrnilf$ 4 Ajart t«Ac» 2 19 Any vl 02 C'U’dw'ono »' 9.
Urnnes j dost «xa .210. «..!.» » Ww r»aC«c».2. Sc**fcfa .l o unntSi UovWS'vw.t I tVo«=w- .1 te wuspvi; me .j 2) HUK 7 l»iMMxMxv Hww. Om M Mao', Ckr« CH"** Nay»**a UUSfC 3 1993 Asan B 0 I0T1 Etnnctor. Liamd I liar* MUSIC 4 goo 0m Oon* In w. Ggto .
AfT 3 C*«k»c end Wo-pi Ail 4 [0+ U h»'» T»»cj5 art hj»* GAVfS I Is* "at-a Web * .
Y«600 Kmo up b dote finance Create Graph*. Save f F DctaBose. Store Infe Bum*** Tod 8ui«u Ted Crecne G’ophs Stw» ft lew* Algebra fwlonol lor torrga Deoij of mopr Couitr e» Space eerhuuinH ..for l.tie kid.
A4 Kxji with Omior Alwn tods *) pri't Mai & pet l Detail .....tor AhS* Adt Kds wth Hastens MoSi Tutor Greer ..Ok» Kids Pori Piogg.
Gomel lor F3.
.n Mathi Mafenold M Test Yoir IQ Atofeeotes Ad Gcmt to 2 oorie to Aids A Si:, v to Kids Sr.l ...ton «4o Bok Mop Uiti ....Tr? “rt'-'S Unrrvie CDTook vt - Cetonm »2 6 tiU.I 1 Hvefi.l Nf DISK 31 |UTum**6] BoolMon 1 I 0i kSol» .2 MtX 39 45 * 38 30 ¦ JzT_. :io iitroryhmer »I 1 Fmorrrevl I - Power Snop »2 7 FromMor.l 0 PS VI 34 Schedule, vl 3 _ MtgoVew *2 - tmrto.ro.ir 4 10 Nf disk 32ivnunuioi Amflci.' IS CtoeWBVl frfWonlvd I-Wvl.32 Ripper, Msnrlor DfQtades ycur 1200 Bum IBM Sctom'e A ared deno TkeUrvto Gtmi Grophct 4Vb Boridropi to WB Voro,! Doi Omen (VW Fir Iginbpw Workbench
Sincbf fcrnxm. Ccpei .Pic* ... .Wes
- Ik* Pics Frocto GereroKv CcvAjirei 12C0 HCVnee Util to fag
Pci 1403 Dsk SoV 2.. 781 Dynanite Forft I 782 Dyro"iie
Fontt 2 1002 Essevid Ihls III...... 1512 Fail Cache
W) & FD Coche 1531 Froctans 1535 Gome Tome-4.01 1563 Gdd Ed
V 9412 Ddu|.
1519 Hybrid testaments 1301 teog'ne Objects 1124 le Nog 1506 lockp.ck 2 1001 Medv3 2... 761 Mego Usis...... 1564 Mr Bockup...... 1502 Ncommv3 ... 704 North C - . 1511 Owned 1038 P-cfcose 1059 Pctoe Coverters ?
1565 Ptavno Clouds AGA 1571 Pppo-Unesl 12B4 Prppgg* W »U 6 Genes l266Prpeoci»rv30l 1525 leagla»«Ed. Op»m 1568 Ocb C V2.G612 0-*ta| ...AGA fnxtoi 256 ColGoee |3 ddil Dems d Tewtjre I ......Itow Dei»o 1200 Speci Demo nee a vurr LOOK AT OUR GREAT PACKS ON THE NEXT PAGE |All All disks ate Virus Free, lirror Free, No quibble replacements Disk Prices Disks £1.50 £1.25 for 10+ All disks ore £1.50 from BPD, if you order over 10 disks then disks ore £1.25 (i Wo havte 30 disks full of t ules lo be ptoyed in Mel Unit 1)5, HI TECH HOUSE. BIACKFRIA STREET. NORWICH. NORFOLK NR3 IS 1538 Ac’ of Wqt
Strategic game 1212 AGA Chess The best r*q 4Mb 1537 Air Traffic Control.....lond planes I 155 Antep 1500 Arcade Classics I Var.au* 150 i Arcade Clcmie* 2 Various 941 Atic A toe Lib the OW Speccy 1251 Bockgommon The board game II 54 Battle of Britain & War 1252 Battiecors II ... Stunning Simulation 953 Battlements . Like HunchBock 1052 ftoasi 1541 Blackjack Lob.....Great cord oame 1510 BcJderdoih Dodge them oncks 954 Cluedo .Yes that'* right 1539 Comdrop.. Fruit Moch-ne sim 1254 Crazy Sue II ....Brill Platform 1056 Crossword Creator GreotFun 942 Dtris Tetris clone, great
like rest 1576 Deluxe Pocman Best Pocman 1253 Desert Storm 1188 DowflhiB Challenge Skwng 1131 E-Type II ......Greot Shoohem up 1092 Escape v3 ..Plotform Type Game 1 536 Extreme Violence Violent 1577 F ighting Warriors S F ight 1153 Flog Catcher Great Gome ? Anim 1175 Fufl House Card Gome V Fun 1503 Grond Pnx Monoger Race Cars 1150 Hellzone Brill Shool-em-up 920 HoKywood Trivia Questions!
955 International Cricket 1296 Intruder Alert Shoot-em op 1172 Leedmgs ..like lemmings 1578 Mod Bomber ..Mod Gome 1157 Mosh e Niblick Golf Golf 957 Maths Adventure Education 1189 Megaball ..... Fantastic 1106 Mental Image Gomes 1 1107 Mental Imoge Games 2 915 Missile Command Old Favourite 1570 Mona v5.4 .. Adventure Gome 1295 Nostromo Game Cheats 1297 Numerix Like Scrabble but numbers 1152 Numply 8, Alien Invaders 1250 Peter's Quest ..Adventure 1255 Pipe ......like the classic 956 Pipeline ....Agoin 1l90Poggles ...Enjoyoblo Platform Game 1055
Guodrix ..Puzzle gome 1057 Oueshontort 917 Rollerpede Invoders 1205 Sanity......Great Arcod Shoot 934 Scrabble ...The original 1151 Serene III Shootem-vp 1526 Smurf Hunt Smurfs 1540 Soccer Cards ......football Mon 900 Stor Trek. 2 D«sks ... The best 1508 Super Space Invoders 1050 Survivor ......Strategy 909 Tanx Blow up ton*. 2 ployer 948 Telron Tetris Clone, best 922 The Simpsons . With Bart 926 Think Twice Mastermind 951 Total Wor Wor Gome 1177 Turbo Thrust ...Clossic 931 Wocko Jr Wonderland 925
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Issue 16 - £2.50 1 bock issues avoibhJe, pJeose osk “ 1579 Aaroph V2 1544 1555 AmgeTstotel I 527 Amps World ... 1058 Amgajot llC-®Cctow!te*lptotot 1507 C*w non 1159 Dunk, DTP ... 791 fomty rtsttry Swriuw 1287 f xocrki Ajptoba* 1531 F *tai.
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The importance of a monitor for all types of productivity work - if only to avoid eve strain - is easily understood, but most of us assume blank looks when someone starts talking about bandwidths, raster scans, and refresh rates.
The AB Whether we like it or not, this seemingly simple peripheral with its straightforward function has a complexity to match its importance, and as the Amiga has more screen modes than most machines, confusion is easily sown.
However, the technology of the monitor is more simple than we have made it, and can be traced back over a century.
At the heart of the monitor lies the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) This device consists of a sealed glass chamber, containing a vacuum. In 1870, Sir William Crookes investigated electrical discharges down Commodore 1940 1 Designed with the A1200 and A4000 range in mind, the 1940 and 1942 monitors are in fact tri-sync monitors. In appearance, they are very similar to the 1084st monitor and have the bonus of having a stereo amplifier, which is an improvement on the 1084st.
Both 1940 and 1942 are identical with the exception of the 1940 having a dot pitch of 0.39mm and the 1942. 0.28mm. Picture quality on the 1940 is little better than the 1084st. And on the 1942 model, it is excellent. All the controls are at the front of this monitor, which makes it easier to operate.
Both monitors function suitably with the AGA chipset.
,yl*l1 O. This Illustration shows how the electron gum for each colour are aimed at their particular cotow component of each phosphor triad. Note the Shadowmash screen to allow a degree of accurdcr .MONITORS .SMONITORSh i MONITORS RSMONITORSMG )RSMONITORSMO )RSMONITORSMO RSMONITORSMO RSMONITORSMC smonitorSmt MONITORS M MONITORS' wrrr* CRTs? Cathode ray tubes to you, and if you didn’t know that, read on as Wilf Rees reveals the secret world of the monitor highly evacuated tubes (called Crookes tubes).
This electrical discharge was named the cathode ray, as it was emitted from the cathode. In actual fact, it is a stream of electrons being accelerated to a third of the speed of light. This research later gave way to the development of the cathode ray tube.
Early cathode ray tubes were able to produce an image of a Maltese cross on the screen, as this served as an anode. The electrons would be accelerated due to the massive electrical potential difference, which is about 30,000 volts.
Thev would strike the screen, which was covered in a layer of phosphor, and have their kinetic energy converted into visible light. Naturally, particles as light as electrons would be deflected and the beam would dissipate if they collided with much more massive air molecule air evacuation inside the CRT required.
It was later discovered that magnrt affected the flow of electrons (if yo ever placed a magnet over a TV screen ] will know, but do not try this!) ByJ arrangement of electromagnets it is | ble to deflect the electrons in the in beam in a convergent manner, so I can be focused to a point.
PHOSPHOR The entire beam can be shifted byj arrangement of X and Y plates, wl deflect the beam in their axes res tively. The ability to create a point on j phosphor screen that could be mo gave way to the invention of the cat!
Ray oscilloscope.
The strength of the magnetic field i the X and Y plates is proportional to I total deflection. Using this apparatus j possible to display a graphical repri tation of a waveform, with the X pli set to a pre-defined frequency of de tion. Considering it is possible to vary I MONITORS!
The RGB colour monitor The monitor works in a similar way to a television in that the image is formed by a beam of electrons which strike a phosphorescent screen which then emits visible Ight. In a colour monitor beams are fired from three electron guns, one for each of f»e primary colours. Any desired colour can be diplayed by combinations of these colours, varying the intensity of the electron beams enables the desired hues to be achieved.
To form a picture on the screen a dot scans rapidly across the screen in a series mes called a raster, the dot varies in intensity and colour as it moves, building
- o the picture. The phosphor on the screen continues to glow
briefly after the dot "is left it. A phenomenon called
persistence, which fools the human eye into seeng a complete
picture on the screen rather than just a moving dot. Once the
dot has reached the bottom of the screen it flashes back to the
top and starts
• canning across again. The dot scans across the whole screen
about 60 times a second.
Electron beam passes through no*es in a metal plate called a tr-adow mask which keeps the t eams perfectly aligned on the
- gnt place on the screen. The stance between the holes in this
Mte is called the dot pitch, The mailer the dot pitch the
closer the as are together and the sharper picture on the
Monitors based on the Sony Trinitron cathode ray tube have show masks in which the holes are arranged as parallel slots. This gives a better image.
Gnetisa Configuring screen settings
- rting up of your screen modes is done through the ScreenMode
preferences. With
• «it is possible to select the desired monitor and resolution
form the display mode list.
The number of cotours is also selectable with a slider bar. The mode properties are splayed in the window to the right, with information regarding honzontai and vertical
• jquency. Using this information you can determine whether you
monitor will support ~e displayed mode. If you wish to have a
Workbench screen that is bigger than the vis- Oto size, stated
in the mode properties window, you may wish to use autoscroll,
which i tow the user to scroll around the screen using the
Overscan may be configured using the overscan preferences, depending whether the ,- een mode supports it. To alter overscan, you will need to use a combination of the Amiga’s own adjustment and your monitor's screen sizing and positioning to achieve the Dest results. Although higher resolution screens with more colours can be quite nice.
* ey use up more chip memory and can stow down the machine. Happy
Respec-j ! On th tafcnsity of the beam at any point, this ¦rant that it was feasible to re-produce a picture, by moving the beam across the
• ffeen, going down one line on each t f*$ 5, altering the
intensity at various points to create dark and light areas.
If this process was performed fast oaough, a still picture would be possible.
I Tkr human eye compensates for the stages in-between, and in addition, a factor called phosphor decay determines the length of time the phosphor in any area will continue to emit light after an area is struck by the electron beam.
There are many variables to the way a picture is created - for instance, the frequency at which the horizontal beam crosses the screen, or makes a scan line, is called the scan rate. The number of scan lines down a screen determines the vertical refresh rate, which like horizontal rate, is measured as a frequency, in Hertz or Hz.
There are two main ways which the electron beam can write a picture on a computer-based display. The first of these is standard vector scanning. This involves swinging the electron beam continuously from left to right while shifting vertically, one step at a time in synchronisation with the horizontal movement.
VECTOR The other method is called interlaced vector scanning. This is used for older monitors to enable high resolutions, as the input signal CPUs cannot handle higher rates of video information.
Effectively, this method halves the frame rate, reducing CPU usage. It involves scanning every second scanline in two passes, one odd set and one even.
Setting up your monitor Since there is no advantage in using a multiscan monitor with Workbenches earlier than v2.o (unless you own a flicker fixer) this section will be covering 2.x and upwards Workbench 2.04 With this version of Workbench, you will find a drawer on your extras disk called “MomtorStore* containing files to control various types of monitors.
Among these you will find multi- scan, A2024, NTSC and PAL. For users of multisync monitors, you will need to drag the Multiscan and PAL icons over to the monitors drawer of your workbench disk.
Workbench 2.14-3.0 Simply drag the appropriate monitor icons, perhaps DBLPAL. Multiscan.
Super72 (or whatever you want) from the monitors drawer on the storage disk to the devs:monitors drawer on your Workbench disk (or hard disk) ¦ MONITORS Types of monitor dual tri quadsyncs These monitors are similar to multiscan monitors with the exception that they work with two. Three or four preset frequencies, depending on the model. They are normally cheaper that multisyncs. Quad and triSynCS are often badged as multisyncs, so be careful what you buy.
TV monitors Although these are realty a type of monitor, they normally have the same capabilities as a PAL monitor with the exception of not having any controls to adjust the size and position of the picture.
Although the quality is not normally as good as a PAL monitor, it is compensated by the bonus of doubling-up as a TV set.
PAL monitors These monitors are capable of producing pictures from standard PAL signals, which for an Amiga output is 512 scan lines, with a horizontal frequency (or rate) of
15. 625kHz. This produces 640 pixels across by 512 down. These
monitors usually are capable of reproducing pictures from
composite video sources.
Multiscan multisyncs Multiscan monitors (often known as multisyncs, a trademark of NEC) are able to work with many different horizontal and vertical refresh rates, as they will scan within their frequency limits until they manage to lock on to a signal.
Most Multiscan monitors can easily be used with Amigas. Some more modern multiscan monitors incorporate DMS (Digital Memory Sizing) which automatically resizes the screen to cope with extended video features such as overscan etc. Without this feature, it is necessary to adjust the picture sizing and position with the controls available. Multiscan monitors are generally the most expensive of all types of monitors.
You should expect to pay more for DMS. When buying a multisync monitor, make sure it is able to scan down to horizontal frequencies of at least 15kHz, for the Amiga's PAL and NTSC modes This method is sufficient to give an illusion of a continuous picture. Interlacing is always used on television signals.
White light can be made up of three primary colours, red green and blue, often referred to as RGB. Any values of red, green and blue can be combined to produce a specific colour.
Unlike mono monitors which have only one electron gun, colour monitors have three, one for each primary colour.
The effect of colour is created by different coloured Phosphor dots placed on the screen, which emit light to their particular colour when bombarded with electrons.
The phosphors are arranged as a large number of triads, with each triad containing three different dots or stripes of phosThe Amiga StreenMode preft for m 2.04*- allow you to select between a large list of available screen modes. The multiscan prefs setting allows you to alter the amount a screen mode will overscan by phor. The idea is that one gun only shoots electrons at the red phosphor, while the other two fire at their respective coloured dots. To prevent a gun firing at the wrong dot, a metal grill called the shadowmask is placed inside the tube just in front of the screen. The
perforation and positioning of the shadow mask have to be done with great accuracy.
As explained earlier, the screen image is made up of triads of three colours, that appear as small dots (or pixels) on a picture. Basically, the smaller the pixels, the higher the resolution.
Colour monitors have vastly inferior resolution to mono monitors, due to the fact there is no need for a shadowmask, so resolution is not defined by grating size of the shadowmask. The circuitry inside the monitor also determines the resolution obtainable. Faster monitor CPUs can handle higher rates of information therefore allowing greater resolutions. You will generally find that the higher resolution a monitor is capable of, the higher the price.
Focusing Arrangement magnetic field i Focused emergent beam Incident Electron Beam Example prices Commodore 108481 £199.99 Commodore 1940 £284.99 Commodore 1942 £379,99 Microvitec 1440 multisync £409.99 Incident Beam All from First Computer Centre, Tel: 0532 319444 E3 Jargon buster composite video A signal for | transfer often used by video play and cameras. Commodore 1084s Philips CM8833 monitors all allow i input.
RGB An abbreviation for red. Gre and blue, the primary colours of I Colour TV and monitor pictures ai made up from these components PAL The television standard for the and Amiga computers. This is bas upon a horizontal frequency
15. 625kHz and a vertical refresh rate; 50Hz.
NTSC Stands for North Amenc Television Standards Council. The te* ] vision standard of America, which r fers from PAL with a vertical refre:-* rate of 60Hz.
AGA Advanced Graphics Architect - The new chipset from Commodor which handles graphics and scree' ] modes.
Commodore 1084st This PAL monitor has undergone manM design alterations since its releas ff although it is not suitable for use with thfl A1200 and A4000's extended scrertj modes.
It provides a good picture, with a dcfl pitch of 0.4lmm, although the colours da-1 played seem very slightly muted. The fix watts per channel stereo amplifier proJ vides reasonable sound, although at fuH volume is prone to distortion.
Microvitec 1440 multisync This monitor is in fact a true multisynJ meaning that it does not have any pre-1 determined frequencies from which to] scan. The 1440 can cope with horizontal!
Frequencies from 15 to 40kHz which «**| ers all of the Amigas AGA outputs.
A dot pitch of 0.29mm means that the!
Picture is crisp and very little colour satu*| ration occurs. DMS is included with thul monitor, which is very useful for Amiga I output when overscan is needed.
This means that there is no need to re-1 size the screen because the picture exceed* I the physical dimension of the monitor, j The monitor will remember your setting* 1 for each screen mode and activates thej appropriate preference settings accordingly.
Designed to bring you high quality and performance at affordable prices. AmiTek peripherals offer outstanding value-for- money. They are built to ensure easy fitting, and trouble free operation - making them a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so reliable that we are pleased to offer a full two year warranty on the AmiTek products detailed here.
AMITEK - ‘FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY’ PERIPHERALS FOR ALL AMIGA SYSTEMS iMITEK Q "KT'V external sff Mb O V- -L l X FLOPPY DRIVE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS DELUXE DRIVE The AmiTek drve has been specially designed :o meet the needs of Amga users and has many deluxe featim wh.cn fir® npt inciuded in other drves
• check out the competition1 ANTI-CLICK The anti-dick feature
stops you drive from making lengthy whirs and ckcks that occur
when me drive is empty and searching lor a ask ANTI-VIRUS The
switch able Ane-Vvus mode stops track 0 viruses mloclmg the
disk wtite in the drive Yet. UrAke many other drrvK which have
vms killers, ths Anti-Virus mode can be disabled, allowing some
fussy copy protected w»lwire iq nm SONY MECHANISM Before
creating these Olv«. AmTek took th® tme to source a mecharwm
that has all the features, quality ana ro'iiWtty that Amga
owners have oe*n crying cut for After vigorously testing Sony’s
mechanism, it proved »o be the best by far available
• Daisy Chainable Via Thru Port
• Low Power Usage
• No Need For External PSU
• Compatible With All Amigas
JIITEK FOR THE AMIGA 1200 pm* the processing power erf your
• ncail A1200 Be ready lor me new F*wahun of software which makes
rtWB »*jnas on Amiga memory and
• r vqgy. The AmiTek n wk pam WHO" includes up to 8»* fast 32-drf
"W the aWity to support a sophisticated
• M2 CPU (floating Po«nt Unif • drastically ¦oMtet ihe speed ol
matns mtenave f ituns) and a battery packed up dock.
«o a high standard, tfus ooard can be «*. Nitafcd and cam with a 2 year The Hawk RAM hoard e « 9 pre-oontigured versions 3 you to select the model which best I your requirements
• W£A5£5 OPERATION BY UPTO 40X I H»n (Warn 36 it.
1 aaf «-t«f t ?6U3 1 ra««rru »m A AM laMtru . UM 4t*nfPU 4u» RAM ADD ADDITIONAL DRIVES As a dcu&e sided mechanism, the AmiTek dnve gives 880K of dsk space after tormanmg. It is also daisy- chtwiabie whch means that you may add further drives - t uses ve»y !Pe power so doesnt suck precious volts trom your Amga
• High Quality 3Yi" Sony Mechanism
• Enable Disable Switch
• Built-In Anti-Click Feature
• Switchable Anti-Virus Mode
• 75ms Access time
• Plugs straight nto A1200 trapdoor ¦ No soldering required
• Upgradeaole FAST RAW board to 1. 2. 4 or 8ub
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs for easy upgrades
• Throe types of optional Floating Point Unit • 20uh . 33uhj or
40mmi PLCC 68882 co-processor
• Comprehensive easy to follow manual with illustrations
• Works witn all A1200 and A1200HD computers
• Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty e 2 year warranty 20
33* 40Srr 1«u £99 £149 - 2 RAM 4«m £129 £199 £249 £199 £299 8«m
£399 - £499J 1Mb RAM, NO FPU bakbtoi | ttnncon I MW cech mm
- J - mm - - - - ?
PRICES FROM ONLY £99 INC VAT - RAM 1210 ¦£ PCMCIA CARDS I '£ MODULATOR I £ RAM UPGRADES 1Mb INTERNAL** FOR AMIGA S00 500plus FOR ALL AMIGAS FOR AMIGA 500 600 AMITEK Many business packages and advanced games require more than ydur Amiga's Standard memory capacity to run at their full potential The AmiTek range Ol RAM upgrades is the perfect way to add that extra memory capacity to your system Tho following RAM upgrades are all irapdoor cards and fitting will not affect your Amiga's warranty.
¦¦ rtemal AmiTok cement gnvc s mm lor users who A met to replace jgm tm existing Witarna I Mture$ I a hgh quality ¦Mmal lut 3V ?w mechanism for I Amiga 500500'. .:- 44 you need to frt the
• k* « included, plus
• My to follow frttxig fWruetxyvs and 24 ; *T mns replacement
Ria 123 The AmiTek External Modulator makes an ioeai replacement modulator for all Anvga owners Everything needed -s supplied Like al AmiTok peripherals. It comes with an aasy to follow manual.
• User triendfy manual included
• High quality design
• FREE RF cab*© supplied A500pur - The A500pil« has a battery
backed clock buii-in. So these H* RAM upgrades do not require
this 130 £44- £119 £179 £34 A600 • Low cost, easy-io tit. 1m?
RAM upgrade without a battery hacked dock.
130 WC VAT - Raw M »n inc vat oft aeoo NC VA1. RAM 6020 MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sldcup Kent. DA14 4DX !». Irm Open M %SaI 9 Knm- r Oqpm .S»l » Xpff No III. S«y« Cyf'.»; CROYDON SHOP: Deteniiam -: 11-3T North ‘ Ooanng How* lAmSal aooan ocpe _ LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road Londoh. W1P OBA ctwnm HQ n Wao-Sai oaat QQOp-i _Nn Law wyn Qbw*»b_ LONDON SHOP SelfndQflS 'ior-m Ami. 0*1 Street, London. W1A 1AB Oottttt Kivfi MgvSM 930»e-?0CWn__IH» Htfn TluMii it"__ SIDCUP shop 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sdcup Kent. 0A14 40X Ore-r; U-ji SK i 30im i : C r___UK NljW fnM( - tyn_ ESSEX
SHOP: Moo* Mctvff 9 XtmiKfcnv |Sal 90Oar- OCWn|_UM Hyi ThmOay IPSWICH SHOP: 6u»fw-u Kxn Tel MI-309 1111 ¦ a. No cei-K* woa THE SILICA SERVICE th End. Croydor Surrey, CR9 1RQ
- Ml Mg' h.refay - lb"_ Tel Ml 688 4455 rat No C8I-M6 wa Tel:
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ojr wrna
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croltsoorai cmcuter salts
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Mutk rd piomacte
• CORPORATE A EDUCATION DIVISION: .i.meOKoirtsartivii'dae let
0813M06W Tel: 871-829 1234 frttHQI 3)14 Tel 081-302 8811 r« Nb
Wi-W qqrr Tel: 0702 4M039 Fa. No 0702 «6M» keddies uk tm .
Hiah Street Southend-on-Sea, Esse*. Ssf 1LA Utf. Fr i Xum-i
iSjr 9 0C»f’ lKOrT.| Oeaenhams 7m ioc. Waterloo Mouse Westgate
St, Ips-wch. Ipi 3EH Ucn-Pn A500n i Join. IS«l 0 l)OMi 6
Oftrtll Ul» Tlimritff HtT Tel: 0473 287092 in N: 0473 nTQK To
Suica Systems. AMCOM-0394-125.1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd.
CATALOGUE Surname Mr Mrs Mtss.'Ms: Initials Company Name (i!
Applicable}: Address ... Postcode: Tel.
(Work): fj’uNE 081-309 1111 Tei (Home) | Vjhich compuierlsi. It
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LETTERS ¦ 1200 to live - n a CD vacuum?
Ezra Surfs Postbag As one of the first people to buy an A1200 almost a year ago, find I am still waiting for the promised CD-ROM add-on drive lo give my machine the same capabilities as the CD32 console.
* 12- an y°u give Commodore a kick up the backside on behalf of all the users, such as myself, who put their faith in this sick and, seemingly, terminally ill company?
Like many others, I was foolish enough to believe the hype put out by various software companies concerning the release dates of A1200 and CD32-onlv titles which would take advantage of my Amiga's superior power, but apart from the efforts of a few stalwarts of the Amiga 1 have been let down. Why haven't they (the get-nch-quick software houses) deliv- BfcJ the goods?
F | now find that the AAA chip set is on the horizon, and due for release later this year.
That mean that my A120U will go the same way as the A30(), A5()0 Plus, and A600? I pd to know now before the second-hand value of my machine drops too much.
Callum Hastings. Dumbarton mk dear, how nuuni letters such as this will we receive? The A1200 is Hie standard Amiga these P tnd will continue to Ivftr a long lime to come.
Commodore haw dropped all PC production to concentrate on the Amiga, and theAUOO in jw- has sold very well this Christmas.
Stffuure companies have indeed been slower to react to the A1200 than the uv were originally V believe, and their tardiness in keeping to release schedules is a constant source of concern.
The situation is changing rapidly.
The latest releases to reach the AC office. Jurassic Park and Labyrinth among them, are at least mtqual of PC CD-ROM games and much better than anything the Mega CD can boast. Take a *at our revieio if you doubt this, and sit back for a treat in 1994.
Ny of us haiv gone ga-ga oirr the fwssibilities of the CD medium and the stereo CD-i)ualily it offers, but it's not until you actually play one of the new CD32 releases that you realise much better the gaming experience can be ’ ‘vhen you have 600Mb of storage space, a less bright note, the CD32-compatible drive for the A1200 is being held up because e can't get the price much below BOO and because the company is concentrating most of on making and selling Amigas and CD32s. Whether the device will appear al all tins year entirely on Commodore and the demands of A1200 owners.
Good service s .e read and heard on several occa- sns the bother Amiga users have
* *5erieneed when contacting modore for assistance when grem-
attack their machines, and I always ped I'd never have to
contact them ¦tell. My A1200 is six months old now d l was
experiencing difficulties with messages from the floppy drive
no what type of disk I used, rtith trepidation I rang up
modore only to be asked if I was a
- atef. I said no but requested assis- ¦ under warranty and
explained Mety that there was no point in talking a a dealer
who would simply ring smmodore as I was doing, i left my name
and address and was
- d I would be contacted, though they ouidn't give me an exact
date. I also
• tjested a new Workbench 3.0 floppy.
That call was made on November 1 c i though I'd give them until January nen a reasonable amount of time had On December 6 a Wang engi- tt called and immediately set about ~ acmg the internal drive. Not only did he change the drive, but proceeded to open a brand new ROM board and replace my old one. Next day my replacement Workbench disk arrived.
I am personally more than happy with my service from Commodore. Nothing was too much trouble for the engineer from Glasgow.
I found Commodore quite easy to deal with and I hope you can print this letter so other readers can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
M Diamond. Edinburgh To every coin there are two sides, and it looks as H yours landed heads up.
Commodore realised early in the A 1200 s life that speed and quality of service was attracting continued criticism from users and the Amiga press, and efforts were made to rectify the problem.
The result, as you have witnessed, is that after sales service is now much improved. Just goes to shown what a concerted campaign ol good of British whingmg can achieve Not a bundle of fun I am seriously pissed off, having been very effectively ripped off by a combination of Commodore and high street retailers. The reason? Well, it's a long story, but here goes.
I recently decided to sell my trusty A500 Plus and use the money with a bit extra to upgrade as cheaply as possible to a brand spanking new A1200. Now, I have been a loyal Amigan since 19S9, starting with the bog standard A500, and during this time have built up a reasonable collection of my favourite software.
I have grown accustomed to the likes of Dpaint 4, Final Copy, Directory Opus, and 1 would grudgingly confess to enjoying the occasional game. I decided to keep this software to use with my new Amiga, so in short I wanted an A1200 without software.
1 didn't want or need Desktop Dynamite, Fast and Furious, Race and Chase, or any Other sort of bundle. Ever tried to buy a bare Amiga in the high street? No chance. It's a bundle or nothing.
After touring round all the likely stores in the area I came to the conclusion that my chances of obtaining a standalone Ai200 were very slim to say the least.
I eventually had to settle for the Fast and Furious pack, complete with AGA versions of dodgy games like Trolls and Nigel Mansell, and at a price of nearly £50 more than the advertised price of an A1200.
Mail order might have got me a better deal, but it was close to Christmas and 1 get nervous when 1 send large wads of cash before receiving the goods.
Mv bundled games are, as expected, £50 worth of utter crap, destined to spend the rest of their days in some dark drawer, but it has to be said that the A1200 is absolutely superb. It’s everything, and more, that I expected.
So, all you high street stores out there, please keep a stock of standalone A 1200s for people like myself who are upgrading from another Amiga.
Ken Fidoc, Willenhall Commodore haw always bundled I he Amiga with games and some productivity software as a way of competing in our high streets against Amiga saboteur Can Amigas be made to simulate the cry of a female fox? If so. Could I lure the local fox population into the fastness of my back garden before hunting season starts and they're ripped to pieces by slavering mongrels, not to mention the fox hounds?
The nature-friendly among us want to know!
Joe "the sab", Surrey Hmm - you'd certainly be safer using such methods than jumping in front of galloping horses, but it is unlikely that a fox would be fooled for long by an Amiga sound sample.
Perhaps if you bought a (fake, of course) fur stole and wrapped your Amiga in it the illusion might last a little longer, though I doubt if it would work for the entire hunting season.
Other systems, such as Mega CD. Which are sold with their own software.
It h this sort of aggressive marketing which ensures success against the many rival consoles and PC systems, and without it A1200 sales would have been hit hard during Commodore's most important Christmas for many years.
Commodore's current financial situation can only reversed by high volume sales of the A4000,' Al200, and CD32, mostly the latter two, and only by bundling popular games and productivity software can such sales be assured.
High street stores, on the other kind, can ¦LETTERS Lost cause Commodore lost a life-long Amiga user yesterday, someone who has owned a Vic 20. Commodore 64.
A500. And A1200, but who will no longer tolerate the conditions of the Amiga games market. I sold my A1200 when I realised that even the latest epic. Jurassic Park won't install on my hard drive.
Why is it that Amiga owners are judged to be inherently more avaricious and dishonest than their PC-owning friends? This can be the only rationale behind a game which is HD installable on the PC but not on the Amiga.
Is the software industry staffed entirely by morons with no thought in their heads other than the collection and retention of profit, with scant regard for the wishes or service of their customers? I'm beginning to think so.
Got something to say Anyway, they can stuff their archaic floppy-only games with crunching copy protection which doesn't work slow access, and crap music.
Through the pages of AC?
Ezra Surl is our mailman, dedicated to reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication. Drop him a line at: I'm buying either a CD-ROM based PC or a CD32 for my future gaming, and the floppy-based mainstream Amiga software houses can stick their second rate, unfriendly products where the sun definitely does not Shine Ezra Surfs Postbag. Amiga Computing Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP Please don't enclose saes as Ezra just hasn't got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don't be offended if you end up getting the chop.
End-ot-my-tether. Clitheroe Your frustration as a hard drive owner (or ex-owner, as it appears) are shared by thousands of Amiga gamers and everyone in the AC offices, where the arrival of a floppy-only game of the sort which cries out for a hard drive eliQits howls of anger, especially with the game reviewers who are forced to undergo the torture of multiple disk swapping.
Software houses should by now have realised that any game other than simple single floppy, quick loading shoot- em-ups must be hard drive installable, and it they are not then they are immediately compromised in terms of playability.
Here’s the solution to Bill Mackintosh’s problem running games such as Indiana Jones on larger hard drives. I have an A1200 with a 170Mb Western Digital and the game wouldn’t work on my hard drive in the same way Bill was finding problems.
The problem, I discovered, was that the Amiga often writes files to disk too quickly, including large graphics and anim files, leaving the file corrupt. I finally got Indie to wori by copying the files from all 11 disks to my HD using Directory Opus.
To solve the speed problem, use a program called GVP Expert Prep or a similar hard drive set-up program to change the Max Transfer parameter until it reads 0x00001 fff (decimal 8192) for all your partitions. This will slow transfer down so that files over 300k in size will be written to disk correctly.
After changing the transfer rate, save the rigid disk block Amiga 1200 owners, a growing number of whom have internal IDE Hds. Should simply refuse to buy non-installable games until the software houses are forced by commercial pressures to change their stance Only ii Amiga owners, like PC game players, make it clear that floppy-based games are unpopular will anything change lor the better.
Only sell what Commodore supply, and the emphasis this Christ m has been on bundles.
Standalone Amigas should, though, be amiable, and if anyone else is having difficulty finding one, I suggest you call ZCL on 0543 414817 or SDL on 081-3091111. These fwo large Commodore distributors have every model in slockf and if they can't sell you a hire A1200 then no-one else can.
Blank cheque I’ve had an idea which might help sort out the problems with mail order, and would certainly make more people use mail order when buying expensive equipment.
At the moment, sending a cheque or phoning with your credit card number in no wav guarantees delivery of the goods on time or at all, and the money can often be gone from your bank account weeks or months before the kit is delivered, if it ever is.
My scheme would involve a private company, under government watchdogs, which would act as a central mail order clearing house, taking orders from customers using an 0800 number, passing them on to the companies which use its services, then arranging the delivery and payment so that both customer and salesman get what they want on time.
By charging a small percentage to cover running costs and make a tidy profit, this sort of service would encourage the more cynical or nervous of us to use mail order, and those who wanted to go for the cheaper prices of the smaller outfits at the risk of late or nondelivery could still have the opportunity to take their chances and save a little mod- cash.
Ian Belmont, Carlisle Your idea sounds like a good one. But ttu' company you envisage uvuld hair to offer the mail order companies some sort of advantage over traditional direct selling.
(which won't require formatting the HD), then just re-boot Amiga. The above method doesn't slow down the seek or reading speed of the drive, just the writing rate.
Jay Dave, Presto» Thanks for the tip, Jay. Users out there who don't have access i GVP's excellent (but commercial) propping software should I able to find ample PD SCSI editors and HD toolbox programs !
Make the job possible.
Keep in mind, though, that a full backup of data on your par- tions should be made before messing around with hard drives this way. If a mistake ora calamity leads to the corruption of a partition. You will then at least have a fall-back rather than a good excuse for throwing yourself out the window.
If the rise in consumer confidence did not result in enough sales through your clearing house he mail order outfits would return to their usual methods and the clearing house uvuld go bust, Only if there is a potential market of people who are normally put off mail order by the risks involved would the scheme succeed, and that's a matter fir cartful commercial market research.
If the market exists, however, someone somewhere could make a niir little earning from Hus middle man-cum-policman role.
Strong market A friend of mine who has just bought an Amiga recently saw to her alarm a discussion in one of the Amiga magazines of Commodore's troubles and of the threat to the Amiga market. She now feels she may have spent £300 on a dying machine and I have to reassure her.
What can I tell her?
Pcttr Stejrley, Warrington fust tell your friend to take a trip down to WH Smiths one Saturday and observe the crowds of people at the magazine racks perusing the wide range of Amiga magazines on offer.
Every month, over 400,000 Amiga magazines arc sold, which points to an active Amiga audience of at least half a million and more like Hie full million.
Taken with t w rising sales of Amigas and Amiga magazines, this points to a healthy market which, though it no longer enjoys the position of being the unchallenged king of the games world, is sur- viving ijuitc nicely amid intense competition, We could talk all day about the relative technological merits of the Amiga, but the simple fact is that hundreds of thousands of users are still making the Amiga their number one choice, and this should be enough, without invoking Occam's razor, to combat worries that the Amiga is going downhill.
The software industry, though considerably less practised than Gallup or Mori in the business of prediction, have made gloomy noises about the Amiga in recent months, but we only haw to cast our minds back to the 92 general Indi solution A4000 v 486 I would just like to make a point abo the price ol the A4000 030. As I ¦ currently considering whether or noli purchase one of these fine macfw or go lor a PC.
I own an A500 at the mom« which is a bit temperamental and don't know if it will crash before i after I have saved this letter to disk, t I think it's time to upgrade.
The best price I have seen tor i A4000 030 is £1.099 with 1 Mb each t chip and fast RAM. And a 340Mb I drive, but no monitor.
For the same price I could go lor 486 25MHz with 4Mb RAM. 16-6 Soundblaster card. CD-ROM. It hard drive, and SVGA colour monitor I think that Commodore shouf include a monitor with their A4000D3I at the same price and I'm sure I would do better.
Paul Roberts. Cleethon The only reply I can give is "ditto' election to put such predictions in the per spat hr.
If the experts of decades of polling and research can fail so miserably to predict results of such an important event, can we ¦ the toy business to achieve a better strike Messy printer Of late, my BJ10 bubblejet printer I started to fudge the detail on anythin print out, and though barelv noticeable first, the downturn in quality has been pronounced.
Is there a software setting which wc restore my output to its former glory, i this, as 1 fear, a hardware fault?
Jenny Spencer, Stoke-on-Tt You could haw a problem with print di which should be set to the highest dpi sett and can be controlled using prefs or Faust's excellent CanonStudio program.
This, howewr, is a wry slim hope, ai sounds as if you have problems with the, head itself. If no amount of software fit makes a difference, contact your local dealer for advice and repairs.
White Knight Technology 0992 - 714539 White Knight Technology SS professional S' (0992) 714539 AMIGA Specialists Fax 10am- 7pm Monday -Friday PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HQ Cirti Srt5nt.Ii «Vm firti a 5ao i5oa 2000 ACCELERATORS CSA DERRINGER 25MHz 68030 & MMU, WITH 0Mb 32-BIT RAM £ 299 CSA DERRINGER - PLATINUM 50 50MHz 68030 (optional 50MHz 68882) WITH 0Mb 32-BIT RAM £ 449 A1500 2000 ACCELERATORS GVP G-FORCE 33MHz 68040 + 4MB + Serial. Parallel & SCSI Ports £ 999 GVP G-FORCE 40MHz 68EC030 + 4MB. + SCSI Port £ 589 CSA MAGNUM 28MHz 68040, 0MB & SCSI-2 (Optional Serial &
Parallel) £ 849 CSA MAGNUM 33MHz 68040. 0MB & SCSI-2 (Optional Serial & Parallel) £ 999 A1200 AEEELERATORS GVP A1230 II, 40MHz EC030, Opt. FPU WITH 0MB 32-Bit RAM £ 245 4MB 32-Bit RAM £439 4MB RAM + 40MHz 68882 £565 GVP A1230 II. 50MHz 030, Optional FPU WITH 0MB 32-Bit RAM £375 4MB 32-Bit RAM £575 4MB RAM + 50MHz 68882 £719 MICROBOTICS M1230XA WITH 25MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB £225 33MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB £249 50MHz 68030 & MMU. 0MB £319 MEMORY 32MB SIMM -32 £1750 16MB SIMM-32 £800 8MB SIMM-32 £350 4MB SIMM-32 £160 2MB SIMM -32 £ 85 1MB SIMM-32 £ 45 1MB SIMM-8 £ 45 4MB SIMM-8 £165 GVP SIMM-32 s 1Mb £
79, 4MB £195 EVP PHOMEPAK Fitted to an Amiga 1500 2000 3000 4000, provides voice mail (multiple mailboxes) and fax facilities - Call for details £349 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AMIEA 4000 A4000 030. 6MB RAM. 80 M£Uc)£1234 A4000 030, 6MB RAM £1285 A4000 030. 6MB W 10 MB* £1335 A4000 03& fflirhAMf 250 MB* £1365 MribmQ, 6MB RAM, 340 MB* £1445 4000 030. 6MB RAM, 420 MB* £1575 A4000 040, 6MB RAM, 80 MB £1899 A4000 040, 6MB RAM, 120 MB £1949 A4000 04Q, 6MB RAM, 210 MB* £1999 A4000 040, 6MB RAM. 250 MB* £2029 A4000 040, 6MB RAM. 340 MB* £2109 A4000 040. 6MB RAM. 420 MB* £2239 Extra 4Mb SIMM £160, or 1Mb
SIMM £45
* Drive my covered by WANG ICL On-Site Warranty SPECIAL OFFER:
£110 TO THE ABOVE PRICES AMIGA 1200 HO A1200 + 64Mb Hard Drive
£439 A1200 + 85Mb Hard Drive £ 489 A1200 + 127Mb Hard Drive
£519 A1200 + 209Mb Hard Drive £ 589 DESKTOP DYNAMITE AVAILABLE
+ £50 All A12(K)'s are covered by WANG ICL On-Site Warranty
AUDIO PRODUCTS SUNRIZE AD516 STUDIO 16 8 Track Stereo. 16-Bit.
Better than CD Quality - Direct to Disk Recording. Editing &
Playback. Can be used in conjunction with Bars & Pipes
Professional and the Digital Broadcaster from Digital Microntcs
via SMPTE, £1249 SUNRIZE AD1012 STUDIO 16 4 Track Mono.
12-Bit. Direct to Disk Recording. Editing & Playback. Can also
be used in conjunction with Bars & Pipes Professional and the
Digital Broadcaster from Digital Micronics, via SMPTE.
£499 FOR FURTHER DETAILS. PLEASE CALL HARO DRIVES A1EOO Drives 85 MB & CABLE £ 209 127 MB & CABLE £239 170 MB & CABLE £265 209 MB & CABLE £ 369 Bam SCSI Drives 40 MB SCSI 3.5" £110 120 MB SCSI 3.5" £199 170 MB SCSI 3.5" £245 240 MB SCSI 3.5“ £ 295 345 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 365 525 MB SCSI 2 3.5" £ 659
1. 0 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £ 869
1. 6 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £1129
2. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25" £1199
2. 0 GB SCSI 2 3-5“ £1739
3. 0 GB SCSI 2 5-25" £2049
3. 5 GB SCSI 2 5.25" £2479
4. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25 £2649 Ask about drives suitable for Digital
Broadcaster 32 Bam IDE Drives 80 MB IDE 3.5" 120 MB IDE 3.5"
210 MB IDE 3.5" 250 MB IDE 3.5" 340 MB IDE 3.5" 420 MB IDE
3.5" £ 119 £ 179 £ 219 £ 239 £ 329 £ 399 HARO DRIVE
CONTROLLERS GVP HC81A4008 SCSI + RAM A2000 & 4000 £ 129 BSC
AT-BUS 2008 IDE + RAM A2000 & 4000 £ 89 ICD ADVANTAGE 2000
SCSI A2000 & 4000 £ 85 FASTLANE Z3 SCSI-2 + Upto 64Mb
(A3000 4000) Now £ 325 Ideal for Digital Broadcaster 32
150MB SCSI-2 INTERNAL DRIVE £ 459 150MB SCSI-2 EXTERNAL DRIVE £ 549 150MB REMOVABLE CARTRIDGE £ 89 Drives are supplied with 1 FREE Cartridge BERNOULLI drives are up to 290% quicker than Syquest drives with better £ Mb ratio.
(V2) £ 59 TAPEWORM FILESYSTEM £ 75 Other Professional Software Available on Request VIDEO PRODUCTS DIGITAL BROADCASTER 32 This Zorro III card performs all of the major functions of a full, broadcast quality. ON-LINE. NON-LINEAR digital video edit suite.
It provides REAL-TIME. FULL MOTION JPEG (50 fields per second) Capture & Compression, direct to hard disk. The video can then be edited and subsequently Decompressed and Played back in REAL-TIME, at 25 fps in broadcast quality, direct to video, laser disk recorder etc. Also included on the board is full SMPTE timecoding, read & write. The card interfaces with the AD516 Studio 16. 8 track stereo and 4 track mono audio cards from Sunrize Industries to enable full audio (lip sync) to video. It requires an Amiga 3000 or 4000 with 68040 processor, large SCSI-2 hard drive, and fast SCSI-2 hard drive
Typical System:- Amiga 4000 040 (2+ 16. 340Mb HD) Digital Broadcaster 32 (Zorro III Card) Fastlane Z3 (SCSI-2 Controller Card)
2. 0Gb Fast SCSI-2 3.5" HD (For Video)
2. 0Gb SCSI DAT Internal Tape Streamer Sunrize AD516 Studio 16
(Audio Card) CO I 525Mb SCSI-2 HD 3.5" x 1" (For Audio)
Cub-Scan 1440 Monitor (For Amiga) Commodore 1084S Monitor (For
Video) Image Processing Software (ADPRO) System Configuration
& Testing TOTAL SYSTEM = Approx. £11.500 (inc. VAT) FOR FULL.
OPALVISION MAIN BOARD (V.2) £369 £ Call £ Call E Call VIDEO PROCESSOR VIDEO SUITE TIME BASE CORRECTOR EVP IMPACT VISION E4 24-Bit Professional Graphics board with Frame Grabber Digitiser. Flicker -Fixer. Genlock & Picture - in - Picture etc. With Caligari 24. Macro Paint 2.
MyLad & Desktop Darkroom software.
SORRY, WE CAN'T ALWAYS MATCH ON PRICE - HOWEVER OUR EXPERTISE IS FREE ' DELIVERY CHARGES Express £6 Economy £4 For timed deliveries, or heavy orders, please call.
MONITORS 5LIRCHARGE If ordering with ACCESS or VISA. Ihereisa2.5 surcharge. Ng surchargo for V1SA-DELTA. CONNECT or SwfTCH COMMODORE 1942 (Stereo. Bi-Sync) £ 349 MICROVITEC CUB-SCAN 1440 (Full Multi-sync. 0.28 p tch. Digital Memory) £ 419 HARLEQUIN -h (WITH FREE Vlab Y C) With 4Mb Vram double buffered £1549 With 2Mb Vram smgle buffered £1449 BB881 EBB82 FPU S 68881 20 Mhz PGA £ 49 68882 25 Mhz PGA £ 79 68882 33MHz PGA £109 68882 50 Mhz PGA £149 68882 25 Mhz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. £ 79 68882 33 Mhz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. £ 99 68882 40 Mhz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. £129 EBD3D CPU s
68030 25 Mhz PGA £79 68030 33 Mhz PGA £109 68030 50 Mhz PGA £159 68EC030 40MHZ £99 MODEMS SUPRA FAXMODEM V.32bis (No s w) £ 249 SUPRA FAXMODEM V32bis (Inc s w) £ 299 US Robotics Courier Dual Std. 16.8 £ 539 Vlab Y C Real-time digitiser £ 359 Personal 5FC Single Frame Controller £ 449 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 2Mb £ 379 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 4Mb £ 485 PICASSO II 24-Bit RTG Graphics Card A2 3 4000 up to 1280 x 1024 (2Mb) £ 325 PICASSO II with TVPaint Junior £ 375 PICASSO II with TVPaint 2.0 £ 489 DON’T FORGET TO CALL THE BIG BANG BURGER BAR BBS 081 909 2064 HOW TO ORDER HAVE YOUR DEBITOR CREDIT CARD
DETAILS AT HAND. AND CALL:- 0992-714539 10-7 Monday- Friday Closed Sal & Sunday OR BY POST.
HERTS. EN8 7HQ PLEASE ASK FC FREE PRICE LIST HARD DRIVE 1200s AT LOW PRICES A1200 NO HD A1200+64MEG A1200+80MEG ONLY £279.99 ONLY £439.99 ONLY £454.99 FROM THE UK8 No. 1 AMIGA HARD DRIVE SPECIALISTS TRILOGI w A1200+212MEG A1200+250MEG A1200+270MEG HAVE A HARD DRIVE FITTED from £159.99 SALES 0274 691115 THE amazing CHAOS GAMESJPACK E19.9C CRAOk HCJ* 200 i MIRACLE KEYBOARDS £229.99 inc 2 fro© SONG BOOKS worth (99.91 1 BOOKS 6 VIDEOS Inasierik: wiiga *•» «x ...... ImnMiiM) «Mia doe 2 vu i Ihasifum: mho* d * 7 va. 2 ImsirRiM; Mxuinmoi ) ...... | ma sr i;m w: «ua nos i va 2 IfTiSltRlw; fW ii
c .... IreSTFRiic mica. I'Riktcrs ... I re sir m w: wdCk ASSOIBLIA .. |»STf*IHfi M11GA STSIB1 ..... I restt¦ i Hr. *wa «N06 ImsTtRiN'. Wick - Trr.nnms Imw iksktr cinw . ¦ *i oo iMMtcR cuue . 1*1766 Tiir Mbit iVf.H VIDEO* |»H r 5*1 wr 4 vidbd 1 DVANO.O MuikE MTMT 4 .... !
iNiictLuureous itdis N AMIGA PRINTER PORT rxce cab® EXPANDERS
uorth . (ID.49 3way - (34.99 inc cable 3way - (37.99 inc cable
4way - (39.99 inc cable fill u «nulling i* l . 1 ile.ei lo yut*
coRpite® pRiMitK ran. Switch to map.lar !«al inoidnit:- State
'UJtG* for |WlAtai»i or for Digit linn, Rcannex 4 *oag.|er«. .
(I 4?.'
. 1117.'
. 12 27.’ . 1244.'
. 11(4.'
. DOT.1 . 1744 .'
SEAL N TYPE KEYBOARD SKINS £12.99 ¦arm our oust a LtgUIbA.
Pit amgly orti yvvr Aqrboprrt - ¦a.uldul to lit wor each kary, but flaalble enra.gh In typa t)irou inhindpipd. Aral labia (or fill AMIGA*
- plaea etate ebloh.
MONITOR LEADS CP }1 HAMae available - ploaao anguira.
Ml - Ml OT TV* WTTH SORT SOOP. F K ALL AMI CAS inc auriin Inal .. 111.11
U. 6 A»*,T*Ar CPC 444 MiXIl r® 11). 77
AI.7P 011*1 10I4S Hon P* TO ALL to I CAS inc a .end lee! ......(14.77 ALU 7PIN mu r mi 11smes lpap to ALI. AMIGA4 112.1?
ALI2 15PIM PPM® JRCW M»ny aejltieync aaiton ..(14.77 ALII 15PIN NUP Iwto tony arltioync mtiton. ..(14.77 mcnxi ivi n t£AD pea him isvrr KVNlTtRS 7 « 15 pttol nt akl (19.91 WXKR.AT-’* rrrrreioM irad - tordacae ¦ndulalor cmthnnj ..(10.77 IDK1 ft* !*IIVEl • WAVY tun (12.97 Al 200 MCHPSTATI® ....1)7.77 SPARES I MISC tv (rniiArtR ica.Tiuvjoi (14.94 LS70 TV •OC4X.ATOR - urv ----177.95 PAIWT CAB® to low; 117.77 ..(15.44 ..(21.17 HOUSE .(14.77 rrwiNnil w ..(14.94
(4. 7?
AWOPtW ....(12.44 NfttfXr® J0YST1 3 ......1(7.77 1®STI® tolTOl ......17.77 1AMIGA 500 HARD DRIVES & UPGRADES PRO NIDI INTERPACE ONLY £22.99 langi* 5 p wr cmttK atmxrta.1 us au.
MiQA HIM forrmm Midi Iratk l.7e -11.77 la - (7.77 SUPERPI 2 STEREO SYSTEM HI PI QUALITY L only £54.99 MtftfS RAM. TWKUT 1 VCLlMf CUWWLt sursvx i IT DUO BT4TP4 OMLT £19.99 (Oy* itxal aalna pau 14.47)
(141. 49
1) 99.9?
1467. 79
1119. 71 (191 .7?
(147. 97 1449,??
I or *500 - F* I a' traar - (or A5B0 nr ial ora i a *5oo *tUL oma cvr stairs ii ace * 47 n*i OIV SOURS II Hdtr Hoaoq gvr st irs II no* • ) 40eng 1 A590 A avr SCIX (DRIVE UPORADCS.
I 170ME3 (329.99 , 340MZO 019.99 COMEG 1409.99 Solatoa lor GVP NON J HCR.A530* CBM A590 La . . . W Bradford Mot Olf SERIES II MCI (nr AlSOOf 2000 4»0 - NO nilVT g r snrits n hc* * 4N»».j fur aisoo 1000 3 5 SCAIRS II N * • I70»g BTCUt 057* CVR SB)IB II DCS • Hotaj VKUL ONH voam at oaca oahbic 2(« *c anaAioe roa ajoo nr 447.77 cvr 5C744 »C DUHATOa CMD rta SCRIES II HARD Dal vrs 177.77 L4*Si nay ha a chaxgad by U» Lie y©U raad thil.
All mlitmd rraihenuk* ai achinvl ndgnl.cijun *r» •.!«¦»• «.« t for jo. To rollert. Bit ¦ Iw‘.. 1 4 «m km. Do omr Iron t.aa to t.aa. J» iiriiarga aglia M* hnl. • Ilia »ua ® ALL AM! CAM) Ullt UNIT 1, 253 NEW WORKS RD, BRADFORD, UK, BD12 OQP Cat 1984 PAX 0374 400150 ACCESS VISA SWITCH DELTA CONNECT AMEX SWITCH CAMS kCCWHT1D FOR TILEPBOHC 0ADI8I PAST PROPS4STOMAL HAI LOADER SERVICE. IAMEDAT DEBPATCI*
J) ft*, by pinna oalng yuui a adit, diu qa, or drtnt card.
21 Cr *r by Mail • aandiiq rtiwjw tehATTT Aelt or pnatal ackre pay tola tn 7* 11.0CIC. )) Pleat* fcH part pitta® 1 packing ll( 11.9? 10 atoll *dara undar 1140 or
17. 00 to .anil oriW. Over 1100.
Tnr . l.iuMy or fragile itaaa oont by can Im only: 401* IS.SO) Overnight
17. SO Ok Mainland only. Soot ll to Sighlm.*. 19.501 N.IRtLAHD.
112.00; [IH .no IA Saturday da 11 vary (14.00 (Hot available
to Sent tin k Highland*) OxmW i44Hlli nir pttpaaty until paid
lor. To good* baing in ntmk n AMIGA 4000 CotMQPQR* 1014*
£189.99 | II- SVG* O.Ttaaa MIRES K)«ITOa (277.77 FOR 31 KHZ
Digital aaaoiy picture airing (ar berJerle44 Sliplay NOW ONLY
£399.99 HOIKS tn ALL 1100 MODtS . MK3&JTTEC 20" CUBSCAN
£949.99 supwri i snwo spmiers (19.77 mnwf nsKQW iuroscui
1 at apoc to 4 «a, wit hi.at yKV Digital nonary)
£689.99 monitors!
CANON DEALtA CklkVi 8J10SX ..(175.77 atm SJC4B6 ..1744.99 HJ19 Ml TV MfPi P»H)ea 147.77 PBZCEB HP OCOKJET DCALSA ms jit sso c . 1474 . 7?
Wzajn lit mm .....(2)4.99 K3WCT )10 catHN ...1274 ,7?
110 »eTT rrmrv ..... 147.77 aTlRN 9“1PT *« "'* ... ciTism erirr to cnxxw .
Nntw a«iri 240 wur .. nnux Shin 244 a ioi* anxw win ioo w w .. 31! I» swift 70S ODUM* mam n - model CITXISI PRICE! 0091 ADD A 8KCOND HARD DA IVI FROM f259.99 DIY HARD DRIVE KIT) AMIGA $ 00 1200 IDS 3.5“ HARD DRIVE BOUSING KIT COLOUR MATCHED ALLOT CASE TARES J • 8" IDE DRIVES IDE ADAPTOR 4 3.5* CABLE inc power connector.
HD XHSYALL PREP DISK EXTERHAL PSU SOCKET TtlC craplrtn au lilt 401 tor cta»nacUng J.S* Idt drive U your •aiga 4(0 and 1200.
Rugb typae I . Subtly rvaerla lo Ui4 ImlKll IDE ownnctor »ltb Itw caSrl* tuppllrd-
W. ziating internal hard drive iranina aonnerta.1. Optimal «U ll
onn 1 [Maa( p*dl ¦ay tor i«r)uiml it pore rhan ea hard drive
2. 5* as 3.5* di ceil 7.77
1. 5* » *.»* I CxtlM 131.77 mplbd eatiP 91 RT 4 UR 64 HXO only
£159.99 n a 80 «ro only £179.99 n a 17 044M only
(219. 99
(279. 99 210*00 only
1236. 99 £294.99 2 50MB 3 ©niy £259.99 £319.99 2 7 0*410 only
£269.99 £329.99 )40KEO only £299.99 £359.99 42 0XZO only
099. 99
(439. 99 340MEO only
(369. 99
1619. 99 NiJJ GVP Al 2 30-2 40KHz With MM7 audiat tor PK. Ilna
two IS.It kia 1 in pan I inn mmcliit.
WI1R no fpu » Qaag .(377.77 I no far ....(4 35 .77 nn laro i tcmi inu .... on.tt to* GVP A1230-2 50MHz 50 Ml I Rim no f U 4 (Nag ... DM ,7?
So ran «m inn no pni till.??
¦ I It)DUIE ...IT4. 77 VIDI 12 ...‘ I*-»« vidi war .ll??.??
Vidi J4bt .(249.99 I (,vr IV 24 (I at (797.7?
vr rca sPBcmm «cn hi?. 9?
Rr»M CTI500 oouxa sown (449.94 tfSOM CI80W (DUD* SchWIAf 1147.77 AD SC SorvaiM with acamer .. (77.77 ADV. Erailabla a iarately .. (1M.94 PRO VIDEO PROCESSOR ONLY £149.99 I* atantlalonu TWO Inpul awlio i VIDEO ImuXN (with SVWS in tmt |. Ran cionnleln.
1 fade tn til*3., overlay; alp™. «i«« n ! • a tar an tine iipuU. AnkllMC VM.IR GVP GENLOCK £289.99 MIHICENLOCK PRO £149.99 A1200 ACCELERATORS VIDEO DBPT B uc*Tr.nki tub Kimmi i ADSC SCAN Mr* ScmftRR ......1107.77 ADI JIMIOR RAN® .....114.77 t ADI MAW® .(IT.4? T me* ......1)1.77 met. - bast ...(J).44 W706 X ...127.77 met, crariira .117.77 mi* fAGRSSKSikL • D0« 10 07.71 Nice wo cxsriLta ....12).77 art ot* 1 pro *G* ....(1)4.44 IR II. 1.1 Ml®. ..1144.77 HARS AND riPRS «0 V2 ......
1777.77 Oirw; DfK W ..1)4.41 toiwr PAIWT 4*0* ....U4. 77 leuix* NKIC 2 (44.44 15 .TIC ) .R7, 77 01 urriORt 0451s vi cni.r .. 14*. 77 DI START 41)US V4.2 ....(44.97 P BPITfNTK ..11*7.7?
PI HU. Con 7 r2 WW '.VPSICN «6T. 77 ruw. Mkrrnt ivt.iv CUM SCWX3- 1 RAN® ..114.77 t n M SOOl 4 RAN® ..(17.44 5 CI«I«M ...1S4.77 ® RCUir PI in .1)5.77 (DU) DISK (*TI(X 1 ......(44.77 1.17.77 HISP5TO PASTAI .(77.74 H1SCPT K«IC ..(47.77 mr« Atraiwri J ......(14.77 lAACnKKTW - 1114.71 KID'S PIX .(17.77 KutiwmiK 1 ...(74. 41 C V6 ....1217.77 rertPATU p » vista ..127.77 IK1IPUN VI ...(25.14 rent ii*. Maths .in. 77 * waio
ran® ...117.44 II ram crriCE nAa«iM .. «*.??
IteilTI I'll* II) OPT .. 11)7.7?
Warv HAMS:MS .(44.44 IDS!C X 1.1 ...(24.77 KXDY'S PI*XT1I» .....(17.44 * (OrOY'5 BIG ACYUmil* ...... (P-W » racesrm ) ..tii.77 raiMT n SUA (17.44 I p*®J.WAN 2. 72 ......(67.77 17ITA.I STILL OILT ...115.77 wr* CMC .(61.41 m®PSSI NAL WAN J .(PC* i«®»ss! N*iP* * 4 ..(44.41 OUAPTOBA® 5 .....147.77 tAIAftTVRBACX TCOI* Will© ... 177.77 WAL » Wr*g«t(*Al. V2 .... 044.44 SC ALA an 00 ... 167.77 SC AIA vsiil ... 44. 47 SCA1A M»VI« ...(144.77 SCOIKRT
ANIMAT® .....157. *7 SP It. I INC PAW .117.14 I St E*P CM AST PR SAWI.ra 127.77 si:itsraw pf» oHw. 4 (114.44 SurtRBAS rRfftSSIOIAL 4 ...12)?.??
TPOtrrectMO Ttano 7 .1)7.7?
TSH 0W CP UN BAIKA (11.74 I TV WAP® H .(26.77 TUBimia 1 nt mo V7 .... vi wo Distcra ..... vi si cm w r VISTA Ikl M0RO4CNTH PRICE IN£U D£_SjJ-
Puli. Moiucscaca xkbtalaco 13 MPMTHR YAMtAKTT
• juaf StUd JM * ».
Liii’ t it***V" V * aia' ooi'i act' V1 iV' 6 " ratiita by vviniyyVstfflM «w oat7 tll.T* artir*.
You can't oo wrong. . .
ALL oira Dtzvii TIT zvtewiallt tfttfl wo woea to caxe. Or pldppt Dim.
Al anvco are tamWM, p*dn«ead 4 full workbento « nstailed to they are «eedy to use Wave 100* cX uXiWied 1266 hard drive users 4 If an (I PM drlkf • art cortr your Atnfgo tor (f»f remainder ot Its Umontti warranty,
• o doel t» pul o« try 'SOUfl GRAPES' earnings from oHie
adv* t.Wi 1 HITB OrriOMAL 68BB1 M. 20MHZ FPU ADD £49.99 25MHZ
PPU ADD £59.99 33MHZ PPU ADD £69.99 40MHZ PPU ADD £99.99
A1200 . 174.77 ai wpd cxiiaai (77.17 ALICM)
) ..117.77 u ien hRrrxi 2 .122.14
IMIl U; RUHHKk A1700 117.77 ottorionshlP mi® 77 )
.....(17.77 CNAWION SHIP »*; 44 LPCPAW(4.44 OlPSS ChtoPlOM 7175
.114.77 AtoA KW 2 24.44 CIVlLISATIOl
A1200 . 121.17 (TIM1AT AIR PatVCX .....172.47
rtXR. *Pfl» .122.11 W»RT ST
RIM: .(2). *7 rrwns ai » ..06.14 wfp
cnur . (11.17 DOC
PICK! .(27.97 eLl« 2 - nornm ..(22.94
HjtlPP-AM ChtoPIOto ..117.77 PI. Ad 1*1
AC* .171.77 211(341 SIM
2 ..(29.11 Pliorr SD4 WIT SCRM'RI .... 1J2.17
PllCHT ni(»iB (28.44 ®toU1 mu*id cxiarr 12J.79
a I.SMlP 7000 .. 176.77 HI PJB
OIW (21.44 1SHAR A1200 ...
122.77 ISHAR 7 A1200 . 122.17 JURASSIC
RAW .111.14 rhkhakxr .127.*7
nonr'i ruw Hcx)iS ..(14.14
• nry FALDO * CHAM11.HP X ® . (26.17 MI Ot IM AW
F .126.17 a 0i»ive .(14.94
OVWKIIL ..114.97 cup stirp
arttai) ......(14.44 mt» ir*r hwa®* 2 *120* ... 117.77
RAIX.Y .....1 7 Ml®S OP PITAWICIir
.(24.47 SCABtue ...121.77 »ikiivk
scctik 42 4] ......(11.44 SETTUERS .. (23-14
S1MT1I Tt« SWCHE AW00 ----1)0.77 St into PA
5 .(11.11 SLEKPMILJCER A1700 ....
119.77 SIM LIFE Al206 (24.44 srtce
Lbcmre .S33. r» ®aas»«STrRs woo ..122.17
STAR IVFK A1J00IB ....(2).44 TV AMS to TACTIC A AI700
(22.77 morniAT® 2 ..(22.14 IN KATIE OP
DKATN .....121.11 TUB I'ATRICIto .(25.77
WIMIM 2 .(14.44
* 00.2 AW00 ...(11.17 CD33 TZTLK8 ALHtKD
oriaw (14.17 MahlAN khIO.TS ......(14.77
UR H«MRai ..(24.94 nerp ojht .
(24.94 JatoJ. P®«1 2 ..124.97 J0M1I HARWS
railTIALL (14.97 JUPASS1C PAR* .126.77
URRATlOt (24.44
lAiniUIRM .(21.77
• r AM to PAW Alt ..(24.77 Ml
XTARM .( 2
• ORPM .....124.17 HI®!. Mah SKI Id C toll
......(24.11 CVKMIil .121.17 PIM1AIJ. PAMTASI
KS ....126.77 Wftjra X .(24.44 SN&IPIS
K4HX ......(24.11 to ALTS WYA® . xoa
...... A1200+340MEG ONLY £599.99 A1200+540MEG
In the event of breektiown.
PRICES SHOWN ARE FOR RACE n CHASE PACK ADD £45 FOR DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK ONLY £514.99 ONLY £539.99 ONLY £559.99 TOP AMIGA CAME: )EO i A1200+170MEG ONLY £499.99 x COPT PRO 133.99 Mki CYCLONE ADAPTOR W«u Nil. Hiking baclup* aithoot IW I pnre.aa im ol the copyright hnlttot ia I il legal.
BACKUP UTILITIES TECHNICAL HELP Scan rates Jl have recently encountered a problem which I am sure is shared by many Amiga owners in that I have ailed a Picasso II retargetable ' :hics board and I am now seek- j a suitable monitor.
Tht Picasso's screen modes »*ge between 36kHz and 63kHz,
• Ihe IDEK MF-5315, which scans
• ¦*een 30 and 66kHz seems suit* e The problem is that many
program screens insist on » ng the 15kHz PAL and NTSC een modes
and cannot be !,ed. Even using Picasso's mge Screen software,
an exam- r of which is ADPro s main con- ACAS
• screen.
• would therefore seem that I wauire a monitor to scan between :
ind 63kHz. Which is asking quite at considering that the only
mon- s which can scan down to «Hz usually can't scan above i
could of course split the
• •ga's RGB signal between the and my existing TV but I don't to
sending incorrect frequents to one of them.
Would it be worth purchasing a in-doubler to change all 15kHz :des to 30kHz? If so. Can you ?ase recommend one and explain ? Basic workings?
Brett Buckley. Huddersfield Jyou seem to be a little confused about how the Picasso card itself works.
«« most cards of its kind it has a jilt in “scan-doubler'' (de-inter- :er. Or flicker fixer to the rest of h which is software controlled :m Workbench.
This means that Picasso will re-
* 9«t any 15kHz screens opened :m Workbench which use the
- - ga s display database.
All or most productivity soft- ire. Including ADPro, can be «de to re-target to Picasso's jher frequency display, though 'ey will retain their original pixel solution.
Commercial games software ~ach takes over the system and a « productivity packages such as aligari will not work with RTG
* nJs. And for most of these, cer- « nly all the games, a 15kHz
dis- »y device will be needed, if you still think you need a
:kHz monitor, try IDEK gain. The
- rrent range of monitors has been
- gmented by special “low scan"
• idels which cover the usual high
* quencies but also have a setting the PAL 15kHz mode. They are
- ore expensive, of course, but you r*ts what you pays for.
Deep-fried chips F About eight or nine weeks ago, my Amiga 500 stopped working after having trouble with my Star NX-2420 printer. I took il to the local (300km away!) Dealer who diagnosed the problem as a destroyed CIA chip and replaced both.
Upon returning home, I fired up my system and saw the familiar Workbench screen once more. It did not take long for the printer, after a little cable switching - with the power off, of course - to once again fry the CIA.
The dealer again replaced my CIA chip, but only the one directly in line with the parallel port. This worked, and aside from a fried printer (it is 120V and was plugged into 220V), the rest of the system worked.
However, I discovered that disks and programs were not loading properly. In fact, if I double clicked on one, it was a toss-up whether it loaded or not. In the latter case the system would freeze, warranting a reboot.
S-Xpress I've just completed making my first auto-booting disk and I'm feeling proud of myself, but I'm still unclear about exactly what all the directories do. Especially S and L. I know that the startup-sequence goes in S. but what else can it be used for and what goes in the L directory? Please help, because I can feel confusion creeping back in, Dave Fairlie. Dudley What is wrong with my system? I suspect that the other CIA chip is on its way out. Am I right?
John Gibbs, Yanbu al-Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia The $ directory is used mainly to store script files (of which startup- sequence is the best example), which means it is often where Arexx macros are stored, and where user-startup scripts, and special startup scripts for various programs can be located. Apart from the odd alteration to starlup-sequence, most users need never look in the S directory.
Your L directory is where device handlers are stored. These files are complementary to the devices found in the Devs drawer and a bare Workbench disk will usually contain at least the Ram-Handier, which provides the RAM disk, and the Port-Handier, which controls the way in which the serial and parallel ports are accessed.
Again, the L directory is one which should need little in the way of intervention from the user, though it is also where, in pre-WB2 machines, the disk-val- idator file is stored, and so is also where the Saddam virus will lurk when he first infects your machine.
R Fit certainly sounds as if the dealer should have replaced both CIA chips the second time round, especially if you have been plugging mismatched peripherals into your Amiga.
Plugging an electrical device into the wrong type of power outlet will damage both the peripheral itself and anything it is connected to through overloads, voltage spikes, and so on, and this sounds like the most likely cause of your I O problems.The best course of action would be to have your dealer give the Amiga a complete once-over to check that more elements of the system have not been damaged by your mistake in connecting a printer with the wrong power rating.
Disk samples I have started to experiment IP with music on my Amiga and
* have bought a DSS R-bit sound sampler and a Midi interface to
connect to my Yamaha keyboard, now, however.
I've started on a tune which demands long samples and I don't have the memory to play them back.
Would it be cheaper to buy extra memory or go for a hard drive? I've heard of PD direct-to-disk sampling software, but is it any good and would I need a fast hard drive?
Lightning never strikes twice... unless it’s in the Amiga’s premier technical letters page, that is C Masftrton, Famborough r Sampling direct to hard disk does not require an overly fast hard drive and any ordinary IDE or SCSI device should have a data transfer rate sufficient for the job. In cases where lower sample quality is acceptable (no more than about 14kHz), a floppy disk can be used to play back fairly large samples, and these are much slower than Hds.
For CD quality sound (44kHz) you will need about 11Mb for one minute of stereo, so a 40Mb hard drive should be enough for basic use, though if you wish to Store lots of samples a 100Mb+ hard drive would be better.
Public domain and shareware direct- to-disk sampling programs arc available, and many of them do a fine job, but don't expect the sort of features your G VP software offers.
The majority of PD sampling programs of this kind are designed for the basic job of sampling and if you don't have wads of memory you might find editing the samples a tad difficult.
One of the commercial virtual memory packages, such as GigaMem which uses hard drive space as if it were RAM, would be a good idea in this case, but you'll need a chip with a memorv management unit (MMU), which is not present in chips with the EC designation.
The 68EC020, fitted in all A1200s, was originally designed to be used as a cheap embedded controller (hence EC) for domestic appliances and doesn't have an MMU. Nor does the 68EC030 used in the A4000 030, so make sure before looking at virtual memory options that you have the appropriate hardware.
Bitmap success Two days after writing you a letter asking for advice on how to solve the problem of the message "unable to read ¦ TECHNICAL HELP You got problems too? Then drop a line to Amiga Computing Advice Service, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP and we’ll move heaven and earth to help in these columns. But sorry, we cannot reply personally, so save those 'SAEs.
Don't know exactly what they do. For example, many of my program icons have tool types for font directories, and something called CX_Popup being either yes or no. What's it all about, eh?
Roger Pennington, Cardiff rTool types are the same as the parameters you might type in to accompany a CLI command and they offer the user a chance to change the way a program loads up and automatically pass instructions to it as it loads.
Those tool types which refer to a drawer on your hard drive usually tell (he program where to look for its data files and so on, and the CX_Popup tool type tells the Amiga whether a program's interface should appear when it is loaded.
Only commodities, designed to run at boot-up in the background usually use CX_Popup tool types, but authors are Gadget trouble so don’t worry about the SID error message. As long as you have v39.6 of Workbench (the version supplied with every A1200), you should have no problems.
First thing to try is re-installing your Workbench software to ensure that all the correct libraries and files are present, then get a modern virus checker and give all your disks a good going over.
It is sometimes a first indication of a viral infection when software doesn't function as expected, and a general virus sweep is a good idea from time to time anyway. If your Palette program still doesn't work you should lay your hands on a completely fresh WB3 disk and re-install with that.
Many users buying A1200s from local dealers who had installed Workbench in the back room of the shop later found out that installation, consisting of dragging all visible icons to the system partition, had only been partially completed, and this could be the case with your drive.
Rl have a problem with the palette editor in the Prefs drawer ot my new A1200. Although it allowed me to customise my Workbench colours originally, if I now select it I get an advisory error “srequires coiourwheel gadget v39 Using SfD shows me that the gadget is indeed present in my SYS:Classes Gadgets drawer, but if I select to run this through SID I get ‘file not executable return code 10*. Selecting Multiview also shows me that the gadget is there but if I try to open any file I am told that it is an unknown datatype. Is this a separate problem?
If I boot from my copy of the Workbench 3.0 disk the editor selects as advertised. What can I do and can you give me more information on return codes? Incidentally, why does SID tell me that my 85Mb drive is only an 83.5Mb drive?
Mike Phillips, Naples. Italy r It sounds as though you have a systemic problem, as both the datatypes and gadgets are failing to function properly. These are not executable files.
Bitmap" I have managed to solve the problem by using RDPrep to re-format the whole disk (yikes! - Ed).
However, I'd still like to know what a bitmap reading error is and its likely causes, so perhaps you could still reply to those questions. My other query about whether the whirring noise of a hard disk is common to all drives stands, though, as this noise is driving me up the wall.
Stephen Solar, Bagulcy rThe whirring noise you can hear with all hard drives is the sound of the disk continually rotating. As hard drives spin much faster than floppies it is necessary to keep them spinning rather than wait each time you access the drive for it to reach operational speed.
Floppy users can initially be shocked by the noise made by hard drives, partly because they are the only constantly moving parts in a system unless it also has a cooling fan.
A bitmap, in hard drive terms, is a digital picture drawn by the Amiga on the hard drive's root block. This picture holds the locations of all files on the drive and if it is corrupted you will receive error messages relating either to the fact that it cannot be read or that the drive is "unvalidated".
Bitmap errors are about the least dangerous of hard drive problems and shouldn't cause complete re-formats so long as you have access to one of the disk repair programs on offer.
Quarterback Tools, given awav on a recent CoverDisk, has a few problems with the A1200's IDE drive, but Quarterback Tools Deluxe does not and should sort out the problem in less traumatic fashion if it ever appears again.
Tool types The use of so-called "tool I™ types" in icons has been a
• source of confusion for me since I bought my A500 Plus, and I
still free to use a list of standard tool types (for
consistency's sake) or use as many of their own as they feel
Full details on a program's tool types can usually be found in the accompanying documentation and should be looked upon as useful and flexible allies rather than foes.
If a program opens in interlace, for example, and you can see no way to change this through the program's menus, checking the icon's tool types can sometimes reveal tool types such as LACE=YES which can be changed to alter the default screen mode.
CD for all rln the eyes of A2000 owners, such as myself, the CD-ROM boom seems far away, but I have recentlv been given hope by the appearance on my favourite bulletin board of a CD-ROM filesvstem for all Bad lists Fl’ve noticed a bit of a ' on the subject of program I ings in the magazine, and] like to add my tuppence worth. I hate( buggers.
How many times, when I own Spectrum, did I blindly type in a incomprehensible gibberish, only to f that some unknown cock-up in line!
Caused the program to crash? Doz How many times did I throw | Spectrum against the wall in frus when I realised after half an hour thalf tiny typeface was responsible for 4 thinking a colon was a semi-cok comma a full stop, and so on? Doze How soon would I like to refresh ( memory and re-experience this i inflicted hell? Never. And that’s my penn’orth on the subject of listings.
If you have to have program I please supply them on disk. Thai i some poor fool wants to type them i can print them out and do it the hard i while the rest of us read through t our monitor screens.
Graham Kelly, rOK, that’s another additk the Great Listings Debate far we've had beginner* support, old lags (who suffered 1 same hell as Mr Kelly) in stau resistance to the idea, and a i of waverers.
The jury is still out. Folks, so | those pens a-scribbling.
Amigas. If I install this filesystem. access CD software? If so, will 11 special interface or some sort of t hardware to make CD-ROMs wc my ECS-equipped machine?
H Trough ton, p rThe filesystem to which j refer is designed to moi SCSI controlled CD- drive as if it were another Al device such as a floppy or hard i and should give your system acce most non-program CD-ROMs comply to the ISO 9660 standard.
With the help of a SCSI inte card and a cheap CD-ROM from I dealer you should be able to acce CD-ROM of clip art, text file graphics, though you won't, of CO be able to play PC games.
You should also have access I various Amiga CD-ROMs such ; CDPD collection from AlmatJ Systems, but I am unsure about] possibility of playing bootable I game disks.
Download the archive and che documentation for yourself if you!
Full details, but always be aware this is not a CDTV or CD32 “ea lor", but simply a filesystem by some Cds can be read from.
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DISTRIBUTORS - amiga computing issue 52 enmmo cup mt FuOf
KyTodand at brush** roattf for nxxyl (Aractry into yoor
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Sown. Ca floors Muiary Plant*. An mart, Tranipon, Boom Pccc?
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Moaaar*Bon»*. Ana s*Mons.
HIM mu 0UHLITV IFF CUP PUT Th*s* vdurrws corttm 300 ¦ COO dpi scam that any extr*m*ly uirge Onoetha
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Aroet import pW your DTP and Graphics programs Standard iff
format and m compatabla with Ail irjaidr itpMSTtW* n*at hem
wwy wm«'wr**’ « EMC Volume 34 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals
I Bear* BlnS* Dojs Waio-. Enacts. Hoiwo Repttes and Exotc
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CarsACiassic. Commercial. Boas. Eng Tools and Train* EMC
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EMC Volume 43 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Sports Gymnastics. TP Bowirg, Vwai Tenntt, Golf, Waior, Bad o m«$ «tc EMC Volume 44 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Education 1 8t tes. Sc red Cburctcs. Christ Pneau History. World Map*. Ard Places EMC Volume 45 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF Various 1 F«fl. Weodnge Easter. XmasABcrcors, Vatentnes. Sterchs ana Wawin*.
EMC Volumo 46 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 2 Buildings. Oarcina Muse Millay. Hoscuc. 2od.se SuMuBl flftd SHVtuWta* EMC Volume 47 * 5 Disks ¦ £14.00 - IFF Humour Animal* (all tvoes). Cnckar* M«ls. People. FruH, Kids, Demists and F«K EMC Volume 50 6 Disks - C16.50 - IFF Dogs & Cats Just abcU every tvwd e» doc and oi. Mcljoing wed doj* and wild call EMC Volume 51 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Birds & Insects Eagles. Owts. Parrott. Pamnot*. Common. Fl« Bud*. Bees and Spoon EMC Volume 52 - 5 Disks - C 14.00 - IFF Ammals 3 Baavarv Gatbls. Hairston. Doors Foxes, Farm Horse* and Rabbits EMC Volume 53 -
5 Disks - £14,00 - IFF Animals 4 Frogs. Snakes. Turtles, Trop.Fish. SoaiFrestnwaier Fish, insects and more EMC Volume 54 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 5 Aocs Ejepnam. Graft *. Moose Zebras. Bears Teddy Bea-a. And more EMC Volume 55 - 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Flowers 1 Darts Ftmerng Rents Clvy*. Ins. Marqoids. Orcnos. Lilies. Pense* etc EMC Volume 56 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Flowers 2 Poopci. Flowers and «* moro flowc'sl.-A musl v *» *}** octamsttout tnorol EMC Volume 57 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Flowers 3 Petunias, Tuips and more dowers* Another must tor at those bolonsls 0U liter*3 EMC
Volume 58 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Trees Humorous. Oak. P*tt. Mapla, Wilows Palme. Bonsai and olhor Trees EMC Volume 59 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Plants1 Bamboo. Fungus. Per Plants. Cacti Yucca. Bulrushes Tholies aAd lots mow' EMC Volume 60 6 Disks • £16.50 • IFF Plants 2 Herbs. Food related pure* ana ot* ol other plants' EMC Volume 61 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Military ArctaF wv i! Pianos Fqhtor*. Tar is*. Arm VaWctet Ships. Thjcwan EMC Volume 62 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Fruit and mors' e and ices more* ___. . Find ico momt EMC Volumo 64 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF People 3 Circus Couples. Hotore
Borders. Women » Beauty lingerie. Hairdressing ole.
EMC Volume 65 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - IFF Events B day. Campnx Easser halKm«en Xrras ana noorhy ?mb rf Wetttng EMC Volume 66 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - IFF Work Garden Tool*. Precision Toota. Working Man Machinery and common Tools.
EMC Volume 67 - 6 D.sks - £16.50 - IFF Food 1 Italian BBO. SwcctefjdtSrcy Ainklcoa, Cnat*Wa«en» and * veg* EMC Volume 68 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - IFF Food 2 Dnnks, S»ad. Mushroome. Sweeccom Crop*. Wne, Cnampagne otc EMC Volume 69 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Science DodOfS. Aratoirry DcrbaiS, hiWcai Fgupmort Nurses, Optciansetc EMC Volume 70 - 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF Education 2 Books. Teach***. Reloon. Worship, Music * Instruments. OfirVityj and IWI' 18 71 -C“ v ---... . ¦ _ • l etc. Boats. OK Hoad. KalarvGermen Sports Cars Buses. Trfch* Awrafl ate EMC Volume 73 • 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Various 4
cesoes Houses Cartoons » Teeoty. TMNTurtles. Speedy Dally and morel EMC Volume 74 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Various 5 Ohwe Equp, Coding. Comp.itsrs. Etectres. Office Borders ana Bus Pecpe EMC Volume 75 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Vanous 6 AmP'Dell. Basketball Soccer Hunng. Fishing. Marti* Arts. Flowers and More EMC Volume 76 - 5 D.sks - £14.00 - IFF VarrtuS 7 Macks Mcuwhotd. Fantasy. Clipart, EngMr Stuff Footwear and more1 orm font* UNO nmoi EMC Volume 2 6 Disks - £16.50 PC ClipArt gam structured dipert arxt img dipan Computers. Border* and lots more" EMC Volume 3 - 2 Disks • £ 6.00 - Pstream
Fonts 34 Pagestream Format tents, compatible with all versions ol Pogestream EMC Volume 21 6 Disks - £16.50 * PCX Clipart For P’slroam user* - Animas Cartoons. Cats. Composer*, School, Sports etc EMC Volume 32 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IMG ChpArt For P’stream users Arnnals. Food. Cartoons Plants, insects and Dmtt EMC Volume 33 6 Disks - £16.50 - IMG ClipAd For Pstream Uwvg - People Chnairm. Bjidrgs 5port* and Ttmaxxl EMC Volume 46 5 Disks - £14.00 - CotorFonts M 4.8 and 16 color loots tor Dpamt Scala, OpaMwon etc EMC Volume 49 5 Disks - £14.00 - ColorFonts 63 4,8 ana 14 color loots ter Opairrt.
Scala. OpAhiMn «d EMC Volume 18 5 Disks • £16.50 • 60 Pdraw Fonts EMC Volume 19 - 5 Disks EMC Volume 20 *5 Disks Typesmith Demo Disk Pagestream2 Demo Disks £6.99 Opalvlslon Update Disks £6.99 £16.50 • 63 Pdraw Fonts £16.50 - 50 Pdraw Fonts £3.50
• 2Sb IFF COLOUQ CMPMCS' FOP aca UNO 24 pit am,as Standard IFF256
format pics that will load directly into any 24 bit or I AGA
application, such as Dpamt 4.5, Opalvision, ADPro etc. You can
use these pics as WB backdrops on A1200 A4000's EMC Volume 66 -
6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cars 1 Ferraris. Corvette, Mercs.
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Sports Cars EMC Volume 90 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Planes 1
Falcons. Spitfire. Bombers, F-14 s Tomcats and more!
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EMC Volume 97 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Horses 2 Horsos in the snow Horses on the beach and more Horses!
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EMC Volume 100 -6 Disks - £16,50 - 256 Cats 1 Realty cute and humorous pictures of Cats and Kittens!
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Iphms. Whales, Frogs, EMC Volume 103 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Sun & Sea Just about everything from Tropical Islands to Sandy Beaches.
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EMC Volume 105 • 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256Animals2 Elephants, Gorillas. Chimps. Monkeys, Seals. Koalas and more!
Wolves, Moose, Cougar, Kangaroo. Fox Pups and lots more!
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Sun ume 111 - 6 Disks -£16.50- Suhnses’and"Sunsets from Cities to Lakes to Deserts!
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£16.50 • 256 Fantasy 1 emale Warriors and lots more!
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Volume 122-5 Disks - C14.00 - 256 Renders 1 Rendered Dragons, Glasshouse, Medcodos cars and more!
EMC Volume 123 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 2 Rendered Bugs. Chess Boards. Various Rooms, F-18 and more1 EMC Volume 124-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 3 Rendered kitchens. Bowling. Insects, Cameras and more!
EMC Volume 125-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 1 Beautiful Women dressed in very little . Blood boiling!
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EMC Volume 135 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Reptiles Snakes. Frogs. Lizards, Crocs and some amazing pics of Dinos.
SPECIALISING IN THE PROMOTION OF DTP ON THE AMIGA AND WINNERS OF THE 1992 AMIGA SHOPPER TOP TYPEFACE AWARD CNOONWLI BY COMMUlXJNt t TVPF f FONTS AH EMC's Type 1 Fonts are compatible with Pagestrepm The | Publisher. Pinal Copy2 rel2. Final Writer and Imagine 2.9* EMC Vol. 4 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 67 Type 1 s EMC Vol. 5 * 5 Disks - £14.00 - 63 TypeVs EMC Vol. 6 - 5 Disks £14.00 -83 TypeVs EMC Vol. 7 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 66 TypeVs EMC Vol. 16 -5 Disks - £14.00 - 76 TypeVs EMC Vol. 17 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 79 TypeVs EMC Vol. 27 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 56 TypeVs EMC Vol. 29 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 80 TypeVs
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These volumes are now supplied, due to popular demand, with Postscript downloadable fonts!
EMC Vol. 82 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 53 CGFontsl EMC Vol. 83 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 48 CGFontsl EMC Vol. 84 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 46 CGFonts EMC Vol. 85 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 46 CGFonts EMC Vol. 86 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 34 CGFonts EMC Vol. 87 - 5 Disks • £16,50 - 38 CGFonts SCANNING SERVICE HAVE YOU EVER NEEOED SOME ARTWORK SCANNING?
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E&OE HS B E.M.Computergraphic Cred.l Cards Welcome - Same Day Dispatch • CIO minimum order Cheques Postal Orders payable E.M.COMPt T£RGRAPHtC Cheques are subject lo 5 working day ciearance 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex. C015 1JU Tel: 0255 431389 Fax: 0255 428666 ¦ EMULATION They said it couldn't be done, but Utilities Unlimited’s Emplant card brought colour Macintosh emulation to the Amiga in late
1992. Because Amiga users were so amazed to be able to run
top-of-the-line Macintosh products such as Adobe Photoshop
and Quark Xpress on their computers, the)' were willing to
overlook Emplant's initial quirks and limitations.
Emplant's developer, Jim Drew, surfed the on-line networks providing support for the device and taking in suggestions and complaints.
Drew promised not only to enhance and improve the Macintosh emulation, but also to eventually release emulation modules for devices ranging from the Apple and IBM-PC to the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.
More than a year later, has Emplant II delivered on its promises? Well, the answers are for the most part "yes”, with an occasional "not yet, but we're working hard on it".
Emplant’s Macintosh emulation has matured to the point where an a properly equipped Amiga can indeed be a "better Mac than a Mac". The promised additional emulation modules have yet to surface as of press time, however.
But UU's Drew assured me at press time that new emulation modules are just around the comer, and sent me a beta version of the Emplant Apple II emulator as proof.
Emplant is a Zorro II expansion card that fits in the Amiga 1500,2000,3000, and
4000. It's available in four configurations: The Basic Emplant,
which simply includes the ROM sockets and chips needed to
support Emplant's various emulation modules; the Deluxe
Emplant, which adds two Appletalk-compatible RS-422 serial
ports and a SCSI interface; and models with just SCSI or
just serial support. All of the models can be expanded to
the Deluxe specifi- & a ?
Cation. Emplant currently ships with Macintosh emulation software, at v3.8 as of this writing. Apple II emulation is just around the comer, and may be available by the time you read this, And UU are hard at work on IBM 486 emulation for release later this year.
DEVELOPMENT Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo emulation modules are under development bv a European company and will be available separately.
UU have also greatly optimised the speed of the emulation. A 68040-equipped Amiga will perform very similarly to a real Macintosh equipped with the same- speed processor.
The Speedometer benchmark shows the A4QQ0 04Q is similar to the Mac Quadra real Mac.
Video is another area that has great improvement. The early ven Emplant constantly reminded you you weren't using a real because screen updates were slow when running in colour mode Now the emulation manages a 700 in almost all benchmarks except for video. However, remember that while the machine is matching an equivalent Macintosh in speed ratings, it’s running Amiga software at the same time!
Hard drive speed is now about five times faster than in the original emulation, and is close to what you'll get from a Macintosh emulation on the Amiga becoming cheaper, more powerful more popular Denny Atkin looks at Emplant II, the latest upgrade of Utilities Unlimited’s acclaimed Putting on your Mac Early versions of Emplant required a minimum 68030 microprocessor for Macintosh emulation.
Recent releases no longer require an MMU, SO they’ll work on a 68EC030 microprocessor, making the product usable on the A400Q 030.
You'll want at least 4Mb of Fast RAM for Macintosh emulation, but more is preferable.
And a hard drive is a must on the Macintosh, so it’s a must here as well.
For Mac emulation, you’ll also need the Macintosh operating system. This includes a 256k Macintosh ROM chip from a Mac i or Ilex, and the Macintosh System 7.1 operating system disks. You can purchase ROM chip from a number of electronics suppliers, or if you own a proper Macintosh use the ROMINFO program to copy the I a disk file without removing them from you- ¦ The newest release of the Macintosh tion software is “32-bit clean” This i emulates the newest Macintosh mo allows you to address more than 8Mb of f the Macintosh side.
Indeed, until 32-bit clean support was!
You were hard-pressed to get Emplant to t with more than 4Mb available for the Mac i EMU L AT I O Nl tems. The emulation is quite speedy, providing full Apple II performance even on a stock A1200. That's the most impressive thing, since previous Amiga emulation modules of 6502-based computers have been pokey slow Although Apple graphics are quite nasty to look at, the emu* lator does give you a way to run some classics such as Galaxian and Wizardry on your Amiga. Still, this emulation will likely be of interest primarily to Amigans who started out as Apple users, or whose kids use Apples at
The emulation not only multitasks with Amiga software, but with the Mac emulation as well - memory permitting, you can run one instance of each Emplant emulation simultaneously with all the others.
Since UU now have a working emulator of a 6502-based computer. C64 128 and Atari 400 800 emulation modules are- planned too, UU plan to make all of these available free of charge it has!
D you I Maeintd ? Relative todes.
Ps about I I of the update speed of a real Mac I running in 256 colours on an AGA or 16 colours on an ECS Amiga.
I isn’t perfect, but is plenty fast I for games such as Falcon MC and Kttrom. If you're serious about sh emulation, though, and you i use high-powered Macintosh pr-editing software such as hop, you'll want to invest in a i card for your Amiga.
¦plant now supports the Retina, U, Rainbow III, Merlin, Piccolo,
n. and Visiona boards. Depending f board, Emplant supports 24-bit
r and resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200 fch a fast board like
the Rainbow 4 ja is andl ; at f lator mplant IC
• Hw
* • a m kktyM J f Kit’ BM r im Jlin Jltm Jsta.
J Mac ii. I ise a i shyouC bRON yourf sh mean Ddels i dIRAM| rasi to boot i lac c _ BKMT.’CT'Sn?'"' H _ JJJ JJJ nfttlr jjj jjj T_i_i A J i i XI J J
* 1* tion. And because the Macintosh System 7 operating system is
so large, a 4Mb Macintosh is about as cramped as a 1Mb Amiga -
it’s usable, but don't plan on running high-powered
image-processing programs or on multitasking much.
With 32-bit clean support, I'm now able to emulate a 9Mb Macintosh on my 12Mb Amiga 4000 - far more useful for productivity work.
Memory isn't shared with the Amiga side of you tell Emplant how much to dedicate to Macintosh emulation when you first start f * j want to make more memoiy available to the Amiga side, you'll need to shut down ation, change the allocation, and then restart it.
F 32-bit clean emulation means that Emplant no longer requires a memory-manage- I ynit. So it's now compatible with the 1 processors found in some GVP 5 and in the A4000 030.
Hcwever, if possible you'll want to run the i on an MMU-equipped machine, as I without one will have much slower : -©dates under the Macintosh emulation.
The IBM 486 emulation is still a few months away, i Unlimited are ready to unleash a second emulation - ol : Apple II computer, i -Sri’t as strange as it sounds, as over here in the States I Apple II was the computer of choice for school systems t the 1980s (it was our equivalent of the Beeb).
Schools still use these machines, so an emulator will young students to practice with their Apple educational 5 at home on the Amiga. I tested a nearly final beta ver- 1 flf the Apple II emulation and was quite impressed. You'll t access to an original Apple II machine to dump its ROMs i Amiga; from there, it’s easier to use than a real Apple, ause there's no easy way to read Apple disks on an though, you’ll need to transfer the files you want to use i “odem. The emulation will load Apple disk image files (simi* ' QMS archives on the Amiga) and boot them just like a real You can find plenty of
files to try out on Apple BBS sysyou can expect graphics just as fast as those of a real Macintosh. If you don’t need 24-bit colour, though, you're likely to find that the AGA graphics are quite usable; using the Super 2 mode you can run the emulation in 832 x 624 resolution in 256 colours.
SOUND Emplant is no longer mute - the latest releases support full stereo Macintosh sound, and do a good job of it. Sounds play smoothly from Macintosh games such as SimCity 2000.
There are a number of options for disk storage. The easiest way to get up and running is to buy an Emplant with the SCSI interface and simply plug a Apple Who?
4 wtceulon at setup ureens aid the user In configuring the emulator Macintosh SCSI drive into the back of the card. Mac SCSI drives generally come with the System 7 software already installed, so it's a simple matter of plug- and-go.
With Amiga drives you have three options: You can format an entire drive as a Macintosh drive, choose a partition and format it for the Mac, or use the Hardfile support.
Hardfile support is similar to the virtual drives used by Commodore's Bridgeboard *- a large file is created on an Amiga hard drive partition that looks to the Macintosh like a hard drive.
This isn’t as fast as dedicating a real partition to the Macintosh emulation, but it has the advantage of being easy to set up and it can be backed up with a standard Amiga hard drive backup program.
Emplant's SCSI adaptor fully emulates a real Macintosh SCSI port, so you can attach nearly any Mac SCSI expansion device there. I’ve run both a Bernoulli removable hard disk and an Apple CD300 double-spin CD-ROM drive on the port with no problems, even running Macintosh CD-ROM games.
Putting a CD-ROM on the Emplant's SCSI port has the added advantage of allowing you to use the drive on both the Amiga and Mac sides of the computer.
Floppy support is a bit more problematic. When Emplant first shipped, UU offered a device called Sybil that allowed the Amiga to read BOOk Macintosh format disks. However, the device never would reliably write Mac disks (Macintosh 8lX)k The latest releases supoort full stereo Macintosh sound, and do a goodjob of it, too The shape of things to come As this article was going to press. UU we re hard at work On a major revision, Emplant
4. 0, which should be available by the time you read this.
Utilities Unlimited’s Jim Drew let me in on what was coming up in this revision; if all of these features don't make it into 4.0. they'll be in releases that follow soon after.
After this wish-list is implemented. Drew will put aside the Mac emulation module and dive into finishing the IBM 486 emulation.
First and foremost on the upgrade list is support for using the Amiga's serial and parallel ports from the Macintosh side. The emulation will be able to pass data transparently back and forth to either port.
The exciting thing, though, will be a new Chooser extension that will let you pnnt directly from your Macintosh applications to a Preferences printer driver - no more hunting down a Macintosh-side driver for the printer of your choice!
The current file-transfer mechanism will be replaced by a new MultiFS filesystem driver. Similar to CrossDOS in concept, this driver will allow both the Amiga and Mac sides to access any supported file format, so you could, for instance, write data to a Macintosh high-density disk from an Amiga program.
CONVERTING This driver will feature plug-m translation modules for converting between popular Amiga and Macintosh file formats - every* thing from converting plain Ascn text to translating various graphics formats as they're copied Support for virtual memory is on the wish list, as is support for multiple monitors. With this capability, you could, for instance, display a 24-bit Macintosh picture on your Picasso board full-screen while keeping all your toolboxes and menus on a faster 16* colour Amiga screen.
Finally, there's the long-awaited PCMCIA Emplant for the Amiga 1200. This will be a small box that has all the features of the Zorro II card - dual serial and SCSI options included - except it won't have ROM sockets.
A parallel port ROM reader will be available for transferring your Mac ROMs to the A1200 if you need it. It will sell for the same price as the original Emplant.
Many A1200 owners will be happy just to have a PCMCIA SCSI option, never mind the bonus of the emulation Although the PCMCIA Emplant will function with a stock A1200. You'll be happier with the performance of the Mac emulation if you add an accelerator board.
The design of this board has been completed. But UU has been unable to procure enough PCMCIA connectors to go into production due to industry shortages. The company hopes to have it available this Spring.
$ 11 HPPLE 2111 ¦¦¦ &
• am
• .111 IIH a m a automatic recognition of MacBi downloaded
files, but a future u promises to add sophisticated fil version
capabilities, such as the abi convert Amiga Anim8-format ani to
QuickTime format as they're copied disk drives actually vary
their speed as they spin, so standard Amiga disk drives can't
read disks created by them).
Sybil is no longer available, so currently the only options for reading 800k disks are to connect an A-Max or Mac-2- DOS cartridge and a real Mac disk drive.
NIBBLE However, UU soon plan to release a small board that will plug into the back of an Amiga disk drive that will not only allow Emplant to read and write 800k Mac disks, but will also function as a nibble copier.
Emplant will directly read disks created by the A-Max and Spectre Mac emulators, though, so if you're upgrading from one of those emulators you're in luck.
On a happier note, Emplant will directly read and write Macintosh
1. 44Mb high-density disks if you have a high-density disk drive
on your Amiga; it currently has trouble writing to disks if
you’re in 256-colour mode, but Drew said this problem should
be cured before this article sees print.
Since all current Macs include high- density disk drives, more and more Mac software is coming on these disks.
The two RS-422 serial ports will allow you to attach a modem, printer, or AppleTalk network. These work very well, except that some A4000 users with early-revision Buster chips in their systems may find problems with the AppleTalk support.
If you plan to hook an A4000 Emplant combo into a Mac network, it might be a
• "••I* «4M » «i m* i* IV»« itan I4« 1 tooM'wd it na U2I 1
• m t IlfM M* Nml IMJtt
• «* i 1 Ml mum UN MmM mmiuc rm IW.W1 lUtl I MmllMI US1 U«!l I
NilUditMl ilM I2JU I in n.tw NrmiMti I.MS itUJ i rmMwlikl USS
HIM I ffiiimvv (Hit mw 1 if. MiiMi i.m mbi i im »hi ui+i I
imiimi i-ua i iff * DISK VOLUME 254 A 002 HELLO
FILE* TO RUN AN 'A* FILE good idea to have your local service
centre update your A4000’s Buster chip to the latest
Transferring files between the Macintosh and Amiga sides of your computer is now possible thanks to the recently added file copy functions. You can use a file requester to move any file between the Amiga and Macintosh sides of things.
Translation is presently limited to the ...to the most bosk Mac software How compatible is it?
So how well does Emplant perform as a Macintosh? Very. As mentioned earlier, processing performance is very similar to a real Macintosh running the same processor. But with the added benefit of being able to run Amiga software at the same time.
Compatibility is superb. I tested a dozen major productivity applications - such as Photoshop. Quark Xpress, Fractal Design Painter, and Quicken - and they all worked without a hitch. The only problem I had was an occasional crash with Microsoft Word, which UU are looking into, Word is notoriously flaky, even on some real Macs.
A testament to the emulator’s compatibility is its ability to run games flawlessly.
I ran Falcon MC. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, SimCity 2000, Spectre Supreme, and Maelstrom (the best Asteroids game ever designed for a computer) on my Emplant system without a hitch.
Even though 256-colour AGA video only rales about
0. 62 the speed of a real Macintosh II on the Speedometer
benchmark, the system provided smooth performance for all
these games.
Note that some older Macintosh programs may have problems when running in 32-bit clean mode or with the 68040 copyback caches active.
This Isn’t endemic to Emplant, but is simply a problem with poorly written Mac software that owners of real Macs face as well - its similar to the situation Amiga programs that won’t work right on the A1200 or A4000. Such problems can be worked around by turning off the caches or 32-bit support, just like with a real Macintosh.
Utilities Unlimited have been very good about fixing any problems with the emulation when users report a program that doesn’t work property - the company have even expressed plans to patch some popular but buggy Mac software to run property in 32-bit clean mode.
Macintosh applications co-exist peacefully with Amiga programs nowadays: early versions of Emplant would sometimes crash when you tried to use com ms software while running the Mac emulation, but hke most of the other teething pains that problem has been cured.
Having a Mac and Amiga in the same box is very advantageous. For instance, you could take a 24-bit TIFF graphics file, touch it up in Adobe Photoshop on the Mac side, then use the file transfer mechanism to move it over to the Amiga side for further processing with Art Department Professional.
The final result could then be moved back to the Mac and inserted into a desktop publi program. The Macintosh is a much expensive machine to equip for work than the Amiga. With Emplant .
Can use Mac software to touch up images, then move them to the side for output - the best of both worts Emplant s add-on ports are not only for the Mac emulation, but the Amiga side as well. The pac includes empscsi.device empser.device which let you utilise SCSI and serial ports under Ami The SCSI support is a real boon A4000 owners, allowing them to e connect CD-ROM drives or move hard drives over from older Amiga terns. The controller isn’t as fast as hot Zorro III SCSI-II boards, but again for the price of one of those can buy an Emplant complete with ROMs.
Setting up a SCSI device on Amiga side isn’t an easy operat though. The current empscsi.device doesn’t support boot or auto-mounting, so you'll need to use something the freely distributable SCSImounter program to Amiga DOS recognise the drive; it can be partitioned formatted using HDToolBox.
Since the board doesn't auto-boot on the Amiga (the Mac side does), it works best as an add-on con for systems like the A4000. Auto-boot capability may later - the Emplant board has provisions for a small tery-backed block of RAM that can hold auto-boot drive code.
The serial ports are fully functional with any A comms software that allows you to specify a repb for senal.device. If you need a couple of extra ports for with a bulletin board system or for basic serial nei Emplant will do the job.
Amiga Computing March 1994 68 b Your Imagination Is The Only Frontier OpalVision Video Modules 'AL Vision State of the Art Mainboard Opal Vision Video Processor k Opal vision 21 • bit graphic, board and software suite has been updated and is now It's a high quality real time 24 - bit frame grabber which doesn't require a time base converter, it's a professional quality genlockcr with croma and Luma keying, the 256 level linear transparency key allows the definition of transparency between two live Video sources on a pixel by pixel basis for smooth vignettes, antiakased text and super smooth
effects. Plug this card into your OpriVUM main board and add a wealth of additional features and functionality.
EiNoer value for money Iclwirt suite imw if j V2.0. Now includes full magic wand implementation and Alpha Channel that allows »ibng with selectable levels on a pixel by pixel bijit. The Chrominance effect allow!
Time control of image contrast, brilliance and re-mapping of ColOul** mate V2.0 - Offering real time play back of animations created by riy tracers, landscape Hpfean. Morphers and ail other 24 - bit software.
Briothey V2.0 - Display Opal vision graphics anytime wtth key combinations.
Me «mp|y. It's a spe Jmply, it's a spectacular product". Amiga Computing.
Bsubtedly the finest, most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga' ¦ Amiga _ onal quality at this price can't be turned away* • Amiga User International.
Iw6a was unanimous - brilliant". - Amiga Shopper.
£349.99 Limited Offer | OpalVision Video~Suite r packed video and audio mixing, switching and transcoding device connects directly to the » -ocessor. This 19 - inch rack mountable unit is so advanced that it has it's own internal com* S every aspect is software controlled for precisely timed and accurate functionality. The 3 fc-T includes a wealth of inputs and outputs. There are 9 video and 10 audio inputs available,
• N - bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and
outputs are available simultaneous- or Y R - B B - Y. Composite
and S - Video. Choose and 2 sources from these inputs, assign »
or special effect and then trigger it manually or
automatically. All of the transitions and I provided by the
OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video
Suite, the lin- t key (Alpha channel and transparency effects)
can be taken from the Video r and or external video source
and or output to another production switcher. This allows t
control between video sources on a pixel by pixel basis. The 10
Audio inputs (five lln) arc fully software sequenced with
smooth fades and full. 5 band frequency equalization.
| OpalVision Roaster Chip| Included with every Video Processor, the Opal vision Roaster chip provides an endless number of user definable Digital Video Effects. Take any two v doo sources (pr an Amiga or Opal vision generated graphic) Flip it Scale it Rotate it on the X or Y axis. Move it along a path Zoom it Move out You have complete control. Build your own custom library of useful wipes and effects and give your Video* a unltyte Style, OpalVision is the only video system in its price class with this powerful digital video engine. You've got to see it to believe it Voucher Price Voucher
1899. 99 £899.99 £659.99 £659.99 r Price available to registerd
OpalVision owners, r order.
OpalVision Scan Rate Converter TBC Voucher Price Add this card and achieve 31 Khz. Non interlaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and any Incoming video source In either PAL or NTSC.
Indudes full time - base correction of incoming video, the on - board memory also serves as an additional frame store.
199. 99 Vidi Amiga 12. The ultimate low cost colour digitiser for
the Amiga, "the best value full colour digitiser on the
market".- Amiga Format INDI PRICE £69.99 Rombo Vidl Amiga 24
(RT) % mm Special Effects Packages You've seen Michael Jack
son's video, you've seen the television adverts using the
latest techniques in morphing, now you can create the same
results but at a fraction of the cost.
Morph Plus Is the latest and the ultimate in this technology. Whcchcr you arc a profession- ' ' em at home Morph Plus b a must INDI PRICE £119.99 For the more Serious user, this 24 - bit version will again capture from any video source with true photo realistic images* A staggering 16.6 million colours can be utilised with incredible results. Full AGA chipset support.
INDI PRICE £219.99 ','ts Roctec Rocgen Plus.
As above but with extra features such as tint* ing and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics. Compatible with all Amigas. INDI PRICE £127.99 I beginners dctne ability eabifity r___________ . „ . . J mode New animation features also indude metamorphosis allowing you to change one image into another. You determine the number of frames and Dpaint docs the rest. INDI PRICE £64.99 Art Department Professional I The ultimate in image processing providing many key benefits to Amlga users working with pictures. With ADPro you can read, wnte and convertbctwccn most common image
file formats w ‘ . - with unmatched flexibility Full support for JPEG images makes it possible to ms I tain an image library in full 24 - bit colour without needing massive hard drive storage.
I Typically a6t)0Kb image can be compressed down to 40Kb!!! INDI PRICE £132.99 compressed J Rombo Vidi Amiga 12 (RT) Based on the Vidl Amiga 12. Thu all new version offers real i colour capture from any video source. Full AGA chipset t as standard for all AI20Q A4000
* PRICE £129.99 Roctec Rockey.
The ultimate accessory for Amiga I Video fans.
Separate RGB controls to croma key on any colour. INDI PRICE £199.99 Real 3D Y2 I} a full featured 3D animation modeling and rendering program. With Real 3DV2 you I can produce high quality images and animations of three dimensional models with an astounding level of realism. Imagine creating an animation that shows a handful of balls bounce down a flight of stairs to the bottom. Gravity, collision, deflecoon and the elasticity of the balls are all automatically calculated by the program. INDI PRICE £359.99 Amiga Software Bonanza AC0494 |
• •lliaNCE fcant Graphics Paint Package " In terms of design and
r specifications Digital Creations really seem to have
everything right. Effectiveness...' 99%.
Can't fault the end results" - CU Amiga Review I PRICE £99.99 »al Writer ost powerful word processor to grace the . 90% - CU Amiga PRICE £99.99 Jurassic Park £2£16.99 t ou've teen the fHni now play the game __ Mortal Kombat £19.99 Tot your Martial A-rs to tho Emit as you take on all comera Cannon Fodder iifcfV £ i 9.99 i nij i one war :H.u -von't be over by Ctt- ¦ Settlers £22.99 Medlev.il fun is you build your own town - Simon the Sorcerer £22.99 Action and excitement around every corner in this adventure_g& Premier Manager 2 £2£r9r £16.99 Create 3 team worthy of winning Footballs greatest
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u. Copy I Micro Machines ZoolT yourovml Alien Breed 2 : is close
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U ?rr £16.99 a through his toughest test yet £17.49 I Postcode ..... | Indicate if alternate delivery address [Daytime Tel TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 079 _ ¦OFFERS to make the moJ of our recent ¦ CoverDisks witlt Great opportunities... some spedaf ofj| mm °t*lv £W.95 Here’s a great opportunity to buy the manual and digitiser to make sure you use this month's CoverDisk to its full potential The full package enables you to load, capture and digitise images from live video. There are swipe and play animation
features and a whole load of powerful image processes.
The easy-to-read 64-page manual covers everything you need to you know. It takes you through setting up equipment and provides tutorials covering the most important points of the Vidi Amiga (12) RT package. There is also a comprehensive reference section, a glossary' and a trouble-shooting section.
L2. manual This great %-page manual comprehensively -el covers every aspect of this superb structured drawing program for artists and designers. It begins with a friendly getting started section and then moves on from the basics to explain all about creating, selecting, modifying and arranging objects.
Advanced features are expl; followed by an extensive i section. To finish off this rea ful book there is a neat sectia time-saving short -cuts.
To order either Vidi Amiga (12) RT or the Design Works manual please send a form below to Cover Disk Offer, Europress Enterprise Ltd, Eur House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP, or telephone 0625 878888 between 9am and 1pm or fax 0625 850652.
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:RVATION5 Wa»dPn«.fvwfr«,!KA"" You can... Open multiple documents simultaneously; seareh and replace: cut. Copy and paste: cheek your spelling with a 11().()()()+ word dictionary: import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint, or Clip Art files in various sizes and colours: automatically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font i (there arc over 200 available styles) in different sizes
* and colours to suit your design... Even as you ty pe!
Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects and extremely useful forms designer. All this frv m a won! Processor and... Much, Much. Mure! As you urn see from die documents shown on the left, this is no mlinary program!
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£1688 H*to*yim* 181418 £?' » RmUM Fantasies£032} .£1990 £699 £490 £698 Snn .. £699 £7.99 Termisaloili £699 £699 Ttius re Fen ...tttt £M8 luncin II ..C7.98 C7.90 Untoucrtabies . £699 £690 Vigiknte £699 £6.96 'AC Leadeiboard ...... £699 £698 Work!ChampionsNpBoxing £699 (ggg Prince ot Persia ...... £690 Zak Ucrt ackan £699 £599 OpetOcnThunderboll £690 SwdchBladeII £7 99 Cw'awiWott £699 OuPun Europe ...... £699 Pang £699 Panza IO i Boitrg £$ 99 PnbalMagic Cage P«1es .. £690 Ms«W ... £899 Car and Drive*
* ... £2390 HUI Street Bluet Cart Lew* CuMnm £1298 Hitd Gun* CasDes ... £1699 Caades Dale Dec ...£11 90 Hook CatritsB ..£2390 Inletnavsnal Cauie d Or Brain ......£1599 Ishar II5001 Ch**Engm* £690 Poputous II • The C inGol CI690 Poputousll.il Mag) £1999 Powei and Gkxy.. £11.98 £2398 £1899 cue* £1690 £1699 £688 £1698 Jaguar XJ220 ....£1690 Power Up Compilation .. Ch mptowhp Manager 03 £1699 Jame* Pond II (OpStartish) £1690 Premier Manager Chase HQ H ......£6 99 J Wmat WnrUrtd .
Chod Rod 11 ....£688 J Barne* (1 Mag) £1698 Premier Uanagm I .
£1588 Push Over________ BITMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 .
Only £11M XMOX C d«« Sp m.Ill ortytllW Twaiutw A twpw» andW.WF LORDS OF POWER only C22 99 G rnm Sarvw *. Rrt Baron Rafcort Trooo» art Pad ad Oats.* i,A.: .: only Cl*.** M«guiMlw 1. Elk. And Wn« Cou bm4w SOCCER MANIA only £11.99 FomUIUAMgwll. Fiscal S«ccw FuolUI Utuftw wc Eatwv artUmerawSaeew COMBAT CLASSES M only £2699 FI* Slutk F qhu . SM Sanva l art Facile maids BIG BOX only Cl 5. M CictanBood TnUo*»wUo4A&rf4h6ta4 Tansgs Ojmi ButMkU Fuipm Jtemr Dayk Kryi«*E» '*f* MrtMAWt WeH*fW TEST DflfVE * COLLECTION only £1599 M mob Can Gartom* Ghatoga CuiomsaCksamgs, 0«*( sad Sww Cam BCBCMi orwcias
lacl to tka Fiiwa ¦. R T,pa K. Rial afrttbuaarvMorthtCirt*. W}p?rt*F«na£ Shangbar Analyta SaM toaboual BOARD GENUS only £17.** PmutMcnoftry bsv.t bcabbV C Mo UK* OmdW an* Risk 4 WHEEL DRNE only £19.99 l£*a»f»frk CatcaOUPaV TaaaSiUuH aMCoaboRaow POWER PACK only £14.99 Xaaoa Z TV Spodi FoCCal BboM,c* art Loabaad Ray HOLLYWOOD COLLKTPN only C11H R«6cCor GhomtMMn l ladun* Jom* 6maMtk*M M RAINBOW COLLECTION gnjy fj 3.99 N » ZaatoM itotf. ButBoMta an* Ranbow isUnds COMBAT CLASSICS only £26M Fl58traa£agmil. AaaAJtack SM art Taaa Yankaa WXX TRIPLE RACK 1 (SPORTS) only Cl 2.M UcrapoM Foccw Pint* Kek
a*4 9 Pom NINJA COLLECTION only Cl 39* 0 Oraac* Shadow Wanbi. AadO Nnm NAPOLEON ICS only C1*.99 was,too (otodno art Aaatailii THE GREATEST gn)yC1Ut Ja ay Wmo Wkuta iod S motor Lu« d lh» T«o(*'«M aiWOuM AWARD WINNERS ONLY £16. *9 Kcb 0* N. Pipaaanm Soaca Acs and Poculout ANIMATION CLASSICS only £27.99 Spaoa Aca Dia*oa s Lai H art Wiasmma ban oa STRATEGY MASTER gr »y £21.98 Pootaaus H.rtw CmeipWrw ZikO w4 $ p«ts dtseoBui SUPER FIGHTER only Cl 6 W Ptf«mw.WWF.artFnalFgN MEGA MIX only £1299 Laaadai A*yt,*rtOH CAZZYS EXCaLENT ADVENTURES only £1 AW OuryPint BukkVOiuy Dj?i PiMacf VaAFaA SptttMtdOvft
art K«e Shat 2 HOTS HANDLE only Cl 2. W G«kM Ax« Trill Raul Skalom Awici and S«pti 0(1 Road Ra(«* SPORTS CoaECTtON only £1299 Rtn Km GamiM. Pro Twna Tow and Wend Cip Sacra. InaM 80 5P08T5 MASTERS owycit.w POA Tow Crt Irtr 500 A*nAUg* I*m«
• MEuiomm CM»pom*5 1H0 KOOt TRIPLE PACK H (ACTION) Only £12.90
S(iMd*NM. Rck Ow.ja «« ll art Lam Ciusada Acnoa ACTION » only
Cl 9 .99 RkI DangaioM II. GhoWbaWsm 1. Fluaaa S «as Ski aid
Maid O.Mn* LARGE SELECTION OF CD32 AVAILABLE - :all for details
AMIGA ________ ¦ legend ll (Worlds of legend) £1690 Seitrt*
Anoe I Easy) ... £2390
0e*o4 ..... £'898 legend d Kyiandu £19.99
SHADOW BEAST AnoidD ...£2190 Drggen(CO»
£2396 Lemming* ....C'599 Shadow ol the
Bea AnosComp*ar ......£1999 OrsneyAmmatcnSludio £7499
Lammngsand Cau Disk £19 99 Shadow Worlds AnosPMwaional CM90
Deposable He»o .£1699 LearningsN £)8M
SiWrriService II £1299 To*.
£2399 lemmrgs• DataOsk. .
£19.99 lemmngs -Stand Atone Project X £990 Pro Tenng Tour £699 M99 H diCJiHaaik__________ £699 ft”"* . . .
£688 Ikt .. £699 S**n *T1I*tarkd* £52?
£690 indy Last Crusade Graphic 099 S**1?1" t C690 JrwesPond £690 "BOSjjW ......£690 ragg jarS tkVtlv £7 98 R4KMAn 101 .. £888 »» Ksln : c&S g .' ou.11 ......»•» £6 90 LaslNnjali £690 gobocopttM £690 LastNmla111 £790 RobocopH ....£&» £9 90 Lem bird RAC Rafy £699 g77?f.n £jgg Run The Gauntlet .£6 90 Deluxe Mode Con Set _________ ,..£17.99 Deep Com*------ A*n Bieed Special Edion 099 Dennis 5001200 £17 98 Legacy of S*asi Aentlil £1699 QeeertStrae £19 99 Legend Anencan Gladiators _... £1699 Desert Strike II ‘ JungleSir) £20 99 cage RVF Honda £690 C*99
Shadomland* ...£899 £7« Shadow ol the Beast C690 C799 Shadow Warm £699 K99 SheimanM*. ..£699 row Shinobi £688 row Sm peons £699 C699 Smash TV £660 £7.99 Speed bad II ...... £7 99 £689 Stargtdo II £698 £699 Strfcc Fleel £9 99 £799 SturtCar Racer £699 £699 Supipicx CS 99 £699 Sup« Cars II £699 £7.99 Super Hang On . £690 £000 Swich Blade AMIGA TOP TITLES £1698 Putty -------------------- £1699 Reload Tycoon_____ £ 699 Rmacft to* the Skies £1699 fad Bare* . £i 1.89 £19 99 Rcbn Hood (Milemwn) £19 99 Rooocod 07 99
RdOOCOdA12CO £1)99 RoOocoplU £1299 RoboSporls £2299 Toon WoM* _________ £1699 Tornado £19 99 ToUl Carnage ------- £2399 TtoddMiS. .. £14 99 Tralit 5» 1200 . . .-.iis basetoal .. EDUCATIONAL AOI Enclfth Al Ages each £1699 ADI French Al Ages eech £1699 AOI Mams AIIAoeswcn £1699 Fun School 2 Af Ages eech £699 Fun School 3 Al Ages each £l 3 99 Fun SchMl 4 Al Age* each £1699 NoddysPaytae £1688 £11.99 Zoom ..... £1690 »»¥a with Label* tuedmiO't AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER C10 AMIGA TOP TITLES £2198 J. Maddens Football Smm adS Sop
per lOdacsehM q1000vsiPkP Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable to Eapfe Software P&P 6 £ 1 00 per item m the UK.
Europe, add £3 50 per item Elsewhere add £5 50 per em. New titles wil be sent as reieesod and are subject to manufacturers prce reviews E &0 E 4 Please quote special oHer when ordering for (to apply SHOP OPEN 10am • 6pm AT 120a MYDDLETON ROAD WOOOGREBT LONDON N22 4NQ 081 889 9172 SHOPPRCES MAY VARY.
Computer_ AMIGA Dflte_ Title _ Price_ _ Price _ Price Price 231 S|3P&P _«i«m_CAJTo181 __Acit53_Q ? _Ch«qu»£]_F p'»_n_
• Not released aline Name: Address: Postcode:_Tel: _ Card No: wmm
Exp Date _ Signature:_ Account No:_ (Please quote when
reordering) TUTORI ALB ven after several years in the busi
ness I'm still amazed by the occasional release which sets
standards for creativity and artist nity.
Digital sculpture Get ready to be amazed as Paul Austin explores Humanoid, the next generation in 3D modelling i the arrival of Humanoid's I'm once i reassured that then1 is indeed more to Amiga than just profit, play and occa- Bbt productivity.
¦b you can see, Humanoid is yet another to the Amiga's ever growing ray trac- :oire - which in this case provides family of beautifully sculpted fig- both Lightwave and Imagine kow before knuckling down to the I’d like to explain why I'm so sed with what appears to be just r collection of 3D objects. Firstly s the obvious quality of the figures and hand and facial gestures.
However modelling skill is only the ig as each model has been designed animate effortlessly between the various hand and body poses, ftb is seen at its best courtesy of the vari- nmning and walking scenes which come the collection. The attention to fl and overall quality are quite simply Iwhtaking.
Alas due to the limitations of print, it’s fed to appreciate just how good these fig- really are. Even these impressive stills b m comparison when you see them, run- walking, speaking and dare I say even After such a glowing introduction you be wondering exactlv what makes the iid collection so human. Basically the to the system is the ability of both ave and Imagine to build hierarchical and morph between them. Thanks to hr power of both techniques Tim Wilson has lost banished that ubiquitous mechanical that so often dogs 3D modelling Thanks to the hierarchical design, basic ly parts can be
appended together and uently animated via key frames to luce basic articulation for running, walk- bending and so on.
However what about expression and even i? Hierarchical techniques are useless Registration special Enough the Complete collection of models indude a man. A strong man and a woman
* ; with their own heads, hands and motion paths, you also
receive a child.
However if you want your new family to experience parenthood you must first send H your registration card in order to receive the sprog. Although a blatant attempt to generate an accessible user base, there are other advantages.
Leaving this obvious marketing ploy aside, registration will ensure up-to-the-minute "formation on new products. For example Crestline plan to release a new collection of seamless human figures and animal models later this year which will take advantage of bones and skeletal morphing within Imagine 3.0. and as a consequence it's here where morphing really comes into its own.
Thanks to a mixture of careful design and consummate modelling skill, Tim has created a whole series of expressions and phonemes for each model which courtesy of their identical points can be morphed during animation.
As a result, making a model speak is simply a matter of morphing from one phoneme head to the next - at which point the model will mouth the phonetic elements which make up the words you require. Tim has even included a section in the excellent 50-page manual diagramming which phonemes to use for specific letters and sounds.
The same applies to emotions, depending on your needs your character could be angry, sad, happy or whatever. All you need do is tell the software at which point, and how quicklv, to morph between the various emotional states.
Using the same principles, hands can be animated between a variety of positions enabling your characters to point at an object, pick it up, shake hands, wave, grasp something, t grip it tightly and x even form a fist and destroy it.
As if that wasn't enough. Tim has also added the finishing touch bv ensuring that the figures are all made up of the same number of points and polygons. As a result it's just as easy to morph between the man, woman and child as it is to alter facial expressions.
This attention to detail is even more impressive when you consider that all the figures are hand built and not simply sucked into the machine via a 3D digitiser, Basically Tim Wilson's now collection is spectacular. If and when 3D art receives the artistic credit it so richly deserves Tim Wilson's creations will no doubt be considered classics.
If you can afford it and have the necessary 10.5Mb and 18.7Mb of hard disk space for the Lightwave or Imagine versions respectively, plus the recommended 030 or 040 CPU it's an investment youTl never regret, Unfortunately Crestline do not yet have a European distributor so I'm afraid you’ll have to entrust a postal order to the US mail.
However keep a close eye on the news pages as I’m certain some entrepreneurial type will soon add it to their portfolio.
Product: Humanoid Price: £135 (approx) Supplier: Crestline Software Tel: 0101 909 338 1786 Address: Crestlino Software
P. O. Box 1691 Crestlino CA, 92325 USA easonal ale • Seasonal
Sale • seasonal Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale * Seasonal Sale
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Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Li Amiaa 4000 Packs
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• Co-pro option
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• A4000 030 with 120MB HD & 4MB
• A4000 040 with 120MB HD & 6MB £89* £991 £1041 £1994
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• A1200 »A1200 ¦ A1200 ¦ A1200 ' A1200 £274 £354 £399 £424 £439
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A1200 A600 Hard Drives Amiga 500 Hard Drives Monitors SVGA
Multisync Monitor • t Full instructions and cables where
• Al drives suppled with formatting instructions and software
• Free fittog available
• 20MB HD Upgrade Kit £85
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• When purchasing with an Amiga deduct £10 from above pricing
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high and low) £269 I
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£1044 | Workstations__Peripherals_ Scanners__Pro ROM Swapper I
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• Power Hand Scanner v3.0 £96
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* Fits A500, A500+, A600.A1500
* Auto swapping via keyboard contn
* Flexible cable allows the swapper work in conjunction with
accelerators etc.
* Simple to fit - full instructions Pro ROM Swapper £18 ' Pro ROM
Swapper + 1.3ROM £37
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Tel (0582) 491949 (6 lines) Est. Since 1984 A500 Memory
Expansions £899 £999 1069 1999 £16 £19 £36
• Provides a full 2MB of C -p Memory for the Amiga 500 and
A1500 2000 • Designed and bui't in England • Supplied with 8375
Obese Agnus • includes 2Mo Memory on board in the form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Prowdes the same max. chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &500+ • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
to 10MB • Complete with full instructions and flying leads *
Bntish made
• Pro Agnus 2MB £139 (free fitting available - Phone for details)
Pro Agnus 2MB High Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5" External
Drive Printers Chips and Spares OiSpiJr I
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or power supply
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will ensure total peace of mind now and for the future j*
Switch mode design [228
• Full crow bur projection olu-
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• Swift 240 Colour £259 124pm 80 column. 240 cos draft. 80 LC
43cB Qua! Mod*
• Swift Pro Jet £299 180 column. 50 noxhe print, 360 cpj draft.
120 IQ. HP iwnlnt'O" 8KB buTTp' 3 font* vn»*i i i inm. NuiMv
• WTS nave sole distribution rights Irom Americas biggest
Commodore chip distributor
• Workbench 2.04 Kit £78 (meUdM manual!. Dukt & chip)
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Kidunart) 1
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• 1MB x 9 Simms (3 chip) £29
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• 8520 CIA £13 0 sales hotline 0582 491949 (6 unes). 0480 471117
(24hr), fax on 0582 505900 hm Credit Card ordering by phone is
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WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 Computer Mall Bedford No. 16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St. Hertford 0992 503606 A* imcct quoted o' product locked are subject to stocking levels and availability WTS cannot be held liable or supply reimbursement for force maieure. Or items, which are out ol stock due to demand or low stock at its suppliers which may result in
• nayed delivery or non delivery, payment with order, please
allow Z8 days tor delivery WfS reserve the right to ammend
prices, revise packs, speCificaliOTiS and 6! Substitute product
WthtPUt prior notice at any WW tMthOUt UatBkty upon itself 6 A
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These are UK machines, not "grey imports".
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CD32 Add-On Port. Connect to Amiga or PC CD32 ij ,*0 J Unit available soon!
Canon BjlOsx Popular and affordable near laser quality Bubble Jet.
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Superb output!
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MICROVITEC Cub-Scan V supports all AGA modes Studio Printer Software Get the most frOmt your Printer £429.99 Also m ailable Commodores 1942 monitor.
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Fed-CASE Flowcharting Code Generator We are the UK Distributors for this excellent product.
CD32 FMV Module Now In Stock!
Watch CD Movies!
Vt*-* Hard Drives, SCSI 2 Controllers and Accelerators for the A4000 and All00 Western Digital GVP SCSI II
C. rt.rID«jlH« OKI 4091 iz«h cache __. . . Contr.ll.r Available
ho mi -fast, "*¦* £299.99 ir~.«37 Mi £399*99 ] j. Can't see
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IS increase your hard disk capacity, (Beginners -GCSE & Buvnrv») DiskF.xpander is an innovative program for all Amiga users. With this software solution you may double the capacity of your floppy disk or hard disk drives. The installation process takes only a few seconds and afterwards DiskF.xpander works invisible in the background. The comprcssions-ratios vary from 30% to 70%.
Pronunciation Colours The articles Big picture vocabulary The uses of 'ser' and 'ester' Wordsearch Ar verbs Signs & notices found in Spain Er verbs Small picture vocabulary Ir verbs Holiday Madness adventure game.
The easy-to-use graphical user interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user is able to use DisklLxpandcr immediately without any problems. DiskF.xpander docs not only expand the capacity of your hard disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately
1. 5 megabytes.
Expander eat ure $ Can add 50% to your hard drive capacity at a stroke Fast compression and decompression Flexible and expandable as new compression libraries arc developed Works with all drives, including SCSI, IDE, Floppies, and even the RAD disk K II!I, te Reach the top with... lcl E2333EE323 A NEW LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE & 24-Program course includes:
• Time
• Plurals
• Conversation
• Adjectives
• Future 6c immediate future tenses
• Listening comprehension
• Perfect & Preterite Tenses
• Imperfect Tense
• Opposites
• Role Play
• Newspaper
• Business letter generator PRIMARY MATHS COURSE 3-12years)| it
reallv worksy 3* programs • Tables • Add • Subtract * Divide ?
Multiply (Long k short) • Fractions etc. MEGA MATHS (A level
course) j 2* programs • Calculus • Algebra * Geometry ?
Full-screen graphs etc. "Theprograms arc invaluble revision
aids" PC HOME .
Totally comprehensive courses (each is a compilation of dLf programs with a book and manual, or equivalent).
of excellent quality (e.g."... a very recommendable edutainment jproyrum.' AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL).
with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: Complete course of spoken and written Spanish. Suitable for holiday makers, students, enthusiasts and businessmen (as it fedudes a program that generates vour Spanish business letters automatically).
* t uniquely includes real speech on disk. So for example, in one
program you see a large, cute cartoon Spaniard who speaks to
rnx with his mouth moving os he talks!
Demystifies Spanish and makes it fun. It comes with a book & anual (needs 1Mb) 6c only costs £24.99 for £5 OFF TOTAL FOR 2 COURSES, £10 OFF FOR 3, £17 OFF FOR 4 (*AU appropriate LCL Counts are National Cumculum compatible it run on mint computers.)
£24.99 per course all inclusive. Orders requests for free poster-catalogue to: Icl (DOT AMC1, THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLANDY ROAD, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, OXON RG9 1QH MICRO FRENCH (Beginners-GCSE) I ( ew. Computer talksL LCL announces an incredible new release!
31 programs * Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Talking carhxm etc. Phone 0491 579345 (sent within 24 hours) I MICRO SPANISH MICRO GERMAN (Beginners - GCSE & Business) j ( ew. Computer talk 34 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter generator etc. MICRO MATHS (llyrs-GCSE) | ¦ 34 programs equiv. • Algebra • Geometry • Trigonometry • Statistics • Arithmetic etc. MICRO SCIENCE (Physics, Chemistry 6t Biology 8yrs - GCSE) j 24 programs * Tuition * Practical Fxperiments • Learning by Pictures
• Adventure game (1Mb) etc. ICRC ENGLlSE ear CSEj
(Ntt oroputerulky 24 programs * Spelling * Punctuation •
Grammar • Literature etc. Once installed the program is
transparent to the user Works on any Amiga and any KickStart
disk expander ....£35 telephone o 2 $ 4
843388 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind.
Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN delivery: next day £5.00 2-3
dayt £2.30 Saturday £10.00 deliveries are tubjeet to ttock
availability, all prun include VA T. E & OE World wide
diitributian available, excluding Germany rrsttom F I RST
computer,centre (LEEDS)Tel:0532319444B PRINTERS 0205832 Canon
SEIKO m PACKARD MONITORS L jam All our printers are UK spec.
All our monitors are UK spec. All monieor come complete with a
free Amiga lead' CITIZEN GOLDSTAR SVGA .28 dp Colour monitor
with overscon | only £249.99 Sharp TV Monitor....only £ 189.9
COMMltR fWfTFRS HewLETT liar includes remote control COMMODORE
I084ST fTT7a7l?T?*i»TjTw??f ao]
• Open seven days a week
• I 200 sq. ft. Showroom
• Free large car park
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational orders welcome FULL REPAIR SERVICE I We offer a
FREE quotation on your computer or any peripheral (monitors,
printers etc.). A I delivery tariff of just £5.00 is charged or
alternatively you can visit our showroom.
Nffl asnaaagE | inc Oscar, Winf Commander, Dangerous Street I Digger | only £279.99 The AMIGA 4000 A4000 030, 80 Mb HD £ 1037.99 A4000 030.130 Mb HD ......£ 1099.99 A4000 030.250 Mb HD* .....£1159.99 A4000 030.340 Mb HD* .....£ 1239.99 A4000 030.420 Mb HD* .....£ 1339.99 A4000 040,130 Mb HD ......£ 1879.99 A4000 040.250 Mb HD* .....£ 1949.99 A4000 040.340 Mb HD* .....£2029.99 A4000 040.420 Mb HD* .....£2149.99 Price Rises Imminent on the A4000 range!
All the above examples come with 4 Mb of RAM a* Standard
• The hard drive only i* not covered by 6ft til warranty • I All
Amip i come with Workbench, mouie ft 12 month warranty, I The
A1200 A AtOW com* with I2momh»on*ite wvrvnyAil| 1200*a also
tom* with a bult n mwftr** hard disk opoon nnni Internal SCSI
CD-ROM drives for the A1560.1000 and I 4000 (with suitable SCSI
interface). All drive* Include I driver software and will read
both CDTVI CD) 2 ft PC ISO I ?666 standard disks E«ternal lots
for A)000 alta available | TEAC CD-50 Internal drive only
926$ Mf Access time WJSSKB transfer rate £339.99 I TOSHIBA
XM3401 Internal | t200M» Access dm* ejJOKB transfer rate
£321.99 TOSHIBA XM4101
• 38SMt Access time f 300KB transfer rate Internal .£219.99
External. £314.991 GYP A4008 SCSI controller. 122.991 run
A600& 1200's HD kits 20Mb *£89.99 60Mb....*£l79.99
12QMb..*£219.9? 80Mb....*£l?5.99 210Mb.. *£349.99 -just Add £ I
O.OO for flttinK I
3. 5" H drive upgrade kit no HD only £22.991 ra ¦TTaPWHMi T?
• J- medium resolution colour monitor only £199.99 COMMODORE 1940
Dualsync, .39 dpi only £284.99 COMMODORE 1942 | Dualsync, .28
dpi only £349.99| COMMODORE I960 multisync .28dpi only £379.99
IMICROVITEC 14" MULTISYNC] I year warranty only £399.99 | ‘free
cable for A4000 only. A1200 cable £6.99 e« ?
ISONICA Colour Monitor!
Similar to the Philips 883 J mark 2 monitor only £194.99 RETINA 24 bit graphics car from £334.99 TheSupra-Fax I44LC|
V. 32 bis (14400 baud ) I Low cost version of the classic V32Bh
Fax i I Features as below but class I fax only and LEO display
only £159.99 | The Supra-Fax Modem j
V. 32 bis (14400 baud ) I Sand & receive fax messages using fax
s w. Thai | modem from Supra has full 14400 baud capabii*. [ I
Spec includes V.32bis. V.32. V.22bis. V22. V2 I I MNP2-5,
V.42, V42bis, Class I ft 2 commands. 96ftft I J 14400 Croup 3
Fax. Includes free modem com ms * V | w ft cable!'
Only £209.99 ?
I Supra Fax Plus.only £ 119.991 I Send ft receive faxes!(n**ds FAX s w) Eve" fast** I I than the standard 2400 from Supra with auto dial ft I I auto receive. 9600 bps Hayes comp. V226is, V4j | I Bis, MNP 2-5 ft auto adjust to maximise transrrwe I | tion speeds. Includes free modem comms s w ft I | cable.'.' Supra 2400...only £64.99 Get on line using this great value fast modem witftl | auto dial ft receive. 2400 baud Hayes comp. V221 BIS. Includes free modem comms s w ft cable All Supra Modems come with a 5 year warranty ¦ Sportster 2494+FAX ...£145.991 Sportster 14400
FAX ...£245.99 WoridPort 14400 +FAX .....£251.99 Courier HST( 16.8) ...£449-99 Courier V32bis Terbo *F AX.....£449.99 Courier HST Dual 14.8 Fax £484.99 Courier HST Dual l6.8TerboFax.£556.99 If you thought V32bis was fast try the terbo! They | come with a S year warranty A arc BAST Approved MicroLin V22b FAX......£ 175.991 MicroLin V32b FAX......£274.991 S year warranty and FULLY BABT ApprovedB COMPU RIMAA500&A6Q0RA?7 ) TEAR ¦AMANTY ¦nawANir.y A500P A600
- populated ...only £ 16.99...£23.99 pulated to 512K.only
119.99...£28.99 Populated to I Mb..only£28.99...£33.99 : Mb
A600 OR A1200 RAM card £ 114.99 1 Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM
card.£l69.99 AMIGA A500 512K RAM by PRIMA far the original
1.2 1.3 AMIG Lonly £ 13.99 32 BIT RAM (for A4000 etc) I Mb
SIMM ..£39.99
- MbSIMM ..£79.99
* Mb SIMM £154.99 Mb SIMM
(onl]rforMicrobotics)£309.99 RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS Co processors
for the A4000 Motorola 68882 PLCC(33Mhz)..£74.99 Co processors
for Microbotics Motorola 68882 PG,. (33Mhz)..£79.9 Motorola
68882 PGA (40Mhz)..£89.9 Motorola 68882 PGA (S0Mhz)..£ 157.9
(tor Microbotics boards inc crystal chip) mb by 8 9 SIMMS (I
Mb) .£34.9 «Mb by 9 SIMMS (4 Mb) £ 144.9 Mbby4DRAMS(l Mb)
• Mbby4ZIPS(l Mb) ..£39.9 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs)
6+ (2Mb) .£3.8 ¦Ukstartl.3
..£17.9 Xkkstart
2.04 £24.9 Fatter Agnes
8372A ...£25.9 Super
Denise ......£ 16.9 6571-Q326 Keyboard
controller. 13.9 CIA 8520A I O controller £7.9
AMIGA 1200 RAM SUPRA A500 RAM !Mb pop to 8 Mb Imb pop to 2 Mb
for 2000 1500 range.il 49.99 IGVP PRODUCTS SPECIAL OFFERS'
2. 1 softwar* Amiga upgrade kit....£49.99 Directory Opus
4 ...£45.99 Full support for AGA
chipset. Colour images captured in lest than a second, mono
images in real time with any video aource. Multitasking * w.
Cut A paste.
GoW Ditk Offke U.ILtpee Maxi Plan 4 „ ..£24 99
M. m Office ......
Z3S.99 MISCELLANEOUS Distant Suns ....
.- 75,99 XC AD 2000
Audio Englc-cr PI... VI ... .4168 99 ...£29.99 ..£19.99
Techno Sound Turbo 2 NEW! ...£27.99 PROGRAMMING
_£34.99 £71 ao Amm30 ..... £25 99 47 99 Blir Basic 2
. rLvp-l Easy
AMOS ... £24.99
Lattice C Language Version ...
- £229.99 Kindwords 3 £24.99
Maxiplan 4 spreadsheet ...£24.99 Scala
1.13 ....£49.99 Pagestream
2.2 DTP ..£64.99 Xcopy Pro plus
hardware .....£25.99 Technosound
Turbo,,,.., .£19.99 Technosound Turbo
2 £27.99 Fujitsu Breeze 100 Incjet (2 left)..£
145.00 Fujitsu Breeze 200. Incjet (I left).£200.00 ROCHARD
DRIVES for the A500 A500+ from £179.99 Mega Lo
Sound .....£25.99 CVPHC8+from £199.99 IVS
TRUMPCARD IDE controller similarl I to the GVP hard drive for
the A500. Space I for 8Mb of RAM using SIMMS only £49.99
phoneforprjeeswi csmm With the latest version 3 s w for bright
A sharp grey scale I performance. Flexible scanned image
display manipulation | options, plus Clean up, embolden, resize
I flip.
Only £99.99 on demo Colour version only £239.99 EPSON GT6S00 Colour Flatbed on ly £587.50 pfcont for dscaili A dtmo Art Department Pro Scanner S W..£ 109.971 fiFj-ima.iPJFi I Alpha Data Mega Mouse to% rating. 2901 J Dpi £ I 2.99 Or £ I 4.99 for 400 Dpi version I DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE h.J I quality clear 2 button mouse.... ...£19.99 Zydec Trackball ......£29.99 I Golden Image Trackball..£37.991 NEW AMITEC I mb 3.5" drive Features Anti Click. Anti Virus, Sony Mech, 2 year I warranty Only £58.99 I Prima Addup 3.5"....only £56.991 I meg high quality external drive at a low
Cumana 3.5" .....only £56.991 I meg external drive. The best name in dl*C drive* kJ I 24 bit graphics card h video system for the I S00 I | 2000 3000 4000. Includes software bundle I! I only £509.99 with Imagine 2!
1J 1 i New generation retargetable graphics has arrived I with this true 24 bit graphics board for the A2000 [ 3000 4000.
I Mb version .. £289.91 2Mb version .£325.91 Commodore A2300 internal Genlock| only £119.99 GYP Genlock ..only £297.991 features professional SVH5 output Rocgen Plus ....only £ 149.991 Includes dual control for overlay and keyhole ef-1 fects, extra RGB pass thru. Now A1200 con fects, extra RGB pass thru. Now AI 200 compatible.' I Rendale 8802 FMC..only £169.991 m I For creating special effects In video production | with genlock* only £139.99 liimMira This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ribbon connection so that it can be positioned anywhere
within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 year replacement warranty now only £19.99 or £27.99 for keyboard switchable version ROMBOPRODUCTS New.'VIDI 12 Real Time.£ 134.99 Real (Ime colour digltiilng from any video source, full AGA support New'VIDI 24 Real Time.£223.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full AGA support New VIDI 12 AGA £74.99 VIDI I2SOUND&VISION AGA with built in Megami* MaUcr..«.t«... £98.99 TAKE 2 ....£37.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master .£29.99 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can be added in real time, fully multitasking h easy to use.
30. ....£ I 2.99 ....£ I 4,99
50. ....£20.99 ....£22.99
100. ..£37.9 9 ...£42.99
200. ...£69.9 9 ....£79.99
500. .....£168.99 £190.99
1000. ...£324.9 9 £365.99 Branded disks come
complete with labels Disk Labels....500...now only £6.99
Disk Labels.. 1000....now only £9.99 PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 30
from £ I .SO! (many more tltfei OVQifflWcj 19 Fingers Rave
Oemo -(PDA030)2dbkil25 I Kicks tart
Emulator-------------(POAO II) I disk £I .SO I Last Stand
In Hoth .(POAO14)) 4 disk.O.SO I Magic
Workbench.. ....(POAO 17) I disk £ I .SO I Edword
Prov 4 0 ...(PDA005) I disk. 1.56 I
DbkSahr v L0 (PDA003) I ditk.£1.50 I Ami
fate Pro v 1.1.-------. PDAOO 1)1 disk 1.50 | PCTa*
.....(PDA019) I disk - ¦' ,50 I
TRSI Misery Demo- ----------(PDA029j I disk- 1 .SO I CU
Shell Help ......(PDA002) I disk £
I .SO I Text Engine v4.1 .....(POA031) I dnk t I .SO
I Mlndwarp AGA Damo ......-(PDA0 15) I dssk £ 1.50 I
Motorola invader* AGA (PDA0I7)I diski 1.50 I Easy Caic Pluv
(PDA006) I disk f I .SO I Revelations
.....(PDA020) I disk £1 .SO I Mr
Men Olympus. .... (PDA026) 2 disk ¦ £2.2S I Road to
Med.- (PDA032) I disk.H .SO I Point of Sale Demo 1200
only.. (PDA0I8) I disk. 1.50 I Kefram Desert Dream*
PDAQI2)2ditk42.2S IkkmdykcAGA . (PDAOI J)
Jtfak £2.7S I Ami Base Pro VI.«---------------(PPA0 J J) I
** ¦ ,50 I Grand Prbt Simulator-----------(POAO 10) I
disk £ 1.50 I Fairtight Vertual Dreams--------(PDA000) I
disk £ I .SO I Starbaie IJ------------(POA02S) 2 disk £2 2S
I Grapevine 17...- .....(PDA009) 3d«k4LS0
I Spectrum Emulator version 1.7 (PDA027) I disk £ 1.50 I
Spectrum Game* Disk ,.(PDA020) I disk, 1.50 I D-Copy
v3.0 .„ ......(PDA004) I disk £ I SO
I RD Prep----------------- -(PDA022) I disk.£ I JO I Raorg
V J. I------------------(PDA023) I disk £ I SO I Fairbght
242 Demo ... (PDA007) I disk 1.50 UTILITIES I
Ami---------------------Z44.99 I Am,back Toolv
----------------------- £39.99 | Arvuback Plus T aok Bundle
...... £74.99 I AMIGA Release 2.1 software upgrade.... I
Cross Dos VS ..„ „ £49 99
...£16,99 I Directory Opus4... I GP FAX 2. J soft**are.. |G
gaMen- I QuartbsckVS_____________ I Quart back V6 Nf W I
Prima AMO 1200 Hard Drive setup software. This it I the
best setup software on the market ...... £5.99 I
Latest version of this Fast A Famous hard disk backup I
I Quarterback Took ----------------------------------£54.99 I Quarterback Took Deluxe .£64.99 I Xcopy Pro Inc. hanhvare.---------------------£25.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS 137 Compugraphic fonts Vol 1,2, or 3 by GT________£9.99 I Adorajj ..£67 99 I Art Department Pm 2 3 C145.99 I Art Depart men: Si ..nru-r wftwa'c .
.4114.99 I Brilliance Pro. Pain: and animation...... ... 149,99 .£94.99 I Cal.gari 24 3 D Design and animation.... I Diluxe Paint I.. £12.99 I Deluxe Paint 4 AGA ...... £99.99 I Image Muter RT ------- i 149 99 I Make Path for Vuta .. £26 99 I Morph Pius ... „( 147,99 I Morphusby Impulse lor Imagine... I Pixel JD Pro NEW.’ I Rear JO Classic
459. 99 .499.99 .4319.99 :R I Stenary Animator Y4 (J Mb
reqirrd)...... ...£49.99 _£49.99 Video
Finql Copy 2 (UK) Referne 2------------- ...... only £46.99
built in outline fonts, full graphics import (IFF and HAM).
UK thesaurus, spelling checker & much more.
Rmai WriterDTP NEW!
...£99 99 K!nd*drtliV3.. _ ________ ___________ }4 99 Penrvil 1A 11999 Best tefiing feature packed word publisher with databat* ...£44.99 Pro Page V4_. - - ________ _________ Pro Page V4 & Pro Draw J .£110 00 Protext 4.3 Wff___________________________ £10 00 Prowrite 3.3 NEW!.„ ...... .438.99 The Publisher DTP ... .£14 « Wordworth 2 AGA .. ______ 44,99 Wiwtworth 3 NEW' II VvJ I V-41 (I w s COMPUTER CENTRE -"FIRST COMPUTER CENTRF ii uia (DFIR TrOMPI ITPR TPMTRP
fftPIDCTrr MDl itcd At Last!
A double-decker that won't keep you waiting.
Introducing Dual, High-Density Floppy Drive "It is the most important and singularly useful product I have seen since Amiga Shopper began." Amiga Shopper - January 1994
• More storage than any other Amiga floppy drive featuring 960K
and 2Mb extended formats and up to approx.2Mb (DD) or 4Mb (HD)
using automatic, real-time compression.
• Faster than any other Amiga floppy drive.
Comparison by Feature Features Competitor KCS HD2 Kickstart • Double-density High Density
2. 04+ 880K formatted
1. 76Mb formatted
1. 2 or better better than 2Mb better than 4Mb Filing Systems FFS
International PC 72QK PC 1 44M DCFS Workbench 2.04+ Workbench
2.1 + Workbench 2.1 + Workbench 2.1 + Workbench 3.0 Yes - all
Amigas Yes - all Amigas Yes - all Amigas Yes - all Amigas Yes
- all Amigas Software HD backup Track Display FastCopy At
extra cost No No Yes. Software inc Yes Yes Copier Hardware
Synchro Express Blitz Cyclone Clone T2 At extra cost At extra
cost At extra cost At extra cost Internal emulation Internal
emulation Internal emulation Internal emulation
• Workbench 3.0 DCFS filing system (Kickstarts 1.2+).
• Transparently supports all Amiga filing systems and disk
capacities: 880K, 1.76Mb, OFS, FFS etc. Fully compatible with
the A4()00's high- density disks.
• Built in protection against bootblock viruses.
• Autoboot feature with all Kickstarts.
• Compatible with the KCS Power PC Board.
• Works with all Amigas running Kickstart 1.2 or higher.
• Includes hard drive backup software.
• Reads and writes PC disks on any Amiga.
• High-speed analogue external disk copier.
• Includes software track display.
• Low-power consumption.
• Low-profile case - colour matched to Amiga.
• Easy to install and customise.
4+ A° Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 KCS and their agents do not condone the practice of piracy. To use the copier hardware you must purchase your own copy of the approputte software
• Whisper quiet NEC mechanisms.
• Hardware compatible with Blitz, Synchro Express. Cyclone and
Cyclone T2.
• Developed in the Netherlands by Kolff Computer Supplies,
producers of the acclaimed KCS Power PC Board.
Available from all good stockists or direct from Bitcon Devices Limited.
KCS HI)’ is just a short telephone call away.
A A- 4 J*' .0 ,c£ ¦ +xo' 1 rfv wV cr .w N Bitcon Devices Limited, 88 Bewick Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE8 1RS . Tel: 091 490 1919 Fax: 091 490 1918 All trademarks and registered trade marks are acknowledged PRINTER ¦ Forever blowing bubbles ince that cheeky little upstart the BJ10 started the ball rolling by knocking spots off dot matrix 5 only a couple of years ago, the bub- [ and inkjet market has grown enor- dy thanks to lower prices and the I advantages offered by this type er, Canon’s bubblejet range of printers seems to go on and on. Now Stevie Kennedy tries out the latest
colour addition, the BJC-600 i the expense of general flexibility, bub- i offer sharp, near-laser quality output »greatly improves upon the results of dot matrix, and though suffering in i of speed and print costs they have I a bigger and bigger slice of the rpie.
I common with the rest of the Canon . The BJC-600 is a compact unit with a ch appearance and a control panel i has deliberately been kept as simple Media costs 3oe of the abiding concerns with most bubblejet and inkjet printers is that of ~edia costs, or the price you pay for each sheet of paper printed- Depending on to cost of replacement ink cartridges and other consumables, running costs can ¦ jry sharply, and a printer which on the face of it looks a bargain could have high *«fheads.
The Canon s ink cartridges will stretch to about 200 pages of pure text, a figure Nch would come down to less than 100 pages if decent sized colour graphics
- ere used - a figure which is on a par with the competition.
Official Canon refill cartridges for all four ink wells would cost about £34.
Orking out at 17p per copy at best, and up to 40p per copy in heavy use. Using a
* *611 system such as that featured in this month's Shop Window
section, howler. Costs can now be reduced by two-thirds.
As possible. This gives the impression that fewer functions are available (partly true), but also helps avoid the intimidating appearance of those multi-button front panels lit up like Christmas trees you find on so manv printers.
A single set of ink cartridges and a pack of 25 sheets of A4 plain paper constitute the starter pack for this unit, and there are no The BJC-600 excels at colour graphics and clip art in up to 256 colours, but the limitations of bubblejet technology begin to show as Ham and 24-bit piccies are printed. Not bad, though, eh? Fancy a Cox's Pippin?
Less than three manuals; a quick start guide, a guide to using colour in documents, and the user manual itself.
The latter is a 118-page booklet which contains sound basic advice on using the printer, but which doesn't go into the same depth as many manuals. Reference sections on commands, character sets, and so on might not be of interest to most home users, but they can be important to professional owners.
No printer driver software is supplied for the Amiga (though the PC disks bundled with the printer can at least be reformatted), a fact which is offset by Wolf Faust's shareware CanonPrefs program.
PREFERENCES This excellent preferences editor has a CanonBJ-EC driver specifically for the more expensive Canon colour models and offers the user a range of dithering patterns.
When printing using this software instead of the standard Workbench EpsonQ driver, results - particularly colour graphics
- are noticeably better, and all new Canon owners are advised to
phone their local BBS or shareware library before wasting any
ink on Workbench drivers.
Plain paper can be used, normal Sogms photocopier paper sufficing for most jobs, but a lighter paper which holds less ink is better for graphics.
When a large colour image is produced, so much ink can be used that the page starts to roll up and mucky fingers are the order of the day until everything dries.
Graphics using anything between 16 and 256 Colours are printed in very high quality, the Canon's dithering coping well with the demands of creating the extra tones from its four ink wells, However, when 24-bit or HAM images are attempted, output can often be dark and smudgy, and these more colourful graphics are best left to thermal transfer units such as the Primera.
For all types of business presentations, logos and letterheads, the Canon is ideal, and for colour clip art is best of all. In particular, the output from the better word processors such as Wordworth and Final Writer can be superb, mixing crisp colour graphics with clear text at the full 360dpi.
Fewer features present themselves to the user from the front panel than you might expect from a printer in this price range, but the instructions for automatic head cleaning and selecting one of the seven built-in fonts are clearly given on the underside of the flip-up covering panel, making this one very simple little beast to use.
Though there are no macro settings for the user's favourite print set-ups, an easy configure mode can be used to switch between 14 different print standards, from mono on plain paper to full colour on coated paper or acetate transparency.
In addition, colour registration is easily tested and reset if the printer starts to blur the detail on colour output.
For those in need of quality presentation at a reasonable price, this latest Canon release is one of the better options, and worth a long hard look.
The bottom line Ease of use 9 Implementation 8 Value for money 8 Overall 8 Supplier: First Computer Centre Phone: 0532 319444 Price: £575 A6(H) A12(HI If K* oh tv
A. MNK 14OQOKW ilM mis own COPY Of KICK 1.3
E. M400 (TvntuucLvaw vrf EST. 1991 DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: 0492
UTILITIES 6M3S TWVTERCn:cu»* M» Bun 11 gndstvnife* MTA Ay lu
»n U?
UMOJUCONS ,:r. »W . • ICOWMNU tan nu* M 3RIU1VAB UrfiUl fMcun 90s ssucutNwnr rHMAa . ‘I Aim FUOOA Sw iowUr MMOMIIEIOr 2am larkrllr ¦ B ' 5 jcunismCf-fNiAnjiBn: _U7?ch?*:m unaiHHI. OTHERS • •• ;'l ru 'H Ol
J) MtWBOA! ’.,v .W*.WSKC I® f UCIROCIO DU» i ip V OUR U’tf
CRDSSOK VryUP: U« OfSltNf A D« »T3 Dwi A gi MW UlU Hia paci r?
Owl !7 t«s»oodt turn ,iKHRI U aM ,ik umnmoi rt’tni •» JX M11U
WW tfc'MK ApflM r» c. .-x- urfnoa r n sox* ng *& «i “»a u»: Ml
Vt S Urtmm anroK, £:¦Ml srtfOlliOi fM Mti Wfcrsy UJC 5URA C W
TOOLS 'pi m I* C ; u?r anruTwmi ctw ujwMmccuiiKiuraAiiiM
unuuuw *; ** UjJCCUUTUWr, 1*4.1 _ .3) AMOS 1 M .P3A11
.Tr.'miKOifJ Moon*:) cn»» JZ3C EU1M.1W WtiASf S HUM
toe C 21 MUMSPJUU0NM‘UC?5 C 6? A) COMN KWKPl fifpi"™ C272 JA
COMM rl 07 fO irnum all tom A irS .1 conns prag AB2.3 08!
1 »!*dw C383 A COMM «l l L4 m c»4 urn 11 !'4*i| BiMA Silrt wwn
G«ST RM«8.«i2JSMHVKJ C3W SPOT tojn*l u*l C3i" nmnAus Cow* t VX
44 MASK A VIRUS KIU(M *7 4 VHKMRflORS muiuim
M) 44 VIRUS CH1CKIA it IS vmojanimiHi VH4I1 VIRUS Z-LAMI VIS41}
ANTKXLOVIR if um virus «ti VH4T 4 VIRUS CHICKED Vt 71 vhis
I? SBAs l»V Harvrc
S»* WilC 114 1C AS1A0A0NY DMA CO 1 HU f 15 TC OIAOSAUAS loro MU
l»tn (" $ Pl UCAICI i um laigi mhOs f • TRMBIATOA :Nm IttotO
nUi F' i COLOUR IT m l:r («j*rg*r V»n f ?CaOl*lAIAinM»|T «X,
• :t AIBIMA (9 Nat AS WJARO . R ll» AUI'C HO i2 AMOSACAAN . Nj.lt
wtnh i: -ltADl»OAAO MAIM iSO MR MIA STORKS U , -.r tMiiifn ' 3
Iff ['I' A A13YROBOT -jltfjinn i ;• scea 12 j.4.4 chbi pwso m
js*i»' E2SB PIOTTIA *3 M 2 Uir n*n »CC sir AMBA TU'ORIU Iujiwi
Ml lAf til 132? AG IAftl r Cuill A U2*S f!34 SACC TO SCHOOl KM
*r *09 iKf FRTAORI ALPHARt Im-iiyJ »! 3*n: 1291SMRHM Comet iw
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AMIGA GUIDE ¦ At last, the secrets of the AmigaGuide are about to be let loose.
Steve White delves deep into a text creator that could change ReadMe docs forever!
Books with buttons
* text documents have been with 1 since the dawn of software and
t affectionately become known as f docs.
¦ ReadMe doc is still used now and ply a text file that the programmer written in order to explain his or her ! Without the need for a complex . The docs are loaded into some f text viewer such as More, PPMore
• lore.
Nately, these text viewers often only forward and backward ng with no cross-referencing abili- I no menu in which to select a spe- pic. However, with the release of ench 3.0 all this has changed and at last, the ReadMe doc will e a thing of the past, f core to this change is a program MultiView that resides in the ties drawer of Workbench 3.0. jfiew is a universal application that »the user to read IFF text files, view ipped picture files, play IFF sound cl Cawtircm,aHHi«Tuicrm ML keicc*? To thf to 19a Cnprting fhigaGuide Tutorial In this tutorial * «UI explain the tays in ihidt It* Ikln&iidc
»rkj M Im yw cm Inm lo create ywr nm , Wl„, Wl.,
- *.F I I I read AmigaGuides.
Der to understand these file for- The foliating buttw exmples sto* to* you can specify buttons in end « t of itrdato text Thu it 1 stmdma amcn|
- MultiView relies on DataTvpes i describe the format of the
specific They are found in the ataTypes drawer.
Toi9a6mdwTutonai.i But ten Exopltt I Text Exasplw I Thti if in of in toMfUCjjjltw] an w us«d itmdrd text Buttons (Ufl il»»rs be LIM *9 1 H0C€ In ordw fc* thee to she* They ire useful for emting ttrus cr for siaply addin; cron reference »mts eithm sfrcrl text Moftiwtely, button* cm not use the (ext fomaitinj coeea-rfs iv:h is Bold. Italic md iMsrlir* aiding you have the appropriate Hypo, running the above files through Hview shouldn't be a problem, ever, the most powerful part of Sview is the AmigaGuide and it is II will be explaining in detail.
ESSENTIALS i order to follow this tutorial vou will I certain files on your Workbench You will need Multiview, the aGuide.guide DataType in your sDataTypes drawer, AmigaGuide ' in the LIBS: directory, datatypes.
' in the LIBS: directory, and some f text editor such as Ed, AZ or . With these files you will be able ow the tutorial with no problems, nvenience, I will be using Ed.
I AmigaGuide is very similar to a de doc in many respects but pro- : crucial improvements. Instead nply scrolling backwards and for- i you can now. Click on buttons in go straight to certain topics, use ; to add cross-referencing points t text as you would with a pro- al word processor, f AmigaGuide.guide DataType also des a useful menu for controlling t AmigaGuide much like that of a become fully proficient at writing Guides you will need to learn the Don't worry, it isn't difficult at case Ed. Open the Shell and type the following, pressing Return at the end: ed raa:QurGuide This will
create a text file in RAM called OurGuide. You will be presented with the editing window for input and are now ready to create your first AmigaGuide... An AmigaGuide is broken into pages, called Nodes. You can assign a button to a Node and when you click on it it will jump to that page. Each Node (page) can have as much text on it as required, and you can scroll through the text using the horizontal and vertical scroll bars of MultiView.
A page begins with the Node command and ends with the EndNode command, your text being written in between the two. We will examine these two commands in greater detail later on.
The first thing we have to do is tell MultiView what kind of DataType this is.
We do this by typing the following line: 9DATABASE wigaguide.guide The @ symbol is used to tell MultiView that the following text is a command, in this case DATABASE. This informs MultiView that the file is a database and that it should load the AmigaGuide.guide DataType in the Devs:DataTypes drawer.
Because of this, MultiView now knows how to run the file when we load it.
The next command is REM or REMARK and these can be entered anywhere and are simply used as reference pointers for you, the programmer. They are ignored when the AmigaGuide is executed. Type in the following command using your own name; HER Migi Coipwting *pigiGv dt - by Stephen Rhite WORDWRAP is the next command that we need to type in. You don’t necessarily need this command but it makes life easier when writing the AmigaGuide. What it effectively does is wordwrap any text that floods over the MultiView screen dimensions much like a word processor does.
When writing your text in Ed you will notice that you can continue writing past the right margin. The Wordwrap command pushes 'overhanging' text onto the next line. So, type in the following to finish the setting up procedure of your AmigaGuide: aVORDVRAP We mentioned Nodes earlier and said that they indicate specific pages of text. In order for MultiView to successfully run the AmigaGuide we need to create a menu Node called MAIN which MultiView then looks for and runs as a contents page.
You can then call subsequent Nodes by any name. You must not have spaces in a Node name. Type in the following: MODE RAIN ‘Ry First AaigiGuide - Intro" This line creates a Node called MAIN (the contents page) and titles the window "My First AmigaGuide - Into". MultiView displays .all AmigaGuides in a window. We can now learn about and create a couple of buttons and some text.
Text can be entered anywhere and requires no command statement.
Anything not preceded with a @ is understood bv MultiView to be text. To add some text type in the following; This is tht first Aaigi6uidc which I hive written with tie help of tie Aiigi Coaputing AaigiGuide Tutorial. Never again will I use 1 ReadAe doe.
o i M EmptK - Cafut m htgaQmfr Tutortii is Text formatting Text
can be in bold, italic, underlined or all three. Look at the
examples below.
You could apply them to your own AmigaGuide: The follomw text ecwptw indicate hn you c-sn use the 0 canard to chan* the text forwt the different formats cm be seen below This is HU text This is im: fat Thii '.a IMBLUBM M is i catiMai of W. IffUC at UtiMg fell The canards fcr text are; fold i * Italic u8 Underline To indo my of these text forwt commis you staply ise the u coewrd (Uhdo) with the ictuil fomt ::rry: its an exaeple, if you wished to turn off the SclD format ccmmnJ you would use the following coward in brackets, ub Contents I IliSill Help | Retrace I Brovse I Brwse When you load
an AmlgaCultk Multlvkw provides a bask database menu environment.
Contenti selects the MAIN Node. Help brings up tht Amlga&uidc Help (lie and Browse. 'Browse * allow you to flip bock and forward through the pages Command summary to.M (l.i!«• *»••• *'• ¦ la. •• Cat-.-in* hwWtM I* " • «»M«.»I te«
• a*.!sn ta*ln - 1W iuWnJ.vWvtai «r (Ml ua.M LB* U*!X«*vu8i It I*
Imperative that you have a Node called MAIN. MultiView looks
for this Node and uses it as a contents page.
Without It MultiView will fall to load nti L-awm - *..«• umemint mnmtm ’V *¦"'*' mat, ttjitju .« mt on t» • T1..I ¦ a f.aax ilw UlflWMWI4 in .1 in 1«1 if m tcirjf'u fcnlW LH« ftinOUMUSI mitu mi k
* »»j •Timin .! «« Ml •..•. la LMM 15 • TO .» •- Uaa •• Mi IW».
R*WMKi kktnfl kllktt I'uci'l l*«l Ik trlm*'*' ’»*'nMr»!“'"i“ill|rk »W * *“4 «*•*•• me uroriiia You can create stand alone buttons as well as cross referencing buttons. Unfortunately, there Is no way to actually add text formatting commands to cither of them
- a. „ ... .. Text can be formatted using commands much
like those found In a word processor. By adding these commands
to your text you can Improve the layout considerably ET . R*
«*r t' "rtf V**1 M l» ¦ faaaa ¦ in V k»Mt»U.
F*. •‘•f'Y 1 ef« ..a iU 'nai .
Don’t worry if your lext scrolls off the right margin in F.d because we have invoked the Wordwrap command. Now save your AmigaC.uide (do this regularly from now on).
There are certain formatting commands you can add to text in order to make it bold, italic or underlined and we will explain this procedure later in the Advanced section. Next, let’s create ourselves two buttons.
In order to create a button we must link it to a Node. Buttons are simple to create and are very user-friendly. First type in the example below: i("Click nt for Help* UHK help} Sctltek He for Info* LINK INFO) The above two lines will create two buttons for us. Let’s find out how.
The @| indicates that what follows is intended to be a button. Whatever text is in the speech marks indicates the button name - this can be anything you like. The LINK command tells MultiView to link the button with a Node (in our case called HELP and INFO). When you click on the buttons MultiView will jump to the corresponding Node. The 1 ends the button command.
As this is all we want on the MAIN (contents) page we must inform MultiView to stop reading any more commands or text into this page. We do this with the following command; iENONQDE Wfe have now defined an AmigaCuide Database and created our first Node, text and buttons. We can now enter the other Nodes - HELP and INFO so that when we click on the buttons MultiView jumps to these Nodes. Type in the following; The above text describes the two Nodes HELP and INFO.
3N0DE HELP "Hy First leigiGuide - Help* Help Page Thij is the help page that I have vritttr and linked to the iiin contenti page. I kno« how to set up an AaigaSuide as veil is creating text and buttons.
3ENDN0DE iNODE mro ”Ry First kiigaGuidt • Info* Info Page I have written ttit AiigiGuide using the MultiView prograa and the AaigaCuide.guide Datatype in the fcevs:bstaTypes drawer.
Good, isn't ft?
3EHDV0DE Your AmigaGuide is now ready to run.
Quit out of Ed and then load up MultiView. Open up your AmigaGuide (OurGuide) from RAM and you will see your MAIN page with the buttons and text. Note the title in the window bar.
Now you can click on the buttons and you will be taken to the appropriate Nodes. To get back to the MAIN page click on the Contents button at the top of the MultiView window. This and the other buttons are always available as they are part of MultiView. E3 aaaaKg I A 1 itbHhis text you art reading will be tn BOLO afiHhis text you ere reading util be tn ITALIC SlulTkts teit you art reading will be UNDERLINED You can turn off bold, italic or underlined at any time with the ©(u) command which stands for Undo. Look at the examples below: 3(ub)Tkij will turn off the BOLD (OMind 3(ui}Tki) will
turn off the ITALIC coiaand 3(uu)Tkts will turn off the UNDERLINE coiaand Below are some actual examples of text formatting with samples of how they would look in MultiView: Here is sore itbibold leitJ(ub) for you Here U soae bold text for you Here is *op« KoittMf text fprifof) you Here is soae ftlffc teat for you Here is 3(u)soie underltned3(uu) text for you Here is soae underlined text for you ©DATABASE amigaguide.guide informs MultiView that the file is an AmigaGuide file ©REM indicates reference text which should be ignored when the AmigaGuide is executed ©REMARK same as above ©WORDWRAP
wraps text that floods off the right margin in the MultiView window ©NODE T1TLE Window Title informs MultiView of a new page called TITLE with a window title called cWindow Title ©ENDNODE informs MultiView that the Node page has finished ©TITLE Window Title performs the Here is in i(b)i i}i(u)exiaple of «lia ub}a(ui)a(uu) three Here is ar umLt iLiil «hr*« Buttons can be entered in beta text to act as cross-referencing | Below are examples of cross-referen buttons and how they would look i loaded into MultiView: This is in txaiple of a BfCross* Referencing* LINK CROSS) out ten This is
sn exaiple of ilCro»-Referenc-*i button Obviously, this button is LINKed I another Node so that when you dick MultiView would skip to the approp Node, in this case called CROSS. Yd cannot use text formatting on buttons' There is a way of creating buttons I are not LINKed to any Node. These i be useful simply as menu titles, retain the button look but when you i on them they do nothing and are i purely for cosmetic purposes.
AfTktsIsACosieikButton . LINK) You cannot have spaces in the bu name because a space indicates a t terminator (anything after the space i ignored) The . Is a neat way of indie the end of the button title.
Same function as cWindow Title in t NODE command © ‘ Button Title" LINK NODE title ; creates a button called Button Titk LINKed to the NODE called NOC Title ©(ButtonTitle . LINK} creates a bu called ButtonTitle LINKed to nothing j @ b) indicates start of BOLD text @ i) indicates start of ITALIC text @ u} indicates start of UNDERLINE text @ ub} turns off BOLD text ©jui} turns off ITALIC text @ uu} turns off UNDERLINED text »‘now: 64rage AMIGA GUIDE FROM SILICA - THE UK’s No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS CONTACT US NOW FOR YOUR FREE COPY AMIGA 600 LEMMINGS PACK MIGA 1200 PACKS+ Hao5SoSsR,VE RACE V
CHASE DESKTOP DYNAMITE Whe*. »u 6uy yaui Am«jj from Sica H jA ml nr «M1M pm m ail gw pm cm
* I W.( 9 ro,c ,'ft tofl1* |1tMi¦ *•* r CVOVV Cfwa pat*. FfA
toe 4 PMH PMK II.
J* fredi mo *6 to «e «t»di »lts cow ¦* «* Mca knm ton Ska An cntancefl *5* wn ft fran mu takas ?ji Miaitage K m» ;tware Pack aa enpsee » t* sett *m aijoo 1 uoax
Eft-99 CATE
.. £34
99 01 FANTASIES ...
PACK £125.96 IASIC v3i • Powerful Base Programing Language .
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Quwone_ CH»u.K)wr.i,iuriCMi Wf »WM 0 |Sm TopL DESKTOP DYNAMITE
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• SALT PUTTY ----£28 99
• ’« w u EIH9 tMjRtaifffliYrNXILATP a*4*-W«C0C £17900
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• timi.STOfTKsw'toyiw. £1999
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t*31 93 LESS PACK SAVWQ £247 93 SILICA PMC£- £199.00 RACE W
CHASE psEcooar J29t ««VCuS;r raw: WORTH OVER MKMI.IUM'JKr
4000 WmilWin avaLUM r. uvarai RAM; Haro Drive option* from Snc*
ipieose see Mow) Ai wo tuliy configured and approved and entry
Commodore* lull one yM on-elle warranty PAM upgrade! An Mo
available from Si lea Oj« 10 currant fluctuations n the market.
Pleas* call !w upgrade prices 25MH4 W3Q- - . , AMIGA 4000
• MOPwbkfcnwiTtta wfiJM
• Ot» * M aparacn bc«i
• EraM you Wiji SX le vi COTV acCmr*
• Play* noma! Eu o CO das
• 9wsge CSWW «W ® 6® ken Goto aTiMtoMISMMM
• C rvi(M Rfi»• 0 MiS• W0 lamia
• Corneas MMSO90K maro
• Sant Ofl A500i neel irodtaner ava 1084S
• 42mn Do! PfeA W Cdoui Scmn a oil! JUS 1285 inti AnMilnn • 15
• VatojAGB.DtgXTTnrtGxiHMaVWn
• Lii-ju-, a Duma Urtrott V:t«re BmFtraot Co’lrio. Catur,
HtiuortN me Vwuai ClflWTV! Hsoi!
• VB'f-CmF Ez i 'am Tta wtx mr KnanWDui »«W7om iimnariWtCPJ
• iV: RAW
• 108 UUJ06 ColOU3 pN1TTC
• oaves Fpcweacvf £20 t plugs into a tv or monitor
• OUALSPtEO ora «"0«l iww *» um *» adaay CBA0U (Kt»
• UulTt-SESSION Fastraat Mi 0W or. C0», mtr»m» Kt M* nun (tar mi
: mn] S • Fullscreen V1DEOC0 EARLY 94 mm nMia •» «* *lul» wxh
Hr* e« ht CM ctnMKM (IF la itr yoirt? AC. Mnnra hlytMhN
• ruAGfFO.SS’mtf M tOKM annicoMMNan soooi.fl Pu«MEEFn3MILX
• compatble wnn 26 corv titles S4« ar* ftiljf autteroed Amija
dean-' Wa can tpgrada Am»oa 000 or 1200'a al9l hard dr.es, tar
ntra or c «lhg a«r«fi nmoui olfKtirg Comtrodora'* omcal on »iie
aartarxy Wa oNor crthor upgrades a no ropoir Mrrtoa tor A500
onfl ASOCrv.e conpuiara UPGRADES A REPAIRS
• Laiad iaaf eouprnanl
• X ttwtto netnuans
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cmm. Sew»RxaVRontiiKd1 £14 99 arar Tagaoa'Stond.iT' £14.99
pcmwi*i »- wen i-n it- %-RjO CXOX- IfcWTCNSLPTO C
• 5 IWI cormti ccoutn MAIL 0R0ER; 1-4 TUB Mews, Htfttrley Rd,
Jdcup, Kant, DA14 40X Tel Wl-309 1111 Cria Lxat Ope" Uon-Sal
»00am7 Oocm 'Sm 900art-5 3jp*i___re luto Ntfii Owfj 1.. ¦»,.
Cai-Xa 0600 CROYDON SHOP: Deoennams ijwbwxi. 11-31 North End.
Crovdon, Swr»y.CR91RQ Til: 181-US 445S Otmwi AojH Mry-sw
Bkti-eiEpn_IM lu t Mima, - fcn_Faa Mo 801-048 «4M LONDON SHOP:
S2 Tonenham Court Road. London, W1P QBA Tei. 071 589 4999
Ocannj r».i» MmSU OaOwCOOpm_No UK Nyl Otataq_For No 071-30 4737
LONDON SHOP: S«tTn0ges •a».mriA„ru Oxford Street. London, W1A
1AB Tel: 071-629 1234 Op*™? »v I*» &1I thWnliXioT___ Ul» ftyi
TH.IW ___CiKW MU SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mwre Hatrier Rfl Sidcup
Kent. DA14 40X Tel: 081-3K M11 Ofrr; nan Manse Iwat oxE"_um
r*ge I'Qsj - i» _f» m o»i-x» 0017 ESSEX SHOP: Koddies 2m fkxti
Hijh'Streei Souihend-on-S a Essex, Ssi 1 LA Tel: 0702 468039
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.’p _Fm tie 070} 444QH IPSWICH SHOP: D«enhanis o »'«• WlUilOO
Hou». Wes«3t8 S1 Ipswich IP1 3EM Tel: 0473 287092 CwmfQ HUM
Mrr-lr i.1Dj»r r.3Ux-:S*8lXi ntCCpT» ,M flqfl Tfunan yr «a. Ng
garajarow t *51 a*, ifcoo SILICA - THE AMIGA SPECIALISTS P
Before you oecde Phen E buy you- . I no* Ar-tja corpuler. »«
tuppetl you I ttw* my carntuly aboul WHERE cu f burr!
Ccrtj«»r «Mi r. dl M IMS Ie» irxxwis ahar Cviyrfl jw *hYga i**r
you may nOOtKcoI serene ram or sohMare. O- nep and vtrcn Arc *u
re cwipery ou tuy Pom ocrtaci yew aim detau
• pnxluaa’ Al Sdca at enure rw you ell ha.e nolhnp »
• n asouT Win ou- ixmdM expe-crce arc eisenme *e can moel me
sumommi recuranwrra *Wi an undemcandrp *n»ch « M10 »a CorWic
and rerun me a«A»n re* 'J our Wem F«EE taaua ana Coqm to
atponance me Sica Serve*’
• COMMODORE APPROVED UPORADES: OboN Haro Dn e legrades wn ia
on-s« aarranrr.
• PREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: 9b iA hsn}ean orcers sheeed in ltd UK
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: A Mr c» Amoi Ikfincil !«wns *0 5*
Myw «tym
• e "WC9 corrpehlys cn i ’Same orod.C - Saw price’ t*s
* » nave a o.«n tracx record in pralessiorul computer sales
• PART OF A CSOM A YEAR COMPANY: wtn pi*r XD suit - We an son)
ruaw am proOOM
• CORPORATE i EDUCATION DIVISION osiouna an rmim* t*i wi -jo* nu
SHOWROOMS We ra.t derrrcnslratrcn ard iranng lirtflat at all
our Jloie THE FUU. STOCK RANGE: All & you- Amiga requrtmcnts
are avaiatre from one suppler FREE CATALOGUES: W115« miiM is
you wffi jptca: reducea tree Atiqj enrs js «ei« dsiiii on Hi
Amqi yAnire rfl ppsnerps PAYMENT; We accuse nest matcx credfl
cards cash, cheque or mcntrtf temis (AM 29 JS • *Tintn quotes
on request) To Silica Systems, AMCOM’0394’iO-i. 1-4 The Mews,
Haiherley Rd, Sidcup, Kent. DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE
Name (if applicable): Address: ......
. Poslcode
... Tel
(Home): .... Te(
(Work) ... Which computcrU), if any,
do you own? ,. , .. .
F 4C€ • Ad**3i*a ixx:a» re wacncovro may cmrgr F*aiw» recum ra Cffupun to- re aim ..- ¦' ¦ " -s r * J ViS y i. s f,i I v ? A v A71 1 BUY 10 PD DISKS & GET A FREE 10 CAP BOX WORTH £1.99 ¦ 2, BUY 15 PO DISKS & GET A FREE MOUSE HOUSE WORTH £2.50 ! 3. BUY 20 PP P1SKS GET A FREE MOUSE MAT WORTH E2.B9
6. BUY 50 PD DISKS & GET 10 FREE PD DISKS WORTH te.00 noav eovra*
Ton-awvaaooa aueacan.v omy i met out ptnoaotn EST1 A S S A S S
1 N S 1 T 0 1 4 2 N 0 W I N ; I ta 1‘ X WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR
1) 1 .Mental H« v*ver : 1)2. IMmtfcer Demo IX Wild Copper
DIQ..I7BkMuuc Item* Dll World Demos 21 Dl J Total Rctttiv Draw
DI4)l5..Predrtun 2l 021 21...Red Sami 2)
1) 24 25. ,Nc» Tck Recl3 2) D26 Total Renat 2 Demo D27T.Y. Theme
DTO-Fjik Deino DM P.D. Collection DJ&... Virtual Worth
DJ7_Vcora SinKlcf lrtit» DM TFV Demo Voyage WO SafyDemu D59
Video ElUecU AD D64...Culi Vector Dunce 2 D6H,.-Phenomena Demo
D7I ...Amm 3D Draw D74..A Trie To Man D76...A200D
Genltx'kDemts D8I.S2 Hudhram I 13) DHI.-Hmlhrwi 2
DRS-.Crioniri Nonwherr DK7 . Pteban* demo DIOI AlcKnu M UemoJ
DI02..A OtffXIn IV"" DI03 Tiaal Urilnjcticn DI05..MrB Demo
Comp 4 DI1I6..W *hcr S.T. Dcmoi Dl 11..Defcon I Dl l7..Aurura
M fXtrtio Dl IH..Cull M Demo 2
1) 125..Precise Demo DI33.Fakuvition
DIV. OoldlirrMaade.no DIJ7 IM-St Wtal|2)
1) 1» -Devtli"Ni. Reality"
1) 1*4 The Siieatt-lce" DM5..Cry»ul Symfrtmim DI4S Ray Ol Hope 2
DI*V..No Brain No Bum DI58 l59.Cyhotg Den*n2l DI95..C«imiI
Comp DI97..MC D«k I Coma DI99.£nd 01 Century 1999
D2D6-Dreancn3 D208 Avengers M Demo D2l(v*217. Homo Malic 2
D2I8 Diwnler Denut P2I9 Till* fciiuff D225-.Cool Bridge Demo
D22(t Hordcndt MfDemo DID Hipouuic Hammer D235. Jim Of One
Demo D238 Plancttidc D23‘Ll*ramingi Retenge
1) 240..Total Rctpru) D243 Budrain 3 D244..Phenomena Inenpacr
D245..Tuul Retrial
0247. Pulling The Tngger D253 CES Demos D256 TiOl Rrvixmt
D257.Total Rrtuic D2b2..Sp*xmni)ric D264 D-MoB MDMW
D267_Sun Cmncciiun 2 D270..Kcfrons Tl* Wall
f) 27l.Timex Hydra D272. Electric Down I D274.DefpKker* Demo
D27o..Cavc La Weird D279.lr.ujui Denso D2MI 28I Delei..mvi2i
D307..LSJ) Demo D312-Devil* Coluurt D3M..Tnkmo
l) 3IS..The Groove Ramjam D32V32IS Heal Empathy t2 D32W329. Red
Dmrf (2t D3M. Darkness .M pemo D332..Melted Experience
D333-337 Odyssey (S| DMLWaichtmn Demo
l) M I -Anarchy Smoker Co DM2 Ed The Revenge D34VM4.JlanJtt-.rcd
1) 346 Wildfire M nemo DM7 Mindssarp MfDrmo D348.O40 Skirro
Dem V2l D350.352.Tna.lc Tm!W3i
1) 358. Mr Men Slcetes D3W. .Seetof It Believing D360 Sunt O! Ur
An D36I Mavdii Renslonce D362 363. Jesus On E-s i2) D364 HATuk
03W Qrtmum Ptr»ure D366 Mrnd Rior D367..1nThe Cun bergo
DJML.Ihtunu: Iduuoiu D369..Piece Of Mind D370..3D Demo 2 D3?
I..Lethal Ext
1) 376... Wield ill Commodore D377 D3fcO...Hoover D3KI...U1C Trip
D382 3 . Project Techno (2) D384. Interspace D3K6. .Mndwvp
1) 387 . Panu Rhei JAGA) D388-Hyucr1a DJM3-S Grapevine 1$ (3)
DJ96-TS.Grapevine 16(3) D399-40I... Grapevine 17(3) 1X02. .In
WORK UTILITIES Ul... (inmcs Musk Creator U21 The Comms Ditk
U32 Modem Utils
U. U .Red Devils LTIls. I U35.-Soandtrsckcr Special
U3X...Palaa,Mu 4c.Medu U3V...Curd Designer
IMI. Rcd Drvila Utils 4 U43-.Future Composer I1** Krfrons
Mnkcbord U45..P£Gam Liili 168 lU7...| .j el Desijrtf U49.
Ultima* loon Disk UJO.-fouer C'cmp Ulik U3I..Jia Bench
U5S...Vi»ic«lr I C57...0uickheoch L'49...F«ni Designs
l. «l D-P*.m Font* | L'6I...D-Pam Fonts 2
1. 62. .Med LSI U63 Direct Amm Crroicr U64. Crossword Designer
U66...CU lietp ? Others 1167 SfTmkti Mpgl UW ChinuieBwi) I
UW.. Uhiirulc Bools 2 im Puweriogo IT4 VwaJ U7J Journal Home
Ace’s U76 Home Utilities U77 Hkrclnv-jd U78 Ami Hasi- iih i
Bombcnch V2.0 U82 Jlideshow Maker U83-.CiLikig Wokdnp l UH4 C
iiulsig Worksfsop 2 U87 Hard Disk Ulils U*9 *)4. .Amateur
Radiaib) I'M Cjijtn *i)ihfis U96 ..0FX Utils I UllW-Hamiah
(3101. SMV2.0 L'108 A43ene HI 13. Midi Utilities I'llX m
Vide 'iUlilt(2l VI32. .GFTi Utils 2 U133 1.M. NorthC(2) f'l
Ift-.CnvnsDoss ulemoi I'138 . Sguid SsjuaI I'lilt
UI39...Tenninaiitiet VI0 UI40. .Ss utsh 112(Xunit)
UI4l sh2l204«mKl UHI.TeuPlut 3 U144. .Derails Sample. I UI45.
Digital Intro Desugn 1146 . Via Clip An UU7...Spectmm
tanulieor I I'I Slipstream V JCilkrt L'IS2...Red Devils L'tils
1. 154..,Anilgalfl» W P 17155. PJ) Ulils Docs Disk
L'lP.Y-Oukkheoeli * |2.(M) L KsJ. Kim Diuhuie U166. Dennis's
Hack Disk UI67 Ivmolisher L'lils L' 168... Home Huunrss 3
17172. JiiiiK-U liil 3 tailv| UI76..CFX Ulils .1 UiTJ StarChdm
iriT*-inn ixdi2) UI8I CellK- Demo Maker U186.206 . Track Iks
1(1-30 U207 IOD6CV.IIWi.VI I U2W Duvr Jmm hmt I U2II .
Chemrslhclics U2li- Animated Pcamers U2I3 DetkTifHuNuhff U2IJ
Me»y Ski 2 U216 Master Wkiller 22 11218 Dull. Basi W. uid
U22.« Ten Pm DM base U224 Q-Rascl)auHavc U226 Games Solulkms I
U23I . D-PaiM FtWl 3 U23J, AmlCi»sh VI U238...]ctmmania U241)
.Icon Ldinr U232 0|8Mvnmii2ii U254 . New Superiilkcrs 2 U255.
.Protracker siO U256 Atari ST Eniululi* L'25K...D-Cup) 3 U262.
.. PC Emulator 1*273 Vidi Fonts I LZ74 ..lllmoi Lahrh U27J .
600 Business Setters 17276..1nvoice Ptlnlcr L'283 ..Headhne
1. 2K6...Amo* Updaier U29II Kirkslait 2 0 U»J .BUk Tiger UtiU 2
U2M_Tnl I. up me V4.0 L246...Ulnnute link Crea L'297 HI PD
Copiers lM8...PrwrxkerV3.0 U2W.. Addievs Print VJ. I
13303...Game Tamer UiCH.Muue Base VI U309..PV Minxrunch U311
Vmorph V2.30 U3I3. Pin AtlroliMv U3U..Poc4sWuanJjr U3I6 Liner
V2 I I'32H (iuitleis Ivsroner U327._Be ier Surf U321) Music
Engine V3.4 f330 Start if u U33I X-Re.il Pro UJJi.Supersiew
V2-4 GAMES Gl ..Return Tv Earth 02 (Umeici mp 5 ( 3 l)iw lory
W Seuni Mulch G5 .Parachute Joust G6 .Fninlic Freddie
GSTttinlriv G9...PsuedoCop GIO-Dnp Oil. Bug bmh GI2 Amcnwls
GI3. Llumaiim GI4. .I jsopc Fran Ml GI5 Mona Adventure 016
Cwuund Attack til7 Me ahull Gl*. Insiders Club GI9 Various
Ad»eiitures (i 2i Hmilcrstrwc (.22 Dragon Cave
024. Rings Of 2xw
025. . Mijhtm
026. Mechllifts G27 . The Tennis Gun*
028. FlftKhbict G2V. Busk Rogers
G. tl) ('i»Vslfi « 03I._7-Titai G32 . Niega Comp I G33-34. Star
irekl O) Ci3}-37..SurTrck2|3) G38-39,. Mcchforee l2l
G40..Kls ndykr 042„.C4f (143 .Games Camp 2 G44...S.E U C.K.
Games 0*5 . $ MV(AI!TK C'HH|?
046 . Game-s Comp 3 GiH ..Rays Ganv Ditk G49 .Gainci Cwnp * G50.. .Gomes Ccenp 6 G5I-52.. Truclmg 12) G53. Jeipu.
G55. Quick And Sils-a Gsfi Mmihlasl GJ7- Llimfr (MlW
058. ..Games comp 7 Gsy . Games cam H 060, Tvrni f "n CiMinfi
G6I...Civcrunner Gft’-.Cryttil Csvernt G63...IMKI G64
Eternal Ron* G6V..L«nmiMoid) Gt«...Diwnllili Challenge G67
Lame ST Port.
G68 . PaiadoJ 069 Pvgrles Gtd . Chainsaw Death G7I ftrjlc K-le'i Treasure GTJSerenc ?
G73 Castles G74. Dj-nirnita Dick G75. CunJOi!Ws | 076 Wi ay's Quest G77 Guvwih G78 Skate G79 AricAtac GKU Njp.de.via: Sim G8I -Project I G82 later toe G83 Lemmlniii P»:k GK4 Slur Trek S.E UP 085-1*0X11 G87 Moched Purt GS9 SltakfPII Ota) Zeus Gdl-BliMan] 093 . The Ma« Oamc
094. Suhculluie G95. Jlotlywnod Trivia 097 . Sbooloul
(m. H.Uy Grail Adventure (ill*) .AmDsCixndrop Gllll .Classic Camp
I G102. .Can! Games 2 (illH Super Xkuta (hull GIOJ (iraed Pox
Sim GlOb.-Compuler Conflict 2 GI07...Mitum X Rkul 2 GIOM.
NIJGame GI Ill-Tricky * The Turn
0111. ..MarWeSBde Gl 12- Games Comp 10 Gl 13 Black lack I ah Gl
IJ Dungeon Ol Madroj Gl l5...Anap Columns Gl l6...Ro6xoci
In Iraq GII7.,MuumCgmeK 0120-122...Warlock I?)
G124 Bari Simpson 0126 Air Afl'i
0127. ..Breakout Con Kri G128-Pipeline GIJ9 ...Dung Of Duridiui
01) 2 Pficrt Qiiesi Gl)) Star l'rek 3 GI.M ..hperider G139...Dow
To Door
C. I4' Sisl.il Quad GI44 OmepRjue GI45 Missmn X Raid 3 GI46. Trek
73 (il47 Waik In WmJeiland GI4X Suuals Revenge GI49 Sky Fight
GI50 WeiBeuver 0151 Airnuma 0152-Wi ard World Gl54. Totally
frantic Quiz 0155 Chess V2.0 Gl 56. Smash Telly Gl J9-BiUv The
Ihacnn GI60. J-Chang GI6I..,E-T pe Ci 162. .TirtlCai GI6I Sea
Lance GI64 ..Dttxy Diamonds GI65...NO Mans Land GI66...Word
Square Solver GI67...Cn u Kre GI68 ...Wwelindi 01711...5pace
0171. ..uuy Sue GI72. MakrABnrak 0173 .Souamhlr 0174,„F-1
Oiallrnge GI73 Oi hello
0178. Evil DeadOame GITSl Tralftvet (. INI-181 Pcnmp* 1*2 GIS2
..Dlpitsnarv GI8'...Tractor Beam GIU-Motcr Duel 01*5..
.Game Buy Tnni 2 G186...W ater Works GI87...Ad Of War 018S
Muuni» (wines 0189-193 Tlmelieds 1-5 (5194 .Nirvana
GI95-I96 Ncighhuurv 12) GIV7. Ameoha Invaders GlW tun* Bov
Tetns I GI99 Teotn
C. 200 Baillecars 2 0201-Dr Mario 02W Ashido G205 Chcars Disk 2
G206 Cheats Disk 3 (i2iw Auj*m G2D9 l-.R-A-C. G2IU The Gulden
Fleece G2II legend of Iaiihuu G2I2-2I4 Timclmdt6-8 G215. Amos
Games I 0216 Super Sid 0217 Light Bikes 0218 Relayer 0219 A«
Hockey 0220 Am.* Okj QuH 0221 Tcsas Chtlnsaw 0223 Roulette
G223 Premia I’lo G224.-Thnisr Duel G22S. ..WibMe Caddy
G226...Super Pune G227...Fnul Solid C228 . Braintcm 0229
0230. ..5pace las-auon
0231. , Karuic Worm GI32...Super Ilimc Mmmo
023. 3...PD City Comp I G2M Colour Changes (¦233...Bilile Of
Britain G236...Super Twintn G237...CSude C238...Nuiutm (+
Only) 0239 Kuna Fsi Charles 0242 . Micro Market G243. Bkud
Kumirr SLIDES 51 ...Ham Pics Shim I 54 Madomw slides 55
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517. ..Docklands Jarre SIB .Dr Who Demi
520. ..Nsva Slides.
SI2-24...WWL Slides i3)
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AI7...Mff»Cyslt Anim AI K-Rotcxop Anim A20...Mayhem On
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A27...Fleet Mancosic A28...Billraixl Anim A29- .FZPrsse I
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rrvengc AM.. Madonna Aaim A35 Stealths Animv2 Avi .RaidersOf
The IZArk AJ7. Bug) Bunny Shots A 38 . Iraq V’» UK Anim
A39.,.Mike Tyson anim A42. Walker 2 A43...Walker 3 A45-46
l.ighl Cvcfe |2l A47. Lvplixlmr Head A 48 C»f Chflta A49 Top
Gun Demo A50 Anmuilorv Demo Ail 5 Ways to Kali a Mold
A52 Aiwher 5 Way* A53 Butman The movie A54 3D Spaceship AJ5
Mr Potato Head A59 Txm Level Right A63 -Amy V's Walker AM
Real Pinball Anim AiA-JHaky Pig Anim A67 Aihrniurrv Of Oiuik
A70-7I. .Max Overdrrve (21 A73. SpKeshuttlc Anim A74
GhMfWitan * H.Vx; A76 ..Alarm Anim A77...Flight Anios A 78
.Piano Anim A79. Dun Anim ARO Had Bird Anim A8I. .Hctsday
Anvm A82 Fillet The Fislt A85...Mmn Anim A86. Pvxkct Wakh
Anim A9tF93...The Movies 2 (4) A«. My TmToy A96.-T.Pa 2 Amm
A99. .Terminator 3 AI(X)...l)olp hn Dreams AI0I IQ2
Thundethinhi 2i AI1I3. Hithin of Amy AI(M...Pofo Animl2 Meg)
EDUCATION EI...Lduai.Mn Pack I E2 fcdiK Jlxin Pack 2
F. 3 .Klutatxm Pack 3 fcA ...Edunuon Port 4 E5 EducalKm Pack 5 FA
Education Pack 6
1. 7 Ldoaiinnil Worth I ES .Educational Games
F. v MachDnll E10 Amiga Ftsxtxm Com Ell Dcvwanr Ed Comp Eli.
-Simon Sjvs » 5 Madii ED.Kiilt Pjini EI4 -Sturykind 2 fc 15
Colour li tl6. .Cdvur The Alphutxt |
F. I7 DTP. For Children EI8 Algebra EI9 AmoHcram E20- AnimalLand'
E2I. Animal Scunds L22 Mil.rjty Wjf Sounds | E23 Vehicles
Sounds E24 25...RMd A Lora I (2)1 E26 fvniot Mirth* .579
Frcddtc* Deal S80 .Wendy Jamcv Slides SHI The Invisible World
582-R3 Terminidor 2 (2) 584 Finux) lies S85 .Gulf War Slides
S86 Magical tv.
SM...Gulf War Tribute S89-90. S Thing Fiihy (2l S9I .Kldcrado Sltdcv B0ULDEHDASH COLLECTION bb 1(i( af.ifjfl F iVli fdllpf BtcjironoMrtr 0'."i5 confer rut ( M't nv
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FAIIS CxWUnik ITAA Tkx V UjiOTrtfP.KIIVtTOSSI i6trW8NWoniv£10.50 CARD GAMES PAC* ORDER NO: P09 C A*i r f .*,) THOSE CAROS F *» mvorjiiFAvofjRTEaro&A 8°I AT H 5N3 l'i Trl i FAC* 10C 's.5f9RONLY £10.50 SPECTRUM EMULAi ORDER NO: P07 THE IW1T EMULATOR It FOUR OWES DtS55,65 Gttt Aa AmgkTFORAtircoVA*- »P6N6f»Ft( lv£9,?9" ASSASSINS PAC- C1.&0EACH 10 DISKS.....MOW- 90 DISKS......MMtpi Vi DISKS......m.Wtps y disks.....m' i'S 70 DISKS......tt .0!)»pk AH lit. ...W.Witpk lthough a long time coming, the Amiga has at last found a reliable and friendlv method of con- ptrting Adobe Type 1 fonts into
colour, ¦pti-aliased Amiga Diskfonts - otherwise mown as ColorFonts.
For those not involved in Amiga art, presentation or titling such a prospect will kardly generate unbridled excitement.
(However for those who fit the bill such a development is well worth the wait, f OK, lets assume you're still not convinced - after all there's a lot of reasonable tiality bitmapped fonts already out there which will do a respectable job for various tideographic endeavours.
However for the pro and semi-pro, productions respectable simply isn't good enough. Clients quite rightly expect the best and that's exactly what A2A offers.
Before moving on to the conversion process. It's perhaps worth clarifying why A2A conversion is so important. Basically, PostScript fonts are fine for DTP but for anything else they're next to useless as the vast majority of software simply doesn't
• upport them.
Even notables' such as Scala, Broadcast Titler II, TVPainl and Dpaint - to name but a few - will have nothing to do with Adobe fants directly. And if such fonts are contorted by normal means their silky smooth appeal is invariably destroyed by the lack of anti-aliasing.
According to the manual, approximately 25 per cent of PD Adobe Type l's won't convert properly, as they don't adhere to the Adobe standard - but after extensive testing of PC, Mac and Amiga fonts I didn't encounter a single failure.,. If you're concerned about font availability. Turn to the PD section and you'll discover massive selection to suit every conceivable taste. However if you simply can't wait there's no need for panic, as two extra disks containing 52 Adobe Type l's ship with A2A.
Assuming you've loaded a font, you'll be confronted with the program's split screen interface which consists of three preview windows showing the anti-aliased, Amiga and cached examples of the font. The upper half holds the main control panel.
Working from left to right, the upper panel is split into four sections with the first concentrating on display and palette controls in addition to four resolutions ranging from lo-res 32 colour, lo-res interlace, hi-res non-interlace and finally hi-res laced - each of which can be toggled between at any time, SMOOTH EDGES When it comes to palette control you're provided with a pop-up requester full of colour wells, copy, paste and spread options alongside a variety of tools designed to simplify colour control. It's even possible to load palettes from existing graphics to further enhance
It's here where you can also specify the number of colours to be used. However it's worth stressing that the fonts generated are basically single colour creations which use the additional colours to generate smooth anti-aliased edges. In short you can forget any aspirations towards wacky gradient fills or bizarre patterns - that ain't the way it works.
In the next section, font styling is handled via point size, aspect, italics, filtering and contrast controls. Point size provides overall scaling of the font from 1 to 250 per cent. Although the feature does a perfect job of scaling any font, it's the only area in which the program falls down slightly.
Rather than adjusting the scale to a specific point size, the font is scaled as a percentage, and as a result scaling isn't point accurate. So for example, scaling up to 150 won't necessarily produce a font of 150 points - which obviously could cause problems later on in the production.
Next up comes aspect, which in simple terms means you can squash or stretch in the horizontal plain. Following that comes the italic option allowing angles in either the positive or negative up to 45 degrees.
Following this are the essential filtering options - otherwise known as anti-aliasing
- which take the form of five different filters, each of which
applies a different style and degree of anti-aliasing to the
Tvading Finally we come to contrast, which again is used to improve the anti-aliasing. Like all the other options, contrast shares in the benefits of the program's excellent interface which uses arrow gadgets for minor adjustment or pop-up mini requesters for larger places A!
3 Paul Austin explores A2A, the very latest in font conversion from Alternative Image slider driven alterations - and if that's not enough, you can even type in you alterations.
In the next section you can toggle through the entire character set in addition to altering the position of the font in the preview windows below.
Lastly you can specify whether to send a single character or the entire set into a memory cache; not an essential feature on faster machines but ideal for improved editing and font processing on slower Amigas.
In the last section you're given the essential loading and font generation options along with assorted font information. Basically that's about it. The actual output process is very simple with the only user input being the font name and target directory. Prior to output it's also possible to specif)’ that bold, italic, underlined and reverse flags which are used as part of the font definition, thereby enabling certain applications to generate the aforementioned variations.
However this function won't work forever)' package, as most programs have an individual approach to fonts. For example Dpaint won't recognise any of the aforementioned flags, although the basic font you generate works perfectly.
The bottom line !‘m impressed - the program performs beautifully, the end results are excellent and the interface personifies the very best of Amiga software design. For the pro it’s worth every penny and at just £50 it s well within reach of the hobbi- est. A great product which I'd recommend to any serious Amiga fan.
Better still. Alternative are now offering a combination of A2A and Scroller II
- their own A2A friendly video titler - for a special bargain
price of £100. Great news for any videographic newcomer who
wants quality output at an affordable price.
Supplier: Alternative Image Tel: 0533 'W0041 Price: £50 Software Expressions IntrnHuninn cnma nf (ho hoc* nnhlio rinmoin K pkoiaiunn Introducing some of the best public domain & shareware disks available for the Amiga today. Go on...express yourself!
UQ16. JtortiytfmsOmeg),.
U052 .Business Card Maker U092 Cartoon Brushes________ UG98 Database Master * U123 IQ Tester...... UT28 Viz Op Art_________ U130 Label Designer ... UI ...Ami Cash ..... U136 Amibas* Prof . GW4. Learn & Play 2 G047... LettrafN) ......,... GG53... .Mayhem ... GG65... Pins KtnQdom (2 tksks) G071 Return lo Earth (1 meg)...
6086. .Wraitned One ...... 6102 ...Simulation t (1 meg) G109
...Wheel of Fortune G124 ...Nap’Dleonic Warfare G143 Card
Shop G149 Raphjei Reverge..... G153. ..Growth
..... G155....Msscn X _____ G157 . Ouadnx G165... Super
Skoda Challenge
6170. . AmosCrlkel G171 Top Secret. . .
6175 Whir? Wan 6176 White Knight.
6180 Tank Attack (N)________________
6197. . All Rounder (N»______________ 6204 ..Super League
Miuger...... G207 ...FUgcatcher
G208 Granc Pnx Stmulalor____ G20S Games Galore Ten
N)_...... G214 Parachute Joust . G215. Battlements
6217 ....Act of War . Compilation of A1200
utilities 29 meg of graphics cn one disk
- Sbnning French demo ,„Ph«Q realistic slideshow famous oustfy
demo HgtiquaMy music ndeo Stunning demo AGA snce show U142 .
Sup«f Foots .... ..... .lots of Super Fonts U152.
PC Task .. ..Emufctft IBM i PC
1) 153 F**ta_____________
- -------------- ------------As it sounds
M54...QEO ..... Beginners word
processor U160.. Deluxe Pant Tutor ...... U164. World Databank
U165.....A-grapb U175.....Text plus VERSION 4.
U178.....(2 Discsi Araiibc ALC U179.....Calorie BaSe_________ U180 ...GCSE Maths .... .Enhance your knowledge of this ...Creates maps of the world ...-..Creates bar graphs .... Excellent word processor
- ---------(2 Discs) Best spreads avtfabfe Work
out your own calorie intake
Syllabus taught &k U185 .
Astronomy U190 Smow demo maker.
U194 ..Total concents .. Wcu « posits Of planets ..Create your own demo ... learn about footturc U204. Race Rator |N) .For horse recmg information U206... ABC Adventure Creator (N)________Create your own adventure games U21G. Pools Pools Version ? Wivk wit vntirw.onir is U211.....Tracing log „ .Keeping fit U212.... Back Talk .- U217.....MasiieNitiick .... .Atfrse on Commonback Complaints ______________________Golf score recofder U230.....ItLnois Labels
...Label Printer U231 ...Audo Animation Studo ..Create Cartoons U232. ...Cheque Book Account.. U233 -.Engineers Ka.
- ----------------Keep tabs on your expenditure
.-Check ywr Amiga System U236. .Word
Power . ______________Solve crosswords & anagrams
0237 ..Stock Analyst ...... ..... Analyses
the share market 0238 . .Font Farm .....
________________Variations of fonts available U239.... Dunks
DTP ....Desktop Publishing for Kds U240
..._Lilt»e U241... Wmerrater ...._ .....
• Worn Processor. D&tot & Spreadsheet
..Database for wm* enthusiasts 0242 Budgets
134_________ ________________________Accounts Manager
U243.....D-Stf* ...
0244. ....Colour The Afphabet...... U244.....Lockoic
V2.0_________ ChKSwOhkompiUte with two crosswords
- . Educatonal spelling game
...-Uncover copy facilities U245 ..Rsfo Kck
VI4 .
- ------------------Latest D Grader for A1200 U246 ...Magic
U247 Sun Calculator .. U248 Und Convertor .... _ (fcwdwrttantt alternative .CMHb position of sun vrtffun 2 mmutes Works out vo*timftJspeedAve gnt etc arc compatible for A500 A500 + A600 A1200, except (N) which indicate* net compatible for 1200 UTILITIES UO01 A-Gene (i meg) ------------ Trace yw ancestors . .Chart your Wings ......Simple. Dut useful L X5 Of Umous Characters
- .Comprehensive AMOS database
- ... How thick are ytw?
. Roger Mony In D Pant Various label pnntsrs .. Best amounts package around
- Ixcefiem database 0058 .. Enterprise leaving dock
___________,... ..Famous animation D075. .Girls of sport
...Pretty shots of talented girts 0148The Run (1
meg)...________T. Richterscar-cftw arwia&on Good D166 Star Trek
Animations Mm of USS Enterprise 0177
Star Trek. Animations Agafron no 1? More like above. Good
0271. .. Odyssey (5 disks) (If) Excellent space adventure
animation D278 Desert Storm ----------------------
Information on Gulf War D280 ... Jesus on *E s‘ 12 disks)
(N) ...Exceflem rave music 0282 How
to skin a cat ...... Amusing damp 0287 Calendar Girts
Smesbow MUSIC M038 Hugo's Eccentria |N) ... lime
house mixes M062 Random Access (N) .. Four songs
including Art Of Noise Mite.. No Limits (2
Disks)--------------.... Duality music compilation Ml 04
Cytemex .....Excelem music
compilation U244 Sound Tracker Samples (4 Disks).... IQO's
of sounds for sampling U249 . ..Sound Effects,
......Different samples for muse making GAMES GQC6 .
Ail New Star Trek (2 drrres. 2 eisty.USS Enterprise class*
Best one G010 ...Breakout .Classic bat &
bas game Gqt 1 ...Blizzard Horizontal shCotJem-up. High
quality GDI 4 .Adventure Solutions (2 disks) ..Loads ol
hints of commercial games G019 . Dungeon Deluer (2 disks)
Difficult adventure quest GQ2t ...Demolition Mission (t
meg) Similar to Ballooracy. Good fun G023. Electronic Tram
Set (1 meg) .Construct own tram set
6043. .. Learn and Play 1 .. Good for the kids. Blackboard
maths etc. Gi62. Storytand 2 (N) ----------- Create a
childrens adventure ... ----------- Car racing game
- ------- ....‘Owat!
Qinty platform game . NEW Wizard shooting game .NEW Excellent shoot em up game World War 2 Ssmutttan ...Cricket svnikation game . Mirage your own Soccer team ...Jfed the flags. Very addictive _________________ Exofcft 14 excehent games .Try & calch a parachute
- Hunchback game Excellent strategy game .More fun fpr the tods
Tetns game involving ifflers 8rillant shoot-em-up .Triclr
adventuTB oame. Good Space adventure ... Good general
knowledge quiz .Recommended. 5 games including Metro
- --------------- .TV Qw. Computerized ..
ttoMBfitytimuMiBn Well presented card games
.....Oifficult platform adrenture
...Destroy an expanding oran
- -----------Quality shoot- em-up Difficult pucie game DEMOS 6218
Roulette -________________________
6219. ... Space Rescue Guide Spaceship through Terrain 6220
-Si Attack (N)...... Also landmine * bomber 6221 Revenge
of the mutant wmsf Shooting game G222 ....ffeghbtm
adventure « . 2 discs) Bring Paul Robinson to court
6223 Wizard Wars ....- ...Graphics Adventure G224
...Stratigc Games ... i excellent games
6225. ... Adeems Family Quiz Quiz on curt TY
p,ogramme 622 6 Dual .... 2 player stoocng game 6227
...Assassins 24 (N) ...4 games including
3D Maze 6230 Assassins 27 (N)---------- Addictive card
games G231 Assassins 28 (N) These ralude Dr Maw. Mrs 2 4
Mad Bomber 2 G240. Assassins 37
|N) .....Ghost Shp.ClaMre etc G241
Assassins 38 (N)-----------------------1 on 1 bitoy 4
transplant 6243 Tetran ...
Excellent Tetris clone G244. Legend Of Lothian
----------------Version 1.02. Adventure G245... Iron Qads
(2 disks) ..- Graphic adventure
6247 Quiz Master ... Quiz when includes Editor
6248. ... Assassins 40 (N) ...IQ Puzzle
6249. .. Assassins 41 (N) .
includes 3Games S25Q AM.... - ......Excellent
Adventure Sames 6252 ..Bomlijacky ....
Rescue the dying panel 6255 Amos
Gaines ....5 Games including
Glosback 625 6 SumbaH Management game of US foottull.Type
Sport 6257 . Relay* .. Shareware game Brand New'
6289 Too Of The League ...Addictive football
management game G300. Rob .. Shoot am up
G301 Sector 1 Excellent game G302.....MiCrO Market
---------------- Stock exchange game G303.....Stria
Ball .Amos written baseball r -pe
gam* G306... The Funhouse____________________________3
games including Erxgma 630? L8thHo e 2disks) _____________
Exceflem golfing game 6308 Gush ..-.... Very
similar to pipeline 6310 Zalycon (2 disks) ---------- Space
shoot 'em up 6312 . ..Rasta &ke .... Backgammon 4
Dungeon flipper G316 ..Blood Runner. Monaco
..Patience card game 6319 „Mqa Race And
Wacky RabH»*»---------- Compilation 6324 , PstfhQ Santa
Waggle your joystick with this festive disk
6325. ..Meter Men Ot,mpcs (2 disks) Excelfcti game for disks as
reviewed in Amiga Computing
6326. Wlbtfc World Giddy Realty good pfatlorm game G326 Calculus
Comra? V Good missile command type game G327... Iluggsys
rprenge Rote-pMy a gangster during prohibition years
6327. .. Tetrs Pro ~ Tetris gam* with exceptional variants A1200
ONLY G321 AGA Klondike (3
disks) ....Excellent patience card game
6322. . GigerTetns ... Tetrs clcne G323 U Chess ----------
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• I c- 75p each D«t*ll* of ov«r 1SOO dl*k« In our library
PD....£1.25 per disk or UK orders: 75p Europe: £1.50 World :
£3.00 £1.00 each for 15 or more.
Send cheque postal order made payable to : SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS, Unit 4, 117 Kennington Avenue, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 9EX MMHB A 9am-5pm Mon to Fri 25 disks or more at 90p each DOWNGRADE YOUR A1200 AND OR A600 TO WORKBENCH 1.4 YOU CAN NOW RUN ALL OUR SOFTWARE U PDATES¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ GA ate 11 or quite some time ADPro and ImageFX have been battling it out tor the image processing top It Now thanks to the release of fcjrFX vl.50, the war enters another pi thanks to whole host of improve- pto and add-ons.
Have GVP finally weakened ADPro's %gle-hold on the market? Only time Jlrll, but rest assured that the battle ¦fte hobbiest market has never been % closely fought.
Bbr of the most notable new features p program's ability to record macros I its built-in command line or shell Mow. Once recorded, macros can be bd and activated whenever necessary m either the aforementioned shell or ¦he IMP - ImageFX’s very own multi- |p ssor utility.
Put comes improved palette control whole host of additional support Mid-party display devices plus spe- Amiga modes including AGA and program's new Super Amiga modes hich I'll explain later Third-party lap options now include IV-24, bo Toaster, Firecracker, Retina, fisipn, EGS and DCTV. Yet another aid to improved productivity is the program's ability to use multiple assigns within the ImageFX Workbench environment. As a result you can now run user-defined versions from various directories.
Basically, this means that each time a version boots it can have its own default preset for a specific operation such as scanning, frame grabbing, video production or whatever.
Pandering to professionals is also high on the agenda with pressure-sensitive support for assorted drawing tools such as freehand and airbrush. However quite why a pro user would be painting within ImageFX as opposed to TVPaint, EGS or whatever else remains a mystery... The program's preferences requester has seen some fairly major changes with a variety of new preview modes, a new quantise option - used from palette generation - plus a much improved virtual memory set-up procedure which is now simpler and more reliable.
Another important new feature is multi-level undo which enables you to back-track over an entire sequence of edits if disaster strikes - and of course, ?
Raw processing ower!
Paul Austin looks at upgrades for ImageFX
vl. 50 and Clarity 16, both of which push the Amiga's processing
capabilities to the limits... Clarity 16 r the last year
Clarity’s software has evotved quite con- f - although the
hardware itself has remained the As a result it's high time
lor a second look at this ) and cheap introduction to 16-bit
Ajhough a true 16*bit sampler, Clarity isn't a direct-to : system. This facility was promised as a potential i when the product was first released but like many J hardware add-ons it failed to appear.
5U. Even without a D2D option, Clarity remains a useful I tool capable of limited Midi applications in addi- i to a dump and fetch facility for various sampling ! To tact the lack of the promised improvements to the are is Clarity’s only real drawback After all. How ! 16-bit samplers retail for just 099? Not many... However this doesn't excuse the hyperbole and subse- I disappointment that surrounded Clarity’s initial During this period the product's creators made a I ot noise about various add-ons and improvements - none of which have materialised.
Everything from DSP support to software-based drum sequencing was just around the comer; even SMPTE time- code was on the cards alongside the aforementioned D2D recording.
As a result, many a muso invested hoping that their commitment would be mirrored by Clarity's creators.
Unfortunately hardware revisions never materialised.
ATTENTION However the software has seen a lot of attention with the latest incarnation - v1.5 - boasting an all-new Workbench 2.0 look which now thankfully opens on its own screen, thereby avoiding the horrible clutter synonymous with its predecessors Another major change lurks within the Fast Amiga box, The old style box with delay values has been replaced with a simpler tick system which provides much more flexibility and control over the whole Amiga range, All of the program's horizontal sliders, such as those in the Real-time Effects window, now have a numeric value enabling much more
accurate recreation of previous settings The sample info requester is the most fundamentally changed; certain features have been repositioned lo give a more logical grouping of icons. All of the Loop features have been put in their own box, and the Seek Zero feature has gone completely - in favour of various new loop editing options.
Generally the program looks much slicker, the only problem bemg that the manual pictures are now horribly out of date. The manual is currently being revised and should be available in its updated form by the time you read this article.
Normalise no longer produces clicks and is now a very effective way of maximising the volume of a sample.
Recording is now exact (previously it left some space at the end of the sample).
One Amiga channel had a nasty habit of crackle during Amiga playback during real-time effects and scope use - this has been fixed. All scopes should now work on most Amigas, even fast ones and needles are now always in evidence on the VU-style meters.
Kill Samples has been added to the Project menu. It ¦UPDATES Magical col and paste with the new pantograph tool abilities do provide some very useful image processing options within existing artwork. For example it's ideal for adding special effects at particular points or within ranged stencilled areas of the image.
A perfect example of processing combined with panting power is the program's new pantograph tool which enables an area of the image to be selected and then duplicated elsewhere on the screen.
Good news for Yamaha owners Due to certain compatibility problems with the Yamaha SY99 keyboard, a couple Of new options have been added to the sample dump fetch facility.
Ordinarily when receiving sample data from a keyboard under the Midi standard protocol, the individual data packets are acknowledged by the receiving machine. This allows for packets to be re-transmitted in case of error.
However, Yamaha have decided to ignore this and just pump out sample data in a continuous stream. This means that acknowledging the header and packets is not only redundant but also possibly damaging in terms of the software's ability to pick up all of the incoming data.
As a result SY99 users can now set this option to Off. Whereas most users should leave it on.
Because the SY99 has no facility for recovering packets received with a checksum error, it can appear to drop packets from time to time when receiving long 16-bit samples. This means that although the Amiga has finished transmitting, the SY99's display will still show it waiting for one or two packets, and pressing Exit leaves a click at the end of the sample.
If this happens, you can now set this option to On and Clarity will transmit one initial blank packet before the sample data and then five extra blank packets at the end, COPIED j E ?
Undo can still be disabled entirely when necessary.
On the user-friendly side an option to disable verify requesters has been added
- no more "do you really want to...” messages - but better
still GVP have finally added an aspect lock which stops the
program stretching the image to fill the preview. So what you
see is what your image actually looks like... ImageFX will now
automatically default to AGA when running on Workbench3.0
machines, but in addition the aforementioned Super Amiga modes
can also play a part.
THIRD-PARTY Now any mode listed in the Amiga's display database can be used as a default preview mode, but better still third-party display devices can also be used as part of the preview repertoire. As a result DCTV and OpalVision can be used for previews in addition to the IV-24, Firecracker and HAM-E.
Frame grabbing and digitising have also seen some attention with support for the entire Epson range of scanners in addition to the Vlab digitiser. As you'd expect, the program's scan control options have been enhanced to take advantage of the additional features offered from the new hardware.
Moving on to creativity GVP assures that almost all the drawing tools have been either enhanced or improved in some way. As a result for now we'll concentrate on the newcomers.
As mentioned earlier, the palette has been improved with six new draw palettes each holding up to 256 colours each, but alas one aspect of painting within ImageFX hasn't changed, namely the actual application of colour.
Like its predecessor, the new program still insists on applying the brush stroke first followed the colour later after the operation is complete. As a result ImageFX still remains very much a second choice as a painting environment.
Until GVP realise that serious artists require real-time feedback, ImageFX will always be primarily an image processor with a paint package tacked on as an afterthought.
To be fair, the program’s painting This should not be confused with a brush as the original data doesn’t change; it's simply copied or cloned else- where by using the tool of you choice to replicate the original data in its new location.
Generally speaking, most features have seen at least minor improvement as indeed have the program's I O options which now boast more control and variety with support for FAXX, 1MG8 and Sculpt along with much improved jPeg handling plus MacBinary TIFFs, GIFs, Jpegs and Targas. Animation also scores well with support for loading and si both Anim5 and Anim7 in additai FLI and FLC PC formats - most i monlv used by AutoDeck on the PC| Another innovation is the arri J Magic buffers which if adopted by will enable various programs to l the same image data held within I ory - in a similar manner
to HotL Only time will tell if Magic buffe succeed where others such systems!
Finally the program's printing have also seen some much needed tion with improved printing from| prefs and as PostScript. And of i with new features comes a huge ar additional Arexx commands.
For the existing user base I’dl upgrading is a must as many of the ¦ lems associated with vl.03 are L gone for good to be replaced bM impressive range of new and impi* features.
For more details contact Svstemson 081-309 1111.
Clears out all of the samples currently in memory - subject to confirmation. Another new addition is the Tidy windows facility which resizes and stacks all open sample windows in the top left comer of the screen, while Panel to Front brings the control panel to the fore when obscured by others.
Assorted keyboard short-cuts have also been added; Amiga-1 brings up a sample's Info dialogue, block looping can be activated with Amiga-T while Clarity Amiga output can be toggled via Amiga-1 and Amiga-2 keys respectively.
Finally the Save file formats function have been extended to include three and five-voice 8$ vx files.
Previously only one voice was supported. As you can see the software has come a long from its initial release and now ranks alongside the Amiga's best recording and editing systems.
In short. Clarity is perhaps the perfect budget buy for anyone with a sampling keyboard who wants to expand their horizons at the minimum expense.
For more details contact HiSoft on 0525 718181.
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Stme mn W SmW«i A*WN Srunt 4m ASI 21 AMKin«ifti|HW. R«li moU'.Y A3I» 'YxU. (YWfti.1 InfttrrU. MetftnhrrJ, ASI 3V POO. Kmc. SmftM. AM.. Qua4.lt ASI VI ft silt ft Will, toal ,‘te Te* Hftl'T ASI ll Anmurwr p|». It'iIiuc ml* Y ASI 13 B.3. Usa Mi ft rtseJaNe' iY ......4ft War* 3 (wd «TWV*Y AM (5 rw|Sftlq.lf)*wicl'« l nniI*Y Asi SA Mtoc ift4c. WftftdcftftV. L»| Tft.*.'»Y ASI 37 KIWlm. OtxMftp. Fmvft. Cftcl.Y ASI W •¦ a KhftUy Myrbftr3.?nftw4ftN,Y rrt (.,*• ». Tu 44’-Y U dairy fft rla *ftftH’*Y Sm(, twlpFW If* !! FW* 9 Did tall *T Ml *1 rwn«?*!v(, AM C Gfttaftft. IHftlci Ml 4' Hrtl-Xi bum UM*Klb
ntl»T AM 44 MftMff Wuum jr ftftUMe.Ril nK-1 Ail 4T ftlKTftlNFW » r«N TI4BM IK.T AM *A Any. O Cri.CV.lftW. A»* wr’ • V All I1 b*. 14.ft. Fim’Wl jlftt A 4441 ft T AM 44 (Vtftl lc ft.ftft-fs.it.t WU ftftc* .Y All« DmMmob n wr Sk Ii2 it *Y AM V CeunaliKt UiKButn pm! *Y All fi iw.ry.iilv«il.w.v Ail 43 Knftddc M.Mtna. A ML - Alt 55 Y„ul,*WnvM.Rft*nHin • V AM M Uuuiuuu UAOftWft.!. Y AM 14 Cl*all Fkuk ft AnaiaV . Y AM 44 yunMfto, l.mft Vuton ft Tlln!*Y AM 4’ h»p* Iviwh Ou ( doinl l**un-V Ml M XlM 111 ? MMFFI»i * V*'*F,*t AM 4ft t.-fc Jftu.ll.X3«'ft Lftrd.j. .Y AX * h(C mac: Aim Hum ft Cvalm Y AM 11
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ASI r» Lille HcdpftftW FnRIWftft' •» AM "V (in. ABXlftuukrtut (eOccMi It * AM* ASI «1 Am. Ulftftr rip «.Cftil Tyft Oftlon CK •’ ASI KI ANN Imnlf TtuyM t« ft (kryiKNa * ASI 1C Altiicn. IiUlk iftlViftk V*|M ASI IJ UuAftrm*. Fi*ft ft SftiUrTLmfcl' »V AM M li.ftTU Wihft A ftrtvA! . Y All Kf hali. Ft Uftft4 xLJbU A ft Bvm • ASI Aft Yn.fftftXA.n* Jl ll~U *»ml of IftXftft-4 Ail *? A n (ukwift. Ruu-nl ft I III. ASI « Dfttoftfc, KO.W ft -V ASI tl Mft(ft a3 3 I.Xf rxdl ftCiA !*Y AM 41 RplMa lumn ft Mlftr ftti! *Y ASI 41 Brtftft. Mftrti ft tfaxrui.' *Y A4112 till LIMftftn. Ft Sii-ftw 5ei(N ' rt ASI tl
Utxii hftift *ftS sv ,V4r Mftftft ft Alia. KeRfe ATI *4 Sq*r ftak .hlljiic UrnwwW ft (Mb' AM 41 Dinu (*.-•. r..fte Ihp ft Up ft 5.(ft, kift All 44 rue.nFl(T«r »«l(Kror lmUw«4 AM 41 lin.I.M V.in, ''¦ft Mm Hi. A.K ml Alt 14 IV !*.«- ..WdlTA ft fUuv rear m »l Mdlfcw Ivw" S«mkii*| ft RrfMV
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0*~n dtlmttr •» K* SnnCwMra* b W(I. *. n ft Mkra • !0T Sort*
III. 4-7. Vit ukafft YwMC’.Y It* SrftaUI. Ft nr* * Imft ninal
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Atn|Rk«'ftl. Uri AU 111 lorn* MU! Mlntu* nil Ml* Iwll AW 11ft.
N.ft IN.1...M TkA ft ftcin! *Y ASI II? AvWiflM.THfli Y-iUH i
Y«EI' *Y ASI III 2uiho. M'riift. Lift TVIftft Ton. •» AS! IIV
IMIi 4(fte Aftf4.1 ftl iil l,U!M.k*«4 ASI 131 IMMfte Saw
Itakfti ft Tiu! *Y ASI 131 Ouw. A ASI 123 BftUmWluaftWlhMo ASI
12) An.'Uft*. II. LmAH ft Vdft EkYHKB D « ASI 134 Vi « AK
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I4J ftmla ClftU., V) ft taftvnm' *Y CLE049 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS 3 Is the I4WM TC! To join m* eietierM am 4 js« a w* layout giving you a dino image A «ilo bunom on«v«iy pagg! Q includes me new suporstar ol the dino world Veloorspiof It you are at all nterested in Dinosaurs tn» * a must w compeie your Dinosaur Hbrarytl Over 30 imftgM 4ujSplM W 3 di5k4 OTYy J 09 * UtlLfTlES PUXO AMATYUN RADIO I PUJIO »PP 1J ArrMadei ¦MM OrtFOt Uttt.
E»l IOKBUUH l. kWl k W» now Mr. over 100 (YES
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ttw v S’S 9X144 Bftftiry mam iMrruiM.'
’EK DYHAkeC HAM 440.512 49es a « W-Yk PS 174 IC VIST* PRO L PS 121 RtvriArowr. Swot • P812S 8CHMC0E0ICOWC BMHMPI PS12’ AKIRA P4C9 2 km tupxXy drawn p PS12I MACiC fACtOflV R4Y E464d Ii44 (.
PS12* ARSHOW 1 Eiftln ftwcrXl tun «y| CLEOI TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS Superb book! 2 asks 4.50* CLE07 TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING 2 d«a 50 * CLEOS NIGHT SKY Ei«l«nt guiM 10 th« Star* 1 disk 3 50 • CIE09 VTORDS 5 LADDERS Good spelrrg program 1 ask 3 50 * CLE10 BASICALLY AMIGA gudo to Amigados! 3 dtsks 4.99! • CLE1T LET'S LEARN For chicken o 5-? Years. I ask 3 50 .
CLE12 ALPHABET TEACH speting program tor tha kitls't disk 3 50* OLE 13 HOME BflEYf Create yout 0Y»n btews! I (JW 3,50 * CL514 TQTAL CONCEPTS ECOLOGY Learn ecology 3 asks 4 99 .
CLE16 KINGS 5 QUEENS A history lesson' 2 asks 4.50 * CLE17THINGAMAJIG An electronic |igsaw. I disk 3.50 * CLEtB WORK ft PLAY 3 educational pogroms t disk 3 50 4 CLE19 PLAY IT SAFE Toaches satoty in the home. 1 98k 3 50 * CLE20 BIG TOP FUN Four programs I disk 3.50. .
CLE21 JGMANIA Jigsaw *oMng 0 construcoon sen 1 disk 3 50! * CLE22 CHESS TEACHERteach chess in a tun way't disk 3.50. * CLE23 MIND YOUR LANGUAGE improve speech 1 9«k 3 50 - CLE24 SPEED REA0ING Testt your reading jpccO 2 dtsks 4 50 ?
CLE25 CHORD COACH Tha a a superb Pano Tt »r. I ask 3 50. .
CLE26 SNAP An oaucaoonai game tor languages 1 disk 3 50 ?
CLE27 C A T T Superb Tarol reading program 2 dsks 4 56! * CLE28 FUN WITH CUBBY 6 swpprb flames tor kids' l disk 3 50.i CLE30 PEG A PICTURE Mahe Drcturw ailh pegs ‘ disk 3 50 * CLE31 UNDERSTANDING AMOSl NEEOS AMOS) 2 disk* 4 50. .
CLE32 SpfTFIRE' The legendary WWII tighter! 2 asks 4.50.* ClE33 MES5ER5CHMITT Bft W And the German! 2 dsks 4,56,.
CLE34 YOUR FIRST PONY All you nwd W know' 2 daks 50 * CLE36 THE TIME MACHINE Toaches Ml to let time, 2 d'Sks * 50 * CLE37 DISCOVERY AMERICA Learn about Iho USA' 1 dsk 3.50.* CLE3* HOME INVENTIONS irweneons Since 1750 2 asks 50.* ClE39 MY LiTTLE ARTIST c ounng book Needs I mg J daks 4.56 • CLE40 BOREALIS JUNIOR Drawmfl lor younfl children t disk 3 50* CIE41 BASICALLY MEDICINE Good h«p win hrst *dl 2 daks * 50* CLE42 COMPOSITION Photograph Tutonal disk i diu 3.50 CLE43 AMOS LANGUAGE QU'Z Helps Hern Amos 1 dsk 3 50* CLE« PORTRAITURE 2nd photo tuto-ial p-bflrim 1 dak 3 50.
CLE45 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 Another 7 ran kios gomes' 1 disk 3 50i CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Q«0 'S' educasgn fdisk 3 50 * CLE47 SEA SENSE Learn ell about boats! 1 disk 3 50 * CIE40 ROCKET MATHS Easy mams for kids! T disk 3 50 * CLE50 DRATV2 4 Runecaster. T-ansiator. NeedsI.Smg 2 cftsksJ 50.
CLUM AlPHAGRAPH (or produong Bar & Pi charts etc! 3.50. ¦ CLU07 PHILO Simple lo use database eyslem. I disk 3 50 * CLU09 PLAY & RAVE2 Musk; module Inker 2 dsks 4 50* CLU10 POWER ACCOUNTS account statements, etc 3 50 * CLU11 CALC VI very usetui jp-eafisheet program' 1 disk 3 50 * GLU12 VIRTUAL WINDOWS No1000ok Add-ea bddkl 99h 3.50.• CLU13 DATOS A powerful database, many features 1 disk 3.50. • CLU14 STOCK CONTROLLER Keep track ot stocks t disk 3 50 * CLUI5 EPGCh VI calondar tor Armga. 1299 yr diary i disk3 50 • CLUtft CROSS STITCH good neodteeotk orogrem.t disk 3 50 • CLUI7 LCIO FONTS Nice
fon» tor Siar LC10 prinrt-' t dah 3.80.t CLU18 LC2O0 FONTS Fon» tor your IC20O pnntor! 1 dsk 3 50 * CLUI9 LC24 FONTS Fona (or your Star 24 pin printer f dak 3 50 • CLU20 CANON ftjto Super Fonts lor Bubberel 1dlsK 3 50* CLU21 INVOICE MASTER Sort out your invoices' 1 Osk 3 50. • CLU22 HARD DRIYE MENU SvpeRl h«rd gnve vtiHy't disk 3 50.* CLU23 FI5ANIM BRUSHES Needs D peintl 1 d'sk 3 50 .
CLU24 RED LOTUS ANIM BRUSHES Needs 0 Pamt 1 disk 3 50 * CLU25 STARFiGHTER ANIM BRUSHES For Open! 2 disks 4 50 .
CLU26 STAR V0YA0ER ANIM BRUSHES for Dpemt3 diskss 4 99.
CLU27 IMAGE BASE Simple authoring pacAefle 1 * 3 5® * CLU28 CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Needs 1 mb chip 3 50* CLU29 G F X. Oraphics convenors, sprite ediiors etcl 1 disk 3.50* CLUM 0RAW SELECTOR V2 pPbli pr«J «n prbfl I disk 3 50* CLU31 FLOWCHARTER For creation of ttowchart*' 1 9*k 3.50* CLUM AM TUITION Cr*** WBJ look & feel piogs idisk 3.50* atxe ORAOON TIES S(«Mrt Iirwai mry Jolt'j.i i aei 3 K) • CLG09 MOTOO 0U*l gm.l VJ c. mong jot. ! Ilw 3 SO.
CtOllAU.OUVSBLA2lSG2pw,«. o.w*e«lwew laykJM.
A017 BULL00 1 n HOB Dun Kiaen ol Ooaai ’ otu i M .
C’.O! 3 PARACOX Anutw. Oooi curre gwn.1 • b»« » SO .
CL014 SohiC SmaRTiEmEAD C*uv p«tw" j-n. 1 iat 3M.
GQ15 8P10OGE THE ISCKPT jusrk pinrorr.- ’ dtl 3M* Cioie CRYSTAL MAZE A lUJCft pum. O*mt! ’ »*• 3 K • CLCI? MBRIUU (.• .-( 7«v.c mS** ,*'' dil 356.
CLQ18 SKAN it Oudf 54 WiT TK ¥m«' r ay. Iso .
ClOU STELLAR ESCAPE Vwww tKKt un up: 3 dUs * 9» • aOEO JLNOIE BUNGLE Klw ef.wlje pinr I d*» 340 ?
ClOJ! Flower power a-o Mb., ikoi mi itwrn ew ) w. CLOZ3 MARVN THU MARTIAN AIW. I(P ! CJW*. 3 50 .
CUU4 EASY MCNEY Y J! Irocrtra 4ITOOMI! 01 IK* 7 013) 3 30 ClOZS WHITE RABBITS TH* ¦ a psoe puul. Pin.1 I dak 3 SO .
ClOM MONSTER I5LANO DmgK. IUUW »wtw' ’ 3.. 1 • - • Cl 071 f Mf H'f T aura I’.rrtil ortr« ttmt wei' • «P 3 M. • CLQ2S Biav BALL Owe 30 wwk pm' ’ H» 3 SO .
Cl64! FkftTV RACKETS S Mraa gv« cn *w*i t ing'dw 3 « .
CL037 7 pKOCiL? Yop l*e Wtftk; Me(*«! I dwfc 3401 • [ CLOSS BAT O POOMS 2 e«|W' t)W » twl fiprw UU3 40.
| CLG34 CtflfWNET Sduaivi Kklrg V»' *P lO I 9»l 3 K. CLOSS OO “•thturx Mrtmin rwKua. Jrtrurl' ' M 3 SC .
CLOS4 RAW RM »'»1 wra 9.1 Tw linmwi’ir 1 dek 3 SO • CLG3IOUNQO Y4 CO Nee WO ttgo gureM u* 3 M • ClQJSCvBALlSSim. Osno.(r »•»!!nui1 CLGftO TRAX A *ur irmonru wtti . Aimn:* r at* 3 SO* CLG042 CRYSTAL SKULL This was witter as B commercial release but was never released! It « a hui 3d role playmg ‘Dungeon Master* type game, speak to passers by. Kd Them, investigate any one ol 4 pyramids wnh all its ghosts A godirs This alll keep up ygpr vilgrea tgr ag?? 1 ask 3.50 * PUH4 ULTIMATE tCOfftk Pin 21 ulTRApaikt v3 a met p*i« p*c*»je!
PU17930 veto Am.!CATioio Video rtfin* T PUI TO GRAPHICS COHVtRTERS PC AMg. Qli Cenvnlft.
FUI40 LfTTLIBeNCN hM copRr k UttM 0ot2 only PUI4S OPTWTVS 1 Cramnwa Mi! O.I «• Y Pm 41 optijtvs 2 om mu km ids i . * PU1.V ELECTRONIC PROTOTYPER VwoMwd O.Mg*» Y Pin SIM eUPAPT SET 13 OllU il IM BEST Clpin .T PUI1T MULTI-PLOT Supwe as* piollng p-ojr.m ! .
PUITT | BrMCHMASTUI Wr-dow.tw.Kli 4 Umrv.td!1 PUIEO RCMARO SMTOLEV COMP Vpl CtwciMf 4 mom Put42 STOCK ANALYST Tkhr.nl »n.h(». pi PulftS AMYOEH Em • pu:acKM«esTMETicsinsi«?j*a . .
FU3JB CuntR SASIC COMM.CR Juki **«! You UM*!.
PUJJ7 D-COPY Tin (seal PO am uxor I mem * Y PUJ» oew TM Hvwinnt. To Slut, 30 III . Y HUM ELKTBOCJ.D C’FUO cktuk M.vw .
FU9ea ORAFMica uriLmES wow m«c ononma.i
* u»j hamiAB Y2iS*Con«n Y0A PC -ifrlUU . V FU364 MAJlDOmVt U4ILS
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CMX. 5 C OHM Am A Frag ran Irani 4 man I. V PU22S JPEG 24 Dll
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pnm»r enwrsi.Y PUJM FREICOPY Vi A powwkil am cop.i-g
progien!. Y PV741 CAIOIW SA3E UeMUl ktr paggM un 1 dfcftY
PU2A3 ASF1CC Cptult Kpgcr*'-’ PUZ44 BON APPEliT Th* it a
lecipt Oilateit eregrsn’tT PU2AS2M C MANUAL LAW mr.on on 12
WMCt' |12) .Y !*» puo«? WiPiooiB v4 6 stoeftCftukcRing uuu v
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FVO’l JK COMM 1 02 iAx).a. own conmi pKAftg* T men metallon urts fen tonoo e mom mis. R FUOTlTe KMO JAMES BIBLE CMSNft. Mvuawnlt 14). Y FOOT! U-CAD llres n»i.;n otUuga ticelenl • Y wuces Msssv-sio) Rmewra* PC m** enium!. R PUCe) MOUSE FMOOHKMS for !h» r»Oo Mrre T euoes ------- _ . .
PUNT PRNT STUDIO VI33 PnMi pie. 4 bit tkt.. 1 PulOe ROT A Urryi* 30 OrtmUq pKA. ’ PU1M4t Aek)Sinxftft «d(liMP le' FU112 J SOMETMNO FOR NOTHIN VMM UilMSFom. . Y FU11S ST EMULATOR Rw. AA»1 ST iiftwi nOrtm Pui” suFtnK iLtns kkftvft lam! You uM w..’ PU2S1 LYAPUNOV rwuou. 4 unuMX !r PU27J CiCLF RECCflDtB DX4UU 1w jol! Irami . Y PUZT3 PC-..AMIGA S HiU. 10 **«M(»C. . Dock. Y Ml* ThOmCAb vi i Emciranc tlroui iWgni.V e aUUgl.Y PU219 W6HACKS. OXRceon X hKU To, . Owrwr.. ' PU221224 ( COLOR ICOMS Hwdme. X nr. Leorw .Y FUCee ’ NORTH C 1.3 (2| CcmpWW C oontekfr S 16*. Y PUBBt NORTH C 1.3 TN414 me UdkM 1
disk WsiMl'.V PUOM FWNTtW ORVtn OtHEkATOR 4 rw« Orfnnt Y PU « ASI HANDrTOOU 3 »*«i eempuiseri er uiet y PU2W *WtD FSM CATALOGUE CW.H. FISH I - SS0 *Y PUJ12 ASI ORAFnr ums contwlon ttc.1 nnu asi boot Lmuncs bocrwot* mime*. Y Puiae tromoi vmus kxlI PU!»r M09E0 7 Own lor Spmii 4 ScOl.T pui te vioeo wipes »hi. 4 im. Op.w 1* .r Hew umeaEMOl 13 Nee lor 1.1 ewwl__ PU2S2 CYCLOPS W..m Plikrin !.|*:IP c PU2C4 GATOR GRAPMCS OpUM 4._________ PUJCS PC TASK PC C-UUI3- Mae Vimun 7 V0A' »Y PU20’ MULTISiD CcmOn. Soi 4 Mu«*do.|PC.A4liaA).T KUTI V MONftH Vi. 90 Vm ( PO mofoNng pra.*H puiws pools wizamO t’oct*
pmacion.«*» M IMIU AS WU. TtvlSCN 3 anaQ*l*9.«Yaae ft PU3M WORKBCNCM 3 BACKGhOLMDS. I20C OM
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HftVPftft *nuunenl|M ¦ PU2« EnftNEEBS AT7 7t« « J* *-?»» 1YY“-
-H PU3B* AU0M3 ANMAT10M STUDIO C'fttlft pop MS rum I no
ftttlA MM rumil T 71 Dm Ol IM ntfU) KlMnl H-- I PU3'» POWER
UTILS UW« Mtmtn fti C*"0e' •» | FU3J4 WINEMAKER Ce'.iMia I0
Mmmikar* • ’ i PUS3S EZASM LAZ, ft A44K Pvrimwi BIX • J RUSH
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rftplftcftm.nl! ;3) . J RUSH KRORTNAKT? Proamr-rr-n. Dn.oo-ft-
0 PU3J0 SLEEPLESS MIGHTS UU. -ftftlul far 1300*1 PUJ44 EXOTIC
WPRPI V3.10 Saumiirackw n»pft»l POJtT RA’.E GENERATOR Plug m •
wnpiftr "*» 40 Pusa SPEED UTILS Flftdltk Ht. Ftcttm Socot » M
PUStt NCOMM V3 00 Th. MMX ftWftlpn nm.
PUJJ0 KIMOflSMER Fifth MUM 1-fttO Qlllftl A PV11I A3I rix DtSK Oft 013 pmgrwna nrnng r M PUS S3 HP SMC ft Cftnnen BuMfeM (Mlurn U I J PU3S3 TAB MASTER MuM 10 OuMf tramWor M PL-JSS SUPERDARK Surna* ft ummul KWMfl PU3JT CANON PMNI STUOC A mu»l ter B. trJ PLOW PpftOC TtMPLATtS CtNHS ftftc V.r .ftfti PLOW PRO PACE HELP owe Itlmwv uottu M Plow W1N0BLEN0 Sap.' Mhftctft Iftftt 1H0 on-, • J POM! KPK COMPRESSION UtllS awpnuix PUHa ATTIC ft BLOT L-ftftlul w C proo arnmx.' •*] PUSH wet UTILS full A eAftcu'ft Sol uitfk.1 VOW 4 PIOftT PC PRINT UTILS Lol ol uaoful ifthft.no mg PLUM AUGCOAr.r RUMTME
SlanOUem wU| POMS TV TITLES 0TU0 S».m»»m Tiling piuu j PLUTO 34 BIT UTILS Rond 34 ft mom ufto4J aiUd PLOT! AMOS PRINTER ROUTINE For o*n Amo4 pi PLUT2 3 PARNCT SOFTWARE LftiA 3 Amgftft ] FvnT4ineuntsjMor»nr»i«0iimuMi.T J PUI’S GRAPH PRO VI I Smmri oropftKft ft !»¦ fU»1 SPECTRUM EMULftTORYI T WoiNt 0" FU303 SUPERVIEWER V2 4 ftftftftnOM MIOftftMft.4 PUJI1 WONC UTILITIES Suwi oo'fl RuliM MNMJ Puftftt Txt CCHtOLOCIST Sucarti P.nrl, Mill I mi PUJflT LEMMMCS 2 MO n’jla', utl «NH v«. MM PUIM KITE SMULATOR Tnft onl, on. *mlUw .»J PM587 REOftO A »M Mf A MuMlil uimup -• RUJSft 1300 MO PftEP For Ml 1*00
OftWft' T PUVO Mb £li£k Tim him .«».«*- .V PU3B3 OUMBTS FRACTAL GENERATORS A ftoMM FU30) AM FUOOK 3 SocondftaR.nl 4. QUA:. I J PS002 ADVANCE HAM Rm*Y Hum.eg Y P30C8 4incn«i SHOE thci ol iqmu etowm.'
PSXe ASTRONOMY BUOt nr, mpm.Uft.UY PW1i BOWJTOU FWIeWr - - P93M GERMAN RAY TRACS S PS84S KELLY S T ‘ psaee hewtek 0________ _________ PS3C) MW DTNAMC HAM NU WMIun. 8 ___ PSCT2 SUXSR ham CARS TTW* u . Imwi M«n.’. » p%ei sowc s Svprrp oh an «eee colour p«* PskOi ANALOGUE SLOE Rar IikU tpwtft P" PS103 DYNAMIC MIRES 1 4 lutlMIM QuftllY » PSI0? ALCATRAZ MUSEUM Sup.rO pitlum.! ¦ PS115THC GATH* RIHG »3 5T------ ’ P8117S NotlTWKED 404 3 P811* CYNOsnc suoesmow s pxe p P512BI(BTNBMOOtt8UO€3«l ' 3’enn»y ette'in* ¦ Fuarzs'ax PLEASfc NOTE.
ORDERING MADE EASY ItY POS T: Send your Numc. Addrvvs & Order details nith a Cheque PO I MO to any or the companies listed BY PHONE: Call os wilh your card number, expiry dale and details for a 1st class service. All major cards accepted PI) PRICES; 1-5 disks $ 2,00 per disk • I* • 2? Disks Cl,25 per disk • 2* or more disks are only 9?p per disk' POST & PACKING: UK - 50p • I K 'Recorded Dcliven ' £1.25 • Europe +25p per disk • Rest of World +50p per disk RE,MEMBER: We slock Fish I-M.RI. I hap 1-74. Amos, Sco|H'. Snag. Amicus, AMIGAs & Inis more superb PD disks!!
All diaks on Ihe advert should work on Ihe Amiga 1.2 1.3 dc syitems unless otherwise stated! All disks with a 'V sign should work on Ihe Amiga 500* & 600 machines!
However (here are so many dillorent setups now in use il t* becoming impossible lo tesi lor every possible variation, ac please use some caution especially with A1500 2000 with various dos systems, CDTV and of course Ihe new Amiga i & 4000 systems. Disks marked wilh a ”Y" should be okay or A1200 4000 though obviously not yet extensively tested Ploase lake care!
I lain Distributors Thtf .* a scfortJ coiociitvi o co our«d aywo mostly in Man? nod* (4096 colours) fvuvf «x??e is poeai atic atacrmm cu,aoa sin*'
• a 16 cMtufS c*n W *wS*J hid DbIlvb Paw! A “ " pool; l-'.tj.,
iv*:.i • :«nr.» rravi a “jOij WlflAC-aW Rtrtmm m Itrwri31 PGOta
Qjfte fool m .0 i Y °G'S3 GAT ACGQMB.J real Ml) »)M Jem I
tlCO-O RY’IRS OCEST Naac- N -a» puro-- . P3-M EATAi M M.OK »»3
SnooMnv* I. PGC’1 PCU POU GUNNCH Li* Midi Mmt! A* Pe B4*Y PqitO
TCP StCflET A- *t*lrl cuelTy tmKrmMtro .
PG0Y2 PROPERTY MARKtl Saccm a nfcra* ' PO'» ACT OP WAR Na* uiata alialag, *-?- - KtjJ-j AAPHAtvS fiTi'EKGE T.na oaw r 5HJCKI. PG’M UTHLOfP ALIBI 0»» |pM MM uw- ... - -- --- _ iv..« ..cura.nv *rv« macrtra Bin-1 .Y I v P80C1 AM CASK Dei* mira wt pugnn.Y PB3CC0 ANALYTICA-.C SuparQ ifraartfa '• 17; t;u v rftJM ASI LABEL FflNTEW 31? P* M41. Y eri OaL .1 a*Sy„. cf-o- B«*' .Y W rA T S . I '. TFF 5 mi*- -vm* V P«1J If KTPLL-S «.» T»b BE3T YYMPK4W 11 rVnar-m*- (.nenrn . Y P»?' ? YISCAlC SPREADSntET S**«*a « -a.Y E_ v PBOD BIA9NESS LETT1 RS urrtm. Whia . Np-fY -¦1* iaT - ?rii.Itn*.r y
PbaK TE*T ENGriE 5T, b‘T**T VarawjM* m a mi?? V B8*S£ J 'JUT '*** *"w' Pe EO..UsEd L..jNLM,TEC,rmc, !•! :h »v: ni I) -D.COfLA- Y 0-1. U..IJ .!• itY M SiS wod] Trrtm r'aa: r P9}38 BWK V1 »Aw “«H0 (rsg-ar , pISS r2- to wTy PAY WVK:E UIAlyseWvj Laeaei vao.
• f ‘rlrin? T rfa*3 EASYCALC l uS mS25!?!b 2»e .Y Pt o*i
c *ncat !1S ' Vv!yw--*1 Pwr4.1 ACCOUNT UftSTER Ion* tmfte uoonm
ea*s i«i*« »i*- TOAO TO Kil Sopar Unng noa gamal.v purl!
UIOJLULSTER soa PM?it 03*1 CREW CHUCK PUI?71.EGAl i t IT I (had
Mor* ieaaar »».1:lmi .| CCL043 FY3WIRS if. L'Mn t Vanr B3 «-t
OCLCaa EOAERS 3e » Mcra W caw •aMaand'.v OCUJ45 POWERS 5162 Mom
«ou cxi i.lrlXYn .y cctoae aCTRERS S3 ?a l*w lo i»:h
Jct*: r*. • rXLM.-HORERS ?54TM0**»wei(«JUC«O . CCLOae EVOWERS
eo 00 Mu. IIM* !»aa.ucudi*i CCLM8 U ORE IIS 101-11) Mm is«i
MiLta'i., CCL060 ELOWSRS 4-177 Mm V-a. v.rr ta».. CCLdSi
FLOWtBS M 13*. FBLET • * p« auwtosh.y CXLC17 ERUT 118. GcoO
cacii-a* aumtaKO' .Y CCLCla FftuT, Mora I*- 4 Maaae at
aiNeooa.V CCLOM EWONTltn -') Por-ar pnmamM.
CDOM HORSES • * Grew m» c *a.t 3«. .Y CD»7 WRSES 7 22. OHO J d.IJMW -y ccuae INSECTS • ZS S-al .-«nr« .Y ccuca INSECTS 2441 Mm go1 iuuown *r CDMJ3 NstC’S 47 88 Use i-aa* auWCaastll -Y ca»' IN5ECT5 f ;-6) nrtfJtm i 11 eiacOeM' ?Y CCLOM INVENTORS 7 24 Mom manin 1.1.nxn .Y CO») WVENTC«5 2S » U4UMAL5 • 10' l.NBmi 4Y cacea MAMMALS I 26 «A»a anrrjr, cacUW .Y cams UAAJMALS 2*48 BN) ns e mifilll *Y cam MAMMALS 41« mre aimai au%3««3lai -Y CclM? UAWAULS Kui-d aona mral aJcbcol .V CD068 MAMMALS S3 02 ana -any me ajntotta.Y Cdob* maAbaalS 4S-nSm»»f *ac a.ixo;'!1 .V CD070 MAAMALS 171-141 auH.6
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(OK on $ 00. 500.. 600. 1200 * WO!)
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PG7P9 ASI WORKBENCH GAMES Good tM al oamaa' .V PG3M A5I WcflKW NTH IUUI S II And aem .V PGJOt 7 MOTCWOLA MO INVADERS f er I TOO ONIYM73 PG5D3 UAD FIGHTEB Fab 50 MWICM.V PGJ04 KLNG ECO CHARLIE 3*Ml Itla caatYman * * PGJOV? KLCnEikE li AGA E.ai«m 3 itti OAILV paw r.i:nt a«-5 A'MOSPEtPC ¦- P0211 POSEIDON centBAL lOBOTOMY Dwalneri 3-Y P02D TPOaAN TfCSNO TRACKS Anajrg eTKa’.'
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PAB72 THE JUGGLER A Mite amgi Ban*’. Y _ PA074 THE WALKER Yt T * MNKOpttr - Maga V PA071 THE WALLER VI AJ») A (Isulf 1 _ PAOW FRACTAL ANIMATION hll acrtan lo- By anm.Y PA*»S MOW TO RUN INTO A VI AH try trie I PA0B4 AMY JOGS WALKS • SNEEZES b PA4B9 ATE AOBJTY am ES .** -nr aa u I.V
• A 100 VTOL CONTEST Dec* out (all n E8 mm I .Y PA10I DOLPHIN
DREAMS Great OeapHn anlm' .
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STAR TREK - SpailUa ity pate • Oroal I im .
AQAF* KLBtOON CRUISER Flying around you* aaraar AGA» STAR TRXK KLMOOM Hr ¦¦¦•¦¦¦¦¦Mioomg loepaaac ll' AOA09 STAB WARS RgrtMt By by mp-EMlie 1m a AOAtO STAR TREK - E*oatpt.ae « dry doe* InrrarlbN AGA 11 THOM • Tint. Dmc'.yiIoi Good iocIoh • AQAIJ TRON ANIMATION - Not ona ol tna baal .
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AGA1I STAR TREK - EnMrpma tty by. Snort anm .
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AGAJ1 PORSCHE anla. N.pg out of labia 1 mg .
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PM179 PLAY9D Vi l Mora oM *4 aryto rra.- PU'65 ASI OJSIC VDLI * big aorgr ««. M gnasHca-V PmlMS ASI MJSIC VCO -.---rtfl »«i M, gagTKa' -Y IHM’IC • DanCE TRASh F Am tat ol re r,utc‘l?: -V I PM'M .KXUUTli A SPACESHIPS Tot* by Or Areon.Y PM194S LL1AAA7E ACTON MEG* UUSC E«b IZ'-Y P«1« HU5C Cf PQVEO KNI0«T SD7' rt.*p -TCda.Y MU 13*3 MIRAGE SU3JMNAL XTC Eeb i.fiOla-y MMJOS DAT AX TftLOQY 3 icrM us Ptitt -v PV?I) DATA a TH* VICTIM 6 rrcna euK YaOto1 -V PU2CJ XEMDIWIMTY Good HCJYYI Hr* rid'iroii J| PUX4 Pf WUSC UACNES5 »(HO rTUMT Utof PW7C5 DESERT TECHNO 'RAX 6 lacfr»W* l «aa' -Y pujotiuuaficcs
bicless uelcos u vi«*:2;'.y EM7C0 CHRSTUA6 TLNCS Marian -I* rrorjam stir.V FV » LSD XUAS PACK 3m.l tatodcn al U-a.V PMS'O AAJM3A XMAS MUSC SuduB Madtmai ryto.Y PT032 ART 0* MED ElMtaH mjt« la V PTDJC DELUXE MUSIC DATAOfSK For OMCS PT03SX1 ID r.AAIPL ES 'a;ula.i umpai .
PTOl I KAWAJ K1 editor lor gadel. Ehengee' Ftbii KAWAt K4 ad nor aboval
• T013 MED 37 EaraOanl mjtrc aao .V PT015 ISOI OB* Varoua mdi
atuH .
PTOJO STU1 • ST-10 Sarrolaa-Rmg tor PTO3667* ST-»ggj SAMPLES Sludo O O..MV Y ' 0X7 rynlna!
PT929 Y*JWA BX7 vgiCf FM* V pi .
PTO SO YAMAHA 0X7 VOICE SORTER tor r» abrna PT9J1 23 ST-*? 8) J dt » VI HY PTOia 3 ST-97 4 96 Mora PT034S ST-B7 e 9* Mora aamglai '-Y PTUB YAMAHA 0X196.1X11(0X27.0111 4 FM1 Vt PTJ40 OCTAMED V7 * cn-nnaI MCO aaquan,.- .
PT*«J START IFF SAMPICS S art. I Gai tola diaa'.Y FTWJ S HOUSE 9AMKE8 S 0IM.I TlH 01 HOJt» URO Ptba* AUDIO MAGtCJ Sopar bimart drtl o cm 1XN PT54? AUDIO UACIC4 ikm Smorb hllf vwyami' PTC** 17 MOOULES 5 diata or large nuaic medula*'.
PT«J J7 UETAL UOOUL8S S dlaka maey rocK bai PTCM33 BREAK BEATS 1 (Naaa of dmrr. Aairglee.Y PTWLtr t'OCALS i dlaLa cl auoar .ore aarrgtoeUV PTCft* to ORUMIUTS J d ka of h.jn gu-tty drumal.Y PT071 73 KORG SAAIPLIS J cl ax a ol keyboard aou-d FT07478 PWE SAMPLE? Lvto 9* aaacrad -ry.. .
PT077 SAMPLE FACTORY Cat hal o bound aRaela'.
PI on CHIPMAN SAMPLES OYT n Mmptl TtoffliY PTC C XI RAVE SAMPT.ES Bata * Orvmt' .7 RT0I1 SAMPLlMAKtn I I' MaM latipMt «!
PT087 CLASSICAL MOOULES t a casa-cel lha l .
PTW) MUSIC ENGII* vi )4 MuIJfomM mute pMyw
SAMPLES H »*5f8 M"cto»’ .Y PT08? CHURCH MUSIC Ral.guut lonia
nutto' .Y BtftM THAT VI 1 CieBerd *un nacfiH- aogrim'.
PTO80 AUOC MAGICS Sana r Irackar prograna VALLY PD ACA3. PO BOX 15. PETERLEE CO. DUR H A M S R 8 I N Z TEL: 091 587 1195 FAX*. 091 5H7 1195 BLITTERCHIPS ACA3. CUFF HOUSE. PRIMROSE STREET. KEIGHLEY, BL)2I 4NN TEL; 0 5 3 5 6 6 7 4 6 9 FAX: 0 5 3 5 6 ft 7 4 ft 9 ACA3.1 CHAIN I.ANE, NEWPORT
I. W. PO30 5QA TEL: 09 8 3 5 2 9 5 94 FAX: 0 983 821 599 FOR ALL
BISHOPSWORTH, BRISTOL BS13 8AB ALL DISKS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA'S WHEN DISK K001 - DISKSTART V1.3 IS USED ON A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 G010 - POM POM GUNNER - Great graphcs * ths operator wo* woo i am up.
I G01I • AIR ACE 2 • A Qfaai Woito W* 2shooiemup GO13 THE REVENGE - Play ED 209 Irom Robocao in if« vwurn ifwot om up GDI 5 ¦ MEGABALL - A game that ha* waned Nmltoni revwws GO 16 SIMPSONS • Tensions wacky (army brought to Ida in ths sheet «m JC ccnfctrucoon let game | G020 LAME ST-PORTS - A space , ivade-a type game, tho o oct bong to defeat Alan, G021 • MASTER OF THE TOWN - The am of Vns gam* .* » causa a* ihucn (tomags as couiCIn G025 DRAGONS CAVE - A dungeon master style pmzto game G026 • DOWN HILL CHALLENGE Good &•. Simulator G02B - PIPELINE - C'AW.c gam* M too lav on A1200.A40CO flue to
supenor processor.
| QM9 - SMURFHUNT - Pl«*y 6» fliyi , , .wet in ffis jHoot wn up 00*0 • PARADOX • Fi wy puxce 855- V mEWRlPWY-A platform gama. This e one ct I *0 bosS pubic domain games 4v*- QQ47 - SUPER PAKMAN ¦ II yog »Na Pak games. Then gat lhis!!t Tho Post vereontodate 00*9 • NE'GHBCXJRS • (2 Asks I An Okoalont graphic adventure. Probably me best evei in PO G J«9. FIGHTING WARRIORS Budget version ot Ssreettghter 2 with So50 BOMB JACKY • The sooctrum classic mm vasty improved graphics andsbjna GQ5S TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE - inspired by a true story G056 • 18 HOLE GOLF - The t.r*t *,* pubic domain jot game
Great run (2 | G057 • SPACE INVADERS 2-A d version cfl the eassic gamo
- AMOS CRICKET - A good I cnefcat simulater wnften in Atnoa G06O
• TRON 2 -« you liked the ongnal. Then you cant miss this
update F«ter ano improved G06I - ESCAPE - The aim of ihis
exceiioni game «to tun over him poihng specific ones down lo
open gates wtveh atow you lo reach the | exit. Oo il nYffir a
time HT»t» yeas , 5 • OR MARIO • Similar to 4 NES game ol Muter
name but benet '-"ASSAULT - Ths i tage game mvolvea you
shooting at ms characters that cop up .n the widows G064 DEATH
BiNGERS IN SPACE - A Xenon K)to Pto «m 14.
0055 - ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Good tun with tots ol bood 6M fli l I GOM STMMia-BUmtfMftnF game GOG? • SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE ¦ A gooo game tot up »fov» i »iih track enter etc GOM - PREMIER PICKS - Us»y u«9Je
• oorbal rnanagemenl game very wet presented | G069 • BILLY
BURGLAR • Dbdge jhh.s to escape Irom prison 070 - AMIGABOV -
The n game I Tains is w«Wy raga’ded si is best on tho Gameboy
II has now been perfectly convened wtth exact usual
reprewntanon G071 • ACT OF WAR • A game 0!
Smtar style 10 r G07: ADAMS FAMILY QUIZ-H0« know’ much do you know’ GO73 - PARACHUTE JOUST • Guide tho ttyffluotlo too ground G074 - CARO SHARP - Varous card S5? JEYYL • A trtlianl game GO76 - TOP SECRET - Sony, can't ten E JELLY QUEST • Tha game Oy McGuire was described by .a Power guoee 'U s a suponor trard ol PO pualo game and its s can only be described as - dead
• * It went on to recerve a 4 oul ol 5 | GOT?-'vInUS INVADERS -
Excellent K version C l soace invaders G079 • THE RIGHT WAY - A
great lemmings clone GGW - SURER PRIX - A bras jevisw
RRORS - hides Ihe herd on ddks rtvak-ftg all your oomipt 9i»k» V»be once ag*n U208 • 203 UTILITIES - The most uhlftes ever avaiOb* 0« 4 thgle Si(k G081 • PATIENCE - The fce« pubic domamversionolihis card game UOOI • THE ULTIMATE BACKUP OISK - All the very best pubic domain copers including Dcopy. Tglracopy U?13 BUSINESS CARO MAKER • A utrtty that can gvc pr©*ess nal results tor use wth any primer U021 - SYSTEM x - A teoaheme drectcry on dofc it even dels the U138 • 600 BUSINESS LETTERS - Over 600 leHers 01 b4sxt tofrtWI « )y tor guic* and simple mooncaDcn r any word processor U139 - PriNTER
DRIVERS DISK - An exceieni aetoewn or arvers lo gel vpur pnrter eortong perfecby Ulid - LABEL MAKER - E* *!«*!
UliHy aFOWHO yov to make your own disk labels We have aodoo several loots to give you more deygn U1i3 - MULTIPLAYER - C-d" pUy wtueHy any type ol muse module U167 • WINDOWBENCM - A rcplacemeni It?- Wcrkbjnch vt 3 n I he styte ot Vicrosott Windows U168 - GAME TAMER V2 2 - loads Ol Cleat} lover 2S0| tgr WM « many lep ?H76* UNDERSTANDING AMOS - A very useful learning ad U170 - AORAPH - Create ail kinds ot
p. a charts bar charts ana line gtaclts U179- CU TUTOR - Loads
o'hints and tips UI80 OISKOPTIMISER • S(*W8up loaorvj by up lo
15 limes U181 - FORMS UNLIMITED - Creale you own invoices and
other torm* *tth Ihs meal i 4ity U183 - MAGNUM - Creato yoix
own Osk DasoJ rraoame UI84 - EOWOftO - Exceieni ten U18S POOLS
PREDICTION • II you need more hep (or money) try tha dsk U106
VMORPH V2 0 - Excelent utiily that allows you lo creale
morptvwarp eniration Requres tMB U167 • THE MENU OISK • If you
are irtcrested in crealmg your own compilations esc. Men gel
tho dok tte pertecl lor adjod prwcnlatiun U188 - CLUB LEAGUE -
A ubity that elows you to edit and keep track ol your teams
drnson and league watus UtS9 • SCREEN BLANKERS A dak packed
with screen bankers U190 • THE UTTlE OFFICE - Q"9 or the best
small business p-ograms available at Tie moment Lbry popular
U191 • VOICE CL1 Y5.5 • Thi» utlify alcrws you lo Control CL I
wth speotfi U192 - ACCOUNT MASTER WnHen ft Amta rtis a a very
weutor Ova"to» utiHy or excellent ouaMy U193 • SOFTWARE LISTER
- Th« ¦ a onrgned to keep 4 tware coiectcn
• DtSKPRlNT VI6 • An ntograted database and dak label "Our sc
U194- U195 • RACE VI 6 - A dsk that Mil work oul the chance ol
a horse wmrvng a race Utae DRAW IMP VJ 1 There are two
versions, this ietie 1MB version It allows you lo create 2D and
3D maps QuOto U?96 tof 2MB vnfson. When ccmes or. 2 disks U197
- FOOTBALL LEAGUE EDITOR V11 • At toon k inn results come in.
You can monitor your teams latest 5uKMGOLF SCORES VI 8. It can record the resuts ot every round you play. More them and give an overai electronic score ui»9 • anti fucker - An ad 10 stop the nicker in Hi-Res mode during some programs oporeticns U20Q • AMIGASH BANKIN - II you have a smali busness this program a the Dew ot its nature and highly recommended U»1 - PUNT PROGRAM - Archer predcoon aid ter the hcrsea U202 • MONEY MANAGEMENT Home accounts package capable ol hamjma up to 12 afferent accognis U203 ¦ EASY CALC VI 0 - Tbs spreadsheet is designed lo bo both very user fnenay ard taal 11 has
an exceiem bull in hep system U504 -KEVBOARD TRAINER VI 1 Besl pjOW damair rypng tuar available at present.
U205 - M-CAO • Computer adM U209 UNDELETE This ulilfy alowa you lo gel back stuh mat was acodently deleted from disk U210 ¦ JOYSTICK TESTER - A onllanl loysick tesHna program U211 RED SECTOR Deffo MAKER
• A2 meg verson of Pic moM popular utlKy ever"' Create stunnng
demos'megaoemoilnlros. The speoaI inmg s that it has Deen 10
work wth Ihe A50O* and evon belter tha A1200 (2 artiVt rec
A120OI U212 - AIB6 Y5 - A g«g Oto toPto program U213 • SYS INFO
V3 11 - A flisk inar mil tot you " tow me technic status ot
your machne U214 - ENGINEERS KIT - A diagnosis disk, specaly
soiled tor engneers etc U21S ¦ DISK REPAIRERS • Wll allow you
to try and make al you- unusabe disks work agan U2I6 AMIGA
DIAGNOSTICS • Sol* Ihousards ol amga probems with th*
diagnostics disk U217 • LAST WILL ANO TESTAMENT Wr*e your own
wail U216 - MUSIC BASE UTILITY - Store _ recofflvdoo coioction
19 • ERROR INFO - Gives you a 1st of alt amiga error codes and
their ma.ir.rn; you-* n U2t9 U220 • PC TASK V2 02 - IBM PC
emulater 11 allows you to run the majority of PC sohware with
no additional hardware Now supports VGA. EGA CGA and MOA (DVI
U222 • REPAIR IT 3 - Contains a selection ol dak and herd dhve
reparing unities Excellent for saving mat ytial rile U224 ¦
SPECTRUM EMULATER - This Is the besl and latest verson of me
most ixouiar otnjiascr tor Ihc amiga There are 66020030 versons
tor new AGA am gas 12 dlsksi U225 • STOCK ANALYST • This is a
technical analysis and securities tracking program which
calcuUlos when lo buy and sell snares U226 - ASTRONOMY V2.0 - A
menu drven aSlronerVr, program that tafcuaies mlormaton atcul
the Sun. Moon and planets Hep disk U227-MING SHU CHAJESE
ASTROLOGY Wll c-ealc hgrpKcpes nsocords The ccmplele a d U228 •
COLOURED ICONS Translar your disk} nto colcudul, well prosoreed
works ol art with this database V229 - KI05 PAINT - *n an
package smpided lor ihe younger anvge owners V230 • STAR VIEW
Ttvs program « designed to Show graptvcalV the COLhons ol the
ttart ano panels Irom any pad ci the earth U231 • AOUARIUM -
Turns your screen into an o « catching fsh lank.
U232 OCTAMED V2 - Lalesi version of the tamous music package ) FOR A600 • A U233 - NUMRAOI program that makes the A600 (hnk got a numeric keypad Cl23« • ADDRESS PRINT V3 1 • Very usetul it you make regUar postal ccrtespordence U235 • IFF BOOT - Displays a pclure whilst your hard dsk bools up U237 ¦ PAY ADVICE ANALYSER - A wry useful program tor keeping track Ol pay tax and nalonal insurance U238 • CANNON PRINT STUDIO - Got a Camor print*? Tng ask a essential ter truant results U239 ¦ FANCY PRINTING D*SK • Ccrrtfline Bamer. Graph Papv yi z and Oak Pnnl V3 5 U240 - BbaSEui - An easy to use
versdile tffl luiiy 'eaiurefl daunaao Greatly enhanced successor lo bBasdl.
U2*i - ADM Vi Ol - Rwabia aocma database with loads ol great Natures U242-LITTLE TRAVELLER VI 1 - The wifity shews a world map and a lows you lo select any country lor travel ntormabfiA II then 26*m* HI grvng e bPe -UP map with more nlcrmascn U243 - BANNER MAKER - Cr«M Sp«t9«A»r p'lnied wnngr* U265 - PROTECTION Keep unwarned usare from pisyrtg wth your amga U266 • PARBENCM - bnk up two Amga 5 and ecHimtneato wih each other U2B3 - TEXTENG1NE V* 1 Sent Bred Irom aulhor Nitfiolas Harvey, IN8 excellent otcrgram has at known bugs lined Has 36 OCO word spa!
Chadier E901 - TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS • A book on dsk apprCprlSle ter 4»ViW!*&nAl JtfMiC Pant movie Get it"i E002 • SCIENCE - Excellenl learning ai-J 16 ihe dhScull suCs k.’f |4d.ska) EW3 • FRACTIONS ANO SILHOUETTES - Good maths uMity E0O4 • WORLD VfAR 2 - Good hWwy Eooe • WORLD GEOGRAPHY - Very usefb uNity ECO • KIDS DISK 1 - Excellent Ssftgftl AND PLAY 1’FW younger anvga users very popular EC09 - LEARN AND PLAY 7 - See aDov« usLAiy ordofoo at a 2 dsk set E010 GCSE MATHS - Good, wrillen by a teacher 0 the subject E011 ¦ LANGUAGE TUTOR - French Spanish. German and Italian E012 • AmlGAWORlD
• This piece 01 edxationai scffeare contains oecafs on evory country DOCK • ARSEWtPE • Hitonous tolet role ccmmoroar M67 • FILLET THE FISH - Cartoon animation 0019 SIMPSONS SuOESHOlY • frcturea of lelevuicns wacky lemly D023 - PUGGS IN SPACE • Arwihar cadoon anmalKjn Hem Ihe same person who brought you Fillet Ihe Fish D025 -SAM FOX - Sideshow D035 • RUDE NOISES - Mlarous sambes.
DOM - FAST CARS • Pwure* ol Itre worlds most exotic cars D074 MADONNA LIKE A VIRGIN ¦ MuSto put» n*k*d sideshow ol Madonna D091 SAFE SEX DEMO -FHOhW» rriked aamptos Dll* NEIGHSOURS SLIDESHOW - very dd but all! Amuiing p tur*» ol lf« cast 1*t|h grawn on apocial otfocts Di2t - GIRLS ON film • Digitised nnmaton D129 - SHOWERING GIRLS • Colour cmittted fiioos ow DI38 • V AR SIIAULATER - Sampfe that could gel you a day oh school or work Sounds cd scknoss and war Try il sown me phone"1 0198 • BASIC INSTINCT ¦ Ogosed actures Irom tho him.
D19B-STRIP SLOT MACHINE U026 • TV GRAFFIX • Loads of backdrop* elc for use eilh genlock Also tonts lor Dpamt i2d»ks( Ut6« • HaftcEaurN ViOEO ART 1 ¦ Eicdlent coieclion ol CecmSrcpj 01 superb Quaily lor use with gonlock Ut7i HafttEOuiN FONTS t - Loads ol cicdtcrt Hi-Rea fords U172 • HARLEQUIN FONTS 2 More ol Ihe above Y001 • SUPERKILLERS - recommeoded as it could save you Cps Essential fry hard disk owners With ro Y'us protecDon you a-e putunj your entire soltware collecton al ns» Ragular updjtts lo **op in touch wth all virus actmty Sepa'afe vt'vw tor AOA machkies Ai: our disks are virus tree
MUSIS MD01 • MUSIC MOOULES • A massive 10 disk coioction ol good gjatty music modikei Al Of scuooiracwer Me type lor use witn RSI Demo makor. Nasabaye* and marry ccnor apblcaliors AQ19 TQ A923 - WEIRD SCIENCE • Excekenl quaMy pictures 16 disxs - available seoeraleiy) A024 - FIT CHICKS - A cohesion of gety piciuitt tof ihe A1200 only (2 daks | A02S • FREAKS BOOY SHOP - A small selection c4 gWty pciures !”¦ iTnmziB, n ‘m i AD30 - FERRARI PICTURES ¦ Pciures ot a new model Irom me worlds mosl oxolc car maker Good 258 CdOcx pdures A036 - MGHTBREAO - Many pctures drawn in 256 cofcurs (2 disxs) G0*2
• AGA TETRIS • Control*) with 1he cursor keys ihts excellent conversion ol probably the mosl addcsve 0 evor s row avaiabe with 256 colour graphcs 2 • AGA CHESS • An exoetem game Duiyouwrt need 4mb ot ram to get it to work" uooi ultimate backup disk • ths compj»oon include* Ocopy V3 0 when d pnotahfy the only copier mat works successfully 00 me A1200A4000 u 123 - WORKBENCH HACKS - Many uaetots special effects for woftDench V3 9 U118 . MORE WORKBENCH HACKS • Guess whaf U255 - WB V3 0 INSTALL - B you reed to ristaU your hard di5k then you need iris U246 • A1200 DEGRADERS • An essenhal pixehase
tor AGA owners Includes Fake Fast Mem The Degrade'.
Di&k8Mtt Kll AGA Y2 and Hslpfu Rnts.
U257 VIEV TEK VI 03 - An essenlal purchase Slowing you lo dtsbay AGA flrkjshes U2S8 • HOMEM - Ths utility alow* your AGA machine to I use your hard dak as virtual memory 8 you've c Hcmb hard d6k Iheri yOu Cirl I'd* 80m® ram FMU MMU 9tC U272 - WORKBENCH V3 0 SCREENS - Improve Ihe appoarence ol workbdhdh w*lh IheSA SxtAlehl hOCkSrCpt D181 - TEAM HQ I PLANNER QRQQVE • Ths was Ihe worlds lirsl over AGA trcgacemo D195 • PANTARHCi - A new AGA megedfrmft WlPi amafhj K un«3, Qrsphcs eng Cotoure I D197. TEAM HOI 2 Sequel lo the Aral ever rregaOemo ABOVE DISKS WORK WITH A1200 A4000 ONLY.
NORMAL DISK PRICES APPLY ALL 26 FONT DISKS FOR JUST £25.81 AachenBold BouhnusDold Anqm BILLBOARD top Arctic2 AvantGarde Cirtoon Architect (. AslonOppnlare A SMALL SELECTION OF FONTS PROM SETS 1 TO 4 mm mmm ponmrn miE& SINGLE DISK £1.85 INCLUSIVE P&P 2 -15 DISKS ONLY £1.25 EACH 16-25 DISKS ONLY £1.00 EACH 26 * DISKS ONLY £0.89 EACH POSTAGE IN UK £0.80 PER ORDER PSP FREE ON SINGLE DISK IN UK ONLY EUROPE *25p DISK fMIN £1) WORLD +45p DISK (MIN £2) 'Il o, technofear has given way to a strong curiosity to find out what else this powerhouse can do for But on investigating the sea of Amiga s, you
find that the prices of Utili-
- and games seem to only make them ?ble once a month, or even
once a when Mr and Mrs Santa Gaus are feel- ingly generous,
only other alternatives are to start ning yourself or, more
easily, take at the public sector for utilities and assorted
oddities that may come in 1 and, at the cheaper price, are y
more tempting than delving into lex world of coding software -
for being.
R checking out the regular Public feature, you spot a couple that show : and order them. In a few days, they on your doormat.
"g them up, you realise that there a hard disk install option. A few clicks mouse button later, the screen doesn't y helpful information - it seems that are doomed to floppy disk as far as PD is concerned, unless... INSTALLERS ’ programs, whether commercial or domain, don't usually have hard disk installers for the software. This is lo either sheer laziness on the part of grammers, or the more legitimate that making a product hard drive ble tempts the grubby hands of to download every game they can hands on into their hard drive for illegal distribution, nately, there is a way to transfer bon
off a floppy onto the hard drive 1 use. First of all, make sure that I floppy is inserted in the drive, over to your DHO icon and open the r‘ e.
Ly drag the floppy icon and place it DHO window. The lights on the corn- representing both hard and floppy will flash on and off for a while until has finished and all information has fed and transferred, done, eject the floppy and open the drawer that has appeared in the hard Inside, you should find the contents copied disk. Try double clicking on ram’s boot icon to see if it will load time out of ten, a window will pop ; you that there is no disk in DFO drive).
Reset the computer and you'll prob- find (unless you're extremely luckv) Systew Request Please insert volwe Motoro Ia1 in any drive ¦ • wmm Retry Cancel ¦ ¦¦¦¦ ' TT away the DHO symbol).
In simple terms, assigning files and the like is like a diversion on the road - it tells the computer to take a different route as Specified by you, the user.
Select the Shell icon and a window will open; type in: The ed stands for edit as in changing the current set-up, s stands for the directory that you wish to alter - the computer will always hunt out this particular directory whenever hying to boot a program up.
The colon is important for defining each partition - each "wall" between different directories, drawers and files so that the computer can recognise they are separate.
User-startup is the actual area in which you want to make the changes - anything in here is not automatically booted by the com* puter on switching on but requires the user to select and tell the computer to boot it in.
That same problem still exists. This is simply down to the fact that tlx* startup part of the program is telling computer that it will find the rest of the information in the floppy drive so therefore bypassing the hard disk altogether.
This can be overcome in most cases by the use of the assign option, This is a typed-in command used in the Shell system (the icon is usually found under flBiqaShell Shell process T The Shell box when the editor con be colled up and the Assign command typed In : fJ sluser-startup Assigning your files |mj Funky Fun... not A drawer will appear la the hard drlvt window with the floppy i contents Without the correct Assign command, the computer becomes a tad confused On pressing Return, you'll be presented with another window representing the user- startup. Simply find a clear line and type in:
This simple command tells the computer that the floppy disk info that program needs can be found in a specified directory in a certain drawer on the hard drive. For example - Assign Funky Fun: DHO: Funky Fun.
Once this is done, press on the box gadget in the top left-hand comer and you will be asked by the computer if you wish to save the changes you have made. Hit the Y key, then reset the machine and have a go at loading your program from the hard disk.
Unfortunately, this process doesn't always work but don't worry, I'll be back next month to take you a stage further along that twisty, windy road of Amiga Shell commands and libraries... E3 Adam Phillips delves into the more intricate workings of that plastic, chip-ridden hulk, the Amiga 1200 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscribe to the top valui Subscribing to Amiga Computing means you reap all the benefits of the exclusive treatment you'll receive as a subscriber, and you get to choose one of these great free gifts as well So, you're wondering, what exactly is this exclusive treatment? It's a whole range
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An elegant Amiga 93 Computing magazine binder AJVllg AMKiA I AMIGA] Subscribe to Amiga Computing and well send you a high quality, exclusive Amiga Computing maga* line binder. These specially produced binders will keep your magazines in mint condition, providing an excellent reference point, as well as keeping them stored away neatly. As well as this useful binder you also get two extra magazines. Your 12 issue order is extended up to 14 issues, at no extra cost, so you get 14 fact- Docked issues for the price of only 12.
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£*5.99 Mastering Amiga Beginners special offer For only £3.95 this book will provide you with o solid grounding, through easy to understand step- by-step explanations. The computer terminology is explained at every stage and there are full descriptions of the software, hardware and new technologies, such as video and CD, which are available for use with your Amiga.
This superb book includes coverage of the A1200 and A600, Workbench familiarity, preferences, utilities, beginners AmigaDOS, programming, fonts, printers, graphics, music and sound, public domain, viruses, upgrading, comms, desktop video, multimedia and much, much more.
Premier Manager 2 This is the latest football management sim from Gremlin. Following on from its predecessor, Premier Manager 2 takes the whole football management scenario one stage further, and although more complex than the first version, loses none of the addictive appeal which made it the success it was.
Amiga Computing March 1994 There’s quite a selection of titles this month, from games and music demos to handy utilities and superb animations.
Amiga PD seems to be maintaining its excellent standard by producing useful and entertaining products. Keep sending in the soft ware - the more variety and diversity Blighty, Commodore needed to get its foot in the metaphorical door, grab a fair size of the game playing public this Christmas and reap the benefits. Unfortunately, from where I'm sitting, they've missed their golden opportunity.
Surprisingly, one of the last places you'd expect to find public domain and shareware programs is on a CD, but it's now possible to lay your hands on over 200 different titles (perhaps Commodore commis* PUBLIC SECT* As the air warms and the frost thaws, Adam Phillips peruses the latest PD releases with a spring-time passion sioned this to reach their software taigfl Each volume contains 100 program* ¦ the first disk has a selection of demos m animations.
Obviously with such a huge library® offer, you're hound to find a few title* you'll enjov plaving (such as Bomb Jafl reviewed in these pages a few moa back) and if you're a Pdophile, this ttfl satisfy vour desires greatlv- On the down side, what's the Available from: Most computer retailers £19.99 each The Amiga CD32 - the saviour of Commodore, or so they would lead us to believe. Like Atari, the once big boys have suffered cruelly at the invasion of the consoles and at the hands of the software pirates. Kids are interested in games and don’t really care much where they get them from.
Enter the Mega Drives and Super Nintendo* of this world and you have a revolution of buyers on your hands with the majority opting for a single purpose machine to hammer away at a joypad on.
Then, with a huge burst of inspiration and surprise, Commodore released the CP32, an A1200 with a CD-ROM drive and no keyboard.
Backed up with promises of dozens of titles available by the time Christmas rolled around and an anticipation whipped up bv the Amiga mags (including this one), things looked set to be a startling success.
Well, as usual, the ideal promises and hopes have fallen to the wayside to reveal a much more realistic and therefore unfortunate situation.
While there have been a dozen or so releases, nearly every one has been a direct port over from existing software found, in some cases, on your trusty A500.
And while the games themselves may well be good in many respects, they are not the flagship products like Sonic, Mario and Starwing that the CD32 needs to help it make a real impact on the market.
Even the likes of the excellent Liberation from games maestro Tony Crowther lacks the instant "buy me now!"
Appeal that has sold so many consoles in the last couple of years.
With the likes of the 3D0 and Jaguar getting ever closer to the shores of 0 •: •: 0 • Now That's What I Call Games Volumes 1&2 Produced by: Multi Media Machine 000
• m m
* 0*0 *0 • ** Programmed by: Craig Collins Available from: 17
Bit Software Disk No. 2872 The Amiga is regarded by amateurs
and professionals alike as an excellent machine for computer
animation, effects and other film and video oriented jobs.
Animation is a big favourite of the people in the office - the editor and asso ate editor regularly hammer out short sequences on Imagine 2.9. imagine, if you will, my delight when this little beauty inconspicuously fell fr- Of an envelope and straight into my disk drive and turned out to be so good.
The lengthy black and white anim tells the story of the CD wars where the Me
CD. CD-i and CD32 meet head to head as ray-traced cars in race
with a hum- deity overlooking the affairs.
After comparing each others capabilities, this being decides the fate of ea; competitor and surprise, surprise, the CD32 comes Out on top leaving the othe as they morph into gravestones on the track to hell.
This may sound a little bizarre and tacky, but compared to the cruddy advert; television at the moment which boasts a large robot blowing up while play* Microcosm “‘COS it canna handle captan", this animation is a work of commerc art with well used, not overtly elaborate and. Dare I say it, pretty well directed.
Included are various controls for speeding up and slowing down as well pausing the action. On the downside, it eats up a fair size amount of memor 1Mb of chip RAM and at least 3Mb of fast RAM.
If you have the facilities then Mean CD Machines is well worth snapping up ar enjoyed in its full raylraced and morphed glory. Impressive and talented stuff.
• targe ms, m 1105 a: wary a ties th b Jack monfl is CO!
Point 0I1EDIS PARK Punch In your statistics and cross your fingers to hope for on occurote prediction... Meg a CD has already bitten the dust, vimg the CDS2 and CDI to compare statistics
• x tomrra looks on... i«prente bring slowly twins its
* 4 ond iktKhn Its flSt. Deciding r fate of the loser... ng out
this kind of money for "the ate games machine" only to be given
King that seems to be nothing more 'let's try and keep them
happy" keting move? 1 wanted to get my i in to something with
some real 32- |games playing meat.
O, half of the progs on offer can only played with a mouse or keyboard ng that the average punter is going ve to shovel out more money.
* of the most annoying features of I packs is the need to reset
the machine tv time if starting on a new game or,
• frustratinglv, after a short anima- [Now That's What I Call
Games series
• a nice budget idea for computers t for £19.99, I'd advise
saving up your nies instead and buying Liberation I begins to
show what the CD32 is ble of. Plus it's guaranteed to keep f
midnight oil burning into the wee i and beyond for a lot longer
than Cgis, lusual, another set of particularly loath-
* aliens have landed on a peaceful et somewhere in the universe
• corrupted and possessed various abitants including King Duck
and t Claus.
T's vour job as the heroic duck figure ove through 20 levels split between If worlds including Brick City, Quackers Programmed by: M.Pratt Available from Michael Pratt Twwspeet?
Christmas Land and Duck Land. By moving across platforms, collecting fruit and other goods, the object of each screen is to grab all the keys and make for the exit without being killed, maimed or the time running out.
Part of vour lethal arsenal of weapons are fried eggs that seem to have a diverse effect on the foe. On completing each world, it’s onto killing the end of level baddie which in this case, is very easy indeed and looks like a post box.
The game works relatively well but lacks the polish to make it noteworthy.
There is no animation on the main sprite and it has a tendency to stutter across the screen instead of moving smoothly and seamlessly.
Quackers is by no means a bad game, requiring skill and precise timing in some places but it just looks like an idea that Ivvt Wl Due to the CDI2s superior features, turbine objects morph from the back of the tar In excellent computer rendering The CD32 tor literally files down the track at a gravestone ol the CD!
Motor spins on the track below CD32 WINS!
R=r?n could have been exploited more and worked much better - perhaps by including a two player option to make it even more like Team 17's excellent Qwak.
Klondike Deluxe AGA Programmed by: Remy Nusteling and Koos Roodbol Available from: Exclusive PD This traditional card game, like many others, has now reached the chips of your local computer courtesy of the PD scene.
On looking at the pictures, you may think that this is another venture into the smutty underworld of pornography.
Well, perhaps strictly it Ls - scantily clad women in suggestive positions - but on closer inspection the images are a hark back to the titillation days of the 50s put together with an absorbing game, providing harmless fun for the average male player (like Biff, our Gamer editor, who says he can't stop) when compared to the hardcore, explicit nature of the material accessible to most children with a computer and disk drive from the more seedy PD libraries and bulletin boards.
The game itself is an addictive and challenging title of strategy, logic and the vital ingredient, luck, where the player must put all the cards in the relevant suits whilst not trapping yourself in a no-win situation - very similar to Patience.
The presentation is of a high standard, whether or not you agree with the material on display, - solid AGA renditions of the cards are polished and professional, the only problem being a certain glitch running across the card faces once in a while.
If vou're a cards fan and own either an Amiga 1200 or 4000, this is a cheap computerised version of a classic solo game.
Footy Programmed by: Andy Mac Available from: Virus Free PD For those of us with a dream of winning the pools one day then Footy could help us take a step closer to making fiction become a realitv. A dedicated database, this mouse-driven, user friendly program allows you to keep track of what's happening in the football league.
The user is able to enter all current information about any team. By tapping in a mass of details including home wins draws losses, goals scored and conceded as well as away info, a full picture can be drawn up for the avid footy fan.
Also included is a forecast routine which attempts to tell you who'll draw in that vital next match, Be warned though; in the author's own words: "Obviously, it is not entirely accurate or 1 would not be sitting here writing..." Footy receives the public sector seal of approval because if it does give you a better chance of winning then it has to be recommended.
The Ultimate Icon Editor Programmed by: John Scheib Available from: Virus Free PD Disk No 393 Last month's excellent Magic Workbench offered a large selection of different features for your Amiga from various backdrops to programs to alter the squeaks and ?
Calling all PD libraries... ...and individuals with anything remotely worth my while having a peek at. If you want something released as PD, or you're a library with stacks of hot new stuff that you haven't seen reviewed in these pages yet, why not drop me a line with a copy, full documentation and everything clearly labelled? I promise I'll at least look at your work.
From music to education, business to utilities - anything you feel deserved your shoving onto a floppy disk, lemme at it and I'll do the rest. Address9 Adam Phillips. PD submissions.
Amiga Computing Europa House. Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SK104NP squawks made by your machine. Its only limiting omission, while providing the user with some very tasteful icons, was the lack of a large library of both images for icons and differing sound samples.
The former has been seen to now with the release of the Ultimate Icon Editor which has both a collection of dozens of icons for use as drawers, files and any other opportunity you can think of, and a drawing package for the design of your own miniature works of art.
The pictures provided range from basic disk symbols that simply invert colours when clicked on to various symbols that change when activated The standard of these pictures are not up to the plushness of the small amount offered by the Magic Workbench but is high enough to be attractive and effective.
It's a worthwhile purchase with useful facilities to make even the most ugly of screens start to show its true colours.
17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield WF1 1DH Tel: 0924 366982 flMressPnnt W.8 3 By Pivl Latfwell December 1993.
Tigersoft, 94 Mure Ave Kilmarnock KA3 ITT
m. j S Virus Free PD, 31 Faringdon Road Swindon. SN1 5AR Tel:
0795 512321 Address Print Programmed by: Paul Lathwell
Available from: Paul Lathwell Address Print is a useful
program for labelling packages and other postal items.
By using the simple and easy to use point'n'dick interface, the user is able to create a single or an entire database of address labels to be used at home or work.
On offer are an extensive list of controls for precision printing such as label pitch, style, colour of writing, left margin size and a draft or near letter quality selector.
The package also includes a Doc Dump, a printing utility, that reduces the amount of paper required to print an Ascii file on a Epson 9-pin printer.
This is a useful and worthwhile product that could come in very handy for home users and small business owners alike.
UriJP OpiJtD?
Hit Pitt M Scyi iP fafJDF &e*ti M | tiers ion * * * Exclusive PD. 7 Beresford Close Watertooville P07 5UN Tel: 0705 642409 Paul Lathwell, 3 Sweetbriar Close Gadebridge. Hemel Hempstead HP1 3PA Paul Lavin, 59 Sealand Avenue Sealand, Deeside CHS 2HN £1.40 met p&p Michael Pratt, 10 River's Road Yeovil BA21 5RJ Send blank disk and SAE Create your oddms labelt with thli handy little utility 102 Amiga Computing March 1994 We also stack: FRED-FISH 1-390 T-BAGS 1-57
L. S.D. dacS U39 SCOPES 1-220 ASSASSHM 1-115 GlamaurS etc. r-*_f
booklet) Catalogue Hft i every order IfuH Prices Commercial
Games. See behm for detaHs GAMES I UTILITIES lAMIMATIOIiW
DEMOS I EDUCATION C64 EMULATOR VS 2 & 50* original C64 Games
Pack Ihe venj intrst C54 Vmlai e Emutatar. Now gw con even
program It )u*t *fcp the C64 tnnputer Superb value pack
0 LY... £4,99 COOt -Kids Paint (4) E009 .ColDur It (Al E003 •
I reason' Seanh (41 F004 -Learn A Play I COOS -Learn A Ptag II
tom * Spanish translator (4) FIHI7 •education Braphic s 1008
4k Men COBB • AstfomulAI tOtll -Simon A Space Math (Al F011
-education Oi*k I IAI C0I2 -CduiMiun Disk 2 (4) EOIJ
-Education Or*k 3 (41 Fot4 -Education Dr*k 4 (AJ E015
tCduiation Ohk 5 (41 EOIB -Education Okxk 6 1019 -mnnsaur* (A)
C020 WurW Oatabdse (AJ £021 -Story Land II14) FD22 -languor*.'
Tutor (A) f023 iTaHUng Coinuriny (41 ED24 -fasg 5peff II (41
EO?5 -hcrnhblp 141 C026 • Words IA) ED27 -Oswald (A) tt)98
•Arutrh* Ant mingy (A) F029 •Ariattn Astrology (4) E30
-Evolution IAI E3I -10 Test - 10 home* 14) OJ -hpyrtsk ll F35
-Cite** Helper (A) 05 -Bask Tudor (41 C3B- Amiga lutnrial (4)
F39 *Postman Pat 14) C40 ,Guide to Back Pain (4) C4I thld
Alphabet (41 E42 .Fraction A Silnuef (AJ F43 -Math Master I A]
C44 t Steam Engine 12 (AJ £45 -Petoi tnritne (A) 146 •ha*
Tunrine Engine ( 41 E5C1 tlheam fur Xiujelt 141 | F5I
.Invisible Oarid (41 159 -fish lank Sim F54 *Demollt (AJ I £55
•W'ord Putxer (41 C56 -Worm Hole 14) E57 t Apple (ati her (A)
FSB - Maze A Cruuok (Al [59 -Verb Oulz (A) tbl thing lames
Blhlr (AJ £66 - Tar rat A (Al CE7 . Tar rut Disk (410 C68
-boHtm (41 £69 - Treasure Trap C70 -Matt, Drill* (41 C7I •£nnt
torn (41 Er3 -Picture A letter IA) C74 - Amiga Begin Buide (4)
C75 *MurW War 2 (41 aaai tSpcu-v 4ix iai OfJUtl -Predator IAI
0011 -Multitasking 14) 0013 •fravktn fleienges 14) j OOIB
*00011 Dane e Thrash 10029 -Budbratn Mega (2) 0033 •Phenomena
14) 0035 t Thames n Oemo 141 0050 Pink Ftuyd IB) (4) IH1B9
-Predator* 12) (4) 0068 *5.1m Fox ftto* Bobs 0076 -Contact
Been Made 14) 0078 -System Violation 14) 0120 •1911 Voyage
0152 * The Flectm Touch 0154 •virtual Heal I?)
0156 -Hgties Oemo 19) 0163 rHatkyuiii Otrno 141
11) 68 -SHence of the Lamb (41
0) 80 •Cheap Movie* Ckp 0188 -Peace nt Mtnri
0) 90 - Software Failure 0201 .Fart* Oemo 14) 0901 .Hidden Oemo
(4) 0205 04 t Untight (A)
02) 8 -Scream (?)
0995 -Deluxe Video Ul (2) 0239 Shtne expose (?)
023b .Define Photo Lab 12) 0240 - Anarchy 4001 Wdfliw ik l 12) 14) AU04 -Parky Pig (ABA) AOOS tFHIet the Fish (A) A007 •Franklin the Fig (4) 4008 tTrm (21(4641 AOIO •Sculpt Anim 11Al AOI3 *Sparp-Pmbit (Al 4017 •S T. FiPPtlAl AQI9 •Stamp Luuo Anim (A) A09! .Coyote* Back AOP? TLuxa Teenagers 141 4025 *laol Cougar (41 A09B -Puggs In Space 41199 -Mike Tu*on (4) 4033-fractal flight (AJ 4036 r Hefrii Science I (4) AU37 .limn Science It (4) 03B •Batman Moxie* 14) 4039 fXewteh (2) (4) AUSI Dating Bame* 11MbI (2) 4056 -Juggette II (IMbl 141 A0S9 •Paga ()K9i) (A) 40bU •Walker I (9 thl (?) (4) AOB1
.Juggler H (A) A064 •Xenlek HI (?) (4) XOB8 -0HW Rpndpr (4) AOB8 . Walker 2 (2) (2M) (A) A070 -Donald Duck 4072 -life a Bitch (IB) 14) 4073 *lts Mental III 14) Aim? -It* Mental I (A) A108 -Another Onrid IA) 4115 * Vietnam Conflict 141 4I3B -hyUrs 4 120) (4) AMI - Terminator 2 IAI AlSO •Madonna (4) 4J5f * Top Son (A) AIS3 •Bud Tribute (A AI54 -Thunderbird* (A) A1S5 -Rock Album (4) 4157 •Matmhip Oanu (41 AI58 Battled IAI AI73 * Hell Raiser II (A) Al b •Madonna §5II (4b4) 4178 rhfm HWOfc SfMlesh (A) AI79 . The Living World IA) 4IB7 .Peri) ol the Orrp 114) 4IBB *PihiI of the Oeep 2141 AI90 -
Terminator II (2) 14) 4191 - emesls Comic (4) AI9S .Real 30 (2) (4) 4137 tStar Trek I?) (41 A2DO -Mar* Fhghts 14) A202 -Fractal Anim 14) 4205 *Pkmet Side 14) 4207 • hv lenuniitgs 4208 -Lady A the Iramfi IA) 4909 .Ifr Putatue* 14) 4211 4213 A215 . Madonna HI (3) 14) 4218 *ltorp 4 pofnan 14] 4220 •StnnvOiZ Anim 4221 -Jamr* Whale* Anim 4995 .5 Hag HIH Mole 2 (A) 4226 «i m» ID (4) A23D - Too Much 30 IA) 4211 - Alien* (A) 4939 •Bparh fight lk2 (4) 4236 Whluer • Chip (A) A241 •Super Pic (1-311 A) A25D -Channel 49 4252 -Space flight 4ntm 14) 4255 •Bart St,nfj*on (3) (A) A258 -Creep Show IA) 4260
tfrvddu Dead (4) 4262 tbtar Irek 14) A2B5 -let Me Out I S 214) A2Bb * Colour Cyctv 4280+6ITI i 212) IA) A?88 •Saturn Fly Bu (A) 4289 -Reflection (A) 4990 -Christina* Anim (4) 4233 ‘Mongo lomlf (?) (4) A296 -Cyclic Art (ABA) A299 -Fric Snort (A) 4300 -Vista Pro 12) (A) 4302 • Cat SiftWiint (4) A30B . Tornado I ABA) A31I •Colour Demo 14) 4314 -Sivnory Anim 12) (A) A317 -Rocking Robot (A) A320 •Bare (ABA) A334 -Dolphin Dream (4) 437? TRinh'iis Anim (21 (41 A375 -MonnxhHte (2MgJ (A) A37B *6 ot I Prisoner 14) 4377 .fight finu Out (241)14) 4378 •Sweet Rrv vnge (2411(4) A379 •Predator 121 A3B3
•Advvtnure Oscar (A) LW1 -4-6EXE14) LW2 -Systrm Tester (4 LO07 -Text Plus 2.2e 14) LVIb *Home Bintne** 2 (BUM 1093 • Ranking 14) Lvd'J -Con Do Pmh 1AJ U03I tC-light PmbJ Ial
1. 013 -Cross Dos IAI l lkih *D,vk%tar 12-5114) U058 f May
CiKdtor 141 LXJ59 •Osk-Sahage IAI LOBB - label Designer IAI
L10I •OatH BMPlot 19114) UW •fyorth C (91 (A) L12I •Spread
Sheet (Al L13I . Lelra Copy 1.41 L137 rLvttl 14) UI4U .VIru*
hitter (A)
1) 144 ,Amiga Fox OTP I A) LI45 •Xeopy PratpvUanal 14) UH6
tC-Manual 14I (41 UISO -Work-Bench Hark* I A) UIS3 •Assasiyn
Printer IA) LIBO *600 Button* let (4) t m •Parrrt anti Animate
(4) LI70 -Biorhythm V4.01 IA) Uirc -fleetro-Cad 11.4 (4) tm
aidpo Hate Pod (4) LIBS -Lit ask Creator (A) L191 -SHI IIIA)
L195 .Amibase-Pm II14) USB •Scenery 14) 1290 • Amos-Palnt 141
L226 .50* %to*f L+e Lttt IA) 1299 .Sirtic CuKl Hit (A) L231 *
The bame Tamrr (4) U233 -Speech Tou (A) 1237 -8 Channel S
tracker 1249 -Implnrtor 4.0 [A) 1250 «l Wro roof (31 (41 1255
•Braphic fanxerUi (4) 1261 -Jam Disk (l-IO) IAI L284 -Copy A
track IonI (A) 1287 -PX. Q Postal 12) (4) L300 -Messy Sid II
1) 311 *Pimer Logo 14) L313 • Printet Ltltttu 3 L321 tbraphk (6)
033) -Poner-Menues (A) U3J2 -Brophk ton*! Hit (4) U334 •Fmulatar
Col II (Al G -Free Capu (A) U337 -Model 30 IAI U33B -SUli
Visions 114) U339 *MuM I Worn 2 (AJ L343 •little OTTkv I A)
U350 ,Pool Tool IA) U3SJ -Deck Tap Video (A) U3S6
tTcxl-Cngtoe V3.414) 035 *Ban Apprtlt IAI 0358 -Star Cat 9
(A) U3B3 -Disk Repair Hit (A) 0364 rHorne Auuunt (41 036B
-Amkosh (A) 03 0 .Caption Machine (4)
1) 372 *llwU Sort (A) L376 -SCOMM (I (AJ 0377 . Vravnf hi iai
0383 -Lgapxrtau Benator (A)
I) 390 •Data Base Pack (4) 0391 •Fortran language IA) 0394
•Pmtraker Vi 2 (A) 0397 -Form Unlimited (41 03*38 .Ifortgngr
Cak (A) 0399 .Frat scape VI.9 IAI 0401 -Ptusl Issue II-F4) IAI
04911 -Speed BctKh (A3) (4) 0424 rSltdtnuhpr (MR91I (4) 0495 -
MB 214) 0497 .Printer Studio (4) 0430 'Sound Monitor (4) 0431
• Vtdvu ApkaUun (21 (41 0434 •Oracle 12) IA) 0449 *Sy*mto ?.5B
(A) 0444 *Fant Farm (4) 0466 •brope vine 12 (3) 14) 0477
-Ouaternias* Exp (2) 14) L480 •Hard Wsk Clkk 14) 0491
•Protraikvr 13 (3) 0495 •Hard Disk Ot H 141 0505
.SahacjnRvpatr hit (A) 0507-DCupy 3 Pratt 14) 0509 •Ultimate
Bltitak I (4) US 13 -Video Tiller A (2) (Al 051B •Amos Fractal
IAI 0550 -Scenery Const Hit IAI 0551 »4bSfl55fn floor Black
(41 0555 •Cramunard Creator 0558 -Braphic Const hit 0SB7 -le t
Phi* 1.4 (41 L56B tic an Const Hit (211*1 L5BO -Picture Box
IAJ 0581 . Magnetic Pages IA) LS84 * e» Super Hitter (A)
.Gann-* 11-17J
• Family Fun I [Al
* MW Berner (urn**
• Jeopard* (AI .Pac-Vian B71 A) 5 tm.Trvk ng
• Yelp 141
• Hogue I roper
• Trkky Turn I A)
• liking OiikK Ihe Stmsons 141
• Return to Forth 1A) ,
- Pupt-gr 14)
- PtuttkU) I A)
• PipeHnea 141 OragontHe* (Al
• Buy Blotter 14)
• Mysterious Work) Ktn*» 141
• Oetmda 141
• Peter Quest 141
• •teatince 14)
• Waste Land (A]
• Ala Man land* IAI .dungeons durian
• Power Barnes I
• Revenge Camel IA)
• Scrum Hatvr* (A]
• Mega 21 Baines IA1 '3 +Survivor 141
* 4itam Family 141
• Oragon-Cavv [A) 36 •Space-Poker IAI ¦•suaUHe 14)
• Quadrlx 141
• Take Fm Out 141
• Chmme 14 J
• Super Px 9*14)
* fc»tter-Eftifi 141
• Crystal Cavern* I A)
• Property Market
• Subculture 14)
• lurching (HI
• Mental Image* 1141
• Mental linages 2
• lank Battle 141 ~4 ‘Mr Hug 141 75 •Fruit-ATARIilne* 141
• Anadla (A)
• Bame Baktre 11-13) 141
- Bounty Hunter
• Oin*m*hjn X (41
• Squats Revenge (A)
• Mega bame Col III 14) ' Morkmrw udr Pur 141
• Gnnfry (41 1 -Cybet-Xetu (Al
• Donkey Hong
- Crazy Sue II141
• Or Morlo
• S. Skoda Challenge (A)
• Star-lrek 14)
• RaU III 141
• Cawrunner (Al
• Winder Land IAI
• China ChaUengp II141
- Qeiuw Potman (41
• Bingo Cotter (Al
• Card Barnes IAI
• Bamn-Bay Toiriz
• Ak Air II IAI A •Super Twlntriz (41
• Shoot tm Up IAI
• Bitty the Dragon IAI .Cmtnu damn IAI
• Tetien fAJ Strtketiatl A
• BuhhlP Bhnst 14J
• Fighting Horrtor [4)
- ht2pcs iai
* Castle XomJ* (Al
• Jotal Wan IAI
• Wot It omc (Mr 141 S4I0 •Fatal Mt**iou IAI
* *1 •Battle Car 2 (A) 7 *99 Puzzle Bame* 141
• 5emw II141
• Haulete (A)
• Airport
• Jumpy tr13B • Tradbkucr 141 A3 •Oempiad Disk (2) IAI 46 •Obhdm
IAI 4-LW -Empire 121 J tFIrr Fighter 14) i *Castle of Doom (A)
* *SB •lechnotron (A)
• ll ibhlp Work) Biddy I A) i -Chess II14) 6474 .Jap at the
League IAI 647B .4 no* Cricket 14)
• Match Stick Man 14) ZX SPECTRUM 48k & 50• original Specy Dames
Packs This K the very bstnt vet si on (1.71 now run much raster
A include sound. You can even prognan It like the origkval ZX
WHHIM 4Hk - BflUll WT 0 LY...E4.99 ALL AMIGA5 (please state)
Games compilations I 1 pack only £12.99 Super values 101 ot
qreat gnmpw parti nrtude CRAZY SUE. INVADER II. TFIRIZ,
ELECTRll TRAIN. MONOPOLY and 96 more great games etc. Suitable
far all ayes & for all Amigas 30 GAME PhTor 2 0 LY £3.99
each Odtnes oresVTW quality aw aluve Far all ages and for all
Amigas ASSASSIN GAMES PACKS Vol 1-115 Very hlQhtii rated nctmum
compilation ftints rev ieixed m mu*t AihtQO mOQA. Fnrh disk i
nnt dins between 2-0 veruhtah t uality games. For hiU list of
the ¦X55A5SIX qame please order a EsthlOLJUP Uutk.
AU. AMIGA (order by disk no eg. Ass93 tor Assassin disk 93 18 f DEMOS OOO) -Showering htrl 5 (A) 0003 .Badytatk 12) (AJ UUUb-Hr Calendar 1990 (4) 0007 •NBHTBREED14) 0009 f,Maria mm taker 141 0024 -Sabrina Special (A) 0025 •Ute Hlklnger 14) D09E - Madonna Early Day* 0028 Kathy Lktyd* 00 a tMeya MakP (A) 0031 -latendar Btri* 14) 0032 -Mayfair (Al 0033 -Ltopia (4) 0045 •liirl* of Spat (4) 004*3 •Page 3 fiW (4 0070 -Bon Bon Bids (AJ 0071 •Tina Small (4) SPECIAL PACK...FOR ALL AMIGA ) G 4fflk If, ,l,*k) V ll .0 1 £5.50 Brilliant iW4V?4 games, anim, drmo (6 tlfoh) O'PAIXT ovrs Pack J.e
or 3.onhj E-4,35 150- quality iff font. 4 disk* per pack FS LOGO FOXTS Pack f.i? Or Jonhj £4.95 lde.il for fogo wrtBn 4 ittsk* per path PAGE STREAM FOXTS 16 disks} imly £5.35 Why pay mare far quoMrg font*
C. G. FOXTS for all major OFP ( disk*I C6.95 Another 7 |M» of
qitatttg C. 6. Font* r* ir MUSIC CLIPART MUOI -Beauty Bay* 14)
41002 .Michael lacksan 14) M003 *Oo The Bartman 14) M005
-100164 Tunes VIOIB * The Xma* Song 12) I A) U190 -laurel k
Hardy (2) (4) M025 t Money tm nttmg (A) M02B .Haft This Way
Remix (4) M099 -Safe Sex Oemo 14) MOV •Betty Bun (2) 14) M035
-4r*e-Wine (A) M040 -Secret PM* BaH 121(A) VID58 *5gr Pepper
Disk 12)141 M062 r The RaniOtm Oemo 141 VtObl -Chubby Brawn
(A) MO 9 -Madonna (4) M076 -Popeue (4) Vf084 -CB4 Barnes Music
I A) M093 -Miller Lite IA) Mil) • flash Gontan 12] (4) 41115
•Mahooetj 4 koktu* ? (A] 41122 -The Ve to 4Hx (A) MI93 -Hume k
Uau-O ead (4) M125 t Xikxin Fanmu (4) 4ftJt -Amiga Chart HI
IA) MI35 -Keiriens Meqomix 14) ¥147 i Bangle (4) M150 -Tiffany
(A) M153 -XmasMusic Co! I A) ,M»54 -KuOes 12) 14) M156-CD
Piaua 141 Ml 58 -Dor tnnny Tank* 14) | t160 -I am too Sexy
(2) (4) MI66 *Ooh It Uhsrene 214) MIB7 -Ooh It Obscene 3 141
M168 -Ruck* n‘ Roll (AJ Stl 1 -Madonna Iviryin) 14) W177 ‘Pet
Shnfi Bay 4 Tune 14) MIB4 -Samtox (Please MpH4) ¥196 .AUIn W.0
IrevnP) 14) MIBB Jul' Le Taxi 14) MI94 - Jesus One * 12) 14)
41230 - mx Music H-15) 41262 -A to Ib4 limes HI (4) 41274
-LSD Techno Warrior (4) 41276 - V ivaldi 4 Season M2*13 -Rarh
Contertu S'S (AJ ¥314 tOfck Irncy 12) (4) M3I7 -Fceddg Rapp
14) Mill) .Vtfldmma biaculate col 141 I Copter Flight (41 3
-Cannon Flight (Al 5 -Madonna HI 13) 14) i C401 -Iniour
Cartoon cots -rs Cupart (1-51 £024 -Harlequin Vot I IU95
-Hariegum Inf 2 (026 ‘Hoitvyuin Miltv I £030 -Fonts A Surface
CD97 -Dynamite fonts I Ht?7 -Dynamite Font* 2 C028 .¦Xm*ufl
runt Clip I (D99 -Amsoft font dtp 9 CUM-Various Fun* rail
-Fxite Funl Chpact C032 •Disney Clipan CUJ3 -Comic Fttparl
CI34 .Space Clipart CD35 *bPtpnltP Fonts (31 LIHJ -Rip-fvnt A
I ago 1044 -Colour Clip Alt I COSI .Oh) Ait Vol 11-20) CIOI
-rfpk Cupart 11-24) C0MIVIERC1AL SOFTWARE Nate fMs is ret PO
tanp tctas brtmv are wel hiliwv prre K dl gorres ere cnorwl
rrmu « btix
* rmmrtais RRP or more I I I Cloud
Kingdom ......E3.99 I Combo
Racer .E3.99 I Europe
Conflict .....S3.99 ! Defender of the
Crown ......£3.99 Falcon * MlMion Disk £6.99
Footballer of the Year P E4.5Q Hero Quest
I ..E6.99 (a Free The Witch Lord Hq E)
Jane Segmour ......E3.99
Manlx £4.50 Mind
Bender ..£3.99 Moonshine
Racer ..£3.99 j
M.A.R.C . .63.99 | Narco Policies
....£3.99 | Imiqht Breeds .E4.99
I Nlrvja Turtles ..£4.99 I
Pang ..E4.9g I
Puzznlc ..£3.99 I Resolution lOI
. £3.99 I Robot, op
2 .....£4.99 I 5.Q.I ..... £5.99
j Skate War .....£3.99 J Thunder
Strikes ....E3.99 J Venus The Fly
Trap £3.99 j Video
Kid £3.99 World Champion
Squash ...£3.99 foxts HJUI 5 font II.5) FOIS .Deluxe
Paint Font I FOIB .Deluxe Paint Font 2 FOI7 •DPknp Point Font 3
. FOI8 -Deluxe Paint Font 4 FO20 .llal, Font 13) (023 •Computer
Eyp Font I FD24 •Computer Fur Font 2 HJ25 -Fancy Font Volume I
(040 -Ofyi Pont Volume I ED45 -Mega Font V olume I HJSO .PS lo
F050fC.6 ago Font (1-9) Font (1-7] (070 . Poqestream Font (1-6)
SAMPLES 4001 Sanifth• ST lul (1-501 515 iVtaja Modules 11-61 :
5171 Hoitse Sample* 4 417? House Sample* B 5173 Huu*e SamptesC
! 5174 Xolse Less. Mozart ; 5175 Hump Sample (31 5201 57
Atadute* (01-40) 5401 T Modules (1-31 5501 fnstnimpnr (I-5) I
Outer Space £7.99 ? Fnv Ueus Ful teotLre Ffm 16 Bit Hit
Machines ...£6.99 Super L«s Slattt SwurJi lldtlo
AJ® Manner 10 Great Games Pack ......£13.99 Ferrari El,
Xertn 2. Great fourt. Rck Dcn srous C por IxrrrTiand. I4ck N
Pip Mah* Hiflut Satan Slper sw. Uucogo 00 PLEASE ADO Sop PER
ACB) 48 Nemesia Amington Tam worth B77 4EL Tel: 0B27 B8496 He
open 7 dap a nee* i tf ordRn «ne dag dsputtfi PRICE & HOW TO
ORDER COMPATIBLES MOTE 4500 (WB I.3J any dish 4500 Plus (WB
R.OJ with a 1+) 4600 fUB 2.0] with a (*J 41200 (WB 3.0J with d
(AJ CO TV A1500 A 2000 etc check for ImckstartJ thdt match one
of the top Amigas ... DK ( J MEAXSxO OF 0 5K5 OVERSEAS TRADER
TO LS flftNTFDI I Maim OFFER I 1) BUY 30* PtL_6£T 4VY ONE Tmi
FREE | iptDtnnifirirfO&irallntnimnvftr ¦ 21BLY 20- PtL.GTT £2
OF MY TTTII (mi 3) Prices 99p per disk Plpase add 7Dp for
postage per order Ilhl Latest catalogue disk please add 70p
(Cutup? Add 25p per disk fur f’&PI (UbrkJwtde add 5Op per disk
P&P) MahE P.O. or Cheque payable to: FIVE 5TARP0 fiend tO: . ])
fcY IP* FI-HT 0 OR AXY TTTlf |ra nil) !
Kto*cftritHnr rtdppt»t.i7*l»*P5 I .tammdGdtns.1 hast MO to mmw
| flJi aminU fiM) | Yxf .irra re k r- t; «'J gal Awaken within
your dreams - it's like a hi-tech virtual world!
Now you can lake charge of your dreams and do anything you want - and experience a fabulous dream world that can seem just as real as this one - with the astonishing Nova Dreamer You wear a soft sleep mask at night, and photoelectric sensors in the microelectronics sense Ihc movement of your eyes during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The clever device decides that you are dreaming and gives you a cue in your dream to let you know that you arc in fact dreaming.
Fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly The light or sound cue is at just the right brightness or volume lo enter your dream without waking you. This is similar to your alarm clock or radio coming into your dream in the morning. By following ihc exercises lhat come with your Nova Dreamer you will recognise the cue when you’re dreaming, and experience breathtaking adventure that can feel more inut the air and flew. The sensation wtu the most exhilarating and realistic dream experience I have ever had. The feeling of exhilaration lasted all the next day. “ ¦it's your turn *ith the
astonishing Xova Dreamer!
Real than reality! This is lucid dreaming!
If you've ever had very realistic flying dreams or out-of-body type experiences then you’ll appreciate the incredible power of this device to create these adventures again and at will! You can even fulfil your wildest fantasies and experience peak sexual experiences in complete safety!
This is just like hi-tech Virtual Reality - and it's here now!
HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: In addition, it you order now. We will send you a KRKK Trance Induction tape produced by Stephen LaBerge, the designer of the Nova Dreamer and author of two best-selling books on lucid dreaming.
LaBerge's hypnotic voice with background music and sound effects will help you create a mindset in which lucid dreaming happens easily.
This superb tape normally retails for £15.95 but you will gel il free!
• Nova Dreamer micro electronics in a soft sleep mask with tiny
batteries included
• Built-in jack socket for future connection to your PC
• Crystal clear 20-pagc Instruction manual
• 90-pagc Course in Utcid Dreaming
• Questionnaire and chans to complete
• Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming book
• One year's subscription to the Lucidity Institute's 16-page
quarterly newsletter SightUght All this lor Just £275!
The amazing .VlindLab. entirely different from the Nova Dreamer, enables you lo feel profoundly relaxed in jusi 25 minutes.
You simply put on Ihc goggles and headphones, close your eyes, and the gently pulsating lights and sounds guide you down into a deep restful state. Among the 25 sessions are ones for accelerated learning, deep sleep, visualising and energy boosting. Downloads further sessions from cassette in just 15 seconds - and wc give you an extra 42 sessions on tape!
Only £299. FFull info pack available on request.)
• Ring Chris or Geraldine on 0625 858885 to place your order or
ask any further questions • Fax them on 0625 850551, Office
hours; 8.30am to 7pm and beyond • Or fill out the coupon below,
and send it to: LifeTools, Dept AC.I FREEPOST SKI852, Poynton,
Stockport SKI2 1FZ (no slump needed). We endeavour to despatch
your order on the day wc receive it by 48-hour courier, but
allow 28 days for delivery just in case.
Send for a FREE catalogue Jf s with detailed descriptions of all our products.
1 New technology for Trade enqutnes welcome. W a mor , fu,filling iife ORDER YOURS NOW!
DATELINE: THE NEAR FUTURE MISSION BRIEFING: Intelligence reports are being received that a renegade organisation, SPUDD is massing its forces ready to attempt word domination. Only an underground task force can save the day.
Are you ready to become a part of that underground taskforce? Which of the 40 aircraft will you choose as you fly 100 sorties across the world against the forces of SPUDD? The civilised world anxiously awaits your decision!
J Please send me: C~Please send me the items marked below. I understand that if I am not Completely satisfied I can return my purchase within 30 days for a full refund.
Qty Items Price Total Nova Dreamer £275 £_ Trance Induction lope FREE MindLab £299 £_ Packing and Parcel Force delivery £3.50 I Add an addiiitmtd £2 for Next Day Delivery} Total: £_ J Please send me the full UfeTools catalogue.
JI enclose a cheque for £ J Please debit my Access Yisa number.
Expiry date:_ Signature _ Name _ Address _ Postcode Available for the Amiga PC version coming soon RASPUTIN 38 40 High Street, Green Street Green Orpington. Kent BR6 6BJ Tel: Int +44 (0) 689 850770 f- Rasputa Software 1993 Rasputn Software c a trading subsidiary of Power Label United REVIEWS... SKIDMARKS • JURASSIC PARK • FANTASTIC DIZZ1 COOL SPOT t TORNADO DFID CAMPAIGN 2 • PIRATE'S GOLD THE LABYRINTH OF TIME t AND SOME OTHER STUFF... ALSO... LATEST BUNCH OF CHEAP SEATS REVIEWED • CHEAT MODE: ADDAMS FAMILY CD32 ROUND-UP • ALL THE LATEST NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF AMIGA GAMES More meaningful
pieces of news about great and really quite impressive software products to arrive on the Amiga in the forthcoming months... oh yes!
Baby, you can build my car!
Impressions Software, the people who brought you Air Bucks. Are pleased to announced the imminent release of the ultimate automobile simulation, entitled Detroit. You can design and build the car of your dreams, take on a workforce, mass produce them and try to make your fortune in true Henry Ford style.
Detroit begins in 1908 and runs through to 2008. You can invest in research and technology, decide which car systems to invest In, and then at any stage design a new car using the tech* nology available to you at that time.
Using simple and intuitive mouse- clicks, you can select which of each sys* ut i ’ Super Stardust hits the A1200 Bloodhouse are currently working on a spectacular A1200 version of their highly acclaimed shoot-’em-up, Stardust The game which received 92 per cent and a coveted Gamer Gold award bock in our Christmas i»ve is 0 shamelessly brilliant interpretation of the old Asteroids arcode game Bloodhouse are apparently out to prove just what the A) 200 can do! It's due for release in May and will feotvre new enhonced 256-coiovr graphics, ray-traced backgrounds and enemies, stereo sound,
spectacular parallax scrolling 3D tunnels and will be hard disk installable.
The boys from Helsinki also hove o few more tricks up their sleeves for Super Stardust. They're keeping a bit quiet about it so far, but A1200 owners can expect startling new levels to dear, horrible new enemies to tackle and few more sur!««• MWINI MWT| tern you want for your car and then see it appear on the prototype in front of you.
You even get to choose what goes inside the car and what it looks like!
As managing director of the car company, you must decide how many factories or assembly lines to allocate to producing the model of car, and how to market It in each territory.
The program will enable you to choose from magazines, billboards, sponsorships, radio, television and other media to promote your range of cars.
The simulation features many possible types of vehicles, including sports cars, sedans, wagons and even trucks.
Impressions boast several other features such as unrivalled flexibility in how to play the game and most important of all the fad that it is amazingly playable!
The company, famous for its excellent strategy games, say that Detroit is the biggest and best Impressions product yet. The game should be on the shop shelves sometime in February.
The next product from top software house Gremlin mil be the sequel to Utopia entitled K240. You play the role of an independent who has recently established a pioneering colony at K240, an asteroid high in mineral deposits. However, as you expand your operation, a strange phenomenon starts to occur.
At first you di$ m$ s the loss Of your scout craft as an accident. Only when a similar ship begins to probe your craft do you realise you're not alone! As the commander of your ore extraction colony you have several objectives. All of which must be carefully managed if you are to be successful.
First and foremost is to explore, enlarge your colony and expand your mining operations, so can extract more ore and sen it to the Empire Utopia 2 will feature six different alien irfe-forms ¦ fight against and each will utilise their own policies and attack strategies The game will feature sophisticated digitised speech and atmospbenc sound effects. A s cinematic opening sequence will se: 1 scene for your asteroid strategy advents Having played a rough demo of K24C can report that it is looking really gctt] Strategy and Utopia 1 fans should too* i for it when it hits the shop shelves in Ma-r
1 A preview of Gremlin's K240 is in the neq issue of Gamer.
Next month we will also be taking a loo * 1 Gremlin s Hero Quest 2. Subtitled tnu Legacy o' Sorasil, Hero Quest 2 will be r*l first in the new Hero Quest Masters series The ship construction yard. Just Choose a party of intrepid adventure! 1 one of the features of the K240 from eight would-be heroes. A paiadtr 11 prises which we're not going to be told until nearer the release I CD32 owners don't have to despair because also coming in May i version of Super Stardust which includes a new CD-level soundtrock effects and out-of-this-world graphics! Expect screenshots and i information as we get
Gremlin sequel bonanza Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? Well, stop it and look at the games stuff we've got for you this month!
REVIEWS • REVIEWS • REVIEWS Dark Horse International is about to launch Max Overload, a fun-filled comic combining game heroes, humour and stunning full-colour artwork, and featuring stars from the Amiga games world including the Lemmings and Chuck Rock.
Gamers who have had trouble keeping the suicidal green-haired Lemmings alive in the Psygnosis classic will enjoy the chance to Sit back and let them look after themselves for a change The rampaging rodents are brought to life is a senes of manic misadventures by writer Dick Hansom and illustrator Graham Manley Core Design's best-selling caveman Chuck Rock also finds himself making the transition from pixel to page as his beer-swilling and pizza-guzzling are brought to life by artist Daw! Lyttleton and writer Cefn Ridout irk Horse International have been publishing comics in the UK since May
1992. Their parent Dark Horse Comics. Were formed in 1987 and are now among the leading independent publishers in the US. Previous Dark Horse Comics have included Aliens, Star Wars, , Roboccp, Sin City and Give Me Liberty.
.»first issue of Max Overload containing 64 pages of full-colour gaming mayhem goes on on February 15. Priced £1 95 Star Ttek Simon Clays boldly goes where everyone has been before, but beware of his dodgy gags about toilets and Klingons!
Jurassic Park ...... Ocean's biggest film licence ever hits the small screen.
Is it a Jurassic classic or a pre historic monster?
Fantastic Dizzy 112 The return of the egg with attitude. Codemaster's fry up yet another helping of yolk-filled platform fun Cool Spot .114 He's cool! He's spotty! He's Cool Spot! Get out your shades and your Biactol and take a look at Virgin's hip and happening platformer Pirate's Cold 115 Yo ho ho me hearties, 15 men on a dead man's chest and more cliched pirate sayings in MicroProse's CD32 action adventure, set on the seven seas
Skidmarks ......116 We're only a few weeks into 1994 and already we think that we may have found racing game of the year! Oh and there's only one cheap gag in the whole review Domork take to the track and rev up their engines in this multi-player, err Formula-One-'em-up. Brmm Brmm!
The Labyrinth of Time .....120 Electronic Arts' amazing CD32 adventure arrives B and it's hotter than the centre of Mount Etna i Tornado ...122 1 Grab your helmet zip up your flight suit, grapple with your yoke ] and take to the sky in Digital Integration's latest flight simulator Campaign 2 .....125 Empire return with the sequel to one the greatest war simulators ever. Simon Clays gets tanked up... again!
Mil from choose chjr.ic eight ten Gremlin forthcoming fighter, a dene, a mystic, a mage, a barbarian, an adventurer and a ranger are all in there, complete with their specialist skills to return the land - which is in turmoil, by the way - back to a peaceful state.
Presented m an atmosphenc 3D isometnc viewpoint. Legacy of Sora&l features some stunning graphics, eerie sound effects and chilling in-game tunes. It’s all icon-driven, easy to learn and features endiess hours of solid gamepiay, Avid adventurers will have to wait until March to get their hands on Gremlin's adventure sequel.
REGULARS • REGULARS • REGULARS Vou CD Round-up 126 Hold steady your joypad and skip along to the page where the latest bundle of releases for the CD32 are reviewed Cheap Seats 127 More bargain budgets for all those scrooge-like gamers who can't be bothered to kick-start the British economy Cheat Mode: The Addams Family 128 They’re ooky, spooky, hilarious and, err I've forgotten the last bit, but a full set of hints on how to complete Ocean's platformer is showing in 21 pages time!
Morch I m GMIfHR (J) Star Trek When Star Trek beamed itself aboard the Gamer shuttle craft I undertook 0 solemn oath, along with other red jerseys among us, not lo indulge in any Trekky-type rhetoric.
But, rial five words into the opening stanza and look, Star Trek-type utterances ore splattered across the page like so many Klingons after a ryn in with Jomes T Kirk.
The point is dear reoder, that love it or hole it, Star Trek is one of the most infamous programmes ever to groce the tube of a TY set, To celebrate this much maligned fact and to say happy 25th birthday to all the crew, Interplay have released Star Trek The 25th Anniversary.
While not the most imaginative title to be dreamed up by the marketing departments, ifs very direct and leaves you in no doubt at all what it's on about.
The first and probobfy most important thing to say is that all the stories and missions in Star Trek feature the crew in their prime back in the heody 60s.
Most folk quite enjoy the special effects that technology has heralded and agree the oil-new Enterprise is kitted out with far better equipment and decorated far more tastefully, but 25 years in spoce hove left the crew a tod haggard ond worn.
No amount of techno wizardry or plenitude of surgical trusses con reduce the pounch poor Scotty has developed, or the look in his eye that soys that death is but 0 dilithium crystal away for tbe chief engineer.
Sulu has completely lost his ninja skills and no longer strips to the waist after turning psychotic at the Enterprise parties. McCoy pawned his medical kit because tbe bags under his eyes are so huge he con keep his Tricorder in them, Uhura is now a Grandmother and can't hear a thing that crackled across the radio waves of spoce, while Soviet representative for the federation Chekov has a speech impediment so severe that can't tell his "yesseb" from his "yodka".
Even the big cheese himself, Tames T, has hod severe problems, ond during a freak transporter Occident bad his hair replaced by a strip of shag pile carpet.
As for poor Spock, the pioneer of the combed forward hairdo, he's developed a personality, took on a day job on Mission Impossible, saved up his money and bought himself a set of para* itaic sexual choroCterislics ond now ages at the same rote as a human.
Ihe 35th Anmrsa WHIZZING Star Trek begins in much the same manner as tbe TV show, with the Enterprise whizzing past you, while the musk we're all accustomed to bounces merrily along. Then, to make things even more akin to Gene Roddenberry's creation, you get the title of the episode, or mission.
Once on the bridge of the Enterprise, the game unfolds ond control of the main characters becomes yours. On the bridge eoch of these characters has specific tasks to perform. Eoch of these corresponds to the role the character took on in the show itself.
For example, Sulu is responsible for taking the Enterprise in and out of orbit, whereas his counterpart Ensign Chekov controls the navigation and the weapons system.
However, when it comes to control of the aforementioned systems it's you who guides them and fires those lethal phasers and photon torpedoes.
The ship itself has all the systems that you'd expect of the Enterprise for you to take care of, L _ m 4 9 r • Lieutenant Commander Scott The ultimate grease monkey. Whether it be the precious dilithium crystals (of which there seems to be only a handful in the universe) or a flat tyre, Scottie s your man.
Is afflicted with the worst Scottish accent ever and is obviously a fake unless he hails from some minute island in the North Sea that doesn't have a Scottish accent.
Take it t Lieutenant Sulu Sulu is the model officer and perfect helmsman. That is until he starts faitta sising about Bruce Lee movies. Then In strips off to the waist, starts bitching m the other crew members and eventual} picks a fight It's commonly believed that he's jeal ous of the captain, because the girl wife the clipboard who gets Jim to sign her autograph book every episode never asks him.
There's Klingont on the starboard bow. Blimey. I've got some on the seat of me pants now as well Captain Kirk Lieutenant IdlL.fljSi unhid Fr:o€«rt?ioH tjJLLU
* h i» "wiicci This is the map Chekov uses to guide the
Enterprise to mysterious planets.
Personally I'd have bought an A to Z Morch 1994 So, Mr Space Pirate, you have two minutes on your specialist subject; Being outwitted by a bloke in a yellow jersey and a corset Commander McCoy McCoy is the ship s senior surgeon and a dab hand at fixing people up by waving that torchshaped thing over them. This «* a good thing a$ he has a severe drink problem and the only correct diagnoses he ever gives is that of death.
¦ Involved In a love triangle with that blonde nurse I who slinks around the medical bay, and Spock.
¦Mi Wears a nice tight yellow jumper which means that he stands no chance of getting killed and is the captain of the ship. Possesses some real hard stares and dips his trousers in pheremone which means that he gets the alien dolly bird every week.
It's time to coin as many cliches as is humanly possible and boldly go where no reviewer has gone before _Capt. Kirk choice 1_ I am Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise. We have received word that alien lif ©forms are creating problems at your mininj facilities in Idyll [Mountain. Tell me more._ fcc he bridge Having beamed down to a dubious area of Manchester, Jim makes small talk with a transvestite Ensign Pavel Chekov Cbekov is the ship's communication officer and Ms says a lot for the efficiency of the ship due to the severity of his speech impediment which renders him impossible
to understand.
Subsequently, this has made it extremely hard for him to keep his grubby Russian mitts off the totty for five years. Loves beaming down to those planets which are a reflection of seme stage of earth's development in case it turn out to be the Parisian whorehouse isode (you know, the one Spock couldn't see it logic In).
Commander Spock Mr Logic himself is haW Vulcan and half eunuch. Before becoming the brainiest man in the universe, Spock worked in a massage parlour but had to leave after rendering most of the customers unconscious.
Once did a mind meld with John Major and after finding there was nothing there donated his sense of humour to him.
Ond these are all displayed on the bridge disploy.
It's the pessimistic Scotty who lakes control of the shields and power, ond when the ship's engines get stressed he1 gleefully scream “the engines canna take it cap'nl* in o Scotch Conodian occent.
Principally, you take on the role of Kirk who orders the other crew members to perform tasks on his beholf. For instance, if on object requires looking at, then via your instruction, Kirk will instruct the relevont crew member cony out your command.
As far as the missions ore concerned, there ore eight of them in total. They blend a combination of control of ihe Enterprise to o planet or on hostile region of space with beaming down a crew to the surface to Investigate a mystery.
Using the trvsty mouse for control, Star Trek styles its play in much the same way as Monkey Island. This poinl and dick system of movement is used In combination with o set of embarrassing to watch. One example is a digitised onimotion of the Enterprise orbiting o planet. This is so jerky the first time I witnessed it I was going to osk Scolty to stop at the next services and have a look under the bonnet.
The other main gripe is the control system.
Something that is a very user friendly ond easy to become fomilior with is ruined by the terrible display and sluggish way in which your mouse pointer staggers around the screen.
While we're on this destruction of the Enterprise ond her beloved crew, I might os wel mention the foct that the gome comes on eight disks. This having been said, it's a big gome, and "you canno change the laws of physics4. So, you're going to need a block hole Ml of patience or a hard drive to enjoy playing Star Trek.
On the whole though, Star Trek is on enjoyable graphic odventure that most folk will take to, and a definite must for the myriod of Trekky freaks in red jerseys out there.
SIMON CLAYS VISION 1 000000© »« AUDIO j 0000000**« difficulty 000©0000 LASTABILITY 0000000WWW Films, books, lerseys.
Even Mr SfrOCk oars, so why nol o computer gome’ Slot Trek is o great opportunity to slip into Jim's corset and ploy the captain of the most famous spoceship ever to grace the spoce lones ntol u Publisher Interplay Developer ?
In house e Price ?
£34 99 HD Install ?
Yes Sice ?
2 meg She is a native of Africa and her name means freedom. She got the job of receptionist from an agency in Cambia and has since been taken on full time. Has a great singing voice and delights in reciting Shirley BasseBond themes in the ship s recreation area, while Spock fiddles with his lyre.
Lieutenant Uhura action icons.
A dick on the right mouse button brings up
o torso and heod display. Moving your mouse onto this display
enlarges various ports of the figure, This signifies which
function con be utilised.
For instance, moving the mouse onto the heod mognifies on eye icon. One dick of your mouse and you ore in a view mode ond means that objects con be viewed ond a text explanation of what you are seeing is displayed.
As Jim, your prime directive is not to destroy everything in sight, but to liaise with diplomacy by communicating. Talking is handled in much the some way os Monkey Island, with you given various options of whot to say lo a so*d character.
Again, like so many things in Star Trek, its graphical look is very much in the some vein os titles like Monkey Island. Obviously this isn't o bod thing ond the gome's design is effective In the sound deportment, Star Trek is authentic enough ond all the dicky noises and whoops that occur during the show Hove been sampled ond used.
Star Trek hos a lot of plus points to it. The missions require you to use at least a touch of your grey matter, ond they’re engoging ond fun because of the TV show style of representation Interplay have opted for.
On the downside, I found that some of the animated sequences were very jerky ond qvite Mofth 1994 GANEft jj) PQDDOCK MOP The biggest movie of all-time ond I didn't see it, but I did watch the dreaded hype machine roll into action. I may have missed the film, but I can tell you the storyline, who played who and what dinosours were in it. It's all thanks to the mass media who went "dino" crazy for a month last year.
While everyone was enthusing about how good the film was, Ocean, leoding software house for film licences, were carefully planning their Jurassic ottock. Ocean's Manchester offices were constantly bustling with workers morning, noon and night trying to finish Jurassic Park.
By the time they had eventually completed their task, the Dino fever hod calmed down, but along come Ocean with the game that every kid wanted and probably got for Christmas, For those not familiar with Jurassic Park, here's a quick run down of the plot. Thanks to astounding bio-technical advances, a group of scientists have brought back to life the most awesome creatures ever to walk the face of the earth.
These beasts are not just for scientists though, because multi millionaire John Hammond has decided to turn the most incredible animal presente of aH-time into a theme park.
As Dr Alan Grant, a world-renowned palaeontologist, you have been invited to examine the cloned dinosaurs. The creatures are monitored and controlled by a huge super-computer and you have been assured that you can explore the island ond see these breathtaking dinosaurs in complete safety.
But something has gone terribly wrong, b always does. Jurassic Park's computer progro mer, Dennis Nedry, has sabotaged the sear- systems. Electrified fences and motion seme are down and hundreds of fearsome prehisic predators have escaped their pens and pm An ideal opportunity for a bit of toilet humour! If* quite dirty. Shame there isn't any Toilet Dochiasaur about!
Well, It'S certainty not EuroOisney, although from what I can gather EuroOisney is far more horrifying!
I*hts rtjll offT It'S Laura Dern and Dickie Attenborough. Now that's scary! You fall foul They don't look too well though! To yet another raptor attack Jurassic Park Everybody walk the dinosaur Compsognathus Alternatively known as Compies, these small Carnivores will attock in pocks, weighing you down by their sheer numbers. The compys will also bite, their venom weokens ond will eventually paralyse you Gallimimus These mild herbivores will not attack you, but are very easily disturbed and are quick to stampede They can run extremely fast and will run into you unless you get out of the way
Vplnrit'aptor Entitled raptor for short this beast stands six feet toll the most vicious dinosaur that ever lived. They hunt in pocks and will attock just for the sport of if. They con figure out where you are, how to get to you and even split up to heod you of!
Tr+J 1 Dilophosaur Also known os the spitter. This four-foot high kon- goroo-like animol seems playful and friendly.
When your guard is down, a brilliantly coloured crest fans out over its heod and then tries to spit a venomous projectile at you with speed and occuracy which con blind and paralyse Triceratops The triceratops is neorly the size of on elephant It is built low down to the ground with huge stumpy leas and o massive head with three horns, the longest protruding from the middle of its face They are very easily startled ond will charge you Tyrannosaurus rex The T-Rex is the most famous predator in history ond is the classic blood-thirsty carnivore.
Standing 18 feet tall with o heod five feet long, the tyrannosour has huge and powerful jaw which can swallow a man whole. They are capable of eating a ton of food at one time M VISION AUDIO DIFFICULTY LASTABILITY sTgTcToTgT T T ? ?
Scores highly an the I 'J. I»i lechmcal front espe- I hr *» dally the 3D maze B I section, but it Is unfortunately let down by the low standard of playability.
Publisher Ocean Developer ? In-house Disks ? 4 Pfice • £25.9?
HD Install ? Ves Size ? L meg March 1994 GAMER (JJ) "Roll up, roll up. It's the 'egg'citing, 'egg'splosive, 'egg'stravagonzo* the return of Dizzy and this time he's 'Fantastic'* allegedly. Tina 'corny jokes' Hackett takes a scrambled look at this egg-type platformer from Codemasters Tm so Dizzy my bead is spinning, like n whirlpool H newer ends."
You stumble ocross some baddy bidden beM tree.
Another flow which becomes intensely own ing is the long pause in between screens, ciafly when jumping from one level to anothr the screen flickers if you can't quite mokt l jump.
The music used also leaves a great deal * desired and hod me reaching for the voiai switch in no time at all.
And the worst part of all this? Well, the gai play is octuoly good fun, frustrating os a nydJ but fun. Get me a straight jacket and send me a home for the mentally bewildered.
J TINA HACKET 1001 Knights or is K days? Effects time changes days into nights and nights into days Fantastic Dizzy is a puzzler platformer | whose moin character is on egg (os if C you didn't already lu»ow|. OK, so there ' is nothing wrong with the concept of y fvw having a gome bosed around eggs. I mean why UyEtitik not? There have been Alien Aftt-looldflQ things Spats, Blobs, ond all forms of cutesy critters bom ) jfll dogs to Hedgehogs. But Eggs? W « However, five minutes into the game an awful -g-. K realisation hit me - I'm actually enjoying this skk- enmgly cute stuff. The graphics
ore colourful and I fCrwLR A .M I detailed, the sprites humorous (although not high- ly imaginative!.and there are loads of different areos to explore.
This I con cope with but what storyline can there possibly be behind one egg? Wefl, appar enrty Daisy (Dizzy’s girlfriend, who is also an egg) has been kidnapped by the Wizard Zak You can't beat ¦ bit of bally but for Dizzy if no yolk who has olso cast o magic spell on Dizzy'* friends, life's tough for on egg. Way, for instance you need to collect the plank of And what an original plot thot one is, not wood to help you cross the spikes or pick up var* unlike any other plot for a platformer whafsoev- ious keys for the elevators, er. Hmmm. Oh well, dodgy plot aside the gome 'What's so
difficult obout this?" I hear you is actually quite good. Cry. Weil, becouse you can only carry up to three There ore some great puzzle elements objects you need to work out which ones youl involved. Dizzy can cony up to three objects ot need to get you oround on area, one time and eoch one will help you in some This i where it becomes extremely frustrating and along with only having three lives, ihe foci that Dizzy is not the most agile of characters ond cannot get post oil the baddies will drive you up the wall And this is not to mention the sub-games such as the mine-carts where you have
to travel along rail tracks avoiding the green monster creations ond the buffers at the end of the tracks, which all combine to make it increasingly difficult to keep your Tourettes Syndrome-type outbursts to yourself.
VISION 0000000 AUDIO 66060 DIFFICULTY 66C6CC LASTABILI 0000000 A good platformer |. Y.YjV with some interesting III *J[ puzzle elements 1*1 "Mi which should keep you amused for a fair while. (It you don't end up smashing your joystick in tfustrotion first!)
The stunning backdrops should compensate in some way though and the many colours involved moke the game very pleasing to the eye. But whot on earth are those huge black borders down the side for? And the layout of the screens, with some of the scenery in the for eground, proves irritating offer a while especially when “Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and Dizzy’s by the looks of things Cenesia - a game of creation and power for 1 to 3 players.
The owner of a small land, you must expand and develop your population to become the most significant in the world of Genesia. In 5 worlds, each requiring unique strategies, you must manage everything, from food and water to employment and taxes.
Will you conquer the lands of your 2 opponents, or form an alliance with them in an attempt to recover the seven missing jewels?
Only with a strong economy, powerful army and new technology will you fulfil your ambitions.
GENERATION 4 MINDSCAPE Mindscape International Ltd., Priority House, Charles Avenue, Maltings Park, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9PQ Tel: 0444 246333 Fax: 0444 248996 © 1993 Microids. All Rights Reserved.
AVAILABLE FOR PC & 100% COMPATIBLES, cupboard shelves, manic mice who throw cheese ol him, ond piers infested with dive-bombing bees
- to name but a few The gameplay, although not oil thot varied,
remains challenging for a fair while, especially with three
levels of difficulty to choose from The platforms you need to
jump from will lox even the Riding on the crest of a wave
complete with groovy wipe-out toon Plotformers come ond go
without so much OS o second glance from the gamesplaying
public. So why should Cool Spot be any different? What's going
to make this release stand out from countless others? Hqvo
faith, believe me - this is different First I saw the console
version, ond gob smocked by it I was too! I awaited the Amiga
releose with boiled breath. I screamed, cried, sulked ond
blackmailed my way to reviewing H I mean, a girl's got to do
what a girl's got to do And boy, it wos worth the effort
Smoother thon the guy's chin off the Gillette adverts, faster
thon a Ferrari, and more playable than your little cousin's
Scalextric, Cool Spot is quite something.
OK, so the game is based oround a smoB, red dot, but hey, who cares? Certainly not me guvner, and especially when playability is this dom good ond the little character so well animated Me lolls along, huge trainers ond all. Arms swinging at his sides looking os if he hasn't a core in the world, not looking even slightly perturbed thot all his fnends hove been kidnapped and locked in cages, and that he must rescue them.
He must collect o certain number of red tokens which can be found around the level, before he can locate and Virgin have taken the most undesirable of undesirables - namely a facial blemish
- and turned it into a computer game.
Tina Hackett goes dotty over Cool Spot then blast open the cage containing one of his chums, thus rescuing him.
Other objects con be found cmd will help Cool Spot considerably such os super-cool counters worth seven normal tokens, or one-ups usudly hidden behind parts of the scenery The scenery itself con also help.
Cool Spot can get around by means of floating boBoons, blobby bubbles and bouncy bubbles. Parts of scenery con also be moved by pushing against them Cool Spot is armed with fizzy drinks bombs which he mvst fire at the vorious enemies he will encounter throughout the many make his beaches, he must ovoid nipping crustaceans, most co-ordinated gomesplcryer.
The exceptionally wonderful graphics and liont sound effects will ensure that you become bored, too. The funky jazz r music will cater for oil tastes and is well some of the usual platform dross Nice touches, such as the woy Cool Spi yawns when left standing, or wipes his sunglae es, show the huge amount of attention to «¦ that has been lavished on this release Mr Cool is definitely the spot with the laf platformer addicts everywhere will Igrve it qq want to have its babtes.
TINA HACKETT Coot Spot hot teen well animated is graphically brilliant and plenty of amusing touches have been added to make this an exceptional platformer.
Buy it or be a blackhead forever!
Publisher ? Publisher: Virgin Developers In house Disks ? 3 Price ? S29 9?
HD insloll No Size ? Meg h, what a romantic notion. To sail the seven seas, to explore uncharted waters, and most of all to seek your , fortune by finding hidden treasure, f only life fighting it out on the Spanish Main I been like it seems in Errol Flynn movies, t tunic, nice shiny boots, a big sword and a f princess with a penchant for pirates.
You meet her in Scene Two when your sloop ns her fathers bullion boat. You ransack the I ond afterwards she demands you be well . Scoffing, you reploce your trusty blode in I scabbard.
Having raped and pilloged your way around r fathers boat, you and the crew take her leave i singing a pirate-like ditty, confident in the that she's fallen in love with your nonit, happy-go-lucky altitude.
Unfortunately, the reality of the situation was I in the first place you'd have been press- l into joining the bond of miserable deck No smart tunic, no shiny boots. Just a dirty sock shirt, gangrenous beord and a green } that follows you around everywhere, rven these parameters for your apporel ond ital look, it comes as no surprise that the »'s more cbonce of the beautiful senorita run- | off with Captain Pugwosh than your good i the reality of the situation it's a good job r the imagination of Hollywood and computer ! Programmers.
Although Pirates takes most of its romantic
• nt from Hollywood, large chunks of the I are lifted directly
from the onnals of r instance, you con choose to unbuckle your
i over a period of some 150 years, taking [• the mantle of o
Brit or o number of now EC | ®«mbers who we English weren't
very friendly [Wi at the time.
If becoming a Spanish pirate, or a French ] adventurer Isn't enough to satiate your desire for plundering friendly, defenceless traders, then you can don the garb of a famous explorer or one of the more infamous rogues to sail tbe high seas.
Having pondered over whether to play Captain Morgan or Francis Droke, you have the opportunity to moke a few other choices that hove o direct bearing on your future.
For example, you can adjust the difficulty level and more importantly select your special ability.
This ronge of skils varies from expertise with fl sword through to charm with officials and more importantly, the lodies.
Once you've deliberated over your options, it's time to cast off ond heod out into (be blue and briny. The basic aim is to journey around various oreas of the Caribbean strengthening your ship, bolstering your band of jolly Jock tars and seek* ing your fortune.
There are various ways to achieve this most roguish of task, each of which revolve around piracy on the high seos. You could choose to work for the governor of a particular island, following orders and reaping the rewords that being in his employ bring.
Alternatively, you con follow your own instinct and take to the briny in search of untold treasures ond wreck havoc in the shipping lanes of the traders, purely for your own benefit.
However, a life on the ocean waves is also fraught with clanger for pirates. For one, there ore quite a few other pirgft- type people knockina oround the sea lanes who've been at it for longer thon you will have been (you can generally assume that by the fact that they can do a better "Ho ha Jim lad" than youj.i Also your crew need their feed, grog and plundering; morale must be kept at o level which keeps them subdued. Failure to maintain your boys results in a mutiny, which ultimately means you ending up in a rowing boat in just your ponts with your tricorn showing.
"Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum", "on a dead man's chest", and other piracy*type conversational titbits ¦ it's time for some treasure that's been rediscovered on your CD32 Keeping everybody on board smiling means landing at friendly ports to stock up on food, baare ond debauchery. It also serves as a fine opportunity to charm the town's gentry and perhaps find yovrself a gossiping wife who may reveal the location of daddy's assets.
All of the sailing and fighting is displayed using on overhead view. You control your ship's direction ond can increase ond decrease your speed using your masts and sails.
The outcome of a battle can depend on many different things. For instance, if the wind is light then you con get cought and stand a good chance of catching a brood side.
However, if everything is favourable the basic objective is to render the enemy immobile and then maraud with your greasy boarding party.
Once you've boarded, the play alters to a sword fight between you ond tbe opposing captain, the winner taking the spoils.
This updated version of MicroProse's eoriier release doesn't differ too greatly apart from a really neat ray traced animated intro and a proper Cornish pirate-type jig soundtrock.
Although there don't seem to be too mony radical chonges from the original Pirates, the whole gome seems to benefit from boftv the slick occessing of a CD, and the atmospheric advantages this media grants you.
On the whole Pirates is a more-thon-playable foray into the folly of days of olde, when men were men ond parrots were either quiet or Huffed. .
Even though most of the game has been ported (sailing type joke, no?) Over from the Amiga 500, Pirates is still well worth your pieces of .•ghl. 1 VISION | AUDIO DIFFICULTY LAST A BI LIT Y 00000008* Shiver me timbers.
MicroPros* hove freshened up Pirotes tor o new genre ond
* 90**4't quite nicely, it the Idea ot wiling around on o lorg*
pion* ol wood with o bond ol moustachioed blokes in seorch of
buried treasure shoots your cannon, then this is definitely
the one for you.
Publisher ? MicroPros® Developer ? In bouse Price ? £29.99 Skidmarks Burn rubber, slant down the accelerator, and skid like you've never skidded before in Acid Software's amazinc little racer Yet another car racing game, but hey it's got o comedy title ond it's one of the most playable ond oddictive little numbers I've ever laid my hands on.
I don't know about you, but I absolutely lurve racing games. They bring out my competitive humon spirit which is a bit of o dangerous thing ta do, I vnfortvnotafy tom into Q dribbling psy chopoth who wiH take on everyone in the whole world and try and beat them into submission.
The only slight problem is thot if I lose I get these reolly bod feelings of intense hate and hove to go and lie down in a darkened room until I'm calm once more. Coll it bod Sportsmanship, but I con't help myself.
This always happens when I'm playing a racer. Why? I don't know, but my psychiatrist told me ta keep taking the pills and stay well away from them. Then out of the blue. Skidmarks happened (oh dear).
My whole altitude changed literally overnight ond it's all thanks to those wonderful people at Add Software who have created the cure to my prootem, If I win I'm hoppy, but now if I lose I'm sHU happy and it's all because Skidmarks is so much fun. I can forget about my loss instantfy because no sooner have I finished one gome then I've started the next roce-up.
There is one snog in all this, ond that is that I'm completely addicted to it now and I'm having real trouble trying to turn my computer off.
You're damn lucky thot you've got this review to reod. And it's only because I left Skidmarks at home and wasn't able ta play it in the office.
Skidmarks, if you haven't guessed from the screenshots on the poge, is o four-way scrolling isometric roce-'em-up from hefl. To come up with new ideas for o racer must be incredibly difficult, but Acid software have creat- ed q little beov» of a gome that really does shine ogainst its competitors.
Overdrive by Team 17 is per- baps the only rival thot comes close to being as good as % Skidmarks.
The idea behind the gome isn't thot original ond neither is it thot interesting, but by golly it works. The objective is lo race oround cor, all of which have been lovingly roy-tro 12 tracks against three other competitors [either The tracks ore just os good ond ore human or computer-controlled) ond thus try to designed ond no matter how long you ploy it • win the roce. Don't get tedious.
You receive points for the position you finish in The graphics and sound are amazing
- the higher the position the higher the points ond whot really
makes Skidmarks stand out fnyr the racer with the most points
after completing rest is the fact thot it is so ployoble. With
the 12 tracks is the champion. Playability being so good this
in-tom moke Before you start; you must select your cor from one
of the most oddictive little rocers you four. You must decide
between a Porsche, buy.
Comoro, Monster Truck or Dirt Buggy ond which Wrth more trock disks on the way from A.- porticulor shode of point you want your motor in. Software you're almost guaranteed you'll nr I con heartily recommend the jode or the light get bored. I could go on for hours praising purple! Game, but I really only need to scry two wo: The number of different cars you con hove will Buy it.
Depend on the amount of memory in ypyr computer ond whether you ore using the enhanced JONATHAN MAO DOC AGA con.
The AGA cars ore slightly more detailed than the bog-standard ones - as on example, the AGA _ cars have numbers on them. Not thot useful I know, but often it's these little touches that turn good piece of software into a excellent one. s Another nice touch while we’re on the subject ____ is that when the cars go around the trock they " leave skidmarks behind them, and the track eventually becomes chewed up. Rp * There ore three modes of ploy in Skidmarks: Practice, Match roce ond Championship. ProcHce "** lets the individual ployer roce the tracks without TsjBR Sv.
Any competition. Match roce is for competing in one-off races on any trock, while championship *" lets Ihe ployer or players participate in a six-track I series competing for points. __ - .
* -j Coo. All I need now is 16 As with most racing gomes, if s
more satisfy ing competing against o friend rather than your
computer and Skidmarks is no different. By link- ing up two
Amigas with a standard null modem VISION cable you con hove o
fovr-plqyer race! ------BxIJAlLJH The two-ployer option is o
bit restrictive j 0000000000 though because the screen helves
and unfortu- notcfy you see less track, but plenty of practice
AUDIO JcL:J x _ 09999900OO One of me best features of Skidmorks
which __________ I've failed lo point out until now is the
standard DIFFICULTY of the graphics. To soy that they are
excellent is 000000000 quite on understatement. ____ There ore
800 fromes of animation for eoch ¦pfTTQlTXTTS LASTABILITY v
000000000 Skidmarks her gor- 1.1 Vill geousgraphics. I* I
superb sound and is r*'W VJI highly playable and unbelievably
addictive A very polished rocer that totally destroys all its
GameR Publisher* Acid Software Developer* Acid Software Disks • 4 Price * £25.99 HD Install * Yes Size ? L meg Your Specialist stores: North West: Having problems with your nouns and adjectives? Can't sort out your suffixes and prefixes? You need ADI English, covering all the basic elements of English grammar required by the National Curriculum syllabus.
If your algebra and geometry are causing you grief, look no further than ADI Maths. These are just two of the topics covered by the packages - whatever your maths problem, ADI’s got the answer.
French 000 Say bonjour to French with ADI! The ADI French 11 12 package introduces first year students and beginners to France and French, and older students will find the 14 15 package ideal as a revision aid.
...and each pack costs just £25.99!
For your nearest Computer Store dealer telephone Head Office on: 0302 890000 Available for the Amiga, PC and ST. UiOPRESS SOFTWARE 1 ) OU hdiv dlfflcu obtaining .ADI pledse ‘vrilrit! Hnrxif n » ScflwOft Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Telephone: 0625 859333 Comptazia Merryhill. Birmingham 0922 614346 Games World Bristol 0272 251533 Long Eaton Software Long Eaton. Notts 0602 728555 Miles Better Software Cannock 0543 466577 Mr Disk Queensway. Birmingham 021 6161168 North Notts Computers Sutton in Ashfield 0623 556686 ST Electronics Nottingham 0602 632467 Soft Centre Cwmbran
0633 868131 South East: 1 Adams World Finchley 081 446 7170 A & C Famborough 0252 375088 ACM Alton 0420 541167 Barkmans Kingston Upon Thames 081 546 5941 ADM Computing Kent 0227 762590 Bits 'n' Bytes Ipswich 0473 219961 Computer Cavern Reading 0734 583062 Computer Cavern Wallingford 0491 834366 Computer Cavern Marlow 0628 891101 Computer World Canterbury 0227 766788 Database Thurrock 0708 890976 Erol Computers Walthamstow 081 520 7763 Faxminster Hatfield 0707 272919 Gamer Brighton 0273 728681 GB Microland Waterlooville 0705 269333 Input Rathbone Place. W1 071 6362666 Invicta Tunbridge Wells
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Tomorrow's World Topsoft e Join the ADI family today!
PurOPRESS ry S O F T W A R E Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK104NP Telephone: 0625 859333 It's a strange old wodd isn't if? How many times punters, have you hod dejo vu? I'd guess probably a few times, but not as many os yours truly, wta sees replicas of the same game ideas repeated several times a week Oddly enough, the most common done of al is the racing game. After oil if you make a bog-standard platformer, ot least the character con look slightly different from the last you saw.
But in be racing drtwt, there's only one definitive set of tracks, one set of cars with ita same markings and one set of named driver?, As a rule, cor races ore the type of game I've always revelled in ond enjoyed, but there does come a time when a genre becomes 'tyred' and the proverbiof 'exhaust' becomes exha sted.
This is not to say hat there hasn't been a boot-lood of dossics along the wav You've only get to toke a little look at the likes ot Formula 1 Grand Prix or Vroom to appreciate what a classy racing gome's driving at.
Uncannily enough, the link here is that Domork s latest offering to be gomes world is programmed by non other than Lankhor, the people behind Vroom.
On yer marks, get set, oil, go on then, wiggle that joystick I don't know taw many of you remember Vroom, but let me tell you it was o classic. French software house lankhor worked wonders ond probably produced the fastest Formulo 1 racing game ever for the Amiga Well, now they're bock with their second offering with the full ond unadulterated approval of the motor roong sports governing body, the FIA. What bis means is ttaf the gome con feature oil the offi- cid tracks, drivers, constructors ond advertisers Someone please correct me, but bar the odd name, everyone's used all of the above
without he official recognition of their product, so I don’t think it meon$ that much. However, it's o nice touch I suppose, and will no doubt help F-1 to sefl a tod more easily.
That said, the proof is in the pudding and it's the pfay and look that will determine he success of his release. So wilh bis in mind lef s don our overois, walk gingerly over to the pits ond find out whether F-l is o blow out on the first lop, or o model snogging, champagne-spurting winner.
Playwise evWybmg begins in the Options menu, where you determine be type of race sou wont to run. You can decide to train on any of Inc 12 tracks bat form be world championship, to familiarise yourself.
You con also select on arcade version of F-l which puts you on be self some tracks, but asks you to overtake an increasingly larger number of cars to qualify for be next circuit. Lost but by no meons least is be ful blon World Championship mode At long last it's the green light.
The ideal opportunity to take on the mantle of Mr Mansell! Blame everybody for everything including your own mistakes and generally suffer from a strange accent... This puts you up ogoinst all the top drivers vying far structors in their battle to be the best, points over all be worlds top circuits, or allows you As usual in bis style of title you can odf to choose an individual track to compete on. Skill level to render it playable in the Success, os usual means points far prizes, with o and to gwe you some challenge once win giving you ten points towards be drivers ctam- tered the control
ond courses, pionship and the same quantity going to be con- $ kill levels can be adjusted between the I Baade cars that the novice drives, right through to Al hypersensitive, lightning fast ones of the experts I *0u also have the option to alter the wings of W hoi rod, and much of this depends on the trade MM v iich you ore competing. For example, selling wings in a low position grves you lew drag grv- i o higher top speed, whereos a high setting i in reverse ond mokes you slick like the 1 stuff.
Iu also have the opportunity to change your , the gearbox and just obout everything else . In foci, one of the only things you can't I is your underwear after you've careered into I od hoarding. Once you're on the grid you can IY TEARS elect to qualify or go straight into the actual race.
Attempting to qualify is probably the best policy as you hove a chance to improve your position on (he starting grid, rather than the default position to the rear of the grid After oH the preparation work, iKs finally lime to test your skill and nerve in ihe race. Graphically, F-l is very similar to its older brother Vroom, and has be same feel as it.
This is by no means a bod thing as Vroom not only looked good, but moved at a tremendous rote of knots If you'd like proof of the speed of F-l, just select the Turbo mode and watch your car fly around ihe track, if you have any trouble during ihe course of the race hen you can enter the good old pit lone Here you con get your mechanics to break into o sweat, changing your tyres or refuelling your sporty motor However, time being of the utmost Thb b the options kr*«« which is almost as interesting as Nigel Mansell importance in the high tech world of motor racing, you've no time to get yourself
o nice munchy bar or glonce of the overpriced topes, if"s straight back into the race.
Perhaps ihe best option of all is the two-player split screen game. This allows you to race against not only ihe other competitors, but also one of your motes To a large extent F-1 is very similar to its older brother Vroom with a few alterations. This said, it's a quality product and rans extremely smoothly on the Atari In fact, I'd go os far os to say that F-l could become the definitive arcode racer on the AMIGA.
SIMON CLAYS | AUDIO | JdifficultyI IwlllI.ll ¦ lastabilityB Nice graphics coo- pled with brilliant ploy, make Domork s | M a mud for on lovers ol a quality arcade racing 1 Publisher ?
Domark I Developer ? Ignkhor Disks 1 Pnce ?
£25.99 II HD '"Stall ? No Size 1 meg Labyrinth Another purpose-built CD32 game's about to come crashing into your shops, but only as long you can find your way through... I am a spirit now. For a i I haue dreomed ir.
The ian4 o( the deed Oh no, another subway beggar after 10p for a cup of tea Now, before you jump lo all the wrong conclusions let me reassure you. Labyrinth has nothing to do with the film of the some name.
There's no crooning thin while duke with a pair of cKp*on ears and there's no mup* pets with Frank Oz's arm stuffed up their reor portion.
Labyrinth of Time, to use its full title, is lib nothing ever to grace the pages of this mogazine before. Converted from the PC by American programmers Electronic Arts, Labyrinth is strictly for the CD32.
The main reoson for this is the fact that the 3D images and locations you visit in this adventure title are dl rendered using 256-colour ray tracing techniques, before I go any further its got to be In Maze ('enter taring north In a tomh taring south This lovely Greco door entrance is offset by two matching effigies Labyrinth open and close things and take and move things.
It's reminiscent of the very old school of adventure gomes which rather than using a party of cliched adventures, use you as the principle character and display your view on the screen.
Because of the fact that Labynnth uses you OS the hero rather than a strapping band of do- gooders, there are less controls ond statistics to be concerned, or rather confused obout.
I have to say at this point that I found Labyrinth totally engrossing and the most involving title that I’ve hod the good fortune to get my hands on. This surprises me to a certain extent as I never thought that this type of title could titillate me OS much as it has.
One of the main reasons for this is the unusual nature of the plot and some of the bizorre locations thot you have to visit. The other thing that strikes you is the fact thot there is little or no violence in it ot all.
In fact, thus far I've not encountered any nasties at all. This is quite refreshing as most odven- fures cram as many naff skeletons ond dumb ores in to them as is possible.
One of labyrinth's strengths is its story. At the beginning you know very little, but as you progress the plot develops in o very exciting but natural way. This is very cleverly manufactured and odds depth to the play, os the titbits you uncover acts as clues to the solving of the maze.
Also, the puzzles ore extremely odd but well thought out ond hove a nice feel of surreal com- mon-sensc about them. At this paint an example would be extremely convenient, but I know it would ruin the satisfaction you'll get when you solve them for yourself - honest it's no! A lome excuse to cover up for the fact that I didn't solve wy.
Graphically Labyrinth is unsurpassable, it just looks the dog's conkers ond it's full of nice graphical touches. One such touch within Labyrinth is the fact that you can examine objects by zooming in close on them, revealing them in their fufl ray-traced glory.
Most of the haunting nature that is captured within labyrinth is dawn to the sound track. It's a combination of ambient tunes and the Scotty Doo musk, but it wades tp greet effect ond really helps generate that all important atmosphere that normally is missed in most games.
There are olso o great deal of sound effects involved, with the music labyrinth boosts over 25Mb, even down to the sound of a toilet flushing - don't ask.
The bottom line is that Labyrinth is o superb addition to the adventure genre. It has amazing stylised graphics and a level of depth and playability seldom found in computer games these days. It's great news for punters who've put faith in Commodore and bought themselves a CD32, because this is a title which starts to truly show a little of the machine's capability.
If you own a CD32 I urge you to get down to your local computer emporium and buy this engrossing title, it'll have you grinning from ear to ear in no time.
SIMON CLAYS VISION 0000000 AUDIO 000000000 DIFFICULTY Blimilll LASTABILITY lobynnlti hos everything about it to mok« it a classic In the odventure games sphere A real winner with every element a piece ol computer software is supposed to have, superb in every deportment Publisher Electronic Arts Developer v Electronic Arts Pnce ? £24 99 GameR Tornado She flies like a bird in the sky, she flies through the air and I wish that she was mine... That's the Tornado folks, not Maggie or the Nimble ad, honest of moking those little mistakes and errors of judgement which inevitably change your
size from a stocky six foot to a very thin two miles.
Once you're happy that you're conversant with the displays and instrumentation and the most dangerous thing you're likely to do is mount the kerb when you reverse your Tornado into the garage, it's into the air with you.
Training features o total of ten different missions for you to sink your teeth into and in all cases when you've completed them you get a nice little tick from leocher.
Although it's not imperative to complete oil the training missions, each one gives you experience in aspects of the Tomodo flight parameters ond its different bombing techniques.
After some time rehearsing manoeuvres this pilot finally took to the air. There ore three different warzones to fly over, each featuring a total of 14 missions eoch.
Alternatively you may feel up to the challenge of the compaign option which throws you into conflict in all three zones. Here there ore a total of some 24 objectives overcome, ond because it's a real completed sequentially.
As you meander over to the hangar in your lycra jumpsuit you can ponder over a few other options. For instance, you can exomine your waypoints and determine the height, speed and target objectives necessary.
Also, you have the option to adjust the payload on boord your Tornodo, either lo suit the mission type or yourself. Alternatively you can think it's fair to bars of NATO has the reputation and engineers dike.
The Tornado, or Panavia Tornado GR.4 Interdicfor Strike (IDS) and F.3 Air Defence Variant (ADV), is a plane with one hell d a reputation and quite a long name (we'll just refer to if as the Tornado).
If you kept abreast of the war in the Gulf, you'll be more than owore of the role thot the Tomodo played in the first few vital doys.
The whole of the Allied strategy depended strongly on oir supremocy. To achieve this task, the Tomodo was charged with destroying all of the Iraqi oirboses.
As history now tells Ui, the Tomodo was OS good as its word and successfully implemented a most crucial port of the Allied offensive.
The reason it succeeded so effectively ond with so few losses is because of its ability to fiy mto enemy territory at high speeds, at such a low altitude, ond to deliver its lethd paylood with such devastating accuracy.
Included in Digital Integration's simulation are both of the aforementioned Tomodo types. The ADV is equipped as a long-range, long- endurance two-seat interceptor. It carries a special rodar equipped for air-to-air combat and a healthy stock of radar-guided missiles.
Its stable companion, the GR4, hos an altogether different role, and finds itself utilised for pinpoint bombing and recce work.
The first thing you notice about Dl's simulation is the size of the manual included in the packaging. Now, I'm not implying that the size of the manual improves the power of the game, in fact for from it, But, in Tomodo's case you hove a very comprehensive and user friendly piece of literature, which is concise ond informative.
This is indeed a good thing because the makers of F-16 Combat Pilot have come up with probably the most accurate flight simulator to appear on the Amiga.
Testimony to this is the fact thot the mission planning system Digital Integration developed for Tomodo has been authorised for service in the RAF by the Ministry of Defence.
Obviously it's not the exact same system and hos been developed by a company specialising in computer software for the military. But, the rudiments and specifications of the system are uncannily similar.
Being the war correspondent for Amiga Computing, I was given the uncertain job of flying this beast. The first thing that greets you in Tomodo is the options screen. Here you can choose to fly o simula- tor, select a training mission or fly in o combat mission.
The other thing you can elect to do is alter the preferences. Most objects and londmarks I_ can have their detail Oh no, it's Raymond again, adjusted. Unfortunately riding shotgun in the cockpit even on the A1200 to ochieve any speed in ploy you hove to play on the lowest detail level.
Before venturing into the cockpit of the real McCoy (please excuse the artistic licence), it's best to spend some time on the simulator.
You can select from 17 varying missions which should prepare you for real training flights. The real joy here is thot there's no danger Inside the cockpit oar brave pilot circles above the M2S in vain search of South Mimms services A couple of wild Tornados ( Iraqus flattenus) are caught here retataf on the grass, before embarking on t complicated nesting procedv* leave it all to your trusty pal the Amiga.
Another very nice touch in Tornado is lal explore mode. This feature allows you to dick i a waypoint and then zoom into areas of the i world.
This acts in the some monner os perhaps i intelligence network, which allows you | knowledge of the installations you're out 1 destroy and the defence systems which prow] them.
As o simulator, Tornado differs greatly to a»»- ] thing else you've probably flown before. In i sims you spend your time concentrating on ( ance of your plane with firing of munitions» ing os o second priority.
Tomodo's have a very smart auto-pilot t handles most of the flight far the pilot. In I apart from checking waypoints, take-off i landing the pilot does little else.
This means that in Dl's sim you spend much 41 your time as the navigator controlling your t guidance system. A typical flight might see : instigating the take-off, and then having t your wings bock to the right angle, sitting I and enjoying the ride until you're over the far Once near the drop zone you click on to I bombing screen and lock on to the target. I the target zoom facility enables you to get ( plete accuracy, then it's a question of' in Blackburn, Lancashire,..- Crikey, I thought John L be wrote that lyric. Now I know it was just a flight i afternoon's hawking practice “Four
thousand was spaced cut of Tornados out '“E2Z3232I Tornado Lethal weapons or Top Trumps ?
- Category: Two seat all-weather multi purpose combat aircraft Origin: UK Wing span: Fully spreod: 45ft 7.5in Fully swept: 28ft 2.5in Length: 54ft 10m Height 19ft6m We ht: 31,0651b Max weapon load: 19,8401b Max level Right at altitude: Mach 2.2 Max. level speed sea level: Moch 1.2 Rod'VS of Odion: 750 nautical miles G limit: +7.5 C ~r ¦ Tornado GR4 Tmltr Category: Two seat all-weather air defence interceptor Origin: UK Wing span- Fully spreod 45ft 7.5in Fully swept: 28ft 2.5m length: 6lft3in Height: 19 6in Weight 31,9701b Max. weapon lood: 18, 7401b Max. level flight at altitude Moch 2.2
Max. level speed sea level: Moch 1.2 Rodius of action: 1000 noutical miles G limit +7.5 Category: single scat counter eir-flghtw Origin: CIS Wing span: 48ft 3in length: 71 ft 11.5in Height: 19ft 5.5in Weight: 49,600lb Max. take-off weight: 59, 600lb Max. level flight at altitude: Moch
2. 35 Max level speed sea level: Moch
1. 1 Rodius of action 810 noutical miles G limit- +9 F-16C
Fighting Falcon Max weapon load: Category: single-seat
multi-role fighter Origm: USA Wing span: 31ft Length: 47ft 8in
Height 16ft Sin Weight: 18, 238lb 12,0001b Max, level flight
at altitude: Moch 2.5 Rodius of odion: 500 noutical miles G
limit +9 Category: Single seat ground attack aircraft Origin:
CIS Wirsg span: Fully spreod 45ft lOin Fully swept: 25ft 6m
length: 56ft 1 in Height 15ft 1 Oin Weight: 23, 590lb Max
weapon lood: 9,9201b Max. level flight at altitude; Mach
1. 77 Max. level speed sea level: Moch 1 1 Radius of adion: 210
nautical miles G limit +7 Medium transport helicopter Origin:
USA Main Rotor Diameter: 60ft length: 98ft 11 in Height- 18ft
8in Max. lake-off weight 54,0001b Max. level speed sea level:
163kts Rodius of odion: 100 nautical miles MiG 27 Flogger I
Category: Two seat all-weather interceptor Origin: ClS Wing
spon: 45ft 1 lin length: 70ft 6.Sin Height 18ft 4in Weight
48,115lb Max, take-off weight 90,7251b Max. level Right at
altitude: Moch 2.4 Max. level speed sea level: Moch 1.1 Rodius
of action: 1, 135 nautical miles G limit +5 MiG 31 Foxhound
LASTABILIT Y your munitions fall to earth.
Tornado is one of the most comprehensive military simulators ever to appeor on the AMIGA and it boosts some really impressive features.
Ifs an amazingly detailed piece of software.
For example, }ust lie in the real RAF, timing is of the utmost importance. If you are delayed while in flight and foil behind schedule there's every chonce thot you'll crash into a fellow Allied jet or at least ruin the mission objectives.
Not only do you get a most realistic looking, occurate simulator but you olso get afl the other more cosmetic touches like external and chase views.
On the down side, Tomodo's a little slow when it comes to screen update and probably b best suited to the high-end mochines.
This opart, Tornado is a very well accomplished title and one which will please flight fans the globe over.
SIMON 000000000 I 0000©0© * 'vision 1 audio I DIFFICULTY RUBYSOFT (UK) LTD. (Dept AA 1 96 Lillie Road. London.
SW6 7SR. England Tel: 071 381 8998 or 071 610 1703 h RufifSOFT (UR) LTD THE INTELLIGENT PERSONS CHOICE Fax: 071 610 1703 Some shop prices will ditfw RUBY CHARTBUSTERS A TRAIN .....- .- .. ST AMIGA £4.96 A TRAIN CONSTRICT A320 AIRBUS APPROACH TRAINER' . . .
ATAC ....
- ------26.66.. .....TBA... 2626 ALIENS
___________________ ......AM-.. £026 ADEN BREED 2
A1200 ....
- ----AM ..AM
- --16.96 ALFRED THE CHICKEN.....- .. ANCIB T
- ...AM.....
- -----2X06: _1726 2326 ASHES OF
EMPIRE ..... ...AM. .
.... 1599 B 17_________________________ BATTLE ISLE 03 .. “.AM.. I .....-2425 17.86 MICROUACHINES... uicroprose grand prlx... MICROPROSE GOLF..... MONKEY ISLAND f MONKEY ISLAND 2 1 UEQ UONOPOLr.... BATTUE TOADS'... ...AM_________17.96 £396...... 23.06 HARDWARE THEQRA .2X96...-.23.96 .16.09______16.90 MS AMIGA PAD_________ 9C 3 LOQIPAD AMIGA-m 1 GREEN OR BLACK...
- JM--------23.06 ...AM_ ..1696 ...AM_______19.06
..JM-----2020 MORPH A1200 VERSION.... MORTAL KOMBAT___________
NtQHTSHIFT...._ ....
...19.95.. . 1926 ONE STEP BEYOND OSCAR
A500 .....
...N A..... . 17.96 OSCAR ...
PATRICIAN .-..... . ......
- 2326- 23.96 PINBALL DREAMS .
PINBALL FANTASIES... ..JM. .16.95 R&t JMPVKE ,,.899 512K UPGRADE A500 WITH CLOCK- RAUTOFlRE NEW-----------1220 612K UPGRADE A500 NO CLOCK- - iWR- 1960 00 CAPACITY DISK BOX- ____________ .....950 DUST COVER BP_STKK SUPER PRO - .-12.60 DUST mMSmsMmmmd tm mmmmmm wheel ow ..252s gaea ________________ . WHEEL AN* 35.00 ABOO SEGA NINTENDO ECT ....
- .17.06 TBA ,,,.19,99 .20.06
- .17.00
- .17.96
- ___________ .17.96 BODY BlOWS Galactic A1200 with apache
A500A1200______________ AM______170S
CAMPAIGNS-------------------------TBA .2429 CANNON FOOOER.
CASTLES r A1200 ONLY- ...1726.. JIM
- m, AM
- AM ..-AM .
13. 00 PHAM H0TEC1M UPON All JOY6TKtO.IPEAXB6 _AM--------20.96
MEG f 7.85.,17.85 PREMIER MANAGER 2 I
MEG----------'17.06______1726 PRIME
MOVER----------------------------JM____1926 RAILROAD TYCOON
......NLA______1529 V BREED 02. .„ ...5.99
.1029 10.93 .. as 10 00 UtOWtNTER..
• e.ftJ LK0WWER2.
- 2426 1726______17.96 A 06
- JM--------TBA ...AM_______99.90 J¥A------1729
MEG-----1726_____17.06 CHAOS ENGINE A1200- .....
JM_______1625 CMUSATK2N 1 MEG - ...... 56 23.00 _AM_
- JM 2029
----- COMBAT CLASSICS 2.____________
- AM..
- '10.06. ...AM.
24. 00 10.06 20.99 19,99 17.06 SENSIBLE SOCCER 02*3 ISSUE2...
SILENT SERVICES------------- SMI CITYPOPULOOS ________ SIM CITY DELUXE...... , 11 AW3_ .529 5 99 SANTAt
- .NrA 9 00 SHAW iM.-a.-rSIM EARTH.- EDDTHE DOCK -----------620.
6.00 FI TORNADO. 5.90 6.00 ____________ aP0Pt=====flC3*
SSSIIhm=====dbH FALCON..-. ...... -11.99..11.09 STORM I
Falcon FUX Fight-------7.00 .700 supER space invaders 529 S90 ,720. 7.00 _____ 599 599 TTWIAL ____ .629 6.99 TROUS RSK3N.
.720 720 .7.88. ...7.16 ..._________ NLA 720 WORLD RUGBY
- AM... JM
17. 06
- AM-
DISPOSABLE HERO--------------- DOGFIGHT------------------
BONK.___________ DRAGULA“_______________________ DUNES
_______________________ EL TE 2 (FRONTIER)____________ EUROPEAN
CHAIUWOAffl... F1- P117A-
- .2626 24.88
- AM.. ..JM... AM-------SOLAS
- --------AM___1729 AM--------2426 ¦m WA,-., 1726
SPACE HULK_________
- JM------20.00 ...17.09----17.09 ....JM ,,17.85
.AM_____2066 TBA--1625 JM----WJB
- AM- ...AM...
- 1620 .19.96
- 10.06
2 .. AM .1325.
- ----9420 13.95 SUBURBAN COMMANDO,,, , ,, , JM 17.96
TETRIS .....
- .1BA- ...AM.....
- ---17.06 19.98 SUPER
HERO' ...
AM..... ......£4.06 SYNDICATE DATA D&C 7FX*» JM... ..TBA
...620 520 WORLD SOCCER.
129..1129 XENON 2.
.690......600 ZACMC
7. 99......729 Aim- N7A 729 SP0WD| ..JM £4.99 AM 20.00
- TBA _.. 13.85 11,11,» ..•24.90 24.09 ...AM.----------629 ¦ AM
AMIGA ONLY Cl 0.99 * OK TRIPLE PACK 4 THE BLUES BROTHERS, MAYA AND SATAN AMIGA ONLYC10.09 * OK TROLLS A1200 VERSION.. TROLLS,.. GOOCHES WORLD CLASS CRICKET 1 MEG.... I026- J926 QOOCHES SECOND INNING9 DATA DISK__14.99____14.00 QUNSHiP2900 _... -----------------7185 2396 TURRtCAN 3A12O04.. TURRlCAN 3 A500". TWILIGHT2000'_______ UKDHJM 2., imm.na UTOP1A24 .. . 1626 . 17.06 £529 ,-1729 17.00 .24.95
- AM ...AM ...TBA ...TBA 2425 HIRED GUNS .. AM-
- AM..
- .....24.06 ...24.06 ....26.96 u 17.96 . TBA ISHAR 2
A5&VA1200--------------------20.06___2026 JACK THE
fflPPEFT-____________TBA .TBA JETS TRIKE.------------
.JifA________17.00 HISTORYUNE 1014-1016... INDIANA JONES FATE
- AM...
28. 99
22. 00 .20.00 .17.96
17. 96 .. 17.06 .17.06 .17.96 WORLDS OFLEGB40 (LEGEND2)....
- JM 17.00 ZOOL 1MEQ A500 OR A1200 VERSION- .....17.96...
ZOOL 2 6600209“ ...TBA..
.26.00 2520 AM- 2620
15. 99 .1699 J47A 1726 LAMBOURGH'NI USA
r----------------------17.96_______17.06 LEGEND OF
VALOUR------------------------------£626-,-,-2626 KNIGHTS OF
2126 2126 1026-......19.06
16. 99
MAOCBOY-----------1726____17.95 MAELSTROM'------------------
AM .,,,-,,£S.99 MEAN ARBiAS .- AM
- 1920_______19.60 ..1020------10.60 AM------14.00
- JM------14.00 FUN SCHOOL 4 (7-11)---------1726____17.96 FUN
(LANDER)______1726 HOORAY
HENRIETTA------------------------I7.SS... KUPtX
--------------------AM.. MAVIS BEACON VERSION2 ALL AGES ...
NODOYS PLAYTIME 3* OFFICE GOLD V3 AOA SCALA300_____________ SCALAPRO _____ SPELLBOUND (LANDER)__________1726 ADI ENGLISH IH12-1&13-13714- 1U15EA.. Adt MATHS 11712-12713-16 14,14 15 EA ADI JUNIOR READING 4*47 EA. .. ADI JUNIOR COUNTING 4*477 EAADI FRENCH 11 12-1271311914-1471 SEA_____1926______1020 EASY AMOS----------------JM__24.06 AMOS PRO COMPILER AM____£429 AMOS PRO HEW PRICE'...- COUNT AND ADO (LANDER)... DELUXE PANT 4_____ ,-,m--------3229
- 17.0S---1726 JM-----6426 . AM____6426 AM-
- .17.96- ...1726« DELUXE PAINT4 AA 1200 VERSION. .. FINAL COPY
8_________ FUN SCHOOL 4 (UNDER 6)_________________ FUN SCHOOL 4
- .1726 .,1726 l tTJ S_pEWTEI 9NLy NJ OF_DESPArCH Please
charge my AccsssA lsa
No: ...
Valid from: .Expiry date.. Pta»sa maki cheguw 4 .
Credit aid onkis ORDER FORM Date Please supply me with the following for Name.... Address.. Ibtffi • 5pm Monday to Sftardiy Alter houn t Sundays toapliaii Itotifni' 071 381 8998 tom for .... Titles Price .. w ftXTi 77:rsj iroa.i tod £1.50 per tom.. A» prias subject to cnanoe or minotscturin prtcs reviews without node*. E40t. Ptsta not* msil order companiai may Ua up to 28 day* to ddlver ooods from raoUpt ot ortara, Howw flixxlt nonrudy dacatc to ertttdn I dtyi.
Please allow for cheque (*»r»ncf Itop ac auka M) NEXT DAY GUARANTEED DELIVERY AVAILABLE.
FlnMRl .Postcode.. Tel.
You're in the Army now, you're net behind a plough, you'll never get rich from digging a ditch, you're in the Army new. Oh, and you can be in the Navy and Air Force too.
The Killing Fields 77%
13. = Pfect Ncmes
14. : Sad fan
15. = large Rivers
14. ZMetoJitd Roods
17. = Borden
18. : Minefields
19. = 0bjediv«
20. = Trosbcon
21. «SelectMop hms Mop zoom
22. = Sound
23. = fit Forces Mention fh*.word wor to and it sends piw running
aowh the bona kty slightly custard I flavouredljpine. That's
not to toy | hot I'm a coward, you ¦ nd.
I s just thot the | bought of lying I in excruciatin some mud- nped held wnihng I ¦ medics to relocate I r arms ond 'eg: foils I i exhilarate me. Fj ifS not being a co it's just plo I don't thiidt I'm I "I see a red doer md 1i clone in this feor off Does this mean I'm I I - jllets, missiles and other weapons that rip d irty great big holes in
I. eSmfane 1 = loodGame
3. = Adjust Heighh
4. = Mop idormotion
5. = Grass
6. Stall
7. = fan & Ldces
8. = forest
9. : Yifiogev'Suburw
10. S Towns
II. = Cities
12. RlMolled Roads oge we can now involve ourselves in both the
action and strategy of warfare from any given period of
history. As computers have become more advanced ond
grgphicofly capable, so the closer to reality they have
So, following on from the successful Campaign 1939-1945, comes the release of Campaign 2.
The mast immediate chonge, whkh one notices immediately, is the fact that Campaign 2 covers all the main conflicts of the last 50 years.
This is o vast improvement on the original scenarios, os now you can play general in Vietnam ouf porticulor I country's armed ser- I vices, it does not nee I essarily reflect o lock I of interest in the his- I tory and strategy of I worfare.
Fortunately, with the odvent of the computer fol fol fcl [31
* »• * dftr «r «r « * ms This complicated structure shows the
strength of your forces you have the opportunity hp edit the
Here you can olter any aspect of the terrain and odd or subtract other landmarks such as roads and buildings. Once oil the alterations hove been completed, battle can commence.
Due to such things as terrain, location and availability of forces, Campaign relies heavily on strategy. Indeed, one slight miscalculation on your part could meon the difference between ot your t overall strategy angle of the product.
The user interface is very similar to its older brother, and involves a main playing map ond a set of icons from which you control your forces and assess the strategies.
Before you endeavour to take on the might of the Egyption ormy in the Six Day War or become ?he Israeli commandos in the Yom Kippur Wor, lilation, success or even missing the show Once the rival factions meet you ore asked if fhe battle outoqMtkoll ef mon- battle using-manual cant? " through your xces until y i your vehicles.
As total or as partial as y j object being to loco e potential t( • them. Once o aiendly vehi e then play is switched to Ihe next one available.
However, poor deployment could meon you ore either stranded miles from any friendly units or right in the thick of enemy firepower.
Campaign 2 also includes an extensive database of military hardware and equipment, oil of which is at your fingertips. This information can be used to your direct odvontoge when involved in conflicts, especially when engaging opposition who control superior forces.
Campaign 2 is a foirly well balanced mixture mihvm- of 3D arcade style shooting blended with a strong strategy opproach. While I enjoyed the bottle simulations and enjoyed controlling the various tanks, I can see strategy purists being put off by the orcode elements.
However, if you're a fairly well balanced human being I envisage that there'll be more than enough of both interest and of visual stimulation to keep you occupied.
SIMON CLAYS I AUDIO I DIFFICULTY LASTABILITY Publisher Empire Software Developer In house Disks 2 Price ? »4 99 HD Install Yes Size ? I meg A reoiishc Plena o both action and strategy, although by the nature ol the arcade action Campaign 2 can t be seen as o simulation 0000000 « VISION roe J Overall lecting money or trading items.
Ttiis puzzle factor does moke Arabian Nights some of its com- Bo this CD version Krisolis' platformer isn’t The latest bundle of CD32 releases foi your deliberation, expertly assessed b Jonathon Maddock The graphics have been enhanced and you can choose between three different levds of Chicken • pe • £25.99 s o CD32 title that I like! OK. So BOWled from the 1200 and added o few graphic ond a superb soundtrack, but hell I aon't CD32 owners will like, I guess it's just o bizarre story, though! The evil kidnapped Billy Egg and his broth- ‘ments.
Jerrl! Levels focing evil and treacherous beosties such as Byron £.
The Snail (hmm, rooybe not thot evil then), Moq- Mine ittcwse me?1 and the .
Terrosowus (do not o Beat the Me snotch the t's about it! Alfred a bizarre little game from which contains o good mixture between puzzle and The graphics are big. Bright and quirky ond the soundtrack is o delight lo the eors. The oomcplay is just about right, appealing to kids ond odvlts alike, Shell out o few quid for Mmdscope s duck- em-up - it s fin- id.
Game «cr- »4 Overall TQ ipnwvvwiv .
GameR Mad as a March hare, but in typical Cheap Seats fashion we couldn't afford one so here's our Mad as a March rabbit budget round up from Tina "I'll have a pint of bitter and a packet of pork scratching!, please bar tender. By the way I don't suppose you've seen a murderer or two around here have you?"
Kings Quest 1 Kixx XL • £14.99 Being fairly young in gaming years, to me Kings Quest 1 seems very basic especially by today's standards. But I'm sure there are those of you out there who remember the good ol' days of RPGs, having to type in the commands for your hero, spending hours trying to find another word for "walk" because your computer is having one of his pedantic days and waiting an eternity for eoch screen to load when your chorocler mores from one orea to another.
Wet, I bet same of the more nostalgic among you are now saying "hey, I remember those old classics*' - ond Kings Quest 1 is difinitely one ol them.
Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen. I mean how many Myth Knight-type adventures do you really need? And when there are many other more spectacular examples of this genre domouring for a ploce in your games collection, is £14.99 perhops a little sleep?
OK, so maybe you might fancy this blast from the past, so what do you get for your £14.99?
Well, certainly not an original story line, thaf s for sure. The King of Doventry is on his last legs, and you, os his favourite Knight Sir Graham, need to retrieve three missing treasures to restore Doventry to its former glory and be rewarded with the crown.
For your money you gel some reasonable graphics, and some nice effects such as birds tweeting in the background, monsters splashing in the moat and waterfalls.
Controlling the game is relatively easy (getting your character to wolk is o little strange though). Type in whatever instruction you wish your character to carry out ond the computer will either let you do this or suggest that you fry something else.
And yes, we're oil done it boredom is looming so you try a few silly commands la liven things up (OK, so you don't, i'm just a little jtronge like that) but in this game you octually get o response. For instance, I tried eating the butterfly ond was met with some remark obouf them not tasting very nice.
Hmmml Computer gomes moking wise cracks I can do without.
If you're a real RPG fan then it's worth a look. The game isn't too bod, but at the moment there are for more original and impressive odventure games around, and it con't compete with today's high standards.
And I thought trolls were those cute plastic toys with pink hair and no wedding tackle, not some mercenary little devil who charges to get past his bridge I NULL vei wv»ru m ,ou uw: ve crost rw, bnSjo 0) Net ftr FREE, yoj **1 "Well Manchester City are beating Leeds S-2.
Prices art down on the stock market and there's a mad psychotic on board.” Cruise for a Corpse Kixx XL * £14.99 ff you've always wonted lo try your hand at being Miss Marple, Poirot, Clueso ond ihe like then now is your chance. Personally, I've never hod these worped fetishes but there’s no accounting for taste ond if this is your bog then Cruise for a Corpse is a must.
Right, setting-the-scene time: As Inspector Rooul Dusentier, you have been invited on a luxurious cruise, when all of a sudden your host drops deod. Coincidence, hey?
It always did seem a bit dodgy in these TV crime things that Miss Marple and compo- ny always 'just so happened” to be on the scene of these terrible murders, especially when most normal people go through a whole lifetime never even witnessing the slightest criminal odivity.
5a, in true Agatha Christie style, you need to gather as much evidence as possible and question other characters, piecing together the events and deciding who could have possibly committed this terrible crime.
By using a simple point 'n' dkk system you need to interoct with your environment, establishing links with the evidence you find in many of the different areas of the ship.
Eoch object found con be highlighted ond will activate a fist of possible octions, for example, you find a cupboard ond con "search, exomine or open drawer".
Travel around the many rooms by using the map or by guiding your character to go in the direction you wish.
So, that's basically the game. And good it is too! The superb graphics invohed plus the wonderful animated story sequence at the beginning moke the game visually stunning.
There have been some nice touches of humour added and the animation of the characters work well, especially when you get the chance to question them.
Sound effects are perhaps a little sparse in ploces but when they are used they create the atmosphere effectively.
The gomeplay does, however, become extremely frustrating after a while ond your going to need plenty of patience to get anywhere.
Another unnecessarily annoying feature is that octuol time CJ progresses through the game, but it seems thot it only moves on whenever you pick up another due.
If you go down in the woods today you can be sure of a big surprise - no, it's not wturt's in this guy's tights but a sorcerer who's going to put a freeze spell on you Therefore different events hoppen through the game.
Say, for instance, the Dining Room is inoccessibie earlier on in the gome but later on interesting dues can be picked up.
A good idea - but very frustrating!
All in all, though, it's an unusuol and enjoyable game.
And it is hard disk installable! Bliss... Moreh 1994 © It's been re-released on budget, so here are some hints and tips for Ocean's brilliant platformer courtesy of Robert Armstrong... Lurch tinkles the ivories as the Thing waves along in time to 77 the music again, only there's a lot more baddies. Make sure lo avoid the nosty looking tree! Go into the house.
Go into the bottom left room. Climb the tree.
To kill the bird you must jump on his heod six times. To do this, hide ot the end of o branch where you are safe. When the bird passes beneath you jump on her quickly and go bock to where you were. Once the bird is dead leave the room.
Without you losing o heart, so avoid then Shortly before you meet the first three spide you should see a running shoe. Go right or walk through the wall to find a bonus room.
Just beyond the spiders is a switch. To get t it jump onto the ledge beside the spikes, jum onto a flying nosty ond then jump again to reoc the switch. By the way, this tocfic is very impcr font; the game cannot be finished without it, To complete the new room you must use k ramps effectively. Walk up these to increos your jumping power. You will come to a por where around a dozen flying nasties are Ayr over some spikes. Jump on them and when thr Wednesday First of all the "walkinq helmets" can't be killed 00041090 OOOOO120 Gomez comes face to face with flying bug type thing in the
conservatory Using Gomez's fantastic flying fez you twill be able to reach new heighs!
- i 7T L ' 5 m iW oil dead you can fall into the secret room eoth
When this sub IcycI is complete you will er a new room. Fall down onto the spike Test you and it becomes a block. Go left and
• will find an extra life ond points. Jump up i right for another
power up and more ants.
This level is full of spikes, so remember when re's a spike above and below you, 0 short 3p is most effective. When this sub level is ipleted you will enter a graveyord. Watch for the pumpkins, they drop fire on you.
Enter the little building at the end.
Rdnesday is in here. Bear in mind the tactic I itioned earlier on this level! You often hove
* the bubbles the fish fire os launch pads, there is only one
very hard port to this level
• a consists of a number of small ledges. You ml stand at the
very edge of eoch ledge and : large jumps to succeed. It's very
o afraid! To dodge the star-shaped guillotines » must pass under
them when they are up.
To kill the end of level boss, dodge the skulls
* d use the two bricks os launch pods for your nps. Jump when the
skulls leave the screen, 'ere is also a bonus room under where
dnesdoy is standing.
Snny is in port of the lop right room. When x enter the room go left. The switch is at the
- ry top of the level. There are two bonus sms, one is in the top
right comer and other in the top left one. Pull down on the top
of the ten to enter.
There ore bonuses to the right of the infor- ation box, any of the switches in this room let :u get to them. To ovoid the nozzles which oot fire you must jump just after they fire.
The bouncing fireballs can be avoided by iptng when they ore at their lowest point. To dge the hopping fireballs duck under them 'en they are at their highest point.
The flying stars travel in circles. Wolk post
* *m just os they pass you. There are also slow wing stars ond
they can be dodged by walk- 'g post when they Ore Ot their
furthest point am you.
Speed is important in this level, many of the Tving bricks pass through lava, so you must 'ip on them before this happens. Always go Killing this bothersome egg-laying bird will reap major rewards os dose to a platform's edge os possible to maximise your jump.
When you reoch gronny go to the for right- hand corner of the room. The boss passes by you three times. The first time, he con be hit, but on the other occasions he turns his spikes towards you.
You can duck most of the fireballs, but sometimes he fires o low shot which you must jump over. When he is dead you will appear on lap of the oven, Walk past the level entrance and go into the deep freeze.
You must kill os many penguins os possible because otherwise they will follow you. You must use ihe tactic I mentioned earlier ta get past some of the higher walls. The snowmon ot the end of the level con only be hit when he's in snowmon form.
He’s invincible when he becomes a snowball. Watch for the icicles; if you stand between them you will not get hurt. If you kill the snowmon then you are aworded four hearts per life.
Oooooioo Pugsley Pugsley is in the top room. There ore three types of very harmful nasty on this level. The ball and chains can be dodged by jumping post when they are at the furthest point away from you. The nasty who fires the disk con be killed by jumping ot him when the disk hos past you.
Once he is dead the disk disappears.
Finally the chains of disks can be dodged by walking post when the chain hos just past you.
Some of these choins olso appear in the Gronny level.
You must also use the cannon bolls os launch pods for jumps, os in the other levels.
To kill the boss you must jump on the top of his head when the discs leave the screen. Be quick though, they reappeor very quickly. Duck in a comer the rest of the time, so you can't be hit.
Uncle Fester Go into the top left room. Uncle Fester is here, but the level is quite long. The jumping nasties are easy to kill - just jump on them when they oreot their lowest point In the cose of the flying ones, kill them when they ore o standard jump's distance awoy. The some goes for the unicycle boddies in the majority of cases, os well os for the green men, the Knights, who are unarmed, and for the men on green ducks with lances.
There ore also knights in this level who throw swords. Jump on them when they turn their backs ta you. The suits of armour con be dodged by walking post when the mace just passes you.
If a jump is required, then use a low-powered one, and woit until the moce is halfway through its swing, later on you will come across Book Worms. Use the unicyde tactic on them.
The paperweights ore best avoided, but if you must kill them use the unicyde tactic ogain, only this time be quick, because the weights move very fast. There are also spring- powered baddies, who follow you like the penguins.
Jump Ot them when they ore at the lowest point of their hop. You will come to a room with o train in it. The trock will kill you, os will the sharp cogs. To avoid them look at their positioning, you can either jump over them, or duck under them.
If you are going to jump over them then stand on the funnel of the engine. If you wont to duck, then stand on the lowest point of the train, and duck.
The witch is very hard to kill, you must jump on her when she's at the lowest point of her swoop. You also hove to use Fester as a jumping point by standing on his head. When she's dead, exit the level.
Morticia Go into the middle room and wail for the music to stop. The wall at the right side of the room drops and you can go in the door. In the third maze room go left until you reach a door.
This leads to a money pit and two new doors. The left door leods to a bonus room and the right door leads to o new level. All the nasties here use a movement pattern that some other sprite uses elsewhere in the game.
Addams Family finder
1. The room ta the bottom right (Conservatory) contains
2. The room above this (Kitchen) contains Gronny
3. The top room (Gomes room) contains Pugsley.
4. The room to the lop left (Portrait Gallery) contains Fester.
5. Morticia is in the middle room (Music Room). Don't forget you
hove to save the others first.
The bird uses the pattern of the green flying eye in the snowman level. The green blob moves the some as the bouncing flame in the oven. The rolling rock moves the same as the snowbolls in the deep freeze.
There are skulls and boll ond choins too.
There are also fish which con be killed by swimming over them ond touching your feet on them. Be warned though becouse you move slowly in the water. There ore flyi g mouse like foces os well, who move the some as the flying nasties in the gorden level.
To kill the end of level boss you must dodge the hammers. Stand on the right most part of the law right ledge when you wgnt to hide, To begin with he jumps to the right. To attock him jump onto the top of the pedestal and jump down on him.
After your first ottock, he hops once on the top of the pedestal and then jumps to the left.
From now on however he hops once on the pedestal, then down onto the ground in the middle ond then to the right. He hops once more on the top of the pedestal, then on the middle ground and then ta the left. When he's deod you've won! Enjoy the end sequence!
Addams Family codes
1. Pugsley = V1193 1 Granny = VAZ1X
3. Wednesday = VD916
4. Fester = VL9KD
5. 3 hearts per life = &1 IF
6. 4 hearts per life = ?1 KM.
GRAPHICS AND VIDCO RCAL3D 2 ART DCPT PRO MORPH PLUS DPAINT 4 RGA DPAINT 4 SCCNCRV ANIMATOR 4 VISTA PRO 3 MAKC PATH TCRRAFORM SCALA MM21Q SCALA MM300 £378 5 £134 ° £136r £ 66.0 £ 59.9 £ 54.0' £ 44 o £ 230 £ 23.9 £ P.O £ P.O AMIGA A4000 030 The some specifications os it's big brother but designed around the 68030 processor. The A4QQO. 030 comes uuith o Hord Drive, 1 + 1 RAM ond UJ8 3.0. We are recognised in the Amiga community as one of the leading specialists in Hard Drives and Mass Data Storage.
MUSIC STCRCO MASTCR BARS 6 PIPCS PRO TCCHNOSOUND TURBO £789 £74.9- £28.95 £43,9° £64.Qf £89 9f £ 390 £ 190 £2121’ £234i D6SHTOP DYNAMITC PACK The desktop Dynamite Pack contains 5 pieces of software written specifically for the AGA chipset, which includes DpointAGA, UjordijuorthAGA, Oscar ond other uuith o totol street value of over £300, (PLCASC ADD £40 FOR DTD PACK) £2100 £178.0 £2901 £246' £490: UTIIITI€S X-COPV PRO (FOR 2+2 PLCASC ADD £69) qq roUTC PLUS 85 Mb version - £899 340Mb version- £1099 LATTICC C V6.1 130Mb version - £969 426Mb version- £1199 DIRCCTORV OPUS 200Mb version -£999 540Mb
version- £1299 VIDCO BACKUP SVSTCM 250Mb version - £1039 QUARTCRBACK TOOLS AiftflA D€V PACK 3 AMIGA A1200 v,Di , 2 The A1200 sports many of the features of the A4000 pi$ TANT SUNS V4 2 series. Based oround the 68020 processor tuith 2Mb of RAM ond UJB 3.0 os standard. A full range of Hord Drives ore also available for the A1200.
Bosic A1200 - £289 120Mb H.D version - £494 40Mb H.D version - £388 170Mb H.D version • £528 60Mb H.D version - £445 200Mb H.D version - £548 WORD PROCESSOR & DTP 85Mb H.D version * £468 256Mb H.D version - £578 UUORDIUORTH 2
510 HP 550C AMIGA A4000 040 The flagship of the Commodore AMIGA
Sosed around the 68040 processor. Comes uuith a Hord Drive, 2+4 RAM and UU0 3.0. 85 Mb version -£1899 340Mb version- £2069 130Mb version - £ 1919 426Mb version - £2149 200Mb version -£1939 540Mb version- £2299 250Mb version - £1979 I OV€RDRIV€ 35 j sjj These external hard drives come in on jm W R6S box styled to HV 4 match the Rmigo [ R1200. They plug in W via the PCMCIA slot ond include on external PSU SO OS not invalidate your Commodore war- O f rority uitro fast O' ifer rotes of up to 2Mb sec. Full 1 year war- oil the software needed to mount ond pf gore the drive is
) 9c «5b version -£299 340Mb version- £449 ) q -lb version - £349 426Mb version- £549 ¦f c, version - £399 540Mb version- £699
7. 95 r-» too UPGRADCS 1( f SCSI RAM BOARD board is user
fittable via the trapdoor vision slot of the fl 1200. It hos
slots for up to of 32bit RAM, o moths co-pro ond includes o j
pt interface os standard.
I99 31 NO FPU £179.00 ) 50 RAM 33MHz FPU £349.00 CR8LC HIT £ 59.00 P ft 1230 BOARD :her quality trapdoor expansion for the
00. It features a 68030 processor os standard hos slots for o
moths co-pro and up to 8Mb 2bit RAM.
3 NO FPU £269.00 0 RAM 40MHz FPU £439.00 P ACCCSSOAICS Ahz 68882 FPU ¦Hz 68882 FPU ¦ 32bit RAM 32bit RAM 4 ARM BOARD budget expansion boord fits vio the trapdoor s 2x32bit SIMM sockets for up to 8Mb of nory, o 16MHz 68881 FPU. Ond o battery
* ed clock fitted os standard.
1 with 0Mb RAM. 68881 £ 99.00 with 1Mb RAM 68881 £129.00 ¦ with 4Mb RAM 68881 £229.00 ID€ INTCANfll HARD DAIVC KITS These Hits come complete with screuus, instructions ond oil the softwore necessary to prep ond configure the drive.
We offer a full fitting, installation and advice service to anybody interested in upgrading or adding a Hard Drive to system.
40Mb-£139 6GMb-£119 80Mb-£179 120Mb-£279 209Mb-£399 R4000 UPGRADCS PHOTON (FOR A4000 030) This board uuil transform on Amiga A4000 030 into
o fully fledged 040. It features o 040 CPU module ujith o MMU ond
o built-in FPU running ot 25MHz.
PHOTON UPGRAD6 £699 HCUFIR4 (FOR A4000 030) This is o replacement CPU board for the A4000 030. It features o 50 Mhz clock speed, a built in MMU ond o 50 Mhz 68882 FPU. Vour 030 uuill only be 10% slower thon on 040 during most operations.
HCLLF IRC UPGRRDC £299 DKB 128 The DM8 128 is o 0 woit state memory expansion boord for the R4000 series. It hos slots for up to 128Mb of 32bit RAM using SIMMS of any size. It is o true ZORRO 3 cord which mokes for a very fast boord.
DH8 BOARD (BLANK) £269 (See chips for memory) A full range of Amiga products are available from our mail order service at:- SOFTWARE DEMON Ltd.
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85Mb - £129.00 330Mb - £299.00 130Mb - £149.00 426Mb - £369.00 200Mb - £199.00 540Mb - £399.00 250Mb - £249.00 FITTING FCC FOR fl 1200 £ 29.00 CHIPS 1Mb SIMM £39.00 4Mb SIMM £134.00 25MHz 68882 FPU £ 89.00 33MHz 68882 FPU + CRYSTAL £ 99.00 40MHz 68882 FPU + CRYSTAL £129.00 CD32 CONSOIC This machine represents the future in home entertainment ond video gome ploy. R self-contained CD console which you can expand into O full CD based home computer. CD32 comes complete with two stunning AGA gomes.
All FOR JUST £279 Expert views on the latest applications ast time we looked at various ways of using Intuition, the Amiga's Graphic User Interface, from within Arexx. In particular we looked at RcxxARPLib library v3.0, as an excellent example of a utility that bnngs the machine's graphic system within reach of the user, with a minimum of fuss.
To recap: Intuition's graphics facilities cannot be accessed directly from Ahexx, so instead we launch a semi-independent Arexx unit (a host) which can access these features, This unit takes care of all the drudge work involved in opening windows, handling mouse-clicks, requesters, menus and so on. Our Arexx program then uses special commands that act on the host, in order to produce the desired results.
These commands are quite similar to their corresponding Intuition functions, so programming with a graphic library like RexxARPLib.libnuy is not too different from ’real" system programming. It is however much easier, since most of the 'overhead* of details is taken care of by the host.
In fact, all the programming that we do when we handle Intuition in this way is pure Arexx. There is no “real* system programming involved. The RexxARPLlb host adds an extra Arexx layer between us and the system.
This is in contrast to some libraries which allow you to make direct system calls, anti arc hence a little more dangerous to use. The trade-off is a small loss of flexibility and speed which should not bother most users.
Before we leave this subject I would like to dwell on a few things which may puzzle a newcomer, I assume that most of you reading this far have either already obtained a copy of RexxARPLib, or are planning to do so.
In any case it is a very worthw hile piece of software, and should be in the libs: drawer of all Arexx users. It should Ik- obtainable from most PI) libraries.
If you already own a book on Arexx. And you got a free disk with it. The chances are you already have it.
Make sure it is v3.0, since it has more features, and earlier versions gave problems with Workbench 2.x, I will use the ‘graph.re xx" example supplied as part of the distribution to illustrate. This example is good because it shows what can he done in a relatively small Arexx program, and also has lots of rcx m for improvement.
First a comment about the line that goes “ADDRESS COMMAND runwsh..." in line 79. As you can probably guess 'runwsh" is an external command, and you will not have it unless you are using Bill Hawes replacement mark is optional. You can also replace lines 8085 (wh wait for the port to appear before proceeding) with the t elegant: AMDS C0""AN9 'VaitforPort GRAPHNOST' but this is by no means essential. Then, to run die grap program simply make sure that the “graph.rexx" file is in i directory you have assigned as REXX:, or simply in your rent directory or path, and type a command like the below
at the Shell; rs 'CALL 6nph(1 Rue' ,100 -5 S ' *t)1 )" Newer users will notice that since our graphing progr has the suffix Vrcxx it can he called as a macro from will another program (in other words, just as if it was an Are function itself).
The next thing to notice (line 90), i the tw o IDCMP Hags w hich have been t This means that the window will noti our program if we try to either resize it close it. The code between lines 273-3 (especially between lines 273*287), sh how we process the loops which wait Arexx messages.
The functions used are found in th “rexxsupport,library". This general tec nique of waiting at a port for a messag should be totally familiar to anyone wa ng to do serious Amiga programming. W® have discussed it at length a number times already, and nearly all books Amiga programming describe it.
If you are programming in C Assembler, there are several other deu to attend to as well, but the Arexx versifl is nice and simple. You will also now for the Amiga Shell. Wshell. Wshell is not widely used ml UK, even though it is a very good program; on the other hi it is extremely popular in the USA. Bill Hawes, of course | the author of Arexx.
This command is used for launching the host asyt nously, and as you will have seen from Iasi week’s c can be replaced by the following line, which does the i job.
JtDtRESS (OMAHA f«ft ft '22'i || ’CALI CrtittMoitUGRtPHNOSTYGftAPHmT')* || '22'i It is essential to nuke this replacement if you want the | gram to work. In fact, if you ever have American .ARexx I ware that appears not to work, it is always a good idei I check that "mnwsh" is not being used, I have been caught out by this a number of times, dun in the above example, the code for the double quot marks ('22’x) is specifically included. This preserves the i tation marks when the line is passed to AmigaDOS. And I actual command line tlut is used reads: run ri “(ALL
CreiteHoitCSIAPHHOST' filAPBPOIT*)" You may already know that the last (closing) double Easie I AREXX B the formula to Ix* plotted is entered as a string of characters quotes. Then the program relic* on AkcXX s powerful PRET instruction (line s9) to work out the individual point program (lines 127-181). Secondly, if the window is steed down to its minimum possible size, the program crashes due to a division by zero.
On Workbench 2.0+ machines this problem is more marked, because the system 'zoom' gadget automatically sends the window down lo this tiny size. This could Ix- fixed by specifying a minimum size for the graph window, but unfortunately our library has no direct way of doing this.
These problems are the tradeoffs for using a user-friendly library like RexxARPLib. If you were using more ‘direct* libraries, like APIG or RxGen instead, both of the above problems could be easily corrected, but it may Ix easier to make other mistakes, especially if you are new to this. You pays your money and you takes vour chances... means that any function you use in your formula, must rfined in Arexx. Therefore, il you want to use trigonometric arithmic functions, you should make sure that you have a maths library (e.g.. Rexx.Muthl.iblibrary) installed. Since i library is usually
distributed together with RcxxARPLib, and
• same author, this should be no problem ere are two other minor
problems with this program and it Sructive to look at them.
They are illustrated in the aeeom- ; diagram.
Irstly, if the window is made fairly small, then the graph ws over the top bar of the window, This problem is not due ? The system, but merely to the simplistic algorithm used for the Th.s is not too serious in a simple demo program like this; it I have been cured by setting the GIMMEZEROZERO flag, but
* flag is not implemented in the library (il it was, it would
have I specified in line 91 along w ith the other flags).
Without it the window draws in all of its area, including tlx* top As it is. The problem must Ix- compensated from within the I hope that the main article has shown how easy It can be to implement an Intuition interface to your Arexx scripts. For a relatively small investment In time your work can look really professional.
Raphics still Creating independent executable utilities If you are creating utilities that get used by other people too, especially people less familiar with computers, you can help them avoid the CLI and use a friendlier mouse and requester interface.
In fact, for those special little hacks that lust need to get done, rather than requiring attention to speed or compactness, Arexx may be better than the so-called professional languages, since it allows interactive experimentation during the design process.
This is the reason why Arexx became popular among developers in the first place, even before it was embraced and bundled by Commodore.
If you write little programs like this, it might niggle you that they still have to be launched from the Shell, especially if you are trying to stick to a Workbench environment There are a number of things you can do to package your scripts in a more Workbench-friendly environment.
You can write a one-line AmigaDOS script that launches the program, and attach it to an icon using the IconX utility (refer to your AmigaDOS documentation).
Remember that H you are trying to lose the Shell you will also lose the ability to launch a program with parameters, and the program will have to receive all parameters while it is running.
If you do not like the inconvenience of having three separate flics (the DOS script, the Arexx script and the icon file) you could use the excellent PO program, IcortJ, which does the same job as IconX, but much better. And also lets you link the script and the icon into only one file!
IconX and IconJ still use a CLI window for output, but you can disable this by specifying the NIL: device instead of a particular window in the tool types.
Of course, you should only do this if your program has absolutely no text output, such as that due to the SAY instruction. Should you decide to use NIL: for your output - unless you hsve taken special steps - error messages will be lost too.
If you are using s 100 per cent Intuition environment, you must make sure everything (including errors) get handled by Intuition. For a beginner it is probably much better to have the CLI window present too, just as a safety backup.
Another possible avenue is the use of tha freely distributable program ‘ExecRexx(As you can see there is no shortage of helpful PO Arexx programs.) This utility will package your utility into a fully executable file, just like a commercial application. This also provides a way to hide your code should you be so selfish. Of course the Arexx installation must still be present for your program to run.
Finally, serious programmers, who wish to produce commercial or company in-house material using Arexx but want a little extra edge on speed, should consider the heavyweight RexxPlus Arexx compiler from the Oineen Edwards group In the USA.
In the second part of his Arexx graphics series, Alex Gian shows how sometimes Arexx can actually be better than low-level languages 'TKtUt Chd&i Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press. Please send cheque PO (mode out to Premier Mail Order) Access Visa No, and expiry date to; Dept AC71, 9-10 The Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 3JJ. Tel: 0268*271172 Fax: 0268*271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. We Are Open 364 DtoyS Ye *i* P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for
Rest of the World. Next day delivery service available £4 per il (E&OE) I lilable £4 per item 30 Owniscr KI 2 A-Ttjr «» »« 2293 mjriarac? :nw kttOMhtiEiapAi A13G Artut |USA)..... VaWnMh**?
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NEW! Amiga CD32 Dangerous Streets Pack Commodore’s Fantastic CD ROM Console £279 Amiga 4000 30 PHONE FOR LATEST PRICES and RAM Disk Configurations Mouse + Workbench 3 + Manuals (All A4000.-1200.-'600 Prices include Home Maintenance) "Delta “Pi SofttMVte Atd 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) nAiiAnAriAiiAnAriAiiAn a n a n a n a n a n n a u n n 11 a ha As time goes by... Where to put the camera The line he first feu days of shooting arc going well and apan from the occasional hiccup, you're on schedule for glorious victory. Never mind that the
actors burst into hysterics during one of the film's more serious and melancholy moments or that despite constant coaching, the clapper boy keeps running in and marking the shot when the tape hasn't men rolled yet.
Yes, there's nothing quite like returning after a hard day's graft on the set and settling down into your favourite armchair and wondering when you're going to he rich and famous... to watch the rushes of the day's shoot.
Only a few glaring foreheads through lack of make-up glisten hack up to you front the glowing screen and the odd moments of convulsive camera shake as the lens operator gets his or herself ready for the shot half-way through the take.
Indeed, at the rate you're going, the local premiere promised to all friends and neighbours looks as if it could be a resounding success instead of a 20-minute cringe and squirm in the discomfort of a town hall chair.
With the shot lust decreasing rapidly every day. It’s good to keep in mind some of the classic film mess ups that can be spotted in many movies and television programmes today The prime candidate is continuity. If you're planning to shoot a large scale production for your next project then it is advised that a continuity person is used to keep track of any mistakes that could happen - clothes suddenly changing from one shot to the next because in reality, there was a two-day gap between each of them and die actors lorget exactly what they were wearing because they were too involved with
the script.
The way to solve this logistical nightmare is an observant per- Imagine a line drawn between two people.
The camera, while shooting a conversation between the two, must not cross over that line when cutting between them... i son with notepad, pen and a Polaroid camera with plenty of film There's nothing more accurate for practical and easy reference than a picture of the actors, location and so on.
Another problem encountered is falling Miind schedule - hassles often arise from nowhere tliat can be related to location and other factors. Sometimes, a shot takes longer than previously planned for. Or on the day you just have a better idea for shooting a scene.
Solving this dilemma involves the PA juggling the remainder of the schedule, slicing off times from different shots and the director seeing if there are any shots that can be dropped. The process of video making is about adapting and shifting within a given situation.
There are many things to learn to avoid or to do on a shoot which are ley mi by gening out there and experiencing it for yourself.
Practice makes perfect... ... or what to look out for as the rest of the shoot hurtles by in the fifth instalment of Adam Phillips’s vivid retelling of the videomaking story VIDEO It appears that they are talking to each Other because one head is on the right ol frame, the other on the left as you were standing there flicking between the two.., Tread carefully The line has been crossed and It now appears that they are talking from the same position and direction and perhaps to another person altogether because their heads are on the same side of the frame.
As each shooting day passes, its usual human psychology tor people to become tired and a little more edgy than usual. Mistakes can be made and accidents can happen through carelessness.
Your role as the director is to keep the crew and cast motivated through encouragement, organisation, keeping the pace of the shooting schedule as swift as possible and above all by letting people have fun with what they are doing.
There is little point of being a military dictator on set because it gnaws away at people's patience especially in an amateur group - until you're told where to go and put your opinion.
Apart from the mental, physical hazards must be kept to absolute minimum - a badly placed light could topple over and smash, eating unnecessarily into your already limited budget or in worst case scenarios, left by a particularly flammable object that doesn't take too kindly to being gently cooked for a few minutes. When on location in someone else's premises, make sure that everybody treads carefully - vases and other breakables seem to beg for the accident prone elbow to shove them off the edge of the mantelpiece into oblivion.
If using Blu-Tac or other adhesive substances, don't put it on wallpaper to be ripped off half an hour later with most of a Laura Ashley design attached to it.
Some of this may sound obvious but in the excitement of a shoot, there are times when even the professionals out there treat their locations as if they were in a dog kennel and not somebody's home.
When using large lengths of cable trailing across the floor where cast and crew are in risk of tripping up. Use gaffer tape to adhere the wires to the floor (remember to take it off gently).
Above all, remember to remain commonsensi- cal and don't take chances that could cause risk to either person or property.
available on the FUNTIME MENU including PINKY and FUNKY, SEX
fun to use with o microphone.
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WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We reserve the right to reject machine* which, In our opinion, am beyond repair- Normal charge applies!
Lot of new Amiga owners Will have joined us over die ¦ 1 Christmas period and there'll doubtless lx- i|uitc a lew L W ¦ Midi users looking for help w ithin these pages.
This being so, 1 thought I d kick off by telling you about a little gdgct that has proves! To lie immensely useful in my own Midi ftvek It's called the MA36 Midi Analyser and is made by a compa- Bv called StudioMaster (who are probably lx*st known for their iudio mixing desks).
One side of your Midi interface is not working.
Experienced users will know however that it is far more likely tliat either tlie lead linking the Midi interface’s Midi-out con- ncctor to the synthesizers Midi-in is faulty, or that the synth is set to a channel number which is different to the one the sequencer is transmitting its data on.
In short, your first instinct should lx* to check the most obvious and likely things first (including making sure that the correct Midi sockets have been used and that all connectors have been properly pushed in).
The MA36 Midi Analyser costs £32 including p&p, Details from StudioMaster on Tel: 0S82-570370. Trust me - if you have more than a passing interest in Midi then this little gadget is well worth checking out. I suspect that I'll be using mine for as long as I continue working with Midi - probably forever.
Magic Paul Overaa takes a look at a reasonably priced piece of Midi diagnostic hardware that is guaranteed to help Amiga Midi users avoid unnecessary fault-finding grief The MA36 is a battery powered unit which measures about 7 X 12 x 3cm, has an on off switch and two Midi sockets (Midi-in and a Midi-thru) As your Midi data passes through the unit the MA36 identifies the ncoming messages and displays die appropriate real-time informa- bon using two sets of LEI) indicator lights situated on the front panel The indicators on the left-hand side of the display provide details of the message types
being received while those on the right let you see what channels are being used.
Now Midi communications in general are relatively trouble-free, but occasionally the odd snag will anse and, particularly in the early days, it can lx: difficult to figure out exactly where things are going Wrong.
You might inadvertently connect up some leads die wrong way- round. Or use a lead tliat is faulty' (eg broken internally).
Your synth may not lx- sending die messages you think it is due Id the wav it lias been programmed or your sequencer may lx Midi ignoring certain types of messages without you being aware of it.
At times like this you want a quick way of seeing whether the expected Midi messages are being traasmitted or received and the MA36 is an ideal tool for these ty pes of operations, best of all it is one of those delightful little lioxes that you don't need to he a genius to use!
Supposing, for example, that you've got an Amiga sequencer program running with a Midi keyboard connected to it via a Midi interface*.
As various tracks have been played you've manually switched to different synth voices during each recording believing that this should generate the required program change Midi messages which will then be stored in your sequences.
On playback the synthesizer doesn't change voices and on examining the sequences you find the program change events aren't present in tlx* sequence data.
Is the program change data really being sent by the synth. Or are the messages arriving but not Ixing stored in the sequence? Just unplug the lead carrying the synthesizer's Midi messages to the Amiga, and plug in the MA36. Switch it on and manually change the synth's voice - you'll instantly see whether or not a program change message gets transmitted because the appropriate MA36 Midi channel number and program change lights will Hash.
If the messages arc l*ing generated by the synth then it's obvious that vour sequencer settings will need to lx- altered (perhaps the default behaviour is to filter out such program change messages).
If the messages aren't being transmitted in the first place then you’ll know that it is the synth settings that have to lx- changed.
Either way the MA36 can point you in the right direction instantaneously and needless to say that can save a lot of time and aggro because it takes the guesswork out of these types of fault-finding exercises.
As with most areas of fault finding, a bit of common sense goes a long way with Midi If, for instance, your synthesizer seems to trigger the sequencer when recording. Ixit on replay nothing seem to come back to the synth. Tlx*n one outside possibility would lx* that Amiga-64-Link
• Links C64 peripherals to Amiga parallel port • C64 £i2l
required Connects C64 printers to the Amiga
• Supports MPS. DPS. VIC. Star, Brother. Seikosha & Citizen
• Graphics output on dot-matrix printers • Works with all
software Transfers C64 disk files to the Amiga A1200 Only 1856
1200 SlkMio* I Mantel Rci Y 1857 I20C Sjtde*ho« 2 Wid Lfe V
1858 1200 5, dm* 3 Crwi Mirprt Y 1859 1200 Sudnhn* 4 art* Y iW
l2WS,iW$ am L- Tkptr • 1873 Fmiaty S '» |Y« 2 dim Y CLIP ART ¦
1396,9 CHURCH t BIBLE 4 D«k
• 1406 STUDENTS IfiSrUpis*
• '407 BUSINESS CLIP Office ire
• IM4 01YWC 22 ***•¦« pk» . 1505 SEALiFE 48 its irtalKj wn
• 1506A’b SPORTS 1 Sport* 2 dtkt
• I402GRLS 1920* style art . 1507A6 SCHOOL Eilv M 2Dek»
• 1395 HqftNBACK HwiM'ikn pn
• 1508 SLOOMETTES Shade* pK* . 1510 SHOWTIME JT relied ck
• 1509 VEGGIES Wal*d pcnm
• 15118 TEDDY BEARS a* too
• I512F0006KITCH ?di*k,
• 15)3 MORE SPORTS abort 40 pk
• 1514 AMHALS wld I p«
• 1515 CATS Wild 6 pel moapci
• 1516 HOLIDAY'S PvWk H oh
• 1525,5 E PUNCH imaglCLRS dis-n
• 1527 OFFICE 32 p« bjjpmwi
• 1J92A 6 KD5 lit plffi I iK 2 Dttki
- 1405A WEDONCS Good I wied ASSASSINS PACKS Pack IOGar«*Dltki9l
ICO Pack 11 Game* Disk* 101 110 Pock l2Ga-«D»kj III 120 Pack
I3G»re*Disks 121 130 Arty l«n ASI game* disks US Yi
• File transfer programs • Read Write text, binary & program
files Standard "Ami-64-Link £35.25 Prices include VAT and
delivery Budget "Ami-64-Link" £23.50 Budget stops multi-tasking
during pnnting n York Electronic Research (0904) 610722 S The
Paddocks, Jockey Lane, Huntington, York Y03 9NE EXCLUSIVE PD 7
Eer«lord Goa. Watatooville.
ALL Hampshire P07 5U1 Td: 107051M2409 everyone Office hours; l0am-7pm MonTri. I0am-3pm Sat. urnMr AuottapcQ WhlDflQBfl ftrtLfrary ijttWto Cvgrcstc 464 *x« E3 tiltlMOFiDtt myrmni tSO’GonrOttfZ ST-13 to! Sifu« kiTsaPcrtn tSlM rtrr (rqFtnOTP) '*a Engoe M t :wr?vus3«s:a The friendly Amiga users - PD service for SOMETHING FOR DEMOS IKW to-A-Hx Ns:t tonne turn 5»:»SKri S*ns xpoHi?
TSJDspi ftc*akS»3?n tt
* rt»rv Flaw9** NruiJwB Siiry rlTrra Wtn it*2SniC21 tent to OmoR*
:*iu Jtibi .53 Snft3«tait8 rfvsChFs AGA SLIDESHOWS ?4Sr gtaiB
Vi SoAlyi! I vitaxnini MltWWVQ) AWScati S«WJ8!,M BfiuiKniS
Mulltra S05*n f«nrSMB l:rtttatrtT| WcauaSnfr ficwj n i2i
KrttS4XHUi414 HlWNUIttSMBlWD w* STOCK; LSD Legal Toett Fwd Fith
Panirami APOC Scop* Amlcut Attmint Garnet IMG Oist MaguiMt
Grijavir* «tc.
Mu* a rtidr tvMi uf wi tiuwi* A» ,.n ViiKKn inducting 484 onkj wrtiMri.
Calaipjie Disk Irte aim your llrtl order Him 9x45jJn VCTB Ditty km StKfcc2lhiri»1|?; LSO Tt« KJC512 tittc«142 CihkR JK142 stfjw
• Nfwrtrj CriO Smitml iRjaCuxici* ausutteuH ClJt Titles
AldUtibpvte fTSUqt Lk Sop. Bnpt Md Of par t*. **|&+per to
OripniKytittiEuMvtFI) For conYen*nc«, Exclusive PD operates a
monthly bulletin service for its members to ensure you are
aware ot all new software as it is available Phone for full
details of the benefits of membership IF WE HAVEN'T GOT IT ...
WE LL GET IT AT NO EXTRA CHARGE Softcell Services 25 Maywood.
Brynna. Pontyclun, CF7 9PZ 2 Order HOTLINE 0443 238630 ?
99p per DISK plus £1.00 p&p per order ;2St£o lOOO's of programs Available - Free Catalogue - Great PC Library' GREAT AMIGA OFFERS Tht Prrmier Ultrao of Walts • Saw t.staNishtil over S stars ¦ 1000« wtitfitd nuumrn mirUlwidt BUSINESS
• 166; romMC v 3 mmjc Caiir
• 1560 DATABASE MAST EH A no* . 1599 FAMILY HIST Ofwok j al . I
MB AROfklST twy deU ,lw*
• 1556 NOTEBOOK makftotfi
• 15+4 TVTWO TUTOR PtKtoe IS6C SPREAD I QBA5E Spicwt 6 DB 1367
• 1392 P SUITE Make Dak “Im
• 1393 A-GENE Genealogy . 1376 A"JBAS£PR0 Bril DelaK.*- 1375 Rim
5 Rriaucrwl Dtuw EDUCATIONAL .1690 MATHS 0filll lur ya*3 . 1691
A D SCIENCE 4 disk fvoo* 1297 TBEAS SEARCH F.nd it!
1274 LEARN L WAY I Ma(h.
1275 LEARN L HAY 2 MiiKi Drill 1284 EDUCATION I Geimanetc 1283 EDUCATX3N2 Globe Drawmap 1386 EDUCATION J Eiriulun (U .1287 EDUCATION! Weath Gaully
• 191 i J SHOOT EMGirnY . '.911 LERXECESS Manir*n Gwr* Y
• 1624 AM05 CRICKET Y
• 2300 WEBlf WORLD Y
• 2002 LEDGfNGSY
• 2003 NRGMIftY . 1935 TAKE EM OUT Y
• 1036 RESCUE V LM *re»i |C*ei rrkMW ASSASSfS Gam* Dukt M» All
LU ee» o OC 00 Yoo, Mottauord or com pony k* juo» o««ptfd foe
"“"tdkm dctpokh.
Prkes maybe ufyirt to a 7% umharge cm credit card* ond 0 company cheques Ckpquci poyoblt to Shoyc HE.
Tel: 081 880 3227 Fox: 081 880 3748 DON'T FORGET THE MEMORY ? External IDE HDD for Amiga A500 A500+.
? Internal IDE HDD for Amiga A1500 2000 3000 4000.
? Memory conveniently expand able to 2 4 6 8 Mb by using 1 Mb x 4 zips on Alfo, AT-Bus 2008 & Octogon.
? Easy instalation, just plug in and go.
? Auto boot, auto configure ond zero wait states.
EZEH Alfa, 170 Mb IDE I9MS C299 Alfa, 252 Mb IDE I4MS £350 Aka, 345 Mb IDE 14MS £450 Alfa, 560 Mb IDE 10MS £599 GVP HD8+ 170 Mb WMS £450 GVP HDE+ 345 Mb 14MS £550 GVP HD8+ 560 Mb 10MS £699 ) A600 1200 2.5" DRIVES 60 Mb & cable - £159 85 Mb & cable 17 MS £195 1200 Mb & cable 17MS £229 170 Mb & cable - £299 210 Mb & cable - £350 ) CONTROLERS A500 Alfa power idle £99 GVP HD8+ £185 KD Trifecto EC £159 ICD Trifecfa SCSI-2 & IDE £215 A1500 2000 3000 4000 BSC AT-Bus 2008 IDE £75 BSC Oktogon 2008 SCSI-2 £149 GVPHC8+ £129 ICD Trifecta LX £149 ) BARE DRIVES SCSI 170 Mb 21MS £199 240 Mb I4MS £279 340 Mb
I4MS £299 560 Mb I0MS £499
1. 0 Gb I0M5 £850
2. 0 Gb IOMS £1299
3. 0 Gb I0MS £2250
4. 0 Gb 10MS £2699 IDE 130 Mb 10MS £CALL 1 Mb SIMMS 30 pin 1 Mb
SIMMS 72 pin £35 4 Mb SIMMS 30 pin £115 £40 4 Mb SIMMS 72 pin
* •«* .»l|n- li citift In » VI MilcnQ. Ittt 170 Mb 17MS £199 250
Mb 14MS £250 340 Mb - £299 560 Mb IOMS £499
1. 0 Gb 10MS £850 SYQUEST wihcgwt ...at a price YOU can afford 44
Mb £295 88C Mb r ; v 14 £369 105 Mb £000 105 Mb £CALL External
box & cables add £75 I OPTICAL Fujitsu 128 Mb *vi ki caxt
Internal £699 External £755 PART EXCHANGE WELCOME FREP one box
of 10 DD DISKS with every order over £100 placed before March
31, 1994.
COMMS pulink.co.uk*. and then you're in Now you can do directories and CL) around the place as it the FUN FT system was your own. Except that being a huge Unix box there are up lo 250 other people doing live same tiling at tlx* same time with very little slowup.
You use the GET command to pull Files from FUNET and pass them to CIX. Then you use SEND to send them from CIX to your Amiga. The whole process is very painless and useful.
If you want to go into an Aminet sit. They have all tlx latest Files from Fred Pish, plus all the latest graphics demos, product information and support Files, everything you could wish for. Miss Chew, tlx World of the Internet is a big and scary plate, but it is wonderful tcx»!
• Finally for this month, to plug his BBS: Sanders writes be mail
has been piling up over the last fete months so I thought note
imuld he a good time to bate a quick question and ansuer
session. Firstly many thanks to all of your uho send mail and
letters in response to the column.
Your comments are alums read and noted, although no! Alums repliitl to. I tty to reply to all my correspondents on email if can.
Hit you know bow it is. Pressure of uork blab Nab Anyway, the first letter is from H Bond of York and he's into Radio Comms.
‘I would like to ask a question alxxit Radio Comms. I have just changed from die BBC to an Amiga A2000 2Mb. Now I always buy Amiga Computing, Ixit 1 haven't seen anything on Radio Comms. If it's possible could you give me some info on SSTV and FAX Transceive for the Amiga? Or is the Amiga just a games computer? I hope you can help Ixit the York area is very Kid for Amiga into."
Wake up and smell the coffee, buddy The York area bad for .Amiga info? Is it cut off by moats? Is it a space flight away from your nearest newsagent5 1 think not. Wlx-re have you Ixxfl since 1985?
The .Amiga is a leading comms computer, and I use mine for comms all the time. In spite of the fan you just insulted everyone reading this page. III cut you a break.
I just happen to have a disk full of radio comms software from the Internet, and just because I'm and old softie I II send it lo you.
Now don t let me ever hear such nonsense talk again You might also seek out an old copy ol The Radio Hackers Code Book by George Sass x n (published by Duckworth). Its an old Ixxik. And probably out of print, but you might Ix able to get it from Waterstones Btx k Shop (branches everywhere) through their second hand Booksearch Service.
Treading the boards
• P Chew of Somerset emailed nx to ask: “When you talk about PIT
what does that mean, and how can I use it?"
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it’s tlx way all tlx Unix machines on the Internet send Files to each other For example, using CIX you might log onto ftp.funxt.fi, a very gtxxJ Amiga FTP site in Finland.
This isn't an international call, as the lines which connect all the sites on the Internet are owned by the Information Providers and the)' carry the cun.
.All you're doing is talking to CLX like you normally would (it’s very unusual to get something for nothing I think you’ll agree).
Once connected to FUNET you log on as “ftp" with a password of your Net email address, which in my case is ‘snouty@cix.com- Moving base By the way. Any fans of Guru-10 will tell you. One of the Amiga's most muscular BBSs is moving from its long held base in Scotland. From January 17 1994 the board will be moving to darkest Durham, and the new numbers will be: Guru-10 (24 hours, all speeds) Node 1091-378 9934 Node 2 091-378 9935 Here's wishing the sysop a pleasant and hassle-free move, and looking forward to more great stuff from this well liked bulletin board. Good news for Geordies, eh?
The’ll be smaller bills to dial th’Guru, ye'nah.
“The BBS I run is called Mostly Harmless, and it's a 100 per cent Amiga-only BBS. You won't Find a single file for any other machine on it. The BBS is running on an 030 882 33MH hased A500 w ith 0Mb of RAM and 22Mb of on-line storage.
* The board uses a great piece of software called Xenolink I have
Ixen running the Ixiard since January 1993 and have 22-4 users!
The lx ard is also pan of three larger networks, Fidonet
(2:251 ) 1.0), Amiganet (39:134 14.0) and Pafownet
(213:1020,7.0) importing over 125 messages from them all.
“Tlx system is running on an US Robotics 16.8K HST Dual Standard, which will be upgraded to 28.8 V'Fast when C1TT announces it in 1994. I give all users a generous 10.1 download to upload ratio, and I am strongly against piracy and similar things.
“Bad language is not allowed, and Files containing anarchist, hacking, commercial software or pornography are also not allowed. The number of Mostly Harmless is (F05 614824."
Thanks for that Ibis is in answer to all live people w!k emuiJed me and said they were just getting into comms and did I know any good numbers. This is not a phrase guaranteed to make you popular on-line, and it marks you as an annoying neophyte Hunt around for numlxrs. But never ask outright as it just annoys regular users. There are plenty of lists of BBS on-line so look around in the File sections of any Kurd. If there are any other sysops out there tliat wish to write in alxxit their experiences of setting up their own BBS. I'd be interested to hear about it.
Anyone set up a BBS and packed it in for some reason? Or do you run a particularly successful one? Why do you think jxople like your Ixxird?
Comms head Phil South answers your comms questions Write stuff Write to me Phil South, Comms Column, Amiga Computing, Europe House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield. SK10 4NP. Or how about dropping me some email on: C1Xsnoutyedx.compunnlLco.uk Direct connection snouty@dircon.co.uk CompuServe 100102,1500 c 0483 725 905 To View Why wait for your software when you can download now direct to your computer Microtand offers high spiaed connections and most tiles aro compressed tu minimise the cost. Chock it K jul cr. Q48j 2 Q hwrmaUalktorge mjd wrewar o rcr oiinor chace y Cafts to 0091 990 505
charged at 36p per minute cheap rate. 48p per minute afl other times Trevan Designs Ltd. TO Box 13. Aldershot. Hants. GU12 6YX. , t27.9E no pol, FUEE INFORMATION PACK AVAILABLE Amazing Question & Answer system with hand held modules.
Program & Questions discs. Specialized subject disks available soon.
4 way multi choice format. 2 or 4 player.
SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE 028.95 INTERNET CONNECTED Microtand It planning to got connected lo the world's largest network towards the end oI January We w5 be able to provide ful global mail. News, software archive, and interactive services.
Donl mtss out to get connected and explore the wortd of Internet. See online biAetm for details Amiga shareware including files from the Fred Fish Collection plu$ lots more to download at V32bis. V32. V22bis, V22, V23, & HST etc, 8 data bits, no parity Ptoas* aand efiequa payable to SWTTCHSOFT or ring Swrtchaott on 0325 365773 Includo £1.50 P4P Ovbtmbs add E4 n SwnCHSOFTDeptAC39A.26Ridgeway OaHtngtohCo.Ikrham0L31®1. CJ 2 COMPUTER CONTROLLED ROBOTICS 6 pOgm Protects No soaenno required, induces relay module, moor. Ut serscr. Reed swttfi.
Light but. 4 LEDs powerfu software on dsk and FREE ’Guide to Amiga Interlacing' AMAZING SENSOR & CONTROL EXPERIMENTERS KIT 0891 990 505 To Download Temperature & Light Experimenters Kit NEW! SWITCHQUIZ CfWBKBOCN MICROLAND BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM NEW! DUAL MOTOR KIT £28.95. Ideal for buggies & robot arms.
S&Timk a ? * D a a Recovery (part of Upper Disk Tools):
* Very fast retrieval of files from AmigaDOS disks including
damaged or corrupted ones. Both from hard and floppy disks.
* Supports the reading of "File Systems" up to those new to
AmigaDOS 3.1 (even under AmigaDOS 2.04)
* Requires AmigaDOS 2.04 or greater. Runs as a Device & Commodity
Upper Disk Tools is £19.95 (Access VISA Switch) & available
from .. Brian Fowler Computers Limited Tel: 0392 499 755 and
Blittcrsoft Tel Fax: 0908 220196 Or from the Distributor by UK
cheque (p&p included for Europe, LI extra elsewhere):
Wheelbarrow Software Limited. Broad Oak, Two Tree Hill,
Henley-on-Thames. Oxon, RG9 IRQ. (no callers please) AMIGA
PUBLIC DOMAIN ept AC, 43 Badger Close, Maidenhead, Berks SLS
2TE, UK Second lo none. 1st Class Sernce Telephone: 0831 649386
Call 9am to 7pm GVB-PD GRAPHIC UTILS t» fuH A Atinac.
Hnpuwl'ji in 18 litxTw Lbliro IV HialA Cw.ni
1. 75 fatal* fcwin VJ? T.U..J (VMM* Be* I* fV3« («UTtm in LuiBuU
UIO) Culm II 13Kftt.
UW SIDrilv* CiimiuiMi K* HIM Kih Pan U107 Onf*K'CiMlKN
I) IIM Cupl U1W Xcctcn CflMncim Kji U2*S A'M. I’nrf.. Lull I!
DnA.i tW TaCX. Li. The Auttiann CftiYmutn Kn l« TACK Mum
ft4.id.lt. ll»T T A.C It U»m FfcMr.
In* AiImm... ftiui.. UIIO l.wi|iiCinu« mu iitoe mil v l»«i UUT SkbMCmu II 1*4 ClOwClpal I hip imu U(mi: UITI MM »[«ut Id... HIM CuchVtA VJJ* dwir«* i :i« RXI Vhta lta.l|Hl I .’Ml Amui Li*). F.-mw UJ6I KM l.iTn Du* IJIJ ipMTfaW VJA Very *nl l!UH Grata l rr. Put FONTS HM IlMllXftll Lii i..11. Du*: L'il km. But i WJ FvBB ttal * I'M FUN. Bmt|M»Hh '» DplMI 1 41 DyuilM II8-1 r.vH. In I IP-II W* r«n in I*•...!
L'101 1MI l n*ll Inf.
I 2.M Mux LUMP haii_ DISK II BUMS DISK AdRM'H. Nr.iistjtiAR rHft*7) HBASE. SMALL DATAB ASE BtZCALC. LOAN CALCULATOR PLEASE CUT OUT PLEASE CUT OUT PLEASE CUT OUT PHASE CUT OUT PLEASE CUT OUT Please cut out this box and retain the advcrt.Write your disk order dearly In this box.
You may w rite on a piece of paper if you run out of space EDUCATIONAL U7 Int. Lull VI J. l )W Mtf* Mi OifM Auf»ft..j .
WM Onto* WtaWCwdritiDul.
Li 241 Mad m Vtv«J I
1. 1*4 Baft In Vf»4 J
l. ») Kay ir. V.ftv-1 I Hda KM. Alpftahci L»4 Phwu A U«n. Ki)
USD Amp HuiiMitCudr UW» Ou~..ru. 1171 ova roi.vaw ' mi:
anni-ff n«*o Mm ¦ U»i Man. IjrO HJK Mjtau o H«L» U t-ti. M*h
MuJftl! I L'2*4 Lvri* T uir Orr-ul Fm l SfMkilrfUIUlM DIM
!•*(.».. Cult Tain Mi.Uk I UU 1 ilftlif Cr*njrMf ho* PLEASE
S44 A VH an Mai U4) Km ift* t- h B.J.. M 5nm r«|iM AmiWKn |
J Postcode ...Telephone No.
A* ki r |iK AnnuMm Al) IW InU Fngm luiui-i Al 11 l-rf.au C.iUij fWUR.
U. VU *« Rain V I 6
U. U) HK STDOita A h»i iota Uml Co«mn.iK wan larguar.*
U) 7 Plial Sluft.. UU6 P|| Aih *r Atifiitt VI '?
U1.U rnmftl I MnftnihoftUlDal
U. l.li rm.u*. Vtry anal HS7 Mod ) 11 Wun: fnv-m U» RrfuKxk i)
iktl Late! Main Very pul I’M I tan Kato I'lih ’Vi Dnli UIIX
lirftUUna Iml llnki HU IA). PrnJMrf H7B Mm.MlVM) m* LateNw.
Vciy paaj
U) J* Tmm.uI Ekvlncta Cmwl Hill v»|tr»in hull Ul8l h»llam.
Sritiarl HJ1? Vi . A :tonJ i:..k l DDK ) uaa* A ftnnl D A 1
I!Ml lin»Pnan IW. A irftar.
U) l) U¥- WnLUul. Will . Jy DIM tkallif. Mu. Uulr 11| n.A. IU)«
laalfi.ft I mi; ixip.i} ok i tin a Ph.
U) lh IBM PC Emlaan V I hi Ocnu l»C Cm 06t Qalcty lh* UiU vdl krb
«W l)Pm LU17 M«k Aul.u IW.
UI I) AiMfta Win A Unftn UJU l|Rtiun Pmiiiu VI 7 I'lMA SpninnUann OK I3X« FRKI) HSII DISKS I STOCK I TO 930 VIDEO UTIIJTIES HI fta.i««.Vd»TA. 11! QVR pp *««. A ) *.." Hi* I UI) VlAv Vmm fW»jm tin aha: viAh.ouMhi i.uw.i L*l MI.ViWvApTtNKhTa'iBWftii DIM Al«, Vim. I A Vikta 1 (• LW.l DISK 4 l*» rvtwui.
111*7 AID. Vmk A Ann Lul. Il UtaUl ft.'1*1 Iffupfi Taftlif Ihufran r- i i i Disk No's.
I i i i i Name DISK I : n keep tmfc el »i»» .Utr* it i mutu Mm.iI tT'pm tit Aryt iw dm: NntndiiM iiuU«imIIi irNtvndtt A (ffnkill). |Yu «i mtn f BokfJmc« A vrry pnd h*- t pWetn noJ 111-t.MA%Tf Jt «»ll in pm «*m« Uk% fn»« J.*k » Ji.k tXifh 1 I Iuti(i fttw iir(aPUN iIaSi DISK 2 tr.xmiGihr.vi i mm Riikl H4I U-4W* Uyrfl Ttm wmfitr fBllry I ItKh lr.1 luffu
- Ball, ai .p*l! CWclai wall .’AIDA -trj Aimar)
- hlff *lii I ml thnriivnriilMr »vKr «fvn ftwiT* i ’tin ASCII
ftlo cm he krfnl aul J u.O cau
- Ian a tn a.ailaMc lur u rfh aay fntmnn unutvi pntta.
IptaHoiRMl. .fta.iuM . He fit ill* al OM Cuiitc* ..•I'. ifti.u uflM. Woai pin .uju. tu.ru. I ‘ftftftlMt ten. (Ml okia pklK Bum PAL anl NIV uulun an WU *IU la .fame u4 laiu, Ufa* Una ill'll. C4 aV*« raJyl auJ umlan) aiua
* • r
- Pall mail map DISK J ftlHtVISBF.MI * lISUMnm Km TWCAh MAKE
TOL'KOWh IhVUICt a!.50 maw onim I’APfit luun idrmk i.rnrst l«M
CAT&FISH CAT DISKS uiutuHtsiM ri j mi Bnafly. Heart M*.lr ha.
Iw aAalny III nc ihc Aaiijai lad line (thl I- MlrfMlhatly ui.
Ual rtf.lrt dm'. *hl .a 1... Yiu null Irut i iln an ft ti i
IIIouk In t an n iiu had Acccaan Maun HU acccaa* all a* i«*ul
Yiu UIU aM* iaafti*|' SopnMni! Lip IP KM! Nana. .11 h
* 4 4*8 u.Vuil DISK 6 »mh«i ikov:« databau: DISK 7 kb bi Marsh
DocmdMPV* WILLLfl VOL’ makp ftoux ifckt _FILES Ptro A SMALL
BOOKUT_ DISK 10 IIJM11K VERSION &B The Ulitanc m 4 bMllif lyum'
llm eu mi twii a iiHinovdlt I'lioMr Lkriiry; i;uir n j Dn tM«
lo tK4*|*»**f laWUr fniun ««ii il» hiii pnmm c j • IriuN iv
mftlwuwi* ir«1 (Wiiiff him ux.I *.
Ml* hcrij t« pnmr« ir * ifedti « kn frrutf tn* lip, of «•* UW (5a WobUm( it nail »iWorTfe if ft«v liffiuifti. Km nmr.A SI fM KMNUKKM »;% ym m h*Um r %i rftne* UBCU TYPE or nit:.
TiriNG TUTOR I ASSASSINS DISKS i mi m mrarmminnitfAO ASSASSINS UTIIJTIES ASIUI McjaBncaOlIh ASIU: UklPnum asiui Ailnir.Mid. ASIU4 Ituai) Torf. I ASIUI lUtli T.Kli:
* Sll« Huai. Turfi ASIL'7 M.h Vuaa* !
ASH’) Mih VMM : ASIl'l 'Win Ma*u 1 AslUlO Auiu Ma*u 1 ASH 11 Aialn Mftflft 1 ASIUi: *uia Ma*t 4 ASIUI I Aiuuim Mrthk. I ASIl'H AiMUW Mulftlr- J ASIUI) Aialu Ml«K Vrf ) ASH 1* ASI Uulipira VIII ASIUI7 ASI Aluiiffira VIII ASSASSINS GAMES I TO ISO ANY 50 ASSASSINS GAMES DISKS £35.00 n the coming months I'm going to start looking into some of the I mas mail I get tia AC and talk through some of tbe subjects that you want to talk about The basis of this month 's lb and bobs is a letter I got from Thomas Jones of Darlington, Kunt) Durham Q "Could you please try and solve a little problem I'm
having writing a program in Amos vl.35? I am trying to write :i MED Module Player program but as usual I jumped straight ¦ft) my code and started to write widiout thinking.
‘Everything went fine until I tried to write a file requester. Try try as I might I cannot write a fully working bug-free file uestcr. I can't or don't know how to select a file with the use. 1 can't get the computer to distinguish between 3 file dulc) and a directory (drawer). I have been experimenting Print Dir lntS("Ma) ) no avail. Is it possible to make a jxrint and dick file requester in
* or will I have ro use the lame standard file requester?"
A Well, Thomas, you’ve got yourself in a right old pickle there. Couldn't you have started on a less difficult problem?
File requesters have been done by various people, and the I test one I know of is by Len Tucker, and it s 3D too. You might t in touch with Len at Amos PD Library, and they'll sort you out.
[In tlic meantime here is my thoughts on the matter.
Doing the buttons on die requester is easy. You define the bullions using Mouse Zones and when you click on them off they go.
I You can store die frame and die buttons as a IFF file, but this is itery memory costly, and so it would be better to draw the | requester on the screen and then erase it afterwards.
If you want to make your requester overlay the screen, you'll I have to open another thin screen for it. Of course.
Doing a directory and sorting it shouldn't present too many ; problems. Just put two windows inside the requester and do all ! Your display of files in another and input in the other.
Point and click is the hardest bit. The way to do it is to zone strips of die window and remember what is in each of those strips.
Stick each filename in an array and when you point and click diat value is loading into the load string. It's a bit hit and miss, and you'll have to liave a large array, Ixit there it is.
The simplest (and in code terms die smallest) way to do it is to avoid the point and click method aitogedier. Simply pnnl up a list of files on the disk in a nice sotted window, then invite the user to type in the requested file.
When they do and press Return, use the Dir and Exists file commands to find it and load it. Use error checking to check if die file
• Corns ,ir*
• Extras
• nic«la •m
• PmtMt 'bar' CwfifU.WQt Feld.Acc Write a requester If this has
sent you off on a useful tangent, why not show me what you can
do with Amos requesters. Can you select files with point and
shoot? Or can you think of a better way? Send in your examples
to the usual address.
Is there on the disk. Use Parent and DirS to nav igate around the disk.
AMOS Below is an example.. It doesn't do any file loading or amthing like that, but it shows you how to use windows on your Amos screen. Once you have that down you can use the DOS commands and ask for key presses, just like you would in an Amos program. Use the window’ commands to add another thin window on the screen for your input, filenames etc. Tile trick with Amos is to keep it simple.
Don't try to run before you can walk and don't uyr lo hit machine code until you know w’hich way is bitwise.
Any requests?
This month Amos guru Phil South looks at DIY file requesters Rei •• ACReoUlO! *» Per " •• Rta ** •• Screen Open 0,640,200,16,Hires Dpserxe Zone 3 Paper 12 ; Is Ink 11 Bar 43,170 To 90,190 Bar 1 JO,170 To 110,190 Bar 223,170 To 270,190 Ink 2 Box 45,170 To 90,190 Box 130,170 To 1B0,190 Box 225,170 To 270,190 Ink 2,11 Test 32,183,"Dir" Teit 132,183,"Parent* Teit 233,183,"Suit* Set lone 1,45,170 To 90,190 Set 2am 2,150,170 To 180,190 Set tone 3,225,170 To 270,190 Ink 11 Bar 10,10 To 629,160 Ink 2 Box 10,10 To 629,160 Paper 11 Hind Open 1,20,20,76,17 lir$ =‘Aioi:* Hr MIN: Curs Off If House Key and
House Zone-1 Dir End If If House key and House Zone=2 Parent Print : Print ‘Goins back to parent dir..." Sir End If If House Key and House Iane=J Then Goto QUIT Goto HalN Write stuff If you have an Amos question, then please write to Phil South. Amos Insight, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK104NP.
SUIT: Print 'Do you uant to quit! (Y H)*; Input NS If M*’l" Goto HAIR End If If «*"»• Goto HalN End If End Micro Active
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Are you ready to become a part of that underground taskforce? Which of the 40 aircraft will you choose as you fly 100 sorties across the world against the forces of SPUDD? The civilised world anxiously awaits your decision!
Available for the Amiga PC version coming soon 9 HASPUTIN 38 40 High Street. Green Street Green Orpington. Kent BR6 OBJ Tel: Int +44 (0) 689 850770 CiRojpufln Software 1993 Rasputin Software b a trading subsdiary of Power Label Limited Amiga Computing March 1994 142 ome publishing in colour lias come a long way in the last year or so. Although the .Amiga has a good track record for displaying colour on the screen, the nology to transfer those colours on to paper, fabric or even I has, until recently, not been affordable.
Ink-based printers are today producing a quality of output t would have been unheard of a few years ago. Quality that is enough for many applications - coloured flyers, posters I the like. But colour can be an animal to work with, and if i are not careful it can eat you alive.
The first point that needs addressing is your Amiga itself. For ublishing in colour you will need lots of memory, a fast ssor at the heart of your Amiga, and a large storage device.
The reason for the liard drive and memory lxx st is because i can forget about printing HAM graphics, or even 256-colour es - what you need are 24-bit graphics.
Anything less than this quality of graphic and the professional utput you will be searching for will be lost, Photo-realistic aphics contain thousands upon thousands of colours, and die t Amiga file format for them is 24-bit IFF-ILBM.
The catch is that 24-bit graphics do not come in anything
* her than large and extra large, Sizes of l.Wb and 2Mb are
common, but images many times that size are frequently
¦encountered when working with graphics that have been [ vanned
at a resolution of 600 or perhaps 1.200 dots per inch.
So before spending all your cash on a colour printer, make [sure your Amiga is capable of dealing with the images you will I be wanting to print widi it.
LIMITATIONS It is also worth remembering that colour printing is not as | simple as printing in black and white. Low-end colour printer; j have the same limitations as mono printers when it comes to printing continuous tones.
Because these printers cannot print 16.7 million true colours, the graphic will have to have a dither applied to it so that the printer can use die three or four colours it does have to simulate the colours in the graphic.
Any graphic you print will be didtercd if it contains a colour that is not an exact match for the colours in the printer, so you are never going to get the same quality of graphic on paper as you see on die screen.
You know that every pixel on the (AGAI screen can be plotted in any colour from a 16.7 million colour palette, and up to 256 different colours can lie on the screen at once.
But a colour printer can print only three or four colours, so if there is (say) an orange pixel in your graphic it will have to simulated on paper by the printer mixing dots of three or those four colours.
Another reason for the difference between screen output and what you see on paper is that the colours you look at on die screen are being shined at you (luminance) and every colour is isamw [~Vj | Publishing In black and white is relatively problem free these days, and It doesn’t cost the earth to get professional quality results PUBLISHING composed from red and green and blue (RGB) components.
Colours in a printout are being reflected at you, and these are composed of cyan, magenta, yellow and (usually) black components (CMYK).
From screen to printer, the colours have to be convened from one system to the other, and this process is the bane of professional desktop publishers, To improve the colour quality of your printouts you need to fine tune the ‘colour correction’ - the process tliat attempts to produce on paper the .same colours that you see on the screen.
To do this you need to buy some printer software. Studio if you want very fine control over colours, TurboPrint Professional if you're not diat bothered lxit would like a little control, Before buying a colour printer don't Coloured by experience forget that they have a high consumables overhead. Look into the cost of the paper it requires, the inks, ribbons or toner, and all of the other costs that you may encounter in needing software to process the colour graphics you want to print.
Ben Pointer on how to create spectacular full-colour documents with your Amiga But the most important thing you should keep in mind is that colour printing technology has not yet reached the pint where photo-realistic printouts are affordable to the home user.
You can get some very good outpt indeed from sub-i1,000 ink-based and thermal wax printers, but if you are looking for a colour printer that can print graphics dial you cannot tell apart from a colour photograph, then you need something called a ‘dye sublimation” printer.
Ijke the pixels on your screen, every pixel (dot) a high-end dye sublimation printer prints can be a true colour, not dithered I mean, from a palette of 16.7 million colours or more. Sounds perfect, yes? But before you write that cheque, make sure you have six or seven thousand punds in your account to cover it.
Price; £15.95 Price; H5.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price: £15.95 Price. £8.95 Cede; 9551 Code: 9552 Code: 9553 Code: 9554 Code: 9962 Code: 9963 Code: 9515 Code: 9516 Code: 9517 Code: 9518 Code: 9577 Code: 9541 Code: 9542 Code: 9543 Code; 9544 Code: 9545 Code: 9546 Code: 9866 Code: 9871 Code: 3656 Code: 3658 Cod*: 9933 Code: 9935 Code: 9939 Code: 9859 Code: 9898 Code: 9915 Code: 9507 Price: £1.95 Price: £1.95 Price: £1.95 Price: £9.95 Price: £9.95 Price: £5.95 Price: £1.95 Code: 9962 Code: 9944 Code: 9813 Code: 9863 Code:
9855 Price; £8.95 Price: £8 95 Price: £6.95 Price: £6.95 Price: £8.95 Code: 9513 Code : 9914 Code: 9846 Code: 9508 Code: 9521 Code: 997$ Code: 9835 Code: 9504 Code: 9574 Price; £3195 Price: £17.95 Price: £23.95 Price: £21.95 READER OFFERS SPRING CLEARANCE Mastering Amiga** 2 Vd t Price: £12.95 Master irg Amiga** 2 VoJ 2 Price: £11.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners Price: ft 1.9$ Msstc ring Amiga Workbench Z Price: £ 11.95 Mastering Amiga Assembler Price: £14.95 Mastering Amiga Amos Price: £ 11.95 Dattwtt Guide loAmigados Price: £8.95 Amiga Matte Easy Price: £8.95 Games Comer & Accessories Low Low
Book Prices Pro M Interlace Price: £13.95 Stereo Masler Price: £21.95 Techrvo Sound Turbo I Price: £20.95 Techno Sound Turbo II Price: £39.95 Persona) Finance Manager Plus Price: £25.95 Amos Software Music Software Adi Junior Reading 4-5 yrs) Adi Junior Reading (6*7 yrs) Adi Jurwx Counting (4-5 yrs) Adi Juncr Counting (6*7 yrs) Pant ana Create Marine Maths Ad English (11 12 y«) Ad Englsh (12 13 vrt) Ad Msths (11 12 yrs) Ad Maths (12 13 yrs) Magic Maths vooaoo Nightmare ir.tftfnationai 30 Tomis WetltriS Future Dreams Ugh: Corridors Dale*. Attack Oragcn Mouse Somdbiaster DusJcover
AmosP'oresfrcnal Amos Compter Easy Amos Amos Professional Compter Powermenu Powerwaves Drive X Ki Da Virus Huge Price: £1.95 Price: £1.95 UGA Products READER OFFERS!
Maths (Algebra) :or children 6 to 16 years Junior Essentials Dinosaurs For children 5 to 11 years A truly lienbie package covenng many topics essental lor baking a good education loundaaon Tne areas covered have been carefully chosen by a team ot experts and come from several subjects and levels of the National Curriculum The child s progress in these areas 6 constantly monitored and recorded and parents a teachers can easily tiscover where a Ghdd needs net) As wot al 10 out of 10 seres, further motivator to play the games and leam more e added m the lam ol Hgh Scorn Tabies Cod*: 9539
For all ages many areas from Attainment 3 Ol the Natcnal Curriculum. The
• C but of 10 Maths (Algebra) package is
• chad with subjects. Levels and activities r h chatonge all
children from Key Stage 1 V* up to Key Stage 4.
I *a*owmg sequences, mterpretng 7 whs solving equations and numerous
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truth about dinosaurs The six games all have superb dtglised
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- PC Home iNMmber 93) 'Guaranteed to sustain the attention of
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Children cant he j but leam' ¦ Acorn Computing (March 93) 'Albws progression from Juiw school age nghf up to GCSE lever
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'Educationally worthwhile and exciting to play - a rare cpmbina&on *
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mathematics knowledge'
- Junor EojcMon (My 93) "The 10 out of 10 Seres lives up to «s
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actrvtties are not onfy very enjoyable but they're well thought
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And anything which even comes dose to Earty Essenbals'
- Won Cw&Mr Mtrf Sect WjCddr 9537 Maths (Statistics) French
Driving Test For children 6 to 16 years Attainment Target 5 of
the Nafonal Curnculum is Data Handing - a vital area of
Mathematics 10 out of 10 Maths (Statistics) covers 36 specific
topes from that sublet.
In this pacxage.
N an animated pond or roltng dice are just two of the many challenges that children will relish as they leam about statistics.
And can graph drawing be a game’ It becomes arcade action as bncks and bombs are dropped cm tp the chattS TtW is a really eqoyable way to leam about statistics For children 6 to 16 years This suite of six educational games wA give fun Vid motivabon to all children learning French The package s designed with the Modem Languages National Curnculum firmly in mind and contains many challenges to reinforce tacts stated m Attaximent Targets 3 and 4 10 0 A of 10 French i$ ej$ *nfal tor chfdvi on Key Stages 3 and 4, but the numerous parent and teacher customsation opoons make the software sutaWe fa an
- however young-who are earning the French language Cod*: 9590
Whether you're a novioe earner or an advanced expert, there's
plenty you can leam from this package. There are thousands of
bultnn questions and you can choose whether you want to answer
them directly or add to the ton by trying them wittwi games.
The su games have been designed lo be fun fa all adults and inctode strategy, mental ajlity. Coordnation and more.
And if you think you are up to it, you can take rtefesr-a challenge covering many areas of the Dnvwg Test | r Order any items from the f Sale Page opposite 1 and you will be entitled' to a free Disk Box and a i See Through Calculator J as long as your order
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- Signed.
Name Order Hotline: 051-357 1275 Fax: 051-357 2813 General Enquiries: 051 357 2961 Order at any time of the day or night. Don't forget to give your name, address ond credit card number ?
Access MastercaraEurocard' Barela ycardVaai'Connod E»t»ry Oats 7
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3EB iNo stamp needed if posted mUKj Products are normaty
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We go behind TV s role playing show * Knightmare Guide to budget DTP software. Reviews ot Big Alternative Scroller 2.
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OS ui D 0 H U 0 Virus Checker and Akeko-AGA III 2 m ill BUDGET i -fca BUSTER IMS DTP round-up ol the best DTP packages available Survival guide to SIMMs. ZIPs and ORAMs. Reviews of Essence 2. Picasso 2. Hama 292 and MmiGen Pro FREE Software encyclopaedia paperback book ON 2 DISKS: Quarterback Tools. Harmoni Midi Sequencer VALUED at £70 Money saving guide for new Amiga users, Word Processor roundup. RAM expansion round-up. Survival guide to floppies.
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KindWords 3 The Publisher Treasures* MaxiPlan 4 NOWnQ99 NOW 19099 NOWnQ99 MTW ONLYXw QNLYiZ ONLY* ONLYXZy kindW onk J. .MaiFtin 4. Ml Tt* PuMahcf tfr copvnghn of Ac Dm CiMpun. DISC COMPANY Tvl Tit o lofaww.icnp toflnfcuMn A DIVISION OF ACI IVISION To place an ad on this page call Barbara Newall on 062 5 878888 Copy dates: April 14 Feb On sole 10 Mar May 14 Mar On sale 7 April (•¦ha 1 1 Anril ft. Rnln C Mnu
49. 5mm 135mm
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SDOk makes 1 non-boolablc disk!
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I 3 ditk* f 1.30 I 4 or miHT ONI,Y£lJt5!
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County Durhuin. Dt„3 8YT The *e v c«s to memoen,
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duettlau MILITARY SIMULATONS Barbarossa June 1941 &£ 17.00 For
those interested in intelligent strategy worgames Send SAE for
details to: KW Software 155 Rinsinslow Road, Sheffield 511 7PS
Your Choice P.D. One ol the biggest PD Houses in Britain for a
fast and reliable but foremost friendly service For all your
P.O. needs We cannot be bettered So don’t delay send for a
catalogue today Only 70p Tel: 061 881 8994 Simp wW X
Winde*.. I50 W dr Upper Disk Tools, A1200 starter pack y
Panasonic KX-P2123 and VideoMaster AGA Yesterday c§ heroes.*
1 57 A vault of video bargains Classifieds.. 158 New free ads
for readers A Hard tines*. 161A The best digitisers
rounded up A unit more office-friendly. Panasonic’s KX-PTIQ
sheet feeder can be fitted to further boost flexibility, the
dot matrix's main weapon against its inkjet foes. In the spirit
of further expansion. A 32k hardware RAM buffer can also be
added, at which point n becomes possible to download fonts to
the printer.
These will be used in the same way as the standard built-in fonts for maximum speed, and the option gives users the chance to fully customise their 24-pin pal.
Print speed is rated at a maximum of 240 characters per second (cps) while using the "micron" (15 characters per inch, or cpi) setting in draft mode, and 8Qcps in NLQ mode.
Neither of these speeds will mean much to the average user when he or she prints letter quality documents using different :: she.-i ions rin'.t - anasonic's range of dot matrix printers is as zxLj' extensive as anyone's these days, but the undoubted star of the lower priced models has to be the KX-P2123. A printer claimed by its distributors to be the UK's best selling colour dot matrix model.
In today's intensely competitive market, you have to offer one or two extras to come even close to that sort of claim, and the KX-P2123 has quite a few of them.
Bundled with Wordworth 2 AGA and offering a number of features some more expensive printers cannot match, the Panasonic is flexible and advanced enough to compete on at least equal terms with the increasingly popular bubblejets which.
Though capable of better output, can't be put to as many tasks as a dot matrix and are generally slower.
This is one of Panasonic's Quiet printers, but the noise when printing anything other than straight text with the built-in fonts (of which there are seven) is almost as noisy as any other modem dot matrix.
Fairly quiet printing can be achieved with simple documents, particularly in draft mode, but on the whole this is one feature which was a disappointment.
No other aspect of the printer's operation can be said to disappoint, however, and from easy set-up to using the extensive front panel, the user needn't sink into confusion.
An informative 200-page manual packed with easy to follow guides and more advanced information for programmers will sort out any mishaps which do arise.
The unit's width enables the user to print in the landscape orientation by simply inserting the paper side-on, and there is a bottom feed option for those using printer stands, making the Colour 24-pin dot matrix printer Supplier: Indi Direct Mail Phone: 0543 419999 Price: £209.99 Ribbons: 2 black and 4 colour for £70 fonts, but as an indication of general speed they are accurate.
The KX-P2I23 isn't the fastest printer in its price band, it is a nifty little mover all the same and when using the mor»J than acceptable built-in fonts, a large listing or multi-page ument can appear in a fairly short time.
Media costs, as with all dot matrix printers, are much than those of the average bubblejet or inkjet, and Panaswcl own estimates are that a black nbbon will produce three miJ lion Ascii characters in draft mode before expinng, the d ribbons offering abogt a quarter of this output This, of course, is no measure of hpw the cartridge out when printing graphics every day. But running costs si be acceptably low in even the most ribbon-killing conditions A problem all dot matrix users will find with their printt is that the print area - that part of the page on which thtj Panasonic's new colou
printer can add a touch of sunshine to boring black-and-white printouts. Plus more nem releases for this month reviewed by the AC teaml ited because of the manner in which the paper is pas: through the unit.
Rollers and the like have to have something to hold on to, and nothing can be printed in those areas. The result is th* the KX-P2123 cannot print in the first or last l.5in of the mar- print head can physically place a character - is necessarily lxr*4 isscJ |m. And must skip about two-thirds of an inch at the top of the page and one inch at the bottom, These figures are pretty standard for a 24-pirt, and the small gap left at the top of a page means that headers should never be affected.
| [ i DSBcckup Recovery: Hot Key « controi Sin ? | Disk Structure Backup .00 Devices Search for Aes Seamed drives v' Dot deleted ** * Deleted Lost _ beadariets Search pattern | j 1 A Search method V 0| Deep search | Eree drive | SMP read error* Buffers | o | Before Mart scanning a ttk, make H DFQ HDO Hdl SCSI 2 A plus point of the Panasonic is that it seems engineered well enough that automatic form feeds and paper alignment are not adversely affected as they sometimes are in cheaply built units.
Print quality itself is more or less what one expects from an affordable dot matrix these days. Clear and sharp text output is compromised by the dreaded dot matrix banding effect when printing graphics, though the latter is of little concern to those with general correspondence requirements.
Mounted devices C“ Device i nits Overall, for letters, reports, large documents, and a wide variety of office purposes, the KX-P2123 is a very attractively priced workhorse capable of turning its hand to a variety of tasks.
. ¦ ..J quit Save 1 rtd- 1 Hek. 1 Out 1 Restore a RDB from... Recovery Its flexibility (it will handle carbon copies and thickish envelopes) combined with dear 24-pin output makes it a very good choice for anyone with general needs.
STEVIE KENNEDY Upper Disk Tools Hard and floppy disk retrieval system for all Amigas (Workbench 2+) Supplier: Wheelbarrow Software. Broad Oak, Two Tree Hill. Henley-on-Thames RG9 1RQ Price: £19.95 Though few in number, the range of available Amiga disk recovery programs offers the user an excellent choice. Without exception. However, they all demand a certain amount of Amiga knowledge on the part of the beginner, even if this is just an appreciation of directory tree structures. Upper Disk Tools (UDT) is designed as a budget package which can be used by more or less the most inexperienced
user to retrieve lost deleted, or headerless files on any trackdisk device such as a hard drive or floppy disk.
The more experienced will find the program every bit as useful, but because of the way UDT is programmed it is difficult not to recommend it to first time hard drive owners, Supplied on a single disk, the package comprises two programs. Recovery and DSBackup, The former carries oul all scanning and retrieval tasks while the latter has the simple job of storing and restoring a hard drive's Rigid Disk Block.
Running from CLI or Workbench. Recovery offers four main scanning options such chat the user can decide to search for files which have been deleted, or lost, or headerless. Or even not deleted.
A second toggle switch jumps between the fast scan and deep scan modes and another makes it possible to lock out a drive while it is being scanned.
That's it. No funky or advanced features to confuse the user, just a straightforward, easily understood interface which so obviously does the job that the program's 50-page manual need hardly be opened.
Better still, though, is the way in which Recovery presents the files and drives it is being asked to scan. Once installed with the program's options set to the user's tastes, a drive icon with the name Recovery and the logical device name REC: pops up Bubblejet ink refill Cheap ink refill for most types of bubblejet primer Supplier: First Computer Centre Phone: 0532 319444 Price £8.99 per ink colour, or £26 98 (CMYK), or £6.99 (black only) Though bubblejet and Inkjet printers have become more and more popular of late, the cost of running the beasts has always been significantly higher than
dot matrix printers In the same market Replacing the original ink cartridges using the manufacturer's own brand can be an expensive affair, so step forward the re-inking brigade.
First Computer Centre's refill kit has basic common-sensc in its favour and it should be a straightforward job for most users to replenish their printer’s ink cartridges using this product Supplied in large plastic syringes, the three bask Ink colours (cyan, magenta, and yellow) can be bought separately or with a black ink syringe to complete the foursome.
In this way. Users of mono models can give their printers a transfusion without extra expense, and those who use a particular ink colour more than others tan buy the particular colour which is running low.
Refilling the cartridges can be a messy business, and a rubber glove is supplied for the task, which entails the use of a long needle-like nozzle with which the user squirts ink into the wells in each cartridge. Four or more refills can be made from a set of syringes, and as the official products often cost more than £30 for one refill set, running costs for your squirty friend can be reduced by two-thirds.
Users with money to bum or those who are completely mechanically disinclined will probably continue to pay over the odds for brand name cartridge replacements, but the rest of us would be mad not to consider a cheap refill.
Oh, and it’s more environmentally friendly too.
STEVIE KENNEDY A unique combination of sound and vision In VidvoMgstsr video editing tools which offer control over numerous cut. Paa and insert options. It's even possible to reverse selected secocn and insert single frames or live sequences where necessary.
Assuming you're happy with the video sequence you move on to the audio section and import a suitable soundtraa to accompany your imported video.
Fortunately provision has been made to define how mud RAM should be available for audio and video respectively. A11 result a little forward planning should ensure that enough spaa is available for both. Because each element is recorded se» ratefy, synchronisation is down to you. Like video, samples eno» mation. Unfortunately due to the design of the hardware and of course the demise of the A500, VideoMaster was left out in the cold. As a consequence HiSoft have now released an PCMCIA version which slots directly into both the A600 and A1200.
In addition, AGA support has also been implemented whkh now boasts 64 levels of grey for full frame mono images and Ham8 for colour.
However it must be stressed that still frames are as far as it goes concerning AGA support and full frame images. When it comes to sequential grabbing. 16 colours is still the maximum on offer, Assuming all the necessary connections are complete and a suitable VCR or camcorder is supplying the necessary footage, actually recording a sequence is very straightforward.
Basically you just select a sequence and hit Record, at which point images will be captured at 25 frames a second - or slower if you prefer - until either you terminate the process your RAM limit is reached.
Once safely imported you can move on to the excellent Amiga A1200 Beginner’s Pack A step-by-step introduction to the workings of the Amiga 1200. Its Workbench and more Supplier: Computer Manuals Ltd. Freepost, 50 James Rd, Birmingham B11 2BA Tel: 021*706 6000 Price £39.95 The A1200 Insider Guide was regarded by many rea ers and critics alike as an excellent choice for tti» novice to leam just about everything they needed u know to get started on their recently acquired box magic.
With a sequel published, the series has become - international best-seller and now with the release TheAI200 Beginner's Pack, it would seem that the sot cess story will continue.
The hefty box contains the first book, the follow , Hergesj HAM6~1 1 EH8 I I 8 I I 16 1 I 32 I I 84 I 1 128 1 I 256 I 1HAH8 I Last nergetto picture ?
On Workbench and can be accessed in the same way as any other drive.
On opening the drive’s window, any devices attached to the system (dhO;. Dhl; and so on) will be shown as drawers, and as soon as the user opens one of these windows the scan begins.
During scanning, a fuel bar indicates progress so far and time remaining, and as soon as the process is complete the drive window will display all files and drawers which fit the , search criteria. All the user need do now is drag the files he or she wishes to retrieve across to another disk.
Better still, the files can be accessed using word processors. Paint packages, and so on, as if they had already been retrieved so that the user can check which data is to be recovered before copying the files to another device.
1 In this way, the whole process of data retrieval is seamlessly integrated with normal Workbench operations with which most of us should be familiar.
If, for example, a selection of large image files has been deleted to save space, and the user later realises one or more of them is still needed, these "deleted" files can be archived from the Recovery device or backed up using a backup utility. UDT is therefore a much more flexible and friendly alternative to some of the more complex utilities on the market Speed is a second factor which UDT can claim in its favour. The method whereby only unallocated blocks on a hard drive are scanned - this is the most likely places for deleted files to be found - makes scanning a 120Mb partition a matter
of three or four minutes.
Deep scans take longer than the fast scan mode, but for most recovery tasks the more rapid method should do the job.
When speed of operation is allied to simplicity and the ability to retrieve files using Workbench, CU. Or a directory utility such as SID, Upper Disk Tools emerges as one of the friendliest hard drive utilities ever produced. Thoroughly recommended.
STEVIE KENNEDY Regular readers may well recall the original VideoMaster release which brought a unique combination of real-time sequential video grabbing and sampling to the A500.
Admittedly the sequences created were only available as quarter-screen greyscales with a soundtrack which didn't exactly set new standards for Amiga sound.
However when both elements were combined the end results were pretty impressive, especially when you considered that the lowly Amiga 500 was behind the resulting ani- Loads of options Updated version of this classic sound and video sampler Supplier: Phone: Price: AGA VideoMaster a complete repertoire o( editing tools to enable correct syncing witfi the video sequence. In addition it’s also possible to import previously recorded samples and add them into the action where necessary.
At this stage you’ll be the proud owner of what is known as a dip. Assuming you have the necessary RAM and want to take your creation even further, assorted dips can be assigned to specific keys within the program's internal video sequencer.
Istf ora can act uch ace
• pa-
• joy Thanks to the aforementioned sequencer you can append vari
ous types of clip together: even still frames can be added to
form even more elaborate productions. As you'd expect this
process requires dips to be loaded from disk and then assigned
to their particular key.
When your masterpiece is complete it can saved to disk and played back as a stand-alone movie. Better still the package also comes with a series of utilities, one of which enables the creation of an auto-booting disk which can then be shared with your friends or put into the PD.
Along with the implementation of AGA support come full colour stills However before you snap up a seemingly unbelievable bargain it must be stressed that grabbing still images isn't as straightforward as grabbing video sequences.
Firstly it’s essential that you have a VCR which has a high quality pause. Back in the old days all Amiga frame grabbing relied on first pausing the video and then applying three colour gels in succession to grab the essential RGB components.
Unfortunately VideoMaster's colour imports are a throwback to this rather archaic tradition. As a result the aforementioned red. Blue and green gels come as part of the package ready to be slipped in front of the lens at the appropriate moment.
If fiddling around with sheets of coloured plastic isn’t exactly your cup of tea there is an alternative in the form of a separate hardware colour splitter which removes the dreaded gels from the equation completely.
As you've probably guessed the aforementioned splitter doesn't ship with the basic system but can be ordered direct from HiSoft. Fortunately once connected the complete system can left connected regardless of whether you're using the splitter or just grabbing sequential greyscales. As you can see the end results can be pretty impressive and easily justifies the added investment in the extra hardware.
Basically YideoMaster is ideal for any fun-loving Amiga fan who isn’t desperately concerned about the ultimate in image quality As for colour, the results can be impressive, especially with the aid of the hardware splitter and a quality VCR.
Add all of the above to the excellent software and VideoMaster easily warrants its reasonable asking price PAUL AUSTIN i«, A1200 Next Steffi, * one-hour instructional video and four disks of PD and shareware software.
Crammed onto these disks are a word processor, clip art to incorporate into your art and graphics programs, a musk editor (with full instructions), a virus checker, Workbench utilities, a database, fonts and many more features useful at each step along the path to computer enlightenment Its recommended that you begin with the video and go from there. The 60-minute tape was produced by Australia'a leading training house and apparently is a best seller with the antipodeans down in the land of Ozzie.
The show takes you through the very basics of the machine - the keyboard, what the ports are at the back and is ideal for absolute utter beginners. From there, the two presenters move onto the Workbench to show how to copy and format disks among other functions.
For those who appreciate this kind of instruction as an alternative from the written text, there's a second volume on its way in spring and we’ll be sure to review it Whereas the video acts as an introduction, the books are the main bulk of the learning process and for the job they set out to do. These two are as good as you can get at the moment - simple to understand, step-by-step tutorials and clear descriptions make for easy reading and understanding.
Starting with the very basks of WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers) and mouse, the books chart the readers route through to the intricacies of introducing Amiga DOS.
Along the way, you’ll be taking a look at making music, printing documents, creating graphics, advice on which hardware you really need not just what the salesman tells you in the shop, and even video editing.
For all technophobes among you, The AI200 Beginner's Guide takes you by the hand and will soon have your fears replaced with an active curiosity.
At 639.95 this may seem a little steep but compared to games in the same price range, but you'll spend longer on this and there'll be a real sense of satisfaction when you come to the end of the pack and realise just how much you've managed to learn about the A1200.
Baby steps for absolute beginners and beyond - recommended.
A comprehensive and well structured training toot.. ADAM PHILLIPS A © nmijja WOO beginners gncb STILL THE BEST!
COMPUTE-A-RACE+ £19.99 THE FINAL EDITION Ancr Oytr 3 rears of rssea'ch erw flcvctecrrent Compute A Ra« - The final Edition has been released WHAT DOES IT DO’ Compote-A-Race* * « «ooe-Racing Predeton Program written e«c*uv*el» for trie Ar*»3*. The program c*r &r «et r»c«, ui«? B«u, uiecJat* return and wil i9m on nast aspects of British Horse Racing.
NiTCOtriiunDTousiT No ftmigti an ease of use for bom the t« tune rx r»r and more txpancreca user alise wshin da»s irputOng a race wt« become second nature Will I NEED REGULAR UPDATES?
No. Re dtyjrred for long-term use, The Final Edtron & the ONLY predcton proyam fou wilt mr need No futner purchase * necetsar* WHEN SHOULD I ORDER COMPUTE A RACE* 7 NO1*- Betting tor Bfoff is Dettmg for fun1 COMPUTE-AJUCt* - THE RNAl EDITION - £.19 «» (Master Disk. Data Dtsfc, Manual, WaFet, labels) As featured n The Sporting Ife ORDER taowi Cheques P.O. payable to HANDISOFT (Mail Order ONLY) Handisoft, 37 Hearsall Lane, Spon End, Coventry, CV5 6HF GLOBAi I PD GLOBAL PD PO Box 1000 Stanford-le-Hope Essex SS17 7DW Tel: 0375 676048 or 0375 675721 (10am-4pm Mon-Sat) Please make cheques postal
orders payable to -GLOBAL Pdr We stock a huge range of AMIGA public domain software.
Over 10,000 titles available.
Swift and helpful service.
Same day dispatch*.
* Excluding cheques.
Send 8Op or a blank disk & 1st class stamp All disks are £1.00 each. Postage & packing 90p Choose an extra free disk for every £6.00 spent!
Repairs on; Central London FAST QUALITY AMIGA REPAIRS Upgrades + Engineering requirements A500, A500+, A590, A600, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000 Plus Amiga add on hard drives and monitors.
SAME DAY SERVICE £34.99 + parts (comps in by 11am) NORMAL SERVICE £24.99 + parts (Typically 24 hrs) Door to door pick up + delivery anywhere in the U.K. Spares also available 144, Tanner St., Tower Bridge, London SE1 2HG Tel. 071-252 3553 } 1-9 disks £1 each 10-19 disks 85p 20+ disks 80p South Lines add 7Sp for P&P per order Large selection of Amiga PD Shareware including: Games, Graphics and Animation, Utilities, Music, Demos, T-Bag, Fred Fish Disks 1-920, Assassins Games Disks 1-145. Below is a small selection of titles available DEMOS 6100 Xpcse (20) 6101 TimeZone (2D) (TRStl 6102 Wctttj
Sensation (2D| 61034 9*0 111301 |P) 6075 OjftSPf (501 IP) (ret *1200!
6095 Jesus on E'9 (201 i2Dwesl 6095 Suse o* the Aft 6095 Sar.ty W rVj Commatore 61C6 MuBon (fsftgll 61056euv3essVai!iNein!»i 6107 Desert Drear iKetrens) (20) 6Jf»Afch*rrY,R9gf)i20| CENTRAL LICENCEWA CLE05 ACHWD CL608 MGHTSKY ClflO BASJC41LY AMKi* CIE15 ttSTWO CLE2S CLE45 aiNWnfCieBT2 Cl£46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY CLE-19 ONOiAL«53 CLE51 PAKTPASTE4DMW Cite* TITJWtC CIU01 MD£0 T1TL£R
1056 Knecfcm at War H67 Anus CtcFjK 1082 Quck 4 Sks
Pat w- Suprti 1176 5a.e The trees 1119 Star
lfe*.(T.ReflteiH2Di 1183 Ounjeros of ware, l!265urfWcrV2 1193
Wwd 1136 Wrw It 13 1197 Mum YMMWnka)) 1151 Otheio 4 Card Sharp
1200 Tetreo lExcelem Tetrts Game; 1157 Tow War mw 1201 Top of
the league 1163 Bawe Can 2 120918th HoN* 20| 1215 dfBhd Pm
Mrager 1216 SW4-erks Playable Detrc 1217 Serous BacRfianmon
Deme 1219Chc»I)ist V2.03 1220 Tte Menial l e Wlecton 1222 Slam
Bali 1223 KlondyW Dtuw (4GA) (301 1224 EmtfHrt Cart Oenw
GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION 7161 Gn* Of Stnrf Sitjesfo*
JiSSSawtSeKfWiiWbiW 2230lntfM5an WjrStoOe 2279 SfMrgtal ton*
(*wn)lP) 2261SomtmCil5MM|3C1 2283 Tw Stn*e Ergne Virasm |P|
2284 Stwm ErjhsVi" V2‘ 22S6 ’rfarjtr »tm lOoumi- (PI 2290 Srow
Joke :2Ubi ffl) 2»2 TheC* Smtthow IP!
2296 ircara! Mae-m 2302 Qwhy Tin (SMglOyn 2303 Lamrrtns Rmrfe iTMJi 23H«taRi(UMH20tfl 2307 The Jcwney- i2ft 2306RwnfiOf- »3tb.»tP.»f. 2309 Jipannc (Maipi 2310 Gudaum-5 km w,|26; 7314 G« SlbtVo* 2315hkw«ii-fl9n!» Xifi 2316 tkros last Stand- 23ir*r4WireDsX2 2320 SurTroes Msf«n Fc |1,5Wbj (60) 2321 The rphrods* ‘tort* |3Vbj :30l 2322 Bw Jets (Jnm i Pcbmi 22323 S n« Ifr-m i Ptxrwi 2226 OhoMun 5J«yo* UTILITIES
* 067 Cmtfvaf V2.0 (40l
* 100T«itP!us3lPi
* lCet*jnrCVl3i2C: Wbl 4119 MED V3 21 iMuwEdterl 4236 Sxnd
T'acker 26
* 161 Epoch V (1700 year calendar
4) 63 leam * Pi* Ptji 41664Gene V4.18 416? Dbase Iivi.5
4170iQC ‘r«f|Wi?| 4173 Kick 1.3 (4500 Emulolor) 4177 Mng Shu
Chmwe Asirotofl flP| 4179 McdhWn V3.0 4180 BOCU Y5.23 (?) (Not
1.3| 4181 WorW W*r ll hyteitooi 4182 CroisacKl Creator vl.O
4185 LS0120 (PC Task V203; 4186 Cociere unirnted |5Cc«y'3t'
4187 2,0 3W0 E floT 4188 41200 RiOIrt 4191 Super V««rV2.4
4192 911 AG CipM 4193 Anirds W Otpan 419* Al-tfflh ai&an 4196
Weapons Clipart 4198 Relgion Clpart 4201 Parts A Pttwre Wpan
MUSIC AND SOUND 5C45 Iron Mauen 5050 GirVJ & RM65* iTOUf CfU||
5072 Van Knen iEruptioni 5075 Bad Bay?* IR*t) 5096 libmate
Oarce 5110 Dares TOW 5113 Tco*t kfy L048* (TYoC 1.3) 5114 1993
DfrceWriNot Ul 5ll6TheTrtp(feve Dar©ei 5117 Led 2«nn Gutar
Scrt's 5118 Iter Sarts ASL2 5U9Famas)TpRetfitv QUICK SHOT II
|P(=500* and *600 compatible. -=lMb. (2D =2dskt, 1301=3 fllste etc. iW «)=Workbefia'needed to run.
UNBRANDED 3X" BLANK DISKS DS DD 10 -£5.00 50-£21.00 100-140.50 200 - £72.60 500-£169.00 GAMES EDUC4TF0N41 TITLES £3.50 ....l&ai. 13.50 Acomjfete*rilpDOSft4»f«nce‘8cok'______ 5eiofguUrwefd*e»------------------------- 8 KJ.'MWai gjres for y«jrg chMrm .. ......3 Dsks.
......lOtSk. ..£5.50 ....„.i&50 .13.50 ..£3.50 ....1 DiSh.
...£3.50 lot of Oinwaur inlo w i pctues etc .....
- .h_...3 Disks.
LOisk ......£5.50 £350 ....20«s*s. £4.50 UTILITY TITUS ......13.50 Lea-, ui touch tyoe crccerti ..... .._1 Disk.
.£3.50 Keep Pack ol ycrjr tKr* da&rt ......1 Desk.
£3.50 . ,,,13.50 GAMES ________itJisk ...£350 E*r«iiert 3D Racing Game .... ......1 Disk.
...£3.50 ....1 Dsks ..£4.50 ......1 Disk _13.50 Suport »fk In* gar« -„4PIP .....-1150 We supply tf* M ranee of CLR Mftnans am Xm are just a ten ol the tiites iwilaae. LUi deiais aw on our cata*o©-« dsk fteuw and Packagrg on* 50p **n order contans Clfi wtowr TOWER SOFTWARE GAMES | Bcic* am the ucdent Tcww Sofowe Ga-es iFJi Veiscrsi.
Seows Sflitas £10 (15 Can! Garesi. Sonovs Sottaire II £10115 Mere Okl«f t Can) Games; Series Batfganrrcn £20 (The best Bac ainmon game you can get on pie Amga. Comes compete mm marwef) Mancal* £10 (African board tame. Roputwiy the wcrfds oWest game) Eaoefkwrt Cart Games 1 £10 YoRcn. Bac* Mana. Frustration Stonwafl. Bareness ExceBent Can! Dames 2 £10 Cnbbage. Sir Tommy, i ads. Raptde. Betrothal Tew Scffuare prces nciurie P&P All blank disks are 100% certified & guaranteed, pnees include label, postage delivery and VAT. Catalogue disk only 75p or send 3 x 25p stamps. Add 50p for outside UK. All
orders ot PD sent samo day by first class post. Postage & Packing add 75p UK. £2 50 Europe (Inc. Eire). £4.00 Rest of the World, payment in sterling please, cneoues postal orders made pay awe to South Lines PD South Lines PD, (AC), 10 Linden Rise, Bourne, Lines PE10 9TD. Tel: 0778 393470 DCTV Although the Al 200 and A4000 have delivered infinitely better image quality, the prospect of upgrading from an old machine isn't exactly an appealing for many of the Amiga old guard.
Aside from the obvious financial implications, many Amiga fans have invested long and hard in their existing set-ups which may well be faster, bigger and in most cases better apart from the obvious lack of AGA support.
For static art the obvious answer is a 24-bit board which will provide graphics superior that of the AGA and still save money over an entire system upgrade.
This month the spotlight falls on hardware, hard copy and a recent software re-release However what about animation, after all 24 bit boards aren't exactly at their best when it comes to animation, and it's here where DCTV makes it mark.
Unlike all the other 24-bit systems, DCTV does not employ the quality offered via an RGB signal, but opts for the lesser talents of a composite signal. It's here where the compromise is made with numerous swings and roundabouts building up the overall DCTV picture - excuse the pun.
That of Ham8. For example an image of 736 x 580 at worst would require 426,880 colours, assuming every pixel was a separate colour. Thank God, this never happens - if it did epilepsy would probably reach epidemic proportions.
With the combination of greatly enhanced colour and its relatively minuscule file size animation is almost inevitably. DCTV attains its amazingly small file size by emulating a hi-res 16 or eight colour image which then has a special header appended which the hardware then decodes prior to display - thereby adding the additional colour information.
This decoding process is the systems only downfall as it takes time to decode each image, as a result slowing the frame rate of the anim. This is at its most noticeable when animating with the systems four bit plane images which at best manage around IsfpS. On the plus side, the alternative format of three-bit planes achieves around On the plus side the board’s composite only output is ideal for artwork destined for video. Numerous packages including VistaPro, Imagine, Real 3D and Lightwave all support the DCTV file format and will happily render an entire animation on demand.
Another huge advantage for the thoje making their first tentative and invariably expensive steps in serious Amiga art is the file size of DCTV images. Smaller files equal smaller hard drives equals less expense.
As a rule, a DCTV image is roughly a tenth of the Size of an equivalent 24-bit IFF. For those with limited means and storage this alone makes DCTV an attractive option.
On the display side the system again scores well with a maximum colour range around the four million mark.
Although this may seem rather lacking in comparison to the 16,7 million of a true 24-bit display, it is still far superior to Understanding Imagine 2 not just a good reference manual, in fact it's nothing short of the Imagine 2 blble. If you've not got this classic A4 ring bound masterpiece I can guarantee you'll never discover all that Imagine can offer The stylo Is friendly, the Information invaluable and the overall structure Is a lesson to any writing a manual - and better still you even get a couple of disks with examples and additional tutorials from the author Steve Worley.
Time spent with the manual win solve the problem? Unfortunately not. In fact the more time spent with tho manual the more likely you aro to become demoralised and eventually give up all together.
With a combination of complex software and a narrative rather than an informative manual, it would appear Imagine 2 needs nothing short of Knight in shining armour to save it from the scrapheap.
Thankfully there Is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Understanding Imagine 2, This is For longer than most Amiga fans care to recall Imagine 2 and Real 3D have been battling it out for the top spot as the Amiga's premier ray tracer.
Obviously with the arrival of Lightwave things have changed somewhat but Imagine still remains one of the best ray tracing systems on any machine.
However although incredibly powerful. Imagine has a notoriously steep learning curve which often kills an enthusiasm stone dead well before even a tenth of the program's potential is revealed Ah yes. But surely a little extra Score: 100% AGA: Don't be silly Average price: £20 20 fps which with carefully anim design can stretched up to the 25 fps of video.
Alas here lies another compromise as the missing bit plane means a drop in quality as the system works with an enhanced eight colour hi-res image producing harsher transitions within graduated regions of colour.
However even with this slight compromise DCTV animation in three bit planes is still very impressive and is widely excepted as the next best thing to still frame recording thanks to its combination of colour and anim speed.
In addition, the system comes with one of the better paint packages which includes the ability to make 24-bit frame grabs from freeze framed video in addition to built- in DCTV to Amiga conversion.
All in all, an excellent investment and ideal for anyone who wants affordable animation without a complete system upgrade.
Score: 75% AGA: OK Average price: £375 Caligari 24 Although far from elderly, Caligari is well worth a mention purely because of the dramatic price reduction it's recently enjoyed. Initially the package retailed at a rather nerve-jangling £250 but thanks to increasing pressure Octree have obviously decided to take drastic action.
As a result the package now retails at just £99, which for a state-of-the-art package little more than six months old is unbelievable value.
Unlike most 3D packages, Caligari 24 is a modeller rather than a ray tracer which in practical terms means it's ideal for corporate logos, and architectural fly throughs, while lacking the photo-realistic appeal of programs like Real 3D, Imagine and Lightwave.
Basically if you're in the business of creating corporate graphics and more importantly animations, it's among the best in the business thanks to a combination of fast rendering and arguably the best spline-based animation system on the market.
Score: 85% AGA: OK Average price: £99 A s long as your ad is ten words or less, it's absolutely ? Free! Should you want more space, you'll find unrivalled value-for-money - for instance, 25 words cost just £10. Fill in the form below and send it to us with your payments (if applicable) - and remember to include your telephone number!
Cl Wei* Price; A ? Wanted: Amiga 3000, must have 2.04 Roms- hard disk not essential. 8 12Mb of Ram preferred. Tel: 061-775 1125.
? Amiga 500, colour printer, 270 disks, mouse, joysticks. Perfect. 081- 521 1567. £450, o.n.o. ? Rendale £250 S-VHS Genlock, 0904 421968.
? A C Issue 31 onwards, offers. 081-579 5927.
? Wrestling play-by-mail game. Paul: 081 593 4670.
? Amiga 2000, two drives plus genlock and other extras. £450. Drive £150. Phone 0227 263751.
? Amiga 1200 wanted. Tel 03224 36693.
? Citizen Swift 240c pnnter £200.
? Contacts wanted 100% reply, Paul, 2 Mersey Road, Sale Cheshire M33 6HN.
? Complete video unit, Amiga 1500, 3Mb and monitor, Editman computer editor, Panasonic F52000b, Panasonic F590 £1,850, will spfil, Falmouth. 0326 374256.
? Original games £5 each. 081-440 2016.
? BUZZ BBS. 9pm-5am. Tel: (0924) 494690.
? CD-32 games, offers. After 6pm. 021 608 2604.
? Wanted: OpafVision Mainboard v2.0.0403 242102.
? Amiga A1200,120 HD, CM8833 MK2 monitor, 2nd disk drive, joysticks, hundreds of disks, black desk. £630 o.n.o. Tel: 0446 719188.
Send to: AC Classifieds, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Telephone.
LilLU • €10 Cheques should be made payable to " Amiga Computing' Pkw include my advWisemMt d the next available issue of 4mgo Computing. I conlirm that the advert is not selling illegal copies ol software or hardware that do not Belong to me I permit you to publish my address,1 teleplwne number only if I have Deluded these detaes within my advertisement copy. I am over 18 years of age (applicants under 18 must get a parent or guardian to sign below) Or*do- form Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well as on the form!
Postcode Address.
Name Don't risk missing your r 11 i i i i i i i i i!
AMIGA COMPUTING Hand the order form below in to your local newsagent and s he will make sure you never miss a copy!
To the newsagent: Amiga Computing should be available from your local wholesaler. If not, contact the Circulation Department at Europress on 0625 878888 AMIGA COMPUTING P ease reserve a copy of Amiga Computing magazine every month until further notice.
Will collect I would like it delivered to my home Name: Address: Postcode: PDSofts Famous 300 Font Packs in Adobe Type 1 or Scalable formats Special Pack Offer for 04.99 lull 27 disks} CUT, TICK & POST-CUT, TICK & POST-CUT, TICK & POST Telfphone hotline's (0702) 466933 Fax (0702) 617123 PD 5oft (CU) 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD vY 51 USV CMC PUS J * * VIUJ ne*i UTU 4 Payment Details Fred Fish Presents J * . V10S4 ADVANCED UTU 2 j * . V845 IMAGE N0CBS0R3 wrtom r ctiiKOfin'rKi J • • V11M [AOAJ utu 5 ijuvrsilAtoofNOtP J"» VH1» WICK WO vl *1 J * . V*7 j’-VvtmnrtM test *41 J •.
V1014 OlVUOCf« official (ommodoui $ 6M SO 6ftAM.CS j*. WwiMomre.u Apatu VI14I MANOtlPtOT .2 4 j * • V1J«I TH| PO OIHCt IMTK fcf r« (ttWH *rrv» j *. Voo*i oisk uns tamiwvhvIM c'oo'i-" •t*’ turd dm bocLup I*emmvy iocqwv era tweed dtx ycC«jo J * . V1042 OIMTOt RUB Mocetesl' sc-eeo tern AIM mft V*}4 PVQTMAP I hr 4mind i » , .11 IWUJC A fill 11(1 llkeuiMnln Hunhrih J * t Y424Arni-f«K»hk»?
J * • VU4 NNNTE* OHM B WK * U pm’ io o J nol bxi'ttu compare j • * VfUliTTHStiOWUllco'rons, niiCm j ' • W42 SCKBi BUWURS - Oji porkjri 'MT‘. Screon tkrfcers rdjdtt fie «s* ¦jpf Zone bkxNtf olewg wrfi jrci j * * mnwwovtAvi.r-'fsfcoM Kpeeul Product*!
J lin _ Ikr lid ImulHM vicuna J * * VHJ71 LAGS] MSM *1 ( J * . V124* OCTAAACO TUT OP vVJ78 PRO 6NGO VS34 CATALOOUCS ccrMns WOJO-'CMth’fTv vervcrs J • . V1073 n-X ACCOUNTS *2.01 J ‘ t VlWONQSnTOMQCMMUYl' J*. 3313twn J I - VT272 CPTV CP 1 40ARTQP
rmxwir J * . VT273 AMKOHOM *17 VS41 ICON KXTC* ¦ *2 6 J ¦ •
V»77 GOJULOCST *3 04 J * , VT42 TESTS j • ? V»»0 0017 5CORE5 44
j ¦'. V411fOOTBJAll£ACUMl.‘. VXJ7I PC TASK *2.03 »4l? Tvi*
Mlk J • * 20*4 AK ATAC J * * W77t©UTU J*. V979 NC6MM *16 J • •
2220 STRATEGIC V990 k»Ck 14,11.»«w cy VI200 MAGIC NOPKBCNCH J*
• J1TJ BUCK JACK LAB J » . 22 74 CAPO SMAAP J * * 3434 lAGA!
KLCOKE 131 Jmi MIGA CHEAT! Vj.Oc‘‘tow V1207 OCTASTUff J" 3419
GNU 04TM 4 o J * . V914PPOTMCKIR*] Os 'S*Wlh J * t 2411 TOTAL
WAP J * t V1015 2AP ANISE J » . 2412 GOIOEN OUMCS
• i.evlm-liVMVwK ASSI2’ MAJNtOW VTIT10UI2 wvi 1h m6n(V MOOtAM
91 . I55l3«5CO*CWnjTA»«5 J • ¦ VmV0«CUt7B CHINESE j A • v774
AatshaCN *4 6 2444 AM05 CRICKET AS5141 BLAtKMWN J1'*
VW2HAU0SW0ill2V J*. VIOtT 1ITAMC CHEATS vl 40 J I • V1T02 OT
UTU Cor** 2417 GOLDIN OIDCS 2 J • , V1I70 C010UB IT J • . VI222
- ¦ •• .¦ ¦ - •):. NCC-1B44 J • . Vtou pools PptotcnoN Need J
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nduniuuns'aiiMxai J*" VI2J7 GADTOOlt j-,V1022UnurMVtlURYll
ytcmro J»'.' Vim CHEQUE BOCK *2.5 f TfOXOWffMIT AlK JA*
VT724AH1 0UTU7 J- ' VW24EAGAJMANMLWUAM.I4 . 2toji(A*TK« f. XU4
Bru Mfd Ivn» « • 2*25 AU P0UN04R J » . VBTI RfCTPOCAO *1.42 A
PPO TOVTW !c t-cr.:i TO»r.j I' oyj-r, J • VB17 A 500 PLUS
(MUIATO* - tan «7Wt» 2SS ttwrui i J*» VX » TIRM .3 4 IPIOOO
mai*tr V242 OUPUCAhON & BACKAlB V277IOPTAAN 77*1 3t V1124 IACAJ
MAIN ACTOB *1 U }*J}HUWR« V161 m Of IX BEHOLDER J • t Y1129 «D
• o-mai and Itwn niie* AtxU) J 1 . V1040 (AAUII vl 4 YtfsoJte. W
t,« itrPf W &“) J * . 3037 SSW V427 RTPAB IT 2 Nr 2op v 3.
• ¦. O,!.. RXKSKvl.S. Weo-**r a* » pciiiCAr Ten o (tvs Vml
MOOULA-2 CoMjrt, VT23S BLACK BOARD vl 0 »:cri c* rtr-m o CO
V1134 DTSKSALV Utu j * * 3040 mitts IAOAJ j - . 307} t*MOU OOLF
J *» V»42»Y291 V1B4 CXAMSTI1ICS *2 14
r. VVMEVl III I Ml Mxkcv .PinJiltYi.Vn • rii PPKI IPrtrr*irr Pt*
Dt«ki 11 Ml (UN 2*5 dMx 22.73 ,14 ill*l. 12 *0 Il-Jll Hl.L.
t:«0 21 «o .li.i. l l '4 it. 4uL.il.5A Ujiiu, iHTn *114
tiuiBru II iIkLi «rt»nil «4nl «M4hr* Hirr Mt Irr IXTF Ihl. Ml.
122 in • Up TAP iad Huh it.TT |* dnli I IRA BITS J VtOl v| f Ml CL44 IM ht COVERS , |l « J AS«I JU.lli4Wl.cJ A I.’¦ Pt ftl If IKIMUN A H RI.W4Rr. He Pnli ufitiiMil mum itu ulitit ji PjNh Ivmwi.tfS»4f«BfrinkortlKr*R Vour Name i k n«ii i Su Posl Code Irlephonc OCT: M'MltER' (L*r Ar ul ilte iU ui In inxr Jtoili n i POVT LI.I A « VKNIIK.I J III VI k* nan Vai.li ln.luk PAP Disk BtlXE.S J4HE3at JvttVt LT LI.IM.it: DIMv.Sit3.4Bi Card Card No
IIM. DESKS Signature I enclose cheque PC) lor rope ctijMirluser
FREEPHONE 0800 318576 Fax: 0480 496379 AMIGA • THE NEXT
• TEX 23.99
• El I MANIA 17.99
RQBOCQO 15.99 SIM LIFE 22 99
TREK 25TH 23 99
• TFX 22.99
19.99 All Hmi arc tubjetl lo miUbfllly Post and packing: UK =
7Sp per Kan 2nd Cla* £1.50 per Hem lit Clbi; £200 tew lit Cutt
E. LC. = 0.00 per itent NwvLLC. = £6.00 per item: ift Air LE.C. •
£5.75 per item; Swift Air Non E.E.C = £9.00 per item Swift Air
LE.C. ¦ £5.75 per item; Swift Air Non E.E.C = £9.00 per item
Next Day Courier=£500 per consignment
(UptoStyDtfkwesMorvfriOnly) V S4 Tides maited with a - may not
be reif awd it tne of going lo press Pb-as* telephone for
avalaWrty ard a fuH copy of our terms and cwiditiom.
Titles marked with a ,¦ are available at the price shown whie stocks Iasi OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY NAME ADDRESS POSTCODE PHONE ITEM PRICE ITEM 1 PRICE ITEM ..... PRICE (PInw indicate whether you require Disk or CD-ROM) POSTAGE Visa Mastercard Switch Number; TOTAL Switch Issue No: Card Expuy Date: Make cheques payable to: European Computer User & send lo Uniu AZ A3 Edison Road SL Iy«, Huntingdon CAMBS PE 17 417 SIGNATURE: ALIEN BREED 2 UttCBTAPTOf WAR BISKS ASSASIN RE-MIX
17. 99
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16. 99 ? AV88 HARRIER ASSAULT [? A 320 AIRBUS USA ? BAT 2 ?
? LION HEART Mc« un be utyKt to dungt E fi 0 L LEMMINGS 2-M
TRIBES LETHAL WEAPON 3 unkS-ThE Challenge LOOM JgDW'.teiUfeto
15. 99
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Ltd .. ..23 Trilogic .... ....60 GVBPD ... .140 UPD.., ..... ..94,95 HandisoEt.uu.uu ... uuiuuiuuiuul 56 VGS Software .
i. ii.iui.imi.i.i.i148 Hi-Soft ......
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Mail ... ...JFC, 3,69.93 WTS
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=11 .... .148 Your
Choice PD . ..148 VFM Ithough
there are a healthy profusion of digitisers on J A m the
market, the following selection are pretty JSb- much the best
of the modern bunch offering the abil- ity to grab video
images to any machine in the Amiga range.
How before delving into the assorted stand-alone digitisers, it's worth mentioning the alternatives, which in the case of video digitising means multimedia boards and graphics cards such as the IV24 v2. FrameMachine and of course DCTV.
Obviously the first two boards are targeted directly at the high end user base who require more than just grabbing, and have a bank balance big enough to support their aspirations.
Although both the IV24 v2 and FrameMachine offer all kinds of additional features, it must be stressed that grabbing doesn’t suffer - in fact both boards offer exceptional quality, easily on a par with chat of VlabY C Although DCTV isn't In the same league - due to its composite rather than RGB output - it can still provide impressive results. The only limitation is that static or paused images are required in order to grab. As a result a good VCR is essential.
Video Master AGA Video Master IS without doubt the most unique digitiser in the round-up. In fact the program presses home the point by giving itself the title of "the integrated multimedia video & audio sampler” - otherwise known as a demo generator Basically this is a real fun product, which offers a unique approach to the tricky problem of importing audio and video simultaneously, It hasn't been designed to set new standards for image quality - or even sound quality - but the combination of the two as a 25fps quarter-screen greyscale is great fun and an absolute doddle to do... In fact
it’s amazing how much and animation can be generSit back as Hard Times explores where best to invest within the complex and competitive world of video digitising ated on a standard machine either direct from live video or via pre-recorded footage.
Fortunately HiSoft have spotted that there's more to life than quarter screen animation and as a result they've also added a full frame grabbing option which operates in the same manner as DCTV requiring a good quality still frame pause prior to importation.
Colour also hasn't gone unnoticed and as a consequence a good old-fashioned set of colour Filters come as part of the package enabling pseudo colour grabs to be generated from a colour video source.
If fiddling about with filters isn't your cup of tea. HiSoft will happily supply an electronic colour splitter to make the process a little less arduous. As you've probably spotted from the title, AGA is supported with 64 greyscales and 256 colours plus all the usual array of standard Amiga modes including our old friend HAM.
The system also has added appeal for the hordes of A600 and A1200 owners who now have their very own version of Video Master which plugs directly into the PCMCIA slot.
Basically a great product for people who don't take their Amiga or themselves too seriously and simply want a fun product that offers a unique combination of audio, video and occasional colour.
Vidi 12 24 RT This one may well ring a few bells with the Amiga old guard who've seen the Rombo Vidi range evolve repeatedly over recent years. Now in its latest incarnation. Rombo have added real-time grabbing to the equation - hence the RT. Like all the other packages AGA support has been adopted in both the 12 and 24-bit forms of the system. Like Video Master, the hardware connects to the Amiga parallel port but unlike VlabY C. Sequential grabbing is not supported.
Vidi in its various forms is strictly a single frame instantaneous colour system. However unlike the majority of the digitisers in the article Vidi does offer a reasonable collection of image processing tools in addition to basic frame grabbing.
The various tools are split into four distinct sections, namely grabbing, mixing, editing and the carousel animation system.
Basically much of the software remains essentially the same as its predecessor with the odd AGA addition plus a few new processing features.
If you're after a combination of basic image processing mixed with respectable 12 or 24-bit frame grabbing, it's well worth closer inspection.
1 VlabY C & Vlab VlabY C is arguably the best Amiga digitiser that money can buy - depending on your system. As the name suggests, the board will support both a composite and Y C signal.
However in order to use it you need a desktop Amiga such as the A2000, 3000, 4000 with a Zorro slot free for tho card itself. In addition, an 030 CPU with 3Mb of RAM is the realistic minimum for effective application - especially if you're working extensively in 24-bit- It you can supply all of the above.
VlabY C offers easily the most powerful, flexible and expandable grabbing environment money can buy. With some of the opposition offering equally impressive single-frame grabbing, this may seem a rather sweeping statement.
However it's only when you consider expansion that all becomes clear.
Firstly, an impressive range of software and hardware supports Vlab directly.
Notables include Harlequin and Retina, both of which have chosen Vlab as their preferred grabber add-on.
On the software side both ImageFX and ADPro support Vlab, as does TVPaint.
Better still, VlabY C also offers a unique feature which enables full-frame sequential 24-bit grabbing via its IFR option. And to be totally automated you can even add the AirLink infra red controller which will rewind and play your VCR for you.
Unfortunately both of these features are only available on the Y C version of Vlab. However for those who don’t have a desktop machine there is Vlab Par which connects to the parallel port of an Amiga. This, however. Isn’t available In a Y C format and as a result can't employ IFR or AirLink.
State ot the art Imagr importation from VlobY C power op li c a I 128MB Optical Internal £779 128MB Optical External £879 128MB Optical Disk £39.95 SCSI Controller A2000 £129 Use a VCR as a backup storage advice, 200 Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. What's more you can watch T.V on your 1084s monitor. Phono version. _ eeo video h a c k n p Scan socket version. Also available for the IBM PC.
Please specify version when ordering.
Video Backup Scart .£65 Video Backup Phono .£60 flopticald ri re The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a 3.5" disk (a SCSI interface is required).
Floptical A2000 Kit £289 Floptical A500 External £389 syquest cl r i r a
3. 5" Removable HD from Syquest. Each cartridge stores 105MB.
Syquest speed is 17ms. (A SCSI interface is required)
3. 5” Syquest SCSI External. £599
3. 5” Syquest SCSI Internal ...£539
3. 5” 105MB Cartridge £79 sc si d r i res auto ‘o; s h ct r e r
We can supply SCSI or IDE 3.5 dnvcs in many sizes.
(these drives come complete with a cable and installation software) ROM Share £19.95 52GMB £169 ROM Share inc. v2.04 £50 80MB .£179 ROM Share inc. v1.3 £39 Ovlrl t* ... 160MB £249 ROM Share A600 £29 200MB £349 ROM Share A600 v1.3 £55 ide i n t e r u a I 2,5” Miniature internal HD for the A600 A1200, (these drives cnmc complete with a cable and inundation software) 80MB Internal HD ....£179 120MB Internal HD £229 X-Backup Pro .£29.95 CooAt are toUikhj 7M our ttandard trrmi .nui i tmtimom of talr and art jradaOlr
an request. Spedfieations andprues are mljetl tv , hgnge widxmt nance. Trademark are acknowledged Ali pnees include VA T. 170MB Internal HD £270 memory c xp a n s i o n s Power Computing manufacture a complete range of memory cards for the Amiga 500. A500t, A600, A1200, A1500, A2000. A3000 and A4000. Due to the huge range available please telephone us for your requirements and availability.
A500 e m o ry 4 Chip 512K RAM expansion with or without battery backed clock. Free software included. (A500+ compatible) A500 Card with clock ......£29 a500rV m h h o a r cl Expand your Amiga from 2MB to SMB of RAM.
Plugs into side slot, full auto config. And full through port.
A500 2MB Board without thru'port.... £89 A500 2MB Board £139 A500 4MB Board ..£219 A500 8MB Board ....£299 a20008 m h h o ci r cl 2MB to 8MB expansion for the A2000. Full auto config.. IDF. Interface and 12 months warranty.
A2000 8MB Board .£289 Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 1MB of RAM and drawing extra memory from any other RAM you have installed in your Amiga. No soldering is required.
£159 supra ode ms Comes complete with English phone cable. RS 232 serial cable, PSU & comms software. The Amiga Format Cold winning modem.
Supra Fax Modem+ £119 Supra Fax Modem 32BIS £229 pow md rives VII Power Computing's disk drives come with a 12 month guarantee. The PC880B is available witb Blitz Amiga, Blit , and X-Copy or Cyclone compatible (this drive is only available to registered owners of X-Copy Professional). The drive comes in aa aluminium case.
PC880B with Blitz Amiga ...£70 PC880B with Blitz, X-Copy £80 PC880E Economy Cyclone Comp.. ..£49.95 PC881 Amiga 500 internal drive ......£40 PC882 Amiga 2000 internal drive £40 PC883 Dual disk drive .....£125 The new updated PC880B includes an aluminium casing, anti-click device, virus blocker, cyclone compatible chip and the latest built-in backup hardware which allows X-Copy to copy & vcrib All features arc mouse operated.
£70 xl dripe The l.76MB Disk Drive* can be used widl any Amiga. With the 'XL Drive’ you can fit a massive 1.76MB on a high density floppy disk, the drive can also act as a standard 880K drive and can also read & write disks written on aa Amiga 4000 internal I ID drive.
External XL Drive ......£89.95 Internal XL Drive .£79.95 A4000 Internal XL Drive , £89.95 ‘Rcijiiiici KickSurt 2 or above.
Pc880 B pg ra cl e Power Computing can now upgrade yout PC880B drive from a 880K to a 1.76MB higk density drive, all you need to do is check th* you have the serial number 'Sony MFD17W- 22’ on vour disk drive casing. (You'll need a» hum u-w ihe casing. This does not alTcti ihe warranty) PC880 Interface upgrade £49.95 x-backupp ro Extremely powerful disk back-up utility, uses tnf latest custom chip design. Hardware designed fay Power Computing.
EpsonG T- 6 5 00 pc1202-8 A high resolution 24-hit colour flatbed scanner from tpson. Scan up to A4 in size on this 600DPI scanner. Comes with PowerScan or ASDG (ASDG is an extra £100). GT-8000 scans up to 800DPI Epson GT6500 PowerScan. ..£659 Epson GT6500 ASDG .£759 Epson GT8000 PowerScan£1099 Epson GT8000 ASDG £1199 Document Feeder £399 Completely re-designed powerful user interface, produce 2% greyscale images (on a A("lA machine), scan in 64 greyscales (non AGA Amiga can only display
16) . Add colour to greyscale images, special effects, new
support for 18-bit scanner, add text to scans, available with
mono or colour scanner.
With l fit l
• disk.
Drive I on an .95 .95 .95 £119 power; c ci n n e rs PowerScanner 4 (mono) £119 PowerScanner 4 (colour) £239 PowerScanner 4 inc. OCR ..£159 PowerScanner 3 ....£99 Scanner 4 Upgrade inc. interface . £50 Scanner 4 Upgrade software £20 OCR Junior Software ..£49 OCR Full Version Upgrade ......£49 (OCR lull version is only available lo registered users ol OCR Juniorl your I lugh I k that j 17W- iccd (O I I .95 ics the ted bv powerscan I B M For those of you who own an Amiga & IBM PC XT AT it is now possible to use your PowerScanner for both computers. The
scanner features include 256 grcy-scalc levels by software emulation, 100- 400 DPI resolution, Scankit for windows, OCR software and merge function for the quick and easy joining of wo partial images. If you already own a Powerscan you can purchase the IBM interface and software separately.
IBM interface Asoftware £49.95 Full IBM Kit available Power Computing and DKB have joined forces to produce the ultimate A1200 32-bit memory expansion.
The PC 1202-8 uses the latest industry standard 32-bit Simm technology which allows you to use 2MB, 4MB and 8MB modules. Simply adding either a PC 1202-8 to your Amiga 1200 will increase its processing speed by 219%, comes with real-time battery backed clock and optional FPU available.
Bare 43388 imile 0234 840234 echnical 0234 841882 hnicaI is available from £•$ . S