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AN EXTERNAL floppy disk drive featuring anti virus protection has just been added to Amitek's Friendly Technology range of Amiga peripherals. The tMb drive has an enable disable switch, a daisy chain connector and a Sony mechanism using anti-ctick technology. it is housed in a meta! casing and comes with a two-vear warranty. "Rather than just offer a dut! Amiga drive, we wanted to offer Amiga users something better but stiü keep the price ver)' compétitive," said Amitek spokesman Andy Leaning. "We could have made just another Amiga drive, but we went to the time and trouble to find what spécifications ttsets wanted ' Sitica Systems are seüing the drive for 659, and can be telephoned on 08!-3091!! i. CD probtem THE externa) CD drive under devetop-ment to enable A1200s to use compact disc software designed for the CD32 could be scrapped. AMIGA Computing has teamed Commodore are having difficutty giving the drive suit motion video capabitity whiçh they consider essentia' before i! can be reteased. Monitor shortage AMiGA buyers were hit by a monitor Shûrtage on thé run up to Christmas. with most computer stores setting out early in the peak setting period.

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Document sans nom Issue 70 February 1994 £3.99 overseas price £4.25 Htiw.95 The Publisher Easy to use Pro package WORTH £40 PLUS! Sampler round-up • Scala MM300 • MediaPoint • Protext 6.0 9 Spectrum 28 24 • Wavetools Interchange Plus and all the latest news, views and previews Hi, Did you have an absolutely amazing Christmas and did Santa bring you everything you hoped for? I certainly hope so.
Well folks, it's noi easy writing the Indi Column 2 weeks before Christmas 10 med deadlines for the January Magazines but here goo, At the time of writing there seems little doubt lhal ihe Amiga Desktop Dynamite pack has been a major success story with Sales exceeding every prediction. Well done lo David Pleasance and his team at Commodore.
Without a doubi the big news has been Commodores decision lo add two cxira lilies lo the CD32 Bundle making 4 in total (5 if you boy from Indi).
This week Indi have formally announced (he SXI Expansion module for the CD32 allowing the addition of a keyboard and other peripherals. The implications of this are very important for both existing Amiga owners and potential CD32 buyers.
Ii is now a real alternative lo buy a CD32. Add an expansion module and keyboard and effectively own an Amiga 1200 with a CD drive rather than the alternative of buying an Amiga 1200 and then adding the CD32. De elopements arc moving very quickly in this area. I will keep you up to date with more information next month.
Best wishes AMI CD OSCAR, DIGGERS. WING COMMANDER AND DANGEROUS STREETS J f PLUS INDI EXCLUSIVE FREE LEMMINGS This is the news that all Commodore enthusiasts have been waiting for, the new Microbotics SXI Expansion module arrives January 1994. The Amiga CD32 is no longer just the best 32 bit CD console i around, it is now a fully expandible computer Add a keyboard and printer increase the memory to 8 Mb. Connect to another Amiga and the choice is yoGrs.
The Microbotics SXI is an internal expansion device that simply connects to your Amiga CD32 via th* ¦ SXI port. Connection could not be simpler.
Now that you have a real computer whyn add a Panasonic Printer and enjoy serious grapUa and Word processing.
Printer Option Keyboard Option Add a Keyboard by simply plugging into the SXI and turn your Cdj2 into a real computer External Floppy Drive Option Memory Expansion Option CUSTOMER CHARTER Increase the I memory upto by the simple addition of Industry standard & bit Simms Modules.
ONLY £285.99 with S great titles Add a Zappo Floppy Drive and have access to the thousands of low cost Amiga titles.
INOI Direct Mall it original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you mutt first be confident that you will receive the product ydu'vt Ordered and that the supplier still be there in the future, should you need them.
New CD32 Owners Can now enjoy all of the advantage* of real compuong by addwg a keyboard and other standard peripherals. Add a floppy drive and enjoy access to thousands of low cost Amiga Tides, add a printer and move into graphics and wordprocessing. The expansion possibilities are as flexible as if you owned an Amiga 1200 Separates Prices SXI CD32 Expulsion Module $ 139,99 CD32Keyboaai £45.99 Zapjx) Drive Sale Prire £ 4H.99 Normal Indi Price New Amiga CD32 Pack I Launch Price!
A mall order purchase from INOI is a safe and secure decision, and here’s why.
INDI is a wholly owned subsidiary of • public company now in it’s tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a turnover approaching 30 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them n«Xt day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
1) Amiga CD32+ 4 games + lemmings
2) Zappo Drive
3) Keyboard
4) SXI Kxpansion Module £285.99 £48.99 £45.99 £99 £289.99 £49.99
£45.99 £139.99 SAVE £46 ALES AND SUPPORT l?n»er?!TRe newt
4000 030 The NEW Amiga 4000 030 features a ssor
runnin--------•-----* able later) The 4000 030 I Amiga
4000 030 CD Software Tides The INDI tales tram have been
trained to take your order with the utmott care and
efficiency. All stock efcrtd for sale is held in stock,
centrally at our group ware houtr complex and it available for
next day delivery. Bract to your home or busincsv If at any
time we are oast of stock your money will not be banked until
product it available (a point worth checking should row be
tempted to purchase elsewhere) RAM expandable to 18 Mb using
industry standard 32 - bit Simms module. In line with tnc
Amiga 4000 040 the 4000 030 features the AGA graphics chi
massive pallet of 16.8 million colours. Win the best value
A400Q030 configuration in die UK 4000030 80 Pfc HD A ful range
of approved i grades are this fi the 4000030, addforui memory
modules, hard drives. FPU's (68881 bit Opal Vision graphics
.vxi video system CREDIT FACILITIES 848882) and the 24 raiatte
Telephone for a qi Amiga A600 Epic Pack The Superb A600 Hard
Drive Epic Pack Mot are now able to offer competitive credit
facilities ob afi orders over 200. All credit facilities are
subject ea tutus and applicants must bo ovor thr ago of 18.
¦ yoo would like a quote simply call our our sales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the Am . We are alto able to offer Credit Inturanco to ¦¦ocr repayments in the event of sickness or unemploy- Now available with both 20Mb and 30Mb Hard Drive Options the Epic Pack is arguably the best value pack ever produced by Commodore with a saving of over £ 100 PACK INCLUDES:
* Amiga 600
* Amiga 600
* I Mb Memory
* Epic * Rome
* Myth * Trivial Pursuit
* Amiga Text
* Deluxe Faint III TTTfHTD
* 20 Mb Hard Drive AtrTTrftj £249.99
* 12 Months at home service.
TOTAt MVAU MONTH.* PAVAhf TOTAt Piwre 3M *1100 12*4 00 12.00 tZMJl t.)l OJS.AJ m aJa.H miti 11.64 (74S.44 11.17
(6) 7.71 M glff.N (Ultra
(611) 1491.13 (46H (I67Y44 AM 2t.n WRITTEN QUOTATIONS AVAILABLE
OMKQUEST ‘AAn deposit paid a* ae*
* I Mb Memory
* Epic * Rome
* Myth * Trivial Pursuit
* Amiga Text
* Deluxe Paint III
* 30 Mb Hard Drive £269.99 Amiga 1200 Microbotics Memory
Expansion Boards and Accelerators dap The Parnei adapter can be
used to link art; port to another. For example, connect a
access the world of CD - ROM Software.
INDI TELESALES TH-0543419999 FAX 0543418079 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday 930am- with a paralie Amiga and 'TV to any £39.99 Do you want your Amiga 1266 to have more memory or to go faster by simply fitting a board into the external trapdoor?
Microbotics have an extensive range of products with the immense benefit of 'Chipup* technology. Most boards have soldered chipsets which do not allow expansion beyond your initial purchase. Microbotics products allow you to add extra memory as your computing skills grow and new software arrives demanding v* fi 11 even more memory.
N Monday to Frida)
- 430pm Saturday.
Don’t Send Any Money RE am AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE Until you are 100% certain that any advertiser has the product that you want in stock and will deliver it to you immediately.
Far too often Jakki Brambles receives letters from customers who are finding it difficult to obtain a refund from an advertiser that has fromiscato supply but hasn't.
O give you the confidence to purchase INDI has joined the DMA a very important Independent Authority that demands the highest possible standards from its members. DMA members agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising Practice and to subscribe to the Advertising Standards Board of finance (ASBOF) Look out for the DMA Symbol it is your guarantee signifying to the customer the truly professional edge of the industry.
R«4K(t are guaranteed for 12 months. Some Eta carry a 12 month* at hem* service and repair sal (where indicated). In the unlikely event that irodwet purchased from INDI arrives at your ¦ faulty, we will collect from your home and ce the product completely free of charge.
Rt of our policy of continual product development ifiwrmcnt, we reserve the right to change specifi- b of products advertised. Please confirm current iraiiii at the time of ordering.
Speed 4Mb 8Mb Speed 4Mb 8Mb £247.99 £307.99 £377.99 £447.99 £517.99 £577.99 40Mhz 50 Mhz £365.99 £475.99 £595.99 £709.99 14 Mhz 25 Mhz 50 Mhz The DMA Symbol.
TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 Bus are valid for month of publication only.
LATEST AMIGA 1200 TITLES DISCOUNT PRICES SfrHWT f* f-rffEj K *1 RRP Indi have carefully selected these educational titles as the best in their particular area. All educational software is offered at special discount prices Crazy I CW lCL... th! 'vMwfc ¦* Jfaer Mar £U*9 Amiga 2 Hot to Handle 4GreaAcuai Chsao Noddy's Big Adventure (3 • 7yrs)£ 17.49 £15.99 Noddy's Playtime (3 • 7 yrs)
617. 49 £15.99 ADI French (II - 12 yrs) £Vr9 £15.99 ADI Maths
(12- I3yrs) £ lW99 £15.99 ADI Junior Read (6 - 7 yrs) £|Al49
£12.99 ADI Junior Count (6 -7 yrs) £74)4 9 £12.99 ADI Maths
(13- I4yrs) ff 16.49 £15.99 ADI English (13 • 14 yrs) £16.99
£15.99 GddanAie ‘SpcrOfRcad'Tod Rtc 'SwfcwWmcf £25.99
Bd g j aromnreivwatl Tjc dmcrcrt guises and shoot t ASS) MX)
Triple Action 4 Wlren teepjoucn the edgpdyour sent
* Hues Brothers*Sd»i *
- • wru, J55 jj*rr £19.99 ¦25® *'?19.99 VT‘ 19.99
* fcwhal team w wn le ¦ : Part ke monster hit .99 AMIGA
Low cost, hi spec digital effects cartridge plugs into the
printer port of the Amiga Allows stereo sampling From almost
any musical source.
V S UN ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 12 (RT). Based on the best selling Vidi Amiga 11 This all new version offers real time colour capture from any video source. Full AGA chipset support as standard for all A1200 4000 users.
INDI PRICE SALE £127.99 '.lhat Indi regularly deliver through* Telephone us for an immediate res,----- ivery anywhere in the World in an average 5 days iout the 'esponse.
Eqf competitive .deliyery
- AT free, export invoices, bclude free insurance.. Traceable
airway bill reference details, il telephone contact in your
’ rates.
ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 24(RT). For the more serious 'III again user, this 24 - bit version will again capture from from any video source with true photo realistic images! A staggering
16. 7 million colours can be utilised with incredible results.
Full AGA INDI PRICE j TAKE 2. Animation package is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of all ages .As used inRolf Harris Cartoon Club.
SALE £29.99, Loca vii wivui j v.uii w uuiu vj ttii.ii i i chipset support iCEXiw SALE £199.99 INDI PRICE IJJ** Export 543419999 rt Numbers FAX: (44)543418079 TEL: (44)54341 ROCTEC ROCGEN PLUS. As above but with extra features such as tinting and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics. Compatible with all Amsps.
TnEi price SALtiC127.99 VIDI AMIGA 12. The ultimate low cost colour digitiser for the Amiga. "The Your Imagination is thf.
Only Frontier best value full colour digitiser offthe 4AT ROCTEC ROCKEY. The ultimate accessory for Amiga Video fans. Separate RGB controls to chroma key on any colour. INDI PRICE u rT SALE £199.99 1085s Monitor Spring Sale See this symbol for sale deals The Commodore 1085s Stereo Monitor, Compatible with all Amiga products.
• Stereo Sound * High resolution Display
* Ergonomic Design * Full Amiga Conectivity pack © xmtf £169.99
All products are strictly subject to availability. Phone for
ZAPPO EXIERNAL FLOPPY II ma»c wand implementation and Alpha
- , ------ . ng with selectable levels on a pixel by pixel aasa
The new Chromxunce effect allows absolute, real time control of
image con- rasc brilliance and re - mapping of colours.
- ofering real time pby back of animations created by ray racers,
landscape generators, morphen and all other 24 - Bn software.
COMMODORES NEW DUAL SYNC MONITOR You've seen all the reviews on this popular and affordable second Amiga drive.
Compatible with all Amigas.. Display OpalVulon graphics anytime with key combinations.
'Quae srnply. It's a spectacular product - Amiga Computing TjxMxfyt1 ' ‘ ' ...» ... - 1 the fries, most professiond paint program to am on the Amiga’ ijudfy dt tha Price can't be turned away" - Amiga Us International ivew £48.99 Quality: 9 out of 10. Exceptional value (or money.
AMIGA COMPUTING JAN 93 mremaoonai a a "The venfct was unanimous - bnfont" - Amiga Shopper UJ 9.99 © MORPH PLUS ’ ju ve seen Michael Jackson's video, you've seen the television adverts using :-e latest techniques in morphing, now now you can create the same results sol at a fraction of the cost. Morph Plus is the latest and the ultimate in this
• cchnology. Whether you are a professional artist or just want
to experiment at home Morph Plus is a must.
INDI PRICE 9? SALE £ 108.99 £347 NEW LOW PRICE IDE INTERNAL HARD DRIVES Sharp Monitor TV Indi tin now offer top quality 2.S" Internal Hard Drives for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at unbeatable prices. AH drives come complete with a cable and installation software.
80Mb 2.5" Internal HD'sT6£7SLP4 £179 120Mb 2.5" Internal HD's £2bCW9 £199.99 170Mb 2.5" Internal HD s£«9 SL £237 DELUXE PAINT IY AGA _ombines powerful tools with an intuitive interface so both professionals and ;tenners alike can get superb results quickly. New enhancements to the ::hware include the ability to paint and animate in 4696 colours in the Amiga's HAM (Hold and Modifyjmode. New animation features also include
- etamorphosis allowing you to change one image into another. You
- ne the number of frames and Dpaint IV does the rest.
INDI price SALE £59.99 you complete with connectivity cable and including 12 Months Warranty 2**93£ £165 ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL ‘¦c ultimate in image processing providing many key benefits to Amiga users ¦oridng with pictures.With Adrro you can read, write and convert between 2MB SMARTCARD.
The original and still the only fully PCMCIA compatible memory card for A600 A1200.Comes with lifetime guarantee. Beware of cheap imitations.
INDI PRICE £109.99 SALE £99.99 HiLLmiiA bame sabov INDI PRICE £159.99 £155.99 SALE ist common image file formats with unmatched flexibility Full support for
* ?G nsage makes it possible to maintain an image library in
full 4 - bit colour without needing massive hand drive storage.
Typically a 600 Kb image
7. APPY GIFT PACK _ - 600 and 1200 owners.
Rucksac and ZAPPO Multi-coloured T - shirt Commodore disk wallet " Python Microswitched joystick Mousemat * 3 Great Games - International Sports Challenge * Paradroid 90 * Cool Croc Twins ZAPPO 601 10 QQ Trapdoor upgrade for the A600. ImbwnhRTC INDI PRICE £49.99 ZAPPO 601 NC As above only 512K. No clock INDI PRICE £29.99
* *i great value pack for all Amie ? Zapsac if ¦ i be compressed
down to 40 Kb!!
INDI PRICE SALE £124.99 REAL 3D V2 i full featured 3D animation, modelling and rendenng program. With Real D V2 V6U can produce high quality images and animations of three tonal models with an astounding level of realism. Imagine creating an
- L___IX. I L_ll- I_______J _ H*_l. ® i . -I i - -nation that
shows a handful of balls bounce down a flight of stairs to the
: :etom. Gravity, collision, deflection and the elasticity of
the balls are all ft.tamatlcally calculated by the program!
98. 7 % of Indi Deliveri (Official Securicor d arrive next day
itatistics) CA Professional software is imported and
sometimes subject to delay. Confirm delivery at time of
TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 TERMS AVAILABLE OVER 6, 12, 24, & 36 MONTHS SUBJECT TO STATUS.
WHY NOT RING FOR A QUOTE. SAMEDAY RESPONSE. (SEE EXAMPLE) Quiet Printing Panasonic We researched the colour printer market at great depth to find a colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful output, yet at an affordable price.. We found the perfect printer in the and KX • P2123 quiet printer.
We then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it. We found that too. With 'Wordworth' yet at a retail price of £129.99 we thought that might be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of Wordworth free with every Panasonic printer. Of course your might be the fortunate owner of a Desktop Dynamite Pack or maybe the idea of word professing isn’t for you. Once again Indi have the solution with the alternative of two great games. How's
that for added value?
Ybe the idea of word propej Panasonic KX - P2123 FREE GAMES OPTION The new high performance Panasonic KX • P2123 24 pin. Quiet colour printer offers leading edge quiet printing technology at an affordable price
* Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ . And 32 SLQ.
Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue. Red.
A green, yellow, violet, magenta, black)
* Quiet Printing Super quiet 43.5 - 46 dBa sound level (most
matrix printers are typically In excess
* of 60 dBa)
* 7 Resident Fonts Over 152.000 type styles using Super LQ.
Courier Presuge. Bold PS, Roman.
* Script, and Sans Serif Fonts. ~ 24PIN Diamond Printhead| High
performance and high . Quality output I Year Warranty for total
peace of mind.
FREE DUST COVER Frontier Elite II You may choose from many different roles from explorer to assassin, from stockbroker to trader. Battle with pirates across a galaxy of different worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself. The goals to aim for are endless, the game is completely open ended.
£29.99 am?
£209.99 The ultimate in space adventure frontier is the important step for ward for games this decade - FREE _ Word Processing Option Batman Returns ?WORDWORTH AGA COMPLETELY FREE!
WITH PANASONIC QUIET PRINTERS.The writers choice. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA computers. Wordworth is undoubtedly the ultimate word document processor for the full range of AMIGA computers. The graphical nature of WORDWORTH makes producing documents faster and easier, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full Panasonic KX - P2I23 colour printing support), Collins spell checker and thesaurus, no other word processor comes dose. "Without doubt this is one of the best document processors for the AMIGA. Today’ (Amiga Format)NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. VAT A massive 7 disk program,
from the first film simulation vastly different to the console version with vivid scenes straight from the hit movie. Batman has returned in style.
£29.99 Panasonic KX - PI 170 Panasonic KX-P2023 Recently reviewed by Amiga Format "A fine 24 - pin dot matrix printer at a reasonable price" How much - £282. But not from INDI...SAVE A MASSIVE £112 and buy this supreb printer for just £ 169.99. AND whilst stocks last we'll send you a free auto cut sheetfeeder worth a further £85.
WITH FREE SHEETFEEDER The superb quality KX - PI 170 has a normal retail price of £217 but not from INDI. With a massive £97 saving Indi can offer the Panasonic KX - PI 170 at only £119.99 But that's not all. How about a free Ribbon worth £9.99. This must be the best printer deal around.
- 46.5 dBa standard mode. 43.5 dBa super quiet mode
* On Screen setup disk - Including printer driver for Windows 3.1
* Fast Printing Speeds - 192 CPS draft, 64 CPS LQ
* 4 Resident Fonts - Courier. Prestige, bold PS and Script
* Push, pull tractors
* Paper parking
* Fast Printing Speeds - 192 CPS draft. 38 CPS NLQ
* 4 Resident Fonts - Courier. Prestige, bold PS and Sans Serif
* 3 Paper Paths - Top. Bottom, rear
* I Year warranty - For total peace of mind Price £ 119.99
* 2 Paper Paths
* I Year warranty
- Top. Rear
- P4430 KX- P44101
1) PANASONIC AUTOMATIC SHEET FEEDER Automatic sheet feeder for
KXP 2123 holds 00 A4 sheets INDI PRICE £89.99
2) PRINT DUST COVER SpccoAy adored quality dust cover for
Parasonx; KXP2I23 prmtcr.
3) PRINTER STAND 2 piece printer stand INDI PRICE £9.99
4) PAPER PACK500 sheets quality A4 paper INDI PRICE £9.99
5) CONTINUOUS PAPER 2000 sheets I part ttseng paper.
6) PARALLEL PRINTER CABLE To be used when connecting Amp to
Pan»sonc printers.
8) PANASONIC BLACK RIBBON Black ribbon for KXP 2123.
PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 black and 4 colour ribbons for KXP 2123 RRP £99.99. INDI PRICE£69.99 SAVE £30!!!
PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contains automatic sheet feeder. 2 black ribbons. 2 colour ribbons. I duit tover. 2 piece printer stand RRP £169.99 INDI PRICE £139.99 SAVE £30 Add £2i0 can-age to al printer accessories or combriaoons thereof Panasonic n ON-SITE WARRANTY KXP - 4430
* Satinpnnt (optimum resolution technology)*
* 5 Pages per minute
* HP Laserjet III Emulation. PCL 5
* 8 Scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
* Optional 2nd input bin (total print cr capacity 2 x 200 sheets
* Optional memory expansion to
5. 0 Mb (I Mb as standard) KXP - 4410
* 5 pages per minute IJV a
* 28 resident fonts
* Optional 2nd input bin(cotal printer capacity 2 x 200 sheets)
* Low running costs ¦it Parallel interface
* Optional memory expansion to 4.5 Mb
(0. 5 as standard)
* HP laserjet II Emulation NEW LOW PRICES!
£649.99 £499.99 TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 1 HIS MUST BE THE BEST VALUE DEAL EVER AND NOT SURPRISINGLY IT'S INDI THAT SHOWS THE WAY. THE GREAT value Desktop Dynamite Pack with over £300 of FREE software PLUS 2 New cult games PLUS a New Low Low Price Frontier Elite II New Game You may choose from many different roles from explorer to assassin, from stockbroker to trader.
Battle with pirates across a galaxy of different worlds trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself. The goals to aim lor are endless, the game is completely open ended. £29.99 FREE 80 Mb Hard Drive Pack £$ 09.99 £509 120 Mb Hard Drive Rack £55939 £549 170 Mb Hard Drive Pack £599)99 £589 11 Months At Home Warranty from ICL DeskTop Dynamite Panasonic Colour Printer Pack DESPATCH The superb Desktop Dynamite Pack The Best Selling Panasonic KXP 2123 Quiet 24-pin Colour Printer.
PLUS Two new cult games from Gametek Frontier Elite II and Batman Return* FREE + Wordworth AG A Print Manager Paint IV AGA ; Oscar AGA ; D_ennis The Menace AGA SAVE ££££' s All orders received by 6pm Monday to Friday are detpacched tamedav for delivery usine our national courier - Sccuricor. (UK Mainland only). Saturday deliv* erie» are available at a small surcharge. If you are out when we deliver, a card will be left at your nome giving you a contact telephone number to arrange a convenient rc • delivery.
Delivery queries can be resolved immediately utlng our on - line computer.
Cheque orders are despatched immediately on cheque ery charge of 15.00 is made per item unless otherwise stated.
INDI DIRECT MAIL in partnership with ICL HOW TO ORDER BY POST - Simply fill in the coupon below.
BY PHONE • phone linei open9.00am - 7.00pm Mon - Fri. 9.00am - 4.30pm Sat. - where your call will be answered by Of bur INDI sales team. After 7.00pm each day your call will be answered by answerphone. If you would like to place an order have all the details at hand including credit card. All offers subject to availability. Prices correct at time of going to press. May we suggest you call before ordering.
We'll pick it up from your home , bring it back in 5 days, give it 12 months on site warranty and that's just the beginning... When the time comes thatyoujust have to fit a Hard Drive to your Amiga 1200 or 600 it is important that your Amiga is handled by the EXPERTS.
ICL are a giant International Computer Manufacturing and Repair Company and have been chosen by Commodore as their authorised warranty company for Amiga product.
2) .
3) ..
Price ... I enclose cheque PO for £ or
charge my Access Visa No Expiry J ...
Signature ..... Name Address
Through INDI the Nationwide resources of ICL
will guarantee that your Amiga is treated with the care and
expertise that it deserves.
But that is just the beginning, your new Hard Drive will be given a full 12 Months At Home Warranty cover. Yes. If there is a warranty problem we will come to your home to fix it.
Of course what s the point of having at Home cover on your Hard Drive and not on your Amiga. So as part of the deal ICL will add further 12 months at Home cover to your Amiga Completely FREE AC0294 Door to Door 85 Mb Hard Drive Enhancement Service £239.99 Door to Door 120 Mb Hard Drive Enhancement Service £279.99 Door to Door 170 Mb Hard Drive Enhancement Service £319.99 + Delivery.
Complete with 12 Months At Home Service through ICL INDI DIRECT MAIL in partnership with ICL
* Amiga 120 must be in full working order Extended Warranty on
Commodore Products 'For Peace of Mind* For as little as £39.99
ICL the major European computer giant are able to extend the At
Home service on most new Commodore Products to a full 3 years.
ICL are the main authorised Commodore Warranty Company and can
offer a variety of warranty options to suit all needs. Why not
call for details.
Postcode DaytimeTel TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 NTENTS Nine pages for enquiring minds The most authoritative monthly columns in the business, covering all areas of specialised Amiga activity Arexx him experienced Affa&prvgntm mere Iviulb at attempting to mix Ake.'cx u vh graphics, bui U needn t he too difficult, us Alex ciian explains I Video Atlam rhilltps carrk'S on bts series, showing you bow to set up atul cope with tlw filming cf your very own video film Music Paul 'rvnt-a-ranl' Austin gets on his soap hrix for one Iasi time and bemoans ibe way computers are stifling musical
creativity I Comms CompuServe has been nicknamed CumpuSftend It)' some of its users is it really that pricey '? Phil South links up and finds out I Amos I low lo make your semens fade and appear again, and a peek at the latest issue of Amos disk magazine Totally . Imus. Uilb PbiJ South ] Publishing How lo achieve incredibly professional looking documents uith a little bit of Ingenuity, a util-stocked local print shop and lien Pointer FEATURES Sampler round-up Shopping for sounds - read on as the best go head to head How 2 create a flyer Ben Pointer provides a guided tour to the Publisher
Flight sim round-up The definitive guide to all things aeronautical Updates Adorage AGA plus remote control Midi with AirLink REVIEWS Wavetools Direct-to-disk 16-bit sampling for less than £400 1-Card Ethernet networking the easy way for the A600 and A1200 Sea la vs Media Point The latest multimedia big guns go head to head Protext v6.0 Heaven for old hacks - the ultimate text engine returns Star SJ144 Hot on the heels of the Primera comes another full colour classic TrapFax Forget expensive hardware, let software add that yuppie touch 100 110 Syndesis 3D conversion comes of age in this
software and CD combo Spectrum 28 EGS comes of age. Have GVP discovered a pot of gold?
GAMER I Packed with all the latest and greatest releases. If you love games then turn to the middle of the mag atul start reading!
Gamer Globe Khil Find out what's heading your way this Spring Feature: Millennium part 2 ED Interviews with the Cambridge software house On the Drawing Board Virgin's forthcoming Mega Drive conversion Cheat Mode: Addams Family E33 Hints and tips for Ocean's platformer Cheap Seats B3 For those people that want budget software GAME REVIEWS Mortal Kornbat m Captive CD32 EE3 Settlers m Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game EED Alio Alio HO Fury of the Furries US Bubba V Stix US 2nd Innings US Zoo! 2 US Cannon Fodder 03 Second Samurai ira Amiga Market Consumers' comer gets into full swing once again with
yet more software, hardware and sound advice Shop Window ftffi
• Optical PenMouse
• Kim
• Amiga Next Steps Stars of yesteryear f¥F Classifieds WL
Advertising index l¥75 Hard Times m Amiga Computing February
1994 6 The COVERDISKS Two disks packed with commercial and
shareware software to suit every taste COVER STORY Scion VUUU
Modern geneology program to trace those complex family trees
Professional DTP for all with this powerful publisher complete
with its own fonts and PostScript interpreter MRBackup
Professional Fast and efficient data security from a commercial
quality backup program Share Manager Lucky enough to own a bit
ofBT? Then this program's for you Worms Screen blanker with a
built in keyboard lock-out Turn to page 20 ACAS | Shield your
eyes as the AC readership make their mark Public Sector The
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Competition REGULARS If rhc things you create with your Amiga
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This new version of Quarterback Tools not only enhances these capabilities, hut adds new features as well. It now includes a disk sector editor, for advanced users. With it you can directly modify the contents of any sector on your disks. There is also full support for new features of AmigaDOS 2.0 and 3.0, as well as extensive AREXX and macro support.
Powerful Disk and File Management Quarterback Tools Deluxe includes much more then just a new version of Quarterback Tools. Numerous new utilities have been added to make maintaining your system even easier then ever. There’s Replicator, a full-featured duplication system. Locator, to quickly locate your files. Encryptor, to secure your files from others. File Eraser and • Disk Eraser, to completely eliminate all traces of your files. Keystroke Finder, to show you how to type special characters. System Mover, to make moving fonts and system files a snap. And Brain Cloud, which can [protect
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Requires Kicksrart 1.2 or later (Kickstart 2.0 or later recommended).
NEWS by John Butters AN IMPROVED CD32 pack containing extra games and full-motion video clips hit the High Street during the last few Christmas shopping days.
The move was made by Commodore in an attempt to pick up extra Christmas sales, after a games shortage and poor market conditions led to a disappointing start to the machine's life.
The manufacturer are confident they will have give CD32 boost Games sales a achieved 75,000 sates in Britain by the end of last year - around a third of the original projection made at launch.
But the company are pleased with the console’s performance so far, and claim it is substantially outselling its Sega Mega CD competitor.
The Dangerous Streets bundle comes with new titles Dangerous Streets and Wing Commander in addition to Diggers and Oscar which have been supplied with the console since launch.
Micro-Value Flair's Dangerous Streets is a beat-'em-up featuring eight exotic combatants from across the globe and Wing Commander is an improved version of Electronic Arts' flight sim.
Commodore say that if bought individually the four games would cost £120, but despite this they have been able to maintain the machine's original £299 price tag.
Video clips included in the pack are aimed as a "stunning" demonstration of the console's full motion video capability when fitted with the video CD module.
Next couple of months.
The pack also contains demos of the Amiga CD32's existing motion video system CDXL and previews of games on the way for the machine.
As we went to print the device was promised for imminent availability at £199, and first compact disc films including Top Gun and Sfnr Trek are expected within the Report clears video games Video graphics prices slashed THIRTY-TWO bit video graphics board Harlequin and paint package TV Paint 2 have had massive price cuts by specialist Amiga Centre Scotland (089 687583).
The move puts the products into a category that makes them affordable to semiprofessionals and keen video amateurs.
Harlequin sees cuts of around £230 across the range, while the TV Paint 2 has had its price tag slashed by £450 to £249.
When bought together even bigger savings are available.
ACS boss Martin Lowe said the prices had been cut for several reasons. "On the one hand we've got a much better [trade] price on TV Paint," he said.
"On the other hand we've managed to cut Harlequin's price because we've now recovered our development costs PLAYING video games very rarely triggers epileptic seizures in people without a known hi$ t ?ry of epilepsy.
Are at nsk from seizures triggered by video games."
Some computer games makers have recently been putting warnings on the outside ot their packaging advising players how to avoid health problems.
The industry watchdog ELSPA's general secretary Roger Bennett said: "There are certain issues that are important regardless of whether the player suffers from epilepsy."
“Don't sit too close to the monitor, don't play for too long and don’t play in the dark ' That's the finding of a Government-funded report just published following a national study led by Or David Fish ot the National Society for Epilepsy.
It reveals that people who suffer seizures for Ihe first time while playing video games are photo-sensitive - in other words they are susceptible to flashing light.
The report says of the 30.000 Britons who suffer their first seizure each year. 600 are definitely at risk from epilepsy attacks triggered by TV. Video games and other light sources.
Up to 150 people each year may have their first seizure brought on by playing a video game, although there is no evidence that photo-sensitivity can actually be caused by the games.
Most newly diagnosed photo-sensitive epileptics are between seven and 19 years old. It adds.
Consumer Affairs Minister Lord Strathclyde said: ‘This report shows that photosensitive epilepsy affects a very Small number of people.
“A much smaller number suffer their first seizure while playing video games - roughly the same as through watching television.
“People who suffer must always seek medical advice and those with known epilepsy should ask their doctor whether they Looks to mi in non The new QJ SG ProPad 2 is designed to match the best of the new generation of video games for the SEGA Megadrive. It has a programmable feature which allows any combination of fire button moves to be • assigned to a single left or right fire button.
The recorded combinations are all indicated in the LED panel SG PROPAD 2 ... the Champion s companion.
• Digital Autofire setting LED display setting 6-Button
‘fighting’ layout
• Programmable syncro-fire’ I Slow-motion function I Extra long
connector cable SRP £22.99 inc. VAT.
Plays to 7T M7 J c PROGRAM PAD
• 30 pre-programmed special moves, including a secret code!
• 6 memory spaces to program your own combinations
• Mirror function doubles number of pre-programmed moves
• LCD control panel to display action sequences
• Independent autofire control
• Slow motion
• See-thru casing SNES VERSION SV 337 £39.99 inc. VAT.
SEGA VERSION SV 437 £39.99 Inc. VAT.
• 30 pre-programmed special moves, including a secret code!
• 6 memory spaces to program your own combinations
• Mirror function doubles number of pre-programmed moves
• LCD control panel to display action sequences
• Built-in backu
• Independent;
• Rotatable fire SNES VERSION eo that Will Take You to e of Those
Ordinary Typi More Winning Products fro OJ Product s are a
Museum takes CD32 in £4m facelift A STATE-of-the-art
information system based on £299 CD32 games consoles has
just been installed at the London Transport Museum as part of a
£4 million facelift.
More than 100 of the machines are used to provide interactive information. Video, animations and sound effects.
They are linked using an expansion system developed by Index Information, the Hampshire-based firm which chose Commodore's machine for the displays.
A master machine controls the volume of sound effects around the museum and identifies and reports on problems found over Ihe network.
Visitors use touch screens to discover facts on London's transport system, its vehicles and the effects it has had on the city and Londoners since
Each display is hooked up to a CD32 player which has been rack mounted and hidden from general view.
"Many of the qualities that will make the CD32 such a successful home entertainment system also make it the ideal commercial multimedia player.* said the Index's Mike Tinker.
"A high quality and low cost delivery unit combined with a powerful development platform is allowing us to provide advanced displays at much lower costs than competitive systems."
Material is stored on 60 compact discs and took almost two years to develop using A4000s, CD problem THE external CD drive under development to enable A1200S to use compact disc software designed for the CD32 could be scrapped. Amiga Computing has learned.
Commodore are having difficulty giving the drive full motion video capability which they consider essential before it can be released.
Monitor shortage AMIGA buyers were hit by a monitor shortage on the run up to Christmas, with most computer stores selling out early in the peak selling period.
The problem was caused by Philips withdrawing their top-selling CM8833-II during autumn and Commodore temporarily halting production of the 1084S colour screen.
Commodore boss David Pleasance expected monitors to be available within the next few weeks and said it was necessary for the firm to put all resources into the A1200 and CD32.
Unfaithful sex games AN ISRAELI man wants to divorce his “unfaithfur wife because of her use of filthy computer games, according to online magazine STReport.
The unnamed man is claimed to have told a Tel Aviv rabbinical court that his wife cheats on him in her thoughts by playing the games, making her a theoretical adulteress.
He said there is no difference between a woman who has a physical relationship with other men and one who imagines it.
CD32 owners will soon be able to build their console into an A1200-compatible computer using a new expansion device from US peripheral manufacturer Microbotics.
The £149.99 SX1 slots into the machine to allow a keyboard, floppy disk drive, printer and up to 6Mb of fast access memory to be added.
British dealer Calculus Stores (0543 251275) are also selling it in a bundle including fast searching and quick erasing of tapes.
Several new commands give the user more control in automating the program's features and customising it to their preferences.
"Quarterback 6 adds the features that advanced users have been asking for," said Central Coast boss James Bayeless.
"We've added support for advanced features present in the newest high-capacity tapes drives, as well as faster compression and the ability to backup a large hard disk across multiple tapes.” The package costs £79,95 from Meridian Distribution (081-543 3500). Existing owners of the software should contact the firm for upgrade details which weren't available at press time.
Linking up AN ADAPTOR to enable Great Valley Products' EGS-28 24 Spectrum graphics board to be used with NEC's FG series of monitors is now available.
The device does not affect the graphic quality provided by the EGS Spectrum, and is available from Silica Systems (081*309 1111). Price remains to be fixed, but is expected to be under £25.
Drive locks out viruses AN EXTERNAL floppy disk drive featuring anti-virus protection has just been added to Amitek's Friendly Technology range of Amiga peripherals.
The 1Mb drive has an enable disable switch, a daisy chain connector and a Sony mechanism using anti-dick technology. It is housed in a metal casing and comes with a two- year warranty.
"Rather than just offer a dull Amiga drive, we wanted to offer Amiga users something better but still keep the price very competitive," said Amitek spokesman Andy Leaning.
"We could have made just another Amiga drive, but we went to the time and trouble to find what specifications users wanted."
Silica Systems are selling the drive for £59, and can be telephoned on 081-3091111.
HARD disk backup and archiving utility Quarterback has been upgraded again, this time with faster compression and the ability to automate backups at set times.
Schedule Pro, included with v6 of US-based Central Coast Software's program, enables users to schedule and automatically run any Amiga program.
It can display reminders on the screen at preset times and, as with the program execution feature, can be set for single or repeated occurrences.
Quarterback also operates much faster than before, with its makers claiming it can compress data read from a hard disk as fast as it can write it to a floppy.
The new version also has support for advanced tape- handling features for tape drivers which support them.
Faster compression for Quarterback with CD32 and four games, a keyboard, Panasonic 2123 colour printer and Zappo floppy disk drive for £499.99. And for existing CD32 owners buing the module Calculus will sell the peripherals separately - the ke board costing £49.99 and floppy drive£54.99. Each of tlx? Products is also available from the firm's mail order sister company, Indi Direct Mail (0543 419999), with discounting.
Consoles grow into computers 31 *" 1Mb External Floppy Disk Drive roan* ( j I';* Amitek: Found which ipeclflcotloni drive buyen wanted Greater graphics control MUTUFRAME-ADPru is a front end for graphics programs Art Department Professional and Morph Plus that aims to give users greater control over multiple frame processing.
Premier Vision (071-274 4407) claim it to be ideal for creating effects with a large number of images for multimedia applications or output to video.
Its features include the ability to process images over time, with the user giving starting and ending values and the separation being the number of frames needed from the software.
Non-linear motion is available using true splines with adjustable knots, tension, continuity and bias, and fly-ins of moving images are possible using a perspective operator.
Multiple frame ripples, automatic compositing of foreground images over background and scaling of images during processing are among the £69.95 program's other capabilities.
Free online guide MODEM manufacturer US Robotics have published a free booklet aimed at stimulating increased use of the range of on-line information services available.
The Sportster Guide to On-line Services gives details of the various services which can be accessed using a modem, including several small bulletin boards.
The 40-page guide can be obtained by writing to Sally Roberts, US Robotics, 224 Berwick Avenue, Slough SL1 4QT, or telephoning 0753 811180.
Direct input for CD sounds Virgin fund football training VIRGIN Interactive Entertainment have sponsored a scheme to teach Britain's kids how to become skilful football players just weeks after England failed to qualify for the World Cup.
The company - publisher of football hit Goal! - handed over a £47,000 cheque recently to the coordinator of the Virgin Games Schools Football Initiative at Arsenal's Highbury ground.
The scheme enables schools to use a Dutch method of coaching called Coerver which uses one ball, one-player training instead of the more common 11-players, one ball.
Children of all ages can take part, and after their schools have signed up are asked to find extra sponsorship from friends and family to fund sports equipment needed for the training. Of the money used to set up the scheme, Virgin and the Government each donated £20,000, and £7,000 came from other sponsors, including Adidas and a football maga ine Shoot!.
"The sponsorship deal could not have come at a more opportune time following England's failure to qualify for the World Cup," said Virgin's marketing manager Paul Dowling.
"Not only does the scheme encourage kids to learn individual football skills, but it will also give Virgin Interactive Entertainment direct access to around 25,000 UK schools."
Activa come to Britain ACTIVA, the Dutch maker of ray-tradng and animation software Real 3D2, have opened a Bntish office to give owners of the program free technical support.
Based in London, it is run by a professional games artist Andrew Jones, who also does work for Electronics Arts and was involved in testing the Activa package.
Distnbution of the program continues through various dealers but according to Jones the company are planning to open a UK division to handle the product early this year.
Real 3D2 owners needed help and advice should telephone 081-402 5770 between 10am and 7pm on Monday to Fridays or lax to 081-402 5780.
Alternatively, modem owners can contact the Activa UK Support BBS on 081-986 5964 or via netmail at 2:254 516.1 ©fidonet.
It has support, message areas, program updates and files for TV Paint, Real 3D Classic and v2. Mediapomt, Piccolo. Peggy and Detail 3.
Application building MULTIMEDIA software can now be designed for the Amiga using Helm, Eagle Tree Software's authoring system which is available in Britain from Meridian Software (081-543
3500) . .
The package combines draw, paint and image processing tools with a scripting language, a database manager and an assortment of user interface objects.
Meridian claim the software enables users to build applications quickly that freely mix graphics, animation, text and music. It costs £99.95. DIARY DATES January 12-15,1994 BETT “94 Venue: National Hall. Olympia Organiser: EMAP (071-404 4844) Britain'*; leading IT exhibition for the education market.
April 10-12,1994 European Computer 7rode Show Venue: Business Design Centre, london Organiser: Blenheim On-line (081-742 2828) Europe's largest trade show for the computer and video games industry.
April 16,1994 Spring All Micro Show Venue BingJey Hall, Staffs Organiser Shani'ard Services (0473 272002) Last autumn's show contained 70 exhibitors - some with Amiga software and hardware.
September 20-25,1994 Live'94 Venue: Earls Court Organiser: News International (071-782 6893) Commodore have already pledged their support for this large consumer electronics show.
October 6-9,1994 BBC Big Bash Venue: NEC, Birmingham Organiser: Haymarket Exhibitions Future World area of this big show will contain the latest computer games and virtual reality.
October 26-30,1994 Future Entertainment Show Venue: Earls Court II Organiser: Future Exhibitions (0225 442244) The biggest public show of computer and video games players and a chance to see Christmas releases.
MAESTRO Professional is a sound board providing Amigas with digital 16-bit input and output for compact disc-quality sound and direct-to-hard disk recording.
It is believed to be the first card to take a direct digital signal rather than digitised or sampled input.
Developed by MacroSystem. It comes with Samplitude software and. Using an optional back-up program and a DAT recorder, can be used to back up to 2Gb of hard disk storage.
Distributor Amiga Centre Scotland (089 687 583) say the software is a "good sound editing package which provides all the functionality that one expects from such software'’. “I captured 40 minutes of CD-quality sound direct across the optical link without any problems at all." Said Mick Tinker at Index Information
- see London museum story this month, “the data is in the correct
layout for use on a CD without modification."
Toccata, meanwhile, is aimed as a high quality, low cost solution for Amiga owners who want to record 16-bit samples direct to hard disk at up to 48kHz.
It features three stereo inputs, stereo output, 64 timos oversampling and comes with the same Samplitude software as supplied with Maestro Professional.
Maestro Professional costs £612 and fits into the Zorro II slot of top-end Amigas and Toccata costs £370.
Overseas March 16-23,1994 CeBIT 94 Venue: Hanoirr, Germany Organiser: Deutsche Mease (01049511890) Europe's premier information technology show' often used by Commodore for the launch of new hardware THE MICRO ADVENTURES OF...
- 724 061-724 :: - *- X-Backup Pro is the most powerful disc
backup utility available for the Amiga, BUT DON’T TAKE OUR WORD
FOR IT... Cl Amiga Magazine, July I991 “IT’S UNBEATABLE.” + £1
postage & packing Unlike other disc backup utilities, X-BACKUP
PRO is totally automatic and extremely simple to use. It is
fully compatible with ALL AMIGA computers.
• Will backup virtually any disc onto another disc.
• Full hard disc backup.
• File management facility.
• Optimise, formats, repairs, verifies.
• Includes the AUTOSWITCH' CYCLONE cartridge. Simply plugs into
the external disc drive socket at the rear of the Amiga, and
plug your external disc drive into the back of the CYCLONE
cartridge for unbeatable disc backup power. An external disc
drive is required for use with the CYCLONE cartridge. These are
available from us priced £54.99. FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
- a y WL t 1 m L If you can find a more powerful disc
backup utility, we will give you your money back.
£54.99 HARD DISC DRIVES 85m b £174.99 120mb £214.99 I70mb £259,99 210mb £339.99 256mb £299.99 Add £289.99 for A1200 fitted with above drives, Our 2.5* hard drives for the Amiga A1200 A600 offer speedy access limes and come complete with fitting cable, screws and full instructions. They J are pre-formatted and have workbench already installed for immediate use. Fully guaranteed for VALUE FOR 12 months. LinUCV Free fitting service to personal callers B,ur,c ¦ Please phone 061-724 7572 for prices of 20mb, 40mb, 60mb drives IMPROVED SOUND IREM OFTWARE A1200 1200 4mb memory expansion with clock
New state of the art surface mount design.
Now includes FPU socket 32 bit wide auto configunng Fastram.
Zero wait state allows the A1200 to run at full speed.
Increase the speed of the computer by 219% Battery backed dock keeps the correct time and date even when the A1200 is switched off.
M Simple trapdoor installation,
* j yg 68881 FPU £34.99 Soundblaster The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10
watt stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 3
way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES' The
SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dimension to games playing, imagine
stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and
terrific stereo tunes. The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games
The speakers are powerful 50 watt 3 way units featuring a 3“ woofer, 2’honker and a 1 ” tweeter to provide a powerful crisp sound.
WE’VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED Order NOW (or immediate despatch Tel. 061 724 7572 Fax 061 724 4893 Telesales open 9am - 6pm Monday-Fnday Access Visa accepted Send a chequerPostal order or credit card details to Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England Government. Education and PLC orders welcome All prices include VAT at the current rate Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe. £12.50 rest of world.
Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for cheque clearance Immediate clearance on Building society cheque or Bank Draft.
Deluxe disc drives Whisper quiet. Slimline design. Suits any Amiga. Cooling vents. Sleek, high quality metal casing. Quality Sony Citizen drive mechanism. On Off switch and throughport at the rear of the drive. Full 880K -• *- capacity. Long reach connection cable.
SPECIAL OFFER A The show goes on What's new The third North American World of Commodore show of 1993 was held in early December in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This show marked the first time that CD32 was actually available for sale in North America, with a small shipment of NTSC units having been built just for the show As this article was set to go to Press, Commodore were planning Iheir US nationwide of CD32 at the January Las Vegas CES show. The unit has been getting very good previews in the computer game magazines over here, but there's a lot of concern about whether European compa
nies are going to bother with NTSC support for their games, since almost nobody in the States is developing CD32 titles.
Commodore had some impressive full- motion video demos using the Mpeg module on display. The Star Trek VI demo was exciting, but far more impressive was the European TV commercial shown in both Mpeg and CDXL formats it was the first time most North Americans had seen a Commodore TV commercial since William Shatner was pushing Vic-20s and C64s in the early 1980s.
Except for CD32 titles, there was very little new at the show. Soft-Logik were showing the latest Alpha of PageStream
3. 0, which is poised to become a Quark and PageMaker killer.
CVP’s new offering was a new version of ImageFX designed
specifically for EGS video boards; there was also talk of a
33MHz 68040 accelerator for the Amiga 4000.
Digital Creations showed Brilliance 2.0 (the upgrade that was going to be 1.1 got a little bigger). Among the new features are rub-through, the ability' to save tween settings, and new animation controls.
The Emplant and A-Max IV Macintosh emulators were on display virtually across the aisle from each other. After seeing the methods that A-Max IV uses to multitask Macintosh software with Amiga applications, Emplant's Jim Drew posted a note to the nets that he didn't think he was going to have to sue Readysoft after all - apparently they use a different method.
On the last day of the show Drew had Emplant running as fast as the fastest Macs, thanks to having installed an Excalibur accelerator in his Amiga 4000.
One interesting titbit was that CEI, one of Denny Atkin sees Commodore in a world of their own as they hack a path through a difficult winter Commodore's North American distribu- ' tors, were going to release a S29M5 bundle ' containing a 10Mb Amiga 4000, an Emplant with Mac ROMs, and Mac System 7.1 pre-installed.
At one ol the keynote speeches, Commodore's Lew Eggebrecht talked about a technically exciting future for Commodore that may have dark overtones for the future of the Amiga as we know it.
In the near future we ll see a cost- reduced Amiga 4000 and (finally) CD32- compatible external CD-ROM drives for the A1200 and A4000 (apparently these drives have already been designed, but were sent back to be cost-reduced since they’d cost about as much as a CD32).
Also, Commodore have finally reached an agreement with Kodak and Philips and PhotoCD support is on the way for Amiga CD, Eggebrecht said the AAA chip set is coming along nicely, and the company expected the next iteration of prototype chips to be completed in January.
Depending on how bug-free those chips are. The new chipset could be nearing production (it s about time, too - I recently saw a proposal for the AAA chips that was dated April-1990!)
He said that 24-bit images were being blitted about the screen at speeds faster than the AGA chips can move Ham-8 graphics, The good news is that Eggebrecht said that Commodore are planning to use Motorola's blazing-fast Motorola 68060 chip in a future Amiga.
This should make for an incredibly speedy machine that will run the majority of current Amiga software. No dates were given for the release of AAA or 68060 machines, although Fall 1994 was hinted for AAA.
Eggebrecht also mentioned that some future machines would use the industry- standard PCI expansion bus in addition to Zorro III; a modular architecture would allow you to ‘upgrade’ your 68060 PCI Amiga to use a RISC processor.
The disturbing news, though, was Commodore's plans for the future shift to RISC processors. This in itself isn't upsetting, as the computer industry as a whole is taking this RISCy tack But Eggebrecht said that Commodore would not be porting the Amiga operating system to run on their RISC machines, but that instead the company would use an "industry-standard" operating system (presumably Windows NT or something similar), Eggebrecht stated that the Amiga OS would only be available on the 680x0 series. Sorry. Lew, but AAA chips or not, a machine that won't run Amiga software or the Amiga's
spectacular operating system isn't an Amiga anymore.
Hopefully Commodore will wise up and offer an Amiga OS-compatibility mode, similar to the methods Apple use to allow their new Power PC Macintoshes to run 680x0 Mac software.
Six points for the Quarterback The end of the world as we know it?
Central Coast Software announced a new version of their popular hard-disk backup program, Quarterback. Version 6.0 adds a number of new features that will make owners of high-speed SCSI tape-backup drives happy, but there are also new features for those ol us who are a little less wealthy and back up our hard drives onto too floppy disks.
Faster software-based compression means that you can now compress backups to floppy disks with no slowdown as compared to uncompressed backups, a real boon to owners of slower Amigas. A new backup scheduler lets you schedule automatic tape backups - or any Amiga program - to execute at any defined time.
Quarterback 6.0 now supports backing up a drive to multiple tapes, and will take advantage of advanced features in new high-capacity tape drives. Several new Arexx commands give more control over automating your backups.
The product retails for $ 99.95; Quarterback 5.0 will continue to be available for $ 75. For upgrade information, contact Central Coast Software. PO Box 164287 Austin. TX 78716; phone (512) 328-6650: fax (512) 328-1925.
Commodore and HP on TV The hot technology here in the US is the set-top box, which is the unexciting name for high-tech cable TV boxes that will let you view 500 cable channels and make television truly interactive.
Cable TV ring and has looked for Commodore for help.
Apparently HP has licensed the Amiga CD32 architecture (sans CD- ROM drive) as the basis for its settop box. If major cable companies pick up the HP Commodore offering (which apparently has a price advantage over many of its competitors), it could mean a nice cash-infu- sion for financially strapped Commodore.
Although companies like 3DO and Microsoft have already jumped into the lead by signing with the cable- TV big guys, a report in an industry trade magazine says that Hewlett- Packard has thrown its hat into the ¦ You can't use Software this Powerful, and produce Documents this Good... Unless, you buy cm expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top Publishing Package.
University Aulmnn Season Economics iu,i ii ttrn itliphn cono m e If you're looking for a quality Word Processor Publisher that performs as well as this, you may well start by searching through PC and Apple™ .Macintosh™ software catalogues.
Even then though, you probably won't find a program that will combine the very best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
A*un 9 r„ You certainly can't find software for your Amiga that's capable of all this... * Origins
* Current situation
* Proposed measures ’ Future Prospects Conclusions ...or Can You?
Before I too become tainted by a mysterious memory disorder that's affected many of those present at the summer launch of the CD32, it’s worth attempting to restore at least something for those poor unfortunates who've been hit hardest by this mystery disease.
Although closely investigated, the disease's cause still remains a mystery. However, the search has been narrowed down to that great day when Commodore's new baby took its first step into the open arms of the press and industry bigwigs.
Much for promises Could it have been the filled rolls strewn across the running buffet? Maybe the bucks fizz held some strange water-borne infection? Who knows for sure?
Fortunately most of the Amiga press have an insatiable need for free lager, and were therefore saved, Unfortunately the Armani set weren't so lucky, guzzling down the dubious orange liquor with gay abandon.
If only the forgetful throng could recall the words of David Pleasance as he drew cheers from the assorted suits by denouncing piracy while singing the praises of CD32 and its pirate-proof design.
Even the prospect of paying a small fee to use Commodore's proprietary CD boot code didn't'phase the now deliriously happy software developers - who by this time were openly salivating at the prospect of finally rogering the pirates.
Mr Pleasance went on working the crowd by explaining that even though there are approximately two million Amigas in the UK, a hit game still only sells a pathetic 30,000 copies - more mumbled approval... At this point, the rhetoric changed tack in the direction of the poor punters who, thanks to the CD32, will enjoy unrivalled value for money as the software houses find themselves liberated from the scourge of the seafaring marauders. Unfortunately it appears this part of the proceedings was worst affected by this mysterious disease.
Mr Pleasance followed up with hand on heart claims that CD32 wasn't to be another CDTV turkey stuffed with rehashed non-AGA software at inflated prices.
Mention this particular element to the average software executive and you'll hear your words bouncing around the void left by the bucks fizz. To be fair not all were affected and indeed some have rallied around the CD32 flag with the odd dedicated release which at least begins to exploit the power of the machine.
Unfortunately for the vast majority the temptation to box shift old software has been just too much to bear. As a result many a pensionable program is now being revitalised - but alas not re-written.
Not necessarily a bad thing, I mean what's wrong with a collection of classic programs stuffed onto the near limitless storage space of a CD and sold on to the eager public at a reasonable price? Nothing at all!
Unfortunately, it appears this is the last thing on the mind of those at the top. Rather than 10,20 or perhaps 300 programs, the average release holds no more than the original floppy.
Worse still, many are simply dumped across, bypassing the AGA potential of the CD32 entirely. Of course there's always the cost of development to consider, which is a very valid point - if you're actually developing something new.
And let’s not forget the part which the pirates have played in the equation, Thanks to them we've all been forced to pay ever-increasing sums for software, but now that's all behind us - isn't it?
After all, that's what the software industry has been telling us for years -"it's their fault, we're only trying to keep our heads above the water, every program pirated means less for development..." But nobody can rip off a CD32 release, so why aren't prices tumbling instead of creeping ever closer to those of Sega and Nintendo? Before gold fever reaches epidemic proportions and joins forces with amnesia it's perhaps worth remembering who pays the bill. Otherwise these temporary disorders may become terminal for the software houses and the Amiga itself. Although I'm not against any- As a
plague of amnesia sweeps the software industry, we ask if piracy is any worse than profiteering one trying to recoup their losses, there has to be a limit, and given the fact that all the major software houses have had access to CD32 development systems for over a year, there's no excuse for research and development to go on for ever.
In short, let's not sell the CD32 down the river. After all, why should cash-crazed marketing men bugger it up for Commodore and indeed the rest of us?
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where staled we int. VAT E&OE The Publisher is a complete DTP
package comprising of three disks which we've crammed onto this
month's CoverDisks, all ot which will have to be unarchived
before we can go any further.
As usual, the de-archiving process is launched by booting from the CoverDisk and double clicking the Make icons, so do this now.
Power of the There are two archives on the main Publisher disk, one each for the program disk and the fonts disk, and one on the MRBackup disk which contains the PostScript interpreter program, so you'll need three blank floppies.
The Publisher can be installed either on hard drive or on floppies. In the latter case, if running from floppies you will need to have a second drive attached to the Amiga so that The Publisher can read its fonts disk.
FLOPPY DISK INSTALLATION As we have already have a backup of The Publisher in the form of the original CoverDisks, there's really no need to install the program disk to floppies as this has already been done, bul there are some things we have to do.
Place the fonts disk in your second drive, making sure it is write-enabled, then double click on the disk icon and the Publisher_Fonts directory until you see an icon called Font Jnstall.
Now doubleclick on this icon and there will be a bit of disk whirring, during which time the install program will create a list of the available fonts and save the list to the disk.
Installing the PostScript interpreter is a little more complex. Again, make sure you have booted from Workbench, then format two blank disks, calling them PS_Driverl and PS_Driver2 respectively.
Now place the de-archived PostScript interpreter disk in dfO: and the PS.Driverl disk in your second drive. Open both disk windows and drag all eight icons from the interpreter disk to PS_Driverl. Replace the interpreter disk with your Workbench disk in dfO; and make sure it is write enabled. Now double click on the Publisher_Script icon which should be on the new PS_Driverl disk.
Two icons should appear, so double click on the PSJnstall icon and type the number 6547495F into the requester when asked for your serial number.
Now double click on the PS.VM drawer in the PS_Driverl window.
Double click on VM_Install and you should see a confirmation appear. Now remove this disk and write protect it, then replace the Workbench disk in dftk with the dearchived interpreter disk. Place the second formatted disk (the one we called PS_Driver2) in your second drive.
Open the l$ _Driver2 window by double clicking on the disk icon, then double click on the Publisher.Script icon in dfO: and drag the icons called PS_DLPs and PSC_Buffer over to your l,S_Driver2 disk.
Now remove the original interpreter disk and store it in a safe place.
Put your Workbench disk in dfO: making sure it is w'rite-protected, then double click on the PSDLPs drawer icon, then on the DLPJnstall icon. Click on OK once the program has confirmed installation.
Again, double click on the PSC_Buffer drawer icon, then double click the Bufjnstall icon, clicking ok when the program reports a successful installation.
Your second interpreter disk is now- safely installed and you should keep it with the PS_Driverl disk for when you print your documents. For setting up the interpreter, refer to the appropriate section later on.
HARD DRIVE INSTALLATION Boot from hard drive and insert the dearchived fonts disk in dftk, then open the hard drive window where The Publisher is to be installed. Double click on the fonts disk icon, then drag the Publisher_Fonts drawer across to the target hard drive.
Once disk activity has ceased, remove the floppy, open the Publisher.Fonts drawer just created on your hard drive and double click the Fontjnstall icon, which will scan for available fonts and create a list which it will save on hard drive. Now put your original fonts disk away in a safe place.
To install the program itself, place the de-archived program disk in dfO;, double click on the disk icon and drag Ihe.Publisher drawer across to the target hard drive. Again, once disk activity has ceased, remove the floppy and open the rriTlUr* MMWfl h««Ti» ») PuaLIINFH VtrtTcn .11 kJ - mImLAuLa Ivp* tivi* 1 BPPY ¦ Paragraph mode Text mode As many text style options as one could with for through the Type Style menu t| NEN | | Getting into print in professional style has never been easier than with this month’s superb DTP giveaway, The Publisher ¦ Make freehand bo.
¦ Bo* to both
* Text run through normal ¦ Delete text press drawer just created
on your hard drive.
A similar icon will appear which is The_Publisher program icon itself, so double click on this to run the program, and when prompted to enter a serial number, type 6547495F and press Return. The Publisher will initialise itself and run, but for now choose the Quit option from the Document menu.
Fr»t H.r.«17MI* f.Vt t .f f CO Jg, ..... We now need to install the PostScript interpreter. Insert the de-archived interpreter disk in dfO: and open the hard drive window in which you wish to install the interpreter program.
Now double click on the interpreter disk icon to reveal eight icons, all of which should be dragged across to the hard drive drawer you have chosen (it would be a good idea to create a new drawer for this part of the installation).
* •»In* Bacfcvrsund TvmIu Remove the original disk from dfO: then
double click on the Publisher_Script drawer icon which you have
just dragged across to hard drive. Two icons will appear, so
double click the PSJratall icon and enter the serial number
6547495F as before and press Return.
Now go back to the main directory where the eight icons are stored and open the PS.VM, PSC.Buffer, and PS.DLPs drawer icons in turn and run the install program which can be found in each drawer. Each time, a window will appear to confirm the installation which you can close by clicking on OK.
Setting up a page using the Add command and page definition window The interpreter is now installed on hard drive and you should refer to the panel on setting up the interpreter before going any further.
V-r. ..... .1 ? Itlltr ? !.•••« [3] Nub.nvfti Card OK I INTERPRETER SET-UP Once installed, the PostScript interpreter program must be set up to match your system resources. If you have installed to floppies, insert the PS.Driverl disk in dfO: and double click on it to reveal the contents, and if you have installed on .
Hard drive open the director)' in which you installed the interpreter.
Double click on the icon called PS_Prefs which will open a program window in which we can set default buffer sizes. The interpreter program uses a sophisticated virtual memory routine to minimise the amount of RAM needed to handle PostScript files, which would otherwise by 4 Mb or 5Mb, and this space is set aside on your floppy or hard drive when the interpreter is running.
For now, leave the defaults as they are, which should be 400k. There will be enough space on most hard drives and on the floppy for this buffer, so leave well alone for now and choose the Save button to save our preference settings.
Depending on the amount of hard drive space or system memory you have you can raise these defaults later, but they should do for now.
As The Publisher prints to a device known as PSC:, you must first mount the device before using the interpreter This can be done either by double clicking the PSC_Mount icon every time you want to use the interpreter, or by dragging the have a hi-ra monitor and flicker fixer, or can't run in the newer Productivity mode, flicker can be reduced to acceptable levels by experimenting with contrast and brightness controls on the monitor or TV.
All documents in The Publisher start with the addition of a page. All you'll see at the present is the menu bar and a tool box on the left of the screen. Everything else is blank, so choose Add from the Page menu and a requester will appear with the set-up information for our new page.
Our default settings are in centimetres and an A4 page size, so click on OK to create the page. Now we'll take a whizz through the various options and gadgets.
First stop is the all-important cluster of four icons at the top of the tool box. These represent the four modes we can be in while using the program. Clockwise they are cursor, paragraph, text, and drawing modes, and you have to be in the correct mode to carry out certain operations.
Let’s start by creating a box. Click on PSC_Mount icon to your WBStartup drawer if you have Workbench 2.04 or higher.
All done? Takes a little while, doesn't it? The Publisher is a complex package capable of superb professional results; and the price of this productive power is a certain amount of tinkering to ensure the system is set up properly. Now to use the program... We have provided a complete step-by- step tutorial on creating a flyer using the program which you will find elsewhere in this issue, so on these pages we will review the various menus and options, looking at how they work and why.
The first step is to load the program, at which point you will notice it runs in hires interlaced. This screen setting cannot be changed and has been forced upon the program because it is the best display mode for detailed DTP work. If you don't MRBackup Professional Authors: MR Software Originally a commercial product. MRBackup was recently released on a shareware basis, giving all of us an excellent opportunity to sample this professional software free of charge.
Those who wish to carry on using MRBackup Professional will find details in the on- disk documentation of the company's offer of a manual in exchange for a small shareware registration fee.
The program works by scanning a hard dnve for all files, offering the user a list Of those available for backup, then safely builds a copy of the selected files and directories on a number of floppies. In this way, the user can ensure his or her data is safe from unexpected disasters, a vital if much overlooked practice for all HD owners.
As the program is originally supplied on a disk of its own, we’ve archived the lot in our usual fashion and you’ll have to unpack the archive first. Once this process is complete. Boot from your hard drive and insert MRBackup in a drive, open the disk window and double dick on the MRBackup icon.
A window will appear with a variety of options and buttons on offer. First, a string gadgets tefl the program where its preferences are saved, which by default is on the MRBackup disk and shouldn't be changed. Next there is the home path, which simply tells MRBackup which hard drive to look at first and shouldn't need to be fiddled with as yet. Finally, the backup path is selectable using the third gadget This is DFO: for the moment, indicating that MRBackup will use the internal floppy drive to write backups and look for restored data. This can be changed to another drive if you like by
clicking on the question mark button. A file requester will appear, using which you can choose to write data to a different floppy drive.
If a second floppy is attached to your Amiga's external drive port. MRBackup will automatically detect this and use it, so there's really no need to change this setting either. Below the string gadgets, four floppy disk icons represent which drives might potentially be available, and those which are not will be ghosted out.
On the right of the string gadgets, several other options are presented, the first of which is a frivolous voice button which, if set to on, will force MRBackup to report all system responses via the Workbench narrator device. Below this is an important button which governs the type of backup media used.
Clicking on this toggles through three settings - AmigaDOS, Fast Disk, and SCSI tape. The first will save all data to normal Amiga disks as normal Amiga files and is rather slow, though it does have the advantage of being ultra safe (paranoid hard drive users take note). The second is the default Fast Disk setting which MRBackup uses for most backups, Fast Disk uses any 3.5in floppy and formats it as the data is written to the disk, automatically splitting large files across two or more disks to use all available disk space.
The resulting backup disks will only be recognised by MRBackup (so make Sure you have a backup of MRBackup somewhere safe!), but has the advantage of being secure, and much faster than the AmigaDOS method A third option is available for those with access to SCSI tape streamer devices, the [mduckup t I The main a im«ckyr hMfil rmMtm..... .....nit screen, from batkup and mtorotfon options on accessed uuuu w '' mi Wl: .tea. init 4.
Most efficient and speedy backup method but also one which the vast majority ot us will not use.
Tape streamers are huge digital tape devices capable of storing the contents of an entire HD on one tape, but they are usually only found attached to network servers in office settings.
To round ofl the buttons on the main screen, a row of five gadgets can be used to access the various sections of the program. Options opens a screen on which the user can set the date for the backup, the prefix for backup disks, such as "MyPicbes", and a variety of preference settings controlling how backups and restores are earned Out.
This would be a good time to hit the help key to summon MRBackup's excellent online help. Using the Browse, Contents, and Restore buttons we can move through a variety of information screens where tips and information of all kinds are stored.
Use the on-line help for any option on which you are unsure, but there are three buttons we need to take a closer look at. Two ot these, marked Compression and Decompression, tell the program what type oc crunching to use on the data being backed up and range from none to 16-bit. The higher the compression goes the fewer floppies are needed, but backup times increase dramatically.
Third and most important is the button in the lower nght-hand corner labelled Venfy Writes. By default this is set to ‘no", which means data saved to a floppy during a backup is not tested for errors, but we would recommend this is always set to “yes" Backups will take half as long again when venfication is turned on. But if dodgy old disks are used the user can find on attempting to restore the data that disk four in a set of 23 is corrupt, which means the data on all subsequent disks cannot be accessed, a nightmare we could all do without.
Now click on OK to take us back to the main screen and click on the Filters button Filters have to be written using a text editor such as ED. But can be very useful in : the DISK s ?
' I box icon (see diagram for details) and draw a box anywhere on the page. We f I started in cursor mode, which is used for most things including creating boxes, but i I tf we now want to input some text we'll I have to change to text input by clicking I on the gadget with a large capital T" in it Do so now and type a word or two :nto the box. If you don’t like the font we're using, just dick on the top right gadget (paragraph mode) then on the box whose contents you want to change.
Now select Alter Current from the Type Style menu. Various options, including changing the font and its typography settings are available, but these are covered in the tutorial, so leave everything as it is.
See how the mode we are in affects what actions we can carry out? If we hadn't clicked on the paragraph gadget the Type Style menu would not have been available. Above all, when using The Publisher you must keep track of which mode you are working in or you may become confused as to why some options aren't working.
Again, another important aspect of the program is the list approach used for all imported text and graphics and for a document's style tags. The list can be seen below the page view area and will be blank to start with.
When a file is imported for use in a document it isn't pasted straight into the currently active box but stored in the list until it is needed. This approach means, among other benefits, that if a logo is to be used in several places it only has to be loaded once, but bear the list in mind when importing text or graphics in case you're wondering where the image or text file has gone.
Placing an imported file in a box is a simple matter of ensuring that the target box is selected, then clicking on the list entry.
Keep these simple rules in mind and follow the detailed tutorial op creating a flyer and you should find The Publisher a useful and productive tool.
Full details on the cut price manual offer can also be found in this issue for those who wish to delve deeper into this complex package's innermost secrets.
Faulty CoverDisk?
If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk does not work, please return it to: Amiga CoverDisk Europrevs Direct FREEPOST Ellesmere Port
1. 65 3ED If you bought your copy from a newsagent and find that
your CoverDisk is faulty, please return it to: Pro-Soft 5
River Gardens, Business Centre, Spur Road, Eeltham TW140SN
telling the Amiga which files we always want to back up.
For example. DH1 might contain mostly commercial programs for which we have the original disks, in which case we already have a backup, so there's no need to include these.
We might simply want to ensure that. Say. The directories containing business letters. PageSetter layouts, and images generated in Dpaint or a rendering package are selected for backup, and filters can be written to instruct MRBackup of this. All instructions on the format of filters can be accessed from this screen by pressing the help key again.
Lei’s go back to the main screen again and click on Backup. From here we can start a backup using the home path set in the main screen and any filters we have constructed, so skip back to the main screen, set the homepath as SYS:Prefs, then return to the backup screen and click on Ok.
Your Prefs drawer will be scanned for all files (unless a filter was set) and a new screen will appear showing the drawer in a window to the left. On the right, a number of options are available to select or deselect files, and two string gadgets can be used to tell the program which files to include or exclude using standar d AmigaDOS wildcards.
Directory contents Double dick on the Prefs drawer as listed in the window and MRBackup will display the directory contents, all of which are selected at the moment. To deselect individual files or sub-directories, just click on the file name. To select or deselect a range of similar files, use the string gadgets.
For example, you could deselect all icon files by entering the string " ?.info’' in the exclude pattern string. Once happy that you have selected the appropriate files, three information boxes below the option gadgets will inform you how many entries there are. How many have been selected, and how many disks will be required to complete the backup, which in this case should bo just one disk.
Now click on OK and you should be prompted to insert the first backup disk in a drive Do so now and the program should make a copy of the Prefs drawer fairly quickly. Remember that you should have used the Options screen to set verify to on.
Once the backup is complete you will be asked lo remove the backup disk, then prompted to save the backup catalogue lo dfO:. Confirm that you wish to do this and either save the catalogue to the MRBackup disk or choose a spare floppy to store all your catalogues.
These catalogues are important in that they record the status of all files saved to disk during the backup and are used by MRBackup when restoring the data, so make sure you save the catalogue where you can find H again.
It would also be a good idea to give the catalogue file a more descriptive name such as Prefs25Janl 994 to save guesswork at a later date, Catalogues are only needed when the user wants to select files from a backup rather than splurge the whole lot back onto hard drive, but it's a good idea to save one out just in case.
If you don't bother or can't remember where the catalogue was saved, use the rebuild catalogue option from the main screen s Operations menu. This could take some time, but is better than restoring 20Mb of data just to retrieve one file.
To complete our test ran, we can restore the data to hard drive, but this is not recommended unless forced on the user by a catastrophe such as a read write error.
The first rule of hard drive use is that if it works, don’t mess with it, so we'll restore the data to a safe place such as RAM; (if you have a spare 1Mb or so) or another drawer on the hard drive.
Back on the main screen, set the Home Path to RAM: or a safe directory such as SYS:Storage, then go to the Restore screen by clicking the appropriate button on the main screen and dick on OK.
A requester should appear to tell you that a catalogue is only necessary if you want a partial restore (selecting only certain files to retrieve). As we are restoring the complete Prefs drawer, just click on Ignore Catalogue.
You will be prompted to insert the backup disk and the program will read the disk and save its backed-up files in the directory chosen using Home Path.
Once the restore is complete you can check for yourself and a copy of your Prefs drawer should be sitting there gaily waving and smiling, safe in the knowledge that he's been cloned.
That is the essence Of MrBackup, and by following the above rules, making sure you set the correct paths and use verify, you should be able to ensure that your precious data is protected from future mishaps.
Use the on-line help for more detailed information on the program's features or, better still, contad MR Software and order a manual. The details can be found in the shareware doc you'll find on the de-archived disk.
Share Manager
2. 03 Vidi Amiga 12 fix Due to an error in the de-archiving
script which was used on last month's Vidi Amiga 12 demo disk,
the archive failed to properly unpack to a new disk. Please
follow the routine outlined below to remedy the problem.
We apologise for any Inconvenience the mistake has caused to our readers.
1. Boot from the CoverDisk again and double click the Make-Vidi
icon, then wait until the process fails and the de-archiving
window disappears.
If you have a Workbench 2 3. If you have a Workbench t .2 1.3 machine, replaco the CoverDisk in DFO: and type: C:C0 MU:
3. Ensure that the floppy jt st formatted by the faulty script is
in DFO: and type: LHA E I V1IIMI6A12.UM VIHMIfiMT; The archive
should be unpacked and the new Vidi Amiga 12 disk completed.
Author: Ben Muller If Britain is, as we have been told ad nauseam, turning into a share-holding democracy, the usefulness of a program such as this is beyond question. Share Manager is designed to enable the user to keep track of the value of investments over time, including the all-important values of yield and share price.
Tq set up a portfolio, we must first select New from the Project menu, then tell the program how much money, or capital, we have to spend.
This is done by choosing Deposit on the Capital menu and typing in a figure. The maximum amount in any one portfolio is £10 million, so even the more well-heeled among us should be fine.
If anyone out there finds this amount restricting, feel free to post the difference to someone who might make better use of it.
Once a capital limit has been set, type a name for the portfolio in the string gadget to the top left of the program window and start entering those shares. Two types of company are specified, industrial and mining, a distinction made for two reasons.
First, this program was written by an Australian and they tend to have oil and gold (not all of it in cans) out there, and secondly because the fortunes of these two types of company are affected Dy different factors.
Any company which sells a service or a product and therefore depends upon market demand can be loosely termed industrial l: anAnp-ltitaMr |B;Ol L _J InMstrui |T Aimnlltl f"T Inositol (nitil
- UitUriM t»*Hi
- iwittit Capital
• IcimstM (aait* 1
- Iraww r mtf i t.«i 1 1MI.il S III S IN tiln if lidstri
- (lit d IftMM till* If ItllHH
- (til tl litiri
• HM ( !« 1 itttM 1 IINM t IN 1 IN r -nr
* (U-fMl Cnitll I 1MI.H cuuon HIM* Intasfriil ktun Miami 1 til
lotirs ForHilii Kflurt
l. ii Ml III n;:;- nit rtrm it imnmr iu ¦« ? Ctfiii rmiv, « ion
ii in itticbM filn rauti uKfiuwt.
Share Manager s handy built In financial argon bufter 1 In lust r111 | t lUilat 1 lit ("T VjIui »f intstrl :
• anil
- Cost of l.totrl t (HIM Vilut of Aiiiaj t 1 II
- Cost of (filial i IN ¦ llrf HtiV rr Ml «(irr**t (trim |! MM M
men uruMi lifcitrui btm Hioiaj I Oil litir* Pirtfilli ItUr*
.luliiil lt.'i This fro|r» it IJNIOilK ml mv to tooirt Irttlf,
is Hoi *t 10* ittMkN MU* fmiin iKiMiri An account with £1,000
In stocks and £2,000 left to spend III III III (yes, even
McDonalds), and any company whose value depends on the
discovery of new raw materials can be called a mining company
(though we can't include Liverpool FC in this category, even if
their raw materials are looking a bit three-legged these days).
Selecting the appropriate type of company opens a second window into which the shares can be entered. Use the Buy option on the Share menu to open a small information panel which will expect values for the share name, price (in pence), quantity bought, and so on, after which the block of shares will be entered in the window.
If you don't know what the Yield and P E values mean, you probably don't have shares, but you can find out in any case by using the Help Me menu available from the main screen.
An option called What are? Will open a scrolling list of financial terms, and by clicking on the term of your choice you can treat yourself to a short definition, just the ticket when you've grown tired of watching the videos you recorded over Christmas and want nothing more than to settle down by the fire for a good read.
Share Manager works using the built-in clock, and if you don't have one the program's usefulness will be limited. As long as the date is constantly changing, Share Manager will allow you to update the information on any share block you like then print out a graph of your investment's performance over time.
Ratner isn't as big in Australia as in the UK, so don't expect a graph with its lower limit set somewhere in your basement.
Full details of the various options and how to use them are presented in the on-disk documentation, but as Share Manager doesn't use jargon bevond the average share owner's ken, the millions of you who own bits of the water, gas, or electricity industries should be able to keep track of the missing family silver with relative ease.
Worms Author: Ekke Verheul Worms is a screen blanker with a difference in that it doesn’t wait for a specified time until blanking the screen and the original display cannot be restored by anyone who doesn't know the correct key combination, thus ottering a certain security.
Best uses for the program are when printing a long document, rendering an animation, or carrying out some other lengthy task which most definitely should not be interrupted by the prying fingers of small children or other household inhabitants.
Take it from me that coming home expecting three hours of rendering to have produced satisfying results only to find that the cat had run over the keyboard and upset the process after onfy 15 minutes is a moment one doesn't want to go through too often.
By default, when the program is started, pressing Che control and left Shift keys will turn the worm blank on, while pressing control and left Alt will turn it off.
When on, a number of squiggly lines (euphemistically termed "worms") will wriggle around the screen eating away at the blackness to reveal a spiral pattern until the process is repeated.
DEATH GRIP No keyboard input other than the secret off switch and the three fingered death grip (Ctrf-left Amiga-right Amiga) will be accepted while blanking is in progress, and should you want more security a third key can be added to the off switch by entering its Ascii code in a tool type found on the program's icon.
For example, using the tool type KEY=70 will mean that the delete key will have to be pressed as well as the left Alt and control keys before blanking is turned off. Other useful Ascii codes include 95 (Help key), 80 to 89 (F1 to F10). And 13 ( or backslash key), but others can be found in the Amiga manual or a printer manual.
Ensuring that the third key is far away from the two defaults will keep the risk of someone accidentally hitting the correct keys to a minimum, though I've had to strive hard to find one which is farthest away from the pattern made by a cat's paw prints while walking.
Worms can be launched a! Startup by dragging the icon into the WBStartup drawer and will not blank until told to. In addition the program has a low priority, so shouldn’t slow down any job the Amiga might be doing while you're away from the screen.
Full details of the other options and tool types can be found in the Worms Amiga Computing February 1994 24 Scion Author: Robbie J Akins xx»n is a modern geneology program designed to help those who wish to trace and
- ecord their family trees, and like any other geneology program
is in effect a highly spe- . Hsed database.
Unlike some utilities of this kind, however, Scion makes no concession to secular or
- vial conventions, and so does not revolve entirely around the
nuclear family.
Weddings, when recorded, do not have to be between man and woman, and children : not have to hold the same surname as their parents, thus allowing for divorce, adopted
- Jdren, second families, and gay spouses.
When loaded, the program displays a window split into three main areas. The main ndow holds personal details of the person currently being viewed, below which there ire a number of gadgets for searching through the list people in the current database. To
• v right a set of tools an* on offer with which relationships
can be defined to set up family groups.
If you have ever used a geneology program or carried out research into your family his-
• ry. You will know that the most time consuming job is the
collection of birth, death, and
- .irriage certificates and the collation of the disparate data
into some sort of pattern.
The web of marriages and children soon spreads until a simple look back at grcat- '.mdfather's descendants can cover the living room floor with a blizzard of yellowing documents. * With Scion the process is made more simple in that the user just types in the names of ISMITH I Pick - TOOLf “ I I Wit Motes In Hieu Picture I4RPMW7 " ’ Eersonal Search iMatrrnitv Hose., fish ley Read, Ranyiora. HZ EOIT DmeftSE I Add New Person I I delete Person | Set Ut Barnaul ICIectrical Engineer KTOTflTEr” Parent s SibI mu Spwse ihUdfM Ibetails obtained fron his father Emily lift... I wtdimr i rn
mcrrauH . J M JDithjMoth] ft J 6o to Fattily... Scion's main screen Is where all personal detail! Art etlttftd Personal fetalis tH [WITT Select fln Rncestor
P. ckirtfKT SMITH, Hani(ton Robert - t !£!£!- . errr i 'jSMITli,
Albert llenrv
Tracing a penon i ancestors using Scion » family tree display everyone involved then uses the family group tools to tell the program who married who, when, and where, who was who's child, and so on until the available data has all been entered.
A simple selection on the information gadgets at the bottom of the screen will then enable one to trace fathers, mothers, ancestors and descendants for any chosen person, and a variety of different reports can be committed to paper via the print menu, An example file, imaginatively entitled "Example", can be found in the same directory as Scion and should now be loaded to demonstrate the capabilities of the program.
The database holds the details of 108 people grouped into 34 family groups ranging across several generations and is a good illustration of how Scion works.
Starting with Albert Smith, born in 1947, we can trace the Smith family backwards and forwards to the oldest known relatives and the most recent children. Click first on the Anc (ancestors) button and a screen showing Albert and his parents on the left will pop up.
The previous two generations are displayed to the right, so click on Albert’s greatgrandfather, Charles Smith. We are returned to the Personal detail screen where we can see that Charles was bom in 1848 and worked as a bookseller.
To trace Charles's descendants, click on the Desc (descendants) button and a tree will be shown in which male relatives are displayed in blue and female in red.
We can go down the generations by clicking on names farther to the right, but notice for now that spouses are marked by an S and that children, the next generation, are indented one level to give us a clear picture of how the family has progressed through the years.
Using Scion, aided by the detailed manual on the CoverDisk, any reader should find that organising the family history is a much easier job and that charts of one's family make-up can be generated and printed in minutes.
Think you can do better?
Want to be famous? We are always on the look-out for quality Amiga pfograms for the CoverDisk, If you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it in and we'll have a look.
The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places all over the world from New Zealand to the USA, so if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous, Please make sure that you list ALL library and other files necessary for the program to work. Feel free to design your own icons for programs that run from Workbench, but please don’t make them too big.
If you ensure your program is as compatible as possible with a wide variety of AMIGAs, it will also stand a better chance of publication. We are especially interested in small programs w hether they be games, utilities or whatever.
We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work which has not been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain.
If vou wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to publish it, but would, of course, be happier if we had been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by the submissions form, a copy of it, or a signed declaration to the same effect. Please supply your full name, address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an impractical exercise.
Post your submissions WITH A COPY OF THIS FORM to: Colin Yarnall, Amiga Computing, CoverDisk Submissions, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
-1 Address ... - «... I Daytime phone ----------------- ....~ .- Evening phone.. Submission name - - .- ...... Submission size Type of program: Q Game ? Utility Q Other- ... You must sign this declaration: The material on this disk is mine. I didn't steal it from someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it. 1 understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing, and signing the declaration, I am giving
full copyright control to turopress Enterprise Ltd.
I understand that if my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I will be paid the current applicable rate. I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for any possible litigation arising by breach of it by Europress Publications Ltd as a result of using my submission.
Signed Date .. Manual only £9.95!
Publishing peripherals WeVe brought you The Publisher software on this month’s CoverDisk. Here’s a special offer for the manual... This particularly comprehensive manual will help you get to grips with this great piece of software. A good introductory “getting started" section leads you to a host of information to help you work with the pages; creating new and master pages and merging documents, for instance.
The subsequent chapters look at using the workspace, working with The Publisher Order Form ra Please send me i boxes, The Publisher manual at £9.95 including postage and packing (UK) text, Working With type Styles
• Overseas readers need to pay an extra £2 towards postage - - .
, f , .
• Australian readers can buy the manual tor $ 25. Cheques should
be made payable to ¦ flf'lrf OY CIV It ICS CltlCl CllSO
DvtttliflQ, Activision, 10 Agnes Street. Meadow bank, Sydney.
Australia. NSW 2114. 1 O I I 3 * I wish to pay by i T| Cheque
I postal order made payable to The Disk Company t J! Credit
Card (Access Visa Mastercard) Expiry date Card No JJJJ 11X11
HE QH I Written in an especially easy-to-read I style, this
excellent book is really useful I and excellent value for
I _ Postcode.
Tick this box tl you do not wsft to receive promotional matenai from other companies Deliver my order to... Name_ . Daytime phone.
Send this form to Amiga Computing's Publisher Offer, Imediat, 83 Edison Road, St Ives, Huntingdon PE 17 4LF, or if you are paying by credit card you can telephone 0480 496688.
Allow 28 days for delivery.
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"The Mind I jib i on electronic relaxation device t uit alters your brainwaves through the use of rhythmic light and sowar - Playboy DiskExpandcr is an innovative program for all Amiga users. With this software solution you may double the capacity of your floppy disk or hard disk drives. The installation process takes only a few seconds and afterwards DiskExpandcr works invisible in the background. The • comprcssions-ratios vary from 30% to 70%.
The easy-to-use graphical user interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user is able to use DiskExpandcr immediately without any problems. DiskExpander does not only expand the capacity' of your hard disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately
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Expander eat u res
• Sturdy and stylish custom-moulded Mindl.ab unit - use it
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Crystal clear 15-pagc user manual FREE tape with 42 new sessions, and the astonishing Revitalyzer tape
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£799.00 FALCON 4Mb 127Mb HD £899.00 FALCON 4Mb 209Mb HD E999.0C
Falcon Screen Blaster £89.00 Ser*iceS The Amiga Computing
CoverDisk is designed to be as simple to use as possible.
Follow these instructions and you'll be up and running in no
Of the first things you must do when get your CoverDisk is make a backup copy, then put the original CoverDisk away for safe keeping.
As a rule you should also do this with the majority of your software collection.
New readers may have difficulties using our CoverDisk, so we have included this page to help you out.
Below we explain how to copy files from one disk to another, how to copy the entire CoverDisk and how to de-archive programs. None 59 59 De-archiving Occasionally we have so many programs to fit onto the CoverDisk that we have to archive them. Archiving is where we take the entire contents of a disk and compress them into one file which is much smaller, giving us space to fit more programs onto the disk.
Dearchiving programs which are on the CoverDisk is a very simple task. If a program has been archived then you will need a blank disk to dearchive it onto.
Say we have archived a program called FRED. You simply double click on FRED's icon, and will be asked if you have a blank disk ready to dearchive to. Type “y" or "n" accordingly.
Your computer will then copy the archived file into its memory and ask you to insert your blank disk. It will proceed to format the disk, and will then de-crunch the archived file onto your blank disk.
Once this has been done you can simply reboot your machine with the disk which contains the dearchived program on it and then use the program as instructed in the CoverDisk pages.
Note that if you have a Workbench 2 or upward machine you must boot with the CoverDisk write- enabled lo perform the dearchiving process.
How to make a backup 59 To copy the entire CoverDisk, load up your Workbench disk, then either click once on the CoverDisk icon and select Duplicate, or select Copy from the Workbench menu, or open CLI Shell and type: 9ISKC0PT FROfl OfO: TO DfO: When prompted, put your CoverDisk (the source disk) in dfO: and be ready to replace it with your blank disk (the destination disk). Follow the Amiga's on-screen prompts until the disk copy is completed.
Now put the original away in a safe place and use your backup.
I HorfchMhi.t JfliS , f£=? ZsjiI rail jBia Copying individual files Ypg might at some point want to copy a single program from a CoverDisk to your compilation, Workbench disk or even your hard drive.
To do this you'll need the COPY command. As most CoverDisk programs are stashed away in their Own directories, the quickest way to copy a program is to copy the whole directory at once. Use the command: COPY (directory) TO (nexditk) All where (directory) is the full pathname of the directory you wish to copy, and fnewdisk) is the name of the disk and directory into which it will be copied.
For example, if you wanted to copy a utility called FRED from CoverDisk 27's Utilities drawer to a directory called FRED on your Workbench disk, you'd type: COPT C0YERDlStt7:UTlLlTlES flED TO N0KKBENCH1.S FRi ALL Alternatively, you can click once on the FRED directory on and drag it across to the new disk's window. This has the advantage of creating a new directory for you and copying the icon as well.
Once you have moved a particular program to where you require it you could experience some problems running the program. This is sometimes caused by the program not being able to find files which it needs to run.
A good example is the text files on the CoverDisk.
These have been crunched using PowerPacker, so when you try to copy them to another disk and then try to read them you can't unless you have also copied the Powerpacker library into your LIBS drawer.
¦53 IfsFi r~5~il r~5~jl I uTTrt s fcifiStoll nrai So if you have copied a program from the CoverDisk to your Work disk or hard drive make sure you also copy any other files the program requires, ie fonts, libraries, device drivers and Ccommands.

3. 69 ROM 39.IBS n Copyright 0 1985-1992 (gwOtfore-Rmgj, fnc •
All Right! Reserved.
Workbench 3 If you have a Workbench 1 machine, don't worry - most if not all of the programs on the CoverDisk will work on your machines.
If the program is specifically designed to work with Workbench l then you may have to copy the program to your hard drive or Workbench disk using the process described earlier on this page.
White Knight Technology ¦ professional S [0992) 714539 AMIGA Specialists Fax 10am - 7pm Monday - Friday PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HQ CutSaSMA
50 50MHz 68030 (optional 50MHz 68882) WITH 0Mb 32-BIT RAM £ 449
Serial, Parallel & SCSI Ports £1279 CSA MAGNUM 28MHz 68040, 0MB
& SCSI-2 (Optional Serial & Parallel) £ 849 CSA MAGNUM 33MHz
68040, 0MB & SCSI-2 (Optional Serial & Parallel) £ 999 RCS
FUSION 40 28MHz 68040, 0MB, uses standard 1 x9 or 4x9 SIMMS £
765 A1200 ACCELERATORS GVP A1230, 40MHz EC030, Optional FPU
WITH 0MB 32-Bit RAM £ 245 4MB 32-Bit RAM £375 4MB RAM + 40MHz
68882 £ 489 GVP A1230 II, 50MHz 030, Optional FPU WITH 0MB
32-Bit RAM £ 375 4MB 32-Bit RAM £575 MICROBOTICS M1230XA WITH
25MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB £ 225 33MHz 68030 & MMU, 0MB £ 249 50MHz
68030 & MMU, 0MB £319 CSA 12 GAUGE 50MHz 68030 & MMU, + SCSI,
0MB £499 MEMORY 32MB SIMM -32 £1750 16MB SIMM-32 £800 8MB SIMM
-32 £350 2MB SIMM -32 £ 85 1MB SIMM-8 £ 45 GVP SIMM-32’s 1Mb £
4MB SIMM-32 £160 1MB SIMM-32 £ 45 4MB SIMM-8 £165 79, 4MB £195
EVP PHOIMEPAK Fitted to an Amiga 1500 2000 3000 4000, provides
voice mail (multiple mailboxes) and fax facilities - Call for
details £349 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AMIGA 4000 A4000 030.
6MB RAM, 80 MB £1059 A4000 030, 6MB RAM, 120 MB £1109 A4000 030, 6MB RAM, 210 MB* £1159 A4000 030, 6MB RAM, 250 MB* £1189 A4000 030, 6MB RAM, 340 MB* £1269 A4000 030.
6MB RAM, 420 MB* £1399 A4000 040, 6MB RAM.
80 MB £1899 A4000 040, 6MB RAM, 120 MB £1949 A4000 040, 6MB RAM, 210 MB* £1999 A4000 040, 6MB RAM.
250 MB* £2029 A4000 040, 6MB RAM, 340 MB* £2109 A4000 040, 6MB RAM.
420 MB* £2239 Extra 4Mb SIMM £160, or 1Mb SIMM £45
* Drive 02} covered by WANG ! ICL On-Site Warranty SPECIAL OFFER;
£110 TO THE ABOVE PRICES AMIGA 1200 HD A1200+ 64Mb Hard Drive
£439 A1200+ 85Mb Hard Drive £489 A1200 +127Mb Hard Drive £ 519
A1200 + 209Mb Hard Drive £ 589 DESKTOP DYNAMITE AVAILABLE + £50
All A1200's arc covered by WANG 1 CL On-Suc Warranty AUDIO
PRODUCTS SUNRIZE AD516 STUDIO 16 8 Track Stereo. 16-Bit,
Better than CD Quality - Direct to Disk Recording, Editing &
Playback. Can be used in conjunction with Bars & Pipes
Professional and the Digital Broadcaster from Digital Micronics
via SMPTE.
£1249 SUNRIZE AD1012 STUDIO 16 4 Track Mono, 12-Bit, Direct to Disk Recording, Editing & Playback. Can also be used in conjunction with Bars & Pipes Professional and the Digital Broadcaster from Digital Micronics. Via SMPTE.
£499 FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE CALL HARO DRIVES A12DD Drives 85 MB & CABLE £ 209 127 MB & CABLE £ 239 170 MB & CABLE £265 209 MB & CABLE £ 369 Bore IDE Drives 40 MB SCSI 3.5' £110 120 MB SCSI 3.5' £199 170 MB SCSI 3.5' £ 245 240 MB SCSI 3.5" £295 345 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 365 525 MB SCSI 2 3.5" £ 659
1. 0 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £ 869
1. 6 GB SCSI 2 3.5" £1129
2. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25'£1199
2. 0 GB SCSI 2 3.5' £1739
3. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25" £2049
3. 5 GB SCSI 2 5.25" £2479
4. 0 GB SCSI 2 5.25" £2649 1Gb+ Drives are suitable for Digital
Broadcaster 32 Bam SCSI Drives £ 119 £ 179 £ 219 £ 239 £ 329 £
399 80 MB IDE 3.5" 120 MB IDE 3.5" 210 MB IDE 3.5" 250 MB IDE
GVP HC8 A4008 SCSI + RAM A2000 & 4000 £ 129 BSC AT-BUS 2008
IDE + RAM A2000 8 4000 £ 89 ICD ADVANTAGE 2000 SCSI A2000 &
4000 £ 85 FASTLANE Z3 SCSI-2 + Upto 64Mb (A30QQ 4000) £435
Ideal for Digital Broadcaster 32 VIDEO PRODUCTS DIGITAL
BROADCASTER 32 This Zorro III card performs all of the major
functions of a full, broadcast quality, ON-LINE, NON-LINEAR
digital video edit suit.
It provides REAL-TIME. FULL MOTION JPEG (50 fields per second) Capture & Compression, direct to hard disk. The video can Ihen be edited and subsequently Decompressed and played back in REAL-TIME, at 25 fps in broadcast quality, direct to video, laser disk recorder etc. Also included on the board is full SMPTE timecoding. Read & write. The card interfaces with the AD516 Studio 16. 8 track stereo and 4 track mono audio cards from Sunrize Industries to enable full audio (lip sync) to video. It requires an Amiga 3000 or 4000 with 68040 processor, large SCSI'2 hard drive, and fast SCSI-2 hard drive
Typical System:- Amiga 4000 040 (2+ 16. 340Mb HD) Digital Broadcaster 32 (Zorro III Card) Fastlane Z3 (SCSI-2 Controller Card)
2. 0Gb Fast SCSI-2 3.5“ HD (For Video)
2. 0Gb SCSI DAT Internal Tape Streamer Sunrize AD516 Studio 16
525Mb SCSI-2 HD 3.5" x 1" (For Audio) Cub-Scan 1440 Monitor (For Amiga) Commodore 1084S Monitor (For Video) Image Processing Software (ADPRO) System Configuration & Testing TOTAL SYSTEM = Approx. £11,500 (inc. VAT) FOR FULL. BROADCAST (Betacam SP) QUALITY, ON-LINE. NON-LINEAR. VIDEO EDITING!
OPALVISION MAIN BOARD (V.2) £ 369 VIDEO PROCESSOR £ Call VIDEO SUITE £ Call TIME BASE CORRECTOR £ Call EVP IMPACT VISION 24 24-Bit Professional Graphics board with Frame Grabber Digitiser, Flicker -Fixer, Genlock & Picture - In - Picture etc. With Caligari 24. Macro Paint 2, MyLad & Desktop Darkroom software.
IV24 With VUI-S (Comp S-VHS) £ 985 IV24 With VUI- CT (RGB S-VHS) £1279 HOW TO ORDER HAVE YOUR DEBITOR CREDIT CARD DETAILS AT HAND, AND CALL- 0992-714539 10-7 Monday- Friday Closed Sat & Sunday OR BY POST.
free vLab y c) With 4Mb Vram doubie buffered £1549 With 2Mb
Vram single buffered £1449 Vlab Y C Real-time digitiser £ 359
Personal SFE Single Frame Controller £ 449 RETINA DISPLAY CARD
Graphics Card A2 3 4000 up to 1280 x 1024 (2Mb) £ 325 PICASSO
Iiwith TVPaint Junior £ 375 PICASSO Iiwith TVPaint 2.0 £ 489
backdrop for her performances.
Admittedly now a lot of the Amiga artists working in the world today use the video capabilities of the Amiga, and none more so than users of Newtek's Video Toaster, which is still taking Hollywood by strategy.
The Post Group use the Amiga on many TV projects using both the Toaster and ASDG's Morph Plus.
Recent projects include The Tonwiyknockers, a Stephen King TV movie, and the popular BBC 2 time travelling series Quantum Leap, both of which used morph effects created with MorphPlus.
IIXIDIE Jeff Ginn uses Amiga technology to produce special effects for the pop- ular Young Indiana Iones Chronicles series you can't fail to have seen if you have Sky One, either through the dish in your roof or on cable.
• Although some of the other effects made using the Amiga are
perhaps more glamorous, I always said that the Amiga was the
perfect creative computer. Nobody really paid much attention to
me originally, partly because the Amiga was a bit of an unknown
quantity at the time, but mostly because I used to slam my hand
on the table when I said it.
Ahem. But the fact remains I was right, and more artists and creators of all sorts are using the Amiga for their work as well as their play.
Ever since some bright spark at Commodore US thought of using the late great Andy Warhol and Deborah (aka Debbie) Harry at the launch of the Amiga, our machine of choice remains a firm favourite with creators of all kinds, but particularly artists.
Warhol in fact continued to use the Amiga up to his death, saying in 1986: "The thing I like most about doing this kind of art on the Amiga is that it looks like my work."
Laurie Anderson used to use the Amiga for her stage shows, grabbing in animated sequences from video using the old LIVE!
Digitiser and using them as a projected Anyone who reads Amiga magazines or watches TV will be aware of the work of English special effects wizard Ron Thornton, He was a leading effects man in the UK on cult shows like Blake's Seven, and now is the creator, with his US-based company Foundation Imaging, of the visual effects for the Emmy award winning sci-fi TV show.
Babylon 5.
‘I started out in model making, and doing effects more traditionally. My partner and I had been fascinated by computer graphic imaging for some time, like way back to the old Apple II days. There were boards around at about £10.000, and you could just render 24-bit images on them and I thought they were fabulous.
‘But you never got a chance to play with
30. As in modelling, animation or anything like that. After
having worked in Canada on a show called Captain Power and
the Soldiers of the Future, I went and bought an Amiga and
started playing around with some of the packages that were
available like Sculpt 3D and those ones... “It was fun but
it wasn't a production tool.
It couldn’t do anything but HAM. And nobody had 24-bit. So when the Toaster came out it was like, well give it a try. It’s got a 3D package with it, it can't be any worse than Turbo Silver or Imagine. It was actually very good. I said to myself I'll see if I can make something from scratch in 30 minutes. And I did. So it passed the test.
‘After that it was just a question of if I could do what I do normally but in the computer. So I just set to re-building a miniature that I ..ad made years ago for Blake's Seven and make it in the Amiga, and it worked very very nicely.
‘The thing is you’re really striving to make something look fairly real, but at the same time give it a certain flair. Being one of the thirtysomething brigade I was brought up on Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet. Dan Dare and stuff like that, so a sense of style and colour is something that I've always had.
‘I’ve always felt that the Star Wars movies seemed to miss that with their grey spaceships. But Thunderbirds was great, it was very colourful, and obviously inspired by Frank Hampson and Dan Dare. So we thought 'let’s bring a little bit of that to a mainstream TV show’. So we've ended up coming up with pretty colourful stuff.
It’s a very neat show, the scnpt is very good. Compared the to the actual senes the pilot was rubbish. The series is great the concepts are great, the effects are so much better than the pilot. The pilot was very much a learning process for us.
‘They were very brave in taking the risk because nobody had done a TV show like that before It was like an ordeal by fire Can you produce this number of shots in The gap between the big boys and us is closing rapidly Mt 'j& . (A .11 ;LLMTOEra »®|iUptlEt ,v ft* .. AaA ft A LlbLLLliLL jL The thing I like W most about doing this kind of art on the Amiga is that it looks like my work tk
* hjt Jeff paiduces is just as important. He
- -aies a great deal of the signage used in
- e series, like posters and signs above
- rops, and all in the style of the 19205.
The exciting science fiction series 3itvlon 5 is coming to Channel 4 in March
- 4 - another show which relies on the miga to create its visual
Ron Thornton, ex-BBC special effects
- nan on such historic shows as Dr Who and Blake's Sam, now lives
and works in Te USA, and works almost exclusively on the Video
You can read what he has to sav about the Amiga in a moment, but it's becoming clear that the Amiga can deliver not just as-good-as results, but better than.
On Speilberg's Jurassic Park, what they call "pre-visualisation" of the monster dinos was done by Stefan Dechant of Amblin Imaging. Amblin also do the SFX for the SeaQuest series, and now have over 60 Video Toasters.
STAR TREK VI Already effects which Amblin have achieved before only with Silicon Graphics workstations are now being done with fairly ordinary Amigas with enough memory and CPU power.
Then there's Star Trek VI, which also featured Lightwave-generated graphics by Post Group associate Joe Conti, with the USS Enterprise and US5 Excelsior modelled by none other that Lightwave creator Alien Hastings. Joe Conti is also responsible for an episode of Unsolved Mysteries featuring some pretty realistic UFOs. Now we see the Amiga turning up in all manner of places, especially in the music community. There are a lot of musi- More than ever the Amiga is making inroads into the real world, proving itself to be the ultimate creative computer. Phil South talks to working artists who use
the Amiga as a key player in their creative universe cians following in Laurie Anderson's footsteps, the obvious one being Todd Rundgren, who now produces all his videos using the NewTek Toaster, and even has a company set up to do it called Nutopia.
Ex-patriot whiplash smiler Billy Idol is now an Amiga head too, and he uses Amiga-generated video walls in his video and stage work. He is also a regular visitor to The WELL conferencing system in San Francisco.
Other famous and enthusiastic users include Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, and Star Trrk: The Next Generation actors Carel Struvcken, the artistic Amiga lureuie Park dlnotaun were modelled In lightwave before being rendered on an SCI mot hint Ji “s amount of time? No other way could .ou possibly do it. "We’re doing 10, 15. 20 rots a week sometimes, which is phenomenal Star Trek: The Next Generation has aoout five new shots a week, plus a bunch of screen displays. And we're a quarter of reir price! We only have an animation crew u five. We’re not working on anything else s the
moment., at least nothing I can talk aoout to an English person.
’We're running 2000s, some running RCS 040 boards, some CSA. We've got 32Mb of memory on all of them, and we run that Into a Novell Netware server. Oh yes.
And the new version of Lightwave is amazing.
“I mean, right now on the screen in front of me I’m animating a dinosaur How long ago did they do Jurassic Parlrt Now you can do it all on a desktop computer! The gap between the big boys doing it and us doing it is closing rapidly, which is a lot of fun.* ¦FEATURE ¦ 4 Dave Gibbons ave is a comic artist and one of the great British talents In comic history. As well as being famous for his solo work, he is also becoming a component part of various spectacular collaborations, with writers like Alan Moore and Frank Miller.
As well as branching into writing, he is also now designer and co-conspirator in Revolution s recent multi-format game Beneath A Steel Sky.
“I suppose I have always been interested in computers. It's funny but you know when I was at school my best subjects were science subjects. So I've always had a kind of a technological bent.
Some people say that about my artwork, really very concrete rather than abstract, and say my approach is more of a technical approach, in that I like to work in three dimensions and keep things consistent.
'I wouldn't say that I'm a techno hobbiest.
But I do like to have a nice hi-fi and a nice radio and the lat est kind of microwave oven and all that sort of stuff. So I'm not a technophobe, although a lot of artists are, they're not happy to use things they puters in general and the Amiga in particular to provide a creative solution to the problem of making art which is new and computer based.
It's going to take a little while longer for people lo begin using computers in a really special way, and now 24-bit is within almost anybody's reach 1 think we'll start seeing the end of all the same boring old video tricks.
The Amiga is, after all, the best creative computer of the last decade, and it's up to artists like these, and you too, to make sure it makes an even bigger splash in the art world of the future.
Giant Mr Horn, and Wil Wheaton who plays Ensign Wesley Crusher. Wil actually works for NewTek now, and can be seen demoing the Toaster at all the shows they attend.
OK, so the Video Toaster has converted a lot of people over to the Amiga, but you can't rule out the obvious charms of other programs like Dpaint, Imagine, Real 3P and OpalPaint.
A lot of artists are now turning to comdon't understand. I'm quite happy to things I don't understand.
“I’ve had an Amiga for some yen now. And although I got it initially ‘:r games, I've also used it for drawir: 11 can see the huge potential for dc ng very useful things with computers.
‘Something should be done about the input side of things, there's sometr about it which makes it a bit hard tc draw, There's something about the fee of pen or pencil in contact with pap*' that you just don't get with a mouse cv £ stylus and graphics tablet.
Ul don't think I'll be really using a computer for drawing comics. I think computers are really good at is cotov' ing, rendering in the artistic sense mean, if you want to get say a sky whicr graduates from a deep blue down :c white you can do it with an airbrush ¦ijfN “But then you've jjQp got to clean it ou* after each ink, bic* through it to make sure it's working properly, mast* out all the area* you don't want the ink to go on, do it. And if the phone goes haltway through and makes yoi jump, you've got to do it all over again “It's a very labour-intensive thing. And if you don't like
the look of it after you’ve finished you’ve gcf.
Very little scope for changing it other than doing it all again from scratch.
Bradley Brad has been around on the Amiga for a long time, as many of you will be aware. He is a great 2D Amiga artist, and his painted graphics have decorated a number of magazine covers, but recently he's gone all 3D and created the 3D scenery for a game soon to be out on the CD32, Labyrinth from Electronic Arts. All the graphics for Labyrinth were rendered with Imagine version 1.1 and 2.0. "It was interesting. 1 had done painting but I'd kind of gotten dissatisfied with painting because I felt it was a very passive thing. I was looking for other things to do, and I was looking for things
other than graphic art.
"Then about 19971 got my first Amiga system, and discovered that there was a lot of potential there for doing things that were interactive. Something that would involve you more than a static painting does.
"I had friends who were interested in the Amiga and I looked a couple of differ- Schenck ent things. I'd looked at the Apple Macintosh, but it wasn't very interesting at that time because it was just black and white. I looked at the Apple 11GS but it was much more limited in colour, and that pretty much led me eventually just to the Amiga. I got awfully excited about it the more I learned about it, and really couldn't rest until I got my hands on one.
"What I like about the Amiga is the multitasking. Even though 1 don't often have the Amiga doing two very complex things at the same time, it’s very nice having that available to me. It's certainly true I can do multiple things on the same sys tern when I'm rendering, which of course can take forever.
"The system can still be used for other things which is nice. I like the environment, the operating system very much And especially in the beginning the fact that the software tends to cost much less was a big help for me, because traditionally I had never worked in a field that would give me a lot of capital to get started with.
SKETCHES "I had to learn new techniques, definitely. It didn't take a long time to move over either. It went fairly quickly. Almost the first thing I did was I look a bunch of sketches I'd done that I'd never developed into paintings, and I sent them off to be digitised.
"I did this because when 1 started drawing with the mouse I just thought, god. I'll never be able to do this. So I did that and it took two or three weeks for the FEATU RE¦ use ars for g-1 ing the ling I to [eel per )ra jm- hat ur*
e. I uch i to 've out low ike ing isk* ?as ant on.
The es igh ou to ive [he got ler I see the computer being used as a tool like ant other
• THe other thing that computers are at is straight 3D imaging.
In :cs very often you're drawing the are scene and the same
characters '-j* a variety of different mgjes A thing which I've
i «ays taken great care : do is ensure that
r. ngs are consistent.
Again experience
* allow you to do a lot ; -s stuff by hand, but SHI have to plot
van- shmg points etc, and again this is all very labour
rtensive and on the computer
• cu could do all this stuff very
• astfy.
‘That's the way I see the ::-nputer being used, as a like any other. At the
- »e the airbrush came out
- *re was obvious airbrush
- -*ets everywhere, and a bit atsr when everyone discov-
- efl that self-adhesive . ‘raset tone, that was used
i. erywhere too. So I think
* o start with you're ;:mg to get a lot of ::. Ous computer-gen
rated effects.
- sk to come back. But by the time I'd got-
- n the stuff back, I had already done . Icnplete pictures
painting with the
- ouse, so it must have gone pretty quickly.
‘The thing that really broke it for me ‘The things I like about the Amiga are that it’s cheap, it's very user friendly, and I think Dpaint is a superb painting, rendenng and animation package “I got involved in the game because, to make a long story short. I did a comic called Watchmen (DC Comics) which at one point was going to be developed as a game and a film, but nothing ever came of this.
"One of the people I met was Charles Cecil, then of Activision, who subsequently set up his own company called Revolution. I've always been very keen on collaboration, so I found myself doing all the background screens and a good part of the design work for Beneath a Steel Sky.
I designed the characters too. And from those designs also did the sprites. The backgrounds were drawn and scanned into the Amiga for treatment.
The sprites were done directly into the Amiga because sometimes you design a big detailed character and it's hard to cram all that into a sprite.
‘I found that really interesting, like how putting a little single pixel of blue on a face, say, makes a character look like he's got a beard. I think the collaboration worked well, it was a great experience and I'll be happy to do a lot more of this sort of thing in the future.
Was I went to a show where Jim Sachs was speaking and showing his work. I'd seen a little of his work already, and he was talking about how he had done everything using the mouse. I just went home and I thought, well, obviously it can be done. "I just went ahead with it and worked with it until finally it became natural. It's like any other tool, you just have to get used to using it until you don't really think about it being there. In fact I still use a mouse, I don't use a tablet, although I'm thinking about trying it again.
"I tried it several years ago, and I just didn't care for it. For some things I’ll still continue to do it on paper and scan them in, just because the idea of something which emulates drawing on paper seems kind of silly to me.
"It's perfectly easy to draw on paper, and it’s very direct and you can draw on ten sheets of paper out on your desk at the same time. There's something very immediate about working with paper. But I'm interested in some of the painting techniques that use pressure sensitive tablets. I hat's probably why I would give it another try.
"Right now I’m using TVPaint on a Retina, we also have OpalVision. My partner and I, as well as the games software, have done an animation program which works on different frame buffers and so we've gotten kind of a collect of them now! So we have an OpalVision, but I haven't actually had a chance to play with it because my partner's got it.
"The CD32 version of Labyrinth was the first version, but it turns out thev published the MS-DOS version first. But it's being published in the UK by Electronic Arts. So we don't actually know, we get it all third-hand. It was supposed to go out a week ago, there was a delay something about Commodore silk screening something onto the disks."
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sampling has broadened from its original 8-bit base to a market where just about any option you wish can be supplied by one manufacturer or another.
The profusion of samplers has meant that customer choice can sometimes take on bewildering proportions, leading us neatly into a comprehensive look at the units on offer and their relative strengths.
As usual, our first step is to provide some info for anyone wanting to know where to start. The bottom line here is that you'll need a piece of hardware called a sound digitiser, plus the software to control it.
Most Amiga sampling packages include both hardware and software and with the higher priced units you'll get extras like line level and microphone level inputs, signal volume controls, switchable parallel through port connections (so that the digitiser can be left permanentty plugged in) and other goodies.
Lower-priced sampling units will often have no controls at all. But this does not mean that the results obtained will be less useful. With care excellent results can be obtained from budget priced hardware and.
Since these types of 8-bit Amiga digitisers start at around £20, this is not an area that will necessarily frighten the bank manager!
All 8-bit sampling units attach to the Amiga's parallel port. Plug one end into the sound source (which might be a tape recorder. CD player, microphone, or some other audio Signal source) and the other end into the parallel port.
SAMPLING Having switched on and booted up the sample editing software the rest is comparatively easy- Set an appropriate sample rate, adjust the volume of the input signal to a suitable level, and then just hit record. Your sample will end up sitting in the editor waiting to be saved or edited.
The key to good sampling is to get a good input signal to start with and, where possible, this means sampling a sound directly from source rather than using a microphone.
Ideally, a strong, clear signal is provided to the digitiser without overloading the unit and causing clipping, so with digitisers which have no signal controls it is necessary to adjust the volume of the sound source being used.
Don’t forget that your samples and music will sound much better if you use external speakers rather than those present in your Amiga monitor or TV. There are plenty of reasonably priced amplifier and speaker systems available and if it is physically convenient you can even use your hi-fi system.
Sound enhancers which boost particular audio frequencies can further improve the quality of the Amiga’s audio output but if that's still not good enough the answer is to spend more and go for a 16-bit sampling system. When you reach for the top of the range 16-bit offerings, however, Bank managers do start to feel a little faint.
SunRize AD1012 Available From: White Knight Technology Price: £499 The AD1012 audio card provides 12-bit digitising which, in terms of resolution, is halfway between ordinary Amiga internal sound quality and a CD. It comes complete with SunRize's Studio 16 recording and editing software which can record and playback directly from hard disk.
Although it is only a four-track mono system you do in fact need a hard disk system with quite a fast drive to get the best out of this digitiser. If you are thinking of intensive use with, say, an A2000, you are likely to need a 66030 accelerator card as well.
SunRize AD516 Available From: White Knight Technology Price: £1299 The AD516 takes us about as far into the professional sampling league as the Amiga currently goes. It is a very high quality eight track, 16-bit, mono stereo sampling system for serious users (or seriously rich users). The software which comes with the AD516 is Studio 16 and this provides direct-to-disk recording and SMI’TE links for use with packages like the Broadcast editor.
Needless to say you need a fast machine and a fast hard drive to get the best out of this unit. A new release of the AD516 package is expected in the very near future (probably before you read this).
AMAS II Available From: HiSoft Price: £99.95 An upgraded version of the previously popular AMAS 8-bit sampling package.
Clarity 16 Available From: HiSoft Price: £149.95 This is a 16-bit system that can sample at up to CD rates (44.1 kHz) and convert between 8-bit and 16-bit formats SO you still have IFF 8SVX support as well as 16- bit file format support.
Samples can be played both through the stereo 16-bit cartridge output or through the Amiga’s standard output channels. The hardware includes an integral Midi interface and the software provides a sample sequencer and options for using the Amiga as a sample-based Midi sound expander. Clarity 16’s software has improved considerably since its early days but since it cannot record and playback directly from disk you still have I to work with 16-bit samples totally in memory. To get the best of out Clarity 16 you need one of the newer, faster.
Amigas and upwards of 2Mb of RAM.
Software adjustable input-level controls are provided and, as well as the usual cut copy and paste editing controls, there are a whole range of effects that can be produced (echo, phasing, chorus, reversal and so on).
It is also possible to overlay samples, swap and copy channels, fade in and out, and do things like stereo bouncing.
Sampled sounds can be saved in IFF and 8-bit vs 16-bit 16-bit sampling systems provide much greater waveform detail and it is this that produces the improved quality. An 8-bit unit will measure sound signal amplitudes and store them using a relative numerical range ol -128 to +127.
16-bit samplers use a -32.768 to +32.767 resolution scale which is the same as used by a compact disk. The disadvantage is that working with 16-bit samples Is more processor intensive and the samples themselves take up twice as much space in memory. A solution to this latter problem is the direct-tO’disk approach.
Users of direct to disk systems, however, face the second big problem, which is the huge amount of hard drive space gobbled up by stereo 16-bit samples. Which can run to 10Mb per second if the sample rate is high enough raw formats, and in a new executable form that allows samples to be played outside of AMAS II simply by clicking on an associated icon.
The software also includes a 3D FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) display and a dual real-time spectrum analyser. A small, but reasonably useful, sample-oriented Midi sequencer is also provided and you even get a microphone thrown in as well.
Audio Engineer Plus V2 Available From: Hobbyle Computers Price; £149 The RamScan GSOFT Audio Engineer offering has been the best 6-bit Amiga sampler around for ages. It is solidly constructed with switchable microphone and line inputs, signal level adjustment, printer TechnoSound Turbo Available From: New Dimensions Price: £39.99 Cheap but well designed hardware and software stereo mono 8-bit sound sampling package which is ideal for new users. It comes with a small, though reasonably informative, manual and best of all it is capable of producing good results.
The software is more than adequate for basic sample editing and it can create all the usual types of effects (echo, fading, vibrato, phasing and so on) RAM scans, sample loop conversions, and a range of novelty effects can be achieved and easy to use song and Midi sequencers are also included.
The package includes an audio source connecting lead and nearly 60 pre-recorded samples so you've got everything you need right from the word go.
TechnoSound Turbo has been one the Amiga’s most popular offerings.
TechnoSound Turbo 2 Available From: New Dimensions Pnce: £49.99 Everything that TechnoSound Turbo was, but better. Both the hardware and the software have undergone design changes and, for newcomers, the sampling and editing software is much easier to use There are customised pull-down menus and things like direct to hard disk recording, so it is sure to be a winner.
At the moment existing TechnoSound Turbo users can upgrade to this new version for £15.
Audition 4 Available From: Silica Systems Price: £34.95 This piece of 8-bit sound sample editing software comes from SunRize, a company that know an awful lot about Amiga sampling. Audition 4 is an excellent piece of software with a great many useful features including being able to preview and adjust effects in real time before making permanent edits, and direct recording to disk or RAM A very capable program and again very good value nowadays Editing software Once you've taken a sound sample you can edit it in many ways. It is possible to rearrange sections ol the sound, alter the pitch of
voices, add echo effects, perform re-sampling calculations, or even reverse the sample so that it plays backwards.
The important 8-bit sample editing facilities required by users are now very well established and all but the very cheapest 8-bit offerings provide a useful set of editing and effects options. If you are looking for standalone software to use with digitising hardware that you already have then AudioMaster IV and Audition 4 are particularly good value nowadays.
Public domain and shareware utilities can also be a great help to the budget sampling fiend, and a range of effects generators, direct to disk recording and playback tools, and other cheap and cheerful programs can be yours for only a few pounds.
Switch-thru connections (so that the digitiser can be left permanently plugged in) and above all a quality by which all other 8-bit Amiga samplers have been judged.
The associated sample recording and editing software is also extremely good and as well as offering all the usual types of edit effects the software provided time stretching and time compression, frequency cut and boosting via software filters, and very powerful loop creation facilities.
The price of Audio Engineer has dropped considerably of late and this could mean that a new (16-bit?) Offering is imminent.
AudioMaster IV Available From: Antic Computer Systems Price: £44 This is the Aegis release of RamScan's Audio Engineer Plus software and needless to say it's pretty good. In fact it is generally regarded as the best Amiga 8-bit sampling software around and certainly good value at the current price.
MegaMix Available From: Indi Direct Mail Price: £29.99 Budget priced sampling 8-bit hardware and software package. The hardware does what it is supposed to well enough but that's about all that can be said.
Music Kit Available From: Power Computing Price: £49 Generalised music package which includes an 8-bit hardware software 1 sampling system. As far as value tor money goes the Music Kit compares well with other offerings in the same price range.
Sound Trap Available From: Omega Projects Price: £24.95 Budget mono 8-bit digitiser whose hard- i ware includes a parallel port passthrough connector so it doesn't have to be unplugged to use a printer.
Sound Trap comes with its own software but most users prefer to use it with something like AudioMaster. The quoted price is for a ready-built unit, but if you I are into do-it-yourself you can buy it in kit form and save yourself a fiver.
Stereo Master Available From: HiSoft Price: £39.95 An 8-bit stereo mono sampling package which includes both hardware and software. Offers the same basic types of facilities, quality, and ease of use as products such ds TechnoSound Turbo Megalosound is a better buy.
Stereo Sampler 2 Available From: Trilogic Price: £29.95 Not a bad offering by any means but it ts essentially just the 8-bit digitising hardware that you buy. You do get some ven basic sampling software but for any sen- ous use you'll need a proper sample editing package.
Jargon clipping A waveform distortion Cdi by a signal being too strong for the circuitry of a recording or sample; device- The result is a poor quality sourc fragmentation As a hard disk is use: and files are created and deleted, pockett of empty disk space are formed. BecaL* new data is stored in the first areas r empty space that are tound, files are brr- ken up into sections that are physical-, remote from each other. This fragment tion means that it takes longer to bo?
Store newer data and retrieve it, so result is that the hard disk appears slowdown.
IFF 8SVX This is the IFF (Interc File Format) type used for storing i samples.
Recording to disk Most sound sampling systems store and edit the data they collect in the Amiga's Chip memory, restricting the sample size to the amount of chip memory available.
Reading samples and placing them directly onto disk eliminates this restriction but it's not easy to do and, as always, there is a price to pay.
Digital Sound Studio DSS8+ Available From: Silica Systems Price: £69
* - s is the recently upgraded version of the popular : VP DSS8
8-bit sampling system whose hardware comes in a clear
see-through plastic case.
: 5S8+ is well thought of. Has reasonable documen- awn. And includes things like software controlled rcut levels and microphone line switches (which
- a es it easy to adjust input signal strengths). The graded
software now includes an Arexx rjerface.
Obviously with the arrival of numerous 16-bit : 3ards a new 8-bit system would appear to face an .2-hill battle, but rest assured in the field of 8-bit sampling DSS8+ is among the best in the business.
The real attraction of the system is its all-in-one
• jproach with sampling, editing and song construe- xn all part
of the same system, which evolves as you progress through the
production process.
Fortunately the software has adopted the familiar acker format so MED fans won't have any problem justing to the program.
In short, it you're looking for an 8-bit solution to . Our particular sampling problems it's ideal.
Firstly, you need a hard disk. Without exception, direct-to-disk recording and playback always refers to hard disk use.
Floppy drives are just not fast enough to perform this sort of magic, though a number of PD utilities exist to enable low quality sampling to floppy.
Secondly, you will find that with the lower cost packages the maximum sampling rate obtainable is considerably lower, and is often less than half that obtainable with the conventional memory-based approach.
Thirdly the performance of any direct- to-disk system is going to vary according to the speed of the hard disk, and the extent of its fragmentation. Lastly, this sort of hard disk use is very read write intensive and slightly more error prone than conventional disk use.
Megalosound Datel stereo sampler It is best to create a separate partition for direct-to-disk sampling because if something untoward does happen you will then only lose the data associated with that partition.
Available From: HiSoft Price: £34.95 Available From: Datel Electronics Price: £49.95 This new 8-bit budget sampling system comes with a well built cartridge (fitted with a volume control) and a good manual. The software provides waveform printing, special effects, a stand alone sample player, and even direct-to-disk sampling. It's an ideal choice for the newcomer to sampling who doesn't want to spend the earth.
£-ght-bit sampling hardware and soft-
* are package.
A number of 8-bit sound samplers now provide direct-to-disk facilities, but at present there are no cheap equivalent 16-bit products. This, however, is an area that is definitely on the move and new offerings are just around the corner.
WaveTools Available From Blittersoft Price £349.95 “¦us is a brand new 16-bit audio card that » orks with the A3000, the A4000, and Accelerated A1500 or A2000 Amigas. A full review can be found in this very issue, so there's little point in going on about it here. Is there?
N buster oop A portion of a sample that is ¦speated to either sustain a note or create some special effect.
RAM scanning A facility which allows .ou to scan through the Amiga's memory and. By ‘playing" die data, look for sound
• smples. The act of extracting the sam- : es from memory is
usually called “rip- *4 raw sample A copy of the byte values of
- sound waveform just as they appear in
- memory as opposed to a sample stored ' a specialty designed
file structure such as IFF 8SVX resampling Converting the
waveform data of a sample taken at one frequency to the
equivalent values at another fre- Remember however that 16-bit
sound sampling hardware may not be the end of the expense - top
of the range 16-bit sampling packages like the SunRize AD516
need to be used with fast Amigas and fast, high-capacity hard
After your very first minute of CD quality stereo (two tracks sampled at
44. 1kHz) you will find that 10 megabytes of storage space have
gone. It s quite likely that newer, low cost, 16-bit boards
are still going to need the support of powerful Amigas to get
the best from them.
Contact numbers Antic Computer Systems 071-2787602 Blittersoft 0908 220196 Datel Electronics 0782 744324 Emerald Creative Technology 081-7158866 Hobbyte Computing 0727856005 Indi Direct Mail 0543419999 HiSoft 0525 718181 New Dtfnensions 0291 690933 Omega Projects 0942 682203 Power Computing 0234 843388 Silica Systems 081-3091111 Trilogic 0274 691115 0C- rr,, P rrzi* r=Kiias6r;?i£ jBiaiirg:WaBMago3at ««6iaMia£WggMa gaiaqw a»- FIRST F I RST computercentre (LEEDS)Tel:0532319444 Wl MU I n U I i l V 1-1 V I I VI MM IIAJ II tJ 1 izrvxiriii V 1 1VL MM IKJ 1 V WlTn PRINTERS COMPUTER CENTRE OPEN 7
DIGITA. PACE. PRIMA, SEGA. STAR ROMBO, SUPRA, US ROBOTICS HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: "FIRSTCOMPUTER CENTRE" In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow S working days for cheque clearance
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Rcorg v 3.1 _______ v e lations .. Iin less than a second, mono image* in real time with any video source. Multitasking s w, cut 4 paste.
¦ (..vyAMOS Devpac 3~ New VIDI 12 Real Time.£ 134.99) I Real time colour digitizing from any video source .
Full AGA support New VIDI 24 Real Time.£223.99 New VIDI 12 AGA £74.99 Full support tor AGA chlptet. Colour images captured | 124 bit quality real time colour digitizing from any yldfO tourer. Full AGA support Amos Professional Compiler now onfy.- Blltz Basic------------- ¦ TUTORIAL The best way to leam how to use any program is to roll up your sleeves and dive in. Using The Publisher, like any DTP package, can be confusing at first, so we've chosen the format of a simple one-step-at-a-time tutorial which should see us create our first simple project, a single page leaflet.
All keyboard short-cuts for menu options are shown in brackets. For example (Amiga-P) means hold down the right Amiga key - the key directly to the right of the spacebar - and while still holding down the right Amiga key, press the P key. OK, let's get started!
Select Add from the Page menu (Amiga-P), click the A4 option and then click OK. From the Magnification sub-menu in the Preferences menu select Full Width (Amiga-W). From the Measurement sub-menu in the Preferences menu select Inches Points.
From the Imposed Grid sub-menu in the Preferences menu select Define (Amiga-!). Click the 18 button, and then click Absolute. From the Graphic submenu of the External menu, select Import IFF. Use the file requestor to find the file called TRA-LA.1FF on the CoverDisk.
Click once on the filename, then click OK.
Notice that the name of the file appears in Ben Pointer takes us on a step-by-step guide to using this month’s CoverDisk in the production of a simple leaflet create a leaflet in from the left (the X direction).
The crosshairs position is constantly updated in the rulers above and to the left of the page. Because you imposed a grid during preparation, the crosshairs will move in 0.25in steps, making it easier for you to position them accurately. Click the left mouse button when you have the crosshairs at the correct position.
Now move the crosshairs to 7in down the page and 8in across the page (about
0. 25in in from the right, that is). Click the left mouse button
again. A bounding box will appear on the page.
Click the grey area in the Screen Position gadget (just above the tags list) to move the view to the bottom half of the the tags list to the left of the page.
From the Import Text sub-menu of the External menu, select Generic. Use the file requester to find the file called VENUE.TXT on the CoverDisk. Click once on the filename, and then click OK. Notice that the name of the file appears in the tags list to the left of the page.
Make sure the Null Pointer gadget is selected (the arrow gadget at top left) and then from the Imposed Grid sub-menu of the Preferences menu select Temporary Show (Amiga-T). Click once on the Rectangular Box Creation gadget (top left in the lower bank of tools). Move the mouse to position the crosshairs at lin down the page (the Y direction) and 0.25in page. Click on the Box Moving gadc*' (bottom left in the lower bank of too!*.
The box you have just created is no* attached to the mouse.
Move the box so that its bottom edee positioned at lOin down the page, enuring that the left edge is still at 0.25m e from the left of the page. To place the ba in its new position, dick the left mouse button once. If you make a mistake, cfck the Box Moving gadget again and re-pow- tion the box again.
When you have the box positioned correctly, click the TRA-LA.IFF item in tr« tags list to place that graphic into that hr*.
A grey rectangle will appear in the cirr* of the box. From the Graphics sub-mot of the Preferences menu, select Disput Page to unhide the graphic.
The graphic is not big enough for ocr needs. Select the Graphic Fitting gad a* f bottom right in the lower bank of tool' v expand the graphic to fill the box we hr-r created for it.
Now create a rectangular box wheat top left position is X = 0.25in Y = lOin. N: whose bottom right position is X = Sin - 1 lin. X means across the page, Y mea» down the page.
Click the big T (for Text) gadget m tr* upper bank of tools. A small text gadc*» will appear underneath the lower bar* r tools. Type EVERYONE WELCOME.
Finish text entry by clicking the Pointer gadget.
SET STYLE The text is set in the default BOPlj TEXT style. To make it look the wav want it to look, we must first set up a -«?» style. Click the Paragraph Mode ga-'c* (to the right of the Null Pointer) Click or NEW gadget that is below the tag- Into the text gadget that appears, FOOTER and press the Return kev No* select Alter Current from the Type fnir menu. In the Font section at the top of 5* TUTOR I A LI v Stvle requester, click the H gadget : then click the downward pointing
• the right of the alphabet. The name Helvetica-Bold should
• ar in the gadget above the alphabet, i •_-*? 36 button to
select the text size.
- the Spacing section, click in the Line gadget, press Amiga-X
and Return to set it to zero. Do the same the gadgets in this
section, and in the t gadgets to the right. Select the CENTO
cadget towards the foot of the t, and then OK.
R. ick in the EVERYONE WELCOME sn sn the page to highlight that
text, then .i. * on the FOOTER item in the tags list « *? The
text in the style we have just cre- ac£ Click the Null Pointer
gadget and then
a. * the grey area in the Screen Position so that you are now
looking at the «c -alf of the page.
VANISHED Create a rectangular box whose top left i is X = 0.25in Y = 0.5in, and whose i right position is X = 8in Y = 5.5in.
• vt drawn, move this box so that its bot- vr edge is 4.75in down
from the top of t* rage. This means the top of the box wC. Be
pushed off the top of the page.
Don t panic, that's what we want to 5Mppen- Click on the T gadget, type in Street Tim! And click the Null Pointer to finish.
• • this point you can't see the text on the M*t. Don't worry
about it.
Click the Paragraph Mode gadget and NEW (below the tags list). Type HEADER into the text gadget, press Setum and then select Alter Current from rt Type Style menu. Change the Font to S«iman-Demiltalic, size 72, zero all the fcacrng gadgets except for Below Line, oto which you should enter -20. Click CENTER and OK.
Now click in the Street Partv! Box on the page and click HEADING in the tags list. You should now see the heading appear at the top of the page.
That text box is obscuring the top of the graphic below, so click on the Null Pointer and from the Box menu select Alter Active. In the Box Description requester that appears, click on the Transparency gadget (the right-hand of the upper two gadgets) so that it shows a grey box on a grey background.
EXIT Clear out the X-Axis Scale gadget (click in it and press Amiga-X), type 1.2 intOMt and press Return. Clear out the Y-Axis Scale gadget, type 4 and press Return. Click OK to exit the requester and apply the changes we have made.
Create a rectangular box at X =
0. 5 Y = 4.25 top left, X = 2 Y = 5 bottom right, then click on
the VENUE.TXT item in the tags list.
The text is set in the default BODY TEXT style. Select the Paragraph Mode gadget and then Alter Current from the Type Style menu. Change the Font to Helvetica, size 12, change the First Line Indent to zero, then click OK.
Click the Null Pointer and create a rectangular box at X=6 Y=5 top left, X=8 Y=7 bottom right. Click the T gadget, type BRING A BOTTLE! And click the Null Pointer to finish.
Create a new style called BOTTLE in NewCenturySchlbk-Bold, size 24, centred, and apply this style to the text.
To get the three words on to separate lines, click the T gadget, click in the BOTTLE box on the page, move the cursor in the text gadget until it is just before the A, press Return; move the cursor to just after the A, press Return again. Click the Null Pointer to finish. All that remains it to print the document. From the Print Page sub-menu of the document menu, select Final. Make sure that in the text gadget under Output File Name is the word PSC:.
Click the PSC; gadget (top right of the requester) if necessary.
Change the Width to 8.2in and the Height to 10.5in. This normally results in a correctly positioned printout. If the top of your page is not printed in the correct position, enter a smaller Height to move it down the page, a larger Height to move it up the page (don't ask me, it's just the way it works).
Density, dithering method, printer driver and so on are selected in the normal way via the Workbench printer preferences programs. E3 :s..* J nrr.v _J IRASSKI Amiga A1200 Race N‘ Chase Pack with Trolls and Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, FREE • Mouse Mat. Dust Cover, Mlcroswttched Joystick and the ...omu MONSTER GAME of 1993 si Plus PLUS... a Mouse Mat, Dwsf Cover atul Micro Snitched Joystick with Amiga's - only from.. £339.95 Race N Chase Pack 1 as detailed above (including Freebies)fSTj .the Superb Philips 15" Pro 2000 Colour Monitor TV giving you the best of the A1200 with a magnificent
display... Race 'N' Chase Pack 2 - a Budget... and... YOU decide which pack to ;buy from a mammoth range of Amiga A1200 options!
PIUS., m top* Dynamite JURASSIC PARK OR... fr m J m DESKTOP DYNAMITE CHOICES RACE 'N' CHASE CHOICES STANDARD PACK STANDARD PACK STANDARD I Amiga A1200 with Dennis, Deluxe Paint IV, Oscar, Print 'Managers Wordworth Home WP Dynamite Pack 3 has everything you II need in as at a very Special Price. We've added the market leading Citizen 240C Colour Printer to Dynamite Pack 2 (above) * the Perfect Amiga Combination! Don’t forget with ALL our Amigas you get Free Mouse Mat. Dust Cover, Joystick and Race N Chase Pack 3 has everything you'll need In a Starter Pack - and.
U As well as the A1200 and Philips 15“ Pro 2000 MonitorfTV (as our Pack 2 above), we also include the magnificent Citizen 240C ColourPrjnter along wtth Software and Harwoods comprehensive extras for only... gordon A ked!
ETime Warranty Plan .Now you caSBaa Warranty in ANY hardware hem from Harwood* for leas t ian ou'd think! Take out up to 5yi* cover and at the end of that period you tan extend Cover annually... A LIFETIME1* Peace of Mind! Whats morr the W arranty h full) iransfcrrabk cnhauci iR jok ralucs should you ever decide to upgrade your equipment A allable now even on hardware you may hat e purchased »for Amiga & Printer, Citizen Print Manager 2. Printer Paper Labels, Mouse Mat. Final Copyll, Superbase. Superplan, Nigel Mansells Grand Prlx and Trolls AND..." FANTASTIC AT...£999.95 with FREE... jJ
...available soon!
Ideal for the ardent games player this 32BK CD ROM System will expand Into a full computer as your needs grow with CBM's planned Keyboard, Drives etc. £289.95 Amiga A1200 POWERPRO PACK 1 as detailed above but with the Amazing MicroVKec CubScan 1440 DMS 14" Colour Hl-Res Multi HIUPS Sync Monitor (in place of Philips Pro 2000) FOR THE REAL ENTHUSIAST AT A!
Only... £1199.95 AND with.. .PRICE £199.93 Whia StoOiS Lmtf CM 8833 MKII 14" STEREO COLOUR inc. Leads Dust Cover PRO 2000 15* COLOUR SUPER- RES MONITOR TV inc. Leads The best of both Worlds - Quality Computer Display and fully featured FST High Definition TV In one! Infra red remote. FastText Teletext, Loop Aerial, Headphone Socket.
£239.95 The on* In all Harwoods packs a A1200 80Mb HO A1200, Philips 80Mb HO A1200, Citizen ItliM I Pro 2000 Monitor TW & 240C Printer & Multisync Citizen 240C Printer Microvitec Monitor I £999 95 £1199 95 £121995 £138995 " j £101995 £118995 (• mqdore a s (i L ispfa T £179.95 __ CBM 1084S COLOUR 14“ STEREO Inc. Leads Dust Cover CBM 1942 MULTISYNC 14" COLOUR STEREO Inc. Leads, Dust Cover etc. (for A1200's, 3000's & 4000's) .28 Dot Pitch NEW... MICROVfiEt CUBSCAN (no DMS)... THE JWEST COST MULTISYNC MONITOR AVAILABLE!! I NEW LOW... £349.95 JIVE 5 PACK A GREAT BUNDLE OP 18 EXTRA GAMES ADD TO OUR
YOU WONT NEED TO BUY MORE Poft AGES Xenon 2 MegaWasf. Stir Crazy. TV Sports Football, Hostages, Jumping Jackson, Bubble Plus. Btoodwyth. Tln-TIn on the Moon, Krypton Egg. Purple Saturn Day. Eliminator*.
Skychase. Safari Guns. Lombard RAC Rady. Captain Blood.
Strike Force Harrier*. Sky Fox II and only...£l!
MicroVitec Mifcnoyrrec 836781 pH CUBSCAN (no DMS)... 14’Colour Hi-Res MultiSync Monitor. .28 Dot Pitch available mid Jan. £299.93 CUBSCAN 1440 DMS... 14"Colour Hi-Res Multi- Sync Monitor, Built-in DMS, .28 Dot Pitch £429.95 ..purchased with an Amiga or Just £24.95 separately.
• Not compatible with A1200 3000 4000.
New Street • Alfreto Derbyshire • DE55 7E . 1 's' J Fax: 0773 83104
- 4 * [j Crpdilcharye V!Sa[ r switch r *.
. WO FINANCE FACILITIES AVAILABLE ¦ Please contact us for your personal inlormatlon pack giving full details.
Amiga All our printers art supplied for immediate use including cable, pape r and labels FREE of CHARGE. Dot matrix models come w ith tailored dust cover. We also include specific Amiga driver disks with ALL printers FREE, (with Citizen models you get the excellent Print Manager Version i) Swift 200 Mono HH95 120D- Mono 4119.95 Sw ift 200 Colour 4204.95 Swift 90 Mono 4154.95 Swift 240 Mono 4219.95 Swift 90 Colour 4169.95 Swift 240 Colour 42)9.95 LCIOOCokmr NEW LOW-. 4149.95 SJ144 Thermal Colour IIQ Printer 4529.95 LC24-30 Colour 24Pin (amiplete with 50 Sheet 4229.95 Auto-Feeder, up to 192cps
(draft), O-Kps (LQ).
10 Resident LQ Fonts. L-t.6k Butter LC24-300 Colour 24Pin LCD Panel, up to 264cps 4209.95 (draft). 80cps (LQ). 16 Resident LQ F0fl|y£.7K Buffer. Quki -tOt.klb Modes, STAR LASER PRINTERS... _ LS-5 *7 *579.95 LS-5EX 4679.95 LS-5TT PostScript *949.95 Print Manager Available with all new Star Printer, or for existing Star users. Higher printing resolutions and more control of your Star. Please ask for details of this great new utility.
Extended Warranty Pla New Prestige W arranty available on all Star printers. This is in addition to Star's standard 1 year warrant) and can be extended to a max. of THREE YEARS ON-STTE from a very low cost!!! Please ask for funher information or check out the booklet we include w ith every Star Printer Apple " equipment lias always had a reputation for its quality and reliability ...hut. at a price!
NOW’ you can use (k-nuinc Apple v Printers with your .Amiga at far MORE COMPETITIVE prices than you'd Imagined w as ever possible... Apple™ Personal LaserWriter™ NTR Apple™ Color A3 A4 Bubbkjet Canon BjC 820 engincd 360x360dpi BubWcJct EpsonQ 24Pin emulation. Parallel & SCSI interfaces. A,3 4 A4 size paper. I p to 300cps in text modd INFINITE (mOtWCHTPlT using a 4 colour CMYK system of ink cartridges with approx. TOOpagc life. There's no better inkjet at only ...
* 704.95 4 ppm Canon engincd laser with supcrfast RISC Processor
& 3Mb RAM (upgradable lo 4Mb). True PostScript1' Level 2. HP
lavrjctll & PCL 4* emulations.
FULLY Amiga A PC. Com patiMc. Parallel. Serial IS232 4 LoulTalk interfaces built in. No other laser of this quality costs so little...
* 739*5 Accessories Sc Consumables INKJET CARTRIDGES: BjlOex sx
415.95 BJ800 • Black 41&95 BJ200 230 415.95 BJ800 Cyan 42L95
BJ600 Black 46.95 BJ800 Magenta 421.95 BJ600 • Cyan tt.95 KJ800
Yellow 421.95 BJWH) Magenta 48.95 BJ600 - Yellow 46.95 SHEET
454. 95 BJIOsx in White or Black AtTO SHEET FEEDERS: All 80
Column Models (Please stoic) 46195 RIBBONS: MONO COLOUR 120D
43.95 NONE 90 C 43.95 415.95 24 200 240 44.45 415.95
9 24Pin, NIK olurnn Colour Kit (not 124) 437.95 2-iPln. 32K RAM Expansion (not 200 240) 413.95 24Pin. 32K RAM Expansion for 200 240 419.95 24Pin. 12NK RAM Expansion (not 200 240) 43195 Accessories & Consumables Now- you can expand your Amiga beyond the capabilities of many 'business ' computers with Harwoods upgrades.
Blizzard 1200 Memory Board Winner of .Amiga Format's Gold Award with a 93*® rating the specification Is impressive...
1. Vmb RAM as standard A option to add • further tWh.
L .Ulk I JGHPilNG FAST Zmt mdt Mate FAST RAM I normally quicker than PCMCIA earth) A Real Time hatirry backed clock
4. Fptl socket hulk in for STANDARD PU C type Matin (as Pnxr»*oes
of up to MMHr speed!!
5. Ra»y M 200 Trapdoor’ fining retaining CBM W arranties
6. Compact design utilising latest SMT tcxhnokyp
7. Rail TWO YEAR WARRANTY BLIZZARD 1200-4Mb BOARD 4179.95 4Mb.
RAM Expansion (Blizzards own) 4H" 33MHz. Fpl Maths
Co-Processor 479-95 BUY All THREE ToanBBt FOR JUST- 4369-95
Blizzard 1230 Turbo Accelerator From the makers of the
acclaimed Hlimrd 1200 RAM Board comes a great A1200
1. *00 300S performance Increase on all appli«dion» a-ilh
additional on board RAM)
2. Optional faM (up to lOMvtcc) DMA SCSI n interfair foe Cf ROM
rit. (CDTV, BotfMFanaatt). RnnmaWt, Drtm (Syquot* Hemoulll
rtc) as used on Macintosh etc. }. 40MHi. MH 030 FroceNor
4. Ip to SOMHl NUW.’ PIXX or PGA Fpt nit ( Maths Co-Pro)
3. I'p to 6tMb Z 32 Ut RAM using standard **2 Pin SIMMS
6. Battery backed real lime dock
7. Easy trap door installation. Docs NOT sold warranties
8. No sofisrare required, just plug in and go!
BUZZARD 1230 Tl KBO (0Mb.) 4244.95 4Mb. RAM Expansion. 32Bit SIMM 41i9,95 33MHz. FPL Maths Co Processor 479.95 BUTAimDETOGElBER FOR JUST-. 4449.95 lightning FAST Hard Disk access for all Amiga A4000 owners. The only IDE answer...
t. FaM tup to lOMh ntv) DMA SC9IQ intcrbcr for CD ROM (K. (CDTV,
WF9660 hmuats), Optical Rcmuvabk Drlm (S quests etc) as used
on Apptr Macintosh etc.
2. I xpandibk up to 6»Mb of 3MM11 »l RAM
3. Requires no Buster Chip upgrade!!!
A (ompaliblr With til ckhtlbij AiMigd A4000'*
3. T a 32 Bit HMM Sockets Exceptional Value FASIUNE Z3-. 4329.95
ALTO SHEET FEEDERS; All 80Column Models.. (Please specify modd
when ordering)
464. 95
4219. 95
4319. 95
4369. 95 Mpcr 4564.95 SK Buffer BJIOsx Mono BJ200 Mono. 250cps.
Inc. Auto-Mii BJ230 Mono. 360dpi. 248cps. V* fyC600 S.
.360dpi Colour..... OHP, envelopes. Compact, du 4 colour
CMYK system. 100 240 170cps • text mode, 8 std hwuv
- w 'Vr*” MONO COLOUR RIBBONS; EC10 20 100 43.95 45.95 1 200
45.95 410.95 IC24 200 46.25 *12-45 INKJET CARTRIDGES: SjtH
415.95 NONE SJI44 410.95 412.95 Accessories & Consumables GVP
1230-With0Mb.RAM 4249.95 GVP 1230 W ith 1 Mb. RAM 4309.95 GVP
1230 With 4Mb. RAM 4499.95 Ask about RAM upgrades and Maths
Co-Pro’s GVP Accelerators 40MHz. 68030cc. 32Blt BOARDS MONO
COLOUR INKJET CARTRIDGES: Deskjct Deskwritcr 421.95DoublcUfr
424.95Mandaid Paintjet 421.95 427.95 PAPER TRANSPARENCY FILM:
4264. 95
4309. 95 452195 510 Mono Dcskjct 500 Colour Dcskjct 550 Colour
Dcskjct Single Sheet 618.95 Fold 420.95 Transparency Fum (
50 sheets) 49.95 Gomptt&k with au A500S & aaoopIus (A1500
& 2000 versions available, please ask for details)...
1. Plug) nuts tidrear npamion dot A500A500Hib
2. Spreih up yuur Ami||B - up to Fot It TIMES NORMAL SPEED!
A Whh thmugkport foe RAM Hard Drive Expansion ric.
Imtyt JOSTbHV some FAST HAM (only tfdAWflPfoi do m*).
An tiderur or 6V V HI) KIM alrrmJy flttrd it FAST RAM.
Ai200 Performance at only., Shown on these two pages are Jbst refections of our extensive range of Amiga Peripherals and Accessories which we are continually extending as new products become available.
Please phone us if the item you need is not listed or to enquire about latest news.
Ait. Barters bufcfe* soctety drafts or postal orders payable to GORDON Hwtwooo CDMPUTffiS.
To dear prior to fcsytcii), Please seed Name, Address, and most importflitli it possible, a Day leutonrtD ydbr order reqtdrefmnts. Piessa check yoo are ortortPBlromlttrtt atfvertisann Mnsiercart SwNfb or lomtart GrtmRcHargo quoting number & expiry date (Most Dixons.
All prices are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%. Prices are correct at time of going to press and subject to availability - E&OE.
Gordon (lento Yidi 12, Y2.00 Vrfj 12 A Sound A A Lsion | Tcvhnosound Turbo Sampler I TW Tcchnosound Turbo 2 Miracle key board Music X full version 1.1
• Midi interface 5port c w cable | DTI Su-reo Speakers
- g DTI Pro Stereo Speakers £ Stereo Master Deluxe Music 2
4249. 95
* 2495
* 2495
* 39.95
* H95
* 29.95
* 69.95
* 29.95
4127. 95
48) 9.95 41179.95
* 179.95 ¦ Poster Mono NEW V4.0 Hand Held Scanner Epson GT6500
Fbtbed Epson GT8000 Flatbed (Inc Art Dept PrpfcwknuU ProGen •
Perfect high quality , entry level true video signal r
genlock k Rcndalc 8802 inc switch and fader controls, A1200 HQ
Mkroswitched MEGA MOUSE S'** (excellent msga lnc rev (css) HQ
Mkroswitched lOOdpI F j Resolution MEGA Mot'SF HQ Mkroswitched
MEGA MOU5E inc. Mouse Mat Tinkler H High Quality mkroswitched
Optical mouse HQ Mkroswiultecl Trackhall Auto Mousc Joystkk
Switcher 5 Premier Control Centre A = Monitor Plinth with
shelf: 7 For Amiga A500 t For Amiga A600
* For .Amiga A1200
439. 95
* 3495
* 39.95
* 11.95
* 13.95 Zipstkk Autofire Joystkk Competition l*m Mar autofire,
burstflre & slow motion Python I.M The BI G Microswiuhcd jy
Full range of Qukkjoy and other makes stocked • please call ib
for prices 10 TDK 3.5’ DS DD 50 TDK 3.5* DS l)D £ 10 TDK 3.5*
DS HD 2 CertUled Bulk Disks with x labels: t 10 with library
case ~ 50 Disks • only... 3 100 Disks only u. != 250 Disks
3. 5* Disk Head Cleaner csscn tbl for reliable k ading Amiga 1200
Insider Guide Amiga A600 Insider Guide Mastering Amiga
Assembler Mastering .Amiga Beginners Mastering .Amiga C
Mastering Amiga Wdfkbetk h Mastering .Amiga Do* V2 VoLl
Mastering Amiga Do* V2 VoL2 Mastering Amiga Do* V2 Vol.3
Mastering Amiga .AMOS Mastering Amiga AREXX Mastering .Amiga
Syrtcra ABACI* BOOKS: In Mock Please phone us for keen price*!
* 14.50
414. 50
421. 95
* 19.5*
418. 50
* 18.50
419. 50
* 19.50
* 23.50
418. 50
* 19.50
* 24.95 External Amiga Disk Drives Cumana 3.5" External Disk
Drive with throughport, extra long cable, free head cleaning kh
Power XL High Ihnsiiy 3.5’ EatcrniU Dlsk Drive with C’Mb.
Capacity for extra storage space, free disk head cleaning kit
Amiga Hard Disk Drives Our internal AbOO A 12(H) Hard Disk
Drives are all bigb quality Industry standard units
manufactured by recognised and respected worldwide market
leaders (e& Conner.
Seagate. Western Digital etc.). Each Hard Drli'e comes 1ritb a one year warranty, driver software, fitting kit ami full instructions for you lo fU easily yourself Anti* back up and repair HliUly software Capacity Other Hard Disk sites available .. Please phone us for further details.
Hard Drive capacities arc unformatted to the nearest 5Mb SL ABOUT OCR FITTKG SEKA'ICF TOOJ!
EXTCKNAI lew... OAERDRTAT 35' EXTERNAL DRIVES Sow you can get an EXTEKSAL Hard Drive option Ibal simply into the PCMCIA skd of your Amiga A1200 THE EASY TO FIT ANSWER TO A HARD DISK UPGRADES Ask us about prices and availability for models starting at just- on a range from IJOMb. Up to fiOMb.
Supra Modems & FAX Modems A full range of Modems and new LAX Modems from as link as 4100!!!
¦ PmPillV1.5 w«.95 ¦ final Copy II Release 2 AGA 479 95 ¦¦ NEW...Final Writer 4129.95 H The Publishe r *39.95
I. e.I ProfessionalPageV4.1 4129.95 |$ J Pagcscttcr III *47.95 |j|
Wordworih 1 ¦ AGA *9995 nr| Softfaccs 1 to i (for KJI) 459.95
rU Soft dips I U) 4 *29.95 K softwood Proper Grammar 2: 4)9.95
Hj (Grammar A Spelling ritcelu-r.
I for Al l Amiga Word Procrvwn) t Mini Office 439.95 | | HainUNG... _j | Word Processor, Spreadsheet, 5 n Databuse and Disk Manager... gt -3 FULLY INTEGRATED!
Q S Supcrbase Personal 2 429-95 Superbase Personal 4 4114.95 ¦T] X(.AI) 2000 497.95 hf j X-CAD )000 4254.95 hi I Art Expression 4144.95 Expcn Draw *49,95 Scala 500 Home Tiller 474.95 0 § St aLi Professional 4177.95 3 £ Scab MM202 4289-95 " S. F-diiMatc *194.95 Broadcast 1 Hlrr 2 SAGA *17495 GB Route Plus 434.95 Turboprinl Pro 2.0 434.95 Mavis Beacon Teaches typing 2 *22.95 TypeSmith *119.95 System 3* *54.95 Personal Finance Manager *3495 Arena Accounts 49495 Deluxe Paint 4.1 444.95 Deluxe Paint 4 (AGA) 47495 NEW... Caligari *97.95 1 3D (ortMruction Kit *34.95 c J Adoragr *57.95 = i *ta Pro
) *54.95 | ? Art Department Prof, Y2.3 *149.95 J | DCTV Composite Video 4)49.95 m o. (24 8U Graphic. Systrra PAW f J Morph Plus *149.95 Real 3D Classic 47495 Real 3D 2 *379.95 Brilliance *147.95 Pixel )l» Pro • Anim Workshop 4149.95 Quarterback V5 *5L95 Quarterback Tool* Deluxe 499-95 (Advanced Dhk Tik Maiugrmrni) PC Task PC Emulator *37.95 Cross lx vs 434.95 Easy Amo* 42495 Amos The Creator *3495 Amos Compiler *21.95 AmwU) *25.95 Amos Professional *3495 Amos Professional (ompller *2495 New 5.45 Lattice C Y6.3 *259.95 Dcvpac 3 *52.95 Directory Opus Vi *49.95
- Mkrw' up (o GCSE SuuxlanLs 1 micro science to GCSE *19.95 "3 £
micro maths - to GCSE *18.95 '£ I micro engiish to GCSE 418.95
2 ¦? Micro french - to GCSE 418-95 t micro Spanish (0 GCSE
*18.95 micro german - to GCSE 418.95 compendium six (6 titles)
427.95 A500 l 2Mh. Trapdoor t G A500Ptus 1Mb. Trapdoor U G A600
Trapdoor U G RAM r«p. Inc. BsncrjClod) PC.M(TA Cards for
AMM).1200 (fit in Snwrt ( ard Slot): K MOA 2Mb.
I'hiMiv ami ask iiImmii our MASSIVE SfJKTION of compiiitvrly priced entertainment software!*!
ACO-J Items that prove faulty in the first )0 days are replaced with new units unlcw otherwise stated (eg. On-sile maintenance etc.). Hardware dial may develop a bull in the first year (some products }uve 2 yew warranty) b collected FREE (IK Mainland). You U be given it) exclusive plwne number manned by our trchnkal staff w ho are pleased to help you with any pobkms. All hardware b fitted w ith a mains plug ready to use. W e aim lo continue providing the BEST servke in the industry!
WPORI: Most ttemireavaiUMttTM Frff PRICES to non UK PMRftUs andpr servlca personnel Please contact us fur canQrmattoo oUmort pricis. Tutor* jHac Why not take a trip out to visit in and see our lull adverUsad range... and more! Ptaaty ol FRE parking!
OFFERS opportunities... to make the most of our recent CoverDisks with some special offers CoverDisk This great 96-page manual comprehensively covers every aspect of this superb structured drawing program for artists and designers. It begins with a friendly getting started section and then moves on from the basics to explain all about creating. Selecting, modifying and arranging objects- The full package enables you to load, capture and digitise images from live video. There are swipe and play animation features and a whole load ot powerful image processes.
The easy-to-read M-pjgc manual covers everything you need to von know. It takes you through setting up equipment and provides tutorial- . O - ering the most important points , t the Vidi Amiga (12) K1 package lh,-iv is also a comprehensiM- retorop.n- fCCtion, a glossary and a trouhU- shooting section.
To order either Vidi Amiga (12)RT or the Design Works manual please send a form below to Vidi Amiga Offer. Europress Enterprise Ltd. Europa House. Adlington Pa Macclesfield SK10 4NP, or telephone 0625 878888 or fax 0625 850652.
Overseas readers will be charged carnage at cost. Please call Rombo on 44*506 414631 to find out the cost of carriage to your country.
DesignWorks Order form Advanced features are explained and followed by an extensive i ence section. To finish off really useful book there is a i section on time-saving short cub Vidi Amiga order form Please send me: G the Vidi Amiga (M?) RT lull package including user guide and Digitiser at £139 (inc VAT and UK carnage). Overseas readers with be charged carnageat cost. Please call Rombo on 44-506 414631 10 find out the cost of carriage to your country.
Please deliver my goods to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms)--- Address_ Postcode Daytime phone.
Please send me: ? The designWorks Manual at £14.95 Please deliver my goods to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms).
Address- Daytime phone _ Postcode I wish to pay by: Cheque postal oredr payable to Rombo Productions Ltd Credit card I wish to pay by: ? Cheque postal oredr payable to Rombo Productions Ltd ? Credit card Allow 28 days for delivery Tick this box if you do no! Wishtorttevewmotional maternal fromother c Card No. I I L _ Card No.
Expiry Date Expiry Date Allow 28 days for delivery Tick this box if you do not Wish to receive promotional material from other companies Another great offer from a f ' you can trust
* Price includes VAT and delivery
• High quality
• Renowned and proven reliability & Styled plastic case
o Low power consumption
o Throughport facility for addition of further drives
o Suits any Amiga I------ NAME ADDRESS II I - t TELEPHONE
Postcode_ products carry our 30 day money back guarantee I would like to order ... CAX354 Disk Drive(s) at £49.95 each Please debit my ACCESS VISA card (please delete); _Expiry date of card Number All products carry our 12 month Signature Cheques should be made payable to Cumana Limited.
Ay be placed by telephone - 0483 50312" 0483 451371, or sent to - Cumana CAX 354 Offer, warranty All inclusive price Cumana reserve the right to increase the price at any time. This offer is subject to availability.
Orders may be placed by telephone - 0483 503121, or by fax - rl, or sent to - Ci Pines Trading Estate, Broad Street, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3BH.
Manufacturers of quality products since 1979 NEW AMIGA A600 & (HD) CONSOLE UNIT GREAT AMIGA OFFERS The Premier Library erf Wale How fanMixhrd over 5 years ¦ 1000'% satixfied customers w orldwide BUSINESS . 1667 NORTHC vI 3 Mtrt C Comp . I560 DATABASE .VtSTER Arnai . 1599 FA.MJLY MIST Gennlo cal . 1558 ARCHIVIST E«»y data More . 1558 Nof£fi60K make book . 1544 TYPING TUTOR Practoe 1560 SffiEAD & QBA5E 5pre*d G DB . 1387 RASCEl COMPILER »1 -2A . 1392 P SUITE Make D» Maq . 1393 A GENE Gmealogy . 1376 AMIBASEPRO Bn» Database 1375 Rrf. 5 Reliltortil D6a* EDUCATIONAL . 1690 MATHS DRILL loc young
• 1691 A D SCIENCE 4 dW. Proa.
1297 TREAS, SEARCH Find * 1274 LEARN 6 PLAY I Matte 1275 LEARN GRAY 2 Multi Drth 1284 EDUCATION I Gem.on Mr 1285 EfiUCATKXtf GlcU Drawmap 1286 EXXJCATION3 EvoUion. Etc . 1287 EDUCATION* Weoth Gavlty . 1887 FRACTKINS & SILH Y 2004 FIREWORK ALPHAflCT 2005 WORLD GEOGRAPHY ??NEW GAMES .l9ll 3SH(X3f EMGanw* Y .1911 LERXECESS Hiwan Game Y
* 1624 AMOS CRICKET f .2300 WB8LE Vk’ORLD Y
• 1936 RESCUE Y UttnKaMtuiHiaMh ASSASSINS Game Dirt* 1-130
Monitor console and keyboard unit • Second drive space • No
hard drive restrictions • Power supply space • Keeps cables
tidy • Non-magnetic aluminium • High quality texture finish •
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SCOPF. T-BAC. AMICUS. SNAC Softcell Services 25 Maywood,
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Aquatic acoustics Is WaveTools the sampler we’ve all been waiting for, or just another expensive add-on? Paul Austin auditions the latest in 16-bit sound Ever since the arrival of CD, 16- bit has been the standard to which we've all aspired.
. Nfortunately, for the vast majority ?uch high ambitions have remained
• ell beyond the reach of the average rank balance.
Thankfully the financial tide is tum- jig courtesy of WaveTools. Like most
• ?-bit systems the hardware requires a Zorro slot which limits
it to desktop r-achines such as the A2000, 3000 and 4000
running 68030 processors or above.
Assuming you have the necessary hardware, installation is a simple mat- vr of slotting in the card. Adding the
- ecessary I O phono connections is slightly unusual in that
they're ittached to a blanking plate which connects to the
card via a short cable.
INSTALLATION When the card, blanking plate and judio leads are in place it's time to add 'he software by simply dragging the cons onto your hard disk along with a
- ngle library file which is added automatically through an
install icon.
Although a hard disk wasn't listed i an essential it's arguably the most ¦nportant element of all. Like the SunRize 16 12-bit samplers,
• VjveTools is a direcf-to-disk system, but unlike SunRize it
appears far more comfortable with slower drives, though it must
be stressed that WaveTools as it stands is a far simpler
In short, the difference between the two is that while the SunRize boards are a combination of multi-track recording, mixing, and mastering WaveTools is essentially a mastering system with limited mixing abilities.
Like the Clarity 16-bit sampler WaveTools opens on a Workbench screen with a small control panel handling an array of samples. Not surprisingly you can open as many windows is you want, cutting, pasting, copying and mixing between them as required.
Just like its innumerable H-bit coun* terparts you’re given the ability to mark and play regions via the usual click and drag mouse manoeuvres, and you're free to initiate playback from any point. Bui of course before you can edit it's a good idea to have a sample on hand.
RECORDING Clicking on record initiates the process, though before you can import anything you have to define the file name or opt for the monitor screen which allows you to adjust the various I O signals thereby avoiding clipping problems during recording.
If all's well you can return to the main window, re-select record, and then name your file, after which you're taken to a separate record screen to define the sample rate - right up to the maximum 48kHz of DAT. Here again you can monitor the input strength and make any final adjustments via a small gain control.
Once you're happy, the last job is to define the length of the sample. An estimate of the required storage space is provided so you shouldn't suffer any unexpected storage problems, but considering one minute at CD quality stereo eats over 11Mb of hard disk space that's perhaps a bit optimistic.
PROBLEMS As for sound quality there are no complaints whatsoever. In fact it ranks alongside any direct-to-disk system on the market. Alas good sound quality alone doesn't make a great sampler.
Although mentioned briefly, mixing is a real let-down. As you'd expect, the process allows two samples to be combined into a new super sample.
Unfortunately mixing within WaveTools is at best a hit and miss affair.
The system can only play one stereo sample at a time, so there's no means of monitoring both samples in real time. As a result you're forced to adjust the levels of each via small graphic oscilloscopes which move in response to accompanying sliders.
The user is consequently forced into a bit of graphical guess work which more often than not is woefully inadequate. Worse still, it is impossible to monitor the volume changes prior to mixing, even on an individual basis.
Fortunately an undo option is provided, but this requires yet another file on disk which of course eats up yet more valuable disk space.
With the aforementioned limitations it would appear there’s little to recommend WaveTools. Thankfully however an imminent update could turn the tide and allow the board’s excellent sound quality to team up with much improved functionality.
As you peruse the glossy folds ot AC, the finishing touches are being applied to an add-on card which will provide a DSP, SMPTE timecode and most important of all real time eight- track recording and mixing. This new add-on, entitled the RTX module, will ship as a £299-95 upgrade which hopefully will address the shortfalls of the existing system.
As it stands it's fairly difficult to recommend WaveTools to any would-be investor. However, if and when the new RTX module arrives it may well be a totally different story.
If the promised module and WaveTools combo ship at present suggested price of £499 they could well take the Amiga music world by storm, but until they arrive I suggest you save up and look out for a follow-up review in a forthcoming issue.
E3 SYSTEM ESSENTIALS || K 1.11 f "•nil YLLLOW = Hard drive | zt Zorro required The bottom line Product: WaveTools Supplier: Blittersoft Phone: 0908 220196 Price: £349.95 Implementation 6 Ease of use 10 Value for money 5 Overall 6 HARD DRIVE 1200s' AT LOW PRICES FROM THE UK8 No. 1 AMIGA HARD DRIVE SPECIALISTS OPEN 8UNDAY 10-3PM LATE NIGHT PRI - TRILOGIC HAVE A HARD DRIVE FITTED from £129.99] I THINK I NEED A HARD DRIVE i A1200+340MEG OPTIONAL 2ND TEAR WARRANTY £2?.*9 ALL PRICES INCLUDE 12 MONTHS WARRANTY - covering computer • driva. PRES COLLECTIOM DELTVKRT in th* a»*8t of br«RkdowOi THE A ING
CHAOS GAMES_PACK £19.99} PRICE INCLUDESI SALES 0274 691115 only 40 mo 3.5' 80 PNIO 3.5’ 120MEO 1.5“ HOMO 3.5’ 170WQ 3.5“ 210W9 3.5“ 3l2 na 3.5" 2soma 3.5’ 270WO 3.5“ 340MEO 3.5’ ALL OUR DRIVES TIT INTERNAL!.!
1179. 99 only
(309. 99 only only
4319. 99 only (2*9.99 only £334.99 Plaaaa phona (or prio* 6
availability ot OVERDRIVE UNITS only
(319. 99 €259.99 only
1339. 99 (2B9.99 only
(359. 99
(299. 99 AMIGA 1200 32BIT RAM CARDS OPTIONAL 48**7 PPU.
20MHZ FPU €49.99 25MBZ FPU €69.99 33MHZ FPU €79.99 40MHZ FPU €129.99 OMEO €69.99 BATTERY 1MEG €99.99 BACKED ON2MEG £129.99 BOARD 4MEG €199.99 CLOCK & 8MEG £399 .99 FPU SOCKET 2MB (MM ktao 1991 (9T* (1054 1* 19 (1619 (1094 (969 (1049 (1124 1999 (1074 (1154 11029 (1094 (11 74 (1099 (1199 (1749 (129* (1399 (1449 IP SOFTWARE IDIY HARD DRIVE KIT 1 PRINTERS BtciYlt** PRICE DOWM I OTI(MM »wirr 49 tONl ...Mj I Cl THEM Birr 90 OOUM* .
I aTIIEM BIPT 240 MWC .. I an IBM 5NIP7 140 ODLCHH I anum iwiP7 200 who .. I cmiai sNirx 299 wuh* 1 190)XT II - M!M Main.
PRICK* . 1144.94 . (154.99 . (229.94 . U44.11 . (1*4.49 . (2*1.99 . (244.99 HP DIIKJET DEALER BWITT 550 C .(4*4.94 iBWJfT 51* MD4Q ...wIMLIL ________ (114.44 11*4.44 (414.41 (474.41 nn.li AMIGA 500 HARD DRIVES & UPGRADES (VP URIES 11 MM 42 Nn) for A500 ¦ PV1 at COW - 11 *1 .9* (VP «XtIE4 11 Mdt. 127beg lor A50* (129.9* WP SERIES II MU. )49«| (or MM «W . (449.99 iVP SNUB II NCI (or All00 TOO* 4009 • NO DUVC (111.99 (VP SIR IB II net . 4 bcg tor AI58* 2000 (1*1.99 Uvf WIX* «« HC8 • I27»S (12*.*» I O PARRIE8 U MC8 ? 140naq 146*.** I
34GHEO 13X9.99 20*4 EG C408.99 SuRatR* tor GVP HD*.’ r*58 Uadi MCB'AMOB C8M *590, ICB au dMKT A* OP 30-13 -*1. But a cam any hava ohangad by tha tlaa you raad thla.
I All raqiatarod Trackaarlia ara acto.awlodqnd.Cai)ara ara »-•' .!(•« tat ylaaaa pacea drat c iw.
I fee ia to oodlacl, tat afcdMU 4 aoaa .taaa do aaar (rua tiaa to tiaa. It aurcha.ya aRiWta l a.ar i.aaa i ia«| taa ilaaa .. eu tuiu a.oa st dvt hapn.iMi atat -ill (ladly put tt-aa ¦
• 11.11 • if Omm.DlltA lTEMrT SB CWR rmq. !• na uaa « ALI AMI r*B
• IRVICI. BAMCDAX DIBPATCH* I 1) Crdar by pinna vainq your
cradit, ir*ja. Or dtf.it card.
I 1) adii by Nall - aandinq fiagia bankoi* Balt or ptatal oribn payd.U to IrttOMC.
1) Plaaaa adl pait puataqa 4 paokinj ot (1.99 to Mil artea uidM
1199 sit
12. 00 to email grdra owor 41*0.
Im.pt 7iaavy or traqlla itaao an at by wrriar oilyi lit* (5.56j OvamigW
17. 40 Uk Mainland only. SccttiaR RidilaniX 19.14] B.IIIUW.
.(12,09) (IB .4 20 UR Sat tacky delivery 0 4.00 (X-4
awaildila to Scc*tinh H hUmhil (had. I ana in our prqurty ant
11 paid j (or. 'Sdijact to qoutk bainq in atook.
RICOH DKALER RICOH LP1200 LASER PRINTER NOW C689.99 1 MONITORS1 COMMODORE 108SS €183.99 114" SVC* o.ntm HI US fCNITGR (224.44 FOR 31 KHZ MOD4& 6MLV J TRILOGIC MULTISCAN 14 BI-RES COLOUR MONITOR with Digital aaaory picture | ailing (ar bordarlaaa diapiay NON ONLY €399.99 MOMJU IM ALL 1200 MOOES racRcvnrc 20" CUBSCAN €949.99 Bipnri I STEREO STC*BBS (19.44 wn uu cHBscn fcimijfAM woirrcH AUTOSCAN 14 |BI-RES COLOUR MONITOR j | 11 ai 1 ar apm: to 4mr*. Withowt Digital aany) only C349.99 M000 OM KM * 1J0M N I POM »• 212M M 254M »• 14444 »• I 52OH »• wirui imu mrjrct it miiMum WOO 040 4MW 00
740 TO 070 «RB I fa cm Mwun *CB1 IRTDrUCK (79.99 outcw imna ... »li*.*4 | ADO PC COMPATIBILITY mot* omlt t339. 99 I VORYB 386 PC CARO (339.99 | VORTEX 48* PC CARD (599.99 ADD A ItCORD HARD DRIVE rnon S129.99 CMOM BUOO .
RiMii BJC500 ... cviio nito smn pckcr AMIGA 4000 AMIOA 600 1200 XDS 3.5" HARD DRIVE HOUSING KIT COLOUR HATCHED ALLOT CAPE TAKES 3.5’ XDX DRIVE* IDE ADAPTOR * 2.5* CABLE inc pownr conaaotor.
HD JHHTALL PREP DZHK I- EXTKRMAL P*U SOCKET |1h« capui. Ao)«ticn for cauactJiq 1.5* I BE drivw to your *aiqa *00 and 1200. (I* I hi apt typa ). Urily connauta to Uia intarnal 1(61 oonnanlnr wiUi tha Ddili MR)I ltd.
Ilxiatiaq iacamal hard drive raaaina I aim act ad, CpUunnl adlltnnal (xarwi pa‘A I any be lagulrod if noaw than na hard drlvn | ia connoctj.il. INTRODUCTORY PRICE ONLY €69.99 I 3. 5* * 3.5- IDE CMLK 44. *4
3. 9* TO 3.5* MdRCa 4 CRRIK 421.** IA1200 accelerators OVP Al230
25MHz | Hlth 48842 aoakat lor PHI. Baa two ja.it
• a akti.
I aiB « fpu • Qaag .U3*.*9 | VIB IMH m PR) .....071.91 I WN * IUU ... 1479.9* ItffX OVP A1230 50MHz I V Mlr VIT8 BO (pu • fkiaq ... 1144 .»» I som¦ arm tao no pri .....(144.99 I acBi WDUtR ...*74.*4 GVP GENLOCK €289.99 MINIGENLOCK PRO C149.99 PRO VIDEO PROCESSOR ONLY €149.99 IA utanJalr.no 170 input audio 4 VIDW Iran* (with SVHS in out). Mr a ctooaf rain, I lada to blacA, overlay I wipaa, tint i 2 |aic • atarao lina irqiula. • ¦ I Y1DI 12 ... ( 78.44 VIDI 12KI .(149.44 VIDI 12 MILT1IOIA ..(114.44 02P XV 24
(tor (444.4* eraoN CT4540 cuuxa »* » (44*.«t EPSOB CTWOO OOUVt MAWir.R(lll9.99 AH SC 90 ITA RE with aanmar .. (*4.»* AD SC arailabla aaf aratety .. (I**.** UTICA HAM) acntmi 4O0DP1 .. (114.** VIDEO DEPT 1 EmrsRt TmcB umso ¦ M SC SCANMR SOPMUB ......11*4.44 ADI JIMIOR BANir .....114.44 E ADI RAIN* .117.94 I mat, ......U1.44 ANC6 - CAST ...121.94 MAOS N ...122.44 AN06 004* (UN .119.99 ano6 ntonssiaiAL - wmm to 117.49 AM06 WO COPII.fR ....121.49 ART DPPT PRO AGA ....1114.99
M1LUMKX (1*4.99 MRS AND PIPES WO V2 ......1224.44 CROSS 006 VI ..414.44 BURR PAINT 4ACA ....(44.44 NUIK MU6IC 2 144. 44 IN VP AC 1 ..147.44 HIRBCIDRT «V V4 aiu ,, 144-19 DISO.HT SUNS V4 .2 .... 149.44 E HinNAly ..1149.49 F1HU. COW 2 r2 w:u V miC»IU7.99 PI HAL WRITER ..144.44 IAIN ttOKMX I RANI* ..(14.44 E rin sana. * rani* ..(I7.4t e Cl GRAPH ...(54.94 is ROWS Pit* .124.99 00ID DIES OTPICR 1 ..144.94 HYPE 1C AT IE 117.49 HI
SPEED PASCAL (72.49 It] SANT BASIC ..149.44 NUT MXXUNH 2 ......4)4.94 MmieWkXTia . 1114.49 BID'S PI* .119.49 IUDnoiw 1 ...124.99 lArnCJI KAS CVS ....(2 34 . 9* NaltPATH PCN VISTA ..(29.44 NAXI PLAN V4 125.44 IN RL IMS NATItS .117.44 * MOO BUI01 ...(17,99 E MX HI CEPICR BARGAIN .. 114.44 MJRPW PLUS (11 OFT .. 1119.49 KjtEY MATTTRS .149.44 MUSIC * 1.1 ...(24.49 MODI'5 HAI TI It .....(17.99 I MOOTS BIC AD VPN TilIN ......117.44 C PACES PTI1P
1 ..141.44 PAINT « (VIA77 (17.99 B PACSSTINAM 2. 22 ...... 144. 94 IttNAl. SHU. Ill IT ... (15.99 WCN CALC .144.94 fRCPESMCMAL ORAN 1 .iPQA WUK&MdlAU'UX 4 ..(44.94 ClIAAtMtRlCX 5 .144.94 UUMIWRACP Twtf aum ...199.99 REAL 10 wore SSI Cl. AL V2 .... (149.99 BCALA NTT 00 ...(49.99 SC ALA VU1) ...(99.99 SC ALA mm; 10 ...1149.99 RCIWERV ANIMAT CM .....(49.44 SP13, LI ltd PAIR .(19.94 I BIEME(MASTER SAMH.IR 124.44 OIRRRRRE mflOM 4 (111.99 SUITK*AW
PKOKSSICMAL 4 ...12 39.99 wcMNwatiD no mo 2 .119.44 WN out OP 1tN IIJKI (II.49 I nwMON .124.49 TtlRltontlMr 1*0 V? ....114.44 VIBO DIRECTOR (104.44 nsiaiMIT .114.44 VI ST A PRO 2 ...(57.99 tOMkKRTM 2 . ? (44.44 COMPUTER MUSIC DEPT | PRO MIDI INTERFACE ONLY £22.99 arrow 3 post omrar cdmatju.i an* au amioa midi sornom Wdi Unt 1.21-11.99 la - (2.99 SUPERFI 2 STEREO SYSTEM HI FI QUALITY 6 only £54.99 xomrem ram . Tnbie a wximr cobtkilb OUPRRPI 1 STEREO SYSTEM OMLT (34.99 (Opt iota) pau (4.991 ivaliakil.ty t ax Id
diaanioiataait - •• n» b paid by Pr*a.t cans • Ara 80f IPAif 16 Saf.H 1 HIBCELLANEQ4H AMIGA PRINTER PORT PREE CAB 12 EXPANDERS worth Jwpjr - 124.99 inc cab'ln lw«y - C27.99 inc cable «w.r - C29.99 ino cable ft-1 afiiwtiP) ipto 1 ilw iin to yum i4tal.» PRIMER POIT. Switch U onpiUi lMd liKthM:- Matt. ’ UIIC (or printer*; « Shot t lor Dig it laat,
• cannul 4 Mrilara.
Pit anaqly .wet yuer keyboard - Miuliltal tu (it w M «ach key. But flomibla ancuqh to typa Uiiun i laililixlRicili Available (wall AHICAa
- plcuwa a tats which.
MONITOR LEADS CO 32 KAMO* available - plaaaa anquira.
ALI - NUBY TV* WITH SCANT SOCKET TO ALL AM GAS inc avalin Us) .. (11.94 AL4 AafcTHtD CPC 444 NctniUt (11.99 ALOB MlVIIAO VIPttM NUUITR 111.99 AL7P (M44J 1044S MCMITCR TO AIL tPI GAS |n«: auuiwl load ......(14.94
AMIGAS 112.9* AL12 15 Pin PIMA1L (RON Many
miltiayno snitma ...(14.94 ALI) 19PIN NAIP )KN Many
aultixync snitan ...(14.49 newer rnrr wad kh hjuisyic
NWUTOtB 1 v 15 plwq or nkt (19.99 NIOULATOR EXTOBIOH LEAD •
• ndulator .nmthany ...(19.44 N N1IU( BIVEL - ICAVY DUTY
1)2.44 A12O0 NCMSIATHII ....1)1.99 BOOKS I VIDEOS Ram
006 2 VO. I (21.95 MDSTtRlMC AMIOA DOR VO. } (19.95
MtSTPRilt; MDRXBtMCK 2 ......(19.95 NtSTtMHG MUG* 006 1 Ytt 7
121.11 fRSreRlNC AMIGA C ...()*.*5 MantRiK AMIOA
PRINTERS ... 11* 75 MASRRlia: AMIGA ASSfMBttR .. (24.95 NA ST
MI m AMIW SyfXtM .....(29. *5 tftSlYMir WO AM(£ (19.15
.(14.11 Al 200 IRSIIER Ctlin: .114.95 M200 - D*K
man steps .....(14.95 VIDEOS llEUEC Pallfl 4 VIDBO
1)2.99 ADVANOP oElilxE Hi 1(0 4 .... tl3.19 A1200+120MEG
A1200+170MEG A1200+212MEG A1200+250MEG A1200+270MEG PRICES
PACK A1200 NO HD A1200+40MEG
* A1200+80MEG PARES & SERVICES DRIVE IN' WXVIAIUR (tivnditiiaj.)
.... 152* TY WHKMVH - ww .... PATIIM A(MUS (172A ..
RICKS TART 1.1 R(M .... RICKS TART 2.04 *(M ..
4520A I O 39IP as oo ronxitti nu w o p
cpmin in rsu ..... tf Of 400 1 2*0 psu ....
OPEN SUNDAY' 10-3PM LATE NIGHT FRI TIL 8PM CALLERS WELCOME Odaal Top iXAMAM OOXStS WCMLO CRIOlCr (2).*4 UIMHIIP 2000 ..(2s. *9 HI MS nnt .(74.94 ISIIAR AI200 ... 02.9* ISIIAR 2 A1209 .(22.99 JURASSIC PARR .()*.** SI rXIMAKXR .(27.99 ntiKTVt run hujsp ..111.91 NICK PALOO-K CMAMPSlR 07LP . (26.99 Ml»31TMASrX .(26.99 cv kp carve .(14.9* tv m aiu ...(14.9* cue STXP Dtioiti ......(16.14 MUM liar NANA ER 2 AI240 ... (19.9*
RALLY .....( I miles op (MiAoiiaiiiT .(74.96 SCADBLP ...(21.99 XI61BU HKVr 17 1) ...... 61R-99 SUTLERS ..(25.99 SIMM THE SGRCOtR AI200 ____00.99 iEIIMRMS .II9.19
M. 4XPBRLXER A1200 ....(19.99 SIM LIP*
A120O (26.99 SPACE I EG AM US .(2 J.
99 sponsMAsreits 1200 ...122.44 star nee
*120*10 .... 17).41 TRAfnAITTACTICA A1200 (22.44
rewamiui 2 ..(22.99 Ritifvt Ot
6E*W .....(71.91 THE PATRICIAN .125.9* (R I
l l IM 2 .(19.9* EXX.2 A1200
...(14.94 CD32 TITLES
U. WKD CHI 15)91 (19.91 ARAItlAll
fMiam ......(ll.W (*! *!* RATI (M ..124.94
Of!EP CDBP .(24.99 JAIES PC*»
2 ..124.99 £279.99
3. 5HD £399.99
2. 5HD £454.99
2. 5HD £484*99
3. 5HD £499.99
3. 5HD £514.99
3. 5HD £539.99 3 . 5HD £549•99
3. 5HD £579 p 99 AIR RUTXS 1.2 A WOO .(24.41 Aiivio
attain (77.49 ALUM! J ..U4.44
119.91 QtiMPIOMSMIP M«R 42 J .....117.41
.114.41 CMPM® 2 ... 424.41 Cl VI LIS ATI
CM AW CO .124.41 CDMMT AIR PAIDO .....122.41 OWE
SPOT .122.91 wtur mid ...... ...
(14.97 IplEHtl Mil ... (29.99 IOGI PAD
CDKmCSi.O' ...... ... CIS. 99 STARFICKTtP .-.finr'IJ IT- ...
tA .9 V 15 TV.H JW Ktl & .. ... (1.99 ii psricx Aiuori
u»: ...112.99 no MRUXU JOTSTKX ... ... 111.14 MOS.
FlMao paste .1 la dsoM. FC) TVIUKir 111. Ail aigMa raacmd.
Hi 19*4 Ha 11fax MAM AREA*AS NICVOCCSN ... X CON! PRO NOW C25.99 Mk1 CYCLONE ADAPTOR C9.99 lb . Mai in.) Bactaapa without the )«ib1mion n| t ho oopyriqM tolibi ia II Inga I. MIRACLE KEYBOARDS!
£229.99 inc 2 freoi SONG BOOKS trerth (99.9s| T: nen I P~® LETTERS ¦ Many of us are waiting with baited breath for news of Commodore's future, but there sure is a whole lot of hot air being passed around in Amiga magazines about how CD32 is going to pull Commodore's bottom line out of the red and into the black.
Comatose Commodore?
And if you believe that 1 would suggest rut you are a prime candidate for a sci-fi RPG-induced psychosis, because that’s what those deus-ex-machine stories are: science fiction.
Remember CDTV? Nuff said, h really galls me to see you reporters trying to convince us that Commodore is 'restructuring" and "streamlining" and in an excellent position to take on the competition. That's like saying the Titanic was restructuring its flotation potential to challenge the competition for seafaring space.
I hate it when you say Commodore suffered losses due to the fluctuation of the international dollar value and the belt- tightening state of the world economy.
That's the same kind of hype we accuse PC and Mac magazines of when they fail to report the Amiga's prowess.
Why can’t you admit that Commodore suffered losses because Commodore’s comatose leadership makes Moe, Larry, and Curly look like Mensa members? Why can't you just come out and say that Commodore's in deep trouble because the company's strategic planning is as intelligent and foresighted as Laurel and Hardy's attempt to move a piano? And why can't you tell us that Commodore's upper management are jumping out quicker than popping com with no lid? Is it fear?
USA by Richard McBrien and can be bought from Running Heads International. Grove House. 82 East Dulwich Grove.
London SE22 8TW.
A Baker. Fowey Thanks for the information, which some of our more adventurous bargain seeking readers will no doubt find useful. We could take advertising from US mail order companies, but the truth is that the response to such adverts would most likely be much less than an advert in a US magazine and the mail order companies will place their ads where they will reap the best harvest.
We can t close the door on such a suggestion, and as the Amiga is stronger in Europe than in the US we may see some American mail order companies taking the plunge, but don 't expect to see it for a while.
You discussed in your November issue the costs of buying goods from the USA. So you may like to know that there is a useful little book published on all the tricks necessary to purchase goods by mail order from the US.
The telephone call is often toll free, even from Europe, and you can use cheap rate after 8pm. Your comment on import duties is correct for hardware but at the moment software is duty free.
Carriage and insurance costs are around S5 per pound in weight and there are a number of stateside customer protection agencies in the event of anything going wrong, payment can usually be made by credit card.
The biggest obstacle to buying from overseas is the lack of information in magazines on what is available and at what cost. Is it not possible for magazines like yours to take advertising from US mail order companies?
The book to which I refer is called Buying Direct from the You know', for the last several years you have been urging us to hype the Amiga to our friends, to show its power to potential new users. In short, to do Commodore's marketing for them, and all in the name of loyalty to our favourite computer.
And we did.
Our user groups got involved in mall shows, multimedia expos, cable TV infomercials, and a variety of other activities designed to promote the Amiga. As individuals, we became Amiga evangelists singing the praises of the miraculous machine to anyone who would listen (and many who wouldn't).
Now, we would like to challenge you.
It's time for you to do your part to help the Amiga survive. We're asking you to start reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Maintain your integrity as journalists and expose Commodore to some light. Use your journalistic talents to ferret out some real news instead of the hvper-hype we've been getting lately.
And when the truth comes to light, use the power of the press and call for the resignation of the current short-sighted, greed-addicted, self-destructive leaders of the company. Use your media influence to demand an end to this reign of stupidity at Commodore.
We've done our part. We bought stock.
We voted. We marketed. Now how about doing your part? You've got the power.
Ciao for now.
Frank G SaJmHni, Metropolitan Amiga Enthusiasts, Roselle. Illinois Buy direct There's no doubt that the efforts of enthusiasts and user groups haw been invaluable to the promotion of the Amiga, but NY too haw been doing our part for five years. And if Commodore had listened to us there would have been, among other things, a model between the A1200 and A4000 with a faster processor and better expandabil- iti , the A1200 would have been released until a hard drive as standard instead of the stofhgap arrangement that Commodore managed months after the launch, and marketing would have concentrated
on non-games areas.
In the past, Commodore haw come under fire from most UK Amiga magazines, and uv have criticised them for concentrating too much on games, jailing to property develop and market the Amiga's productivity talents, and leaving more or less all peripheral development to third parties.
In addition, uv haw expressed the belief that Amiga technology should be licensed to third fiarties in much the same way as IBM allowed clones to be built so that an aggressive Amiga market with cheaper Amigas and more models might develop. This finally happened in fkirl recently when Commodore fanned out the development on lheA4091 card.
However, we hair also praised the release of (Ik' AG A machines as a step forward, CM2 as a solid attempt to win back bread and butter sales from the consoles, and the success of the Amiga in the multimedia and video industries.
Of course, most of the latter is down to the Amiga (courtesy of Scala and the Toaster) selling itself, but at least some sort of recognition of these markets has filtered through to Commodore’s top brass.
What cannot be stomached ts the fact that although gifted with the most successful 16-bit home computer of the 80s massive sales of 14 million C64s and three million Amigas, Commodore still find themselves in 1994 back in the same position they were m 1987¦ Whether this (an be attributed mostlu to Commodore or the fierce competition depends on who you talk to, but look at the facts.
Since the original Amiga was launched with revolutionary technology, it has lost its technical lead and seen only one major development (AGAI, yet the Macintosh, PC and, to a lesser extent, the consoles have come on in leaps and boutuls.
From a position where the A1000 was competing with mostly green-screen Pcs augmented by crass EGA graphics, the PC has advanced to a position where it enjoys fast 32- bit processors, cheap 16-bit video cards, and a foothold in markets ivell outside its origtna.’ office stalking grounds.
The three years in which the A500 ruled the games playing World and sold itself without any help from Commodore seems to haw pnv duced an inertia and complacency from which the company have only recently roused themselves.
It is worrying that we are staking so much on the success of only two machines - CD32 and the A1200- but this is more reason to tali the machine up than down.
We at AC haw never taken a Hindly optimistic or poodle-like approach to Commcdcre and uv won't start now, but as consumer rour- nalisls it ts not our job to stick the bufe mto a ttoubled company tihich still employs many a family's bread-winner. We are here to report and comment on market dfprlepmntf, test new equipment, and offer buying jJwe to our readers.
If this means criticising Commodore for mistakes in strategy or planning, we will Jo so, but don't expect any untch-hunts. Remember that in Salem, Massachusetts, the victims uvre mostly the innocent.
Poetic angst Crass crossheads ingly that you should detect the deluge of distinctly dodgy designatory headings.
We try to keep the crossheads catchy and stuff our subheads with spice, otherwise our verbage might very well tumble into total tedium.
It is meet, though, that this missive should mull over our meanderings and we shall endeavour in future to restrict such risible rantings and render them rare.
Oh, and as far as I remember it was Wyatt rather than Chaucer who revived the alliterative tradition, though I've been wrong in the past, like when I bought Commodore shares... (that's enough pointed satire - Ed).
I have been reading your magazine for three years now, and I've finally had enough of your headings in the letters pages and elsewhere. If I see another variation on “printer problems", “mighty monitor", or any of the usual alliterative nonsense, I shall scream Alliteration is an old and wonderful tradition in English verse, but if Chaucer had known it would one day be used so widely and with such apparent lack of thought he would have jacked it in and become a stonemason Can you please put a stop to it?
Paul English. Stratford I am pleased that you have perused our paltry pages so painstak¦LETTERS Here's something a bit different for you to print, a poem by my wife Ruth Le-Vallois about me and my similarly Am»ga-besot- ted fnend Joe Sokolov. It’s called Amiga AMIGAs.
Maurice has got an Amiga Hi$ Amiga is his AMIGA And he has an Amiga AMIGA His AMIGA's name is Joe Ths Amiga AMIGA Joe Has an Amiga too But poor Ruth hasn't got one And she is feeling blue Got something to say through the pages of AC?
Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication. Drop him a line at: Ezra Surf’s Postbag , Amiga Computing Adlington Park, Macclesfield SktO 4NP Please don’t enclose sees as Ezra fust hasn ’t got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don’t be offended if you end up getting the chop.
Mo phones Joe then Joe phones Mo And they call each other back Ruth can ’t get a word in It s an Amiga that she lacks They visit to talk Amiga talk About a vims, games and disks They discuss their floppy things And games where they take risks Now what if Ruth slipped a disk And lost her arm Or if she caught a vims Would that interest Amiga man?
Would one hall of the AMIGAs Want to speak to his wife then?
Only if it’s Amiga talk Would Mo show interest again Ruth wants to be Mo's AMIGA Please Maurice be her chum Cos if you don't she'll stick Yer Amiga up yer bum!
Maurice and Ruth Le-Vallots, Paisley It's nice to see that poetry is still alive and well in Paisley, even if St Mirren's hopes of playing some decent football aren't.
Where are you now Alex Ferguson?
As the poem is in a ballad form, why not put it to music? It would fit any traditional folk ballad, even Greensleeves.
And you never know when a number one hit might be around the corner. If the smurfs can reach number one, so can the Amiga AMIGAs.
Young Maxwell I like making newspapers. I've got an A500 Plus and I would like to know if there are any programs I could make newspapers with.
I'll just explain to you what i'm looking for. I would like the program so I could move pictures and articles around. I would also like to know how I could put photos onto the screen so I could print them onto paper. Please could you answer my question?
Colin Barrel I Iaged ten), Thetfofd You have a spiralling ambition for one so young, but there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to create newsletters or newspapers on your A5Q0 Plus. The best program for you iimld be PageSetler 2 or 3, and I'd advise you to drop heavy hints to your parents about adding a bit more memory to your Amiga.
After all. It's money well spent. If you can learn the rudiments of layout and page design at the tender age of ten, you could be the next press baron, fust don't go the way of Cap'n Bob. Eh?
Future plans I have spent the past few months pondering over an increasingly complicated dilemma. I am very much into desktop video and especially 3D animation. At present I have an A4CXX) 030 with 120Mb hard drive and 6Mb RAM with a 25MHz FPU, I have made the investment of buying a copy of Real 3D v2, setting me back by the whopping sum of £340, and 1 would recommend the program to anyone, even a beginner, for as long as they possess a great deal of time and patience its power will eventually reap great rewards.
There are, however, a number of things I would like to buy. I feel restricted by the AGA chip set and am looking to buy a 24-bit graphics board.
The OpalVision board seems very good, especially with the forthcoming add-ons.
1 saw that Indie were advertising it for under 050 and Pm mightily tempted.
However, with the advent of ECS- based retargetable graphics boards I wonder whether or not I should wait for a suitable board with these features? I need a fast and powerful paint program for the board which supports the Genius digitising tablet I'll be buying soon, and realistic simulation of drawing materials with sensitivity controls is a must.
With the AAA chip set on the horizon, the need for a 24-bit board at all is called into question. Do you think it will be wasted cash or that the next range of Amiga* will be so highly priced that changing to them will be much more expensive than buying a graphics board?
1 also need a modem to contact the Activa BBS, and another 4Mb SIMM. My current budget is £600 but has the potential to expand greatly over the coming years. Bearing in mind that I want to work to professional standards, what advice can you give me?
Quentin Brown, Chichester The AAA chip set will most probably not appear in a new Amiga until the autumn, so why wait? You have a specific requirement which is unlikely to change, so it is best to buy the equipment to do that job now and stop wor- rying about future developments.
Your machine, the A4000, is the best DTV workstation available for less Urn C3,(XKI, and wilh the addition of a suitable video card it should be capable of superb professional results, but note the use of the term "video card" as opposed to "graphics card".
Most of the RTG cards available are purely display cards with little or no video friendliness, though a couple now haw video encoders, The OpalVision system is a much better choice for DTV, but I would advise you to wait until the video add-on pack is available and has been reviewed. We have heard many promises from Centaur, but nothing has come of them yet.
You will haw problems with your choice of tablet- The Genius is a good low cost unit but is not used much by commercial artists and is therefore under-supported. A belter (and much more expensive) choice would be the Wacom tablet from Silica Systems which is supported by TV Paint.
Modems are easy. Co for the Sportster or one of the Supra v42bis models as they are reasonably priced and pretty quick. Downloading large jpeg or object files can take some time wilh a slower modem.
Shuttle fix Having just upgraded to an A4Q00 03Q with 120Mb hard drive and 4Mb RAM 1 was just a little annoyed that Shuttle wouldn't run or work. Anyway, I have managed to gel il up and running on my liard drive, and for anyone else who's having problems, here's how I did it.
First, boot from hard drive then use the Hdlnstall program on the Shuttle disk.
Once it's installed you need a copy of degrader (given away on an AC CoverDisk), which you should copy complete with icon into the Shuttle drawer.
Once this is all done, boot from the HD, open degrader, select NoFastMem.
Privelige errors, nocache, noburst, and switch all the drives except dfO: over to df4: then reboot and dick on the Shuttle icon, which should then work as if it's on an A5Q0.
Lain Lippitt, Shrewsbury Thanks for sharing your exhaustive research with the rest of us, lain, but I can't help won- dering why people bother. If the game work as if it was on an A500, the extra power of the A4000 030 is wasted. Nice one, Virgin.
This month's ¦ ¦ e* user group is in K I IIK the north-east way up in corner Sunderland.
Where Newcastle Brown Ale takes preference to spritzers and football is best not mentioned in polite conversation. The group has a disk magazine called Blitter, and is striving to offer help on such varied topics as video. DTP. Programming, and graphics.
If you want to know more about this group, send a stamped addressed envelope and a blank disk to: P Kruman 213 Fordtield Road Sunderland SR4 0HF In return, you'll receive a copy of the disk magazine, information about the club, and a list of AGA-specific PD.
Amiga Computing February 1994 56 .
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Vm tr:«h COB • cn*%3m Mripewwww-COimwg rrrm t*jvc MOMrw ntawmd
So* 2m RAM tt Bunow COMtROL PAD
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• Mia i. am i nr wxuArcn
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t*K »1 iess pack sawho cm »i SKJCA PRICE: C1MOO 1 YEM ON 0TI AT
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• l»rm JJOPIWS**£»BCPEW fi»M
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which works without additional units.
Amiga CD32 ? 3 FREE CO TITLES fflEWMRY S3£S mt neuter WORTH OVER £265 CDTV ADD-ON FOR A500 or ASQQpua AMIGA 4000 SPECIFICATIONS AMIGA 4000 CONFIGURATIONS The Amiga 4000 030 and 040 am available in never® RAM.'ttord Drtva opBcn* from Sica Ipieme see geipw} All fra luly ccntgured and approved and cany Commodores Ml one yw on-sae warranty RAM upgrades are also available from Silica Oue to current Nuctualiors m the maiM, please call lor upgrade pnees AMIGA 1500 HOME ACCOUNTS AMIGA 1200 PACKS
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Cremion, Surrffy. CR9 IRQ Tel W1-9M «55 'OOMiAOOpm_ __I* *yl
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SSI 11A W; I7K4MM Oacru'Q rtxm topn-fn aan-6 3Bpm (SW
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Waterloo House- Wesfgaie St. Ipswich IP13ER Tti 4473 mm Uan-Fn
9 Xon S 30t»n (SC t.COemAOOpni_Ulr "urv n *-_» 4 ~ .'?'X- To:
Sdica Systems. AMCOM-0294-104.1-4 The Mews. Hathertey Rd.
CATALOGUE Surname MhMrs'Miss Ms:...... InrtiaLs: .... Company
Name (ll applicable): Address:
(Home): ..
Tel (Work) Which computer(s). If any. Do you
own? ..... EftOE
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Oscillator, no FPU Processor .....£359
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only .. £289 ACCESSORIES AMIGA 4000 (2SMHz
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.....£1069 4Mb RAM 214Mb HD..... .....£1169 4Mb RAM 245Mb HD
..... .,.11269 4Mb RAM 340Mb HD..... .....£1369 4Mb RAM 540Mb
HD..... ......£1669 [4 AMIGA 4000 (25MHz 68040) i- 1 6Mb RAM
80Mb HD .....£1919 6Mb RAM 120Mb HD..... .....£2069 6Mb
RAM 214Mb HD..... .....£2169 6Mb RAM 245Mb HD..... .....£2269
6Mb RAM 340Mb HD..... .....£2369 6Mb RAM 540Mb HD
I. .. . ______ ________ .....£2669
P. S*U, Power Supply (High Watt) 4 for
A500 ......£29.95 Power Supply for
A1500+ A2000 ..£69.95 Ji FAX
MODEM Fold a Fax Modem .£129 With Fax
Software .£179 AMIGA MEMORY UPGRADE A500
7,Mb..... £14.95 A50Q 15Mb + Clock
.£23.95 A500+ 1Mb ... .£19.95 1
A600 1Mb .. .£21.95 A600 1 Mb +
Clock .£31.95 1Mb SIMM (GVP) ..
.£29.95 4Mb SIMM (GVP) .. ......£149.95 1Mb 72PIN
(A4000)..... .£99.00 4Mb 72PIN (A4000)....
.....POA PCMCIA 2Mb . .£89.00
PCMCIA 4Mh . ......£149.00 _| 4Mb wfth Clock, no
FPU Processor 1169 4Mb with Clock, 20MHz 68881 FPU ...£209 4Mb
with Clock, 25MHz 68882 FPU ...£269 4Mb with Clock, 33MHz
68882 FPU ..1279 4Mb with Clock, 40MHz 68882 FPU ..1289 4Mb
with Clock, 50MHz 68882 FPU..1309 rfioMHx ACCELERATOR FOR
A1200 »- 0Mb RAM £299 4Mb
rO" §4) How to order When ordering by telephone please quote
your credit card number followed by the expiry date and also
your full name and address. If paying by cheque please make it
payable to Gasteiner Technology . In any correspondence please
quote a phone number and also a postal code, please allow five
working days for cheque clearance.
Dtllvory charges Small consumables and software items under the value of £59 please add £3.50 P&P. Other items except lasers, next day courier service £10 per box. Offshore and highlands, please call for a quotation. In addition, we offer the following express services:- Saturday delivery normal rate plus £15 per box, Morning, next day normal rate plus £10 per box. E&QE prices subject to change without prior notice, goods are subject to change without prior notice. All trademarks acknowledged.
Slot populated with 2 or 4Mb.
2Mb ....£89 4Mb £149 VERBATIM DATALIFE DISKETTES For guaranteed data retrieval
• 100% ERROR-FREE. You get total reliability. Each diskette is
subjected to more than 70 chemical, magnetic and electrical
tests to ensure it delivers exceptional accuracy and
As low as £4.49 box of 10 AUTO MOUSE JOYSTICK SWITCH FOR AMIGA ATARI Allows you to instantly select either your mouse or loystick by a simple click on your mouse. You | won't need to fumble around under or behind vour computer to swap your mouse and joystick cable ever again, and also it saves your joystick I P°ft’ AT A GIVEAWAY PRICE £9.99 -A MOUSE 400 _L New from Japan. The 400 DPI mouse with Hi-tech mechanism, microswitch buttons, small, fits nice and snug in the palm of your hand. All at an affordable price of £14.95 ALFAPOWER IDE AT-Bus controller for Amiga 500 with 8Mb RAM option; for
3.5* and 2.5" drives.... £99 Controller for A500 A500+ .£99.00 Controller + 40Mb HD .....£169.00 Controller + 85Mb HD .....£249.00 Controller + 120Mb HD ...£299.00 Controller + 170Mb HD ...£329.00 Controller + 240Mb HD ...£369.00 2Mb RAM A .£69.00 Autoboot, Autoconfig and Zero wait states ISDN MASTER Newcomers who like to scan detailed graphics or complicated images experience with the ALFADATA a favourable
alternative to typing or re-scaling and investing a lot of time. Advanced users who insist on the efficient character recognition and comfortable graphic software. Choose between ALFA-DATA plus or ALFA-DATA plus OCR. -ST FORMAT ALFADATA PLUS £119 (2S6 Creyttalc) ALFADATA OCR Limited Special Offer SySm fttjiimwilj to w* QQL miwum 2MD RAM wd hirt Aw £145 MEMORY MASTER 2000 AT BUS 2008 Controller for A1500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 .£99.00 Controller40Mb £169.00 Controller + 85Mb £249.00 Controller +
120Mb ..£299.00 Controller 1170Mb ..£329.00 Controller + 240Mb ..£369.00 2Mb RAM ..£69.00 Autoboot, Autoconfig and Zero wait states € MULTIFACE CARD 3 program which simulates up to 1 ;n swaps onto any mass storage integrate. GigaMem is a i GigaByte memory, whicn system (i.e. hard disk). Intelligent management accomplishes simultaneous use of several programs in a multitasking mode.
System requiremants: ? GiqaMem works with all AMIGA R computers with MMU (Memory Management Unit): i.e. Amiga’s with 68020 or 68030 accelerator and MMU.
? No restriction on type of HD controller and hard disk.
? GigaMem is compatible with Kiekstart 1.2 1.3 and 2.x. £59 till it. i.. TRUEPAINT 24 Bit paint program for all Amigas; also AA Chipset £69 FEATURES: ? Up to 16368 x 16368 pixel with overside function.
A Various draw and paint functions.
A Functions for mask, outline, recolor and filling.
A Airbrush with adjustable spray functions and stipples ? Transparence curves also by 6rushes.
A Slant, rotate, scale.
A Easy drawing of Bezier curves.
A Ughtable function for editing animation pictures.
Atext functions with full support of Bitmap and Compugraphic fonts.
A Load and save with different formats: IFF, ILBM. PPM I (Unix), JPEG and TruePaint special format.
A Quick View of pictures with MINIPIC function.
Ined to 20 functions keys tarns, A Any Macro functions can be assign a Unlimited Undo Redo including M A Full AREXX support.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A All Amiga with AA chipset, e.g. Amiga 1200 4000 A Kiekstart™ 3.0 or above.
A Minimum 2Mb graphics memory.
A Additional memory recommended.
Repair service New service centre repair for most Amiga computers We offer a quotation service of £10 for which we will examine your computer and report back with an exact quotation price for the repair. If the repair is carried out the £10 is then deducted from your WELL, NEARLY!
9am-10pm Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sunday SPECIAL OFFERS!!
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A1200 40 MEG £119 80 MEG £189 120
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this, Hard Drive prices may have fallen. Please phone for
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Warrior 5 .£14.95 Saitek Megagrip 3 .£19.50 Speedking Analog £13.95 Intruder 5 £25.50 Aviator 5 Flightyoke ..£27.50 Adaptor to use any PC analog joystick on an Amiga ......ONLY £4.99 DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES 36 HOPE STREET, HANLEY, STOKE-ON-TRENT ST1 5BS eeeeeeeeeessee eeeeseseesesseesseseeeessesseseeeeseseeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeee0eeeeeeesee eeeeeesessseeees»eessesssesssseeeessssssseessssseeeeeseeeesesesse TECHNICAL HELP!
Which method?
A I am a graphics artist who has just cottoned on to the Amiga as a cheap source of ocettent graphics software, and I'm aarticularly interested in ray tracing, ¦fch I've never made use of before.
My problem is that most Amigas, nen the A4000 040. Seem fairly slow ::aipared to the machines used in «y industry, and I need to produce ;raphics quickly. What is my best M?
Is there a particular package which
• ou can recommend as faster than 7* others or are there
Can I add more power than the M040? If these questions can't be answered I may have to forego the superb cheap software, so please gnreltatry.
Gareth Mayhew, Dudley In your Industry, you are probably used to using CTO. 000 worth of Silicon Graphics machines running at 150 million instructions per second i Hips and upwards of 20 million Moating point operations per second (Uttops). The 68040 runs at about 17 Stops and 2.5 Mflops. So it's no wonder you're concerned about speed.
Basically, there are two options.
You can opt for Lightwave 3.0, which will cost $ 2,000 when bought with a Video Toaster, or think about a rendering board.
Lightwave is an NTSC package which requires tweaking to produce PAL video-sized images and as it is bundled with the Video Toaster it is much more expensive, but it is a lot taster than most other Amiga packages.
A new dongle, called LightRave.
Will enable the use of Lightwave on a machine without the Toaster, but you still have to buy the software from NewTek and at the moment it isn’t clear if software upgrades will be sold to Europe as NewTek are a little miffed with LightRave. Check out the LightRave review two issues back for details.
Rendering cards based on ultra- fast parallel processors are being developed, and we hope to review a working transputer card some time in the next three months, but the Screamer card for Video Toaster users, and others based on the T1340x0 family are still dreamware.
With a parallel processing card, the Amiga should be able to work at 200 Mips (using a single T9000 chip) and above, but software has to be recompiled to make use of these boards.
Keep an eye on future issues for more information, as this is an exciting new area we will be watching with interest.
US import My father is going to the United L™ States soon and I was wonder- " ing if I could get an A1200 from there as the price is lower. Problem is, I don't want to spend over £200 and find that it does not work here in Britain, so can you please help me?
1 read the letter "Brazil Nut" in issue 67 and found out that disks can be wiped out by X-Ray machines, so how can I bypass this if I am buying a complete unopened pack and would need an adaptor?
I would also like to know why you do not reply personally to letters even if you receive a stamped addressed envelope. Is it a ploy to make the writer of the letter buy the magazine to read the reply?
Overscan blues WB" I am the not-so-proud owner of a new 1942 monitor which I use with my IP A1200, and even with the patch to cure the overscan problem I find that many P programs still run askew.
Several open screens which are an inch or more from the centre of the monitor screen, and this often stops me from getting to some icons and buttons.
What's the problem? I've tried fiddling with overscan till the CowS come home and a that happens is that the screen jumps from one side to the other depending on the program I’m using.
Sally Wilson. Dundee rAre you sure you set the original overscan settings property? Go back to the beginning and make sure you have copied the new monitor drivers to your Devs.Momtors drawer, then set overscan again, being careful that text and graphics overscan are set to the same values.
If some programs still won't behave, you may be using software which isn't happy with AGA screens, a problem which is especially acute when you use Productivity mode.
Try holding down both mouse buttons at boot-up and selecting the Enhanced Chip Set option before using one of the troublesome packages, and if this works you will have found the problem.
Otherwise, you may have to change your screen mode to hi-res no flicker wtuch «s a better approximation of PAL hi-res interlace than Productivity and should always be used il you have mode promotion turned on.
Sharad Bhardwaj, Nuneaton rThe A1200 itself doesn’t care whether il's in the US or the UK, but a different power supply is required for the UK. You can get one from CPC Ud on 0772 654455.
Remember that if you return to the UK, the A1200 will be subject to 4.9 per cent import duly and 17.5 per cent VAT. A calculation which you should make before deciding whether you'll save money. In the end, you may find that you spend as much as you would in Britain.
On the other hand, software is duty free, so you could make a killing by buying some US software while you're oivr there. The only problem you may find is that most software is supplied in hoo versions, one for NTSC, one for PAL, but it might be possible to lay your hands on the PAL version if you ask the salesperson.
Airport X-ray machines haw no harmful effects on floppy disks, Cds, audio tapes, or exposed film, so there's nothing to worry about on that score. Even if they did, wouldn't il be a good idea just to open the A1200 box and lake the disks out? Lust a thought.
Finally, we don't accept SAEs because if we replied to every letter personally Ihere would be no time to write the magazine, Besides, a question answered in the ACAS pages is a problem shared with thousands of readers, whereas a personal reply would benefit only one person.
Cracked tube WSP* My monitor, a Min Goldstar IP model taken from a second-
* hand PC (the casing of which now serves as a wonderful foot
stool) has started to develop a nasty black line m thr middle
of the screen. The line appears after about ten minutes of use
and gradually spreads from a single pixel in width to about
three millimetres or so.
Lightning never strikes twice... unless it’s in the Amiga’s premier technical letters page, that is I've tried the various controls on the front of the monitor without success and now fear I may have to buy a 1942 or something. Is there anything 1 can do' Strangely enough, after some warm reboots the line goes thin again, while at other times it stays the same size.
Peter Walker. Kempstor.
R That’s a weird one, isn’t it? If there um a problem with your monitor - tube,.you ivould expect the screen to bow or bend, or for the colours to bleed, but lines which gradually widen are something I've not come across before.
If there's only one solid black line il is probably caused by a problem with the signal to the guns in the CRT which makes them skip that part of the screen. This is a modestly optimistic sign because it might mean you won't have to have the whole tube assembly replaced.
Try the Amiga with a TV and if the problem doesn't repeat itself you should haw the monitor lookeii at by a repair company. With any luck there will be a cheap answer to the problem, and at any rate it should cost less than a new 1942.
Lightning strike F Regarding the hard drive failure of A Luszjar of Birmingham in your Christmas issue, 1 would like to advise him and all your readers that lightning can play extreme havoc with a computer and with all sensitive electronic equipment such as TV sets, modems, short wave radios, and so on.
A direct strike or even a near hit can send surges of current on the power mains, phone lines, cable TV, or any outside aerials of a magnitude that cannot be suppressed by any known surge protec- Camera obscura fl Xi ACAS You got problems too? Then drop a line to Amiga Computing Advice Service, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP and we'll move heaven and earth to help in these columns. But sorry, we cannot reply personally, so save those SAEs.
¦ TECHNICAL HELP Wjm* I have a project in mind which IP involves my class of sixth for- W mers in multimedia of a sort in that I want them to use our computers to put together a presentation on the benefits of the local area. This will mean using whatever pictures we can and scanning them in using a colour hand scanner.
My problem is that the best photos I have are all on colour transparency and I have yet to devise a way to scan these in using the hand scanner. Any ideas?
George Parsons, Peterborough r Scanning transparencies using a hand scanner will never produce good results but can be made to produce at least something.
First of all, as transparencies are.
Well, transparent, you can't rely on the scanning head's light source. This will pass through the trannie and reflect back to the scanner causing a refraction pattern on the finished scan.
To keep this unavoidable problem to a minimum, take the tranny from its plastic holder and keep it as flat as possible on the scanning surface, then try a variety of shiny and matt surfaces on which to lie it.
Using a second bright light shining at 45 degrees from in front of the scanner head sometimes helps, but the only way to scan trannies without paying for an expensive GT6500 with transparency unit is to experiment. And even then you won't get great results.
Tors. Many a computer has been burned out, all chips fried, circuit boards charred, and the like.
Lightning surges can jump over on off switches, and a telephone line surge can go through a modem into the computer wiping out all in its path. Therefore, even turning off the computer during a lightning storm will not guarantee its protection.
You must unplug from the mains and the phone line and any other wiring coming into the house. This must be done at w f I have been assured by a friend of mine that it is better for the Amiga to be left on at all times rather than being turned off and on every time it’s used. Apparently, the latter not only uses more electricity but can shorten the machine's life-span. Is this true?
I mean, wouldn't you expect the environment to suffer if millions of micros were left fumed on every night or all day long?
Car Tranter, Biggin Hill JT As tar as the Amiga motherboard is concerned, it would rather be left on all the time or off all the time, because the very short period during which the circuit is powering up is the most stressful time of its life (save lightning strikes, of course - Ed).
You’d have to ask a physicist how much electricity this uses in kilowatt hours, but I'd be very surprised if leaving the Amiga on all night actually saved you electricity.
Many large office blocks do leave their strip lights on at night these days to avoid the necessity of switching them on and off because in this situation it is economical, but forget it for the Amiga.
A Itghtbulb might be able to burn for a period of ttme on the electricity it takes to switch one on. But I wouldn't bet on the Amiga reacting similarly.
The first sign of distant thunder, and preferably before when there is advanced warning from the weather bureau.
You should also avoid using the tele phone during a storm as a Strike can be fatal. I always unplug my computer from the mains and the phone line when I will be away for more than a day and it is considered good practice for all to follow this procedure.
1 have a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering and have done extensive research into lightning dangers. Mr Luszjar, far from being unlucky, is lucky that his whole computer was not frizzled and that he himself was not personally injured.
It is not wise or safe for you to advise your readers that it's OK to operate computers with lightning around.
Stu Casper. Taylorsiulle. North Carolina rWe stand corrected, and if research on lightning has produced statistics or evidence showing how computers are affected, we icould be grateful if you could send it to us so we can let the rest of the readers know.
I suppose it's fortunate for people in the UK that we generally don't see cleclric storms of great ferocity and that lightning injuries are rare, a fact which can perhaps lead to a little complacency.
Power drain Which files?
I have just moved from the ST to L® the A1200 and I'm feeling a little w at sea. My problems begin when 1 trv to copy programs over from one disk to another (especially CoverDisks) as I'm never sure which files need to be transferred or where to find them (not a problem on the ST).
Have you any general tips on how to set about copying programs from one place to another and installing them onto hard disk? How about a long article on the subject or has that been done in a previous issue?
Peter Hardon, Bradford r We've had a few series for beginners on the general makeup of an AmigaDOS floppy disk, and this should have giirn most who followed them a fete pointers, but we've never written an article on this specific subject.
You'll find a couple of hints on the Getting Started page printed every month with our CoverDisk instructions but there's one simple tip that can saw much hassle.
Get yourself a copy of SnoopDos or a similar program which is designed lo keep track of most AmigaDOS operations and report their progress. In other words, such a program can often tell you which libraries a program is Bonus format a I only recently upgraded to Workbench 2.04 by fitting a ROM chip and buying some Workbench disks, and the improvement over my old WB1.3 system is fantastic.
Only one thing mystifies me now.
And that's a comment I read in another magazine concerning Fast File System.
The article claimed that you could get more onto a disk if you used FFS but failed to say how. I'm reluctant to buy a whole book just to learn this trick, so can you help?
James Fitzgerald, Loughborough Fast File System will give you PM about 40k more storage space JM! On a disk if you just use the proper parameter when formatting a disk. Instead of the usual command, type: FOIUT DfilVE 0F0: MANE EMPTY FFS Just make sure you don't try to use the disk on a 1.3 machine, as it won't be recognised.
Opening when it runs and which of these it can't find. Once you discover the culprit missing files it is easy to correct the fault.
SnoopDos is a shareware program which has appeared on past AC CowrDisb and can be found in most decent PD libraries.
Ascii horror Fwhen is Ascii not Ascii? When it goes from one word processor to another, that's when!
1 have recently swapped from using Final Copy II to Wordworth 2 because I have need of the latter's better document processing, and the job of porting my documents from one to the other has become a nightmare.
So-called Ascii text appears with strange formatting where the paragraphs don't have line feeds, and 1 have to go through the whole chapter putting the carriage returns back in. Please say there is something I can do about it before I go insane.
Frustrated. Edinburgh rThe answer is to use the Wordworth load format requester and choose Ascii, then click on the two options labelled With CRATs I PC Stylei and As Many Paragraphs. So long as the Final Copy II document was saved using the Ascii exfwrt Wordworth should open the document perfectly, though you will then haw to change the page width from 28 inches to about eight inches.
Most packages have their own particular idea how Ascii text should be saved out. And s supposedly standard file format can have carriage returns or line feeds or blank lines almost anywhere and in any combination.
Fortunately you have a copy of the most flexible word processor in this respect and your problems should be over.
• .
C nrnim
- _ FfenPal _«... Ammi § rta 1» «“ Hi’ .1;. !
„,M m -*«• to -. To to
IM. Ml **•« !• Nl »'«
- -----¦ rit i ,« i « *' vP»' THE WORD PROCESSOR You can...
Open multiple documents simultaneously; search and rcpbee; cut,
copy and paste; check your spelling with a IHMXXH- word
dictionary; import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, front
programs such as Dpainl, or Clip An files in various si es and
colours; automatically How text around graphics in any
Workbench coni|xuible font 4* (then.* are over 2(K) avaibble
styles) in different si es and colours to suit ytxir design...
Even as you type!
The Best Selling Word Processor and Database just became even better... Not surprising when you consider the extensive features at your fingertips, combined with user friendly simplicity, it was bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor test. Amiga Format commented "There is little to fault Pen Pal. It deserves to do well" - quite a prediction it seems!
Format have since said that it's "Still the best value for money..." If you're not a Pen Pal user yet. We hope you soon will be. Because at just £49.95... the best just became better, even better value!
A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil all your Word Processing needs, and... with an integrated Database too! It’s all so easy to use, you'll rarely need to refer to the extensive 250 page lay- flat spiral bound manual. Users frequently tell us that they've never found a program they get on with so well.
Full Page View with position, edit and creation l graphic objects .uni extremely useful forms designer. All this fmm a word pnvessor .uni Much. Much. Mine! As you can see fmm tlv documents shown on the kit this is no ordinary program?
THE DATABASE: With 32 fields |vr leconl. 32.0X) records per diurfxtsc .ml a fast sort of KMX) records in less than 5 seconds. This is a nul ibufxtv Mail merging into the Word processor couldn't he Since its launch. Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type VALUE!
Impler. With easy creation of templates lor letters or reports, into which inlixinaliun can be ineigcd.
I et a Friendly help for all registered owneis is just a phone call away.
& pen ...at a price YOU can afford 170 Mb 17MS £199 250 Mb I4MS £250 340 Mb - £299 560 Mb IOMS £499 1,0 Gb IOMS £850 CONTROLERS A500 Alfa power idle £99 GVPHD8+ £185 ICD Trifecta EC £159 ICD Trifecta SCSI-2 & IDE £215 A1500 2000 3000 4000 BSC AT-Bus 2008 IDE £75 BSC Oktagon 2008 SCSI-2 £149 GVPHC8+ £129 ICD Trifecta LX £149 1 BARE DRIVES ? External IDE HDD for AMIGA A5QQ A5QO+.
? Internal IDE HDD for Amiga A1500 2000 3000 4000.
? Memory conveniently expand able to 2 4 6 8 Mb by using 1 Mb x 4 zips on Alfa, AT-Bus 2008 & Octagon.
? Easy instalotion, just plug In and go.
? Auto boot, auto configure and zero wait states.
» SYQUEST ».«** *« 44 Mb £295 88CMb* wu £369 105 Mb £000 105 Mb £CALL External box & cables add £75 » A500 Alfo, 170 Mb IDE 1 m £299 Alfa, 252 Mb IDE I4MS £350 Alfa, 345 Mb IDE I4MS £450 Alfo, 560 Mb IDE IOMS £599 GVPHD8+ 170 Mb 19MS £450 GVP HD8+ 345 Mb 14MS £550 GVP HD8+ 560 Mb 10MS £699 1 OPTICAL SCSI 170 Mb 240 Mb 340 Mb 560 Mb
1. 0 Gb
2. 0 Gb
3. 0 Gb
4. 0 Gb IDE 130 Mb Sims £199 14ms £279 14ms £299 ioms £499 ioms
£850 ioms £1299 ioms £2250 ioms £2699 ioms £CALL ED Yiw,
Moitcuo'd or (Otnpany cheque* accepted to* immediate dr»p«Hh
ftice* maybe tubfecf *o o 2% toreharge on trcdif (arch and
(onipony (h*(jv*i Cheque* payable to Shoye PIC.
Tel: 081 880 3227 Fax: 081 880 3748 1 A600 1200 2.5" DRIVES PART EXCHANGE WELCOME 60 Mb & cable - £159 85 Mb & cable 17MS £195 1200 Mb & coble 17MS £229 170 Mb & cable - £299 210 Mb 8 cable - £350 ONE BOX OF 10 DD DISKS with every order over £100 placed before Feb 28 1994.
1 Mb SIMMS 30 pin £35 1 Mb SIMMS 72 pin £40 4 Mb SIMMS 30 pin £115 4 Mb SIMMS 72 pin £150 DON'T FORGET THE MEMORY »i tog* in it S.t ccCtty im AIRS AMIGA ™ Danstrc impart sLnn Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at £44.95 inclusive of parts, labour. VAT and return postage packing Commodore registered for full technical support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust your machine to the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also included (extra charge possible if
found to need complete replacement) Repairs to other Commodore systems undertaken - ohone for details Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted - phone for details £44.95 COLLECTION SERVICE AVAILABLE To take advantage of this exceptional offer, simply send or hand deliver your computer to our workshop complex, address details below, enclosing this advertisement voucher, payment, fault description, return address.
Along with your daytime and evening telephone number and we will do the test.
Should you require Group 4 Security return delivery, simply add 15.00 to the repair charge.
WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We reserve the right to reject machines which, In our opinion, are beyond repalt- Normal charge applies?
? WE ARE STILL IN THE XMAS MOOD .OWEST PRICES "BEST SERVICE 4tAPID DELIVERY SALES HELPLINE 081 686 9973 081 781 1551 9 III ,ok 100 Cap Addups......£8.99 150 Cap Posso £16.00 Add £3.10 P&P » CD32 1 ©OGANES YES 100 GAMES £299.99 „ ....£75.99 £110.99 „ ..£147.99 „ ..£179.99 BEST PRICE DISKS DISKS DISKS - lockable 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE T BOXES 50 3.5" DS DD £21.99 + 100cap lockable box...£25.99 100 3.5" DS DD £35.99 + 100 cap lockable box...£39.99 150 3.5" DS DD £55.99 + 100 cap lockable box...£58.99 200 3.5" DS DD £66.99 + 2X 100 300 3.5" DS DD £99.99 + 3X 100
„ 400 3.5" DS DD £132.99 + 4X 100 „ 500 3.5" DS DD £159.99 + 5X 100 „ 1000 3.5" DS DD CALL + 10X 100 „ AMIGA 4 GAME PACK OSCAR, DIGGER, DANGEROUS STREET, WING COMMANDER £278.99 j 40 Capacity ......£3.99 [ 100 Capacity ....£4.50 Add £3.10 P&P
Monsells + Trolls £279.99 Panotonic KXP1060 1180 1123 1124
Fwonic 2123 2180 Col Otig Panaionie 2123 2180 Mono Ong Gumo
120D $ wift 9 24 GtiMA 90 200 Cfil Otig Star 1C 10 20 Bloc*
Star IC200 Block kiet E . HP Deskiet 500 C Colour
Cartridges Deskiet 500 C Colour Refill .. Cannon BJ lOe ex HP
£16.99 £9.99 Star 1C 24 10 24 200 Star LC24 10 24: FREE Mouse
mot • Disk Cleaner • Joystick, Jurassic Park The best game
£299.99 | £339.99 85Mb ....£479.99
85Mb ....£524.99 127Mb ..£509.99
127Mb ..£579.99 Authorised Dealers - lyr. Of home
51.00 100 3.5" 60.00 100.00 100 3.5" HIGH DENSITY BULK DISKS
155 FREE LABELS & DELIVERY lOff 2* 5+ 345 3 30 2 99 15 95 1545
14 95 8 50 8.15 7.75 2 85 2 70 2 50 1399 13 60 1325
2. 95 275 2 25 3 50 3 25 3 00 3 75 3 50 2 95
12. 95 12 50 11 95 AJ4 £2 for Pollvry DESKTOP DYNAMITE | Word
Worth, Print Manager.
Deluxe Pain IV, Oscar. Dennis || £324.99 AMIGA 1200 PACKS BRANDED DISKS SONY - 3M - JVC - TDK TOP QUALITY RIBBONS 200 colour Orig 12 GAMES FOR £14.99 Rood lo Hell, Tank Battle, AGA Tetris, Pacman 92, Duel, lemmingaids, Movseman, Wixxy's Qv«t, Premier Picks, Tangle, Super Leogue Manager, Bop & Flop STARTING PACK £14.99 for: 10 Disks, Mouse Mat, Microswitch Joystick, Storage box, Disk cleaner HP Deskjel Block Ink Cartridges ...£14.99 HP Desk et Block Ink Refill £9.99 HP Deskiet B ock Dual Capocity Cartridge £21.99 HP Deskiet Block Dual Capacity
Refill .....£14.99 jur Cartridges ..£25.99 .olour Refill £16.99
- --------- Black ink Cartridges.... Cannon BJ lOe ex
Black ink Refill .... Add £2 for Delivery Amiga to TV
Scart ...£10.99 AMIGA to
Sony TV .£10.99 Amjgg to
AMIGA ,, £10.99 AMIGA Techno
Pod £9.99 Python IM,
Joystick .£8.75 Joystick Splitters (2)
...£5.99 Joystick Extension leoa 1
Oft ..£5.99 Printer
Leod .£4.00
Amiga 1200 500 500P ..... £4,00 Amiga
600 ...£4.00 Star Citizen Ponasonic
* FREE Wordwortti Word Protoswr RSP £129.99 AS STOCK LAST Free
Leads, Free delivery with ail printers
* Panasonic 2123 24 pin Colour .£214.99 Citizen
Swift 200 24 pin colour ......£214.99 Star LC24-30 24 pin
colour + sheetfeeder. £229 99 Star LC100 9 pin
colour ....£149 99 Citizen Swift 90 9
pin colour ....£169.99 Panasonic 1170 9 pin
mono ....£130.00 Panasonic I 123 24 pm mono
....£169.99 Commodore 1084,
S 1085S ...£179.99 Sharp
TV Monitor .£179.99 .
Commodore 1942 .£334.99 , FREE
DELIVERY AMIGA 4000 030 2Mb RAM 80 Meg ....£870.00
03Q 2Mb RAM 120 Meg ..£? 19.00 Add £175 for Extra 4Mb RAM
AMIGA 400 4 GAMES. Space Ace, Kick Off 2, Pipe Mania, Populous
Basic Pack ......£179.99 Wild, Weird,
Wicked .£199.99 Lemming pack + Dpoint
III ,£189,99 FREE DEUVERY 3 Disk hood Cleaner .
£2.99 Mouse
Mat £2.25
Labels ...£10.00
Amiga External Disk Drives ...£54 99
Primpx Mouse Amiga .. £12 50 Universal Printer
Stand £4 99 ,
INCLUDE VAT A DELIVERY (Unless otherwise Staled) WITHIN 3 DAYS
686 9973 Mail order prices only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers
subject to availability. E&OE. Prices Pack details may change
without notice due to currency fluctuations. Please allow 6
workinq days for cheques to clear.
' r ¦¦ * A* 1 BUTTERSOFT (Dept AC) 40 COLLEY HILL, BRADWELL, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS, MK13 9DB TRAPFAX SOFTWARE The ultimate in Amiga Fax software. For class 2 standard. Send faxes from ANY preferences printer driven program! Superb quality and flexibility. Features delayed transmissions, multiple fax scheduling. Integrated Phonebook. Fax Viewer. Arexx interface and Network support!
Only £74.95 SERVICE AND SUPPORT We are EXCLUSIVE UK distributors for all advertised products. We offer full technical support and after sales service. This is unlimited and free. We also support our products directly on-line via our BBS Here you will find all the latest software upgrades plus help and advice and latest PD!
PICASSO II EM PLANT WAVETOOLS RetargetaWe Graphics (RTG) is the future ot Amiga graphics display technology. True RTG means that a graphics device will not be restricted by the memory limitations of the host system's Chip memory. Or by the speed of the custom chips. A true RTG device does not have to use Chip RAM at all. And can run exclusively in Fast RAM if needed tor the best possible performance whilst allowing any well behaved software to utilise the enhanced resolutions and colour modes Of the RTG device without any modification to the software. Well behaved software will be able to
run on their own high resolution custom screens and will not have to rely on running on either the Workbench screen, or screen promotion hacks, to allow compatibility The Picasso II RTG Emulator integrates seamlessly into the Amiga operating system to give the most reliable emulation available The new resolutions provided by the Picasso II appear in all your applications as new screen modes selectable from the standard ScreenMode requester. For any program that allows yOu to Choose a new screen mode, you would simply choose a Picasso II screen mode as an alternative (such as Picasso:1280 x
1024). You will not have to wad for any Custom programmed versions of any program that is compliant with the rules ot the operating software. Such programs will be able to immediately take advantage of the Picasso II board. Programs that are written with AGA in mind will be able to immediately take advantage ot the new modes available to the system The Picasso II is designed to take full advantage of the host computer system. The built In Blitter and high speed memory subsystem mean that you will have super fast screen updates Switching between Picasso II mode screens is very fast and
switching between Picasso II mode screens and native Amiga screens is nearly instantaneous (as fast as your monitor can re-sync). Because the Picasso II RTG board does not use Chip RAM. Your Amiga will be less likely to suffer from bus contention problems normally associated with running high resolution screens and heavy DMA activity.
The Picasso II RTG emulator has been designed so that it uses no Chip RAM. All available screen modes on the Picasso II use only Fast RAM. This sophisticated design means that even a 1Mb Picas&O II board can support as many high resolution 256 colour screens as will tit in the Fast RAM of your system.
The Picasso II comes with several screen modes and resolutions that are industry standard and for which all monitors are designed These modes operate at the proper scan rates and frequencies in order to take advantage of the most popular monitors available In some instances, where those modes may not be sufficient, there is a program that will allow you to create your own custom screen modes. You will be able to create screen modes that exactly match your monitors frequencies and resolution capabilities.Picasso II comes with Personal Paint Lite, MainActor (animation program), IFF.
GIF. JPEG and MPEG Viewers and drivers for ADPro. ImageFX, ImageMaster and Real3D. Other bundles are available too.
PICASSO I11 MB £299.95 PICASSO II2 MB £339.95 PICASSO I11 MB ? TV PAINT Jnr. £299.95 S&tt PICASSO II 2 MB ? TV PAINT Jnr. £339.95 JOWLS' PICASSO I11 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 £469.95 PICASSO II 2 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 £499.95 EMPLANT will revolutionise the way you use your Amiga! Imagine one card offering multiple emulations that ALL multi-task (after all. Isn't that the way the Amiga was meant to work!)
The supplied Mac emulation boasts full colour (16 ECS, 256 AGA, 1 6 Million with supported graphics cards) and superb Stereo Sound.
EMPLANT supports Hard Drives, (via on-board SCSI or AmigaDOS partitions). Hard Files, MAC 800K (via Mac drive adapter), MAC IBM 1.44Mb, IBM 720K. EMPLANT and AMAX formats. The SCSI interface supports both Amiga peripherals and the peripherals of the emulated system at transfer rates of over 1 Mb Sec.
EMPLANT supports AppleTalk. Serial ports, Printers, Modems. Midi. Etc. You may use SyQuest, Any AmigaDOS device (DHO:. RAD:, VDO: etc.). Scanners.
Graphics Tablets. CD ROM with the emulation.
Emulation speed is exceptional and compatibility is excellent. All known software runs!
The IBM 386 486 emulation is to be released in the new year, with Atari ST Falcon, C64 128, SNES SEGA, Apple II (among others) all planned in the future. These v ill be available as low cost upgrade modules.
EMPLANT currently supports any Zorro equipped Amiga with the A1200 PCMCIA version out soon.The Mac emulation alone requires 68020 30 40 with 4Mb RAM minimum and also 256K Macll x cx SE30 ROMs.
EMPLANT can be expanded to provide 2Mb ot battery- backed static RAM and has an audio digitiser built in!
Other add-ons are planned.
Tired of that old 8 bit sound coming out ol your Amiga?
Nov you can really make some waves with the awesome sound of the aH new WaveTools 16 bit Amiga sound system WaveToots 16 bit audio card plugs into any Amioa 1500.2000 (accelerated). 3000. Or 4000 computers WaveTools hardware and software gives your Amiga the punchy sound
- quality of Cos and OAT recorders at a Iraction ol the price of
other 16 bit sound cards. WaveTooH uses your computers hard
desk dnve to directly record, edit, mix and playback audio with
the clarity and crispoess that only 16 brt technology can
provide, in Amiga compatible AIFF 16 stereo hie lormat. Using
state of the an circuitry and the latest m 64X oversam- pled
Sigma-Oelta conversion technology WaveTools has a frequency
response ot 10H2 to 20KHz and a dynamic range of 85dB for
faithful reproduction ol sounds from the fattest bass to the
thinnest strings WaveTools provides a pair ol stereo VO jacks
lor direct connection to any device with standard line in and
line out connectors. Record trom CO players. OAT recorders.
Video Tape. Videodisk or any other line level audio sources Add
voice-overs or other sound effects to produce crystal clear
audio tracks tor productions demanding uncompromised sound
WaveTools feature set meets the needs of the most demanding users Multiple wavelorm windows may be opened simultaneously and you can be cut and paste audio open tiles to facilitate building complex audio tracks In addition to cut and paste WaveTools supports digital mixing c unlimited numbers of tracks Using WaveTools mixer, you can layer sound upon sound to produce rich, full audio tracks that have the quality of studio made multitrack recordings. Using WaveTools extensive editing and mixing functions, you can sweeten your basic tracks with overdue perform ADR, and place sound effects at
specified points in the sound track Best o1 aH, since WaveTools 1$ processing audio in the thgt* domain, there is no generational loss or noise increase normally assocjr ed with outdated analogue mixers and recorders. WaveTools «i a&ie fc sample data at a variety ot sampling rates as low as 19KH; as wen as a* standard rates of 44.1 Khz and 48KHz tor CD and OAT compare WaveTools includes a waveform editor for cut. Copy, paste and mix lions on selected portions ot audio waveforms. Edits can be tagge-: e destructive or non-destructive. WaveTools also maintains an interna !¦-* code in the format
0! SMPTE 24.25 and 30 frames per second to «s_-t perfect synchronisation ol your audio files with video and animate-- r required.
The WAVETOOLS RTX (Real Time Effects) Module adds an A02iCt : ; (Digital Signal Processor) and a SMPTE time code reader generat DSP allows real time 8 track mixing and playback (stereo our and ts time etlects such as flange, echo, slapback, EO etc The architect*?* c open to allow third party developer support (custom DSP routines **» SMPTE time code reader allows WaveTools to chase Longitude *r* Code (LTC). Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) and Midi Time Coati (MTC) 11 accepts composite NTSC or PAL video tor VITC ana me m audio for LTC. The time code generator can stripe VITC or LTC rc ar ¦
generate a user positioned time code burn-in window tor making a .0- work print with time code stamped on it.
E40E. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT STANDARD COURIER £3 OoiNEXT DAY £8.00 (OVER 10KG - PLEASE CALL) TO ORDER CALL OR FAX VISA UK BBS (0908) 220196 (0908) 310208 N ET WO R K I N G ¦ Local area networks (LANs) have been one of the most important developments in the computer anrid over the last decade, yet the Amiga ppm less than well served by network- r% renpherals and standards.
While Pcs and Macs joined hands twogh Novel AppleTalk and others, the
• -mo saw only a couple of attempts at net- m rung, none of which
caught on.
The fact that few commercial organisa- have in the past used large numbers of ‘.t.£3s on a single site has been a major nr of the lack of interest in LANs, but as a-calted "Toaster farms" become more 7m ilent in the US broadcasting industry sm Amigas begin to be used in numbers for jtcer work, networking became more xrular.
B general terms, most networks consist ir i host machine (or server), normally a netful beast with a huge hard drive, and
- umber of slave machines which commu- iste with each other via
the host, which bodies all traffic.
In so-called "peer-to-peer" networking, each machine on the network has its own
• st software and can communicate directly
- others connected to the network.
7~r* single aim of any network is commu-
* ijt:on, regardless of the way the network
- organised, and this is most often in the serai of data being
passed to machines
• rach wouldn't normally have access to it.
Small machines with small hard drives an access larger storage devices on other
- ftworked Amigas, and efficiency goes tough the roof.
MODERN Unfortunately, the intensely jargon-domi- uted world of networks has spawned a
* er of Babel as far as standards is con* rmed, and it wasn't
until recently that the '‘•jndard Amiga Network Architecture
- n II (SANA-11) was settled upon that the
- miga could boast a modern network rtandard.
SANA-II (which sounds too much like an j Abba song for my liking), was devel-
- Ted by Commodore and is a set of rules for networking software
which, if adhered to,
• -.mid mean all compliant packages will mmunicate with all
others. The hoped-for
- -salt is that developers can feel free to write a*w software
without worrying about compatibility.
’-Card consists of a PCMCIA card, a net-
• vk connector, a floppy disk, and a small rower supply. We had
to find a British equivalent of the American PSUs supplied
with our test units, but a UK supply pack should hopefully be
included in future and is only needed in the case of networks
using Thinnet connectors.
The inputs on the network box allow for the connection of both lOBaseT (Twisted Pair) or lOBase 2 (Thinnet) networks, both of which have their advantages. The former works on a star principle in that the host machine is the hub of a star of cabling going out to the various active machines and is limited to a radius of 100m.
Larger and more flexible networks can be built using Thinnet 10Base2 cabling which requires fewer devices and can transmit across cables of 190m in length.
A drawback is that fewer devices can be attached, but as both popular types of network are supported, the user should find. I-Card compatible with most existing Ethernet systems.
Installation is a simple matter of plugging the card into the A1200 or A600 PCMCIA slot and installing the SANA-11 driver. No networking software is supplied, so users will have to have access to one of the few available Amiga packages such as ENLAN-DPS or Envoy.
The TCP IP package used mostly by high level Unix networks is also supported, so those using the A3000T for complex multimedia work can now hook the smaller Amigas into the system for use as terminals and workstations.
Only one major drawback remains with the approach taken by I-card. Using the comparatively slow 16-bit PCMCIA slot rather than a Zorro slot means that 1-Card has to work hard to keep transmission Professional Networking Solutions Ethernet on a PCMCIA card?
Stevie Kennedy casts his net over 1-Card, the first A1200 LAN system.
Speeds up to scratch. It does this well, though, and claims to reach a very respectable SOOkbaud data transfer, faster than the Mac LocalTalk's 230kbaud.
Their places in networks around the industry. For users of existing Ethernet systems, adding a cheap AGA Amiga is now a possibility rather than a preposterous proposal.
Though not a peripheral which will find a huge market, the I-Card is a clean, neat solution to the problem of connecting non- Zorro equipped Amigas to the outside world, and should see a few A 1200s taking SYSTEM ESSENTIALS YELLOW = KnumrnnhJfil Jargon buster TCP IP Stands for Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol, an inter-network communication standard developed in the US and used mainly by Unix networks. This is the most common standard for large research and educational establishments.
Thinnet Sometimes called "cheapernef. This type of cabling scheme uses BNC connectors with cheap cables using single layers ot shielding Thicknet A double shielded, thicker cabling system using N-type connectors twisted pair cable Used in 10BaseT networks, this is a cheap form of cable, most commonly telephone cable with jack socket connectors Local area network, a localised system wortang on a single site with ail machines situated close to each other A computer or workstation which provides services to the Other machines on (he network, such as optical storage devices, tape streamers, or
laser printers. Servers are normally referred to by the type of service they provide, hence file servers, print servers, and marl servers.
LAN server Workbench Network software The bottom line Product: bCard Ethernet adaptor Supplier; Ramiga International Phone: 0782 389940 Price; TBA «§ DMC PRODUCTS • DMC PRODUCTS * DMC PRODUCTS • 0 BRANDED DISKS Boxed in 10s & Shrink Wrapped £4.15 £6 15 DS DD DS HD BEST K Jili1 I BEST PRICES! I Kmll ii I SERVICE!
50 £3100 DS DD 35* GRADE A’ BLANK DISKS FULLY CERTIFIED, ONE FOR ONE GUARANTEE DSDD 3.5 DSHD 3.5 250 - £70 + £3 p&p 250 - £106 + £3 p&p 100 - £30 + £3 p&p 100-£43 + £3 p&p 50 - £17 + £3 p&p 50 -£22 + £3 p&p Includes FREE LABELS & prompt despatch 10 DSDD IN LIBRARY CASE ONLY £4.99 + £1 p&p 10 DSHD IN LIBRARY CASE ONLY £5.99 + £1 p&p 100 CAPACITY LOCKABLE DISK BOX ONLY £3.50 + £2 p&p MAIL ORDER DISK SUPPLIERS WHOlfSAlt t R I I A I L 10 £5.40 5.25* DS DD 10 C7.50 5.25' DS HD Disks by Sony. 3M. Dysan. KAO. Etc Minimum order quantity two boxes of 10 disks UNBRANDED DISKS Boxed in 50s 50 £22 00 3.5'
DS HD LOCKABLE DISK BOXES 100 X 3 5' Oisk CapBCity £4 50 SOFTWARE MSDOS Version 6 £47.00 WINDOWS Version 3.1 £45 00 high quality fax rolls 30 Mom £2 50 50 Metres £3 75 100 Metros C6 99 Prices cover 21(V216mm widths & at core sizes All items offered are 100% Guaranteed PRICES INCLUDE VAT & POSTAGE fi Please send cheques. Postal Orders to: Q
D. M.C. PRODUCTS. 6 Leaper Street, Derby DE1 3ND J Tel: 0332
42747 Fax: 0332 47244 E&OE • INCREDIBLE DAT OFFER !!!!!!
The 16 Bit Sound Processor ¦ DAT R48 £4.30 ¦ DAT R62 £4.60 ¦ DAT R92 £5.00 ¦ DAT R122 £5.50 each + £1 p&p PHONE THE PLANET DATA QUOTELINE AND BE AMAZED HOW CHEAPLY WE CAN MEET YOUR BLANK MEDIA NEEDS Tel: 0234 240954 Fax: 0234 240272 PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: PLANET DATA Price £40 inc PAP and Manual - Free upgrode to VI.1 Only from:- Blachford Technology, 77 Southwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT20 3AE iwnkr.29copfc.dd.tr, 9 High Street South, Olney, Bucks, MK46 4AA 16 Vorioble Effodi Reverb. Echo, Delay Bounce Flange, Chorus.
Distort, Contort. Phase shift, Phaser, Resonant, Feedback, Resample, Detune. Enhance. Make stereo 12 Manipulations Add, Scdjtraef, Multiply, Divide, AND, OR. XOR, GREAT, Invert, Half Wave Rectify, Full Wave Rectify, Flip.
Editing functions Cut. Copy over, Copy into. Copy oil, Scale, Zero Samples held in 16 Bit formal All processing done in 32 Brl formal. 16 Bit sampler nol required playback through AMIGA sound hardware loads and Saves 8 and 16 Bit samples Uses Fait RAM where available Requires Workbench V2 04 or greater and I Meg RAM - More recommended
• Direct to hard disk recording
• Built-in tracker 9 Pull down menus
• Sequencer
• Controllable effects
• Digitiser
• 18 realtime novelty effects including Pinky & Punky - Sex
Change - Deep Sea Diver - Alien - Top Gun - Chopper - Dark
Vader - Bruno - Awful the Duck - Nightmare on Oak Street - all
great fun to use with a microphone 'The quality is
outstandingly good" - Future Music TECHN0S0UND TURBO 2 ADVANCED
SOUND SAMPLING SYSTEM £49.99 RRP Also Britains No.l entry level
sampler "For this price you can't really do much better" -
Amiga Format 88% TECHNOSOUND TURBO £39.99 RRP TT2 Upgrade Kit
available to existing Technosound users - only £16- phone for
details Orders enquiries to:~ New Dimensions, Brooklands House,
Bryngwyn, Raglan, Gwent NP5 2AA.
Tel: 0291 690933 Cheques Postal Orders Payable to NEW DIMENSIONS' (Postage FREE) U Jexuis Pro™.
.Background Picture sets High Quality Colour IFF Pictures, that are perfect for Videotitling, 3D Rendering, etc!
Work in all Amiga Paint and Presentation Packages (DPaint, Brilliance, Scala, etc.) Available lor both AGA (A4000 AI200) & Pre-AGA IA2000 A600) Amigas set one : Papers Various Paper typos, including Parchments. Marbled,
t. Papyrus. Foils & Embossed.
Set Two : Fabrics Varied Fabric backgrounds including Silks, Satins, ft: Cottons, Leather, Denim, etc. AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!
Now you can produce stunning high quality colour outputs on paper, transparency film or even T-shirt transfer paper from your Amiga. The Primcra colour printer, recent recipient of countless awards in the IBM-PC and Macintosh markets, is also the perfect companion to any Commodore Amiga.
Set Three: Textures R Various textures including Stoneworks, Woods, v Floorboards, Marbles, etc. Set Four : Travel Including Famous Landmarks from around the world, perfect for use as Chromakeyed Backgrounds or for jfV Holiday video title-backgrounds.
Set Five : Weddings 1 Including Parchments, Silks & flowers, Satins, ai romantic brushes, etc. Here’s what the Press have said ahout this highly acclaimed new range!
"If you use an Amiga for your videotitling you can’t afford to be without these sets...They come highly recommended."
Primera eature s I O.V. Storyboard Magazine
• ideal for wedding videos...Yet the collection has plenty for
everyone.” AMIGA Comput no "The pictures range from good to
excellent...They’re well worth investigating."
CU Amiga "Plenty of pictures for the pound...These pictures look excellent."
Amiga Snyooor Price per Set - £35.00 or buy the whole range for £150.00 NEW! NEW! NEW!
X exlas Pro - V iJeofonis This Five disk set contains over 30 high quality fonts that arc the perfect solution to your Videotitling 8 requirements.
Amazing value at only £12.99 Primera printer ...C825 Photo-Realistic upgrade kit £215.95 Photo-Realistic refill kit (100 prints) ....£250 Photo-Rcalistic refill kit (25 prints)...£79.95 4 Colour ribbon (80 prints) ,£38.95 3 Colour ribbon (115 prints) .,,,.,£38.95 Monochrome ribbon (400 prints) £34.95 Transparency film (A4 50 sheets) £31.95 Primera premium paper (A4 200 sheets) £18 T-Shirt transfer paper (A4 10 *heet*).£17.95 FARGO telephone 0234 843388 Thinking of upgrading your Hardware?
We can supply Amiga Desktop Video Systems from the A1200 to the A4(MX) at prices that are second to none!
Call us now for details on our DTV system prices or for ;great deals on Hard Drives and Memory Expansions.
I e.g.: A1200HD systems ...... P.O.A. A4000 systems P.O.A. A1200 A4000 Memory Expansion 4Meg + 68881 Co-Pro & Clock £229.00 I Extra 4 Meg memory .£129.00 A1200 A600 2.5" IDE Hard Drives n 80 Meg ......£169.00 I 120Meg £269.00 Send cheque made payable to:- Vri|)EO WORLD 8 Ardoch Gardens, Glasgow, G72 8HB or phone 041-641-1142 for Credit card orders & more info.
Delivery: please include £2.00 P&.P (U.K. mainland) or £5.00 P&P (Overseas) and staMwhelher you require AGA or Pre-AGAformat.
SOFTWARE Sales of Stuff Scala Charts* pause length, or what transition to use between pages.
The items on the list are usually page* of graphics but can sometimes be animations, sound samples or music. If you click once on an item then click the edit button, you can edit the page, the wa the animation plays or how the music fades, for example.
There are a couple of changes to the page editor in MM300. There is flc longer a Move button; you just grab the thing you want to move and move ;• around! There is also now an Out effect ready-made clip art to get you going.
It can be used for stringing animations together to make a longer "film"; video titling and subtitling. Point of Information systems and Point of Sale systems.
It can be used as an interactive tutor, a videotext-tvpe system, a "scoreboard" for live outside broadcast use, and many other things.
Scala has at its main menu a list of the pages you have in your script. Next to the items on the list are various attributes affecting those items like the Scala MM3QO When most people think about multimedia presentations and video titling on the Amiga, the first name that springs to mind is usually Scala. Scala has been around for a while now (since 1989 to be precise) but Scala MM300 brings the product line bang up-to-date with new features galore.
Basically it appears that Scala (I much preferred it when the company was called Digital Visions, and the product was called Scala - it was a lot less confusing!) Have studied MediaPoint (see next review) and added the new features into MM300 that were lacking in MM2xx, but present in MediaPoint.
Scala MM300 comes in a swish brown folder-box containing a 300-odd page manual which is mostly a manual for MM210 with an addendum for MM300. The program itself is spread over nine disks and there's a little green thing in the box as well.
Oh, it's the dongle. A dongle is a hardware key that plugs into either mouse port on your Amiga; without it you won't be able to run Scala at all.
Time to install the software. Ah good! A company using Installer properly, that's what I like to see.
OVERSCAN A particularly nice feature is the fact that Scala asks you with what degree of overscan you would like the backgrounds installed. You can have None (640 x 512) Standard (704 x 566) and Maximum (736 x 566). Scala Multimedia 300 (to give its full name) requires a minimum of 1Mb chip RAM, 2Mb of fast RAM, Kickstart 2 and a hard drive, but of course they recommend 2Mb of chip, 4Mb of fast, an accelerator and Kickstart 3 as a minimum for optimum performance.
The tutorials offer a gentle introduction to the world of Scala, and for the most part, a good one. However, there is still this nagging feeling that you are just doing things by rote, and when one of the scripts doesn't actually work properly (the Guess a Number script enough to see off the Dutch upstart? Over the next six pages, all of the major aspects of these two packages will be tried, tested and judged. After the ultimate Amiga presentation system but not sure which one to go for? Read on... Amiga Computing February 1994 B which uses variables that aren't explained in the manual) you
have no way of working out how to fix what has gone wrong.
Most people who have used an Amiga for presentation, video or graphics work will have come across Scala in onoof its guises, but for those who have never seen it before, here is a quick run-down.
Scala brings together pictures, brushes, fonts and text with sounds, animations, variables and buttons. It has a wide range of backdrops, fonts and Can MediaPoint, the young pretender in the Amiga professional presentation g scene, upstage the tried, trusted and respected Scala? Or will the recent updates Scala has seen, resulting in Scala MM300. Be Ben Vost r Amiga Multim n rr rutton so you can not only bring text nto the page, but also wipe it out after- w ards. When using the list in the page editor you will see that there are now two columns for the effects - one in, one out For
users of other graphics cards like Retina, OpalVision or Picasso, it would re nice to see their features incorpo- Mted into Scala. MM300 allows to supposedly open a screen in any of the display databases available screen nodes, but although Picasso does pro- . Ide a display database entry, any attempt to open a Picasso screen mode nside Scala is met with the dreaded Guru.
ABSOLUTE Rather than using the normal timing n Scala whereby the pause between pages is specified. Absolute Timing gives a start point for the script of
- 0:00:00 and each page thereafter is worked out in relation to
that start point rather than to its neighbour.
. The manual mentions being able to take external sync for the timing through EX modules, but 1 haven't been able to test this to my satisfaction.
Previously Scala would only wipe It has a wide range of backdrops, fonts and ready-made clip art V scala Multimedia MM300 SCALA
o Play 1 Play scala Music objects onto a page, you had to remove
the whole page to get rid of them.
Several new wipes, including renovations of some of the older ones so that they can be applied to objects as well as pages.
You can now create lines, boxes and circles inside Scala instead of having to produce them in Deluxe Paint and import them. Now you play your samples or MODs directly from hard drive without having to worry about the amount of Chip RAM you have left.
You can also attach a "mark" sound and a "select" sound to buttons for audio feedback of user choices.
Some of the Exes have been updated, and some new ones have been Hem .
Edit Loa(l script : System Shorn Delete saue script Run!
If you lancy a shuttle Scala s the software for youl introduced. The Midi EX now interfaces with Blue Ribbon's One Stop Music Shop and Triple Play Plus Midi interface.
Cally make it into a button.
There's now a separate underline colour - about time too! - and new image processing tools abound. Scala will now allow you to view thumbnails of pictures, brushes and animations in ?
A feature called AutoMagic button creation lets you simply click on a block of text or drawn object and automatiScala has some of the finest tran6 tions seen this side of a Toaster and there are several new ones scala Multimedia MM3O0 SCALA I* mm
• di'ff _ its new shuffler file requester and allows you to have
a preview of 24-bit IFFs on AGA machines.
When you bring a picture or brush into Scala now you can resize it, change or reduce the number of colours using Floyd*Steinberg dithering. Scala will also optimise a restricted palette to give the best quality to pictures with differing palettes sharing the same screen.
Information is false. Scala have brought out a product that has been consistently innovative, and it now* seems that with MM300 they have ironed out some of the annoying bugs Ch-ch-ch DITHERING AnimLab has also been improved to take advantage of Scala's Floyd Steinberg dithering facilities.-Scala's manual has always been clearly laid out, but there are bits missing.
First prize In the Amiga Computing boring grab award goes to... The index isn't brilliant and, as I previously mentioned, some of the tutorial this release. One of the features particularly like is the ability to Chain text effects together.
If you apply, say, the wallpaper transition to one line of text, it's a bit difficult to see what's going on However, if you have several lines o text and you chain them all to one IVIediaPoint . J MediaPoint comes on a total of six disks, the second of which can be used as a CDTV boot disk for using the CDTV XAPP. It has a 217-page manual which states that the minimum requirement to run MediaPoint is at least 1 Mb of chip RAM and 2Mb of fast RAM, Kickstart 2 and a hard drive, but they recommend a minimum of 2Mb of chip RAM and 4Mb of fast, Kickstart 3, and a 68020 30 40.
MediaPoint uses the by now familiar Installer utility from Commodore. As an aside, here's a gripe I have with all developers who use the Installer.
When I install a program I would like to know if the installer is going to create a drawer automatically, or if I have to make one. So many times now 1 have created a drawer for the software to be installed into, only to find out that Installer has put it into a drawer called whatever the program is inside the drawer I already made.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun It's either that or I don't bother making a drawer for the package and I end up with a sprawl of files all over my hard disk! So, please, all you developers out there, let me know whether or not you are going to create a drawer!
Ahem. Well, to get back to the point... MediaPoint installs itself into a drawer you Untitled - Main Title Sales in dollars
40. 000 -
30. 000 - 20,000 0,000 - Medlapoint stakes Its claim for the
lucrative corporate sales have to make (at least it tells
you!), and as usual with the Installer, things are pretty
painless. There is one assign which is automatically placed
in your user-startup and away you go.
MediaPoint's interface takes some getting used to when you have been using Scala for a while. As with Scala there are two separate interfaces - the script editor HediaPoint™ 3.5 - 125 a SI HQ BMM .HI 33 3 sag j2J 4*1 jjjjj] El QID *!
MediaPoint can only HHHiog* secomd In the boring grab competition, but If H wasn t for the collection of xapps It could of taken the title m Parent I Play 17:11:36 11 12 33 and the page editor - but in MP there are almost two entirely different programs.
The script editor is fairly straightforward; just drag an icon from the bank on the right side of the screen over to the script and let go. A requester will pop up asking for the appropriate action.
BEVELLED The page editor has a completely different interface. In it you create boxes into which you can type text, import a picture, both or neither. You can't do anything without making a box first. Because everything is based around this box format, it means that you can have a bevelled box with a picture in it (scaled to fit, or cropped, as you wish), with text on top of that.
And what's more, the whole thing is one object and can be moved around as such. The page editor has a menu that lists all the currently active programs on your system so you can create a box in the page editor, switch to Dpaint and knock something wonderful up, in a matter of minutes.
Then you switch back to the page edi- Svlaol Irannlllani
1. 1... .i Push doiun rush up Push down dnuhlo nuuru Push up
doubls nuotsho IipupsI itisum Hvuxal up Loup, duuin Cousr up
Ulipv duu.fl Itfll-p up I ftu«*« in. Uofllool Cviila, out.
Uoilloal Rows lop and bsok bottom and booh
• dues, uoilloal Blinds 1. Horliontal Blinds P. hm liuntal
Mansion) • uuis ¦ Uipp duuin, tom bordot Ujipw up, torn boodoi
RuM slutun toll tap Wipe loll Wipe r l«*ht Esl«ies In.
Horlionlal Center oul, hniiinni.il Columns lefl .anti bauh
Column* rinht and bank Columns* nilunt. Tiorlron Hllndk.
Uoilloal Columns, random lais. Left bottom lais, loft top |
Boiii, rlatit top rlebt bottom East Dlssolur Olssnlur Bubble
• llonks. Horizontal Bleaks, uortiool Splr al Hrrniiic, Her Iron*
a| ~_____- _ uortiool Cheokprboard, doom op CmeekertinarH.
Left itutit Rlooks, uiindouio lllocks, mlddla ¦ llonks, diamond
Spiool. Contr o Hoiui, rlatit . (eft I Rouis, nddlauan, top
Hniut. Nenter lop Itouia, odeas oanlai wo. Riels* bottom j
Homis. Left botloin is so s . Odd osuon, bottom iRauit, uenter
bottom js, adsos bottom uss. Top bottom Rouis. R sols I lap hul
IliHt Rauis. U Mosusa. Odil and moots Fade Irons uihlte Fada
from blaok I»» Fade to baakiiround f ad, to neat baokuroun Fade
to first oolor rode to nest first oolor Random blaok alfoal
F) andnns rffral f lip dawn Flip down push Coin Push down
ousrshsot Push op nu»i shan» Rrutsl damn nuetslinst Rrursl tap
nun shoot Cooer doaon nuoishoot Cooor op oomrmboot Jl:«»
lpee.li Uarlstloni I « i Csnoml | tor and grab the Dpaint
screen into the box you have created. MediaPoint is cer
tainly very fast at remapping and scaling bitmaps so they fit
in with your plans.
The page editor is also supposed to support other file formats dependent on Datatypes, but I couldn't bring anything in through that method. The program- tar piagued the early versions of Scala ¦bfemedia.
I beheve that there needs to be some mrI of solution as far as the dongle pn Perhaps a different version of the i-changes ith the wallpaper effect. Scala mes that those lines are all one obiect and applies the effect ?u them all as a single unit rather nor individually.
As previously stated, you can now
• ce text off a page as well as on to it.
¦ * ch opens up a whole new field of
- i age scripts. Why bother to keep
- ipmg backwards and forwards ween pages if you can put all the
dongle for the Runtime Player (or preferably none at all).
It seems a little silly that you can't show off any of your creations to anyone except on your own machine.
Text you like onto one page and bring it on and take it off when you want?
Of the new transitions, the one I like best is the Fade to White, which does just that: it fades the current screen to white then fades back to the next screen.
Very impressive. The one I like least is Ants. It’s far too slow, as is dissofve.
SYSTEM ESSENTIALS SO FT W A R E KI D I wnlial YELLOW = Krtomnund.-d The bottom line Product: Scala Multimedia MM300 Supplier: Scala UK. Mill Studio.
Crane Mead. Ware SG12 9PY Tel: 0920 444294 Price £329 including VAT Ease of use 8 You can got right in there and immediately start creating presentations. Manual? What's that?
Implementation 9 Logical interface, great output Value for money 8 With the price drop, Scala becomes even better value Overall 9 Getting better all the time, Scala is a good reason to buy an Amiga Style Rntialias: [}| Off Justification: p| IE Letter spacing: (*| 0 Line spacing: £| 0 Slanting: (J| *27° Shadow type: (*| j Shadow weight: g| 8 Shadow direction: gj * Underline weight: £| l Underline offset: ft| 0 Shadow OK Cancel M e fed "00:00:03:8 00:00:11:H 00:00:1.3:3 00:00:05:7 V ¦, (•titled * wiggle MediaPoint™ 3.5 - 125 1 2 El a m s Rf| a sa _i 31 m Mil a m a ?
«Y| m Mediapoint Parent 07:21:03 12 12 93 Anti all a ling, justification. Drop shadow and all the text options you could want atm tlmecode with o huge array of plug In modules waiting In the wings »ould read the file I had selected ponder for a long time, then put garbage on the n.vn and ask me if I wanted it.
Unfortunately, seeing as the only option I could select that worked was Cancel, I couldn't get the image into the page editor even if 1 had wanted to.
The whole thing bears an analogy to Amiga DTP packages. Where ProPage and MediaPoint both require you to put boxes or the screen for everything, PageStream and Scala both allow you to plonk your cursor down where you like and start tvping- With MediaPoint you have to add a rage to the script after it has been made.
You can pull over a Page icon, select Cancel when it asks you for a file, the click on the icon you have dragged and edit the page, saving it out afterwards, but then vou still need to reopen the File requester and choose the file you have just edited!
This means that your hard drive is going to get very full of pages and pages of MediaPoint stuff very quickly. Another gripe about this method of operation is that there is no way of previewing what 4 You can create a differnt look by making the wipe really chunky or fine your page will look like except bv coming out of the page editor, making sure that the page you want is loaded, then showing the page.
This is OK if you only have to prepare one or two pages, but what about once you have 50 or so? Also, while you are editing your pages the screen is properly centred, but when it comes to playback time, the whole lot is off-centre.
I realise that this is for accurate placement of the graphics onto video, but what is the point of having the rest of the interface at normal offset if you have to fiddle with your screen controls every' time you want to view what you have created? I feel another potential problem with MediaPoint is that it has so many keyboard short-cuts for the user to remember that aren't obvious and have no parallel menu item or button, Thus a great deal of the potential of the product will be wasted with people not knowing, for instance, that it is perfectly possible to bring a window, picture and
the text for it (one object) into and out from the page with different timings and effects for each item. You can press function keys, Right-Amiga-key combinations, Ctrl, Shift and Alt combinations; the list L endless. MediaPoint comes with a verv Select transition: Craphk trenilttoni at the touch of a button ¦ SO FT WAR E nice selection of wipes, fades and dissolves. There are some that are much better quality than their equivalents in Scala.
However, there are also quite a few that are almost useless, even at the fastest speed, unless you really want a transition that takes nearly a second to complete.
You can apply about half the total transitions to objects in a page, with the obvious absence of a random transition because your pages are pre*saved. Each effect also has variations on a theme, so for a straightforward wipe in there might be two variations: normal speed and ease-in.
The size of the blocks that make up some of the effects is usually altered by the variation slider so that you can create quite a different look simply by making the wipe really chunky or fine.
There are a couple of additional transi- Tetchy tutorials The various tutorials that come with MediaPoint show you how to create scripts with serial and parallel branching (more on these later), how to make buttons and bind them to keyboard short-cuts and how to record the timing of your pages to match sounds to an animation, or slides to a soundtrack.
Unfortunately, the very first tutorial leaves you with a sense of “so what?“. There are errors in it and It gives you nothing to play with. The ones that follow on are a little better, but throughout there is no sense of learning, just one of following instructions.
That having been said, a nice touch is the inclusion of finished versions of the tutorial scripts so that you can check your efforts against them.
Tions that are specifically for POI systems, one a sort of wiggle. Imagine you have an arrow pointing to the button you want the user to push, wouldn't it be nice if you could get the arrow to point repeatedly at your button? Well, that's what wiggle does. There's also a blink transitions for the same sort of attention getting device.
SYSTEM ESSENTIALS MediaPoint comes with some pretty nifty features; Serial and parallel branching are two of them. Serial branching is just a case of having a subroutine in your script that might be activated by a button for instance, parallel branching is a lot cleverer.
SOUND EFFECTS Basically a parallel branch is just like putting another page into your script only it's not just one page, it could be an animation with synchronised sound effects, or an entire slide show, but at the main script level it just looks like orte command.
In a serial branch the order of the events is important because they are executed one after the other from the top down. However, with parallel branching the order of the events isn't important but their timing is.
When you open a parallel branch you have to say how long you want it opened for, You then get a timeline upon which to place your events. This is the only important thing. You could have your events in alphabetical order, but the one that comes first is the one first on the timeline. Look at the picture; it's easier to understand that way.
MediaPoint has an excellent attitude to type. If you want to change one letter of your line from white 12-point Times to shocking pink 114-point Letter Gothic, you can!
You can specify font style, spacing underlining, colour and size on a charac- ter-by-character basis with no limitations other than those of good taste!
MediaPoint is able to schedule events over a long period of time. You can specify when you want an event to happen; m RILYou.Neei m RILYou.Neei JB Ticket ret another hah at the familiar MediaPoint front end every Thursday afternoon at four, or three times an hour every day at midnight, except on Sundays - for instance.
You can set timing from your Amiga or an external source such as a Midi time- jdock, SMPTE or EBU timing for frame accurate video overlays with one of the MediaPoint-controllable video recorders or laser disc players.
MediaPoint can put things like the time and date into your script if you wish, in various different formats, To all intents and purposes, these just get treated in exactly the same way as normal text while the presentation is playing, they do not update on the screen as it is playing!
’he bottom line Product: MediaPoint 3 Supplier: Activa UK Tel: 031-402 5770 Price C300 Ease of use 7 Fairly simple to got to grips with, the Amiqa idiom of dragging icon; around is easy I Implementation 8 You can also specify global hotkeys even to the point where you can stop people from quitting out of your presentation by disabling the Esc key completely.
MediaPoint's manual is a little lacking in in-depth information. It seems pretty thorough when you are reading it, but when it comes to referencing something you are having trouble with, if you can find it in the index, there just isn't enough explanation.
I was really looking forward to reviewing MediaPoint, I have been waiting for its release since November last year, when I saw it for the first time at the World of Commodore in Cologne.
Good interface, It doesn't stand up scrutiny, but the presentations an so well to finished I went again this year and got myself a copy to review, but I have to say it's not up to scratch. I don't know what was wrong with the product that delayed it for so long (as there is no noticeable difference between the version I am reviewing and the version I saw last year, other than the name change), but it’s let Scala catch up with it, and even overtake it Value for Money 8 Overall 8 A good start for this new package, if it gets updatod as regularly as Scala, we should see a fierce battle between
the two for world domination of the multimedia market.
But if Activa get some of the problems sorted out (ie the data types not working properly, the lack of a previewer in the page editor, the slowness of some of the transitions, etc), I think they’ve got a winner on their hands.
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AUMMMdpraM aral wraolcaMrwm«, cfianQ. Pimm ratomtfwoo*an tor
Cher in the blue corner we have the defending world heavyweight
champion Sola Multimedia 300. In the red comer we have the
contender; he showed up momentarily at the end of last year,
but now he's here to seriously challenge the current holder of
the AC Best Multimedia Package - we present MediaPoint 3.
The first part of this bout will resolve which of the packages has the best support from the sidelines with clip art, fonts and backdrops being a major consideration.
Which package is best for you?
Well, MM300 gets a good one in early on with the fact that Scala now has nine new backgrounds bringing the total up to a massive 79, along with a wide selection of single colour pictograms.
MediaPoint has a very small number of included backdrops but scores highly with its maps, colour clip art of various computer-oriented items and single colour ISO 7001 -compliant pictograms.
Scala gives you a printout of its backdrops (unfortunately without the nine new ones) whereas MediaPoint has no documentation for its backdrops. Neither package has printouts of the clip art included. Scala gets a blow in late in the first round with its 17-strong collection of fonts in different sizes (with print outs for reference) compared to MediaPoint's nine fonts (without print outs).
APPLICATIONS Expandability-wise, MediaPoint immediately jumps to the fore with a menu that is designed for the user to add his favourite applications to, much like ToolManager for Workbench.
Any time you wish lo run an external program you simply choose its name from the menu. Scala has the ability to add in outside applications too, but they must be placed in a specific drawer in the Scala directory and they have to have tool types set up to use them.
MediaPoint's ability to grab screens from other applications and bring them in, thus obviating the need for intermediate file storage, is a plus; just draw what you want in Personal Paint then grab the screen into the program.
No need to save your picture, then load it in again. MediaPoint say that their package has expandable transitions - just drop new ones into the system drawer of your MediaPoint installaton. Scala's are hard coded. Both packages support addon modules in the shape of Exs for Scala and XAPPs for MediaPoint. As you can see from the box-out, both have an extensive collection of add-ons with Scala coming out tops for genlock support, but MediaPoint supporting a wider range of Laserdisc players and VCRs.
Scala also has an EX called "Link" which is to allow certain other applications like Bars&Pipes Professional to control a Scala presentation.
I tried to use the External tool for CDTV in Scala (EX) and in MediaPoint (XAPP). Unfortunately, neither of the packages give very much space to the topic - they Simply tell you "there is a button here for the start of the section" and no more! Both systems have an easy way to just connect a CDTV to your machine via a null modem cable.
Attaching a floppy drive to the CDTV and booting one of the distribution disks Competition should ensure a healthy drive towards new features 4 (disk 1 for Scala, disk 2 for MediaPoint) will ready the CDTV for EX XAPP use.
Both systems displayed problems if you played several segments from the CD at length, then exited back to the main screen.
All in all, I think that the quality of the documentation for this topic left a little to be desired, and I only hope that the other modules are better catered for in this area.
Scala also makes mention of a program called Scala Echo, which, it appears, is to be run as an EX to allow you to perform assemble edits 4 la Video Director.
As far as fades and wipes go, MediaPoint weighs in with 83 page effects, most of which have at least three or four variations, but only 42 text effects with variations.
Scala has 103 page effects and a staggering 86 text effects, a lot of those new to MM300. Both of them do your standard wipes effectively, with MediaPoint possibly just having the edge over Scala in terms of smoothness.
In the more exotic wipes like the T2 or "Rows Odd Even Bottom" they are evenly matched. MediaPoint loses out with its "you have to save the page first" approach in that you can't have random text effects.
Scala’s colour fading works better than MediaPoint's too. With Scala, the transition almost appears to be a natural progression of colours, whereas with MediaPoint the colour changes seem to be harsher. I think this haS a lot to do with the way backgrounds are set up in Scala to share the last eight colours of their palette.
CONCLUSION Without a doubt, this bout could continue on into the night with both fighters scrabbling for that extra advantage that would see his opponent on the mat.
In response to MediaPoint's low price Scala's has been dropped to £329. In the final analysis it will matter little as both have unique features to offer. Scala seems the better package, at the moment, but it is a seasoned piece of software, while the newcomer has all the exuberance of the young, striking out into new areas, and new ways of behaving.
MediaPoint certainly has some maturing to do, but, and I know this is going to sound like a cop out, both packages complement each other in the features they offer.
This will make it very difficult to just buy one of the packages, prospective buyers should certainly not just jump at one or the another but look at them side-by- side, as 1 have, over a period of time, to see which ones features best suit their needs.
In conclusion, I have to say I am glad that there is, at last, some serious competition for the title of "Best Multimedia Package", the inherent competition between the two packages should ensure a healthy drive towards adding new features and external applications; how about a PhotoCD XAPP EX?
What about support for other font formats and the SSA animation format? What about support for other graphics cards and control for the add-in modules for Opalvision (when they finally come out!)?
Come on Scala and MediaPoint, give us your best shot.
Add-on modules comparison Mpoint Seala CDTV yes yes CDXL yes no Interlude yes no Canon Ion yes yes GVP IV-24 yes yes GVP G-Lock no yes SuperGen no yes G2 Genlock no yes Genlock ji no yes Midi yes yes Studio 16 yes no Avideo no yes VideoDisc VCR yes yes Sony LDP-1200 yes yes LDP-1500 yes yes LDP-1500P yes yes LDP-1550 yes yes LDP-1550P yes yes LDP-1600P yes yes LDP-3300P yes yes LDP-3600D yes yes Sony 2000 yes no Sony Umatic 9 yes no Pioneer 2200 yes no LD-V4100 yes yes LD-V4200 yes yes LD-V4300 yes yes 6000 yes no 6010 yes no LV-V8000 yes yes Philips VP series yes yes Philips 405 yes no
Philips 410 yes no
* Philips 835 yes no NEC PC VCR yes no unless they are part of
the VP senes Ju*t as a fast. I deckled l would tab* o demo
script from each and try to do them m the other I took the
Sales Chart from MediaPoint and tried to build the same pre
sentation in Scala. I also took the LoScalatore script from
Scala and tried to recreate it in MediaPoint.
Tho Scala version of the sales chart is definitely not as polished as the MediaPoint one. MediaPoint has the ability to only partially bevel a box so that you can have Trading places a flat bottom edge to the chart, it also has an extrude kind of wipe that Scala doesn t, I tned the move wipes in Scala. But of course they wipe from the edge of the page, not from a predefined place The MediaPoint version of the LoScalatore script also ran into problems This tcript plays several amms seamlessly end-to nd showing a film of a man put a ladder up against thin air, climbing it and disappeanng at the
MediaPoint could do the animation pari without problems, but came unstuck on the accompanying music and sound FX.
The tune was completely distorted and I couktr work out how to get the applause lo coincide with the "end of the film" part of the animation.
1 TM MediaPoint 1 multimedia magic for the Amiga MediaPoint is the state-of-the-art in interactive presentation software.
Commodore Info Main Menu Q Now Amiga models 0 CDTV titles Q| Multimedfchsoftw. Ie | Other products Interactive Information Systems No other software package on the Amiga has this many features in the standard package. Some of the highlights: MediaPoint is professional:
• Script synchronization on standard time, SMPTE and MIDI.
• Play full motion video and samples from harddisk. Supported
animation formats: anim-5, 7 & 8 and (AGA) CDXL.
• Over 1 SO smooth screen and object transitions.
• Use buttons to create interactive scripts for mouse, keyboard
and touch screen.
• Script events can be scheduled to be displayed on specific days
and times.
• Use ScriptTalk™ language to create customized scripts with
variables, conditional jumps and Arexx support.
MediaPoint is easy to use:
• Cut, copy, paste and undo for all page and script editor
• Script parts can be collapsed and exploded.
• Text editor allows a different font, size, color and style per
• Antialiasing per character color, not to just one color.
• Frame-oriented page editor with solid, pattern and transparent
frames. Over 50 frame transitions.
Video Titling
• Duplicate, centre, align, lock and group move functions for
MediaPoint means good looking, fast graphics:
• Import any Amiga graphics file including 24 bits.
• Scale and remap to any (AGA) graphics mode.
• Save page layout including text and graphics for use in other
• Ready to use clipart, maps, pictograms, fonts and sounds
• Fast color thumbnails in file requester for easy file browsing.
MediaPoint is modular: Information Channels
• Xapp™ modules for GVP's IV-24, Studio 16 cards, MIDI, CDTV,
LaserDisc players, VCRs, still video players. Coming soon:
Video Toaster xapp.
MediaPoint is complete:
• Standard bundled languages: English, French, German and Dutch.
• Free runtime player.
• No hardware key protection.
MediaPoint is a trademark of MediaPoint Int. All other brand names are the property of their respective owners. For more information: Presentations Activa International Inc. +31-20-691.19.14, Fax: +31-20-691.14.28. Activa Technical Support UK: 081-402.5770, BBS 081 986.5964. Best-Selling Amiga Titles at Amazing Prices.
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call for complete list Workbench Screen Protext v6.1l 3 Rrnor
RutFn SCR Page 1 L=4.83 (=3.10“ Insert Mki I] 05:37:44 Protext
v6.10 S Hrnor RtvltN turT r Doc PROTEXT RC70.RSC 11K Page 1
L=6.33 (=1.68" Insert To describe ny details: Rs a heavy word
processor user ir*« lik soeed, nacros, keyboard short-cuts
for menu items inn'ii* IoDmorl thotil jnH a nn-fi»illc
annnnarh r . cursor keys return key the 68088 Anigas . A bare
bones p users uho need speed range (such as .... it is a bare
bones reasonable pace, 10th famliaritv in ¦quicker - onr«..My
lose their f frills Tnr SSJih n r* p d ¦ r i ' u latfom. And
an approach to text-bashin
o itself, has ardent fans everywhere.
To describe nv details: fis a he TT Rs I on List dictionary Find words Rnagrans Count dictionary Edit user dictionary ... Edit exclusion dictionary 1 u"
• e of ___________ nacros, keyboard quicker _ ®nce you've learned
features like speed 2 !
11 t !
« ' » X nun ose !»9«, and sks, (ins the q r L ?
IMI I I •• a ¦So, Enter Protext. Clearly attempting to clinl. . .
Ekind of heights giants such as Microsoft Word occupy in the PC and Kac world, the product cones spread across a number of disks, on thee Hniga, 1 in the PC and disk ¥£ pasy, itr ent copy ii y f V . .. I had to change a couple of utility, I got the program up and ry) rudimentary knowledge of the Rniga and installing Protext much of a bind; if uses paths using the Configuaration Anyone with a ( nmg.
I Protext has constantly excelled in all of its releases, but with version six at least some of the complaints of the occasional graphics user have been answered. Phil Morse installed the disks and took a look text-bashing which is pretty much unique to itself, has ardent fans everywhere. To elaborate upon my personal position: As a heavy word processor user, key features like speed, macros, keyboard short-cuts for menu items (much quicker - once you've learned them) and a no-frills approach (Frills lose their flashiness long before a product outgrows its usefulness) are important to me.
As I only own a humble A600, which is Protext has traditionally been known to pander to graphics by a seriously tiny amount, resulting in its image as the ultimate text cruncher - and little else.
That said, the program now supports IFF, PCX, GIF and GEM IMG graphics files, and can print them at any point in a document (in black-and-white). It does not display the graphics on-screen at any time, instead inserting a marker to warn you of the presence of a picture.
Although highly primitive compared to the likes of some of the near-DTP so- called “word" processors, this is to facilitate speed in the program s primary role as a text cruncher - any anyway, the program does now at least permit the addition of, say, a graphical masthead or piece of clip art on a news-sheet or company letter.
Images can be centred, scaled, turned into negatives, and generally shifted around enough to not render this feature totally useless.
The normal method of reviewing a product is, it must be confirmed, the tried-and-tested routine of first checking out the software hardware or whatever, struggling with its idiosyncrasies and hidden delights usually all before reading the instruction manual) and then taking a pile of notes to the nearest available word processor.
In this case, however, the nearest word processor just happens to be the exact product under review, due nol in any small part to the fact that I pounced upon the product before it even left our mail bag and staked my claim on the review!
POWERFUL Protext is, you see, a rather special type of word processor. Available across a number of platforms as well as the Amiga (it even features as the built-in word processor for the Amstrad Notepad range reviewed previously in this magazine), it is an extremely powerful program, but one which cannot offer too many machine-specific (read: flashy) features.
As the platforms at the lower end of the CPU speed range (such as the 68000 Amigas) need to run Protext at a reasonable pace, it is a bare-bones product, and one which, through both familiarity in users who need to use it on more than one platform, and through an approach to yboard s ... .. ________ then) an heir flashiness long before a prodl Js I only own a hunble R688, whicl .for the tasks I regularly use a conputel iof sone of the larger faigas, and so nieu a pruuuu uimn mum* an kahich is processor intensive turning away fron what-you-see-is-what- kiou-get, graphical, DTP-style features
in favour of extrene ease of use and, above all.
Suap Edit Block Fornat Print mil :vle Tools Optic n_ Check fron cursor (AS) Single word (Afl) Thesaurus (AT) Set ignore narker a=) Check uhole text _ 9 IBM I can see clearly now more than powerful enough for the tasks 1 regularly use a computer for, I don't have the speed of some of the larger Amigas, and so need a product which eschews all which is processor-intensive; a product which turns away from what-you-see-is- what-you-get, graphical, DTP-style features in favour of extreme ease of use and, above all, speed.
So, enter Protext. Clearly attempting to climb, on the Amiga, the kind of heights giants such as Microsoft Word occupy in the PC and Mac worlds, the product comes spread across a number of disks, containing such professional-sounding material as a Collins dictionary, a thesaurus, and a mass of printer drivers as well as the program itself.
Installation to hard disk (and you really must have a hard disk to use this program
- it needs 3Mb of empty space, too) is easy, although for some
reason the program assured me that my 40 per cent full, 80Mb
hard drive did not have enough ignotred its warnings, and
although " s working shou!dhnot(ftnd ich is pro' you-get, grai
ust *§3; er the kind of I 1ac world, containing diet ionary,
prgran itsel Install to use this i although for II, 8Mb h
R the task some of tl room to accommodate my copy of Protext).
I ignored its warnings, and although I had to change a couple of paths using the Configuration utility, I got the program up and running. Anyone with a (very) rudimentary knowledge of the Amiga and its working should not find installing Protext much of a bind; it uses the Commodore installer, which thankfully is now becoming a bit of a standard for serious Amiga software.
As you can see from the visually uninspiring screenshots, the program is nothing much to look at. The text window, calibrated by nothing flashier than Ascn dashes and exclamation marks, operates within a Workbench window. Highly functional but not flashy - the trademark of most of Pretext's features.
Ten menus lurk across the top bar, covering every conceivable function you could wish to inflict upon a piece of text.
Notice I say text - Protext's picture han- Improved manuals the manuals have been reprinted for the new version - It's not good : '•* 2 a list of changes in addition to a set of manuals for a previous version, as i at case with a lot of upgraded software.
* 41 is, the manuals are neat, informative and thorough. There
are two: The
- entitled the User Manual, is 180 pages long and contains a
broad introduc- er o word processing and Protext; a concise
(but at times vague) Getting £3r-*d section, an overview, a
guided tour, detailed instruction, hints and tips rsc s
thorough Index.
T*» second, 160-page manual is for reference, and contains the really detailed
- "'nation on how to use Protext's most powerful functions, such
as the
- *cros and mail merge features.
* contains character set tables as well as useful advanced user
information, «? Compatibility details across the various
platforms it has and does
• would have been better If the manuals were ring-bound; however,
• •rfsct bound (like a book) making it more of a task to prop the
manual open on »ge while you attempt to do what it is
I small niggle, though. And anyway, you probably won't find yourself looking much in the manuals, for the on-screen Help is excellent.
The When it comes to text formatting, how about the ability to format paragraphs separately or the document as a whole, or features allowing the insertion of soft hyphens and footnotes, or start-of-para- graph formatting (regardless of any Tabs you might have set)? All are under Format.
Printing has always been one of Pretext's great strengths, and this version keeps up the reputation, with a diskful of drivers, and advanced features such as the ability to print what's on-screen or from a file on disk, to interrupt printing - or to turn Protext into a by-line or by-character typewriter. Someone must have a use for this function!
Using a large Collins on-disk dictionary, the spell checker can check a single word, check from the cursor, or simply do the whole document.
There's an integrated thesaurus - even an editable user dictionary and the much else, number-crunching routines, file spoolers and line-number handling, as well as the word count, which is telling me I'm running out of space to cram all of these words in!
Suffice to say that with a full and definable range of viewing options, a powerful (but easy to use) macro generator which allows one-key programming of sets of instructions you frequently carry out, and even a line drawing option, there is about as much flexibility as you can hope for built in to this program.
CONCLUSION So in conclusion, I can report little to moan about - if this sounds like what you're looking for- For the heavy user, who's prepared to negotiate the learning curve to get all of the keyboard short-cuts sussed, there’s an immense increase in word processing efficiency to be discovered.
By forfeiting time-hogging frills and nice screen displays, Protext can offer not only compatibility over a number of platforms, but tried and tested speed and reliability too. If you’re serious about words, this is the serious word j processor for you. V ¦ . I SYSTEM ESSENTIALS i'll) ;vvntiai YELLOW¦ Rtcvmmrmtai RAM Hard drive VvorkBench _ ri abilities are rudimentary to say the and that's a far sight better than offered in v5.5, which says some- tang about who this program is aimed at!
Well as containing the Quit and Beip functions, the File mode concerns 'v * with loading, saving and handling anwit and saved text files. As well as the ah -iced abilities to catalogue files in a i ider or a disk, there are Save As (various
- of Ascii) and File Merge options, as ¦ell as a simple document
renaming ¦name.
The second menu, Swap, allows you to
* rk. On two documents at once; one in ie top and one in the
bottom of the screen. You can type up notes into a finished
piece bv having the notes scrolling in the top window and the
developing write-up in the bottom window, for instance.
The Edit menu handles strange characters (all kinds of accents and foreign ones are easily accessible), offers powerful text- search features (you can even search backwards), as well as page-jumping and time and date insertion commands. Meanwhile its neighbour on the right-hand side, the Block menu, allows cutting, copying, moving, pasting, deleting, saving, loading and formatting of any chosen block of text, markable by keyboard or mouse.
Ability to sort out anagrams. Great for crosswords!
The Style menu, although only a couple of obscure-looking options to look at, hints at the real power of the program.
Mere you can define "styles"; you could have a style for business letters, one for memos, one for (as a journalist) articles, and switch between them. AH you do is tell the computer the style you want, and it remembers how you like to have, say, a business letter. Neal.
The Tools and Options menus contain a rag-bag of configurational and miscellaneous feature - which is not to distract from their value. They contain, among The bottom line Product: Protext Price: £99 Supplier: Arnor Ltd Address: 611 Lincoln Road.
Peterborough PE1 3HA Phone: 0733 68909 Fax: 0733 67299 Ease of use 9 Implementation 8 Value for money 8 Overall 9 oI Protext v6.1l @ firnor REVIEW COPY NOT FOR RESRLE iflit Doc PROTEXT AC70.BSC Page f L=4.83" C=3.18 11K RJ WU ftutfn Insert Nks 1)_ SCR 85:38:57 eatures lit juicker - or lose their f Rs I or or the task if sone of 1 ihich is prc Buler | Show Index spell narker Eage breaks | Show plate Markers labs line breaks _| Show Block Markers Spaces Show Uysiwyg as codes soft Hyphens _| Show other style todes Show BH | Shoo Bone| Default | _j JShou j JShow | Show | Show | Show Default
Extension to load Document node extensions Progran node extensions Autoexec file nane KEY.PPD [XFlLE 1 - lutonatic save tine period (seconds) 908 10240 N - lytonatic Hvt Maxinun file size (bytes) F - ile selector display fomat Nortial s - ile selector Sort nethod Nane J Fite selector Ignore default extension NO the kind of tmutnlng »¦¦ »» I « (dictionary, .
PrgraM itsel OK Install -1 to use this U -- - although for sone reason the progran , full, 88Mb hard drive did npot have ei of Protext).
I ignotred its warnings, and althi paths using the Configuaration utilil runnig. Anyone with a (very), rudinent, its working should not find installing Cancel assured ne that ny enough roon to acco per centr ite ny copy I had to change a couple of got the progran up and knowledge of the Rnioa and ext nucn of a bind; it uses Set to NO to save disk space if not selecting files fron Workbench TTMg.WMrWnmgnjrTT8M:HIII;nWra.-»»«lw«iTTiTT.W*.'f mraTTiTT _ Tul b OIK of tfK many ntittd mrnus In thr (Qmprehenilve Configuration utility Here one of the dliplay mode parameter! i being altered lie also
stack: FRED-FISH 1-B90 T-BAGS 1-57
L. S.D. dacS 1-39 5CDPE5 1-EEO ASSASS1IM 1-115 GlamourS etc.
(booklet! Catalogue tMt mery order (Full Prices! Commercial
Games. See Mow for details C64 EMULATOR V5 E & 50* original
C64 Games Pack Thr wnj lutnl Cb4 vista, * [mdotor. No» yuu
tan p m prngrain K Juki Hha tin* IM ctvnputpr Superb value
Paint IM ! FOO* .Colour It IAJ 1003 .Treasure Search IAJ 1004
W earn k Play I | LU05 4 earn k Piay II IEOOO .Spanish
Translator IAJ €007 .Education Orophkm tOOB Mr Vipo E009
*AstromulA] FO O ,SNiKm k Spate Math IAJ COII .education Disk
1 4 COI* .CiluraCHK, disk * IAJ tin3 .tikKorian thsk 3 IM
11114 .Education Disk 4 IAI 1015 .Education Old, 5 IM 16016
.education disk 6 ton .lUnrnnn 14) OOOI .Space Ace IAJ 0008
.Predator IAJ Ooll .Abihltasking IA) 0013 • rn»lrw7 Re tsujrs
IAJ 0016 .Dead Oanrp thrash 00*9 .Buctudin Mega 1*1 0033
tPhmamtna (M 0035 * lhames TV Oenra [AJ 0050 Pmk Floyd 161 IA)
006* .Pnilatars 1*1 [AJ 0008 .Sam Fm Bibs Hobs 0070 .Contact
Been Made IAJ 0078 .System Violation IAJ Ut*0 .1911 Trudge
015* . The Electric Touch 0154 .Virtual Rntl 1*1 0156 .Kylies
Demo I*J 0163 .Horlcyutn Demo IAJ OHM .SUetuecd the’ tomb IAJ
0 80 .Iheofi Mmies Clip 0188 .Peace of Mind 0190 .Software
Failure 0*01 .Farts Demo IAJ 0*03 .Hidden Oemo IAJ 0*05 .EDA
Lmtohl IAJ 0*18 *Scream 1*1 0**5 »Urtnt Video HI 1*1 0*34
Suetu.e Ecpose I*) 0*10 .deluxe Pluito Ldb 1*1 0*40 .Anarchy
AUOI Walker I 0 * 1*1 IAJ A004 . Porky Pig I AC, AI 4005
‘Filler the Fisli I A) A007 .IronkUn the Fig IAJ AMO .Tran f*J
IAEA) 4010 .Sculpt Ankn I IAJ 4013 .Saace-Prnbe IAJ A017 .S T
Fleet IAJ A019 .Stamp logo Antm IAJ A0*1 .Coyotes Strikes Dock
AO** tLino leenoqen IAJ AO*5 .Cool Cougar IAJ A0*B .Puggs m
Space AO*9 . Xttke Tyson IAI A033 .HartalFlight IAJ AO30 .
Wlrird Science I IAI A037 .WeUd Sr terse a IAJ 038 .Batman
(Imtw IAJ A039 . ewtvk 1*1 IAJ 405 Ootmo bum I Mil 1*1 4056
.kqgette II Mb IAJ 4059 .PtMJO HviJl IAJ 4060 • Viator I
l*Mb) l*J IAJ A063 rJutjulet N IAJ 4064 . entek III 1*1 IAJ
AOBb .OBW Render IAJ 4068 • Walker * l*J (*M) IAJ A070 .Donald
Ouck AD7* ride a Bitch I IB) IAJ AO 3 .Its Mental III IAJ A00*
.Its Mental 11 A) 4 08 *Another Wurk IAJ AIIS .Vietnam
lonfHrt IAJ Aim.kykes A 1*01 IAI 4 4 ? Jermlnator * IAJ 4 50
.Madonna tAJ 4 5 1 Tap bun (Al 4 53 .Gulf Tribute IAJ 4154 ?
Thundertkrds (4 4 55 .Rock Album IAJ 4 5 .Watersblp Oonn IAJ
AI58 Oariled IAJ 4173 .Hell Raiser II IAJ ,4 75 .Marks,,,., 55
III AGA) 4 78 .Kim Sutipsh IAJ 6001 .A-OCAE IAJ boa* .System 1
ester IAJ L007 .Test Plus *.*e IAJ LOI6 .Hume Business * tOHAJ
LO*3 .Banking I A)
1. 0*9 .Can Do tilth) IAJ 1X131 *£-light JIMhl IAJ IXJ33 .Cross
Oas IAJ (046 .Onkstat l*-5) IAJ L058 .Mag Creator I A) 1059
.OUi-SaKage IA) LOB8 . Label designer IAJ L10I .Data BmtvCal
IH IAJ 1,118 .Aorth C 1*1 IAI b 1*1 .Spmttl §hw»f IAJ Lit 31 *
Tetra Copy IAJ U137 rLfcdR (AJ 1140 .line, Kliter IAJ L144
.Amiga Fm OTP IAJ L145 .Xcapy Professional IAJ L'I46 ?£-Manual
I4J IAJ L150 .HOrk-Bvtsh Hacks IAJ L'I53 .Assoslqn Printer IAI
L’lbO .Odd Buskiesm Let IAJ
1. 109 .Point and Animate I A) LI7D .Biorhythm V4.0I IAJ
1) 177 .Ckstro-Cad V7.4 IAJ
I. 1BI .Video Mote Pad HI UIB6 .bit disk Creator IAJ b 191 .610 H
IAJ LI95 .Amlbose-Pro II IAJ UI9B .Scenery IAJ b**a .
Amos-Palnt IAI b**6 .50. Mmt tw LIH IAJ b**9 .Slide Const Kit
IAJ 1*31 .The Home lamer IAJ 1*33 .Speech Joy IAI b*37 *8
Channel S'Tracker 1*4* .tnpkzdet 4.0 IAI 1*50. Video Tool III
IAI U*55 .Graph* Come,ter IAJ IJ*61 . Jam Oisk ll-IOJ IAJ L*84
.Copy k Crack Tool IAJ L*87 ?£».£. 0 Postal 1*1 IAJ L300
.Messy Sid II IAJ L3II .Poner Logo IAJ L3I3 .Printer litlMy 3
L3*l .Graph* LtH [01 IAJ Dili * Power-Vlenues IAI U33* Graphic
Const Kit IAJ 6134 .Emulator CcM It IAI 1335 *ree Copy IAI
6337 .Model 30 IAJ 6338 .Multi Visions I IAJ 6339 .Multi
Visions * IAJ 6343 .little Offke IAJ 6350 .Puol Tool IAJ 635?
.Desk Jap Video IAJ 6350 .Text-tugks- V3.4 IAJ 635 »8ori
Appetlt IAJ 6358 *5tar Cat * IAJ U363 .Disk Repair Ml IAJ '
6364 .Home Account IAJ U36B .Amkash IAJ 03 0 .Caption Machine
L383 .Lyapxnou henatar IAI 6390 .(lata Bast: Pm.11 IAI 6391
.Fortran language I AJ 6394 *Pmtraker Vs * IAJ 1X397 .Form
Unlimited IAJ 6398 .Mortgage Co* IAJ 6399 .Frtnsrope VI.* IAJ
1) 401 .Plusl Issue JbhiJ IAI
1) 4*0 .Speed Bench 1*1) IAJ 04*4 .Sbdemoktt tWB* 3t I A) U42S .
1) 4*7 .Printer Studk) IAJ 6430 .SaunB Monitor I A)
1) 431 .Video Apkatjon 1*1 IAJ 6434 .Oracle l*J IAJ L44* rSyskifo
* 56 IAJ 6444 tfant Farm IAJ 6466 .0rape Vine I* 13] IAJ 6477
tOuatamass tip 1*1 IAI 6480 .Hard Disk Chck IAJ 6491
.Protrocker 3 J3J 6495 .Hard OW 6W» IAJ U505 .SaKagpRvpatt
kit IAJ 6507 .OCnpy 3 Pturi IAJ U509 .Ultimate Btblork I IAJ
6513 .Video Thier A l*J IAJ
1) 516 .Amos Fractal IAJ 6550 .Scenery lanst Kit IAJ 655
-4*%rtMin ftJtir Block IAI 6555 .CnxMAord Creator 6558 .braphk
Const Kit USS7 *Tnt Plus Y.4 IAJ 6568 .lean Const Kft l*J IAJ
6580 fttm rr But IAI 6581 .Magnet*. Pages IAJ 6584 tiVew
5t**?r Mtkr (A] 6001-1 .bomn 11-17) 6018 .Family Hin IIAJ
6019 HM fltmir bmn 0077 * Jeopards Mi 60 9 .Pat-Mon H7 IAJ
bllBI 5tnr-lrvkng 6084 .VHplAJ hlKfj .Ruyuv Paper 6088 .Tricky
Turn IAJ 0091 rVTklnq LhUrtx (,8'l* Ihi Sirr»* irm (4 0094
.Return tu Earth IAJ 6096 .PopegelAJ 0097 .Plotting IAJ OtOe
.Pipelines IAJ OIOO Uragnntlkm I A) GUM .Bug Blatter IAJ OIIO
.Mysterious World Gil* tCubuhn IAJ 01*7 .Oetenda IAJ 6IJB
.iHMPt Uutmt IAJ 0IS3 .Sealant* IAJ GI58 .Waste Land IA!
6166 *NO Atari Lands IAJ 617* .Ounqean Uurian 0174 .Prmvr Oamen I 617b *Nnmgr Camel IAJ 6*15 .Scrum Haters IAJ 6*** nWCgo * bamn IAJ 0**3 .Sutxlxnt IAJ 13**4 .Adam Family IAJ 0*30 .Oragan-Cavv IAJ 0*30 .Space4h*er IAJ 0*37.Scrabble IAJ 0*40 .Ouadrtx (4 0*4* .Take Cm Out IAJ 0*45 .Chrome IAJ 0*5* .Super Pat 9* IAJ 0*56 .Insider-Out) IAJ 0*59 .Crystal Caxvtns IAJ 06*0 .Property Market 0*05 .Subculture IAJ 0*00 * Trucking 1*1 6*09 .Menial Images I IAJ 6*70 . Mental knaye* * 0*7* .Tank Battle IAJ 0*74 .Mr Dug IAJ 0*70 .FnMlAtacJMne* IAJ 0*78 .Arcadia IAJ 6*93 .banv hakim 11431 IAJ 630* .Bounty
Hunter 6303 .Okmnalon X IAI 0305 .Squats Rexvngp IAJ 63*6 fVtQO dame tm III IAJ 63*9 .Madonna urir Put IAJ 6331 tbrmny IAI 0333 .Cffier-Metk IAJ
6334. Donkey Kanq 0335 .Crazy Sue H I 6339** Maria 034* *5. Skoda
Challenge IAJ 0344 .Star-Trek IAJ 0350 .Raid III IAJ 0351
.Caxnutiner IAJ 0356 .Wonder Land I A) 0301 .China
Challenge II IAJ 036* .Oetme Potman IAJ 0300 .Ctango Coker
IAJ 6367 .Card Games IAJ 037* *6ome-Boq Tetrir 6373 *AU Are
H IAJ 0374 .Styes TxMntriz IAJ 63BO .Shu* Cm bp IAI 6385
.811ly the Dragon IAJ 6389 .Casino hum IAI 0390 .Jetren IAJ
639* SlrihcboH IAJ 0393 .Bubble 6hast IAJ 6400 tHaMlmj
Hrtmnr IAJ 0401 .irr*pcs iai 6401 .Castle Abmta 4 0400
.Total Wars IAJ 6409 •Hbf It Same Oulz IAJ 0410 .Fatal
Mission IAI 0411 .Battle Car * IAI 6417 .** Puz le Cannes
IAJ 04** .Serene II IAJ 0435 .Raulete IAJ 0436 .Airport
6437 .Jumpy 6438 .Irakbiazer IAJ 0443 .(kemplarl Disk IP]
IAI 0446 .ObNdax IAJ 6449 .Empire I*) 6453 .Fire Fighter
IAJ b4S5 .Cattle at Onam IAI 0458 .Terhnotrun IAJ 6460
.WlUile Murk biddy IAI 0405 .Chess U IAJ 64 4 .Tap Oft he
I popup IAJ 64 8 .Amos Cricket IAJ 6404 .Mali ti Stkk Man
IAJ ZX SPECTRUM 48k & 50* original Specy Games Packt Tht*
h» thr vmj Idtnt (1.71 nut ran moth raster k nrIiiIp mnl.
Vou i an nvn prngran it Mto tf» urniln.il IX SPECRUM 48k -
RRIIUAM ALL AMIGAS [pi*.*. t«tn 0MV...E4.99 r 10*0 Mur LI
Oatabase A 10*1 .Story land U IAJ U ton .Language Tutor
IAJ Games compilations pack only E12.99 101 III** -I us-
Iulin 141 10*1 . ToNungLukJurlng IM fO*4 .fauj SpeN It IA)
' T £0*5 .Scrabble [ 10*6 »M on s M FO*7 .Ovnakl p FO*8
.Ariachm Astruluyy IAJ F0P9 .A ialm Astrology IAJ Super
vnVm 101 of great gone* pock IntludP [RA SUL IWAOER H.
tFTRI . BECTIWr TRAIN. UONOPOn and 96 more great gnmn etr.
Suitable for all ages & for all Amigas l £30 .Execution IAJ FB *10 TpM *10 bank’s t H .Kmjtlkk H E35 .Chess " IA] HeMer IM Tudor 141 i Tutorial IA1 30+ GAME PK 1 or i O-MLY E3.99 each I M it*s orpwinv qimlltij m ot)U « For all ages and for all Amigas IAJ F39 .Postman Pal IAJ 148 .Guide Ui Back T’atu | C4I .Kid Alphabet (AJ £4* .fraction k Sliquest IAJ E43 .Math Master (A) F44 .Steam Ermine V* IA) E45 .Pvtik EnmnelA) F4b .has lurtSnp Ingttw IA) £50 .Oreom for Angels IAI t',1 rlnvciWr WmkltM F5* .FM, To k, Skn £54 .OemaNt Mission IAJ £55 .MUrd Passer (A) £56 .MOrm Hale IAI tS 7 .Apple fat titer
IM £58 .Maze k Crupak IAJ £53 ?Vert OuU 141 F6l .King Jar ms Bltke A IM £66 .lamtt AIM (6? .Tarmt Oisk IAJ B It'll .r*khm IM vIM ASSASSIN GAMES PACKS Vol 1-115 Very hkjtity rated gomes rynyMatUe, tfusts m lexxetl In mast A nkirt nays. Cacti disk c uitmnn h’ltHwi *-0 e uliluli uuoMg gomes. F w fuU list uf the K5 SSl gome please or tie* ii liitntiMJ H’ Dish.
ALL AMIGA larder tnj dish no eg. Ass93 for Assassin dish 93 J MANGA ..anh Es!sa Brlfliant VtAVbA gain. Ankn. Demo [6 dUk) O-PAINT FONTS Pack ,? Or 3.un!g £+.95 ISO. Quaktu IfT rant. 4 Urnks per pack FS LOGO FONTS Park .*? Or 3 only £4.95 Ideal hu inqn headhnes 4 ksks per pack PAGE STREAM FU TS (G disks] .only £5.5 Ivfiy pay mare far quaNty fonts C, 6. FONTS for all major DTP [AlhkM EG 95 Another 7 iksks of quality C.6. fonts IJOOl .Shtmeiliaj Blrl 5 IAJ 0003 .Badytolk 1*1 IA) 0006 AH Calendar IVKJ IAJ 0007 .MGHTBHEEO IAJ 0009 Maria Hmttator IM 00*4 .Sabrina Special IAI 00*5 *01p Fhkinger
IAJ 00*0 .Madonna Fariy days DO*n Kathy Uagd* OUJO .Mega Maid’ IAI 0031 .Calecniar blrh IAJ 003* .Mayfak IAJ 0033 Mxopla I4l 0045 .Oirts of Sport I A] 0049 .Page 3 Girl IAJ 0070 *0an bon Chrim IAJ 0071 .Tina Smaa IAI AI79 *TI» LKMg Wink) IA) 4107 .Peril at the deep I IA) AI88 .Peril of the Deep * I A) 4 90 * lernknator II 1*1 IAI 14 93 *Vphm* Camk IM 4 95 .Real 301*1 IAJ A197 •Star Trek t*J AJ 4*00 . Man Flights IA) 4*0* .Fractal Antm IA) A*05 .Honet Skk, IA) A*07 'Vm Lemmings A*08 .lady A the Tramp IA) 4*09 .Mr Potatoes AJ A*11 Copter Flight IAJ A*13 .Cannon Flight IAJ A*ib .Madam* Hi 13)
IAJ A*IB .Mare Areotoan IAJ A**0 tbhmlUf Amm 4**1 •James Mftoles 4nlm A**5 t5 Wag Kin Mue * (AJ 4**0 .Me* VI IA) 4*30 .Ton Murh 30IAJ A*31 .AHetu IAI A*3* .Heath Fight Ik* IAI 4?3E Uhlzzer . [hip IAI 4*41 .Super Pk II-311 A) A*50 .Clmnpl 4* A*5* .Space rUght Ankn IAJ 4*55 *Bart 5lrnp«»i (3) IAJ 4*58 .Creep Slum IA) 4*60 .trrditj Dead IAJ 4*0* .Star Irek IAJ 4*65 .Let Me Out I k * IAJ 4*66 . Colour Cycle 4*80 .Off Ik* 1*1 IAJ 4*88 .Saturn Fly By IAJ 4*89 .Reflection IAJ 4*911 .Ihristmas Antm IAJ A*93 .Manga Can* l*J IAJ A*9b .lyclK Art IA6AJ 4*99 .Frk Snort z IAI AJOO *Vnta Pm 1*1 IAI 430* .
Cat Skdesfum IAI 4306 t Tornado 14641 i A311 *Colour demo IAJ 43 4 .Scenery Ankn 1*1 IAI 4317 .Rocking Robot IAJ 43*0 .One [41X41 4334 .dolphin dream IAJ 437* .Rodens A km 1*1 IAJ 4375 .Mootnhlne l*MgJ IAJ 43 6 .6 of I Prisoner IAJ A377 .FUjht Mem Hut l*MHM A 178 .5*mt Re enge l*MJIAJ 43 9 .ITmUitn 1*1 4383 .AcKenture Oscar IAJ [69 . Trvdsuiv If op [70 . Math OriNs (AJ E71 fErwr Infv IM E73 .Pk tun. K Letter IAJ £74 .4nkga Begin lukdp IAJ EX .Wort) War * JAJ MUSIC LLIPAR1 M0C7I tOenstij Hmjs IAJ MOO* . Mkhael Jackson IAI M001 ’Do Tlw Hartman IAJ MOOS .ton C64 Tunes MOIB . The Xmas Sana 1*1 IM
W0*0 .Laurel t. Hardy 1*1 IM MO*5 .Money far Sathkng IAJ M0*6 .Matt JhH Way Rrnm IAJ MCI*9 .Safe Sex Oerm IAI MOB .Hvttij Baa I*) IM M035 * Arse-W hie IAJ it PM* I CAD! .Colour Canaan ro 5 -IS InjMrt 0-5) 10*4 .Harlequin Vbl I CO*5 . Hariequk, Voi * C0*6 .Harlequin Vktm I CD3D .fonts A Surf ore 10*7 .Oynankte Fonts I 10*7 .dynamite Fonts * CD*8 • A rnoft Font I Up I 110*9 .Aimoft Fnnt Ilf) * 11030 • Vmintn Font i £07 .CMJv Fan Chpart CD3* .Olaney Chport 11033 . Camk Chpart Q34 .Space Chpart COX .GHenlte fonts 131 E043 .RHkfait k ogn 1044 .Inina ll p 4,1 I 1051 .IHp Art Vo ll-*fJ1 CIO! .IFF
Pk apart H-*41 1IAJ I Note. Ths s not PO Srrnu tttos bc*M are we* J titw Ivtr pnee 6 al gerr« am trgml. Cam n to I ? Nvtnticns RMP UH.95 or rnre I I I Cloud Kingdom ......£3.99 I I Combo Racer .£3.99 I I Europe Connict .....£3.99 I I Defender of the Crown ......£3.99 j ~ Falcon ? Mission Oisk £6.99 [ Footballer of the Year E ...£4.50 ! Hero Ouest I ..£6.99 (? Free Tha Witch Lord Hq E) j Jane Seymour ......£3.99 j Manlx £4.50 | Mind
Bender ..£3.99 | Moonshine Racer ..£3.99 | N.A.R.C ..E3.99 | Narco Policies £3.99 | Night Breeds .£4.99 | Ninja Turtles ..£4.99 I Pang ..£4.93 I Puzznic ..£3.99 I Resolution 101 ......£3.99 I Rnbncap? .....E4.99 ¦ 5.0.1 ..£5.99 "I Skate War .....£3.99 j Thunder
Strikes ....£3.99 Venus The Fly Trap £3.99 Video Kid £3.99 l World Champion Squash ...£3.99 M040 .Secret Pmi Ban (*HM M058 .Sat Pepper disk 1*11 Al MOO* . The Rau 6m Oemo 141 Stub3 *Chubby Rrtmn IM VI07* .Madonna IAJ MOTE .TAmmsm) IA) MOB4 .(64 Games Music IAJ
* 1093 AlUhH I HP IAJ MI07 .Flash bar dm, 1*1 IAJ MII5 iMahunty 6
Kaktus * IAJ Ml** .the Verio Mix IAJ Ml*3 .Home i Amtg.Bread
IAJ 1 Ml*5 .Adanrt family IAJ MI3I .4m,ga Chart III IAI MIX
.kejrumm Meyauux IAJ , MI47 .H.inqk* IA) U MI50 .tiffany IM
M153 .XmasSkn* Col IM M154 .KijIipa 1*1 IM M156 .CD Player IA)
M15B •Out taring Tardts IAJ Ml60 .1 am too Sexy !*l IAJ M 66
.OO i It Obscene * IAJ M107 .Ooh It Obscene 3 IAJ tt08 .Rocks
V, RuN IAI MI71 .Madonna IvirymJ IAJ Ml77 .Pet Shop Boy 4 Tune
IAJ Ml 1)4 .Samfox Phase MeHA) Mltth .ModnntK, IrescueJ IAJ
MIBB rJoe le Tail IAJ MI94 . Jesus One s 1*1 IAI VI*30 ..Mm
Musk fl-IS) M*6* .A ml 104 Junes 14) IAI M*74 .ISO Techno
Mardor IM M*7G rVKald 4 Seams, M*93 .Bach Cucsertu £6 4 MJI4
.Ork Truy 1*1 IM M317 .Freddy Rapp IAI MlIB
.VtetnrMknaruWpro Wl I FONTS FOOl .F5 Font IIS) 1015 .deluxe
Paint Font I £016 .Orkixe Pairrf Font * FD17 .deluxe Paint Font
1 F01B .OekiiP Pam Font 4 10*0 .Hok Font 111 i F0*3 .(nmputir
Fun Fait I FO*4 .Carvp tvr Cue Font * | FO*5 .Fork u rant
Volume I £040 .OIqI Font ink me I £045 .Mega Font Vohwne I
.psToo "u f - F070 .Paqntfvam Ivnt H-6J HEX) £050 .C.6. Font [I
njuJaHII.9) 5001 Sa f* SI ViK 5 5 Vtegn VlwkJM [1-6) 5171
House Stsiple* 4 517* House Samples 8 5173 House SanykesC Sl 4
ta w Mb. Vho.wf 5 75 Katye Sample IJ) 5*01 ST Modules [01-401
540 V Vim*** [I-1) |lM itiuin 11-5) i ABOVE IS OXLY A SMALL
9 From Outer Space £7.99 ? Fns.* Vueus Fvil Feotue F+n 16 Bit
Hit Marhlnes ...£6.99 Sff* Care. Sodt. Swtrh
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FI Xenon * Etwat Cam ftrk (kat rtxa.
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Goods are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale and are available on request Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice All prices include VAT.
Credit Cards not debitod until goods are shippod E I« Electronic Arts Although it’s now one of the more mature Amiga simulations. Inte:e--: I its way into the collection and the hearts of many potential avia-1 I ver since man has walked the earth, he has been perplexed and obsessed with I flight and the ability to defy gravity. The awakening of this dream was triggered I initially by birds. The Egyptians worshipped them as gods, as did the Incas, Mayans and many other early high-tech cultures.
The Greeks were probably the first to write about flight when they told the tragic tale of Icarus and his doomed maiden voyage, simulating the flight of a bird.
As we follow a path through the annals of history, conquering his inability to transcend to cloud level has been man’s greatest single desire.
The artist Leonardo Da Vinci designed the first prototype helicopter, and the Montgolfier brothers craned our necks a little nearer to the stars, by defying gravity with the first flight in a hot air balloon.
But, it wasn't until the turn of our present century on that fateful day at Kittyhawk that the Wright brothers finally satiated the desire.
Following this significant breakthrough, mankind really rolled his proverbial sleeves up and got stuck in. Frank Whittle develops the jet engine, bi-planes became mono-planes which in turn have become delta-winged supersonic craft capable of breaking the sound barrier.
For a privileged few, the sky really has become the limit, and that's the way it was set to stay until the technology race in home computers began.
For the majority of us, the chance of piloting any sort of flying craft used to sit only in our wildest dreams. Whether it be the cost, the ability or the practical availability doesn't really matter, because the realisation of the obsession is still a runway to far.
Until recently, that is. Computers mean that flight really can take place in your front room. There's is no mystery as to why flight simulators have been developed so intensely for home, civil and military use. The answer's very simple and lies in the very first paragraph - we are, and always will be, obsessed with flying and its emulation.
So, without further ado, let's zip up our bomber jackets, adjust the chin straps on our helmets and peruse our instruments, while we indulge in a few pre-flight checks down memory lane.
Domark Here's an unusual departure for a flight simulator on the Amiga. For one, it's the only attempt to replicate a craft that is capable of VTOL, and secondly Harrier asks more of you than the normal pre-set missions you normally get in a flight sim.
One aspect of your role is to command a landing force of US troops in hostile terrain. The other is to control a squadron of Harrier jump jets.
Set on islands around south-east Asia, your job is to offer support for the invasion force as they push further inland, and protect them from both air and land-based enemies. Harrier contains all the hardware and options you've come to expect from the newer breed of Amiga simulators The Harrier being a Vertical Take Off and Landing craft, the control system takes some getting used to when you first take the helm.
Nevertheless, it doesn't take too long before you get used to the fact that you can practically hover and land as a chopper might.
Constructed from a variety of vector polygons, the graphics in Harrier Assault are as competent as the majority of flight sims.
Harrier is most playable, and will be best utilised by true enthusiasts who can devote the time this accurate simulation needs. Harriers only downfall is that the 3D engine seems to struggle on normal low end Amigas, and is probably best played on larger accelerated machines like the A3000 and A4000.
I in 1dftd, It came to many of us early Amiga owners by Virtue :¦ IH was part of one of the first titles to be featured as a bund * package. Designed by leading flight simulator Bob Dinnerman. Intercept: was the first to give you the choice of fe more than one jet.
Set over the skies of San Fr c co, you have the option of flying the F- 18 Hornet or the much celebrated F- 6 Fighting Falcon. Based either on i carrier or land, Interceptor sends you oi progressively more challenging missions, from the learner mission of Identifyingvan unknown jet through to successfully sinking an enemy submarine.
.interceptor sits heavily on the Entertainment side of simulation. There are t manoeuvres that you can pull off in interceptor that the military wouic I green with envy for.
Nevertheless, Electronic Arts freely admit that Interceptor is more of a i sim, than a realistic seat in a cockpit Mthough the graphics are a little dated, with simple polygons to display ngs and fairly slow screen updates with the enemy plane very ofter appearing al a speck, th play doesn't suffer profusely. Likewise, the ht area and missions me a little restricting, but Interceptor still has a I to ofter. It was one of the innovatoos of such things as external _its highly playable and ij ROUND-UP [The world of the civil airliner has seldom been undertaken for the Amiga. So, it was a
welcome release when Thalion revealed their simu-1 IIS' • ' - - nation of a medium range, fly-by-Wire modem airliner the A320 Airbus. »- rj Obviously, it's a far cry fronf the electric world of the jet fighter- m j.rjSfq] Lind lacks the thrills of aerial com&at (unless you get hijacked that i5), £5jS~-- •j'jf put is regarded as one of the mot realistic simulations to grace dte Umiga. J _ _T A320 comes in two packages, one based in Europe and the other newer addition sits [itself in the United States.
Programmed by an ex-Luftwaffy pilot, you start in the briefing room, setting your pav- Uoad, route details, freight and fueL You can even set the height of the cloud base which determines the use of your ILS system.
Also, at the higher levels of this Emulator, weather takes its course and means you have to plan an alternative flight path to dvert to.
Graphically, while Airbus's visuals are realistic, they aren't worth writing home about.
[Your view is from the left-hand side of the control panel. However, function keys divert you to other alternative views.
The ground detail is also very spartan, but manages to convey the general impression of Lin airport. Sound, while limited, is effective enough and the engines were actually sampled [from the genuine article.
These things apart, Airbus is a totally accurate representation of a modem passenger air- ttiner. It requires you to react and co-ordinate all of the necessary equipment at the correct [times from take off through to landing procedures.
While not containing as many thrills itnd spills as many of the flight sims on the market, [Airbus is a fine exploration of civil transportation which is worth spending some time with.
If you take into consideration the fact that, 1987, it features an of realist and gamcplay.
Falcqnaisocame with two mission .ii which featured enhanced graphics, extra l 'atures joystick response during The original program sat vou in the desq idlk)vncre in the Middle East. Here you could trail fly missions against enemy or pttacW m; installations. Following on from Falcon, the mission disks put you into a full-blown war zone. Your job w as to .
Air domination agaia«t M*G-21s and dreaded 29s, then slow down the enemy war effort and keep their t from over-running your runway.
Giraphicallv Falcon is excellent. From the smoothness of the screen update to the detail and accuracv of the cockpit, Falcon is a morejjin adequate performer The sound effects are also very effective, whether it be the whistle of the Gatling gun, the hiss o' a missih .is it roars away from its housing and engages itselFor the raw power of the afterburners cuttiugrtl'.
F alcon also features a black box option which allows you to retrace the footsteps of you a ancy Flight simulators have always been big business in the home computer market, for games players and enthusiasts alike. Simon Clays demists his goggles, takes a retrospective look and sorts the best from the rest 2000 MicroProse Lntil a year ago the definitive helicopter simulation would have been a toss up between Thunderhawk or 2000's older brother, the original classic C.unship. Times have moved on and MicroProse programmers have given birth to a new prodigy. Gunship 2tXX) puts you at the
controls of a range of the world's deadliest helicopters.
Once you've trained yourself up from squaddie, you can choose to fly in central Europe or the Persian Gulf. After you've been assigned to a region, 2(XK) has a wide range of missions that will be offered to you by the CO.
Gunship 2000 has all the normal munitions screens and maps, but what really sets it aside is the graphics. For Gunship 2000 MicroProse dev eloped a completely new 3D engine which incorporates an updated terrain mapper which gives contour to the landscape.
The ground detail is also brimming with life and contains a rich array of roads, tunnels and even the odd camel. Once you reach higher ranks it's possible to gain promotion, have a unit of choppers at your disposal and get the chance to fly the deadly Apache gunship.
Gunship 2000 is fast, as realistic as you wish to render it, and packed with a basket full of explosive action. You have all the normal external views and zoom options, plus an excellent missile cam* era which sits you on the front of your warhead as it hunts its quarry. MicroProse have come up with the best flight simulator of any type for the Amiga. Its fast-paced action and graphical quality make it a must for any flight enthusiast.
Icon was released m i g an ; m bn m • a mrirt « r *»% •»' ' ¦¦ 1 head via a modem cab With different difficulty degree's and a fuji range fighter sims available to Amiga owners, especially as all three of ranks to fly at. Falcon is one of l all three come at budget prices now.
HoloBvtp THE F-16 FIGHTER SIMULATION Fighter Duel Pro If you're a herd-bitten sim veteran, the appeal of launching yet another heat seekers from 25 miles out may well be wearing a little thin. After all, It's hard to get excited about a few pixels suddenly vanishing from a radar screen.
If the aforesaid cap fits what you really need is a copy of Fighter Duel Pro. Now I’m not saying it's for everyone, but if your primary interest is in-fight realism, it s unbeatable.
As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics aren't exactly breathtaking.
However, it’s only when you're at the controls that you experience the most realistic in-flight experience in the business.
Even on an A500 it's smooth as silk and when this is combined with incredibly accurate flight characteristics of both yourself and the opposition, the meagre graphics are soon forgotten.
However depending on your point of view the program does have one major Jaegar Software fault. Put simply, it does what it does, namely ultra realistic dog-fighting - and little else. You're given the choice from a variety of prop-driven fighters for yourself and either one or two opponents. You can mix and match to you hearts desire assigning an appropriate skill level to each bogie.
During combat the bad guys are exactly that swooping, diving, attacking and evading with a degree of realism which drags you into the action like no other sim on the market.
As for control analogue is best - in combination with a decent mouse to handle the throttle and rudder. Like every other dog-fight sim head to head combat is supported either vie modem or direct link. It’s even possible to use a second Amiga to supply a constant rear view of the action.
Basically if you enjoy realistic close-up combat and can live without fancy graphics it's quite simply the best seat of the pants flight sim on the market.
¦ ROUND-UP Reach for the Skies pushes you back through the mists of time to World War II, or the summer qf 1940 to be precise, during the Battle of Britain.
Programmed by Rowan Software, the company behind Flight of the Intruder, the first decision to thrash out is which side to fight for. You can become part of the illustrious Luftwaffe, or play the backs-to-the-wall role of the RAF.
Once that decision has been taken, much of the game time is spent In the air. Unlike many simulations, control is taken for an entire squadron, with the option to flit from plane to plane at a whimsy.
The 30 is very effective and fairly speedy, although for best results it's best played on one of the high-end machines.
Reach for the Skies also features a full range of external 30 viows and a zoom option.
Flight while highly playable, isn't one of the most realistic of simulations and control of your Spitfire or Me-109 is relatively simple.
Reach for the Skies does however contain many nice touches. For example, after every flight you have a full replay option. You also have the ability to start missions from mid-air and you can also accelerate time.
Reach for the Skies should have received higher accolades, and would have done, if not for glitches in the programming which has resulted in several bugs.
Niggles aside, RFSK i9 Still quality entertainment and still sits proudly in the hangar of fame.
Flight simulators for the military and civil airlines are perhaps older than the majority of us would believe.
As early as World War II, gunners on bombers were trained in replica gun turrets, shooting at screens which had enemy fighters projected on to them, with a camera recording where the bullets would have struck.
Since then things have progressed somewhat.
Pilots now train in multi-million pound hydrauli- cally-powered cockpit replicas, which train pilots more safely and reletively cheaply.
In the simulator world, if a crew put their 747 down short of the runway, they might well have to swallow their pride but they'll live to talk about it, and the airline can still fly its airliner.
There are versions for almost every type of commercial plane flying today. Inside the instrumentation and flight envelopes are reproduced exactly.
Today's simulators are so accurate that some What do the big boys play with?
Knights of the Sky MicroPros Knights of the Sky switches away frocr high powered jet engineering and the pin-point accuracy of modern missile technology and flips the calendar back to days gone by.
Gone are the fire-and-forget missiles which obliterate an unseen enemy, and vanished are the oh so helpful HUDs which keep you up to date with everything around.
In fact, in Knights of the Sky all you'i left with is a pair of leather gloves. Son5 goggles and a rickety bi-plane.
KOTS is a World War I simulator puts you right in the thick of it. Fightini on the Western front. Once you're fufr* trained, you can fly a whole variety of missions in one of up to 20 different ¦ planes and mono-planes.
The missions vary from supporting i bombing run, through to buzzing Ze| in a balloon-bursting exercise.
As you progress through the you are updated with information al other enemy pilots in the region. If fancy your chances in aerial comber, then you can lay down the gauntlet hunt for them, In your own search for KOTS features graphics that are effectively rendered and planes that fairly smoothly. In the sound ment, there isn’t a great deal, but is there is adequately dealt with.
By far the most exhilarating to KOTS is the dogfighting. Bee the range and accuracy of the machine guns, you have to fly ck the opposing fighter to score any You also have the tricky flight trol of a bi-plane to combat and come. All of this gives you a sense of achievement when you give of grey plumes of polygon With a multitude of external and chase views, an action mode and a new budget price of the Sky is a very worthy your flight sim collection.
Pilots are able to convert from one jet to another on the ground, and then take their new plane into the air without any further training.
The leading edge of simulation is in the hands of the military who are utilising the technology of virtual reality to throw their pilots into war zones which are frighteningly real.
These VR simulators are bringing a new level of realism which give the pilots a true insight into both the conditions and the brutality of modern war.
Nj iiii, niiiiyu iiuj piuyiuuuuu umm i w iiuiv mrwruv more adept at programming so the standards has improved.
Er. In the last 12 months a ceiling seems to have ached? The technology inside a standard Amiga has been utilised to the full and the polygons can’t move any faster or become any more detailed . . « If we look across the showroom carpet over at the PC market, it's cleflf to see that PC simulators lead the way. Rather than t f Olygons ftith colour and definition limitations, Pcs are moving detailed bit-mapped objects around the screen at a very realistic and rapid rate.
Nev!?goft llMlifMHMkKund. Recent like the CD32 withitspla flfflave brought promise of a new breed of flight simulator.
Cheshire based DID have been working on the much AMOS-The ultimate programming tool AMOS Professional AMOS Pro. Compiler
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• Simple to use - compiles in seconds.
• Includes latest update to AMOS Professional Easy AMOS An
ultra-friendly easy-to- use beginners’ guide to programming.
Helps you create impressive graphics, scroll text and add music to your creations.
• Essential for the more experienced programmer.
• Vastly enhanced version of the original AMOS.
• Includes 650 page manual to get you started.
Write programs, create games, produce impressive graphical effects, scroll text, the list is endless... If you're a complete beginner or an advanced programmer, AMOS is for you.
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Nis is a tups It) educational packago tor cfudran ft adults Tins one is so bo it tuppt«o on Tma* disks and is prtc*d at only £4 99 ?
CLU03 TVPINQ TUTOR A program tore now lor all you budding otlica darks, warning S3 typa can bd a real pain, lassons cost a tortune. But not wtien you have an amsja I This program aMI lake you Map by step through a hM typing course, showing where to place your lingers and lots more Before long you II be able to type as last as I can I Price £3 50 • CLU032 POWERTEXT 2 Tni a a superb ft powerful wordprocesaing program featuring emoedded command*, automat* saving. Mall morgng. Bull in spelling checker, user deAnabfo function keys.
TYOfOYrrappno ft iruch much moral You wil probably never reed any more than ms super product' Needs 1 mg ot ram 1 (tshft.SO * CLE15 FAST FRET By Keith Klatworthy. This program is a guitar scales tutor the very ihng tor the budding lean guitar ' WN play the scales through the Anugas sound chip anth a|ustmant or speed tor every level ol skill requradl Thsre are many oxercises m many scales so you loo can become Bie next rock legend!
Suppaed on one doA pneed 3 50 • CLE029 PREHISTORIC FUN PACK Tns is a superb title contamng lour tun dwoaaur games. Omoeaoer a Hitt puma flftme Dinosaw IS a jigsaw memory ft caves is Pie old favourite snakes ft coaecsng game* I dek 3.50.. CL(j022 SPARX STOCKING FILLERS by LanTucker. 3 super seasonal games lor ad the lankly1 ChrtsmaFg it a testlve version ot thngMnayg with six pcture puziles to sort outl Christmas pairs is a traditional ‘pairs- game ft Santas sleigh nde is a sideways scroter where you have to deliver presents down chimneys' 1 dsfc 3 50.. CL0030 CAPTAIN K This It an exelent
platform game The op|ett gf the game a to colact Ml fie items scattered around each level ft kill all the mgnjiets. For But purpose rou have an unamned supply ot bombs, which when thrown, bounce lor a short time More exploding kinng any monsters nearby11 dsk 3 50 .
CLG041 FI RACER Tns «a very protassional game. 3d graphics hi a Formula one Type vein at wew«d Tom me diving seal. Speed e subject to the
* peed c* your machine it realty rooms on an Amiga 4000*) Lots
ol tun lor anyone who likes dnvtng games with super graphcs A
sound! Vary impfesswe game t disk 350 .
CLG442 CRYSTAL SKULL Tns was written as a commercial nttiu but was never ralusrt' It la A M 3d role pUrymg 'Oungeon Master- type game, apeak to passers by. Ml lham. MvActigau any one ol 4 pyramids with alt its ghosts ft gobiins The will keep up your interest tor ages! T disk 3 50.
IIRnfl'.Y DINOSAURS Superb b CLE07 TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING 2 disks 4 50 4 CLEC* NIGHT SKY Exellenl guide to the stsrs. T Usk 3 50 .
CLEM WOROS ft LADDERS Good spoiling program 1 ask 3.50 .
CLE10 BASICALLY AMIGA guide to Amgodos' 3 asks 4 991 .
CLE11 LE T‘S LEARN For chidren of 5-7 years, i dek 3 50 * CLE12 ALPHABET TEACH speltng program lor the kids't disk 3 50.
CLE13 NOME DREW Create your own brews' 1 disk 3 50 • CLE 14 TOTAL CONCEPTS ECOLOGY Learn ecology 3 daks 4 99 .
CLE 16 KINGS ft QUEENS A history lesson! 2 asks 4 SO .
CLE 17 THIMGAMAJIG An electrorsc jgsaw I disk 3 50 .
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CLE23 MlNO VOUR LANGUAGE mprove speech I dek 3.50 .
CLE24 SPEED REAOWG Testt your readng speed 2 disks 4 50 .
CLE25 CHORD COACH This Is a Superb Piano Tutor. 1 ask 3.50 * CLE26 SNAP An educational game for languages, t ask 3.50. • CLE27 CAT T Superb Tarot reeding program 2 disks 4 SO1 ?
CtE28 FUN WITH CUBBY 6 superb flames lor kids' 1 ask 3 50.. CLE30 PEG A PICTURE Make pictures with pegs 1 disk 3 50 .
CLE32 SPITFIRE' The legendary WWII hghtorl 2 0|kg 4.50., CLE 33 MESSER SCHMITT BF109 And the German' 2 disks 4.50 ?
CLE34 YOUR FIRST PONY All you need lo know! 2 asks 4.50 • CLE36 THE TIME MACHINE Teaches kids »tel time 2 disks 4 50 .
CLE37 DISCOVERY AMERICA Leam about |h* USA' 1 daft 3 JO ?
CLE38 HOME INVENTIONS inventions since 1750 2 d*ks4 SO .
CLE39 MY LITTLE ARTIST colouring book NW98 Img 2 OttkJ 4 50 .
CLE40 BOREALIS JUNIOR Drawing tor young chidren 1 fflsk 3 50.
CLE41 BASICALLY MEDICINE QgoO h«lp Yfllh llrst Bid' 2 4 50* CLE42 COMPOSITION Photograph Tutorial ask. 1 dek 3 50.
CLE43 AMOS LANGUAGE QUIZ Htips Mam Amo* i disk 3 50* CLE44 PORTRAITURE 2nd photo tutorial program t disk 3 50.
CLE43 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 Aroltiy- 7 ftf NOS gamn' I 0W 3.50» CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Oood tor educaton 1 disk 3 50 .
CLE47 SEA SENSE LWKTI all BbPUl t»»»'t d l 3 50 • CLE48 ROCKET MATHS Easy malhs tor kids' 1 ask 3 50 - CLEM DRATY2.4 nuntcasiert Translator, needs! Smg 2 disks* 50.
CLU0I VIDEO TITIER Create video tides1 1 disk CLU&4 ALFHAGRAPH lor producing Bar ft Pie charts etc' 3 50.
CLU07 PHILO Simple to use database system, t disk 3.50 • CLUM PLAY ft RAVE2 Musk module linker. 2 disks 4 50- ClUtO POWER ACCOUNTS aooouni statements, etc 3 50 .
CLU11 CALC VI very usetU spreadsheet program! 1 disk 3 50 .
CLU12 VIRTUAL WINDOWS Notebook Address bookt disk 3 50 .
CLU13 DATOS A powerful database many restores. 1 ask 3 50 - CLU14 STOCK CONTROLLER Keep track ol stocks t disk 350 - CLUI5 EPOCH VI calendar la Anvga.1299 yr dary t dlsk3 50 • CLUlft CROSS STITCH good needlowork program.1 disk 3 50 .
CLU17 LC10 FONTS Nice loots for Star LC10 printer! 1 ask 3 50 • ClU18 LC200 FONTS Fonts for your LC200 printer! 1 ask 3 50 .
CLU19 LC24 FONTS Foot* lor your Star 24 pn printer 1 dsk 3.50 - CLU20 CANON BJ10 Super Fonts tor Bubbleiet task 3 50.
CLU21 INVOICE MASTER Sort out your rrvoices' 1 dak 3 50 ?
CLU22 HARD DRIVE MENU Supeib hard ttlva utitoy't disk 3 50.4 CLU23 Fi5 ANIM BRUSHES Needs D pwntl t ask 3 50 .
CLU24 RED LOTUS ANIM BRUSHES Needs D Pant i disk 350 .
CLU25 STARFIGHTER ANIM BRUSHES For Dpaint 2 disks 4 50 • CLU26 STAR VOYAGER ANIM BRUSHES tor DP*nt3 diskss 4 99.
CLU27 IMAGE BASE Shnpto authonng package 1 ask 3 50 • CLU28 CREATIVE AO VENTURE TOOLKIT Needs Imb chip 350.
CLU29 G F X Graphcs convertors sprite eators etc' 1 ask 3 50.
CLU30 DRAW SELECTOR V2 pools predcaon prog 1 ask 3 50.
CLU31 FLOWCHARTER For creaaon ol ftowcharls' 1 ask 3.50. CLU33 AM TurTlON Create WB3 took ft lee progs task 3 50.
- ------------ CLOOAMOTOROUELpoMMopIKMG flan- 14.1 ISO.
ClQit All Oaiils SLATING 2 piii ovd.r-od«d- iMkl.SO. CLOU BULLDOZER BCS Odd- icmen ol BtxAA' I da* 340 .
CLOU 8CNK SMART*HEAD C ait pwnom flin-f I «a »S0 .
CLOlSSPlOOGE THE ESCAPE pulrt. P*4hjnr-' ’ 01. 330.
CIOA CRYSTAL MAS A ¦* • puma oxm*1 1 dt* » SO .
CLOT7 IMBRIUW C*»Atnlpaphc adn-hnl 'dd)».
CIQ1A SMAN 29 Gu*M 8X1 though 370 to i! 1All ISO .
CLOTS STELLAR ESCAPE V-TK4I moot * n lo ] dUa 4 »« .
CLOIOJUNCUE BUNGLE Mca ad ntwn gan ' 1 Si* 3 M. t CLOI1 FLOWER PCMftROmbMsraCuflAaaiimiT dak ISO.
CLQ23MARVW TMI MARTMNAmualypaflvna. dW4 3 60.
Cl Oil EAST MCMEV KP WM imjUKT |M« 4ut i a 3| 3 W CL02S WHITE RABBITS IN* • A flood (ujla paral I AHA 3 K .
Clcar. MONSTER ISLAND DunflMn Mi|i- gn"r 1 IMP. 3 30 1 CIG28 TRIE RET Oaira pMpad oval 4 Rna Liw al 1 dp S SO .
CLOMBKLTBAU Good Id damme flan-1 Iddiso.
CIG31 DR TV RACKE TS1 tan gm on W 1 Snifllaa* J 90 Cioai 7 SLOCKS nop dw taiaifl bUMf I dak JSO .
CUUJ BAT O ROOMS 2 (Mym bat A MA ptRd T OM 33»t Ctosa CVBEFNET Sda-aya acraRtig mod am up • da* 2 50.
CLQ» 00 hllHIBV cantw latu-a pitt-nd' I dak 3 40 .
ClGifi tUW Aid amf agna fltl P lUwwenPM t da* J (0 .
CLOMOUMGO va00 ta pub tn jo I on* ISO .
AOM CYBAU3 SMV om irrcucfl A •« ITMIBI t MI 3 Hi Clfiao TRAX A mil naoni -p . Dit-arca' 1 dak ISO.
PU910 ARP 1.1 AmoMd. MuwMr PWJ12 A8I 0»wriiuit5 QnWltCA CoffHtlori Al RUMS ASI SOOT Utwmf Sb»a 4«» uUUM . 1 PUOJ1 C-UGHT RAT TRACER Oood nm. V wawpWOTtfia mIie* dimwt . R POOH CURSER BASIC COAMH EM MM,« PU03TOCOPTIHMPOMcop*. A mr .'
Pvnt nw is* ihshmw m sum a tti • t PU0S1 CLCCTROCAO OCMO milMHI .
P JC« ORAPHKS UTXIT** Vwtou* Mtc worn* PV9BINAMIAS ntO VLHCanvtrt VOS PcxtrT 1 PUMA HANOOMVt OTAS NRBtc.up S fMMafc S PUMA KONMAMU K«n A ¦» U V nnn COW Cranw p«Md icom U T PO«A CKOTK WPP EH VI10 Sowoflracfew npp .• RU347 RAVf GENERATOR Kg niHnaltri mm PUMA 8PEE0 UTILS IMM H.4ACI. S-ooe A PUMA NCOMMVSOATIm HIM WIWCOMM .
PU»t tUNUEISHCR r-h AMMM I *40 il-ct-dl .1 PUMi AS ru DISK OM OH pfoanm* nraing v mm PUIOJ HP ft IOC t Catmmi Hobu l jvvr*. Dn. , -¦ PulftJ TAB MASTER IW teOuiaf Iran*Iso. P.m * HUJM SUPCHOAMl Suf-rt. A UMAl KM. Bmr PUJS7 CANON PSMT jYuWO A M Aw BJ omn .
PUJM PRO PAGE HELP CMS* liMml, uwM «M -• PUHO MHOS (MO Soon ilhcll but iSoC Owy1 * PUMI XPK UNMEUKx util a «WT«..MU.I p-w PUMA A me A BLITT UmIuI m C Mara«mrai . I PU3M SSI UTILS »Ul H MU1 *ul uwU uM»- .1 PimyPtWWTUTMUtool PUHSAI1.IMI PUMA ¦PAOBSASB WUNTSM SmrSlim WrCUgk* PUMA TV TITLES OCMO «*¦ » TiNno liwn -•
• UntRinUllikMMlmMiMjLvT PUI71 AMOS PMMTER NOUTME F w eon Aim
preo» Pum i PARNCT SOFTWARE IMIAMM' |7|.V PUJ74 taoe UTU
llbnmiM umi-v'.Y PU1TA OHAPHPRO VI I Sh.m-.rn viphKn praoi -
PUJA1 SPECTRUM IARA-ATORVI 7 wer X ¦ on AtV- • • Puiei
suprnvMivrn .?4 4111 n .14..H.1.1 PUMO MONO UY1UTK9 Sul-, -wd
*int* 551 i| PUMA THE OCNEOLOOIST 3-4 P4M.I, Irillll .'
PUMA If MMMQS I MO bi.MA.., ,um -h4« you md.- PU3AA KITE SMULATOR TA« enl| end 4vnlM44n' ,v PUS87 ReORO A oood A Hardd-A oplmiefi .1 Puma 1200 mo p«ep fw 411110a nmo'» PUMA HO CLICK Thd U4d4l Vdm-nl .T PUMI 0UM8V3 FRACTAL OtNCRATOftS A «MR PS002 ADVANCE MAM RaaAy llunrUnfl u V pwm Ancfurr si or «ci oi iqhmt ahobi .t PS00A ASTRONOMT SLIDE vnr, mpmatlml.i PSOIS BORN TO BE FREE -Ad am* .T PMU GERMAN RAT TRACE Supars Sda IhAflA la PSOat KELL* S3 Soaw aualn. NAM pd m .V PSAM NEWTEK OTNAANC NAM AkMl2 40M caMw Bd P9M2 m DTNAMC MAM Nk BMARIA lupaW QUAII PS9T2 SUPSR NAM CARS Tha - • a l Mnatl. V psoaa
sonk s Bupam o-ham aoaa cai » c.. PSIOI ANAlOOUt SLOt Rdf Hand RMI *Msl .V PRIM DYNAMIC Haiti 2. 4 TmlaaltC auaPdr aaiml.
Psier ALCATRA2 MUSEUM jupllB pflAuiaaf.
P3113 Tnt OATTMRMG S3 Sluimng Mm Hus' .» PS11 r a NKMTBRCEO AGA SLOtSHOW Supan2|120t PSI IS CYNOSTK SLIDE SHOW Suparb pKmmaflM ¦ P«in KEITH RHODES SUE* 1 UntMy MNI1SM MM PS 122 FERRARI AOA nri ISA colaur Amama1200aM PST24 tC VISTA PRO LANDSCAPES Ea-Mnl lNoa I S. PSI23IV it IA now SLOE MamArMq qutUPy IRI.V PSI3A SCNMEGEOI COMIC STRIP Idea petard a' .V PS127 AKRA PICS 2 Sen- taparWy Man pomh .
RSIS MAGIC FACTORY B* l«d Im* pv.IMO Opa PSI 29 AMSMOW I Eaadam -reran • aMMRO-l .1 () K I) K K I N (; M A I) K E A S PUST: send tuur Nutm*. Mdmx & Order deluils with a Cheque 1*0 IMO in un of Ihc cnmpanies listed 10 FIIC IN I : I all ut wllll tour card niiinhcr evpirt dale and details fur a 1st class service. Ml major cards accepted I’D I'RH'KS: I 5 disks t2.ft« per disk • 6 - 25 disks (|J5 per dink • 20 nr mure divk urc viill unit 'Pip per tlivk 1 POS I X P, kl i: I k • 50p • I k 'Kecordrd Delivery* EI.25 • Kurnpe «25p |H-r disk • Rest ul' World +50p per disk KkMkVlllkK: We stock Hsh
l-'HIII, Ibai* I-74. Xmus, Scope. Snas. Amicus. mi|*os X lots more supcrh PI) disks PLEASE NOTE All disks on the odvorl should work on the Amiga 1.21,3 dos systems unless otherwise stated! All disks with a -V sign should work on the Amiga 50D* ft 600 machines!
However there are so many ditferent setups now In use It It bocoming impossible lo test for every possible variation, go please use some caution especially with A1500'2000 with various dos systems. COTV and ot cogrse |hg now Amiga 120C ft 4000 systems Disks marked with a “Y" should be okay on ttv A1200 4000 though obviously not yet extensively tested Please take care!
'tain Distributors ~P
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POOJS SOOOPEX CHROMIUM SUM* mmo .T ¦ban aaxea mental mamiovea a--- rcmr siiiMts tiion*! Trash tmoom-.
P013034 A1CATIW ooorssv Aawem.1' Oa an K- P01M DECAY GET FROGGEO Su*d *¦¦ • .X PD1A6 DARK DEMON M**a naa dtno O* « •« PD t. 0 PIECE C-EMiSOCkrtd 3D.rear a*ra» .V pom* Mites exposei7i tamtM Oa* • wv pi i n.» raw nur rout m». W. gm PDI« SPACEBALL Aovci,w», VI -MOI t»oc *©•.» P01A3OIQITALLETHALEXITCrtcd rmcKn aano • Pdiat® ANDROMEDA MRROR Fab Maaa: A Oaam-. * PP'»TMpY AGA 01UO lal IMHa lTw. 'XC Ca*' PD1W SAWTV WC«.D C* COUMOCOR* POIMSO SILENTS DEMON OORNLOAD Fa aw ® PDIF MOBIL 0tSTN*TOW IA«WW Dr UlM-' POCKO PNOEMX OEMO K c PWP. IM Aanal.V PdtJOl IJOO IWTH06 laamAOIiina 1 ar Y pp*C* tl
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P| I] diski fill (if Ntlllwl 24 Ml pci h) .! Meinrndxf ou need torn ol me mar) * ¦ el 24 bu dupla)’ la ritw. W caivrn la i 1PI 12.
, I art MO I DEW CLASSICAl h» Kara He. . V ¦ ac - OAS9ICAL MUSIC Sacn. Mh«* ate .* ¦ ai aorrit. OESUSSV Fab R Sana* on.*ralonat.T ¦ mm xrAt Otnusttva aaue Ovtuaar muaKl. * ¦ notPSOOT M III UC Irackad tr. Hob UulHt 1MT ¦ anas .tvaldi - folr seasons in v oood i. M a. . ACiART MONHCONCERTOS "«ad tmj coin, y Vat: lax ¦KANOEMSURD CohCERTOS 1 lo « .Y 3 M • - JUTOP MARPSICHDHD HtCITAL ClMHe.' . » ¦ aV'C ACKEP 5VTO 5ypr -yndMen'.
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What are we going to do promise you the best in reviews, previews, features and guides'?* We provide that already U PDATES ¦ usical uPMJ§£
* pictures Eor those who've not enjoyed the Adorage experience in
its previous incarnation, a little background n might be m
order. For any new- ,e first question has to be: What tacr.
Jrks behind the rather exotic title?
I * ts most simplistic Adorage is used to pii Me into a static image by applying any mm:t a huge range of preset wipes and dis- ***5 to introduce or remove the chosen Seating the process over multiple ; means you can append numerous i within the same animation, forming a ous sequences with each image ) its own designer intro and out-tro, n addition you can add background i to further enhance the effect, allow- ; tw chosen graphic to glide effortlessly :ne selected backdrop However, be - mixing foreground and background i does require a little care in relation i palettes of the chosen
graphics, i of course it is possible to specify palette is applied in the finished a though a pleasant touch, the use of i images does have its limitations, ally on slower machines. As a conse- ! Adorage is usually at its best when 3 vi conjunction with a genlock - and it's
- - • 'III .11 !*»-
• ¦*" *-4 4--* -mCi
ii. W' :
• cs-3r.pl I . 1 ", "l HI r tnrs situation where it really
shines, provid- rg a great alternative to the sometimes pre
amble efforts of Dpaint and the infamous ifcwe requester.
As promised, AirLink makes a comeback along with the long-awaited AGA update to Adorage Better still. Adorage uses its very own SSA - super smooth animation - format
• nch as the name suggests offers a fairly jamatic improvement
over AnimS.
As for the new elements, the notables
• :iude AGA support, two new banks of effects and a slight revamp
of the front i-d which now boasts graphic icons as reposed to
the old text-based approach of c predecessor, Apart from these
fairly elementary r anges there's not a lot else on offer, i
though the AGA support does add proved colour along with a more
professional feel to finished anims.
Basically Adorage in its new form is great
* ews for the AGA brigade and that’s about if.
- truth little has changed since the release :•* the original
package, but to be fair it was pretty impressive the first time
around so
- ere's little to complain about - apart from slightly optimistic
asking price.
Product: Adorage Supplier: BVCC Price: £79.89 Tel: 031-567 4623 AirLink AirLink was mentioned last month in relation to VlabY C and its unique ability to grab unlimited sequential 24-bit frames from live video without the need for timecode of any kind.
The only problem is the heavy dependence on user time as the software demands constant tape rewinds ready for the next pass, However thanks to AirLink and the supplied programmable infra red transmitter, all the donkey work can be done automatically.
To achieve this, AirLink makes extensive use of Arexx, linking both VlabY C and the new 16-bit Toccata sampler, which when added together enable capture of 24-bit video and 16-bit audio simultaneously.
However AirLink's control potential doesn't stop with its Vlab and Toccata associations. In fact this ingenious infra-red can turn its invisible talents to anything that ships with a handset - whether that be a sampler, lape deck, CD player, VCR or whatever else.
Automated Midi As mentioned earlier AirLink can be put to work on any system that uses infra red, and as a result it's developed quite an affinity with Midi, especially in relation to Bars&Pipes Professional, courtesy of its extensive Arexx support.
However before you plan controlling an entire recording studio from the comfort of a mother keyboard, it's worth remembering that all AirLink commands temporarily halt multitasking, as a result its usefulness for live performance can be limited.
However there is a way around the problem. If you have a second Amiga, it can be used to receive Midi information from the parent machine running the sequencer, which in turn could send the commands to the remote via AirLink without pausing the performance.
Even with one Amiga the performance potential of AirLink is still pretty impressive. For example it's possible to issue AirLink commands in relation to specific Midi data, so at the beginning of a song you could hit a key on your synth to activate a CD player tape deck, VCR or whatever else. All that’s required is a little setup work before hand - and of course any set-up can be saved out and used as many times as you want. In short, the sky's the limit if it's got a remote, AirLink can control it - whether it be via mouse or Midi.
And of course each remote has a unique signal so you can control as much equipment as you like from a giant on-screen button bank with various sections for all manner of hardware.
Product: AirLink Price: £69 Supplier: Amiga Centre Scotland Tel: 0896 87583 % CEVTfcM IMTM l»**l EST1991 nit mofuwm vi wun n*i«TUHimi)A MDOKSH) BY (tNNUUMt UK FREE £1.00 GIFT VOUCHER WITH EVERY ORDER _
umSnimialyHYHl _ DEMOS
1) 1 Mmwl Hanpim D2 InwtvtfWT Demo D4- Wild Cooper DIO .l7Bu
Music Ixjitm* Dll Wcetd Demo* 21 Dl 3. ..Total Remix Demo
IJI4m . PrcdalnrH’) 1I2IV2I .KedJi«ion2l D24 25 NewTek Reel'd
D2fe Total Reran I Dcmu D27..TV Theme Pjtt EpKDcw DM P D
Collection D36. Vimul Wortdi bJI Vcctra Sinking Ivnin D38 'ITT
IX-mu Voyage D40 Sal) Demo D59... Video Effect* YD DM Cull
Veilur Diftf 2 DbH. I’hcnumcna Demo U?l , Anwi 3D Dcmu
1) 74. A Trip To Marc D76.. AZOOOOenkKklVino D8IW2 ...Budbrain I
(2i UK 3 Budhrjm 2 DBS. ..Criontc* Never*here DK7...putona
demo m(II.AW«liiUMAX-rt«.1 DI02..A Chaplin Demo DKDTuul
DeuiuctKin D 1(13..Mr B Demo Comp 4 PIOfr.Wg&ff.ST Pen*0* Dll
I..Deleon I Dl 17..Aurora M Demo Dl l8..Cult M Dtmn 2 DI2S
PnxiH-IVom DI33..Fta nJtioo DI36..Goidfirc Megadttno Dl 57 131
SoWhulDi DI39..Dcvili"No Reuliry"
1) 144 lltc .Sllcmt -Icc” DI45 Cryvul Symphonic* DI4K..Kjv Of
Hope 2
1) 149.,No Bruin No Pam DISIKIW.Cvborv Demo(2) DI95..Ctuxiul Comp
DI97..MC Dilk I Corn DI96. End Of Century IW D206..Dreamerv .3
l) 2l»..Av.n(«i M Dcnut D2ltV2l7. B*tt oMjIk (2| D2IS Dmxilci
Uenxi D2I9 Tull tnull D22}..Cw4 Fridge Dcnw D226..liankraek
M IXmo D2 Hvptmuir Hanunei D2)5..Si» Of Oik Demo D23S
Ptineiode D239. L-emming* Revenge D240. Total ftogny D243
Buililin 3
1) 244 Thenonvnu Inenpicc
1) 245 Total Rcinal D247 .Pulling The Trigger D253-CES Demo* 0256
Total Recount D257 Total Behoic
f) 2oi. Spovmolvlie D264 D-Mob MfDcmo D267 Sun Connection 2 D27I)
Kcfroov The Wall D27I Timci Hydra D272. Etrclrte Demo* I
D274..Dclpickcn Demo
1) 276 Ca c lai We.nl D279 Iriqui Denrn D280Y2SI .Detemnnf’i
D307..LS.D. Demo
1) 312. .UcvlU Colour* D3I4 Trakino D3IS..TV Grom* Ramywi
1) 325 326.Real Hinfxilbvi 2I 0328029 Ktxl Dwarf (2) D330.
Daikneo M IX-itx
1) 332. .Melted K.penence D333..3.37..0d)«e) (51
1) 3*1 .Watchman Demo D34I..Anarch) Smoker Co DM2. .Ed 209 The
D. UV344 Itarriwlied 12) DJ46. Wildfire M Demo DUT.MtnJuirp
M Dram ( 348 149 Ski ro Deniix2) D350-352 Tnrat lr Tcuin.1i
D358..Mr Men Stories
l) )So..Seeing I* Believing 0360 Sure Of The An D361. .Mayday
Rcustancc 1x3*2 363 Je*u*On fc‘* |2) D36t..Fi*h Timk D365..
Optimum Previure
D. 366..Miatl Ri.e D3fi7 InThf Citn Dcmu D36S..Dynamic Illusion*
D3W..Ptcee Of Mind
1) 3711..31) Demo 2 D371..Lethal Exit D376...World of Commodore
D. YTT.CTauuraphohu D380 Hoover Demo D38I...The Trip
1) 384 Ikervfuce D386 Mimlnaip IAOA) D387_.Panla Khei (AGAi 03*8
D. 393-5 Grapevine 151.3) D396-8 Grapevine 1613) D399-401
Grapevine 17(3) D402 InThcKktficii UTILITIES l l, GunnMuw
Grantor U2L..TheComm»Di*k U32...Modem Util* 1 34 Red Devil*
Utli* I l 35...Soundtracker Special U38 Puint.Muca. Awu U39
..Card Deiigncr 1141 Red Devil* Ulili 4 U4 3 Future Computer
U44 Kcfrim* MiLchra* U43...P.E Gum Util* 168 1147 Idtwl
1149. L. himate Icon Dixk U30 Power Comp Dtlh USIJae Bench
0) 7 yvitckheeah U59 rant DcMgner HW) D Paint Pont. I 1161
D-Pa.ni Punt* 2 U62 Med 320 U63_ Direct Anvm Oeattw I'M
CniMWitd Dcvlgnrr U66.- CLI Help . (Xhen U67 -Vrracker Mega
1168 Ukinate Bool* I U69 Uklmue Boot* 2 U73Piwerkigo
1174. . M-Cad U73 . Journal Home Acc'v U76. Home Utihtiev
1) 78.. Ami Basil's I IvxKhcnih Y2.I) UH2 .SUdexhmi Maker W
C«UK g W«k ln |) I UK4. Catalog Workihop 2 OK7 . Hurd DivX
(Jlllv U89-94...An*itcut Radio(6) U9S...C-ljghl « Other*
IW6...0FX Util. I I*100...Hum tab UI0I Sid V20 UHW.-A-Genc UIU
Mall llltllile* Ul 18 119. Video Uhl. (2) lT 32...CiFX L'tihZ
Ul 33 134 North C(2)
I) 1.36. ..CrauDo** i demo i Ul.38. .Squid Squad Utilv UI30
TcrminaliticiVT.O Ul4f)...Squaah I (2.fHvaaly) UI4I . Squash 2
(2.04 only) L142.. text Plu* 3 U144. .|)rnni* Sample* I
LI45...Digital Irani Dnign U146...Viz Clip An
I. -147 .Spectrum FjiiuUiit UI5l...Slip*trcum V Killen UI32...Red
Ixvtlv Util* 6 U 134 ..AnueaJo.v WH’ UI55...P.D Util* Doc* Duk
UI63. .Diilckbcnch ? (2.l 4 HIM...Rim Datahix.- UIM. Ivamv'v
Hack Ivvk UI67. DemolnlKT I'lilv UI6X. Itamc Huvineti 3 UI72
.Squelch! 13only) UI76..GFX UliUJ UIT7 .Star Chan* UI79-I80
Pice(2l UI8I. .Celtic Demo Maker UI86-206 Track 1m 11X30 U207
..Icon Collectica I U’LB lXivc Joeevl-onis I 11211 Chcmcuhtix*
U2I2 Animated Pointer* 11213 l*U Top Publnhei U2I3 Me**y Sid 2
U2I6 Master Wktllcr 2.2 U2I8 Ixiiu Have Wi anl U223
Tc'iIIpDuiuBuh' U224 Q Base Oulu Bave U226 Game* Solution* I
U23I IXPatni Ixmtv 3 U235...Ami Caati VI U22M..-lconnunu U24U
Icon Edina 1*252. Opcicnmmv 2.(1 U2S4 New Supctiillcr* 2
12255. Protrarkcr *10 U256 ..Atari ST EmuUior l'258,.D-Cvpy 3
U262...PC Emulator U273 Vuli Kmt* I 1’274...lUinoi Label*
U275...600 Muwnew letter* U279.. . Invoice Printer
U2K3...Headline lorn* l'2K*l .Allan I'pdktn U290...Kick*un 20
L'M.l.-Hlkck Tiger Uoli 2 1294 Texl Engmr V4 (I
L'296...intiiMlc Ditfc Creu U297... II) PO Copier*
U298...Pr»«rJckcf VJ.O
1. 299. .Adilrrvv Pism VJ.I U303,..Game Tamer U30I...Muric Bate
VI U309...PP Minlcrvmch UIII.mYiWIPBVZJO U313...Pro Avtrolog)
UYIt Pcwl, Wi anl )r U319 Utter V2 I U320...Gj*den Detigner
1327. Bexm Surf U329 Mu*ic Engine V.3,4 toy, 53«v*cw U33I
...X-Beat Do U332...Superview V2.4 GAMES GI Return Tu Earth
02. Gaiw*co«apS G3 Dury Liwy G4 ScumHwcrv
G) Parachute Jouu 06 Fruxic I redJie
08. . TwMrit 09 PtuedoCop GI0...Dnp Gil Bug Ba*)i
012. Aikroidi 013 .lJotmalrnn GI4 ..Licapc Knim Jovl Gl5 ..Mona
Adventure GI6 Gnuind Aaack 017 Megaball GI8...In ttder* Club
GI9. ..Varidut, Athentuiet G20...Banleforce
022. DratonCuvc 024 Ring* X Zon G2S Mayhem
026. Mechfi.gN
027. ..The Tcnni* Guinc 028 Hmrttbiet 029 . Buck Roger*
0. 30 Oin-a|(Wr
031. ..7.Tile* G32...MeeaCamp I 03 J-.U Star Trek I 2l 033-37
,Star Trek 2 131 G3M »...Mech(cn*(2l G40...Kloadyke
Ot2...Cor 0*3...Game* Cram 2 CH4...8 K.U K. Oainev
GlS.Saix Gome* Comp Gt6...Gamc* Ccmp 3 0*8 Ray* Gjw Ihxk
Ot9.. (iamrv Cymp 4
050. . tiamc* Ccmp 6 031-52...Trucking i2
053. Jetpoc G5S.. Quick And Silva 056 Mimtiluvl C»57,1ATIKT (iamc
058. ..Game* camp 7
059. . Game* cump 8 oeo . Ptom Pom Gunner 061 Cavenamer G62.
Crytul Cavrtii* 063 Intact GW.lJcraal Rmnc
065. . leniiniotoMlv 066 DxiwnHill Challenge Ci67 Lome ST Ponv
068 P.ifanoxl 069 PugJlf* 070 -Cluunaaw Deaih G7I Pintle
Pwf't Trcuwn 072 Serene: 073 -C«*lle*
074. Byruniite Dick G75 Card Gjitx-* I G76 Wiiiy'tQuni
077. Oeuwth
G. ’KSkaic G79_Atic Aiac
080. Napoleonic Sim 081 Pn-icctl 082 Inzer Zone (iH3_LeiwniDU
Pack 084 StarTrekSE.UP 085 . Leitnv
087. . Matched Pair* 089 Snake Pit 090 . Ze.lv
092. . Blizzard G93.7hc Marc Gumtr 094 Subculluee
095. .Hollywood Tii*u
097. . Sixhimz
099. ..Holy Grail Adveeture GIOO Airv.n Ccnwliop OIOI ('lavtic
Comp I
(ill) 2.. Card iuiirat 2 (•103...Super Skoda Chall OI(M...Oraad
Pyi.x Sim
0106. . CniniMter Conllicl 2 0107 . Mrtvian X Raid 2
C. I08.NU Game Ol 10 . Tricky ? The Turn Gin MurhlfSJide Gl
I2...0amev Comp 10 Gl 13...Black Jack Ub Gl 14...Dungeon Of
Madroj Ol 15...Amiga Column* GII6 .RiiKKOpla Imq Gil
7...Mutant thmcl* GINX122...Waitock(3)
0124. ..Burt SiinpKm G126 All A« * GI27 Bffakihil C« Kll GI28..
Pipeline Ul 29. Dung Ot Uondun 0132 ...Peter* Quest G133.
Star Trek 3 013* (Aperidcr
0139. .Door To Diua GI43 . Sf-lld Quad 0144 . Omega R»re GI45
MimU X K*nd J
0146. ..Trek 7» 0147 Wack In Wcmdertand
0148. .Squat* Reveoee 0149 Sky Fight 01VI Wei Km*Cl
0151. .Airmnnla
0152. Wt unl World 0154 Totally l-raruic Quiz 0155 (tie** V20 fi
156 Situvh Telly
0159. BiUy The Dragco GIOO. I-Cningt 0161 E-Type 0162- TomCB
0163, Sea l ance GIM Dizzy Diamond* 0165 No Man* laoid 0166
Weed Square Solver CT167 Cron Fire 0168 Watieland* GI70
0171. Crazy Sue Cil?2. M*ke A Break 0173 Squarabte 0174 1
Challenge 0175 Othello 0178 . L-vil Dead Game 0179,
Trulnvei 0181X181 I* Comp* 1+2 GIH2 IhpliKraiy 0183 Tractor
Beam 0184 Motor Duel
0185. .Game Boy Tetn* 2 0186 ..Water Work* UI87. ActIM Wii OIKX .
Muiumv Game* G189-193. Titnrkmli 1*5 0194 ..Nirvana 0195
196. Neightxiur* (2(
0197. ..AnKofea Invader* OI9K.. Game Boy Tetn* I GIW.Tdmi 0200
..Baulecan 2 G20I ...Dr Marto G20t...A*hxlu G205.Cheal»
D*vk 2 G206...Cheat* Di»k 3 G208 .Airport CX» FR.AC 0210
The Golden Fleeve G2II I cjxndol Ixithun
0212-214,.Tuurhifd* 6-8 G3I3 AiNrvGwYir* I 0216 ...Super
0217. ..Light Hike* G’lK Relayc( G2l9...Alr Hockey G2AI
..AmmChiklQui 0221 ...Teta* Chain*uw G222 ..Rnulcnr 0223
Preimer Pan* 0224 Thru*! Duel 0225 WihNc Giddy G226 Surer
Pong G27...RUU Sdl J 0228 .Hrainbow 0229 Jeopard
0210. Spuce Invauon 0211 Karate Worn* 02*2 -Steer Iz-amc Mauger
G233-.PD City Comp I G2U Coiour Change* 0235 Halike Of
Hnuin G236 .Supff Twiiun 0237 Catlk 0238- Numin* (? Only)
G239 Kung Fu Charle* G242- Micro Maikcl C243.. ftloud
51. ..11.mPic*Show I S4 Madonna vi«k*
55. ..Mmte*zar slide*
56. ..Party Di*z*ter S*. Immaculate CoHectkm ,S9. -SimpMW SlKlrv
S10-11 ..Ounncl 42 (2|
512. ..Bnicc Lee Slide) SI4 Adam* Family SI J Vli Mug Slide* 517
Dockland* Jarre 518 OfWhiiDemo S20 Na*a Slide* S22-24 WWF
Slides |3 S27 Demon* Slide* S28_Total Recall S29. Joe*
Slide* S30 Ham Psc* Show 2 532 Neighbour* Slide* 533 Roger
Dean slide* 534 lion Mulcn Shdf*
S. 35-J6.Tobi*v Rtchter (2) 538 Basket cave 2 539 Ece* Slide* 540
Franon Drvmr 2 541 ..Frouon Devine I 542 Gotemi Gate Slxlet
S4.I Chaintaw Slipper* S44 ..Cry hv Dawn
545. ..For got ton Realm* 2| S47. Kick OH 3 Slide* S48 PI)
Slideshow S49-52,..Tenninalor i4i
553. ..Robacap 2 Slide* S34 Trackmavter Slide*
555. ..Forgotten Realm* 2 S56 ...OarfaMdSlak* S37. Pawnbnkci
Slide* S5M...Hellrai*cr Slide*
559. ..Nigfai Breed Slide*
560. . Rjytrocing Mil...Hiifnir.Slain
570. ..Muarie Monu S7|.i Frrtfutc Cimdivlv
572. ..The Wonder Yean
573. ..Wuentnp Down S75. ..Penari 348IV* S76 Belinda Carlisle
ST7..,Cher Slides 579 Freddie* Dead 580 Wendy lame* Slide*
581. ..The Invmhle World S82-83...Terminalor 2 (2) SH4. Fantasy
585. Gulf War Slide* 586, MjgKul Picv SK8,..Ouif War Tnhute S89
9()...&mung I tvhy (2)
591. .EJdorado Slide* ANIMS Al. PmbeSequence A2. .Ghent (XkvI
A3.. Jogger ? Magician I A4 GyraiiM DrriM A5. Fractal Flight
A6. Bidrthill Demo A8...Walker Demo A9 . Magican 2 All) Pug*
In Space AI l..lumr Teenager AI3. Juggler Demo AI6
CiMilCougur A17. Mono Cycle An m AIH RoNxop Anim A 20 May
Fein On Wheel* A2I. Jugetse 2 A22. Shulilcv.-ock Anim A23..
T-Pol Anim A27..Fleet Manouvre A2K Hilliard Anim
A29...l-71»n« lejvei Duck A30...Staraar* 2 Amm A5I ..Star
Trek Amm A32.. I raxion revenge
A. M Madituw Anim A33...Stealthy Anim* 2 Ahi KauicrilK IhclZAri
A37...B«|gv Burniy Show A38 Iraq V* UK Anim A39 Mike T)*on
anim A42...Walker 2 A43. Walker 3 A4546...Light Cycle (2)
A47..Expi «Jing Head A4k .Police Cm ( have A49...TopGun (krai
AJOAnuraior* Demo AS I. 5 Way* T«) Kill* Mold A52. Anmhci 3
Way* A53. ..Buimin TV mnvie A54 3D Spicevhip A35. Mr Pcaw Hcxd
A59 loiw Level Right A6J Amy Y'i Vialko AW. .Real Pinball Amm
A66 l*oeky Pig Anim A67 . Adventure* )( Chuck A70-7I..Max
Overdrive (2) A73 SputevhvillV Amm A74 GhoslbsMcr* ? Hor*e
A76. Alarm Aniin A77 Flighi Anim A7K IhanoAmm A79 Dan Amm AKI)
Rad Bin! Anilli AH I Holiday Anim A81 JHIrtTVFnh A85 Mincrv
Anim A86i. Tucket Witch Anim A91X93 The Movie* 214) AV5 ..My
TlnToy A96 T-Pol 2 Amm A99 TcnmiutorS AIUO Dolphin Dream*
AI0l l02...Thuadrrbifd*(2l AID) History of Am* AIIXI . Pogo
Amm |2 Nlegi EDUCATION El...EdocutiooPwi I E2, Fduculuei Pact
2 Et...Education Pack 3
F. 4. EduoatioB Pack 4 ES. .Education Pack 5 Hi tdus ulii'rt PiWk
1. 7 . Educational World* I E8 ..Educational Game* E9...Malh
Drill BIO...Amiga Function Ccen Ell ...DevwireBd Comp
EI2...Simon Saw - S Mdh* BI3.. Kid* hunt EI4...Stueyland 2
El5...Colour h E16...Colour Die Alphabet
F. I7...D.T.P. Par Children I LI8...Algcbn | FI9,..Aincnjgnun !
I.NI...Animal land' (-.21 Animal Sound* EI22. Military War
Sound* E23. Vrtidw Soomdt E24 25...Read & Learn I (2)
fcT6,„;unro( Mmb* BOULDERDASH COLLECTION 1-8 vrmRKSfThPWKrjaOf
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1 1 5 N 0 W I N octane* 0611 (OVtfcUn lam tiW itpilWilii . 1
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iX*K.k»w 164051 turn nbtnrtiuiMK tm FwMBnM*mf*iirni:
• a. (134 , IK* VlUlir MJUSS MW 164(18-
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tests* gar IM 3S 1 aimORkB: K Glai IU» ed Ul Uh * eM e »lod
bd MtMOB j aoiMinMran»jt«Mi4i4 «|Mi4raott RAVE & TECHNO PACK'
SOUNDS ON THE Af IGA coslv £10.50 ¦ =i RAVE & TECHNO PACK:
,.£10504p4p 30 OISKS... ..£28 50*pip 40 DISKS... ,.C34.50*pip 5ft DISKS... ..£43 50tp&p 70 DISKS... ..£56 00tp&y ALL 116 ..C95.00-*p&p ACCESSORIES MOUSE HOUSE...... £2.50 MOUSE MAT . £5.86 AMIGA MOUSE £14.99 10 CAP BOX ..... _____£1.99 A500 COVER .... _____£3 99 A60G COVER ______£3.99 A12C0 COVER .. ...._.C3.99
3. 5 DSDD DISKS... £059 MONITOR STAND... .....£10.99
Ft- -:-:- HOWTO ORDER All you need to do ts put trie number*
ol the disk* required and Wod H Id (hp pdd ft below along with
a cheque or PO made payable to tMSKOVERY Pimh (toi l tofg*t to
include the correct postage to ensure speedy PRICES
PUBUCMf.'Ail POTTAGE 1-7 ...flSOereh EieowPD.O---. io*„n5Sp?ch
M. ._K.e?trwh Wortd PD,-fisc teawjTisii*!
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS DEGRADER NOW IN ONLY El .50 each MOST DISKS WILL WORK | DISKOVERY, DEPT (AC), 108 THE AVENUE, CLAYTON, BRADFORD, W YORKS BD14 6SJ WOT NO SI J CskM HARDWARE w Hot to trot Star’s new thermal transfer printer is a colourful performer, as Stevie Kennedy found out
- LHlffi A * ad jd * jd Blrror Graphlet I »r*yi Pori O, 6iMbl«d
Typalaea O Meull Custoatza Tabulators Cut 1 cm it* ftithar Ew*
Six* and Martins Color 8d)ustMnta.,, i"£5 Separation C M The
excellent preh program give* men more control ' ith the
presence of myriad affordable inkjet, dot matrix, and thermal
transfer colour in the Amiga market, competition me lucrative
middle ground has intense, so Star's latest product, Sr StarJet
144, has a lot to prove. Battling feest with the likes of the
HI* DeskJet BBC and Fargo's Primera is not an easy ¦si but the
SJ-144 brings with it an ¦passive combination of a low price
tag arC a quality of output to match many ¦ore expensive units.
The printer itself is one of those Jreinutive units which begs comparison ¦kh the BJ10, consisting of a stand up My, a flip-out sheet feeder capable of roiding 30 sheets of paper, and a front o*dmg option for single sheets. When rwcked on a desktop the result is a very ¦uli footprint and a cute little addition to Se electronic family.
Setting up the SJ-144 is a simple job and an be accomplished without reference to tv manual, but software installation has v be the most user-friendly aspect of the
• hole package. Wolf Faust, responsible x-r some excellent Canon
software, has rroduced a preferences program specifi- jjlly for
the Star range which not only .•fters close control of all
aspects of printing but has an accommodating feel which
should put most beginners at ease.
During installation the user is asked to choose which printer driver to install and j then given an opportunity to set the default StarJet preferences such that once .retaliation is complete the printer is mmed and ready to go. If the user feels rrone to leave defaults well alone, a custom prefs program can be found in the usual Prefs drawer for later tweaking, giving everyone the chance to make the best of their new acquisition.
A starter kit including 30 sheets of thermal printer paper, a colour and a black nbbon can be found in the box, so there’s no reason why full colour pages shouldn't be popping out of the SJ-144 only a few minutes after installation. Once printing ftarts, however, the user might be in for a bit of fiddling to attain the best results.
Our test model's first few attempts at printing colour pages resulted in a marked banding effect similar to that which most owners of cheap dot matrix printers will find all too familiar. Thin white horizontal lines appeared across the finished page which ruined what was an otherwise rather tasty output in terms of colour approximation and resolution.
Much head scratching ensued until a quick phone call to Star and a dive into the 92 page manual brought the answer, Judging print costs Like all colour printers, the SJ-144 must also be judged on a cost per page basis, a job which is trickier than it seems. Manufacturers seldom use the same standards when quoting the number of pages achievable with a standard printer ribbon, but Star's touchstone is at least based in the real world.
Using a 1500 character letter (roughly 250 words on a page) Star claims that the average yield from a monochrome ribbon should be 180 pages, and 8 full coverage
(8. 0 by 9.6 inches) colour pages from a colour ribbon, which
works out at about 75p per colour page and 3p per black and
white letter.
Users can buy a pack of three ribbon cartridges from Star for £18, and overhead projector film comes in at about £9 for 100 sheets. Thermal paper is of course recommended. Bul the SJ-144 has the advantage of accepting plain paper as well, which is cheaper if not as effective.
The SJ-144 is blessed with a useful and comprehensive front panel which can be used for the usual paper feed and so on, but which also controls the mechanical operation of the print head. By holding down two of the buttons while turning the printer on, a test mode is enabled and all sorts of trickery can be employed to improve output.
Clicking the Zoom and Paper buttons will move the bands of printed colour closer or farther away from each other in increments of 1 720th of an inch, a microscopic adjustment which ensures the user should reach the optimum setting after a few tries. This is very effective as a tweak, but it has the drawback that several sheets of the supplied thermal paper and a certain amount of the ribbon's life must be Buffalo Bill's haemorrhoid treafment Satisfacfion guaranteed or your money back.. Text and graphics output Is very clean at 360 dpi sacrificed to it. Once satisfied that banding has been
eliminated, the user just holds another button down until the macro indicator confirms that the setting has been stored, and the printer should come to heel on every subsequent boot-up. Given the method of printing used by the SJ-144.
This is an inevitable drawback, but at least there is a fool-proof way to circumvent it.
All hardware settings having been chiselled in ROM, the user need only experiment with the many dithering options available through Mr Faust's prefs program until the best results are achieved, and when print density is set to its highest (360dpi) these can be very attractive.
Quality judgements are purely subjective and based on the dithering option used, but the SJ-144 seems to have a definite edge on the HP550C and is very close to Fargo's Primera, though it could never match the tatter's Dye Sublimation output For the asking price, Star's latest launch is an attractive buy for those in need of a logo generator or something to give those letterheads an extra burst of vivacity.
The bottom line Product: SJ-144 Supplier: Star Micronics Phone:0494 471111 Price: £569 Ease of use 7 Implementation 9 Value for money 8 Overall 8 COM PETITION This month we've Love never Lies - in put our heads together with Columbia Tristar Hume Video to bring gou a trulg excellent Oracula competition Following on from the amazing success of the cinema film. Psygnosis' Oracula game for the Amiga will soon he released. As well as the game the selection of prizes also consists of two great videos just nut - Bram Stoker's Oracula and The Making of Oracula. Directed by Francis Ford Copula, and
the Oracula board game, plus the CD soundtrack.
The Dracula story folloivs the original Gothic version of the love-torn bloodsucking Count. As Transglvanian prince Vlad Dracul returns from battle to find his beloved wife has taken her life believing him to be killed in battle, he denounces his allegiance to God and embraces an eternal and immoral existence in the shape-shifting body of dreaded vampire.
Many centuries later Dracul meets Jonathon Harker. An estate agent, and discovers that Harker's beautiful fiance is a reincarnation of his own long last wife. Mina. The drama continues as Dracul attempts to seduce Mina while Harker engages in a fiercely passionate conflict to defeat the tragic Dracul.
To enter this Gothic competition all you need to do In send your answers to these three simple questions and the tie breaker an a postcard to Amiga Computing Oracula Competition. Europress Direct, PO Bo* E. Ellesmere Part. South Wlrral LBS SEA. Don't forget to give your name and address and let urn know If you don't want to receive promotional material from other companies.
- Who directed this version of Bram Stoker's Oracula?
- As well as the game, the two videos and the CD soundtrack, what
Is the other pHze?
FJnr*tinn Thrrr
- Name one of the things will deter 0 vampire.
Tie Breake fin no more than BO wardmj - Count Oracula was a gnnd bloke really tntHe* mhould arrive no later than Februar.
&B. 1994. The prize winner will he drawn fron all the correct entries received and will be in farmed In writing within two months of the doming date. Remult information mag be obtained by writing to our offtcem. The editors decision Is final, no correspondence will be entered Into.
BISHOPSWORTH. BRISTOL BS13 8AB OCIO • POM POM GUNNER ¦ G-eet graphics in win oc af n wo* style ¦Hoot ora up ALL DISKS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA S WHEN DISK K001 - DISKSTART V1.3 IS USED ON A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 Qcl 1 ¦ AIR ACE 2 ¦ A g-wt Wartfl War 2 shoot am uo 0013 - THE REVENGE Play ED-209 Irom Rotocop In this violent shoot am MIS • MEGABAIL - A game mat Has recoved exceiiort reviews 0016- SIMPSONS -TdKrvaiora wacky lamey brought to Me in the shool om up conatrucooo tut game G020 - LAME ST-PORTS A spar* invaders type gam*. Ihe object beng to detosi Alar GQ21 - MASTER OF THE TOWN Th* pen
t t (lug garnt it 10 MUM 03 much damage as posse** 0025 • DRAGONS CAVE • A dungeon r tM puzzle game Gcee • DOWN HILL CHAILENOE - Good sto simjiaief 0028 - PIPELINE - Classic game Out loo last on A12QOTUOOO due lo ftuccoor orocat&of GO39 - SMURFMUNT • Plenty ol gun DW*4t h INS ihddl drti up G040 • PARADOX - Funky puUm gams G043 - WIBBLE WORLO GCDY - A superb platform game The is ona of Pie best piXIc domain games ever G047 • SUPER PAKMAN • « you like Pak games, ihen got th*"' The b*v verson to date oota • neighbours . G*ka) exceilert graphic advenhxe oroOaby me bear ever n PD GN9 - FIGHTING
WARRIORS - varsion ol Streetfgntar 2 with graphics i - BOMB JACKY • The spectrum classic w h vastly mproved graphics and sound.
, GOSS -TEXAS CMAINSAW MASSACRE - IniNiM By a Irue story GO56 • 18 HOLE GOLF - The first ever cutltc dcmnm golf game Great tur 12 I disks) G057 SPACE INVADERS 2 - A I revisoo version ol Ihe classic game G059 AMOS CRICKET ¦ A good Cf«kM smulalai whdan n Amss G060 • TRON 2 - If you Mied Ihe original, then you can t mg* mg update Faster and improved presentation GWI - ESCAPE-Th. Arm o( me excellent gamo ts lo run over Um pushng specific onca down lo open gates *ti h alow you 10 reach Ihe axil Do it wehn a ome Urns lo STS*. MARIO - Similar to a NES game e smiar name but batter graphics &*3 -
A&SAVIT - Th, average game involves you shooting M the characters mat pop up m the wndows GOM • DEATH BINGERS »N SPACE A Xenon alyle shoot em up G065 • Z0UBI6 APOCALYPSE - Good fun wm kiis ol blood and | G066 • STARIANS - Buane md guts platform So67 - SUPER SKOOA CHALLENGE , A good gama far up M four pl*»4f* wth track editor etc MW - PREMIER PICKS • Very unque tnonall management game. V«ry wet pretentod | G0*9 - BillY BuAGlaA bodge EM to escape from preen fO AMIGABOY -Then game I Tetne is wioay regarded at us best on me Gameboy II has now boon pohacty convened with exact visual representation
G071-ACT Ctf WAR-A game of Similar Wile to rek G072 ¦ ADAM5 FAMILY QUIZ • Mow much do you know7 0073 • PARACHUTE JOUST • Guide I iho skydver to ihe ground G074 - CARD SHARP - Venous card 8S5T JEWL-Abrwamgame GO76 - TOP SECRET fgrry, «yi1 tpll 0077 ¦ JELLY QUEST - The game by David McGuire was described by Amiga Power quoto "It's a supenor Ofand of PD puute game and a looks can onfy be described as - dead | lush' R went on to receve a 4 out Ol 5 , it rating G07B ¦ VENUS INVADERS - Excellent new vpramn of space rnvadvs G079 - THE RIGHT WAY A great lemmings done G0B3 SUPER PRIX - A brds-eve-viaw
raong game GOBI - PATfNCE The best pubic oomam version c4 this card game U001 • THE ULTIMATE BACKUP DISK • All Iho v copiers if ano Xccpy U013 • BUSINESS CARD MAKER • A ulfty lh*l can gve protmmnq 'tamii tor use win any pnnter U021 • SYSTEM X • A telephone dreelory on dak. N even dials the U136 • 600 BUSINESS LETTERS • Over 600 letters oI base tormat ready lor quck and simple modftcahon n any word proceeaor U139 PRINTER DRIVERS DISK - Ah
* x£4U*r1l selection Of dnvers to gel your pnnter working
perfectly 11140 - LABEL MAKER • EiClMrt utltly slowing you lo
make your own Mh labels We have added several toms to grve you
more deegn options Ui53 - MULTIPLAYER • Can piay virtually any
typd of muse moduia U167 - VVINOOW8ENCH - A replacement lor
Workbench VI J m me style of Microsoft Windows U168 - GAME
TAMER V2 2 - Loads ol cheats (over 250) for use in many top
BT?” UNDERSTANDING AMOS • A very usehJ learning aid UI78 •
AGRAPH - Creels all «jndS Ol pie charts oar charts and toe
graphs U179 - CLI TUTOR - Loads ol hm
• rd 101 U160 • DISK OP7IM1SER • Speeds up toading Dy up to IS
time* U181 • FORMS UNLIMITED Create your own Mvoces and other
forms with this neat utllsy Ut 63 • MAGNUM • Create your own
dsk bawd maguna UtW - EDWORD Excellent lext editor U16S - POOLS
PREDICTION • H you need more hep lor money) try Use dsk.
U186 • VMORPM V2.0 • Excellent ubliry dial atom you lo croate morph’warp animation Requves 1MB U1B7 - THE MENU OISK - If you ere interested n creating your own comptaccne elc men gel the dak its perlKi tor Added (veftenuiipn U168 - CLUB LEAGUE • A utility that flkWrt you to *M and keep track ol
• All I ho very Mtl poOlc domon n indudtog Dcopy Tetraoopy packed
with screen btankers U190 • THE LITTLE OFFICE • One of me oaai
email Duanese programs avalabo ai me moment Ybry pcpular U191 -
VOICE CU VS.5 Tins uallfy wlows you 10 control CLI wen speech
UI92 ACCOUNT MASTER • Wntten in Amos Ine is a very popular
business usury of excolatv dually U193 Sof TWARE USTER • Ttte
program a deigned lo keep track oI your software cdlaciion U194
• blSKPRINT V3 5 - An ntegraied database and Ask label pnrftno
uMlto U195 • RACE V1 6 - A dsk that wrl work out the chance ol
a hors* wnnng a raoa U196 - DRAW MAP V4 t - There are fwo
versions. Ikii «the 1MB verson II slows you 10 create 2D and 30
maps Quote U296 la 2MB vBfkon. Which comes on 2 dsks U197 -
FOOTBALL LEAGUE EOITOR V1 1 - As soon as Ihe results come ui.
You con monitor your teams latest U198 - GOLF SCORES VI 6 • I! Con fpwni me r«so* oi mvy found you play, store them and give an overall electronic score UfM- ANTI FliCKEn - An ed to ssop the heker n M-Res mode Axing some programs oporabora U2O0 - AkBCASH BANKIN • II you nave a email buemeas this program is the best c* us nature and hghty recommended U20I PUNT PROGRAM - Another predcbcn aid tor me horses U2C2 - MONEY MANAGEMENT Home accounts package capabie ol handing ip to 12 Afferent accounts U26J • EASy CalC Vi 6 • Tns spraadtheel ¦» deigned to be bom very umw Inondfy and Iasi Rhaaan
excellenl bud n help system U204 - KEYBOARD TRAINER VI I Best public doman typing tutor available at present U205 • M-CAD - Computer aided design program U206 • NO ERRORS • Mdea the honj errors on daks makng all your convpl dofcs usable once a gam U208 - 203 UTILITIES - The most utitties ever avalabo on a trig Is dsk U209 • UNOElETE • Tm* ytltty *lpy S you to get beck sli l ihoi was accdendy deeded irom dsk U210 • JOYSTICK TESTER-A briUent loyslch testing program U211 Ago SECTOR fiCMO MAKER
- A 2 mog version of me most popular utkty ever*" Create stunnrij
demot'megademoalntroe The specal mog is that a has been mcdAed
to wart wih the A500* and evan 6W«r the A1200 |2 dnvee rec
A1200I UziZ-A'BB VS - A good OiagrKeiic CIS SYS INFO V3 ii • a
disk mat will let you know ihe technical status ot your machine
(fllf • ENGINEERS KIT ¦ A diagnostic disk, speciaty tutod lor
engneers elc U21S - DISK REPAIRERS • Wll Mom you to try and
make el your unusable disks wort eg*6 U216 - AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS
- Solve Fiouaanoe cf amga praCiems aiih rus U2?7 lS?WILL AND
• Write your own wtl U218 - MUSIC BASE UTILITY • Store ell
recorflVKtoo coltoaon.
19 • ERROR NFO - Gvee you a list of ad amga error Ccg*» flnrj |h«.r U220 -r?C TASK V2.02 • IBM PC emulaler it altows you to nxi ihe maionty of PC software with no Bmtonal hardware Now support* VGA. EGA CGA aryl UOA (OVl U222 - REPAIR IT 3 - Cbilame a selection ot disk and hard drive repamng util bee Excelent lor saving that vital Me U224 • SPECTRUM EMULATER • Tna la the beat and UM«« vtrwn of me most popular emulaler Icy the amiga There are 68020030 versions
* oi new AGA amgas (2 dsksi U22S - STOCK ANALYST • The is a
todimcal angsts and locuntm tracking program which calculates
when to buy and soli sharp* U226 • ASTRONOMY V2 0 • A menu
driven asfrcnomy program that calculates information about the
Sun Moon and ptanets Help dsk U227 • MING SHU CHINESE ASTROLOGY
- Wll create horoacopes n seconds The complete aid U228 -
COLOURED ICONS ¦ Transfer your disks mo coiotxlti. Well
prntntod works of art Mlh Hub dutabuse U229 - KIDS PA NT - An
art package simpalied tor me younger a nigs U2» - STAR VIEW •
This propam a deigned to show graphical me posbens of re nan
and planets Irom any part of the earth U231 AQUARIUM • Tume
you- icteon into an eye catering fish tank U232 - OCTAMED V2 -
Latest version ci me famous music MfkAge U233 • NUMPAD FOR A630
A program mat mahn n Afioo rnn its got a numeric keypad 0234 -
ADDRESS PRINT V3.1 • Vbry useful it you make regular postal
correspondence U235 • IFF BOOT • OdCMys a pfClute Wt.lv your
hard dak boots up U237 • PAY ADVICE ANALYSER • A very ueeAil
program lor keeping track ol pay tax and national inaixance
U238 - CANNON PRINT STUOO Get a Cannon printer7 Tns dak is
naentiai tor Driiam reaurta U239 - FANCY PRINTING DISK -
Contains Bamer. Graph Paper VI2 and Disk Pnm V3 5 U240 BGASElli
An easy lo use versalfe yet •ufy lealursd aaiaoaM Greatly
enhanced succeisoi to bBosoll U24I - ADM V1 01 FioxaWe address
database with loads of great leatixas U242 • LITTLE TRAVELLER
VI t - The Ukiity shows a world map and a lews yog to select
any country tor travel information II then 20ome in gning a
close-up map with more information U243 - BANNER MAKER - Oewle
spectacular pnmad barters U26S • PROTECTION Koep ixtwamag user*
irom ptoying mlh your U266- PAR8ENCH -LrWuptwo Amiga's and
communicale with each U2I3 • TEXTENGIN6 V4 t - Sohl direct from
author Nicholas Harvey this excellent program has alt known
bugs food Has 36 000 wo»d epei checker E001 • TOTAL CONCEPTS
DINOSAURS • A book on dsk appropriate lor aansotonal Jureas*
Park movie Get nth E002 • SCIENCE - EueMent Mamng ad to re
dffxut su *ci (4 a*kn E003 • FRACTIONS ANO SILHOUETTES - Good
maths utitty E004 - WORLD WAR 2 • Good hotory | E006 • VfOflLD
GEOGRAPHY - V«vy uteAil ubWy 6007 • KIOS DISK 1 - Excellent
readng utility EOOB - LEARN ANO PLAY I • For a users, vary
• i AND PLAY 2 - See above, tsualy croe'sd ai a 2 aek ui | E010 •
GCSE MATHS • Good wnnan S a teacher ot the weieci 11 - LANGUAGE
TUTOR • French, Spaneh German and Italian E012 - AMIGAWORLD -
This dec ot educaeonal softwara contains datals on every
country D004 - ARSE WIPE - Mi la nous tenet row commerow Co67 ¦
FiIlET The fish - Camxyi D019 • SIMPSONS SUOESMOW Picture of
tetoveiora wacky tamly D023 • PUGGS in SPACE • Aroiher cartoon
animaeon Irom me same person who bruugrtyou Filet tn* Flan 0025
- SAM FOX - Siwehow 0035 - RUDE NOISES - Hilarious wmptes 0036
FAST CARS - Pictures of me wortdt most axohc cars 0074 •
MADONNA LIKE A VIRGIN • Muse put to naked sideshow of Madonna
0091 - SAFE SEX DEMO • Hfanoue mxed xiirpcj D114 - NEIGHBOURS
SLIDESHOW • Vary old OU SMI amusng pHttxee of the cast man
drawn on special streets D121 - GIRLS ON FILM • Ogitoad artmMon
0129 - SHOWERING G*RLS - Colour digitaed sideshow D138 - WAR
SIMULATER - Samples that could get you a day oil school or wwk
Scon* cl acknau and war Try I it down Ihe phonof" DIM - BASIC
INSTINCT - OgBart pcturns from the twn 0199 - STRIP SLOT
MACHINE U026 • TV GRAFF1X - Loads ol backdrops elc for use with
genlock AIM Ionia lor Dpaml (2 dsks U169 KARIEOUIN VIOEO ART 1
- ExceSenl coiieclion ot backdrops ot superb Quality lor uee
wrth goniack U171 • HARLEOUIN FONTS 1 - Loai ol excel lent
MiRos toms U172 - HARLEQIJIN FONTS 2 ¦ More | o' tn ? Atwe.
V001 - SUPERKILLERS - Hghfy reoommended «e 4 coukt save you Ccs Essential lor hard dak owners Wilh no virus ptolaclion you are putting!
Your a rare software cofecfton at njk Regular updalsa to keep n touch wlh el virus activity Separate versions tor AGA machines AI our daks are virus tree MD01 - MUSIC MODULES ¦ A tnauiYB 10 Oak coltecikin of good qualty music modulos All ol scut-Kllracker He fype tor use w.th Rsi | Demo maker NcrsepMyer and many other appicatiora | AQA SECTIOtTj A019 TO AQ23 - WE«D SCIENCE ¦ Excelent gueley pictures (5 dsks - availed* separately) A024 - FIT CHICKS • A cofocion of Qrty ptCtufM tor the AiJOOonfx (2disks) nr i7i L'UllilUJ ¦ L'lilluR) I A025 - FREAKS BODY SHOP - A small selection pit girty
AotJO - FERRARI PICTURES • Pichxee ol e new model irom m* world* meal eralic ear maker G»d 256 coteiy pictures A036 - NIGHTBREAO - Many pciuros drawn in 256 colours (2 disks) G042 - AGA TE1RIS • Controlled * ino keys.
I trus excekeni conversion ol probably the moel adcictrve game aver is now available with 2M cdour grapnic* I 0062 ¦ AGA CHESS • An 6xc*1enl gama bjl you ml 0 w4h the cursor k need 4rrbot ram to gel it to work'" ’ U0O1 - ULTIMATE BACKUP OISK • Thi* « mple$ gn includes Dcopy V3 0 which is probably me only copter that works successfuly cn Ihe A120Q‘A4000.
- 123 WORKBENCH HACKS - U*V uieiMt sDooal ertecls lor workbench
V3 0 U116-MORE WoflKBENCH HACKS Guoaantiat?
U255 • WB V3.0 INSTALL • 8 you need to install your hard I disk (hen you need this U256 • A1200 OEORADERS - An essential purchase lor AGA owro's indudee Fake Feel Mem. The Degradoi Diskiiar. Kil AGA V2 30)0 Halohi twits U257 - VIEWTEK VI 03 - An etaeniial pixchase alowlng Yjwto digia AQAg-epn
- Tho unity allows your AGA machine to I use your hard dish as
urtuw memonr 8 youve not a Krrh hard dak then you can have
Wtrfc ram Aequree FMU MMU etc W72 • WORKBENCH V3 0 SCREENS •
Imprtrrt the oppeorenca of workbench w4h theio excellani
backdrops 0181 • TEAM Hoi PLANNER GROOVE - This was the wortds
Irst ever AGA mogademo D196 - PANTARHEl - A new AGA mogademo
With amaiRQ leuno aiaehic* and colours | 0197 TEAM HOI 2 -
SSQuel lo the first ever n gadomo ABOVE DISKS WORK WITH
A1200 A4000 ONLY.
BouhousBold Anqm| BILLBOARD Qkcargo Arctic2 AvanlGarde Cartoon Architect LaslonOprnfncr A SMALL SELECTION OF FONTS FROM SETS 1 TO 4 DISK PRICES ID POSTAGE RATESl SINGLE OISK £1.85 INCLUSIVE P&P 2 - 15 DISKS ONLY Cl.25 EACH 16 - 25 DISKS ONLY £1.00 EACH 26 4 DISKS ONLY £0.89 EACH POSTAGE IN UK £0.80 PER ORDER P&P FREE ON SINGLE DISK IN UK ONLY EUROPE +25p DISK (MIN £1) WORLO +45p OtSK (MIN £2) "...Special mention must go to the Assassins games compilations..." CD Amiga "...excellent presentations..." ...well worth your time and effort... "...can only be praised... ...PD -1, Full Price-0."
Amiga Computing "...smooth and colourful..." "...a new edge..." Amiga Format "...bloomin’ good..." "...slick, accurate...plays like a dream..." "...a great conversion..." "...moody and atmospheric..." "...virtually arcade perfect..." ...the Assassins, everyone’s favourite PD compilers..." Amiga Force.
"...brilliant..." "...areal high flyer...' "...a lot of fun..." Amiga Marl ASS1NS PACK 1 Let battle commence across a rugged landscape... Blast alien Walkers and Seekers... Hurtle through uncharted space... Halt the invaders deadly swarms... Can you escape when one false step leads to oblivion..?
EACK1 Race through a computer- generated arena on a beam of light... Puzzle through the China Challenge... Duel against maniac drivers in a 3D landscape... Fight off marauding alien kidnappers... Solve the mysteries of a virtual reality Wasteland while time slips away... PACK 3 Guide a heroic wizard through his daring quest... Go head-to-head in the battle-tank of the future... Speed into action against laser- spitting foes in blistering combat... Compete in the ultimate game- show, where contestants face an army alone...
• ONLY £10.99 PER PACK * PACK 4 Teasers... Brain-twisters...
Cunning Conundrums... A lifetime’s worth of classic puzzlers -
traditional and modern... Or simply try your luck at the
roulette wheel.
EACJL5 Guide your cannon-armed craft against a terrifying biological infestation... Storm an off-world colony where something evil lurks... Something Alien. Play the future’s hottest one-on-one ball sport... Engage in the highest strategy of Total War... ?U.S.L. IS THE OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR OF ASSASSINS P.D. & SHAREWARE ¦£«r.
? PACK 2 ? PACK 4 ? PACK 1 ? PACK 3 ? PACK 5 Name________________ Address__________ Please Tick Your Choices Postcode ... Telephone Computer System For more information ® Underhill Software Limited, FREEPOST DL 699, or to place an order. Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7BR E&OE » (0748)811837
• you've attended any shows or spent ¦ -ruch time on-line lately
you'll be all- | » aware that faxing is the in-thing
• nr- .? Comes to comms and electronic «EE-ur.ication in general.
Ice what if you bought a modem that re potential to become a fax but simply t got the appropriate software? A fcsrt modem isn't cheap so the prospect m «ang up just to have a fax facility on a m- - t spec modem isn't exactly appealing.
Sow thanks to Village Tronic upgrading bo longer a necessity, courtesy of some ¦ rrjous software which can add a fax fccirrr to any Class 2 modem.
* other words the majority of older and r modems running at or
below 2,400 kc may not be compatible, and unfortu- uarly the
same is true for any Class 1 Tvcrm - which includes such
notables as c* US Robotics Courier HST and Sportster.
Although not an ideal situation, the jH:ciems surrounding Class 1 modems w r been spotted and are being addressed.
* * a result, keep a close eye on Amiga dates for a promised
upgrade which ccxild enable class 1 modems to use the ¦trware.
ot being a comms fanatic, the prospect m reviewing TrapFax didn't exactly fill me «nr. Unbridled excitement. However much
* surprise the whole process was - dare I wv it - quite
CREATION trappings rter kicking up the optional hard disk and spending a few minutes with the ncellent accompanying manual I was *y to send my first creation across the of carpet between me and the AC fax machine.
Paul Austin examines TrapFax, a revolutionary software package that could add that yuppie touch to your modem The first order of business is to set up the "7**Prefs which specify your name and ¦mfcer, initialise the modem and define tv source and target directories for incom- r; and outgoing faxes.
It's at this point where I thought things uld get messy with
r. twlisation strings, M-jd rates and all the
• Cher things which cake comms the ultimate anorak retime.
However in wvping with traction the whole thing is bliss- Mby simple and only took a fewr
- econds to set up.
A?ide from this, the only other job is to
• elect "fax" as the rreferred printer driver.
As you'd expect, the aforementioned driver comes as part x the package and is used to convert the ¦otput of any program into a format which an be sent via the modem. The only crite- vn is that the program must have access to r* preferences printer driver.
(Hi and graphics transmission To make switching between your printer jnd fax driver as simple as possible, a small utility automatically switches the two drivers for you, so there's no need for any manual labour whatsoever. And better still, multiple serial boards are also supported, so you won't even have to switch cables.
Intuitive design at its best.. As far as the source software is concerned there's no difference between the two drivers, but instead of popping out on paper the file is converted and then redirected to the outgoing fax drawer.
When the printing process is complete you're automatically switched back to Workbench at which point a small requester appears asking where your creation should be sent, or if it should be kept aside for later use.
From the same requester you're also given access to the phone book. It's also possible to specify when the fax should be sent and how long the software should attempt to transmit - thereby allowing for any errors or busy lines to be retried.
Obviously the real attraction of timed transmission is its money-saving potential.
V If you're making long distance calls you can specify that the fax is sent at the cheapest possible time.
Assuming you've chosen the appropriate destination you're returned to the main window where the fax is sent or stored.
Better still, TrapFax offers the ability to send the same fax to innumerable destinations.
All that's required is a few extra trips to the phone book, or alternatively you can add new numbers directly. When all your destinations are safely installed in the recipients list a click on OK button kicks the process into life.
PiLE UP After successful transmission the original fax can either be kept or deleted depending on preference. If it's kept the original file is simply moved from the outgoing into the sent drawer while incoming faxes pile up in a drawer of the same name.
If you've had a heavy faxing session in the early hours you can check out who got what, if not, why not, and when, with a quick glance at the TrapFax.log over breakfast. Prior to or even after transmission you can view you creations or incoming faxes via another utility' which pops up with an Applcon allowing a variety of scaled views of any fax either received or sent.
If you need hard copy the TfaxView utility also supports printing of both graphics and text - which of course means you have to swap drivers.
The only area in which TrapFax falls down is faults. With the exception of sending the same fax twice on one occasion, it appears faultless.
Of course the restriction to Class 2 modem only will limit its appeal initially, but come the upgrade TrapFax could well become an essential for any modem owner.
Ease of use 10 Implementation 6 Value for money B Overall 8 Product: TrapFax Supplier: Blittersoft Price: £74.95 Tel: 0908 220196
DISTRIBUTORS amiga computing ISSUE 52 anuamo cup mt f Lrty
totMS tnO uvmt m tvwNw. Raaty tor import amOfy Mi yCur
program, EMC Volume 1 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • Classic IFF Clipart
Spoil. CliWOii Miliary Ptonii. Anmal* Trampon. B«b«* Peoo* and
Xma* EMC Volume 11 • 5 Disks- £14.00- Classic IFF Clipart ,
P«coa Food. Aircraft. Ann**,Owng.Cats.
Dogs.Sport.TransportanaNatinl. EMC Volume 15-8 Disks • £22.00
- Classic IFF Clipart . Sport*. Anknais. Raigon. Onca. Food
ana WaMno*.
‘ Disks - £14.00 - Classic IFF Clipart rkwnf, Ariirtw. Coro liters ana OrTce Buidrm Eioctibnica. KW*. I EMC Volume 22 -51 P*opto, Protoaaon*.!
6 Disks - £16._
s. Fish. GoldFish lphins, les, l
4. 00 - IFF People 3 ¦ Beauty, bng*n*, Hiirtmsng 0
6. 50 - IFF Events
- £14.00 Is that we can't Is3 itffy' etc
* m DC IU X U High quality pictures of t ?I C 170i. TNG EMC
Volume 134 -5 Disks - £14.00 - i & Fantasy EMC Volume 133 - 5 I
£14.00 o . I, Sports, _ _____ ______ EMC Volume 28 • 5 Disks -
£14.00 - Classic IFF Clipart Anmali. Bum Xrra* Cat* Ftomra,
Computof* Hraaitora'Bontora, and S*SW»e Ilf IN HIGH 0UPIITV IFF
CUP PUT Thaaa vokimaa contain 300 - 600 dpi team that am
axtramafy largo Oncatha dipt rtavo been reduced lo a umM s «
in your DTP program moy mv produce printouts ot anuump QuaiUy
At wHti sO EUC's clipart disk* turns* dps an My
• odad and aavod as bruat**, natty lor On import m MU' DTP and
QrapTva programs. Standard Iff format and » compataDie man AU
ma or appocaoona kMHlW A* imottim (Ul you Mm 0 Mur h-0 ot mtnvy
le .** SMM im*ii EMC Volume 34 • 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Animals
1 Boar*. Bis* Oops War*’, intact*. Horae* Raptio* and EaotK
ArimMS EMC Volume 35 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • IFF Animals 2 Cat*.
Wild Cats, Funny Car*. Trop Fah. Fratv Farm and Funny A vmalt.
EMC Volume 36 - 8 Disks - £22.00 - IFF Transport Aircraft, Mt *es. CaraACtoMic. Commorc* Boats. Eno Toots and Trams EMC Volume 37 - 5 D.sks - £14.00 • IFF Business Computers Ohrce. Bus Peopl*. Pnc1000ptora. Pnnera and Finny Buune** EMC Volume 36 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Fantasy 1 fVartiar d'is Beau* Kn.orr.v Weapon*, Dragons Batsas Men and Woman EMC Volume 39 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Faniasv2 Oamons. Davits. Monotar* Stuil*. Wamora. Wkftt* and Wizard* att EMC Volume 40 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Borders Stunning Border* • Anmali, Woman Wise Objects. Place* and Natural CMC Volume 41 • 6 Disks -
£16.50 - IFF People 1 Babe*. Boy*. Girts. Man. Worren, Woivmg Famitae and Famous Pecpe EMC Volume 42 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Natural Plants, Flower* Tropical Plants frees Scerery and Garden Plarr* EMC Volume 43 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Sports Gym nasties. TP Bowing. Motor. Tenms. Got), Water. Bail Gama* ate EMC Volume 44 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Education 1 Sbet Sewn. Church*; CMM. Pnasti tiatory. World Mape. And Pieces EMC Volume 45 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 1 Food. Wadangs Easier. Xnas&Boraers. Varantnas. Arid Wreaura “'*7 Volume 46 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 2 toe. Danang
trim.. Mlrtory Roscua. Zcdac. Survvsi end Silhouettes ' Volume 47 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Humour j* (ell type*), ChKhem, loots Poop* Fail Ads Dentists end Fish EMC Volume 50 - 6 Disks - £16.50 IFF Dogs & Cats Ju*t about every braed of dog and cat. Including oihd dogs and Md ca( ? Volume 51 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Birds & Insects
l. Owt* Panes*. Pa akaet* Common. Fie* Bug* Baes and Spdara :
Volume 52 - 5 D.sks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 3 r*. GartHt*
Hamster* Deers Foxes. Farm Horae* and Hatorts EMC Volume 53 -
5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 4 Frog*, Snakes. Turlies. Trop
Feb. See Freshwater Fen. Insects and more EMC Volume 54 - 5
Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 5 Apes. Elepnants. GiratTee
Moose. Zobras. Bear*. Teddy Bears, and mora EMC Volume 55 - 6
Disks • £16.50 • IFF Flowers 1 Fvmwnrg Plants. Cny*. In*.
Mangolds Ortr.ru iitias. Panne*etc
* Volume 56 - 6 Disks ¦ £16.50 • IFF Flowers 2 i Ftowera and lots
more flowerai A rrarai tor ah tnose botanist* out mare' Volume
57 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Rowers 3
* . Tulpi and more Itowera* Anomer must tor all those botanist*
out there' EMC Volume 58 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Trees
Humorous Oak. Pina. Mapio. Willows Palm*. Bonsai and other
Tree* EMC Volume 59 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Plants 1 Bamboo,
Fungus. Pot Ptantt. Cacti. Yucca. Buruahee. Thsttes and lots
EMC Volume 60 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Plants 2 Herbs. Food related plants ard lots of other plants' EMC Volume 61 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Military Aircraft WWII Planes. FifllWs. Tanks Arm Vahclas. She; TlutkSan
- ---- ----t-IFFFi EMC Volume 62 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • IFF Fruit
Apae* Gripes Rberrtei. 5'uvr e» Cframev Peart. Pneapptes a EMC
Volume 63 - 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF People 2 Bade* Ou':i & Boys.
KkTs Sturt. Mon. Cowooys. Fomou* People and lots morel EMC
Volume 64 - 5 Disks - £14.0* Cincia, Couples, Hetonc. Borders,
Women » 6 EMC Volume 65 - 6 Disks • £16.1. _______ B'dev
Camping, Easier. Halloween. Xmas and noorly 2mbol Weddng EMC
Volume 66 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - IFF Work Garden Tools, Preceion
Toots. Working Mon. Mecnirety and common Toots EMC Volume 67 6
Disks • £16.50 - IFF Food 1 Italian. BBQ Sweeta'Puddngt.
Jurwfooo. Chets Waitera and Iota of Vega EMC Volume 68 - 6
Disks £16.50 IFF Food2 Drtnka. Salad. Mushrooms, Sweetcom,
Crop*. Wine. Champagne etc EMC Volume 69 - 5 Disks • £14.00 -
IFF Science Doctor*, Anatomy. Dentist*. Medical Equipment.
Nurae* Opticians etc.. EMC Volume 70 - 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF
Education 2 Book*. Teachers. Religion Worahp. TAuvc *
Instruments. Dancing and mo**» EMC Volume 71 • 6 Disks £16.50 -
IFF Goography Pics trom the world - Am. Egypt Africa Europe,
lode. S Amenea ArabK , EMC Volume 72 • 5 Disks - £14.00 IFF
Various 3 Boats. Oft Road, Itata vGormon Sports Cara. Buses.
Tran*. Aircraft etc EMC Volume 73 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF
Various 4 Casbe* House*. Cartoon* » Tweety TMNTurtlea. Speedy.
Dafty and more* EMC Volume 74 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Vanous 5
Otic* Coup . Clothing. Computer* Etoanc*. Office Border* end
Bus People EMC Volume 75 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Various 6 AwF
ball BnskMbal. SOCCAI Hunting Fishing Martini Art*. Flcmera and
More EMC Volume 76 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - IFF Vanous 7 Masks
Household. Fantasy Clean. Engtah Stuff. Footwo.tr and rtw'
OTHER FONT* ttNO CLIPlWT EMC Volume 2 -6 Disks - £16.50 - PC
ClipAn gam structured clean and img (Apart Computers, Border*
and tots more* EMC Volume 3 - 2 Disks • £ 6.00 - Pstream Fonts
34 PoQootrcant format lonts. OorrpatlWo wet all ueraiom ot
Pagestroam EMC Volume 21-6 Disks - £16.50 - PCX Clipart For P81
roam users - Annuls Cartoons. Cats. Computer*. Schocf, Spots
etc EMC Volume 32 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IMG ClipArt For Pstroam
user* • Anmats Food. Cartoon*. Plans, ineoca and Onntu EMC
Volume 33 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IMG ClipArt For P stream Users •
People Chnumos. BuMno* Sports and Transport EMC Volume 48 5
Disks - £14.00 - ColorFonts 54 4,8 and 18 eoler lonts tor
Dpanl. Scala Opatvtuon etc EMC Volume 49 5 Disks - £14.00 -
ColorFonts 83 4.8 and 16 color tort; lor Dpanl. Scala.
Opatvsion air EMC Volume 18 5 Disks - £16.50 • 60 Pdraw Fonts
EMC Volumo 19 5 Disks - £16.50 - 63 Pdraw Fonts EMC Volume 20 -
5 Disks - £16.50 • 50 Pdraw Fonts Typesmlth Demo Disk £3.50
Pagestroam2 Demo Disks £6.99 Opalvlsion Update Disks £6.99 256
formal pics that will load directly info any 24 Dit or I AGA
application, such as Dpaint 4.5. Opalvtsion, ADPro etc. You can
use these pics as WB backdrops on A1200 A4000's EMC Volume 88 -
6 Disks £16.50 - 256 Cars 1 Ferraris. Corvette. Mercs, Formula
1. Sports Cars and morel EMC Volume 89 ¦ 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256
Cars 2 Porches. Lambos. Classic. T-Typo. And US Sports Cars EMC
Volume 90 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Pianos 1 Falcons, Spitfire.
Bombers, F-14’s. Tomcats and more' EMC Volume 91 - 6 Disks -
£16.50 - 256 Planes 2 F-15s, F-16s, Harrier. B17's. Stealth
Bombers and more!
EMC Volume 92 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Space 1 The tarth, NASA Space Shots. Lots of Planets and more!
EMC Volume 93 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Space 2 Enterprises. Space Shuttles. NASA Shots and mom!
EMC Volume 94 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Women Lots of Beautiful Women and Models EMC Volume 95 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Wildcats Lions. Tigers, Leopards and lots of other WildCats!
EMC Volume 96 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Horses 1 Running Horses. Foals. Rodeo Horses and more horses!
EMC Volume 97 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Horses 2 Horses in the snow, Horses on the beach and more Horses!
EMC Volume 98 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Dogs 1 Alsation, Labrador. Cute puppies and even some ugly ones!
EMC Volume 99 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Dogs 2 Setters, Cute Dogs with Cats. Cute Puppies and mom!
EMC Volume 100 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cats 1 Really cute and humorous pictures of Cats and Kittens!
EMC Volume 101 ¦ 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cats 2 More really cute and humorous pictures ol Cats and Kit ! • 6 Frogs EMC Volume 119-6 Disks £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 1 Warriors, Dragons, Female Warriors and lots more!
EMC Volume 120-6 Disks £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 2 Dragon Lance pics. Dracula, Skull Warriors and lots morel EMC Volume 121 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The Movies Batman, Starwars, Top Gun. Terminator, Indy. Karate Kid etc.. EMC Volume 122-5 Disks • £14.00 - 256 Renders 1 Rendered Dragons. Glasshouse. Medcedes cars and more' EMC Volume 123 -5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 2 Rendered Bugs. Chess Boards, Various Rooms. F-18 and more!
EMC Volume 124-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 3 Rondered kitchens, Bowling, Insects, Cameras and more!
EMC Volume 125-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 1 Beautiful Women dressed m very little. Blood boiling!
EMC Volume 126-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 2 Beautiful Women dressed In very little. Blood boflmg!
EMC Volume 127-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 3 Beautiful Women dressed in very little...Blood boiling!
EMC Volume 128 * 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Water Girls Beautiful Women under Waterfalls, at the Pool and very wet' EMC Volume 129-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Swim Suits Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Swimsuits.
EMC Volume 130-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Bikinis Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Bikinis EMC Volume 131-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Beach Girls Women on the beach, the kind of babes you see in Baywatch' EMC Volume 132-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Lingerie Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Lingerie EMC Volume 103 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Sun & Sea Just about everything from Tropical Islands to Sandy Beaches EMC Volume 104-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 1 Pandas. Deers. Bears (all types). Zebras and lots more!
EMC Volume 105-6 Disks - £16 50 - 256 Animals 2 Elephants. Gorillas. Chimps. Monkeys. Seals. Koalas and more!
EMC Volume 106-6 Disks • £16.50 ¦ 256 Animals 3 Wolves. Moose, Cougar. Kangaroo, Fox Pups and lots more!
EMC Volume 107-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 4 Lizard. Squirrels. Walrus, Kittens and lots of Other Animals.
EMC Volume 108-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 1 Forests, Mountain Rivers Lekes, Waterfalls, Rainbows and more EMC Volume 109-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 2 Snow Topped Mountians, MountianLakes, Waterfalls, Streams etc EMC Volume 110-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 3 Rolling Hills, Snow Scenes. Farms, Small Harbour, and Lots more!
EMC Volume 111-6 Disks - £16.50 Sunrises and Sunsets fromCitH Cities to Lakes to Deserts!
EMC Volume 112-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 World People American Amazon Indians. Hawaiians. Africans and more!
EMC Volume 113 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 America Grand Canyon, Vegas. CeasarsPalace, White House etc, EMC Volume 114-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Castles Castles with Moats. Castles on Mountains. Castles on Rivors etc. EMC Volume 115 - 6 Disks £16.50 - 256 The World From around the world - Egypt, Japan. Italy. France. England etc. EMC Volume 116-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Birds 1 Parrots, Humming Birds. Flamingos, and lots more Birds!
EMC Volume 117-5 Disks • £14.00 - 256 Birds 2 Ducks, Eagles. Hawks. Owls. Winter Birds and more Birds!
256 Star Trek TOS characters etc ' Various 1 r volume!
50 - 256 WaterLife ¦h and lots more' ume 118 - 5 alcons and lots of bii Sun Mixture of pics mainly of Women & Fantasy Starter volume!?
EMC Volume 135-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Reptiles Snakes, Frogs, Lizards, Crocs and some amazing pics of Dinos.
SPECIALISING IN THE PROMOTION OF DTP ON THE AMIGA H H AND m WINNERS OF THE 1992 AMIGA SHOPPER TOP TYPEFACE AWARD ..... ENDORSED BY COMKWOS rm i fonts An PMC's Type 1 Fonts are compatible with Pagestream. The I Publisher Final Qopy2 re)2, Final Writer and Imagine 2,91 EMC Vol. 4 EMC Vol. 5 EMC Vol. 6 EMC Vol. 7 NEW RELEASES I BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, WE WILL HAVE ADDED AT LEAST ANOTHER 50 | VOLUMES TO OUR LIBRARY. THE NEW ADDITIONS INCLUDE: 26 NEW 256 COLOUR IMAGE VOLUMES Including Trains, Babes, NASA Space Shots, Classic Cars, Fast Cars, Racing Cars, Military, Boats, Flight. Jet Fighters,
Wateriife. Snow Scenes, Travel etc.. 11 VOLUMES OF NEW HIGH QUALITY IFF CLIPART Including Football. Rugby, Cricket, Animals, KldsArt, WorldMaps etc.. AND ECS IMAGES Very high quality 16 Colour Hi Res picture volumes especially lor use with Dpaint and video presentations... You won’t believe these images are only 16 colours!!
- 5 Disks - £14.00 - 67 TypeVs
- 5 Disks - £14.00 - 63 TypeVs ’s s Type
- 5 Disks - £14.00 - 83 Type | Typei EMC Vol. 29 - 5 Disks -
£14.00 - 80 Typei ' Typei’i
- 5 Disks - £14.00 - 68 Typei'i ¦ 5 Disks - £14.00 - 76 Typei
EMC Vol. 17 -5 Disks - £14.00 - 79 Typei'i EMC Vol. 27 - 5
Disks - £14.00 - 56 TypeVs EMC Vol. 16 5 Disks £14.00 1 Type 1
Type 1’i NEW TVPE I FONT I 01UUES Converted, by EMC, from MAC
PP True type format fonts. EMC Vol. 77 - 5 Disks - £16.50 -
78 TypeVs THE MAGAZINES HAVE SAID... Amiga Computing in issue
52 said.. "E.M.C. are the FIRST and FOREMOST Font distributors
in the UK" they then placed us at...No.l in the TOP 10 of the
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Ian Wrigley from Amiga Shopper in issue 16 said... "... must say that I’m quite impressed..." Amiga Format in issue 36 said... "...E.M.C. have an enormous amount of expertise in the tricky area of fonts and can provide professional help and advice to customers" Amiga Format Special Edition said... "...the best value rescalable fonts available anywhere...there's no cheaper way of getting quality fonts" CUAmiga in the issue of September '92 said... “...you couldn 't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C." Amiga Shopper January 1992 gave Safari Fonts and EMC... "The
Top Desktop Publishing Typeface Award For 1992" Pat McDonald from Amiga Format in issue January 1992 said... "The best person to talk to about fonts, in the UK at any rate Is Errol at E.M.C" Amiga Mart November 1992 said... "EMC's emergence into the cut-throat retail area has come none too Soon, their service and technical backup is second to none.11 EMC has no need to offer you any sort of font guarantees.
...OUR FONTS WORK! I Our competitors claim to have the largest font collections in the UK... ... YEAH RIGHT! (Maybe they should check their facta before making auch claimal) AND...BELIEVE IT OR NOT... WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR EMC TO RELEASE MORE VOLUMES BEFORE WE CAN EXPAND OUR LIBRARY!
EMC Vol. 78 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 69 TypeVs TypeVs TypeVs 106 TypeVs I 5 Disks - £16.50 - 84 TypeVs
- 71 Type Vs 7WJ EMC Vol. 79 EMC Vol. 80 5 Disks £16.50 EMC Vol.
81 -5 Disks -£16.50 06 reaLMLE fonts All EMC's CG Scalable
fonts are compatible with all versions of Ppage, Psetter2 3.
Wworfh. WB2 3, Scala ion and Dpaint 4.1+ etc. Opahrision t EMC
Vol. 8 EMC Vol. 9 EMC Vol. 10 EMC Vol. 23 EMC Vol. 24 EMC Vol.
25 EMC Vol. 26 EMC Vol. 30 EMC Vol. 31 61 CGFonts I 64 CGFontsl
57 CGFonts I 58 CGFonts I 64 CGFonts I 66 CGFonts I 71 CGFonts
I 59 CGFonts I 60 CGFonts I 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5
Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks £16.50 £16.50 £16.50
£16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 new re i'mmE FONTS
These fonts originated as MAC Format Truetype Fonts.
These volumes are now supplied, due to popular demand, with Postscript downloadable tonts!
53 CGFonts 48 CGFonts 46 CGFonts 46 CGFonts 34 CGFonts 38 CGFonts EMC Vol. 82 EMC Vol. 83 EMC Vol. 84 EMC Vol. 85 EMC Vol. 86 EMC Vol. 87 5 Disks - £16.50 5 Disks - £16.50 5 DiSkS £16.50 5 Disks £16.50 5 Disks - £16.50 5 Disks-£16.50
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Our so called competitors claim to otter outstanding technical support and service. II this la true why do the following companies and institutions pefer lo buy their DTP »oftware from ua?
- I( n4‘ jenh, . ftite ((?fijirrif, andttmtrollwf i}Jecf
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E. M.C. are the exclusive UK and European distributors for the
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Full details of the Safari DTP Typeface collection are included in the EMC information pack.
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Ecapmmo pomenm oiipmt Suitable tor Pagestream. Ppage 4 0 and Final Writer EMC Vol. 12 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Clipart Weddings, Houses. Office. Kids. Mtl.Planes. Boats. Food I EMC Vol. 13 6 Disks • C16.50 • EPS Clipart (13 CL Buildings. Animals. Sport. Aircraft, Hols. Chefs. People.
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E. M. COMPUTERGRAPHIC mm 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex. C015 1JU
Tel : 0255 431389 Fax: 0255 428666 Austin explores the
ultimate 3D conversion alongside a CD packed with over 500
models in every format imaginable version. Obviously texture
maps arer. T J integral part of the model and need tofl
replaced later on.
However for the ultimate test 1 th.xjm we needed something big, and they M come much bigger than a Vista Sce Animator DEM file.
Unfortunately a complete map e? Fl Grand Canyon proved just too big farfl machine, however after a little tinkemH smaller region did the job.
Admittedly the first few attempts throw up the odd glitch as assorted poftffl appeared to poke out of what should IM been a smooth surface.
FINE TUNING Fortunately each InterChance convaJ a separate module with its own intemrf jfl erence requester allowing you to fine* the conversion process to suite the software.
After doing exactly that, the atoccafl tioned DEM converted perfectly and directly into both Imagine and Liglafl without a single glitch. This is ever- wM impressive considering the new impa H sisted of over 16,000 points and 31 1 polygons.
Admittedly the finished Lightwj-.. came to a rather staggering 535,832k - be honest the end result was worth byte. As well as far superior com | Interchange also has the added incredible speed. In the past a Pixd hM limitless supply of models from both the Amiga and PC is quite simply manna from heaven. And of course any of your own classic creations can now live again within new productions.
As for conversion quality the results are quite literally astonishing. After extensive testing the program barely put a polygon out of place. After my initial amazement at converting a selection of models complete with their correct hierarchical structure and including colouring, transparency, diffusion and specularity - where appropriate.
Even subtle aspects such as Imagine subgroups were spotted retaining their own colours, attributes and surfaces during con- vidual sub-objects. To be fair Pixel 3D Pro is designed to be more than just a conversion utility. In fact features such as 2D extrusion and point editing are all part of the overall system. As a result the program excels at 2D to 3D conversion and subsequent point tidying, but for straight conversion it still leaves an awful lot to be desired.
Enter the Syndesis Corporation with Interchange Plus, the conversion program and utilities suite we've all been waiting for. Now just to save time I'll become completely over excited early-on and return to the review in a few paragraphs.
Being a dyed-in-the-wool modelling maniac the prospect to free-ish access to a and Imagine. Quite why Syndesis are asking the same price for the CD as Interchange Plus - given that the vast majority are PD models - is a mystery - not the mention mildly annoying.
To be lair examples of the modelling prowess of Interchange aren’t the only things on offer. In fact a collection of over 400 mirror tiled texture maps also come as pari and parcel of the CD - ideal for modelling and general multimedia applications Thanks to aforementioned textures the 3D-RQM does manage to claw back a reasonable degree of value for money, but to be honest $ 199 for what is essentially other peoples work combined with a selection of texture maps is just a little too much.
However, for the professional videographer it does make a useful reference library - ideal for the occasional prop to add that finishing touch to a near perfect scene.
Over the last few years the Amiga has become the machine to beat for ray tracing and 3D modelling in general. Alas with its increasing success have come a vast array of modelling formats
- all with their own individual approaches to the subject,
Unfortunately with their individual successes, each program
becomes marooned on its own little 3D island. As a result it's
been difficult - if not impossible - to share models
successfully. And as for sharing the best modelling elements of
each, forget it.
With such restrictions, upgrading from one package to another has involved some torturous decision making. Should I throw away all that hard work and start afresh, or stick with my existing outdated software?
What a nightmare.
To be fair some, packages do make an effort to load other formats but these are few and far between, and of course software companies have a vested interest and tend to avoid contact with direct competition like the plague. For example Imagine2 will load Turbo Silver and older various of Imagine but nothing else.
IMPORTS Due to user pressure some of the latest programs such as Imaginel9 and Real 3D v2 offer support for DXF - a format supported by the majority of C D packages.
This has its uses for corporate logos, and architectural fly-throughs but DXF imports are notoriously tricky and often requiring as much editing time as it would to start from scratch.
To be honest the problems associated with model conversion hasn't gone unnoticed by third-party developers. As a consequence there are a reasonable variety of conversion programs - which again are usually tied to a particular product or concentrate on font conversion rather than model sharing- Even so there has been one notable exception in the form of Pixel 3D Professional.
Costing around £250 it ranks as perhaps the most expensive ray tracing software peripheral in the business.
Unfortunately even this pricey program has some fairly serious limitations, most annoying of which is faulty conversion of complex objects.
Although the package can convert between 14 different formats they're only really useful when used on simple or indi- In addition to Interchange Plus. Syndesis have also released a CD-ROM packed with over 500 models ranging in quality from the unspeakably crap to astonishingly impressive - with somewhat fewer of the latter than the former.
Perhaps the best description of the CD comes from the packaging itself which reads: ‘A spectacular demonstration of a new 3D translation technology called Interchange Plus."
The word to concentrate on here is demonstration. Although there are examples from professional model makers the vast majonty are PD examples which have been simply copied onto the CD and translated into the various formats in order to demonstrate the power of Interchange Plus. As a demo it's certainly pretty impressive with all 500 models offered in each of the following formats 3D Studio. AutoCad, WaveFront. Lightwave Syndesis 3D-ROM GRAPHICS GRAPHICS!
The bottom line rxrOunge on the other hand is astonish-
* cn quick and will convert a fairly complex aoci tn a matter of
seconds. Bliss absolute Uk- Now we’ve covered the end results
• crdi mentioning exactly how they were ed. Basically you have
two options.
M can either fire up the main program and i urle click on the required conversion occules individually or go for the direct «rroach and double click on ICP Start automatically loads the entire suite of rsnerters.
Regardless of the approach the end result Trrams the same with a small requester T?mg-up on Workbench allowing selec- Basically Interchange Plus is an essential tool for any serious 3D enthusiast while the 3D-ROM is reasonable - if you're either a cut and paste ray tracer or a professional who can envisage recouping their investment courtesy of improved productivity.
However be warned, although many of the models are impressive the majority are fairly run Of the mill and could probably be duplicated by an experience user in a matter of a few minutes.
Ton and saving of the original and con-
• erted model along with the required converter.
Aside from file selection and saving, Trie's little else to do apart from defining
• hether you want backup files or wish to vncatenate file names -
thereby keeping a story of the model's source software in the
ttiti of an add-on to the existing file name
- jther than a direct replacement.
For the vast majority of conversions that's you'll need to do. Simply select the file, : nne the target directory and convert.
However if problems do arise you can
- rpeat the process but prior to conversion a : ruble click on
the chosen converter will L-ow you to do the necessary fine
Fortunately the accompanying manual is
* h friendly and thorough so any adjustments shouldn't be
too painful. However in aatain cases opening a modules
requester is r iential - as not all are dedicated entirely to
.inversion. It's in this area where Interchange mod-
- ies enjoy at least some of the added utility tatures found
within Pixel 3D Pro. For rvample one of the most impressive
utility Supported formats Lightwave objects and scenes Imagine
Turbo Silver 2.0 and 3.0 VideoScape 1.0 and 2.0 Sculpt 3D 4D
scene and script PAGErender Atari ST CAD-3D Professional Draw,
Aegis Draw ImageMaster ISHAPEs Vista DEM digital elevation maps
3D Studio Wavefront.obj AutoCAD DFX converters modules adds
font conversion the Interchange repertoire - via the InterFont
In addition to the converter you also receive an InterFont Designer along with 23 InterFonts designed by Syndesis plus another 48 licensed from Arock Computer Systems. These fonts can be loaded, extruded and converted to into the DTP or 3D format of your choice via the aforementioned InterFont module. It will even add justification, centring, bold and italic along with user defined surface attributes.
Another utility entitled Surface Converter allows the attributes of objects to be loaded and converted to Interchange format for easier attribute matching between formats.
If statistics are more to your taste another module allows a text file to be generated describing the structure - in point edges faces, colour and its surface attributes of any object.
As for model manipulation you're provided with a reduce points, scale and snap to grid - each of which employ the same modular approach with their own pop-up requesters.
All this talk of conversion utilities and requesters may well give the impression complexity. However rest assured that 99 per cent of conversions require no additional editing whatsoever and are usually complete in a matter of seconds.
As you've probably guessed pretty impressed with Interchange Plus and for the serious ray tracing community it's definitely a must have product, which will not only save hours - if
- of modelling time also open a whole world of perfectly imported
models from all the major CAD and Modelling systems on both
the Amiga and PC.
A famous foee from Ughtwarr now available for use within Imagine.
Again Imported first time without a single error Product: Interchange Plus Supplier; Syndesis Corporation Phone: 0101 414 674 5200 Price: S199 ynopsis Ease of use: 10 Implementation: 10 Value for money: 8 Overall; 9 Product: Syndesis 3D-Rom Supplier; Syndesis Corporation Phone: 0101 414 674 5200 Price: $ 199 Ease of use: 10 Implementation: 10 Value for money: 8 Overall: 9 ( M Rs CiKt MMFAI) KM397 rO (IKT MORK PR(HiS WokklM.
LOtSKvoffzsJ Off | lyoRi oumJ DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: 0492 515981 EST. 1991 UTILITIES BUSINESS 1U41IHOITMHCM .4IHMU6BU1UJ4 IU1II11011 Ml IfTXI 41 JUCIWBmtO‘-tf O-itMl J U4D HIRMOV fiiflB (Mnn 1WJ4IMR U IM* R *!*« fcr tm U4IS MIOUM $ 4rt U M WM HU mu 12 0W.WIKIMR nwn mm mini i ' wn rw t «M! Wi iw nt%» wnumfMtrwnuMe looommmtsMHinu JUUIMIU1U J4JJ MM FRRfflR RWIMi »or Hn MR .: wm v mm * n (mu rm Am xn MMI umwnn WMHUtafMKMBMl U4H DM UVIUM11BMMV IW 4 10cm . WUCMMCUil.il (muni
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A* taw to" to ato) »* a to tot i M OU . 004 EUT NMET Ictoa M
natoa (M pa caa* 14* OU &0i «¦ IH1 LaAa aia * nt 1 * fl 2 .
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0£» IM MFT mn Wton awn *n to a* a lane* I Ml OU ua MIT MU taw
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.&a«n iMin»toMK ibmqu imrntnmiOSt.
I Ottk Proyrtmt • f4 SO imPnftrn-BM DELTRAX PD (AC), 36 Bodehvyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP DISK PRICES: 1-2 Disks = £2.00 etch, 3-15 Disks = £1.50 each 16-24 Disks = £1.25 each. 25+ Disks = £1.00 each % Qm 3 u u ' Address . Overseas orders w elcome payable in sterling please.
C. -ualoguc disk £ 1 .(K). Fafti, reliable friendly service.
Make cheques postal orders payable to "DELTRAX PD* Numc POSTAGE & PACKING: UK = 60p per order.
Europe = +20p per disk; R O W. = +40p per disk Note: Prices are per disk and not per set » a Postcode .. Td Adam Phillips looks at the latest PD releases from all over this snow- swept land Anew year and a fresh crop of games and utilities to wade through. If it’s been a new year's resolution to buy more software then there’s no better place to start than here in the Public Sector. Keep the titles rolling in, no matter how bizarre, strange and weird -1 want to see them... S s equally solid racer, Moose Drive.
Viewed in from above with a slight 3D tilt, this is a hectic race round a selection of ten tracks to become the ultimate moose driver (why? I don't know, I only work here). Two other cars join the player on the track to add to the competition and steadily improve both performance and speed wise as the races count up.
If by the second race though, you begin to feel a little cheated by the sheer Mansell handling of the opposition, don't give up too quickly - a hurried rummage through your race earnings to date will hopefully yield an upgrade to a better engine, batteries or tyres.
One of the most impressive features of Black Dawn Programmed by: Andrew Campbell Available from: Pathfinder PD Disk No. PC219 Black Dawn is one of those PD games that lands inconspicuously on my desk among a pile of others with no fancy wrapping or glittery packaging but on slipping the disk in to the drive and booting up. It blows the reviewer away with its sheer professionalism and playability Set on a large spaceship... contact has been lost., drifted in space for centuries... recently turned up on deep space radar and so on. The player must embark on this three-mission demo to work down
through the craft, accomplishing various tasks and blowing away the aliens that infest it.
This is Alien Breed meets Dungeon Master as you creep down the twisted corridors with baited breath dreading what might lurk around the next comer. Along the way. Differing suits of armour and weapons can be bought to top up the continually ebbing supplies There are plenty of surprises in store such as large metallic balls that lie in the corridors of the ship that need to be pushed out of the way but carefully so as not to block an exit.
The graphics are a high standard with varying species, from tentacle creatures to green dinosaur heads, that cause untold damage. The sound as wen is very effective if a little sparse - start shooting something off in the distance and the following hit registers quietly but as the enemy closes in. The louder the sound of impact becomes.
This must be one of the only PD titles that I’ve played all the way through to the end. Admittedly there are only three levels to complete but this is still a worthy buy.
If Andrew Campbell intends to add several more missions with varying objectives, more weapons and creatures to the finished version. I don't see why he should have any problem selling this on to a company to be released as a commercial game. Excellent.
Magic Workbench Programmed by: Martin Huttenloher Available from: Graphic F X Disk No UT132 Have you ever noticed how bland the Amiga Workbench looks - single tone colours in the background, dull icons in the foreground - and how in desperate need of a facelift?
Magic Workbench is the plastic surgeon of utilities which enables the user to strip away the old and install a new, all improved and prettier face for your machine.
Coming on a single disk, it offers a multitude of 40 different backgrounds for Workbench 3 owners (or one for WB2 and lower), a fresh set of attractive-to-the eye icons and fonts, a sample inserter (change those wee little noises your Commodore makes) and an opportunity to alter the pointer and busy icon through a limited art package.
All that needs to be done is a simple installation onto your hard drive and then select the rest. The graphics on offer are of a very high standard and tasteful (if a little too Laura Ashley in places).
The only negative point in the whole program is the lack of different types of pointers and sound F X - these need to be provided by yourself.
You can install it on your floppies but make a back up of any disks that are being altered for safety's sake. Magic Workbench is an great buy and offers a great deal for such a small price. Your Amiga deserves this.
Moose Drive Programmed by: Graham Dean Available from: Graham Dean Racing games seem to be in vogue at the moment with Road to Hell gracing our screens last month now to be followed by an Fairlight 24 Produced by: Virtual Drear Available from: Mega Software All the way from sunny Finland come computer pop video with music by r : other than Papa Smurf (?). Coming Strong on one disk. Fairlight uses 0- tised video of somebody walking do* a street intercut with various Nik* blip captions that flash up and tell to live life to the full.
Even though it all becomes ra- repetitive after a while - if you t: away the fancy chrome and green hr you’d be left with some pretty bo- camera work of a spotty teenager nr.
Ing into a magazine shop - it’s imp sive that it’s all been done on Amiga.
It’s well taking a look if you war see what stage the Finnish music scr has reached and to show what vis effects the continually surpris Commodore machine can pull off.
PUBLI SECTOR this package is the large number of van- I ables that can be changed by the player I Anything from car colour to the compete I tions' performance may be changed to sut I your tastes.
While hurtling at a breathtaking rate I PD and SHAREWARE ¦ Fantasy Slides Produced by: Michael Zucchi Available from: Kew = II • Disk No V1089 Here, for yet another month, is a selection of more fantasy art for all you dungeons, dragons, little elves, hairy dwarves naked bum lovers and the like.
It’s presented using a GIF displayer which according to the author is very fast, but unfortunately there are only four slides on offer.
On the positive side though, these are superb quality with 256 colours giving a quality rendering of the works of Boris Valejo. The artist behind three of the four images. Seeing that each image takes up between 100k and 300k, it's understandable that there are only four.
The GIF displayer can also be used with your own files, so for those with a leaning into the fantasy world, this will do until you invest in a Frank Frazetta book.
_ md the comers (and you really do in jrer stages), it's possible to smash the up which then needs to be driven to nearest pit stop for a service.
This kind of attention to detail lifts
• -e Drive from the usual mundane j:rv into a smooth, slick
little number ih dinky" graphics and quirky sound it can hold
you on the edge of the seat m that damned finishing line always
ms to be obstructed by the opponent's Programmed by: Kwok Man
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk No RGAG34 Mad Fighters
A1200 become stronger than the platform following.
Streetfighter 2 and Mortal Kombat are the two main arcade monsters that eat school-kids' cash for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Amiga has already had the delights of huge disk accessing conversions courtesy of US Gold and soon we can look forward to the delights of Mortal Kombat, hopefully with fully digitised blood, guts, gore, colon and intestines.
On the home front, Team 17 have been bashing away at the best beat-'em-up to date on the Commodore, Body Blows, and its follow up, Galactic Body Blows.
But what of the public domain and its offerings? As far as 1 can tell, they're a lit* tie thin on the ground. MadFighters will hopefully re-address this balance - a huge street war competition with over 16 different characters in the full version, this game is an action fest.
On booting up, the presentation of the whole thing may well put you off - they are very rough round the edges. Blocky sprites, clashing colour schemes and horribly basic looking front end don't help to encourage confidence in the game.
Choose from a wealth of options exactly how you want to fight - speed, difficult, knockout tournament or arcade mode among others - and then indulge yourself in some absolute mayhem as your chosen character is dumped against an enemy whose sole intention is to beat the living daylights out of you.
There are various moves such as throws and kicks but also included are a selection of the special actions. These range from a hurricane-style lack as seen in Streetfighter II, where the character whirls round in the air with legs kicking in all directions, to fireballs of enormous This is all frantic, exciting action with good use of sound including digitised voices and crunching impact noises.
While 1 have my doubts about the collision detection and the amount of skill needed to win, these questions largely remain unanswered because for one this is only a demo and two, I was having too ...and individuals with anything remotet, worth my while having a peek at If you want something released as PD. Or you're a library with stacks of hot new stuff that you haven't seen reviewed n these pages yet, why not drop me a kne with a copy, full documentation and everything clearly labelled7 l promise i at least look at your work From music to education, business to utilities - anything you
feel deserved your shoving onto a floppy Osk. Lemme at it and I'll do the rest Address7 much fun at the time. Apparently, the final version, costing £6, includes 16 different characters with three or four different special moves each, 16 different backdrops (only four can be chosen from in this version) and nine difficulty levels.
If you're still uncertain about Adam Phillips. PD submissions.
Amiga Computing Europa House. Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SK10 4NP Calling all PD libraries... ¦ PD and SHAREWARE Mad Fighters because of the dodgy looking screenshot, then lay your hands on the demonstration disk and give it a try - if you're a fight fest fan, this could be what you're looking for.
Grand Prix Manager 1993 Season Programmed by: Ave Avid Available from: Various After the hands-on experience of Moose Drive, it was a pleasant switch to settle in the managerial and not the driver's seat in this Grand Prix management game.
Based in the office of a struggling businessman trying to make a break into the big league, between one and four players can take part with the objective of winning the championships five limes within five years.
From behind your desk, contracts for drivers are negotiated, cars are bought, repairs made, weather checked, and other wheelings and dealings done.
Some of this business is aided by the large-chested, miniskirted secretary who wobbles her bits showing that, even in these times, some men can't resist a cheap “thrill laff.
Once you've selected the people you want in your team, it’s out for the big day to watch the races. These are viewed from above the finishing line where each lap is shown as the racers power past.
Intercut between this are listings of the positions held on the track, with events such as crashes being displayed along the bottom.
Unfortunately, the racing section takes up most of your lime Jigsaw!
Programmed by: Frank Arnot Available from: Frank Arnot Let's make one thing a little dear, I am not a fan of jigsaw puzzles - I've always had a problem with seeing little point in putting a picture together with 500 different pieces. Granted there is a modicum of satisfaction as the final piece slips into place but that's about it.
Well, imagine my Viz-like surprise when I booted this little title up only to be hooked on it for quite some time.
And as the cars whizz around 26 laps ot a course, boredom set ties in as you begin to wish there was a skip button.
The game seems to be a reasonable attempt at a racing bus ness simulation but lacks any real variety to hold the attention Might be worth waiting for the next season.
Set on a grid made up of 25 pieces, the player must reassemble a picture within the time limit. By seleding a piece, it can be rotated or moved around the board until the correct position is found.
The final image can be called up a certain amount of times for invaluable reference, as can a percentage indicator that tells how much of the puzzle is successfully in place.
During this hectic enough activity, matters are made complex by the advances of the Jitterbugs, a computer-controlled selection of Lemming-like creatures that change and move the pieces around.
Fortunately, it is possible to shoot the little suckers as they come on-screen, but once on the board itself, they have various powers to make your life a misery, from rearranging a single line to laying down a block piece. Jigsaw is a solid, fun and addictive game that works smoothly and its later levels can be accessed via the use of a password system. Recommended.
Messerschmitt Bff 109 Produced by: Greendell Technologies Available from: Various Disk No (CLR) - CLE33 Decent educational software has always been thin on the ground with the preference being fairly placed on the games side of computing. Most "edutainment’' is simplistic and invariably rather dull when compared to fun to be had with the likes of Alien Breed 2 and Cannon Fodder.
20mm Cannon Messerschmitt is a multimedia-esque package which while not the ultimate in teaching software gives the user a full low-down on the plane and its role in history via an interesting and well thought- out format.
It's possible through a series of menus, icons and images to find out about the engine, weapons, cockpit and nearly anything else you could possibly want to know'.
The system of user interaction works well - for example, when looking in the cockpit, simply press on the instrument you don't recognise and up pops the name of the selected item. For those interested in that old classic, the Spitfire, then? Is also i disk set available based on Blighty's air craft, and as with the German equivalent it is highly detailed and recommended for adults and children alike with V an avid inter- est in warT planes. ' Contact addresses Frank Arnot 21 Sharp's Lane. Dundee DD2 3EU (£5 for full version) Graham Dean 14 Fielding Avenue, Poynton SK121YX (Cheques payable
to the above name £5 for full version) Graphic F X PO Box 69, Manchester M21 2BN Greendell Technologies 25 Woodleaves Hollywood, Birmingham B47 5BW Kew a II PO Box 672, South Croydon CR2 9YS MegaSoft 78 Bockingham Green, Basildon SS131PF Pathfinder PD 41 Marion Street. Bingley BD16 4NO Software Expressions Intrnriiirinn cnmo nf thp hpct nuhlir. Rinmain K Qharpu arp Introducing some of the best public domain & shareware disks available for the Amiga today. Go on...express yourself!
?6215 . Battlements ... ?G217.Act of War ?G218. RouWle ?G219 Space Rescue ?G220. Sub Attack )N) ?G221 Revenge ot the mutant camel ?G222 Neighbours adventure ?6223 Wizard Wats ... ?6224 Strabgic Games ?6225 AdOamsFaimvOuiz ?6226 .OuM ...... ?6227 ...Assassins 24 IN) ?6230 ..Assassms 27 |N) U001 A-Gene (1 mtg)..... ?UQ16 Baortiylhms(lmeg} _ ?U033 Edocahon 1 .. ?U052 Busmess Card Maker------ ?U092 Cartoon Brushes______ ?U098 Datatttse Master .. ?U123 .. 10 Tester .... ?U128 Viz Clip Art .... ?U130 Label Desqner ------- ?UI36 ...Amibase Prol .....
?U140...Text Engine ..... ?U142 ...Super Fonts ..... ?UI47 M0BEDV2_________________ ?U152 ..PC T«k----------------- ?U1S3. File-a-tax - .. ?UW QED---------------------- ?U160 Oehixe Part Tutor .
?U164 World Databank__________ ?U165 A-groti____________________ ?U175 Text plus VERSION 4._____ ?U178 (2 Dscs) Analitic ALC ?U179 .Calorie Base ..... ?U180 GCSE Matns ___ ?U185 ..Astronomy---------------- ?U186..S-Movle . ?U190 ..Shadow demo maker..____ ?U1B4 -Total concepts -------- ?U195. Home Manager . ?U204 ftaceRator______________ ?U206 ABC Adventure Creator (N) ?U210 Pools Pools Version 2- ?U211. Traming Log____________ ?U212 Back Tik______________ ?U217 MasKNiDliCk.
?U230 lllinos Labels ?U231 Audio Animation Studio ?U232 Cheque Book Account ?U233 Engineers Kit_______________ ?U236 ..Word Power----------------- ?U237 .Stock Analyst tU238.. Font Fann .. ?U239 Dunks DTP______________ ?U240 little Office______
* 11241 Wnemaker ?U242 Budgets 134 ?U243 ...D-Sofve____________
?U244 Lockpic V2 0...... tU245 Re KickVI.4......
* 11246 Map: Workbench ?U247 Sun Calculator... ?U248 Unit
Convertor Trace your ancestors Cfttrt your teelings
_______________ _laam German
....Simple, but useful lets of famous
characters Comprehensive AMOS database Jtow thick are you?
Roger Mony in D Pamt „ ..Vanous label printers Besl accounts package around Excellent database Ixcettem word processor lots ol Super Fonts
- ....Moveable Obtect Editor .._ Emulates IBM ? PC
programs _________________________As I sounds ....
Beginner? Word processor Enhance your knowledge of ties Creates
maps ot the world .Cmto tur graphs Excellent word
processor .(2 Discs 1 Best spreadsheet avaiiabfe _... Work out
your own calorie intake
L. .Syllabus taught disk Calculates positens ol
pfarets ....Video Text Editor Create your
own demo
- ....Leam about dmosaurs .Create an address
book For horse racing information Create your own adventure
games ________Work out your winmngs
...Keeping fit Ariwe on
Commonbac* Complaints Got! Score recorder
____________________________Label Printer .... Create
Cartoons Keep tabs on yot expenditure _______________ Check
your Amiga Syslem Solve crosswords & anagrams Anat?«s the share
market .... Variations of fonts available
....Destfop Publishing for Krfs Word
Proccessor, Database & Spreadsheet Database for wine
enthusiasts _____________________Accounts Manager
Crossword-complete with two crosswords .....Uncover copy
facilities latest D Grader for ai 200 _________ Good workbench
alternative Calculates position ot sun within 2 nwiutes Works
out vofumft'speed'vreiQhl etc UTILITIES DEMOS ?0015 Agatron
Star Wars (1 meg? Disksi Captivating graphics ?0056 .
Enterprise leaving dock . . Famous animation ?0075
...Girls of sport .- ...Pretty shots
of talented girts ?0148 ...The Run (1 meg) T. FkhKrs car-chase
awnaton. Good ?D162 ...Stealthy Mwoeuvres (1 meg)
-------------------Excellent demo ?D166 ...Star Trek
Anunatens.______________ Anims. Of USS Enterprise ?D177 ...Star
Trek Animations Agatron no.17 More like above Good ?D271..
Odyssey (5 disks) Exctfwt spice adventure animation ?0278.
Desert Storm______________ Information on Gulf War
* 0280 . Jesus on Ts* |2 disks) .....Excellent ra* muse
?0282. Howto skin aat...~ .....-
Amusing demo ?D287 ...Calender Girts Siideshw
MUSIC ?M0O6 Batdance remix - Really good disk Catchy stuff
?MC84 The Wall. ... Pink Floyd classic ?M090 ..Led
Zeppefin Stairway to Heaven etc ?M093 ...MC Hammer
..You Can t Touch Titls
?M104...Cybemex ..... Excellent music compilation GAMES ?G0O5
All New Star Tr* |2 drives. 2 disks).USS Enterprise classic
Best one ?GC08 Balloonacy_________________ Drop bombs on o»y
from baton ?G010. Breakout
.- .....Classic tat 4 bad game
?GOIt Bhzzard_______________________Horizontal shool- em-tip
High quality
* G014 Adventure Solutions (2 disks) loads ol hints of commerce
* G019 . Dungeon Delver (2 disks) Difficult adventure quest
* G021 Demolition Mission (1 meg) Simrar to Balloonacy. Good fun
* 6023 Electronic Train Set |1
meg) Construct own train set ?G043
Learn and Play 1._ Good tor the kids. Blackboard maths, etc
?0044 Uam A Play 2 ..More hm for the tods ?G053
..Mayhem .... Brsbart shoot- em-up ?G065 Pixie Kingdom |2
dsks) ......Tntky adventure gjm* Good ?GQ71 ...Return to
Earth (1 meg). Space adventure ?G066 ...Wrarthed One
Good general knowledge quiz ?GHJ2 . Simulation 1 (1 meg)
Recommended 5 games including Metro ?6109 ...Wheel of
Fortune ..-..TV Qun computerized
?G124. Napdeomc Warfare HigfHjuality simulation ?G143
.. Card Shop ...Wed presented card garr.es ?G149
Raphaels Revenge DiTficuti patlorm aiTreniure Gt52.....leaping
Larry Jump onto elevators ?G153
..Growth Destroy an expanding brain
* 6155 Mission X .....Quality stool-
* 6157 Ouadnx Difficult
puzzle gam* ?G162 Story lane 2 (N) ...Create a
childrens adventure
* G165 Super Skoda Challenge ... ...Car racing game
?G170. AmosCrket _________________ Owzat!
?G171 ...Top Secret .. Quality platform gam* ?6175 ..Whaz Was NEW Wizard shooting game ?6176 Wife Kmghl .. ..NEW Excellent snoot'em up game
* 6180 Tank Attack (N i .... World War 2 Simulation ?62W. Super
League Manager Manage your Own Soccer lean ?6207 ...Fiagcatcher
--------- Fnd the hags very addictive ?6208 ...Grand Prix
SunuWor .... ...... Jxuflenl ?6209 Games Galore Ten (N)
-------- 14 excellent games ?G214. Parachute Joust-
..Try& catch a parachute ?6231 . Assass-ns 28 (N)
These mdude Dr Mano. Invaders 2 4 Mad Bomter 2 ?G240
...Assassre 37 (N). .. Ghost Sim. Claktris etc ?G241..
Assassns 38 IN) --------- 1 on 1 baWy & tiaiW ?G243. Tetren
_________ Excellent Tetris done ?G244 legend Of Lothian.
-------- Version 102 Adventure ?G245 Iron Ctads(2teks)
- ......Graphc adventure ?G247. Quiz Master.
* .....-Quit which mchides Editor ?G248
Assassins 40 (N)----------------------------10 Puzzle Games
?6249 Assassins 41 N) ....- -includes 3 Games
...Atlantis..- ...Eoderl
Adventure Games ?6252.. Bombjacky . Rescue
the dying planet ?6254 Airport___________________ .Patrol yow
own airport ?6255. Amos Games...... .....5 Games nchidmg
Giassback ?G2S6 SlambaK ... Management game of US football Type
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Great Voluel ? £9.99 Personal Details Name_ Address _ .Postcode, If mining by credit card then vimply xlrpKw 0MI! 6Mia2 or ON).!I and our staff -ill take sour details Unit 1)5. HI-TECH HOUSE. BLACKFRIARS STREET, NORWICH. NORFOLKNR3 ISF Tel: (0603) 666202, (0603) 662066 Evenings & Weekends: (0603) 261060 We've seen a bit of an explosion in EGS activity of late.
The retargetable graphics system (RTG) developed by Viona Systems and adopted by GVP for use on Spectrum has already been used by the GVP EGS 110 24, Peggy FMV card, and Piccolo graphics board, and has gradually earned recognition as an alternative display system.
Spectrum 28 24 is a newly designed low cost Zorro II or III card and fib in any spare slot, communicating with the CPU via the usual Amiga data channels rather than the blistering direct access its predecessor enjoyed when talking to the Combo's 32-bit local bus. The on-board blitter is a 28MHz chip, and though nowhere near as fast as its pricey predecessor, it can still move along a fair old lick.
Users for cards such as this are many and varied, not least among graphic artists and DTP specialists, and for improved productivity the speed at which Spectnim handles images is ideal.
GVP’s Spectrum 28 24 graphics card is the latest board to offer EGS and its own brand of extras. Stevie Kennedy checks out the other end of the rainbow Hardware scrolling through a large 24- bit image in smooth easy stages can be misleadingly easy at first, but try the same trick with a Ham8 file in Dpaint 4 if you need to be reminded how slow it can be.
As usual with EGS cards, the most annoying aspect of the whole package is installation and setting the thing up to talk to the rest of your system, particularly the monitor.
Spectrum has a wide range of available screen modes, up to 1600 x 1,280, but many of the higher resolution modes will only work on expensive l7in multisync monitors with generous bandwidths.
The installation program offers a num* ber of common display options to make life a little easier, including the Commodore 1950 but there is no entry for the 1942 - a strange omission given that this is already the most popular Amiga hi-res monitor.
Choosing the 1950 setting works well enough; so as long as the user makes the correct guess, everything should be fine. If a common or garden bi-sync or SVGA monitor is used, the best that one can hope for from Spectrum is 24-bit at a resolution of 800 x 600, and this can often be reduced to 256 colours if the monitor is less flexible.
Most, though, should be capable of 24-bit at 640 x 480, which is good enough on a 14in monitor.
Signals from the Amiga’s RGB port can be passed to the board then on to the monitor if required to give a pass-through capability such as offered by Piccolo, and the two monitor set-up is also available for those with a spare medium resolution monitor to take the standard Amiga display On first booting-up, nothing will fern as the EGS screen mode has not been « ?i selected, but setting this is a very *u fl task. The latest EGS libraries (v6.1513 supplied with our board) are much ai reliable than some of their hapless anad tore, and make ECS screen modes avaiidfl through the normal Prefs
screen mod requester.
DISPLAY Just open the Workbench Prefs dr«J as normal and use the screen mode p?a gram to choose between a list of EGS di play modes which should be available This means one can experiment until suitable mode is found before saving settings, after which the Amiga will bo Workbench into an EGS mode using ur a 256 colours. The unfortunate side effort 4 0 approach is that although ECS Ls now ¦ore system friendly, only programs which un open as a Workbench screen will benefit tom the EGS display modes.
PageStream, Wordworth, and many xher productivity packages will open on Workbench, but not all will and prospective ICS users are advised to check to ensure
* jt their favourite software is suitable.
When an EGS Workbench Ls running, any rrogram opening a custom screen will do so r the background and the user will have to ase Amiga-N or M to switch to the new icreen, which will not pop up in front of .'.orkbench as normal. This can be a pain if re user was looking forward to using, say, jragine 2.0 on the Spectrum display.
Older EGS emulation allowed for custom screens to be re-directed to EGS, but as these programs usually suffered from screen refresh problems the new system is more reliable if a little less flexible.
Ricking from EGS to other screens using the Amiga-M N hotkey is easy enough, and EGS screens themselves can be pushed to the front and back using the depth gadgets, » no screen should be difficult to access.
In use, the first impression one gets of EGS, especially Workbench emulation, is ihat it is very smooth. Normally, a 256- colour Workbench will be tediously slow even on an A4OOO 04O, but such a screen on the Spectrum display is easily as fast in operation as the normal 16-colour mode Opening a DTP package in 800 x 600 or greater using the 256-colour mode gives the user a hefty speed boost, particularly when scrolling through colour documents containing pictures. Spectrum's speedy operation and dedicated VRAM ensures that screen update is fast and smooth.
Owners of older Amigas will find less to rejoice about, as the way in which Workbench emulation takes place means that they still cannot open screens with more than 16 colours. Workbench revisions prior to 3.0 simply don't use more colour and EGS can't force them to.
However, the board's higher resolution screen modes are still available, as is the EGS display proper, on which any package designed to use the EGS libraries will open.
This is a true 24-bit display (though it can be set to any depth the user wishes), and is used by the bundled paint package, EGS Paint.
Most of the huge array of libraries supplied on the EGS disks are used solely by the EGS display, and they include libraries for most common windows, gadgets, and requesters. This makes all EGS software very similar in appearance and operation, thus promoting more consistent design.
TOOLS As usual, Spectrum is awash with utilities and support programs for use with EGS, including a battery of prefs programs and a collection of more or less useful tools.
There's even a 24-bit version of Tetris at which I was able to demonstrate that more colours don't make good Tetris players.
Of most concern tc the new user will be the preferences which control everything from the screen mode used when an EGS package is run to the fonts used in windows and gadgets.
There are settings for the mouse pointer, screen offset, and more or less everything normally associated with Workbench prefs, so it isn't much of a job to set the screen to suit one's tastes.
Extra programs include the ubiquitous clock and a handy 24-bit plotter program which will produce textured surfaces, not unlike rippling velvet, from any mathematical function. The 24-bit screen blanker is a particular show-stopper, and offers a few very odd but colourful patterns and animated effects.
One tool which would have given Spectrum an edge would have been a 24-bit animation previewer similar to the Retina board's MakeRACE utility. Such programs, though incapable of full screen video speed, can give the artist an invaluable 24-bit preview of any animation, and with its on board blitter and 2Mb of VRAM, Spectrum should be able to display double-buffered animations at about 15 frames per second.
This would of course be unsuitable for full-blown video work, but given that the board's output can be passed to an RGB-to- video encoder, and there is such a potential for fast 24-bit work, an animation or slideshow program would have been a big bonus for videographers.
As it stands, Spectrum 24 28 is a stable, high quality display card with solid EGS software of the latest version, better Workbench emulation than the v5 libraries we've seen up until now, and a burst of speed which can make 24-bit work easier than painting in 16 colours.
. Awr The EGS standard might not be the last word in RIG (Commodore have yet to release their own) but at the moment it is the best environment for alternative displays.
When it is aided by hardware which offers this speed for £399, the combination, though far from perfect, is a huge improvement on the slower AGA chip set and knocks spots off ECS displays.
Any EGS system currently available could say the same, but Spectrum's speed gives it an edge over everything other than Piccolo.
Paint not perfect EGS Paint, the 24-bit art package bundled free with this board, is an excellent complementary program, but it still has a way to go to catch up with the likes of TVPaint EGS and falls a little short of the Pico Painter package supplied with Piccolo.
The standard drawing tools are well catered for and there is an excellent bi- or quad-view setting so that users can work on up to four different parts of a large image, but the airbrush tool leaves a lot to be desired and there is no alpha channel. Working in 24-bit without the benefit of transparency control can be a little limiting to say the least.
Brush manipulation is at least good and there is support for all fonts, so the picture isn't all bad. In addition, EGS Paint works incredibly smoothly, and simply by using the scroll bars on the image window one can scroll through a 1,5Mb 24-bit image as if it were nothing
- a testament to the power of Spectrum’s blitter and its fast
BACKGROUND Stencils are also well implemented, and any brush can be used to mask the background image, so the package does have its uses. A good gradient fill tool is one thing EGS Paint can boast which Pico Painter lacks, and for 24-bit backdrops it is an essential effect.
A more advanced tool is the magic wand which will mark out an area or marquee whose boundaries are set by the user depending on colour tolerance. Using Magic wand all sorts of tricks can be utilised, including very selective fills, and its inclusion is a major boost to the package's flexibility The program's best feature, though, has to be its Pantograph tool, a Strangely named beast Which copies pixels from one part of an image to another area or a different image window using the current drawing tool.
This offers a great deal of flexibility and it is possible using Pantograph and the airbrush, for example, to create feathered brushes in another image, then paste them back into the original SOFT WA K E PD EMULATORS BB997 IMH EMULATOR FOR A500.
8B9T9 ATARI ST EMULATOR t Cl5-2 QL EMULATOR B*97 KICKSTART 2 EMULATOR KK'KSTART J EMULATOR A500+) Uvc Workbench 3 on your A500WA600 PC EMULATOR H')R A300 a C495 ? 2001 orde:ri (; by post Simply tend your order in on an A4 pogr, buing the number* you nevmre the total cou. And your name A addret* or if you wv*h amply mark on hr title* you wi*h to order, fill in your name e*c, and tend thc*e page* * ' EPIC MARKETING. 1st Floor Office!. 31 Fanngdon Rd. Swindon Wilt* SNI SAR. Enclosing full payment.
ORDERING BY PHONE Call any time between 9 30 A 5.30pm Mundiv to Saturday with ytm credit Cjft] dentil ud (he dttki you would like lt urdcf.
OV ERSEAS ORDERS Oversea* order* are welcome, but pleate add 25p to each dnk ordered, lltd 1 minimum of 5 dnk* applv All foreign order* tn sent by fmd ch» Air Tel Amiga . Total order value: £ ......Total disks:.
Payment method ..... pn Prim per dbk (larlutitv uf P«P la UK) I Smile dtl 1300 I-SdoL* l.’IMeoch 6l04bk ..Ll.neach II or mere.....XI Weach CHM-1TTTLC ww 2 4itl* COLLECTING DISKS You ire welcome to collcci your PD order, but ) *!
Are advised to (bone it through prior to collection.
Office hour* 9 30m» S.30p« M»Sa.
? Mil BTVPESuper Im 90! Atlrrtndt.
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? B900 CRAY SlaYEJL Hack V Slath ? B887 BUNNY BLAST. Shoal u many link bunny* Mi you c«i. Sick!
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? B'MD WIZARD WORLD Very cule but difficult platform g-une ? B9S2 OAMEBOY TRTRIS. Brill. A npoff of the Gameboy tetri* QB955 TOP SECRET. 2 plater platform romp. Great fun to plav.
Q B%ft SPACE TRAX 2 ptayet tpoce Uioot cm up QB967 TECHNO BAHK. Race the hull acre*** a chequered floor.
? B%K HELL ZONE. Past paced horizontal thoot cm up. Great graphics Q J1973 CYBERNETIX Fan Defender clone, enhanced Amiga version ? BW BOUNCE A BLAST. Cute platform game cum thoot 'em up.
BB994 SOCCER CARDS Management COOI DONKEY KONG. Old Alan clauic game.
QC315 GIDDY Iwbly the beti platform game »'«| hle on PD.
? C5IJ 2 18th HOLE GOLf The f«r»t PD gull game, pretty gvcti.
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QCI74 OBLIVIONDrfmdrr done ? CI77 OTMEUX) ? C206 MORIA 3.4 Brilliant RPG ? C267 CilGAR TETRIS Pltnhed vcnion uI Mint far I meg chip ? AMIGAt.
? C303 SLAM BALL Supetb football managenvm game BC322 TOP OF THE LEAGUE. See above Cutl CASH FRUrr Puyahle frail machine timuiator.
? C460 AZTEC CHALLENGE. Ore* etHI- vemon from the C64 ? C45J MF.GABALL 2.1 LiM «mmn of that clauic game 'Break-Out' BC459 BAGMMAN Addictive plitfnrme?
C456 FRL'IT PANIC. A new tort Pucman game. Verv good.
? C4S5 ONI! CHESS Up to date che« program Very intelligent QC462 STARIANS Amazing thaoi 'em up with great graphict.
Q C469 THE RIGHT WAY A Lemming* clone.
QC468 AIRPORT An air traffic control umulalor ? CS3I PREMIER PICKS The 2nd Premier league it here ? C532 OAME TAMER 4.01 Over 400 cheat* for game* lac. Loodt of new one* SC570 RllMMY CS63 ROAD TO HELL Top view racing game, brilliant game play ? B8I2 SUPER PACMAN92 Uptodate pacman clone, tcrolly screen. Beefy muuc. Great gameplay.
WORD FINDER Plus Powerful CfdUMOrd lollfr.
Very eat) to me. Contain* ¦ dictionary of over 40.000 words, and y ou can add ynurown!
Order code: ? L32I-2. Only £5.00 Amiga 1200 Catalogue disk available Only Q £ 1.00 with any order of PD ORDER FORM Name .. Address ... PD GAMES ? B4I7 CASSETTE PRINTER COVER.
Prim ytur own cauettc inlay* B419 LFDIT V3.0A. Text editor B47I ONE MAN BAND(NASP). Muuc jukebo* on the computer?
? B47K POINT Sc CLICK New hyhnd menu tytiem Powerful.
? B477 WORDS WORDS WORDS A collection of wordproce**ot* BB485 A300+ UTILS B4K6 AMIRAGE DISK MENU Ea*y to u*e menu maker ? B5I* BOOT Intro Centime turn Kit Craw ynur awn nuny utiiu i lo disk*.
B30I AM1GADHX V1.81. Canl fikr BOO FORMS UNLIMITED. LOOtofpre defined fnmti. Including Invoice.
Credit Note. Delivery Note etc. ? B524 SUPER POWER PACKERS Everything you need to crunch file*.
B527 ICONS K)R ALL 2 100% of read) to nut Icon* for Workbench.
? BMJ SNOOP DOS II yoo cant get i pjngram to run by ittelf on it* own dick, get ihit it tell* you e tartly wlut lihraneVTile* any program it trying lo loud up. A great program ? 8643 RAYSHADE V4.0 A PD ray tracer.
I Ku it quite difftcnlt to uve CllfShell know ledge required B6S2 POPUP MENU B634 KME(KEY MAP EDITOR) B676 SHFJ.L TOOLS EUR WB2 3.
BOW VIDEO EDITORS KIT Contain* diflcteM vtdeo wtpet. And idling tool*.
BB70I SHOWGIF + IFE2GIF B8IV AMIGA PUNT Hone race prediction software.
BR&42 BUDGET Home Account* BW7 MULTI FAX V1.0 For vending and receiving faxe* on the Amiga A modem I* required.
BB906 DTP Competent de*k top pub.
INI 1-2 TWIN EXPRESS. Link up two computer* together, cither Amiga to Amiga. PC lo PC w Amiga w PC.
Great for tran*feriag Tile* buck and forth. (Wiring diagram includedi BD002 PARNET Simple network title BW) LITTLE OFFICE Include* timple wordprocetvor. Daiabate etc .
? C002 CU TUTORIAL Explain* CU St Shell, great for beginner*.
QC00J PASCAL LANGUAGE ? COO* AMIGA TUTORIAL ? C0I2 MULTTDOSI 12 Trawler Amiga info to PC and vita-ver*a.
C021 FORTRAN COMPILER 0073 BACKUP V3.5. Hard dnk backup.
COM HAM LAB PRO V2 08. Powerful picture ihMipulatnrAritnverter.
QCI25 TA.C.K. vl.2 Arum construction.
QC4I0 LOCKPICK 2 Powerful copier that con remove protect im from game* ? C4I7 BAD FORMAT Removet bod track* on eomipttd dtvkk BC535 DICE COMPILER.
CSSO SAFE II ExmOm new diU copter, can copy AMIGAfPC A ST dtakv 0*w 9 different copy modet.
? C5S3 RANDOM QUOTER. Every time your computer boot* up the Syuem will give you a different quote.
? CSS4 PC TASK 2.03 Ijieti vrnton of thb amazing new vharewarc PC emulator. 2S6 colour* (VGA) on an Amiga 1200.
? CJ64 SPECTRUM EMULATOR 1.7 Very favt »pectram emulator, run tpeccy garnet on your Amiga.
? C590.2 TOOL MANAGER 2. New Workbench thMgogemeni »)«em.
Menu «yttem. Workt much like Wtndow't. Thu program lun to many feature* and configuration! To Ini Credit Card Details Credit card no: Exp. Date: ? 376-2 WAI.KER DEMO 2 Meg A tnily iU»ic umnuinn of a Walker from Empire Strike» Back waft* around an Amiga Not in be mined ? 578-2 WALKER DEMO 2 2 Meg. TV tevontl pan t* even better, made in look like a film, and it duct, brilliant.
? A079 FIVE WAYS TO KILL A MOIL Very kick ammaiionk an how la kill little molct ? A20I FIVE WAYS TO KILL A MOLE 2.
? B397-2 AMY YS WALKER 2 S Meg.
• A080 UFF5 A BITCH. Ova 18a ? B683 LEMMINGS VS ROBOCOD ? H«K)
3 Meg ? B953 K.K. NORMAN Part 2 2 Meg L’;B9M DOLPHIN DREAM ?
C090-8 THE HAUNTED. 2 Meg. A total of 14 Megobyick of
animation. A total of 8 dttk* A total of 5 minuet ol the bcti
uninwnun you're likely lo tee on any Amiga.
Roddy t beti yet ? C094-2 ROAD H Xi ANIMATION ? Cl 17-2 TALES OF A T1MF. J Meg ? CI29-3 BATMAN ANIMATION. Dork and uimovphcric Bat nun animation.
? CI32 C1AZBBGLOO. Three purl Mint 8CI33-S DUNCS BACK 4 Meg Cl39 STARWAK5II 2 Meg Ijthaoctd vervnin of Swartz ammuioa.
? C722 MPEG MOVIES 4MPEG mnvict with movie player ? HI 3 LET ME OUT Port I A 2 Comical 2 pun Doggy animation.
? CD229S XMASANIM Very appruprtate at ihi* time of the year.
A wonderfully anlmawl sequence of Santat Orotly Thcie are lot* of differeni little thing* going on lo vput ? CD228* EIGHT SLEMZ OUT.
N« lemmtngi anon with all the little blighter* having a game of htacball and not doing it too well either Good far a laugh ? CD226I MAGNUM IA (UTILITY An update to the popular disk nvig creuior with new feature* and bug fun where relevant ? CD2245 MIND GAMES (GAMES).
An excellent collection of game* to lease (Kit old grey matter ? CD2226 PICTURES AND LETTERS One fur the kid*, teler. A letter and the computer display* a nice pvcture accompanied by wme cheerful muuc QCD2I87 STARCAT2.
For cataloguing your PD. Cdi or Video* EDUCATIONAL PD QC240 FIREWORK ALPHABET ? C072 MATHS REFLEX TEST Answer at many qucuxxv. Right at you can on qun.it at you can ? C065 DIVISION ? C02(i POUR STROKE ENGINE ? B93I MATHS CALCULATOR ? B9I3 Hcnrycna i. BOOK OP SPELLS ? A420 LEARN AND PLAY ? B0I6 MATHS TALK ? B065 ALGEBRA II ? 8068 MATHS WIZARD PD ANIMATIONS BOX Oi l* BLANK DISKS ONLY £4.** ? B406 WET BEAVER MIX. A t meg chip muuc demo Great uulT ? B4IO-2 MR POTATO HEAD c B49I "IVE GOT THE POWER* ~7 8491 THE BOUNCER Kiekt like a mule mu*ic track. Wow. .
JB683 LEMMINGS VS ROBOCOD B692 RAF 'Software failure* ] B693 FRAXION Tuture vntom ] B725-3 ULTIMATE JARRE Three dttk* full of art & muMC by Jarre ? 8736-4 PLAYS1D *A-Z OF C64 TUNES* Over 100 clauic Commodore 64 tune*, they sound juvi like the original ? H74V2 PARADISE PB7V9 ALCATRAZ'MUSEUM 92* OB800 GLOBE i ANIMi ? BH06-2 PROJECT TECHNO ? B82S-5 ALCATRAZ tODYSSEY). Not A1200 An all time classic tprce epic, over 40 mmute* long 8B908-2 DEPFCHE MODE.
CU58 SPACEBAI.IL. A 1 Meg chip Rave demo Amazing muuc. And an outstanding video like animation QCW7-J JESUS ONES 00092 ANARCHY-DIGITAL Illusion ? C093-2 SOUNDS OF SCIENCE ? 0095-2 LSD-TOTAL CHAOS. Very king rave Irak, outstanding BCI42-2 RED SECTOR. “Time zone."
Abtoluieiy brilliant megademo 2 dttk*.
? 096 SANITY JESTKRDAY Very nice muiic demo QC397 JELLY "GLOBALCHAOS".
DOOO PYGMY PROJECTS Very latest megademo. Which features tome ixnuanditig city tcape animation*.
? C678 CHROMAGIC AGA Wortdt lint AGA music demo QC677 STEVIE NICKS Wtu* the hell’ Very funny Muff, great at parties ? C676 WATER PROOF DEMO. Average demo, but support* FPU.
? C674-2 RSI ’WICKED SENCE*. New 2 disk mega demo by Red Sector Inc. ? C67(MSPEED 'RAVE DEMO* Brand new 4 disk rave demo, features unreal visual* with a great toundtrack.
BPC TASK V2.X*. Rwn VGA on A120(1 LOCKPICK 2 Remove* prutcctMm B ACTION REPLAY 4 (AGA) TETRACOPY Ivwerful dnk cop«r where you can play Tetri* while copying.
? BANNER MAKER Banner creator ? A1300 DBGRADER5 Run old software (J M1NDWARP AOA Amazingdcmo ? DCOPY 3 I Latest tenaon of dm copter ? GIDDY GAME Very cute pUformer ? 600 BUSINESS LETTERS A collection of
MX) pre vtructured letters, ranging from ¦you're sacked* to *yuu
owe’ ? CD2277 STAR TREK INFO Follow ing on the usual high
standards of Whom I ? 2 this contain* everything you need to
know about Star Trek and a hit more besides.
Q CD2262 WORLD WAR 2 If you want to know all the fact* about WW11. Thtt hyperbook w ill present them to you quite nicely.
AGA DEMO C68* JPEG DATA TYPE ETC CWW COMPUGRARHIC FONTS ART SELECTION POSTSCRIPT FONTS TS MORPH I 2 MANDELMANIA 4 AGA PLANETARIUM ED WORD PRO Powerful teat editor etc KLAW l miTlES 4 ASI AI200HX DISK I ASIA 1200 FIX D1SK2 ANIMAL LAND I New kith game ? C700-2 IMAGINE OBJECTS 2 new link* of lirogmr cb)crtt ? C702-4 SOURCE 4 dttk* ol tource code ? C706-I SB PROLOG Programming language ? C7I0 MPEG LTTLmES A telettioa of Mpeg loalt LSD UTILS 141 LETMEOUTAMM PROFESSIONAL BINGO Smart larking utility, that Ktuofiv read* out the called number*, a even prim out (hr bingo canJt.
& Eight, two fat Lidicv .
? C7IS SPAYIXI. HYPERDRIVE Very favt new reflex letting area game ? C7I6 BAR CODER Euellait Bar code nukrr ? C717 LIGHT WAVE OBJECTS A collection uf object* for Light Wave ? C7I8 NUMTR1S Onguul concept of Tctns ? 019 LEMON DEMO New mega demo ? 020 BEETLE GAME Bnlliant looking new fun platfona game, lovclv graphut ? C72I OCTAMEDV2 (REVISED) Updutcd vciMon 2 MPEG MOVIES TOTAL WAR UPCAT For workbench 2 and up Simply lOMfl (hf di*k and it creae a catalogue of li t content* 025 D SOLVE CROSSWORD C7262 SCOOPEX ‘PLAYS 2 UNLIMITED" 2 DISKS 3 unbelievable quality 2 Unlinutad track*, including Get
Ready For TT«* A Tw ilight Zone.
Order hotline. 0793 490988 or 512073 GAMES SIMON Till: SORCFRFJt £2249 SIMON TOE SORCERER (A 1200) £2549 SIREPWA1RFR £12 99 SMASH TV £7.99 SOCCER KID £1899 SOUPTREK £189*) SPACE CRUSADE (NO 12) £1449 SPACE HULK £2049 SPIRIT OF EXCAUBUR (NOP) £949 SPORTS MASTERS (NO 12) £2049 STAR TREK 25TH ANIV AGA £22.49 STARBLADt (NO 12) £8 99 STARDUST £1249 STEVE DAVIS SNOOKER £1049 S1RATEGY MASTER (NO 12) £21 49 STREETF1GHTER 2.
TTTUS TOE FOX £9.49 TORNADO £2149 TRANSARCT1CA £1849 TURRICAN £7.99 TURRICAN 2 £7 99 ITV SPORTS BOXING (NO 12) £1349 TV SPORTS FOOTBALL (NO 12) £649 ( T-KJ’-XL The I Itinuile in lligtil Simulaliom V Call for A vailMiiy _y ULTIMA 5 (NO 12) £9 49 UTOPIA ? DATA DISK £1199 VIKJNGS - FIELD OF CONQUEST £1149 VROOM (NO 12) £1349 WALKER £1999 WAR IN THE GULF £19.99 WAXWORKS £2299 WHEN TWO WORLDS WAR £21 49 WING COMMANDER 1 £1049 WIZ14' LIZ £2049 WIZ-K1D £1749 WONDERDOO £14 49 WOOD VS WORLD £1799 WWF WRESTLING (NO 12) £11 49 WWF WRESTLING 2 £17 49 XF.NON 2 MEGABLAST £949 XMAS LEMMINGS £1449 YOJOE!
* 11 MEG) pfc.-t.US CONSTRUCTION SKT lux QRRl'S (I MEG) (NOPi lua
onus (usa version)) v I VMS FAMILY rn AST AGE TENNIS NO 15) M
£18.99 DREAMWEBd MEG) £22.99 DUNE (I MEO) £19.49 DUNE 2
£1049 G2 £17 99 GAUNTLET 2 £7.99 GAUNTLET 3 (NO 12) £16.49
TAYLORS £11.49 GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT £9.49 GUNSH1P 2000 £22.99
£17.49 HILL STREET BLUES (NO 12) £9.49 HIRED GUNS £22.49
£1149 HUMANS2(I MEG) £20.99 HUMANS DATA DISK (NO 12) £18.49
HUNTER (NO 12) £7.99 IK* £7.99 IMMORTAL (NO 12) £10.49
SPORTS .NO 12) £1899 ISHAR 2 £18.49 ISIIAR 2 (Al 200 VERSION)
PARK (A)20D) £1949 LOTUS 3 (NO 12) £1649 LOTUS TURBO 2 (NO
12) £9.99 LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS £19.49 Ml TANK PLATOON £1149
MICROPROS!'. 3D GOLF £12.99 MIG29 £1040 MONOPOLY £18.49
MORTAL KOMBAT £20.99 £10.49 £22.99 £1249 £18.99 £2249 £9.99
£1749 £18.49 £1849 £17.49 £2349 £1849 £18.49 £17.99 £1899
Amiga Mouse External Amiga Drive (My £59.99 MORTAL K0MBAT
Amu inn! £18.99 BREED £9 49 CO BREED 2 £17 49 »¦ .' BREED 2
AI200 £18.99 iTAR £1849 AN GLADIATORS £17 99 mm £9.49 atWTHER
WORLD £12.49
* hCHF. £7.99 WB YA £H.4V
• tfOCAI.YPSR £20,49
ISUSSN REMIX £9.99 im HARRIER ASSAULT £22.49 RAT 2 £23,49 7
• .UtT VS THF. WORLD £ 18,99 BATMAN RETURNS £17.99 batman the
movie f.99 RATTLE ISLE £13.99 BATTLE ISLE 93 £1649
• EACH VOLLEY (NO 12) £7.99
• LACK CRYPT f 16.49 M-ADE OF DESTINY £25.49 1LASTARO MEG) £14.99
1 MEG) £14.49
• LI ES BROTHERS £7.49 ItTB'S BAD DAY £17.99
• OOY BLOWS £16.99
• OOY BLOWS (A1200 VERSION) £1949
CD32 Ama inti 256 colour hi speed graphic* Onli £24.99 _ NICKY
BOOM 2 £16.99 NIGEL MANSELL AI200 £18.99 NIPPON SAFES £20.49 NO
(NO 12) £11.49 OPERATION WOLF (NO 12) £7.99 OVERDRIVE £16.99
PANG £7 99 PAN .A KICK BOXING (NO 12) £899 PATRICIAN £2049
£IK4(I Amiga Start Lead Almott monitor quality picture Only
£9.99 10 Blank DSDD Disks Only £4.95 , PINBALL FANTASIES AGA
£8.99 SHOOT EM UP CONSTRUCTION KIT (NO 12) £8.99 SHUTTLE £17.49 SILENT SERVICE 2 (NOP) £ 14.49 SIM CITY DELUXE £22.99 SIM LIFE (Al200 VER) £22.99 WE'RE OPLN FOR V ISITORS 6 DAYS A WEEK, Uauik'J0pm CALL YOUR ORDER THROUGH AND COLLECT SAME DAY BODY BLOWS GALACTIC mming AGA Graphic, Only £1&49 Amiga 1200 Insiders guide If your new to the Amiga then thi* great book will help you no end. It * written lor complete beginner*. And inkei sou through the A1200 vtcp by step Only £14.95 Order code: DZI26 *PAP CD PD TITLES k FOR USE ON CD! V A OTHER AMIGA CDROM DRIVES JOSTON BOMB CLUB (NO 12) £8.99
• OXLNG MANAGER (NO 12) £8.49 ¦UAN TOE LION £17.99 KBBA-ffSTlX
£14.49 BURNING RUBBER £17.99 BURNING RUBBER A1200 £18.49
CADAVER NO 12) £9.49 CAESAR (NO 12) £1849 CAESAR DELUXE £18.49
ENGINE £17.49 CHAOS ENGINE A1200 £ 18.49 CHUCK ROCK 2 £10.49
£20 49 COMBAT CLASSICS iNO 12) £19.99 COOL SPOT £20.99 COOL
£21.49 DENNIS A 1200 VERSION) £19.49 DENNIS £18.49 DESERT
DEMO CD DEMO CD 2 MULTI Media 17 BIT Collection 17 BIT
Collection 2 AMINET CD The Aminet CD coniains over 600
megabyte* of new American public domain uiftw arc £19.99 £1999
£19 99 £19.99 £19.99 £1999 £3999 £19.99 £24 99 JURASSIC PARK
AGA Arnica 1200 Only (19.49 ?PAP.
EDUCATIONAL DISK BOXES 40 Capactiy lockable disk bo* £4.99 100 Capacity lockable bo* £6 99 ?PAP, ADI ENGLISH 11*12 YRS) £1699 ADI FRENCH! 12-13 YRS) £16.99 ADI FRENCH (13-14 YRS) £16,99 ADI JUNIOR COUNTING (6-7 YRS) £14.49 Amxhw jupcrb AIN Iklc. Grew fw ludv to team whilvt out of tchool ADI JUNIOR READING (4-5 YRS) £16.99 ADI JUNIOR READING (6-7 YRS) £16.99 ADI MATOS (11-12 YRS) £16.99 ADI MATHS (12-13 YRS) £13.99 ADI MATOS (13-14 YRS) £22.49 ALVIN'S PUZZLES SPELLING £13.99 EASY AMOS(Profmunming) If y* w&m i* teun how ut Mognm the Amiga, hut you don't know how to, then Fan A mm can & Mill
Kich you to become mi expert £8,49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (2-6 YRS) Good selection of children* cducolKin game*. Covering simple counting etc £8.49 FUN SCHOOL (6-8 YRS) 5 game* including subject* like nuih*. Spelling «c £8.49 K240 lUTOPIA 2) £18.49 KGB £20.49 KICK OFF 2 (NO 12) £9.49 KINGDOMS OF GERMANY £19.49 KINGS QUEST I £1099 KIT VICIOUS £1699 KNIOHTMARb £13.49 KNIGHTS OF THE SKY £12.99 KRUSTY SUPER FUN HOUSE £18.99 LAST NINJA 2 (NO 121 £7,99 LEGEND (WORLD OF LEGEND) £13.49 LEGENDS (KR1SAUS) £18,99 LEGENDS OF VALOUR 03.49 LEISURE SUO LARRY I £12.99 LEMMINGS £12.49 LEMMINGS 2 £14.49 LEMMINGS DATA
DISK £8.99
INFORMATION You can order my of the listed tide* by timpiy
calling the above number with your credit card detail* or you
enn write to ut at the addtc** below, stating clearly »hoi you
require, akaf with your name, addre** and full payment Piece
dent forget to add the relev me powage UK Portage... plravr
add (190 per commrrrial Item for po*Uft and pwrklwg
Oversea*... pitas* add £2.50 per item.
Most oeritrv an- sent within 48 hour* PD DELIVERY IS FREE Computability NOP = Not ASOVor A600. NOI2 = Not A1300 All title* should work on any Aatfa onieu vtalcd. Some title* may aa yet not he rricMcd All prim uibyrct to EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31FARINGDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR. ENGLAND.
Order hotline. 0793 490988 il BS AGA Software Specialists CD32 THE ULTIMATE AMIGA WORLD'S FIRST 32bit games console SpnlflratloiM
• -.'St (enrestor 0 I n a awllton colour*
• Dual tpeed CD Rem drive
• FMV module asaiUMe *«
• CD game* fmm £15
• 2meg Ram
• i Button Control Pad FREE PP S' Yfj6nJ**h«ll AeigaOUil*
• HDBKkaganb •Daa*4mftlk
• VtnaMecnmlbNMua •UQauAGA
* K' T kK (K- FmUn 1 • Cafita ixl.
||(K) U‘ C'V uaMK 4106411 ane tUcaw ** iLMB.W’t W EMBVa; ixy» llrdM CM* (PBJIU tint* fiXtSM.'t' tIHt tlMBUN 2I4|* lil ) II*.
CHOW ULMBCI4 urn igMStyi Ujrb Kj 1A4 Cdrt IILXOJW.
(214* ' II MM 411 jy* Hat 64 urn
I. LVIBTVal til** llixtfuvai |[ ... ..wait ' V 9*-f..h.TT '6 i"
Video Module call use for availability CD32 GAMES Prt-onlrr
urn of the foUmtm garnet anJ get iS.OO off ItaeJ fncet .
? JAMl.s POND 2 O ? ZOOL £2 Enhanced AI S*l verucm. Now wtd great Mxmd track, and an amumg ua I ? PINBALL FANTASIES £'!• ? SLEEP WALKER L24V ? DGENERATION L2»m ? SFJMSIHU. SOCCER £34* The hr*l loofhall game avmlabl e. ? FIT CHALLENGE
1) 4* ? PROJECT X £14* ? TROt J.S £23* ? MEAN ARENAS 12* ml ?
io tune amaamg film like animation* in il. *et ui he a tug M
aa the CD32.
£21 ¦ ? DSP CORE
CHICKEN £2*'*‘ ? HUMANS 1 ft 2 flk ? FLITE 2 rrw* Etunuer on
the CD32 Lovely tuff ? OVERKILL t2»* (¦'REK!
A1200 HARDOBK MM* It AJLU IHSK HAIDMVK IJ’Mb HVKL'luik SHMk tuinmu xxxw* HkllDUlk 2 Me* System £2M9 Ll uct.'.’i £4.39 n EfCIObl C4KV nipciui £519 nipris:: C5S9 n dcinn
P. O. A. ? Fptxxx 4 Mi* SDUm 089 n WCI2244 £539 Il Uvitraa £589 n
EfCI«54 £619 n HCI52J4 £f»89 n tpcm*4
P. O. A. ntroose STAR BUY!"
N nBOXED AMIGA HI.ANK DISKS Onv £4.95 w ith an* order I £17.99 tllH.49 £22.99 Aw.ir QD0OI FK FINCH DEMO AGA Very pulnhcd French pniriioltoeui demo for the Al 2IKVA4l)tK . Hrlttlaaa graffwcol effrets ? DOOS-3KLONDIRB ACA A 3 disk sertkw of Klondike.
KkoeBnu 236 colour card (tm Hire v+rmt Ult fur our lam AGA nif7ntirr fill I rt 11*1K C fMr. U nwM "wr» FK££ Stumwfi Worii or Himfoui »2 ? C42 CH29 CONSUMABLES A1200 Dl ST CX)VFR £5 99 A4000 DUST COVER £699 MOUSE MAT £2 99 BOX 10 BI-ANK DISKS £4 95 PRINTER LEAD tiw
H. WARE VTRI S KIU.ER 14 VS) navigator i.-s 112 W SPEEI KIN il S
£1299 40CAPS DISK BOX 14 99 Irtl CAPS DISK BOX £699 vaur&r
CMI POSTSCRIPT FONTS ? PS FONTS 1-10 Pageturam A 10 dirt *
illinium of tom 1 briltum Pagettream feat*
• I'-1'-) III T H&J PD OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas order* are
welcome for PD ditft*. But please add 25p per dtsk For
commercial game* please add £2,50 for PftP Ke; Hardware, call
for price*.
COLLECTING You are welcorW lo collect your order, bul you Off advised lo phone it through prior to collection.
Office four*: 9T0am-5 Vipm Mtm-SM.
Credit Card Details Credit card no: Exp. Date: ... Tel Amiga Total order value: 0 ...... Total disks:.
Payment method ...... PD Prim |KV disk ilarludtv id PAP in I'K i ImngkftH 4X1)9 2 3Aila. £209each !*¦ 10 Aai ......£1 75 rack II or mm £1.50each (T2M.natetdM ? BODY BLOWS GALACTIC £22.99 THE ten beat cm upavtrilitWc.
Unreal 256 colour action ? BL’RNIN(i KlIIHEK £1649 Fair arcade menu came BC ASTI .LS 2 0249 CHAOS ENGINE f 1149 One •( the btfpcu A500 gome* of 93,1a do* jvalabk on Ihr A1200 CIVIIJZATION £25.99 DENNIS £19,49 FATMAN £19,49 JAMES POND I W.W Eariumvd A12D0 »emon of thii vny aftlutlvf plMfcwtwr ISHAR 2 £1* 99 ;VRASSK1’AKK £1949 The twggex game of Ihe year, hared on the tmaili hit film. Smooih muki directional *crailing action NIGEL MANSELL 1999 OSCAR £I0*» PINBALL FA NT ASIEN £22.99 A 256 enlirnr vcntun of Atoga i movl wonderful pintull garrr QOVERKIIi £16.99 Pint paced Ike tender done RYDER CUP
£l*,49 sabre: tkaw £1949 SIM LIFE £22.99 SIMON niK SORChRFJt £23.49 SKID MARKS (enhanced) £19 99 SLEtPW M.KFR £1*99 SOCCER KID £19 49 One of Ihe hc*t aaal mott original platform game* around ? STAR TREK 25th £2599 Nice 'i» rimy Suf Trek adventure, requdri hard di*i ? Tf.X. U2.99 The jhmitr It nipt umdjtnet (rtiur* urheicihc pt|6c* in) •peeC ? LRIDIUM 2 ictdimuedi £ i * 99 The long awaited *r*|uel to an all time cUwk *V»v em up. *tv* enhanced for the A1200 ? ZOOL 1IMP Amiga * vertMMi ot Sega * Sonic ? ZOOL 2 (Enhamedi £19 49 SgMlflrstlua.
• % Icy Uykun! - lift numatc ley fud
• s-vlritetama. Aialgaclo»3
• 2 meg (*u a* mndard e .(undtEIr
• AA ihipKl. Ifi K million eulnur*
• I2 month* n-«ltc wnrnnly by LclVW'uig Option I Thunder Bint*
(tame Nigel Man tell AOA Tiolt* game AGA ft 20 PD dirt* of your
choice ORDER FORM Marne .. Addfess .....
A1-ERF.DCH1CKFN aIRBUCKS AIJEN BREED 2 Very rtytah gxnr oy
blows r‘ ! .. ? DEI.UXF. PAINT IV AGA £70 The longed
lived Amin pun package now Mippun* 256.000 iCfcmn.
? WORDWORT11 3 AGA POA Ow of ihe hen W«dpniae »oii around A very profc*iional package with graphic* tmfwt ? PAGE SCTTER I LW A vety compctcT* fird DTP Mikape. Um.hr lo Pm Pftge Nil a lot at the frilly tnt* taken out ? PRO PAGE 4 I POA |jtte*l vrroon of thi* popular deiktop publnhci BSIIPERHASI PERSONAL4 £ 100 BRIIJJANCL £1.10 Top*rl the range AOA graphic* package. Unbehcvftrly fad!
? DIRECTORY 0RJS 4 £35 The Ultimate in Dlitctory loot* lik cum. Rmmie, aunt, delete ck.
Rated vlt**’ m Amiga Eternal ? PA* •E-STRE.AM 3 POA lung awaited new venaun of the n«M powettal Amiga deck top pubfcihmg pkkagc a* ailable. Thi* »er*ion i* *ak] in even put the Mac totfuire ? PERSONAL PAINT £59 Nicely priced AOA on pitkapc Q Pct TASK £40 Allow* you to run PC VGA toftwarc tot tcnar Amaga AIZOOlMPfdWk.
? DPI3 HARD IHSK PRLP For preparing your furd dl*k.
Ktung partition* and fnraurrmg tour hard dnk. Work* on my die.
? DIA4 HUNTER DRIVERS A large cotlection of Workbench 3 printer drifcn. Include* Star.
Punawmn. Efwon. Canon etc. all eaty lo rmtall Option 2 rvwir PMM IV AGA Wmto Wonh 2 AGA (Ki.il fame AGA Umn chr pime AGA ft 20 PD dirt* ot y our choice ADD JlSf C3 It) PRICKS BELOW Dpi Ihih .war £330 etu* ? DPI I WORKBENCH 3 A reptacemrni copy of WB3. Ju*t tccate your unrmul h.tt gone thiwn ? DPI2 A1200 HD INSTALLER
• 6w:c*c pro.«««. iiiiiii 0 Built m TV mudultfiv t PCMCIA HRM cad
• SI M ripamiua dot
• Agvntvtd optional lunf dm** ? C375 S-KfbTfdmkMmderl Very
powerful decroder ? C40J MORE WB3 HACKS Another 50 or *o hacks
? C405 WINHLhNDFJt A 256 colour fractal generjior ? C4I8 NFA
AI2IKMT1LS A tekction ol v.mou* tool* ? C4I9-2 FIT CHICKS A 2
disk tel uf prrny pkruir* of women ? C422 RimNABURN Fad A1200
rave demo, flathy graphic* etc 123-2 NkiHT BREED A 2 dikl
volleeinm of grapiuci ? C4» FREAKS BODYSHOP Mon.' kaunliil
wonim ? C42R ANDYS WB3 UT1US PuniM* ihe bcw cqUmHv A17t«i
utilities available QC429 PLASMA CLOUDS 256 Another great nUum
xcacratot QC4J2 ACTION REPI.AY IV An A1200 Actum Replay *
Ycptliat'* light, it con np uf*.
Np music ft sound f( ftt. It day* rr*a*lent in memory until (he cvimpuier it lumevl riff A help function i* integrated into the wllwair ? C4J5 DF.VWARI.iPEG A Ctrikviien «f Jpeg Utilme* ? C436 JPHG UTILITIES Anothct set of Ipcs uttiitie* ? C465-2 SPEC EMULATOR Spectrum emulator on 2 dnks, contain* a *eic*tnm of ready io U*c yeitrum game* and you can loud cfher gad*S I tom casdlic with an interface.
AlthmiL'h tl t* mu (vsdtiul Onlcr code: [ jMfJI.OImeifiicc ptKCtl ul £34 95 t PdiP ? C223-6 SUPER HAM FIX 6 dnk* of great graphict ? CISfi IKK AOA MeuADEMO The world* fird AOA demo ? C287 A1200 TETRIS A stunning new At 200 tc*rl*.
Lovely graphic* QC2S8 AI200 VIRI S KILLERS A *ekciton of lira* killer* ? C2B9 A1200 LTTLmES A colleclmn uf uieful uliU ? C29J PCX DATATYPE Di*olay*pc pc* file* QC295 SYSl3lH0 Chcskiul the performaiKe of vnur AI200 QC304 Wbi HACKS Oyer 50 wutkbeiKh hKt* ? CJ55 WB3 SUPER KILLERS A collecliun i*f Vint* killer* ? CJ56 A1200 DBGRADEXS Help* degrade yaur Al 200 mi you can run alot of the older ? C096-IO AGA SLIDES A lOdivk collection of art Q Cl 75 I'CHESS AGA 4 MEG The mo*i iriwll.gent efce*t game available. 256 colour* in hi-rci. Rnjuiir* 4mh ram OC20B VIEWTF.K Umvcrifll ptclurr ykutt QC209 WB)
RAINBOW Put* a nice u«er definabte rainbow behind your workbench ? C2II-5 WEIRD SCIENCt AflA A 5 dnk collectaon of dime dutrninc an work ? C2I6-9 JPEG AGA IMAGES 9 duU of untvlirvuhlr graphic* T1IE NEW AI2W DEC.RADERS Itii you ran old loflwurt on ycau Amiga 1200.
LfOgtt compilutKin of A1200 downgradcr*. A 2 di*k vet that coewunn varioa* game fine*.
Kick 1.3. Kill AGA and load* of other Degrading tool* OC267-2 New A1200 JvrWen PP SHOW 3 BA IfttpUy AGA ptuwrptk-ird p*cinre file*.
MLNDWARP Very imprrtttve AGA ilcnM* Ifhlvde* realtime fractal laiKlKapr animation, HDMEM U*e your Hard IX*k a* nmul memory . Reiyuire* Mmt' ? CJ» QUICK GRAB AGA EfTectlve AGA picnire npper.
PANTA RHH AGA A12110 mcgodemo. Good PC TASK 203 lei* you run PC VGA software on ynt AI jt» Shaetw are ? C5S2 2 AGA DEMOS.
2 A1200 mim denaVi.
? C606 OSCAR AOA A 4 le»tl preview of Otcar.
One of die fimi A1200 game* ? C6I0 LYAPUNOVJA AGA A m»1 of Spue generaka!
Lnhehevabkr colour effect* ? Col* AOADOO Crappy AGA demo ? C620- 2 IKRk YSHOP 4 Bnllianl AGA picture* of Ihe female apecie*. In a tlidethow format.
QC627-2 MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 Aa Aci A Spaoc Invadm clone with an arruring I meg imindmek mhw Fuu pneed areade action on 2 dr*k* ? C67* CHR0MAGC ftfUSIC The world * firtt AGA name ilcimi disk Ntx bad’ ? CbK7 TMAP DE.MO An Interactive 3D animation with Mime lovely fading on the mam item*.
? Etui* JPEG DaTaTYPF Auiomaticalh dnpiayi Jpeg pt:tuw» in Viewifl Multiview ? C693 MANDELMANIA 4 AI2D3 «up|xinol ffKUtl generator Givat nice end tnufti, with no trouble.
Delivery’Ouoge* Amiga hardware ft PD diski are inclusive of VAT Delivery of PD di»k* li Irtf II IhC UK MjoBMl commrctal software ft CD games, etc add £ I 0(1 PftP per item _Amiga hardware n ximulh dehifml wuhm 48 hourt it* codof 17 jQ Q LOTUS TRILOGY 3 Lour* racing game* mi one ? WHALES VOYAGE ? K240 ? AMERICAN KXJTHALL £2* * ? DEFENDER CROWN II £ « ? GLTNESS DISK OR RECS II £3U ? GULP £2*« ? TOTAL CARNAGE ? INFERNO ? JAMES POND 3 £2** C ZOOL 2 C2UU QOPF.N GOLF £2»U Brilliam looking polf gam ? L-ITII DEVIL OIU ? UTOPIA 2 ? GI-NFSIS ? KXILL ? EURO KJOTBALL Enmpcan football at it * hen.
Q MK"R x:oSM The «*•*! Long aw jMed CD rekrm ever Featuic* amuingty fad 25* colour graphic*.
Q LIBERATION O ? CHAOS ENGINE OH QURJDnAd il Fort paced 4**1 an up.
QT4X Unhelievablr flight timulaoar Tan full advantage of CD32. A r*« lo he miued.
Q BUBBLE A SQUEAK Q MORPH Other tale* asailahle.
Some utle* may not yet he relrand ORDERING BY POST Siingfy tend your order in on an A4 page, listing the number* yew apa«. 1 the loud emu and yout name ft addrei* or if you wish tunply mart rt lilies sou wish ui oniet. Fill in your tume etc, *end this pttfg L- W MARKETING. 1st Floor Office*. 51 Fanngdt«i Rd. Swindon w A] 5AR. Enefcntng full pa* mem ORDERING BY PHONE Call any lime between 9.30 ft 3.30pm Monday to Saturday * ?
Credit curd dcuih and the iicim you would like to order EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31FARINGDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR. ENGLAND What is a _ formatted disk?
Adam Phillips delves into the mysterious process known as formatting your floppies in;????
Select which special system features you want... Fornat The final warning At last! The computer has been used constructively - no more guilty feelings of spending a
- a:r sized amount of money on just a fmnts machine, and no more
lingering ¦rmes about that large essay begging to
* typed up. It's been done and is ready k x printed.
Ah, the only problem being that you no printer at the moment... that’s
- *x! On the buying list but for the time rwig, using your
friend's Amiga printer up over the other side of town will hm
to do.
The idea of having to take the whole ODD across Bursley seems a little cumbersome especially by bus so the next best ring appears to be to copy the whole urn file across to floppy disk and take rat across on the No 36.
The only obstacle lying in the way of seeling a wad of crisp, shiny paper covered with your words is the lack of a formatted disk. Or more to the point, what is j formatted disk anyway?
BLANK When you buy a disk from a shop, it is usually completely blank and therefore can be used on any machine from a Commodore to a PC or Macintosh. In this state, nothing can be saved onto it simply because the micro won't be able to read it.
To be specifically set up to run on your Amiga the diskette needs to be formatted by the computer so that it becomes recognisable to your 1200 which in turn means mat files can then be loaded and saved onto the disk, To achieve this, take your recently purchased floppy and take a look at the underside. In the top left corner, you'll see a black tab that can be moved up and down. This alters the protection of the disk - when it doesn't cover the hole, the disk cannot be written on to by the computer (write protected) and when over ihe hole, it is write enabled.
It's much like an audio cassette, but Open QO Copy QC Renane... OR Infornat ion., .Ol Snapshot OS UnSnapshot ou Leave Out OL Put fluay OP
- ---------- lOelete... Fornat Disk... J Empty Trash y Cnck on
the disk Icon once to highlight It... Tools adjustable. Flick
the tab over the hole and slip it into the switched on,
Workbench booted 1200 floppy drive. An icon in the shape of a
disk will appear displaying a series of question marks with the
words DFO, PCO or "DFO: NDOS".
The first two can appear simultaneously giving the user the option to select either a PC (PCO) or an Amiga-formatted disk (DFO). Don't worry about the PC option for now - from here you're ready to begin the formatting process.
Click on the DFO disk icon once with the left-hand mouse button to highlight it, then press and hold down the right-hand one and you'll notice that the menu bar at the top of the screen displays various words with in it.
Move the pointer to this bar, holding the button all the while, and go over to Rw lltluv Km: |M» j Pit Truk*: yj F*$ t rut Svitm: 1 IrtwMttiMl A** j£] lirtdw j J fawut v| Qiticfc ftrmt | (uttl OK to fornat disk in device DFO?
All data u«It be lost!
(888K capacity) (nrrnt Inferwl •»: Bwic« 'Bfl SBK c»K t* Fornat Bequest Select format Oisk Cancel the word Icons . This will produce a pull down menu of options.
Near the bottom, you'll notice Format Disks . Move the pointer over to it and it'll become highlighted. Release the right-hand button and the option will then be selected.
You'll be presented with a Format Selection window with various options.
Current information gives you a rundown of the amount of memory and the name of the disk inserted in the floppy drive. It's possible to format your hard drive from here as well but leave that well alone for now.
FAST FILE Look down the list and you’ll see two very useful functions that can be clicked on or off. For an extra 40k of floppy memory which allows more data to be saved onto the disk, select the fast file system.
This feature is very useful but will only operate on Workbench 2 and above so check if you're going to have to use someone else's Amiga at some stage that they have the version required. Your 1200 comes with Workbench 3, the latest edition.
Directory cacheing speeds up the opening of drawers, file requestings and Fmittiii disk... JstxI Ik The whole process takes a couple ol minutes.. listings which is very useful for hunting through many files on one disk because there's less waiting involved Unfortunately, it can only be run on v3 of Workbench so again check if you are going to be using it on somebody else's machine.
After selecting what you Want, choose either Format or Quick format. Format erases everything on the disk which is constructed out of a series of cylinders that are numbered from 0 through to 79.
The computer systematically goes through each one, wiping it of all information.
Quick format is used on disks that have already been correctly formatted for the Amiga and is simply there for the user to quickly set up a fresh floppy for files to be transferred on to by making the previous information stored unwrite protected and undetectable by the computer For your initial purposes, click on format and you'll be presented with a format request window which w-ill then ask if you're absolutely sure that you want to wipe the current volume (disk).
Pressing on format produces a percentage window which slowly fills in as the disk is formatted. This can be stopped at any point by clicking on, yes, you've guessed it, stop.
Once the micro has finished, the screen will revert back to the Workbench displaying the disk with it's new name, ready to be used at your leisure.
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Mastering Amiga Beginners special offer For only £3.95 this book will provide you with a solid grounding, through eosy to understand step- by-step explanations. The computer terminology is explained at every stage and there are full descriptions of the software, hardware and new technologies, such as video and CD, which are available for use with your Amiga.
This superb book includes coverage of the A1200 and A600, Workbench familiarity, prefer* ences, utilities, beginners AmigaDOS, programming, fonts, printers, graphics, music and sound, public domain, viruses, upgrading, comms, desktop video, multimedia and much, much more.
Smith & Wet* CSTQ SovT- fl t Premier Manager 2 riJ I I, This is the latest football management sim from Gremlin. Following on from its predecessor, Premier Manager 2 takes the whole football management scenario one stage further, and although more complex than the first version, loses none of the addictive appeal which made it the success it was.
AWAY, IT'S... t Sui I r f Y % ft ... Wi IU FI Jtl R 1 v X
Darkstone • Universe • Heimdall 2 Genesia • Robinson's Requiem
Yes indeed, cornucopia is the word because Core Design have
got a wealth of releases coming your way. Following the
success of Bubba 'n' Stix, the Derby based softwaro house hove
gol a further four titles to be released before April.
First up is the long-awoited Darkmere which has been in development longer than the new Stone Roses dbum. In this 3D isometric RPG you play the role of Ebryn Ebryn's father, Gildom, many years ago went to help the people of Darkmere who were being terrorised. The only problem is tat Gildom is an Elf and it is and I quote the Ehen Council * Tnot our place to interfere with affairs of humans' Gildom revolted against the Council and took futuristic parallel universe and so his odventure begins.
The gome features 3D rendered animations and orcode style sequences os wefl as an innovative S.PAC. 256 colour system which runs on oil AMIGA formats including the A500 Err, I don't actually know exoctly who* it is, but opporently it is able to display Universe's digitised hand pointed scenes and toeir detailed, mood-setting background animations to full effect. Universe looks damn sexy and should ploy like a dream and hopefully we'll o preview or review in the next issue Core Design's last release in the first quarter cr '94 will be Heimdall 2, the emphatic sequel to highly praised Nordic
RPG odventure. We'll nc doubt be sneaking down to Derby to have o pee* at it very soon, so keep reoding Gamer for furthr developments.
His sword and mogic crystal to complete his quest of saving the humans Gildom returned to the village and stayed there and became old and weak.
His son, Ebryn, grew strong ond became a brave fighter. Evil was also on rfse up ond just like his father before him, Ebryn decides to become heir to the throne by ridding Darkmere of evil.
Sounds pretty damn good and it should be on the shelves as you reod this, but exped a full review next month. With all the development problems a strange occurrence has arisen. The sequel to Darkmere entitled Dorkstone will be available to buv in February, just a month later than the original!
Darkstone will be a top-down Medieval RPG adventure ond if ifs anything like what we've seen of Dorkmere it should be pretty good.
Coming to your monitor screen in February is Universe, a graphic odventure very similar in style to Curse of Enchantio. Universe follows o similar format to Curse in that it uses a point and click, icon-driven odventure game, but this time with added text.
The story revolves around the plight of an ordinary lod who finds himself dragged into another dimension. After tampering with his eccentric Uncle's mechanical invention, the 'Virtual Dimension Inducer*, our young hero arrives in a Similar in style to populous, but Genesia is looking good and 're coming your way in 94 Genesia. A disastrous spelling mistake could mean that Phil Collins and his friends are about to be immortalised in pixels. Thank God I have spelt it right and it is in fact a game The world of Genesia where youcan create and control your destiny.
From MindscOpe _ that's been heralded as the -!
New Civilization. your kmd is just for too small for your ambitions.
You must expand your land and populace in tune with nature, paying attention to the climate and managing resources such as water ond timber (hey, it's eco-friendly. Right on!].
At the same time you ore dependent on the skills of your people. Are they o race of hunters or farmers; do you have architects and inventors among them? Are your people hoppy or are they insular, miserable ond unfriendly?
Questions such as this will need to be answered if you are to get anywhere in Genesio. These decisions and consequences will effect the gome so || invent, defend, build.
A fight, trade, destroy and conquer to stay ot whelming combination of the best in strategy ond God gomes ond different strategies and play styles to win.
The four seasons are graphically represent ed and have a real-life effect ort the game.
Mindscope's latest offering features some highly detailed isometric graphics and context-linked sounds to create an intense atmosphere.
The price is still yet to be confirmed, bat Genesio will arrive in the early part of 1994 i: Borils, the company that brought you the rer series ol adventures, hove returned with »cc "son's Requiem - is apparently the ultimote m ol humon endurance in an alien worid.
You ploy government agent Robinson, sent y a reconnaissance mission to a mysterious yd unknown planet. However, you soon discov- r that the entire mission is a trap set by your m government, who for their own reasons no cnger want you around!
Your ship is out of control and is being hefp- essly dragged to
• hat is in fact an normous prison - on 'astral i cafraz' from
• hich no one has w escaped You decide to soil out of your ship
and land in
- e heart of a sense and hostile
- ngle. Equipped only with a survival kit which contains many
medicines and tools plus a micro computer »o keep you informed
of your physiological condition.
The aim of the game is to escape and the name of the game is self-preservation If you hgve to amputate one of your own limbs in order to survive, then that is what you must do!
• (Crikey!-Ed) Along your travels you wiB meet many monsters
and extra-terrestrials who can be used for food and clothing,
from which the only draw- bock is the foct they will eat you.
Robinson's Requiem has a spectoculor play orea representing over 3 squore miles and includes ten different sceneries such os under- ground passogey lunar volcanoes and even a graveyard.
The graphics ore absolutely amazing and it looks like Robinson's Requiem could be that little bit special. You'll hove lo wait until March when it is released to find out, but we should hove an in- depth preview in the near future.
Silmorils are also on the verge of completing Ishor 3 and os you con see from the screenshot it looks like more of the same, but, err, probobly better. Ishor 3 is to be released in April, but we'll provide you with more information os soon as we get it.
A We are absolutely bulging with fop quality game reviews this month. I'd begin reading them now if I were you!
Mortal Kombat .... ...122 The world's best arcade fighting game comes to the Amiga to claim the beot-'em-up crown Feature: Millennium Part Two 124 The second part of our interviews previews on what will become two of Millennium's biggest games of 1994 Captive CD32 .126 Yes it's far the CD$ 2! A specific title! It's bloody good! Is there any need for all those exclamation marks? Yes!
Settlers ..128 I will survive!
Simon settles down with a nice cup of tea and Kompart's brilliant "God" game Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game ...130 "I'll be back!" Mumbled Arnie, and by jingo he was right.
Come with me on a shoot-'em-up movie extravaganza Alio Alio 131 Gud moaning I was just peesing by the door and I saw 'dot Alternative Software have refused a game based on that fantostic BBC 1 sitcom Fury of the Furries ... They're furry, and boy are they furious. Swing, swim, bite and fire your way to saving the planet in Mindscape's new fluff-'em-up!
Bubba V Stix .. When you've only got an alien stick for company you desperately need a bit of fun. Why not try Core Design's cool and cartoony platformer?
2nd Innings Simon erects his wickets and tries his out his best Geoffrey Boycott impression on the readers! That's you by the way, but try to ignore the man who makes even Bobby Davro look good!
Zool 2 ...... The Ninja from the nth Dimension has returned and this time he's brought his woman and his dog along for the ride Cannon Fodder The game of the year? Well you should know! Didn't your Aunty June buy it you for Christmas?
On the Drawing Board: Cool Spot ... He's red, round, very cool and he's a spot! We take a sneaky peek at Virgin's forthcoming pus-filled platformer!
Second Samurai ..... Let's go off to the land of the rising sun courtesy of Psygnosis. A slash chop beat-'em-up adventure that you just don't want to miss!
Cheat Mode: Addams Family ... It's just been recently released on budget, so we thought you'd quite like a whole set of hints and tips on the spooky platformer. We're good like that!
Cheap Seats ..... Did the Christmas shopping rush put a strain on the old wallet?.
Why not take a look at all the fantastic budget games available at a price that's right!
Mortal Kombat You've seen the adverts of the TY with that long-haired bloke shouting "Mooooortal Kombaaoat" backed up with loads of "hip" streetwise kids who are dancing and jumping to a hardcore dance tune.
Fighting for the title of best beat 'em up on the Amiga, Virgin's arcade conversion makes it to the small screen Of course you have, this advertisement was for the Mego Drive and SNES versions and I hove to hold my hands up and soy that Mortal Kombat looked absolutely brilliant!
Those pesky console owners seem to always go one better, but no longer because courtesy of Virgin and Probe Software (the team that converted Terminotor 2 to the Amiga), Mortal Kombat is putting an appeor- once in on the AMIGA. Oh yes!
As far as beat-'em-ups go the 16-bit home computers have done relatively well with titles such as IK-*-, Body Blows, Body Blows Galactic and even Street Fighter 2 - although that wosn't very good, but still a lot of punters out there bought it.
Everybody loves a greot beat 'em-up and I know the reason why. For one, when you're frustrated or angry you can't go up to someone in the street and smock them in the face.
Err well you can, but you'll get sent to prison on GBH charges.
Thus via today's game technology you con be transported into the body of a muscle- bound freok and kick the living doylights out of your opponents. This is perhaps even more satisfying when you're ploying against a friend or enemy.
You actually become the fighter and sometimes it does actually feel as though you're getting your head kicked in, although it's more menial than physical obviously.
DIFFERENT The slight problem with beat-'em-ups is the fact that once you've seen one you've seen them oil, because you are so limited to what you can do in them. This is where Mortal Kombot has the advantage of being slightly different.
Apart from being hyped to oblivion, Mortal Kombot is perhaps the bloodiest, most goriest fighting game that you're ever likely to see.
For those well up on the console scene the you will know that the SNES version didn't hove any blood in it whatsoever and the Mega Drive's bloodfest could only be occessed via a cheat.
The AMIGA version, just like the arcade, get the full treatment with oodles of blood and gore splattering all over the place. Yes, sick I know and it'll probobly turn us into a nation of serial killers, but Mortal Kombot is the bloodiest game I've played since Moonstone.
It's a tournament whereupon fighters are chosen from around and out of this world to scrap it out to the death. You hove to choose between seven characters who all hove distinct personalities and abilities.
In a sort of handy "thanks a lot Gamer*’ kindo way, all these characters details are displayed on this page. I said seven before, but you will notice that there ore actually nine characters in what we lovingly coll a "box You have to fight the other two at the end of the game after you've defeated the other characters. First you have to battle the monstrous Goro who hos six orms and a very bad attitude and then to win you hove to take on the might of Shang Tsung.
As you may or may not know, to win a bout you have to deplete your opponent's energy bar to zero. The bouts are fought on a best-to-three basis and at the end of your second victory your defeated victim will stand swaying for a few seconds and Shang Tsung screams "Finish him!".
FREE SHOT You'll then get o free shot at them to complete your victory, but this gives you the chance to perform your lethal death move to make your fighting performance even better.
The death move involves oil manner of grisly deaths and range from exploding heads to hearts being ripped out of bodies. Gory I know, but hey the "kids" love it, apparently.
Summing up, Mortal Kombat is one of the best beat-’em-ups thot you con buy for the Amiga. It kicks seven shodes out of the almost laughable Street Fighter 2.
It will be compared and placed against Body Blows Galactic and it would be too hard to say which one is better because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I guess at the end of the day it's oil a question of taste.
Mortal Kombat does contain digitised graphics straight from the arcade machine and this technique has been used before in games like Pit Fighter, but unfortunately it didn't work too well.
For some bizarre reason it actually works in Mortol Kombat. The digitised static screens aren't brilliant and if you pause the gome and look at the character sprites they aren't too hot either.
When Mortal Kombot is in motion of and you're in the thick of the action, though, all this is forgotten. There ore plenty of nice backgrounds and once ogain the blood does look really good when you're smacking someone in the face.
I know on poper it sounds really naff, bur when you've got control of the Stick and you're beating your way up the lodder it is absolutely brilliant. On the sound front the music is fairly good, but nothing really outstanding. The effects though ore good, especially the digitised speech, and you'll find yourself repealing the “catchphrases".
AMAZED The major difference between Mortal Kombat and its lacklustre competitor Street Fighter 2 is the fact that Virgin's beot-'em-up is that much more playable. To be honest I'm omazed how they converted oil the game's moves onto just one joystick.
For instance, the console versions hove the distinct advantage of having loads of buttons on the joypad controllers, but the Amiga joystick just has eight directions and one Fire button.
It does take you a while to get to know each character's moves and perform them correctly, but once you’ve overcome this little problem you can enter beat-’em-up heaven.
Mortal Kombat is a very good one-player gome, but as per usual it's alwoys more fun with a chum. Most people will be able to complete the gome on easy level within a day, but there are still a further three levels to try your hond ot.
Probe Softwore have done a sterling job converting the arcade smash to the small screen and I doff my cap to them. If you want a beat-’em up to go along with your copy of Body Blows Galactic then this is it. Buy Mortal Kombat, it's bloody good fun... literally.
G meR Mortal Kombat Vital Kombat Statistics Nome: Johnny Coge Age: 29 Height: 6'I" Weight*. 200lbs Origin; USA Occupation: Actor Name; Liu Kang Age; 24 Height: 5'10" Weight: I85lbs Origin: Chino Occupation; Shaolin Monk Coro, the four armed beastie from the pits of hell, but a really nice chap once you get to know him!
Name: Scorpion A w- W Name: Kano height; o Weight: 205lbs Origin: Unknown Occupation: Criminol Weight; 21 Wbs Origin: Hades Occupation: Unknown Name: Rayden Age: Immortal Name: Sonya Blade Ano- 9A Occupation; Machiavellian Occupation: Lin Kuei Ninja As c:Gore ge: 2000 ight: 8'2" Weight: SSCHbs Origin: Outworld Occupation; Prince and ruler Which one of these nrnsde bound heroes will you Choose to help scrap your way through level upon level of beat'em-up fun?
Sonya and her firp breath. Has the woman ever heard of mouth wash?
Goref«t! Ua I suffm frrr extremely bad bleed which o VISION 000©0@0©0 AUDIO 00000000 DIFFICULTY 000000000 LASTABILITY ©0000000 | Test yowr might by breaking i block of wood in two or shouh that be test your stupidity Modol Kombat tivaH Team 17’* Body Blows in looks, sound ond stylo It's playable. It's oddictivt »'» every penny. Buy It or be forever sod!
Sub-zero sees double in the mirror-match fight WJ'SJ Liu jiti ny fM iup,iNCf Mortal Kombat a game where Competitors are lit* erafly sent flying, Oft yes Kano gets encased in ke via a blast from the Ice King himself, Sub-Zero Publisher Virgin Developer ? Probe Softwe Disks 2 Price ? £29 99 HD Install ? No Sizt ? 1Mb Februory 1994 jWR 0 In this the second and final part of our insight into top software house Millennium Interactive, we talk to gurus Ian Saunter and Broom about the and development of forth coming attractions Mister Magoo and Small Creatures (working INTO THE Marcus Broom -
pixel artist QpMK What advantages does Mister Magoo have over other TV film licences?
Magoo is a well loved character known by millions of people world wide and his slapstick comedy is enjoyed by audiences of all ages.
What methods do you employ when designing the game?
It's like going back to ploy school - we cut out objects from bits of paper and create bizarre events from them, and we try to connect the events together to make our map. It is very stressful but at the same time it's extremely good fun.
"Magoo, the game, is going to he a virtual cartoon with too distinct game feels. The majority of the game will give the player control over the interactive cartoon where anything is possible. ”
- Marcus Broom, pixel artist How hard is it to keep coming up
with fresh ideas for games?
It's not hard at all, there are so many possibilities and variants.
9mm Does the fact that the Magoo character has already been created make your iob harder or easier?
It has its advantages and disadvantages. We don't have to create a popular character as Mggoo has a very large popularity factor. His personality though restricts us a great deal and we have hod to put a lot of time and effort into the design of the game.
What sort of game is Magoo? (ie background information, storyline etc) Magoo, the game, is going to be a virtual cartoon with two distinct game feels. The majority of the game will give the player control over the interactive cartoon whrs anything is possible. Dotted throughout the go t however are a number of arcade type sequences where the player takes indirect control over Magoo. The overall theme is of chaos and mayhem at the player s control.
I you be able to take advantage of in existing Magoo cartoons and incorporate elements or them into the game? Lie graphics, music and sound FXJ Yes we will take full advantage or the original Mog« footage, so for example, we can find out how Mogoo no act in certain situations or what his bask characterise poses are and use them as a base for our graphics one odd more detail.
Magoo is Millennium's first licensed gam What other licences would you like to see?
Personally I would love to work with Honna Borbera Wacky Races, Scooby Doo, or Warner Brothers Disney ®"*"R Mol ore ihe levels going lo he like?
There are going to be six areas whkh in turn are split ia two sub areas. There is a substantial difference in gar* play between them. All the levels will be entertaining a some will be positively chootkl G***® Explain the concept behind Small Furry l-ratures... Ian Saunter • development director foul take the part of a spirit guide, responsible for a pair
* ‘nendly creatures os they make their way around their ¦arid on
a mysterious quest.
These creatures are trainable, like a pet or a young r- *d, having their own "brains" - so whether they succeed or fail depend largely on the relationship you are ate to teach them, as well as the natural perils of their
• odd.
How did you come up with the idea for SFC?
He were originally influenced by Activision's Little Computer People product from a few years ago, but we
• ranted to progress the idea of an independent world in tie
machine to much greater heights than was possible in the 8-bit
So we have more than one intelligent creature, a whole
• odd for them to explore and a game running along in tie
background in order to keep the user actively involved
* 1 what's going on.
Steve Grand (the games programmer) has had a longstanding ambition to create artificial life and this is our chance to make it happen.
The work that you're going to do in SFC sounds quite revolutionary. How will the use of artificial intelligence change computer games?
Game technology in its broadest sense has come along way since TY tennis ond we now haye the capability to | create convincing virtual worlds inside affordable mochines (even if there's no processing power left to do anything else).
What hasn't yet made much progress though is the technology that will allow us to populate those worlds and without that virtual reality is rather sterile and literally lifeless. This game is nothing more than a first step but I hope that it leads to some useful technology for the future.
The other area where this work has an impact is the 'computer player". Every programmer of strategy games has at some time discovered how difficult it is to tell a computer how to ploy a game convincingly against a human being.
I don't mean games like chess, but strategy games, war games and role-playing adventures where the rules are complex and hard to pin down and no strategies exist.
Give these games a real intelligence, though, and the problem becomes much be easier: All the programmer has to do is keep playing the game and let the neural net watch and learn. You might not know why it does what it does but you can keep teoching until it gets it right.
An odded bonus of this approach is that the computer player is still olive when the user takes it out of the box and it can continue to loam and adapt itself to the individual user's tactics.
Because of the use of Al, what will the game- splayer actually be responsible for?
The players will be octing in loco parentis for an orphaned pair of these creatures and will accompany them on their travels around a strange world, helping and nurturing them (or being unnecessarily cruel and hurtful, if they must, though I hope they feel bod about it afterwards).
But the Al is only a means to an end; besides having brains these creatures have a past, a present and presumably, a future. A large part of the fun I hope lies in exploring the world itself and finding out about its technology, art, music, history, literature, and other lifeforms just for the hell of it.
Explain in more detail about Al neurai-nets and how they will work in a computer gome.
That's a bit of a tall order in a magazine article! I could happily write a book on the subject. The bask principle behind neural nets is that instead of trying vainly to make computers intelligent in themselves we use the computer to do what computers are really good at whkh is simulating things.
With neural nets, we attempt to simulate the behaviour of a large mass of neurones on the understanding that collections of neurones tf be intelligent and we can gain occess to this power merely by ask* ing the computer to pretend if s a bundle of nerve cells.
The only slight snag about all this is that “Game technology in its broadest sense has come along way since TV Tennis and we now have the capability to create convincing virtual worlds inside affordable machines.'’
- Ian Saunter; development director neurones are actually
extremely complicated structures wired up in mind boggling
complex ways and we don't really know what properties of
neurones or their wiring are important nor even what the
brain's wiring diagram looks like!
Despite that there has been real progress using neural net technology in the field of pattern recognition ond Some useful theory has been developed.
Unfortunately, most of this theory only applies in cases where you can establish how near the network has got to the right answer so that you can apply a correction and thus let the network "learn".
What I'm interested in is simulating real living creatures in a real, noisy environment where there are no right answers. For this, I've had to develop some new theories of my own ond if you think I'm going to tell you what they are, then dream on!
Al being of such o serious subject; what kind of look and feel will the game generate? Will it appeal to youngsters as well as older gamesplayers?
Al is a pretty weighty subject, but that's my worry, not the users. I have no intention of letting any of this spoil the game. What I am aiming to do is create a group of living creatures with the mentality of a two-year-old and the general personality of a mixed-up puppy.
All I want to the user to see is a lively and interesting living thing, which responds to him or her, can be fought things, learns about the world around it and generally becomes part of the family.
Unlike a dog, these creatures are capable of understanding and using words so the player can teach them a simple language (any language) and ask them to do things.
For those players that find the Al stuff interesting enough in itself the game world contains a hospital where PET scanners, EEGs drugs and other tools are available for him to explore and experiment with.
This kind of thing will appeal more to the older player, but I hope that anyone who would enjoy owning a domestic pet will equally enjoy this game (not least because you don't have to take it for walks).
6 8® How hard is it to come up with new ideas for original products?
If s not thot hard to come up with new ideas many of your readers will have experienced a wave of excitement about some game idea they've had. The hard part is turning the idea into a product, which involves a combination of technical and artistic skills as well as money.
Unfortunately, even a great idea won't be done justice unless it is also conceived against a background of what makes commercial sense. Thaf s why we have to reject far mare game ideas than we actually go on to publish.
Where do these ideas come from? What influences you?
Speaking for myself, they usually emerge from conversation with friends or colleagues. I have hod ideas lying in bed with flu, in the car and staring into spoce but these are the exception. At the end of the day getting ideas to work as games to work relies on letting go of "owning" the idea, and the collaborative effort of others.
Now that you've got a full-time art deportment what will the graphics be like in SFC?
Exceptionally brilliant!
G**® What will computer games be like in the future?
Bigger, better, faster, cleverer, prettier... er, ask me again in a few years.
Liberation Occasionally in life, something happens which is so big that it throws you into o stole of temporary dementia and paralysis, and you ore unable to carry on in the normal manner.
Since I got my grubby mitts on Liberation I have been in one of the aforementioned stales.
Friends hove been cast oside, lovers spurned (well, she hasn't, but it makes for a more dramatic intro) ond work has fallen down the back of the grille, next to something called the baekbumer.
For once in this reviewer's life, he has found himself absorbed and interested in a new release. At long lost o software house hos released a title that feels like it has been built and designed solely for the CD32.
It's about time as well - so far all we've had to look at are o few port-overs from the A1200 and the odd souped-up bock catalogue Htie.
Admittedly Diggers was worthy in showing the mochine's capabilities off to some degree, but not since the launch have we seen anything capable of living up to any of the hype that bos been Syringed into the earlobe ot regular intervals.
That was of course until Captive 2 came along.
Interestingly enough, when the development started on liberation it was a floppy project.
When programmer Tony Lozzerini heard that Commodore were going to unleash (is ibis an apt description for Commodore's go-get-'em marketing strategy?) Tbe first 32-bit CD-based console on the world, he decided that tbe machine would be the ideal tool for bis latest project.
So, unlike ibe majority of CD32 softwore to date, which relies on jazzy intros and link animations to moke up for spartan gameploy, liberation can offer both stunning graphics ond involving gameploy.
Usually ol Ibis point of a review, we say some futuristic place that's full of vice, evil and corruption, and it's all been done without transformed into the Tory party Coo lummie, the world's been something about booting up, or inserting disks into drives. So, it's a very refreshing feeling to tell you about dropping nice, silvery, lightweight com pod discs onto CD troys.
Tbe introduction to Liberation is worth paying for alone. I hasten to odd that it's not the full- motion video affair that the machine is capable of. But, it's about five minutes long, very neotly animated ond leaves you really wanting to get into tfie play.
The story picks up from where Captive left off. Our hero Trill, having used his four droids to escape from the penal colony following his wrongful conviction, is adjusting to life in the 27th Century.
One day Trill is watching News at Ten, and happens to come ocross a particularly disturbing story. Being the enquiring type who obviously has xant regard for his own life ond freedom, he decides to once more push his snout in where it could get stung.
The outcome of his snooping is that Trill uncovers a major scandal involving thousands of people who hove been wrongfully arrested for murders they didn't commit.
Tfie true perpetrators of tfiese crimes advanced police droids which malfunction and become psychotic whenever the city is rocked by one of its frequent mognetk storms.
Being a man of conscience, Trill unlocks what looks like a wordrobe in his bedroom, and unleoshes his four mechanoid buddies into the city.
Your droids ore a very versotile bunch. When you access their individual screen you'll find tfiat you can doctor all their limbs, upgrade tbeir equipment and even change the chipsets within their heods.
It’s at this point that you, the good old come in. It's your task to guide the four andi around the city in a bid to uncover who's at centre of the corruption and prove to the Emperor that his police force are guilty of terrible misde Liberation . J.
• VI f ' ; Jk. .
K«... I'm a homicidal cop kHler meonours - sounds jusl like real life.
To moke the world of the 27lh Cenlury o better place to live in, you must journey around the city interrogating the populoce and gaining evidence to bock up your case.
Now, ihis sounds so far like many other RPG style titles, with your characters wandering around a massively dull environment where nothing ever changes.
Not so in liberation. Here all of the characters you interact with have variable personalities.
Which means you might happen upon them on one mission and they be a miserable blighter, and then the next time be extremely helpful (just like shopkeepers, huh, folks?).
Also, throughout your travels random events will occur, so many in fact, that even the programmers don't know exactly what will happen next. Everyday life continues around you as you drop into the plot.
Don’t get to involved thovgh, because normal life includes a dty that's brimming with vehicles.
All of which don't seem to pay much attention to pedestrians ond take great delight in running you down.
So what you have to all intents and purposes is a fully functioning simulated city, where you con wander wherever you wont to your heart's content - or until you've completed one of the 4,000 (yes, four with three zeros) missions.
Many of the ideas that make up this city ond the play seem inspired by things like Neoromancer and Bloderonoer. For example, far below tbe high-tech bustle of the cities upper levels lies a vast subterranean underworld packed full of some spuriously dodgy characters.
Here, you'll be able to buy extra pieces of equipment ond some of the 50 weapons that ore featured in Liberation. Graphically, Liberation's got some of the best graphics yet seen in an odYentvre title.
All of the many locations are texture mapped and still scroll pretty smoothly. One nice touch with the graphics is the way you can look up and down at objects, and this too scrolls foirty nicely.
Much has been said about the control paddle of Commodore's console, most of which has been fairly derogatory. It has to be said that it takes some time to come to terms with the control in Liberation.
This isn't particularly to do with the much maligned paddle however, but has more to do with the fact that Captive 2 uses a fairly complicated control method because of the number of options available to you.
In the sound department, Liberation handles itself very adequately. It features a very rousing tune throughout play, which is delivered to you in high quality CD stereo.
Tbe game also features a fair amount of sampled speech, which due to CD is very concise and dear.
Overall, Liberation is probably one of it most interesting and engrossing tides f vc seen for quite a while. Once you moster the cawed system you'll be booked and unable to put your poddle down.
Its depth mokes most other 3D odvwturts look like simple PD products. The main beauty of Liberation is that you can go anywhere and can complete the missions in a variety of ways.
Liberation is a breath of fresh air and wfl offer a much-needed lifeline to the CD32. It's high time something came olong of liberation’s quafoy to show the CD32 off.
For those who don't yet own Commodore’s console, this is the level of software which wi persuade people that this is the mochine for them. Nice one Mindscape.
SIMON CLAYS WF Busy little shopping mall this, I wonder where Smiths is so I can buy a copy of Amiga Computing?
II. , ill •M rfy |v- i1 i Godzook! At lost, o title solely
developed for the CD32. And you can tell. Greof groph- Ics,
smart sound and o depth of play seldom achieved In computer
gomes, it you own a CD32 buy this gome, it you don't yet.
Then liberation's certainly one to put the proverbial cat
amongst the metaphorical pigeons 91% In Liberation you can
gaze up at the clouds H you care to Publisher Mindscope
Developer In-house Price ? £39.99 GameR y. ayir. - .
Whore's that chap with the helicopter' This is a Barratt Estate isn't it?
The maximum amount of information as to how your settlement is progressing Betor*I(NenMtfedoemenup, Id hod various excited responses trom the most unlikely of candidates Great, they so*d.. attention to detail they said, intelligent-djey said, you've got to be kidding I frowned ’ Now figlrt pt rfiis present second, you're probably gaainfl down at the poae, while subconsciously lowing at tftt screenshots, tiinking hmm, another 1 playi -lype’ggme.
Ml* all jdqnli and purposes, os usuol dear reader ystejjfoe toned, However, Settlers is more than an olirran - it contains some of the most intelligent interactions between player and characters yet to be seen on an Amiga.
But whafs il al abouf? I heor you scieom from your lake leother ormchair. Wd, the main aim of Settlers is to build ond run an organised, prosperous city and gain control of other enemy communities.
At first glance it doesn't seem a very corticated plot, but ihe reality is a very different kettle of fish At its most rudimentaty, Settlers is based on the good old-fashioned theory of supply and demand.
However, there are many different aspects within this simple-sounding equation which you must keep out.taping and pilloging on a Saturday morni'c under tight control to be c successful leoder tftey liko large quantities of gold.
For instance, one aspedof Sellers is to conquer As you might expect, gold needs mining one enemy territories. To ochieve this warmongering weapons need to be wgeafrom oiter mused mcte ambiticn you need a nice army of kroghh. Rials, So, in order to extract these row matenoti To keep these hardy warriors happy, they need from the ground you need geologists to find th* to be motivated aid armed. Wei. To be armed they veins of various ores and a huge workforce, to m.n* need weopons and to be sufficiently motivated to go it out.
* r Wof en ta* oWtyappe* " bcSffn tem, which means you must
have a sufcj ¦A " What all this is ouildirK j up to say is
thot Settler* | I || I I has a very complicated infrastructure
within il. Fit* the example above you con see quite a
complicate J chain system la keep one foctton of your
populafcr a R I"* I As there are many factions ond layers
witur j ' I S these groups, you've got * ite a task On your
HbrA | I Because of its complkoted nature. Settlers con®
- * i " fa equipped wilh a wel) documented manual and z number of
tutorial missions.
...this chart displays the production rate of raw materials Tum*ter tum-tum-tum. No, it's not a remedy for indigestion, but Settlers could well be a cure for your boredom E*e(tiinrf within Settlers is controlled by icon via yofr sgiialcy l Ihe mouse At first these » somegettmg- to grips with, but once you're ca-r sant you'll soon be planning that Barratt estate The first job you've Jo decide upon is where z begin your settiement. This is done by moving fyr mouse ond clicking on your left button, whid ?
Ploys an on-screen icon of the place you hr** selected to build on The ncd step is to check out the surrounding as to see if tfiis potential estate hp! Ihe raw materx* t be prosperous- Once you’ve p umped (o' o pcxxr lar location, then simply clicking on the build or constructs your first palatic1 residence.
... and this one shows you the quantities of raw materials at your disposal After this initial placement of your HQ, you :aM start building and the fun realy starts The eccrqJ of a successful settlement bases its foyndptonr* sturdy grass roots So in Settlers it's importer' you to start building the correct type of ptfdaa choin vkfci'will best utilise your rcrw materials for (temple, if your settlement has wooccjmq but no-forester, then the re* result will be g dm breakdown. This will mean that after c b &use the forester has not planted saplings *» woodcutter will stori running out of trmbe
"•* knock-on effect of this will be an eventool Are r .
The mgnvfocture of buildings Something so simple in its essence could 03 cause a breakdown for the whole of your sOrm ( So it's very important that you use your raw -am* GagfR Mil How green is your valley '• c amid the fight balonce witoto'your community.
M ad jw in this desperate bid to balance your yw ore given a series of tables and statis- : gouge How your little fellows are getting Ore mine Boatyard Woodcutter Guardhouse Com former which alter as you scroll around your graphical world. One moment you might hear the honest graft of a woodcutter Mina another pine, toe next Wl hear the serene sound of toe waves lopping orounc?
The edge of a lake. As if this isn't enough for your section of settlers you con also after of goods and the priorities in which fites probably hasn't left you quaking with r •weent, itching to gel down to your gaming etoflnum ond charging home with your copy of clasped lightly in your perspiring palm.
• Vfiile Settlers won't grob you in print, rest ji.'ed after 20
minutes of playing you'll be
- -yutely engrossed What could have been a serious afo*r has been
beautifully crafted by jtnm software House Blue Byte 1£VER
BLEND They hove monoged to give Settlers a very clever ¦xrc of
unique playability ond cutesy humour which onehow combines to
great affect toch Settler has a differed style individual to
his y his craft, so you can differentiate between each
• ad As you scroll about yoUr tobrant community, rm t be
surpnsed to see a butcher chopping up
- *at or a blacksmith forging tools while his chimney nelao out
smoke from the hearth.
The fighting sequences have been handled in o wry comical cutesy fashion. Rather than blood and 3J3 everywhere, you're treated to some cJesy rolls, wyls ond cartoony exits when you're beaten From the moment you see the huge intro dquence to the time you see the wind rustle through
* trees or blow ocross the lakes, it's hard no! To be wpressed
The some too applies to the sound effects A Knight's tale A
tired Knight w» on the read to spy a rm hi habit.
But from his convent quest he needed rest, and ended up with a rabbit.
As day draw in our tired knight be across a village, I'm tired, I'm sore, and life's a bore, I can no longer rape and pillage.
A knight like me deserves a place that's plush and out of danger A double stable, four rooms, a table, and an en suite torture chamber.
I'll settle down in this here town and live a life of troth.
What's this I hear, it sounds quite queer, be's banging an iron hoof.
Money, you also get 50 missions and a two-player option so you can battle it out with a friend or your Amiga.
With so many of the some type of title knocking around in toe shops it's realy refreshing to see a I like the moat, I like the keep and I tike the marble floor All brass knobs and halogen hobs and a massage parlour next door.
Castle Forester Stonecutter product that is fresh and entertaining. Also, unlike toe majority of software tod is Bung upon us without jhought or thorough checking, Settlers is oduolly vM proarammed, with olmost no disk-swapping andhattly any occessing.
Hie bottom line is that Settlers is an absolute plow** to play and could well become one of toe contenders for our Game of toe Year award.
SIMON CLAYS VISION AUDIO DIFFICULTY 00000000 LASTABILITY Settlors could well go down as a dos- tic. While It containt elements thol liken II to Populous it’s not a clone. Settlers ttonds up on Its own two foot become i II hot great playability coupled * ** negt graphics ond an especially user-friendly game system Publisher Kampart Developer ? Blue Byte Disks ? 3 Price ? £34 99 HD Install Yes Size ? I meg A quick lesson in life. Don't ever give A Terminator a lift THE ARCADE GAME Terminator g For your enjoyment, a frenzied Operation Wolf style shoot-'em*up based on the smash hit film of the
same name.
Hasta la Vista... baby was crap and couldn't dear tfie enemy from the screen quick enough.
Terminator 2 was an ombitiovs project by Virgin and they seem to hove pulled it off. A lo of people out there will love this game while others will frown and prefer the arcode version but that's public opinion for you. If you like i, buy it. If you don't don't.
JONATHAN MADDOCK AUDIO ©©©©©©©••• DIFFICULTY ©©©©©©©©•• ©©©©©©©••• Terminator 2 is a fil nJlTI highly recommend• I irV ?
Ed ond very tough J*MLV shoot-’tm-up with “ lop-nofch graphics An impressive arcode conversion from the guys and gols at Probe Softwore Publisher Virgin Developer Probe Software Disks v 1 Price ? S29.99 HD Install No Size I meg J 4 Ob new that is a nice bit of gold-plating.
I’m obviously fighting a CjriPGUER M|tor d s of 6H€*GVl Terminator .v.' .. mm 0 04 52 0 - Pj I I t I t
• oof?
- *fto 0 0 0f* m
J. J not forgetting Monsieur Ahonse's Dickey
- Ooh pass me a needle and thread, I think
- * tin hove split.
• J tfie gome sticks very closely to this story » sod copies the
same kind of humour Scody, Goody, I must buy itl" I hear you
cry) j So not despair yet, man ami. The game isn't r'oadreaty.
Well, sort of.
T s o basic little platform romp but with some ’ touches ond luckily you have the option to ¦» off the dreadful accordion music sound- «dL light then, so off you set os Rene (or Michelle As you may have already guessed, Alo Ado is a TV-licensed gome from the extremely funny BBC hit series, Many an evening I sat in watching
- arrows sitcom, amazed at the comic genius rf chortling in
merriment as Rene Artois . -«d oround for the Fallen Modonna
with Boobies by Von Clomp, and the idiotic til Policeman
mispronounced his French Well if you've always wanted to throw
your Y- Fronts at Nlimi’s head then now's your chance 65% M M
• ••• Bonjour mes petifs! Allow me to don my French maid's
costume to tell you about zis new release from Alternative
Software i the Resistance if in two-player mode) to find your
Knockwursts with the stolen paintings in.
You can be helped olong by your friends and associates by throwing the various objects toopots, vases, even the odd bra or two) that con be found at them. They will then spring into ifc and help defeat your enemies in some way.
For instance, Edith will start singing which wfl temporarily deafen the baddies (in the form af Germon guards) and stop them coming after you. Or Yvette will Rash her stockings to distroct them (the best port of the game according to some here in the office wbicb doesn't reatty soy riT0o o o, $ 0 2*.. . ,.*00i» The highlight of the game - supposedly jto m 0 0 0 0 2 3 3 0 I'. .'I
• » » Here's Monsieur Ajfonse the Undertaker who's after Rene's
stunning wife much!). Graphics-wise it's quite good. Tbe house,
for example, is well drawn ond there is a lot of attention to
detail. Even the layout is the same os the set on the
The characters ore easily recognisable from tbe series, too. For instance, Rene remoins tbe stumpy, plump geeser complete with dodgy moustache (how he managed to get those saucy waitresses into the stock cupboard I
- V II don'» know - | } There are some good cortoony effects
such as choroc- ters having birds tweeting around their heads
if they have been hit, and typical cortoony words like "pow“ or
• ¦*¦-, • » zap oppeormg obove them.
Playability is a tod 4'"to- limited though ond in two-player mode If* really strange ' o orri « a see one of the char-
• M’W 0 0 acters at a time.
0 0 0 0 0 0 Even though invisible characters cannot be harmed by guards, they can still move about or be injured in g fgll, which is a bit sidy.
Tbe way tbe “Game Over" is signdied olso becomes intensely annoying. Rene just shrugs his shoulders and goes off to hide in a cupboard. It's reolly difficult lo replenish your life meter, too. It should be done by collecting bottles, but they're impossible to find when you ready need them.
The difficulty level of the game is about right but how long this French buffoonery wil last you is hard to say. The humour becomes rather tedious after a while os does the gomeplay.
Frustratingly addictive? Nape, just frustrating.
Pass me the Stella Artois... TINA HACKETT 00000Q© '!•I _ 000000 i | If you like corny platform™, French accordion music and hove a soft spot tor Rene s sausage go (or It. Reassuringly expensive’ Hardlyl Publisher ? Alternative S Developer ? Inhouse Disks ? 2 Price ? £24 99 j HD Install No Size ? Hmeg DIFFICULTY VISION 000000©$ 000 • AUDIO Fury Of The Furries ,'r ?
Xs Try saying the title alter seven pints and you'll fail miserably, but here's a furry puzzler courtesy of Mindscape bystanders, although it won't affect the gomes player. The control system is exceptionally good and moving the characters oround the scree* becomes second natvre to you olmost immedr otefy.
Fury of the Furries is o strange one which will appeol to certain gamers, so try before yoc buy, but if you wont something different this month then you need look no further.
Eight-legged fireball frenzy! The Yellow Tiny rum for his life after being suspected for spider burning, er probably... jm r ~m.« r r :m 7«r : r ~ JONATHAN MADDOCK itesms&t m: ,m§ The map of the Tinies world.
We start off with the desert level... emember Tiny Skweeks? Yes, of R course you do, il featured those multi-coloured fuzzballs and was French. French software houses are not exactly renowned for their "normal" games and Tiny Skweeks was a fairly bizarre piece of software.
The Skweeks have now returned although they're now known as Tinies. The reason is because the people who converted the Skweek games onto the Amiga loved the style of the characters and wanted to do their own game, but as the name was already taken they had to come up with a new one.
So, it's not actually a sequel to Skweeks, but the characters look almost identical and you could be forgiven for thinking that it is actually a sequel, but it's not. Err yes I think I gat that right.
Next problem. Despite the fact that I called it a puzzle gome a minute or so ago, it isn't actually just a puzzle game. It is in fact a hybrid of a platformer, puzzler, adventure and an action A T I mT jL »«rT3F~:aBr«SB nz» tmmrimmnr rr:.m mmr- wfWL* » ir wr'jwiwarT: ~m ir ¦ m mmm m mmr~~r~mwsmr~mu c The aim of the gome is to make your way through the eight regions of Sklumph (the world of the Tinies). Why must you do this? Well, a Tiny known as the Wicked One has taken control of the castle and captured the King ond has in-tum thrown complete chaos ond torment over the land.
It is up to you to guide a Tiny to save the King and otherthrow the Wicked One. On each screen you must find a way out which is indicated by a bloody big sign with "exit" scrawled upon it.
Via the use of some magic rings your Tiny can change into different coloured Tinies who each hove their own special power. The yellow tiny utilises the power of fire ond can throw fireballs and go through Barnes. The blue tiny has the ability to dive underwater and spit air bubbles to attack the vorious enemies found on the planet.
The green Tiny can throw out a line and Kook himself onto almost ony object (including flying enemies) ond swing about ovoiding hazards just like Spiderman. When the tiny is red he gets so hungry that he can eat certain bits of the surroundings which is very handy for finding bonus This ability to chonge into different forms is what brings the puzzle element into Fury of the The red Tiny delves into a spot of earfy lunch. Cravel and concrete sarnie anyone?
Furries. Just to moke things even more difficult there are colour fields dotted around certain levels thot takes one of the Tiny's powers away.
Fury of the Furries is a quirky little game and one which I think the games buying public's opinion will be divided upon. Some people will absolutely love it while others will detest it.
I actually quite like it and it does grow on you the more you play it. There ore 100 levels in the gome, so it will take you a long time to complete it. The variation in the levels is also enough to keep you entertained.
Graphically the gome's characters are rather small, but just like Lemmings they still manoge to command your attention. Leaving the Tinies alone for o few moments will have them performing all manner of amusing antics - just one of the nice touches in Fury of the Furries.
The sound is very cheesy ond layered with an organ effect thot will irritate innocent f yn • J * 7~ J * • B n«W9aiBBIIB9IDH 90 :m * m e 13 : ( ' • E13 13 B 9& ‘ I : E3 (3 Z S ; _ l EE*. • £ S' ¦" r*?? R* "• r' • • - r - Tug 'o war! The swinging greenie gets to grips with a brick If..¦„ q!
The new lord of the jungle! Swingin' times are ahead in Fury of the Furries VISION ©©©&©©&©•• ©0©0©©0 30 DIFFICULTY VtrTrTrTrTfTflH LAST AB ILIT Y 00000000© *!
80% Publisher ? Mindscope Developer Kolisto Disks 5 Price ? £25.99 HD Install ? No Size ? 1 meg 0 Gamer Fcbfoory I Bubba n' Stix As well os the usual forms of punishment you'd expect to use a stick for, like beating atens up, many of he puzzles rely on using Stix in other ways. He can be used as a snooker cue, a tightrope balance, a javelin and a platform to other jump or wolk on Progressively the levels get tougher, not only the aliens you must fight, but in the puzzle solving and dexterity department.
Bubba 'n' Stix comprises of five levels and a number of bonus stages, and features al of fa things you ludty rasdk have come to expect of plalfermers like restart points, power-ups and score bonuses.
00000000 DIFFICULTY It's not that often that one Can recall a release which sen a van driver as n principle character In fact, I don’t Pink there's ever seen one up until sow (if I’m wrong, '» answers on a wfcord to he usud address).
Now, tve nothing agoinst van drivers,
- j aport from when hey're on the rood bat is. Slower han o car,
but foster han a forry they seem to naunt the last lane of our
rood network, fully paid up members of he exdu* we ’we own he
rood dub'.
Thankfuly, Bubba 'n' Stix isn't about you driving sown the M6, attempting to dodge and weave trough three lanes of Transit-wielding pyschos, all hoK an hour Icte for hat job in Preston Instead, what we have ladtes and gentlemen s a very interesting little platform puzzler, or puzzform maybe?} The action centres around Bubba, he van driver, who is on a job to Preston and you hove to dodge i hree lanes of... no, not really is on his way to he local zoo with a lorry- lood of wild animats. Unfortunately, someone else is on the look out for additions to their animal menagerie.
High up in the clouds a spaceship suddenly descends and swoops down on he oblivious Bubba, reciy, see he irony folts2 Unfortunately for Gfik, he manoges to lose control of his ship and sends it spiralling towards he planet below. In the ensuing crosh, both Bubba and the other occupants of he spoceship are sent flyng out of he bock of he ship, onto he surface of the alien world.
As Bubba recovers, he is hit on the heod by a stick. But, his is no ordinary stick, this is Stix. As Bubba goes to walk cway, Stix follows him.
This is a pretty dumb thing to have done because for the rest of the gome Stix is continually thrown, wedged and trodden on. Ah wel, wel just presume that he's a good old stock.
Anyway, whatever he context of their relationslvp, what we have here is a very clever little puzzler. The first level sits you on he planet surface where you crashed, and almost serves as a tutorial for you to become familiar with he uses of Stix It takes he first of five a ten minutes when you're playing Bubba to become familiar with the logic behind the puzzles ond the many ways you wn What's really nice about Bubba 'n' Stix is the animation. Bubba ond all his adversaries are beoutiWy animated in a very cartoon style In fad, there ore times when he gome feds more like on interactive
cartoon han a computer game The bockdrops ore also molly wel arted and add to the whole feel of the play, which is definitely lodged in he slapstick section For example, when Bubba encounters Glik, all plans to recapture him seem to boddire wilh slapstick consequences In just about every deportment, his is a winner Bubba 'n' Stix is truly what you would describe as nice, end hat's not meant in any derogatory way.
The graphics are smooth and wel animated, he play is pretty oddictive ond even the soundtrack doesn't annoy you What more codd you wont?
SIMON CLAYS 1 Publisher ? Core Design I Developer ?
In house Disks ?
2 Price ?
£2599 HD Install No Size ?
1 meg I It look] good, it sounds good, it even ploys good. By |wgo.
It is good. A definitely sound investment lor plattorm puzd cartoon tons (you con tell I read the press re ecies Iit a good boy).
000©©©© INSTABILITY 0000000CIB Second innings LOOtf - Playwise. Graham Gooch's the type ot bowler used. In Graham Gooch you have rand spin bowling After the selection ol jr where the bail is to M bounce has been deter mined, sideways joy % stick gesticulating determines the Mowed to play ave a natural amount of speed, spin or swing that is applred to the ball.
Graham Gooch Second Innings also features full 00©0©©© »*» VISION AUDIO fielding con 0©0© trols. Giving DIFFICULTY you opportu 000O000 LASTABILITY 00000000W Second Innings is the l(W ViTl drtly Cricket Simula- I J ]r Hon worth spending I •WjFi I your money on.
Though it's only o data disk ond ihe changes seem somewhat supertcc It ploys ond responds better than r*s predecessor I Publisher I Developer ?
Disks ?
Price ?
I HD Install Size v Audiogenic In house 1 £1799 No 1 meg ZsT 000000000 000000000 00000000 LASTABILITY 00000000 90% Once ogain the nh dimension is under attack from (he forces of non-imagination, the evil Krool and his accomplice Mental Block. Zool, assisted by his emole companion Zooz and Zoon the intergaloc- «c wonderdog, are here to save the universe from ooredom.
So what have Gremlin come up wilh this time jrpvnd? What new and wondrous features have seen odded to make this a dam fine sequel?
Well, there's the new two-player mode, and of course, this time around Zooi can be helped Out ay his kinky, whip-cracking assistant Zooz.
The game is instantly playable, the controls nave been mode easier, the sound effects groovier bockdrops more colourful ond detailed The gome is bigger than Jean-Qoude Van Damme's biceps and each level is jam-pocked with impress' graphics and bright ond imaginative sprites fat you can fire bullets at and, in Zooz's case, whip!
The enemies change from level to level and are Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the return of the ninja froai the nth dimension and this time he's get company related to the world they live in. At the end of each world there is the lough end of level guardian, Mental Block, who has morphed himself into some boddy which is ogoin appropriate to the level.
The worlds have been ingeniously named (well, sorl of) like Tooling Common, Bulberry Hill ond Snaking Pass. There are many bonus rooms to stumble ocross filled wif Chuppa Chups goodies oiong with other bonuses scattered around he levels (you must collect 99 per cent of them to complete the level) and others which will help you out such os Shields, bonus hearts ond thankfully many restart points.
The ninjas are also helped by some new moves. Pressing Fire while your character is in the air will result in spinning power jumps and bock flips can be ochieved to reach heights an ordinary jump wouldn't get to. False Boon and ceilings can be broken through to reach other parts of the level.
This is where your choice of character con matter as Zool can anlv ao h rough ceilings and Zooz con only go through floors ond therefore the game con be completed in different ways.
However, the downside of the game is that he ronge of options are not as varied OS Zool 1.
There are the bog stondord options you would normally expect to find on your averoge plot- former such as level of difficulty, music or sound effects, but the nice touches that were added to Zool 1 are missing.
In Zool 1 you could choose the type of musk you wgnted from rock to rave, or the speed of the game could be chosen, os could whether you wanted Zool to come to a halt quickly or slowly - al of which all combined to make the gome stand out from other pbrformers. A two-player mode hos been odded to give o new c but it seems o little pointless because you ond your companion hove to take toms to ploy.
Well, surely that doesn't make much difference and con be done on a normal one-player game?
Maybe if a split screen option could hen* been introduced it would hove odded some variety from Zool 1.
There is no doubt that Zool 2 is o very able platformer. The graphics are amazing, the sound effects superb and it boasts great playability But, os with a lot of sequels, it inevitably lose its originality and novelty value, if you're o platform oddict and enjoyed Zool I then you’ll probo- bly go for this but don't expect anything too original.
TINA HACKETT Although not highly onglnoi. Zool 2 Is a greot plotlormet - It hot superb graphics an omozlng soundtrack and speed* gameptay VISION AUDIO DIFFICULTY Publisher ? Gremlin Developer ? In House Disks 2 Price £25.99 HD Install No Size v 1 meg MM mm An outraged liberal Democrat involved. Enouj involved. Enough of all this, you lot want to know about Cannon Fodder. To save you reading to the end of this text I could just tell you to go out and buy it and thus there still might be some copies left in the shops.
Sensible Softwore have never really produced a bad game and more recently have dominated the software market with such excellent products as MegaLo-Mania, WiiKid and Sensible Soccer. Most of their titles are tinged with elements of surreal humour, especially WizKid and the highly amusing team names in Sensible Soccer.
Cannon Fodder blasts off with one of the best game tunes of '93. It's a sort of reggae-style composition with a woman singing over the top of it. She croons "War! Never been so much fun!" And you know what? She's probably right.
MP called it "monstrous". Want to know ab British Legion chiefs labelled it save you reading ‘'appalling". The Star said it could just tell yoi was "shameful" and advised people to and thus there stil make sure they didn't buy it. Left in the shops.
As you might have guessed from the Sensible Softwi headline on the page, "it" is Cannon produced a ba Fodder, Sensible Software's latest recently have do offering. Why all the publicity and all market with such the fuss? Well, papers will be papers Mego Lo-Mania, ond they will blow things out of propor- Soccer. Most of I tion. With elements The reason for all this uncalled for especially Wizt and unfair publicity is because Sensible amusing team nar included the distinctive poppy symbol Cannon Fodder into the game. MP's and war veterans the best game tun were apparently outraged which is fair
reggae-style comp enough I suppose, but there are ways singing over the and means of getting a problem like "War! Never bee that solved. You know what?
Having a newspaper sensationalise the prob- lem, going over the top and spreading inaccura- J_________ cies in their reporting, is not the way to do it.
Cannon Fodder is not shameful, monstrous or * appalling, but is instead one of the games of 1993 and my money is y on it becoming the Christmas number one.
The pappy has now been removed and everyone is happy except perhaps publishers Virgin and Sensible Software themselves L who could have done The squad of fearless young men meet without any of the hassle up with a native doing a tribal dance Februory 1904 Sensible Software return with a bang with their supposedly controversial war*'em-up As the song plays you a treated to a menagerie of digitised shots of the Sensible Software team dressed up as soldiers. As good a way as any to get your face in a game I suppose. Once all this tomfoolery has finished it is then time to enter the war
Young men to become troopers.
Only IS of them are allowed volunteer for each mission. As mission progress you start to lose men or.: innocent soldiers are thrown into we with the more experienced troops.
There are 24 missions to complete each one has a different terrain gr; objective. Most missions are split into : Before the action actually starts, you need to call up some of the 360 fit 1 HOME 4 0 AVAY m HFRDFS 1 CrlTnn . IMIS 3H |-. Ir j ¦: 5Tj|g Hj ?
* Here we admire Boot Hill. A place where several innocent young
men volunteer to be shot and killed, err I mean join the army
and do their bit for Blighty!
GameR maximum of six phases. You do not directly control troopers, but instead determine their behaviour.
This is achieved by using the mouse, the mouse pointer and a troop leader.
Troopers will only follow their leader, but they can also be encouraged to split up and do their own thing.
PRIVATES At the beginning of your adventure all the troopers are conscripted as lowly Privates (I know a joke about that! Not very funny, but I know one), Your troopers ranks increase for every phase that they survive, but promotion only occurs when the mission is complete.
The missions start off very slowly and gre quite easy. You start to wonder why you need 360 men, but as soon as you hit the fifth mission everything gets that little bit harder.
In the previous levels you have met up with "normal" soldiers, but later on you start to meet bazooka wielding troopers and you then realise that Cannon Fodder isn't the breeze you thought it to be.
CONTROLS The control system is worth mentioning simply because it is so good.
The very first level and it becomes as natural as eating your tea. The mouse pointer is swept around the screen and more of the terrain is shown to you. By clicking on that point with the left button, your squadron of troops will move to that point.
The right button is your killing button.
When pressed it lets rip with a deadly hail of bullets from your soldiers. If you use a combination of both buttons you can use your grenades or bazookas which causes major destruction upon the enemy.
At first Cannon Fodder looks fairly run-of-the-mill stuff. Some people might even call it an average shoot-'em-up, but as you progress you get addicted and the completion of a level becomes more important than eating, drinking and maybe even life itself (err, probably).
Sensible's war-'em-up is one of those games that you can completely immerse yourself in. The graphics are brilliant.
Although the men are small they seem to have characters all of their own which is attributed to the animation.
Losing a man is almost like losing a best friend.
There are loads of nice little touches such as the men celebrating after completing the phase to the sound of patriotic World War tunes. Another nice touch is when one of your men takes a bod hit ond lies on the floor screaming his head off while blood shoots out of his body and it thus becomes your solemn duty to end his pain.
It's sad and quite painful to watch, but you have to wipe those tears from your eyes and get your revenge by defeating the enemy.
SUMMING UP Being a games reviewer you must point out good and bad points for each piece of software, but I am getting o headache from trying to criticise Connon Fodder. I suppose it could do with o two-player option, but apart from that I can't really find cause for complaint.
I love Cannon Fodder and so should you. If you still haven't bought it then I must stand up and question your state of mind. Sensible Software seem to go on from strength to strength. Cannon Fodder is one of the most ployoble games you will ever play and also one of the most fun. A rootin' tootin' shoot- 'em-up of the highest order.
JONATHAN MADDOCK 000000000 • ’ DIFFICULTY 000000000 LASTABILITY 0000000000 The sound is quite incredible and uses up all four channels to create some startling effects. For instance when you are marching oround the jungle, exotic birds fly overhead and their squawking becomes louder the closer they are to your troop.
Gorgeous graphics, | sumptuous sound, phenomenal I playability and astoundingiy addictive. What are you wortmg lor? Go ond buy II.
94% ¦*« Publisher ? Virgin Developer ? Sensible Software Disks ? 3 Price ¦ iM.W HD Install No Size I meg DIRECTIONAL There is a more important reason for this directional sound malarkey because you can use it to your distinct advantage. Muted gunfire tells you thot enemy soldiers can see you are heading in your direction, the same goes for Cool Spot. A spot that's cool. Why?
Well, after thousands of cvttty characters have infected our minds, it looks like games developers are getting back to basics, ond what could be more basic than o red spot?
Hipsters ovt there who ore "up" on the console scene will know that Cool Spot made his fame and fortune on the Mego Drive, and a storthngly good game it wos too! Before his transition to the gomes Kent, Cool Spot was just
o simple red blob on the side of a 7-Up con.
Some clever person must have seen a good marketing opportunity ond suggested thoh "Hey, wouldn't it be good if we made a game using the 7-Up red dot? Then we'd hove loads of kids subliminoHy forced into buying our rather splendid fizzy drink!"
CONFUSED As soon as Cool Spot hit the UK, the fizzy drink tie-in fell apart and this left gamers confused as to why there were little green plastic bottles oil over the place. The game wos so good though that no-one noticed this little discrepancy and gamers bought Cool Spot like it was the last piece of software on Eorth.
Virgin, being clever people, decided to convert the console smash hit to the AMIGA. They've now got their fingers crossed and are hoping it Mr Spot leaps for his life after coming face-to-fac* with a nipping crustacean Hey, he's the coolest spot I know and he's putting in a star appearance on the Amiga courtesy of Virgin. Jonathan Maddeck goes completely dotty... Spot1 s friends, afl called Spot (which leods into aH kind of comedy situations) have been caught ond caged. The being responsible is apparently a bod "dude", has a stupid haircut and possibly the worst name on the planet, which is
Wild Wicked Wily Wil. The gomesployer (that's you) must control Mr Spot, dashing around collecting will sell just os well on the home computers.
Virgin ore plugging Mr Spot as the coolest, most controllable and slickest animated character ever seen on any computer or console system.
That is a bit of a proud statement, but it could well be true, os their sales on the Mega Drive can testify. The story is relatively simple. Cool Oh cmm on, you caa't bored already. I think the eicitement of this platform tomfoolery has worn out the hero of the game smoll definitely not cool spots. This so frees Cool Spot's chums. "How dot: -«r work?" I hear you cry. I don't kno* ~ does!
Cool Spot has a large problem, or shouc hw be small problem? Our dotty chum b so* » inch ond o half in height, so everyday sew- become unbelievable obstacles.
He must battle hb way across the btcc bathroom, and people's bedrooms, one » % way comes into battle with oil kinds of zamt bod guys. His only weopon is linked to ho :w nection with 7-Up. The spot can thus fee r should that be spew] fearsome bolts of drink of his enemies.
CONVERSION John Twiddy, the man responsible for i other Mega Drive conversion, Global Giooc*- b in charge of the conversion of Cool Sp-r t t Amiga.
He promises that Cool Spot will be identical to the Mego Drive original. For na all the animations that were in the conwo m sion will appear on the Amiga. There wfl nr ly be some slight improvements like Spe s «di being speeded up.
The main difference is that the AMIGA nr updates every 25th of o second, where a v Mego Drive updates 50 times a second, k * scrolling isn't going to be as fluid os rr im original.
Having played a couple of levels, I *o~ * say that Cool Spot is looking damn fine bc personally can't wait to play the fw’1 *¦§ Another cutesy platform gome is on its oc when they're os good os this we shouldn • grumble. It's going to a red, round ond **- very cool start to 1994.
Ballooning around! Coot Spot “bangs' out with, err no-one because be has no friends 081 889 9172 _ . ENQUIRY ORDER LINE: 118a Palmers Road 081 361 5730 6730 New Southgate 24 hour fax une LONDON N11 1SL 081 361 2733 BITMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 only £1699 Amo* Wm nt S y»dt«l a DREAM TEAM only £1699 tain ndw 1. Smaaoaa. And W W E L0RD60F POWER only 02 M StM* Sanaoa* firt Saton Ra*ert T ooa art Prtad Owwrt SPACE LEGENDS only m.M UtgatMWI.rin. •»] Wng Cc«a r»*r SOCCER MANIA onfeCII .M f odkal Maaafo* II. Oaaa's Soocat Eootbal Mangai.WC f rtw art Uaop.ua. 5oc «.
COMBAT CLASSICS U eM, Ot9* f'BStaal* F?*a. S4am Savrta* art Poe rliUrti BIO BOX only tl 5.99 Co(lmi BkMd TnTmofillwktaMV SdanOwa T*m*h0uw. ButeMPto, RuipMSmmi0«yt KryptaaErn JaeUon. Brto. Momag TEST ORIVEII COLLECTION only Cl 5M Mu Kir Can. CaHcxM ChaMogt Curopoat Chahonfa. OM art S «a Cats BCQCfcll ortyn»» Back to mo ftluit III. R typo. IK. Row Gbodbudatk M d tka E nth TV Sfxrtj FacOrt ShanjKoi AinaMk Snbrt Boa ton.-al BOARD GENIUS on»yC17.M OaaKoMonopory, 0«*n»Sc.*MU» C toodo u«m« OrnwtM* «»4 R ok AWHEEL DRIVE only C19.M LdutEiprt. CakcaOURaiy. Loan Sutukt art ContoRacw POWER PACK only £14
99 Xaw* 2. TV Sports FootUX Btoodayxk art Lo*bard Roll, HOU.VWOOO COLLECTON «tly Cl 699 RoboCop. Ghombwum Z Mmna Janas BmnairftaUwm RAINBOW COLLECTION only Cl 3.99 Non Zaalart Story SaObta SotMa aidRtnbaa ItUr.H COMBAT CLASSICS only £20.99 F1 i Strta E opto » «08 Atock S ub snd Taaa YaMtrt Kda TRIPLE PACK 1 (SPORTS) oWy H199 Mc.cp.ow Soocat Paiua Kk* 6o»f*s. Art X Pod NINJA COLLECTION pntyCIJ.** 0 I agofi Shadon Wainor art 0 Hvya NAPOLEONJCS only Cl «.M W mol too. Boaodno art Au*«M2 THE GREATEST only Cl AM Jway WM«i WhaWndSaooka*. Lwa d tha Tanptwaa ortDaaa AWARD WINNERS ONLY Cl «.M Kiel Off
1 Ppaaania. SpacaAca art PopdMa ANIMATION CLASSICS only U7.M $ paoa Ata Otago* s loo II ortWtdhdlhoDanon STRATEGY MASTER only Q1.M Oautoroo. Pofxloux. HvrOai C haaevtiyar 21 SO ml i p*t* d E icategi SUPER FIGHTER only Cl 699 PlqMw. W W.F . StdFrtslFqN MEGA MIX only Cl 2 to Laartat. AgosyaadOik DUZYS EXCELLENT ADVENTURES only Cl AM OtriyPoMc ButMOKzy.DETyPnncadYsarA Speeowd Oct* art Km» Saak 2 HOT 2 HANDLE only Cl 2W UpMm Ai* I dai Rata* Shadw* Wttm art Sopa* Cf Rort Raco« SPORTS COLLECTION onhrCIZM Ryn trt Oauattar, P«J Tanam Tout art WovM C * Socom .11 art 'IK* SPORTS MASTERS only C18M POA
Taut Oof Irty 500 AowanUga Tom* art E Chaagpaakm t«02 KDCX TRIPLE PACK H (ACTION) only Cl 299 Snort?** Rc DaapoKN* It.
Art Lad Caatrta ActaM ACTIONS only Cl 9.99 RickDaagarouill, Ohodbvdan II. Ounthp.
Sapw Ski art Hart Oitom* LARGE SELECTION OF CD32 AVAILABLE - CALL FOR DETAILS TOP TITLES AMIGA TOP TITLES Star Tie* 25th Anniversary * £2199 TV Sports Boxing Steel Empeei .£2699 Tunicanl Stereo Master ... £2699 Turtles II ...... Street Fighter I ..-£11.99 TwJght 2000 TOP TITLES Putty.
AMIGA £12 99 .... £1299 £1999 £1596 £1699 AMIGA . £16 90 £1690 AMIGA TOP TITLES Cl 9 99 Crviksaton TOP TITLES l«6 £11 69 £1690 . £11.99 £2198 £1299 £1698 £17 99 £1698 £1199 . £17 .88 £1599 £1599 £999 £1699 £1999 Raiead Tycoon £16.99 Reach lor fhe Skies A500. IM«C Upgrade .....£30,90 A800 1 Meg Upgrade • dock £4090 OS Meg Upgrade .dock . £2590
C. YsA*Ceehal Cohort II ----------- £2198 Combat Air Pa»ol .
£2199 Cover Gel Poker Crazy CarsRI .. Kwjttm D tt&tt £11 99 £1999 Red Baron Road Rath ..... RptaHMd(Mih*vm| £19 90 Robocod .... £37 99 RodOCtt A1200 ..... £11 90 RoboecpW OSMegUpgia A320 Aubv* , A320 Airbus USA Another World...... A-Tram .... A-Train Con Set..., Attain Fam* Axbucks 1.2 (56« Ajr CoJiDrit Patrol kg Force Commander . Ajiod Chckcfl . Alan Bteed 2----------------- Bwd Special Edien AhenaBI ..... American Gladiators.
Amos (Easy) .... Striker C999 Sub ..... £1699 Super Cauldron £1698 Superfrog . . £699 Super League Manager £1299 Rcbo Sport* ... £1699 Super Maro Biolhct* £1799 Super Space Irwaders £1699 SwpetSWIV* ... £1299 £29.00 £13.99 £7.89 £1999 Date* ____Oarkmat* .. C1699 £1899 Da* Boot ._ .. £11.98 £19.99 D-Day u- .... M99 £1699 Dtowe Music Con Sat £7498 £17.99 Deep Core* _ ...£1699 £9 99 Deems SCO1200 ---- £1699 Desert Onfce .£1999 £1699 Desert 9na* II'(Jungle Sir) £20
99 r 1200) £1099 Satue Team ... £1699 Syndrcale £2198 Voyage Beyond DaU Owe Leander Leeds Wd .... Legacy * .
£17.99 Legacy dSvacil Legend_____________________ £11.99 Legend II (Worlds ol Legend) Cl 6 99 ¦ ¦ Ikytandt £19 99 Syndic Data Pmc • £1899 Test Duve III* TFX A12O0 .. Theatre tf Death .... TheGamec 92 Espana Their Finest Hour Thunder haw kAH-73M £17.99 £1699 Amos Amos Com p«er Amos Piotesmonal Amos PrdewvnalCoapikt £2169 Amos The Creaic £36 » Apaeataw________________£1999 Arabian Nights 500N200.... £1999 AflMUtyMOR ..C1&88 Armoutgeddon II * _____£1999 AM«K uuuaw**uu £1698 AT. AC .- .£2399 £2199 £1999 CM 99 Toki .
Toon Work) * Tornado_________ Total C n*gc.
Troddtert £1299 £2298 £1596 Sm Earth ......£1696 £1690 Sm Lie A12CD100......-..£1999 £1296 SmonIheSoicerat ..... £2199
- ----------- Dream Dream Web* Dune__________ Dune II .. £27 99
.RurtKrdk £19 99 loom £1890 LoslVikrgi Dungeon I Chaos
.£1999 Lost Treasures ollntoccm Ebva I • Cerbe'W
£2398 EDUCATIONAL ADI English All Ages each £1699 ADI French
Ail AgesMdi £1699 ADI Maths All Ages each £1699
Fu«Sch0C 2AIA(j*seach £6» Fun School 3 At Ages each £1198 Fun
Sjbool 4 A4 Ag« Mch £16 98 Noddy's PfeyOme .... £1699 I
Lotus Turbo Cmfengt III .£ta96 Ml Tank Ptotocn___________
.£1699 MacDonald Land . . £1299 Maeistiom il
meg) .... ..£2199 UagtcBoy* . . £1299
Man Uid Premmr* _... £2199 Ware « Mssrg £1299 U«n Arenas1 £7.99
M «. Machines £999 McroprowGolt £699 Mdntniei M ......
£699 Migni ol Magic III £596 £1199 00 £1590 OD £21 99 DO £3999
§8 817 Ffyr.g Furtirtt £2390 Epic European Cham pons Eye o toe
Beholder .
£1696 Eye ot the Beholder II.
£i6» Fl5 Strike Eagle II..... £2096 Fl 17A Stealth Fighter £2298 F19StMteiFighter £1696 F26 Retakalor ... £1690 Fafcon .... £1996 FalconMisuonDmk I £398 Falcon Mas-on Dik II £16 B6 Fate ot Allan!* (Adv) £30 98 Fate of Allanie (Arc) £16 96 Fotman 50CV1200 £1688 Final FinM m Fee and ice .. Firestone HO Scenery Flashback ... £19 96 Football Manage* III * £1699 Free OC .. £1696 Fioniser (EUTE 2)... £1090 FuiyofteaFurrito fiW.Gtebal Effect ...... £7.98 Global Gktaafor* Bane ol the Cosmic Forge . £24 99 BARBARIAN n (Psyg) Bart vs re WorU
*...... Batman Returns*------- Bart* Chess il_________ Batte Ism 93 .. BaOe Isle II ... Battle Toads... - Bawar* ..... Beneath the Sleet Sky .
Bird* d Prey Black Crypt ... BladaelDtobny £10 96 £1696 £1696 AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 688 Attack Sub ...£9.98 Hudson Hawk ... A*(t urn« .....- ...£698 IK .. -...... Alewd Beast _____ £696 Indy Last Crusade Graphic A'ianwJI - .....£688 James Pond .... Atonino . £6.96 JetSetWtey £596 J Khan Squash. £698 Laal Ntnja II ------- Barbarian Barbarian II m ......- .. Btoe Max ..... Body Blows ... Body Blows Oalactc .. Brut*' Sports Football Bubba
Nsttx ------- Budr Royeri .. Buck Rogers H* Buty* Sporty Dart* Bui rung RuWrt . Bum Up .... Cadaver • the pay otl Comm ...... Caesardekne . ... Campaign . Campaign Meson Disk Campann II .... Canon Fodder .... Cinter* ..... Ca pure 1 _______ Car and OrNer *...... Carl Lew* Chafenge CasOes .. Cat Bet Date Dae .... Castles II Gastie c* Dr Brmin .... Chaos Engine £11 96 £1696 . £17.99 £696 Lotus Esprit. ...... £990 LeMTmtoU---------- LO 96 Maniac Mansions £689 Mine Miner £690 Man United Europe 1*.... £680 M
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F. O.F.T.____________________ F fcXuic
Wars ......£6 99 Penza ¦Kite Boxmg Gauntet II
......-......£698 - El 7 98 Hero* Guest £2199 Hot
Street Blues WedGtw-
__________________________________________ MatoryMie
1914-16 .-...£2190 Pmbal Fanlasie* ICD32) Hook
.£699 PofMbuiII• Tl»chalang*
£11.89 Intemabonai Open Gort £1699 Poputous II-(1 Meg) £2196
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Power and Glory £1998 ______ £1696 Jaguar XJ220 £1696 Power
UpComp«*tion-.. C12W Champu.cshg Managei 93 £1688
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£699 tMator ... £696 £1688 £1696 £896 GftouKn Qh *t* Hardball
... Hoad ow Kwh £699 £699 C699 Prhcaol Pwsta Chaw HO II
... £699 Chuck Rock II rSH0P OPEN 10am-6pm AT 120«
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Europe add £3 50 per item Elsewhere add £5 50 per item New titles wil be sent as roieasod and a e subjoa to maniiadurets prce revews E40E H Please quote special offer when ordehng for it to apply Computer_ AMIGA Date_ Title _ Price_ _ Price_ _Price.
_Price 231 ¦gap&p . C2399 Detroit......£'8 99 Legevdot Diggers (CD) ------£2399 LemmmgsHi Disney Anmation Studio £7496 Lemur gs and Data Disk £1996 Shadow Worlds ...... £1699 Tip Off DmposabM Hero___________£1699 lemmngtll . £19 99 S «nt Sorv.ce II Dojfoht . £2399 lemmirvjt QalaDsk £13 99 Sm I Dracula .. £'9 98 Lemmrgs • Stand Atone £2? 99 .
[•9 99 ..'.is C1688 Monkey iWng .£1298 £1699 Monkey isMnd II ...£2598 £7.99 Mortal Korr bat . £1899 £1596 Mouse (Swdchatafef _ tIM £1198 Morph .. £1599 £2096 Mr Nut £1699 £1599 Myth £699 C16» NkkFaldoGorf £2199 £1990 Nrcky I ...... £1696 £2080 N MaftselWwM Champ £2099 £1696 NetworkORaly £1699 ______..£1998 Noddy* BrgAAWTtute £1699 £1699 Globdrte £1996 Nocty Ones (C032). £16» £1698 GoM'KkJt 06 III £19 98 One Step Beyond ..... £1399 £1690 QoMiml ..£19 96 Outlandeis* ...... £1699 £1690 G GoochCriclel £1998
Oyeidirre ... £17.90 £1999 Graham Taylor . £996 Overt* .. £1496 ~ ~ £2196 Paclic Islands - T Yankee II £2096 £2199 £1698 Settpwdhcr MG'200 . £1499 Trc-I*HQI20Q ... £1096 Snow Bros ... £1606 TV Sport Baseball £1688 8onnmS0Qf12» £1$ w - ¦ £2396 Soup Tiefc * ..... £1699 £15 90 Space I860 £1699 C1190 Space Gtmt---------- £1299 £9 99 Space Huh .. £2190 £2399 Space Crusade • Upgrade £i6M £1690 Space Ouesl IV .. £2196 £1999 Specml Forces .... £2380 £1696 SuiSrght II .. £1099
£1690 £2099 K240 £1999 KGB __________________ £1699 Kiting Game Show . £1298 Kingdom 0lGaf*l*fty' ... ...£999 Krtgmaker .. £1109 Kngt Quest VI *(A1200) £2199 Kntghl Maie £1299 Knighti ol Ihe Sky .
Lambourghim USA Chatenge£16 96 Rookies* Lorn Mower Man * £1698 Ryder Cup £1688 Sabre Team A12W £2399 Scrabble (USGold) £1689 Second Samurai .
Sens tie Soccer 92 93 ... Settler* ...... £21.99 and*_.... £19 99 SHADOW BEASTII Cll » £1599 Shadow ol the Beast III £1199 Taylor £2299 Grand Pt» (FormVa) £1099 Gunship 2000 .... £2198 Pacdic Islands Harieqwn - ...£14 96 ParasolStara £1996 Palricmn £2396 PGA Gdl Tour.
£l&96 PGA Courses Disk £7 96 Pmbal Dream* £2396 PinbaJDiNiitll Ofcabon A1200......- £27.99 J.wmic P*'k AMIGA TOP TITLES £2199 J. Madden's Footbsl £2599 Moonstone--------------- £1699 £1696 Premier Manager H .
£1596 Push Over £1696 £1698 £1299 £2399 £699 £699 Piojed X £9 96 £696 £699 £699 Ram bo III_____________________ R80 Baseball ... ResolAo* 101 Rck Dangerous U. -~... RoWCtofl .. £696 [6 96 £690 C7S6 £699 [6 96 ScfeuMM,: R V F hc-nda £699 [6 96 T69D ShadowMnds..... SrwdwrfiheBtort ... Shattw Watriot Shectran M4 . £6 96 £680 £6 96 £6 99 £6 96 £6 99 Smash TV ...... £696 SpwdbaJI II StargMer II ...... £7 99 £699 StrAe Fleet .... Stunt Car Ffeott ...... £9 99 (-699 £599 Super Cats II
. Super Hang On , .. S**chBlate . ca 98 £699 ££93 Switch Buda II Swtir..._---------------------- Terminator II .... TuuiUreFot £899 £699 £699 £099 £7 99 Umouchabfes . (699 Vidlanle ..... £699 WC Lewdwboard ... £696 World Cham poansh i 6o«tng £696 ZakMcKiacten £696 £14.99 Waher C1599 Warm the GuZ £2199 Waxworks £2199 £1699 Whales Voyage Ct99S £20.99 Wme Death (1 Meg) £1299 gfj WING COMMANOER £11.99 £1699 WoKid ... £1699 £7 99 We N
LU £1996 £1699 Woody*World .. £1698 £2196 W.W.F . £7 96 £1699 W.WF H £690 £1690 Vor Joe! .... £1696 £1699 Zool 5COT200 . £1696 £11 99 Zool II ..£1696 nvDns nhh La beta twadkilO'e £1699 UltimaVI.
£2199 U'ih«wi Matter* £1699 Uridium II ..... C16'99 inopta ... £1699 Ulop.i Near World £1699 Ulgpoll* .. £799 Video Kid . £I6W Vikng Field*otCongue*!
10k35 D§ 20x15 DS 30x15 DS 50x15 DS 100x15 DS PIUMAdf UppailOdMt-h rgtoeevwPtP W nTTmT7ifi Let's trek to the land of the rising sun and take a look at Psygnosis' action adventure extravaganza!
Ukk question! How many of you lot bought First Samurai? Not mony I can bet. First Somurai was perhaps one of the most under rated arcode games of all time.
Published by Image Works, a sub-division of the Mirror group, First Samurai went downhill when Mr Maxwell went deep-sea diving.
The distribution of the game suffered badly and it was very hard to find a copy to buy. The only instance when you could obtoin it was when it was bundled with Sensible BBB7?S l«Oi.
The first level and you encounter your first "big" enemy, in this case a floating, fire- breathing monster type thing Software's Mega Lo-Mania a year or so ogo.
It really was a crying shame that gomers couldn't play Vivid Image's First Samurai because it wos the ultimate Amiga arcade oction game of that era.
Psygnosis, clever people MMHr that they ore, have signed (it i , up the sequel, so Vivid
• * * I Image hove returned with Second Samurai (nice
* ¦. L original title!)
The story is very simi- lar to the original. The | ¦ ¦ j % Demon King is once more rampaging through time and you as the Samurai Ninja-type bloke must chase after him. Various adversaries stand in your way coupled with an abundance of puzzles to Second Samurai is a fairly good name, but it has a double meaning. Not only is it the sequel.
Here our hero protects a precious idol from a... a... thingy. No wonder he's crying!
Punches, thwacks and smacks seem to how been lifted from beot - 'em - up favoamt International Karate Plus, but hey that's no hoc thing!
I can't really put my finger on what it is, be really do love Second Samurai. It's one of in games that you try to play and play until yet complete it. The difficulty level is just about rip and you seem to progress that little bit haW everytime you have a go.
OK, it's maybe not the most original gaw * all time and the two - player mode is, as I mm tianed before, not very good, but there are m outstanding faults with the gome.
I would heartily recommend Second Sobr to anyone. If you're looking for a well-pr» grammed, wonderfully playable, grapbicol brilliant, awesome sounding, highly oddkw* piece of software you have to look no furihr than Vivid Image's Second Samurai.
JONATHAN MADDOa Ur in ¦ v. vu: m There are several objects placed around the levels to aid you in your quest. This one ¦M get you to high places VISION 000000001 AUDIO 000000000 Eye eye, here's the plant-like end of level baddie. I told you they were massive DIFFICULTY 00000 LASTABILITY 00000000 An improvement on |» the original due to I* It's power in all I* deportments. Highly “ playable and worth every penny of your cosh.
Chucking one of your smart bombs you'll be able to do away with this rather menacing dragon. Cor alumme!
Publisher ? Psygnosis Developer ? Vivid Image Disks 3 Price ? £29.99 HD Install No Size ? Imeg GameR Our goofy hero and his friend - an intelligent alien stick - have crash landed on a weird planet after being captured by an alien spacecraft. In order to get back to Earth, Bubba must use his stick in a variety of different ways to solve puzzles, overcome adversaries and foil the comedic attempts of his kidnapper to recapture him in this horizontally scrolling puzzle.
DESIGN LIMITED Core Design Limited. Tradewinds House, 69-71A Ashbourne Road. Derby DE22 3FS. Tel: (0332) 297797 Fax: (0332) 381511 Level 1 This is a small area to explore. Here is the best place to learn about the techniques needed to progress further. Light is required to read computer terminals which give vital clues. Pressure pads and photo-cells can open doors; you should olso become fomil- ior with using keys.
All objects found should be taken, as later there are plenty of pressure pads which all need to be opened using weight.
After you've got used to the control technique it's off to level two.
This is the sequel to Shodowlands. Ifs now set in space, where light and dark both play a vital role. Therefore batteries and flares need to be used sparingly wherever possible.
Before embarking on the mission you will need to select a team of four adventurers. A spreod of skills is the best possible combination.
Level 2 It should be noted thot some of the robots will leave some valuable presents when they are dispatched. In the next two rooms the first long range weopons will be found.
However, all long range weopons hove ammunition limitations, so be careful how you use them. It's on this level thot the first two recharging stations can be locoted.
The first re-supplies food and can be used an unlimited number of times.
Conversely, the second is for weapons ond batteries and can only be used once.
Once oil the robots hove been eliminated you con proceed to the next level.
Level 3 On entering this level there is another weapons recharge point. It's best to use this one when your ammo is at a minimum.
You should now make your way to the central room of the Biological Research oreo. Using a light to open the door, there should be a robot. It is carrying o crate, so when you've killed it open the crate.
Take the contents of the crate ond deploy it os you see best. Now put the empty crate on the pressure pod to open the next security door.
Enter the next two rooms, kill the robots and pkk up the medical pack. You will also find a key; by going to the central room you will be able to use it and enter.
Kill all the robots and you con use the food outlet and the very useful regeneration pod. The pad resurrects dead characters so iong os you have bought their DNA pod. Be warned, the pod only works three times.
After this, proceed to the central room and go through the remaining door to the transporter. Woming: beware of the pits en route.
When you arrive at the transporter you should find onother weapons rechorger, using a green card should secure you a loser - just the ticket!
Level 4 Having exited the transporter, head down the corridor to the first room. Access is denied by a pit, the only way to close the pit is by throwing a flare over it. This will oper- ote o photo-cell, which in turn closes the pit and allows you to pick up another key.
In the next room there is onother pit with
o key which is just out of reoch. Throwing something on the
pressure pod moves the key within reoch.
Tired of fumbling around in the dark?
Then zip up your shiny suit and follow us through the labyrinth of the Shadoworlds Now you can open the comer door m move quickly into the little recess, fire tf *» robot when it is os safe as possible, S r : flare ond throw it towards the door.
The robot will head to the light. As W posses you by. Stab him in the bock.
Next on the agendo is yet another rw» which requires the lighting of three photo cells to get to the key. The following roar colls for some teamwork: One man to opr ate the door switch, the other to fire al t» robots.
When you've monaged to obtain Ah key, you should leave one man here so he can open the door in a little while to bt another mon out.
The next room contains a one-way sp tern, so only one man con enter to colect toe keys. To get post this section, fhe mon you have sent in must stand at the edge of fhr pit and throw the keys to another tear mote, who will open the door for him to escape.
In the next room one chorocter mini operate the wall switch which will turn an the transporter. Place o man in the trons porter and he will be transported to the Me room to pick up a key. Operating a switch sends him to where you left o mon to oper a door. At this point you can regroup and collect more food if necessary.
The next room contoins o key which when picked up, makes three robots appear, so be warned.
The last room on this level contains a 1 you to Ite World.
Icter thot you send to ke World he strongest and be made as tssible.
6 - Ice World you will have to move very dodge the multitude ol robots this section. Eventually they can p so (hot they fire on one collect the crate and use the pressure pod to get back to the irea.
[ contains a key so thot you can (t door to get to Jungle World.
7- 3 World ¦who von u nd hrrp nprds to bp to very carefully walk one character around the fence that obscures your poth.
After killing the remaining head, dodge post the robot in the bottom right room and move onwards.
The lost room takes a team effort and plenty of light. This is becouse all the lights in this area are octivated by photo cells.
The lost room is occupied by o robot who will kill himself if you occupy the right space.
Level 9 This level is full of pits, but they can be closed by using light to operate the photocells. The two rooms ore symmetrical so only one side needs to be closed.
Kill the guards and have a lighted flare available. You will approach three photocells. Which depending on which is adivat- HARDWARE .... 12.99 ....440 ...1340 'AimvemioN'.
LKOUBAZ *.... .4.50 ..12.60 ’A1300ONLY.
RUBV CH A TRAP!------------------ A TRAIN CONSTRICT.
BLADE OF DESTINY MJDB____ B06SBADDAY...... BOOY BLOWS VERSION 3.______ BODY BLOWS GALACTIC AI200WTTH APACHE ..N A BOOY BLOWS GALACTIC A600600 WITH APACHEN A___3043 BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL----------------------N A-------1746 BURNING RUBBER A60Q A1200 NfA ....1746 CAMPAIGNS_____________________________7BA CANNONFOOOER CAPTIVE r______________ CASTlESr A1XQ ONLY-----------------------.NfA______-JM46 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER S3 I MEG________1746------1746 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 94 DATA DtSK..."S96_______446 CHAOS ENGINE 1 MEG___________1748___1748 CHAOS ENGINE
- ------N A , ...... N A
- ---940 i 20.96 t DARKSEED-------------- DEEPCORE ....
. .....- .NfA ______ M A . 3446 t ____1746 i
- ---24.96 I 17.96 1 ......24.05 1 _____20.96 i DISPOSABLE
HERO----------- DOQnOHT .. .... . _
- --------HfA ... 4 05.
...N A- HARDU STAR mEKtmkiiifKWYmtlM'ait M....'. .W. y mm Islands.
STRBETHQHTER3 ________________________ IS. OS IX F117A___________________ FALCON T™," ______ FATUAN A1200 0P A500 FIELDS OF GLORY"__________ FLASHBACK ANOTHER WORLDS) FURY OF THE FURRSE8------ 02' GEAR WORKS*----------- WLPURSUif.
HARPOON BATTLE SET 4 HARPOON EDITOR (NOT PLUS) HEROQUESTr- ...----------------------£.17,96..17.96 HnEDQUNS--------------------------4EjMT;.',n*496 HISTORYUNE 1314-1916___________________. N A H INDIANA JONES FATE OF ATLANTIS ADV.----NfA-----46.96 INDIANA .1ONES FATE OF ATLANTIS ARCADE .17.96______17.96 INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CHALLENGE 1996____1996 INNOCENT UNTIL CAUGHT ____________________MlI_____TBA ISHAR 2 ASWA1200 .. ,.M26.. 4046 JACK THE RIPPER* : hu JAMES POND 2A1200 VER _________ MM . 17.96 JOHN MADDENS AMERICAN FOOTBALL H A+ .. 1238
SCHOOL 4 (5-7) 3A130O".
PoatousiAW MEOALOUANU QREATCQRPKM ONLY COM muonr tuple pack 1 DO mOUS, BATTLE VALLEY ANOWWEFBOY OU.YMM M6QA0MY.0K nfsrmmauomm tuple pack 1 DELfTROUS. BATTLE VALLEY ANO MAABtEFBOY 0U.Yti6M AMQA ONLY* OK nrsrmmauomm 41' 41-96 41.96
4046. ......i .06 WE0..iM_ I 99 MOL 1 .06 QNLY..WA J ,60
(7-11)_____________________17.06 ...1796 1740 1750 FUN
7-11..J4 A------1796
• "£*£ f* * HENRfETTA500K SPELLS (LANDER)____1746____1746 &46
iirrtrn rrrniirTrini'iiIrifljiiiin iii'iii fn" m 111
22. .KKPK-----------------------------------M A----1746
AQES ....NfA______1096 HE M BtgOFFICS.---------
-N A------4646 uu ...WOKffiaO ADVENTURE 3f
.JSA------1796 96 BEASTS' 20 95
NOOOYS’PLAYJJME 3*---------------------17.06----1746 jm MM
mnr sgg, N A ..49.96 SCALA
500-----------AM.-......7446 ..NfA...._____20.96 KALA PRO
...... NfA .17946
1746. _1746 SPELLBOUND (LANDER)------1746-----1746
1746. ..17.96 STATISTICS ‘10 10
FOOTBALL FOOTBALL m~AGLA' NONAQA' EmTED pN LYOH DAY OF DESPATCH Aooe visa No: ..... Please charge my ~E Valid from: .....Expiry date.. Plana mala cheqws & PO payab« to RUBYSOfT (UK) LTD.
CradR cart ortan ca*6*d only aa daspattfc.
JPInaa nott wa do not malu any chanp (or credit card orders). Please d £1.00 p&p per Itwn All joysticks £100 P&P aati . £375 per tan lor all Europe, and ad other countries £4.75 par tan BFPO pletH add £1.50 per tan.. All prices subject to change or manufacturers pnce reviews without node*. E&OE Please note mall order companlee may taks up to 28 days to deliver goods from receipt pi order*, Hotawpoodanormalydeepa!cn6dwMn2diyt please allow lor cheque clea tmKmss) ORDER Please sui Date Name Isan-Spn Monday lo Saturtfiv Aftar hour* ? SmtejM 07 81 98 NEXT DAY GUARANTIED DELIVERY AVAILABLE.
With the following tor Computer V V- . ahh .c Titles . Price"’ ....'.'..PoSfbode.. Nothing beats a bit of bargain hunting after Christmas, especially when you're almost completely out of cash, says Tina Hackett This is a game that needs no introduction from me. Unless you've been kidnapped there is no way you could have missed all the publicity ond hype surrounding this j couldn't get any better those nice choppies ot US Gold have releosed it on budget Stunning graphics coupled with great playability make for a areat game. The of options The two-player mode
works brilianlly and wtlh die different levels of difficulty to choose from you've certainly got g challenge.
However there are a few qrumbles For instance, the disk accessing can get to be a real pain and it plays slower and not as well os the arcade version. But this is only to be expected.
OK, so maybe I'm just being pedantic ond so maybe ifs not as good os Jody Blows Goloctic, but who om I lo judge? Besides at this bargain of a price, who could refuse?
Silly Putty Gremlin • £9.99 Weil, needless to soy I was slightly sceptical when I first heard the concept behind Silly Putty. I mean how much fun can you possibly have with a small round blob? However, I was rather impressed with this little budget offering from Gremlin.
As a combination between a puzzler and a platiormer, the aim of the gome is to protect your putty-type friends from ihe evil doers Dazzledazo ond Dweezil who intend to ship them off to Earth to be turned into bubblegum As Billy Putty, you Can be oided by the Boh (fnendy aliens from the planet Zid) but unfortunately they have been turned into ice blocks Confused2 You will be!
So now you hove to rescue them and take them to ploces of safety But watch you don't exceed your time limit, ond keep an Gabber eye open for boddies such os How can you transform into different shapes and bounce, melt and content, being (he putty-type creature you This game becomes rather addictive ond once controls to carry out th© range of movements Putty con do, it’s a great game.
It is nice and witty and the humorous sound effects and bright, colourful graphics should pul a smile on the most miserable of foces.
Torvalc the Warrior Corkers • £9.99 One thrust from his big chopper- ook, the very thought makes my eyes smart
• ;- MIM9.MII c00009700 Now here's a game I hate almost as much
as I hole Mocauley Cuikin.
Boring gomeploy, boring graphics ond os for the music - weti fd rather listen to Mr Blcbbys h smgle. In foct, this game is more disappointing than continually getting the oronge aeoms« of Revels.
You, os Torvak The Warrior, have to overcome five different levels, defeating the Gtarf Mogoefc winged Oogon Bats ond Swamp Monsters wilh your big weapon However, the weapons ore ineffective, even against the simplest of boddies ond os for the helpful bonuses (such as Mogic and Energy Orbs)... I think not.
Sorry I con'l sound more positive about this one but it really'S rubbish Poss me the Pooper Scooper, please.
11 ng ciMPflsrTRii Eights wsfriWd.
. IIU® UNOFR LICENSE BY ItflCk PEARL SdfTUJRRE, INC UEAPO* TOTH I f RRNflGE ™ e- © 1992 MIOQlfte RRNRGE II ft FRRDLMRRK OF MIOUIRV MRNUFfcltl LTD HKIIXihHOlfth MfcRKYWALKS MKOIP Cil.()S iil-5 IQA 04 )3 mm in.: 0- rope FREEPHONE 0800 318576 Fax: 0480 496379
15. 99 799 12 99 10 99 21 99 20 99 16 99 17 99
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13. 99 CALL
10. 99
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21. 99 18 99
18. 99 CALL
20. 99 7 99 16 99 17 99 20 99
9. 99 999
16. 99 1799 1999
7. 99 1899
20. 99
7. 99
16. 99 16 99
15. 99
15. 99 Fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly I d All items
ar* subject le availability Putt and packing: UK ¦ Tso per
item 2nd Clats; £1.50 per item 1st Clan £2.00 per item LEG =
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going to pmv Pleate telephone foravaliblWy and a hi copy of
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Are you ready to become a part of that underground taskforce? Which of the 40 aircraft will you choose as you fly 100 sorties across the world against the forces of SPUDD? The civilised world anxiously awaits your decision!
Available for the Amiga PC version coming soon HASPITIN 38 40 High Street, Green Street Green Orpington. Kent BR6 6BJ Tel: Int +44 (0) 689 850770 Rasputin Soft*ere 1993 Rasputin Software is a tracing subsWlarY of Power Label Lmited Seek out and destroy the forces of SPUDDI ¦
17. 991 ? MOHT inf Ml ill sets 12 99 ASSASIN RE-MIX
16. 99 ? A'320 AIRBUS USA
21. 99 ? BAT 2
13. 99 ? BATTLE ISLE 93
18. 99 16 99 HWOGtPWM2W2M
7. 991 . -I..: 16 99 CHAOS ENGINE 1599 CIVIUZATION
22. 99
10. 99
15. 99 ? DONK
11. 99 kbiuks w«nuM
17. 99
16. 99 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS 1699 at-TsiiiE teiteto 20 99
17. 99 F117A NIGHTHAWK 22,99 ? F15 STRIKE EAGLE 2
12. 99 ? F19 STEALTH
20. 99 ? FORMULA Okf 6RWDPRW
18. 99 ? GAUNTLET 3
17. 99 GfW-AMOXCH 5K0NDH6
14. 93 ? HERO QUEST
7. 99
24. 99
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9. 99
16. 99
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Z00L2 ___________ 1 Hi _J z 1 r PRICE r-~ 2 ¦ ¦ ¦1 ¦ ¦ • ?
PRICE ____ I PRICE __g POSTAGE TOTAL Make cheques payable to European Computer User t* tend to.
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9. 2* X» UmuJMlbm 'iM Aimtnd IVMPtMfl A m*ni rOtUSMMM W
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Oeat SPECIAL OFFERS Vaean Knda --- fcuBi® ----- Okttat Cen
• I Oaiy Deterge Godiher Aaertua 1«M Gere to O' 11.7 Mn NA0*2IMh
K«e 0* 7' rvi Vol.
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CU2 It® K240___________ 17® Ptraurnongtr A Me Oae ..its C«aa2 Itew am 2099 Ft* SW.I* F up- II M K240(hen6QA) 003217® PnHucrc7' t4M CtKmUUm ____ i«n r» __________ ... ION KftpNr X V i Piemer Uenefer 2 . . I im cm;------ 1»M ¦ A Prerror ¦ 17® KegiOml 1 9® TrmMw 1799 Ceuue 7 Ai .'JOB® FMOOt}' 7*® Mwaaxa UN PoaalFMU _______490 CneTporeneMnajv®|llMO' «® FtriMM leyui ¦¦ ft®Nad9uS»y IB® P» Tame Teer 2____ .1690 Ctterpereno Meneit' 94 Saeeer See 7® FM Man ____ 17® AiuityeS urFirMxM 17® Px»d „ . .10» Cheeelngan ..... __MM fameflniieei.1 ____17® iwailtnial_________ a®
isxox. ____________ CM? 1289 CrmcErgne-- A12O0I7M FeaMOrOtov 22* le®qrdSe®M______ 17 ® P-opnee, 1999 C7AUE*4M COB l«N UU ______AM ia®mdS«ai (MxiACAi am u m p 1919 it® .....lUQOXM I r 19® cagerakdVMour .....XH LeuuJege2TkeTnhea..... 24® QUAX ... COB 12® 26®
w. ._ 20 50 ¦« 200 300 1000
3. 5" BLANK DISKS IM VtMAIM VOS, tow MOM »« UN I9J0 3500 4750
6500 *500 12500 I WOP JOYSTICKS ACCESSOtKS wji :¦
* GH 799 UN 37 JO 72®
141. 99 350 CO 460CO IOW 619
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12® .... 17N ..am i9® A13M 17® ...17® WON IOW HGH 5 W 490 10®
13® 23« 3200 44® 42® NW IJI® l»® 217 S3 369® »» 1750 100 AMIGA
Expert views on the latest applications Graphics V HR ¦ s
promised, in diis issue we are going to examine a system
which allows us to use the Amiga's Intuition graphics and
interactive interface from within Arexx You probably already
know tliat Arexx does not have any direct graphical interface
suppon, and all such support must be provided by third party
add-oas - usually in the form of a special Arexx library.
Several such products are available, and the one we examine here, RexxARPLibJibrary should lie obtainable from any good PD library, Make sure you get v3.0, especially if you are working with WB 2.0 or above.
My aim liere is not simply to give a few examples of how to use this library, but also to convey the “flavour* of the system, so that you can see if it suits your needs.
I assume that you have some working knowledge of Arexx. Or at least some programming background, and the ability to pick up facts as you go along.
At this stage I must (by the way of caution) say a few words about graphical commands in any programming language. Essentially, any language tliat provides graphical commands makes a compromise between ease of use and flexibility.
On die one liand it can keep die commands as simple as possible, so that the user has most of the basic operations available; on the other hand, it can allow- the user to exploit the system possibilities to their full extent.
In the first case users will be limited whenever they try to do something that goes a bit beyond die bare-bones basics; in the second case, they will have to learn not only the language itself, but also all the programming intricacies of the system's graphic interface!
This can be quite complicated if you want to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that receives input from the mouse and so on. As well as Creating graphics.
Broadly speaking, diere are two levels of graphic programming, a bit like there are two kinds of languages, high and low level. (You can do many more tricks with assembler than with Basic, Ixji you really have to work at it.)
Essentially, the languages that provide ready-made graphic interface commands shield die user from the system intricacies by “packaging" tlx‘ system-level calls into those instructions that are most likely to lie needed, eg OpenWindow() or DrawCircleO.
Languages tliat allow full control over a system graphic interface (such as the Amiga's Intuition) merely provide a medxxl of h x king into the system library routines, quite independently of the programming languages diemselves.
It is the user's respoasibiiity to call these routines properly and to easure that their mles are observed. In order to do diis, you have to learn what the ailes are in the first place This an be almost as much work as learning die language itself.
On the other hand, if you know how to use a system lil rary, you can all it and use it from any language that lias a system interface, whether that is C, Assembler.
Modula-2, or Basic. Using special libraries (not KexxARPLib.library), it is even possible to all them directly from Arexx.
The Arexx graphic utility that we will Ix* l X)king at today provides die best of both worlds, by shielding the user from some of the messier system requirements, while at the same time maintaining a fair amount of similarity to die original system library-.
Tlicre are two advantages to this. Only a little flexibilr. » I lost, and, should users want to advance to more “real’ syae* programming later on. They will not find themselves totally aj*- less, or starting from scratch; a fair amount of material will knit familiar. Suggestions on how to proceed further appear at rr end of the article.
I must also say that if after studying the ckx-umentation. T*r examples, and perhaps some books you still find this utility to!
Difficult to use, then system programming is probably not far you. Sorry folks, but you are unlikely to find anything mud- simpler that is half as useful!
If tills is the case, and you still want to program, uy usrs simple languages with ready-made graphic commands (Iikr some Basics), or graphic program-buiklens, such as CanDo, thi also have die advantage of Arexx support.
We will now briefly look at how RexxARPLibJibrary gives access to the system's graphics. In Amiga programming, wher you want to open a window you do so by initialising a whole kx of data, opening a screen if one is not open, and then callmc an Intuiuon function called OpenWindowO.
This window will have (among many other things) i RastPort. Which, rouglily speaking, is the area you draw in. Art a “message port' at which the user can check if any events like mouse clicks, menu selections, and so on have occurred. The above is quite an oversimplification, but it will Ix-lp you get the general idea.
A programmer wanung to draw or write in the window calls special system functions tliat use the rastPoit’s address as one of dieir parameters. To monitor the user input, the programmer would set up a loop diat kept checking the window's user message port which we just mentioned.
However, Arexx on its own does ran allow the user to call die system libraries which open windows or draw graphics and so on. RexxARPLib uses an interesting system to get around this Tlx* library provides a special function ailed CreateHost(hast- name.nport), which sets up an autonomous little program (the host), which handles these calls automatially.
The extra advantage of this is that you do not have to worn' about any of the initialisations - the host docs them automatically too. We will see what dx* parameters (hostname.nport) mean in a minute.
There must be at least one host for ever)' window that you want to open and it must run asynchronous!}'. This means that the program must Ix* run independently inside the Amiga multitasking environment. Again, we will see why when we look at the parameters. To run a program asynchronously, you must eidier tun the command: ri ‘citl Cre»t*Host(hostnm,nport “ from its own shell window, or, if you have it as part of the program itself, you must launch it with a line like: ADDRESS COMM run ri Cr«iteHojt(hoitni«e,nport)* Note die 22’x (quote), which ensures the correct form, sine the quote
before Call Is lost during dx* conatenation.
You cannot just call the function on its own as part of your AREXX program, because it will not return a value until its window is closed, and all its graplucs are lost... and we haven't even opened the window yet!
This is why this function must run separately. Onct the “host* is running you can open a window very simply by making a tall like; OptnVintfo«(hostniM,i1,a2,...a? The parameters al-a7 give information on the size, position and appearance of die window. Once the window is open, any of the graphic drawing alls, such as DrawCircMhostmme.x.y,radius), will be drawn in our host s window.
This brings us back to our parameters “hostname" and "nporf.
These are the names of two Arexx pons set up by the Itost. The first port (hostname) receives the graphics commands from your main graphics program.
It is not necessary for you to know that the commands are being sent to the Arexx port of a semi-autonomous little unit, but it can be useful.
For instance, if your graphics program crashes, and you ate a left with a hanging window that you do not want, you can get rid of the window and free all its resources with the command: rx "ADDRESS hostniM Exit made which is the same as calling the function Exirthostname) directly from your main program.
The use of “nport" Ls more subtle. While you do not need to know anything about “hostname" in order to create graphics, you must know quite a bit about the “nport" before you can receive infonnation about window events like mouse clicks and mouse movements, menu selections and so on. RexxARPLib uses this port as a sort of duplicate port to the host window’s own user port, in order to notify' you of ? Square.rm * ADDRESS C0MAN9 run rx *22'i || -c*llCre*teHost('Host'Unused*)" ADDRESS COMAN: 'NiitforPort Most' Nidth = *40 ; height = 220 flags = 'NINOOVDIAttWlNOOVDEPTH' Call
OptnNindoMCHostVO OsMidthfheight,,flags,'The Square Vanishes') the initiil squire *1 pt.1.i=0 ; pt.1.y*1 ; pt.2.i*1 ; pt.2.y=0 pt.3.1-0 ; pt.J.y=-1 ; pt.4.x=-1 ; pt.4.y=0 sedoun : 0.9 DO i = 1 TO 50 Call SetAPen('Nost',i) I* Calculate sillier square * pt.5.x = pt.t.i ; pt.5.y = pt.l.y DO n = 1 TO A MitM4l pt.n.x * pt.next.x sedoun * (pt.next.x-pt.n.x) pt.n.y = pt.next.y sedoun • (pt.nexl.y-pt.n.y) PAISE VALUE Cenvert(pt.n.x, pt.n.y ) KITH pi.n.x pt.n.y END * Drau the square * Novet'Host',px.1.x,px.1.y) Ar?|prquCHg$ t',px.2.i,px.2.)r) AreaDrau('Host',px.J.i,px.3.y)
AreaDrauCHost' px.A.i x.A.y) AreaDraiiC 'Host ‘,px.1 .i px.1 .y) AreaEndt'Most') END Call ExitC‘Host') ; EXIT I* convert (x,y) coordinate to pixel *1 Convert: PR0CEDUIE EXPOSE height width a s uidth'(1tirg(1)) 2 y = height*(1-arg 2)) 2 RETURN i y events tliat are being recorded at the user port.
The events at the “notify" port will be reported as simple Arexx strings, and are therefore much easier for you to process than system messages from the "real’ user message port.
There are certain rules to he followed when obtaining messages from Amiga ports. When a message arrives it must be copied (for future use) and replied to as quickly as possible, in oider not to slow down tltc multitasking system.
The functions to do this are supplied in the "rexxsupport" library, which is pan of the Arexx distribution, and should be in your libs: drawer. We cannot go into detail here (we have l x ked at this subject irt the past, but you should read at least some documentation on how this works before trying it, looking at the examples supplied with RexxARPLib Even experienced Arexx programmers baulk at attempting to mix Arexx with graphics, but it needn't be too difficult, as Alex Gian explains easy (or even copying them outright) will also give you some insight. Here you are bordering very much
on the realm of real Amiga system prth gramming This demonstrates the creation of a simple graphic using RexxARPLib. It does not report any events happening at the window
- it only draws a picture Lexik at Figure I for the listing Thus
gives you some idea of the use of diis library, in the next
issue we will analyse an example that also receives
mouse-eVerTLS. As well as discussing some of the limitations of
this system, so lx sure to have a copy of RexxARPlib.library
(v.3) by then. We will also be looking at some other exciting
Arexx products.
Of course, a simple system like this cannot hope to provide the advanced tools of a program like DeluxePaint. But it also has its strong points, especially in repetitive w'ork.
Try doing our simple graphic on Dpaint by hand! In fact, how many of you have wondered why Dpaint has no Arexx port? As a nutter ol fact, there Ls a way to get programs with no Arexx interface to run under Arexx control, but that will have to Ix* our subject another time.
With Arexx and a few suitable libraries, you can experiment easily with the Amiga system without resorting to a compiler.
There are several books on the Amiga system. You should be aware that most of them give their examples in C, so the ability at least to read C is a strong advantage.
Future steps If you do try experimenting with this library, and you find it useful but would like some- thing more powerful, then I suggest trying the npig.library and rxgcn.library, The former does very little to protect you from the system, but is very flexible. The latter does not protect you at all - It s just you and the "guru". More power than that, you will only find in your assembler or compiler.
Other than the official RKM manuals. I would recommend a book like Mapping the Amiga or P Qveraa's excellent Mastering Amiga System, but there are several good books out there - check your public library first. I would also mention the Amiga C Club's excellent tutorial, available for the price of a few PD disks.
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first day of iJB shooting - crew and cast have arranged their
time around your schedule. There’s a buzz of excitement in [
the air as rehearsals and last minute details are sorted out.
VIDEO The next step is working through the script with the actors.
• ehearsals are essential for both director and performers alike,
to lift the words off the page and get them moving in the way
they will eventually to be seen on the screen. Many films nude
in Hollywood don't have rehearsals because hiring the actor for
the extra time costs UK) much and the lack of understanding of
a usual dodgy script to begin with glares at you from the
As a result, unless the performers are very experienced and can find the subtext (what's really being said in a scene) from reading cold straight off a script w ithout running through it properly several times, the actual shoot will most likely be delayed through uncertainty, drying up with lines and the performers nuking decisions with the script that are predictable, unsurprising and at worst. Wooden to watch.
Set up the rehearsal area to be as close as passible to the space they will be using during the actual shooting and run through the scene. Working together and going through the script, making decisions concerning what each scene is about and how lines are going to be said, will produce a situation which breeds both confidence and understanding in the actors and director.
PEFORMANCE One of the most important rnles to remember is never to push for the exact performance you want to see in front of the camera
- it may well mean that by the time the scene is played out for
real, the players will have reached their peak and last the
spark for a particular scene.
While directing actors is very much a two-way street, at the end of the day it must come down to the film being nude and knowing when to say “enough talk, let's do it*.
With the cast finely tuned and the crew ready to burst onto the set, the big day arrives where ail your hard work and preparation will be put into motion. Always go over the scenes to Ix.* shot die night before to prepare yourself for die shoot the following day. Constant reappraisal of your work is healthy for "programming" your subconscious so that answers to un-thought of questions will arise as if by magic on the day.
Set a production meeting for first thing in the morning to lay out what is going to be done during the day and to see if everyone is focused together as a team - and that no problems may have arisen at the last moment.
Head out to the first location and tell everyone the first shot to Ix* taken. Give a brief description of the kind of image you want In a word... Here's a list of die most frequendy used phrases and words on the set in chronological order: "Quiet please!" ....Designed to be said either quietly or as loudly as needed. Follow this with... "Roll tape" ......to the sound recordist camera operator. They'!! Press the record button to begin the tape and respond with... “Speed" ......when die tape has had time to speed up fully (5-10 seconds)
and to give the editor space to breadi in the editing suite. Once done, die director cries...
• Mark it" .and the clapper person
nishes in and marks the shot with the scene and the lighting to
go with it. Then leave diem to it and inform your actors what
lines and sIkxs are up next so that they know exactly what is
going on to save any confusion later.
It's common mistake to become so involved with the technical side that the actors often end up l)eing treated as a piece of equipment and little else. Treat them with the respect they deserve and the end performance will he better because they'll care about what they're doing.
Throughout the shoot, make sure dial your PA (production assistant) keeps in constant contact tallying the times and locations, giving a clear idea of how long you have left.
An essential piece of paperwork is the logging sheet where the start and end times of a shot with a short description are marked for etch take. This makes post-production far easier in the editing suite, saving time and in some cases, money.
Above all, remember never to look indecisive or uncertain - make a decision, good or bad, to get the film made, and stick to it.
When the big day arrives ...or what to do in the rehearsal room and on the set in the fourth part of Adam Phillips's video making extravaganza and shot numlxrr including w-liich take it is. This is very important for editing purposes to help with syncing and finding the relevant shots off the logging sheets. Once done, die director shouts, cries or weeps... “Action!’ ..and the shot begins. When done... “Cut" ..brings everything to a halt and everyone relaxes until (he director calls... “Spot check, please" ......and the sound
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Assuming you're now armed with pen and paper it's time to turn on your synth, select your favourite voice and start worlc on the Ixrok or key melody. Depending on your prowess on the keylxxird, this can be as simple or complex as you wish.
Now l)efore an increasingly itchy finger reaches for tlx* Record, write down the key notes or chords and start looking for a link to the next section whether it Ixr a verse, chorus, middle eight, intro, out-tro or anything else that tickles your particular ivories.
It's very important tliat the various elements flow together prior to recording individual sections. All to often if you simply charge headlong into a piece thereby creating finished individual sections before con- A classic cock-up cal elements usual sink into the background during tlx* free form of a jam.
Tlie question is: Why should the fiest musicians in the* rtx m pale so badly in such circumstances? The answer is simple: Rigid musical tluxight always looks for tlte correct way to progress, rather than tin.* often inspired route chosen by the blissfully ignorant members of tlx* “suck it and see" fraternity PROGRESSION While emotion and gcxxl old guesswork drives the self taught from one chord progression to tlx* next, the classically trained are busy kxrking for the right notes, rather tlian tlx* inspired Tlx- end result is that tlx classical types are usually happier pitying the works f
a composer rather tlian writing tlieir own material.
A quick glance at tlx* popular - and not so popular - charts stands as a glowing testament to that.
A similar problem afflicls a kx of computer-generated music as the uniformity and adhesion to a format means tlx* inspired and accidental arc often absorbed by the constriction of the “cut and paste".
As a result, the IxtiUc against blandness has to lx* fought every tinx* you mm on the machine. In my humble opinion music is, and always six hi Id lx*, an aitform, an area in which tlx* challenge is to convey the emotions of the moment and the inspiration tl»ey inspire.
Ibis is where the real I rattle lx*tween man and machine takes place. No matter howr clever software becomes, machines w ill never feel tlx* emotions that nuke gcxxl music great It's true that hours and sonx*times days can be saved by sequencing but in order to create anything other than lift music you must remain tlx* master and not simply the slave.
OK. After insulting almost everyone who's ever played an instrument - electronic or otherwise - it's time for Austin's patented guide to popular music.
The first job is to throw away any preconceptions that the machine will in some way write the music for you. As a result, before even touching the record burton it's wise to have a firm - or at least firmish - idea of how tlx* piece will appear ifl its final form.
At this point yet another technological fantasy can hit the bricks, templating what will follow, tlx* end results will suffer as compromise slowly creeps in as you attempt to join two basically incompatible elements.
Once all the hasics are in place you can finally begin the recording process, although if you're wrestling with tlte eternal question “is this a classic or just a load of cobblers?” a top tip is to have an eariy night and return refreshed in die morning.
If in the cold light of day you can't remember a single note. I'm afraid your worst suspicions are prohably correct and your would- be masterpiece is indeed complete crap!
Assuming that you've remembered every note, the construction process can begin There are hasically two routes available. Firstly, you can .select tlx* required iastniments and work on the piece section by section to assemble tlx* finished product. To lx* Ixmcst tliis is prohably the fastest way to work, but it doesn't lend itself to accidental inspiration vet)' easily.
METRONOME The second option is to build the entire piece using tlx* Ixisic key notes with perhaps a metronome as an additional guide. If at all possilik*, avoid designing the drum track until the major chords, bass lines and accompaniment are in place.
This isn't because tlx* drums are any less important than tlx* rest of the production - in fact quite tlx* reverse. If there's one elenx*nt of sequencer generated music that suffers from the “cut and paste" more titan any other it's the drum track.
Due to tlx* uniform nature of drums and percussion dtey're the first to fall foul of blanditis. As a result, if they're left until later in the production the accompanying music isn't forced to pander to an invariably monotonous cut and paste drum special.
Equally important is tlx* fact tliat adding the drums and percussion later nx*ans you're forced to think more along the lines of a real drummer and attempt to tailor the dnrms to the track ratlter than tlx reverse.
Well, alas that's all that space will allow, so I'm afrakl I'll have to curtail this particular rant and pass tlx* music insight into the capable hands of Paul Overaa - so feel free to send all hate mail to him. Tltank you, and gtxxl night.
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Insider Gud* ......£14.95 AMIGAGomersGu.de ., , ......£13.95 . . £19.95 Amiga A600 Insider Guide ......£14 95 rORNP.ILA ONE CHALLENGE
• W* a )
* J; IlJ an aa mmi; - a wm I i .. j Just £14.951 includes
addictive and detailed formula one simulation for 1-4 players.
Watch the races as they unfold with three levels of highlights.
Crashes, spins, pile ups, car failures, stop go penalties, weather changes, fastest & record laps, make pltstops. Four independent levels of difficulty. Accurate and detailed graphics of the teams, circuits etc. 15 teams, 2 cars per team, 30 drivers with varying skills, complete engine & tyre contracts. Choose tyre compounds, tunc your engines, change wing settings, even train your pit crew!
Qualifying, 16 accurate championship circuits, news section, realistic sound fx, load save games, weather forecasts, statistics saved, latest FISA rules, sponsors, full drivers and constructors Championships and so much more.
Include* latest up to Ihe minute detail* Incredibly addkthrc, produced by true formula one fans.
Tht most realistic formula one management simulation, guaranttsd, ORDERING DCTAI15 Prices -ndubc postage in the U.K. Add Cl pef book * Europe Add 25% fcr ormoJ dwwlwt Access and Vim occepted Cheques Postal Orders payable to DTBS Boolu normally in stock Dispatch normoky withm 24hrs if books in stock Showroom 413 Vandietor Rood, Rochdale LancothrvCXI 1 3PG.
Open Tuesday 10om-5pm, Wednesday 10om 1 pm and 6 30pm-9pm. Thursday 2pm 9pm.
Friday lOom-lpm. Closed Monday & Saturday Tel Fa* 0705 715020 Answerphon* «h«n shjp tb»d. Mol order lo; DTBS (Dept AC2), 18 Norwich Avenue, Rochdale, Lancs 0L11SJZ DEMO DISK £1 At too eoapetlble PLEASE MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO:- S. RENNOCKS Dept. AC, 1 Cherrington Drive, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6NE ?W UJUmUAWJUJUUUUUU.l.LM AnAriAriAnAnAnAriAnAriAMAii vii An AriAnAnAn nAnAnA n 33 S 3 -a ac»-33 33C »a £279 L] Ktokstart V2.04 RQM Ipr A5W2000
Desktop Dynamite 60Mb HDD Ind. Commodore Warranty .
* ......489 00 A1200 Desktop Dynamite 80Mb HDD ..
.... 539 00 A1200 Desktop Dynamite
120Mb HDD ..... 589 00 PRINTERS Ail
printers tncludo a parallel cable Star LC-100
Colour ..145.00
LC24* 100.....
179.00 Star LC24-20 Mkll
Star LC24-30Colour
Star LC24-300
Colour .295.00
Star SiarJet SJ-48 Bubble Jot ..
219.00 Star SJ-144 Colour
Thermal 545.00
MONITORS All monitor* include Amiga Cables Commodore 1G84S
Stereo ....179
00 Commodore 1940 Dual Sync Stereo 0.39
Dot .....279
00 Commodore 1942 Dual Sync Stereo 0.28
Dot .....359.00
DISK DRIVES A4000 214Mb Second Hard Drive
00 A600 1200 85Mb Internal Hard
Dnve ....
.219,00 A600M200 127Mb Internal Hard
Drive 269.00
Zappo A50ft'800'1200 3.5* External
Drive ....(p&p
£3) 54.95 A600 or A2000 Internal 3 5‘
Drive* . (pip E2) 59.95 A500
Internal 3.5*
Dnve* ..(pip
£21 54.95 MISCELLANEOUS Genius Happy Mouse nc Mouse Pad
(p&p £1)14 95
Anti-Surge 4x13 amp Socket
Block .(p&p
C1) 18 95 GFA BASIC 3.5 for Amiga
500 3000 ...(p&p
£l) 9 95 Son max Zip St* Super Pro
Joystick .(p&p
£1) 12 95 The BUG Joystick
£i) 12.95 CHIPS - Free p&p A600 1200 Smartcard FASTRAM
2 4Mb 129 199
Kickstart V1.3 ROM lor A500 2000
Super Dense 8373 (For New Graphics Modes)
1Mb Fat Agnus 8372
37.00 CIA Chip 8520
ALL PRICES INCLUDE 17.5% VAT. CARRIAGE £7. Price* sublet to
change without noboe E&Q€ IMMMMMMIMHIMUM.
Amiga 1200 Desktop Dynamite Wordworth AGA + Print Manager Deluxe Paint AGA Dennis the Menace AGA + Oscar AGA Plus International ports Challenge + Paradroid 90 Cool Croc Twins + Indianapolis 500 £339 Hard Drive systems available Amiga 600 1200 Hard Drives 80Mb £239 ? 120Mb £279 ? 170Mb £319 Prices include collection, fitting and return plus new 12 Month On Site Warranty for machine irrespective of age!
Amiga 4000 30 PHONE FOR LATEST LOW PRICES Call for RAM Disk Configurations Mouse + Workbench 3 + Manuals NEW! Amiga CD32 Commodore’s Fantastic CD ROM Console (All A400Q 1200 600 Pnces include Home Maintenance) 'Delta “Pc Softcwte -dtd n n 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) K X N MasterCard u ri A II A ll H A II A II n II A II A n II A ri ArTAnAnAnAriAnAn he typical reaction of a comms head when you m you've just joined GimpuServe is one of sucking his checks in like a man estimating your double glazing.
* *w. That's going to cost you a bit. Isn't it?"
This is a classic response, and one which is I think a little bit yji of date. There are benefits, huge ones too, to being on CompuServe, but there are some drawbacks.
COMMS change your settings to 8N1 again after you've logged on for the first time, but nolxxJy told me that. Secondly, you may have a bit of trouble with up and download protocols. CompuServe have seen fit to run at a top speed of 9,600 baud, and chosen to ignore the protocol used by 80 per cent of the civilised world, ie.
This means that you are restricted to Compuscrve-H, which I an t gel to work at all, and Xmodem and Ymodem. Both of w'hich w'ork at truly risible transfer rates.
This may be a problem you can solve, but so far I'm not having any luck. At the present moment downloads are slow and difficult, compared to the fast downloads I get at 14,400.
This may seem like a small problem to users of 2,400 modems, who not only won't notice any difference, but will also One is cost, certainly, another is the sheer complexity of the and one is a sort of navigational problem. CompuServe is good, certainly, but it's hard to use, and not the most up-to-date piece of kit on the airwaves, as I'll explain in a minute.
Cost used to be the only issue as far as I was concerned, and :rut's actually the first thing that surprised me about the new pacing strategy. One of the previous reasons 1 never tried to get m account is the fact you need a credit card to subscribe.
I just got one so that removed that little obstacle. Everyone I
* nould think has lx?en sent one of those little info Ixxiklets
with a special log-in number and agreement numl)er, password
and the like. I simply dug out one of those and checked out the
CompuServe is essentially an American system, so all the money you spend on-line is in dollars. The Standard Rate is $ 8.95 (£5.90) a month, and for this you are granted free access to all the basic services, like UK and World news and sport, weather maps and reports, electronic mail, and access to Grolier's Encyclopaedia, computer news, Home Shopping. HealthNet, airline hotel and car hire information. Roger Ebert's Movie Reviews, CompuSpend?
On-line games, Classified ads and various other member services.
Other than tliat you have to pay for “extended" or “premium" services. At 9,600 baud the pricing for extended and premium services is $ 16 (£10.60) per hour. Then on top of tliat you cop the comms surcharge depending on how you reach CompuServe I dial up CompuServe direct in Bristol, although there are local nodes all over the place.
Comms expert Phil South joins CompuServe, and wonders if he’s doing the right thing Connecting direct to CompuServe costs $ 7.00 (£4.60) per hour at what they call Prime Time between 8am and 7pm. And at weekends or Ix-tween 7pm-8am weekdays it's far.
There is also an alternative plan for users wIkj aren't going to be around very much, which only charges you $ 2.50 (£1.60) per month, but you cop a bigger charge for all die services, regardless of if they are basic, extended or premium.
At 9,600 baud this is a wltopping $ 22.80 (£15.20) per hour. To get this in perspective, you arc not going to go on CompuServe for hours at a time.
The system is very complicated to use. First you have a problem with baud rates and protocols. I was told by my btxiklet to set my settings to 7E1 and off we go. It turns out you should Read my lips The niggles added to the problem of the system being so large, so is the solution an off-line reader? Well the best you can do on the Amiga is a terrible program called Autopilot, which only works in interlace mode, and due to the way CompuServe works simple has to read through and capture all the messages the same way you would If you were on-line.
It's a dreadful state of affairs, especially when you've been pampered by having a good clean system like CIX to use for the last five years or so. The CIX and Nicola combination is perlect, and allows you a lot of freedom to use the CIX system as you please. Autopilot is as bewildering as the CompuServe interlace itself.
Get cheaper on-line time on CompuServe.
It may sound like I'm a bit down on CompuServe - well I'm not. It's a massive Corporation, not a single sysop, so changes are slow in coming. We still have the long tedious ID numbers instead of easy to remember handles, we still have charge upon charge per hour. We also still have no Zmodem.
But in spite of all of these criticisms it remains a huge source of infomiation and files, if you can get them. It’s a point of contact with hundreds of thousands of people, and companies too.
It’s like C1X amplified by about 1,000 times.
Is it worth id Well 1 haven't got a bill yet. But I'm sure it is.
Some people tell me that the Alternative pricing plan is better if you don't intend being on CompuServe all the time, and I'm sure that's true. Unless they get Zmodem and 14,400 baud real soon. I think I'll lie nipping on only once in a while.
CompuServe" Information Manager Version 2.0.2 Sep 2, 1992 Copyright © 1992 by CompuServe Incorporated Al Rights Reserved Information Manager on the Macintosh has, at yet, no equal on the AMIGA EdWord Professional V4.1 Th latMt rnlnain of tho utnr friendly ahareware teal editor It new available.
II will run an ALL Amiga* (1MB recommended) and haa bean tpecH.cnilr updated ta taka advanla«a of Work Bench 2.0; although M win atm function under V1.2 and Y1J. The lataat varaion offer* the new taclNUe*... ONLY £10.00 1 ¦ MX AM- p.vr. 1
• MU up lo 15 document' al once »ith an optwnal split srrmi
facility lo tie* l»o o( them toerthcr
• A Ren port hnauitag m«r 100 commands (an nan tour futuurilF 5
scripts al llw pnn of a bmioa
• Macro racilUy to murtVpiayback tMMBCa of key presses, mouse
tbcis. Menu telerttons He.
. PowrrPacker support: can decnmch packed Wes . Powerful printing options liKtodmB srttme marpins. Pa«e U r. Page numbering. Draft M.Q. pitch sue. InMlwislnclr shrrt. Output tu a fUe He.
• Text ( using facility to force ccrUin keywords info
* partRuUr ctu ie.«. PRIM. M rile In. Pnnlf Hr. I
• Ability lo define and run 3 'cpurulr AmigaDOS commands frum
within the fditor.
. Symbolic Indentatina feature whkh aulomalkalty indenly your UUK4 Cddf M )«l Itpe it!
. Far Mori Bench 2.0 men: A pp Window anpport.
Aa Icoaify feature aad ASL flk rrqanttr wppan . Ahilily lo alphabet Kalb v.rt bhacky of text . Can define the pnlli gadgets on the file rtqneifcr . Cm assign strings of lext lo the lOF-Kess . AmoSaaat Word Wrap: Bookmarks; Buah-m ( ikulalnr. Match Bratkrfs; Aatu Indml. "«ri ( ounl: Save Icons: Make Backnpa: Strip EOLV. | . Totalis ronripiniblr lo the user s una taUe . Large and rxlewsive hypertext help system m AmlgaGnide formal inMh vkwrr peugrami
• HardUrW mstall MflMy tu-ng the oftkial Commodore InsUllrri
* Send Muak dkk & S.4.F fur demo tmton Puait makr all
ChequtilPmUil (Wm payable to : M. Neddy Murlin Kidds.
Lv»knt0Ulh Houw, 33 Clifton Road, l ossit tttoulh. Moray. IV3I
6DP NEW! SWITCHQUIZ Amazing Question & Answer system with hand
held modules.
Program & Questions decs. Specialized subject disks available soon.
4 way multi choice format 2 x 4 player. ___ SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE BPUWRVftSONl BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT wiit. 4k AMIGA INPUT OUTPUT PORT Temperature & Light Experimenters Kit 11.9 AMAZING SENSOR & CONTROL EXPERIMENTERS KIT y rxxxie meter, nr. Smor. Reed swttf E 'Guide to Amiga Interfacing'!
6 plug-in Protects No Ignt tub* LEDs powerful lareondtskand NEW! DUAL MOTOR KIT £28.95. Ideal for buggies & robot arms.
Repairs on: A500, A500+, A590, A600, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000 Plus Amiga add on hard drives and monitors.
Door to door pick up + delivery anywhere in the U. K. Spares dlSQ available 144, Tanner St., Tower Bridge, London SE1 2HG Tel. 071-252 3553_ FAST QUAIITYAMIOA REPAIRS London Upgrades + Engineering requirements SAME DAY SERVICE £34.99 + parts (comps in by 11am) IV NORMAL SERVICE £24.99 + parts (Typically 24 hrs) HOW TO ORDER Please make thetjues with banker* card number or poslial orders payable to "ORION PD" All "fder* despatched 1st class same day ? = A500WAMI compallMe. ( i = Number o£ disks
* = Only WB2 3 ctxnpallblc Y = AliOC Conprtlbk DEPT AC1 14 OUSTON
,PACKS Conhiirci 5 disks £4.95 A further 5 4iAt £4.95 Contains
5 disks £4.95 ( ontUm T divLv £2.95 Contaim 5 disks £4.95
Contains 5 disks £4.95 CnnUim 5 disks 14.95 ( .ml aim 5 disk*
£4.95 Contains 5 dkk £4.95 C ontains 5 dhb £4.95 SPECIAI
75p EUROPE 12.00 WORLD X4.00 PRICES I-10 DISKS XI. 25 II-25
DISKS 90p 2b* DISKS H9p EST. 1992 1141 UlMdtltUMI"
UTILITIES imt I'lKtmCal.
UD2 C tijfr • Y lt») Mcad«Y Itttt D C.py ) I ? Y ItW Mru.Lrll.V UK* LiMDnpm ?
Inn LwlBuftktaY ten opt iiuiun u • 1*71' DU* Satrap.
UDI6 Kol Dt'ili Intnn • UM9 Sspn Aden • IVCII IviMn lulnts • Y UK7 4.WMl*ufa.4. UfC* AmflluBMI'l* l«» LMHw* WOI CMUt lan: suit y imt) Iym Sdalu 125 * v IxiM Cadtcsaic (on J ? Y DOW Anhait PR.2«Y
I. TM3 Isftty lurr * Y Uhl I'm Dcopy I IIH4 (aortic I Itellcr t
UBS HI) Chet 15' • V HIM Stptrfltyn )j0* HI’I Irani-V tut:
LOU GdprtrRwhJ* IW’t SmtpUm* LWTh Vih Soft t IWV Lnifdnr*n- l«l Aoetllll.V UM9 Cauw. Bnntrs • Y tw» PmCtvt Hr V U» SfYMrwuFn* 1 7 • Y UHN Tcu Eipnr ! . Y UW2 huh Turk 2 ? Y uni nrsii* UN* BwwnCei.
Till) AfipTtfouliY L'10) Atmanx Seala. • HIM Suc Shut Mitn • I ID* HnSrs Datatatf • Y HOI FmmY DIM ASI lk|jfcir • r I I11 KIIDntulMiKiM Ulll FiMiMxilr till? Ut) Rmnnt I mn • UI20 UifHik h|n ? Y l'i:.' SnthC • Y HIM* Cmmidi'u Y UI2* A Gar 4.19* Y II119 htkOini HI91 Itmn Inlmml» Y uiw prnaiio.Y lie TrthufHonrt.. n«t An*»t::*Y ll» JC0n(ti*Y HIM ReOry.Y 113’ tofll IW UIN Dn* hut )J9*V UHII*) rtvCMmull'i* U»’ CaicnSarbmn* Ult* TypcynHw.Y uin rwenise* HI’.' Owl Mur • UIT4 MplikftcvK'*’’ HIT' AbjrtuyAI.Y (111* BbmcIIII.)*Y HIM! KJTnnt* HIM TVStmcyPatimn.
IIUI Pn. IwnoYUa trea ivmimm* 1229 DMMm43« Y ID* V«nX)Mor* Llfl Ulth, Jpr Orlmtf 114: DriTraSe*.
UM’ Astiftrtrr*
115) Man KU»*t)(I« Y U2JI (ho|K Kk* ? Y L’JH MaRihOanl* 125* Mam
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ZkxtANlltraiWir llj’5 Aulu Atm SuAc • HJT74II ( .* 1 linn I
Si * I 11C KkllMMf H2K3 UlkOnVx • V UJIC RrtOf ’ HJIJ Cmta*Y
VJ|4 fCoAM .Y tM4 MpSinw.l i.lOn. LAW Blir I. Y LA*)
Sw.nJr.KU. J A. Y IA4I ln»:*Y 11*1*4 rmrl L'171 Lipwinl)*
LTO VntZJIJtY f W V Map. • Y UJC l'*nu* bun ? Y I'll!
Cbp *Cra*T.«h. HJ*I rran U )dl*Y UW (kuUr41*Y Hltvai
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AIXblXnDCabt' U44J ThcF. uullitMn H4AA94 VonGcpUci.H i*e»
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• 14» 0AI«* 1711 Rnl Dnls I'D 4 a CTAViprtiMrtl4i*Y OK)
Dmdyt HAS* bam Dnsen 2 ? Y H7*2 AI3ll(1wiKflies 1 • CCA Dbg.
I Ifll ? Y OBI Fnal Martnc 1 - Y 144VW WBJUlAunTll I7t)
AI.'ioauacflta2* CCAMDltY
0) 24 maw * 1VK ta*y Pnn 17*4 ba* I* Srtaul 1 • Y OCA Hams (2l*Y
00) 1 Stattt .Vlmiur ?
I’SM K*l Part • 17*5 BartuSatnoi:*Y CCA Flaw ill *Y
0) » Dlfixwcy.Y HSU.
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III. . S A WhHt (Ypael (XBMS4 Star Tart 1 *(2 H*M Dsnnaw fHB 1 »
Y 1614 fVntwiip Fran • V KA WcrtlnfiCi* Y (XW Super Fx tuiv:
. Y U*2I Rax Han • Y U4I5 CO Ferti A * Y BCAHmms(2i« Y
GIIBVIOI SutYrti.Yli) H*?)
Syvntr WirlteMh « UIIA CO fteli B ? Y WthUmdltV 0110 (nr MkImk 2 • Y DM* ShtaOnt.2* Y litlT CO f«n C ? V BtsWYkll Air.uh* Y Gil) T irt Iwlnftc.
HMI Cwwkwi'V Ulll COHmD*Y BOA Kihl2l» Y CIM I Mari* ? Y IfcM Word Son* 1119 Cl. Hen L«Y BCA BlWM«Y Gil) Vxurtinl*
16) 1 .Sdiren Fnn • HK3) COKanf • Y BCAOUke* Y 0119 BrtlW Cm 2 ?
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I. KI2 Int.Mho- PCAXm»i)i»Y CI20 Gn»4i» Y 16*2 Poms A learn •
IIK22 fceiyCdsflM* BCAW«ohl2)*Y CIJ4 Tetm*Y 1664 lix-ttall
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167* Acs»aM Vuvw ?
DIRS D. I Suu« 111 • Y BCA0t nps*Y cm Nr* Card Cans • Y U*7T Skirl • oniUti Awi IB!* ficJl«*plll.Y Ul'AMedsalil)-Y CI9f flUl Slk'flW ) • Y 167» D Fan TiBrul • IX’1 MagM Mua 1 J? ? V BCA Baanm i2). Y G20* Term • H4T* HadUsllu:* Y I8!l VdaUtlM’ BtABuifrllirytY 02211 Bill t UUO Arnya *'ixU » Y U424 RDFny • Hl) llti BCABoyfcnCi* Y 0225
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Y 0404 Dm*up* I CMOS Rra4 » Hill • Y 040? Aline Gwr*Y GUB Fad
Stum 2 « Y OOH'IOWrMaOJiiipci Gtll H)Cimn:*Y AOOI TVWdMrDnml-Y
A0CC ThcWUaDnm:*Y AIXB turWm* ,VX« ImwRtfr.
AOM AnTrHmnMMitY A M UuUry Ann • AW? VmwmiGmIIm.
AMUN AmLan*w »» AM) Suitlr. ? » AOM Amy i WUUt • Y AOS) Kin» Fnhn I • Y AitM U»w hul Adft AIBVV. IWCkvi At.« aid: ruiKuma. Raib Ain) Bnt IranIW henh?
AIHV7: AilkMonn2l*| AIN0 K)|h Ann • AMS Atm Brad I SMI • AI4IN9 ‘wciwry Am» })* AI SO)) lining • All! Cwik*Wjh « Al*) RufciHnBAmn.
AIU swn kneift. Y ,’Mt AIT) Cpdoi Ann • AlTMl AptBlinHii • Y JHF AIM Xim Awn • Y DEMOS DOIUISRaJtatxTl* Dtti AmuOwry.. DOE Vwm(* 003401 (M.W)())* DOW Aau. Bi| Don. ? Y UlN.ll ntW4 «0 D04S46 tnaoiPtlYl* pn*t SwrotdicAit* DOS) Irlmr Riw VhUn * DOM Fa*Tat* DIT2 GbWYiw** DM? H»Vi|ih • Y Dili toDmi* DW AuunyDm* Dll* Cla»«tM*J» DllVlv Dnm Dnwm •
0) 10 AlunRrpDmi.t DUI AnaUrnr.
D) T AI3»C 4kKnca'
D) :V?* Stilt™**! UC *
D) » AOADmm ' DU* Hwn OnirK1 AflA DW? Ivrn Xtn AGA ‘
0) 2) E«laM.«DMU*
D) » 1*4 Bhn* ASI Game 1-1441 Atwim r»Xi Any 10* (10 Any 30-CII
An; »*D* A»i S0-U?
A»yK « 4* Awlll’-O:
O. mjiy « nviul pvn
I. SI)l t»l Toohl-lSO n« knl «4m lUkcbw ini IU1-910
FnhcM4a(*e(l2) A1200 I tilitio Puck FnedduU*) AGA Slides Pack
TwJnli WV0 Scalable FmU net I TCT«ikit» « Pkt’TmdUitVVU Adobe
hpc 1 fonts ract iTcndWiCV W Pad. 2 TW Onto 19.40 Fonts Pack 2
HittloUUAS Music Pack Hi(4nLil4.4S Sound Samples Fart I Fik
dtti C4 VS Fact' fi*t Mi£4«s Astronomy Pack In* a dn 14 ts I
racial Pack l-.«d*iM*) Fducalion Packs Fart I fiit Jnii £445
Fart 2 R't Jwi* t* 45 CM Games Pack r™ 4M 09S Disk Copiers
Pack rn«»(4») Colour Clipart Fui I ft* Mu £495 P».ll ? Frrf
«*! 14 45 Part ) fi*« aa» £* *5 F»t * Fi*» Ohi M45 Gama Pack 3
tut 4.4.1 £4 4) (iamcs Pack 4 live aa.i (4f Catalogue Disk 95p
4500 Titles in stock ade and Appear are tricky little devils
to control, unless you know the right parameters with which to
control them. I've evolved these little procs to do all the
work The Appear proc is the more complex. Appear is an unpre*
Arabic command, and the best effects will only emerge after
Okh toing and froing and Nig testing. The proc goes like this:
AMOS Id ** Appeer •* lea Procedure _APPEARCSRC,PST,fXl Appeer
SRC To DST,FI End Rroe c have to seed it by something like:
.APPEARS,1,5) i Kh SRC being the source screen (in this case
0). DST being the jramation screen (this one is 1), and
finally FX the effect. I find 1at odd numbers work well, and
you'll find this with a lot of ‘-aos commands, You have to
input numbers divisible by a certain figure or the "fects
don’t do what they should. I suppose you could call it a
rature, but a cynic would call it a bug. Ouch, I know that's a
- jughty word in Amos circles, but true enough. .
Anyway, Fade is a similar animal. The easy proc goes like this: Rc« ** Wc " Rea Procedure FXDECSPEEM fide SPEES Wait SPEEIM5 End Proc The fade happens no nutter what else is going on, although if .ou do another screen op, or the fade is intemipted by some- Sinplt i-ljr.H.. ..Me. M thing, you won't get a smooth result.
Waiting is the best idea, and the formula for he best wait time is whatever the speed is multiplied by 15.
Fades can be used to good effect to bring up a screen or render it in a single colour, or indeed fade it to black. I find a good effect is to synchronise a sting on the soundtrack (an orchestral hit for example) with the appearance of a picture; just show it on the screen instantly by screen swapping.
Then as the note dies, fade the picture out. Then sting again and put up another picture, and then fade again, or fade to red.
Then fade to black.
Fading to a colour is a popular demo pastime, and you do it quite simply by adding a colour list to the end of the command: fade 15,$ 100,5200,$ 300... etc and any number of colours up to the amount allowed in the current screen mode.
Fade to red The idea for a title sequence for a Dracula game springs to mind. Titles flash onto the screen with a flash of a white screen, tlien the titles are there. Fade to black.
Hie main title, “Dracula Returns", is flashed up in white on the screen, which then fades to red... sinister, and really effective If teamed with the right music.
See what you can do with a little effort?
Totally moved I got a note from Anne Tucker to say that Amos PD Library and the Totally Amos disk magazine have moved.
They've forsaken the hills of Wales for the plains of Essex, and the new address is Amos PD Library. 17 Wick Farm Road, St Lawrence Bay, Southminster CMO 7PF.
The Totally Amos mag and Aaron Fothergill's Amos Club Newslotter are the two best sources of Amos info avail- able In the UK, and should not be missed.
Issue 13 is out now, and it contains some really kickin' code, like the plasma effect I've been looking for for some time. Easy to do even In Easy Amos! Plus an example of a complete game, a frogger clone (barf) plus a really amazing starburst routine using AMAL, which any Still shots just can't do any justice to.
Oh and there's a really odd maze game where you draw a maze and the computer calculates the shortest path through it. Nice algorithm, shame about the game.
Anyway It's all In Totally Amos, not to mention the reviews, graphics, hints and tips etc that you get as woll.
And all on disk, which is more than you can say for my stuff!
&&XX SCORE: 0000000 LEVEL : 0000001 Frogger makes a comeback on Totally Amos ¦ Flash and fade with Amos Phil South examines fading and appearing commands for graphics screens, plus a look at Totally Amos issue 13.
Write stuff If you have an Amos question, thon please write to Phil South.
Amos Insight, Amiga Computing.
Europa House, Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SK104NP.
MICROLAND BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM 1 Amiga shareware including files from the Fred Fish Collection plus lots more to download at V32bis, V32.
V22bis, V22, V23, & HST 8 data bits, no parity Each disk contains between 115 wd 270 anginal, high resolution, high quakty images tor use w*h Amiga an. Desk top pubishmg and video programs • Deluxe Paint. Photon Paint.
Pagosener. Pro Pago. Pagestream, Wordworth. Penpal. Scala etc. 1 Pets 2. Castles, cottages and churches 3. Trees 4 Signs and symbols
5. Wild animals 6 Prehistoric life 7 Signs and symbols 2
8. Weddings and family occasions 9. Fishing and freshwater life
10. Signs and symbols 3 11. Christmas 12 Frames and borders
ARTWORKS CLIP ART Original images for Ihe computer. NO I
public domain 0891 990 505 To Download 0483 725 905 To View
Why wart lor your software when you can download now d»roct
to your computer Microtek otters high speed connections and
most Wes are compressed to minimise the cost. Chao t out on
0483 725 905 at normal call charges So much shareware you are
spoil! Tor choce Over 30 hie areas including Animations.
Arexx Files. Badjjo KiUer Demos.
Clocks and Calculators, Commands, Database Oirectoiy and Dak ut*ties. Display Education, File Utilities. Fonts, Fractal and Mandebrots. Games, Graphics. Icons, Libraries Programming, and Communications. Area 1 contains file lists tor all areas to he p fine what you are tootuog for. Protocols xmodem, ymodem. 2modem, kermlt. Sealink, and uucp Calls to 0891 990 505 charged at 36p per mmole cheap rale. 48p per minute all other t*nea Trevan Designs Ltd, PQ Box 13 Atoershot, Hants. GU12 6YX EXCLUSIVE PD Tmi pribndlv PD »«nvie« PM ALL AMIGA USBRS - SOMITHINO FOR IVIRVOMI 7 Bercsfort Close. Wiatoorik.
Hampshire P07 5U1 TcL 107051642409 DEMOS UTILITIES JW Rrt lrOrt AjXtojrft WenSmea Aii Hit , ues :• 'ixie. SC* feln ftrtunn uOtOtai ISO Otster CfjimcAUTocuri SqantBls ScttrfMAn ISAITCCFuDtSi Irmty Rear tow FwwOmtnA&S MmIOrkh W Snv KBTni ST-13 fewSHTffa VftnHr*2SniCil Jnrukdtorin l«ni 6 DawsFajt Ail Wit.Piitfi :»JU Lew tot AnjJftn|DT*l ISO'SnM 18 hr 41 Tot Eipi till JwtOtFs CtoMfii’KUtocarco »fi» slideshows NbtJPqtara tfAMptceii ¦M9*npv 2) SoraSersrVK GftaASFWJ LW (m* Smesrc* iSttt Hbwrt* VLCWM&Mr Vt ftKt'«kp7i UefiwrttfftCKtaklZ Utykcr HU re!
AilSrWv* £7.99 each - 3 or more £7 each - Over 1900 images tor only £84 - Inclusive of 1st class PAP.
Please make cheques PO's payable to artworks (Dept AC) 1 Pond View. Wootton. Ulceby, S.Humberside. DN39 6SF mm XT 0469 588138 j For convenience. Exclusive PO operates a monthly eullettn service for its members 10 ensure you are aware ol all new software as il is available Phone for fufl detarts of the benefits of membership UmiElperM Potayr 11 Sop. Europe aid fflp pn to. Ml idd 40p per to Ovqun papbit t* Lukke PQ AMIGA COMPUTING - "Best Buy" CU AMIGA - awarded * * ? ? * AMIGA FORMAT - 85° o AMIGA SHOPPER - "all are high quality" IF WE HAVEN'T EOT IT ... WE'LL GET IT AT NO EXTRA CHARGE
S k is Jl STENCIL STRETCH TDYBLiK WOBBLER Vyyyh" CLIP ART W- acctaa.naa aanciarcane Masranincano and ad UaJ~ CradM Cm.da a.cnpUd CMIOUia payaMa ta Mlltt»ro T cbibit caaa motum srga mum _ PHONE AN INFO-PACK: TEL 0702 202835 24 HOUR SERVICE CRACKLING Ben Pointer on a nifty short-cut to incredibly professional looking documents tpt JJLUJjfiJJi'liJjJ A quick and unimaginative ?
Layout like this can be turned Into something special by outputting onto pre-printed paper hen you want a picture for your document you have two choices - draw one yourself or use clip art.
Same with fonts, instead of having to design your own then? Are thousands of ready made ones you can use.
So what do you do when you need professional quality colour documents but can't afford, or have no need for, hundreds or thousands of copies to be reproduced?
Take a trip to a stationery shop of course and buy some preprinted paper. Recently I had to produce an annual report and needed a bright and professional cover.
As I only needed 35 copies, to have them printed in colour was not cost effective so I investigated a range of pre-printed papers that arc available from a Belgian company called DECAdry. Better known for its press-on lettering products similar to those produced by Letraset.
On the DECAdiy poster I was able to choose from as many as 150 different designs. These included graduated papers, an effect many try' to reproduce on their home printers unsuccessfully because of the high resolution needed to print the hundreds of different shades. The DECAdiy gradients are all linear, from dark to light down the page.
If you arc looking to stand out in a crowd there are fluorescent colours, and as well as these general purpose papers there are many specialist designs in pastel colours so that text can be selectively placed on top of the colours.
You can choose from papers with themes like the written word. Snowry landscapes, seaside landscapes, ballooning, communications, birthday's, children, sports, computing, and lots, Iocs more.
COPIER PAPER The designs come in more than more one format. The basic one is an A4, single-skied design, on a paper weight of 80 gsm.
The same as your average copier paper But there are other weights and sizes available, like 165 gsm.
W'hich is a stiff card, and A3 80 gsm, great for making eyecatching posters, provided your printer can print onto A3 paper of course.
Birthday cards and tri-fold brochures an he created using preprinted materials. The cards from DECAdry come flattened, ready to put through your printer, and pre-scored so that folding them in the correct places is not a problem. There are about 30-40 different designs in the cards section and currently 12 tri-fold designs.
Pack sizes vary from 50 to 100 sheets depending on the weight of the material, and prices are very reasonable 100 sheets of a patterned paper cost me just HA on special.
There are some pitfalls you need to he aware of. Because you Why do it?
Take one picturesque image of the seaside painted in pretty pastels, add to it some appropriate text that goes with this idyllic image and you have a technique for producing professional quality work at very little cost.
You might, for example, use the picture of the seaside as a backdrop for a series of pieces of stationery for a local seaside restaurant or holiday village.
But instead of going to a firm of printers and having them produce several hundred copies of each different piece of stationery, at a substantial cost to your client, you can buy a pack of pre-printed sheets of the seaside and then use your own printer to add the text and graphics.
In this way the same seaside image could be used for many different pieces of stationery for the one client, and because you are doing the printing on your home printer you can quickly print as few or as many are as needed, thus cutting costs and wastage.
All that's needed is a good quality laser or inkjet mono printer.
A little help from my friends about your design and the type of elements you want to put on to the page, and whether they are feasible on a pre-printed paper.
I’ve used pre-printed papers with inkjcts and laser printers and the quality from both is very good. Because the home laser or inkjet printer can produce near typeset quality for text, when you combine it with a professional quality pre-printed paper you get a product that you an be justifiably proud of.
As a friend said wiien I first tried it: ‘Cor, Ben. That looks really professional!* I didn't liave the guts to admit that I'd cheated.
Are printing onto colours you won t be to use typesetting effects where you have white showing through your text and pictures. Any text you place on the pre-printed paper will have to lx* a solid black.
If you use greys, because this shade is formed by black dots and white space, on pre-printed papers a colour will show' through between the black dots. The amount of see-through will depend on the shade of grey you choose, dark greys will let less of tlx* background through than lighter greys.
If you want to mix black text and w hite text then choose a design that contains a white section, like a graduated paper. With something like this you can have black text on the coloured section and use a outlined, white-filled text on the white section.
So before rushing out and buying the prettiest paper you set your eyes on, think PUBLISHING So!
p O'! I I ADI JUNIOR FUN SCHOOL SPECIALS M VGA MONITOR ADAPTOR ALFADATA HAND SCANNER The AMI VGA Adaptor is a handy little gadget which gives most Amiga owners easy access to the higher resolution display of a VGA monitor § It is very easy to use - just plug in and off you go
• Works with any standard VGA or Multisync monitor
• Use screens of up to 640 ptxels x 480 lines without interface
and without fbeker
• Screen driver software supplied t Through-port aflows the
connection of a CGA £37» PRO PUNTER 2 PLUS ONLY Jji 'ZgM DO
HdrpevJwt coop* jo* .Tvems ccrrtim that Pro Veer s ml ¦ it* yrtmnt Dmcrmw cr *rxh ,*.i rm at fjogec The Dot 'iKng sefowr araltie. Thr ffacngPmt Ofloal proven to me racn; press anc othr magunes 3, senyig tme and Me trar*rd tttrs Oy Post 0«c? mat Profjnttr rw ston mat « can predfl wrWrl with remarkable accuracy ProlVjnter a to caiuxa wthycv menjy if •: ihrto iTerc o arr dt3utH abcu 7 c cucare of the rxeitMiadmr ycuncctotxt The NEW wend genearcr ProA ter a written tc profeaiorul standards and is JMM and easy to use r. feature Ml Wciig JM AM* of race data entered and afeo a mgjf knwrwitmarte
database ittt does net reed constant updatng in adcttw » UK features Fvo hn» 2 conuns inque coune gctng ciass edeors arc *vi cortlgue io metre vmgts dDtances. Tfus .itoung ccrAguraKo for racing wortAMfc I From the makers of Fun School, these toprated educational packages are just the ticket to grve your child a flying start' Paint and Geate exercises practical creative skills. Mertn Maths enthrals children while covering the basic skills, and Spelling Far guides your chad through the Intricacies of basic grammar ADI helps with Reading and Counting ' Product Pnco Ordor No hokfUtUOubnq} C7S
O0tmC99 00) 9567 HEADER OFFERS Order Hotline: 051-357 1275 Fax: 051-357 2813 General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 Order at any time of the day or night. Don't forget to give your name, address and credit card number The scanning package comes with the eicrtrr Up and Merge It packages and the AffaOaca rule. By using the Merge It software you car scar M pages in several passes and paste afl the scar?
Other features include IWMOOdpi scarmng resolutions, 256 greyscale conversions, easy tc cr intuitive user interface, easy installation. Wstr i 'jx.
And 3 photo mode selector switches, and aw ar: winning package.
VIDI AMIGA 12 VIDI (24) RT VIDI (12) RT The ultimate low-cost colour digitiser for the Amiga! No RGB spKteri or optical «terj are regured, and you can grab full-colour images in less than a second (mono are grabbed in real omej. With an abundance of file formats, full multitasking and composite or S-video output, it s versatile and powerful.
This wilt push your Amiga to its limits ReaFome image capture in excess of broadcast quality True colour. Photorealistic pkture files grabbed from any video source. Display resolutions up to 1472 x 576.
It offers all Armja users 24-txt image capture, with no restnctions on video equipment or Amiga hardware.
This offers all the functionality and specification of Vidi (24| RT. but r 12M Capturing 4096 colour mages m leaWrrv from any video source. It comes complete with pmg m device with easy to mstal software Simple enough for the novice yet powerful enough cr the professional READER OFFERSI 10 OUT OF 10 MATHS (NUMBER) ¦ 10 OUT OF 10 ENGLISH EARLY ESSENTIALS For children 6 to 16 years This is a first rate set of games sutable for a wide range of ages and abilities They are educationally worthwhile and exciting to play - a rare combination They are highly recommended for both home and school use
fc£15 MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING OPTICAL PEN MOUSE VIDEOMASTER A stytish Pen Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement. It has Micro-Switch buttons wrtwch is ideal for DTP. Artwork etc. It comes with its own Opocal Pad Simply the finest typing program in the world this award winnng software takes you step by step through the keyboard Coaching you a! Your own speed and skill level monitonng your progress the stunning graphics the help facilities and complete typing textbook makes learning to type interesting and fun.
The Uornaee Mub Media System lor you computer. Vdeomaster is a rewXutorury tr6*h'Cuyi m home computer techndogy ccronng the compfcuty of a Video turner wflh a Sound Sampler in a ursgb easy to use tow cost tnt. To bmg you the ofcnutr hare mjh meda wSccV.udc edeng pvkagr Vwecousw Ail a)m you 10 record mcnomrome qjnr screen pKtun * speeds cf up to 2500 hum per second IfuopeA SA) pwdwg ukr.i smooth payback at h i speeds These pictures can be recorded kom the outwt ol a wJco recorder or drectiy from a video camera or a camcorder and relayed on your computer screen Wdcomastcr can product great grey
sufcpoures from any video source w*h a pause erst* frame facicy Ihe ccfour fittts prandw in this package w» enable Hie men of who cameras or camcorders to produce righ quairy strt pctures in gtanous coon TECHNO SOUND TURBO II ¦ POWERPACKER PROF X COPY PROFESSIONAL SPECIAL OFFER: Buy Powerpacker and Kill Oa Virus together at the special price of £25 save nearly £5 Order ferm and • great often over The MiSI MOOUIE enatstes samples to be played on all 4 axfto channels from a MIDI keytxwrd, Oum Box or External Sequencer iMidi interface requiredl SamplK can now oe Hored on an mu'ist vsfnen aitowi
r Kl accesi direct from memory. A swde range of CONTPOUABU etfeco fndudwg ncweltsesl cjn be added to the wr nnuding VanaNe Defay Vanattc Echo and VanatHe Syrchesis The RtAiTIMf EFFECTS are al! ControitaDIc and canbe»«latpfe5flB |upto 999| fiew
• eaturcs include SSMEER. RAMP and PITCH UP DOWN TT2 has been
complete redesigned weh CUSTOMISED RJU. DOWN MENUS and many
superb features nave been ntroduced These include DKCT TO HMD
CHSK RECORDING. So now you can rrvWe those realy long
recordings withou* running out of memory The twll m TRACKER
program allows you totipui sampled notes from the computer
keyboard so that you can create your own mdodcs.
The SEQUENCER akws you to an* very long samples together without the need to drtpray me waveforms cn ihe screen and ts deal lor femues and song compitoor Here's a winner* Using this powerful utAty. You can fit around 4Wb more information on every disk you use - sometimes up to 70% The powerful 'crunching* routines actually shrink your programs, and expand them on runrvng. Along with the supplied utilities, this contains all you need to pack those disks This superb package enables the Amiga user to back up their discs efficiently and effectively, ¦ iMturtt WuCf
• the TOC ccmcvcrHnir.f ax up .r.lcy
• I-Ktxlrt lt«r, dlk UXS.S.p lY*d AH
b. K*up jnj Wr b Kt up
• Alio hKb up SI &Vr n
• CfcOi an»:i fw cwon
• Gpom'ics d)U ly tosxr vwdng
• fast lomwmng
• top*s up to 4 UISKS m 48 steendi
• rut Update swwee avaiatre X-COh fyO*BSiON*A cjtm fcr M jolt
ntrts nmdnS n nr pwkjjr n a btv* ru ?Kjre mcitxe tfwc pugs mo
me wrntvr ds» d* e pen * rear o' tv Nnqa ana fxi me-w *» ch*T
|« you hne mrl pUn rto Tr Dart (V It* nttrUcr Tho Jfcwi Tr
Csgc* 9» -o Mode to use the Mtftosc hut ttVWi Uoxbocn mama 10
attiup vrtj* m core- ate.
1M8 CCWKiMT ACT turcprns Own nede' cotfcra nor tifinn 0* we e m staar k» *» ¦WiutMrirftspysfMfdiokwart -hebceoei :* •«; by X ocyh»jre«»nflrtoa*xe jf I . A .POWwaelctleruffsroyjr-, wrer £35» MHEA READER OFFERS XccpyfrofesicnjI 03 *5 TURBO TOUCH JOYPAD RE INK SPRAY CLARITY 16 At last from Mttroded comes the first ever low cost Stereo 16 Bit Sampler for the Amiga Contains two 16 hit analog to agitatftigfH to analog convertors to aUow stereo sound dtgttiung. The system can record sound from sucatte equpment such as CD players, cassette recorder or any AUX or line level sjgrw source via the stereo
phone sockets prowled Stereo phono outputs are provided for connection to an amplher or muer The hardware plugs into the send and prfuer ports and so can be used with the whole Amiga range of computers. As* this is not enough. Clanty 16 also contains a Midi interlace for use with a Midi keyboard or ant*, which is compatible with major commercial software.
This is a radical new style of hand held controler Just pass your finger over the sensor - No more finger fatigue or dtsters. And thanks to tetter dagonaf andcrctAar 1360*) control, the newest and moil challenging games are easer to control and more fin to play The Ti bo Touch 360 firings a new dmension of control and comfon to wore game play Save money and the environment with Re4nk Spray and bnng tun Me to your erfwusted prnter ribbon, fcmpie and cos effect ve c .*¦ save you up to 90% on nbbon costs and gives cleaner, blacker prrr with no blotches and it works for aN fabric ribbons Just open
the rdbon case, spray Refnk onto the nbbon and hey presto* GAME MAKER S MANUAL TROJAN LIGHT PEN COVERDISKS Author of several authoritative computer manuafs. Stephen Hi is wefl placed to offer page after page of invatuatfe information covering every single aspect of wrong games, from high-speed sprites to simulations, arwnaoon to assembler - all you need to know to design and create your masterpecei Wouldn't It be good to reafy 'draw' when using paint and graphics packages? Well now you can, by pegging the amazing Light Pen m instead of your cumbersome mouse It comes with a specially designed
drawing package, Kwikdraw. As well as compatibly software for most Workbench-run programs Did you truss out on any Amiga Compuong CoverOtsks? If so. Now a your chance to obtain our pack of 12 CoverDisks for 1991 and our pack of 6 cover daks from January to June 1992.
Product Price Order No.
I?G «cubUv»ftc9i rrsoo UZ* 6(Wad.W»-A«92J C900 mi I 6Co*fb* l)JOK91) C900 I ? C»wOi ij (Jon Ok 92! CU0Q WOO .
PROOUCT ORDER NO PRICE Hease add poslago nr. Doiailod Learn how to write programs with smooch flowing 3D effects and produce high speed animation * real time controlled by the Amiga joystick with this book. At the same time, learn about Amiga assembly language painlessly and enjoyably. (listings disk also available to avoid the effort of typing them afl out| Offers subject to availability, Al pnees include UK postage, packing and VAT For orders over £10 please add £5 for Eire EEC. £10 for overseas unless specified above. Overseas orders despatched by Atoned. J_ Pfcne »Oi rt you do nol
mnt to-ece- * pcomrrtoW matenjJ Iran affiw aynp»r.t«i TOTAL t Valid to February 26. 1964 L- I Wish to pay by: Name-Signed- Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Europre** Direct Address_ ? Accesa Maslercard'Eurocard' BardaycarWVtsa Connect READER OFFERS Order Hotline: 051-357 1275 REAL TIME 3D GRAPHICS 11111 Mill 1 1 1 M M 1 Daytime telephone number in case of queries_ Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB No stamp needed if posted*!*) Products are nomwlly despMthed w*r»n 4B noun of recapi tut ddveiy of ctrtar Hewn could wkr up to 28 dayt mac 2 Pox: 051*357 2813
General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 Order ot any time of tfse day or night. Don’t forget to give your name, address and credit card number If you've missed any of these issues, now’s your chance to put things right, by either buying an individual issue or a full six months' worth. But hurry • stocks are limited!
AMIGA OOMTUTK& m AND c cm s Are computer games harmful? Scanner round-up Reviews ot Pixel 3D Pro, Retina 24-bil board. Vista Pro 3.0. Scenery Animator 2.0. FREE: 24 page supplement - Guide To Hardware.
ON DISK: Vidi Amiga 12 (grab disabled). Fun School 3 Wordsearch module (over 7 year olds) The latest three professional video add-ons reviewed • A Video Y C.
IV24 v2.0 and Videopilot 330 Survival guide to printers.
Reviews ot Ami-Back. Ami Tools and Kid Pix ON DISK CmeMorph jr VALUED AT £50 We go behind TV’s role playing show - Knightmare. Guide to budget DTP software. Reviews of Big Alternative Scroller 2.
ProPage 4. Bars and Pipes Pro 2 and Mavis Beacon Typing 2.
ON DISK: Intotile. Scala HVT (save disabled) VALUED AT CSO Caligari 24 reviewed. Survival guide to hard drives Revews of phone Pak, Vlab Y C and Alta Colour Hand Scanner ON DISK: image FX demo Evetyn Glennie talks about her music.
Reviews ot Real 3D v2. Emplant. TOSMS and PIPView ON DISK Bars & Pipes Pro 2 Jr VALUEO AT £100 Amiga CD32 taken apart Survival guide to modems Hard dnve round-up Reviews ot DSS8+. Technosound Turbo 2, Brilliance. AMOS Pro Compiler and Quarterback Tools Deluxe ON 2 DISKS: Cailgan. 10 out of 10 Maths demo and F117A Stealth Fighter full mission demo VALUEO AT £50 Modelling Madness, the ultimate guide to all things three dimensional Sequencer round-up. Survival guide to scanners.
E-mail for the masses FREE 16 page CD32 supplement ON 2 DISKS. AMOS 3D. Batdog. Shckit. Aroach, Virus Checker and Akeko-AGA Virtual reality - the new irontlers. Samplers survival guide. Floppy round-up. AC awards, Montage 24. Show report. Database round-up.
Paint package round-up FREE 64 PAGE BOOK: All about the A1200.
ON 2 DISKS: Design Works VALUED at £50, Vidi Amiga (12) RT Software.
DTP round-up of the best DTP packages available. Survival guide to SIMMs. 2lPs and DRAMs Reviews of Essence 2, Picasso 2, Hama 292 and MlmGen Pro FI1EE Software encyclopaedia paperback book ON 2 DISKS: Quarterback Tools, Harmom Midi Sequencer VALUED at £70 Keep all your back issues »n pristine condition with the Amlg$ Computing binder, a must for any serious Amiga user.
Money saving guide tor new Amiga users. Word Processor up. RAM expansion round-up. Survival guide lo floppies ON 2 OISKS: Take Two animation editor VALUED at £80 Fusion Paint VALUED at £30 Price Order No.
May 1993 f 3.5’ disk £3.25 9761 June 1993*3.5* disk £3.25 9762 July 1993+ 3.5-disk £3.25 9763 August 1993 13.5" disk £3.25 9764 September 1993 ? 3.5’disk £3.25 9765 October 1993 + 2 x 3.5* disk £3.25 9766 November 1993+ 2x3.5J disk £3.25 9767 December 1993 ? 2 x 3.5* disk £3.25 9768 Xmas Issue 1993 ? 3.5’ disk £3.25 9769 January 1994 + 3.5* disk £3.25 9770 Any 6 issues above £18.00 Amiga Computing Binder £5.95 9509 All prices include VAT.
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Phone Chris on 0283 516736, Personal Helpline (7 days a week 9am-9ptn) or write for a catalogue disk listing only the best PD available, (enclose 2 1st Class Stamps) Many special A1200 disks available 3 Dunedin Crescent, Vvinshill, Burton Upon Trent, Staffs DEI5 OEJ ' ARNOLD COMPUTER Sl'PPIJIiS N AlXM tl90 Amiga CD) I CtfO Bo* of SO Blank DUKl -nxanguMsi fit Free osa! Detwery110 mile radusl All your cocrpuler nwos catared for Poaso phono or tax tor latest poses Manga udaos new in stock Please nog tor nlormabon pack. Pnc*» Irom Cl0.99. Barry Voce 0602 264973 11 Campion Street, Arnold,
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L.ulinlvc Mnrsktfen IIRv and much, much inure... Find out »
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49. Sa» i 3Sm
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R Kim - a new educational package, the artist's PenMouse, and a guide to the A1200 Tips on avoiding the big rip-off Old software, new prices Educational memory game for four year olds or above Supplier: First Computer Centre Phone: 0532 319444 Price: £19.99 im is taken from the children’s party game and has been designed to teach memory, reading and r word recognition skills through a memory game.
Aimed at four-year-olds or above, it teaches by selecting objects and then the player or team is grvcn a set time to choose the objects they have just seen out of a screen-full of 20 pictures.
There are over 200 pictures and words in all to memorise from categories such as Animals. Travel. Clothes and Numbers. There are many objects built in but more can be added using any paint package which produces IFF output.
Users can alter the amount of objects to be memorised from one to ten and the amount of time to memorise them in can also be set from one up to twenty eight seconds.
Whether the appropriate names or the pictures alone should be memorised can also be selected.
The player then clicks on the objects they think they have remembered and selects them by using the mouse pointer.
They are told whether they are correct or not by right or wrong appearing in the comer of the box.
Scoring counts the number of correct items memorised and deducts marks for incorrect answers or "Monkey Marks" ? DO A clear, well set out options screen am iz” mi . V j I - Can your child become the next Memory Man with the Amiga's help? Kim, a new educational game, certainly thinks so (as a Monkey an play by random guesses) and then multiplies by the time display. So the time taken to memorise their choices becomes important.
As the game is aimed at the younger player (around four years and above) the ease of use is one of the most important features. This has been carefully considered for this product, such as the layout of the screens.
The options screen Is colourful and well designed, and once a child has had the icons explained they should easily be able to handle the package There have been some novel ideas added, for instance, the traffic light sequence to signal the start of the game.
Sampled speech has been used to give the player encouragement when they have selected their answers, for example "no. Try again!" Or "getting there!” and phrases like “that's a good score" will appear on the screen.
The way the scoring has been approached may be a little confusing and a more simplified version may well benefit the game, especially the way the two-player score is displayed which is in the form of a thermometer showing the running percentage marks. The educational value of this game will be quite high. It is helpful in learning in that It aids memcx-v retention. The child also learns to make associations • order to help memorise the objects. They have to note u» tle differences such as in the colour topics.
On a higher level the game should help with vocabulary and spellings. The child is active in learning rather than passively absorbing information and it is continually tettj*y their skills while being fun.
Some of the nouns used are a little strange and may co* fuse, such as "Swimfins” refers to "Flippers” and "Kayat" being a "Canoe". More "everyday" nouns would be moft beneficial to a younger player as it is not very consistent.
How long the game will amuse them will vary. It does lack variety after a while but the two-player feature will aoc interest and appeal to children’s competitive nature. As w.l the Honours Board whereby playing a minimum of six rounds, their best six are then counted and. If a high score Amiga Next Steps Insider guide to the A1200 Author: Peter Fitzpatrick Publisher: Bruce Smith Books Phone: 0923 894355 Price: £14.95 The latest in Bruce Smith's range of insider guides takes the A1200 beginner from the basics as outlined In the book's predecessor. Amiga A1200 Insider Guide, to a point ot some
expertise in the machine and its operating system Twenty-two chapters cover a series of topics including AmigaDOS, printing, the contents of the Workbench disks, and even a bit of game playing, and precious little is left out.
Interspersed among the text are 26 insider guides, which are single page illustrations of operations such as changing preferences and backing up a hard drive.
Peter Fitzpatrick s style, like many journalists who write books (Peter was editor of an Acorn magazine) can at times be a little broken, but his instructions are given in plain, easy English uncluttered by jargonese. And most boginners should find the book a decent read.
In general, the level of complexity is set just is achieved, will be put onto the Honours Board which can then be saved onto disk.
The option of being able to customise the game by making your own versions of the Topic Screens can prolong the lasta- bility of the package This can be done by loading them into a paint program and saving them in 16-colour IFF mode (however. You can not actually change the words, just the pictures).
Thankfully there is only one disk so the younger, less advanced player does not become confused with a lot of disk accessing. The colourful layout and wide choice of topics to choose from should also retain the interest.
This game should achieve what it sets out to do which is to educate while at the same time be entertaining. Children of all ages and intelligence will benefit from it as some of the topics are more advanced than others. They should enjoy the challenge of testing their memory, especially against friends.
Alfa Data optical pen mouse Supplier Golden Image Phone:081-365 1102 Price: £34.95 If most mouse reviewers came clean they'd admit that the average test consists of popping out their favourite rodent for ten minutes, followed by a quick twiddle with the review model, then straight back to their old flame to write the Peter Fitzfxi trick mina next steps right, even If coverage of so wide an area as "the A1200" means that in places the author is forced to assume his readers are following him.
A very positive note in the book's favour is that it covers many practical tasks and offers hints on how review. Not one to break from tradition. I was fully expecting to follow this tried and tested formula to the letter. But strangely enough here I am almost three days later still bang.
Ing out copy, exiting graphics and testing assorted software to accomplish them. Too many tutorial books, especially those with sections on AmigaDOS. Concentrate on tricks with script files and commands which most users will never use or need rather than on the practicalities of rescuing data from a floppy or backing up a hard drive.
Not all the advice is good, however, and the blase way in which the author tells us that hard drives can be reformatted if they develop minor errors is a little discomforting.
On a brighter note, there is a sterling section just prior to this on the rigours of expelling coffee from a drowning keyboard, something in which wo at AC have had plenty of practice.
Other parts of the book could have done with a little more information, and you can find the odd slip here and there. For example. Insider Guide No 24 gives advice on changing the boot-up screen mode to enable old games to run, but doesn't mention disabling CPU caches or using one of the many degrader-style PD programs.
This is being a bit picky, though, because few manuals would hove bothered with games players in the first place and the book is on the whole a very accurate and concise guide to its subject.
The range of topics covered and the author's attention to his readers' level of knowledge ensures that A1200 Next Steps forms a very useful rung in the ladder from novice to seasoned Amiga user.
With the optical. This is even more amazing considering the long standing relationship between myself and my first love, the Alfa Data Mega Mouse. However I must admit my affections are now directed firmly towards to this rather bizarre- looking implement.
But having said that it must be stressed my enthusiasm is probably due to the artistic benefits which the improved feel of the stylus can supply.
As for more mundane pastimes such as word processing and general day-to-day productivity I must admit a standard mouse is probably a more efficient choice.
It’s not that the stylus is bad for that sort of work, it simply isn't as effective for general purpose cut and paste operations.
ALTERNATING The main reason for this is the constant alternation between keys and mouse, which in the case of the stylus means you're constantly forced to down tools and return to the keyboard to type.
This constant need to pick up and drop the stylus n my only complaint. Why not use the top left of the mouse mat - which at present is wasted on a rather silly logo - to provide some form of holder for the stylus while you're busy at the keyboard' The answer... No reason whatsoever!
As for accuracy the stylus rates alongside any of its optical counterparts, and of course because there are no moving parts it glides across the mat with consummate ease Aside from the aforementioned mouse mat you also receive not two but three micro-switched buttons which wait attentively under your index finger.
In short I'm impressed, and if you're an artist who longs to translate their freehand skills onto the big screen it's the next best thing to a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet.
Basically if you've got the cash and the inclination it's worth ever penny. Get one you won't regret it.. STILL THE BEST!
The Music Librarian K2t Amip Krrj A*ml. July 93 Fx yixlw track, null. DKtiman. And hock» he tuual to my other, an! Heouoe Xniues 2MB RAM inJ 2 dtii dnm Counting House bcegratetl buunctt aoiuiat and aacgerocM lytua. Sain.
Furchaw «tl Nonuiul Ledgers vnih Slock CoMrol and Onkr Phxeuing Reqain. S minimim of 2MB RAM aid » h*d drive £99 95 (undo dtvelupmeat, plan check nariihllty).
THE FINAL EDITION The Plant Image Bank HXI Hill pbfl inpgrs w l« SuuMt (w Hnkk-Ma w*. «• iw *tih Plun F* AH Shmi MoeO F»n»» ww.
Specul repjifrnem caurol lor. F penooU oc m|e a Mum JllpuvJNIpnriieiduuserfVAT.dBn. Plants For All Seasons Wt Aatyi Format Gold Award, My 93 A ccafiehemnv infiitmiMI numgtr hr garfcan ml huulL lathiJo a horiKuliuml V.lKRur). addrtM md tuoL tfcuiuiev Require 2MB RAM utd 2 did dnw wmmum £.19 95 After over 3 ytan oI f*uuO and development. CampuUA-JUee - The Hail Idrtwi hot been released WHAT OOIS IT 0O» Compuie-A Race• n • Hone Racing Prediction Pro*em vneten eicluslveV for trie Amu On program can predkt r ce». Select t*K. (afcilat* return and wli *Mat on most aspects ol Brtbth Hone-toeing
«IT ComPUCaTTD TO UMY No Features an ease ol use for both the t it time txntr and more experienced user aifce Toun dan irputtrj a race wd become second nature WIU I NEED REGULAR UPDATES?
No Re-deugned for long term use, Ihe final Edition a the ONLY prediction program rou will ever need No fietncr purchase Is necessary Sbase Prolessional 4: For wnllng mlormalion manegomenl programs £219 96 (requires 2Vs • -- The Works Platinum 2 bttgnlnl uiftuirc inclmltrg a *onlfnxnKe «uh spell cSea udtheuiraLadilituv i L uiihtw ml j ccrnmBaxr: pmpart Reguret IMB RAM md l»o flippy dnves Bcnied nrww £249} • lull vtnioa £34.95 Your Family Tree 2 GntciJniy dauhix nuraper MiLei Uc«* md mpanunf you tank's hniny rrv HtuMi ifirrtuiim unnut utth iiwnn ml pour rckttnnm. Gcrmtcs conprchemive itpons
Rcguen I MB RAM md hto floppy driw £39 93 COMPUTE-A-RACI. - THI riNAl EotTtON - C 19.99 (Master W*. Data D*h. Manual, WaRct, Labels) As fcatiaed m The Sporting Utt ORDER NOWl NEW AKKAtfMl AilQtHmniFu BxARenftt ftilimr UwuiTiiar?
PioUaiAnw)--------ISAl OTP LctpslEKOyAii ___£3991 fiUBA TifihricDK .tiY’l OUDnLVUrrnmDii (9)9) EDUCATION Imnnoy EJ VirriMuei______ (Vrntkrt IifnUits ------ GRAPHICS CufL _i_ DrLu F»L»n» VTV' 1U*5 UspaahmrU CTPJ tmpPNr ...0**5 PnahuRl __£917 VprUWr ------04*1 Scooy Airan LHC So* ID XL .14*12 Vd'&if.JDcWi £U51 VuaiSufc K.-*or «*)»¦» .. l.VW HARDWARE AT On*«MCS* PC (W 0*.W On; lh Xn ItTUet CUM QnaOttf Baia ....1I45T rwurtwAiHi'srsiw n*« ndaiMmeScia .1**1 UnurSUMUbd CUTS ftutr Sue i Hi»*ue*r i t*« WMVumiMIOTM'! ....RAT
* C XT B UfCt »U I VH IttC MULTIMEDIA AnpVj«« - 0*01
SOUND | Clearance List | ACCOUNTS UM..UV.hJ» .£31 a llm nr
* rw-JAttain**'UIi UlM BOOKS IW-SUWUmV P« Vti i tilt f-|h 4.i
ilLM LtmWiHtbglVi i»n VtmCI«M hp am LrmlW VJe, . Il!«
4«ap(ir«*»li4 U £11*1 Xnpfwenintj! A0* ill*5 UfafcaUMaM ...
__OH (InTlrHjeAwgj i CM In* U**iOap»o ..£11*5 7* tntTnfa ANTpi.
..£! « IWII nr Cnfeir fc*» ftW CABLES Hear ol CAO UMGNPRMOfll- i«C COVERS‘V-eor DATABASES Htndkw ..£1451 Oypmer(MSS) _____£7.9* Cheques P.O. payable to HANDISOFT (Mail Order ONLY) Handisoft, 37 Hearsall lane, Spon End, Coventry, CVS 6HF _CT» Cltw o»n _CI*» »J» p»® w% 0*M ins MX _£».*J 041* Vm 13448 ...14445 0473 £NI« ..£34441 1IIU5 OH 44 £N« ..£ Imb . JIISI3 oir PATHFINDER pd 0974 565905 (9.30am to 5.30pm) (AC), 41 Marion Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 4NQ 41914 _£J« SitI . IUM tXauMsu)
0. 9K)---
- -- U»C« .
Uiianfw . Purvnel Don't let our small advert deceive you! We are now m our third year of trading & have over 6,000 programs in stock. Why not send a stamp for our FREE DISK CATALOGUE listing all our titles (including Fish 1-925) & A1200 compatibility .1917
- C4.VI £W«
- OS!
MIDI Sjwp SofrkH the Van 2_____ tuScMip: UTILITIES BfnMUaHDBaifap.....1**7 Dni Omtri Mmpt 19J7 Dun AM Aadpe-----£I4£7 kmay&UUn.....£2441 S«fn I uVSalm •.«»»* £941 WORDPROCESSORS tirtkwl PrrMWtll______JMi QskSWYm ------C94I SnMSeFUnn:-----£2*41 P0187 - ADEN BASH shoot'em up (?, AA) P0211 - THE LAST RERIGf Swe ir.8dm mrteur style KM) PG212 - MOTOROLA INVADERS 26*% £2.10) |4A «r*| PC209 R0B0ULDIX • bxlderaasi sy« I*. Ml PC213 - ROAD TO Mell Cat Raef«K AA) PG189-WI08LEWORLDGI0DY (..Ml P6222 - O-SOlVE CROSSWORD (?. AA| PD124 - A12C0 Intros - AGA demos (AA only) PU144 - ASSASSINS FIX DISK -
s*es maty eomwtOllty proWems(Moni ) ACCESSORIES 100 DSDDOtJtt £39.99 Oust Cinbi lo* A500 & Hit. A500 i A1200 pkwse staie.i PI« £3.99 each.
Mouu Mat 12 99 Ottk Owe Ceanrg wt a» Mft»ate 12 99 _
• SPECIAL VALUE PACKS- 41200 OWNERS PACE ¦ b dlSkl (Mr £499 Coma™
WCK 1.3 (wires most conpditmty ptowemai. .
WB3 SCREENS i.cuwmie Wtoe nchl. AGA pet jk islwa ofl the Amgas tiapncs). AGA TETRlS (good game «mh k*ef| b atftcs;. WmilND (create 256 coour fractal*: (M only).
BEWSNERS P0 PACK 5 (fcSfe W? £4 99 Comm Database WiMproasiof Fie Maragcr. Dsk Coos' & tome Accounts program. |*. Ml bated Dew are ;ust a srar xWv KpvW titles - 0N.Y £1 05 per dsk (16 dsfcs) or 99p per aw for 0HJP5 rf 7 pi mom: M = A1200O.K. (?)» Pus & 6000.K PS6S - A1200 Manga Pics -14 ctsks £4.201 ',AA| PU139 - D-COPY m - The latest verson ot this pooler dsL coper. (*, AA| Will - ADVENTURE CREATOR Nma your 0«n gamnl I*. M!
- AMOS CMCkCT V2 - update lo thn popJar fade.
KM) ICUIMu Meweeiths I. Imnmhpi toittJ _ Safa X* iHItBi TVNmJ .. IfNS
A. r.rtO Phone: 0983 551496 (lOam-ecrawkttyS)
ApptiedResearcltKernel ChaleGreen, isle01 Wqht. P0362LA. UK
POST & PACKING orders under £6 please add 6Qp, orders over C6
6 MERCURY HOUSE, CALLEVA PARK.ALDERMASTON. BERKS RG7 4QW TEL: (0734) 817421 ail order is « its best reliable, fast and cheaper than k the shops, but at its worst has slow delivery times.
Low quality equipment and can result in a faulty product posted to your front doorstep.
I1!tail inter risen Like any kind of business transaction, whether it be buying a house or sending off for a piece of software, the first rule is knowing your rights - essential if you want to have the best chance of not being ripped off.
Due to the recession, many small companies have sunk without a trace leaving, in some cases, bitter customers wondering where their money went You may think that once a business has folded, it’s tough luck and you may as well forget any cash refund. Well not necessarily - if you have paid a deposit or even an advance payment. You automatically become a creditor.
This allows you to be on the receiving end for some kind of pay back but there is always a rub - a strict pecking order with the banks, financial institutes and everyone's friend, the Inland Revenue office, being first in line for any cash hand outs.
Under the Insolvency Act of 1986, you are allowed by law to know exactly what has happened to the deceased business so put your case in writing and contact the liquidators or receivers.
From there, several things can happen. K you have returned the goods for repair and they're still under warranty, it’s well worth considering a visit to the premises and having a chat with the administrators or liquidators in person with the intention of laying your hands on your property.
If possible, take along evidence of purchase such as cheque stubs or more ideally, receipts while making sure that you have proof of identity to verify who you say you are.
Alternatively, you may have ordered and paid for the product and it’s sitting in the offices with your name and address on it. If so, there’s a good case for claiming it If you paid by credit card for a price over £100. Then it’s possible to claim a refund from the credit card company under the Consumer Credit Act Though this is not a popular option in the eyes of credit card companies, it’s well within your legal rights. If you placed the order through a magazine or newspaper and it displays the either the Perodical Publisher's Association symbol or the Mail Order Protection Scheme, then
you are covered for a claim. Make sure that you do this within When mail order companies swipe your money and don't provide you with the product you wanted, what can you do? Adam Phillips reports three months of the particular company's last advert appearing or this protection is rendered invalid.
Another major problem for customers are delays. While in the strictest sense companies should not take any money or cash any cheques until the order is fulfilled, it's not illegal so you have to approach the problem in a different way.
One of the first rules of home delivery is if you think you may be out when a parcel may be delivered, remember to give them an alternative address such as a neighbour’s or another time to drop by.
If you need your package sent as soon as possible, a useful piece of legal talk is to write to the company's head office if the goods have not appeared to inform them that you need to take delivery by a certain date as "time is of the essence".
Set a reasonable time for delivery such as a week to ten days and if this expires, you become entitled to a refund because the mail order firm is in breach of its contract.
On top of this, you may also be entitled to claim reasonable compensation brought about by the delay, especially if it ended in you buying the product from elsewhere in the meantime.
The final and most frustrating problem is when the parcel arrives at your house and on opening it you realise that the wretched thing is faulty. If the goods were damaged in transit then it’s not the supplier’s responsibility and therefore the matter must be taken up with the carrier or Post Office (pop in to your local PO and get a claim form if this should happen).
If. On the other hand, the goods are defective, you have the same right under the Sale of Goods Act as if you'd bought the item directly over the counter. Contact the supplier as soon as possible and by law. You arc entitled to a full refund.
Phone and put your complaint in writing and send it by recorded delivery so that they cannot deny anything at a later stage, and arrange for the return of the goods. Also make sure to ask for the return carriage charges to be reimbursed as well.
Happy shopping!
CONTACTS Advertising Standards Authority Brook House. 2-16 Torrington Race London WC1E7HN Mailing Preference Service Freepost 22. London W1E 7EZ Mail Order Protection Scheme 16 Tooks Court. London EC4A 1L8 Periodical Publishers Association Imperial House. 15-19 Kingsway London WC2B 6UN The Thirteen Commandments 1 When first clapping eyes on something you must have, check that the magazine catalogue is up to date - it has been known for cheques to be sent off for offers that were made in 1969.
2. Read the advertisement closely. Look for the small print so if
anything does go wrong, you’re fully aware of what the advert
stated - delivery times, guarentees etc. The publication you
are ordering from is covered by the British Code of
Advertising. The BCAP states that ads should give a delivery
time and that it should be no more than 28 days
3. Look out for extra costs - postage and packaging can sometimes
add a few pounds onto Ihe overall price. Some companies indude
p&p in the advertised price while others seem to forget
until the bill arrives.
4. Check availability with a simple phone call.
Sometimes the item you want may be out of stock so there may be a delay. Note down what they say.
5. Enquire about rules and costs before you place the order
6. Look out for the MOPS or PPA symbols and use a credit card for
extra protection if paying in advance.
7. When you write off for the goods, remember to indude your
name, telephone number and address and make sure it’s legible.
Your number is important for any subsequent delivery problems
that may occur.
8. If you wish to avoid mailshots landing on your doormat every
month, tell the company that you don’t want them to pass on
your name or address to any third parties.
For extra secunty against junk mail, wnte to the Mailing Preference Service. Any company wishing to send direct mail should check the MPS register and exclude the people who have placed themselves on it.
9. Keep copies of the order with the date on it as well as any
subsequent correspondence that may occur with the company.
Make photocopies - computer files on disk are frowned upon by
modem courts.
10. Make notes of any phone conversations you have with the mail
order firm and the names of the people you speak to - this
kind of information can be very useful as a legal weapon for
11 Never send money through the post - the Post Office advises strongly against it and will not refund you in anyway it it is stolen or “misplacetf.
12. Only send cash in the form of cheque or postal order when
absolutely required to.
Keep records of any financial transactions you make.
13. Conatct the Advertising Standards Authority it all demands
are ignored and if push come to shove, consider legal action
in a court of law.
11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS Commodore sVJWJCwA A120 External Hard.
Drives Super Fast - -only £249.99 fur 130Mcgabytcv W« stock CD ROM Dlski 14Mhz 68020, 2 MB RAM, 3.5” Floppy Trive, AGA Chip Set,
262. 000 Colours On Screen and Free On-Site Warranty.
Free Technical Support £289.95 Str«ef* THE AMIGA CONNECTION Canon BjiOsx Popular and affordable near laser quality Bubble Jet.
£224.00 Studio Printer Software Get the your Printer £40.05 Expert buying advice, friendly service and excellent support.
_-a ..I HPDJ5SOC Colour Deskjet with full CMYK printing.
Superb output!
Excellent paper handling!
CD32 Add-On Port. Connect to Amiga or PC £%+** CD 32 Full Expansion Unit available soon!
MICROVITEC Cub-Scan supports all AGA modes smm I Also available, Commodore's 1940 and 1942 monitors.
Phone for best prices.
Phone Fed-CASE Flowcharting Code Generator We are the UK Distributors for this excellent product.
USD Sportster Fax Modem 14400bps One of the fastest modems you can buy.
24 bit graphics cards Full selection available Phone to discuss your requirements Add On PiiKj
- connect to another Amiga or PC Only .
£289.95 4000 tm jAachi»e' p qU)2* Choice of Fast Processors. AA Chip Set, 16.8 Million Colour Palette, Superb flicker-free display, 3.5" HD Drive (MSDOS capable). Fast IDE Hard Drive (SCSI Available). 4 Zorro III Expansion Slots. Complete with WB3 and Manuals. Full On-Site Warranty. Various Configurations. Call for compatibility reassurance!
These are UK machines, not "grey imports".
Hard Drives, SCSI 2 ControHers and Accelerators fortheAdoooundAizoo Western Digital GVP Hard drives Caviar IDS drive task cache 340 MB - FAST!
£299-99 ]_ ASS30 Series If iOMHz Accelerator.
Battery Backed Clock Oc,&e [framMSfiMl Fast Fujitsu 330MB SCSI Hard Drive £330.00 Call Now For New Low Prices Phone for best deal Can't see what you wantt Just ring (0392) 499 735 we have lots more than we can show here!
Sluvs'Tu Us'd.hi By Post Send your chcquc Postal order to the address above. Clearly liUte your name, address, telephone number and the product(s) you require. Prices can change so please phone to confirm price and availability.
Please allow seven working days for your cheque to clear By Phone For an even faster service telephone our sales hot line and quote your credit or debit card number. Friendly and expert buying advice is available at all times.
Compare Our Prices! We don't charge extra for Credit Cards or Standard Delivery.
What You See Is What You Pay!!!
Monday - Saturday 9.30am-6.30pm 0392 499 755 FAX No.
0392 423480 All Prices Shown Include VAT. Standard Delivery Is Free. No Hidden Fxtras.
Ifflee uiiM Old software never dies - it just gets cheaper, as we find out in our look back at some of the best low cost software around PageStream 2.2 Not much more than a year since its release, PageStream
2. 2 is still one of the Amiga's best professional DTP packages
and one which is due for an imminent upgrade in the shape of
PageStream 3.0. With the new version, Soft Logik promise
features to rival Quark Xpress, but v2.2 is still a powerful
piece of kit and can now be picked up for a song.
PageStream has always benefited from Soft Logik's strict adherence to Amiga style guides and is thus one of the easiest packages to start using. All the usual key combinations work as one would expect and all requesters are immediately familiar, ensuring a smooth and easy learning curve.
Features of the package include the ability to use any type of font, high quality PostScript output, and advanced page design tools such as rotate box, EPS import, and master pages. The program is capable of handling anything from a simple flyer to a complete magazine layout and is matched only by the latest versions of ProPage for flexibility.
Hunting around and studying the small ads can net you a copy of PageStream for well under £100, and it can often be found at computer shows selling for only £60 or so, a price at which it is the DTP bargain of the decade, particularly as it works perfectly on AGA Amigas even though it doesn't have a 256-colour screen mode.
Score: 90% AGA: OK Average price: £60 to £100 Pen Pal Still officially supplied by Gordon Harwood Computers (0773 836781) complete with technical support, Pen Pal has been superseded by Final Copy II and can therefore be found in mail order ads for as little as £29.
At this price, one of the Amiga's friendliest word processors is a real snip, and should appeal to anyone with an unaccelerated Amiga. Pen Pal is easy on system resources and can handle graphics faster than most other Wysiwyg packages.
There are several structured drawing tools built in to the program to aid in page design, making Pen Pal a good basic DTP program as well as a word processor.
As a bonus, the package has its own simple database program which can be used to generate mail merge lists or for a variety of tasks including keeping track of books, tapes, or Cds. Pen Pal has no AGA support but will work happily on the new Amigas so long as the user doesn’t mind a 16-colour display.
Score: 85% AGA: OK Average price: £30 Gold Disk Office Comprising a simple word processor, database, PageSetter 2, spreadsheet, and graph plotting program, Gold Disk Office is an all-encompassing bundle of productivity. The component parts of the package are in themselves a little short on advanced features, but as a whole. Office is great value for money.
Now circulating for around £45, Office has no competition other than Platinum Works, which it beats in the Scala 500HVT The smaller brother to a multimedia giant, Scala HVT (home video titler) is a superb package for amateur video fans looking for a titler that will do a little more than offer the usual horizontal or vertical crawl titles.
What’s more, since its release at £100 It has gradually become more affordable and can now be snapped up ¦frcccgy_ jg Ttojg «l I I I I ( I I i £ I f I I_ PnjKtrt la Frt tain (Mb Iwt (K Mfflft) niM 751 M
m. n ClKtricilf il HJ
11. N In £8
ii. n 13,N Hater ».N
u. n um M M (rft UM Ilfl MM modernity stakes, and could be the
answer to many tight budgets.
You won't be competing with Final Writer or Superbase Personal 2, but for the vast majority of home office tasks you will never need another package.
The two most impressive elements are Page, which is basically a version of PageSetter 2, and Calc, a cut down version of the ProCalc spreadsheet.
Both are advanced in their own right and could stand on their own two feet as budget releases, so their inclusion in this package is a boon.
Score: 88% AGA: OK Average price: £45 for £70 or so. Using the supplied brushes or those the user designs In Dpaint, a number of effects can be applied to scroll objects onto the screen from various angles at various speeds, and there are some excellent page transition effects.
All actions are controlled from a central screen in which effects, timing and page flipping are controlled so that when a script is set up the user need only hook up a genlock, hit the Run Script button, and sit back while Scala gets on with it.
The advanced features which have made Scala MM200 the king of the multimedia world are. Of course, absent, but Scala HVT can be used from floppy disk, doesn't need wodges of RAM, and there's an upgrade path to the mighty MM20O if you decide to expand your horizons.
T Selling magazines, 5Qp, Tel: 0256 704932.
• Wanted: Moviedip Disks. Must be originals. Also Moviesetter
manual. Tel: 0772 653243.
• Amiga games for sale. Tel: 0850 543864.
• Wanted: 1084s or CM8833. 0403 242102
• Wanted: Bone Cruncher game by Superior Software Ltd. Deluxe
Paint3 Tutorial video. Tel: 0653 697793.
S long as your ad is five words or less, it's absolutely free!
+ Should you want more space, you'll find unrivalled value- for-money - for instance, 25 words cost just £10.
Fill in the form below and send it to us with your payments (if applicable) - and remember to include your telephone number!
• Rocgen+ £99. Tel: 0625 429667.
• Wanted: Al 200 contacts! Chaos, 54 Lochinver, Birch Hill,
Bracknell, Berks.
• Blizzard Turbo Memory Board, 14MHz. Cost £130, accept £65. Tel:
0638 743718 (evenings).
• Swansea A1200 contacts wanted.
• Amiga contacts wanted. Rob, PO BOX 47, Baltina, N.S.W. 2478,
• A4000 memory, £40. 0860 192930.
• GVP 4Mb simms, £90.0622 663115.
• Supra 52Mb Hard Drive for A500+ with 1Mb RAM. £110. Tel: Gavin,
081 393 7649.
• A500 1.5Mb inc. Wordworth, 10 games, joysticks, contact 0737
(Evenings only).
• A590 2Mb RAM WB2.04, £120, Lattice SAS C complete £100, Home
Accounts 2, £20. Tel: 0622 725402.
T AVIDEO-YC, £390. 0570 45440.
• Accelerator, Flicker Fixer, for 1500.
Tel: 0947 820008.
• Amiga 500+, £140. Tel: 0638 730798.
• Wanted; "Desktop Dynamite" software. 081 673 5685.
• Blizzard Accelerator, £65. Boxed.
Tel: 0638 743718.
• Amiga A500, 2Mb. £150. 0296 713346.
We can only accept classified advertisements from bona fide private sellers buyers. We reserve the right to - and will - refuse to print any advertisement from any company or individual masquerading as such. Don’t waste your time and money!
R Cheques should be made payable to" Amiga Computing' Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well hi Oh the form!
Name . Address Postcode ... £10 Pleas* include my advertisement n the next available issue ot Amiga Computing I contirm that the advert a not sell mg illegal copies ol software or hardware that do not belong to me. I perrrvt you to publish my addcessy telephone number only i I have included these detato within my atfveftnement copy. I am over 19 yrao 0 age (applicants under 18 must get a parent or guardian to sign below) Signed.. Send to: AC Classifieds, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP CUT, TICK & POST...CUT, TICK & POST...CUT,
TICK & POST 771 Telephone 0702 466933 Fax 0702 617123 sterCardl a J PD 5ofT (AC) 1 Bryant Avt, SouTH£NO-ON-5£Aa ESSEX, SSI 2YD I J*tYM7|TOWANA4' aretrvs ond wumei hocking pmgiom wkwh cacutte when to buy ft irtk shore* J* * VKII Wt 2.09 UTU CoYOkm Cf* r 3gO»CS.ToalCtoS.formdler.hto-abL UrOem. IuyMoc MegoWBi AAR. I Hone.
OptnL PesumeVoter ft SorBttoit J * * V1090 ANOYS IAGAJ UTU AnaPer Mmrton rt iilltRi (ft* A12CQ nnnsrj aid enctodes Tokertem. IGLAGA. AGATasl Degroder ond mxh more J * * V10RI ASTRONOMY yJ.OLm ibheiicwFcnomy caogremihdcokcrtatoes r£o*ma*cn otiout ihe SunMooh Monets and CcnsWtolons HrtpOok J - . V*092HEROQUtSTAJOiM titosoto AoftR pbwra vn*i2 (b not Tor* a C rgRor masMr at fie praserr Itre t tokos our me Dtos role Good cr what J » . VKHJ PAWIT SCT-UP B A Two way nafwork lie tytkem brtwner *wo pa _ xrs, esrobtsh iia iwo artgai VI09S THE OEGRAOCRS (you hare houcre n,nnng srtlware an an A1200 a
aecoq.'MD.'JW &m ri j asi a ty it ell emtAale the base 13 ran bencr Rial ony TROLOGY VAI creato 0 hococc** r s« cmds net hoori me uxnpwt ofl J* 4 V1097TTTANKCHEATS*1.40Ccrv rorsV.Ck o'rcwrtoitewhr.h ny.nl inhiwrr under 400 oxn« Wwl (xeMcnx) j * * vnol rj un* hn dsk i hetohii moaeproceestoig and ponFng prp- gams ukcftorW hart.l Hkmogeworl- sfep *1 3. On IH Monputokr Jl * Y1W2BTUTUCcnianjfrsfflt**rr YVB v2 0«* mochme* AtaKrtOctfAe, Jtclck
* 3 34 Is a rartaccmen' tor kxt-R 2 Kick and uoclt ix*«s I *(1
soRkrt on tfhw versam rt kickstart irho ram i VTIOJ TK-ATAAC
MOOLAH An ee- cdlenl hrtpng rt wendoij muse tor you* own
crcducsons or to kstom to J * • VH04 COOUMD ICONS Ira-.Jhr
yttor otsB irro rt».hl wrt pres«rv«d wwci rt art wfn ths
datobasa J * . VWH V«W TOOU Contotoo Cor*-
• eri. Vkewtree. A larol Fee tax to lac dflKtac p'og'o VevYThgnc,
an Snjh HI uncoe sktooge database vtowCtok. I* * smol dsk
catokoge utAty J * . Vno* MAJOR UAOUI Ertww you to keep hock rt
yw tow.tv vom* and here 'esjts Utoatodrn *2 4 4 VDD9 STAR vWw
is designed i show grophcrtytoie pouwi rt me 90' and rta'Sfi
(rom an pan' on tort' J * 4 VTIX)P0KASinv2.01blsci*torse Am
uoGude doc imenthi leoch ion * *«•'1 Tp Sked
wtheayrcoiirrteiBncing J * • vnSOTMMNMModrrVTwmhfl progcam Trtl
leaky ed S ilpe»7 3oerm dtvi7Hn«r * oipopvViw ker prokxrti J *
* V122I IAGAJ MANKRR HfuBtorAw tor w* .3 * 14 Awned Wixftm to
iw»v show Oil your AGA mochtne' J*. V1222 PANASONK STUDIO Ckt
prrhr tvekrencei efltoc 'toy) svrtem tot ol Pcrosonc 9 4 24 (tn
jr nlwi J* a V122J CANON 3TUM0 3pwn 10 Spell drfcet ». 20.
200 230. SCO. I» J* ¦ VI224 SUPER VtoUS KXIBUI-cm Srte He -nn.
Who cototogs 0*3 Mis Amago Vyuses weddwtoe o comc*e* «t ii
prrtec non jyston GAME DBKS J I - 1073 TETRIS ORBGMAUTtS I* *1*
mn* to fa Gsjnal ttiiu J * 4 VM00T»ityu«.wamola7irtay*r
T9hpl»HT*7»i0t9'rt*i»m (J » ? 1749 KRAALBU Ortortol Rial rtd
ctosek gane Itom the anode** J * 4 1977 POM POM OUNNIR ’.•001
danr word ««I or (tone* -n they Cpero- ty Wrtl ily* Vhi yxr
Jl- 301ft jRImAn paflrumctotflcon toe Amgo veto ol dw ortonat
tcxrdi J * ? KWMAUNa’I e r .'‘tklfClilY e (yp« 9.6 war ram cm
PO J * 4 2034 ADC ATAC A lencllan rt toe tom ton l« srioral
!m(1li*i 5* 4 7144 OUNMON ON NADRQJ Tns
• ih* btrt DAO odrtniire game J * * 3220 STRATEGIC GAMES EH Bane
icdsrtHosH to Moaishro J * • 2221 MM) GAMES 21 rdhtocl
you rrtnd ________LACK LAB *7, rt he V&M Mkfi Ot PtWMh J*. 2271
CARO SHARP vtr, wot pte sorred tekarhon rt tdeore gomes 3‘*
2230 DIPLOMACY 2Mb Classic sitaMoy qomo kwxly based cn Works
Woe J * * 2411 TOTAL WAR iYcregv void conqjeslMMgome la mere
payers J * . 2432 GOLDEN OLWES Gdopo Gannon Spoceimoders.
AsJenods BaFy :onrand toe das* srterton MdMiint 17 J I - 2448
CRAZY cue uhoaarl perform ccmc J * 4 2480 FWUTT MACHINE 2 As
near os pass to he Arc ode moennes J * 4 2491 LEGBlO Of LOD4AN
tacfl lerj adr game li tw yean rt lit ma J * « 24W AMOS CMCttT
lackrY at code cndcat amitator wNn race graphic J " 4 2414
TETREN s a I or 2 fiafcr Tflm Pu 2 ctovy mm t Hfad 2 H*« LI *
4 2417GOLDOIOIDCSZ: Croat.aa I ot 7 pkww froggor Betones is t
rt toe most alktx games worn ployed here Tral BiMor os he C64
CklSSC Scamtte U * « 2ft20 Ot MARK) toj mu» mom cctoircd pfts
down Ihe screen J * 4 2*21 ETERNAL ROME ilrtl toe Pa
manEirpFelrom'J2K Boidleeh (rmm ft anxk otoer caxhas and armies
J * t 2*22 PONMY K0N9 firt"" game r Mtch you murt rescue toe
gel J - 4 2*7* MOW* *3.4 taaH cf n» tooijw Dmler Cftthm kargw.
Oioprwk dungeons screen icakrtes. Cner ew rt dcrgon t mcp, mot*
monsters ed J » 4 2724 NEIGHSOLiWi is the best g'oprycol
od*erhre gome to dole (23 J! A ITM ARITRAfflCCONIMftTiflg gode
upto 'CO florm Mo toe AirPcrt Jl . 2302 CARO-O-RAMA 5ea Hwn Cnb
UrdM. Ftloci xxi. Icubi 5»ft«i (Jl • ACW3 edeto which 'in rxj
D4»n o*-n von con tr ma n Your Numr 1 II A c No | | Address |
Posl ( | Telephone | Card ( ard No Signalurf 1 1 j 1 enclose
cheque PO for Hf a«Mto U»4)JBS Special Products!
J 11*09 .. The AM Emulator imm J v«- ($ 4 W«'«I A Pa.kuyi I to, H.-L-awl' IW Wo ¦ntHClWnilll* M (iruliii* no |M me lean' Ml kw 'iciIm i'1 All am trtlwarr It• Ar with til Amijit vmitni e Am»iUn «HI iiuiopktriv iraliMiint' FWIyMpyum Aaiija hard and rvpr'!"'*.
Aid imdeMt. TV aMcrtar* »b»M ym lo «mni you CM dHk dnvaa aid rrtntn m |iw Aiuri A.mail) fain Tartar ihti iW cnjinei M. Sc* I'Ik mrntrr mfrnire' iDitll throw ott trar okl yrttwrr, rue ill acati. Tude Eauilrti Wckcmt'M jthm rcmntttwhj Piut: £44 99 MCI Pmua A Pkhim; ¦JTTvi ueky wtr* arr low.) II eniftwx w-ah I Super VGA* p aphid' Tin amarnf pr-.«i»m *111 leli you atwtllv lun MS IV* irtUM u* i*l Aftigl1 Kli|urv !3Bi RAM awl Ml Mmta ih thrift Ivwnina JO**)'• 8-VCkA r*W» mttnci Af.A Ani*a JI1II1 .IWIII.iU.ii..* Ptur. £19 99 nth * til PftPl J C1M uimuu-i.m Amlnti 11 wna Pnce £ I« w * i( I Imiib A
I • Vlree Ow toui itaiwni r.k. HuwWd.nl ip(4i(hUiM bkIimONII MiHlHt.nlmn hyprrti it. FhMIrr military. Imdn and tomm protrai**. Iviwn Cmv md fdev Scaine code and marti f» iVnrtx I |* ill all ISO 9MKI cd inn dnvea I J (115 aaaiaaaiaa GIFl GAIlORI III RMS n-ax. £11.99 • l(I Pm«a*a A I'aciMgl
• Tvnavanlt ol Mllllant mltair GIF outo ui diHM ol Vu«m prmultd
Ike MSOoc. MacimnF Au.pa I me. Act J CM___________Ihraaaw I aim
I tow. 119 99 . UI PmuMC A Partn*i J CUT ... I r»d Imi Ml
1-910. U aim IV«: lid W ? Il I PinUir A 1‘nkugl JIM
___________IVmi. 2 ¦ ii auci Prv-«: II9.W * Il I Isiaaje A
P»ctia*i I • Anrihrr utimitg ctmpliaiwn (4 New PD I trodiKIt
I'Tatwiltr lt*n ihe firu. Nama" I UCPf... M "'lidiT"iMi!i*i«
PiK«: £19 91«(I I Pn«a(e A Paaiino | * Ihiuundc ol dfMi imana
In van.au ||» IUII. BftW.cikHI m: tikalir imijn Ivwtxnpt and
A**» Iona, arcdalaa. Y«tim
* i.d nu.l., maeh moral.
IJ CD4S0*____Fmh Fuh m *«a» ¦rtce: £14 99 ? 11 »V.ia*« * PnrAlMj J Aafwn lie 11|of NmrirtvrrV' | nd | idi l|aodM d hn Irnl FISII .HU iHVlll) No.
»« m*o»»nWo«i} .ayaajol Atlair.1 Ail. Li Mid nan whirh yen mi tuWenbc
11. .diner horn Ihr I'K (two PDSuft. Riag f.» Idceada or aae or
rttda card In ttan du nhvtlMiot Carta iluipdowy u» mark, at
oda aae dnpatchrd Item a* iKxioln J11003 . (iiacreeiMar
Irrtcnarum Price £9.W ? A I tomfe A Padnaf
• iSMar kn( VoGaa lutiler Jlha ray lr~*d anmallua .ha* ax* t,
«rri. M (aodicr J 1199.* I nr molar I We ( Wdlnv [PlKT (4 91 .
. A lv.ii.). | • M.rHjr ym matt Itemila Otar Team Shiln pUyeror
|*rj .peercl ihr ..-tnfcirci IJ11IM____HhmiIUm *2.1 Prw: £4 99
«(I'xup A Packlnf I
• Verypcmeftuldalabaw capaNr id urxxi| up lo 10.11X1 rtvwed.
NnalMn irartine 1a.1i ol leaiurci and rry .ell docx mealed J
11*05 mmm rsin rummi I Han Iprax 14 9» . Ipealape C Paelin|l
• T»o Mil.me due »« alto, yen » Veep V4cl of iftvunrnfMi. Hnddi)i
uvl ndn ¦nipitltm daera Preaed’ltenet.« aim a dara ¦uce .Well
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pofitng pny rot dteveirwd k» cFdUmn JA* V5M fASTMCTS frtfptrTj
»0J «mi n*M to knew otoui lha tota wsom MOWDMAP lk dx* Mops
PIANOS J * ? V?fl klK CAMS uoogioo'v Ayrti. Scipaca o'"3 Hoed
Gamos hJ J *. VP91 AMIGA BfGMNU «d to ir luicrol to to Mannar
on crpngl
• caj Ar»»M' Comes CU A rtoXMrMti J ' * VB2S WOMD OATA mat 2.2
mng 9 dtWhoid tfatodeenai al lea CA1 • (Mi nntd rrapi *i cpdrtd
or xland prorKti ei daoiaas t moje eicoto. | J * . VMP
lANQtMOt TUTOR 1 0 i .
BP. Fr*n h. 0«iTKrr & ivtoi J *. V908 DPAAG TUTOR Do you Port!
Cponl toexn how to usa ll J*. V927CU TUTOR U«0» ( pfaflrcni to urxtoeaoeid how to ioa CU & »«l J * . MSOCSRMATHSP'xy-r- H.Frn
• Kti PtodSireiPs course H J * . V944 AMIGAWORU) Ccntora lormatn
ocoa wri colhit J * . VWIS JAPAN(S£ . * looch JOPO nns* Atod-o
da AVcxaCa.kre J*. VwlOiiOUttSl'TvkiOcMgoTe wf
..i:..rViy«Pt:ai(Mto«sYomogn S ycwtoift (afttor* Mr gomp J * *
VltAS 4Ai FORM EDUCATION Con ions UmhfUens Cole, latiams Kigel
NILTSlPHaaArtoPakDhftl Bl.dwLL.VIM 2-5 dWL» £2.75 ¦a-I*
dlika£2_ a 11-20 dlULa £240 121-50.illyka 2I.T5 51- iliiL* 11
JO Ispr.w Offrr Cvdrr 14 Iml l« UlOS . Ftp ¦
PftpAsdZSIMLilnrLCIf * ta).I'll'iU EXTRA RTTS ¦ j MCM.tf.
I'AI LV4* DLLVT COVERS i £4.4*) J AVI* J .UN a I J AiXd £4.*1 J
M l I ! X SINc. K11 L3 49 I DISK UIUJ.S ir Uli Mu H) it ¦ j
lill N M IIXU. Whw-y Irr-SrdCk PAP.
| DINK BOXES J *• £5.49 J M £1.99 I'.ftt Al (Mil T ElKKKltiJO) loolMI
• luiue orvelli cyuetn Y.rapu In arc all hr odker rawli. Aid «um.
Darai| uaa fame The ime.h happan. » eeal uane w )'fW »A*n you
itonl ttcy arr ncaxvuet Ye. Caa alaovle. Ho. A nvrt leam nay W
(euma na J l.ripeiiw Oak Hue £4 CO • I PI Mope A Pack tea
* The laieal Ongxvaae nunnu la nr Ian t ‘ ‘ IW the laaru Amin
Sfcwt aid nor
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