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They argue the tape gave a misleading impression of the Amiga, and ciaim it was made merely used as a means of knocking the performance of six competitor machines. The firm say it implied their computers are oniy suitable for games and cannot handle more serious apptications as shown in the video. in court they produced a long list taken from a current computer magazine showing graphies, éducation, desktop publishing and accounts software for the A1200. Acom were unavaiiabie for comment at press time but we understand a replacement video is due from the firm within fhe next few weeks. Buyers new bundle o fun A BUNDLE containing four award-winning games from fhe past year wiü soon be offered to people buying Amigas from independen! computer dealers. The Chaos pack has been put together by trade distributor SDL and contains the tittes Chaos Engine. Syndiçate, Niçk Fatdo's Goif and Pinbaü Fantasies. Most dealers buying stock from SDL are expected to give their customers the pack with machines bought at the computer s recommended retai! price. "We have cre-atod a pack that dealers can offer their customers with Amigas. said SDL spokesman Andy Leaning. "tt features the tour best games of 1993 and is undoubtedly the best Amiga games pack so far."

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Document sans nom Design Works Vidi Amiga mg rt TOTAL VALUE £HO Compatible with ALL Amiga* Design Wo A complete structured drawing program tor artists and designers NEW OK ONS with ALL AMIGAs COMPLETE video and.
Image processing software!
5 PLUS: Print Manager 2.0 q Assign Manager, Edit Kays Q ABCDIR directory utility ¦ PLUS! Samplers survival guide Floppy round-up • AC awards Montage 24 t Show report Database round-up • Updates Paint package round-up and more!
Hi, Some of you have no doubt heard my Radio I announcement that I'm oil to the good old USA at the end of January
1994. After months of negotiations with my Bosses at the BBC I've
landed the job of a lifetime as Radio I s official West
Coast correspondent. I’ll be reporting live and Direel from
Los Angeles and San Francisco with the odd Trip to New York
thrown in for good measure. And so although I'll be living
most of the year stateside I'm still going to dc very much
part of the Radio 1 network, and best of all I'm definately
going to keep you Indi customers updated with all the
latest computer new s as well as the up to the minute games
releases in L.A. and the UK.
So as soon as I've finished working on my suntan I'll be busy on the keyboard, reporting to everyone at Indi as usual.
Keep watching Ulis space. T.3* that P* Amp CD3 i ¦ n will iow‘uve j knxher hwoswtSmebuhAd with It
- Vou are a Starfighter, the best of the best, in your training
prepared you for this. 'Tins rs space combat the way AMIGA
Power Dangerous Streets- Hie greatest fighters on earth are
ready to do battle with that wilt blow your mind. Take on 8
mighty challengers ready to do battle.
New Award Winners Pack The superb New Award Winners Pack based aro the A600.Without a doubt this is the best value p around complete with 4 great games.
Pack Contains; £179.99 A400 EPIC PACK (40 Mb HI PACK INCLUDES: A600 Hard Disks (40Mb)
* I Mb Memory
* Epic
* Rome
* Myth
* Trivial Pursuit
* Amiga Text
* Deluxe Paint III
* 12 Months at home send "Approx 1.5 times faster than an
A4000 030 s is the ultimate power configuration, if your drean
own the quickest A1200 ever then take a look at this ultimate
power configuration, if your dream is to This PACK CONTAINS:
* A6Q0 Single Drive j(c Buiit in Tv Modulator
* I Mb Memory
* Pushover: Grandprix
* Silly Putty: Deluxe Paint II
* Mouse and Manuals
* 12 Months at home service.
Bit Fast RAM (Expandible to an )6 XA W 50MHZ MMU Tswt £ 199.9? £279.'
It’s here ¦ The new Amiga 4000 030 JEW A The NEW Amin 4000.1)30 features a EC68030 processor running at an incredible 25Mhz,(upgradable later) The 400Q U30 has a powerful 2 Mb of 32 - bit RAM not enough it's also cheaper and with the promise full motion video next year it's tod hot product expandable to 18 Mb using industry standard 32 - bit 4000 040 the in the UK CD Software Ti CD 3i PACK OSCAR, DIGl i MAND R A Sensible Soccer Don't Send Any Mone Until you are 100% certain that any advertiser has the prt uct that you want in stock and will deliver it to you imrr diately.
Far too often jakki Brambles receives letters from customers who are finding it difficult to obtain a refund from advertiser that has promised to supply but hasn't jrcnase INDI extra memory as your computing skills grow and new software arrives demanding even more memory.
CHIP The DMA Symbol INDI Direct Hall It original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you mutt first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the fupplier still be there in the future, should you need them.
A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision, and here's why.
INOI it a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in it"» tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a turnover approaching £10 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best dealt, deliver them next day nationwide and always b* around when you need us.
N III MONTHS 1 1 24 MONTHS 1 38 MONTHS 1 K3N1H.T rrmrsj TOTAL nVTAAi MONM.V rrmTS TOTAL MttU MCWTUV PAYABLE TOTAL rr *m 200 SOO 1000 £2100 «4.M 109 98 £2*4 00 £45988 (1319.78 £12.00
01. 08 £42.11 £298 32 £741.44 £1491.11 £9.31
03. 27 £44.34 £115.41 £817.72 £i6n* APR 2».» WRITTEN QUOTATIONS
AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ‘After deposit paid The INDI sales team
have been trained to take your order with the utmost care and
efficiency. All stock offered for tale it held in stock,
centrally at our group ware house complex and is available
for next day delivery. Direct to your home or business. If
at any time we arc out of stock your money will not be banked
until the product it available (a point worth checking should
you be tempted to purchase elsewhere) INDI are now able to
offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over tJOP,
All credit facilities are subject to status and applicants
mutt bo over the age of 18.
If you would like a quote simply call our our tales line whore acceptance can normally b* notified within the hour. We are also able to offer Credit Insurance to cover repayments in the event of sickness or unemploy- All products arc guaranteed for 12 months. Some products carry a 12 months at home servke and repair guarantee (where indicated). In the unlikely event that any product purchased from INDI arrives at your home faulty, we will collect from your home and replace the product completely free of charge.
As part of our policy of continual product development and refinement, we reserve the right to change specifications of products advertised. Please confirm current specifications at the time of ordering.
INDI TELESALES m 0543 419999 FAX 0543 410079 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE SALES AND SUPPORT CREDIT FACILITIES CUSTOMER CHARTER tarn - 7pm Monday to Frida) 930am-430pm aatiFday.
Speed 4Mb 8Mb Speed 4Mb 8Mb 14 Mhz 25 Mhz 50 Mhz £247.99 £307.99 £377.99 £447.99 £517.99 £577.99 40Mhz 50 Mhz £365.99 £475.99 £595,99 £709.99 out the specification:
* Amiga 1200* 4Mb 32 Amazing 128 Mb!!) * Microbotics MI23(
(Approx 1.5 times faster than an A4000 030!!) * 12 Months "At
Home Warranty” * Choice of Hard Drive Capacities “ Optional
50MHZ 68882 FPU Maths Processor.
80 Mb Version Desktop Dynamite £889.99 120 Mb Version Desktop Dynamite £929.99 170 Mb Version Desktop Dynamite £959.99 68882 50MHZ FPU £132.54 Simms module. In line with the Ami 4000 030 features the AGA graphics d a massive pallet of 16.8 million colours, this is die best value A400Q030 e 4000030 80 HD A full range of approved upgrades are 4000030, inducfrwadcfibonal memory modules, hard drives. FPU's (68&8I &68882)and the 24 - bit Opal Vision graphics and vwo sy*trm Parnet Adaptor for CDTV Connect a CdtV player to any Amiga, and access the world of CD-ROM softwarc.Thc Parnec interface and
software will allow the Amiga CDTV to be used as a CD-ROM drive with any Amiga and will give any Amiga owner access to the vast range of CDTV software currently available Do you want your Amiga 1200 to have more memory or to go faster by simply fitting a board into the external trapdoor?
Microbotics have an extensive range of products with the immense benefit of 'Chipup' technology. Most boards have soldered chipsets which do not allow expansion beyond your initial purchase. Microbotics products allow you to add
* Amiga 600 Single Drive
* Built in TV Modulator 4 Great Games
* Populous * Kickoff
* Pipemania * Space Ace
* 12 Months at Home Warranty To give you the confidence to pur
has loined the DMA a very important Independent Authority that
demands the highest possible standards from its members. DMA
mem- bers agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising
Practice and to subscribe to the Amiga 1200 Microbotics Memory
Expansion Boards and Accelerators jQJv, CD Pte the latest Hot
CD software i If you arc considering a console w4 compromise.
The new Amiga CD3 leading edge technology, it's faster with
more colours ana has supeno AMIGA 1200 030 PROFESSIONAL PACK
graphics to any other console on d market. As if tnat s £39.99
Whaler OvcrWU TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 07 Prices are
valid for month of publication only.
Indi have carefully selected these educational titles as the best in their particular area. All educational software is offered at special discount prices cm up £29.99 rgextary space adventure Jfaaie £34.99 ajtxior toq| domraoon n a world of tomorrow iSTfinsed 2 £19.99 £27.40 g hootcmup £30.99 £23.40 ano ¦ ITffxira £27.40 £31.99 The Fritf Whs*' Pta *r Myr tr s £13.99 Amiga A500 A60D Noddy's Big Adventure (3 * 7yrs) Noddy's Playtime (3 - 7 yrs) ADI French (I I - 12 yrs) ADI Maths (12- I3yrs) ADI junior Read (6-7 yrs) ADI Junior Count (6 -7 yrs) ADI Maths (13- I4yrs) ADI English (13 • 14 yrs)
£17.49 £17.49 £16.99 £16.99 £14.49 £14.49 £16.99 £16.99
* Targhan £13.99 Amiga ASCO.'MD I Tnpl, Action s
• Grand Prjx Master
* Battletech tf V Amgi£ 13.99 A500 MD 1 r way 'GddsiAw
’SLporOfRcad’Tod Rad 'S CbrvVVirrn An%a£l3.99 A5CD A Triple
Action 4 WlmJykeepyouan theet c you-sat Bles&nthers' Sufan '-
M*o Amm£il99 A500’Afi00 “TO aim tR your nerves m the ultimate i
* 7 God and build your own civilisabon _ .
¦emierManwerT £25.99 £2199 thtc a wnrwwtoottufl t I team m win the football league ROMBO AUDIO VISUAL MEGAMIX. Low cost hi spec digital effects cartridge plugs into the printer port of the ArrugiAilows stereo sampling from almost any musical source.
EXPORT ENQUIRIES Did you know that Indi regularly deliver throughout the woridfFax or Telephone us for an immediate response.
0 0 I World in average 5 days 7 competitive deliyery rates.
E& export invoices.
Fairway 8llCreference details, epnone contact in your country.
Export Numbers TEL: (44)543 419999 FAX: (44)543 418079 ROMBO VIDi AMIGA 12 (RT). Based on the best selling Vidi Amiga 12. This all new version offers real time colour capture from any video source. Full AGA chipset support as standard for all A1200 4000 users.
INDI PRICE £129.99 ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 24fRT). For the more serious user, this 24 • b t version will again capture from from any video source with true photo realistic images! A staggering
16. 7 million colours can be utilised with incredible results.
Full AGA chipset support. INDI PRICE £219.99 ROCTEC ROCGEN PLUS. As above but with extra features such as anting and signal inversion. Allows for real time edtong of graphics. Compatible with al Amgas.
INDI PRICE £129.99 ROCTEC ROCKEY. The ultimate accessory for Amiga I Video fans. Separate RGB controls to chroma key on any colour INDI PRICE £249.99 TAKE 2. Animation package is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of all ages As used inRolf Harris Cartoon Club.
INDI PRICE £37.99 Ipciu Ti v.‘ teii VIDI AMIGA 12. The ultimate low cost colour digitiser for the Amiga. "The best value full colour digitiser on the market "AMIGA FORMAT.
INDI PRICE £74.99 “ Your Imagination is the only Frontier 1b HD S: 0Mb) The NEW OPAL VISION system(Rev.2) COMMODORES NEW DUAL SYNC MONITOR 1942 MONITOR This new monitor has been specially 1084S MON I TO I £189.99 The Superb Sharp 14“ Monitor I TV pro- imooor ZAPPO EXTERNAL FijOFP!
You've seen all the reviews on this popula and affordable second Amiga drive.
Compauble with all Amigas.
Sharp Monitor TV COO ste r trot bnBance and re • mapping o cofoyrs.
,Crior ‘ ofcnng real ome play back of animations created by ray on tracers, landscape generators, morphcrs and all other 24 - Bit software.
. J.'. Display OpaiVision graphics anytime with key combinations, ruse oRfE.ffifr j's °, tacxU product- f niga Computing cc,day ynooiJbtedy the finest, most professional pant program to arme on the Amtgo - ’* •ifga Format ' afessional quaky at rfvs Price can't be turned away" - Amiga Uw r vides a real alternative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and I .S watt mpo audio output, all you need to know is the Low. Low Indi Price. So. Unless you need High resolution graphics look no further, the Sharp
Monitor I TV is the product for you complete with connectivity cable and including 12 Months Warranty £49.99 International Quality: 9 out of 10. Exceptional value for AMIGA COMPUTING JAN 93 wtfcl was unanimous - briar*" - Amiga Shopper MORPH PLUS ou vc seen Michael jackson's video, you've seen the television adverts using s latest techniques in morphing, now now you can create the same results t at a fraction of the cost. Morph Plus Is the latest and the ultimate in this £169.99 NEW LOW PRICE IDE INTERNAL HARD DRIVES Indi can now offer top quality 2.5* Internal Hard Drives for the Amiga 600
and 1200 at unbeatable prices. All drives come complete with a cable and installation software.
Internal HD's £179.99 Internal HD's £200.99 Internal HD's £239.99 Commodore MPS 1230 Printer A high quality 9 • pin printer with paper and tractor feed and is fully compatible with Epsom FxflO and IBM Industry standards. High speed 120 CPS draft mode and an NLQ mode of 24 CPS.
2. S'
2. 5*
2. 5' 80Mb 120Mb 170Mb cards, letters ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL
and posters Amiga L mmg language.
£99.99 . Tn0 ultimate in image processing providing many key benefits to Amiga users proa- y,orving with pictures With Adrro you can read, write and convert between Amiga LogO • Educational and program- (argt mme s0st common image file formats with unmatched flcx' 'ty, Full support for JPEG image makes it possible to maintain an image library in full 24 - bit colour without needing massive hard drive storage. Typically a 600 Kb image can be compressed down to 40 Kb!!
Bit ZAPPY (MU PACK - r A great value pack for all Amiga 600 and 1200 owner ZAPSAC Rucksac and ZAPPO Multi-coloured T. si Commodore disk wallet • Python Microswitched Mouscmat * 3 Great Games - International orts Challenge * Paradroid 90 * Cool Cro Twins £29 99 ZAPPO 601 Trapdoor upjyadc far the A60CII Mb with RTC INDI PRICE £49.'
01 INC REAL 3D Y2 is a full featured 3D animation, modelling and rendering program. With Real 3D V2 you can produce high quality images and animations of three dimen.
Em- uonal models with an astounding level ot realism. Imagine creating an animation that shows a handful of balls bounce down a flight of stairs to the bottom. Gravity, collision, deflection and the elasticity of the balls are all auto- ) Loof mKlCal|y cafculawd by the program!
y° VIDEO DIRECTOR With Video Director, anyone with an Amiga, a camcorder and a VCR can Y’ cMy and easily cacalogue and edit the best moments from their video
- apes. Video Director is extremely easy to use. You an actually
control your camcorder and YCR from your Amiga screen , Yidco
Director comes with even'thing you need to get started. The
hardware to control your camcorder" ana VCR is included 4MB
Same as above but maximum 4MB.
INDI PRICE £159.99 A* ibovi only 5I2K, no clock INDI PRICE £29.99
98. 7% of Indi Deliveries arrive next dav (Official Securicor
Statistics) ti Professional software ts Confirm I and
sometimes subject to delay, at time of order.
TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 TERMS AVAILABLE OVER 6, 12, 24, & 36 MONTHS SUBJECT TO STATUS.
WHY NOT RING FOR A QUOTE. SAMEDAY RESPONSE. (SEE EXAMPLE) Panasonic QuietS; We researched the cotour printer market at great depth to find 1 colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful output, yet at an affordable price.
Wc found the perfect printer m the and KX - P2123 quiet printer.
We then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it. Wc found that too. With 'Wordworth' yet at'a retail price of £ 129.99 we thought that might be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of 'Wordworth' free with every Panasonic printer. Of course your might be the fortunate owner of a Desktop Dynamite Pack or maybe the idea of word processing isn't for you. Once again Indi have the solution with the alternative of two great games. How's
that for added value' L Juiet colour printer offers affordable price rintinfi Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ and 32
* Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta, black)
* Quiet Printing Super quiet 43.5 • 46 dBa sound level (most
matrix printers arc typical- iin excess of 60 dBa) 7 Resident
Fonts Overl 52.000 type styles using Super LQ. Courier
Prestige, Bold PS, Roman, Script, and Sans Serif Fonts.
+ 24PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality output m I Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
Batman Returns
WITH PANASONIC QUIET PRINTERS.Thc writers choke. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA computers. Wordworth is undoubtedly the ultimate word I document processor for the full range of AMIGA computers. The graphical nature of WORDWORTH makes producing documents faster and wer, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full Panasonic KX - P2123 colour printing support), Collins spell checker and thesaurus, no other word processor comes close, 'Without doubt this is one of the best documentprocessors for the AMIGA.
Today" (Amiga Format)NORMAL RRP £129.99 Inc. VAT Panasonic KX- P2I23 FREE Word Processing Option £219.99 You may choose from many different roles from explorer to assassin, from stockbroker to trader, Battle with pirates across a galaxy of different worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself. The goals to aim for are end* less, the game is completely open ended.
£29.99 A massive 7 disk program, from the first film simulation vastly different to the console version with vivid scenes Straight from the hit movie. Batman has returned in style.
£29.99 IJREE GAMESOPTION The ultimate in space adventure frontier is the important step for ward for games this decade - CU Amiga 97% New Hot Title, indicated delivery 20 December Frontier Elite II Panasonic LASER PRINTER KX - P4430 LASER PRINTER KX - P44I0 LASER PRINTER WORDAORTH AGA COW£TB.r FhffiWTTH PANASQWCIA2R PRNTBtt The wrmrj choice The ultimate word processor for AMIGA comp Uteri NORMAL RRP £12999 me VAT Onee again INDI have lotncd together w-th Panasonic to offer all Amiga owner* the most outstanding Laser Printer offer ever W« are now able to offer high quality JXOfciJional 4l*er
printing at affordable prices. We arc alio giving iway » copy Of Wordworth with every Panasonic Laser Printer purchased (RRP L129 99) Whether you are looking for a User printer 10 handle word processing. DTP. Presentation or complex graphic applications - the PiMtonic KXP- 4430
* Sattopnnt (optimum resolution technology)* + 5 Pages per minute
* HP Lascrjct III Emulauon, PCL 5
* 8 Scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
* Optional 2nd input bin (total print or capacity 2 x 200 sheets
* Optional memory expansion to
5. 0 Mb (I Mb at standard) Panasonic KXP-4410 A 5 pages per
* 28 resident fonts ¦k Optional 2nd input bin(tota) printer
capacity 2 x 200 sheets)
* Low running costs 4 Parallel interface 4 Optional memory
expansion to 4.5 Mb
(0. 5 U standard)
* HP laseriet II Emulauon NEW LOW PRICES!
£649.99 nr vat
• fSeonprint.r. use optmum rtiduoen MchHOjMy to produce truly
outstanding print qwaMv Trfi software ttchrvque smooths .wax
trsoiiiMlI lagged « SgCJ OO curved and Imm by vsrpng the
PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 black and 4 colour ribbons for KXP 2180 KXP 2123.RRP £99.99. INDI PRICE£69.99 SAVE £30!!!
PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contains automatic sheet feeder. 2 black nbboni. 2 colour ribbons. I dust cover. 2 piece printer stand.
RRP £169 99 INDI PRICE £139.99 SAVE £30 Add £250 aroge 00 4 prrtcr accessories cr ccwbrabtxa iheracf ulit. 0 INDI PRICE £8.99 I punter.
3) PRINTER STAND 2 p ?cc pmcer swxl INDI PRICE £9.99
4) PAPER PACK 500 sheets quality A4 papa INDI PRICE £9.99
5) CONTINUOUS PAPER 2000 sheets I pan listing paper. INDI PRICE £
6) PARALLEL PRINTER CABLE To be used when ccmccwg Amiga to
Panasonic printers.
INDI PRICE £8.99 (LS.99 if guthixd ndi a printer)
7) PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON Colour rtibon for KXP 2180-' KXP 2123.
PRICE £9.99 FAX: 0543 418 079 A1200 STANDARD FEATURES
* 68020 Processor *PCMCIA Slot*2M8 Chip RAM * 3,5' Internal Drive
*M Chipj«*Buili in TV modulator
* Alpha numeric keypad * 12 Months at home maintenance.
FREE This mist be the best value deal ever and not SURPRISINGLY IT'S INDI THAT SHOWS THE WAY, THE GREAT value Desktop Dynamite Pack with over £300 OF FREE SOFTWARE PLUS 2 New CULT GAMES PLUS A New Low Low Price
* Wordworth AGA * Print Manager * Deluxe Paint IV AGA Oscar AGA
* Dennis The Menace AGA tou may choose from many different
roles from explorer to assassin, from stockbroker to trader.
Battle with pirates across a galaxy of different worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself The goals to aimlor are endless, the game is completely open ended £29.99 FREE Batman Returns New Game A massive 7 d sk program, the first true film simulation vastly different to the console version with vivid scenes straight from the hit movie. Batman has returned «n style £29.?? FREE New Hot Title, indicated delivery 20th December NEW DESKTOP DYNAMITE H.D PACKS WARNING 80 Mb Hard Drive Pack £509.99 Some advertisers are fitting 3,5" drives to Amiga 1200. The Amiga was never designed
to accept 3.5" drives and fitting one totally invalidates any Commodore Warranty.Indi only offer official 2.5" IDE drives officially accepted by Wang, ICL and Commodore.
120 Mb Hard Drive Pack £559.99 170 Mb Hard Drive Pack £599.99 12 Months At Home Warranty from ICL DeskTop Dynamite I Panasonic Colour Printer Pack DESPATCH superb Desktop Dynamite Pack The All orders r e«lved by 6pm Monday to Friday ar despatched lamcday for delivery uiinp our national courier - Securicor. UK Mainland only). Saturday deliveries are available at a small surcharge. If you are out when wc deliver, a card will be left at your nomc giving you a contact telephone number to arrange a convenient re - delivery.
Delivery queries can be resolved immediately using our on - line computer, Cheque orders are despatched Immediately on cheaue clearance, usually 10 working days from receipt. A delivery charge of £5,00 is made per item unless otherwise stated.
WE ALSO ACCEPT B.F.P.O. ORDERS (DUTY FREE) CARRIAGE CHARGE AT UK POSTAL RATES The Best Selling Panasonic KXP 2123 Quiet 24-pin Colour Printer.
PLUS Two new cult games from Gametek Frontier Elite II and Batman Returns £529.99 HOW TO ORDEI INDI DIRECT MAIL in partnership with ICL BY POST - Simply fill in the coupon below.
We'll pick it up from your home. Bring it hack in 5 days, give it 12 months on site warrant}' and that's just the beginning..... BY PHONE - phone lines open9.00am • 7.00pm Mon - Fri. 9.66am - 4.)6pm Sat. - where your call will be answered by one of our INDI sales leirtl. After 7,00pm each day your call will be answered by answerphone. If you would like to place an order have all the details at hand including credit card. All offers subject to availability. Prices correct at time of going to press. May we suggest you call before ordering.
When the lime CWKS lhai you just haw to fit a Hard Drive in ypur Amiga 1200or 6(XI ii is important dm your Amiga is handled by ihc EXPERTS.
ICL are a giant International Computer Manufacturing and Repair Company and have been chosen by Commodore as their authorised warranty company lor Amiga product.
Thnuigh INDI the Nationwide resources of ICL will guarantee that your Amiga is treated with the care and expertise that it desen ex.
But that is just the beginning, your new Hard Drive will be given a full 12 Months At Home Wananiy cover. Yes. If there is a warranty problem we will come to your home to fix it Of course w hat's the point of hai ing at Home cover on your Hard Drive and not on your Amiga. So as part of the deal ICL w ill add further 12 months at Home cover to your Amiga Completely r Rkk r to I ooT; SS Im!».I iVf ' l uly ' I iiltuoCvmrjif Service r (o I }o(T, I OMh I ! ii (* I S'!VC 1 iijiTlic eiiic.Rf Service f Vv.VV : rTo I Minr’ 170 liilf I !(ii (i I Hive I 1111hJ* TMi;ifiiV Si rvi.ee 1 :1 V..VV ; Complete
2) .....
3) .....
Price .+ Delivery.
I enclose cheque PO for £ . or charge my Access Visa No. .. Expiry J J ...... Signature ..
• Amiga 120 must be in full working order
Name .
Address .
For as little as £39.99 ICL the major European computer giant
are able to extend the At Home service on most new Commodore
Products to a full 3 years. ICL are the main authorised
Commodore Warranty Company and can offer a variety of warranty
options to suit all needs. Why not call for details.
Postcode DaytimeTel TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 We are recognised in the Amiga community as one of the leading specialists in Hard Drives and Mass Data Storage.
AMIGA A4000 040 The flagship of the Commodore Rmigo range.
Based around the 68040 processor. Comes with o Hord Drive. 2+4 RAM and UL18 3.0. 85 Mb version-£1866 340Mb version-£2066 130Mb version - £ 1919 426Mb version - £2149 200Mb version - £ 1939 540Mb version - £2299 250Mb version -£1979 AMIGA A4000 030 The some specifications os it's big brother but designed oround the 68030 processor. The A4000 030 comes with o Hord Drive. 1 +1 RAM ond WB 3.0. (FOR 2+2 PICAS6 ADD £69) 85 Mb version - £899 340Mb version- £1099 130Mb version - £969 426Mb version- £1166 200Mb version - £999 540Mb version - £ 1299 250Mb version -£1039 AMIGA A1200 The A1200 sports many
of the features of the A4000 series. Rosed oround the 68020 processor with 2Mb of RAM ond UUB 3.0 os standard. A full range of Hord Drives ore also available for the A1200.
Basic A1200 - £289 120Mb H.D version - £494 40Mb H.D version - £388 170Mb H.D version - £528 60Mb H.D version - £445 200Mb H.D version * £548 85Mb H.D version - £468 256Mb H.D version - £578 DCSKTOP DYNAMITC PACK The desktop Dynamite Pock contains 5 pieces of software written specifically for the AGA chipset, which includes DpointAGA. UuordworthAGA, Oscar and other with o total street value of over £300.
PANASONIC KXP 2123 COLOUR KXP 2023 HCUULCn PACKARD HP 500C HP 510 HP 550C I OVCfiDfilVC 35 These external hard i drives come in on W R65 box styled to match the Rmiga j R1200. They plug in ; vio the PCMCIR slot ™ and include an ' * external PSU so os not invalidate your Commodore war-
- ranty. Ultra fast ransfer rates of up to 2Mb 'sec. Full 1 yeor
guaranty, all the software needed to mount ond :onfigure the
drive is included.
130Mb version -£299 340Mb version- £449 200Mb version -£.349 426Mb version- £549 250Mb version -£399 540Mb version- £699 A1200 UPGRADES GVP SCSI RAM BOARD This board is user fittoble vio the tropdoor expansion slot of the R1200. It has slots for up to 3Mb of 32bit RAM, o moths co-pro ond includes o SCSI interface as standard.
£179.00 £349.00 £ 59.00 0Mb NO FPU 4Mb RRM 33MHz FPU SCSI CflBIC KIT GVP A1230 BOARD Another quality trapdoor expansion for the R1200. It features a 68030 processor as standard ond has slots for a moths co-pro ond up to 8Mb of 32bit RAM.
£269.00 £439.00 0Mb NO FPU 4Mb RAM 40MHz FPU GVP ACCCSSORICS £ 99.00 £129.00 £ 64.00 £153.00 33MHz 68882 FPU 40MHz 68882 FPU 1Mb 32bit RAM 4Mb 32bit RRM DKB RAM BOARD This budget expansion board fits via the trapdoor, It has 2x32bit SIMM sockets for up to 8Mb of memory, a 16MHz 68881 FPU, and a battery backed clock fitted as standard.
DKB with 0Mb RAM 68881 £ 99.00 DKB uuith 1Mb RAM 68881 £129.00 DKB uuith 4Mb RAM 68881 £229.00 ID€ INTERNAL HARD DRIVC KITS These kits come complete uuith screuus, instructions and all the softuuare necessary to prep and configure the drive.
40Mb-£139 60Mb-£l 19 80Mb-£179 120Mb-£279 209Mb-£399 A4000 UPGRADES PHOTON (FOR A4000 030) This board uuil transform an AMIGA A4000 030 into a fully fledged 040. It features a 040 CPU module with o MMU ond o built-in FPU running at 25MHz.
PHOTON UPGRADC £699 HcllFIRC (FOR A4000 030) This is a replacement CPU board for the A4000 030. It features a 50 Mhz clock speed, o built in MMU and a 50 Mhz 68882 FPU. Vour 030 will only be 10% slower than an 040 during most operations.
HCUFIRC UPGRADC £299 DKB 128 The DKB 128 is a 0 wait state memory expansion board for the R4000 series. It has slots for up to 128Mb of 32bit RAM using SIMMS of any size. It is a true ZORRO 3 card which makes for o very fost board.
DKB BOARD (BLANK) £269 (See chips for memory) HARD DRIVCS (A1200 & R4000) These Hard Drives con be fitted ot ony time by us (FOR THC A1200) or the end-user, fill the necessary software is included.
330Mb - £299.00 426Mb - £369.00 540Mb - £399.00 85Mb - £129.00 130Mb - £149.00 200Mb - £199.00 250Mb - £249.00 FITTING FCC FOR A1200 £ 29.00 CHIPS £ 39.00 £134.00 £ 89.00 £ 99.00 £129.00 1Mb SIMM 4Mb SIMM 25MHz 68882 FPU 33MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL 40MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL CD32 CONSOIC This machine represents the future in home entertainment ond video gome ploy. A self-contoined CD console which you can expand into o full CD based home computer. CD32 comes complete with two stunning AGA games.
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Gamer Globe bfrftl What's going on in the Amiga games world Feature: Millennium Interviews with the creators of Diggers Cheap Seats Pig bundle of budgets all at a price that's right Cheat Mode: The Patrician Hints and tips for Daze's trading simulation Cheat Mode: Ishar 2 1T53 The concluding part to our complete guide CAME REVIEWS Elite 2 IBS Magic Boy IEB Kingmaker us F-117A Stealth Fighter 2 fM Alien Breed 2 DS3 Cyberpunks EH jet Strike m Body Blows Galactic Amiga Market Consumers' corner gets into full swing once again with yet more software, hardware and sound advice Shop Window QQ
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An extra special collection of books, videos and packs to suit beginners and A1200 users - page 72 REGULARS News Can an Amiga really wreck your marriage?
USA News C programming gets a boost as C++ arrives State side Comment [ A tale of two cities - the Amiga in its European stronghold Disk offers Upgrade our CoverDisk giveaways 01 add the manuals Reader offers _ Bargains galore with our huge collection of shopping list essentials The COVERDISKS Two disks packed with commercial and shareware software to suit every taste Colin Curly makes an appearance offering ten copies of Push Over and five copies of One Step Beyond to the winners of this great game competition page 98 Print Manager 2.0 Take the pain out of the printing process with this
essential utility for any author Assign Manager Make your assigns work for you. A complete management system - you'll never need to reboot again Edit Keys Create you own custom keymaps or edit your existing ones ABCDir A flexible and friendly file manager that'll make AmigaDOS easier than . _____ It's that time of year again, frosty mornings, roaring log W * fires, red noses ... and all * those presents to buy. 4 , We know how difficult 4 Christmas buying W decisions can be so, to make life just a little easier, we’ve come up with some splendid gifts for the Amiga lover in your household, at
bargain prices.
From programming languages to real-time video digitisers, we have something that should appeal to any discerning Amiga enthusiast who wants to get the most out his Amiga computer during the festive season.
To take advantage of these bargain buys just call us on 0525 718181, armed with your credit debit card details, or write to us enclosing a cheque or postal order. We will despatch goods within 5 working days or, for an extra £5 postage, the same day on a 24 hour delivery, right up to Christmas. Please quote reference AMX938 when ordering.
Silsoe Village Scene by Cardan Chambers, typeset by Leaside Graphics, Luton.
Books Languages Mastering Amiga Assembler Mastering AmigaDOS 3 A-Z Reference Mastering Amiga Printers ering Amiga AMOS £16 680x0 Assembler £10 Programmer’s Reference Power BASIC Ver 1 - £20* AmigaBASIC compatible compiler HiSoft Devpac Ver 3 - latest £55 680x0 assembler debugger Highspeed Pascal * a complete £70 Turbo Pascal 5 compatible compiler editor system TurboText • programmer's editor £50 Music Video Business K-Spread 2 K-Data Pack £25
- copibincd spreadsheet, database package Personal Finance
Manager Plus £ 15
- integrated home accounts Sbase 4 Personal • superb £99
relational database Sbase 4 Professional - the best £199
Megalosound • new 8-bit £29 stereo direct-to-disk sampler
VideoMaster AGA RGB - new £99 A600 A1200 real-time video &
colour image capture package Clarity 16 - high-quality, £99
16-bit stereo sound sampler AudioMaster 4 - sample editor £50
ProMlDI Interface £20 High Quality Software The Old School
Greenfield Bedford MK455DE UK.
Tel +44 (0) 525 718181 Fax +44 (0) 525 713716 Products marked with a arc at very special prices and are not upgradeable to Inter versions Just call, quoting your Access Mastercard Vi sa 8witch Connect card number and expiry date and we will despatch the goods within 5 working days. For an extra £5 we will despatch the day of order by ParcelForce 24 hour service.
All offers subject to availability ant only valid until 31 1 94.
D Copyright HiSoft 1993, E&OE NEWSI by John Butters CBM operating costs slashed COMMODORE have substantially slashed their operating costs, but continue to lose money - $ 356 million in financial year 1993 and 59.7 million in the first quarter of the current financi.il year.
A statement at the end of last year's report says the firm's financial position and operating results raise substantial doubts about their ability to continue as a going concern.
Another says the company were trying to work out new credit terms with suppliers that had restricted credit but there was no assurance such arrangements could be made.
The loss was blamed on intensely competitive pricing pressure and economic softness in all their major markets, inventory write-downs, restructuring costs and discontinuation of the PC line.
The shortfall wiped out shareholders’ equity, which slumped from $ 325 million on June 30,1992 to a deficit of $ 53.2 million on June 30,1993.
Details of the firm's first quarter 1994 results were given with the 1993 figures. They showed that during the three months ending September 30, Commodore lost a further $ 9.7 million. This was down from $ 18.8 million in the corresponding period in 1992, as were sales from $ 158.6 million in 1992 to $ 82.6 million.
Recently the company have been cutting their costs around the world, with several European offices now closed and their after sales support controlled from Germany.
The benefits of these savings are now starting to be seen, with the operating expenses being slashed in the first quarter to $ 13.7 million from $ 39.5 million in the same period during 1993.
The first quarter loss gave Commodore a negative equity of $ 61.2 million, and no updates were given to their end of year footnotes.
"Clearly the financial performance for the fiscal year was extremely unsatisfactory," said Commodore chairman Irving Gould.
"The company have addressed their current financial difficulties bv restructuring their business in a number of ways including eliminating unprofitable product lines.
"These actions have resulted in improved operating performance enabling substantial narrowing of the operating loss for the quarter ended September 30,1993."
In Britain Commodore’s joint managing director Colin Proud foot said that although the company are in a weak financial position they will continue spending on the Amiga's future.
"It is essential to keep the product range up to date and development is continuing as a priority," he said.
Proudfoot added that the firm are confident that the success of CD32 will give the firm a second quarter profit.
ACORN have voluntarily dropped an Amiga-bashing Archimedes home computer video promotion after Commodore instigated legal action to prevent its distribution.
Amiga-bashing video dropped The tape was produced by the Cambridge-based manufacturer and was billed as a beginner’s guide to using home computers in the office and classroom.
Tlw Home Computer Minefield had been available through reply coupons and telephone numbers advertised in national newspapers.
Commodore had earlier obtained a temporary High Court injunction stopping further copies being sent out, and now intend to take the case to trial unless there is an out of court settlement.
Sources close to the firm say that although the video has been withdrawn.
The company will seek costs to cover management time spent dealing with the dispute.
They argue the tape gave a misleading impression of the Amiga, and claim it was made merely used as a means of knocking the performance of six competitor machines.
The firm say it implied their computers are only suitable for games and cannot handle more serious applications as shown in the video.
In court they produced a long list taken from a current computer magazine showing graphics, education, desktop publishing and accounts software for the A1200.
Acorn were unavailable for comment at press time but we understand a replacement video is due from the firm within the next few weeks.
Archimedes: Acorn video dropped after CBM object Buyers' new bundle off fun A BUNDLE containing four award- winning games from the past year will soon be offered to people buying Amigas from independent computer dealers. The Chaos pack has been put together by trade distributor SDL and contains the titles Chaos Engine,.
Syndicate, Niqk Faldo's Golf and Pinball Fantasies.
Most dealers buying stock from SDL are expected to give their customers the pack with machines bought at the computer's recommended retail price. “We have created a pack that dealers can offer their customers with Amigas." Said SDL spokesman Andy Leaning.
“It features the four best games of 1993 and is undoubtedly the best Amiga games pack so far."
You have a deadline coming up, and the pressure is really on.
So relax. Co on a picnic.
Art Department Professional (ADPro) is working the weekend.
ADPro's comprehensive Arexx interface allows you to convert formats, animate, image process, grab video, record on film and more, even while you're not there.
Being able to work straight through the weekend (as well as the other 120 hours in the week) means that projects can be done on time, which otherwise couldn't be done at all.
Every aspect ol ADPro, including its advanced image processing features, ability to read and write many image file formats, and control different types of color input and output devices, can be accessed from easy-to-write Arexx programs.
Get Art Department Professional.
It works weekends, so you don't have to.
925 Stewart Street Madison, Wl 53713 608 273-6585 The* following names are trademarked by the indicated companies: Art Department Professional: AS DC. Incorporated. Arexx: Wishful Thinking Development Corp. News Briefs Subscription changes THE publisher of the Amiga enthusiasts' newsletter Access Amiga say that cheques for subscriptions and memberships should now be made payable to Weekend Developments Limited.
Rates for subscription are; One issue £1.75, six issues £10.50 and 12 issues £19. Orders should be sent to the firm at PO Box 208, Folkestone CT19 5EZ.
Photo images PHOTO-realistic images of landscapes and sunsets are now available as
32. 256 and Ham8 images for use with Amigas.
Each volume contains three or four disks and costs £6.95 from Weekend Developments at PO Box 208.
Folkestone CT19 5EZ.
Finding space A SOLUTION to the problem of insufficient disk storage space is Disk Expander, a new package which as its name suggest aims to double the capacity of floppy and hard disks.
Bedford-based Power Computing (0234 843388) have been given the rights for its worldwide distribution, and will be selling the software for £29.95. Repairs at home RETAIL distributor 2CL have joined forces with ICL to give a year's home warranty for A600 and A1200 owners with internal hard disk drives.
The service will be offered through independent dealers, Calculus Stores and Indi and will solve the problem of hard drive upgrades invalidating Commodore's warranty.
New printer ICL will add free of charge a further year's home warranty to any existing warranty that the Amiga 600 or A1200 might have.
Dot matrix prices cut PRINTER giant Epson have cut the price on 11 of their dot matrix models by up to 16 per cent in a bid to increase the firm’s sales lead in the 9 and 24-pin market.
ImageFX: fjtfro image manipulation and ovation (features More effects in ImageFX GRAPHICS package ImageFX has just been improved to give Amiga owners a range of new image creation and manipulation features.
The Great Valley Products' software features drawing and painting in real time, and loader and saver modules allowing it to save and load files from a selection of other applications Several special effects are possible and it gives direct control of scanners, frame grabbers and 24-bit boards. GVP’s CineMorph is included to give morphing ability.
New in v1.5 is MAGIC, a system that allows applications to share images in memory to reduce memory overhead when multitasking several graphics programs The program gives faster operation, especially in virtual memory handling, and there are preview displays in a range of resolutions.
A macro system automatically creates Arexx scripts from macro recording, eliminating the need for programming Arexx scripts for batch operations.
It is supplied in Britain by Silica Systems (081-309 1111). Existing users can upgrade for £29.95 and the cost for newcomers is £199.
Brit firm in ProDAD link PRODAD software, upgrades and technical support are now available in Britain from computer consultancy firm BVCC (081-567 4623).
The London-based company will sell Amiga software including Digital and video effects program Adorage 2, and the new animation processing package dariSSA.
ClariSSA will enable users to create animations in ANIM5 format or as SSA from single frames rendered by software such as Imagine.
Once converted to SSA format, the firm claim animations can be manipulated in several ways, made more colourful and run about 1.5 times faster than ANIM5 sequences.
BVCC boss Ben Vost told Amiga Computing that ProDAD asked his company to distribute the software because he had become familiar with the packages when writing their manuals.
Adorage 2 and clariSSA cost £79,95 each.
Scalable fonts from Seikosha's SEIKOSHA'S latest colour 24-pin dot matrix printer is claimed to print scalable fonts with variable heights and precise graphic output.
The SL96 has a maximum resolution of 360 x 360 dots per inch and a speed of 240 characters per second in Draft mode. The letter quality print speed is 84cps. It contains eight bitmap fonts and two scalable fonts which Can be printed at between 8 and 32 point, and has a 42k memory.
Single sheets and fan fold paper can be used for output and a paper tray can be fitted to give automatic single-sheet feeding. An optional sheet feeder is also available.
Epson emulation is included and buyers can request an optional Amiga driver. The SL96 Colour has a recommended retail price of £292 and colour ribbons can be bought for £11. Its one-year return to base warranty can be upgraded to a year's on-site warranty for £11.
Going faster with A1200 EXTRA speed is now available to A1200 owners with the aid of Great Valley Products’ new A1230-II.
The trapdoor expansion fits into the computer giving a 5QMHz 66030 processor with memory management unit, up to 32Mb of memory and an optional maths co-processor.
A DMA Peripheral Port (DPP) allows data to be transferred between plug-in devices and the memory of the computer without processor intervention, resulting in faster operation.
The DPP will enable users to plug in further expansion card and three such upgrades will be launched by GVP soon for owners of the A1230-II.
UMATCHED The first will be the A1291 SCSI Kit Performance II, which the American developer claims will give “unmatched SCSI performance', The hardware module and SCSI device driver can achieve transfer rates of 4.2Mb per second, and uses the latest In SCSI termination technology - Active Termination.
This is claimed to avoid the traditional hassles of SCSI termination and resistor packs. Other products will allow the Amiga to perform 16-bit direct to disk sound sampling and real-time video frame grabbing.
“The A1230-II is the ideal Amiga 1200 upgrade for users wanting the best performance or expandability,'' said Silica spokesman Andy Leaning.
“In a single card, the A1230-II allows users to boost the power of their A1200 while also allowing them to expand their system with a range of unique upgrades."
Supplied without memory, the board costs £379 from Silica Systems (081- 3091111).
Weekend comms prices slashed MODEM users are set to benefit from cheaper telephone calls just announced by BT.
A three-minute call to anywhere in the country outside the caller's local area will cost 10p at anytime during weekends, and the firm have promised more cost-cutting is on the way.
Within the next year the telecoms giant will launch a scheme to allow customers to nominate regularly called numbers for which they Will get automatic discount on calls made.
And there will be improvements to Option 15 which gives residential customers a discount of up to ten per cent on all their calls in return for an up front quarterly charge of £4.
"A year ago we launched the first of our special offers - the Sunday Special - and followed that with a series of offers on international and local calls," said BT boss Michael Hepher.
"Since then we've listened to what our cus* tomers have been telling us and they like special offers that cut the cost of calls, particularly at weekends."
Diary dates January 12-15,1994 BETT‘94 Venue: National Hall. Olympia Organiser: EMAP (071-404 4844) Britain’s leading IT exhibition for the education market.
April 10-12,1994 European Computer Trade Stone Venue: Business Design Centre. London Organiser. Blenheim On-line (081-742 2828) Europe’s largest trade show for the computer and video games industry.
September 20*25,1994 Live 94 Venue: Earls Court Organiser; News International (071-7826893) Commodore have already pledged their support for this large consumer electronics show.
October 26-30,1994 Future Entertainment Show Venue: Earls Court II Organiser: Future Exhibitions (0225 442244) ' The biggest public show for computer and video games players.
Overseas March 16-23,1994 CeBIT 94 Venue: Hanover. Germany Organiser: Deutsche Mcsse (010495118%) Europe's premier information technology show often used by Commodore for the launch of new hardware.
Amiga advice over the phone A CONSULTANCY firm has just been set up for people who need up-to-the-minute information and support for serious Amiga software and hardware.
BVCC is run by the former technical manager of Micro-Pace UK, Ben Vost, who says the serv ice offered is similar to that seen in the PC and Apple Macintosh markets.
A range of services are offered: telephone advice, scanning, translation, public domain distribution, face-to-face tuition and software and hardware recommendations.
The telephone support service is open between 10am and 10pm and gives information on 3D modelling, graphics, video, desktop publishing and other productivity software.
ANSWERS The firm can say whether hardware will be compatible with users' existing peripherals, and if they don't know the answer to a question BVCC will try to find the information within a day.
Photographs up to 6in x 4in can be scanned by the firm at in a range of formats at 24-bit, and if the picture is to be used in a 16-colour Windows environment the palette will be correct.
Manuals and documentation for French and German products can be translated and even reprinted if required, and face-to-face tuition is available for first timers.
Courses on specific elements of Amiga computing such as desktop publishing are also run.
The cost of phone advice is between £5 and £6 per 15 minutes or part of, and others prices can be requested from the firm by telephoning 081-567 4623 Government act on child porn PORNOGRAPHERS holding simulated indecent images of children on computer disk could face prison under new legal provisions just announced by the Government.
The move follows a recent case where pornographic pictures of women were scanned and modified to make their bodies appear more child-like.
Children’s heads were superimposed onto the images to produce convincing "child pornography" of photographic quality.
Although it has not been tested in court, the Government believe that because the images were simulated and not actual photographs, the existing law might not cover them.
The new measures will be included in forthcoming criminal justice law, They will give courts the power to impose jail sentences of up to three months, a £5,000 fine, or both for possessing such material. Traders will face up to three years in prison.
"We must send the dearest possible signal to pomographers that their activities will not be tolerated," said Home Secretary Michael Howard.
"It's vital to take tough measures at the outset if we are to succeed in stamping out this vile trade."
Games makers agree on ratings EUROPE'S games makers have agreed overwhelmingly to introduce voluntary video-type classification on all floppy disk, compact disc and cartridge-based software.
The move is intended to help improve the image of computer and video games, following a year of media concerns over their effects on health and society.
Games publishers will fill out rating assessment forms which ask whether their programs contain certain types of graphics material and which of four ratings they think should be given.
The titles will then be sent to the Video Standards Council where the final decision will be made. Among other things they will be looking for extreme violence and sexual content The four ratings will be up to 10 years old, 11 to 14 years old, 15 to 17 years old and over 18s.
Although retailers will still be able to sell products to children younger than those for which the game is rec* ommended, worried parents will be able to see the guidelines.
ELSPA’s general secretary Roger Bennett said members who release titles without sending them for classification could face a ban from the association.
REM with FMV?
ACCORDING to sources close to Commodore the firm will package the CD32 Full Motion Video rnodu** with a disc containing hits from pop group REM. It is expected to cost C199.
You can't use Software this Powerful, ¦ and produce Documents this Good... Unless, you buy an expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top Publishing Package.,, ‘J'Wl University Autumn Sens oil rmo woo.ti.nmam mm? Hjh a*n*u nsm* !»“( M international I have duce m on I car- help and sr of ts on t rat- ask cer- and hink 3 the
* the long 8 for ?nt, io 10 to 17 able nger ; well be oger ease
assi- i the If you're looking for a quality Word
Processor Publisher that performs as well as this, you may well
start by searching through PC and Apple™ Macintosh™ software
Even then though, you probably won't find a program that will combine the very best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
“UUrtrt) You certainly can't find software for your Amiga that’s capable of all this... ...or Can You?
Niyersitv a 2 Econom cs A - £ ¦ 1 * Origins O [ 9 Current l(D situation ifc 'Proposed CD, measures
• Puture CD Prospects 'Conclusions Redux revisited The
development of Emplani’s Macintosh emulation module steams on.
With Emplant 3.2, which should be available about the time you
read this, nearly all the planned features will be in the
program, which should free Utilities Unlimited to get rolling
on getting the IBM emulation module out the door.
The biggest improvement is that the emulator now acts like a “32-bit dean" Macintosh, which means you can use almost all of your Amiga s memory with the emulation, and expect increased compatibility with newer Mac applications. The emulator now supports direct file transfer between Amiga and Mac disks - just choose the file in a Mac or Amiga file requester and send it over: modules will be added for translating common file formats, such as PICT to IFF.
The premier development system for the Amiga (Commodore use it for AmigaDOS) now has a real plus - two of them, actually. The newly released SAS C Development System v6.5 now includes not only A top-of-the-line C-language compiler, but C++ as well.
If you haven't used C++, it's an object-oriented version of the C language that helps tame the obscurity level of C a hit. This release a huge improvement over the company’s old C++ compiler, which was marketed under the Lattice label.
C++ is now fully supported by the CodeProbe debugger, so you can now display C++ auto, static, and extern variables; display members of C++ classes, and display C++ source code in both regular and mixed modes. Now it's It is now about 20 per cent faster, and about 215 per cent faster for floating-point operations. Compatibility problems with Microsoft applications have been solved, Sound Manager support has been added, and UU hopes to get support for the Amiga’s serial and parallel ports into this version.
For more information check with your local Emplant distributor or contact Utilities Unlimited at (602) 680-9004 voice: (602) 543-6407 fax;(602) 453-9767 BBS, or
j. drew2@genie.geis.com via Internet like using a real C++
compiler instead of an add-on for a C compiler.
Other enhancements include a brand-new profiler, SPROF, which helps you optimise your programs by showing you the number of times each function is called and the amount of time spend in each function, including subroutines.
SPROF not only works on regular tasks, but also on shared libraries, dynAMIGAlly created tasks, devices, and nearly any other kind of AmigaDOS task.
This will come in particularly handy since v6.5 has several new features, including startup modules, designed to make writing devices easier. SMI IND is a new Workbench utility which will search for particular strings in your projects.
Utilities are included to ease conversion of files from earlier versions of Lattice C, and even from Manx A .tec C. As in previous updates, the com now produces better, faster code. V
6. 5 ships with the AmigaDOS 3.1 indudf files and link libraries.
There are over 31 new pages of documentation, bringing
reference material up to an astonishifl| 1,500+ pages. There's
now also over 1 of on-line documentation. The pac requires 1Mb
of RAM and two floppies the C language (more memory and a
drive are recommended), and 4Mb RAM and a hard drive for C
For more information, contact S Institute, SAS Campus Drive, Cary, 27513; phone (919) 677-8000, extens:
Top marks for an improved language release, and news of two competing Apple emulation systems in this month’s Stateside report from Denny Atkin The Editing Edge Texas-based Inovatronics have released an incredible new text editor called Edge. This easv-to-use editor is completely configurable - the entire user interface, from menus to keyboard commands, can be changed to fit your whims. Arexx macros can be written or recorded automatically. You can open multiple windows with different views on the same file - great for cutting and pasting in large documents. It supports all screen modes and
resolutions, and will open on public screens.
It has multiple-level Undo and Redo, limited only by memory, t he editor features blazing speed in scrolling, formatting, and search replace operations. The on-line help is unmatched - the entire manual is available using the AmigaGuide help system.
Inovatronics recently opened an office in the UK, but this product was so impressive (the first editor to get me to switch from TurboText) that I felt it deserved a mention.
And you don't even have to call Texas to get info on it: Just contact Inovatronics, Unit 11, Enterprise Centre*, Cranbome Road, Potters Bar EN6 3DQ. Tel: 0707 662861, fax: 0707 660992.
• In a previous column, I mentioned that the new version of CanDo
required you to contact Inovatronics to get the files needed to
distribute standalone applications, and that a licensing fee
might be involved.
Inovatronics contacted me as this column was going to press and said that the necessary files would soon be available on-line to allow CanDo owners to distribute their applications without contacting Inovatronics first.
The company does request, however, that you send them a copy of any application you create and distribute with the program.
INOVAtnnki give you the edge when editing A-Max gets colour Nobody wants a black-and-white TV any more, so who wants a black-and-white Macintosh emulator? Canada's ReadySoft have updated their A-Max Mac emulator tc support colour and the newest releases of Apple s operating system. A-Max IV is based on the A-Max 11+ Zorro II board, so you'll need an Amiga with slots to use it.
Among the emulator's features are support for Apple’s System 7.0 or later using inexpensive 128k Mac Plus ROM chips: full colour support (16 colours on ECS machines, 256 on AGA, and true 24-bit with Picasso II. Retina, EGS, and some other boards); support for multiple display devices if you have an add-on graphics car auto-scroll screens of any size; and stereo sound support and Apple SuperDrive emulation. It's a full 32-bit dean emulation that supports up to 2Gb of RAM. Like previous sions of A-Max. This emulator supports using the Amiga's serial and parallel ports on the Mac side. As a
bonus, you can save ImageWnter 9-pin and 24-pin output to IFF files making transferring Mac printouts to Amiga applications a snap. You can also cut and paste date between the Mac clipboard and the Amiga clipboard device.
Unlike earlier versions of the A-Max software, this update multitasks with Amiga software and uses standard AmigaDOS device drivers to access hard drives - no more need for custom AMHD files. Stock A150Q and A20QQ owners will need to upgrade their systems, as the emulator requires at least a 68020 processor. AmigaDOS 2.1 or later and 2MB of free RAM; you'll also need Mac System 7.0 or higher on the Macintosh side Pricing is pretty steep at the retail level: The board retails for $ 509.95; A-Max II owners pay $ 119.95 for update disks and chips; A-Max cartridge owners can get the board for
$ 249.95 after trading in their cartridge; and owners of “other* Mac emulators (read that as “Emplant’) can trade in their board and get A-Max IV for $ 279.95. Interestingly Emplant developer Jim Drew has claimed on various on-line networks that A-Max IV violates software patents he has on Emplant. And that he will attempt to get a restraining order to prevent A-Max IV from being shipped out of Canada.
For information, contact ReadySoft. 30 Wertheim Court. Suite 2, Richmond Hill.
Ontario. Canada L4B1B9, call (419) 731-4175 or fax (419) 764-8867.
You Can Now... with New Final Writer :e SA5 impiler ersion include ver 300 ing the lishing ¦ 1.3Mb ackage ?ies for a hard Mb of ¦ C++ :t SAS rv. NC Put Your Finger on the Buttons of the Ultimate Amiga Word Processor Final Writer is not just a one-off product... SoflWood arc acknowledged as the World's leading software company publishing for the Amiga and no other system. So. If Final Writer exceeds your current requirements - whatever your Document Processing needs, whatever your Amiga - SoftWood will slill have the Perfect Package for you... Pen Pal or Final Copy II and Proper Grammar
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Ax IV lining I Hill.
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All information corrtd rJ time h jrrcii. EAEOE. All hiukmiirki dfklUMMgtd. Jhf document (vi iltr previous fhifte hut output on a oh- ouf Comm Bubble Jt .
¦ COMMENT Though doubters and cynics in the industry have of late begun to mutter ominously about the future of the Amiga market, the people whose opinions really matter - the buying public - have continued to show a great deal of optimism and faith in the machine. Two recent Amiga shows are all the evidence one needs for that.
The Amiga is alive and well and living in Europe, as the latest Amiga shows have proved A tale two Cologne, hosting the World of Commodore show from November 5 to 7, has always been an important venue tor Commodore events, and this year’s effort was no different. Dozens of developers and manufacturers turned up to join the box shifters, and the best of European engineering went on display.
Peripherals being developed by several German and European companies included high speed digital broadcast cards based on Jpeg technology. Mpeg players, PCMCIA fax modem cards, accelerators, and even a transputer card. Video applications were as usual well represented, and the number of stands running digital movies from hard drive was matched only by the number of smiling new Elite 2 owners Surrounding all this showy behaviour was a determined crowd of punters with bulging wallets and an eye for an upgrade. The buying frenzy reached such epic proportions at some stands that wobbly
trolleyloads of replacement A4000s had to be wheeled up to replenish stocks once the machine had sold out.
Shows By midday on Saturday, the height of the show, there was a 200-yard queue outside the cavernous hall and the security guards were forced to close the doors and send people out by another exit until things calmed down.
The milling crowds of waiting German enthusiasts were reduced to cheering throatilv for the lucky few who were allowed to pass through in dribs and drabs.
With so much interest in the Amiga, such a frenzied burst of spending, and the healthy display of top notch Amiga add-ons we saw while at the show, it is clear that we still have a vibrant machine in a strong market.
The leisure market may be suffering from PC and console competition combined with the games industry's determinedly gloomy view of the Amiga, but the productivity and videography industries are doing very nicely.
The UK side of the same coin presents an interesting contrast. At a recent sizeable show in London, the emphasis was on the entertainment industry as a whole rather than the Amiga, and the consoles were the most obvious force.
A 40-feet high helium-filled Sonic hovered menacingly over everyone at the show in a sort of symbolic gesture of the truth about Sega hype: neat presentation, but mostly hot air.
Little that was new was on show, but the assembled public seemed to be having a wail of a time, and there much more of an atmosphere of fun than at the German show. Games and playing them were the predominant themes and nothing the odd technical demonstration could do was able to dispel the atmosphere. As usual, the good old British box shifters were there in numbers, and more than a few happy customers could be found taking advantage of special show prices, so although there was a disappointing lack of high-end stuff (relegated to an oasis around the Commodore stand), there was still a
positive message.
Had we visited just the London show and missed out on Cologne, the impression of a slowly declining Amiga would have been overpowering. As it was, we were able to conclude that in the face of the stiffest competition imaginable, the Amiga is still jumping off the shelf and into the hands of enthusiasts all over Europe.
The UK industry's over-concentration on the games side of the Amiga leads many in this country to make pessimistic predictions about the machine, ignoring as they do the Amiga's other talents.
No-one has properly surveyed the video and multimedia industries to calculate exactly what sort of market share the Amiga has there, but if the 52 Amigas used in the production of Jurassic P irk are anything to go by. There's plenty of room left for expansion.
We enjoyed a huge boom in the low end of the Amiga market while its prowess as the best games machine was unchallenged. These days, with the consoles and the PC making a determined thrust in the leisure area and so much development now concentrated on CD-ROM, the Amiga is fortunate in having a solid image in other areas.
As the games side of the Amiga changes, evolving towards AGA games and, hopefully, CD32 in the coming year, it is difficult to predict how the market will develop.
Some in the UK games industry are certain that the Amiga has had its time, mostly through the inevitable move from floppies to CD discs, but as the Amiga has made a bold move into CD-ROM with CD32, can we share this pessimism?
We must wait and see what the UK software houses make of CD32, but at least the signs are that the Amiga will continue as a strong independent platform even without a leading stake in the games industry.
The evidence is on your TV set in the form Bdb l0H 5, Deep Space 9, SeaQucsl DSV, (urassic Park, and many other examples of the Amiga's use as a cheap, effective videography tool.
You might miss this sort of involvement at a UK show, but take the wider European view and 1994 is going to be a much better year for the Amiga than many of our games-obsessed cynics would have you believe.
The AC team EDITOR Stevie Kennedy ASSOCIATE EDITOR Paul Austin ART EDITORS Tym Lecky Terry Thiele NEWS EDITOR john Butters PRODUCTION EDITOR Phil Morse STAFF WRITERS Jonathon Maddock Simon Clays Adam Phillips ADVERTISING MANAGER Simon Lees AD SALES Jjmt Normington AD PRODUCTION Barbara Newafl MARKETING MANAGER Lucy Oliver PRODUCTION MANAGER Sandra Childs SYSTEMS MANAGER David Stewart CIRCULATION DIRECTOR David Wren DISTRIBUTION COMAG (Ottt) 4440$ $ SUBSCRIPTION 0SI-3572MI Member of the Audt Bureau of Circulations E3 58,305 Jan+m* 1993 Published by Europms Enterprise Ltd Europi House. Adinjcon
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• fide or n pen oebout «rtt*n permtM* WNIi t»ery are n ohm die
pubbben amoi be Wd hgjJV rtpowbW for try
• Kop or UtVflRESS .ENTERPRISE for Amiga tothuviltt At a key
member of the Europreti imp- ame group, Amp Compvtmg promises w
Mfprm, tdwwe »"d mttrtiin its ruden each month with the moit
dedicated towage of the Amiga amiable Amiga Competing • Atari
ST Oirr • Atari St Review *PC feday Acorn Competing • GS Acton
• Aeefe Acton • JT Action
• Commodore force • Sega forte • H-hxt • Amp force
• Bad Hhitnct • Stiptr Actiw • K Home Panted in the United
Kingdom by BPCC ltd; CartW* 1 NEW! - 50mhz A1200 ACCELERATOR t
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all your 24- M graphics card requirements. It is a high
performance, high resolution. 24-bit board that will take any
Amiga 1500.
2000,3000 or 4000 twywd AGA' But the hardware s onty ha* ol the pcture Without quality software your investment will be wasted. Not only does ?VP's own award vwnnina graphics application ImageFX fully support EGS bpectnyn. But also, using a Workbench driver, nearly all existing Amiga Workbench compatible applications w4l also work on and support the EGS Spectrum system
• U* or 2m ot On-board Memory
• On-board Hardware BUTTER
• Future Re-targetable Graphics Support
• Zorro II or Zorro III Autosensing
• Scan Rates up to 80*m
• 80,000,000 Pixels sec Pixel Display Speed (8-bitI
• Programmable Display Resolution 320x200 to 1600x1280
• Supports Data Transfer Rates up to 12uJsec on Zorro III Systems
A1230-11 ts the most advanced accelerator for the A1200 yot
• Squhi 68030
• Built-in Memory Management
• Optional 50uhz FPU
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peripherals to be attached The first of those is a SCSI
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It features
• DMA SCSI Design
• Faaast ROM Controller
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GVP. Has an infuition-based software control panel with full
Arexx and command lino interfaces. Easy to use the G-Lock
genlock features many sophisticated attributes among which are
• Two Composite Video Inputs or S-Video (Y C) Input
• Simultaneous Composite A S-Video and RGB Output
• Video Processor - Real Time Software Control of Video
Attributes (Sharpness. Gain.
Brightness ete)
• Arexx Compatible
• Works with Flicker Fixers
• Multiple Keyer Modes 9 Full Audio Support 32-BTT PAM - The
A1230 Turoo can nave up to 32Mb of
r. gh speed 32-W RAM MATHS CO-PROCESSOR Tht A123Q Tirte «n De
linod v*«n a maths co-processor
• WJOKpreeeua turning Oottrl Void four Warranty
• Uv to IS* oi 12-trt WUI
• Don* 10r MOW PCMCIA inrur'jee
• CtCO'ur M(M2 CoPa ces»cr •-nx ImbRAM 2Mb RAM G-LOCK NEW!
£399 NEW!
I. .. MAM £379 £579 £79 £249 £379 £499 MULTI-MEDIA AUTHORING FOR
A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 ALL-IN-ONE GRAPHICS CARD Impact Vison
24 is a Wly featured video card Lwke «lw yapftcs carts which
require you to buy extra modules later tV24 has every- !M j
you codd want from a video board buM-in) nduded with IV24 «
OVP's custom Video Interface Ural |VKJ). Ths ydu flW* chocs*
Kir in and outpudng video signals than any other Amiga
peripheral on the maitet VXJ-CT spinet provides additional RGB
Y. R-Y and B Y output FREE SOFTWARE WITH IV24 Create stunnng
3D renoered mages, relouch captured mages and wipe behveen 2
video sources *ith M pacxaged vtdeo ireneilions tor production
ttuOo eflocts Also induded is MacroPant 2. A 2*W graphics
package *hch can pwnf In 16 8 millon colours
• I.SUb 24-bit, 16.8 million Colour Butler e Real-time Frame
Grabber Digitiser e De-interlaced. Video Flicker Fixer s
Uoveable Sinablt PIP (Pteture-ln-Picture)
• 2 Video Genlock IRGB A Compo&ltP)
• 766x690 Resolution
• Captured Image Retoucblng Proceeeing
• Anlmstlon 3D Rendering SCSI RAM EXPANSION FOR THE AMIGA 1200
A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 1 the PC and so )M, the r areas,
solving coming levelop.
Hat the
• vitable iga has can we houses Amiga n even bylon 5, v other
ective 1 show, ig to be of our NEW!
¦ Capture sound hom an external v source and play it back in ¦ Stereo or mono on your Amiga The latest version of GVFs Digital Sound Studio 4 I '*¦ ibSSftti enables you to 0m- 11 -* create audio effects lor use M m games oi iingies 1 The HC8* is a high speed hard drive & RAM card which can also be used to increase VW Amiga s RAM by up to 0Mb RAM I_I
• High Speed DMA SCSI Controller Can Handle upto 7 Devices 9
Ultra Fast Access SCSI Hard Drive Option - See Below 9 Supplied
Unpopulated the HC8+ can be Upgrade to Give You up to 8m Of
FAST RAM - See Below for Details 9 Direct Memory Access Style
Design for Top Speed Transfer HC8+ HARD DRIVE CARD
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• Simultaneously Helds up ie 31 Sound Sample* m Memory Adding RAM
or a hard dnve to your Amiga 1200 will have a considerable
impact on its speed The GVP SCSI RAM allows you to enhance
your Amiga 1200 with both Its SCSI hard drive interface is one
of the fastest, whilst its 32-bit RAM upgrade is based on the
same technology featured in the bestselling A1230
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Drives to be Connected Inside the A1200 Casing
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SCSI WT FREE OF CHARGE Spectrum Autlysts. Ittio i Rertrberehou
ABEXX Compatible DSS8+ £69 , MOD Fikl MIDI CompMlt
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aiW * A1MO A20CC i 9-at smjxy i compctnon tm
I. ......J Ova HD 42Mb HD 80m!. HD 120Mb HD £129 £199 £299 £399
USING 2 4 5 or 8 SIMMS 1Mb SIMM £35w PER SIMM
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Darkroom Software A1MWA2000 ADAPTOR C49.95 • OVA 5224 IV24 -.
VIU-S IV24r :VIU*CT £*499 £999 nr v*r vo rai EW99 £1299 esvs’
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| 030 40mh 1030 33whi
12. 1 wo-ssfc taui.tthMCxi 4w RAM • NO FPU Oft RAM TSHT In 68040
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• BUSINESS . EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT Vuun iiiwu ta arc arm fCft
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your «iv«
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SHOP: Debenhams:-.o Wafertoo House. Wesgate Si, Ipswich, IP13EH
Tel: M73 287092 Coeonj *«,’» Wto-fn B»ani3JemiS*I»COir»«0Cl -
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Court Road. London W1P 0BA let: I71-5N 4100 cpmn) Hgjn laySal
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To Silica AMCOM-0194-68. 1-4 Tho Mows. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kpnt, Qat4 4QX PLEASE SEND ME A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE Surname- Mr Mrs-M'SS'Ms Initials: Company Name (if applicable) Trtoy ton r« Postcode: .
Tef (Work): 081-309 1111 Tel (Home) Whtch computers) it any. Do you own? »»Of *ihsrlmo preen and ypsumay crungf "ewrsfum in* cojpo* to- r. mimi , r CALLERS WELCOME AT OUR BRANCHES OPEN 9-5.30, MONDAY TO SATURDAY, (10-4.30PM SUNDAYS + DECEMBER LATE NIGHT THURSDAYS TO 8.00PM ST ALBANS ONLY) £279 D'! »FMV Card as eb BMHCVMOI £465 CD*’ Standard worronty b 12 months return to box 12 months on-srle worianfy £39,99 Extra 2yrs on-vte warranty £69.99 FREE WITH AU 1200s NIGEL MAN5E.
TROLLS AGA AM COMPILATION PACK 4 WORKS PIATMM A500* ond A600s come (omplete with mouse, modulator I lo conned to IV, or fiwwtor lead as required, all cobles, manuals, [ operating discs ond utilities WITH ANY COMPUTER CHAOS ENGINE.
174. 90 18990 19499 20999 269 ti 284.99 31990 33490 34999 364.99
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CcrtOTek (aiiinnj 10 ka eMe wxj Itai jore*.
Riyimaeiwcmi y (ephm Plcrei xmHAo er« 93 ( Tag team Mveuk* EddlheDwM StodUpt ImmbaWXAF Rowxl me Beni t Fnlfigtret Wc4n liuffl BartSeipsen Spdermau yn America M A can Imio Xemw - C4V6 Gone of (he Ua BoseWWrac Apowet.AFUi music, d graphics?
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THE Eoiy Amoi Hobbyle AMOS PD Greatr Deluxe Paint III pfes friaH yaw cw dtsg*i t? Irxwporat* hm yoa 700 Crp Art pks MIDI Recording Sivdio I H yt« has* 4 HJW imrnmeM *6 R nrrythng ytu Dduxe Paint III* vrith dmtnse. Pahn * MIDI Interface need lo (tmpoie ai 4 rdn ycor mow onmolwi« 700 Csp Aft p«s ktp nod4;ww t wd ert benl Peetrful pfesenwio* md Medidaa Wcf Wf wrtti UK sqcfl chd. Tkesoirm The Works Platinum uriofehcci. 5 dantae.a OR AMIGA Vi won STOP PRESS! Desktop Dynamite AGA pack (see 1200 box) £69 with AMIGA £79 alone i HD n OLDAMIGA 1RADC*M‘ The best Irode-m ollowpnce, extra for perloherok
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'Acieprome of pre-V2 mochmts may be Urtod
- (annudxe ironed flolf or* fntn4y«idt »W nod cduuMFfll gaim.
Froymwnw) cc lediM* specxdisls ewdty ™*e *»'«•')
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Tort (ware branches
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product ¦nhfln-sitemoiretngacel
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service CDTV MULTI MEDIA C8M 1084 so ?*«« 17890 CBM 1940 ujws.
Tour *o« aga 269 w Philips 8833h itcio 209.99 Star LC100C Tsmmm
149" 159."
Citizen 240C Mncolow 252.90 262.90 NO OTHER DKALIIK CAN BIAT OUR CREDENTIALS Mutbewftoa conpony a* 1 years expwwnrt « (emodori pro**«t here lo flay 1st MWFHER MAIL OWKtiCS U-, „ rnAOrd. hw bOTJ* CLASSICS A600 SO IMA A600SP WIU), WORD ffuTSSur, AND WICRED 7W purser' A600 hd 20 40 Ik Rom, Mttr, .. Txnui Punai, ON Awm Tur Duuxi A500 600 CDTV lNwNbaelBiwoBwSD«WfiBdiMla*idltr3riF«rty*iYBBd» mill imWI du * Mi dnunaiiaoi 'Will iwtdj 2NAlot oweutrt «• NO wodds STARTER PACK A Must for new users1 tkronrkiied lovskk.'Set (tic Mou hoB yon Arnrgo' beow. IBIfenk A* BO Uppity lodablr mx box mouse nrt
di U ;ovei YtwKAei PLUS WARR- ALONE STARTER ANTY £ £ Pm III’. Fooaie utsit Amo Discs CD Pura. Km’e, EPIC PACK A4000 30 & 40 A4000 30: AGA Oot Set 68030 processor, 68882 2V50 Mhz co- Cessor option. 256,000 colours from 16.6M, scon doubUg for flicker display Mouse, Anwgo 3.5" l .76 M8 3 S“ drive, Hord Dtnrt os below.
AMIGA DOS 3.0 system ond utitlies. Next day on-slte warranty A4000 4O: As above, but featuring the blislenng 68040 processor, with Ml (looting pornl fookhes HOT EC version. UK models with on-srte worronty. WOTjguwrts!
Ft *$ • “W W1MB 2+2MB 2*4MB 2«4MB HD 5U8MT SlANMtp SUPER EXP EXTRAS SIZE MB £70 KW0N VERSION 80 111 MS Iff 1 IS Tff|S 120 |fi ion |i|ifs ms [p 160 I£: io7* iiifs; us* lljl g-jc SPECIAL ®|S o 52 3 m 240 Iff 1149 2139 ;jf$ «8§|S Cl n| ]|z§ 2299 = £*§ 3 a ‘ m . S • 9 z 2 = 9ico - 5 B 8 lja.,5 11.., i kjmeiaitiweibmyeesylnih fnnihe ChWr«n'» Gomes Pod rwnjrt etlbeobiilBurwoe Aew SERIOUS USER'S PACK Ll alxJ M H|M(it iRificiim in iiivnv uiitu ami ia ALONC £49 Kiel M59 Prime.’ v aoi PD reck £39 A400WJ0 CO-PROu 68882 25 Mkr ADD £79 68882 50MH ADD £159 F tt ng FOC if purcftasing A4000 11m She* PwU
OR Fun School 7 Fan School 3 or 4 OR ADI Jv Reeding OR Ceawting Deluxe PaiwT 114 700 OpArtpks Denes of etiilin Pisfiodcer rrwvr nedue, jOTyk p'tgramnts Aoi *o M»0S p-opaim OR AMOS Prefesttewal J**, ADO.CjO.ter jto_of*jow lilt KMDI vniwordi ThetwrswfatHAbyl. WTHAM not lot bbq now * * * ¦elides tM ultimate £44 joystick II Thiiuo" ftSMa jErtfjay1 10 "Hot lift* Garnet See Isneg 16 dw roll ter cuneM HOT LIST,«»kene TW GREATEST! Ft* ia»«l ctwrtpK Onyren s gamn atalable 80 Prog. Hobbyte PD Meta jjPRfyjb l*|«VsY],A- ., ‘ T SorwWieer, DiloMw * Wrap Tutinlur ord tfye ¦at, 80 capoaty uflmjtf ms lifers e
mesl for ivwy *mgo o*n«l lockabW disc box, pivi datl caver NOME APPLICATION PACK Perfe T for el Hew special Office needs WI1H amiga alone irn,u«M £21 £49 STARTIR PACK A etast leriew( with amiga aloni users! Al vow wood iw m Yofee pock Male vodin (0f*t5 tf WcrUiendi end olbef onpMl apjIcoScm «« « sm» os yw get diem (bed dsn iwgularty. Esptooly if doiir* »lk fnendi Hepi prtvwl dirt 'ikfl (olertug on mane co*«Kl5 CD32 CONSOLE SPECIAL Choose any* 3 CD ifcc (see software section) for £59.90 n 5.¦ " TO USE Tmlc a 1%.
* ™l» AO t!53ssSSS?i?
CD32 SOFTWARE Over 75 titles spuoatty «mwn for the CD3* should be M stock by Christmas Iphoee for list), unlading Syndice't, 2ool ?, Jurassic fork, Cheos Engine, Rofocod, mony (d wbidi indude o M CD wot trod alongside the gomt Abwf half of existing CDTV Mbs oie (ompatMe. CD37 wi oho pby esrmcd mvsic Cds ond0*Gdno A1200 1200 2MB 269 120Q+20M8 HD 379 1200f60M6 HD 439 1200 +80MBHD 469 1200 4120MB HD 509 1200 4207MB HD 549 Extra 4MB 4 dock fitted ADD £200 “Cm iPffOVO NatiO MHVP M'bptmMhriMrrteydKwd AVAILABLE NOW!
Ful Motion Weo moduli far CIH1 .... |Mh I... Hr* Owl ----------ElOl COMING SOON Floppy drive. Keybsard. Mouse CD* lei At] SPECIAL DeskjBf 500C end Storm Pock attionyAmqo ONLY £285 CD” Coasoie (wHh Oscee A6A Diggers ? Joy pad FREE) "Dflll needs 2MI for c AWARD WINNERS Spsa Ace. Bk Off. PpeMaK.ru (carts os 21 t PARTICULARLY SUITABLE I OADREN (MAY NEED Nil ft NOT Al 200 COMPAFW TTTUS MAY VARY
188. 99
199. 90
12. 99 '3I4S0* lands* 2i R + YHJ-S Irxgn* 1200 compat.
Roam Rodtey Supra 2400 Modcen
158. 50 11950
78. 95 .269.99
339. 99
- 689.99
- 283.90 With 9 Comms 2400 tier 1200 4000 as above, bal 20*.
Ik Cub so* .1782. ir. .27dp. 2912 Khr bora, vm Far AI?00 MkroiW _____ hhSvnc for 1200 4000 modeb_______________ i i 936 H-res SVGA 28dp a. till & 5*ivd.._ . ; 4F€ MuH-Sync--------------------- ‘ ‘ 1211021* SUPPORTS: TV Paint, HI 500 1.5MB.™, H2QQ0 ?MB ¦*• Alpha 1+0 W TV braf-Kanate vrith sab pidura fsr monion_ t»wfc« 1---------------- ’ho Speakers ----------------------------- £1489.99 ALSO WITH I IF fOU HAVE PURCHASED OPAIWON, YOU HUT Hffl AECEfVED YOUCHERS AGAINST THE F0U0W1KG HEW PRODUCTS. WHICH 1 I Will BE AcamDIYHQMYIL IMPART PAYMttT Yid« Processot Tor
- 647.99
- 647.09
647. 99 i'.ai for Opal Vokw WITH VOUCHERS SuK (« Opel faon WllH
V01KHE1S ...M Seen lot* (orveter lor OaolTnion WITH
VOUCHERS- btino 24 brt frophia tort* 1MB * VD Paint ..
buna 24 bit grophia cod ? 2MB»VD Paml telM 24 bit giaphc ntd
* 4MB * YD Ffomt .... Y lob 24 brt real tw digfOK
1200 600 500 ext Y lob 24 brt teal In dfKer 1500 3009 4000
Y lab 4000 3000 ini SWSl ----------------------
329. 00
395. 00 ,489.00
1. 99 m atvit* AlOMt STAJtTU PACK EMULATION G Got* 386tx
2SMH: ......386.99 386 Bnfetead GYP 286 lot GVPII
+530 .146.99 486 Wgetoard GYP 40 4 for 1500
__________945.99 Emplont ATOnti_________________________214.99
Emplont Mae., i170*0 _ sta-iao ... Orim W r»o»o‘ GtWe 90
roiour’ fi**l»_... SivlCIOOIiNtdl 111 99 11990 144 4V 154 4V
149. 99
199. 99
299. 99 .245.90
339. 90 09p* 072110 ul.....159.90 Stw IC200 col ...... 184
99 Slot LC14-20 n 311.4V StelC 24-105 24 p* 173.4V Slot 1(24
200 MV.W Sim LC 24 200 col 148.41 Pm*™ KXP 2123 cd
2099V Epso* LQ100 .179 99 EpualQS7Q _.2S9.90
SCANNERS A DIGITISERS Epson GT 6500,600* 24 bil A4 inc 5am
vfof ----------------779.00
• ,800dpi;
1099. 90 Epson GT 8000.800dpi 24 bil A4 inc Sam vV Powr Hand
Samrw 0(1 sofrwti for Pew* Samncr Powr Colour HondSaniw
Sharp JX IOQA6Samntf t
• LQ 170 .ttV.VO Summo Sketch IIA4 with s * A3 Tt EpsoelQ 1170
.S4V.V0 Men SJ
164. 99 199 99 1796 733 91 15200 24* Cftztn S200 24 col*.
Cxu«« ___ UAPHKS OD Mi 40______
• V Pci 24 PHMCef C4e«S24xcef* 325.90 .213.99
179. 99 .
24. 99 Any My -16.99 ggjg 5*0Mwh*ftpocb 5*1(24 30 Cd_______21190
Star 1(24 300 (ol ..275.90 Oijw cel Neat, hater HT POA
back_________39.90 Ami back Tods .. 39J9 Amos 30 21.49
Anws die Creator _Jlt5 AnteCutoiiw 19.49
Ames ProT ....32.99 Amos Prof. 0 rai „ TOA fcim?
.49.94| Bnlu*nMhp4.1 AGA CnOo 2.S________JX3F
29. 75 pnMipmiawpMMt
69. 75 wgBttm mAF 119.49 D'redtr Opus 4 4190 SPECIAL PtoPM 4 &
PtoOm GB Routt ?
GfABow 199 |rfHi £159.99 Giaomea .47.50 Pretext 55 ...... POA Savlenke C .255.49 Pubbsh*... 17.94 OwtaW 39.49 SruonPubWm 177.95
22. 99
16. 49
22. 90
* 9.99
24. 99
24. 99
21. 69 2199
18. 90
18. 90 Otall Graid'Prt'x Gunship 2000 A raeo * ? 13 396.90
AdoroM Cm Uorph .29.99 AmgoVw tui* Pant IV
53.99 BrXs) Hislory lint.. Indkw Jones LemmiMsI_ Mkio Nodmn
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• 4 tnm fester ihcnirAm Plirwidicn WH «OH*T-A«ftwshc pooeifnmij
£689.90 44 JO .39.90 Draw.
* 12.99 15A9
15. 95
17. 49
- .1199
5. 99 ,,*199
- 19.49 ,15.99
39. 49
187. 90
149. 99
139. 90
63. 99 i FI VI.5___ ¦afhev2_____
• 09. Master AGA weCAOPkn .. loborod 4190 SpfOAL Pl»Pi|» 4
6 PioOr* Hgfr?
3H! ThunBerbir DSU.
Their Rnnl Hour TmdPurad ...... ¦ecpfc ?, too d the tonjr x im* £13199.
* 55 S M 124 99 (IIP 49.99 Pud 30 Pro___ ht Drw3 .
HoDrawTAGA leal 3D Qessk.... led 30 v2,~ Scdo 500 HVT Scab Pro MM2I0 NO UstKnUSt ® J arcs OurtrWtaADMin...59.99 Supeib«* Pwuetal 4 104.90 SuperbwPto4V! 3 214.99 trice apfte only wtb Anugo Typesimlh .....122.90 hardwrepwdrw RE mmL EE “4441 CD DISCS WoitTHotinuni S1W mm- VwifpmbonBl .,79.' My niwd PEG aMMjw mcmocwtdK' oacw; lOOMBsdbcnwsfatKwfi comrnsswmMr 10M. 'Snot R*sWGc«MPy»o prajwmt *(P dh*w* snort PEG, tudi cs DPMHI P AGA. Ta thn ar load * me IP ¦jSpBcssrfas ORDERING: dttai 7190
394. 90
64. 49
137. 90 Al C0TV tides 1595 off IRP £479
2. 000 (bp Art 4 99 Sotads SddHI200famAGi[27199 VID!0fFlR. ..
5da Pro MM300itujp2190 ggqe. P S7- 9 Kdi 24 Red Tin* 222.90
CD" DISCS Loads araittb • Pham •
27. 99
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....47.90 VIDEO TAPI IACIUP UTILITY ...£57.50 lading
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nrtrdhili aai .379.90
- h dKk cormoner Sottaari onh 189.99 !SL8 sjai“L“Ziil?
HARD DRIVES ACCILIRATORS p 2000 M2SS8zz==i»5 IOU m9, XSOO ktand 10*1 HO 279.49 71, 90 4S09 Mam: IJ0M HD __________59.99 Hml 374 90 Mu* SO MM HD ......209.49 mS ....IraS 4570 b 2 041* M0____*.90 12SMH2~IN4 J«!* A600 1200 OS 48MN2 4448 .....484.H «u* un IX i jm 274.99 (fewIBSHN74M 98499 u!ut«u jL i«« ......eeaui T :.Zh i ill i vii'oJ c'? 17}® 03d *l«I Hk' “19.90
- m! Off 173O 40MH2 411144117
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234 TO M12X U4QM& 249 99 000 4000 mSmmzz_____429.99
* 4* WI73C XA 30MMz4MB____519.99 Ottrvsi- 7*9 99 MwdAtiortlM25«*;
219.99 '-rtHK-b” ~ IiSn vn»40W ..319.99 mom
TMIbJrtUibMK*________179.99 StvSSHi =88 A600 1200 HP UPGRADES _
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MWI«_____________ t»9.99 Jin U* invailtNj lelti W» i«
kWim_______199.99 TOMS 85 »*M7i«4__229.99 4QM3 ...13 MM
MM____329.* ZO 1] MM450M4_______.489.99 S EfiTZZli PfI- InnHaRL
: ¦ BiaiiQw_______39100 •MuMi»*i*»[i4«i»rHokte.*ml ¦ s: mi
iom ... 409.00 “tAm ntacMMobtatWAo
* :« 'M - ~-®-8 1200 OVERMIV! EXTERNAL HD's aa,W ft*
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OmZmlSITOMHO_____1I7J8 9* M Ml .••jg:* 0«L IS
220 24M HO ..337JO aaar”***1 Siiiias!!
Bread T Fail Pock MaaPhotsU)...... 51.49 tj
1. , „nn15’’W CtejOw ,,-.
NSgtmSlz I Vwon .... ..BOA ....13199 PteYidwPlw___137.99 SanNyAn«4 £57.99 Soaltr. ....59.99 TV Record 189.99
119. 95 IV Shew Pro 51.39 «r5 TV Text Pro 79.50 Vkieo Siuio
3_______11S.95 m ViSw Orerter_______11190 Ydw Effodt
3D ....TOA YidwMjWt----49.49 Vidi Aaaqa 17 V7
74J0 V-frptesJonAGA 134. VO Yisto Mokepotk
kith*Pro2,3A .134.90 JttD1000 ohafCoovetsioe. 48.99 X CAD
3000 .....,,249.99 k*mt ICAD2lo3ifgradi .149.99 _
5gjm8Y Rf._| VIDEO PIOO niUNG .?i?®- A fid** TV Pant Y7
588.90 45,50 won _17.90 Brodrtcest Tehr II ,173.90 Euu*
Pont AGA 62.99 NEW-Breodcest TrtW AGA knoy Animation 56.90
Seper Hlgk res 239.90
- V.nmiSuK ..... 49.49 Bread 1 Fat Enhow
1039. 99 .889.99 29.99
595. 90
259. 99
544. 99
1790. 90
113. 99 37.90 ,57.90
249. 90 1 Merlin's Paint & Cm* IV Point Jumer I?-?? Vista Pro 3
¦M 1700 rtplMMMM Hhtul ftwpy SOI ¦KROVmCOIB-SCAN 14401 '
,2Mp f«?r l ?t» 4000. M-faMAy
• **6» scan rate between 15KH (defouh on boot up) amid 40 Khz
(or oN AGA mer rthr. Range WhhtiH and swnwl stand *CUA IISTIUY*
• yilmnr 17tMIII.4mb«rAn i(ft21 f 10HDfina N-tDnandfrao, It:
1500 2 3 4000_________________
• m m •end imr 1*500 640 1 too____________- Mpirjrjl i MB til dne
far tty Angj 1171 i AGAmonite + specJurs..- i AGA monitor t $
FLOPPY DRIYBS mi li utarad Ain, tanhan • WeH---------- mi
(A1354 3i uiana dm, Jap.________________ ¦ aM mi id . Btl bod
up oart nitn pKtMM -------------- ¦ ¦tame, (ydiMranp*fti_______
8m* KN0I .....
41* U 8833 MKII mon. Uh mt«I stand lor 8833.
16. 99 XcewPrt.- .34.95 LEISURE TOR SELLERS 16-99
APPLICATION Aim Breed II AGA . , -22.90
16. 99 ArtnoAuounh 81S0 »¦« (trdliMr 3 8990 BotlltCws 14,99 Hsn W
tSSShr Fatal Writer 99.90 JajggJ “6-2*2 Kind Words
HI_______17.90 817 Rying Fortr«s 22.99 Moxipnn Plus
»4_____17.90 HWOffke .37.49 Paqestream 2.22
62.90 PooestTeam v3_219.90 AF GOLD WINNER
24. 99 P« hi 1.5 .. 2150
22. 49 Pm Finance Men«.....29.50 MUSIC AD 1012 SlamJeo 14 Samptr
-J49.95 Audio Engineer *1 189.49 Audn Master 4 -41.49
wgizzsa Diluu Mirk Cwl 1 -67.90 _r. , GYP OSS PIUS 59.90
Semite Socrei NAGA 18.90 MegMwrwdswflat . 23,90 Winter S*er
Sgacts 21.90 MaTirtKfea 19.95 ZodH .21.90 Mrode
Kboari laKr.277.99 SPECIAL ANY 3* 59.90 A-ny! U« nteyoted
yntxi to ovtripj my b soitetkottdiiSra and speoa effects, to
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foaaao* bar SWS 167M askirs, MtfG lads * Ibay Kncfom, 25
femes s* pbyoock YC Output modoM foi
Pdggy ...... MP*8
*ko6o* fo* PegDf--------------- - . £349.99 OPAL VISION
Cfcc 3000 4000) KAS»24PTCWHK5t«0 roOA OO . FREE Per nd Port
(ffdlrt fcJ*«t.VY PSCC01O 74 BIT GRAPWCS CARD
6. 7 mUcn tcfcun. Mthoord bkltec, W8 eip fe 2MB ndtt RAM. Futjr
(KrprrTEJf motibsn, dofoie luften) • soean ? AKXX supper*
Sepporfcjwdnjgraefcapodogis aHiicRcftj £379 99 ,,.,.1929
*H2000Pkn £1479 £999 ’H4000 Pvn ..£1579
H3000 3M8 +0 Bufl« .£1099 FREE VI H4000 4MB * Alpha r
D Buffer .£1279 with Harlequin Pws Cdpd £199 - ‘ * *
¦nnte (Mitrdbi w. IIQMttzdock. WifcFR-------- m mmgk ma PEGGY
Mitt VIDEO CARD - £479.99 Ii 24 trt VmhOT from fe »(*«
oge dewts awl o ro*re Ihovgfi fte I andspacnl
SnfatoPtoifl'ouliih4MBnlwRAM,pOT*n tr«5«l!ftsnt9l6W»1290llw»
HFRftlYParrlrv ?4b4baad v2* Opel Part. Opd Pine*. OpolHdkcy,
Opel JranMAH 589.99 I IMAGINE SOFTWARE Widv Fl£E TV Pair Ira
PAAtWW Ul 24 fill GWNCS CNU) t YW0 CQNTRQUB . Sympatica. Ad
Pro. Rad 30 * others ,359.99 529.99
104. 99
48. 50
219. 49
449. 99 to 18 bit Powr Hand Sanw, 400 dpi. 64 Griyuob, Powsam
voftwar* 88.99 r as oban, V3 for 1200 4000 .
EXPANSION AMSIftRg-bp+Qodt..... 21.49 PC120lbm ...... J5.90 A500r IMIexp ..,,--29.99 PCI2062M8---137.90 A500t 2MB. Exp la 8MI ......149.99 PC I2Q84M8-------------214.90 AMI ..37.99 KIM88W . --396.90 A600 1200 2MB tx; lard) .,137.99 M6X1200 ban .... J4.99 A600 1200 4MB exp (ard)------169.99 MBA 1200 2MB ....,134.90 (DTY1MBop*SuperAyu_157.99 MBXI2D04MB ...-.194.90 A500 Rent Sjwrff 13_________37.95 N» 1200 Mi 371.90 A500 Ran Shotif 2.04 3195 6«822ailibBB( IW__ 71.90 A600 Rot Show* 1.3
.....49.95 68182 Wfefcr Ml 1301 159.90 A20iSMwntfCwd 229.95 CBM11 upgrede kit ...J199 Bhuord 12004MI . 159.90 Amite 16U0MBtxPk* 1200 ...76.90 Blinord 1200 8MB 299.90 Amite 16b* 4MB «p -POA Uiaord 1200 4MB 2SMHr 299.90 (Up fiHbg and board upgrade ov«L llinord 1200 4MB 50Wfa_ ......POA by •* qwlifW e*giM«s ....POA ACCESSORIES A DISCS A500 6W 1200 ptftHrwntre, 28.99 Ahen Bainn 12 Joystick..,10.99 A500 1200 control contra, ,,,.,34.90 Bug Joystick-------------11.9?
A600 control aMra 27.90 COTV Kcybovd 54.99 BrvkMta 01V Joythdt odopl, 39.99 Zy fi Speakers--------------17.90 10 ftlonk DS DO dba « ta 4.99 Zy-R Pro Spoken 57.90 l08lanlcDS HD fa s 6.99 50 Blank DS DD discs 17.99 A520 Modulator______________29.99 50 Blank DS HD discs 27.99 & Power!
SUPKA14440 FAX MODEM aa As above, bur up To 14,400 Fax Doto ..£279*00 Rocgtn plus Hockey Butdfo______________________ £239.90 Rendale 8802 (1200 compat) ,139. LJ?»330_1094.44 Radde8802FMC____159.95
469. 99 Horn Gerdodr 292_28190 !JRf|T CrtW]Mtfwri tten f° iff
JwL*jhl thaior'debit or flPpHcafion* Stybn 800 239.90
OrtJte fr**V ||nmm23M.«0 HP DeskJet 510 _ 249.90 HP DeskJet
SOOcgP-295.90 HP DedksSK?-.495.90 HP Oeskwt 120OC-1249.90
Comm lilOSX Part-189.W (anoi BJ 200 „ac„ rwrm rb
s«rmKia),295.90 (woe U 230 A3 339.96 Canoe IJ 330 A3 449.90
(mm I) 300___359.90 (ana* IK 600 W -.559.90 Star
Star S1144___519.90 WmSTPHQlASII MMAirron A 400a UMI 599.90 cmzat LASER WOO «A ! KXP 4410 S39.90 i KXP 4430 619.90 5ta 15 5 laser 549.90 HPImcrjtl4l 549.90 HP Iran* 4.... .126990 S»lSSutonIba,.45990 SlaiHlIOSOOOpM 59950 Bmaw adimd ¦ sovjmO co*dmr ciF ihi Mcnibtihi and af*r itwnrf am or Sopro Fox Modem 148 90 MODEM _ _ 1148.99 wtEKf-mr
• Ru&qidrr.edtkti t totals
• Cost t«t poje Ins ** id jd raiNTIRf Hama Genbdc S590.
GVPGLak_ ALONE STAimt na Kbde dnw IKby (W» 71 eberel hgUy mmmmU AM) 09.9S STARTER PACK: 500 Siwtts A4 paper, Amiga to prlater load, , Universal Prbittr Stand A Driver * wl Print Manager I (cnptoi Mat Am (WndMrs tr Mot drwdpaiiMAond Angara . COVE R D I S K program for ortiftf and Nf v horizons doiigiim Design Works is a structured drawing program, which means it works in a very different way to Dpaint and the other bitmap art programs most users have at one time owned or used Instead of storing its drawings as a map of pixels, rigid and set once saved Design Works uses mathematics to
describe the curves, colours, and areas covered by the drawing.
The method has one huge advantage over bitmap art in that the drawing can be scaled, rotated, and reshaped without losing resolution and without the jagged edges ( jag- gies as they re known) which result from changing the size of a bitmap drawing.
When the images are printed, either from a word processor or DTP package or from Design Works itself, it is printed at the highest possible resolution. Leading to crisp outlines and no laggies Everything needed to run the program is present on your CoverDisk.
Including a fonts directory, and it is With Design Works and Vidi Amiga, we bring you an artistic double act that’s hard to beat Design WoK M In •AUDI ere ra ty| lUMrLEft riJw Jijhit inj anA bfb ph‘ibb bI mnw vrvrr»Jensi imOOf* DfAffHljftd 1- i »-o w, (WJf K r
• fy utility easy to install Design Works on hard drive.
Simply boot from your normal system partition, put the Design Works disk in dfO: and type the following commands MKED1I DN0:PES16NW0RICS COPT DFO: ? TO DNO:IESIGNWORKS ALL Now just double click on the Design Works icon on your hard drive and off we go The directory you have created includes a directory with four fonts - System, Times. Helvetica, and Courier.
If you do not have these fonts already.
Fb D copy them to your fonts directory using the command COPT DHO:DESI6IIHO9KS F0llT$ f? TO FONTS: ALL Of course. DHO has been taken as an example, but if you have a partition called Work or DH1. Just replace DHO with this drive name in the commands listed above.
Right, let's start the program by double clicking on the Design Works icon There will be a delay while the program reads the fonts directory, then a window will open up showing a blank page superimposed by a grid, and three windows for the toolbox and current pen and Till colours.
If you have a copy of the ProWrite word processor. Design Works inter face will be familiar to you. But there should be few problems for those who haven t used a New Horizons package before as the usual hotkey commands do the usual things. Let s start with a sample document Select the Open option from the Project menu, then double click on the Sample Documents directory There should be a number of examples in this Author: Rombo The Vidi Amiga software on this month's CoverDisk is the full release of Rombo's latest software for the Vidi Amiga range of digitisers, bundled with the Vidi Amiga
12 24 (RT) hardware, with full grabbing and save options enabled.
Users of the existing Vidi Amiga 12 hardware should be able to make use of this software with the hardware they already have and those without the hardware can use it to process images or take advantage of the offer we are running in this issue to buy Vidi Amiga 12 (RT) at a reduced price.
As usual, the 12(RT) software has been archived so that we can unpack it onto its own disk, and as soon as this is over users should boot from the resulting disk.
The software runs from Workbench and on appearing will offer a main screen with the four main sections and two preferences screens available via button controls. Most readers won't have the Vidi hardware and those that do won’t need to be told how to use the grabbing screen, so let's go straight to the edit menu.
Click on the Load button at the bottom of the screen and select Sean.ilbm from the file requester to load a digitised picture of Sean Connery. If you have a non-AGA Amiga, this Ham8 image will not be displayed, so load the test card image from the Vidi disk or choose a Ham file from your own art work. Now that we have some data to operate on, click on Edit lo go to the edit screen.
Before any editing takes place we must convert the image into KGB data for 12(RT) lo go to work, so choose GetRGB from the list of operations in the centre window.
The command name will appear on a button to the right of the window and if we click on il the operation will be carried out.
PROCESSING Once that's done, we can start to mess about. For complete fiddliness, using every one of the processing controls in a random order would give you an idea how they all work, but there are one or two more spectacular ones we can go straight to.
The first process we'll try is emboss, which will convert the picture to a grey scale relief map of Sean's fizz. There are no user-definable settings for this feature, so just click on Emboss and wait for Sean to be turned to stone. Take a good look at the display and note that whiter areas appear higher and darker areas lower. Users can create very neat effects by loading Dpaint IFFs and applying this or any ol the other Edit features, so keep an eye open when using this software for opportunities where it might be useful.
Vidi Amiga 12(RT) Before any other operation is carried out, click on Undo for the image to be rapidly returned to normal. Vidi Amiga 12(RT) keeps a buffered copy of the original image to ensure that the user can experiment without constantly loading the image back in again.
At all times, the image's size and whether or not it has COVERDISK getting hold ot the ball, click on an area of the background It is sitting on and select Move to back from the Arrange menu Once the ball object has been ungrouped you will notice that it was made up of the red ball a spot highlight. And an area of shadow, which were grouped together to give the impression of a 3D ball. You should by now have realised that a structured drawing is made up of many component drawings grouped together to form the whole and that any drawing can be edited by ungrouping it and rearranging its
How much easier is this than rubbing out a line or filled area in Dpaint?
Lots. Now select Close from the Project menu, don't bother saving changes to the drawing, and we'll draw a seasonal snowman. O Our snowman will be made up mostly of two white circles, one each r i
* it art at the J beginning with the ilmptr body and head 1 hope*
» EII ???I Now edit the pattern fUt to produte an orange effect
a structure of art directory, so double click on the NH Logo
file to load it up. This is a simple drawing of the New
Horizons logo and we II use it to show how structured drawings
are put together.
Look at the toolbox window and you should see that the arrow icon is active. This means we are in object manipulation mode, and if you click on the logo itself, drag points should appear at its four comers. Keeping the left mouse button down, drag the drawing around the screen and release the mouse button, then click on one of the four drag points and move t around.
Notice how the pointer changes to a crosshair and we can alter the width and height of the drawing?
Move the drawing to one side and make sure it is more or less the same shape as it was imported, then click once on it with the left button to make it active and select Ungroup from the Arrange menu The ball in the middle of the logo should now have its own set of drag points What we have done is to split the drawing down to its next most complex component parts, and we can now drag the ball around without affecting the rest of the drawing For now. Drag the bail to the middle of the screen and use the Ungroup option again. If you have any problem for the head and body, but if we draw them as
white against a white background things could get tricky Look at the Fill and Pen colour windows on the right of the screen, and choose white as the fill colour and light blue as the pen colour so that we can see the outline of our circles Now draw two circles and drag or re- been converted to KGB are displayed on the right, so there should be no confusion when working with a number of frames, pear neat nv of ising M. Jndo miga e to ntly hai Go back to the main screen by clicking on the close gadget on the Edit screen’s window and click on the Carousel button. This option enables the
user to load a number of frames from an animation or sequence of digitised images and edit the order they appear.
Sequences can be played from here at varying frame rates, backwards or forwards, and frames can be moved to a new position in the sequence. For now there should be a thumbnail representation of the image we have in memory, so click on it once then on the Del button to start with a fresh slate.
Now go back to the main screen and load our image twice (yes, twice!) And return to the Edit screen. We should have two images in memory, a fact which is reported in the bottom right hand comer of the screen.
Use the GetRGB option with both images, swapping between them using the slider control, then go back to frame one. Click on the Cut button and cut out an area of the image (use the eye if you have loaded the Sean picture), then go to the second frame and click on paste.
You should now be able to paste the brush from the first frame into the second. If this doesn’t happen it is probably because you've forgotten to GetRGB, so don't worry.
OK, we know how to load images, more than one if need be, use the processing tools on it, and cut paste from one frame to another. The Carousel option now requires a bit more explanation.
THUMBNAILS When we go back to the Carousel screen, both frames should be visible as greyscale thumbnails. Notice that they are much dearer now that the program has some RGB data to work with.
Starting from left to right we can see the program con* trols which enable us to jump to any other section, then a list of switchable file specification buttons, and finally a set of controls for editing and viewing a sequence.
The top button of the image specification controls can be used to toggle between two sets of images. Let's say we load a pure 24-bit file which the software will convert to a IdesgnW® 7ff7 ?
O IT Jl s font nnno fur: rill iniimiii ll r*il»**inUi«iilr 1 ftitMnan F iff itrtrvt rot mi g " |i t«t In font rVtiM p* f»*»r»t 'H H ir ii% OMBM m COMPLETE rMH •MlflHiJ Md pnkuvnol imejt ptottumj tefhnn!
Wn I i :¦ HAM image. We can't have that in the same sequence as a load of Hamtte, so Carousel starts another sequence dft in memory.
Using the toggle button to swap between HAM and Ham8 will also Swap between the HAM and Ham8 sequences, Next is the resolution button which does a similar job if there are two sequences with differing resolu-
- MJl • ijHjjtiaJ w II i H JiilJll tin: I III 1 Wjjwj Mtotl The
Carousel option if Meal for moving frames around a Amiga
Computing January 1994 tions, a button to swap between single
image settings and sequence, and finally the file format
Clicking on this reveals that we may load a variety of images, from TIFF to BMP to 24-bit, ail of which will be converted to RGB and displayed for the user to work on. Vidi Amiga 12 (RT) is therefore extremely useful tor those who might have images taken from PC or Mac, as the 11FF and BMP formats are used extensively on those machines.
The next set of controls enable us to set the start and end point of any sequence we'd like to view and is accompanied by a slider giving variable control over playback speed. If you have a fast enough Amiga, you should be able to achieve 20 frames per second or more.
VIEW OPTIONS ()n the tar right, the last set of controls give the user the option to view a sequence backwards, forwards, or in ping- pong fashion, view a particular frame or play the whole sequence. You will also find the Del and Move buttons here These are most important because by using them it is possible to select a range of frames and either delete them or move them to another part of the sequence, one of Vidi's most powerful editing features. Mastery of these controls and the technique of cutting and pasting frames is essential if you are to get the most from the software.
Everything else in the Vidi Amiga 12 (Rl) program should be either easy to experiment with or to pick up as most of the features are self-explanatory. With a bit of practice, home video enthusiasts who take advantage of our special otter should be editing their own digital movies within davs.
COVERDISK ¦wcfc This should go under the other .art of the scarf, so make sure you use backward forward controls from Arrange menu to achieve the fesired effect before grouping the two aether We now have a basic snowman to
• *«ch we could add a hat. A couple of vmg, and a broom, and we
ve used «o*t of the basic drawing and editing to do so. At the
moment, though.
* e would be advised to save the work done so far. And there are
two ways of doing this.
One is to save the project as a Oesign Works document, a process ¦nich saves everything on the page, but we could also export the drawing M a clip tor use in other programs. To do this, multiple select all elements of tho drawing, group the whole lot together, and use the Export Piet option from the Project menu draw a I tech- 1 and tailed hoose
j. and made ig the pnate Once select group ig the from ed as e
pen id the iwing.
Spear h you t the close , then scarf nan's Now to add some text. Go to the Text menu and select the Font option, but don't let go of the mouse button yet There should be a sub-menu with three fonts on offer and an option marked Other. Choose the Other option and a list of the available fonts should appear. If you are booting from the Oesign Works floppy, you should be able to choose from four tonts with their various sizes, but if working from hard drive you should be able to select from any of your bitmap.
CompuGraphic. Or PostScript fonts.
Choose one you like and make sure the size is at least 24 points, then type an appropriate message below the snowman. If this were a New Year card.
Happy hogmany' would do just fine Click on the arrow icon to finish enter ing text.
The text should appear as you type it just as if this were a word processor and when you ve finished it will be present as a text box Now look at the text menu, which offers options to make the text bold, italics, or underlined, and from where we can control justification and spacing There are enough word processor- like features to give our text the look we want, and none of the features in this menu should need much introduction Note that justification is carried out reu tan edit existing drawings bf ungrouping them in relation to the text box rather than the text, and that if we choose
centred text, it will be centred in the text box itself.
We can change the text colour using the pen colour window and the background colour using the fill window, so there are plenty of options to ensure the final result is just as we d like Finally, let’s look at printing the drawing. As already mentioned, Design Works uses eight colours with dithering to that drawings appear on paper as they do on screen, but if you have a black-and-white printer the program will use shades of grey instead.
DRIVERS The Design Works (loppy includes printer drivers for Epson. Canon BJ10.
Star LC10. And PostScript printers, which covers most of the available models. If you are using the program from a hard drive with printer preferences already set up. Design Works will use them, and there s enough space on the floppy for other drivers, so DeskJet owners for example should be able to use the HP500 drivers we ve given away in the past Select the Print option from the Project Menu and the defaults should be correct. That Is. Eight colours, single sheets. 360 x 360 dpi. But you can change these if you like to suit your printer The toggle option from normal to high quality makes
for better output, but it will taka longer to print.
And that s all we have time for. Folks.
Design Works is one of those packages with which it is easy to experiment and explore, so you should be able to get plenty out of the program with this introduction Happy drawing.
Faulty CoverDisk?
If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk does not work, please return it lo: Amiga CoverDisk Eurepress Direct FREEPOST Ellesmere Port L65 3ED If you bought your copy from a newsagent and find that your CoverDisk is faulty, please return it to: PC Wise Dowlais Top Business Park Dowlais Merthyr Mid Clam CF48 2YY PrintManager 2.0 ential gram up as it of geo f gital Author: Nicola Salmoria This is the latest version of the best shareware print spooler around and is one of the most useful utilities a printer owner will ever have. The program’s job is to intercept all print commands from
Workbench or any program launched from Workbench and spool them to a pre-set area in memory or on disk to await printing.
An obvious advantage of this approach is that it almost immediately frees the program which issued the print command to do something else. No more waiting around for ages while that l page listing churns out of the dot matrix.
To install the program on hard drive, just drag the PrintManager icon to your Tools Commodities drawer then type the following command: COPT DF0:DEVS $ P0QLEI.DEVICE TO DEVS So long as your Workbench disk or hard drive has the commodities library, the program will run perfectly, All functions of the program are controlled from the icon’s tool types, including the drawer where print jobs will be stored before printing, and the interface is very intuitive so most printer users should have no problems.
To test PrintManager, select its icon and look for the tool type SPOOL- DRAWER=T:SPOOL and change it so that it reads SPOOLDRAWER=RAM:. We should now be able to load the program's document file and by holding down Alt- Shift-0 print it to the spool drawer.
If everything works it should take only a split second for the printing to be accomplished and you should be able to continue reading the document while your printer takes its orders from PrintManager.
Full details of the other tool types can be found in the on-disk documentation, but this is the essence of how PrintManager works. It is easy to use and makes printer use a lot less hassle- Totai control over all print jobi with the latest In print spooler q | PrintManager-Hot Key= controi alt p !E|B Mow Printing 8* 100* HHMyj* ; Size • Creat ion Date
- «0-type 2K Today 11 12 52
- tfMype IK Today 11:13:01
- 082-type n a Today 11:13:05 « Next Job I fill ill * matter of
running the program and scrolling up and down the assigns They
will be listed as one of four types: simple, defer, add. Or
path Simple assigns are the most common and art used by most
commercial programs which install o* hard drive. Defer assigns
are those which look for a directory and don't panic if they
can't find it. Add assigns add a directory to. Say. The LIBS:
logical device, and Path assigns just add the assigned
directory to a the AmigaDOS path Full instructions for this
program can be found to the on-disk documentation its® flfr I
IcoAjptmJIH ; to make it read non-interlaced, then on OK. “I
it? We should now be able to see better, but notice that the
Shell window is no longer visible.
As this sits on the lower part of the screen it * not accessible if you use a non-interlaced screen.
Sorry, but at least all the gadgets are available.] and they're the important elements I mean, we] use director)' utilities to avoid Shell, don't we? If you feel the need for a Shell window and the extra window showing all devices and assigns, select the double height non-interlaced setting to open a double height window. Simply move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and the lower portion will scroll smoothly into view.
With that minor sticking point out of the way ABCDir should be a simple program to use. It works in the same way as most director)- utilities in that you first select a device from the gadget above the main windows, then a directory by clicking on it, then a file. Once the file is highlighted you just click on the tool of your choice from the central strips.
Full instructions for this shareware release can be found in the on-disk documentation.
ABCDir Author: Marc Dione ABCDir is a director)- utility similar to TDM and SID 2, both of which have made appearances on past CoverDisks, and is an attempt to bring together everything the author liked about other directory utilities in one program. To this end, the program is completely self-contained and even has its own Shell window built in.
When first loaded, the program will open an interlaced screen using a fairlv small font which, though readable on high res monitors, will cause a bit of eyestrain on a TV or 1084, so our first job is to alter the configuration.
Look at the gadget strips between the two main windows and you'll see that there's a Config button three spaces up from the bottom of the left hand strip. Click on this button to reveal the config options.
The list is a long one, so just scroll down it using the slider until you see an Interlace option, which should be the last one. Click twice on this EditKeys Author: David Kinder Keymaps are small pieces of code residing in the DEVS:Keymaps drawer which can be loaded using the AmigaDOS SelMap command to alter the way the keyboard reacts to keypresses. If we could edit our keymap we could, for example, tell the Amiga that when FI is pressed it really means "Run SYS:DPaint".
The flexibility of a program like this is immense as it can be used either to produce hotkeys such as the FI example above, customise a keyboard for a disabled user to make typing easier, or change a USA keymap into a GB keymap.
Run the program by double clicking on its icon, at which time a file requester should appear with the available keymaps for you to choose from. If this doesn’t happen just use the Load command from the program's menu to load one.
There wasn't enough space on the disk for a selection of keymaps and we Figured you'd rather edit your own, so you'll have to drag the program icon to your Workbench floppy or hard drive and run it from there. If this is done you should be able to edit keymaps from your own Keymaps drawer. See the on-disk documentation for full instructions.
Assign Manager Author: Matt Francis Assigns can be a real pain for hard drive users. You soon have so many of them that the list is as long as your arm. And many of them can be redundant in most situations. To remove an assign can also be a pain, and keeping track of them is sometimes impossible. So Assign Manager does it for you.
The program is designed to be used as a Prefs editor, so lo install it to hard drive just drag the icon to your Prefs drawer and add the following line to the beginning of your user-startup file or startup- sequence Think you can do better?
Name.,,. Age.
Want to be famous? We are always on the look-out for quality Amiga programs for the CoverDisk. If you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it in and we'll have a look.
The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places all over the world from New Zealand to the USA, so if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous Please make sure that you list ALL library and other files necessary for the program to work. Feel free to design your own icons for programs that run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
If you ensure your program is as compatible as possible with a wide variety of Amigas, it will also stand a better chance of publication. We are especially interested in small programs whether they be games, utilities or whatever.
We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work which has not been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain If you wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to publish it, but would, of course, be happier if we had been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by the submissions form, a copy of it, or a signed declaration to the same effect. Please supply your full name, address and phono number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an impractical exercise.
Post your submissions WITH A COPY OF THIS FORM to: Colin Yamall, Amiga Computing, CoverDisk Submissions, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
IIMMMIMHIMIHIItltttl I If f tt It t f tf Vf ItMtCVVVf (Ttftltf If tFt1 Address.
Daytime phone . Evening phone... Submission name Submission size.
Type of program: Qgame Q Utility Q Other ...... You must sign this declaration: The material on this disk is mine. I didn't steal it from someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it. I understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing, and signing the declaration. 1 am giving full copyright control to Eu repress Enterprise Ltd.
1 understand that if my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I will be paid the current applicable rate- I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for any possible litigation arising by breach of it by Europress Publications Ltd as a result of using my submis- Signed Date Amiga Computing January 1994 26 COVERDISK!
The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Follow these instructions and you'll be up and running in no time!
Readers may have difficulties using our CoverDisk, so we have included this page to help you out.
Of the first things you must do when get your CoverDisk is make a backup copy, then put the original CoverDisk away for safe keeping.
As a rule you should also do this with the majority of your software collection.
Below we explain how to copy Hks from one disk to another, how to copy the entire CoverDisk and how to de-archive programs. None dK. Got tor. But visible.
Xn it is screen.
¦ ailable.
Can, we t we? If ind the assigns, 'tting to ove the
* n and »view, he way use. It utilities gadgets lory by s high- '
choice 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I | pub- |
iblish j lion, 1 | I e cur- I ssible I bmis- j I I J
3. 60 ROM 39.186 Copyntft 0 1965-1992 Carmodort-Rnijj, Inc. All
Rifhts Reserved.
You might at some point want to copy a single program from a CoverDisk to your compilation. Workbench disk or even your hard drive.
To do this you'll need the COPY command. As most CoverDisk programs are stashed away in their own directories, the quickest way to copy a program is to copy the whole directory at once. Use the command: COPY (directory) TO (ncvdist) ALL where (directory) is the full pathname of the directory you wish to copy, and (newdisk) is the name of the disk and directory into which it will be copied.
For example, if you wanted to copy a utility called FRED from CoverDisk 27's Utilities drawer to a directory called FRED on your Workbench disk, you'd type: COPY C0V[HD1S 27:IIT1LIT1ES FREJ TO V0RKBEMCH1 .S FREft ALL Alternatively, you can dick once on the FRED directory icon and drag it across to the new disk's window. This has the advantage of creating a new directory for you and copying the icon as well.
Once you have moved a particular program to where you require it you could experience some problems running the program. This is sometimes caused by the program not being able to find files which it needs to run.
A good example is the text files on the CoverDisk.
These have been crunched using PowerPacker, so when you try to copy them to another disk and then try to read them you can't unless you have also copied the Powerpacker library into your LIBS drawer.
To copy the entire CoverDisk, load up your Workbench disk, then either click once on the CoverDisk icon and select Duplicate, or select Copy from the Workbench menu, or open CLI Shell and type: (1SKC0PT FiOK 0F0: TO »F0: When prompted, put your CoverDisk (the source disk) in dfO: and be ready to replace it with your blank disk (the destination disk). Follow the Amiga’s on-screen prompts until the disk copy is completed.
Now put the original away in a safe place and use your backup.
Copying individual files How to make a backup De-archiving Occasionally we have so many programs to fit onto the CoverDisk that we have to archive them. Archiving is where we take the entire contents of a disk and compress them into one file which is much smaller, giving us space to fit more programs onto the disk.
Dearchiving programs which are on the CoverDisk is a very simple task. If a program has been archived then you will need a blank disk to dearchive it onto.
Say we have archived a program called FRED. You simply double click on FRED'S icon, and will be asked if you have a blank disk ready to dearchive to. Type "y" or "n" accordingly.
Your computer will then copy the archived file into its memory and ask you to insert your blank disk. It will proceed to format the disk, and will then de-crunch the archived file onto your blank disk.
Once this has been done you can simply reboot your machine with the disk which contains the dearchived program on it and then use the program as instructed in the CoverDisk pages.
Note that if you have a Workbench 2 or upward machine you must bool with the CoverDisk write- enabled to perform the dearchiving process.
Workbench 3 If you have a Workbench 3 machine, don't worry - most if not all of the programs on the CoverDisk will work on your machines.
If the program is specifically designed to work with Workbench 3 then you may have to copy the program to your hard drive or Workbench disk using the process described earlier on this page.
Not only have we given you - absolutely free - the complete DesignWorks software on the CoverDisk, but we've got a great manual offer as well! In 96 pages it comprehensively covers every aspect of this superb structured drawing program for artists and designers.
The DesignWorks manual begins with a friendly etting started section and then moves on from the asics to explain all about creating, selecting, The DesignWorks manual, only £14.95 £ modifying and arranging objects.
This is followed by an explanation of the advanced features and an extensive reference section which covers all the details on the menus. To finish off there is a neat section on time-saving short cuts.
This very useful book, which you could put to good use, is great value at only £14.95, DesianWorks Order form p Design Wo I Please send me: U the DesignWorks Manual at £14.95 I Please deliver my goods to: ¦ Name (Mr Mrs Miss)_ I I I :l I I I l m Address i P I wish to pay by: . Daytime phone Postcode Cheque postal order payable to Europress Enterprise Ltd.
D Credit card rrm rrm emu mzn Card No Nw horiZONs czz Allow 28 days for delivery Expiry Date [] Tick this box if you do no! Wish lo tecotvo promotional material from other companies
T. cA friig box if j MW ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦ This real time 12-bit
colour digitiser enables you to load and capture images from
live video and digitise them. You will be able to capture
images at up to full overscan video resolution in all AGA
colour modes. There are swipe and play animation features
and a whole load of powerful image processes you can carry
out, including blur, convolve, emboss, negative, quantise, and
The easy-to-read 64 page manual covers everything you need to you know. It takes you through setting up equipment and provides tutorials covering the most important points of the Vidi Amiga
(12) RT package, such as grabbing, mixing your colour image and
editing. The comprehensive reference section describes
every function of the software in detail. There is also a
glossary and a trouble-shooting section.
Here’s a great opportunity to buy the manual and digitiser to make sure you use this month’s CoverDisk to its full potential [The full Vidi Amiga (12) R" | package Please send me: I
- J the Vidi Amiga (12) RT full package including user guide | i
wish to pay by : and Digitiser at £139 me VAT (and UK
carriage) Please deliver my goods to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms)
Address_ Daytime phone Postcode Overseas readers will be
charged carriage at cost. Please call Rombo on 44-506 414631 to
find out the cost of carriage to your country.
R "1 Tick this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies LKJHLHJl To order please send this form to Vidi Amiga Offer. Europress Enterprise Ltd. Europa House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Or telephone 0625 878888 or fax 0625 850652 ? Cheque postal oredr payable to Rombo Productions Ltd ? Credit card Allow 28 days (or delivery Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal TtnlE (SEfi TE E ©EF1 TE WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul end lane, lut Amiga 4000 Packs Amiga 1200 Packs
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£9.99 Zipstick joystick £14.99 Screen Beat speakers £29 Zi-Fi
speakers £36 A500 A600 A1200 Dust covers £4.99 A500 Modulator
£36 Rendale 8802 FMC Genlock £169 Supra 2400 Modem £89 Supra
Fax Plus Modem £148 Supra v.32 BIS Fax Modem £358
• Allows image processing in a useful and unique fashion
• Comes complete with operation manual
• One of the fastest growing applications for home and
professional users
• High specification coupled with cost effective pricing
• Power Handling Scanner
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invention that influences the way in which society lives. The car, television, the atom bomb, the computer... Now virtual reality is beginning to show its first signs of growing up from the wildly speculative pipe dreams of its early years into a fully-fledged, commercially viable and above all, exciting industry.
VR has the potential to be the next "big thing" to grab the collective imagination of the world. While television and film only offer a screen to look at, with audience participation rarely surpassing the heady heights of Noel Edmonds's Hou$ ( Parly, and the most involving computer games resembling a two-player go on Galactic Body Blows, virtual reality generates a multi-user, fully interactive environment where, in theory at least, the only barrier is the imagination.
At present, not only does VR challenge
C. ROPE, where the user could manipulate molecules bv the use of
3D image and touch.
Laron Lanier, the owner of VPL (Visual Programming Language) was the man to come up with a label for all this experimentation - virtual reality. His own achievements are as the inventor of the OataClove, the inspiration hir which he puts down to a desire to create the ultimate air guitar, and the Eyephones, head- mounted display unit for the home user.
Still confused as to what VR actually is?
Think of it as an artificial, computer-generated world, created by sophisticated software and entered by the operator through the use of advanced, specialised peripher- als, such as helmets and gloves, in either standing or sitting position, depending on the software.
It creates an environment which is 3D, affecting the three principal areas of sight, sound and touch. The peripherals monitor the operator's movements and duplicate Dresden virtually rebuilt the way games are played whei compared to the likes of the Amiga and Super Nintendo, it has an endless stream of possibilities that can be used in all walks of life from 3D walk-through architectural plans to a surgeon training for open heart surgery.
Contrary to popular belief, virtual reality has been around for over 20 years and has only come into the limelight with the increasing technolog ical advancements and due to people like Ivan E Sutherland, Jaron Lanier and |ohn Waldren.
HEAD-MOUNTED As a concept, VR was created by Sutherland at the University of Utah in 1%8 where he produced the first head- mounted display (HMD) showing a topographic map of the US. Due to the unit’s weight, the kit had to be hung from the ceiling, and it had a power cable running down the user's back with 50,000 volts coursing through it, In another American state during the ‘60s, Myron Krueger was creating the first VR games at the University of Wisconsin with the likes of Critter which displayed a video silhouette of the user's head and shoulders. A bug would crawl up to the head to be
subsequently removed by the plaver's hand.
In the '80s, Frederick Brooks created On February 15, 1945, the Frauenkirche, the Church of Our Lady in Dresden - part of the then East Germany - was destroyed by a firestorm. This was brought about by the heavy British bombing two days before which caused a fire to ravage the one of the greatest masterpieces of European architecture until its walls finally caved in leaving a heap of rubble.
Enter '90s technology to reconstruct the church from scratch using the original materials, sandstone from the Elbe valley and historic building techniques.
To help with the rebuilding, surviving detailed architectural drawings and photographs were used to create a model which was then turned into a 3D photo-realistic computer animation of a flight round the Dresden Frauenkirche.
The sequence of the church will prove invaluable for the reconstruction, giving the designers and builders the closest view possible without actually building it - a virtual reality.
VIRTUAL REALITY han the al thing far Virtual reality won 7 merely replace TV, it will eat it alive...
- a much lighter product than the Virtuality display - it will
set you back £5,(XX). A snip.
The VR technology us everyday punters have access to is in the arcades and appears a little unimpressive and arcane at the moment when compared to cabinet-based machines, with rather slow update rates and basic graphics. But the makers of these machines, Virtuality Croup pic, see these as only the first step in a long but definite route to achieving the ultimate in sensory experience.
The company, founded by Dr Jon Waldren in 1987 under its old name of W Industries, is the world's leading manufacturer of virtual reality equipment and software and has sold more than 350 systems in 20 countries at the healthy price of £25,000 each.
Waldren built his first VR system during his PhD at Loughborough in 1084. From there he established his now booming company and the following year won the British Technology Group Award in 1988.
The company has continued to grow at a healthy rate, knocking aside that old British technological neurosis - great idea, no business sense whatsoever - and has them in the virtual world in real time, thus giving rise to an immersive experience, in which the operator is able to manipulate his surroundings via the computer.
At present, there are several peripherals that can be used in VR.
These are split into two categories
- the sensors and the effectors.
Sensors send your signals to the computer and affect your actions in cyberspace (a computer-generated virtual world) while effectors send hack data to the user.
An HMD, where the player sees the action, is an effector, while joysticks am sensors. The hand movement devices found so far in the British arcades are the basic joysticks which have one button to fire and the other to move in the direction you are looking.
Data gloves, available in America for some time, let your fingers dictate your movements. The next stage is a glove that will enable the user to "feel" their environment through the use of pressure pads in the peripheral.
Beyond this, the biggest and potentially most important immersive effector sensor is the full body data suit.
Virtual Presence's version features % sensors to track joint and body movement.
With the titanium wiring, the suit is very light and if bought with their latest HMD ¦ VIRTUAL REALITY “With respect to physical side effects of VR, such as eye strain, any poorly designed equipment will introduce eye strain. It is the responsibility of good engineering and correct health and safety tests to ensure products do not reach the market in such a state.'
Earlier this year the Independent launched an attack on Sega and its prototype designed for home use. The Sega Virtua VR HMD. For being one of the guilty parties in the eye strain wars that could possibly cause squints in young children if used for too long.
Whether this was true or not is no longer the issue because the equipment the tabloid-style article wrote about was still being researched and tested in the labs and was not available to the general public.
Any hopes though of the Sega's VR unit being released before Christmas are highly unlikely. It’s possible that the machine will now be delayed until late Spring 1994 The reason given is the continuation of extensive tests which are taking longer than previously thought, and to improve the games that were to be released with the system. Possibly after the very mixed reaction they received.
With the Health and Safety Executive sinking £200.000 into further research on the possible side effects of VR use, it's obvious the matter is being dealt with seriously, and all parties are apparently giving full co-operation.
Machine it takes to run the future of entertainment as we know it. It's none other than an Amiga. Although stuffed to the brim with graphics cards and boards introducing processing technology many times in excess of the basic unit, it's still a Commodore at heart... With Virtuality Group pic's financial holdings well and truly anchored, how does John Waldren see VR's future?
"We envisage the technology becomket The deal is to produce a high performance virtual reality game which, in the words of the ever-modest John Waldren, will be "a landmark within the arcade entertainment field".
To top all of this, the company was recently floated on the stock market and fetched £10 million from the newly acquired shareholders with premiums at 73p on the first day.
You may be wondering what kind of ing significantly lighter and some. In terms of the mo aspect, that of the software at the moment entertainment applidfl and other VR applications are very era!
"As we speak, these are becoming!
More sophisticated in their complefl and in their usability. It is critica since it's been down here, sometimes playing games like Gridbusters two or three times a day and have had no problem. Another guy has been using it for two years and is perfectly tine. We've never had any complaints..." What do you expect to see over the next few months?
“Over the space of six months [since]... Combat Zone was released to the latest one, Gridbusters, (they've added] digitised photographs and a totally interactive soundtrack which adjusts to the player's situation, telling you where to go and what to look at.
“I can see that side developing first and the graphic capabilities afterwards. In the future. I can see virtual reality nvalling the arcades."
This may all sound very enticing, but what about the actual prices of playing in gamer heaven? For the addictive players among you. It'll cost £120 for an eight-hour session on legend Quest down to a more £4.50 for 15 minutes.
For the same amount of money, the time fluctuates on different games. It may sound a little o*T dear side but with member and guest lists of wen fl 7,000 customers, virtual reality seems to have ma solid impact on the arcade-playing public already So what are the actual games like and are they ¦ the money? While Dactyl Nightmare and Gndbuste**| reasonable titles. Legend Quest is by far the I example, really showing what virtual reality is capabd It takes the cliched format of an adventure set in fl geons whert you, the player, may select to be efli dwarf, an elf, or - if you're in a really
daring moodl human, Choose a profession - fighter, thief or magdj From the actual reality of dnving around Nottingham hopelessly lost to the virtual reality of a Gladiators match gone horribly wrong, where this humble reporter was turned into a bloodthirsty, rampaging robot, is an example of the pure escapism VR offers.
Laserquest in Nottingham is one of a chain of nationwide sites boasting an extensive range of VR games.
Started nearly two years ago. The leisure complex has gone from strength to strength and now has four fully operational VR pods with a mere accumulative cost of £100.000. On entering the premises, you’d expect to see some huge towering piece of equipment to justify the price but in fact, after having a good look around, my eyes finally stumbled across a television, four Amigas with accessories and four hollow artificial tree stumps in which the players stand wearing the VR headgear and clutching their joysticks.
Before testing the alien-looking equipment, I asked VR and laser quest marshal Paul Shelton his opinions on virtual reality.
How are people reacting to VR?
“It’s been a positive response from the Laserquest players; the general public really enjoy playing as well. It’S ideal for corporate events where there's a real sense of who can outwit level 6 of Legend Quest or beat the alien in Grid Warriors ” What do you think of the possible side effects of VR such as eyestrain?
“I’ve been playing virtual reality for nearly a year now The HMD has recently come under attack in the ' press and under research by John Wann and his colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, among others. Worries have been aired that the HMDs may well cause binocular stress on users' eyes and cause nausea and headaches, among other symptoms After setting up a test involving 20 young adults seated on a “tethered* cycle and asked lo ride round a virtual landscape with signs, buildings and bridges, over half the subjects reported blurred vision and one individual's eyes took 40 minutes to
return to their normal state.
The equipment they tested was the VPLIX Eyephone with Fresnel lens which was regarded by many VR companies as a poor comparison to their own hardware Wann also claims that the similar problems have arisen with the LEEP lens systems, and that further research is required. Virtuality had this to say about the subject: secured contracts with some of the world's biggest names such as MCA in America, Nabisco and Budweiser, among others.
The real ace in Virtuality's pack, though, is the recently attained contract with Sega, when Waldrcn and company sold the first significant operating system licence to the Japanese entertainment giant. Licensing technology is Virtuality’s attempt to standardise a still young marVIRTU potentially excellent learning experience?
Finally, for those of us wishing to have a virtual world in our own front room, a home-based virtual reality kit is been dis- asonable ? Made a i. iey worth isters are the best ipabie of it in dun j either a nood lagician - the quest begins Split up into several levels infested monsters, puzzles and treasure, up to four players can through the adventure, amassing tame and fortune
• w generally having a damn fine interactive time.
Calling to your fellow companions in a distorted sound*
• fflhesized voice through the VR headset to watch their Backs -
because of the several skeletons rising from
* * floor - and discussing strategies creates a real
• Mling of teamwork and excitement as you work together to
progress into the later levels. It is possible to save your
game to return to later if you run out of aoney.
DRAMATIC Winner of CyberEdge Journals VR software of the year
• ard 1993, Legend Quest is what virtual reality is all
• coot - feeling like you're there.
Despite the basic chunky look of the graphics, the far Bom perfect frame update and the occasionally uhrespon- at times controls that don't exactly show oft state-of- toe*art technology, insiders believe that there will be a According to Clive Jones of Dimension: “The whole mar- totplace is technically developing incredibly quickly particularly [in] the graphics performance area," With peripherals such as data gloves soon to be '•eased into the arcades and five more games on the way eluding an underwater adventure, a Star Ivars-type escapade and a boxing game as well as a flurry of enter-
tomment activity across the Atlantic, VR is shaping up to be a healthy contender for the coveted title of the ultimate gwning experience.
I I* Mrfr Virtuality's main field is in enter- they are also placing a firm invest- ?- s' many other areas of development.
ToSiiidcd these is "edutainment", a of education and entertainment ¦fcrre vr j$ already being used in the M|(- of experiences which depict the kmr* related to an environmental type of he future, imagine a classroom with- I "• the need for a blackboard and a high iBMtocity chunk of chalk where the pupil
m. sits down, puts on VR glasses and fclkt at first hand about
the battle of
- rth or watches the siege of Leningrad ' totenstnicted in a
virtual world. These sys- Bfcmn» ut also planned to be used in
universi- I ' ind museums and again offer a vvelTovTr Grama,ic
imProvement within the next 12 months RECONSTRUCTED illowance
cussed with several manufacturers, for joint development of the
computer gamer's dream.
Another British company doing financially well both at home and abroad is Division. Founded in 1989, their specialisation is in applications Such as computer-aided design, molecular modelling, telepresence and simulation.
Last October, Volvo demonstrated their Division-designed Virtual Reality Crash Simulator where the user is able to experience a 25mph side impact and walk away unharmed. Charles Grimsdale, MD of the company said: "A full scale 3D model of the car can provide invaluable insights into both ergonomics and aesthetics of design."
In the Netherlands, virtual realitv has been used to show houses which have not Vet been built. Prospective purchasers AL REALITY!
Were able to walk through and see their future homes, and during the two days that the VR system was in use, more houses were sold than in any previous two-dav period.
Clive jones of Division said: "...if you look at some of the ways (virtual reality] is going to help people interface with computers and some of Ihe ways in which it's going to allow multimedia to come to life which it hasn't done before, it's more than just another step - it’s quite a radical improvement."
LEISURE Stateside, where things move faster and cost more, companies like Evans and Sutherland - the makers of military and scientific simulations for industry - have decided to turn their talents to the entertainment sector.
Unlike Virtually and Division, whose philosophies are to make VR as affordable as possible for the mass market, E&5 have pulled out all the stops and created Virtual Adventures for a bargain basement price tag of $ 1 million each, to be Exhibitions in VR Imagine a system that combines virtual reality, video and sound, all squeezed into a virtual environment displaying 24 exhibits in space that normally only fits one.
The Virtual Exhibition System (VES) is the brainchild of Perry Hubber. A designer working for design company Faberushi.
Ft's a multimedia experience in the true sense of the word, where the user is able to move via a custom controller called a Spaceball through a virtual exhibition. A series of computers are lined up which, when approached, play a short video clip describing the particular project.
“VES helps make virtual reality a more usable and accessible technology," Huber says. "For the first time, many companies can see the potential benefits of VR. And more importantly, can afford to use them,’’ While using a non-immersive VGA monitor. Huber opted for an Amiga 1500 fit* ted with an accelerator card, connected to a Laserdisc player. He intends to upgrade to a Motorola 68040*based Amiga 4000 in the future. My, my, that Commodore machine gets everywhere.
Installed in major theme parks in 1994.
The company’s idea is to move away from the HMD and into a more sociable and interactive environment where a group of people Work together to win the game.
Their first product is a game where a team must work together to save the Loch Ness monster using a vehicle containing six people performing different tasks - one pilot, a navigator and robot arm operator among others.
At the recent S1GGRAPH show in America, the world's largest computer graphics get-together, Evans and Sutherland stole the event with their breathtaking virtual reality hang-glider ride which allows two participants to fly simultaneously through separate urban landscapes. Even though this was put together purely for the show, E&S have plans to produce a line of machines for under $ 100,000 each.
While there are only a handful of companies through out the world in YR production, many other industries are becoming increasingly interested in the uses for this new medium.
According to America's Ben Delany, editor of the CylvrEdge journal (a paper specialising in all things cyberspace and virtual), among many of the proposed applications is telepresence where instead of a human going into a potential lethal situation such as a massive fire in a petroleum refinery or a meltdown in a nuclear plant, a remote-controlled robot is sent in operated by a person wearing a data suit which causes the machine to mimic their actions.
VR's uses spread as far as psychology where patients will be able to talk to an unassuming virtual therapist controlled by people out of sight - potentially useful in dealing with highly disturbed children.
GENETIC Other more controversial YR techniques will be in genetic engineering where the engineer will move about in the fish-tank-like setting of a virtual cell, grabbing and moving organelles at will.
At the same time, laser cytometres will be performing the actual manipulations on real, living cells, copying the actions of the operator.
You may have read articles and press releases about virtual reality before and grown tired of the endless stream of hyperbole: "It's the dawning of a new age,”... "The world will never be the same again,"... "It's not life as we know it, Jim,” to Ihe other extreme: "It'll destroy society, crush the souls of children, annihilate human communication..." Although the above comments are on the extreme side, whatever VR is capable of, it is up to the people who develop and use it to make sure that this powerful medium that's coming of age is used responsibly and creatively- While virtual reality
may be just another step in technology's evolutionary ladder, the signs are that this is no flash* in-the-pan craze, and that we'll be scein more of VR in the months and years come.
In the words of Clive Jones at Divisioa questioned on the future of virtual reality "Has it reached the unstoppable roll? It very, very close to it."
Special thanks Parallelogram magazine Dr Brian Collins, IBM UK Scientific Centre (Dresden) Further reading: Mondo2000 CyberEdge Journal Virtual Reality by Howard RheingokJ Further viewing Brainstorm - The first and so far best VR film made starring Christopher Walken as the scientist tapping into the human mind to create the ultimate sensory experience.
The Lawnmower Man - A very weak limping plot just held together by the superb VR sequences created by Angel Studios.
Emmanuelle s Seventh Heaven - Another chance for the porno industry to sink their teeth into something new Emmanuelle conducts sex therapy through the use of virtual reality in this I soft pom flick.
Cyberzone, BBC2 - Craig Charles desperately tries to make this VR cat ‘n‘ mouse game interesting but there’s no doubt that it’s just a little tedious when viewing. Worth watching if only to see virtual reality in action.
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mo £en wl» dw FoHomng « HP. F.yo«nr pen; pm«f, af haa a an
wwui st. jeta acMomcw sculpt MSG A. TtfFANOUOftf MEW LOW
SEE DETAH.S BELOW ALL-IN-ONE GRAPHICS CARD t-pec* Vbct 24 « ¦ MV W.-rwJ wdeo card Ihh* eiha* graphic* cards »hich roqure you io buy enra moddas tor rv24 ruts twnYthng you coots want horn a voeo ooard buM-mt Other A1200 cards claiming to bo accelerators only add rnath? 00- processors and extra RAM. Whilst the A1230 can provide both of those PLUS an enhanced CPU.
This replacement CPU upgrades the A 1200's existing processor with a 68030EC processor running al 40MH ’ 32-bit RAM and a maths coprocessor can also be added, enhancing performance still further.
The A1230 doesn’t void yOuf Amiga warranty, and is atso compatible with PCMCIA standard cards, not preventing iheir use!
A The First True A1200 Accelerator
• 6S030EC Processor Running at Oouhj
• Up to 32U6 ot 32-bit RAM
• Easy Pitting Trapdoor Expansion - Doesn't Void Yow Warranty
• Doesn't Disable PCMCIA Interface tor Strtr* Poputtr M*n w»
OrtCN JlimiYM ' -JT, K» «pe, I* r AOA AACMpmt --
• Omt.4nm.luna tMunmxuS clllhd.
Cdgt faiirunng. Steftng G-LOCK £299 wifi IV24 it OVP* cuetom Vidso tmerttc* Uni (Vtui Tfia pvas you more cfiocat tor n and cutpunna .«« scran tnsr any ctner A nrg* penp-er*l 0" P9 mjrSyl VV T tP4''*1 peovidM adStonwl RGB V, R-V and B-Y Outpu!
FREE SOFTWARE WITH IV24 Crae* tlunnog 30 nrtStrad im ys*. Reloucfi captured mages and wipe Oecvseen 2 video sources wth 50 peNaged «dw imnsitws lor prnAflV’ JM*P *l» 'OOXWO IS UtcroPanl 2 a powenj 24 ot graphc* paclaqo whrh can ear* in IS 8 mlton colours
• i.Sm 24 &I. If imillion Colour Buffer e AeaMime
• De-Mtsnacsd. Video flicker Filer
• flfoYabio SiriiOic PtP (PKturt-tn-Pictml
• 2 Video Geniotfi (RGB * CenvePtf)
• 769 x 590 Resolution a Captured Image RetoucMnp Proceeeing
• Timg Cherecter Generttion
• Real-time 24-Dti Paint ng a A u’mation JO Rendering
• FRUI Csltgsn 24. UscroPvnt 2. UyLad and Desktop Darkroom
Software WAGEM 80Mb 120ub 0Uo 42ub £Mr » 3 £199 £129 £299 £399
hard dnve to your Amiga win have a considerable impact on its
speed The GVP SCSltftAM allows you to enhance your Arfoga with
Doth Its SCSI hard OnvG interface s ore ot the taatesi
available, whilst its 32-bit RAM upgrade is based on the same
technology as that featured in the bosl seding A1230 a
Built-in, FuN SCSI Herd Drive Interface
• Optional Out of 32-bit RAM
• Optional 66882 Mattis Coprocessor EinRNU. Sca A0APT0H CT • MIC
SAMPLER FOR ALL AMIGAS rHTl ¦9= Sa'-dyy xe btwj y .
P. BamrsterwcrwdrB ' on jour Amga The utaat versMn of GVP* O.jaii
SwdSu*5 lOSSe-ltruCl you lo crewe __ , audo onocii lot , A
im in gunas at JoW ng far best stopher into the ate sen- icr I
CireMcrph Irom GVP opens up the world o» Morphng. Ihe process
ol conversng one mgga 10 another to create dacrtng ioecui
oltecis Cuxrontty vaiy popular n mus»c vdoos and feature
films, trxirphing has become ihe. La onabue video ettect 10
use Now with CinaMorph you can create these stumng eAocts on
your Amiga
• Supports the AA Chipset
• Static or Fuit Motion Morphing gut a Single Image Warping
• Fast Render Tunes
• Renders to HAM-E end DCTV
• kkw Sfyn Htjn impsct Clear Pay Otwniie Casing e SlmuXtneouWr
HokM up n it Sound
• Optional 68882 Co-processor ¦ Twice the Speed of e 68881 oa.au
atmj 49m. CFU U-IU Min Uw.cn iKlUa UaLlN UwCFU £249 M£vAr.u«-lK
£399 MC .i« iM .JU £499
• C WIT Aissaucoe ADAPTOR CASH OVA 1334 IV24~VIU-S IV24... VIU-CT
3 £999 £1299 A1230 40MHz ACCELERATOR 4ib*ui. 33hh.uk av
• RsaUM Oscilloscope Spectrum Uuryas EchoS rWvwOerafron s AHCXX
CompatiOW e Uiersphom Mjjut
• MOO File 4 *nw Oub RAM NEW!
£199 NEW!
£399 CINEMORPH £24 .95 £69 7 weak, r by the y Angel n-' Wi5ii.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND M The Mews, Kitherley Rd. Sdcup Kent. DA14 4DX No Late Nyt ftmti] Tel: 081-309 1111 fm no cev*e »:e MAIL ORDER: Ome Lnee en: Msn-Ser 9 00» t-« Kpn LONDON SHOP: OtwtfrQ Houa fitoo Set 9XOmdOCpn SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P 08A No L»» N«yr Cpennj Tel: 071-580 4000 Fu No 071U3 *TSr
• BUSINESS * EDUCA DON * GOVERNMENT yobmc tocaimt ire uniutlr
Ttl: 011-303 0381
• SHOWROOMS Wl l«V» 4tmonjh|»pn fid hitting tKhtrsi It 111 Otr
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE; Ail ot 0* rwunmtmt huUUe frwn me sippitt
9 FREE CATALOGUES: m M t-wltd to you wtfi cltm * scftwwe md
prrp'cii debfe
• PAYMENT: tti iKtpt rod rujrr cww am cun cb»]ut ot rnoifhv Batwe
you dew* to buy your ntm Amqa i we wnen you nr* very caretuly
about WHERE you buy them ConjKior whal 4 «*« be Ifce a tow
month* altar you havo made your pj-cnaso. When you may raquba
aaoikyiai wnpherss w sottaam. Or help ana aeMea And.
Ml the company you buy (torn contact you with deta to e new products? Al Sibca SyBerm. W« ensue i lutvo rcesng to worry about Wo hate almost ti yean and wifi out unmw oxpofti&a, no can now ctoim » moot our cvstpmerj reqjr-emonts with ar uideratandtog which n second to none Hut don't just take our word for it Complete and return (ho coupon now lor our west FREE Iterature and begin to oxpenenco the 'Sica System) Semoe*
• QVP APPROVED DEALER: 3*04 W ptrgtnri? Tp ) trmmtf deawr
• FREE OVERNtQHT DELIVERY; 0* HI fijrdaart orders shpped in at*
IK manta!
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: A team ot techno! Ex$ erts wtl be at
ysur santot
• PRICE MATCH: Wc rotth corrprtmrs cn ? ‘Seme ptodict - Seme
price' bus
• ESTABLISHED 15 YEARS: Wt fiM) ;rt.rr tndt n:rrt m (ltttetBru
tnntittr uW § PART OF A am COMPANY We Jtf wld. Rtfatte ant]
crcAbblt LONDON SHOP: Se'ridges Oxb-d Street, London, W1A 1A3
tWre 1W. LAvr-Sii ftKUn .'abpr _UM ligr Tfimaa, Tel: 871-829
1234 E«naor»i aven - dustry to ig new.
Therapy y in this 1es des- cat n' “re’s no js when I to see SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mews. Hatfwriey Rd, Sdcup Kent. DA14 40X Oprra Havra wgu ~ Tel: 081-302 8811 Fa. No Cet-K9 0017 Souihtnfl-on-S«, $ S1 iLA Tel: 0702 468039 fee Me ww«*aaaa HiQh SlrWt.
¦y.iwr y,:r ESSEX SHOP: Kedflies -’•« Oeor*0 Ham Men hi 93Q»r.53CtafSM9. Tel: 0473 221313 Fa. No M733ST7W IPSWICH SHOP: Oebenhams iznd hmr). Waterloo House. Westgate St. Ipswich IP1 3EH iWgtw. Uervf" 436.rr-SJcjmfSM*bWivAe6err. Law M " ~ wTi To: Silics Systems AMCOM-Oi94- PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE GVP RANGE wan«mi Mr Wrs MiwMs: Initials;.... . Company Name (if applicable) .Jbr. Address: ... .mu. Surname s SILICA SYSTEMS Postcode .
Tel (Work): ©IS 081-309 1111 Tel (Home): . I Whtch computer(s), il any, do you own? ..68Vj .with ALL Amigas and CD32 st Amiga At 200 omserf Amiga A1200 Race N' Chase Pack with Trolls and Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, FREE • Mouse Mat. Dust Cover, Microswitched Joystick and the h 10MW MONSTER GAME of 1993 Amiga A1200 Desktop Dynamite Pack with Dennis, Deluxe Paint IV, Oscar. Print Manager and Wordworth Home WP, FREE - Mouse Mat, Dust Cover, Joystick and THE GAME of '93!
PLUS... a Mouse Mat, Dust Cover and Micro Switched Joystick with Amigas - only from.
HARWOODS Dynamite Pack 1 as detailed above (including Freebies). Jjhhe SuP®rb Philips 15" Pro 2000 Colour Monitor TV giving you the best of the A1200 with a magnificent display... Desktop Dynamite
i. mMu Pack 2 * Great Value at Just.)
And... YOU decide which pack to buy from a mammoth range of Amiga A1200 options!
Desktop Dynamite fr9** AMKA 1200 Dynamite Pack 3 has everything you'll need in at a very Special Price. We've added the market leading Citizen 240C Colour Printer to Dynamite Pack 2 (above) * the Perfect Amiga Combination! Don't forget with ALL our Amigas you get Free Mouse Mat. Dust Cover, Joystick and Race N' Chase Pack 3 has everything you'll need in a Starter Pack - and.. Ol v As well as the A1200 and Philips 15" Pro 2000 MonitorfTV (as our Pack 2 above), we also include the magnificent Citizen 240C Colour Printer along with Software and Harwoods comprehensive extras for only... with
JURASSIC PARK Amiga A1200 with Dennis, Deluxe Paint IV, Oscar, Print Manager & Wordworth Home WP OR... Race 'N' Chase RACE W CHASE CHOICES AMIGA 12001 W f A £1014 Amiga A1200 with Trolls and Nigel Mansell's Grand Prlx £1029 £514 Plus Packs with Hard Drives, Monitors and Printers too.
PHILIP* | AMIGA iarwMpjjfeTime Warranty Plan Now you capwa u imuuy to ANY hardware item from Harwoods for lev. Dpqif ou d think! Take out up to 5y» cover and at the end of that period you can extend cover annually... A LIFETIME'S Peace of - Mind: t hat's more the Warranty is fully iramferrablc cnluniinii rJ wle values should you ever decide to upgrade your equipment. F Available now even on hardware you may have purchased elscwhen Amiga A1200 with 80Mb. Hard Drive, Citizen 240C Colour Printer & A Philips Pro 2000 Colour Monitor TV with FREE... Amiga CD32 - THE NEW COMPUTING REVOLUTION!
Ideal for the ardent games player this 32Bit CD ROM System will expand Into a full computer as your needs grow with CBM's planned Keyboard. Drives etc. E3H £289.95 PLUS: All cables. Dust Covers for Amiga & Printer, Citizen Print Manager 2, Printer Paper Labels, Mouse Mat, Final Copyll.
Superbase, Superplan, Nigel Mansells Grand Prlx and Trolls ANP...fT*?Mi FANTASTIC AT...£999.95 Amiga A1200 POWERPRO PACK 1 as detailed above but with the Amazing MicroVitec CubScan 1440 DMS 14“ Colour Hi-Res Multisync Monitor (in place of Philips Pro 2000) FOR THE REAL ENTHUSIAST AT A SPECIAL PRICE only... £1199.95 AND wtth...E j| £999 * £1199* S £101995 £121995 £1 18 9 95 £1389-9S nMrTTlK CM 8833 MKII 14" STEREO £199.9E COLOUR inc. Leads Dust Cover PRO 2000 15" COLOUR SUPER- £239.95 RES MONITOR TV inc. Leads The best of both Worlds * Quality packs Computer Display and fully featured FST
High Definition TV in one! Infra red remote, FastText Teletext, Loop Aerial. Headphone Socket.
ADDED VALUE PACKS HARWOODS EXCLUSIVE POWERPLAY GAMES RACK A GREAT BUNDLE OF 18 EXTRA GAMES TO ADD TO OUR AMIGA OPTIONS.,. YOU WONT NEED TO BUY MORE FOR AGESIII Xenon 2 Megablast*. Stir Craxy. TV Sports Football, Hostages. Jumping Jackson. Bubble Plus. Bloodwyeh. Tin-Tin on the Moon, Krypton Egg. Purple Saturn Day, Eliminator’.
Skychase. Safari Guns. Lombard RAC Rally. Captain Blood.
Strike Force Harter’. Sky Fox U and Lancaster only £19*95 .purchased with an Amiga or Just £24.95 separately.
‘Not compatible with A1200.3000 4000 CBM 1084S COLOUR 14" £179.95 STEREO Inc. Leads Dust Cover CBM 1942 MULTISYNC 14" NEW LOW... COLOUR STEREO Inc. Leads. £349.95 Dust Cover etc. (for A1200's, 3000 s & 4000's) .28 Dot Pitch NEW... IflCROVTTEC CUBSCAN (no DMS)... THE LOWEST COST MULTVYNC M0NTT0R AVAILABLE!!!
0773 836781 New Street • Alfreti Derbyshire • DE55 7 Fax: 0773 8310' » - MicroVitec tCMCROVTTEC J CUBSCAN (no DMS)... 14"Colour Hi-Res MultiSync Monitor, .28 Dot Pitch available mid Jan. £299.98 CUBSCAN 1440 DMS... 14‘Colour Hi-Res Multi- Sync Monitor, Built-in DMS, .28 Dot Pitch £429.95 SWITCH Q Creditcharge FINANCE FACILITIES AVAILABLE ¦ Please contact us for your personal information pack giving full details.
Amiga Compatible Praters All our printers arc supplied for immediate use including cable, paper and labels FREE OF CHARGE. Dot matrix models come with tailored dust cover. We also include specific .Amiga driver ditto with .All primer* FREE, (with Citizen models you get the excellent Print Manager Version 2) Swift 200 Mono 4194.95 120D+ Mono 4119.95 Swift 200 Colour 4204.95 Swift 90 Mono 4154.95 Swift 240 Mono 4219.95 Swift 90 Colour 4109.95 Swift 240 Colour 4239.95 LC100 Colour NEW LOW... 4149.95 SJ144 Thermal Colour HQ Printer 4529.95 LC24-30 Colour 2-iPin Complete with 50 Sheet 4229.95
AutoFcolcr. Up to 192cps (draft). 64cps (LQ).
10 Resident LQ Fonts, 14.6k Buffer LC24-300 Colour 24Pin LCD Panel, up to 264cps 4289.95 (draft), 8(kps (IQ), 16 Resident IQ Fonj .Tv Buffer, Quiet 46 43db Modes STAR 1ASER PRINTERS... 1*5 4579.95 IMEX WBB 4679.95 LS-5TT PostScript |_ g n 4949.95 Print Manager Available with all new Star Printers or for existing Star users. Higher printing resolutions and more control of your Star. Please ask for details of this great new utility.
Extended Warranty Plan New Prestige Warranty available on aU Star printers. This is in addition to Star's standard l year warranty and can be extended to a max. of THREE YEARS ON-SII from a very tow cost*!! Please ask for further information or check out the booklet we include with every Suit Printer Apple"' equipment has always had a reputation for its quality and rcliabi!ity...butr at a price!
NOW you can use Genuine Apple"' Printers with your Amiga at far MORE COMPETITIVE prices than you'd imagined was ever possible... Apple™ Personal Apple™ Color LaserWriter™ NTR A3 A4 Bubbkjet I ppm ( anon engined Canon BJC 820 engines!
Loser with suprirfast 360x360dpi BubbleJeL RLSC Processor & 3Mb EpsonQ 24Pin emula RAM (upgradable to tion. Parallel A SCSI 4Mb). True PostScript’ interfaces. A3 & A4 size Level 2. HP laserjetll A paper. I'p to .YOOcps in PCX 4+ emulations. Text mode! INFINITE FULLY Amiga A PC com COLOUR OITPIT patible. Parallel. Serial using a 4 colour CMYK RS2)2 A UxatTalk tnn of ink cartridges interfaces built-in. No with approx. *,00page other laser of this life. There no better quality costs so link... InkJet at onh -.
* 739.95 *704.95 Accessories & Consumables INKJET CARTRIDGES:
BJHkxsx 415.95 BJ800-Black 416.95 RI200 230 415.95 BJ800 • Cyan
8) 600 Black 46.95 BJWKI - Magenta 421.95 BJ600 Cyan 48.95 BJ800
Yellow 421.95 BJ600 - Magenta 48.95 BJ600- Yellow 48.95 SHEET
FEEDERS: BMOsx in White or Black *5195 RIBBONS: AtTX) SHEET
1201) 43.95 NONE AllHOC-olumn 90 C 43.95 415.95 Modeb (Please
24 200 240 4143 415.95 state) 4*4.95 ACCESSORIES: 9 24Pin.
BOColumn Colour Kit (not 124) 437.95 24Pin. 32k RAM
Expansion (not 200 240) 413.95 24Pin. 52k RAM Expansion for
200 240 619.95 24Pin. 128K RAM Expansion (not 200 240)
43195 Now you can expand your .Amiga beyond the
capabilities of man) "business’ computers with Harwoods
Blizzard 1200 Memory Board Winner of Amiga Format s Gold Award with a 93*' rating the specification b impressive...
1. 4mb RAM a, standard A option to add a further tMli.
2. (JBit UCIriMXG FAST Zem wait state I AM RAM I nornull} quitter
than PCMCIA tunit I A Krai Time haiury backed clock
I. 1P1 socket built-in for STANDARD PICX typr Malta Gv PnKctMrs
trf up to 10MID tpcnC 5- Ea»y AI200 'Trapdoor" fitting
retaining C.BM Wurantle*
6. Compact itnign utilising latent SMT trchootogv
RAM Expansion (Blizzards own) 4139-95 33MHz. Fpl; Maths
Coprocessor 479.95 Blizzard 1230 Tlirbo Accelerator From the
maken of the acclaimed Blizzard 1200 RAM Board comes a great
A1200 Accelerator...
1. 400-W» pcrfnmtncc intrraw on ill applications (with Jddrtioiul
ini t*r.ird RAM I
2. Optional law Cup to Imttt sec) DMA 5C5HI interface for (D ROM
etc. (Um BO-966Q FonnabX Ecmovabk Drives (SyqycMs Bernoulli
11c 1 as used un Macintosh ck.
Y tOMIl 68ECt),tO Processor
4. Ip to)OMm 68882 PLCCur PGA FPGiiil (MaltaC Pro
5. Ip lo 04Mb of 32 Bil RAM usinv standard 72 Pin SIMMS
6. Bmrry backed real time dock
7. Easy trap door instillation. Does NOT void wraniio
8. No software minimi, lust plug in and uo!
BUZZARD 1230 TURBO (0Mb.) 424195 4Mb. RAM Expansion. 32BH SIMM 4179-95 33MHz. FPL Maths Co-Processor 479.95 Buy all three Together foe just~ *449.95 Lightning FAST Hard Disk access for all Amiga A4000 owners. The only IDE answer...
1. F«t(iiptol0Mh.S c)DMAS(S] ni tlcTf rfoZCD10M etc. (CDIY.
ISO9660 Formats). Optical Removable Drive* (Syqactts etc) at
used on Apple Macintosh etc. I f xpaxtdihk up lo 6tMb of J2-BH
Fast RAM V Rcquim no BuMt r Chip upgrade!!!
1. ' ompMibk s rth all existing .Amiga MOW* A V * 32 Bit SIMM
Socket, Exceptional Vahie FASTLANE Z3~. 4329.95 BJ lOsx Mono J
4219. 95
* 319.95
4369. 95 it Li nt llj 200 Mono. 250cps, Inc. Auto4ttiectHiifr i
BJ230 Mono. 360dpi. 248cps. AttfWMni Astt BJC600 S, 360dpi
Colour Bubble Jet, mo Paper.
01 IP, envelopes. Compact, duraffiPMteigim.
4 colour (MYK system. 100 sliR ElpuMar.
240 170cps text mode, 8 std Buffer MONO COLOUR RIBBONS: FEEDERS: All BOCohimn Models... (Please specify model when ordering)
* 8195 LC10 20 100 43.95 *5.95 LC200 4J.95 *10-95 LC24 200 *6.25
*12.45 INKJET CARTRIIX fcJ ; SJ48 *15.95 NONE SJH4 410.95
612.95 Accessories & Consumables GVP Accelerators 40MHz.
O80$ 0ec. 32WI BOARDS GVP 1230 • With 0Mb. RAM 4249.95 GVP 1230
With 1Mb. RAM 4309.95 GVP 1230 * With 4Mb. RAM 4499.95 Ask
about RAM upgrades and Maths Co-Pro s SUPRA Tlirbo 28MHz
Accelerator MONO COLOUR LNKIET CARTRIDGES: Dcskjct'DrsUritcr
421.95i oubicUfc 424.95sundard PaintJet *21.95 *27.95
PAPER TRANSPARENCY FILM: 510 Mono Deskjet 500 Colour Deskjet
550 Colour Deskjet Single Sheet *18*95 2-Fold 420.95
Transparency Film ( 50 Sheets) 449*95 Compatible with AU. A500*
& A500Ph» (A 1500 & 2000 versions available, please ask
1. Rtup into sidecar expansion skit AW. AWOHus
2. Speeds up your Amiga • ap to FOUR TIMES NORMAL SPD3K J, With
tfarooghpon fur RAM Hard Drhc Expansion etc. MUTtwt urn t 07
RAW fMfr »fdd«Wh»» do m*l .tar »Menu- or GIT Hit IUM alrr*4)
Jut*4 U FAST HIM At 200 Performance at only..'. *129.95 Shown
on these two pages are just selections of our extensjve range
of Amiga Peripherals and Accessories which we are continually
extending as neW products become available.
Please phone us if the item you need is not listed or to enquire about latest news.
All prices are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%. Prices are correct at time of going to press and subject to availability - E&OE.
Gordon Amiga Software Amiga Book Shop Amiga Accessories KomboVidtl2.Y2.00 idi 12 & Sound X Vision Technosound Turbo Sampler I NEW Technosound Turbo 2 Miracle keyboard 4249.95 Musk X full version 1.1 42195 "§ Midi interface 5port c w cable 42195 jj ZYFI Stem) Speaken 439.95
- §• ZYFI Pro Stereo Speakers 45195 £ Stereo Master 429-95 Deluxe
Music 2 469-95 Mcgiosound 429*95 m Power Mono NEW VlO Hand
4127.95 ¦ Held Scanner Epson GT6S00 Flatbed Epson GT8000
Flatbed (inc. .Art Dept Professional) ProGen ¦ Perfect high
quality entry kvcl true video signal genlock Kcndalc 8802 inc
switch and fader contrvb, A!200 IIQ Mkroswhchcd MEGA MOISE
(cxcrlknt maga iir reviews) IIQ Micrmwitchcd -tQOdpi Resolution
MEGA MOLSE HQ Mieroswitehcd MEGA MOISE inc. Mouse Mai Hoklcf
Higli Quality microswitchcd Optical mouse HQ Micruswitched
Trackball Auto Mouse.Joystick Switcher Premier Control Centre
ft Monitor Punth with shelf: For Amiga A500 For .Amiga A6Q0 For
.Amiga A1200 Zipstkk Autofirc Joyvkk Competition Pro-Star
Bumfire ft slow motion Pvilion 1M The BIG1 MioftKWitched Full range of Quickjoy and other nukes stocked • please call us for prices 10 TDK 3.5" D$ f D 50 TDK 3.5’ DS DD 10 TDK35“DSHD u nified Bulk Disks with Ltbcb; 10 with library case 50 Disks - only... 100 Disks otUy_.
250 Disks -only...
3. 5" Disk Head ( leaner essen tlai for reliable loading Amiga
1200 Insider Guide Amiga A600 Insider Guide Mastering Amiga
Assembler Mastering Amiga Beginners Mastering Amiga C.
Mastering Amiga Workbench Mastering .Amiga Dos V2 Vol. 1
Mastering .Amiga Dos V2 V'ol.2 Mastering Amiga Dos V2 VoL3
Mastering .Amiga .AMOS Mastering Amiga arfax Mastering .Amiga
System ABACI'S B(K)K.S: In u*k Please phone us for keen
External Amiga Disk Drives Cumana 3.5' External Disk Drive 459-95 with throughport. Extra long cable, free head cleaning kit Power XL High Density 3-5* External 499-95 Dbk Drive with 1.7Mb. capacity for extra storage space, free disk head cleaning kit Amiga Hard Disk Drives I LNTHNAL Our internal A600 A1200 Hard Disk Drives are dll high qualify Industry standard units manufactured by recognised and respected worldmdf nutrkel leaden (eg. Conner.
Seagate. Western Digital etc.). Each Hard Drire Comes u'Ub a one year warranty, drimr square, fitting Ul and full instructions for w tf to fit easily younrtf.
And- back up and repair UlUUy software.
Capacity 130Mb.
1379. 95 421195 Other Hard Disk sizes available... Please phone
us for further details.
Hard Drive capacities are unformatted to die nearest 5Mb.
SI AKJW 0L1FTITWG SfflVKS T00B1 New... OVERDRIVE ,35' EXTERNAL DRIVES Iumi vf.ii can get an EXTFJL AL Hard Drtie option that simply plugs inlo the POIC1A skit of your Amiga AIJW THE EASY TO FIT ASSWER TO A HARD DISK LPCRADL” Ask us about prices and availability for models starting ul just.. £249.95 on a range from i.V Mb. up lo flOMb.
Supra Modems & FAX Modems A lull range of Modems and new fax Iphone!
Modems from as link a 410WIJ ¦ Pm Pal VI.5 449.95 ¦ Final Cop) II Release 2-AGA 479.95 ¦ NEW_Jtaal Writer 4129.95 H The Publisher 439.95 . J Professional Page V4.1 4129.95 ' I Pagrsetter III 447.95 3 Wordworth 2 AGA 499-95 I Softfaces 1 to •» (for FC11) 439.95 U softclips 1 to 4 429-95 H Softwood Proper Grammar 2: 439.95 ¦ (Grammar & Spelling checker.
¦ for ALL Amiga Word Processors) Mini Office 439.95 £ FEATUUNG... 4 Word Itoccssor. Spreadsheet.
| Database and Dbk Manager... “ FITLY LNTF-GRATED!
5 supertax? Personal 2 429.95 Supertase Personal 1 411195 IS X-CAD 2000 497.95 j | XHAD 3000 425195 3 -5 Art Expression 414195 taJ Expert Draw 449.95 Scala 500 Home Tider 47195 | Scala Professional 4177.95
* Scala M.W202 4289.95 $ EditMale 419195 Broadcast Thlcr 2 - SVGA
417195 GB Route Plus 43195 if? Turboprint Pro 2.0 43195 [J Mavh
Beacon Teacho Typing 2 42195 II TypeSmith 4119-95 Lj System JF.
45195 Personal Finance Manager 43195 Arena Accounts 49195
Deluxe Paint 11 44195 Deluxe Paint 4 (AGA) 47195 NEW...
Caligari 497.95 3D Construction Kit 436.95 Ado rage 457.95 1 V
ista Pro 3 45195 £ Art Department Prof. V2.J 4149-95 tPCTV
Composite Video 4349.95 12t Bit Cirapkio System - PALI 2 Morph
Plus 4149.95 Kcal 30 Classic 47195 Real 3D 2 4379.95 Rrillianct
4147.95 pixel 3D Pro * Artim Workshop 4149.95 1 Quarterback V5
451.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 499-95 (Advanced Dfek'FUe
Management) PC. Task • PC Emulator 437-95 Cross DOS 434-95 Easy
Amos 42195 Amos The Creator 436.95 Amos Compiler 421.95 Amin 3D
425.95 Amos Professional 436.95 .Amos Professional (ompilrr
42195 New SAN Lattice C V6 J 4259.95 Devpac 3 452.95 Director)-
Opus V4 449.95 "Micros' up to GCSF. Standards micro science -
to GCSE 41195 % micro madi - to GCSE 418.95 2 micro english -
to GCSE 418.95 micro french - to GCSE 418.95 b * micro
Spanish to GCSE 418.95 micro german • to GCSE 418.95 compendium
six (6 tides) 427.95 Hem* that prove Faulty in the first JO
days are replaced with new units unless otherwise stated (eg.
On-site maintenance etc.). Hardware th:it may develop a fault
In the first year (some products have 2 year warranty) Ls
collected FREE LK Mainland). You'll be given an exclusive
phone number manned by our technical staff who arc pleased to
help you with MI)' puWemv All hanlw an: Is fitted with a maims
plug ready to use, vt c aim to continue providing the BEST
srnkv in Uk industry!
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Department EISaD New Street • Alfreto Derbyshire • DE55 71 Fax: 0773 83104 ACO One of the great things about the Amiga is its ability to use sampled sounds; you only have to listen to a typical game or demo to hear what can be achieved.
Sound sampling, for those of you who are new to such things, involves a rather strange translation process whereby recorded sounds are converted into sets of numbers.
In most cases this is achieved by plugging a box called a sampler or sound digitiser into the Amiga's parallel port, connecting a sound source (microphone, CD player and so on) to it, and then using a piece of software to collect and save the digitised sound.
Reasonable hardware and software can be obtained quite cheaply and although getting good results may take a little practice, the sampling process itself is easy to perform.
Now you certainly don't need to be technically minded to benefit from the Amiga's sound sampling facilities, but most users do seem to feel more comfortable with the jargon that they inevitably encounter in magazines and books if they know something about how digitisers work and how samples are stored. So, with this in mind, here’s a more detailed overview of the sampling process.
A single musical note can be thought of as consisting of sound waves of a given pilch (frequency) and loudness (amplitude). When you listen to a piece of music, or anything else come to that, what you are listening to is a mass of these waves containing many different frequencies and amplitudes.
In making a tape recording of, say, a song, the intensities of each part of the waveform are continuously measured and stored (as varying strength magnetic information) on the tape. These types of continuous measurements are called "analogue'' recording techniques and are so named because an ever-changing signal is being measured in a way that allows the full details of the input signal to be recorded (in theory at least).
Sound digitisers work on rather a different principle - they use special hardware which grabs and measures, ie samples, the input signal's amplitude information at specified intervals.
This usually happens many thousands of times a second and by storing the numerical values which represent the amplitude of the signal, a digital copy of the original sound is built up. The key point to approach is that because the information ends up being stored as a series of numbers in memory it becomes amenable to processing by computer.
As sound editing is then reduced to just changing the numbers associated with the digitised waveform, it becomes possible to achieve effects which are cither difficult or impossible to produce with conventional analogue recording techniques.
Needless to say, the quality of any sample depends on the accuracy of the digitisation process and one of the factors to consider here is the resolution of the numbers used to define the waveform amplitude - it should be pretty obvious that sample quality is going to be dependent on the range of numbers used to represent the amplitude measurements.
Safer ( EIGHT-BIT Exciting, yes, but you need to know the basics before plugging outside sounds into your Amiga. Paul Overaa explains why your Amiga and a CD player have a lot in common... The Amiga's internal sound chips are based on the use of 8-bit sound samples and this is why most Amiga samplers perform amplitude digitisation to an accuracy of 8- bits (this means that the numerical amplitude values found in the stored sound sample data lie in the range -128 to +127).
Although the Amiga’s internal sound chips are quite impressive, this 8-bit limitation does of course put a restriction on the playback quality that can be achieved when sounds are regenerated.
Compact discs, which incidentally also use this type of digitised sound technology, are rather better in this resped because they use a 16-bit sampling amplitude resolution.
This means that CD digitised data contains correspondingly more waveform detail (hence the playback sound quality is better).
Sixteen-bit samplers are available for the Amiga but, with one notable exception (namely Microdeal's Clarity 16), they're Still relatively expensive. They also have another disadvantage - because each amplitude value uses 16 bits (2 bvtes) instead of 8 bits (1 byte), they use up twice as much memory!
The sampling rate, ie the frequency at which signal measurements arc taken, is the other factor which governs the resulting sample quality'. Fast sampling rates would intuitively be expected to give better waveform detail and this is exactly what is found in practice.
Amiga digitisers are very respectable in this resped. Microdeal's Megalosound sampler, for instance, can collect mono samples at rates of 40 to 70kHz and even stereo samples can be colleded at rates of 34 to 39kHz.
The relation between sampling rate and playback rate is quite easy to understand. If say you sample a musical note using a 20kHz sampling frequency, and then plav that sample back using the same frequency, the digital copy of the note will sound the same as the original because you're reconstructing the waveform in the same time space.
If however you double the playback speed then you are effectively doubling the frequency' of all of the elements in the waveform and since a doubling of frequency means an increase of one odave in pitch, the digitally recorded sound will end up sound- ing an octave higher. Half the playback frequency and the note will sound an octave lower, and so on.
DIRECT-TO-DISK Amiga chip memory is always at a premium and since most samplers use this memory as their sample workspace, this places a limit on the size of the sample that can be taken. Some of the expensive 16-bit samplers solve this limitation by offering direct-to-hard-disk sample taking and this facility has recently filtered down to more affordable digitisers as well.
The hardware performance of direct-to- disk units tend to vary according to the efficiency of the hard disk being used but, by way of example, the Megalosound unit can often achieve speeds of around 18kHz when recording stereo samples in this way.
Irrespective of whatever sampling hardware you choose, or can afford, to buy, there are some general guidelines to bear in mind.
Firstly, none of these units can work mira- des and if the signal fed into the digitiser is poor then you can bet your bottom dollar that the results are going to be equally poor.
You can get great results from CD decks, records and tape machines but if you want to use a microphone for recording voices and so on then a little more care Is needed.
Microphones, such as the those provided with cheap portable tape machines, arc best avoided (like the plague). If you need to sample microphone-based input then try and get hold of something decent (like an AKC, Shure, or Beyer) even if it means borrowing one from a rich friend!
Ms rare sani One criteria used to measure the signal quality of hi-fi equipment and the like is something called the signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio. This basically gives a measure of the signal itself relative to any extraneous electrically generated background noise produced by the equipment.
Indicators which allow you to see whether a suitable signal level is being provided.
Too low and the sample will have a lot of background noise, too high and the digitiser's input circuitry won’t be able to cope and you'll get a distortion effect known as (which should incidentally be as short as possible), can all help to improve the final quality of the audio signal.
Because it is important to provide the digitiser with a good strength signal, the sampling software will provide graphic Keeping tape heads and records dean, and using good quality connecting leads sampling Trouble shooter With proper attention to input signal levels, and a decent original signal, very little can go wrong with your sample taking. There are however a couple of extra points worth mentioning.
To start with, dirty contacts on the audio lead that links the sound source to the digitiser can often result in poor sample quality. The remedy is to clean the jacks phono- sockets (loose connections cause similar problems and the solution should be pretty obvious).
Audio leads trailing near to a mains power cable are another thing to watch for - it is all too easy for mains-induced hum to be inadvertently picked up.
The moral here? Keep all audio leads away from cables that carry current and don't, incidentally, do Silly things like draping audio leads over your monitor.
Not because it's particularly unsafe but because the high voltages inside the monitor can also result in the audio input cable picking up induced hum.
The sound sampler The analogue-to-digital converter (i This is the heart of the sampler. The chip samples the analogue input at a controlled sample rate and measures the voltage variations at regularly spaced intervals, generating a list of binary numeric values which can be stored and manipulated by the computer.
Sound samplers convert sound to a digitised form which can be stored and manipulated by a computer. Samplers rely on chips called analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs). These specialised chips sample analogue voltages and convert them into binary numbers which the computer can digest. Sound samplers usually operate at rates of up to 40,000 samples per second (sps) although sampling rates of 8.000sps to 15.000sps can be quite adequate. Control of the recording level or gain is very important. Some samplers control gain digitally on screen while others offer only hardware control.
Bling the he was t- equencv .¦'itch, the p sound- back fre- n octave Nyquist's Law Nyqulst’s Law states thal the highest recordable frequency is equal to halt the sampling rate. The range of the human ear goes up to about 20.000Hz so to record sounds at this frequency would require a sampling rate of 40,000sps - this is about the rate at which sound is recorded for compact discs.
I5.000sps is usually quite adequale for home computer use. However, and at this rate the highest recordable frequency would be 7500Hz. Any sound above this frequency would be recorded as noise or ‘'aliasing'.
SK at a pre- use this ice, this lple that .e 16-bit offering and thi to more irect-to- theeffi- but, by unit can Iz when ig hardly, there i mind Tmkm programi like OctoMED to you creole your own compositions using sound iampto EM KM Mtt g Mmn onsu 0KR ' NOISE TTHiiiiiiiiiirrrrriimnnmr ttttttttttttttttttt-ti in* 12994 r,LES
of Midi-oriented sound sample file formats also available but
these are really only of interest to professional users- By
virtue of the way they are obtained, digitised samples are of
necessity both time quantised and limited to discrete steps in
The world of mathematics has provided us with something called the Nyquist theorem which essentially says that a continuous time waveform, when sampled at a frequency greater than twice the maximum frequency component in its spectrum, can be reconstructed completely from the sampled waveform.
Now in theory you can use these ideas to predict suitable sampling rates when taking Clipping When a signal is provided I that is too loud for the digitiser cir-1 cuitry to cope with, the top parts of | the input signal waveform can be effectively chopped off or clipped.
This produces a distortion which, for obvious reasons, is called clipping!
Chip memory The area of memory I that is accessible by the Amiga's cus-1 tom chip set. Sound samples have to I be held in chip memory in order to be I used.
Jargon buster clipping. For the best results, start with a signal that is a little too loud and experiment by sampling it, and listening to the results.
If on replay you hear any evidence of clipping, then reduce the volume slightly and try again- Repeat the process until you are convinced that you've recorded the strongest non-clipping signal possible. Some digitisers, incidentally, are fitted with volume controls.
Others are not and in these latter cases the signal level will need to be adjusted directly from the audio source.
Collecting sound samples is great fun. It is, however, of little use unless those samples can be saved and re-used and herein lies another part of the sampling story... The digital copy or image of the sound in memory is called the raw data and many sample editing packages offer facilities for writing this information directly to disk.
Raw files are used mainly by programmers - a games coder for instance might use raw sound sample data and embed the required details of playback rates and the like, within the program using the sound.
As a means of creating portable data files, ie sound sample files that can be used with any number of different sound editing programs or tracker programs, raw sample files are less than ideal. This is because a program reading such raw sample data is not going to know how the waveform should be played back or used.
What is needed therefore is a file format that saves not only the waveform data, but some details about how the sample should be played and this is where the IFF 8SVX file format comes to the rescue.
IFF files store their data items in labelled blocks (called chunks). With 8-bit sound samples the chunks, since they represent S- bit Sampled Voice data, are known as 8SVX chunks and these will contains the raw waveform data, details about how the sample should be played, plus perhaps other info as well, A simple 8SVX file might, conceptually look something like this: repeat part waveform. The idea here is that when samples are played as musical instruments, the programs using them can initially play the one-shot part of the waveform, and then loop around the repeat part of the
waveform for as long as the sound needs to be sustained.
Iff Ssvx round Mil ...... 8SVI liDfl jiil hfjJer irfo 80tY wlYltorR d!tl Programs which use sampled sounds as instruments achieve different notes in a particular voice by modifying the rate at which they play back the sound sample.
Samples however always sound best, or at k*ast most natural, when they arc played back at rates near to their original sampling rate and with large alterations in playback rates the quality of the voice can often deteriorate drastically.
MULTIPLE The IFF standard helps programs to avoid these sorts of problems by allowing multiple octave sound data to be stored so that in any given situation a program can chcK)se an octave nearest to the note that it wishes to generate. Three and five octave SSVX file versions are common.
IFF SSVX is fine as an S-bit standard but over the last few years a more sophisticated file standard has been created that will become increasingly important as 16-bit sampling becomes more accessible.
It's called Audio IFF and one of the packages which supports this format is Microdeal's Clarity 16. The AYR format, an in-house standard created by Audio Visual Research, is another 16-bit arrangement that you may also read about.
AVR files consist of a small block of header information followed by the sample waveform data. There are incidentally a 4 Let your ears be judge and jury and you won't go far wrong samples of a particular musical note (if for instance you are sampling a sound with a frequency of 15kHz, this theory suggests that you'd need to collect data at a frequency of at least twice this, ic 30kHz to get a good sample).
In practice things are not that simple because musical instruments produce notes which contain other frequencies, called harmonic overtones, which colour the sounds.
These harmonics may include frequencies which are at a much higher frequency than the main note.
If the Nyquist relationship tells you anything at all it is that a sampling frequency at least twice as fast as the frequency of the highest frequency component present in the original waveform needs to be used.
Since you'll never know the frequency of the harmonics any chance of making sound predictions (apologies for the pun) of suitable sampling rates go out of the window! The solution of course is to forget any "I can calculate the required frequency" ideas and let your ears tell you whether you have a good sample or not.
Samples can incidentally suffer from a waveform distortion known as aliasing when taken at sampling rates of less than the Nyquist predicted frequency and the Amiga hertZ The hertz is the common unit of frequency equivalent to one cycle per second, so 1kHz =1,000 cycles per second.
RAM scanning A facility provided by some sampling software whereby you can hunt around the Amiga's memory and 'play'' whatever's there. Needless to say nobody ever uses these options for stealing other peoples samples!
Tracker programs These are sequencer-type programs that are based on the use of sampled sounds.
OctaMED Pro is a typical example and very good it is too.
Is fitted with an anti-aliasing filler to minimise this effect.
Unfortunately this filter works by cutting the high-frequencies (because they're the ones most affected by aliasing distortion) so samples end up sounding flat (dull).
Basically the sound loses its sparkle because it loses those all-important harmonics mentioned earlier!
Some sampling software can employ a playback technique known as oversampling which allows aliasing distortion to be reduced without cutting the high-frequency waveform components.
There is incidentally another source of distortion-based quality loss that is worth mentioning. Some software allows the IFF SSVX sample data to be compressed to save space.
Fibonacci-delta compression, the technique that is always used, is not really suitable for compressing musical instrument samples - it can, and usually does, introduce distortion that is especially noticeable on samples recorded at low sample rates.
Sometimes you can get away with it but as before the only safe solution is to experiment and let your ear be the judge!
Developing an ear for music, being able to recognise a good sample from a bad one, and so on is something that only comes with practice, At the end of the day there is only one rule to apply to the samples you take - if it sounds good... then it is good. And if you let your ears be your judge and jury in this way you'll find that you won't y f J go far wrong. F m THE MICRO ADVENTURES OF... "...BY TUB Tim I K&WCP THE SCENE, THE P US HAD &EEN 'RUBBED OUT'... THERE WAS ONLY ONE TH NO TO PO. CflSH &EENSCfTWARE' EOB EXTRA BACKUP!"
Ave to
• to be ivided 3r cir* Ifts of an be pped.
:h. For IQ!
N unit cycle ss per ed by y you imory idless hese spies S are it are unds.
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Actually, there are a couple of types of drive, although for the Amiga only c kind is really viable unless you require one for specialist use. And this is the i floppy drive format HD stands for high density, which means the disk can he around 800k of information as opposed to roughly half of that using old (now c dated) variants.
As well as HD disks, it is also possible to buy DD (double density) variar These can record roughly double that of HD disks, and use much higher qua magnetic coatings on the disks' surfaces to record accurately such a large amoi of Information.
We have tested one such model, the Power XL drive. Such drives are great Blitzes a piece of dopying stfttoSre Now while people undoubtedly use such software to pirate commercial releases,they also use it to get around commercial blocks in order to back up their expensive software. While understanding th'e latter, to deny that the former goes on fust as much wouj J be stupid.
However, Blitz is dv&ifabie and people aretuying it. So what does it do? Well, by putting the disk to be copied from, write-protected into the Amiga's internal drive, and the disk s to be cppied to in any external drive s (write-enabled) it simply mates a bit-by-bit copy of the entire disk, f It does not do it "intelligentlyit has no way of knowing if a cogy is successful r not, but most Of the time they are. Power recommend that you use.
Copyright Power Conputing 1991 HD or high density disks - popular jn the PC wojjd due to their propensity to hold'twice as much data as their DD Rouble density) contemporaries - because they are made df very high quality magnetic media and so Blitz will be-most likely to make an error-free dJjty onto such a isk. % 0 Blitz can, ij eed, also copy PC and ST disks, dire to the fact that it doesn't care whdj it;p that it’s copying across; amnfritH other dffiorfSlncludlng ' doing up to three disk af a time (assuming you have enough drives, of course) thisis undoubtedly an extremely effective
progrdm. It is up to users to use it responsibly - af)d therein only 6 faff*chance of that. I fear. * * + • § 48 Amiga Computing January 1994 a use, but as most Amiga drives are only HO, they II be no good for giv* your friends. Double density drives can format and support HD disks,
- material chosen for and build quality ol the case, the
facilities provided
• rus protection, the decision about whether to power the thing
externally 'd - all effect the reliability, aesthetic qualities
and last but not least, the of any drive.
- e best course to take when considering buying an external
floppy (and it ne of the most useful and cheapest peripherals
you could aver consider t ng in) is to weigh up how much looks
and extra features mean to you.
Men work out the pricing on those drives you are interested in, icre s very little either functionally or financially to choose between many,
• s simply a case of right features, right price! You have the
luxury of know- :at all of the models reviewed here will do the
basic job. And do it well. The us up to you... Beating viruses
I could have called them “virT. But then you wouldn I have
known what i meant, would you? However you piuraiise them,
viruses - nasty little computer programs which can do
everything from locking up your machine to flashing ‘amusing"
messages at you to reformatting your hard drive - are highly
Disk drives which contain anti-virus circuitry allow reading and writing to and from Amiga disks as usual, but will block any attempts to write to the boot- block of any disks in either the external drive or the Amiga s own internal one.
As most viruses work by bootblock corruption, this is an effective aid in the fight against them, although it should not be used instead of a proprietary virus killer - such circuitry can’t do anything about already affected disks.
Unfortunately, the so-called link viruses are Immune to this kind of protection as they work in a completely different way Link viruses are generally far more senous than their bootblock contemporaries, doing such desirable things as complete disk wipes (hard as well as soft), so it is doubly essential to make sure that you scan all new disks with that up-to-date virus killer ROUNDUP!
Power PC883 Dual Power Computing This is a novel concept, and one which will appeal to those who want two instead of just one extra dnve. But who wish to keep everything nice and tidy. The Power Dual is two fully-featured Power disk dnves in one neat metal case.
Each drive is in actual fact a completely independent unit, so you can copy from one to the other, the Amiga recognises them both icon-wise as two separate units, and so on.
Switched on via the switch on its rear, the unit is actually powered by its own minitransformer mains power supply. This is to reduce any strain on overworked power supplies. And is only to be welcomed. It’s a common misconception that power supplies last forever... The Dual Drive comes complete with Blitz software. Too (see box), and can - indeed, must - make two copies of anything you're backing up from the Amiga's internal drive in order to make it work.
It's novel and very neat. While it may never be a best seller, there are many circumstance?
Where two disk drives in one neat box could be a perfect solution, and if it such with you, this is a first rate model.
Power XL Power Computing Sharing the same sleek looks as the 880B except for a slightly darker shade of grey used for the front plastic casing of the drive itself, this dnve is different in that it can handle high density disks, known as HD disks for short. As mentioned, these allow you to format the special HD disks to hold a maximum capacity of around 1.6Mb - double that of usual DD disks, and so especially useful for those wishing to cram a large amount of data onto a single disk.
Therefore this drive appeals to those using their Amigas for DTP or animation and graphics work, where the disks can hold more pages, frames or pictures than their lower capacity counterparts.
Visually, the only difference on the disks themselves (discounting the HD logo) is a second hole opposite the write-enable disable slot. This hole is a permanent one. And using it the disk drive senses whether the disk which has just been inserted is HD or
DD. Therefore, the Power XL drive is able to read, write and
format both types of disk - the best of both worlds.
The drive has four rubber feet which hold it very still, and the usual enable disable switch and daisy-chaining socket on the back. So if big files or programs are your thing
- or if you're putting off getting that hard disk yet wish you
could have a second drive stacked with all the things you need
to keep swapping disks for - this could be the one for you.
¦ROUNDUP Power PC88OB Power Computing The Power drive is a long beast, but is nevertheless streamlined and good- looking in' its plastic and metal casing.
It bears a great resemblance to its cousin, the Power XL high density drive, brought about by being sold in the same casing.
The PC880B has an isolating switch which makes it effectively “disappear" when switched off. Allowing compatibility with extra-drive-sensitive software, and also comes with the usual through-port for connecting a second drive to.
Power recommend that you do not connect more than two drives together running off Ihe Amiga's own power supply - although this advice may vary depending upon what machine and so what type of power supply you have, Power’s suggestion is a sensible rule of thumb.
One feature which particularly impressed me was the inclusion of an anti-click device which effectively stops the dnve clicking periodically - the bane of the Amiga's internal drive.
It's a problem caused by the Amiga continually checking to see if a disk has been inserted in the drive, and one which users have previously got around by either putting a “dummy" disk in the dnve (so there is one there and so no need to click) or by using a small PD utility permanently installed and programmed to stop it. Power's solution is both transparent and effective.
What makes Power s drive stand apart from the crowd, however, is its Blitz software, which is included with the drive in the shape of a floppy disk, and an extra switch on the back of the unit. The function switch can select one of three options. The first is Normal. The second is an anti-virus setting, which is discussed in more detail in the separate box.
The final setting, Blitz, is for use in conjunction with the aforementioned software. See the box-out ‘Blitz those disks" for more information on this feature Cumana CAX354 Cumana Ltd Definitely the grandad of the Amiga external floppy drive world, the Cumana has been around for many years Looking rather old fashioned in this day and age - it's slightly bigger and clumsier looking than its competitors, and its noisiness betrays a rather basic design - the Cumana has nevertheless lived a long and popular life which sees no sign of decline.
Maybe people like it because of its reliability Eschewing flashiness and fashion, the Cumana is one of the most trustworthy drives in the business.
It comes m a two-part moulded plastic case, complete with an extra port on the back for daisy-chaining another dnve. It has four small plastic feet, which are not particularly brilliant at holding it still. Indeed, our office Cumana (pictured) has been doctored with six large rubber feet and now looks somewhat like the souped-up Morris Minor of the floppy disk worid! But it's testament to the unit's reliability that no-one can remember how long we've had this particular specimen. Devoid of gadgets and extras, this is the dnve for you if you're after something tried and tested and through
with flying colours.
Roctec RocLite Cordon Harwood A very popular drive with the trendy, streamlined mob. And not too surprising either, as the Roctec s sleek metal case certainly conjures up elegant adjectives such as "diminutive and understated Although its design is compact, it lacks the spilt-coffee-unfnendly top vents of its streamlined contemporary the Zappo drive. On the Zappo model, vents appear to be a design feature designed to keep the drive mechanism cool within such a small case, but the Roctec does not appear to get hot in use without them.
It is equipped with the usual enable disable switch and socket for daisy-chaining other drives to. Although you may have to search for a trendy-looking 23-pin cable to connect them up with or the plug in the back might ruin this vain little number's good looks!
It also has. Rather more usefully, an anti-virus facility along the lines of the power drives (see box for an explanation) which is only to be welcomed and perhaps pushed this model a little ahead of the Zappo in the sleek desirability stakes Zappo RF332C Indi Direct Hob byte This is a highly attractive drive, and for those with fashion-conscious Amiga setups, it could be nght up your street.
Extremely slimline, both in height and length, it comes in as sturdy grey metal casing, which is finished in an attractive speckled pattern, and has the usual 23- pin D-plug for attachment to your Amiga, and a D-socket on the rear for attaching further drrva.'s. Possibly the only worrying tactor about this attractive design is the use of two cooling vents on the top of the unit towards the rear. While no doubt essential for the cool and proper running of the Zappo. These vents nevertheless are prime target tor any stray cups of coffee or small objects in the curious paws of young children...
No doubt the trendy, streamlined design of the drive is the reason these vents are necessary, so if you want small size and looks, just be extra careful with drinks and children.
Finally, the drive has a small on off toggle switch at the back to deactivate it when its use is interfering with software.
Like most of the drives reviewed here, the Zappo has not got a power supply of its own. But if my humble A60Q's power supply can happily feed it. Then I imagine it will be all right on all Amigas.
Addresses Cumana Ltd, Pines Trading Estate, Broad Street, Guildford GU3 3BH Tel (U83 503121 fax 0483 451371 Gordon Harwood, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE5 7BP Tel 0773 836781 fax 0773 831040 Hobbyte, 10 Market Place, St Albans AL3 5DGTel 0727 856005 Indi Direct Mail, 1 Ringway Industrial Estate, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield WS13 7SF Tel 0543 419990 fax 0543 418079 Power Computing, Unit 8 Railton Road, Wobum Road Industrial Estate, Kempston MK427PN Tel 0234 H43388 Power supply Daisy-chain Enable disable HD’ DD: Casing Anti-virus Cost Suppliers Cumana CAX354 No Yes Yes No Yes Plastic No
£49.95 Cumana Limited Power PC880B No Yes Yes No Yes MetaPplastic Yes £60 Power Computing Power PC883 Dual Yes3 Yes Yes No Yes Metal Yes £125 Power Computing Power XL No Yes Yes Yes Yes Metal plastic Yes £99.95 Power Computing Roctec RocLite No Yes Yes No Yes Metal Yes £59.95 Gordon Harwood Zappo drive No Yes Yes No Yes Metal No £51,50 Indi Direct Maii Hobbyte ' Handles high density (880k) disks 2 Handles double density (1,76Mb) disks 3 Comes complete with own separate transformer power lead and plug Another great offer from a manufacturer you can trust ind for Amiga street, ht and metal
ractrve jal 23- Amiga.
Aching about of two e unit essen- of the »s are coffee iws of
* Price includes VAT and delivery Mined these small jl with High
qualify on off ?ate it Iware.
E. the of its rsup- )ine it
• Renowned and proven reliability
• Styled plastic case V____ Low power consumption
* Throughport facility for addition of further drives
• Suits any Amiga ADDRESS ___ NAME All Cumana products carry our
30 day money back guarantee All products carry our 12 month
warranty All inclusive price Cumano reserve the right to
increase the price at any time. This offer is subject to
POSTCODE ' I would like to order . CAX354 Disk Drive(s) at £49.95 each Please debit my ACCESS VISA card (please delete); Expiry date of card » Number i I Signature Cheques should be made payable to Cumana Limited.
Orders may be placed by telephone - 0483 503121, or by fax - 0483 451371, or sent to - Cumano CAX 354 Offer, ' Pines Trading Estate, Broad Street, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3BH.
Manufacturers of quality produ ts since 1979 The Next Generation is Here Advanced Disk Recovery and Optimization I Central Com« t-J k,i». HU.
Kw Min w-w Win ft. Hat , M uu Quarterback Tools Deluxe includes the new Quarterback Tools 2.0, the most powerful data recovery tool available for the Amiga. Quarterback Tools can search for and repair just about any problem vour disks may have. But Quarterback Tools goes beyond simple disk repair with It you can restore files that have been accidentally deleted, find bad blocks on vour im disks and keep them from being used, and even salvage files from badly damaged disks. Quarterback Tools can also optimize the arrangement of files on your disks, speeding file access tremendously!
This new version of Quarterback Tools not only enhances these capabilities, but adds new features as well. It now includes a disk sector editor, for advanced users. With it you can directly modify the contents of any sector on yOlif disks. There is also full support for new features of-AmigaDOS 2.0 and 3.0, as well as extensive AREXX and macro support.
Powerful Disk and File Management Quarterback Tools Deluxe includes much more then just a new version of Quarterback Tools. Numerous new utilities have been added to make maintaining your system even easier then ever. There’s Replicator, a full-featured duplication system. Locator, to quickly locate your hies. Encryptor. To secure your files from others. File Eraser and D isk Eraser, to completely eliminate all traces of your files. Keystroke Finder, to show you how to type special characters. System Mover, to make moving fonts and system files a snap. And Brain Cloud, which can rotect you?
Disks from accidental use by thcrs.
• • t mi tw lMl C*m« W»wri 11 Ir
• • Tools for Everyone V Quarterback Tools Deluxe is the most
Ivaneed disk recovery and file tanagement package available for
the tig;), and the one program no Amiga user can afford to be
Us today to find out bow vou can get vour copy of Quarterback Tools Deluxe.
Central Coast Software A Division of New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Rd.. Suite 109 Austin. Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 Quirtethiek Tools Deluxe is a trademark of New
Horizons Software, Inc. Replicator Quickly makes multiple
copies of floppy disks.
Creates disk images and saves as AmigaDOS files.
Locator Searches disks for files that partially or fully match specified names.
Displays location of files, information about files, and file contents.
Encryptor Encrypts and decrypts files to present unauthorized access.
File decryption is password protected.
File Eraser Completely erases and deletes files to make their contents unrecoverable.
Uses standard or US Government erasure methods.
Disk Eraser Completely erases all traces of just deleted files, or of defiles on a disk Uses standard or US Government erasure methods.
Keystroke Finder Displays keystrokes necessary to generate any character.
System Mover Quickly and easily moves fonts, printer drivers.
And system files between disks.
Displays version information for printer drivers and system files.
Brain Cloud Makes a floppy disk unaccessible to AmigaDOS.
Not even the Amiga s “Format" command will work on a disk with a “Brain Cloud !
General Workbench 2.0 style “3-D" user interface.
Requires Kicbtart 1.2 or later (Kickstart 2.0 or later recommended).
Emerald CreativeTechnologyL,d Rapid House.
54 Wandle Bank, London SW19 1DW Tel: 081-715 8866 Fax:081-715 8877 BOOKS FOR THE AMIGA FROM DTBS fVices include pbstegi in lk« U.K. Add Cl per book m Europe. Airmail outside Europe odd 25% Access and Visa cords occepted Tef Fa* 0706 715 028. Cheques Postfe Orders payable te DTBS.
Descriptrve catalogue ovoilobfe on request Books normaly OvCnlabli from Stock SHOWROOM NOW OPEN - 413 Manchester Rood Rochdale Lancashire 0UI 3PG.
Monday Closed. Tuesday I0am-5pm Wednesday Iqam-lpm and 6pm-9p*n, Thursday 2prt- sm.
Friday i 6am-1 pm, Saturday 10cm 1pm |lhis is subject to UcJ* availability unce we often crftend shows ol weekends) 24 hour enswerphone when shop closed Fbone for travel drections ond to conhrm opening hours Moil order to: DTBS (Dept ACT), 18 Norwich Avenue, Ro hdole, tones 0L115JZ AMIVISION SOFTWARE present FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE v4 An incredibly addiciivc and detailed formula one simulation for 1-4 players.
Watch the races as they unfold with three levels of highlights Crashes, spins, pile ups, car failures, stop go penalties, weather changes, fastest & record laps, make pitstops Four independent levels of difficulty Accurate and detailed graphics of the teams, circuits etc. 15 teams, 2 cars per team, 50 drivers with varying skills, complete engine & tyre contracts. Choose tyre compounds, tune your engines, change wing settings, even train your pit crew!
Qualifying, 16 accurate championship circuits, news section, realistic sound fit, load save games, weather forecasts, statistics saved, latest HSA rules, sponsors, full drivers and constructors championships and so much more Includes Latest up to the minute details Incredibly addictive, produced by true formula one fans, nr* fltOff rttlnPK formula one management simulstion, fusrsatctd.
• -•I _ «II333
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Junior Essentials0 Dinosaurs Maths (Algebra) For children 6 to 16 years Covewg many areas from Attainment Target 3 of fhe National Curriculum, the ft w v Id Maths (Algebra) package s packed with subjects, levels and activities to challenge all children from Key Stage 1 r-ght up to Key Stage 4.
Followng sequences, interpreting graphs, wtving equation and numerous othr agebrac skills have never before been so much tun. This is the fun way to practise and becomg fast and proficient with the mampulatcns needed lor high examination marks.
For children 5 to 11 years A truly flexible package covenng many topics essential for building a good edueaional foundation. The areas covered have been carefufiy chosen by a team of experts and come from severa1 subjects and levels of the National Cumculum.
The child s progress n these areas ts constancy monitored and recorded and parents or teachers can easily dscover where a chrio needs help.
Asmtn all the fQwtqto senes, further motivation to psay the games and learn more 6 added in the form of High Score Tables.
For ell ages This package is the fun way to learn the truth aboul dinosaurs The sot games ad have superb dgttsed grapfvcs to make a whole area of history - d iosaurs - come atve Hyoo came face to face with a tyrannosaurus woJd you run away?
Or are you safe because it's a vegetanan and wouldn t eat you?
Thts. Togethe* with 100s of other interesting tacts, can bo discovered from this enthralling package The S x games - all with single and multilayer options-are educational fun tor everyone.
Maths (Number) For children 6 to 16 years Early Essentials For children under 7 years ‘Outstanding All of the activities are not only very enjoyable but they re wen thought through, it's one of the best multipurpose infant packages I've seen in a long while. It you have young kids get it for the home. If you're a teacher, hammer on the haadteacher s door and beg for money to buy a copy.’
- Arcfivneoes WoatJ I Joy 03.)
• At just £2595 you'll be hard p'essec to fmd anyihng which even
comes close to Earty Essentials.'
• Mere Computer Uart Sept 831 English For children 6 to 16 years
"Everything being done is relevant to the player s education.
An nvaiuable curnciAjm experience, plenty of fun.
Lots of vanety.’
- PC Home No93) "Guaranteed to sustain the attention of even
reluctant learners.'
- RISC user (January February 93 "Most mponantfy, as the games
are fun. Chtfren can t hep out learn'
• Acom Comojtmc (Usro) 83J ‘‘Allows progresscn from Junior school
age nght up to GCSE level ’
- Amga User iVWmsnonW tSeot 93) "Wen thought out to offer real
benefits to children studying in British schools '
- PC Pius (July S3)
• Educationally worthwhile and exatng to pfay - a rare
- A'cn.'twdw Wono tDece.’ne*.' 92) "Unique in home-based programs
because of the National Cumculum
- Tyi* Micro User fSecttmWr 5?)
‘Excellent for revtforcmg specific mathematics knowledge'
- Juti«v EaaMWo (JjN 93) "The 10 out of 10 Series lives up to its
name.' - pc Home tAugvsr 93 French0 Driving Test0 For all
drivers and learnersi Maths (Stati For children 6 to 16 years
This suite of soc educations games wfl give fin and motivation
to aH children learning French The package s designed with the
Modem Languages National Curriculum firmly * mind and contains
many challenges to remforce fads stated in Attainment Targets 3
and 4 10 to French is essential tor children on Key stages 3
and 4. But the numerous parent and teacher customisation optons
make the software siriafr* lor all children - however young -
who are learning the French language For children 6 to 16 years
Attarment Target 5 of the National Cumculum s Data Handing - a
vita* area of Mathematics 1C **t q 16 Maths (Statistics) covers
36 specific topes from that subject m this package, recording
animal sghtngs in an animated pord or rolling dee are just two
ot the many challenges that children will relish as they team
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This ® a realty enjoyable way to learn about statstics.
Whether you're a novice fcarner or an advanced expert, there's plenty you tan seam from this package There are thousands of built-tft Questions and you can choose whether you want to answer them directly or add to the fun by trying them within games.
The sot games have oeen designed to be fun for all adults and include strategy, mental agility, coordination ar4 more And, if you think you ire up to it. You can ‘take me resT - a challenge covenng many areas of the Driving Test ' (kr.
The INNOVATIVE Series These highly acclaimed suites of programs are a revolutionary step forward in educational software. They ALL use a unique system of automatically recording children's progress as they play and learn. This is just one of the many features which sets the 10 out tO Series in a class of its own.
Each package contains SIX expertly designed educational games covering essential areas of a child's education. All packages cover a wide age range and subjects arc available for all children from three to sixteen years of age.
As children learn from the games their progress is automatically recorded in 36 specific challenges - the National Curriculum Attainment Targets of these areas optionally displayed on screen in subject*based packages. All the programs are designed in Britain to be fun for single players or groups and the assessment system can monitor the progress of up to 4000 children with no input from parent or teacher needed. Watch them, join in the fun or leave them and return later to check their progress. Y ou're in control!
Phone 0742 780370 or 769950 to order Xmas offer: BUY TWO and SA VE £15 The 10 out of 10 Series is available for Acom 32‘bit computers (Archimedes). Commodore Amiga and IBMSPC and compatibles. If you buy any two items before Xmas 1993, £15 will be deducted from the total price. At the time Of going to press, titles marked " were not available on all formats and may not be released before Xmas. They may however be ordered at the offer price. Please ring for availability.
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Order by Post or Phone from: ?0 of to Educational Systems 1 Percy Street, Sheffield, S3 8AU TST 0742 780370 769950 O ¦¦¦¦ HH Silt and Network Licences are available - please ring for details.
* The free Inal may not he used in conjunction with any other
The 10 wiol 10 Series is available from all good computer software suppliers LETTERS ¦ Promises, promises!
)*Irlr ShP** *'m ,air ' ne V t0 t ut havin8 worked in the PC fwv retailing business for a while I know a couple of people in the industry and so can usually pick up a lot of gossip about other machines. Specifically, I've been hearing a couple of worrying things about Commodore.
Is it true that they won't be releasing the A1200 CD-ROM drive this side of Christmas? A friend assures me that though Commodore promised it would bt* available, it now won't be appearing until Commodore can get tbr price right.
Impossible upgrade Will there ever he an upgrade kit for the A500 to make it into an A1200? There was the ECS chip set upgrade and Kickstart 2.04 chip to make it into an A500 Plus, so why not another jump up the ladder?
I don't want to get rid of my beloved A500 if I can avoid it, as I have too many peripherals which use the OMA slot. These would be useless on the A1200 unless someone was to produce an adaptor. Any chance of this?
Colin McGrain. Aberdeen I'm afraid there's no chance of an A500 to A1200 conversion kit as it would probably cost more than a new A1200. Your idea for a converter to enable the A1200 to use A500 DMA slot peripherals is an interesting one. Though.
This should be possible, but no third-party manufacturer has as yet announced plans for this sort of add-on, so we 'll just have to wait and see, There must surely be a market for an A1200 DMA slot, as the number of upgrading A500 owners in a similar predicament to yours must be substantial.
Is it also true that virtually none of the games houses will be living up to the promises they made when the CD32 was launched? In other words, I hear that few of Aem will be releasing A 1200-specific games this year, never mind CD32 games.
Now my main point. Why make a promise when you have no chance or no intention of keeping it? All this sort of hype and lying in the computer industry' serves only
• a confuse and annoy the customers, and as someone who's spent
three years dealing with computer buyers I can tell you that
when confused and annoyed by a product
• ry just drop it and run.
If the games industry and Commodore themselves carrv on being overlv optimistic, (bey'll do more damage than if thev had just said "not for a while yet" when asked to name a release date.
Peter Co:i ry. Middlesborough Tm not sure where you're hearing your rumours, but tiny are at least partly true. Most software companies who announced products at the time of the CD32 launch are missing the launch dates liny set themselves and Commodore still haven't confirmed the launch of the CD add-on drive.
Don't despair, though, as software houses continually miss their deadlines and expected release dates, and Commodore are holding back dll other projects fo concentrate on making and telling the A4000, A1200, and CD32 over Christmas¦ The fact that a few games are late shouldn't bt• few alarming.
You are right to be irritated bt over-optimism, and companies have certainly been guilly of Hus in l u' past, but remember that a lot can come down to the expectations of the industry itself, the press, and the public.
If ur all expect and demand that so many games are released on the CD32 before Christmas, Commodore and Ihe games houses will endeawur to give them to US.
If this means they strain the boundaries of what can realistically be expected, are they lying or Idling us what we want and demand fa hear J Cream crackered Amiga Mother acts for the defence: "Well if you won't let your kids play with real disks, what else can they play on the Amiga with?" Good grief' I really do hate cream crackers.
Sfeve Clarke, Kemps ton You have to look on the bright side when this sort of thing happens. I mean, it could have been a chocolate digestive.
Seriously, though, try cleaning the drive thoroughly and see if it isn't still working. Cream crackers are messy, but not particularly metallic, and the drive mechanism may not have been damaged.
There's a good chance the heads have been badly affected, but you can always try before spending money on a replacement drive.
I hate cream crackers. I really do. Apart from the fact that they always fall apart when you try to butter them and they stick to the roof of your mouth, their butter-smeared flakes are a hell of a job to clean off floppy disks I hate four year-old sprogs playing with my disks even more. "OK son, just leave my disks alone or you'll break them. Where’s the rest of your cream cracker, the bit you haven't spread all over my disks?"
The next day I found the soggy cracker when I tried to load a game into my Amiga. Yep, you could say the disk drive was literally cream crackered.
The guilty party was confronted with the evidence. "But son, why did you do it?" I asked. “Well." Came the reply, “it's the same shape and it did fit." Huh! Anything fits if it’s covered in butter. I muttered.
Wrong balance?
I've been reading your magazine for years now, but I'm not sure how much longer I’ll bother. The standard of the magazine hasn't fallen, but the content has.
You used to cover a good mixture of topics every month, including general interest articles and just about every conceivable aspect of the Amiga was covered in some review or other.
These days there are fewer articles and you seem to concentrate on graphics and video to the exclusion of all else.
Please address this imbalance before I am forced to stop buying a magazine 1 have a!wavs loved.
James Pitt, Wellington, New Zealand Your concern has been noted and we acknowledge there have been fewer general interest articles of late, but you may have noticed the balance already changing.
We have continued to offer at least one round-up and one survival guide to an area of Amiga technology every month, and in future we will be putting more emphasis on the "How 2" type of article, such as last month's "How 2 fit an A1200 hard drive”.
General interest features are back on the agenda, as you'll have noticed from our pieces on the Zoom Theatre Company, hack‘ ers, and virtual reality, but you can’t criticise our reviews of graphics and video products as these are by far the biggest part of the new peripherals market.
If Ihe majority of new peripherals were samplers and Other Midi equipment, we'd be revirwing thesi’. And no doubt attracting flak ¦LETTERS Indie sinks on HD Our family bought an A1200 for Christmas last year and we've been reasonably happy with it. The first game we bought. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, was a brute to play on a single floppy drive machine, and I promised my ten-year- old a revelation when we fitted a hard drive this week.
Revelation right enough - the bloody thing won t run on a 120Mb hard drive. According to the man at US Gold there have been a lot of problems with larger drives, which apparently spin too fast for Indie. He admitted the game hadn't been tested for the A1200 before it was released and it was too late to do anything about it now.
OK. That's fair enough as far as it goes. Vou can't expect total compatibility in the surge for better technology. But I do feel it's grossly unfair that in the ten months I've owned Indie not one magazine, retailer, soft* ware house, or individual has made it known that a £250 hard drive and a C38 game are incompatible.
US Gold admit they've had a num* ber of calls from people like me. So why has this been kept such a big secret? Like your reader Nigel Spence (ESP. June). I shan't be buying any more high-priced games that don't run on the A1200.
Bill Mackintosh. Glasgow The reason we didn't make it known was that we didn't know of the problem ourselves. Our review of Indie was carried out on an A1200 with 60Mb hard drive, so we had no problems with hard drive use and assumed this would be the same no matter what size the drive was.
US Gold should not be making excuses for their game, because the A1200 hard drive interface is the same as the A600's, and this was most certainly available during testing. It was also their responsibility to tell the magazines or. Better still, the public by making known any problems with particular machine configurations.
Front those who don't like Midi stuff. Sorry, but in our reviews section we can only cover Ihe peripherals Ihe market StVS fit to release.
Having said that, we hope you continue lo find enough in Amiga Computing fu carry on reading it.
Warranty woes Having just been reading issue 66 and noticed that ICL have been given the warranty contract for new machines, why can't existing owners have their warranties covered by them as well? Wang are still delaying repairs.
Three weeks ago my A1200 stopped working and was totally dead. On phoning the number on my warranty I was told that Wang would be in touch and fix it in six days. Many phone calls later I'm still waiting, having been told they're waiting for spares.
They said there was a new power pack and they were having difficulties getting one. Why is it I can buy one in the many adverts in your magazine and get it delivered the following day and yet Wang cannot?
I thought Commodore were improving their after sales service, but apparently not. If current Amiga owners cannot get the service thev deserve, how do Commodore really expect to improve their market standing?
A4000 corner?
I've recently bought an A4000 030 and to be frank I'm delighted with it. The extra power of the CPU, the graphics, and the superb Workbench 3.0 just blow my old A5Q0 Plus out of the water.
One thing I have noticed, though, is that the A4000 doesn't get nearly as much coverage as the A1200 and there seem to be far fewer round-ups of products for the big brother machine.
Is there any possibility that you might start a column for the A4000 or at least have a certain number of pages devoted to it every month?
Charles Taunton. Bridlington Yes, there are fraer pages devoted to the A4000 than the A1200 in most magazines, but there is a very good reason for this. There are far fewer A4000-speeific products around, a situation which restricts coverage for the machine, but which is rapidly changing.
As more A4000 peripherals come onto Ihe market. They will be reviewed in this magazine, so keep reading. You should already have noticed the number of AGA software packages tested recently, so there is no shortage on the software front.
As we go to print, a host of A4000 SCSI-1! Cards and other hardware is poised for launch, SO the drought won't last long.
Relegating the A4000 to a column of its amI would probably only serve to marginalise its coverage, so we will continue to look for A4000 products and review them as and when they are released.
1 owned an Amiga 500 tor four years completely trouble free, but my A1200 is under three months old. Have thev tested the so-called new technology or has quality control gone the same way as after sales service?
B HoWdrth, Southport The new technology in the At200 is all silicon. And to be fair to Commodore's chip designers, we've never seen the AGA chip set fail. However, the secondary technology has produced a few villains, chief among which are the TV modulator, the power pack, and the floppy disk drive.
In the main, problems have usually been caused by the fact that cheaper components were used to cut costs, but there were also some early problems of the sort associated with any brand new production unit. There's Got something to say through the pages of AC?
Ezra Surf Is our mailman, dedicated to reading your letters and selecting the most interesting tor publication. Drop him a line at: Ezra Surfs Postbag, Amiga Computing Adllngton Park, Macclesfield SK1Q 4NP Please don 't enclose saes as Ezra just hasn't got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don't be offended if you end up getting the ehop.
No excuse for a PSU popping its clogs, and if this is the cause of your machine's malaise. I suggest you phone Commodore UK on 0626 770086 and complain.
Wang have a contract with Commodore which specifies a response time, so it's in Commodore's interest to keep tabs on whether Wang are keeping their side of the bargain.
If you get no joy from Commodore, phone Wang again, and this time make it clear you have a complaint to make. Don 't let them fob you off - make sure you get the name of the fierson in charge of customer services or the equivalent.
Often the problem with British consumers is that they don 't complain properly. If the person at the end of the phone isn't help you. Don't waste time arguing with tk just get their name and demand to speak the boss. Don't be put off with a vagi promise, but insist on the service to wht you are entitled and for which you paid.
Accounts quest I am writing in the hope that you or your readers may be able to assist me. Before a three year stint in New Zealand in 1990,1 purchased the program Personal Accounts Plus by Equinox Business Systems Ltd from a local computer store, but having now returned to the UK I find that I've lost the manual.
I have made enquiries at the store where I bought the program only to find that the company went bust in 1991 and they have no idea where I could obtain a oopy of the manual. Can you help?
C P Brown. Orpington I haven't been able to locate a company still selling the package you mention, but I’m sure one of our readers must have a copy or know someone who does, and they may be willing to part with the manual at a suitable second hand price.
Try our classified ads section, or alternatively watch these pages in case on of our readers can help you Out Road requests After watching the Le Mans 24 hoi race this year I just had to ask you the J following three questions:
1. When Core Design released Jagua XJ220 they stated that they
were doing] a 3D version concentrating on the Ll Mans 24-hour
race. Are they still making] this?
2. Are the Papyrus Design Group sti making a follow-up to the
highly under rated Indianapolis 500? I prefer this to
Microprose's Formula 1 GP, but only just.
3. Is Geoff Crammond going to do a sequel to Formula 1 GP? If so,
I hope it will be harder as the original was too easy.
I would really appreciate answers to the above as I am a huge fan of 3D racing games sims.
Jim Bames. Southampton Your questions were passed to the Gamer crew who, after a short conference. Returned the following answers.
No. No. And yes. In other words. Forget about the 3D Le Mans game and the follow up to the excellent Indie 500. But look out for an improved version of F1GP.
In the meantime. Europress Software’s RAC Rally game is shaping up nicely, though it remains to be seen how well they manage the Amiga version.
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10 see .-'-'lie witn ea:n Anija ‘ton1 ' tHAOS s lie wireaie dkk
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RJNP Faldos Cnamponsnip Golf Syndicate l 1 J“Mi nd Pnoai
Fantasies ai l FOUR tines na.- IvF'Awi tern -.iitn! C-.ei 90'.
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o speak to 117 pa ul to whin you rurfl 5tS 24 hour you tho i
jaguar re doing i the Le making )up still under- this to ut
• 2v* RAM
iignpiigl The Mega CD (£269) wA only work wFien uluCyOed into
the Mega DnuB It 129). Therefore tne price shown is tho total
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Company Name (if applicable) Aodre&s ... Tol (Home): Tel (Work): .. Which computer(s). Il any do you own? . . CROC - Adv«niM 3 p-cn ana icootcjlom rra, r7o-» r - Pimm nur- in* oouson fer Ih* lalnl rrlortmlon PROFESSIONAL AMIGA Specialists PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HQ White Knight Technology w (0992)714539 10am - 7pm Monday - Friday And 11 am - 4pm Saturday AMIGA 4000 A4000 030. 6MB RAM. 80 MB £1049 A4000 030. 6MB RAM. 130 MB £1099
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A4000 M1230XA Derringer £ 85 4 Mb 72 pin A40QQ M1230XA
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GVP IMPACT VISION 24 24-Bit Professional Graphics board with Frame Grabber Digitiser. Flicker -Fixer. Genlock & Picture - In - Picture etc. With Caligari 24. Macro Paint 2.
MyLad & Desktop Darkroom software.
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CABLE £ 219 170MB & CABLE £ 259 A2DOO A3UOO 40 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 110 105 MB SCSI 3.5* £ 190 240 MB SCSI 3.5* £ 295 345 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 385 425 MB SCSI -2 £ 499 525 MB SCSI -2 £ 629
1. 0 GB SCSI *2 £ 859
2. 0 GB SCSI -2 £1299 A*4aoa 250 MB IDE 3.5" £ 235 340 MB IDE
3.5" £ 285 420 MB IDE 3,5* £ 395 NEW INI AMIGA 3000 3000T’s
Ex - Demo. From £ 749 GVP PHONEPAK Voicemail & Fax card £ 349
DKB 128Mb RAM Card (or A3000 4000 (0Mb) £275 BSC MULTIFACE 3
Express £6 Economy £4 SURCHARGE It ordering with ACCESS or
VISA, there is a 2.5% surcharge. No surcharge for VlSA-DELTA.
P. O. BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS. EN8 7HQ So. Without further
ado, let’s look in fcse envelopes Best video add-on
OpalVision, Centaur Software Best hard drive A5QQ HD8+, CVP
Inc Best RAM expansion MBX1200, Microbotics Inc Best music
add-on Miracle keyboard, Mindscape International Best printer
DeskJet series, Hewlett Packard Best monitor CM8833 Mk2,
Phillips Best scanner GT6500, Epson Gold alien Hardware was an
exciting section, where of the awards were deaded by bwy tight
margin The closeness of T* ‘ardware votes shows just how mA
'he market has been served this fm by manufacturers, with
dozens of ty add-ons competing for our Who has won and who has
lost in the Amiga Computing reader awards 1993?
Will it be tears of joy, or fake congratulatory smiles for our nominees?
A couple of months ago, we asked you to vote for the best hardware and software of 1993, and since then your votes have been flooding the AC offices as thousands of ordinary readers take the opportunity to tell the manufacturers what they think.
The results are a reflection not only of our readers’ preferences but of the relative strengths of the packages in the market. For example, the OpalVision card came out top of the video peripherals despite the fact that the video addon module has still not been released.
So many OpalVision users are out there that the card won by a streak, demonstrating that if Centaur could pull their fingers out with the upgrade modules, they still have a sizeable market.
Other results were a little more predictable, but all have one thing in common: They are the preferences and opinions of the voting (and paying) public and as such carry a lot more weight than press speculation.
Games This was a tough one. Not only because there have been so many excellent games this year, but because people usually vote for their own particular favourite.
Best arcade platform Flashback, Delphine Software Best sports sim Fl Grand Prix, Microprose Best strategy war game Civilization, Microprose Best adventure Monkey Island 2, US Gold Best flight sim Gunship 2000, Microprose Well, that’s that for another year You’ve voted with your wallets and your pens, and spoken as a group of readers of the only Amiga magazine to cater directly for the enthusiast. The responses given through your votes represent a group of dedicated Amiga users with a broad range of equipment, from RAM expansions to the most expensive peripherals around, and if you aren't a
suitable peer group for judging Amiga products, then noone else can be.
Best word processor Wordworth 2, Digita International Best office package Maxiplan 4, The Disc Company Software A quietish year for productivity software has seen the accolades go to mostly older established products, but the difference in voting behaviour between hardware and software is striking nonetheless Not one of the final votes was close, and all winners cantered home at least a couple of lengths ahead.
Best art package Dpaint IV Best DTP package Final Copy II, SoftWood Inc Best productivity package Best language Amos Pro, Europress Software Director)' Opus, INOVAtronics Best 3D package Real 3D v2, Active International We also stack: m wm UBSO 1-57 1-30 1-BPO 1-115 FRED-FISH T-BAGS
EMULATOR V§ E & 501 original C64 dames Pack Ttie vif ij idlest
C64 eiston i Emuidtor. Now you con tool .Kids Paint IM HIM
ooor * Space Ace IM 0008 .Predator IAJ 0011 .MulUldsklny (Al
AOOl Walker Ik* (*J (AJ 4004 .Porky Pig IA6AI 4005 .FtHet the
Fish IM A007 .Franklin the fig IV A0U8. Tran 1*1 IAGM 40 0
.Sculpt Anlm I IAJ I 4013 .Spare-Prabe IM AOT7.S.T. fleet IAI
I. mi * A-GEMEIM LOO* .System Jester IAI L007 .Text Phn *.*e IM
10(6 .Hume Business * IbllM LO*3 .flanking (Al L0*3 . Can Ou
(IMb( (AJ L031 .C-LIqbt PmbJ IM 6033 .Crass Dm IM L046
.Oarkstdf I*-51 IAI £058 *Umj Creator IM L059 ’Orsk-Sahage (Al
LO&8 . Label Designer IM LWI *Data BasnCat 1*1 IM LtIB .Korth
C 1*1 IM Lt*l 5prvtnl 5 wrt IAI L13I • Tetro Copy IAI LI37
.Ledit IAJ I 140 .Vlnm killer IAJ 1,144 • Amiga Fax OTP IM
L145 tXcapg Protesslonnl IAI 6146 .c-Manual 14) IM L15U
.Woth-Bench Hacks IM L153 . Assanlgn Printer IM L160 *600
Business Let IAI DM .Paint and Animate IM L1 0 .Biorhythm
14011AJ Ll 7 .Electro-lad VT.4 IAJ l lRt .VMra Kate Pad (AJ
LIB6 .Lit Disk Creator (AJ LIST ‘SUJII I M L195 • AmSbase-Pro
II IAJ LI98 .Scenery IAI 1**0 .Amu+Paint IM 1**6 *50. Mosf Lae
Lit! IAJ 1**9 tSUtkr Const Kit IM L*3I .The bame tamer IM U*33
'Speech Toy IAJ L*37.0 thorn*! Strocker L*4* .ImptodPr 4 0 IAI
1*50 tltdmTud 13] IM 1*55 .Graphic Comerter IAI 1*61 . Jam
Oink (1-tOI IAI L*B4 .Copy k Crack Tool I M L*B7*P.C. 0 Pascal
1*1 IM 1-300 .Messy Sid II (AJ U3U .Power logo IAJ L3I3
*Printer VtHlty 3 L3*t .Graphic LtU 161 IM U33I .Pmuv.Mvnum
IAJ L33* .Graphic Const kit (AJ U334 •emulator Col II IM L335
.Free Copy IAI U337 .Model 20 IAJ L330 •Multi Vmnn I (AJ V339
.Multi Vision* * IAJ L’343 .little Office (A) L350 .Pool Tool
IAJ U35* -Desk lop Idea IAJ L356 • TextJngtae V3 4 IAI U357
.Bon Appetlt IAI U35B .Star Cat * IM L3E3 .Disk Repair Ml IM
U264 iHame Actaurt (AJ L36B 'Anticosti (AJ U370 .Caption
Machine IM L37* .Word Sort IAI L376 .XCOUMII IM U377 •KOMM HI
IAJ U3B3 .lyapinau Genatar (AJ L390 .Data Base Pack (A) U39I
.Fortran language IM L394 .Prutraker I* * IAJ L397 *form
Ldlmited IAJ U39R .Mortgage Cak (AJ L399 .Ft at scape * (Al
L4U1 .Plusl Issue P-I4J IM L4*0 .Speed Bench 1*31 (M U4*4
*Stolpmakwr (NBB9 IAJ
1) 4*5 •MB* (AJ
1) 4*7 Printer Studio (AJ L430 .Sound Mannar IM
1) 431 A ided Apication I*) IAI L434 *Oracle 1*1 IAI L44*
.Sysinfo *.56 (AJ L444 .Forn Farm IAI
1) 466 .Grope Vine I? (3) IAJ
1) 477 .Oudtermass Eg) 1*1 IAJ
1. 400 *Hard On* Click Ial L491 .Protracker 3 (3J L495 .Hard
Disk Ltd IM LS05 .Sah age Repai, Kit IAI L507 .OCopg 3 Pmtt
IAI U509 •LtttmatL- Btbhxk I IM U5I3 .Video Tttler A 1*1 IAI
USIG .Amos Fractal IAI LBS0 .Scenery Const Hit IM USSI Uwawiri
Buut Btali IAJ L555 .CiuMnurd Uvular U55B .Graphic Const kit
LS67 .Text Plus 1.4 (AJ L56B .Icon Const Hit 1*1 IM LSBO .Pn
turv Bax IAI L50I .Magnetic Pages [Al L5B4 ?Mew Super kUtrv
IAI 600147 Jtamn (M7J GotB .Famky Fun I (A 6019 •teW Berner
Game* G077.Jeopards A) 1*079 .Par Alan 07 IM GOBI Star. Trek
rig 6004 tYdf)(N 6085 .Hogue Iraper hi IHH .Irtrky rum 4
hOQl .Viking DM* BOB* Tim 5iu*Mm IAJ 6099 'Return to Earth IAI
6006 *Plyjpyp 4V 6097 .Plotting IAJ 610* .Pipeline* IM GIOT,
Dragontlle* IM 6109 rOug Oknter (At bill) .Mysterious World hi
It* Jubukn IAJ Gi*7 .(k-fL-.uk, IM LIJU 'deter Uuest IAJ 0153
. Sedan r IAJ 6 58 •» !•( • Land (A) 6 66 rXo Man Land* IAJ
6 7? .Dungeon* Ourlon G174 .Power fiamw11 6175 •Rmvnya Caruef
IAI 6*15 rSLiuin Hmers IM 6*** M(epa ?» 6.irrv * W 6??5
»SunAflf IM 6**4 .Adam Family IM 005 •Dragon-Cine IAI bt'Sj
t5pece4Xker IAI 6if3 .Srrabble IAI 6*40 •Ouadrix IAI GP4*
.Take Cm Out (M 6*45 Jtvome IM 6*5*‘Super hr 9* (Al G*S6
‘Inalder-Club (AJ GZ59 tCrylal Caieni* IM 66*0 .Property
Market 6*65 •XrbnilturP IAI 6*00 • flinking 1*1 6*69 . Mental
Image* I (A) 6*70 .Afenf W Image* * 6*7* *Jank Hattie IAI 6*74
. Mr Dug IM 0*75 •rruilsMainines IM 6*7B*AmxfalM 6*93 *Game
Gakirv 11-131 IM 630* .0iMMtty Hunter 6303 .Dimension X IM
6305 iSguats Hnxpngp IAI 6 3*0 ‘Mnjn banw Id III IAI 63*9
.Madonna utle Puz IAI 6331 .6ra Hg IAJ 6333 .lyber-Xetlr fAl
62) 4 iOonkPij Knng 6335 tCrtug Sue II IM
6339. Or Mario 634* .S. Skoda Challenge IM G344 .Star-Trek IM
6350. Raid III IM 6351 Jinerunner IAI 6350 *Wonder land IM 6361
.China Challenge II (Al 636* .Deluxe Pm man IAI 6366 *0mgn
Impt IM 6307 tCanl Gome* IM 637* 'Game-Bag lelrlz 6373 .Air
Ace II IM 63 4 .Sigier Twtotrtz IAI 63B0 .ShutH Cm I*j IAJ
6385 *BIUg the Dragon IM 6309 Jostao bame* IM 6390 .tetren
IAJ 639* StrlkebaH IAI 6393 . Bubble Ghost IM 6400 Jkjhttng
Warrior IAI 6401 •l£f*f‘C5 IAJ 6407 .Castle Vurnfe (AJ 6406
•Total tears IAJ 6409 .Wat It Xante Out AJ 6410 .fatal
Mmmn IM 6411 •Batik’ Car * IAJ G4I7 '** Puzzle Games IAJ
64** .Serene II IAI 6435 .Hnulete IAJ 6436 .Airport
6437*Jumpg 6438 tlraHhUupr IM 6443 .OlvmfMad Oiek l*J IA.I
6446 .OUktax (Al 6449 .Incite 1*1 6453 •Ftrv Fighter (A)
6455 r Castle a! Ouum IM 6458 .lechnutmn (AJ 6460 .WBMp
Work! Giddy IM 6465 .Chew* II IAJ 6474 . Tup of the League
IM D47B tAmas Cricket IAJ 6484 .Match Stick Man IAI too*
.Colour I fOOJ * Tmmute Sear r f i IAJ £004 .Learn A May I
£005 .Learn A Play II mtni program il Just like the C64
computer Superb value pack OXL Y... E4.33 00 3 sfnutan
Rmvngn IM i I hr ash 00 6 *Oead Dance I 00*9 .Budbram Mega
l*J 0033 .Phenomena IAI 0035 ? Thames T Drum IM OOSU Pink
Floyd 16} IAJ 006* .Predators 1*1 IM 0060 -Sam Fax Bibs
Bobs 0076 tCantat I Been Mode AJ F006 .Spaiuxlt Translator
IM E007 •aiaooo Graphics ZX SPECTRUM 48k & 50* original
Specy Games Packs Ih« »the very Intent veralon 11.71 non am
murti fnu.*f & itsJude sound. You ton e en prDqrani !t Pte
the artyn* ZX SPICRLM 48k - BRILLIANT 0IVLY...E4.99 ML
AMI6A5 (plrase autt) E008 Mr Men Film .AsimmylM E010 •
5knun 4 5p*e Math IAJ 4019 •Stamp Luuu Adm IAI AQ* dogates
Str* trikes Back AO** .Luxu Teenagers IAI | 40*5 .CocM
Cougar IAJ 40*8 -Puggs In 5pMP COII .Education Disk I (4)
* 14 EOI* .Education thsk * IAJ F013 .Education Disk 3 IM (1078
.System Violation 4J
1) 1*0 *1911 nynye EBH .CduiaUun Bisk 4 (Al 1 4) £0 5 .education
Disk 5 j (016 .(duration Disk E C019 tOtnusdurs (M tO*0 World
Database IAJ F0*l .Story Land II IM 10** .ld»«odgp Tutor IAI I
tOdJ tlommgLOtOfirint] (AJ i f 0*4 .Cosy Spell H (A) (0*5
.Gi abble IAJ HJ*n .Mrrrf* IAJ j 10*7 .Osnold (AJ C0*B
.Aihiths AsUoIoqu (AJ EU*9 .Attach* Astmtagu IM i F30
•Fxokalon (AJ E3I .10 Test . 10 Gomes IAJ E33.KegcUckll 40*3 .
Mike Tyson ( Al taFFUgh 015* . The Electric Touch 0154
•Virtual Real 1*1 0 56 .KyHt* Bam 1*1 0163 .Harleguui Den to
(AJ DlGB .Gderee af the LauJ, IAI 0180 .IhPap 4(01 IPS Cup
BIBB *Peace of %*nd 0190 .Software Failure 0*01 .Fans Demo Al
0*03 Mkttn Omm IM 4033 .Fractal Flight IAJ 4056 .Weird
Science I IM 4017 .Weird Scierke II IM A03B .Batmm Mnfn IAJ
4039 .Newtek (*J (Af 405 Dating bonus fJMti) 1*1 A056 -
Juggptie II Iwhl IM 4050 .PDgo ITMOJ IAJ AUGQ ¦ Walker I (*Mbl
1*1 IM AobJ •Juggler H IM 4064 .Xetxtek III (*) IAI A066 .OOW
Render IM 4060 tH'dfher * 1*1 l*MI IAI 4070 .Oonakl Duck AO7*
-Life a Bitch IWI IM A073 .Its Mental III IAJ AUB* .11* Mental
I IAJ MOB 'Another World IM AIIS .Vietnam Citnfhc t IM 4 58
.kyhes A t*U) IAJ AI4I . Terminator * IM 4(50 Mmbnrm IAJ A15I
.Tup Gun (AJ AI53 .6ult Tnhutp IM M54 . Thunderbirds IM AI55
.Ruck Allium (AJ AI57 tWiitershlp Own IAJ 4 58 barftvd IAJ
AI73 .HHI Raiser II IM AI75 .Madonna 55 IIIAGAJ AI7B .Him Hudo
SttteWi (AJ AI79 .The Iking World IAJ AIB7 .Peril of the Oeep
I (Al 4 88 .PerH of the Oeep ? IAJ 4 90 .TerminMot II 1*1 IAJ
A193 ttomnin Conk. IM 4195 .Real 30 1*1 IAI AI97 .Star Trek
1*1 IM 4*00 .Mars Flights IAJ 4*0* .fractal Aim 14 4*05
.Planet Side [AJ .4*07 .Xen Lemmings APOB •Ladu 6 the Tramp IM
A*09.MrPotl A*ll Cl 4*13 4*15 .Madonna III 131 IM 4*18 • Mum
AledLOOn IAI 4**0 .ShawtMz Arum .4**1 .James Whales Ankn 4**5
.5 Way KM Mbto * IM 4**6 .Sen VU CM A*30 .Ton Muih 30 IAJ
4*311 Ahem IAJ 4*3* .Beach Fight Ik* IM A*36 Whit cr , Chip
141 4*41 .Super Plr 11-31 IM 4*50 .Channel 4* 4*5* .Space
Flight 4nlm (4J 4*55 .Bart Simpson 131 IAJ AP5B .Creep Shon IM
4*60 .Frvrkkj Oiv* IM AEG* *5tar Trek IAJ 4*1.5 .let Me Out
16* IAJ Games compilations pack only £12.99 101 Super values
101 of qreat gomes pock include CRAZY 5LL. I.NYAQER II.
TFTRIZ. BTCTRIC TRAIN. MONOPOLY and 96 more grodt gones etc.
Suitable far all ages & far all Amigas 0*05 flUA Umhght IAI m
I*) 0*113 .Scream le 0**5 .Deluxe Video III 1*1 0*34 Siimv
fxpuse 1*1 0*36 •Orkur Photo I 0*40 .Anarchy i Lab 1*1 f35 Jhm
Hplppr IM Tudor IAJ 30* GAME Pk 1 or 2 0 lY £3.99 each Gomes
aresame tjnolltij im nhovp For all agc?s and for all Amigas j
(36 .Bosk £58 .Amiua Tutorial (Al £39 JtaSmm Pat iaj HO.Guide
to Back Pam (AJ 18+ DEMOS I £4 .Hid Alphabet IM tcttankbU
sdquPAti j E43 *Molh Mmfrr (4 £44 .St»wm Engine V* IAJ | £45
.Petal Engine IAJ W6 *605 luititap fngtaP IM C50 .Oream for
4,**4* (Aj arid IAI IM £4* Jractn ASSASSIN GAMES PACKS Vol
1-115 OOOl . Shonehnq Girt 5 lM 0003 .Badylalk l*J IAJ 00 Jb
.Viz Calendar 1990 IAJ 0007 tXUiHTBREEO IAJ 0009 *Maria
Whittaker (AJ 00*4 . Sabrina Special IAJ 00*5 .Ole Fuktnyer
IAJ 00*6 .Madonna tarty Days 00*9 Kathy Lldgd' 0030 Itaga
MmP AJ 0031 .Calendar Girls IM 003* .Magfoir (41 0033 .Ltapia
HI 0045 . GUIs of Sport IM 0049 .Page 3 Girt IAJ 0070 Jan Gan
hlrH IAJ 0071 .Tina 5maH IAJ F5I .Invisible World IAI £5*
.Fish Tank 5lm Very highly rated game* nnufUlrttiiHi that* m
ic-weifin nun,t Amiga nvtos. Each disk contains Del ween *Jt
xvnjhlnh quality Qampn. Far full lint af tfu. 45 5.455 V yon
re ptane unMrr a Catalogue Disk.
£54 JjpmoUt Iwmtan (41 £55 .WdrdPmxvr (AJ £56 •tturr i Hole IAJ £57 .AoplP [atchpr IAJ £58 .Mare 6 Ccupok IAJ ALL AMIGA Iorder by disk no eg. Ass93 for Assassin disk 93 A Crupok ES9 .Verb Quiz (A) BtataA IM £61 .MiY} James tbb Jormt A (Al 167 . Torrid Dish IAJ
SPECIAL PACh-.-EOH All Aulfi l Xi, Hlh- (h thHkf m uni,I rv.s. Brilliant M4N&4 Qanum. Arum, demo (6 disk) D-PAIXT FOXTS Pack I.* or 3. Onlu
150. Tfuaiity Iff font. 4 tUnkm per pack fS LOT,a FUX1S Park 1.*
or 9 only £4.9 Ideal fur logo OnxlUrm. 4 disks per pack
QUALITY OTP CLIP ART (9 disks} „ £4,9 lOOth. Of high guaUty
Image* IS dM«J PAGE STREAM FOXTS IE dtshsj only £5.9 Why pay
more for guafttg fonts
C. 5. FOXTS for all mafor DTP (7disksJ..EG.9 Another 7 disAs of
QuaHty C.6. rants 40 HlliH QUALITY PAGESTREAM CLIPAR only 99p
per dM. Load to to P.mtarrms £69 .Treasure Trim £70 •Math
Drills (AJ C7I •Error Info IAI E-73 .Pkture A l etter IAI £74
.Amain Biym Guide IAJ
• Warut War * f Al MUSIC CLIPART tat DP* IAJ footer flight IAJ
.lannon Flight IM IOOI ' Beast tj Buys IM IOO* .Michael
lacksoti (Al 1003 .Do The Bactman IAI 1005'100 C54 Tunes tarn .
The Xmas Sony (*J IAI Hardy CADI. Colour Cartoon 1015 .15
Ihpnrt 1651 CO*4 .Harteguin Vat I CO*5 .Harteguin lot * UJ*b
.Harmjuta Vidm I C030 .Font* A Surface CO* .Dynamite Fonts I
CtJ*7 .Uynamite Fonts * (0*8 tAimaft Font Clip I CO*9 .Artisoft
Font Clip * [030 * Various Font CO31 Jxitv Farit Clipart CD3*
.Disney Clipart 1033 *Comic Clipart (1+4 .Space Clipart CD35
'Menitv Fonts (31 [043 *Rlp-Font A Logo 1044 Joicne Clip Art I
10*0 .Laurel t , 11*1 IM 10*5 +Manpy far Nothing IAJ 10*6
»k»a«i fm - May Hemn IAJ 10*9 .Safe Sex Demo (AJ 1031 .Betty
H dHtkml Cuitttent cafhctm af Science. Phudc A themhiry program
£084 ASTROLOGY PACK (4 disks) I awl iiar, galaxy rtf pmlUwi a
mud far oft Wuolam fan lrl‘30 MEGA BALL £ (lust released}
Snmanr tnvafcoii* clone Mrpabna mtd kutH al new featin G494
EXTREAM VIOLEXCE dmw) Fanlamta 7 fOayar duel ahoat am up met In
a future ctti U88B* ALT (OX REPLAY V4 (AI2D0J Freeze, enpy. Np
gft 7 mudt. Mfme Ike. Mr manure m LBPI ACTinX RFPLAY (WB 1.3
H.Oi lahmel aU Igm llan M a 04 R cactridga but CSB.9S cheaper
I I, 111 III! H-PICH B } latest VE} BrUUant X7 ..rrmne ccvu
pruhxtlan frum mar 450 ymnae LG33 CHEAT COMPEXUIUM InewJ MX*
cheat A lampiete aakitkm tar 45 laidZ naal ganm LG37 DISKS
REPAIR KIT II Rapa*. Mhogr A rapv tar Dan) dM t Ixxxxj iftsk
LG39 0I5H SALVAGE Vrf K rttestj n Wftv program ait ham
iteruagv HD A nappy Omkm i h4ti HOW JO code IX l i* rMakmf Ww
teach you How to prvtjrrm the I languagp* tutor UG45 PC
EMULATOR P hum I Vt I PC emuMur im wMh 756 154 odour on gnur
Al*00 IG50 CUP) & CRACK TOOL P I new!
New compaotMn c«v toot tar tntk up wahmm UG5I E-MANUAL 3 (12 r*6* MMJ lateal manual i« 1 Batter than termUnQ from baakt 1035 .Arse-UIpe IAJ 1040 .Setrpt his BaH l*UAI 1058 .Sqt Pepper Disk t*)lA) 106* . The Rotnbcm Oemo IAJ 1063 .Dutabg Bnnxn IAJ
8) 7* t.Mflriunna IAI
8) 76 .Popeue ,4 1084 *£64 homes 4fc»lr (Al 1093 .Miller Lite
IAI 1107 .FlaMi Gordon I*) IM CU5I Jull Art VOT IIEOJ CIBI
.ifTPk Clipart (l-*4l 1115 .Mahaneu k Kahtux * (M The Yetto V
FOIMTS 4*66 .Colour Lgcle 4*00 .Gif Ik * 1*1 IAJ It** .The
YeUoMn IAJ nay.Bread 14 Hi lily IAJ O 'Amiga Chart III IAI
1135 .He rtens Megamix IM 1147 .Bangle 141 4*BB ?Saturn Hy fly
IAJ 4*89 •Reflection (AJ 4*90 .Christmas 4 nlm IM FllDl J5
font 11.5} F0I5 tQakttM Paint Font I rotG 'Deluxe Point Font *
FOI7 .Deluxe P Ont Font 3 FOIB .Deluxe Pairrt font 4 m*a
• tift Font 131 FO*3 .Computer tye Font I FO*4 .Comfxder Fyr
Font *
- --“ rto* A*93 .Manga Comic 1*11 A) .Cyclic A 4*93 *Crtc ‘iM.vrr
IAJ A*9b Art (ABM 1150 .Tiffany IAI m Ml 1153 t t nm Ifusir Cat
IM 1154 rtluHes 1*1 IM 1156 JO Platter IAJ USB.Onctorinq Tardks
IM 1160 * am tot Sexy (*] IM r 66 .006 It Oilstone * (A] lib
.Ooh It Obscene 3 IM 1169 .Rocks Yi Roll IM 1171 .Madonna
(Virglnl IM 1177 .Pvt Shop Bag 9 Tune (Al 1184 .Sanrfux Please
MeJ AJ liftG .Madonna Irest ue) IM 1188 .Joe ie Taxi IAI 1194 r
Jesus Ones 1*1 IM 1*30 .Mon Musk H-I5J i*G* .A to 7 C64 Tune*
I4J IAJ l* 4 .150 Jnrhrm Wamar IAJ 1*76 tVlv akt 4 Season 1*93
.Bach Concerto 56 IM 1314 .atrk Tracy 1*1 IM 1317 JfPddg Rent
IAJ 1318 tttocbnrw timfKr (a (AJ 4500 .Vista Pm l*J IAJ 430* .
Cat Sudpnhnxx IM 4306 .TornadoIA6AI 430 tCnlour Oenui IAJ A3M
'Scenery Arm (*j (Aj 4317 .Rutklny Robot IM 41*0 .Gore IAGAJ
4339 dolphin Onum IAJ 437* .Ruthin Amm f*J (AJ 45 5 .Moonshine
l*Mgl IAJ A376 .6 of Prisoner IAJ 4377 .Flglrt Sieru Out 0UHM
A378 •Stewt Hmvngp l*MUAJ 4379 •Predator (*J 4383 .Arkenturv
Oscar IAJ F0*5 tFancu Font Volume I rCHO rOkJft r t Volume I
FD45 . Mega Font V olume I .PSTor, i Font U-9J FIRM £050 tC.G.
font 11-7} i Font I £0 0 .Pogestream i SAMPLES 5001 GamfJe 51
Vo) 11-501 5151 Mega Modules ll-bl S171 House Samples A 517*
House Sample* B 5173 House Samplesf 5174 Mhse Less Mozart
EDLCATIOX & RS DEMO 21 GAMES MAKER1&2 Our seflrr. Flpst of 5
dish set. The tec demc education ft maker get [4500 1.3 ontj 5
8Nk*i for all Amigas 0 LY £4.95 ONLY £4.95 htra tnrr k Icijn
iira .naMw STAR TREK an m i 5175 Horne Sarnfik-131 5*01 5T
Xhrdule* 101-401 5401 XT Modules ll-JI 0-5) I Agatron Vol 1-38
Avfl 1-3} any disk A500 Plus IWB P-01 with a 1*1 4600 HO P-OI
Will) a l*J AIP00 IWB 3.0] with a IAJ Can AlSaa AEOOa etc chech
for (KlChstartJ that match one af the top Amigas ... Oh J I
HOW TO ORDER Prices 99p per disk Postage .70p per order Latum
CdtakKjue disk please add 70p Ifuntfur add Xp per disk for PGP)
HktvUKvklP nrtrt SO i per dtmk P6PJ MAKE P.O. or Cheque payable
• tend to: FIVE-STAR (Dept ACE] Nemesla 48 Amington Tam worth B77
4EL Tel: 08E7 E899B Wecfen7dafiznfsk i af trden saw Oay
despatrft FFIEE COMPETITION picked out at the box m tl ten 1st
PfilZE Cubtnan Disk Drive 2nd...40 PO Disks loucher 3rd...25 PO
tJISK (G rtlmhmj DISK CATALOGUE Add 7Dp mid order or iend 3 x
*4p stamp Hrmammml the disk cntntonue as it contained futt
deeulaUon of mar
3000. Dkh a tpKia o fer A free 5Y51V0 program.
SYS ( E0,..6he into on your 4 raga up. Check all dtixe.
Ram. ivfluwr k 5pmJ t hetk rtikivm useful lea 10 .... J rJrurannr hm hwViu uour AmW« Mf 41S0 HAXF Fftt-D FnH A SIOPCS CATALDGLSS OWEST PRICES E SALES HELPLINE 081 686 9978 081 781 1551 DISKS DISKS DISKS + 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE BOXES 50 3.5" DS DD £21.99 + 100 cap lockable box ...£25,99 100 3.5" DS DD £35.99 + 100 cap lockable box .,.£39.99 150 3.5" DS DD £55.99 + 100 cap lockable box ...£58.99 200 3.5" DS DD £66.99 + 2X100 £75.99 300 3.5" DS DD £99.99 + 3X100 £110.99
4003. 5” DS DD £132.99 + 4X100 „ ,,..£147,99
5003. 5" DS DD £159.99 + 5X100 „ ,,..£179.99 1000 3.5"
£8.99 150 CapPosso £16.00 j Add £3.10 PfcP ¦j 40 Capacity
£3.99 1100 Capacity ... £4.50
A. Add £3.10 P&P
Wor4i, Print Mprtogef, DeW Palm IV, Oscor, Dennis £319.99 Nigel
Mansells ? Trofc AUTHORISED DEALER £279.9?_ ? 4 FREE GAMES | A§
85Mb ....£469.99 85Mb ....£524.99
127Mb ..£499.99 127Mb ..£554.99 FREE DEUVERY
50 3.5" 31.99 51.00 100 3.5" 60.00 100.00 100 3.5" HIGH DENSITY
2+ 54 3 45 3 30 299
15. 95 15.45 14 95 8 50 8 15 7 75 285 2 70 2 50
2. 95 275 2 25
3. 50 3.25 3.00 3 75 3 50 2 95 12 95 12 50 1195 345 3 30 3 10
Fwccx KXP1060 1180 1123 1124 Panasonic 2123 2180 Col Ong
Panasonic 2123 2180 Mono Otig Oton 1200 W* 9 24 Star 1C 10 20
Bkxrk Star IC200 Block Star 1C 24 10 24 200 Star IC24 10 24
200 cotour Or.g Epson 10460 500 600 850 Add 42 For Deli
SPECIAL XMAS DEALS 12 GAMES FOR £14.99 Rood to Hell, Tank
Battle, AGA Tetris, Pocman 92, Duel, lemmingoids, Mousemon,
Wizzy's Quest, Premier Picks, Tangle, Super League Manager,
Bop & Flop STARTING PACK £14.99 FOR; 10 Disks, Mouse Mat,
Microswitch Joystick, Storage box, Disk cleaner AMIGA CABLES
Amiga to TV Scort ...£10.99
Amiga to Sony TV ...£10.99
Amiga to Amiga .....£10.99
Amiga Techno Pod ....£9.99
Joystick Splitters
(2) ...£5.99 Joystick
Extension leod 10ft ..£5.99 Printer
Leod .....£4.00 Amiga
1200 500 500P ......£4.00 Amiga
600 ..£4.00
Stor Citizen Ponasonic Printers .£4.00 HP
Deskiet Block Ink Cartridges ..£14.99 HP
Deskiet Block Ink Refill .....£9.99 HP
Deskiet Block Duol Capacity Cartridge £21.99 HP Deskiet Black
Dual Capocity Refill £14.99 HP Deskiet 500 C Colour Cartridges
£25-99 HP Deskiet 500 C Colour
Refill ..£16,99 Cannon BJ lOe ex Block ink
Cartridges £16.99 Cannon BJ lOe ex Black ink
Refill £9.99 Add £2 for Delivery AMIGA 4000
AMIGA 1200 PACKS 030 2Mb RAM 80 Meg ....£870.00 030 2Mb
RAM 120 Meg ..£919.00 Add £175 for Extra 4Mb RAM AMIGA
600 Ml 4 GAMES. Space Ace, Kick Off 2, Pipe Mania, Populous
Basic Pack ......£179.99 Wild, Weird,
Wicked .£199.99 Lemming pack + Dpaint
* Ponasonic 2123 24 pin Colour ..£214 99
• F*EE Wotdwortts Word Protestor MP £129.99 AS STOCX LAST Citizen
Swift 90 9 pin mono ...£149.00 Citizen Swift
90 9 pin colour ..£159.99 Citizen Swift 200
24 pin colour ...£204.99 Panasonic 1170 9 pin
mono ..£126.00 Commodore 1230 9 pin
mono ,....,......£114.99 Stor LC24-30 24 pin colour ?
Sheerfeeder ...£224.99 Star LC100 9 pin
colour ...£142.99 MONITORS lommodore
1084 S ..£179.99 ’hilips 8833
II .£199 99 ComVnodore
3. 5* Disk heod Cleaner .. . .£2
99 £2 25 £1000 £54 99 £12 50 £4 99 Mouse
Mat ... 1000
lobeis ... Amiga External Disk t iv«s , Primax Mouse
Amiga ..... Universal Printer Stand
DELIVERY (Unless otherwise Stated) WITHIN 3 DAYS (UK MAINLAND
Mail order prices only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers subject to
availability. E&OE Prices Pack details mav change without
notice due to currency fluctuations. Please allow 6 working
days for cheques to clear GREY- TRONIC crvOE.'Rgy cMRisrryvcns
"...Special mention must go to the Assassins games
compilations..." CU Amiga "...excellent presentations..."
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praised... ...PD-1. Full Price -0."
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PACK 1 PACK 3 PACK 5 ? PACK 4 Address Please Tick Your Choices Postcode ... Telephone Computer System For more information K Underhill Software Limited. FREEPOST DL 699, or to place an order. Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7BR » (0748) 811837 E&OE TECHNICAL HELP!
Mac transfer I am currently looking for a program like CrossDos that will allow me to transfer normal text between Amiga and Macintosh disks. It is very important that I obtain such a program for my iter so I can continue work at and at home.
* *rre are any programs that are on FD circuit, shareware, or
even fetal, can you please give me fc? Is it possible to
configure ; and, if so, how?
I«*m two versions of CrossDos, the in the Workbench disks and one away on a magazine CoverDisk.
D ’ wtup consists of an Amiga 1200 with hard drive.
Ryan Morse, Milton Key rMac drives work m a very different way to Amiga drives, so the only | way you can make your Amiga read ¦r toppics is cither to buy an emulator such P Implant or the commercial program lm-2-Pos, which enables the connection of pi external Macintosh floppy.
* I However, a Mac floppy drive will cost you ¦r £100, so why not
just use CrossDos? The nlosh can read PC disks, as can the
Pbg*’50sair a M °f mmy nnu cou pm use 720k MS-DOS disks as
If the Mac in question uses the System 6 Renting system, it should have a utility Apple Pile Exchange, which is used to M and format PC disks or copy files to and pw* them.
Ng lh nd ck If the Mac has System 7, you can format PC disks from the desktop, but make Sure yOU m this on (he Mac as System 7 has a wmticular way of formatting the disks and pC sometimes refuse to recognise a PC disk Jfcm another machine.
Bad sums FI have recently returned to the wonderful world of the Amiga home computer by purchasing kn A1200 complete with 85Mb hard drive.
Up until yesterday things were going gfreat but now I have a problem.
My hard disk is divided into two parti- [ pons, one which houses Workbench, called System3.0, the other called Work wtuch stores everything else. Whenever I pk on the Work icon it opens OK, but jabo displays the following message: Htt HAS A CHECKSUM HOI OH DISK BLOCK 90751 After cancelling the message the machine items to perform the same as it did before | fcc message started to appear. Please can [you tell me what the error means and how to fix it?
Stephen Reid, Ellon rA checksum is a number which is appended to a block of data on disk, and is the result of a standard calculation carried out on the data held in the Hock. This sum is used as a reference to check fgeddit?) The data and make sure it isn't corrupt. The error message you have been E From viruses to thunderstorms, we've got answers to all your problems, natural or otherwise, from our team of experts ACAS receiving merely tells you Hut a minor fault has developed with the data on one small part of your hard drive. Use Quarterback Tools from the December issue CoverDisk and
choose the repair damaged volume option.
Which is showing no symptoms of sickness. I mean, uvuld you lake your car's engine fo bits just to try out a new socket set?
Plates of jelly I recently had a problem with Iw mv A500's floppy drive which w the local computer shop diagnosed as (probably) a faulty chip called CIA. They subsequently offered to fix the fault for £47. This is too much for my pocket, so I decided to buy the CIA chip Quarterback wilt scan the drive until it finds the bad checksum, then attempt h) recalculate it. If this is not possible, the data block may be deleted, which will mean deleting the file which ioa$ held there. C'est la vie.
Oh, and remember that you should neivr, eivr use a disk repair program on a hard drive Met nightmare I am looking for a solution to a problem I have in transferring files between an A1200 and a 486 PC. So far I have been using Windows Terminal and an old Amiga comms package called Access.
I transfer large files (sometimes up to 30Mb) and although the method works it is almost non-viable due to the slow transfer speeds I can use. I use 19.200 baud and I’m sure I can transfer at 115.200 using Laplink 3 or 4 on the PC and a similar program on the Amiga.
The problem wouldn't be so bad if I could transfer the file in one go, but an unfortunate quirk in Access means it crashes if you select a directory that has a file larger than 999k within it, so I have to break the file down using Splitz and transfer it as a series of 1Mb chunks. This is a nightmare.
Please can you advise me on the package or combination of packages I am looking for, or suggest a better way of going about things?
Stephen Davies. Wolverhampton The first thing you should do is dump the comms package you are using and either lay your hands on a newer version or get hold of one of the other packages such as JRComm or Ncomm.
You should be able to transfer files of any size at almost 60 kilobaud If you have a modem with good error checking, and should not have to break files down.
If this isn’t good enough, try a networking solution. A new PCMCIA Ethernet card has been launched by Californian-based Interworks. Dubbed the 1-Card, you should be able to use this to connect the Amiga to the PC using a suitable PC Ethernet card and some decent software.
Transfer rates lor Ethernet running through the PCMCIA slot won t be much above 300k per second at best, but this is a hell of a lot better than using a modem, if more expensive.
You can phone or fax Interworks on (0101) 909 699-8120 for more information, or keep an eye on this magazine for a forthcoming review.
Described by the engineer and fit it myself.
However, having opened the Amiga for the first time 1 was seized by an attack of nerves. For all I knew it might as well be full of plates of jelly and ice cream. Do you have any advice on what I might do to locate the correct chip and set things right?
I Allen, Alsager rlt founds as if you are unsure eivn winch chip you are replacing, and unless you can be sure it's best lo leaiv it to the engineer you first spoke to.
If you insist on doing this yourself, confirm with the shop that you have the correct CIA chip tthere are two of them. ClA-A and CIA-B). And use the old screwdriver method.
This involves carefully leirring the chip out at both ends using a small flat-bladed screwdriver and is easy enough, if a little daunting when first tried. Carefully insert your new chip and put the Amiga back together again, then cross your fingers and turn it on.
You can't damage anything othrr than the CIA chip itself if you inserted the wrong chip, but as you' iv already paid for this it might be wise to have the engineer finish the job for you.
Amos answers Ijsv 1 have a few questions on Easy lw Amos and the difference ™ between it and the rest of the range. I hope you'll bear with me.
Does the Easy Amos package contain both disks and a manual? If 1 buy the Easy Amos package would I still have to buy a compiler or would it be immediately readv to run?
Is there any difference between Easy Amos and the Amos Professional package, or once 1 understand Easy Amos will I be able to understand or graduate smoothly to Amos Pro?
I hope these questions are not considered a menace, but as an Amiga owner of only two months I am desperate to be weaned off games. Finally, if I buy Easy Amos, will I really need to buy Mastering Amiga Amos or could that be done in the distant future once I have a working knowledge?
Friend in need, London rEasy Amos is a perfect way to start on the Amos trail, and has ample manuals with on-line tutorial help lo gently ease new users into programming with the language. You would still have to buy a compiler to create stand alone programs, but Amos also has a utility called Ramos which will enable programs to be run from their own disks.
This isn't as fast and smooth as compiling a program, but Ramos at least makes it possible for users to release their stuff through the public domain. There are a lot of differences betuven Easy Amos and Amos Pro, but these are mostly lo do with the latter's extra commands and facilities, You should find no difficulties in moving from Easv Amos to Amos Pro once you've mastered the basics. If anything, this is the ?
Recommended route for those who wish to take it slow and easy.
¦ TECHNICAL HELP Lastly, you won't need another manual immediately, as the Easy Amos manual is quite good enough. Once you feet confident with Amos, though, there are a feio very good programming guides, and there’s always the Amiga Computing monthly Insight column.
Choices, choices For Christmas my parents plan Iw on getting me a new computer w to aid me in my work. I was thinking of an A1200 with 85Mb hard drive, but my parents think I’d be better off with a PC 486sx because of its high quality of business software.
My current Amiga software includes PageStream 2, Wordworth 2, and Protext
5. 5 and I use my A500 for business and leisure. 1 would be
grateful if you could advise me on which machine to buy.
After reading numerous comms sections I would like to buy a modem to communicate with other modem users and bulletin boards. I was thinking of buying a Supra Fax modem (2,400bps) or a Supra 14,400 baud model. I plan on using the modem about twice a week to download about four utilities or less each time and upload a few.
Could you recommend one of these two or even suggest another modem?
Also, does Ncomm have an archiving and de-archiving utility? Thanks for answering my questions.
A Chang, Wimbledon rThe choice of which machine lo buy is one you'll hair to make after long hard consideration, but the A1200is a better bet on several counts. First of all, the software is much cheaper, particularly office software, and as long as you don't plan to run a large company’s accounts and stock control cm the machine, the Amiga is fine for business.
Tr Modems'should be less of a problem if you read our survival guide and round-up on this subject a few months ago. But you still seem a little confused. The Supra Fax modem is available in two models, the more expensive of which is a v32 bis unit capable of 14,400 baud.
This is the slowest modem we can Cracking the colour code As a new Amiga owner, I was delighted when I first L™ booled ProPage 4 and created my first full colour layout.
especially as I knew I could make some money this way.
A friend of mine has a small restaurant and asked me to design and pnnt some colour leaflets about his special Chnstmas dinner menu I said OK. Went to work, and had him approve the designs on my monitor screen before printing them at a local bureau.
However, when the 500 leaflets were delivered a few days later the colours were all wrong, particularly anything with red in it. I checked the PostScnpt output specs, confirmed that I’d chosen the right colours, and everything seemed fine, so why the big difference?
I hope you can sort this out. As I hope to develop it into a regular sideline.
R Savage, Edinburgh JK!
Fm hV ACAS You got problems too? Then drop a line to Amiga Computing Advice Service, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP and we’ll move heaven and earth to help in these columns. But sorry; we cannot reply personally, so save those SAEs.
But I gain no extra actual screen space doing this. I also use a PC from time to time and this seems to be able to use the whole screen.
Recommend for regular comms work as a cheaper and slower modem umld make a big difference to your phone bills.
As for Ncomm, this is a splendid comms package, and you should be able lo get your hands on the latest version of the Lha archiver when you fust log on to a BBS. Friendly front-ends for complex archivers do exist, Ljtarca being one example that springs to mind, so you should have no excuses for not using one.
Surely the Amiga isn't inferior?
Craiy Thompson, Orpington rYou should have mentioned the AOC's model number, as il is possible you have a standard 5 VGA monitor and are mistakenly referring to il as a multisync.
The standard AOC 14in model is happy with both double PAL and productivity mode, but these are often just approximately close to the monitor's normal operating mode rather than bang on.
Small screen I own an A1200 and an AOC multisync monitor. Usually, I use the double PAL hi-res no flicker screen or productivity mode, but I have been unable to find any way to use the whole of the screen.
1 know how to use overscan prefs, but even with these at their maximum I am still left with about two inches of space on the left and one inch on the right. Is there any way to utilise this extra space?
Obviously I am aware that I can alter the horizontal picture size of the monitor, You will always suffer from a certain amount of edging on a monitor screen, but two inches sounds a little over the top, inviting the conclusion that the Amiga's signal isn't quite to the monitor's liking.
Try using the VGA-only monitor driver, but if you get no joy out of this then there’s little you can do except start saving for a true multisync or swap your AOC for a
R Colours shown as points of light on a glass screen are.
Unfortunately, very different from those same colours when sitting on a piece of duller paper reflecting the surrounding light.
The difference is one you can realty only leam by experience, and it is only with a great deal of practice that the DTP professional picks up expertise in this sort of area.
There are, however, some things you can do to make things a little easier to start with, the most obvious of which is the Pantone colour system.
This has been specially designed for spot colour jobs and gives you the opportunity to tell the print bureau exactly which shade of ink you want by selecting it from a colour chart.
ProPage 4 supports Pantone colours, so you should use these if you have a specific needs fora particular shade of red.
Stats freak I am working as 4 $ af L™ engineer at a small pottery
* Stoke on Trent and we've devi oped a simple heat monitoring
syst« which presently runs on a dapped* old Amstrad PC.
Briefly, the system comprises of| dozen heat SertSOrs hooked up to an II serial port card which feeds constant da to a program we had written for us i couple of years ago.
This keeps track of the heat chanj within our kilns and reports on a var of areas such as average temperatui latent heat build up, and so on. I nov discover that the program is a simple lit1 thing which I can recreate on my Amij 1500 and would like some advice on best way to go about this.
Will I need to use machine code, ar will the Amiga be able to use the PC!
George Foley, Stoke on Tre rThe IEEE card you mention, if J uses the ISA PC bin, should m perfectly in your Al500's PC slo and you should be able to unite a routine in I to address the ports so long as you have th relevant information from the card'i manufacturers.
If the heat monitoring program is as simf as you say, you should be all systems go,.
Remember to thoroughly lesl the program before switching over to the new system.
The art of programming is 99 per ce perspiration, and complete bug-testing is i must when the program is going to carry ou such a vital job.
Tardy drive FI have an A3000 fitted with an old Maxtor 105Mb drive I got second hand, and for most of the time the drive works well. However, on a cold boot the machine seems to wake up before the drive, and I have to warm re-boot again to get the hard drive to boot.
Is there a problem with the drive or the A3000 SCSI interface? I have never before seen a hard drive do this and I live in fear that it will one day go pop and take my work with it.
Once booted, the drive is fine, and I've never had error reports, but could there be a disaster waiting around the corner for me?
Lee Billings, Braintree rYour hard drive obviously has a few problems waking up in the morning, but there seems to be little lo worn) about. If a warm re-boot is fine and you've had no errors or lost data, it could just be that this old drive takes a second or so longer to unpark the heads, power up to speed, and report itself ready for duty than the A3000 can wait.
For safety’s sake, make regular backups of essential data and keep and eye open for the first hint of problems.
' ' • r O r
- *W» «* It NATIONS
- ---------- _t.1 ----- lpr« Kb w r 1 -
- ¦1 [ Not surprising when you consider the extensive features al
your fingertips, combined with user friendly simplicity, it was
bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor test.
Amiga Format commented "There is little to fault Pen Pal. It
deserves to do well" - quite a prediction it seems!
Format have since said that it’s "Still the best value for money..." If you're not a Pen Pal user yet, we hope you soon will be. Because at just £49.95... the best just became better, even better value!
IM Mtii n*rim r51slsk: vsssr zri You can... Open multiple documents simultaneously: search and replace: cut copy and paste; check your spelling with a 110.000+ wool dictionary: import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint. Or Clip An tiles in various sizes and colours; automatically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font A* Nf* (there arc over 200 available styles) in different sizes and colours U) suit your design... Even as yorl type!
AND... Remember, Fen Pal comes with lull support lor the new or experienced user completely free!
Friendly help for all registered ow ners is just a phone call away.
The Best Selling Word Processor and Database just became even better... A superb package, with immense power, to hilhl all your Word Processing needs, and-, with an integrated Database too! It's all so easy to use, you'll rarely need to refer to the extensive 250 page lay- flat spiral bound manual. Users frequently tell us that they've never found a program they get on with so well.
Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects and extremely useful forms designer. All this from a word processor and... Much. Much. More! As you can sec from the ducuments shown on the left, this is no ordinary program!
With 32 fields per record, 32.000 rends per database and a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds this is y wd database.
Mail merging into the Word processor couldn't he Since its launch. Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type VALUE!
Simpler, w ith easy creaUon c»t lemplaies for letters or reports into which information can be merged.
L »«- - 1- . » _ r ** u«t I* ?** Ml «•« la Mina (It a* t» 1°°* ««*»**«» tti IH»«U HHU (R«l a* rro )«C ft Soft W ood - Quality software for your Amiga With Hen Pal vou'rr not juts fifing a one off jwodact! SoftWood an- aebumtedged as the Worlds leading vftnxur ctmnany who tkseloft just Jar Amiga anu no other system. Out? Your? A registered SnftWoml product owner soar mtsbnent u protected tu yauu htne otvtxf to lailittiihd free teehnkiu support I miters (barge you I and pnfemitud ufrymdes to outer Softwood (tries borii eusimg .-on’ and future. Exciting new pmdutis are being deielo H'd right now.
Pen Pal - your first step on the SoftWood Ituldcr of Amiga pal' pen pen really aren't going to know what you're looking for in a graphics package.
So it's really not so much a question of: Are you going to buy Deluxe Paint or another program? It's: What program are you going to buy as well as Deluxe Paint?
Choice as to which you should go for.
Having said that, apart from TVPaint and OpalPaint most of the free graphics programs which come with hardware are pretty slim on quality.
With the new AGA Amigas like the 12011 and 4000 came a new graphics power in the form of the two new graphics modes, Register mode and Ham8, which give you 256 or 262,000 colours to play with. I defy anyone to tell the difference between a full 24-bit picture and Ham8 at a moderate distance.
So the time has come for a long hard look at graphics on the Amiga, and in particular all the bitmapped painting packages you can buy.
Bitmapped graphics are fundamental to the way a computer screen works. Each coloured dot on the screen is defined by a series of "bits", or digital locations inside the Amiga's memory. The bits form a "map" or pattern across the screen, telling the computer where each dot is and what colour it should be.
In order to create graphics on your Amiga you need to buy a graphics package.
If you're lucky then one came with the computer when you bought it, but if not then I'm afraid you've got to put your hand in your pocket again.
And incidentally, don't automatically pass up any "old" or second-hand graphics software you see around, as it might be OK, and may save you hundreds of pounds in graphics tools. For an idea of what second-hand bargains you can expect look at our "Bargain Basement".
If you own an Amiga you’ll be interested in graphics is some shape or form. It's inescapable, as you look at the many beautiful images on your screen and on the pages of your favourite Amiga magazine, you can't help but enjoy good quality high resolution graphics.
You may be content with looking at those which have been created by other people, but sooner or later with all that graphics power in your grasp you'll get the bug and want to do a little bit of your own graphics magic.
The Amiga has always been particularly well served as far as graphics packages am concerned, but although it’s always had real state-of-the-art graphics programs for you to run, it's only been in the last two years that graphics on the Amiga have really come of age.
True Colour or 24-bit cards are really in full swing now, and what with the OpalVision, Harlequin, Picasso, Retina and GYP'S 1V24 and EGS Spectrum cards all coming with their own graphics GRAPHICS available on its own at the moment, being a key part of some of the serious bundles this Christmas, the program is well worth getting hold of by any means you can, as especially in AGA is it easily a match for low-end 24-bit programs and enhanced HAM mode devices like those in our bargain bin.
The program is long overdue for major revision, especially with the likes of Brilliance taking up any slack between standard paint programs and the 24-bit crew, but it still manages to keep its head above water.
All the most recent versions of Deluxe Paint handle animation as well as stills.
The interfaces are very simple, and to step between frames you use the 1 and 2 keys on the top row of the keyboard.
This means you can draw with your right hand on the mouse and flip the pages back and forth with your left. You can even flip screens between the point you click the start point of a line or shape and when you click the end point.
For even more precise alignment the program also includes a lightbox facility, enabling you to see the previous frames in a sequence, making it simpler to match what you drew before with subsequent frames.
Deluxe Paint 4.1 4 AGA Electronic Arts Hlo price This is the great granddaddy of them all.
The thing about Deluxe Paint is that it was written early enough in the life of the Amiga to become the standard by which the programs which came after it, ie, all of them, were measured.
This shows itself in that in any graphics program you can mention, the same keyboard short-cuts as Deluxe Paint apply, and features (even button icon designs) have been borrowed from Dpaint's system to make newer programs look familiar. This means that once you've mastered Deluxe Paint you will be at home with almost any graphics program on the Amiga. Although not really Phil South looks at all the best painting and art programs for the Amiga, and some of the tools which drive them Until you've tried Deluxe Paint you Brilliance Digital £199 A new contender for the Deluxe standard, and A very
good one too, Brilliance. The forerunner of this program was DCTV Paint, also by Creations, as part of the DCTV device. Th new program bears only a passin resemblance to its forebear. Brilliance is a almost professional quality paint an animation program with the ability I animate and paint in up to 256 coloui BG * rrg mode in fact), but also with a B-- i HAM version of the program ¦fed TrueBrilliance you can also edit and Db* True Colour 24-bit images.
I b is all done without an expensive B«« card to hand, and to a certain extent B* are handcuffed by the limitations of BKM. OK, so Ham8 is really very close to Br fal thing, but regular HAM mode, B" mterlaced, is pretty much touch and L I r1 J :e Paint
• too, il is great ‘ Dig'1 ice.
Assini ice is.
Int andl ility U colour r 0 is a program best used on an AGA K rune. The price is justified by the ' and the speed with which they It's a good program, but unlike so ¦¦sv others it's fast too.
Can do pretty much all the things jfc can do with Deluxe Paint and even of the things you can do in Paint and ImageFX. The quality of end result is better than what you see b your screen in 24-bit mode, as the program works in 24-bit under the hood, what you see is only the best ibon of the real image that you can on your particular system.
The animation settings are very sticated having more in common a high end 24-bit program or even a tracing suite like Imagine or ave. You can tween characteristics time and make some very special There is a morphing feature but I more like the Deluxe Paint version of g than a replacement for the more ional Morph Plus orCinemorph.
This is certainly a very sharp contender the best graphics program of this year, ially as OpalPaint (the only other am 1 really like a lot) was actually year's big hit.
2. 0 Silica Shop £499 Ithough comparatively new to the iga scene,
the OpalVision board has a nice little niche for itself. It's
a great I M-bit card, and although there are a lot of j
promises of Video Modules (real soon f!) This is not the
card's strength. It has of the easiest to use 24-bit paint
programs on the Amiga, and now discounted [IT* almost as
cheap as the old DCTV unit.
The 24-bit quality on the screen is very
• nooth and clean, and like most programs which come with some
kind of display enhancer, the new display makes the program
look good. But OpalPaint is a very' iseful and clever program.
It’s been through more revisions than a best man's speech, and
it's possibly the most finely tuned program of its type as a
consequence of that.
Sure some people will still complain it doesn't do this, that or the other, it is still a very potent force in the 24-bit paint market. Updates to all facets of the program and the hardware are available on-line on an almost weekly basis.
GRAPHICS The program can be a little slow if you don't have any kind of acceleration. This is particularly noticeable on the spray can function and anything else where the screen needs to be redrawn. 2Mb of chip RAM is almost essential once you start getting into professional style work.
The screen sizes you can work at will be severely restricted if you don't power up your machine with a faster CPU and more brain in your Chip memory. It's a bit like salmon fishing through a keyhole.
Although not so good for creating game graphics like Deluxe Paint does, it's the bee's knees for True Colour graphics creation or for video work. It has the added bonus of being able to save in jpeg format to save space on your drives, but of course this is not to be recommended for high quality images.
And of course you'll have to wait a while before you can use the OpalVision frame grabber, but that's just a minor detail. I don't care when the modules come along. If they do it'll be a bonus, but I'm not holding my breath.
TVPaint Tecsoft • £600 TV Paint has been the graphics engine of choice on a number of 24-bit cards on the Amiga. First it was the Harlequin, then Avideo, and then it popped up on a few others. This program runs on two screens, one for the Amiga, for menus and the like, and one for the display card on which the real time 24-bit graphics happen.
The program is getting on a bit now, and although the quality is very good it is very expensive, putting it out of the running as far as most people are concerned.
It is, however, simply the best than you can get for a variety of reasons.
Unfortunately none of these have a bearing on the price. Version 2 has a lot of new bits added to prevent the age of the program showing in a lack of modern features. So now it has perspective, for example, just like all the other programs.
The menus are easy to navigate and the quality of the output is second to none.
Hardware wars Tablets Apart from the mouse, what other graphics input options do you have? Serious options like TV Paint have drivers for Wacom graphics tablets, that much we knew about, but also you can get tablet drivers for OpalVision too.
This is handy for artists who have a bit of trouble converting the moves they would make on a page into mouse moves on an upright monitor screen. For the tight of pocket, Deluxe Paint v4.6 also supports pressure-sensitive stylus and tablet input, Scanners Where scanners really start to kick ass is when you get over the £500 mark - then you start to see some really professional items, and not just the hand scanners but the flatbed ones too. These are sort of hybrid computerised photocopiers really, with no paper trays to change and no toner cartridges to refill.
The PowerColour Scanner (Power Computing £239) supports 4.096 colours and scans at resolutions of 50 to 400 dpi. There are versions available for the A500 and the A2000 with the A2000 version having its own little Zorro-shaped adaptor board.
The Powerscan vG.O software enables you to digitise full 12-bil images, which are stored in 12-bit internally so no quality is lost when displaying as HAM, The software supports both Workbench 2 and ECS screen modes.
By way of opposition, there’s also the Migraph Colourburst at £399 and the AlfaData AlfaColour at £299. Many other black-and-white hand scanners are available for upwards of £99. Obviously you then have to colour the images in. But that's half the fun isn't it. Join-the-dots fans?
Then there's the Epson GT-6500 (£799 plus £110 for driver software by ASDG) which scans in 24-bit pictures in resolutions as high as 1,200dpi (with special software interpolation).
For colour DTP there's no short cut to this kind of quality. OK so you could get yourself a good 24-bit video digitiser, but the results will always be fuzzier and in almost every way inferior to a flatbed scanner.
Digitisers The Vlab YC is the best I've used (MacroSystem £299). It's a half height Zorro card and as usual with Zorro cards it fits into any slot you've got spare. The card grabs a full frame of colour video when the grab button is pressed on the screen using the mouse, and this works best when the video is in motion.
Once the frame has been grabbed, the YUV image can be saved, or the frame can be previewed in HAM colour, or 16-colour greyscale, or you can send the image directly to a Harlequin card for the best quality of image.
The DigiView unit supplied with the MediaStation package is the oldest and most used digitiser on the Amiga, as it was the first out and was in fact the only one on the market for quite some while.
You use it with a black-and-white video camera mounted on a tripod, and hold coloured filters over the lens to scan manually for the RGB components of a colour picture. Although not really holding its own among all the new units, it’s still a bargain, especially second-hand.
New units from Rombo look to be about to change all this, the Vidi (12) and VIDI (24) RT (Rombo £199 and £299). Rombo have been in the digitising game a long time, since before the Amiga was a project box called Lorraine.
The VID112 unit is based on the old basic mono VIDI Amiga, although now the unit also has the RGB Colour splitter built in to it rather than being separate.
The new VIDI 24 is full 24-bit grab and save, with both these new units doing the job in real time on moving video the same way as the Vlab. The main difference is that the VIDIs will work on any Amiga with a parallel port, whereas the Vlab needs a Zorro slot.
OpalVision looks flickery and imprecise by comparison. This is the professional end of the game and you don't really want to know about it unless someone else is paying.
Image FX
1. 5 CVP • £199 Although primarily a treatment engine for graphic
effects on already existing images, you can edit quite
extensively with ImageFX. Although this is primarily a
competitor of Art Department Pro v2, it can in fact act more
like a paint program if need be, although for the creation of
graphics you might want to look elsewhere.
It is a very powerful 24-hit file manipulator, and if you want to have an Amiga version of Adobe's Photoshop, ImageFX is the package that comes closest to that. Not Bargain basement HAM-E (Black Bell Systems) A forerunner of the AGA graphics modes, providing 256 colour and 262,000 colour Ham-E modes. A built-in graphics editor never got past the beta stage and was anyway surpassed by Image Master, which eventually became a separate release.
Other programs which supported the unit came and went, like Spectracolour HAM-E and HAM-E workshop. These are nice units if you can find them, if a little tricky to get set up.
DCTV (Digital Creations) Before Brilliance came along, there was DCTV Paint. The DCTV was a combined painting and digitising unit which boasted real 24-bit. Which of course it wasn't, realty, it just looked like it. A bit like AGA I guess. The unit had three plugs on the back, one which plugged into the RGB socket on the Amiga and had a pass through directly to an Amiga monitor. The output from the DCTV was sent to a composite TV monitor (or the video in socket of a domestic video recorder).
Only can vou manipulate images but you can convert them to BMP, DPII PC, Impulse RGB, GIF. ]PEC, PCX, PPM, PMG, Rendition, Targa, DCTV and 11AM- E. The animation side also converts between ANIM and PC formats FLI and FLC. The program also supports a number of input devices like scanners directly from the user interface.
The program also does morphing via Cinemorph and a number of other mind-boggling effects. ImageFX is not to be seen as a replacement for any of the programs on offer here, but could be seen like Deluxe Paint as a standard tool in the arsenal.
Personal Paint Cloanto • £59.99 Although UK distributor Micro-Pace recently vanished, this excellent program is still worth a look if you can get hold of a copy. Although strictly limited to 256 colours on an AGA machine, it shouldn't be written off completely as 256 colours is actually quite a lot!
PC paint programs have got by on this much colour for a long time, and the material you can produce is very colourful, and very precise, lacking HAM or Ham8's capacity for fringing or bleeding.
However this is all the program does, so if you want something a little bit more flexible, then something like Deluxe Paint or Brilliance might be more appropriate, depending on your budget. This program is also available in a reduced version with the new Picasso display card.
MediaStation lUewTek £139.95 The graphics engine of this DigiView based graphics presentation pack is DigiPaint 3. An old program now, it still has something to offer. It's HAM only, coming from a time when there weren't actually that many HAM paint programs.
All its work internally is done in 24-bit, and so the results are very smooth. It's particularly good at treating digitised pictures, which is not surprising as DigiView, also by NewTek, is also supplied with the package.
ImagefX If often referred to In the same breath as ADPro. But lets not forget It s a paint package as GRAPH ICS well of an Image processor. If you n looking for an all rounder that will grow with your need Its well worth the extra Investment Jargon buster 64 halfbrite A hardware trick which doubles the amount of colours available in j lo-res from 32 to 64.
AGA Advanced Graphics Architecture. A new graphics standard on the Amiga 1200 and 4000 allowing 256 colours on-screen in standard modes and 262,000 in Ham8 mode.
Anim A compressed animation format, that stores the differences between frames rather than the whole pictures.
Anti-aliasing Smoothing method used in computers to blur the transition between sharp edges and background colours by using intermediate colours.
Chip RAM The amount of memory available to the custom chips, usually the first I lMb (or in some cases 2Mb) of memory. 2Mb is needed for some 24-bit graphics operations, and this can be added to Amiga which don’t already possess it.
Fast RAM Expansion memory, up to 8Mb on standard Amigas, and more if the machine has a more advanced CPU on board, like an 030 or 040.
GIF A compressed file format used by CompuServe.
HAM Hardware trick to give you 4,0% colours in lo-res and lo-res interlace. | hi-res Up to 16 colours, but more horizontal resolution so size is more lili 640x156.
IFF Short form of Interchange File Format. All types of Amiga files anfl interchangeable between programs, like IFF ILBM files are pictures, IFF i ANIM files are animations. Created by Electronic Arts and Commodore I Amiga.
ILBM Short for Interleaved BitMap. The bitmap graphics IFF standard.
Interlace Doubles the vertical resolution by alternating two sets of 256 lines very fast, giving you a slight flickering effect. Usable with both hi-res ar lo-res, and doubles the vertical resolution, so lo-res becomes 320 x 512 1 and hi-res becomes 640 x 512.
Jpeg A compressed file format used for 24-bit pictures, which are about i sixteenth of the original size in most cases.
Lo-res The basic Amiga graphics format. Up to 32 colours and 320 x 256 pixels j in size.
Overscan Usable with all Amiga resolutions to take the image to the sides of the | monitor or TV screen. A mode for video users to enjoy.
Pixel The dots which make up a TV or computer screen.
Resolution The amount of pixels you can fit horizontally and vertically onto a monl itor screen. The Amiga has many different graphics modes. (See lo-res, I hi-res, interlace, HAM, 64 Halfbrite, super hi-res and overscan.)
Super hi-res Mode made possible on Amiga's with the ECS chipset. Doubles hi-res resolutions. Also usable with interlace.
PROFESSIONAL J Oi FOOTBALL MASTERS A vwsJoi T '¦ -mpty the best FooibSlmonogSnmt gome for your tomputef ¦* served thousands of satisfied customers during our 4 years of Over 10,000 man hours (during 5 yeors) hos been dedkoted to roJurtion of this (onstontly improving gome. It is one of the most and accurate representations of o professional football managers nd challenge to tacticalfy out wit ond conquer every opponent, Ttqtis: 1 to 4 Human players. Ratings, Performonce StOtiStiCS, sack c offers. 3 Difficulty levels. Manager of Ifie month ond season
* adedf Pools, Pkk any team in any division to begin with.
• apt I Cujj Premier 22 teams. Division 1,2 & 3 hove 24 teams,
¦offs, Tables 7 (up competitions with precise rules (2 legs,
* -r away goal rule, seeded drows, European Cup tobies, 5 subs,
* *domestk player restrictions etc,), Finalist route to glory.
Jtk : Yearly fixture previous fist. Week fixtures results. Results from ptmus meeting with opponent (goes bock up to 6 seasons).
:ASYTO PLAY Ammoted Joystickot Mouse.
ASY TO PLAY Animotei Joystick i tasting gome “ ms y-rNO ¦ •jstiinggomeJfX 1 ot2players Players: Reol life statistics reflecting the start of 93 94 season with reol positions, height, oge. Live transfer market, Contract & wage negotiations, Preferred foot (left right both), Loons, Injuries, Training, Special talents. Trainees, Goafteepers (separate skill categories), Defenders, Midfielders, Attackers & Utility, Retirements, Foreign transfers. Unhappy players, Top 10 Hot shots.
Teom; Training, Tactics (15 different styles), Aggression, Formation allows specific player held settings (Left winger, Sweeper etc.). W BY MAIL Service Now Available Club: Sponsorship, Ground improvements, View opponent, finances Ihe Motch: Reol rime scoreboard reporting goah I injuries yellow red cords, Sound effects. Interventions permitted ot any time to change tactics, formations ond moke subs. Physical graphical penalty participation (optional). Over 80 different referees.
Other: Fast load save, Printer occess, 20 Options to set various gome preferences, Instruction book, Easy to ploy, lechnicol support Hus: Over 100 other meticulous refinements impossible to list here.
Editor. Allows you to amend various items in saved gomes. 512 btra 1X1 Scottish : Dedkoted version details available upon request.
CRICKET MASTERS This is o purely managerial cricket monoger gome that concentrates on strategy and indudes plenty of relevant statistics. The game hos been designed and developed by o true far of the sport. It replkotes everything that o reol manoger has to contend with and it's o totally unique production that anyone with an interest in Cricket should experience.
A summory of the moin features is shown below:-
• AXA EQUITY & LAW 18 league county teoms, 50 overs per gome.
• 4 Cup competitions including Benson & Hedges, Nat West.
• 20 different motch umpires with accurate names ond strictness.
• Accurate ployer details Surname, height ond oge.
• 27 different player attributes. Most skills have a direct
impact on the effectiveness of each individuals octions during
o simulated match.
• Eosy ployer selection. All gome text is dearly presented.
• Batting and bowling overages. Top batting and bowling tobies
• 3 Mferent training intensities to boost batting, bowling or
• Weather, pitch and bght often make on impact on ground
• Full match highlights let you watch the action bail by ball
with full graphics and or realistic sampled sound effects for
significant events (Fours, Umpire decisions, etc.).
Interventions ore permitted at any time to change batting
tactics or fielding piacings.
• 3 Batting Bowling classifications (Normal, Attack ond Defend).
• Choice of 15 different field pioangs.
• Full scorecard results with best batting and bowling figures.
• Other staff (Physio, Groundkeepet, Scout) con be hired ond
• Annual league fixtures Fisting, Current week and lost league
• View current cup competition draws and historic records.
• Real time transfer market. Player contract and wage
• Sponsors, Printer occess. Finances, Poor ground fines, Manoger
• 15 Options to otter game preferences, Load Save game,
• Instruction book with plenty of examples.
• Plus many more fine details that we ore unable to list here.
This game has been designed to be as dose to reol racing os possible.
Five years of development by a clever racing expert has led to the second revision of this Fiat Horse Rodng Simulation.
Up to 4 players can participate os Owner Trainers with the primary abjective of becoming the top rated trainer, in respect of prize money won, at the end of each racing season (Morch to November). There ore up to 35 other mtelligentfy controlled computer trainers to compete against ond compore your personal performance.
To achieve this oim you must discover o potenticl champion and train them so that they become capable of competing well and winning any of the 47 big prize money races (Hondicop ond Group). Eg. The Derby To give you an idea of the tools provided in this game to assist you reaching your objective we have listed the man feotures below:*
• 250 horses each with over 60 independent vorioWes.
26 different race courses (2 oil weather), real life characteristics lirroring the dversrty of racecourses in the UK (descnptions provided),
• 20 Jockeys who vary in ofalty and booking fees, Orders &
• Formbook and Win Summory Cards cover the previous 200 races.
• Animated race display or just the result. View Declaration List
for races
• Very informative report by Head stable lad. Tipsters.
• Rocecords similor to toeing press, Reol life. Honicops I Race
• Viruses, Injuries & Vets. Load Save gome. Many other items
Version 1 is avorloble upon request (Simple training & betting) @£15.
Open Notional Tipping Competition 1991 Organise by Racecall, regulated by the Tote, this program achieved joint second. This led to o serious opprooch from o wei known national book maker. Rejected in fovour of supporting the public Winnings Statistics 104 wins out of 166, os horn 2 6 to 1 ? ?3 Formula This program tells you exodfy what to do. You ore NOT permitted to amend our system unlike so many other similor programs How confident can you be in something that invites amendments!
Research 8 Development Three yeors full time race analysis and experimentation to refine ond test the prediction system.
Ins.de Knowledge Plenty of unique hints from contorts in the know User Frier: , No racing knowledge required, eosy to use, tutorial book Restricted Sales As soon os our programs predictions hove o prolific import on the betting odds we will stop accepting new buyers.
Monthly Updates Highly recommended option. If any update foik to break even well send the next one free of charge. From £25, Pnce Incrc-cse Highly likely. Buy now before success forces increase.
24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0702) 600557m World Gup Qpieksf Masters | A fantastic graphical and or loctkal representation of Cricket that has been completely written by a troditionol fan You con physically participate with batting and or bowling or leave it to the computer to automatically handle. See full feature list below - El MAIL ORDERS vert ore only avciksbte try drect mail.
All rtie prcgn TOTAL within 48 hows of teteip OUR ADDRESS Wtyfl 32a Southchurch R Soulhendon-Seo, Essex SSI 2ND Engion TEL (0702)600557 FAX. (0702) 613747 TELEPHONE POSTCODE GAME OPTIONS
• I Day limited overs or test.
• White or coloured clothing.
• Three Cricket grounds.
• Load Save gome. Skill leveb.
• Computer Human players.
• Sound Commentary.
• Umpire signals.
• All the strokes cut, pull, drive, etc.
• Appeals, dropped catches, run outs.
• Bouncers, wides ond no bob.
• Scorecard & bowling analysis
• Weather and ground reports
• Wogon Wheel
• Manhattan Chart.
• Rated on 8 odiusfoble factors
• Left and right handed players.
• Range of batting types.
• Editor to amend game stats.
• Bowler types include seam, swing, change ond both types of spin
with 8 speed levels.
• Icon driven with point I click
• Large 3D scraflng screen covering the entire playing area.
• Mouse contiols bowlei's line, length, diiectwn field settings.
• Joystick control of batsman's attack level, strokes ond funning
between wickets.
• Sutfoce and pace of pitch
• Rain, bad light, cloud cover, temperature and humidity.
DESCRIPTION Professional Football Masters V4
P. F.M. Editor V4 Stable Masters V2 Oracle Horse Tiprte- (RRP
599.95) Cricket Masters World Cup Cricket Masters Wrestling
Masters_ I CREDIT CARD NUMBER & EXPIRY E.&O.E. S-S $ 2525 Ul
12. 00
24. 95
75. 00
24. 95
24. 95
19. 95 THEM AC Best-Selling AmigaTitles at Amazing Prices.
17 An essential requirement for the office and your home! The friendliest word processor you’ll ever use. Simple enough to have you working in minutes and yet sophisticated enough to provide all the features you need for your resumes, reports, correspondence and all your writing projects. Page layout, mailing list merge and a variety of other up-to-date functions make KindWords the right choice for users of all ages.
This tremendously powerful desktop publishing program offers unrivaled output, ultra-fast operation and a wide variety of superb special effects you never imagined using.
This publishing system lets you design and create professional-looking documentation effidendy and effortlessly. Now you can create the perfect page layouts for your leaflets, ads, newsletters or novels, with infinite ease!
Round out your computer game library with a fortune of interactive mystery, fantasy and science fiction adventures you’ll be sure to treasure in one value-packed collectors edition! Enjoy spine-tingling suspense and brain-teasing puzzles in such big-namc games as Zork, Planetfalland Deadline. Dare to solve murder cases, discover lost pyramids, break mysterious curses, and rendezvous with alien vessels in your favorite Infocom adventures!
'I’his acclaimed spreadsheet, database and charting program lets you take control of all your number and data tasks! Tackle financial analysis, database lists and marketing research with the accuracy and speed your projects req u i re. Organize, calculate and present your data clearly and graphically with colorful charts all in one multi-use program. Save time and energy by automating repetitive or tedious tasks with our simple macros command and more!
Now you can get four of the all-time best-selling Amiga programs for amazingly lower prices.
For more information please call 0295 252 524.
KindWords 3 The Publisher Treasures ,**. MaxiPlan 4 om£29" MI2999 ffi£29" ffl£29" kmdWordi J, MuiPlui 4. Mi Thr Puhlaia m lopynjbocV :hc Hmc Coaptaj IH BSC COMPANY TV It* TrraHO of llUoom B1 (Opurfbl nf latncum A DIVISION OF ACTIVISION MICRO SPANISH (Beginner* - GCSE fit Business) Complete course of spoken and written Spanish. Suitable for holi day makers, students, enthusiasts ana businessmen (as it includes a program that generates your Spanish business letters automatically), It uniquely includes real speech on disk. So for example, in one program you see a large, cute cartoon Spaniard who
speaks to you with his mouth moving as he talks!
It demystifies Spanish and makes it fun. It comes with a book & manual (needs 1Mb) & only costs £24.99 for AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!
Now you can produce stunning high quality colour outputs on paper, transparency' film or even T-shirt transfer paper from your Amiga. The Primera colour printer, recent recipient of countless awards in the IBM-PC and Macintosh markets, Is also the perfect companion to any Commodore Amiga.
Primera uses thermal wax transfer technology, a technology usually associated with much higher priced printers.
Primera e at u r e s Software drivers for Amiga. PC and Macintosh Prints A4 and A4+ size paper and transparencies Monochrome ribbon cartridges available for economical text only printing Print full colour 24-bit photographs Optional Photo-Realistic upgrade kit (Dyc-sublimation) Produce photographic quality images for a fraction of the cost of similar devices Extremely small footprint, not much larger (han A4 GCSE Chart Topper ( l earsj FRRGO telephone 02 J 4 8 4 J J88 9 Pronunciation
• Time
• Colours
• Plurals ? The articles
• Conversation
• Big picture vocabulary
• Adjectives
• The uses of 'ser' and 'estar'
• Future & immediate future
• Wordsearch tenses
• Ar verbs
• Listening comprehension
• Signs & notices found in Spain 9 Perfect & Preterite Tenses
• Er verbs
• Imperfect Tense
• Small picture vocabulary
• Opposites
• Ir verbs 9 Role Play
• Holiday Madness adventure 9 Newspaper game.
9 Business leHer generator Reach the top with.
IlclESB EltiiJ A NEW LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE & Make a Start now (age 3yrs - .GCSE - A Level). _ .
Totally comprehensive courses (each is a compilation of 24 programs with a book and manual, and tape where appropriate, or equivalent).
...of excellent quality (e.g."... Definitely a first class package" AMIGA SHOPPER).
...with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: | MICRO FRENCH (Btgi.Mer8~GCSE) j ( TTBetBuv 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Talking cartoon etc. 24 programs • Tables • Add • Subtract • Divide • Multiply (Long & short) • Fractions etc i-zzzr-l Tt'sfuni READING WRITING COURSE (3-12 years) | C itreaiiyworks, 24 programs ? Handwriting • Creative writing • Reading • Spelling etc, MEGA MATHS (A level course) | ~ 24 programs • Calculus • .Algebra • Geometry • Full-screen graphs etc. £5 OFF TOTAL FOR 2 COURSES, £10 OFF FOR 3, £17 OFF FOR 4 (’All appropriate LCL
Councs are National Cumculum compatible fit run on most computro.)
£24.99 per course all inclusive. Orders requests for free poster-catalogue to: LCL (DEPT AMO, THAMES HOUSE, 73 BUNDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON-THAMES. OXON RC9 1QB MICR ERMA Beginner CSEi usine J 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter generator etc.
* Phone 0491 579345 for immediate despatch m LCL announces an
incredible new release!
24-Program course includes: MICRO MATHS (llyrs-CCSE) PRIMARY MATHS COURSE 24 programs • Algebra • Geometry • Trigonometry • Statistics • Arithmetic etc. 24 programs • Spelling • Punctuation«Grammar • Literature etc. 24 programs • Tuition • Practical Experiments • Learning by Pictures • Adventure game (lmb) etc MICRO ENGLISH (8vMrs-CCsI)~| MICRO SCIENCE (Physics, Chemistry' & Biology 8yrs - GCSE)J wmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Amiga Computing January 1994 ¦ READER OFFER Umjks for beyjjm rs Jj'l)jjJ Jjj’U€00111 : Amiga Computing and Bruce Smith Books have collaborated to bring you this very special offer -
for this month only we are offering books specially selected for beginners using the A1200. And not only books - we also have a Bumper Beginners Pack and a really helpful video.
Bruce Smith Books have a well earned reputation for technical excellence, coupled with an easy to read style which makes learning so much easier.
Amiga Workbench 3 Basics Tutorial Video The ideal introduction to the graphical user interface with which all A1200, A4000 and A3000 users operate their computer. Step by step examples on all subjects for beginners.
Floppy disk and hard drive machines are catered for.
Ssgsi jjmW Only £14.95 A Amiga next steps Only “ £14.95 BSB order form Please send me... Mastering Amiga Beginners at £19.95 Amiga 1200 Insider Guide at £14.95 Amiga 1200 Next Steps at £14.95 Amiga Workbench 3 Basics Tutorial Video at £14.99 Amiga 1200 Bumper Beginners Pack at £39.95 plus £3 postage and packing I wish to pay by: Cheque I postal order payable to Bruce Smith Books Ltd Credit card expiry date Card No The total value of my order is £.
Deliver my order to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms).
Address__ I Postcode Daytime phone Allow 28 days lot delivery Q 7Jc* this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies The world's best selling Amiga book provides the perfect introduction to the Workbench and AmigaDOS on the A1200.
Amiga 1200 Insider Guide Amiga 1200 Bumper Beginners Pack Offers the first time Amiga 1200 user a superb high value introduction to the Amiga. It includes:
• Two books - Amiga 1200 Insider Guide and Amiga 1200 Next Steps
• One hour video introduction to the Amiga 1200
• Four disks of software featuring a full function Anlv
wordprocessor, music recording studio, graphics f 3 Q 95
fractal generator, Workbench utilities, virus checker,
compactor, file recover suite, hard disk postage and backup,
fonts, graphics. Full documentation is packaging provided.
Send this form to BSB Offers, Europress Enterprise Ltd, Europa House, Adlington Park, Mattlesfield SK10 4NP or telephone 0625 878888 or fax 0625 850652.
Amiga I 200 Next Steps Having mastered the basics, this is the ideal companion as you push back the frontiers of your computing knowledge and enjoyment.
Mastering Amiga Beginners Takes the raw beginner in hand and provides a solid grounding in Amiga techniques.
RKtt OAJVlt) EVERY PURCHASE OVER £25 Special Discount when you buy a Printer or a monitor with your Amiga SRS MICROSYSTEMS LTD 94 THE PARADE, WATFORD, HERTS, WDI2AW SALES TEL 0923 220558 SALES TEL 0923 226602 Why SRS?
SRS Microsystem UO if a long established business with over 12 years experience. By buying from us you are buying from a retail supplier with proper premises and a massive customer base. We are not jwf another mail order company. Later on, when you need help, we will still ne around!
How to order SRS wekome ail major credit cards, including ANY Lombard Tricity cara (any Store Name!] phis Cheaues, postal orders etc, made payable to SRS UO. To oro«f over the phone by Cradit Card simply quote the card no. Ana expiry date.
Minimum of 10% off new release software - please phone straight after Same day despatch. Orders are: your phone call Delivery charges; Small items (under £100) £3 No charge £8 Per box £16 Per box All other larger items Express Next day AM deinrery ItaiMlpHribit avaJabifcty. Prices correct at time of going to press.
Some prices and offers may not be avaifable in-store.
All items are covered by at least 1 year warranty. Many indude Free in-home service contracts. Prices shown are what YOU PAY. No hidden extras.
Please note: We do not ajpply goods on aporovaL Instant Credit available. Prose ask for details (In-store).
* seethed £249 MPS1270 IMF Wh £13999 £119.99 STAR LC100 Co* Wes
£179* £159.99 S8KOSKASP1900PIk £12199 SBK05HA SL96 (24 Pie
Cdnr) £199.99 DM1500 COLOUR
£4.99 A WATT PAIR Y 1TH STANDS £2199 SOFTWARE 1 eves 1 OuaWRin WORDPRO £44.99 TEMA T|0iDBUT0C) £4.99 IETS3PEUAIH0ME £9.99 WORDWOR1H2 £99.99 DPA1NT4AGA £79.99 TKHNOPLUS BUSINESS PACK m PAGESETTER3I0XQUR) £49.99 EM DRAW £49,99 THEWOWSPUTMUM £39.99 P90WWTE2i £14,99 NfOfllE DATABASE £9.99 MUSKX(FUli VERSION) £24.99 5 1 1 AffWMAItimVNHM'IOm I 1 mmmiNCAUNtwitms Ail £14.99 ID0J0 DAN, GL0C R360, PUSHOVER,!
ITHUNDERHAWK, 5W0RD OF HONOUR. 1 9 DIE HARD 2, PALADIN 2, HARLEQUIN, 1 IWOLKHlD 1 Astra pock (10 GAMES) £20 SUPER PACK yes, just £39 K MuimiMumiM !KIM tow amv IfflMATfl* Hi vmsm mm mum an muma Mm imiwffl mw mmi mu am Phot mww *i ripl it nfaS* im J ni «dM i at pot e 8b tdi ii M nririim cl «w AMIGA CD32 r j 90 SS m fREE MMBIOjUtjornes on CD AiiGiNUMGWPtCCUCTS M KG tt FOR AM MO tm rnmmw mth vmmmin nm wSnMBft £2W NKGVPnAMm mmmmmm 099.99 EXTERNAL A1200 kc iwini Mimrf 13011_DM m_m iran_cm m_cut m_£339 m-£339 (BMOTV mm (MHlHOD £?,« PPM1MPUSB* 07.99 cm I CH99 wnm 07.99 mi W? Aw mar o?.« mi out mm
0199 krv a .?? Vmm Q199 1 ICfliKW £37,99 WQJllfCW £27,99 I.T8J £1199 m icHumr 2001 names I'ttMfit 0199 l€W ReliASfS ALMOST £Y01T MY - Pll i WX HOW TUI TOUH UfflVVfTCD 0515 AS PWT- OOUNGE ON NEW ONES (OR USED ONES!)
04. 99 VIDI 12 DIGITIZER eh £79.99 STEREO MASTER SAMFSffi £31.99
£169.99 opiionBMBHB jjjf40 MEG ™ £329AiAACT DELUXE PAMT 3 64
MEG AMGAIEXT £349 Only f AN Yyheii bought ", Ijyiihqn A600
i'v m £29.99 mr £1199 m £1199 JufC £199 m £899 AMI COM? PRO
£39,99 £4199 £7199 £129.99 PM A5GQRAMQLPAffilONSl» ASOQ RAM
2MEGDCP.-faOa A12UKAWK2MEG mm m*aoa DU'WDffi
• 032 ONLY £3199 £1199 £2199 £29.99 £2199 £2199 £1L99 £18.99
TRY OUR PELKAN BRAND RI88OWS RMONis-flix aerosol £9.99 ROM SHARBt • U ROM (A500*) £39.99 MMSHUfl £1199 HEIM) HANDS (SOLDERING tk) £3.99 SCR5N RLTK14* COLOUR £199 AMIGA DUST COVERS ALU3.99 PRHTBSTAiSWR) Mk, £199 PRINTER SWItGi 2 WAY £1199 POWER SUPPLY (JWJGA) qE® £99.99 POWER SUPPLY (CM) W £2199 If COLOUR MOMTORS fR0M£IT9.99 COPY HOLDERS 3 MODELS irn (9.99 FURRYMQUSECQYER! £3.99 FOOT SHIPE MOUSE PAD £6.99 MMDSDDirDBB £19 50 WINK DSHD 15* DISKS 129 smmmMx £6 SIS HMD DSHDx II Inbox [9 ¦ SO FTWAR E There can be very few Amiga owners who have used neither a word processor, a spreadsheet nor a
database program. And even fewer who wouldn't know a word processor or spreadsheet program when they saw one.
Most would doubtless also recognise a database but the evidence suggests that, as far as database program use is concerned, a lot of people are far from clear about the basic concepts, the benefits and advantages of the various types of database programs, and in fact about their own data-oriented needs!
Some users spend a fortune on a heavyweight package only to find that years aftenvards they still really only needed 2 per cent of the facilities that had been provided. The chances are that a cheaper program could easily have the same job.
Others confuse database program power with the need for an application to have large amounts of disk storage space available. They waste money on an expensive package when they should really have got a simpler program and added a hard disk.
People buy "relational" database programs because they are "better" but then fail to use them properly. Users often, for example, set up record structures which prove difficult to modify at a later date (thus defeating one of the main purposes of the relational database ideology).
In short, database program use is not well understood, and although in these pages there is not space to deal properly with the underlying technical issues, you will find some help along with details of the Amiga database programs which are currently available.
The main advantages of a single integrated DataBase Management System (DBMS) relative to a collection of individAmlBi ring ual flat file-based applications programs are easy to state. They should let users isolate their data, enable them to remove unnecessary' data item duplication, and in general offer a level of data independence sufficient to allow stored data to be used in a variety' of different ways. Having said that, a lot of so-called databases are nothing more than conventional record storage retrieval systems that let you, the user, set up the required record format.
Because a database will consist of one or more files, all appropriate record definitions need to be created before any information can be stored. How this is done will depend both on the database Paul Overaa on why so many of us fall wide of the mark when it comes to understanding and using those most useful of application programs, database package being used and on the application it is being used for. You might for instance decide you need a client file that contains client surname, first names, address, data of birth and telephone number details and most programs will allow such record
fields to be not only created and named but classified as text, numbers, dates and so on. They'll use these characteristics to provide limited verification during dati entry. If for example you type text into i field which has been defined to hold numerical values, any self-respecting database program should give a suitable Product listings AmiBase v4 Supplier: One Vision Price: £15 Details: Useful, good looking, flat file database program with VCR controls. New version offers record filtering, improved (background) printing and many other facilities.
BuddBase Supplier: Your Choice Price: £1.30 Details: Plat file freeware database program (Disk BU056).
DataRetrieve (Abacus) Supplier: Abacus Price: S79.95 + S13 UK shipping charge Details: This is a reliable product that is suitable for a great many types of applications. It has good documentation. On-line help, indexing and macro facilities plus extras like database password protection. The program can work with up to eight database files at the same time and it has bnlliant search facilities. The screen templates. Called masks, which are used to input data are easily created and versatile report production facilities are provided, Unfortunately there isn’t a UK distributor but it can be
ordered directly from Abacus.
DataRetrieve Professional (Abacus) Supplier: Abacus Price: S295 + S13 UK shipping charge Details: For serious Amiga users wanting a powerful system with relational facilities DataRetrieve Professional is. To my mind, the package of choice. It offers relational file links and the input mask arrangements allow you to set up any number of independent views of your database files using fields from any file.
There are similarly flexible mask-based output view facilities. Although there isn't the space to go into details, :view flexibility" is. To some extent, what the relational approach is all about.
The program is a true heavyweight with superb indexing search and reporting facilities and many extras including its own Basic-style programming language called Profil. If you are after an Amiga database package with power this offering really does deserve to go on your shortlist! Again, there isn't a UK distributor but it can be ordered directly from Abacus.
FlexiBase Supplier: Your Choice Price: £1.30 Details: Freeware flat file database program (Disk BU052).
Gold Disk Office (Gold Disk) Supplier: Silica Systems Price: £49.95 Details: This integrated package includes word processor. Spreadsheet, DTP and business graphics facilities, it also offers a simple, but perfectly usable, fiat-file database program. Files can contain up to 32,767 records, 256 fields per record and 256 characters per field.
Unlimited numbers of user-defined indexes can be set up and there are easy to use form and report generator options available. Very useful providing your applications are straightforward.
Laming or error message- As well as cre- record definitions it is also usually sary to create some kind of screen- data input form, ie set up the screen arrangements which you will use when itting data, Since there's not a lot of in storing data if you can't get at it, programs will also provide inte- soarching and reporting facilities uch allow vou search for records based particular criteria and create and print hard copy reports.
Words of warning There is a certain amount of poetic licence as far as the word ’database" is concerned and many programs described as databases push this to the extreme.
There is an Astronomy database program called Distant Suns, a genealogy database called Norgen, and even Digita International’s Mailshot Plus program sometimes gets desenbed as an Address' database program.
None of these programs, nor many others that sometimes acquire a database label, are database programs in the true sense.
Ites and istics to I ng dam ct into a to hold peering suitable You might, for instance, want to search pour client details database for all clients who do not have a telephone number and create a report listing their names and addresses. These types of things are easily Fen Fit 1.5 • W 11 41 IT * yj si iMi.ru « IQ Dot abate Item 111 p- DvtlUfl} Bf » Baths 6arm Fool Frtte 4 1k * *ntury City 3 1 Y Yu £1.2».MB • l«»(k Houu Hiltb* 3 1 2 N6
(1. Ill III 1 I
• ¦JUS* I at voi 3 2 2 NO
1711. 888 |i- ?
Lead native Santa !irba*i 2 2 N No (751,111 ft f Stub *we twit* Barbara 3 3 2 No
(III. Ml NlUSl Santa Barbara i no 3 Tm
(VII. Ill Niyii Sm f r»* i st* 3 3 Y Yes MSI.Ill
S. , u ['«* 1 n [W '06 I I 1 3 2 2
N. )
1451. Ill J Heate Sao franc isc 1 3 2 hi Mil,Ml 11 13 Iwnhouve
flat tbu 1 2 Y No Mil.Ml "if 1« Ho 1» Paiadina 1 3 3 r*i
Mil.Ml MJ| D Hovti Sart« Bar»ara a 3 3 Nl MM Ml r'-fl ii
Houu Sant a Homca 1 3 3 Ml
MM. Ill ¦ 17 Home San J«» 3 2 T »J
(351. BM 1 ' 1 House (ncti-a 1 J J No £351, BM 1 ' ?
Hbiih Santa Hornci 3 2 I YM _ f.'i Pen Pal another good bet If you want an Integrated pafkoge done with most Amiga databases.
And on the extent to which data items present in the records of one file can be combined or linked with the data held in another database file.
The most sophisticated inter-file links tend to be those found with programs known as Relational DataBase Management Systems (RDBMS) but unfortunately it is these type of programs that are normally the most expensive and the most difficult to use properly.
Before implementing a multiple file relational database application it is best to look at the logical structure of the data that is being stored, carry out a process Programs vary enormously in respect of the facilities they offer. Some provide only the most elementary file definition and data input facilities, while the heavyweight offerings on the other hand really do provide the high level of sophistication and flexibility suitable for the needs of an advanced user.
These offerings, incidentally, will come with their own Basic-like Database Management Languages allowing experienced users to create highly customised database interrogation and reporting rou* tines.
There are similar variations in the searching and reporting facilities on offer known as Normalisation, and then use the resulting record structure as a blueprint or model for your real data files.
Most users who buy RDBMS software do not do this, and the result is that many never see the real benefits that relational systems can provide.
A Database program may provide all manner of other facilities such as Arexx control and Import Export options that let the program read data from, or write data to, other Amiga programs and files.
Many Amiga databases allow users to store references to IFF pictures, 8SVX sound samples and so on and this enables not only specialised Amiga graphics and sound databases to be created but allows such material to be used as part of a conventional text-based information system.
The potential uses are limited only by your imagination, and the amount of disk space you have available.
Extensive graphics or sound-oriented database applications will, needless to say, require a lot of disk space and in these (and a few other instances) a hard disk becomes essential. Many database programs can however be set up to run on quite modest Amiga systems (eg single drive 512k machines) although obviously much depends on the type of application you are trying to set up, Home Business Pack Supplier: Anglia PD Price: £4.20 for a three-disk pack. Printed manual available at £2.99 Details: This contains the bBase flat file database program along with a text editor, spelling checker,
spreadsheet. Accounts program and other software. Good value for money.
)isk Kdata (Kuma Software and HiSoft) Supplier: HiSoft Price: £39.95 Details: K-Data is part of the HiSoft K-Pack spreadsheet and flat file database offering. It provides similar record definition and search sort report facilities to those found in alternative offenngs in the same price range.
Unfortunately the package shows its age in that it is unable to handle references to graphics or sound - SO it is only going to be of interest to users wanting to set up conventional text and number-onented applications. K- Pack comes with the usual high-quality HiSoft documentation.
Mini Office (Europress Software) Supplier: Europress Price: £59.99 Details: Another integrated package which includes easy-to-use flat file database facilities.
Order v2.54 (Shadow Software - formerly South Hams Software) Supplier: Shadow Software Price: £19.95 Details: This is one of the few budget-priced database programs that support multiple-file. Relational links and in this respect it is considerably more powerful than other offerings of a similar price.
Order has had a rough ride in the review press and there is no doubt that many (but not all) criticisms of the early releases were valid and the poor original documentation did nothing to help.
Since the early days however a great many improvements have been made and the price has been brought down to a level where Order has become extremely good value for money. It is not as easy to set up as a simple flat-file database program (relational type databases never are) but it is recommended for users who need some relational capability but cannot afford one of the more expensive heavyweight commercial offenngs.
Pen Pal (Softwood) Supplier: Softwood Products Europe Price: £49.95 Details: Pen Pal is an integrated package that combines word processing and page form design facilities with a simple database program. It’s an attractive, well pneed offering and although its database facilities sometimes seem to border more on the spreadsheet rather than a database-type arrangement, it does nevertheless provide a set of record creation and use facilities which are quite sufficient for many flat file purposes.
Philo Supplier: Your Choice Price: £3.50 Details: This is a licenceware database program (disk CLU07) which is easy to use and perfectly adequate for simple applications.
Continued overleaf Relational databases With some data storage programs each application has its own set of data files. You might, if you were say a consultant, have an appointments program that stored records containing details of client names and addresses along with notes about any work earned out.
You might also have a mailshot application which stored standard letters along with, again, client names and addresses.
These individual program and associated file arrangements are often called flat file applications and are so named because individual data files are just straightforward collection of identical format records with no interaction or links between the datafiles of various applications areas.
Independent flat file approaches are fine in many cases but when uses of the items held in the data files overlap all manner of problems start to appear.
In the above example the use of separate appointment and mailshot programs means that client names and addresses need to be stored twice and this duplication or redundancy is a waste of space.
More importantly it is necessary to remember to update the client details in both data files when changes need to be made.
The whole idea of the relational methodology is to separate the data from its use in a way which both allows many programs to use a common set of data tiles, and any number of differing input and output views to be imposed on the various items of data stored.
The software which enables this to be done is called a Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) or more commonly nowadays, a relational database program.
The database version of the above consultant scenario would involve an appointments work-done file, a mailshot file, and a client details tile that would be shared by both appointment and mailshot applications.
Changes to client details made from the appointments area of the application automatically become immediately available for mailshot use (and vice versa) without any further data entry, The result? Less work. Less chance of mistakes.
Easy life!
Of REC0I9 HO.i 1 of 1151 PowerBase - a budget priced offering which looks good, probably tastes goad, and by gody... Oat*: 22 17 1W3 Cl cud ctwr (*-8): 7 Hrs.ef Sunlijht: 3 Bw»itric prmurt: 1129 He*n ttnwitvrlO: 18 (Iran tiwnturetf); 84.48 PralpltatlM Cm): 1 Calculation for F: 32.48 i _ 1MB| MdR«. Wig
* aa£5S2L lira-1 Tint Co«l 4i
L. np ir«*4 _J r*m iriM _j r«ui i r . ¦ * I *" .'I nil Mini
Office - an integrated package which provides easy to use
database facilities Jargon buster attribute Some
characteristic of an entity. Name, address, and postcode for
example are three likely useful attributes of a customer
DTP desktop publishing.
Enf fy A database-application related object that usually, but not always, physically exists.
Customers and invoices are two commonly occurring database entities.
Normalisation A process whereby the logical relationships of the proposed database entities and their attributes are examined with a view to removing vanous types of logical data inter-dependency known to cause data-aecess and or record field expansion problems. Reduction to 3rd Normal forms is sufficient in most cases.
Product listings continued PowerBase (AmiVision) Supplier: AmiVision Price: £14.95 Details: This program started out as a hcencewarc title and has now grown into a fully-fledged, but budget priced, commercial offering. PowerBase allows users to set up record definitions for specified files and then enter, edit and retrieve data using SuperBase-style VCR controls. Text, numeric, date, time, logical (ie Boolean Yes No, True False fields), percentage and calculation fields are allowed along with an external field which can provide links to both Ascii text and IFF picture files.
Powerbase offers a good Workbench 2 style interlace and, among other things, a reasonable set of search and filter facilities. Filtered records (ie a subset of records which satisfy some chosen search criteria) can be sent to the screen, the printer, or a file and there is a label mode which can suppress the printing of field names (useful for pnnting mailing labels - hence the name).
Although it’s possible to create as many separate files as you want, there are no inter-file link mechanisms available. In other words this is a simple flat-file system!
Despite these limitations the program is fair value for money and perfectly adequate for first time users or others with simple database needs.
QuickBase Supplier: Your Choice Price: £1.30 Details: Fairly average freeware flat file database program (disk BU009).
S-Base 4 Personal (Oxxi) Supplier: HiSoft Price: £129.95 Details; S-Base is the new name for what used to be the SuperBase range and this offering, like SuperBase Personal before it, is likely to continue as the most popular Amiga Database program in the UK. Its VCR-styled control panel approach is easy to use and the program flexible enough to be used for all but the most demanding of database applications.
S-Base 4 Professional (Oxxi) Supplier: HiSoft Price: £249 Details: This is the package formerly known as SuperBase Professional. It's another truly heavyweight database package which provides sophisticated database creation, search filtering and reporting facilities along with its own Basic-style database language (with Arexx and comms support) Both in terms of use and the facilities offered S-Base 4 Professional is rather different from DataRetrieve Professional (its main heavyweight rival) but there's no doubt that the S-Base product is an extremely capable program and another one tor power
Supplier telephone numbers 0101-616-69811130 0101-616*6980325 (fax) AmiVision Software . Anglia PDL ..... ...0394 283494 Eurepress Software .. ...0615859444 HiSoft . ...0525718181 ...0734 422465 I’D Soft ...... ...0702466933 ...0752 880906 Silica Systems .. ..081-3091111 SoftWood Products Europe ...... ...0773 836781 Your
Choice .... ..061-881 8994 TRAPFAX SOFTWARE The ultimate in Amiga Fax software. For class 2 standard. Send faxes from ANY preferences printer driven program! Superb quality and flexi- bility. Features delayed transmissions, multiple fax scheduling. Integrated Phonebook. Fax Viewer, Arexx interface and Network support!
Only £74.16 BUTTERSOFT (Dept AC) 40 COLLEY HILL, BRADWELL, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS, MK13 9DB PICASSO II EM PLANT WAVETOOLS £299.85 £339 95 £469 95 £499.95 cm* C339.95 £349.95 Thf Picasso II is designed to take full advantage ot the host computer system The built in Blitter and high speed memory subsystem ~ an that you will have super fast screen updates. Switching »ween Picasso II mode screens is very fast and switching between
* casso II mode screens and native Amiga screens is nearly
• .reous (as fast as your monitor can re-sync) Because the
Picasso J RTG board does not use Chip RAM. Your Amiga will be
less likely to suffer from bus contention problems normally
associated with running high resolution screens and heavy DMA
Fn« Picasso ll RTG emulator has been designed so that it uses no Cnip RAM, AH available screen modes on the Picasso ll use oniy Fast “AM. This sophisticated design means that even a 1Mb Picasso ll board can support as many high resolution 256 colour screens as
• nil fit in ihe Fast RAM ol your system The Picasso II comes
with several screen modes and resolutions tat are industry
standard and for which all monitors are designed These modes
operate at the proper scan rates and frequencies in order to
take advantage of the most popular monitors available. In some
instances, where those modes may not be sufficient, there is a
program that will allow you to create your own custom screen
modes. You will be able to create screen modes that exactly
match your monitors frequencies and resolution
capabiiities.Picasso ll comes with Personal Paint Lite,
MainActor (animation program). IFF.
GIF, JPEG and MPEG Viewers and drivers for ADPro, ImageFX.
ImageMaster and Real3D Other bundles are available too.
Graphics (RTG) is the future of Amiga graphics display True RTG means that a graphics device will not be m&i try the memory limitations of the host system s Chip mem- y the speed of the custom chips. A true RTG device does not i * m Chip RAM at all. And can run exclusively in Fast RAM it 'or the best possible performance whilst allowing any slaved software to utilise the enhanced resolutions and modes of the RTG device without any modification to the r« Well behaved software will be able to run on their Own
- esotution custom screens and v ill not have to rely on running
ir the Workbench screen, or screen promotion hacks, to i
* *0550 II RTG Emulator integrates seamlessly Into the Amiga
system to give the most reliable emulation available The
resolutions provided by the Picasso ll appear in all your
applica- as new screen modes selectable Irom the standard
towMode requester For any program that allows you to choose a
screen mode, you would simply choose a Picasso II screen
• an alternative (such as Picasso: 1280 x 1024). You will not to
wait for any custom programmed versions of any program «
compliant with the rules of the operating software. Such frams
will be able lo immediately take advantage of the oq II board
Programs that are written with AGA in mind will be fa
immediately take advantage of the new modes available to ystem.
PICASSO I11 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 PICASSO II 2 MB ? TV PAINT 2.0 EMPLANT supports Hard Drives, (via on-board SCSI or AmigaDOS partitions). Hard Files. MAC 800K (via Mac drive adapter), MAC IBM 1.44Mb. IBM 720K, EMPLANT and AMAX formats. The SCSI interface supports both Amiga peripherals and the peripherals of the emulated system at transfer rates of over 1 Mb Sec, EMPLANT supports AppleTalk. Serial ports. Printers.
Modems. Midi. Etc. You may use SyQuest. Any AmigaDOS device (DHO:. RAD:. VDO: etc.), Scanners.
Graphics Tablets. CD ROM with the emulation.
Emulation speed is exceptional and compatibility is excellent. All known software runs!
The IBM 386 486 emulation is to be released in the new year, with Atari ST Falcon, C64 128, SNES SEGA, Apple II (among others) all planned in the future. These will be available as low cost upgrade modules.
EMPLANT currently supports any Zorro equipped Amiga with the A1200 PCMCIA version out soon.The Mac emulation alone requires 68020 30 40 with 4Mb RAM minimum and also 256K Macll x cx SE30 ROMs.
EMPLANT can be expanded to provide 2Mb of battery- backed static RAM and has an audio digitiser built in!
Other add-ons are planned.
EMPLANT incorporates a File Transfer system between Amiga Mac PC.
THIS INCREDIBLE SYSTEM IS AVAILABLE NOW AT EMPLANT will revolutionise the way you use your Amiga! Imagine one card offering multiple emulations that ALL multi-task (after all. Isn’t that the way the Amiga was meant to work!)
The supplied Mac emulation boasts full colour (16 ECS.
256 AGA. 1.6 Million with supported graphics cards) and superb Stereo Sound.
EMPLANT running Photoshop in 256 colours, whilst fully muNi-taskingt ONLY £399.95 WaveTools feature set meets the needs Of the most demanding users. Audio is recorded directly onto any hard disk drive in Amiga compatible AIFF16 stereo files. Multiple waveform windows may be opened simultaneously and audio can be cut and pasted between open files to facilitate building complex audio tracks. In addition to cut and paste WaveTools supports digital mixing of unlimited numbers of tracks. Using WaveTools mixer, you can layer sound upon sound to produce rich, full audio tracks that have the quality
of studio made multitrack recordings. Using WaveTools extensive editing and mixing functions, you can sweeten your basic tracks with overdubs, perlorm ADR. And place sound effects at specified points in the soundtrack. Best of all. Since WaveTools is processing audio in the digital domain, there is no generational loss or noise increase normally associated with outdated analogue mixers and recorders, WaveTools 4 able to sample data at a variety of sampling rates as low as 19KHz as well as the standard rates of 44 iKHz and 48KHz for CD and DAT compatibility. WaveTools includes a waveform
editor for cut. Copy, paste and mix operations on selected portions of audio waveforms Edits can be tagged as destructive or non-destructive. WaveTools also maintains an internal time code in the format of SMPTE 24.8 and 30 frames per second to ensure perfect synchronisation of your audio files with video and animation, if required.
WAVETOOLS RTX (Real Time Effect - DSP. Real time echo, flange, litters etc, Real Time 8-track mixing to stereo. Real Time SMPTE PAL NTSC coding) Out January STUDIO QUALITY SOUND, PROFESSIONAL LEVEL FEATURES!
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WaveTools provides a pair of stereo I O jacks for direct connection to any device with standard line in and line out connectors Record from CD players. DAT recorders. Video Tape, Videodisk or any other line level audio sources. Add voice-overs or other sound effects to produce crystal clear audio tracks for productions demanding uncompromised sound quality.
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, ¦ r.f- . M, , , , rr-y I -| Dom Casual Clear Gothic Bold Chantilly Rochester After ihe activity of a year ago when Wordworth 2 and Final Copy emerged in a flurry of renewed fighting over the Amiga productivity market, things have been rather quiet on the word processing front. Ever since that time, though. SoftWood's designers have been beavering away at a secret weapon designed to end the war by Christmas.
Understandably similar in appearance, but there is much more to Final Writer than at first meets the eye. In fact, to compare it directly to FCII is like comparing a Ford Escort to a Sierra Cosworth simply because they bear the same manufacturer's stamp and design style.
To attract users with big job requirements, Final Writer starts with a battery of improved layout and document handling facilities, the most important of which is the master page approach. Simply put, this enables the user to create a template of every page in the document bearing common information such as the document title, section headings, page numbers, and so on, making document processing a much easier job.
For example, if the title of a document is changed, it is a simple matter to change the master page for all pages to bear the new title, and if a logo is to appear on Final Writer is a natural successor to Final Copy II, the program on which it is based, and attempts to answer some of the criticisms its little brother has attracted.
Though a high quality package capable of superb output and with graphics management second to none in its field, FCII lacked many of the power word processing features enjoyed by its rivals.
A carefully crafted user interface, slick presentation, and ease of use guaranteed FCII a large and appreciative audience, but without strength in depth it could never hope to compete for the serious word-crunching jobs such as manuals, books, and lengthy reports to which Wordworth 2 was better suited. Final Writer tries to eradicate that gap and offer more power without losing the easy going nature of its ancestor.
In essence, the two programs are Final Writer Studio Bold Ultimate Ravenna Bold Dragon Worchester Stafford Jomc of th many fonts on offer every page, the graphic need only be inserted once on the master page. Even better. Final Writer offers a section-by- section layout tool which gives the user complete control over the different parts of a document, sections, one each for such components a the main body text, the title, pag J contents, and so on, and the user cal create sections and swap between them m will. In this way, a document containing two or more very different styles (such a the
difference between body text and i A document is treated as a number of DIY delights Final Writer is easily the most configurable Amiga word processor ever. It has a superb preferences menu similar to FCII s, but on top of this it has a user- definable button bar and menu, and an Arexx macro system with 26 pre-defineo scripts.
There is no auto-record for these macros, which means that users will have to master the basics of Arexx before writing their own, but the button bar and menu should negate the need for most of us to use the 174 dedicated Arexx commands.
To change the default button bar. Users need only select the appropriate prefer ences option, Choose a new button icon, and assign a menu command, Arexx script, or string command (a single Arexx command) to the button. There can be as many button strips as needed, though two will usually be enough, and the user can swap between them at will.
An auto-record feature, such as that planned for PageStream 3.0, would have significantly enhanced the power of Arexx macros for beginners, but the potential is at least there if required. Given the almost obsequious nature of the user-friendly button bar and user menu, Arexx macros tend to lose some of their significance, but many are very useful.
For example, the package has no option to make text bold, as this will normally involve loading the bold equivalent of the present typeface, but Arexx macros are available to be assigned to user buttons which will create the equivalent of bold, plain, and bold-italic text without the user having to load Thr o cr Putton Bar anolhSfr WAr on option It ilmplklty Itself SOFTWARE!
Speller Hyphenation r RAM Dictionary i ? | Large 32k Special Options J Automatic Suggestions 1 I Hyphenation ?|On ‘ r Cache Size | S | Medium 4k ||
- Report as errors- ] Repeating words ] Non-alphanumeric words
] Capitalization warnings Memory Usage JI Buffered
(Slower) | r Skip Cache Size 1 ? | Medium 4K | Save Use |
Cancel Accept |
- Menu - Portion TOIC- IINO m QIC
nnnji_eBnBi ijinnsijCiwBii:Erap7nr7usiji:iJjii*» ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦HI
Part 3: Do you get your Inspiration from a bottle?
Alladin was tlie third son of a lonely lybian slieep herder whose main aim in life was to collect more old lamps than lib deadly rfral, tlie powerful Sheik AI Habrini Througtiout his ctiildliood Aladin never questioned tlie growing number of bmken old lamps and candle stubs which slower took over the l two up two down terraced mud house lie shared with his mad dad, but as lie grew from boy to young man lie began to worry about Itis father’s fetish for obsolete sources of domestic ighting.
One day. As Alladin returned from an unsuccessful pot-hoHng ex- pedtion, he noticed In a remote rock cave a dull old lamp of tlie ge- nte-bearing variety and, unaMe to control his mounting excteinent, gave i a vfeorous rub. There was a flash, a bang, and when tlie acrid smote from the cheap fireworks drilted away, Aladin was astonished to see the blinp-ilce figure of a real fce Genie, walking around holding tlie small of his back and complaining about the fight.
* Er _ bdk ventured Alladin.| ’Are you a Gentet* Tlie fat
gaseous (% ure stopped his grouching and looked at Alla din as
if he were insane.
’No. I'm liere to read tlie meter. What do you think?* CL Irregular text flow simulated using Final Writer s line drawing tools &*&) needn't be split into separate but can be kept together as a of sections.
Section can have its own page "g or the user can set the page at which each section begins, so printing it is easy to stitch .iking back together.
TW main body of any document Has a number of default styles, but can define new styles, and as each can have its own master pages is a great deal of flexibility in the Default styles include settings for ic headings, the table of contents, _j*Pon, and all are user-definable.
Nike in Wordworth 2, the user can not only to automatically generate mdex or table of contents, but can also the font and text style in which the us elements of the table will be Large friendly requesters handle
• uch operations in style generation, each style can be assigned
a hot key.
Id short, there is little the program do that it isn't already doing to life easier for targe documents. With master page, sections, style tags, and iiatic list generation features, those g long reports or novels will find in package a lot of time and energy attractions.
SCIENTIFIC In any legal or scientific document, the body of text is more often than not ged in sections which may have their topic headings or a simple section tifier such as l.(a).ii. To cater for this of document. Final Writer gives the complete control over how outlines generated.
Automatic generation of the outline is ‘ermined by the styles used in a ument, so that if we wanted all topics included we would go to the definition requester and indicate at t level in the outline each type of topic appears.
At first this can be a little confusing,
- a sample document would have ped new users, but with practice
the outlining of complex documents should be no more difficult
than marking words for inclusion in the index.
Other layout tools include multiple columns complete with vertical justification, hanging indents, and text boxes. The latter is a very DTP*esque feature and seems to lift Final Writer into the publishing arena, but in reality it is of limited use.
Text boxes can be created easily enough, moved around, rotated, resized, and treated to all extents and purposes as free agents on the page, but thev Can contain only a single line of text and are therefore of use only for headings and logos.
Improved flexibility does, of course, come with the ability to take a word and stretch, rotate, and re-colour it, but nowhere near as much flexibility as would be gained from treating all text as a page element.
All other operations regarding text and its handling are sound and well thought out, containing many options more usually associated with DTP. Of particular interest is the control over text width, leading, and oblique angle.
By selecting an area of text and using the width option, words can be given a new width from between 50 per cent and 150 per cent of the default for that typeface. Again, leading (the space between lines of text) can be controlled by selecting the number of points between each tine (one point being 1 72 inch).
Oblique control offers the user a definable amount of italic-like slant in Defining styles with the simple requester letters, either to the left or the right, and can be used in conjunction with other effects to create an unusual look for a masthead or logo. It is no substitute for a proper italicised typeface, and will seldom make an appearance in body text, but oblique can be a useful design tool.
With capitalisation under the beadv eve of yet another option, offering all caps, normal, or small caps. Final Writer's text handling facilities come right up to scratch with the notable exception of a show invisibles toggle. This feature, to enable the user to see carriage returns, tabs, and spaces on-screen represented symbolically, is a basic of just about every other word processor in the world and a breathtaking omission from Final Copy II.
When the same omission cropped up on the professional follow up to FCII, I for one was puzzled and disappointed. Many might think this is a point of pedantry, but when loading a file from another source, perhaps an Ascii file from a CoverDisk or PD disk, or a document saved as Ascii from another word processor, it is absolutely vital that one can "light up" the control codes to see where the document might have a lot of double spaces, tabs, carriage returns at the end of lines, and so on.
If such control is not possible, the hassle of re-formatting a document blind has to be experienced to be believed, and 1 would beg SoftWood to make good the fault as soon as possible.
On a brighter note, Final Writer is a superb handler of graphics, the one area _J Set Defau Fkey Shortcut • None FT F2 Menu Definition Style Names Document Ttfle Section Name Topic Name Suo Topic 1 Sup Topic 2 Body Mom Styles r a I UrtWfl - Motn (Body) I Final Writs in which most other word processors take a dive. All IFF bitmap formats are supported as is the industry standard encapsulated PostScript (EPS), and either can be imported and displayed in full colour.
Speed of Operation when graphics are involved can slow to a crawl on some packages, but Final Writer shows its SoftWood pedigree by providing both speedy treatment of imported graphics and a few built-in tricks of its own.
Lines, boxes, and ellipses can be drawn directly on screen using icons on the button bar, and text flowed around them in the same way as imported graphics, giving the program a distinct edge in presentation terms. Creating documents with borders and other graphical content is much easier than in any other Amiga word processor, and screen update is refreshingly fast- That's not to say speed doesn't suffer, and in 256-colour mode the program can become a bit tiresome. However, while Final Writer is being tiresome most other packages would have reached the "never mind. I'll hire a couple of
scribes" stage, and the program has more than one tactical approach to feline de-furrification.
When large Ham8 or EPS pictures begin to slow things down a bit, simply changing the way the images are displayed is easy. The user can change each picture individually or all in a ?
Cancel Outline 11 No typesetting* Define | Apply Tob Settmgs- Peine | J Apply Paragraph Setting* , Peine. 1 £| Apply | prcts heads Style Definition Nome- iet kAM cache preferences fo speed up the speller ¦ TUTORIAL ?
Document at once, so the largest can he turned off while the smaller graphics are displayed properly.
As soon as they are bumped into preview mode, on-screen images are replaced by a box containing a diagonal cross in time-honoured newspaper paste-up fashion, thus speeding up scrolling and screen refresh. In this wav, pictures can be viewed in full colour to check that they don’t clash with the document's other colours, then switched off to save speed.
Imported graphics cannot be rotated, but any lines or shapes produced using the integral drawing tools can, which makes them useful as bounding lines. This is a technique whereby the user draws a series of lines close around a complex imported graphic, then flows text around the bounding lines rather than the image.
Irregular text flow is therefore possible even when the image is imported in a solid box of colour. The package offers contoured text flow to the left or right, but not both sides at once, so the bounding lines compromise comes in particularly handy in some documents.
All graphics can be treated as free page elements and moved around at will, but to retain control once the number of images and text boxes grows, Final Writer offers a few handling tools. Group and Ungroup perform their obvious functions, enabling the user to move and scale a group of images as one, while Lock and Unlock can be used to avoid unnecessary waits for screen refreshes because a graphic has accidentally been moved a tenth of a millimetre.
A whopping 100 EPS images, some good, some feeble, are included with the package and are accompanied by 120 outline fonts in the NimbusQ format.
Final Writer will also accept any AGFA or Adobe Type 1 PostScript fonts, a fact which is particularly welcome given that it will print EPS images and PostScript fonts to any printer, and has a good custom PostScript driver for the rich users out there.
At times, the screen display of such fonts is less than perfect, and at normal (100 per cent) magnification, nine point text can be difficult to read.
Final Writer attempts to offset this by giving the user control of screen resolution, which can be set up to 300 by 300 dots per inch using the excellent preferences menu, but the only real answer is to buy a bigger monitor or use the 125 per cent viewing setting.
Flipping back and forward in view modes can be annoying, but as there are three ways of doing this (menu, button strip, and holding down Alt while clicking the mouse button), the user at least has plenty of choice.
Navigation in general is a pleasure with this program, as the user can jump between sections, use the scroll bars to quickly jump from one part to another, use ihe page button, or select Go To Page Tares- tJgSJ
* £££i
• -M4W1TI B Jk:
• WX settings for screen angle, lines per inch, and whether dots
or lines are used.
Default settings for most options are perfectly acceptable, but if the user has specific requirements or fancies a bit of tweaking, Final Writer is very accommodating.
That made Final Copy 11 a hit as a simple DTP package. Such a combination is ban!
To beat, and although SoftWood might] not have made it to the Microsoft Word 1 level just yet, they're not very far off with ] this release.
Himm-jb nvCM i inmaoTnwi "« ,¦ mmiiMH M 'O' U3* ¦»*' I'D Wd «MO »»”• iSWO C«1 • * '¦» •OMW O'
r. Tt v. *. Jitmh % «i; id uccmjo t» it “•«* 3k« •••won a* r-n
**• • * »• !*• UbWn v»« *'¦* F.TI Cbo " Tl« Ot' CviiAi
mjjBilim SYSTEM ESSENTIALS The bottom line Product: Final
Writer Supplier: Gordon Harwood Computers Price: £129.99
Phone: 0773 836781 Ease of use 9 Implementation 9 Value for
money 9 Overall 9 Missing links If Final Writer doesn't quite
live up to the claims that it rivals Microsoft Word, it is
because of a small list of annoying omissions and features
that haven't been finished off. None of these is particularly
damaging, but there are enough of them to ensure that the
package is flawed.
Of most concern is the lack of a show invisibles option, discussed elsewhere, which can make editing imported text very awkward, but up there on top with this is the lack if an undo edit feature. Both basic features should be implemented as soon as possible.
In other areas, it is impossible to copy text from the document and paste it into search and replace requesters, and there is no highlight and drag capability. Both are found in the leading PC and Mac word processors, and both can be great time savers.
Another omission is the lack of bookmarks, used in Wordworth 2. Which enable the user to jump to pre-arranged places in a document, and the absence of any sample documents with related tutorials might dismay first time WP users.
Limited options on Ascii import export can also be a pain, and the rotate function s refusal to work with imported graphics sets a limit on page design.
Finally, the auto-save feature is very poor, as it throws up a requester every time it is about to save out and asks the user to confirm.
Excuse me. But isn't the word "automatic" to be found somewhere in the term "auto-save"?
Final Writer enjoys excellent printed output thanks to its built-in PostScnpt printer driver and its ability to send EPS images and outline fonts to any printer. If a dot matrix or bubble jet printer is used. Final Writer will coax the unit's best resolution from it, ensuring that the quality of hard copy is as good as it can be.
The clean way in which outline fonts appear from a cheap bubble jet is very impressive, and is as good as any of the top notch DTP packages. EPS graphics printed at 300dpi on a Canon BJ10 are similarly satisfying, so documents output to one of the middle range printers such as the Canon or the HP DeskJet series should be acceptable for home or business use.
Printing preferences are available for the program's final (best quality) or draft (images printed as preview boxes) settings, and for graphics printing Dithering can be either ordered or halftone, and the PostScnpt printer preferences also offer custom halftone from the menus. This pattern repeats itself throughout the package, which offers two or three ways of doing everything before the user even considers Arexx macros or the user-definablebuttons and menus, and this is a tribute to the thought which has so obviously gone into the whole package.
From the 700 page manual (I'd have preferred it ring-bound, but never mind) to the smooth operation of just about every feature, Final Writer is a product which oozes professionalism and an attention to detail.
As a word processor, it has several advantages over Word worth 2, hitherto the leader on the serious side of things, and yet it has all the qualities and more Printed output &**, C*« Os CX'-scu. C*n:* °4 CteLtov*. Clwtvix »» *¦ and.___
• Bullets 4__. , j . ¦ t , , -V- -- Then art plenty of text styie
and formatting options for use In style tags Otwtew ttwcoqh
WIDE TEXT T I lots Of irxi lootullin and *lylt option* 500
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These powerful, award-winning products plug neatly into your A50Q or A500pivs, giving you more storage and more speed. The improvements don’t stop there! In almost every area of Amiga operations these GVP peripherals can enhance the performance of your A500 or A500plus. Both models can upgrade your Amiga's RAM. Making operations run even faster. You can add a PC emulator, (featured below left), which enables you to run thousands of PC software titles. Further hard drives, back-up systems and CD-ROM drives can also be added via the built-in SCSI interface. The list is endless. GVP's HD8+ and
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PC Emulator - tar left Cut 011 Switch tor Game Compatibility
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I This compact circuit board turns your Amiga 500 into a I fully featured PC compatible j computer, capablo of running thousands of PC software titles, including Windows and | MS-DOS 6.
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• Includes 512K of FAST RAM
• Built-in video adaptor emulates VGA 1 EGA (mono), find Hercules
• Socket for optional 80287 co-processor
• Hard drive compatible
• Emulation support of Parallel and Serial ports, sound, realtime
clock. CMOS RAM and extended momory FEATURES MODEL GVP Hme
Miw SLOT (FOB Funee vmacH) ?
£296 too 400 2Gvc 5W 92-97% FAST RAM GVPi AMO Hklufca 2 SIMM MCMM H f easy Fast RAM iiwuia»on On* sock*t content 1w fiAM Opicnt ire 2 • Iw cards. 101214m cants offcnno 2m.
4m or 8m Ot RAM High Soeed DMA SCSI Controller • Can Handle 7 Devices .. the uodtspuied fastest Amiga hard drive available in the worti* Computer Mart April '92
• Without doubt the best hard drrvo available for the A500 ...*
Amiga Forma! Apnl '93 HD8+ 42Mb HD 0Mb RAM £399 INC VAT - HAR
£99 INC VAT-EMU 0500 £499 £599 l WC ’. AT MAW | *K V*r -lOR
IHM, 1-4 The Mm, Huhptey «d S*dcup Kent, dam 40X 90Got
rooemrsiisccemsajgS. R*s un» fajyy Owj Tel 081 309 1111 f* mo
mi xe oeoa MAIL ORDER: 0»w» 1,-aM Op«n Mo-.SjI SILICA - THE
AMIGA SPECIALISTS CR9 1R0 Tel 081-688 4455 ftm hu 'Ml UK Msi
Oebenhams Wwl 11-31 North End Croydon, Surrey 9bin tflflpn_lata
MgK - kn CROYDON SHOP Optnng "Qjn LONDON SHOP Cbentvp nw
NtooSal LONDON SHOP: CSVK Men So Before you dee Jo *her w Buy
your Amga peripherals we suggest you frw* very carehjiy about
WHERE you buy Ihem Consider what il will be ike a lew ranths
after txjying them, ehen you may require hep end ao.icc with
yew new purchase And will Ihe company you buy from contact you
with Corals ol new products? At Silca. We ensure lhat you wrtl
have nothriQ to worry about With our unrivaled experience and
expertise we can row nvesi cur customers’ reqjvemens with an
urderstardng which is second lo none But don t fust take our
word lor it Complete and reli*n coupon (SOW for Our latest FREE
literature and btign lo exporxince :ne "Sica Servco'
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY On XI rurdwaie orfcfj snipped JithtUK
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE A lum Amqi Mchnwl wti tit*ypi»
• PRICE NATCH: W» ndXtWpft i ¦$ »» prcdna - Sane price' tins 0
ESTABLISHED 15 YEARS: Wr h t a proiw track record in
protessonal compter saks 0 PART OF A CS0M A YEAR COMPANY With
cr tr 200 salt - Wr a-e send reiaeir aU prehlatte 0 BUSINESS -
EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT vol-me ascoirts are avaiU&e Tel 081 30*
0018 SHOWROOMS We five ocmarsiratioo « tramrg Uctan al tl wr
siom THE FULL STOCK RANGE All «f you Amtji reqiiftmsKs are
ivaieto P"! Wppt» FREE CATALOGUES Will se maie: WyDu. Aim spro*
rrtuced price Anjj oilers a eel as details on all Ampa scrr«ire
and wrphrrals PAYMENT We aatpt mo« major crsdt cards, cash,
chtqu (APR 8 8*» enften ojolrs tA MoutSSI 52 Tottenham Court
Road. London. W1P OBA Til 071-580 4000 93ten-6tBpn_rw uM Nffi
Otarrg_Fan gri-an **V Seifiidocs '5i t ArtrM- Oxford Street,
London, W1A 1AB TM; 071 620 1234
• JQMt-7 lOcn UW *W|M Thjaw - apt,_EilWOl 1)11 1-4 The Mews.
Hathertey Rd SiOCup. Kent. DAM 4DX Late legW Tel 081-302 8811
Fa Ho (Al-XA Mr?
SIDCUP SHOP: Keddies ;¦«! Hah Street. Southend-on-Sea. Essex, SS11 LA 9 xao- rum!SlUCOameOQiwl_Lite r*gg HufMW 7pm_ Oitwitums nwi. W**erioo House Westgate St. Ipswcb. IP13EH 4 Sif l'rivhf -O- -fr W-fi* T*irw1»V Til 0702 468039 Fw it? Ora teetae Tol: 0473 287092 Fa »» oiniertw?
ESSEX SHOP Owvwq *tus Hx 4n IPSWICH SHOP: To: Srtca Systems. AMCOM1200194 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sxfcup. Kent. DA14 4QX PLEASE SEND ME A GVP COLOUR BROCHURE Surname Mi Mrs.Miss.Ms initials Company Name (if apptocaWe) Address: ...- Postcode. .. Tel (Wort) m 081-309 1111 Tel (Home) .. Which computer(s). II any, do you own’ FAOt AJMiUHrd ihcm am a»clba(Km -nay enrnjr fhw cwp?" K» «w mm rfcmwtr The Publisher: professional desktop publishing for all with our latest fantastic freebie. Create advanced layouts for anything from flyers to complete
magazines, then print them in awesome quality to any printer, including PostScript!
This is the most powerful package of its kind ever to make an appearance on a CoverDisk, so make sure you don't miss it.
PLUS I all the latest and best shareware utilities Amiga Art: we talk to leading commercial Amiga artists in the games and video industries and ask them how they reach pixelised perfection Scala MM300 vs MediaPoint: the giants of the multimedia industry battle it out in a mammoth review of two of the Amiga's most powerful programs t Sampler round-up Flight Sim round-up
• Ethernet for the A1200
• Tocatta and Wavetools 16-bit samplers
• GVP's Spectrum 28 EGS card and lots, lots more!
Plants For All Seasons Wt Araifi hmil Odd Award. W) 93 A axnpdnunt information xzufa for fxdenen inJ brunittt ln.lu.Yi * tanicultin! Dkoonin. Uldrru md tunl dmton Rnjuiro 2MB RAM icui 2 dirt dmo ¦mmun £39 95 The Music Librarian 121 irat Fimut A»mL My 93 Fivs ichKd dtuhuo 6uU Yrtxi. Nci. Rail, rtoarary, ind bcui nxrrdt, Am mxrt .u be twnd tn am ohct mi bctnsc suvwbk (ran twprett' Rcqarm 1313 HAM md 2 dirt dmm mirr"um 09 95 Small buainetaes: la your system mgffidont. I voliatte, or uncoordinated We may be abe to hoc The Plant Image Bank 540 Uill pUn irr y:s to for SucjSc fir nuli-ntda wort, a
kr UK »ith T'W Frt AH Scouit. Vfo« file krauu uyponcd SpKn] re ;irrmciii awed fur Foe pence*) use. Irraget cov feiwttn Mp m! 60- cub adiutt of VAT, dnct. Ad pcujfr kosmos educational The Video & Film Librarian bpullfe ufauttn qfflon. Atf ", Putinun, Utary MtiL Scqjcrvc. Ni Wert gcofe cat be twin] tu aQ irlUKni] ascvs hcnon duXutv Kqum 1MB RAM ird 2 Art drive* ramr.ua L'9.93 icAcrtr ulihlii)i CBVAffSISOlUrtr Oil Oww 1 j:D t rtrnJet £135 Gaasi S»r 2* Bnrted £413 EfK*iLQI»latr 035 EftcnLXMCCritr.
On EfKtlLWiWitflSr OS EpcelXWmttT cm SurLGmi»l5Br £?« SutLClwaiWJCtP! If 17 SmLClVNX iWBt £J76 SurLCIOfNX 1(D) Irlr £329 Sir Lctfd Brmkd £561 SOUND VlDtS;octp £9*7 S«jn«rOK £24 9', Sam 2 £939?
Stidu Vtiji: £9J7 UTILITIES Bytt BxIHDBxLai
O. P D k Dmasy Mbi b (Ml DcarAm Aakywr £UJ7 S«min kh6tils £24 91
Su i Fu.M«fcm Bftm £29.61 W0RDPR0CESS0RS Etccllenx 2 0595
PsxhiSS 14952 P»Wni» 3!
£»» OnrtWme £29.61 kdrtfe Pusnm 2 £29 61 s cl, oice Btes ¦ • * Phone: 0983 551496
II. .43 hour mail order sorvico..ll..46 hour mail order ©crvicaJI
P038 2L* U.K. hKerneLCo eFarrnnous Co e n® ! , ,
ACCOUNTS PUHSW KXPIC4I Pnw £6.51 koen Aaasur MB AxotmMittr PT
09. 74 VxlClA-KifWrtr £6,51 Snip S XL MS Cjithni f .-fim’-o 0*71
DATABASES VidtoSnpeXXSAl) 0457
H. nc Aacum •rtnlei £9 K?
WjckBw £UJ7 Vdcc& eBoMObjeai T 99 Pmoul .tosm Po 161K1&S8 rtoMaacriPCi 0974 HARDWARE BOOKS OrpneiMSi Oeaw Fx 3 J' Dri*t* 076 OW Vict lr-_i.
£995 VxkiiAnnry £2961 Clans hi !25’ Dnvn 076 ASH Saw terul n« DTP CaiplHXtHfOjlKt £1269 AnplOCh Prtli So.t £I2« E C p» 2 EPS 0*j A.T D3« Cx»0wB»n £14.57 AnpAuncy byPr?
£I0M foil Drt Tips Fan. Dec £13 7* PxlnXastrfcca £9J7 Anja C Fit A£ Prp Cl 55 OjU Drtk Vito Fan. Dec OJ.V5 MEXIflHtet £1457 AajiDs top Vita £1255 PrlnucntlPijc iJlSH' £»6I Moti)x5utnil4lKt £11.73 AnpEctanl’Mml AnaGraoabAOf.
£655 Cl 55 AnofnwnlsafctOu 41795 GeTVltat'AnpiW 4295 Clearance List liufc AnifiGn*-.!
O:» TV Bes T-cli KU Tin £M 95 TVH«xC«wrBr i 1A9S EDUCATION SrtduxKOScaiw 0969 CABLES taotui b*»«tTy IU £1954 foirtdw VujTttfn Tccruty»k.:le*xcad Uun.Mitfcs £1)63 ROM StemAKtV2XC, £?r CAD Actrn B A £1363 INTEGRATED lanCAOPkii (NI6 7r|fiMifti £1363 He Wab Fauirr WB2*C9fi!
COVERS Biffi GRAPHICS ThtWatoBinfciK* £1974 Id Iftj) Mtnttr A Kcyticajdf 05 Clril £19.74 WartiPlnninireluJB.Wnrt lOUBDMaan PS Jciuvs Pwtown NTSC £H51 Sprcal AtunW'KcyfMinl £611 jc tetStinaKii DJ.9J sbKiAC«mir»f««' AimSIh tvkd £J i«lP*«
0. 99 MULTIMEDIA AiriSMIli Vjxn.-r £752 lirj|t Fwkt 0995
AnipVfiKr £2961 Ctutt !2tD Pcrcn £851 iVr.-n Pari I £9.0
PROGRAMMING IBM AT Kntucd £561 Puna* (HI) OAJ1 Cf A Ban:
litnpmr nr IBMPCKMicarf £561 S eUrtn £21.91 RIBBONS Our
exteniive range of adueational aubjeet* now Include*: O MATHS
FR6€ 16-poge colour cotologue of €ducotionol & Leisure
Softiuore (Stote computer type) to: Kosmos Software Ltd,
FR66POST (no stomp needed) DUNSTABLE Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone
0525 873942 or 875406 i€ connoisseur :2 5:s
o. s
* 00 U-O Vuo. Movlertard or company dnpakh.
Phew moytr wbpcf k a Zm untharye on credit cacdt and company choquei Chaqvn poyvWr tp Sxay* PIC.
Tel: 081 880 3227 Fax: 081 880 3748 DON'T FORGET THE MEMORY ? External IDE HDD for Amiga A500 A500+.
? Internal IDE HDD for AMIGA A1500 2000 3000 4000.
? Memory conveniently expand able to 2 4 6 S Mb by using 1 Mb x 4 zips on Alfa, AT-Bus 2008 & Octagon.
? Easy instalation, just plug in and go.
? Auto boot, auto configure and zero wait states.
Alfa, 170 Mb IDE 19MS £299 Alfa, 252 Mb IDE I4MS £350 Alfa, 345 Mb IDE I4MS £450 Alfa, 500 Mb IDE 16MS £599 GVP HD8+ 170 Mb I9MS £450 GVP Ht 8+ 345 Mb 14MS £550 GVP HD8+ 560 Mb 10MS £699 A600 1200 2.5" DRIVES 1 Mb SIMMS 30 pin £35 1 Mb SIMMS 72 pin £40 60 Mb & cable - £159 85 Mb & cable I7MS £195 1200 Mb & cable 17 MS £229 170 Mb & cable - £299 210 Mb & coble - £350 1 CONTROLERS A500 Alfa power idle £99 GVP HD8* £185 ICO Trifecta EC £159 ICD Trifecta SCSI-2 & IDE £215 A1500 2000 3000 4000 BSC AT-Bus 2008 IDE £75 BSC Oktegon 2008 SCSI-2 £149 GVPHC8* £129 ICD Trifeda LX £149 I BARE DRIVES SCSI
170 Mb 21MS £199 240 Mb 1 AMS £279 340 Mb 1AM5 £299 560 Mb 10MS £499
1. 0 Gb 10M5 £850
2. 0 Gb 10MS £1299
3. 0 Gb 10MS £2250
4. 0 Gb 10MS £2699 IDE 130 Mb 10MS £CALL 170 Mb 17MS £199 250 Mb
14M5 £250 340 Mb - £299 560 Mb 10MS £499
1. 0 Gb I0MS £850 ) SYQUEST ..at a price YOU can afford ?
44 Mb £295 88C Mb « w 44 £369 105 Mb £000 105 Mb £CAU External box & cables add £75 ) OPTICAL Fujitsu 128 Mb MT MCI out Internal £699 External £755 PART EXCHANGE WELCOME ONE BOX OF 10 DD DISKS with every order over £100 placed before Jan 31 1994.
4 Mb SIMMS 30 pin £115 4 Mb SIMMS 72 pin £150 trim uteil * iloq» «¦ W1 1 Mitey rafo ¦OFFERS Ihere's a let going for you i Are you using one of our recent CoverDisks and wish you'd taken up an offer that went with it? Well, here's another chance to make the most of your free programs Quarterback Tools The complete Quarterback Tools software appeared on the November issues's CoverDisk. You can still buy the manual or the upgrade to Quarterback Tools Deluxe.
For only £14.95 including p&p you'll find this superb quality manual indispensible as it guides you through all of the software's features in a user friendly, easy to use manner.
You can upgrade your CoverDisk to Quarterback Tools Deluxe, which includes the latest version of Quarterback Tools and numerous utilities to make maintaining your system easier than ever. & Utilities include:
• Replicator - disk duplication system • Locator - locates files
• Encryptor - protects sensitive files • File Eraser & Disk
Eraser - eliminates all traces Keystroke finder - shows how
to type any character • System Mover - moves all system files •
Brain Cloud
- protects your disk Send this form to Quarterback Offers.
Europress Enterprise. Europa House. Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SK10 4NP or telephone 0625 878888. Allow 28 days
for delivery.
Now that all you budding musicians have the I U , complete Harmoni software from the November mJJj j issues s superb CoverDisk. Make sure you get the I djr I i most out of it with this exclusive manual offer. For only £8.95, including postage and II packaging (UK), you can have the original j ' v y Harmoni manual It will help you get up and run- ning quickly, guide I you through essen* tial sequencer operations, and explain some advanced tricks to add polish to your tunes.
The manual also contains comprehensive sections ( Manual on starting up. Recording and editing tracks, record- only ing more sequences, assembling a song sequence V £8.95 J and song mode on-screen controls and modes.
For more information on Harmoni call 0295 252524.
Send this form to Amiga Computing Harmoni offers. Imediat, B3 Edison Road, St Ives. Huntingdon PE17 4LF. Or if you are paying by credit card you can telephone 0480 496688. Allow 28 days for delivery.
Harmoni order form Quarterback order form r Please send me... I ?
The Quarterback Tools manual at £14.95 the Quarterback Tools Deluxe upgrade at £39.95 I wish to pay by: I Cheque I postal order payable to Europress Enterprise Ltd Credit card expiry date I Card No Deliver my order to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms) Address _ Please send me... The Harmoni manual at £8.95 including postage and packing (UK)
• Oveneas readers need to pay an extra £2 towards postage
• *usiraAan readers can buy the manual tor $ 25. Cheques should be
made payable to Activision, 10 Agnes Street. Ueedow Bank.
Sydney. NSW 2114 I wish to pay by: Cheque I postal order
payable to The Disk Company Credit card
(Access Visa MasterCard) expiry date Card No Deliver my order
to: Name (Mr Mrs Miss Ms).
Address _ Postcode Daytime phone Postcode Allow 28 days for delivery j Tick this box if you do not wsft to receive promotional material from other Allow 28 days for delivery | ' Tick this box il you do no! Wis i to receive promotional material from other companies I Daytime phone I 33 Ormskirk Rd. Preston* Lancs, PR12QP Ladbroke Computing International are one of the established home oompulw dealers in We have developed an extensive sendee policy wtuch involves tailing poor to despatch to ensure that amve in working order, offering Iree end support over the phone and customers informed.
Although our
• re not always tho cheapest we do lo offer consistently good
sen ioe p"ce*,specifications are correct at copy 29 11 93
(while stocks last), and are to change without pnor r oiico All
• ndude VAT but exclude delivery to Pay can order by mao
Cheque&’Poslal Orders i payable to Ladbroke Computing Ot give
:redit card delate over the phone.
OsOvsry Poaul delivery is available on small items £40 (Normally £3, phono for dolails) Add £7 ter courier delivery. Next working dny on mainland UK subject to stock (Kb
* ar Sal ur day delivery) Open Mon-Sat 9 30am to 5.00pm Uflbroke
Computing Ltd trading as Ladbioke Computing Inlemational.
Fax:(0772)561071 Tel: 9am-5.30pm (5 Lines)
• Quantum SCSI Hard drive irives Mfajp F°cia * ¦ mo"""’
• Ultra fast 11 ms access
• Up to 8Mb RAM on board
• 2 year warranty £199.00 £299.00 42Mb No RAM 80Mb No RAM SPECIAL
OFFER 170MB NO RAM £349 240MB NO RAM £399 £69.99 £139.99 2Mb
SIMM Upgrade 4Mb SIMM Upgrade ulator m
• 16MHz 286 PC Emulator
• Norton rating 15
• Plugs into GVP II HD's GVP PC-286 Emulator £89.00 Amiga A600
Lemmings Pack £184.99 Includes A600 with 1Mb RAM.
Lemmings Amiga 600 Wild. Weird and Wicked Pack £194.99 Includes A600 with Pushover, Microprose Grand Prix, Putty and Deluxe Paint III A1200 Race & Chase £289.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM.
Trolls and Nigel Mansell A1200 Desktop Dynamite £339.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM, Digita Wordworth, Digita print manager, Deluxe Paint IV, Dennis, Oscar Amiga CD32 £289.99 2Mb RAM. Dual Speed CD ROM.
Multi session, plays music CD's.
256000 colours on screen, includes 2 games Oscar and Diggers.
Amiga 4000 030 £999.00 Includes A4000. 030 processor, 2Mb Chip RAM, 80Mb Hard drive.
Philips 8833 MKII £199.99 Includes 12 Months on site warranty (Mainland UK) Samsung C13352X £179.99 14" SCAPT input TV with remote control and on screen display (requires SCART cable for high quality display) Sonica Colour Monitor £189.99 Stereo Colour Monitor including cable 1084S £189.99 Commodore Colour Stereo Monitor including cable Microvitech 1440 £399.99 The Microvitec 1440 is a multisync monitor compatible with the A1200.
Includes setup memory for different resolutions.
Colour SVGA Monitor £229.99 High quality Colour SVGA Monitor .28 dot pitch.
A1200 VGA adaptor £14.99 Falcon VGA Adaptor £9.99 Philips SCART to Amiga £9.99 8833 MKII to Amiga £9.99 Sfar Star LC100 Colour £149.99 Star LC24 100 Mono £179.00 Star LC24 3Q CoJour £249.00
• Built In 55 sheet feeder t 24 Pin Colour Starjet SJ48 Bubblejet
£210.00 Star SJ144 £549.00
• Thermal max transfer colour printer
• 144 element head
• Glossy colour output
• 360 dpi resolution Citizen Citizen Swift 240 Colour £270.00
Citizen Project £209.00 Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 510 £299.00
HP Deskjet 500 Colour £299.00 HP Deskjet 310 £239.99 Lasers
Ricoh LP1200 £699.00 Add £3 for Centronics cable and £7 for
next working day courier delivery.
Lerators era ff£l
• Quantum SCSI Hard drive
• 40MHz 68030 Accelerator
• FPU expansion slot A530 42Mb £389.00 A530 80Mb £489.00 SPECIAL
OFFER A530 170MB £579 A530 240MB £659 7T
• Video processor provides real time software control of
brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, filtering,
gain etc. Audio processor with two audio inputs, software
switchabie or mixable. With software control of Volume, Bass
and Treble effects.
G*Lock Genlock £284.00 At2oo mDrives
• Plugs into internal IDE expansion
• Ribbon cable exits through PCMCIA slot
• Warning fitting voids warranty 170Mb £249 Phone for higher
• 290dpi resolution
• 2 Microswitched buttons
• Opto Mechanical mechanism 9 Switchabie between Amiga ST
• Direct Mouse Replacement Speed Mouse £11.99 ves til
• 880K formatted capacity
• Double sided. Double density
• Through port Cumana CAX 354 £54.99 Amiga 500 internal drive
£49.99 „4 vf A500 512K upgrade £14.99 A500-t- 1Mb upgrade
£19.99 A600 1Mb with elk £39.99 Plugs straight into A600 trap
door compatible with A600, A600HD lerat°r
• 40MHz 68030 accelerator
• Makes your Amiga 1200 run over 7 times quicker.
• Allows up to 32Mb RAM
• Optional FPU A1230 0Mb No FPU £239.00 A1230 4Mb No FPU £379.00
A1230 4Mb 68882 FPU £479.00
• 16MHz 32 bit 68030 Central Processor. 16MHz Blitter.
32MHz 56001 Digital Signal Processor
• 1,44Mb 3.5“ Floppy, up to 14Mb RAM. Displays 65536 colours from
262144 palette
• 8 Channel. 16 bit. High quality Stereo sound sampling FALCON
1Mb No HD £499.00 FALCON 4Mb No HD £699.00 FALCON 4Mb 64Mb HD
£799.00 FALCON 4Mb 127Mb HD £899.00 FALCON 4Mb 209Mb HD £999.00
Falcon Screen Blaster £89.00 ,rvic0s Our Service department can
repair Amiga's in minimum time at competitive rates. We can
arrange for courier pickup and return delivery of your machine
to ensure it s safety. We even have a same day service which
will ensure your machine is given priority and subject to
fault, completed the same day. We offer a Quotation service for
£15 for which we will examine your machine and report back with
an exact price for repair. If you do not wish to go ahead with
the repairs then just pay the £15. However if you do go ahead
then the charge is included in the minimum charge. Please note:
The minimum charge covers labour, parts are extra.
Quotation service £15.00 Min repair charge £35.25 Courier Pickup £11.00 Courier Return £7.00 Same day service £15.00 SEASOFT %
- The Logical Choice - Octal*£D Pro VS. 01 - £30.00 Latest 2 disk
version - Now with Workbench V2.1 files PULL DOWN MENUS.
SAMPLE EDITOR. SYNTHESISED SOUND EDITOR. STANDARD TRACKER OR TRADITIONAL STAVE NOTATION DISPLAY, etc., etc. - (Requires Kickstart 2 04 or later) V4 NOW ONLY £18.00 ACC HARDWARE PROGRAMMERS MANUAL Essential reading for anyone trying to come to gnps with Assembly language programming on the Amiga Easy to follow tutorial with loads of examples lor you to try with the bullt-m Editor and Assembler Disk 1 (PD) £1.50 Disks 2.3 & 4 £5.00 each (£12.50 for the 3) 1 00 cusroms AMIGA P.O. & SHAREWARE - IDEAL ST0CKIHG FILLERS PD SHAREWARE PRICES - PER DISK (No. Of disks shown in brackets) 1 - 4 disks •
£1.50.5 • 9 disks - £1.25.10 - 24 disks - £1.00. 25-f disks • £0.90 Unless stated all titles work on A500 (1 meg), A500-F. A600 & A1200 classic editor fully functioning K channel editor SID 2(1) comprenei CAT DISK £1.00 fine pip) V-MORPH (1) create smooth morphs Please add 50p P&P fo P.D. Licenceware orders (C1.50 Europe. £3.00 rest of World) or £1.00 if your order includes other items (Europe & rest of World at cost).
Subject to availability, all orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours ot receipt Send orders to • SEASOFT COMPUTING (Dept AC). The Business Centre. First Floor. 80 Woodlands Avenue.
Rustington. West Sussex BN 16 3EY or telephone (0903) 850378 _9.30am to 7.00pm Mon-Fn (to 5pm Sat)_ % CENTRAL LICENCEWARE REGISTER CLR EDUCATIONAL ACHORD (£3.50) Guitar chuni tutor
T. A.M.I. (£3.50) GCSE maihx luior NIGHT SKY (£3.50) A mu'i for
all stargazers WORDS & LADDERS (£3.50) Snakes A Udders
spelling game BASICALLY AMIGA (£4.99) A must for new Amiga
owners LETS LEARN (£3.50) Various progs for 5-7 year olds
ALPHABET TEACH (£3.50) Greit for young kids FAST FRET (£3.50)
Guitar Kales tutor WORK ft PLAY (£3.50) Spelling made fun PLAY
IT SAFE (£3.50) Teach kids about valets in the home BIG TOP
FUN (£3.30) 4 circus based games JIGMANIA (£3.50) Jieuw puzzle
gamefantor CHESS TEACHER (£3.50) A beginners guide MIND YOUR
LANGUAGE (£3.50) Vocabulary course SPEED READING (£4.99) CHORD
COACH (£3.50) Piano chord tutor
C. A.T.T. (£4.50) Unlock the mytlcries of Uw Tarw FUN WITH CUBBY
(£3.50) H RuucatiunaJ games (NOT AfflQ) PREHISTORIC FUN PACK
(£3.50) 4 excellent Dinovaur games PEG A PICTURE (£3.50) Just
like the childrens game UNDERSTANDING AMOS (£4.50) I earn all
about "Bobs" SNAP (£3.50) Teach kxn shapes MY LITTLE ARTIST
(£3.50) Great programs I Not A500) BOREALIS JUNIOR (£3.50)
Drawing package lor k«d .
COMPOSITION (£3.50) and PORTRAITURE (3.50) Photographic tutorials AMOS LANGUAGE QUIZ (£3.50) FUN WITH CUBBY 2 (£3.50) I NOT A50017 great garnet for kids SEA SENSE (£3.50) A seamanship tutorial ROCKET MATHS (£3.50) Excellent kids ,V|«hs tutor DRAFT V2 (£4.50) Unlock the mysteries of Runesiooet CLR ENCYCLOPEDIAS Thr folltis* m« disk bawl encyclopedias cuier a range of interesting subjects. Using a combination of text, diagrams, dm wings & photographs each title K entertaining as well as educational.
OINOSAURS 2 (£4 50) DINOSAURS 3 (fa GEOLOGY 1C4.50) SOLAR SYSTEM 1 f£4 ») SOLAR SYSTEM 2 (£4.99) FRESHWATER FISHING (£4 99) ECOLOGY (£4 99) MESSERSCHMIT BF109 (£4 SPITFIRE (£4 50) vour first pony (£4mi BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY (£350) KINGS ANO QUEENS (£4 50!
HOME INVENTIONS l£4.50) DISCOVERV OF AMERICA I£3501 CD ROMS (£1 00 PAP) CDPO 1-£19.95 CDPD 2 - £19.95 COPD 3 - £19.95 0EM01 • £19.95 DEMO 2 • £19.95 17 BIT PD-£39.95 AN INSTANT PD LIBRARY CN TWS BRIJJANT 2 DISK COLLECTION MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT-MM LOADS ANO LOADS OF 24 BIT. HAMS 5 HAM PICS COLOUR * MONO CUP ART Fqifts MODULES SAMPLES NOW tHAT S WHAT I CALL GAMES VOL U2-£19.95EACH 100 PO GAMES ON EACH Of THESE am COMPATIBLE ROMS we stock FREP FISH 1-910 + (Fish Cat Disk £1.50) UTILITIES A-BASE (1) Excellent database program AMIGA FOX V1 (1) Desk (op publishing program ASTRO 22 V3 (1) venous
astrology program ACC 1-4(1) hcUnriMu«A.CC. I-4 D-COPY V3(1).
Brillwm disk wpying program EASY CALC (1) excellent spreadsheet KICK 1.3(1) noWVCnt call run thine original A500 progs on your new A1200 KICKSTART 2 (11 emulates Kickstart 2 on A500 MESSY SID 2(1) Amiga - PC file convertor NCOMM V3(1) powerful Minimi package NORTH C (2) C-compiler NUMPAD (1) odds a numeric keypad to an A6O0 PC TASK V2(1) demo of the bed PC emulator AM FM disk magazine tor the serious Amiga musician Issue 16 out now £2.50 (issues 1 to 14 also available) ACC AMIGA CODERS CLUB hints, lips, tutorials & source codes for assemoly language programmers £3.50 per issue (issue 31 now
available) A-GENE V4.38 Latest version of this classic genealogical database £15.00 nvisc directory utility and warps TEXT ENGINE V4.1 (It excellent text editor word processor MIDI CRAFT VOL 1 (1) demo of Mush -X and Midi tor from the Craft brothers NO SAMPLER? (1) no need for a sampler with this treat tutorial St utilities from MUO OctaMED V2(1) ne (Left Oct a mod V4 MANUAL (1) Complete manual on disk OctaMED V5 (1) noo-save demo vcnion X-BEAT PRO 1.3(1) dram sequencer OCTAMED MODULES MICROCRAFT (4) OCTAROCK 3D (1) OCTASTUFF (1) FRIENDS OF PAULA (3) A MFC Pro Converts many standard music
tiles to OctaMED & Music-X format £10.00 MUSIC BASS SOUNDS (1) high quality Bats samples CHRISTMAS MUSIC (1) classic Christmas ftnfs ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) comprehensive tutorial 12 dnvcsi DRUM KIT (2) hi|h quality Drum TECHN0S0UND SAMPLER £29.95 TECHN0S0UND II SAMPLER £22.50 ID V3.21 (1) : version or tnis GAMES 18TH HOLE GOLF (2) the Ofllv PD gulf came available AGATRON STAR TREK (2) a must fur all trckkx AIRPORT (1) Air Traffic Control wm AMOS CRICKET (1) simple but fun cnckei game DONKEY KONG (1) classic arcade game DUNGEON FLIPPER (1) pinball game GUSH (1) Pipcmania style game RETURN TO
EARTH (1) space trading game ROAD TO HELL 2 meg overhead racing game ROBOULDUX f 1) hrilliunl Bouiderdash game STAR BASE 13 (2) graphic adventure game SUITCASE (2) excellent adventure game TETRIS PRO (1) cLasvic TOTAL WAR (1) excellent Risk style board game WIBBLY WORLD GIDDY (1) commercial quabiv platform game ALPHA WH MOUSE 400 dpi ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION £14 95 MIDI INTERFACE with leads £22.50 totai irrelevance MED User Group (MUG) disk magazine Issued now available G3.00 (2 disks) issues 1*3 £1.50 each A1200 ONLY A1200 INTROS (1) collection of 4 great demo intros AGA TETRIS UTILITIES (1)
game and useful utilities ANDYS WB3 UTILITIES (1) uvclul utilities including PP Show
3. 0a. WBVerlauf etc. ASSASSINS FIX DISK (1) get all vour A500
programs lo run CYNOSTIC SLIDESHOW (1) bri Ilium AGA slideshow
HOI AGA DEMO 2 (1) brilliant A1200 demo KLONDIKE (3) brilliant
AGA patience game K RHODES PICS (1) tur.lo.-iv slides how
NIGHTBREED (2) brilliant AGA slideshow SLEEPLESS NIGHTS 3(1)
useful ulilroes including Icon Mawcr SUPERHAM PICS (6)
bnlliont ray -traced pics UCHESS (1) ultimate chew program (4
megs) VIEWTEK (1) AGA picturc unimation viewer
W. B.3 BACKGROUNDS (1) coloured backdrops for workbench WB3 HACKS
(1) selection of fun Kicks WINBLEND (1) AGA fractal generator
C-MANUAL 12 disks packed with all you need to know about C
programming on the Amiga £12.00 SUPERSOUND 4 this brilliant
feature packed Sample editor is now available form Seasoft
£4.99 (manual £10.99) AM FM SAMPLES 16 disks packed with high
quality samples £2.50 per disk CLR GAMES TRUCKIN-ON 2 (£4.50)
Run vour ow n trucking Company DRAGON TILES (£3.50) Excellent
Shanghi puzzle game MOTOR DUEL (£3.50) 3D Car racing
shoo!-cm-up ALL GUNS BLAZING (£3.50) 2 player overhead racing
game BULLDOZER BOB (£3.50) Great puzzle game PARADOX (£3.50)
Puzzle games SONIC SMARTtEHEAD (£3.50) Kids platform game
SPLODGE (ESCAPE) (£3.50) Platlocm game IMPERIUM (£3.50)
Graphical adventure game STELLAR ESCAPE (£4.99) Excellent
vertical shoocemup JUNGLE BUNGLE (£3.50) Excellent Kids
adventure game FLOWER POWER (£3.50) Kith game MARVIN THE
MARTIAN (£3.50) Help Marvin find Daphnie WHITE RABBITS (C3.50)
Save the rabbit I rum a late none than cavxcrole. Great puzzle
game TIME RIFT (£3.50) Excellent platform gome CAPTAIN K
(£3.50) High quality platform game CYBERNET (£3.50) Space
shoot ern up OGI (£3.50) Excellent commercial quality platform
game. A must for any games collection QUINGO (£3.50) Pub quiz
machine simulator CRYSTAL MAZE (£3.50) 1‘aiman uyle game CLR
UTILITIES VIDEO TTTLER (£3.50) Professional touch to your
videos TYPING TUTOR (£3.50) Complete course and speed tests
ALPHA GRAPH (£3.50) Comprehensive graphing program PLAY N RAVE
(£4.50) Music module linleriplavcr POWER TEXT 2 (£3.50)
Excellent word processor POWER ACCOUNTS (£3.50) Keep truck ol
vour bunk account CALC V1.3 (£3.50) Powerful spreadsheet STOCK
CONTROLLER (£3.50) Keep truck of vour stock EPOCH V1 (£3.50)
Powerful calendar system X-ST1TCH MASTER LITE (£3.50) Produce
cross stitch charts HARD DRIVE MENU (£3.50) A must for Hard
Drive owners INVOICE MASTER (£3.50) Create vour own iiivokvs
CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT (£3.50) (not A500) Text adventure
game creator FLOW CHARTER (£3,50) Create flowcharts
• £2.99 A1200 DUST COVER - £3.99 PRINTER STAND - £4.99 PRINTER
LEA0 (1.8m)-£3.99 PRINTER LEAD (5m) • £6.99 PARNET LEAD (Inc
software) - £10.00 4 PLAYER ADAPTOR - £5.99 JS EXTENDER -
£4.99 M J SWITCH MANUAL - £9.99 M J SWITCH AUTO-£12.50 100
DISK LABELS -£1.50 1000 DISK LABELS - £10.00 1000 T.FEED
LABELS - £12.50 DISK BOXES 10 cap £1.25 40 cap - £4.50 100 cap
3. 5" HIGH QUAUTY DSDD DISKS WITH LABELS 10-£5.00 50 • £22,50
100-£42.50 ASSASSINS GAMES 1-148 + latest titles always
available call tor complete list A MEMBER Of THE PROFESSIONAL
become synonymous with quality products with the leading
being the ubiquitous ADPro.
Editing and this isn’t the only success story ASDC. Stable.
Mfcwgh less gl amorous than its image
* wing counterpart CygnusEd il - or CED as its predecessor known
- is a long-standing award control hough only exactly hot news
for kids, the new CEDPro could well to be the Lemmings of the
program- trorld as countless members of the collared community
cast aside lesser editors and leap into the open arms of Paul
Austin casts a kindly eye on the latest release from ASDG and
the ultimate in infra red control for VlabY C : and foremost
comes the program's :ted level of undo, which as you'd allows
it to back-track any changes to the file.
SPEEDS Next up comes the impressive search replace facilities which can be utilised interactively or via with the a light- fast turbo mode. In addition the func- ibo support history - so you'll never to re-type repeated patterns.
As you'd expect Arexx is well supported and as a result it's possible to taftroct other packages - such as cpmpil-
- to call CEDPro and even place the cursor on the exact line
where an error has occurred.
Yet another programmer-friendly fea- ter allows CEDPro to detect bracket and beace errors within the code in addition to direct editing of binary files.
Macros are another area in which it scores well. Simply start the function and the program will remember all subsequent keystrokes. Once complete this new macro can be assigned to any single or combination of keys. It's even possible to call a special macro editor with which to edit existing macros when necessary. Like its predecessor, you can edit literally dozens of different files or file areas simultaneously. As for speed, there are no complaints - although there rarely are with any text editor. However, no matter how many files you have open it's highly unlikely you'll ever need to wait
for the program to catch up with your editing exploits.
Specialised needs are also catered for with numerous options including command key bindings, variable tab sizes, word wrap, screen sizing and definable colours - even the scroll speed can be defined and saved. In fact alternative set-ups can be recalled as required.
GA Update Compatibility also shouldn't prove a problem as the program works across the entire range while making the best of AmigaDOS, employing the Clipboard to share its output with other packages.
Even crashes caused by other packages need not be terminal as CEDPro has the ability to recover edit sessions if disaster strikes. Combine this with a user definable timed saved and you're looking at arguably the most secure file editing system on the market.
Obviously with the myriad of PD and shareware text editors CEDPro is strictly for the pros. However if you demand the best and are will to pay for it CEDPro could well become the ADPro of the programming world.
Product: Cygnus Ed Professional Supplier: Silica Systems Tel: 081-309 1111 Price: £79.95 Automation with AirLink If you’re among the numerous videophiles who’ve invested in VlabY C the word.
AirLink may inspire a distant memory of promised automation. For those unfamiliar with VlabY C. The connection between the two revolves around VlabY C’s IFR frame grabbing capability.
IFR - interleave frame recording - gives VlabY C the unique ability to grab unlimited sequential 24-bit frames from live video. To achieve this, it first picks a reference point on the tape, followed by a starting frame, from which a user defined number of frames are then grabbed.
The beauty of the system is that any VCR can be used for the process and better still no timecode is required on the tape itself: the software quite literally remembers which frames have been grabbed and then attempts to grab the remainder on a subsequent pass over the tape.
The only problem with this approach is its heavy dependence on user time as the software demands constant rewinding of the tape ready for the next pass.
However thanks to AirLink hours spent at the controls of a VCR are a thing of the past. Existing users may recall that IFR’s control window provides the option to not only execute a processing script on images but also add a rewind Arexx macro which can call on Airlink to do all the hard work for you.
As a result complete automa- lion is now possible with the only user input being initial scene selection and IFR set-up - after which you can leave your Amiga and the VCR to their own devices.
No matter which application you apply AirLink on the basic set-up procedure remains the same. First you must install the hardware - this takes the form of a cable connected to a small Infra red transmitter receiver, the other end of which slots into the Amiga's free joystick port.
Handy hotkeys Once installed you simply run the AirLink software which provides numerous examples along with the essential sampler program. As the name suggests this allows you to program AirLink to emulate literally any infra red remote controller.
In order to control a device you simply design a graphic representation of a remote control panel using the paint package of your choice. The Airlink software then allows you to add button areas to the graphic - appending the appropriate remote control command on each. These graphic remotes can then be saved out.
Complete with hotkey combinations, and recalled when required.
Actually programming Airlink is very simple: you just activate the sampler program, record the signals from the original remote you wish to control and then append the appropriate signal to the button in question.
Alas that’s all that space will allow for this month, but tune in next time for more on AirLink and its immense potential within a multimedia environment.
Product: AirLink Supplier: Amiga Centre Scotland Tel: 0896 87583 Price: £69 SOFT WA RE ? OfM-2 ? CH?-7 ? Cl 29-3 ORDERING BY POST Simply tend your enter in t« m A4 puge. Lining the nutnfcm yui rctiiMC.
Ihe loal cost, and ynur nuirt & aUrcw or if you wid) rimply nurt aft the Ulle you wish 19 order, fill n your iume etc. and vend ihese ptjc* lo EPIC MARKET ING. 1st Floor Office*. 31 l aringdon Rd. Swindon.
Wilts SNI 5AR.enclosing full puymcnL ORDERING BY PHONE Call any lime between 9.30 & 5.30pm Monday to Saturday with yuur credit card details and the disks you would like to order OVF.RSKAS ORDERS OveTvea* orders ure welcome, bui pleaie add 25p lo each thtk ordered, and a minimum of 5 disk* apply All foreign orders arc km by first class Air Moil COLLECTING DISKS You arc ttefcome iocoIIki your PD order, bui you on; td'DCd lu ph'XK it thlWgh prior to collection Orfice hours: 9.3thm-5 30pm Mon-Sat.
Tel .Amiga . Total order value: £ ..Total disks:.
Payment method ...... |'|) 1‘rVfrs per dhk I Imiuvlve ol PA I* hi I KI I amjlt dvk -£J.a) 2-Sdtik* -1211) rich ft lltihvkv f|75 adi 11 » ncre,-----TI50cwh TITLE mum 2 *vk ? Bit 11 ETYPE Super lad W« Asteroid*.
? Bit?!) PETERS QUEST a 20 level euw pUfnmi gome. Very addxtiie ? TETRIX Tetri) game With tfx from Lemming*. Circal Inn ? B895 DOMINOES. You know wliul Oii* i* surely.'
? B9C0 CRAY SLAYER Hack V Slash ? BKH7 BUNNY BLAST AM * imny Imlc bunny s at you tan Sick’ 8BW2 GOBLE. R Ppc man clone B903 CHAINSAW DEATH. Mun ? B94U WIZARD WORLD Very cute bui difficult pbtfarm *j ik' ? B952 GAMF.BOY TETRIS Bnll. A hfett ol Ihe Gaoieboy hih B955 TOP SECRET 2 pktycr plaiturm romp, great fun to play ? B966 SPACE TRAX 2 player *pnec *»khk ’em up.
? B967 TLCHNO BAHN Race the kill iKTint u chexju «xl flaar ? B%H HILL ZONE Ea« pottO hmurtual thont cm up. Great graphics ? B973 CYWJRNfcTlX F»« Defender clone.enhanced Amiga vet*km ? B990 BOUNCE & BLAST. Cute pUifomi game cum shoot 'em up.
? BWI SOCCER CARDS Maiugemeni ? 0)01 DONKEY KONG OM Aun ckwk pmc.
QCJI? OIPPY PossiblyihebeopUtltntn pme available on PO ? ’513 2 I Sth HOLE GOCK IV firvl Pl» golf £amc. Pretty pood BC3J0 FIREFLY Vertical bla t cm up CSS7 SPACE INVASION Brill new Spate lntadcD tkmc lire* mtlT.
? OWJ G A LAG A V2. Upw dale version ol Galugu Ironi the arcades QCI20 CROSSOVER Puzzlegame ? 0169 BOMB JACKY Bonibixhv ? Cl?4 OBLIVION. Defender clow ? CI77 OTHELLO ? C206 MORIA 5.4 Bfilliani RPCi.
? C2ft7 GIGAR TETRIS Pitted -tn,*, i rf tetris for I meg chip * AnugJ* ? C303 SLAM BALL. Superb football management fame.
? C322 TOP Oh THE LEAGUE S« jhnw.
? CS4I1 CASH FRUIT Playable fnm maclnnc uinulaliv ? C460 ACTEC CHALLENOE Ore* cun- version from the CM ? C453 MEC.ABALL 2.1 Latest version of thill classic game ‘Break-Out* ? C4W BACH MAN Addictive plaiomwr c C4S6 FRUIT PANIC. A new wn Vx nun game Very good ? C4SJ GNU CHFS-S Up to date chess program Very intelligent.
? C462 STARIANS Amazing vluxn cm up with great graphics ? C4M THE RIGHT WAY. A Lcmimiig* dtwe ? C*Wi AIRPORT An uirirulfit control simulator Q CSS I PREMIER PICKS. The 2nd Prcnwer league it here QC532 GAME TAMER 401. Over 4CiO cheats lor gamev me Itvulv of IWW ones.
? C570 RUMMY ? C56J ROAD TO HELL Tops*"* rac ng game, brilliant game play ? B812 SUPER PACMAN 92. Up to datc pa:man clone, scrolls screen. Beefy music, great gaibfpldy.
WORD FINDER Plus Powerful Crossword solver.
Very eu* lo us*, contains i didlwury of over JO.IKK) words, and you can add your own!
Order code: ? U321-2. Oaly £5.00 Amiga 1200 Catalogue disk availabk* Only ? I I DO with any order ot PD ORDER FORM Name . Address PD GAMES ? B4I7 CASSfiTTfi PRINTER COYER Pi mi your own tav write inlays ? &4I9 ULDH V.tllA fen editor ? B47I ONE MAN BAND (NASP). Muwc jukebov on the computer?
N ft4?K POINT A CLICK New hybrid menu system Powerful Q B4T7 WORDS WORDS WORDS A tnllrtinm nf wadpreoorun.
BH4SS A500. UTILS B486 AM1RAGE DISK MENU, Easy to uvc menu maker ? B5«l BOOT Intro CdMfUeUM Kll Create vuur own wtuaj inuo * to disks.
Byyil AM1GADEX VI.61 Card filer.
HMD FORMS UNLIMITED. L«h.Wpredefined formv. Including Invoke.
Credit Note. Delivery Nole elc.
? B524 SUPER ROWER PACKERS Etcnihmg you need 10 crurxh files ? B525 ASM PLUS LTIimr-S 4 ? B526 AJOO PLUS UTIL1TIFJS 5 ? B527 ICONS I OR ALL 2 KKK of ready ut run Icons for Workbench ? B643 SNOOP DOS If you can? Get u program m run by iltelf on ils own disk. Gel this n will, you exactly whul librariev filcv any program is try ing to kiaJ up. A f leal program ? BM5 RAYSHADE V4 0 A PD ray tracer, lhal it quite difficult lo ttve (I I,'Shell knowledge nrquucvl ? B6s: i-opi!PMf:.nu J BftS KMLtKhY MAP LdtTOR) ? BriTA SHELL 1XX)LS l-OR WB2 3.
? B698 VIDEO EDITORS KIT Contains ililfcrent video wipes, and tiding tools.
SB70I SHOWGIF ? IH'cGIF BSI9 AMIGA PUNT. Hone rate prdvii.in software.
? B842 BUDGET Home Accounts ? B847 MULTI FAX VI (I f-vir sending and receiving fates on the Amiga. A modem it requnvvl ? B9t)n DTP Compcltnt dctk top puh ? BVII-: TWIN EXPRESS. Link tipiw'- ciNnputers tiwvtlier. Either Amiga to Amiga. PC ui PC or Amiga to PC.
Great for tranvlenng filet Kick and (orili. (Winng diagram i xludedi.
SrXMl2 PARNET Simple neiwtrt ikle B%9 LITTLE OFEKT; lwluJers vunplc wnnlpnKeswr. Dutubuvc etc ? B974 LITTLE BENCH 2 0 Speedy WH BBW9 POWER BENCH ID.
CW2 CLI TUTORIAL. Eaplaim CLIA Shell, great hw heginKn.
? HUM AMIGA TITORIAI ? C0I2 MULTI DOS 1.12. Tranvfcr Amiga info to PC and vita-versa ? OM ELECTRONIC PROTOTYPER ? CII2I FORTRAN COMPILER ? 007? BACKUP V3.5. lUid did, hutkup 3cw»l HAM I.AB PRO v:.w, pyiwrrlul picture nsuupuUtor cnnvCTtcr QCI25 TACK vl 2 Anim construction.
? C339 AMIGA BEGINNF.RS GUIDE ? C4I6 LOCKHCK 2 Powerful copier that ean remove protection front pmw ? C4I7 HAD FORMAT. Rcimnts bud tracks on conupted disks Q C535 DICE COMPILER.
? CS50 SAI-E II. Eiccilcnl new did copter.
Can copy Amlgu 'W1 A ST disks.
Over 9 didereiil Copy Nkldn.
?053 RANDOM QIYTTFR F.itiy time your contputeT bevrit up The System will give you a Jilferem quvne Q054 PC TASK 2.03 Latest vwxion of this amazing new shareware PC emu later 25b colours I VGA) on an Amiga IKK) ? C564 SPECTRUM EMULATOR 1.7 Very foil p«trvm emubaor, run speccv games on your Amiga ? C590-2 TOOL MANAGER 2 New W'otkhench lotngagernent system Swflu ivviern. Wtufcs nturft like Wmilowc. Tlut program lutv w irony Icaiuicv and cnnliguratioro lu lix Credit Card Details Credit card no: PD UTILITIES Exp. Date: C CD2295 XMAS ANIM Very aggwoprmlc at this lime of Ihe year.
A wonderfully unlimited tevjuen.e of Sonus Grouy. There aic Ints uf dtlfercni little thingv going on to tpot, ? CD22M4 EIGHT SLEMZOLT.
Nice lemmingv anim with all the little Mighlers having a game of huscbull and ito doing it livi well either. Good for a laugh ? CD226I MAGNUM ' ¦» tLTlLrTY).
An update to the po|iutardivk mag creator with new Iratuit* and hoc lives where relevant.
An exceUeoi collottioo tif gatwv to icmc that olv.1 grrv miitct... ? Cl)222fi PICTURES AND LETTERS One for the kid*, select a letter and the computer divpUy v a nice picture accompanied bv vomc cheerful music QCD2IX7 STARCAT 2.
Fur Chtahtg uing yrwt PD. CD* or Yidcv'i PD EDUCATIONAL ? C240 FIREWORK ALPHAHF.T ? 0172 MATHS REFLEX TEST Answer j» many quevtnvv, r.gfa av vou can a* quick at you can n con.?
THE KING FISHFK 2 Meg U MMINS REVENGE 2 Meg TREE SONG ANIMATION K K NORMAS Pan I 2 Mr* SPEED UmfT. 3 Meg K K NORM AN Par 2.2 Meg DOLPHIN DREAM THE HAUNTED.: Meg. A Mttl of 14 Megabytes of animation. A lixal nf 8 dldv. A total of 5 minute* ol Ihe best animation you're likely lo wV (ill any AllUl'l RctJtly’i txM Jtl.
ROAD HOG ANIMATION TALES OF A TIME. 3 Meg BATMAN ANIMATION Duit and atmospheric Bainuui Q576-2 WALKER DEMO 2 Meg. A liufy classic animation of a Walker from Empsie Slides Back walki aroutwl an Anupt Not lobe muted ? 578-2 WALKER DEMO 2 2 Meg. The second pun it even bcnci. Nude ro look like a film, and M does.
BrillianL ? AO?1* FIVE Ways TO KILL A MOLE Very tick amioui.hu an how in kill link routes ' A20I FIVE W AYS TO KILL A MOLE CI32 CRAZF.fi GLOO Tine pan «iim CI3.V5 DUNCS BACK. 4 Mcj Cl39 STARW'ARS II 2 Meg. Enhanced veruon of Swartz animation.
? C722 MPEG MOVIES 4MPEG nuw iev with movie player.
? C713 LET ME OUT Puri I * 2 Comical 2 pan Dofcgy aniiiutiton BOX OT It) BIANK DISKS ONLY 14.95 ? B4IW WET BEAVER MIX A I meg chip triune demo. Grcal stuff.
1 B4I1F2 MR POTATO HF.AD j B49I TVEGOT THE POWER | B193 THE BOUNCE R Kick* like a mule music track Wow ? B683 UiMMINGS VS ROBOCOD.
BM2 R.A . "Snllware fathtre' BfN) IRAXK1N "Future visit*)’ BT25-J ULTIMATE JARRE thaec disk* full of an A music by Jane B736-4 PLAYSID "A Of C64 TUNES* Over IDOclasvic Commodore b4 luncs. Ihey found juct like the original.
? B825-? ALCATRAZ (ODYSSEY). Nof A12011 An all time cLnric qtxr epic, ova 441 minutei long BB9UR-2 DfcPfcCHF. MODE C0S8 SPACEBALLS A I Meg chip Rave demo. Amazing music, and an cutvUnding video like anunaiinn ? COT7-2 JESUS ONE'S ? C092 ANARCHY-DKirTAL IIIiimini BC093-2 SOUNDS OF SCIENCE CD95-2 LSD-TOTAL CHAOS. Very long rove Irak, outstanding.
BC'142-2 kED SECTOR ‘Time zone.* 057-2 KEKRENS DESERT DREAMS.
Atnoiuiclv brilliant mcgadcmu. 2 diA .
DOCK) PYGMY PROJECTS, Very lalcu megadcmo. Which features some outstanding city scape animation*.
? CbTft CHROMAGICAOA Waltkfim AGA tnmic ttemti.
Very funny stuff, great at piziicv ? C676 WATER PROOF DEMO. Average demo, but support* FPU.
? 0.74-2RSI ’WICKED SENCE'. New 2 disk trvgj demo by Red Sector Inc. ? COTO-lSPEED RAYE DEMO", Brand new 4 disk rave demo. FeMurct unreal vratal* with a great tmandtrack.
BrC TASK VJ yy Hun VGA oo A1200.
LOCKPKTK 2 Remove* projection.
? ACTION REPLAY 4 (AGA I ? 11:IRA COPS'. Pviwerful d»vk copez where vou can plav Tclro While cOpytflg ? BANNER MAKER. Bunner crtalof ? A1211) DF.GRADERS. Run '- kl irflwtet ? MINDW ARP AGA. Amazing demo.
? DCOPY 3.1 Latest version of ihi* copier, j GIDDY GAME Very cute ptaiformcr : I MW BUSINESS LETTERS. A collection of NX) pre rlmiured learn ranging from ' you're nckciT in ‘you owe" ? CD22?7 STAR IREK INFO Following on the umiiiI high standard* of Wtium I
* 2 this contain* everything you need to know aboat Star Trek
aiid a hil BW* beudei ? CD2262 WORLD WAR 2- If you warn to know
all the fact* at*mt WIWII. Ihi* hyperbook will prevent them to
you quite nicely.
?0682 MaNDELPLOT 24 ? C687 TMAP AGA DEMO ? CM8 JPEG DATA TYPE ETC ? C6B9 COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS C69I) ART SELECTION C69I POSTSCRIPT FONTS ? C692 TSMORPH I 2 ? C693 MANDtLM ANIA 4 AGA ? C694 PLANETARIUM ? C695 ED W ORD PRO Powerful levt ediuir elc ? Ch96 KLAW UtlLmtS 4 C697 ASI A1200 FIX DISK I cm ASI A1200 nx DISK 2 cm ANIMAL LAND I New Ul* giimc ? C700-2 IMAGINE OBJECTS 2 new disk* of Imagine object* ? C702-4 SOURCE 4 disk* of wurce code ? C706-4SB PROLOG Programming Uaguagc ? C7I0 MPEG UTILITIES A (election of Mpcg tool* ? C7II LSD LT1LS 141 Be?13 LET ME OUT ANIM HI4 PROFESSIONAL BINGO Smart
looking utility, thji jitually mtts out the called number*, n can even print nut the bingo card,. Eight A Eight, two fat ladrev .
Very fovl orw reflex tewing arcade game ? C7I6 BAR CODER Excellent Bor code maker QC7I7 LIGHT WAVE OBJECTS A collection of objects for Light Wave ? C7I8 NUMTRIS Ong Inal conorf of Tctro ? C719 LEMON DEMO New mega demo ?020 BEETLE GAME Brilliant looking new fun plulfozm fkme. Lovely gnphict ? C72I OTTAMLD V2IREYISED) Updated vcntun 2 ? 0722 MPEG MOVIES ? C723 TOTAL WAR ? C724 UPCAT Foe uvrkbcnch 2 and up.
Sttnply mtefi rite disk utul n crwiei acaukiguc ol n't contents 0C725 D,SOLVE, CROSSWORD C726-2 SCOOPEX “PLAYS 2 UNLIMITED' 2 DISKS .1 unbelievable quality 2 Unlimited tntekt, including Get Ready Fof lhts & Twilight Zone,_ very latest pd IMB EMULATOR FOR A500.
BR1ID 2 A1200 £1899 pBMKRSTAK £1849
• BMC AN gladiators £17.99 k«N»OS 1949 ANOTHER WORLD £1249
• WCHE t7.99 flRDYA 1X49 A*JCALYPSE £20.49 ROL'ATK: GAMES £17.49
ft 99 MUSSIN £12.49
• MAvSIN REMIX £999 »MB HARRIER ASSAULT £22.49 Rat 2 £23.49
* MrY vs the world LI849 BATM AN RETURNS £1799 BATMAN THE MOVIE
£11.49 ptAOl VOLLEY (NO 12) £799 IF NEATH THE STEEL SKY £2099
JettFACTOR £2049 ¦Bi. 5 TOMATO G AME £17.49 ¦LACK CRYPT 11649 |
BLADE OF DESTINY 12549 ¦LaSTaRO MEG i £1499 HOB, 1 MEGi £1449
Him BROTHERS £7 49
• OBS HAD DAY £17.99 Ibooy blows £16.99 , BODY BLOWS AI2«*»
GALACTIC 1 AntrimAGA Gnpfcta Only £18.49j BOSTON BOMB CLUB iNO
121 £8.99 BOXING MANAGER iN0121 £8.49
• MAN THE LION £|7.99 Bt BBAN STLX £14.49 1 BURNING RUBBER £17.99
i Burning rubber aitoo £1849 [CADAVER (NO 12)
19. 49 CAESAR INO 12) £18.49 CAESAR DELUXE £1849 [campaign
122. 49 ( AMPAK3N 2
122. 99 Cannon fodder £2099 C APTAIVE 2 LIBERATION £20.49
111. 49 DARKMERE £17.49 DARKSEED £21.49 DENNIS (A 120(1 VERSION)
ADVENTURE £16 49 ALIEN BREED 2 AGA Amazing! £18.* 9 IT04M
* 1249 £18.99 £22.49 tow £17.49 £1849 1*49 £1749 £2X49 £18.49
£1849 £17.99 £ i 8.99 GAMES DOGFIGHT £22.99 DONKd MEG) £18.49
£22.99 DUNE(1 MEG) £1949 DUNE 2 £2049 DUNGEON MASTER PACK
£22.49 EPIC 11 MEG) £19.99 El ROPF.AN CHAMPIONS £17.99 EYE
113. 99 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2G £24.49 FT (DOMaRKkI MEGi £17.99
F117.A STEALTH FIGHTER £22.99 FI5 STRIKE EAGLE 2 £12.49 El 7
FIENDS 1 NO 12) £23 99 FACT. OFF ICE HOCKEY (NO 12) £9.49
LO MANIA (NO 12) £13 99 MIDWINTER 2 £1099 FLASHBACK £2099
£1549 FUTURE WARS (NO 12) £10.49 G2 £17.99 gauntlet 2 £7.99
£7 99 GLOBDULE 120 49 GOAL £20.49 GOBLINS 2 £1849 GOLF WORLD
£11.49 HUMANStl MF.G)
00. 99 HUMANS DATA DISK (NO 12) £18.49 HUNTER (NO 12) £7.99 IK*
£7.99 IMMORTAL (NO 12) £10.49 INDIANA JONES ACTION £5.99
PARK AGA ] miy 12(H) Only £19.49 K240 (UTOPIA 2l £18.49
KGB £2049 KICK OFF 2 (NO 12)
RINGS £17 49 LORD OF THE RINGS 2 £20 49 IjOST vikings £19.99
GAMES LOTUS 3 (NO 12) £19.49 LOTUS TURBO 2 (NO 12) £9.99 LI IRE
£20,49 MAN UTD PREMIER LEAGUE £19.49 MANCHESTER UNTIED £949 maniac Mansion .so i2t £1049 MICRO MACHINES
116. 99 MOOPROSE 3D GOLF £12.99 MIG29 £10.49 MONOPOLY £18.49
EM I P V Only £20.99 _J MR NUI2 (A1300VERSION) £19.49 NEW
12) £13 49 ROLLING RONNY (Mi 12) £949 ROME 11 Ml G. £1999
(NO 12) £8.99 Shlim E £17 49 SILENT SER'VICE 2INOP) £|4.49 SIM
£12.94 SMASH TV £7 99 SOCCER KID £1899 SOUP TREK £18.99 SPACE
CRUSADE (NO 12) £14,49 SpaCF.HULK £20.49 SPIRIT OF
25TH ANIV AGA £22.49 STARBLADE (NO 12) £8 99 STARDUST £1249
£1344 STUNT CAR RACER (NO 121 £7 94 f STREET FIGHTER 2 |
Special Price £12.99 J SUPER CARS (NO 12) £749 SLTER CARS 21
NOPl £9.49 super cauldron £1709 SUPER FR(X1 i 1 MEG) £169*)
£1849 SUPER SPACE INVADERS £9.44 SUPERSKI 2 (NO 12) £8.99
SWITCHBLADE 2 iNO 12) £9,49 SWIV (NOPl £8.49 SYNDICATE £22.49
£23 49 r TIRRICAN 3 “1 Onl £17.99 V y THEATRE OF DEATH £8.49
IRANSARCT1CA £18 49 TURR1CAN £7.99 TURKIC AN 2 £7.99 rrv
sports boxing ,no i2 £13.49 Tk’ SPORTS FOOTBALL (NO 12) £6.49
The I Itinulr In Flight Simulation* | Call for Atailakilin J
ULTIMA 5 (NO 12)
49 VROOM(NOI’) £13.49 WALKER £19 99 WAR INTHEOULF £19.99
a. 1.4* WING COMMANDER 1 £10.49 WK N LIZ £20.49 WIZ-KID £17 49
£20.99 ZAK MCKRACKF.N (NO 12) £1049 ZOOL £1049 ZOOL1A1200 YERSION) £18.49 ZOOL 2 £1699 ADI ENGLISH 111-12 YRSl £16.99 ADI FRENCH (12-11YRS) £16.99 ADI FRENCH (OU YRSl 11699 ADI JUNIOR COUNTING (6-7 YRS) £14.49 Amher sufc'fti ADI utle. Great Iw kith to Irani white «m or wt**)!
ADI JUNIOR REAPING 4-5 YRSi i u 49 ADI JUNIOR READING (6-7 YRS) 114 49 ADI MATHS (11-12 YRS) £16.99 ADI MATHS 11MJ YRS) £16.99 ADI MATHS I 13 14 YRSl £16 V?
ALVIN S PUZZLES 5PFXUNG £13.99 EASY AMOS (ProgrammingI If you wunl lo leant how to program ihe Ani«a- hui you Ain'I know how lo. Thru I joy Amin can & will troth you lo become an expert £22.49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (2-6 YRS) Good (election oI children* education gaiiwc, covering nmple coiinnng etc £849 FUN SCHOOL (6-8 YRSl 5 gat no including wbjccli like ¦ruihv. Spelling etc _£X.49 EDUCATIONAL £4.99 £6 99 _ +P&P
* ordkrim; information You can order any of ihe lined title* by
simply calling the above duftibet U ilh yotif Ckdil Csfd drunk
or you on write to ut al the addrro below. Sating clearly whal
ynu requite. Aking with your name, iddress ttti full payment
Pleane ilon t forget to add the relevant postage I K Postage.
•• plrase add C1.IK) per coniiiN rviitl ikm fur postage and
Overseas... pita* add £2.50 pur ilem.
Most orders are *enl within 4» hotin ID DELIVERY IS FREE Compiutalil) NOP = Not A500p or A600. NOD = Not A1200 All tnles should week on any Amiga unless stated Some titles may as yet mx be released All pries subject lo dinner CD PD TITLES FOR USE ON CDTV & OTHER AMIGA CDROM DRIVES CDPD £19.99 CDPD II £ 19.99 CDPD III £19.99 DEMO CD £1999 DEMO CD 2 £19,99 Mul-TI Media £19.99 17 BIT Collection £39.99 AM (NET CD £24 .99 The Amincc CD contains over 600 megabytes of new American public y lnmani toll ware ? DISK BOXES 40 Capacity luckabic disk hot I Oft Caput iiv lockable tv.v Amiga 1200 Insiders
guide II your new to ihe Amiga ihen this great book will help you no end It* written lor complete beginners. And lakes vtxi llinvtli (he A1200 iicphvurp Only *14,*?
Order hotline. 0793 490988 ¦Sf AGA Software Specialists ? CTI96-I0 AGA SLIDES A ID divk collection of an QCI75 UOIESS AGA 4MEG 11k miN mirllipeni chesv game available, 2.Vf vvtourv in hi-re*. Iruuirec 4mt ram ? C20K VIFWTEK Umvenal picture newer ? COT WU3 RAINBOW Puli a nice utr definablr rainbow behind yoar wieklvnch ? C211-5 WEIRD SCIENCE AGA A 5 diyk voUcaien of vimc vtunmng an work ? C2IM JPEG AGA IMAGES 9 iliikv of unbelievable mpfiici ? T467 PP SHOW I DA Ixvplav AGA powerpKkcd pntace llles ? CTMHI MINDWARP Very imprewiif AGA drnw i«(9dri reoliunr fiitlal landscape animuticn ? CWI HDMtM
live your Hard Ik A as virtual WORLD'S FIRST 32bit GAMES CONSOL S «cmxy...ret|uim Mml QUICK GRAB AGA Eifective AGA picture tipper PANTA RHFJ AGA AlOTmcgakmo Gunl K TASK 2.03 Lets you run PC VGA software oil your A1201) Shareware.
? C582 2 AGA DEMOS.
2 A1291) mini dcnm t ? CMW OSCAR AGA A 4 level prevtew of Otcar- Unf of ihr fint A1200 games.
? C6I0 LYAFVNOVIA AGA A an of Sp» generator' Unbelievable colour effectv ? C6I* AGADOO Urappv AGA dean ? C62D-2BODYSHOP4 Bnlliani AGA pKtaret of the femiW vpcctes. Io a didevhow for nut P C627-: MOTOROLA INVADULS 2 An AGA Spoor Invader, clone with an amariag I meg KunJiraci to tiM Fju pored oreodc Khun tn 2 Juki ? C678 CMKOMAGIC MUSIC n» world's first AO A music JtrwAvk. Nv4 bad' ? CM7 TMAP DEAtO An Imrractive JD animation widt some lovely fading on the main items.
? CMS JPEG DATATYPE Automatically ibvpfiyv Jftg EKUrcv in ViewtekAlukivicw ? C693 SIANDELMaNIa 4 A120) cuppofied f racial gmraiix. Liivcv nice cnl results with tw tremble ? C3J0 ? C536 ? C553 Spciifiiallnnv
• : m prwrucf
• I6K imlhca cokwrs
• Dual vpml Cl) Rcaa drive 0 f MV iihcL»v avnilaNc uui Bill
fjnirv Inert (15
• ;mrg Kaa
• IbuncaCorilti.il ] THE NEW A1200 DEGRADERS Leu you run old
vofl» are on your Amigj 1200 Laleit ompilelion of AI200
downeradcrv a 2 dink vet that cuntainc varvoui game fvcev.
Kk* 1.3. KillAGA and loadvot olhcr Dcsruliu tnoU tJC267.2 Ntw A1200 DrtaHfrri FRKL PD L tffiiei *rn ill An.gi U BHDBsciiplKh Buepalmfut ByiwltfRMlh-OcdiM • iCWw AGA
• n' UwiKlimM.il BungftaiUvft £299 ? T'C032«H J FREE CD TITLES :
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C2B8 A1200 VIRUS KILLERS A MrlcctKMi of vtntk killen ? C2W
AI200UTTLfTIES A cullrciwn of uvetul utib QC293 PCX DATATYPt
Dicnljv» pc pc* file* ? C295 SVSINe6 Clieckoul Ihe perfomiance
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WBJSLPF.R KILLERS A collection of Vinu killeu ? 056 Al?im
DtGRADEKS Helpv degrade vour A1200 so you can ran uloc of the
older Amiga game* ?Q7J S-KJCK ikhrancradcT) Vert powerful
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WIN BLENDER A 256cp)wi fractal gcncruior Q C4I8 NFA A1200 UTILS
A velectioa ol various tool* ? C4IW2 FIT CHICKS A 2 tliik ici
of prcti) puiuiev of women ? C422 RETINA BURN Fail A1200 rave
demo. FUvhy Full Motion Video Module call ute for availability
¦ Spnifirafhini
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• : mCt run m. sumlvd eip-nlahk i 9 AA .hipsrt. 16 8 millKui
k'Vmi Iwloa IIIJOXCI HOUNOI HfOld ILHH'.III diet lima'-: i
£124* LMB5VBI
* 2® im am Hof da iHJB-Mi lEKWMi rrtnakrant of tht tXtonmg rmwei
amf fttf Jffl off liHlii Prkri .. C JAMES POND 2 £29.4 ? 7001.
£29.9* EnfunceJ A1200 veruon, now widt i gTTJi taind iracL uul
an mutng 8n tacnx ? PINBALL FANTASIES ()J' [ SIEEP WALKER £29?
? DGFJv'EkATION £29?
? SENSIBIJ SOCCER 129 The beu fmithill game available.
? FIT CHALLENGE £14' | PROJECT X £14' Ihe bevt vhoot em up nn Use Amiga taiw hits the CD 52 D ALIEN BkEFD SPFXT £ |4.9» GQWAK £144 ? JURASSIC PARK £34.90 Saad to h« v amuiiig film like animal..m in It. Vet tiy hf » h* hi! 0«l theCD32.
O LEGEND OF SORASIL £259 ~1 DEEP CORF £29.9 1 COMPOSER QUEST 134.0 D SURF NINJAS £29.0 ? ALFRED CHICKEN £299 | HUMANS I h 2 fTBJ ? Elite: mu Fruetver on the CD32. Lovely stuff ? OVERKILL ' £2994 ? LOTUS TRILOGY 04.99 3 laxui rat ing gum on tnv CD.
? WHALES VOYAGE £29.99 ? K240 £25.9 ? AMERICAN KXJTBAIX £29 99 ? DEFENDER CROWN II £29 99 ] GUINESS DISK OR RECSII £2999 ? GULP £29.99 HTOTAL CARNAGE £29.99 ? INFERNO £29.99 ? JAMES POND J £29.99 ? 71XX. 2 £29 99 ? OPEN GOLF £29.99 Brilliare kwking golf game ? UTIL DEYII £29.99 ? UTOPIA 2 £29 99 ? GLNF.SIS £29.99 ? EXILE £29.99 ? EURO FOOTBALL £29.99 FufCftfkB fdrXhkll at it's best ? MICROCOSM £TBA The mn»t k'ng iw aiicU CD release ever. Features oma ingJy fast 256 ccdout graphics ? LIBERATION £34.99 ? CHAOS ENGINE £29.99 ? L.'RIDIUM II £34.99 Fan paviU ilUKf era up ? TTA £ 9.99 Unbelievable
fitghl simulator. Takes fuel adv amage of CD37. An etpenrwee me to be trussed ? BUBBLE R SQUEAK £ .94 ? MORPH £2999 fxtur udc* avalloMr Some tides may not yet be telemcd 9 modllkv on vice warranty by LclVWang • Appro, cd. 'waal tuni drives I Thunder Bird) game
N. grf Mansell AGA Tralh gome AGA A 20 PI) disks of your chuscc
Option 2 Ueluac Paint IV AGA Word* W atfi 2 AGA l w« tame AGA Ufl4n Bw game AGA AwroUttkirtwuitwu* ADO JIM £5* TO PRICES BELOW dESlk Tv 'Mi 'A 0 HM» I rut VM» XXXMa A1-w HARD DDK H.MDWSK RUDWSk M OD [AM. KkRDIXSk HutD DISK 2 Mrj System 1439 ? Etc* £4K9 "jHcms £519 ~ UCI?’- C5H9
P. O. A. wxxx ST AR BUY!!!
SF.IKOSIIA 9 PIN NI.Q DOT MATRIX PRIM KR Ini Iwlitis ninnvt tint! Bad «»d driver sod «.nr Only €129 PEPCID
- ..... tM*9 £539 K5H9 £619 ¦System! N I 1VI-'-‘-i| m ? IK HIM f
C6K9 P.O. A. ~ ffOKM f~ EjtXAX.
T; ALFRED Chicken £17.99 AIRBUCKS £11.49 AIJLN BREED 2 £22.99 Very ti) lull game ? BODY HI OWS GAI.ACT1C £2299 THE twit ben em u| mailable.
M*«tl 2X colour kiui ? BURNING RUBBER £18.49 Fail arcade racing game 0 CASTLES 2 £22 49 CHAOS ENGINE £1*49 Oic of ihe biggest A300 game ol 43. It arm available on ihe AI200 E CIVILIZATION £23.99 DENNIS £19.49 bawd on the film ? JAMES POND 2 WW Mwnvcd AI an itnion of ihU vet) addictive platfcemer B KHAR 2 £18 99 JURASSIC PARK £1049 The biggest Rhiiir of i!r yen. Tuunl on the utuih hit film. Srrxxnh multidirectional scrolling action ? NIGEL MANSEU £9.99 ""OSCAR £1999 “ PINUAI.I FANTASIES £22-99 A 236 colour version 4 Amiga v IWM uwdertul pinball game ? OVERKILL £1699 f .1*1 paced Defender cuae
? RYDER CUP £1849 M SABRE TRAM £19 49 ? SIM LITE £22.99 ? SIMON TOE SORCERER £25.49 Huge gragMe adventure with jnuzinf 256 wlour gncdncv BSLEEPWALKLK £18.99 SOCCER KID £19.49 One of (he bevt md mint original plalfiim lilMv wound ? MARTREK25U1 £2399 Nice looking Siw Trek adventure, rtxjjirev hard divk ? TJ X. £22.99 Ttv uEciuic in ftgX wndiiwi rrmm uAKlievdito pi(tiKi m3 ipccd ? UR1DIUM 2 (enhanced! £1899 The lung iiu jimJ ujqad hi u all rune chum itwut eta up. Non enhanced for the A121*) ? 200L £1849 ? DELUXE PAINT IV AGA Op The longed hied Amiga pus p&kage run wpporM 2?6.ijjO colours ?
WORDWORTH 2 AGA ff9 Oie of the tvvi Wordproccnon around A very professional NwkdgC «iih graphics lltp tl.
? PAGE SETTE R J 09 A very competent lint DTP pidkve. Vimila to Pro Page but a kn uf ihr frilly ton ukfti cut ? PRO PAGE 4 I POA Latent veruon of thu populu desktop publisher B SUPERBASE PERSONAL 4 £100 BrflJ 1ANCB tl» Top of the range AGA graphics furtdge. AAMwvably tan' ? DIRECTORY OPUS 4 £35 The Llunuoe in [Xrrctory uulv File copy, rename, move, delete etc. Kited 98*1 in Amiga Formal ? PAGES IKEAM 3 POA Long aaaiied ne» veruon of the moil ¦.netful Amiga detklop putiildttflj package available, thu 'em cm iv vud tnorn pul ihe Mu tOVUM ? Personal paint £59 Nicely priced AGA att package ?
PCTASK £40 Allows you to ran (AT VGA software on your Amiga ? DUOI FRENCH DEMO AGA Very pnlidied French pfunllMUl AjflV. For Ihe A12WA4WU, hnlliin graptucal effects )K1.0NDI» gnpftKSflc 33-? Mgin BKEE.I) D D0O5 OND IKE AGA A 3 disk version of Klondike.
Ficrllm 236 colour card gjme H'Arn orilr iag mk for aar lalffl AGA wyNvuir Mai QC423- A 2 duk cwllcclion of graphics ? C423 FRF.AKS BODYSHC Mure heuillful women ? C428 .ANDYS WB3 LTILS Povwblv Ihe heM CVUCVtiOB of AI200 unfricv available “C429 PLASMA COLUDS ?36 Another grwi ptoma reneniw ? C4J2 ACTION REPLAY IV An A1200 Action Replay?
Yep tku s right, it can rip gft.
Np mutk A sound U cv li tiayt rrvdcm in nrmory unul the computer is turned ofl A help lunction ix integrated into Ihe software ? C43J DEVWARE JPEO A collection of Jpcr ultimo ? C436 JPEGLTTLmES Another set of Jpeg atilmes ? C463-2 SPEC EMULATOR Spectrum cnulairr m 2 diiiv.
Contains a seloftlw of ready to use vpectrum games and you can load other games from .¦jwefle w ith in minfkce.
Aiihiiugti it n not cMcnluil Order code: QMGLO Intctface _pnccJ ai £34.93 + PAP FREE Microuft Hgr*j tfr Bm4o»t y2 DAT niiwiv 045Y25 wmj 4toj
* :fjnr Mirt HD CM9R £10941 EI27J
• IV. Lilt '•wjfjn .•yrt-HD tV2h
• ¦¦'•oat ill 19 El 29V lirj :it I MBhD £9.19 (1131 £1314 Iruj in
: 4th HD £959 £1152 £1335 lt»|rar £ 11.49 CIJ52 £1515 Isa. -a
i. ¦ a* ¦ *. Mi w nOUrnan mb mm tM8*tiMiKi UW
£299 BOX lU BUNK DiSKS £4.93 PRINTER LEAD £7 99 H w are: VIRUS
KILLER £4.V9 NAVIGATOR IS £12.99 SptfcDKlNGJA £1299 40 CAPS
DISK BOX £499 100 CAPS DISK BOX £6.99 ft.« Jbfgel to atU PAP
1-10 Pagesueam A 10 disk collection of wjme bnllunt I WB3
Y. WI AIRCRAFT MF-N 12 divksi WOMAN (2 ibskv) KIDS I? Disks.
BUSINESS OFFICE STUDENTS SALETIME XMA? ? Mil PUNCH (3 disksi ANIMALS CATS SILHOUETTES SCHOOLS l: dick. I DpiDiiki nur J.JOew* ? DPI I WORKBENCH * A replit.cmrni copy of WB3. Juit mcaic your ongiruJ h» gone do»n ? Dpi2. A1 am HD INSTAIJ ER A120) lurd dnk liuialltlion tafiw are ? DPU HARD DISK PKLP For prejunng your hard divk.
Vetting pur.mor-v and fnrnumng vtrui tard dltk. Wotli on any vue ? DpiU PRINTER DRIVERS A tuge collection of Workhetich 3 Kmer driven. Include! Sur.
Utoaic. Fpuet. Cm eic, all n y li? Iftvall_ PI) OVERSEAS ORDERS Oveneat orders »re welcome for PD dtskv. But ORDERING BY POST Simply send your order m on an A4 (tape, fitting ihe nvmhCf) you mJUllt.
The total cost and your name A address or if you wish simply mark off Dk btlcs you wish to older, fill tn ycur name etc. ard send this page k EPIC MARKET INC 1st Floor Offices. 31 Fanngdon kd. Swindon. Wilis SSI 5 AK. Cnckwmg fuU [uxmrn ORDERING BY PHONE Call any time between 9.30 A S 30pm Monday lo Saturday with your credit canl tkuiU ami the uen» you would lake to order ORDER FORM Name . Address .. Tel .. Total order value: C. Payment method.... Credit Card Details Credit card no: £xp. Date; ... pfcj»c *Jd 25p p« dnk Fort r tixnineaul
gimci pkaw aid £2_V» for PAP Re: Hardware, villi for pried, COLLECTING You ax welcome to eolket your order, hoi you ire advised io phone it ihroujh prior io collection.
Office hours: 9.3Qub-3 30pm Mret-Sal.
Amiga Total disks.
Pft I'rfcw ptr disk linduvlvr of l*AI‘la I'Ki Isinglediik . Ufli :-5dsks .£200each MuiULv fl.Deoir 11 or mire £1 Kia (ILUoaalfhk.
Delisery Charges Amiga hardware A PD disks are inclusive ol VAT, Deliver) uf PD disks is free in Ihe UK Mainland.
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TUTORIAL 8 Our Amos expert, Phil South, concludes his two-part look at Amos 3D and looks at some undocumented features Adding an extra dimension r ole 99 Julc (V £29.99 £29.99 mha it So* U199
09. 99 £29 Cj9,y» Clin iu 99 ipa cuw CI4 99 CJ45 l oo
125. 99 '-? ¦* rw :».w :59. w OB A LTBA It,
29. W 34 }*.*i 2599 999
29. 99 29 99 29 99 N99
N. 99
19. 99
19. 99 !9.9V S9» S"»
19. 99
19. 99 tion it is supposed to be flying.
Finally we enter the loop zone where the movement is calculated: Repeat Td Angle 1,A,0,A This is like a Bob command, where the angle of the object in all of the three dimensions is fixed.
4=4+1000 Increment the X dimension and our object will tumble.
Cls 0 Td Redraw Screen Snip Wait Vbt Until False Hidden gems The disk also features details of some undocumented Td Commands like the one to define order in which objects are drawn: Td Priority n,p where n = Object number and p - Object drawing prionty This allows you to specify the order in which objects are drawn by the 3D system. In other words objects that are drawn first appear in front of other objects. The command makes some interesting special effects possible: Priority,p Object driving order which translates as: Driv tit object in the noml viy (by depth) Inv tie object in front of all
other object!
Vitl a lover priority Irev the object behind ill other objects with higher priority.
LT his month we'll go into how you actually move objects around using Amos 3D. As the is an extension to the Amos lan- pM$ r. There are some special commands MM the standard Amos command ¦I which you can use to move objects ¦Nnd in 3D space I Ohce the Amos 3D extension has been PmI to your program, you can load and ¦Mt 3D objects in your normal Amos rams using a series of new ds.
I Mow you have to come to terms with ¦far idea of space - 3D space. The world ¦to* has a trio of axes, called x, v and .
Ifarare used to using x and y on the computer screen, and translating objects ¦round that screen merely involves jMding numbers to their x,y co-ordinates I - like the numbers which tell a move j nte command to shift the position of a Npnte But now you have an extra dimen- [ **vn, that of depth, and this is the 1 famension.
With Amos 3D there are a new set of [owimands called "Td” commands, and ; face preface any 3D commands you put J fa your programs, like this example: Td Dir *30* This points to the disk which contains the TD objects, It’s the 3D version of the
* Dirt=" command you get in Amos. Next ja few commands you will
be familiar with: Hide : Doable Buffer : Autobick 0 V you are
moving sprites, even 3D ones, you'll need to be double
buffering to cut the amount of unnecessary flicker. Next 'ou
have to load the object: Td load "cbeckBark'1 Td Object
Vriieckwrk*,!),0,5000,(1,5000,- 4000 FFF,Jf,J777 The process is
not unlike that of loading and positioning a sprite. First you
load By default all objects have a priority of 0. Note that if
two objects have non-zero priority the one with the highest
priority will be drawn first (in front).
The other undocumented feature is TD SET COLOUR which sets a specified object block's colour combination, like so: Td Set Colour n,b,t where n = Object number, b = Block number and c = Colour combination code of the block (same as in OM).
This command is the language equivalent of OM's colour combination tool described in the 3D manual. It sets the colour combination code of the specified block.
Valid colour numbers range from 0 to 16. Colour combinations 0 to 12 are the same as in OM, colour combinations 13-15 are new. An out of range colour code will be truncated to the nearest valid code without causing an error.
The object, in this case "checkmark". This is loaded from the disk you pointed to as being your 3D directory. Then the Td Object command positions the object on the screen. It's object 1, its name is "checkmark", and we want it positioned as described in the command.
The first three figures are the position of the object in space, so we have x=0, y=0 and z=5,000. This is pretty much dead centre on the screen. Next wre want an attitude, and this doesn't mean your shape should be talking back and dissing you.
Attitude describes the direction the shape is pointing, in this case A=0, Br5000 and C=*4000. This in unimportant if the shape in question is a cube, but if it's a spaceship you'll want it to be the right way up and pointing in the direcAnd wrap it all up with drawing the screen and waiting for the next vertical blank before you alter the position of the object. It's all basically the same kind of deal as moving sprites around the screen.
Obviously you now have to learn to think in 3D, but that goes with the territory, Vectors are hard to do in normal circumstances, but this program should make the whole thing really that much easier to cope with. You can sketch out your 3D ideas on graph paper beforehand, just to give you an idea ¦ Y J of what vou want. R » - ¦ Missed last issue’s first part of the tutorial? Catch up by ordering a back issue Turn to page 172 for details of how to order.
If you want to really master Amos 3D. Our exclusive manual otter can get you there at a discount price Turn to page XX for details Want to catch up?
A n a n a n a n a n a n a n AnAnAnAHAiiAnAiiAnAnAnAnAnAnAn a»a»3»3»aoa6 as»a a»ac» ac»3 3o £279 Vdta PiSoftwvtc ¦Atd 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) II n a n a n a n n a hatl r*i AIJTHORISK!) DKAl.ER FOR • AMIGA ? STAR * AMIGA Amiga 600 Base Pack ..169 00 Amiga 600 Award Winners Pack (4 games) .179.00 A1200 Desktop Dynamite 60Mb HDD ind. Commodore Warranty .....489.00 A1200
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Memory 16 99 Mickey Mouse 123 16 99 Ml* i Match
16. 99 Noddy's Ptiytlme 16 99 Paint and Create 16 99 Paint Me a
Story 14 99 Picture Frictions 10 99 Reasoning With Trolls
10. 99 Shapes and Colours 6 99 Shoe People 7 99 Sooty’* fun with
numbers IS 99 Spelling F*ar
16. 99 Telling The T(me 10 99 Things to do Numben 15 99 Things to
do Words 13 99 Thomas Tank fun words IS 99 Three Bears IS 49
Tidy The House 10 99 Time Rles 10 99 CHAMPIONS Manchester
United World Champ Boxing Manager, J Khan Squash.
£9.99 + and A600 OKA GAMES 085 Attack Sub Action Stations Addims Family Agony 9 99 7 99 7 99 7 99 7 99
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7. 99 6 99
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7. 99 6 99
6. 99 9 99 6 99
7. 99
7. 99 7 99 7 99 Allen Breed 92 Armetyle Ashes of the Empire Bard
s Tele III Bitmen the Movie Battlechess Battle Sgvedron
Bignose Civeman BlUs Tomito Gime Bl'tzkreig Bloodwych Boston
Bomb Club Bubble Bobble Bubble Olay Budokhin Bully Sporting
Cerdlixx Carrier Commend Centurion Del. Of Rome Champ.Manager 94 Data Chart Attack (James Pond) 9 99 Chase HQ 2 7 99 Christmas Lemmings 12.99 Chuck Rock 9.99 Classic 4 (ok kick 1.3) 6 99 Colossus Chess X 6 99 Count Duckula 2 6 99 Deluxe Strip Poker 2 9.99 Diary Prince ot Yolktolk 6.99 Edd the Duck 2 6.99 F15 Strike Eagle 2 1199 F18 Com be 1 Pilot 7 99 F17 Challenge 5 99 Fig Steiiih Fighter IQ 99 F20 Retillator 8 99 Faieon 9 99 Fantasy world D'zzy 6 99 Ftce Off Hockey 7 99 Final Fight 7.99 Right of the intruder 9 99 Rlmbos Quest 7 99 Future Wars 9 99 Gem X 6 99 Ghouls 'n' Ghosts 6 99 Grand Prtx
Circuit 7 99 Gunboat 8 99 Hardball 7 99 Hero Quest 7 99 Hook 7.99 Indy Jonet«L C.Qr.Adv 9 99 International Karate « 6 99 Jack Nlcklaus Golt 6 99 Jaguir XJ220 8 99 James Pond 6 99 John Barnes Football 7 99 Keef The Thief 99 Kick OH 2 7 99 Killing Gama Show 7 99 Last Ntn|a 3 7 99 Lender 9 99 LinxQoll 1199 Little Putt 6 99 j Lombard RAC Ralty 6 99!
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Maniac Mansion 9 99 Secret of Skiver Blade 14 99 Mega Twins 7 99 Shadow Dancer 7 99 Merc* 7 99 Shadow of the Beast 3 999 Microprose Soccer 6 99 Shadow Warrior* 6 00 Midwinter 9 99 Shadowlands 7 oo Midwinter 2 11 99 Silent Service 2 11 99 Myth 7 99 Simpsons 7 99 Narco Police 6 99 Slightly Magic 6 99 Navy Seat* 7 99 Smash TV 6 99 New Zealand Story 6 99 Sooty & Sweep 6 99 North & South 6 99 Spatlboond Ditty 6 99 Oh No More Lemmlngi 9 99 Steg the Slug 6 99 Operation Harrier 7 99 Slreetllghter 7 99 Operation Stealth 9 99 Stnkefleot 9 99 om 9 99 Stunt Car Racer 6 99 Outrun Europa 7 99 Supercars 2 7
99 Picifie leltndi 9 99 Super Monaco GP 7 99 Pacland 7 99 Switchblade 2 7 99 Paemanla 7 99 Swiv 7 99 Ping 6 99 Team Yankee 7 99 Paperboy 2 7 99 Tennis Cup 2 7 99 Fictions ry 6 99 Termlnilor 2 6 99 TOP TITLES SPECIALS Putty. J Madden's F'ball, Sansi Soccer 92 93. Prem Managed, N. Mansell Grand Prix. Chaos Engine, ,Worlds of Legend. Battle Isfe 83,.Woodys World. Curse of Enchentiijtlfred Chicken. Yo! Jo! .Jurassic Park...fl&92 EACH tody0lows.SuD0riroo.Scrabb!e.Str8etfighter2£i7J)$ £ACW Alien 3. Populous II. Ishar2. Castles. Pinball Fantasies. Reach For The Skies. War in the 3ulf. Combat Air
Patrol. Flashback. Humans t. Eye of the Beholder 2.
Lionheart. 6. Gooches Cricket. Desert Strike. GOAL I. Walker. SpaceLegend(W.Comm Elite Megatravel) Dune2.
Caesar Deluxe. Air Bucks1.2.Sports Masters. Soccer Kid.
1869. Whales Voyage. Caesar Oeluxe .£19+99 EACH
Civilisation, Mprose Grand Prix, Campaign, Nick Faldo Golt,
Gunship 2000. History Lines, Sim Earth, Legend ot Kyrandia,
A-Train, B17 Fortress. Syndicate, Sim Life, F117
Nighthawk(ring). Patrician. Dogfight. Ellte2Jkncient Art ol
War, F117A N.ghthawk, Space Hulk ....£22.99 EACH
Monkey Island 2. Indiana Jones Fate Atlantis £23.99 EACH
Leoends ol Valour. Blade of Destiny £2L99_JiACR Pinball
Magic 7 99 Test Drive II 6 99 Pirates 9 99 Thomas Tank &
Friends 6 99 Ptttighter 6 99 Thunderblrds(ok kick 1.3) 7 99
Pools ot Darkness 14 99 Thunderhawk 7 99 Popeye 2 6 99 TOKI
7 99 Populous ? Lands 9 99 Trivial Pursuit 6 99 Postman Pat
3 6 99 Turbo Outrun 6 99 PP Hammer 699 Turrlcin 6 99
Prehistorlk 7 99 Turrtcin II 7 99 Premier 9 99 Ultimate
Golt 7 99 Premier Manager 9 99 Utopia * New Worlds 9 99
Prince ol Persia 6 99 Video Kid 7 99 Pro TennliTour 6 99
Voodoo Nightmare 6 99 Project X 8 99 White Oeath 7 99 Qwak
8 99 Winning 5 Compilation 7 99 R-Type 6 99 World
leaderboard Golf 7 99 Railroad Tycoon 11 99 WWF
Wrettlefranla 7 99 Rainbow Islands 6 99 X-Out 6 99 RFI
Baseball 2 6 99 Z-Out 6 99 Rick Oangorous 2 7 99 Zak
McKraken 9 99 Robin Hood (Codemisters) 6 99 Z001 9 99
Rodtand 7 99 All Prices Include Delivery To Tour Door.
Ctieoue Cn Expiry J) ate.__ Customer Rel.No. Mm_ _Desctiotion_fiJL MachiPfl- a SERIOUS VIDEO A MULTIMEDIA Acongs 54 99 Big Altem Scroller 2 54 99 Broadcast Tiller 2 174 99 riypt'book 46 69 Seal* 174 99 Scala 500 74 9 9 TVTextProlessional 74 99 TV Show 2 4? 99 Vldeptitler 1 5 30 69 99 Video Director 94 99 Video Fonts (Gold Disk) 59.99 WOROPROCEStING Final Copy II V2 74 99 SollFaees 1,2,3 or 4(Fonts)54 99 Softcaps 57 99 Penpal 54 99 Excellence 3 54 99 Promt 4.3 59 99 Promt 5.5 99 99 Transwrtte 9.99 Wordworth 2 79 99 Typesmlth 109 99 SPREADSHEET ProCalc 124 99 Advantage 39.99 DG Calc 2B 99 Maxi
pi an 4 59 99 DATABASES Intofile (Fast Ram Only) 19 99 Superbase Personal 2 19 99 Superbase 4 99 99 9u per base Pro4 v 1.3 199 99 INTEGRATED (WP SS OB) IntsrOffice 57 99 Mini Of tic e 37.99 Oqld Qryk Office 49 99 DESKTOP rUBUSHIRG Pageselter 3 49 99 PageStream 129 99 Publisher 54 99 Pro Page 4 99 99 Pro Draw 3 89 99 Outline fonts 99.99 Gold Disk Fonta 1-4 34,99 Expert Oraw 49 99 CAD X- CAD 2000 89 99 X-CAD3D 299 99 X-CAD Professional 89 99 ACCOURTS Arena Accounts 69 99 Home Accounts 22.99 Home Accounts 2 54 99 Cashbook RnaJ Accounts 49 99 Person Rnance Manager* 27 99 GRAPHICS Oeluxe Paint IV
AGA 64 99 Brilliance 129 99 Spectracolor 54 99 ProFtlli 24 99 Turboprint Professional 54 99 Art Department Prp 2 15 129 99 Morph Plus 159 99 SO MOOELLING 8 RENOERING 40 Professional 199 99 Expert Draw 40 Jnr 47 99 Sculpt 3DXL 84 99 Sculpt Animate 40 199 99 Vista Professional V3 44.99 MikepithlVUti Pro) 24.99 Imagine 2 M9.99 Real 30 Pro Turbo V2 519 99 Real 3D Classic 67.99; Scenery Animator V4 54.99 PROCRAMMIRG Elly AMOS 22 99 AMOS Professional 32 99 AMOS Pro Compiler 22.99 Devpac3 9.99 Hlsoft Pascal 74 99 GFA Basic 3.5 7.99 MUSIC Bars A Pipes Pro 2 199 99 Superjam V1.1 79.99 You name itL.We
do It!... Just phone and we'll quote) WE STOCK ATARI ST S W WE STOCK IBM PC S W WE STOCK SNES CARTS.
ADVANCE BOOKINGS We accepl advance orders for new releaees. You can order with peace of mind as we will despatch on day of release. Your account will not be debited until date ol release.
TlgerCuD 74 99 Music Mouee 9 99 Qua Met 19 99 Stereo Master 29 99 Oeluxe Music C. Set 2 59 99 Technosound Samples V2 34 99 Midi Interface * lead 19 99 MiSCElLAREOUS Cross Dos 5 34.99 PC Taek 34 99 Directory Opus 4 54 99 Aml-Beck 34 99 Ami-Back Tools 54 99 GB Route Plus (New Vers.)54 99 Quarterback 5 H O Backup 47 99 Ouarterback Toots Oeluxe 89 99 Icon Paint 7 99 HARDWARE A500 Plus Cartoon Classics 180 A600 Basic Pack 179 Acoo wild Weird & Wicked 199 A0OGHO 20Mb Epic Pack 209 A600HD 40Mb Epic Pack 299
* 1200 279 A4000 030(120MB) ring GVP A500 42Mb*8Mb(0k) 199 GVP
A500 80Mb»8Mb(0fc) 299 GVP A500 i20Mb*8Mb(0k) 399 GVP SCSI
Control*8Mb(0k) 119 GVP SCSI 60Mb*8Mbi0k) 299 GVP SCSI
120Mb»8Mb(0k) 399 120Mb for A600 A1200 199 Cumma 3.5* External
Drive 55 Zappo 3 5* External Drive 55 Zydec 3.5' Exlernel Drive
53 A5QQ 3 5* Internal Drive 49 AMIGA A1200 Racc’n’Chasc Nigel
Mansell Grind Prix Trolls and Dhint 3 £289.99 A600 512k Upgrade
16 A600 1Mb Upgrade 38 A500 Plus fMb upgrade 35 A500 512k Ram
(no clock) 20 A5O0 512k Ram* clock 25
1. 5 Mb Ram Expansion 79 A500RX 8Mb RAM (2Mb) 129 A500RX 8Mb RAM
(4Mb) 219 A500RX 0Mb RAM (0Mb) 339 1 Mbyte Slmma 42 AT Once PC
286 Emulator 189 Rombo Vldl 12 Pack 89 Sharp JX100 A0 Ol
Scanner 399 Zydec Hand Scannei 99 Power Scanner 99 Genltiaer
Graphics Tablet 129 Zydec Mouse(Microswltched) 12 Itsa Mouse
(Mlcroswttched) 12 Mouse Mat 3 50 Blank Disks 25 MONITORS
Philips 0033-II (UK Mods!) 189 Commodors 1084 1085S 189
Commodore 1940 Multisync 269 Commodore 1942 Multisync 379
PRINTERS (Inc lead«AMIGA Printer Driver) Star LC100 Colour 169
Star IC200 Colour 199 Star LC24-260 Colour 289 Starlet
(Bubbleiet) 219 Starsertpt Postscript Laser 1099 Qtlzen Swift
90 Colour 179 Qtlzen Swltt 240 Colour 279 Qtlzen Swltt 200
Colour 229 Canon Bubblsjet Portable 219 HP Deskiet 550C Colour
579 HP 0esk|et500C 319 HP De*kjet5l0 Mono 279 A12QQ AGA
SOFTWARE Civilisation .£26.99 Robocod,... ..£16
99 Nigel Mansell £14.99 Trolls .....£14.99
Sim Life .£22.99 Open Golf ..£16
99 Zool £18.99 Air Bucks
1.2 ....£22.99 Jurassic Park £17.99 Alfred Chicken
£16.99 Overkill .£13.99 Kings Dues! 6...
£Ring RUBYSOFT (UK) LTD, (Dept AA) 96 Lillie Road. London.
SW6 7SR. England Tel: 071 381 8998 or 071 610 1703 Fax: 071 610 1703 Some shop prices will differ.
19. 96
- ----20.98 NICK FALDOS CHAMP GOLF NICKY £_________________
BLOUSH 11 12- 12R3-12 14- 14R8EA____ 7JO------17.50 ADI MATHS 1
M2-12 13- 1X14-14 19 EA 750------17.60 ADI JUNIOR READtNO
492 7 EA-----M A-----14.99 ADI JUNIOR COUNTING 4947
EA ..M A .....UM AaFRB4CH11 l2'l2n3-iyi4-14n5EA
... ITS)______17.S) EASY AMOS____________MM-2496 AMOS PRO
COMPILER ______MM_____2499 AMOS PRO •NEW PRCE’.... -MM--32M
GO. BACKGAMMON. BRIDGE. RENJU. 4 IN LIME AMD CHINESE CHESS OUR PRICE ONL Y £20.88 GRAPHICS ImtoVision aren't new to the business «f TV graphics, and (heir ground- towkrng Broadcast Titler package has Btftng been a standard of excellence in its high quality fonts and smooth ing. Now the company have from the purely titling arena into graphics proper with the release of e 24, a program designed to not only text titling, but 24-bit and transition effects.
Ten minutes. Part of the reason for this is the program's relatively simple purpose in life, which is purely to produce text on a backdrop, but the designers should also take credit for keeping things as straight- forward as possible.
Montage will run on either an AGA Amiga or a machine equipped with the OpalVision or IV24 cards, and works best when teamed up with OpalVision. In this configuration, Montage can utilise full 24- bit graphics and a full complement of 20 transitions, 13 of which work with AGA Ml* t,xt bad'dropt.ond bruihet with rate Montage is a sizeable package supplied
• ta disks and comprising the main itself, some tutorial data,
and anti-aliased fonts. The latter use a rietary format and are
the only es available for use in Montage, tough ange of font
packs will be tfrmi as back-up and a module should DB be
released making it possible for m to treat PostScript fonts as
Montage Smooth talker A disadvantage of this approach is that
If user is dependent on future releases InnoVision, but the
advantages igh this. With the carefully opti- ¦toed typefaces
supplied as standard it is enible to carry out a wide range of
tophisticated operations on your text.
SUPERB Stevie Kennedy wipes and fades with Montage 24, the latest high quality TV graphics package Text can be scaled in any way, coloured «mg mooth gradients, given a variable unt of soft or sharp shadow, ¦abossed, bevelled, or even re-kemed, all
* nth superb anti-aliasing. There can be no
• ttuses for shoddy presentation text when mu're using this
package, as over half the loadable functions are dedicated to
con- tolling the use of high quality verbage.
All operations are carried out using the Inendlv "big button" interface used on ¦ost video and TV software packages i ese days. Everything hides behind nice jtsy buttons on clear, uncluttered panels, the main areas of interest are sensibly fcparated into screens of their own.
The beginner should therefore have frw problems with Montage, and the well written, concise 130-page manual could hr find itself back on the shelf inside PtEinvai'di "111 Uoutage ton produce top quollty TV graphki and only two with IV24. On a standard A4000, Montage is comfortable enough, if fussy about the system setup. All Workbench overscan settings must be reset to default and mode promotion must be turned off or the program won't run properly. This is a pain when used on a machine which has a multi-purpose role and therefore a multitude of overscan and monitor settings, but shouldn't be a
problem if Montage is being used in a purely video environment.
When first used, Montage can have a strange initial impression as all pages in a sequence are set up on a HAM preview screen which only roughly represents the finished image, then rendered as either 24-bit or super hi-res HamH. Finished images once rendering is complete are superb and quickly dispel any doubts brought on by the HAM preview which, to bo fair, is designed to make production as quick as possible. When working in 24- bit it can be more than a little memory and time consuming to throw chunks of picture data around, so by demanding that everything takes place in HAM before final
rendering, Montage avoids long waits during production.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about rendering or the final playback of complete sequences. Rendering each page can take a while, particularly if the page includes a lot of text which has been coloured, scaled, and so on.
As each page can be a fairly monstrous 24-bit file, Montage loads each from disk as it plays them back, which means that in addition to the rendering delay there is a relatively slow rate of playback.
For example, an average page might take seven seconds or so to load and be displayed using a page transition effect, a delay which though perfectly acceptable for many purposes would restrict many videographers. Montage partly makes up for this with a couple of tricks in the triggering department.
Pages may be set to display immediately upon loading, which is fine for looping information displays, but the user can also set a timed transition or choose to use the General Purpose Interface (CPI) trigger. This is a method by which Montage can be triggered to go to the next page by a GPI switch connected to a VCR, making possible the use of Montage pages genlocked over live video action.
The inclusion of this sort of triggering gives Montage an outlet in the multimedia point-of-sale world as well as opening up many more dramatic uses during presentation, and with its top notch results, easy operating environment, and decent transition effects it should do well as a dedicated graphics package.
With the reservations that speed of playback could be improved and the fact that Montage grabs hold of the system and refuses to multitask, it is difficult not to recommend this program to the videog- rapher in search of broadcast-quality graphics.
As a dedicated system, it is perhaps not ideal for the home video enthusiast, but if the question "how can I title my video to a higher quality?" Is put, Montage 24 might well be the answer.
SYSTEM ESSENTIALS KtU 1 imiIi.i YELLOW RoromnicniUul Hard drive RAM Accelerator The bottom line Product: Montage 24 Supplier: Meridian Distribution Price: £329 Tel: 081-543 3500 Ease of use 9 Implementation 8 Value for money 7 Overall 8 ¦ COMPETITION taste curly!
Here’s your opportunity to be entertained by the one and only Colin Curly to escape he has to solve a series ofl increasingly baffling puzzles taking himl through 100 levels and ten Quaver zones. Despite the considerable invest-l ment to perfect the animation, graphics and game play that make up One Step Beyond - if you don't manage to win a free copy, you can have the unusual luxury of a reduction in the price of a new release - One Step beyond costs only £ 19.95 "If you are looking for As well as ten copies of the original month's competition. A game that is enjoyable to play, but
Pushover, weVe got five copies of One One Step Beyond took almost a year wj l make you think a bit in the j Step Beyond (one of the latest releases to develop. Colin Curly, one stormy process, you can't go wrong withi from Ocean Software) to give away night, finds himself sucked into his com- this."
Free to the best five entries in this puter while eating his Quavers. In order Amiga Action, September 1993 ENTRY FORM H» nuirti
3. What is Mr Curly's first name?
JitkUut boirlyw to oof nrjft lo i prmstftssl wife ml from trilitr companies J • How much does One Step Beyond retail at?
A. £25.95__
b. £19.95__
c. £29.95 _ 2* How many levels are there in One Step Beyond?
A75_ _ b 50 There are ten copies of Pushover and five copies of One Step Beyond just waiting to be won. To enter all you have to do is answer these simple questions and send this form to: Colin Curly, Amiga Computing Competition, Europress Direct, PO Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EA
a. Kevin
b. Christopher_ Coli Name (Mr Mrs Miss), Address- Paytime phone.
Postcode -
c. 100 The closing date Is January 31. The prize winner will be
drawn from all the correct entries Information may be obtained
by writing to our Offices. No cash alternative to the prize Is
received and will be Informed In writing within two months of
the closing date. Result available. The editor's decision Is
final. No correspondence will be entered Into.
98 Amiga Computing January 1994 GASTEINER 126 Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, London N18 2AX Tali 081 345 6000 Fax: 081 345 6868 3i A1200 + A600 HARD DRIVES ...£69 ...£89 .£119 .£169 20Mb .... 30Mb ..., 40Mb .... 60Mb .... 85Mb ..£199 120Mb £239 207Mb £329 All with IDE cables J £ CDTV ADD ON For A500, A500+, A570 ....£129 ROMBO DIGITISERS j-i VIDI 12 Real Time £134.99 VIDI 24
Real Time £219.99 VIDI 12 AGA . ..£75.00 Take 2 ...... ..£38.00 Megamix Master . ..£30.00 £ t AF1200 AF1200 AF1200 AF1200 AF 1200 AF 1200 AF1200 AF1200 AF1200 AF1200 AF1200 .£299 .£499 PRINTERS U 1 Citizen Swift 200 .... ..£200 I Citizen Swift 240 Mono.
...£270 I Citizen Swift 240 Colour ...£295 1 Citizen Swift 24X .... ..£340 1 Citizen 12QD+ .... ...£129 1 Citizen Swift 90 Mono... ...£165 3 Citizen Swift 90 Colour.. ...£188 I Citizen PN48 Notebook Printer£225 [_Citizen Projet Inkjet ...£318 STAR Star LC 20 .. ...£132 Star LC 100 Colour ...£155 Star LC 200 Colour ...£195 Star LC 24-20 Mk II ...... ...£224 Star LC 24-200 Col ...£264 Star SJ48 Bubblejet ...£217 Star SJ48 Auto Sheetfeeder..
.....£49 IHB310 Free Sheetfeeder...... ...£250 MONITORS p Philips 8833 .... ......£199 Commodore 1940 ..... ......£289 Commodore 1942 ..... ......£379 Microvitec Club Scan . POA Microvitec 20" £1049 LASER PRINTERS ¦ h Fujitsu VM 600 Laser ..... ...£679 ...£609 OKI 400e ...... ,..£514 Ricoh PCL5 .. ...£809 Star Laserjet LC5 . ...£589 HEWLETT PACKARD HP Deskjet Portable . .£369 HP 510 Mono ...... .£264 HP 500 Colour.., .. .£319 HP 550
Colour ..... .£519 1Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor £99 4Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor ..,I1I„„„£199 5Mb with clock, Oscillator, 16MHz 68882 FPU £285 Smb with clock, Oscillator, 20MHz 68882 FPU £290 5Mb with clock, Oscillator, 25MHz 68882 FPU £295 5Mb with dock, Oscillator, 33MHz 68882 FPU .....£299 8Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor .....£359 9Mb with
clock, Oscillator. 16MHz 68882 FPU £41S 9Mb with dock, Oscillator, 20MHz 68882 FPU £420 9Mb with dock, Oscillator, 25MHz 68882 FPU £429 9Mb with clock, Oscillator, 33MHz 68882 FPU £439 Pen mouse for Amiga v«th optical pad ......£34.95 Pen mouse for Pcs with Optical pad ......£34.95 Optical mouse, 300 dpi for Amiga..£29.95 Infrared mouse, 300 dpi for Pcs £49.95 Infrared mouse, 300 dpi for
Amiga .£49.95 Opto-mech mouse for Pcs with pad & holder ..£18.95 Opto-mech mouse for Amiga w.pad & holder ..£14.95 Opto-mech low cost mouse for Amiga Opto-mech low cost mouse for Pcs ......110.00 3-button trackball for Amiga £29.99 "Cristal" trackball for Amiga.. £34.99 3-button trackball for Pcs £34.99 512Kb RAM expansion for A500+...£16.99 1 Mb RAM expansion for A500-......£19.95 External 3.5* floppy drive £50.00 Kickstart switch for A500, A2000...I14.95 Kickstart switch for
A600 ..£29.95 Electronic boot selector £14.95 Auto mouse joystick switch £10.99 Dust covers ..£6.00 f AMIGA A1200 j-| 2Mb RAM 20Mb HD .... ....£359 2Mb RAM 64Mb HD .... ....£429 2Mb RAM 85Mb HD .... ....£479 2Mb RAM 127Mb HD .. ....£509 2Mb RAM 209Mb HD .. ....£579 2Mb RAM only .. ....£289 ACCESSORIES MEMORY MASTER 1200 r| AMIGA 4000 (25MHz 68040) In 6Mb RAM 80Mb HD ......£1919 6Mb RAM 120Mb HD..... ......£2069 6Mb RAM 214Mb HD..... ......£2169 6Mb RAM 245Mb HD.....
......£2269 6Mb RAM 340Mb HD..... ......£2369 6Mb RAM 540Mb HD..... ......£2669 P,S,U, A500 mb ...£14.95 A500 *Mb + Clock .£23.95 A500 + 1 Mb £21.95 A600 1Mb ...£21.95 1Mb SIMM (GVP) ...£29.95 4Mb SIMM (GVP) .£149.95 1Mb 72PIN (A4000) ......£99.00 4Mb 72PIN (A4000) ...POA PCMCIA 2Mb .....£89.00 PCMCIA 4Mb ...£149.00 rf AMIGA 4000 (2SMHz 68030) • 2Mb RAM 80Mb HD £949 4Mb RAM 120Mb HD..... ......£1069 4Mb RAM 214Mb
HD..... ......£1169 4Mb RAM 245Mb HD..... ......£1269 4Mb RAM 340Mb HD..... ......£1369 4Mb RAM 540Mb HD..... ......£1669 4Mb with Clock, no FPU Processor £169 4Mb with Clock, 20MHz 68881 FPU ...£209 4Mb with Clock, 25Mhz 68882 FPU ...£269 4Mb with Clock, 33MHz 68882 FPU ...£279 4Mb with Clock, 40MHz 68882 FPU ...£289 4Mb with Clock, 50MHz 68882 FPU ...£309 Power Supply (High Watt) for A500 ......£29.95 Power Supply for A1500+ A2000 ..£69.95 440MHz ACCELERATOR FOR A1200 f- AMIGA MEMORY UPGRADE 0Mb RAM.
4Mb RAM.
FAX MODEM Fold a Fax Modem .£129 With Fax Software .£179 How to order When ordering by telephone please quote your credit card number followed by the expiry date and also your full name and address. If paying by cheque please make it payable to easterner Technology . In any correspondence please quote a phone number and also a postal code, please allow five working days for cheque clearance. _ Delivery charges Small consumables and software items under the value of £59 please add £3.50 P&P. Other items except lasers, next day courier service £10 per box.
Offshore and highlands, please call for a quotation. In addition, we offer the following express services;- Saturday delivery normal rate plus £15 per box, Morning, next day normal rate plus £10 per box. E&QE prices subject to change without prior notice, goods are subject to change without prior notice. AH trademarks acknowledged._ Software Expressions Intrnriiirinn enmo nl fho hoot niihlir Hnmain & charouiaro Introducing some of the best public domain & shareware disks available for the Amiga today. Go on...express yourself!
G180 Tank Attack (N) ....World War raitttOOfl 6204 ..Super League Manager Manage your ow Soccer team 6207 ..Flagcatcher_____________________ Fnd the flags Very addktive 6206 ..Grand Pnx Simulator____________________________ ....Excellent 6209 Games Galore Ten (N)..._____________________ .14 excellent games S214 Parachute Joust ____________________Tiy 4 catch a parachute G215 ...Battlements _________________ Hunchback game 621 7.....Act of Wfr ________________________________Ekorftrt strategy game 621 8 Roulette ..... - ...Casino Classic 621 9 Space
Rescue Guide Spaceship through Terrain G220 Sub Attack (N) ....- -.Also fandirine bomber G221 Revenge of the rtuttf! Came! .. Shooting game G222.... teghbours adventure (2 discs) Bong Paul Robinson to court G223.....Wzard Wars - .Graphics Adventure G224... Stratigic Games (N) _ . 3 excellent games G225 Addams Famdy Quiz ..... Qua oncult TV programme G226.....Dual .. 2 player shooting game 6227 Assassms 24 (N) .- ...4 games including 30 Maze G230
.....Assa»ns27(N|., ... Addicbve card games G23I Assassms 28 (N|Ttee mciude Or Mano. Imadeis 2 & Mad Bomber 2 G240 Assassms 37 N| ...Ghost Ship. Ctttns etc G241 -Assassins 38 N| ...».....- .10Albdidyi transplant 6243 Tetren________________________ ExcedertTetns clone G244.» Legend Of Lotftan ..Vgrsiqn 102. Adventure 6245 Iron Gaos (2 disks) ....- .....Graphic adventure G247 Quiz Master .....Quiz mtiidi includes Editor G248 ...Assassns 40 tN) ......- ..10 Puzzle Games
6249. ... Assassns 41 IN) includes 3
Games G250.»Adinbs ----------- Excellent Aperture Games
G252.... Bomhucky ......Rescue the dying
planet G254... Airport (N) ...... Patrol
your own airport G255 ... Amos Games . 5 Games
includng Gtossback G256 Sjamball Management game of
US footbaS Type Sport G257 Reiayer Shareware game
Brand New!
6300 Blob ......- ..Shoot'em up G301 Sector 1 Excetosgame
6302. . ..Mem Market ....Stock exchange
game G303.. ..Strike Bali - ...Amos
written baseoai type game G304... .SWmarks. .
-Racing drwng game 6306
.TbeFunhouse .3 games including
Enigma 630 7 18th Hole (2
disks) .Excellent golfing
6308. Gush ...Very
similar to pipeline G310 Zafyoon 2 dtsks) Space shoot m
up G324 .Physco Santa .-Waggle yow joystick wth this lesbve
disk G325 Mister Men Olyimpics |2 disks) Excellent game for
disk as reviewed in Amiga Computng Al 200 ONLY DEMOS D015..
Agatron Star Wars |1 megtf disks) |N) Captivating graphics
D058 Enterprise leaving dock Famous animation D075... Girts
of sport Pretty shots oi talented
girts D148 The Run (1 meg) (N) T. Richter s w-tftase
animation. Good D162 Sieachy Manoeuvres (I
meg) .....Excellent demo D166 Star
Trek Animations .Anns, of USS Enterprise D177 Star
Trek Animations. Aoatron no.17 More ine abc*« Good D225...
.Reincarnation of Sgt Pepoer (2 disks, 1 meg) Beatles
classic D261. Red Dwarf (2 disks) (N
The White Hole D271..
.Odyssey (5 d«Sks} (N) Excellent space adventure aivmabon
0278 ...Desert Storm ......
...WwmatononMIW&r 0280 Jesus on f s’ (2 disks) .
Excellent rave music D231. Dolphin Dreams .Slide show ol
these tovtty creatures
0282. How to skin a cat ...Amusing demo
MUSIC M3C6. .Batdawe remix |N) . Really good
dtt Catty stuff M062 Random Access Art of Noise and more.
Starting ac d track M084.. The
WaS .....- .... _Prtt Royd classic
M09Q LedZeppeTin .....9*wy to
Heaven etc. M093 I8C Hammer,. ..- You Can't
Touch This M102. .No Limit (2 disks)
Catchy tunes GAMES G0Q5
Ah New Star Trjk (2 drives) ~U$ S Enterprise classic Best
one GO08 BaUoonacy ..Drop bombs on city
from ballon 6010 .Breakout -
...Classic bat 4 DA game
Goii . ..Blizart ...... Horizontal shoot-em-up. High
quality 6014 Adventure Solutions (2 disks) Loads of hurts
of commercial games G015 Crossfire (1 meg) Excellent game
written inAMOS G019 ,.,DvngeonWv?r|2drsk5) , iMficutt
adventure quest GQ21 Demoiitjon Misson (i meg) , Smilar to
Bailwnacy, good fun G023 Electronic Train Set (1
meg) .....Construct own train set G025
Entrophy ----- Shoot-em-up 6043 Leam and Play 1 (N) Good
tor the fcdi Blackboard maths, etc. S044 Leam & Play 2
(N) ...More fun for the tods 6053 Mayhem
_________________ Briftant shoot-em-up G065 ...Pixie Kmgdom
|2 disks) ... Tricky adventure me. Good 6071 Return to
Earth (1 meg) -------- Space adventure GQ84 m Beaver Tennis
(N) Simple, Out good fun bat & ball game
6066. ... Wraithed One Good general knowledge quiz 6102
Simulation 111 meg) |N) Recommended 5 games including Metro
6109. ... Wheal of Fortune (N) ......TV Quiz,
computerized G124 Naso eon
Warfare High-quality
6143. .. Card Shop ..Weil presented card gam G148....
Gaactc Food Fignt (Nl BJcrnr up those burgers
GI49. Raphaels Revenge ..__ Diffeui! Wriorm
adventure G152 Leaoing Larry ..Jump
onto elevators
6153. Growth |N) __________________________Destroy an expanding
brain 6155 MiSSW X . Quality shoot- em-up 6157
Quadrix ..Wficult puzzle game S162
Storytand2iN) ... .. ...Grew a cnildrens adventure G165..
Super Skoda Challenge ... Car racing game
G170....Amos Cnkei ... ..... 0«at!
6171 Top Secret (N)________________________ Quality platform game G175 Whizz Wall .... NEWWaard shooting game
6176. ... White Knight ...- NEW Except shggi «m up game
UTILITIES Trace your ancestors _ ......Chart your
leeJings ..._ ......Leant German Simple, but useful
.Lotsof famous characters Comprehend AMOS dataoase ... How
thick are you?
Roger Mony in D Paint Vanous label powers . Best accounts package a'ounfl . Excellent cacahase Exctfem word processor Lots ol Super Fonts Moveable Object Editor Emulates IBM PC programs ., As it sounds Beginners won) processor Enhance your knowledge ot this Creates maps ot the world
- Creates bar prapns U0Q1 Mfr6mftn0'_~ U016 ..
Biorhythms(lmeg) U033 . Education i ..... U052
...Busiwss Card Mater (II).
U0§2 . Cartoon Brushes------- VQ98 . Master ...... UI23... IQ Tester (N)____________ U128 Viz Dip Ait. - ... U130 Label Oes«n«r ...... U134 Ami Casft _ ...... U135 AmibaseProf™™,,, UI40 TejcEngine ..... U142 . Super Fonts ... U147 M0K0V2 .... U1S2.... PC Task ...... U183... .fiie-9-ta ..... U154... QEO ...-.....-... U160... Deluxe Part Tutor U164 . World Databank .
U165.. A-grapn U175 Text pfcs VERSION 4 ____________ Excefent won} processor U178 (2 Otscs) Anaiflic ALC ..._.(2 Discs) Best spreadsheet available 11179.. Caione Base .Work out your ton catone make U180 GCSf Maths : Sybbus taught disk U185 Astronomy _.....Calculates positions ot pianets U186. S-Movie _________ -.VWeo Text Editor U190 Shadow demo maker . Create your owr demo U194 Total concepts ----- Leam about dnosaurs U195.....Home Manager ________________Create an address took U203 Term V4 (2 disks) .... Communication Disk U204 Race Rater
...For horse racing ntomHbon U206 ABC Adventure Creator Crease your ovm adventure games U210 Pods Pools Version 2________ Wor* out your wmnngs
1) 211 Training
Log .Keepng M
U212. .Back Tali ......Advise on
CommontacxComolamts U214 ..The Money Programme __________ Up
to 25QQ transactor U217 ..Mastie
Niblick______________________________Golt score recorder U230
Ilinois Labels. ..UM
printer D231 ...Auifo Animation Studo ...
Create Cartoons 0232 .Cheque Book Accountant Keep tabs on your
expenditure U233 ..Engineers Kit - Cta* you
Amga System U238 .Word Power ... Sotw crosswords &
anagrams U237 ...Stock Analyst..... Analyses the snare market
U238 . Fort Farm .._________....Variations ol loots wfebte
U239 Dunks DTP. ..,.,,..,, Desktop Publishing lor kids
U24Q ude Office Word Processor. Database & Spreadsheet U242...
134 ...Accounts
Manage U244 Lockoic V2.0.... ...... ......Uncow copy beat*
U245 . ReioKckVt 4________ Latest D GraoHor Ai200 U241
...Winemaker , Database tor wine enthusiasts U243
D-Sohe .Crossword - complete with two crosswords
Stunning French demo Photo realistic slidesnow High quality
musk demo Excdierr pabence card game Tetris
c one Brilliant chess game Eicellent Vector film demo
More rave music 0286 No panto! Sale .
0288 Revelations ... 0290 Raving Mad Me_______ 6321 AGA Klondike (3 disks) G322 ..GigerTelTis -------- G323....U Chess .... 0301 Refana. ..... 0300 Technoteack II ..... 0294 ...AGA Swimsuits (5 disks) IFF 256 colour pictures use with Dpaint ere New Year PRICES till UK orders: 75p Europe: £1.50 World: £3.00 PD....E1.25 per disk or £1.00 each for 15 or more.
10 for 65.50 or 60p each 30 disks or more at 90p each Send cheque postal order made payable to: SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS, Unit 3 4, 117 Kennington Avenue. Bishopston Bristol BS7 9EX 9am-5pm Mon to Fri Est. 1990 DOWNGRADE YOUR A1200 AND OR A600 TO WORKBENCH 1.3 YOU CAN NOW RUN ALL OUR SOFTWARE FOR ALL ENQUIRES - MOBILE FROM 11AM TO 8PM TEL: (0374) 446776 PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES AND POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO:- PIRST CHOICE P.O. ALL ORDERS DESPATCHED FIRST CLASS. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADO PAP CHARGES.
BISHOPSWORTH. BRISTOL BS13 8AB ALL DISKS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA S WHEN DISK K001 - DISKSTART V1.3 IS USED ON A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 A019 TO A023 • WEIRO SCIENCE - Exceient quaity pictures (5 disk* - available t is (5 disk* - available separately) FIT CHICKS A cctlectcn of girty pictures lo« I A0?4 - GOTO - POM POM GUNNER - &’Mt graphc* m ths operation woit sty* ¦rif.’V, 4-1 Lmlllil] | BBVeATDBMlI shoot am up.
GOH - AIR ACE 2 - A past Word War 2*hootem up G013 - THE REVENGE - Play 60 209 hofn Rct*WP ¦" F * * «•« xhoor em 06,6 • UEGABALL - A game that has received aicsilar renews Goie - SIMPSONS - Telev*ions wacky lanviy brought lo l 1a in th« slxwl am up consiriKton kr gam* GQ20 LAML ST-PORTS - A «««- invaders r.pe game me ctyea bamg to detoei Aun G021 • MASTER OF THE TOWN The aim cf ttita game «ic cause as much damage as pos&txc GQ25 ¦ DRAGONS CAVE • A dungeon iKtogpm* HILL CHALLENGE - Good ski simulate* G026 - PIPELINE - Ckttsc 9»™ M too test on A1200 *4000 due lo lup nor processor G039 •
SMURFHUNT • Pwity of gun power n IMS shoo: am 141.
G040 ¦ PARADOX - Funky puule S(H3 • YYIBBlE WORLD GIDDY ¦ A eupwrb perform game Ths Is one ol It'd beet puOk domain games evoi 0047 • SUPER PAKMAN -1 you Ike Pax games, then gel Ih*"' The best veraon 10 date GM8 NEIGHBOURS -12 dtuflj An cxcdlert yOST't MYS re, probe by the beet ever in po GM9 - LIGHTING WARRIORS - Budget rwson ol Slreemgfner 2 mm good graph cs GOSQ • BOMB JACKY - The spectrum etassc with vastly merovad yapnc* ang kW GOSS • TEXAS CMAJNSAW MASSACRE - Irvsptea by atrua stery 0056 • 16 HOLE GOLF Tne Vs over pubic dorran golf game G-eat tun (2 daks) 0057 ¦ SPACE WVADERS 2 • A
revised verson oI the class*: game G059 • AMOS CRICKET • A good iAckAt tfhulalar *ft«en n Aw* G060 TRON 2 • II you theO me ongrW men you cam mss ths update Faster and improved G061 - ESCAPE • The am oi the cacelem game is lo run over Me* pueNng tvoefe cxws down » open gates *ftch allow you to reach th?
Exit Do a within a time um« to progress G0& ¦ DR MARtO • Smtartoa N€S game cI umlsr name tut better Saphc* 363 • ASSAULT ¦ TN* average gam* involves you Shooing *n the characters that pop up in the wndows GOM • DEATH BINGERS IN SPACE A Xenon style sPool ert up G065 - ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE - Good tun with lots ot Wood and guts G066 • STAR ANS • Bizarre purform g*me G067 ¦ SUPER SKOOA CHALLENGE
• A good pans* tot up to tocf players
* n Iran editor etc G068 • PREMIER PICKS - Very unique footbai
management game, very •«!
Pipsontofl G069 - BILLY BURGLAR - Dodge ) escape irom AM. GABO Y Tetns is widely regarded gi if* bes» on eie Oameboy n hes now been perfectly comeried. Wrth exact neuel repreeentaticn 0071 • ACT OF WAR • A game ot similar shietto rek.
G072 • ADAMS FAMILY OutZ • Hoe much do you knoW GO73 • PARACHUTE JOUST - Guide the skydwer to the ground G074 • CARO SHARP ¦ Various card games 0075 - JEWL - A onlkant game GO76 * TOP SECRET • Sony cam lell So77 - JELLY OUEST Ths aan* by Dew) McGuire was described by Amga Power quote Ts a fcipsnor brand ot PO puJ2la game, and its looks can ony be oescrbed as - dead tush!' It went on to reowe a 4 cut ot 5 Star ratna G078 - VENUS INVADERS • Excellent new vSriCrt Ot SPSCF IflvaUAn 0079 • THE RIGHT WAY - A great lorrmrvas clone 0C« -SUPER PRIX A txrdsrerexw* racing game GOBI - PATIENCE - The best
public domain verson & this card game U0O1 • THE ULTIMATE BACKUP DISK ¦ Ail the vary best puttie dchkn coder* inducing Dcodv Tetracopy
• noxCopy U013 • BUSAIESS CaRO MAKER - A ututy that car grre
groKmonal results tor use Kwh any primer U02t • SYSTEM X number
U136 • 600 BUSINESS LETTERS • Over 600 letters d besk lormat
ready toi quick and s moie modrtcabon in any wprd processor
U139 • PRINTER DRIVERS DISK • An e*cehent selection ot dnvws to
get your prrfler esrknj c Kfly Oho • LABEu MAKER - Excelent
utilfy slowing you to make your own CIS* labels Wc nave added
wrrer* loots lo gve you more desgn opccns U153 - MULiIPlAVER •
Can play virtualy any type of mu8»e modjl U16? 'iVNCKTWBENCH •
A replacement tor Workbench VI 3 in the style ot McrosoR Wndowi
UtW • GAME TAMER Y? 2 - Loads ol cheats lover 250) tor use in
many top gar c U176- 176 - UNOERSTANOING AMOS • A ygry vsehj
learning aid UI78 AGRAPH • Create al kinds ot pre tfiftrfi bar
charts and r* graphs Ul 79 - CU TUTOR ¦ LoadJ o' Nnt* and bps
U180 - DISK ORTIMISER Speeds up loading Dy up to 15 nm« U1B1
FORMS UNLIMITED • Create your Own hiooa and osier lorms w*h
thil neat jtuty U163 - MAGNUM - C'Bate yow O’er dfjktx UtM
editor U185 - POOLS PREOCTION - If you need more help (or
money) try this (tax.
U106 -VMORPHY2.0 EaccPenl utury mat allows you lo create morptvwArp an me hen Requires t MO U187 • THE MENU D*SK - H you 8te mloreslod n creebrvg your Own completions etc then gee this disk. Its perfect tor added ptesenlaton U166 - Ciue LEAGUE - A yt«ty that allows you lo edit and keep track cf yocr learns ovmon and league italut UI89 - SCREEN BLANKERS A Ask packed * m screen blinkers U190 The LITTLE OFFICE - One d the t»»! Imat buknass t ivalahe at the mcmorl Vny popular Ul»t ¦ VCCE Cll V5 5 - Tha utlity allow* ,Wu lb 06ntrai Cli wilti speech U192 ACCOUNT IAASTER - Wroer in Amos ths is a very
popular busnoss ixtlty ot excellent qualify horesaws D129 SHOWERING GIRLS ¦ Cokwr U193 • SOFTWARE LISTER • This designed lo keep track ol your sortwuve collection UtW OISKPRINT V3 5 - An inregrated i prtnfing utiMy UtK RACE V1 6 - A disk net w.l work out :n8 ctonce of a ncxsa wnnng a race Utge - DRAW MAP V«.1 - There are r*c verewr*. Is ihB 1M8 irereion n a lews ytv K create 20 ana 30 maos Ouote Cl796 lev 2MB versicn whch comes oh 2 dikS U197 ¦ FOOTBALL LEAGUE EDITOR VI t • As soon as the results come m. you can mentor your team* latest LMM GOLF SCORES V1 8 • It can reoord the 'esijls or ever,
round you play, sloto them and gve An o-r+rjII U199 - ANTI FLICKER • An aid to slop lho tlckar n ie-Res mode durng some program* ooeraions U200 • AM CASH BANKIN -1 you ha.-o a smal busmesa. This program is ih* best d M nature And r pt, U201 - PUNT PROGRAM - Another i ad tor the horses MONEY MANAGEMENT Home accounts package capetXe ot handling up to 12 outer era accounts U203 • EASY CALC VI 0 - T»ib sereodidec* « dn-y } b« &otn very user tnendty and ’ast. It has an eicellant built n help sySIShi U20« - KEYBOARD TRAINER Vt 1 Best puCAc domain typing tutor preriction t U202-MO U204 - M-CAD -
Conttutef aiood design program U206 • NO ERRORS - Hide* Tie hard errors on d*W making at your comipt 3rtks inape area Mam.
U208 • 203 UTILITlft - The most utatiee eve* available on a singe d sk U209 - UNDELETE - Tns utiUy alows V6U16 gat Me- ujt that was acoontly dc‘eted from dak.
U210 - JOYSTICK TESTER A Onllant loystck tesirg program U211 RED SECTOR DEMO MAKER
- A 2 meg version oi the most popular utlKy over"' Create sturwng
demo& inBgaaemo&lntros Tna tpoaai thing ie that it has been
modhed to work wrh ihe A500- and even better Ihe A1200 (2 df*n»
rac A120OI 1 212 AIB6 Y5 A good aagnoalk program U213 - SYS
INFO V3 11 - A disk that I *91 you know no tocnnca1 status of ¦
rrvachne 214-ENGINEERS KIT - A d*e k66tie disk spseaty suited
lot ana rise's otc yo*K' U214 U215 - DISK REPAIRERS • WII altow
you to try and make al yrxr unusaHe thousands ot am ga probems
with yns daaiKbes disk U2’7 • LAST W'LL ANO TESTAMENT
- Wree your own wil U218 MUSiC BASE UTILITY - Steve yout
r*ccrdiVkJ«o oowcoon U219 ERROR INFO - Gives you a 1*1 ot all
anvga error codes and men mean mu U220 PC TASK V2 02 - IBM PC
omUater it alows you to run the major** ot PC software with no
Motion* hardware Now supports VGA. EGA. CGA and MOA (DV1 U222 •
REPAIR IT 3 Contains a ioo::cn of disk and hanf drive repamng
utitbes. E-cenem tor saving mat vt* Me U224 • SPECTRUM EMU
LATER - Tho s the best and laios varston ot the moat popular
omulatcr lor the arrvga There are 6602GG30 versions lor new AGA
am gas (2 Osksi 1 225 - 5TQCK ANALYST - Ths is a lechncal
analysis arvJ secur bes irocLivj program which calculates U226
drrven astronomy calculates information I Tic Sun. Moon and
panels Help disk I CHINESE U227 - MING SHU ASTROLOGY ¦ WM in
mends The compigie ad U228 • COLOURED ICONS • Transit your dsks
nlo cokSorfU. Well I works gt art w tn this U229 • KIDS PAINT -
An an package 1 tor mo yixnger amga U230 • STAR VIEW - Th*
program s dasgnad to Huva grapneaJty the poMons ol the aiara
and planets ‘rcm any pert d the earth U231 - AQUARIUM Turns
your screen mo an oya catching Inn tar* U232 - OCTAMED V2 -
latest version ol Ihe lamous mute package U?33 NUMPAD FOR A600
- A orogtom that makes tt* A600 mnk i» gol a niywenc keypad
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U242 • LITTLE TRAVELLER VI 1 Tnt utilfy shows a wvid mao arv)
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room* in gving a ctose-cp map wlh more information U243 BANNER
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Diskstsrt Kll AGA V2 aM HflipfU httts U257 ¦ VIEWTEK VI 03 • Ar osicntial purchase atowmg you to dopey AGA graphcs U25S - HDMEM - Tks ublfty alows your AGA machine to um you haid da* at wrtual memory » you’ve got a Bornb hard dek then you can have eOmO ram Reqji-es FMU MMU &C U272 • WORKBENCH V3.0 SCREENS - Imoreve llto appearance d worhbeo?' Wth these exw«ent beckr ops D181 - TEAM HOI PLANNER GROOVE • Ths was ttre worlds first ever AGA megademo.
D195 • PAN TAR HE I • A new AGA rrwgadamo Wnn amazrn sound, graph cs and colours D197 TEAM hoi 2 - Sequel to the first ever megawmo ABOVE DISKS WORK WITH A120Q A4000 ONLY.
FOR JUST C25.81 AachenBold MiZOOW BouhousBold Anqm BILLBOARD Cliicdrgo Arctic?
AvantGarde Cartoon Architect L ailnnOperilarr A SMALL SELECTION OF FONTS FROM SETS 1 TO 4 ®JWB POSTA0B BLATiSl SINGLE DISK Cl.85 INCLUSIVE P&P 2 -15 DISKS ONLY E1.25 EACH 16 - 25 DISKS ONLY £1.00 EACH 26 ? DISKS ONLY CO 89 EACH POSTAGE IN UK £0.80 PER ORDER PAP FREE ON SINGLE DISK IN UK ONLY EUROPE *25p DISK (MIN £1) WORLD *45p DISK (MIN £2) ¦ PREVIEW new gadgets which support this real-time perspective feature. The A gadget controls angles, letting you move the camera's perspective of the object by moving the actual view nf the object. Z controls zoom, letting you move the view in and out.
Subtle but powerful is the P, Perspective, gadget; this lets you change the perspective view, so that, for instance, a checkerboard floor will appear to be made from squares instead of diamonds, (It's like adjusting the angle on a telephoto camera lens to remove distortion.)
A new FOV (Field Of View) menu item lets you precisely adjust the camera's view field between 10 and 120 degrees for similar effect.
The Quick Edge feature makes moving objects around much quicker. You can define only certain edges to show up, so you can, for instance, onlv view the outImpulse's long-awaited Imagine 3.0 hadn't quite shipped when this issue went to press, but the company did ship an interim version - Imagine 2,9 - to their registered users.
Since 3.0 was taking longer to finish than expected. Impulse sent out 2.9 - which has many of the new features - so current Imagine users could get started with some of the new capabilities, and act as testers for the new program aspects. By the time you read this, Imagine 3.0 should be available, and we'll have an update on the full program in an upcoming issue.
If you're not familiar with Imagine, it's a 3D rendering program with a quad-view editor, powerful animation capabilities, and fast rendering speed. Although the previous release. Imagine 2.0, didn't have the massive feature set of newer programs like Real 3D 2.0, it did have fast rendering, fairlv bug-free operation, and a massive library of commercial, shareware and I’D objects and utilities to support it.
Some ma|or new features are coming in Imagine 3.0. These include bones, kinematics, improved anti-aliasing, new light sources with improved shadows and shadow mapping. Also coming in the release version are new stage and animation tools, and the long-awaited improved manual. Version 2.9 comes with a 23-page addendum that discusses the new features, With Imagine 3’s release imminent, Denny Atkin takes a peek at Imagine
2. 9, which has many of the new versions features and is shipping
now Imagine has always been a fantastically powerful program,
but the poor documentation has previously been of little
help in getting you over the program’s learning curve, There's
plenty new in Imagine 2.9. These features are strikingly
obvious, as Impulse put almost all of them in a menu called
New, figuring that everyone who got release 2.9 would
immediate want to jump in and play with them immediately.
But the most useful feature - the one that alone makes this upgrade worth the price - isn't obvious immediately: Imagine has a new real-time interface. Now objects actually' move around in real-time in the Perspective window as you drag and resi e them. There’s no way 1 can emphasise enough how much easier this makes it to compose scenes.
In each of the editors you'll find three line of your aeroplane’s fuselage and wings while working in the editor. This not only speeds up redraws, but makes it much easier to differentiate objects, since the screen is far less cluttered without the tiny triangles that usually make up objects everywhere.
These functions work in all the editors that use the quad-view interface. You'll find plenty of new features in the individual editors as well. In the detail editor, the primary place where objects are created and modified, the new Load Save DXF menu items let you import and export objects in AutoDesk PXF format.
This Ls the most popular object format in the IBM-compatible world, and will let you access the huge library of objects available for those machines.
There are a number of new Deformation functions for modifying existing objects, These include Twist, Shear, Taper, Pinch, Bend, and Stretch.
You can select the gadgets at the bottom of the screen and manually deform objects and primitives using your mouse, or you can choose the equivalent menu item and use requesters to precisely define how you want to deform objects.
Next to Deformations in the New menu is the Particles option. Particles art' objects
- spheres, cubes, even dodecahedrons - which can replace the
faces of your object.
See the "A" in the Imagine-rendered Amiga Computing logo for an example.
You can have an object appear to be created from bubbles, use particles to make object look like it's evaporating, or any number of other organic-looking functions.
Imagine doesn't let you control the behaviour of individual particles but instead ties them into the original polygon faces of your object. This is done to keep the amount of controllable objects down to a realistic number.
You can now use the Fracture function in Object mode to create some impressive effects. Fracture breaks up the triangles that make an object. If you type in a Fracture value of 1.?, for instance, your object will be 1.5 times larger than it was before. But the extra space is now between the triangles that make up the object.
Progressively larger fracture values in an animation can be used to make it look like an object is exploding; if you fracture an object to a large degree, tween back to the original object, and run this reversed- fracture, it can make an object look like it's forming from thin air - a verv impressivd effect.
Other new functions include Lattici which is handy for making frameworl like the inner structures of buildings ai : space stations (see the new Imagine logoi hid!
For an example of this); Applique, whi lets vou wrap an image onto an object deform the triangles that make it up creating a 3D effect that corresponds the grey-scale brightness of each pixel the image; and Wave, which is a ripp effect.
The new Check Obj menu item id handv for finding and correcting prob-f lems like duplicate points or improp edges in objects. Although you’re n likely to have these* problems with objec you create yourself, they often show up objects translated by conversion softwa or third-party object editors.
Finally in the Detail editor you'll findl the new States function. This innocuous!
Menu item packs a lot of power.] Essentially, it lets you define different] states - size, shape, and other charactons-j tics - of objects or groups of objects A simple example would be a box that I vou morph into a teardrop. You create the!
Initial box with a certain shape and colour, then vou define that state as BOX. Then morph and otherwise change the object, and save that state as TEAR. Now you can save the single object which has both "stales'' of the object stored in the file.
You might have an aeroplane that has] PREVIEW!
Design Team Code Sack Knutson Design' Mike Hahrorscn Textures.- Scon Kireen Terfnc Ar-’ Helvetian Larry HaJvorson AD Rights Reservitl hnpulse. Int. 1990.91.92.93 34l6Xtf5tt? Ar?. Mart* Minneapolis. Minnesota 5544-1 UNDER CONSTRUCTION This Interim release puts the new features In their own menus; this Is the Detail Iditor title screen: note the use of the new texture and lattice features In the word Imagine ‘ ftre different states where the propeller is I m a different position for each one, or you ®uld have a human figure with different states depending on the position of the Umbs. You can
tween between states, making movements or morphs between Mates a snap.
States can also be used to do texture and image tacking. This solves a problem with earlier versions of Imagine where textures and images would "slip off" of an object when you manipulated its shapes.
By tacking the texture down it maintains its position on the polygons that make up the object. Now you can twist a T-Rex's neck around without worrying that the impressive new Dinosaur Skin texture wpn't follow his head as it turns.
Extrude. Although this feature is nice for creating some objects, I've found it most handy for text.
The spline editor will load IBM-format PostScript Type 1 fonts, making bringing text into Imagine a simple process - no more loading individual character objects and meticulously positioning them to get the best effect.
To create the "Amiga Computing" picture above, I simply entered the Spline Editor, chose a PostScript font (1 configured Imagine to look at the PSFonts directory in my PageStream drawer, and it automatically made all the fonts Impulse have hesitated at replacing the current polygon-based object creation system with a spline-based one due to performance considerations - although some functions in Imagine aren't as intuitive in as in some other programs, generally the rendering takes place much faster, and Impulse don't want to lose that advantage. In the meantime, though, they've included a
2D spline editor for creating shapes which you can then available), and typed "Amiga", stamped that down, and typed "Computing". I then grouped the two objects and used the Add Points commend to extrude and bevel the text to make it 3D. I saved the resulting object and loaded it into the Detail editor where I added colour and Can you feel it?
Imagine now sports 50 impressive new textures. Among these are Confetti. Crumpled, DinoSkin, Leather. Monster, Mosaic. Stained Glass, Bath Tile, Gas Giant, Lens Flare. Death Star, and the icky WormVein. These are all configurable and each texture can be used to create a multitude of effects.
Unfortunately, due to a change in the texture system, you can t use the Essence texture packages created for Imagine 2.0 Although they're not as necessary with all the new textures featured here, it might make bringing some of your old objects into the new version a bit more of a task as you'll need to redefine those textures. Also note that, with Imagine 2.9 at least, the texture.
In the Action editor you can now associate objects with each other. You can, for instance, set a camera to follow a plane through manoeuvres without having to mess with complicated paths or tracks.
You can also create Particle F X here.
You'll find special effects like Rain, Wind, textures only work with the floating-point version of Imagine, which requires a math co-processor. Impulse hopes to make them work with the Integer version by the time that 3.0 S released.
You can now view all the textures in all of their glory thanks to Imagine 2 9 s AGA support You can render in 256 colours or Ham8, It only supports direct rendenng to screen in sizes up to 640 x 512, though - you'll still need to render into custom sizes and use a package like ADPro to create pictures and animations m modes like Super72 or SuperHires.
Ham8 animation was bugged m 2.9. but should be fully functional in the 3.0 release.
And Delayed explosions which can affect youf objects. You can also control Emission here, so you can have particles "ejected" from an object, creating, for example, a parlicle-based comet-tail. (If you've ever seen the meteor at the opening of Slur Trek: Deep Space 9, this is what we're talking about.)
Although many of the new Stage tools didn't make it into this release, one major feature did. Which will make composing complicated animations much easier: Layers. Now you can load objects into different layers and "turn off" layers that you don't need at the moment. For instance, in a scene with a car speeding down a highway, you could load the ground, mad, signs, and trees into Layer 0, the oncoming traffic into layer t, and the main car into layer 2.
Once you've placed the scenery in layer 0, you’re not going to move it again, so you can then turn that layer off so that your screen redraws will take place much faster.
A huge help in designing your scenes are the new camera and light lines. These are essentially projections from the camera and lights that show exactly what parts of the screen fall into their field of view. This makes it much easier to manually track objects with cameras and lights - now you just point the projecting lines at the objects.
The 3.0 release promises to dramatically ease creating animations, with features like Bones and Kinematics.
Release 2.9 has been solid in my experience, and Impulse have managed to cram in a number of new features while actually reducing the amount of time many functions take. If you've used previous versions of Imagine, you'll definitely find this upgrade V,T|| worth every penny. » ! T United Public D i n n o v a t o r s .. The Central Licenseware Register Commercial Qualify programs at a PI) prig • CLE035 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM 2 In thi 8®Qu l 10 our most popular titla. Chn* Hill onnga you die very latest on the 5WK SyM®m' to me vry latnt pianetary mi*s*an» ®i® «rr®r®g 5 if yov thought
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AaiBcvhalis simi mi ntutfi i .mimi» ' a*3 so.
U. M UiU-n'L Jutl) HIV - 14*04.-ax - a
* UJ44 CJ Utot J.
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CLG0A1 Ft RACER This is a very prgl«i.cnaJ gpme, 3d graphics m a Formula one type vem as viewed trom the drrnng seat Soeed is subyect to the speed ol youf machine lit realty zooms on an Amiga 4000') Lots of tun lor anyone who ukas dnving games I with super graphics A Sbuhd' V*y impf«*.v gamo | 1 disk 3 SO 4 CLUQ32 POWERTEXT 2 Tn» i* a suptrb & powerful wordprocessmg program leam-mg embedded commands aulomaBc saving Mail merging built in spellng checker user definable function keys, wordwrapping i much much more' Vou wll c-obaby I nave* need arty mo 9 than m* tupor productf Nood* 1 mg o» ram t
ash 3 50 ?
Giy03 TYPING TUTOR A program here now for all you Dudong oltice clerks teaming lo type can be a real pen. Lessons oosi a fortune, but not when you have an amipa 1 The program wmi taka you step by step through a lull typng course shOwtivj where to pactt your linger* and lats mora Before long you IIM sole to type as last as I can' Pnc® £3 50 • CLG022 SPARX STOCKING FILLERS by LanTudw. 3 super seasonal games lor at me tamly' Clvismayg a a fasth-a yrnon ol thlngsmAyg w»m ®i picture puzzles to sort out' Chnstmas pairs is a traditional 'pens' game S Santa* siwgn ndo a a sideways scroltoi where you
have to delve- presents down c*iimneysl t disk 3 50.. CLG042 CRYSTAL SKULL Tins was writer as a | *gmm®r*-ai felease but was nerei released' It is a tut | 3d rde playing 'Dungeon Maxtor' tyoe game, speak to I passers by, kill them. .rYceshgale any one ot 4 pyramids with all its ghosts A gotolns This will keep uP yduf InttlHt lor agtt11 dak 3 50 • CLE051 PAINT PASTE * ORAW Tm* is a stunning | Orawng colouring Doon containing lots ot background picture* brushes to paste on, ptoi odtor 10 design you o*n. You can even add your own amrork to the pictue A supertJly presented program ma one a a must
to' yourg chtcrar! ’ dak 3 50 • CLG030 CAPTAIN K Th* i an A.ellant plaPorm gam inn ootect ol the gam® is to collect At na mms acanerad around ®Kh love & Kit a* tn® monsters For this purpose you have an unlimited supply or bomtn. Which when thrown bounce or i Shod hme oe*ore erpBdmg, kiting any monsters nearby' 1 disk 3 50 • amiutktiMM r.4 mi 4 W-miMtm'Min?
Locnni ok on 1200!
Most ( I K tides
- nor* ccltcnar *1 wwk o« m, An ot 500 60C or W
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40) 11 tiensDutei o AMU IMA4.D UM’t mmiwKwn.-*!
Ud.iMCWIW l t wiai.uacMi Mil i ¦lAkMCMUMI C ¦USWWIl »4ani« cnt« 4NOONC MM* ' ONCiCM MX.. - IM-iVniia Putr.1 KAMIAB PRO O OaCmvert lOA IM I PUCS* eaeooeivf UTX.I uaa-nw A n.OMa A wn.r PilUi ICOMUMA Progn.1* Icon. A mom I. V euoe* ICONS Otmm picm mm Kan* I. Y PU047 MPIOOER V« 6 wyiw.-.oy utiu r FUOrt UAZZBf NCH Alerullir WB lor I Z1 U4*rs PU071 JA cornu 102 Madam v*a»* comm, pacaag* r PU072 MIT ALLION UTAS Hr* EdlMH B mire ulla. Y PU07»T« Ktno jaaats bible O.in.. mvrmmi k . Y PUOTIIACA0 Hr** to.len p*c«*q* Eicklml . V PUOBC MESSY so J «M*»re PC P*am. *.|ltonlT. * PW»» MORSE PeOOAAieS to- m. mew
rum* Y PUM6 r NORTH C 1J (21 Conpeir C conpNr lbs. Y puoaa HcatTH c n Rua w la aaa4e« i A ¦ PU091 PRMTIH DrhlR GekfeRATOR A r I P 1X7.7 PWWT STUDIO VI 21 Pmt* pic. 4 toil Me .
.I.4.A.I Inmr r**Y Ail «V Anifb IT ( 41 XTMkm OKI rtc* ? V Ml 47 Pr* t rwrjm rn»« Ante' • Y Ail » n l lA w i»*i Mil fb • *Y «I4I leaMnrtn «mwt'»r I’Jlk'tY All Vi l w.«,k,«li Vi.«rl R4m. |f*».i .v All tl Ijiun. K«Hn| Mimw Ue|ei’ «Y AM V 4»t4*t. M.4H.w AW.
AM 11 Y..4. Ir. Wn.M1.m1. r» . Y 1515 Smw V • n a c« ««.!. v Ail it C1.uivR.mm a imu. . Y AM M twmnelc time V.wwr a Tlki'tY All 1' hUmmi IW . Ili-.nl. Svtf.*Y All it h u n4 I Uuunr a Umi'iV Ail u Tmk. R-w r.xjor a I**....- .Y Ail IV Ry otk! AL.. II.**. k tvu. .V AM 11 HrMnreU Rum**a*i AM A.' hr»l«: M*m.* A I r *U IW..,1 -Y AM 11 Urn. Fweay a Onw IIT tT amm ine.M.M. i'frTMi.i.u.l-irv'.V Ail M Ivu iiillrvi wm r 4! » U..I rihl.T IV M. li. Ml VUM.V iU A An*.4.1' .1 All •• «*(. .4 ¦*. N**.tt tIT. U a VcIm'.y PU200 irmraiMCM i j i PU202 CTCL0R5 Ward PtmmarrtcUl craaoi' .T PU203 SCOPE 114 ullt* *
cue* tor P»M* * PU2D4 CATO GRAPHICS Own! Futortal SU .
PU205 PC TASK PC EmMMOr Hem Vanion ] VGA! .V PU70T tauinso ConWan* S102 A MultoO*PC.*MKiA).Y PU29B 48 ft4terT00LB J m*ai (SfTviutlen of udlt Y PUTT* FREO FISH CATALOOUCcanUm* F»l !¦ 4*0 -Y PU2'0 PC0 PASCAL LJQH1 version of SM Pitcsl coopfec.
PUT'5 CAPTIONATOR Su PU31B W1HACKS. I AM 15 Umwt Cm. Rrvnrrs W fw'1* Ail I 1 liiK'U.Vi*..' A Ansa (:lm» 0 ASJ :' HeilNanUnH A NU?»enr* Y Ail M Vk-Hml.. UVI.AP.M .Y AVI Imtt IXIml* Int. B.|HMr - V AU ¦ ¦ I«m* n rn tmp -m«!« V AM • imanYrMAImSti Ayln A nefSQTtt*' AH . 0 M.I.4., 11.41,«...I 1.„* fan atf *Y All .’I nil Twill HsiVwmi A IrayimknY AM 22 !••« U*Jln®t»Y AU •! Oi.l ...m HlPltWt'r... A.444*. All :* Krtnp i. £*.. CrtA Uim *-Y AM 19 Mr Brvt I. n M«n l l 1,1*. S' AU li My unm VI twN avm*. Im 4m* euao**b At* ww»t FVXH ANWTEV naptg I wmi *o ryH n*m* . Y rutio awe i ) » u»»oi nw«e
PU3W as Qnarru un.3 yvHi oenvtnors «tc*r puoii as boot uttmts txmbw uinn** . » PUWI C LIGHT na* TRACER Goo* areorew. I Pircez CHCMESTMtTKS mel»cul» «i*ln* . Y Hmi CUBSfR BASIC COMRtfR Ju*l .Awl r~ -w-®1.
• vn; Mtef” Tht lw»i *» iey-f-» ™* •» PU2II LALUNIt BASE PV J *
7 ASPICt Crcu- .V'f.1 PUJURW Apethf tki,... PU2 62S4 C MANUAL
PUZM LTAPVNdY Fmqigv* * i5c5.I!.t PUT77 GOLF NECOROER OafWdto toe go* von.1. PIOTJ PC.-.AMCA SiwlR. IB Mtttiud • OOCi'i T
- ---- -one clrcvll da*4gr*'.Y Pu H uLTRAPAAZT .) AnkapUnl
fwckaa*' Pul 74-74 VIDEO AFWllCATYOkB YdOO vt.lt-*. PUIS
GftAPMCS COW.INTERS RC.AU.j* jr. Co Pinto UTTUKNOI Pta css*** t
ydls CtosZ«Hy PU14J OWTlimiS 1 Cn-mH IUI ! 0*4 II.
PU1M 0PTIUTTLS I Get tot dllt too ! • T Hjl*4 ELECTRONIC PROTOTVPSR I Fui»i«4 Cl'PART SET 11 0»k. Ol *» BIST ckpart .Y FIJI ’7 * BENCHMAST PM UN RICHARD SMC CUT COMP VII ChKUr B IkOTf Flliaz STOCK ANALYST TachnKa* Wr.ll potrtt PU1B1 BjyrrGEN Eicelen nanaotagy pTxrtm.f PU194 TROMK VIRUS KIIURS 21 vn Ail .’I [l..li ItMv.i Inskn: V_*.tiiif .. AM h OOO !«•. Am.. H R.l Am Omlni.Y AM Ml bun A Blnl 1*4*1 F.r T-l W.t -Y Vwrntmy rom‘® Y AH U il* v Wcm® at Jk rn Mv' • V Af| *' Mifw**Ml A ) | AS U Tn “ * - - PU1V1 LAMDBUA.KR hacttl Iwul aw-nto-.V PU1S7 SID 2 0*1 lha I N.Ml0*y util - MFOA'.v PUIS7 MO
BED 7 OpMnl to. Ssnto* A boM.Y PU19B V1M0 Wik Maiki 4 r.-v. PpMnf 14 .T UP WphliDrVartimiwt’-V
• Vtl * hiMM r.l WaiOuUr luv «'• ASIJ KafiCv Lw*. 4 klWiei-Y ASIA
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y ttx RmAu .Y I VY rp'l »tn»ri» Idiff ml'ft I * l.V YA. Wt.aJ
K n, I n Iuoxk AM 1 Ox m ¦ .Il)flyr2 Tm®*®* V Pin » ROT A
ampto JO *mnnj p-t-.j. Vwy pdf PU1«* 10 (J «W4j BirwcNaad
ciiiil to. Ppao* . R Pin I2S S044ETWtoO for notWh vom Un.aro
AM.I Eh4 ltr.il*u .f *«l. Fim'*V AM 41 ».nu .M.. liill*.n l*«
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AM A2 I itwi. Itlklr Uni lka m |*r * AM 41 ht*Ulli*i. iklit U 't *Y Ail it AiMn Unu In PU112S SOMETMMO FOR NOT PV' IS ST EMULATOR Rim A»n 8T Whm-y " ?« PU1171 PV72177S • COLOR CO*IS toinWod* ol mm .
Now ZltCtROCAO OEMO C PU'Ta uiTmaTf icoaa i PUT 7 4 TRONIC AO VIC ¦ .ni eiaNl .V I O’ 4 t anywriare nj» af auiotxwi on A1200' trough not all gamot will rLn|Som*thng for everyone' ASM T«»» HrfkfW* AxbI'm An Mli rt. • AM 111 Smin. U*.k»k A It r1 .Y Ml i *r. Ik.n iu, Kiuiui an a ixeyt on «Y AH IIT Unjl. »l, |4KI Z.n« A Uw' .Y Ail 1.1 Ifwr lnni.ijk.iii yanat kl vurai aa AMIM lv.k.M, R.,U I... Ati..nl.»’.r ASI IW (tv*. Knten II..... A I „t .Y AH IM T.lWfaA Tm. A M*n *m‘ -V ASI IW !*Ul lju» A r« ra ' .Y Ail IW Slil.h-kM mt lirvr «Y AM I Vi Cm. Caw IU.lt i Cku*. Ami "Y AM IK Uamnw I I.UI VI R(» a
t TeniT Y am i w n-4 w. im* i"A ii.rw-f .Y AUK- tula. L.mkA W -I AM IW (WtaraU V.M I ¦ . A Aw V«»-V -V AM I V4 Tyu II.* run. 11*4.4 U-pml -V AM l.l r«4l Vwa. IKVa. Wma M.-.man. * Ail'.' I MO OrtHT AM ’ Law... CinnWM « C1-IV«*».'.Y Alt 14 IW, n . II IM.*.t. A IUA7* .V AM •• DuUr ilun Mm a Omni !*•! • Y AH IS Tm Oun. Nlm a IMT -V AS T! Ballnif v r'.tlTMvrr A Uvwrtiu! *T AM'S UiklolWi.IMMMitaaPwi-.Y Ail tv Ikty Aa»i RraUmlwl .utewe II t Aim •' AM K Aon Mm Me HIM* TV U*to- rfc .Y AO*I An.tt.lm,. Iwi Ton A tmemkW •* AH K Anlkr.. SIM*. « Anal. 4lniwi.l AM A* Utamr- H-.J A SyMm.etti .T AS 44
ttiytu AlnAur A Crtrrl iY AM W IneftanUM* K IkNtlfiml i Ixhn «Y AX1*7 lm Ovibne jMm t.IW.ml A liUttm.
ASI» OrW» trl... A Urn' .V AM W Yt-f ll II. V li. .MO.A.-.Y AMVU IIMto Sum. A MmTWU •' Ml VI ban Har.* A JynUB»: -Y as11: an i»*.*.. a muk vmw .v Ail VI UwU a... -JL.| AS AIM A Aim M l i AS I ‘44 li). Ai«iltl» iVUM.ml A 1*40)' • AM w rwm l«i*,A» A H*f A Wr Up. ¦ AS I % Uwym Hyp Salpnm I H«« . .. iMW AMV? m MmUuin In. Mm V. wyW.r.'.' AM 'h Slul*u It* nm .mywj * N:vy irh1-T Ml : n*wkrui & Aker Inn a 5w " • y 4UM «Yl imi.|n.nlnr.iillV|r|.w.l J Ail ' 11 iNMiwii Oku rn Irmiidi II a Ym per r“™ AM I 15 Vif Irt vf(i| t«i i»4t Vat* Iw A Mai • All 114 B«ll..a4 f.lAAm' .Y AM IIT Ar.in Ir u Y.l«*(r A
Y **f«’ *Y AM l II mhi. Aman. 14 a TV u. IruW *Y Ml 1 iy Rihudi 1ymtiV«ii air* ra.-'wlutTT • AH l FoNMK l.|.. V..I.M A Iru'.Y Ail 111 (hanu* lUUii. Iliirhr* a W.rn' .Y PU3J7 ( I BENCH *11 -cw-d wlKMMI' (J) .
PU3JS ScronrHAYrr l-rogtanirer* deitnjpnanr PU31C S4.f4PI.CSS MWHT4 UK* .rlv lo- IZCO’Y nW74C*ir ilpw 1 * wmpnlnj to-... Snoop 1 ~o-- .r.4M. cartm* d..» )I3 pioo'k'i ¦ ltobt.«i*i
• to ID OuRJI rujel TV Tints OEMO S»wir«Wto Tiling t-urar RUJ7B
4 BIT UTILS Itand Z« 4 mort uteM UwtltS' PUT I AMOS PWWTtR
NOUTIHE for own Amo. V PUJ7J1PAHWT some ARB LM 1A mot*1 rJ.Ul
PUJT4 12CO UTILS 3 tfcra iw 1700 -nUtoai.Y auJTt QkaPHpAO Yi i
Bhararato oraptoca pnarv -' PUTRi Sptcmuta EMUU4TORVI 7 won* on
Alin puiaj sunNvwwtR *?* PUMJ I TO UT13I Gil 4 rci dOMtyptS
ttt’A Mu PUMSJI7 » aw. Ol M*m neo awW ml CZS..Y PWH POWER URLS
umi Winn n Cm Os' it FUM« WME44AKEH OwwUM to- miwrnMwr*' .»
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Ruizt fLOTTtft run n*» vh* *'- k I im hrMtfKc k y s HM Mrtklrw® Kaafs®. I«v A R*AiU ' el Ail l«i£ Fn»t S** . Rrleq*.S A w*1 *Y Ail IO n* Lmt ‘ K*.»ra. » a.« . ®AM A - FUSSt KJTE SIMULATOR Th* or*y on* PU3R7 IWCRO Aaoodaitk t HmMlk c«llrU».' .» PUTS* 1700 HO PREP for at 1200 ovntrel Y "UM* 17CO |_ PUV44 HD ClICK th. I.l.*l m.-or,' .Y PU3SZ GIAH8TS TP ALTAI QtNCHAICRS A PUTiJ ASI Fix OISK 3 Swan* ¦¦wtonl la a. y .:• Ail I'M Ail im IS« w«4UklVldW rTh Ail 1M Wat rt««* T kn fnt A (Wn' .Y Pule; PE PwhT UttlS lol* ol -aakX laA-Ungprnm-r PUJbf WUOEBASE RUUTRM Standaton* to.tUm.- VhMwl 444* AH
IJJ Awlkn. 11 Iwu A YiHm' *Y AM 124 M. A Mrv I ., n.n II a Item Wl|« 41 1} FUJRJ AS MULTTYSKM 2 knagtWl.Waip B TO fu»» ivonKirnoi i b*c*cSioui*os. Imoomy M5« HSCRIPT lo. V*Uo Ihmg' -V I W wjwpao u.,p»* *numonl|KI euza* ENQINCERS WT Tool mi Amq. .,.l*m' . • I ru» AUDIO ANNA "Oh S'VOto C-tet* yW-9""'•' I P601) BORN TO BE FREE aMd .nmal* .V P98JJ OEHUAk RAY TBACf Sugars Sa* Wet* U PSO«: KELLY S S Serw aoHPf HAM pictor** .Y l DYHA4NC MAM »-»7.4'7 *Ce» edlr fVIM PPAQt TEHPL4TE8,«Nir» W Y yuw Pinae PWO paclE KLP OS* E-lr»m*l» wMkil a ltd* tvt iTOonfiT i CAB-. Th. - a -u.l M-j-'.
PS0M SOMC i 8*ert) CmtAM 40W Cdour pet.
PsiIl ANALOOUC SLICE Riy rraood *u*t» pa' »S1« BVMAMC MRES 3.4 MMUV .y.urt, p» PS*57 ALCATRAZ MUSEUM Suo D ¦ Psl 15 Tmf OATMtNING »1 4lu-r.nj p«lu-r* h*f*' . ' P811TB NNHT8KB0 404 BUOcStHW 9B®ar12)1JBE Psn»CYNOSTK SLIDFSTOW V.p*rt! PKlum*!l20e !
SLOE I Itntoty pd lTOxH I g*o*t ;*4 cols.. plthjm.lTCOt-
() R I) K K I N (i VI A I) K K A S Y MV POST: send lour Name. Vildrns Order drliiils i»ilh a ('bequc IN) | tO It* *i»» «f llie riiinpanies listed MV I’llONK; Vllll Vs %t il li iour card number ex pin* dale and details for a Isi class wrticr. All major cards aveepled PI). PRICKS: I • 5 diiWx 12.WI per disk - ft - 25 riixks £1.25 per disk • 2h »r nwrr dKk arr xiiii nnli Wp per disk ’ POSI .( I*A( KIMi: I k Sop • I k 'RfCtirdfd IMIver ‘ £ I _25 • hunipe *25p prr disk • Resl nf World +5dp ptr disk RKMKMRKR: We stuck Kish l-Wd. Ihau 1-74. Smos. Scope. Siiaj;. Nmirus. miens h»is murv superb
PI) disks:: PLEASE NOTE: All dlaks on the advert should work on the Amiga dos systems unless otherwise slated I All disks wilh k tlflh should work on Ihe Amiga 500* & 600 machinos1 However there are so many ddforoni setups now in use It is becoming impossible to test lor every possible variation, so please US® some caution especially wilh A1500 2000 with various dos systems. COTV and ot course the now Amiga 1200 & 4000 systems Disks marked wilh a “V" should bo okay on th* A1200 4000 though obviously nol yet extensively tested Please lake care!
D ain Distributors (he i ttt i t a t o r s D IPG134 TOTAL WAX Tilt *1IIM) lit* M* WnB |PG127 Ainu AHA p«jo.T jm tram *.». PCI» CHEAT WC4WS 9k» d nm l2.
Pgi» PWJOitS O'*." Oana PO11’ ATLANTIS A rag, mnj U-MHJr GAMftS Thtf 4 a suporto coaecton & coloured copart mostly in Ham moOe (4006 cotours), thouqh so me Otuu»« Pan 4 PO»J ANTrr « 101 CaftS rv* (W'fl tAf-c- * POCC* ATC ATAC Am*. Patra*** b*~* . ' Hoiej BamEFCStt em»» *• ;«-¦
* * 16 Moors Can w Ioxsk) pio SsSm or any attar px*ape atiwXnq
ham pictures ‘ (OK on a00. 500*. 600. 1200 t 4000!)
Mm dunqeons of uaeeoj ExoB*anl PGIAO HIM) GAMSi Saw d TmMTUTn' PGM) AtoC.Ml Al THE ToaWI| = IAA ' AOACMuV (OK CCIMI WAPS AiMantJan SrAlaara. LUttaa1 CCUX8 MAPS. 9 W Cf-awMN****, auwoot.'
CCLOCO MAPS. Oanrun OkwB wh nmA' •
00. 004 MAPS. &A0II IMOS fllW fTUCO •V CCLC05 MAPS nsaa unnuni tn
n*p*( .V 0Ct:« UAP5 Um. U .n *.UMU .» COCO? MAPS U:«n,-a
«na Vt* *••». »«. .
Cocoa maps Nn.ru v* rag - * bapou1 •* cujcimafs. 5*"t ) ’.w* con: " ‘ POMi DHA0CM8 CaiT QIC Iff* 0*n» M*ai-' POOH ETERNAL FKSAE Vran*» A BoMlHOlS.
MOOAt HACK O'*4. Ui! KUNllO rtvnn |J,»I .Y pgo*? Icomox trivia s « Tima Qm*' • PO04B HOY CvlAi. ! • o' t*« Mil Tam Mni n. V PO055* CORE Cf PG082 WENT AC IMAGE i GlWUW 'fnaan 4 r*So»fiEi PGOU MORA OmaK tOMltj* ~o* H»W 5 *' .V OG0M NAIKXtOMC A AX SMOATOR A 01*01 (JJcm' DOOM! NO MANS I AND H a*2i m ainc ancoi *" «*)•' 63070 PFTtd? «5US» IM*. *- MiRP"1.
«*M71 r?;*! Pgv 0VTP«d I•** t O " I»- r« O. PQ0T2 PROPERTY MARKET *K(m • roo.i nApmeis PeitsOE Tune oktp rsocf.'.B POO?* «f IllMN TO EaflTl £•• POCiyvlMlTS - DSE Ac AMCC Ckj-1" '-f NSOtRSCUHI Saw. 1 Pii-21 Avi:. COUfi D*CK ;i O"--, m a. COO'i ? ACTC«4 1 auHAJPCSAH ' X, RUIM COD'S AIRCRAFT 2' VICws CO O' A WH3S • 12 S*» KV.
CaOHWBS, ' »Wor»»WPfKV» •* CO020 BIROS Xml Lon iw» tadeaureoin' CCUJ21 FAROS Mm, mr» W8 t*a fcWWOO' , aiWniuii;»H • i !«¦ o«t« whjA' CCUHSBROS «1(.1XSafM BM|Klpn .* 0CUBA BW40S. 131 13* Mcm Ort pomi .» CCUUB BftBS. Ucra mws tacu-** hw .V 00102'CATS 1 ISSutV-Ulptt.iisnmft' -v CCL02B33 OOCJS, 1 12*. Smx* 0*3 v * t ** «' • Y CCL016 (mowns I Uunufl •¦ucrwutlcttcr:. 1 CC10J? *3 FIS" 19? Sip« t*o saduat.i* *•*!•* CCUM1 nCMSRS 1 11 flwr MPMiuueaiH .i CO042 HOAtnS 1A 25 Ho * Iw pajiWxan ¦, COOO fK A€05 X V Uo'f lc-« KmiAEcrt.., CO?** 'K7AYFIS 30 50 M0'» Hmtr fKl «««Wm COO»5 newt «S M u» *t«««
un.HMtxm •, :ZVM ao*rt«r. Kka m;-. Inw ik» imour, m COO*? Aowtns ?v*? Ate-, r ‘jtim M !fi:u.i-* CO»M FUJWtRS 101 113 A*xt I caoec FvOWERS 11* '2? Oyt lost* pet mdnk.i COW noWtHS 12* 138 FPUIT 1 * pcs »,tjfnc« •, COOS? FBUH HICood pOuwlAkni •» caow FRUIT Mx« mu * H n Md uUdTI.'
COOMFBCNT1EB ' '3ivwpOjH*.K(u ii eatM HORSES 1 tE&MlfvyMCWMiMJur* .V COCO? HORSES 1? 22 P4®r» 1 * ajttKO* • r COCO* isoicIS n 2S SkaiuwUH .V CC'.BJ i«SACIs 2**1 lAn pea1 ajubxo1 »V CO080 INSECTS 42-W Mir* nMlI IJMXO1 . ' Ccltei INSECTS «l«. P.mtt-I ! I? UiuswU .V COM2 IN2ENTOSS 12 2* »AV* uuxuk .Y COM3 IW.'ENT:«S ;5 * UUJMALS I Id IHOBcu* .T CC104* AAAAIMAtS 1 * 28 Men *-*TUB .Y W0C41KOSTAWT F«t 10* UtiXI M4CMTQ »W»iY Df'X’?fl If A P* t PI AY Mitu MM* I3 «C 5-10 r* .Y PS'XR ST0BYIAM3 7 '*« 1'idvl Htni IT* ««h .Y PEC 10 TOTAL CONCEPTS AsTdOMOMY Bw to 04*. «Y 6EC11 TOTAl CCNCEm 0M3SAUHS 8o4* ai
* 4H..Y
9. V T*l« "Al imn nrro n :ir. ::i;iui« T-t aiphaseT **•¦ i Ptvi*
TYPMQ TUTCR wh»i Bui; RE:t«ruW5D'RAurHC«akT«AMNr»llBdl • DE;0:
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180) 1 EASYCAIC A split .«* Fax I pw» * e*-H * ik»t-p* 1 Its:)*
L.N06 LABELS s.f : WIKI' mamma: •- *:.«
CC. ii ' mamma: U A.' vrt .r.-. Ccl 06 MAMMALS » 102 a' l ?*'i
GO 0CD MAMMALS -mi n GO cm UAUUAL-:-Zl •*• MX4M.i* CCUJ'l
UAMMAiS 1*2-158. * INSrHjMENTS ' »' GY CCL0?2 nstrcpaEnTS *24
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PC215 FAIRHGHT 74? UnauM * iwwng iMyyu- ' PGJM F.NGOOU AT WAR Ht» muw *W M"* • * PQ2S* ICO CREAMS * vt«P ICO o«iymi .Y «i25 ThE EjW-0u5E EnTrM.TS jMinr PO»* AOA TETFW 1200 Wl font » mu' Y PG259 PICTURE Pu22cE Set uou* igur.. P02fl&- Htm ECU 4-BirfJif* |*| *y PQ282 AGA CM* SS A-** *- ; d -MY 1; A POME BOX AP.PITJOE POW? SLAAIBAU. V1 1 Fjuvnc Mngmn »•" .y PlJ??? MAYHEM 2 MmHu.m iriAf*; *ui» 9irra' .V P52?} Ml.Yyct Uo-., rui r.; ,-gyu MWCnUY PIG2?* RCUiETTE * PUNTO 2 ?»c* iiki i.JHY P«7S H.ITZ GAMES IY0IP DUIDM SpttUilTimKMi.* Poi-.’V to 0CYMP1AD 2 OKA. L*ofrevg 0,rrpt n HI?..Y HC'JII
CAVERKJHT SiT M AMU* '•* OMCKMi 0WT*.Y PGM3* t KORCISM Cka3 2 Otn * N*' is* 0'MY-e*.v RG286MYSTIRY ?'**A& fto* WtlaOmMual .V 632»W ‘P.CES-V'TY RclAlHltXS Aitm-.m* toatal.'
P02»1 TITANIC CHEATS FT Ml AUCXO MAGIC) i.pH I'KIB'I Oil) 01 on I FTP*? AUDIO MAOIC* Mara Sucarb mj« pragran*' PT0AB13 MOOLAES 3 Atti ol Inga name am*at**1.
RTB»S7 HETAIMPPLK.ISJ' M H HT04*b2 BREAK BEATS 3 dlala o anim ¦ FT0536* VOCALS 3 ilMfl 01 » «• 1X*11 PTOUITO DRLARLtTS 1 fafa U ¦'•»- PT0l17)KO«GraMPll5 Jill PT074 78 PURE SAAIPLfS Lola ol H Pti.U 4LMPLF FLCT0B-V Oh) lul ol aou-d.
PT57B CrtPVAN SAMPLES gv* V-p-" PT04O XI RAVE SAMPLES Baa. * O-u-a .YL FDA I SAMFLtMAKEH Y) .1 Mall Mir«H* aT PT9B2 CLASSICAL MODULES On * c' PTJ4U licruc ENG.F4I VI M » I'T rt NO SAMR FR UTLIT1E3 k Pito! CmfiAL). 4AUPLF? I Uo.. ..my. Plot: CHURCH IAJSK: BaNjeu* aonl. M. PTOM X-BCA1 VI 1 EaalaH d.um iwan ft:« auwo made: 3oit« kih t P0(c;- ALARM UEGAKMO Al- In* rOK am: . P0005 AMOS 30 OEMO S?*»m ten* «
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PD0» 500G4T* CrftDMUM Sjh-y Ditto .Y PC M4 SCOCPTX CATN1 Al HANOOVEB AdoK.
PD1303A ALCATRAZ CCMSSY Wr.' CP on 500.'
K) ii* DECAYfl£T OV5&5ED u»a*V
P. JH NTEN8E A OYMI " • ihxi a? J ROW THUllST Outl CfllW «e 204MI
»»**,. PG258 'AYAC M-.'.IIS J -.««?: NM, MOM iD.Y PCOW AS I
WODPBEMCM GAMI 5 Goal Ml cP »Mr«. .
POK0 A3IYFWKNCH GAME5 « Am, KM raw .» POJOt 2 UOTCRCAA ON RVACCRS Fflr 12C0 CNCYM2 ram mad f ajhtih f*d fo v*no? 11 boo out PCOO* KUNO FOO CPARclE Cr*M m pufow.* POKR? K1CM3KE I AOA t«»l*i' j A*A* 1X0 CNU | ART ?f I PTOCB 0ELUXC MUSIC DAT A DISK for D4ACS .Y PT068 Al IFF SAMPLES F.Bulom umpni .
PT011 KAWAi K1 MlKvr kr pmtn hang*«' PT51I KAWAI K4 MINX M iMv*1 PT013 MED 12 CatR**rt name M4 . V PTC 13 MIDI OtSK Varaoua nadi aluM .
PTVW ST-91 - 5T-19 SmrpMo-Rlnj tor omaa.
PTBZ54 ? B ST409G SAMPLES Siudo guaMy. Y FT821 YAJAATLA OXT Y04Ct FBIR lor 0X7 *,nthl' AGAM SPACE QKFK-.r Sla .
AUA« iPA.lt PplSt i__| ABAZB BIRO Of PREY. IMP NwfS AGA}? Toeus Gets KNACKERS Ch*ca Ipa oul • " A0AJB TOTALLY WlCKlO I SDUlIM A Cl?
PTU1 3 3 STJf? -» 3 di)L» 4JI I.* PIBM 3 ST*7 * M Mora aanpaa '.V PT0M YAAIAHA DX130 tX»ll 6*1*6X11 i FBI" .
FTWt 0CTAR4IP V? 1 Chmw MEO a-* *,, .
I. W. P030 5QA TKI.: 0983 5 29 594 I- A X : 0 9 8 3 8 2 1 .n 9 9
TEL:0 9 I 5 8 7 119 5 F A X : 0 9 I 5X7 1195 AC A. Cl.IFFP. HOUSE. PRIMROSE STREET .KEIGHLEY, BD2I 4NN.
TEL: 0535 66 7 469 .tostorCard] )n Ihe I FAX: 0535 667 469 STILL THE BEST!
IS A eft a :jh iT4 IM 47*
• ¦¦I 411
* M «.fi)
r. ,V ??e : 14 I'Ll IW IM yu lb.'
145 :ji* :.*i 1*1 L'l ll*
15) !.«?
HA (fig l& a IBM 10 4k i a VXV MIU
* S r U V4I VIII ut Vfl m Bl.Uk piuMjrrcpiiiviiuiiM
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tar KM Star LCM-HWM T«*ka*»kft!ini -*WViv BUCK mwnrfiwruMi A«M
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LOW SkrLOIV2W ('¦nonBJ-lttOCtftriitt CnmmodortMKIZTKiriri r HP
DnLjrt C«rtridj» dkiuMr up.1 HP Dnld« Tri-Otar Ctrtrifet HP
TmnKJrt yUljd 10 Disks £5 25 Disks £12 LIS 50 Disks £21 £31 IOO
Disks 06 £56 250 Disks £83 £128 500 Disks £162 £238 100 Cap.
Lockable Disk Box £5.99 ttilh orders of£10* ____ 2pntru'dki.
!rror Free .ahels. PrtfnranUtd iUSDOSI divkv imilibk il All Disks Certified 100% E and INCLUDE FREE I Miscellaneous Items
5. 49 4vV
3. 99 yn .',99
3. 99 Hull KMW 3 ' Disk I .i.Kr-K 3':" DtiU Inning Kit i'arallri
Printer CaHr (I.Bm Mouse Mui
X. W 199 .‘.9V 0543 250377 King us or send cheques to: 0543
250377 ¦sa Owl Associates Ltd, Dept 156, Owl House, F i 5 The
Brambles, I .iehficld, SlalTs WSI4 9SE _Ojirttl(Tiwrrnwrw
t'Jiaiirrirouf iinhri irki-mr_Bit OB Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners
& Disks til & .141 Jil 245 ITU JUS S'S 1L« 2.7U 51 4.'5 ll
.145 JJ» 19* ITS Ut .'.21 112 I.W !» S.'S JUU 1H
3. 1? .VK Ring for Kihlmns Not Listed.
I*« «ch 1113 ml.
1414 each SiRrtrii 12 13 mb Hr DeAjrt TrkCdw CsUMp Krdll IUW rich Inkjrt RefBh (Twin Parky fur Cum ttJ-l'K2(l, BJ3W, (IP DrvAjrt UiAiblc in Black. Ivin, tagtwU, V rll.m. Rrd. Blur, Brown, I «ht (irtro. Dark (irren. Rod (laid.
I PxkCII.M. 1* tacks £1«.Mn. 5* Pucks W.VJn Lrin i n(nV lLJ[ EATjilhM All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ TA%) & UK Delivery 3M" Disks & Disk Boxes Inkjets. Ink Refills & Toners HI* Luwtjrt U1U Tftrt ttflnte 4L*| «fb IIP IIP,'IIIP lunrr Cartridp 53.14 ruch Ring For Inlyets & Toners ol Listed.
CPI & Monitor Oust Cover Monitor Dust Cover HI) Column Printer Dm! Cow Amiga 500 Owl Cow Amiga 60U Dust Cuter Amiga 1200 Dust Cover Printer Ribbons Connects C64 printers to the Amiga
• Supports MPS. DPS. VIC. Star. Brother, Seikosha & Citizen
• Graphics output on dot-matrix printers • Works with ail
software Transfers C64 disk files to the Amiga
• Pile transfer programs • Read Write text, binary & program
files Standard "Ami-64-Link £35.25 Prices include VAT and
delivery Budget "Ami-&4-Lmk" £23.50 Budget stops multi-tasking
duoogprinting WHAT DOES IT DO?
Compute A-Race* s a V3oe*tacipg Rredcoon (vpyem wntten ocknntty lor the The pcvym tn predict recn, K*ect txtt, cricket? R*tv n and »o • »«* * on rnost atpectv of BrRKh Hors* Racing IS IT COMPUCATEO TO USIT No featiees an ease o( use fo» both (Tie 1st wne Bu,«r and more otxnrixed user aike within daw nputtng j race wtn oecome second nature Win I Nf 16 AIOUaA UkiaTKT no Rt-dtwyitd for lon -ttrm use The firm Edition n tlx ONLY prediction ceoyam e*er need No further purchase n necessary WM|N SNOULO I ORDER COM ITf-A ACE*?
NOW Fee a tinted period orfy, we are providing personalsed Master Psks (please include fiil name w*h order 1 COMTUTE-A-RaCE. - THE F1NAI EDITION - tl9.*9 (Matter Osk, Data Du*. Manual, Wallet, labeK) As tenured in Tne Sporting Lite ORDER NOWi Amiga-64-Lin k 1 • Links C64 peripherals to Amiga parallel port
• C64 £Joi required COMPUTE-A-RACE+ £19.99 THE FINAL EDITION PHI
Vork Electronic Research (0904) 610722 » The Paddocks, Jockey
Lane, Huntington. York Y03 9NE Cheques P.O. payable to
HANDISOFT (Mail Order ONLY) Handisoft, 37 Hearsall Lane, Spon
End, Coventry, CY3 6HF The Final Edition 1-9 disks £1 each
10-19 disks 85p 20+ disks 80p South Lines PD Large selection of
Amiga PD Shareware (over 2,200 disks) including: Games,
Graphics and Animation, Utilities, Music, Demos, T-Bag, Fred
Fish Disks 1-900, Assassins Games Disks1-130. Below is a
selection of titles available LTEST ASSASSIN GAMES WKM HHF
CENTRAL LICENCEWi add 75p for P&P per order TOTAL COHCfPT
...14.50 .14 50 ...15.50 ..,.15.50 ,„X55Q ...15.50 .13.50 £3.50 iPHICS AND ANIMATH ...15.50 .13.50 ...14.50 ...13.50 ...1350 ...15.50 ,,13.50
• 1350 ...13.50
- .13.50 ...14.50 .13.50 ...13.50 ... £3.50 ...13.50 ...14 50
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MUSIC AND SOUND 5075 Gad Boyz* (Ram) (P) 60 5 Komate Daree ;P; 5110 DAW TwttiPi CLU28 CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Acwmlure CLI32 POWER TEXT 2 Excrtent Word Processor »Sh spell check 'At supply me fUl range ot ClR sot:*a t- ard atxm are yust a lew of ire teles avarBOe. Fut details are on our calafce r as. Postage aro Pac*agjigorry50p when order coreansCLR software.
DEMOS 61UVowC8J Pj 6101 TimeZone 2D) (TRSIJ tP) 6102 Wcttfl SersstKYi (2D| IP) 6103 AfctM A OmcgA II |30, iPi UNBRANDED 3X” BLANK DISKS DS DD 10-£5.00 50-£21.00 100-£40.50 200-£72.50 500-£169.00 )WER SOFTWARE GAMES Sn* pra if? E««n?n| Tow Sdhwr Ge s jrui Vtrftnty, SeKhd Sdiiaire £30115 ewslern Ca-d Games). Serious Soruure II £30 !15 Mere excelent Card Gamesi.
Servxs Backga-nrcr £20 (The best 8a:kg3mmx, game ou can grt on the Amiga Comes complete trim mvuall.
Maxra £10 (African Kurd gome, reputed* the wixids odes*, game, Tower Software prices include PAP QUICK SHOT II TURBO JOYSTICK ONLY £9.50. LOGIC 3 MOUSE (300DPI) ONLY £14.95. P&P INCLUDED.
I l OO* arc A6W wnpWWe. ••IMP. I20)=2 4k» (307-3 risks etc .v yByrWorWroncr, needed to run.
Ail Dtanh disks are 100% certified & guaiantcod. Prices include label, postage delivery and VAT. Catalogue disk only 75p or send 3 x 24p stamps. Add 50p for outside U*t. All orders o» PO tent same day by first class post, Postage & Packing edd 75p UK. £2.50 Europe (inc. Eire). £4.00 Rost of the World, payment in stoning ptow C edvcs postai orders made payaote to South lmcs pd South Lines PD, , 10 Linden Rise, Bourne, Lines PEIO 9TP. Tel: 0778 393470 jAC) 107 Eaukc 4 in a Row etc xa io8sw*wi. New*, otww AslCePsjcoMwt WtMlK AS 310 S»a Besae. The Zer* «c AS 1J1 mmr WOT12, Bit, Origin AS 112
Tluidsiton. M*na Tmn. Step 21 Asm3TfSTftwa.ftJW«c AS 114 ns4tfc*s 2. Run. Yin etc 216A GrrU Of SdXT SkJObflw (P) 2198 5«eei Rfver je (l.SAfe) iPi 2290 lrcit3:dni WofS to Dk (Pi 2279 Saving Cert kowrt* ilmml (Pf 2281 S(»«l limft (t5MBi |30| P 2283 T»o Stroke Eiyne 4rtmatcn (Pi 2284 Steam Er re Anim V2* iW lanua V2.0 (40) (Pi 41MT*ItPt 3;Pj 4108 NorthC V1.3120) (W Hl IP} 4119 MED 33.21 ;MujiC EottO T 413?S9«n(lTr Mf2.6 Pl 4161 Epixn V Eo?5 Odyssey i5Ci iPi na Al306i 6095 Jftui 44 E's |20( i2 Os«! Tpl 6098 SUB of ihe An (Pi 6098 Sard) Woitd 01 Commodore (Pi 5043 Iron Msden |P) 5060 (kr« &
ftoses* lYour C«ijl |P) 5072 V*a mmi iEruptiwi IP) IV1120D rssr caieodari 4163 Lean 4 fta, Pus (P| 2286 GnwMn tom iDroaitBi* (PY 2290 Siwm Jokp |2Mb} 120) P| 2292TbtCltSMnt)9V(P) 2295 Ataira) Museum iP) 2302 Dumit) Time I5M6J (4Dt'P; 2303 lemmr's Revere |2Vb) (P) 2365 At The fa (2.5Mb! (2Di IP) UTILITIES 4166 Acen* Y4,18 (Pi 4167B8«ellV5.5'P!
4170KJCna:eraf lW R(Pl 4113 Kick 13 |ttOOEmiMton(P!
4177 MmSho Ornese Astrcnoe |P) 4179NCommV3.0(Pi 4163BcotXV553iP)(W 1.3) ASI 115 StttM Snoot bp. Sharn! Etc Ast 116 BtJt 0»rcr»a 4.1»ch. Sonnr* kSillTArWMtor YmplMe ASI 118 Zcmtwi. Amrinres 14 ASI lid RoccuUr Sceel Tie’ra).
AS l JO rmttwtt', Su6h aw.iw! te ASI 121 cimnw Matssoe et AS 122 Pijiki fkiHWi tenantlctc AS 123Miln». Unwtwt YjWaf AS 124 Mf S Nts. TevKWi. • 956' AS) 125 NamEgare. MaCW.de, Snake AS 126 SftrtOU. KrtMftfXa tm
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Gladeoors (Sideshow 20| |P» 2314 Gore Slcesxw iPi 2315 m Sdnm
* h Hum'3MM!30F 3316 Bonds lasi&axJ* Jpi 41411 4182 CtcsuMvd C
neater vl.O (Pj 418S LSD 120 fPC Talk V203KP) 4188 Co Mn
Untimtotf Sfofl 93.11 F 4187 KlickStart 2.0 ;*600 Emjaton 4168
Assassins 41200 R Osk 4191 Super Viewer V3.4tPi 6105 llusron
(Farii 9| IPI 6106 BcuncTm V&d iNwnet) (P) 6107 Desert Dream
iKclrons) (2D| IP) 6109 Maty (Raje) |2D| |P?
5113 Took M, Love* (Hot 14) (P) 51141993 Owe Wl* (Not 1JMPJ 5116 TM Tnp (Rbw 0W*)5 I CLE01 WMOSALflS?
£tamis Wih pktm juwtied by NASA ..3 Disks Ufig Birgs & ther surrwrtfng} .._..._3 Disks Tm Sun & Panats. Iks ot CrtM Rcun....-------.3 Disks More Drosam rcudug Vetoelwioi ---------3 Dttks- OTHER EDUCATIONAL TTTIS Gusar tutof (tunrg, chords etc) -----------1 Dsk Sa Moon. PIMM A1500 Slav- ----------------1 Osk.
A co ete Amiga DOS reference ’Book*__________3 0«*ks S« of guitar ewrcisas ----- ......1 Oak Ptawe. Wb. TrnT, trees. 802A«em----------2 Disks A Winers gate_______________________IDuk Tjio'is ad Tor tne turn ---------------------1 tHk The Comtiett Twot TmlfltOf -----------3 DfShS 8 kucxoibi Junes ly ymrg tfrtdnm 7 “*?r* pmn sv Hvg ChiiJtr Ted A Dagiams ----------- Sake, at sea rfo pictures etc Deles Rxecaster and frenslatof &eero uds ooiouHng program-.... .
UTILITY TITLES Fo- oeawig smooth socdrg wdao idles Learn lo touch property.- ..... fo' prodxirg p»e f ads, bar chats etc Supert) CfosiMfd Anagram 9aiwf.._ KeeopackofwiirDankwcoirt.. . Kao track o! Hems you hfttn ««k Altows you to print out Irwoces ------ E96V to uw.
Make the most of your coverdisks Manual, pegboard and sample animations Only £24.99 (including UK carriage; Get up and running quickly with this comprehensive, well written manual which takes vou through every feature of this great program.
This offer also includes a pegboard - to help keep all the cells to be digitised in the correct place - as well as sample animations, _ Order form Send !• Amp Compalti| III* 2 Ober* liiropieis Eidarpmt Europi House Aplwjlofi Pari UacOediek Skli 4NP ii il you art payiag by credit card yM can laltphwia K?S HUM Allow 28 days lardtMry Oversew readers wMI be Utarged carnage at cast Piease call Rombo m *4 S06 414631 to lind oul flw cMl d carnage lo year cawntry Please send me... !?
| J Vidi Amiga 12 at (74 IVM) | Please deliver my goods lo !
I Addrm I I-- Taka ? Manual ptgboird and sample ananaliona al (24 »»(UK| Name (IMInMaAMu).
Pen then digitise the outlines from paper, while live video and sampled sound can be synchronised for the most amazing results. This bargain saves you £30 on the normal price.
"It's fast, smooth and produces outstanding picture quality with ease" Amiga Computing. May 1943 For more information on Take Two or Vidi Amiga 12 call Rombo Productions on 0306 414631 | Postcode In | Ctttqvf postal order payabl* lo Rambo Productions Ltd.
• n | J Creddcard i "TTin n rm n j Card Mo . __ I 1 J 1 1 1 ,1
J LI | Expiry data li Daytima Send lo Amiga Computing Fusion
Paint Ohcrf, Imedlat, B3 tdlton foad, St Ives, Huntingdon Pi 17
4LF, or M you are paying by tredlt card you ran telephone 0430
496688. Allow 28 days for delivery.
Push your Amiga Computing Christmas CoverDisk software to the limit - learn just how hard you can make it work with this excellent manual The Fusion Paint manual is both well written and comprehensive. The Quick Tutorial section takes you through every essential operation, from the Startup Window to Rubberbanding.
This user friendly book also contains a detailed reference section, including paragraphs on menus and the collection of individual tools. The trouble shooting section provides invaluable assistance. It's a bargain at only £6.95. Take 2
- and two more!
You already have the very latest Take 2 software - on last month's Amiga Computing CoverDisk. Now you build on this super program with these two special offers I Get it together with Fusion Point!
Upgrade to Vidi Amiga 12 Only £74 (including UK carriage) Become a movie director with Vidi Amiga 12 and grab your way into video animation, Working with Vidi 12 I you can interface Take 2 direct to any video source, I camera or recorder. Using a camera vou can trace with a It's Christmas and Santa's dropped an extra large jiffy bag down the Europress chimney. Adam Phillips opens his seasonal stocking to As usual, a high standard is very apparent in this month's round-up of software. From business to games, it seems that the unsung programming heroes of the software industry out there just
Keep getting better and better... find out what the PD PUBLIC u libraries have given y* us for Yuletide... JjlliW X wJNl World of Manga Produced by: Comax Available from: Graphic F X Disk No.AA 018 First up is World of Manga from Graphic F X who sent some interesting stuff in for review this month. This is a guided tour of what must be nearly even- Manga character ever drawn.
There are 40 AGA only slides in all on four disks presented in hi-res interlaced graphics. One of the most impressive features is the superb fade thru to the next image lhat the programmer*; have managed to pull off. The transition is silky smooth and really gives the whole package a very professional look.
The only negative point is that the images are not on Amiga DOS so there for cannot be lifted out and used elsewhere.
That aside, if you're into Manga and its ultra violence, ultra titillation and pounding action, then this is the perfect companion to the video cassettes stashed on your living room shelf.
Road to Hell Programmed by: Philjp G Harle Available from: Graphic F X Disk No: GA 069 Fortunately, this rather good overhead racing game is in no way related to that miserable, whinging song by Chris Rea.
Programmed by PG Harle, Road to Hell is a fast, edge of the seat, one or two-player chase round narrow bends and fast lanes to win the race and earn as much cash as possible.
Choose from the three different championships, Bronze, Silver or Gold and you’re placedfat the bottom of the league to take part in several races against either the computer or a friend with the intention of ending up the winner.
As race starts, the first thing noticed is the smooth scrolling and the hectic speed of the action; 180 degree comers to shoot round, kerbs to be avoided. If hit too many times, the car is destroyed and all is lost.
The action can be viewed either as full screen or split screen to see what the opposition is up to. As you progress through the game, more and more money is amassed which can then be spent in the shop on power steering, better tyres, armour plating, turbo chargers, smoke screens and what every racing sim needs, missiles to cripple the opponent, Road to Hell is packed with exciting features and professional touches that really show off the standard of shareware on the Amiga.
It would have been nice to have more cars on the track than just yourself and the rival driver but as it stands, this is a professional piece of software with attention- holding gameplav.
Beetle Produced by: Unique Styles Production Available from: Express PD Disk No: P431 Strange game this one - guide a lump with dangly bits for ears around a series of platforms collecting what look like baby grubs which, once fetched, whizz off to the top of the screen and are deducted from the amount that need grabbing. The Produced by: Instinct Another demo, supplied by Express PD, is Instinct, a collection of different artists' work making up a portfolio ol over ten pictures.
Running on any machine, this is quite an impressive gallery with varying different screen resolutions showing different styles of computer art from Frank Frazetta copies to Walt Disney images.
The music accompanying the show is laid-back and sexy jazz-like stuff which suits the display well. It was interesting to see the reactions from the male population as it drifted across the room - stampeding feet followed by sighs of disappointment at the lack of naked women. Never mind.
No, not the Ml but a series ol high speed, uncluttered without road works race courses Calling all PD libraries... ...and individuals with anything remotely worth my while having a peek at. If you want something released as PD. Or you're a library with stacks of hot new stuff that you haven't seen reviewed in these pages yet, why not drop me a line with a copy, full documentation and everything clearly labelled. I promise I'll at least look at your work.
From music to education, business to utilities - anything you feel deserved your shoving onto a floppy disk, lemme at it and I'll do the rest Address?
Adam Phillips, PD submissions, Amiga Computing Europa House. Adlmgton Park.
Macclesfield SK104NP Programmed by: The Terminus Team Available from: Pathfinder PD Disk No PG209 Why is it that many of PD’s classic games are based on old. Nostalgic software?
Perhaps it’s because they are relatively simple to program or that the wnters don’t have any original ideas of their own Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because games like Boulderdash hark from a day when gameplay came first and graphics second They seem to have an ageless playability that people never tire of and that can be continually enhanced and developed into better games. If you look at the average Mega Dnve chart these days, most of it will be taken up with platform clones with incredibly pretty graphics but gameplay that hasn't advanced since Manic Miner on the Spectrum.
Rebouldix from Terminus Team in Sweden could, at first glance, simply be shovelled off into a hole like so many games of this genre, filled in and engraved “Here lies another Boulderdash clone - rest in peace”.
Indeed, with the price tag for the full working copy being £18. You might think it would be a justified epitaph when you start Sort out oil financial worrln with thh lurely little earner to play. That's exactly how I felt but.. What makes this game so refreshing when compared to the usual carbon copies is that it's more of a sequel to First Star's classic than just a copy. As with the original, the player controls a little miner who digs around the screen collecting various glittering jewels while avoiding being crushed to death by rocks, traps and monsters of varying different sizes.
With this latest upgrade of an old idea though, there is much more to do. Each level on the demo disk presents a different mix of arcade skills and strategic planning.
Switches must be thrown, diamonds collected in the right order, difficult puzzles solved and many other touches.
The graphics are effective and clear and are quite varied for this kind of game.
The gameplay is very challenging and it will take some time for even the most experienced player to get through the more fiendish levels on the demo. If £18 still sounds like a M then check out the sample disk to see for yourself what a refreshing breath of fresh air this is. Recommended The Small Business Pack Programmed by: Various Available from: CVB-PD Disk No: U294 If You're thinking about starting a new company and are worried about the distinct lack of management programs or the prospect of coughing large sums of money up on single packages, then this offering from GVB-PD could be
the alternative you're looking for.
Chock-a-block with utilities of all sorts, this is an absolute bargain at only £6.
Every program has full documentation and can be printed through one of the 27 printer drivers available.
Utilities include Stockbroker for share management, expense and chequebook reports for bank account managing, a memo pad, a Secretary for efficient file and Workbench operation and many, many others - even a "nag" to hassle you I .
r. .. r r 'JY- jr.;. , OX OX Oa OX Xv vX XO XO X” XO OX OX OX OX
xo OX XO XO ox ¦;,x xo xo VA OX w. ox XO f xo Sx xo OX r va
V 9 I ft » 1M XO OX w a a & a a b b A U A 1 b ilox xoxoxo xo'XOV.O XO
* ox ox Sxkx ox ox xo ox xo xo xo xo xo ox ox ox ox ox XO OX xo
xo ox ox xo xo ox ox Wir your ipocr hopper through the k*eh
pkUng 9 roar grubi but keep on eye on the beetle ¦w in this
demo version is to beat the bee- ¦ to the top of the garden
wall by going as Qnckly as possible through the 30 levels.
Power-ups can be grabbed to aid progress through the multitude of screens Ringing from pogo sticks for extra jumps and swords to slice through the enemy to Invincibility from the dastardly garden creatures.
If you’ve got a friend round then slap a prstick in port 2 and play the special two- player mode where each space hopper has
• d grab their grubs and rush to their individual exits.
On top of this is a level editor which is ¦sly partially operational on the demo but
• hows off the flexibility of the program by [ giving the user
the opportunity to design any course they like using the in
game images.
There are some nice touches with the graphics and variety in the gameplay. For a fiver, here’s a neat, professional little game that's well worth taking a look at.
Filritettr VI.I V OX OX through the Amiga's audio and voice capabilities when you want reminding of something.
This is an impressive array of titles which cannot be given justice in such a small space - order them and check it out for yourself.
Assassins Games Programmed by: Various Available from: Assassins Disk No: 138 Assassins Carnes seem to push out untold amounts of games each year, some ranging from the simply abysmal to the very good (a bit like Psvgnosis really).
This latest collection is a perfect cross section with the three games offering etfimples of poor, average and good titles.
Starting at the bottom of the quality bucket, we have a computer version of air hockey. In the original, you hit a puck that floats millimetres above the table on a bed of air which is knocked back and forth between the two players until it lands in a goal; the same applies to this version.
The vast arsenal at your disposal, choosin the power of the shot, pressing fire am crossing your fingers.
The more hits made on the opposition the more money you make which can thd be spent at the armoury on projectile!
Such as single shots, dirt balls to creak cover for yourself, mega nukes and moun tain missiles which can e out huge chunk of landscape - there are 26 offensive am defeasive weapons in all.
The presentation and graphics are of I high standard - when the ground is hit i crumbles smoothly away leaving a gapinj drop.
An addictive and strategic title, thi Assassins 138 compilation is worth buying for this game alone.
Being a two-player game only, air hockey is works relatively well but is unlikely to raise blood pressure and adrenaline levels above those found in a corpse. The graphics are very basic and little effort has been put into the front end of the game making this the least recommended of the bunch.
Galactoid, the second title on the compilation, is a competent vertical shoot- 'em-up in Galaxians mould where enemy ships sweep onto the screen, gather in a formation and swoop down on you dropping missiles.
There are plenty of vary ing stages with different types of aliens and also special levels where a complete wave of marauding enemies must be wiped out to receive the maximum bonus.
Position the turret juit right and *tore a bullieyr with a mega nuke destroy the aliens with relative ease If you don't mind the repetitive nature of this genre and fancv a cheap blast then Galactoid will fill the gap until something better comes along.
The third and final instalment is Scorching Tanks, a great two to four player "hammer the hell out of each other" piece of software.
The premise is simple - up to four tanks are placed on a scrolling landscape and must destroy each other. This is achieved by aiming the turret at a certain angle, selecting the weapon you want to use from Finally, vour single turreted ship mav be upgraded into a two-gun mega blaster with the aid of a falling power up - this increases the size of your craft considerably, making it an easy target but helps to IUP 6240 NX1 2UP 0 1*0
* 4 4 ** I*** Mn CREDITS 1 Hit nkira W f thf puek botk and farth,
baik and forth, batk on.., Blast everything Contact addresses
Assassins Ripley Avenue, North Shields NE29 75A Express PD 47
Aberdale Road, West Knighton Leicester LE2 6GD Graphic F X PQ
Box 69, Manchester M21 2BN 061-860 4292 (8am-10pm) GVB-PD 43
Badger Close. Maidenhead SL62TE 0831 649 386 (Make cheques
payable to GV Broad) Pathfinder PD 41 Marion Street, Bmgley
BD16 4NQ 0274 565205 I 8LIC DOM AI SOFTWARE Q 13 O c z ?
N m J3 O ORDERING PD DISKS PRICE PER PD DISK £0.89 CATALOGUE DISK V0L.1 ... £0.50 CATALOGUE DISK V0L.2 ... £0.50 POSTAGE & PACKING £0.75 Overseas orders. Use the above prices, then add 25% el that total, to cover the extra postage costs. Thank you.
Cur and tnlnwful ptaUnrm nwip I RONDMINE 13 Boclder Dmh at it's
very best!
1 non NtOMM VM Broad aca .crsico of Ihn imrtdiMe lonuns gr fa tap miHkm users- The most popular onr *oor .l fcw 2 DISKS) Slir.D TV.ARS Famnsy slideshow auag ihe ACA chqnci. • AINKI ONLY-.
(DMGALAXY *3 ¦ LuuLi Ukf UiUuuu. Nke scltilllny ItaiK ?t -nut a?o I »H AREXX USERS REFERENCE MANUAL - Euensirr
• atu.il on ih AREXX programming langiuge. • NOT A5IKV BI.OCkMER
Troi Light Cycks game with ttrtco designer LU ChilJlMENS
FAVfKIRlTES 2 Si* iur*ey rhymes ».tb
M. worth and musK U vng-a-long hi I *i: AMDS Nriunnuml Designer
«2.t.l Oak Wirtheni* 2 0
• yk fram cndi l« you Amm pregramaics e l».su ihe haaalc. Yen f»
Ok screen seft menus, baomi eu and save Ihe source pdf hen
simply load a into AMOS ISLAMB AIJ. L utiaisia: inanaccmeac
game bused on : i: ARNORMI I V ISM F .1 IV allcmal.vt J.-A A«|i
Features from ITO'i to B«t Ven »nnl ‘ STIRLING ENGINE ANIMATION
Detailed crou icvnoo Sl«l-g cngBc Xl) INVENTORY s2 Ruiines*
’..ftware U holil inlonuim « M control. Vial! Wages. Plus a
dalahasc for o III tUMMt • Learning lull f.e cifSl Imni.,4 mm
a M CiliniiiunvrfiMm ImWg ilgn language, mmsc tialc Itnlf, etc
13M 57 IIIHSKM AMERICAN FOOTBAIJ, Mbmiv lutimtl «Ihe conflict
rates m unregio wed uuh* dm i[xn G56WG27l)(2 DISKSi IIHli HOLE
BnUuni Golf game Cor I ce 2 players Ml SATURNK W SI.IDEMK »V
Man picuttcs «f different nylc* and subicciv from fantasy to
Jafunesr cartoon* aB V good AW Jl R.lSsIC P VR VI AX Unllum
tlidnkivw ol many ttcious INMjuai -a.illt uhlrJ ten uihtniaum m
Dent .lualmtlii t K7I in I V (Jl I.ST ItgMy mctl 3D wwrtrv
anvnV [tir lc paw again* tie dock.
1) 0* TEXT ENGINE *4.1 the BUST PD need processor sasI p* ino
Indude* fully mlcrgtaUv] cll chcvkc A must’ t’JOS SWERVIEWER
*2.4 - SlidoN** creator «ilh rumple* ' UK ELECTRONICS CAD
( programme* LiectroCAD J Fnnxypn Cunpuw Aided Design piugf
amines Inf LsM mik pojiVll Y finut A J07 AMOS l*KIM».K ROUTINE
Cum GFX pimct ratine* Iik yuui Aau pnioawu protects.
HOB cii FONTS COLLECTION VOU'Mi: 4 rhulren nu.ee I'onyugrapliK font* f.* Dll' ami Wool Pnvcwio *liirt me then* Til RAGE ISSI E 91 - Dnk magazine with News. Review*. Amm Help. Amiga IXJS tinuuiDs kelp, plui im».li mine..... MI4I UT IHE BRICK - Pinal) uf Hair mu*""" IIW AIR A VS All -T - Simtlii in F:n; Schwait ', "ATF Agihls" ITVN EASY CM C V I Ai He Hew Shareware Sprr*d*hc« money can buy Lewfc no rwiher If yew require «ie!"
UIQ PAY Al) IC E ANAI.YSIR Y.1N i afe*l .mine. ol (lb.
Wfuntil nrgrv.iLm iluubave Xi» (itln an! Aiklrd features DIG! FRONTIER; El ITT II Ilf.MO R.Xlmr dcmn of du* xsrrtaMc pane W« G2T’ ASJsASINS GAMES VOC • 13* Her Bio*. Super Pong.
C. rv’74 I2 1MSKS.ST RB M 13 Gnf*tic atl*«iuure in dir ajlt cl
.Monkey KlaulAulure War* Superb LM DESERT STORM HYPE KROOE
IruW Ktnuia ol Ur 11X1 hew civund nlNnmc mill mapi mi) all
AlftOGET nUK.C.MI mu*lrif tingitif and dantiaji Ifop rmoac
Wtanct Bna style.
(011 WiYC'AU' PLUS - FjAikoI mwa of the FaiCak
• pread »hcct wtih pie chant, (ur paph* etc -NOT A50l ES9
STARYIEW Display* all ihe ststhle platei*. Suits oni
lunueUiiunit fium ant kuant i« eaiih. U any 11 me mini
CasitdKv anj -Mar u.irch Iraiuir Fwrllmi pafsv uf vfivtarr OTJf
POPEYE ConvtnHm •( the itajiif C * arvnlc gaiiK.
UOOON1 3- AIM J WAYS 1(1 STOP SMOKING - (rise me olertoe paiclre* my day S Y hunsw -RKXJHRKS 15 MEGABYTTS1 EM CODE Ml NC.IS - Highway code tetirr Sips pmi* and vfrtul queitiivu. Very g.-.vl nuked (AI MORI DGEOGRAPHY ¦ lmcm(ir« cnm|uentnl Atlas AI62 SAVING (TR11M T» APVJRT - TV B.mrrlfy m| frrij taruum (nun ihe TV ad ' 02% TIIE GRE AT ESC APE Ot BIIJ.Y BI RGI.AR Super nrm aid onginal plan nrm game
G. '?- JD G AME.S SERIES Alh I TW ID r.aenai.a Kil janrt DIY,
0X0, CAR G2i: CHENS GAMES • Tin Chr« jjmn Gnl’ Chess. Chns ID
and af Cvss U|» file by an mltmaleaul Chexs (irandmaslrr
tiajual moe heocr than aay orhcr cnaaacrciai Chets gaa*
rurretnly an ami 02TS FRIDAY THE I.Vh PART X - Run aoursJ the
roans and daughter the inhaKiamt. Bin as old ihe gaa melding
cups GIN Ml C.sll-S UE ESCE - Uongsaer nuruigeoKiii gome.
Baeil alihln I lie (ttilulhiiiin days. Buy luinrr vei up hats
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Rnlgo tuuif hra luwn id pntwt yraar miftws and Ira* mure 02*1) BI.ACK DAMN Dmpeot Maeier style game aith oa Alien Breed sceaurx Superb grapfuc. And loads of feature.
02*1 SCTER PKIX • oseshrial rating game auk many irarAt anJ cat afgraiks K v a price1 UJI2 Bl'DRASE I j E» CLR Ulk. Noa PuUac Domain Diiabise aturh ifn f irontin! U iwrnnry u« at dau it reaj ci «noen lirctOy hi did each umr ial«i luid ihivesi, like coumimul one* CB2A11; DISKS I READ and LEARN VOL,I - P«* bffd M»t N»A fur ofaMv »irb pictures, east read irti and digitised speech TV tlory of ‘The three Lrttlr Pigs' IM THE WORD FACTORY Neal spelling games lm siaangslees UH.Y AGA UTILITIES - liddsef A1300 only pn -gramme* eg ¦un AO A. Pltucu. AOA Tpfl. Chrek AGA. Rtr J5 prti s m all EDUCATION Ll
SUN CAIC ILATM CalraUim thf tunnie onJ iudsm nines aithm a : minulr a. cut a.)
F. I2 UNITS Consetsrort prugmi e Inchales.Speed. Vidumc.
Mass. Time. Itete. Density. AagJes. IjghL esc EI6 CHESS TUTOR 4 Chess ptograrumes from lentaiag tV gniK h» taking part in classic games f hlsimy fust.
Ell TOTAL ( C1XC EPTS ¦ ASTRONOMY I onisof inwntu mg licit and brjiiliftd dicitiKd uillt UM TOTAL CONtKPTS • DlXOSAt» W«R lu lui» abts* prrhssiaeic Earth, (set this.
E32 MOLEC 3D - (irsersm .TO ivprcsenlious of tncsktsdes Up to SOU atans at a time LM SILaM ENGINE ANTMATIOS bctatlcsl labeled amdiafa’d . a SkiUfl 1 Jjlflc E37 mi R STROKE PETROL ENGINE ANIMATION • Mutrrf the saw £42 GAS IIRBINE ANIMATION Plane engine animal*.* £52 col .OCR THE ALPHABET 2 F-amilusRur kids ssnl.
TV rsgfurbet. Ss«h digrlisesl -pash insmjctsms F.uellent 141 WAY I IhsTliRY BOOK Ainln mcdu Kcount oI Wnrid W m 2 AfccSiin Tm and pmrei P4h I .ITU K IR.AY E.l I IK lifful inliemiisn ,«t ihe at«ld populM iraitl ui njhi thraa tn clretrxal redugc F41 FRACTIONS Maths teaching and tcslmg feoiymmw E44 THE MATHS ADVINUW Scath* reuMrm* mtergrated K4W5CV5I 13 DISKS! BESKtop Gl IDE TO KlkCTBONiC MUSIC Vl.is.ise guide cm all you warned to know about mnut' sydiVds V uiul. AuhMe snrnd rtampks and ejvveh BUSINESS SOFTtUflRE 0133 «W Ml AINLVi LETTERS llumhethcf laid m Imeu It* fifty buiinp.1 and (vr-.nal
nsvautmi let, bib applicdlmni (senpluims. Etc File* hsad into any W ad pnvrwr U I6r AaiRAPII A IM Injw data foe imunl graphs, tsu chan*, pie slulls etc. Ixila it sascd as an IH file I ‘2l» FORMS I SI JMTTEII A 1.04 Firm drsagner anJ [among tool For tnsncts cw similar ileiis* UJI2 LAST Will AM)TESTAMENT Wnk you owa •£.
Ifislwlcs Kurd ftiscsw* U265 301 RN AI V2AM Ot|am r yom personal finmre* bke a detailed hank stieetncM Far*) lo sue LT27J ACCOM VI MAS1VR VII More dimples dunbneiud ami lias (rminrs ilul asiuh conimercial progtjinmes nlmh idfct these Lilfei The tncnntsl Amiga PO persmul anwis gtnignm U!*K PAY ADVice analyser Y2.0 • Rktanl Nmetllfy t Iucii release cf ihn pay Mip tknAsc.
I WU TEXT ENGINE *4.1 IV best PD wcail pnvessiw wah inrrgiMvtl spell chcckcf N V the upaxlilr release sersroi GRRPHICS UTILITIES I' I I ITEM ATE ICON DISK • F’sld 1» draw p»inn kios Even WQMlexpM pnfkK* hum w IFT [tKkage I f DpMf at Ffccptut Mdtsiif iflrtaonei ol cumpk Kom iiKVkil 11A M-C A I) PlsN* Ixmum Compuier Aaled Design [uskarc IN ( I It. Ill Lssvirrtcisf Kay tracer. An shareware UM 55 2 DISKSi IDEOITHJT1ES 2 fmked disks full ot sldnt lUlmg pigraimnn covering most aspects of the subjtvl IW SCENE GENERATOR Fractal lunborc gs-nrrm. Like Vuu. To uith.Hii iv hers [»k* i»t UICK AMIGA EOX
Bmc any kitl doktop putiluhn Cl 11 SPIATRA PAINT *3J» fioml AMOS wrmrn IFF prim prssgrammr 1115 LAND BI ILD 3.2 - Ancehrr sspab fracial ImdKapr genrnthe Realistsc random eflects Maintains. »astr. Clouds, etc.... UI42 EREEPAIVT 'Die high's reganksl I’li psnin package TV iv11 bed incruiivr il son r.in'i jflTim) Deluve I'uiu L134 AI IlH) ANIMATION Anunuaei diM uwid pfttjramrer L Id' MDUL.D2 5pfiK ercaiee.'tninMK* Lixuul prpynoMffi an imd I IW GA TORS GR APHIC GAI.I FRY Tutorial with many csampVs ol how to design and Aaw tuper Ingcn. Like m ihe demo* 1721* CYCLOK Plavau picture generator Weted!
U27I Pill YET) VIA - lU.gim orx-iiUicd sdiithsUiVI proyianinv U283 «M()YIE- Vukti inliog l'2Y0 KIDS PAINT Simple. ««*; and (uikkiwI m pwkaht l"t youngster* l'2HV MINI MOKPII 11.0 Super last nvoptiing [augramme TV best you tan pet' I1?**. GRINDER Ficiure file Ctsntcrsicn l"an transform mow lumuiing. Nistading GIF. HIT. HAM L. HIT. ATARI. W • MUSIC TOOLS IJ7K (OMINiSI R - Tr.sdmrnul style music comp,wing with Waves and run Very good Includes rsamplc* Clhn MED 3-2 • Music wsioencer V.paod. UIX1 PRO I HACKER Antaher professional music sevjucacer I'M i SHADOW SAMPLE MAKER ( .rale umpkl btdkuil a
tuund samlcf Iwitduiw ikU in U2B0 ST-M Sound samplei lor use wnli rnhrr U IM or U183 U36I SI43 More of the same K? Samples.
11262 ,VT-*I Ac*N.s 52 sssogje.
GAMES G77 TRACK RF CORII Aupet Ian usnhruJ raom( pimr I mb if irwi v awls of ocfion G7? Bl I.I.RI N Vvorgaire bcned on an histoeval ctsil ¦¦ ccmfiaumiiMi 06R INSIDERS CI.CR • SiielmArt game whrrr svsi can mmsipr a mulli million pmnaJ corporation CM N(1 MANS LAM) Good 2 player, one-on one to die death iluri uuh a vjiiks 'f urapMuiy GW MECIIUCillT Rifs Haymj Ciumct wfetc yttt*. Hu.i.ii i t* u ii4sa on a Njgr space craft Gb) GROA ND .FRO C. AM 12* *5 Big value game compilslxei.
With games like Othello. Liny Baseball. Tron Mil. Frog.. 22 In all.
061 .El Good [serrlc game Based cel a .I'lluiirrcsil Ocean gsrrc, Pur OK G3.‘ MAVTER (IE TOWN Ami wcial pame of propefly iksirucUn Nnuiti uitihrat. Datnigc lelntfc*. Break vreri lamp.
But fun • AW ONLY* G52 III IH KI I Anceher piulr game which hoc fen cloned tnm a commercial game fsW POM POM Gl NM.lt - Msse-rm-up wrth digmctd graphics TV c.eiurin ic Pearl Ha.Fss*. G37 SEA I. A ML uwiefi aregww where yen eeannd i wrkv tutmunnc Ixlniied tairuicd tccpciicn 035 JAR - Clune cf set i4d arcade classic - Crsslal Cosllrs A Nl like Pieman with 3D plotliam mores 026 WKLLTK1S Tetn* game wnh a nsttt InscOscs a 4 sadcd well GIH THE GDI DEN FY.E.ECE - ImresiiNc lest nicenlurc with mat sr. Ol Jeyeh Aimilir uylr hi (Hr jujnhng winning Infcrom k»i aditmum GS8 21 GAMES Another mega game
compilation uuh 21 games cm a single diskette Diffcrera games hi tire ales cn 063 01116 ANTFP RPC. - Role playing game with a very similar d *r and scenario in earlier Ctlima games GUI BIPLANES Take so the skies in this .me a twc. Pksvet Jug figlmng guv • AIM) USERS FKSABIF CPU f ACHF.V Gl** MU Hum and simple 3 Dimcusrend Hiln scretn jimc for i*o pldsn* IV.3b in uaki. Hnh •« tug guns Cracn the real" Gilt TOT AL W AR Compuieeiced senocos cf the RISK smnegy Nurd gamt OI29SUPERLEAGl'E MANAGER Fumy manatemtnt gome Cl38 WORLD Nirace fktson leu adsemcn cse a strange ftanet GIW ( RI1AK Eifun.nl clink
if Fnifjrr, et*n a Inn plain uunjrtiNR a hr re ymi uenpfek in gri * many Impty t Km'*! The sari* umc GUI AAU.RK AN EOOTBAlX COACH Manage a NH- team an] call aU the plays GI47 HAITI.EMENTS Raced on llunchhaek Inn CM CIS) LEGEND OE LOTHIAN CcmJ mk gfoymg ganv CiDfi MISSION X Shm« din « wnh aKeuvw graph**.
(j I Nl DR AIN Il YI.L - (awl loikmp bid diHutafe ikilKpur k attic
w. etli * ch.t if SIM w-gnl a V«H(H cNsllgnge 0161 A5IIIDO
Onenlal parrle game GI62 SYSTEM 4 Gome in the same penre »*Q
Bert, but w ith new varuciuns os the pyneaal theme A ny
pnkesttaial GI6H OTHE.I.LO - Good Nurd gone. Also Frown c
Resetsi GIW IMINKLY KONG llnl.nm am? IM f*sl MnHha.n) Mann
many ynr at" SiiII Pnllum GI72 Banii. CARS 2 Super fast HI
ves.ua car hank amc siiluicl j Nisi of aieiu's G177 CRAZY SIE
II Ikgsilar fdatfam grew GIWlWvR Could be coiiidcrcd Spue CV*»
GIK7 I RE. Asl RE ISLAND (,an.r lie UK Gill) BOLNCE 'V Rl AHT
- Hi hls (raised plalfnmt ptmr ahntsd nl»timimmifl ipiafit)
01'*.' IIEIiY.ONE Sp«g tawcxtn umilir lu K lyps
ADVENTURE GAMES, mike sour own test adsalurcs with this easy h
use engitK G2MI EIGirriNG WARRIORS I a 2 pUyre mama! Am Vat eui
up unit litpc well aiiiiiiifuil spnm .ml spcciul minn V CmnkI
G2D2 A NIGHT AT THE TOP • Aiinmjfims' lui ailvetuurv whkh ihm|b
ym in «r ibe d«p end X1 sktici up GXI3 TOP OE TI1F. LEAGUE
Arsthel soccee inanapeincre fame which gisrs Svsi Che opgseumts
to mu your own aeon and lake them 4i*J y«j to the iu|» uf the
Irafur OXMtfl (2 DISKSi OLEMIHaD pnn*e*m«. -oh kmmmgc anhf nan
02KY2II (2 DISKSi FA1.LSMAN Big tjphfc Jdirniure fame Exccllnu
021. ’ FBI STR ATKIN IncivdiWc lest Sued adsrmure uniurjsuved in
den*1 and delaal G2l 7 I'CIIIAS Lhrss game that uses the AGA
G224 OBLIVION Sudtt Iw tkicndn done G226 MORI A i.M Big KW.
With many dungeons to cipher, with lots to h» Esen lun a lima
you can cspfoe and ival tlie dw M 0221 GIGF.R TETRIS - AOA
Tetri* • 12l» ONLY*
02) 2 MON AI O (Toneof sn i4d arcade game last ais] lums G2J4
WOTS ITS NAME BeiHont invie bwd gone
02) 7 GAMMON • (until .imipuln vminii til Rati vnmrt fic)b
TE.TREN rccrti taid) k*s uf ihMnl runs Wonh a hrt 0241
IMIT.KI AI. "M.KLR lake wniml nl an X wing lighin and stop
die imperial wstkcrv frcai reachuig die allied HQ.
0245 ALI. Rol N1H K Ciwkcl smralarw-n Me use abet 0246 HTRRI E WORLD GIDDY - PowuNy iV bed platform, pu ric game e*er produced fee tV PD marker. A mw G247 EI.EI III CR3 r»ma dw. Skillful guie Ci24‘) PSYI HO SANT A • A game fur Chnstmai
02. 55 AAIOS CRH KIT Shaeewmr Cnekel game I..a. of it .hm-. 0256
SHANGH AI *3 Onental tiks gamr G257 DEI.l XE PACMAN Y 1.4 The
best Pacinos clone onund
F. sen Includes gamer 14* G262 Rl I E DIAMONDS 4 VukknUsb clime
O.si avflf USEFUL UTILITIES UI5S NOLRRORS - Hides physically
damaged Ireks on both lloppitt and hard diiks. In fffpct
miking u«l«i diikt, ikiuM* U1.3' ARQ D.W Changek ihe bonnf otd
WaAfecRdi iw|iifno wirnkiw* mco antmaird unn Quite nc*l HI4d
AMIGA SYSTEMS DINK • Hosl of Amifj system dianixniK dwetav.
And performance ictlnv UII I GOLE SCORE - Gull tally rKwnkT
L’l 12 WORD SQUARE SOLVER Finds those hidden words in those
word stpuire pu alcs.
L'lb7 BIORIIY'TIIVIS Fvitx your personal jjtaph for any month of the year Pbyucai. EmotMMial. Intellectual DIHO BROWSER II - (jnnd file translenng programme, and much nuiec.
UI9I TY PING TESTER Eaaluate* your typing speed.
L'206 RACE RATER Horse racing, outcome predictor Works cm statistical data you enter U2IS F'RHCOPY - Removes sarwus proctectmn schemes IftMt a ttiassisk Its) ol commercial games.
LT2IF* BON APPETIT Rfc-ipe iliuhiv U267 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V 1.4 Run old tpfccs gimei c*i your AMIGA.
U2B0 LEMMINGS II HARD DRIVE INSTALLER • Pul Lfmrnmgi 2 on )«n Hurd drive.-REQUIRES 1.5 MEG. NOT .N.'fflE U2M D-tOI’Y 3.1 Pemerfui and prulcviKinal divk dupliiiMhin software with a similar performance us X- 'nfy Pro, U2K2 TERMINUS 2.0 - Rewritten form Jrcomm Ibc best communications package for users with latsi modems.
U283 LOCKPIGK V2 - Removes copy peumtion from roughly 450 commercial lilies U2«W CHARACTER GENERATOR For Advanced Dungeons A Dragons players.
Uml RLI.oKIc K sl-4 • New tmnn of this A50CN. A6O0 and AINVYdowngrnder u KicksUrt 13. Help* make tmny A500 only lillr* work on your machine.
U293 P ARBLNUH - Lank up two Amigxs. Or Amiga lo CDTV l*v nmiRWiifinH| between them .v file tnntlerv U294 POOI j TOOI.N rumprrhenn; Ktnih prrdsuu 11207 LISTER 11 • Dili iiuju mc ctriHor DEMOS D148 STATE: OE THE: ART By Space Balls
ol graphics crammed on a single dtsk Stunning routines.
D159 LETHAL EXIT - - AI200 ONLY- DI57 DESTINATION UNKNOWN TV best AGA sector demo yet’ -A 1200ONLY- Ml 27 128 . 2 DISKSi JESl'S ON PS 27 minutes of Rase
the United Stales • 1200 ONLY* SB) REVELATIONS Stunning UnkOww
S«hl NIGEL MANSELL AGA SLIDESHOW Nigel u hii I’lvmuLi One davi
• A1200 ONI Y- S1I MANGA • Japanese canam sluJohow Ml39
CI.VS.SIX 2 - CumicoI music frntti Bath. Handel and pKbcfbcl.
A151 TIIE LEMMING SHOW Sumng Suicide man. N H lor IV squeamish.- RliQl.'IRE.S 1.5 MLX DIS6JETSCT -Funky DI5) RETINA - K)k*h demo -1200 ONLY- DI45 PIECE OE MIND Slor Trek spoof Ml 14 RHAPSODY IN BI.IE Jaw.
Ml35 136 (2 DISKS) NUTCRACKER SUITE Make* a welcome change.
Ml.YO-134 (4 DISKS) A TO ?. OF Cm TUNES - Hundred, .x classic CW tunes packed onto 4 disks. Great vnluc MI25 Ml MBO JUMBO - Very lively FINAL FRONTIER ISSUE 5 f© also stock the Final Frontier disk magazine at only £6.00 inc P&P.Pour action packed disks full of news.
TtJViOAdS. Everything Or. Star Trek and The Next Generation.
Interviews with the stars and convention news. Loads of features. Plus exclusive artwork from Tobias Richter.
Cl.00 1 OltK *0* **) or lyQRl OSSSa DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: (1492 515981 WOKhIM PUBLIC DOMAIN AND SHAREWARE AT ITS VERY B1 BUSINESS UTILITIES 4C OS* SailtCi OM-URA :«lf lMi m 0.111**01 AifcUWU .«» I fit Oil (Idi* Skf S:rar tor 1 mOOM KNCW i! Mil !».*»*« It" * * i JUK8TMlV«tfU«t IC
* ’ OtIUMC 0.0 ItlltKS I clj wir. On«Ri r* n -n •»« di en»
,!‘iuur CUC™K*0 Of**: -i«i: 'S Uitfi r-ciouatSAT oK
JUOlUntAMStt .1 liIN pact PACT I Omi rt u» u m oxiri .iK»«Iia
at oictrt LDK UTTlllENCH »S .'.¦.IIUMTUWTH w»(MtMUUtU ur-0
msiau raw w. c. un: r eu*u v? L aU(.m»'«,w m iiMisrn C242KO
It J -iMt MSX& «i BMUWlOCin II Srr ?,»«») anTkt i uwowi Muru}
fart iwi i:.h;(UW|T« UHJl r UTUQlRISlMUTUATot UX.'ARPVUAA
-swrjra Uff Nit intOIIKlI fttl 1*1* i A hv UW SURD CM TOOK W
iWqjimouuTuu ilsb LSD If Ml UTU 44 . .VHMlKSAlirtUU UM.'I JO
If Mi UMIJM i: iia now m.s *i IBM ISO UGH *TU *4 J*:1»IKU STUB
I -Jiao .vi.'snccoiimnui JttlAAflOOHIUUAKMKVuaAF .fill
Jsh roGSif cia m-stt* im jUA ugmus mi ms jim roouMiunu .41 I.1WMICW* Rtlrt jtte*:’ A : USSTURE Un* *t(4*1 U» jimm rFMMam'A
* •333 AAMGA PUNT Men* iKXQ Kut mu CHICK *! • ftxta BwtCIK
H342ITITCMERY Cr«J tilth vrtrt H3S«UCf lUmiHinapmlder KNO
ouunon ATOM QumulK
• ;«* «« P'W K*2 HIM MAKIRA 0.BASE M«3 CTCtRtfi H Until H3W DART]
MAC HIM S :m ISOM* rtj« HAUGEN Fan*} Htltr, k}« roots wu *80
c x MING SHU Ohwm Aif'Mg,
;1IT»4Y M Vtf-i HI75 0011 NfCONDIR I 1 44 M202 ROAD ROUTE USA
* 130! ASIRO 771J Sumi-W-'Maj* toe; MAIIl I MIS 10R IOOASE H377
TOP OF THE IEAGUE HX4tUl Ur ij HS75 COURtl IORM Mint 116 0 H3’E
Imt K •muter EW14! SI EMUUIOR EUUS CM GAMU Ml 1 IM *01
E. M1J0 CM GAMES MU 1 mtuUH' CM2' 5 AM EMUUIOR «7 r |2 Os» v UIK!
C . - COMMSPARIDR K?«dl Gtt C « U COMM MMW | «0*iimt4 : CJ27
JR COMM vl H fe* maawts C'llTlRMUvllCMumroMtt L OOJOmCOMM
1 »«*» AR7(noeJKI c:.*:. it cgmm vj our.iii COPIERS ;Kum OCR
i .1 itocotijrt 2 i) omul Dtg'ion tuKi.-illltl 1 3 IM4I0
OEORAOIR OsfitOn U- I 3 (M4'7 (AKEIMM Oaiiatn t» I lSl?« IAMI9
m AGA•! Tun0(1 A6Am«Mt EM414 KIC43IART ] EMUUIOR LpjrMt
- Mo»eorY»»i CRJ81 maverick COMR Aim pmumiMi cnottfcafoMrtR «n
OHMATTf R .1 Ol cn«iuftRiHrni»TP__ P0AC6 HPMOC Pnmtf Onvor PXV
CiUSSSMA-A Mt'MtKUMhM G-J4C2 ERU PAINT Copy (A OPNl* GU4CJ VIEWTEC *1 07 «*SA gixma anatit Gli a:a FORTS 08* 1 LA’S* S still J -f jOW FORTS i:t-i Mmr su*x coaour rams t uasun mo*. Pu Sc*:' coiouR lONtt 2 Umw Root C* h RMHCOIOUM FORTS3 .Tmcnl fit Sun cum mouR fours 4 o eom trunn ¦ GU410CM0URfOmiSCnumI ISM: Ml I COIOUR aiP ART H UedUo* IV OTP 01*11 COIOUR Clir-ART A imm W413 aiP ART Mrat SAW IR GU414 COHTACH CLMART 1 CjrtOOt ZMUC GLUI5 CORTACMCIMAT J B.dlnjs. Uim GLMTft CONTAOI Cl I PART 3 flWiV WOT GJ417 GRAPHICS IOOIS 2 &J4II RAYSHAOE |] DNUI GJUJPRO PABf TIMHAIU PRO PAGE «IP GJAJ1 DRAINT
TUIOR IHHIIMl CjiJJ SptCIRAPAIRI 3 3123 TM Ot WHIR Lj:i todqioinat GG424 RJ UTIIS PmfM P»m rraji WslMp GIM2S WHT EARM J 'JLl.'t FORT FARM 1 6UQ7 FOHT FARM I 3L476WEVIJ2A*im Plnw f,C4W HAM US PRO v7.M Tfdtf* Comtmi aaiOKOMSCAtORt QWJ’SIlUSTORf DWMOUICK GRAS AGA " 6uM4 WIT joRtcml hMipmMt
- iGwwrorscRirTFoiiisi | 4M POST SCRIPT IOMIS 7 rj 466 POST
TRE4X1R 1.1 itUAARAPUT .'il icf* r u'HQ ¦17NAMSRU norrfweiunR
• iivowcaoiMis iaiwi6 E'5STm MI7SMW« F'lrCASHISHSMTlMiWIIM
!'5K: I0JAU« ' *» !*?*
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- .’TMiOjRTBAlPMMI ::4QTf-faim» i.Hri
»fl »Vft ‘JKAllSOARDWim £?f IDHC4AMES llllf 4S»«| GW«PCaiP ARI
GJ7-2CIM-ARI Coll (1 OttUS GuriCUMRT Vol 1 (7 DBCI 5y?74fomua
GU776 SOMETHING fOH NOTHING 1 r,u?rr somctximc formoihihot
CLIPART LUO URHtfHI Ktlfll WAR 1«D(2'.ifi tun *sw •« n ;i oaoi
» ms wcw DruiipHmas 01 IS R Y AGA OEMO 01 li MI MASI1HG Km 2 »S
S«*A**l' *¦ ~ WV TIWROlOOCAl BUI! Jvun-Mll*X CllSIPAGt SAILS
a&» Smtl SUPERB QUALITY CLIPART :_uUru.):w«m*w Cl3?l««IAM*TAmn
''k3»Nns!7:i»iMi ¦KW‘ ART 112 C«*ll ¦1X32 ART T12 tani *t» ,
21033 ART I Innu UOKMTIilva ilCOiMTMJAUrn SUM Art IIS*
oisuaniSAntnB CuK OT Hi! 044 text
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t VJ20 Vipto GRAPHICS 14 DrWi V736 CHEMNIMATt “otJ)tK thift
• v;:X ASA UntlTH 12« M6 KOI M * Aii:; aga irmmts 3 «* »;* n:
* l!’?A6A UBUTHS S Daj-xlr UtfiFtoJwt* K Ay4f TAR Mil SLOfSHON
AU43 MSM (11 Ulitra SfTWT nMte to UCAIAll - wry »**».» s’u
• junior DOOM it WIT (Mil Tt* mSttetiuit 401001 FLEECE Tal ar
UknUtt CARO uUKS Hup *1 Qtrtre it SUPER TWMTAtS St«» O-wng
mitrt GAMES QISl 1 iKiyrrrroi tft ¦tfMWESi’A'uiiwafe xMwtf
CHALLENGE Ttcttt. *) to wr «unura«£
• OftWCK Uvl airqew Wkh V:*
• WCHOflHT RPG R:4 saw; jirt SREYSUYER irate iMrlut .:6 SCUM
EATERS Shw mup STMTREKJ • 31 Arab! Mwmn
tta (o* Tbhi I TMRMUMTlMwHftltngMH St*
• y CHUT lit! GAMS n 0 rMM1CX0 m IN WONDERLAND vn ** tot ttw
PARACHUTE JOUST 'Mt n0WS crystal uvoms «jo» t m t Wttf
TREK-7J 5p*» tadlCv
• ! ZftfS-TK6AKPU2SKl ¦ DUNGEON Den'ER;2R*SiM«!
.'•PIBUPAPUHLEMMilijMi** . N CHAB8AM 0( AIM • hantr. Ra tjp y; cm you picture n • ij cuoi ju* IcltRWWLx HW bM ) IA1100NACT • Soto to si|W«m ' XMQUS10N MISSION ‘ Scoter ILAEXIAt* 'irdoNT* GW PITERS QUEST hatt flou. Til Wain . 015 K S PAINT CtewmjOcct 6:3 AMIG1AUM GAMES 10 pvnee GM SHAPES Wmjt iMM to W» G?1 GO LOOLYSE U Cwd ij'WMi 0$ STAR TKKTTC KIT QOBwnn Gi: BiOCOT Gnd gtifti. - Am f,ji HAW 695 0RA60N YUS Grot tto pm 6KBQ1M GAMES
M. 'AIUAIAlOMjjni .-IBMIT SIMPSON SoortnjSfl Ql?4 UK MOU &fXf
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DELTRAX PD (AC), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP DISK PRICKS: 1-2 Disks b £2.(H» rach. 3-15 Ifck* *flJ» each lk-24 Disks = £115 each. 25* Disks = £1.00 each POSTAGE & P- CKIN ; UK = wip per ‘"fvkr; 42(H) per dixk. R O W - «4 nme pas?
Fxsi. Reii AX PI)‘ 71 dhi Note: Prices are per disk and not per set Posicode .. Tel.
¦GRAPHICS As promised in last month's AC, Lightwave returns for the long-awaited definitive review.
However, before the inside story can begin, a brief recap on the essentials is probably wise.
Before you can enjoy Lightwave you'll need the LightRave dongle and its accompanying control software. Once installed the dongle emulate* the presence of a Video Toaster - thereby duping Lightwave into operation.
Paul Austin puts Lightwave, the very latest Toaster-linked ra; tracing and animation system, under the spotlight and asks: Can this monster topple the big boys?
DOUBLE Alas as part of this deception vou're required to part with a nerve-jangling £399 for a piece of plastic that does nothing more than sit in the serial port.
Worse still, the aforesaid sum doesn't include the cost of Lightwave - which regulars will remember comes as part of the Video Toaster's 46 disk software compendium.
One of the few operating restrictions within Lightwave it the program I NTSC blat when It comes to available screen tlzes. At a retull lor PAL productions It s necessary to use lightwave i higher reiolutlom In combination with the program i limited region rendering.
In this example the full screen resolution It 1.280 x 800. At shown by the dotted grey bounding box, within Whkh fits the 7S6 x S80 - PAL compatible - limited region.
Unfortunately Lightwave i screen dimensions work In percentages rather than plxeli. So a little elementary maths Is required to determine the exact scale of the necessary region - but once set either stills or entire anlms will enjoy your designer dimensions.
E-mtnwrm 5T .. ¦ j| m *¦ irm ¦ r~rr£rr« Assuming vou've installed the essential emulator dongle, the next challenge is to add the Lightwave software to your system - the word challenge couldn't be more appropriate.
As detailed last month, installing the Toaster's software isn't exactly simple.
And unfortunately even after lengthy tinkering there still appears to he no way around certain limitations inherent in the Toaster's archaic installer.
Although it is possible to terminate installation prior to completion, it's not recommended unless you're particularly well versed in AmigaDQS. Worse still is the installer's unavoidable demand on storage space.
In short, if less than 66Mb of free space isn't found on an 8GMb+ hard disk, the installer simply refuses to install any Toaster software whatsoever.
Unfortunatelv due to its ridiculous design there's no way to avoid the aforementioned restrictions. In addition even when installation was followed to the letter, three out of the five machines tested with the LightRave Lightwave combination still locked up when attempting to run the software.
To be honest there's a chance this could be caused by faulty hardware on our part or perhaps the very early version of the LightRave on test, as opposed to a terminal problem between different machines. Having said that it would still be wise to secure a cast-iron monev-baek guarantee - just in case similar compatibility problems arise on your system... In addition, when running on an AGA machine its wise to use the Double NTSC monitor driver, thereby ensuring smooth operation in the various Lightwave modes - something which isn't mentioned by the LightRave manual After running LightRave and
entering Lightwave, you're taken directly to the program’s layout screen. At first the temptation is to stay there forever as it's here where all the exciting elements such as mapping, lighting, lens flares, bones, animation and morphing await.
When all of the above are combined ith approximately 170 supplied objects, the urge to set up camp permanently in the layout is almost too much to bear.
However if and when you do manage to drag yourself away and into the Modeler, you'll find a myriad of features which put Lightwave on a par with anything when it comes to object design.
POSTSCRIPT In fact this latest version of Lightwave has seen over 250 improvements - approximately 50 per cent of which appear in the Modeler. Notables include excellent PostScript text support. Boolean operations, lathes and extrudes, patches, twist, taper, shear, macros, Arexx, spline curves, drills and freehand sketching.
Due to available space this is only a taste of the high points which when added together with less glamorous features combine into arguably the most flexible and friendly design systems on the Amiga - possible exceptions being Imagine and Caligari. Even so, it must be said that Modeler does take some getting used too. This is primarily caused by the program s unique approach to object design. For example when building an object separate elements are created under user defined surface names - which are then imported as part of the overall object into layout where they can be selected
individually for surface attributes and mapping.
Although objects can have unlimited surfaces those surfaces are not individuals within a heirarchy. In fact single objects, no matter how complex, only have a single user defined axis - no internal groups allowed... As a result Modeler's 16 foreground and background layers provide an invaluable tool when designing objects which in time will combine in layout to form hierarchical jointed combinations.
If the temptation of setting permanent residence in the Layout scr was simply too much, the first quest vou'll ask is: "Why aren't all scend designing interfaces just like this one?” ] PERSPECTIVES Layout literally is that good. You edit from the Cartesian view, or in fad any one of the three perspectives. V addition when in the Cartesian mode yi can view the scene from either the cam GRAPHICS!
Ave Spectacular font Import, amlmatrd ripples, a built In procedural cloud texture lent hare and the best animation system In the business, what more could animators ask for M;W Herr we have one of the highlights of lightwave i animating repertoire, namely hunti Although Ihr phrase bones h perhaps ai good a tholtc ai any, II Is a little misleading In some wayi bonei might hove been better deuribed at muscles for r sample H we return to our arm example the object a tit joints would provide the Illation ol bonti whtrrai the bonti Ihtmttivet could emulate the muscles that lurmund them.
For example assuming the arm bent al the elbow a bone In the centre ol the upper arm tould be staled up to give the effect of on expanding mute It In short bonn are baikally an advanced form of freeform deformation, but In the coir of lightwave Ihe ability deform can be very precisely controlled within animations lo octually add boon to an object you iImply toad It Into the layout tcreen, add the required number of bone i define their ml poiltion and Kale and finally moke I hem oc tier Once active Ihe bone emlli a forte field which when altered by rotating Ot tiling directly affecti the object
area around It.
Ai a mult character animation It quite literally transformed far thate Inlrmfrd in more than endless ipate shout outs bonei orr manna from heaven On a tommenlal level the potential lor product Ion i In Ihr jll Micro liquid vein are endlru while onlmali and other organic lormi can finally catt off that robotic look and movement that often hllli the illusion of lift like all the major ray trocen. Lightwave hat Its fair share of mapping alternatives which Include procedural textures such as bump maps, ripples and fractal colours with approximately seven basic variations which can In turn be
customised by the user.
In addition to the procedural offerings you can also use brushmaps either as single frames or as pari of a sequence colour cycling Is optional To apply the brush you re given a choice between five mopping formats: planar cubic, cylindrical, spherical and projection.
Unfortunately bask mapping of Imoges Is Lightwave's only real disappointment. Iff not that the various effects don t work, but It must be said control over Imoges Isn 'I as comprehensive as It Is within programs like Imagine and Real JO.
It’s true there are some nke effects - such as density fades and wallpapering - but due to the fact only one map Is allowed per surface achieving photo realism can be tricky.
On the other side of the toln, Lightwave s variety of applications for procedural or Image maps leaves nothing to be desired. Literally every element of the surface attributes tan use a map as a filter luminosity, diffusion, specularity, reflectivity and transparency can be affected and of course that doesn t Include bump mapping and the excellent displacement maps.
Displacement maps are unique to Ughtwave and allow on image to be projected onto the surface of an object, at which point the Image will deform to object to reflect the luminosity ot the Image - Ideal for waving hags, facial Imprints, landscape generation or whatever else this immensely powerful function Inspires.
¦ TUTORIAL perspective or any one of the lights in the scene. Once in your chosen mode you can not onlv edit the objects but also the viewpoint.
Better still, animation can also share from the aforementioned flexible. For example, in addition to the camera position you can also render a box or wireframe anim from either a light or perspective - great for spotting accidental collisions.
Lights can be added with ease and their attributes defined in seconds, whether that be lens flare, colour, intensity, type and even the parameters for superfast shadow mapped light sources.
When it comes to rendering, there are a whole host of modes ranging from tiny lo-res previews fight up to print resolution creations employing reflections, refractions and shadows all combined with incredibly impressive anti-aliasing and shot with the camera of your choice.
Unfortunately direct comment on the quality of Lightwave’s tutorial is to say the least a little tricky - as the pre-production manual on hand displayed a notable lack of tutorial passages.
J f T l !
* i.a mi* This temporary lack of tutorial shouldn't in any way
reflect on the manual - which easily ranks alongside the best
in the business. The style is friendly and informative with
pointers to related info where necessary. To be honest the
quality of the manual is basically a reflection of the software
itself. As mentioned last month, Lightwave is easily the most
intuitive modelling and anim system on the market. As a conse*
quence ploughing through the manual is kept to a minimum - with
the occasional excursion required for help with the more
complex modelling and animation procedures.
The big question has to be: Is it worth the money? As ever this is a horses for course decision. For the enthusiast, realistically the answer has to be no.
Although Lightwave is a spectacular product it's simply too expensive for non-professionals - especially if they've already invested hard cash and more importantly huge amounts of timfl mastering .mother package.
In addition, Lightwave is only really 4 its best as an animation tool, so unlesd that's your primary interest othefl programs offer much better value foJ money. While on the subject of thfl opposition it's worth mentioning tNa recent slash in the price of Caligari to jiufl £99. Like Lightwave the program boasts tj similar heirarchical spline-based animation system and is ideal for flying] logo corporate applications.
Another alternative is of coursa lmagine3 - which you'll find elsewhere iaj this very issue. If you're already a proud] owner of Imagine2 the present upgrade!
Offer is simply impossible to ignore. In fact!
If the new version lives up to the rumours] it could completely dominate the market -I I'll reserve comment until I've seen it.
But even with excellent offers from the] opposition Lightwave is still incredibly] tempting- The design of the interface is] faultless and the available features pul] almost ever other package in the shade, j The only program that can offer] superior features such as gravitational] effects and collision detection is Real3P v2j
- but as you're probably aware this is l] very tricky package to
master. In short ifl you're a pro or semi-pro animator] who can
envisage making back yon investment. Lightwave and LightRave
art] simply too good to ignore.
Anim previews can be created at any time and from anywhere, and played back via the usual array of VCR controls. At you con Stt various frame rotes ore on hand and you also hare a choke between bones or Ml wireframes SYSTEM ESSENTIALS KIP I.•.-.. nli.il vri low - Recommended Here again Lightwave enhances Its friendly approach with on screen miniatures, simple colour cycling control and sequential Image set up. As surfaces are considered separate entitles when mapping Images themselves are also held In a list whkh In turn can he selected far mopping when designing surfaces• Although mapping
Individual surfaces Individually Is a perfectly acceptable approach. I must admit an option to map an entire object - Including all lb surfaces - would save some design time on occasion [ Hi res I I monitor 1 TTb| Accelerator 1 caaian 1 RAM The bottom line Product: Lightwave & LightRave Supplier: Ramiga International Tel: 0782 398840 Price: TBA Ease of use: 10 Implementation: 9 Value for money: 5 Overall: 8 Designed to bring you high performance at affordable prices ArYiiTek peripherals offer outstanding value-for-money. They are also designed and built to ensure easy fitting, and trouble
free operation - making them a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and are very reliable. So reliable that they are pleased to offer a full two year warranty on the full AmiTek range.
• High quality 3'*' Sony mechanism
• Formats to 880K
• Anti Click as standard
• Switchable hardware anti-virus technology , • On off switch i •
Through connector for . ___extra drives f • Compatible with all
Amigas I • Robust metal casing and smaB footprint design
• Power taken from Amiga • no external PSU AMITEK EXTERNAL DRIVE
RAM UPGRADE & MATHS ACCELERATOR Maximise the processing power
of your standard A1200. Be ready for a new software which makes
more demands on Amiga memory and technology. The AmiTek Hawk
RAM expansion includes up to 8Mb fast 32 bit RAM, the ability
to support a sophisticated 68882 FPU and a battery backed up
clock. Built to a high standard, this board can be easily
installed and comes with a 2 year warranty. The Hawk RAM board
is available in 8 pre-configured factory installed versions
enabling you to select the model which best suits your
' ?
ZAPPO - - - - - - - - - The AmiT ek replacement drive is ideal tor users who wish to replace their existinc toulty internal drive, fcvery- tnmg needed to fit the drive is included along with fully comprehensive fitting instructions and 24 months replacement guarantee. The AmiTek kit features a high quality 3.5* mechanism drive offenng uncompromising performance at a fantastic price.
• 20mhz. 33mhz or 40mhz PLCC 68882 co-processor
• Comprehensive easy to follow manual with illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and A12QQHD computers
• Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty £49 INC VAT - DR! »W
• Plugs straight into A1200 trap door - No soldering required
• Upgradeable FAST RAM board to 1,2.4 or 8Mb
• Uses industry standard SIMMs
• Socketed SIMM for easy RAM upgrades
• Three types of optional floating point unit £179 NC VAT RAM
6040 '4L RAM UPGRADES ¦'.MltlK FOR AMIGA 500 600 The following
RAM upgrades are ill trapdoor cards md 00 not (yeah) affect
your Amigas warranty ' 3 A500 - LOW COSt 512K upi gr without
trades, with backed £18 clock, £23 A500plvs - The A50Qs us
backed clock built-in so these 1» RAM upgrades do not need this
feature, has a battery £30 AMO - 1«J RAM increase with battery
backed clock.
'Mr *1T - aOO £40 iU- ‘AT
This modulator is recom- mended for users who vjyRj wisn to
replace a faulty external modulator Everything needed is
supplied Like all AmiTek peripherals it comes wih an easy to
follow manual.
• High quality design
• Full manual included
1910 £149 VAT OAU - - O Mb L RAM £129 VAT FWA4 !.*» - £199 ISC
VAT-RAW 1223 - A Mb 4- RAM £199 t4C VAT FUA4 1240 - - £299 ISC
VAT RAM 1?44 Q Mb ORAM £399 VAI hui an - - £499 IfcC VAT • PAM
1.'J4 i CARD 21* CARD £119 wc vat - nweoai MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The
Mbws. Hatherley Rd. Sklcup Kent DA14 40X Tel 031-309 1111 On*.
1.W Of--. UovSat »tU*n..'0(ip»r.|S«aOCwn SX mi ho Ult »*jtt
SHOP; OfOeol'ims "-31 North End, Croydon, Surrey.
Cowing Han kfcnSjr COX'__LH» Htft ______ LONDON" SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road London WiP OflA Tel: 071-580 4080 CiptAfC Hji's Utn-S* 93dm CO;tT__toi Ui» ktyy Otmn- Fat Mo OJI XB 4?J7 081-MS 4455 Ho oeiees 658
• SHOWROOMS Rt iim fldTonurjoon and inninj facilccs it ai out
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: AS al 001 r«uirflm nts are Mlifili trom
m sicclm
• FREE CATALOGUES: WU be main) lo you. »ah s»:nl ohtrs ard full
details U hanfwr*.
Panplwrals and sch'ware Bekve you oecid «hen to buy your rew Amga products augoesi you ttunK wry carcSily atewl VWEHE youtx yihsm Cocsii* il wli tw iko a too months aher you have r ri n - mane yojr purchasa. W*wn you may ct *w roqure artttional penptwais or saHnara, ot he lo ana jo.ce And, nil Ihe company you buy horn contact you win detain at new pnxjucis? At Slice, we ensure that you will have ncthng *0 woiry adoul We can meet our customer -ccuiremenK mtn an unoersiandrfl •h*f. 8 second to non and r* vm Tw coupon now lor our tolesl FREE Metature and Ueflm lo exoehence Ihe *Sttca Sarvtc*'
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all to'teart orders sheen; m ins M
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE A sum of ttchncil opens 11 be at
your unite
• PRICE MATCH: Ift mitth ompaiiws cn j "Same preeud - Same pa'
• ESTABLISHED 15 YEARS: W« hm i prwrti track rtttrd *
pr A*i&*SAi( KiflOUtW SUM
• PART OF A £SOM A YEAR COMPANY: We. Over 200 stsH - We are soli?
Relate and rotate
• BUSINESS v EOUCA TION * GOVERNMENT Vtfumt discounts are
a.aiaCit Tel: 031 -108 8888 LONDON SHOP: S lfrido« ihunrnMmJ.
Oxford Street London W1A 1A8 Tel: 071-629 1234 nj nw» MafrStt
aa rt-l.Mpn__late Mgn T*tntffl • aw_feflnw«»n 1-4 The Mews,
hatherley Rd, &dcup Kent, DA14 40X Tel: Ml-382 8811 ¦ “ fmty
¦ 7cm ESSEX SHOP: Kbddies HiQh Street Southend-on-Sea. Essex.
SSI ILA Tel: 0702 46B039 Optnrg Hxi'i Ucr.Tr
93Q«m4J0pmiSai88fl»»i- 0BrimI lato H A4- Thumb; - 7p»_F*i M6
078? 483MB IPSWICH SHOP: Debenhams intiw Waterloo House.
Wesfoate 51. IpSwith. IP1 3EH Tel: 0473 287092 (Xwnti; Hcu-i
Mtivfii tafrM-lQjmi&raoetw-eMpmi HQ-I Trursaii 9pr ‘.II Ho
ixraanxg SIDGUP SHOP Cptwq Ht»1 Ifcr-S* 00«n*5 JOB"-
- J. HO Oei-309 0017 U* IlgN jilica, AMCOM-0194’125. 1-4 The
Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX‘ PLEASE SEND A 64
applicable) J Address: I
.. | Tel
.... Postcode:
..... Tel (Work):
computer(s). It any, do you
own? .12SA
j E40C - AtMrtwd cnm*u dwereMve nury ttunqT Patwi return re
ccmxt to* to aiost irftmanm . BUY rc PO DISKS & GET A FREE *0
1) 2 Inreretpter Deo».
IU Wild Cower DIO I7B* Musk Ucmm I
1) 11 W .»M D»iwh 21 Dll Toul Remit Dcnx
1) 14113 ..Predaioctli!
D2lV2l...ltal Secton2) I 2-W25...Nc» Tek Reel.k2l D26 Tmal Remit 2 Drmo
1) 27 T V Theme
DXI. Eple Demo
D. M. p.p 0)lk 7l.-
030. ..Virtual Worhlt 037 ..V cviu Sailing Demo DU Tl Onto
Voyage D«n ...MV Perm.
D50 Video Eneclt 30
l) M . Cull Vector Dunce 2 Dft8. Phffcim«u Demo D70 Amin 3D Dtmn
D74. A Trip To Mar*
1) 70 A2000 GenkKkDrmo (H1I7K2 Hodhnin I (2) DM RiHltxam 2
1) 85 Crionkt Never* hoc
I) *1 pithina demo DI01 ..Akauat lAIDenm 3 DIH2 Achapla Demo
Dia). Total DmmKtlon
J) ltl5..Mr B DeinaComp 4 Dltti WikrlT Demm Dl 11 IVUvin I Dl I7
.Aurora HIDtiK
1) 11*..Cult M IVmo 2 bl25 Precue Demo DI33 Hauiuiiiin DI36
GtiUfur MriatUirt' l l MM SoW'hnl |2
0139. OevilCNo Reality TII44 Tae Silemi “Le" DI45. CryvUl
Symphtmin OUX Raj Of Hope 2 0149 No Bram No Pain
Dl.llDIW.Cjhorj tVnu2i 0195 CrmialCotnp OriO MCDtU I Coou
0199 laid Of Century 1999 Mki Dtcamm 1 D2tHi Aictigcn
MiDciiw D:ifi£l7..B4»vMatH 2 021* Diuxtler Demo D219 TutT
FnufT D225 ..Ciwl 1-rnJjtr Drmn D22ft. Lianhmk MTVmv
l) 2‘ V Hypnautic Hammer 0235 Sit it One Demo D238 PlanelxiJe
D2.W Irmrautp Revenge 024(1. Total Revpray 024 3 .Budniln 3
D245.Tuul Reuul D247 pulling The Trigger D25J..CES Demo* D256
Tixal Rfcuuot D237 I ltd! Rrttue D262 Spovmniyric 0264 D-Mob
M'Oemn D26? Sun Conneclwn 2 D270 Retrofit The Wall D27I Timra
Hydra D272 Ekctric DertwH I D274 .Defpucker* Demo 0276 Cave La
WewJ D27V..lraqui Demo D2WV2XI Dclenou* |2) D307 L S D nemo
1) 312. De»il* Cohan*
I) 'I* Traktnu DJI.5. The Bamjam DJ2V328'Reul (jnparhyt2)
D) 2Ju119 Hed Dwarf 2i 03 91 Mikk M Deflin D332.NklWd Fape' c
D333-337. Odywey l5) D3at). Watchman fvmc D34I, Aiwv'hy SnwWer
D. M2Ed 209 The Roengr D34I. U4 lUnluirevJ (I) DMA Wlldtre M Demo
D347 M.ndwwp Vt'IXm*.
D34BM9 Skiret' Dmxx;i D35I)-352. Treacle Team 3.
0. 35H Mr Men Stone* D339 .Seeing I* Bclrevutg D360 Suir Of Hr An
D. 36I Mivdjy Rcm.ijikv D362(363.JetutOn U*l2l
1) 384 Fixh Tank D365. Optimmi Prrnute
l) 366Mind Riw DW.7 In'lhe Can Oefn.. D36X Dynamic tlluuco* DIM
PfcrwOrMtnd D370JD Demo 2 D371..Lethal Ettl
l) 37 i.,, Wield o( C.Hnmodore D377 Ctau*lriph.*a DlMLitawcr Dnm
1) 3X1, The Tnp D382 3 Project Techno 12) D384 lnter*|iacr
1) 380.. Mmd« arp 1 AG AI D3X7 Parta RheijAGAi D3XX Hvuerij
D363-5 G.acev.ne 15 (3t
1) 390-8 ..Grapetitw Iftt3i D3W 401. .Grape* me 17 (Jl D402 In
The Kitchen UTILITIES l'I....Game Minle Orator I'il
..TheCotmro Di-A U32 .MofcmlUtli
134. .Rfd Dry lb I L'3X.P*ml,Mu»w.M.'0u
1139. . Card Dcviyncr IUI Red Devilt L'tibl U43...future Computer
U44 Kefrortv Makclkt r 1143 Pi. Giant Uld. Ift8 U47 Laihci
Dcti*ncr t'49_ I'kimiie Im |N»k 1150 Power Comp Utilt U55
ViticiV L57...QBKibcOCh U59 Foot Oeujnrr i nO D Pavm Fvmli
I LWI. D-Paim Fvmti 1 162 MoJ 3.20 L*J .Direct Anim Crraior
lN. .Cni«»vnl Orvignei I W.(U Help. Other* Ivi7 Vtratia
Mega IftH . L lumac Bihx.' I l Vi‘)...L Inmate Bout* 2 C7.3
Pn» ,|ogo U74...M-Cad C75...tamial Heme A«» U76 ..Home
ft.litie* U77 ..Bectrocad r?8 Am. Have U8I BuHhctKti V2XI l
*2 Slidetfao* Maker 1183 Catalog WoeioAop I T84 C«aV ,
W«i*hop 2 UH7 Hod Did UltU 1I»V-‘M. Amueur Rddictftl U95.
C-Liglu ? Othert 1,98 GFX Utib I I’10(1 IlMllJh I 101 Sal V
2(1 L'lOK.A-Gene UII3 ..MiOtDlbliei l'lIVI 19
Videol.'tilti2i UI32...GRC lluli 2 UI.3.VI34. NorthC l2) Ul
36.. Cto i*Oo»t i demo) UI38...Squid Smiad Util* Ul 39
Ifrtninalitif' V10 I l-H) Squmh I i2AM unl ) UI4I Sipuuh 2
12(M only) I 142 lettPlu* 3 UI44 Deftftic Nimfilcv I U145
Digital intro Ivtign D|4ft_VwClipAri GI47 Spectrum Lmulator
U151 Sl'P'lream Vi’K.ller* If 152 Red Detilt Utilt 6 U154
Amigaiot w.-p UI55. P D Utflt Doe* Oitk Gift'. (Juickheoch
• l2 04 UIM R.ert IllUKlte L l«i Deitnn'i Itat k DtW U167.
.Oemoliiher Util v 1 H-.mc Hucmew 3 l l?2...SutKlcliil
3«ilv) L 176...GKX Uuh 3 UI77 SmrOun* U79-l80...Dk e (21
UIXI ...Celtic Demo Maker l'IMi-2 ift. Track lm 1030 U207.
,KmCoiifvik« I U20H...Dave Jone* Font* I U2II
.Chemevthevicv U2I2 AiiiniiKJ Pixnwrt U2I3.
DokTupPuhlitltet U2I4 Me**y Sid 2 U2I6 Nguer VrX.Skr 12
l!2lx. Jhna Bate W'uaivl U223 Ten Pin Dxa tone U224 Q-Bavc
Data Bave l'22f Garnet Solutxim I U23I O-Pa.or loeev 3
U235 AmiCutfc VI I'2*s kocmiinia l'24n ..Icon Folitor V252
. Opntximrm 2 0 I 2M Ne* huperk.ller* 2 U255 Prtxrn.kcf
»2.0 L'256 ..Atan ST F.maUlve 1 115X . D-Copy .3 | U262 PC
KmuUu* I l'273...Vidt Fotilx I I l274...lllit»iLabrt |
U275 MX) Buvineti lettert I l‘279„.lnvoice Printer
1. 283 ..Headline Fonl* U28‘*. Aim)* Ljtlucr U290 .Kicktian It)
U29J,..Black Tiger Ulih 2 U2W.. Tcti Fngme V4 0 1298
I'liititMic Ditk Cm U297.i0PDO.vx7' U29* Proirocker V3 0 U299
Addrevi Print VI I I U303 GamcTamtr j l 30» Muvk Bate VI 1XW
PP Mimcninch 11311 Vnunph V2 30 IT31' PmAdtiHi n U'314 Puob
Wi anl Jr U319. Litter V2 I I U320 Garden Ivttgncr j U327
.Bc JCT San U329..Jdutic Engine V3 4 U3JQ .Start ten U331
-Hrai Pm I 1.132 .Supervic* V2.4 GAMES 01 Return to Earth G2
Uuivt c mp$
C. ‘...Diuy Lu y CM Stmt. Haler* G5 Parachute lijuac Cafi. Tramie
Fmldie liX.Twimn*
09. ..15uok»Cop GIODnp ill I ...tluj Ba*li G12... Aneroid*
C. I.V. Il«iii»liv n GM -.Fjcnc From Jon G13 . Maria Adventure
Gift .Gnxmd A tuck GI7 Mtuhtll CilH Intalcn Club GI9. Vanuui
Adventure* 020 Rattlefoice G22 Dragon Ca*c 124 Ring* X «
G2S VU.Vn 026 MrehfligNl GJ7 The Tcnni* Gamr (12s J lau.-hNcr
629. Buck Roger* G30 OrryWiycr
G. M-7-Tilc* Gjl. MrpCume I 033 34 SU Trek I (2l G3S-37...SUI
G. Vt-39 ..Mechfotee 121 G«0...Klood*le G42 .Cat G4J,1,Ot me»
lima 2 G44 . S.E.U.C K Ganiev
045. ..6mx Gamf* C««np Gift Gamn lump 3 (MX Ray* Game DivA
(i49...Game* Camp 4 G50...GamiH lump ft 051-52.. ThNil"| («
053 Jctjuv
0219. A» Hockey G220 Jkmot Child Qut G22I TexaiChilnwk
C. 223 Premier Piet 0224 Thm*t Duel G::.' Wrfihlf Giddv 0228
SupfrlA«l 0327 .Fruit Salad 0228 Rrambo* G229 Jeopanl
G2KI...Space lnvav.cn
0231. .. Karate Wwm G232 ..Suprr Irapie luu G233 PDChy Canp l
G234...Colour Change* G235 ..Battle Ol Bnsain 0236 Super
T**un G237l,C-a*ele G23X Nuitani 1» Only) 0239 ..Kung Fu
Our lev G242..Micn) Mjrltt SLIDES Sl .lTam PkaSho* I S4.
Madonna Uidn
53. ..MO) tout tltdn St.. .Pan* Ixtauer SX Inuruculote (oilectwn
S9 Slmgnvmt Slide* 510-II C7uneet4i(ii Sli .Biucc Lee Slide*
SI4 AdaimFaiirtl) 511-Vu Mag Sink) S17 Ixckland* hnr SIX Dr
Who Drmo S2D. Nata Slide* S22-24 W'W'F SlaJe*(3l 527
DranmSlulrt 528 Total Recall S29_Joc'* Sink* S KI . 11am Pic*
Show 2 532 Netgtihour* Slide* S3.3 Roger ()ean ttxie* S34
In'n VU-J« Slkfc* S35-3ft Tuhiat RkNct i 21
538. . Hdtkn cm 2 S»9...bet* Slide* SM). Fratloe Devine 2 541
Fra*k* Devine I 542 Golem* Gate M.de* 543 Chnntau Slippert
S44. Cf FttDavin
545. .JvtpXKri Rhlni* 12) S47 . Kick Off 3 Slide* S4X PD
Siidc*how S49-52. . Terminator iai 533 Ki4*c. p 2 Slide* 554
TmkflUKtfr Slide* 555 l irgiHi.m Rralmv 2 556 Gurftekl
Slide* 557 Pawnbroker Slide* S$ S lleUraiver Slide* S5m.
.Sight Breed Slide* Snl Ra rvm Srfvl Hvitn* Slide*
STO.-MUHk Mania S7| . Creature Comlon*
572. . The W'ortkr Year*
57. 7...W'atervh*p Dtmn
575. ..FetTan 348 Piet 57ft Belinda Cartnlc S77 (Tbt Sluki SHARL
033 -IXuil And Silva G36 MimbUvi G57 loimei (Unte
C. 5* Gamei eomp J 039 Garnet I'omeS GftQ-JtMl Pwn w»w» G61
Outrunner GA1 Cry vial Cavtrm
003. Inuci G65 lemmutgendt (rfrf. IkiunHill Challenge (jft’ .UnK
ST Punt GMPnaml OM Pugglf* G?3 .Cattle* U74...UyiumiV Dkk
G75...Card Game* I G76. W'l* y'* (Jueu 077 liwwlh (i?X.
Skate G79 _Atic Alac 081 Prujatl (1X2 larer Zone
CD. Lemming* Pwk 084 Slur Trek S.h UP 085 Irfttrt*
C. X7 Max hed Pur* W .Snake PK G90 Zttrt (W2 BU aanl OW-The Mur
Gamr Gw* SuKulturc 095 ..Hailwood Troia I G97 ..Shootoul GWO .
H*4y Caul Adventuie S GIOO Anu»Cixralrup
f. lril (T***k Cump I (il(l2 Card Game* 2 GI03 ..Supw 5litda
Clull GKH . Grand Pit* Sim G 11)6 C.mipuier Conftkt 2 I
GIO?...Mittioe X Raid 2 GIQ6...NU Oanr 0110 Trkky. The Turn
GUI Marhle Slide Gl 12 .Garnet Comp 10 Cill.)-Bi«kbtkUh Gl 14
Dvmgevrt K Madroi Gl 15 Amiga Column* | Glib RuhtKOP In Iraq
C. l 17 Mutant Camrt* 0120-122 Warlock (3l GI24 BaflS mnk'fl lit
:«v Air Acc: GI27.. Breakuta Con KM G12 Pjprlme Gl 29Dung 01
Dnralian GD2...Pl;ier* Que*l
0133. ..5tar Trek 3 GI.U P.pmder ril3V„.DtMirT«DiHit GI4.3..
Solid Quad GI-44 ..Gmcga Rote
r. ia* Miwim Rad 3 Giao . Trei 73 GI47...Wack In Wonderland
GI4K SqiUl* Revenge
0149. ..5ky Fight GI SO...Wet Beaver GISl... Airman 1a GI52
Wizard Wtxld 0154 T«*ally Frantic Quu (it55 ..Chen* V2.0
GI36 Smmh Telly Ci 159 Bill* The iJragun GI60 J-Chmg G|6I
-F.-Type GI ftl-Tomcat GlftJ.Sw Lao« 016* Dt xy Diamond*
S79 lreJd.fi LV-jJ SM Wendy Jan*» SMC* filftJ. No Mam Lad
GIC6. .Wrad Square 5olvcr GI67...Gme Fire GI6K . WaWeUnd.
Ci?n SmmBIu GI71 Iran Sue GI72. Make A Break 0173 Svjiurohlc
0174. P-« Challenge Gl7J...OdrBo OI7X...t*il Dead Game
GI79,..Tr»intet GIKIMKI. Pcienpi 1+2 G182 Pipkwwy GI83.
Trix-tor Beam G1IM Motor buei G1HS Game Boy Tetri* 2 01X6
Water Work* Gl*7 Act Or War (SIKH Mutant*Game* CilBS 193
Timrlonh 1-1 GI Wl..-Nirvana GI9S-I96. Neighbour. (2|
0197. Arnct*) lH*aJtf* GI98 Gamr Buy Tam I 0199 Teticn SSI...The
ImnlNf WihU SS2-83 Terminator 2 (!)
SK4 Faiuaty IV* SXS .UuM W ar Slide* SK6...Magical ftc* SXX .Gull War Tribute S'TTrio* fithyr’i SOI Eldorado Slide* ANIMS Al .ftofte Sequence A2-..GIh»i Pool A3 Jogger + Magician I A4. Gvmnatl Demo AS ..FrKtal F1»W Aft RdtlclNill Ucmn AH...W alker Demo A9.. Magician 2 Alll-PugtlnSfuce Al l l ui.V Trifrtagef Al l Jo&ln Dcim) AI8 .Cool Cougar AI7 Mono Cycle Anim AI *- Robocop Anim A 2D kbyiwm On Wheel* A22 Shuttlecock Anim A33 T-Pol Anim 27 Fleev Manouviv A2 . Billiard Aatm A2V fvPnie Leitc» Duck A3Q ..Slaruait 2 Anim AM . Star Trek Anim 52.Fnvvion revenge A ,u Madonna Aaim A35 ..Swilth) Annro
2 A36 . Raider* Of The IVArk A 37 Bug* Bunny She** a38 . Iraq V» UK Anim
A) « Mile IjuniJBim A42. Waller 2 A43. Walker J A45-*6...Ught
Cycle 2) A47 F trading Head A48 . Police Car Chaw A49._TcpG«"
Pm»' A50 Arunutorv Demo A51 _5 Way t To Kid a Mole A3? Anvthcr
3 Way* All Hannan Uk movie ARJD Spmv«h'p A W Mr Potato Head
A59 -U™ Level FligN A63 Amy V* Waller AM Real Plnhill Anim
A66. Ivrhy Pig An,m A67 ..Adventure* Ot Chuck ; A70-7I.. Mat
Overdrive (2 1 A7.V .SpocedMnle An.m A74 ..Ghotibtnkn ? Horw
A7ft„.AI«m Anil" A77 ..Flight Aatm A78.. Piano Amm A79 Dan
Anim AM). Bid Bird Anim A8I..H-)6d4J 3mm AX2 . Fillet The Fith
A*5 Miner* An.m AKA .Piktei Watch Anim A9D-93 Thr Mm tea 2 4|
A95.. My TinToy A96 . T-PW 2 Anim AHO Dalphitt Drram AI0I IQ2
Thundcituidti2) A tot . Hitiory of Amy AllMPugu Anim 12 Megi
F. 3 . Kducauon Pack 3 E4...Education Pack 4 F5 Filikitxm Pack 5
F. ti Fducaooa Pack h E7...Educational World* I FX hlmiimtul
Garnet L9_.Math Dnll EIO .Amiga Funcnon Com FI I ...Devuarr Ld
Cocnp LI2 Simon 5xyi? S Ylath* El3 KuKPumi
F. I4 Story land 2 EI5...Colour li E|b C.Uinjr Ihe Alphahet
EI7-D.T P. Ear Children I FIS Algehm F19 AnxisatiJin E2(L
.Animal land ‘ E2I Ani.tiulS.wnd* K22 MiUuf) War Sound* FU3
...Vehicle* Svxiit.lt E24 25 Read A Ixom I (2l K26 Jumoe Maih*
CLR UCENCEWARE raumn oau m a nm u Du* ptirn nr « •* •• Mm 1*4
d« 0011'BUSH'HM. V » 2 ‘ t jrrtrr im *» rtknm!»»» nin
IDBBOMTrinilLetMitfiHRNltP (181 iitvtrtity it.,
ktiao**.»«tn*. M:: 4a nit tu» w mug mini la** »«• upmiaatHr n»
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aomiiu*i«itoia«uiaei.*.4WiM RAVE I TECHNO PACK ORDER NO Pol
CiVc * STYLE WITH A THE LATEST 3Al £ L TEC1-* sounds am the
amh '.•jwijf.n.1 £10.50- EDUCATION PACK ORDER NO; P02 Sin
JV3l «;5 ?li' 5H sws. Pav rc ?a%.c*€ j-ci’i* jrw .v £15.51?•
CLIP ART PACK ORDER NO: P03 cWV 3- 3 ??V y.f : t’sks cm*’
ORDER NO: P09 '* S S FOR au. VW ST V fivs : ri esTi9’Kcyi
’t:- »€stwii*c*AP: £10.50 CARD GAMES PACK ORDER NO: P09
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; ASSASSINS PACKS £1.60 EACH ICOfSKS...... j? OrsKS...... as
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75DSKS £Si.rsoio ALL 116 £75.w*c ACCESSORIES WOUSE HOUSE__?2S' WOUSE WAT__ELT AMIGA MOUSE_________£11.91 10 CAP BOX________£151 A W0 COVER------Off A W0 COVER---S2T: A120C COVER-------0-91
3. 5" DSDD D'SKS----E0«
f. 'ONTTOR STAND------VC* HOW TO ORDER All vou need to do ie put
the number* ot the di*kt requne and send it to the »ddre*i
below alonq with a cheque * PO nude payable to DtSKOVtRY
Please don 1 forget 10 indude the correct postage to ensure
send f | fw YOUR ORDER TO... •• fpiSKOVERY, DEPT (AC), 108
Workbench 1,545,688 grapliics Mi tv Dish a HirtonrtliPrintfrFnts clkk on ihe Prinlerfonts to open Ihe window
- ite It's a hard Things are beginning to click now - the haze of
confusion that had gathered so swiftly on first booting up the
Amiga has now begun Ito dissipate e' er so slightly Admittedly,
you find yourself talking about window manipulation at dinner
parties and receive strange looks and questioning glances
before you can stop yourself from being, well, boring.
The manual is still like a wall though - jargon flies from page to page, leaving you miles behind wondering what the hell the hard drive is and why you don’t have to put any disks into it.
Your newly subscribed Amiga Computing lies unopened on the coffee table, a bundle of notes to the side of it.
Next tp them, a large box sits with the words Wordworth emblazoned upon it You need to load the word processor to type up that huge pile of written essays so picking up and flicking open that magazine, you read on... Window manipulation should cause you no problem now - if so, just dip into I the manual at the relevant pages and the r other remaining functions will become much clearer.
At the moment, we've been through the verv basics of Workbench use but Iwtill w hard irt| Instill n floppy dii*| Instill nr inter id printer fwts| Adam Phillips puts the hard drive under the microscope for this month’s dissection of your favourite personal computer instrllI Destination: jDH6:Uorduorth2 Check the destination box to make sure that Wordworth Is going to OHO what about actually creating something useful that has a practical purpose and end result? Open up the Wordworth package and take a look inside.
If you didn't buy the Desktop Dynamite package and therefore don’t have Wordworth then you’ll still find that many programs - especially utilities - use a similar installation routine to the one described below.
The hard drive, as mentioned last month, is far more reli able and much faster than a floppy disk Depending on the size you buy, a reasonable amount of software can be stored onto it.
Installing simply means taking information off the floppy disks and putting a copy of it into the hard drive. It always advisable to do this whenever you can so that the original disks don't have as much chance of becoming damaged through mishandling or dust finding its way into the disk and so on.
POWER PERILS Flick on the computer from the switch on the power pack. This must be done each time because if the lead is simply slapped into the back of the machine, there is a small chance of a power surge which could basically render the Amiga useless unless given extensive repairs.
The same rule applies to turning off the machine - if the power is yanked out of the back and the hard drive ticking over, there’s a good chance that the information could become Corrupted, lost and irretrievable. This may all sound a little ominous but it is alwavs best to be safe so that you don't find after spending four hours typing in a journal, it becomes useless because of a split second of carelessness. Take out the Systen Request__[ Please insert volune Wordworth in any drive Wordworth disks and find the one that’s labelled Wordworth Printer Fonts. Insert it into the disk drive
after Workbench has booted in. A large icon will appear in the top right-hand corner.
Double click on this with the left-hand mouse button and a window will open. Inside, there are a series of other icons. Don't worry about the other, simply move the pointer over to the one labelled Wordworth Install and double click.
You will be presented with four options. The first is to install onto hard disk. The second to install on floppy disk for extra back up protection, the third to select which printer you want to print out on and finally, to quit out of the program to the previous window.
Click on hard drive install and the computer will tell you where it is going to place Wordworth. Its preset destination should be DHO - if not, simply _ click at the beginning of the name in the destination bar, delete the old entry and type in DHO:.
- Once done, click Oft install and the program will ask you for
flu* main Wordworth disk.
Take out the PrinterFonts disk life and slip the requested one in. You'll find that the computer will ask for each disk in the pack, so simply follow the on-screen instructions. Installation does take time SO be patient.
If you're worried that it may not be working, simply look to see if the hard and floppy drive lights are flashing on and off in the top right-hand comer of the keyboard - this means they are activated.
READY TO CO Once the installation is complete, a message will appear telling you it's finished. Click on OK and the original list will appear again. Press on the Quit Installer option, take out the Thesaurus disk left in the floppy drive and reset the Amiga.
This is achieved by briefly pressing the two Amiga buttons on either side of the spacebar and the Control key, all at the same time Once reset, click on the DHO icon on the Workbench and a window will open.
Press on the W2 drawer and the next Wordworth drawer and - finally - you will be presented with a large picture icon with a W in it. Double click on this and the program will be booted up.
Choose Install on hard drive trom the menu Suppliers of Public Domain & Shareware throughout the world for years.
Over 30,000 customers worldwide. Over 3000 disks, also complete Fred Fish library + TBAG and more Games J Act of War J AGA Chew. 4Mb. A1200 J Air Traffic Control 3 Airport 3 Antep 3 Arcode Clashes 1 J Arcade Classics 2 3 Alic Atac 3 Backgammon 3 Bottle of Brifoin & War 3 Bottineau II 3 Beast 3 Bi Planes 3 Block jock Lab Boulderdash Cluedo Comdrop Crazy Sue I!
Crossword Creator Cybernetix D-Tns 3 Deluxe Pocmon 3 Desert Storm 3 Donkey Kong 3 DownhiR Challenge 3 E-Type II 3 Escape v3 3 Extreme Violence 3 Fighting Warriors S Fight 3 Fireball 2000 3 Flog Catcher 3 Full House 3 Grond Prix Manoger 3 Head Quarters 3 Hellzone 3 Hollywood Trivio 3 International Cricket 3 Intruder Alert 3 loedings 3 Mad Bomber 3 Mashie Niblick Golf 3 Moths Advonture 3 Megoball 3 Mental Imoge Gomes 1 3 Mental Imoge Gomes 2 3 Missile Command 3 Moria v5 4 3 Nostromo Game Cheats 3 Numerix 3 Numpfy 4 Alien Invodcrs 3 Peter's Quest 3 p.po ? Puggles 3 Quad'lx 3 Questiontort 3 Roid 2
3 Rollerpede 3 Sonify 3 Scrabble 3 Serene III 3 Smurf Hunt 3 Soccer Cards 3 Sior Trek. 2 D«sks Super Space Invoder* Survivor Tonx Totren The Simpsons Think Twice Total War 3 Turbo Thrust 3 Wacko Jr Wonderland 3 Wizzy's Quest ? XFI & Hball 3 Zeus LOOK AT OlJlt GREAT PACKS OX THE NEXT PAGE All disks are Virus Free, Error Free, No quibble replacements Ordering Info Ordering couldn't be simpler, just tick each disk (using the box suppliedl ond tear this page out, place in an envelope with payment, stick on a stomp ond post to the address »»»»» Educational iz oph bra AMIGA Tutorial Amiga World
Amigazer Colour the Alphabet Division Dunks DTP Family History Database Fireworks Alphobel GCSE Maths HenrieHas Book ol Spells Hooray fot Henrietta Kid* Point Learn and Ploy Maths Adventure Moths Drill Moths Reflex Test Moths Wizard Pair li Simon & Spocemaths Storyksnd 2 Totol Concepts Astronomy Total Concepts Dinosaur* Treasure Search Typing Tutor Wodd Wgr ll Fgcts AT200 4000 Action Replay IV Degrade s PC Task v2 Hois AGA Megodemo Hois AGA II Megodemo Uchess 4Mb WB3 Backdrops Dos Drivers Viewtek latest Update WB3 Rombow Spectrum Emulator 1.6 Panta Rhei Megodemo The D-.sk Uhl AGA P s 1.
24-bit graphics AGA Pics 2, 24 bit graphics AGA P » 3, 24-b't graphics AGA Pics 4, 24-bit graphics AGA Pics 5, 24-bit graphics AGA Pics 6, 24-bit graphics AGA Pics 7, 24-bit graphics AGA Pics 8, 24-bit groph.es AGA Pics 9, 24 bit graphics AGA Pics 10. 24-bit grophics Wmblend HD Prep jpeg Utils MSM 1 8 Bonloaxe At 200 Utils AMFM Magazine AMIGA Musicians Free wore Mogasine The worlds number I music magazine Comes on disk, full of rhe lamt gossip, utils, mol* both MIDt and Amiga onfy. If you ore .nteresied in music then you simply con not miss this.
3 Issue IS-£2.50 AH bock issues available, please ask Catalogues 3 Battleaxe Catalogue - €0.50 3 Fred Fish Catalogue - €0.50 We stock Fish 0900* Disk Prices Postage Please odd the foh lowing postage on top of your order £1.00 UK & Cl £1.50 Europe £3.00 ROW Disks £1.50 £1.25 for 10+ All disks are £1,50 from BPD, if you order over 10 disks then disks are £1.25 Anims 3 Adventures of Chuck Amy vs Walker At the Movies Batman Billiard Anim Enterprise Leaves Dock Exploding Heod Fillet the Fish Fleet Manoeuvre Fractal Flight 3 Ghost Pool 3 Iraq vs UK J light Cycle 3 Mr Potato Heod 3 Probe Sequence 3
Pugs In Spoce 3 Stealthy Anims 2 3 T-Pot Anim 3 Walker 2 3 Walker 3 3 Walker Demo We corry if* wh«J range ol Erie Schwprff Anims, please ring
- AMFM Samples - these sample disks are ol excellent quohty. They
are €2 50 each and are produced by artists themselves 3 Sample
Disk 1 45 drums & percussion sounds from a Roland PCM Sound
Cord 3 Sample Disk 2 58 orchestral winds including flutes,
brass, saxes, trumpets, brass chords ond ethnic winds 3 Sample
Disk 3 30 atmosphere non instrumental death A horror sounds 3
Sample Disk 4 32 selec’ed lead & bass sounds from ihe Korg 707
Synthesiser 3 Sample Disk 5 16 rich, full and dynamic grond
piano sounds mduding chords The best piano heard on an Amiga!
J Sample Disk 6 48 characteristic samples taken Irom a Korg Wovestolion Mostly leod bass etc 3 Sample Disk 7 53 characteristic pounds taken yet ogam from A* wgvepotion Lead bass effects 3 Sample Disk 8 46 chords sampled from tho Korg Wpvestatiort, pods, choirs, synths, major, minor, *u*2 elc.
3 Sample Disk 9 Korg Ml drums, 84 drums percussion sounds from the Korg MI Synthesiser All stondord drum sounds, with hits, losers, eta 3 Sample Disk 10 A collection of ombient and hord hitting sounds created on the Korg Wavestalton. Rove away 3 Sample Disk 11 More ombient, hard hitting rave techno sounds. Great stuff.
Sample Disk 12, 13, 14, & 15 Available alsolll AM FM magazines are also available from BPD And special disks, look ot AM FM box Modules We hove 30 disks lull ol greot mus modules to be played in MED or other musrc pockoges. Over 100 in foct. Ranging Irom rove lo slow melodies Al 30 disks £25 or £1 50 each Order Mod [0 bemg t-30) Business 3 600 Business letters 3 Agraph 3 Amibose Pro 3 Am .cash 3 Anolybcolc, 2 Disks 3 ASI label Printers 3 Bonkin 3 Bbose III 3 Budget os to WO LU Qd D O WO O a. Q Z Z o wo ad LU Q. 3 Business Cord Maker 3 Colcvlotor 3 Clerk 3 DTP 3 Flexybose Datobose 3
Forms Really 3 Minors label Printer 3 Invoice Printer 3 Journo!
3 lost Will & Testaments 3 little Office 3 Nog Diory 3 Organiser 3 Poy Advice 3 OED 3 Spreadsheets 3 Tex Engine 4 3 Text Plus 4 3 Wordwright Misc Utils 3 A500 Plus Emulator 3 Abackup 3 Account Moster 3 Amiga Guide v3.43 3 Amos Compiler Update I 36 3 Amos Updator 1 36 3 Assassins Megoboof 3 Apro 22 Space 3 Banner 3 Benchmarks the Best 3 Cdtsk. Hdnve compress 3 Dcopy 3 3 Disk So hi 2 3 Dynamite Fonts I 3 Dynomita Fonts 2 3 Essential Utils III 3 Foss Cache HD & FD Coche 3 Froctrons 3 Gome Tomer 4.01 3 Gold Ed 3 Hybrid Instruments 3 k ?n Update 3 Imogme Objects 3 lc Nag 3 lhawn 3 lockpick 2 3
Med v3.2 3 Mega Utils 3 Mega monitor 3 Mr Backup 3 Ncomm v3 3 North C 3 Octamed 3 Perm Check Plus 3 Picbose. Picture Store* 3 Picture Coverters * 3 Pktsmg Ck vds ? Ppshow 3.04 3 Propoge Utils A Temps 3 Protracker v3 01 3 Reorg latest Ed 3 Slideshow Generalov 3 Sozobon C 3 Superdork v2.01 Screen Blanker 3 Supersound II 3 Term v3.4 3 Terminus 3 Text Scroller (Great) u 3 Tools Manoger ? True Ed 5 5 3 Twin Express Amiga PC, 2 Disks 3 V Morph Q VCR Filer 3 Virus Checker vl.31 wo D * Personal Details UNIT D5, HI-TECH HOUSE, BLACKFRIARS STREET, NORWICH NR3 1SF CDUG's Member's Benefits sj X £ 0 * 0 *»
X 0 I 1 3 0 X c 0 0 “0 e « a s wi * O c All members receive Mystery Gift I • Members get great discount on all software and hardware
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in home ctwcnain- mcni CDJ2 com* with a 6SBC02D prvxoxx from
Monrob I' romairei 32 hn arehrtrvture fwhkh tun thrown the
A12PP «• mice's), The CDJ2 also Cmtlint COBUWdOTS ?u%inm AGA
I Ail aned Graphics Architsctore) «hip* » numeJ - Pxula. Law
and Alice, which goes to thaw it h» «mic potential wbetl it
comet to graphics. Nm forgcuuig rt Munmnp wwd cifvWit**- It
comet with 2 megabit' ol RAM and a ikvhk ‘peeA mufci- K*Him CD
Rom dn e. All thrt p« together and h»*« ihe heid game A home
emenamme *et" avaitabte. Play peat arcade quality garnet,
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Amiga CD32(m c29999) (Inducting Diggers A Osca 0*m*s) 1 Years ffifE Membership to CDUGt*pam all this for just' mctWJS* U manffv on-nte warranty Tel: (0603) 666202 (0603) 662066 Q We Accept Payment by Access Visa s Forthcoming Titles from C.D.U.G.«•* £289 Hit NOW, Degeneration ...£23.88 Sensible Soccer .£18.85 Deepcore ...£19.45 Pinball Fantasies ......£24.88 James Pond 2 ...£23.88 Now that’s what I call Gomes ....£15.40 Now that’s what I call Games 2 .£15.40
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K.*gP Microcosm ..Coll TFX . Col and many more .....Call Keyboard CD32 .-.Call CD32 - Amiga interface Call C032 to Scart .Cal Earphones ..Cal Storage! .....Cal Fantastic Clip-Art Bo h of our Oip-An pocks ore of v*ry high quoS ity. Both on screen ond printed output. Can be used by oB Desktop Publisher* & Art Packages ond come with an installation program which is fool
prool Allowing you to insto® th*m tg both floppy ond hard drives.
? Pack I £9.99 A vast amount of Clips covering Bu'W-'ngt. Food*, Adverting Aids, Aircraft, Humour. Cooper Graphics. Aninak. Birds. Love. Holiday. Gifk Woman, Assorted Mix, Automobiles ond Business ? Pack 2 £9.99 A VOS' amount of GffOt Clips cove mg Education, fantasy, Phoi Fbwen, Old Antique. Medkol Space, Comping, father Xmas, Sport, Tipmf, War, Recycling, Soiling and Boating Scalable Fonts We have 400 salable fonts, split into 4 pocks for £9.09 each. Thot's 100 scotoble fonts for £9 99 they eon be used with all DTP's that support Adobe Type I Fonts Please ring if interesv ed in
Campugrophic ? Pock I £9.99 U Pack 2 £9.99 ? Pod 3 £9.99 ? Pack 4 £9.99 We do not have enough room here jo show you all these great looking fonts, which is a pity, but if you hove o fa* machine we will be delighted to fox you o complete sample nowl O send you details. Just phone ond osk for details Games Games The best gomes collection, includes Arcade, Board Games, Mind Boggier*.
Begt dm Up's, Shoot Em Up's, Boulderdosh type, Cor, Plane, Cards.
Educotion ond More This pock is updated as new software arrives, therefore we con not supply listings of contents here I Phone.
O o JO Q- i- 0 D O 0) U) 8.
• ™ k_ % 0) X £ J* o ? £7.00 Desktop Video for oil you Steven
Spielberg's to come, this pock is for video enthusiasts if you
hove not already noficod Video tillers, special graph* effects,
tests and more.
Comes with added bonus of backgrounds A video fonts ond a specie' database lot storing your video collection on.
Cut! ? £7.00 'C' Programmers This pock is unbelievable value. It is
o complete manual on using the language 'C. Far more in-depth
than any book. It come with over 70 on-disk exomples reody lor
you to run (no typing them in first) Covers Screens.
Windows, iDCMP. Gadgets, Graphics ond much more, 12 chopters in oil You alto gel o complete 'C' compiler chucked in reody for you to compile your programs Great Value! I £9.99 Education Want to educate yourself, or others Children or odults, both cotered for Includes - Sponish, German, French, Japanese. Moths. Science. Astronomy ond much more ? £7.00 “D C CD U1 08 in s § a c o I ) fc- O) A&m Uapma _ unw norie Du5in655 You run o small business? Or simply wont to keep up to dote with your finance? Wrise Utter si Accounts? Well here is your onswer Complete business package oil in one.
Contain* the best word processor, spell checker, doto- base, spreadsheet, occount pockoge, graphs ond more all for ? £7.00 ¦ m 11 111 tM~» rr O " - CmUIQiurb roCK ““ Emulate other computers such os Commodore 64. Spectrum 48k, IBM PC ond more by using your Amiga Play Atic Atoc on the Spectrum Word processors on the IBM etc. Ful instructions.
? £6.00 Name_ Address.
If ••nSrrwy Ih iradii urd men %unpt ulretvnr iimo'i nr*ci)2 * kbosi mcdm in.! Tu tun will ukc ym Compotibtlrty Great Money Saving Packages lots of useful utilitei to dowtvgrode your machines to Workbench 13 Cache oft. Reduce disk dnves Fixes messy demos to work on A500 Plus ond 1200 4000 etc If this won’l. Nothing will.
LU 5 GO All 16 packs work on all Amiga's ? £5.00 A1200 4000AGA A pockoge for the lucky owners of on AGA mochine such os AMIGA 4000 or AMIGA 1200.
Includes greot demos, 24 bit pictures Some spec-fk 1200 4000 utilities ond foods more.
? £7.00 Introduction A pockoge based at people who ore new to PD Grves you a taste of the following copiers, demos, musie. Gomes, utilities ond toys, graph ics utilities & more a £5.00 Technosfyle If you ore into Rove Techno style tracks then you wifl N-Joy this pockoge H contains a music program (MED) and comes complete with great Rave Techno trocks for you to listen to. But not only can you listen to them, you also gel tots and lots of Instruments, Boats. Vocals. Boss and more BE YOUR OWN MC Creole your own trocks Record them onto your lopes Make some noise! 3 £7.00 Personal Details
Postcode n A TTJ 17 AY T? Unit D5, HI-TECH HOUSE, biackfriars Df±l 1 L£ lA£ STREET, NORWICH, NORFOLKNR31SF Tel: (0603) 666202, (0603) 662066 Evenings & Weekends: (0603) 261060 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscribe to the top value Subscribing to Amiga Computing means you reap all the benefits of the exclusive treatment you'll receive as a subscriber, and you get to choose one i of these great free gifts as well remembering the next issue is on sale. You can watch your favourite soap or PTI have a lie in, because you won't be scram- bling down to the newsagents. You'll be content in the knowledge that you
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This superb book includes coverage of the A1200 and A600, E32 Workbench familiarity, prefer- r7"""n"aiBri1 ences, utilities, beginners AmigaDOS, programming, fonts, ' printers, graphics, music and sound, public domain, viruses, upgrading, comms, desktop video, ® multimedia and much, much more. ¦ 6 Premier Manager 2 PREMIEI This is the latest football management sim from Gremlin. Following on from its predecessor, Premier Manager 2 takes the whole football management scenario one stage further, and although more complex than the first version, loses none of the addictive appeal which made
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FROM THE AMIGA GAMES WORLD .2 hat 2 handle, it's From Dennis
Ihe Menace to the seedy world of the newspaper photographer,
it's ail happening in the i Amiga games world Menacing the
masses The Sun, undoubtedly a top quality newspaper, is obout
to publish its own Computer game on the Amiga. Snapperazzi
feqlures a hero known as, ahem, $ npzzi, ond he mv*t collect
pictures ond earn cosh by snapping minor and mojor celebrities
The mojor celebs are different for eoch level, starting with
bikini-clad Foge 3 girls on level one. The girls blow kisses to
protect themselves and Snazzi must dodge these to stay in good
health Apart from Planet of the Poge 3 girls, there ore another
s« levels to conquer which include worlds like Planet ftoyale
and Planet Rod.
Snapperaz2i has been sponsored by Domino's Pizza and leaf, who are the makers of Fizzy Chewits Both products feature in the game. There will be plenty of bonus ond sub-games and the whole platform romp will be occompanied by specially written rave soundtracks, Just os The Sun cut its paper price from 25p to 20p, Snopperozzi will undercut other full price games by a fiver.
Although published by The Svn, Snopperozzi will be distributed by Alternative Software. It will be available in the shops for just £ 19 95 and should be reody in time for Christmas.
Did you know that over 318,000 copies of the Beano and Dandy ore bought every week? Both comics have bets around for over 55 yeors. Did you also know that Dennis M Menace hos his own show on the Children's Channel ond thtf| a Beano video has just been released by Polygram2 Ninety-four per cent of 11 b U-year-olo Beano readers regularly buy computer gomes, so you'd think that someone would be smart enough to release a game featuring the fm ents of Dennis and his chums.
W?l|, os it happens Dennis rf e Menoce ond his trvsly dog Gnasher ore obouf to start in their very first home computer gome courtesy of Alternative Software, the company response ble for Dalek Attock and Thomas the Tank Engine. The antics of Dennis and Gnasher are being brought to the computer screen in a series of 3D isometric adventures where the game- play Jakes place in Becnotown, |us! As in the comic, Foss of Dennis and Gnasher. And there are over one m3- lion members in his fan club, will relish the thought of being able to become involved in menacing the inhabitants o* Beanotown with
stink bombs, water pistols ond pea shooters Dennis and Goasher has over 3Mb of bright ond colourfii graphics along with I Mb of musk and sound effects. The packaging hos been designed and created by the same artists Alternative has scheduled Dennis and Gnasher for o Christmas release and will cost you £24.99. After three years of M price publishing, Core Design are launching their own budget kibe!
Corkers. Corkers will commence with a collection of four cult gome releases - Chuck Rock Corporation, War Zone ond Toivak the Warrior.
Wh*ch takes you on a journey into the world of Cybernetics.
War Zone is eight levels of scrolling shool- em up action while Torvak the Warrior is a gargonluon hock 'n' slosh adventure These titles should be in the shops now and retail at a price of £9.99. Subsequent titles from the Coders budget label will be released ot a rote of between two and three titles per quarter There is no fixed prianq for Ine label and retail jQPQWKH® r For those who con't remember. Chuck Rock is o prehistoric pfatformer featuring o pct-beliied cavemen who's intent on rescuing his beautiful wife Corporation is o futuristic 3D adventure War Zone and Chuck Rock are reviewed in
this month’s Cheap Seats.
Hit for six... again I Graham Gooch's Second I Graham Gooch World Class Cncket. A possibly the world s best cncket game Ti with the lo improve ate historic from the past As well os Ihe five historic matches included on the disk, there are also complete 1993 squads for all 18 English counties with bottmg and bowling overages up to the end of the season A new Engiond squad is oho included which comprises all of the players selected ft the Wes! Indies tour.
Many of these new features were suggested by users. Audtogwit couldn't include every idea, but they plead with users to keep writing in because they hope that one day they will create o version for the A1200 ond CD32 Graham Gooch's Second innings is in the shops now ond will cost you Cl 7 99 HowzoH Rocket and roll Over the past few years every concept in video gaming such os flight sims, god games, platform- en, shoot- em-ups. BeoKem-ups, drive-'em-ups, strategy and sport sims have oil been mastered and doned several times over except for the gaming concept of Hot Shot Entertainment’s Rocket
Rescue. It is on original product Igospl) and involves skiH and judgement where the player has to take control of a rocket ship, negotiate forcefields and weather conditions and destroy all enemy predators In order to fulfil the tasks of eoch level, the rocket ship has fo land on eoch planet's surface and save the otherwise doomed hostages Racket Rescue simply exploits all of the hardware capabilities of the present day Amiga and features detailed graphics and an incredible amount of depth to the all-important compter gaming factor The gome includes 100 levels, parallax scrolling, use of
power-ups ond weopon add-ons, game save feature plus a humorous digitised speech, and sound effects.
Rocket Rescue should be available in your local computer stare now The price is still yet to Rocket Rescue be confirmed.
Elite 2 . 128 Yes David Braben's sequel lo one of (be greatest games ever is finally here, but wos il worth ihe wail?
Magic Boy .132 While ihe mogician's away, ihe boys will play. Grab your sack ond swipe up some beasties in Empire's latest platform romp Kingmaker 134 Will US Gold's strategy board game really scrape the sky? Or is it just another yellow-bellied hole digger?
F-H7A Stealth Fighter 2 136 Hey there's a surprise, MicroProse have got o new flight simulator out! Simon dons flying helmet and zooms up into the sky to check it out Allen Breed 2 .138 The sequel that every shoot-Wup freak is lusting for. It's tougher, darker, bodder ond beefier, but is It any goad2 Cyberpunks . 140 Take a peek at Core Design's Mongo-inspired shoot-'em-up featuring
a trio of wide-eyed punks from the 501 st Cyber Assault Squad. Cor!
Jet Strike ..140 They go up tiddly up in Rasputin Software's brilliant little orcode odion plane game Chocks away, chaps!
Body Blows Galactic ......142 Team 17 return with another bout of frenzied fighting and this time the whole universe has joined in the fun. Gusp!
Feature: Into the next Millennium ......144 A quick trip down to Cambridge to interview the men that make Millennium tick plus a look at some of their forthcoming titles that will shake up the games world in '94 IIXINARDS It's a Happy New Year, and if you'll excuse me I've still got a really bad headache. I'll get the Asprins while you look at... REVIEWS t REVIEWS • REVIEWS Cheap Seats .....148 New staff member Tino rounds
up the latest ond downright dirt cheap gomes that your money can buy Cheat Mode: The Patrician ..151 A set of bints ond tips on how to get by in Doze's trading simulation courtesy of Simon's nimble fingers Cheat Mode: Ishar 2 ..152 The concluding part to our complete guide to Silmaril's classic adventure. You lucky, lucky cheaters1 REGULARS • REGULARS • REGULARS There is probably no-one who has owned 0 home computer
who hasn't at tome time or other come into contact with David Brabvn's hoding cum action spoce campaign, Elite.
First released on the BBC Micro, its wire frame 3D sent all and sundry foaming at the mouth. As a goggle yed 15-year aU I spent month upon month locked away in a dimly lit room, with only my Human Leogue albums for company.
As keen as the next schoolboy to reach the dizzy heights of Elite, this reviewer soon got lost in space. Sacking the default character Commander Jameson. I assumed my oction hero type pseudonym, Wolf Flipside.
FRONTIER After an eternity lest in space it's finally here, the game that's set to launch a thousand shuttles and keep gamers up at night without any cryogenicallydnduced suspended animation Yes indeed, Wolf Flipside: Righter of wrongs, purveyor of purity, guru of goodness, federation freedom fighter and legion of liberation.
Well, il wosn't quite like that; there was the odd run-in with the law for smuggling the odd ton or 20 of Arcturan Mega weed, and a couple of errors in judgement due to mistakes in identifying nice, ripe, juicy traders carrying priceless corgo for nasty roughneck good for nothing pirates.
As the incomparable Wolf, I hod many excit ing ond dangerous adventures (well, kind of for a teenager ploying on a home computer). In foci there's one particular incident that I remember with some clarity.
We'd been travelling for over 20 days, the hyperspace jump from Quaxxan to Zaonce was some jaunt, and toik about dull. All around the half-shadowed interior of my beat-up Cobra, beer cans lay redundant reflecting the lights of the ship's auto pilot.
In a half drunken stupor I glanced ocross at the long range scanners, nothing but asteroids for entertainment, ond to be quite fronk the novelty of zoppmg lumps of rock hod long since dried up.
Another turn of the head ond I'm gazing at the Gronk, my ever-faithful companion. He, lies snoring his little furry snout off, occasionally catching an itch up his hairy torso with o dozy daw.
I begin to snooze myscH, and am just begin ning to fantasise about a night on Rigel 5 wilh the four-breasted love sirens when I hear the shrill sound of the scanner alarm, With a start I jump to my feet spilling beer, peanuts ond ash everywhere. Cursing my luck, the Gronk sends a proboscis from his snout looping out towards the scanner, seconds later my stomach drops as an ominous image materialises on the main screen.
"By the pies of the Ploeides, it’s a Thargoid invasion ship!" I gasped.
The Gronk gronked (on his planet, gronking wind in a different colour expresses an emotion| purple wind everywhere, as if in some way summing up the horror of the impending situation.
As the rank air cleared around me, an even bigger stinker was dropped; a Thargoid missile was raking its way through the blackness of wytchspoce towards the ship.
In on instant the projectile hod found its lock on my frogile hull, in response I hammered on my ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) and initiated my rear thrusters.
The missile exploded and rocked my craft, just as the reor thrusters initiated themselves. As we shot back the ship centred ond put four bolts of military loser into the Thargoid s belly.
The inky void illuminated suddenly os the warship's shields failed and lOOmw of loser burned into its weak underbelly, exploding it into o million frogments of space debris.
The action over, I cracked open another "tinny* on Gronk's beak and lay back in my sect, content in the knowledge that Wolf Flipside would rule the space lones for another evening.
The true octuolity of the events however, wos somewhat different. The reality of the situation was a stuffed teddy antealer (please don't ask why anyone should envisage this particular species of mammal should make o nice cuddly toy) and myself, in my bedroom with the curtains shut gazing at a BBC computer, surrounded by empty tins of pop - but such is the imagination of a 13-year old. It wasn’t long after that, having Weh-heh, look at tkc pretty ColoUK » you drop out of a light speed jump reoched a rating of Elite, that my onti-grav booh were hung up. But, os they say in movies, tfw was then
and this is now.
After what seems like a lifetime of self-inflictec solitary confinement, Mr Braben is back with thr long-awaited Elite 2: Frontier.
While in this self-imposed imprisonment many rumours floated around os to what would eventuolly be in Elite 2. For instance there wos talk of planet landings and exploding stars While some of the reports were somewhat exog gcroted, on the most part speculation has mater alised into truth.
The most striking thing obout Elite that you notice almost immediately is that it has no plor At least no plot in the traditional sense thot gomes generally follow.
DECEASED The only background relevant to you is thot you've been left a paltry sum of cash and a mid die of-the-launch-pad type space ship by your recently deceased grandfather (didn't mean le sound ungrateful - hanest pops), in a huge galaxy where you con basically do anything.
When you first boot up Elite 2 it's quite daunt ing because you just don't know where to start To tell you it's a vast game area really is on understatement.
In the original Elite there were eight galaxies in Elite 2 there's just the one. However, it's os accurate to the genuine article os amateur astronomer Mr Braben could render it, ond con tains 200, 000, 000, 000 (11 zerasl stars with same 30,000 inhabited planets.
So you can immediately gather that to get anywhere of any status in the gome is going to take a little bit more effort thon the usual climb e few ladders ond blast a few baddies malorkey.
After you've come to reolise your own petty insignificance within this massive arena, the next task is fo decide what on earth you're going to make of yourself.
In the original you reochcd the tap notch through o combination of fighting, clever trading and maybe a touch of under-the-counter smuggling.
Well in the sequel those elements hove been retained, ond you could easily play it in the somr manner, but would be missing a great deol of the M » fi
- liwrpip1’ iTw C-r
h. i r(»t, it ! H ..nr put ; ’ cut in- ifji i tv ' r. J.m CtM
II; ' pin rt fltft M ....U.ii dlMi* •
- Jtir liti tW|fu ii. I tin
N. iMtV'- f‘»ic Trading in the galaxy's com way since the
original Elite
• NSW* L_Ssit H»h Em firtittc BcriJ r PJThMW RtffllDCO n1 uw n«4»
cr a I'nHp T HMD ptwslpiir?
KsMqiUa M rCIKj HMPf lftijtop foWKinn* prtaptittiffcw to era CHI RtHTftD It! W»?rf ir,£rnV..T* r Uun I i:j frsT lh lit*? £ 812 »jtei D tkI link you're successful you II soon be on contract killing missions or sent to destroy an enemy spoce station Obviously tbe stock morket aspect of Elite is still in existence. However, fundamental cbonges have taken place since the heody days of the 80s. For one the prices of eoch location ore no longer stalk.
Whot this means is that because prices behgve like a reol stack morket, you could actually sit at one port buying ond selling commodities for profit, without actually blasting off anywhere.
DRAMATIC The Other prpbobly immediote difference to the trading aspect of the game is that the rooge of products hos increased dramatically.
The same is true of equipment thot con be bought from the stations around the galaxies.
For instance, if you wonted to become a spoce taxi then you'd have to purchase passenger cobins.
Ygg can also upgrade just obout everything to the nth degree. From engines to lasers and mis- sties the list is almost endless. It's even possible to purchase something called o Hyperspace Cloud Anofyser which checks where a ship has gone once it's in hyper spoce.
But, I've left the best till last, because in Frontier you con octuaUy upgrade your ship. No longer do you have to stick with the Cobra, and there ore over 30 to choose from.
The choice really is yours - you con stick to nimble ocrobatk combat single seoters or get yourself something o little more substantial like the 2,500 tonne Panther (Volvo of the future! For extensive trodmg.
So you can see there's on obsolute crater fuH of things you can do in Frontier, but the question that’s positively bursting to escope is: What does it play like?
When you first start controlling Frontier it'll feel very alien ond different to the Elite you knew so well of yesleryear. For one, the simulation of space travel has been mode much more realistic, with zero gravity ond directional energy having a lot more relevance than in the original.
This at first is off-putting ond somewhat confusing, but don't be disillusioned by it. It doesn't take long before you get into the swing of flight or the icon control system employed for accessing charts and equipment. In fact, it soon becomes a very logical system which feels second nature.
Ifs incredibly difficult to describe what ploying Frontier is actually like once you've become AMIGA. From the huge space wheels fo the domed cities on the plonet surfoces, it's oil there in beautiful light-sourced fechnkdoured detail One of the most visually impressive aspects fo Frontier is that you con be out in the depths of vocuous space pointing your ship at a prick of light some six light years away. Then fly at it and watch it grow - you might eventually end up of the window of some complex on the surfoce of the plonet.
ASTRONOMICAL Everything being astronomicoliy correct, you con watch nightfall from one of the moons of Saturn or orbit Jupiter and follow the red spot.
For a gome to handle so much, there has to be some pitfall. It hos to be said that on on A500 machine the update is a rather slow affair and behoves like o bit of o lome mule.
However, detail levels can be turned down, and tbis does speed tbe general pace of the game up.
Frontier is an incredibly difficult title to brocket. There are mony different styles of gome in it, and many different ways in which you con approoch it.
A product that bums brighter ond with a grecta mognifude than any other product has for mar. a year, ond you'll love it.
SIMON CLAYS r VISION AUDIO 0O0000©© DIFFICULTY 000000©0 | ©0©©00©000 ¦ 94% UndemaNy another all-time classic in the making (tarn Mr Braben. Great grapn«cs ond absorbing play make Frontier the ultimate spoce experience • ever.
I Publisher ?
Gometek 1 De eloper ? David Broben Disks ?
2 Price ?
£34.99 I HD install Yes Size ?
1 meg A very stylish Cobra Cabriolet attempts an extremely complex docking manoeuvre without an auto-pilot Biiarrety enough, the status screen tells you your status
Wizzie let's get busy, err... Open Sesame with Magic Boy's
staff of power, that or just stick the disk in your drive the
slightly wounded Jane stands sobbing into a pair of cfommy legs
Those fateful few moments have sealed your fote, and put the
dampers on yOuf dream of 0 career in mogic Think, no hope of
going premc torely bald, ‘not a lot* of opportunities for
herring the worst catch phrases «n show business ond best of
all absolutely no chance of marrying your mutton dressed as
lamb assistant. Anyway, once more impressive vanishing of a
jumbo jet up his cifde.
Despite being Merlin's little pet things aren ?
Total bed of roses. You see, one evening their seems to hove been a quite major digression from our starting point. To recap, Hewlett is top dog ot sorcery school - it's o bit like Fame with wands and cauldrons. He's passed all his exams and pipped the moustachioed David Copperfiefo *o the number one spot despite bis Magic Boy puts you in the unlikely control of on apprentice wizard with the equally unlikely name of Hewlett Now little Hewlett is a student at sorcery school and this is the fiat thing that needs oddressing.
It makes sense iq me that if you ore going to attend magic school you need on entrance qualification Now, I don't know obotf yOu but nhen it came to decision lime at my comprehensive concerning your options. ’O' level mogic wcs not on the list.
English language, maths and even religious education yes but no insight into the world of arcane knowledge - well not ol my working class, slate run seat of Teeming however, it would be interesting if such a topic was an exqm subject becouse I for one would take it.
Imagine the exam, you walk on to a fanfare of trumpets wearing a patched up cape, top hat ond obligatory white gloves all courtesy of Mr Hoofey) Along side you your gold bikini clod assistant, the beautiful sixth form babe Jone Hedley Hedley-Smyih-Smyth (she Irves or the nice estate) As the rest of the school look on with mouths gaping wide open, you embark on your first examination trick - sowing the beoutiful Jane into segments However, because of the government cufbocks in education spending, oil is not whot it should be on dse props front, For one. The box into which the sultry Jone
must slip her slender self into is courtesy of the second year croft deportment These particular pieces of timber lived their former lives os part of o front gate and the remnants of a sledge involved in a freak downhill accident But onywoy. Thanks to the talents of Form 2B, the box i reody on exam day, albeit suffering from chronic dampness and splinters A drum roll commences ond Jone slides into plow, simultaneously your makeshift saw mokes its appearance to cries from the crowd.
To be honest these aren't shrieks of horror at the SiZC of the saw in your hood, but cnes of aston ishment that you're going to attempt this oct with a croft knife from the art department As you moke your first moston into the jogged slots hied into the box, your unwitting assistant jabs her shapely posterior on one of the many splinters.
The next few moments seem to las* a lifetime, as Jane jumps in pain the croft knife slips and iocer- ates her migh. This in turn dislodges the box which topples sideways to reveal a hollow plinth, where Magic Boy jmpP!
Der-dum... der-dum... der-dum... dum, dun. Dun... err. Jaws I think Vjy sorcerer keeps their left over spells he hips ? tr o trapdoor that leads to the basemen!
It's down here that the Grand Wizard
• eepi a wide variety of crazy mas : cmma Jjt not for long,
because Os soon as they dap sight on (he vaguest hint of
daylight they boh Now I don't know about you, but it seems that
* * big cheese isn't looking after his pets very well, taping
them locked up in o subterranean cefl it's "o wonder ihey
bohed, anyway remember kids - a
• ogic animal is for life not just for Christmas dinner.
Hewlett However, is not concerned with living the bom free
ethic and is more concerned about not getting into trouble with
teacher To achieve this Hewlett must recapture all of the
marouding menagerie and return them to their environment av
nah rol n the cellar As Hewlett your search will take you
through four moin worlds They consist of Sand Land, Wet World,
Plastic Ploce and Future Zone, and strangely enough they all
really do speak for themselves when it comes to whot kind of
environment they we.
Now, each world is mode up of 16 levels. This might shatter the illusion of the plot somewhat, but then ogam we're talking about a platform pussier ond not real life. As you journey around the worlds you ore asked to complete an initial eight levels. Once you've done so when you visit for the second time you explore a second set of eight To access any of the levels you simply highlight them on the compass screen which clever clogs Hewlett carries around with him Basically control of ihe play is fair ly simple and straightforward. All the normgl joystick movements push Hewlett in the relevant
directi ons and pressing the Fire button shoots his love wand - they don't call him Magic Boy for nothing you know.
Hewlett's wand has o range of power ups which lengthen, strengthen or spray his shot wider and all help slun the animals.
Once they are stunned simply moving the would be wizard into ihe stunned creatures results in them being bogged up in Hewlett's mogical sock and hence recaptured.
As usual in this form of zap-puzzle-platform scenario there are a number of things which are helpful ond some which are o pain in the magic circle.
For one, there are tokens to colled which when completed grant you extra lives On the downside their aro dissolving platforms, sticky blocks, toxic pools ond trap squares to be aware of.
Graphically, Magic Bay is very sweet and sugary. With his blonde hair sickly smile and red cape Magic Boy is a dead certainty for o cutesy award, This doesn't say o lot for his big magic wand pretensions, but his snug tunic (which could easily pass as o skirt) does keep it firmly lodged in the right place.
On a more serious note, both the scrolling and animation ore really rather nice on Mog»c Bay and despite my allegations directed towards his manliness the whole fed of the produd right.
Playwise, I’ve never been g great fan of plotformers of any kind, but I do acknowledge that they have a massive following among gamers.
I also have to confess that I octually enjoyed playing Mogic Boy, The control seemed to respond really well ond the puzzle aspect of the game mode play a lot of fun.
With 64 levels and 32 bonus levels to explore there's a great deal to do in Mogic Boy. It's a very Ob, it's clammy in here friendly and easy to ploy title with a lot to offer platform lovers ft sounds good, plays well and it's so annoyingly cute you almost want to retch. Plus, the first few thousand copies feature a free copy of the Cool Croc Twins What more do you want from o game?
SIMON CLAYS I vision ©©©©••••• AUDIO ©©©©©©•••• DIFFICULTY ©©©©©©©••• LASTABILITY ©©©©©©•••• Nothing in particular to write home about-justo good, honest plattormer with decent sound and grophics. Ond the odd twist to elongate its appeal.
Publisher ? Electronic Arts Developer Dinamlc Disks ? 1 Price ? £25.99 HD Install ? No Size ? H meg There are hundreds of gamers Out there who love strategy games Unfortunalfljfl most of them have been stereotypea by a Kingmaker lot of people. Yes, if I asked you lo describe a strategy gomes fan off the top of your beod you'd probob iy soy that they wea' onorala, NHS Specs, balaclavas, iMitting trousers, have spots ond harbour a fondness for trams, jJB This is not ihe case, although there are probably a few 'onoroks' out (here who give strategy fans o bod name There » definitely a stigma
attached to the nome ‘strategy*, but nopefulljiU aJj s Kingmaker can do sacMlengToTry end get rid off rticon»litfB, the computer strategy market ha _ ' seen rftewaifment away from 'he* and square*, wper detailed games (SSI-style war games) to arophicclly competent products with very user' friendly control systems, Products such os Rowermonger and Civilization hove been omazing successes and show just whet you con achieve with
o Strategy gone.
Ft Kingmaker is o strategy board game that hos been on safe since 1974, Excuse me for being igno- rant, b t he only Kingmaker I'd heard of was the toj die bond, but older members of staff do voguely remember it The board game is on abstract recreation of the chaos, war ond intrigue that epitomised ihe period of British history known as (he War of the Roses In four turbulent plays, Shakespeare portrays the War of the Roses os a conflict of treachery, murder, fearsome vengeance and bloody bottles For those who lived in Snakespeare s era - o century later - the Wars were a time of violence,
devosto tion and onarchy. Only when Henry Tudor killed Richard III ot Bosworth did these evil times come to on end. For those bold enough, the Wor of the villi tu l u| Wai'ri*R Q tr.i iHM' Hf mu fij »V«» X Qit’it 5torw tht ** ip out if N? *• *?
Cacti t'.
'H* u« c a wtf.* «oct oi e»?«&«r Sth
o ,*mi t!: i wreft-sW*.rof Ivjxj R PtfWtfK ttMM
* r.+ Jc.’t!*-; Oy* rt ( South * $ «.'. ft c*no*»0 *•: ftafc-j
«tc-;e to ctrwr i*crth Uj.jw' m kl'ari" :i ga cnr n Rotes
proMOM OtpWunrties for odvoncement and power as established
ncbip families fell by the wayside and local rivals were
stoin A strategy war game based upon the War of the Roses that
features intrigue, factional politics and bloody warfare.
US Gold's newie certainly isn't cricket!
Hands up who now thinks Ttpl a strategy game about ise War ol the Roses would be noff and not interesting or exciting in the slightest? It's almost like finding out ise Shakespeore isn't boring and is, in fact, more like an olde wodde Cxjentin Tarantino Kingmaker kicks off with o fancy intro presented by William Shakespeore who is accomponied by o series of digitised pictures detailing the occurrence of the War of the Roses, ROYAL PIECE It's then right down to business ond you are presented with the main screen which is split into three sections. Your objective is to control the lost surviv
ing royal piece arid so become the undisputed King of England You ore in charge of a faction of nobles representing actual historical personalities from 15di Century England.
Kingmaker accurately reflects the changes in strengths of the factions os they ore decimated by bottles, plagues and failed ransom attempts, or have new honours bestowed on nobles with attached troops ond cos- lies US Gold reckon that most people lose interest in other strategy titles because their artificial intelligence programming is weak, meaning that the player con learn the 'perfect' strategy Kingmaker is different from its rivgls because there is no such thing os a perfect strategy. As a general rule, board games don't translate to the home computers very well For starters you lack
the human interaction which makes them so enjoyable Secondly, there isn't o lot more o computer gome can do iwt the boord game can't and the board game will probably cost you a lot less to buy.
Kingmaker, fortunately, features o lot of features that wouldn't be possible to achieve with a boord gome, such os tochcd combat ond cinematic odion sequences. Insteod of a battle being lost on fse tom of a cord, you can now fight and decide the bottle for yourself, The computer’s artificfal intelligence hoi I been carefully designed ond tries to recreate human thought processes as best as it can. Ond so can read favourably to on ever-changing tactical and sir air I gk sitoation.
A nice little touch is the m-game help feature. j important objective of the computer game was to] make the gome accessible to novice strategy game players and this was achieved via a help or "chrorr I cfe* system which prompts players at key points is] the game with suggestions on strategy ond toctia This can be altered to different levels depending ai whether you're an expert or a beginner.
It also means you can practically chuck fhol weighty monuol in the bin, but it cioes contain ol wealth of historical information ond sets the atmosphere ond scene, os well os more detailed instno ] tons on how to ploy the game Control of Kingmaker is via the mouse with o I completely intuitive icon system that gives you ear I occess to all of the gome functions. As mentioned before, the gome is played on a digitised mop d the UK using ‘’counters'’ represented by the 100 per cent accurate heraldic shields of the historicdj nobles.
Several of the towns and cities hove lures of the historical castles or |__ fence in the 15th century. Ail this detail is very | impressive and giv» pgood feel to the game Before you head off nMon, a menu asks ywl to select the number of faeMflttLJo 5) you foce ¦ the game The more factions tt fcwA orj trcJs. The tougher f-e game bee the comp er-con'rolled faction By clicking oa a noble s shield you can I information Kingmaker couple ol toms, I could go on about1 gy jaunt for oges becouse there is o ton’’ tion to tell you, but lock ol space prevents this i get fairly boring anyway. Condusion
time it is, then.
I must hold up my hands and admit that Kingmaker is a domn fine strategy game, myself engrossed and determined to soe through to the end whether I won or lost.
The graphics for the main part are lair but that's only because they were translated from board game. The introduction of the digitised sere livens dsings up o bit and the battles are well anin ed, if not a bit slow There are also o few choice animahons slapped there for good measure; the execution scene good example. The sound is sparse, but os the I game dislincdy lacked noise I shouldn't grumble much.
The only real complaint I have is fad isat the] computer does take rather a long time to decide what to do next. This does give you the ideal chance to plan your next moves, but after a while it gets on your nerves.
Kingmaker impressed me and coming from someone who is not overly fond of strategy that can only be a good thing for strategy fanatics, who ore gang to love it. Obviously it's not going to appeol to everyone, but if war strategy is your thang then you'll more lhan hoppy with Kingmaker.
¦ T j.Tont T IIJI - ... K'loiu* a» is -- .. -- H', A B* , v. I‘‘2 :W»5 84 Time for battle to commence. Note the handy help screen at the top. I, err, wasn’t using tt of course - I just thought I'd show it you. Ahem goal and go for it. You'll soon get used to the advantages and disadvantage* of certain combinations.
Kingmaker is relatively simple to use and control, but you'll have to spend many a long hour at your monitor screen before you'll be able to master it.
On my first go I played on the easiest level and monoged to beat the computer (hey there's skill for you), but on the harder levels I was like a fish out of water This is perhcps the best way to go about playing cause if you leap in at the deep end vou lend to stumble your way through and in turn learn about how to play os you progress. There is always the Help option available and the computer opponent tends to be fairly slow, so it won't defeat you in a tvf compete ogainsf you.
As mentioned previously, to win ot the gome you eurf control the last royol he»r. To ochieve this you nust capture and control an heir, eliminate all
- ¦s her rivals and have your hei' crowned king in a dihedral
town or city by an archbishop or two ftshops.
Planning the risk-free capture of on heir is one of tv most important parts of the game’s opening period. Your faction's opening dispositions ond moves tfould be geared primarily towards the capture of at «at one royal heir.
VARIABLES Choosing the right one is o question of balancing 3 number of variables How dose are the forces of opposing factions? How well guarded is the heir? Is fvre a noble in play who can capture the heir easily by virtue of an office they hold2 In fad, Kingmaker is a game where questions like these arise on every turn ond decisions must be made which will, in turn, decide your victory or defeat.
For your first few gomes, the right strategy might seem bewilderingly obscure. Until you get used to be game you are advised to set yourself a simple ic y 1212-1377 I__ being ZfoMZtrtXituasttr rf tjork 1 E«uioxt Ktoiltayvi Wnfw ifijou J Isfcnri&pKC CfW*s fiktodlMutfYoik r-r !
Edwiid Edmtfid Gfttfi Rktazd J AuTUdd JHAmT Dukcf Much Rutlttd CkrawGlourtSter Find out what state each royal heir is in via the Family Tree.
Great Aunty included Icon make yoiKfeel good Faction Build Key This returns you to the Faction box where you can make changes to your faction's line-up. You can also use the review function to observe where other factions have their armies, and where the royal heirs Family Tree This lists the royol heirs, by house, in (X ] order of precedence. Where a royal heir has been killed, that character's name is
- "crossed-out". If captured by a faction it is indicated by a
bar in the colour of that faction. If crowned king, the
character's name will have a crown beside his name.
Secret Support ¦“1 During the Reinforcement phase of the game, factions may be joined by additional nobles. These can be brought into I play by clicking on this icon.
Chronicle Key By using the menus you can discover detailed information about various parts of the game. To read about an item all you hav to do is click on it.
Review ““ "I This allows you to discover the whereabouts of royal heirs and enemy i ¦? Nobles.
- ¦ Use this to track down nobles, royal heirs, bishops, towns or
anything else currently in play.
Save Game options ““I You can store up to 8 saved games B allowing you to stop and continue play when you feel like it. You ©GGOOGOCO
- can also restore a saved game 85% from here.
Kingmaker is a damn fine strategy game ond will oppeal to beginner just os much as the expert, thanks hondy Help option.
Game options »¦ - From here you can restart the game, quit, toggle sound on off and alter the auto-help setting.
The Publisher ? Electronic Arts Developer Dinamic Disks 1 Pfleev £25.99 HD Install ? No Size ? A meg Fresh Horses Fresh Horses allow a Faction to move twice as far in one go. This icon records how many fresh horses your faction has.
January 1994 F-117A Stealth Fighter When you mink of flight simulations, the first company that springs to mind is MicroProse, purveyors of such quality products as Knights of the Sky, P-15 Strike Eogle, F-19 Steolth |F-117A's forerunner) ond the legendary Gunship.
More recentfy, Dogfight and the highly popular Gunship 2000 hove groced the shelves, ond indeed the top of the charts of your local software emporium.
When you glance at that list if mokes fairly impressive reoding. In foct, the only two products thot have come out of the MicroProse stable and gone slightly lame on take-off were the over- ambitious Flying Fortress and the underrated WWI flight strategy Ancient Art of War.
It seems that for quite a while now MicroProse have churned out nothing but extravoganzas in the air, and they appear to have approached every conceivable flight simulation feasible.
What could they possibly simulate this time?
They've done them all - modern warfare in the skies, old*style dogfighting, fighter simulations, bomber simulations - the lot.
Whot could be next? After several hours of rocking my brain, thinking of every conceivable type of military and commercial jet known to mankind, I finally hit on what it was that MicroProse were going to simulate this time around.
Yes indeedy folks, MicroProse ore proud to present their latest true-to-life flight of fantasy - Codename Flying Rat: Pigeon Simulator.
MicroProse are guaranteeing that Pigeon' will be able to totally accurately replicate the real McCoy. It'll come equipped with a modem chip- seeking beak, one gammy leg, people-finding guided excretion missiles ond completely knackered wings (I'm not sure they all hove, but they do where I live).
Beginning as o young chick, you'll start at the flight egg-tademy where you'll learn flight theory. From there it's on to serious missions as a rookie.
Starting on single missions you'll begin os o young flying learner. You'R be set such tasks as basic bock garden take-off and landing manoeuvres, moving on to lond-on-the-garden-fence stunts with enemy ginger Toms crawling all over the area.
Pass these bosk tests and you'll be sent into action in one of the many town centre zones. Fly dangerous bombing missions around national monuments such os Trofolgar Square, using your loser-guided excretion missiles to seek out freshly coiffured hair.
Avoid being squashed by the traffic as you The main roster room or have I just got back to my Magaluf hotel foyer three sheets to the wind?
The mission briefiut Hon. K also makes - F- waddle around roodsides in on attempt at being the dumbest creature on two legs.
Fly life-lhreotening sorties into political hotspots around the world. Flop your woy into the Far East and avoid ending up as Bombay Duck.
Enjoy the carnal pleasures of reproduction and push your flight skills to the limit. Flap carefully as you attempt the highly risky mid-airlink-up with the hen of your choke.
Plus, in true MicroPros? Fashion, aB the oction can be viewed from o multitude of angles. Some of the most interesting ore the external shots, especially the pigeon s bombsight view.
Actually, imogine my surprise when their new product turned out to be not a pigeon simulator, but in foct F-117A Steolth Fighter. Envisage my a helicopter IIS BOB QMS l-l-IM-l-l'I'l-l-flM-l-l-!-!- A 1 AirNSe flt FyMfftt] • SO-2? O' wiir •
- tiHi i Hi roe* Vn Destroy tier Missile §- ot ¦ 5 ptr Ret*, rr.
T a j ewntf j8 _j: ¦fttifcE tfi j P iil£l 21 __ USSArMn« EMYL
'iBgfcn-Tj immediate disappointment at finding out th: there
would be no emu, duck or owl data disk just onother oeroplane
However, the Steolth Fighter or Nightha* (sounds like one of the Glodiators) is no ordincr plane. During the Gulf War it proved it wc entirely worth the massive investment by its mar ufocturer, Lockheed.
Although there were only a handful of th*- involved, within hours of the first day of war the hod completely crippled the Iraqi air defence ne* work.
Having flown invisibly through hundreds a miles of electronk enemy eyes the F-117As hoc paved the way for the rest of the coalition ar force and given the allies almost total o supremacy.
With this type of success it now comes os rc surprise thot MicroProse opted for Steolth c opposed to the pigeon simulator.
As is usual with MicroProse products, SteaP comes with a manual absolutely crammed to rafters witb information about the plane, -b equipment ond armament.
After this spurious form of training it’s time t embark, and march in hob-noiled boots down u the mom roster room.
The first thing to say b that F-117A is not one but two simulators in one. The main MicroPros' simulator has a bios towards oction, combat one missions.
Conversely, the Lockheed version is muc- truer to reality, but features less dogfightinc However, on both versions you con toggi- through and odjust everything from the grouoc detail to the skill of the enemy.
Once you hove decided whether to take rec ism or oction, you con take o stroll into the con mending offker's offke (having knocked first ai course) ond choose a theatre to operate within.
Now, the interesting thing obout F-117A that unlike most sims, it hos different dimensior to its level of conflict. You con operate m a cok wor stole or go for full-blooded, oll-ovt corw tional warfare.
Whot this means is thot there ore for mow F-117A Stealth Fighter Missile P nges EneHy Troops Select All Clear AM Mission Brief Select Ueapons Decline Mission Here’s the bit when yee screech away from the lights ahead of the Capri with yoar jached-op suspension and stereo blaring ¦rtf helpful for informa- «went when framed mission types at your disposal. For example, in a cold war scenorio you will be sent on more surveillance missions where the emphasis is on discretion.
You con also select more specific aspects to the mission, like whether it is on air-to-oir dogfight Or a target strike mission.
Aj you've olreody probably gathered, Stealth has a million and one options to choose from, and every conceivable setting to place yourself in.
There isn't really spoce to go through all of the choices ovailable, but rest assured you have every type of rocket, missile and munition to pander over.
We've been assured that this time the interior of the Stealth is as accurate as can be ochievcd on a computer screen. This is because the programmers actually got the opportunity to climb aboard the real McCoy and study it at close range.
Pioywise, F-l 17A has ofl the features you've come to expect from MicroProse. Internally oil of the advanced technologies you'd expect are included on Stealth. Il has stale of the art HUDs, rodars and armament facilities for you to play with and prodise on.
To fly successfully you're going to need all your flight sim skills. While the Nighthawk hos all the up-to-the-minute technology, its realism and the amount of buttons you hove to operate make it a lough little cookie to handle.
During the missions the action comes thick and fast, with you up against some of the top strike aircraft in the world like the dreaded Mfc-W.
Second time around for MicroProse with the Stealth Fighter, the big question being: is it still healthy to be stealthy?
The graphical world of the Stealth fighter is vast, detailed and very cleverly blended into the missions. For example, when your mission brief is la destroy the palatial residence of Saddam Hussein, you get a full view of Boghdod as you fly towords it.
On all machines the graphics are pretty slick and well defined. While Stealth obviously performs a lot quicker an the A1200, the standard AMIGA harxfles it pretty well This is no mean feot os the amount of ground detail is high.
There are some really nice touches within F- U7A that worm you towords it, especially the attention to detail. For instance, when flying in one of the oil rich nations, don't be surprised to see rigs scattered left, right ond centre.
Also, on night missions you'll see on extremely picturesque moan and star-filled sky, which make for that little bit more realism.
Over the yeors there's been a whole squadron of flight sims, some good, some bad and some indifferent. Stealth Fighter definitely comes under the heoding of good, becouse it contains that little bit extra.
Graphically the engine is reminiscent of Gunship 2000, which con't ever be a bod thing.
The difference is that Stealth is a more polished product.
On a personal level, I prefer Gunship 2000, but that really is a slightly unfair comparison os it is the top sim on the AMIGA. For Stealth to have even have entered the same runway as GS 2000 is saying a lot.
Stealth Fighter really is a quality product, ond will thrill jet flight sim enthusiasts all over the globe. I suggest that all you budding fighter pilots don your cloak and stealthily step out ta buy this excellent flight simulation.
SIMOM CLAYS GM£R Tread the boards in all these theatres of war VISION 00006000 North Cope, 1985 Desert Storm - Iraq, 1991 Libya, 1986 Cefltr | Europe, 1986 DIFFICULTY 00000©©© 000000000 LASTABILITY Stealth Fighter is a quality gome. The 9iaphics and sound ore first rate and the ptayobility will keep you stropped up in your pilots seat lor a good while.
Publisher ? MicroPtose Developer In-house Disks ? 3 Persian Culf, 1984 Korea - “J Price ? £34.99 HD install ? Yes Size ? L meg Vietnam, 1994 Middle E.h1, 1989 v : Wf'Zt: Team 17 return with another feisty and atmospheric bout of frenetic alien blasting Everybody knows that Team 17 ore one of the elite companies in the software business and I don't want to waffle on for ctges about how good they ore. They seem to know what the public want and provide it with amazing graphics, sound and playability slapped in there for good meosure.
Alien Breed is still one of my favourite games ever, not least becouse it was a sneaky interactive rip-off of the film. Aliens, by James Cameron. One thing that was consistently present in the Rm was atmosphere, and luckily the film version did transmit successfully to the screen.
The original Teom 17 blaster featured two marines colled Johnson and Stone who ventured forth into a station called ISRC-4 which contained an Alien Breed. Johnson and Stone wandered through six massive and hugely challenging levels fighting aliens with all guns blazing.
Alien Breed was probably the first product to really set the Team 17 success ball rolling and proved to be an immensely popular with the games buying public. While everyone was eagerly awaiting the sequel, Team 17 did the unexpected and released a superior and enhanced version of Alien Breed at a budget price. Most
• .• ,v..Tli“j iS. ‘ j fur if**. Tutrmmvfrxfr*: i : * ' hi i*
• Hi ¦•Hi Hi hi You've entered the complex and it's time to make
those alien beasties eat lead companies wouldn't even dream of
doing that, but Teom 17 manoged to hit the bull's eye and Alien
Breed Special Edition has been at the top of the budget charts
since November 1992, breaking the record for the longest stay
at number one.
The Special Edition featured more oction, more atmosphere, more gomepiay, was a bigger gome rJ r fe to boot and at only £10.99 has to be one of the best value for money games you can buy.
A masterstroke bad been pulled by tbe lads and lasses from Wokefield, but the general public was gasping for the "proper" sequel and now after almost 22 months of desperote waiting it is here.
It's been nine long years since tbe first outbreak of aliens when Johnson and Stone crushed the invasion on a remote space research station.
The character selection screen. Choose the blokes or the Jurassic Park rejects!
InrEH UERPonncnu rtnne TmoucR CREQITVnIT S0300 The Intex 4000 shopping channel. Flamethrowers at reduced prices. Buy one today!
The horror has temporarily ceased. Time hove changed in many ways; the IPC has no* grown and strengthened, mainly due to At alliance of the six mojor races in the Federate colonies.
Problems, it seems, are long gone ond t* Federation can look forword to indefinite peoa But Johnson ond Slone who witnessed the terro of the aliens can still not rest easy.
FEDERATION COLONY W J I2UP 1H legs it to the exit before the level explodes Red Alert! One of our heroic jk One of those nicely drawn screens that connects the levels on the A1200. A500 owners will note a slight loss of colom Art their version Federation Colony AlpfxrFive, home of new al hundred crew members, has been transmit!* emergency signals for the past few hours Federation HO fears the worst and it's almost a if history is beginning to repeat itself.
The four strongest members of the IPC morine force are colled together, but just two w make the journey to FCA5 their mission bnr unclear, but they know that the horror is about * continue, Yep, the scenario is similar to Jamc Comeron's Aliens, but that isn't such a bad ihiK The first new feature you come across is the inkc duction of new marines. You can choose which t the four IPC characters you want to play with.
Each one starts with different weapons en slightly different abilities, but you will have * find out what they are for yourself. Defaults o* the old crew of Johnson and Stone, but you a» Alien Breed II m It's all go at one of the hard marines happens upon a chance to have a quick game of tag!
- - IBP 0 1 1 ?
5_____E I Fa rr.
V* ' ¦'3_- _ I J AI I r Here we destroy some brand new aliens 000000000 I 00000000IH were a source of supplies.
Once you've logged onfo ihe computer network, you can order extra weaponry, key pocks, ammo packs and such like. The weapons are available in three stages. Eoch is more powerful, but each stage uses up more ammo, so it's up to you which weapon you choose.
The Intex terminals also supply yOur marines with information on the current mission and gives occess to the Info bose which is a large source of information about the game. For the truly dedicated "breeders" out there there is the option of looking ot your current statistics and status.
Fer slightly from colour loss, but nothing that's noticeable straight away.
The static screens in the A1200 A4000 ore for superior to the A500s, but its oil rather superficial as you're normally too busy rummoging through the levels Wasting aliens to take any notice of the static shots.
Mien Breed 2 features a more varied count of aliens and levels than its predecessor. In fact there are many new features, ond it still retains that fresh feel of originality which coptvred the hearts of hungry little gamers a couple of years ago.
Any self-respecting Alien Breed fan will have already rushed down to the shops and bought this one, having hod it on order for the last six months. The only gripe I have obout Teom 17's sequel is that it is bloody hard, but hey, that's probably just me being completely useless!
I don't need to tell you twice to buy Alien Breed 2 because it is so good, Fons of the original will foil deeply in love with it and wont to hove its children while newcomers will wonder why they ignored the first effort. The Teamies are going from strength to strength, and ot the moment look completely unbeatable.
JONATHAN MADDOCK 000000000 _ BRILLIANT now select Ruffertoo and Zollux.
Ruffertoo is on intelligent lizard lifeform while Zollux takes on the form of o tough wor robot.
You may find it best to experiment with combinations ol characters that best suit your style of ploy before you start your mission properly.
When you begin the gome, you are lowered by a Federation dropship onto the landing pod of the Alpha-5 base. Your mission will be as the brief oidlined to you by the Federation before you start to kick alien ass.
With o siUy inane grin spreod ocross your foce you decided to check out this second bout of Alien Breed tomfoolery. Starting outside the base you get the chance to boost up your Supply of cash and keys while desperately trying to avoid the gunships ond meteorites that fly overheod.
Finally you discover the exit ond immediately tense up because you know in just a few seconds time it will be time to foce the oliens once more.
Exploding onto the next level you are immediately faced with one of the rasping beasts Instinctively you grab your machine gun and plough o ton of leod into its disgusting alien body. One down and only thousands to go!
Wandering around the level you find Wandering around the level you find that you con once more gain access to the Intex 4000 computer terminals. For those who don't know anything about Team I7's original olien blast 'em up, the Intex 4000s I had only ployed Alien Breed 2 for ten minutes and I already knew it was os good as its predecessor. It plays just as well as the original Alien Breed, ond that is a good enough reason for me to pour superlative over superlative onto the sequel.
A handy map that (elk you where the terminals and places of interest are Alien Breed 2 is no better than or worse than the original product - it is just qs brilliant.
Obviously the graphics and sound ore better thon those seen in the first gome o couple of years ago.
I could grumble and whinge about the fact that the sequel's graphics don't seem to be as dark and moody, ond thus are not quite as atmospheric os those from the original.
But that's not to say that they don't look exquisite though, especially in the A1200 and A4000 versions of the game. The A5QQ does suf000000000 92% Publisher TEAM 17 Developer ? IN-HOUSE Disks 3 Price* S25.99 HD Install No Size* 2meg Jonvory 994 SOFTWARE Entertainment j TRA VALUE OSK2 SSKC K OR 0582 4K696K| UTILITIES ART DEPT PRO V2.3 £150.00 MORPH PLUS £150.00 BLUE RIBBON BARS 6 PIPES £220.00 MULTIMEDIA KIT £35.00 PATCHMEISTER £6200 SUPERJAM VI U £83 00 COMPLEX GB ROUTE PLUS £38.00 DIGITA W0RDW0RTH 2.0 AGA £95.00 ELECTRONIC ARTS 0ELUXE MUSIC CONST KITV2 £75.00 OELUXE PAINT 4 5 AGA
£1850 DRACULA £19.00 £2250 DUNE 2 £1950 LEGACY OF S0RASIL £1650 F117ANIGHTHAWK £22.50 LIBERATION £22.50 FI 7 CHALLENGE £8.50 MORPH £1900 FLASHBACK £19.50 PINBALL FANTASIES £21.00 FRONTIER ELITE 2 £19.00 TTX £22 00 GOBUNS £22 50 PROJECT X £9 50 GOAL £13.00 RYDER CUP £1900 GULP £18.00 sleepwalker £1900 GRAHAM GOOCH £1900 trools £19.00 GUNSHIP 2000 £2250 UR1DIUM 2 £1600 HERO QUEST £6 50 Z00L £1900 HIRED GUNS HISTORY LINE £2250 £2250 EDUCATION ISHAR 2 £19.00 ADI ENGLISH (11+)(12+) JURASSIC PARK £1650 14+) ADI FRENCH (11+KT2* £1650 K-240 £1900 KINGMAKER £22.50 (13*) £16.50 KNIGHTS OF THE SKY £22
44) LOOM £950 to cvicsj CVICO 22 £13.00 £5.50 LOST VIKINGS MANIAC
MANSIONS £19.00 £850 MEAN ARENAS £1650 Fui[ SCHOOL 4 (2+1(5+
ADVENTU £16.50 ONE STEP BEYOND £13.00 RE PIRATES £8.50 (3+)
(3*) £1600 QWAK £8.50 MERUN'S MATHS £16.50 REACH FOR THE
£22.50 THE PATRICIAN £2100 BLASTAR £16.50 TORNADO £22.50 8L0B
16. 50 TwylIGHT 2000 £22 50 BODY BLOWS £17.00 URIDIUM2 £16.50
BOBS BAD DAY £16.50 W0NDERD05 £20.00 3RUTAL F00TBAL £16.50
WOODY'S WORLD £16.50 BURNING RUBBER £16,50 Y0J0 £1650
CAR01AXX £6 50 Z00L2 £16.50 CASTLES 2 £19.50 XMAS LEMMINGS
11A KING STREET. LUTON. BEDS LU1 2DW j PC Hone 1293 OcivBfy
-a £2 w Bern (PLEASE ENCLOSE A SEPARATE Sheet Fofl further
BRIEFING: Intelligence reports are being received that a
renegade organisation, SPUDD is massing its forces ready to
attempt word domination. Only an underground task force can
save the day.
Are you ready to become a part of that underground taskforce? Which of the 40 aircraft will you choose as you fly 100 sorties across the world against the forces of SPUDD? The civilised world anxiously awaits your decision!
Available for the Amiga PC version coming soon * HASPtTI 38 40 High Street. Green Street Green Orpington. Kent BR6 6BJ Tel Int +44 (0) 689 850770 Pasputn Software W3 PttixjT* S«5f!WW6 3 troing *ubStt®V 0* PowOr LOWl Ifnifed KING SOFT MEGL0S0U0 SAMPLER D2D MINIGEN 1500 GENLOCK ROMBQ VIDI 12 DIGITIZER VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM JOYSTICKS CHEETAH BUG GREEN £9.50 CHEETAH BUG BLACK £9.50 MAVERICK £1050 SPEEDKING ANALOGUE £950 SPEEDKING AUTQRRE £850 ZIPSTICK £950 ["name !ADDRESS i_ S- Dan I7's manual, but hey, what's a little artistic licence between reader and writer?
The first thing to soy about BB Galactic is that comes in two versions. There is the standard A50I version which will run on just about any Amigc known to mankind, ond there's the Al200 AG* chipset version. This enhanced version doesn I Dragon alto kails trom the Dino I being the planet Gettorn-S, Unusually enough thil planet it at an Mat 1 partk- When the original Body Blows hit the Amiga it was met wiit great critical acclaim In every deport- ment it out-punched, jabbed and kicked its rivals It left both of the Streetfighter conversions totally gobsmacked and floundering in a comer with the
proverbial split lip Body Blows hod everything that the overrated coin op lacked - in a word, ployo bility. While Sf 2 boasted neat graphics it had little else. Pound for pound, when the two met in the ring Body Blows out gunned it in every deportment The two moin characters in Body Blows, Don and Junior, having totally destroyed and defeated the Evil Max and his band of nasty cohorts, retired to the South of France.
After about o year, Dan and Junior were sitting on a sun-kissed beoch reflecting their lot. A year of self abuse, 12 months of hard drinking, 345 days ofwomonising in the sun.. Sitting around a table that has become o para soled paragon to abuse, they neck the dregs of another far Blonde Only daring to glimpse out of the comer of one sorry eye at flabby pectorals and redundont colves, both reoch the sad conclusion that in the time it has token for the sun to rotate oround the planet, they hove become slobs.
But, it's so difficult to be motivated by anything sKofi of blasting the cartiloge out of your nostrils when you've defeated a whole world's worth of evil.
What to do to generate enough interest in fife2 What greater challenge con be met ond overcome? There just aren't any, well not on terra firma.
Then it hits them in one almighty powdered Biff, Sock, Pow and Soy. After a long break on holiday on the Cote d'Azur, the Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme of the games world take on a universal challenge cloud They musl fight the roughest ond toughest aliens, creotures and humanoids throughout the known and unknown galaxy.
To you and I this must seem like o little bit of a far-fetched idea to reoch, but we only get two or three weeks of lilo-lying and infra red indulgence to combat. These guys nave been at it for a good year, so the conclusion they reach is probably the most natural.
I'm also at odds to discover how one goes about arranging on inter galactic bout of fisti cuffs, but ours is not to reason why. Just hassle Team 17 for not being bothered to worry about the plot and to have concentrated on first-rate ploy instead (woh, hold your horses and tell 'em the plot -ed).
Anyway, take it for granted that Dan ond Junior somehow manage to get through lo oil the inter galactic punters vio ihe international operator and set up the competition.
After that they both embark on a "my body is a temple* routine. Using the infamous Bulfworker ond Chodes Alios body map, they moke a sleody return to their dynomk best.
With the competition set up the rest is down to you bunch or joystick-waggling punters.
Incidentally, o few of the focb I've taken the liberty of including you may not find detailed in Teom Body Blows Galactic reolly differ playwise, bul does (eolure extro colours on ihe bockdrops. Better quolity music ond scupd-up sound effects.
All of the oction lakes place over six different plowts Each ploflftt is tfie Host to two different champions. Each different planet, opart from Eorth, has an environment which reflects the attributes of hose inhabitants.
Far example, the planet Titanica is the most technologically advanced, ond the two guardians of the planet ore Tekno ond lozar Now, there are a variety of ways to ploy Galactic. In one-player mode, having chosen the character that takes your fancy, you journey from world to world in an attempt to defeat eoch computer-controlled character.
In fwoployer mode you both choose a character ond select o * juuun planet to fight it out. You can even hot things up to a higher temperature by selecting the same character, so you both have exoctfy the some moves.
There's also o tournament mode which allows o greater number of your motes to battle it out in o league affair You can also change the amount of time you compete for, the number of rounds you fight for and the rather interesting Mercy option.
In Mercy mode your opponent will leave you done if you take o big shot on the chin and need o breather On the contrary, leaving Mercy off means that when you’re down ond winded your opponent will come steaming in for rfse kill.
On the charocter front, there's o vory interesting selection for you lo get to grips with. Rather than the normal selection of martial arts experts and kick-boxing freaks, in BB Golactic the choice is much more varied.
Of course, Dan and Junior ore versed in these particular skills, but the other characters are different altogether There are robots, dinosaurs, puppets and oil forms of dementds.
¦k However, the most amazing character in Galactic must be the stunning . Kai Ti. This woman must surely be the most perfectly pert set of pixels I hove ever seen on a home computer. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also as deadly as a female black widow, with some absolutely devastating moves.
Specking of moves, eoch charocter comes equipped with 20 dif- f lerent moves, blocks and dom- age-inflicting blows. These are arrived Ot through a variety of joystick movements ond button presses.
Eoch character's moves have been des*gned to suit the particular personality. Some are more obvious than others; for example, Tekno the robot hos such things os thrusters ond missiles, whereas inferno can tumble into a heatspin or throw o fireball at you.
It grieves me in some ways lo say thol BB Galoctic is brilliant. The first reason is that iYs getting slightly annoying that the 17's keep on churning out benchmark products without a slip-up atoll.
Secondly I've olwoys been in a slight turmoil wilh gomes that are so blotantfy physically violent.
It's not that I don't oppreciate the foct that most games feature the player inflicting some form of punishment on something, even in the cutesy titles.
It's just that in the beat 'em up category this is taken lo the nth degree However, for all the moralising it hos to be soid thol Body Blows Galoctic is brilliant. The graphics ore smooth ond beautifully executed, the sound effects beefy, and most importontly the play is compulsively oddictive.
The one-player option is pretty good fun, as you take on the might of the computer However this pales into the shade in companson to the two- player option It's brilliant fun watching a friend take on almighty blow to the skull os you sock him between the teeth with your spec id weapon Quite honest- Bang!Junior 9 9 WrtrtAr. Strikes another blow for free* dom, democracy and err... It Forgot Infomo, I should like to get hot with Kai-Ti rtfu-u Soy! Big Trouble in Little China in a kind of watery way ly, Body Blows Goloctic is the best beot-'em-vp ever to be inserted into the drive ol on AMIGA.
OK, so its older brother Body Blows, and IK+ were both pretty hoi, but Body Blows Goladic lakes the title.
Please, take my advice and visit your software emporium now.
SIMON CLAYS VISION AUDIO LIIIIIIIII] DIFFICULTY LASTABILIT Y 00000000 This game is going to go down os the best beat-'em-up ot ‘93. It's on oil kicking, all punching, piece ot powered- up perfection. Make your best special move ond buy It.
Publisher ? Electronic Arts Developer ? Dinamic Price ? S23 99 HD install No Size ? 1 meg In the first of a two-part feature, Gamer talks to seme of Millennium's top bods and takes a look at Pinkie, a new platfermer set to make heads turn INTO THE NEXT Michael Hayward • managing director How ond why did Millennium first siart up in business?
Millennium started up four and a half years ago through a management buyout of the enteitainment division of logotron lid, on educational software company.
The three principal directors of the company, Ion Saunter, Henry Elliot ond myself were excited obout the prospects in the computer and vsdeo games industry. This decision hos proved to be hord work, great fun and profitable for us all ond we wouldn't wont to do onything efse.
CW? Whof were the early dap lie when competing with industry giants such os Ocean, US Gold and Psygnosis?
We hove never been concerned with the competition ond whot they ore doing. If we were we would not be obfe lo produce original gomes such os Pond, Pinkie, Diggers, brutal Sports etc. GameR Gomes-wise, whot wos the big breakthrough for Millennium?
Jomes Pond 2 wos the big break that we needed. II has now sold over one million copies on ol formats ond gave us the confidence to go on to produce the offenngs that we have lined up for 94 ond beyond.
GameR With what do you attribute to the popularity of the Jomes Pond senes of gomes?
Everyone knows whot o secret ogent is about so it was easy for people to relats to Pond OS 0 choroctw, Ht is well animated - porliculorly in Pond 3 where there ore over 130 onimotion frames, this brings out ihe odoptabili- ly of Pond ond allows us to participate in his efforts ond humour os a super hero.
I think that it is important tho* Pond ofwoys hos o special property - in Pond 2 he could stretch using his extendosuit ond wos able to run fast, in Pond 3 he can wok upside-down run twice as fast ond uses many novel vehicles. This odds to his appeal as the mol, brave ogent working ogoinst seemingly impossible odds.
Gamer Millennium wos the first company to enter into the CD32 morket. What was the reason behind this move?
We think lhat the AMIGA morket is essenhd to the growth of the computer ond video gomes industry. Because there b such o good strong base of AMIGAs in die UK we have o strong culture of very obfe programmers. That b one of ihe reasons that the UK is prominent in the world of software development.
The CD32 is a well received development from Commodore - the hardware is powerful ond the added CD focity ollows us os developers to explore new ways of delivering our tides to the morketploce. I do not know whether CD technology wil become the standard os ihe excess limes of the gome cartridge is much quicker thon ony known CD technology ot the moment ond speed is on essential part of gome development.
GameR How risky is ilh move into new markets Suih OS ihe new CD platform?
fs only risky if you do not know what you are doing, li would be easy to get corned owoy ond invest in live action, model building ond cell onimo- hon in the belief that thb were where the futore lies. We hove opted to invest in sound, animation ond rendered graphics. This involves a great deal more cost, but os we are only concentrating on these areas we have a smaller learning curve than by trying to do everything. We ore currently investing in some state-of'the-ort rendering workstations which w3 improve Out productivity tenfold in the coming year on our rendering projects.
Are you surprised that other companies hoven't got their products out on the CD32 yet?
No. There ore so many platforms in the morketploce ot the moment with new systems to be introduced in 94 and 95. In order to be successful it is “Me want to be a world leader in entertainment software development - just watch this space!”
- Michael Hayward, Millennium MD important to concentrate on whot
you con cope with ot ony one time. We hove been writing "legal"
operating system code lor ihe new Amiga chip set ond it wos not
o big deol to move onto the CD32.
Other publishers who wrote stroight to the Amiga hordwore hove obviously experienced o new learning curve so naturally it hos token them some time to get up to speed with CD32.
Gamer How do you rote the standard of your competitors?
The competition b getting tougher all the time, there ore so many good gomes now being produced it robes the stokes every lime we develop o new litfe. This is good for our customers ond for the industry as o whole.
Gamer What is the future of computer gaming?
The next two yeors ore going to be very interesting. There ore several new hardware platforms slated, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64-bit, Sony CO, 3DQ ond o new and more powerful CD32.
The added power of the new systems wJ allow us to produce bigger ond better gomes designed for a brooder audience. I soy this as I assume that the troditionol market will extend from the bedroom to the Sving room ond more people in eoch household will become interested in what we have to offer.
One thing that b important to keep in mind though is good old-fashioned gameploy. H is all too easy lo produce some floshy visual effects with ihtse new hardwore platforms ond to forget whot the goming experience is all obout.
Gamer Where ond how do Millennium see themselves involved in lhat future?
We wont to be a world leader in entertainment software development. We ore investing heavily in our development deportment and hove some truly omaiing products in dmfepment - just watch this spoce!
GaheR Whot is your philosophy os regards product placement ond marketing?
I b important for our trade customers to know lhat Millennium b o good label that produces high quality products which sel. So at lhat level it b important for us to hove o good profife.
As for os our customers ore concerned the label is df Secondary importance - the products themselves ond our characters ore the heroes. Does it moke ony difference to someone who wants to buy the latest Michoel Jockson album whot the record label is?
It is wry important that Jomes Pond, Pinkie, Btvtal Sports Football ond other Millennium brands have o high profile ond that our customers know who they are and what they stand for. We spend o great deal of time ond effort to promote our tides ond as ihe morket develops this investment becomes greater.
GamR Whot is your favourite Millennium gome and why?
My favourite has to be Jomes Pond 3. Two yews in the making it b very different to both of the previous gomes. AI of the code, mops ond graphics ore new. In Pond 3 we set out to produce the ultimate platform gome.
There ore over 100 mossive levels with over 65 enemies. The story line is essential to the gome with dialogue boxes oppeoring at key moments to give the ployer feedbock ond dues. Pond is bigger, he hos o girlfriend Angelfish ond o new sidekick - Finnius. There ore tterolfy hundreds of secret rooms, chambers ond blocks lo discover.
There ore several ways lo complete the game so the ployer will not hove to mop his way through !«*] in a tneor foshion. Even our gome testers who hod been ploying the game day in and day out for weeks were consistently discovering new features. It is a game that you con keep coming bock to for more ond more.
GmmR Why do you rfu'nk thot James Pond and Robocod sold so well ocross oB Iht computer comale formats?'' He hot become g legend The f»r * gome wps cleverly marketed ond did not overexpose James Pood. The gomes always relied upon the gameplay ond not Ihe chorocter. Anybody con hot out “cutesy' characters that ore running on a standard platform engine. Each James Pond release has offered tremendous value for money ond intense playability.
G«wR James Pond is probably one of the oldest ond best-bred AMIGA characters. Why do you think he is so popular?
He is so popular beccuse he gave the AMIGA o chorocter tbot owners could coll their own. The games have gone through several facelifts for owners cf different hardware, far example, the At 200 version of Robocod wos significantly enhanced to show off the equipment, The CD32 version included animation and hod an interactive boob.
James Pond hos always offered great value for money an the Amiga that console players would not get.
How wdl James Pond 3 be different from the first two gomes?
JP3 is radically different. It follows on from Robocod through the use of cel animation ond takes Pond to the moon. Dr Maybe is mining the plonet for (t» rich dairy pradvct reserves and hos kidnapped two F.I.5.H. agents.
The main sprite is so much more animated and con run foster than any other game character, punch, pick objects up ond throw them, run upside down and use the mony new weird pick ups in o game with aver 100 levels.
It is huge ond will take most ployers ot leas* o couple of weeks to complete. We are also giving owners the F.I.S.Hpock free of charge. Thot olone is worth £9,99. , Ihe animation used for the CD32 releose of Robocod wos very impressive. WiD we be seeing more of this in Pond 3?
Yes. The animation is a great link between Robocod and JP3 and wi appear on the CD32 version to coincide with the release of Commodore's FMV (Full Motion Video! Cord.
6a**R How do you see the Amiga market progressing? WM CD technology sJowfy become the standard platform for gomes?
I used to work in the video industry ond it doesn't take o rocket scientist to work out that, being a lineor format, video does not allow you to skip around programmes ond interact with it.
The mqjor Hollywood studios ore all developing CD products ond I will put my neck on the line and say that it won't be too long before you will be able to buy the film, the book, the soundtrack ond the gome oil on one formal ond ployed through one mochine. CD offers us, os devtfopers, so much more flexibility. We ore developing projects currently that will be o mix of animation, film and computer-generated graphics gnnng players on amazing amount of gameplay that floppy formats ond cartridges cannot offer.
How hard or my is it to model o chorocter like James Pond?
Marketing James Pond is olways slightly difficult becouse he's never around when you wont him. Obviously, the foct thot every gome is better than ihe previous one helps bccouse people know thot he is dependable and offers great entertainment, However, we never rest on our laurels ond ore olwoys working on the profile. We hove ta bear thot in mind when we license him ta different formats that companies such os Ocean ond Electronic Arts are buying a reputation os weH as o great gome.
"...there is a bright shiny four-inch wide and disc-like future for us all."
- Keith Smith, Millennium PR manager Do you think that Pond 3 wdl
be a bigger seller thon the incredibly popular Robocod?
We certainly hope so! There is no reason why not. Robocod hos now been licensed on 14 hardware platforms ond hos posted the one million unit mark. If Robocod con do if, Operation Starfish wil.
Mr Mogoo is the first licensed gome thot Millennium will publish. Whose decision wos it to publish o licensed gome ond why use Mr Mogoo?
If you look ot the profile of Mogoo especially in the States, he is one of the most recognised images, olpng with Coco-Colo ond Elvis. He hos olwoys been a bumbling old fool who accidentally rights wrongs and talks to hot stands believing them ta be policemen. He is the spokesman for General Electric, RCA, Timex ond several other mojor US companies.
He has been in existence for nearly A5 years and is a household name throughout the world. Ambfin entertainment (Steven Spiefcerg's companyi ore also producing o Mogoo film which will help the owareness of him to gomes ployers.
We've always been on the lookout for good licences, but when Mkhoel Hoyword wos approached by UPA he felt thot this wot loo good ta miss.
OnwsR Millennium were very eager to show their support for the CD32 by releasing Diggers, Robocod and Morph for Commodore's new mochine. This is not normal behaviour for a company who can't afford to waste money, so why did you leap into this new market?
Commodore hod the bottle to go ahead with the first 32-bit CD console ond when someone is that committed ta a project, it’s hard to refuse!
It wos o sound business proposition, but if everyone sits on their hoods ond soys "we'R wait ond see if everyone jumps', then you end with one less innovative hordwore compgny ond no gomes for o project thot should, in theory work.
At least we can say that we gave Commodore 110 per cent backing al the way to Ihe launch, ond you don't get respect if you don’t try.
Whof will the future belike, os for as computer games ore concerned?
As long os we con prove ta the powers that be that we con police ourselves and we don't let the pom merchants succeed, then there is o bright shiny four-inch wide and disc-like future for us oil. One thing thot affected the video industry wos by allowing it ta be monipuMed by the pomogra- phcrs ond schlock merchants.
Everyone then associated the two and the slide began. Only now is it beginning ta reclaim lost ground through a more respectable imoge and after monumental losses of revenue.
Whof port wdl Millennium play in the future of computer games?
Millennium will always ploy an octive role in the industry, producing truly innovotive gomes using the most up to dote technology worked by some of the UK’s best programmers ond artists. So there!
GMWR Will 1994 be the year of Millennium?
I think we've hod o pretty good run this for. Millennium hos experienced considerable growth in some of the toughest conditions through tight management while retaining the independence to move with the market.
1994, however, wdl see some of the best ever Millennium gomes, that we think people want to play. We all enjoy playing gomes here and hope that everyone enjoys our gomes as much os we do!
Mark Rafter - art director Wfcof a your background os hr os ort ond animation goes?
I studied ot the Royal College of Art, doing a BA and MA in pointing. After this I did a further course in Deugn ot the London Colege of Printing. After that I worked in animation for three yeorj on feoture films and TV.
Ft's very unusual for a company to hove o specific art deportment Why hove Millennium looped iMO the world of WwtWfWt?
As for ot I know, having o specific ort deportment is unusvol, but with the demond for better graphics and animation, it's got to be
o good thing.
Lengthy high-class oromofions w»D undoubtedly go hand in hand with the new CD technology. How will these offributo to tbe success of o gome?
Animated intros outros on CD products enhance the gome by exponding the storyline which grves the central chorocter o post or o future. It's creating a whole world if you like, rather thon just a gome.
How do you transmit your idea bom poper to pixel?
Over the pixel artist s shoulder!
What ore the benefits ol having a'red'ortist work on o gome rattier than just a 'pixel' artist on his her own?
How involved do you get when working on a gome?
I try to get invobtd as much os I con with the look of each pmdvrt, but os I hove up to five or six different gomes to work on atony given lime, I'm moving about quite o bit.
What wot your design brief hr Pinkie?
Pinlue already existed in (he gome, it was my job to storyboord the animated inlro sequence; for this my brief was to show his bockground, where he come from, what makes him tick, his character, courage, cuteness, attitude and deter- How does the world of a software house differ bom working in on onimofwn studio?
A lot of fun, I have more of o say creatively. I'm not just part of on impersonal mochine.
The graphical world m Small Furry Creatures will be represented using works by some of the old motors. Why did you decide to use this kind of Ort?
Small furry Creaturesiworking title} is influenced by old master pointing, but I felt the game needed a radical new look thot would suit its storyfine.
Fn the future do you think thot we will see gomes thot will ploy and look like something from the Disney Sudrvon Bluth studio?
I think gomes involving characters tke tomes Pond ond Pinkie wil become more like interactive cartoons, os for os animation is concerned, yes, the sky's the fimit.
In Part two... We talk to top gomes designer ian Saunter about Smal Furry Creatures (working title}, a revolutionary new piece of software mvoh mg the use of artificial intelligence We ahc look at Mr Magoo and chat to Marcus Brooe about Milennium s first licenced gome Millennium softography Tide Released Xor ..Jan 88 Ouadr alien ..May 88 Sorgon 3 . n 88 SlarRay ...Od 88 StorGoose Dec 88 Prospector ....Mar 89
Archipeligos ..Apr 89 EyeofHorus .Nov 89 Starblaze Nov 89 Bod Company ...Jan 90 Kid Gloves ....Mor 90 Cloud Kingdoms Apr 90 Resolution 101 ..Jun 90 Thunderstrike,, -Aug 90 Yolanda .Sep 90 Monix .....Oct 90 James
Pond ..Nov 90 Horror Zombies,.,, . Jon 91 Warlock ..Feb 91 Moonshine Racers ....Mar 91 Stormball .Apr 91 Robin Hood ...Od 91 Robocod .. Nov 91 Kid Gloves 2 Mor 92 Steel Empire ..Apr 92 Global Effect May 92 Aquatic Gomes Oct 92 Rome AD92 ..Nov 92
Morph .....Jun 93 Robocod Al 200 Jun 93 Robocod CD32 ..Sep 93 Diggers CD32 ... Sep 93 Brutal Sports Football ..Nov 93 Morph CD32 Nov 93 Diggers A1200 .Od 93 During our visit to Millennium it wos almost impossible to walk anywhere without hearing, seeing or treoding on something concerning this little pink chappie.
Pinkie is Millennium’s great pink hope ond it is envisaged that he'll be btgger thon James Pond |no meon fed with over o million copies sold).
Although Pinkie is o platform hero, he is radically different to anything gamers will have seen before.
For a start he has no special powers - he can't jump from a height and squash enemies or shoot things at them.
He can't run fast, dimb high (allergic to altitude) or fire weapons. In foct, pinkie can't really do anything malicious because he's olso allergic to pain (tell me about it| ond despises violence But he is intelligent, thoughtful, inquisitive, gentle and most of all concerned. The plot will see Pinkie expressing his worry about the imminent demise of the dinosaurs throughout the universe.
So, he deports from his beautiful native planet Pink and sets off to secure dinosaur eggs and bnef J them to the sondvory of the serene planet Pink.
Work is well on the way in Pinkie and okeody one can see the benefits of using a trained movie anH motor. His movements and characteristics ore some of the best I've ever seen on ony computer, how.
Arcode or otherwise. Pinkie oho uses o most unusual colour scheme for its locations and bockdro«J Although still in the development stage, they look gorgeous and you con tell the eye of on artist trained • colour nos been employed.
Pinkie has secured licensing deals on seven other platforms. Pinkie looks os though he could be ¦ major star for 94 ond leave Millennium Interactive well and truly tickled pink.
Ml.'-1.. »MR Manual In English, Manuel en frangals, Handbuch auf deutsch, Manuale in italiano, Manual en espanol AVAILABLE FOR: PC & 100% COMPATIBLES, AMIGA, CD32 Published By Distributed By MINDSCAPE INTERNATIONAL LTD.. PRIORITY HOUSE. CHARLES AVENUE.
MALTINGS PARK. BURGESS HILL. WEST SUSSEX RH15 9PQ TEL: 0444 246333 FAX: 0444 248996 1993 ATREIO CONCEPT SA - TOUS DROITS RESERVES TOUTES LES MARQUES FT MATE RIELS CITES SONI DEPOSES PAR LEURS PROPRIET AIRES RESPECT1FS 1993 ATREIO CONCEPT SA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TRADEMARKS ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AS THE PROPERTV Of THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS V * MINDSCAPE Chuck Rock Corkers • £9.99 homing pterodactyls, Romes and mud men to name but o few, which h* con belly butt, throw rocks ot or kick. There ore also some humorous end- 1 of-level guardians who ore nice and tricky.
If vou missed this title last time around then it is a must It is bigger than and jom-p of superb animation with oodles of great gameplay. This is not to mention the great soundtrack and eartoony effects as well. Phew - what more could you ask for?
Enn. Chuck i chin looks familiar. Not unlike a cer tain football commentator, wouldn't you agree?
Right, imogine the kind of torture you would hove if you were trapped in o room with Heinz Beans' chief tasters, whose idea of fun was lo listen to Agodoo continually while watching re-runs of the Bobby Davros Rock wi th laugh tor show. This is the same degree of awfulness I thought I'd have to go through when I first started ploying Porosoi Stars At first glance the graphics arc Parasol Stars Hit Squad • £9.99 8 ± garish and unimpressive, the tunes grating and there are no proper boddies to get your teeth into. But I plodded on and to my surprise - once I actually realised whot was going on -
I started enjoying the game Tnis is the third in the series of Bub and Bob games, the aim this time being to defeat fa monsters with your mog*e porosoi, and thus free the universe You get eight different worlds to Oh dear. Bub b having a problem handling Ms parasol. Watch out fa those buses War Zone • Corkers • £9.99 Fun con be bod in 00 Well, if you fancy a reol Mission Impossible, this is the game for you. If j virtuolly impossible to avoid the enemies' bullets, and every time you pick up a • if you get hit, then go for it But for us mere mortals this pome leans heavily on fa "yikes, this is
too difficult!' Side.
Visually it isn't bod, but if you like to see blood ond guts splattered fan you'll be disappointed, ond some of fa enemies when shot look more (ike they’re | There is a good selection of weapons to choose from which offer a two player mode where players need to develop a 'cover my bock'-type strategy, so beware if your comrode is the mean type who goes around frying to hog oil the bonuses ond upgrades which can be found.
The lewis mdude warships, jungles, swamps ond sewers, and there ore different types of enemies, ranging from those that con be seen off by just one blast from your big weapon to those needing a more advanced method of elimination This is quite good little shoot-em'-up which is rather addictive but for most it will prove to be o bit of a tough customer "Go past the buffet car, toilets, first class, second class, scum class and there you are". Yes, it's the Cheap Seats, and Tina the Train Driver ushers you into the Budget station!
He's fat, he's hoiry - no, it's not Danny Baker ogam it's Chuck Rock and he's back via Core Des*gn's new budget label, Corkers Well, as if you need reminding, the basic plot behind Chuck Rock is that Gory Gritter hos kidnapped Chuck's wife, who promptly sets off through the neighbourhood to find her Aah, true love, bey? (Or perhaps Chuck |ust hos o fetish for wandering around in a green leaf skirt and thrusting his belly into small, furry ommols ) So, off he sets through five increasingly challenging levels of wocky onimgtion to rescue his bobe-ilicious wife Ophelia The headbangm
belly-buttin' Chuck hos to pit his wits against explore for your £9.99 ond can even take your friend along if you don like playing alone. There's o bonus level ond plenty of collectable objects such os mogic shoes, power hearts and miracle icons How long the game wi8 keep you amused is questionable but it worth a look just for the unusuol gameplay and strange choice of enemies, such as grand pianos, heli copters, and ploying cards GggR GameR agte Software ML ~ OSCOin'C*, D«0U%TC*1 OaMBSOlSM1 Of' ItXClUWS CREOCT CARO HOTUNE 081 889 9172 ENOUIRY OROER LINE 081 361 5730 24 HOUR FAX UNE 081 361
2733 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N11 1SL BITMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 only £l6.M Xenon. Cedaver nd Speed ball II DREAM TEAM only Cl6.99 Terminator H. Simpsons. W.W.F LORDS OF POWER only £22.99 Silent Service II, Bed Baron. Rakoed Tycoon. Perfect General SPACE LEGENDS only C19.99 Ami9. Only Magatravellei I. Elite. Wing Conuneder SOCCER MANIA only £11.99 Football Manager H. Cazza a Soccer.
Football Manager.W.C Edition. Mtcroproea Soccer COMBAT CLASSICS II only £20.99 F19 Staelth Fighter. Silent Service II and Pacific Islands BIG BOX only £15.99 CapMM B-ood In TvtsnllM Uoo* sw«„ Cuu.
IMHege Ouaen S.BBU pui PumU Smbm Oiye. Ki e«« ¦» .-..mpog JK4M». Bobo Moeugn TEST DRIVE II COLLECTION only £15.99 MvkI* Care, California Chelk-nge.
European Challenge. Duel. Super Cere BIG BOX II only C19.99 Bac* To The rutura m ft-Typ*. IK. Deal GlMMiburlm Oelollhe tsrti. TV Span* footfall Shinskei *r«aSo». S.-Oos Botreoazai BOARD GENIUS only C17.99 Deluxe Monopoly, Deluxe Scrsbble.
Cluedo Matter Detective and Ruk 4 WHEEL DRIVE only £19.99 Lotus Esprit Celica GT4 Rally. Team Suzuki and Combo Racer POWER PACK only £14.99 Xenon 2. TV Sport Football. Bioodwych and Lombard Rally HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION only £18.99 Reriwpp. ?he*tbv»iw* ll Indiana Jones. Batman tho Movie RAINBOW COLLECTION only £13.99 Now Zealand Story. Bubble Bobble. Rainbow Iilandi COMBAT CLASSICS only £20.99 Ft 5 Strike Eigle It. 888 Attack Sub and Team Yankee TRIPLE PACK 1 (SPORTS) only C12.99 Microprose Soccer. Panza Kick Boxing, 30 Pool NINJA COLLECTION only £13.99
O. Dregon, Shadow Warrior. D Ninja TRIPLE PACK II (ACTION } only
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ANIMATION CLASSICS only £27.99 Space Ace. Dragon s Lair B, Wrath ol the Demon ACTION 5 only £19.99 Rick Dangerous II. Ghostbusters II.
Gunship, Super Ski and Hard Driving AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 £9.99 £•5 9?
Rtf. -'¦ £6 99 James Pond JctSci'"" J Khan I Combo Raoer Cooflicl in Europe Deluxe Strip Poker (not Double Dragon I or II . .. Dr on Ninja Face Off - Ice Hockey Fantasy World Dizzy F16 Combat Pilot ..... Flight ot the Intruder FO FT . Future Wars Gauntlet II... Ghostbusters II Ghoulsn'Ghosts.
Hardball .... Head over Heels . I & South.
Run.... ..... rraton Hamer i Stealth.
IThundei ation Wolf ...£6.1 Irun Europa . .£7.99 ang £6.99 Panza Kick Boxing.
Pinbaii Magic...... Pirates .. Pitfighter ... Predator ......£gj Prince ol Persia .£6.1 Project X .£9.1 £8 99 £7.99 Ctom AH3airol__ _ 1 J maker_ __11999 J owjrJJp Con ilation .mw ___» TOP TITLES AMIGA
1869. . .119.99
* 500- Imeg Upgrade £39.99
* 600 1 Meg Upgrade ? Clock £49 99 0 5 Meg Upgrad* ? Etock . £25
* 320 Airbus .£23.99 A320 Airbus
USA .....£23.99 A
Tram ......£23.99 A Train Con
Set ...£13 99 Addams
Farrwy .£7.99 AifbucKs 1,2 (5'6 or 1200) £1999
Air Combat Patrol ....£19.99 Air Force
Commander £19.99 Alfred Chicken £16.99 Alien Brood 2
......£17.99 Alien Breed Special Edition .£9.99 Aliens
III ...£16.99 American
Gladiators ...£16.99 Amos
(Easy) ...£23.99 Amos 3P £2399 Amos
Compiler ......£19.99 Amos
Professional ......£64.99 Amos Professional Compder£23 99
Amos The Creator £36 99 Apocalypse £19.99 Armourgeddon
......£1599 Armoorgeddon II1 £19 99
Assassin .....£16 99 ATAC • ...£23 99
B17 Flying Fortress £23 99 Ban« Of The Cosmic Forge £24 99
BARBARIAN II (Psyg) £10.99 Bart vs the Wprld'. £16 99
Batman Rotums* ......£16 99 Battle Chess
II ..£16 99 Battle isle 93 £20.99 Battle Isle II .
......£22.99 Battle Toads ....£16.99 Beavers
...... .£16.99 Beneath the Steel Sky £19.99
Birds of Prey ...£9.99 Black
Crypt .....£16.99 Blade Of Oostiny......£30.99
Blaster .....£16.99
BtOb ...£16.99 Blue Max £11 99
Body Blows £16.99 Body Blows Galactic £17.99
Bool ...£19.99 Brutal Spods
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Rogers .....£19 99 Buck Rogers II* .....£20 99 Bulfy's
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deluxe ...£19.99 Campaign
....£22.99 Campaign Mission Disk £10.99
Campaign II ...£23.99
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ll £17.99 Car and
Dover* ...£23 99 Carl Lewis Challenge £12.99
Castles ..£16.99 Castles Data Dssc £ 11.99
Castles II* ....£23 99 Caslle of Dr Brain '
£15 99 Chaos Engine .£16.99 Championship
Manager 93 £16 99 Chase hQU ..£8.99 Chuck Rock II
..£8.99 Civilisation ......£23
99 Civilisation A120O. £27 99
C. Y*s Air Combat ...£20.99 Cohort
II ...£19 99 TOP TITLIS AMIGA Covar
Girl Poker .£12.99 Crazy Cars
III .£9.99 Crystal Kingdom D«zzy £13 99
Cyber***' £23 99 Dale*
Attack ....£12.99 Dftrk mere £16 99 Dos
Boot ......£11.99
D-Day £16 99 Deluxo Music Con
Sat £74 99 Deep Core’ ....£16 99 Dennis
500 1200 .£17.99 Desert Stnko £19 99 Desert
Strike II* (JtnJlA SW £20 99
Detroit ......£16 99 Diggers
(CD) ....£23 99 Disney Animation Studio ..£74.99
Disposable Hero .....£16.99 Dogtight £2399
DractAa ....£19.99 Dreadnoughts
Dreamlands .....£19.99 Dream Web* £27 99
Dune. .....£19.99 Dune
II ...£19.99 DungeorVChaos £19.99
Elvira II • Cerberus ....£23.99
Epic £19.99 European
Champions. £16 99 Eyo of the Boholder £12.99 Eye of the
Beholder II £23.99 Fl5Stnke Eagieil £12 99 F117A Stealth
Fighier. £23.99 F19 Stealth Fighter......£12 99 F29
Retaliator ......£7 99
Falcon .....£9 99 Falcon Mission Disk
1 .£6 99 Falcon Mission Oisk II £6 99 Fate Of Atlantis
(adv). £25 99 Fate Of Atlantis (arc) .£16 99 Falman
50G'1200...... £16 99 Final Fight .... £7 99
Fire and Ice ...... £15 99 Fire Stone HD Scenery £13 99
Flashback .£20 99 Footban Manager
III* .£15.99 Free DC ...£18.99
Fronteer (Elite 2) ..£19.99 Fury Of Tho
Fumes......£20 99 Global Effect ...£16.99
Global Gladiators £19 99
Globdule ...£19.99 Goal Kick Off
III ...£19.99 Goblins II £19 99 G Gooch
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Pnx (Formula).....£23 99 Gunship 2000 £23 99
Harlequin ..£14 99 Harpoon (1 Mog) £19
99 Harner Assault AV8B £23 99 Hero s Quest
II £16.99 Hill street Blues £7 99 Hired
Guns .....£23 99 Historyline
1914-18 .....£21.99
Hook ...E8 99 International
Open Golf £ 16.99 International Sports Chan £15.99 Ishar II
SOOn 200...... £19.99 Jaguar XJ220 £16 99 James Pond III (Op
Startsh) £16.99
J. Whites Whrftmnd .....£16,99
J. Bames (IMeg) £15.99 J Madden's Football. .. £16 99 Jurassic
Park ......£16.99
K240 ..£16 99
KGB £16 99 Killing Game
Show .....£11.99 Kingdom Of Germany* . £19 TOP TITLES
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Mare .....E1199 Knighis of the Sky £12 99
Lambourghmi US* Chalerge £1699 Lawn Mower Man* ..£16.99
Loander ....£10.99 Leeds
Utd .£16.99 Legacy*
......£23.99 Logacy of Sivasil £16.99
Legend .....£1i.99 Legend II (Works of
LegandsI.C 16.99 Legend of Kryamfca £19.99 Lemmings
£15.99 Lemmings and Oata Disk £19 99 Lemmings
II.. ......£19.99 Lemmings Data Disk £10.99 Lemmings-Stand
Alone £15.99 Little Divil .£16.99 Links
.£12.99 Liquid
Kids* ....£16 99
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Vikings .....£16.99 Lost Treasures of Infocom
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......£11 99 MacDonald Land £9 99 Maelstrom (IMeg)
......£23 99 Magic Boy* ..£16.99 Man
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99 Microprose Golf £ 16.99 Midwinter II
, .£12.99 Might ol Magic III .£23 99
Moonstone .....£10.99 Monkey
Wand ....£12 99 Monkey Island II ......£25 99
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(switchable) ....£9.99 Morph
....£15.99 Mr, Nut;
.... £16 99
Myth .£6.99 Nick Faldo Gof?
..£23.99 Nicky II
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Ones (CD32) .....£ 16.99 One Step Beyond .£13.99
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Pac4ic Isiands-T Yankee II ..£20.99 Pacific Islands II*
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(Millenium) £9.99 Robocod.. ..£15.99
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III .£8.99 Robo
Sports .....£16 99
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Cup £16.99 Sabre
Team .....£16.99 Sabre Team
1200 ...£1999 Scrabble (US GoW) £18.99 Second
Samurai ..£17.99 Sonsiblo Soccer 92-93.....£16.99
Settlers .....£21.99 SHADOW BEAST
II ....£11.99 Shadow ol the Beast ill £1199 Shadow
Worlds ..£16.99 Silent Service II .....£12
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Earth .£16 99 &m Life A1200
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Bros ......£16 99 Soccer KxJ 5001200 £16 99
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II ....£7.99 Untouchables .....£6.9$ Vigilante ..£6.99 WCLWddrboard £699 World Championship Boxing £6 99 Zak McKracken ... . £8 “ TOP TITLES AMIGA Total Carnage £16.99 Troddlers .....£16.99 Trolls 500.1200 ......£16.99 TV Sports Baseball ...Cl 1.99 TV Spods Boxing. £11.99 Turncan 3 ....£16.99 Turtles II ..£11 99 Twilight 2000 ...£23.99 Ultima V .....£19.99 Ultima VI £12 99 Universal Masters .....£16.99 Undium
II £17.99 Utopia ...£16 99 Utopia New World ...£11 99 Utopian* .. £17 99 Video Kid £15.99 Vikings FiekJs of Conquest £15 99 Voyage Beyond Data Disc . £9.99 Walker ...£18.99 War «i the Gulf .....£19 99 Waxworks £21.99 Whales Voyage .£19 99 White Doath(1 Mog) £12 99 Wing Commander .£11.99 Wizkid ......£15.99 Wizniiz .. £19.99 WKXiysWwW £1699 WW.F £7.99 WW.FII .£8.99 Yo! Joe! .£16.99 Zoof
5001200 £16.99 Zooill .,.,,,,,,£16,99
3. 5 DS DD discs with labels boxed in 10's I Be il ) X 35 DS
DO £21.§9 30X3.5 DS DD £39 99 Please add 50p per 10 discs when
ordering lo cover P&P THE REVKW BOOKLET J Pieaw qu» swcal rfm
P. OS )MT*tforXM}TO’ie» NAME.
Please ojote accolnt niabep when re-oroepisg E IING C|MPRN RLL EIGHTS RfSfRlff D. iV. USJ9 UNOtR LICINM BY BlUC* Pff XBRKflGI IS LTD BRUXibHOUSh MLRRYWALKS STROUD CiLOS CiLSJOA Rii)j hds jpprox. 3258 inhdbil.inf?
Hri Wif M Uu Cmgr is Hie autjer 27 burden speed: a ko e kn price: 77*1*1 fhakr juicy, wealthy t*wn j Hjrc Town corn |311 nedf 451 fish 53 die 27 honeq m clofh I) crockerqS uood 711 nine j Riqd is j uell'fp’do Idun.
Flic fax is 114 rhjler, fhis qtdr 2 have docked, Akeer’s Island Return SE to the corridor with handles. Go due N into the passage and follow the corridors to the
W. Beware of the destroying Wizard of Chaos (prepare psychic
protection). Kill the wizard. Pick up treasures and skull.
Return to the passage entrance. Take the corridor to the SE. Beware the dangerous magi* cion. Kill the magician. Secret passage in one of the walls; dick on the button under the eagle-heads.
Continue along the corridor to the N. Place the six skulls on the six scales. Continue along the corridor. Kill the guard. Pick up the relic.
Return to the londing-stoge. Re-enter the town.
Jon’s Island 1 Find the passage lo ihe Wes! Ond head olong the rood. Walch out for the dwarves os they always try fpr ihe kil, After a while turn North into the mountains.
On ihe way you'll pass two cul-de-socs, Wesi and East. Toke each of them in turn and pick ihe edelweiss plants Go bock to the end of the passage and head East, watching out for the vultures.
Go North into the mountains and find yet another edelweiss. Go South bock to tbe pas- soge ond keep on East. Take the first path North and then go East ond you'll find two more of the precious plants. Watch out for the curse that lies in the oreo; try to cast a curse-lifting speH prior to entering.
Because of the altitude you may find your chorocters being affected by vertigo Avoid this anti-vertigo potions. When they toke continue higher up the mountains. Colled the relic at the end, then return to the harbour gnd head for the North-West landing of Jon's Island.
Ishar II Here is the concluding part of the complete guide to Daze's brilliant adventure game. Enjoy!
0tl ar?3Tjrn clorSrTo rgljarT Jon’s island 2 At the harbour head West olong the coast bu When you reoch the Mountains to the East, jo.
Must dismiss one of your chorocters. To rno matters worse you must strip them of al *- gold and possessions.
Head through the mountains to the Eos watching out for guards. At the end of the pde you will come across five pillars ond o dec: drgid. By this stpge you should hove fo* relics.
Place o relic on eoch of the pillars ond in druid will be re-incamated. Recruit him orv: treat him nicely. Head back to the harbov stock up with supplies, rest ond perform o other bodily functions. Then head for the fortress on Olbar's Island.
?-*«}•: * 23 ST3D'S’fHt * * ‘ * fiS*' $ va 2r Th« I ir;t oneitp imvts util Ix me* iXn nova util be vomica ItU i mtth«w Zach’s Island Go bock to the city once more Head for the clothes shop and buy five evening tunics. Dress m your new garb and weor the pendant given k you by the Ent. Do this before you enter the Blue Velvet nightclub; here you will find one of the Fortress parchments.
Check finances, as you will need at leap 20,000 coins for the next part of quest if you don’t have enough, then indulge in a killing and robbmg spree in the city yptil your fmonoes ore sufficient and your bloodust satiated Next, go to the alley of the four towers which is North-East of the harbour and wait until two * the morning for the suspicious character to appear.
If you've been one to enter as many pubs as vou can during th nave met him before. Give him your 20,000 coins and he will give on important item Go to the herb shop and buy the ingredients for five anti-vertigo potion, otherwise known as Mildong, Eat, sleep and heod for the North-East side of Jon's Isl The end of the quest is nearing, however this is the deadliest Oftd most demanding Island of all. First thing to do on this island is to fight the Fire Elemental. This is easier said than done because to kil the Elemental you must have one of your chorocters hold the magic shield while someone
else costs o fire protection spell, then step forward and strike.
At the first crossroads, turn right and follow it oround the block yntil you reach an opening to the North. When you reoch the next crossroads turn to your West if you fancy more experience ond treasure.
Once you've exhausted the maze return to the crossroads. Go North to find the one of the toughest creatures in the gome, a Fire- breathing dragon.
Use the some method as you did against the Fire Elemental to defeat the dragon. He may take quite some time, so be prepared to toke a couple of steps bockwords to beai yourself.
After the defeat of the dragon, heod North. Examine every nook ond cranny in the walls because there are hidden treasures contained in a good many of them.
Shortly you will reoch another crossroods. Heod North, then walch out for a secret passage leading from the North wall.
Follow this secret passage, fighting all the skeletons and wizards en route. When you reoch the end of the passage, enter the maze. Beware this is no ordinary maze, os most of the walls ore invisible doors - so mop carefully. At the end of the maze pull the handle ond fight your way bock to the crossroods.
At the crossroads go South, then stop when you reach a room.
The wads in here have spikes poking out of them, so make sure you slalom through carefully.
You should now hove reoched Shandor's fortress. In the first large room, stick to the edge of the room - avoid the middle! At the South-East of the room collect the treasure.
In the North-West comer of the room there is a knight who you will hove to kill. Once defeated, leoye by the door behind him.
Wolk straight through the next room ond leave by the North exit.
Look out for a smoll room to the West, enter it ond activate the mechanism. Now race bock to the end of the corridor. Your next encounter is with a Gorgon, she has a particular talent for inverting people so kill her as quickly as possible. After you've defeated her, move into the room beyond and drink from the fountain to restore life.
Heod South into a labyrinth full of mummies ond witches for you to kid. When you've dealt with them all, leave by the Southern exit. Take the next passoge East ond look for a smoll room to the West. Activate the mechanism you find there, then head bock into the passage. At the end you will find some Lion guards; kill them ond use mogic to heol ony wounded chorocters.
Examine the grille in front of you and trigger the trapdoor next to it. Walk through ond heod North ot the next crossroads. Wolk to the end, take the treasure ond octivote the mechanism. Return to the crossroads and heod down the South possoge.
At the end is a room with a magician in it. For once in your blood-lusting life don't kill him; try the humble art of communica- Hon and listen to what he says.
Go back to the corridor ond toke the North passoge. You should come to a closed passoge. Place the parrot in front of the large ear and let it talk - the passoge will open.
The next room has low ceiling points, so slalom through with core. At the next room, work oround the edges ond keep away from the centre.
You are about ta engoge in the final battle of the game, so get everyone up to full strength ond prepare a Psychic shelter spdl.
Heod into the Northern room and Shondor will appear. All you have to do now is kill him, then retreat from the fortress enjoying the fireworks. Kendoria should now be oble to look forword to o peaceful and prosperous existence.
Repairs on: A500, A500+, A590, A600, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000 Plus Amiga add on hard drives and monitors.
Door to door pick up + delivery anywhere in the U. K. Spares also available 144, Tanner St., Tower Bridge, London SE1 2HG Tel. 071-252 5552 Central London FAST QUALITY AMIGA REPAIRS Upgrades + Engineering requirements SAME DAY SERVICE £34.99 + parts (comps in by 11am) NORMAL SERVICE £24.99 + parts (Typically 24 hrs) ft 17* I7» SJHrpt MmaiM 8r*4ob . AS® o'A1700 17* CO® 19* »» Sr wDai ?9A t rx Tf X 1VSpo«0ue .. 0* CC® 19*
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1) 09 w a» UUSCartWnr 27* UI"MaW»lOoW 19 » ITWMlfrlin
.....1? » Imtn! ......17*
Ur«kn2 ... 03132259 UUM ..... _____________AX
UKM3......- .. ..... .19* ImmI CSX 1999
• VMM 19* AV««i Voycga XX 1494 Wvn'VjiB?
AWWRifB King ConaiafMar...... All* a 99 Ivmar Crole-Br' XB nvtfui __ ......'IX 19xtf|l WAJ45 . ...17* Watji d lejerti 1735 xt* in**...... ... . 'IX V*.M 17 « Tod .....C0«I1» 2aa2---------
- ---A12K'7* | tlVdrSarWrw '1U.il A&irren0i AOIUaM AwoPtfaaa
- tOXBr | LOOM) K7W MOM IOW HOH 6 JO 7* JW 6* 1199 1}J9 1090 1JW
59® 3730 2399 3209 aOOS TJM 400 «2 08 99* 141W M« I21.W 21009
350® 100.90 217» 41009 &M® 36000 330® Hcra0St,'DBlA* «so » ir»
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19* ** 19* MmcrA!?»?T* 10*
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SiedS*oCTJ MunhJIW ShiOtMn .. -JMf SrrCt,. 19* anil* ...... Aims* amnBtSawrar. .....22* Smnna Saearor. --------A12B029* W«Aa era is k Ms.. ...... U* Socew KM-17* SoaxrKe AiSCflii* tpi* not .... urn SO*tc Lsfcnm Companion 19* £ »*J Ateln ConMKr 9* a»T* ----- Aijma* Suncn) an SianaA1 It* Hmftrwt ----------1in Sira« BM S-plWl.DauOa. 655 sut, ....1UI Saw-BwtwM-- 16* SwiCoww’ IS55 Sme-itw it* 12-99 11* It* a i»n* t|» Am 19* am.. co®it* Uv.O-.w 179) Aia»co»u» AM 3 . 19* 1W.M!_____AON 1)99 »¦*» AM Srtea Sc«ca £«qn 10* AM B e«d St«a Edtnn C0J7UW
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it* P&A Tew* God Ta.nane-I Ol* 5 99 PCATou-God. T»« Pmj 6*
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______19* (}Mli 3010'___________ 19* y*r U*»3aA Ar«va- Fxasal 16* gru. Jfr *r.riw ByCW-'a*.
BaotiSM* Ca99M* Chatf ______a* Ev* U ft 1_____ 1298 I ukM 17® 19* C0» 19* ...It* . ..15.* Eya ii ir* Bavaov 2 |i Mag f U If San • F1 .... Fii7A(*t»ip*«aMmrtr»! Fl59rt*Eag»2________ .....21* ____19* 1 * qn
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_.11* Uhrtw: an torn 2 15* Fa .. __id* Uoki Sin1 ... OB Ciaet: A 'XO»* FA Prwr* 1M9 ' IT* JmjraCA CO® l?w Ou'V 'dc Vvd r 9311 ... 1939 l nrmi Ihnni '11 lurn rvta r M r«OT» 3 ‘ ....--------- Faiw: Wn:i i*n .22* I HMadVaei IrmnnjaJThtTilsr*., _
249) _17* Cnaoa Enjm .
_________19* Fa ima ....
- 17* lrwgi!)MeP» 19 W CauaErpm OusaEf k* C7»joi««*2 A1X017*
F*rr*n Cnrxj P».'
17* Urau 1** ChaiaoK c 3«1 12* CDXI9* . . .19* loaOOiri
- -- 22* __a* lortaan III DM ......ta* CO® H* FroaiUa;c Fncv -
Fro,:'* 9 Psm*S La*a Px(»*xa2* i m Fc**rrrcnj»' I On Cy»
Fi»MSt» 2'. ..... Pi»r 3 Pm*Ufto PmwrtPma PisTamT« 2 Pww'
OUAK O'Mlto'Ger, •w RaradTveoer O' lAOVtKTUBE (*
RtfrrtoX | ) tl» l aTrmaBaan 4101 '399 Mai.rtewnw It.) U*
17 O-j LiuM. & I 7195 rn Oifi 41)27.1* ;n Cij * ;vt Af n* 17*
CSA &K t® Und|l •«fT9i8lC9 . S «tn TacJ ..
* 99 IB 799
3. 5” BLANK DISKS lW.vHum |M»| iOw id 10 7 W 9*
a. ....tt» !•* X JiOO 4730 lift... ei» «» :0C 125 00 79000 TOO .
XO00 47000 1000 590® 930® 17* 9* if* 10* CD® 12.* 19* It* .
...COX '2.* *» 6* a* tea Lew d Pwwl A FIGHT OUT OF THIS WORLD
Thinsin, a mad scientls., has invented a new formula in an
attempt to eliminate all the FAT people on earth. In his
efforts to opthinize mankind, he has kidnapped EliSESiM the
gorgeous wife of FATMAN World famous cartoon Super hero. You
must go out and ... AMIGA, AMIGA AT 200 ll'myi*: PC &
CompatimejS iurp your waynwgppEfvri 5 of the lUrqest levels
ever seen, sef in 7 separate world packed with CALORIES!
...Use your WORLD FAMOUS BELLY BUTT to eliminate ghosts in the Egyptian tombs, and Pirates trying to steal your food!
...Enjoy a food fight with hugh Octopuses, monsters and Dragons.!
...Throw your weight about as you smash and stomp around Castles and Parks!
...Help FATMAN, king of food, eliminate Ted Thinsin in the final confrontation - THE PIZZA FACTORY DISTRIBUTED EXCLUSIVELY BY kompart (UK) Limited Tel: (0727) 868005 Guildford House. 20 Guildford Road St. Albans, Herts. AL1 5JY.
© BLACK LEGEND SOFTWARE An IO Product Quatro Classic arc* 9 Six heavt microswi ittons connector Model Nt Miniature version of Quatro.
Suitable foriyounger gamesplayojs or hand-held play Model Nt JT 151 £12.99 inc. VAT.
Quatro GT Classic arcade-style design • 3-way autolire facility Delta-Ray New Comfort-Gnp' hantfflj j
• Nine high-quality microswitchcs
• Extra-long connector cable
• Five tire buttons
• Autofire plus rapid-fire function
• Suction cups for extra stability Model No. JT 156 £15.99 inc.
• Six heavy-duty microswitches Slow-mbtion facility
• Extra-long connector cable • Two fire buttons
• Independent rapid-fire button • Steel shaft Model No. JT 155
£16.99 inc. VAT.
Pinto GT Miniature version of Quatro GT but without rapid-fire and slow-motion. Suitable for younger riamesplayers or hand-held play Model No. JT 152 £16.99 inc. VAT.
H Freewheel Can you imagine Nigel Mansell using I joystick to control his car around a 1 high-speed track7 Probably not That's why we came up with the FrecWheel Just plug it into your computer joystick port and expenence the real sensation of dnvingl W • Suitable for all types of driving and flying games ¦ ¦ Uses unique angle-sensitive switches • Extra-long connector cable 1 M * Does not need to be mounted or fixed to a surface Model No. FW 111 - Digital FreeWheel for Amiga ST C64 etc. m Model No. FW 123 - Analog FreeWheel mm for Amiga £39.99 inc. VAT. ri A1LABLE fHOW MOST COMPUTER
DISTRIBUTORS - amiga computing issue 52 m, gmm CjO & n.
jfjjHMBBi Clipart r J WflOdngs ilth Bombers and more!
LJ '"-nf tJLfi &Jnsects rr OL 'taatOBBit -J Ll O UU ?L CL 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Flowers 1 ins. Marigolds. Orands. Lilies, Pansies elc EMC Volume 55 DalT*. FkMwnrg Pants, Cn sLJL IFF People 3 I Linger*!, Kanjressog i IFF Events IX Disks - £16.50 - IFF Geography Ype A'nca. Europe inda. S Amends A-abc e ¦ ¦ w*ummm FaKft 3kf9 CO 111 OJ EMC Volume 19 -5 Disks EMC Volume 20 • 5 Disks Typesmith Demo Disk Pagestream2 Demo Disks £6.99 Opalvlsion Update Disks £6.99 QITMttPPEO CLIP M7 Fjty SkVTM and mml x tmstm tor import ttrtofy into yeur ttvyirn* EMC Volume 1 • 5 Disks - £14.00 • Classic IFF Clipart
Sports. Canocre Miitary, Rare* Anmols. Tramport. Babes PeocJe ana Xmas.
EMC Volume 11 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - Classic IFF Chpart Poople. FM Aircraft Arwnafs. Dmpq Cats. Com. Spot Transoal ard Natural EMC Volume 15 -8 Disks • £22.00 - Classic IFF i Buidngs. Etectromes. Kids Soon*. AmmaJs. Helgon, Otfica. Food ard EMC Volume 22 - 5 Disks • £14.00 - Classic IFF Cltpart Pocpe P'ole&scm Scoff*. Coanj. MeOcal. Annura Computes «rd Omco EMC Volume 28 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - Classic IFF Clipart AnmaH. Frdti xmas. Cats. Pkmers. Computers, HaadenGcrtMrs ana Soascrs IIFIM HIGH 0UPLITV IFF CUP Hill Ttmo i Wumos axiMio 300 - COO (ten SCSf» ffuf are torje Once ffe dtps rwve Ooon
roAxvd 10 a usafta sin. Myovr OTP program Irvy mV produce prvilcuts V arrwmg qiA»lVy As erfi ail CUC'S Opart rtSkS JlWttt Clip* JW ft fly sorlrW aid MytW as Orusnca, may *pr Aracf import mro your DTP and Onphca programs SmrWaro IFF formal and is compsWCVa wish AU. Major appicaftons nw»M HuiV nmv(fi uibUvMi«ir«iH)j'inscr marKiyRuMinuf mtp« EMC Volume 34 • 5 Disks • £14.00 • IFF Animals 1 Bears Brds Dogs, Waler, l"Ws, Morses Repn©* ana E.crc Annul* EMC Volume 35 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 2 Cats, vwa Cats, Funny Cats Irop Fish. FijA. Farm ard runny AnmaK EMC Volume 36 - 8 Disks - £22.00
- IFF Transport Arc ran, WCKos. CarsACtasfcC. Commercial. Boats. Eng Tods and Trains.
EMC Volume 37 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Business Computarj Oftce Bus Paoo». Ptt1000prers Prraerc and Fymy Busness EMC Volume 38 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Fantasy 1 BarOonars. Beasts. Knobs Weapons. Dragons. Bones. Wen and Women EMC Volume 39 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • IFF Fantasy 2 DOITOns, Dtvls, Monpars Skuls. Wamors. W ratios and Wizards era EMC Volume 40 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Borders Slurring Borders - An malt Women. MAC Obect*. RftMS and Natural EMC Volume 41 • 6 Disks - £16,50 - IFF People 1 Babes. Boys. Girts Men. Women, Wonting Fami.es ard Famous Peope EMC Volume 42 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF
Natural Piara Flowars. Ttopic.il Plants. Trws. Scenory and Garden Pants.
EMC Volume 43 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Sports Qyrmastcs. TP Bowing. Motor. Terms. Gelt. Wats'. Bart Games etc .
EMC Volume 44 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Education 1 Boca, School. Cbgrcrtos, Onst, PruM* History World Maps and Pdoes EMC Volume 45 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 1 Food. Weddings. Easier XmesAB««rs. ValantinM, Sfegnt and Wtwttfts EMC Volume 46 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 2 Buitingt, Dancing Mjbc Mtitary Rescue Zodiac. Sixvv* and Stnouenas EMC Volume 47 • 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Humour Aminas (all t ws| Chew* dots Pscpc. Frut. Koi QtrtSa anfl Fi*b EMC Volume 50 - 6 D*?ks • £16.50 - IFF Dogs & Cats Just about every brood of dog and cat. Ndudng w id dogs and wild ~~L~ EMC Volume 51-5 Disks •
£14.00 • IFF Birds Eagle*. OW8. Parrots, Pa-al «!S Common. Flea Bugs, Bees and EMC Volume 52 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 3 Boavers. Gerais Hamsters. Deers. Fores. Farm HstsM and Rabbit EMC Volume 53 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFFAmmais 4 Frags Snakes Turtles. Trac F sh SeaFresnmMer Fish, insect* and more EMC Volume 54 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Animals 5 Babes Grta A Boys Kd s Stuff Men Cowboys, Fomous People and lots more EMC Volume 64 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF T Crcus. CouPM Miconc Bcrje-s Werner » Beauri i EMC Volume 65 - 6 D«$ ks • £16.50 if B day. Cd ip*nQ f asle'. Hal 0*980 Xmas a no naarty
2mb U We Mr»g EMC Volume 66 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Work Gander T0O8. Prociscn Tggt . WorVrq Men. Machnoiv a-d common Tools EMC Volume 67 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - IFF Food 1 Italian B30 Sweats PuJd ,04 JuDdood. Ch Waitors and lots 01 Vags EMC Volume 68 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Food 2 Dinks Salad. Muehraoms, Sweetccm. Crops. Wire Champagne elc EMC Volume 69 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Science Doctors Anatomy Dentists. Medea Equiorrent Nurxts Oyt«?*i* era EMC Volume 70 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Education 2 I Boo s. Teacfi '*. Rciocn. Mjsc • Irvfitrumonis. Danc» fl and mofo1 EMC Volume 71 - 6 Disks Pcs
from tna wcrtd • Aw. Egyp*, A'nc B EMC Volume 72 - 5 Disks - £14.00 • IFF Various 3 Beal*. Off Road Italian,Gerrren Sports Cans. B-iMS Trtura. Arcaft Otc EMC Volume 73 • 5 Disks - £14.00 • IFF Various 4 Castle* Houses. Cartoon* » Twoety. TMNTuffles. Speedy. Oaffy and more* EMC Volume 74 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 5 0«ce Equip. Ctotrma Compuers. Electrics, 0“cc Border* end Bus People EMC volume 75 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Various 6 AmFbal Basketb&l. Soccer. Hjntmg F.shlng Martial Arts. Flowors and MstA I EMC Volume 76 - 5 Disks - £14.00 ¦ IFF Various 7 Masks. Household, Fantasy, Clpart.
Englrth Stull. Footwear ard more’ owe FONTS UNO CUP HUT EMC Volume 2 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - PC ClipArt gem s uctised dtpart and img clipart Computer*. BdffJert Sffd l«S ffWd1 EMC Volume 3 - 2 Disks - £ 6.00 • F'stream Fonts 34 Pagestraam format forts, compatiWe war ait versions u Pagestmam EMC Volume 21-6 Disks • £16.50 - PCX Clipart For Pstroom user* - Annuls Cartoon*. Cats. Computers School. Spot'S MC EMC Volume 32 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • IMG ClipArt For P'Xf am USA'S • AOFnelS, Food Cartoon*. Plants, msec* and Onnks EMC Volume 33 - 6 Disks • £16.50 - IMG ClipArt fry Pstream Users People.
Chnstrm* Buidngs. Sports and TrartWdrt EMC Volume 48 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - ColorFonts 54 4.8 and 16 Coor fonts tor Dpant, Scoia. Op*M*«r era EMC Volume 49 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - ColorFonts 63 4,8 and 16 color toms tor Dpant. Sava Opatvercn etc EMC Volume 18 -5 Disks - £16.50 - 60 Pdraw Fonts £16.50 - 63 Pdraw Fonts £16.50 • 50 Pdraw Fonts £3.50 Pocpes Fowets and KH8 mpro ftowers1 A must tor a* those botanists out there1 EMC Volume 57 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Flowers 3 Patinas Tuips and more fiowors! Aroffi*r thUtt iOf at1 PW66 Mtansls CL* there* EMC Volume 58 • 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Trees
Humorous. Oak. Pne, Maple Widows. Patms Bonsai and other Irocs EMC Volume 59 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Plants 1 Fungui Pot Rants Cacti. Yux*. Bulrushes, Ttiitces and lots ragrg* EMC Volume 60 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Plants 2 Haras. Fooc raiated plans and lots ot other pants1 EMC Volume 61 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • IFF Military Amratt, WYPI PtaPW. Fighters. Tanks. Am Vehicles. Ships. Tracks ard more' EMC Volume 62 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Fruit Apcies Graces R'bemes. Sberre* Chinas. Peers. Rroxtpias EMC Volume 63 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - IFF Pool Ap« Elephant*. Gra * Iams*. Zebras. Bearsm»o ms. ins. Mar
gods. Oror EMC Volume 56 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - IFF Flowers 2 EMC Volume 92 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Space 1 The Earth , NASA Space Shots. Lots of Planets ana more!
EMC Volume 93 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Space 2 Enterprises. Space Shuttles. NASA Shots and more!
EMC Volume 94 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Women Lots of Beautiful Women and Models EMC Volume 95 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Wildcats Lions, Tigers. Leopards and lots of other Wildcats!
EMC Volume 96 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Horses 1 Running Horses, Foals, Rodeo Horses and more horses!
EMC Volume 97 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Horses 2 Horses in the snow, Horses on the beach and more Horses' EMC Volume 98 - 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Dogs 1 Atsation. Labrador. Cute puppies and even some ugly ones!
EMC Volume 99 5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Dogs 2 Setters. Cute Dogs with Cats. Cute Puppies and more!
EMC Volume 100 - 6 Disks - £16.50 • 256 Cats 1 Really cute and humorous pictures of Cats and Kittens' EMC Volume 101-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cats 2 More really cute and humorous pictures of Cats and Kittens!
EMC Volume 102-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 WaterLife Dolphins. Whales, Frogs. Fish. GowFtsh and lots more!
EMC Volume 103 -6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Sun & Sea Just about everything from Tropical Islands to Sandy Beaches.
EMC Volume 104 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 1 Pandas. Doers, Bears (all types). Zebras and lots more' EMC Volume 105-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 2 Elephants, Gorillas. Chimps, Monkeys, $ eais, Koalas and morel EMC Volume 106-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 3 Wolves, Moose, Cougar, Kangaroo, Fox Pups and lots more!
EMC Volume 107*- 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Animals 4 Lizard. Squirrels, Walrus, Kittens and lots 6f Other Animals.
EMC Volume 108-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 1 Forests, Mountain Rivers Lakes, Waterfalls. Rainbows and more.
EMC Volume 109-6 Disks - £16.50 * 256 Panorama 2 Snow Topped Mountians. MountianLakes. Waterfalls. Streams etc. EMC Volume 110*6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Panorama 3 Rolling Hills, Snow Scenes, Farms, Small Harbour, and Lots more!
EMC Volume 111-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The Sun Sunnses and Sunsets from Cities to Lakes to Deserts!
EMC Volume 112 -5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 World People American Amazon Indians, Hawaiians, Africans and more!
EMC Volume 113-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 America Grand Canyon. Vegas. CeasarsPaiace. White House etc, EMC Volume 114-6 Disks • £16.50 * 256 Castles Castles with Moats. Castles on Mountains, Castles on Rivers etc.. EMC Volume 115-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The World From around the world - Egypt, Japan. Italy. France. England etc EMC Volume 116-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Birds 1 Parrots. Humming Birds. Flamingos, and lots more Birds!
EMC Volume 117-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Birds 2 Ducks, Eagles. Hawks. Owls. Winter Birds and more Birds!
EMC Volume 118 -5 Disks - £14.00 ¦ 256 Birds 3 Swans. Falcons and lots of birds that we can't identify' EMC Volume 119*6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 1 Warriors, Dragons. Female Warriors and lots more!
EMC Volume 120 -6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Fantasy 2 Dragon Lance pcs, Dracula. Skull Warriors and lots more1 EMC Volume 121 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 The Movies Batman, Starwars, Top Gun. Terminator, Indy. Karate Kid etc .
EMC Volume 122-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 1 Rendered Dragons. Glasshouse, Medcedes cars and more!
EMC Volume 123-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 2 Rendered Bugs. Chess Boards. Vanous Rooms. F-18 and more!
EMC Volume 124-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Renders 3 Rendered kitchens, Bowling. Insects. Cameras and morel EMC Volume 125-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256, Girls 1 Beautiful Women dressed in very little...Blood boiling!
EMC Volume 126-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Giris 2 Beautiful Women dressed in very little...Blood boiling!
EMC Volume 127-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Girls 3 Beautiful Women dressed in very little Blood boiling!
EMC Volume 128-6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Water Girls Beautiful Women under Waterfalls, at the Pool and very wet!
EMC Volume 129-5 Disks - £14,00 - 256 Swim Suits Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, m Swimsuits.
EMC Volume 130-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Bikinis Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Bikinis EMC Volume 131-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Beach Girls Women on the beach, the kind of babes you see in Baywatch!
EMC Volume 132-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Lingerie Beautiful Women, of all shapes and sizes, in Lingerie, EMC Volume 133-5 Disks • £14.00 - 256 Star Trek High quality pictures of the NCC1701, TNG Tos characters etc.. EMC Volume 134-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Various 1 m Mixture of pics, mainly of Women & Fantasy...Starter volume!?
EMC Volume 135-5 Disks - £14.00 - 256 Reptiles Snakes, Frogs. Lizards, Crocs and some amazing pics of Dinos.
256 IFF C0L0U9 6 MPHICf Foit MU UNO 24 SIT HMIGMI Standard IFF256 formal pics that will load directly into any 24 bit or AGA application, such as Dpaint 4.5. Opalvision. ADPro etc. You can use these pics as WB backdrops on A1200 A4000's ewe Volume 88 -6 Disks - £16.50 - 256 Cars 1 , Ferraris. Corvette, Mercs. Formula 1, Sports Cars and more!
EMC Volume 89 - 6 Disk? - £16.50 - 256 Cars 2 Porches. Lambos. Classic, fc-Type. And US Sports Cars EMC Volume 90 - 6 D.sks - £16.50 - 256 Planes 1 Falcons. Spitfire. Bombers. F-14's. Tomcats and more' EMC Volume 91- § Disks ¦ £16,50 * 256 Planes 2 F*15s. F-16's, Harrier. B17’5, SPECIALISING IN THE PROMOTION OF DTP ON THE AMIGA 0 H AND qj WINNERS OF THE 1992 AMIGA SHOPPER TOP TYPEFACE AWARD TVPF I FONT!
AWARD CONSTRUCTION KIT 2 "...the package is excellent.,," Amiga Computing - August 1993 and ACK received an 85% rating in CU Amiga - August 1993 VERSION 2...Now available...New Features and 25% Faster This ever popular Award Certificate creation program has now been improved even more. Available exclusively from E.M.Computergraphic £39 99 European '
• & ¦ W Res! Of W ASI EMC's Type 1 Fonts are compatible with
Pagestream. The Publisher. Final Copy2 rel2. Final Writer and
Imagine 2.9* EMC Vol. 4 EMC Vol. 5 EMC Vol. 6 EMC Vol. 7 EMC
Vol. 16 EMC Vol. 17 EMC Vol. 27 EMC Vol. 29 5 Disks 5 Disks 5
Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks • £14.00 • 56 Type Vs 5
Disks - £14.00 - 80 Type Vs £14.00 -67 Type 1’s £14.00 - 63
Type Vs £14.00 - 83 Type Vs £14.00 - 68 Type Vs £14.00 - 76
Type Vs £14.00 - 79 Type Vs Type Vs lnclud»ng VAT and UK
postage packing add £4.M for reg. Airmail + Data Disks £1.00
each Rest ot World- add £6 50 for reg airmail ? Data Disks £1
50 each ACK 1 to ACK 2 upgrade £15.00 Data Disk 2-11 New
Borders, 14 New Fonts & 3 New Seals - £15.00 Data Disk 3 • 62
New Styles complete with Graphics - £ 15.00 NEW TVPE I PONT
VOLUMES Convened, by EMC, from MAC PD Truetype format fonts.
EMC Vol. 77 5 Disks - £16.50 - 78 Type Vs EMC Vol. 78 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 69 Type Vs EMC Vol. 79 - 5 Disks • £16.50 - 64 TypeVs EMC Mol. 80 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 71 TypeVs EMC Mol. 81 - 5 Disks C16.50 - 106 TypeVs C6 fmnBLE FONTS' All EMC's CG Scalable fonts are compatible with all versions of Ppage. Psetter2 3, Wworlh. WB2 3, Scala OpalVision and Dpaint 4.1 * etc. EMC Vol. 8 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 61 CGFonts EMC Mol. 9 5 Disks £16,50 64 CGFonts EMC Vol. 10 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 57 CGFontsl EMC Vol. 23 • 5 Disks • £16.50 • 58 CGFonfs EMC Vol. 24 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 64 CGFonts EMC Vol. 25 - 5
Disks - £16.50 - 66 CGFontsl EMC Vol. 26 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 71 CGFontsl EMC Vol. 30 - 5 Disks - £16.50 - 59 CGFontsl EMC Vol. 31 - 5 Disks - £16-50 - 60 CGFonts NEW CG SmUflLE FONTS These fonts originated as MAC Format Truetype Fonts.
These volumes are now supplied, due to popular demand, with Postscript downloadable fonts!
THE MAGAZINES HAVE SAID... Amiga Computing in issue 52 said... "E.M.C. are the FIRST and FOREMOST Font distributors in the UK" they then placed us at...No.1 in the TOP 10 of the Amiga hardware software chart!
Ian Wrigley from Amiga Shopper in issue 16 said... "...I must say that I'm quite impressed..." Amiga Format in issue 36 said... "...E.M.C. have an enormous amount of expertise in the tricky area of fonts and can provide professional help and advice to customers ” Amiga Format Special Edition said... "...the best value rescalable fonts available anywhere .,there’s no cheaper way of getting quality fonts" CUAmiga in the issue of September '92 said... "...you couldn't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C. Amiga Shopper January 1992 gave Safari Fonts and EMC... "The
Top Desktop Publishing Typeface Award For 1992m Pat McDonald from Amiga Format in issue January 1992 said... "The best person to talk to about fonts, in the UK at any rate is Errol at
E. M.Cm Amiga Mart November 1992 said... "EMC’s emergence into
the cut-throat retail area has come none too soon, their
service and technical backup is second to none."
EMC has no need to offer you any sort of font guarantees... ... OUR FONTS WORK!
Our competitors claim to have the largest font collections in the UK... ... YEAH RIGHT! (Maybe they should check their facts before making such claims!)
53 CGFonts 48 CGFonts 46 CGFonts 46 CGFonts 34 CGFonts 38 CGFonts EMC Vol. 82 EMC Vol. 83 EMC Vol. 84 EMC Vol. 85 EMC Vol. 86 EMC Vol. 87 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks 5 Disks £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50
E. M. COMPUTERGRAPHIC Font. Clipart and Software suppliers to
over 6,500 happy customers!
Our so called competitors claim to offer outstanding technical support and service. If this Is true why do the following companies and institution* pefer to buy their DTP software from us?
R Iwiejenfj, • (wie rnir ftntirauer riecn ECHPmMEO POSTSCRIPT CLIPMT Suitable for Pagestream. Ppage 4.0 and Final Writer EMC Vol. 12 -6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Clipart Weddings. Houses, Office, Kids, Mil.Planes. Boats, Food.
EMC Vol. 13 - 6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Clipart Buildings. Animals. Sport. Aircraft. Hols. Chefs. People.
EMC Vol. 14 -6 Disks - £16.50 - EPS Clipart Houses. World. Music. BiPlanes. Males Females etc.. PICKMIX VFJ?I CFV We offer you not one...but TWO Pick Wr Mix Services!
The first of these is a Pick AT Mur Font Service We are the first to adtnt that it isn 't an original idea, but we impfement it property* For example al! CG Scalable fonts can be supplied with postscript dowruoaaabh fonts (if required) ¦ Who else COMPUTED SAFARI Desktop Publishing Typefaces
E. M.C. are the exclusive UK and European distributors for (he
HIGHLY ACCLAIMED commercial Computer Safari range of DTP
Safari fonts are of exceptional quality, contain FULL character sets and have been highly praised in the UK Amiga press.
For those of you that have already purchased, or have information on the Safari fonts, we would like to inform you that Safari compilation packs are now available.
Full details of the Safari DTP Typeface collection are included in the EMC information pack.
To get a copy of the FREE EMC information pack, which includes full details of our PD andl | Shareware font and clipart library. Computer Satan Fonts and the Award Construction Kit... SEND US AN A5 SAE WITH 2SP POSTAGE OR A 25P STAMP AND YOUR ADDRESS The information pack details ALL the fonts we have on offer along with full printouts, a font and cbpart compatability guide, and many example printouts from our clipart collections.
Supplies them? The service is simplicity itself, just send ott tor one of our FREE information packs for futt details The second of our PNM services rs for Clipart Wo behove this to be the first service of its type on ANY computer platform To date, this service has already | proved to be extremely popular So what is the Clipart PNM service7 WeH, basically if you are ever in need of HIGH QUALITY clipart on a particuiar subject...this service could be tor you For example if you are m need ot a disk full of flowers, business people, medical equipment or even teddy bears., just contact us and we
wtN create a disk (or disks) tailor made to meet your requirements THE EMC COMPETITION Win £50 worth of fonts and clipart!
Yos. Here's your chance to get ESC worth of fonts and or cilpart for nothing. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions!
Full details are included in the EMC Information pack.
Winners will be announced in our adverts!
E&OE Credt Cards Welcome ¦ Same Day Dapalch - £10 nsrwnurn order Cheques I Poslal Orders payable to E.M.COUPUTERGRAPHtC Cheques are subiect to 5 working day clearance
E. M.Computergraphic lajSlE 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex. C015
1JU Icnl Tel: 0255 431389 Fax: 0255 428666 Expert views on the
latest applications o, what are the limitations of Arexx’s
string handling routines? Well, for a sum, they are a hit too
fixed and rigid, a bit too literal, if you like. Essentially.
Arexx offers three methods of parsing a text: It can detect
individual words in a text, such as text separated by
so-called “whitespace", which is computerese for blanks, new
lines, tab stops and the like; it can search and find
specified characters in a text: and it can find text in
specific numerical such as the tenth character in a siring.
These methods can be used in combination, and with a bil of smart coding they can be very powerful.
The weaknesses start to show when you want to parse for a string that is not so rigidly defined; perliaps a string that is defined by alternative choices, or by what it does not contain, or even by the characters it contains, hut not necessarily in the correct order.
Searching For instance, suppose you want to write a routine that searches a text either for the pattern “abc", or for the pattern “xyz". You will have to perfonn at least two separate operations (two checks) before you have your result.
There is no way in standard Arexx to formulate the idea: “search the text for either pattern a', or pattern b', and notify when you have found it", in one step.
Advanced The same applies in all the other examples above - whereas it is not too difficult to get the desired result, quite a few steps are needed to get there! Searching the same piece of text several times over before you find what you want can be quite wasteful, and can make your programs slow.
With a bit of thought, you will realise that it should be possible to check through a given text only once, testing for all alternative patterns as you go along, much like a human reader would.
After all, if you want to find out whether a text contains any of the words "dog', "cat" or ‘mouse", you do not read it three times! What is needed is an appropriate notation that will allow us to specify the alternatives we are searching for. And an algorithm to perform tin- search efficiently.
In other words, we want a son of super-flexible pattern matching notation that will also allow “wild" characters. Negatives and alternatives.
A notation like this does exist, and it is known as "regular expressions". Regular expressions play a very important role in computing, and tor good reason, The notation of regular expressions is extremely powerful; for instance, it can be used to analyse any stream of characters in order to see if the words they form belong to a certain language or not - whether tliat language be English. Latin, Basic or Arexx.
This notation has now become more or less standardised (there are small variations), and is used whenever a computer language is designed or analysed, However, despite their power, regular expressions are quite easy to use, and arc useful for scores of other jobs too - some of them a lot more common than computer language design .
Even the ordinary Amiga DOS file wildcards like ? And
* ? (where p*?.info means any file suiting with *p" and ending
with “.info") are simply a very small subset of the regular
expression concept.
Other examples include pattern matchers for finding crossword clues, database enquiry systems that can acccpd incomplete specifications, and. Of course, the good old won processor spelling checker that gives you alternative sugge*-J tions.
There are also several programming languages - especially languages that are intended for text processing - that have a built-in ability to handle regular expressions, suctt as Perl and Awk Anyone who luls worked with these lifW guages will miss their power and flexibility when having km use Arexx.Thc history of regular expressions is closely tied id with die development of software science, and there is a lad of literature on the subject - anyone who wants to find cd more should consult a book on compiler fundamentals or la-1 ical analysis.
Every computer programming hobbyist will gain from a study of regular expressions - but the good news Ls that yod do not have to understand any of the theory in order to u* die system effectively.
Well then, why not combine the best of both worlds? It would seem that Arexx and regular expression have a lot to offer Citch Other. This idea prompted me to action. I knew that there were quite a few freely distributable function libraries to handle regular expressions, so I set out to see it I could adapt any of them to Arexx.
I didn't need to go far Ix-forc I found that this had already been done! On Fred Fish disk number ¦» h I found Stephen Moehle's regv.xp.library, which has a ready-to-go Arexx interface.
This neat little library adds five new functions to the system. The two main ones Iwing REIndex(string.pattern) and RESubstristring,pattern). These do almost exactly the same job as Arexx’s built-in Index!String,pattern) and Sulwtrtsuing,position) functions, but instead of specifying a Fixed pattern or a position, you specify a regular expression, as delined in the library's documentation, .As always, please remember that hefore you can use any external Arexx library you must first add it to the system, either by issuing the command rxlib xxx.library 0 -30 0 at the Shell, or by using the
AddUW) function in the same way in your program If ytou want the library to be available at all times you should add die 'rxlib'' line to your user-startup, To .
Any character except new line $ the end of a line : whitespace :a any alphabetic character ;d any digit Ul any of the characters... in the brackets any of the characters... not in the brackets + one or more occurrences i zero or more occurrences takes the next character literally (used for symbols) Diagram I: Somo regular expression symbols AREXX give you a quick taste of what this is like, we will look at some examples. Diagram 1 gives a brief summary of the main elements of regular expressions. Note that it is by no means a complete list!
In the examples that follow I have tried to strike a balance between simplifying the ideas as much as possible so that they are readily understandable to newcomers, and not to be too repetitive.
Using regular expressions along w ith Arexx gives us a neater way to do the job. And the resulting code is much faster.
Pittern * * [Pp]r[»: )?'
DO FOREVER UNTIL tut = " word * IESubstr(f' ' || text) , pet* tern) PARSE VAR text bet (word) text EN) The regular expression pattern above is explained in Diagram II. Other than that little explanation is needed. A blank is added in front of the siring each time - this is necessary because any trailing whitespace or punctuation is removed by the last IV,!: |+ pattern.
It also takes into account the case of the first word in the text. Note that the word will still have to be stripped of the There Is an important advantage when using regular expressions to parse a string of characters. The standard Arexx technique of panning a string with patterns, returns the first stnng that matches the pattern.
Loopholes However, there might have been a more general instance that also matched the pattern, in which case it would have been truncated and lost. For instance, suppose we arc searching a text lor words lx*ginning with the letters "pr' and ending with “es", using some code like: ?ARSE VAR text bitbefore 'pr' txx 'ex' bitifter word = 'pr' || ixi || 'ex' If the word "processes" was encountered, the resulting word would be "proces", as the last ’ses* would be cut off and lost.
I'here is also the problem of ensuring that only single words are checked (avoiding multiple word combinations, where one word starts with a 'pr" and a subsequent one ends with “es such as “prink* fees").
String handling We could specify' blank spaces in the parse string (before the Mp' and after the "s"), and this would work fairly well, except it would still not take account of punctuation marks, tabs, new lines and so on.
In fact, die 'formal' wav to do tins under Arexx would be to parse the text word by word, strip any extraneous characters and check whether each word meets our requirements The code for this would Ix* a few lines longer, and it would run a much slower. But it would work correctly. Notice that if we had to allow for capitals, we would need an extra cik*ck.
M FORM! UNTIL text * " PARSE VAR text candidate tut candidate s Strip(candidate,‘) * tbe next two lints check our conditions N IF PosC'pr' candidate)=1 ANJ LjstPos('es',cind1iim)s2 THEN uord * candidate END [PpMM’eslUK First character is a blank (Ppl Second character is "p" (upper or lower) r Third character is “r" M Any number of characters but no w hitespace es followed by lowercase “es" [U*l+ A fiill stop, comma, exclamation or whitespace (one or more) Diagram II: Regular expressions are eaty to understand if you break them down!
Punctuation marks.
Another useful example is the parsing ol a lull pathname in order to extract the actual file name, Suppose you have a pathname such as “DHOtsuIjdirl sulxlir2 dir myfile". In the past we have dealt with this situation in two wrays. Tbe more common alternative is to find the position i f the last slash, and then parse by position to get the file name.
N - listpos PARSE VAR pathnuc * filtniae Tlie other alternative is to parse the name recursively using the pattern *r until you get to the last one. This is more involved, but can be useful if you also want to know how many levels down you are.
The regular expression that deals with this problem is simply location * IESubitr(p*thAl»t,'.» ') PARSE VAI pathniae (location) filcMlt Obviously ihis example is trivial, but it illustrates the point very clearly. Regular expressions will return the longest possible string that matches the panem. And not the first occurrence.
I am sure that if you do any sort of utility programming, you will find regexp.library a very welcome addition to your libs: drawer. I must point out that this implementation is still a bit weak, mainly because il docs not allow for bracketing and repeated patterns.
I hope the situation will Ix* remedied soon. After all the code Is freely available - all that needed Is to convert it into an Arexx library.
One of the main strengths of Arexx is the ease and elegance with which it handles strings of characters. But even here there is room for a lot of improvement, as Alex Gian reveals 6REAT AMIGA OFFERS The Premier Library of Wales - Now Eitabii.shed over 5 years 1000's satisfied customers wirrtdwide smmm mmmi present PowcrBasc 1 3.30 "the best value user-friendli database on the Amiga' Amiga Computing, Sept 93
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Where should I place the mike for optimum sound quality m a four-way, one shot conversation? Am I good enough to direct a team of 20 people? It's four o'clock in the morning and I still have a day job to get up for. The answer to any ponies is to keep organising. Next up on the list of priorities is to call a production meeting. This involves the crew but not the actors. At the moment, props and set dressing lists, scheduling and location hunting involving a recce are probably your main concerns. Remember to delegate - don't try to do ! Everything yourself, your crew is there to help.
VIDEO With amateur videomaking, relying on people's goodwill is very important. Laying your hands on props and items for the locations can be difficult but you’ll lie surprised at how interested and generous people can be when asked for a favour concerning a film.
Start with either a letter or phone call to the shop or owners of a particular location or prop you want to use and explain your situation and needs in straightforward terms emphasising that the video is non-profit making but you intend to enter the film into international competitions.
Offer them a chance to see the final result and ask if they would like a credit in the end titles for their troubles. Also promise to send the exact times and dates of when and where you want to shoot in writing When permission is gained, make sure it is given in writing »people can “forget" especially if shooting in a pub. Club or shops) then the next step is the location hunt or recce.
This is used by the director, camera operator and PA to take a look round various possible settings for the video.
EXPERIMENT Try to take a camera or camcorder with you to get some shots of the location to take back and study in more detail.
While there, discuss with the camera operator what ideas you have for the shooting of the scene. Storyboards can lie altered or completely changed so don't Ix* afraid to experiment.
Give him or her space to express their ideas as well which, like the story creation stage, can help to trigger more ideas and form a better working relationship - show people at this early stage that you trust and respect them and their own opinions.
If you do. They’ll enjoy working for you and that means they'll work harder, producing better results over the rest of the shoot.
Check out how practical it will l e to set up lights, tripods, sound equipment and so on. Count the amount of power points there are in the place - you may need extension leads and four-way adaptors.
Another important point often overlooked bv amateur crews until it’s too late and the entire buildings fuse box is blown, is to remember to calculate the amount of electricity being used by all the equipment - lights in particular can have a nasty habit of overloading and shorting the system.
Above all. Be practical first and creative second. Assess what is available to you and work from there. If the ground- Calling all the heroes Once everybody has agreed to the schedule, the next stage is to create call sheets. These document the exact times, locations and people that will be needed on each day.
Distribute them to everyone involved either at the beginning of the shoot or, more practically, the evening before each shooting day so that the information or any changes are up-to- date and accurate.
Work is done then the inspiration will grow from it.
On successfully attaining the basic tools for the film, the next and probably most difficult stage especially with an inexperienced PA. Is to sit down and sort out the scheduling for the entire shoot.
PLANNING If this is your first time then it is still important to have a tight if lenient time structure. Firstly, it will make yourself and the crew more motivated and focused.
Secondly, if you turn up at a location and the owner see a slaek and decidedly denergised mass of disorganised people then they may well change their minds and kick you out of the building. You may be an amateur videomaker but act in a professional manner.
It is very Unlikely and oflert impractical to shoot a script in order. Time, access and Managing your time How to keep your head when making a film -all is revealed in the third instalment of Adam Phillips’s video making story the hassle of shifting gear back and forth to certain locations are usually the main reasons for shooting out of order.
Break the script down into each scene and work out through the storyboard and shooting script (a list of all shots used in the video where each is numbered) and estimate as accurately as you can with the PA how long each one will take to film.
If the shots in a particular scene are relatively difficult to achieve, such as a moving shot with the camera operator using a wheel chair, try and take any difficulties into account.
Once decided, take a lump of time needed to shoot the entire scene and organise it into the overall shooting day.
Do this with all the scenes and arrange them into schedule with dates and times. Try and give yourself emergency space in case of going over schedule.
When completed, call a meeting for both crew and cast to check that there will be no problems with dates clashing and to inform everyone of exactly what is going on to avoid confusion later.
If it all seems like a huge and monstrous amount to think about, remember to take everything one step at a time and you’ll find that all the pieces of the jigsaw will slot into place AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED CHARGE ONLY £42.99 incl.
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If you're happier with pre-recorded sounds, quality commercial sources include the Zero-G Datafile which carries both CD and disk-lxised collections, and is available direct from Tinx* and Space at PO Box 306, Herts HIM 3F.P. Tel: 0442 870681.
Although excellent quality the vast majority of the Zero-G samples are heavily dance- oriented w ith assorted scratches and popular luxik lines For am would-be D|s or rave As you've probably guessed we re talking PD anti more precisely MED - a program that's Ixren tlx* premier PD soundtracker clone for longer titan most Amiga musos would care to remember.
Due to tlx* prolific success and Countless updates - courtesy of its creator Teigo Kinnunen - the PD libraries are literally fit to burst with countless revisions of the aforesaid MED.
However, if you're after the very latest offering - alias OctaMed vS - Seasoft Gmiputing is the first place to look, primarily because they have managed to obtain exclusive rights to distribute the eight- track licenceware version which comes in at a lull package price ol around £30. For more information contact Seasoft Computing on 0903 830378.
Although eight channels may sound more attractiv e than the four track sliarevvare alternative, the additional tracks do not play samples but merely sequence Commodore (M style syntii sounds.
For the beginner these additional tracks aren’t essential, and us a result, the four-track PD program is perhaps the ideal choice for testing the water prior to the larger invcsuix-nt in the licenceware Sound advice The ultimate band If you're still undecided as to the filling for your post- Christmas musical stocking. Blue Ribbon can supply an intermediate package which allows the user to employ their own or pre-recorded samples as part of an automated six- part accompaniment.
The software, entitled SuperJam1.1. allows you to begin building a bridge between the internal sounds of the machine and the world of Midi.
It works by allowing you to assign any one of numerous Styles which then form the framework within which your five automated musicians will literally jam along.
All you need do is add the basic melody and play your part as the lead soloist. No matter what chord progression you add the other members will automatically play a suitable accompaniment.
PURPLE POP For example, if you specify a rock-style with a chord progression of say E minor. G and A, your automated bass player is almost certain to rip straight into Smoke on the Water!
OK. Nobody said the package is perfect but with a bit of practice you can generate perfectly acceptable lift music easily, which can then be worked into a pseudo-original or perhaps employed directly as backing music on various multimedia exploits.
Besides the fun and functionality of the package, the beauty is that SuperJam1.1 is equally at home with Midi information as it is with converted Amiga samples. If you're looking for an affordable and interesting introduction to composition plus both an educational and speedy production tool. SuperJam1.1 is ideal.
Easy Midi If you're looking to side-step the internal talents of the Amiga altogether, there are a whole selection of budget conscious sequencers waiting in the wings.
Although all of the programs listed are primarily aimed at Midi, they also all fully support the machine’s internal talents with equal enthusiasm.
Although not a particularly strong selling point in the eyes of serious users, it does mean that if Midi music is your goal but finances mean a wait for the necessary hardware you can still come to terms with the software thanks to inexpensive Amiga samples.
Ideal choices for any potential investor Include Sequencer One Plus, MusicX, BAPPro2 and TigerCub, the first of which is perhaps the ideal choice boasting an extremely user-friendly editing system and intuitive design.
On the downside, Sequencer One Plus isn't the cheapest, as the now rather elderly Paul Austin points out the best selection of software for the musical beginner fans tlx* collection Is ideal; however ii you're planning to Ixiild original tracks from tire ground up. The next collection is probably a more attractive proposition.
If you fancy an alternative to rave tunes, tlx* Sample Series front those loveable Mancunians at Software Technology could have an ideal alternative. Unlike the Zero-G collection tlx* Sampler Series is comprised entirely of sounds borrowed from the latest synths. II you’re interested in a more purist's approach to audio plagiarism, you can gel the aforesaid collection from; Software Technology. I-Mex House. TO Princess Street. Manchester Ml 6DE. Tel: 061-236 231 vi.
But still usable MusicX easily lays claim to that particular title. MusicX was, in its day, easily the hottest item on the Amiga music scene, and it still remains a viable option especially If you’re prepared to shop around
- although It has been superseded by the others when it comes to
ease of use and added features.
The final option is to throw caution to the wind and invest in Bars & Pipes Professional v2 - which although far from cheap offers a degree of expandability only equaiied by KCS
3. 5. The reason for the B&PPro2 bias as opposed to KCS is simply
that although the two are on a par for power, B&PPro2 is much
easier to master for the outright beginner.
If you think that in time you may be in the market for a real power package, it could be worth tracking down a copy of TigerCub. This is basically a very cut-down version of the bigger KCS sequence. However it does provide a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the KCS environment prior to taking the plunge into KCS 3.5. DMC PRODUCTS • DMC PRODUCTS • DMC PRODUCTS Kts P.D. (SOFTWARE) THE PAST AND FRIENDLY LIBRARY FOR THE AMIGA USER 500 • 500* • 600* 1200 Hlij'n Qualify Qlsksifya & rax fiolls BRANDED DISKS Boxed in 10s & Shrink Wrapped 3 5* DS DD 10 £5 40 525* DS DO 10 £4.15
3. 5* OS HD 10 E7 50 5 25* DS HD 10 £0.15 Disks by Sony. 3M,
Dysan KAO. Fitc.
Minimum order quantity two boxes of 10 disks UNBRANDED DISKS Boxed in 50s
3. 5* DS DD 50 £22 oo 3 5* DS HD 50 £3100 LOCKABLE DISK BOXES 100
x 3.5‘ Disk Capacity £4 50 SOFTWARE MSDOS Version 6 f4 .oo
WINDOWS Version 3 1 C45 00 HIGH QUALITY FAX ROLLS 30 Metres £2
50 50 Metres £3.75 100 Metres £6 99 Prices ewer 210 216mm
widths & all core sires UTILS UTILS MUSIC GAMES DEMOS ¦XK-KSV*
* *•*
• v it*.
¦OWCM t'* mota aoa** £»Ct.i Vol-VS.t twiu- XV- Mb*.
* v "V J NumO?.'
- ***_«• cvwwwhkis-* r-jrBfa-' IKTKSKXTU.
Wan cram *i IKMXSJ.
• : vmn • •» r»:«i wruuiw.Be,. KtWWXMiiK r acme) i sac.*
MOWWOa.r oenmiWiS.'
InMoctrr.- j«V5U*T.Y wane-' wmufpw TV ran.’ aaiCT’A.'
M WM ¦ ••iiur?*.'
IruipS'' rime-' _ UVXU J xc I SM*i ¦ ¦ much a I ¦ i«ca»c.- .
| Pffl Iflti* - ri'iusa;.'
Awwarr:.* «x weiOi.'
* JMMi|«»CH.*l 1C [SOM 1.* xrwW'i »«c w njTiwoe-’ ¦•sson-'
• 1 !•*» •«. • aruiJioJr.i rox»r*rj«5. AIM IP.'
AM items offered are 100% Guaranteed PRICES INCLUDE VAT ft posiage C Please send cheques, Postal Orders tp: Q D M C. PRODUCTS. 6 Leaper Street, Derby DE1 2ND J Tel: 0332 42747 Fax: 0332 47244 E&OE • Cds for ?70 17 BIT COIECTION cx-ww.
CLR LICENCEWARE ITIIJTIES Cuosi voEOTm.ES ax au»3 rranGniTcu asc auw *LPH» GfUPM £3.10 CUIX6 SASKCMAUXER £350 aiwor fHio oso auOOB-2 ACRDflKCtR P.LS Sc*« l?DBtt-£4 40 CLUWM ‘VAT N «A« V2 «*.».«• wan [JCkwi £ -» auoifl rCYYEfl ACCOUNTS Pamu xauinBPuit £310 CUJ011 CALCCKJ CIW1T Vft'lML IMACCIAS PC VM*dom CW* £310 CUD1J DATC6.DS0 atBH ST0CX CCNTK .lfR Kmm »x» man oxW £3M atBIS £PtX DW OM axi6 CRC6S STITCH £1.10 atcci w oauisTfs nsa CUK22 HARO Oflfit Mau syJ**i cwf L- jm mm v,Hwt b 16 aura f 15 anm easts n»HKr
CtEWI-2 CtkOSALIRS |2 CWMI v ry imut P»k crt IN ClEOCBJ GEOLOGY £2 0M6SI (4 50 Clftm-3 SOAR SYSTEMS EuiNrt ol uk«)Wl »k»« f*.il aCKUircttnSiwrwriil Omi ft» asox caouowoPAODK AOCfCQM atox T*»D50 aEOCP J fPCS** WATtfl WwplftkkJi MB
C. KC8 HGMT SKY 050 ClEsOO W3RC61lA£OERi5nw»t lattMiorMkQkO
ClEOtO-J BASCAU.Y AmlJA •,««*» '«mrii3D6U|£499 SdLw SYSTEMS 3
£4 93 100
PO Box 1000 Stanford-le-Hope Essex SS177DW Tel: 0375 676048 or
0375 675721 (10am-4pm Mon-Sat) Please make cheques postal
orders payable to “GLOBAL Pdr We stock a huge range of AMIGA
public domain software.
Over 10,000 titles available.
Swift and helpful service.
Same day dispatch*.
* Excluding cheQuGS.
Send 80p or a blank disk & 1st class stamp FOR OUR CATALOGUE DISK All disks are £1.00 each. Postage & packing 90p Choose an extra free disk for every £6.00 spent!
• I jtalociM-1 kick al 50p. Or FRFF. With lour first order 1 DKPT
1 FONT PACK 1 e W9c5 Aju CF rc*.r; r;« v:lb dtp |_NQRKa»NC.°»P
CUDS SPECIAL OfFEB Ait, crow ever Ci5 rreavwd ail aiKrrolnat)
QuaMy lor a 3 V do- flnv ctMrng M lucrti £2.99i ateoM»V IrM.
W»1L£ STOCKS LA T I MCH QUALITY HAR0WARE Ifr-fl* Htfi Q-UlTy A cose PM Airvji 500 6®.,600'1200 DuU Cosws ¦ PntriSftUUonlcrCXstCowr ¦ J S’ D«w Ov» Ckurmj Kf.
Iprriei Stand Ot* al Dot MM Pmtaisi Bank Dsks iNgh ouaMy »tn atxwi GET AN UPDATE Posted to your door every 6-8 weeks containng detaU o al the new PD reteases and a tew new utJs lor you to play wth 1 years Sub kx £9-99 (UK) C299 E3W £5W £2.99 £5 63 SC.S0 I An Disks I Qoft I oup (imcxvpai I each *0ftl-Wpp"* non lH0Klif.ll nrasr mate ihcqurs pujMWr m«h twnkcr* card no., or potMl orikrv to KT» r.D. iSoftnurel A» onlora »cnt 1st 0»» the Hfflf cU) . So. Of Dut* ¦CMfldl rmtnui i 9to CLRUrmnMrrXIUta 4» i ZkdH n mi lo t W AhoXDprOwS HOW TO ORDER Pleav make cheque* with hunker* card number or po*lal
order* payable lo "ORION PD" Ml unit r* despalchrd Ut tiwn unit (lin ? = A500W VWKi (onpadbkk i = Number of dhk*
• ¦ ThK program i* onl* WB2 J compatible DEPT AC 14 OUSTON CLOSE
Tel: 091-438 5021 a PACKS
C. mUim 5 di*k* (4.95 A further 5 di»A» £4.95
C. muim'dlvks £4.95 (iMitiiim . divk* £2.95 Contain* J disk*
£4.95 ontains 5 disk* £4.95 Contain* 5 dKk* £4.94 ( onluin*
5 dr*k* £4.95 (oiitiun* 5 dt*k* £4.95 Contain* J di*k* £4.95
1) 001 HtrtNlnit CCD?
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Ctm U4'i) t HIM Dcop I I t 1005 UnnVaa.
MIX |jbrilVM(*a • I UN LnJ Bulk. - Dm (*• Hilar* II.
1) 1*4 Niujr •
H) «6 Red [3r *. (Wirt- l»IM r« Vioer killer* * IXCH hnialUint
WC7 W eUl3a *eik- uccx AM Eneitse ,?1 •
IXI. UI IAI him Wl)l Cn» 5.1 * HD?
11) )) Ivn Until 1.23 •
111) 47* An * 511 IttH OrtpHfEai') • ll*l Nnhnf Ftp J * um:
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TIN 1*14*61*1* f t’JT TWI A Vlrrt.
I’W tmwl'.-iaro TW5 Cip, A Crxt Toah • ITS? Ain..6 Clip All • |’«M fSoaxia 301 • ASI Gumo 1.130 A**i**n« A*i* Am llle 10 AM?U*CO An, VI: f?6 Am SI.(4?
At* 50. IN An* 100• (X?
O *njl* e nnrW ptwn LSD l gkl Tool) 1-134 )V V*i i i loe* c*Ska.i -» Fred Fish 1-910 E’ 6fjakfne(l2$ A12(H) llililles Ptek Hit Juki 14.95 A(iA Slides P»cK ten d*l* l« «l CC Fonts Pack Ew dtt.tt*5 Fonts Pack 2 InedUitAVA Icons Pack
r. .r.W.l4'» Music Pack H*e Jak* £4 M5 Sound Samples rvi I
Fl*e*1*A* 1495 Part? Inc i*Ui iklh Astronomy Pack f ractal
Pack fn da*(iO) Education Park I H*t*M*(4 9S Fducalion Pack 2
Ti.rW.sMW CM (lanu* Pack l**e UA.D45 Disk CopicD Pack
K*c6 k*l4.t5 Colour Clipuii runH'tJn*j(4» l .i:ii.(Jaki 4 M'
ftri,)lt*eJ*4» 49?
P**‘lbtJnk*f4M5 Games Pack 3 fi.r J**l*t4M5 Games Pack i tnrJnli £4.95 Demos Pack hct I Fi»r deli £4.95 Iwl ? F)*4 Jail 1*94 GAMES Grt.l rcxifiUxn i • fitll?
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IWH (U1AUA30* TM? LVDCqwn l««VW CGKen.,41 COMMS Phil South looks at a couple of Amiga-based bulletin boards Cheam Amiga BBS (24 hours) all speeds Tel: 081-644 8714 Essex Amiga BBS (24 hours) all speeds Tel: 0277 233354 Phcnc *44 11277 fidone