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The Amiga Starter Pack tt is a cottection of typefaces for desktop pubtishing and wordprocessing apptications. tt indudes a range of typestyles inducting CG Times and CG Triumvirate, together with Park Lane and Brush scripts and Futura and ShannonExtrabotdfor headtines. And 25 typefaces used in the advertising, commercia) and broadcasting industries are contained in the Video Sériés Pack. Using the software Amiga users can drop type into graphies and manipulate composite images without losing resotution. Prices were unavait-abte at the time of going to print. Agfa can be teiêphoned on 081-560 2131. A570 price siashed COMPACT disc drives are now financiatty in reach of many more Amiga users fot-towing a €100 price drop just announced for the A570 by deafer Sitica Systems (081-309 1111). Under the promotion set to run unti) the end of the summer buyers witt be able to get hotel of the Commodore drive and a free copy of Sim City on CD for just f249. "The CD format is growing in poputar-ity and more and more games appearing on CD are far superior to traditions) floppy disk'based games," said Sitica's Andy Leaning. "tt won't be tong before Amigas without CD drives witt miss the best games.

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Document sans nom Anznnni A complete financial management package for the budget conscious WORKS WITH ALL 1Mb AMIOAS =reo MASTER I Art expression I Excellence! 3,0 stereo souna**0 sampling software nnnnnnn Brilliant educational tram from the range Wordiearch - on intelle tual brainteaser Fait intromaker - easy fo use boot-up utility PLUS 9 7709*59 963046 Award winning innovative products from Scanners "If your in the market for a hand scanner then forget the rest and get Powerscan" Amiga Format July 1992 PC88OB Power Drive Power Scanner v3.0 ¦ 100-400 DPI scanning resolutions
• 64 greyscales
• Thru'portfor printer
• Award winning editing, image manipulation & scanning software
Power Scanner v3.0 £115 Power Scanner
Colour ...£239 Epson GT-6000 ¦ 600 DPI Colour
flatbed scanner ¦ 24-bit colour
• A4 reading area ¦ Software included Epson GT-6000
...£799 Epson GT-8000 ¦ 800 DPI
colour flatbed scanner
• 24-bit colour ¦ A4 reading area ¦ Software included ¦ Amazing
scan quality Epson GT-8000
£1199 Upgrade Offers If you
consider your scanner system to be inferior to the Power
Scanner, we will happily upgrade your software and interface.
(Power Scanner is compatible with most scanning heads) v3.0
Upgrade (inc. Interface) £49.95 v3.0 Software upgrade for
PowerScanner users (send
SAE) .£15 The Amiga can only
display 16 greyscald ¦ Award winning drive manufactured by
Power Computing Floppy Drives RAM Expansions “This drive
contains more gad- gets than Batman's utility belt" A6°° Memory
Cards Amiga Computing Feb1992 ¦ Super slim design
• Anti-click (Cures that annoying click) ¦ Virus blocker
(Prevents viruses) ¦ Built-in backup hardware PC880B with Blitz
Amiga ...£60 PC880B with Blitz &
Xcopy ...£75 PC880B (Cyclone compatible)* £65
PC880B in black case .£65
• Thu dnve Is only available to registered ov»ners ol Xcopy
Pro!ess ona! You must provido proof of purchase of Xcopy
Professional Power Drives PC880E Economy
drive ...£49.95 PC881 A500 Internal
drive ....£40.00 PC882 A2000 Internal drive £45.00 Dual
Drive ¦ Two high quality disk drives built into one compact
unit ¦ Same features as PC880B Dual
drive .£125 Blitz
• Backup disks at lightning speeds ¦ Stops all external drives
from clicking ¦ Contains anti-virus from being written into the
bootblocker Blitz Amiga
1. 44MB Power Drive ¦ 1.44MB disk drive ¦ High density floppy
disk drive
1. 44MB Power Drive .....£POA PCMCIA Memory ¦
Ultra slim memory cards
- 1MB & 2MB ¦ For A600 A1200 1MB Memory
card .£POA 2MB Memory
card ..£POA 1MB RAM with
clock .£39-95 1MB RAM without
clock £34.95 PC501+ RAM Card Our RAM board is
designed especially for the A50Q+ computer and comes with 1MB
of RAM on board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM.
Plug-m and go operation (Fits into the trapdoor) PC501+ RAM
card ......£35.95 8MB for any A500 ¦ Plugs
into side slot, fully auto config, full thru'port. Expand
2MB-8MB 2MB £109 4MB£169 8MB£289 1 x 4ZIP
chips .£14.95 2MB for any A5O0 ¦
Economy 2MB RAM externally cased
• 16-chip (1x1 DIP) ¦ No thru'port 2MB
RAM ...£79
1. 5MB RAM Board ¦ Fully supports 1MB of chip RAM ¦ Fully
compatible with Fatter Agnus (Kickstart 13 and above, not
compatible with A500-I (Your Amiga needs to bo opened, this
may effect your warranty)
1. 5MB RAM board ......£75 1MB with
Thru’port ¦ Expand your A5QQ's memory up to a total of 2MB
without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade ¦ Works with
1MB of Chip RAM (512K RAM must be 4 chip type or not exceeding
$ cm m length) Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may ellcct
your Warranty) 1MB with thru
port .....£45 A500 RAM Card ¦ 5I2K RAM
expansion with clock & free software IA50Q+ compatible) 512K
RAM (4 chip) ......£29 512K RAM
without clock £24 512K RAM 116 chip) with clock £24 512K RAM
(16 chip) without clock ....£19 Power Computing. France. 15
Bid Voltiare 7501 1. Paris, France. Tel (1) 43386206 (6 lines)
Fax (1) 43380028 ¦ Kick-off is the latest Amiga add-on from
• One of the most advanced kickstart ROM sharers available ¦A
clever design on a small reliable board ¦Fits A500, A500t,
A1500 ¦ Kickstart ROM can be selected from the keyboard ¦ No
messing about with switches ¦ No 'CIA adaptor" or other
trailing wires ¦Jumper to select which ROM boots on switches ¦
Compatible with old Amiga board revisions ¦Simple internal
• Kick-off requires the lid to be removed from the Amiga This may
invalidate your warranty ROM Share
£17.95 ROM Share inc. kickstart
v2.04 ...£55 ROM Share inc. kickstart v1.3 .....£39
ROM Share for A600 ...£29 Kickstart
2. 04 Kickstart (chip only) £39.95
2. 04 Kickstart ROM, workbench software, install disk 2.04, font
disk & extras £79.95
2. 04 kit with ROM sharer ...£99 Video Backup
System ¦ Use VCR as a backup storage device ¦ Blank video tape
is all that is required ¦ 200 Amiga floppy disks will fit on a
4 hour tape ¦ Can be used for hard disk backup ¦ There is room
for 175MB of data ¦ Backup an Amiga diskette in 1 minute ¦
Restore even to an unformatted disk ¦ Hard disk backup,
software allows you to specify which files and directories to
be stored ¦ Low cost storage, 2 pence per MB ¦ Menu driven
software ¦ Allows you to watch TV on a 1084s monitor ¦Very
high reliability ¦ Log files, contain title and counter
position of every backup ¦ Video connection check, ensures
fool proof operation ¦ Effective error-correction scheme ¦
Easy to understand manual Video Backup System
...£59.95 ¦ 40MHz 68030EC accelerator Power
Computing Ltd ¦ Tei 0234 843388 Auto ROM Sharer A5QO Hard
Drives GVP A530 Turbo HD ¦ Optional 68882 maths co-processor ¦
Up to 8MB 32-bit FASTRAM on-board ¦Award winning 42QMB HD 0MB
RAM .....£549 80QMB HD 0MB
RAM .....£649 240MB HD 0MB
RAM ...£1054 68882 Upgrade
kit .....£224 GVP Series 2 HD ¦ Up to
8MB FASTRAM on board 40QMB0MB £329 80QMB0MB £399 4QQMB 2MB
£379 80QMB 2MB £449 40QMB4MB £440 80QMB4MB £499 400MB 8MB £509
80QMB8MB £549 ICD Novia Internal HD ¦Fits inside your Amiga
500 ¦ Comes complete, just plug-in and go Novia 40I 40MB
HD ..£279 Novia 80I 80MB
HD ..£349 ICD Flicker Fixer Flicker
Free Video 2 ¦ Stop that annoying flicker ¦Fits internally in
the A500 ¦ Multi-sync monitor required Flicker Free Video
2 ..£199 NEC 4FG Multi-sync monitor
,,..,£549 Chips 4MB x
8SIMM ...£90 1MB x
8SIMM ...£25 256K x
4DRAM ..£4.00 1MB x
1DRAM ..£3.95 1 x 4 ZIP
....£14.95 1x4
DIP £19.95 A3000
Static column RAM £19.95 SIMM 32 x
1MB-60 .....£65
SIM32X4MB-60 ......£243 (These chips
cover most memory & hard drives i.e. GVP. Supra, Commodore!
The Power BBS ¦ Free technical and buying advice ¦ Thousands of free files available for download ¦ Great discounts on all Power products ¦ On-line ordering to ensure speed of delivery ¦ Conferencing with top computer magazines ¦ Regular bulletins with latest product information The Power House BBS 0234 841503 24 hours All speeds up to 16.8K Commodore CDTV ¦ CDTV player ¦Welcome disk + caddy ¦Keyboard ¦Floppy disk drive (black) ¦Wired mouse ¦ Workbench 1.3 and manuals ¦ Infrared remote control CDTV multi-media pack ..£599 A570 CD-ROM drive for A5O0 .....£349 CPTV
Software A Bun for Barney ...£29.99 Barney Bear goes camping ......£29.99 Battlechess £39.99 Case of the Cautious Condor......£34.99 CD Remix v2 ...£34.99 Fred Fish CDPD Collection ....£19.95 Fun School 3 (under 5 s) £24.99 Fun School (5-7yrs) £24.99 Fun School (Over 7yrs) £24.99 Guiness CDTV Disc of Records £34.99 Illustrated Holy Bible ..£29.99 Music Maker ...£34.99 NASA Heroic Age of Space £19.99 Power Pinball £29.99 Sim City £29.99 Trivial
Pursuit £49.99 World Vista Atlas ...£54-99 Specifications & pnees subject io change wth out notice AD trademarks acknowtedqed Xenon 2 Megablast .£29.99 More titles available Award Winning Manufacturers Power products come with lull technical support The Power Mouse is my pick of the month" CU Amiga PC880B ‘Well worth spending your hard earned pennies on, an excellent buy" Amiga Computing Dual Drive 'Now this is a bit special" Amiga Computing Power Scanner Amiga Shopper Best Buy Power Scanner Amiga Format Gold Power Scan is quite simply the best Amiga hand
scanner available' Amiga Format Credit Card Hotline 0234 843388 1 O LINES Fax 0234 840234 Technical 0234 841882 VAT included (UK mainland onlyl 48Hr delivery £2.50 24Hr delivery £4.50 Parcel post delivery £1 (Not tor orders over £50) Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Raiiton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Distributor for Power Computing in Italy, D.R.R. SRL 00142. Roma. Via Duccio Di Buoninsegna Tel (06) 5193481 482 Fax 5040666 Award winning innovative products from Power Computing Ltd A2000 Hard Cards GVP Series 2 HD " Up to 8Mb SIMM RAM on-board ¦ Supports external SCSI
devices ¦ 14MHz SCSI controller Bare £129 40QMB0MB £2 4 9 80QMB0MB £349 40QMB 2MB £29 9 80QMB 2MB £399 40QMB4MB £349 80QMB4MB £449 40QMB8MB £429 80QMB8MB £539 Nexus Hard Card ¦ Up to 8MB RAM on-board Bare £129 40QMB0MB £249 80QMB0MB £349 40QMB2MB £29 9 80QMB2MB £399 4QQMB4MB £349 80QMB 4MB £449 40QMB8MB £42 9 80QMB8MB £539 Bare SCSI Hard Drive 40 Quantum £179 80 Quantum £229 (Suitable (or GVP G-Force, GVP HO or Nexus HCI Other sizes of HD available, please call RAM Expansion ¦ Aries A1500 A2000 RAM 2MB £129 6MB £209 4MB £169 8MB £249 Macintosh Emulator "This really is the best emulator
we've seen for the Amiga. It behaves just as if you really were using a Mac" Amiga Format Sept 1992 Amax-ll Plus ¦ Amiga 1500 and above Q ¦ Runs Mac software ¦ Runs System 7
• Full support for all SCSI Mac peripherals and the ability to
read disks in your drives Mac
• 68020 68030 compatible ¦AppleTalk emulation ¦ Can use Amiga ECS
¦ Easy to install Amax-ll Plus £229 (Mac ROM chips required)
Power Computing, France, 15 Bid Voltiare 75011, Paris, France.
Tol (1) 43386Z06 (6 lines) Fax (1) 43380028 24-Bit Colour Opal
Vision ¦24-bitgraphic card ¦ 16.8 million colours available ¦
Operates in all standard Amiga resolutions ¦ VLSI Microcode
graphics co-processor ¦ Double buffered 24-bit and 15-bit
animation is available in all resolutions ¦ Palatte-mapped'
design updates screen colours in real-time. Fade pictures in
and out and change their palettes
• Equipped with 1.5MB of display RAM
• Auto-config for NTSC or PAL ¦Available for all Amigas Software
included OpalPaint ¦ 24-bit painting and image processing
OpalPresents ¦ Presentation program
• Control OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video ¦
Includes fades, effects etc. ¦ Many more features King of
Karate ¦ 24-bit computer game ¦ Exciting karate competition ¦
Demonstrates OpalVision capabilities
OpalVision .£699 More
information available OpalVision roaster chip available soon
Monitors "For a monitor of this quality, the CM8833 is worth
every penny" Amiga Format Sept 1992 "The 4FG is an absolutely
smashing monitor that beats every competitor" Amiga Format Sept
1992 Philips CM8833 Mk2
• With cable
• Available with Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
• On-site maintenance CM8833 Mk2
..£199 NEC Multisync 4FG
• For use with Flicker Fixers
• Very high quality
• Built-in degausser (p, jj
• 15“ Screen NEC Multisync 4FG £549 ¦ Manufactured by Power
• 128MB on one optical disk ¦ Read and write optical disks ¦ 40ms
running speed
• Built-in power supply ¦ High power cooling fan
• 25-way and 50-way SCSI ports ¦ Thruport built-in
• SCSI ID switch ¦ Compatible with major SCSI controllers 128MB
optical drive (Internal) £729 128MB optical drive
(External).....£999 128MB 3.5* optical disk £39.95 each SCSI
controller card for A1500 A2000 £129 (Compatible with Amiga,
PC, and Mac A SCSI controller is required on the Amiga and PCI
Floptical Disk Drive
• Stores 2QMB on one 3JT disk ¦ Cost effective mass storage unit
¦ Can be used as a 1,44MB floppy with Amiga DOS and AMAX
• AMAX compatible with DMI Mac driver ¦ Packs an entire back-up
onto one floppy ¦ Additional disks available ¦ Internal version
for A1500 2000 3000 ¦ External version for A500 ¦ SCSI
Interface required Internal A2000
kit .....£289 Internal A3000
kit .....£289 External A500
kit .£389 A1500 £599 Accelerator
GVP G-Force ¦ 68030 accelerator board ¦ 68882 Maths
co-processor ¦ DMA SCSI controller on-board ¦ 68000 fall-back
• Only CPU slot is used ¦ Internal and external SCSI connector ¦
Converts to hard card with Hard Drive mount kit ¦ 32-bit RAM as
standard 25MHz 1MB RAM ....£529 40MHz
4MB RAM ....£759 50MHz 4MB RAM
.£1249 Hard drive mount
kit ..£35 Tel 0234 843388 Printers All
printers include cables and next day delivery Star Printers
LC200 colour ...£199 Order
Form Name Address Postcode Tel. No.
Description LC24-200 mono ...£239 LC24-200 colour .£289 Citizen Printer Swift 24e ..£279 (includes colour kit and AMI) Epson Printers Laser EPL-4000 ..£639 EPL-4300 ..£799 Epl’8100 £1349 In kjet SQ-870 £509 SQ-1170 .....£629 (132 column printer) Dot Matrix Colour PowerScan LQ-570
.£289 LQ-1070 ......£449 1132 column printer) The Power Computing colour hand-held ¦ Images are displayed as HAM pictures scanner for the Amiga is now available. ¦ HAM images may be loaded from disk This scanner offers the following features and edited using PowerScan 3 Credit Card No.
¦ Image size that can be handled is limited ¦ 4096 colours only by the amount of memory available ¦ 50-400 DPI ¦ Memory does not have to be chip ¦ 4 Scanning modes memory as in many art packages Expiry Date Signature I enclose cheque PO for £ Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN ¦ Text ¦ Images can be saved in various file formats ¦ Greyscale ¦ View whole image function LQ-100 £209 • Colour halftone ¦ Scale rotate skew image or clipboard by Lxjog . £189 "Colour any amount
• Crop image Supra Modems The Amiga interface plugs into an ¦
Clean up. Lighten or darken image A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000
expansion slot ¦ Variable zoom mode Supra Fax Modem Plus £129
with a seParate version which connects ¦ Draw freehand, lines,
circles, boxes and Supra Fax Modem v32Bis £275 to the expansion
connector of the polygons in various fill patterns, brush Supra
Modem 2400 (External) £75 A500 A500+. The A500
version has a sizes, paste modes, or with the clip Supra Modem
2400 Zlplus (In.ernal) .£134 ‘hrough-portwh.ch is compatible
with all boardimagP Supra 9600 £210 Amiga 500 expansion
peripherals. ¦ Clipboards may be scanned directly, or any shape
can be cutfrom the main Miscellaneous The sofTware suPP|ied
with lhis scanner image is the new PowerScan Professional 3, ¦
The software is compatible with all Power Mouse £15 which also
supports the greyscale scan- Amigas Optical Mouse
' ..£29 95 ner andavada e as an uP9rade ¦
Supports Workbench 2 and ECS screen Replacement optical
mouse'mat" MM t0 existin9 UserS °f PowerScan for f 15 modeS 10
Maxell disks, optical mouse, _ . „ _ _ _ _ _. . , Colour
PowerScan v3.0 features Colour PowerScan now available
Zipstick ..£45
Maxell multi-colour disks (10) .£9.95 • Real-time
True-feel’ scan option in New v3.0 Scan software Floppy disks
bulk ....£POA colour halftone mode
Aviator 1 joystick ..£35 ¦
Images are stored internally as 12-bit PowerScan Colour
v3.0 ..£239 Intruder 1
joystick £29.99 graphics, not HAM. This
means that no PowerScan Greyscale v3.0 £115
Maverick 1 joystick .....£15.99 quality is
lost due to the Amiga only PowerScan v3.0 software upgrade
...£15 Python 1 joystick .....£9.99
being able to display HAM images in Apache 1
joystick ....£7.99 4096 colours The
Amiga can only display 16 greyscales IUK mmltrtj on VI
* 8M( selrvery £2 50 2*Hr dtlrvocy £4 SO Psrcel post dohvtry Cl
(N« *o« ordsn tn*t Cfll Distributor for Power Computing in
Italy, D.R.R. SRL 00142. Roma. Via Duccio Di Buoninsegna Tel
(06) 5193481 462 Fax 5040666 With 1992 fast receding and the
novelty of a new year wearing thin, Amiga Computing looks this
month into the Amiga's immediate future.
Unlike some other magazines, however, we won't try to predict which Amigas will and will not be launched, mainly because the experience of last year's "will they, won't they" speculation over Commodore's intentions should be enough to discourage all but the most misty-eyed horoscope fans.
Instead, we've decided to continue the magazine's policy of picking out the most important new releases, both in software and hardware, for detailed review with an eye to WHO'S WHO Amiga News Are British Amiga users paying much more than their continental cousins? ...... USA News More of the latest developments from a troubled American Amiga market CoverDisk offer Exciting deals on Maxiplan and StereoMaster upgrades ESP From vitriol to vernacular, Ezra's postbag is bulging with your comments and opinions EDITOR Slevie Kennedy ASSOCIATE EDITOR Paul Austin ART EDITORS Tym teckey Terry
Thiele lit Maddox NEWS EDITOR John Sutters TECHNICAL EDITOR David Diboah PRODUCTION EDITOR Phil Morse GAMER EDITOR Paul Roundell STAFF WRITERS Jonathon Modd«k Ben Styles ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Jane Conway Sue Horsefield ADVSH1SMG MANAGER AD SALES Simon Fitzsimmons Andy Simpson AD PRODUCTION Barbara Newell CUSTOMER SERVICE Jayne Mottershead MARKETING ASSISTANT Luey Oliver PRODUCTION MANAGER Snndrn CkiUi zOnOfu LnllQS SYSTEMS MANAGER Dovid Stewoft CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Devid Wrwi DISTRIBUTION COMAG |0t95)U4O5S SUBSCRIPTIONS 051*157 2961 Member of ike Audit bureau of Circulations MBX1200 O IDE hard
drive O Amstrad NCI00 O Rodite floppy O Technical advice for the puzzled, perturbed, or just plain old bamboozled ...... Competitions 64,418 Jan-June 1992 Published by Europms Enterprise lid.
Europe House, Adlmgton Port, Mottlesfield SJC10 4NP Tel: 0625 878888 Fox: 0625 850652 Win Final Copy II for the price of a pretty cheap phone call CHAIRMAN Derek Meokin MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield ft CovOrDisIt Hotline 0625 859766 Thursday, 2-5pm only W* tgnr Anga ConpArg unrct ohr lechncd tap cr o ptncna ban til* by OkdKn* or a ortng A1 to3r crojrc: «ud ;*
o t* adkw obote poube piiltotor ConpitftjU at pu tafcor ani
Commodore fUimu Modem lid an iM mpontfw hr ay a iW node m its
sue er hr o* el iW opnoa uprrutd C 1993 Eiropreu Entopr-w 1(1
No vdwid noy be reproduced .* •bok a ei pod wkcu) «wit*n pvmvo*
Wwi emry cert a oi»n. Tv prfJnby i con wl be Nets bgrfy W 9*y
s«r» d oVlev IWOlwotfwrtsenerR purppRtss 1,1 Niiimii For four
years AMIGA Computing hes been the leading magazine for Amiga
enthusiasts. As a lory member ol the Eureprett rtsvjwme group.
Amiga Confuting promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available.
AMIGA Computing • Atorl ST liter • PC Todfly
• Acorn Computing • CS Action AMIGA Action $ F Action • Commodore
force • Sega forte Nfant t AMIGA force Bad influent • Juprr
Action PC Home Printed in the United Kingdom by BPCC Ltd,
Carlisle If's all in AMIGA MARKET Try our classified ads for
those tempting bargains. Shop Window for the latest software
and hardware, or turn on the Software Spotlight for expert
guidance on the best around. There's also our unique Product
Locator to help you find that elusive bargain in no time at
Turn to page 157 13 20 26 61 77 I Fifty people must win tickets for the 7th International Computer Show m the product's importance to the Amiga as a whole.
This month's crop includes Clarity, the Amiga's first 16-bit sound sampler, the first A1200 FPU add-on (see Amiga Market), the first full colour DTP package, and a look at the latest wordprocessor.
To top this off, we attempt to demystify the Amiga versus PC debate. By taking an upgraded A1200 and an equivalent PC setup, we show that the misery-mongers who would have us believe the PC is both technically superior and better value for money are completely wrong.
Predictable? Perhaps, but only because the Amiga is far and away the better machine, not because of any bias on our part.
Public Sector Another bumper bonanza of giveaway goodies in our PD and shareware pick of the month J L. Reader Offers Who better to offer you a great selection of 1 TO unbeatable products? ..... I jZ It's a miracle! Ten superb keyboards worth £3,000 to be won!
REGULARS Monitor supertest The best monitors turned on, tuned in, and thoroughly tested I hey fJonl got no hotter FREEI Stereo Master! Superb sound sompling software with a pound• saving money-off offer you II find hard to resist Silence is golden The Amiga's first studio quality sampler. Clarity, goes on test Updates excellence! 3.0 101 This month's double disk package is designed with both the money-conscious home user and the musician in mind. Maxiplan 4, with its easy to use interface and graph-generating facility, makes money management quick and easy.
Stereo Master is one of the Amiga's most popular 8-bit samplers, and the software for this impressive package is free on this month's disk. If that's not enough for you, a great reader offer enables you to buy the hardware cartridge and join the music scene for only £14.95. FREE!
Maxipian 4! A fully featured, powerful spreadsheet and budget ing package that'll keep track of your pennies CONTENTS Don 't miss our fantastic offers for subscribers see page 64 now!
Savings Vouchers Save over £50 on the already reduced prices q i at the 2th International Computer Show O I Protext guide Another slice of expert help in making the most of our wordprocessor freebie .
Colourful Caxton A A Amiga DTP finally goes full colour with i the AGA-compatible PageSetter 3. I
- w mrrwwn Deus ex machina Your Amiga can have its own
personality if you r* delve into the world of artificial
intelligence D J Artful with ease The latest Amiga art package
could be the qq best yet. Art Expression under scrutiny OO
SPECIALS The best In the U S of A Hon*burQ«r»
ll. br. ms (to**® Due 'o I to* CALLERS WELCOME AT OUR BRANCHES
469. 00
732. 00
799. 00
872. 00 ADD £60.00 ADD £39.90 ADD £199.00 &
25. 99
25. 99
25. 99
79. 99
9. 99
9. 99
4. 99
182. 93
49. 99
59. 99 Dtose, Spreadsheet
77. 97
79. 99
9. 99
9. 99
4. 99
AMIGA 3000 12 MONTH ON-SITE MAINTENANCE latest version, 68030 25MHz, 3.5 ' 880K FD + spare drive bay (or 4 spare bays on Tower) S12K 32 bit ROM, 4 Zorro III, slots with 2PC AT slots (or I CPU, 7 Zorro III, 2 PC AT on Tower), hard drive and memory as below; DESKTOP 52MB 120MB 1 MB video + 1MB Fast Rom 1199 1289 2MB video + 4MB Fasl Rom 1349 1439 2MB video + 8MB Fast Rom 1489 1579 WITH FREE AMIGA VISION With extra 4MB Fast RAM (fitted if required)ADD £169.99 Witk Puips SVGA 28dpi inc. Hit t iwivelADD £259.00 NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS
• 8* years experience in Commodore product and here to stay
• Commodore trained staff are friendly ond helpful ond are
parenls, multimedio, educational, gomes, programming or
technical spedolists (usuofty more thon one!)
• Open 9-6 pm Monday to Saturday and 10.00 am to 4.30 pm Sundoys
for convenient shopping.
• Callers wekome for advice ond demonstration ot our 1600* sq fl
High St, Town Centre branches
• Same day despatch for most orders received by 5.30 pm; express
am ond Sotixday services available
• Hordwore corefufly handled ond delivered safely and refiably by
coged, insured, lop name courier service
• Pre-despatch testing on AMIGA systems
• Free 30 day, next day courier collection ond delivery of NEW
replocemcnMexcepf product with on-site maintenance)
• Hodine support ond in-bow engineers Upgrade and Irode in offers
lo keep you up to dole AMIGA 4000 MULTIMEDIA AMIGA NewAGA Chip
16. 6 mSon.scon 1571 76 MR T S' AMIGA DOS 4 MS DOS, 2 rear ? 2
front 3.5* Drive as below, Amiga DOA 3.0 system ond i FULL
68040 ALONE ] 20MB HD 214MB £2089 int. VAT 120M8HD 2* 8MB
£2259 inc. VAT 240M8HD 218MB £2399 inc. VAT With Koga M Sync
SVGA low radiation high-res 28 dot pitch col.
Monitor ittc tilt ond swivel, oil 4000 modes jqq £400 OUD AMIGA TRADE-IN Ihe bed irodein oBowonce, extra for perinherok ond accessories. Trade in your old mochine lor a brand new A600 A) $ 00 1200 3000 4000 COTV or even PC A limited number of refvrWted A500 1500 3000s are available, complete with 3 months warranty.
A500s FROM £179 A1500s FROM £299 A600 1MB (mint) 219 1500 HD+Conlrollirs ...... A600 20HD (mini) 219 40MB PROM 199 A3000s FROM 899 120MB .PROM379 CDTV FROM 249 Action Reploy ..39 A590 20 40M8 99 129 XT B Board .....79 Flicker Hxer 1500 ......79 AT B Board 149 OTHER ACCESSORIES-PLEASE ASK.
_ . 0d«W',WI*®e'
* m AMIGA 600 A600 with 12 month on-site warranty, "jfllSSMW
1MB, WB 2.05,3.5* FD + Smart Card IntcrTace Mouse ond Monuals
WITH 8833 CBM ALONE 1084 + ON-SITE A600 249.00 439.00 A600 20MB
HD 339.00** 519.00” A600 40MBHD 399.00" 589.00" A600 80MB*
469.00” 649.00” 2MB VERSION ADD £39.95
* Top quality 3rd party drives, covered by nm 12 month return-
tobase t iffiw-AMIGA 1200 1200 2MB SO uu.u.«..uu«369 1200 2MB
80MB HO 595 1200 2MB 20MB HO 499 1200 2MB120MB HD ...735 1200
2MB 40MB HO .549 1200 6MB 80MB HO +68881.
1200 2MB 60MB HO .569 .875 Install disc and full 12 months retum-to-base warranty on all HD modek.
With Zooi, Striker, Pinbal Dreams and Tronswrite ADD £19.
• Personal Point AGA • lop reviews, impressive DP IV done with
additional features vie. Image processing, points in any screen
made 69.99
• Your choke of • Wing Commander AGA or ZoelAGA or Senile Soccer
AGA 34.99
• S Hoi List gomes (AGA compotWe) individually boxed 174.95
• Microswtthed Joystick 9.99
• Mouse Mot* Oust (over 9.98
• 10 Bionic Discs * 80 copocity iockoMe disc box 16.98
• Virus Killer 4.99 TOTAL VALUE 321.87 WITH AMIGA CDTV 89.99
Paperboy II Hunt for Red October Colossus Chess Bfinky's Scary
School (under 12) Challenge Golf Battleships Neighbours licence
to Kid- Bond Gome Frankenstein $ 4kwm Helicopter jeep mission
93% (U Edd the Duck (under) 2) Continental Grcus - 8 Ini rote
circuits 92% AA Master Bloier 3D sports Xenon ¦ C+VG Gome of
the Month Onslaught - Format G 90% Thunderstrike- Fighter
STARTER PACK MAX VAUJE RRP Microswilched Joystick 9.99 80 cop. Lockable disc box PLUS 10 blank discs 16.98 4 greol boxed games See HOT LIST 159.96 Phans for current choice OR Dpaint III +700 Op Art Pks grophks ¦ Mouse Mot ond Dust (over 9.98 16 Doys Free Hotel Accomodation in UK. Ireland or France- you pay only lor meoh TOTAL VALUE 196.91 WITH AMIGA COTV 19.99 SEPARATELY 29.99 10 MARKET PLACE ST ALBANS HERTS AL3I5DG TEL; (0727) 56005 41396 THE GALLERY ARNDALE CENTRE '.LUTON BEDS LU1 2PG TEL: (0$ 82) 457195 411281 T A B L I THE HOTTEST LOT RACK VALUE RRP
• All as Starter Pock 203.90 PLUS:
• Another 10 GREAT individually pocltoged games, BETTER 269.82
THAN THE REST previous RRPs up to 39.99 eoch, phone to choose
from HOT LIST, or leave H to us! Children's games available
• 80 Prog Hobbyte PD Greots Podc II Includes tea games like
Battlecors, Star Trek. Computer (wffct, Meoaball. Dozens of
arcade daisies, board dossits and shoot em ups. Dpaint clip an.
Utilities Word Processor, Spreadsheet. Database - Desktop
Publisher and the ultimate virus killers • a mosl for every new
AMIGA owner! 39.99 TOTAL VALUE 513.71 WITH AMIGA 49.99
SEPARATELY 69.99 SPECIAL: ALSO 10 extra 'Hot list' gomes ADD
2S.00 EPIC RACK EXTRA Needs 1 MB and Hard Drive VALUE RRP Epic
Pock: Trivial Pursuit, longuage lob, AMIGA text 29.99 Epic,
Rome, Myth Dpaint HI with animation 700 dip on pics graphics
for Dpaint in 3 dix Home Pock ind. W Processor. Dbase,
Spreadsheet I MB, with Disc Caddy. Welcome CD + tutorial +
remote control unit.
AS ABOVE WITH MATCHING DRIVE KEYBOARD, MOUSE+ WB 1.3 At above £349* £435 ¦ovier + remote control Extra RAM £POA AMIGA 1500 inc. on-site Full UK spec with 1MB RAM, maw, expanse«2000, leads, manwk, Hew including Ktckstan & Workbench 2.0$ . Hard disc configuration inc. the high performance GYP II controller card WWW EXTRA PACK VALUE RRP
• WWW gomes; 5*yPuttv formula I Grond Prix WE WANT TO BEAT ALL
1500 SPECIALS 1 2 PRICE 1500 5 W PACK EXTRA Only 1500,1500 Pock Extra at only ..£24.99 1S00 HD + ON-SITE, 8833 1084S, CITIZEN 200 24 pin col printer, 1 $ 00 Extra software pork, Starter Pack + AMIGAVision 52MB £1149.00120MB ..£1329.00 With 8833 1084$ ADD 179.99 With 7CM + M W FF ADO 379.99 Per extra 2MB filled lo GYP Also with Kickslort 1.3 * ROM Sharer Also with Citizen 200 24 pin Col Printer + Starter Poclt Si A" l-T Dpaint III with animation 700 dip orl pks grophks for Dpoint III 3 dix Home Pack ml. W Processor, Dbg Ytrus Killer TOTAL VALUE ' Rus Hufchinsons Encydopoedia
* Lemmings See below across for software pocks CDTV WITH AMIGA CDTV SEPARATELY OR Noddy s Piayrime (to 7 years) - 8 mogKol learning gomes at 3 levels, tuny Feb1, (evboord Shapes and Colours Bobby the down enlertoms ond lays down the PIU5 Junta Art pockoge ¦ lown mop, Keyboard overlay ond
9. 99
39. 99
• Cotloon (Jossics Gomes: lemmings OR Zool 25.99 The Simpsons
Slriltef 24.99 (opton Planet Pinibol Oreom 25.99
• Deluxe Point II] with Animation * 700 (lip Art pics 89.99
• fold disc Offxe - WP t UK guess spelling checker
ea hect.tJotobcse. grepfos + desktop pufcfchtng 189.99 OR
Pound the Bend OR Data Home Accounts
• Yens Kler Disk 4.99 inc. Fonts. Cia Art and Oise Tutor Hobbyt*
Prinwory (specify) or Swendory fducaticnol Pack 19.99
• 10 Blank Does • SO Copociry lockable disc box 26.98
• Mouse Mat ? Dust (over and Joystick 19.97 TOTAL VALUE 488.85
200 24 PIN Colour Printer aid Starter Pork ADD 199.00 80
Pr Hobbyie PD Greats Puck • cw Ttottesi lot fock 39.99 ABSOLUTE
BEGINNERS PACK 3-13 YEARS VAHII RRP You choke from: Fun School
2 3 or 4 (for 3-9 yrs • specify oge, 9 dtff 25.99 oiioble) Up
to 6 stunning UK educational gomes in ooch koge with beautiful
pictures, exciting unimotion * musk thol i to develop numbers,
word * other skills. Up to 6 levels of .why. Conforms with
Notional Curriculum.
Merlin's Moths (for 7-11 yrs) from the crword winning Fun School' stable 6 engrossing gomes to teoch essential maths skis, in o my children wrfc love.
Spelling Ftw (Far 7-13 yrs) oil the fun of the foie on 6 levels mokes !ecrnng spelling oddiclive ond hm, Includes 6 games phis 3000 wad dictionary - special selection of wads fa needs of dyslexic cMdrtei t parents con create own dictionary a wads requiring special fdd the Duck |7 yrs) OR flf (7+ yrs) OR Round the Bend 25.99 Hobbylo Primaay (specify) fducotienol Pock, featuring up to 12 learn whil* you pw oames 19.99 Hobb 1e 30 Easy Otifdrens Gome. 10 pock (fee including Train Set ond other toe entertaining PD titles 19.99 SpcifiPiWii ? ZOO Oip Art pm 89.99 inc. children, Fokytole legend
characters, Sport, Cartoons etc Joystick. 10 blank discs 15.98 TOTAl VALUE 197.92 WITH AMIGA CDTV SEPARATELY SPECIAL ladi extra title from firtt selection odd just 1S.00 TRAMPY'S, THOMAS'S OR NODbY'S PACK M YEARS AT LEAST 57 EDUCATIONAL TUN FILLED GAMES) MAX VALUC RRP
• The Shoe People 6 colourful and entertaining pomes 29.99
featuring Trompy ond friendc to entouroge early number reodng
end pce-reowi ig sluts With Shoe People music OR Thomos tne
Tank Engine s Fun with Wads 6 separate easy to use learning
progrommes with onimation ond sound u-jaJ.- -1--). 8 mcgnol
learnt Colouring, electronic FunyFth'. FREE Toy Mid wobbltr.
Foundation fa mclhs ond writing in 6 colourful animated gomes.
OR Fvn School 2 (fa 3 9 years specify age) 9.99
• fun School 3 or 4 the 'Fun School wile hqv? Won just about
every award going. 5 or 6 wonderful onimoied gomes. 24.99 OR
Pictue Book: 4 colourful ond omusina gomes from ex Fun School'
design monoger will delight young children
• SpntzPoin! + 700 Clip A tpks 89.99 inc children, Farytaie •
Legend (huoctecs. Sport, Cortocm Hobbyte Pnmorory Educational
PD Pock, containing 10 fun smile you learn gomes
* Hobbyte 30 Easy Children s Games Pock 10 8lo£0iscs, Joystick,
extro title from first sefettiao odd jvst 18.99
19. 99 + SCHOOL MCK
• Zool • Number I Otorlbusler 25.99
• Sinker ¦ 94fc (U Amiga 25.99
• hnball Dreann • 94% AUI 25.99
• Transmit* UK WP «-5pelkhecker 49.99
• ADI French. Maths or EnglKh (11*15, specify oge) ADI the
lovable extro terieunol gifted teacher, guides you through
National Curriculum Ideally compliments school work From lb*
flwofdmnrwg Fun School iwm 25.99 OR ADI Junior (under S's) OR 6
HOT LIST Gomes 209.94
• Hobhyle 80 Programme PD Greets Pock • 'See Hottest lot 39.99
Hobbyle Secondary Educational Pock 19.99 snitched quolity
joystick 9.99 TOTAl VALUE 407.87 AMIGA 24 BIT SYSTEM - £BEST!
• Extra RAM • Accelerator 24 bit colour card • 24 bit colour real
time digitizer
• 24 bit 3D Art t animation s w
• Filling and Free 1 2 day customised training TELEPHONE JP 1500
PACK EXTRA (ALSO FOR A300.A500+, A600 CDTV, 3000) imm
• The Work? Platinum, word processor, spreadsheet, doiobose or
Office • s« Prof. Foinify Pock 169.95
• Deluxe Paint III with ommatiea 79.99
• Get Ike most out of your AMIGA book 9.9S
• 80 Prog. Hobbyte PD Greats Pock -see Hottest lot Pack1 39.99
• 4 dot 700 dip Art pks grophks fa Dpoint III 9.99
• Purak, Toki, Elf OR Zod, Striker, Pinball 74.97
• DigitoHoim Accounts 29.99 TOTAl YALUE 429.82 WITH AMIGA CDTV
49.99 SEPARATELY 69.99 ACCESSORIES A500 Delme control centre
44.99 Alien Boimon T2 Joystick.. 10.99 A600 Control Centre
29.90 Bug Joystick -------,, 11.99 (OiV Keyboard..
129. 99
403. 99 POA
1389. 99
1759. 99 POA AflOntftoIlA .... DCTV.. ____________
Fireaotkec------------ GVPIV* VIU 5 - ......
GYPIVvVlU-a Hgrieguin 4000 24 bit cord..
54. 99 A570 .Modulator.
29. 99 Fmol Copy 0 66.99 Kind Words III 35.99 Maxiplon Plus
v4.34.50 Mini Office 4199 Pogestreom 2,2.143.99 Pogesetttr II
..,,,-,42.49 Pen Pol 1.4 ....52.50 Personal finance
Monoger Plus 31.99 Pro Poge 4 AGA POA Saxon Publisher..177,95
Superbose Pro 4.148.99 Wordsworth V2 73.99 Works Platinum ...
43.99 MUSK AD 1012 Studio 16 Sampler 349.95 Audio Engineer
Plus 2 Sampler 188.99 Audio Master 4 .44.49 Bon & Pipes
Prel.OE 162.99 GVP Digital Sound Studio 48.99 Midi Interface
19.95 Rombo Megnim 23.99 GRAPWC5 CAD AnwgaWskxi 4730 Deluxe
PaintIV 53.99 Deluxe Pa.nl AGA POA Expert 4DJuma 36.99 Expert
Draw___48.99 Imogine v2-.....-109.49 Proarow 4 AGA POA Real
3D Beg 1.4-.83.99 Real 3D Turbo Pro 1.4. 229.50 Stole
500 ......68.99 Scala MM200 . 434.99 ScoloPrd 1.13.
173.50 Sculpt Anim.4D... 198.99 Spectra Colour 57.99 X CAO
2000 ...89.50 X CAD 3000 205.99 Essence..- 34.99
Alodin 4D 21X99 VIDEO PRODUaiON TITLING Adaoge 59.49 Amiga
Vision 39.90 Brovkos!
Filler II 148.99 Deluxe Photolob 51.49 Morph* 129.99 WITH HONE sum r*a ...334 99 ...42499 ...544.99 .339.99 ...639.99 ** .204.99 ...J04.99 * 329 99 r
469. 99 7" 338 99 w
- 205 99 c
- .399.99 “
- 649 99 ° 649 99 4999 95 WITH At ONE STARTER PACK
110. 99
113. 49
146. 49 HP I HPWtjeit HPMMSSK.
Up p-.Li.ft A ft_L HP I NlQutl
• J 20 ... BJ 200__________ BJ 330 A3________ BJ
300_________ Star SJ 48 .
OKI 400 laser___ OKI 410 ? ... Hploserjet IIP ? .
QMS InkJet col A4.
UK MMAND (NOT HIGHLANDS) Oespitchad by ?ki. Ptesse cfeadc chcrgesvrtinonknn] Next day axrat strra. £10 pH bm STARTER PACK: 500 Sheets A4 or continuous | printer leod, Universoi Printer Stand & Driver Amiga prices, except when stated ort i« VAT. E 80 E HP AUTHORISED DEALER • CITIZEN D MODEMS Amstrod SM 2400 Modem ...... 118.99 Supra fax 2400 * S year worronty--------------------78-95 FLOPPY DRIVES Zydec 3.5 external drive, dotsychoin + on off_______________48.95 Cumtfid (AX 354 3.5 external drive, beige _____________ 52.99 CDTV external 3.5 drive, block »10 blow
discs .... 49.99 PC 8808 with anti click *¦ Wih bock up and virus protector .65.00 PC 8808 os obcve, Cyclone compatible ...... 78.99 Dual drive os PC 8808 ___________ 125.00 Replacement A500 drive-------------------------34.95 MONITORS ACCESSORES COM 1084ST including ill * swivel *2 gomes________199.95 CBM 1084S0 monrlot t (eosk ? 2 grwt Hot list games 189.00 Philips UK 8833 MKJI mon.»leads* Tvri» Chollenge ? Oo «*e 219.99 Till + swrrd stand for Philips 8833 ---------- 12.99 CBM I960 High res monitor ......
359.99 KAGA14" Multi Sync for 1200 4000 ..... 429.00 KAGA 2CT Multi Sync for 1200 4000 ... 1549.00 Phdips CM Hi res SVGA 28dp int. MU swivel ....259.99 NEC 4FG Mulri Sync 544.99 Micrawoy Ftcker Freer_________________________124.99 10 Flicker Free Video 2-A500 . ...._ 197.90 ElecDesfix 196.99 SCANNERS A DIGITISERS Epson GT 6000,600dpi 24 bit M ....789.00 FpsanGT 8000,800dpi 24 bit A4 . 1192.99 Power Hand Scanner, 400 dpi, 64 Greyscol*, Power
scon softwore . 88.99 Power Hand Sconner os above, V3 lor 1200 4000 ,.---------104.99 Power Colour Hand Scanner __________________ 219.49 Sharp JX 100 A6 Sconner + sconlab s w up to 18 bit ....469.99 Sharp JX 320A6 Scanner + s w up to 24 kit .... 89899 Vidi Amiga 12____________________________- .-......-.74.99 Summo Sketch It A4 Tablet Digitiser 319.99 Summo Sketch II A3 Tablet Digitiser .. 529.99 EMULATION ICS Powtfboord ..146.50 G Gale 386s* 25MH2______438.99 KCS Powerboard with DOS 188.49 G Gale
486SX .795.99 KCS adopter .59.99 GYP 286 lor GVPII ? S30 .216.99 AT Bridgeboard for 1500 199.00 AT Date ________________214.99 386 Bridgeboord fori 500 .299.99 GYP 40 4 for 1500 ____945.99 DISCS 10 Blank DS 00 iso in box ..4.99 SO Blank DS DO discs ..17.99 10 Blank 05 HD discs ....6.99 50 Blank DS HD discs 27.99 ACCELERAT0RS HDA500 600 AS301M8120MB ...728.99 A590 20M8 ..259.99 A5301MB 240MB .908.99 A570 for 2.041MB 500 ... 309.99 A530 68882 .203.99 20MB HD upgrade 600 1200 1 49.00 GYP HD8
42MB .339.99 60MB HO upgrod* 600 1200. 199.00 GVPHD8 85MB 439.99 80MB HO upgrade 600 1200. 229.00 GVPHD8120MB ...499.99 120MB HD upgrode 600 1200 3 59.00 IY5 Trumpcotd 42MI HD..279.99 Mmobotio VX130 25MHr 219.99 Litra 2MB fined to above ... 62.99 2W8as»RAMfardxw 179.99 ACCELERATORS HD A1500 2000 3000 GW Series II9QM8 309.99 0 Force 030 50MHZ 4MB... 1099.99 GVPSeresIIBOMB .379.99 Gforce040 33MHZ?MB POA GVPSmsll 120MB ..409.99 fog&uM02MC«* 1739.99 GYP Series II420MB .1033.99 fttgMauiyO«29»C(3DOO) 1349.99 G force 03025MHZ lMfi 54199 SysquestWMti* HD 88MB 549.95 Gface
03040MHZ4MB-.783.99 Extra2M8fatedtonyabo* 62.99 EXPANSION A500 5121 Rom hp*(hxk 19.90 A1200 32 bit 2MB exp POA ASCO- 1MB exp .28.99 A1200 32bet 4MB-»4»8681 279.00 A500* 2M8, exp. To 8MB.. 149.99 A1200 32bit4MB468882 349.00 CBM 2.04 upgrade kit 74.99 AI200 3? Bit 8MB+68882.. .549.00 A600 1MB exp hq ) 39.99 A500 Rom Sharer 1.3 ....39.95 A6W 1200 2MB exp (fast) 117.99 A500 Ran Sharer 2.04 ....38.95 A60Q 1200 4MB exp (fast) 179.99 A600 Ran Shaer +1.3---------49.95 Chip fittiM aod beard vpgrode avoiloble, by ow gwlified engineers or DIY hit -------- POA GENLOCKS CBM Rendale 8802
(500 600 1200 compatible) 139.99 (BM Rendnlo 8802 SVHS._ 529.99 Vdeo Piol v330------.994.94 BetDesPdOdock 329.99 BctDesTCCdak 496.49 «3SS» GtutnlTQ.D--- Star 1(20. ____ Star 1( 100 9pm col,, Star 11200 coL_ - 164 49 Gfu» Swift 9*------163.49 Star l( 24 70 . 173.49 StarlC241W24p« 16349 StailC 24 200 197 25 Static 24-200 col 236 49 Citi»n 124D . 176 99 S0« IQ 199-m,----11999 nn 5200 24*....179,99 Citizen S200 24 cat* .194.99 Crtijcn S240 24 cat*......249.99 Cilijtn S24x col' ....296.99 tlufbe Prim Pro drrur ulil s w highfy recommended ADD £39.95 l to 1 with Print
Monoger US • TllliAUi Noi (0727) 560 Semi day despattk ta Sw«ch erne© cord otdrs ttaed takm 5pm sUxaa » Wdotiir*. WtBrotwV s«d dwqa, order, borkm M a dkai order (Pits. Eduokn ant Gwermwi bodes ahr) to; Dept. *C HshbyW Ccmatat Centre, 1 Morlef Evxe. St Wbons, H»m 613 5DG. Pwsse cfcm 7 wedng days for chaw ciwrance. Suhect « mofabfitr. Despcrdi s normePy rrttrn 21 tom of rKeui rf ciwtd prfnri Prices ore correct ot m« of garg to press, fawwrt. •eatsomeJtnes lowd V) ctorge «th« 10 a dam. Plecw cheu before oMonng Addriand srrwes on) iro*r paiogss nxrj be rfwtd riotrsteenoems.onJ prices ney vary
bom Mof Order prxes Pirsonj! Dltnoe asked to qMMtfKsad to msute Moil Order pocuges ore offeree Smol (cnsimrtte I softwnprtams Othtr items, except losns OffshcrenrdHgtatntk Hi AOOITION WE OffER THE FOLLOWING EXPRESS SERVICES: Sswtfcy dMwnts Homcl tse js £IS * VAT pet box Imwrtdev tottri t* plis £8 ? VM per box SOFTWARE Pro Ymeo Plus ...,137,99 TV Show Pro 51.39 1Y Text Pro 68.99 Video Director 106.99 EDUCATIONAL Any Fai School 3 or 414.99 Any ADI 17.SO Spelling Far . .16.99 PamlL Create 16.99 Merbn's Molhs 16.99 See also software packs UTILITIES LANGUAGES AMAXII Plus 249.99 Amos
30 .21.49 Amos die (renter 30.95 AmosCompfler 19.49 Amos Prof 44.50 EosyAmes 22.49 Cross Dos v5 22.75 Oisk Master II 43.75 GfA Basic- 17.99 lattice C 6 ...219.99 Ouorter back 30.50 Ouarta bock Tools 44.99 XcopyPro- -34.95 APPLICATION Areno Accounts 89.50 Excellence 3 .88.99 Image Master --------------1069.00 OpalVeion 24 bit board • Opal Pant, Opd Presents Korene 24 bit v”*- 629.99 Rembrondl 24 bit board 2489.99 V lab 24 bit real limeigitiser... 289.99 V Lab 1200 4000 .....324.99 ORDERING: 24 BIT T A Video 24 with 1Y Port for 500 .588.90 Callwra v*ice*a Optn Non Tii
«m-6db, Sat Bax - 4pa. SON 10-4pa km orw sofc*V I0-4M.
DISCOUNT AMIGA SOFTWARE We re easy to find, iuat 1.5ailaa from the M(2. Eaay parkinfl. Luva M2 at junction 24, taka M3* to Iradrord, uphill, after about 1.5 ailaa 4 ]uat paat tha park, turn laft onto New Worka Rd, juat over a railway bridge. Me'ro on tha laft 400yda further on oppoaita a PO nail box.
Railway ImJI Bradford IfJ1IHILI111111 ULTD5ATI no MULOOUI fm] JOTarICR NOW t19.99 V y l eth l h uonth action AneUvye.
Joyetiok with lira button cn tha and, plu putbhls kit tr I i ¦, Kiel caw itch tire buttonai aotofira (mt all gmn support autofira) Ideal tor flight aiulatare ate (Wot all guee suppoat analugue )uyelicka) NQVM JOT9Tiat rPRT fWITCN Ul.ff
• Hu sockets (or bum 4 joystick.
* Fash button ulecte on us a or ioyetic
• lhaa no pwoc unlike other lypu.
* Sevu wear 4 tear ca hum port.
1. 4* Disc iks P« (6 M Dims ii.44 BOUS'D MANUALS T»M
3. 5- DIM KB rt* N DIMS . 17.15
J. 5- WUVS HEAD CU1AIW .... (1.99 PATTER AOIOS »172A ..
119.99 SUPER DeNIS* . C19.99 cm
..... 119.99 nm i Qour ...... 115.99
NAKSHA HOUSE + onurroi rrRAi.n our price (24.99 Mnh Mm m5 I
ktlftr 25(1.4 MUMS for A590 lm vim i!«ram triVE HA1H5
kKPlA 9M9rr P«l Ehhkt smith soon KASTEAilC talGA D05
vai .... (21.95 NASTERINC AMIGA 006 VOL 2 ... (19.95 EZ BOWS
NASTVRIIK WORKIWirH 2 (19.95 .... (14.99 KaxrekiHc amiga
c ....tii.95 ...(21.99 NASlCIUMi MUGA FitIWTERS ....
119.95 .... (17.95 MASTUUNC AMIGA ASSZM1LER ... (24.95‘ ...
(27.95- MAST*Rim AMIGA STSTTM (29.95' .... 122.95* MASTERIWC
AMIGA AIST* .(19.95 .... (2J.95" taVITKIN; AMIGA AAMI
IfKlA .... 111.95 NAKTlIRim AMIGA - a»CII0»RS . F|J.9 ....
(24.95* A600 UKIDER CXI1M! ...(14.95 .... f 14.45
BEGINNERS AMIGA VIDEO an* 114.99 Cwora: Workbench it toons.
Screens, ... (26.11 KorkDanch annual diakforhaUing ( HU IN
.... (19.15 ckiplioatingi (king Prafaranoaaj hUug ... (24.95* unrry; Adding paripharala - digitisers, .... (II.94 genlocks; Using 0.1; Changing the Btact g .¦ii (21.95 amywraia ato ate • lOaina lunq. Tnllantl ¦AOK20.95 ALL MAIN AMIGA MAGAZINtS IN STOCK
MIICA 500 KFAII (19.99 tncludn parte 4 iabmr. Rmliahta pau disk drive i keyboard suite.
AS20 KXIMATOt REPAIR (19.99 12PLACE wreanu. »1V*......((9.99 A‘.00 rwi UTAH ......(29.99 Add (10 tar aaaeday turmrouad by prior arraogauot only) tiill in or nervi by pagietrrod po*t J fnr ntlum catTj Mk1 CYCLONE AOAPTOfl C1299 DIGITISERS, GENLOCKS, SCANNERS I ENHANCERS HOC KIT Chroma kaying unit C2C9.99 Tha idaal paitnei for tha ItooGm Plua. Ihia add-on laying' a nit anablaa protauional atteota noli as diixaa keying, lone keying. Key through, Graphics iwerley, key sindnw etc nsi ii - . 41.44 ¦» Cblaar Frau anttar dialtiaar.
Imnua ... » » i acdiq gienw in am auparic .. 1JQt.tl rum vinUiw, obIom digiUaa* k ganlucA.
ODLOUMRRC .(409.99 rraas grabber i colour digitiser in ona unit.
¦BAU aaoi ¦¦DC* ..41)5.44 Um mt hi spec burtjet genlock.
MN not U01 MB 4491.99 Saniptotaaalonal SfflS Genlock a anaallant raloa. Rwaground I background wxkwi Sn *r VMS iapwt I output) CiapogiiR video Inpet 4 outpetl hardenre ocatnllal tarku; emu fad* taiga to video; fad* to black; several powerful ‘•Ipu*. WOT 0000 VALM K* UOKS DCTV ......fin.I External guphiae nKaui for all taigaa.
¦Uiism .. 1121.99 Co xiaaa D1GIYIIM OOW »i tao digitiaar (tha but toe OH with a cmara] * DICIFAIWT J . BLAH FEKKMMER. '-»V« in. 4
n. rrm naor vnw 2 .H21.W pits lnalda your A509,500. 1500 or
2000 4 alinimtu annoy inq flicker. Latut IgvmaH v are ion.
Lego Ires VGA or (fcltlaync ¦Qditor. CtapaUbla with ALL taiga
vldau auha. Oraraoan capability for full acreen display. Ho
visible saan lima.
R. DB nm Ra aaioa 1500 Moo (»».« with boilt la rtemo mvt.ipier
wrwcm ay 4000 couxm acw IXI.M PWC1 KW Pndauicnal guaUty riet
bed colour acenr cnpabla of raeolving 14.1 Million ooloera; or
Xi level gray tea la at lQfe*ii raaolution. Includaa fraa
taiga dint.
ITALIAN TOTCB JUNIOR TYPIST (5-12) tID'S TYPE ... (10 tai* ..... UTS spell HUES ... iip«*p lAWWicrp • - nacic *TC*r area ---- NATMV TAK (5-IIYRS) NATHS TAU ntACTICBS hates mnh SPECIAL PRODUCTS SUPERPI 2 STEREO SYSTEM - BI ri QUALITY 1 "*'*• looked high I loy tor a top win Karoo opaekar «r»tu tor uaa vlth anet Cmputere, keyboerrk., (Uno VCSe, Satellite tjrtu 4 Milam. Iria u'va found one - It ia a 14 ¦n!( per taaimel, directly ulna powered, J my speaker ayataa. It Ma ®ta«i txifcla A ruluac nmtrnla 4 nsaa with nmnnrtiivj laaib. Hmjmnaf ruponui )2Mx - 20UU. OUT (54.M
JU.BO AVMIIJIBUE - ETFl ITEMO BT6TKH - lateet model only E32.99 AMIGA ROM SWITCH 8»U LB TO FIT Only £27.99 Our keyboard operated Two way Rea mitdi enablu you to uu oither of 2 Workbench row. To switch over. Jut hold dm Centrol Aaigs taiga keys util you hear a blaap. (ftalaau thu before tha bleep to 'nua .tail' with tha currut nm. Rite AS 00 MOt 1500 2000. Fitting 1 mil Ida tea oaputai warranty unlaaa fitted by ua.
Pitting charge (15.04 Pious state which you have (alga dwi ordering.
BOMSWITCHiHROM onyCMW ROM SWITCH 4 2 04 ROM ony C64 90 lociudm * octave PULL SlU Keyboard, 100 IneLnaaant sound. 4 effects. 'Artificial inlel1iganoe' aoftMia for the taiga ahjcb AMIGA PRINTER PORT EXPANDERS 964 uu Dm Mlurnta, .um, raw Ditinae, ifliBMhi red nines nraqiart tally taitchad E uaion bniaa enable you to cgmmcI uptu four pariptmrala to your oapjut. The oonnactora on the units are the un type u the Creputnr'e printer irowctor so yoor parlperala )uat plug atroight in.
A oonneotiiNj lead hotUi 110.99 • ta tor uaa aith prinUn only, or IOCNb long if need with Digit lufe, prenpory f KbplOTO (*ta».a which ryq'd ) t* ¦htillnl fru, to link the (gunln to the oapeter. Ml 25 oonnecticaia are awltchad, amurlnq iaolation of ooenectod davlou.
_iwy.ntN_JmyP7W_fmyOIW rw WAT iCAAT iWItcM C17.99 UTCIAar ...1(7.99 AMI AUOMOrr .(42.99 AMI BAG* ...(44.99 AMAS 2 ....(49.99 AHM ......(14.99 AMDS - EAST ...(22.99 AMUR ID ...(21.99 AMDS CTMPIIER .(20.99 amCs propkuicmai - *V (44.44 Attn VI. 1 114.99 ART 04TT PRO save f?J (124.99 ART EIPRESStCaiS MM ..(154.99 AiAiflcM 4 .(39.49 MBIOttSTEA 4 .159.99 ATOIO EMGIHRIR 2 (145.99 BARS A PIPES ..(149.99 BARS 4
PIPES PRWESSICMAL ... (224.99 RKIACCAIT Tini* 2 ...(1(9.99 CAM DO V2 taH VRWJJUH 199.99 Casnnow aanaui ptMU. A c* . 154.99 atoas 006 V5 Inc PC ueUtor (22.99 DAT BT OAT ......
(22. 99
(49. 99
(49. 99
(49. 99
151. 99
129. 99
(29. 99 DIM MASTER ...(19.99 Did KASTEB 2
.(49.99 mrora (29.99 E TYPE
...(24.99 EXPERT
DRAW ...149.99 EffEW ID J»
.(35.99 EAST AMTI6 .(22.99
(A4.99 PINAL Onrv 2 PDKiCK . (91.99 Flfll V3.B ..... 151.91
p«.i*tR PAIMT 9,(2 K** ,,,,,, ortaxE Mkic . 0RU1XE
vicco i...... DEVPAC 1 - "¦» rorola IS GM£ ...... *
aanrn plus GALLERT - »
(42. 99
(59. 99
294. 44
(34. 99
(49. 19 aoth om otficb 2 m cow disk cm(i ran n mat %rm
pascal HISCTT BASIC ..144.99 RI son
BASIC EXKtalCMi .... (14.44 nc hxouirs 2 ......ui.w
• «««ase ..124.99 NCPTLXMIS
..(44.99 KPILIMS EDITICMS ¦**......(69.99
KTPEPBOCR . , (44.99 . 1111.11 . (04.99
(124. 99 , (74.99
139. 99 , (209.99 . (39.99
(39. 99
'*** I ATT I CP C V6 SAS C MR MACRO 68000 ASSM4IIMR . . .
MAILSHOT FLOS .... KASTTRSOTD ...... meuai mastek m MINI OTFiat - M«aVM MXHh PUB .... MKIC X
(21. 94
(31. 99
(149. 99
(36. 91
(44. 44
(34. 99
(125. 19
(34. 99
(41. 44
(34. 94
(29. 99
(19. 91
(57. 99 FAOttMAM PCM Mst..... PAQISmAN Bokne&S F0H6 .
PCRSCNU. TAJ PLAJ4CR...... PERSCMAL PINAMW KAN ____ MtCmSKMAL CALC ....(1)9.99 rwopATA j.j (49.99 PhOPESSICMkL PAC* 1 ..(179.99 110 FCWTS PCM PRCRAIZ 1101.19 PUOIETT 5.52 ..(59.99 FIOWITT r 1.1 - HOI VERSION (59.99 0UAK1EIUMCR 5
(44. 99
141. 19
1) 7.99
(74. 99
(199. 99
(109. 99 SOUP ANIMATE 4D Jwt .(94.99
sain ..... (34.99 SCOKatASIER
...(99.99 STEREO MASTER .(29.99
sureuAM V2 aw ......(14.94 sumnAse mr 4 um ma ..
1155.11 SOTERPLAN .(49.99 SYSTTM
V» .(57.99 TAAB 2
....(39.99 (29.91 ran
am.r 115.91 ..(51. M WmtWXTH 2 - «V VOUfON .. (44.44
XCAD 2000 . (109.11 mwcTAL oPEsaa.
CPA BASIC .(9.44 kCX*¥ 3*0 - PRXVKXK VERSION IWT MI aCLOB ADAFTT* - ....(27.41 in AMIGA wmrr.- &1UWT SfckVic* }
(25. 49
(21. 91 (lt.H (It.99
(22. 91 ni.n
iii. li
(19. 19 smaoom or rw beast hi STREET f IgtflER II...... STRIKER
.. AmirmR .. ar*D or
hukxm . rug mmn ..... IR000CXRS
Omvmx ..... .. (26.91 varp WRKSTLWAHIA .. ..
(It.99 wr 2 .. .. (18.99
I0CL ... .. (18.94
* O0L 1200 .. .. (11.91 COMPUTATIONS BIG IKW 2 - 10
GataS..... . (22.99 CAKTUCN en-LECTiai . (11.99 CCMBAT
CLASSICS ..... (21.11 DREAM TEAM . .
.... . (11.99 FOOTBALL CBA1T .... . (11.99
(22.99 MCA SPCRTS QUEST I CLCRT somrioan .
Koa. PACK ----
(22. 99
(11. 99
(29. 99 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT SALES: 0274 - 691115 ilogicy OPEN
SUNDAY 10-4PM ke ormm pact rt» no.
To ork*' AMIGA 1200 KXIU 1MBO RAM
UnOaruritten try s leading SB Xnauraeee Vs. ACCIMWTS con h*tt*m to artyime 4 they aren't oovarwd kg the Mtwfaoturara warranty. MB OlnSt this hM *B»lr«d, you car tart thlnga will a tart to go wrnvj. With thn average alnlmia Aauga repair rxat log 145.55 it MS net* awnaa tor a one-off peyuent, to know you will never have Mft repair bi 1 la to pay (or 2 « J TUBS. Hi 14 tltwuM Warranty Inaui ance policy suat be Inlm nut eilAia 6deyu of purchase. Pul 1 detaila on iwquaat.
Ocsmorwas urro (too X* VALOS - 2yr» 12?.55 jrra 142.55 oamofu* UFTO (HI IV Vutt - 2ym 1)2.99 W(S4 ((7.99 Alio svmloMB lor prirtere A monflon «c POA FREE ON SITE WARRANTY Add £42.99 for 2 meg versions STOP PRESS
• BOOL rrp US.99
(33. 99
* sniROt rrp US.99
• TRAJ920UT* (Wordprocaaaor) TOTAL VALUE rrp
(49. 99
YOUR 600.
WORXBEaai 2.1 UFORADE IK RCM (79. 99 Similar to Workbench 3 - Many nev feature 4 utilities.
• 44 juat (43.99
PLEASE PHONE FOR DETAILS XVTBUUL BAUD atZVBS FROM UNDEB (130 MS* 400 DELUXE MONITOR ITATIOI CONYEOL UURIB U*.« AKIOA 1300 WLUI* W3IITOI ITATIOI GOMOL CD1U t4J.W Conpr!»•» colour matched etael etand for immtor tv; ehelf under for Peu t sxternsi drive etc; House 4 Joystick port extension cebles; mouse holder; mouse met i Large duet cover k covers monitor 4 computer. A EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES ROCLITE RF382av 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE £67.99 Wliw ANTivlftuS A ANTI CUCK FEATURES RRP f74 99 OR WITH NBW XCOPY PRO £99.99 I PRINTERS CITIZEN SwirT 9C0L0UR ONLY €184.99 Ipin; llfqm dralti 46ope HLQ printing
ipnnd. 4 built-in
a. rtictlcn 4 tractor fmk. P*f»i park. Low* coat rihbona.
U warranty. *»on I I SI Prupa inter asulatlona. Um noiaa ,i. Ill ME UKSAW (11.99 99 CUMANA CAX354 £56.
T AKIOA DMIVtK D1U I "ijsrs1, CITIZEN Sniri 240C COLOUR £284.99 CITIZEN SWIFT 240 WONO €249.99 24 pin; JiOrpm A aft 4 U ipa let tor quality print ipael. I fonts. 2 aealabla (ants. F4per parking, push 4 pull tractor fesl, frictiee last. Qwm W576, WC TIO ‘ I* -uUtlone.
Ultra low noiaa level, ? Quiet mntn for lunar noiaa. 2 wear warranty. 12M UN UFUBICi 112.91 Si MEMORY UPGRADES AKIOA 500 A SOO FLUB UM 500* l hwq upgrade without clock (24.55 tAM ) (66. I kw.( with clock i battery (29.99 Jliat piuot in. (to aaiderinq.Karraaty uwjffeclal.
A599* Kcg MK3«A«* ... (44.55
1. 5 MW ASM una*A£ e fully populated 145.55 (kaquxtaa gary chip
roaov.j 4 imulidalM tmrrantyl 506 560* MTYRMAL 2-WNC OFUADF
twe 2Eeg 1U1.11 PHILIPS CW6833ak2 €224.99 14- SCREEN » STEREO
LEAOCJ99 » o« both for ce ee HI-RSS 14" COLOUR MONITOR £229.99
(209. 99
(244. 99 starr 200 euratE ewxrr 200 aoLotmt cxTiia ciTxis AMI0A
400 mu da 600 law) upgtttki i clock (unpopol) 127.11 miiyi
400 Ian) iqigradu clock - now only (44.55 Jual plug* in.
No aoldennq.Uarcanty unaffected.
Alii Kmt'lA 2 ICC KBIT FAST RAM (141.11 At00 K3TIA C 4M'i: KNIT FAIT RAM (221.11 24 pint 2.0cq3e draft 4 40 cpa latter cyiality print apotti. Itlne let tar quality (onla. 2 adaUI l« Uttar gMlity lonU. F WI paiklnq. Puah 4 pull treotor fond, frictisn fund, (peun Wft70.
EC 520 4 IW rrcq rlnta*24an aBiUtiora. 2 year warranty.
1IM 1AM RTPAKim 1)2.99 crnriN peooot m professi044AL peiktir c2n.ee 24Pin 4C Col wan | 5 fonta; iqaon. Ilia 1 Mac caulatlonai MoxltO % l graph.o» printing; IM buffer. Cclow AMIGA 1300 FAST RAM CARDS MOO KITIA 2 tOC, KBIT (AM RAM (149.99 a*m raiciA c 4(vw kbit fast wn 1221.55 Nicwmttics 25MU inc 0 nag 12t»lt faat raa (125.55 MtCWIKniCS uietr inc I nog J2blt teat raa (111.55 KIOMBUIICS UNIT ine 2 aag Ijhii laal ra (225.91 HICPOBOriCS I1 e r inc 4 nag )2bit feat raa (155.55 Theae include MMI co-proceaaor on board 4 lit in the undereidr trapdoor. Warranty i* ana!lactml.
Mi IW tor 2 (WTt vert ion with 608R2 eo-praDe«eor.
Lea (299.99 CfT BEN PRO JET INKJET LASER OUALfTY PRSTT ueaee )004 1 laaar quality 50 noxxla Il« )at printer, feat I vary p.Ut. Wfctsa *4f* 1 240 rya lalUt quality prlAt .pnml.Thraa latter gallly fnnta • cptional font (ura. Hr Dwkjal rlua uaalatlra. Cptlonal 124k i 25»k raa oartk. 100 ehawt autoaaUc (Mkr. Ink oartri yra - (12.99 Blill elUl AU BUDGET 4PP44 LASER PRINTER ¦ SEKOSMA OP 104 (SU ee four page per ainuta; NP Laawi |wt IIP aaulatinn; 106x104 bHi Ayr an *iU warranty. Psitteript eattien with Ueg ra IR45.51 ARC OK 1300 6 2000 MB WCATIIIP nrwp rw *1566 2666 inc 2aeg (114.M CVF AMIGA
1500 2000 0 ICC CARD (jnprp) 119.11 UCC k) S1296. ..... (ME (M.99 V 4NC x5 SI NTS ......EACH (129.11 i Vc*P 4MIC x J2B1T SINtS EACH_1161.5 HARD DRIVES ASTOUNDING SPEC: 68020 32BIT Cpu
• Prioaa iaclaki ikiva cubic.
(CNila alia jvaiIEiI* u*ui*u ly (or (1.91)
• Pur a* Had ready to met
• Kaay to fit - inatalIn in aaraml - attach to internal drive boy
brackat |aa«a included) i plug-in the ruble
- that a all that* la to It. Pitting dianja (19.00. Sand yiwi
1200 try registered poet, eocioaing (5.50 extra for return
carnage - itoa'I forqal the Extended narranty it rnpiral -
(42.55 extra- highly raiMaalal.
Wcaxa ID ALL A1204 Mores inc low ran. (15.Mm aod £439.99 inc leads.
PxukKtivity and. Lukptnr (14.55 extra if raiptirad.
APEED UP TOVE 1200 Adding noe of our J2t.it PAST (AM cards will giro frrut 2 to U timm epaad iwr*M carer a standard 1200 |(na 4 to 70 lian (aatar than a MOO - Unjrai inaeeaea are tec aatha intanaivo plications, aak.ai uaa of the 44441 44542 £199.99 14* SCREEN » 9TERE0 SOUNO » RG6 4CVBS INPUTS . SUPER® PICTURE dust cover ce ee
• CONNECTING LEAD* free Unturtabte for low i UeKHl)»6d4*
wire all cirien nirnu.
Itcumu COMMODORE 10848 Ssi: ::;Sii..... ...... AMIGA 600 | ’WILD, WEIRD & | WICKED’ £??9.99i AMIGA 600HD | EPIC’ PACK* I . £??9 * 99 i ALL SOOi HAVE FREE 12 MONTHS ON-S TS WARRANTY SUPERB GVP HARD DRIVES on me raa A500 4 500t - hd ram 1144.55 Oft salts II HDS* 42 Nag (or A560 (121.11 OF SDKS II M)R 10 Hag for A500 (411.1) OF SCP.1C6 II "PR* Unii) for A500 - now only 1455.55 OP smics II MM* 2I0anq for A500 - now only (445.55 The MD4 aariaa II can eooept either 1 or 2 or 4, 1 ang aw; 09 tun. 4 wi siaan.
Or MX 1X6 II MCI (or A1J99 2669 - » »IV* (115.55 GYP suits II HC1 • 42aeq for A1566 2000 065.55 CYP SOURS II MCI ? Rqang for A15CC 2000 (114.41 MF (EMIS It MC9 * 120ung for AI500 2000 - new only (444.14 OP SDKS II MCJ » 210aeg lot A1569 2999 - now only (465.55 the AC » ienee II can accept upto $ , long ¦» iraea in 2 neg a Capa.
A516 4JHr.) Hard drive 4 (60)0 AxMalar*t«r lor A'.OO (714.94
65) 0 Ooltog flird ikira 4 44020 Aooel«el»r f« A500 1*15.55 A5J0
120HW} Hard drive 4 60020 Accelerator for A500 1855.55 AS20
2l0Nag Mrud drive 4 6*020 Accelerator for A500 (1045.55 the
A5M Ccatxia lettuce a tM)0 40N*a tpu, I Ah} (M aiyw.vUhla to
bmp, 608F? A*[ha cici-proCT««or aociat, pvrri Pvppiy, c«pIing
Ian, mini- aapanaion a Jot, SCSI hard dia* iwtnillw 4 hard
ditk at apaciUml above. Tha AJJO run at I MIPS oarparad to
atandard Amiga 'a O.lhOPS. cvr 10002 Mm co-phots »* in (ut as
jo cc»eo (2H.n 1MBC suets PC* GVP DBIVTS .. (22.55 4MPC X9
suers roa cvp oaivps (125.55
• nc )2eif sMal KR A516 .. (141.91 CVF DC ACT BXTOML TVIH 51 4'
10 Ptg fC*t f-F-N - may to tit (214.15
045. 55
02. 41 WC illl lit far yaw AS50 120aag SCSI tpgrada - oeay to (it
as50 non oups ... All dpgrsdse *r» exxy to lit
yauraaIf, or we (Qi (15.09. PC CARDS k EMULATORS xcs KMIk M
OM v4.l FOR AMIGA 564 1 566 FUK
(149. 99
04. 19
165. 99
(64. 99
(219. 99 Hi Oual It raqalred .. rcs po*» pc naxAJca caxo
pea xmica *oo AMIGA 1506 2000 RCS ADAPTC* vomtx AT PUK 264
HARD MUVtS £101.11 00tee* CATO 2S6SX PC CARD POR Al500 2600
1 255.55 00U*H CATE 444SX PC CARD POB *1500 2000 P49.55
crrtcNAL oaivi camaiw chip me oouwm Ga« CM.14 ACCHLBRATORS
BLIIIAM TWO tommy roard r * *500 500. (209.99 Ctoct
doubled MOOOcpu Rdteg ram capacity upgrada&e lorn 'mag (7 2
4 5 6 Smog JfapJ) Fudy au»o««r 6gtrwg Wlm only I meg on
board • gtvat 200% tpaed ncraase over standard Amnga 2yr-
trananfy OVP O-FORCl ACCKUIRATORJ FOR Al 500 3000 C-FWai
016 251911 ...other* nrailatila - pna (471.11 FAST
kriaee include drira cabla.
• Poiaattwl ready to uaa.
FROM * r-a* T° (if ' inatal la in aaonnrl - attach to internal drive bay bracket (acxawu UNDER included) 4 pluq-in the crhla « that * all
• OMEO .... there la to it.
£ * JU . Rirrnc otarc* tis.oo aWMVim - (Thtxs Ttx* AMIGA 4 DRIVE - PW1 (20.11 PC*! 2YEARS. 1 year auvar alao available.
'Fitting a luutl ikive invalldntna rimmmku*'* aananiy - m highly laoarnd po take out a liteidd Marranty utiich alao PRINTER h MONITOR LEADS 4MP1 l.ta PARALLEL paiWIES LPJID (1.99 AMP* hi PARA MAIL PRIWIEk LEAD (12.99 AMP) 5a 4AAALUL MIHK UAD (14.49 2 FI HI UHVUtiAL FUSTIC FHIMIFl STAN) 15.11 MIVnSAL ICTAL PhimTR STAM2 i FAPP* III*re* 116.99 IA4KQ6S a'afrtlvc LABELS afqwox ).5*xl .5* 1000 for (T.55 CCMT1MU0US 600 PAPER ll*x5.5' box of 666for (21.44 11 HIKE Hl-IWIK SPRAT - Jaf black - axvw ((U (11.11 NM) RIBBONS tor aost citiim, rnnoannir, hUl (4.11 OOLOU* RinnCMS - LC200 24-2M A
SWIPT5 224 24 240 (15.55 CITIUM PBQJYT IM CAKTKIDCP (HLACk) II).14 TAIUKfB IVC FtllfreB COS7 COWS (6.M ror p xilar Cltlnm 4 star prindna
SOCKET (Mot foe VCRa) 111.99 inc) Sony, Philipa, Parguaon,
Hitachi, Tnehiha, Mitaubiahi AL2 for Perguac*
Mc01 Hc01 Hc45with • pin Bin ancki (12.99 AM (» HiLaehi CiRKMla
sots with Ipin Din ROI input (12.11
M. 6 fur Nmuad CPC444 4121 Monitor (* ifh no a wnd) (12.55 AI.6H
for new Aaatrod CPC atereo nonitor (12.55 ALT for 1084a arm
tar with 6 pin pin aacket (14.44 AL7P (or 10RI I0l4x I4II with
Ipin D sueRet 114.19
M. 11 with 1 pin 0 plug (« miltiaync aonitnfn (12-49 AL12 with IS
pin Jrav aocket tor wiltiaync Bmlturu (12.99 AI.12 with lSpln
2 row pluq for aultiaync wnituau (11.44 F1.ICEFR FIIKR UAD * 4
pluq to 15w»y J na pluj 12.11 WXJUIATC* Bxmsioi UAD el
iainntra ur*itmr»j 119.11 Oetxap. Wxrmw srAnaM flte over Aaiga
506 4 500* (41.51 includea wmt or nagrutar 1 piaoa PVC duat
ctwer, a«« aat HA* Art out for hard drive.
HIDE 4 JOTSTId EXTOKI0H RIT PIE PLIMTH I 4 J.lpail (7.11 WJ4UT0R TILT SWIVEL HAM lor iq to 14- waituru or TV* no.99 . Wavy crrrr smiwl has* pt* upto it- t v (12.44 wuilaailly, FI WLC aat U*a euaf* ailkar rt| a niLoaic nr i. taea frtaaa tiiar era ORDER* FROM LOCAL OOVKKEHEET 10-1-93 i EDUCATIONAL IIYAALII WE MAY BE NEW IN TOWN BUT WE'RE NOT NEW TO THE BUSINESS After sales service O NONSENSE ECHNICAL ADVICE 1 INCLUSIVE OF V.A.T. 1 USTOMERS COME FIRST Deluxe Paint 4 .. Y-Cvl ‘loon ..£59.00 ..£89.00 Citizen 120* D .. £109.00 ¦ X Cad
301)0 .... £229.00 Citizen Swift 9 Colour .... ...... Citizen Swift 24E Colour £179.0" £239.00 Yidi Amiga Colour Solution ..£99.00 Citizen Swift 9 136 Column ...... ..POA. Pro Draw 3 ..... ...£89.00 Citizen Swift 240 Colour £279.00 WP DTP Canon Bjlfl ex ... £205.00 Canon BJ20 .. £315.00 Kindwords 3 ......- ..... ..£34.00 Canon BJ330 . £499.00 Pen
Pal ..£44.00 Panasonic 1123 . Panasonic 2180 Colour ... £175.00 £189.00 Wordsworth ... ..£79.00 HP DeskJet Colour ... £499.00 Pro Page 3 £139.00 HP LaserJet 111 & till* ..... POA.
Pagcsettcr £129.00 Please phone for any printers not listed Final Copy 3 .....- ...... Home .Accounts 2 ..... POA ...£34.00 MEMORY PROGRAMMING ...£29.00 ...£49.00 ...£39.00 .£159.00 ...£34.00 POA.
...£69.00 .£23.95 .£18.95 .£39.95 ...£89.95 .£199.00 £114.95 mig.t A500 Cartoon Classics Pack (1Mb - Games Pack I ... £269.00 A6QQ . 4269.00 A600 . 20Mb HD 1425.00 A600 Wicked Pack .....£319.00 I for 2Mb on above computers please add £40) Amiga A12W„r - ...POA Amiga A1400..... POA A1500 (Home Accounts Pack) .4549.00 A2000 .. .POA. A3000 POA.
A570 CDTV Drive £329.00 A1500. A2000 Memory master, up to 8Mb voted best quality.
Uses Ivt Zip Ham 2Mb !...... £129.00 4Mb ..£189.00 6Mb .. £249.00 Kmb ...019.00 Full thru port. Also lor A500+ 2Mb .-.....£119.95 4Mb .£179.95 6Mb ..£239.95 Hmb .....£299.95 A500+ I Mb upgrades .A5O0* to 2Mb.
A600 tMb with clock ..... 1Mb no duck A500 512k 1 chip with clock . 512k 4 chip no clock Up to 8Mh plugs into side p »rt.
COMPUTERS .£49.00 .£45, " Novta 60i internal hard disk £349.00 Novia Asi ......- .....£449.00 AdSpeed ...1129.00 Flicker Free Video 2 ......£169.00 Please phone for other ICD products EDUCATIONAL English. French. German & Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar,. Each £21.95 Hisiury 1 & 2 .. each £21.95 British Politics, ..£24.95 Comparative Politics ...£21.95 PLEASE PHONE FOR DETAILS OF OUR A4 FLATBED SCANNERS DAATA SCAN
PRO .. ALFASCAN PLUS with OCR, ALPASCAN .. Amos .31) ... Dev Pack 3...... System 3 ... Ijttice C 5.1 .... Quarter Back... Supcrhase Pro.
Pascal . SOFTWARE SCANNERS DESIGN Kickstart switch ..£14.95 Boot selector switch ......£9.95 A500 original PSU £34.95 Auto joystick Mouse switcher £12.95 I Mb Simms ....£25.00 1x4 Zip Ram .....£13.95 10 HD 3.5’ Maxel disks ......£15.00 10 DSDD 3.5" Maxel disks ...£6.95 100 s of leads and cables can be made.
Please phone Blitz Amiga..... ...£23.99 Gemtizer Graphics Tablet £129.00 A500 Dual Port Expander ..£19.00 Action Replay 3 .. .£59.00 JOYSTICKS Full range stocked including.
Megastar Junior £14.99 Top Star ......£19.99 Super Star ....- .....£10.99 Foot PeJal Controller ..£22.99 Manta Ray ....£9.99 All prices include VAT and are subject to change. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please enquire about p & p with your order.
3 Button track ball .. £29.95 290dpi Replacement Mouse ...... £12.95 .WMMpi optical Mouse ....£29.95 Optical Pen Mouse -....£34,95 Budget Replacement Mouse £9.99 ¦Hi!
Philips 8833 mk2 - ...£I99.iH) Multisync monitor ....£349.00 Goldstar TV monitor .£195.00 HARD DRIVES GYP A530 with 40MHz accelerator and optional matha coprocessor.
• Real-time scanning display.
• Image size limited only by memory
• Saw in the popular IFF file format.
• C rop, rotate, flip, resize, lighten, darken.
• 16 colour palette from 4(t96 colours.
• Variable zoom & edit facility.
« Full drawing tools - box, line, circle, text, COMPLETE PACKAGE £89.95 Version 3 software upgrade. £20 Pandaal Interface software upgrade £40 Record and mix sounds trnm a Walkman. CD player, or extract samples from games.
• True stereo sound sampling cartridge.
• Sound recording and mixing software.
• Stunning real time effects.
• Song and MIDI sample sequencers.
FREE STEREO LEAD (iNI.Y £29.95 O NDAAL HAND SCANNER BEAT STUDIO The UK's newest Amiga store is conveniently located in central London sandwiched between London Kings Cross. Euston main line and tube stations and Russell Sq. Holborn and Tottenham Court Road tube stations, making us easy to reach from almost every corner of the country. Alternatively you can order from the comfort of your arm chair, just pick up the phone and speak to our experienced sales technical staff for satisfaction guaranteed. Government and Educational orders welcome.
ANTIC COMPUTER SYSTEMS VISA 56 TAVISTOCK PLACE LONDON WC1H 9RG TEL 071 278 7602 FAX 071 837 9024 The Great British Amiga Rip-off by John Butters providing the product is for the importer's personal use, no extra tax is paid upon arrival from other parts of Europe.
And technical experts say that apart from different keyboard layouts and a slightly lower power requirement, the continental machines are very similar.
Keyboard configurations can be changed through Workbench prefer ences and the power difference of up to 20 volts would not be dangerous.
The real problems would arise if the computer became faulty. It is less convenient to return the equipment and there might be weak support.
But before Amigas were built in Irvine, Scotland, Commodore said they did not make extra profits on computers sold in Britain.
The manufacturer said they had to pay for the computers to be imported and one benefit given to British Amiga buyers - and not available in other countries - is the year's on-site warranty.
No-one from the firm was available for comment on these new findings.
THE British are being forced to pay more for Scotish-built Amigas than buyers in other parts of Europe; Amiga Computing can reveal.
The story comes as the pound sits at a low level against other major currencies, and only a few weeks after Commodore held off slapping a £30 price increase on their computers.
During our investigation we found that Germans can buy standard A1200s for about £320 - £80 less than Brits - and those on the look-out for an A4000 save a massive £500.
The same is true in some other neighbouring countries - in France, for example, A600s are widely available at its computer dealers for around £250.
Only a few High Street giants can match that in Britain.
But the good news is that Single Market laws introduced at the beginning of the year mean it is now easier than ever before for travellers to bring computers into this country.
An official at H M Customs and Excise in Salford, Manchester said that Psychologist raps epilepsy scare stories A BRITISH psychologist has hit out at tabloid newspapers which recently carried "scare mongering" headlines claiming computer and video game playing can trigger epileptic fits.
"Nintendo Killed My Son", screamed the front page of The Sun, about a boy with a previous history of fits who allegedly collapsed and died after playing a Super Mario game.
The boy's mother was quoted as saying; "If it can happen to my child it can happen to anyone."
The Daily Mail said games "should be redesigned to eliminate the risks of causing fits in children".
And even The Sunday Timei reported City fears that health scares might cause the computer games bubble to burst.
But one person who suffered from the condition and who has researched its effects is psychologist Dr Cliff McKnight of the HUSAT Research Institute at Loughborough University.
"To suggest computer games cause epilepsy is nonsense - at best it indicates poor reporting and at worst it is simply scare-mongering," he said.
Dr McKnight says the games themselves are harmless but flickering TV screens used with computers and consoles could affect some of Britain's 20,000 photosensitive epilepsy suffers.
It is only under this form of the condition that seizures are triggered by visual stimulation - such as Tvs - and it can only affect those with an existing tendency or problem.
Fits can also be triggered by such things as the slow-down lines painted on roads before some roundabouts, tree-lined French roads with the sun shining through trees and disco lights.
"Many hundreds of thousands of games computers were sold over Christmas - almost exclusively for use by children who tend to sit close to the TV when playing a game," Dr McKnight added.
"It's not surprising from a statist!
Cal point of view that some cases of epilepsy have become apparent, but this is certainly no excuse for the way certain tabloid newspapers have distorted the facts in order to create a more dramatic story."
And the British Epilepsy Association have also slammed the newspapers' reports. Chief Executive Terry O'Leary says that the "panic and fear Is misplaced."
They have produced a leaflet on photo sensitive epilepsy and an information sheet about televisions and computer displays which can be obtained from their helpline on 0345 089599.
Make your Amiga more intelligent and sen your bright ideas blossom!
¦ y THE DISC COMPANY See all of your plans come to perfection with MaxiPlan4. This upgrade of Amiga’s best-selling spreadsheet is more than an improvement, it’s a real revelation.
FANTASTIC FEATURES For financial analyses, database lists and marketing research, MaxiPlan4 has it all. More charts, graphs and presentations. More eye-catching colours. More macro commands. You can create up to 50 charts per spreadsheet in a faster, friendlier environment. With everything from user-definable page breaks to file linking and various data viewing modes.
MORE FOR LESS A list of each and every benefit would simply take up too much space. But one fact is immediately obvious.
At just £49.99 MaxiPlan4 makes your money - and your ideas - go far further. It all adds up to yet another hit from The Disc Company.
Superior software tpom KindWords3 gives Amiga’s most popular word processor a big boost. This new version is faster, more powerftil and fantastically friendly.
Incorporating the ®7 incredible Human Interface Protocol™, it works harder for you, so you don’t have to work so hard.
OVER 25 MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS Get to grips with words and graphics instantly.
Advantages include automatic text wraparound for pictures. Import from all graphic file formats of any colour or resolution. Up to 255 fonts are available, including high density printing fonts. There’s also on-line help, a WYSIWYG display ... and much more.
While a digital clock keeps track of time.
PERFECTLY PRICED So w hat’s the price of this superior software ?
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Outstanding Upgrade Offer!
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Name_ Address _ Town City _ Postal Code- ¦ Country Daytime Phone_ Credit Card Number.
Signature- Expiry Date Send me-MaxiPlan4 at £19.99 each inc. VAT ? £3 shipping charge £_ Send me-KindW'ordsS at £19.99 each inc. VAT ? £3 shipping charge £_ Cheque, Visa, Master Qrd, KuroCard, Switch and Money Orders arc accepted.
IX) NOT SEND CASH. Make cheque payable to: The Disc Comapny (UK)
Send to : THE DISC COMPANY (UK) Ltd., C O IMEDIAT, B3, Edison Road, St. Ives, Huntingdon, PE 17 4LE, United Kingdom. Allow three weeks for delivery.
For additional information, demonstration disks, or brochures visit your Amiga dealer Both upgrades require : Amiga 500,500*, 600,600 HD, 1000,2000, or 3000, Workbench 1.3 or 2.0,1 MB RAM (additional memory recommended). Two disk drives or hard disk recommended.
' Su&Oioi mul price.
Personal touch for artists BUDDING artists will soon be offered a new paint package which is claimed to take full advantage of the Amiga's original and advanced graphics British distributor MicroPace (0753 551888) also say Personal Paint offers sophisticated image processing functions, programmable effects, intelligent colour reduction and remapping.
Other features include up to nine brushes, a text editor, colour fonts, two different working environments and a customisable user interface with sound effects.
A disk containing 256 colour images is to be supplied with the program, which has a price tag of £59.99. Launches planned for Wembley AS THE final preparations are put to the forthcoming International Computer Show, details of new Amiga products due to be shown have emerged.
Heading the line up at the Amiga Computing-sponsored Wembley show, HiSoft promise to unveil at least two new software packages.
They include v6 of the SAS C compiler development system for AmigaDOS, intended to provide users with a "responsive, controllable C compiler".
Devpac 3, the latest version of the firm's assembler programming software will also be shown.
Added features include a new multiwindow editor with bookmarks for remembering key positions. Education Alternative make some Real changes ALTERNATIVE Image (0533 440041) are set to release an improved version of Real 3D, and slash the cost of the exisbng package - vl .4 - to around £60.
Major additions found in v2 are a new customisable user interface and a line up of animation features never seen before on the Amiga.
Customisable Environment and Expandability is the full name given to the software's interface. It enables users to edit, save and use a newfy-designed user interface or load a favourite.
The CEE's flexibility allows the user to expand the program by editing screens or windows, and by defining new functions that can be added to menus, icons and keys.
And the new animation system contains features such as object morphing, particle and procedural animations, texture and material morphing and animated textures and backdrops.
Also available is skeletonal control and continuous time or frame-based animation descriptions, Effects include motion blur, magnetism, sun glow effects and blurred reflections.
The price remains to be fixed but a spokesman for Alternative Image gave it as approximately £300. Keal 30 renton 2 r°P on mat on frQtum Power cut causes A1200 problems A CHANGE to the design of the external floppy disk port on A1200s means that people upgrading from older Amigas are finding some of their existing peripherals incompatible.
The port - although similar to the eye - used to be supplied with both 5 and 12 volts of power. The new Amiga has only 5y, and gadgets needing the extra power will not work.
Among hardware likely to have difficulties are some older external disk drives and a few video digitisers. Several firms' products are affected.
Commodore's technical department said that with recent improvements in disk drive mechanisms, the 12v power supply is no longer required.
Although Amiga Computing has scores of contacts in the Amiga world we need you. If you have some hot news ring John Butters on the news desk now on 0625 878888 or fax to 0625 879966. All informa tion supplied will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
Specialist LCL will be at the exhibition to launch the first computerised national curriculum integrated science course.
Micro Science takes eight-year-old beginners up to GCSE level, and can then be used as a revision aid for physics, chemistry and biology examinations.
Power Computing, meanwhile, promise to have plenty of new Amiga hardware on display. Among the line-up will be Epson's new flatbed scanner, hand scanners and A1200 memory.
Other firms due to attend are New Dimensions, Silica Systems, PD Soft and Coombc Valley Software.
The show will be held on February 19 to 21.
News A Scala faces competition MEDIALINK 3 is the name of a new package set to take on the might of Scala in the Amiga multimedia market.
Programmed by 1001 Software Development, the firm says the menu- driven software is ideal for designers of time-based applications such as standalone presentation systems.
And they claim that interactive programs can be put together in a short period of time, with shorter scripts than similar ones made with the program's competitors.
It contains smooth anti-aliased fonts and features line-by-line and page transitions, real-time loading from hard disk of larger than memory animations and a time base counter.
Other features include 24-bit output, Arexx, multitasking, sound module playing, plug-in objects and Workbench 3 compatibility.
"Multimedia should be practical, it should work on inexpensive hardware and it must deliver solutions, not problems,*1 said a 1001 Software Development Spokesperson.
To be distributed in Britain by Alternative Image (0533 440041), it will cost approximately £300.
Compatible again.. A NEW program available from some European computer clubs aims to solve many of the incompatibility problems caused by recent Amiga 05 upgrades.
Believed by experts to be illegal, the software enables A5Q0P, A600 and A1200 users to boot their machines with the early Kickstart 1.3 and appears to even downgrade the graphics.
Once installed, Kickstart 1.3 will remain in the Amiga's memory until the machine is turned off and enables previously incompatible software - including games - to be loaded. Although two East Europe-based firms are credited for the program's development we have been unable to contact either.
One technical expert described it as a 'remarkable little program" but added that it is similar to the shareware program Zkick which does not work with the latest Amigas. ?
Editing range improves EDITMAN Super is an improved range of products designed to enable video enthusiasts to use their Amigas to control a VCR or video camera for editing.
With the ability to import graphics and captions while editing, the latest models now handle animation and provide A B roll editing facilities with programmable fades and so on.
Versions higher in the range have extra options such as 24- bit graphics and video FX.
Developed by Syntronix DTV (0332 298422), Editman's price starts at £399.
Cartoon Classics bundle goes for £249 ANYONE on the look out for an Amiga 500 Plus can now buy the Cartoon Classics bundle and an extra pack containing four games for just £249.
The offer comes from dealer Silica Systems (081 -309 1111), who promise the computers are official UK models and are supplied with full warranty and support.
The A500P is supplied with Deluxe Paint III, Transwrite and games Lemmings, Captain Planet, 2ool, Pinball Dreams and Striker.
Vortex find British home Spokesman Andy Leaning: "With recent exchange rate fluctuations, most news recently has been of manufacturers increasing their prices.
"Silica are pleased to stop this trend for a while and announce a special offer which sees the Amiga S00 at its lowest ever price."
Drawing with Soft-Logik SOFT-LOCIK, developer of desktop publishing package PageStream, have now released an Amiga structured drawing program called Art Expression.
Its editing tools give users the ability to add, delete, move, join, split and align points in objects and there are also tools to dose paths, create text objects and change file magnification.
And among its special effects features, text can be aligned to curves or warped inside any shape, and objects and colours blended for realistic shading and shape metamorphosis.
Desktop publishers are offered the ability to convert and load files from many Professional Draw, Aegis Draw, Pro Vector and Adobe Illustrator, as well Art Expression's PostScript files.
The Missouri-based firm have chosen MicroPace (0753 551888) as their British distributor and have set a price tag of £144.99. New drives from distributor LEADING distributors including 2CL and SDL could soon become Commodore- approved A1200 hard drive suppliers, Amiga Computing has learned.
Under such an arrangement, customers would be able to buy the state-of-the-art computers already fitted with drives, and without the machine's warranty being affected.
It is planned that drives with different levels of storage capacity will be sold, and installation software and cables will be GERMAN emulation specialist Vortex Computersysteme have established a new distribution arrangement with MicroPace (0753 551888).
MicroPace were chosen as Vortex’s British representative because of their ability to offer quick delivery, technical and sales support and a complementary product line.
At first three products will be offered by the Slough-based firm - Golden gate 386SX, Golden gate 4865LC and Monitor Master, an automatic monitor switch box.
"These boards bring an exceptional level of performance capability and opportunity to Amiga user," said MicroPace's Marios Margaritis.
"The 486 has beaten our initial sales projections and we expect the excitement to continue."
Used. And Wang - the firm appointed by Commodore to carry out Amiga repairs - will be authorised to fix faulty drives fitted to the computers before their sale.
So far only Silica Systems (081-309
1111) have announced details of a model they will be selling.
They say an A1200 fitted with an 85Mb Maxtor drive will
cost £698.
The drive will be supplied with Great Valley Products installation software and leads.
Typography from AGFA AGFA have just brought out two typography packages as part of a policy of making their entire library of Intellifont scalable typestyles available in Amiga format.
The Amiga Starter Pack II is a collection of typefaces for desktop publishing and wordprocessing applications.
It includes a range of typestyles including CG Times and CG Triumvirate, together with Park Lane and Brush scripts and Futura and Shannon Extrabold for headlines.
And 25 typefaces used in the advertising, commercial and broadcasting industries are contained in the Video Series Pack.
Using the software Amiga users can drop type into graphics and manipulate composite images without losing resolution.
Prices were unavailable at the time of going to print. Agfa can be telephoned on 081-560 2131.
A570 price slashed COMPACT disc drives are now financially in reach of many more Amiga users following a £100 price drop just announced for the A570 by dealer Silica Systems (081-309 1111).
Under the promotion - set to run until the end of the summer - buyers will be able to get hold of the Commodore drive and a free copy of Sim City on CD for just £249.
"The CD format is growing in popularity and more and more games appearing on CD are far superior to traditional floppy disk-based games," said Silica's Andy Leaning.
"It won't be long before Amigas without CD drives will miss the best games.
Our sale offer is intended to encourage as many users as possible to benefit from this new format."
Meanwhile, the dealer has also announced a price cut to £39.95 for Great Valley Products' 8-bit sound sampler DSS. The package contains hardware, an editor and a sequencer.
• FREE DELIVERY • WINDOWS 3.1 hot Day • Anywtm n Iht UK mairiand
Free VHMow* 3.1 Otetr with Stater K*
nulnx Technical sipped *dp»rw epen amnj pi Mart from SlKa
oflict hours
• 2 YEAR WARRANTY •FREE COLOUR KIT I rfvaalte) tie dot iMfau
£741 &IW6: f133 SltlCAniCE: £111 ARP £269 JIUCA STARTER KIT (48
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• JV Disk with Amiga Print Manager (see right)
• jr Disk with Winnows 3.1 Driver
• 18 Metre Parallel Printer Cattle
• 200 Sheets ol Continuous Paper
• 100 Cmlinwos Trader Feed Amrtts Labels
• 5 Continuous Envelopes on Tractor Feed AMIGA PRINT MANAGER
V2.01 hr Uur ym; Krr w dearer wajm ire kh .twr coots luaz* Tie
as pari ci nt Stea Pn-tp Starxr K1 « Mpewa lap knt
• ".-•-.•.’.'¦v.i
• mxSctrt • £49
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tractor & bottom teed FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit The Ciwen
1200 crime comes suppirt with a paraiO interface ax sfanoard If
you requrt a unfa interface instead please state ret PR! 212S
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STARTER KIT £49 total vAiut me SAVtHG. 7127 AuilU PMCI: £154
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¦¦ ¦¦¦ • ~ «vt
• 3S3r« fran taoeps no
• 50 N0E» HIM ¦ ImtiSP ton 4 ifi'Al
• ®f Primer Butler ? 3 Fonts
• 0,nimti HP Compttihk font carat
• Psrjiw interlace
• 6'it[rfhW flM MtrtWa?
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Same prico" basis
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computer sales
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• BUSINESS * EDUCATION ? GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts avaJable
081-M8 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
i Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: Al o your requirements from one
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OFFER SHEET FEEDERS PRA1200 120D ______CHJ8 PRA1215 1240©4iSwlt
924 EM 70 PRA 122* 124Q'224'S«ltl424 M2 00 SERIAL INTERFACES PM
1189 1200* CS6« PHA1209 SirtJMK'l2 (W24 13225 P8A1209 Stef
24(2ti24c £2538 32K MEMORY EXPN PDA 1753 124&2Mfrrit?4 £1310
PRINTER STAND PRA 1242 1202H«a*9M D2.S3 PW1274 Sufi 9JW4X .
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PfM8 Muh Suite £361 COLOUR KITS PRA 1736 22AS*n J7tet?»540 £35
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Battery £46 70 PRA11J5 Wi«Ca»eErtn £2937 PW 11f5 PM48 Car
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• fonr uirrre f SU¦ lot M) * Vt*tocn
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you own? .. .
E1C€ MtwMGH cKos arc spo:e»:axrs may cMnq* - Upw ml urn it.* c Postcode: Tel (Work): Tel (Home): Publisher adds to Amiga titles BRUCE Smith Books (0923 894355) have this month added two more publications to their growing range of Amiga titles.
DIARY DATES As its name suggests, The Insider Guide lo the Amiga 600 is a tutorial about the computer, touching on Workbench, utilities, preferences and AmigaDOS.
The 256-page book contains 55 graphical step-by-step guides, each concentrating on an important or common task which the Amiga user has to carry out.
Cost: £14.95. The company's second release is Mastering AMIGA Arexx, a 320-page guide to the Rexx programming language adopted as part of Workbenches 2 and 3.
Its topics include how to install Arexx on any Amiga, introductions to the language, its main features and explanations on how Arexx is used to control other programs.
There are also details of Arexx's built-in functions and support libraries, methods for creating programs and an introduction to advanced ARExx programming topics.
Supplied with a support disk, it is priced £21.95 New show planned for Midlands MIDLANDERS are targeted (or a computer show due to be held at Telford Exhibition Centre on March 6 and 7.
Organisers Nelton Exhibitions promise the area's largest ever line-up of computers, games, hardware and accessories to be put under one roof.
Said Nelton's Tony Cox: "It is high time that this part of the country began to get its own consumer shows.
"We knew we had this computer shopping spectacular aimed at the right market, but even so we have been surprised by the response from both exhibitors and potential visitors" Graphics course planned A TWO day course for those interested In becoming more familiar with Amiga graphics and animation Is to be held at Hammersmith, London soon.
Run by a company called Connections, there will be tuition in creating captions, logos and rolling and crawling credits on the A500 and A2000.
Attendees will also be shown the possibilities of creating images and how to animate them. All creations will be transferred to videotape so that work can be taken home.
The fee is £90 for waged enthusiasts and £60 for the unwaged. More information from Connections on 081 741 1766.
19 to 21 February 1993 7th International Computer Show Organiser: Westminster Exhibitions (081-549 5444) Venue: Wembley, London An Amiga Compuf ng-sponsored all formats event.
25 to 28 March 1993 Ideal Electronic Games Show Orgoniser: Ideal Home Exhibition (061-4522642) Venue: Earls Court, London A new section added to the Ideal Home Exhibition.
4 to 6 April 1993 European Computer Trade Shaw Orgoniser: Blenheim (081-742 2828) Venue: Business Design Centre, London New software and hardware is previewed to the industry. No public admission.
Speed increase for A2000 AMIGA 2000 users can now increase the speed of their computer with a new 68030 processor board just developed by Interactive Video Systems.
The firm claims Vector to be one of the most versatile accelerators available because of its "high performance features".
Options include 25, 33 or 40MHz versions, a socketed maths co-processor, on board memory expansion up to 32Mb and four or 8Mb of memory available to the 68000.
It also has a built-in SCSI controller and external SCSI pass-thru. A SCSI share networking feature allows storage systems fitted to the machine to be shared among several computers.
Once fitted software enables the Amiga 23 to 25 April 1993 Midi Music Show (081-S49 54444) Orgoniser: Westminster Catch up with the latest Midi products.
16 to 20 September 1993 Live'93 Organiser: News International (071-782 6000) Venue: Olympia, London A public consumer electronics show.
Commodore plan to attend.
24 to 31 March 1993 CeBit Organiser: Deutsche Messe (01049511890) Venue: Hanover, Germany A massive electronics show which has been used for the launch of many new products including the A600.
To switch back to the 68000 processor.
Prices are available from UK distributor MicroPace on 0753 551888.
Easier refills for inkjets USERS of inkjet printers can now buy refills from Memorex, who have just added a nine refill product range to their existing line of computer accessories.
Compatible with Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard machines, the refills are claimed to offer an ease of use that printer users have long been seeking.
Manufactured by Pelican, the cartridges are designed with a hole in the top and a syringe is provided.
Users find Arexx help AIMED at bringing less experienced Amiga users quickly up to speed in Arexx and to provide some Arexx programs which can be adapted for use in applications is the Arexx Cookbook.
Written by Merrill Callaway, the tutorial is a step by step guide to the subject and the example programs are described as doing useful tasks, such as scaling .IFF images to screen size.
The standard package containing the Arexx Cookbook and a single disk costs £29.95, and a Deluxe Set supplied with an additional companion disk is priced at £35.95. Order from Premiervision at 31C Heme Hill Road, London SE24 0AX or telephone 071-274 4407.
News Briefs
• GUIDE to AmigaDOS is a package containing videos, books and
software which has been designed to help enthusiasts become
familiar with the subject.
Available for all versions of Workbench, it can be bought from New Image Videos at Department MS2, The Studio, 10 Grange Avenue, Scarborough Y012 4AA.
• SOME mistakes unfortunately made their way into January's
round-up of Amiga mice. The correct telephone number for
Logitech is 0344 891313 and the firm's Pilot Mouse costs
• CONTRARY to a story in the January issue of AMIGA Formot
magazine, Futuretech Consumer Electronics of Newport Pagnell
have not gone into liquidation and are trading as normal.
• ENTHUSIASTS on the look out for new Amiga software and hardware
can now obtain a free guide to many of the products
Published by Silica Systems (081-309
1111) , the 64-page booklet gives details on every products
distributed by the firm and pictures of each.
• FOUR new volumes have been added to Words and Music's
collection of Amiga Classical Midi file format disks.
They can be loaded into any sequencer which supports standard Midi files, and are mapped to the GM GS standard for instant playback, Costing £10.95 each, all four can be ordered for £37.95. For more information on their contents telephone the company on 091 -529 4788.
• E M Computergraphic (0255 431389) have become approved
suppliers of the two-disk OpalVision update to British and
other European users.
Costing £5.99, it contains OpalPaint
1. 4, OpalPresents, OpalHotkey, OpalAnim utilities, OpalLibrary,
new paper types, artist tools, draw modes and OpalVision's
AdPro display module.
Charity help sought CHARITY Soft is a non-profit making computing organisation just set up to help a selection of registered children's charities.
They are now on the looking out for programmers of any age or experience who would like to work on a freelance basis, and would welcome new programmers.
Various computer formats including the Amiga will be supported by the project, which aims to produce games in the first instance but might later extend into business-type software, Contact Michael Moseley on 0840 770935.
SCALA Everybody's talking multimedia revolution.
Allow us to light the fuse.
A lot of apples were bruised when we first introduced Scala, the professional presentation package.
With the new Scala MultiMedia MM200, they will be blown into oblivion!
Let us introduce a few of the features that make Scala MM200 combined with the Amiga the world's most powerful multimedia environment: Scala EX A revolutionary new plug & play system, for the integration of laserdisk, still video, MIDI, or CDTV sound in your Scala presentation.
Extra EX'es, such as 24 bit graphic support and VCR control are also available.
Scala Wipes than 80 amazing, smooth and professional transitions provide possibilities previously unseen on the Amiga.
Scala Sound Enhance your presentations with voice-over, music and special sound effects! Scala offers total control of recording and play-back.
The press writes: 'The word multimedia has been battered and misused... Scala on the other hand, know exactly what multi - media is and what to do with it!" Amiga User International (UK) Scala Shuffler Instant viewing of your whole presentation! You can see up to 112 pages at one time. Simply shuffle them around with the mouse!
Scala Snapload A series of advanced techniques make Scala load and display pictures and animations faster than any other package!
More Scala LINGUA The multimedia language Lingua with its close link to Arexx puts the advanced user in total control!
For o close look at the market leader In multi- media software, contact your dealer tedayl DEQDS1 Z_ - crL QaaJ Scroll text by Scala. The Scala edit menu. It's a Scala ii'orld! The Scala Shuffler.
SCALA Why make it harder?
TECNO UK DEALERS SCALA MM200 Iptwich, 11 Upper Brooke St 0473 236161 Leeds, 34 The Headrow 0532 425010 Leicester, 15 St. 0533 547007 Manchester, St Peter's Sq 061 228 0461 Northampton, 16b Peacock Abeigton St 0604 36776 Oxford, 16 High St 0865 244663 Peterborough, 3 Oueensgote 0733 555411 Reading, 56 Station Hill 0734 591005 Sheffield, 10 Pnnstone St 0742 737311 Southampton, 89 Commercial Rd 0703 229227 Witford, 53 The Pyade 0923 242225 TECNO MAIL ORDER 081 898 9934 Knighl»t*ldg«, I 4 Brwnpton Rd Kensington, 360 Kensington High!
Euston, 326 Eutton Rd City, l20Moorgatc St Holbom, 3 Proctor St Bclfltt, 7 Arthur Sq Birmingham, 1 Suffolk St Bristol, Rupert St- Bromley, 939 The Glades Cambridge, 71 Bridge St. Cardiff, 31 38 High St Guildford, 141 High St Hanley, 2a Fountain Sq 071 584 4544 071 602 5311 071 388 2873 071 588 4831 071 831 9398 0232 438844 021 632 5753 0272 814481 081 313 1898 0223 467766 0222 237343 0483 302011 0782 204444 €50 OFF the RRP of £399 inc. VAT when you purchase a copy of SCALA MM200 only at the following TECNO outlets... BRING THIS COUPON WITH YOU Offer ends 30th April, 1993 USA news ¥ ADPro
ASDC is shipping a significant upgrade to their Art Department Professional package. Although the program has supported ACA since long before Amigas with the new chip-set were available, ADPro 2.2 adds support for the AmigaDOS 3.0 monitor types list, so you can now render pictures in modes like Super72 Super hi*res*lnterlaced.
Whats New USA A new Temp saver lets you save your image to a temporary buffer before trying a destructive operation. You can also use this to quickly access the same image over and over again to perform different operations on it.
ADPro 2.2 adds an Anim loader and saver, making animation creation and processing a snap. The program is also the first to support the new Anim Opcode 8 (Anim-8 - geddit?) Format created by ASDC, Opcode-8 anims take advantage ol the 32-bit chip RAM in the Amiga 1200, 3000 and 4000, giving you much faster animation capabilities on those machines.
When run on an AGA Amiga, the visual operator screens now appear in 256- shade greyscale instead of |ust 16. Some new operators and dithering algorithms are available, as well as support for a number of new third-party graphics boards.
Arexx support in the Fred utility has been markedly improved, and you can now use list view requesters in your macros, so you're not stuck trying to remember that dither number 1 is Floyd* Steinberg.
About 50 sample Arexx macros are included for processing your images, so you may never need to write your own.
Perhaps neatest of all is the new ADPro File Sentry utility, which will watch directories (even on a network!) For new files and let you perform operations on those files.
Imagine a network of 12 Amigas all rendering in Real-30 and a thirteenth machine gathering the resulting images, processing them, and creating an animation!
These features are just a sample of the improvements in the new version. ASDG has provided three free upgrades to ADPro 2 over the past year, so the upgrade fee for this version seems quite reasonable - Denny Atkin reports on the latest developments from the USA $ 45 outside the US. Like earlier versions, ADPro 2.2 retails for $ 299. Contact ASDC, 925 Stewart St., Madison, Wl 53713 USA;
(608) 273-6585.
Denny who?
A little plug for the piece of work that has kept me very busy for the past year or so and has resulted in AMIGA Computing screaming “we need your column last week!" More than once.
Denny Atkin’s Best AMIGA Tips ond Secrets from Compute Books, is a collection of the Amiga tips and tricks I’ve collected since 1985 while working at an Amiga dealer, serving as president of one of the first Amiga users groups, and editing one of the US's three remaining Amiga magazines.
This 275-page tome contains chapters with tips for AmigaDOS 1.3, 2.04, 2.1, and 3.0, as well as the various versions of Workbench.
Other topics include expanding your Amiga, using hard drives, speeding up your machine, emulating other computers, and getting the most out of your printer.
All Amiga models are covered, including CDTV, the A12Q0, and the A4000. I've been helping people take advantage of their Amigas for over seven years now, and this book contains a combination of answers to the most-often-asked questions and the most useful tips I've encountered.
It's geared towards Amiga users, not programmers, and is designed to keep you from pulling your hair out when you encounter a frustrating problem or expansion question.
The book sells for £18.45 and is available in the UK from Computer Manuals, 50 lames Rd., Birmingham B11 2BA.
Phone 021-706 6000, or fax 021-706
Next month I'll have a report from the Amiga Developers' Conference in the land of Disney - Orlando, Florida. This is the first world developers conference, and with attendees from Europe, North America, and elsewhere, it promises to bring lots of interesting information to light.
Much of it will be top secret, of course, but I'll do my best to get the scoop on interesting developments from Commodore and its developers.
Window. Don't jump! Ami Back Tools will not only per form emergency surgery, but give your disks regular check-gps and immunisations as well.
Ami-Back Tods is a single program, but It's organised into a group of modules. CP (General Practitioner) is a disk-optimisation program.
Much faster at its task than Quarterback Tools 1.5, CP will let you optimise files, directories, or free space, or any combination of the three, depending on how much time you want to spend.
If you just want to speed up the DIR command or file requesters, optimise the directory listing. Optimising free Space keeps new files from becoming fragmented.
Optimising files stores them in continuous chunks, which makes files load faster, especially from floppies.
Disk Analyst fixes disk structure problems, such as checksum errors or those weird "Key not set" errors that can make your disks read only.
Mm mis Oitl IhilitifS for tto few Cflfrri t I ITO hooil i9*iter Soften Omloffnt, Ik.
All litfts Ifcpfwd b-lntilirri hrsm (HAW) Reviver recovers files accidentally deleted or lost through a quick format, while 911 Recovery will back up selected files even from a disk that so hosed that AmigaDOS will not recognise It.
Lab Test lets you create a database of file checksums which can be used later to check for corrupted or virus infected files. Finally, Antiseptic wipes old information from free spots on your disks, preventing others from recovering sensitive data that you've erased. You can schedule many of these tasks to take place automatically at set periods using the included Ami-Sched II utility.
Disk paramedic Moonlighter Software Development was the first company to successfully tackle Quarterback, with the their excellent Ami Back hard disk backup program, Now the company has it s sights lined up on Quarterback Tools, and the player they've signed up is the not too subtly named Ami Back Tools.
If you've ever hard a floppy disk go belly-up, you know it is a gut wrenching experience. But if you suddenly lose access to your entire hard drive, it’s hard not to succumb to the temptation to leap from the nearest tenth-story Although Ami-Back Tools works fine under Workbench 1.3, it also supports the new features of AmigaDOS 2 and 3, such as hardlinks and the Directory Caching file system, The program retails for S79.95, which is a small price to pay to know that you won't lose your valuable data.
Registered Ami Back owners can purchase It for $ 39.95. For more information, write Moonlighter Software Development, 3208-C E. Colonial Dr., Suite 204, Orlando, FL 32803 USA; call (407) 384 9484; or fax (407) 3S4-939.
Amiga Computing March 1993 20 um§m '':JF 0, of The Amiga is the most configurable, dynamic personal computer on the market today. The perfect accessory for your Amiga is Directory Opus 4.0- the most powerful, user-friendly, user-configurable directory utility available.
Directory Opus gives you the flexibility and freedom to effortlessly manage all your files from an interface YOU configure to suit your specific needs and taste: NOT limiting yourself to what some programmer thinks you need or want Directory Opus' Features Include: 'Graphic Display Support: ‘AGA AA (A4000 A1200) ’All ILBM Formats (Including SHAM) ‘Anim and Anim Brush Playback Audio Support: ‘Noisetracker ‘SoundTracker ‘ProTracker ‘StarTracker
• MED w MIDI 'OctaMed 'Oktalyzer ‘8SVX
• Raw Data Runs Executables J Displays Fonts Displays Text
Files- Normal or ANSI Displays HEX Files Unlimited User
Configurable Buttons I Unlimited Configurable Device Buttons
Launches CanDo Decks And a whoh lot mor H With a completely
configurable user interface, numerous built-in functions such
as user definable sorts and searches, comprehensive "online"
help, and full Arexx support, Directory Opus 4.0 takes the
concept of directory utilities to a new level of
professionalism, power and productivity.
Pick up a copy of Directory Opus 4.0 today, and discover why it is the ESSENTIAL utility for your Amiga!
Directory OPUS 4.0 is Now Available at Better Software Shops Everywhere!
United Kingdom Distributors Checkmate Digital Ltd. Meridian Software Distribution Ltd. Micro-PACE UK, Ltd.
0707 664-684 081 543-3500 0753 551-888 HB Marketing Ltd. HiQ Ltd.
0753 686-000 081 909-2092 INOVATRONICS lUN.IUh 3 Inovatronics. Inc. Suite 209B. 8499 Greenville Ave. Dallas. TX USA 75231-2499 Phone 214-340-4991 fax 214-340-8514 Inovatronics. GmbH Im Heidkamp 11 W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Phone 4-49-221-875126 FAX 4-49-221-8704747 WICKED TOYS FOR WICKED BOYS Our A1200's are also available with fully prepared and formatted internal IDE hard disk drives. Pleasd add the following prices for the size of the disk drive that you* requre:- size of the disk drive that you req 20Mb 40Mb 120Mb 240Mb 330Mb 480Mb £110 £179 £279 £449 £579 £879 PHONE FOR PRICES OF
P. O. BOX 90 PENZANCE, CORNWALL, TR18 2SP Please add £6.00 for
postage & packaging Please make all cheques P.O.s payable to
SOFTWARE DEMON LTD., if applicable please include your credit
card NQ and expiry date.
* J f 1 axiPlan4 has to be one of the best all-round spreadsheets
available for the Amiga, as it offers many special features but
still manages to be user friendly enough for the novice
computer user, A spreadsheet is a program designed to help you
make financial calculations and charts with ease. Not only will
it work out complicated financial calculations but also manage
and manipulate all sorts of data.
MaxiPlan4 Powerful enough for the most demanding user, yet friendly enough for the beginner, the Disc Company's Maxiplan4 is the ideal spreadsheet To use Maxiplan4, simply reset your Amiga and insert the CoverDisk containing Maxiplan4, then double dick on the disk's icon followed by the Maxiplan drawer, finally double clicking on the Maxiplan icon, which will start Maxiplan off and running, Worksheet Once you have Mdxiplan working you will be presented with a box asking you if you wish to load an existing worksheet, lust click in the left-hand corner of this box to cancel it.
You will now have a blank screen. Press and hold down the right mouse button to reveal the pull-down menus, go to the new worksheet and let go of the mouse button, You are now ready to start a new worksheet. On the screen you will have various menus at the top and a large area below them which is made up of horizontal rows, marked by letters, and vertical rows, marked by numbers.
This area is where you set out the information you wish to calculate and manipulate. Moving around the worksheet area can be done with the mouse or by using the arrow keys. To put information on the worksheet you must move the cursor over the box you wish to put information in then click in the empty space next to the word "contents" just above you alphabetical rows.
So, with Maxiplan up and running with a fresh blank worksheet, it's time to input some data. This may sound complicated but as I have already explained it's quite simple. To start with we'll just do a simple spreadsheet showing the total cost of shopping trip.
To start click on the box "A1". Now dick next to the contents bar above. You can now type in text or numbers, but we will type "Articles Bought" (followed by Return). You will notice how the text you have type has appeared in box Al, although the text is too long for the box's width. To fix this, pull down the overhead menu, go to the format column and select "Width" and "Specify", You will now be asked how wide you want the column, SO type 15 and then hit Return.
Now that you have called column A "Articles Bought", move the highlight bar down to A3, dkk in the 'contents" row, and then type "Bread" followed by Return. You have now added the word bread to column A3 and the highlight bar has moved down one space automatically.
Add the following articles one after the other, remembering to press Return after each item, Tea, Milk, Sugar, Coffee and Butter.
If you have completed this task correctly you will have a column called "Articles Bought' with a descending list of food items. Now you have to make a column to hold the items' costs.
To do this, move the highlight bar to the Cl column, click in the contents bar, type "Cost" and then hit the Return key until the highlight bar is at the same level : 811184 174393ft lookBook lowp l exPB ¦ PI an _____ ?n a a n Ernrna izrrr coon a i 1 (onplexb Capyflghf (c) 1992 Intuitive Jethndldjtts ror distribut ton uith NixtPtih4(tn) Ontp.
This uorbsheet (along uith Report.Macros) nakes up a sinple order entry ft reporting systen. You enter each order at the end of the data base and then you can run nacros to create reports fron the database. See the Reports.Hacros file for nor* tnfo about the available nacros. Mote: You should enter a Y in the Shipped colunn if you want it to be included in the SHIPPED report Maxiplan i layout makes even tomplkated worksheets easy to understand Stereo Master Microdeal Stereo Master is not only stereo sampling software but is also capable of real-time audio effects, and has a fully featured
sequencing package built in.
Once you have this software you'll really be able to make your Amiga make sweet music. If you already own a sound sampling cartridge it will quite happily work with Stereo Master but obviously if it only a mono model then you will only get mono samples.
Don't worry if you haven't got a cartridge as we have a special offer overleaf which enables you to purchase Stereo Master’s cartridge at a very special rate.
When loaded, Stereo Master presents you with a well laid-out screen which is easy to understand. This makes using the program very easy.
Included on the CoverDisk there are a few sound samples for you to try out and experiment with. Stereo Master has several screens, all of which deal with a different part of the program, so we will start with the main screen, as this is where all the sampling and sample editing is done.
Once you have the main screen on your monitor you will notice that it is split into two main sections. The two large rectangles in the top half of the screen is where the sounds which you sample or load into memory are displayed, the top one being the left channel and the bottom being the right.
The bottom half of the screen is taken up with the editing buttons and oscilloscopes. The oscilloscopes are very important as these display how high your incoming sounds are.
If your incoming volume is too high then the sample you record will sound distorted, and if the volume is too low you will hear background noise.
It's best to set the volume so the peaks of the sounds just keep inside the display - if they go outside too often then the sound is set too high.
To see the oscilloscopes in action, press the button just above the FX - this enables you to hear the incoming sound without having to sample it first.
In the bottom half of the screen there is a box in the centre. This displays the frequency you are going to record at. It automatically loads up set to 14.4KHz, but the higher this number the better your samples will sound - at the expense of memory, so it's best to experiment with this feature to see which setting is best for your setup.
Once you have the frequency set you simply press the Rec button to record sounds and then click the mouse button to stop.
After you have recorded some sounds the two boxes at the top of the screen will display them in graphical form. To hear what you have sampled, just press the Play button, which is in the Centre of the screen just below the sample rectangles.
If you have recorded a large sample and you only wish to hear a certain section then you can use the mouse to drag the blue bar which is positioned at the beginning of the sample to the point where you wish to start hearing the sample from.
There is also a blue bar at the end of the sample which can be moved to select then end of the sample.
Most of the other buttons are fairly self explanatory; they perform various editing features to samples already loaded. As already mentioned, Stereo Master is capable of performing real time audio effects.
To use this feature, click on the FX button.
You will then see the effects editing screen.
Select the effect you wish to use and then click on the Play button and input some sound - to stop the effect, just click the left mouse button.
As your first food item. Now type in "0.45" followed by Return. The 0.45 should be on the same level as the bread.
Now add the following prices: "1.50" for tea, "0.45" for milk, "0.80" for sugar, "1.50" for Coffee and finally "1.20" for butter.
Now you not only have a column for your food items but a column to show each item's price. The next thing to do is make Maxiplan display the total cost of all the items.
To do this we must create a row called Total cost, which will display the total amount which is in column "C". To do this, move the highlight bar to column "A” about two or three lines below the last food item and insert "Total Cost" as the row's name.
Now that you have called this row Total Cost you must tell MaxiPlan what to calculate in this column. To do this, move the highlight bar to column "C" and level with the text Total Cost then click in the contents bar.
Calculations Press the = key on your keyboard and then using the mouse, click on each price in turn in column "C". Once you have Clicked on all the prices you should see "=c3+c4+c5+c6+c7+c8" appear in the Contents column. If so, press Return and the total of all the items appear in the total cost column will appear.
You have now created your first spreadsheet. Obviously you can create much more complex spreadsheets but it's best to start at the bottom and work your way up.
Once you have set up a spreadsheet you can then display the information it holds in graph format. To do this, use the mouse to highlight all the individual prices of the food items then pull down the menu which contains the charts and select, say, the Bar chart A window should open up and draw a bar chart containing all the information which is in your spreadsheet. If all the info is not displayed, simply drag the comer of the chart box until it is large enough to hold all the info. As already mentioned.
MaxiPlan has lots of advanced features like the ability to create charts and save them as IFF files for use in nearly all paint and wordprocessor packages.
It is also capable of importing and exporting Lotus 1 -2-3 files to and from the PC. You can even set up a data base file using MaxiPlan4.
To help you take advantage of this brilliant package's special features we have put together a manual offer. To find out more, see the offer page overleaf.
Funschool Letters Europress Software Everyone with children will appreciate how difficult it is to get small children interested in learning the alphabet. Well, it's AC to the rescue! Over the next three months we will be giving away a Funschool module on every CoverDisk.
The fun School range of software is aimed at teaching small children various topics such as maths and reading.
Funschool's aim is to entertain children enough to keep them interested in the topic which they are learning.
Each Funschool package contains six modules, all teaching a different topic.
The Letters module which is on this month's CoverDisk is aimed at teaching three to five-year-olds to recognise the letters in the alphabet.
To use it, load the CoverDisk and then either select Funschool from the short-cut menu or double click on its icon. When it has loaded you will see a box in the top left-hand side of the screen displaying a letter in a box and a row of letters below.
The idea is to highlight the corresponding letter in the row on the bottom of the screen.
Once the computer has selected the letter for the child to find you simple use the right mouse button to move the highlight cursor along to the letter which matches the one in the top left-hand corner and press the left mouse button to make the selection. If the child's answer is correct then the bear on the right of the screen will strike the bell moving the marker up one notch on the bar.
When the child reaches the top, he or she will move on to the next part of the alphabet This module teaches recognition of not only upper but also lower case letters.
As mentioned earlier, Funschool have an entire range of educational software available for children between the ages of three andlS. Because of FurtSChool'S fun approach to learning, it encourages children not only to leam more but also to concentrate harder.
Indexer Author: Michael and Lesley Corl Indexer is essentially an extremely fast database program which has been produced by Pyramid Productions. The version on the CoverDisk has been specially programmed for AC, containing listings of articles and reviews which have appeared in AC over thelast year - although it's not as fast as the fully-blown version which you can get direct from Pyramid.
If you wish to find out if AC has reviewed a particular program or product then you can look it up and find out not only which issue it was in but also what page it was on as well. To load Indexer either double click on the ft X ft • 1 N ?
V r ft ft M • ft a M & 1 ai ¦ v t J • a v D n C 1 ft P If Q m l tv aa ft P 1 V ft ft ft Y r ¥ ft C M a ir* ftf.ft IIUINU HfHiai 1 1 1 1 i 1 M 1 r a D n u a i i tt a a mvmaift r 1 t 1 a H 0 f M c • • ft aa J
• cun i • M • r r II V t n % ai ¦ I • ft ft ft 1 c a Hcf Lr. If
ft aa im ii a M * c p if X 1 P * a ¦ 0 a i a a i a t m aai a
1 V t a • a 0 V C i X ft n a a a a l a n main* t» 1 a r Ik r a
i V r H M « 9 % P ft u r ftp a ii 1 *» i X •a 1 t 4 i V 1 ft 1
ft 1 i m iiifftfti iftft » If « » V V • N a ¦ c ft • 1 M 1 N n
• ftlMJftl Iftft M p c M * ft • ac • II ft If A t 1 yplNINlNli
nnn | p N 1 i r V ft a v XL 1 « K 1 p f 1 P ft P » P ar i 1 V H
u ft j I X ft ft 1 1 « 1 p ftlfftfft ft t u ¦ • • H u ft n M t
M 1 1 V M ft n rial dtftiD •• 1 ft • 4 a r y II n M | 0 N r
ft a 1
• Nil M ft V tuiriftjM* not mi iy • 1 1 2 ¥ If C U a r 1 It I r a
i ft M ¦ V X f t II K 1.
If j f u 1 V ft ft ft J ftftftKftft • u ft €.
% C • J X II ft 1 ft ft X P Z fttlftftlNH m a 1 c V r ft f n J V 1 M ft ft n ftfttia lull h 1 a M C f M a a V ft a a a I N 1 1 map II r 0 i» C o f • V u a a It X t • a X n M t • ft f a P f 1 ti p i n i ft • ft ft r m ftMftft 1 ft niftftt ¦ » ft f V H r • ft N K H • V ft c p • j • u a t s • m u i i K ft V u ftftftftftftl IV i *ri ntMia jA 11 Indexer icon or select it from the Short-cut menu. When you have loaded Indexer up, pull down the overhead menu and highlight Load and then select "load Amiga Computing index".
Once it has finished loading this index dick on "Search DMI" then select one of the nine categories which are listed on the right-hand lower side of the screen.
You will now see a message in a box at the top of the screen asking you to select a category from the above menus for display.
These instmctions only explain how to load and display information using Indexer. However if you wish to find out more about the programs featured then read the docs which are included on the CoverDisk.
Fastlntro Maker Author: Michael Bialas FastlntroMaker is a small utility designed to help you create boot intros for your demo disks. What it actually does is display a picture and scrolling text on-screen while playing some music. This is a demo, so not all the features work, but it will be enough to get you started.
All you need to make an intro sequence is an IFF picture and some text in a standard text file. The text file can be created using any wordprocessor or even shell’s own editor, Ed.
Once you have these two, load FastlntroMaker and click on the Load Text button to load your text. Next load your picture. Once you have both of these loaded you can select what speed the text scrolls at.
To test how your intro will look, just press the test button. If your are then happy with it, select Save. To use the demo, simply put it in the root directory of you demo disk and call it up in the disk's startup-sequence. Ie: run sfl: nH: sys:ftteniae filename being the name you gave you gave to your intro.
- CURIPT lHTP.P-MTP.s-_ Faulty disk?
Subscribers: If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk has been damaged in the post, please return it to: Amiga CoverDisk, Europress Direct.
FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L6$ 3EB Non-Subscribers: If you bought magazine from a shop and found that the CoverDisk was damaged, please return it within two months to; ProSoft, 5 River Gardens Business Centre, Spur Road, Feltham, TW14 0SL. Tel 081 890 8290 Check 37 Author: Chris Brown Over the last few months we have been using a small but very useful program called Check 37. This program checks which Kickstart your Amiga has fitted and then runs the appropriate Startup- sequence for your machine.
This program was written and supplied by Chris Brown of Croydon and we would like to thank him for his submission.
Wordsearch Author: Jack Pritchard This is one of those programs which will be really enjoyed by people who love indulging in puzzle books. Wordsearch is a good old word search game which is designed to drive you completely crazy.
When loaded, Wordsearch selects at random the words it wants you to find in its maze of jumbled up letters. You then have to find as many of them as you can. When you find a word you will gain points, the idea being to either find all the words or acquire as many points as yOu can.
If you select a word and it is incorrect, this will result in a minus score, so be careful.
When you think you have found one of the words in the list on the right of the screen, click on the word and then on the first letter in the maze which you think starts the word.
One of the good features of this game is the fact that the vocabulary it uses is stored in a standard text file on the CoverDisk, so if you load the Words file into any text editor like shells Ed then you can add extra words with ease.
Nke and easy layout makes It possible for norlta to make disk Intros Mara muscle far Now you have taken the plunge into the world of professional accounts and data management with MaxiPlan4 given away free on this month's CoverDisk, take advantage of our 135-page manual offer, yours for the amazing price of only Name Address To order your Maxiplan 4 manual, send a cheque PO for £9.95 to: FX Direct, Unit 10, Beaumont Business Centre, Beaumont Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire With the manual you will learn how to:
• Load and export Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet files directly
• Create and manipulate large data bases
• Create colourful charts (12 different charts available)
• Export charts in IFF format to for use in other Amiga programs
• Open up to three worksheets at once
• Record of macros automatically
• Utilise Zoom mode for quick navigation around large worksheets
Daytime phone Postcode D tick this bat if you do not wsh to
ncwe promoWrul malerul irom oth«f c ompmes Mem 28 (*i»i for
dtftny L_____________ I Maiiplai's rrieilly manual cmtiiis a
wealth it detailed infirnatin Id make using tlie pnirm's Rimy
excellent features quick and simple, and is the ileal cimpaniin
fir yeur Iree Enerlisk pripram. Fir oily £3.85. ids cai'l ask
far a tetter hargaii!
Superb quality stereo sound sampler cartridge for only £14.95!
Save £25 with Amiga Computing and Mitrodeal.
To order your Stereomaster manual and sampler cartridge, send a cheque PO for £14.95 to: Microdeal Ltd PO Box 68 St Austell Cornwall PL25 4YB Holders of major credit cards may order by phoning 0726 68020 and quoting their credit card number.
Ou'"“ that you've had a home to try the superb Mastersound software free on Iiis month's CoverDisk, why not turn your Amiga into a digital sound factory?
The Mastersound cartridge and accompanying manual will enable you to capture real life sounds from retord, tape, CD or even a microphone with I « *- -*-«_______ j tWy*? Fry breathless ease.
0W* °ne *m,f0°,s mosf 1 I popular home uses and join in the f wmm I popular home uses and oin in the 1 I digital sound revolution. This is an offer IheveiSS yj you can't afford to miss! LlSSSS C1CII you can't afford to miss!
S_y Ilmxl IdK!!] J 26 Amiga Compvting March 1993 Puzzled about music and the Amiga?
Look to us for the answers!
At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, We’ve developed a strong lineup of talent. Each of our products receives the special care it takes to produce a winner. That’s why you'll find a Blue Ribbon on even’ box!
We Put Your | Pieces Together Take Super JAM! With this a automatic fe| JZT y 1 poser, you'll be writing the next hit song or creating the perfect soundtrack for your video production in no time. Super!AM! Comes with over 30 different musical styles and a backup band that performs beautifully, whether it’s Mozart or Motown. And with the Extras Disks for SuperJAM!, you can instantly increase your repertoire with styles like Fusionist, Funkjungle, Rachmaninoff and Rockapeggio.
Our One-Stop Music Shop turns your Amiga into a powerful music machine! This hardware-software combination includes all you need to get 16-bit stereo multi*timbral audio for an incredible price!
When you’re ready for multi-track recording, automated mixing, notation printing and " BARS&P leq ndng, P R O F E S S I C you’re ready for Bars&Pipes Professional. Special effects, multi-media sync, sophisticated TV Ribbon SoondWork*. TUnAPiprv lUrvAt’ipc, Prntruiorul. R«*Al*ipc, Ul.« Scncv Cntfmn Kit. Internal Sound* Kil. OnrStop Mmk Shop. Pro Mudm Kit. Rule tot Toob. Multi Mcdu Kit. Muutlkn A. MuutBot a SvpfTfAM’, Thf P.uhMmirr Tnplr fti» Hu. And S, pm Jir trjVnurk. Of The Wur Ribbon VmndW.Hhv I td All «Vr pfodiKt and hnnd aim« ire trjdrtruri, jnd-of nvrtnurk, oftheir rr*pc*ti*r hnidm
Can’t find it nearby? Call us!
Harmonies, non-destructive editing, and an unlimited number of tracks for recording only begin to describe it.
Plus, you can integrate it seamlessly with SuperJAM!
If youTe into MIDI but don’t need full power, check out Bars&Pipfs, music software made simple. Bars&Pipes features multi-track recording, graphical editing, tempo mapping and more.
Bars&Pipes is expandable, so it grows as you do.
AT"10 nce mu*‘c A°w“ V ing, pick and choose frorfi the Bars&Pipes Add-on Series.
These packages make Bars&Pipf.s or Bars&Pipes Professional even more fun to own.
Use the Creativity Kit to Invent fresh musical ideas, or the Pro Studio Kit for complete control of your MIDI studio. The Internal Sounds Kit eliminates the need for MIDI altogether.
Imagine, multi-track recording inside your computer! To round it off, we present Rules for Tools, documentation and C source code for writing your own musical features.
THE BLUE RIBBON SoundWorks ltd North Highland Station Post Office Box 8689 Atlanta. Georgia 30306 USA
(404) 315-0212 Fax (404) 315-0213 Your Instant Amiga Publisher
Now you can publish whatever you want - leaflets, ads,
newsletters or even your undiscovered novel - with infinite
ease. Publishers Choice Deluxe provides everything you need
to produce professional results. In one complete package
that takes you right from start to finish. At the right
Perfect page layouts come easily with The Publisher.
This is a tremendously powerful DTP package in its own right - offering unrivaled output, ultra-fast operation and a wide variety' of superb special effects.
Flexible Fonts Dip into the Font Library and you'll find exactly what you want to make titles and headings really stand out. There's a complete selection, for formal presentations or fun projects!
Striking Illustrations Uncover your creative talent with FusionPaint the drawing programme that turns you into an instant artist! Or simply drop-in a picture from rhe Clip Art Library, which offers a wide assortment of illustration for ail purposes.
¦ I AbM); • • ¦±J [S jqat.
• ga .
H ..... • 3 1 Ji ---------- ------- 1 - , 1 ygi,.:.,-, The Best Solutions at the Best Price the disc company Outstanding Upgrade Otter!
Workable Words The first essential requirement is a good word processor and Publisher’s Choice Deluxe provides the very best. KindWords 3. Io get you off to a running start in any situation.
Flve-ln-One Now Publishers Choice Deluxe puts all five programmes into one self-contained pack. So you no longer have to search for solutions. The price of such power? Just £99.99! To place professional desktop publishing well within your reach.
* P II COMPLETE DESKTOP SOLUTIONS Yes. 1 want to turn my Amiga
into a fully-featured. Desktop publisher. To receive
Publisher's Choice Deluxe for only £34,99,1 am returning my
original disk or manual cover from Publisher’s Choice.
Pacesetter, KindWords or any other desktop publishing or word
processing program with a cheque or credit card payment.
Name Address CilY _ Postal Code Country _ Expiry Date.
Credit Card Number _ Signature _ Davtimc Phone_ Send Me _ Publisher's Choice Deluxe at £34,99 each inc. VAT ? £3 shipping charge £_ I oral £_ Cheque, Visa, Master Card, EuroCard, Switch and Money orders are accepted.
DO NOT SEND CASH. Make cheque payable to: The Disc Company (UK) Ltd.
Send to: THE DISC COMPANY (UK) Ltd.. C O I MEDIAL, B3, Edison Road, St. Ives, Huntingdon, PE 17 4LL, United Kingdom. Allow three weeks for delivers'.
For additional information, demonstration disks, or brochures, visit your Amiga dealer Minimum requirements: 1. * MB of memory and two disk drives: Amiga KickStart and Amiga Workbench 1.3 or higher. All trademarks acknowledged.
We've got some great deals tor you For both Fun School 3 and 4 just fill in the order form below and send it to Europress Direct, PO Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EA before the March 18,1993.
Fun School Order Form Please tick: G Fpn School 3 - under S’s G Fun School 4 - under 5’s code 9917 code 8326 1 wish to pay by: G Cheque Postal Order payable to Europress Direct G Credit Card Expiry Date_J_ Signed Card No. _ I I ~T Now you've had a taster on the CoverDisk you can buy the complete package for only £13.95. In the rest of Fun School 3 kids can count, use verbs and colours, match shapes and learn to read in the gallery.
This continuation of the Fun School range lets children develop their creativity, reading and counting skills, and also involves them in naming parts of their house and singing along to nursery rhymes - and you can buy it for only £14.45. Postcode_ Daytime phone_ Allow 28 days for delivery G Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies Look out for more Fun School offers in next month's Amiga computing
t. Vf-l You can buy the complete HiSoft BASIC 1 package for only
£19.95 (including VAT) plus £2 for postage, and get a BASIC 2
Upgrade Coupon thrown in, The coupon ensures a special price
and priority treatment.
' V'aii ran hmr tli I wish to pay by: ? Cheque Postal Order payable to HiSoft G Credit Card Expiry Date_}_ Signed You can phone your orders in on 0525 718181, quoting ref no. ACHB11Q9 or send the form below to HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE.
Allow 28 days for delivery.
Name Address Card No.
Q .Daytime phone Postcode Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies G INDI Direct Mail is original and vary exciting. Before you buy mail order you must first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier will still be there In the future, should you need them.
A mall order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision, ahd here's why.
INDI is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a turnover approaching £90 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
AMKSA 10R4SFT COLOUR STIRIO MON (TOR Co-modo... original or d b*V wiling colour !• §« monitor K fully compoiibto oiHi ol Aengo conpwttn. T n modal now fnotg r«i 4w now ¦$ w,*ol' ond *T*’ mood to. Toiol oowofuw Wofwg.doob.rlw bod
* otuofor mono, mon.ro. oro.lobU INDI PRICI £119.99 HponbowdwOb
AA00A1700INOI mci £179.99 SALES AND SUPPORT The INDI sales team
have been trained to take your order with the utmost core and
efficiency- All stock offered for sale is held in stock
centrally at our aroup warehouse complex and is available for
next day delivery, direct to your home or business. If at any
time we are out of Stock your money will not be banked until
the product is available (a point worth checking should you
feel tempted to purchase elsewhere).
Commodof*! *4 ft pnntor Wtuipo. Qu.ot yo print* ot on omaiing I60CRS ftmU.rhobod roloo ini ,*1 Otoilabta on Hwmorf* Eipeciaiy auk* pactlM INDI PR ICI £97.97 (A500 A5001IMOQftnOKM ««potbto) General information regarding product is available from our sales team, however technical support is always on hand should you need assistance.
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.
ZAFfOOOlC-1Mb RAM U para do w,rt clock INDI TELESALES Tel 0606 43860 Fax 0606 4382S AMIGA A600 next day delivery using our national carrier Securicor. (UK Mainland only).
Saturday deliveries are available at a small surcharge. If you are out when we deliver a card will be left at your home giving you a contact telephone number to arrange a convenient re- delivery.
Delivery queries can be resolved immediately using ouron line computer.
All orders are despatched on o next A600 HD EPIC PACK Pbclr includes Epic, Rome, MyM Trivial Pursuits, Amiga Te*l.
DeluxePoim III.
Weird, W w* orders are despatched immediately on cheque
clearance, usually 5 working days from receipt. A delivery
charge of £5.00 is made per item unless otherwise stated.
• 2appo T-Shirt £419.22 Once again Commodore hove put together a
winning theme pack to complement the already popular Amiga
A600. The Wild, the Weird and the Wicked Pack is an ideal
starter pack containing a considered mix of software making the
most of the Amiga's amazing capabilities.
To make this pack a perfect gift INDI have added a further four award winning games and a staggering list of valuable extras at amazing prices, PACK AS STANDARD CONTAINS
• Amiga A600 single drive e Built in TV Modulator
• 1Mb memory
• Push Over * Silly Putty
• Grand Prix • Deluxe Paint II
• Mouse and Manuals INDI VALUE ADDED
• Micro Switch Joystick lockable Disk Box Disk Wallet
• 10 Blank Disks
• Kick off 2 • Pipemania
• Space Ace • Populous
• Zapsac Carry Case
• Zappo T-shirt The latest, the vltimate, the best home computer
16. 8 million colours, superfast processor, superb stereo sound,
lightning speed - the all new Amiga 1200 has them all. Marvel
at the ease with which the Amiga 1200 and its amazing 32-bit
processing power devours the most demanding software, At this
price the A1200 has no equal - forget the rest, it's
definitely the best!
• 68020 Processor • PCMCIA Slot • 2Mb Chip RAM 3.5* Internal
Floppy • AA Chipset • Built-in TY modulator • Alphanumeric
keypad * Free 12 Months At-Home Maintenance INDI VALUE ADDED
• 3 Superb Games • International Sports Challenge • The Cool Croc
• Paradroid 90 • Zapsac and Zappo T-Shirt.
A1200HD Indi are now able to provide official Commodore recommended 60 80Meg Hard Drive versions of the A1200 with official installation disks and approved warranty Ring for prices.
Other dealers may not be offering approved A12U0 HD product ond ore therefore infringing Commodore cepynghl and on-site warranty MICROIOTICS MRXI299 FIOAT1NO POINT AN D32-RIT WIDIMIMORT IXPANSION FOR TMINIW AMIGA 1200 Ik. MIX 1200.. oJ4..*d to Amrgo 1200 own** oi a too •flecti*.
K fc quality upgrode solution to pronde a Motorola 6898' 6888 2 Rooting paint ** and to wppon ttw .n*to*ot,©n ol up to mjN mogobyio* ol 32bu w,d* AMIGA FouRAM Spoodt up FPU opw'a'ioni by o» muck ot 55 rimot rkot of ttw notivo AlMO MBXI200porauMko A!200ul4r 10toaliM rtwfud potoni.olftf k,i lyttomondtoftuor* INDI MICI low Co-ProMiwr £179.99 4 Mtg £277.99 8 £399.99 THE WILD, THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED PACK AMIGA AI 200 RECOMMENDED PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES Panasonic Quiet Colour Printing We researched the colour printer market in great depth to find a colour printer good enough to cope with
AMIGA's powerful graphic output, yet of an affordable price.
We found the perfect printer in the Panasonic KX-P2180 + KX-P2123 quiet printers.
We then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer, you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it. We found that too, in 'Wordworth', yet at a retail price of £129.99 we thought that might be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of 'Wordworth' free with every Panasonic printer. How's that for added value?
Panasonic Panasonic KX-P2123 KX-P2180
writers choice. The ultimate word processor tor AMIGA
computers. Wordworth is undoubtedly the ultimate wordMoeument
processor tor the full range of AMIGA computers. The Graphical
nature of WORDWORTH makes producing document} faster ana
easier, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full
Panasonic XX P2180 and XX P2123 colour printing support),
Collins spell checker and Thesourus, no other word processor
comes close, "withovt daub* thj» is one of the best document
processors for the AMIGA, Today." (Amiga Format).
NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. vat UiiiJ INM] PRICE] £199-22
• Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft, 64 CPS IQ ond 32CPSLQ.
• Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta and black)
• QuietPrinting Super quiet 43 5-46kBA sound level (most matrix
printers are typically in excess of 6 W BA)
• 7 Resident Fonts Over 152,000 type styles using Super LQ,
Courier Prestige, Bold PS, Roman, Script and Sans Serif Fonts
• 24 PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality
output e 1 Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
• 4 Resident Fonts Over 6.100 type styles using Courier Prestige,
Bold PS, Roman, Script ond Sons Serif Fonts
• 3 Paper Paths Paper handling from bottom, top and rear for
total flexibility
• 1 Y or Warranty for total peace of mind.
Panasonic LASER PRINTERS Indi hove joined together with Ponasonic to offer all Amiga owners the most outstanding Loser Printer offer over. We ore now able to offer high quality, professional laser printing at very offordable prices We ore also giving away a free copy of Wordworth with every Ponasonic Loser Printer purchased (RRP 129 99) Whether you're looking Tor o laser | DTP, presentation or complex graphics applications - the Panosonic range offers you the power to meet your requirements.
RRP £1286.00 KXP-4410
• 5 pages per minute
• 28 resident fonts
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2x200 sheets)
• Law running costs
• Fordid interface
• Optional memory expansion to 4.5Mb
(0. 5Mb as standard) HP Loserjet II Emulation RRP £992.00
• Satinprint (optimum resolution technology) * C 5 pages per
• HP Loserjet III Emulation, PCL 5
• 8 scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2x200 sheets)
• Optional memory expansion to
5. 0Mb (1Mb as standard) Panasonic PRINTER ACCESSORIES
KXP2I80 KXP2123 holds 80 A4 sheets INDI PRICE £89.99
2) PRINTER DUST COVER Specially tailored quality dust cover for
Ponasonic KXP2180 KXP2123 printer INDI PRICE £8.99
3) PRINTER STAND 2 piece printer stand INDI PRICE £9.99
4) PAPER PACK 500 sheets quality A4 paper INDI PRICE £9.99
5) PARALLEL PRINTER CABLE To be used when connecting Amiga to
Panosonic Printer.
INDI PRICE £8.99 (£5. W if purchased with printer)
6) PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON Colour ribbon for KXP2180 KXP2123.
7) PANASONIC BLACK RIBBON Block ribbon for KXP2180 KXP2123 INDI
1 PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON PACK Contains 6 colour ribbons for
KXP2180 KXP2123.
RRP £119.99 INDI PRICE £89.99 SAVE £30.00111 RACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 block and 4 colour ribbons for KXP2180 KXP2123. RRP £99 99 INDI PRICE £69.99 SAVE £30.00111 PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contents = Automatic Sheet Feeder, 2 x block ribbons, 2 x colour ribbons, 1 xdust cover, 2 piece printer stgnd.
RRP £169 99 INDI PRICE £139.99 SAVE £30.0011!
Add C2 50 corriage to oil printer accessories qr combinations thereof THE MULTIMEDIA COMPUTER TOTAL HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AMIGA CDTV THE MUITIMEDIA-COMPUTER The problem with any new product is that it always takes time for everyone to realise its full potential. CDTV is no exception and in our opinion everything we have read does a pretty poor job of explaining just what CDTV can do and why it is so exciting.
Jauufaici7.fi THE INDI GUIDE TO CDTV IT'S A CD PLAYER - Yes, it will play all your Primal Scream, Pavarotti, Pink Floyd and any other CD you care to mention in superb high quality stereo, with remote infra red control.
IT'S AN AMIGA - Plug in the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and the colossal range of inexpensive Amiga software can be used on your CDTV.
MONITOR NOT INCLUDED IT'S A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM - Just imagine, stereo sound, images and text all on screen. It asks a question, you respond, it responds truly interactive! Each CD disc holds hundreds of megabytes of data with instant optical access. The whole of _ Hutchinson's Encyclopedia fits onto 1 disc. This interactive system is a unique aid for Education, Business or Leisure.
The future is herel Dl PRICE PACK CONTENTS AS STANDARD AMIGA CDTV Player • CDTV keyboard • CDTV 1411 3.5" Disc Drive
• CDTV Infra red remote controller • CDTV wired mouse • CDTV
Welcome Disc • Manuals • Fred Fish CDTV INDI VALUE ADDED FREE •
Lemmings CDTV (£34.99) • Blues Brothers (£12.99) • Pipemania,
Populous, Kickoff2, Space Ace (£122.52) | COTV CONNECTS
Mind Run £29.99 All Dogs to Heaven: Electric Crayon £34.99
Global Chaos £29.99 Advanced Military Systems £29.99 Mud Puddle
£34.99 Ultimate Basketball £29.99 Turrican II £29.99 Women in
Motion £29.99 My Paint £29.99 Classic Board Games £34.99 Guy
Spy £29.99 Guinness Dist of Records £34.99 North Polar
Expedition £49.99 Dinosaurs for Hire £14.99 CowrGirl Poker
£24.99 Animals in Motion £29.99 Paper Bag Princess £34.99 Hound
of the Boskervilles £29.99 MUSIC Connoisseur Fine Arts £34.99
Scary Poems for Rotten Kids £39,99 Pjychq Killer £29.99 Music
Maker £34.99 Fruits & Vegetables £34.99 Tale of Benjamin Bunny
£39.99 Sherlock Holmes, Remix £29.99 Trees & Shrubs £34.99 Tale
of Peter Rabbit £39.99 Consulting Detective £39.99 Korooke Fun
Hits 1 £14.99 Garden Plants £34.99 Thomas' Snowsuit £34.99
SimGty £29.99 Vdicemaste r+Microphone £39.99 Indoor Plants
£34.99 Moving Gives Me Stomach Ache £34.99 Trivial Pursuit
(PAL) £49.99 Voice FX £19.99 EDUCATION Barney Beor Goes Comping
£29.99 Wroth of the Demon £29.99 REFERENCE Fun School-Under5's
£24.99 Asterix English for French 1 £34.99 Team Yankee £34.99
Ameritgn Heritgge Dictionary £49.99 A Long Hard Day at the
Ranch £34.99 Japan World (PAL) £49.99 Raffles £34.99 Complete
Works of Shakespeare £29.99 A Bun for Barney £29.99 NASA, the
25th Year £19.99 Prehistorik £34.99 Illustrated Holy Bible
£29.99 Gnderella £39.99 Fractal Universe £34.99 Snoopy (PAL)
£34.99 New Basics Electronic Cookbook £39.99 Fun School for 5
to 7 £24.99 ENTERTAINMENT Town with No Nome £29.99 Timetable of
Business £39.99 Fun School for over7's £24.99 Battlechess
£39.99 Lemmings £34.99 Timetable of Science £39.99 Heather Hits
Her First Home Run £34.99 Bottle Storm £29.99 European Spoce
Simulator £34.99 World Vista Atlos £54.99 UV-English as o 2nd
Language £34.99 prices include carriage Fantastic Voyoge £34.99
plug in the Brick-ette and use any wired AMIGA compatible
joystick, mouse or trackball device on the Commodore CDTV. The
built-in 8 bit Micro Processor gives the Brick-ette big smort*
in q tiny pockage and makes if easy to use just plug into the
remote port and it is ready to go with real time mouse or
joystick movement on your CDTV. No loading of driver programs
or software. No switches for mouse or joystick. Special
settings (with mouse) allow you to blast away with three rapid
fire modes & dual fire buttons. Comes complete with Python
Micro Switched Joystick.
INDI EXCLUSIVE £49.99 With two Joysticks £59.99 £109.99 CDTV Internal Genlock £149.99 Block 1Q94S Colour Stemo Monitor £189.99 (When purchased with CDTY Multi-Media Pock) £179.99 CDTV Remote Mouse £49.99 Scart TY Monitor Lead (inc. Stereo Phono lead) £14.99 Megachip - 1Mb Upgrede ChipRAM Upgrade for CDTV £159.99 CDTY External 3.5' Floppy Drive £49.99 AMIGA CDTV EXTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE You've got the CDTV, you've got the keyboard and floppy disk drive - for a total computer solution all that's needed is an ultra-fast hard disk drive.
The CDTV-HD unit boasts a massive 65Mb of hard disk storage with lightning fast access times through its SCSI interface* The unit comes complete with Workbench 1.3 and all necessary cables.
On this otter f PROFESSIONAL AMIGA The A1500 is the ultimate home computer for the whole family and is INDI are able to offer you exclusive deals on this outstanding product various configurations and bundles All configurations come complete with the following software and accessories: FEATURES:
• Fully functional keyboard with numeric pad separate from CPU
• Includes 2 xV i" disk drives as standard with 514" Disk Bay.
• Integral memory ond card expansion capabilities (most cost
effective expansion route) b • Work bench 2.00 and Kickstart
• Keyboard, mouse, reference manual, Puzznic, Toki, Elf (Games),
D Paint (Graphics Package), Home Accounts, The Works (Platinum
edition: Wordpro, Spreadsheet, Database) Joystick AMIGA A1500
FEATURED (see photograph above) • 52 Mb SCSI Hard Disk • Pack
now includes 1084ST Monitor & Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin colour
printer. memory ond NEWI AMIGA 4000 040 I 20Mb The new
flagship Amiga with ultra high resolution and a pollette of
16.8 million cofevrf. The heart of the featuring the new AGA
(AA) Graphics chip set AMIGA 4000 is the new Motorola 68040
(Not EC Chip) processor running at a broathc taking 25Mhz.
Complete with 120Mb ford drive and 6Mb of 32-Bit RAM
(Additional Memory available).
INDI PRICE £2095.99 INDI SOUND VISION ANIMATION ROMBO PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE FRQM INDI MEGAMIX is a low cost, high spec digital effects cartridge that plugs into the printer port of your Amiqa. This from almost at irinter port of your Amiga. This allows you to sample or record stereo sound from almost any musical source. Special effects can be added in real time, perfect for the up and coming singer musician producer who wants that professional sound at home. You will find Megamix masters performance a it an £29« mm AC 0293 VIDI AMIGA 12 is the ultimate low cost colour digitiser for your
Amiga. There are no filters and no separate RGB Splitter. Colour images can be captured in less than a second, mono images are grabbed in real time. No other image ific capture system offers this level of specification for the price.
The best value full colour digitiser on the market' || Q|: PR|£E C7 j.99 Amiaa Format -1-»» Amiga Format TAKE 2 is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of any age. It will cater for both amateur and professional applications. So get the most out of your computer and open up your imagination to Take 2. As used in Rolf Harris Cartoon Club.
INDlJ PRICE ] £37-99 COMMODORE 1960 MULTI-SYNC MONITOR A U* high resolution monitor for use with A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000.
INDI PRICE £369,99 OR £331,99 IF PURCHASED WITH A3000 A4000.
Pin colour printer.
INCLUDED FREE Amiga Vision and Wordworth Worth £229.99 Other 1500 configs available at very competitive prices.
Phone for details.
Animate - animation software package. King of Karate - the world's first 24 bit graphics computer ganw. INDI PRICE £599.00 Contents: Opal Board, Opol Paint - 24 bit graphic creation tool.
Opal presents - powerful presentation pockage. Opal Vision Hotkey its ease of use is unrivalled, just plug in and go...
- controls and monages OpalVision and Amiga Graphics, Opal Nole:
Monitor is not included with any of the»* systems.
BODEGA BAY SYSTEM Expansion System. (Turns your A500 A500+ into A1500), The Bodega Bay fits into the side expansion slot of your A5001A5QQ+ and provides 4 x 2000 style expansion slots.
The Bodega Bay also has enough space for two half height 5.25" drives and one drive. Comes complete with a high capacity AMIGA 3000 hord drive system offering high industry standard computing ana the true muhi-tosking performance of the AMIGA, all in one box. Run the PC or the AMIGA and transfer files between both operating systems. In addition to the standard Amiga 3000 specification, the Amiga 3000-PC system features 386SX processor running at 25Mhr with 1Mb of PL me DOS 5.
INDI PRICE £1449.99 AMIGA 3000 25 52Mb The Amiga 3000 features the powerful Motorola 68030 processor running ot 25Mhz. Complete with 52Mb SCSI Hard Drive (Single drive with no HD available) and 2Mb system RAM (6Mb Option Available). FREE AMIGA VISION SOFTWARE.
INDI PRICE £1229.99 £115922 internal power supply and cooling fan.
PRICE ONLY £79.99 (While stocks last) PC SYSTEM (386SX-25) The AMIGA ond PC performance PC386bX-25Mhx
3. 5' BY POST simply fill In the coupon below.
BY PHONE - ring 0606 43860 where your call will be answered by one of our INDI soles team. After 6.00pm each day your call will be answered by answorphone. If you would like to place an order have all details at hand including Credit Card. The message will guide you through your order.
Home and replace the product completely free of charge.
If you own an AMIGA 1500 or 3000 and would like to expand its hard disk or memory capability or odd any other AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE Please send .... Price 4 Delivery I enclose cheque PO for £...... or charge my Access Visa No.
Products advertised represent a small sample of our Instock range. A complete price list is available on request.
All products purchased com with a complete list of all products available from INDI with special customer loyalty offors.
SEND YOUR ORDER TO: INDI DIRECT MAIL FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 85 WITTON STREET, NORTHWICH CHESHIRE CW9 5DW All products are guaranteed for 12 months. Some products carry a 12 month ot home service repair complete door to door configuration service together with an additional 12 Jguarantee (where Indicated), n the unlikely event that any product Kurchased from INDI arrives at your ome faulty, we will collect from your months Back to INDI warranty. Why not ask for a quote?
HOW TO ORDER Expiry date Signature Send to Name.
Address .. PRICES ARE VALID FOR MONTH OF PUBLICATION O* TEL: 0606 43860 • FAX: 0606 43825 Daytime Tel.
Postcode..... New Horizon Computers The Hard Drive Specialists A600 & A1200 Hard Drives The ESSENTIAL add on for all SERIOUS Amiga users* Upgrade your A600 or A1200 with a brand new internal IDE Hard Drive. All our Special Installation Kits come complete with fully formatted IDE Hard Drive, cable, mounting kit and fitting instructions.
All New Horizon Hard Drives are sourced from Brand Name suppliers and have been fully tested for 100% compatibility with the Amiga A600 and A1200.
SPECIAL OFFER For A600 & A1200 Owners New Horizon will collect your machine, fit the drive of your choice and return your machine by overnight carrier to any mainland UK address for a fully inclusive price of only £38.50. Offer lasts till Feb 20th 1993 only. Phone our Sale Hotline for further details.
A600HD Owners * Upgrade to a bigger drive. Phone for more details.
Installing a Hard Drive will invalidate your Commodore Warranty so all Computers fitted with a New Horizon Drive are covered by our own Full 12 Month RTB Warranty from date of purchai FULLY INCLUSIVE PRICES SIZE DRIVE WITH 600 WITH 1500 20 MEG £120.00 £385.00 £495.00 40 MEG £180.00 £NA £555.00 64 MEG £200.00 £455.00 £575.00 84 MEG £250.00 £485.00 £605.00 127 MEG £365.00 £625.00 £745.00 ALL OUR DRIVES COME PARTITIONED, FORMATTED AND WITH WORKBENCH 2 OR 3 INSTALLED A600 S & At200's & PCMCIA C ARD S NOW IN STOCK - PHONE FOR LATEST PRICES
1. By Phone FREE next working day delivery on all items shown and
for Credit Card orders placed before 3pm (UK Mainland only).
Saturday delivery add £10.
2. Bv Post Send a cheque or bankers draft made payable to "New
Horizon Computers" and post with your order to: New Horizon
Computers, Mail Order Dept, High Hope, Lea, Ross on Wye,
Herefordshire HR9 7LN Remember, when you buy from New Horizon
Computers you receive: ? Fully inclusive Prices ? No Hidden
Extra's ? Free Next Day Delivery ? Full Technical Support ?
Full After Sales Service CREDIT CARDS WELCOME aD New Horizon
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List wind from the PC's sails, or is it just a weak pretender?
Stevi£ Kennedy goes ringside... vi* Like some puny
featherweight with knock knees and gloves three sizes too big,
eyes puffed purple and bleeding from repeated bat terings, the
Amiga has been on the Vi v} si ropes for some time now Its
opponent, the super heavyweight PC market, has landed punch
after punch as price cuts, sound cards, excellent games, and
more power for the pound have taken their toll on the helpless
Amiga. Trapped in its own corner, the end must surely be nigh
for the Commodore machine. At X that's what the doom merchants
would A more optimistic commentator might say the Amiga, in
the middle of a recession, has taken everything the much
larger, more competitive PC market can throw at it and come
out fight ing with a new range of machines and new hope for
the future. It all depends on who you talk (or listen) to.
Some, with chips on their shoulder large enough for FI5s to land on, take a perverse pleasure from dragging the Amiga Computing March 1993 35 Amiga through as many cesspits as they can find.
Others, in the great British tradition of mindless jingoism, wave flags and scream the Amiga's praises with about as much circumspection as a rutting bull in a field of cows.
Possibly the reason for this is that, while schoolboys In the early 80s, many of today's Amiga enthusiasts and journalists could be found at the lunch-time computer club arguing viciously over the relative merits of the Spectrum and the BBC micro.
The hangover of such "My Computer Is Better Than Your Computer" beginnings is hard to shake off if the pointed comments flying between the AC desks and those of our sister magazine, 57 Uier, are anything to go by.
Whatever the reasons, it is clear that • precious little real debate has gone on concerning the pressures placed on the Amiga by cheaper and cheaper PC clones, which is why we decided to take the unusual and, I must say, normally pointless step of comparing two completely different machines.
Hardware a Pointless because two machines based on different processors and radically dissimilar design concepts are about as comparable as chalk and cheese.
However, when normally sensible cheese eaters start to lick their lips at the sight of a blackboard, it’s time to find out whether they've gone barking mad or if chalk really does taste better.
The Amiga is a computer originally designed in the early to mid-80s by a forward-thinking team of Californian hippies who had a wish list and a healthy visionary Streak.
The result is that, at its launch, the Amiga was thoroughly modern in design and well ahead of its time. Commodore's subsequent lack of development threatened the Amiga's technological advantage for a while, but the ACA chip set and Kickstart 3.0 have recently brought the Amiga up to date again.
Business By contrast, the IBM PC was designed in the mid-70s by a team of hard-nosed engineers looking to produce a desktop microcomputer for purely business purposes.
The result is that the original Pcs had text-based mono graphics, no sound, and no frills. They were, however, very early converts to the hard drive and the better screen displays which have since become standard on the PC.
Driven by business demands, the PC world was slow to develop even basic graphics and sound, but when VGA started to become popular and Windows
3. 0 for the true 32-bit machines first appeared, the normally
boring PC world went mad for colourful screen displays, sound
cards, huge hard drives, and high density floppies. Software
improved, competition spiralled, and the PC bandwagon
started to assume unstoppable proportions. Soon, colourful
VGA-based games started to appear, and when the VGA card
became a de facto standard, 256-colour games (eight times as
colourful as most Amiga games) weren't long in coming.
Software shopping The cost of additional software is something which many users do not consider thoroughly before buying a machine, and it is in this category which the Amiga scores most highly over the PC. Software on the PC is undoubtedly much more expensive than on the Amiga, and in many areas it is of inferior quality.
For business use, the home user might opt for an integrated package, an area in which the PC is well served by such packages as Microsoft Works.
However, none of the PC options are significantly better than Cold Disk Office 2 and in terms of price there is little to choose between them.
Full-priced business software is another story. A complete wordprocessor for the PC might cost as much as £400, while the equivalent Amiga package will come in at £150.
Admittedly, Microsoft Word for Windows 2 has more features than Wordworth 2, more clip art and more fonts, but the difference is hardly worth £250, and there is little, in terms of serious wordprocessing power, that the PC package can offer which Wordworth does not have an answer for.
Databases will always be a major forte of the PC, with only Superbase Pro 4 offering anything like the power of dBase, but the Amiga holds its own in terms of most other productivity software.
For graphics, especially the ray-traced variety, the Amiga is unmatched in terms of quality and price, and some of the video software around (more particularly in the USA) has an enormous lead over other that available for other machines.
Games were just the start, however, and the more colourful, tuneful PC began to encroach upon the traditional Amiga strongholds - video and multimedia.
At this point, the price wars of 1991 2 began to force PC prices down to levels at which the better-heeled Amiga owner might reasonably expect to buy one for leisure or enthusiast uses and, since the middle of 1991, the letter pages of Amiga Computing have been the stage for a ding-dong battle between those who believe the Amiga is the superior machine and those who see the PC as a better value for money proposition.
Debates carried out through Ezra's postbag, such as the piracy argument simmering on and off over the years, are normally fairly sober affairs, but the furore over Pcs has escalated into an internecine civil war with all the viciousness of a cat fight.
Sneering letters pouring contempt on IBM clones are matched in their vitriol only by those from readers apparently happy to see the management of Commodore UK dragged out and shot.
The most frequently voiced complaints
- that the Amiga's graphics are obsolete and that it isn't fast
enough - have been addressed by the A1200, but the way in which
the Amiga is marketed still attracts a great deal of criticism.
Serious Amiga users want hard drives as standard and much more
support for high density floppies, high resolution
multisyncs, and so on.
All of this is needed if the Amiga is to keep up with the competition in the nongames sector, and Commodore's seeming lethargy in this area (the A4000 isn't sold with a monitor as standard, the A1200 has no HD floppy) has prompted some to believe the company is happy simply to soak up sales from games players.
However, this view is a little one-sided.
Commodore, at least in their public pronouncements, have recognised the importance of the thousands of Amiga enthusiast users who regularly use the machine productively, and it is for them that the A1200 was released.
From the comparison found in this article, it should be abundantly clear to most sensible Amiga owners that the A12QQ represents the most convincing rebuttal to the PC clone, which one could have asked for.
It is more colourful, more modern, and in many ways faster than machines which cost the same in real terms and which, from simple spec sheet considerations, should be quicker.
If Commodore can only produce enough A1200s (with built-in hard drives please!) And the software houses can be convinced that it should be properly sup* ported, the Amiga will come through the 1993 PC war with flag flying and all guns blazing.
The PC platform The IBM PC's main limitation is its archaic design. Limited to 640k base memory and a clumsy paged extended memory system, the PC is forced to struggle against its own central design features to keep up with demanding modem software.
Of course, Pcs can use much more memory than 640k, but the biggest single executable program can never exceed the available base memory, and all extra RAM (whether expanded or extended) is addressed by the system as 16k pages, making memory management a slow and painful business. Commercial packages H ordware Write NLTWORKS.WRI file Edit Find Character Paragraph Document Help ¦Additional Notes About Networks This document contains information about specific networks If you are lootang for addmona) information about Windows version 3 1 that does not pertain to networks, see "Other Online
Documents* at the end of tins file for a description of the Windows 31 onhne documents Using Write to View This Document If you enlarge Write to its maximum size, tins document will be easier to read To do so. Click the Maximize button m the upper-nghf comer of the Write window Or open the Control menu m the upper-left comer of the Write window and choose the Maximize command louse I douse To move through the document press page up and page down or click the arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bar along the right side of the Write window Gamer costing as much as £60 will improve the
situation, but these don't even perform the equivalent functions of the Amiga Gary or Gayle custom chips.
Secondly, the standard which established itself in the early 80s for compatibility purposes, the XT, was based on a slow Intel 8086 processor and was bereft of sound or colour graphics.
Since then a multitude of graphical and musical standards have evolved as manufacturers competed for the biggest slice of the market. The result is a confused mass of different processors, sound, and graphics cards.
SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array), offering 256 colours at a typical resolution of 800 by 600 when running Windows, has become a standard of sorts as the 1Mb Trident card sold in its millions, but every video card has its own drivers for Windows and not all are totally reliable.
Many of the cards on the market are very slow indeed, and make Windows use an exercise in patience.
In addition, neither mouse nor joystick were implemented on the XT, so there is no standard for either. Users must hope that the mouse supplied with their PC (assuming there is one) has driver software which doesn't interfere with too much other software and that the game card slotted into the machine (ditto) has a game or joystick port.
In use, the PC is a good machine for straightforward business productivity. The Windows 3 Includes a bask WyilWYC wordprocessor available software, though sometimes very expensive, is excellent, and the best of it has reached a level of professionalism matched by few Amiga packages.
On the down side, most Amiga users would shrink at the £400 cost for top-end wordprocessors.
For most other uses, such as music, video, multimedia, and graphics, the PC has less attraction. In some of the Amiga's strongest areas, it is weak (though improving), and in others no better than average.
For example, a ray tracing package - 3D Design Studio - recently released in its new version for the PC and offering no more capabilities than the £300 Imagine 2
- would cost the PC user almost £2,000.
Real 3D v2 will retail for less than £400 and should blow away any program currently in existence on any other desktop machine.
Where the Amiga has come under increasing threat from the PC is in a sector where two years ago no-one would have expected it - games.
The VGA card coupled to an AdLib or Roland-compatible sound card makes for a Though (Qlwrful, Windows Is sluggish and leu flexible than Workbench graphics and sound system comparable to the Amiga (better graphics, inferior sound), and games manufacturers weren't slow to exploit the potentially vast PC games market.
Games on modern VGA Pcs are therefore more colourful than their Amiga counterparts, faster (when run on a 386 or better), and bigger due to the predominance of hard drives.
Think twice Amiga owners not previously tempted by the PC have thus taken a look at the games available on the other side of the fence and started to think twice.
However, PC games are unlikely to progress in technical terms from this point.
Games houses have taken the l-4Mb SVGA machine with 40Mb hard drive as their base level games platform and will not assume a higher level of equipment for at least another year or two.
The Amiga, however, has just leapt forward with the AGA chip set and should start to see superior games over the next year.
As a 2Mb machine with 256 colours in higher resolution than the PC, and fast graphics chips for large sprites and smooth animation, the A1200 should gradually begin to overtake the PC in terms of games quality, though there won't be many games of this kind in the near future.
The Amiga platform The Commodore Amiga is a multi-processor machine based around the principle that many hands make light work. In its most modern configuration, the machine contains a 68020 (or -040) 32-bit chip aided by an array of custom chips, 2Mb RAM, and a single floppy drive.
Custom co-processors include Alice and H ardware Woedwoeth • TO1 37 Digit a tntomatkxv*_tt7tt PM Word worth VWUtam Vtonjwwtih mu t»m on th* 7th April 1770 at Coekwmouth in CumbeHand.
Engjanil. Ha gr*w up in the beautiful lake Astnrt that wai later to provide inspiration for| much of his pomty and philosophy. Hp «arly boyhood was numd by tha tragedy that wa* to accompany him throughout Ufa. Vaien he u*aS just eight years Old hi* mother diad. Followed by hi* father yvara later. From a young age. Ha was wary aware that the way In which he Uved would have a profound influence upon hi* creativity.
He later put many of his experiences into the laigely autobiographical poem. The Prduda. Recognising that this was an unconventional method of writing poatry: ‘A thing unpmtcccienfed m iterarjr hiM'ty that a tnnn nh.wAI UtlA 9C much utvut himset . ' Strong contemporary opinion held that to use poetry to describe normal, everyday occurrences was to demean the form.
. «vani*f*J lonely «»« e!?ud That floats on high o «r vale* and hUia.
When all at once t saw a crowd.
Wordworth 2 li the Amiga i belt wordpmtenor and tomn cloie to the better K patkagei program to another while both are actively running, is unique to the Amiga, and something which all owners miss if they move to another format.
Windows 3.0 offers the PC owner a crude task-swapping facility, but this is less than perfect as it freezes any task not being used rather than keepin it running as the Amiga does.
Even simple tasks, which are second nature to the Amiga such as formatting a floppy while printing a letter, are beyond the PC.
A second benefit of the Amiga's custom chips is speed. Believe it or not, an A1200 running a 256-colour Workbench screen is actually smoother than a 25MHz 486SX running the equivalent Windows screen, despite the fact that the AI200 uses a 68020 at half the clock speed.
The PC would benefit from a Windows graphics accelerator, of course, but these cost hundreds of pounds and are not standard equipment. Alice and Lisa do the same job and are found in Lisa, between them providing the superb AGA graphics capabilities, the ageing Paula sound chip, and a variety of other chips taking care of everything from the serial port to RAM.
What this means is that, in effect, an Amiga CPU is more at liberty than any almost other machine's CPU to concentrate on true processing.
Lobs which can be carried out by the custom chips are whizzed off to be completed while the CPU gets on with something else, and as Kickstart (the Amiga's built-in operating system) has at its heart a modular approach to system resources, the Amiga is the only home or desktop micro to properly multitask.
For games players, this means little, but for those involved in productivity tasks, in particular video and multimedia, the ability to do two or more things at once is vital.
Such ease of use, switching from one Even simple multitasking is beyond the PC... every AGA Amiga.
The Amiga’s Achilles' heel is its perception as a games machine. Though offset somewhat by the Amiga's video and multimedia talents, the games label has Tech specs colours from 16.7 million in any resolution Sound: Four-channel stereo over nine octaves Expansion: 150*pin trapdoor slot for memory and CPU upgrades. PCMCIA slot for RAM upgrade. Internal IDE hard drive interface Storage: One 3.5in FD 880k, one 40Mb HD (not standard) Software: Workbench 3.0 Extras: Mouse, manuals, one year on-site warranty Cost: A1200 - £399,65Mb hard drive - £229, CBM 1960 multisync monitor - £399. Total:
£1027 Supplier: Calculus Phone: 0543 250273 For the purposes of a direct comparison we decided to go for a complete games system PC rather than the sort of dodgy box-shifter cut-down system to which the user would have to add mouse, joystick, sound card and speakers to at a later date.
The advantage of doing this is that the resulting PC has specifications more akin to the Amiga it is up against - stereo sound, gamecard, and so on. Our A1200 was augmented by the addition of an internal 40Mb IDE and a multisync monitor.
Commodore A1200 CPU: Motorola 68EC020 running at 14.3 Mhz RAM: 2Mb expandable to 32Mb Ports: One parallel, one serial, mouse, joystick, audio, CVBS, RGB, R F, floppy, PCMCIA Video: Up to 1,280 x 512 or 800 x 600 in 256 colours from a palette of 16.7 million (24-bit). Ham8:262,144 Commodore SL386SX-25 Leisure Pack CPU: Intel 386SX running at 25MHz RAM: 1Mb expandable to 16Mb on motherboard Ports: One parallel, two serial, mouse, joystick, VGA, audio, speakers, microphone Video: VGA 256k expandable to 512k. Max resolution with this video RAM is about 640 x 480 in 256 colours.
Sound: Sound Galaxy BXII - Adlib and Soundblaster compatible with separate mini-speakers Expansion: Five full-length slots, though one is used by the sound card and one is apparently obscured by cable.
Maths co-processor slot.
Storage: One 3.5in FD 1,44Mb, one 40Mb HD (factory installed and formatted) Software: MSDOS v5.0. Leisure pack including Wing Commander II, Legend, D Generation Extras: Mouse, manuals, one year on-site warranty COST: £833 including VAT and carriage.
Supplier: Commodore Direct Phone: 0543 418666 dogged serious Amiga development for years, resulting in a far smaller number of truly professional uses evolving for the machine.
Additionally, hard drives and VGA Amiga Computing March 1993 38 market is so much smaller. On a bnghter note, the Amiga is better served than any other desktop machine in the graphics, video, and multimedia sectors, and has carved a solid niche for itself in all three areas.
Everything from TV graphics and movie special effects to video titling and glitzy presentations give the Amiga an enviable profile in the visual media world.
The PC is catching up in some ways, most notably with its lead in CD technology and the release of Windows multimedia extensions, but the Amiga's innate video talents and its suitability to the task mean it is unlikely ever to be pushed out of this particular market.
Commodore may not have marketed the Amiga as many users would have liked, but the sheer quality Thar* are a nurcn ot advanced I comtt «*ih wm* »f- «i tea* arvj imt are too oftom to majntf ctf ceA tint ClWdwt 9ft* eiemert and «hen ttwf pnnt out sornethng Ihere's often an *iemenc c* ftsapportmfrt This is because you riavent tc*j them that you dorrt h*e acciocs rs ai ths that you **v ***** thai fen XKi instead ot otfmg tor me ciacennp otd in the comer jgse« are pdfxtar ha errs me developers have included one here rust can be p e *d m pieces from 12 to 112 pieces and you can use pica ** that
youVe created m Aa A)rv* or orm me one* supplied vein me program Vou start *fth on* piece m pty.e and then add the others picking them up and rotaong them to fit the spaces mth mouse ticks Vwale fr»s mi t be seen as one dimensional eUmer cl ttn an immensely powerful new chip - the 68060 - is due for release later this year.
On the custom chip front. Commodore have the AGA chip set available now and an even more advanced version in development. What this all adds up to is an optimistic future for the Amiga.
• Please note that the difference in total System COSt reflects
the fact that the A1200 has a larger hard drive and a much
belter monitor.
The PC package has a games bundle included in the price, but this isn't a fair criticism of the A1200 as such a new and sought-after machine is unlikely to be bundled for some time.
It would be possible to buy a cheaper multisync monitor and a 40Mb hard drive, but the former might cause problems with some of the Amiga's many display modes and hard drives of less than 6SMb capacity are rare To be fair to the PC, a cheap 386DX-33 from a box- shifter might come in at around the same price as the SL386SX-25, but such cheap machines are usually supplied with no software, and the advertised price often excludes a mouse and MS-DOS.
Shopping around can provide bargains on both the Amiga and PC side, but the prices provided above are probably the best guide to the relative expense of the two systems, monitors, though becoming much more common, are still not standard Amiga equipment. This means that hard drive mstallable games and more serious business software are slow to appear as the of the machine and its revolutionary nature have proved difficult to suppress, Unlike the Atari ST, which, despite being cheaper than the Amiga, never managed to secure a solid base lor itself, the Commodore machine looks capable of
holding its own for the foreseeable future.
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want street cred!
What? Oops, wrong type of image, sorry!
Getting back to a more serious note, buying a monitor is fraught with problems.
Monitors have a dictionary of jargon all to themselves - VGA, Analog TTL, composite, dot pitch, vertical and horizontal holds and soon.
These all determine the type of monitor and the quality of the display - numero uno in choosing a monitor.
The Amiga monitor market is far smaller than that for the PC, and as such there are fewer monitors, but even so, there is still a pretty wide selection to choose from.
When buying a monitor you will probably have several requirements. Working in collaboration with a wide variety of people I set up a series of comparisons and tests designed to identify the monitors which were best for use on the Amiga and of most use to you, the serious Amiga user, People consulted ranged from end users, technical support Staff for monitor suppliers and Amiga dealers, TV monitor repair engineers, colour specialists and designers of monitor tubes, These tests were applied to the most popular monitors in the Amiga market, the result being that here, tor you eyes only and
bought to you by Amiga Computing, is the most in-depth technical testing yet seen of the Amiga markets' favourite monitors.
Each monitor was tested and checked for comparison on the following criteria (in no particular order) - resolution, clarity, compatibility, sound, convergence, colour purity and focus.
Also monitored (sorry!) Was screen curvature and radiation emission. These points were then compared to the price for an overall judgement.
Each of the above criteria has its own peculiarities. Price is pretty obvious, unless you happen to be called Donald Trump.
Unlike just plugging your TV into the Amiga, the resolution you wish to work in directly affects which monitor you can use.
Older Amigas had several low resolutions and a higher resolution, the higher being for the serious applications, the lower for games and so on.
The higher resolution, however, was crippled with a terrible flicker which rendered it almost unusable. To overcome this problem, you needed a flicker fixer.
Newer Amigas with their ECS or VGA resolutions in the case of the AI200 and A4000 don't have this irritating flicker, but like the flicker fixers, require special multisync monitors to work.
Normal single scan monitors can't handle these new modes, and most of the multisyncs are unable to handle the normal lower resolutions - as with most things in life, you can't have it both ways! Both types of monitors are reviewed here.
Clarity means how dear the picture displayed is. To explain, imagine looking at a picture. Now imagine holding a plate of glass in front of it. The better the clarity, the clearer this glass - the worse, the more frosty. In general, the poorer the quality of the monitor, the more frosty you can imagine this glass becoming.
Compatibility is only an issue if you use other computers, in You need a monitor to clear up all those blurry TV screens and save your eyesight When buying any monitor, no matter what price, or even heaven forbid its rating in this review, there are several considerations to be taken into account.
What to look for when buying Next, if your Amiga is used in a home er ment where it gets a pounding and is ui several different people, make sure yo change the settings and position easily.
Likewise, go for one with a tilt and swiv»
- everybody who uses a monitor, like driver's seat, has their own
peculiar po: and a tilt and swivel base can make life easier!
Finally, consider connecting the Amic you get the cables with the monitor? If s they free? If not, where can you get then and how much will they add to the | Although not such a major problem these some older monitors or less popular modi be a real hassle when trying to connect th the Amiga. Watch out... Firstly, decide what you want to use your monitor for. This may sound silly - you want a decent display of course, but what you use your Amiga for can make all the difference to the type of monitor you opt for.
Trisync monitors will give far superior displays, but most can only display the higher flicker-fixed resolutions and are not suitable for games and the like.
If you want to play games or stick to the lower resolutions, opt for the Amiga standard monitors or maybe a TV monitor which will give you a perfectly reasonable display for the intended task.
Hardware case you'll want as many different lints 'cuts as possible or know the require- an mend of your other computers - but more of this later.
)wn Sound is, as already mentioned, really i less worth ondering if you play games or use our Amiga to create sound with, in the case you'll want a monitor with It in speakers rather than a single or no ,e. Speaker at all.
Convergence defines (in easy terms) sharp the images are. Convergence for fy-9fems result in poorty defined edges.
Screen curvature is the amount of curve on a screen. The more curve the lesser the d it ""age, thus straight lines look bent.
.-‘siper and older monitors in particular sJtec partkulariy from this, while the latest es_ Tvj and monitors use flatter, squarer tubes nd *ar superior pictures, jut Each of the monitors was checked with CM8833 Mk 2 is the market leader, and not without good reason. Like every leader, it displays all the attributes of a product designed by engineers who know what users want now and in the future.
For various reasons during the course of this review I had three CM8833S lying around, and all had the same crisp display, bright colours and clear sound - surely testament to Philips reputation of being a manufacturer of quality monitors.
The styling, while not as good as an ear- ltj. Saveral Amigas (an A500, A1200 and A300Q) to check the various display modes possible.
Commodore 1084S, £199 A good place to start is the tried and tested Commodore 1084S. Originally launched many, many years ago as the 1084, this is Commodore's standard Amiga monitor J' d without doubt their best display yet.
In reality a badged Philips model, otherwise known as the 8833 Mk 2, it is built by a company who know how to build monitors and it shows.
The display is reasonable, build quality is adequate and sound is good. The styling.
VGA monitors and flicker fixers compatible monitor for a fairly low price if you wish to use these new modes.
If you're using your Amiga for anything Other than playing games, you've almost certainly come across the flicker.
An annoying side-effect of Amiga graphics, it which means that whenever high resolution screens are used* the screen "vibrates" at a rapid rate, making it almost unusable, at least with non ECS and Workbench systems before v2.Q. The ECS chipset provided a new screen mode called pro ductivity mode, which gives a reasonably high resolution (640 x 480) yet doesn't flicker at all.
The only way to cure the problem on older models is to use a flicker fixer. There are two popular flicker fixers, the ICD Flicker Free Video Card for the Amiga 500 (available from most dealers) and MicroWay's Flicker Fixer for Amiga 1500 and 2000, A30Q0's have a built-in flicker fixer.
Anyone who has looked at the A1200 will probably know about its new screen modes. But what do these modes mean for monitors?
Well essentially the new VGA resolutions give new resolu lions and more colours. Whereas previous productivity modes offered increased resolutions, they were limited in the colours that they had available.
The new modes don't have this problem. Doing this how ever means that frequencies generated are much higher and thus need multisync monitors. To help users. Commodore made these new modes conform to the frequencies used by the PC industry standard monitors, ie VGA.
Whereas there are roughly three million-odd Amiga's scat tered around the globe there are millions and millions of Pcs, and thus a lot of VGA monitors to go with them.
The end result is that you should be able to pick up a VGA- being a Commodored monitor, is similar to the Amiga - although it’s not to close to any particular model, it will look good next to all.
Serious market. All in all, it's a great monitor for the Amiga home user, if a fraction over-priced.
Philips CM8833 Mk 2, £293 The Philips CM8833 Mk 2, like jhe 1084S and 1085S, is a single scan monitor aimed at the low-end gamesj and home user. The* Easy connection is ensured through the inclusion of all the necessary leads and it has both composite phono sockets and 9- pin D-connectors.
Only a single scan model, it displays just the standard low resolutions and flicker modes, not the new ECS modes or flicker-fixed displays. But then it is only intended for the leisure market, not the All the features you want, without a high price... PHILIPS ...but plain vanilla h better than nothing imputing March 1993 45 ?
Her CM8833 derivative (the Artist, see insert) is smart and obviously a consideration at an early stage, rather than just being a after thought - as is often the case with monitors.
All the controls are available through a recessed panel at the front, which is, in turn, hidden by a flap down door when not needed.
Without doubt a key factor for any manufacturer wishing to stay ahead of the field is the attention it pays to its major markets.
While it would have been easy for Philips to take their standard model and sell it simply as an Amiga compatible, they have taken the trouble of including the cable required to enable easy connection of an Amiga to the D-connector on the back - a small but welcome point.
Further bending to Amiga users is a current promotion they are running. With each CM8833 Mk II is the game Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 from Gremlin, supplied free!
Atari ST users have to send off for their copy!
Given the build quality of the monitor, the sound clarity and overall superior picture appearance I have no hesitation in recommending the Philips CM8833 Mk II and giving it the Amiga Computing Blue Chip Award for best single scan monitor, Philips build monitors for Commodore and the CM8833 Mk 2 is the latest in a line of Amiga-compatible monitors, and certainly their best.
Commodore 1960, £562 The first multisync of this review is Commodore's own make. Surprisingly, the 1960 (given its Commodore origins) looks Jargon Aspect ratio - The difference between the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the screen. This should be 4:3 - the larger the difference between the two numbers the greater the distortion to screen images.
Bandwidth - A measurement (in Mhz) which specifies the highest frequency the monitor can handle. Higher bandwidths mean higher resolutions.
Composite - A single signal from the computer that contains all information needed by the monitor - ie the colour, sync and audio signals.
Dot pitch - Behind the screen is a mask which is perforated with tiny holes. The CRT beam is fired at the this mask, and through these holes. The finer the holes the sharper the image. "Dot Pitch" is the distance be Flicker - Screens are physically drawn (see interfaced) and flicker occurs because the eye can see the display being redrawn, unless it's done quick enough. Faster refresh rates, ie how often the screen is redrawn every second, reduces flicker.
Like it should be sat next to a dull PC compatible, which probably belies its real origins. I could find little reason to recommend this monitor over other manufacturers offerings. Its focus was way out and colours just weren't vibrant as on the Philips 7CM3209 or the Nec 4FG.
A problem with all multisyncs examined is that they don't have any speakers. This is a direct result of their ancestry in the PC and workstation markets. These systems don't have the sound output qualities of the Amiga, and as such, their monitors don’t have speakers.
The poison pill - radiation!
The thorny issue of monitors and radiation danger has become a hot subject for manufacturers. In the past there was considerable evidence suggesting that monitors were positively dangerous.
These days however, most monitors are well shielded against X rays and there are soon to be laws to purposely limit radiation levels.
In the next six months, EC guidelines will come into force in various European countries preventing high radiation-emitting monitors from being sold.
The health-conscious people of Sweden and Germany already have similar laws, and the combinations of these elements means that many of the world's largest monitor manufacturers now produce low radiation models.
Most radiation is found around the rear of monitors, so it's advisable to avoid these areas.
But at the end of the day, there is little hard proof that monitors cause cancer.
Neither has the link between monitors and miscarriages been proved - a US study failed to identify it.
However if you are worried, there are now an increasing number of low radiation monitors available, and your dealer should be able to recommend a suitable model.
One advantage of the 1960 is that it, unlike the Other multisyncs reviewed, can handle all Amiga screen modes - including the standard resolutions.
Given that it can display all Amiga modes, the 1960 gets a last minute reprieve for Amiga users, but if you don't want the lesser modes opt for something else. The picture quality just doesn't justify the price of the i960!
NEC 4FG, £599 This is undoubtedly the best quality monitor of all those I looked at, it also has enough controls to keep even the most gadget-crazed propeller heads happy.
In addition to size and position buttons there are also options for degaussing and colour calibration, Colour calibration is a complex subject, and one which will become increasing important as the Amiga finds its way into more and more printing and graphics bureaux.
Essentially, colour calibrating is Wysiwyg for colour. When scanning and printing colour images for serious printing (as in repro studios) the similarity between the colour of a graphic being scanned, what it buster Horizontal Scanning Frequency - This is the figure to determine how often the monitor redraws one horizontal line. The Horizontal scanning frequency is measured in kHz (kilohertz).
Pixel - An old abbreviation of "picture element". Each screen is made up of thousands of tiny dots (pixels) each of which Resolution - The number of pixels in the display area. The better the resolution (higher) the more pixels and thus the better the screen display.
RGB - Unlike Composite connections, the signal in RGB connections is split into its three colour components - Red, Green and Blue.
Scart - a Standard Connector for Audio Radio and Television is a universal connection standard for passing signals between two sources, in our case the Amiga and a monitor or TV.
Vertical Refresh Rate - The time it takes the electron beam to draw a screen. The faster the refresh rate, the less noticeable the flicker.
Looks like on-screen and its final printed output is critical (hence the term colour critical applications).
NEC's colour calibration takes care of this kind of problem, not quite as well as, say, Barco colour calibrated monitors, but then they cost roughly five to eight thousand pounds each!
The colour mode button triggers a feature NEC have termed AccuColour - a way of setting the three electron beams used to draw the pictures.
The picture quality was simply stunning, with superior convergence and equal, if not slightly better, purity to that of the Philips 7CM.
Also in the 4FG's favour is an Inver Shadow mask (ie the grill behind the screen through which the electron beam passes). On the 4FG the shadow mask has Slightly larger holes, which allows greater amounts of the electron beams to get through thus giving a brighter display.
These facts and numerous other points (such as the flatter screen) make the display generated by the 4FG unequalled.
However, and it's a big however, the 4FG has a price tag which, compared to the 7CM32Q9, makes me ask if its really worth it for Amiga use.
Don't get me wrong, the 4FG is undoubtedly the better monitor, but on an Amiga where you won't use half the features is it really worth almost £200 more? On a PC or Mac maybe, but on the Amiga I don't think so!
Philips 7CM3209, £258 From the outset this monitor impressed me. The Philips 7CM3209 is the first of the Philips Brilliance range and certainly lives up to the name.
The displayed pictures were almost on par to the Nec 4FG but as it's considerably cheaper, I feel it warrants being the top monitor of its class.!
Starting with the controls, which are located under the lip at the front. In addition to the typical brightness and contrast there are also another set for screen size and position (vertical and horizontal).
The only complaint with these controls is the use of icons to indicate what each does. While using icons may on paper be just as easy to understand, what's wrong with words? It may just my own preference, but I think it's worth pointing out!
Picture quality was great, with colour brightness being almost as good as the NEC 4FG (strange given the 4FG's better shadow mask), very good colour purity and reasonable convergence. Given its low price however it must rank as the best value multisync monitor and as such gets the award as the best!
Conclusion At the end of the day buying any product falls down to what features you get, how relevant they are to-you and how much you pay.
Given this combination of facts two monitors stand out, the Philips CM8833 Mk II and the Philips 7CM3209 in each class. The CM8833 Mk II provides wonderful, sharp images and a very good price.
The NEC 4FG comes in a very close second and fails not because of any failings on its part, but rather because it is priced as a high end monitor, and the Amiga doesn't need half of these features SO you're wasting your money!
The winner of the multisync monitor therefore falls to yet another Philips model
- the Philips 7CM3209. All the features you want without a high
Supplier Guides Commodore 0628 770088 Philips 081-689 4444 NEC
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* -• •?a • I ntelliqence Artificial intelligence (Al) is one of
the hottest research areas around, and this article is going to
give you a taste of what's happening.
With SB Prolog available through the better public domain libraries you have, as far as I know, the only Al tool for the Amiga, and playing around with it is a great way of entering the arena.
However, programming in Prolog can take a fair bit of brainwork, so before you lash out £15 on a Prolog text book, read on to find out what it's all about.
(Knowledge Base Line: 1) ancestor(A,D):-parent(A,D).
(2) ancestor(A,D):parent(A,X),ancestor(X,D).
(3) parent(albert.ben).
(4) parent(ben,cath),
(5) parent(cath,denis).
(6) parent(denis,edwin).
(the source code is the bit shown in bold. Don't enter the line numbers, and remember all the full stops).
(A) USER: I- parent(ben,cath).
(B) USER: I- parent(denis,albert).
PROLOG: no (Q USER: I- ancestor(albert,cath).
PROLOG: yes Hands up anyone who's seen Robocop.
Remember the scene at the end where the other robot, the bad cop, does a lot of growling and chases hordes of people?
It's having a line time wasting every- thing in its way until a flight of stairs introduces its first life crisis. The robot hesitates, extending a cautious foot, and topples over, falling straight to an ignominious end.
The designers had forgotten to tell it about stairs! This rather contrived plot device, which raised jeers right across the audience when I saw it, is, believe it or not, an excellent illustration of the problem at the very heart of artificial intelligence. Work on building these artificial intelligences has been going on for around 40 years, and the big realisation has been that we have had the wrong idea about what is really intelligent.
We've spent a lot of time getting machines to play Chess, or predict upsets on the stock market, but the hardest targets are always going to be the little things, the things we humans find easiest. These are the things that continue to give so- called intelligent machines nervous breakdowns.
For example, no machine in the world could manage to sort and fold a pile of laundry fresh from the dryer. And even if it could, let the situation become one that the machine hasn't been specifically programmed for, like a sock being dropped behind the fridge, or an unexpected flight of stairs, and the only option for your Robo-Maid will be to lie down and take a couple of aspirins.
Figure I; Ancestor knowledge baie and iample dialogue hold the salvation of the human race (despite the fact that there are very few people around who can truthfully say they know exactly what's going on at the heart of a really massive neural net), and the old school, who have made considerable advances over the years, in machine translation, vision, expert systems, robotics and so on, using methods which are a little dearer to the average human. The differ- Real intelligence, as the bad robot found out, is the ability to adapt to the unexpected.
There are two main schools in Al at the moment - those people who think that neural networks We have had ® the wrong idea about what is intelligent... Do you want to turn your Amiga into an intelligent life form? Philip Gladwin introduces artificial intelligence for the Amiga dujlib machine I Amiga Computing I I I I n tel I iqence n '•‘t approach seems to come ~ the opinion of what exactly con- teliigence. The Old School £ r heart of hearts, be of the or that intelligence is something that K analysed completely, that can be n rules comprehensible to anyone :arn3 to read them, and that can
be wherever you care to write tar nits.
They befceve that, given enough brain- pww And enough time we can have a 4t‘ - ' c r almost a set of equations, ¦rash wi once and for all pin down what *tobentefligent.
Replicas On the other hand, those interested in neural nets are generally those oeiieve that intelligence arises as a oI having a brain like ours, contorted m a physical body that is some- 9*19 fake ours.
They probably will believe that intelli- gence a far too complex ever to be frozen r txack and white, and will be aiming in sortie a ay to build artificial replicas of the conditions in which intelligence exists in : .'selves, then sit back and watch the rteftgence arise on its own.
There are lots of very successful programs which solve specific, well-defined problems, like recognising a previously stn component on a conveyor belt, or retogmsing when someone's spending on their credit card has become unusual, and therefore there is a possibility that the card is being used by a thief), but as ?at as building an independent agent that could be let loose in the real world - well, at the moment, forget it.
Think about it for a moment, Given that we know an infinite number of things about the world, and given that a computer has an finite amount of memory, how do we write even a fraction of these pieces of information down so that a machine can use them?
Well one very successful way would be to give the machine a basic number of facts, and then give it the means to reason
- to start with these central facts and deduce conclusions from
Precise One way of doing this makes use of Logic. Logic gives us a language almost as powerful as English, but totally precise, and therefore usable by machines. It's based on the premise that you can represent objects as Terms - like x,y,z - and characteristics of objects as Predicates - like p(x), b(y,z), c(x,y,z...). Given this, "green car" translated into logic could become green(car). To represent more complicated ideas there are Connectives like AND, giving us things like green(X) and car(X).
Note the use of variables. Generally in logical descriptions like this you can think of X,Y or Z as "some sort of thing". So, "the hungry wolf is eating the peasant" becomes: hungry(X) AND wolf(X) AND eating(X,Y) AND peasant(Y).
The other commonly used connectives are NOT, OR, and If - which give us the ability to express even more complicated ideas, such as: If ((crossbow(l) MD jmed(X)) OR (n«ie(Y,etlttlrt6 Ml frigfctenedttl AW tboot(T) m liisd))) ROT (dead(2) m uoif(Z)) Let's, finally, get to Prolog. Invented in the 1970s, Prolog (PROgramming in LOGic) is a declarative language - which means that, in theory, ail you need to do is write down all the things that you know to be true about the problem you want to solve, mrnu I I h~y i r, V Ceit: If5.11 im* list: 27?
T«*v 5 ti Ccit: m tl OtrfCT list: m h+r. I V M: m.5!
When you want to find out something, (or more interestingly, when you want to deduce something), you just ask the sys* tem a question. Prolog is officially an Automated Theorem Prover.
This means that it deduces things by applying rules ("if you do this, then that will happen") to facts ("X is a Y", “two Bs make a C"). Like I said, that's the theory; it’s not always so easy. To get into Prolog you need to learn how to represent facts, and you have to learn how to write Rules about these tacts. A tact is something like "lournalists are poor", or "I am a journalist".
In Prolog you would write these facts like this poor(journalist) and is_a(me,journalisi) On the other hand, "If you're a journalist then you're poor" is a general statement, or Rule. When translated into Prolog it looks like poor(X):- is a(X,journalist) This is read something like "If you can prove that X is a journalist, THEN you have proved that X is jsoor."
Similarly, we can code the statement "Bob is Ron’s parent" as the fact pareni(bub,run) Given a few Rules and facts like this, we can manage simple deducuons Think about family trees for a moment (I know that this isn't the most devastatingfy interesting application, but this is the Prolog version ot the “hello World" program, so I'm afraid you'll have to grin and bear it).
For example, Bob is led's grandparent if Bob has a child, and that child is Ted's parent. If we put vanaoles in instead of names (noting that vanabics always begin with an upper case character while constants always begin with a lower case character), then we can generalise and translate this piece of common sense into a machine readable rule: grandparent(X,Z):- par.
Ent(X,Y),parent(Y,Z) This one says "If you can prove that X is the parent of Y, AND you can prove that Y is the parent of Z, THEN you can deduce that X is Z's grandparent".
I n tel I i TtflBTf Got that? What about an even more general rule? Let's think about ancestors How would we state facts about X being some kind of ancestor of Y, like a grand parent, or a great-great-great granapar ent?
Well, imagine a family where Albert is Ben's parent, Ben is Gath's parent, Catn is Denis's parent, and Denis is Edwin's parent. We tan represent these facts in what's called the Knowledge Base- DjrcnUiltcrt,Dtn).
Pircfltt ) Now, two things you can truthfully say about ancestors are: "X is ar. Ancestor of Y if X is a parent of Y." and "X is an antes tor of Y if X has a child, and that Using Prolog As soon as you've got your hands on a copy of SB Prolog, the first step has to be to print yourself out a copy of the manual. It's written for people who already know Prolog, and it's a bit of a tough read, but you're nut going to get anywhere without it. I used Ppmore, and it came out beautifully formatted. One word of warning - it's over 100 pages long, so make sure you've got enough paper.
Once you have this manual you can use it to install the program. Make sure you pay attention to the path vanables, so that the interpreter will know where to look for your source code files and its own library files. Once you have Prolog tunning you will be faced with a I - prompt (user friendly, eh?) And you can start running your fancy Al programs.
What do you mean you haven't any programs? Oh, use mine until you've written your own. Type it in using a text editor, such as Workbench's ED, or Qed from the Workstation disk, and make sure you save it in the directory you specified earlier.
You load source files by asking Prolog to "consult1' the file. There are two ways of dung this at the prompt - type either consult(filename), or use the short-cut and type [tilename]. When it has finished looking at your code (a very lengthy process, so don't be loo worried) you run your program by typing GO. When Prolog has finished it will echo either "yes" or "no", depending on the success of your query, and return you to the prompt.
And finally, a word of warning. You need at least 1Mb of memory to run SB Prolog. I have 3Mb, and experienced no memory problems, so I guess that somewhere in the middle is the optimum. And, how can I put this? SBProlog is not fast In fact it's slow.
Catastrophically slow. But never mind. Keep making cups of coffee and you'll be OK.
Child is an ancestor of Y." Brilliant, eh? And on the face of it somehow not very helpful. But this is where the clever stuff comes in. Look at what happens when these rules are coded up.
• ncestortA D):*parcnc(A l) ance»cor X R .
The second rule uses the most powerful tool in the Prolog system's armoury - recursion This is a notoriously hard concept to get your head round, but then again, once you've grasped it you've gone a long way.
To understand it we need to look at what actually happens when this Prolog proyram is run, A little diversion through Some mechanics should help clarify things.
Every time you type anything in at the I prompt Prolog actually treats it as a new tact which could be added to all the facts you have given it in your program, and tests that it is consistent with them.
Look at Figure I for the knowledge base as it stands and follow an imaginary dialogue (the line numbers and letters aren't part of Prolog - I've put those in for ease of reference).
In dialogue A, Prolog is being asked if it is true that Ben is Cath's parent. It takes the predicate "parent" and looks down the knowledge base until it finds a predicate that matches (line 3).
It then sees if the arguments of the question are the same as the fact it has found. In this case the arguments don't match. It then goes on testing all the predicates in this way until it finds a match.
In this Knowledge Base the very next predicate (line 4) matches completely. It can therefore stop execution and report that, yes, it is true that Ben is Cath's parent. The query has "succeeded".
In dialogue B, Prolog is asked if Denis is Albert's parent. There is no predicate in the knowledge base to match this assertion, and so, the answer is "no" and the query has "failed".
DmK gue "C" uses recursion for the first time. Follow the execution path in Figure II to see what happens. Notice that, like most things in Al, you can represent Prolog trying to prove something as if Prolog was searching a tree.
Now, the big conclusion to take from Dialogue C is that by giving Prolog specific facts about patents, and general rules about ancestors, the computer is able to go off on its own and deduce specific facts abuut ancestors - facts which you never told it!
Small scale You might think that this is all a bit of a fudge, and on this small scale it doesn't seem so impressive, but when you have a system containing hundreds of thousands of facts and thousands of rules, then things really start to happen.
In fact, by virtue ol the fact that they never forget anything they have been told, it's not uncommon for the newer Expert Systems to outperform any one of the human experts in the field.
Well, I'm out of space here, but I hope you've had your appetite whetted.
Programming in Prolog can be a mind warping experience to begin with, but after the initial traumas are over it seems to get very easy very quickly. It's certainly my favourite language, and if you want to get anywhere in artificial intelligence it's a must. So order a copy today and give it a go!
Jargon buster BACKW ARD CHAINING: A method of automating reasoning. Start from the solution and reason backwards until you have arrived at the question DEEP THOUGHT Named presumably, after the computer in The HitcW&frn C* ii which gave the number 42 a whole new significance, this is Amenta s answer to Boris Spassky Custom hardware, incredible software. Supposedly the world s best chess computer.
EXPERT SYSTEM An attempt to mimic the performance of a human expert in their field of expertise Consists of an Inference Engine (code which reasons its way to a conclusion given afi the information contained in the knowledge base) and a knowledge base, a kind of database storing jU the facts the expert is assumed to know.
HEURISTICS Rules of thumb used to guide your AJ system to a conclusion Something Rke - if there is water on the window the weather outside is bad LlSP : (USt Processing} One of the earnest computer languages stffi the choice for Al work in America- Europe seems to favour PROLOG.
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Site of many a top Al protect.
NEURAL NETS Attempts to buiW Als using models inspired by the way the human brain works. They have interconnected nodes which can be Switched on and off. Mimicking neu- rorti, and are taught" rather than programmed Good at tasks involving j pattern recognition NLP : Natural Language Processing Making computers speak like you and me. English is a natural language MYCIN . The first successful expert j system. Diagnosed illness. Asked questions about the patient's symptoms and searched its Knowledge Base for diseases with similar symptoms.
PREDICATE LOGIC : A method of using 'mathematical' methods to represent knowledge precisely. A good grasp of logic is essential to get anywhere in Al.
SCRIPTS : Every situation in daily life has a script attached to it - a cliched description of the things you would expect to happen to you and the objects you would expect to find in this situation.
CHEMISTRY Slates of matter, & Chemical symbols Atomic structure Periodic Table Experiments with metals & non-metals.
Formulae for elements and compounds Chemical equations Isotopes Sc the masses of Atoms Acids, bases It alkalis PHYSICS Expenments with light SI units Electrical Circuits Practical Electricity Ekctromagnetic & Sound Waves Energy Experiments with magnetism Force and MICRO GERMAN £g£i handwriting reading, creative w riting & spelling with a book (t (A-level course) CREATIVE EDUCATION Eutopres* Software. Europa House Aoiington Park. Macclestiera SMO 4N?
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».« «I ImUi M »(lmn M4U* 1*1 W. * I kmrtH Uu. TAthrm Ult,.11 *limn t*i options allow you to record, overlay, insert and mix within blocks from various samples which can then be touched up with the freehand or fading options when necessary.
Other features allow volume and pan adjustment in out fading plus a selection of low, high, band and bandpass filters, not forgetting the invaluable normalise function which automatically re-computes Paul Austin lends an ear to yet another Amiga sampler but this time it boosts full 16-bit stereo... with the built-in sequencer and Midi map functions. Yet more options allow the use of the Amiga's built-in lo- pass filter and screen blanking in addition to a definable audio trigger that kicks the sampler into record above a certain input volume. Next up comes the fast Amiga ?
A quiet sample to its ideal maximum volume.
For those who take their sampling seriously the ability to customise the software to suit their particular setup and requirements is essential and via the programs Options menu you can do exactly that.
Essential From here a whole host of well thought-out features await. These include the essential play-back options which allow you to specify whether the samples emanate from the Amiga or Clarity itself.
After the playback controls come the file formats which include IFF, AIFF, AVR, with the latter of the three recommended for general applications as it works best Quality control As far as Clarity's quality is concerned there's little if anything to grumble about. However, It's true that Clarity doesn't quite match the Akais of this world.
This is primarily due to the chip design which incorporates the D to A and A to D converters alias analogue to digital - on the same chip rather than separately as is the case with most standalones.
In addition the maximum frequency of Clarity is about 42.000 kHz as opposed to the 52,000 kHz plus offered by the high end opposition.
Although this may sound a rather sizeable difference it's worth remembering that most Cds are recorded at 42,000 kHz while the human ear will only detect sounds below 44,000 kHz.
In short, if you're spending a record company's money the Akai is the one but for the rest of us. Clarity is unbelievable for both perfor mance and price.
Si ence The sound of Ever since the release of the A4000 and Al 200 there's been something of a dark cloud over the Amiga music scene as the much rumoured DSP - alias digital sound processor - failed to appear As a result, the dream of CD-quality sampling seemed as far away as ever for anybody on a tight budget. However M rodeal are set to add a silver lining to aforesaid cloud via Clarity, a truly amazing sampling system which retails for usl £149.95. Thanks to the external connection of the sampler any Amiga can take advantage of the system, but it must be said that Clarity is only
really at its best on accelerated machines such as the A1200, A 3000, or standard 68000 machines fitted with 020's, 030's or 040's accelerators.
For owners of standard machines the compromise takes the form of a maximum playback of just two channels as opposed to the four of their accelerated counterparts.
A4000 cure As the more observant may have spotted, there's no mention of the A4000 which as yet doesn't work with the Clarity software. Fortunately a cure is promised in the next update which should be available soon - keep a close eye on Amiga Updates for more details.
Actual installation of Clarity is simplicity itself with just two leads connecting to the parallel and serial cables to the machine.
The only remaining I O connections concern the input output signals which enter the unit via twin phono-ins and exits via two complementary phono-outs.
Alongside await the units dual I O Midi ports which play a vital role in order to get the very best from the system. Having said that, Midi hardware isn't vital but if you have a Midi-compatible keyboard lying around Clarity offers an excellent opportunity to exploit its potential.
Once up and running the average Amiga musician will feel quite at home thanks to a familiar selection of editing commands. However the available range tools extend much further than the standard selection of cut and paste commands. Some of the more advanced Software settings which via a process of trial and error will squeeze the very best from machines with power processors. In a similar vein comes the Midi config controls which allows the specification of a Midi channel for use with an external keyboard plus its chosen protocol and bit transfer settings, Special effects Alongside the
general purpose editing tools await a series of five special effects including echo, delay, flange, chorus and distort. As is the case with all sam pling effects, the echo and delay are in truth pretty much one of the same with slightly different parameters producing the desired effect.
The chorus and flange on the other hand are much more distinctive and produce impressive results, while the distort is just as silly as it ever was.
Like the majority of Clarity's functions, all the effects are definable allowing refinement to your particular taste. Although well implemented, it must be said that a bog standard signal processor provides far superior results but having said that even a cheap unit will cost noticeably more than Clarity itself - in short, useful but not spectacular.
At last we've arrived at the final notable elements on the Options menu, Save Configuration allows you to load save various setups as required, and Sample Parameters defines the default settings for a new samples - again load and save-able as required.
Custom screen Alas the program only opens windows on your existing Workbench backdrop and doesn't initialise a custom screen of its own. Not a huge problem but an option for a custom screen would have been nice as things can become very cluttered.
Although impressive as it stands there are a few areas in which Clarity could improve. For example the existing sequencing is very limited, the lack of a timecode will mean difficulties lot serious DTV and musical exploits and the lack of direct-to-disk recording means large high quality samples are only on offer to those with huge amounts of free RAM.
8:80:06:69 Pausf 0:00:88:09 Heart be at HI 1 X01 8:00:81:38 Pause 0 : BB;01:7B Heartbeat HI I x 0 3 0:00:03;83 Heartbeat ? 1 1 M05 H:en:«r :4H C i rc us O 1 l x02 0:00:15:0'!
Roi tty 8 t 3 X01 0:00:00:80 Ue.t-j mHZmiB fiWTMJ Sec t i on EH I-!-1 kmi iriiut cn»*s Ki-.il-litl tt Plays l!_ The built In sequencer Is useful, but a bit of disappointment According to Dan lennard the creator of the Clarity software all of the above are in the pipeline and should appear as either an upgrade or expansion pack.
Alas there's no release dates available but with the hardware ready and waiting the software should follow - providing Dan is tempted by an appropriate pay cheque, of course. In short Clarity is a very, very impressive product. It's true that for professional use it still remains a little lacking in comparison to the 12-bit SunRize sampler which is ideal for DTV applications.
If the aforementioned upgrades for Clarity do see the light of day the system would be almost unbeatable. Still, even as it stands there's nothing that comes even remotely dose for price and k t f j performance. Fa " SYSTEM ESSENTIALS | VtlLQW = Kecummtfntl The bottom line Ease-of-Use 8 10 Implementation 8 10 Value-for-money 10 10 Overall 9 10 Supplier: Microdeal UK Phone: 0726 68020, Price £149.95 Sample pad The sample pad when active displays all the samples presently in RAM. Clicking on any of the names listed instantly opens that particular samples window ready for editing.
Metering Signal metering plays an essential role and when active can toggle between three display formats - either good old VU meters, an oscilloscope or LED graphic bars.
Obviously with the sampler operating in either mono or stereo the state of each display can be varied as required, Alas, the aforesaid window only becomes active during monitoring, remaining completely inactive during recording - slightly annoying as any clipping can only be spotted on playback.
Midi control The next icon disguised as a miniature keyboard hides arguably the most powerful aspect of the package, namely the Midi sample player which as the name suggests allows an external keyboard to take control of playback.
It works by first connecting a suitable keyboard and specifying its channel and protocol settings via the Midi config function mentioned earlier - don't panic, it's much simple than it sounds.
Then depending on your machine you set the number of voices or samples which will play via the keyboard - these can either be repeats of the same sample or a mixture. Remember a standard machine will only manage two voices simultaneously while accelerated ones will produce all four.
To specify which samples play on which keys another Point and click The only constant graphic element within the package Is the control panel. At the top of this rather unobtrusive little box lurk the play and record buttons which speak for themselves while below await a far more curious array of icons.
Feature enters the equation in the form of a Midi Map. To define a map you simply select a sample by name and click and drag over the required notes on the mini keyboard, then click the fix button to confirm your selection.
By alternating the samples and selecting various notes you can map an entire seven-octave keyboard with as many samples as your machine can handle.
The beauty of the system is that a whole group of related special effects or drum sounds can be mapped in seconds and then saved to disk complete with their map ready for instant recall.
There's absolutely no restriction on how samples are mapped, so you can use single keys or whole octaves with samples either raising or falling in pitch as required.
Ever wanted that certain sound but couldn’t afford the hardware? Now you can simply record a separate sample at each octave and map your entire keyboard, saving the map as a complete keyboard sound - isn’t technology marvellous?
And of course once the Midi option is set up there's no reason why the sample playback can't be triggered via a sequencer as a basic Midi on Midi off is all the sampler requires to trigger the sound.
But having said that, an external sequencer or secondary Amiga would be essential as Clarity is very heavy on the resources of the host machine. As if that's not enough, there's even more good news in the form of a Midi Dump function which allows the samples created within Clarity to be ported to a sampling keyboard or module.
As you can see, the benefits of a Midi keyboard are quite obvious. However, for those without the necessary hardware all «s not lost as there is an F-key option allows up to ten samples to be triggered from the function keys with pitch adjustment applied via the numeric keypad - if you've got one that is... Sample sequencing One of the few disappointments of the system revolves around the built-in sequencing options which allow just single track, single sample, playback which means there's no way to take advantage of the sampler's multiple playback options- Even the various samples on the
single track won’t overlap which means fairly limited appeal for most applications.
Although fairly limited, the editing and creation of sequences are pretty straightforward with options to insert, paste, and cut samples which are chosen directly from the pad list, adding definable repeats, pause and wait times as required.
Real-time effects just like every other package the Clarity software designers couldn't help adding real-time effects which attempt to emulate a signal processor.
Alas, just like its predecessors the attempt was fairly unsuccessful. Still, if you fancy a giggle after the odd pop it's fairly amusing and instantly available via the final icon on the control panel.
Amiga Computing March IQ93 56 Finally! True Cinematic Quality Morphing For The Amiga*!
ASDG is not the first to advertise “cinematic quality morphing" for the Commodore Amiga-. Having seen the other products, there's obviously more than one way to define that term.
To us, "cinematic quality morphing' means these things
• Morphing must be fast.
In a production environment, time is money. ASDG's MorphPlus ’ is the fastest morphing product available for the Commodore Amiga'.
MorphPlus" powers through complicated full overscan morphs 3 to 11 times faster than the other products.
Fastest MorphPlus'M Easiest-To-Use...... .....MorphPlus" Highest Quality.... .....MorphPlusrM Morphing must be easy.
Experts in the field praise the intuitive design of the MorphPlus' user interface which lets them create sophisticated full motion morphs in minutes instead of weeks.
• Morphing must be high quality (so that it truly can be used for
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This is what we mean by "cinematic quality morphing."
If these are the criteria you would use, then MorphPlus' is the choice you should make.
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• Full Workbench™ 1.3 and 2.x compatibility
• Multi-window editor with macros, bookmarks and total
integration making the package a joy to use lor both the
beginner and the professional programmer
• Super-fast 68000-68040 assembler and debugger with support for
the maths co-processor
• Pre-assembly option makes using the Amiga includes simple and
very, very quick
• Assemble to memory, many assembler-control options and
optimisations, repeat loops, output of code to executable,
linkable or S-Record format, full listing control and much more
makes Devpac 3 unbeatable The ultimate assembler language
system" Amiga Format Gold 4 92 Free with Devpac 3 - use the
coupon A book that we, and many of our customers, have been
waiting for ... an introductory book on Amiga assembly language
programming that is written with Devpac in mind
• Covers fundamental assembly language concepts
• How to use the system header files and official Amiga docs
• Low-level Intuition and graphics programming ¦ CLI Shell and
Workbench programming
• and much more besides in this invaluable book for more
information on any of our products, please can M Soft on 0525
718W1. Or (ax us on 0525 713716 Or mile to us at The Old
School. Greenfield.
HiSoft High Quality Software Bedford MK45 5DE UK, We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of SAS C Version 6.1 - the latest release of the premier C compiler for the Amiga. Please write or call if you require any more detail on this superb package; we can only list some highlights in this short space. Also call for upgrade information.
• Complete ANSI compliant compiler, libraries and headers
• Extremely comprehensive on-line help system
• Faster development time including the use of shared libraries
• Improved optimisation with peephole optimiser
• New, 1200-page documentation with Quick Reference Guide @0© «
0©® ®@® H If ? I if I 4 ?
E. @00®® HIQnfl Tiirtv* nnwAf few vf Turbo powor for your 68000
compuiot Highspeed Pascal - the fastest, most compatible and
easiest-to-use Pascal compiler for all Amigas (including the
A1201) & A4000).
• Fully integrated package; edit, compile, execute, all in one
• Turbo Pascal 5 compatibility allowing easy portability.
The package even includes all the Turbo Pascal units from the PC such as the graph unit, das unit, utilities unit etc.
• Version 1.1 comes complete with Workbench™ 2 units and full
support for the maths co-processor In your letters page of
Issue 55, you prir a letter headed Award Seeker in which the
writer enquired about a program called Award Maker Plus. You
replied by saying that you were unaware of the existence of the
Well, it did exist back in 1987, but whether it still does I don't know. The company name is Baudville Inc of 5380 52nd Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508, and their phone number is (0101) 616 6948
I hope this information will be of help to* your reader, as I must agree it is a first class program for the designing and printing of awards.
Stephen Bulmer, Woteriooville Thanks for taking the trouble to write with your assistance for a fellow Amiga user. I hope Lance Corporal Till is reoding this page and can take odvantage of your helpful information.
Back issues Please give me some information on old issues and how far back they are obtainable.
If possible, quote the subscription price charged to Visa card purchasers, Ole Rasmussen, Holle, Denmark Bock issues con be ordered from Database Direct on (+44) 051 357 127S. Currently, issues ore available only six months in arrears, and the price for overseas deliveries is £5.10 per copy.
To subscribe for a full year, European readers can expect to pay £44.95 including postage, but check out each month's subscription pages for the latest offers to subscribers.
Ezra Surfs Postbag Got something to say through the pages of AC? Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to sitting in a corner reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication.
Drop him a line at: Ezra Surfs Postbag, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Please don’t enclose saes as Ezra just hasn’t got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don’t be offended if you end up getting the chop.
Honest Pole Hi! I had an illegal copy of Amos Pro, and I really like the program, but I don't want to have a pirate copy of it.
In my copy, there was a help file that said if I wanted the Compiler, extensions, and so on, I should contact Europress, so I'm writing to you from an address I found in an old issue of AMIGA Computing.
I would like to buy a legal copy of Amos Pro. Is that possible? If so, can you mail it to me? What is the cost of shipping and how much is the program?
Also, do you accept money transfers, and if you do, what is the account number as I can only pay in US dollars.
5emir Gebran, Krakow, Poland Thank you for your letter and your honesty. I have passed your details to Europress Software who, incidentally, can be contacted at the some address as Amiga Computing.
The software people should be contacting you, but you can always write to them directly Or call them Or) (+44) 625 859333.
Etters II more Amiga owners were to display such integnty, and buy legal softwore even when they have access to illegally pirated copies, the piracy problem would be much less serious.
Air crash I read your magazine every month from cover to cover with great interest, However, a letter headed "Fly by night" recently caught my attention.
I too have had a problem with my version of the A320 flight sim. I made a copy of the flight log and carried out a few training flights, then once I'd mastered things I tried a duty flight. The first two flights went all right, but when it came to saving the evaluation, the software crashed and I was not able to boot from that disk again.
Thinking that I had done something wrong, I re-copied the flight log and the same thing happened. Following the instructions in the manual, I disconnected all my peripherals, but with the same result. As my package is more than six months old, and because I don't have a receipt for it, I decided to return it to Thalion in Germany, thinking that as I had registered with them I had a kind of guarantee. This was in the beginning of November, and I still have not heard from them.
Bob Cooper, Caine The problem sounds simple enough - Thalion obviously hove an inadequate customer services department (ossuming they hove one at all, that is).
If you have registered with the company as a user and your software ceases to function, you have every right to expect them to back you up with a replacement, though whether or not this translates to a legal cloim depends on the wording of the company's registration cord.
Rather thon spend money on phone calls or letters to Germany, UK users in a similar position to yourself and Mr Rose should contact Tony King on 021-442 2050. Mr King is Tholion's PR representative in this country, and I'm sure he'll be hoppy to help.
I have just finished reading the article in your January issue on the A1200 and the fact that it is only £100 more than the A600.1 bought an A600 two months ago for £399, before the £100 price drop, so when I read about the A1200 being the same price, I felt sick and cheated by Commodore.
A better deal from Commodore?
Ripped off is the word! I could have bought a better machine for the same price Of saved myself £100, and when you're unemployed as I am, this is a lot of money.
I even wrote to Commodore but they just replied with some excuse about business considerations and so on.
They could at least have offered us some compensation but, no, they haven't bothered.
1$ there anything we can do? What do you think about it? All I can say is what a bunch of cheats!
Christopher O'Connor, Stoke-on-Trent I and I'm sure many thousands of other Amiga owners sympathise with your predicament. The old faithful A2000 I hove sitting at home is, though still a workhorse I refy on for all sorts of jobs, looking rather dated beside the A4000 and A1200 mochines with their AGA graphics we use at the office.
However, I don't blame Commodore for putting my ageing machine out to gross. This sort of thing has being happening since the first ZX80 owners looked on in envy os their friends bought the ZX8I or even the fantastically powerful Spectrum.
There are ways and means of course by which progress can be achieved, and os there have been so many changes in the AMIGA range over the past year, you are rightly annoyed with Commodore for not proceeding with a little more sensitivity towards their existing customers.
However, we can't complain about the releose of the A12QQ, H if 0 giant leap forward for base-level Amiga owners and one which the whole industry has welcomed.
Stories in the Amiga press, confirmed by Commodore, that new machines sporting the AGA chips would be releosed before the end of the year should have been warning enough for those prospective AMIGA owners who wonted more than just a games machine.
If these reports didn't reach your ears, then you really should buy Amiga Computing more regularly!
Seriously, though, if Commodore are concerned obout the thousands of Amiga users in your predicament, a new upgrade offer would seem the answer. There hove been generous deols in the past whereby users of ASQOs have upgraded to the A)500 or CDTV pack, so an Al200 upgrade offer would seem to be the best way out of a possible dead end forA600 owners.
If, on the other hand, Commodore ore happy with rocketing sales for the A1200 and do nothing to bring A600 owners in from the cold, well all know whether loyalty to the customer or the bank balance is of more importance, won't we?
Amiaa Camautina Mnrrli 199.3 Letters My thanks to Simon Hunter, who contacted me via the CiX bulletin board and uploaded a sample from the film Aliens, proving that Hicks did in fact soy "Drake! We are leaving!". I hope this settles what was threatening to become a contentious issue among AC and Aliens fans.
Kickstart bug I purchased your January issue, and I cannot get Fighting Warriors to work. I have followed the on-screen prompts, but every time I use the Make-a-disk icon, it comes up with "disk is write-protected". This happens whether or not the write protect tab is in the enable or disable position. Can you tell me how to get round this?
Kevin Pryke, Fareham Your problem is caused by a bug in Kickstart
2. 04. When a user boots from a write-protected disk into a
Workbench environment, such as when the CoverDisk boots, then
tries to format another disk, the target disk will always
appear to be write-protected.
This is a Kickstart 2.04 problem rather than a CoverDisk boo-boo, ond it can be neatly circumvented by booting with the CoverDisk write enabled. For oil the hassle this bug has caused our readers, we at AC would like to send Commodore's software engineers ond Kickstart bug-testers a big, wet, sloppy New Year kiss of the kind administered only by ageing spinster ounts in your worse nightmares.
Heading for Hell?
Ore a pain in the backside, but unlike some manufacturers (who may or may not have released an avian relative to the turkey over the festive season), Commodore are not attempting to hide the fact that the A1200 is compatible with only about 60 per cent of AMIGA games.
At the moment. Commodore say they have no plons to stop producing the A6Q0, and it is highly unlikely that they witk The staled intention is for the A600 to become the Commodore 64 of the 90s, ond judging by the incredible pre-Christmas soles of this cheapest ever Amiga, the A600 looks set to continue for a while (famous last words? - Ed).
As for the AI200 being upgraded, there will be a number of third-party add-ons to boost the mochine's processing power, os you'll see from this month's news pages.
The AGA chipset may in the next couple of years be superseded by the AM (triple A) chips, but this doesn't mean the machine is going to be dropped. The A1200 is now the entry-level enthusiast machine and will remain so for at least a couple of years.
I have owned an Amiga for two years now, and in both of those years Commodore have released new machines, causing incompatibility problems. What I would like to know is when will it ever end, and how dead is the A500 Plus?
Is there any truth in the rumour that the A60Q will be joining the A500 in that big open space known as hell? I was fortunate, or so I thought, to upgrade to the A500 Plus last year, thinking that I was safe for a few years. What now?
I have also heard that the A1200 is not as standard as Commodore would like it to be and will be upgrading it further next year. Is it really necessary to buy a 1200 or am I all right for the moment? I am very frustrated and upset that Commodore are forgetting us A500 owners. Maybe it's time to buy a PC.
Mick Wilson, Barwell Hopefully, Commodore's policy of continually improving the Amiga range will never be dropped, and the flow of better, more powerful Amigas will go on for a long time to come. Incompatibility problems Protext puzzle I am a new subscriber to your magazine and I am very pleased with the content of each issue I have received so far. You have really excelled yourselves with lanuary's CoverDisk of Protext 4.3. What a brilliant wordprocessor! Thank you very much.
Just a couple of questions (there's always a catch - Ed). When I set up the configuration to my individual preferences and save to the program disk, the computer replies "please insert volume pro- texTprogram_disk in any drive", then asks "please insert dictionary utilities disk in any drive", after which it says "failed to copy printer driver to config file”.
However, when I go back into the program the changes have been made. Why all the disk requests? Am I doing something wrong?
Martin Kaminski, Horsham Protext as sold in the high street comes on two disks, one for the program and one for the dictionary, though we've squeezed the best bits from the dictionary drive onto the same disk as the program for our CoverDisk.
When Protext configuration is altered, the program thus becomes confused as it tries at first to copy printer files and so on from a disk which isn't ovailable.
Don't worry about the machine's error messoges. As you've already pointed out, the configuration utility works in spite of what Protext thinks.
Trade war I have been following the news on GATT talks and so on with some interest, and it has occurred to me that the Amiga world could be badly affected by any possible trade war between Europe and the USA.
Would I be right in thinking the vast majority of software and hardware is imported from across the Atlantic? I’ve just made a quick review of my own Amiga setup and, calculating the dollar value of the equipment and programs I have, then adding 14 per cent for the devaluation of the pound plus a further random figure of ten per cent for trade duties, I reckon I would have paid about £250 more for my kit under today's conditions.
I know the various politicians are doing their best to sort things out and that the real problem is to do with French farmers, but what if the worst comes to the worst?
If only they would give us a definite answer or date for hostilities to commence.
At least that way I could bring forward any spending plans I have and save some money!
Lohn Baldwin, London You may hove spoiled the odd news story concerning possible Amiga price rises in the new year. Due to the fact that Amigas are really only assembled in Irvine os opposed to built from the ground up and that most electronic components are poid for in dollars, even if they don't originate in the USA, roughly £30 could be slapped on the price of oil A600 and A1200 machines.
On the subject of a GATT-induced trade war, even if such an event came to pass it is highly unlikely that trade tariffs would be imposed on electronic goods, as (he main area of contention remains agricultural.
You may end up poying more for your Pool Masson, but RAM expansions and software should be unaffected.
Falcon intrusion As a recent A1200 owner, I was disgusted when, on flicking through your January issue, I came across an advert for the Atari Falcon! What is the meaning of this despicable act? Don't you check the content of the adverts going into your hallowed pages or couldn't you care less about the feelings of your loyal readers?
Now on a lighter note, there's one thing niggling me about my new machine. It has a plastic blanking plate on the back and everyone else's is metal! Seriously, though, I can't find any big improvements over AmigaDOS
2. Why are Commodore suddenly adding lots of numbers to a little
changed operating system?
Finally, are there plans to release a CD drive for the A12Q0, and how about a 1.76Mb floppy? Where are all the third-party developers when you need them? Do I win £10 for spotting the Falcon blunder?
Steve, Selby No, you don't receive £10 for spotting what is fairly obvious in the first place. The ad was paid for and the advertiser has the right to advertise any product he or she pleases.
Obviously, with xenophobic responses such as yours being the norm in the AMIGA world to any and all moves made by the stone aged ST range, response to the ad will be so poor that it will probably not run for long. This is a case of the readers deciding which ads go in the magazine.
As for Kickstart 3.0, if you think few changes were made to accommodate a fully 32 bit machine with vastly different chips. 2S6 colours, 1.76Mb floppies, and so on, you have a measure for change which can only be described as geological.
You weren't the only Amiga user who frowned when the A1200’s floppy turned out to be of the old 880k variety.
Commodore have no plans as yet to install the HD floppies as standard, but several companies, prominent among whom is Power Computing, ore developing 1.76Mb external floppies as we go to press.
Latest reports are that the drives are not fully supported by the Al200's I O j chips, a fact which our tech ed, Dave, is trying to clarify with Commodore, and Power have said that the resulting interface could push up the price of the add on drives. Keep an eye on 4CAS and the news pages for details as we receive them.
The A670 CD-ROM drive should, according to Commodore, be available now, although a spring launch is more likely. The device will take advantage of the PCMCIA slot on the machine's left- hand side, and if all you A600 and A1200 owners would like Commodore to supply a pass-through slot lor further expansion, now is the time to write to them (or us).
• VAT Previous price for 4*e version £848-.*i At a time when some
manufacturers are conskfenng pace rises, as the pound struggles
against foreign currencies, Srtca Systems have tome good news
We are pleased to present the award winning Ricoh LP1200
upgraded to 4* RAM for only f 799 mt f£49 off the previous pnee
of £84fi.w j. And, if you don't require the extra benefits
offered by the ncrmed memory capacity, you may stiff purchase
the 2« RAM version at the normal unchanged Siftca price of only
£689. Wr.
Ricoh, the world's second largest manufacturer of laser printer engines, have used thoir oxperi se to produce a first' in laser printers for the world market, the LP1200 with FLASH ROM HP LaserJet '“ compatible, the LP1200 employs industry proven laser technology. Unlike LED pnnters. Which use light emitting diodes, the LP1200's laser light source is able to produce the most accurate and intense pnnted images. It has a fast efficient processor and engine, together with a straight paper path design which allows printing at a futt 6 pages per minute and. It can address a range of print
resolutions up to 400 dpi. The 2m RAM version can pnnt a fuU A4 page of graphics at 000 dpi and a lull A4 pago of text, or AS page of graphics, using standard resident internal fonts and the altornato controller firmware supplied, at 400 dpi. A free Windows dnver supplied enables the 2ub Ricoh LP1200 to print a typical page of text at 400 dpi from Windows 3, using the alternate controller firmware supplied on the Windows Driver Disk and standard internal resident fonts. The 4* RAM version has the added advantage of being able to pnnt a fuH A4 page of graphics at 400 dpi and makes full use of
the LP1200's 400 dpi printing capabilities, such as using Microsoft Windows fonts.
Unique additional standard features include FLASH Rofif 'future proof technology and LAYOUT - a powerful document description language. The LP1200S unique internal FLASH ROM, which holds the printer controller firmware, con easily be updated as new developments in technology occur. This protects the investment you make in buying a Ricoh LP1200. Other manufacturers would require you to buy a now pnnfer.' Interna FLASH ROM and industry standard FLASH ROM 1C cards can also be used to permanently store fonts, macros, graphics and extra emulations. Again, unWce the competition, the LP1200 includes
LAYOUT a powerful document description language as standard, which offers unique opportunities to develop custom made pnnting systems. Forms and document templates can be designed and stored electronically in the LP1200’s FLASH ROM. Alleviating the need for pre-pnnted forms!
The LP1200 comes complete with a 100 sheet A4 paper tray and the facility to feed Single Sheets Of paper and card up to 1S7gsm. An optional extra universal feeder provides the facility to automatically feed up to 150 sheets, from sixes of 36mm x 146mm to 216mm x 556mm m she. At weights of up to l56gsm. It can also feed up to 15 envelopes, overhead transparencies and labelS Automatically.
• 6 PAGES PER MINUTE Using a straight paper pith
• PCL5 - - HP-GL 2 With scalable fonts and vector graphics
• SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh FIAL (Fine Image Algorithm) enhances
• 400dpi RESOLUTION (Default res. - 300dpi. Will address 200. 240
& 400dpi.)
• UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage
• 1C CARD SLOT 'KWClMtlO* CamsaiM.
For programmable FLASH ROM cards
• expansion board slot For improved connectivity eg. Coax Twinax.
PC-LAN etc
• LAYOUT Document Description Language
• 1 YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY Next working day response IT ’S A
To its Laser Printer Competitors LPS0N HP L'JtT M'MAN TallV MI904.
IBM 4-329 RICOH FEATURES EPL410D HIP MotW 010 L Pt 200 AvrriQi Stmt Pr« |«;l VATI ‘mWi C549 fWJ few- £750 £6W ontmi rrp (imci vat) rws £1179 £1.099 'mSo- £1.1* Wnflwn 3 Drtitr « 400 Cpl YES Pnrt: Scf»5 fieetn m Stgm PP- stiaont Pipti Path ns YES ('U t Pmqr UoQuagt YES YES yES HP-CL 2 Vetttr Grapbcs mciaJrt YES YES YES YES B«tlul» i Imjrcwrmrnt Eri-a-ormrnt YES YES YES YES YES StinOiRt RAM OiMti 1U0 IMP Imi JMO ful Aaqx AJI yipriCT uanl i! RAM YES Wirm Up rim» 45 JM3
• SOsks M MCI 33 «a IS secs tlrst U T«1 (iutprf 30
• ¦40«ti y«ci JoiKrt 15 SACS Cocuniml Ct-iucticr UnOjOje
UrtilOfri YES fliyi ROM • • YES Upcridib* frtmuic • YES' 1C
Card Sol YES YES YES Sriibk Rrvtkm Fcrts - in HP iJ I Efruliiai
5 B 0 9 ftNrant ai-VVitcet fenh 11 14 14 '?
14 AG5 A inltitlon; .yjlitik Fort ttffliofi® Yf$ - YES HP laurJit ill EmUibon nuufcd YES YES yE$ EPSOH FX EmiUOon nouOM YES YES YES IBM P- rttr (-mUtisr IncluM YES YES Started Tu, Capacity too 70 100 200 too Prteacths ccvrr on stanmni tn.
YES Vtt YES vrs Com p«r copy" i6Se 300:
1. 7tp 164: Mi-vMj, Pipw Who** m«s- M-t57 M-riB »i?n 48-131
Aok to fvnt on 0t4 Hm VES YES' - YES YES YES A=t» tu ; nt ii- ijn.'i'Sr.JS Ut’ullfWI YES YES s-jnsfi, Raw li.e
• 40» 3i7«8 i5dB 3808
• 3KB PlrflbJ-KolM LltW
* 50d9 43 3,-e
• 4MB » m 45dB Wc imc He “«r i ia**i
k. yxte prttii « »
r. iv i*THOin wrt ym mm Komcr rmc xf « araMik W «!oa runwm * wt
f» M vnuM »* fWM nr* •*- awW, ;•*' W mi ant in. ; What to Buy
for business LP1200 WITH SINGLE BIN & 2Mb RAM LAS 5200 £699.r.
Consumables + Accessories coot moooCT met t« vat CAB 7500
Cable lot POST Ami* £8 47 KITS2O0 LuwSttiWr Kl« Catte £1250
LAA5230 UnnvulFeeder(2ndTray) £10000 LAA 5262 ?M0 RAM M«Ue
..£149.00 LAA 5210 Pwek enTonoi
Cartridge-------- £85 00 LAA5225
0* CCarmdgalOrum) .. £8900 LAA 5312 M Paper Tray
1100 Sheets) ... £3500 CALL FOR A FULL PRICE LIST M M0.
'» -"I- M
* «r» can W wOVHil n *cw oAxnd tUlciim; IP 1200 WITH SINGLE BIN &
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders sftppod vi the
l)K mainland
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team o» technical exports al your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a 'Same product •
Same pnee' basis
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS Proven track record n professional
computer sales
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff) Solid, reliable and
• BUSINESS • EDUCATION ? GOVERNMENT Vokane dscounts available
081-308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and trwung facilities at our London 8
Socup brandies
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: Al ol your requirements from one supplier
• FREE CATALOGUES Will be mailed to you with offers ? Software
**d pPfrJhpral details.
• PAYMENT. Major credit cards, cash, cheque or monthiy terms new
laser printer, we suggest you thrk very carefully about l bo
hke a lew months alter you have made your purchase, when or
oortsumaoies. Or help and atoce with your new purchase, with
details of new products? At Sitaa Systems, we We have been
established lor atmo« 14 years and.
Can now claim to meet our customers' requirements AIL ORDER: 1-4 Tre Mews Hatnerlcy Rd. Sdcua Kent, DA14 4DX Til: M1-3W 1111 O-at- Lnn Op«n My Sil B Coj *-g Ocp __Hi lw Hg»l Opeang_fu Ha M1-3M 0808 JNDON SHOP; 52 Tottannam Court Road, London, W1P OBA M 071-580 4000 Onrr$ Wan 93QaiMI0Cpr- _ _Ha UM Hqr Openng__ft* Ho 071 123 *737 jndon SHOP: - Selfndoes iia Rw- Oxford Street. London, W1A 1AB Tel: 071-820 1234 Hjg-1 MorvYn 93Qam-r 0 p»» :5rr:»»t Xt -i__Lare Ttwrtey - Ipe._E.W*6A 3814 SIDCUP SHOP . DAI 4 40P) To Silica Systems. AMCOM-0393-75. 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent PLEASE SEND
INFORMATION ON THE RICOH LP1200 Mr Mrs-'MissilAs:...... Initials..... Company Namo (it applicable).
Address; . Postcode: Tel (Work): SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 Which computeris). If any, do you own? . 75My EAOC - Aowrtmc) p. cm ard tcaotcwoil may Cmng* Fleaae reliri me ocupon lot It (MMMGQS SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Which subscription... New Renewal D8505 9506 UK subscription £34.95 0 9509 ? 95to Europe Eire subscription £39.95 + £5 p&p ? Km ? 05i2 Rest of World subscription £54.95 + £5 p&p ?
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? USA* $ 98
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no .. ? Please dc* if you
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may change the amot its us - no stamp needed and dates only after wtg me pnor notico _ _ • I will inlorm tho bank buAdmq society In wntinq if TOE lw*h,ocaw„hls.naJ«„1 Ellesmere Port. 91 understand that if any Direct Debit « paid which South Wirral, L65 3EA breaks the terms of the instruction, the bank building society will make a refund Originator's Identification No. Je ||s ||i |« lfillzi Name ot bankbuildmg society .... Ref No . Address . Bank buildmg
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You've nothing to £ .95] Protext is Unbeatable Value!
Protext 5.5 "If you need a professional word processor Protext is perfect" AMIGA COMPUTING Amiga Format and ST Format Gold Awards 1Mb required (Amiga or ST). Free demo disk available.
Upgrade from any earlier version on same computer just £40.
Previously £152.75 n°M' u*f80 -- Prodata previously £99.88 "...reliable, easy to use and excellent value" AMIGA COMPUTING Database manager. 1 Mb required (Amiga or ST) Exfile 6 'ssues f0r £1S The magazine for Protcxt users. Packed with information to help you make the most of Protcxt including mail merge and macros, printing solutions and tutorials.
Announcing Lapcat... a new easy-to-use transfer solution for sending files between different types of computer.
Lapcat was designed for the NCI00, Amstrad’s new Notepad Computer. To make file transfer easy something new was needed: the difficulties in sending files via the serial port are well known - the problems of different connectors, different types of leads, baud rates and the software at the other end. Lapcat is a combined software hardware package that transfers files quickly via the parallel port.
The Lapcat software is built into the Amstrad NCI00. The standard package consists of the Lapcat lead plus software on disk for the computer of your choice. This will enable you to transfer files between an NCI00 and your chosen computer. Lapcat is not just for NC100 owners because you can buy software to transfer between any two of the supported computers. No technical knowledge is needed.
Lapcat prices: (Please state clearly the type of computer you are using - PC. Atari, Amiga).
With software for one computer £40 Software for extra computers £10 EACH £661 H J°W Bu ndwoy ofifuiy VBA Am _1 tWwl Amor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: (0733) 68909 Fax (0733) 67299 Software A We'll open with an old favourite that's had some stiff competition in recent but has once again silenced its
- vith a series of improvements reaffirms its position at the top
- -jge-processing tree, package, or should I say family of
¦ftwve. In question comes from those ncuen of the computer
image, ASDC.
- jgh the upgrade in question primar- » concerns MorphPlus, this
in turn c* *ds directly to our old friend ADPro, r a y
improvement in one becomes a iured asset between both, The
changes revolve primarily around f TTation and batch
processing. Areas in
• TKh the ADPro of old made hard work especially considering the
programs repressive selection of Arexx commands.
In an attempt to silence numerous
- oanmg punters, ASDC released FRED - Invdks J*j_ Load Ones Psr
Call Every Fra«e accept | L___ an automated frame editor and
batch processor designed to appease even the most irate
Alas at the time ASDC were naive enough to think that busy users would I then make the additional effort to write , the scripts which the ADPro and Fred combination could then incorporate into their batch processing exploits.
This was simply not the case as few took up the challenge of Arexx script writing which in effect left the potentially excellent Fred rather redundant, At last the ADPro software engineers have come to their senses and released what the vast majority of users have been waiting for - a version of Fred that comes complete with a mouth-watering selection of pre-written Arexx scripts which Canes I Krf another stylish backdrop about to be wiped away can be easily incorporated within Fred without even an ounce of Arexx awareness on the part of the user.
For example, you can now load any number of frames in any format, apply the operators you want, render the results in the resolution and format of your choice and then save out as an IFF, jpeg or even a complete animation.
By pure chance the reference to animation leads us on to the next major improvement in the form of two additional dithering modes, both of which produce excellent results but perhaps equally important use only a fraction of the deltas employed within ADPro's original dithering modes. The end result is This month spring cleaning starts in earnest with a whole host of revisions ranging from ray tracing to titling.
Smaller files sizes and in turn an increase in speed during playback.
In the past I admit to being one of the first to complain about the lack of easy automation within the ADPro environment. Now however I'm more than happy to take it all back as in my opinion at last the ASDG image processing system is complete.
Thanks to the combination of ADPro, MorphPlus, and of course Fred, ASDG can rightfully reclaim the static and animated image processing crown. If you can afford the asking price it's a must... For more details contact HB Marketing on: 0753 686000 MorphPlus (including Fred): £199.95 Broadcast Titler2 SHR If you're a relative newcomer to the Amiga, the words Broadcast Titler2 may be completely new rather than something of a distant memory.
Although newly updated, the program has been around a long time which in itself speaks volumes for the quality of the product in the fickle world of software, Even though fairly elderly it nevertheless remains the Amiga's premier dedicated video titler.
For those who've not come across the package as yet a brief synopsis is in order.
It's true that presentation multimedia packages such as Scala do an effective job as both presentation systems and pseudo titlers.
BT2 on the other hand has no pretensions towards anything other than pure titling. Their new variant has been designed specifically to take full advantage of the relatively new Super-hi-res screen modes offered by machines equipped with the ECS chipset and above found within machines such as the A500 Plus, A600, A1200, and A4000.
If equipped with the necessary Super Denise, the program can now display in 1,360 x 550 pixels, providing a true 35 nanosecond pixel resolution that's equivalent to full commercial broadcast quality - a feature which can't be matched by any other Amiga-based titling or presentation Brn L)( ST TITLER ?
• Accepts 256 Character International Fonts
• Uses All Accents Symbols
• Sharper Anti-aliasing
• New Character Borders
• Automatic IFF BrushText Fill
• Accepts Amiga Color Fonts
• Presto Pages for Rapid Access Sequence Playb
• Preview Status Bar
• Play- Sequential, Randoi Presentation, GPI Start
• Loop Key Advance Modi
• Auto-Booting Seqi The feotures speak far themselves, bat they
dant came cheap Fred, simply the best patch processor In the
business classic example of the colour output of BT2 Software
system. Unlike many pseudo-titling systems, BT2 offers full
video spec overscan in among a whole host of professional
titling essentials including a selection of high quality
anti-aliased fonts which can be expanded via two font packs
offering 20 new anti-aliased fonts.
If that's not enough for your particular graphic appetite, a bitmap font converter comes with the package allowing the user to convert standard bitmapped fonts into their anti-aliased BT2 alter egos, Super hi-res is not the only display platform offered by the software, as both standard and super hi-res text can be mixed on the same page - although not on the same line.
As you can see from the screenshots, the package can present an impressive array of colours on a single page - up to 320 in fact - regardless of the machine the package is running on, This is particularly impressive when you consider that non-ACA Amigas have a maximum of just 16 colour when operating in hi-res.
Although the 320 offered by BT2 appears to be something of a minor miracle - as ever - there's a small price to paid as the software will not allow multitasking.
In fact to exit the package you must re-boot the machine.
Alas, the aforementioned screenshots, although colourful, cannot relate an equally powerful aspect of the package, namely the huge variety of effects that can be applied to either entire pages or individual lines. Unfortunately it's impossible to apply page and line effects on the same page but in practice it's a small price to pay for the exceptional colour and the quality of the available effects.
Having raved about these varied features it's time for the bad news, which primarily revolves around the price - at a little over £250 it's just about as much bad news as most people can handle on the average day.
Still, as someone undoubtedly once said, you pay for what you get and in the case of BT2 you get a broadcast-quality product that may not be as simple to operate as some but nevertheless provides as-yet unparalleled performance for the professional videophile.
From more details contact HB Marketing on: 0753 686000 Price £255.50 The Essence of Imagine If you’re among the ever-growing band of Amiga 3D modelling and ray tracing fanatics, the word Imagine will be a familiar one.
Although a real enthusiasts' package in its early days, it has now matured into an almost unrivalled ray tracing and animation system.
Due to the success and complexity of the package a family of support products have appeared including a number of reference books designed to complement the rather For more details contact Micro-Pace UK on: 0753 551888 Price £49.99 Hot news from Activa While we re on the subject of ray tracing, it's time for a quick mention for the j Scandinavian creators of Real 3D who are about to release their sequel to Real 3D I
vl. 4 later this month, At a recent visit to Alternative Image I
was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the package which
as yet is untitled but nevertheless reveals a degree of power
and complexity which puts even our old friend Imagine to
shame, especially con cerning animation.
As ever, AC will be the first to bring you the definitive review as and when the package is released, but for the time being I can confirm that the aforementioned Real 3D 1.4 Turbo will be retailing for just £60 when its all new replacement hits the streets.
This is nothing short of astonishing considering the former price tag of the package approached £300 prior to this new release - obviously Activa have a lot of confidence in the appeal of the new program. Let's hope their confidence is well founded... For more details contact Alternative Image on: 0533 440041 Price for Real 3D v2 as yet to be confirmed.
Vague manual. Now the add-ons have spread into the software in the form of Essence, a collection of 65 all-new textures which via intelli-heads are compatible with all versions of Imagine and its predecessor Turbo Silver.
Unlike various supplementary ray tracing products. Essence are mathematical textures and not brushmaps, which means that each individual point on the object is mathematically shaded rather than simply wrapped in a brushmapped skin which all to often produce less than perfect results.
In addition, because all the textures are mathematically generated they will not degrade no matter how close you zoom in to the object, plus there's the equj important ability to customise the textv to your own design.
For example, the size of the texture be completely controlled and this inch, altitude textures which produce the ilk of ridges or bumps on the surface of object.
A particularly fine example of the adv* tages offered by mathematical generation | the Mandelbrot texture which whi zoomed in on reveals more and more det4 without losing any clarity.
Animation is another strength of the cc lection as the textures themselves can t animated within a sequence. In the case the assorted fractal noise offerings this a mean swirling clouds of gas or smob within the anim.
An equally impressive and useful add tion is a digital clock display which can b defined to as many decimal points as yo wish then automatically animated withi the scene to produce countdowns an assorted control panel displays.
Fortunately the collection doesn't consii entirely of glamour effects - in fact there's I reasonable selection of utility textuN which are ideal for everyday scenes.
Such textures include numerous fk coverings, marble, bricks and checks f« both spheres and cylinders, tree bark plus I series of transition textures which can fll course be animated as required.
As you can see, Essence is what maid Imagine fans have been waiting for, but ji| usual anything to do with Imagine tends be to rather complicated.
This is personified by the various frac noise textures which have an entire chapti of the manual devoted to them in a fair unsuccessful attempt to explain the proper application, In short, if you're an experience imagine user Essence is highly recor mended. However for the newcomer 'i strongly suggest another six months witkj the Imagine manual before investing in I collection you may not be quite E3 Quantum Suftware equally textura ure can ndudes illusion 1 of the advarv ation is when e detail he col- can be case of bis can smoke I addi- :an be as you within s and :onsist ere's a (tures
floor ks for plus an of many ut as ids to ractal apter fairly their iced :om- r I'd with The history books have tried to do Now here is your chance t ous characters who , but have failed* ite your name on the next tory.
Quantum Software have developed a new game system enabling you to play against 5 other human players throughout the United Kingdom. This system is called Interactive Computer Play (I.C.P.). Although the origins of I.C.P. stem from Play By Mail, Quantum Software have taken this a step further. The game is played on your computer as in any other computer game, the difference being that in order to interact with other players all turns are saved to disk, forwarded to us for processing by our computers. All turns are on an approx fortnightly basis.
Globa! Conflict is a contemporary strategic wargame for 6 players. The game is played on a world map consisting of 31 different countries. The computer will randomly choose 6 countries, one for each player. The remaining 25 countries are neutrals controlled by the computer. A player needs only to retain occupation of any one country to remain in the game.
Features Include:
* Over 20 different types of Combat Aircraft * 6 different types
of Armour * 6 different types of Artillery * Modern Stealth
Aircraft • Recce Satellites • Modern Combat Infantry • Surface
to Air Missile Batteries • Early Warning Radar Sites •
Anti-Tank weaponry • Hand-Held Surface to Air Missiles • Aerial
Recce • Strategic Bombing Missions • Precision Bombing Missions
• Ground Attack Missions • Over 12 different types of Aircraft
Armament • Both NATO and Soviet weaponry used • Option to view
air mission from Aircraft Cockpit • Option to view ground
combat from Battle Command Centre • Detailed graphical and
written information on any weaponry used in the game • Further
Weaponry Data Disks to come • Intelligent behaviour by computer
controlled neutral countries • Option to printout a copy of all
reports * Player to Player Message facility • Realistic Sound
Effects * User-friendly Game Interface ? Hard Disk Installable.
Amiga Computing March 1993 Global Conflict - Amiga 1Mb RAM only Quantum Software will present a cheque for £500 to the player who wins the VERY FIRST game of Global Conflict.
Thereafter any further winners will receive a Quantum Gift Voucher.
A boxed game containing Manual, Disks and 2 Free Turns for only £12.99. Further turns are charged at £2.95. Due to the complexity involved in matching players to games, please allow approx 28 days for delivery.
* Post Code .... | Please supply me with
a copy of Global Conflict ¦ I enclose a Cheque Postal Order for
the sum of £15 99 made payable to Quantum
TEL: 0524 841616 j Full Name (AC) 69 asdicxjm: DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED H VISA 0530-41148' 3 LINES 0530-411485 3 LINES APE X WILL BACK-UP ALL KNOWN SOFTWARE ¦ GUARANTEED!!!
* AUTOBOOT 1.3 2.04
85MB £375 ADDHARD 120MB £399 A5001 2 MEG+CLOCK £24 45001 2 MEG
£22 A5Q0PLUS1MB EXP £45 AX502 A500 2MEG £125 AX504 A500 4MEG
most DTP packages, has been skulking around in various guises since the s early days. From its inauspicious as a knock-down budget black-and- ¦fi'* page layout program to the relative wc 'Stication of the later versions of setter 2, the program struggled to Aim in the shadow of its big brother, Wage The market for such packages has been rrr.ung over the past year as more and ¦ore wordprocessors, the latest example 4 wrfucti is the startling Final Copy II, have adopted DTP-like properties.
Luckily for Gold Disk, the gap between
- rrent wordprocessors with basic DTP iMturw and full blown
professional pack.
Come to sunny Virtual Valley Where the weather's always good and the hills look sort of computer generated Thr delights of virtual camping rtc bat lo »hy. At ml ham of dcvotrd VC fern flock to Vtrtml Valley fa another summer at Simula Int hiked brans, wet sleeping tags, and cold fingers Now is fceifan activities thin I bookings, fill m best tune cva to|evc* before, such 1*1* imugmoiy iruiv* Typesetting goes ages yawns wide enough for another species to survive in the resulting ecological niche.
Technicolour The problem is that the niche has very well defined and difficult to meet survival requirements, and only the tightly designed inhabitants are going to make it through the winter.
Stevie Kennedy tries to become a back bedroom publishing tycoon with the first AGA full-colour DTP package, PageSetter 3 PageSetter 3 (PS3), with its evolutionary history, has a running start in that the essential elements are all in place to begin with. The program's designers long ago decided exactly which features to leave in and which to exclude in order to fend off the smart Alec wordprocessors while not impinging on ProPage's market.
Version three of the program is simply a logical step on from the PageSetter 2 era, taking advantage of the new AGA chips to bring true colour DTP to the Amiga for the first time. The program has never been designed to produce long documents and, though capable of handling multiple-page flyers or fanzines, is not the ideal tool for such jobs.
In reality, the package lacks a master page facility, will not create or view left and right facing pages, and is best used as a simple page layout utility for such publications as advertisements, single page flyers, and business cards.
Page si2e can be up to 17 inches square, but most will settle for the standard selection of A4, AS, A3, and so on which are available at the click of a button.
As usual, custom pages can be created by simply choosing a measuring system (only two - inches or centimetres - are on Offer), then providing values for width and height.
Once the page creation process is complete and the user has a page on-screen complete with columns, the first job he or she will want to do is import some text or jazz up the page with a graphic or two.
Unfortunately, though text importation is not a problem, graphics must be in either IFF bitmap (ILBM) or ProDraw clip format.
No other popular DTP format, such as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), TIFF, or the IFF DR2D structured drawing standard is recognised, so although the supported graphics cover most of the clip art available in the public domain and any output from packages such as Dpaint, PS3 will be unable to communicate with many art packages.
For example, SoftLogik's Art Expression, reviewed elsewhere in this issue, saves its files in EPS and DR2D, both accepted standards.
However, it does not support the Gold Output options Copies: (9 Black & Uhite _)Draft _J6rep Scale (9 Final _)Color jCorrectlon Dither: _)Ordered _J Half tone Jfloyd-Steinberg
380) Printing is one arpa in which PageSetter 3 is very close to
the more expensive DTP packages. Both PostScript and
non-PostScript printing are supported, and though the
non-PostScript option is labelled "Dot Matrix", PS3 is quite
happy talking to the gaggle of bubblejet and inkjet printers
currently popular among Amiga owners.
PostScript support, remarkably enough for a mid-range package, includes full colour PostScript, with control over roll paper printers such as the linotypes used to produce film for professional printers.
In addition, the user can scale the page, define X Y offsets and halftone screen density, choose between landscape and portrait, or decide to print a draft copy to test a layout.
There's also a print to disk facility and downloadable fonts can be included by clicking a toggle switch. In all, there's little which the average user could wish for which int to trlx Fron Page To PageUp _JCurrent Page (9 Docunent Output Scale: x Offset: X. 1 . HH u 1 .HH H HHHH H . HHHH jJ_ Eject Page Jlandscape Driver: PostScript Dens It p: (5 _)_)_)_)_) _)DPI:
J OK has not been included.
Non-PostScript printing is equally well catered for.
Unlike most packages I can think of, scaling is included as an option on the dot matrix requester, accompanied by the more common density buttons, a landscape option, and dithering controls. Colour printing is supported and all non-PostScript output can be printed at up to 300dpi. For Comprehensive printing option* guarantee satisfactory output Cancel those nervous about printer drivers, PS3 does not, unfortunately, use its own drivers, so the Workbench preferences drivers, augmented by specific shareware programs, will have to be used.
Final non-PostScript output quality is therefore more or less dependent on the printer and printer driver rather than PageSetter.
A. i.. r... Software Disk ProDraw standard, demonstrating the
latest example ol the petty lack of cooperation between
manufacturers which has bedevilled the Amiga market since day
It was with a certain amount of pain that professional Amiga users watched the Mac stroll away with the lucrative DTP market back in the bad old days when the Amiga could only muster 16 colours in any decent resolution, so the release of the AGA chips and the first full colour DTP package comes as a great relief.
Though hardly a professional package, PS3 is nonetheless much more useful for colour productions than either ProPage 3 0 or PageStream 2.2 simply by virtue of its use of 256 colours.
These are displayed quickly, dithered almost as This complaint aside, PS3 has inadequate graphic support, even for a midrange package, and should support at least the EPS format if it is to make good its claim to be a "complete desktop publishing system".
Text support is much better, and there are filters for popular wordprocessors such as ProWhte and excellence! (note that no British Wps are supported), as well as Ascii and PC-style Ascii, so there should be few problems on the text front at least.
Hotlinked If previously available text or graphics are not used, the PS3 owner can take advantage of either the Article Editor or Graphics Editor for the creation of text and graphics from within PageSetter. Both programs are included with the package and both are hotlinked for ease of use, though using them in this way requires about 2Mb RAM.
To use the Article Editor, a user simply clicks in an empty box or one containing text, then selects Article Editor from the Parlez-vous Amiga?
Unlike ProPage, PS3 has no Arexx support and thus no macros (or Genies as Gold Disk insists on calling them), and the lack of any general hotlinking capacity, not even the Workbench 2 3 hot links used by programs such as Final Copy II and fordworth 2, is irritating.
Communication between as many packages as possible makes for the ideal productivity environment, but as Commodore have done little to promote Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), and few manufacturers have adopted the Sofllogik HotLinks package, there is precious little talking going on.
Arexx is as close as the Amiga comes to a common language, but as it is only spoken by those prepared to learn a programming language it is not acceptable as a punter-based standard.
On the other hand, though of more use to we non- programmers, sticking to a cobbled together in-house standard and throwing in a couple of editors is not an acceptable alternative to working with other manufacturers or Commodore to establish a DDE standard.
Edit menu for PageSetter to load the program and pass any text in the box to it ready for changes.
When editing is complete, quitting out of the Article Editor returns the edited text to PS3 and the user can continue with page layout.
Faster editing and the ability to change text without doing so in the clumsy environment of a DTP package are the main advantages of the system, but as the Article Editor is really a cut-down version of Gold Disk's Transwrite wordprocessor it would also suffice as a basic first line text engine.
The Graphics Editor is capable of editing 32-colour ILBM graphics and passing them back and forth in a similar fashion, and has enough features to act as a simple standalone paint package, but as it is incompatible with any other type of graphic its use is limited. I would have been much happier if a link between PS3 and ProDraw
3. 0 had been supplied.
Within PS3 itself, graphics tools available from the onscreen tool box include line, rectangle, polygon, and ellipse, any of which can have user defined colour, line weight, fill, and fill pattern.
There is no facility for gradient fills (vignettes), but these can be added by owners of ProDraw 3.0, so those users in need of high impact pages should find most of their needs satisfied.
Design limitations include no rotate facility and a lack of skew or flip, but possibly the most inflexible aspect of PS3 is Cold Disk's Fordian insistence on boxes, which can be any shape so long as they're rectangular.
As text will flow only around a box, and as even the built-in ellipse drawing tool creates an ellipse surrounded by a box, automatic text flow around irregular objects is impossible.
The program handles text flow for you, but only because there is no choice as to how it is used.
The resulting pages will always look basically similar unless the user resorts to the incredibly old-fashioned method of making the target object permeable (so text would normally flow straight through it), then surrounding it with several small invisible boxes round which the A palliative palette rapidly as Final Copy II handles its graphics, and make judging whether a certain colour of headline suites the picture it will sit beside much easier.
Any 24-bit or HAM8 IFF imported for use in PS 3 is automatically converted to 256 colours, a process which can take a long time with large files, but once on-screen they can be moved around quickly and easily, despite the fact that the on-screen picture might represent an image file of well over a megabyte.
Users wishing to take advantage of this sort of DTP work should be aware that at least 3Mb RAM is required.
Kill Ldltkir "11 't'ii Hull) tuck I III .
AIT nmr possible competition coming in the form of Final Copy II.
Those without the resources to go for PageStream or ProPage would be well advised to give PS3 a look, but I can't help thinking it would have been a much better product if not designed by a company with the protection of its flagship product (ProPage) in mind.
Text will flow. This is a time consuming, but effective, cheat's method of creating the appearance of irregular text flow, and one which Cold Disk themselves seem to have used on the back of the PageSetter packaging.
Another slightly dodgy piece of information on the packaging is the claim that PS3 "supports AGFA Compugraphic and PostScript type 1 fonts". Strictly speaking, PS3 supports only Compugraphic fonts, and will use Type 1 fonts only after conversion using the Gold Disk font manager program supplied with the package.
SYSTEM ESSENTIALS Kl.l) IvH-ntijI YFI.I.OW = Kciummend However, font manager has problems with shareware Type 1 fonts, the most common among Amiga users, as it looks for official AFM files used by commercial fonts. Utilities are available in shareware libraries to create AFM (Adobe Font Metric) files from the PFB printer font files, but the process is a lengthy one.
Happily, several companies, among them EM Computergraphic, George Thompson Services, and the Font Shop (see the Locator for details), now offer collections of Compugraphic fonts, so the problem is not as severe as it was a year ago.
The bottom line Ease-of-use 8 10 Implementation 6 10 Value-for-money 9 10 Overall 7 10 In all, PageSetter 3.0 is a flawed product, but not flawed enough to put it out of commission. At its present retail price, it Still offers the best value-for-money budget DTP solution around, with the only Supplier; HB Marketing Phone: 0753 686000 Price: £59.99 Buying an AMIGA was your first great decision.
Now go even further: these Amiga periph- the versatility, speed and storage capabili- erals and hardware products will maximise ties that your Amiga promises.
• Built-in IDE interface
• Optional floppy drive controller
• 386 expandable to 8MB RAM
• 486 expandable to 16MB RAM
• Use Windows 3 on your Amiga!
Golden Gate 386sx £399.95 Golden (late 486slc £699.95 Emulate an IBM compatible in your Amiga 2000 3000 4000 with the vortex Golden Gate.
This monitor switch box for the vortex Golden Gate automatically identifies when PC or Amiga graphics should be displayed.
Monitor Master £99.95 MONITOR SWITCH BOX
• Socketted 68EC030
• Includes high speed SCSI interface
• Expandable to 32MB RAM
• 8MB RAM and hard drive can be used under 68000 mode Vector
20(H) 25MHz Accelerator £599.95 HARD DRIVE CONTROLLERS Here are
two fast and cost-effective controllers for your Amiga.
TRUMPCARD 500 AT GrandSlam! 2000
• For Amiga 2000
• High-speed SCSI interface
• Includes extra parallel port
• Expandable to 8MB RAM GrandSlam! 2000 £179.95 Speed, control
and expansion in one 25MHz accelerator card -- the Vector for
the Amiga
• IDE interface
• Expandable to 8MB RAM
• For Amiga 500 500+ Trumpcard AT £149.95 Rector ...add the
VXL*32 - a 32bit 2MB RAM expansion that connects to the
VXL*30 £275.95 VXL*32 ACCELERATOR Here is a two-part accelerator solution for any Amiga 500 2000. Begin with the VXL’30...
• Socketted 68EC030
• 68882 socket on board Ray trace, morph, calculate, animate --
fast - with the MBX1200 Maths co-processor and 32bit RAM
expansion for the Amiga 1200.
• Socketted 68881 or 68882
• Expandable to 8MB of 32bit RAM MBX 1200 starting from £145.95
Ready to make your next great decision?
Contact your local dealer or ring Micro-PACE on (0753) 551 888 for the dealer nearest you.
Fllicro-PnCE UK, ud.
01 STB i Byiro** Unit 10. Penh Trading Luate. Penh Avennt. Slough. Berhhirr UK SU 4XX Reg. No. FClbMI All prieei are RRP and include VaT.
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follow instructions provided RAM CLOCK UPGRADE MEGABOARD ALSO
expand your A500's memory to a total of 2MB without disposing
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Send cheques PO payable to ‘Stanhouse Entertainment’ Dept AC, 2 Upton Drive, Upton, Chester, CH2 1BU Tel:- 0244 382435 Technical H el g A1200 disk problems Monitor moaning?
Interfaces ill?
We re here to help!
* wks ago I purchased a new A1200 which works very well on its
There is a problem - it does not either of my external drives. These are % PC880s and both are fine on the Ar*gA500.
The trouble anses when reading from the disk m the external drive. Quite randomly it will start claiming that there is a
* tead Error on block ???** - not the same Mock each time. When I
click on cancel it cjmes on as normal. The trouble is quite
"termittent but is annoying when it occurs.
Furthermore, occasionally it refuses to oad a disk saying that the disk is
* NDOS“. Remove and replace the disk End it runs OK. This occurs
with the disks supplied with the machine as well as older ones.
I reported this matter to Wang who duly bought another new A1200 to try, and I am sorry to say that the same thing occurred. So it would seem that there is some incompatibility with Power Computing's PC880 and the A1200.
AMIGA COMPUTING I would be interested to know if you have heard of anyone else having this problem. All the disks concerned give no trouble whatever in the A1200’s internal drive and I am convinced that none of the items are faulty.
ADVICE SERVICE Write to ACAS, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP PS: Save your SAES - we can't reply personally I have Spoken to Commodore at Milton Keynes but they stated that they had not encountered the problem and that their own brand of drives give no trouble, I would be pleased if you could throw some light on this matter.
Commodore have now left one of the ground wires off.
This results in line noise occurring sometimes, which results in read write errors. Thus not only is the PC880 not compatible with the At200 but many other drives will display the same problem.
Power have announced o PC880 drive specifically lor the A1200, so when ordering an external drive from them, be sure to state that it is for use on the At200.
L C P Farmer, Northumberland The simple answer is thot the PC880 is not compatible with the A1200, but this is not Power Computing's fault, it’s octually down to Commodore themselves.
The older Amigas had two ground wires, one which wos connected to the outer metal casing of the disk drive's connector and the other to one of the pins.
How to fill that empty trap door question to answer because of the huge range of printers available for the Amiga series. You have not mentioned whether or not you want to be able to do colour printing. If you only wont to print in black and white then I would suggest either the Canon BJ10 for around £180 or the HP Desk et which is about £300.
Both of these printers give good text quality and ore easy to use.
If you wish to print in colour then it s a bit more difficult to recommend a model but you might like to take a look at the Citiien Swift 240C or the Star LC24 200C. Both of which ore 24 pin colour printers and cost below £300 if you shop around.
The Philips CM8833-II is not a multisync monitor so it would not be able to display productivity mode, which by the way is extremely good.
There ore lots of Arexx books on sale which can be found in most good book shops or in adverts in this mag. The reason why Commodore don 't give manuals away on Arexx is thot not many people use it and including the monuols with AnUgas would put the cost up.
I have an Amiga 500+ and the trapdoor on the bottom of my machine is empty. I wondered if there is anything I can put in it other than a 1Mb RAM expansion card?
I would also like to know what the best printer is for under £300. Also Is the Philips CM8833-II a multisync monitor, and is productivity mode any good?
Do you know any good Arexx manuals because I can't find anything on Arexx in my Amiga manuals. Why do Commodore supply software without telling you how to use It?
Mark Discon, Surrey Other than RAM expansions which come in various sites from 512k upwards, obout the only other useful add-on which will fit the trap door expansion is a PC emulator. PC emulators allow you to run PC software on your Amiga which gives you compoti bility with virtually all business software packages.
As for which printer to buy for under £300. This is not an easy Unfortunotely though, due to the modifications thot hove to be made to the drives to make them compatible, Power have said the cosf for an external A1200 drive will be LS more.
The good news is thot Power are making an interface for the At200 which enables people who have purchosed their new A1200 drive to read and write 1.44Mb disks, as their external At200 disk drive is already fitted with a 1.44Mb drive unit.
Power Patch I have a problem with last month's PP program. It seems OK when loaded manually, but if entered in startup- sequence it gives error 104 (which I couldn't find). My Amiga 100 uses Workbench 1.3, and I have a second disk drive and 1 Mb Supra 500RX. I have tried Kickstart 2 but this gave the same error.
I hope this is fixable, as I'd like to be able to use this program with Dpaint, and send the guy some money John Cray, London Unfortunately we don't have an AMIGA 1000 to test your problem on, but if the program runs when colled from CL I and not from your startup-sequence then I would try putting the command which calls PP in a different place in your stortup- sequence.
No sound I've bought a new Amiga A60Q computer.
When buying it I was told that I didn't need a monitor, so I thought fine, When l took it home and set it up I found that the sound didn't work, I tried undoing the plugs, wires and turned off all the switches, then I Started all over again. No matter how many times I tried this the results were still the same. Still no sound.
So the first thing I would like to ask is what can I do to make the sound work?
Also I was told by a friend that a monitor would be better than using the television.
I want to know is this true? I would be very much appreciate it if you could help me by answering my questions.
P Bohio, Middlesex On the bock ol Amigas with built-in TV modulators there is small block switch next to the connector for the TV cable. This switch is the problem - simply switch it to the other position and you should get sound through your TV. The switch is used to select what frequency the sound is broadcast on.
Monitors do give improved picture quality over Tvs. This is due to the fad that before a TV can show the picture from your computer, the imoge must be turned into a signal which the TV con understand. This results in loss in pidure quality.
II you use a monitor the signal coming from your computer is already in a format which the monitor can understand, so there is less loss of quality and you get a far Superior pidure.
Copyright In the first place I would like to make a compliment to your famous magazine which I am a proud reader of and buy every month. I can say your magazine is very helpful to my problems and also the CoverDisks are really great!
The articles in the magazine are very informative on all Amiga subjects, such as ?
T echnical Heli IF the new CD-ROM drive, and your game reviews are very nice to read. Anyway Keep on making this great magazine for the big group of Amiga users all over the world which I am one of.
But now let's go to my own problem. I have an idea to write a sound-designer in Amos Basic such as OctaMED-Prof or SoundTracker, but I don't now how to start it. I have tried to make a startup screen but that's where the line ends. Also I don't know if I will get any problems with copyright problems with so many programs already existing.
IMV. VI 8 m Please can you help me with this big problem
because I'm completely closed in.
Also can you tell me if I should write this in C? I hope to hear soon what the answer is for my problem and send greetings to everyone on the magazine.
Theo Wiersma, Holland On the copyright situation, os long as your program doesn't look too much like o program which alreody exists and you hoven't just token their code ond altered it slightly then you will be OK.
Now down to which programming language to use. By the sound of it you already know how to use Amos so I would stick to Amos - ond with the D-Sam commonds which we gave away on the CoverDisk in February's issue the task will be o lot more simple.
OctaMED player First of all, congratulations on a great mag.
Secondly, I am having trouble using songs that I make on OctaMED. You see I am trying to put a song in the startup-sequence using the command "Octamedplayer name", ie name=song title.
Everything goes all right, that is the Workbench screen comes up and the song plays, however a message appears saying "CTRL-C to continue".
The trouble is that I want the music to keep playing through whatever comes next in the startup-sequence ie pictures and the like. However, nothing else will happen until you press Ctrl-C, which stops the musk.
I have tried the songs on other music players with no reward. There is a lot of info on the disk, such as Read Me files, but they seem only to be talking to people with an A-Level in computer lingo.
T There was an error in January's ACAS pages concerning the memory switching diagram. Contrary to what is shown on the diagram, there should be no connection between track 4 and the switch. The correct version is printed below.
If you followed the printed instructions carefully there should have been no problem, as it was only the diagram that Can you please tell me how to do this as OctaMED is a brilliant program for musos like myself and it would be a shame to go back to non muso-friendly progs to get a bit of music on your demos.
5 McKenna, N Ireland NDOS hard disk I am having problems with my A590 hard drive. My setup is an A5QQ 1.3, 1 2Mb trapdoor upgrade, extra external drive.
Citizen 224 colour printer, and of course the A590 hard dhve with 1 Mb upgrade.
By accident one day, I started to initialise my AS90. Upon realising my error I did a soft reset. This didn't do much for my hard drive, I can tell you.
I then re-prepped and re-formatted it and reloaded the back-up information back onto it, and it worked for a while, but now when I use the hard drive all I get is a message saying that it is not a DOS disk. As there are no other disks in any Other drives it has to mean the hard drive.
I have tried to re-prep and re-format again but to no avail. I would be very grateful if you could help me out in any possible way. Thanks for all your help and also a great magazine.
C Mitchell, Queen s Own Hussars It sounds like you have quite a serious problem. Your best bet is to get hold of a PD disk containing some hard drive utilities, ond do a check on your hard drive to see if has been irreparably damaged or whether there is just a domaged sector.
There are plenty of companies in this mag which will be able to supply the software you require. It may be that you might was incorrect. Attempting the alteration following the incorrect diagram will result in a green screen and possible damage to your machine.
Obviously when Amiga Computing prints tips from readers whkh other readers decide to undertake then this is done so on the readers own responsibility.
Hove a virus which is causing the problem if so don't panic - with the aid of a good virus killer you will be able to get the hard drive to work ogain if that is the case.
Faster I am interested in buying a liard drive for my A500, and I read with interest your supplement to the December issue. As I am a rela- tivefy new Amiga owner (ten months to be exact), I am lost in the minefield of Amiga penpherals.
I would like to add an accelerator board as well, having seen Microprose Grand Prix on a friend's A1200 (amazing!), and would dearly like my Amiga to handle the graphics as smoothly as that.
I understand I can get a combo drive from GVP, with both of these add-ons in it, but this is going beyond my small budget (I'm only a student!) By some margin. I read about SIMM chips for extra RAM, and blitter chips for god knows what, and I'm completely bewildered to say the least What is the difference between chip and fast RAM, as my A1200 friend said I'd need more chip RAM to make graphics smoother?
On to the matter of the accelerator, how fast would it need to be to make things faster? I use Vista quite a lot, and I am endlessly fed up of waiting an hour to get a half decent picure.
I understand that the A1200 runs at about 14MHz, whereas tha Amiga 500 runs at Incorrect diagram Muddy pictures I wonder if you can help me? I own an Amiga 500 Plus with an external drive, and I have recently bought a Panasonic KX-P2123 colour printer, which I use with Dpaint III My problem is that when I print out pictures they are generally very dark and always banded Is there a program, preferably PD to keep the price down, that will rectify this?
Ion Richards Hants Ihetc is a PD program which will help you out with your problem called Print Studio. It is available Irom most good PD libraries but if you have trouble locating it then give Volly PD a ring on 091-58 -1195.
Also, the problem you have described may be down ro your ribbon, so try another ribbon and set the density to about 2h) yOut prefs drawer. Hopefully this will help
7. 14MHz. I have been advised to buy the A1200, but as I'm only a
leisure user, with no need for 32-bit graphics or sound, this
seems a waste of time, not to mention money.
What do you recommend I do? Please help a very ailing Amiga user to become a little more wise, and have a better computer.
Lee Taylor, York First of oil I hate to correct you but the A1200 doesn't hove 32-bit graphics or sound, in foct it has 32-bit processing and 24 -bit graphics ond only the some sound as before.
Now with that out of the woy the CVP is indead the best hard drive combo around, but at about £679 hr an 80Mb drive and a 40MHz processor it is certainly not cheop.
Personally I would sell your existing A500 and then buy the AJ 200 with say a 60Mb hard drive and also the Mkrobodcs memory co-pro- cessor card. All of this wHI cost oround £670 if you shop around.
You will then hove o mochine which will run considerably faster then your old one and have the added bonus of for superior graphics. Even though the cost is virtually the same either way it is better to spend the money on a new machine rather thon trying to Fix up an old one.
SWITCH JP2 - Cut link ?
The problem is that when you coll up OctaMED it is not returning back to your startup-sequence until it has finished playing your tune, so the answer is to tell OctaMED to start running and then return control back to your startup-sequence.
This can be done by adding the line: JP7A 4 No connection
- 5 Cut link run nil: nlt: Octaaedplaycr jongnaie If IBIIP
EDEE nn 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN15AR. England
JlmiHO QnftUMPB Vlllllw ¦ If EE “II Tel: 0793 512321 512073
Fax: 0793 512075 HllllyH QUUVl dl C We're now in our 4th year
of Trading MISC UTILS EXTERMIN 8. The most up to date
collection ot
• filters available. Updated monthly (V1).
£Ot DtSK H you've got problems with faulty disks, i*m that have read write errors, then order a . -v. Of f« dak. Another essential disk. (4).
- **.0 BUILDER. (-* ) Make fantastic looking Landacapes. Very
easy to use. Faster on A120O.
VANDEL-BROT MAKER (+*) Amazmg ft*f« ah A1200
- .OUO & FRACTAL GENERATOR 1* 1 Make escapes or clouds with the
excellent disk,
- ace'on A1200 '¦•- .TiDOS 1.12. (V). Es&ontial for file conver*
¦an between Amiga & PC
• a n EXPRESS (2 disks) (?*). Enables you lo
• rm an Amiga to a PC and read any connected amps from the other
computer. Excellent tor fee mftr =CINT & CLICK (+*). A hybrid
type system.
"'TANICS CRUNCHER v1 2 (?*), Excellent file cruncher 203 UTILITIES (¦**) Over 200 utilities on one
* »« met virus kilters etc COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS (4A). Complete
computer diagnostics AMIGA FOX DTP. (v'). Simple DTP package
DUNKS DTP. (+*). Easy to use DTP package AMOS USERS AMOS FULL
UPDATE 1.34. *) Updates your
• l isting Amos program AMOS COMPILER UPDATE 1.34 (+) Gives your
Amos compiler all the latest commands.
MOCK AMOS (+) Unlocks Amos procedures.
• B works' STOS-AMOS (•). Converts Atari ST Stoa to JNDERSTANDING
AMOS Part 1. (t). Tutor.
TROJAN LIGHT PHASER DRIVERS. (+). Light chaser dnvers. So you can include the use of • ¦grit gun in any game you wnte.
AVOS BANKER (•) Create banks with ease.
Spntes, Mvs*c etc, AMOS GAMES 1, (*| Includes numerous Amos on games AMOS GAMES 2. +) See above WORD PROC.
TEXT ENGINE 3 4. (V'). Simple to uso P WRITER. (*A).
TEXT PLUS 4.0e. (V'j. Very powerful WP EDWORD 2 2. (- ). Nrfty little Text editor TEXTRA 1.12. i- ). Very comprehensive text ed JUST IN...
3045. MOTHER LOAD (+).
3046 WONDERLAND. (+).
3047 GHOST SHIP (?).
3048 KLAKTRIS. (+).
3049 ROULETTE. (*).
3001 DONKEY KONG. Ft). (Not A1200)
3002. CLI TUTORIAL, (t).
3003. PASCAL ft), 3 x 4. AMIGA TUTORIAL. (?).
3015. BENCH WORK V1 0. (?).
3616 UNSAPORT1NG 2 MEG. (?).
3019. GOTTA GO. 1.5 MEG ft)
3020. COYOTTE 2.1.5 MEG (*).
3023. HISTORY OF AMY ft).
3028. CRAZY SUE 2. (•)
3029. BORDERS (*A)
black book Into some kind of order, store al your events
details on computer. (?)
LITTLE OFFICE. Is a very useful package that contains a super little word processor, a database. A spreadsheel & Graphics package (•*) AUTO GRAPH If you want Ic pent pie charts Bar graphs etc. then here's a brilliant little program that does the thek. (*).
BUDGET will a:iow you to easily budget your income over the following monlhs. Ft).
TEXT PLUS 4.0en. Is a powerlui new word processor, that has all the features you would expect to find In a commercial WP. Ft*), FREE GAME WITH EVERY ORDER OVER £10.00 Limited stocks 600 BUSINESS LETTERS A collection of ta* r®d loiters ranging from lato payemenls to thank-you for your order letters al are saved in ascii AMI CASH (+). Account type proggy NEW TO AMIGA?
? Cll’SHELL HELP (2 disks) (?*).
EMULATORS IBM EMULATOR* Latest version for A50CH (?*).
PC TASK* Super Utile PC emulator. (•).
PCEM* Demo version of popular emulator. (+).
MALICE FONTS 2 (Mmi fonts). (?*) COMPUGRAPHlC FONTS 1-3 (3 disks). (**).
? PAGESTEAM FONTS VOL 2 (5 d.sks). (?*).
HUGE FONTS (3 disks) NEW!" (?*).
HEFTY FONTS 1. (4*).
? FONT FARM. Loadsa lonfs & font designers ANIMATION TOOLS TAC.K. (The Animation Construction Kit) BnH new Arwnaiion tool kit (+*).
DIRECT ACTION. An animation maker, produce Eric Swartz Roddy McMilan style anims (-).
ANIM BRIDGE Transler from one file formal to another. (+*).
AUDIO ANIMATION STUDIO. (4 . Produce great anims wkh syncronised sound FX.
PPANIM. This disk also comes with Powerpacker, which will crunch your Dpamt animations down, then Ppanim can play Ihe back. (V').
COPY BACKUP DCOPY 2. (?*) Extremely powerful PRO DCOPY V3 (-) Brilliant.
FREE COPY 1.8. (4*). Removes password pro* lection TETRA COPY (-). Play Telns whilst copying PAC COPY (¦). Play Pacman whilst copyng COOER COPY (•). Nifty easy to use copier SUPER DUPER (t*). Very, very fast copier.
AMI BACK. Hard dak backup (?*).
MR BACKUP PRO HD backup system. (*), SID V2, Bf* file manager, (?+), NIB V2. Ft). Disk Cop r thji removes protection.
FLASH COPY (?*), Nitty kttle disk copier.
CLIPART EYE CATCHERS Flashes. Banners etc. (+*).
FOOOSA EGETaBlES.'HERBS (2 deks). (+4).
Massive iff pictures, fantastic quality pnnis, Subjects «c. Xmas, People, Transport ote. Etc. MUSIC MAKERS PROTRACKER 2.2. (+A) This version ot Protracker works with Kicksiarl 2 If you want lo produce music on the Amiga but donl even know the first thing about music, then Protrackor a just the thing for you, Inc. on-line help.
MED V3.21, (t*). Hugely regarded as the best.
PRINTER TOOLS GELIGNITE PRINTER DRIVERS (V') Heaps of drivers for Citizen. STAR Canon BJ16. HP Deskjet 500c, Panasonic and more.
Z FANCY DISK LABELLER. (4*). Create fancy looking desk labels with this easy to use package TEXT PLUS 4 Oo. (4*). Is a great new word processor, that features all the latest bits LABEL BASE Store loads of name* and addresses for pfinlvyj on to labels. (4).
PRIORITY ORDER FORM 6-to disks £1.75 tach i1-20disks 51.50 each PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR. Allows you to make your own printer dnver for your printer, not the easiest thing to use. But it works (•) Name.... Address BITS N’ PIECES ? A5005004 Dust Cover* £3.99 Postcode .. Tel .... Amiga Model Payment method Credit Card No ..... Expiry date .. Total disks ordered ..... Total price: £ Catalogue disk available only £1 00 ORDERING BY POST OVERSEAS ORDERS ?
A6OO6OOHD Duat Cover* £3,99 ? A1200 Dust Cover* £5.99 ? Mouse Mat* £2.50 Mouse House* £1 50 RoboShift Joystick Switcher £ 14 99 10 Capacity Box* £1 99 Smooth mecro-awitch Mouse £17 99 10 Blank Disks £6 99 ZipStick Super Pro Joystick 512.99 Sim pi iKk trie Ccttt ol the Mta moan til -n your ruire & orders »te atlUM. But bk»M VJ3 25p 10 Wctl fllW Mdrtw. R«mart or Photoow ths pipe jrrf send rt tt WHJS FREE onJwsJ anfl i wnfliir cf 5 dtti iRTy «lorafln orders «rt stnl PD. 31 Farmoden Rd. Saiadon. Wilts Snl SAR Pleite make tfj first oasi Ar Mel cheques cr Posta orOjrs payable lo VIRUS fREL ORDERING
8Y PHONE COLLECTING DISKS To pl»c« an orfler c«rtr the ptene umpl call any time Berneen 9 30 P0 «sk» cm De col keyed, but yew order MUST be phoned In a day 4 S Mpm Mmdr to SafirOly mth yenr credl card detarli and the preooui to C*ck up Ordera can bi OofMCWd nw Sly from Ihe ibOit ask* yoj neuto in* to order aOJrKi J Competition Pro Mim 513 99 Super Deluxe Computer Cleaner (Inc Vacuum) £19 99 Z Kodak 3 Hour Video Cassette* (E180)* £299 ? Deluxe Pamt III Tutorial Video £9 99
* Can only be purchased with PD disks GAMES DONKEY KONG. (4). In
the year 1984? There was a game that rocked the computer world,
that game was Donkey Kong Even if you were nol around to see
it. Buy 4 (Not A1200) MEGABALL Is an adactive Breakout clone,
that features fantastic agnized speech, and awesome graphics PD
at its best (4*) 'GAMEBOY TETRIS Thai s right a gametooy emu
lator! Play Tetns on the Amiga, the same as you would on a
Gameboy (4*).
DELUXE PACMAN (NEW). This is the latest version of Pacman available. It features utterly fantastic graphics, the mam character is bnlt. (?).
TETRAN Tetris is probably one of Ihe most addictive & well loved games around, and this vorskm is probably one ol the best...(4). LEMMINGOfDS. (-) Brilliant variant of the classic Aan coin Op MISSILE COMMAND (4}. Stop IhOS* missiles from hitting the city SPACE INVADERS (+) An all lime classic.
GALAGA 92. (4). Amazing shoot 'em up.
CRAZY SUE 2 (¦) Really bntliant *Mar»* type game, not lobe mused MASTER MIND (4) Based on the bnfcant board game of the same name.
ROTON (4). Another great asteroids game SOCCER CARDS (*) Management game PUGGLES. (4) Q-Bort clone, good SPACE TRAX. (t) 2 player shoot 'em up.
TRAIL BLAZER, (t). A highly at»Ct ve game TURBO THRUST (4). Anothor really mean PD game _ CONCENTRATION. (4) Is a bnlliant ‘pair if game DATABASES VCR DATA FILER. (4). Useful database for storing your videos on.
G RIM DATABASE. (4). Is a simple yet powerful relational Database. Superb for stonng names 6 Addresses etc AMOS DATABASE (4). II you're after a database that’s easy lo use versatile, flexible bul yet powerful al whal il does, get a copy of this.
AMIBASE PRO 2. (4). Is highly praised by all if* cumtni user base for being extremely flexible AMIDEX (4). Is an Amiga file card system. Very easy to use. Perfect lor simple names & addresses etc QUICK BASE (?). Is a basic filing system for Names & Addresses, but you can *tso input a few lines of any other info you wi*h, DEMO MAKERS R$ l DEMO MAKER (- . (2 risks). Known as the best maker available.
DOPE INTRO MAKER. (-). Simple lo use.
HACK MAGIC DEMO MAKER (•). Piccy & Sound tracker tune ? RAINBOW WRITER (•). Brill letter wnter SPACE WRITER (-). See above.
DIGITAL DEMO MAKER (2 risks). (-).
Z BESTS DISKS 1-5. (?*) MISC SAMPLES DISKS 6-9 (4 disk*) (**), ? FARTS & BELCHES K). A select-on of fc*gust- mg noises ONE MAN BAND- +*)¦ A nifty selection of beats, rhythms etc, that can all be linked.
INSTRUMENT DISKS 1-5. (4*). A massive collection of IFF sarrples for use w*h any mjse package efc Compatability Chart
• = Kicksiarl 13 ? Kckstart 1362ja(A500t,’A600) m
.Kckstarl2xionfy A * Abo woria on Kxkstart 3 marines " ¦
KicfcsBrt 3 machine* only. (AGA).
» 96%i of al V Wes iwtk on A120Q
21. Disks £125 each
C. L.R. WARES Only £3.50 a title, untess stated CLE01. TC
DINOSAURS. £4.50 4A), Superb Educational title on everything
you need or don-j need to know about dinosaurs...... ? CLE02-
TC GEOLOGY £4 56 K). Life the world and how it all began......
CLE03 SOLAR SYSTEMS. £4 99. (*A). A tacl- natmg look at tho
galaxy. Well worth a look CLEO0. NIGHTSKY. (*-A). Night sky is
an essential tool tor learning planet & star movements
GtC.**** ? CLE09 WORDS & LADDERS. (4*) Brilliant snakes 6
ladders variant tor kids. Teaches spelling.
CLEtO. BASICALLY AMIGA. (4*). Is a now Mortal that lakes you through every aspect ol Ihe com- puting worfd. From slang to samples 10 graphics all ihe way through to add-ons etc If youVe just got your Amiga and you're a first time computer user gel a copy of this now. It's a bargan at just £4 99 CLU01 VIDEO TITLER. (4*). Into video titling?
Here'6 something that will help CLU03 TYPING TUTOR (4A) Loarn to type properly with this excelent typing tutor, one of the easiest to use...... : CLUQ4. ALPHA GRAPH. (4*). Snazzy utility that allows you to OOS'fy produce various graphs CLU05. SAS MENU MAKER (4A) A great new menu maker from SAS. Allows you to create a monu where you can position buttons where you like on the screen, havo a snazzy logo at the top, and load any program you Ike by svnpiy clicking on the selected button. **“ CLUCKS SUPER SOUNDS III. (¦**). Very powerful and versatilo 'Sampling1 software H is compatfcle with all
major sampling hardware, and is better than most commercial stuff available CLUOB WORD FINDER PfW. (4*). £4.50. Word f -'-der plus is a powerful new crossword solver As It now stands it contains a dictionary of over
45. 000 English words. It can solve anagrams, crosswords, word
searches elc. It s amazingly easy lo use and features simple
point & click operations...... CLU09. PLAYriRAVE 2. £4.50.
(+*) Pla n Rovo allows you to produce great demo's just »ke
Digital Concert 6 TEF Giga-mix, easily and professionally
Unk Tracker modu*es together to produce an amazingly long
and varied music track An excellent piece of programming
CLGQ6- DRAGON TILES. (4*) (New Version).
Very hot indeed, this is the largest selling CLR title around. It s basically a PAIR IT type game with hundreds of levels & great graphics. It's also received rave reviews every whore VIDEO PROD.
? TV GRAPHICS. (4*).
VIDEO APPLICATIONS. (2 disks). (4).
ICLR) VIDEO TITLER. (£3 50) I**).
EYE CATCHER CLIP-ART (tA) HEAD LINE FONTS, K), ? VIDEO EDITORS KIT (4). For a* those hard to do little jobs ICONS ICONS GALORE. K). Loads ot 'em ICONS GALORE 2 (4*). Perfect lor WB2.xx BICON MAGIC. (4A). 100’s of icons.
ICONS FOR ALL. («A) Mega amounts KIDDIES GAMES . : JUMPY Cute platform gam®. (?).
] WIZARD WORLD Easy but ad*ctiv6.(4). [ BOUNCE N BLAST Cuto 'Mario* game (4).
DONKEY KONG. (4). An all lime classic SUPER PACMAN 92. (4). Totally boll PETER'S QUEST (4) Another cutey FWUFF (4). Save all the FwufT* DR MARIO (4). A Tetris stylo game See what's new for the Amiga Come and find out what's new and pick up show bargains at the same time.
Music, Business, Education, Games Major feature areas including Virtual Reality, Electronic Music and The Home Office, Competitions, Advice centres and terrific bargains. Also on show - products for PC, Acorn, Atari machines Westminster and games consoles EXHIBITIONS 19, 20 & 21 February 1993 Wembley Conference and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1 Nearest Tube station ¦ Wembley Park (Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines) 3000 car parking spaces co«* Fast Lane Tickets @ £5.
Under 10's Fast Lane Tickets @ £3 made payable to International Computer Show OR phone 0726 68020 to book with credit card Credit Card No, Please send me Postcode Address Ticket hotline: |Name Pre- Purchase your fast lane tickets by 12th February to save money and avoid the queues.
Ticket prices on the door: £6 Under 10's, Students, OAPs and unemployed: £4 (identification required) tUf WEMBLEY lW VSWUC OF LFCMMKfS Sponsored by: AMIGA Westminster Exhibitions Limited, Surrey House, 34 Eden St.. Kingston, Surrey KT1 1ER I enclose a cheque P.O. Credit card details for £ 0726 I 680201 Expiry date All trademarks and tradenames are the property of the respective manufacturers Vouchers MICRODEAL £5 OFF the special show price of PFM+ When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA oomnrvma MICRODEAL £3 OFF the special show price of Pro Midi Interface When this voucher is
presented to our stand AMIGA GASTEINER £10 OFF RRP Gasteiner 1 2 meg RAM for Amiga 500 (RRP £24.95) When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA GASTEINER £7 OFF RRP Golden Image Gasteiner new 400dpi mouse (RRP £19.95) When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA GASTEINER £9 OFF Gasteiner auto-sensing joystick mouse switcher (RRP £19.95) When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA COMPO SOFTWARE A new mouse for your Amiga will cost just £5 When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA COMPO SOFTWARE A further 10% off the special show price of memory upgrades for Amiga
500s, 500+s and 600s When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA AVR £1 OFF the special show price of Stereo Master - the complete package When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA AVR £2 OFF the special show price of Video Master When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA AVR £10 OFF the special show price of Clarity 16 When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA CARE ELECTRONICS £1 OFF the special show price of Deskjet and Bubblejet Ink refills When this voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA CARE ELECTRONICS £1 OFF the special show price of Flexidump 2 When this
voucher is presented to our stand AMIGA These vouchers ore redeemable only at the 7th International Computer Show and are valid subject to availability of the products they discount on.
Photocopies are not allowed ond each voucher can only be used once, Vouchers cannot be accumulated The 7th International Computer Show - incorporating the 16-Bit Computer Show and sponsored by Amiga Computing - specialises in everything for Amiga enthusiasts. It's being held on February 19, 20 and 21 at the Wembley Conference and Exhibition Centre in London.
See the I'Ve have 50 free tickets to give away! All you need do to stand a chance of saving the £6 entrance fee is complete the entry form.
For free!
The first 50 correct answers drawn out of the hat collect the tickets!
ENTRY FORM QUESTION: Which magazine is sponsoring the show?
Name_ Address Daytime telephone Postcode Entries to be in by February 10, 1993 Send to: Amiga Computing Show Competition, Europress Direct, PO Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral 165 3EA, FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE (leeds) Tel:0532 319444 OPEN MON*SAT 9.30AM-5.30PM SUNDAY OPENING ....I I.OOAM-3.00PM THURSDAY NIGHT LATE...9.30AM-7.30PM CLOSED BANK HOLIDAYS AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR STAR, CITIZEN. COMMODORE.
HOWTO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
• All prices include VAT and Standard Delivery in the UK
• All hardware computers are genuine UK spec.
• Free Fast Standard 4 to 7 day Delivery
• Guaranteed 2 to 3 day Delivery only £2.50
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• Open seven days a week for your convenience
• Overseas orders welcome SALES&TECHNICAL 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER
SERVICE 6 LINES.' 0532 319444 FAX: 0532 319191 FOR DESPATCH &
Prices are subject to change without notice. E&OE.
AMIGA 1200 £379.99 1 Tkit fui got to Im the bett Amiga under (4M.M reef produced True 32 bet technology bated on the U030 chip running at 14.2 Mhi and aHo the new AA custom chipset The 1200 repretents the future of the Amiga.
Buy iLf Comet with Workbench 3.
AMIGA 500 Plus only £254.99 Cartoon Classics Pack comre with lemmeip. Capor Pint The Sunpieni A D-f aint J THE FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE AMIGA 500 Cartoon Classics Deluxe Only £349.99 with built In ROM sharer 2 04 1.3 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK AMIGA600BasePack £279.99 AMIGA 600 20HD The Epic pack With 20 Mb Hard drive, EpK. Bom*. Myth, A Trivial Punuit, Dictionary. Language Lab A Dtluit Paint 3 only £364.99 (Inc On Site Maintrnaiur) 4 The A600 Wild, Weird & Wicked ik Micro ProicGrod Pro Dduir Pant], Putty ft Pwhom only £319.99 A600 Deluxe only £339.99 A600HD Deluxe.. only £509.99 ln ROM sharer with 1.3
A 2 05 ROM ...Along incompatibility a thing of the past The A600 HD Deluxe comes with a Built in 20 fib hard drive Just add 37.99 for a 2 Mb 600 Deluxe pecIaTN THE AMAZING ZOOL PACK!!
Complete with the best selling:
• ZOOL (97% Amiga Computing, Nov 92)
• STRIKER (94% CU Amiga, June 92),
• TRANSWRITE word processor with 90k UK spell checker!!
Only £ I 9.99 with any AMIGA!!
Or £29.99 without an AMIGA A600& 1200s with built in Hard Drive plus HD kits for 600 1200s • HD KIT A6QQ A1200 20Mb £119 99.....£434.99 £534.99 40Mb £169.99.....£484.99 £$ 84.99 60Mb £ 195.99.....£509.99 .£609.99 80Mb £239.99.....£554.99 .£654.99 I 20Mb....£369.99.....£684.99 .£784.99 Complete with 12 month back to base warranty 4 AMIGA 3000 RANGE 25 Mhr with 52 Mb HD. 2Mb RAM . £ 1299 99 2SMhz with I0S Mb HD ..£ 1549.99 AU 3000‘s come with Amiga V it Ion Hard drive A Workbench ). 12 month on tile warranty AMIGA 4000 With the power of tha 32 bit
processor running at 25 Mhr (upgradeablej, the new double AA graphite chip tet A 16 Bouillon colour! High denwty I 44 Mb floppy. 120 Mb IDE only £2099.99 AMIGA 1500+only £415.99 With 2.04 K.cksiarr chtp and Workbench 2.04 0 AMIGA 1500+SW Pack only £445.99 nc 0 hrl), hh Ymn, Mane Atawo.J pn Afl ihmt Tipi toot I jDptxk AMIGA 1500 P?lyxf..only £479.99 With the Prima ROM sharer. I 1A2 04 Kickstart chip 4 All Amiga's come with Workbench, mouaa A 11 month warranty The standard A400 v AI 200. A3000 A A4000 CDTV MULTI MEDIA PACK AND A570 CD ROM Complete with CDTV, Keyboard. Moose. Disc drive Fred Fish
A Workbench 1.3.. only £469.99 CD Rom Amiga A570..only £329.99 Tumi your Amiga S00 into a CDTV 65 Mb Hard Drive for the CDTV...£339.99 CD TV keyboard_______ .________only £4?.99 Mou»e'l«m kh i ¦4» £PQA PR'NTERSj MONITORS All our monitors are UK spec. All monitors come complete with a free Amiga lead WARNING; Before you purchase a monitor make iure it has a full UK specification, You might be buying what you think is a similar monitor at a lower price but it is likely to be a “GREY” import. Thes* monitors do not comply with British safety standard! And are not covered by an official warranty
Canon Panasonic HEWLETT PACKARD All our printers come with ink bkNy to b« a “GREY” import. Thos* monitors do not cartridges or toner. All printers come comply with British saf«y standards and are not covered complete with printer drivers (where by an dSciai warranty available), paper & all cables DLJII IOC Star LC20 £132.99 PHILIPS CM8833 mki i A0 cps draft, 45 cps NLQ, quiet mode and multi fonts, push button operation. Colour stereo monitor 600*245 I nf resolution, green Star LC200 colour..£ 195.99 2 .™*.. . |( » pin Otar.»»« 225 «***,. 45 cp, NLQ. *4 n0W W,tH L°tUS Turb°
EsPMt-" landscape printing. Only £224.99 UKSpec Star LC24-20 .£199.99 PHILIPS TV Tuner for the 8833..£64.99 24 pin quality. 210 cps draft. 60 cp! LQ. I6K buffer npjndible to 48K. 10 font! And LCD front display.
Star LC24-200 mono...£219.99 Commodore 1084ST 24 pin. 222 cp* draft, 67 cp* LQ, 10 font*. A4 land scape 7L buffer expandable to 39K StereO ColoUT mOTHtOT Star LC24-200 colour.£269.99 features but in tilt A swivel sund chi* new mod or from Colour version with 30K buffer expandable to 62K Star XB24-200 colour....£379.99 Only £ I 99 99 Professional quality with On-sitt maintenance, very quiet.
Star SJ48 Bubble jet £209.99 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE Laser quality, ultra quiet, Epson compatible & portable Star SJ48 Autosheet feeder £49.99 StarLaserjet4MK3 £739.99 with overscan facility 4 page later. I year* on site maintenance The BrlMance monitor has a high quality Super VGA Panasonic Printers Panasonic KX-P2180.....£ 189.99 ****** ultra quiet 9 pin colour. 192 cp* draft. 38 cp* NLQ I 500 VERSION £389.7 7 Panasonic KX-P 21 23..£229.99 with Flicker Free Video card ultra quiet 24 pin colour. 192 cp* draft, 64 cpt LQ. 32 cpsSLQ JftA f f Panasonic KX-P441OLaser..£609.99 A500 version £489.99
PHILIPSTV MONITOR .. , , , . Superior to a standard TV set with Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee r to I fuM unwct control and FAST T1 Citizen Swift 9 Colour £179.99 Ofllv £269 99 Excellent value 1 pin colour. Highly recommended NEW!! Swift 240 Colour....£269.99 COMMODORE 1960 multisync 24 pin. 240cp* draft. 10 font*, quiet mode, 240 pv NEW Swift200Colour.£217.99 Only £399.99 Same out put as the 240 but with less facilities Automatic Sheet feeder....£79.99 special offers on accessories when oil A .. BOUGHT WITH A MONITOR Canon BJI Oex £219.99 tilt a swivel stands m 99 Laser quality
output. Larger buffer than the MONITOR COVERS StarSJ48Canoni'Star bubblejet cartridges. £17.99 I ¦ inn a U ArXTUT NEW!!CanonBJ200......£347.99 bUrKA MUDtMb ) page a min speed. 366 dpi, tmall footprint 4 to page theetfeeder canon BJ300 ....£379.99 The Supra-Fax Modem C r j»o: £5l9.99 Allow* you to send and r*c«Hfi fax message*. Thr* new modem from Supra ha* full 14400 baud capability Spec include* V Jjbi*. V.32. V 22b.». V22. V21. MNP2- 5, V 42. V42b«s. Class I A 2 commands, 9600'14400 Group 3 Fix. Include! Fro comms software and modem cable only £259.99 OR £269.99
with Heavy duty Prima power supply, recommended for use with the V32 bis fax modem only L10.00 when bought with modem • Supra Fax Plus (up to 9600 BPS) With tha ability to send faxes! Even faster than the standard 2400 from Supra with auto dial A auto rccetve 9600 bp* Haye* comp. V22 V42 Bis, MNP 2-5 A 4U» idjust to mAiimise trammission sprt dt Includet free modem cable & comnn fMI now only £139.99 GP FAX SOFTWARE only £79.99 if bought with modem Wide carriage version of the BJJQ0 mii* a • . R . _ _ modem from Supra hat full 14400 baud capability BJ I Oex Autosheetfeeder...£52.99 spec include*
v jibi*. V 32, v 22b1s.v22.v21.MNp2 Hewlett Packard Printers HP500mono now£329.99 “ , £2„ HPS00Co our..now£4l9.99 OR £269.99 with HP550Colour..now£539.99 . . . P .
A • ¦ Heavy duty Prima power supply, 4 times faster than the HP500C HP500 mono cartridges....£14.99 commended for u.e w,tb ,:he Double life 500 cartridges....£24.99 V32 bis faa modem only £10.00 All HP printers come with a 3 whcn bougtuwith modem yearwarranty Cnnra Fay Pint With the FIRST EXTRAS Pack you can make sure you have every thing you need when buying an Amiga. All the essentials required for the first time buyer A at a bargain price.'.’ Comprises:
• Top quality microswitched Powerplay Cruiser joystick
• Mouse Mat Supra 2400
• Dust Cover
• 10 high quality Blank Disks Get on ilm using ihls great value
fan modem with auto dial A receive. 2400 baud Mayes comp. V22
BIS Int modem cable A comm* vw.'f only £79.99 All Supra Modems
come with a 5 year warranty.'.'
• Plus 3 games only £29.99 ROMBO) PRIMA) POWER SCANNEI These
high quality Prima modulo will take ...... u,„, . »!»„. -1, 1
.harp F-, your A500 Plus or the new A600 (inc built in
pwiormmtf Urtli mawd image dupia dock) up to 2 Mb of chip RAM
with out mampulaoon option*. Phi* Clean up. Embolde-
invalidating your warranty (NEW only £94.99 QiSSSma) A500p
-'"Colour version only £229.99 . . :--¦ ,7 ™ EPSON GS6500
COLOUR FLATBED No filten or 8GB splitter required Colour imaget
can be captured fi l«u than a mond. Mono image* art grabbed in
real lime Compatible with any video Jourcc Inc. multita*fing
software, cut 9 paste with masking imiltiframc store with
animated playback, composite or 1-Video input. 4096 HAM
Sound & Vision £99.99.'.' Vidi 12 with built in Megamix Master!!
TAKE 2 £39.99 yyvAKKAn.T A500p A6()0 Unpopulated only £ 16.99...£23.99 Populated to 5I2K only £29.99..£39.99 Populated to I Mb...only £42.99.£49.99 2 Mb A600 OR AI200 RAM card.il 19.99 only £799.99 piumiorfemhidfmo j m, aiTto Vard:;,.;'.;; MICE &TRACKERBALLS 1
- - - k ir.ire* include load and save from D. Paint i~mjoons 4
Mb A6Q0 OR AI200 RAM card..£l79.99 NAKSHA MOUSE only £24.99
indlFFf"«-SiwomMAMgnipi** with Operation Stealth mouse mat.
Holder and 2 Megamix Master £29.99 .' AMIGA A500 512K RAM by
PRIMA ’ “ .. M W a...™ i* «(»«.. Golden Image Mega Mouse
onbcaddedMwwit ne.fuiiymuioasiongiwtytome for the original
1.2V1.3 AA1IGA..only £27.99 « fj ¦ "~The new MBX I 200
CO-PROCESSOR & RAM BOARD for the AMIGA 1200 Realise the full
potential of your AI 200 with this trapdoor expansion 68881
I4MHZ .....£133.00 68882 25MHZ ....£199.00 68882
50MHZ .....£399.00 I mb 32 bitfast RAM ....£62.99
2mb32bitfast RAM ..£1 I 9.99 4mb 32 bit fast RAM ..£204.99
Kkkstart 2 First Computers launched the PRIMA (as supplied to
Phoenix) ROM sharer. This high quality ROM sharer feature* a
flexible ribbon connection so that it can be positioned
anywhere within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 y«»r replacement
warranty now only £19.99 or £27.99 for keyboard switchable
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AMOS . GFA BASIC 3.5 In Protext power-up Learn how to
master Protext through its powerful command language in this
final part of our tutorial visible press tsc to remove it.
Lit the top of the screen vby wilt see the two Status lines and ibeneath then, the ruler tine, the status lines contain details of (he idocunent being edited and also of the settings for various Protext docunent being Thu .
Features. The ruler line always displays the ryler which is currently iin use in the docunent. You should see a flashing cursor on the left of the line beneath the ruler line. This Is the editing cursor and (ways indicates uhere the next character will be entered, or where he next action will take place.
Depress and hold down thr right nouse button and the Menu Bar will appear at the top of the screen In place of the top status line.
Move the nouse pointer up to the nenu bar and you will rind that a menu drops down as soon as the pointer highlights one of the nenu options. Move the pointer to rioht and (eft and you util find that different nenu boxes appear for each of the available options.
Mow vou have seen what the nenus look like we can grt down to creating a docunent. Unlike sone programs, Protect does not reguire you to none a docunent before you can start entering text, so you can start immediately.
Just type in sone text and you will see It start to appear in the Protext s layout makes creating Documents an easy task Hopefully by now you will be quiet confident with Protext, and feel able to go on to some of the more advanced features Protext has to offer.
Over the last two issues of AMIGA Computing we have showed you how to create and manipulate your documents, edit documents, work with more than one document at a time and also how to spell check documents.
In this issue we will explain how to use the Print option and how to take advantage of the command line option in Protext.
Printing documents Once you have spell checked your document, it is time to pnnt it. Before going any further, make sure that you have your printer switched on and on-line. Select the Print Text... option in the Print menu and the printing dialogue box will be displayed.
The printing options available in the dialogue box may seem quite complex ini- tially, as there are many boxes, but in many cases the default settings are all right. If you have already printed something, the previous settings are retained and become new defaults.
The current pnnter driver is displayed at the top of the dialogue box. If you use more than one printer and see that the wrong driver is selected you should use the cancel box and load the correct printer driver with the Load Printer Driver option in the Print menu.
There are three Destination boxes and these determine where the output is sent.
Each of the boxes is exclusive, so clicking on one box will de-select whichever was previously selected. The Printer box is highlighted by default.
Selecting Screen will select output to be sent to the screen. As far as possible the document will be displayed as it will appear on paper, although not all printer- effects can be displayed on-screen.
If the File option is selected the cursor will automatically move across to the Filename box for you to enter the name which you want to use to save it by.
When this option is selected everything is sent to the file as it would be to the printer. The file may then be printed at any time without the need to load Protext by outputting it to the printer.
Note that printing to file does not produce plain Ascii text files. If you wish to create a plain Ascii file, use the Ascii Save option in the File menu.
Highlighted The second line of boxes covers Options. Either Single Sheet or Continuous will be highlighted and, again, these are mutually exclusive.
Selecting one will turn off the other.
The third box, NLQ, may be used with dot matrix printers to set them into "Near Letter Quality" mode and is also used with some laser printer drivers to select a different paper tray.
The third line, Which pages?, also contains three exclusive boxes, with All being the default. Odd and Even refer to whether the pages to be printed will be (or would be, if page numbers are not being printed on pages) even or odd numbered.
This is useful when you want to print on both sides of paper as you can select Odd and print the document. Only odd numbered pages will be printed. Replace the paper the other way up, select Even and print the document again to print the even numbered pages on the reverse of the paper.
The fourth line, Number of Copies, is self-explanatory, but is useful in that you only need to use the print command once and can get on with something else (assuming background printing is selected - this may be toggled on in the Option menu) while several copies are printed.
In the lower right corner of the dialogue box are two boxes, Start at Page and End at Page. These are used if you want to print only a number of pages, but default to page l to last.
When you have chosen the various settings you want to use, all you need to do is dick on the Oo box.
Parts of a document can also be printed by marking the block you want to print, then selecting the Print Block option in the Print menu. The print dialogue box settings should then be set, as before.
As well as printing the current document, it is possible to print an existing document file without loading it into Protext. Select the Print a File option and the file selector will appear for you to select the file to print. Once selected the 6Z (c) 1 1 flrnor Progran Beginners flnc tlM1) FHOItXI V4 455 Line 24 Col 51 Mks I mmsmm Find string Destination Screen Printer; File I Filenan nil Single Sheet Hhich pages?
Liord iOAi. Ndve the pointer to right and left and vou will find that now vou have seen what thr nenus look iikr wr can net down to
* -.lng a docunent. Unlike jpne proarans.Bifflimi don not require
u to none a docunent before vou can start entering text, so you
can tart irwediately.
Reatmg a docunent. Unlike sone prograns, Protext does not require ou to nane a docunent before you can start entering text, so vou can .tart innediately.
Just type in sone text and vou will see it start to appear In the Just type in sone text and you will see it start to appear in the Printing Documents Is easy with this well laid out menu Amiga Compuflng March 1993 Searching for text can toke ages but not with Protext T utoriol pnnt dialogue box will appear, as usual.
Background printing allows you to get on with further editing, while the document is being printed, after a brief delay while Protext fills its printer buffer. This can save a lot of time when long documents are being printed.
The Print menu has an Abandon Printing option which may be used irrespective of whether background printing 5 being used, but it also has two further options, Pause Printing and Resume Printing, which are only available if the pnnter buffer is in use and contains text to be printed.
different nenu boxes appm Nou vou have seen creating a docunent. Unlike sone progrens Ft o nane a docunent before you can sta rt im Telephone These are useful when you want to pause printing, perhaps to take a telephone call, and continue afterwards.
No nerd trying to remember those tricky keyboard commands for speelal chareetors Note that you should not exit Protext while background printing is in operation.
If you do, background printing will cease.
The best way to understand the different printing methods is to load a suitable document and experiment with the different settings. If you don't want to waste paper, select the Screen option.
Background printing can save a lot of time with long documents.
Making macros A macro is a sequence of key presses which can be stored and used at any time with a single key press. The keys used to recall macros are A to Z on the main keyboard when used in conjunction with the Alt key and the special function keys on their own and in conjunction with the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys.
The main advantage of macros is that if you perform a sequence of events on a regular basis you can program a macro to do the same job with only two key strokes.
Making and using macros may sound complicated at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. A macro is rather like a video recording - you press record to record events which happen and then you play them back.
With the macro maker you also press the record button but this time it records which keys you press, and when you have recorded your macro you just press the key you have assigned your macro too.
To Start to record a macro all you have to do is press Ctrl-FI followed by the key you wish to save the macro under ie Alt-A.
You can do this from the edit mode or the command mode.
Once you have started the record mode you then simple press the keys you wish to record, to finish recording you press the Ctrl-FI 4 Once you have recorded your macros you can then save them to disk so that you can use them as many times as you like. When Protext loads it will always look for a file containing predefined macros - if it exists then it will be automatically loaded.
To save your macros once you've created them you enter the command mode by pressing the Esc button once and then type SVK. This will then display the message SaveKeys filename: followed by a flashing cursor.
Simply type in the path to where you w $ h to save to and the name of the file which must be “Protext.Key'', ie: JfD:Proteit.Kejf. You must also save this file to the disk which you load Protext from - this can be your hard drive or the floppy you load from.
When you save a macro what you are really doing is saving all the macros you have defined in one file. This means you cannot save just a jingle macro and then load it up when you want.
You must define all the macros you think you will need then save them as one file, then every time you load Protext it will automatically load the Protext.key file into its memory.
If al a later stage you decide to add extra macros then all you do is load Prolext which will automatically load your macros and then enter the macro record mode as already explained, and then just record your new macro.
You can also change an existing macro by following the same steps as adding a macro but when you type in the key you wish to save the macro under simply add the existing key you wish to change.
When you have added new macros or changed existing ones you must save them out again as Protext.key in the same directory.
Recording macros Now you have an idea how to create macros and save them we will try making a macro as an exercise.
Activate the record mode by pressing Ctrl-FI Then press the key combination you wish to store the macro under say Alt-A, Now press the buttons you wish to record, first press the Esc key then type: S dfOittia and press Return. Now to end the record mode press Ctrl-FI What you have just done is to create a macro to save your current document under the name of Demo on your internal drive. To activate this you simple press Alt-A and the macro will be activated and do the rest of the procedure for you saving you the work and time of typing in the command yourself.
Assignable keys You can assign macros to 94 key combinations these are as follows: F1-F10 Shift + FI-FI 0 Ctrl + FI-FI 0 Alt + FI-FI 0 Alt + A-Z Shift+Alt + A-Z Even though you can assign 94 macros it is not advisable to use this many as every macro you assign takes up a small amount of memoiy, and if you are restricted already by your machines memory assigning to many macro will shorten the amount of text you can fit into a document.
Unce rroifxt nas loaoeo vou art presencea wan me nnrnai eom screen, containing no text. You nay f ind a horizontal line containing [the Protext copvnght nessage and version nunber about tuo thirds of !the uay doun the screen. This shows that you are in Protrxt's connand piode which need not be used when nenus ire being used. If this line ts .visible press Esc to remove it.
Devs drawericon K5KJFT.PPD 0IB8L0.PPD [».
CPS0H24R.PPD FX1IM.PPD FX80.PPD 6Q3M0.ppd IBH24.PPD IBH9.PPP Jukl&tll.m YXP1124.PPD uatrif Rt the top of th« screen you will see the two Status lines and beneath then, the ruler line. The status lines contain details of the n use in the docunent. You should see a flashing cursor on the left ¦uf the line bpneath the ruler line. This is the editing cursor and always indicates where the next character will be entered, or uhere the next action will take place.
Depress and hold down the right nouse button and the Menu Bar will appear at the top of the screen in plate of the top status i«ne.
Using the Command mode for extra speed As you have already learned, Protext can be controlled from pull down menus, but if you dislike having to pull down large menus and then trying to find the option you require, you can use the command line.
The command line is a way of giving Protext commands to carry out without having to use the pull down menus. Using this method of controlling can be a lot faster than the menus in Protext.
To use the Command Line you must first call it up. To do this you press the Esc key, when you will be presented with a window Opening up in the lower half of the screen.
This is the command line window. Once you are in the Command Line mode you will be presented with a flashing cursor. Thjj is where you type in your commands.
Some of the commands which you can use can be abbreviated to save you time typing them in eg if you wanted to save a file called Demo then you would type in: s deno This will now save the file called demo to your current drive, but if you wanted to save the document to say you external drive then you would type: s df1: deno as you can see the commands themselves are quite small.
Hopefully by now you will be quite familiar with Protext and confident enough to use it to its full potential.
Unfortunately we don't have enough space to provide you with all the features Protext has to offer, but you will certainly have enough to be able to use Protext confidently.
Arnor, the company who produce Protext have now released v5.5 which has several new and improved fea- tures. You can contact them on 0733 68909.
Command Line commands Access (ACC) Acc filename Access is used to change a file back to read-write status after it has been protected Copy sourcename (destination) This will copy the document called demo from the internal drive to the external one.
Count(CT) This command will count the number of words in your document.
Dir (DR:) Dir performs a directory listing of the specified directory so if you only typed dr it would just list the current directory.
Erase (del) Erase or del deletes the specified file from the specified directory.
Find (F) Find stringxoptions Find will search for a string of text in a document.
Format (FT) This command will re-format the entire document according to the margins, rulers, tabs and stored commands within the document.
Goto (G) G (option) number Goto moves the editing cursor to the specified line, column or page in the text. The number should be prefixed by the letter P for page, L for line or C for column.
Help (h) or FI Help is used to display a list of the subheadings in which the commands are grouped. The subheading required may be selected and then the relevant help will be displayed.
Load (L) L filename When using the load command you don't have to name the directory to load from if you are loading the document from the current directory, But if you wish to load a file from a different directory then you must specify where the file is ie L df 1 :demo, Merge (M) M filename This is similar to load but whereas load dears any existing text from memory and then loads the file in, Merge inserts the new file into the existing text at the current cursor position.
Note that care should be taken to make sure the cursor is in the correct position before trying to merge two files.
Name (N) N filename Name renames the current file you are working on to the name you have specified.
. Print (P) P (num) Print prints out the current document you are working on, you can specify how many copies you require be inserting the number of copies after the letter P. Protect (prot) Prot filename Protect turns files into "read-only" files.
Files which are protected cannot be overwritten by saving or copying a file of the same name. To un-protect a file you will need to use the Access command.
Quit (Q) This command quits you out of Protext. If you still have a document open, Protext K will warn you to save the document first.
Replace (R8) Replace find- stringxreplace-string Replace searches for certain words which you want replacing and then replaces them with the words you want instead.
Save (S) S «dllename Save saves the current file under the name you have given it, if you try to save without giving the current file a name then Protext will prompt you for one. You can also tell Protext where to save your document ie S dfl ;demo.
Spell (SC) S filename? Spell checks the named file. If no filename is given the current text is checked.
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• TWO year hard drive warranty MAXTOR 8Sut: HARO DRIVE Inc GVP
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Deh Version; 5449..*uct AMIGA 600 WM OFFERS!
WILD, WEIRD t WICKED | EPIC ‘HARD DRIVE' PACK Sacj an* oeased to o«er THE Soft*** P»c* d the Ye* FREE ath enry
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IroGfABaxprggrjmmng language A nw ol mv C266 wri U kw gfts
• Motorola 68020EC Processor
• 14 19MH2 Cock Speed
• 32-bit Architecture
• 2Mp Chip RAM Standard
• Anuoa DOS v3.0 a AA Ctiip Set lor Enhanced Graphs
• 16 Villon Colour palette
• 2-256 Colour? On Screen
• 1132-€rt CPU'RAM Enarwon Stot
• PCMCIA Smart Caro Siol take? 51?K - 4Mb PC Cin»
• Built-in tv Modurator
• % Key keyboard mm Numeric Keypad
• W* internal Hard Drne Optcnal Extra
• I Year On-srte Maintemnn NEW! AMIGA 1200 £265 GFA BASIC PHOTON
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The compact unit comes with GVP's market leading hard dnve
formatting software (FaaastPrep) and a lull two year warranty
for your peace of mind Also included is a manual giving lull
FITTING SERVICE Because fitting ANY internal hard drive yourself will invalidate your Amiga's warranty. Silica otter a fitting service Silica's trained engineers will professionally install the hard drive In your Amiga keeping yOuf Amiga warranty intact and then return the Amiga to you by free courier delivery.
• V AKO.UCUM 3V0nw TVUed.SmrtCirtS«
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LESS PACK SAVHeG NO HARD DRIVE C299 W f 290 99 E127.92 £89 95
ocyg_ Fsi NO OT084 r
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Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAI4 4DX CwwrgMajn Hcn-Fr
eJOMrtXp»|S«»00m»600 mi »*i ut» M*ni Ocy?
Belore you deode when to buy Ouf new Amiga computer, wo suggest you mink very eareMy About WHERE you buy it Consider whai it wit be ike a taw months alter buying your Amiga wtion you may require addioonal peripherals or software, or help and advice with yojr new purchase And, w i the company you buy from contact you wflh details ot now products? At Silca System*, wo ensure that you will have nothng lo worry about We have been established tor almost 14 years and. With our urvtvaled oxpenence and expertise, we can now daim to meet our customers requromants with an i wJarstandng which A second
to none But don't just take our word tor it Complete and return me coupon now lor txir idlest FREE literature and begn to experience the "Sdca Sywems Service' Mr MrsrMiss.'Ms Initials . Surname Company Namo («t appfccable): . Address: .... a Postcode: Tot (Work): 80K I'mm ralum Ow raupon to ttw lanwM rTomalon r~ mail order hotline m 081-309 1111 SIUCA SYSTEMS | Tel (Home): .. j hich computor(s), if any. Do you own?
CtOC • e*K»t V*3 KHZlKmor* mwf crttng* ¦ Graphics A job to which most microcomputers have always been put is that of illustration, and whether it be in the form of bitmap pictures, scanned images, or CAD, adding a little artwork has for long been one of the primary uses for the Amiga.
As the years have passed, packages designed with Amiga art in mind have expanded their range of capabilities, doubled or tripled in sophistication, and leaped forward in power.
The unfortunate spin-off from all this development has been that some packages have become decidedly over-produced and have lost the ease of use which is supposed to characterise any modern micro, never mind the Amiga.
SoftLogik's Art Expression reverses this trend by offering what is one of the most intuitive and comfortable interfaces I've yet seen in a drawing package.
When using computer calculations lo Macro omission When there are some jobs which demand to be done over and over again in daily use, such as scaling an object to 50 per cent size, or aligning something centrally with a second object, a keyboard short-cut would be ideal.
However, programmers can't cater for all tastes, so most will include some sort of macro capability by which the user can create a macro to do what he or she wishes, and attach it to a function key for use at any time.
Disappointingly, AE has no macro facility, not even the write-it-yourself Aftexx type favoured by some companies. Ideally, an auto-recording macro generator would have given the package an extra few points in the ease- of-use stakes, but the designers have decided to leave them out altogether, despite the fact that the program's biggest rival, ProDraw 3.0, has 300 Arexx commands and a set of ready made Genie macros.
Describe a curve rather than penning it with a Sweeping freehand stroke, or trying desperately to add originality to an obviously computer-generated design, the quality of the user interface is of prime importance.
Let an art program get in the way of the artist or draughtsman once too often and, regardless of the package's power, it becomes a liability and an obstacle to the creative process rather than an aid.
Art Expression utilises an interface which will be immediately familiar to any user of PageStream, SoftLogik's flagship DTP package, and as a result the learning curve for those people will be smooth and easy.
For first-time artists or those converting from other packages, however, the process shouldn't be much more painful.
Short-cuts In common with PageStream, Art Expression offers the user a selection of keyboard short-cuts of the kind you can suss out without reference to the manual.
For example, when rotating an object, the temptation would be to press the r key just in case this is the rotation short-cut.
Hey presto, it works, as does g for group, m for merge, b for blend, and so on.
Additional standard short-cuts such as Amiga-A to select all objects, and Amiga-V to paste down the clipboard contents lend the whole program an easy-going, friendly air which invites the user to get down to the real work of designing graphics rattier than struggling with the interface. It is an approach which continues when the work begins.
On kicking up, Art Expression (AE) sports the same page layout as its DTP sta- blemate with rulers top and left and a floating tool box to the right.
The term "floating", for those who haven't encountered it before, means the tools can be moved to any part of the screen, making left-hand use of the mouse easier, or enabling the tools to be hidden behind the main editing screen.
The tool icons themselves are well designed and, unlike the weird and wonderful icons used by some DTP and art Easy packages, immediately suggest their functions.
There are as many tools as needed and no more, SoftLogik's programmers having resisted the temptation to stuff the screen with a confusing plethora of icons in an attempt to make the package look more sophisticated M than it is.
E simple and Am AE's menus follow the same simple and elegant rules by keeping text, object, and effects menus separate. As one would expect, some of the menus can be lengthy, but at no point is the user presented with the huge and unwieldy lists Qf options to which so many software houses succumb.
Create effects and original touches rather than supply the original touches in a prepackaged form. An example of this is the process whereby vignettes (gradual fades of one colour to white or another colour) are created.
Rather than supply a vignette requester, with control Over start colour, finishing colour, and so on, AE follows a Similar approach to Adobe Illustrator in that it forces the user to build everything from simple objects.
To create a vignette, the user must therefore start with, say, a thin rectangle coloured blue and another coloured red, then blend them over as many steps as The logical grouping of features and functions makes AE's menu system easy for the first time user to navigate, though given the program's superb keyboard short-cuts it is unlikely that practised users will need much menu access.
Having gushed enthusiastically so far, it's fair to remind the reader that all the thought and attention to design which has so obviously gone into the user interface would serve AE little if the drawing tools available were not up to scratch.
Fortunately, the program offers real power to the artist.
By concentrating on the basics and offering complete control over shape and colour, AE gives the artist the tools with which to C raohics required to make a smooth vignette (about 100), merge the resulting objects, and apply the vignette to the text or object for which it was designed.
To use this to make text with a vignette (or gradient) fill, the user must create a "mask* by typing some white text and merging it with a black object, thus punching text-shaped holes in the object through which the background vignette can be seen.
Once positioned correctly, the mask has a fill colour of white assigned it and is merged with the vignette object lo give the impression of text with, say, a red to yellow fill colour on a white background.
Sounds complicated, doesn't it? The approach, whereby the program attempts to make things easy without making them simple appears at first to be a matter of sloppy programming. Why not supply a simple way to create vignettes or text with unusual fills?
The answer is that there are countless uses to which an art package may be put, and had the programmers attempted to supply specific tools for even a few of these, the interface would quickly have become cluttered and unusable.
Rather than tread this path, SoftLogik have followed the example of most professional illustrator packages by supplying the basic tools in their most usable form and leaving the rest up to the user's imagination and talent.
In effect, there is very little which the user will not be able to do with AE, but some of the more geometric effects, such as text on a curve, and forcing text or objects into other shapes, are provided because to recreate these tools manually would be extremely difficult and time- consuming.
Text on a curve is achievable by simply typing the required text, drawing a curve, selecting both objects, then choosing the appropriate menu item.
Whither HotLinks?
SoftLogik was the publishing house which lead the way in Amiga dynamic data exchange when it released the HotLinks system last year and strove to have it accepted by other software publishers.
Why then, just as some have taken the standard on board, have SoftLogik released a major drawing package which doesn't support HotLinks?
The omission of HotLinks support means that there is still no way to edit structured clip art in a DDE environment other than the clumsy ProPage to ProDraw Genie function.
As Art Expression is made for illustration and DTP work, it is difficult to imagine what reason the parent company had for not ensuring it would work directly with PageStream through the HotLinks system.
BME, the HotLinks program, supplied with Art Expresssion, acts as fast and effective auto-trace add-on for use with Art Expression, but will not load and edit clip art, only bitmap graphics.
A requester offers several alternatives, such as left, right, and centre justified on the curve, space to fit, and scale to fit, then the text is quickly and unfussily placed on-screen.
Likewise, forcing text into a selected shape, such as a triangle or circle, or forcing one shape to conform to another, can produce good effects quickly.
Basic object control, however, is the program's main strength, and the range and depth of the tools on offer makes the creation process a lot easier. All the usual tools are there, including lock unlock, align, duplicate, and so on, but many more have been added to the standard recipe.
Asels Rather than offer just the usual send to back and bring to front combination, AE also provides send backwards and bring forward so that the user may flip objects back and forward one level at a time.
This is a very useful tool when a drawing is made up of many individual objects, such as in the example of a car I produced using the package.
Stevie Kennedy dons his smock and floppy hat, oils his palette, and puts brush to canvas with Art Expression, the latest Amiga drawing package Drastic Another feature I particularly liked was the Flatten and Smooth Path effect. Using this on any object, but particularly text, the user can drastically alter its appearance. Text in the Times Roman font suddenly looks like Balloon font when smooth path is used on it, or some sort or hieroglyphic script when flatten path turns an o into a diamond.
Other uses include making some shapes, such the egg, much easier to produce, a convincing example of which can be produced by simply knocking up a triangle and smoothing it.
For sizing and placing objects, the edit co-ordinates requester allows not only precise positioning according to the chosen measurement system, but also enable the user to change the selected object's width and height to specific absolute values or scale them in percentage terms.
When a drawing contains real-life designs which have to be placed in proportion to each other, this facility comes into its own.
Transform is another simple tool which can be used to impressive effect, by enabling the user to move, rotate, and scale an object over a definable number of Steps, transform can produce smooth sweeping brushes from a simple line or spiralling logos from a single word of text.
Slightly more sophisticated, but just as easy to use, is the path to path effect, which is especially useful for starbursts and flashes. By drawing a circle and a triangle, then selecting both for path to path, the user can tell AE to repeatedly place the triangle on the circle path.
The result is a more or less perfect flash.
Using fewer repetitions to create gaps on the path, then filling these with longer, thinner triangles, the user can build up a starbursL The essential feature of this sort of work is AE'S powerful manipulation of basic objects. All objects can be treated as paths, rotated, merged, blended, or grouped as desired.
With such comprehensive coverage of the most important aspects of drawing, AE manages to combine flexibility with power and sophistication with ease of use.
As a drawing package, therefore. Art Expression pulls off the tricky feat of coming between the artist and the finished product while making that finished product easier and smoother to produce. This should put the package high on any budding Amiga artist's shopping list.
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Orderline & enquiries telephone (0908) 211665 open 7 days a week 9am-7pm PD and S hareware investigates this PTTRTJ month's bumper M __ SECTOR!
Remember yw mat ase a wtaiMr fa aM tums fe erej 1220* l«= )W a I ictxt - nit a MtatWar ®f yw waafif $ ef 1360 !
LOO* I'JOO J** ¦' 123] p !*** 803* N 030* 810:*
- vfaz3Cjftrwr _ ) fK&$ *il2ntfrti*r:x f: ncjr mirsnrf r
Exit The End m 52 weeks: I cr 365 doys:! 9&r 366 dOLS I fecp yvu 12 montn? Iu8gt We open this month's anims, demos and artwork section with a trio of truly excellent animations from the talented Roddy McMillan.
Like his contemporary Schwartz, he understands fully that the best computer effects in the world are going to bore before they've even begun unless they're actually used for some purpose - in this case, a pile of silly stories lovingly acted out by some truly wonderful characters.
First up is Duncan the Dung Beetle (Virus Free PD), a cartoon story documenting Duncan's attempts to eat a rather large and troublesome ball of the brown stuff.
It's very nicely animated, with some great facial expressions and over-emphasised movements matching the best that Roodrunner and its ilk could throw at us.
Next is my personal favourite, Lemmin's Revenge (VifuS Free PD). You've got to be wary of any animation which actually apologises for the number of impending disk swaps on its opening screen, and I was close to giving up at one point, but one broken disk drive eject insert mechanism later, and you’re seeing a screen of Lemmings (oops, I mean Lemmins) like you've never seen them before.
As they drop out of the hatch, thrill at the incredible i n. L March 1993 l If an art form doesn't progress, it dies
- or so a friend asserted a while back, and applying it to the
public sector proves just how true an adage it is.
As half-baked cheap techno demos thin out and spinning vectors grind to a halt, so we see truly impressive animations surfacing from the computer-code quagmire, original applications replacing cut-down demonstrations.
Don't get me wrong, the quality of public domain stuff hasn't rocketed overnight, but among the usual average-
* ness are an increasing nummber of gems that positively demand
to be written about. So without further ado... Business Card
Maker Power PD, V006 Business before pleasure, so off we go
with a novel application designed to help you make your own
business cards. It opens with a blank "card" on the screen, and
four discrete menus at the top.
First you must install printer and drive information. The program seems to be fairly old, and as such there is no support for bubblejets - an unfortunate omission, considering that they seem to offer by far the best method of printing acceptable Cara Haktr tr» Priltnttd by IntraCorp Inc. Copyright ffl lf87 vorolon 1*1 Portion* copyright ® 1*86 by Connodor* Electron!
Builnni tard are a doddle with Business Card Maker A highly varied selection of free or very cheap software comes under the magnifying glass as Phil Morse ____ cards on a budget, but I'm sure the industrious could get around this somehow.
You begin by choosing an icon for the top left-hand comer of the card - there is no choice about positioning, but you are given a wide choice of icons on disk, you can use your own, and there is an elementary but adequate built-in drawing program to help.
Text can be typed in using a number of fonts supplied, which although basic, cover a multitude of applications, and text once entered can be dragged into any position required, DTP-style.
Printing must be in multiples of two, as cards are printed two across the page for subsequent guillotining scissoring, and there are draft and NLQ (near-letter quality) modes too.
It's a simple and limited package, but easy to use and well presented, and a lot of very useful business cards could be generated with the range of icons and fonts supplied.
PD and Sharewar Willow PD. BU031 Physical Print this?
Written by a qualified GCSE and A-level mathematics teacher, this program adopts a multimedia-style approach (using Hyperbook, incidentally) to present its often sticky subject matter in as pupil- friendly and painless a way as possible.
NT p : a 2 w
- -- _ - r j J ¦ r I _ “ 7 I “ „ .
I _ I Jwr* _ : z I * £ j __ *¦ L !
- u • 5l L« 1 [: 1!
1 1 21 2 I 2 2: 2 1 2!
I b 2i 1 f I 2!
5 ) 31 1 3 3 5 1 7 1 11 1 ) 1 11 1 t 3 W Biorhythms work out If It'i worth getting out of bed The first in a planned series, Maths 1 deals with that third "IT, 'rithmetic.
Topics covered range from magic squares to square numbers, temperature to tables, and well-written and presented information is coupled with exercises and their answers - on different pages, of course.
It's a neat; concise, easy to use and understand, and above all an attractive program which to my mind fulfils its aims and more besides.
As a bonus, there's a calculator included which puts to shame any computer calculator I’ve seen so far. Apart from looking the part, it's got scientific functions a go-go, and using one of a small number of selectable menu options, it can even plot graphs, which you then have the option to print. I think you'd struggle to get it into the exam hall with you, though!
Biorhythms Power PD, V068 Not a trendy yogurt, plant food or hygiene problem, a biorhythm is actually
- so it is claimed - a plottable curve based upon your date of
birth which can tell you respectively the state of your
physical, emotional and intellectual life.
Based upon what is actually an age-old Eastern philosophers' idea - that everything runs in circles and cycles, as opposed to the strictly linear model adopted by Western civilisations - biorhythms and their ilk (astrology, palmistry, faith healing) are currently enjoying a boom as a New Age challenges the scientific paradigms of the 20th century.
Believe in them or not, this program's gonna' plot them for you! Enter your vital statistics and the current date and hey presto!, a neat graph, which you may print if you wish, telling your where your head's at.
You can even enter important dates - such as your holidays - to see if you're going to sail through life as you sail through the Bahamas, or whether your head will be in as many bits as your supposedly finished “hotel" when you arrive at a coastal building site in Malaga... Whether you’re prepared to buy all of this is another thing else entirely, but it's a larf, if nothing else.
Disk Repair Kit iihhih? N-m-m EnpUynal Power PD. V046 A favourite guise of PD libraries is to put a load of useful and similar programs on one disk, slap a nice menu and interface joining the lot, and put it out under a name such as... well in this case. Disk Repair Kit.
You get the ever-popular Powerpacker and the Titan Crunch archivers; Last Hope, which is a damaged file disk recovery program; the disk back-up Utility X- Copy 3; the well-used Text Engine editor; the highly useful and widely commended Utilimaster directory manager; and Fix Disk Saddam, two virus checkers.
As far as the last items are concerned, virus checkers are of little use unless they are kept constantly updated, but allowing for this proviso, this is an essential set of tools for the serious user.
You may never use them all, but at this price, are you complaining? Just remember to avoid complacency and keep those virus checkers updated!
PageStream v2.2 demo George Thompson Services (2 disks) A save-disabled and printout-branded version of the respected Amiga DTP package in its latest version, this is available from a company who are also an official user group for Softlogik (the software house responsible for PageStream).
This means that they provide telephone support for users - although don't pester sor... The animation is incredible, the imagination highly inventive, and the tribute to the original a truly worthy one. And does our star kill the baddie and get the girl?
'Cause he does. An absolute essential for Lemmin(g)s and animation fans alike.
Finally from Roddy comes Knighty Knight (Virus free PD) whose appalling title hides a rather atmospheric medieval demo - a revenge tale involving dragons, a princess and a brave armoured hero, called, er, Norman.
Oh well.
Although not quite as original as the other two, this nevertheless is thickly tarred with the kind of quality resplendent in all of these stories - billowing smoke, tears running down faces - and the scene where Norman is looking for his armour as his trusty stead munches some grass disinterested is particularly fresh and imaginative.
How do you follow such quality? With mass destruction, that's how. Thunderbirds are Gone (17 Bit, 2333A B) sees an ill-considered radio message spelling total, terminal disaster for Thunderbirds 1,2,3, and Tracy Island!
You know what's gonna' happen from the start, the coding is not particularly imaginative or original, but it made us laugh, and should you have a perverse streak too, you'll probably enjoy it as well.
Monoxide (17 Bit, 2343) Is one of the old-style “let's show off what we can do" demos (you know, "here's a 255-sided octapolyboringon spinning on two axes...") but is saved by the opening effect (interesting), the "plasma" (madcap) and the music (Belgian techno) - although all three are dated.
Finally, Carl Inc's Boat Anim (17 Bit, 2346) follows on from the same person's Crimbo animation featured last month, but this time the 2D kiddie's book-type static image contains a new set of moving parts, such as the couple chasing each other naked in the bedroom (ooo-er), the chimney sweeps doing his stuff (lummox!) And other innuendo-ridden and plain silly tomfoolery. If the Christmas one amused you, this will too.
And there we end this month's offerings. Send your work to me and you too could win recognition from the only column to be seen in... PD and Shareware them three times a day about margin indenting if you haven't upgraded to the real package yet!
After an inordinate amount of disk swapping, you're presented with a very attractive-looking DTP package.
It offers an outstanding array of fea tures, both textual and graphical. There’s comprehensive printer support, half a dozen useful, scalable fonts, countless menu options covering all sorts of eventualities and options - in short, it's got the lot.
Play with this demo for long enough and - so someone, somewhere is gambling - you'll upgrade to the real thing.
The cunning little foxes.
Hugo Bus Stop PD (3 disks) Opening rather disconcertingly in a Scandinavian language, the "insert disk" prompts are easy enough to translate (just as well with this number of disks!), and you'll soon find yourself selecting whether you wish to play the arcade or the TV version, and which method of control you'd prefer to use.
After Hugo spouts a load of absolutely unintelligible blurb, you enter a beautifully drawn underground mining operation, which you have to do something with involving dynamite and mining trains... I think.
See the truth is, I couldn't make head nor tail of the aim of this game, even though the supplied ReadMe assured me that it was totally self explanatory. It's definitely got something to do with working out the layout of the tunnels, but the large number of disk swaps required and the Nordic gobbledygook meant that my patience ran out before what to do had sunk in.
However, it certainly looks very nice, and the controls feel good, so if you fancy a challenge, find out what's going down in Hugo's mines... and let me know when you do!
Family History Database Deja Vu, L 08 Written in Amos and presented in a strangely familiar, business-like blue-and- grey colour scheme, Family History Database - I'm presuming its title is self- explanatory - is quite neatly supplied in modules.
The reason for this is to leave as much memory free for handling data as possible, and thus to prevent those for whom memory is a little tight from encountering as many memory difficulties when using it.
You actually store the information on your family and history on a separate data disk which you provide yourself, and you can display this information in a number of ways.
You can print ancestor charts (even blank ones, so all of your friends can take one home to fill in too!), male and female ancestor lines, reports on family groups... there's even a facility to allow you to search for specific surnames, should you have that large a family tree that they don't spring immediately to mind.
Should you feel a pressing need to fill yourself in on exactly where you came from, you will find FHD extremely useful.
It could even be of use to novelists or TV soap writers, to avoid inconsistencies in age-old family references in their books TV programmes. It's another original idea, and well executed, too Got any good PD?
If you're a library, a program mer, a dosser - I care not, for I Judge people purely by the qual ity of the PD they send me. So why not get those Jiffy bags out.
Get those drives a-copying and lob the lot In the post to me, Phil Morse, at: PD Submissions Amiga Computing Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Particularly in demand at the moment (and so more likely to be reviewed) are music demos, good games and original appllca tions, so if you've any of these you wish to publicise, you know where to send 'em. Remember, the world is listening... Contact... Bus Stop PD - 5 Westbourne Road, Marsh, Huddersfield HD1 4lQ Deja Vu • 7 Hollinbrook, Beech Hill, Wigan WN6 7SC George Thompson Services - Cucumber Hall Farm, Cucumber Lane, Essendon AL9
6JB Tel: 0707 271117 Power PD - 54 Bishops Walk, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2HD Roddy Mcmillan - 18 Arras Close, Burton Road, Lincoln LN1 3UE 17 Bit-1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market | Street, Wakefield VVF1 1DH Tel: 0924 [ 366982 Virus Free PD - 31 Faringdon Road, Swindon SN1 5AR Willow PD - 2 Longbridge Close, Sheffield-on-Loddon, Basingstoke RG27 ODQ What we call the public sector can roughly be divided into two types of software - PD, or public domain, and shareware.
PD software is totally free from any copyright or charges. Vou simply select what you want, send off for it, and for the price of a disk plus a small charge imposed by the library to cover costs and so on, you get the program.
You can them copy it, pass it on to your friends (this is, in fact, positively encouraged) - basically, spread it around!
Conversely, if you've written anything you'd like releasing as PD, you can simply send it to the libraries and presuming they decide to put It on their books. It will be copied for all who want it.
Shareware is similar, except you are asked to pay a registration fee should you find the program useful. For this fee - rarely more than £10 and often £5 or lower - you'll more than likely get a better version of the program, information on future upgrades, a manual and or extra stuff from the programmer.
As these programs are normally of a reasonable quality, It Is in everyone's interest that you register - should you not, It's that little bit more likely that the programmer will become disillusioned and fail to produce any more programs.
So the message is simple - pay up when asked to, and the whole brilliant concept of shareware will continue to go from strength to strength!
Illegal OctaMED Public domain or shareware?
Some PD libraries are still advertising OctaMED v3 when it is, in fact, a copyrighted program, making this action illegal.
Apart from vl and the nonsave v4, OctaMED is only available from Amiganuts at 169 Dale Valley Road, Southampton SOI 6QX.
Anyone else offering this program is breaking the law.
500 Ui w_ “ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK INCLUDES: wsarm •1us AMIGA 500 pLUS..~ £399.99 .VmJi • BUILT-IN 1* DRIVE FREE
• A520 TV MODULATOR FREE , • THE SIMPSONS ...... £24.99
• LEMMINGS ... £25.99
ZOOL PACK £127.92 in* 1 • PHOTON PAINT v2.0.„.. £89.95
• GFA BASIC V3,5 . £50.00 4-J UA "i PACK VALUE: £844.82 I
PACK SAVING: £575.82 SALE We are pleased to offer the original
1mb Amiga 500 Plus (Kickstart Workbench v2.04). including a
built-in 18-key numeric keypad and Cartoon Classics software at
a new low sale price of only £249. The Amiga 500 Plus can be
upgraded, using any of the hundreds of peripherals that are now
available, which include the award winning GVP range. In
addition to the tr* version of the Cartoon Classics pack at
only £249. We are pleased to Offer a specially upgraded version
with 2Mb f £2 RAM for only £279. And. When you buy an Amiga 500
Cartoon Classics Pack from Silica (1m& or 2n* version), we will
give you a ZOOL PACK plus GFA BASIC and PHOTON PAINT II worth
over £267.
Absolutely FREE!
AMIGA CDTV KCDTl am,ga A570 add‘°n FOR AMIGA 500 OWNERS CDTV KHSSX F,wl Fun CDPO is e mUkM" of 660 disks ot puWc domain from COTV ith the tern Mu CITY SlMclU ffifjs®.'
'°Xtb SlN), Bssas N O Us £499 C0TV Player CDTV KeybOcird C0TV Disk Drive £99.99 Fred F.sh C0P0 ... £19.99 Sim City . £29.99 Software Vouchees__________ £50.00 MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM md tOOtS FpM ToltlPxk value: £649.95 Less Pack Senng: £150.95 Silica Pnce: £499.00 «any £49.99 i The A570 Is an essentia) add-on lor your Amiga 500. CD- I ROM is sei to replace rtshs as tne standard formal tor i games and serous Udes in the not too ckslant Mure Most software companies have already announced plans to release CD versions dl Ihfilf software’ The she*' storage Mie o a CD (600
disks) means that using CD software * tester, graphics are enhanced and game pray «s increased with bigger lever*, more complex problems to solve and larger areas to explore' And. Bemg cofnpabbi* with ioic Cds. The sound quality from CO games s unmaJlecr Stm City lor insures has over 10Mb & daw for its grapn.es atone and has music recorded in a studio* Silica s spociai sale price ot £249 means tnat more is no better lime lo buy tho A570 AM. Wilh Ihe award winning Sim City included FREE with every A570 irom Silica Systems, there's ne better piece to buy 4 irom* Ml v£100 OFF RRP!
• Enables your Amiga to run CDTV software t Plays normal audio CD
• Storage capacity equal to 600 floppy disks
• Internal RAM expansion option
• Internal hard drive option
• Compatible with CD + G and CD + MIDI formats t Transfer time
l53Kb second
• Compatible with CD-ROM industry standard ISO9660
• Comes with Fred Fish CDRD collection + Sim City FREE from
Silica £249
* *** la or Cm RAMiFAT Agrus a rwjumd lor luT comp*K»My w® at
COTV toh»*r* Sica ertir an -«$ rano tervc Peat call and ojcTb
h£A iMO SAVE £100! Rrp ofrcM349 Rof: CCD 0588 ALL PRICES
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peripheral deufe
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WHERE you buy iL Consider what 1 wfl be liko a Jew months after buying your AMIGA when you may requre additional peripherals or software, or help and advice with your npw purchase. And, wii tne company you buy from contact you with details of new products'! At Sfica Systems, we ensure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have been estabishod tor almost 14 years and. With our unrivalled experience and expertise. W . Can now daxn to meet Our Customers requirements with an imderstafldng when is second to none But don't just take oi word Icy it. Complete and return the coupon now lor our
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roc i Hgh Street. Swithend-on-SM. Essex. SSI 1LA Til: Cpmnaww MxHn B ' 5*11 CotmC Oqyr,;. Up Lefc tup Owrrq_fu PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE To Silica Systems AMCOM-0393-100. 1-4 The Mews Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX Op«orq Woug Mor-fn » Mwn-7 Cbtn. |S»I Ota« 6 30tmi_L«» NqN- VhjrM ly • Sem Mr-’Mrs Miaa-'Ms: Initials: .. .
Company Name (if applicable) Addr**» ... .... Postcode: .
.... Tel (Work): o-u-fjm ¦ Pimu nur n* cixcon -o b 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley M y-5»i SotTt-Stotr.
1 ri BIT n SOFTWARE t a Est.
Ii WW.I W RIMI Win HISkS +22501.AH i Neighbour* Adventure “This gome is by and large wonderful - get it!* Arm I'd Comparing ?22*8t HlJtMwOn 'The Km mu'ii demo ewi to hit it Amiga. Bull uni Milli Cl V’cvii ?223 (ABt Nutcracker Suite "This is good stuff indeed. .
Aim nil Computing ONLY £12.99+ 75p P&P ?205tl tinier 1.7 Database COMWLATEONS 'I-irmly recommended" Amiga Cimpuiini; : 7, t.ij.rj Wild Streets, Galactic Conqueror. Fire & Forgei 2.
Off Shore Warrior +2111 Space Revue A sturmci of a game and no mistake' Amiga ( imputing
* 224* I i-grnil Of I otliuiu Oik ol the best gijphic adventures
1 base off seen" I MOVIE STARS £8.99 Dick Trac . Moonualker.
Indiana's Last Crusade +2172 Dolphin Dreams 'Imaginative, technically excellent and well animated" Amiga Formal Kick Off 2. Player Manager. Final Whistle SUPERHEROS £12.95 Last Ninja 2. Strider 2.
James Bond. Indiana Jones Please remember to add 50p lo all orders for postage and packing.
Overseas orders please add 20% ¦i.3 n Fish!. Corruption, Guild of Thieves RENNAISANCE £6.99 Invaders. RockMorm, Megapede. Draxians.
2 Versions of each!
£31 17:, PdiiC'.B Ip9 Dark Century, Barbarian II.
Fire & Forget 2. Knight Force ¦21501 Bi Ksl Ilntr iM ‘ Excellent! Got tl no»1
• nui;ii Formal CoLJL nmsnES CLEOl i2)
.....Dinosaurs CLE02 (2l .... ...Geology
n. E0JOi ....Solar System CLHM
.. ...Colour Pad Cl±05......
A-Chord CLEOti T A Ml CLE07(2l .. freshwater
h. fxw CLE09 ... Words and Ladders
CLEIOOl .. Basically Amiga
0102. . .f ish Indevtr
a. uo3 Typing Tutor Cl.l.tM ...
......AlphaGruph CLU05
S. A.S Mcnunukcr CLU06 .Super Sound 3
CLU07 ..Phito CLU08 2l W ord
Finder Plus Cll-09 ... Play and Rave 2
C1.LT0 ... .Power Ateuunlv
CLG05 ......Truckin On 2 CLG06
CLGOti ...... Dragon Tiki Cl 009 ......
..Muter Duel CLGI1 ... All Guns
Blaring CLG12 ..Bulldozer Boh CLGI
3 Paradox crnts Snlodirc |
CLGI7 .Imhnum | CDPD
VOL 2 Continuing the Fish collection up to
750. This CD also includes all SCOPE disks to 220+ more!
ONLY £19.95 + 75p P&P!
SPACE WAKS AMFM 10 Issue includes loads of articles, utilities.
MIDI music & tips + Amiga only music. If you have never tried AMFM its about time you should!
£2.50 Per Issue or £5.00 including the simple disk.
The dynamic 24 bit raj traced video has arrived.
The legendary Tobias Richter presents his most stunning piece ol work to date. Supplied on high grade VHS xidoo tape, this 8 minute movie took 5 Amiga A3000's working around the cluck a staggering 6 weeks to render! Truly a masterpiece, but don't just take our word lor it Its hard to believe that (his is just an animated mov ic... If you're after a state-ol-llic-art ray-ti'aced animation or just want lo see what Ihe Amiga is capable of you just have lo buy this video" CU AMIGA. Jan Vi 10 superb disks full of the classic Boulderdash Fmerald Mine games including an editor to create your own
caves! All 10 disks can be yours for £11.50 Including P&P!
"Wickedly humorous Hus video contains taf and away the most impressive animation I have ever seen, period.'
A MICA C Vml’l imU. Feb W SPACE W VRS - I HE MOVIE £11.99 + 7?,»!»&!» CDTV DEMO DESK Contains thousands of demos, intros musk modules sound samples, games, animations, fonts, images and clipart! A staggering f»CM) Megabytes of data for only £19.95 + 75p P&P GAMES FOE A EWEM Armalyte . £4.99 Artura ..£4.99 Aunt Arctic Adventure .£4.99 Baal .....£4.99 Double
Dragon ......£4.99 FI Tornado .£4.99 Legend Of The Lost .....£4.99 Ninja Warriors £4.99 StarGlider 2 £4.99 Zarathrusta ..£4.99 Alien Breed Remix £9.99 Lure Of The Temptress ....£19.99 Project
X .. £17.99 Putty ..£18.99 Zool ...£17.99 stoif rnmn just m stock HAVE A LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING FOR SIMPLY UNBEATABLE VALUE I OR MONEY'!
2351. .... Metropolis Pcmo 2350 League Club Util
+2349 ...Hypcrdrive +2348 .. +2347
......Shooi-Em-Up +2346 AB).
......Cult TV Vol 2 +2245 ... .NS 1 +2344 .Sanity W.O.C. Demo
2343. .... Vanish W.O.C. Demo +224KAB).
.....Xbcnch +2340 Boat Anim 1 +2339(AB)....The Journey (Mega) 1 1 +2338(AB).
.QL Emulator 1 1 +2337 1 +2336 AB) .Lawnmower Man Slides 1 1 +2335 .. ...BootX 5.20 1 1 7134 ...Grand Prix Manager 1 I +2333(AB).Thundcrbirds Arc Gone! 1 1 +?33?
......F.scanadc 1 1 +2331 (ABC) .....Grapevine 13 1 I +2330 ... Slideshow Cons Kit 1 1 +2329 ...CEDVI.5I 1 1 +2328 1 +• 3271 ARC 1 ...The AD 1 +2326 .....Intrepid +23251 AB).
.Iron Clads +2324 +2323 .. .PCO Shell 1 +2322 Sound Enhancer Project 1 +2321 Fighting Warriors +2320 Freedom Crack 10 +2319 ....Databases V5.5 +2318 +2317 .....Outcrim +2316 ...Kastle Kumquat 2315(AB).. +2314 ......Alvin Aerosol +2313..... ....Asgard Cheats Disk +2312 .Prize Fight Demo +2310 . .....ASl Handy Tools 2 +2309 ...... ASI Handy Tools 1 +2307 .....ASI GFX Utils +2304 .. +2303 .. Deams Crunchers +2302(AB) +2301 .. ...Hobbits Supplement +2300.
..MatchStickMan +2299 ...... ...UGH! Amiga Demo 1 +2298 ....Tearaway Thoma* Pcmo 1 1 +2297 Shadow Slideshow 1 1 +2296 AB).
Friday 13th I.5M) I 1 +2295 . ...Xmas Anim 1 MACART PACK COMMEEOAIL SOTTWAKIS MIRGA2NS 4D Sports Boxing .£7.99 Altered Destiny ... .£9.99 Brides of Dracula .£9.99 Cadaver ..... .£8.99 Chronicles of Omega .. .£8.99 Flames of Freedom ..... ...£12.95 Flight of the
Intruder .. ...£14.99 Fuzzball ..... .£9.99 Moonshine Racers ...... .£7.99 Mystical ..... .£7.99 Omnicron Conspiracy .£8.99 Photon Paint 2 . ...£12.95 Pictionary .. .£6.99 Robocop .... .£8.99
SWIV .. .£7.99 Warlock ..... .£8.99 Wolfchild ... ...£12.95 Wolfpack ... .£9.99 Vengeance of Excalibur .... ...£12.95 FRED FISH CD VOL 1 Every Fred Fish disk up to 6ti0 is included on this gargantuan compact disk. Packed with utilities and games!
ONLY £19.95 + 75p P&P!
HOBBITS & SPACESHIPS Front the Crusader* Duo comes u new experience in sxnlhcshrd musk. Hjnrn "|)r nnnme" I xnne & Seppo "flexhhrain" Hurmr prewat iheir first Kki'i prnttviiorul audio C l). Thisis Mil rrcorded Vmieii music! Il i pmdurttl on Ihe I test rquipmml atailahk and sounds S I I NMMi when played I,Ol D!
Yet another quality clipart pack, this time using images transferred from the Apple Mac.
Included on the 12 disks arc Xmas clipart. Viz & Comic clipart and loads of miscellaneous stuff.
Only £13.50 Inc P&P!
Competition LISTEN TO THIS!
TEN Miracle J eyboants must be won!
Amiga Computing editor maestro Stevie Kennedy gave the Miracle keyboard tutor from Mindscape the coveted Amiga Computing Blue Chip award when he reviewed it in our January issue.
This superb hardware and software double act that teaches you how to play the piano is acclaimed as one of the most educational and enjoyable packages ever released for the Amiga.
And one will go to each of the ten readers whose correct entries are first out of the hat. To enter just fill in the answer the simple question and »..« «% w ramy* Computing Miracle Competition, Europress Direct, P 0 Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrra 16$ 3EA, before March 31. Good luck all you budding pianists!
The Miracle keyboard checks every note you piay and gives personalised tuition.
It starts with simple lessons and you learn quickly as you advance to a high standard.
It gives quality stereo output, and you can also play it through a hi-fi.
The keyboard has 49 full-sized keys and can play 16 notes simultaneously. The package indude cables, earphones, a foot pedal and manuals.
The software includes 250 lessons, a practice room, orchestra, jazz and rock and roll backing, an eight-track studio and arcade-style lessons.
ENTRY FORM Circle the correct answers 1 How many full-sized keys does 2 How many notes can you play the Miracle keyboard have? At once?
A49 b37 c46 a5 bll c16 Name Address- Daytime telephone Postcode Entries to be in by March 31,1993 WfW (If* to* « fW » Kvt p'cvnpj-pno' Imm ?(hfr proppmfj [ The ehtke tec WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Lutc Amiga 1200 Pack
• 32-bit 68020 Full power
• Super Hi-Res graphics
• 2MB Chip memory
• PCMCIA Technology
• Alpha numerical keypad
• Two Python joysticks ? Free game
• 100 Capacity disk box
• A1200 Pack £385
• A1200 with 20MB hard drive £485
• A1200 with 60MB hard drive £585 msmam
• UK specification
• 1MB system RAM, mouse
• Full workbench disks, manuals & leads
• Free game included in pack
• Two Python joysticks
• 100 capacity lockable disk box £295 sa a Weird, Wild & Wicked
A600 £209
• Game players paradise
• Push Over game
• Formula 1 Grand Prix game
• Putty Game
• Extra free game
• Deluxe Paint III
• 2 Python joysticks
• 100 Capacity disk box
• A600 weird, wild & wicked pack £329
• A600 as above with 20MB HD £429
• A600 as above with 60MB HD £509
• Easy to install upgrade kits
• Full instructions and cables where necessary
• All drives supplied with formatting instructions and software
• 20MB HD Upgrade Kit £109
• 60MB HD Upgrade Kit £219
• 120MB HD Upgrade Kit £274
• ProRam 1 MB Memory A600 £39
• ProRam 2MB PCM-CIA a60CvA1200 £124
• 14’ high resolution colour display
• High clarity stereo sound output
• Full RGB and composite inputs
• Free 1-5 metre long RGB cable
• Full UK warranty
• 3 Free games
• Philips 8833 MKII Monitor £219 When purchased with an Amiga
600 1200
• 14"Super high resolution colour display
• Professional IBM compatibility
• Complete with cable
• Full UK warranty
• 2 Free games
• A1200 SVGA Monitor £228
• When purchased with an Amiga 1200 £218
• ProRam 4MB PCM-CIA A60(yAi2rx) £194 Workstations Peripherals
Scanners 100 Capacity lockable disk box £5.99 Squick mouse
£13.99 Mouse mat £1.99 TDK high quality DSD (10) disks £9.99
Computer Mall DSD (10) disks £6.00 1000 colour disk labels £12
|£20 printer ribbon £3.49 Jet Fighter joystick £13.99 Apache
joystick £6.99 Python joystick £9.99 Zipstick joystick £14.99
Vast range of leads for many applications Please call Allows
image processing in a useful and unique fashion
• Comes complete with operation manual
• One of the fastest growing applications for home and
professional users
• High specification coupled with cost effective pricing
• Power Hand Scanner
• 64 greyscales 100-400 DPI
• Thru'port to printer
• Fully compatible with Delux Paint 4, etc.
• Advanced software
• Power Hand Scanner v2.0 £93
• Power Hand Scanner v3.0 £105
• Highest quality stereo sound sampling
• Compatible with A500, A600.A1200, A1500 2000, A3000
• Screen Beat Speaker System £ 2 5 (Adds amplified stereo sound
to the Amiga)
• GVP Digital Sound Studio £49
• Megamix Master £37
• Stereo Master £34 Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale
1 Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale
• Seasonal Sale • Seasonal FRUGAL r 2i. BEDS, LU4 8EZ TEL
(0582) 491949 (6 LINES) I Memory Expansions
• Provides a full MB of Chip Memory for The Amiga 500 ard
A1500 2000 • Designed and built m England * Supplied with 8375
Obese Agnus • ncludes 2Mb Memory on ooard in The form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &500+ • increases addressable memory space from 9MB
to 10M8 • Complete with full instructions ano flying leads t
British made
• Pro Agnus 2MB £139
• Fitted £159 Pro Agnus 2MB High Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5“
External Drive Supra Modems Chips and Spares I* Allows the
addition of peripherals without damage to computer or power
• Why risk damaging your expensive kit when one simple investment
will ensure total peace of mind now and for the future
• Switch mode design
• full crow bar projection
• A500, A500+ and A600 compatible
• British Made
• High Quality
• Renowned and proven reliability
• Top notch specification
• Anti-click
• Long moulded cable
• Slimline design
• High impact plastic £54 £57 £63 £46
• Cumana external drive
• Cumana external drive + 100 capacity disk box
• Cumana external drive ? 100 disk box + 20 blank disks
• A500 A500+ Internal replacement disk drive Utilise hundreds of
PD Bulletin Boards Communicate with fellow computer users Cuts
down on telephone bills by using fast efficient baud rates 100%
Hayes compatible Tone pulse, Auto Dial Auto Answer Standard
RS232 Interface Programmable number storage Free Corns software
Supra 2400 £84 Supra 2400+ Supra Fax Plus (0-9600 BPS) Supra v
3.2 (Fax Modem) 1 Supra v.32 BIS (Fax Modem)
• WTS have sole distribution rights from Americas biggest
Commodore chip distributor
• Workbench 2.04 Kit £78 (Includes manuals. D sks & chip)
• Kickstart 2 04 £32
• Kickstart 1.3 £24
• Kickstart ROM Swapper £18 (Swap between kickstartsl
• Fatter Agnus 8372 £44
• Obese Agnus 8375 £48 High Res Denise £29 1 MB x 9 S.mms £32 1
MB x 4 Zips £16 8520 CIA £8 O SALES HOTLINE 0582 491949 (6
LINES). 0480 471117 (24HR), FAX ON 0582 505900 mgm Credit Card
ordering by phone is easy. Simply phone our sales hotline
quoting your credit card number., expiry date, name and address
and the products you wish to order and we'll do the rest.
Alternatively write the above details on your letter when
ordering by post.
When ordering by post in cheque form please write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the cheque and send along with L_. Your order. Postal Orders are also accepted.
NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND. MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT £15.00. Should you wish your order to be sent by Group 4 Security service please add £5. This method is normally faster than the postal service and includes Comprehensive insurance.
WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Where: To Find Us!
Head Office WTS Electronic Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton 0582 491949 Computer Mall Bedford No.16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Computer Mall St. Neots No.6 Priory Mall Shopping Centre St. Neots 0480 471117 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St. Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 All prices quoted ot products stocked are subject to stocking levels and availability WTS cannot be held liable or supply reimbursement for force majeure. Or items, which are out of stock due to demand or low stock at its suppliers which may
resu t n delayed y non delivery WTS reserve the nght to amend prices or revise packs or specifications without pnor notice at any time without liability upon itself Sc sonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale * Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Said PUBLIC DOMAIN Dept AC, 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 51 M disks are conpatibk with the 1500, those narked with V are also compatible with the A500 (+) and 4600 Keeping Public Domain at Strictly Public Domain Prices NEW GAMES 1 LATEST UTILITIES ¦ GAMES & EDUCATION 1
VIDEO PRODUCTION CAUt AMIGAVENTURE 8 A0VSYS - Make your CR002 CR003 i lext games wiih lh«e prog*« 5TUf “ D499 D507 ECHNOMANIA 91 - wire IN* mlo you N-h ncateni M378 NEW WAVE-sl© on your sap ons and boogie down M405 EXPRESSIONS 3-3 Ykksw* 27 nvnutes worth ot brtliaftl hfluSATave muSie M365 ALCATRAZ - more than music, highly original mu5C and demos 1*352 CHART TECHNO l - 25 m.nuies or aHem-8 remixes M3S6 BANGING RAVES - the 2nd ccmng.
11 bands m Jus great remix M359SUPE RSYNTHS VOL 182 (1MB) - great graphics and muse Blank disks... 12 i. dm kau. £7.50, 50... £22.50
100. .. £40.00, Mouse maU... £2.99 nek ? Cheques P.O's payable to
STRICTLY PD ? Buy 30 or more disks for just 75p each ? Over
21 disks ONLY 85p EACH ? Only 99p per disk when you order 11
or more!
? Orders of 10 or less pay £1.25 per disk ? Please add Cl lo all UK orders for first class postage.Ofders from Europe please add 25p per di§K and Rest of World add 50p per disk tor extra postage costs.
? Catalogue disk available only £1. Reviews of well over 1000 disks • loads more STRICTLY pd Ot c ¦* 3 & E o VI 0 m 1 UO025 DEPT AC, 11 YORK PUCE, NR BRANDON HILL, ?The complete Strictly P.O. library »S now available in Australia. To order a catalogue please send a Cheque or postal order lor $ 2.00 to Hargware. Dept HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT AC. 29 woralu St, Woramanga, ACT 2611. Australia ¦ The c»p an in tins coiiectcn is v high quality ¦ Huge bitmaps, many greater than an Atnga Hr bs screen ¦ For use m DpaintOTP packages ¦ Each disk auioboots as a slideshow allowing yw to View the entire
bitmap by movng the mouse ART01 Weddings cl© ad |2 risks) * ART02 Houses - pictures ol mansions (2 disks) * ART03 HeLpous - Vill Ot holy Cl© Vi (3 dikS) * ART04 WW1 Aircraft (1 diskil ?
ART05 Men 2 disks full of men at work ?
ART06 Women 2 disks fu* & women' • ART07 Kids cl© ad (2 disks) - ART08 Busmess - o«*e clip ad (2 d«ks) ?
ART09 Ottice - more ol the same » ART 10 Students dip ad * ART11 Satotme - useful slutt me logos » ART12 Xmas - a tot ol Xmas ctw o disks)» ART13 Punch - wdoons «c (3 disks) * ART 14 Animals - v high quaSty p«s ?
ART 15 Cats - 12 lekne pcs * ART16 Sirouefles - 18 pc9 « ART17 Schools (2 dsks).
ART18 BaDes * ART19 Sports - (2 disks) ?
ART20 0*ymp*c “ nwe spomng stutt (2 disksl ?
ART2I Medical c*p ad (2 disks) ?
ART22 Sealile - in deep cup ad * ART23 Decorative months - pe lor every month r ART24 Wacky comedy «p art * ART25 Holidays * ART26 Banners (2 daks) t ART27 Ad Nouveau - Moral ad « ART28 Butiertles .
ART29 Food - ciAnary clips (2 risks) • ART30 Cokxjnng Book - Colour in Dpaml .
ART31 Borders - for uso in OTP (2 dsks) * ART32 Mac Clp - quaity macan (2 disks) + ART33 Hombacfc - scenic clip ad * ART34 Teddy Beans |2 disks) • ART35 Vanity Fair - lashon dips (2 disks| .
ART36 Hakoween cl© ad ?
ART37 Showbnve - dancing, singing etc .
ART38 Vegetarian dip ad * ART39 Floral - 14 pics .
ART40 Mythical - stars ana zooacs ?
ART41 Dog woodculs ?
ART42 Cat woodcuts * ART43 Alrean woodculs - more animals ?
ART44 American wOOdCulS ?
ART45 Arctic woodcuts» ART46 Farm woodcuts ?
ART47 Mixed animal woodcuts .
ART48 Birds woodcuts • ART49 More animals ?
ART50 An.mai Imead * ART5I Botanical l.fte art .
ART52 Family Scones (2 disks) * ART53 Golt hixnour (2 dsks) t ART54 Space and transport .
ART55 Sottscene2 - nxal dip ad ?
ART56 Sports 3 * ART57 Navy - tots ol navy type pcs • ART58 Travel 2 disksl .
ART59 Borde1 and alphabet dips • ART60 Accents and Hashes* AS11 Tanx, Ro!‘e'P9dd, Avalrts ?
ASI 2 Four ctassc games Gel It! • ASI 3 MegabaJI ana Dr© Superb « ASI 4 Frogger and mote games ?
ASI 5 Rad. Go LooV and R*tekatof - ASI 6 PacMa i and lou» more ASI 7 Moorbase. Trix and Mightworks ASI S Airace? Hpaii and more ?
ASI 9 Batbepong and Blizzard * AS110 Escaoe. Fhpeune and PicKoul ?
AS111 Dad, Connex. Rever*,. Trippn .
AS112 Llama Iron, Cat Powerpong AS113 Twinlrts + many more games AS114 ChinaCnaHenoe2 & Amiga wk»mn*« AS115 Balt«Cd s Lettn* and Mambamove' AS116 Wastelands. Mission X and PacMan * AS117 Tomcat. Ddenda. Jetman Bugblasiet .
AS118 Henry m Pane Skyflyer Omega rate AS119 Growth. FrantroFreddy and owe' ASI 24 Revenge DuxCroak 3c maze • ASI 25 Another mopa collection - Buy il' * ASI 26 SuperPacMan 92 $ m*sh rv Ash.do ?
ASI 27 Addctive card games - Very good' - ASI 28 Doody TVMaro. Lnvaders2Madbomber2 ¦ ASI 29 DOGRome NovaB-Bal AlaxOuSd iX * ASI 30 Bounce and Blast T6UU Fire »lc * ENT *¦ 1 Ktondyke. Hball and more * ENT ? 2 Zerg BounceNbob Frogger t ENT t 3 Sp*»W;»r?, Squambie and more .
ENT ? 4 Zon Hanoi Yelp and more * We now have FRED FISH 1-750 CLIP ART UU0O1 A-GRAPH - Very easy to use - mak* bar
• in* graphs ? Pm chans * U1)002 CLI TUTORIAL - Learo al about
the CLI Gwen 70% rating in this maganre .
UU0G3 MESSTSI0V2-Reads and writes PC disks Gwen magaime rating ol 95% t UU0M POOLS PREDICTOR - increase your chances ot becomng a milionare • UU0O5 DISK OPTIMISER - Brilianty sm©**' Any Ask loads i© to 15 tunes taster Mag rairgoim .
UU006 A 500 PLUS EMULATOR Emuliie Ihe Amiga Plus on your 1 3 Amiga (IMG Reqi.
UU007 FREECOPT V’ Removes password protection » alow copying • U1)008 CURSOR VI 0- Compiler lor Amiga Base programmes - UU009 BROWSER ll - An ademaove to SID Some may find fl easier and bene- • UU010 PC TASK Vi 04 - Powedul mult, taskino PC.omulator. supports CGA graphics. MS DOS floppies Aftd even your hard dnve * UU011 NIB V2 0 - Removes protecton and copes Venrpoweriul.* UU012 GATORS GRAPHIC GALLERY- Examples and step by step kilonals on how lo creale proiessional logos Ike ones toundaidemos • UU013 FISH TANK SIM - SmuiaSes an arcanum - UU014 ANALTICALE SPREAD (2 DISKS) - Thu is ihe best
spreadsheet program to date on the Amoa ?
UU015 AMIGA PUNT PROGRAM - Predci whch horse wil win Vom past ferfli ?
UU016 JR COMM V1.02-Latest version otlhis usefulrnodemprggrjm • UU017 BEATRIX POTTER CLIP ART - An ejceHeni coHecSon ol d© ad lor any DTP program or D-Pihl ?
UU018 KLOTTING AND GRAPHICS 12 DISKS) - Cortlains a M leatured ptolSng prog, and a computer aided drafting prog • UU019 DB A database with up to 50 neKJs. Max ol aooul 1 2 milicn recortB ?
UU020 HOME MANAGER-Agrealallmgn9 address book with an inventory database ?
UU02I ASTRO PRO ASTROLOGY-Tha best astrology program on ihe Amiga by tar * UU022 WulTiDOSvi 12-7‘ ----- U307 The Final Fronoer Vol 3 (4 asks), latest edition ol this brilliant Star Trek mag * UU027 Frtofax - reminds you of ¦mportani appointments * UU028 Bible |4 asks) The complete K*ig James Bible UU029 Tarot II read your own stars U384 Cyclops vt 0 - art creation package - create plasmas etc ?
U527 Prolotiiorval D Copy v3 0 - as good as most commercial copiers U524 IntroMahers Kit - make own intro screens with IFF pics, doused samples, and scrolled messages • U528 Multiplayer - claims to be the most powerful versatile music player tor Ihe Amiga «• US17 Kefrens ForH Ed«lor»Booi Menu Maker U325 Label Maker - mak* your own labels UUC3Q UhOerstandng Amos - tuional • U508 175 Utitows - the most on one disk U533 Thraibound - contains spellcheck vl 3 and Examiner vl .0 which help you 10 learn and lasts you on torwgn words Ajso contains good text adventure garnet U534 The mam eveni calendar
5 ate'™ clock.
U531 Pqwerbase v3 2 - powedul and user tnendly database ?
U535 Wordpower vl .3 - spel checking crosswords, anagram SolWig - U514 PC Emulator - runs most pc business software * U385 Plus' 113 disks) -13 g&ks Cammed with programs into elc Ent ety tor A5OO A6O0 users • UU032 TOH Vol 1 - Amos users magazine ?
U306 Stnctly PD eisentiai coMeton (4 disks) packed with utilities gaems music creators and printer i Amiga drives can read i MB disks .
TEXT PLUS V4 0(E) - latest update ol Ins exceileni word processor program Now compaible wflh TeX the protcsaianal type seflrwproa Found in ihe Fish Coleclon « AMOS LESSON I F nd out how to get the most out ol AMOS Had good review • U0026 EDWORD 2 2 8«sl text editor around ?
U0027 MEGACOLOURY'.O-A program whch transforms a tvw screen into Wl colour * We now have T-BAG 1-61 USEFUL UTILITIES U0024 N001 TOTAL CONCEPTS (2 DISKS) - S»ry bocks atXHJl astronomy end dnooaurs * N002 AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH - Play thprofe of an Amehcan Football coach * N003 BATTLEMENTS - Smviar to Hunchback on the Spectam and CW • N004 OTHELLO-The D«1PD version ol tho oassic board game. • MOOT CRAZY SUE - The best PD piadorm N006 SUPERLEAGUE MANAGER - Footbak managemeni game * N00? METRO - Mini sen city ?
N008 SMASH TV THE RiP OFF - Great stuff ?
N009 HENRY IN PANIC - J*t *«l W«y Ck n* - NO'O M STER ? MISSIS - Amusng and cute piadorm arcade adventure« M011 DUNGEONS OF AVALON - Compares to Ikes of Dungeon Master SlurVirftg graphic* and atmosphenc sound effects » N012 CALORIEBASE - Received 89% m CU Amiga Keep a daiy database ot your cakjrw fitake VsetMtor dieters • N013 BACK TALK - Discusses common lower back problems, the causes and iroalments given Uses detailed pics arVTiS ?
M014 TRAINING LOG- for Mrwts training ?
N015 SPANISH FRENCH.GERMAN SPANISH TUTORS -4 great tutors • NO'6 A VISIT TO THE REO PLANET - Guided tot ot Mars, tascmatng * G396 FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE - 4 people can play m fhts excellent strategy match * 0397 TANK ATTACK - Attompt lo storm HQ avoding enemy tanks - good shoot em up * G398 TOP SECRET - great ted Knentut e wrh cute graphcs given 100% n mag review • G399 TOMCAT-hy your FI5 aganst enemy planes, sNps and gun lowers ?
G400 FIGHTER PILOT - superb wwt game * G380 CARO BOARD 4 ARCADE GAME-13 great games on one disk .
G381 PO PUZZLES - mg pwzi* • puzzle maker M80 F RAC TALE - ei«Hfnt rvstory ol tractate D483 ALACATRAZ ODYSSEY 14 dsks) - probably me year * beat demo D4D7 WWF Pics - the dearosl hi res pcs I've seen RAUNCHY SLIDES - pcs of pretty gms SCHWARZTOONS (3 dsks] - packed) wit superb cartoon demos by Enc Schwarz 0130 SAM FOX SLIDESHOW 0129 MARIA WHITTAKER SLIDESHOW D470 KATHY UOYO SLIDESHOW 0316 MARIA WHITTAKER ANIMATION D170 GIRLS OF SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 0500 DIGITAL OaMSELS M374 HARDCORE III -pjmpng rave muse and DEMOS & MUSIC npNa TE( PRINT STUOIO - Excellent jgr priming pctores or lext .
ANIMATION STUDIO - A brtlumf Amm creator lot you to make you own animations » CR004 VERTEX MODELLING • Alo« you 10 create 30 otyectswuhpvr u*«g he x. y a z views Loads scJpt 30 40 & Turbo Sner ?
CR005 MOOELIJNG OBJECTS - Contans over 20 vector objects c mage tormal Pert eel tor utewflh CR004 * CR006 MAGNETIC PAGES V 1.30 - Create your own d«k magaooe Receved 10'IOei review by Amga shopper mag » CR007 STRATA VI 0 - Landscape geoeralor which allows priming ol Ihem trom any ingle 4fiy posnon 8 any magnkcaton * CR006 AM0S8R0T VI .1 (A) Ttw update has even more 'actal types wh« i include Logaoc Equation. Coasl Lines & Trees - received good reviews .
CR009 GRAPHIC PROOUCTION - UBH1« celtection nc scenery vi .0. Landscape Landbuild V3 2 Cloud 9. Genes* d**™? * 17241 FONTS'IOGOS- For use with D Pwrt .
U237 PROFESSIONAL DEMO MAKER - Create your own demo masterpieces * U299 SUOESMOW MAKER - Shows how to present siOesnow* in dflcreni ways * U084 SPEECH TOY - Get ywr Anuga talking .
U082 VOCES-Add speech to your demos etc* U312 MANDLEBROTS - The best Mandlebro* generator around * U315 ULTIMATE ICONS - indudes kxm Lab loon Master 8 Icon Muster - splendid dsk.* U321 SUPA FQNTS - For use w*i D Pant elc .
U079 ELECTROCAO - Impressive package .
U078 MCAO - Groal 30 Design Package .
U331 LAND BUILD 3 2 - Generate landscape* yid Mew from any angfe Amazng' • U346 ULTRAPAINT - Fab pami package |.| U364 SCREEN MOD - Customise Ihe way programs and screens appear ?
U366 SHADOW DEMO MAKET - 3 Bnfiant demo makog uWites * U500 DEMO CREATOR PACK 16 DISKS) - Gel Ihe most cut of your Amga - Gel create • U491 OKB TRACE - E «celent Ray Trace prog DESK TOP VOEO PACK - CofKttn t* vdeg producers rxJudmg Rdlmg CrerJts.
Slideshow, Video Backgrounds. Special Effects, Pattern Generator and more!!1 • V002 S-MOVIE - Smooth scroHmg vdeo Mer - VM3 TurboMwr - Add iubetl« 10 your vdecs * V004 TV & VIOEO GRAPHICS (8 DISKS) - Packed with Dackg-ound weens for yw' video produdons * V005 VIDEO PRODUCTION |2 DISKS) - Packed
• wm video & Gientock util4«s * V0O6 ViOEG SCREENS 1 - Background
pclut« lot wlw production • V007 VIDEO 8 ANIM VIOEO DB - Keep6
track ot your video lape collection rtap lets you run large
Arums on small MEM machines • VOM IMAGE LAB - Ike a mmi ad depf
Tools on tap does fades, cotour bars 6 grey bars * V009 ViDEO
STILSTORE - Used 16 create over the shoulder Graphic mens Uro
the 9 0 Clock news * V0010 SHADES & FADES ANIMFADER- A ul«ty 10
*909 screens in and out ?
V0011 AN DR OIOS BACK VIDEO GROUNDS - Seieoon ol B-G pctures. • V00i2 HARLEQUIN VIDEO ART 8 FONT 0ISKS (3 DISKS) - Alter« rowows m Cu Amiga shot to No 1 n sales chart Excellent • CREATIVE UTILITIES 100 Software Almost all the top Amiga wordpro- cessors have been upgraded recently, and Micro-Systems Software has decided that excellence!
Shouldn't be left behind.
Excellence A fair number of new features have been added to v3.00, the most noticeable being a more modern-looking user interface, and support for 16 colour screens and Agfa Compugraphic fonts.
I • OC n»«MIN SI MM.t lib... ... The new version comes on three disks.
None of these is a Workbench disk, so you are required to boot from your own copy of Workbench. No special setting up is needed apart from installing the few supplied fonts on to your boot (Workbench) disk, achieved by double clicking an InstallFonts icon, and this is only necessary if you intend to use a PostScript printer.
AiJLUUl* JUMMi 41JU AUL- ||m »iia I II ) it L7L ?
L | Jit-J w rW ri I m ****** mpAujbbitmtjyy asm
- SCm, _J««1 Jtm _J*» A 3 'rrrd So it's boot from Workbench, in
with the excellence! Disk, double click its icon, and after a
short delay while the program loads, you are presented with a
pleasant looking screen with an open document ready for you to
type into.
Preferences The i pci ling checker and thesaurus are the UK versions, and both can be octlve at the tame time The screen dkplay tan now be up to 16 eoloun.
And Productivity mode Is supported Initially the program loads on an eight- colour hi-res screen, but this can be altered from the Preferences requester. You have the choice of 2,4,8 or 16 colours; a Display Configuration section lets you choose screen modes from hi-res, hi-res interlaced, Productivity or A2024. Screen colours can be changed to suit, including the colours used for window borders and details.
Ben Pointer looks at the latest release of a wordprocessor which appears to offer unrivalled value for money Changes made in Preferences and then Saved are not recognised unless all documents are closed when you make the changes, or until you quit and restart the program. Only one set of preferences can be saved, and the settings in this file are used on startup.
For its screen display excellence! Uses Printing posers V |m[:: wl l-f SmPt * 1'
• 1 | t I t I I ".Nt'.fir ''I | | 1 | excellence!'} output
using Amiga bitmap fonts and its graphics printing mode is
poor. No attempt is made to increase the output resolution ol
these low resolution screen lonts, and even the scalable
Compugraphic typelaces are output as they look on-screen -
jaggy, instead ol being printed smoothly as these high quality
outline lonts should.
The resident lonts in printers can be used, but only one per document by means of the Font Number gadget iri the Print requester, and only then if the printer driver supports this fonts number feature. How do you tell? Hie manual suggests selecting different font numbers and seeing what happens. Gee tfianks, MSS.
This simply is not good enough You'll want to select printer fonts onscreen; you'll want to use this printer font for headings, that printer font for Uto main text, and another printer font for indented paragraphs.
Can you do it7 Not in excellence! You can't.
Standard Amiga bitmap fonts.
Workbench 2 and 3 users are able to select any font in any size, because those versions of the Amiga operating system are able to rescale fonts "on the fly", but Workbench 1.3 users are restricted to only those sizes actually on disk in the FONTS: directory.
The Compugraphic typefaces supplied with Workbench 2 and 3 can also be used, and PostScript printer owners are provided with Courier, Helvetica, Times and Symbol screen fonts that will utilise the fonts of the same name in their printers.
If your PostScript printer has more fonts than this and you want to use them, then the manual suggests you use the screen fonts from the Professional Page DTP package. Bit of a cop-out there!
Any IFF-ILBM graphic up to Extra- HaHBrite mode can be loaded. All graphics are remapped to the palette and the number of colours in which excellence! Is currently working, which results is some psychedelic-looking pictures if the colours in the graphic are very different from excellence! palette.
Although the program reads the graphic's palette, it cannot adjust its own »:»!¦¦!« ih-M The are no preset page sixes to choose horn, so It you want AS you need to know the paper she In Inches or centimetres.
Palette to something closer to the colours in the onginal picture, it simply picks the closest colours in its existing palette.
You can fiddle with colours until the cows come home, but at the end of the day you are only going to get good results if the palettes of the graphics you import match excellence's palette.
And although the colour scheme gets saved with the document, if you alter excellence! palette and import a document that has a different colour scheme, the colours in that document will get remapped to the new excellence! Palette.
More psychedelia. The saving grace is the price. Even with the colour and printing frustrations, at under £40 it has to be a bargain.
It may not be good enough for high quality output work, but for bashing out words or for preparing documents that are going to be printed using just the one printer font (plus italics, bold, underline, of course), excellence! Is certainly competent and less than half the price of ¦' yt rival packages. Rl KiH.WiH KAM Normal monitor Printer The bottom line Ease-of-use 8 10 Implementation 7 10 Value-for-money8 10 Overall 7 10 excellence! 3.00 £39.95 HB Marketing Ltd 0753 6536000 IP FORWA the wo,.
A sound that has been loaded Into a computer and is represented by numbers (digital) rather than noises (analogue).
Usually a small cartridge that allows you to take sounds from a microphone (with amplification), tape. CD etc and record (digitize) them into your computerp memory Onoe in the memory a sample (sound) can be changed using tne sampling software Allows you to alter sounds that have oeen digitized by the SAMPLER. Normal functions with sampling software include loading and saving a sample disk, altering the sample by cutting, speeding uptown fading in'out, joining to other samples and much much more Allows you to take samples and play them back in an order (sequence) that you determine. For
example if you sampled a piano note a sequencer would allow you to play that note back at different pitches and in a sequence you decide Your one note loaded into a sequencer can become a complete piece of piano music A small cartridge which plugs into your Amiga and allows a Midi instrument (usually a Keyboard) to communicate with the computer If you already have a keyboard then you need to check that It has a Midi Port on it for it to work with a computer
- JKffSJkETHL- Our top of the range sampler for the Amiga
Following in the footsteps of one of tho best sound samplers
ever produced comes the innovative AMAS 2 Wilh even more
features than the original Amas which was featured In me Paula
Aooul music vidoo Cold Hearted this package is high in
professionalism but low in price AMAS 2 s feaiures include
software adjustable inpul volume controls, 3D display of
sample frequencies. Stereo oscilloscope, stereo spectrum
analysers, 11 cuslomisabie special effects.full midi support
with keyboard mapping. Built-in midi interlace with
m out thru ports, microphone input port. Mono or Stereo editing
with full suite of edit controls, plus much much more The
sophisticated sequencer allows you to tako samples sequence
them into music imagine your samples as a band iwth QUARTET as
tho conductor you' band is composed o* 16 instruments of which
* can play dl any one time QUARTET comes with 100 instruments
and sounds lor mcJu sion m your own compositors and further
sounds can be added using AMAS ?- MAS TER or most other
quality samplers Music can be opui from the Amigas' keyboard by
mouse or if you have a synthesiser keyboard with .i midi L-.
Out sock of by pUywig on the keyboard Control of samples nduth Tempo. VoMme. Rttch togothor * «» with a built « rxlitoi tor changing samples without •£__ ex*ng QUARTET Who knows you could easily *' be tomorrows 'Adimski* or 'Mozart' with th-s highly acclaimed package 1 $ sterec MASTER INTERFACE Our new stylish wedge style midi interface mcorpo rates 1 X Midi In, 1 x Midi Thru and 2 X Midi Out ports This interlace is a true MIDI inter laco. Not a cut down version, which plugs dirodly into the senal pod on the Amiga.
Included with our interlace comos a comprehensive manual and a disk full of public domain Midi programs ORDER DIRECT FROM MICRODEAL AND GET 2X3 METRE MIDI CABLES FREE MIDI INTERFACE, MANUAL.
SOFTWARE AND 2 MIDI CABLES E24.95 TO ORDER: Simply phone 0726 68020 with your credit card number or fill out this coupon and send together with your cheque 'postal order or credit card number to: MICRODEAL LTD. PO BOX 68. ST AUSTELL. CORNWALL PL25 4YB NAME: ...... ADDRESS: .. POSTCODE.
J. 199..... C!
Microoeal products are available from your local computer shop or direct from Microdeal Already own a Microdeal Sampler and want to upgrade? Rhone 0726 68020 for details.
W PLEASE SEND ME OTY PRICE EACH TOTAL AMAS 2 £99.95 QUARTET £49.95 STEREO MASTER £39.95 PRO MIDI INTERFACE £24.95 IPOST & PACKING £1.00 |Pi spa “hf ¦* gr nd total EJSb™ enclosed I printer port on the rear of your Amiga and even includes a lead with a mini jack for immediate connection to your walkman or headphone socket on your amplifier. Once connected you - M 3 can load stereo sounds, edit them.
P 'fd( analyse them, and even change real lime
- tg i) ,i sounds by adding special effects to ihe
- output such as echo, pitch up. Pitch down ““¦“1 and more. We
even include a mini* « sequencer so you can take up to 18 sam-
gjymn: pies and sequence them into a piece of music!
Waxworks: Games that would give Freddy nightmares!
SON OF CHUCK, SON OF SUPERMAN [?), CURSE OF ENCHANTIA SOLUTION, plus all the latest Amiga gaming news What a hippy diddly crazy world Ocean do a lot of work for charidee Yep. Lots of work for charidee. But this time they're going to talk about it. Ocean's next release is a game called Sleepwalker and it's been especially written for the forthcoming Comic Relief event. Red Nose Day 4.
Sleepwalker is a scrolling platform game done in a kind of Lemmings stylee You play a cute dog who has the job of protecting a little mght-shirt-wearing kid from danger as he wanders uncontrollably through level upon level The game has some wonderful backdrops, smooth parallax scrolling and is very slick indeed. The big bonus is that funny man Lenny Henry, who also does a lot for charidee. Is kindly providing the sound effects. Should be stonker, or was that last time around?
It s funny, playable, addictive and the best part is that from each copy sold there is a fiver going straight to Comic Relief The game will come complete with a handy sponsorship form so that you can make some more dosh for the charity. Sponsored Sleepwalking - sounds great!
Ocean are also organising a national challenge for Red Nose Day itself, which incidentally is on , Friday March 12, 1993.
So. Get your moth-eaten wallets out. Buy Sleepwalker and do your bit for charidee. And then you 1 won t have to talk about it.
Guppy love!
Hey fish fans, hold on to your, err fins because Millennium are releasing James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish. Formally entitled Splash Gordon. James Pond 3 features our fishy chum once more as he battles against the evil Dr Maybe.
The dastardly Doc has set up base on the moon, which is made out of cheese. A team of rats is mining the cheese which will be sent to Earth to flood the market and throw it into financial chaos. Dr Maybe will then rule the world! Sounds like a job for James Pond.
The actual James Pond character has had a bit of a makeover and he is now more versatile than ever before. Pond can now pick up items, run. Jump and duck. The games programmer Chris Sorrell says that James is as least as fast as Some the Hedgehog.
In the first game James could blow bubbles, then he could stretch and hang from the ceiling and now he can stick to almost anything thanks to a pair of gravity boots.
This game looks like it could become a firm favourite with the games-buying public. The graphics looks really amazing and no doubt there’ll be a wealth of playability to go along with them.
James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish will be available at Easter. I d. err. Plaice your orders for it now. Sorry, bad joke, but I couldn’t resist it Don't have a cow, Aren’t Acclaim Entertainment busy people? They’re also releasing Bart vs The World in February for £29.99. The yellow-skinned one takes himself and his family on a journey around the globe. Watch as Lisa, Marge, Homer and Bart go on a mind boggling search for treasures.
Sounds a bit easy, doesn't it? But wait! Trouble is afoot because some extremely ruthless people are out to destroy them.
Will Bart and hi* family survive? Well dear computer games player, it is, as they say, entirely up to you. Armed with firecracker balls (ouch!) You and Bart must save the Simpsons and to grant Bart his ultimate wish - a special guest appearance on the Itchy and Scratchy show.
Former Simpsons games haven't been up to that much, but this game could be the one that breaks the mould. It says on the press release that Bart vs The World is a one or two-player game with awesome cartoon graphics and unlimited playability.
Ahem, we shall see. Hey, you never know, they might be telling the truth! Then again... Dogs on strings Not only are Acclaim releasing Alien 3.
But they are also releasing another Sega Megadnve conversion The game is question is the highly popular puzzler Krusty's Super Fun House.
Bart Simpson’s favourite hero. Krusty the Clown, is in big trouble- Rats have invaded his fun house. Krusty must guide the rats into the rat traps controlled by Homer and Bart and you can then happily watch them burst like balloons or be killed by 20,000 volts of electricity.
Not only must Krusty deal with the rats, he must also fend off slimy snakes, pink flying pigs and laser firing aliens.
Dunno, I think the games programmers must have been taking dodgy substances.
Krusty's Super Fun House is available in February for £29.99. Aye Carumba.
Man Woody Hell A few months ago, you may remember a game called Cybernetix which graced our beloved CoverDisk. Vision Software, the company behind that fantastic shoot-’em-up, are back with a brand new game entitled Woody'* World, Their handy press release proudly boasts that Woody's World is going to be the largest platform game ever developed for the Amiga and is going to set a new standard in game entertainment The game features more than 60 levels with over 20 graphic styles, background music than lasts more than one hour, masses of secret rooms and hidden bonuses and super smooth
Going off their last release I think I believe them as well. The screenshots are particularly impressive. The game will be I Mb only and is scheduled for release in March. By all accounts it could well be one of the games of the year and it’s only the beginning of 1993!
INNER VISION No demo disks reviewed here... IINDY AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS 4 Why can t he let Captain Nemo deal with it?
KGB . 6 Comrade Biffski tattoos his head and joins the Cold War .M Mr ¦ * * _ J J"' ns ( Jlllll N ft a*« ou one eyea i ?one tesembla semblant of Superman itiaexpo w pryour n Son of You gets mqlfe* Don your combat boots The Gulf War is over, but you're still thirsting after a bit of hot war action? Well, the solution is here. Combat Classics by Empire features three great military simulations in one superb value pack.
The three games take you over land, sea and air. You can either take control of a squadron of tanks in Team Yankee or take command of a top secret billion dollar attack Sub in 688 Attack Sub. Or why not don your shades and be like Tom Cruise and fly the high-tech F15 Strike Eagle 27 When F-15 2 was reviewed in Amiga Computing we were quoted as saying that It s “without doubt one of the best flight sims around'. Features of F-15 2 include six real-world locations with each area containing hundreds of missions.
Team Yankee, a now classic tank game by all accounts, featured action and strategy side by side in a definitive simulation of modern tank warfare.
It featured fh e major scenarios and up to 25 battles plus superb higb-defi- nition bitmapped tank graphics.
Finally there is 688 Attack Sub where you can act out several episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, except the crappy monsters and Kowolski, the guy who gets attacked every episode, are sadly not included.
Attack Sub features ten different scenarios, digitised sounds of the submarine at work and actual digitised pictures of the crew.
If you fancy a bit of war gaming then Combat Classics could well be the compilation your sweaty little hands have been waiting to grab.
Combat Classics will only cost you £29.99, a three for one bargain, especially considering we are in a recession.
WAxwmmK 20 Has anybody loljhhis head?
ZYCONIX .21 Not Tetris, no... LETHAL WEAPON ...22 Loads of action, but not a trace of Patsy Kensit's bosom.
CYTRON .....ffk 26 Six sausages and a pint mug - whatever does Ben mean?
PIRACY A 28 Get off my barrel of rum, you one eyed bar stool!
COOL WORLD . 8 Can it be as big a clanger as its cinematic counterpart?
SPORTS MASTERS .. 9 More than just another compilation - it' a feast?
DARK SEED 10 Wow - this is a bit scary! Ben's dre»Winally realised.
CREATURES »4Kr ...12 Comical calamities or sick ancflatf? If* damn funny either way.
RA6NAR0K .13 Paul goes on a rape and pillage spree.
F He Source • •• is Chuck Rock's lad, and sonte ti semblant of Superman Cheat Moodk ..24 (omea.
STREETFIGHTER 21 .... Come an avjA if yus think yer ard enough.
DRAGON'S LAIffJfm ...... Cartoon capers anjnie gameplay shocker!
R Mode 27 money in Gamer.
- Curse of Enchanti It's hard to imagine the atmosphere and comic
strip action of the Indie films translated into the fairly slow
and pedestrian confines of the graphic adventure with any
success, but grven that we re talking about the team
responsible for Monkey Island 2, the proposition begins to
seem less absurd Atlantis (for so shall I abbreviate the game s
unfeasibly long name) is, happily, based not on a story
designed for film, but written and storyboarded from the ground
up by the LucasFilm boys as a computer graphic adventure.
Had the company decided to cash in on The Last Crusade, we would probably have been dealing with a tatty commercial spinoff (Yulebde domestic fowl to you and me|.
Atlantis is far from this, and is in fact a chompmgly good game The plot briefly, puts Indie at the heart of yet another Nazi scam, and this time the master race is after not a radio for talking to Gott, but nuclear power - the power of Atlantis.
Well. OK. It's not really nuclear power, it s a sort of romanticised ancient energy locked up in a strange metal called onchalcum. Discovered by the Atianteans. But the principle's the same. If Indie fails, we re all sausage-meat.
US GOLD » £37.5 1 meg ¦ Mouse keyboard hard drive installable* Out now The story begins with Herr Kerner. A Nazi agent who escapes from Indie's office after a hilarious intro sequence. Indie, having been force-fed several blindingly obvious clues Oust to get you started, you understand) realises that the teutonic tearaway is interested in a dig he was once in charge of in Iceland, which means Kerner will be after Indie's old female sidekick. Sophia, who was on the same dig.
Jones sets out to warn Sophia and the action begins. To begin with, Atlantis has a very similar look and feel to Monkey Island 2. With the usual bank of a dozen or so action icons to the left of the bottom half of the screen and a space to the right for whatever Indie happens to be carrying. The top half of the screen is the action window and all user input can be in the form either of mouse dicks or key presses. Easy, eh?
From the outset, Atlantis's storyline unfolds in much the same way as you'd expect. There's an initial section, after which the player has a choice of 'paths* to follow (more on this later), then the scene changes to a variety of locations including Monte Carlo. North Africa. Crete, and Atlantis itself At all times, the player is in no doubt as to what is happening and which way the plot will go next.
This is probably my only major complaint about Atlantis. There s no real mystery about the game, and even the movements of the enemy are reported at regular intervals through the medium of cut scenes In other games, there s a certain element of figuring out both what ) do next and how to do it, but in Atlantis, Indie is never in any real doubt as to his aims The challenge is based purely around the clever solutions the player must find to the problems which litter the well signposted path. I'm not saying the game is predictable Floppy hats n' bullwhips ahoy or bonng, it's just that it can
become a little too much like reading a puzzle book rather than a computer novel.
The puzzles themselves are very tricky in parts and should pose enough of a problem to keep most players up at night for at least a few weeks, but one in particular, at which I'm completely stuck, is very silly.
Three stone disks must be collected before the player can enter Atlantis - a worldstone. Moonstone, and sunstone.
When all three are used in the middle of the rap room in the caves under a certain location (don't want to give away too much, but you'll be steered toward it anyway by the plot), Indie must position them n accordance with a clue - different every nme the game is played - in Plato's Lost Dialogue.
My problem is that there are dozens and dozens of combinations, and the only one l ve managed to get to work after hours of messing about leads to a dead end.
The impasse, after a pretty logical and middlingly difficult set of puzzles, is irritating and off-putting, though guaranteed to lengthen the life of the game - something which is of prime concern to many graphic adventure fans these days.
The paths I mentioned earlier are the game's really innovative feature. Players complete an initial section of the game, after which it becomes clear where the plot will go. And a choice of three playing approaches must be made.
There's the wits path, where Indie carries on alone and attempts to think his way through the game, the team path, which sees Sophia tag along as a second team member, and the action path, which involves Indie in lots of punch-ups with Germans (otherwise known as the lager lout path) All subsequent events will depend on which path was chosen, and there really are radical differences between the three routes.
For example, on the wits path. Indie can simply walk up to M Trottier in - Monte Carlo and get a stone disk off him. On the team path, he must set up a seance with Sophia at which Indie and Sophia attempt to convince M Trottier of their credentials.
This is far from easy, and the point at which I failed miserably.
Why, it's pointing at f Olu* Ur* nr t 3 tad 4 LOOk AT ft Surrealist detection dcvke at work In short. Atlantis is a very good graphic adventure which should contain enough puzzles for most seasoned fans, and last long enough to justify the money spent on it. With its three different solution paths, superb graprxcs. And touches of humour, it sets a standard at which other graphic adventures must arm Had there been slightly more mystery and investigation as opposed to simple puzzle solving, I would have dressed the game in Pjs and taken it to bed with me Stevie V I S I O M 00000 Wei drawn, very
cobufUl, and niceiy animated. Meed I say more?
AUDIO ©0 The tunes can grate tfghtty after a while, and special effects are negkgible PLAYABILITy ©000 As easy to play as falling off a log whik wearing high heeH and drinking a bottle of gin.
A P D I C T I O N 0000 Very tempbng for the Adven ture fan though tough old veterans might be disappointed 88% and, err McDonalds... eh?
bu're working f or the chtekists, Maks, so Make theMjwhat r Ti)k to uncli Vmyi.
Tilk to thi irmchnr.
DQ3 Jlm - J Jjir We might as well - tt II talk more sense than Boris Yeltsin Ho ho ho - the wonder!
Of modem technology Blimey, this is a bit of a first, a graphic adventure based on the KGB Normally you get seme dodgy
• KlveniuT with w.?ards arc got) Lns. But a game about the KGB.
That's going to break some H ground in the computer game world.
VIRGIN ¦ £29.99 ¦ I meg ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now Wait a minute - isn't a game about the KGB going to be really political? Well you'd thmk so. But It doesn't tend to go into detail about all that bonng stuff. What it s really about is kidnapping |guspl). Murder (double guspf). Drugs (hooray, erm I mean gusp!) And eventually a ptot to oust President Gorbachev from power and return the country to the iron grasp hardliners.
The game takes place in Moscow and Leningrad in the days leading up to the August putsch Pardon? You don’t know what a putsch is? Well to be perfectly honest I didn't know what it was ether, but look it up in a good dictionary and it means an attempt at a political revolution or a violent uprising.
So there you go, you learn something new everyday You play the part of Maksim Rukov. A former GRU Captain who has been transferred to Department P. Department P. if you're wondering, was set up dunng the time of Penstroika and its function is to investigate possible cases of KGB corruption.
Your first mission in your new job is to investigate a vicious killing Your involvement is required because the victim, a chap called Golitsin, is ex-KGB. Your superior officer Major Vovlov sends you to investigate the scene of the crime, and it is while you are at Golitsin's office that you meet and interview his sister.
It is while practising your famous D I Burnside interview technique that you discover the trail that Golitsin was following before he died KGB isn't an adven- Monkey Island or Legend of Kyrandia. It's an adventure more in the style of Ween, but it's much more classy than Ween You are given the view of a room from your eyes, but you don't see your character moving about in the room.
You do see other people in the room, though For instance, while you are interviewing Golitsin's sister, you see her standing and when you tell her to sit. She sits on a chair.
She isn't animated, though, and it looks more like the beaming down process out of Star Trek, I'm sure you get a good enough idea of what I mean.
One wonderful thing about KGB is when you stan talking to other characters. The text that you get to choose from is so funny that I couldn't stop myself giggling, but I quite regularly got stared at by other members of staff.
A sample conversation would be something like: 'Have you a cigarette?*. To which your colleague replies: ' The unparalleled Soviet health budget is not to be squandered on treating self-inflicting diseases, comrade!'.
I know its not meant to be funny, but no-one on earth, not even the Soviets talk like that. The graphics in KGB are pretty amazing. Every- ] things nicely] HI detailed, especially 1 ml the screens where you mU are talking to suspects ] and superiors.
KGB is very easy to play thanks to the mouse pointer system. It’s called a smart pointer, and whenever you place the pointer over an object it will automatically lock on to the best option. So if you place it over a person it switches over to the Talk option automatically KGB is a pretty good game and very intriguing Lovely graphics, great playability, quite addictive - that's how I'd sum it up and by Jove I just have.
If you adventure fans are looking for a bit of entertainment to while away the winter evenings, you won't go far wrong with the.
Jonathan V I S I O M 0000 Superbly drawn but with very Irttle movement AUDIO O Decent rtro tune, and that's ybur tot.
PLAVABILITy 0000 laads of opbofK, some of them a Sttie paMcss.
ADDICTION 0000 Just nvght find itself in the cupboard before completion.
Please make cheques P.O.s payable to MICRODISK. P&P UK add 75p per game. Europe add £2.50. Elsewhere £3.50 Allow 28 days for Delivery Ho**_________________________1699 .22.46 Human*. ... .. 2249 16 49 Indianna Jones Fate of Abante (AOv) ....24.89
9. 99 Indianna Jones Fate ol Attanw (Ad) 17.99 . 16 99 Ian
Botham Chchet,.,„-t. ----------------1649 ..(NEW) 16 99
International Sports Chall ....22.99
...„ 16 99 Ishar -__________ -22.40 ~16 99 Jaguar XJ220
„ . 16.89 Jim Power . 1999 Joe &
Mac. Caveman, Ninja .16 88 J White
Whirlwind Snooker ...17.99 John Maddens
Fooftal .16.49 KQB
...- -....21.99 Kick
06 H_______________________________1399
22. 49 Kings QumIV ...- - ...2188 16 89
Kmghtmare -_______ 1699
12. 99 (trusty's Fun House -----------------------16.99
18. 99 Last Ninja 3--------------------------------16 49 .1699
Leathal Weapon ___________________ 16.99
16. 99 Leander ---------- .16.99 1699 Legend -..... 20.88 2099
Legend ol Kyrawfca - ....22.48
.....1699 Legends of Valour _______________ 2429
20. 99 leeurtauH lany 6 23 99
23. 99 Lemmings 2 . 22.49
23. 80 lemmngs, Oh no! More Lemmngs. ....1999
..1689 Links .... - ... 24 99
Liverpool -------1699 Lords of Time
.- ...1699 23 99 ..16
99 .22.49
16. 99 (NEW) 24 49
16. 49
23. 90 (NEW) 22 49 2190 1699 1699 (NEW) 1699
22. 99
22. 99 ..23 99 ......19.99
16. 99
- . 1999 2399
23. 99 ...19-99 1649 .21.99 .. 16.99 2999
23. 99
10. 99 .2399 .24 99 .22.99 .20 99 1649 ...2249 .16.99
22. 99 Lotus Turbo Chaienge 2 Lure of the Temptress McDonalds
Land ...... Mega Fortress ..... Microproee
Goff ...... ir_____________ Mig 29 Sucer Fulcrum .....
Might & Magic III__________________ Moonstone
... Monkey Island -------- Monkey Island II
. My9i. . Nick Faldos God
__________ N Mansell World Chevron - .....19 99 Nobby
the Aardvark .....(NEW) 16.98 No Second Pnzs
... 16.99 Nova 9. ...2399 Or*
- ... -(NEW) 16 99 Outonder _______________________
(NEW) 1699 PGA Plus . 2299 PGA Golf-Data
Disk _____ 1299 Piracy ______________ - ...16.88
Pools of Darkness -------------- 2299 Populous II .
- 2099 Plays'Manager _______ -.....13.99
Preirwr Reduced 1999 Project
X ....- 16.99 Pinbell
Fanlaaaee .-19.99 Pushover
---------- 18.99 Raywak 1699 Psarpad Tycoon
.. 24 99 Reach kx Hie Skies ...,2199 Reams
- .... - .2099 Red Baron ... .2399 Red
Zone .....-_______ 1699 1 2 MEG
UPGRADE + CLOCK NOW £24.99 Fire Force ..
(NEW) 16 99 .....1689 ..23 99 Future
Ware 10.99 i 81 ii Hi J 22 99
Gateway to (he Savage Frontier .2249 Gauncet III
....1699 Gobtot ..
1699 Gobble 2 .
.1999 Graham Taylors Soccer Chall
______________1689 Gunshp 2000 . 22
49 .22 99 16.49 Heed to Head......
...22 49 Heimdsll ......
...19.99 ...2199
Hoi - (NEW) 16.89 Air
Support ..„ ______________1699
Assassin .16.99
ATAC.m ..... ., .22 99
AV.0.8. Harner Assault.....-..... 2399 B17
Fbaht Fortrees ..- .23.99 Bat II .
BatSetoad* Batdehawks 42 3 Beast Master Conquest of the Longbow Cool Worlds .... Covert Atton .. Crazy Care 3 ..- Creepers - ...... Cruise lor a Corpse Curse of Enchantia Cybercon HI... . Civilitefion------------- Dark More . Dark Seed ..... D-Generalion . Do Jo Dan ---------------- Dune Dynablaster .... Elvira Jaws of Cerberus Epic ------------ - European Champion Football EyeoftheBehoider ..... Eye of the Beholder 2 Fl5Smke Eagle II . Fl9Sieolth Fighter ... GAM A-Train
________________ Addams Family .. Alien Breed 82 ... Aquatc Games ... Aratwn Knufu ________ Archie Maclean's Pool.
Arsenal FC____________ Bfla Tomato Game Caslles ..... Centunan ------- Chaos Engne . Lome 3 .....- -..... .....1699 Risky Woods ... _______________1699 Read Rash ... -699 Robooop 16 __________________ _______________1649 Robn Hood .. ......1689 Robo Sports ... ..20.99 Rpmp AD92 .-...... .....21.99 Rugby World Cup Senscle Soccer ...1699 Silent Service 2 - ...... ......-23.88 Silly
Putty _____________- ......(NEW) 16 99 Sen Ant . _________________23.88 Sen Earth ... ......22.49 Sabre Team ......_ .1699 Shadow rid __________ . 1099 Streetftghter II ..... 1899 Shuttle _______________22 99 Space Crusade ....1899 Space Quest IV .. ....2589 Special Forces . .....21.99 Rbilcer ... ....1699 Super Tetns ..22 99
Trodaiers ... 16.89 Tsar away Thomas___________ .... TBA Team Yankee .. __________________ .1999 T**n YarWeeK_______.
.23.99 Tennis Cup 2...____________... _____ ... 1099 The Carl Lewis Challenge .....1699 The Cool Croc Two ......1699 Tho Manager ...... The Perfect General_____ ..2299 Their Finest Hour 1999 Thurriemaivk AH-73M 1689 ta- Tk. R.. 1 c m Trolls ...... ____________________16.99 TV Sports Baseball ...... ......1649 TV Sports Boxng ..... ....1849 Ugh ...- ...(NEW) 16 99 Ultima VI_________________ 20.90
Utopia____________________ 2099 Vikngs .... __________________1699 Vroom ... ......1699 W«x Works________________ .24.49 Wing Commander 11 Meg) . 22 49 Ween .. .22.49 Vwly Beamish__________.... ..21.00 WzzW ___________________ .16.99
W. W.F. Euro Rampage 16.99 ZakMcKrakan
______________10.99 Zod---------------------- Reduced 15 99
....10.88 4D Sports Dmrng .
-......10.99 Beck 10 the Future III .... 649 Bubble
Bobtfe .6.49 Carrier
Command 6.49 F16 Combat
Paot .649 HvdnnH**
......649 James Pond .. •
0.49 Lotus E*rt! . _....849 New Zealand
Story .... 6.49 Panza Kick Boxing
------------- 6.49 Paperboy II
...- ....6.49 Pttfghler 6.49
Pnnoe of Persia .. . __________ 6.40 Pro Tennis Tour
6.40 Rembow
Islands .....A49 Sireel
Fighter 6.99 Test Drive 2 . 649
Trivial Pursuit .... 6.49 Dept AC, Villiers House, 110
Villiers Road, Watford, Herts, WD14AJ (0923)676419 E3 3 AJI
items subject to availability. E.&O.E. COMPILATIONS BIG BOX 2
MEGA-LO-MAN1A AND WONDERLANO £22.99 DREAM TEAM TERMINATOR 2, SIMPSONS. W.W.F. El 7-99 SUPER FIGHTERS FINAL FIGHT. W.W.F.. PITFK5HTER C1 6.99 Amiga Computing March 1993 109 Ocean seem loathe to develop any game that hasn't first appeared in cinematic form - Hudson Hawk, Bart vs Mutants, Terminator 2... the list goes on and on - in fact Cool World is only the first of three film licences to he released by Ocean in the coming weeks.
It isn't such a bad idea actually, this licensing business - it removes the need to come up with a plot, give it a title, and make up a few characters.
Such tiresomeness has already been taken care of by the film producers, and leaves the game team with nothing to do except write a completely stonking classic based on the hard work of others.
Should be easy. But it's not - at least, not if many of the past releases of this nature have been anything to go by. Perhaps programmers see it as an easy ride, but for whatever reason, numerous film licences - not just from Ocean I hasten to add - have turned out to be not only disappointing conversions, but plain old crap games.
Cool World is due to hit the cinemas in the early new year, and although little information has surfaced as yet. Biff tells me with a lecherous leer and through a mouthful of drool that it stars Kim Wat there tomcthing you wanted to get off your chest? Ail art. Eh?
From what we can gather, the action centres around some guy who produces a cult comic, unwittingly creating a parallel universe, thus enabling cartoon characters - Doodles - to enter the real world.
Well, all right, I read it on the box, but it s a pretty safe assumption that the game closely follows the plot of the film, so that makes it OK, doesn't it? These Doodles are characters created by Jack Dccbs for his comic, and inhabit the mythical land of Cool World.
What with the parallel universe and all though, the Doodles are making the quantum leap from comic-strip immortality through to the real world, by means of spooky-lookmg vortexes that have cropped up all over the place, The Doodles aren't quite as daft as they first appear though. It turns out that they don't have any wish to actually exchange their safe and easy lives in Cool World for the forbidding recession- ridden melancholic monotony that is the real world (having another bad day Paul? - Ed), but simply want to borrow certain items from our dimension to mmmwn make their own lives more
Nothing wrong with that. Share and share alike, I was always told. But hold on! All this parallelic universal to-ing and fro-ing is upsetting the cosmic balance. If too many items are taken from our dimension, it s not entirely out of the question that the whole world will simply explode.
Ignoring the obvious solution of asking the Doodles politely not to blag anything else, Dcebs enlists the help of Harris the Policeman to counter the imbalance. You are Harris the Policeman, and this is where the game begins.
The idea is to beat the dastardly Doodles at their own game by using the same vortexes to travel through the worlds, returning purloined items to their rightful place. Beginning in the streets of Cool World, you must first collect enough coins to bribe your way through to the actual level.
You are armed only with a Handy Pen, which is used both to shoot the Doodles and to suck them in. For those of you who think this all sounds a bit dubious, let me explain.
The whole point of the exercise is to prevent items from finding their way into the Cool World. Obviously, the more Doodles who make the crossover, the more objects they Cart take.
Shooting the Doodles with your pen turns them into big inky blobs, which can then cither be shot once more for extra points, or sucked in in a Ghost- buster-type fashion by keeping the Fire button depressed.
When shot, it s only a matter of time before the little beasts become rc-ani- mated. Whereas sucking the buggers in disposes of them for good.
To complete a level you must prevent too many items making the cross-dimen- sional leap for a specified period of time, which shortens as you progress My instant reaction to Cool World was one of disappointment. After the excellent animated sequence at the beginning. The graphics - while colourful - seemed rather flat. The gameplay was rather repetitive and I quickly gave up.
OCEAN ¦ £25.99* 1 meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now On returning to the game later in the afternoon though, I became quite involved, and dare I say it. Addicted to saving the universe from its impending oblivion.
More varied levels are definitely needed if the game is to reach anything close to classic status, and beefed up graphics - especially in the confrontation department - would have made for a more compelling game.
As it is. Cool World follows in the tradition of many previous Ocean games, in that it is a competent and enjoyable arcade platform adventure - but come on Ocean, surprise us!
Paul GlClG gIgIg II GTGIG O GameR Bring along your pump bag and meet the... MASTE E§ EMPIRE ¦ £29.99 ¦ 'h meg ¦ Keyboard joystick mouse ¦ Out now Just as many struggling recording artists decide to release sad and lacklustre remixes and 'best ofs' towards the end of the year in an attempt to revive their flagging careers, so too do software companies attack the market with dire compilations of »«nt games that were best forgotten.
It was a welcome change then, that when Sports Masters arrived in the offices shortly More Crimbo. Boasting four great titles from months and years gone by. At least three of rw were just that.
Advantage Tennis Unless players themselves, very few people in this country seem interested in tennis until WimWedon comes around, but not me. Not any more I'm a year-round tennis fan. And it’s all thanks to Infograme's excellent Advantage Tennis.
The first thing you need to do is tram and adopt a strategy, and AT allows you to do just that by setting your strength (one or two- handed shots required), style of play (attacking or defensive), and specialities.
Once this is done you're ready to play, either against a human opponent or the computer Your aim is to amass a fortune and become the world's topfanked player by winning as many tournaments as possible during the busy season.
This is no mean feat since you begin at the very bottom of the rankings, but fear not - you can practice against the opponents of your I* . ¦¦ choice and enter loads of exhibition matches before
• 3ff roun(j (ne world with your tennis gear I and tin of Raljex
Gameplay is absolutely superb - it's incredibly realistic, and
fast? - oh ho. I'll say its fast; I n tact A1200 owners may
find the speed a little too much' [he gamc 15 vcry wcl1
pfesente 3’w,th a cr,sp- IH clear court I just can t think of a
major fault - you II be hooked in minutes.
Indianapolis 500 A bit of a dinosaur in terms of age, Indy 500 still knocks the spots off the majority of offenngs we've seen since It was originally released .
Basically the Indy 500 comprises drivers steering what appear to be customised Formula One cars around a track so elementary in I design it makes Scalextnc look like a map of the human nervous system.
Admittedly the cars do reach speeds of 200 mph. And the number of racers and si2e of the track are such that collisions are commonplace, but still... Speed is prominent in the game too. And from your first person perspective in the cockpit of the car you can almost feel your cheeks wobble as you race distances between 25 and 500 miles |that's where the name comes from, see) using keyboard, joystick, or the preferred mouse control.
But that isn't all that's on offer - good Lord no! You can choose to compete for one of three teams, racing either m their pre-set machines or in your own car. Which you can almost completely customise.
Jump straight into a race and you'll find yourself in last place in the rolling start whereas by qualifying you can jump up the field. Spectacular crashes or posy overtaking manoeuvres can be replayed from a number of different angles.
Indianapolis 500 is a fast, furious and fun racing sim that's well worth looking into if you missed it first time around.
European Championship 1992 Here it is - the duffer of the pack This Tecmo com-op conversion might have been viewed slightly more seriously about two years ago. But with two superb footy games already on the market, on a budget label or in a compilation is really where this Elite effort belongs.
It s a one or two-player game as you would expea. Viewed from the touchline with little of the pitch visible at any one time, the teams being the participants in last year's Euro championships - with the noticeable excepbon of the eventual winnersl Playability isn't the problem - it's a very easy game to get to grips with - but the lack of options, absence of speed and poor quality graphics make for a game that is best avoided.
PGA Tour Golf Overall I'm a fan of sports and as MII I such may be U I M j| slightly biased. A I M but Sports Mas- VI U ters is certainly the best compilation I have come across. It offers superb value for money by anyone s standards - you II be instantly addicted and thrilled by it for hours on end.
Paul Choose from four courses in this EA dasssic and compete with up to three opponents in a four-round tournament against all the top US pros with the aim of achieving glory and walking away with a stonkmg great amount of cash.
That's the idea, but try striding onto the fairway and hitting a perfect drive straight off - hal - fat chance.
That s why we re given the option of practising beforehand on any course, or on an individual hole, a putting green or a driving range. It's a very easy game to play, the Stroke Bar at the bottom of the screen making it very easy to play reasonably accurate shots after a bit of practice.
Viewing from behind your strokemeister. You are afforded loads of options dunng a game that make the whole affair a joy to play.
Graphics are great and what sound there is is very convincing, PGA Tour Golf was far and away the best game of its kind on its release, and although now showing its age just a little, it still offers much to the hack n slashers among you.
Well, we waited and we waited and finally after well over a year of anticipation, the adventure game that would make Monkey Island or any other of that ilk look silly and inadequate has finally hit the streets. But does It Irve up to its reputation?
I've really been plugging Darkseed ever since I saw the PC version which was to be quite honest a brilliant piece of programming and marketing.
The game they enlisted the talents one Mr H R Giger. A surrealist artist better known for the creation of the Alien for the Alien films and for such loveable beasties as the Vomit Monster in Poltergetst II.
Mr Giger created the scenes on paper and then the technical people scanned the art and incorporated them into the game.
In it you play Mike Dawson, a horror writer. You got sick of the rat race lifestyle of living in the city where you were a sales executive for a multinational company, so you moved to a small town in the American south to get some peace and quite and to fulfil your Everything about the game, from the stunning packaging which included a hints and tips book to the jaw-dropping graphics, was wonderful. Obviously I was a little apprehensive when the Amiga version arrived The PC version was bound to be better. I thought, not through any fault of the programmers but simply because of the
nature of the two machines.
Cyberdreams also had another angle on the sale of the game. To create the majority of the graphics in the Alien world section of lifetime's ambition of writing a book. But you wake in the morning after you first night spent in the house with an incredible headache. AJI through the night you were having horrible nightmares, images of half-human, half-machine animals torturing you As time goes on you realise that the house is closely linked with an alien world filled with nasties that are desperate to come and conquer earth But they aren't going to go to all the trouble of getting into
spaceships and shooting people and all that sort of stuff. They have just planted the embryo for the next generation of their race in your head. In three days L it will hatch and the world will be doomed to be ruled by these sick and depraved aliens, not to mention the terrible mess it win make ofyourhead So now I have given you all the background on the game, what is it like?
As it turns out. I was talking complete rubbish when I said that Darkseed wouldn't be as good on the Amiga as it was on the PC. In my opinion it is the most graphically impressive release for at least a year. The screen mode is constantly in hi-res interlace so the characters on-screen are crystal dear. Darkseed is also the first game ever to contain morphing techniques.
A morph is when one image is transformed into another You have some lovely dips of a doll in a box turning, for instance, into a monster and back again.
When you first start playing Darkseed the game appears to be quite small but it does take time for you to find a» the different locations - they won't jump out at you guessing like normal adventure games do.
The other two options allow Mike to walk around and examine things.
General laws and etiquette still apply - just because you are playing a game it doesn't mean you can turn into a slob. When you get up in the morning you have to get a shower or none of the locals will give you the time of day. And if you break the law you will get banged up for the night in the local nick.
I do have one or two beefs with Darkseed.
Because the screen mode is constantly in interlace the text at the bottom of the screen can be hard to read, and you get the annoying flicker which always accompanies interlace and which gives you a headache m seconds flat Darkseed is one of the adventure games that I look forward to taking time over and enjoying in full - I cannot do it justice in these two pages Check it out for yourself.
Ben Not only have you got to find the locations in the normal world but eventually you'll find your way into the Alien world, which is very similar only a little bigger. There are over 70 locations.
My favountes are foe game is foe interactive characters. Many games claim to have interactive characters but all they do is repeat set monologues when you ask them a question.
This isn't the case in Ctarkseed - you have to stnke up a rapport with some of the inhak itants of foe town to continue to make progress. They will come to you for things and you must give them something in return if you want to get what you want.
As with any such adventure the main way of progressing is by foe discovery and use of dues - there are plenty and most are logical and not too obscure The odd thing is that you have to find certain things that trigger events later on in the game, so there is a domino effect. It doesn't matter if you don't find some of the clues because you don't need them all but your task will be made much easier if you do.
You must remember foat foe game is set over three days and the way the time works is very interesting. If foe machine thinks you are engaged in some activity it time wiU run almost in real time but if you are just killing time and have nothing to do on foat day then everything will speed up.
And remember you are dealing with a real person so he has to sleep, but watch out for the nightmares... You control Dawson by a simple point and click interface By clicking the nght mouse button you change what your icon on the screen looks like.
To use things you have a hand icon - whenever you move the cursor over anything that can be moved or operated the hand will point.
I quite liked this - it doesn't leave you V I S I O M 00000 Brilliant.
AUDIO 00009 Pleasant and unrepctitTve tunes P LAY A BILITV 0000 Very easy to get mto with quck ptay ADDICTION 0000 Kept me coming back for more 95% aimed at and older age group than the usual fluffy bunny games.
As long as you are not easily offended by violence then I would say Creatures is a good buy It is challenging in every aspect and the animation of the creatures is fantastic.
My only beef is that it is a little too challenging in parts, and three lives just aren't enough. Oh. And don t show your granny,, TWO years ago a game like this would have been banned, at least the programmer would probably have been strung up But as times have changed so have the restrictions on what is acceptable and what isn't in the computer game world, so much so that games like this do exist Creatures is a puzzle game stroke plat' form run-around thing. You take the role of a cute and very stock little furry thing, and you must make your way through various levels dodging, shooting
and collecting small creatures to make a potion with Once you have conquered these levels you are then faced with either a shop or a puzzle level. In the shop you are accosted by a shapely women who tries to tempt you into buying something that Will make you buy a weapon of some sort on the next level.
The lateral scrolling levels instantly reminded me of Ghosts and Goblins, except Creatures is a lot harder Basically Creatures makes a mockery of all the fluffy bunny games released in the last year or so. Namely lemmings, Skweeks.
Dizzy and platform games too numerous to mentron You notice something is amiss on Use title screen when you have two cute little fluffy things walking round the screen looking in complete harmnny with themselves and their idyllic surroundings, Then a bloody great monolith with 'Creatures' carved into it comes smashing down on top of them turning them into strawberry jam So I started playing the game with antici- pation and at first I was quite let down It just seemed like your average puzzle game.
Then I got to a later stage called Torture The screen opened up with your character at the bottom of the screen and another character very similar to yours glued upside down to a some sort of jack This poor thing was slowly being jacked to another level with a very nasty monster standing on it that resembled a blue potato.
It was obvious that he was going to do something but nothing can describe just how graphic the mutilation is that occurs.
So I blundered around trying to help my little friend but to no avail. He was jacked up to the monster s level and the nastiness began The creatures walked off the screen and came back with a chainsaw. Turned it on and began to rev it up in front of the poor beastie glued to the jack.
After a couple of seconds the animal that looked like a blue potato began to rip in to the thing on the jack with merciless abandon.
Let me tell you, the programmers left out no detail. The poor thing's body vibrates as his organs are sprayed from his body. Sick, very sick indeed.
There are three other forms of mutilation m the game - you may just be able to glean what is going on from the pictures but I won t 'spoil' it for you.
To stop this mindless mutilation you have to figure out the puzzle. It maybe involves jumping on seesaws or breaking glasses of fluid to kill the evil creatures but whatever it is, it's pretty challenging, I think Creatures is a prime candidate for the cult game of 1993. But it s definitely 00000 Brilliant but vck animation.
AUDIO 0000 Reilly good, humorous FX.
PLAYABILITY 0000 Does get a bit tricky w places ADDICTION 0000 If your stomach can stand it you'll be at it for ages It makes Norse sense to me RAGNAROK MIRAGE ¦ £34.99 ¦ 1 Meg ¦ mouse joystick Out now I he historically aware among you will no doubt be perfectly familiar with the concept of Ragnarok - a pacific bme in Norse mythology whereby 3 the gods gathered their armies together ft a fight to the death, to free the world of frt and create a better plane for mankind Of course I knew this too. And duly brought ft to the attention of the rest of the office, who erroneously believed that
Rag- narok was in fact the sequel to Chuck Rock.
T Those Nordic types were a tad rough if my memones of A-levei history lessons serve me correctly (he failed - Ed). No I didn't - Mr Haworth 'asked me to leave' because of Odin begins the game protected on ail ndet by hit army He cannot be defeated unkji surrounded on ill sides by the
• Ucki He pjyt tor (hit strength in Ms limited moves - only two
squares in a straight line my apparent lack of interest, but
that's beside the point Anyway, we could reasonably expect a
computer game depiction of such a race to involve arcadey
hacking aplenty, combined wrth a fair old beat-'errvup element
and no small measure of animal abuse.
But not a bit of it - no less than a board game is what we have here. Ragnarok is based, for those of you who've played it. On the ancient King's Table.
Odin is the king of the gods, and knows that he will die at Ragnarok. In this position I must say I d be tempted to stay at home in my comfy palace and send some minions out to do my dirty work But unlike our Royal Family. Odin wishes to retain his dignity, and decides to face the problem head on. Descending to earth with his customised game to pit his wits against devious humans in the hope of picking upon some pointers as to how he can cheat his destiny.
The two sides are the Blacks and the Whites - the Whites represent good, and must protect their central figure (Odin) from the evil Blacks, who need to surround him on all four sides to become victorious.
On his visit to earth. Odin entered a tavern where he found 11 men and women willing to take him on Each differs widely in skill, and he (or rather, you| must defeat each opponent twice - once as White and once as Black - before progressing onto the subsequently better skilled competitor.
Victory in 22 consecutive matches is rewarded by a very nice animated sequence (there's also an optional one at the beginning of the game), but this kind of success doesn't come easy, and you can choose to practise as Black or White against any opponents of your choice.
Also included is a twchplayer mode and the original game, giving even more longevity to an already tricky game.
The options allow you to toggle the battle sequences on or off. A battle sequence takes place every time a game piece is taken, and involves the personified pieces offing each other in several bloodthirsty ways.
Chess players should derive great satisfaction from Ragnarok, but it's a very easy game to play for anyone - I've never so much as looked at a chess board sideways, but became instantly familiar with the rules, though admittedly didn't meet with a great deal of success Despite the battle sequences, it is worth remembenng that while effectrvely offering two games in one package. Ragnarok is at the end of the day a computerised board game. An enjoyable and engrossing one.
But a board game nonetheless.
Paul VISION 0000 Yery wei presented, battles are funny, but the board could have been displayed at a better angle.
AUDIO ©€ ••• The boxed version may have a continuous music option - ours didn't PLAYABILITY GOOG Both mouse and joysbdtkeys are required, but it couldn't have been made any easier.
ADDICTION OOORR Sounds like a game for mtelectuais, but really, it could to appeal to anyone.
More animation than you can shake a stick at!
DB (3@tS“§ IMOB 1 - The Soodss of Kfemltesl] READYSOFT ¦ £34.99 ¦ 512k ¦ Joystick keyboard ¦ Out now Anyone who has experienced the previous Dragon s Lair games will no doubt be familiar with the story, which consists of the fairly standard nasty witch wizard kidnaps beautiful princess maiden, holds her ransom for no apparent reason and cackles evilly as the kingdom rallies round in panic-type tale.
But for those who aren't clued up. I'll tell you more - because, unusually, the story is a major part of the game in this particular instance.
Daphne (the princess type) found herself kidnapped by some warlock geezer named Mordroc - Lord only knows why, but there you go. Anyway, Dirk the Daring (that's you) sets off on a dangerous rescue mission. The reason? Daphne is your sweetheart and you're going to get married Well. Mordroc must have some reason for his purloinment of the princess, and it's unreasonable and rather naive to believe that he would simply hand her back to Dirk without a peep.
Which of course he doesn't - in feet it is only Dirk's quick-witted cunning that enables him to divert the warlock's magic onto the man himself, allowing him to rescue his betrothed and sweep her back to the enchanted (surprise, surprise) forest where they resume a life a happiness together.
No-one seems to live in towns in these games do they? But it isn't that easy. Mordroc had a sister. Mordread. And she's none too chuffed that her sibling has been killed Black magic runs in the Mor family it seems, and Mordread swears to avenge the death of her brother by condemning Dirk and Princess Mrs Dirk to the Vortex of Eternity, where they will never grow old and never die. Hey. Real punishment - we should introduce her to Walt Disney So the Vortex of Eternity it is then, and again its up to Dirk to perform the suitably heroic deeds that will free him and the missus from this
terrible fate.
The game is split into 20-odd levels, which are actually only single animated sequences, so packed with colour, detail and effects that it takes about half a dozen disks to fit them all in.
Dirk is faced with a problem in each sequence, related to the trouble conjured up by Mordread, which he must obviously solve in order to progress.
Having booted up the machine and loaded the game. I was absolutely gobsmacked by the brilliant animation of Don Bluth (last seen in Guy Spy. For the curious among you) that virtually leapt out of the screen at me. My God! This was going to be brilliant.
Or so I thought. As it transpires, the gamer is not in total control of Dirk in true arcade style - there are a limited number of moves he can make, and instead of initiating the action you must take note of what happens around you and respond to it- Unfortunately, and quite unbelievably, your responses are limited not only in terms of movement but also in terms of the time at which they must be carried out.
Whereas pushing back on the joystick or keys would normally - obviously - move your character backwards, Dragon s Lair for some reason insists that your move is carried out at the exact time the programmers intended it, otherwise Dirk will simply not respond.
The obvious moves are not always the correct ones to make, and even if you do choose correctly, then unless it's timed just ] right you'll lose a life, and may quite reason- j ably think that you made an incorrect] choice.
If this sounds laboured I apologise, but unless you have actually experienced the frustration of this as I have then it s difficut to understand just what how ridiculously unplayable the whole thing is, which is a I real shame as the presentation is absolutely superb.
Dragon's Lair 3 resembles a high class I running animation demo more than a I game, but even as such is rendered close tc I useless because of the difficulty in accessing I the later levels.
After being treated to the stunning levs j of detail, I am genuinely disappointed by : this game as it offers nothing in the way of J gameplay and is far too expensive to pur chase just as an animation package.
If the playability came even remotely close to the presentation then Dragon s Lar ] 3 would be a worthy winner of a Game' Gold - as it is, unless you desperately need | to see some beautiful animation and have plenty of cash to spare. I just can't see any I reason to buy iL which is sad.
Paul VISION 00000 Unequalled Briliant.
AUDIO 00000 Again - stunning In every respect PLAYABILITY ©•••• An absolute nightmare to play.
ADDICTION The brilliance of the graphics made me persevere a httJe.
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Match ol the Day Navy SNA_________ NiMa2., N«* Faldo s Champonship God Ngel Mamets World Chwnp Noodya Playtime No Greater Glory Expiry Date zn Visa ?
Omar Shar ts Bnago Operas on Sleatr OrtMus Oik ..... Oudandma .. Paiiaoio 2 . Pacific hLnds Paperboy 2 Parasei §ar* pSToSi Tbur .
PGA Coura Discs Shado* ot the Btui 3 Smdtahtor 2 . Super Hero Scpcr Swv Teat Meat 8 ...... The GodFaihe*.
TV Sports Baseball TV Spora Bonng Ftobano Booklea R T«e 2 _..... RvOWh ..... ftjgby Wortd Cup RuWdlEhgagemenl Reach r re Skiirt Rome AD92 Sabre Team Poplllus 2-- tt Predator 2 Prem*re Mahsoer Prmee o Pbtsm.. ..... Project X Prophecy ot fie Shadow RiahOvef ... Sm City Deluxa Sm Earth ______ pk"piuni Smash T ' Sp4eeAe*2 Space Gtr Space Crusade .. Space Quest 1.2J.4. Special Forces ! Ol S.ver Bltdes Sons.Ua Sofiw 92'M ShadonMnde . Shadow Words ShuHelheSm Sienl Serviae 2________ Mini Otlice Moontall . Monkey Wand Monkey Wand 2
Mystca! ...... Myth Mog Lo Maria Mega Fortress Moonuone Super!
Supremacy Svspiodui Ctwga Swtchbado 7 Wdol Honour Saoret Lpon 141 Ml M ¦ StvaoMAUar Storm Maaar Plan g Outer Space.
Strtwr Supers 2 Card No Robooop3 Name Secret ot Tel Ac ftrcl Baror Bed Zone .... Rise o( fie Oraoon Roky Woods RobpMggg PopuUuSim Cty Polos Quest 3 ProTems Tour 2 SSSoSdTywgn Address RBJ 2 Baseball 3D Pool 699 L*H NiijS 3 ..... ... 7. Advanced Frjl Machine 699 Lombard RAC Rally 699 A*tfT Borne* 699 locut Espnt ......6 99 I AmndBwu 699 Manchester Lad 600 Ajomlno .... 849 Mane Mrxy 799 Awesome 899 Miriam Jackson Mcgm*a,kgr ...699 AuMerlitz .699 Midnight R«islanoe .... .....6 99 Baal...... ......599 Moonshine Races 699 Bards Tale 3 8 49 NVC 699
U. r.mnn the Movie 699 New Zoalanj Story 699 Beach Volley 699
Operation Thunderbolt ...... 699 Blood Money 699
Operation WoH 699 B&rteidaSh 6 99 Outrun 690 Bubo* Bcteio 699
Piemans 699 C«flf ....6.99 Pang 6 99 Cailoma Games 699
Panza Kick Boung 699 Caplam Pvtnet ..6.99 Pilbghier 699
Caplvi 799 Pip* Mkna 609 Carr fv Command .6.9 Platoon
590 Cartilage 799 Pregataf .,,,, ..... 6 99 CWBca
GT4 Rally ....6.99 Pro Terms Tour 69 Centrcrteld
Souaros 699 Pu znic 6 99 CtVR 4HQ ......699
HtyjM 699 CJ In the USA .... 7 99 Rdmbo3 699 Cloud
Kngoom 699 Raroow Island 699 Colossus Chess 693 Rmokrton 101
.. ......6 99 CorAlct m Europe 7 99 Robocop
$ 99 Crackdown .699 Rcooccp?
699 Crazy Cars 699 noc* .e*. Flaggers .....- ..... 899 Days Ol Tnunder ...7.99 Rollng Rom 999 Delender or ne Crown 799 Run the Gaurdet ... .699 D»lu 6 StT Pdker 609 Shadow Wamor 690 DouDc Dragon 1 or 2 699 Sherman M4 699 Oagon Nvija 6 99 $ hndgr 6.99 Ed til Ouck 6 99 Shoot onr Up 7 49 EiWyn Hughes Soccer ..6.9 Shuibe Puck Care 699 F16 Cortut Pilot 699 SkyerD* 899 Fantasy Wohd Diuy ....5.99 Slccpng Godk LW 689 Fun School 2 (under 5)
6. 99 Sta'giider 2 6 29 Fun SdwM 2 5-7) 6 99 Storm Trooper
6. 6 Fivi School 2 (7.)
690 Strwe Force Marne* 699 Fu ibai ..699 Stunt Car Rac r . 6 99 Gaurdet 2 699 Super Hang On .... 699 Gaua 2 _________7.99 Super Oh Road 899 Ghost Butters 2 699 Superpfe* .. 699 Ghouls & GlWH .699 Savtch Blade 600 Go lor Gold 899 SmtChBM 2 689 Goden Ajo 699 Svnv 799 Hard Ortvvi ....699 Titus me Fo 9 49 Head Over Hew* 699 Tootan 699 Hflcfi Hkers Guide . .8.49 iJHimav RuM 699
J. Khan Squash 699 Umouctiodm 699 James Pond . .6.99
v'glarrte ......6 9 Jet Sel Willy 799 War Zone 699 John Lowe
UK Da ts 690 W-zbal 690 Kid Gloves 50 Xflrwi?
709 COMPILATIONS Award Winners .. 1699 Air Combat Ace* 1899 Air. Land 8 Sea ..... . 23 99 Big Bo* 1 1$ 99
B. g Bo. 2 1949 Bitmap Bros Vol 1__________________ 169 8,1*4
Bros Vol 2______________ 1699 BOARD GENIUS .
...17.99 Cartoon Col aon 1699 Dream Team ’689 F*na«)C WorWi
24 99 Foottal Crazy___________________ 1499
Mcaa to m«»3 24 99 2 Hot 2 Hgngi* ......
...10.99 Magnebc Scrols____________________ .1599 Mod Games
1499 Nmp Colacaon 1599 Psychos Soccer Collect 1899 Rainbow
Collect on . 1399 Ravng Mad 1799 Super
Fighter 1699 Super Sm Pack ... .21 99 Super Heroes 20 99
Sports 20 99 Strategy Master ’98 Test Drrve 2 Collection 20
9 Quest *0r Adventure 23 99 Que*» 6 Gwy 21 49 Pnantat Bonus
i BIB Eh, look here if it isn't an old friend of mine. Who is
it, you cry? Ah, well it goes by the name of Mr Hype. Hello Mr
Hype, do you mind if ask you a question? Sure, fire away. What
do you think of Street Fighter 2?
Street Fighter 2 is undoubtedly High on hype, low on speed US GOLD ¦ £27.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now going to be the best beat-em-up ever on the Amiga, is going to be faithful to the SNES version and will feature amazing graphics, mind«blowing sound and absolutely brilliant playability. SF 2 is the hottest two-player arcade action game you can get. It has gargantuan sprites and stunning fights - in fact it's the game that the Amiga was made for.
Hmm, thanks Mr Hype for your unbiased and objective comments. So kids do you honestly think that Street fighter 2 will be as good on the Amiga as it is on the SNES? Ha, well I personally think you've been ever so slightly conned.
Hands up who got the game from Granny and Grandad for Christmas and eagerly loaded it up and then wept buckets. If you have a friend who owns a SNES and SF 2 I would keep the fact that you've got a copy of SF 2 on the Amiga very quiet indeed.
Perhaps I'm going over the top because Street Fighter 2 isn't really that bad. It's not amazing, but thanks to Mr Hype your expectations have been unnecessarily raised and you probably think that the game is going to be the best ever on the machine.
That's Mr Hype for you, making the eager young(ish) devils that you are scribble the game down on your list to Santa and find out that it s not quite as good as every* •*M §!** _ ll dodgy. It's not funny J 1 * f & when someone hits you JP* I p and you're nowhere The sound is not brilliant and when Chun Li attempted her 1,000 kick manoeuvre she ~ sounded like a dog yapping. Some of the original
* - speech is included though " ¦ with the fighters screaming
all manner of obscenities that sounds like japanese.
The game is slow - not as slow as a tortoise, but more your old age pensioner kind of speed. It's much better in one-player mode simply because it slows down to sloth proportions in two • one says it is. N Right, now I've got that grumble off my chest I might JP as well tell you about the game even though you proba- bly know everything that there L is to know about SF 2, from | what moves Ryu does to the Size and colour of Blanka s underpants.
The object of " the game is simple because all you have to do is take your fighter around the world beating the crap out of all the other fighters.
It does have some things going for it and one of those is the fact that you have a choice of eight fighters.
You can pick Ryu, a sort of Karate kid lookalike; Ken, like Ryu with blonde hair; Ohalism, an Indian rubber man; Guile, an American Gl with a Bart Simpson hairdo; Zangief, a wrestler who likes nothing more than throwing oiled men around a ring; E Honda, a fatty sumo wrestler who needs a bra; Chun U, a Chinese Cynthia Rothrock type and last but not least, Blanka, a green-skinned monster with orange hair.
Each fighter has his her own special moves. For instance Chun Li has the vicious spinning bird kick among others and Edmond Honda has the hundred hand slap, a sort of handbags at 40 paces kind of move.
Also included from the coin-op are the gratuitous violence bonus screens.
The fighter is given the chance to earn bonus points by either smashing wooden barrels to pieces, punching and kicking three burning cans or wrecking and destroying a snazzy and very expensive car. Hey, if that isn't gr* tuitous I don't know what is.
Street Fighter 2 was never going to be as good as the Super Nintendo version, but I have to admit that Creative Material have had a damn good go and possibly done the best job that they could do considering the Amiga capabilities that they had to play with.
The graphics are almost identical to the coin-op with the exception of loss of colours, but unfortunately they re very jerky and also the T|. Collision detection is rather I •. P H aii l 'r n At lainitu player. Some of the special moves will only work once in a blue moon and are more than a bit fiddly, but seeing that the SNES has six buttons and the average Amiga joystick only has one I can t really moan that much.
On the easiest level I completed the game in one go, but stick it up to the hardest and you won t have a chance Overall Street Fighter 2 will be a disappointment to most Amiga games players due to the fact that the game has been hyped too much.
When it comes down to the crunch SF 2 is just slightly better than your average beat-'em-up. If you've not bought SF 2 I would save your money and wait for Body Blows by Team 17 and if you have bought it, then tough.
As Chuck D and Flavor Flav from Public Enemy cried in unison; Don t believe the hype!
Jonathan GOGO Nice graphics that are almost faithful to the coin-op original.
AUDIO GG Not bad speech, but other effects are faity dire.
PLAYABILITY GG Very slow espeoaly in two-player mode.
A D D I C T I O GOG Put It on the hardest level and you'll be at your Amiga for years.
68% March 1993 GameR at this point, as you'd guessed, chasing Apex through the streets of Amenca and generally beating up whoever you come across Sound like a new concept? No? Well it is... Before you actually get your mitts on anyone. You must decide what kind of superhero you want to be. And are provided with a 'Design-a-Superhero Kit' Strengths, weaknesses, genetic make-up - even the clothes he wears can all be designed to your own specifications.
For instance, you might want a Batman- type character, complete with cape and pointy ears, or perhaps you'd prefer a new kind of crusader - say, a woman with Dig muscles, a blue face and jeans.
Virtually anything is possible, and from what we've seen so far, it looks like a lot of fun Psygnosis are a funny bunch - one minute they have you writhing in delight at the antics of their Lemmings. The next you're howling in disappointment at the likes of Red Zone and, as featured in these pages. Air Support.
This time they are venturing down the well-trodden avenue of the beat- errvup You may have noticed - I certainly have - that most of those offerings on the market at the moment are so similar that it really is a case of pot luck as to which are bought But by Jovel - you know I think Psygnosis may have hit the nail on the head this time with the innovative Superhero The story is Core Design are awakening from their post-Curse of Enchantia slumber with a sequel to the groovy Chuck Rock. Paul puts on his cape and picks up his club to check it out set in the USA in the year 2005. When anarchy
rules the streets and everyone takes a rottweiler to go shopping This is apparently all down to some bloke called Apex, a powerful genetic mutant seeking revenge on a world he believes made him the freak he is. Everything is going to pot - what the world needs is some kind of do-gooder with similar abilities to put Apex in his place. You come in "Ofn cj'j Houss", cJO fisiiJw-jy rio-jcJj Laiyn, L'lfjas, WN7 -'AD COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE BUSINESS AND PRODUCTIVE SOFTWARE SPECIALIST Pixel Script .....£79.99 DiskMastcr V2.0 ......439.99
Dunlap Utilities .434.99 Maverick V3.0 (Disk Backup) 427.99 Hyper Helpers £39.99 Teacher’s Toolkit £29.99 RX Tools ...£29.99 Wshcll V2.0 ...£49.99 Image Finder V I .OD ..£39.99 PROC; RAMMING LANGUAGES Amiga Logo.
DevPack V3.
Hisoft Basic.
Animated Fonts 4 ......£39.99 Kara Fonts Headlines 1 ....£49.99 Kara Fonts Headlines 2 ...444 99 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 ...449.99 , Kara Fonts Sub Headlines ...444.99 Masterpiece Fonts and Borders 4134.99 Masterpiece Anti-Aliased Foots-Video £ 134.99 Personal Font Maker .£49.99 Gold Disk Type Designer Pack ...£34.99 Gold Disk Type Decorative Pack £34.99 Gold Disk Type Publisher Pack ...£34.99 Gold Disk Tvpc Video Pack .£34.99 Outline
Fonts .499.99 ProPage Structured Clipart ..439.99 LazerClips Structured Clipart------£44.99 Video Clipse ..459.99 Broadcast Tiller II Font Enhancer 499.99 Font Puck I for Broadcast Tiller 11-499.99 SoftClips Vol I - Classics £49.99 SoftClips Vol 2 - People ..£49.99 SoftClips Vol 3 Collectors ..£49.99 SoftClips Vol 4 - Animals £49 99 PostScript Foijt*- Classic ..£ 129 99 PostScript Fonts - Designer ......£129.99 PostScript Font* - New sletter £
129.99 PageSttvam Font Plus Pack ..£49.99 PageStream Font Pack I ...£49.99 Starter Fonts ...£69 99 ZuiQD Fonts Pack 1 ...459.99 Pagttcttcr 2 . .£54.99 .£39.99 I'ageStream V2.2 ......£149.99 ffhtl.inks Fdition ... £64.99 Buddv System for PageStream £29.99 Pigcstream Quick Forms ..£29.99 PageMream Business Forms .£29.99 GRAPHICS (including 3D) Deluxe hunt IV ---------------------£ *9.99 Photon Pulnl
2 ..£19.99 Spcctracofoir ....459.99 DigiVjew Gold 4 £99.99 DigiVicw Media Station .£• 19.99 Imagine V2 .£149.99 Map Master for Imagine ...£49.99 Surface Master for Imagine ..£24.99 Draw 2000 ...4129.99 IinagCMairtCrw.mmm.mmmm~.~~~ti29.99 Art Department Professional V2.U149.99 Morph Plus----------------------------£154.99 An Department ..4149.99 An Department Pro Conversion Pack
£64.99 Art Department Pro JX30O+ Module£ 174.99 Art Department Pro JXI00 Module ...£79.99 Arl Department Pro Polaroid Module .£129.99 An Department Pro Kodak Module 4164.99 Art Department Pro Epson Module..£ 129.99 Real 3D Professional VM £234.99 SttlJpt Animate 41) Professional....£249.99 Pixel 3D V2____________________________.£69.99 Draw V3______________C89.99 Tvkfaprtasioac-----------1174.99 Genesis. The Third Day 11939 ( alligari 2 £189.99 Intro CAD plus .£54.99 3D Prolevsion.il .£139.99 The
Complete Colour Solution £169.99 New Vidi Ahiga .....£129.99 Proved.v: 1 ..£169.9*1 VwtaPro V2 JL,...... Vista Grand CandOA 2...... Vista Grand Canyon I...... Vista Flaming Gorge*;____ BUSINESS IxiCalc ... Day by Day Mailshot Plus...... ...£29.99 ...£24.99 ...£39.99 .459.99
4114. 99 ..459.99 Maxiplan Plus .. The Office.
Mini Office ...... Pro Calc.
Flow V3- |C »PO V2.0______________ Amos Professional -----------£59.99 Aram . £34.99 Amos Compiler..- £22.99 Amos 3D_________________________427.99 Fasy Amos £29.99 DATABASES Pro Data VI .2 .k £89.99 Xorgen V2 .~.Sk £29.99 Superbase 4 Professional ......4149.99 Superbase Personal 2 £59.99 Aztec C Professional V5.0D iKexx Plus Compiler wmwntimtt £19999 ... ...479.99 CONVERTERS Dos 2 Dos________________
444. 99 Mac 2 Dos w ilh Interface k Software . 469.99 CrossDos
5... 09.99
Interchange ...£29.99
Turbo Silver Conversion Module..... £ 19.99 DFX Conversion
Module ......£199.9*) WORD PROCESSING & TEXT EDI TORS
Protcxt V5.5 „£ 109.99
Cygnus Ed Professional V2.I2 .£49.99 Personal
Write £29.99 Kind
Vords3 . £49.99
Transwritc .£14.99
Pro Write V3.2 £99.99
Final C'opv .....£69.99
WordPerfect V4.1 ...£169.99
UTILITIES X-Copv Professional___________£34.99 AmiBack V2
Hard Disk Backup.....£49.99 Directors Opus
...£39.99 Quarterback Tools
VI.5 ...£59.99 EDUCATION Audio Gallery -
German .444.99 Audio Gallerv
Spanish .£44.99 Maths Adventure
...£25.99 Noddy's Playtime...... Hie
French Mistress.
The German 1 lie Spanish Tutor ... The Italian Tutor... VIDEO Alter Image Video F X . ......£119.99 Broadcast filler IL -------- £159.99 Video Effects 3D ..... ......4114.99 A DOR AGE . - ......£169.99 The Video Director £109.99 £99.99 TV Show . .£59.99 TV Text ... £59.99 .£22.99 149 99 £19.99 .£49.99 £49.99 £49.99 £49.99 £69.99 £19.9*) £19.99 Discovery 2.0 Education Pack_______£49.99 TO ORDER: Write lo the address at the
top or telephone: W Software (0942) 682205 Enq. & Fax (0942) 682206 Postage included add £5 for express delivery.
Credit Card transactions ensure 24 hour despatch. Cheques will require clearance.
Vista Western L’SA I ..... Vista California Scapes ... Vista Mars Scapes .. Distant Suns 4.0 .. FONTS ANI) Cl.IPAR P FI5 Animated Brushes . £14.99 Red IvOtus Animated Brushes....m.~ 14.99 Star Voyager Anim Brushes......~~~£J7.99 Animated Fonts 1 .L&9.99 Animated Fonts 2 ..429.99 Animated hints 3 ..1.£29.99 DESK TOP PUBLISHERS Copyist DTP .£199 99 Copyist Apprentice DTP .. 479.99 Top Form V2 ..£49.99
Professional Page V3______________4117.99 TWO DISK CATALOGUE 75p updated free i just send jour old disks and the return postage I. RING AND COLLECT SERVICE AVAILaUI.1-' xv Note I',nl ,ml L1CENCEWARE £3,99 per disk 'Calendar. Names A Atklre Pieft.
17107 - EGO - Originally mkndcd as a full price commercial game hut now released due lo the economic climate. Excellent value for money' 17108 - Family History DB Y2 - Excellent programme with many enhancement* over it* PD origins. 17109 - Metal Life - Moose controlled shoot- em-up of exceptional quality with come astounding graphics 17110- Money Spinner-' with high quality graphics and playability L l 11 - Stock Control - Excellent, aimed at any sized business user. Automatic slock alerts with configurable stocklcvds. Will print stock order*. Features On-Line help, full search facilities,
etc. 17112 - The Manager - An Invoicc Otdif printer with built-in customer supplier D Base.
F. xport details from the database lo the order or invoice form,
fully configurable.
17115 - Roots - Another programme for gcncology enthusiasts. Good database.
17116 - Holosquavh - Futuristic game of squash.
17117 - Jewels - A sanation on the Tetris theme.
17118 - IIDM - Hard Drive menu system that is multitasking an fully configurable, extremely easy to use and configure. RFCOMMFNDFI).
L l 19 - Yippee - The perfect game for children wilh some beautiful graphics L l 22 - Tell The Time - Nicely presented educational programme for the children presented with a colourful control panel.
1. 1*1 MU - Guess U ho - This disk is highly , recommended lor
all age groups.
I7087 - Puzzword - This is a sliding puzzle ty po cross* ord game 1 Mh.
17089 - Sky base 22. This is an arcade strategy game totally absorbing and addictive. Imh.
17990 - Concert Box - This program follow on from Music Box and aimed at adults.
Recommended Imh.
17091 - Fun To Learn - This disk is full ol games and activities to help children to enjoy learning.
LC200 Fonb (Epson model - Similar
I. PD52 - 1424 200 Fonts - Similar to LPD22.
But for 24 pin printers Appears to be compatible with most 24 pm printers.
LPD57 - Kiddles Clipart - Clipart purely lor the kids to use. Excellent quality!
I PD5S - I .in ks Keys & Enemy's - Excellent game, well worth a look!
1. 1*1)59 - The Prehistoric Fun Pack - Four games along a
dinosaur rheme (a big hit with the kids).
I. P 1)60 - Techno Snail - Childrens game where *he itlmq* to
rescue the kidnapped baby snails
I. PD61 - The Final Chapter - Another 3D game, vers well
I. 1*1)64 - Rescue II -The follow up lo l.PtM!
I PI 65 - POWFR PLANNER - An address database and appointment planner. 512k. -
I. PD69 - Magical Mix-Up - Foe AIX ages.
You choose your picture and then choose how many pieces it is to be divided up into. You can divide it into six pieces for children or anything up to 100 pieces which is strictly foe the rnasochist!
I. PD70 - PaintBox - Simple paint programme for children w ith up
to 16 colours.
I. PD71 - Battlecars - A racing game for one or two players with
a split screen. Very good.
LPD7J - Amos Database V3.0I. 5lik.
LPD75 - Video Lab - Brilliant Video (itlingH package. Vcty easy to use! I meg.
I. PD76 - T-Tccmtwe - A game for the puzilcsolvcr!
1. PD77 - Puwrrhasr - Excellent. 1 meg.
I. PD82 - Magic Colouring Book II - Tha arc cighi more pictures
on this one. I Mb LPD83 - Picture Hangman - Very nicely DEJA
VI £3.99 per disk 1,1*1)5 - Jungle Bungle - Superb ad'eotum
game lot kals, Icon dri'cn. 1 meg.
1,1*1)10 - The Word Factory - Excellent spelling aid lor the young. 512k-
1. 1*1)15 - Are Angel Shapes - A Fuzzy Fell is |tc piogrmnmc lor
the very young.
I I'D I ft - Revcrsl II - Ctovw "Othello" type .dine, nicdv done 1 .1*1)22 - m0 200 Fonts - This enables you install more fonts in vour printer. 512k.
PD25 - The Mission - Text adventure game [with style and humour, extremely good.
11*1)28 - Hud Base I - Very nicely polished database with nice interface.
I. PD35 - T-TreDrau - l ull technical drawing program. Fantastic
results 1 meg.
I. PD36 - Fraegrn II - Fractal generating programmes.
I. PD37 - Rocket Maths; - Four part maths programme for kids.
I. PD41 - Rescue - Very nicely done graphic adventure game done
in the 3d Con-Kit from incentive, excellent!!
I. PD43 - Amos lakzerzone - One or two players with excellent
1. 1*1)44 - formula I Challenge - A managerial type game that's
hid some good reviews.
I. PIV45 - MUSIC BOX - The ultimate in music education for kids 1
I. PIV47 - Dirty Cash - Beautifully done fruit machine simulator,
excellent. I meg.
1. 1*1)51 - Magical Young Artist - A puint programme aimed
specifically at ihe young artist. Has 50 stencils for them lo
colour in.
I. i .5 W" 17093 to L22 17094 - All Square - 17095 - kkldie* disk
specifically I TOTS - Powef K ThiTisnot a text editor but a
very good w rd processor Brilliant!!
Are •Sol an Mart II Vchildren another puzzle game Another clipart I Mb.
17099 - Picture - This contains two programmes t of the youngest members of the family Misery age).
17101 PnioiM ( tide Tutor - If you wish to kam Morse Code, then this disk is a must.
ITMR - Distance Fstlmator - Ol interest lo HAM Radio specialists W103 - Gadge 1 - Lovely game which takes Aace over 5 levels and has some 355 screen*.
17104 - Money Monitor - A home accounts utility that can keep track of up lo three hank counts.
105 - Super Skoda Revenge - For two or r players with a split screen.
106 - Organised! - A complete Filo-Fax system on your Amiga Includes Diary.
FISH 1 740, I*. BAG 1 63, SMAUG, PANARAMA, NZAUG, TOPIK, SNAG, AMIGAS, SCOPE & THE DEJA VU COLLECTION AVAILABLE Public Domain also available at £1.20 per disk plus pfcp £3.99 Per Disk PlUX PlftlHgC POSTAGE: UK and 81 TO; Please add 50p to order.
Europe: Please add 2()p per disk.
World; Please add 40p per disk comma or Till PROFUSION AL STANDARDS FOR DISTRIBUTION INDORSED BY COMMODORE IK ACCOLADE ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 meg 1 Mouse ¦ Out now If I had any say in what should have been number one in the games charts last Christmas it would have been Waxworks in a joint first with Darkseed. But I think there would have been a serious outcry from the parents of young children if they had all rushed out and bought Waxworks.
Seeing your five-year-old child bursting into fits of giggles on seeing the semi-severed head of one of Jack the Ripper s victims is probably not how most parents would like to spend their Christmas.
I think it should be stressed that although Waxworks is an excellent game it won't appeal to everybody and some people will find it completely offensive. Many of us in the office are still baffled as to how the game got on to the shelves without it having an age certificate attached to the box.
But who are we to decide what should and should not be available to the public? I wouldnt wish Biffa on any unsuspecting member of the society.
The composition of Waxworks is brilliant. The programmers have taken basic elements from adventure and arcade games, combined them with some truly inspired graphics programming and come up with one of the most devilishly hard games I've seen in well over a year and a half.
It s basically an adventure game but it's split into four different scenarios instead of one huge one. This serves to keep the gameplay fresh and the graphics interesting.
In each scenario there is one large monster you have to kill - this monster is actually the evil sprit of your twin brother which has over taken the waxwork which you have chosen to enter.
The first of these scenarios is an Egyptian pyramid which you have to explore. As ever there are various things that are there to hinder your progress, in this scenario it is the pyramid guardians who will hack your bits off at any opportunity.
There are lots of rooms and things to explore and there are always lots of other items like weapons and so on that will help you but it all boils down to a maze game so it's always a good idea to keep a map.
In the next scenarios it turns out that you are Jack the Ripper, it was in fact your evil twin brother who had killed the little girl lying in front of you but the police don't know that and they have seen you near the body so you are a hunted man.
Again it s a bit of a maze. Belting round the streets of 18th century London you re bound to get a bit lost now and then aren't you?
This section is probably the most graphically stunning part of the game. You can even climb up on of the roofs and look out across the Thames.
The main thing you have to worry about is the police - stay in the same place for too long and that s it, to the gallows with you. That's why the first thing you have to do is find yourself a disguise.
And it not just the police you can run into, you can also get beaten to death by the angry mob which the daughter s father has put together. If They just don t know when to give up. Do they?
Mummy why i» that green man inside that goldfish bowl?
You get really stuck at any point in the game you can call on your deceased uncle who communicates to you through a crystal ball which you have in your possession.
I know it sounds a bit silly but it really is done very well - you even have that animated face of your unde s mush talking to you.
The next scenario is mine-infested with killer plants and mutations which are dying you give you horrible infections that will kill you in seconds flat.
To protect yourself you have to find a plant sprayer filled with insecticide which I found quite hilarious.
Then you have to take tools and other equipment from the bodies of the ex-mine workers who were unlucky enough to get tangled up with the rouge plant and its friends.
The final scenario is the graveyard scene - you have to find your way around the maze of gravestones and into the crypt of your ancestors.
This wouldn't be too hard a task but of course this is a graveyard so you have zombies by the dozen chasing you and trying to rip your limbs off. I can find little fault with waxworks apart from the fact that most of the scenarios involve some sort of maze or other which can get a bit annoying.
Ben Do you ever wake up with blood every where and all you can think of is Wedneiday?
I Again 7 No VISIO 00000 Hold on to your lunch, fantesticty gory.
AUDIO 0000 Good atmospheric tunes wtiich donl wear thin.
PLAYABILITY 0000 All the fun of arcade and adveture games ADDICTION 0000 Very addictive, youl be glued.
94% You look familiar - have we met before?
ACCOLADE ¦ £24.99 • 1 2 meg ¦ Keyboard joystick mouse ¦ Out now Here s a quick intro for those not in the know... There s a game called Tetris that features blocks of varying shapes falling vertically down your computer screen intent on nothing more than causing a blockage, thus concluding the action and ending your fun.
Fun? But how can one derive fun from such a seemingly futile exercise in basic computer graphics? By preventing the blocks from building up - that's how.
Yes, simply rearrange these little devils into horizontal lines using just a handful of keys, causing them to disappear and consequently elongate your game.
Sounds easy, doesn t it? - not to mention boring, pointless and dull.
By jiminy though, it's addictive, and possibly the world s most widely played game.
Why am I telling you all this?
Well, as with any successful concept, there are those who aspire to the same greatness - Columns, Towers - call them what you will, they re all younger, less meaty brothers of the classic Tetris.
Zyconix is a member of the family too - kind of an incest-spawned, two- headed child with a hair-lip and a limp, if you will, because it does have a few original quirks.
The basic idea is the same - simply don t allow the screen to fill up.
Instead of different shaped blocks though, you are bombarded with coloured rectangles that need placing in colour order, either horizontally or diagonally, to keep your screen clear.
Half a dozen or so different projectiles may fly at your blocks from time to time, and range from bombs and utility blocks to a rebounding ball that constitutes a mini-Blockout game.
As well as the standard mode there are three variations, each one accompanied by its own tune - jazz, rave, funk or soul, whereby you choose whether to race against time, go for bonuses, and other such shenanigans.
There is even a two-player mode, played side by side.
Overall Zyconix is a very competent variation on a theme, but Accolade may find that many people are unwilling to pay full price for a game that appears in many forms in budget and PD libraries.
Having said that, unless you already own a so called Tetris-clone, you could do worse than check it out
- it's fun. Addictive and one of the best of its kind on the
• • J * Cyt DC© 000 Not lot of scope for creativity reaiy.
AUDIO 000 Decent tunes - mzy be$ n to grate after a whie though.
PLAYABILITY 0000 Couldn't be easier to understand, but the actual control isjuitabrtloose.
ADDICTION 0000 Itl hint you hooked, but Tetris is still tops Licensed to... erm, thrill - surprisingly - 1 1 __ 1 * 1 r 11 J I y J OCEAN ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Joystick1 Out now cleaver - no gun, just a big chopper.
He tries to lop your bonce off every time you venture in his space- Sound FX are pretty much what you might expect - gun noises, things falling over and people dying - they re certainly not bad, but the game would undoubtedly benefit from something a little beefier (how about a cup of Bovrii - Ed).
I must admit that I did like Lethal Weapon a lot - I never have been much of a fan platform games but this one is appealing to all levels not just the hardcore bunch. In saying that true platform fans may find Lethal Weapon a bit easy some respects.
Either way well worth a look.
- '.I •» I I LOCKER ROOM lir • UL Think III check if Danny Glover
s cleaned hli undergarments after our last hair
raising humorous escapade sions. One you cannot select until
you have picked up a secret code from somewhere or other.
This was the first aspect which drew me to the game. You aren't thrown in right at the deep end, you start off on a relatively easy mission and work your way through.
I was quite disappointed at first with the graphics because they seem unnecessarily simple but the reason becomes apparent after you've been playing for a bit. Each and every sprite on the screen has its own individual little movement whether it be looking around furtively of having a peek over the side of a ledge, which is a very strong sign that the programmers have taken a long time over the game.
The rest of the scenery is very simple, barrels, plain walls and the like which gives the game a very spartan appearance. Apart from that, the graphics are pretty spot on - everything moves very smoothly and dearly.
There are three main sorts of baddies. The first are the usual henchmen
• in the films you usually have about four or five of them who
get shot in the first scene, Basically they're stupid and wait
for you to shot first.
Next up are the commando types who get shot very quickly. But you have to watch them they do shoot very quickly too. Last but not least is the mad Chinese man with his meat vision 0000 Graptiicjty quite plain, but a nice variety of movement in the spot*?.
AUDIO 000 Daka dak a daka - sem- convincins gun sounds and some not bad tunes.
P L A V A B I L I T V 0000 Easy to get Into, easy to stay mvdvtd.
- ADDICTION 000 It's one of those youl pick up every so oftem
and enjoy a few joes.
82% f-f-f The last thing that the toiling Gamer team wanted was another platform game after the excesses of Christmas. Especially after having to beat some drunken fool back up the chimney because he nicked my mince pies, but alas here it is - the first of a new breed of 1993 platformers.
Ocean are really into this film tie-in thing, they do all sorts from Hudson Hawk to Cool World and in my opinion they don t do them very well.
Basically because none of the games resemble the film in any way. You play the role of Riggs or Murtaugh the head case copper who is played so well by Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon films. Thus, being a nutty copper with a testosterone overdose, you are sent on various ridiculous missions in which you are hideously outnumbered by axe and machine-gun wielding psychopaths.
Loathed as I am to say it I actually quite got into Lethal Weapon. It has a certain simplicity, unlike most games which treat you as though you should be knowing what you re doing seeing as you bought the game and everything.
Your character starts off in police headquarters and you have to bound around from room to room to choose your first mission. There are three to choose the first of your three mis- immWm nr?
- lfl V fl H1WTT I r. I m down here boyt Now MH luwy. If you II
juit dive backwards and land on your head. Wr II call it a
wrap, dahling!
© Gamer ST A AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 Eagle Software 1 Meg Crick* lAape oak) QW 30 Pool nw can an in. An an ih_____________an Bel*« The Mono________C&W Bdlehemka 1942 ...... ..aw BMUonay .....£&* GaMl _______________ CAW CeKoma Ga*M AW Camer Command C&W C *eaGT4 Raly_____tt» Con Mold Sguar* _____ an CbudKludOli_________aw coiqcmqmw________aw CoiboRMf nw CcnUet m Evopo C7.W Ccotoiental Qkub QN D** oartpPok*________nac Doubit Dragon l«l_____ttH Dragon Nr*.________________aw 0u* . aw FwteyWortfCXar QW F16 Co* bat PIW ..£7,W
f. o.f.t________________nw nw nw GhoubnGhosto____UW
qomwam______________aw h«iio*«nMk aw
H. H Qtf* to Catoy C7.W ik*___________aw Impossible Uuoo
II_____C&W Ja*esPwd_______aw J«9MW«y Aatoo only) C7.W
KjdGhww_________QW aw C7.W rac Roly----aw Lotus Esarfl .aw
MonicMinor (A*«o *V) t?W U Jadaeit UommIm......aw Moona ine
Rocan dW mre______________aw Nary Soak---------aw No* ZooM
Story aw North A Souto__________aw Out
Run ..nw OpMlon Thundwtx*nw OperWonWol aw
Ponfl ... aw Parua Kick boong ----- C&W PitocadParela .
Raaboiil...... ReooMnn 101 RoMng Ronny... sx- 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL C RE OfT CARO HO TUNE: 081889 9172 ENQgiRY0R0ERLINE: 081 361 5730 24 HOUR FAX UNE FROM FEBRUARY 081 361 2733 u* Nipi Last Ninja ¦ Lorn bora RM ? FREE FREE MYSTERY GAME WTTM i k OVER ISC 4 rt ST AMQA TOP TITLES TOP TITLES ComrGrl Rokw__ CouertAdtoo_______ Cruy Cm IH-------- CrMe for ¦ Gorpte..... CryM Kingdom Odzy Cine d too Enchant* Cytron.
Monkvy Maud II Spodal SMEi Fokm Enptie Dot Bool OoSraronoo... DmmISMM cuw can nan nan nan nan C1&WC12W ... n a caw ... n a caw » n a nan N A CMW Btont Moat*... Shod Fight* fl StrtoFtot ..... Sinker Daaplnto Doodbbugl Doebie Oregon Dmdnoogra Epc EytdNBototo* .... Ey»oftt»8Mokt*ll... F14 To* Col* . FIS Strife* Eagle II .. Fl17AStoo» Fight* V. F1BSMBR0I* .. FaR«toiMor„~ ..... FmOff IwHocfcay.... Thund* Jaws TpOfl________ TdU________ Tfl Trofc LeoTri Weapon .... LwdtUM .. Lagond * Mo* Book Legend d Kyrond* ’ d valour ... Fatoon. l Falcon Uuion DM I
Falcon Wsdon OWN II Fdew 3.0 ......
• ztsr™.
Final Fight .... Flo and oo__ra FnrS*e FroSlon MD i unman ...... Twdgd 2000 UftuUarlM ulioooLoMsn ifCSeawy Robocop HI ra Robo Sports . Rod Land ..... RootoH’ . Brtcrr: Sabre Too*_________ Swage Enpta Seer* Sitf* BftfW SeatoWeapLMV..... SonakAe Soco* 92-U SHADOW BEAST II ... Shadow d toa Beast III Sh*do* Wortda ... Shod mi up Con K4 ShutWlfioSd ________ Sned Swln ll________ Si* Ant ______________ Si* Earth Stepsons BfTMAPBROBVOL 2* oWytliW K*N»a, tyoadMI, Go* Ma*c PactM BfTMAP BROTHERS V0L1 only CUM Aaaoa OadtMt and Spaadbol I crly fllM UagitoM. RriM
lUkocod ATAC.'
ATOWNO_____________ UW UW BURytagFoAwt’ ran ran Bono d too Comic Forgo ,N A£24,W 0AR8AHANI (Pay* ... C12W C14.W B«rtTdoM_______ n a an BorrJi Tali Tribgy* N A now B AT II _______ C22W £22W Baffle Cheat N ntmim,mn„„n N A £U» Balls We------------- C18WCUW BatttMoDdaOtoc________ N A CUW BdWToMk_________nan nan bcku nan nan 64 Run .. CUM C12W BwedPny N AC23W BbdCryd__________________ N A naw BtWMw__________N Am.n Boca Rof*8 ...... nan nan Bock Rogers I___________N AC2QW CdMT_____________________ Cl 4 W Cl I M cwM'iNpsyei____naw naw Caudgs__________£22 W £22* gegfw--------------- CUM cuw ST
1 Msg Upgrade____N AO&W A0O01 U*gUM(*8**ddtk ..N ACWW S3 Hog Upgrtds ? Dock N AC2&W JOConWvdnnKII ..... C3SW £XW 3 BtooaMMan d Chicago ...N A nw 4DflgortiBong N A nt.W AOSflOftDMtg N AC11.W A-TnAl____________ N A £23W Adton Swtoni..... C12W C12W Add**. Fosly-----C1&WC1&W Agooy---------CUW CUW MMMOlt.
MW IN *... AmsdmSPwl.
AMNIOS .. S5**= AnoaCarpi* A* oo Piotooaiorwl AmosTVeCwdor______N A 08W AftdhwAfoAd_____________ C1TWC17.W AsMw________cna an A*M* Go*ft tor J Pw4 CISW nan
- --------N A C1&W TOPTTTLEB ci9 w naw m w . N a Oyna Aid ....
£20 M £20 M H .... n2W£12W Orta Munw 0*1.... £2iw M a Emn I
-Carbon* _____ C21W C23W naw naw . N a naw N,'A £2290 ct&w naw
cum mn C21.W £21. W now £1000 nswnsw nswn&w CUM K'A C11W £11 W
UW UW UW UW raw taw cum new
N. 'A £26 W new new nawtuw new new new cuw C20W C2QM M'AtUW naw
naw FlgMor too Intori* ...... CU MCU W
Foorboi&uy ...cuw cu m Foototl UlMQtr III
. £14.99 £14 W Fiwoc_______________ n a naw ... nw nw
new cuw Cum new £1990 £1990 naw naw ..._ naw cum ......£21 M
£21 w naw cum Grand Pi mud) £21W£21W raw £2338 Guy Spy------
N A CAW Harkgdn--------------CUM CUW (11%)------RACISM . Caw
mw »ga» ST AMQA ... N A CUW C2&W C23W nan nan nzw n7n CUM CUM
.... N AOSW new naw £12 w £12n naw naw ... N A Cl I W CUM CUM
mia naw niwmw tun £17. W CUM CUM CUM CUM £2290 £2200 now now
TOFTTTLES Horot Ouost (Groa) C1SW CUM HafltootMm CUM cuw
HUWyiM 191418 HOW tMU HoatAtom ... N A mw
Mo*oAton*C«towig0odi N A niW Hook naw naw HudootiHouA UW UW
Huaana . N Answ I BoStaraiCNcM ni98 £1890 liriyHaot naw
£18W indy Losl CrasodoGraphc . COM UW International Sports
ChoS CUM CUM ItNi LagardForMW ... E2QWC2QW Jaguar xJao nawnaw
jo*sa pond ii (OpStoAdgnaw naw j* Po»*f • ntw naw J Khan
Squash . aW MW
j. whtetwhttiM naw naw
J. Barnas (1 Mog) C1SW HSW J Maddens FooSal_____ N A CUW
KttOBHuttogp n a naw
• oca os w1 naw naw KM Gevos ¦ .. new new KILLING GAME SHOW
CUM CAM KingiQuadV. .. N AnSW KrsghlkU« • hrtBook
noWtiSW Knghr d tho Sky ......£21M C21W Lawn Mower Man * new
CUW C1SM CUM naw cuw nawnaw nswnsw . N. AC20M LooandsdVibur CMW
«490 LtnriSrdLany I £1290 N A Lmure SuA Larry fl £14 W C14W
LoNuroSulUriyIB . C20M CUW Laauro Sdl Larry V N A £28W
Lo***gi _______CUM C1SW LaraangiandOdaOto tlBWtlOW LttoNkrpi*
£21 w £21 W Lawnngi Oa* Da* .... CUW CUW ls**nga Stand Alone
CUW CUW URMMSI N A £2096 LwsfC--------------- N a mw
LtyrriKria* ...... CUW CUW LoMPatot------------------new cuw
Loal Tioasuws ol Inloco* N A £29 M Ldua TuiSoQiWangil tUOO CUW
Lctua Turbo G*ritonge HI naWtUW LureolOw Te*ptreos C18MC18M Ml
Tank Platoon C18M CUW UtgePodak cuw cuw kUnLAd Europt CUW CUW u
Mia UltoHe FMMa £18 W £18 W M«ga Portraaa___________CUM CUW
Uoga Sports CUW CUW UogalrtoolM II £2000
£2090 1Cob* naw naw
• e Goff.. Poputoua II TWChalmodni W £11 W Poputoui 11(1 orOaUog)
C2QW ft A Popdoua II * (1 Meg) N A £21W fSwalara__________ n a
£20 m Premier Uoneg* ..... C1&M C18W PlOjSdX
_______________£UW[UW pwhOwr nawnaw Putty new new Punnk cew
cew QUEST AND GLORY £U» £UW RooadTycoon mw mw RwtomHNr* an an
Roach tor too St*s . ..... C20M C2QW Rod Baron . N A n8W
RodZow ________ .nswnsw Rtodtht Dragon N A CUW Rhy woo* nawnaw
Rood Rod* ......nan new Rob* Hood new new
Refleeed ...... CIUB BUI Rctowp caw can Robocgpii aw
aw .aBstnMI n a ran .nan nan n7,wn7.w C14NC14R caw caw nawnaw
N A £22W , £21. W £21 W now cuw new new £2099 0090 C12W nzw M A
now new new C7.M C7.W £2099 DOW rawmw .... n a caw C21M C21W .
N. 'A £2690 ¦..tiw aw I Myth -------- naw naw
N. Monool Wort) Champ £20M E2QW NodMPkyOsa naw nan I Now
Mi*____________N A an opffdMStoaih ..aw an
ORBTTU8 _______CUW n2W Ort naw cuw ¦ ... N A
now T Ytnlse IIC2QW £2099 L nan aw naw naw PtdadGefmal
N AC2QW PGAGfliTcttl * ..... N A £2098 PGACatnwMk n a
nan Pribsl Otosmb N A CUW Pinbaa Praam a H N A CUW
HMM MW only n 199 .0 Hon Sup* Core II ... Sup* OK Road
Super SWIV*______________CUW CUW Suptwaacy .£1&W£18 98
SwfthBtodeH . Aw aw Sword d Honour RACUW Te* Away Tho*oa N A
C1SW Tam&Cupz nawnaw T«ninitorll CUW CUW Test Dr»s III
... N A CUW The Ga*ae 92 Espana C2QW C2QW Ther Fmo*
Hour C1SM nftW The Manager ran ran atttai.n new cuw new new
nswnsw RACUW nan nan TVSportoBoaobW RAC11W TVSportoBoxtog ...
RA Ctl TV SpFootbalA ckol Range RA MW Twrteul £7.n £7.n
Turtle*II N Am.n
2000. ..C21M raw ... n a naw raw raw uH«a
v----------nawnaw uflwevi .ran ran
UMSH .....C21W CUW UMSII Planet Eritor
•......C20MC20W i wwiiiiwmi nan nan aw aw ... n a nzw
utopia-------------------nawnaw Utopia Now World C11WC11M
vdaowd naw cuw Vkng Frida of Cc'rquest CUW CUW vodod ..naw
c&w n&wcuw nawnaw WhkeDedh(I Meg) nmnzn wMwiwR nan C7.n
Wily BoomM _______ N A a&W Wing Command* I N A C1SW wttktd
nswnsw WorUChMpiondHp Boring C&W C&W
w. w.f. ..... nan nan
w. w.f. H______________nawnaw ZriUdbackoo c&w C&W 2SSL.. nawnaw
caw nw nw nw nw caw nw nw Shadow d tt* Beori ttW Shadow
Warrior____________aw SmnainhM .. aw Smnotoi aw §¦•0*
tv aw Surgldw II______________ttW Stunt C*Ftoo*--------UW
Sopopto__________aw SwmhahOa_________aw swfcaawo.. aw sork aw
Toonogo Mvto* Twin ..... tt« ThurrisraM* --------ttW
Toobki'___________ttW Vigifente MW WnatdFuiyLAaigaonV) HR
Wclwdvtnvd_____________aw £2000 moo £20 w raw raw caw nawnaw
C17.M Ci W nawnaw naw naw ¦ caw c&w cew cew mmowd', AcnON S
only Cl 9.99 ‘ *0*00111. Qmributtn I. 8 8llariNaM0tMi| SUPER
FIOHTER oriyCliM FflgM* *«F FmtgN SOCCER HAMA only C11M f
octbal kUue* N Gam t $ ««*. F«*tri Mmos*-WC Edb*M(]«eNM&a«*
POWER PACK » onty C17.M P mddor & 8*1* U«tw Wmoa NcaooFna
TkoOaaM FUQMT C08N8AN0 only C14.M Etoie** itr«m Force Hwik .
IkyFmMtf tkydkaee SPORTS RASTERS only C1A99 PQAOol To*, lody
S00 AtooNaga T* t wops* C has puiieiw?
UKUUK AMIGA onlyClt.H COMBAT CLASSICS C20.M AWARD WINNERS ONLVn&M KckOO ¦. TopeoMto. Space Ao* lAJNBCrilCOLLECTION ontoCUW Nw 2mIm4 Story IrtOto koteto HOUYWOOO COUKTPN only £1898 POWER PACK only Cl4.M oez. TV Spa* F ocCtei aboMyc* ee4 HEAD TO HEA0 only C2199 a* taperFtfno niM To* MAX EXTRA £17.98 Tonteao I. )T Oragoa. 8WIV •* Nmt 8M NOSTANO onlynt.i
• per Sooew. Pnreeeo BmaeeOwUow aWBQXonPyCU.H Ce Uto Btoe* TO Tto
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Kiy*ie Em Aapto* Jeckaotk ScAo. Ho*«o* ACTION PACK onfyCU.9l
Come Pttoaa Rata Mom OsSdari fhM Fa* Lew ttoie WU NoOegw TnfUv
Bn BOX II only n 898 8*4 to 1h« Ftoo* M R-TypaKt nad Oto*to*wa.
DddtkeEa*. TV SyoO* foot imps Aw toy* Smaot Bemkooito TEST
DRIVE flCOllKTlON AHKU only 00.99 Mutcto Cere CMWW Cla*og« E
iwpi|« c*fcan Pwi Sup* Can STRATEGY MASTER «4yC2i.W CaaMptoy*
7150 tad Jprto d Cxcrib* 4 WMEH. DRVE anly ni.99 UMEtgri
CotaOTsRdk. Tsa tarett tad C«*boRao« BOARD OOBUS AMIGA
0rUyC17.H Oatsa Moaopdr. OaBoa SaabMa CHAN RONS oily CUM JaUiqr
Kkaa Sum* Mas Uma4 aadWC 8 K*iMaaao« SUPER HEROES onfy n 7 Jl
Sthlto I. Indaee Joeee Leto N*e I aal Spy eto a* 2 HOT 2 HANDLE
only H8.M iotore Am Telto ReeeB Shedoe Warn* Seper 04 Aoed
688 9172 SHOP PRICES Price P&P Total SQ Ptease mate cheques and
P.O.'s payable toE*gh Scttvmn P&PoEI .MporileminlhaUK. Ordors
under £10 please add Sop per tem. Europe a £350 per tem
Eh«it«roatMC4 50per i»&m New wieswVi be sen as released end we
to mdnufacOjrorepn® reviews E 40 E. SPECIAL OFFER APPLIES ONLY
IF QUOTED WHEN OflOERING Computer _ Date _ Title Price _ _
Price _ _ Price 131
* Nd rriMaodatUiodgbihgtoproas Access Q Visa Q Cheque Q P-0'*Q
Fre« Membership with FntOrd*. No oUigabon lo re-order Postcode:
Card No: Exp Date Name: _ Address: Member No: Tel: DUNGEON
Shout for help - after guard leaves the dungeon, pick up the
key and unlock Chains. Go to the wall on the far right front
and pick up coin. Push the wall at the back right to reveal a
hole. Pick up paper clip from hole and unlock the door with it.
HALLWAY Pick up the fishbowl next to the door and proceed left. Avoid the mallets and the whale if possible, collecting all the jewels along the way until you reach the door, which of course you walk through.
UNDERWATER Put the fishbowl on your head and go to the railings where the fish is trapped, and push the railings to release it. Go left and look at the hole in the ground - pick up the pipe from the hole.
Say hi" to Mr Fish at the shop and give him the pipe in exchange for some oxygen. Continue left, where the freed fish will drop a shell for you to pick up.
Wait until the turtle is above you, then give it the shell and it will give you a ride over the electric eels. Look in the reeds to the left and pick up the electric prod.
Fight the shark with the prod, continuing left until you reach the plug, insert the prod into the plug - you will be transported to the cave.
IMk Curst oj Are you cursing at Enchantia? Fear ye not chums, for we are here to calm the nerves and soothe the brain. Actually it was nothing to do with us - hearty thanks and manly handshakes go to Keith Grabban of Bath for saving us the trouble. Part two next month... TOO k A CLIFFS Keith's advice is to save your game often along the cliffs, to save you being transported way back should you fail.
Go to the right, pick up the rubber gloves, and stop at the big rock. Push the rock, jump over the rock, and continue to the right until the rock falls on you, transporting you back to the start.
Follow the same path as before until you come across some buttons on the wall, pushing buttons 1, 2 and 4 in and 3 out, whereupon a path will appear.
Walk right, pick up the rope and walk right again just before the electric man. Fight with rubber gloves on and continue right until you reach the failing rocks.
Wait for rockfall to end and walk to first recess (cave?). Stay here until the next fall ends, then go right, into the next cave, and pick up the chewing gum.
Wait for yet another rockfall to cease then go right, wearing the chewing gum (yes, you read it correctly!), and you will pick up a rock on your head.
Throw the rock to form a pathway, walk right, throw rope, jump rope, then walk right and look at writing on wall.
Now you have to let the big rock fall on you and be transported back to the start, making your way here all over again - don't worry, it's easy second time.
On returning to this point, go to end of trail and say Open sesame . An opening will appear - walk to the opening, say "Hi" to the bird, and you will be transported back to the village.
1 OgameR 1 Enchantia COUNTRYSIDE Look behind the large rock in the centre and pick up the jewel. Go left onto the footpath until a pirate appears. Pick up the knife and fight him with it, then pick up the money he leaves behind. Follow the path to the village.
VILLAGE There’s plenty to do in the village, but here's the stuff that will help you. Go into the village square and turn left. Keep going left until you see the sign for Sally See-All.
Go in here and give money to the seal, who will give you a clue as to where you should go next. Return to the square and go straight ahead, to the Mage s. Give some money to the wizard, and he'll transport you to the cliffs.
CAVE Come to the very front right of the cave and first look, then pick up the seaweed. Go to the back wall, push the button, and an entrance will appear. Pick up as many rocks as you can carry from the places indicated on the map (there may be more).
When your sack is full, follow the map to the Rock Basher and give him all your rocks. Now go and fill up your sack with rocks again and bring them to him.
Find the plank, pick it up, and use the plank with rock. Make your way to the gold coin, picking up the remaining coins on the way. Return to Rock Basher, who will now give you a Stick and String.
Go to the cave with the four holes in its wall and look in all the holes to make a creature emerge. Look again in the hole on the far right, and pick up the twigs that you will now see in there.
Use twigs with seaweed, then go to the computer cave, pick up computer and look in the hole in the wall, where you will find a wire reel.
Return to the plank cave, stand behind the plank and throw the computer, which will catapult you onto the ledge. Pick up the magnet, jump to the stone, and go back to the computer cave. Use the stick string with the magnet and throw the magnet into the hole.
You now have a reel of wire. Go back to the mud monster and use the wire with the tent pegs in the ground. Now pick up the mud left behind by the monster, and use it with your newly made mask.
Walk to the well and throw in your gold coin. Pick up both the money and the girl that appears (bit dodgy - Ed).
Also pick up the baseball cap and go to the falling rocks. Wear the cap and go right, to the exit. Jump in the bucket and wear the mask, and chocs away!
Th« colour palette s a bit browny all the way through nowhere fast The mad mechanoid workforce which you are up against is pretty formidable to say the least. Stormers.
Bouncers, Assassins, plus supporting cast each with their own little quirks that make it a real challenge.
None of the opposition is anything new to arcade games of this sort but the sheer volume makes up for the lack of originality. Generally they aren't much of a problem but they certainly don't give themselves up for easy cannon fodder - they usually move like excrement off a red hot shovel, and Cytron is not the most manoeuvrable of vehicles.
One rather irritating aspect is the enemy robots called Assassins which are pretty deadly and look very similar to the humans you pick up.
If you remember that you are up against a Dme limit and most of the time are travelling at breakneck speed, you don't have enough time to take in the physical charac- tenstics of each spnte so quite often you find yourself getting stuffed by the Assassins.
As you travel around the several levels, the first thmg that stnkes you is the smooth- It's a long time since anyone has had the bottle to put a game of this ilk out.
Tank games of this sort are ten a penny on the budget market but they get very boring very quickly.
But if you are like me and have an eternally open mind (cough cough) then you can appreciate that such products as this have a very basic idea to them.
At first sight Cytron looks like a pretty poor effort. In the ever-expanding world of computer graphics it is very rare nowadays that you get a game with less that average graphics from a company as big as Psygnosis Rampart is the only other game that has been released recently that I can say would do well in spite of the pretty poor graphics Your mission is to pilot Cytron. A freshly developed multi-use tank with more weapons than a big, well-armed thing, around a research centre saving scientists.
Cytron's mam gimmick is its ability to divide itself into smaller and more manoeuvrable craft with even more silly weapons for you to start blitzing the inhabitants with You infiltrate a secret research base and rescue the humans trapped there by the mechanical workforce that has basically thrown a wobbler.
Unless you get in there soon the machines are really going to go bananas. To prevent these mechanoid menaces doing any more damage, once you have rescued as many people as possible an automatic destruct sequence rs activated, so if you don't get out In time you go up with it.
The humans are pretty easy to find but they don't seem to show any intelligence at all wh»ch I found a bit disappointing. They will just walk until they reach a wall and then keep on going, getting 0009 Easy to g«t in to, fun to play.
0000 Delwitely one that will keep you coming back.
Ness of the scrolling - it is quiet awesome Next are the sound effects - the various booms. Warns and Waps are really satisfying as well as the atmospheric sounds that are thrown in for good measure One thing that is cropping up more and more in games nowadays is an interactive irvgame computer. The first one I ever saw was on Alien Breed where you could change weapons and buy keys and so on.
It's pretty much the same on Cytron - you can upgrade your weapons depending on how much ammo you have and on the more tricky levels you can get plan view of Mine splits in two!
The level to find out where you are and how to get round It The individual ships have their own weapons - choose either a bomb launcher or a laser - and these can be individually upgraded if you need something with a little extra umff behind it.
Cytron's a breath of fresh air after the recent spate of adventure-type games. A good shoot- em-up combined with a bit of a puzzle 000 Awesomely smooth and well defined.
AUDIO V I S I o Darwin Andie Pandy Level no. Level code Level no. Level code Level no. Level code 21 Vilta3Bpro2 41 Bonus 61 Daempnslato 22 Early Morning 42 Bouncing 62 Big Rab 23 Boro4leedsl 43 No Money 63 Miami Vice 24 Easy life 44 ASF 64 Margaret M 25 Jims Ties 45 Vision 65 A34732473 26 Parkview 46 Sisters 66 Help Me 27 Niceneasy 47 Fast Fashion 67 The Exiles 28 Green Card 48 Cargo 68 Eightlands 29 Cookie 49 Rab C Nesbitt 69 Wine And Dine 30 Malcy Mak 50 Rangers 70 Nm 31 Raving Burk 51 Rainbow 71 Technophobe 32 You Got It 52 Doody 72 Getting There 33 Sgnimmel 53 Mighty Baz 73 Time Is 34
Ministry 54 Tired 74 Running Out 35 Mad Freddy 55 Consolidated 75 Lords 01 Chaos 36 Bizane 56 Stay Happy 76 Now IB Done 37 Free Scotland 57 America 77 lm Out Of Here 38 Apple Juice 58 Another Day 78 HeresToA 39 Pay Day 59 isolation 79 Better Life 40 Bananna Moon 60 Promised Land 80 Bye Bye Bye Not content with just bringing you the solution to one of the hottest adventures around, we outdo ourselves once more!
The Humans Yes. Here are The Humans level codes in all their prehistoric entirety. And would you Get A life Carlos Howie Mooble CSL The Humble One Pixie 10 Milestone 11 War War War 12 j McKinnon 13 Unlucky 14 Blue Monkey 15 Red Dwarf 16 Bad Taste 17 The Kitchen 18 G 19 Sort It Out credit it - we've even got a couple of titbits for Pinball Fantasies fans Thanks to Greame Faichney from Linlithgow. West Lothian for the codes - you will get your reward In heaven Greame (because you certainly won't get anything from usij Pinball Fantasies Fed up with managing oh a paltry three ball ration? Type
in 'extra balls* after loading any table and you wtll find yourself, not surprisingly. With two extra balls.
If you're still crap with five balls then type in DIGITAL UluSiOMS. And even the ludicrously inept will find it impossible to lose their ball.
This, the second release from International Computer Entertainment, has a hard act to follow if it is to continue to build their*a reputation as developers of quality games, since the still popular Fireforce made for an excellent debut.
It's a bit of a mish mash actually - essentially an adventure of sorts, not only does it sport a hefty trading element but also leans m places towards arcade style combat, and even has the odd maze thrown in!
Evil forces have the world in their grasp - they stole the Golden Chalice from the ancient Halls of Balance, and until it is restored darkness will prevail, more than likely.
With your crew of three bizarre outcasts you will have to sail around the old West Indies in your trusty boat in search of the fabled holy drinking vessel. At the beginning you are presented with a map of dozens of islands, featunng your boat as a small dot.
Decide where you would like to go first and with the icon-driven system raise your anchor and set sail. If it's possible to land on the island an icon will appear, and you can leave the ship, PsRAC ICE ¦ £29.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Joystick mouse» Out now Throughout the game you are looking for clues as to the whereabouts of the chalice. The island natives are a suspicious bunch though, and unlikely to divulge much information unless you first gain their trust by trading with them - building up your cargo as you go. Additional crew members can be hired, and as your wealth grows more boats can be
purchased While on the seas you will from tune to time encounter pirates (a-ha. So that's where the name came from) who demand money or who will come aboard to fight one of your three original crew members. Land bandits are also in abundance, so beware.
V I S I O M 000 Lots of locations, and it's very cotourful - but hat AUDIO oottt Docs nothmg to really enhance the game Piracy attempts to combine elements of all types of games - a task that were it successful would present us with an absolute stonker. But it's virtually impossible and ultimately Piracy tries too hard to please everyone It’s a real shame actually because an excellent game lurks somewhere beneath the programmers' over-ambitiousness.
Paul PLAYABILITY 000 The interface takes some getting w«d to- A D D I C T I O N 000 Tries too hard, and leaves me wondering who it's aimed at iFROM THE A Game Title: Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh Company: Imagine Software Paying tribute to the rich legacy of games in the Amiga's illustrious history, Ben Styles reviews two more oldies game, Arkanoid has existed in a lower form. It hasn't always been called Arkanoid. It's usually better known as Brick Out. Yes it's the old move-the-bat- to it-the-bail routine, the basis for the vast majority of games consoles before 8-bit machines. The full
title of (his version is Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh.
Doh is a nasty organism-controlling beastie who bimbles around the galaxies taking control of the natives willy-nilly.
So what do you do. Eh? Well personally I wouldn't send a cigar-shaped space ship to bounce balls around but apparently it does do some good There is little deviation from the original Brick Out game. You are a bat at the bottom of the screen and you have to bounce the ball around and knock out the bricks to progress to the next level.
The main difference between Arkanoid and the original is the power ups. By knocking out certain bncks. Capsules drop down These do all sorts when you catch them, from making your bat bigger (fur gufaw yip yip) to running a multi-ball sequence There are hundreds of them - we re still coming across new ones now To add a bit of spice there are also some little space invaders to hinder your progress - these tend to deflect balls and send them m a totally different direction They do have some worth as far as scoring goes but generally they are a pain in the nethers.
Arkanoid is the definitive bat and ball game There are quite a few clones nowadays but nothing has come close. And the novelty takes some time to wear A classic.
Game Title: Jimmy Whitefc Whirlwind Snooker Company: Virgin Snooker is another game which has had a million and one different versions of itself released in the last few years. Jimmy White s, as it is known, .s the definitive version of the Crucible classic.
You view the screen from any angle you wish by panning left right up. Down, in and out (Shake it all about) with the mouse button. Once you have the view you want you have to rake your shot - quite an important part of snooker.
To help you with your shots you can put backspin or sidespin on the ball, to line you up for the succeeding shot.
But if you are like me and you're happy to get the shot in the first place then you don’t tend use this very often. Also, for the tricky shots which have quite a high angle there is speed controller to slow, add or subtract the speed of the shot One thing that must be stressed about snooker is that it is a very easy game to play.
It does sound a little complicated with all the different options but it has small prompts telling you what each icon stands for in case you get stuck.
There is also a good choice of opponents to choose from, ranging from the appalling to the extremely good, who knock off 147s like clockwork.
I would imagine that there are very few sports more difficult to simulate than snooker, and this has been proven more than once to use control, precise graphics and sheer by the dire offerings endured, With its easy realism though, jws is as close to playing can get withing your bot- n out at the British Legion.
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WITHIN 48 HOURS T utoriol name, you might use a variable
called user_nameS (note that underscores can be used to
improve legibility). This could then be used in exactly the
same way as the equivalent string constant: us«r_nm$ **Jol»n*
PRINT uitr_nntl In this case the first line of the program
assigns the characters specified between the double quotes to
the variable user_nameS, and the second line of the program
causes those contents to be printed. A more important way of
initialising, or setting up, a variable is by collecting
input from the user of the program.
Go back to the editor and either delete the existing lines, which you can do by going to the end of the program and repeatedly using the Delete key, by positioning the cursor somewhere on each program line and hitting Ctrl-Y (ie pressing the control and Y keys together) which deletes a whole line, or by selecting New from the Project Menu to clear the display.
Now enter and run this example which uses an Input statement to collect a user name and place it in a specified variable: INPUT *Hhit Is Tour Natt*, u»er_oaoe$ PRINT 'Hello *; user.naaet When the program runs you'll see a message appear followed by a question mark. That's a prompt to enter some data so type in your name, press the Return key, and the program will say hello to you.
Basic doesn't force you to use separate lines for every statement. Multiple statements can be written on a single line as long as they are separated by colon signs, so one alternative way of writing the above code is: INPUT *lfhit Is Tour Naie’, useMUiel : PRINT 'Hello usirjsieS It's worth mentioning at this stage that HiSoft Basic doesn’t worry about the case of reserved words although, by convention, I'll be writing reserved words in upper case.
This month's commands Command: Input Syntax: INPUT [;] ["proipt* (;|,)3 viriibleJBt Purpose: This statement prompts user for input and assigns it to the variable list. A comma after the prompt will suppress the appearance of a question mark.
Placing a semicolon immediately after the Input statement will suppress CR-LF characters.
Command: Print Syntax:PRINT CviH«ble1]( ;|,) viriibt*21... Purpose: This statement prints to the screen the data defined in the list of variables (and or expressions) provided.
Just in case this is your first encounter with Basic here are a few fundamentals. A computer program is just a list of statements svhich specify actions that should be carried out by the computer.
The allowable arrangements of such statements are governed by a set of rules or syntax requirements which are not unlike the rules of grammar of a conventional spoken language such as English.
To learn how to program in Basic you must learn those rules but more than that you must learn how to put statements together in meaningful way. Basic is very forgiving in many respects - when it encounters statements that are incorrect you'll get error messages that should help you identify the cause of the problem.
As well as syntax rules, which must be followed, most programmers adopt additional program style and layout conventions - I'll outline my conventions as and when they are used.
The version of Basic provided on last month's CoverDisk uses a number of libraries which you'll find in the libs directory. You should make sure that copies of these libraries are present in whatever directory LIBS: is assigned to after boot up.
As far as using the HiSoft compiler edi- MW town HiSoft BASIC 1 £j Cej gj Following on from last f month's CoverDisk giveaway of Hisoft's Basic, Paul Overaa starts a new beginners series on Basic programming Basic icon, select Directory from the Project menu, enter RAM: (so that everything is done in the RAM disk) and make a Start by typing in this one-lin? Basic program: fm Now select Run from the Program menu. A window will open and you'll see various messages as the compiler reads your program and converts it into runnable form.
If all goes well the last line displayed will be "Press any key". Hit say the space bar and a window will open, the words "Hello World" will appear and, since the running of the program is then complete, HiSoft Basic will again ask you to Press any key. At this point you will be returned to the editor. As far as compiling a Basic program goes that's virtually all there is to it!
The word Print is a Basic-reserved word that results in things being displayed on the screen and in this case the "things" being printed are the characters held between the double quotes.
Expressions like these are called string constants, because they represent pieces of text which do not change. Sometimes however a program will need places to store items that do change, so Basic also allows you to set up "variables" which are essentially named boxes in which you can place information.
Basic variables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the ones we are currently interested in are those used to hold text strings. They are characterised by having names which end in a dollar $ sign and, needless to say, they are called string variables!
Since HiSoft Basic's variable names can be of any length, you should aim to use names which tell you something about the quantity yOu are Storing. If, for instance, you were collecting someone's tor is concerned, most of the menu options will be self-explanatory - those that aren't you will not need to worry listings in E3 Putting on the style I mentioned programming style earlier and to finish this month there are a couple of points about my code which should be mentioned. Firstly, for reasons that will become clear when we look at larger programs, I try to avoid placing String constants
within the main code of Basic programs.
By defining a set of string variables which hold any textual data that a program needs all the program text can be conveniently located in one place. For normal variables incidentally I always use lower case!
Secondly I tend to use lots of Basic REM statements - these are remarks, ignored by the compiler, that can be used to add additional notes to a Basic program. Any line that starts with the letters REM will be treated as a remark, so also will characters placed after a single apostrophe. Here's one last version of the program described earlier that should show you how additional remarks and conventions can help; AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES ? FREE ESTIMATES ?
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Nine pages of applitations for the Amiga 137 Is Arexx really all lhaf difficult? Alex Gian on how easy it is to make use of this powerful language 139 The amazing RocKey could revolutionise Amiga chroma keying. Paul Austin presents a practical guide 141 Margaret Stanger on what actually happens inside your Amiga when you execute library routines Eel
mm. -- 143 Rent*a*rant Paul Austin provides a timely warning
against falling into computer-led pitfalls when writing
music ' Via 4'. 145 Using your modem you can "talk" to
similar people all over the place. Pat Winstanley tells you
how to stay friends with them... So far we've had a pretty
good look at the Amiga’s insides with Arexx, so this month, I
will go back a bit and look at some of the basics again. I
hope this will be useful to the increasing number of
newcomers on the Amiga scene who are curious as to what Arexx
is all about.
Don't worry, I'm not going to go over all the lam guage details again, I only want to highlight, once more, some of the things that are possible with smart use of Arexx. I trust that this material will be just as interesting to those of you already familiar with the basics of Arexx.
A good way to look on Arexx is as a program enhancer, which allows programs to do much more than they would on their own. By adding its own impressive facilities to any existing package, Arexx lets you customise it in ways that could not possibly have been predicted by the program designers. You can think of Arexx-eompatible applications as "fully programmable" programs!
This time we will look at just such a program, called MathVision, which serves as an excellent illustration of the "autopilot" capabilities of Arexx. The principles outlined here can just as easily be applied to any other similar software.
Visualisation MathVision is a system for developing mathematical art, and allowing the visualisation of complex mathematical equations. It is based around a special mini-compiler which allows formulas to be entered interactively.
The formulas are then compiled instantly for super-fast execution, and their corresponding graphics are rendered on the screen.
MathVision has many outstanding abilities. It has several different plotting modes, including a very impressive shaded, light-sourced, 3D mode. It even features special hooks which allow C programmers to create new plotting methods.
MathVision can be used to generate beautiful and unusual fractal pictures. It can be used to demonstrate the evolution of mathematical models, their "morphing" if you like. This can be a valuable educational tool. We all know how much easier it is Amiga Arexx's power can be daunting to the uninitiated. Alex Gian shows that powerful need not mean difficult to utilise, and reaffirms Arexx's vital role in the modern-day productive Amiga to understand a process if we see it happening right in front of our eyes.
There are many other uses for programs like MathVision - among other things it has been used to design prototypes of imaginative "wipes" for top- grade graphics applications. Basically, if a picture can be expressed mathematically, MathVision will probably be able to plot it, However, we will not focus on the multiple features of MathVision here, nor on the outstanding art it can produce, but rather we will look at its Arexx interface. The Arexx support that MathVision offers is fairly typical of a well-designed Arexx-compatible program, and should give you a good idea of what is possible.
What would we expect such a program to be able to do? Well, one of our very first requirements is that anything which can be achieved using the mouse or the keyboard must have an equivalent Arexx command. This includes menu options which present you with a requester when selected.
MathVision supports all its menu options via Arexx. Let me illustrate with a couple of typical examples. MathVision offers a menu option called Overplot, which allows new designs to be drawn on top of the existing ones. The instruction: The Arexx Library foiling dll Arexx programmers. F, If you've recently written an Arexx masterpiece and want the world to know about it, send it in to AC.
Continuing to support Arexx is a high priority and as a result we are opening the AC Arexx Library.
This new source of Arexx software will be redistributed free of charge on the AC CoverDisk every month.
If you want to play your part in the Arexx explosion, send your scripts and additional programs to: AC Arexx Library, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, 5 K10 4NP ADMSS •htWlifM' 'Omplot T' sends a command to Mathvision's Arexx port (called MathVision) which toggles this mode ON.
Similarly, sending the command Overplot F to the port turns it OFF. Another example - the Modulo Arexx command determines how many colours the program will cycle through, for instance when doing contour plots.
Extra goodies!
When selected from the menu it pops up a slider bar which allows you to set the value. The same result can be achieved automatically with: ADDRESS ‘mthVlslon’ ’Roduto’ Vir where "Var* is any integer value (up to the maximum number of colours on the screen). The above are just two representative examples - a typical program will obviously have many options, and scores, if not hundreds, of Arexx commands.
One of the principal ways of using Arexx for script automation is to create a loop using the standard DO FOR... END Arexx structures.
For example, you could create different views of a 3D picture, perhaps to combine them into a ''fly- through" animation. At each iteration of the loop, the picture parameters are changed appropriately according to the Arexx program, and the results can be saved onto the hard disk.
The Arexx script can then execute automatically, in the background, leaving the programmer to get on with other things. Machines can also be set up to create several complicated time-consuming pictures overnight.
Has this got you interested yet? I certainly hope so, because the script automation facility of Arexx is definitely one of the best features of the Amiga as far as productivity work is concerned.
In fact, I have recently seen an Arexx program that allows the automating of software which does not even have an Arexx interface. Can you imagine DeluxePaint under Arexx control?
The second major ability of our program is that it can allow any of the program variables to come under Arexx control! We have already mentioned Finally, I'd like to point out that in addition to the Arexx compatibility mentioned so far, the MathVision package is provided with ail sorts of other extra goodies, to make life with Arexx even easier. For me, little things like this make an enormous difference, and are the mark of a well thought out package: A lot of ready-made Arexx scripts are provided, including one which allows you to do animations without needing to know anything about
Arexx. Even Arexx programmers are happy to find that some work has already been done for them.
Other scripts include tests, samples and the like. There is pven a nice little utility that that MathVision is a mini-compiler. The user enters the source code as formulas on a number of predefined lines. The source code format is very concise, to allow for quick compilation, and slightly reminiscent of the USP language.
The point is that variables in your actual function definitions can be shared with Arexx. This is not the same as before, where only the viewing parameters were changed. Here, the actual formulas that drive MathVision itself are changed from Arexx.
You can start your program with parameters for one particular function, and allow these to change over time to produce something different. It is this feature that allows the creation of "transforming" animations like those we have already mentioned.
Impressive wipes, flows and distortions can be produced easily, as you can see from the examples launches your Arexx scripts from icons. If you are a little more ambitious you can take the code apart and customise it to your exact needs or develop your own programs.
More generally, I have sometimes heard it said that Arexx interfaces are too difficult for the average user, and that they (the users) cannot be expected to know Arexx. This is nonsense really.
Users who need highly specialised and customised automations would have had to use some kind of scripting facility anyway, so why not Arexx, which can do so much more besides?
Otherwise, it's a bit like demanding to fly a jumbo jet, but not even being prepared to learn to drive a carl in this page. The possibilities go way beyond simple fractal construction and animation.
Professional graphics work can be generated up to the limits ot the Amiga's resolutions. You could even use Arexx to connect and render data that you have collected externally (eg from your satellite receiving station). If MathVision is upgraded to take advantage of the new ACA chip machines it will be an outstanding piece of Amiga software.
I hope all this gives you a fair idea of what you can expect from Arexx compatible programs - after all one of the major factors in software development is the demands of the users!
T Details of MathVision ore available from Seven Seas Software, PQ Box 1451, Port Townsend, WA 98568, USA. British distributors are currently being sought SURPLUS STOCK SELL-OFF!!
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138 DTV Chroma concepts Paul Austin - our answer to Scorcese - gets behind the camera with the first of a two-part examination of a breakthrough in Amiga desktop video m * H m m 0 If you've spent any time at all perusing the pages of AC or indeed any popular Amiga magazine, the word genlock tends to pop up ever few pages.
These little electronic miracles are responsible for much of the Amiga's success as the ultimate DTV machine. Since the first basic - and dare I say it rather dodgy - genlocks appeared both the Amiga and it's ever-growing band of add-ons have come a long way.
To illustrate the point we can now add the final piece in the DTV jigsaw courtesy of Roctec and their latest release, RocKey. Although not the first chroma keyer, the RocKey is easily the most affordable and flexible unit yet to appear for the machine.
Before we start this is perhaps an ideal point to explain what a chroma keyer actually does and why people like me get so excited by the prospect.
In its most basic form, a chroma keyer produces an effect which in simple terms is a direct reversal of the effect offered by a genlock.
As you're probably aware, a genlock's primary function is to overlay Amiga graphics on top of live video. In the case of a chroma keyer the situation is reverse allowing you to overlay live video on top of Amiga-generated graphics.
Blue is key Although hammered to death in the press, perhaps the most obvious example has to be the familiar "weather man" effect which miraculously places a suitably genial soul above an animated map of the UK and neighbouring Europe.
While you're happily digesting the details concerning your particular locale, the ever cheerful presenter is doing his or her best to guess where on a plain blue background your particular town is supposed to be.
The aforementioned blue background is the key - no pun intended - to the chroma keying process.
Fust as a genlock uses a specific colour - usually colour 0 - a chroma keyer employs any occurrence of a specific pre-defined colour within the live video signal as its keying medium. Once equipped with all of the necessaries (see panel below) it's time to make the necessary connections and power up, Actually wiring up all the various bits of hardware is slightly complex but nothing a little examination of the suggested setup diagrams can't soon clear up - although having said that this is just about the only area in which the RocKey's accompanying manual scores well.
Although friendly and approachable as technical manuals go, the RocKey variant is just a little thin on content. For example, there's no explanation as to what exactly what makes up the various effects.
The only guide is a series of greyscale graphics which attempt to illustrate each effect and come accompanied by the necessary button selections to achieve them via the RocKey's control panel.
The unit itself consists Of a fairly unassuming vanilla box about the size of an average hardback, The front of the unit is dominated by the three-colour control knobs which when activated by an accompanying button allow selection and adjustment of the desired keying colour.
For example, when keying onto a blue background, obviously the blue control button must be selected, but in addition both the green and red control knobs must also be adjusted in order to sharpen and polish the overall effect, As well as the aforementioned colour selectors another four control buttons await including the essential chroma button which when left inactive allows normal operation of your genlock without disconnecting from the RocKey. Alongside chroma control awaits the splitter button which passes any one of the selected primary colours to the digitiser of your choice via the
units splitter out on the rear of the unit.
Below the chroma and splitter buttons sit the effects controls consisting of a toggled effects button plus an inverse option which operates in exactly the same way as a standard inverse on a normal genlock.
Alas that's all that space will allow at the moment but don't forget to tune in next month for a close look at all the effects and options this amazing little box can offer.
For more details contact The First Computer Centre on; Tel: 0532 319444 Fax: 0532 319191 Price: £369.99 What you will need Before we examine the unit itself there are a few essential bits of hardware that must be on hand before keying can commence.
The first of these is the aforementioned plain background. Any primary colour can be used, with blue being the ideal choice. In addition to the background the next essential is good lighting. For quality results the Subject must be well illuminated on all sides.
The reason for such care during illumination is simply that uniform lighting and a complete absence of shadow is essential to maintain an acceptable effect.
If the chosen key colour varies, or shadows appear, the overlay effect soon becomes very patchy as areas of the backdrop begin to protrude through the Amiga-generated background graphic. As you can see from the illustration, a complete chroma keying setup is quite extensive but I'm afraid the lighting and backdrop are just the beginning as to operate the RocKey a standalone genlock is also required.
Obviously Roctec recommend their own RocGen Plus as the ideal choice but in reality almost any genlock will work with the system.
In addition to the above I strongly suggest the video source is supplied live from a camcorder rather than a VCR as the limitations of prerecorded composite video does tend to degrade the effect quite dramatically.
Last but not least comes a good selection of RCA phono connectors to make the necessary links between the RocKey, genlock, camcorder and target VCR monitor.
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The last two programming pages introduced the Amiga Library, with routines that can be used in C and Assembler programs. C programmers passed the input parameters to the routine (as to any other (unction), and any result was returned.
Assembler programmers put the inputs in the appropnate registers, and called the routine as if it was a subroutine. Any return values came back in register DO.
Routine run-t Over the past two months, Margaret Stanger has described C and assembler library routines.
Here you can find out exactly what they are doing whenever you run them... The short demo programs opened the DOS library, for the OutputQ and Write() commands to write a message to the screen. The current demo programs use DOS library routines to read data from an Ascii file in the current directory, and write data to a similar Ole.
Two Exec library routines are needed to allocate a block of memory to store this data, and to free the memory afterwards for general use.
AllocMem(bytesize,requirements) (D0,DI) puts by an area of memory; bytesize is the number of bytes wanted; requirements is the type of memory wanted. If the command is successful, a pointer to a block of memory is returned.
Multitasking The memory block will be available for you, and not overwritten by another program when multitasking. FreeMem(memorypointer,bytesize) (Al.DO) frees the block of memory; memory- pointer is a pointer to a block of allocated memory; bytesize is the number of bytes to be freed Open(name,mode) (D1,d2) opens the chosen file; name is the name of the file; mode is the access mode A pointer to a filehandle or block of information for the file is returned (the system uses the block of information, when processing the file).
Read(filehandle,buffer,length) (D1.D2.D3) will read from a file - filehandle is its filehandle pointer; buffer is a pointer to the memory area to hold the data; length is the number of bytes to be read. The number of bytes successfully read is returned. Close(filehandle) (Dl) closes the file - filehandle is its filehandle pointer The main compiler (or assembler) header directory contains a subdirectory of header files for each library. These files contain useful macros and definitions for some of the library functions.
A header file can be included with any source code. The file exec memory.h (C) or exec mem- ory.i (assembler) is included with the source code as it contains the memory requirement definitions for use with the AllocMem() command.
The program asks for memory that is public, clear but not necessarily chip. The file libraries dos.h or libraries dos.i is used for the access mode definitions when openinn a file.
The file to be read (limerick) is opened using MODE_OLDFILE, which opens an existing file for reading or writing. The file to be written (limer- ick2) is opened using MODE_NEWFILE which will overwrite a file if it already exists, and open a new one otherwise.
When a file is opened for reading, information about the file is put into a parameter block in memory, called a filehandle, and a pointer to a FileHandle structure is returned.
r J Corresponding When the file is first opened, the read write position, or file pointer, will be at the beginning of the file. When a number of bytes of information are read or written, the file pointer will move a corresponding number of bytes.
If you do not want any other process to interfere with the file, you can open the file with access mode MODE_READWRITE. This access mode opens an existing file for reading or writing, but locks the file so that as long as it is open, no other process on the multitasking Amiga can access it.
It is also possible to lock files, without opening them for reading or writing. This can be especially useful for a file requester program, it can obtain a lock on all the available files and directories, and ensure that they remain undisturbed.
Fri Assembler The complete program source code listing (afiles.a) will be available on next month's support disk, The file "exec types.i" has been included as it contains definitions used by 'libraries dos.i* and "exec memory.i" Instead of having all the code in the main program, groups of commands have been built into separate subroutines. The main program checks the value returned from each subroutine to see whether the subroutine is successful.
If all is well the program can continue, otherwise it tidies up and exits gracefully. The cleanup routine closes any open files or libraries, and frees any allocated memory. It also calls a message subroutine, entering the routine with a pointer to the message data in register D2, and the length of the message in register D3.
The message subroutine only has to put the filehandle of the console in register Dl, the address of the DOS library in A6, and call the Amiga library WriteO routine to display the data on the screen.
When the object program (afiles) is run, the program opens the DOS library. If the library opens successfully, the program asks the Amiga to allocate a memory buffer for 152 bytes of data.
If the memory is forthcoming, the program can open a short Ascii text file (limerick) in the current directory, and read the text into the memory buffer. If the data has been read successfully, the program opens a new file, (Iimerick2), writes the text "This is a new file" into it, and then appends the text from the memory buffer.
The program writes the text from the buffer to the screen, and waits for a few seconds. The program can then display a message of success on the screen, tidy up, and exit.
The C program The disk will contain the program source code listing (files.c) and the object code (files). The source code includes "libraries dos.h" and "exec memory.h" for some of its definitions.
Some of the commands have been grouped into functions which are called from the main program.
The functions are listed separately after the main program but their prototypes are declared earlier.
The C and assembler demos The main program is then aware of the name of each function and the datatype of its return value. The cleanup function has a parameter passed to it, a pointer to a string of text.
The function displays the text on the screen then tidies up the files, libraries and allocated memory. The main program can call this function with a suitable message for all occasions.
When the object program (files) is run, the program opens the library, and allocates a memory buffer. The short text file is read into the buffer, and the contents displayed on the screen. After a short delay a text message and the buffer contents are written to the Iimerick2 file, and the program tidies itself up and exits.
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E Postcode .... Tel ..... Credit Cord Nd I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I, U Mouse Mat I I or Dak Box Expires end; 142 Although modern music has been revolutionised by the computer and sequencer combination, as ever there's a price to be paid for the added convenience.
Alas the price in question all too often remains unnoticed by the novice, resulting in the inevitable transformation of inspired ideas into a bland finished product.
9 4 • Composition comer Paul Austin provides a potted guide to song construction for the new muso The problem is caused by the very convenience that the sequencing explosion has brought about. All too often roles are reversed between man and machine as the human element mutates into the automation of the machine.
As the sequencing carrot of "cut and paste” dangles ever more invitingly before the eyes of the beginner, the creative spirit slowly erodes.
By default, machines always lean towards uniformity. However, this adhesion to rules and formal structure can also happen to humans very easily.
Ingrained A prime example are the many classically trained musicians, who although technically spectacular in their implementation, seem to have lost the creative flame thanks to the musical structure ingrained during the learning process.
After many years as part of the Transit van set, among a mixture of the classically trained and the self-taught, this insistence on structure soon becomes blindingly obvious during the inevitable end of practice jam.
Invariably in the starring role during pre-writ- ten material the classical elements usual sink into the background during the free-form of a jam session. The question is - why should the best musicians in the room pale so badly in such circumstances? The answer is simple - rigid musical thought always looks for the correct way to progress, rather than the inspired route chosen the blissfully ignorant members of the "suck it and see fraternity".
While emotion and good old guess work drives the self-taught from one chord progression to the next, the classi* I cally trained are i busy looking for the right approach, rather I than the inspired.
The end result is that the classically trained are usually hap- j pier playing the works of a composer rather than writing their own material. A quick glance at the popular - and not so popular - charts stands as a glowing testament to that.
A similar problem afflicts a lot of computer generated music as the uniformity and adhesion to a format means the inspired and accidental is often absorbed by the constriction of the "cut and paste”.
As a result, the battle against blandness has to be fought almost every time you turn on the machine.
In my humble opinion music is, and always should be, an art form an area in which the challenge is to convey the emotions of the moment and the inspiration I that brought it about.
, This is where I the real battle between man and machine takes place. No matter how clever software becomes, machines will never feel the emotions that make good music great.
It's true that hours and sometimes days can be saved by sequencing but in order to create anything other than lift musk you must remain the master and not simply the slave of the machine.
OK, after insulting almost everyone who's ever played an instrument - electronic or otherwise - it's time for Austin's patented guide to popular music.
Tints and hips The first job is to throw away any preconceptions that the machine will in some way write the music for you. As a result, before even touching the record button, it's wise to have a firm - or at least firmish - idea of how the piece will appear in its final form.
At this point yet another technological fantasy can hit the bricks, namely the paperless environment.
A decent pen is just as important as any part of you setup, and during the planning stage it's vital.
Assuming you're now armed with pen and paper it's time to turn on your synth, select your favourite voice and start work on the hook or key melody.
Depending on your prowess on the ivories, or should I say plasti- cies, this can be as simple or complex as you wish.
Now before an increasingly itchy finger hits for record, write down the key notes or chords and start looking for a link to the next section of the song whether it be a verse, chorus, middle eight, intro, outtro or anything else that tickles a particular fancy.
It's very important that the various elements flow together prior to recording individual sections. All too often if you simply charge headlong into a piece thereby creating finished individual sections before contemplating what will follow, the end results will suffer as you attempt to join two basically incompatible elements together, Once all the basics are in place you can finally begin the recording process. If you're wrestling with the eternal question "is this a classic or just a load of cobblers?", a top tip is to have an early night and return refreshed in the morning.
If in the cold light of day you can't remember a single note I'm afraid your worst suspicions are probably correct and your would- be masterpiece is indeed crap!
Assuming that you've remembered every note, the construction process can begin. There are basically two routes available. You can select the required instruments and work on the piece section by section and then subsequently assemble the finished product.
To be honest this is probably the fastest way to work but again it doesn’t lend itself to accidental inspiration that easily.
The second option is to build the entire piece using the basic key notes as a guide with perhaps a metronome as an additional guide.
If at all possible avoid designing the drum track until the major chords, bass lines and accompaniment are in place.
This isn't because the drums are any less important than the rest of the production - in fact quite the reverse, tf there's one element of sequencer-generated music that suffers from the "cut and paste'' more than any other it's the drum track Due to the uniform nature of drums and percussion they're the first to fall foul of blanditis. If they're left until later in the production the accompanying music isn't forced to pander to an invariably monotonous cut and paste drum special.
Equally important is the fact that adding the drums and percussion later means you're forced to think more along the lines of a real drummer and attempt to tailor the drums to the track rather than the reverse, Well, alas that's all that space will allow, so I'm afraid I'll have to curtail this particular rant for the time being. Feel free to send all hate mail to me at the usual address... Our April issue brings you: a FREE Book
- over 100 questions authoritatively answered by our experts We
test the best video digitisers 435 Aladdin 4D animations
explored 4 Pirate bulletin boards Telephone piracy
investigated Using monitors with the A1200 - we clear up the
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Our unbeatable CoverDisk featuring yet another fantastic fully working software package to add to your Amiga Computing collection GameR Nick Faldo's Championship Golf, Lion Heart, Combat Air Patrol Previewed... New football game by Dino Dini, author of Kick Off 2 ON SALE Thursday March 3 COMMS E-tiquette!
Although many people initially get hold of a modem in order to grab PD software easily, there is another, much larger, side to using a BBS. This is called Echomail, or E-mail Contacting other users is much more fun than merely downloading PD from BBSs, but what are the rules? Here's Pat Winstanley's crash course on E-mail and manners... Just like the letters pages of magazines, virtually every BBS has at least one area where users can write to each other about almost anything.
With the implications of a free-for-all, and high phone bills trying to sort out messages of interest, came the need to create different areas for different subjects.
Areas created for different subjects are known as "echoes", and exist for virtually every topic of conversation you can imagine. Some are computer related, while others ban all mention of computers at all.
A system of etiquette has grown with the echoes, and while the various rules of behaviour may differ slightly from one echo to another, there are some general points common to all.
The most important is the necessity to stay "on-topic". What this means is that you should try to keep to the subject matter that defines a particular echo.
After all, if you join an echo dedicated to information on modem settings you don't really want to read a stream of messages about someone's cat. Or if you do want to read about cats, all you need do is find an echo where they are the correct topic.
Personal Another rule to remember is that of "general interest". There is a system of private messaging called Netmail where this is appropriate and caters for users who want to chat about personal concerns (meeting up for a drink perhaps) and such chat should be kept out of the more open echoes most of the time.
If you are reading and replying to messages on-line, it's very tempting to skim through, perhaps not reading the full message.
Misunderstandings are legion when this happens, as it's very easy to assume someone means the exact opposite of what they actually typed.
And in the same vein, while trying to type quickly you are likely to express yourself a little ambiguously at times. When this happens, and either the reader or writer gets the wrong end of the stick, what are known as "flame wars" can easily break out.
A universal language Because all types of computer can connect to BBSs, some conventions have grown up as to the types of characters which messages may contain. This is generally the basic Ascii set, and you should avoid inserting control codes in case they send another user's computer totally loopy!
However, this isn't as much of a constraint as it might appear, and the Ascii characters are often used by imaginative users to create little graphics which decorate their messages.
These are known as "signatures" and aren't always little. Some users create masterpieces of Ascii art which can take up an entire screen.
However, this is generally frowned upon as it adds tremendously to other user's costs, and three or four lines worth seems to be the accepted average.
An angry response, whether justified or not, can set a whole "thread" of messages off, with both sides convinced they are right! The golden rule here is to sit back and think for a moment if something is apparently offensive to you. Then read the message again before replying.
Another problem with messages is that it's very hard to show when you're teasing, or typing something tongue in cheek. To help with this a system has developed called "smileys".
These are little sets of typed characters which attempt to graphically show what sort of mood the writer of a message intends.
For instance, if I wanted to show that I had a big grin while typing a reply, as the other person’s message had a mused me, I'd end the sentence with a symbol like this :•) If you lean your head to the left you can see two eyes, a nose and a big smile. There are lots of variations on this simple symbol ranging from winks to full-blown beards and bow ties.
Reading and writing on-line does eat into your phone bill so some short-cuts have been developed to save time and space.
One of the commonest is ROFL which stands for "rolls on the floor laughing" and is commonly used to reply to messages which make you do just that. If you come across one and can't work it out, just ask in a reply what it means.
You'll probably end up with half a dozen or so messages back giving the translation. Some other common acronyms are: BICBW - But I could be wrong IMHO - In my humble opinion IOW - In other words I STM - it seems to me FAQ • Frequently asked question (1 @ I® m ® 11 As mentioned, all the above rules are available to the people who run the echoes, and each echo has its own set, laid down by the moderator.
The moderator looks after the day to day running of his or her particular echo, and posts a message containing their interpretation of the rules at, usually, monthly intervals so that all users know where they stand.
Take the time to read these rules as they will give you an insight into the style of a particular echo, and help you use it wisely.
If you fancy having a good row there are echoes which cater for that, and they can be great fun indeed, but try not to shout your mouth off in echoes which are not designed for it. Oh yes, do try not to swear or use other offensive language.
Lots of youngsters read the echoes over mum or dad's shoulder, and many adults too dislike being faced with a stream of verbal abuse.
Contact me as peewee@cix.compulink.co.uk or as Pat Winstanley on Fidonet at 2:250 107.99 The Mastering Amiga series provides top quality guidance for Amiga users.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0923)894355 All major credit cards accepted 24-Hour Ansaphone - Same day dispatch* Software disk(s) free when ordered direct1 ' On orders phoned through bebti 4pm f On books where 3 Otsk is avmlMe Free postage m the UK. Add £3 per book tor Europe. £6 pto book elsewhere.
AMOS is one of the most exciting programming environments on the Amiga.
Expert Phil South explains the fundamentals and the skillful shortcuts to great programs, with lots of example code for the reader to expenment with.
Games. 3D and demo programming developments aro brought right up to date.
Covers AMOS. Easy AMOS and AMOS Professional.
Mastering Amiga AMOS Phil South. 320 pages, £19.95. ISBN: 1-873308-12-4 The Workbench holds within its bounds a wealth of facilities that unfortunately go unused.
|n this volume Bruce Smith explores each of them, explain- W • V "Vv ' n9 the jargon and describing ' the shortcuts which normally Ifl JW tako hours to discover This IM' O* ' hook covers Workbench 2 and IE * assumes no prior knowledge Of i ----- the Workbench. An ideal book _ after our besi selling Mastering _ Amiga Beginners.
Mastering Amiga Workbench Bruce Smith. 320 pages. £19.95, ISBN: 1-873308-08-6 The Amiga’s operating system has proved a major obstacle lo assembly language programmers, but this book is guaranteed to get the serious Amiga Owner into 68000 assembly language programming as quickly and easily as possible, it assumes some experience of high-level languages such as BASIC.
Comes with a free disk of programs from the book.
Mastering Amiga Assembler Paul Overaa. 416 pages. £24.95, ISBN: 1-873308-11-6 New - Mastering Amiga Arexx - New Arexx is the Amiga vwsion of the REXX programmng language that has been adopted as part of Workbench 2 As a language it 15 no harder to loam than BASIC, and « widely lipped to replace AmigaBASIC itself. By following the examples and listings Sup- peed, the reader quicMy teams the program to program OoftVtwtl- cations advantages offered by this powerful and versatile programming language Comes with a free disk of scrpts from the book Paul Overaa. 336 pages. £21.95. ISBN:
1-873308-13-2 Mastering AmigaDOS Vol. One (Revised Edition).
Smith & Smiddy, 416 pages. £21.95. ISBN 1-873308-10-8
* have to say that the best hands-on tutorial that I e seen is
Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Vol. I.* Pat McDonald, Amiga Format July
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Amiga. It assumes no prior knowledge of C but will soon get you
programming. II covers all major compilers including the PD
NorthC Compiler, which Is available together with an additional
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have the complete start to C programming on your Amiga!
Mastering Amiga C Paul Overaa, 320 pages, £19,95, ISBN: 1-873308-04-3 “Written with the absolute novice in mind. It doesn't patronise or baffle with jargon and slang’ Chris Lee, CL Amiga Written with the sole atm ol getting you through those soul- searching first months with your Amiga, it won’t make yOU an expert in any one topic but will give you the essential foundation stones from which you can progress. A must for those struggling with the manual!
Covers all Amigas and versions of Workbench and AmigaDOS.
Choice of free PD Games or Wordprocessor disks Mastering Amiga Beginners Phil South. 320 pages. £19.95, ISBN: 1-873308-03-5 “Beginner's Bible'' "The first book a new user should buy - essential" CU Amiga Perhaps the most comprehensive introductory tutorial ever written about the Amiga’s operating system in a massive 416 pages If you want to leam about AmigaDOS 1.3 or 2 then this is the book to buy. It assumes you know nothing about the subject but - if you follow ihe exercises - will turn you into an expert! Free Scnpts disk available Printers - the most misunderstood addition lo any Amiga
setup. Not so now, as Robin Burton tells you everything you'll ever likely lo want to know. From choosing Ihe printer for your specific needs to explaining printer control codes and Preferences, this book is invaluable. Comes with a free disk of over 40 PD printer drivers and programs to help you write your own drivers.
Mastering Amiga Printers Robin Burton, 336 pages. £19.95. ISBN: 1-873308-05-1 '...it's HV0 uvrth buying a decent book on the subject -1 personally recommend you get Mastering Amiga Printers.'
Jason Holbom, Amiga Format October '92 This title is a full reference guide to the AmigaDOS command set and has recently been completely revised to include coverage of over 125 commands. Arranged alphabetically. It includes many worked examples. A must for the AmigaDOS programmer, it fully documents AmigaDOS
1. 2.1,3 and 2. Contains deta4s _ on Mountlist. Commodities, etc.
Mastering AmigaDOS Vol. Two (Revised Edition).
Smith & Smiddy, 368 pages. £19.95, ISBN, t -87330849-4 “The definitive Ixtok on the subject, don't leave your Workbench without it!"
Neil Jackson, Amiga Format August ’92 If you want to take over your Amiga then you need to understand and program the Amiga System itself This book is an Introductory guide to just that.
Assuming a base knowledge ot C but explaining all new System concepts, it teaches you how to work with libraries, incorporate IFF graphics and much, much more. Comes with a tree disk of programs from the book and essential utilities.
Mastering Amiga System Paul Overaa. 400 pages £29.95. ISBN: 1-873308-06-X
* The latest in the excellent range of specialist Amiga Books...
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Noonan, Amiga Format July ’92 To order, send cheques POs made
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Please rush me the following books: ....0 £ ...... ....0 £ ...... ....0 £ ...... Alternatively charge my Acccss Visa Mastcrcard No: Expiry Date: J J Signed .... AMOS
Vacillating vectors Moving sprites on the screen is a pain in the bum, and no mistake. First you have to get the damn things moving and then you've got to hold their hand every step along the way, seeing what they hit, and then deciding how to bounce off or explode depending on what the object you've hit is. It's like having kids, or something.
Wouldn't it be so much nicer if you could just send an object off in a certain direction and not worry about it until it actually does hit something?
Well, you can. But first a bit of maths (groan). No, don't turn the page. Maths is a good thing. Keep that thought in mind and you'll last a lot longer as a programmer!
Vectors are a method of moving objects around quickly and simply, with no complex calculations or faffing about.
They should be thought of as a change of direction of an object (or point in space), rather than the usual way of moving objects which is manually hoiking them about using INC, DEC or things like X=X+1.
It's the difference between picking a toy car up in the air and putting in manually in another place (the old method) and pushing it along the ground and letting go (like vectors).
In Amos terms it works like this. As usual you use the standard pair of variables to hold the X and Y coords of the sprite or bob position. So for example this is the vector demo program: (gft Off ! Hidt : flask Off : Cli 0 : Ink i,t : Paper 0 Input 'What I *;IX Input *What T *;0TI It's traditional to use the variables DX and DY, as they will tell anyone reading your program that these are vectors. If your vectors are designed to use an FPU (floating point unit), then append them with a hash or symbol.
In this demo program you start by inputting the x and y direction vectors - this has an effect on the direction that the sprite will go. It's best to try a range of numbers between -8 and 8 for each of the vectors. First the vectors you require are accepted through the input command and stored in two variables called DX and DY: Cls 0 : Bar 0,0 To 5,5 Set Bob 1,0,0 To 6,6 Cls 0 The Bob used in the program is grabbed from the Keeping you busy You can even do vectors in 3D, but this is more complex (worth looking in to though!).
Obviously you have facilities at your disposal in Amos 3D to translate objects in 3D, but a little bit of vector magic wouldn't hurt for some really special effects.
The whole point is that vector riffs are small compared to those really big routines which you can end up with when you try to do this stuff by hand.
Phil South mulls over the subject of vectors. What are they? Where are they going? And at what angle and DY vectors are added to the current co-ordinates, affecting the direction of the sprite. The DY and DX vectors can be positive or negative, and the speed of the movement can be varied too.
Screen using Get Bob, having first been placed there using a Bar command. This is a good way of making simple sprites without having to mess about with sprite editors or anything silly like that.
Next we want to talk about X and Y, which in this case are floating point numbers so they are appended with : You can put random speeds and random directions into a sprite making it possible to simulate the bouncing of a ball in a ping pong or squash game, or you can even simulate gravity, if you have the right formulae.
1(1*160 : TM1Q0 This is a very cool and efficient way of shifting objects around, and with a little bit of experimentation you can create very realistic movements for your sprites with very small code.
Then the start position of the bob is set to X=160 and Y=100, or slap dab in the middle of the screen, as the screen we are looking at 320 by 200: A lot of Aaron Fothergill's ten-liners (Amos games written in just ten lines of code!) Use vectors to chop down the amount of code needed to do very intelligent things. If you haven't seen any of these disks, then join the Amos Club right away!
UfcUe » Q aftd » 320 and M«Q and T* 200 Bob U*,ri,l Matt Vbl risritw Hand End Why aren't you a member? If you're into Amos you must join the club. Write for details to Amos Club, 1 Lower Moor, Whiddon Valley, Barnstaple EX32 8NW.
The While Wend loop moves the sprite in the direction given by the vectors. After a while of running this program you'll be able to predict the precise direction.
The Bob is moved until it reaches the edge Of the screen, either less than screen position o at the top or left of the screen, or screen position 320 or 200 to the right or bottom.
Each time the While Wend goes around, the DX
• If you have an Amos question, then please write to Phil South,
Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park,
Macclesfield, SK10 4NP.
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TECHNOSOUND Turbo Britain's No. I Sound Sampling System 'Every Amiga owner should have it" - Amiga Format c Souivf - SAVE £12 ¦EHl Feeling better The Cdnny British Amiga users appear to have an instinctive fear of software upgrades. Having paid once for the software, many users don't see why they should have to pay again.
Every Touch-Up owner should invest in Migraph's latest upgrade, advises Ben Pointer Well, yes, there are times when an upgrade isn't all it's cracked up to be. But saying no to every upgrade that comes along can often mean missing out something special. The latest version of the Touch-Up hand scanning software is a classic example.
The autoscroll feature comes into play whereby moving the pointer to the edge of the physical screen quickly scrolls the actual screen in that direction. So it's possible for example, if you have the memory, to have a 2,400 pixel by 3,300 pixel screen which can display svhat is an Sin by 11 in area when scanning and printing at 300dpi.
If you open a regular sized screen - 640 by 512 say - then you can still have a larger "page" size, but you will have to scroll around this page using the locator tool or the window's scroll bars.
Touch-Up now does a real-time scan, which can be switched off by a Tool Type if you don't like realtime scanning, To conserve memory and aid speed the program opens a two-colour 320 by 200 pixel screen for this real-time display, For line art scans Touch-Up has some useful processing facilities. The Bold option enables you to automatically add black pixels to the black parts of the scan in the horizontal and or vertical directions.
Cleanup will remove isolated black pixels, white pixels, or both. The Outline feature is fun - it removes the inside of black lines, making them hollow as it were, which means that they can be filled with a pattern.
Touch-Up can rotate clip areas to any angle in
0. 1 degree steps, and it can also slant or "shear" dips
horizontally and vertically. As well as being able to flip
clip areas horizontally and vertically, which any scanning
software can do, Touch-Up can mirror an image to the left,
right, above or below the clip, which makes it easy to create
"tiled" images or fancy borders, for example.
Greyscales can be saved in three formats - 16- colour IFF-ILBM, 256-colour TIFF or 24-bit IFF-ILBM.
Pespite the impression given by the adverts, the latter two formats contain only 64 shades of grey Touch-Up is the software provided with the AlfaScan and Golden Image hand scanners. Early versions were ugly, buggy and slooooow. Version 2 fixed most of the bugs, v2.5 saw more improvements including a 256 greyscale Save option. Now comes v3.02, which has been completely re-written.
My two big gripes with earlier incarnations of Touch-Up were its poor greyscale conversions and the lack of a real-time scan. No real-time scanning meant that if you got the brightness wheel setting wrong you had to wait until you'd finished the whole scan to find out.
Real-time scanning means you can see what's coming out of the scanner you can twiddle the brightness knob and see the results straight away.
Blurry The problem with the greyscales was possibly subjective - my opinion, in other words. Migraph, makers of Touch-Up, couldn't see much wrong with them. But when you put them up against scans from rival scanners, the Touch-Up scans always appeared dark and a bit blurry on-screen.
There was one other private gripe I held, and that was that Touch-Up didn't look and feel much like an Amiga program. I'm happy to say that this latest version is one of the most eye-pleasing pieces of Amiga software I have used.
Touch-Up will open on the Workbench screen or its own custom screen. The custom screen can be any size you like - so it can be an overscanned interlaced one for example - and you have the choice of running in two colours to save memory, or four colours if you want a pretty interface.
If you specify Tool Types figures for Width and Height that are greater than the screen's physical dimensions, then with Workbench 2 and above because they have been scanned with a 64 greyscales hand scanner.
These images can’t be viewed on (dare I say it) an old Amiga - Amiga 1200 or 4000 owners should be able to view the 24-bit IFF-ILBM images. All three greyscale formats can be imported and printed by PageStream - Professional Page can handle the 24-bit and 16 colour IFF*ILBMs. PageSetter II and all of the graphical wordprocessors can take the 16 colour IFF-ILBMs.
The quality of Touch-Up's 16 greyscale images is much improved. While they may look a little fuzzy on-screen, the printouts, when scaled down to increase the output resolution, and especially when using a printing package like TurboPrint Professional, now almost always look better than the same picture scanned with rival scanners.
Conclusion Migraph has been working hard on Touch-Up. It has come a very long way since vl.0. In the Scan Setting requester there is now an option that reads "Type: Hand" which gives the impression that flatbed scanner support is perhaps on the way, and very possibly colour flatbed scanner at that.
You may not be interested in this, I'm merely pointing out that further development is still very much on the cards, which can only be a good thing. At £20 to £30, this major upgrade is well worth the money.
Touch-Up 3.02 upgrade From vl,x £29.95 From v2.x £20 Golden Image (UK) Ltd, Unit 12a Millmead Business Centre Millmead Road, London N179QU Phone 031-365 1102 rottonaDiAitA®iscu1000OT
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(091) 455 4300 FAX (091) 4531K47 MULTIMEDIA Tools of the trade
Last month we looked at some of the tools that can be used to
create multimedia and CD-ROM applications. This month, I'm
continuing with a more in depth look at two of the easier to
use development packages that are now available, AmigaVision
and Scala.
To create multimedia applications you need the right software, julius Alexander looks at two ideal packages When Commodore originally released the A3000, their then top of the range Amiga, they gave away AmigaVision as an easy to use, multi* media authoring tool, It is certainly easy to use, working by placing icons on a grid through which the program flows. Each icon represents an individual action such as playing sound and speech, showing pictures animations and controlling external devices such as laser disks, Branches There is also the facility to control the flow of the program through
the "branches", ie rather than just following a series of steps your program can have two different routes and is able to chose which one to take depending on the state of a variable.
Given these capabilities, AmigaVision can be used to create some impressive multimedia applications with support for a wide range of hardware peripheral input and replay most types of Amiga data.
Unfortunately it has two serious problems.
Firstly, there is no way in which you can create a program that doesn't need AmigaVision to be used, otherwise known as a run time module.
Secondly, it swallows memory like a vampire brain surgeon. One megabyte is needed simply to load the program! Still if you can live with these shortfalls, AmigaVision is recommended for its easy of use and peripheral control.
A rival to AmigaVision for ease of use and power is Scala. Originally available in one version, Scala is now in two forms - the original Scala, called Scala 500 and its big brother, Scala MM (for multimedia).
Due to limitations of space, I'll be looking at Scala MM in a future issue and confine my scrib- blings just to Scala fdr this The program itself set the benchmarks for ease of use when it first appeared, allowing presentations to be created ridiculously easily. Originally developed for creating presentations, Scala can also be used for simple applications.
Associations It works by creating scripts, each script is a list of pages and the associations between these pages. Each page consists of an IFF backdrop onto which you place text, and brushes. Text can be in any standard Amiga bitmap font each of which can have numerous different text attributes applied (bold, drop shadow etc) and there are a number of very high quality fonts supplied.
Helping to break the monotony of static text, there are roughly 50 text effects that can be used to scroll, fades and drop into place.
Switching between different pages is facilitated by buttons, clicking on which will take the user to a different page.
Each page can be simply displayed on the screen or introduced through a transition. These consist of fades, scrolls and wipes and are fast, even on the lower end Amigas.
Its major failing is that it lacks proper CD- ROM support, with no CD audio or CDXL playing capabilities. If however, your application consists of just screens it's worth a look.
Next month I’ll be looking at some recent developments in the field of Amiga multimedia and ask where is it all going?
Are CDTV pictures about to start moving?
As I finish this column, word reaches me of some interesting developments on the FMV front. Word is probably already creeping through about a new CDTV. What form this will take is unknown, but associates tell me that it will include full screen FMV. How you may ask?
The answer comes from a new compression format known as MPEG.
This format reduces the space required to store moving pictures. Why should a Strangely named what-d'ya-call-it affect CDTV and FMV?
To explain, moving pictures are made up of a number of still frames displayed one after another, each changing slightly. The result is a moving picture. Each CDTV full screen occupies a fixed amount of space, so to display even a half decent moving picture the CDTV would need to display 16 of these a second (the more the better) and thus need to transfer 16 times this amount of data every second from the CD disc - and we all know how slow Cds are at loading. Currently it simply doesn't have the speed.
However, reduce the amount of data to be transferred (ie compress the data while it loads and then uncompress it once it has loaded) and the transfer speed suddenly becomes a smaller (compressed?)
Unfortunately the technology hasn't be available to uncompress these images quickly enough. Until now that is. Several American companies are now producing chips that do exactly this, and Commodore should be able to incorporate this into the next CDTVs - and hopefully, produce an update card for existing units!
This isn't expected to happen for a while, but sources tell me we should expect to see something appearing mid-summer '93! As they say, watch this space!
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grooves. And it may be mere fun than you're prepared for re that Q
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No ffGB splitters or optical filters are required, and you can
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Ofaialy proven to the raang press and ocher magaanes by sendng time and date franked letters by Post Office nal Pro- Punter has shewn that * can predict winners with remarkable accuracy. Pro Punter s dsoouocuswtn your money If it thnta there is any doutt about the outcome of the race.* will advise yownottobet The NEW second generation Profunter is written to professional standards and is attractive and easy to use it features full editing and revw of race data entered and a unK|je Igwmairitenance database that does net need corawr* updating.
In addition to UK features. Pro Punter 2 contains unque coase gong ctass editors and win configure to meenc weights distances. Thus aflowng configuration for raeng worldwide Boom Beu transforms your computer into 3 Beat txw and lets you play the baddest sounds and samples right from you computer keyboard, mouse or joystick. It is easy to use so anybody can creaie music thai would make even the best rappers prcud Boom Box features a totally interactm* Perrw Screen to add echo and effects » DO0 OTSIing song file inched. V tt your own Totally Otf arrangements Loopsectnnsofthe grooves. Repeat mem
or just jam a»ng by tnggenng heavy gjiur samples assorted screams and turntable scratches You can even load you own samples created in ocher sampling programs.
Reader offers POWERPACKER PROF WORKSTATION 7 Here's a wmnerl Using this powerft* utility, you can f« around more information on every dsk you use - sometimes up to 70% The powerful ‘crunching* rouunes actually shrink your programs, and expand them on running. Along with the supplied utilities, this Concams all you need to pack those disks.
Are you confused by CLI? Baffled by backups? Frustrated by files? Here's your answer... Workstation 2 is here SPECIAL OFFER: Buy Power packer and Kill D* Vlrwi together at the special price of £25 and save nearly IS This indispensable collection of utilities includes shareware compiled within a smootn and simple user fnendty interface No more CU or Shell.asimple point and click is all youll ever need This is just a smai selection of the tools and lAilities on offer Others include ScreenX and GfXMem.
For the artots out there Icon Ed* awaits to produce customised icons, write NickPrefs adds the option for a 16 colour designer backdrop, animated pointers and non ckkmg floppies. Screen blanker provides a tadcr made designer look to your system and transforms the appearance of „ « your workbench ta *u»** £ » Hjve you got th? Very latest Miiga? 1 so, you need the ultimate Workbench 2 accessory Whether you have an A500 Ptus. A600. Al 500 or perhaps a Kicteun upgrade on a 1.3 machine the time has come to take control thanks to the amazing Workstation 2. It’s the dak the Amiga world has been
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This major software update for the Pandaa Mnga hand scanner offers dual screen layout. W*h mam screen and !6 otour greyscale screen, two levels of zoom with greyscale editing, full drawing options for lines, circles, boxes and so on, and compatoaty across the WHOLE Amiga range Even our Aladdin s Cave of gwd « gets crowded from time to time, so here are a load of absolute bargains that we re practically giving awayl From adtskbcw for less than a fiver to a scandalous deal on the fut Mini Office package, itII be worth your while scanning this list for the bargain for you Product Price Order No.
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996) Xm»« Cm* &M 9664 Uttu Gor* £700 9801 hvaw Ci«i. Sek-m * J
Gww £5000
9) 00 fin Srico! J tiM* J non) £1593 9809 fui Sdval J Ktoi 7 mil
[IS.9} mi An Gd vui £ 1*9} ms led nNrhdfe.
C995 9827 MrvOKc.
C4000 9806 Gcnd't C&ipM’ Gcm-j Cuor CM. *5 9856 Cbl Jrwoo* to« 095 9860 (UlwJGwd.to UgoGOS £1200 9501 Anyi.Moifefoiy [10.08 9505 Hvd CaipWaidliirwy caoo «W» Cjhu SnubUr £1000 9932 WrtV-i £I0W 99M , iLtflCwdn moo
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placed to offer page after page of invaluable information
covering every single aspect of writing games, from
rtgh-speed sprites to simulations, animation to assemoier -
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Some great offers from those doyens of the value-for-money software scene, Mtrodcal Get the* acclaimed Pro Midi interface and join the professional must fraternity Or try the powerful Stereo Master sampling package. Can't afford * all? Maybe Personal Finance .Manager can hdp you to raise the money* Product Ph*o Older No.
TfCowOifalkmOirRlj £1500 9839 dCcwMtfionAn9ll £902 9846 dCcmflteffc-ftc*' £966 9841 .d CotvOah IjonAr 92) £900 9861 , MfaQmptki READER OFFERS Product Price Order No.
I fmMiwrdber C22 95 9313 SmnoMm* 04 95 9814 0499 9521 .
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Order Hotline: 051-357 1275 Fax: 051-357 2813 General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 Order at any time of the day or night. Don't forget to give yovr nome, oddre* ond credit cord number UTILITIES THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN rcuit POU32 EBMPM4 ANPLYTKHtfiT H pou 99 ham mdc uiur* Pi- 5 »S pcuvj mwuvwbj poukb weaoeotRi’ pouw kjnmmwt' PO010* CONMANA PI POUKB CnOSSAOCCKA1QRH WJ151 RHWP POU 366 KM rctftMAK*P»V«V««oeMO POO 367 AT AM ST HALIATOR - 1NGU9H POO 366 ZX SPECTOJM emllatOA POUIaB CA4WUUTCB POO 170 ROOMS • MUME P POO373 rmito iMLSCEDHanMmWOSUPTOBTPI POO 377 AACAO - OEGNPEIOGR POO37*
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WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We reserve the right to rclect machines which. In Ouf opinion, «e beyond repak- Normal charge applies) Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at £44.95 inclusive of parts, labour. VAT and return postage packing Commodore registered for full technical support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust your machine to the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also included (extra
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JXV497B jx V444 : USTSB UPDATES TOTAL PO PBCf TOTAL PO OtSKS Shop Window The most up-to-date sweep across the whole Amiga spectrum this month takes in the first A1200 add-ons, including the impressive MBXI200 FPU, and some superb educational software Amiga Market's monthly scrutiny of the software that’s right for you. This month we examine the most popular home office software - wordprocessors Hard times The best and the cheapest alternative 24-bit graphics display peripherals are dissected for your information and amusement Locator Find any product sold by our advertisers, anywhere, at a
glance, with the Amiga Market product Locator - a new concept in home shopping Free classifieds Cheap hard drives, excellent second-hand bargains, and Amiga contacts the world over, all up for grabs in the only essential Amiga classifieds section * When A600 owners realised that Commodore were serious about refusing to support third- party add-ons, many of them when attempting to upgrade their machines with a hard drive were left confused and at the mercy of dodgy dealers.
Contradictory information and lost warranties were the only concrete results.
Commodore, one might not unreasonably expect, would have learned from this painful (for the punters at least) lesson and predicted the massive demand for hard drives from the more serious A1200 market.
However, to the astonishment of all but the most hardened Commodore cynics, the A1200 was released in a floppy drive-only format with no firm date for the appearance of the HD version.
To add chaos to disappointment, no HD install disk was included with the A1200 Workbench 3.0 disks, despite the fact that the A4000 install disk works perfectly with its little brother.
Users were therefore unable to buy and fit their own hard drives, and were once again left at the mercy of third-party companies who, predictably, have been supplying pre-formatted Hds.
The problem with this sort of product is that the hard drive is usually prepped and formatted using Commodore's install disk, a process over which a legal question hangs.
If only one install disk is purchased by the retailer, shouldn't it be used to prep just one drive, or one user’s collection of drives?
Adding mud to the already murky waters is the warranty question. Most dealers who presently fit hard drives for end users will guarantee the drive mechanism but are not prepared to replace the Commodore 12month on-site warranty which is such a selling point for the new machines.
Users who have a drive fitted in this manner or who fit one themselves are thus running the risk of paying large sums to have their machine repaired if, say, a chip blows inside the first year.
Commodore's attitude to this has been predictably muted. The A1200 is a closed architecture machine, users are not encouraged to open them, and if they do the warnings are obvious enough that they should be J I ij ] (J II prepared for the consequences.
Fair enough, but when Commodore’s inability to take the simple step of releasing a hard drive version of the A1200 from the outset has been the prime factor in forcing users to risk their warranties in the first place, this sort of defence is wholly inadequate.
The existence of an official upgrade path would have covered Commodore’s back, but when no HD version is available and no official upgrade is planned for the immediate future, enthusiast and productivity users of the A1200 can hardly be blamed for taking the third- party path.
In this light. Commodore's attitude now seems a little high-handed, doesn't it?
At long last, an HD policy of a sort seems to be on the way, For some strange reason, Commodore are reported to have struck a deal with major official Commodore distributors whereby Commodore supply the install disks, manuals, and cables, and the distributors add a hard drive.
The A1200 is then prepped and formatted by the distributor and sold as an official Commodore AI200HD complete with on-site warranty.
Duplicate hard drive mechanisms are shipped to Wang from the dealers to ensure that Wang have J J I A1200 owners with hard drive hopes are experiencing another Commodore comedy of errors. Why?
Units with which to replace any hard drives which go wrong, but if and how a standard hard drive mechanism is to be decided on is not known.
Though infinitely better than nothing, the question still remains - why didn't Commodore do this from the outset and why don’t they now do it for themselves?
Why leave everything to third-party distributors in a move which goes against everything Commodore have done over the past decade?
No Commodore spokesperson was available to answer any of these question as we went to press. Kelly Sumner (managing director) was out of the country, Andrew Ball (public relations) has left the company and is still to be replaced, and Quentin Bell (Commodore’s PR agency) were able only to confirm that the plan was to go ahead.
What Commodore will do next and why they have abandoned traditional Commodore policy will remain a mystery.
One thing is clear. Existing A1200 owners should not hold their breath for official upgrades. New A1200s will be shipped in HD versions eventually, but an official hard drive upgrade with warranty still seems as far away as Commodore’s sun-loving MD.
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68040 For A3000, Exp. 32Mb £1799 3 Are srsl drIVes 120Mb (1") £329 213Mb (1") £409 340Mb (1.6") £699 425Mb (1.6") SCSI-2 £949 AG00 I200 DRIVES' 20Mb (2.5" IDE + cable) £135 40Mb (2.5" IDE + cable) £199 60Mb (2.5" IDE + cable) £ 209 80Mb (2.5" IDE + cable) £275 120fub (2.5" IDE + cable) call hARD DRIVES' £ CopTROLLERS GVPHD8+40 £335 GVP HD8+ 80 £435 GVP HD8+120 £509 GVP HD8+213 £679 IVS Trumpcard 500 AT - IDE 42Mb IDE Version £ 289 VOW BACKUP SYSTCM SS9 WORKBENCH 2»t Enhancer Kit Workbench 2.1 Kit £ 55 Kit With 2.04 ROM £ 89 $ G)V 3 MORPH PLUS £159 XCAD 3000 £229 IMAGE F X £199 ART DEPT PRO £159
IMAGINE 2 £149 ALADDIN 4D £259 ARTEXPRESSCNS £145 IMAGE MASTER £119 ViDSO BACKUP SYSTCM Backup Hard or Floppy Disks To Video Tape Using A VCR. Works With All Amigas. Speeds Upto 40Mb An Hour. Backup & Restore To Any Path. Verify & Logging SS9 IVS Trumpcard 500 Classic SCSI, No Drive £139 GVP HC8+ 40 £315 GVP HC8+ 80 £385 GVP HC8+120 £465 GVP HC8+213 £635 IVS Trumpcard 2000 Classic SCSI, No Drive £ 79 IVS Grand Slam! 2000 SCSI, RAM + Parallel £175 i cinoi Able Drli ES’ Syquest 44Mb Internal £ 275 Syquest 88Mb Internal £ 375 External Case & Cable £ 100 44Mb Cartridge £ 66 88Mb Cartridge £ 99
FLOPTICAL DRIVES' 21Mb 3.5" SCSI - Also Reads & Writes Amiga & PC Disks £ 299 External Floptical DriveE 375 Pack Of 5 Flopticals £125 mEmoi V A no BOARDS' 32-Bit 4Mb 60ns SIMM For G-Force 030 & A530 £169 32-Bit 1Mb 60ns SIMM For G-Force 030 & A530 £ 65 32-Bit 1Mb 40ns SIMM For A3000 G-Force 040 £179 4Mb x 9, 80ns SIMM £ call 1Mb x 4 SC ZIP RAM £ 20 VORTEX "GOLDEN GATE" 386Sx25 BRIDGEBOARD 3399 VORTEX "GOLDEN GATE" 486SLC25 BRIDGEBOARD 3(599 COMMODORE 386Sx25 BRIDGEBOARD NOW ONLY 33(53 4Mb x 32 A4000 SIMM £160 IVS Meta 4 (4Mb) A1500 £ 189 Baseboard (4Mb) A500 £ 189 PP&S PRORAM (3000 4000) Upto
64Mb I (0Mb) £269 kick stArt Upgrades- Kickstart 2.04 Chip £ 39
2. 1 Upgrade (500 2000) £ 89
2. 04 Upgrade Kit (A3000)£ 45 S-cAppE S- Power Colour handheld
400dpi, 12-Bit Scanner £229 Epson GT-6500 Colour A4 Flatbed
Scanner, 600dpi £ 749 moplTo s- Commodore 1960 14" Multisync
(1024x768,0.28mm, 15 - 31KHz) For All Amigas £ 439 Commodore
1084S Stereo, RGB & Composite+Leads £ 199 Microvitec Auto-Scan
20" Multisync (15-31 Khz) For All Amigas £1199 moDEmsr Supra
V32bis FaxModem £ Call (GP Fax Software Available) Supra
FaxModem Plus £ 164 Supra 2400 Zi+ (Internal) £ 119 Supra 2400
Plus(MNP5) £ 99 Supra 2400 £ 79 WOPKBCNCH 2J Enhancer Kil
KICKSTART ROM CHIP Workbench 2.1 Kil £ 55 Kil With 2.04 ROM £
89 STPECiAL OFFEU Commodore 2320 Display Enhancer Flicker
Fixer Now Only £ 149 A1200 32-Bit RAM AND MATHS C»-Pre
Microbolics MBX1200 A trapdoor expansion hoard offering a
choice or I4MII . 08881 or 25Mllz 08882. And upto 8Mb or
32-Kit FAST KAM. With RAM installed. Sxsinfo rates the A1200
at 4.8 tiiilex the speed of an A5O0 (without it. Only 2.2 !).
I bis board takes same SIMMS as the A4000.
MBXI200(14MHz881 + 4Mb) £299 MBXI200(25MHz882 + 4Mb) £369 Call Fur Prices Oil I &2Mb Versions PhipTEHS- SEIKOSHA OP-104 LASER 4ppm, HPU IIP, 300dpl. 14 Font*. PiniW Send, 0,5Mb (Exp. To 2.5Mb), Postscript option, 100 Sboet Tray. 2nd 300 Shoot Tray Option, On-Sta Warranty Omt Vuu Oml) £ 579 With 1.5Mb RAM & Postscript Option £ 889 a a@nD?Y ®(? SiRms SORRY, we DONT TRY TO MATCH OTHERS ON PRJ« - INSTEAD we PREFER TO OFFeR A KNOWLEDGABLE AND personal service, BOTH BeFORe AND, MORe IMPORTANTLY.
Suppliers Of Almost All Amiga Hardware And Software.
Please Call For Prices if You Have Any Technical Questions, please Feel Free To Call For Advice or Help Mon To Fri 10am - Fpm, Saturday Jjam - Phone Or Write For A Copy Of Our Latest Mail-Order Catalogue And Pricelist.
You May Place An Order By Phone Using SWITCH, DELTA, CONNECT, ACCESS,0992 VISA & MASTERCARD etc. Prices given are 71A539 for CASH. CREDIT cards attract a small surcharge.
VU&ti Slid 'tytu’i (fitful. Via ft 0% PO 7* White Knight T@dM©l©gy | PO BOX 2395, WALTIIAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7IIQ NC-I OO Lapcat Although notepads have been around for a good ten years, up until recently there's been little to connect them to the Amiga. Thankfully this unfortunate situation is about to change thanks to a combination of Arnor's Lapcat and Amstrad'S new NC-100 - a machine so simple, even Alan Sugar can use it... In a rare break from tradition, the marketing claim of "five minutes or your money back" employed during the NC's advertising campaign is nothing short of
The whole system operates around a colour-coded hotkey setup which allows access to the wordprocessor, calculator, diary-calendar-ciock, address book, plus a fully functional version of BBC Basic (whoopie!) And of course an alarm.
Obviously with a full-sized keyboard at your fingertips the wordprocessor has to be one of the highlights.
To be honest with the budget price tag I was ready for disappointment concerning the quality of the software.
However I'm glad to say I was a pleasantly surprised.
For those of you who were wise enough to invest in the January issue of AC, wordprocessing with the NC will be just like home from home as a slightly cut-down version of Protext - our amazing giveaway - awaits within.
Although the words "cut down" may sound rather ominous this only refers to the 48,000 word dictionary as opposed to the 148,000 found on its bigger brother.
Other than this the software is almost identical with all the familiar hotkey combinations controlling everything from find and replace to text formatting plus the usual selection of Protext Wock operations.
Along with the hotkeys comes an assortment of Protext power options such as headers and footers, multiple markers, bold, italic and underlined, macro recording and just about everything else found on its Amiga counterpart.
An added bonus of the Amor Protext tie-up is that the Amiga and NC versions of Protext are completely compat- I- A dazzling selection of goodies get the once-over from the AC team I 1 LaserJet and a simple option, which like all of the NC's setup controls are selected from special dedicated sub-menus. Once defined all that remains is to connect the printer and off you go... Although the NC’s wordprocessing options are very well catered for, it's by no means the end of the machine's data transportation skills, as the aforementioned address book also has full support for both sending and
receiving data.
Alas the format of address book transfer isn't quite as simple as some, and as a result, simply dumping an existing address book from an existing Amiga database isn't easy.
Nevertheless the option still allows you to store and retrieve existing NC address book data to and from the ible. As a result, if the Protext option is selected during transfer, all files sent will arrive complete with their style tags and formatting information intact.
Like any self-respecting wordprocessor, the NC also boasts a complete selection of printing options which include start and end definition, draft or NLQ, continuous, line and form feeds, selection of parallel or serial port with baud rate, parity, handshaking and data bit control.
In addition - and perhaps most important of all - comes a small but varied selection of printer drivers which include Epson 9 and 24-pins, Canon B|10e, IBM 24, Merlin’s Maths & Play Days 1992 saw quite a big explosion in the production of education software, with some really good releases such as ADI and Noddy's Playtime. But what are the new releases of 93 like?
Recently released is Merlin's Maths from the makers of ADI and Play Days, a child's education program which is to run in conjunction with the TV series of the same name I was very disappointed with Merlin's Maths.
Graphically the game is perfect for children. All the sprites are clear and the text is easily readable but the actual activities that the pupils must perform are deadly boring.
The program opens up with colourful graphics which look good and would be attractive to children.
There's plenty of movement - everything you should expect from an education program - but then it goes way downhill.
Just carries on and on until I eventually had to quit out and find a different section to try - there doesn't seem to be any cut off point where the exercise will finish of its own accord.
The major challenge of kids' education software is keeping the child engaged, and so games must have some sort of reward every time a question is The first section is a simple mathematics game - the pupil must solve simple mathematical problems of increasing complexity. That's all well and good but it answered correctly. Merlin's maths doesn't have any such feature, just the occasional unimpressive graphi cal sequence.
My next disappointment was the similarity between the different modules. Two or more of them seem to run along the same lines for no apparent reason, For the most part the sections rely on the child being able to count. If the child can, the rest of the exercises are a pointless. A poor release.
The second package I looked at was Play Days. I was disappointed again at first, but as the program unfolded my fears were allayed.
The program is controlled entirely by mouse but you never have to use a pointer, as the options you can take are in a grid at the bottom of the screen.
One of the options is always highlighted but by moving the mouse around you can change your choice. There is a good mix of disciplines a couple of questions on maths then a couple of English ques tions - and plenty of picture and association work Amiga with consummate ease. As you may see from the photograph, the NC is devoid of a floppy drive. As a result, some form of comms connection is essential and it's here where the Arnor connection comes in.
Aside from the software already mentioned, the NC also contains a copy of Lapcat, its own proprietary comms package developed in conjunction with Arnor and designed to make data transfer between the NC and any target machine as painless as possible.
In order to make the connection to the Amiga, all that's required is an Amiga-compatible version of Lapcat which can either be installed or loaded into the machine. The only remaining essential is the connecting parallel cable.
Unfortunately the aforesaid cable is far from standard SO I'm afraid this means added expenditure in both software and cabling.
Once connected up, transfer is simply a matter of selecting the file of your choice whether it be a document or address book, running the Lapcat software on both Amiga and NC and then simply selecting the transfer medium of your choice, whether that be simple or Xmodem. If the phrase "comms" sends a shiver of technophobia down your spine, don’t be put off, as like everything else within the NC's little world, transfer
- whether it be docs or addresses - is extremely Straightforward.
An added bonus of the Lapcat package and more precisely the cabling is that the special parallel cable required is totally generic to all machines and will work equally well on a PC, ST or anything else as it does on your Amiga.
As a result, to connect to the PC at work means you'll only require a PC version of the Lapcat software to make the connection with your existing cable.
If you're well versed in the ways of comms, it's not essential that you take the Lapcat approach, as alongside the two parallel Lapcat options - either Protext or Ascii
- await an additional two serial options which pnce again
comprise of both Protext or Ascii transfer formats.
By using the serial option, any suitable comms package could be pressed into service as an alternative to the Lapcat software cable combination.
The only stumbling block concerning this option on the Amiga is that the serial connection the NC is a PC-style 9-pin - as opposed to the standard 25-pin used by the Amiga.
As a result, some form of 9-to-25-pin connector is needed, requiring either a degree of artistry with a soldering iron or a trip to your local computer centre.
With the correct cabling and a smattering of comms knowledge there's no reason why you couldn't side-step the expense of the Arnor alternative completely.
While on the subject of expense, it's time to talk expansion. Although the advertising campaign goes to great lengths extolling the simplistic virtues of the machine, there's no mention of what expanding the basic 38k of RAM means in financial terms.
To give you an idea of what 38k means, it equates to six and a half pages of the magazine, or 6,500 words of Ascii text.
Admittedly if you're only using the NC for occasional note taking it's fine. However, if you're planning to be away from your main machine for more than a few days, it won’t be long before the NC insists you delete something before allowing you to make any further use of the unit.
An added problem is that everything within the NC is stored in communal RAM, so the larger your address book the less space is available for documents.
In order to combat memory starvation additional RAM, or in the case of the NC, SRAM, is going to be a must for many. This additional SRAM is supplied in the form of for- mattable PCMCIA cards which unlike those used the A600 and 1200 come with an on-board battery allowing them to retain their information even when the power is off.
Unfortunately the aforesaid cards are far from cheap retailing at roughly £45, £55, £75, £120 and £200 for the 64k, 128k, 256k, 512k and 1024k cards respectively.
As a consequence you're paying as much for a meg of RAM as you did for the machine itself.
Still having had my almost mandatory moan it must be said that even the fairly inexpensive 128k card would be more than enough for most users allowing both a sizeable collection of work in progress within the wordprocessor plus an address book large enough for the average individual.
Due to both the absence of an Amiga alternative and the excellent design and implementation of the NC, it's very difficult to find any substantial fault with what is a perfect solution to the problem of Amiga-related computing on the move.
With up to 40 hours from one set of batteries and of course unlimited life via the mains adaptor, it's hard to complain. The screen display isn't back-lit and as a result requires good lighting to remain usable, but it's a minor objection.
If you're got a real need for what the NC can offer it's literally the only viable choice for the serious Amiga user. Highly recommended... ?
The Bug Long gone are the days of the old plastic phallic symbol known as the joystick. Since about two years ago, the traditional design has been getting progressively stranger due to its development by the games companies.
A lot of this chopping and changing is probably due to the appearance of Megadrives and the like with their “joypads", So what are they like, these new fangled joystick things?
I laid my hands on the strangest one I could find to see if it lived up to the standards of traditional sticks.
To look at the Bug, it is downright ugly. It's an oblong shape with rounded corners and two lumps at one end where the Fire buttons protrude.
It sits in the palm of the hand with the two Fire buttons lined up with your middle finger and your index finger leaving the other hand free to manoeuvre the small stick which protrudes out of the top of the casing.
The Bug got a through beating with help from Kick Off II and the Aquatic Games. And loathe as I am to admit it, it did very well indeed. It's a very comfy stick and the casing seems pretty durable, plus you don’t have to hunt around for a flat surface to place it on as it sits in the hand.
I found it a little too easy to move which made flight sims and the like a little hard to play. But it's an all-round good buy. I am a stickler for tradition but if the Bug is the one to supersede the old-style sticks, then good luck to it!
RocLite Disk Drive External floppy drives always seem to have quite a low profile in the hardware market. What people don't seem to realise is that there have been a lot of important technological advancements in the things that you stuff your disks in all day long.
One of the most recent, not to mention the most impressive, is the RocLite external floppy drive. The first thing that hits you about the RocLite is the size - the thing is like a credit card. Standing 0.7in tall, the RocLite is probably the smallest drive I've ever seen. Where do they put everything?
The next thing tbat caught my eye was the low power consumption which will cut down on the drain on the main power supply and so those infinitely irritating Guru Meditation messages.
Everything about the drive shouts out quality - it's very quiet and has a through port so you can daisy-chain drives.
But by far the most intriguing aspect of the drive is the antivirus mode.
I first saw that the drive had some sort of extra feature when I had a quick look on the back of it. Instead of the usual on off switch there were three settings. As it turns out, the extra setting is an anti-vifuS mode. How can a floppy drive stop you getting viruses on your machine?
Well it doesn't, it just prevents viruses like the Gadaffi virus which plays a tune on your disk drive until it bums out the motor.
Tiger Cub Many people who would otherwise be quite interested in making music are put off by the apparent complexity of the whole process.
After all, computers are meant to make the creative path easier, not hinder it with compatibility problems and strange goings on which can hinder professionals, let alone the hapless home user.
It is with this fact in mind that Dr T's music software, the people as guilty of techno-overkill as anyone with their incredibly complex KCS sequencer, have released Tiger Cub - "the music program for the rest of us", in their words.
The package comes in a sensibly-sized box, which contains the three disks (the program, some samples for you to use with it, and a disk of auxiliary stuff), a registration card (send it Off!) And a small and well-written instruction manual.
It requires an Amiga with at least 1Mb of memory, and does not need Midi, although it fully supports it. Basically, whether your Amiga is big or small, Midi-ed up or not.
Tiger Cub will be happy working with it.
If you have no Midi, it controls the four internal sound channels - which it is still happy to control when you’ve got any number of other instruments plugged in as well.
This means that you can use your own samples in addition to any Midi instruments you may be using.
A fully-featured sequencer. Tiger Cub’s ease of use is due to the fact that everything can be controlled by the mouse (in stark contrast to their KCS. Which stands for Keyboard Controlled Sequencer) and that every aspect is designed to look as simple as possible and operate very straightforwardly. Like I say, it's not devoid of power features. You can print your compositions in standard musical notation and record in real-time (as you play) or step-time (by programming the notes and taking as long as you like to do it).
And there are highly intuitive and clear notes allowing you to add comments to instruments and voices, reminding you where they're used in your songs and which instrument they're played on.
But possibly the program's greatest asset is its membership of Dr T's Multi-Program Environment, or MPE.
MPE allows all of Dr T's music programs to interact with each other, and with more than 30 in the range, from synth editors to composition aids, Tiger Cub opens the door to a whole world of professional software, which you can buy as and when you feel you need or are ready for it.
Tiger Cub doesn't really challenge KCS, which it must be said is mare akin to the experienced user. The more you use KCS, the more you tend to find that keyboard control is the easiest way of interacting with it - it's just the initial learning of the keyboard controls which hinders all but experienced users of programs like KCS, and gives Tiger Cub its strength.
At the end of the day, being a member of a family of programs which can interact with each other will probably prove to be Tiger Cub's greatest strength.
Files produced by friends, or creative-but-not-com- puter-mad band members, can be loaded into Tiger Cub's bigger brother in the studio without trouble, and conversely professionally-produced music files can be messed with with the minimum of hassle - using Tiger Cub at home - by the less-than-genius fraternity.
Amiga 500 external RAM upgrade I haven't seen one of these since the Power Computing instant 2Mb add-on a few months ago. If you’ve got an external hard drive then memory add-ons like these can be a godsend.
To look at, the RAM expansion looks like a very slim external hard drive. It slots into the DMA port on the side of your 500 just like most peripherals.
The version of the hardware we got was populated to 2Mb but you can upgrade the unit to anything up to 8Mb by adding SIMM chips. Alternatively you can buy the unit with as many megabytes as you wish.
A lot of people seem to be slightly baffled as to what a load of memory is useful for. Application are endless - many games will run better if you have more memory present and it comes in really handy if you're doing something like image processing, a very memory-intensive application.
We linked it up with a GVP hard drive and had a bit of Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons Amstrad DMP 20003000 AmtijKl £W 4000 Citizen 120&1SP 10 'S win 24* Cozen Swift 24 Cotoor Commodore mPS 1 Mb i530 EpiOfl LQ400-'50Q'80Q 850 Epson R0MMK8OTXIX800 Epson FXMXWIOOFXMXIOOO Epson UttOTfrYO NEC Pirrwnter P2200 PanawfK KXP1123 112*1140 taMVKl091Na-11M4&1S93 336 ?i?
3 03 3 46 0543 250)77 Ring us or send cheques to: 0543 250377 Owl Associates. Dept 42. Owl House. E w oe 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT ft DELIVERY E3 BARBAROSSA JUNE Price £17.00 unboxed Available for Amiga A500 & A500+ by mail order only A simulation of the German invasion of the Soviet Union during Ihe Second World War* The campaign is foughl using a strategic map and a scrolling tactical map forty screens in size.
Designed for people who enjoy intelligent games, allowing players all the time they nwd for thought, hasod on strategic and tactical manoeuvre not on mere mathematics.
You command Ihe German army through intelligent army commanders against a computer opponent, developed over ten years, that commands tho Russian army as competently as a human player.
Easy lo use interface produces a fast paced game with Ihe need to change army orders only when the player deems necessary. Written by Ken Wright, the most prolific author of strategy war games.
Cheques made payable lo: O’. Software. 155 Ringinglow Rd. Sheffield Sll 7PS, 1 off «? 5*
5. 80 565 5 45 3 66 3 51 3 31
2. 85 2 70 2 50 1281 1266 1246 4 50 4 35 4 15 3 45 3 30 3 10 2 90
2 75 2 55 301 1 77 311 254 1 Off 2t St 5WLC10-50 Black 5 52
214 194 SlorlCIQ'YO Cotour 600 585 5 65 StflflC2WW«k 300
2. 85 2 65 Star LC200 Colour 978 963 943 Star IC24-KV2O0 Black
2. 71 251 Star IC24-1(V200 Colour
9. 63 948 928 Canon BJ-10 hkjet Cartndgt Cnjirwf 17 54 6*11 14
Desk et Cartridge 'x Cngjnal 2179 tat (am BL10 Refill
11. 00 1060 995 HP DeskJet RcfiR Twfttt 1100 1060 995II iges and
mk ct refills not listed THE PREDICTION PROGRAM!
COMPUTE-A-RACE+ £14.99 (Executive EcAbon includes 1 * Master Disk, 1 * Copy, Improved Manual, Wallet. Labels, Update Offer) "AMAZED.. NEVER HAD SO MANY WINNERS- CR* user Mr B from Worthing "THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE ON THE MARKED", (ft* user Mr B from Huntingdon “BRILLIANT...HELPED ME TO BEAT THE BOOKIES!’, (ft* user Mr W from Herts COMPUTE-A-RACE+ is the Horse Racing Prediction Program- written exclusively for the Amiga. With a daily increasing list of winners and successful race predictions. We offer you unrivalled accuracy and unbeatable value' Features Flat and National Hunt inputs, race
review, bet selector, profit performance stats, note book, bet calculator, help screens and an ease of use.
(As advertised in ‘The Sporting Life':. ORDER NOW!
Chequ«s P,0, payable to HANDISQFT (Mail Order ONLY) Handisoft, 37 Hearsall Lane, Spon End, Coventry, CV5 6HF 26 Hen Lane, Holbrook's. Coventry CV6 4LB Telephone: (0203) 680016 1 10 disks £1,20 prr disk, 11 20 disks £1,10 per disk, 21 50 disks 95p per disk.
Catalogue disk 75p inc p&p. Please add 50p p&p per order.
Disk Magazines Bargain Pack Grapevine. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 and 12 disks £11.00 Education Bargain Pack Colour It. Learn & Play. Educational Graphics. Kids Paint. Treasure Scarrh.
Simon & Space Maths. 7 disks for £6.50 Assassins Games Disk 1-30 £25.00 Business Bargain Pack Amic asli. Business Card Maker. Amifox DTP. Print Studio. Text Engine WP.
Fomvs Unlimited. 600 Business Ixtlcrs. Print Master Plus. All these disks are Plus compatible 100 s of Utilities. Demos. Music. Games. Slideshows and Animations, Full backing from T.N.P.D. Swansea.
NTERPRISES CrE LECTEOMC SERVICES AMIGA KEYBOARD OVERLAYS ...now you can write the keyboard commands on the keyboard!
...no more referring to the manual for which key does what PROFESSIONAL AMIGA REPAIRS Got problems that no one else can sort out?- Send them to us.
Motherboard ’beyond economical repair"? - Don't believe them.
Broken add ons, monitors etc?- JUST CALL US.
We specialise in repairs that other companies will not even attempt.
C o Wood Group Fire Protection, Ocean Yard. Suffling Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NP30 3QP Phone,'Fax: 0493 332462 (24 Hours) Gel one tor each of your favourite programs and speed up the human interlace - bnfant for flight and other simulators, and for games, music, graphics. DTP. Word processors, programmers & all.
Cheques and money orders only to: Silverbird, Dept AC3,47 Barton Road.
Harlington. Bedfordshire LU5 6LG, England. For all Amigas except A1000.
CDTV, A6QQ. Also fits New Amiga 1200! Sold only in packs of five for £5.20 PLUS post and packing: UK 80p, Europe & BFP0 £1.50. Rest of the World £2,50.
ORDER v2.05| THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY AMIGA RELATIONAL DATABASE UNIQUE PIC n MIX SERVICE UNIQUE ZjHR CUSTOMER HELP LINE 9am - 9pm Airydayor Order direct from * msuteam STARBUfcST S HR A PA cl UltraBlack t*m Hut mi vm fiUKh Forest ItfiLM LASER ffrat omt NERVOUS EXPORT » Repon (rrttcg storage seerchss & senng
• Report covmn was traak ses S Mix
• Design & Store rttnte Form Report layculs
• 400 record ecu butter imtnre storapei
• Redeine database structure *mcu cata loss
• MarddskrsuJlarwr.uMcy Sarrpte prciects flis*
* FREE Ajg He reader iCrder-Teil v 1} Over 600 Scaleable Fonts
available for ihe Amiga in both Compugraphic Style and Adobe
Type I. Each Disk ordered Will be made up individually to your
SELECTAFONT COMPANY Please send a large S.A.E. for a Print-Out of all Fonts. Also state which Programs you will be using them in.
CC Font* top each Adobe Font* 2$ p each lO'.Ditcotint on all order* over 120 IDEAL FOR BUSINESS USERS OB FOR CATALOGUING SINGLES LPSCDS VIDEOS BOOKS ADDRESSES ETC. 1 MEG 1 DRIVE | ONLY REQUIRED £24.95 UPGRADED FROM NOVEMBER S REVIEW IN AMIGA COMPUTING ? Create a database, form and report in less than 5 minutes
* Fgrmyb Tme Cuie £nif lied ?fp« |4C te*Jj|
* Nea re srers rtertace Paleie PAL sheens Menus
* Mmde fcim levels Kay ietts nduig dsabases
* Easjr on screen Fotm Report tremr using mouse
* Ml l"K0rtJ W1* fWdS‘;22r««rdwnd?w;'
* Ore daa&ase eding mfie aM updjaj, ddeie records)
* PcweAil searches |*idcards cr mutate te«s| SOUTH HAMS SOFTWARE
Dept AQ3,2 Ford Road, Torre, Yeampion, Plymouth South Hams PL8
2NA Induces 1st ciass rec'd P&P AdcCSOOoutsdeUK (2 drives or
hard disk}.
84 Thorpe Koad, Hawkwell, Nr Hockley, Essex. Sss 4JT ORDER COMES COMPLETE WITH A 200 PAGE USER MANUAL & 56 PAGE TUTORIAL Send Cl .50. name and address for lull working demo sersen'tutonal (refunded wtti your order) (0752)880906 Any lealures or enhancements you require (within reason | will be iatleded in the nen release UNIVERSAL COMPUTER STACKING SYSTEMS m Designed to fit Atari Acorn & Amiga Home Computers
• A real space saver, space to store floppy disks or second drive
• Quality Semi-Gloss Finish
• Colour Co-ordinated is also available
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We also specialise in manufactured systems to meet your own personal requirements 89p UTILITIES IXO* D Ccfif V2 0 • coev UXV5 MESSY SO II. PC Ar i nnfv UMS*WC4FOXDn . Tvwi) UlOc C 5X L*B£’l uf 5GN£R - yxfi ion opti uTirrts ii . I«» cr jiui 1012 LABEL 8AS6 V3 0 • ¦UtiHxn LK-13 TfXTPL S V3C€ - PH!»2«p V?itP5«$ *iV*GE.
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OEJA VU D£JA VU LICENSED SOFTWARE h STOCK NOW CURRENTLY UP TO DISK 123 OEJA VUCTSKS 095 FRIO PISH WE STOCK THE LATEST FC5H PI5K5 N OUR UBRARY ipP TO 733- fROU ASLrmEA58S?A0*SK CATALOGUE DISK 75C"tVO««eii«*VW« SPECIAL PACKS POSTAGE UK ORDERS 75p EUROPE £2 CO WORuD £a» Contain* 5 dlsfcs £4.95 A further 5 disk* £4.95 Contains 5 disks £4.95 Contains 3 disks £2.95 Contains 5 disks £4.95 ConUms 5 disks £4.95 5 disks - 30 flsn*s £4,95 5 disks - 30 games £4.95 BUSINESS PACK 1* BUSINESS PACK 2 ?
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Arnica eOftUCvDehin Faint 3' Lcmmn j £279 AiLfl 600' llft'2QM2 HD tee: IDE Hurre £47?
Space Ace Siu 0it 2. Pipe Ma.m Pcpuisus Add£15 Zool Stakr Pintail Drears. Transwze. .Add£15 Ama 500 d!us.‘1H3'! Cancer. Cusato £259 As ai.™ • AS70 CD + Fftd Fitfc 4 Sfifi City CD* £5.39 CDTV.'K leccta'Uminao'EnrrcJnpedia'Sim Car £369 CDTV MuItrtftoleTtaiiTDD'fied Fan £459 ACJfft 12W3M3 T4*Hr AGA Graffcvcj.'WB 3 £375 Aejjs 15WTM3-WB 2'THe Wcute'Dehuce Pun* Aoaur i'ElTol&Puiaic ..... £429 Asjjt A3CCC'2SMHi"?Ji£B Hh'lMb ftAU £1375 Ampa AXCfl'TSStHi* 106Mb HD-'lMb PAM £1575 Amxs 4C0325MKi'AGA Grapluc&40 MB HD £1999 Amiji 4COQ‘25MHzi'AGA Graphics. 120 M3 HD £2129
Acj3l40W25MHtAGAGf4pnK3‘H0M2H2 £2479 Many other 3XO40CC cccligurauxs aviatt* VIDEO DIGITISERS & ENHANCEMENTS 0i»i' is 3n 24 Bit Gwph»« ttid ft video system £635 CpolTssmi Franc crantKi'Gcntek module PHONE CpsirsxmRoaKer PHONE Optfnsan Sun ihi* Convene iDf-intelsatl ..FHQNE Opilvston Quad Input produeion swrxber PHONE Scala ftwenution stsujo so!tw*i» £159 GVP Impact Vuxc 24 Bh Colour £1375 Harkquir VLAB Real Ttase YUV DniLsei .. . £295 Harlejum MSRWl'GehixtDecalaEmccOK.Uiin randanilnei] pr;t iujctl krm (IT isci) £2049 HariKiun TV Pam 32 Bu Graph** Pktoar P29 Harlequin 1500 Framebufiec
.. £1149 Harlequin 3000 Fraoeiufte ___ £1299 ACCELERATORS SOLID STATE LEEURI A5CC-A1&00. AM0C'; A5CO0 68321168881 16 67MHMMB Ram £155 AK0C 6W2&W811? F’MHtTMB Ram £185 AKOO 60020,68881 16 67MHz.'4MB Ram £255 B50CC 6803CV68382 25MHz- 1MB Ram £279 850CC 6803668882 XMHz MB Ram £325 BaOOO 68Ct»«8S2 25MHl 4MB Ram £4M 35QX 683B68382 25MHh?MB Ram R65 3KKC 6803&6&82 33MHi'TXB Ram £265 B50Q0 680»«W2 33MHi’2MB Ram I4C9 B50C 68W6SS82 33MHZ4MB Ram £489 HOW TO ORDER Ptese i7i»? Cfi«ws »fli ora *u~«f cr ao«a awi w a3e id ‘ORION 3P ¦ Ai crdfrs cesaiMd is dm Mm* day
• - ASM* A6K CtrwlOS I - Nu-t* 7 Od*-; W82»Th$ crogrir a any W82
04 ccr-patt*e PRICES 1-5 DSKS £1-25 6-19 DISKS 993
23. DISKS 893 B500G 68030t'63882 33MHi'iMB Ram ......£659 GVP G
Force «030E '5?S92 25MH flMb R*m £456
GVPG-Faice63C30EC«8382«MHz 4MbRam £725 GVP G Force
68030.68832 SOMHzMMb Ram £1099 GVP G-Force 58040 33MHz2MB Ram
£1359 GVP A530 Combo 63030EC 40MHz 1Mh42Mb HD£67S GVP A530
Combo uabcvt but vrnn 80 MB HD £779 GVP A530 Combo a; abcv?
Du! Wr± 120M3 HD £MS FDSON 68043 28fiC*-4MB Ram £1149
A262014Mr*2MB 68020 (A1&W2CW1 . 1199 HARD CARDS C P
Impact Series 2 HC8* No hud dm* £125 GVP Impact Senes 2 HC8*
42Mb Hard Drive £305 GVP Impact Sww 2 HC8* 93Mb Hard Dnw £365
GVP Impact Series 2 HC8» 120Mb Hard Drive £439 GVP Impact
Swia 2 HC8* 213Mb HD £579 HARD DRIVES GVP Serves 2 HD8* Ho
Hard Dm«|A500l... £169 GVP Serves 2 HD8*.'42Mb Hard Drive
(A500i £325 GVP Sews 2 HD8* '&3Mb Hard Drive (A500I £403 GVP
SfeftH 2 HDB* '12DV& Hard Drive (A500l £475 GVP Ser s 2 HD8»
213Mb Hard Drive (A500I £625 QUANTUM 42MB Hard Drcre iNo
CccioLk: £209 MAXTOR 120MB Hard Dti* (No GmtroBts) £359
MAXTOR 213MB Hard Dnre |JJo CceaoBec)... £585 ICD Ad SCSI
Frame 11500.2000) - £75 MICROBOTICS Hard Fame Cart
(150072000) £129 ROCTEC Rccmaie external Hard Dm* case £89
A570 CD Snm Drive. £319 ZAPPOMMB Hard Dro&’OMB RAM £279 ZAPPO
Series 2 RAM 9-0 Mb populated .....£95 GVP Serve 2 RAM 9-2 Kb
populated £139 SIMM 32-1MB Mns Ram upgrade !A53C.GF-Mfl! £65
SIMM 324MB KhJ R*m upgt&de iA530-€F-03C| £169 SIMM 221 MB to
Rim upgiade iG Farcu Moi £149 SIMM 9 Bi'lMB 80lU (HCS'.'HIK*
.RAM8| £29 SIMM 9 Si41ao Sues (HIXrl ......£129 SMARTCARD For
AfWl W - 2MB £125 SMARTCARD Far AKOT2CC 4MB £195 ?
Trouble fitting the 500 on the desk afterwards, but no trouble setting up the expansion. To protect the internal board there is a plate hiding the through port which you have to unscrew.
I was quite baffled as to the significance of the LED on the front of the casing. It seems to be an access light like you have on hard drives to tell when the drive is being read. But why the thing has one I don't know.
You shouldn't have to worry about the power drain on your Amiga because if needed you can power the RAM expansion using an external power supply. It's definitely worth a look if you are having problems with lack of clout in your 500.
1200 Hard Drive Unlike the 500, the new Amiga 1200 really cannot fulfil its full potential unless you're nice to it and buy it a hard drive. But there aren't that many around but here at the AC offices we think we've got our hands on one of the best.
Trying to use the new A1200 Amiga without a hard drive is pretty laborious to say the least, but which one and what size? Well, first things first - you can only fit IDE-controlled hard drive to the At 200 at the moment, but there several companies rushing to produce a SCSI interface for it.
IDE hard drives come in several different sizes from around 20Mb upwards but it's best to start with 60Mb at least, as 20 or 40Mb hard disks will soon be full, especially if you intend to do any graphical work with your machine.
The At 200 has a holder internally fitted for its hard drive, although if you fit it yourself you will invalidate your warranty, so it's recommended that you have your drive fitted by a Commodore-approved dealer.
Since the A1200 came out, quite a few companies have started offering hard drives specifically for this machine. Most reputable companies are offering a fitting service for a small fee which will not invalidated your warranty, and is definitely something to consider.
If you buy a drive from most good companies you will be supplied with the drive itself, a connecting cable and a instruction book on how to install the drive.
Even though this procedure invalidates your warranty, the job of fitting a drive is quite simple. To start, disconnect all cables from your machine, turn it upside- down and remove all the case screw.
Then turn your machine the right way up and gently remove the case. You will now be able to see the caddy on the left-hand side of the A1200 which holds the drive
- remove this.
The next part is slightly more tricky, as you have to remove the metal screening which covers your Al 200 circuit board. To do this you have to bend the little tabs M which hold the casing in place until they are vertical, remove the two screws which hold the floppy disk drive in place, then unplug and remove the floppy.
Now you should be able to pull the metal shield straight upwards to remove it.
Once you have your Al 200 stopped down you should be able to see a double row of parallel pins on the left- hand side of the circuit board - this is the IDE connector to which you connect the ribbon cable which was supplied with your drive.
You then have to thread the cable through the metal screening on the left-hand side, replace the screening and bend the tabs back to their original position.
Replace the floppy drive and then screw the hard drive to the caddy and replace it. Now simply connect the cable to the hard drive and finish off rebuilding your machine.
Now you have the hard drive installed you have to prepare it to hold your information. This would have been a simple job but contrary to the Al 200's manual, Commodore do not include the install software.
We al AC had to use the install software from the A4000 Amiga. This can be tricky as when you run the program it is supposed to tell you all the information about the drive you have fitted, but when we tried it refused to look at the drive until we told the software that the drive installed was a SCSI and not an IDE.
This appears to be a software problem and is easy to overcome. When the software returns the information about your drive you can simple press the prep button and off you go.
Once you have prepped your drive you then have to reset your Al 200 and load Workbench from floppy, highlighting the HD0: icon and selecting Format from the pull-down menus.
Once formatted you should be able to boot straight from your hard drive, when you've copied WorkBench to it.
MBXI200 The MBX12QQ is one of the first FPU memory boards available for the A1200. An FPU is basically a co-processor which is a chip specially designed to relieve the main processor of any maths-oriented work, this leaves the main processor to get on with other things.
The FPU in this board is designed to run at 14.7Mhz which is the same speed as the Al 200, but because the chip is specially designed for calculations it is capable of faster and more accurate maths. It is fitted with a Motorola 68881 but if you wish you can install a 68882.
There is also a slot to hold 32-bit SIMMs which come in either 2, 4 or 8Mb capacities. Thirty-two-bit SIMMs are quite expensive so it's better to get the memory with the board as this works out cheaper than buying it at a later stage.
The board we tried had 4Mb of SIMMs fitted with a speed rating of 70ns. Fitting the MBX1200 is a simple job of turning your machine upside-down and removing the trap door then carefully slotting the MBX board on to the edge connector inside the Al 200.
This procedure does not invalidate your warranty as you don't have to open the case of your machine.
Once fitted you wouldn’t know it was there apart from the speed increase and the extra memory. There is no need to install any software or make any hardware alterations to your machine as when the board is fitted your machine re-configures itself.
One of the first things you notice when you reboot your machine after installing the board is the sudden appearance of lots of memory displayed at the top of your Workbench screen.
On standard Workbench stuff the FPU makes little difference, but try loading a ray tracing package and then watch it go.
We did some speed tests with the board installed and also without it the results speak for themselves, The software we used was Amiga Intuition-Based Benchmarks v5.5. When doing these types of test you also have to consider the speed of the memory chips install as these can make quite a difference, The first test involved ray tracing a multicoloured beach ball without the board this took 517.98 seconds as opposed to 50.24 seconds with the board installed.
Next was Fmath test this took 40.91 seconds without and 6.92 seconds with. Finally we tried the Ftrace test which took 231.73 seconds without and 8.17 seconds with.
On the Ftrace test the time with the FPU was a staggering 56 times faster than a standard A500, although this is only on maths-intensive work. As far as we could tell the board didn't give any incompatibility problems.
The conclusion is - if you do any type of work which involves your processor doing overtime, it's well worth a look at this board.
DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: 0492 515981 CLR lor Quality Amiga L censeware Wt alu dock Fred Fish A T Bag. All disks are vims checked and tested prior to despatch Choose from over 25(M) quality public domain titles ( ) = No of Disks. ( * ) = 1 Meg required. (P) = Works on A500 A500+ A600. (D) = No of Drives UTILITIES Ut GHOSTWRITER Intro « xmo U5 LOADSAICONS (P)
ties UW StD V 1 06 |NP) Dos uMHy U70 THE COMMS DISK MoOem util
WORKSHOP 2 |P| Label base stickers U102 HARD DISK UTILS U103
AMATEUR RADIO (6) |P| Satenne Tracking etc U104 BANK N (PJ
U106 VISICALC SPREADSHEET |P| Simtar tg LblW 123 Min
ANALYTICALC(2) * (P) Very powerful * manual UT 12 FLEXiBASe
U128 SCALC & WORDWRlGHT (P Spread & w processor Ut 31 U-EDIT
WORDPROC v2.06 |P| Very powertii U133 BUSINESS LETTERS |Pi 600
most useful U135 AMIGAFOX DTP v i.i |P| EngteH verscn U145
TEXT ENGINE v3.4 P) W processor lo 60 tfi U14&U150 C64 GAMES
|P| For use with Envlaldr UtS4 SPECTRA PAINT v32 U156 SUDESHQW
CON.KITER UI62 AZ SPELL |P U163 30 FONTS (3) use Mi ray
(racing prog U166 CARTOON BRUSHESOPanteec U169 DESIGNER DISK
G178 NO ONES MINES SlNP) Gi76 N00nESNknE$ 6(NP) G180 NO ONES WNES 7 (NP) GI81 NO ONES MINES 8 (NP) G182 CATACOMB i Pi Aaveniure G183 KINGDOM AT WAR strategy G185 DOODY (P) manp type G106 PiCK-OUT |P| pal's G187 NU-SHQQT EM UP (P) Space GI88 Sot ID QUAD (NP) racog G190 PARAGON iP)mat» side G192 CRAZY SUE Diatom GI94 CONCENTRATION (P) pars G195 DESTINATION MOONBASE . P| G196 ESCAPE FROM JOV ill G197 NO MANS LAND (P) * • u Gi99 Raphaels REVENGE |P| seu G200 MIDNIGHT THIEF G201 LAME R GAME (P) won type G202 LETTRIX shapes G204 GRUB GRABBER n G206 SWORD QF WQRLQCK (3) (20) G206 A NIGHT AT THE TOP
G208 QUAORIX (P) puzzle G209 YUM YUM ‘ |P| pacman G210 REVENGE IMUT CAMELS) |P) G211 BATTLEMENTS (Pi hunchback G213 SERENE II (P) G217 WEIRD N EDGEWAYS |P| puz G2i8 KARATE WORM pattern G2l9 SNAKE IN THE GRASS (P) G221 WIZARDS DOMAIN (P| adv G222 PIXIE KINGDOM (2) G224 PORK A PORK (P| G225 MR BRICK Mano G226 RalO III (P) G227 SERENE III (P) G228 WOTSITSNAME |P) quiz 6229 TETREN letrts type G22Q NUMPTY4 THE AUEN(P) G23I EAT MINES 10 bOuKfcrdaih G232 LOTHIAN |P) adv G233 MEGA RACE (P)seu G234 MENTAL IMAGES GAMES 2 P) G244 ASSASSINS 10 (P; escape G245 ASSASSINS 11(P)connex G246 ASSASSINS 12 (P|
Kamatrcr G247 ASSASSINS 13 |Pir«ncns G248 assassins 14 |P|Cchallenge.. 0249 ASSASSffS15 (P| bantam G250 ASSASSINS 16 (Pi wastelands G251 ASSASSINS 17 (Pidelenda G252 ASSASSINS 10 (Pi nenry pane G253 ASSASSINS 19 (P- grewth G254 ASSASSINS 20 CP) microbes G255 ASSASSINS 21 |P|zeu» G256 ASSASSINS 22 |P| moutfam .
G257 ASSASSINS 23 |P| smash G258 ASSASSINS 24 (P) nebula.
G259 ASSASSINS25(Pietypo G260 ASSASSINS 26 (Pi baly 3 G261 ASSASSINS 27 (Pi earfl games G262 MR 4 MRS (P) youig ptattorm G263 TANX(P| G264 CEFENDA i P) arcade G268 GROWTH (Pi G269 SKATE TRIBE G277 SUPER SKOOA CHALL (P) G279 ANTEPS SLOT CARS G282 FLASCHBiERIIiNPl G284 BOULDERDASH MEGA COLL G293 CHAOS STRIKES BACK Hnis and maps G295 ASSASSINS VOL 28 (P)Doody DrMaro G296 ASSASSINS Va 29 |P| Rome Nora G297 ASSASSINS VOL 30 |P| Chrome Tank-Atlack G293 ASSASSINS VOL 3i(P) ishdomatK: G299 ASSASSINS VOL 32 (P) Bleb FrrFghter G3C0 ASSASSINS VOL 33 (P) ToW Wy. Hyperpall G30- ASSASSINS VOL 34 (P| Trail
Rock & mnerais (Pi CLE03 TC SOLAR SYSTEM (3) solar
S) Slem 4 panels |P) CLE3 KlDOiES CocOuftWG PAD sa« 4 print out
opton (P) CLE05 ACHORD iGuear) chores |P) CLE06 TAMIMalhs
Tutor aE07 TC FRESHWATER FISHING a rrtoM for angler* |P) CIE08
CLEO11 LETS LEARN Varosorcgs NX OC)S CLU01 VIDEO TITLES tcrollng uses |P) CLU02 FISH NDEXER to 670 Itrary Ssearcb CLU03 TYPING TUTOR finger ptaang 4 sceediPi CLU34 ALPHA GRAPH |P) CLUD5 SAS MENU MAKER design ytu ewnbge CLU» SUPERSOUND 3 - Sane* CLLW7 PKLO - C Base CLU08 V ORDFNDER PLUS (2| Croaewd anagram sol.-er CLUOS PLAY 4 RAVE 12) Music IrK demo maker CLU010 P7 ER ACCOUNTS U9ertnendV CLU011 CALC Spreads’** CLU012 VIRTUAL WINDOWS Oganser progs CLUD13 OATOSBbawnMhhMp ClGoi NCRRlS partonr acvefflure iNPi CLG02 DARK THINOS mano piallocm(P) CLGD3 PHASE 2 s e u planes - year |P) CLG34
X-SYSTEMrnuijie. s*u|P| CLG05 TRUCKIN ON 212) becer .ersion sKalegy |P| CLG06 OarrERATION (1.3) arcade arson as»rod CLGC8 DRAGON TILES puzzle game- ntore dragons |P) aGC9 WOTCflDUEL30ear ran chase S shooi |P) aoio FUTURE SHOCK spnmrg bat trcky1 CLG11 ALL GUNS BLAZING CLG12 BULLDOZER 803 CIG13 PARADOX Ercelen puzzle game CLG15 SPLCOGETndiy Pattern CLG17 (MBRIUM Large graphc Ur PRICES: 1 ditk £3.50 2 disk set £4.50 3 disk sol £4.99 ? P & p as for PD BLANK DISKS 10 in ttlptop £6.00 10 In canon ......„I„.£5.S0 10 Bulk disks ... £4.99 25 Bulk disks-____________X11.99 50
Bulk disk* ...£23.50 80 Cap lockable box £7.99 40 Cap lockable box £4.25 10 Cap Hip lop .....£1.00 POST 6 PACKING: ? 10% per order UK ?20% per order Europe ?30% per order ROW
P. D. PRICES: 1-2 Disks = £2.00; 3-10 Disks = £1.75:11+ Disks =
£1.50 Overseas orders welcome payable m sterling please
Catalogue disk £1 00 Fast reliable friendly service Make
cheques postal orders payable to ‘DELTRAX PD‘ POSTAGE &
PACKING: UK = 60p per order; Europe = +25p per disk; R O W. =
+50p per disk DELTRAX PD (AC) 36 Bodelwyddan Ave Old Colwyn
Clwyd LL29 9NP Protext 5.5 For long the Amiga's premier
wordprocessor. Protext is still the most powerful, though
lacking many of the features found in Wysiwyg packages.
Protext is fast, contains a powerful built-in macro and command language, can produce invoices using its line drawing mode, and has many of the features you’ll only otherwise find in a PC package, such as auto numbering and self-incrementing variables. For business users it is the only choice.
Disadvantages include its limited display (definitely not Wysiwyg). Its less than completely friendly interface, lack of graphics support and overall complexity, so it is perhaps not the ideal choice for home users.
Ideal uses for Protext include invoicing, mail-outs (due to its powerful mail merging options), and the rapid generation of huge amounts of text (its simple display lends it the fastest typing speed of all Amiga Wps).
Wordworth v2 Another British-produced program. Wordworth is a smooch, user-friendly wordprocessor with fewer power features than Protext but superb document design options and a finished output that's better than most Wordworth is one of the easiest Wps with which to generate PostScript documents, as it has full support for the standard and is supplied with 17 superb Agfa fonts.
It also comes complete with support for 140 individual printers. Enabling full control of built-in printer fonts from within a document. The spell checker and thesaurus used is the Collins Linguibase (as used by Protext), so British spellings are the order of the day. Both work very well.
The program's disadvantages arc that it can be memory hungry. Offers no macro facility, and can sometimes run very slowly when memory is tight.
Not the best WP for the office. Wordworth 2 is better suited to the production of high quality PostScript documents including graphics.
Ideal uses for Wordworth include letter writing, important documents which have to look just right such as Cys. Simple DTP tasks (its graphic support and PostScript options give it a definite advantage), and general home correspondence.
ProWrite 3.3 Having recendy been pnce-slashed. ProWrite is a rather attractive buy for those in need of a general purpose WP. The problem with ProWrite is that it is just that - general purpose It is similar to Wordworth in that it is a full Wysiwyg package rJ I U u fj u ill r In the search to separate turkeys from peacocks, this month's piercing gaze falls upon the ever-popular wordprocessing market with direct PostScript support and a lot of icons for standard functions. However, the PostScript option isn’t as neatly implemented as the Digita offering, the program doesn’t support
built-in printer fonts, and it is slower, especially when HAMS graphics are included in a document Having said all this, ProWrite is a perfecdy usable package, and has the advantage of its ten user-definable macros whkh can be very useful with a bit of thought on the user's part.
Like Wordworth. It has a good, though American, spell checker and word count, but it will also carry out calculations and automatically sort a list of words in alphabetical order.
ProWrite is best suited to the home user who prefers to save a few bob and isn't too bothered about speed of scrolling. For those people it represents a bargain at its present price and should serve well in its general purpose role.
Excellence! 3.0 excellence!, which for some reason doesn’t have a capital letter at the beginning of its title, is a huge sprawling package including a 140.000 word dictionary complete with definitions, a thesaurus, grammar checker, and PostScript support.
It sounds like great value for money, and in some ways it IS, but excellence! Is in many ways over the top and suffers in the basic areas as a result.
Advanced features include the ability to use multiple columns of text in a document. PostScript support using its own versions of popular fonts, automatic contents generation (of the others, only Protext does this), and graphic support However, text scrolling speed is poor and the program uses a lot of memory.
For users worried about their presentation, excellence! Is a good bet as the built-in grammar checker is powerful enough to spot most of the mistakes made by amateur wordsmiths. This feature also makes excellence! A tool many teachers and parents might consider.
Final Copy II Probably the most attractive looking wordprocessor around.
FCH is fast, colourful, and slick. HAM8 graphics and DTP are the program’s forte, and it has a number of features specifically aimed at making good presentation easier.
Like its predecessor. Pen Pal. The program has drawing tools available for designing page elements from within the wordprocessor. But in line with the main competition, all AGA graphics modes are supported.
Uniquely (at time of writing). FC II also displays 256 colour graphics on-screen, making it the best WP for colour printing, particularly PostScript printing.
FCII's main weaknesses are in the power wordprocessing areas, where several of the more advanced features found in some other packages are missing or not as well implemented.
For basic wordprocessing and superbly colourful pseudo-DTP.
Final Copy II is a good bet, but don't expect to wnte a magnum opus with it.
Kindwords 2 and 3 Kindwords 2 was a seemingly revolutionary product on its release, as it was one of the first Amiga packages to offer Wysiwyg, custom fonts for high quality printing, graphics m documents, and many other features now taken for granted in later Wps The reality, however, is that it was very slow, likely to crash on a 512k machine, and plagued by bugs. Recommended only for those with masochistic tendencies. Kindwords 2 should relay be allowed to die while it still has some dignity.
The coup de grdce comes in the form of Kindwords 3. A totally new product from the programmer of Wordworth. In effect. Kindwords 3 is Wordworth without the PostScript support. Custom printer fonts, and many other advanced features.
What the programmers left in makes Kindwords 3 a friendly, very usable WP available for a decent price. It has all the style and functionality of Wordworth even if it lacks the power features. And would serve most general home uses very well.
Have you thought about buying Pagestream? Want to see if it is
PC QQ suitable for you? Well, what are you waiting for?...try
the demo! L PAGESTREAM 22 DEMO DISKS EMC would uke lo pant out
mat many UK PD Hdtanot rjve purcnawd out QiSM and rtava simply
copied OUR ask? Lor r«?a» M*wu9*l w* i't unao'e lo flo
anything afiout th s wo would liKa to point out that EMC WILL
NOT under any circumstances otter any form cut backup to
customers ol other PO companies 6MC has gained an excellent
reputation tot the customer support we offer and fdf
AsthttUtlftg (¦ gh Quality DTP producla. Ihe amount ol
favorable UK Amiga press coverage mat EMC has rocevoo wfl
confirm tin*' We are a oedcaiM and spec-aiised Amiga DTP
business and we eere the 1st U.K. company to offer UK DTP era
a ooocated DTP PprSharewflra ‘bfflry Remember: rf you aren't
on the EMC database, and have EMC disks... We suggest that you
seek technical backup from the company you bought the disks
» Amiga Public Domain Shareware DTP Packs « EMC Volume 1 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Bitmapped ClipArt Fully sorted, ready for FAST access and uso an cfcparl nas been saved as brushes.
EMC Volume 2 - 6 Disks - £15.00 - PC ClipArt gem tu*y scalable structured clipart and img clipart - a must for Pagestream users' EMC Volume 3 - 2 Disks - £ 5.00 - Pagestream Fonts 34 Pagestream format fonts compatible with all versions of Pagestream EMC Volume 4 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Type 1 Fonts 67 Typo 1 Fonts all with IFF previews, for Ppage 3.0 and Pagestream 2 1 2.2 only EMC Volume 5 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Type 1 Fonts 63 Type I Fonts a8 with IFF previews for Ppage 3 0 and Pagestream 2.1 2.2 only.
EMC Volume 6 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Typel Fonts 83 Type 1 Fonts all with IFF previews, for Ppage 3.0 and Pagestream 2 1 2 2 only EMC Volume 7 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Typel Fonts 68 Type 1 Fonts all with IFF previews for Ppage 3 0 and Pagestream 2.1 2.2 onfy EMC Volume 8 - 5 Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 61 Scalable fonts for Page setter II. WB 2 64, Dpant 4.1 and all versions of Ppage EMC Volume 9 - 5 Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 64 Scalable fonts for Pagesetter II WB 2.04, Dpamt 4.1 and all versions of Ppage EMC Volume 10 - 5 Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 57 Scalable fonts for Pagesetter
II, WB 2 04 Dpamt 4 1 and all versions of Ppage EMC Volume 11-5 Disks - £12.50 - Bitmapped Clipart Converted to IFF from other formats, all the clipart has been sorted'saved as brushos Introducing the LARGEST COLLECTION ot PD Shareware EPS Clipart
- Available on the AMIGA In the U.K. - For use with Pagestream.
ProPage. And any other apolication that supports EPS „ Please
note that Pagestream2+ can prmt this cflpart lo any printer
Other applications roquire poslscnpt pmfors and'or a postscript
interpreter EMC Volume 12 -6 Disks - £15.00 - EPS Clipart EMC
Volume 13 -6 Disks - £15.00 - EPS Clipart EMC Volume 14 6 Disks
- £15.00 - EPS Clipart EMC Volume 15 -8 Disks - £20.00 •
Bitmapped Clipart The third in our senes of IFF Clipart volumes
Imported directly from Amen EMC Volume 16-5 Disks - £12.50 -
Typel Fonts 76 Typo 1 Fonts all with IFF Previews, for
Pagestream2 1 2.2 users only EMC Volume 17-5 Disks - £12.50 -
Typel Fonts 79 Type 1 Fonts all with IFF Previews, lor
Pagestream 2.1 2 2 users onfy EMC Volume 18-5 Disks - £15.00 -
Pdraw Fonts 60 Professional Draw format fonts, suitable tor all
versions of Professional Draw EMC Volume 19 - 5 Disks - £15.00
- Pdraw Fonts 63 Professional Draw format fonts, suitable for
all versions of Professional Draw EMC Volume 20 - 5 Disks -
£15.00 - Pdraw Fonts 50 Professional Draw forma! Fonts,
suitable for all versions of Professional Draw EMC Volume 21 -
6 Disks - £15.00 - PCX Clipart For Pagestream users only* Can
be converted to IFF with ADPro or Imaggmasler
Disks ¦ £12.50 - Bitmapped Clipart Excellent 400dpi scanned
images totally ongmal, sent to us by one of our customers "NEW
EMC Volume 23 • 5 Disks • £15.00 ¦ Scalable Fonts 58 Scalable
fonts for all versions of Ppage Psetter 2 3, WB2 Dpaint4 1
Wworlh etc "NEW EMC Volume 24 5 Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts
64 Scalable fonts for all versions of Ppage, Psotter 2 3, WB2,
Dpamt4 1 Wworlh etc. "NEW EMC Volume 25 - 5 Disks • £15.00 •
Scalable Fonts 66 Scalable fonts for all versions of Ppage.
Psetter 2 3. WB2, Dpamt4 1. Wworlh etc. "NEW EMC Volume 26 - 5
Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 71 Scalable loots for all
vorsons of Ppage. Psetler 2 3, WB2. Dpamt4 1. Wworlh etc m
I count myself very lucky to have made such a personal contact as yourself who is willing to keep me right and give outstanding back-up to his customers" j.t.n. - Scotland "Very impressed with the service and products" p g.g. • Staffordshire "EMC is what we’ve been waiting for" pf - m von* "The backup you offer is second to none, your EMC products are of exceptional quality. I've seen your editorials in nearly every UK Amiga Magazine. I’m happy to see that EMC is receiving the recognition it deserves" Digital Multimedia Services UK "...it’s a refreshing change to receive the kind of service
and support that you are offering your customers, most companies, as I know to my loss just wouldn't be bothered. No other company, to my knowledge, offers the level of support and technical backup as EMC does." S Spittiehouse - w Cumdria THE MAGAZINES HAVE SAID... Amiga Computing in issue 52 said... "E.M.Computergraphic are the FIRST and FOREMOST Font distributors in the UK" they then placed us at...No.1 in the TOP 10 of the Amiga hardware software chart!
Ian Wrigley from Amiga Shopper in issue 16 said... "...I must say that I'm quite impressed... “ Amiga Format in issue 36 said ,.
"...E.M.Computergraphic have an enormous amount of expertise in the tricky area of fonts and can provide professional help and advice to customers" Amiga Format Special Edition said... "...the best value rescalable fonts available anywhere...there's no cheaper way of getting quality fonts" CUAmiga in the issue of September '92 said... "...you couldn’t do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C." Amiga Shopper January 1992 gave Safari Fonts and EMC... "The Top Desktop Publishing Typeface Award For 1992" Pat McDonald from Amiga Format in issue January 1992 said... "The
best person to talk to about fonts, in the UK at any rate is Errol at E.M.C" Amiga Mart November 1992 said... "EMC's emergence into the cut-throat retail area has come none too soon, their service and technical backup is second to none."
Distributors of the... COMPUTER SAFARI Desktop Publishing
Typefaces FULLY compatible with Ppage, Psetter 2 3.
Pagestream, WB2.0, Wordworth, Scala, Dpaint4.1 etc.
ulHcHJ fuFfS PATRIOT COLLIS U A BfaeffW' Jititi Ufc* NCC1701A
Enazy oaz&v Atomic Asc SurfSide classic tuck sasUfntr Wedding Ttcst niHLOCM £?rc«iorhs For more information on EMC's PD Shareware library and Computer Safari Fonts, including prices and printed typeface sheets PLEASE send us a SAE
E. M. COMPUTERGRAPHIC VISA 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex. C015 1JU
Tel; 0255 431389 Fax: 0255 428666 Credit Cards Welcomed
Cheques Postal Orders to: DCTV The Digital Creations DCTV
system is perhaps the ultimate compromise between the pure
image quality of a true 24-bit system and the useability of
the Amiga’s standard display modes which formerly and still to
some extent sacrifice colours for added flexibility.
Unlike all the other 24-bit systems. DCTV does not employ the ultimate quality offered via an RGB signal, but rather uses the lesser talents of a composite signal with which to display its wares.
It's here where the compromise is made with numerous swings and roundabouts of assorted advantages and drawbacks building up the overall DCTV picture - excuse the pun.
On the plus side, the board's composite-only output is ideal for the average user whose creations are destined for Yideo from the outset.
Numerous packages including VistaPro. Imagine, Real 3D all Support the DCTV file format as standard and will happily render an entire animation on demand.
Another huge advantage for the those making their first tentative and invariably expensive steps in serious Amiga art is the file size of DCTV images.
As a rule, a DCTV image is roughly a tenth of the size of an equivalent 24-bit IFF. For those with limited means and storage this alone makes DCTV an attractive option.
On the display side the system again scores well with a maximum colour range around the four million mark. Although this may seem rather lacking in comparison to the 16.7 of a true 24-bit display, it’s more than enough for even the most demanding Yideo display.
For example an image of 736 x 580 at worst would require 426,880 colours assuming, every pixel was a separate colour - thank God that never happens!
With the combination of greatly enhanced colour and its relatively minuscule file size, animation is almost inevitable. DCTV attains Its amazingly small file size by emulating a hi-res 16 or eight-colour image which then has a special header appended which the hardware decodes prior to display - thereby adding the additional colour information.
This decoding process is the system's only downfall during animation as it takes time to decode each image, as a result slowing the frame rate of the anim.
On the plus side, the alternative format of three bitplanes achieves around 25fps which is equal to that of normal video.
Alas here lies another compromise as the missing bitphne means a drop in quality as the system works with an enhanced eight- colour hi-res image producing harsher transitions within graduated regions of colour.
However, even with this slight compromise, DCTV animation in three bitplanes is still very impressive and is widely accepted as the next best thing to still frame recording thanks to its combination of colour and anim speed.
In addition, the system comes with one of the better paint packages which includes the ability to make 24-bit frame grabs from freeze-framed video. All in all an excellent investment and ideal for the dedicated videographic animators.
Is the A1200 the ultimate budget answer to Amiga art or would existing Amiga owners be better served by a dedicated display device? Hard Times has the answers... ith the jaw-dropping quality of the AGA chipset, the question often asked by many is why bother with a 24-bit board when you can buy a complete machine for the same price or less?
Well in truth it’s a very valid point - for many potential buyers the heyday of the bog standard 24-bit board is long gone. However, if you have certain needs a true 24-bit display can still hold the high ground in several areas.
Not least is compatibility with existing kit. If like me you have a range of hardware all based around old but nevertheless fast and effective equipment, replacing everything from the ground up isn’t a very attractive proposition.
After all. Who wants to throw away perfectly good hard disks and accelerators just to get the AGA?
If indeed as there are advantages with a standalone system, what are they? After all few will ever need higher resolution and clarity than the incredible output of Ham8.
However, the aforesaid format does have its faults, not least of which concerns the animation of full and video spec screens which can be painfully slow especially in the higher Ham8 resolutions.
In addition, like Ham of old the new format reacts Yery badly if employed as a backdrop. In other words Ham8s are pretty useless unless they’re either static or part of a self-contained series of anim frames.
You cannot for example use Ham8 images as Scala or Workbench backdrops with text, windows, pointers or anims flying over them. Such backdrops are strictly 256 colours or lower - which incidentally provides a lot of scope for logo anims and titling.
Avideo Like DCTV. Avideo is a compromise between cost and performance. Unlike the DCTV, Avideo uses a true 24-bit RGB display which means much sharper images than ever could be achieved via its composite-only counterpart.
To the credit of the Avideo system it was one of the first boards to attempt full integration into the overall Amiga environment For example it allows the display of the board to be used as a backdrop into which standard Amiga displays can be overlaid.
For multimedia applications this can be of vital importance as programs such as Scaia can be overlaid over a vastly enhanced background. Alternatively animation can benefit as standard Amiga amms can be employed above the backdrop with equal ease.
In addition Avideo will accept the services of a genlock to further glam up your creations. As if that's not all. The board also boasts TVPaint 1.8. which is widely regarded as the best paint package on any board.
With all the above and a price not much more than DCTV it all sounds a bit to good to be true, but as ever our old friend compromise rears its ugly head.
Unlike power boards such as Opalvision and the Harlequin, Avideo has one quirk which blots its otherwise impressive copybook.
When animating and painting, the system operates exclusively in its 12-bit mode whkh means hi-res 4.096 true colours that results in a degree of quality way above that of old style lores fringe-ridden Ham, but nevertheless well below that of hires Ham8.
However although 12-bit is the working mode it is possible to jump into 24-bit for preview within TVPaint when necessary, Another limitation is that anims are strictly 12-bit which means the inevitable stepping on gradients and even worse a maximum frame rate of 15 fps in the lowest resolution and a mere 12 fps in the maximum.
In short, Avideo is an excellent painting environment for Statics and as a platform for multimedia applications but is lacking somewhat as an animating environment * A _ I 17 Bit Software ..96 1st Choice Computers ...82, 83 Accelerators ....177 ACS ....150 Amiganuts United 138 Amivision Software .....175 Antic ....12
Arnor ...66 ASDG ...57 Ashcom 70 Blue Ribbon Soundworks ....27 Bruce Smith Books ......146 C&S ....148 CC Enterprises .165 Computermates ...132 Core Design .....131
D. M.S. Ltd ..134
Database Direct .152, 153, 154 Delta Pi
Software .156 Deltrax
PD ..168
Dial-a-Disc .150
Digiprint International .177
DTBS ...175
E. M. Computergraphic 170 Europress
Software ..... 53 Evesham
Micros ......74, 75 Firecrest
Distribution ..148 Font
Shop .148 Fun
Factory .....138
Futuretech ..90, 91
Gasteiner ..135
Goldstar ....121
Gordon Harwoods 40, 41, 42, 42, 54
H. B.V ...134
Handisoft ..165
Hawkwell Electronics .134 Hi
Soft ..60
Hobbyte ....8, 9
Homebased Business ..178
I. C.P.U. G ....178
Indie Direct Mail 30, 31, 32, 33
Inovatronics 21 Jewel
PD ...178
Kew=ll 134
Kosmos Software 150 KW
Software ...165
L. C.L .....53
Mail Order Express .....142
Mailbyte ....178
Merlin ....48, 49
Microdeal ..102
Micropace ...73
Millennium Micros ......166 New
Horizon .....34 New Image
Videos ......174 Orion
PD ...166 Owl
Associates 165 Pathfinder
Pd ..134 PD
Direct ...155 PD
Soft ......158 Port
One PD ....165 Power
Computing .....2, 3, 4, 5
Quantum .....69
Rombo ......OBC Scala
UK ......19 Sector
Software ..174 Selectafont
Company .165 Silica
Systems ..17, 47, 63, 87, 95 Silverbird
Computers ..165
Siren ...140
Soft Logic ...IBC
Software Demon ...22 South Hams
Software .165 Stanhouse
Entertainment ....76
Startronics .175
Strictly PD ..178 The
Disk Company ...14, 28, 58
Trilogic ...10,11
Virus Free PD .....79 White
Knight Technology 160,161 WTS
Electronics .....98, 99, 156 Yew Tree
Leisure .177 York
Electronic 134 (J7-V Eagle
Software ..23
Microdisk ......7
Software Supreme 15 our
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Systems • • *
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Midland Computers • •
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• •
• •
• • • • | WTS Electronics • • •
• • • •
• • • • •
• • •
• • • • TOUCH TYPIST For the Commodore Amiga TYPING TUTOR Price
only £14 inc VAT from your local computer software supplier or
direct from: Sector Software 39 Wray Crescent Ulnes Walton
Leyland Lancashire PR5 3NH Tel: 0772 454328 452414 Access Visa
accepted Please add £2 p&p per order A 3000 word vocabulary,
400 lessons with an on-screen interactive keyboard that will
teach you how to touch type from absolute beginner to over 100
words per minute.
Features include tV Graphical output of your results Jr Adjustable targets tV Save Load results to from disk tV Full on-screen interactive keyboard Y Unique 'Spacing sentence' mode 'Oc Beginners Tutorial vY Demo mode tV On line instructions
- V Free type mode for advanced typists Y New lessons disks
- Y Touch Typist received a 5 STAR review in CU Amiga, Dec 91
PACKAGES NEW Why have an Amiga if you don’t know how to use It?
Why struggle uith patchy knowledge when you can sec the whole picture with the ultimate learning tools?
All our packages coniain extensive documentation, (better than most books), and full disk support along with easy to follow video demonstrations.
Learning has never been so easy!
The New and Exciting "Complete Guide to AmigaDos" The best selling "Amiga Fluency" Package ? Full 3 hour VHS Tutorial fr Windows & Icons explained NIV Anti-Virus Disk 0 Free Bootable Disk
• Free Examples & Utilities A Full Documentation throughout ft
Complete Guide to Workbench
• Hints & Tips on software hardware 0 The Amiga Jargon Dictionary
Two 3 hour VHS tapes ( Full AmigaDos reference guide 0 Shell &
CLI explained in full All commands covered Directory'
structures 0 In depth Script coverage • How to control your
Amiga 0 Installing programs to hard drive! • AmigaDos Jargon
Supplement Or why not order both packages for an all
inclusive price of £59.99! Both packages arc available for all
versions of Workbench & AmigaDos including 1.2 2.05.
All our products arc Fully (iuaranlccd If you arc no! Entirely
satisfied with any of our products we will refund you in full.
Simple as that!
SEND SAE FOR YOUR FREE BROCHURE NOW! Don't Delay. Place your Order TODAY! Make chcques POs payable to: NEW IMAGE VIDEOS. THE STUDIO, 10 Grange Avenue, Scarborough.
North Yorkshire YOI2 4AA. Tel:- (0723) 3622 IK Please l*If which nwdfl Aflhgi you own and»tlich mioo of WodKmch you uw v»bm ordennt: PliKr our Order Sow!
* Up to 10,000 'cccnfccnaiMOtogfl t to use tfionu to pJl doMi
mcru& ard a V CU sr le control panel as mcI as a separw pop ip
inert ccrurm? Me most cormonh used functxrs.
* 8 PCJVUJPJ Wd t«j«, nduelng the abUff to induefe FF pctures
[even n HAM mode) and urlmted !M Acids wihn your r«w k Cemcte
tscman can tt performed C&uiitt fieri Iran ctJvn
* bghtrrrg fast vearcn t2 types), sort (3 t pcsi erd Wtenn3
* L toel prrscns reporting and man.' Ocher printer ocbons
* C*¥3n4nunimt*dnuTt»afonlfta s
* Cxtput your date to screen, pnnttr, Wxh. Or a We for mai r r ng
* view you records n fax jx*wftri modes-page, record, wale, end
the new tom layout
* Maed dsk msUttatior utiltyr addlt one utdties *xl xampie ft«s
* Omp f«tur« newt ;mw mow, SHT, ror? Prttocnccs (IncMns a pooler
pr e'ccxes vectwi;. Add tdt fieids at errr ant, record
cahubucr. Kw macros, keyboard shortnxs password prorectcn.
PALNTSC screen modes personalised, mtelrgent date fiett, orHr*
help fee al ftaam easy recced edcna ana nuh "ae al frcn ere
* 6V3el redded as the best*** for money database system wlaWe on
« Am today Complete with instruction manual for just £14.95!
‘An tuennai oucha** W1W&Uf.U*jlkid BOOKS FOR THE AMIGA
* 9ie beet and moti powerful database tor wider CtOO on the "me
fcie*t example of buunea software to date- TcrtdWy e* tou** CU
* Yeiy carlo use wWtsood Mteirg capacxtces* MrUWUon, Soumtmpton
* wp*tt) - ccngriOJatoro ona hne pccc o projrammns - m ocelknt
Htao*s • Mr»CCr)9fK, lender* ‘An rcedtty peweful arrUCas* A
selection of the ever growing purse thb system has received
AMIGA for Beginner* C12.95 Amiga BASIC Inside 4 Out .£189$
AMIGA Machine language ......£ 14.95 Pw to popular
demand w* are proud to present a new, vastly updated version of
our incredibly POWERful data BASE system The system combines
immense database power with user friendliness to create what is
easily the best value for money database for the Amiga to date.
1Mb required.
The POWERful dataBASE system AMIGA 30 Gmphiej m BASIC £16.95 AMIGA totem (d| £32.95 AMIGA C for Beginners ....£16.95 Mattering AMIGA Workbench £19.95 AMIGA 005 Inside & OtA Id) £1995 Sett AMIGA Tricks & Tipi (d| ...... £24 95 AMIGA Printer* Imide 4 Out (d| .... £2995 Molting Music on the AMIGA |d| C29 95 Amiga Desktop Video Power |d) £24 95 Using A exx on the AMIGA (d) £29.95 The AMIGADOS ManuoJ 3rd EdAon £21.95 kid* 4 The AMIGA 2nd Edition .£15.95 AMIGA Graphic* Iraide 4 Out ......£29.95
Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Edition .....£18.95 Amiga ROM Kemol Includes £32.95 AMIGA Mode Eosy _.£I2.95 Unle Red Workbench 1.3 Book .£14.95 InhnJon Practice! Gvde £16.95 Official Amiga Yiuon Handbook £20 95 Mastering AMIGA Beginner* £19 95 Mastering AmigaD05 2 Vol 1 (d) £21 95 Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Vol 2 . Cl9 95 Moitenog AmigaC |d| „,.,,£1995 Mostenrtg AMIGA Printers |d| .£19.95 Mastering AMIGA System (d) £29.95 AMIGA ROM Keraol: Librories ..£32.95 Arrugo ROM Kemol;
Device* .£24.95 AMIGA Hardware Ref. Monad ......£24.9$ Amiga Interface Style Guide £1895 MdppuSg At Amiga .....£19.95 AMIGA DOS: Dobhond Gcxlo £14.95 Armgo BASIC Dobhond Guide . .£15.95 Gei the Most from Ypqr AMIGA . . .£9,95 2 Companion Disks for abcwo £4.00 Mattering Amgo Assembler (d| ....£24.95 Becoming on AMIGA Artbt ......£16.95 Using Detox Poinf 2nd Edition .£18.95 AMIGA Gome Mokers Manual £ 16.95 AMIGA BASIC. Dobhond Gu«Je ...£15.95 Uhie Blue Workbench 2 Bool ......£14 95 Program
Design Technics ...£16 95 Commercid Games Prpg Gv«fo £11.95 Amiga World AmigaDOS 2 Companion £22 95 Amiga Nxmch BASIC Prog Guide £10 00 AmigaDOS Ref Guide 2nd Ed |WB I 2| £5 00 Amiga HanJworo Rd Monud 2nd Ed £10.00 Airogg Desktop v ea (Compute!! £10.00 Anvgo Progrommer't Guide ....£10.00 Mattering AMIGA Ar«u £21.95 A600 Insider Guide .£14.95 A1200 Insider Guide ......£14.95 AMIGA Five-FwO £9,95 Acherture Gamers Manual .. ..£12.95 AMIGA Real Time 3d Graphic ...£14.95
Computers ond Choos - AMIGA Ed £12.95 Keyboard overlays (not for A1000, A600, CDTV) now available just £4.00 each.
"Please make Cheque osW Order payable to:- 5 Rennocks (proprietor) Pnces are fuSy inclusive of po$ td$ e & packing efc. Compatible with &« Am p models Poweftose v3.00 - v3.20 owners can upgrade to v3.30 for just £6 00 Powerbase v2.10 - v2.30 owners - Please write for free details of v3.30 impf&.ements FREE CATAIOGUE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST We have many other products including leisure, business, utility and application software Dept. AC, 1 Cherrington Drive, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6NE Prices include postage m U K Europe odd £1 per bool Airmail outvde Europe odd 25% Access 4 Visa cords
accepted. Tel Fax 0706-715028 Cheques Peatol Oder* payable to DTBS Descriptive catalogue available on roquesl Orders normally processed within 24 hours SPECIAL OFFER TO AMIGA COMPUTING READERS 10% discount on order*»» £35 You MUST quote Dept AC03 to claim discount Orders normally processed on day of receipt Axe moth - we will match ony lower prices offered in ihis issue DTBS (Dept AC03), 18 Norwich Avenue, Rochdale, Lancs OL11 5JZ NEW SHOWROOM new open - 413 Manchester Reed. Rochdale Oil 1 3PG v V For a fast and reliable but foremost friendly service UTILITIES LT Cw6 ? Spectrum Einuljtor ?
IT 065 . Super Ccpwftdt UT 067: * Various (XI LIU* LT 072. *Bmh Btock Capita UT 071* Award Maker IT 074: ? Businrss Card Maker LT 076 ? Disk Salvor UT C62: * Opd-Cmnms lX.sk (11 LT 067 e Flxdisk LT 090 2; « North C 13 Load W B LT 091: t C Latfil L7 092: ? Danoiitf Utils (21 LT 093: * Darkst* ITUs |!ii LT 183 t Opti Ltlls 2 UT I09: Coacr? ? Virus Dctccioo LT 107 GcJl Recorder Vol 1 6 LT III ? Assassins Menu Mikrr LT 115:* Scope 149 LT 119 * Dynamic Fonts Vol 2 UT 120 • Fcndlr Eunxa Vijj 5 LT 121. ? Itendle Euroni Voi 6 IT 122. Ltendk Eurora Vul 7 LT 125 - Exile Ferns IT 128 • Quick Bcnrtt IT
129. ? SntnUtn C LT131: • Scope 115 LT 132: * DiuVstar Lllb Vol 4 ITT 133; • Ham Lab LT 138: * 600 Irttwi IT 140. Interferon (Yo IT 143: ? Wktdows Bench |S1D)
t. T 144: » Windows Bench Dors LT 145: ? Vctfur L‘uh LT 14€: +
The 3rd Force Utils LT 147: * La« Ivjpc LT 149;‘UbclLmx Voi
3.00 LT 150 3: • l wk Brnih It 153: ? D-CAT LT 154: * T V
Graphics LT 155 2: • Vtdco App Load W B LT IS&Ramr 1911
Tnnklisk IT 157: t Muttlrtpprr IT 159 Itiin Daubaw IT'261 *
Squash A500* IT 271) t Pt Fann Lrttrni A500* LT 279. * Canncn
Itlnlcr Drt 'cm LT 282: The Jw or PrtnUM LT 285: San- to
School Vol 3-085 UT 290 Jocose Haven Vol I LT 291. .J«o«
liattn Vol 2 LT 294: t Fhf Superklllm Vd 6.0 LT205
•OpuCommsl.l UT 295 Mvsdx Hardnarr LT 297 • land Builder 3 2
LT 299: • Mr Kirk Up IT 300: ?IFF to PCX LT 301 * CwiYtncrs
IFF to IBEM LT 302: • Essential Util* in LT 303: ? 3Z D.iutwv
Loud W B LT 301: D Cc n 3 LT 305. Litlock Amos IT 3W ?
Ftrsoial Onjmuca UT 309 * The Llti-Comptlatian 1 UT 311: ?
A-Gnph LT 313: ? Dcskbrach Bitscs LT316 *Muitlpl:r Load W B
LTT317 ? Dlrtvi iVtmnVZI IT 318 ? Drskbench Icons UT 319 3:
D.K.B Trair LT 320 2: T3irA64 Package IT 321 * Stlfctwr LT
324: t C-Comnandt lililllin IT 325: ? User C -Compikr UT 326 3
? Scheme C-CompUcr LT 327 2 » Vidro Pack LT 328: * Mntef
Dfhets Hwk III LT330-. •Sound Tracker V4.00 LT 331; *
VKJro&Anim LT 332: • Imefor Uub LT 3®: * Toondninxai LT337:
Protracka Vol 200 LT 338: *VCOMM Vol 2.00 LT 339: *Mll Krrs WE
Bubhlr Jet STL (Liccnticware) STL03: ? Bilr CtirjlSl.K SETS
SPOOOl Bepainrrs 1(5 disks £5 Ml 5FD002 fkflnnert 20
ili»k»-£5.80l SFD008 lllp Art 1 (4 tlisks-W.eOI SFLKXM Clip An
214 disks £4.601 SFD006 Gamrs 115 disks 13 8tt 5FM06 Games 215
dtsks IS 8ft 514X107 Clip Art 314 disks U60I SPDOOb EU 114
(Mir£4.601 SPUOM ED 214 dska-£4.6t SPD010 Ed Scl 114 dKb£4.6W
SPD011 Bus I I6ifcks-i650| OAMES CA 065: * Auc Atac Came GA
066: Paraiwld Came GA 067: t Trurkin Disk 1 GA 068: • True kin
Disk 2 GA 069: -Jumpy the Game GA 070: Tomcat GA07I:
Meeh-FUhtcr GA 073: ? Zeus IlteGaini’ GA 074: tShspes Gator GA
077: ? The Simpsons Game GA 080: ? Fkiprvr LCD Game CA081
Middle East Mania GA082. * MqnboS GA 084 t Maddooa Game GA 066
Assawltt* 1 lo 22 CA too ? Battle Force
C. A 101 r Xo Mans Land Gfi 102 ? Fern Fnm Gutmer GA 103 t Chinr
Oirchem GA 110. S.W.IV. GA 111 * Return to Earth GA 115:
«Wceidersoft GA 116: Metagalartlc Lktma GA117:IWBMRnnny GA
120: ? Serene GA 121: • Ml) Shoot Em Up CA 125: * Parkman 87
GA 132: - Xmnn III GA 133: t ED-209 CA 134: Rattle Pun)!
CA 135 * Enaftntn Maw GA 136 ? Spare Paktr Load W B GA 139 Serene [[ GA 141 Quick and Silva CA U2 ? Air Act U GA 143: ? Dlptanadj,' GA 144: Prnprrtv Ik&rkrl Game CA 147 ? Space Hwr GA 149: Water Mines GA 150: * R.A I D. CAI51.IUark.Jark GA 152: t Mart GA 153; * Squainhh- GA 154: Cubulous GA 155. • Impetuim Romanium GA 156: • Vapolcwiir Wargmie GA 157: Wrt rfZnn GA 158: t Lmtmtn£s GA 159: ? Mers Quest GA 164. Flaschbtrr GA 167:4 Mart* Slide Lad W B GA ]7l:Tom»opd GA 172. F.ualikr GA 173: Ito es GA 174: Doun Hill Challenge GA 175:»FVnjcrt 1 GA 178: Let Ira GA 179: Super Tmnlrti GA 180: - Star
Fleet GA 207: - Card Slurp CA 211: The Twisted Spleens GA 212: * MHLilanx GA 219: t Total Wttr GA 22'J. * Drafitut Tucs GA 221 The Utunutc Hint Kit roil GA 224 ? Secrete of Mom* Island GA 225: ? Ethos 1 GA 226 »Bounte n- Blast GA 227. TOuch GA 228 * Backgammon GA 229 Rt*enee :t the Muurt On tit GA 230 »Stcorage Boukkr Qane GA231. RDotdt GA 239 Craw Sue GA 240 ? Amazing Games I GA 241 * Anuudna Games 2 GA 242 ? Skv Flyer GA 247.. Midnight Tltlef GA 251:«Tedmrtan lead W B GA 252: . Frogw GA K3: ? YumYum GA 255: * Cosmic Racer niJSINESS Bl' 001: t Dutalxw BL' 002: - Spreadsheet BU 003: * Postal
PD Bl! DM. Clerk BL' 006: ? Rertml Kpffllng Disk BL 007 - Bank 'S' 009 * Q Rase la small BL 010. * K'fsreial Jeunul Bl 012: ? Gram and Vwro LtM HU 014; 1 Heme Business Park BU0lfc.TactptosVal3.0EN BU 017: ‘TVpIng Tutor BU 018:« Tactpainl BL 019 2 ? AnahtltaJc Vol 2 00 BU 020:»Fonw Rrallv Unllnntrd BU02I: - Amic.ish Vul I.Q BU 024: * Budget Finance Program Bl! 025; ? House licfd Imenton- BU 026: • Tntmfilne Vol 300 BU 027:»Address Book VI 0 BL' 026; * Amifa Spell BU 029: * Amlhase l*rc6essaonal 2 CLR (Central Ucenseware) Cl£ Ol. T Tttal Cmtpl Iktnuun £4.50 CU' 02 . Tttal Ccertpt Gccto- £450
CLE 03 * Taa! Ccatpts So r £490 CLEW • Rdite*CekunnlPai O50 CUOSaChunllGutafto 05(1 CLU 01:* Vidro Tllltr K150 CUIC9: * Fish irxtettr 030 CU1C0 .TinnfTtfw £350 Cl£ 01: ?.’fopt* (Arcade Coirrt £350 CLC02..Dafknin*|M.n C50 CLG CO «Itutf 2 IsnBt-rm-ufl i350 CIGW •XSntoi|5hwtflnwl 4350 CLG05 »TrjkeiOn £450 CLG 06 OuneraumlGinri £350 CLG 07: Wflrs fur U'cris £3M CLG 06 * Brawt Tlh Ifcalr: £JM Lin uii to mur 0tji Cui ditto in thr rear futurr DISK OFFER Branded Sakuru £5.35 for 10 StarTronics 26 Pennine Road, Glossop, SK13 9NN. Tel: 0457 857068 ? = Compatible with Plus. Postage & packing 70p. Please
submit payment by cheque or postal order. Minimum order of 3 required when using Access or Visa.
Amiga PD: 1-9 disks £1,20; 10-15 disks 99p; 16* disks 90p. FREE PROGRAMS; Order 10 get 1 FREE; Order 20 get 2 FREE; Order 25 get 3 FREE ?Yamaha DX9 Synth £ I SO. Panasonic Colour Genlock Camera £150 Commodore PC-1 Computer £80 0242 570261 ? Rocgen Plus £85 Wigan 0942 523387.
J J Ulj J J Dl ij J 1
- J .-J-J Jji J ? Amiga 1200 contact? Wanted. Chris, 70 Crosby
Avenue. Scunthorpe DN15 8NY ? Loads of Amiga and C64 software
for sale Phone (0923) 8S4248 ? A500 Ashcom 1 2 meg Expansion
Clock Switch Guarantee £15. Tel 0840 770621.
? Action Replay 3. For Amiga, boxed with manual. Brand new, for £50 Tel 0639 631248.
? Amiga 500. Cartoon Classics Pack, boxed, guaranteed. £300. Tel 0639 631248.
? Amiga contacts, list to John. 6 Kemmel Avenue. Sharston M22 4QS M s long as your ad is 10 words or less, it's absolutely free!
Should you want more space, you'll find unrivalled value-for- money - for instance, 20 words cost just £6.
Fill in the form on this page and send it to us with your payments (if applicable) - and remember to include your telephone number!
? A500+ £220 A590 (42Mb) inc 2Mb Ram £220.0242 570261 ? Amiga contacts & PD swappers wanted. 17 fishers Close. Waltham Cross. Herts EN8 7NL.
? Wanted Scala 500 and Big Alternative Scroller Tel 0792 885477 ? Amstrad CPC 6128 .Colour Monitor, plus games £200 0245 323991 ? Amiga 1200 contacts wanted: Neil. 12 Srfvcrfcirch Rise, Scunthorpe, Sth Humberside ? A500 + 2Mb .2 drives £275. Gvp HD8 52Mb .4Mb £295. Tel 0242 678681 ? Wanted Action Replay MK111. In good condition. £40. Tel 0942 604548, ? Sleepy Town BBS. Tel 0234 267231. Up to
2. 400 Bps ? Two meg SCSI board for A1500 only. £100.
Tel 0752 369824 ? KCSPowerboardw.thMSDOS4.0l.£l30. 8UP and 2 megs. £75 Tel 0403 273269 t Amiga contacts swaps - list to 43 Chester Road. Ilford. Essex ? Gvp A530. Combo. 40 MHZ. S2 MB. £SS0 ONO. Tel Lee 0258 857027.
? A500 5MB Gvp 120 HD AR MK3. Games £650. Contact 23 Beryl Avenue. Hinkley. Leics.
? A3000 25 50 second floppy 6M6. £800
O. N.O. Tel 0533 602253.
? Amiga contacts wanted, send list to Jay Dave.
230 Sharoe Green Lane. Fulwood. Preston.
Lancs. PR2 4HD.
? A50Q + 2 meg, steel console unit, £225, Tel 0895 851306 ? Adventurers and strategy dub. Avimalia veers game solutions, 153 Newcombc Street.
Portarimgton Victoria. Australia. 3223.
? Gvp HD8 + 80mb. Hard drive. 4mb ram.
£395. Tel 0736 752982 ? Swappers wanted, send lists to Jonathan, at 56 Palmerston Road. Denton. Manchester. M34 2NY.
? A600, joystick. 5 games, £250 ONO, also for sale Sega Megadrive. 10 games £250. No offers, tel John Evenings on 081 509 0559 ? Wanted Cumana ST-506, interface ? RAM.
£40. Offered, contact Simon 021 422 7970.
? Need samples. What might have what you need, send S.A.E. 5 Parin Acre. Marlborough.
Wiles, SN8 I DR. - if. I ? Gvp HD t 52Mb hard dnve for A500. £280.
Tel 0905 350632 ? Amiga 500+ I MB. Software. £270. Tel 0905 350632, after 6PM.
? Wanted Uttle Computer People. Battlotech.
Milennium 2.2. Tel 0744 592094. After 6PM ? Amiga contacts wanted, contact Pete. Po Box. 1021 Nousa Heads 061 4567. Australia.
Cheques should be made payable to" Amiga Computing" Please include my advertisement the neat available issue ol Arrvgu Computing. I confirm that the advert ¦ not 'riling Hkxpi copies ot software or hardware that do not belong to me I permit you to publish my address telephone number only it I have inducted these details within my advertisement copy, i am over 18 yean of age (applicants under 18 must get a parent or guardian to vgn brkrw) ? Amiga 1200. Contacts wanted, send to 11 Psnnocks Place. Swindon, SN2 6NE.
? A590 -HD. 2Mb RAM, excellent condition, boxed £210.00. Tel 0303 267947. After
8. 30 pm.
Signed Send to: AC Classifieds, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield Skio 4NP ? Amiga A500 plus 2MB. ECS all types, original software, public domain 150 disks, mags, books, £290. Tel Mike 081 979 3775 ? Power scanner £70. A600 I Mb. Ram and dock, £31 Tel 0324 S62722 ? Amiga A500. I 3wb. Runs the old software.
Will swap for A500 + or A600 Tel 0536 790810.
? Cosmic forge hintsheet, SAE to 10 Chestnut Avenue. Farnham. Surrey.
? Gamer-Link. The Pen-Pal club for gamers, details 28 Churchfield. Ware. HERTS.
? Amiga 1200. Contacts wanted, send to 11 Pinnockj Race. Swindon, SN2 6NE.
? Dev Pac 3. £40. Nam, populous, megalo mama, power manager, infestation, £10 each, Tel 0633 392199 ? LC200 Ddt Matrix, plus 3 ribbons, reink £ 139 ONO Tel 081 863 6558.
? Urgently wanted A1200. Contacts all welcome.
Neil.12 Silverbirch Rise. Bottcsford.
Scunthorpe.South Humberside. DN 16 3QB Td 0724 871632.
? A600 zapsac £6. Amiga challenge pack. (5 games). £20. (inc p+p) Tel 0642 763191.
? A600 unwanted gift. £200 ONO. Brand new.
Td04l 812 0386 ? Amiga 1500. 3 meg RAM. ? Phillips 883311, stereo monitor + star LC200. Colour printer.
£800 O.N.O. Td 0256 26952. Evenings.
? GVP A1500. A2000 22MHZ 68030. Accelerator with I MB. £400 40MB scsi. Hard drive £100. Scsi controller £50. Xt bridgeboard £65. A1500 A2QQQ. Ramboard with 2MB £80.
Takes 8MB. Tel 0622 745520 ? AS90 Hard Drive. 2MB ram. £125. Tel Ian 0245 451697.
? Amiga Bcc BBS. 24 Hrs up to 19200 . Balid Tel 081 695 5328.
? Datafighter 105 mb. Hard drive for A500.
Quantum SC51 drive. Tel 0843 822759.
? Amiga contacts Sam. 387 Stourbridge Road.
Catshill. Bromsgrove. Worcs. B61 9LG ? Amiga Bee BBS, 24 HRS upto 19200 baud.
Tel 081 695 5328.
? Datafliccr 105MB. Hard Drive, for A500.
Quantum SC51 drive. Td 0843 822759.
? A5QQ plus G.V.P 52 meg hard drive 2 meg, Ram boxed manuals. £470 O.N.O Td Calum 0436 783560 Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well as on the form!
? Amiga P.D swappers wanted Td Mark on 0268 559164.
? A500. GVP 52m, 5 meg Ram. Soundsam* pier, midi interface, loada software, and extra's including External Drive. Tel 081 941 2758.
£475.00. contact Robin.
? A500 keyboard Hardware, plus professional P C Keyboard Tel Googs 0206 873232.
? 68010 Amiga Accelerator upto 50% speed increase. Contact Iliya 0483 235745 ? Contacts wanted Jean-Manual, cros Et Plavaux. 1893, Mr Mura7. Switzerland( 100%) reply ? Supra wordsync SCSI controller. £50. Com- plete package. Td 0703 734734.
? A5QQ + 2 meg upgrade, £40 O-N.O, buyer collects Td 0302 700044.
? A1500 + loads of software £420 Tel 0274 566520.
? Amiga swappers wanted for programs. Kim Dahlcr. MollerHagen, IS92 Valer. Norway.
? Amiga contacts wanted: Write to Richard 124 Wickcrslcy Road, Rotherham, $ 60 3PR.
? Amiga swappers wanted for programs Lars Gjolsud Asak, 1591 Sperreton. Norway.
? 68010 (10 MHZ) ceramic 68000 C.P.U. Replacement. Boosts older Amiga's performance upto 50%. £25.00 (£20.00) minor case blemish. Stamp and disk for details. A Barr 16 Oglmc Road, Stirling, FK8 2HJ.
? Amiga contacts wanted, especially Holland, call Atlantic 02286 3322, (Holland).
? P.D Disks for new club wanted. Contact 4 Boultham Avenue, bncoln.
? A500 original software |oystick manuals.
£250 Td 0360 50829. Glasgow C63.
? 2MB memory expansion A500 as new £75.
Tel 0708 866014 ? Amiga contacts wanted Worldwide. Write to Rudi Brochs. Tysvaergt 12c. 5S00 Haugesund, Norway.
? A500 2 meg software Action replay MK2 books. £220. Tel 0963 34224 ? Wanted Scala 500 and Big Alternative, Scroller Tel Swansea 0792 885477.
The DP IBM Analogue interface enables you to experience the precision and realistic feel that only an IBM analogue joystick can provide; Two buttons, a pressure sensitive stick and unequalled responsiveness are just some of the advantages you will enjoy1 Games that support anatoguo World C*cwt.
BOPrey. A-10. F. Dud Intruder F1511.
You can enjoy the benefits of an IBM Analogue joystick or IBM Bus Mouse on your Amiga!
KNOSky A others (Adaptor includes 3 pos game Each Adaptor is factory manuf. And only £9.95!*
* Suggested Retail Price DP Bus Mouse Interface is designed to be
used with: Logitech Mouseman Microsoft bus mouse Logitech
Trackman and select others DP Analogue Interface is designed to
be used with: CH Flightstick Wico Merlin obm) OS Warrior 1
(ibm; and select others switch w PC board circuitry) With the
DP Bus Mouse Interface you can now enter a new world of
precision and quality using an IBM bus mouse. Features of
select IBM mice- The amazing pinpoint accuracy of 400 DPI
resolution, middle button support, and the assurance of a
lifetime warranty! The superior performance will have you
wondenng how you ever lived without it!
FiCCELERfiTORS Unlimited
P. O. BOV 87.1.Y I'll IM SI VWI S. I M S. I Y8 5SP IKL ( 253
7957% or 086(1432138 OPEN 10AM TO 5PM MONDU TIIKI Till A
Miiil Oi'tlci Onlv () ci''C.is N cUomc KcL’I U k I |)« ts|
«)l Cllllllt'l cXli'il. PlIv'CN ilk liuk* I PROGRESSIVE
PERIPHERALS 040 28mhz for 2000 1500 with 4 megs £1250 040
33mhz for 2000 1500 with 4 megs £1450 ZEUS 2000 1500 28 Mhz
040 With 4 Meg And Scsi £1499 ZEUS 33mhz version 4 megs and
SCSI £1799 SPECIAL 25 mhz 040 for 300Q 3000T £699 MERCURY 28
Mhz 040 zero K For A3000 A3000T £1350 MERCURY 35Mhz (28mips!)
£1550 NEW 28 MHZ 040 FOR 500 500P With 4 megs £850 68000
fall-back mode works ALL hard drives tested.
FUSION FORTY 040 28 mhz 2000 1500 4 meg £999 was £1174 few only at this silly price works with 16 bit ram GVP 040 G Force 33 mhz 040 with 4 meg and SCSI 2000 1500 £1499 AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN 99p DejA-VU FISH DISKS up to 720 99p up to 85 £2.50 LARGE RANGE OF T-BAG99P Large range ot P.d.m. stock new titles arriving daily from all over the world. Tell us your interest, games, demos etc. and we will fill your disk up.
1. 5 meg upgrade £75.00
5. 25 Drive £70.00
3. 25 I meg Drive 149.00 Amiga Mouse £30,00 Upgrade with clock
£32.00 Upgrade without clock £24.00 Amiga power supply £24.00
Trackball mouse £38.00 Drive cleaners £2.00 Mouse mats £2.00
Disks £0.40 Labels £1 each Disks phone for bulk price.
Hundreds of clearout titles between £1-£5.
Winter clearout All at £5 each or 3 @ £12 9 Lives Hudson Hawk Badlands Intvrphase Cadaver Midwinter Challenge Golt Radio Control Race Days of Thunder Smash TV Die Hard i Wings Flames ol Freedom Xenon 2 Golden Axe Zorfc 3 Many more available including latest releases etc. GAMES MACHINES ETC We stock Megadrive, Master System, Nintendo, etc. machines and have a large range of games to date at very competitive prices.
Joysticks, Converters, Control Pads, Carry cases, etc. Phone or write for list stating requirements.
SORRY NO CALLERS LOWEST PRICE 030’s Now available from: DMI, Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 ODX. Tel: 0753 686000 DMI are UK agent* for DiglPrlnt Inc. P.O. Box 13016 Richmond. VA 23225. Tel: 0101 (804) 560-1788 030 for 50011500 2000 25 mhz 030 MMU chip FREE 25 mhz 68882 FPU with 1 meg £289 2meg £339 4meg £439 8 meg £629 12 meg £799 16 me £975 030 for 50011500 2000 33 mhz 030 MMU chip FREE 33 mhz 68882 FPU with lmeg £389 2 meg£439 4 meg £539 8 meg £639 12 meg £939 16meg£1099 030 for 500 1500 2000 40 mhz 030 MMU chip FREE 50 mhz 68882 FPU with 4 meg £775 YEWTREE LEISURE
MAIL ORDER SUPPLIES Computer And Video Game Specailists 8 meg £975 16 meg £1350 32 meg £1799 Both the above take industry standard SIMMS allows user upgrade GVP Combo 25mhzEC 030 1 meg & SCSI £455 GVP Combo 40mhzEC 030 4 meg & SCSI £755 H D mount kit £33 LOWEST PRICE 020’s 020 for 500 150012000 16mhz with 1 meg and FREE 68881 £150 2 meg £195 3 meg £235 4 meg £275 020’s take industry standard CMOS DIPS allows user upgrade SUPERIOR GENLOCKS We have tried all the UK ones and these West German ones are the best and on S VHS and will work without a TBC unlike other makes.
$ irus Pro Genlock for H18 S VHS, colour splitter, RGB converter & plenty of knobs and dials guaranteed to work without a TBC £545 was £745 We rwerve Uk right to aher pn«l without Ortiw A»e to exchange fluctuation* price increaie*.
BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT 19 Hodgkinson Rd, KirVby-ln-AshWd, Notts NG17 70J Tel: 0693 754061 Jewel PD wirt. The AMIGA INPUT OUTPUT PORT to» yeu car use you Amna to stfcn e*ecmc nrns. Respond t sensors and corro rtctcOMCSS iiOupis»nxjiK Up«)t3rp£ttsew5*2arato9rpvt}.
UprogramnAAIGABASIC.AMDS GFA&HSOT 21 paj?U5erMaru=f Vt«wdi»re»£ied4tein pnaKlpwcea»tarAmgaSr®Cf» AMIGA, ATARI ST & PC SHAREWARE & PUBLIC DOMAIN i»a-:rv4« »s 01M- rtrftctlaxdOdntu PV fan 5«j x.»« Mt oew weo 3 • Oil r txafconal':S US) cvi lean * H*r *9 flhtai 090 •*»! RvyeOmo 060 vrtKwmcuJmo 090 uyitCycM Cuei Derr** (9 data) 14b Am n Welier NP 1?D A! BW Mof l 1 » 180 AitfwMo*iei?
(«dMni 1Mt 1 910 Puffin Soaet SCO OdrtKv Demo t* IS c*Wl I r«nM7- a oe «(mr BracA ,9 WsA3Mbl t?U lot ionnjvLaKra (•AMKS OiG torxrwor OSG Air Wunor 060 MefVron 07 j Tkt oeo Atterodi 09G Waorj »'4tx n 100 On Arocro IIO Crp UG Ike* 190 lamvltOt 9iG mama 936 OoWrnlWeU y*) - (onCrcfNMm HOMO WO - Operates Uiwinj » 90 S xaCO«
1) 0 Croat 450 S*»*« T.lei M= 400 Zeut 500 MOW S WMI 1 1M0 a i 11
iiiks Mrwunnp ucxifrrttn Swttchscflpt Amaang automaton
programming disk Cl 4.95. C2 off rt purchased with 1 iO port
* *ttr wrw Kike n "CAO 1 1 5 C l«ne*»r wecvol;« Onk-.i uvmc I
J 8dWn: 5101 ftOO auuncu letter* Aweunt M s tooi Umcei BcOWiCB*
sooennc reojreo. Ndudes relay mooje mow. Till sew reed swflffi,
igbt on id. 4 LEDs, poaetfji scrnare on deli art) FREE 'Guide
to Amiga Interlacing' JUST RELEASED... BUGGY KIT C17.95 easily
txogrammed io move toraard. RevwSd turn dra* shapes MC Rwures
lO Port.Dual MottX Conlrotef iCi79S)-M*iMadagty'£7 Soi-Buggy
dsfc(»t complete package ieid .OPom-CM_ 01W- 1*rthV»3 MW to. C
T » OJW. Cl© Ait 1. Canocm rx ran J1J rto»w rwe 9 3d
• nhftCO ¦ te 1 «Xo*e e ocow!
Temperature & Light Experimenters Kit Cci 1-9y Thofmo & Photo sensors plug into anaog nputs • sopom ¦AmtJcTsoitwa'e Mains Controller Module £22.95 niandwd mans «ccMi Hs-dei IS FbiEINfORUATIGfl PACK ON ALL PftOOUCTS PLFASF PHONF C* WHITE Please send ilw}L* payable t« SWTTCHSOFT or ring Seitchioft on 0325 464423i032S 305773
* *n MSOTT mstwle C1,5PP * P Overseas add C4 SWTTCHSOFT Dept
AC393. 26 ftdgraey, Dartngton Co. TX tum D13 OSF H not wtsW.
Return any product within 10 days for a full relurtd OtSKS: i -O £1 ?Scacn lOor mcrc £1 Oocacn
• NP = Not Plus * FREE PRINTED CATALOGUE Please make cheques
payable to Miss J Lowe FREE POSTAGE (UK) Same Day Despatch II
Yes making money with your AMIGA becomes incidental when you know how!
Your AMI(» A is. If only you knew it. A gold mine. The sice and make is irrelcvcnL Make the initial effort NOW by Maning your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
FREE PD SOFTWARE I hi ma bt the must important more row will i Amiga - PC - All Commodore Call (081) 346 0050 or Write to P.O. Box 1309 London N3 2UT Independent Commodore Products Users Group REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone elsc's "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time.
FOR FREE DETAILS SEND S.A.F. TO:- rime .11 PtLTOS PLACE lAMC-Uk KING AND QUEEN STREET. W ALWORTH. LONDON, S£|7 iDk Orders & Enquiries 081-974 6767 Accessories AMIGA Software QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN Ecafl Ccall Ccall Ccall Ccall Ccall GVP Hard Drives - Bubble jet Printers £225.00 £58.99 £359.00 £469 00 £Call Joysticks ike base a large stock of joysticks at £4.95 fjwhjj Remember all owr prices include 2-3 day delivery Add £4.50 for Next Day Courier Service HI We stock FISH and TBAG disks.
All lit X'lRL S FREE an) tn deguxhed withtti 24 houn Fvasc add 1Sp u tout unkr am jnlt ptnugr an) fwk** Pkax nuke dtqueyFOs payable K SYSTEC PO md nd to: : RhlfV RlMd. L£TCHW0R1H Herts sty. IPS i(U6:i«437.
Orders by Fax:- 081 -974 6102 or Orders by Mail:- 3 Enterprise Way, Teddington, TW11 Clip Art This 7 disk sci ol cliparl contains everything from fonts lo Tancs borders and leaiurcs. Hundreds ol pics just wailing to be loaded into your favourite art or DTP package.
7 Disks Deja Vu License are The complete Dc » V'u range is now available from us.
This is professional software, with a tee going rat h to the author ns vi ix-,a Vu b Xj.yy Assassins Games The ultimate collcclion of PD games, brought to you on 30 great disks Over 130 games to choose Irom at the bargain price of Emulators Now you can run ST. PC.
Spectrum. C64 and OL software on your Amiga wuh this great 5 disk pack £27.95 £6.95 £4.95 Animations ATO Aim s W jIUi A22 Bairrjn the Mm* AZ» At IlM Mi»Ks3 (41 All A Day at At Brwh (Jl A4A Spuv A« A57 Dull Wu Contlul fti f'njtar Sinlfi Hwl Demos Dltl Ksrlnl Ihrasutcs DI7 Du the Han Man t»iv fM«|ur lnRaa D74 lbaUhi.sk. |)’5 Usprrusn is Sow Utnunt Urmus f D3t X f WiifMs
p. 12 Xyittoi S iiilatmti Oil) nwwomnu. Fiugnu 053 Di,iUl
InrKnatlun DW) Akatmr fMsssy |S| (561 IU)ii«DcJ i * ¦ L -' KeO
Dwarf Uitin l?l 071 The Hall 101 DM lmerSpkt D10J
trtrv-ryingP-wiise Dim Mhmnul ismn Disk Prices l-IO-£l.2Scwh
11-20- CI.I5MCh 21* - (I.n0ew.-h Utilities Catalogue to)
|71|!|lh|M* Disk I'M Mu*k 8wr* 4i Caialufac Ui2 Scwt disk
vonijiim LTD A tuu4 T*w4i mfomaulnm »» LL» Narr» C ill our
dikik. Il 140 ha* a M fcilui* |Kun uiUJim J U3I Hume Luliuci
ratfepmf t* 0 Uhl TV (ir.phKv i2 Hvii law L'tii* util i ilnrn
LW7 H Wmihrmh Hark* Coulogue UM 5uui| lcT MU.CI dnl*imi» * WJ
AMIGAih davd w Pruier imimfi fifn « yri I io* Sid 11 1 110
Mimic Bcsucii 1’a.l. £1.00 11Ihni A* mm We *rc Iwiinf 111*1
n*.«iiio Us frtlm.
I! 143 Witrlbrwh t-uh (rlifrt.v Aftlvts UI4K I'rumfclet 2.2 »*il in
1. ' 14U V dnt Matuge* pn*iu.c in*-w 1 I.V Klddlf alltllin
.Imn. ml UI63 FnnliiM uJiiin * m ji This lisl nprvM. Only a
utsill setcctieo of awinillhr Wrwvlmei lUOilulisiIt)
- new mtes »Ti in| rwh *cd. It there isa lunxulw ptitjijm you
rnpilfc. Pleuse do nor heoiMr inowtiKl us If we Awt have It.
Well f l it l« you at no eslr* CM. We telle** in | (isms the PD
buyer the highest qualu) wrvice Commodore 10845D2 £197 Philips
CM8833 Mkll £197 BXBnBWBBllHW 512 Exp + Clock £29 99 512 Exp
£24.99 1Mb Simms (70NS) £25.99 4Mb Simms (70NS) £110.00 A600
1Mb Exp + Clock £44.99 A500+ 1 Mb Exp £36.99 PRICE DROP - Call
for the now even lower prices on Great Valley Products, Hard
Drives, Accelerators & Video Boards.
Phone for prices on our huge range of Amiga leisure, business & creative software Amia OOO AMIGA 600HD Amiga 1200 Amiqo 1500 Amiga 590HD Amiga & Monitor AMIGA Hardware Colour Monitors Auto M J Switch £12.49 Amiga to Philips Mkll £5.99 Amiga to Sony Scart £8.99 Amiga to Scorl £7.99 Parallel Printer £3.99 All Serial Cables £6.99 Citizen Swift Stand £24.99 Mouse Mat £2 75 Squick Mouse £10.99 TechnoPlus Mouse £10.99 Amiga 500 Soft Cover £3.25 Amiga 600 Soft Cover £4.25 Tractor 3.5" Labels x IK £9.99 Highest Quality Bulk Discs 50 x 3.5" Bulk Discs £23.50 100x3.5" Bulk Discs £45.25 200x 3.5" Bulk
Discs £89.50 500x 3.5" Bulk Discs £178.25 1000x3.5" Bulk Discs £356.75 80 Cap Disc Box £4 99 Posso 150 Cop Bax £ 19.99 Canon BjlOex 1 Oex Sheet Feed Canon BJ300 Canon BJ330 BJ Ink Cartridges Discs & Boxes 5 New Programs?
Drawing CAD LAI IILUUIUIl Text Effects dFBi ART cvDDcoemM Business Graphics 5 (or the price of 1 Suggested Price: £165, including VAT. Call for a free brochure.
Welcome to Art Expression I People have been using Art Expression for more things than we ever imagined. It's like getting five programs for the price of one. If you never thought you'd need a structured drawing program, or even if you're not sure what one is, take a good look at Art Expression. If you need to do technical illustration but don't require a full-blown CAD system, Art Expression fills the gap with its precision drawing tools. If you're into Desktop Video, you can use Art Expression to create titles and special text effects for your videos and presentations. And if you're an
artist, you can use BME (included free with Art Expression) to autotrace your scanned sketches, and then use Art Expression's professional editing tools to touch up your work. We think you'll agree that Art Expression can change the way you use your Amiga. The thousands of new Art Expression users think so.
Check out the rest of our Publishing Team!
PageStream: the number one selling Amiga desktop publisher. PageStream is the winner of the prestigious Amiga World's Expert Choice award and Amazing Computing's Reader's Choice award. £199.
TypeSmith: the first professional outline font editor for the Amiga. TypeSmith can create and edit PostScript, Compugraphic Intellifont and PageStream fonts. TypeSmith is Arexx and HotLinks compatible. £135.
HotLinks Editions: a bundle of three programs at one affordable price. You get HotLinks (a data exchange system), BME (a bitmap editor) and PageLiner (a text processor), all for only $ £90!
Soft-Logik Publishing is Amiga publishing.
Soft-Logik Publishing • We give you the tools to dream.
21 Broadway. Maidenhead, Berkshire, 5Lb IJK, UK.
Sales Enquiries Only: (0628) 784006. International Sales: 314-894-8608.
Fax: 314-894-0431. Technical Support: 314-894-0431. 9am - 5pm Central time.
Other enquiries should be mailed to Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.. P.O. Box 510589. St. Louis. MO 63151-0589. USA An Evprcvswe. HfcStrcam aod TypeSmith arc trademarks or registered trademark-, of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation. All other traJramks arc the property of tbetr respective oimictv ' liiteriuwiul calls: 314-894-8608. Fax: 3I4-S94-32S0 Mail: P.O. Box 510589, St. Louis. MO 63151-0589 ISA.
8«n'f |®ffl think ! These c § Jason Holburn, Amiga Format December 1992 issue.
"Vidi Amiga !2...The best value digitiser on the market."
Alan Puzey, Amiga User Int.
January 1993 issue.
Compared Rombo and Digiview digitisers extensively. To summerize them...! Judged the Rombo results to be more consistant and have the edge on qualUy.
Mat Broomfield, CU Amiga January 1993 issue.
"Vidi 12 gives unequalled results for anything within £200 of Us price.... Forget the competition. If you can afford Vidil2, buy it. If you can't afford it, borrow it from someone who can."
ONLY If you want the ultimate quality images at a price you can afford then there is only one choice...Vidi-Amiga 12.
The Video Digitiser that all others follow!
Now supports all new A1200 modes. Software upgrades will be available to existing users.
1 Ergonomically sound
• Facilitates up to three external floppy drives
• Made in tne UK
• Strong and robust
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Keep your desk neat and tidy
• Supplied complete and assembled with free mouse mat
• A500 Workstation £36
• A600 Workstation £36
• A1200 Workstation 2 A500 Power supply unit £44.95
• A590 Power supply unit £44.95

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