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have been announced fût the Amiga but already there are three units to choose from. AD1012SunRize Board HB Marketing * 2470 The AD1012 audio card fits inside the A2000 A3000 Amiga sériés and adds 12-bit digitising and SMPTE facilities to the system. it comes complete with Sunrise's Studio 16 recording and editing software and this can record and playback directty from disk. You need a hard disk system with a fast drive to get the best out of this digitiser and if you are thinking of intensive use with an A2000 machine you are iikety to find you'ii need a 68030 accelerator card as weü! Clarity 16*Microdea!*E150 This is the first iow-cost hardware and software stereo 16-bit sampter to be produced for the Amiga and it's due OUt any time. if it lives up to the press releases it is going to be a winner because not oniy wii) it offer a 16-bit system that can sample at up to CD rates (44.1kHz) but the software can convert between 8-bit and 16-bit formats so you'ii stm have iFF 8SVX support as weü as 16-bit füe format support. Sampies wii! be able to be played both through the stereo 16-bit cartridge output and through the Amiga's standard output channels. The hardware includes an intégrai Midi interface and the software witi provide a sample sequencer and options for using the Amiga as a sample-based Midi sound expander.

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Document sans nom Issue 57 February 1993 ,-£3 ¦‘y‘ A SENSATIONAL!
Samplers • Image FX • CDTV roundup COMPLETE PACKAGES worth £80 llf COMPLETE PACKAGE!
- HiSoft BASIC Your first steps on the road to Amiga The most
powerful and easy-to-use programming language for all Amiga
owners AMIGA V A iBHipld s@«tfas!
• xtamloii M P for AMOS £2 T A Lemmings-style romp IMROfffBU
PLUS ol-the-monfh Midi player purVPRESS NHUPIlin Award winning
innovative products front RAM Expansions A600 Memory Cards
Floppy Drives "This drive contains more gadgets than Batman's
utility belt" Amiga Computing Feb1992 Scanners "If your in the
market for a hand scanner then forget the rest and get
Powerscan" Amiga Format July 1992 Power Scanner v3.0 PC88OB
Power Drive PC5Q1+ RAM Card Our RAM board is designed
especially I for the A500+ computer and comes with I 1 MB of
RAM on board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Plug-in
anM go operation (Fits into the trapdoor) PC501+ RAM
card ......£35.9*1 8MB for any A500
* Plugs into side slot, fully auto config, n thru'port. Expand
2MB-8MB 2MB £109 4MB £169 8MB£28|| 1 x 4ZIP
chips .. £14.9f| 2MB for any A500 ¦ Economy
2MB RAM externally cased I ¦ 16-chip (1 x 1 DIP) ¦ No thru'port
2MB RAM ...£7t|
1. 5MB RAM Board ¦ Fully supports 1 MB of chip RAM ¦ Fully
compatible with Fatter Agnus Ikickstart 1.3 and above, not
compatible with A500.)
LYour Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warraqfl
1. 5MB RAM board ......f7M 1MB with
Thru'port I ¦ Expand your A500 s memory up to a total of 2MB
without disposing of your I existing 512K upgrade ¦ Works with
1MB of Chip RAM (512K RAM must be 4 chip type or not exceeding
9cm in (Your Amiga nyods to • ; Opened, this may effect your
Warrai | 1MB with thru port .....£451
A500 RAM Card ¦ 512K RAM expansion with clock & fret I
software (A500+ compatible) 512K RAM (4
chip) ......£2S| 512K RAM without
clock £241 512K RAM (16 chip) with clock £241 512K RAM (16
chip) without clock ....£1fl 43386208 (6 lino*) Fax (1)
433800?* I ' ¦ Award winning drive manufactured by x Power
- Super slim design ¦ Anti-click (Cures that annoying click) ¦
100-400 DPI scanning resolutions * Virus blocker (Prevents
virusesl ¦ 64 greyscales ¦ Built-in backup hardware
- Thru port for printer ¦ Award winning editing, image manipu-
P“80B wl,h ®!° *™«a ... lation & scanning
software PC880B "l,h BllU & “W"" f” PC880B (Cyclone
compatible)* £65 Power Scanner v3.0
£115 PC880B in black
case .£65 . .... ‘This drive s only
available to registered owners of Xcopy Power Scanner Colour
...£239 Professional You must provide prool
of purchase olXCopy Professional Epson GT-6000 Power Drives S'
PC880E Economy drive ...£49.95 W PC881 A500
Internal drive .....£40.00 PC882 A2000 Internal drive
£45.00 Dual Drive
* Two high quality disk drives built into one compact unit ¦ Same
features as PC880B Dual drive ...... £125 ¦ 600 DPI
Colour flatbed scanner ¦ 24-bit colour Blitz Amiga ¦ A4 reading
area ¦ Software included ¦ Backup disks at lightning speeds ¦
Stops all external drives from clicking Epson GT-6000
...£799 ¦ Contains anti-virus
from being written into the bootblocker Epson GT-8000 ¦ 800 DPI
colour flatbed scanner Blitz Amiga
..£20 ¦ 24-bit colour
¦A4reading area 1.44MB Power Drive ¦ Software included ¦
Amazing scan quality • 1.44MB disk drive
• High density floppy disk drive Epson GT-8000
1. 44MB Power Drive .....£PQA Upgrade Offers If
you consider your scanner system to PCMCIA Memory be inferior
to the Power Scanner, we will happily upgrade your software
and inter- ¦ ultra slim memory cards face. (Power Scanner is
compatible with ¦ 1MB & 2MB most scanning heads) . Por
A600 A1200 v3.0 Upgrade (inc. Interface) .£49.95 v3.0
Software upgrade for PowerScanner iMB Memory
card .£PO A users (send
SAE) ..£15 2MB Memory
card .£PO A The Amiga can only display
16 greyscales Power Computing, France. 15 Bid Voltiaro 75011.
Paris. France. Tel (11 ¦ Kick-off is the latest Amiga add-on
from Power ¦ One of the most advanced kickstart ROM sharers
available ¦ A clever design on a small reliable board
• Fits A500, A500+, A1500
• Kickstart ROM can be selected from the keyboard
• No messing about with switches ¦ No ‘CIA adaptor* or other
trailing wires ¦ Jumper to select which ROM boots on switches
• Compatible with old Amiga board revisions ¦ Simple internal
• Kack-oft requires the M to be removed from the Amiga.
This may invalidate your warranty.
ROM Share £17.95 ROM Share inc. kickstart v2.04 ..£55 ROM Share inc. kickstart v1.3 ....£39 ROM Share for A600 ..£29 Kickstart v2.04
2. 04 Kickstart (chip only} £39.95
2. 04 Kickstart ROM, workbench software, install disk 2.04, font
disk & extras£79.95
2. 04 kit with ROM sharer ..£99 Video Backup
System ¦ Use VCR as a backup storage device ¦ Blank video tape
is all that is required ¦ 200 Amiga floppy disks will fit on a
4 hour tape
• Can be used for hard disk backup
• There is room for 175MB of data
• Backup an Amiga diskette in 1 minute
• Restore even to an unformatted disk
• Hard disk backup, software allows you to specify which files
and directories to be stored
• Low cost storage, 2 pence per MB
• Menu driven software
• Allows you to watch TV on a 1084s monitor
• Very high reliability a Log files, contain title and counter
position of every backup
• Video connection check, ensures fool proof operation ¦
Effective error-correction scheme a Easy to understand manual
Video Backup System £59.95 ¦ 40MHz 68030EC accelerator Power
Computing Ltd ¦ Tel 0234 843388 Auto ROM Sharer A500 Hard
Drives ¦ Optional 68882 maths co-processor ¦ Up to 8MB 32-bit
FASTRAM on-board ¦ Award winning GVP Series 2 HD ¦ Up to 8MB
FASTRAM on board 40QMB 0MB ....£329 8OQMB0MB £399 400MB 2MB
....£379 80QMB2MB £449 40QMB 4MB ....£440 80QMB4MB £499
40QMB8MB ....£509 80QMB8MB £549 ICD Novia Internal HD a Fits
inside your Amiga 500 ¦ Comes complete, just plug-in and go
Novia 40I 40MB HD £279 Novia 80I 80MB
HD £349 ICD Flicker Fixer Flicker Free Video
2 ¦ Stop that annoying flicker
• Fits internally in the A500 ¦ Multi-sync monitor required
Ricker Free Video 2 .£199 NEC4FG
Multi-sync monitor ...£549 NH Chips
4MBx8SIMM ..£90 1MB x
8SIMM ..£25 256K
X4DRAM .£4.00 1MB x
1DRAM .£3.95 1 x 4
ZIP £14.95 1x4 DIP
..£19.95 A3000 Static column RAM
£19.95 SIMM 32 x 1MB-60 ....£65 SIM 32
X4MB-60 .....£243 (These chips cover
most memory & hard drrves i.e. GVP. Supra, Commodore) The Power
BBS ¦ Free technical and buying advice ¦ Thousands of free
files available for download ¦ Great discounts on all Power
products ¦ On-line ordering to ensure speed of delivery ¦
Conferencing with top computer magazines a Regular bulletins
with latest product information The Power House BBS 0234 841503
24 hours All speeds up to 16*8K Commodore CDTV a CDTV player
¦Welcome disk + caddy a Keyboard a Floppy disk drive (black)
• Wired mouse a Workbench 1.3 and manuals a Infrared remote
control CDTV multi-media pack .£599 A570
CD-ROM drive for A500 ....£349 CDTV Software A Bun for
Barney ..£29.99 Barney Bear goes
camping .£29.99
Battlechess ...£39.99 Case of
the Cautious Condor.....£34.99 CD Remix
v2 ..£34.99 Fred Fish CDPD
Collection ...£19.95 Fun School 3 (under
5's) ......£24.99 Fun School 5-7yrs) £24.99 Fun
SchooHOver 7yrs) £24.99 Guiness CDTV Disc of
Records £34.99 Illustrated Holy Bible......£29.99 Music
Maker ...£34.99 NASA Heroic Age of
Space £19.99 Power
Pinball ..£29.99 Sim
City £29.99 Established 1985
SpMilitJIiM* & prices sutiocl to chango wth out notice All
trademarlcs acknowledged Trivial Pursuit
..£49.99 World Vista Atlas
...£54.99 Xenon 2 Megablast
£29.99 More titles available Award Winning
Manufacturers Power products como with lull technical support
'The Power Mouse is my pick of the month* CU Amiga PC880B 'Well
worth spending your hard earned pennies on, an excellent buy*
Amiga Computing Dual Drive 'Now this is a bit special’ Amiga
Computing Power Scanner Amiga Shopper Best Buy Power Scanner
Amiga Format Gold Power Scan is quite simply the best Amiga
hand scanner available’ Amiga Format Credit Card Hotline 0234
843388 1 O LINES Fax 0234 840234 Technical 0234 841882 VAT
included (UK mainland onlyl 48Hr delivery £2.50 24Hr delivery
£4.50 Parcel post delivery £1 (Not for ordtri over I50I Power
Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate
Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Distributor for Power Computing in
Italy, D.R.R. SRL 00142, Roma. Via Duccio Di Buoninsegna Tel
(06) 5193481 482 Fax 5040666 Award winning innovative products
from Power Computing Ltd 24-Bit Colour Opal Vision GVP Series 2
HD ¦ Up to 8Mb SIMM RAM on-board ¦ Supports external SCSI
devices ¦ 14MHz SCSI controller Bare £129 40QMB OMB £249 80QMB
0MB £349 40QMB 2MB £299 80QMB 2MB £399 40QMB4MB £349 80QMB4MB
£449 40QMB8MB £42 9 80QMB8MB £539 ¦24-bit graphic card ¦ 16,8
million colours available Operates in all standard Amiga
• VLSI Microcode graphics co-processor ¦ Double buffered 24-bit
and 15-bit animation is available in all resolutions ¦
Palatte-mapped' design updates screen colours in real-time.
Fade pictures in and out and change their palettes ¦ Equipped
with 1.5MB of display RAM ¦ Auto-config for NTSC or PAL
• Available for all Amigas Software included Opal Paint ¦ 24-bit
painting and image processing ¦ Up to 8MB RAM on-board Bare
£129 40QMB0MB £249 80QMB OMB £349 40QMB2MB £299 80QMB2MB .£399
40QMB4MB £3 4 9 80QMB 4MB £449 40QMB8MB £42 9 80QMB8MB £539
OpalPresonts ¦ Presentation program
• Control OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video ¦
Includes fades, effects etc. ¦ Many more features King of
Karate ¦ 24-bit computer game ¦ Exciting karate competition ¦
Demonstrates OpalVision capabilities
OpalVision .£699 More
information available OpalVision roaster chip available soon
Monitors "For a monitor of this quality, the CM8833 is worth
every penny" Macintosh Emulator "This really is the best emula
tor we've seen for the Amiga. It behaves just as if you really
were using a Mac" Amiga Format Sept 1992 Amax-ll Plus ¦ Amiga
1500 and above ¦ Runs Mac software ¦ Runs System 7 ¦ Full
support for all SCSI Mac peripherals and the ability to read
Mac disks in your drives ¦ 68020 68030 compatible ¦ AppleTalk
• Can use Amiga ECS
• Easy to install Amiga Format Sept 1992 "The 4FG is an
absolutely smashing monitor that beats every competitor" Amiga
Format Sept 1992 Philips CM8833 Mk2
• With cable
• Available with Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
• On-site maintenance CM8833
Mk2 ...£199 NEC Multisync
4FG ¦ For use with Flicker Fixers ¦ Very high quality
• Built-in degausser ¦ 15“ Screen NEC Multisync
4FG ...£549 Power Computing, France, 15
Bid Voltiara 75011, Paris, Franco. Tol (1) 43386206 (6 lines)
Fax (1) 43380028 ¦ Manufactured by Power Computing Optical Hard
Drive ¦ 128MB on one optical disk
• Read and write optical disks ¦40ms running speed
• Built-in power supply ¦ High power cooling fan ¦ 25-way and
50-way SCSI ports ¦ Thru'port built-in ¦ SCSI ID switch ¦
Compatible with major SCSI controllers 128MB optical drive
(Internail £729 128MB optical drive (External) £999 128MB 3.5*
optical disk £39.95 each SCSI controller card for A1500 A2000
......£129 (Compatible with Amiga, PC,
and Mac. A SCSI controller is required on the Amiga and PC)
Floptical Disk Drive
• Stores 20MB on one 3!4" disk ¦ Cost effective mass storage unit
¦ Can be used as a 1.44MB floppy with Amiga DQS and AMAX ¦ AMAX
compatible with DMI Mac driver ¦ Packs an entire back-up onto
one floppy ¦ Additional disks available ¦ Internal version for
A1500 2000 3000
• External version for A500 ¦ SCSI Interface required Internal
A2000 kit ......£289 Internal A3000
kit ......£289 External A500
kit .£389 A1500
. £599 Accelerator GVP G-Force
¦ 68030 accelerator board
• 68882 Maths co-processor ¦ DMA SCSI controller on-board ¦ 68000
fall-back mode ¦ Only CPU slot is used ¦ Internal and external
SCSI connector ¦ Converts to hard card with Hard Drive mount
kit ¦ 32-bit RAM as standard 25MHz 1MB
RAM .....£529 40MHz 4MB
RAM .....£759 50MHz4MB RAM
..£1249 Hard drive mount
kit ...£35
- td ; Order Form Name J Hers 729 999 each 129 SCSI C) e Colour
PowerScan ti iver oppy ) 289 289 389 599 )r ve 529 759 249 E35
028 Established 1985 The Power Computing colour hand-held •
Images are displayed as HAM pictures scanner for the Amiga is
now available. * HAM images may be loaded from disk This
scanner offers the following features and edited using
PowerScan 3 ¦ Image size that can be handled is limited
• 4096 colours only by the amount of memory available ¦ 50-400
DPI • Memory does not have to be chip ¦ 4 Scanning modes memory
as in many art packages
• Text " Images can be saved in various file formats ¦ Greyscale
¦ View whole image function
LQ-100 .£209 "
Colour halftone ¦ Scale rotate skew image or clipboard by LX100
£189 "Colour any amount ¦Crop image Supra Modems The Amiga
interface plugs into an -Cleanup, lighten or darken image
A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 expansion slot ¦ Variable zoom mode
Supra Fax Modem Plus ..£129 with a separate
version which connects • Draw freehand, lines, circles, boxes
and Supra Fax Modem v32Bis ..£275 t0 the expansion
connector of the polygons in various fill patterns, brush Supra
Modem 2400 (External) £75 A500 A500+. The A500 version has a
sizes, paste modes, or with the clip Supra Modem 2400Zlplus
lln»m.ll .£134 through-port which is compatible with all board
image Supra 9600 £210 Amiga 500 expansion peripherals. ¦
Clipboards may be scanned directly, or any shape can be cut
from the main Miscellaneous The software supplied with this
scanner image is the new PowerScan Professional 3, ¦ The
software is compatible with all Power Mouse £15 which also
supports the greyscale scan- Amigas Optical Mouse £29 95 ner
an 1 wil1 available as an upgrade • Supports Workbench 2 and
ECS screen Replacement optical mouse mat ..£9 95 t0 existin9
users °f PowerScan tor £15. Modes 10 Maxell disks, optical
mouse. _ , _ , , Zipstick £45 Colour PowerScan v3.0 features
Colour PowerScan now available Maxell multi-colour disks
(10) .£9.95 ¦ Real-time True-feel' scan option in New
v3.0 Scan software '•loppy disks
bulk ....£POA colour halftone mode
Aviator 1 joystick ..£35 ¦
Images are stored internally as 12-bit PowerScan Colour
v3.0 ..£239 ntruder 1
joystick £29.99 graphics, not HAM. This
means that no PowerScan Greyscale v3.Q £115
Maverick 1 joystick .....£15.99 quality is
lost due to the Amiga only PowerScan v3.0 software upgrade
...£15 Python 1 joystick ...... £9.99 being
able to display HAM images in Apache 1
joystick ....£7.99 4096 colours The
Amiga can only display 16 greyscales r- stributor for Power
Computing in Italy, D.R.R. SRL 00142, Roma. Via Duccio Di
Buoninsegna Tel (06) 5193481 482 Fax 5040666 Printers All
printers include cables and next day delivery Star Printers
LC200 colour ...£199
LC24-200 mono ..£239 IC24-200
colour .£289 Citizen Printer
Swift 24e ...£279
(includes colour kit and AMI) Epson Printers Laser EPL-4000
EPL-4300 ....£799
EPL-8100 .£1349 Inkjet
SQ-870 £509
SQO170 .....£629 1132
column printer) Dot Matrix
LQ-570 .£289
LQ-1070 ......£449
132 column printer) Tel 0234 843388 I enclose cheque PO for :
I Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8
Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN
(UK nainlind orlyl 48Hr delivery £2.50 NhrdeVwyMM Parcel post
delivery £1 Inoi tor o deis ov*. Qtt Signature Expiry Date
1111111 rm those first few footsteps on the road to
productivity, but also makes an effort to de-mystify the virus
hoodoo, explain the new AGA chips, which many of you will find
inside your A12QQ machines, and we have an in-depth look at
sound samplers, one of the most popular serious uses of the
Amiga over the past few years.
UK readers will also find our exclusive 80-page book.
Mastering the Amiga, designed to help you over the first few stumbling blocks, and we have the usual array of quality reviews, games coverage, and shopping guides in our features, Gamer, and Amiga Market sections respectively.
Our second disk, containing the superb HiSoft Basic, allied to a major beginners' programming series beginning next month, should see many of our readers quickly become competent and comfortable users of some of the most advanced technology available on the high street.
All this simply goes to prove that there's only one complete Amiga magazine in Britain, and you're reading it • Amiga Computing.
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DISTRIBUTION COMAG (0495) 444055 SUBSCRIPTIONS 051-357 2061 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations 1 AiC [ JorvJune 1992 Competitions Zool packs from Silica just waiting to be won on page 93.
On page 11S is the second part of our superb A3000 and OpalVision spectacular from Calculus Public Sector Shareware and PD utilities, games and demos go under the spotlight...! ...... 110 Nine pages of applications for the Amiga Arexx 153 COMMUNICATIONS 161 DTV 155 AMOS 163 PROGRAMMING 157 DTP 165 MUSIC 159 MULTIMEDIA 167 Amiga News Sterling crisis to force Amiga prices up? Will -t the AGA chip set appear for A1500 2000 owners?.. I Z USA News The latest news from the Amiga's birthplace, •« q including the rush to support the A1200 .. I O Subscriptions
Have your favourite magazine delivered to your q door, and save money with our bargain offers .2.0 ESP The only Amiga letters page where sacred cows * r can be found tottering on their last legs OD ACAS Advice dispensed, contacts made, and problems q solved in the pages where troubles simply evaporate. OO Any owner's first steps in the world of the Amiga can be a wierd and wonderful experience.
The feeling of satisfaction at having completed a game of superb audiovisual quality, typing and printing your first letter with a wordprocessor, or adding the finishing touches to that Dpaint masterpiece all are unique to what is the most flexible and powerful home computer in the world.
To reflect the experiences of new owners and beginners who might never have contemplated life after games, Amiga Computing attempts every year to place an emphasis on as wide a variety of subjects as possible and to approach these subjects in a down-to-earth way, thus welcoming new owners and new readers to our magazine.
This year, we've gone a little further than usual. Your magazine this month includes not only a guide to placing We 'tflftr A*gO Cprvvv? Ofir tackiwoi help or o peocnJ bow bjr leWwne o' Ajl r«od» ihoUd be ubmitd ta fie odieu obe»* lor pouEJ* p«Wco*oi’ AiwgoCorpuSiigiioiiidwendewp ticatoraedCowwodo iianeu MkEikm Ud ore nor lejpouble far ory 0 A* Ortd » rfi A* iuuf o' far any of iW opoocs eapitued 01992 Etfopeu Emupme It*. No nxr.oi troy be reprodxeo •* •tom or in port wihojf vmiet eMMMA Wsie every cm it taken, tie ouUi'e'i CO* rva ba Hris legaky •Moaw e la erty won « oridn.
OUPOmtiS Wiienm Foe lour yean AMIGA Computing hat been the leading magazine for Amiga enthutiattt At a key member ol the Europrets magazine group.
AMIGA Computing promises 16 inform, educate and entertain its readers cash month with the most dedkatrd coverage ol the Amiga available AMIGA Computing • Alorf ST Uirr • PC Today
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forrr • Im font Nfont • AMIGA font tad Mlurncr • Super Action
PC Home Printed in the United Kingdom by BPCC Ltd, Carlisle
Bloomfield Published by Europrcss Enterprise Ud.
Europe House. Adlington Pork, Mo«lesfield SK104NP Teh 0625 878888 Fex;06H«Wti2 riK9i| STEPS 4 gentle introduction to the Amiga's myriad useful skills for beginners and experts alike | It’s all in AMIGA MARKET Try our classified ads for those tempting bargains, Shop Window for the latest software and hardware, or turn on the Software Spotlight for expert guidance on the best around. There's also our unique Product Locator to help you find that elusive bargain in no time at alt.
Video Master O Heme Music Kit O Canon BJ200 O MultiFace Turn to page 173 The best of the latest games, plus previews, news and playing guides CDTV roundup All the best and most exciting CDTV 3 * software gathered together and reviewed ... JT’ 82 90 First steps FREE!
HiSoft Bosk, q complete, powerful, beginner friendly v programming language! FREE!
D’Son, an essential musical extension to Amos!
Total value: £601 A gentle introduction to the Amiga's myriad of useful skills for beginners and experts alike.
43 Sampler supertest Every major piece of sampling hardware examined in a search for the best sounds.
52 Reader offer Save money on the best range of Amiga books in the business ..... 61 Workstation 2 Indispensable, and fully explained
- the Amiga Computing killer disk.. Effortless FX 101 GVP's
graphics engine given a full MOT at the hands of our
multi-coloured mechanic... 72 Protext guide Part two of our
guide to Protext v4.3, 1 A yfl last month's fantastic freebie
yet I Ut1 The ultimate viral threat tamed with a bit of expert
help . 79 This month
we bring you one of the Amiga's most powerful and easy to use
programming languages, HiSoft Basic, which we'll be supporting
from next month in an extended beginners' programming guide.
There's also an invaluable extension for musical Amos users and the usual collection of superb shareware games and utilities, including Mouse Impossible, a Lemmings-style strategy game, and CAC for those who'd love to produce their own Nasty bugs graphic adventures.
CONTENTS Don 't miss our fantastic offers for subscribers see page 28 now!
ACA close-up The new Amiga chip set examined microscopically in a warts-and-all report...... Grabbing with ease The latest Amiga video digitiser, Vidi 12, shows off its talents . Scanning in colour The Power ColourScan, first Amiga hand-held colour scanner, looks every bit a winner S S Two top S-VHS genlocks, Hama and G-lock, battle for video mastery SPECIALS S-Express 97 ELITE
10. 99 LOTUS TURBO 2
11. 99 CRAZY CARS 3
7. 99 VROOM
12. 99 F1 GRAND PRIX
14. 99 JAGUAR XJ220
10. 49
14. 99 F15STR EAGLE 2
14. 99 UTOPIA
8. 99 ISHAR
13. 99 XENON 2
6. 99
17. 99
12. 99
9. 99 12.99 PINBALL DREAMS
12. 99 QUEST & GLORY
13. 99 Comes marked NOP will nol work on 4500 Plus, A600 orAI200.
Games marked N0I2 will not work on the AI200.
T. N.T (APB. MAR0 OrlVIN . 1000IN.
TROJAN • the ENFORCER (LIGHT PHAZER GAME TURRICAN (N012) . TURRICAN 2 (NOIl) ----------- .---- TY SPORTS BASEBALL (NQ12) ... TV SPORTS FOOTBALL (N012) .... ...J ULTHASmOIJ) ULTIMATE OOLP (NOI ft . UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (WO) 2) .. ...... UTOPIA ... utopia NEW WORLDS DATA DISK VROOM |N01« ... VROOM DATA 0«SK (NOI2I WALKER (N013) .. 1 wheels of fire (hard orivm powerorift CHASE M 0. TURBO OUTRUN) (N013) WILD STREETS (7*012)
CRAZY CARS 3 ...... ..... 9.9 CntMMMOta ......18 CRWSCrOR a CORPSE 1949 CURSE or ENCMANTU (NOTE) . 17.99 CTTRON (N017) 1*-** DEGENERATION ......- ... 11.49 DARK OUEEN 0 KRVNN (1 MEG) ...... »i.*» DELUXE PAINT 3IWITM ANIMATION) --------34.99 DELUXE PAINT 411 MEC) (HAM MODE • ANIMATION) ..-S4J9 (XSNEV ANIMATION STUOIO (1 MEG) ....49.99 somauo ..... ..’2S DUNE .- .. 1MI DUNGEON MASTER » CHAOS (1 MEO) 16.49 OVNA
(1MEGI ...... "-6* FIS FALCON (N012)
________________...------10J9 FI9 STEALTH
16. 99 990 14 99 .499
16. 89
19. 99 .3.99 999 9 90 .7.99 799 .7 99 1699
14. 99 .29.9* 22 99 .19.6* 199 .1699 MM 129*
12. 49 ,39 66 .11.49 ..12.99 .17.19 ...9.9* .18.99
21. 99 ..11.99 JIMMY WHITES!
GAUNTLET 2 (N012) .. 9*9 GAUNTLET 3 .. 19.99 GHOULS 'N GHOSTS (99012) - .....9.99 GOBUUNS 2 .- ... 17.99 GOOS .. 1409 GOLDEN axe . 649 GOLF (OCEAN) (N012) ......- ...... ..14J0 GOLF WORLO CLASS LEAOERBOARO 6*9 GRAHAM TAYLOR S SOCCER MANAGER ..10.99 QUNSMIP 2000 (1 MEG) ......21.99 RAVINO MAO (MEGA TWINS JAMES POND 2 - ROBOCOD, ROOCAND) (M012)
16. 9* 1399 .19.9* ...699
19. 49 RICK DANGEROUS |NOl2| ROAD RASH (N0121 (HOI*) ._......
19. 49 .7.9* 13 99 .17.99 3499 .1699 .23.99 1699 ..ASS 1869 RUGBY
--------------- BHADOWLANOS ..
ShadowORlDB (MO 12) .. SMOOT EM UP
Moift ... WWFWRt*niNG2MM90) ..... XENON 2 MEGABLAST ..... ZAK MCKRACKEN (N012) . ZOOt (1 MEO) ---------------------------- HEAD TO MEAD(NOlJ) . MEMO AIL (1 MEO)(N6l21 . HEROOUCST • DATA OOK (N012) POWER SCAN HANO SCANNER FOR AUIGA (VERSION
A 200
219. 99 VenDA IITVT
224. 99 IX PACK
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP; UK £6-99 EEC £8.99 WORLD £10.99 The Special Reserve full colour 48 page club magazine NRG is jAr sent to all members bi-monthly. NftG features full reviews of new .i w games plus mlnl-reviows. Now products. Special Reserve charts, 4 Release Schedule and hundreds of special offers, mjHC* JfS I PLUS - EVERY ISSUE CONTAINS 230 worth °* money-off couP°ns to save even more money off our amazing prices NRG also contains competitions to win LZZZs worth of prize?. C- c'fs- :c- r7 ;bjB :- r THE BIG COMPETITION - which First Prize cc-sfs's ofs- AMIGA, SUPER NES AND A MEGADRIVE
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Wo sell games and accessories, all at amazing prices, for Megadrive. Master System.
Gamo Gear. Super NES. Gameboy. NES. Lynx. Amiga. Atari ST. IBM PC and CDTV.
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Overseas orders muit be pild by credit card.
E CREATIVE EDUCATION Europress Software. Europa House. Adington Park. Macclesfield. SK10 4NP TEL: Technical Admin: 0625 059333 FAX: 0625 879962 Parents of the world, rejoice.
Your child might soon by dashing home from school to reach not for the latest megakiller computer game, but for their homework.
It'S no dream, thanks to Europress educational software.
We heard how worried you were to read what so many people are saying about falling standards in schools. And we saw just how much children loved computer games at home.
So we sat down and created the best of ail possible worlds: an action packed range of educational software that’s so compelling, homework * will give even Ninja Turtles a run for their money.
Naturally, every title in the range follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum to the letter, but engages the imagination of your child to the full.
Our Fun School range covers stacks of general topics, while the Fun School Special packs focus on subjects such as Maths and Spelling.
For GCSE children, our ADI range is every bit as entertaining but has a more academic approach.
ADI covers English. Maths and Le Franpais and helps children sail through their exams with the greatest of ease. And now ADI Junior gives tots as young as four the start they need to make reading and counting as easy as 1. 2. 3.
Europress. We've started a new trend in education. To leam more, and about formats available, please contact us at the address below.
UrOPRESS SOFTWARE Pound crisis to force Amiga prices up £3 AS EXCLUSIVELY forecast in last month's Amiga Computing, unfavourable currency exchange rates have now forced Commodore to plan a £30 price hike for all Amiga packs.
The move is due to come into effect on january 1, and will take the entry- level A600 back above £300 and the new A1200 to over £400.
Like most multi-national firms, Commodore calculate their British prices based on the pound to dollar exchange rate, making allowances for slight variations.
But since September the pound's value has sunk over 20 per cent from around 31.98 to below 51.55, although Amiga prices are due to be increased by less then ten per cent.
The firm had tried to maintain their price policy by cutting retail margins, but like many other computer manufacturers now say rises are now "inevitable". Commodore's Andrew Ball by John Butters
2. 00
1. 95
1. 90
1. 8S
1. 80
1. 75
1. 70
1. 65
1. 60
1. 55
1. 50 said: "Our margins have been adversely affected since
September. It's more than likely that our prices will go up."
And now only an unexpected sterling recovery can stop the A600 rising to £329, the Wild, Weird & Wicked pack to £379, and the A600 Epic pack and standalone A1200 to £529.
The A1200, however, still remains in a perfect position to combat any possible threat from rival manufacturer Atari, when their 32-bit Falcon computer becomes available.
The 1Mb machine was due to be released in Britain during September with a £499 price tag, but as we went to press had still not appeared with dealers.
Commodore have promised to cut prices to their previous levels if the pound recovers.
Information based on National Westminster S buy rotes Faster maths for A1200 MICROBOTICS MBX 1200 is an A1 upgrade, giving owners a Motorola floatM point unit and up to 8Mb of fast RAM.
Fitting onto the A1200's internal expanse connector, the board is claimed to speed floating point operations by up to 55 tirm that of the standard machine.
Those who will see most benefit from I board are users of memory and maths-inw sive applications such as animation, ray-tri ing, morphing, scientific calculation a image processing.
It is made by Texas-based MicroBotics (0 1 214 437 5330), but is available in Brit!
From First Computer Centre (0532 319444) Sterling prices were unavailable at the tin of going to press, although in the States I board sells for si 89 without memory.
AMERICAN peripheral manufacturer Great Valley Products are set to release three new products for the Amiga including an internal hard drive and RAM accelerator card.
The hard drive plugs into the A600 and A1200’s IDE slot, and has 85Mb of storage capacity. Supplied with appro priate utilities software, it costs £399.
And A1200 users can also increase the speed and memory of their com puters with a new 68030EC RAM accelerator card, running at 40MH .
The £399 card will make Amigas run about four times faster than normal, and has a slot for a maths co processor.
Between two and 32Mb of hi-speed memory can be added.
No prices were available for the memory, although an Industry expert said 16Mb SIMMS like those used in the expansion are "seriously expensive".
The third expansion from GVP will give the A1200 a SCSI interface, a slot for a maths co-processor and up to 8Mb ol extra memory.
Supplied svith 4Mb of 32 bit fast RAM, the board will cost £399 "Once again GVP have come to the aid of Amiga users, pushing the bound aries of Amiga technology ever forward," said a spokesman for UK distributor Silica Systems "For the first time home users can have a 32-bit true colour home com puter with workstation performance at a price everybody can afford."
Silica Systems can be telephoned on 081 309 1111.
Mil Epilepsy warnings played down I * BWTTSH doctors have played down warnings hom two leading games console manufacturers and scares in national newspapers that light patterns used in video games ccxid trigger epileptic fits.
Instructions supplied with Sega's Sonic 2 say that the video game may induce an epfcpbc seizure, and advises players to discontinue use if they feel certain conditions.
Sega say they issued the warnings to protect themselves against possible legal action, although the firm were unaware of cases of epdeptic fits being caused by games.
Similar advice to Nintendo customers was given after one or two isolated incidents, a spokesman said.
But experts stress that games cannot cause epilepsy in people not affected by the condition, although they admit that light hashes in games played on some television sets could trigger fits.
11 Sue Cooper, spokeswomen for the British Epilepsy Association, said that there are up to 350,000 British epilepsy sufferers but fewer than 10,000 are sensitive to flashing feghts.
Shareware form eases registration SUBSCRIBERS to CompuServe, the giant on-line information service, can now register for shareware programs through their modems.
By completing an on-line form, users can register for programs and have the charge billed to their account CompuServe then forwards the fee - minus a small charge - to the author.
In addition to convenience, the service eliminates currency exchange problems found by shareware users who live in a different country than the author.
By typing a keyword such as Utilities or Games, users can view a list of programs by category, enabling them to easily find programs that suit their needs.
"Shareware authors who make their programs available in CompuServe forums will be encouraged to submit their programs to the registration database," said CompuServe's Martin Turner.
"Several hundred programs have already been submitted to the database, which is updated on a continuing basis." CompuServe can be telephoned on 0800 289378.
S . A1200 i floating xpansion peed up 55 times from the :hs-inten- ray-trac- :ion and itics (010 n Britain
9444) .
The time tales the 'It's such a small proportion of sufferers that we don't consider it a problem," said Soe. She advised parents not to be put off buying video games for their children.
Children learn with graphics CHILDREN between two and 12 years old v* targeted for Childsplay, a new educa-
• jonai wordproeessor which can also be used ‘•or creating
puzzles and graphical ideas.
Developed by Helios Software (0623 AA upgrades development UPGRADES could soon be available to enable owners of 32-bit Amigas such the A3000 to use the new AA graph
• cs chip set.
A leading American developer is believed to be working on the device in conjunction with Commodore, i though it is not known whether a working board yet exists. Details
- main sketchy but we will give you more information as it
becomes available.
554828), colourful graphics can be mixed with text, and a dual-layered display enables letters to be overlaid onto a graphical backdrop.
Amiga hits the airwaves THE world's first weekly radio show dedicated exclusively to Amiga enthusiasts is now broadcast across Europe every Tuesday on satellite station Euronet.
Available to 33 million homes with normal satellite receivers, Mouse Trap is a 30 minute programme of news, reviews and opinion on all things related to the Amiga.
It is the brainchild of television and radio broadcaster Chris Denning - who himself owns two Amigas - and will feature erstwhile AMIGA Computing technical editor Jeff Walker.
The first programme in mid-December discussed the A4000 and contained an explanation of ISDN, the state-of-the-art service which allows video to be sent down telephone lines.
It is planned to run for at least two months, and providing the audience builds to a respectable level it will continue indefinitely.
Chris says one of Mouse Trap's main strengths will be its ability to launch Amiga products in every European country simultaneously.
“We've had availability of air-time for quite a while," says Chris. "At the moment it's used mainly for music, but we have found specialist shows work better on Sky."
"Mouse Trap feels more like a bulletin board than a radio show, and we envisage phone-ins with experts once it becomes established."
Transmitted at 9.30am, it is repeated at 5.30pm and Wednesday morning at 1.30am. Text is entered into the wordproeessor through the keyboard and various facilities are available for inserting and deleting individual letters or blocks of text.
Whole texts or single letters and words can then be recited using three voices contained in a computer speech facility.
Other features include the ability to alter or supplement the program's graphics, and a scrolling list of words that can be selected to allow progressive introduction to new vocabulary.
And the wordproeessor doubles up as a jigsaw puzzle. Full pictures can be used as a backdrop, over which kids may be taught to assemble jumbled set of blocks.
How to receive Mouse Trap
• Tune your satellite receiver into Astra Transponder 20 (Sky
• Consult your satellite receiver's manual for Instructions on
how to change audio channels
• Tune in to audio channel 7.56MHI. § If your satellite receiver
Is connected to your audio amplifier, turn your television set
off and your amp on.
"Childsplay has an excellent flexibility of design which allows a parent or teacher to constantly recreate the program to keep pace with the learning process of the child," said a Helios spokesperson.
"It's immediately enjoyable, and even the smallest children can play with it creatively without any instruction. The program really excels, however, as a means for parents or teacher to provide children with progressive creative activities and puzzles."
Available now, Childsplay costs £24.95. Extra choice for CD ROM A RANGE of CDTV-compatible CD-ROM drives has just been launched for most Amigas by Almathera Systems (081-638
6418) . Based on Toshiba SCSI CD drives, they are claimed to
operate twice as fast as the CDTV and be more than 90 per
cent compatible with CD-based Amiga software.
They enable A500 users to use compact discs without unplugging hard disks like the A590, and owners of A1500s, A2000s and A3000s can also use the drives.
Three Cds are included in the pack, among them Almathera's CDPD public domain collection featuring Fred Fish disks one to 660.
Prices are £395 for an internal kit and £495 for an external model. Supplied with a SCSI card, the drives cost an extra £100.
Hard drives to go inside INTERNAL hard disk drives with between 20 and 120Mb of storage capacity are now available for the A600 and A1200 from Bradford-based Trilogic (0274 691115).
A connecting cable is supplied and the disks fit straight into the Amiga's hard drive slot. Each is formatted ready to use and can be re-partitioned if required.
Trilogic claim the drives have a "very fast" access time and are quiet in use.
Prices start at £119.99 for the 20Mb model, and range up to £349.99 for 120Mb.
Adorage adds video effects GERMAN video effects software Adorage is now available to British Amiga users from Micro-Pace (07S3 551888).
The package enables users to create many digital-like video effects for IFF graphics, as developed with paint packages such as Deluxe Paint IV.
It has more than 700 effects based on transitions, wipes and visual graphics, and features the Super Smooth Animation format, cutting jitter when complex animations are played back. Standard effects include mosaic, splinter, shatter, windmill ?
Epson improve their scanning HB MARKETING (07S3 686000) have been appointed as a distributor for Epson's GT6500 colour A4 flatbed scanner - the successor to the GT6000.
Using driver software from ASDG, images can be scanned into any Amiga for incorporating into desktop publishing or desktop video applications.
It has a colour output resolution of up to 1,200 dots per inch, and can also handle line art, and 256 greyscale images for mono work and computer-aided design.
The £938 scanner also has an optional sheet feeder for bulk optical character recognition work and can use an adaptor for scanning transparencies and reflective materials.
Said Epson's Tony Petford: "We encourage customers to question the logic of buying a mono scanner when they can have a quality colour scanner with comparable mono capabilities at a similar price."
Meanwhile, ASDG (010 608 273 6585) have announced that their latest Epson scanner driver now supports two extra colour machines - the ES600C _ and ES800C.
CT6S00- Epum't tuttmor to the C76000 Vi Cheaper drives for CDTV CALCULUS Computer Stores (0543 251275) are offering CDTV owners Datapac 65Mb external hard disk drives at a special launch price of £349.99. Housed in a black impact resistant box, the front panel has power on and hard drive access indicators. At the back there are two SCSI sockets - one of them for daisy chaining up to seven SCSI devices - a device number selector and power on off switch.
The drive is supplied with an Encore SCSI controller and installation disk, a SCSI connector cable for linking Datapac to the CDTV and Workbench 1.3 disks.
• SKY ONE are set to become the latest station to broadcast a
games show, with a programme called The Game Zone due to be
shown every weekday from March.
The show will be produced by Hewland International, the same firm that makes Channel 4’s existing Gamesmaster. Each show will have its own theme such as cheats or new releases.
• THE first in a chain of Future Zone computer games stores was
opened in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire recently, and there are
already plans for a nationwide network of 130 shops.
Famborough and Aberdeen will see the next stores and in each town where Future Zone opens there will be a massive publicity drive.
News flashes ROMs can now be bought for Apple Macintosh emulators from Design by DiscGrace (0202 604104). The Poole- based firm sells Mac Plus 128k chips for £140 and all Mac II and LC ROMs for £303.15.
• CARRYING cases now available for A600s have enough space for
peripherals and disks to be packed with the computer.
The grey holdalls are padded and feature Velcro fasteners, shoulder straps and rubber feet. Price: £14.95 from Silica Systems (081-309 1111).
• THE A3000 and Opal Vision competition published in last
month's AMIGA Computing was sponsored by Calculus Stores (0543
251275), and not the firm previously mentioned. The second part
of the competition appears this month.
• MOTOROLA are to extend their 68000 series of microprocessors
with the release of a 68060 chip by the end of
1993. It is claimed that the processor will run at 100 millions
of instructions per second.
T LEEDS-based computer dealer First Choice Computers have been renamed First Computer Centre (0532 319444).
The move follows the introduction of a larger product range and service.
+ GREMLINS struck November's review of the Order v2 database. SouthHams Software's telephone number should be 0752 880906 and we apologise to our readers for the mistake.
And page-peel, and the distributor recommends the program is run on machines with 2Mb of mernoiy.
Supplied with English documentation, Adorage costs £79.99. Book gives Amos tips IDEAS, tips and inside information on how to get the best results from Amos are contained in a new book just published by Kuma Computers (0734 844339).
Amos In Action also contains details and opinions on the add-on packages available for the top Amiga programming language, and advice on getting your games published.
The book was written by programmer Len Tucker and is supplied with a coupon to enable readers to obtain a free games disk. Price: £12.95 (ISBN 07457 0221 X).
Growing with AmigaDOS EXTRA pages have been added to Mastering AmigaDOS Volume One, Bruce Smith Books' (0923 894355) guide to the Amiga's operating system.
New chapters include Commodities, and Fountain and Pipes, and other revisions bring the book up to date with the latest versions of AmigaDOS.
Written by Bruce Smith and Mark Smiddy, the 416-page book keeps its £21.95 price tag. Its ISBN number is 1-873308-10-8.
Utilities grow for video card SOFTWARE supplied with leading multipurpose video card IV24 is soon to be upgraded, and an extra two programs will be included with the package.
New utilities will include a dedicated frame grabber called Mylad, and Digital Darkroom, an effects package for producing wipes, fades and transitions.
Paint program Macro Paint, meanwhile, Naked mice roam the City THE latest craze in the City’s foreign exchange dealing rooms are see through mice, claims manufacturer Spectravideo (081 902 2211).
The company says that television coverage during the recent ERM crisis showed naked rodents on dealers desks, and now they have added an Amiga model to their Datalux range It has enlarged trigger buttons, and is claimed to have a high degree of sensitivity, accuracy and smoothness.
Price: £22.99. is promised several new features, and run much faster.
Silica Systems (081 -309 1111) have no!
Finalised upgrade details, but they will appear in our Updates pages once they are released.
Watch and learn A VIDEO just launched by Manchester- based Crystal Concepts (0942 523387) aims to teach newcomers to modem communications how to get started. The one- ?
Nc •M GT65( ecogn use ai annim I reflec Tonj ourag ¦tion th monc &y car ir scan- arable asim- (OK i hav r latest :r now colour IS600C AMIGA A1200 PACKAGE £389 Our A1200s are also available with fully prepared and formatted internal IDE hard disk drives. Please add the following prices for the size of the disk drive that you requite;- 20Mb £110 40Mb £180 120Mb £260 240Mb £450 330Mb £580 426Mb £880 PHONE FOR PRICES OF PCMCIA CARDS AND OTHER HARDWARE.
FOR PHONE FAX ORDER SERVICE OR ENQUIRIES Tel. (0736) 331039 , FOR MAIL ORDER SERVICE:- TTT J SOFTWARE DEMON LTD. FAce It fM P.O. BOX 90 PENZANCE, 1 CORNWALL, TR18 2SP Please add £6.00 for postage & packaging Please make all cheques PO.s payable to SOFTWARE DEMON LTD., if applicable please include your credit card NO and expiry date.
Hour video shows beginners how to set up software, how to download files from bulletin boards, and how to get the best from the boards once they have logged on.
It also says which archivers will get the downloaded files up and running, and contains ISO bulletin board telephone numbers and four software titles.
These include Ncomm2, SID, PKAzip and LHArc, already set up and ready to run. A three-month free subscription is also available with one of Britain's leading bulletin boards. Crystal Concept boss Mr Cubes fill with disks TWO new low-cost 3.5in disk storage systems are now available from Action Computer Supplies (071-586 3429).
Officedata Micro 15 is a cube which can hold up to 15 disks. It can be pushed from a cube to staircase design, allowing disks to be selected easily. A pack of six cubes costs £19.95. The more conventional Officedata Datafile 10 is an easel-opening storage box which holds up to ten disks. It costs £22.95 for a pack of eight boxes.
Meanwhile, Sony have developed a 3.5in floppy disk which they claim reduces drive power consumption by up to 20 per cent. The disks are aimed at laptop users.
Blundell, said: "We believe that with this package it is now possible for someone with absolutely no experience whatever to get into comms.
"They will be saved the hassle and frustration most beginners experience when logging on to boards." Price: £28.95. Zone help opens A LEADING distributor of Amiga music equipment have now opened up their technical support lines for all musicians.
Non-Zone Distribution (071-738 5444) customers will be asked to pay a small registration fee, but they will then be offered unbiased technical and buying advice. - Technical help found online TECHNICAL advice is now offered free to Silica Systems (081-309 1111) customers through a bulletin board just set up by the firm.
Mailboxes are available for many types of popular computer including the Amiga, and technical support staff monitor the board frequently during the day.
In addition to finding answers to technical problems, the system can also be used for downloading latest software upgrades such as printer drivers and public domain programs.
It operates 24 hours a day, and the dealer are currently looking at ways of setting up an online ordering service.
"We are continuously looking for ways to improve our support and service to our customers," said Silica spokesman Andy Leaning.
"We have offered telephone and fax support for some time and this new bulletin board extends the service further."
To access the Silica bulletin board at up to 2,400 baud, modem users should dial 081-309 5255. The protocols are 8 N 1.
Although Amiga Computing has scores of contacts in the Amiga world we need you. If you have some hot news ring John Butters on the news desk now on 0625 878888 or fax to 0625 879966. All information supplied will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
DIARY DATES Joystick comes from outer space CHEETAH (0222 8967777) have unveiled Argostkk, the latest member of their FuturiStick range of Amiga joysticks.
It has been designed so that it resembles machinery you would expect to see roaming the far-away land of some forbidden planet light years into the future.
However, it retains all usual joystick features, including automatic fire and several Fire buttons.
"The shape and texture has been carefully sculptured to provide ultimate comfort and control for the most serious games players," said a Cheetah spokesperson.
"Cheetah's attention to detail is highly respected in the market place, but even the company's biggest fans will enthuse over the Argostkk."
Two versions of the joystick are available, one costing £12.99 and a microswitch model with a £14.99 price tag.
19 to 21 February 1993 7th International Computer Show Organiser: Westminster Exhibitions 1 (081-549 3444) Venue: Wembley; London An Amiga Computing-sponsored all formats event.
Argoitkk - from far away lands 25 to 28 March 1993 Ideal Electronic Carnes Show Organiser: Ideal Home Exhibition (061-4322642) Venue: Earls Court, London A new section added to the Ideal Home Exhibition.
4 to 6 April 1993 European Computer Trade Show Organiser: Blenheim (081-7422828) Venue: Business Design Centre, London New software and hardware is previewed to the industry. No public admission.
23 to 25 April 1993 Midi Music Show Organiser: Westminster Exhibitions (081-549 3444) Venue: Wembley Exhibition Centre Catch up with the latest Midi products.
16 to 20 September 1993 Live '93 Organiser: News International (071-782 6000) Venue: Olympia, London A public consumer electronics show. Commodore plan to attend.
OVERSEAS 7 to 10 January 1993 Consumer Electronics Show Organiser: (010 1 2024578700) Venue: Las Vegas, USA Support from Commodore and leading games houses.
24 to 31 March 1993 CeBit Organiser: Deutsche Messe (010 49511890) Venue: Hanover, Germany A massive electronics show which has been used for the launch of many new products including the A600.
• If your company is organising a show relevant to the AMIGA and
it's not listed, let us know so we can include the information
in the diary.
CITIZEN PLUS! FREE AMIGA PRINT MANAGER V2.0 Fa lamr prrtrg (ram yw *mg* wtn owm xtBoes and mm vtxai* cotouo. AsutoMe tree ol nig* ion wqjMl) te«n you tuy i Sen 9.
9*. 24*. 200 or WO pre«ei 'HMllMl
• »W*dmjiMa« WOATH
• OnrwCdaiCwaaoi w. . M • a £14.10 vtu.wr.tteOBrwneimc-Hm J
Wlf----Cl 69 SILICA STAJtTER KtTJ3S £224 ft 09 TOTAL VatUt
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• 2 Uitre Parallel Printer Cable
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• CttQLtrCptan
• fREESMcah ux« jrmneinjn nut Mint mi ¦uwm: cits MIC* MKT tin 192
CPS 136 COLUMN e Otren Swill24x-24 pm - 136 column
• I92cp6 Draft. Wcps NLO
• BK Printer Butter * 4 Fonts
• Parallel Interlace
• Graphcs Resolution 360 x 360dpi
• Epson. IBM and NEC P6 Emulation
• Colour Option Available
• FREE Sited Printer Starter Kit £299 u iiuiia in m rout milt on
mi we an .w-nsta iu mnnj 360 CPS 80 COLUMN
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Fonts 9 Rear and Bottom Paper Loading
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news North American Amigans lusting after Commodore's new A1200
could flirt with the machine, but not take it home, at the
World of Commodore-Amiga show held in Toronto, Ontario on
December 4 to 6,1992.
The Amiga 1200 was on display in a number of dealer's booths, but wasn't yet available for sale. Commodore was promising machines for the US before Christmas, but couldn't commit to a 1992 release in Canada.
Whats New Interestingly, it seems that Canadian A1200s will have the UK-style keyboard with the small Return key and two blank keys, while the US machines will have keyboard with full-sized Left Shift and Return keys and no blanks. It's unusual for the two countries to end up with different configurations.
The crowd was a bit smaller and more subdued compared than in past years, which is unusual given Commodore's new releases and the increased attendance at US shows this year. The exhibitors were enthusiastic, though, and were happily showing off their wares.
Hot stuff There weren't many completely new products, as most manufacturers had at least previewed their new programs at the World of Commodore show in Pasadena earlier this year, but there was some hot stuff on display.
One of the big hits of the show was Digital Creations' Brilliance, the 24-bit paint program. Brilliance supports all AGA screen modes and stores data in 24-bib internally.
This means you can load in a 24-bit picture and touch it up, even on a classic ECS Amiga, and not lose any colour infor- Vista gets more colourful sunsets A long awaited upgrade to VlstaPro is getting ready to ship from Virtual Reality Laboratories, Inc. The company provided me with a beta version to preview lor this column, and it looks hot (check out the accompanying screenshots).
VlstaPro 3.0 will now render pictures in 2S6 colour or HAMS modes on the Amiga 1200 and 4000 Support has also been added for the 1,280 pixel wide super hi res mode.
The improvement in picture quality in this version is ama ing the HAM8 output looks as good as true 24 bit output (AGA isn't required, though the old modes are still supported.)
The program's tree-generalion capabilities have been dramatically improved you can now place pine, oak. And palm trees, as well as cacti, in your landscape. The program svill also generate grass in a number of different textures.
A new Place panel lets you manually place simple buildings and roads on your landscape, as well as trees and grass.
The new Altitude texture gives you detailed pictures even when you set your camera view very close to a small patch of terrain The cloud generation in VlstaPro 3.0 makes for more realistic scenes you can now generate clouds randomly, as well as adjust their density and thickness. Enhanced Arexx mation or detail. The a I • -l m°dules and a much company had just got Dcfiny Atklfl rCpOflS wider range of graphics the HAM8 version of the tfl6 ldt6St mPOrt filters including Clf, TIP, PCX, BMP, Adobe Illustrator, Aldus Freehand, and of course IFF and Professional Draw. The price is still $ 295, and
the upgrade fee to v4.Q is $ 75
U. S. INOVAtronics demonstrated Directory Opus v4.0, a vastly
improved version of their popular directory utility. It had
better be improved, as the retail price has jumped up to S99,
with a $ 40 upgrade fee from previous versions (more than some
people paid for their original version!).
Along with a new, cleaner interface, Directory Opus v4.0 now supports AGA screen modes (for both running the program and displaying pictures); Noisetracker, SoundTracker, Protracker, program up and running for the show, so it looked like they were going to miss their December ship date.
Developments from the USA It should be available soon after you read this, though, if it's not already.
Cold Disk was showing the new Professional Page 4.0, which was almost complete. Along with 256-colour screen support on AGA Amigas, this update also adds a font previewer, visual letter-pair kerning, a free paint program (the creators of Dpaint and Brilliance need not feel threatened), a page-sorter, and a number of new Genies (special ProPage Arexx macros).
ProPage has got a bit better at talking to the oubide world, with new text import support makes script based animation even easier.
Actual picture rendering is much faster, as several critical short routines have been re coded in Assembly language (you’ll still like this program best If you're running a faster Amiga, though).
Even with the new features, the program still retails for S99.9S. If fractal landscapes are yOUf thing, (heck this out.
MED (with Midi!), Oktalyzer, 8SVX, and RAW sound files; and Anim and AnimBrush playback in AGA modes.
The program is now an AppWindov when run under AmigaDOS 2 or greater - you can, for instance, load a disk into Opus Window simply by grabbing the disk and dragging it onto the Opus window.
This is a pricey upgrade, but with every feature imaginable crammed into it it certainly looks to be worth the money.
Worth the wait Soft-Logik is finally shipping Ar Expression, their structured drawing pr gram that supports EPS, ProDraw, anc DR2D formats. Over three years in th making, the program is well worth tf wait and promises to bring new flexibility to Amiga graphic artists.
The company also showed their ne TypeSmith program, an outline font editc that supports PostScript Type 1, Soft-Logik DMF, and Compugraphic Intellifonts.
No longer are you limited to using font with one program and having to out and buy the same font in a differe format for use with another - TypeSmith will easily convert between all the formab i supports.
It will even let you load in Amiga bitmap fonts or IFF pictures and trace over them!
Full set of drawing tools and automata kerning features will delight the desktc typographer.
Look for some great PD and sharewa fonts after TypeSmith hib the market January at a suggested retail price $ 199.95. Rumours Commodore's Lew Eggebrecht spille the beans on new chipset developments, whetting Amiga users' appetites for futun 24-bit machines (see my Pasadena sh( report for more details).
Even more interesting, though, we rumoured producb that were supposedly discussed in more private settings b Commodore representatives. There wa talk of the already-known SCSI-11 controlle for the A4000 and the AT&T DSP module which are apparently set to ship in the fir quarter of 1993, but even more interests were rumours of both a 68030 and less expensive 68EC030 model of the Amig 400Q that would appear early next yea along with the A4000 tower.
These machines could be just the thin for folks who want more power than Ui A1200 can provide but who can't foot bill for an A4000 040.
Other interesting rumours included PCMCIA 386SX emulator for the A600 an A1200 developed by a third-party in operation with CBM, full-motion video soft ware for the Amiga operating system, ar future support of the Kodak Photo Cl format.
Amiga Computing February 1993 8 If you have an Amiga* you must have Opal Vision SVX, anc nimBr ling Art ring pro- aw, and!
Rs in the!
Orth thel flexibility leir new nt editor oft-Logik its.
Sing one ig to go different 'peSmith ormats it a bitmap them! A itomatic desktop lareware rarket in price of t spilled [ ipments, Dr future na show i h, were I jposedly : ings by I ere was I ontroller module, | the first I teresting | md less- | i Amiga I ?xt year De thing I han the I foot the I With the ability to turn the system into a tailor mad* 24-bit workstation complete with genlock, frame grabber, chroma key, flicker fixer, PIP, true 24-bit double buffered display, video switcher, broadcast resolution and of course the unique DVEs, the Opal is quite simply the only choice for any
24-bit all-rounder who needs a system that will grow with their imagination and needs. Quite simply, it's a spectacular product.
'For the Amiga 1500 2000 3000 1 4000 Amiga Computing November 1992 FREE 24 BIT SOFTWARE luded a 600 and y in co- Jeo soft- ?m, and oto CD AVAILABLE FROM SELECTED CALCULUS STORES AND QUALITY INDEPENDENTS NATIONWIDE PHONE NOW FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER ON 0543 251275 MS5SSS3M The Amiga A1500 Pack Amiga A1500 jk cowrLfTf HOME Amiga 1500 “g2 Starter Pack Amiga 1500 As show* «ttn 1004 Stereo Colour Monitor Latest Amiga 600 pack £698.00 Amiga 600 - The Wild, the Weird and the Wicked Digital and mono Composite. Right and Lett Audio. 2 x Mouse Joystick controller ports and an external drive port. II
also includes a multi-tasking WIMP operating system, a colour palette of 4096 colours, high quality stereo Sourtd with 4 channels and 9 octaves and loxt to voice synthesis This package docs not include a hard dnvc and is available with or without a monitor The NEW Commodore Amiga 1500 Pack features a 7 14MHz 68000 processor with 1Mb RAM as standard (expandable to 41Mb via expansion cards).
It includes two 880K
3. 5* floppy *sk drives and can support PC emulation by an XT AT
bodgeboard or AT once Plus. The Amiga 1500 contains 3
co-processors (Denise. AgrtuS, Paula) to enhance sound,
graphics and animation it also includes 9 internal expansion
slots Interlaces include: Parallel - Centronics.
Serial • RS232. Video
• Amiga 600 Computer
• Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts)
• Grand Pnx (MidrtfitOM)
• Putty (System 3)
• Pushovor (Ocean) Includes freo 12 month warranty Free next day
delivery £319.
95 Description The new super compact Amiga 600 featuring:
• Smart new compact design with built-in TV modulator
• 1Mb chip RAM memory expandable 10 2Mb chip RAM with 601. Total
memory capacity 10Mb RAM
• Industry standard smart card mtoriace PCMCIA interlace for
memory and peripheral upgrades
• Integrated industry standard IDE (AT) etlerlace. With optional
2 5' 20Mb hard dnvc
• New Workbench 2 with Kichatari 2.05 ROM
• 12 months on-site warranty for total peace of mind Stand Alone
Model Amiga A600 Amiga 1.200 ring for price Description
Description Latest A600hd epic language lab Philip 8833
MKI114* Colour Monitor
• 0.42mm Dot Pitch
• Analogue and RGB Inputs
• Controls for: Volume. Brightness. Contrast. Green Switch.
Horizontal Shift. On Oft
• FREE Amiga cable included Commodore 1084S 14* Stereo Colour
• 0 42mm Dot Pitch
• Analogue. RGB. Digital RGB & Composite Video Inputs § Controls
for Centring, Height. Contrast.
Brightness. Cotour. Volume. OrvOft
• Amiga Catfes Supplied Free 12 month on-site warranty Commodore
Monitor Philips Monitor me WEI nert aay deliwry £225.00 ES
HOTLINE Telephone 0253 291919(6 Lines) PLEASE NOTE FREE NEXT
DELIVERY ADD £10 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT We are not just another
mail order company here for the busy period - we are here all
year, and you are welcome to call and see us when you are in
Blackpool MOW TO ORDER Tel 02531 2019)1$ ) Q By Phone FREE next
working day deliver)' on all items shown and for credit card
orders over £-200 placed before 3pm (UK mainland only).
Saturday delivery add £10.00 Sega Megadrive FREE £14.99 converter to play all import games and includes FREE Sonic the Hedgehog
Official UK Super Nintendo "tfuttes FREE Super Mariowortd
• FREE next day delivery £129.
Sega Gamegear includes Sonic the Hedgehog game
• FREE next day delivery Prices and spec subject to change
without notice, check when ordering. E&OE By Post Send a cheque
postal order with your order made payable to "Computaworld Ltd"
and post to: Computaworld Ltd 174 Church Street Blackpool Lancs
FY1 3PS Visit Our Shop Our computer and games centre is
situated in Blackpool town centre, where we would be pleased to
see you. We are open six days a week.
Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.
In addition to computer hardware we stock a fuU range of computer and games console software including Amiga, Atari, Sega and Nintendo.
Remember, when you buy from Computaworld you receive:
• Lowest Prices •
• Full after sales service and advice •
• Free next day delivery •
• Fully inclusive, no hidden extra prices • Price * 1 Product
Star Printers LC 20 Mono £139.« LctOO Colour. . .
£170.c LC2QQ Colour__________ £190.» LC24-2O0 Mono ..£218.w LC24-200 Cotour £275.u0 fifi 4fi Ink Jnt £226.oo Telephone lor any other Star printer price.
Free Next Day Delivery
s) Fax 0253 23005 Total_, i
Name 4 ..J
Address .....
- .. 1

Postcode .WO?
I 1_________________ .---- a inOMFOTAWOMLin)
mi mmm Cover D is k In the vast Amiga world out there are quiet
a few versions of Basic, but none quiet as easy to use and
powerful as HiSoft Basic. One of the main advantages of
Basic is its easy to understand commands which makes
programming much more simple.
Unfortunately, though, most Basics are extremely slow. This is due to the fact that the computer has to turn each command in Basic into something which it understands before it can move to the next command in the program.
This process slows it down a considerable amount, so to get a Basic program to work at a more reasonable speed it has to be turned into something which the computer can understand more easily, which in turn will speed up the Amiga’s running of initially Basic programs.
Compiling The process of converting basic programs into something which the computer understands is called compiling.
HiSoft Basic has two main programs - HiSoft Basic, which is the integrated editor and compiler, and HB.Compiler, which is the compiler itself (required by the editor).
When you want to start programming you only need to load the HiSoft Basic program and not the HB.compiler. This is because when you program with HiSoft it always compiles the program for you and then runs it. This makes HiSoft one of the fastest Basic programming packages around.
To use HiSoft Basic you have to reset your Amiga and place the CoverDisk which contains HiSoft in the disk drive - it Hi So ft utet the tome eaty-toute layout at Workbench will auto-boot. Once loaded, click on the HiSoft Basic Editor icon, which is main part of the program.
Once loaded you are presented with the main editing area which at the moment is blank. If you now hold down your right mouse button you will see several menus appear at the top of the screen.
One of the main advantages of HiSoft is its compatibility with other Basic packages.
This means that you can load, say, an Amiga Basic program into HiSoft and compile and run it. This also means you can Take control of your Amiga with one of the simplest and fastest programming languages around - yes, HiSoft's Basic is free with this month's value-packed AC... export HiSoft programs into most other Basic packages.
HiSoft is compatible with all Amigas with Kickstart 1.2 or higher. Obviously the more memory you have the easier programming will be - it is also handy to have an extra disk drive but this is not essential.
There are four pull-down menus altogether which are Project, Search, Options and Program. HiSoft acts rather like a wordprocessor enabling you to edit your programs with ease.
Fast We will now load one of the demos on the CoverDisk to see how easy it is and how fast HiSoft really is. First of all pulldown the Project menu and select the Load option. You will then be presented with the file requester. Click on the demos drawer and then double click on the triangles.bas file.
You will now have a program called tr*- C overDis on-screen. This program when
• r *S d*jw coloured triangles to make pammn if yog now pull down
the Itopsn menu and select Run, HiSoft will X0* - "triangles"
and then run it. To «cp t. press the Esc button and you
• at &e •'rtirned to the listing.
You "i notice how fast this program ¦Mk • rou were to load the same pro- go* *to Amiga 8«»c it would run con- Mfettrfy slower.
Hvn yOu load certain programs you In* gei an error telling you that the text txt** * nQ |arge enough for the program rou are trying to load. This does I mean you have run out of memory, but that the standard preset of 10,000 byte o not large enough.
»ou can set the text buffer by pulling down the Options menu and selecting
* **** You can then type in the amount x wnh to reserve for the
Buffer »you already have a program in memory nd have run out of text buffer space, you
- xjst save your program before trying to
• increase the buffer, as changing the text er size will clear
the memory and you awl lose your program. You must leave at
• east 100k for the system to operate in.
As mentioned earlier, HiSoft's main advantage is its ability to compile Basic jyograms to make them run much faster.
• you have a Basic program loaded and you wish to compile it, you
can do this in two ways. To compile something, go to the
Program menu and select Compile.
I You will then be asked if you want to compile to disk or memory.
If you select Compile To Memory, it
• compile the program and allow you J to run it. This is the
quickest way to com- p«e something, and it is also ideal for
try- I rg things out and debugging programs.
When you select Compile To Disk,
• 'Soft Basic will compile the program and I w.e it to disk. If
you have not previously I laved the program, HiSoft will call
it t other nos on : is and all pulled the rented on the :lick
on tiled tri- NONAME. The compiled version will have the
extension .bas. When you have compiled a program to disk it
becomes a standalone program which you can then run by double
clicking on its icon from Workbench, but the program will
need the hisoftbasic.library file to run.
Whenever you're doing any type of work with your computer it is a good practice to save out regularly, but more so when doing programming as the computer tends to crash more often if you haven't de-bugged your program properly. Regular saving of your work will save you a lot of typing!
If you are writing a new program which when run puts up a error message, HiSoft will ask you if you wish to continue running the program. Until you are familiar with HiSoft Basic you should reply with N, then go to the line which HiSoft tells you the problem is in and rectify it.
To get the most out of HiSoft Basic you should take advantage of our reader manual offer in this issue. With the manual you also get a version of HiSoft Basic specifically designed for 1 Mb Amigas enabling you to use some more advanced features.
ParCheese Author: Xavier Egusquiea This game is a cross between Frustration and Ludo. The main idea is to get all of your markers safely around the board to your home base.
You can play with up to three other players or against the computer. Before you start you have to pull down the Players menu and select which colour you wish to be, then select who you want to play. If you select the computer you must also select which level you wish to play the computer on and what colour the computer is, The computer can play for several opponents. Once you have selected who's Mouse Impossible Author: Steve Holt Mouse Impossible is a Lemmings-style game where the main object is to stop the mouse from stealing your cheese. This may sound a simple task but it's definitely
There are a total of 30 levels for you to try to complete and with each level the task becomes harder and harder. Once Mouse Impossible is loaded, saving your cheese is the name of the game.
A mouse will try to float down to your cheese and steal it using a bunch of balloons.
Once he has the cheese, a cannon starts to fire across the screen and you have to put various obstacles in the cannon's way to deflect the shots towards the mouse, making him drop the cheese.
When the mouse begins his descent you must place obstacles in the path of the cannon. You can only place the obstacles while the mouse is descending, so it's best to think about the level before trying it.
You place the obstacles, which are on the right edge of the screen, by clicking on them with your left mouse button then putting them where you think they should be, finally clicking the left mouse button again.
While you are holding the obstacle you can dick the right mouse button to turn it around - this makes the obstacle deflect the cannon's shots differently.
When you complete each level you are given an end-of-level code, SO when you play the game again you don't have to do the levels which you've already done before.
This game requires some skill in judging where to put the obstacles and the best bet is to study the level hard first, and try turning some of the obstacles over to see what effect they have on the cannon's shots.
- j iJ &
* '*r ._* 1 O' S' l Instructions 7 lust get stuck In I 've told
you once - leave my cheese alone or C overDisk SMP OPEN
samplenum , "filename" (samplenum is valid between 0 and
65. 535) Opens IFF or RAW samples for playback direct from disk
SMP LOAD samplenum , "filename" (samplengm is valid between 0 and
65. 535) Loads IFF or RAW samples from an AmigaDOS file to
memory. The file must exist, ie be lockable, and capable of
Once you have learned these commands, you would be well
advised to take advantage of our special manual offer and
start learning and using the more powerful com* mands D-Sam
has to offer.
Faulty disk?
Subscribers If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disk has been damaged in the post, please return it to: Amiga CoverDisk, Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirrol 165 m Non subscribers If you bought your magazine from a shop and found that the CoverDisk was damaged, please return it within two months to: PCW,Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glomorgon Cf48 277 Tel: 0685 550505 ¦ playing and what colours they're using, it's time to start the game, so pull down the project menu and select Start.
The computer will then ask the player who is to go first - click the mouse button to roll the dice. You can't start to move your players until you roll a six.
When you've managed to roll a six you can then select which one of your men is about to start his trip home, then you roll the dice again to see how far your man is to move.
If you roll a six you can move six places then roll again, but if you get a six three times or more then one of your men must go back to the beginning and Start again.
If your opponent lands on one of your men then that man must return back to the beginning and wait until another six is thrown before starting again. The aim is to be the first to get all his men home.
D-Sam Author: AZ Software D-Sam is an extension for Amos, giving you an extra 46 sound-related commands.
Before you can use these extra commands you have to install them into Amos, which is a very simple procedure - just follow these instructions:
• Copy the file "D-Sam.lib" to your Amos system directory
• Run the Config_1.3. Amos program from Amos
• Load the default configuration
• Set loaded extension number 15 to "lAmos.System D-Sam.lib'’
• Select Save configuration menu The D-Sam.lib is in the
Utilities D-Sam drawer. Once you have followed these simple
steps you will have the 46 new commands built in to Amos. The
new commands are all designed to make it easier for you to
create programs using music and samples.
With the extra D-Sam commands fitted into your copy of Amos you can play back samples and music directly from floppy or hard disk, which enables you to save memory, or you can load the samples into memory first then play them back.
To start using D-Sam you only need to learn five commands: supporting a seek() call.
SMP PLAY samplenum , channels (channel is valid between 1 and 15) This plays a sample (num) on the channels specified.
SMP CLOSE samplenum (samplenum is valid between 0 and 65,535) SMP RESET Stops all channels playing, frees all channels and closes all opened samples, CAG Author: Marco AG Pinto CAG is a utility for making your own adventure games. This may sound complicated but it's actually quiet easy, assuming you've sat and planned your adventure out first - this stops you getting in a muddle later on.
Included in the CAG drawer is full documentation on how to use CAG. There are also some demos for you to look at. If you get stuck just take a peek at the examples.
Note that although there is a menu for sound, this is not supported as yet.
MidiPlayer Author: Paul Overaa MidiPlayer is a CLI command used for playing standard Midi files out to your MidUnstruments without the need to load a Midi sequencer. It can be used in your startup sequence to play your favourite compositions every time you reboot your machine.
To use MidiPlayer just type in: NidlPlaytr patb:songnaae If you use it in your startup sequence then you must type it in as follows.
Run nU: nil: sidiplayer pith:songni»e Degrader Author: Chris Hames Degrader is a special software utility to help people with WorkBench2.0 compatibility problems. It temporarily degrades a WorkBench 2.0 machine to a 1.3 to enable you to use software intended for use on the 1.3 machines.
When degrader is used it will only degrade the machine until it is reset more than once, so once you have reset you machine more than once it will return to its original WorkBench2.0 status.
Crrstf Dmturf c- TEST ADVHTURT BEGIN IN ROOM ?KT«K HUSICS SJ FLES ROOM DESCRIPTION svSiix h£SSAQ£S MESSAGES VOCABULARY OBJECTS FIRST CONDITIONS LOCAL CONDITIONS NORKAL mum PROCEDURES LOAD DATABASE % SAVE DATABASE SAVE AS EXECSTAL ERASE DATABASE CAQs simple to use menus at wort Please remember that many of the gram distributed on the Amii Computing CoverDisk are sharewj releases. This means that the autf have kindly allowed you, the reader, sample the program before paying for i If you decide to keep a program intend to use it regularly, you sf register as a shareware user with author. Full
details on how to regi: can be found, where appropriate, in I on-disk documentation.
Shareware authors, if they dor receive enough registrations, will est ally stop releasing programs to the lie, which would dry up an indisp supply of superb software. Keep faith, and keep sending those fivers!
Tune of the montl Author: Torch This month's tune, Due!ling_banj( can be heard by either double dick on its icon or selecting it from ti short-cut menu. Once started the ti will run in the background leaving to do something else, maybe a bit painting in Dpaint... Read erOffe Here's a couple of offers you can't ignore... Buy the HiSoft BASIC 1.05 complete Disk Set and Manual and get a BASIC 2 Upgrade Coupon thrown in!
The pro- AMIGA treware authors ader, to lg for it.
Ram and should vith the register e, in the y don't leventu- :he pub- ;pensible eep the ?rc!
Signed - Card No Name .
Address Hisoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE or you can phone your orders in on 0525 718181 and quote reference number ACHB1 Q9 nth Postcode ¦ banjos, clicking om the he tune ing you a bit ol The HiSoft BASIC 2 Upgrade Coupon ensures that when you buy the upgrade you will receive a special price and priority treatment.
The complete HiSoft BASIC 1 package includes an extensive 350 page ring bound manual and the two disk set, which gives you an extended 1Mb compiler editor, plus many ?*tra examples, libraries and ¦nore! You can have this exe- cellent package for £19.95 including VAT) plus £2 for postage. All you have to do is fill in the order form opposite jnd send it to: HiSoft BASK HiSoft Amiga Computing BASIC 1 Complete Disk Set and Manual I wish to pay by ? Cheque Postal Order payable to HiSoft ? Credit card ? Debit card (Switch) Expiry date ... ? Flease lick th« box I you do not viuh to
receive promotional material from other companin Aitav 28 fardftvny LLLULLLUIimUJE ORDER FORIVL Daytime phone Buy The D-Sam Manual for only £7.50 ORDER FORMAS Card No Name Address This excellent guide will help you incorporate much improved sound into AMOS. Take advantage of this super £7.95 offer (including VAT and postage) by filling in the form and sending it to Az House, Broadfield Road, Eastington, Stonehouse, Glos GL10 3BI before 24 February 1993 Amiga Computing D-Sam Manual I wish to pay by ? Cheque Postal Order payable to Europress Direct ? Credit card Expiry date I ...
OTEmnnnnii Signed Daytime phone Postcode.
469. 00
732. 00
799. 00
872. 00 ADD £60.00 AOD £39.90 ADO Cl 99.00 £POA ueAa ? Li See
below across for softwore pocks Extra RAM Hus Hutdwuons
fncyriopoeda + Lemmings iss for softwor THE HOTTEST LOT PACK
203. 90
49. 99
69. 99 ADD 2S.00 ALONE 120MB HD 2 +4MB £2089 inc. VAT 120MB HO 2
+ 8MB £2239 inc VAT 240MB HO 2 +8MB £2399 inc VAT With SVGA
low rodialiOfl high res 28 dot pitch coi. Monitor inc tilt
nnd swivel jpp £259 00ft
79. 99
9. 99
9. 99
4. 99
182. 93
49. 99
AMIGA 3000 12 MONTH ON-SITE MAINTENANCE Latest versien 68030
25MHz, 3 S’ 880K FO + spare drive boy (or 4 spore boys on
Tower),512K 3? Bti ROM, 4 Zorro III, dots with 2PC AT slob
(or I CPU, 7 Zorro III, 2 PC AT on Tower), hord drive ond
memory as below: DESKTOP 52M8 120M8 210MB 425MB 1MB video +
IMS Fast Rom 1289 1469 2MB video + IM8 fast Rom 1437 .
PH|C »9 2MB vidoo t4MB fast Rom 15‘N CTOf Xfjfc |2429 2MB
video * 8MB Fast Rom 17* ™59 tower rnv 1MB video ? 4MB Fast
Rom - 2299 2S49 2949 2MB video?B.WB Fast Rom • 2449 2699 3199
With Multimedia Peck: Amiga Vision, Deluxe Point 4.1 ond
Scolo ADD Cl95.99 Will, extra 4MB Fast RAM (lifted H
required)ADD Cl69.99 With Phapi SVGA 28dpi it. Tih I
iwlvelADD £259.00 AMIGA 4000 MUUIMEMA AMIGA New AGA Oiip Set
t blistering 68040 processor. 256,000 rokws from
16. 6 million, scon doubtim for fWra free deplov 25 Mhz, Mouse,
3. 5" 1.76 MB 3.5* drive flus Cross DOS for transfer of files
between AMIGA 005 *MS DOS, 2 rear 4 2 front 3.5* bow, 1 x
5.25* boy, Hord Drive os below, Amiga DOA 3.0 system ond
utilities, Gold Service Warranty NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR
• B» yeas experience in Commodore product ond here lo sidy
• Commodore trained doff ore friendy and helpful ond ore parents,
multimedio, educational, gomes, programming or iwhnicd
speaofcts (usually mote than one!)
• Open 9-6 pm Mondoy to Saturday ond 10-00 om to 4.30 pm Sundays
for convenient shopping.
• Colors wikome for advice and tenonslrobon at our I ft High St,
Town Centre branches
• Some day desoatdi for most orders received by 5.30 pm; express
om ond Saturday services avodoble
• Hardvvare carehAy handiad and dcivcred safety and rdiaNy by
cogod, insured, top name courier service
• Pte-despalch testing on Amiga system
• Free 30 doy, next day courier collection and deSvery of I
replacement (excepl product with on-site maintenance)
• Horlme support ond irvhouse engineers
• Upgrade and trode in offers lo keep you up to dote
• Exceptional after sales service
• BFPO ond Export welcome
* ££*£*** OU) AMIGA TRADE-IN The best trode-in oflowonce, extra
for peripfierak and accessories. Trode in your old mochine for
o brand new A600 A1S00 1200 3000 4000 CDTV or even PC AMIGAS
FROM £195 A limited number of refvtbbhed A500 I S00 3000s ore
available, complete with 3 months warranty Aka, ask abort
refurbished printers, 590 ond other hord drives, occeierotors,
monitors ond peripherals 1500 PACK EXTRA (ALSO FOR A500,A500+,
A600 CDTV, 3000| VAIUE RRP
• The Works Plotmum, word processor, spreadsheet, database 169.95
• Dciuxe Point ID aid) oramction 79.99
• Get dto most artef you AMIGA bock 9.95
• 80 Prog. HohbylePO Greats Podc uo Honnt lot Pock' 39.99
• 4 fee TOO Clip Art pio grophks for Dpoinl III 9.99
• Puzznk OR lemrwiqs 24.99
• Toki Coplain nonet 24.99
• EH The Simpsons 29.99
• Digiio Home Accounts 29.99 TOTAL VALUE 429.82 WITH AMIGA CDTY
49.99 SEPARATELY 69.99 PLUS Starter Pock 67.9?
AMIGA 600 A600 with 12 month on-site warranty, I MB. WB 2.05,3.5* FD* Smart Cord Imerfoce, Mouse ond Manuals WITH 8833 CBM ALONE 1084 + ON-SITE A600 259.00 439.00 A600 20MB HD 419.00 599.00 A600 40MB* 469.00 649.00 A600 80MB* 494.00 674.00 A600 120MB* 594.00 774.00 2MB VERSION ADD £39.95 See below across for alternative software packs
* Top quality 3rd party drives, covered by full 12 month to-bose
Bed October ; Chess Blinky's Scary School (under 12) Challenge
Golf Battleships Anberd Games-5 events licence to Id- Bond Gome
Gxo Heat Police car race Slcworm Helicopter jeep mission 93% CU
Eddiw Duck (under 12) Conhnertol Ofcus - 8 irt race artuits 92%
AA Master Blazer-3D sports ZarafhrusSa - ThfUSl done 94% Zzap
Onslaught - Format G 90S Thundersfrike - Fighter Ftghf Sim ?
AMIGA 1200 1200 SD 369.00 1200 40MB 569.00 1200 80MB 649.00 2 MB, 68020 with new AGA chip set, 256,000 colours from 16 million colours plus on-site.
First supplies now orrived - Very limited STARTER PACK MAX VAIUE 8RP Miaoswilched Joystick 9.99 80 cap. Lockable disc box PLUS 10 blank dna 16.98 4 great boxed gomes See HOT LIST 159.96 Phone for current choice OR Dpoint III +700 Op Art Pks gropfacs t Mouse Mat ond Oust Cora 9.98 16 Days free Held Accomodolion in UK, IreJond or France - you pay only for meok TOTAL VALUE 196.91 WITH AMIGA CDTV 19.99 SEPARATELY 29.99 return- I previous Kkn choose from HOT LIST. Or leave it to us! Children's gomes available.
• BOProg Hohbyle PO Greats Pock II Includes to games Me
Batllecots. Star Trek, Computer (onffei, Meoabai, dozens of
arcade dossia, board ckmics ana shool-emups', Dpoint dip art,
Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database * Desktop Publisher ond the ultimote virus killers-omusl foreray new AMIGA owner! 39.99 TOTAL VALUE 513.71 WITH AMIGA SEPARATELY SPECIAL* ALSO 10 extra Hoi List1 Needs 1MB and Hard Drive VALUI RRP Trivial Pursuit, longuoge lab, Amiga till 29.99 Epic, Rome. Myth 77.97 Pfpint HI with onknation 79.99 700 dip art pKs prophks for Dpoint m 9.99 3 (fisc Home Pock ina W Processor, Dbose. Sprodsheet 9.99
• Virus Kler 4.99 TOTAL VALUE 212.92 WITH AMIGA CDTV 39.99
SEPARATELY 49.99 AMIGA 1500inc. On-site ful UK spec. w+ 1MB
RAM, mouse, expansion os 2000, foods, manuals. New including
KkksJorl & Workbench 2.05 Hard disc configurolion inc. the high
performowe GVPII controller cord, I MB. With Disc Caddy,
Welcome CD + tutorial+ remote control unit.
Dpoint III with animation 700 dip on pics graghia for Dpoint III 3 disc Home Pock ina. W Processor, Dbose. Spreadsheet Virus Kler TOTAL VALUE WITH AMIGA CDTY SEPARATELY DD+GVPf 120MB HD 1049.00 Wrlh 8833 10845 ADO 179.99 With 7CM ? M W FF ADD 379.99 Perexlro 2MB fined to GVP Also with Kkkslart 1.3 ? ROM Sharer Also wilh Gtizen 200 24 pin Col Printer ? Starter Pock WWW EXTRA - OR 'ANYTHING YOU CAN 1500 SPECIALS 1 2 PRICE 1500 S W PACK EXTRA The r only wilh 1500,1500 Pock Extra at arty 1500 HD 4 OM-SITE, 8833 1084S, 200 24 pin col printer, 1500 Extra software | Starter Pock + AmigaVhion 52MB
£1149.00120M8 £11 10 GREAT iodividuoly packaged games. BenER 269.82 THAN THE REST previous RRPs up to 39.99 eoch, phone to EPIC PACK EXTRA
* AllosSlflttetPodi PLUS; Aiwa 43000 .
MAX VALUE RRP The Shoe Pwpti- 6 wtaurful nd entertaining oanes 29.99 oad (nends to encourage early number reoding and With Shoe People mui Took Engine's Fun wirt Words 6 separate easy to use irommes with animation and sound.
OR Roddy’s Playtime (to 7 years) 8 magics! Leammg games ol 3 levels, PLUS Junior Art portage me (oiourina electronic tuny felt', FREE Toy Town mop, Keyboard overlay and wobbler
• Shapes ond Colours • lobby the Oown entertains ond loys down
the foundation (or maths and writing in 6 colourful animated
gomes. 9.99
• fun School 2, 3 or 4 • the Tun Smoot" suite have woa jusl obout
every enrard going. 5 or 6 wonderful onimoted gomes. 24.99 OR
Rdute Book: 4 colourful and amusing games tram ex fun School'
design manoger wJ delight young children
• Deluxe Point 111 with oiwnotkm ? 700 (Ip Art pia for DP 89.99
inc. children. Fairytale * legend characters, Sport, Cartoons,
• Hobbyte Infant EaucBtionolPD Pock, containing 10 19.99 fun
while you learn games
• Hobbyle 30 Easy Children's Gomes Port 19.99
• 10 Bonk Discs, Joystick. Mouse Mol 26.96 TOTAl VALUE 221.90
WITH AMIGA CDTV 59.99 SEPARATELY 79.99 SPECIAL Each extra title
from first selection add just 18.99 PROFESSIONAL FAMILY PACK
(1MB REQUIRED) VAIUE RRF Lemmings OR Of 25.99 The Simpsons Toki
24.99 Captain Plonet Puxmk 25.99 lOtiOA ? 700 Clip Arl pm 89.99
Word Processor Spreodshsel mmm 169.99
29. 99 ¦ Am e* Bend OR Oegitd Home Accounts tenOwDek 4.99 ¦ **«
Arthyta PD Greats Port see Hottest lot Fork 39.99 4 AtW pmk
inc. Fonts, Gp Art and Disc Tutor 9.99 PN «*¦» Mar (specify)
or Smondorv iMdW 19.99 4 9m fca ? 80 (opacity lockable d* box
26.98 n-M •*. Dvn Cover and Joystick 19.97 TOTAL VALUE 488.85
PACK 3-13 YEARS vtiut mu’ Toar dttia franc Fu School 2.3 or 4
(for 3-9 yn specify oge, 9 diff 25.99 i ovodoble) Up to 6
stunning UK educational gomes in eodt ! Wnh beautiful
prdures, exciting ammotiofl * musk that i develop numbers,
word + other skills. Up to 6 levels ol y Conforms with
National Curriculum.
Merlin's Maths (for 7-11 yrs) from the award winning 'Fun School' stable, 6 engrossing gomes to teort essential moths skilh, in e way children will love Spelling Fair (lor 7-13 yrs) oil the fun of ihe fair on 6 levels mokes learning spelling odiktive and fun, Indudes 6 pomes plus 3000 word dktionofy»sp sekdion of words for nemfc of dyslexic chddren
* parents con create own dictionary of words requiring special
OR Thomas die Tank I
• Fdd the Duck (7 yrs) OR EH (7+ yrsl OR Hound the lend 25.99
• Hobbyte Infont or Junior (specify) Educational Port, featuring
up to 12'learn vrtiie you play'games 19.99
• hobbyte 30 Easy Otidrens Gomes, 10 port ix including Train Set
and other lop entorloining PD titles 19.99
• Deluxe Paint III with animation + 700 Clip Art pits for DP
89.99 inc children, foirytole legend choroclen, Sport,
Cortoons etc
• Joystick ? 10 blank decs 15.98 TOTAL VALUE 197.92 WITH
AMIGA CDTV 39.99 SEPARATELY 59.99 SPECIAL: Each extra title
From first selection add just 15.00
M. Aba with Gfiz«n 200 24 PIN FneNr and Starter Pock ADD 199.00 ?
SCHOOL PACK 1 (hortbwler 25.99 Mv-mCU AMIGA 25.99
* MI Dreams-94 AUI 25.99 A3000 24 BIT SYSTEM - £BESR WE
• Extra RAM • 68040 accelerator 24 bit colour card • 24 bit
colour real time digitizer
• 24 bit 30 Art + animation s w
• Fitting and Free 1 2 day customised training TELEPHONE JP ; -
94% AUI ! UK WP -t-Spettchecker
49. 99 Aft Franck, Marts or Fnglisli (11-15, specify oge) O rte
lovable extra terrestrial gifted feochto, guides you
* *gh Hotionol Currkuium. Ideally compliments school wort i
School team nm the award winning Fun!
25. 99 » HOT UST Gomes 209.94 "wehySe 80 Progromme P0 Greats Pock
- 'See Hottest lot' 39.99
• Hobbyle Secondary Educational Part 19.99 I aMfityjoystick 9.99
We are trying to organise a pack, complete ost loy, no promises, but phone for latest!!
We with ACCEURATORS HP ¦600 ¦ ACCESSORIES ¦rx protector ? Bortup 23.99 Golden Image Hoppy Mouse 18.99 5 "odaier_________________29.99 Gl Brush Mouse + DplII 23.99 i Jteae control cwtT?.....44.99 Gl Optkol Mouse 28.99
- xrroi Centre ..29.90 Gl Cryslol TrortbaH 35.99
39. 99 MODEMS ISM 2400 Modem .... 118.99 i ft* 2400 ? 5
yeor warranty________________7195 i w 2400 Plus * 5 year
warranty----------------------137.95 FLOPPY DRIVES 35
external drive, rtmychoin + an off.
¦ CAX 354 3.5 external drive, beige......
3. 5 drive, blurt + 10 blame discs- 24 BIT A500 I 72199 20M m & A
Video 24 wMi IV Point for 500.588.90
ArtOqjiftoZlA_______________174.99 DC1Y_____395.99 firecracker
-------------POA GVP IV ? VIU-S - - -1389.99 GVPIV.VW-Cf
-1759.99 Harlequin 4000 24 bit cord.... 1289.99 Image
Masta 1069.00 Opa Vision 24 bit board
« Opd Paint, Opal Presents. Karate 24 bit t w 689.00 Rembrandt
24 bit board 2489.99 V lob 24 bd real limedigifiser.. 279.99
A530IMB120MB.. B HD upgrade 40MB HD upgrade 60MB HD upgrade
8QM8 HD upgrade IVS Trumpcord 42M
119. 00
199. 00
225. 00
275. 00 42MB HD....279.99 A530 IMB 240MB 908.99 A 530
68882 .. 20199 GYP HD8 52MI ...318.99
GVPHD8I20MB 408.99 GVPHD8 240MB ..663.99 A590
20MB..- ..... 259.99 A570 lor 2.04 1MB 500 309.99
ACCELERATORS HD A1BOO ROOO 3 GVP Series ¦ 40MB______2450)0
G fine 030 50MHZ4M GytP Series 180MS____32100 GVP Series
1740MB____633.99 GVP Series II420MB____1033.99 Gfvte 030
2SMH21MB 54199 G Forte 030 40MHZ 4MB 78199 Extra 2MB fitted
to ony obove .62.99 Micr obotks VXL30 2SMHx .219.99 2MB
Burst RAM far abora 179.99 SOFTWARE Morph +_____143.99
ProYideoHus... 137.99 IV Shaw Pro -.51.39 IV Text Pro 68.99
Video Director-106.99 EDUCATIONAL AnyFunSchod 14.99 Any ADI
...17.50 See also software ports UTILITIES LANGUAGES
AMAXIIPIus 289.99 Amos 30 .....21.49 Amos the Creator .30.95
Amos Compter 19.49 Easy Amos 22.49 Cross Dos v5 22.75 Dirt
Master II 43,75 GfABosk 17.99 Lattice C 6____179.99
Quarterback 30.50 Quarter back Tools 44.99 SASCV6 169.46
Xcopy Pro 29.49 APPUCATION Areno Accounts 89.50 GRAPHKS CAD
AMIGAMsian 47JO Art Dept Pro 1).. 9199 Deluxe Point III.,
.9.49 Deluxe PaintIV 53.99 Expert 4DJunor-36.99 Expert Draw
4199 Imagine v2 109.49 Pro. Draw 3 ...69.99 Real 30
Btg 1.4. .83,99 Red 30 Turbo Pro 1.4 . 229.50 Scala 500
68.99 Scoia MM200 434.99 Scolo Pro 1.13 173.50 Sculpt
Animate 40 198.99 Spectra (olaur i7.99
XCA07000 ...89.50 X CAD 3000 23190 VIDEO PftODUaiON
TITLING Adorage ...59.49 AMIGAYision 47.50 Broodccst fitter
II 14199 DduxePhotdoh...5l.49 Excdlenct 3.______8199 Find
Copy II 66.99 Kind Words III 35.99 Maxiplan Plus v4.3199
Mini Office 43.99 Pageslreom Pogesettor II 42.49
Pen Pd 1.4..- -52.50 Person o( Finance Manoger Pws-..,31,99
Pro. Page v3 137.99 Saxon Publisher . 177.95 Superbase Pro 4
.148.99 Wordsworth V2 79.99 Worts Platinum .43.99 MUSIC AD
1012 Studio 16 Sompler 349.95 Audk) Engineer Plus 2 Sampler.
188.99 Audk. Master 4 44.49 Bon I Pipes 000 G Fora 030
50MHZ4M4... 1099.99 G Force 040 33MHZ 7MB POA
RagZei60C2BMHZ4MB. 1739.99 ftcg Maoiy WO 2BMC(3000) 1349.99
5ysquestnnxmdleHDB8MB.S49.95 Extor 2MB fed to arty abwe .
62.99 .4195
52. 99
49. 99 I mth anti dck ? Blitz bock up ond virus
protector .65.00 I es obove. (ydone compatible
• e a PC 8801 ...... 125.00 IA500 drive
- ..... .. ..J4.95 tS J 2WSDI
monitor -floods + 2 veal Hoi List games----179.99
A500512klamExp+Oock.-19.90 A600 I2004MBexp(losi)179.99 A500*
1MB exp 2199 A120032 bit 2MB e.p ....POA A500* Switch 1MB
exp 37.99 At 200 32 bit 4MB up ....POA CBM 2.04 upgrade
kit 74.99 A500 Rom Sharer 1.3 .....POA A600 1MB exp
(chip) 39.99 A500 Ran Sharer 2.04 ...POA A600 1200 2MB
exp (tost) 117.99 A600 Rom Sh. 11.3 - .....POA Chip
fitting and board upgrade available, by oor qualified engineers
or DIY kit________________POA EMULATION KG
Powtrtoord ..POA G Gate 386sx 25MHz ..43199
KG Powerboord with DOS POA G Gate 486SX _________795.99 KG
adaptor _ POA GYP 286 for GYP1I +530 216.99 AJ Bndgoboord fa
1500 299.00 AT Once ..214.99 386BridgeboardfalSOO...POA
GVP 40 4 foe 1500 -945.99 printers 'rtH'f' mnt with TU A10M
STUTIR MOW STXRTIR pack p*a OmwlTOtO_______now SntlQQ
SlaLC 100? Pie col-146.4?
Star IC200 cel_____1634?
GfaenSwrtr___163.49 Sea 1C 24-20_____17349 ilU Li I8833 MKII mon.+leads-t I 3«vcl stand for Philips 8833.
3332 FST TV Monitor.
179. 99
12. 99 23199
399. 99
259. 99
544. 99 on-site... I960 High res monitor .. litres SVGA 28dp inc.
tilt 8 swivel.
'CM ' *C Multi-Sync r Raer Fixer ..... t Fret Video 2 A500 ..... IeFu ... i If Mali Sync for 1200 4000.. 12TMubi 5yw for 1200 4000 .124.99
197. 90
196. 99
- 429.00
1549. 00 SCANNERS & DIGITISERS i GT 6000,600dpi 24 bit A4 ......
.789.00 tST 8000,800dpi 24 bi1A4 1192.99
Hand Scanner, 400 dpi, 64 Greyscale, Powerscon software
8199 ' Colour Hand
Scanner___________________________________219.49 I a 100 A6
Sconnec ? Scoidob s w up to 18 bet ...469.99 10 320A6
Scoimer ? S w up to 24 -.89199 Umpl2____________ .7199
¦aSkakh U A4 Tablet Digit**________________819.99 i Sketch
1! A3 Tablet Digitiser 529.99 GENLOCKS
8802 8806 POA Rocpifc__114.49
• 88CT2SVHS 529.99 Pram_____85.99 Pro I. GVP Digital Sound Studio
4199 Midi Inlerfoce 19.95 Rombo Megomix... 23.994
172. 13 Otiien S240 24 cof* 259.99 Qtuen S24x col' 2?6.t?
O* HP Deskjet S00 ...-.329.99 c o- HP DeskJet cd* .. 399.99
• HPDeskjelJSOC 51199 • N HP PomljeP 639 99 SlaU24-100
24pin 16349 - BJIOt.ButtMWt .20499 - Star 1C 24-200______197.25
« IJ20 -304.W BJ 330 A3 46??? _ BJ 300__________ -3319? °
ORDERING: Tl LI SALES Nos (0727) Ne«t day dditry for end! Card
orden fkxed before $ am s xed » aiaUdir; AhrmtfheV sent ctngje.
Pstal c*dw, hartr.
Ddt« dtxid order I fits. FiWon and Gortmment lades ody) to; Oepl AC. Hobble Ccmput* Cwv. 10 Mfriet R«e, Si.
Abois.ttwnAl35DG. Phase don 7 wxlwj (toys b (tape rtann. Saiyid to adbfaity. Depoftti a nxin v hocra d r«w gI (taw) pcrmrr Pncts W ((««» qt rme d going »(less, howra, n am awirtmjs farad to ro;-;r itMm.nltwupotdMn.RaaectiKkbdemcnknig. Addnotal semen end di eient packages mey be dtaxdiKu shownxms.oidpncBs moy vary hem MdOdei paces Amoral cders ore oskai fo qxM itisod to «5uv Mdl 0nJw pocLow UK MA1NIAN0 (NOT HI6H1ANDS) Despakhed by post, phase check chotgw xtw orrtertng tieit dot (cmw xme, £10 per tax Fteseeogure M ADOinOtl WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING EXPRESS SERYtCES: Saturdayddvtnr KormdratephnE15
+VAI perboi Amnextday Normdrtfapftei£8« VATp«rb&c
994. 94
496. 49 7195 Video Plot v330„ sMGertxk 329.99 BttDesllGertrt.
DISCS tDS D0 discs mbox.6.99 50 Blank DVD0 discs___17.99 ; DS HO discs 199 50 Blank DS HO discs 27.99 Star 1C 24-200 ad 234.49 Otim 1240_______176.99 EpsonlQ 100_____189 99 Ginn $ 200 24*__179.99 Gtizwn S200 24 col* 189 99 Star SJ 48_______191.49 “ Hplmefjel IIP. _______649.99 * QMS Ink Jet col A4...-.4999.95
• Turbo Prim Pro driver utd s w highly recommended ADD £39.9$ NO
DEPOSIT CREDIT FACILITIES Credit terms of 34 8* APR (tenable)
can be onanged (v purchases over LI SO. Subjec to status
CtmbeMne IwSihfl whefflH 4 softvwno demi Other renc, aceptkBen
Offshore and Highlands . STARTER PACK: SOO Sheets A4 or
continuous poper, AMIGA to printer load, Universal Printer
Stand 8 Driver ’ with Print Monogw ,o price except whcr :tid an
VAT. E.40 I node's pad partnerships. Just I written details and
• •• and you can t Receive THREE free magazines -15 issues for
the price of 12 OR % FIVE free games from Infagrammes OR % Take
advantage of our brilliant Final Copy II offer AND GET ALL
THESE BENEFITS AS WELL.. What more could a devoted Amiga
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You can have 15 issues for the price of 12 3 FREE MAGAZINES 9 Get your favourite magazine delivered postage free to your door promptly every month % Qualify for our exclusive monthly draw (you could win a copy of Microdeal’s Personal Finance Manager this month)
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£7.47 a quarter % European and Rest of World subscribers are
now eligible lo take advantage of our great fn gifts and
special offers AC and Infogranimcs have got together to give
you 5 free full games.
This package. High Energy 2. Lets you travel at the speed of light in The Light Corridor, drive a Ferrari F40 in Crazy Cars 2. Play air hockey in Shufflcpuck Cafe, play Pinball Magic and face monsters in Mystical.
‘ exclusive subscriber’s draw Every Amiga Computing subscriber is automatically entered in our draw, which is sponsored each month by a leading company. This month are providing TWO copies of their highly successful Personal Finance Manager Plus.
PF.M Plus is packed with additional features and enhancements designed to give you better control over your money. Improved features include:
• Handling multiple accounts with auto transfer JKMlcliTrontt
• Trend-plotting graphs
• Increase budget handling
• Full printer report formatting
• A desktop calculator
• Extensive user-configurable options Congratulations to David
Gresham, of West Green, Crawley, the winner of our December
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Save £45 on the most powerful Amiga wordprocessing package around
- Final Copy II Yes, subscribe now to Amiga Computing and as an
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of this great money-saving opportunity Final Copy II normally
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Final Copy II has many of the powerful features normally only found in the high end Macintosh desktop publishing systems.
It’s the only wordprocessor that gives superb scaleable outline fonts with any Amiga, even 1.3s, and is packed with formatting tools.
It includes a 110.000-word British English Collins Proximity Spelling Detector and Corrector plus an 826.000 synonym thesaurus.
It is compatible with the Amiga A500,600.600HD, 1500, 20(X) and 3000. System requirements: minimum I Mb RAM and two floppies or hard disk drive. (600HD requires minimum 1.5Mb RAM).
• When taking advantage of the Final Copy I! Offer add £55 to
your subscription cheque or enclose a £55 cheque if you are
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ADI titles 121o 13: £18.95 £18.95 £18.95 £12.95 £19.95 £19.95 £12.95 £24 95 micro german - to GCSE standards £18.95 primary maths • 3to12‘s £18.95 mega maths • A level £19.95 efi* Hret shapes reading and writing £3l vP • t £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 1 integrated titles Mini Office Gold Disk Office £39.95 £59.95 d a t a b a s e s Homebase Superbase 2 Personal Gallery Pictorial Slide Show DB £19.95 £29.95 £39.95 1 CAD & structured drawing Intro CAD Plus X-CAD 3000 Professional Drew 3 £79.95 £269.95 £89.95 video GB Route Plus £39.95 Professional Calc£l24.95 Scala 500 £7995 Scala
Professional £199.95 Broadcast Titler 2 £179.95 Pro Video Post £169.95 Video Studio V3 £119.95 maths french 3to8 puzzle story book • 3to8 course • over 3's £18.95 ’ dinosaur diteovory kit • 3to8 compendium six £29.95 N first letters and words • 3to8 fun school'4 software: £ NEW.. Childs Play Activity Centre AMIGA + x a call Listed below is a sample from our vast range of software at competitive prices. If you need a product not listed simply phone us and we will be delighted to quote for your requirements.
Amiga for Beginners £12.95 Getting the most from your Amiga £13.95 Amiga Machine Language £14.95 Amiga DOS inside and out £21.95 Amiga Hardware reference manual £21.95 Amiga C for beginners £13.95 Other Books: ...call us with your requirements Deluxe Paint 4 £64.95 Real 3D Professional Turbo £249.95 Art Department Professional I2 £144.95 DCTV Composite Video 24-Bit Graphics System (PAL) £379.95 Imagine 2.0 £189.95 choose - under 5‘s. 5to7’s ) , & Word Processor with SPEECH. ZtolZyrs or 7to11's, only...£19.95 each 0 CrCSE 'A' d processors publishingB animation and graphics ADI titles 11 to
12: easy lear* • en9|ish £18.95 maths £18.95 r::% ware FOR EDUCATION , h micro maths - to GCSE standards £18.95 & ,rench £18 95 micro english - to GCSE standards £18.95 micro french - to GCSE standards £18.95 english CDTV soft war anyone going through such a period this one's a must - masses of information on the most deadly and exciting (?)
Military hardware in the world.
Combining the world of computers and war, two popular pastimes of a lot of children I would guess this is likely to be a small success!
All Dogs go to Heaven * £34.99 Merit Software A pretty basic painting package which suf fers from being to simple for its own good.
Very simple in concept, you have a series of drawings which you then add your own colour to - the '90s version of painting by numbers?
Select the colour, move over an area and then pour the colour into that area. For small children it's probably quite good, but for everyone else it's just too limiting.
Even for children it has the limitation that there are only so many variations. If there'd been additional picture disks it would have had more potential.
Animals in Motion • £29.99 On-Line A bit of an odd one this. Why anyone would want to spend just under £30 to look at a collection of black and white pic- Iopan World Is designed to teach lopanese interactively You can now buy a CD-ROM drive for your Amiga and use the growing range of CDTV software that is available. But why should you part with approaching £300 anyway? What can you do with it? Are the Cds now available worth handing over your hard earned dosh for?
To answer to these questions l locked myself in a room, plugged in my trusty Amiga with attached AS70 and examined some of the growing range of CDTV titles.
A Bun for Barney *£29.99 BBC Multimedia This is a great advert for CDTV. In its raw form - without any interaction - it is a fairly simple story for children lasting for around 15 minutes.
Even at this level, with its beautifully Wriling drawn pictures, Tom Baker narration and sweet story line, A Bun for Barney would keep many young children happy.
But the best it yet to come. As the pointer is moved around the screen, which any inquisitive child is bound to do, and over certain areas of the pictures, it changes into a magic wand.
Press the button at this point and the pictures spring into life with bunnies that jump out and dance, frogs that leap and trees that sway. A definite trendsetter and one which all prospective CDTV developers should take a look at!
Advanced Military Systems £29.99 * Dominion Most us, speaking from a masculine point of view, go through a period of being fascinated with guns, tanks and weapons. For Katakana is it an good Julius Alexander rom| into the CDTV Ri revolution to fii some good, soi bad and tures of animals I don't know. He artist friend of mine has assured me budding animators, illustrators and this collection is invaluable so I gi £30 it's good value.
Apparently the work of Eadv Muybridge, which this CD is all about, j trailblazing stuff when originally done still is for artists creating movemc animators.
This CD shows his work as stills.
Mations and I have to admit that CDTV lowt-ver me that md I guess about, done at even Case of the Cautious Condor £34.99* Tiger Media
* of people have raved about this par- title and admittedly it
shows what be done with masses of storage space, f's a simple
detective story where you I solve a murder by wondering ,
listening to other people's conver- and picking up clues. The
graphics d there are loads of 'em - are fantas- ilmost real
cartoon quality and the is impressive.
Unfortunately I found the depth of lacking - the only way you are waited from solving the case in the first fc by a time limit (given enough time . .odd solve it on your first go). Worth 0 Tin(f~ f **it don't bank on it as a long term of entertainment.
Chess* £39.99 • Interplay ot chess with a difference. Using a »of the board, you watch as your move around the board - under ''¦ ructions - and do battle it's another Amiga conversion a great one at that, it still has a lot
• wdty value and plays a reasonable of chess, something to waste
aw ay »wnter evenings with.
If someone would only do a ver-
* here you actually played the game a piece's-eye view, and
charged the board, I think they'd have a far on their hands.
Put for the time Battle Chess is a good attempt at a
ntroduction to computer chess.
Battle Storm • £29.99 • Titus t Amiga game perfectly adapted to media. Not! It's a basic arcade with multi-directional scrolling, lots aggressive aliens trying to blow you to to which you must react in a like Ho advantage of using this on the "TV and pretty Standard as arcade ¦ es go. Overall boring and Anting.
I this made me want to try draw* ¦Bfu've got artistic leanings, take a 4 Let's face it, fractals can look pretty impressive ~ sometimes... CD-Remix v2 • £29.99 Microdeal The quickest way to describe this title is as a sequencer for Cds. You specify parts of a nusic CD which you can then remix, looping and repeating them at will.
¦|here are a couple of niggles but nothing serious, ie changeovers are a little rough, fc|t these aren't the fault of the CD software ami without some awfully expensive studio equipment there are no easy answers.
These gripes aside, it's very simple and sweet CDTV application that will give owners hours of enjoyable fun Connoisseur Fine Art Collection £34.99 • Lascelles Personally I've always wondered just who buys books with nothing but picture after picture in them. However someone must, and given that, this disk is quite reasonable.
It's basically a collection of digitised photos of paintings across time, with explanatory text. If you're into this kind of thing, open your wallet and take your flexible friend for a walk, you won't regret it.
Dr Wellman • £54.99 Digita Multimedia Where as most of the games reviewed here started off badly, Dr Wellman started well and kept up appearances. There are several different ways of getting to the information you want, and all well presented.
The software utilises the medium well with lots of informative text, most of which is backed up with pictorial support.
To further help and give you confidence in the product - important given the subject matter - there is a lot of narration, and Wltal more can be laktt the voice immediately helps being in a relaxed but confident manner. It contains a lot of information covering a many of the general medical topics you'd expect to come across in the home.
This is probably one of the few titles I looked at that I was sad to return - it almost made me want to cut my finger to find out how to apply the plaster!
Falcon • £49.99 Spectrum Holobyte For the armchair pilot who's doesn't have another computer, Falcon is a pretty good introduction to combat flight simulators.
For A570-owning Amiga users, however, there are several better programs available for the Amiga.
Possibily Falcon's biggest problem is that given the amount of control you have through the remote controller, you have only a small amount of control over the plane.
This afside however, it's still a good game with lots of different missions, nice graphics, reasonable speed and QK graphics.
Fractal Universe • £29.95 Almathera A lot of people are fascinated by fractals and if you're one of them then this is the CD for you! As well as the ability to generate fracticals (and let's face it fractals can look pretty impressive sometimes - see the screenshot of the Fred Fish Collection) Fractal Universe also includes full background information and a lot of text on the subject of fractal art.
I can't help feeling however that £29 for this is a little over the top, but if you’re into fractals then you should have it.
Fred Fish Collection *£19.95 Almathera The Fred Fish Collection is a large assortment of programs, utilities and games.
While for normal Amiga users their collation on to a single CD is to be welcomed (you don't want to know how many floppy disks it takes to store this collection normally) I'm doubtful of their use to the CDTV user.
This is because many of the utilities and programs were designed for use with a keyboard and as such CDTV owners will have to buy a keyboard to get the maximum benefit from it.
For A500 with an A57Q however it's a great collection and a useful CD.
Fun School • £24.99 • Europress On the Amiga the Fun School range of educational software has been well received by children. It's a fun and easy educational range that get children learning while they're having fun - which must be a good thing.
There's nothing exceptional in this Fun School series of several CD-ROMs each costing £24.99 that provide an educational age range from under five to over seven.
The only question I have is that given that CDTV disks are supposed to be cheaper to produce and the capacity of one CD disk equals a lot of floppies - couldn't Europress have put more than one Fun School title on a CD-ROM and charged the same?
Still if you've got the money and children to educate (surely a contradiction in terms?) Wander down to your dealer and take a look.
Garden Fax Series • £34.99 Intersearch The Garden Fax Series are in fact four disks, each costing £34.99, but because they are all so similar - the only difference being the type of plant they cover - I'm looking at them as a whole.
Initially they are disappointing - gaudy colours and poor graphics they don't appear to offer much. But on further exam- ination they provide an informative, detailed analysis of plants (along with pho- ¦ tos), all of which is easily accessible.
' Using a simple selection process which starts you at the top of a list of 200-odd plants, answering various questions you work your way through a series of conditions (light, colour, temperature etc) that your prospective plants must live in.
The program then presents you with a small list of plants to chose from, on which you can call up growing information and so on. Neat, simple and effective but could do with a little tidying up around the edges.
Global Chaos H you're into the rave scene this is a definite must. Abstract patterns set to some pretty wild audio tracks and a simple game thrown in for free.
The result is likely to become a cult product and Will undoutedly further the Amiga's street credibility, but unlikely to sell in great quantity.
Guinness CDTV Disk of Records £34.99 • Guinness One of many encyclopedia-type Cds. It's of reasonable quality with digitised photos, pictures, speech, the odd animation and film clips. For those interested in records, this provides what must be the definitive reference guide and a really useful, yes really useful, product giving near-instant access to a vast amount of information.
Hound of the Baskervilles £29.99 • On-Line This is the CDTV title of the famous Sherlock Holmes case and I have no problem in recommending you stay with the book version.
I can only describe this CDTV title as, erm, poor, poor and poor. Very few pictures, no moving images that I saw, very little interactivity and generally lacking in quality.
The only redeeming aspect is the quality of the vocals - these at least have been done by someone who knows how to narrate - clear and authoritative.
If you're looking for a detective story or Sherlock stories, take a look at Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.
CDTV and CD-ROM options In addition to software there're also a number of penpN now starting to appear for CDTV which add to the enjo. - possible. The more notable ones is: Illustrated Holy Bible • £29.99 Animated Pixels A disappointing CDTV title this one. It's Immediately obvious that little work went into this. There are blatant mistakes in the text where it has been mistyped and the Amiga-drawn pictures of scenes from the bible are lousy.
Trackball Controller • £79.99 • Commodore Basically an alternative way of controlling the pointer screen. A large ball ts mounted in a casing, Roiling the h* the palm of your hand moves the pointer onscreen.
Tracker balls have been available for the Am.ga for a « but never really managed to rival the mouse for control one, although a good tracker ball, fails because CDTV v ware doesn't require the precise placement that tracks t offer. The Trackball Controller also has interfaces for: joysticks.
Video Genlock Card • £149.99 • Commodore Allows you to take moving pictures from video camera player and the like and mix them with the display that CDTV is producing, and then record this back Out to a v. recorder. Ideal for v deo titling-type applications.
Voice Master • £39.99 • Microdeal Simply this allows you to add your voice to CDTV titles support iL In language courses for instance you car. ; nounce the foreign language yourself to see how your vtr differs from the correct version. Limited by the nymbe- CDTV titles that support it, but worth keeping an eye on.
Add to this that there's very little true interaction and it's a disappointing CD allround. The only real point of this CD is that you can search for particular words and verses, but I'd seen ttiis done about 12 months ago on a PD floppy disk-based version. That cost about £8... Its you choice.
Japan World • £49.99 Global Learning Systems Imagine a language tuition course where you could hear and see the language in question. You could also call up information on just about every aspect of life in the country of the language. You'd have a powerful aid.
Japan World is just such a package.
Maybe it's because I've always been fascinated by japan, or maybe it's because this is a good disc in its own right, but either way I was really impressed by japan World.
If there were other language courses (say French, German, Spanish) of a similar quality to this. Commodore would have a strong advert for CDTV!
Lemmings • £34.99 * Psygnosis What needs to be said that hasn't already been said about Lemmings? This is a pretty standard implementation of the classic Psygnosis game.
It's a little disappointing that with all the storage space available thousands of more levels weren't added and that the CDTV controller is not the best way to command your Lemmings, but it's still a great game. If CDTV is you're first computer you should take a look at this.
MyPaint • £29.99 SaddleBack Graphics This had great potential, The CDTV as a home entertainment environment will obvious have a large number of young children using it. Every child I know loves to paint and draw and as such a CDTV painting package is agreat opportunity.
Sadly, MyPaint suffers from the CDTV's controller, which just isn't suitable for painting. Every time I tried I just ended up with a line!
Given a decent controller like a tablet or light pen this program great. Philips CD-I system has a controller that looks like it's out of a Price factory and if such a product available for CDTV I'd be only to recommend this.
NASA - The Heroic Age of Sp« £19.99 • Trokia This title uses Commodore's cinq answer to FMV, CDXL. Unlike FMV can display moving images oco complete screen, CDXL can only quarter of the screen.
The consequence on this partic is a like watching a scrambled Sky Actual screen. Not simulated.
Jfobja&t aJfretfrjjace If you want to take a closer look at the new Wordwonh coll 0395 270273, or write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ ENGLAND Actually, you're looking at the new Digita® Wordworth® version 2, It's the revolutionary Intellifont® technology which produces on-screen fonts at sizes from 3 to 800 points!
Wordworth comes with 17 genuine Agfa® Compugraphic fonts, which are just about the best quality around.
Best of all, Wordworth prints silky smooth fonts at the highest possible resolution of your printer.
Which means, in human terms, unbeatable print quality. Just click the icon on the tool bar and in seconds you'll be printing jagged-free letters and graphics.
But, there's more to new Digita Wordworth than just pretty fonts... New features include • columns • tool bar • indexing • table of contents • endnotes • improved mailmerge and file support • bookmarks • text sorting ? Improved search and replace • hotlinks. In fact, there's over 100 new features and improvements.
So, if you want to print the sharpest possible letters around, trade up now from any Amiga word processor for just £59. But hurry, this is for a limited period only.
Digita Wordworth, what you see is what you get the power to present.
• DIGITA INTERNATIONAL Digita International Limited Black Horse
House Exmouth EX8 1JL England Telephone 0395 270273 Facsimile
0395 268893
- A m*mb*r of ?» Digita group - Digita, fc* Dgta logo, and
Wordworth or* r*ga»»r»d rtod*"*rb d Oglo Hotdngi Ud ScoiobW
*yp* oulin** on lc*-aec from Agio Divition of Ml** kx. Agfa • o
r*gi*M«d *od*moA of Agfo-G*wo*rt, AG tr**liio«i * o r*g.**»d
roder.cn d Min Inc Dgita Holding* Id odtnowtadg** ihot o»
r*gi**f*d ond oihr (rodrort. U**d .n tart of *i» gWt or* **
prop*rtm of r*yc«v* ccmponi** WriW *»*ry cor* ho* b*«n faUn to
*n*or* Ihoi *ta intonrwfiort prwd*d in ii* otWi n 0 Ku*0ta.
Ckg »3 L*4 arrrt b* Wd labi* ior any taTon or omiwai* fhtf moy
how occurod. Scld »ofct*a to standard ccrdhonj of mie EondOE
Cezanne STILL LIFE 1888 Louvre, Paris.
Cezanne stressed the form and volume of objects by simplifying and synthesizing outlines and arranging vanishing points above or below the horizon.
More... Exekias ACHILLES AND PENTHESIUA 550 B.C. Vase Painting, British Museum, London.
Achilles was a famous Greek warrior during the Battle of Troy. His body was magically protected except for his heel.
More... ...to ancient Greece, and all with educational notet Coanoltrur contain I if unninq tulwar* tram the Impressionists.. lei. This is a shame because The ]Age' has real potential. The informations very interesting, the audio is well done (you can for instance hefc Neil Armstrong's immortal words as he first set foot on the moon!)
And as a ‘'multimedia" application its pretty good.
It's just a pity it's not FMV! Hopefully when Commodore sort FMV out, Trokia will come up with a follow up which will really show the CDTV off.
Psycho Killer • £29.99 • On-Line Some has described this as the closest any CDTV title has yet come to an interactive movie. I wouldn't. It's long series of digitised photographs (of London) which you move through screen after screen.
The only action comes on certain screens where you must quickly move the pointer to a certain part of the screen and click the button. Get it wrong and you're history. Sadly lacking in excitement, graphics or enjoyment.
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective • TBA icon Simulations There review is of a brand new title from America, and was responsible for holding up this article! Lust as I was about to send the copy off, through the door popped this title. At first I ignored it, but on closer inspection it merited holding the whole review back for.
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a title which is on most American CD- ROM owners' "must buy" lists and for a good reason.
This is no easy way to describe this - OK, maybe there is, but don't want to spoil the enjoyment you'll get from this when you see it, except to say that it features professionally recorded sound, nice atmospheric pictures and masses of quality CDXL moving pictures.
The narration is perfectly timed to the CDXL pictures so you begin to believe that Sherlock and Watson are actually sitting there talking, There are no rough edges and few unexplainable pauses as the next images data is loaded. Best yet, instead of just dumping the graphics to the screen, a slide projector-type screen (complete with video-style buttons) pops up, in which the moving images are displayed.
This game will probably sell a lot of CDTV units in its own right and should be in every CDTV A570 owner's collection - it's the best example yet of what CDTV is capable of. Buy it.
Sim City • £29.99 • Infogrames A classic Amiga program adapted for CDTV. Unlike many other games converted to work on CDTV, this is far more than a straight adaption.
The concept of SimCity is to build a city, attract a population and then keep it going. Throughout this period various disasters befall you which you must also cater for.
SimCity is very absorbing and enjoyable and also has serious side to it to - all- in-all it's a great game. The CDTV incarnation builds uporkthe original with impressive studio recorded sound, more than 10Mb of graphics and several new features.
At the ECTS trade show this was the application that picked up the very first CD-ROM software award. Highly recom- mended for any CDTV or Amiga CD user.
The Demo Collection • £19.95 Almathera Following on from CDPD collection, the Demo Collection is a must for A570 owners, but not recommended for the CDTV owner. It contains loads of pictures, animations, fonts, games and two versions of the Amiga's operating system (1.3 and
2. 04). If you're a serious or hobbyist Amiga owner you'll find
this a valuable CD-ROM, although some of the stuff could do
with more documentation.
Wrath of the Demon • £29.99 REAHYSFT This title didn't even start well. Three megabytes of data it boasts, great, but a CD disks can hold 550Mb! Starting the game, things get a little better, with a very nice introduction sequence. Sadly it goes nowhere from here. The ren control doesn't work with this typ game, the game graphics are aver pretty poor sound (given what cf have been achieved) and limited gl play. Nothing really bad, but noti really good either!
Women in Motion • £29.99) On-Line Another library of work from EadJ Muybridge, this time a collectiol rather unattractive naked women. I peculiar, but once again useful If ya into animation and drawing, or slid perverted... Xenon 2 • £29.99 • Mirrors!
A well known Amiga game. Xenon ] must for any CDTV players sift because it's a great game. But for Ai users owning an A570 it's now a little of date compared to recent gal released on floppy.
As a conversion little has been d apart from a new soundtrack from I the Bass added to accompany the gq E A600FD BAD INFLUENCE PACK IA600PO COMPUTER AS PER STANDARD SPECIFICATION A600fd STANDARD FEATURES PLUS ASTRA TIN GAME PACK PLUS BAD INFLUENCE GAMES PLUS ACCESSORY PACK Idatastorm 19.95 WWF WRESTLING ..£29,99 2 MICROSWITCH JOYSTICKS ..£25.98 Dungeon Quest 19.95 A must for wresflemania fans Not one but two quality joysticks I E-Motion .19.95 FINAL FIGHT £29.99 TAILOR MADE DUSTCOVER £12.991 Grand Monster Sam ...19.95 Arcade martial arts at its best! Essential
protection RVF Honda ..24.95 PITFIGHTER £29.99 HIGH QUALITY MOUSEPAD..£7.991 Driving Force ......24.99 Ringside fighting action Keeps your mouse squeaky clean Pipemonia ...24.99 TL. , , Rock V Roll 19.99 Th,s, "P" _ Skweek ...19.99 ref°',s f°r over but fyOO
* 4096 COLOURS
LOOK AT PAGE 3 UNDER SPECIAL PURCHASE Tower Of Babel 19.99 is available to you for only w Jm M M .99 A600fd GAMESMASTER PACK Incorporating Commodores 'THE WILD, THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED1 |A600fd COMPUTER PLUS ALL ITEMS LISTED IN 'BAD INFLUENCE* PACK PLUS WILD, WEIRD & WICKED PLUS SPORTSTARS PACK PLUS BASIC PACK I DELUXE PAINT III £49.99 KICK OFF ..£29.99 GFA BASIC ...£49.991 Essential painting package The original and greatest football game Essential for Basic programming GRAND PRIX £34.99 PRO TENNIS TOUR ..£29.99 PRECISION DISKS....£12.991 |The best rocing
simulation ever! Stunning gameplay & effects Ten branded disks to get you going PUSHOVER £29.99 GFL GOLF .£29.99 40 CAPACITY DISK BOX ...£9.991 Infuriatingly addictive puzzle ploy a round in the comfort of home Essential for storage PUTTY ...£29.99 Tbis super value pack a A aa Brand, new release from retails for over £950, but |System3 ft available to you for only A600hd EPIC LANGUAGE LAB PACK |A600hd as standard with 20Mb Hard Disk built In I PLUS ALL ITEMS LISTED IN 'BAD INFLUENCE1 PACK PLUS EPIC LANGUAGE PACK PLUS BASIC PACK PLUS PAINT PACK ITRIVIAL
PURSUIT...£39.99 GFA BASIC £49.99 PHOTON PAINT 2 ...£89.95 Super 3 language version EssentkJ b Basic programming Q f h onnnn PRECISlON DISKS....£12.99 , me moM rHIL .. V-VV Ten branded blank disks comprehensive paint| Space shoot-em-up 40 CAPACITY DISK BOX ..£9.99 packages on rhe market.
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• AUTOBOOT 1.3 2.04
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Pm ES IN ITY ;t.n ok 13 UlUKIlE 11 1KC i iTYIB; 5 of two re 11485 P 5 First steps productivity You're wasting your machine's potential if all you're doing is zapping aliens. Cary Whitely looks at some more productive applications i RES Wordprocessing w m ll yr .LI!
4TY DISK probably asking, hobbies and a tbat increasing lumber of hone-based businesses you'll haw to keep accooots, produce Utters and reports and keep infornation on custoners and services - productivity can help here too. 1 However, productivity doesn't have to be just for the serious things ti lift. Haybe veur school, youth group, spurts dub er cw»v needs a it or not, there can be more to nmputing than zapping baddies or col* keys. OK, playing games may be a m of fun, but have you ever considered rfta else you can use your Amiga for?
So put that joystick down and pay [«entKHi while we reveal another side of s favourite computer - productivity.
'Huh? And just why should productiv- [ p nterest me?" You are probably asking.
Wefl. If you're old enough to have friends, sions, money, hobbies and a desire [Id communicate with the outside world
* xi might just find that productivity could wsprove your life,
or at least help to make
* more manageable.
If you run one of Britain's increasing wjmber of home-based businesses you'll Nr* to keep accounts, turn out letters reports and file information on cus- r toners and services - productivity can N p here too.
L However, productivity doesn't have to just for the serious things in life. Maybe school, youth group, sports club or icompany needs a newsletter and you t to produce it, as well as do some illustrations for it. Productivity can here too, since it covers a multitude sins.
Spreadsheets, databases, desktop pub- ing, wordprocessing, disk utilities, ounts and graphics packages are all tivity applications, and they can all you do better things with your Amiga endlessly playing games.
As you've seen, productivity software be very wide-ranging. So to help you
* gure out what's what, here are a few ntroductions to -the main
animals in the productivity jungle.
Databases fMant - you've just finished the tat levd of Zoo! And are contemplating suicide because there are cJuAmgcs left for your trigger finger, a dark shape stalks the streets, ever closer until it reaches your A resounding crash shakes you back to Stumbling around in the dark you that it's only the postman - and a i creeps across your face. As you the package containing that desk- publishing software you ordered it that things aren't so black after all.
Rah, I know, this isn't how real life But if you believe the sales fig- 't would appear that many Amiga are locked into a little world of own anyway - games, games, games md rarefy a glimpse of even a Workbench Every time you make a list of informa- such as the names, addresses and telephone numbers of your friends, you are producing a database.
In many cases this will take the form of i fettle notebook, card index, Filofax insert tr, in more upmarket circumstances, as NTY data stored in an electronic personal ECT.MOW o niser.
TlWm A computerised database is also a list of information, set up and entered according to the requirements of the user and anything which can be listed can be set up as a database - library books, video cassettes, stamp catalogues, recipes - you name it, you can database it.
By first designing a screen template to take the data you wish to enter and then typing the data into a blank form for each separate record a whole database can be built up, and updated as necessary.
The data files can be selectively printed out, or specific data can be found by searching for keywords, such as all occurrences of the surname Jones, or all books about Amiga computers, for example.
Database design requires both discipline and an awareness of exactly how you may need to extract the data in the future, but like most things a little practice will go a long way.
Graphics As well as producing business graphics, which are often catered for within spreadsheet software, it's nice to be able to produce your own illustrations for newsletters, birthday cards, reports and so on.
You may already have a graphics program, but if you don't I would highly recommend Deluxe Paint III or IV. Although Deluxe Paint IV is the latest version (4.1 actually), I still prefer Daint in many ways as I find it simpler to work with, though of course it doesn't handle HAM (Hold and ' 1 till llli - ‘ • " :.....t:::: rr i . T** s Although It 'i no longer a front runner In the Amiga DTP me.
Pognetter II h itHI capable of producing good results at a reasonable price Modify, 4096 colour) graphics, yrtiich probably isn't that important if yoti plan on printing in black and white anywajfl Graphics produced with Deluxe Paint (or any other which can output IFF foriw images) can be imported into DTP or word publishing packages which can utilise bitmapped pictures, though in some cases there are restrictions on the number O V colour? That the software will use.
Even if you can't draw for toffee there always the possibility of scanning in a logo or picture by using a relatively inexpensr hand scanner, or even an expensive flat model. By running a hand scanner across" an image it can be turned into a greyscale (or even colour with newer models) IFF file which can be used just like anyajMf image.
Another way of grabbing pictures1! To use a digitiser (such as Rombo's Vidi-Amiga
12) to capture images from a video camera or video deck with
solid freeze frame.
What's the difference between wordprocessing and desktop publishing (DTP)? No, this isn't a joke, it's somethin) which can be quite confusing ¦ especially as some software packages now seem to be blending features which were previously regarded as being exclusive in the domain of DTP software.
Wordprocessing, as the name sue J Software is the processing of words. In essence this means typing text into your computer.
4*% editing it to your requirements, spell checking it, doing some basic layout and then printing out the results.
The inclusion of good spell checking software with a wordprocessor is very Important, even if you consider yourself to be literate, as many silly mistakes often creep through when working at speed.
4njfc st of these goofs can be filtered out quite easily with a spell checker, though you'll still need to proof read to catch those occasions where a correctly spelled- word is in the wrong place - eg "the" Instead of "them".
This article was written on a wordpro- cessor (Gold Disk's Transwrite 2, in fact) v but instead of being printed out it was delivered to Amiga Computing as a text file on a floppy disk.
GADGET SALES 1992 (millions $ ) By importing the text and laying it out with the pictures in a desktop publishing program the pages that you are now reading are constructed.
The major difference between DTP and wpfdprocessing software is that DTP can abo Incorporate true graphics elements - pictures, clip art, structured graphics and specialist typefaces, where wordprocessors only deal with text.
Inevitably this means that a DTP package requires much more memory to run successfully than a wordprocessing program, as it has to cope with so much jtfjiore data - particularly when producing pages which contain large amounts of graphics.
But the distinctions between wordprocessors and DTP programs have become Increasingly blurred by "word publishing" programs such as Pen Pal, Wordworth, KindWords I and Final Copy, which mix idft&of the features of DTP packages wftjH graphic fonts and picture importing) with more traditional wordprocessing functions. Of course, this can only be an ACME GADGETS CO The graph wai produced at an Iff file by the graphics module ol Mini Office and then cleaned up.
Recoloured and captioned with Deluxe Paint Expansion - what is it and why do it?
Advantage to the user, as such software inevitably offers more bang for the buck.
Spreadsheets Putting it very simply, spreadsheets are definable grids in which numbers can be placed and then manipulated mathematically to provide results.
By adding headings and column information and entering numerical data which relates to these headings it is possible to build up complex applications, double entry book-keeping, financial forecast sheets and the like.
I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my income and expenditure because the Inland Revenue, in particular, are keen that I tell them what my earnings for each financial year are.
On one side of the spreadsheet I enter my income, along with any necessary details, and on the other my expenditure
- which I break down into categories such as travel, bank
charges, computer purchases, National Insurance payments and
Every month I input all the relevant data from my invoices, bank account and purchase receipts and then total everything up.
This way I can have an instant view of how the old bank balance stands, and where the money goes.
In the simple example shown I've taken a theoretical cafe and looked at some of their monthly grocery outgoings.
By dividing the year into months it's easier to see patterns of spending and by breaking the purchases down specific items it's possible to see er how much has been spent on each it Each of the monthly costs is placed "cell", for example cell D8 holds the of tea for March. The total yearly ex' ture on tea can be found by adding af monthly spending on tea togeth entering the formula SUM|D6:D17] in TOTAL cell at D19.
When this formula is executed it up all the costs in column D from D17 and shows the result in D19. If the data is subsequently altered, the will adjust automatically, saving a recalculation.
By printing out the results you can a hard copy of precisely what has happening in the kitchen during the By designing different spreadsheets possible to keep a check on all ki- things - profit and loss accounts, f' league tables, stock control and so on.
Printing out endless lists of figures the only way of seeing what's going many of the better spreadsheets and grated software packages allow gr be produced from selected sets of Pie charts, bar charts, line graphs choice is yours in this voyage into realms of big business.
Accounting Instead of using a spreadsheet to lay financial matters, a program such] Digita's Home Accounts 2 takes an different approach. By defining a transaction types such as CASH, H SAL etc (for cash, hobbies, salary a on) and then setting up as many se accounts as you need to reflect your cial affairs it is possible to keep tr your financial transactions across a range of accounts and spending You might think that once you've bought your Amiga that that's the end of it, and that you've got all the hardware you'll ever need. But don't be fooled for one minute, unless of course you've
bought one of the high-end machines such as the A3000 or 4000 which include extra memory, hard drive, fast processors and all the rest.
The range of add-ons which suppliers are keen to sell Amiga owners seems never-ending, as you will no doubt be aware from reading the adverts in this magaiine.
Mice, tracker balls, disk drives, memory, hard drives, graphics tablets, monitors, printers, scanners, digitisers and accelerators all crop up with monotonous regularity because these are items that people not only want to buy, but quite often actually need to accomplish their desired tasks, Probably the most vital addition you can make to your Amiga is to upgrade the amount of memory (RAM) which it contains. Extra RAM can make all the difference to success or failure, particularly in applications like desktop publishing, where large amounts of data or graphics can be involved.
If RAM can also help to speed things up, as the computer has more room to crunch data in and doesn't have to spend so much of its time rearranging its storage areas.
An extra 2Mb of RAM can do wonders for your machine's versatility, and upgrading to a megabyte of chip RAM (for those faithful to older Amigas) will help to ensure that you don't run out of screen display during those vital last minute document changes. In fact, many serious software packages require at least 1 Mb of chip RAM just for starters.
The next essential for serious productivity work, and more relaxed eyes, is a good monitor - preferably one which connects to the Amiga's RGB output for higher quality.
Professional users often use multisync monitors and deinterlacing hardware to reduce the screen flicker, but I imagine that such equipment will be well beyond your modest budgets, so enough said.
A second disk drive will prove invaluable to many users, especially when lots of multiple disk access is required, though a hard drive will certainly be an option you should consider if you decide to get seriously involved with productivity.
Some programs, particularly DTP software, can require access to huge amounts of data, for instance Compugraphic fonts or clip art, and a hard drive will save a great amount of access time and disk swapping.
Buy the largest capacity drive that you can afford fill up much faster than you might expect - and go f SCSI one if you can, Naturally, if you need to get hard copy, you'll printer. Your choice will inevitably be based both requirement - and cost. While there are truckloads cheap 9-pin dot matrix printers knocking about they well not provide the quality you are looking for, esf for DTP work.
Laser printers currently give some of the highest qi but can be pretty expensive to buy and to r Twenty-four pin dot matrix printers offer good quality reasonable cost, but are noisy, though they can do re' able-cost colour work and graphics.
For my money, a good printer buy would be a inkjet model like the Canon BJIOex or Star SJ48. T provide very good print quality with whisper-quiet ing. With some ingenuity and coloured ink refills they also provide nice colour output if you are prepared improvise a little.
A word of warning though - make sure that the you choose has a proper Amiga printer driver, ot you may well be buying a dead duck.
Ui CLIP ART PACK BEGINNERS PACK This» a NEW coBcaion of 13 d»« All are m IFF fumM and are now mcnu-drivcti. Tliere arc hundreds d high quality rauges both scanned and drawn on a muRiiudr trf Juhjeas. EXCELLENT FOR DTP ALL I} DISKS (ot £15-00 THIS LS AN ESSENTIAL PACK FOR THE NET LSCR Amjfti Tutor. Superkill«?fv S*d V2.00. D-Copy V20, CLI Text Engine. Fix Disk. Star Pnnter Drivers.
- £12.00- g emeri jown ir ?C exac ch item dated in s the cfl t
expent ing all it jether t 17] inti ?d it ad om D6 . If any ,
the to!
G a lot i can ha has bee the year, .heets it I kinds s, footb
o on.
Gures isn ting on, and int graphs f data, iphs - tl ¦ into tl GAMES ASSASSINS GAMES DISKS root® TOO-HC VIRUS FREE ? 48 HOURS DESPATCH FIRST CLASS DELIVERY PACK OAIE ¦ PACK SEVEN fDC-111 fOG-112 pog-uj roc-nt roc-m PDG-116 fOG*H7 roc-m roc-m roc-ixi fOG-121 POO 92 nx, » roc-m roc-ia pdg-im FOG 94 PDC 9S PDI & PDL 3SB pdt m Pdi m PDU 3* PNJ W nu m roc an rot 40A PW 40* rot 408 PDA PDU -410 PDU 4H PDU 412 PDU 113 PDU 414 PDU 413 rot A16 PDU 4F RAX 410 roc 419 rot 48 PDU 421 POG-124 roc-i* PDG 96 pdg r IDG * poo-ir roc-i* IDG-18 roc-130 HXJ-JJl roc-112 roc-w PDG-IM roo-ijj rociv, roeir roc-i
PDG-139 PDG 99 roc i» ROC 101 PDG 102 roc io} PDG 164 PDG 10} PDG 1(6 PDC vr PDG IW Bnauzsn»ot«T STEALTHS’ ANBAATTONALS (Ere VtmsU.'
AktHSMOr KMO i Eric kb%vo. i StfR 2 Delni TUT DATING GLSC tin; xHm) i j Mrs»Deb) BUZZED One Srfnwmi 3 Me*. I ttku AT Tiff MOVIES 2 (Eft: SdwiitP 11 cr } % 4 Drill (P) IYT RRFMIDLANLA SUD55HOV ATIW BEACH .TncFchnttl0Rie*.I bu : IXSPOimS • law Vtmmi num AM Tjrk tu-Jflii M«) PI aiFCONFUa - Afrtter tS blxDxrWf 0 snn RDTNGf. F k E Out jet* kb i»n foci’ g lo lay o i such i in entire g a set i H, HOB ry and i y separal our final p track ( ,s a who ing catt POO 001 rfio cot rco or fW 016 FDD 031 FDD 631 PDD 092 PDD Wi POD 062 PDO OT) PDD O’* ppo n POO CP6 roooK roo or PDO WB poo i*r PDO 115 PDD
1}(I PDD 131 PDD l.M PDO 1 Si PDO 1H POD 160 POO 177 Rtt % roo 238 PDO V FDD » PDO »2 PDD yjb PDD 3CT PDO 308 PDO }09 PDD 310 rw .Ml ROO 312 no 3uA PDO JI4 PDU 425 PDU 424 PDU *3S rw AT PDM C06 PDM PDM 612 PDM (00 rom nr POM WO PDM 031 PDM 055 PDM W6 PDM WH PDM 041) PDM CM PDM 0'2 POM CM) PDM (« ROM «} ROM OK PDM (HR raw roi PDM 095 PDM 164 PDM Wi PDM Wi PDM 109 POM HI PDM 111 POM 20 ROM l» ROM 131 m 132 FOG-1* 0 roc-ni nx iu roc-1*} STAR 9 & 2i PIN I rot 442 ROU 4t} PDC +44
• d - they go for a I need a both on loads of hey may specially t
quality, to run.
Juality at reason- modern
I. These et print- they can aared to e printer itherwise PDE 1
Pof 2 PDE 3 POE 4 Pdf 3 roc 6 roc 7 Pdf 8 PW 9 PW 10 PDF 11
HOW 7 0 ORDER Ttft ll nyf Citdf CjkR t PO, piv ?
Rj .p«ci ASEsnro DIPT. ACT abuotGEfmn rr A4IU. 41AFSSTS 1DV RHONE o r F A. X 0782 715255 ASM TAM ROUfKPfDE AMIOOI».
Ifvysi IHHKtPl AM* 12 CAR. ILAMATON PoraWNO. XH isrtj bah Asmoa*, msm BUAHI.
TOY'S QUST IT) A»8 Qaat howy. Rjuse. Kiddon.
PDC XT FflfECT 50LAD VI9} (?)
FBH *pi C64 FmllATOB PW ro FLEXIBAS i Dtubtte) (Pl PDU r NIKE SI 38 (fodiiii Idler) (P) Pdt PDU n 378 MCAD(Dwp)pnipanHPJ TR.ANSFORMER V} } (IBM F.M) PDU 381 GUGHT (toy Trace Uby) P) n 3t1) TECTI1L5 »J.flw (Edi Ciundnl Hal (?)
MED v}20 (WRh Mfl)Q(P) PDU 3«2 MESSYSffilll?)
Roc 30 5PECT1APAINT *32 rot » LH«M.A5TB 51 roc 38} ElECTROCADvltlP) PW 386 AMKiAEOX vl 1 (IngWi VMM DTPHP) Our Ulesl update coma In* detail* o( our 2500 ditk cnilenton. It also u» some FRET, games oo it This t» one of the mint professional d»»k.s xxi will sec. Please *end S Flra Claw stamps in rccrlvc your copy. Alifmali'cly. You can have one FREE with your fust order UmmES TINIXHINBENCH«1012 Disks) 6MIBCNNEVN imnS (Pi B-BASE U tEiofint. Fast Daotttie) TORMS K.AUY CNUMITTD tP» AmlBASt pkOfT.NMONU 11 •DjtafcwcXPl D COPS’ 1*20. Vl.fl *nd Docd IP) N(JtmiC42Dnkt)(P) HAMLAB «t).911 IFF Comwor)
(PR AMR 2 lAmttupdl. X-spdl. U-Gdt UES) P) csm ithjtten * fr omnnmE5»2(P CORCNrri FONTS 'Piofcwcral Fma) (?)
StVERSOUXDBtP) IMPLODUvAO(P) HARD PRIST mUIEMP) FtOFESIONAL SCOPS’ *50 SID vZCD (lined New S’enicfi'i HtATUX POTTER OJP.ART NIB CQPO YlO Ot crt'D VCOMM »20 Coon» prc rml .VCEM vj.124 iOnealiv'l MPMWEBSUllnd Boa-X44l PHINTODtnm GENERATOR OCTAMED. I (Mi - 8 Qarcd busk nS*r» uktr.
Tro. FitCW) BOOT IVTO CDN5TRt CTON SET - Ou» ontcm boct kwekn (?)
AMOS tTDATE 134(f)
R. A1WMH - Load* a i TUI PrlVm DKSTKS - SOT LC10. HP Ddtia Pat*fl
iisl other* (Pi KING }ARff BJB1E - Text ind torch pnjgnm 4
(MsHP) AST*) 21 - -Slpct Mnkv pmgram' P1 DPAINT FONTS - Lark
c( «w« Imw 2 Dtkt) (Pi AMIGA PUNTBt - Hme face pmkoof rF
TEXT ENGIS* *34 - The my bee*. Supeitrf (P) TYPING
TUTOR-Pteahtr 0Db (P) 1EARN 4 PLAY SOL »1 (Under UP*) (P)
LEARN k PLAY SOL *21 Unds 190 (PI STDRUND 2 (SlK f«n (he (Pi
TOTAL CoranN - Asuoo:m (blrtaant Bodf) (Pi TOTAL G0NCIPT5 -
Dmwrs iVltmiw BooiO (?)
KIDS? ANT (V«y GcWiD (P) MR MIN STDBD (Eudknl TcMhirm Adi SIMON 4 SP ACE MATHS (Taikeg Rtate'HPj HOCHUY FOR HENRUTT A - Dono »ewcn (?)
SpfUBOUND - Ikoo ««*«(?)
TfiNRBTTAN BOOK Of SPEliS - Dmo vown (Pl D6KPWOS 1-9 _________ ..iJTSadi R-19_________ - l»e*di 2D* ..... ilJSnch DEJA VL i}9? EACH (PK«ftpat»4f •Mh.A500PU.S Fmuge ind Pxbft* «£E on d (mSth d ) Ackc« out Us tan) ileki PAP il CD PwnfiruklZippaii*. RM' fWaU MiJWpfWd*.
DRIMRS-Srf naxliia uceucc (Jura firm STAR (P) FOTOTlASTirVi' - Pin* al mod fucnuu. Even crundxd *Pa FREECOPS" rlB - Uw inwn IP) D4RWORK *1.51 - Nmbi to SB), hilt iirfwuaNe iPi FtfEPAINT - Good pan p3jgr »uh mm*an (fl WORD ROWER vlJc - Spdi checker (P) N PkLVTlR D warms (cont) EDUCATIONAL MI SIC MAKERS (P) MED 329, Prp Triiker. Mat Trckker vl.l J-Sonjp Disks -4-Instrument Disks A MSTFOR HOME MU5KWS £12.00 PACK FIVE
- £12.00- HOMF BVSDsESS PACK Th» NTT ' disk fuci COCJim Tal
Fiiginf vjd - »onl proctswr, B-Baw tl - database.
ViMtav - 4pft.'iilitiRT. DTP prcpam 600 Buunc« Lctim.
Bjtnrs «d nuke, tDnkes Lais Fwm» A HUSTPOK HOMEBISMSS PDA 12 PDA 13 ms 14 PDA 13 PDA l» PDA 34 HTA R1 KM 8) KM H2 PDA 81 PDA to PDA 108 PDA
1) 0 PDA
1) 1 PDA 23 PDA s* PDA Id PDA & PDA 136 KM PDA 144 KM L PDA 142
PDA M3 PDA 144 FDA 145 PDA 146 S7.A1*IKIK *2 (AjjmnMP.
RUN COSOTE J - for vUaU Isfc (Pi .ssn f VutVWnjJGilHE
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fanf(F) WU.NKl»»NCf(2WoHP' RIDE ON Toff 4 BATDANCF (?)
Digital awrarr si rKDOS" KUCER KEFRENS JUKEBOX MLOfl VICE ‘Credtrt* Theae' (Pl SAB MISIC (P)
Retrm RAGYw «S:u*«(8od(Pi BETTY Koff) DEFECEff MOOE FLASH
GORDON 2 Dt9® ff) HATTUCX 10ADS.AM0Nn"ir) 1AL1EL 4 HARDY (2
Rf.)flX *2 (Pl ASSASSNSIMX AI J5 ASIjtfmM dul Orr lOOgtmn tor
fo use Ideal fits Ctildnv llv pnftxt &ifi ML 35 DISKS FOR
- *34.95 - ASSASSINS PACK ANIMATIONS MUSIC A12 dak sekatoit of
the bat Astasias x trtw complmm -ali an A500fVA600( mpattbie
- £15.00- STAR TREK • The Ftml DtMW(2 DufcHtP) ST.AH TREK t) Dtk*
Rnj2Dm»)(P B04NG - The Gamc 2 Dski) (PI lEGEXDOFFABGRAIL
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All ACE 1 (?)
ELECTRIC TKAIN JlT (Pt SPECTRUM CAWS Vot 1 (P HfCTHVl GAMLN SIX 2 (P) PUZZLE SOIST oraripi LLAM.vmON (By Jeff Mlmcri Twivras TANX THE GAME (P) STAR TREK - The Vr Onrntkn (P) UKDSiLAVlP) (TUNA CHALLENGE II JEOPARDY I RnkKP) HCU.YTOOD TWVlA (PI OLAZYS1T AMIGA COW» O'' REVlNGf Of OIF. MUTANT CAMELS - by eff Mmcr THE .AIL NET ST AR TREK - jm (bHets sum 12 Dnbi LEGEND OF LOTI (LAN - Grrt ee* 1 hru type achettUft IP) AfWDO - Super puuSi (Uffk. w addrtw (P) GOLDEN OUKES - A toolui at umk rfRXtrm Upi(P) If MMINGCfl® - Agtroitb »rh dffltrence FVTFRVATlOVAl CKOn - Bnlloni toy pGvjblcif) BARON
BAIIWC -Good ptafwm gimc iIhihxPi DUMONT) THIEF - AiHttM' l?l MENTAL IMAtS GAMES *1 - CfdMUW. ImpJew.
RetautdlP) MENTAL IMAGE GaWS *2 - Irvulcn B. ViBy.
n. ccu5(Pi OX JM) - Bnlhn pmr (P) TOT.A1 WAR - Vctr grtd «Wek»
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E-TYPf-The Enm A*cn*fc gime (P MANIA - baqi *ir dent r* up. .cwy®»dlPi ,AIRPORT - Vm dayabir ATC nwlmr i?i gUUMK - racdlcni (xu Je gunr tP) CATACOMB ADMNTtRf. (Pl ANARCHS’DEMO DF.aTHST.aR VffGADTMO (2 l »b) nVTMDEMO R060C0P DG40 (P ANARCHY ¦ *** otaumef RaTRJCK *1 •Afse.ipe’ HATKKJi *2 ‘NiuHirR div uu(* (f) KTRf N MEGADEMO *8(2 Drk») VMTH.TA* AffiGADEMO *2 Bfta MkaDFMO RED SECTOR DDK) *4 4COOPEXDEMO SOX)PEX MTXJADF.MO P) ViaGNFTK FXIDS DEMO *36 PREDATOKN MEGADDtO (2 Dubl
IlaSH *N0 HAIM SO PAIN* 2 DhfaXF) NUY CONOtlY DDK) 12 Dubl
(P) tlATRlt. *Rne On' BUDBRAIN II atlOVVA Tcta! Doenx c.'
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PDL' 392 RSIinunFSW K»2 P0U 393 d YTCTOR OBJECT EDITOR POL 3*2 tU SXCTORBAU-S FDTTOR POL 39« RM FONT EDITOR POL- 36} T5B VECTOR MSIGNFR TO 39547 RM MODULES * MR 3 FISH COLLECTION Te now Mock dteki No, 1-750 T-BAG COLLECTION Desks 143 now available ET BREAD BUTIER TEA CCITEE M EOOS MOWTHLY !,58 £18.62 £21.36 £35.47 £25.21 £36.25 £149.41 »$ . C35.47 £25.21 £36.25 £149.'
.54 f36.59 £25.21 £36.25 £148.1 .45 £37.42 £26.36 £36.47 £149-1 S;1 I 1 11:1 mi in miii
• 5 84 1992 CARL 12 84 1992 SAL 15 14 1992 TRAM 26 84 1992 SAL
01 85 1992 HOOD 05 05 1 M2 CARL jWy H} SAL 15 15 1m TRAN
* Hood purchases
* Bank Loan a Salary a Slash Fund 5 a Salary a Hood purchases a
Bank Loan « Salary £11.25 £18.62 £23.69 £40.63 £26,36 £3
£143.02 £198.67 £222.12 £408.13 £276.47 £403.56 £1.645.47 DEBIT
523. 69 m
766. 39
68. 80
786. 39
523. 69
1238. 88
87. 65
1142. 43
95. 63
1846. 83
523. 69
1578. 49 05 06 1992 CARL
* wooc a Bank KOI.
Accounting loftwarr tuth ai Home Accounts 2 offers on alternative approach to spreadsheet hook keeping which many users may well prefer because of accessibility and user friendliness !??????? ElBEO This spreadsheet Is from MM Offhe, but you’ll find that It h very similar to most others to all the disk manipulation, formatting, copying and other tasks that they perform.
Hard drive owners will find such software especially useful.
As you've probably gathered by now, productivity can bum quite a hole in your pocket.
But if you are in business you'll appreciate the time, effort (and cost) saved on doing manual book-keeping, typing letters, and producing printed materials, while the creativity involved in Poductivity could improve more your Recommended products As a guide, here is a small selection of productivity software. Where possible costs are based on advertised, not recommended, prices.
Mini Office - Europress Software £40 Integrated spreadsheet, wordprocessor, database.business graphics and disk utilities package.
The Works Platinum - Micro Systems Software £40 Integrated spreadsheet, wordprocessor, database, business graphics and communications package.
Cold Disk Office 2-HO Marketing £90(?)
Integrated wordprocessor. DTP program, spreadsheet, database and business graphics package.
Pagesetter 2 - Cold Disk £40 The same program as bundled in Gold Disk Office 2. Reasonably featured budget DTP program.
1 Is|*I 1idh8:svsW HilIH CIPY ¦*l;|i;iflH 1 HRKEDIR RUN 1 1 EDIT PLAY DH8 mmm clone ......1. 1 HDD ICON _ SHOW DH1 1 DELETE 1 PROTECT RERD DH2 1 mn mm i assign HEX RERD 1 1 ENCRYPT CHIP:838384 FAST:2232888 TOTAL:3862392 21-flct-92 28
• *14:87 IHHHflSI DM, Directory Opus Is a brilliant disk utility
program gocies.
As a newcomer to this approach I found it to be very accessible and easy to get to grips with - though remember all the categories will take a bit of practice.
Because the accounts can be interlinked, anything transferred from one to another can be tracked easily. Reports based on selected data or formats can be printed out for easy reading or inclusion
* in documents.
R I reckon that's it's just a matter of Choice. Spreadsheets are probably more flexible in the long run, but for day to day administrative work in small business,
k) bfee accounting or cost tracking, an accounting package will
do an admirable job In all but the toughest circumstances,
Disk utilities If you have ever tried to use the CLI or SHELL
interfaces provided with flnwations fix Texturehaps Ltnfo 54
flninations,info 628 (alc.br 18994 (ale.pic 17422 (aic2.br
14752 Calculator.br2 18316 Calculator.br3 9198 Calculator.nap2
36642 CupRin.br 5834 DH1 nountlist 957 Disk.info 312 Earth.jpg
36719 Earth.jpg. info lgarv.24.jpg 326 38411 Workbench you'll
know how frustrating it can be to do some very simple tasks,
such as formatting a disk or moving a few files around.
Disk utilities are designed to free you from such drudgery and add power to elbow by providing a point and click environment where *. R . aii of the usual d.sk your life, or at least operations (and , often a great deal make it more more) can be easily and quickly manageable achieved. ° Current favourites such as Directory Opus (which I find absolutely invaluable) or SID 2 are so flexible that they can also be used to launch other programs, display pictures, play sampled sounds, archive files and print out documents, in addition info AddHonitor RddNonitor.info Bindflonitor BindHonitor.info
CLI. info Diskcopv DtskCopy.info FastHomirst FastNenFirst.info
FixFonts FixFonts.tnfo Fornat . * Fornat.info aJaJ Fountain
.1 .iFountain.info Wordworth - Digita International £80 Word
publisher with many DTP functions.
Final Copy 2 - Softwood Inc £67 Word publisher with many DTP functions.
Tronswrite 2 - Gold Disk £30 Low priced but fast, well-featured wordprocessor ideal for almost all word-crunching tasks.
Home Accounts 2 - Digita £38 Directory Opus - INOVAlronics £30 Mega disk utility with lots of power.
Deluxe Paint 4.1 - Electronic Arts £60 | Power Scanner v2 - Power Computing £99 Hand scanner to produce mono IFF files.
Plus, of course, the offerings from many PD libraries.
Producing a newsletter can be very: ing, as well as educational.
By all means continue playing as we all know that all work andL play makes lack a dull boy (or so they ¦
- but once in a while consider doii something a little more
serious. You ncfl know, you could even end up maki| money out
of it.
• Special thanks to Micro-PAi UK Ltd for the loan of the All
Office and Home Accounts software illustrated in this article.
New Horizon Computers ing gam rk and i iO they sa der doin . You nev jp maktfl cro-PAC the Mil ounts article.
Io £80 y £67 y 30 :ured st all [38 s£30 tower.
Rts£60 r IFF files, from A600 A1200 Hard Drives The ESSENTIAL add on for all SERIOUS Amiga users.
Upgrade your A600 or A1200 with a brand new internal IDE Hard Drive. All our Special Installation.
Kits come complete with fully formatted IDE Hard Drive, cable, mounting kit and detailed fitting instructions.
All New Horizon Hard Drives are sourced from Brand Name suppliers and have been fully tested for 100% compatibility with the Amiga A600 and A1200 Computers.
UNBEATABLE PRICES Hard Drives fitted by us are delivered formatted and partitioned into System and Work partitions and will auto boot from the Hard Drive.
Installing a Hard Drive will invalidate your Commodore Warranty so all Computers fitted with a New Horizon Drive are covered by our own Full 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase.
SPECIAL OFFER New Horizon will collect your machine, fit the drive of your choice and return your machine by overnight carrier to any mainland UK address for only £36.50 inc VAT.
Offer lasts till Jan 20th 1993 only. Phone our sales hotline for further details.
Inclusive of 17.5% VAT and overnight delivery ?
20 MEG £120.00 ?
40 MEG £180.00 ?
60 MEG £200.00 ?
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120 MEG £330.00 A600HD Owners • Upgrade to a bigger drive. Phone for more detak.
2. By Post Send a cheque or bankers draft made payable to "New
Horizon Computers" and post with your order to : New Horizon
Computers, High Hope, Lea, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7LN.
Remember, when you buy from New Horizon Computers you receive: ? Lowest Prices ? Quality Products ? Full Technical Support ? Full After Sales Service ? Free Next Day Delivery
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M *Cmd Poanant Tr*fc TiMo AmioMtga He** Paragon Qom*«.* Arfcnritorvll Wut. 17 Found 21 Ch*oiSh**« AmYV*wafc«r M*m Ch*£fc MJHPtoye cr*u r jor Coyot* NO Yt JI Oc»wn*d ** Vh*Ch*cfc« r Zon Arimanan.lt WutCortrot Mri«.2t Arimt WmUlll Ca Conti?
Pogo VKK croPmr aowi Z*»o Vtu» PiW»ue* Dam* Fore* Arimettonlt A*rotooni law. IS Dcfabai*23 Cam Ml Tyjrt* An««* Ad t*a« Tr*k Corman Arrtcn*ck AntnaManU Pod D Bo** 1 Gam*i9 Atmau*i DaraEaw Amartonrtnd Shum*coct WordPro.)* Lcjvti** Mf«.U UxiHrcap* Puu»**.i» TtttfPU SakeiH IVP FMX twngfurw Stoittatc 2fP SubAitoc* thtok Uedt sramotisrf Cam** It WofdPUU* WordSMreh Copt*rt20 JudgrCkMd KtgonFf CuttSMT CyctM CrowfyW®* DoiHM.lt DotMonogar Bg Copy Hvnut* 1 Nynytn 2 Pad Cow 1*0 P M Ror Sd Pcopr iwor**fT ShangM TootManopor J»*j*r D*«5*r o £ o z iU -j to - on 3 Z 9am«t2 At AC* Cr*x pack Basic A600
only £249.95 Captain Diamond* s upgraded A600 packs using superb 2.5* Drives as used In most notebooks 60Mb only £449 Inc vat 80Mb only £479 Inc vat 120Mb only £619 Inc vat 130Mb only £659 Inc vat 160Mb only £739 Inc vat 200Mb only £779 Inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Challenge II Promotion + lead ADD £209 Inc vat 12 month on site warranty Add £49.95 for 1Mb extra RAM Give your 600 a Hard Disk see opposite Hard Dfek repairs: 12 months return to base AMIGA 1200 ZOOLPACK featuring Zool Pinball Dreams Trgnswrite A Striker only £399 Inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Challenge II
Promotion ?lead only £609 Inc vat 12 MONTHS ON SITE WARRANTY we cannot be beaten on price_ 1Mb RAM 2Mb RAM pack 2Mb W' 2Mb RAM RAM BUSINESS ScfttmbNS PACK NEW AMIGA 1200 ZOOL PACK (As Box A) Everything you need to be up & running with Wordprocessing (Tronswrite) And 9 Pin Quality Printpr 12 MONTHS ON SITE WARRANTY only £499 Inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Challenge II Promotion only £709 Inc vat ADD £75 FOR 24 PIN COLOUR PRINTER We cannot be beaten on price 2Mb 2Mb RAM pXK RAM newamWa 1200 Ultimate Hard Disk pack A1200 ZOOL PACK (As pack A) with 60Mb HARD DISK - £569.00 With 80Mb
HARD DISK - £599.00 With 120Mb HARD DISK - £739.00 With 130Mb HARD DISK ¦ £779.00 With 160Mb HARD DISK ¦ £859.00 With 200Mb HARD DISK - £899.00 12 MONTHS ON SITE WARRANTY With 8833 Mk II Monitor add £209 Inc vail WARNING1 Don t get caught short We recommend you invest in a 60Mb Hard Disk instead of a 20Mb. Lots of games are growing in memory size Eg Workbench = 2Mb Monkey islond II Game = 8Mb That equate 1 2 your hard cksk gone before you start Who says size doesn t matter?
NwhM NyrrsjfiM Pic Boro T«rm t Mcxl 26 T**n Twin S Mod 27 Ncomm eifldi FPAfltn PPU* PPMor* pptyp* Too*D*amon ArcfimJt LH wap P-Conpr** U ryMauw Picrat Th*oPOCfcO0* The NEW Adventures Of CAPTAIN DIAMOND vjmo says, »'N hot coMPflEoarsA'Pt! UEii j jcAW'T 3TKND fiGoUMC IrtfcK. Ha. OhV WACSnNC, TlNt CM THESE ir€E£S,MM c«Lits Haut TAKT AGO V€C J Philips 8833 Mkll Monitor with Turbo Challenge II £199.95 + Free F19 Stealth Fighter for the first 500 customers on this product.
Roclite Drive with Anti click Virus £59.95 WANT A 1200 With Workbench 3?
• • 1 _ 1 * * z z 0 d £ 73 0 z ifi 1 kJJ i J1 r“ m i! Oo Z
o 1 £ 1 3 0 z z
• • If _ 1 * • 2 z 0 = £ 73 0 z CO LU 1 r m 00 Z o O' £
3 0 Z z
• ¦ I »• z 0 £ 0 z LU 1 1 m Z O O' £ 3 0 1 z z
• • “
• • NEW AMIGA 1200 68020 processor running at 14.19MHz. 2Mb RAM
expandable fa 10Mb. An amazing. 16 million colours.
Work bench 3. AA chipset. Built in TV modulator.
512K Operating system, 32-bit CPU slot, 880K 3.5* floppy drive, 4 sound voices & 4 great gomes Zool, Striker.
Transwrite & Pinball Dreams. Qn|y £399 99 Why not try Diamond's amazing Part Exchange offer on the 1200. We will give you the 1200 for £299.95 against ANY old Amiga, pressumlng It's In fair condition. (Subject to managers discretion) THE NEW AMIGA 3000 25MHz processor, 100 Mb hard disk. 2Mb Fast RAM.
2Mb Chip RAM. £1479.95 INC VAT THE NEW AMIGA 4000 68040 Amiga DSOS 3.6Mb RAM. 120Mb Hard Disk £2099.95 INC VAT £849.00 GVP HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS AMIGA 1500 2000 HARD DRIVE Impact Series IIHC8+ Control Card only £134.99 GVP HC8 + 52Mb Quantum for 2000 £263.95 GVP HC8 + 80Mb Quantum for 2000 £328.95 Impact Series II HC8+ 8l 240Mb Hard drive £639.99 Impact Series II HC8+8i 420Mb Hard drive £1169.99 GVP Impact Vision 24 Bit Cord £1499.00 AMIGA 1500 2000 ACCELERATOR CARDS G-Force 030-25MHZ with 1 Mb 32-Bit RAM £549.99 G-Force 030-40MHZ with 4Mb 32-Bit RAM £899.99 G-Force 030-50MHZ with 4Mb
32-Bit RAM £1269.99 G-Force 040-28MHz with 2Mb 32-Bit RAM £1699.99 FLOPTICAL DRIVE £549.90 (21Mb d* £57.60) CAPTAIN s CHIP SHOP 4X2S6KDRAMS For A590’S etc £3.60 1X1MB DRAMS For dip Supra £3.60 For NEXUS GVP Rochad £34 99 4x9Mb SMMS For GVP ®fc £169.96 DISK DRIVES AMIGA Internal £59.95 CDTV drive £74.95 no click & Virus protection on track 0. £59.95 Diamond Amiga Drive £49.95 COMPONENT SHOP OUANTUM H DISK5 U E SCSI 42Mb £139.63 £149 96 127Mb £257.33 £269 00 240Mb £429.96 £429 96 New flopped Drive 5549.90, 21Mb d* SYQUEST DRIVE Removectte cat 44Mb 28rm S299 oo CONTROLLER move odd £69.96 ROM
SWITCHER NowAvtdable
1. 3 2 04 ROM Switcher
1. 3 ROM avaik*Xe O
2. 04 ROM available 0 £39.96 Workbench 3.0 P.O.A._ AMIGA A500
HARD DRIVES GVP HD8 ? 52Mb Quantum £318.95 GVP HD8 + 80Mb
Quantum £368.95 GVP COMBO ACCELERATOR FOR A500 GVP A530 + 80Mb
Quantum £658.95 A530 Combo 40*t z ? 120Mb H D £728.95 A530
Combo 40Kt z* 200Mb H D £918.00 68882 Co-Processor for A530
£254.99 GVP MEMORY RAM MODULES Series II RAM 8 RAM Card for
Amiga 15O0 200 with 2Mb £149.99 32 bit 60ns 1 Mb SIMM for
Accelerator Cards (A530 ? G FORCE) £64.991 32 bit 60ns 4Mb
SIMM (A53Q 4- G FORCE)_£179.99 GRAPHICS & VIDEO New ICD Ricker
fixer £209 GVP Impact Vision 24 Bit Card (1500 2000 3000) from
£1550 DCTV (Pal Version) £440.00 Rocgen £89.95 Rocgen +
£124.95 Rendale 8802 £119.95 Rendale 8806 RGB £499.00
Commodore 2300 Int £99.00 G2 £575.00 G2+ £999.00 Video Pilot
V330 (Video Editing) £ 117 3 Philips Editing System £399.00 A
VIDEO 24 24-bJl gffphici for fh* A500 16 8m«on cokxi from*
txifer . £589.00 NEW 24IIT OPAL CARD cokxj. 16.8 frVfcyi
20Mb (UnMitoek) £149.95 60Mb £175.00 80Mb £229.00 120Mb
£359.00 130Mb £379.00 160Mb £479.00 200Mb £549.00 Turn your
A600 I200 with a Single floppy drive into the ultimate machine
with a Hard Disk 12 months retun to base Only £24.95 for
fitting arwnaHorv Rtidi Amiga MONITORS 8i TVS 8833Mkll +Turbo
Challenge II £199.95 CBM 1960 Monitor £449.95 CBM Flicker
Fixer £299.95 Philips 14'SVGA monitor, suitable for use with
A3000 or 1500 with flicker fixer £229.95 Please add £14.95 for
New Smart Card memory upgrade (A600) 2Mb only £129 4Mb only
£169 New 2.04 Official Upgrade with manuals & ROM only £79.95
A500 Plus 1 Mb Expansion £39.95 New A600 1 Mb Expansion £54.95
Supra 500RX 2 Mb Expan.(500 500) £139.95 512K RAM Expansion ?
Dock (500) £34.95 Above without clock £29.95 1,5Mb Mb
Expansion (Not Plus) £79.95 1Mb Expansion with Thru-Port (500)
£49.95 8Mb RAM Board for A1500 or 2000 Aries Board 0Mb £79.95
For each 2Mb RAM add £69.00 INTERNAL DRIVE KIT Replacement
A500 Internal3.5’ drive kit. Fully compatable with 1 Mb
unformatted capacity. Comeswtth easy to folow guide £59.95
EMULATORS Golden Gate386-20for 1500 2000 £349.00 Golden
Gate486SX25.1500 2 3 4000 £749.00 GVP 16MHz PC-286 1500 2000
£239.99 Vortex AT Once Plus 16MHz £214.99 MICE Naksha Upgrade
Mouse £22.95 New Roboshift, Auto sensing Joystick Mouse switch
box £13.95 TRACKBALL One hand control unit, after using this
you wil never want a mouse again £29.95 500 ROM SWITCHER
Switching between versions of Kickstart on your A50Q is could
not be easier than with our new ROM switcher. £9.95 Kickstart
1.3 ROM(SLtt4ted wpemieiy) £29.95 Kickstart 2.4 ROM
(Su3p6«d»*p*rateiy) £39.95 OWER SUPPLY Commodore A600 A600 PSU
with the switch mode(£10OFF withP X) £49.95 OUND EXTRAS Amiga
Sound Enhancer £35.99 Stereo Speakers £39.95 ONTROL CENTRE
Turn your Amiga into the ultimate hi-tech ntergrated
workstation environment £34.99 Part exchange ex demo A500 with
3 months warranty £199.95 Ex demo A590s from £199.95 ALL
PRICES INCLUDE VAT Y P X your old 500 for a new Amiga 1200
with Workbencch 3.00 for only £299.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT
STARLC20 STAR LC100 Colour STAR LC 200 Colour £165.95 STAR LC
24-20 £175.95 STAR LC 24 200 MONO £195.95 STAR LC 24 200 COL
£23735 STAR ZA 200 COL STAR XB 24 200 COL £368.95 STAR XB 24
250 COL £435.92 & DTP £29.99 £34.99 £99.95 £59.95 £79.95
£49.95 £39.99 £129.95 £159.95 £139.95 in O' Z Z o o z
V) a: z TOP 10 TITLES Zod Fireforce Road Rash Lotus 3
Ultimate Putty Humans Pinball Fantasies Sensible Soccer Nigel
Mansell Wizkid CLUB MEMBER PRICE ONLY Why don't you join
Captain Diamond's Discount Club and save a fortune on all your
games Personal callers only Normal saving off RRP z O £ o z
£44.99 £119.95 £174.99 £44.99 £149.95 £169.95 £24.99 £84.99
£229.95 £199.95 25% 2 £ z Graphics & Digitising Deluxe
Paint IV £59.99 Digi view Media Station Intro CAD Plus £54.99
X CAD 2000 £89.99 X CAD 3000 £239.99 Image Master Image Finder
£39.95 Vista £64.99 Pro Vista £64.99 VDI Amiga Colour Solution
£99.00 Pro Draw 3 £89.95 Music, Midi & Sound Audio Engineer +2
£189 Audiomaster 4 £44.99 Bars & Pipes Pro £174.99 Dr T
Copiest Apprentice £69.99 Dr T KC5 Level II V3.5 £179.95 Musk?
X 1,1 £44,95 Stereo Master £29.95 Pro Midi 2 Interface Techno
Sound Turbo £34.99 Video Titling Amiga Vision £49.99 Big
Alternative Scroller £39.95 Broadcast Titler 2 £174.99 Font
Pack 1 for above Font Pack 2 for above £74.99 Pro Video Post
£174.99 TV Show £49.99 TV Show Pro £59.99 TV Text Pro £69.95
Video Director £99.00 Can Do VI.6 £74.99 Show Maker £149.00
Scala 500 £69.99 Scala Pro £175.00 Animation & Rendering Art
Dept. Art Dept Pro 2 Imagine 2 Map Master for Imagine Morph
Plus Presentation Master Surface Master for Imagine Real 3D
Beginners Real 3D Pro Sculpt Animate 4D CLUB MEMBERS PRICE
ONLY (Prices are already discounted) Accounting Home Accounts
2 £34.99 System 3 Area Accounts £89.99 Pro Calc Advantage
£34.99 Day By Day £24.99 Educational ADI Mcrths 11-12 £19.95
ADI Maths 12-13 £19.95 AD I English 11-12 £19.95 AD I English
12-13 £19.95 Distant Suns 4 £49.95 Fun School s (Each) £19.95
GB Route £49.95 APPLICATION STAR BUYS Final Copy £99.95
Wordworth 2 £79.95 Home Office Kit - Includes Spreadsheet.
Database & Word Processor £49.95 Development & Utilities AMOS
Starter Pack £39.95 Easy AMOS AMOS 3D AMOS Compiler £24.99
Cross Dos £34.99 Dos 2 Dos £24.99 Disk Master £34.99 Dev Pock
3 £49.95 Directory Opus £24.99 Lattice C 5.1 Dev Syst £159.95
Quater Back V5 £34.99 Superbase Pro 4 £ 149.95 X Copy Pro 5.2
Hi Speed Pascal £69.95 Hyper Book £39.99 Wordprocessing
Transwrite Kindwords 3 final Copy Wordsworth Vl.l Excellence 3
Home Office Kit Pagesetter 2 Page Stream 2.2 Saxon Publisher
Propage 3 HP DESKJET £295.00 Oki 400 £499 HP DESKJET COL
£371.30 NEW Oki OL410 1Mb HP DESKJET 550C £480.57 inc. HP HIP
Emulation £680 CANON BJ10EX £186.83 OKI LASER 810 £939 CANON
BJ 20 £287.87 OKI LASER 830 CANON BJ300 £326.65 Postscript 2Mb
£939 CANON BJ200 £369.00 NEW OKI OL 850. (Feature CANON BJ330
£442.97 enhanced OL840) £1499 AMIGA BOOKS E Advanced S. Prog.
Guide £2445 Disk Drives Inside & Out £20.95 30 Graphics Prog.
Bask: £13.95 Amiga For Beginners £12.95 Amiga Basic Inside &
Out £17.45 Graphics Inside A Out £24.45 Amiga C Advanced Prog.
£24.45 Machine Language £13.95 Amiga C for Beginners £13.95 Printers Inside A Out £24.45 Amiga DOS Inside & Out £13.95 Systems Prog. Guide £24.45 Amiga Das Quick Ref.
£6.95 Best Tricks A Tips £13.95 Desk Top Video Guide £13.95 Makina Music On Amlaa £94 45 £19,49 £19.49 £19.49 £19.49 £19.49 £22.49 £2249 £19.49 £22.49 £19.45 AMIGA BUDGET TITLES Wolf Chid. Thunder hawk. Asferh, Chess Plover 2150. Dr Ivin' Force. Skyweek.
Uve & Let Die. Onslaught. Pipe Mania, Rick Dangerous, Rock N Roll, Soccer.Trlvial Pursuit, E-Motion. Dungeon Quest. Shufflepuck Cafe. Predator Tower of Babel. Data Storm. Grand Monster Slam. Powerptay. Kid Gloves.
Predator 2. Carv-Up, Corporation. Cadaver. Line of fire. Teenage Turlies.
Back to the Future III. Gunship. Mke Roods Pop . Gazzo B. Monty Pythons ANY FIVE BUDGET TITLES FOR ONLY £20 OR £5 EACH CiTlZEN SWIFT 9 COL £154.95 CITIZEN SWIFT 224 COL £205.00 CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COL £235.00 CITIZEN 240 COL £25037 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X CITIZEN SWIFT 24X COL £349.00 SEIKOSH ASP 1900+ £99.95 SEIKOSHA 2400 £129.95 SEIKOSHA SL92 £175.00 New Seikosha 24 Pin Col "-nor INK JET PRINTERS LASER PRINTERS AMIGA WORLD In the basement of 232 Tottenham Ct Rd London W1 Tel’071 580 4355 FAX 071580 4399 DIAMOND SHOPS AROUND THE UK NEW SHOWROOM 410 Bath Rd Slough Tel 0628 604555 Fax 0628 668952 144
Ferry Road Edinburgh Tel 031 554 3557 FAX 031 554 2115 LONDON CORPORATE SALES Saran Duffy 071 5804355 Fox 071 5804399 HEAD OFFICE 84 Lodge Road Southampton Tel 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232 679 1022 Stockport Rd Manchester Tel 061 257 3999 FAX 061 257 3997 406 Ashley Road Poole Dorset Tel 0202 716226 FAX 0202 716160 443 Gloucester Rd Bristol Tel 0272 522044 FAX 0272 521738 Amiga 1063 High Rd Chadwell Heath Romford Tel 081 597 8851 FAX 081 590 8959 PC Centre 1045 47 High Rd Chadwell Heath Romford Tel 081 597 8851 FAX 081 5908959 HOW TO ORDER Simply telephone through your order, giving your Access,
Visa or American Express card number (AMEX has a 3% surcharge), or send a cheque or postal order to our Tottenham Court Rd. Branch MAIL ORDER Phone.071 580 4259. Mwmum Courier Service £17.63 Corporate Saies:-Account Customers Min. order value ¦ £60. New Accounts min. £500. Alow 10 working days for cheque clearance. Bankers drafts clear some day. All prices are correct at time of going to press. Due to the Chrkmas rush on mogazine release dates this actual advert is vaid from January 10th 1993 unti February 1993. However many prices have not changed since last month so please contact your local
branch for details.
Z o £ o z to - OL THE DIAMOND PRICE PLEDGE If, whilst buying goods from us, you can show us a better price for the some goods in stock with one of our UK competitors then we will match It.
Even If our prices have increased we wil honour the price In this advertisement on items in stock as long as you bring this advert with you.
This pledge apples only to customers retying on this advertisement before the lQth day of the month of publication. It does not appty to competitors prices offered In closing down or stock clearance sales.
MAIL ORDER HOTLINE: PHONE 071 580 4259 GuliJsrim* Cumjp'jj itJj(lECj I td.
"Orriycisi rlrjU53, r D£)d. Lalffff, LrJJJUi, WjvJ7 4AD "Onjycjij rJou3S,,J 33 ririjJyy-jy fiuud, L lcjn, Ulrica, W)SJ7 ¦COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE BUSINESS ANI) PRODUCTIVE SOFTWARE SPECIALIST GRAPHICS (including 3D) Deluxe Paint IV________£69.99 Deluxe PriAi II.... Photon Paint 2.
'ivwiracoknir DigiView Gold 4 OjjtVfcw Media Station Imagine V2.
HMgine..... ‘ Slap MflMet for Imagine Surface Master for I Draw 2000 JktMaMrr SALE NOW ON : JANUARY SALE NOW ON : JANUARY SALE NOW ON : JANUARY SALE NOW ON :
129. 99 I29.W I £149.99 £154.99 .*...149.99 ion Pack £64.99
Module£|74W fc..£79.99 £129 .99 £164.99
129. 99 ABASES
VI. 2. JMorgcn V2 ...... ps Vol 4 -
Animals £49.99 Supcrbasc 4 Prof.
Ript Fonts - Class* ..£129.99J Superhasc Pc ipt Fonts - Designer £I29.99*.1_ PostScript Fonts - Newsletter ...£129.99 1 )N V PageStream Font Plus Pack .1J49.99 " Dos Tdos PageStream Font Pack 1 Starter Fonts Zuma Fonts Pack I ...... £59.99 I V5.0D ....£199.99 ....___£79.99 our clearance.
Europe: Please add 20p per disk.
World; Please add 40p per disk fcjfirfWg Department Professional lorph Plus An Department An Department Pro Con] An Department Pro Jj | n Drpanmcm Pro ' An Department Pro n Department Pro Kodak Art Department Pro Kpson kcal 31) Professional ( 1.4 Sculpt Animate 41) I'niftvii Pixel 31) V2 ..m I'niilinw V3 ------- Art Expressions. . Genesis, The Third Day (alligari 2 .. Intro CAD plus 3D Professional.
The Complete Colour Solution Vidi-RGB Colour Splitter.
New Vidi Amiga ......£129 Provector VII .£169.99 Vista Pro V2 ...£74.99 Vista Grand Canyon 2 ......£49.99 Vista Grand Canyon 1 ......£49.99 Vista Ranting Gorge - ...£49.99 Vista Western USA I .£49.99 Vista California Scapes ....£49.99 Vista Marx Scapes ....£49.99 Distant Suns 4,0... ...£69.99 FONTS AND Cl.IPART F15 Animated Brushes .£14.99 Red Lotus Animated
Brushes ...£14.99 Star Voyager Anim Brushes .....£17.99 Animated Fonts I .....£29.99 UTILITIES
l. '07-Dcop Vi-Bra I 25 - Fonts A Surfaces - Cui i 132 - ( l
ight - lapred eommen.nl Tracer 133 - M-CAD- Computer AaW
Design pack L42 - SIP Vi - IV Wy directory util ’ I 4.V4 -
Catalogue Workshop - Rather good I 45 - 52 CLIP IT! - EIGHT
1154 - Hard fit* Utils - Wouldn't be without U57 - Mrsxysid II - Ultlmutc in transferer!
USX - IreMulitor - An cxecptHwal tool U61 - Intrmnlal tills - Brilliant disk 1194 - Opti UUIs 1 -Excellent quality U9X - 104 High Quality (lip Art - 7 disks U136 - Klectrocad VI.4- Latest version!
Ul4J-SuperKUlers-BOOTX V4J II152 - Xertoa LtUs - Seventy five utilities 11161 - Aitlhrox LitiK VJ *- Recommended!
1162 - Drflrx lltlb I - Unusual collection U170 - Icon Magic - Excellent programme (JI72 - DTP - Based on the Amigafox W P L'188 - Programming I - Lots of info UIB - Opti Utfk 2 - Latest version utililic* U196 - Opti Cumnts - Lltimnlt Cnmim disk
1) 197 - C Dir Tools - Stuffed full of them!
U2M-lavJodcr VY-EicrikRt packer U207 - Printer Ltik - By the Assassins U209 - Dynamite Fonla2 - More cut n paste U2I5 - Print Studio - The i C Cocnpik C Manual V2 (4 disks) lirilliunl iuj Mark)
- Mark & Dan ttal U 233 4 - W'i.
C237 - Insanity Tools 2Q.1t L2.38 - Gelignite font* 3 - Mark 1 I 241) OpiiComrns 2 NCOMM VL0 FISH 1-740, T.BAG 1-63, SMAUG, PANARAMA, NZAUG, TOPIK, SNAG, AMIGAS, SCOPE & THE DEJA VU COLLECTION AVAILABLE U241 2 3 4 5 - PageStream Fonts 5 disks U246 7 - Chp.lt! Vol 6 - Mythological beasts L'2511 2 9W5 - PageStmm Fonts 5 disks vet more scalable funtx for PS owner.!!
U257-U264 - Fonts - Dpuint coinput. 8 disks U265 - Workhenrh 2 L lititWs Dxs on here U266 - Ultimate Packer VIJ Superb!!
EDUCATIONAL & GAMES (U3 - Megahall - Brilliant breakout clone lift! - Shapes - Absolutely brilliant for kids (153 - Zeus - Very addictive tile game G55 - Sealant* - Sub strategy type game G62 - POM POM Gunner - Ytry Good!
G70 - Skkr - Excellent game G9I - Insiders (Tub - Slock Market strategy API)180 1 - Dungeon Driver - Brilliant APD182 3 - Pixie Kingdom - Very good APD326 - HyperbaH - Brsiyrl. Griil APD329 - Fruit Machine - Brilliant game BUSINESS & SERIOUS B02 - Wordwright - Wordproeessor BW - Clerk - Accounting K06 - U-FUW - Wry powerful wordprocmor
1) 07 - nckxUuue - Powerful yet easy to use BIO - Inventory &
Mcmopud - Wry Iwndy BI4 - Vtsicalc - Similar to Lotus 1-2-3 oo
PC BIX - Textpius VJ.OE - Edit cninched files!
Bl‘ - 600 Business letters - Brilliant B21 - IIRase II - Easy to use database a Rase Win - Name & address __(i - Superb
• UatWUtA' natcd Fonts Dated Fonts 3 . .... mated Fonts 4
..... : Fonts Headlines I ,„„j Fonts Headlines Kara
Fonts lie Kara l outs Sub H Masterpiece Fonts J 4L teipiece
Vr.ti AI used PerQNul Font Maker Gold l)H Tvpc Designer PM| I
Disk Type Decorative PflH Disk I'ypc Publisher Pack Disk type
Video Pack I Oudfec lonts ProPage Structured Clipart ..
l. a crC'lip Structured Clipart Video Clipsc* .
r, .- 59.99 Kniudcasl F iller II Font Faihancer7x99.99
FuntPack I fhr Broadcast litlcr II..£99.99
- Classics £49.99 IW2
people .£49.99 3 - Collectors £49.99 Zuma Fonts
Pack, 2 .. ......£59.99 ...£119.99
..£159.99 Video Effects 3D . .
..£114.99 .....£49.‘ 9 .....£169.99 . ....£109.99 Pro Video Plus JL-£I 24.99 .....£99.99 TV Show
- jL.JE59.99 TV Text .. ..... ...£'’9.99 DESK TOP
PUBLISHERS Convict DTP ...99.99
.....:JB9.99 Tor Form V2 .....Jj
...... £1.20 Per Disk Plus Postage SLIDESHOWS & PI 1 2 -
Nasa Sbdexbous - Both i A 2 I P32 - Agatmn 6 - From Tobias
Ricbtcr P33 - Agalron 8 - More front Trx stable P40 - Max's Art
- Very nicely done 1*89 - Art for Art* Sake - By Hanibul. Brill
IHOI - Real 3D slides - Breathtaking'!!
ANIMATIONS (MOST 1MB) (06 - More (rrohnn - By Enc Sdtwaitt , J 10 - Kaliiuin - This is brilliant (by liS) ' (20 - Agatron 26 - Dry dock A13 - Ag*Iron 2 - Include* FIS fighlcr (61 -Agalron 15 Billiards & Locus +F15 A63 - Jugfilcr II - Very, very fanny. See k* (76 - Agalron 30 - Millinium Falcon
- Agatnm 33 - Itohc & bird of pnry (83 - Divoitery .Shutllt -
Very good (87 - Car - Lotus & Uoicyclc. Brilliant AW) -
Antl-Unimlngs- 2 Meg A HKV1 2 3 4 5 - The W'aB - El (127 - Real
3D Animl - T-Pol; MUSIC M0t - Sound Si M04- M18 - Amigadeus -
By Rod I M52 3 4 5 - Modules - Need 11 M6l 2 3 Sot Ml 45- Midi
i - „ M152 - Midi Programme* - M -ic (1165 - MED V.U -
Fanta mu*ic ed.tor ,M 198 9-VIsakH-By Rob Baxter il Page
PagrStreum V2.2, I lot I.inks Edition.
Buddy System for I Pageslream Quick Forms j P J 293 9 Pagestream Business Forms ....£29.99 BUSINESS DGCalc Day M Maxiplan Plu Office".™ ----------- Pcrvmul Finance Manager Mac 2 Dos uithlmo (rraaDus? J Interchange ...- ..£29.4 J Turbo Silver Conversion Module... jK. 19.99 DFX Conversion Module ......j£19199 WORD PROCESSING TEXT EDITORS Cygntis Ed Professional Trans write.
ProWrite V3.2. Final Copy.
WordPerfect V4,| UTILITIES X-Copy Professional ...-.-.2E34.99 AmiKack V2 Hard Disk Backup £49.99 Directory Opus - .. ..... £39.99 iDEJAVU £3.99 t PD5 - Jungle Bungle - Superb adventure gamr for kids. Icon driven I meg.
1. PD22- I.Cl0 290 Fonts - This enables you to ! Install more
font* irt your pntUCf. 512k.
I. PD35 - T-TecDraw-Full technical drawing | program. Faauntrc
rcMillv I roeg- ; I.PD45 - MUSIC BOX - The ultimaie in music
education for kuH I meg.
I I.PIX47 - Dirty Cash - Beautifully done fruit machine simulator, excellent. I mrg.
; LPD65 - POWER PLANNER - An addrew database and appointment planner. 512k.
I. PD7J - Amos Database V3.01. 512k.
I. PD75 - Video Lab - Brilliant Video titling : package. Very
easy 10 use! I meg.
I .PD77 - Powcrbits* - Excellent I meg.
I. PD82 - Magic Colouring Book II - niere arc i cighi more
piciurcs on ihix ooc. 1 Mb.
I. PD83 - Picture Hangman - Very nicely : presented with a
colourful control panel. 1Mb.
! IJ087 - Pur word - This is a sliding puzzle type I crossword game. I Mb.
1 089 - Sky bate 22. Thu is an trcadeAtmtegy game (txiatty absorbing and addictive. I Mb.
1 099-Concert Box - This program follows oo from Music Bdx and aimed at adults.
Recommended. 1Mb.
I ,'(WS - Powertrxt - This is not a lext editor but ¦i vay good wort process.* Brilliant!: 1 Mb.
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Maverick V3.0 (Disk Backup!
£27.99 £39.99 £29.99 ......£29.99 Wshrll V? 1) £49.99 ......£39.99 Plinr.RAMMINC LANGUAGES £59.99 IH‘i Pack v( £69.99 Hisofi Basic Hisoft Extend ......159.99 £24.99
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the address al the top or
* joiie: Software (0942)682205 Enq. & Fax (0942) 682206 delivery.
Credit Card transactions ensure 24 h despatch. Cheques will require dcara Amos Compiler Amos 3D Easy Amos A tttC C Pn [Rexx Plus KDUC Audio G?
Maths The F The EL.
.159.99 .179.99 .139.99 I CtHWSDU Of Wt MkomUOCAl SIMBA1K R 1 DCMWIITIOV CVDOR5U) BT fOWODOW IK Sampler Complex Musical notes are made up of sound waves that have a certain frequency (pitch) a certain loudness (amplitude). When en to a piece of music, or any other come to that, you are listening to a lex mass of sound waves which de many different frequencies and litudes.
F at any point in time you could take a snapshot of the sound you were hearing and measure the amplitude of that part of he soundwave then, using some agreed tion, you could express the loudness a number.
If you did the same thing over and over in, a whole series of numbers could be tained and, at the end of the day, you would have a list of numbers that represented the original sound.
Piese ideas which form the basis of mpling. By using special hardware easures that amplitude information xjsands of times a second it is pos- Miild up a very detailed numerical, t yfi etting into sound sampling on the Amiga nowadays just couldn't be easier. There's a good range of hardware and software with prices that start from virtually free - ie the jblic domain software offerings - to units vhich have the price-tags and specifications which attract professional users.
In short, there is something on the » for everyone! Despite its popularity rer there are still plenty of users who ?t to jump on, and enjoy, the sound le bandwagon.
hether you are a newcomer or not i't matter this month though, because lere should be something in this sampling supertest to help or interest everyone.
Topics first and foremost on the jSwgenda? How about we start with an M xplanation of what "sound sampling” W’ actually is.
I ie digital, copy of the original sound.
For what should now be obvious reasons the hardware units which provide this magic conversion are called “digitisers'.
Once the digitising process has been carried out the sound will have been turned into a stream of numbers.
This then allows a computer to be used to perform sophisticated editing effects - a user can take a piece of one sound, mix it with another, speed up or slow down the rate at which the sample is played, or even produce phasing and flanging effects by a shifting the time-position of a sample before adding it back to itself.
These are things which are either difficult or impossible to do using conventional analogue recording techniques.
The quality of any digital sound depends on the accuracy of the original digitisation process and here there are two different variables to consider - the sampling rate, and the resolution of the numbers used to define the amplitude.
It should be pretty obvious that faster sampling rates will give better waveform detail, and equally obvious that increasing the range of numbers used to represent the amplitude measurements should also lead to better waveform detail.
Because on the Amiga the final will in most cases be played using the f nal sound chips, amplitude dii most Amiga digitisers is performed accuracy of eight bits (allowing possible "loudness" values).
One term you will hear over and again in the world of Amiga sar “8SVX“, which is one of the IFF ised file formats used for sampled its claim to fame, as many of yo«] already know, is that allows one gram to load samples created any other Amiga i program.
As far as equipment g you really need into the world of) pling is some hardware and the I ware to control I many of the a Eight-bit Amiga digitisers at around packages include both!
Amiga digitisers start at about tn top of the range units costing ten times that amount. Hard disks of RAM obviously help any applica-
* *they are not absolutely essential i Mb Amiga user without a
hard :an still do an awful lot of sound t» oe honest it is
possible to get into the of sound sampling even before get- i a
igrtiser unit. There are literally thou- of good sound samples
readily available and providing you have the software to
utilise those sounds you can mix, alter, and use those samples
to your hearts content.
Most people however, once bitten by the sampled-sounds bug, do go out and get the necessary hardware software so that they can actually sample their own sounds.
Some terms explained Although Midi doesn't come into the picture when you are creating and editing sound samples, you will find that having access to a Midi keyboard will be a big help as far as composing musk is concerned.
Many tracker programs and sequencers which allow sampled sounds to be used to create songs also allow the musical note data to be entered using a synthesiser keyboard rather than the Amiga keyboard.
This makes life much easier and if you are going to use sampled sounds in this way a cheap Midi keyboard will be a good investment!
Almost all sound sample digitiser units attach to the Amiga's parallel port. Basically Clipping A waveform distortion caused by a signal being too strong for the input circuitry of a recording or sam pling device.
The circuitry gets overloaded and the top parts of the incoming waveforms get distorted or chopped off. The end result is always the same a poor quality sound IFF 8SVX This is the IFF (Interchange File Format) name of a file arrangement used for storing sound samples you plug one end into the sound source - which might be a tape unit, CD, microphone, or some other audio signal output - and the other end into the parallel port.
The lower-priced units will probably have no controls at all. Higher priced units include Ijoth line-level and microphone- level inputs, signal gain controls, switchable parallel-through port connections (so that the digitiser can be left permanently plugged in) and perhaps a number of other goodies, Having switched on and booted up the sampling editing software the rest is comparatively easy. Set an appropriate sample rate, adjust the volume of the input signal to a suitable level, and then just hit record.
Your sample will be sitting in the editor waiting to be saved or edited.
OK, so some details do vary from package to package, but the above scenario should give you the basic idea of how easy RAM scanning This means exactly what it says programs which provide RAM scanning facilities allow you to scan through the Amiga's mem ory and, by "playing'' the data, look for sound samples.
Raw sample Basically a copy of the byte values of a sound sample waveform just as they appear in mem ory (as opposed to a sample stored in a specially designed file structure such as IFF 8SVX).
The sampling process is. Be warned initially, your results may not be very It takes time and practice to leam he get the recording parameters to their oj mum values.
Practice does however make perfect an after a few attempts the whole process becomes second nature.
Tracker In the early Amiga days, programmers needed a fast, convenient way of creating music for games and demos and one of thej earliest utilities to appear was called) SoundTracker.
Within a couple of years a number of these programs had appeared and became generally known in the trackers.
Being essentially programmers' these trackers adopted programmer- conventions for specifying sequences. Song descriptions were built around lists showing the timesj and the pitches at which j various samples should be* played, and so on.
While not ideal from a muskian's viewpoint, this I method of composing music rapidly became established, but the was then on to grams that were user-friendly.
One of the most cessful trackers was a gram called MED for Music Editor) which allowed songs to be created by linking together small blocks of music.
These blocks could be' arranged and repeated in any way so, once th blocks had been defined,!
Building the song became very easy indeed.
During the years a number MED versions Audio Matter s strength Is Its excellent software converters. The hardware is in fact rated excess of 300k samples per second and is capable of sampling at rates well that obtainable with Amigas fitted 68020 68030 accelerator cards.
Audio Engineer boasts solid tion, switchable microphone and inputs, signal level adjustment, switch-through connections (so that digitiser can be left permanently in) and above all a quality by other Amiga samplers are judged!
Audio Engineer II, the associated recording editing software, is extremely good - as well as offering all usual types of edit effects, the software includes time-stretching and sion, frequency cut and boosting via ware filters, very powerful loop with those of less expensive packages, Such as TechnoSound Turbo and Beat Studio, you'll often find surprisingly little difference (or no difference) in sample quality.
AMAS 2 software however is reasonably powerful and, as an integrated sampling and editing package it must be said that because of this AMAS 2 does, at a price, win hands down over the cheaper alternatives.
Audio Engineer Plus HB Marketing • £204 This Ramscan CSOFT offering is, quite simply, the best 8-bit Amiga sampler available at the current time. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive.
The stereo digitising unit is a CSOFT Audio Imager and this includes two separate, and very fast, A D (analogue to digital) Sampled sounds IFF Sound Sample Library • Walkabout Music One disk: £2.50, ten disks: £19.95 all disks: £49.95 There are a lot of sample libraries around but this one is absolutely brilliant and cc everything from the usual types of drums, bass, synth and piano sounds to obscure like African and Indian instrument collections.
Each disk contains samples from a particular sound category and in fact the full lit list goes something like this,.. African, Indian instrument. Indian percussion, Arabic, East, European, Oceania, Americas, FX percussion, Drum Kit, Analogue Percussion, percussion, guitars, bass guitars, analogue bass, digital bass, brass, synth brass, pia strings, synth strings, choirs, organs, bells, and sound FX.
The number of samples on each disk ranges from about 20 to over 100 and there's i doubt at all that Walkabout Music have done an excellent job (helped no doubt by fact that they are all musicians and know the difference between a good sample and a one).
If you want to get an idea of the quality of the library just get hold of the bass gi samples disk (it's actually disk 14 in their catalogue) - all too often bass guitar samples I mediocre but this stuff is so good it'll blow your socks off!
Sample Series • Gajits • £9.95 A range of high-quality IFF samples for use with music programs. Percussion & Efft Guitars & Strings, Brass & Woodwind, Synth & Vocals and Piano & Keyboard volumes i currently available.
Of magazine and PD disks include sound samples that can be extracted and for your own purposes.
Finding them is easy enough if you only have a few directories on the disk - especially if the samples have been given obvi- (ames such as crash.iff, bang.snd or 8SVX.
Ting them when the samples have tuitive names (eg PDX_80) can be harder, especially if the disk is packed many directories.
More to the point - it may take a lot of time to look at every file in every directory!
Result of course is that all too often you n miss potentially useful sound samples t because they were not easy to identify.
Fortunately there's a nice easy solution - automate the whole process and let the iga do all the hard work... Search is a small CLI Shell utility that does just that. It looks not only for 8SVX d samples but all common IFF files ictures, SMUS files etc).
¦fill even find things like Music X CanDo DECK, standard Midi files Files), and the new AIFF (Audio IFF) that are going to be used by the new it sampling products due to appear!
To use it, just open a CLI Shell window and type Search followed by the disk drive
o be looked at. SearchDFO:, for example, II search all of the
directories of the disk Public domain freebies Don’t forget
also that there are liter ally hundreds of disks containing
sound samples floating around in the public domain The only
trouble is that it is usually a hit and miss affair as far as
quality is concerned.
There are some really excellent samples floating around, but you usually have to wade through a lot of rather more average sounds to find them.
IJ Having said that, it doesn't take a that long to build up a reasonable colli lection of good sounds Public domain libraries like PD Direct, who offer a lot of music disks, will be able to point you in the right direction.
Released providing new editing facilities, a standalone song player utility called EDPIayer, and support for Midi instruments.
Up to this point these programs were - ind the original programs still are - public omain, but when MED's successor, OctaMED, arrived a decision was made to go commercial.
• An enhanced version, called OctaMED s now been released and, as
you'll m our product price listings, it is by leans expensive.
CtaMED Pro is more powerful and h easier to use than the original MED bgram and is highly recommended for those of you who need a tracker.
Samplers AMAS 2 • Microdeal • £100 This is an upgraded version of the very popular AMAS sampling package which includes stereo digitising hardware that can sample at rates of up to 90kHz.
This sort of sampling speed can't be realised with the current Amiga range but the AMAS 2 software doing the driving can achieve mono recording sampling rates of up to 55.9kHz and stereo recording rates of
27. 9kHz (replay frequencies are up to
55. 9kHz). Software adjustable input level controls are provided
and as well as the usual cut copy paste type editing controls
there are a whole range of effects that can be produced
(echo, phasing, chorus, reversal and so on) and it is
possible to overlay samples, swap and copy channels, fade
in and out, and do things like stereo bouncing.
Sampled sounds can be saved in IFF and raw formats, and in a new "executable" form that allows samples to be played outside of AMAS 2 simply by clicking on an associated icon.
The software also includes things like a 3D FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) display and a dual real-time spectrum analyser.
A small, but reasonably useful, sample- orientated, Midi sequencer is also provided and you even get a microphone thrown in as well.
AMAS 2 offers new users a very attractive total package and it’s probably to this, plus the fact that it is a well supported product, that the package owes its popularity.
When you compare raw AMAS 2 results If you are searching a hard disk or a floppy with many files and nested directories then the program may take a minute or two to locate the required information, but it will be a lot quicker than other methods.
You can, incidentally, cancel the search operation at any time by hitting Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D. If you need a permanent copy of the program output just redirect the output to a disk file, or to the PRT device. For instance, the command: SEARCH RAH;contenti DF1; will send details of the df 1: analysis to a RAM disk file called "contents".
Aiigt C&aputing IFF SRf Starch Utility (Plul Ovtrai 1992)... IFF UN: df0:iag100!
IFF 1181: dfO:pd_stuff pieS IFF 8SVX: dlQitAflgt iyditi.snd IFF 8SVI: dfO:songs etiek SHF File: dfO:sonpt latest.tcst if.aid Sampling hardware and editing software in drive dfO and give you a list of the required files and their directory locations.
This is the sort of output you'll get.
AMIGA PERIPHERALS GVP GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS QUALITY AMIGA PERIPHERALS WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY S*ca Systems are pleased to present the GVP range peripherals. GVP are the worlds largest thrd party ¦ftiatiLrer ol peripherals tor the Anvga range and nave a reputation for high specification, quality 5nducte. The company was founded only tour years ago by a man who knows about the Amiga, CfrrifTOdore's ex-Vce President of Technology. He, wig with a team of Amiga experts ndudng dher ex- Ccrrmodcre staff, understand the add-on requirements or Amiga owners better than anyone. Not only do GVP provide
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versions In addition, the A530 Combo zooms the Amiga forward with an 030 accelerator, running at a biistenng 40MHz. This enables your Amiga 500 to run at an incredible 12.1 MIPS, (aster than an Amiga 3000* No other product in the world combines all the features found in the A530 Combo! A plug-in PC emulator option, 3hown below, is available lor the HD8* and AS30 Combo HARO DRIVE JLTMFUTlCraS KS lUHD 41H nuMrniMKtrTonm I •! € RATI W IK J13W) HD ACCELERATOR FREE BROCHURE Return the coupon FOR YOUR COPV Hod.
'• m-u--4.
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AMIOA FORMAT 9*7 (ASX) ct rated nd and j ell bey on itted wit HARD DRIVES & ACCELERATORS PRICE8 FROM: OTHER FEATURES
• 16MHz 80286 processor
• 287 Maths Co-Processor socket
• 512K 3* PC RAM ptus the use of Amiga RAM
• Supports Hercules. CGA. EGA VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video
• Runs MS-DOS (3.2 and upwards) plus thousands of other PC
programs This poweHui 286 emulator modiie simpiy plugs into the
'mmi-stof of the GVP HD8r or A5$ 0 (without invaliding the
warranty), n has hJ access to the Amga's resources and allows
you to run PC and Amiga programs at the same erne. Giving you
two computers in one.
5C5- CONTHCllin I0« lirTOI mffliwm DtvKO_ constru and lii it, printt ) that th y plugge which a ¦MMM cm our a mum to to uao lt in mnUiidN lim Id MHWT Thf 40mp 80Mb 120Mb 213Mb £349 £449 £529 £699 HARD DRIVE HD8+ ;ed sampt , is als ring all th ftware als f-compre g via sof a creatiol wkt Mcmnr mcih mmi ittu ion uuuun HrfORmiitt £749 £849 £929 £1099 A530 COMBO mHHig FOR AMIGA 1500 FOR ALL AMIGAS CINEM0RPH The jlimale eduticn tty mote *TC wart to exptore n ifis wend ol MORPHING ti a lace, men a plane arc men an eiploaion - morpMr t great ter v.sual P'X Cmamorph auppcrt* mibpli A iga screen
mode* Ea»y-to-use intertaoe and anmaiont Mnmum 2Mb RAM requred IMAGE F X A ¦eiln of pert, myth, stanrar pnnlng cad ng hito mnuwi and frtws n one eaiy-v uae program Orer mucr faalure* include virtual memory 4u066*t- pam ar«t cr to a 24-K C8"y»i Are*x ayr«lt4» ertecl* and or*r* nxrwinj and aimalcr tuppon Mmnxm 3£Wb RAM ACC t ELE woT 25-v :RA raoT 40-» TOF A IS lEWi] SSL 485MK etCMK taox «cei k««VF IA Hi 15 » Wmm: a u « JJ m m m W-a krtit lw «* u w Umut rwkw
• v.
1«w 16» lb.
E4l» X5 xs sea sea s««» CM [233 CC3 CS t33 mimTTRRTIT Al GW G-Force Kctkntcn can be lured nio a hard card bj aWng a Mart Kit, GVA
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• ismAviajUwsb xsaiiPAiflH a Succcn* cone vxteo. S VHS A RGB a
Broa&ast qoitty genlock e Noe i*tf) flGB sum arpKl Vnon 24 a
ihe lileel 24«t Protetsaw MM A4cl: 1 ittMtt 16 Htut CA screen
at aw. Bufrn jertx*. Ilcner itaer rtra bUW. Tv e onbew un dost
key*r StaxAed afli CHOMi'IVZA 30 iroditng rfl rerdernj ecNwwe.
Sara MZ4 «3tc Mng tobntre tbcro Pin 2Hk wn wcaje AiSO OM ¦kmw
awtfw «hw, ovato* ven nr-24 ¦ VlU SPUITER w no icer £1490
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NaVey* anctv AfU it GW! G4» ama*.«a it* p-tawmwuns ekoIiui i "¦* G o f xo. * vi »rr J concum art «*¦ tippy* be nMfrrore key noOM d t» ECSAA mp ia 1 a tb o% dot to t» ratHrgt Amgiwtoc etxsax a £349 SOUND SAMPLER
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artrj am stno »rd arW Hal tvraa «* h* gMrtleJ 60rt 6A tf*r SfhH
500. SOD, 1200.
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MAIL ORDER HOTLINE SILICA SYSTEMS m 081-309 1111 .. Postcddd: Tql (Home): . Tel (Work): . Which computer(s). If any, do you own? .... ESOC - Aa.ortriod porot a-w ipocftcahons m*v ciwno - Pwetm 'vtxn irw coupon lot tn» iuati rtomuiion Samplers facilities, and special methods for providing playback of stereo samples at rates of up to 56k samples per second.
Miscellaneous hardware and software When used with machines such as a standard Amiga A500 or A2000, quite a bit of Audio Engineer Plus's high-standard hardware specification is inevitably wasted, but there's no doubt that this package is nevertheless the business. For the serious Sir it is worth every penny of the asking I AudioMaster IV HB Marketing • £70 is is basically the Aegis release of RamScan's Audio Engineer Plus software and needless to say it's not only brilliant but is generally regarded as the best Amiga bit sampling software around at the present time.
Audition 4 • HB Marketing • £50 This piece of stereo mono sound sample editing software comes from SunRize, a that know an awful lot about sampling.
The configuration menu has options for selecting Perfect Sound (another SunRize product) a option allows the program to work any other parallel-port based 8-bit Amiga sampler.
Audition 4 is an excellent piece of soft- with a great many useful features, being able to preview and adjust effects in real-time before making perma- edits, and direct recording to disk or Although it has been overshadowed in a number of respects by AudioMaster IV it is iiaa&u. Iqa Computing February 1993 Audio Sculpture • Software Management Group • £49 This program by Expose Software is a relatively new tracker utility which compares favourably with OctaMED Professional in all but one respect - it costs over twice as much!
Music Pack 5 • PD Direct • £12 This pack contains a whole host of public domain programs, songs and samples including MED v3.2 and Pro Tracker.
OctaMED Professional Amiganuts • £22.50 Despite the fact that it has a few rough edges, this is one of the best tracker programs around at the present time and is excellent value for money. OctaMED users can upgrade for just £12.50! OctaMED still a very capable, and well supported, program.
Beat Studio • Pandaal Marketing £40 approx This fairly new offering from City Beat comes complete with all the hardware and software necessary to get into the world of Amiga sampling.
The manual is lousy but what has surprised an awful lot of people is the fact that, with a little care, the hardware can produce extremely good results.
The editing software is adequate but it Pro contains a whole range of different screens but two areas in the display are always visible. Firstly there is a status bar which provides current edit modes, block instruments numbers or names, and mute play track status.
Secondly there is a 15-button menu panel. Ten of the menu panel buttons cause other control panels to be displayed and these control the loading and saving of songs and instruments, the setting of relative track volumes, transposition, Midi settings and a variety of block track editing facilities.
The remaining five menu panel buttons switch between the five main OctaMED Pro editors.
There's a Block editor which is used for entering note data in conventional MED tracker format, a Graphic note editor which allows you to enter and display print music a bar at a time using conventional nota- cannot compete with offerings like AudioMaster IV or Audition 4.
Crystal Sound • BlitSoft • £94 This 8-bit sound digitising unit has only just started to arrive in the UK and there's no doubt that it is very good indeed. It provides twin, ultra fast, low noise A D converters which can sample at up to 70kHz in stereo.
It has microphone and line level inputs (with active audio filters on all inputs), separate left and right gain controls and a printer pass-through.
Crystal sound is directly compatible with Audio Engineer Plus and Audition 4 if sampling in Perfect Sound mode.
Datel Stereo Sampler Datel • £50 This sampling hardware and software package does its job but it is not particularly impressive considering the competition.
Digital Sound Studio Silica Systems • £50 This is a good, easy to use, hardware and software 8-bit sampling system and one that has earned much praise from existing users.
Good documentation is provided and the program includes things like software- controlled input levels and microphone line switches which makes it easy to adjust input signal strengths.
Another plus for this offering is that a four-track sample sequencer is included in the software. The digitiser itself is well made and, all in all, this package is good value for money.
MegaMix Master *Rombo Productions • £40 This is another budget-priced sampling tion, a Sample editor, a Synthetic editor and a Sample List editor.
Compositions can incidentally be in a variety of different formats: Song t files with song and instruments : and modules containing multiple songs a single file.
Arrangements can also be saved Sound Noise ProTracker-compatible ft Another point that is worth mention that the OctaMED Player program is controllable so it is possible to load play songs under Arexx script control!
Sound Enhancer Plus Omega Projects • £34.95 This unit sits between the audio outputs I your Amiga and an external amplifier aiti can improve the audio quality Amiga's internal sound chip outf considerably.
Hardware and software package that t the ranks of Beat Studio, TechnoSound etc. The hardware does what it is suppt to well enough but that's about all that be said. On the whole TechnoSound Piu a much better proposition, and it is sc* what cheaper!
Micro Sampler • Datel • £25 This is a budget-priced mono samp hardware unit which comes with sod software. The hardware seems to do a d sonable job!
Perfect Sound 3 • HB Marketing1 £60 This is another combined hardware software stereo mono sampling which is able to produce excellent resi comes from SunRize and the software vides most of the common editing f including fades, sample mixing, reversal] tering, resampling etc., required for sefi work, Pro Sound Designer Gold Power Computing • £39 A reasonably priced hardware sof sampling system which, as far as value money goes, competes well with other ilarly priced offerings.
- Sound Master HB Marketing *£130 This Aegis offering is one of
the hardware software stereo mono sam systems available and
perhaps most ii tant of all it now comes with the Audiomaster
IV software.
B 3 I rrxfl The hardware includes a volume control, overload indicator, line and phone inputs.
Unit 3 Millmead Business Centre Millmead Road London N17 9QU Tel: 081 365 1151 Fax: 081 885 1953 E GASTEINER ICD POWER 256 Greyscale Scanners Amiga Shopper best buy Total solution for scanning A4 images Features :• True greyscales, 100*400 dpi, 105mm head, OCR option Top quality hardware with the latest version of software from digraph. Allows real time scanning, provides powerful editing painting features. Compatible (importsfcxporls) FFJMG.PCX JFF and MACRMfiT formaU.Compatibfc wrth all Amiga’s A$ 00,A500+,A600,A1500,A2000,A2500 and A3000 _ , .. _ . .
Touch IJP , Merge It and Special Touch UP and Merge It Software OCR software.
Full OCR Version Software Available £165.00 Minmum system requirement 2Mb RAM, and a Hard £119.95 Disk £199.00 J Trackballs GOLD AWARD WINNER IN ST FORMAT 92% Stylish three button trackballs, with third button supporting auto fire and drag and hold ST REVIEW 91% With two colour shining Crystal Ball £34.95 £29.95 Auto Mouse Jostick Switch ?
St Format 78% Automatic Switcher between two input devices with a click of a button.
E. g. mouse mouse, mouse joystick, joystick tslick.
IMa Mega Mouse GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 90% A 290 dpi high resolution Opto-Mechanical Mouse.
Top quality construction ensures rapid and smooth movement, with micro switch buttons.
Mouse with hard mat and mouse holder Mouse only £14.95 Cordless Infrared Mouse Optical Pen Mouse Golden Image Mouse with Mat Optical Mouse GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 90% 4 W £ 13.95 uuu'IMAt.t: Golden Image Optical Mouse - £23*95 St Format 81% Cu Amiga 79% Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless micro switch buttons. Fast, smooth and reliable.
New Golden Image Gasteiner Mkll 400 Dpi Made in Japan Mouse £14.95 Cu Amiga 81% Remote cootrol mouse, long working distance.
Loog life rechargeable battery. 260 dpi.
Includes Hard Mouse Mai A stylish Pen Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement.
Micro switch buttoos.ldeal for DTP.artwork.etc Includes Optical Pad Includes Optical Mouse Pad and Holder ESEE9 £45.00 £26.00 COMPUTERS AMIGA 600 ’£329.99 AMIGA 600 2MB £.379*99 AMIGA 1200 £379.99 Hard Drives A500 A500+ 40 Mb Ram Upgradeable upto 8meg £259*00 85 Mb Ram Upgradeable upto 8meg £529.00 120 Mb Ram Upgradeable upto 8meg £549.00 A1500 A2000
• 10 Mb Ram Upgradeable upto 8meg £249.00 85 Mb Ram Upgradeable
upto 8meg £519.00 120Mb Ram Upgradeable upto Hmeg £339.00
£49.00 £4100 £2100 £ 39.00 £ 14.95 £ 9 ,95 £ 54.95 £49.00 £2100
£12900 £95.00 1 Mb RAM with (lock AW0 1Mb RAM without dock A600
512k RAM with dock A500 ImbRAM far A500+ Kidcrtart Swilrfi
Bootwlectcr Saritefi Power Simply fcr A 500 15" External Drive
1Mb Simms 2-8 Mb RAM for A2000A1500 farcr ScMMf Hard Drive For
600 1200 65Mb 2Vj" IDE HD £210.00 80Mb 2' i* IDE HD £310.00
120Mb 2' " IDE HD £400.00 Please add £3.50 postage and packing
to all orders under £100.00 and Orders over £100.00 add £5.00
postage and packing. COURIER CHARGE £10.00. AD pricca include
CoALrirua. AooepU. PtufnanU by Vao, Aooca ChntfuA ot poftLol ofcdc*.
E. &. O. E. PvkxA fedgoot t& change wfehaul nation Coed* Aalgooi
i» m alnUUty. Qpooifiocdjsfi AulgMt. Ia flhnrvgci ufthauL
Sound Trap 3 Omega Projects • £130 This is a popular budget mono digitiser hose hardware includes a parallel port ss-throogh connector (so you don't have to unplug it to use your printer).
Sound Trap comes with its own software ost serious users prefer to use it with es like AudioMaster.
Ereo Master • Microdeal • £40 is is a budget-priced stereo mono sam- ng package which includes both hardware and software. Signal input, incidentally, is via a 3.5mm stereo jack pocket rather than the separate phono con- tors used by most sampling hardware.
Stereo Master offers the same basic types of facilities, quality, and ease-of-use as roducts such as TechnoSound Turbo.
Stereo Sampler 2 • Trilogic • £38 ie digitising hardware but can be sup- th a variety of different sample edit- i are. With Audition 4 for example ckage costs £69.99 and this is quite a ful, and cost-effective, combination.
At the higher end of the market non-professional users, Amiga samplers ave caught on in a big way, but there is no doubt that the 8-bit amplitude limitation has severely limited professional and i-professional interest in Amiga comparison, CD sampling uses a ing rate of 44.1kHz and 16-bit ampli- resolution.
Is only comparatively recently that her amplitude resolution digitiser units have been announced foi the Amiga but already there are three units to choose from.
Sampling tips and tricks AD1012 SunRize Board HB Marketing • £470 The AD1012 audio card fits inside the A2000 A3000 Amiga series and adds 12-bit digitising and SMRTE facilities to the system.
It comes complete with SunRize's Studio 16 recording and editing software and this can record and playback directly from disk.
You need a hard disk system with a fast drive to get the best out of this digitiser and if you are thinking of intensive use with an A200Q machine you are likely to find you'll need a 68030 accelerator card as well!
Clarity 16* Microdeal* £150 This is the first low-cost hardware and software stereo 16-bit sampler to be produced for the Amiga and it's due out any time.
If it lives up to the press releases it is going to be a winner because not only will it offer a 16-bit system that can sample at up to CD rates (44.1kHz) but the software can convert between 8-bit and 16-bit formats so you'll still have IFF 8SVX support as well as 16-bit file format support.
Samples will be able to be played both through the stereo 16-bit cartridge output and through the Amiga's standard output channels.
The hardware includes an integral Midi interface and the software will provide a sample sequencer and options for using the Amiga as a sample-based Midi sound expander.
AD516 SunRize Board HB Marketing • Price: TBA This is a 16-bit hardware sampling board with software and a specification that is going to attract professional audio-visual users. It seems as though it is a rename for a board originally announced - some six months ago or so - as the SunRize ADI 016. The AD516 hasn't arrived in the UK yet but there is little doubt that when it does it is going to have a price tag much higher than the AD1012 board - prices of around £800 have been suggested!
Conclusion All the 8-bit digitisers tested behaved extremely well when presented with suitable signals. With the more expensive packages you get things like input level control, Midi connections, printer through ports and so on, but whether these things are important, and worth the extra cost, depends very much on your particular needs. If for instance you are a musician hi-fi freak who already hi mixing desk then you will not particul need a digitiser with input level contra If on the Other hand you want to fl pie voices using a microphone or 54 other non-adjustable audio outp but have no
external way of alter signal levels, then you will neet digitiser whose input levels can adjusted.
It's quite clear that quality-wise i Audio Engineer Plus comes out on l but as far as digitising hardware is a cerned the new Crystal Sound unit also made a very good impression. I the software front it is AudioMaster which is essentially the Audio Engin software, that steals the show.
There are now a lot of fairly cN hardware software entry-level digitdj packages around but TechnoSod Turbo is quite a reasonable choice fori first time buyer, W The key to good sampling is lo get a good input signal to start with. Where possible this means sampling directly from source rather than using a microphone.
The object of the exercise is to avoid clipping but still ensure that a strong, clear signal Is provided to the digitiser. The cheaper samplers will not have signal controls on them so it's necessary to adjust the volume of the actual source being used.
Some people find that a small hi-fi quality mixer can provide so much control over signal gain equalisation that coupled with good quality leads even the lower priced samplers pro duce results that come near to the top of the range samplers Remember also that for song creation it is not always neces sary to create single note sound samples. Suppose for instance that you want to create a drum part consisting of bass drum,
* J snare, open and closed hi hats - with perhaps a couple of tom
tom drums thrown in.
JJM One approach is to program a Midi drum machine to play
* the drum part and then sample one bar of it. Nowadays most I
drum machines use high quality sampled drum sounds and sampling
a pattern being played by a drum machine is a good way to get a
good quality drum track laid down with the mini mum of effort.
This approach has a number of benefits espe Cialfy when tracker
programs are being used the drum track becomes ridiculously
simple because only one single note and one voice (the sampled
drum track) per bar is needed to reproduce the drum pattern no
matter how complex the original part was.
You do of course have to take care with timing issues so that the drum part properly synchronises to the tracks which will contain the other song data but as always practice makes perfect and once you've got a suitable drum part you can of course re-use it to your hearts content Another space effort saver is to sample chords instead of notes because again this allows a chord backing track to be created by entering just single notes.
Don't forget that your samples and music will sound much better if you use external speakers rather than those present in your Amiga monitor There are plenty of reasonably priced amplifier and speaker systems available and if it is physically convenient you can even use your hi-fi system.
Sound enhancers, units that boost particular audio frequen cies, are also available and these can sometimes dramatically improve the quality of the Amiga s audio output.
Suppliers Amiganuls United Fax: 0703 78568- BlitSoft Tel: 0908 666265 Datel Electronics Tel: 0782744324 f irecrest Distribution Tel: 0873 8500.
Gajits Musk Software Tel: 061-236 25 HB Marketing Tel: 0753 686000 Microdeal Tel: 0726 68020 New Dimensions Tel: 0291 690933 Omega Projects Tel: 0942 682203 Power Computing Tel: 0234 84338 PD Direct Tel: 0782 715255 Silica Systems Tel: 081 -309 1111 Trilogic Tel: 0274 691115 Walk About Music Tel: 072681 380 MMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CUMANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE Disks & Ac ftwa KETTERING a £299.99 ..£10.99 £24.99 ..£44.99 £43.99 % DITION MPUTERS TED i A500 Keyboard .£4.99 A600 Keyboard .£4.99
1500 2000 Two Part Cover £8.99 120D Printer ....£4.99 Swift 9 24 124D ......£4.99 lore Monitor .....£4.99 lie KXP1124 1170 ...£4.99 Monitor Mkll ...£4.99 10 Printer ..... £4.99 LC200 Printer ......£4.99
1. ( 24 200
Printer .£4.99
Control Center.
Monitor .£8.99
1. Control Center. Monitor »,
Control Center, Monitor ..... DISK
• Top 10
box ..£0.99
'Top 25
box ..£2.99
apacity .....£3.99
ity .....£5.99 1 Capacity,
Draw Type, vackable ..£12.99
IAL OFFER I hsks in 40 box.. .,,,£14.99 Disks in 80
box ......£29.99
BOX - Drawer Type 150
Disks ..£16.45
ir Labels . 60 for £1.00
......200 Tor
Quality Soft £2.99 ck Mouse Auto Switch
i your Modulator falling out- Plugs into the itor Port and
Modulator on A500 & A500 Plus and the Modulator to sit along
the hack of the Amiga of projecting. Approx 12 ' cable length
£10.99 CTER STAND - Fits any
printer .....£7.99 ’EY - Mouse Drawing Aid.
Attaches simply to the of Mouse and features precision moulded
crosshairs ible you to trace any picture into your graphics
PHILIPS CM8833 MK II Colour Monitor High Resolution Twin
Speaker Stereo complete with one yoar onsite warranty with
FREE Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 game £229.99 IODORE
1084S - High Resolution Colour Monitor i Speaker Stereo
including leads .. iHA MOUSE FREE Mouse Mat, FREE
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• LACEMENT INTERNAL DISK DRIVE 1 fitting with full
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100 Disks.
200 Disks.
LM EXPANSIONS 1512K Ram Expansion ..£25.99 Plus 1Mb Ram Expansion .£44.99 1Mb Ram Expansion, ...... ,£44-99 ILLY GUARANTEED Ll-K DOUBLE DENSITY DISKS CERTIFIED SUPPLIED WITH LABELS- SE PHONE FOR I*ATE8T PRICES FREE WITH ALL OUR PRINTERS, EXCLUSIVE PRINTER STARTER KIT Comprising: 200 Sheets Quality Paper 200 Sheets Continuous Paper 200 Tractor Feed Address Labels
1. 2m Printer Cable Special Amiga Driven; Disk FREE - Next
Jet .....£249.99 Citizen
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Citizen Swift 9
Colour .. £199.99
Citizen Swift 240 C Colour
- ..: £279.99 Citizen 200
Colour .
£219.99 Star LC20
.£139.99 Star LC100
Colour__________________________________________£ 169.99 Star
LC24 200
Colour ...£269.99
LX400 £139.99
LQ100 £229.99
Ribbons ...from
£3.99 Ink Jet Cartridges Refills for all models from £14.99
AMIGA A600 New compact design - Kickstart Workbench 2.05,
3. 5" disk drive & IDE hard Disk controller built in TV
modulator, composite video output, smart card Slot, 2
joystick mouse ports. Prices include one year on-site
maintenance for in-home service and FRF.E NEXT DAY DELIVERY
AMIGA A600 HOME OFFICE PACK The perfect all-in package for
your home or business.
Commodore Amiga A600 complete with Wordprocessor.
50,000 word spell checker, database, spreadsheet, disk manager and graphics.
Including next day delivery . AUDITION COMPUTERS LIMITED Dept AMC, 3 Station Road, Kettering, Northants NN15 7HH Tel: 0S36 414892. Out of Hours 0780 720531 NEW AMIGA 1200 Fast 68020 32-Bit processor running at 14.19MHz. New double AA graphics chip set and 16.8 million colours. 20mb Chip Ram.
Disk Drive, PSU. Mouse. New Workbench 3.0 ......£379.99 AMIGA A500 PLUS CARTOON CLASSICS PACK We have limited stocks of the much sought after Cartoon Classics pack incorporating Deluxe Paint III, Lemmings. Bart Simpson and Captain Planet in addition to the superb Amiga A500 Plua .. AMIGA A600 BASIC PACK .... Amiga A600 Basic Pack inc 20MB Hard Drive £429.99 Special Package Price .....£379.99 Printers AMIGA A600 WILD, WEIRD & WICKED PACK As Basic Pack plus FREE 3 game pack including Grand Prix by Microprose,
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Manufactured by Premier Micros from Sheet Steel with welded seams and Epoxy Coated to colour match the Amiga. Precision made to fit over the back of the Amiga to make a perfect platform for a monitor, improve the looka of the Amiga and provide space for second drive etc A500 A500 Plus Model ......£39.95 A600 Model ......£34.95 A1200 Model .....£39.95 ...£14.49 The Spanish Tutor . ......£14.49 Maths
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.£14.99 Tdtphov «4rect to M ntal order hoSr*. A1 mipf credit art JcapM Qmtr yaw numto rd wpry Saif dn rtnwUf- S«td Jl to*K fdffWU fflSK 16 AuMiW Cyrputtfi Umttd Vuth onto 3ease and your run*. Jddreu sx myjre tfcphone unto. Akrq with your tkUfed onto nuurtmtnB. Goods wil fee m By pest tat (hrgt jft*t cheaut d»«f.
« our pnees mcLde itamjjrd ctekvecy on si ordm over £ 15 00 Nr it Wotoig Cay Drhtry orty (2.50 e*l on Jl ordm tmr (100 00.
Swttdi C»d» W«kom* All our prtctt Indudt VAT.
Fact File Data Disk for Answer Back All at £7.99 each 20th Cent History, General Science, Jnr Gen Know, Snr Gen Know. English Words, Spelling (6-11), Natural History, Know England, World Geography, Sport, Super Sport, Arithmetic (6-11), Assoc. Football, First Aid etc. The French Mistress ..£14.49 Fun School 3 - Under 5 ......£15.45 Fun School 3 - 5 to 7 Years ...£15.45 Fun School 3-7 and Oyer £15.45 Fun School 4 - Under
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III. This video shows you how to design and execute your own
Animations, Titles and so much more in a Step-by-Step,
Easy-to-Foilow way. I Running time: nearly 3 hours!!)
Repair price examples: Board Repairs from £13.50; Disc Drive Replaced £59.95: Replacement Keyboard £59.95 All Spares Prices include next day delivery Visa Order Hotline Open from 9am-9pm 7 days a week We specialise in all cables for the Amiga range We will collect from your door today! (if advised before 2pm & in (JK mainland) Free Fitting on all Upgrades. ROMS & ROM Switchers!!
V, Meg Exp no Clock £19 96 V, Meg Exp with Clock.....E24.95
500. Exp SIMMS Type £29,95 External Onve 159.95
Keyboard ROM Sharer £24.95 Fatter
Agnus ...£39.96 Super Dense
......£29.95 Power Supply .£39.96
intD'Dttve ..£49.95
1. 3K S Rom ...£2995 HighpowerPSU .145.00
Gary _______ .£1600 Denise ..128.00
PauM .£25.00
68000 . .....£15.00 2 04
ROM .,,.,.£2955 8520
CIA ..£13.96 A600 Internal HO Cable.
ORDERS £ ENQUIRIES TEL SOUTHEND ON-SEA 0702207593 (9am-9pm) TECHNICAL HELPUNE TEL. SOUTHEND-ON-SEA 0702207274 (9am-6pm Mon-Fri) CALLERS WELCOME iMonFri 9am-6pm & Sat Iqam-2pm) TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME. CALL FOR OUR FREE DEALER PACK Get on the BALL, with the Best AMIGA Graphics Software.
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Pack .- . 329.00 U CDW Dynamic Total Vrtidh .379.00 Jt CDTV Multimedia PacK t Free Software Pack ... 489.00 hi GVP 8Mb FIAM Board tor A2000 Pop 2 4-6.8Mb .139-195-251 -307 I A600 Smartcard FASTRAM 2-4Mb .129.199 Amiga 600 Pack 1 Wild, Weird & Wicked Pack £339 Push Over + Grand
Prix + Putty + Dpaint 111+ Space Ace + Kickoff 2 Pipemania + Populous + Carry Case + T-Shirt Mouse + TV Lead + Workbench + Manuals L A2000SX 25MHi 386SX Bndgoboard (NEW) ..PHONE W PRINTERS ft& Star LC 20 12900 fl Star LC-100Colour (NEW) ......169.00 L Stat LC-200
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Display Enhancer ...(p&p £2) 219.00 ft KCS PC Board for A500A500P .... (p&p £2) 179 179 m KCS PC Board lor A600 ....(p&p £2) 199.00 I CHIPS M Kickstart V2.04 ROM tor A5002000 .(FREE p&p) 35.00 El Kickstart VI .3 ROM lor A500-2000 ..FREE pftp) 25 00 U Super Denise 8373 (For New Graphics Modes)
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Mastering Amiga Workbench 2 SAVE £4 £15.95 Ideal follow-on title to Mastering Amiga Beginners Daytime phone Name Address PRINTERS spi.vi; g MONITORS STAR PHOENIX MANSION EMULATORS m EMULAT0RS 1500 2000-3000 3000T ___EHHHJ Vortex 'GOLDEN GATE' £419.99 This emulator is the ultimate bridge between PC AT platforms and the Amiga. If you think this is for you. Cross to page three for specification 15 Tr [rail Blazers' section!
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2. 04 Workbench Includes; Deluxe Paint 3, Platinum Works. Home
Accounts, Toki, Puzznic, x Elf, Amiga Format Book and Joystick
16MHz .....£239.99 KCS Powerboard (with dos
4Ai).. ...f 199.99 KCS Powerboard .
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£59.99 Vortex A Tonce Plus 286 U6MHzl£214.99 Features Include:
68040 32 Bit Processor running at 25 Mhz (upgradable) • New
Double AA chipset with 16.8 million colours • high density
1.44 Mb floppy • 120 Nb IDE hard drive • New Workbench 3 AMIGA
4000 . £2,229.00 A 4000 with 40 240 425 Mb Hard
Drive £P0 A EPIC’LANGUAGE PACK' 1 Mb A 600 as standard
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titles; Deluxe Paint III • Trivial Pursuit • Epic • M th •
Rome Phoenix Price Only £484.99!
A 600 2Mb+20 Mb Hard Drive ...£524.99 room wcride sfi* toon dMaiM rotowwf THE WILD, THE WEIRD & THE WICKED' 1 Mb A 600 as standard and includes the excetent value Software tries; Deluxe Paint III • Formula One Grand Pro • Phoenix Price Only... .... £339.99!
A 600 2Mb Imcl. Above software).... £379.99 a 6oo £274.99 a 6oo hd mum £429.99 A 600 2Mb .£314.99 A 600 HD 2Mb ....£469.99 Phoenix PA 601-populated-IMb £44.99 Phoenix PA 601-unpopulated-0Mb...£z'.4 99 Phoenix A 600 ROM Sharer £29.99 Keyboard switchabtol double ’AA' graphics chip set • 256 colours on screen from a 16.8 million colour palette • Full Amiga Key board (with Alpha numeric key pad) • CPU local BUS slot, (card edge). TQ7Q QQ Phoenix Price Only .. (expandable to 10 Mb using 4Mb fast memory PC MCIA cards and 4
Mb 32-bit RAM in CPU slot) New The stand-alone A 600 is compact, semi portable, fully featured and can be purchased in the following configurations: 68020 Processor Running at 14 Mhz 2Mb Chip RAM RAM EXPANSIO NEW PACKS AMIGA 1500 AMIGA 4000 GVP IMPACT SERIES II Hard Drives, the fastest Hard Drive Controller for the Amiga.
Features Game Switch, external SCSI port.
FAAASTR0M SCSI Driver. GVP's custom VLSI chip and internal RAM expansion up to 8 meg!
Units use high specification fast-access QUANTUM Hard Drives coming with 2 yr. Guarantee.
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The incredible speed of 32-Bit technology at a price g ?.
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Final Copy D is so easy to learn and you’ll become an accomplished time at all - but if you need extra not on your own as our support hotline fa all UK version users. Look out fa logo on the box!
Inal Copy II encompasses a whole range of other advanced features, here's just a selection: m m Jii Ezra Surf's Postbag Got something to say through the pages of AC? Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to sitting in a corner reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication.
Drop him a line at: Ezra Surfs Postbag, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Pork, Macclesfield SKI0 4NP.
Please don't enclose saes as Ezra just has- n't got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don't be offended if you end up getting the chop.
Calling Croatia
• think* it's needless to say that you are the best Amiga
magazine in the world (needless? Say it all you like! - Ed).
I have written to you once again about piracy, and this time I'm sending you some names and addresses of pirates all over Europe.
I would like a reward from FAST, and if they'd send me what I'm asking I'll send another 20 addresses of English pirates for I would like to inform them and to give to them these addresses and details of «hat I'm asking for.
Michael Arvanitis, Piraeus, Greece The sealed paper you included with your ktter has been passed to Bob Hay at FAST, but don't be surprised if the people named mthin it are not arrested at once.
FAST receives a great many phone calls and letters concerning pirates and alleged pirates, but have resources to follow up only those for which there is evidence or a Ekely chance of successful prosecution If tour letter to FAST contains simply a list of and addresses, it Is unlikely to result My name is Matija Babic and I live in Croatia. This year, I finished my classes, and now I'm going to high school for Computers. One of my English friends sent me your very best magazine, Amiga Computing, but I don't have money to buy it.
Please, if you can, send me some pictures and text from your new issue. I really love the Amiga, but I have a C64, so I hope that if I can't play on an Amiga, at least I can read about it.
I hope I didn't lake much of your bme. Thanks in advance for help. Sorry for my English, but they don't teach it m schools - all I know is from games and television.
Matija Babic, Zagreb tour English, if learned from TV and in the prosecution of those you consider to be pirates.
However, if you supply FAST with pirated software and proof of its purchase, or some other solid evidence of piracy connected to an identifiable individual, they will act at once.
Your concern and willingness to act is greatly appreciated, and we urge you fo keep up the good work.
It's a giveaway As an Amiga owner of a few years now, I have collected a wide range of PD software, and although I only recently started teaching myself to program the computer, I have now written a public domain program. The problem is I now realise I haven't a clue how to release it.
Please print an answer to my question, as there is no program of its kind, and I think it will benefit a number of Amiga owners.
Chris Dobson, Bingley Releasing a PD program is as simple as appending some documents to it stating your intention that it be PD, then sending games, is startlingly good, and not something you should apologise for. We are pleased to help you, and a copy of the December issue is in the post as I type.
Now it's the turn of our regular readers! Your full address is printed below in the hope that Some of Our helpful Amiga enthusiasts will send back issues so that you can read to your heart's content.
If this helps your linguistic progress, so much the better.
Matija Babic Aleja Partizanskih Pilota 5 41010 Novi, Zagreb, Croatia OK, folks, get those seasonal hats on and send Matija some pressies.
The disk to a number of PD libraries or uploading it to a few bulletin boards.
If you wish to retain copyright of your program to stop commercial software authors using the idea to moke money, say so in the documents.
As soon os you write and publish something, be it a program or a piece of text, it is your artistic copyright, so don't worry about the legal aspects.
If you wish the program to be shareware, state so in your documents and provide information on what donation to make, how to register, and where to send the registration fee.
A good bet if you're unsure about how to do this is to study the documents attached to many of the programs on the Amiga Computing CoverDisk, as these are often written and distributed by experienced shareware authors.
C Compendium I am learning the C programming language, and find your Almanac programming column very interesting. What would be even more useful is a compilation of all the programming features ever published in AC.
I'm sure I'm not the only person stuck with books that don't even mention sprites or sound or IFF picture files.
By the way, a note to anyone starting C - NorthC from Amiganuts United is an excellent, easy to use compiler, complete with editor. I highly recommend it.
And finally, has anyone else had trouble with the CLI command Install? The common "Install Drive DFO:" asks for Workbench, loads the command, then tries to install Workbench!
After hours of thinking, I came up with the solution. Copy the command to RAM and use it from there.
Richard Wilson, Newton-on-Ouse Thanks for the tip, though if you'd followed our beginners' column early in 1992, you wouldn't have had to sit for hours working it out.
Having said that, the best way to learn is to ftgure something out for yourself, so I have just purchased a CDTV after selling my A500 Plus, so you could imagine my apprehension and the niggly doubts about whether I was doing the right thing. Well, readers, CDTV is fandabulous.
It is far more compatible with floppy-based programs than my A500 Plus, and yeah it's a Workbench 1.3 machine, but what programs came out to utilise the Plus's extra capabilities except a few hacks?
Even if CD programs never take off, it's not a bum deal. CDTV is a very high quality audio CD which would cost you an arm and a leg. It has remote control and plays CD+C. What audio player can say as much?
Also, it's an Amiga in a very tidy box with an internal fan to keep it cool. Best of all, I have the entire Fred Fish PD library on one CD, and all this for less than a return to Madrid for two.
Wait for the day when Monkey Island 3 or Eye of the Beholder 3 arrives on a single CD rather than a van load of disks. Think about it.
5 Wilkinson, Bedford Hmm ... I can't help wondering from the number of recent CDTV plugs if an internal Commodore memo might not have circulated to the effect that all employees were expected to write to Amiga magazines and extol the virtues of CDTV.
Joking aside, everything you say about CDTV is true, and doubly so since the price drop last month. The only worry I have at the moment is that at the recent Amiga show in London, many software houses were present, but only a few were demonstrating even demos on the machine, let alone CDTV-specific titles.
Let s hope this situation improves.
Not a bum deal Letters Reply service would result in the user buying a different piece of software.
Richard Borrett, Wellingborough To be fair, the problem of large-scale professional piracy is rife in the cartridge industry, though home copying is of course impossible without specialist equipment. This is not the reason for high cartridge prices, however.
Console games are often sold at ridiculous prices because many contain, in effect, up to 6Mb of RAM. In addition, the consoles themselves are sold with very small profit margins, and you will find that the major manufacturers make most of their money from cartridge sales.
What will be o more accurate measure of industry claims about piracy will be the expected CD-ROM explosion. If CD-based titles sell for the same price as floppy-based games once the market begins to expand, the piracy argument will be scotched and the industry's cynical profit-making exposed.
Short and sweet Value for money is, I suppose, a personal thing, but after some more than favourable write-ups I set forth and spent more than £20 on Lure of the Temptress, then sat down ready to witness those comments over weeks of puzzle solving.
After two evenings, I was in a state of shock to wander into a location and find it was the end sequence. Being new to computing and a novice at adventures, I couldn't see how hardened gamers, including yourselves, would find this the least bit taxing.
Don't get me wrong, I agree with all that was said about the game, it's just that there's not enough of it compared to Bloodwych, an old game that took me I am writing to convey an idea I haw on improving your already excellent magazine. A common feature I find m most magazines of this genre is the statement "no SAEs please" on each of the letters pages.
To merit a statement in print I suspect this is a regular occurrence. This suggests, does it not, that if such a service was provided it would be popular with the readership.
I hope that this letter will achieve, at least, a question on this issue in your next reader survey or, more optimistically, a trial period whereby readers queries and problems can be answered in return for an SAE.
Philip Bitis, London Sorry to disappoint you, Phil, but if wt were to offer such a service, we would spend so much time answering letters that we'd never produce another issue of the mogazine.
There are so many hundreds of let ters that we’d either have to spend of our time, as it would be impossible to employ people for the job.
Replies in the Ezra column, whether in person or in print, are statements direct from the magazine to the read ets, and as such have to be written by Ezra (me!). Sorry, but there you have it.
Months with no disk swapping at all.
Where is the value for money? F me, VFM is a game like Monkey Island 2 or Bloodwych, or any game that takes a lot of time to finish and gets you think*] ing.
Graphics, though nice, are nothing] without gameplay, and I suspect aBj Lure's disk space was taken up by graph*] ks and sprites.
All said, I enjoyed what there was.
And think this game could have hidden value in that it could be a good intro* duction to adventures for children. I'd: buy a sequel providing there was more to it, but that would require a full no stones unturned review.
Anthony Blackhurst, Ah ... urn ... slight problem here. The Corner guys are a dedicated lot and do their best to give each and every game o right good hammering.
However, there are occasions when perhaps they don’t have time to complete a gome or - rarely - haven't the ability to finish it.
They usually make an effort to point out where a game will have less lasting appeal than others, but it isn't always possible. Rest assured we'll be looking long and hard at any new graphic adventures with value for money in mind.
P Mellon, Bournemouth The Star Wars games were produced by Domark (081-760 2222), then released in compilation form some years later, Whether or not they are now delisted I don't know, though I suspect they are.
Try Domark, and if they can't supply you with the games, place an ad in our classifieds section. One of our readers may be prepared to send you the disks or do a swap, you never know, Piracy excuse How can companies say piracy leads to higher prices? Just look at the prices for the uncopyable console games. Imagine paying £35 for a game which has the same graphics, sound, and playability as a C64.
If piracy was stopped, it would not result in more games being sold because nobody would have more money to buy the extra games.
You could say someone will not buy an original product if they have access to the pirated version, but this would not hurt the industry as the money saved thing we've thought about in the past ond decided against because we felt there was not enough interest.
However, if enough beginning coders were to request such a booklet, we might be tempted.
Star search Each month I purchase a copy of Amiga Computing for my daughters, and more often than not I find myself in the position of hogging not only the magazine but the computer for many hours.
I began, after a period of time, to remi* nisce about my misspent youth sat in a Star Wars simulator game down at the local amusement arcade happily playing away until all my pocket money was spent.
Anyway, enough bout my past, as the wife would say, I need help and plenty of it Over the past three months I have tried to no avail all possible avenues available to me to find and purchase the Star Wars Trilogy game, but I have often drawn a complete blank. Using your many contacts, could you please help me with my dilemma and find a copy of this game so that I can Suffering from archive agony?
Chap! Keep on telling your customers to get themselves a proper killer.
Chris Shea, Swansea Thanks for the testimonial, Chris. Clad you like the magazine, and hope you continue to do so for a long time.
As for the archiving debate, we kept well dear of the technique for three years because we thought it might cause problems, and it turns out we were right.
However, our techie bods are on the case and they assure me that all future archives will be fine.
One small problem remains in that Kickstart 2.04 has a bug when formatting a disk in the internal drive. If the disk you booted from is write-protected, every disk you try to format from that disk will appear as if it is write protected, regardless of the position of the protect tab.
This is Commodore's fault and it is a widely documented bug recently fixed with Kickstart 2.05. All those A500 Plus owners out there who have had problems should simply write-enable the CoverDisk, re boot, and de-archive from there. Problem solved.
Concerning the few, and I should imagine it's just a few, AC readers complaining about the archiving process on the last few CoverDisks, one letter in ESP complains about PD disks not being full, yet the AC disks are crammed to the top. I know which I'd rather have.
As long as the directions on these disks are clear and workable, I think I'd much rather have my AC disks. Put them all in the melting pot, l say!
I know the Quadrix game didn't de-archive on my WB1.3 machine, but it's working now, and it's nice to watch what's happening when one archives a program.
Sorry to have to say this, but your Home Accounts disk had a little bug in it. The archive calls for Home Accounts2, but the disk has the name HomeAccounts2. Your customers will have to rename the disk from Workbench by putting a space between Home and Accounts.
I have had my Amiga and bought AMIGA Computing since June 1991, and in that time I've had no trouble except for Quadrix.
This includes no problem with viruses, missing disks or damaged disks. I have tried all the other dedicated Amiga mags, but this is the best. Oh, and keep on your soap box, Ezra old 66 Amiga Computing February 1993 LASER PRINTER jd PCL5 It R eoh UK Ltd is part of the worldwide Ricoh Group of companies. Originally established in Japan, in 1936. With a turnover of over S5 iirWon and 37,000 employees. Ricoh have been producing computers and peripherals since 1971 and are the world's second largest manufacturer of Laser Printer engines. Ricoh have employed their expertise to produce a first' in
laser printers for the world market the LP1200 with FLASH ROM.
Fully HP LaserJet III'* compatible, the LpliOO employs industry proven laser technology. Unlike LED page printers, which use light emitting diodes, the LP1200's laser lightsource, focussed by high quality lenses, is able to produce die most accurate and intense printed images. Its fast, efficient processor and engine, together with a straight paper path design, allows printing at a full 6 pages per minute. Unlike its competitors, the LP1200 can print an A4 page of graphics at 300dpi with its standard memory. Also. Ricoh's advanced laser engine enables the LP1200 to address a range of print
resolutions up to 400dpi. The standard 2Mb of RAM installed allows the LP1200 to print a full A4 page of text using standard internal resident fonts, or an A5 page of graphics, both at 400dpi. A FREE Windows driver supplied enables the Ricoh LP1200 to print a typical page of text at 400dpi from Windows 3 using the controller firmware currently installed on the printer and standard internal resident fonts, A 2Mb RAM upgrade (totat 4Mb RAM} is required to print an A4 page of graphics.
Again, unlike the competition, the LP1200 Includes a powerful document description language as standard. This language. ’LAYOUT.
Offers unique opportunities to develop custom-made printing systems. Forms and document templates can be designed and stored electronically In the LP1200S FLASH ROM. Alleviating the need for - pre-printed forms!
• PCL5 - At HP-GL 2 With scalable fqntf and vector graphics
• SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh FIAL (Fine Image Algonthm) enhances
• 400dpi RESOLUTION (Default res. - 300dpi. WtB address 200.240 &
• UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage
• 1C CARD SLOT For programmable FLASH ROM cards
• EXPANSION BOARD SLOT For improved connectivity eg. Coax Twmax.
PC-LAN etc
• LAYOUT Document Description Language » SERIAL + PARALLEL PORTS
YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY Next working day response Silica Systems
are pleased to introduce the revolutionary Ricoh LP1200. It has
all of the specifications that you would expect to see in
today's most technically advanced laser printers, plus a unique
additional feature which places it far ahead of the competition
- FLASH ROM. This 'Future Proof technology protects the
investment you make when you buy a Ricoh LP1200. As it enables
you to keep up to date with new laser firmware developments.
FLASH ROM is an area of memory inside the LP1200 which holds
the printer's controller instruction firmware. If new firmware
is developed, eg an update to the printer's command language,
it can be downloaded into this memory, Other manufacturers
would require you to buy a new printer! Fonts, macros, graphics
and additional emulations can also be stored in FLASH ROM. Or
on removable, industry standard FLASH ROM 1C cards. The new
Ricoh LP1200 is the only laser printer to offer this FLASH ROM
facility. The LP120O comes with a 100 sheet A4 paper tray
(letter and legal trays also available as extras) and the
facility to feed single sheets of paper and card up to 157gsm.
An optional extra universal feeder provides the facility to
automatically feed up to 150 sheets, from sizes of 98mm x 148mm
to 216mm x 356mm in size at weights of up to 158gsm. The
universal feeder also feeds up to 15 envelopes, overhead
transparencies and labels automatically.
6 PAGES PER MINUTE Using a straight paper path RICOH LP1200 AUGUST 92 COMPUTER SHOPPER I FLASH ROM UPGRADEABLE11 BEST BUY dpi A RAM - PPM 1-4 The Mewv Hitheriey M. Sxkuo Kent. 0A14 40X Tel: 081-309 1111 OU"______NO nil Nyt C»rre_*¦ W5 311301 MX 52 Tottnham CcuT Road London. W1P 0BA Tit 071-500 4000 A4 TEXT A5 GRAPHICS 8 400dpi • A4 GRAPHICS 8 300dpi A 2vr RAM UPGRAOE IS REQUIRED TO PRINT AN A4 PAGE OF GRAPHICS AT 40Odp» A OCTOBER 92 I 11 EDITOR’S UK CHOICE OCTOBER *92 SHOWN WITH UNIVERSAL FEEDER TOP TRAY (OPTIONAL EXTRA| The Ricoh LP1200 is a genuine laser printer and not an I LED printer.
Make sure you chttk Out the competition!
See how the Ricoh LP1200 compares CORPORATE SALES TEAM Tel: 081-308 0888 Fax: 081*3080608 to its Laser Printer Competitors EPSON HP L7JET M MAN IBM 4029 RICOH FEATURES EPI4100 HIP MT9W.
Model 010 LP1200 Average Street Price (end VAT) r.«.i.ii £569 £699 £694* C7S6 £699 0Hcal RRPIeul.VAT) W45 Cl.179 Cl .099 Cl.099 EI.19S Maximum resolution n dots per inch 300x300 300 x 300 300 x 300 303x300 400 x 400 Windoas 3 Drrrtf a 400 dpi , ' , -
- -- YES Stragnt Pacer Patti YES 4p|H ..... ..-5EP!?
YES PCI 5 Pnnter Command lanouaoe YES YES YES HP-DLtf Vector Graphics included YES YES YES YES Rwdlubon Improvement Enhancement YES YES YES YES YES Standard RAM 05Mb 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb 2Mb Full M’30Q dpi graphics with standard RAM - - YES Warm Up Time 45 secs 60 secs 60 secs 33 secs 45 secs First Page ot Text Output 20 secs 40 secs 34 secs 20 secs 15 secs Oocument Description Language included - - - - Yir Fash ROM - - - YES Upgradable Firm ware • - • • YES 1C Card Sot YES - - YES YES SmW; RtSkJem Foots - m HP U III ElftMten - 8 8 0 8 Resident Sit-Mapped Fonts It 14 14 16 14 AGFA inietlifont
Scalable Font Technology - YES - YES HP LaserJet III Emulallon Included - YES YES YES EPSON FX Emulation Included YES - YES YES IBM ProPrtMcr Emulation included • • YES • YES Standard Tray capacity 100 70 100 200 too Protective cover on standard tray YES • YES YES YES Cost per cop- * * 1 65p
2. 00p 1 7tp : R:, 165p
• An-Max Paper Weignt in gsm 60-157 60-106 60-120 60-131 60-157
Abie to print on ClHP Film YES YES YES YES YES ASH to print 6i
card l IS7gsm - Manual Feodi YES - - YES Standby Kotw Level
40dB 31 7dB 3508 38 08 38dB Printing -Ngi» iMl 5006 43 336
46dB 50 dB 48dB 1 Consumables + Accessories COM VWOOUCT Cafi
7500 CsWo for PCTST Amiga KIT 5200 L8MiSt*1«r UincC«00 LAA
5238 Unvwttl Feeder (2nd Tiayl LAA 5282 2Mb RAM Module LAA 5210
DevBlopar.Tww Cartridge LAA 5225 OPC Cwtndge Drum} .....
LAA 5334 Letter Paper Tray (100 She**) LAA 5323 Legal Papar
fray (100 Sheets) LAA 5312 A4P«wr Tray (100 Shtettl CALL FOR A
FULL PRICE LIST Mice £acVAT . £84?
£1250 £10000 £14900 £6500 £8900 £3500 £3500 £3500 SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On 49 hj dware orders shooed w the UK mainland TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE Team ot technical expert! A! Your service PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a ‘Same product • Same pr.ee- basis ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional computer sales ti2 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 start): Solid, reliable and profitable BUSINESS • EDUCATION • GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts availatte 081-308 0888.
SHOWROOMS Demonstration and training taciMiw at ot* London & Sticup Branches THE FULL STOCK RANGE All ot your requirements trom one supplier FREE CA TALOGUES Will be mailed to you with afters + soUwaro and peripheral detete PAYMENT Major cretM cards, cash, cheque or monthly terms decide when to buy your new laser printer we suggest you Ihifik v*fy Carifutly Abdul ' you buy it. Constoer what d will be like a few months aflor you have made your purchase, when «y require additional peripherals or consumables, or Help and advice vwth your new purchase ill the company you buy Irom contact you with
details of new products? At Silca Systems, we that you wii haw nothing lo wony about We have been established lor aanoa 14 years and.
I our unrivaled experience and expertise we can now claim to meet our customers requirements i an understanding which «s second to none But donr just take our word for it. Complete and return i coupon now tor our latest FREE literature and begin to experience the "Slice Systems Sennce’ M The rypieney Rfl. Sfdcup, ton. 0ft14 4QX Tel; 081-302 0011 ixt* ______ us wgw faw - rB no o»i-xe ooi?
Hign Street. Scutnend-on-Sea Essex. SS1ILA Tel: 0702462426 3pww|HBn Mun*i »Set00 4OCXn No Ute Opwwg Fli No 07(946063 SIDCUP SHOP: ESSEX SHOP: W0d« 4DX~ To: Silica Systems. AMCOM-0293-75.1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kent. DAM PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON THE RICOH LP1200 Surname: Mr Mrs'Missi'Ma: Initials:...... Company Name (it applicable): Address: .... MAIL ORDER HOTLINE SILICA SYSTEMS il 081-309 1111 Postcode: ... Tef (Home): _________ Tef (Work): ...
Which computers), if any, do you own? ....7SL E&QE Nmcum pncM and ipcolcAxrs may charge pi«*m r«um re Muwn to* re oiwt n'yrai* ONLY £254.95 Above with 2Mb Ram £279.95 AMIGA A600FD AMIGA A500 PLUS AMIGA 1500 3 ¦ MONITORS 1Mb A500 version 2.04 complete with leads, p.s.u. etc. Latest 1Mb 2.04 version complete with mouse, leads, etc. (requires H GOLDSTAR 14" modulator for TV use) TV Monitor complete with remote control & sleeptimer 1Mb MOO complete with leads, p.s.u. etc. PLUS 1 YEARS ON SITE MAINTENANCE ONLY £254.95
Above with 2Mb Ram iE*Hrogp*ciw jedod j £284-95 THE WILD, THE WEIRD & THE WICKED A600 Value Pack from Commodore includes Deluxe Paint III, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Putty and Pushover PLUS 1 YEARS ON SITE MAINTENANCE ONLY £309.95 Above with 2Mb Ram kpanwyi includes dock) £339.95 AMIGA A600 HD 1Mb A600 with 20Mb Hard Drive.
PLUS 1 YEARS ON SITE MAINTENANCE ONLY £424.95 Above with 2Mb Ram £454.95 EPIC LANGUAGE PACK A600HD Value Pack from Commodore includes Deluxe Paint III, Epic, Myth, Rome and Trivial Pursuit PLUS 1 YEARS ON SITE MAINTENANCE ONLY £439.95 Above with 2Mb Ram (Expansion include* dock) £469.95 A600 80Mb HD PACK DYNAMITE EXCLUSIVE 1Mb A600 with built-in 80Mb Hard Drive. Complete with leads, etc. ONLY £499.95 Above with 2Mb Ram (Expansion include* dock) £529.95 ONLY £479*95 1500 HOME ACCOUNTS PACK As above plus The Works - Platinum Edition, Home Accounts, Toki, Elf, Puzznic & Dpaint III ONLY £524.95 .
Latest V2, 25MHz, 2Mb Ram, 52Mb Hard Drive, 31 s" Floppy.
Complete with Wordworth 1.1 and Amisa Vision.
PLUS 1 YEARS ON SITE MAINTENANCE ONLY £1299.95 Above with 105Mb Drive £1479*95 AMIGA 4000 New multi-media system 6Mb Ram, 40Mb HD, AmisaDOS 3.
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ONLY £209.95 Amiga cable for above £4.95 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 £6.95 (when bought with 8833) CBM1084S Commodores official stereo colour monitor for the Amiga.
ONLY £174.95 Amiga cable for above £4.95 CBM 1935 14" SVGA colour monitor .28 Dot Pitch A MUST FOR A3000 4000 ONLY £254.95 Amiga cable for above £4.95 CBM 1960 14" Multiscan 5YGA colour monitor .28 Dot Pitch ONLY £409.95 Amiga cable for above £4.95 MONITOR ACCESSORIES A4 Copy Holder B.M 14" Monitor Dust Cover £9*99 12 14" Screen Filter ..£6.99 14“ Tilt & Swivel Stand .£9.99 View Centre Monitor Stand......£44.95 View Centre Control Centre......£49.95 FLOPPY DRIVES CUMANA CAX 354 Reputation speaks for itself ONLY £49.95 POWER PC880E Solid Drive with
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.£919,95 GVP HC81500 2000 52 Meg Internal . £464.95 80 Meg Internal . £329.95 1QO Med Internal ... £394.95 Ram upgrades available for A530 Combo and HC8 internal - Phone for details.
R Price Blasters Pledge I a hlteJu evwT iiou, cm abklv putuMb I ssitA “ *nm * 9 Pin Mono, 180 45 CPS ONLY 6116.95 LC 100 COLOUR 9 Pin Colour, 180 45 CPS ONLY £149.95 9 Pin Mono with colour option, 160 40 CPS 2 year guarantee ONLY £159.99 Colour version £166,95 LC 04-100 24 Pin Mono, 192 64 CPS ONLY £164.95 LC 200 COLOUR 9 Pin Colour, 185 45 CPS ONLY £166*95 LC 24-20 24 Pin Mono, 180 60 CPS ONLY £176*95 SJ 48 INKJET AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS True LQ Printer, 100 CPS CIA8520A ...... .....£4.99 ONLY £194.95 SWIFT 240 Super Denise ...£20.99 Fatter Agnes
8372A ...£29.99 LC 24-200 24 Pin Mono, 220 55 CPS ONLY £196*95 LC 24-200 COLOUR 24 Pin Colour, 220 55 CPS ONLY £239.95 test nssme mice, sen nssme seme s esr nssme me-ORPCR HOIK 9am - 8pm ORDER HOTLINE.7. MEMORY CHIPS SPARES STAR PRINTERS RAM EXPANSION LC-20 A500 V* Meg no Clock ......£14.95 A500 Vs Meg with Clock ...£17.95 A500 Plus 1 Meg Expansion : upgrades A5Q0 Plus to 2 Meg)t2 7.95 A600 1 Meg Expansion no Clock .....£29.95 A60Q 1 Meg Expansion with Clock ...£34.95 Made by Power Computing Expandable up to 8 Meg, fully
auto- config with thru-port. Suitable for any A500 A500+ 2 Meg Ram Board £104.95 4 Meg Ram Board £164.95 8 Meg Ram Board £279.95 T V. Modulator £24.95 Replacement Power Supply £34.95 Replacement Internal Drive £39.95 Replacement Duality Mouse £9.99 Mouse Joystick Switcher Box Unit .£9.99 Keyboard Rom Sharer £16.99 Keyboard Switchable Rom Sharer .£19.99 Kickstart 1.3 Rom ...621.99 Kickstart 2.04 Rom £32.99 EXTERNAL RAM
• Amiga to Printer Cable
• 500 sheets continuous paper
• Universal printer stand
• Printer driver disk ONLY £9.99 when purchased with printer 24
Pin Mono with colour option, 200 66 CPS 2 year guarantee ONLY
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Extra value pack 1. Includes Wordworth V1.1. Word- processlng Package (RRP £129.95) ONLY ..699*99 Extra value pack 2. Same Scanner including Paint Pack comprising Deluxe Paint 3 and Photon Paint 2 (RRP £139.95) only ..£99*99 Colour Scanner available with either of above pack ONLY . MUSIC Music X Junior ......~......£9.99 Music X Vers 1.1 ...£17.99 Pro Midi 4 Port Interface ....£14.99 Rombo Megamix .....~~ £24.99 GVP Sound Studio-------------£49.99 VIDEO I Scala 500 ...£69.99 Scala
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Box of 50 ..£19.99 Box of 100 £37.99 Box of 200 £69.99 Box of 500 .....£159.99 Box of 1000 ...£319.99 Branded precision disks made by top manufacture Dysan. All boxed in 10's complete with labels, shrink wrapped - top quality.
Box of 10 ....£4.99 Box of 20 £9.49 Box of 50 ..£22.99 Box of 100 £42.99 500 Disk Labels ..£4.99 1000 Disk Labels £7.99 10 Capacity Disk Box £1.29 40 Capacity Lockable Box....£3.99 80 Capacity Lockable Box....£5.99 90 Capacity 'Banx' ..£7.99 150 Capacity 'Posso' £15.99 CONTROL CENTRES Manufactured by Premier Micro's
- the leaders in solid control centres. Made from sheet steel and
epoxy coated to match A500 A600.
Comprises of monitor platform plus shelf to store extra drives, etc. A500 version complete with extension leads for joystick mouse ports.
A600 version ...£27.29 A50Q version ...£32.99 MICE & TRACKER BALLS Squik Quality Mouse £9.99 Roctec Mouse ..£12.99 Golden Image Happy Mouse£l 8.99 Golden Image Brush Mouse .£23.99 Naksha Mouse .£23.99 Golden Image Optical Mouse.£28.99 Zydec Trackerball £28.99 Golden Image Crystal Trackwtoll£35.99 8mm Mousepad .£3.99 Optical Mouse Mat £8.99 SV119 JUNIOR TURBO 6 micro switches, twin fire...£3.99 SV123 SUPERCHARGER 6 micro switches, autofire .,,£7.99 SV126 JETFIGHTER 6 m s, pilot grip, auto, S M...£9.99 SV125
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2. ZOOL ..£l7.9fj
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6. FORMULA 1 GP .....£24.9«
7. PREMIERE ...£21.941
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¦ S |
7. 99]
7. 99
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1. 99 |
0. 99]
1. 99]
7. 99
0. 99
5. 99
0. 99
5. 99
7. 99
7. 99
10. 99
7. 99
7. 99
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Q • This does not affect your statutory rights, opr_____________________________ ORDER FORM j Name ..... ! Address .. Postcode Tel ... Access Visa No...... ...... ...... ...... Expiry date ...... Goods ordered Delivery Total..... Software trate primarily on ImageFX and IMP, but for those who missed the last issue here's a brief synopsis of CineMorph and its assorted morphing and warping skills.
As you can see from the screenshots, CineMorph employs a dual screen system for source and target images. Like both MorphPlus and Image Mr, the package program in the collection, CineMorph, may already be familiar thanks to last month's Morph Mania spectacular. Like ADPro's MorphPlus, the program can run as either a standalone or in the case of ImageFX as a Hook or plug-in module which can be loaded directly from ImageFX on request.
Due to last month's feature. I'll concen- Altered Using the toolbox number of display formats offered during preview. These.
IV24, Amiga, Firecracker or HAM-E. Obviously if of the three aforesaid display boards graphics.
Alas in this case basic really means basic with just 16 colours or greyscales plus optional HAM. These between straightforward colour, dithered colour, the tioned greyscale with HAM remaining strictly 4,096 lo-res.
Although bearable when image processing as a rough the 24-bit buffer such basic Amiga graphics simply arer enough for serious applications. No doubt GVP would like us rush out and buy an IV24. Back in the real world it simply going to happen.
Pr film program allows you to open the program on the Workbench window, providing the power of ImageFX in the style of a commodity, instantly accessible as and when required.
This instant access is further enhanced by a "put to sleep" button which appears on both versions of ImageFX allowing the user to temporarily iconify the program while either retaining or disposing of any images already present.
The only notable difference between the custom and Workbench version is the lack of a Preview option within the latter.
Buffer However, this doesn't mean you can't view images, as simply rendering the selected buffer instantly throws the current image to the rendering medium of your choice, whether that be a standard Amiga mode or alternatively a dedicated display device such as the IV24, HAM-E, DCTV and the like.
Although the difference between preview and render may be rather confusing, all will be explained a little later, but for now perhaps the simplest analogy is to describe the Workbench option as an ADPro-style environment, where you only see the effects of your actions when the render option is applied.
Conversely, the custom screen counterpart provides a constantly updated preview every step of the way. The next ever has an imminent software release been quite so imminent for quite so long. First we had Montage, then Mirage and now at long last GVP have finally thrown copious amounts caution to the wind and plumbed for ImageFX.
Regular readers may remember AC's exclusive preview of Montage - as was - in our September image processing special.
Since those beta-testing days, ImageFX has come a long way, implementing all the features hinted in the early days while adding a few new twists fit to whet even the most discerning artistic appetite.
The software and attendant donkey- choking manual come in the now almost mandatory ring-bound hardback, complete with an Scala style storage sleeve - ideal for easy access and perfect to impress your friends.
Installation as you'd expect is simple, however the results are fairly surprising as not one but four separate programs appear in the newly created ImageFX drawer.
Alongside the expected ImageFX the additional contents include lmageFX_WB, CineMorph and the curiously titled imp.
As the name suggests, the lmageFX_W8 Now we're reaching the heart of ImageFX. Although fairly bland, the toolbox is undoubtedly where most time will be spent. Like its predecessors, ImageFX offers an impressive array of processing tools and special effects including, balancing, composition, sizing, rotation, convolutions, transformations, filtering, Alpha channel support, special effects, brush handling, Arexx and last but not least the invaluable Hooks.
The Hooks apply pre-designed Arexx programs to produce additional SFXs, but perhaps more importantly allow access to external programs such as the aforementioned IMP and CineMorph.
Aside from image processing, the Toolbox is also the home of the program's built-in painting tools. These tools include all the classics which benefit en masse from the added power of a true 24-bit painting environment thanks to features such as optional alpha channel, gradients, trace through, rub through, saturation, colorize (sic), hue and so on.
One of the few faults of the painting environment is the limited images I Ol Fulfil Balance 1 Composite 1 Rotate 1 Size j Color Convolve I Transform| Filter I Effect Buffer 1 Brush I alpha 1 Hook 1 Orexx I A gnyicole prrvirw jcrrrn, mode supports both static warps plus animated morphs - alas tf option for animated warps.
Again as is obvious from the scr CineMorph uses a mesh to define ences between the source and images. Although undoubtedly morphing package as far as renc concerned, it must be said that Paul Austin takes a long lingering look at Image FX, GVP's latest graphics spectacular Software Preview...
- Ec.rv KwamJ Omfmun mm... ? 1 Inlcrlac* Pura-IR _| ClM
UnrtrfiHvh I DlaabU IkxJo-* _I Itot tByrtfiniln?
| Crojt* lionk* Strwwn Pjlvt to,.
Load!toy... 1 Toolbox rmtOttwf a===J__F--' i Impreukt mven Going colour crazy Colour organisation is an essential for any self-respecting image processor and here again ImageFX scores well with a whole selection of spreads and swaps, grabs and saves, pick options and ranging features.
The available pots for colour placement default to 32 but with the assistance of the program's add and subtract arrow gadgets the selection can vary from just two colours up to a maximum of 256.
Building colours from the ground up is equally well catered for with RGB, HSV, CMY, YIQ and YUV colour space models. If you prefer to pick colours rather than create them, a toggle gadget allows you to select colours either from a default palette or alternative the palette provided by the rendering process.
By the render, anim, or 24-bit output.
Other processing essentials include palette lock which when active applies the palette of the first frame to all subsequent images.
Delete frames does as suggested, while "wait for source" simply instructs IMP to wait for all frames to be created by an external source prior to executing the batch. The Prep and Proc options are perhaps the most impressive of all the available gadgets.
The Prep option allows you to specify either a single or selection of commands to be applied prior to processing, while Proc allows a separate selection to be applied after processing.
Fortunately no knowledge of Arexx is required as long as you stick to the supplied ImageFX commands. Customising the commands and the required rendering format is simply a matter of defining the required effects within ImageFX before clicking the begin button.
As a result, once batch processing begins IMP simply reads the existing settings within ImageFX and acts upon them.
Although fairly unassuming, IMP is in my opinion one of the strongest selling points of the ImageFX package, bringing batch processing to the masses without the need of any Arexx experience. For the busy graphic artist with neither the time nor the inclination to master Arexx, IMP is nothing short of a dream come true.
ImageFX itself is separated into five distinct areas, all of which have their own unique interface occupying a strip on the lower portion of the screen. The five areas are Scanner, Palette, Toolbox, Render and Print. Although each panel is unique to its IMP brings batch 9
• Vfth the program's modular design, the addition of new and
st-ng display boards shouldn't be a problem. If GVP do the cent
thing and issue preview modules for, let's say the c*«quin,
Opalvision, Ayideo or even DCTV, the success of ¦geFX would be
assured - the question is, will they?
Like me you're without either the now defunct HAM-E or an the only option left is to move to the Render screen and re- the image for an accurate overview.
I Although this provides access to a much wider selection of play formats, it invariably means painting is at best hit and and invariably much more time consuming than a normal package.
T next minor gripe is the actual application of the paint Unfortunately GVP have insisted on sticking with the infa- 'paint and wait" approach pioneered on the IV24.
Those unfamiliar with the IV24 and Macro Paint the prob- ppears whenever paint is applied to the canvas as only the of the effect is applied in real time, for example, an airbrush first appears as a series of overiap- circles which are only replaced by the chosen colour after troke is complete.
A similar problem affects large brushes as they first appear as pixel lines and only expand to their true size and colour r the event.
Lide I ral _?J [Empty] 0x0 PFJD adjdjul rJ Scanner I DCTV I Bitplanesi Ol U Planes 1 Height: Q| Lace I Palette | ..luUlHlillll load 1 Save 1 Toolboxl | Render mmmrnm Print 1 Prefs | Quit I (IMRGEFK.1) InageFK 1,01 (4-Noy-9Z) 61992 Nova Design Inc., fill Rights Reserved ount of speed is sacrificed due to the ¦for cumbersome mesh editing system.
K The results of the morphing warping Mdcess can be spectacular, especially on ¦ft features such as eyes and mouths He on a fairly uniform backdrop,
• fortunately CineMorph isn't quite as Bong when dealing with
hard edges such ¦ profiles or images with hard distinct out-
lines. When morphed or warped, hard edges do tend to “ghost''
around the edges rather than transform with the same degree of
accuracy offered by both Image Mr and to a greater extent
Having made a point of the program's ghosting problem it's worth stressing that in effect CineMorph comes as almost a freebie - very appealing considering that CineMorph in its stand alone form retails at a staggering £99.95. The last software surprise is mysterious IMP which when stripped of its acronym becomes the ImageFX Multi Processor.
Although you’d never guess from the title the IMP is a batch editor in the style of ADPro's FRED.
Fortunately for the novice it's much easier to use than the aforesaid FRED, but in turn doss prOCCSSlllg tO sacrifice a lot of the sophistication and flexibil- fa jnttSSCS... ity available from its ADPro friendly counter* part. Like CineMorph, IMP operates as a hook as well as a pseudo-standalone which opens the IMP interface alongside the lmageFX_WB program as a processing tool.
As you can probably see, the interface is pretty simple with a main and swap field for source images plus an excellent Alpha channel option which allows you to use a predefined series of greyscale masks as a transparency filter between the two source images.
Below the Alpha lurks the essential destination field, which as you'd expect works as a definable repository for your animations, rendered images or batch-processed 24 bits.
Next comes the First Last file parameters closely followed Rendering As the name suggests, it's here where you can see your creations in all their glory - providing you have a suitable display device attached. If however you don't have either an IV24, HAM-E or DCTV, I'm afraid you're stuck with standard Amiga modes.
However, all is not lost, especially if you own an At 200 4000, as it's here where at least some of the potential of the AGA has been applied.
ImageFX is totally at home with a 256- colOur display which with the assistance of the four available dithering formats, three dithering styles - either left to right, right to left or zig zag - and three definable strength settings ensures that exceptional good results await in the resolution of your choice.
The software automatically senses which machine is being used and as a result automatically tailors the selection of screen modes and resolutions to suit.
Once the display method and dithering options are set simply clicking the render button instantly sends image to the device or screen.
As you may have guessed, thanks to the distinction between display and render it's impossible to actually edit the rendered image as it’s designed purely to give the best possible representation of the 24-bit buffer.
Intended application a few select gadgets are generic throughout the program. These include load, save, prefs and of course quit.
The load and save options, although self explanatory, do have a few surprise in store when applied. For example when loading images there's no format selection required, as the software automatically oftware Printing rjj v* As Is almost essential within any serious image processing package, printing is take' ously. In the case of ImageFX the present options include 24-bit printing via prefer and perhaps more importantly full PostScript support If you select the PostScript option you're presented with two choices, either to your creation as a full PostScript page or alternatively as an EPS -
Encapsulated Post Sc- which can then be imported directly into any DTP package as either an Ascii or b PostScript file.
Although PostScript support is fully implemented, it must be said that it's by no nv as comprehensive as either Image Mr or ADPro.
S Nevertheless all the basic essentials are there allowing page and image sizing, irr.
Centralisation plus the option to either ignore or retain aspect ratio.
As you'd expect with EPS support, CVP have included the ability to save the PostV image direct to disk rather than printer-only output. In short, a basic but effective sySte' Quick and simple composition courtesy of the programs 24 bit double buffeting Hcia; 1 rich 1 Pilk »**»: I rufcj First: T M | Lnt: f »rn ;? Rtntffr flninittra j'J l« li PiMtit __j «*r • fr«»%•»’ _| Malt far Wu frmstsl
W. tree: !±lii _J i-i!_1 ilSSl f IMP, perhops the one of the
systems strongest selling point dithered colour, or HAM -
but no HAM8 I'm afraid. Rendering output fares a little better
with Amiga 1.3 2 3, DCTV, ECS, Sage. IV24 and HAM-E, but
unbelievably enough there's still no sign of HAM8.
GVP are promising a HAM8 update to the package but as yet it's still unclear how it is to be implemented and even worse whether the revision will be free or not.
This particular sin is compounded by the fact that the program is more than happy with all other screen modes available via WB 3.0. As a result, a super hi-res 256-dithered render is a piece of cake, so why no HAM8? Infuriating.
The remaining options deal primarily with customisation including a complete selection of definable paths for every input output feature of the package plus the required presets for any scanners, frame-grabbers or printers attached to your system.
The only remaining generic option is the zoom controls which consist of three gadgets, two of which increase and retard the levels of 200m while the third allows instant screen refresh back to the default image size.
The verdict If you read the preview of ImageFX way back in our September issue you may recall that the program won the title as potentially the best all-rounder. Now it's finally arrived that verdict remains pretty much the same.
Although the GVP marketing machine 4 The virtual memory Flexible scanning Supported scanners and grabbers include the Esport ES300C, the Sharp JX100, Frame- grabber and the,IV24's IVFG. Alas there's no option for the latest Epson A4 scanners such as the ES-600C and ES-800C or the excellent Vlab frame-grabber.
Having said that, as with the majority of ImageFX functions scanners and grabbers are simple plug-in modules in the style of ADPro loaders which means in theory new releases only require a suitable module to join in on the act.
As you'd expect, all the necessary scanner setup options await including landscape and portrait, the essential mono preview, image cropping via definable boxes, DPI settings, separate colour or full RGB scans and of course greyscales - in short, everything that the scanners own software can provide plus instant access to the image processing power of the main program.
8x9 nrr rj JX-100 | nrMinTffxrZW at 1 Of fsat: f M8 x| 8* 01 Oox 1 1 Paletto .....iilllllllll Load | s«v* | EH.JrWStLj mmmm Serial... 1 Thmlii 96 Toojbox ... *on......J JLS-ohsrJ £UMWU flIJSBbSM Print loads as long as the particular format is already supported.
Such files include Alias, Anim, BMP, DCTV, DPHE, FLI, GIF, HAM-E, ICO, IFF - including IFF24, Impulse, info, Jpeg, PBM, PCX, QRT, Rendition, Sculpt, Unix's PBM format, Targa, Tiff and VMEM. An impressive selection and no need to specify a thing, Added twist On the output side, things are equally impressive with an added twist of a whole selection of options including the ability to save the working screen, the rendered image, the 24-bit buffer itself and finally the swap buffer -again in its 24-bit form.
For the working, rendered and swap buffer images the save options include anim, BMP, Clipboard and ILBM, while for the 24-bit buffer the selection expands to Alias, BMP, Clipboard, ILBM, PBM, Jpeg, Rendition, Sculpt, Targa, Tiff, and VMEM.
Aside from the quit option the final ubiquitous gadget leads to the excellent Prefs screen which like IMP is a high point of the package. Although Prefs screens don't tend to lead to unbridled excitement this is a real exception.
On entry you're presented with a huge range of customising features, the most notable of which has to be the excellent virtual memory option which allows you to assign a drawer on hard disk as a temporary storage medium which will then masquerade as RAM.
This is nothing short of a masterstroke on the part of GVP. ADPro and to a lesser extent Image Master are notorious for their ravenous appetite for RAM which often means a massive investment in additional hardware or a major re-think of the project in hand.
As you might expect, Vram is noticeably slower than the real thing but thanks to intelligent design you can define when the option is to be applied.
For example, you can specify that Vram should be used only when required, either with or without a wam- SOT?! option is nothing always be used or per- « 4. R haps ignored alto- S lOFt OJ 0 gether. F other prefs high- masterstroke lights include the option to define the Preview and Render options, which in the case of preview include Amiga, HAM-E, and IV24 as either greyscale, colour, would argue otherwise, ImageFX cerd doesn't blow either Image Mr or ADPrd of the water when it comes to pure ad processing power. However wd ImageFX really scores highly is its exed intuitive design, ease of use,
Overall value for money.
If you class yourself as a general user ImageFX is probably the one for!
With Arexx, free anim generation, bd scanning station, special effects, corJ tion, morphing and printing, it's perhW dose as the Amiga has yet come to and tic jack of all trades.
The bottom line Ease of use = 9 Implementation = 7 Value for money = 9 Overall = 8 Price: £229.95 Silica Systems: Tel 081-309 111 1
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Virus Protector Valid until 31 1 93 Send these coupons to us
with your order We accept cheques, Postal Orders or Credit
Cards oftware Jti
- 4 VirusZ PrdeNDCM 11 T Ascii Jg« Standard Bootblock (1.3)
Install Faked SnoopOos Report Custon Bootbiocks Detect Disk
Changes Requesters Follow House fjT|: Henory I Vector (heck
Repeat Delay (2 to 120 seconds) 1 Check Crunched Files J Handle
Viruses Skip Subdirectories Create File Report Use Cancel and
user friendly preferences options Suit | Load [ Save [ Read |
Write [ Print [ Install [ HRS: DOS p(...N...J.g. 9 h..p
IMI: ......
Nup.'.dos.library . fiagfl' tfW i 111 11 11111 • i
11 i i • • 1111 • i 111 111 i
lid: ...... a • 111111 •• i a 111 ¦ i a
• 11i•11«111111 HID1
• lUOl iliiiilllliiMillilllllllllllli 1141:
...... a i a • a 11«a • a a i a a a a
11 a • 111 a • i • a a a i 1181:
...... Mel*
* 1191 iiiiiiiniiiiiiiMiiltiiiiiini 8214:
...... a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
a a • a a a a a a a a a a a a a
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
12c 11 • 1 • • 1 1 1 • • 1 1 11 11 1 • • 1 • 11 1 • M 1 M 1 1 m
i M111 • M11 ¦ 111111M1111111M111 13411
..... 03881 n
111111111111111M111111111111 13d i 11111111111 ¦ 11 ¦ 11111 ¦ i
¦ 11 • 11111 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i
a a a a a a a 11111111111111111111181111181811 a a a a a a a a
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 8111 III
II111181II1 III II111II1111 aiiiiaiaaaaaaaiiaiiaaaiiaaaaiaai
has a comprehensive boot block laboratory... rifl: JDF2: J»ri;
ajDF3; msimamun Audible & Visible Check Resident Vectors
j JCheck Henory For Viruses £ lest Hunks On Startup The
scenario is simple. You have quite happily swapped disks with
friends, bought and used a selec- lOfl Of PD disks or, in some
rare cases, booted from a magazine CoverDisk (not pb one, I
assure you), when calamity Ibikes. The Amiga starts to do
strange ngs and your software suddenly stops As a host of new
owners boot an Amiga for the first time, Stevie Kennedy takes a
look at what could be their first disaster perking.
Chances are, me old matey, that you’ve be** infected with a common or garden ttmputer virus, and as if this isn't enough, diseases
* s also more than a little likely that it's four own silly fault
Precautions are the name of the game ¦ben swapping disks every
bit as much as p**n swapping sexual partners, and the who
exposes his or her machine to jibe ravages of Saddam or Lamer
is usually guilty of negligence.
Computer viruses, once the subject of popular myth and superstition, have over
• te past two years been tamed by the IflMtority of careful
owners due, in no small to the efforts of a small band of dedi-
tted shareware virus killer authors.
However, for those green users still wet Some basic safeguards to avoid infection
o avoid virus infection, the easiest precaution is to keep all
- sks write-protected unless data is to be saved to them,
- ¦espite scare-mongering reports a couple of years ago. It is I
'possible for a write-protected disk to become infected.
Step two is to find a good virus checker. Unlike some sup- I osedly expert advisors, we won t attempt to list the various cckers in order of effectiveness, as the only useful checker I b the best checker.
For example, a recent article in another Amiga magazine I ared VirusX at number five in a list of ten best checkers.
Though good in its day, VirusX development has for long . *en abandoned by its author, Steve Tibbet. Who made no I .ones about the fact that the program's design made updating I * for all new viruses a tiresome and ultimately pointless task.
Since the middle of 1991, VirusX has been obsolete and.
I •-•ough still touted by most PD libraries (and the odd foolish j igazine). Should be avoided at all costs.
Similarly, some supposedly good virus killers have proved, j '*er prolonged use. To be either inaccurate or inefficient, i -aster Virus Killer is bugged in many of its versions and Digital behind the ears, the vims remains probably the most deadly threat to trouble-free Amiga use, and it is for those new owners that this article is repeated every year.
Having »id that, treating the threat of viruses with contempt - usually brought about by the mistaken belief that today's virus killer will work tomorrow - is often the downfall of more experienced users, so we might all benefit from a refresher course.
The basic rules or never apply them.
Follow the guidelines laid out in this article and you should never suffer the agonising and strangely humiliating experience of viral infection. Fail to stick to a strict regimen of precautions, and heartache will - eventually - follow as surely as day follows night. Let's identify There are two stages to vims security - prevention and cure. The first is immeasurably easier than the second and more effective, but it is surprising, judging from the number of readers' letters on the subject, just how many people either don't know refuses to work as a background 24-hour checker, limiting
its otherwise comprehensive virus detecting ability. Nuke, which many now mistakenly believe to be the best checker, has an annoying knack of "finding" Saddam on a clean disk, even when the disk-validator has been copied from a fresh disk.
Such popularly promoted checkers, though worthy programming feats in their own right, should only be purchased from PD pundits as second-line defences and used in conjunction with a tried and tested checker until their effectiveness under fire can be gauged.
Step three is simply to apply the rules we have been urged to adopt for sexual relations - minimise your partnerships and always use a condom.
Translated to computer virus speak, this means don t swap and change disks with others whose virus defences may be nil. And when a new disk is introduced to your system, make sure that it has been thoroughly virus checked By applying the three golden rules, no user need fear for his or her disks. Ignore them and it won't be long before uncle Saddam or cousin Travelling Jack pops by to say hello.
The enemy. A computer virus is a small piece of code whose primary purpose in life is to copy itself from one disk to another.
Secondary considerations depend upon the virus, but range from simple repeated duplication, damaging enough in itself, to deliberate criminal damage of data and program files.
I say criminal, because it is illegal to knowingly spread a virus, let alone invent one of your own, and if any of our readers can ever prove that someone has carried out such a sad and pathetic act I would hope they'd do the decent thing and call the police immediately.
Boot block viruses The majority of Amiga viruses are known as boot block viruses, because they hide in the tiny amount of space kept to one side for the boot block on a disk.
Without a boot block, no disk will autoboot, and without a special custom boot block, few protected commercial games will work, so even the most primitive boot block viruses, sometimes irresponsibly described as "harmless", can be fatal.
A second and less numerous type is the file virus, so called because it exists on a disk as a separate file. These are by far the most dangerous, as they use a variety of cunning methods to disguise themselves, thus fooling your system defences.
Standard link viruses, such as IRQ, will append themselves to a program file, often the first command run in the startup-sequence, then attempt to go unnoticed.
The best virus killers Unless a virus killer is intelligent enough to figure out that, say, the Setpatch command has suddenly grown in size or contains tell-tale code, link viruses will sneak through and cause their havoc at a later date.
Saddam Others, sometimes called Trojan horses, will entirely replace the infected file, change their own name to suit, and sometimes even try to match the size of the original. A prime example of this virus type is Saddam, which became notorious shortly after the Gulf war, and which shot to fame when it was inadvertently distributed on the AMIGA User International CoverDisk in December 1991.
4‘ Saddam, like the filthy parasite it is, wipes out its host disk Saddam replaces the disk-validator file, pads itself out to the same size as its host, then corrupts the bitmap on the disk's root block.
As the bitmap is a digital map of the disk, AmigaDOS sees that it is inaccurate, assumes the disk is unvalidated, and runs the disk-validator program in an attempt to sort out the problem. Hey presto, Saddam is invoked by the Amiga itself.
Ensuring that your defences are solid is to get hold of one or more good checkers, then register with the authors as a shareware user.
For a nominal fee you will be sent a In addition, the infected disk will no longer work if Saddam is not running, The only virus killer I would recommend without reservation is Virus Checker from John Veldthuis. Now in v6.19 (at time of writing) Virus Checker has been constantly updated in line with the latest operating system changes and virus threats.
Saddam, Menem's Revenge and Travelling Jack are all catered for. And if any user doubts the program's abilities, a quick glance at the comprehensive list of viruses in John s documentation should calm any fears.
Kike all good checkers. Virus Checker can be fired up by a disk's startup-sequence and used as a full-time sentinel, or can be kicked in from Workbench for the odd disk check.
In addition, the program's file virus check can be instigated at any time, and memory scans are available if the user suspects something funny is going on in RAM.
The program uses a "brainfile” to keep track of boot blocks - handy for those non-virus custom boot blocks which would otherwise prompt a virus warning, and a very which makes it a certainty that if a suitable virus checker is not used the disk is doomed.
Unlike some less aggressive strains, the Saddam virus, like the filthy little parasite it is, simply wipes out its host disk.
Saddam was just the first of a new wave of link viruses, varying in their sophistication, to hit the Amiga last year, and only a tew virus killers have managed to keep up.
It is therefore pointless to assume that your checker is effective if you have been using it for more than about a couple of months.
By far the most effective method of friendly commodities-style interface is available Workbench 2 3 users. VirusZ is probably the only otfw checker worth relying on at the moment. Its comprehr sive library of link viruses (69 are covered by release 5.2 and a host of options including Boot Lab for boot bio.
Saves and loads, user preferences, and file memory see ning abilities, give Georg Horman’s program a distir edge over most other checkers.
Not as simple in operation as Virus Checker, VirusZ is superb second-line package for those sticky momer when doubts begin to creep in. It has also undergone a of thorough, regular upgrades, and shows no signs obsolescence.
Another prime contender. BootX. Has gained in popul; ity over the past year. I can't say how good it is as h used it without relying on it, but reports from around tfe Amiga world are positive enough to make it is worth tryir for a while in conjunction with either Virus Checker c VirusZ.
New version of the program as soon is updated, saving you time and scouring the PD columns, and a heart attack when your obsolete d* defences keel over at the first sight brand new virus.
Without such people as Steve Tit and John Veldthuis, the Amiga would be a much more dangerous nent than at present.
Were it not for the efforts of tl largely unrewarded authors, inforr concerning viruses would be sea and effective killers as rare rocking horse doo-doo. They _ « deserve your support.
Safe hex In an attempt to co-ordinate the fig against viruses, promote informati exchange, and publicise the dang posed by viruses, a group of abo 250 Amiga users, including a numb of virus killer authors, came togetb last year to form Safe Ht International.
The group maintains a virus ba containing all known Amiga virus* (for killers to be tested on), release virus killers at regular intervals, at offers a reward of $ 1000 for inform tion leading to the prosecution of ar one found to have written a virus.
Any reader who is interested either joining the fight against virus* or keeping in touch with an organis tion offering the best and most up ' date information should contact Er Soerensen at; Snaphanevej 10. DK-4720 Praestoe Denmark. Phone: (+45) 55 99 25 12 FAX: (+45) 55 99 34 98 Speedy Gonzales, as Erik is otherwi' known, will be pleased to receive b' virus information, new viruses, or jus moral support from Amiga users. ?
Do us ail a favour and get in touch.
Check Files Now!
Under Workbench 2 3. Virus Checker Is supremely easy to use fielete (heck flutonatically ChtiiltilUtili DF8: V] DF1: V] flutonaticallv Che DF0: J Dfl: J Save BootX, on* of th* rising stars of the killer club 3°BBL?S bootblocks ioaded.
KrtSf fSIT ilLa.
Loading BootX.Recof fi*0 , rite 68 known fileviruses) Uidiftf Vlru* mar* *a Sanp1e nano: Gong.SSWX Rnhotat ioiT'fJudloHatt* Ready- Bvte Pan,,,*. Itt MU Centurions (The §"f!V (*«*r 11} file I iJWiJ-fBEs;? J;sS......* ConpuPhagozvte (VtrusX 3.BB trojan horse) file crin* Mi* Crme»» (ink jkaddan fTUt ,,l Use Uindou? £j Window Back Stay Resi Ignore BB Read Uindou I Position: |2B Uindou I Position: [IB irop? £ lent? £ Irror J Hotkey! Ilconnand shift del n I Vims Checker V6.15 by John Veldthuis AMIGA 6001 with FREE!
The now Artngl 600 uidi Swe-OMI* art MtKt mouit technology. Lot iwimum reliatnlrty and features a 3V floppy dnvc, mouse. TV modulator and cmart card slot ai as standard The nnovative smart card slot accepts games. ROM or RAM cards (from 1 Mb up to 4Mb) and will take advantage ol many Mure now developments The very latest version of the operating system. KiGkstartAVorhboncfi v2 05 is used m the Amga 600 and its enhanced chip set lacilaes ndude improved graphcs resolution, increased genlock suiport and the fecit ty for up to 2Mb ol chip memory. The Amiga 600 * fvJy compatible w* the A670 CO-ROM
Drive and Interlace wheh wtl gve it access to a U range ol CDTV titles and auoo Cds The Atnga 600 is avafaNe from Saca in several oordgurabons ockiong a special 2Mb RAM upgrade optional extra - see the chart below ZOOL PACK: xxx-ttmwmeewfa 5TR rq-oww mOAil SrtM w TwrSWRtE tcrijnamm PLUS!
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f. NBAU DREAMS it's qutt smpty supaitf - ws - Mfi - S«« 9J
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checwr I A* witfi erery Amiga tnxn Sica, we wd gve yco Pnoton
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plover £265 worth of free gits NEW! AMIGA 1200
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• 16 Mbcn Comm paktte
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• 1132-fin Caj. MM LqunwxSlOt
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• m »«c nr*
• PHOTO) MKT Its me
• Cf* UKC OS B0« r»:x ttJUl MX it mo OK* auceraa Qftn cngrwi I Mb
Amga 500 Plus (NdttBAYfoittencn v2M), m- ctudng a bull m I84ey
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ortr £299. Tbe Xttga 500 Phrt can ba upgraded uung any of t*
hundred* oi cwpoeiati fat are now svaitaM. Wtucb nckxto pi»
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C972.B2 £473.82 , are shown on the chart on akmg wan a ttst
Hatfiertey Rd Siocup, Kent. DA14 4DX TU: Chfr lmt« Cyt
Men-Sal SDOwwOWpwi__Ho us wpw Opwwg Fu LONDON SHOP: 52
Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P 06A Tel: Qptmiq Wxr» Mnv5al
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n» a t-»e mi?
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E4CC AonjrtwM pnew nn] HmcAailcnt nwy cruroe ‘"Korn mfcm Ida
coupon lor Ih* UloU DTV Until recently S-VHS hardware has been
way out of reach for the average videophile. Fortunately prices
are tumbling and the time could be right to take the next step
We'll start our adventure with G-lock the very latest offering from GVP, a unit which leads the field in the battle against inflated pricing by retailing at literally half that of its Hama counterpart. The question is, does the cash saving mean missing features?
The unit itself is a fairly bland black beastie offering RGB input from the Amiga via a 23-pin flexi connector plus the gen- locking essential of an RGB pass-through which connects directly to either a monitor or at worst a modulator.
In addition to the RGB options sits a rather curious joystick connection which serves a dual purpose as both a power supply and means of input for the unit's secondary role as a colour splitter - ideal for both Vidi and Digiview.
Along the side await the essential I O connections which for input consist of two CVBS RCA phonos and a single S-VHS Hi-8 mini-DIN. On the other side of the I O coin await a single RCA phono out and of course the essential S-VHS mini DIN.
Pleasant The final and rather surprising I O option concerns sound. Again connected via a selection of phonos boasting two separate audio ins and a single mono audio out.
Although a pleasant addition I must admit it's not exactly the ultimate audio video answer primarily due to its mono only output.
To accommodate the feature software sliders allow adjustment of both bass and treble plus the overall volume. In addition a selection gadgets allow you to toggle between input channels or alternatively mix both signals into a single combined output.
G-Lock and Hama represent the cutting edge Amiga S-VHS genlocks. Paul Austin brings you the definitive guide to two true power produci Unfortunately there's no way to adjust the input gain of the audio signals. As a result, the relative mix between the two sources is defined purely by the strength of the incoming signals.
As a consequence you may still require an external mixer to achieve the desired effect, thereby cancelling out the advantage of the internal mixing options. Not perhaps the definitive answer to audio video but nevertheless a worthy addition.
Once the software and hardware are safely installed, it's time to boot-up - a process which involves first activating the unit and then reboot to run the attendant software.
When active you're presented with the basic video control panel which can be toggled to reveal alternate audio panel. As the audio options have already been mentioned we'll stick to video control which consists of a signal indicator, a selection of sliders controlling colour, contrast, saturation and brightness - all of which relate to the outgoing video signal.
Following these come the three input gadgets which toggle between the two CVBS inputs and of course the single S- VHS Hi8. Switching between them is instantaneous and can be achieved either via the control panel, a hot key combination or Arexx.
Alas G-Lock can only process a single video input at a time so there's no way to cross-fade between sources. In addition the connection of both CVBS and S-VHS simuF taneously - although possible - is not recommended as signal interference between the two formats can cause real problems.
Although cross-fading is out of the the unit does offer basic input switching Arexx, illustrated by an accompan script which fades one composite source black, swaps inputs and returns with second. Due to CVBS S-VHS incompa" this can only be achieved between the CVBS signals.
Beneath the input selection sit the DTV applications as a multimedia tool, G-Lock could nevertheless be useful for, say, corporate applications, where some of its omissions would not be required anyway.
Still, even with this on its side I can only envisage a select few who would be willing to invest such a sizeable sum for a signal processor which happens to boast basic gen- locking as almost an afterthought.
It's possible you may have read a rather conflicting review of G- Lock in another surprisingly popular Amiga magazine. If that's the case it only goes to prove the old adage that you can't always believe what you read, especially if it doesn't appear in AC.. Getting connected Towards the rear of the Hama unit await the essential input output options including composite and of course S-VHS Alas there's only a single set for each format and alas iust like the O’Lock there's no way to crossfade between them.
Having said that the unit does boast automatic single swrtch- erther source is detected meaning that unlike the G- Lock the Hama e perfectly happy with both VHS and S-VHS 1T qa's output completely orders connected simultaneously.
Alongside the selection of video ports comes a CVBS dkjitiser out and a joystick connection which works m conjunction with both Digi-view Gold and De-Lux-View to automatically gener- ate colour separations which aforementioned hardware.
The only other notable feature is the power rocker which curiously enough doesn't actually play at part when using the unit in conjunction with the Am a.
This option has been added purely because of the Hama's secondary roll as an RGB-toPal or Y C encoder. When used r erse option which simply for this purpose the unit need not be connected to the Amiga and to ¦ . ! Of its primary power source a 12VIX PSU is required The only remaining connection is that of the RGB signal from the Amiga which slots into the rear of the unit and re- emerges in the form of the essential RGB pass-through, which like G-Lock connects to an attendant monitor or modulator then sent sequentiafy to the Hama fQUf As you can see from the control panel treenshots, the
support for signal process- is very extensive and reveals G-Lock's real ¦che as a professional signal processing tool.
From the fourth advanced panel you can lie advantage of the chromakey functions into the AGA allowing you to specify a election of colours as the keying channel. In Edition you can also select any of the 8-bit tainels as a keying medium in «style of the ECS.
As the more astute readers may
* * already spotted there's been
• rtually no mention of wipes, des or indeed dissolves, and with
Dod reason, as there are virtually One on offer, with the only
iception being the aforemen- cned input switching.
Above all else this.is the hard- re's most damning indictment.
Art for the basic keying quality a genlock - which admittedly is Keilent - fades and dissolves are rtiaps the most important feature of any bwal purpose genlock.
Without the ability to subtly move Kween keying states a genlock becomes tnost useless to the average punter. Not does G-Lock refrain from keying trans- ¦Bmation either via Arexx, hot keys or hard- mon but it also offers no means of adjusting mt amount of static effect applied in any of keying modes.
Verses the effect of the tforementioned overlay making colour zero opaque ¦Me transforming all other colours of the overlaid yaphic transparent to the ncoming signal.
Below the keying options await the three fcfinable setup gadgets which allow you to ipecify a complete keying and signal processing environment - including audio ooons - which can then be saved or tog- s and when required.
M addition to the basic audio and video antrois another four control panels await - I of which are devoted almost entirely to G- lock's primary strength of signal processor.
Bientials of modem Amiga flocking in the form of in external option which imply operates as a pass- Ptfough for the incoming »deo signal.
This is followed by the kmiga option which in tfect is the reverse of the Itove showing only the bypassing the incoming ¦deo signal.
Next comes overlay, the iread and butter of any
• ?-respecting genlock, pro- ¦*"9 the classic combina- bon of
Amiga graphics ®oye the incoming video Ignal.
Lastly we arrive at the Extensive approach means that G-Lock will almost certainly have a very limited appeal to the mass market Unless you're the proud owner of an AB roll editing system, a separate video mixer and God knows what else, attempting to employ G-Lock with any degree of subtlety would be at best a difficult proposition.
For the average user with an Amiga, a titler and suitable video hardware it's safe to say G-Lock isn't the ideal choice, unless of course your artistic aspirations stretch no further than bog standard overlays and inversions with no intros.
Having suffered a severe slap in the face as far as punter appeal is concerned, it must be said G-Lock will have a degree of appeal to professionals, primarily thanks to its unrivalled signal processing and transcoding talents which leave all other Amiga friendly S-VHS units for dead.
Used with Scala or other such multimedia Although the Hama editorial is dwarfed by the G-Lock section, it's by no means a reflection on the product. The situation comes about simply due to the relative simplicity of what is a straightforward quality product with all the essentials plus a reasonable spattering of extras.
The most noticeable feature of the Hama is its overall look which basically screams quality from the moment it emerges from its packaging.
The most dominant feature must be the twin faders on the right of the unit, both of which are dampened to allow smooth and accurate transition between the Amiga and video signals.
To the left of the aforesaid sliders lurk the six video processing controls, the upper row of which allow variation of the RGB mix by a factor of plus or minus 30 percent, resulting in bizarre eolourisation effects beneath the overlaid or inverted Amiga graphics.
Below the RGB controls await the chroma
- alias colour, contrast and finally luminance, otherwise known
as brightness. As you might imagine these final three are
primarily concerned with getting the very best from the
available source.
Having said that, even here a few tricks can be applied. For example a simple effect such as overlaying colour Amiga graphics on top of an initially black and white video source which then gradually transforms to full colour. Simple but nevertheless effective.
Beneath the signal controls sit keying toggled buttons which like the G-Lock's software alternatives consist of a bypass, Genlock Amiga and finally invert all of which operate in exactly the same manner as their G*Lock counterparts.
As you've probably guessed the Hama is essentially a simply product which easily wins an award as one of the simplest plug-in and go products on the market.
The actual keying quality in all states is nothing short of breathtaking especially when working with a S-VHS source. As for ease of use, again the Hama scores high with key mode switching and signal processing beginning a simple matter of tapping the odd button and twiddling the occasional knob. The only slight problem concerning changes on the fly appears when switching between key modes while the effect is fully applied, as occasionally screen glitches necessitate a fade out prior to application.
Although almost all of the above is basically a glowing testament to Hama's talents there is one area in which it does suffer, |f you've happened to glance at the product box there's a chance its already been spotted - the jaw-dropping price of the unit.
Although excellent I must admit I'd like to see a few more whistles and bells for the £740 asking price. Such enhancements could include audio support and crossfades between an increased number of available inputs. Still having had my almost inevitable moan the Hama still remains the ideal choice for any would-be professional. If you can afford it. Buy it. If youcan't,start saving... The bottom line Product: Hama Price £749 Supplier Genlock Ltd (Wigan) Tel: 0257 472887 Supplier Videoquip (Leicester) 0533 558818
1. 2 and jhmv RAM Kickstart SYSTEM ESSENTIALS G-LOCK YELLOW *»
Ri'commcnd HAMA RAM Kickstart Normal monitor he bottom
Product: G-Lock Supplier Silica Systems Tel; 081 309 1111
HOWTO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: "FIRSTCOMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
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• All hardware computers are genuine UK spec.
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We recommend all ROMBO products Because some older software will not run on Kickstart 2 First Computers launched the PRIMA (as supplied to Phoenix) ROM sharer. This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ribbon connection to that it can be positioned anywhere within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 year replacement warranty now only £19.99 or £27.99 for keyboard switchable version AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES GYP Series IIHD8+42Mb .....only 4289.99 GVP Series II HD8+ 80Mb .only £379.99 GVP Series IIHD8+ 120Mb ...Only £4 I 9.99 GVP SeriesllHD8+ 240Mb .only £669.99 A500 GVP
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BOX .£6.99
• add U.M dchrtry ipurthaang just art Pasw or Bam to*. Free
• hen purchued with other pr©d*t e» »h n btffiflg 2 Or dlOrt.
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0 £4.99 ....£6.99
30. .....£ I 4.29 ....£ I 7.99
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Pagesetter 2 DTP £39.99 Pro Page professional V3 DTP...now £99.99 Protext 4.3 W P ..now only £39.99 Protcxt 5.5W P ..... now only £74.99 MEMBEniinnw 1960 monitor I am an Amiga user who currently owns an unexpanded A1500.1 wish to expand my machine, but want to be able to upgrade to Commodore's new midrange computer when it becomes available (probably the A2200, or A2400).
If I buy a Commodore 1960 multisync monitor, will I be able to use it without a flicker fixer? I have heard that some of these monitors suffer from various problems (pin-cushioning etc), is there a test that I can make in the shop to see if the monitor suffers from this problem before I buy it?
Can you suggest a hard disk drive (around 52Mb) which is suitable for an Amiga (ie auto-parking and auto-booting), is reasonable cheap and would be most likely to have hardware compatibility with any new Amigas?
Also, Power Computing are selling a rewritable optical disk drive. Can this device be booted from under Workbench 2 and how reliable are they?
Lonathan Dale, Switzerland Commodore's 1960 monitor is quiet a good choice and can be used without a flicker fixer, but to use it to its full potential you will need one.
Pin-cushioning is where the edge of what you are displaying is curved, so to test a monitor for this the best thing is to just display the standard Monitor moaning?
Interfaces ill?
We re here to help!
Write to ACAS, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Save your saes - we can't reply personally Workbench screen and see if and right sides of the screen or out.
As for which hard drive to choice would have to be a 52Mb with either a GVP or controller.
Unfortunately Quantums are controlled and the new 1200 2200 2400 machines aH with IDE controllers on-board are extremely slow compared SCSI controllers.
Some companies are plan controllers for the new ra Amigas, though - inc Commodore themselves.
The optical disk drive you mentioned is quiet a good and can be booted from Workbench 1.3, 2 or 3. Wh tried the Floptical it handled very well indeed.
PCM card I hope that you can provide me definitive answer regarding the card slot of my CDTV.
The article in the December your magazine regarding the the CDTV proclaimed that the als now becoming available A600 would be compatible CDTV via its standard PCMCIA card slot.
It was therefore with great asm that I reached for the p AMIGA COMPUTING Does the AA chipset outperform a 386?
As the owner of an almost obsolete Amiga A1500,1 was wondering what would be the next logical upgrade step now that Commodore have scrapped the promised A2200 model.
I already have a 16MHz 68020 accelerator with 32-bit fast RAM and 52Mb hard drive. I use my A1500 for just about everything fun but which isn't actually useful - programming, Midi sequencing, games, writing the occasional letter, artwork (well I think it's art. Anyway) and ray-tracing.
Can the AA chipset be fitted in the A3000, and do Commodore have any plans to sell future A3000s with the AA chipset as standard?
And the 64-thousand dollar question - what about the cost? I have thought many times about smashing my piggy-bank and getting an SVGA-PC 386. Only the AA chipset would convince me not to. Time is running out. Commodore!
Just how fast can that monster processor access chip memory? A megabyte of fast memory never seems to go very far these days! By the way, how much does it cost for full-speed expansion RAM?
Is it really zero-wait-state at 25MHz when you disable the caches? Is a 68881 68882 an optional extra? I haven't yet aspired to a maths processor on my current system, although I enjoy a bit of ray-tracing.
I also want to play games as well as use serious applications. How compatible are games with the 68030? My 68020 has been very poor in this area. The only games I have which take advantage of it are Stunt Car Racer and Formula 1 Grand Prix. Most games don't even load.
I swear that Archer Maclean is trying to play a tune with the disk drive stepper motor on IK-*-!. What worries me is that even fairly recent games such as jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker don't run on my 68020.
To write in small print on a sticker on the box "not compatible with the Amiga A3000 and some 68030 chips" is just not on - any PC owner would have a fit if a game didn't run on his 80386 PC but worked fine on his friend's 8086 PC.
Now I've got that mini-editorial off my chest, thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My apologies for asking so many questions!
5 Williams, Blackpool Unfortunately it's hard to suggest which machine you should consider next, mainly because you use your machine for quite a number of applications.
Face it, is it compatibility you want or a better machine than your present one? If it's a better machine you want then go for the A4090.
OK, it costs around £2,000 plus VAT for a 52Mb hard drive, 2Mb chip memory and 4Mb fast memory machine, but it's definitely worth it.
Also Commodore have still got plans to produce the A2200 and possibly the A2400, which will the new AA chipset and probably a 68020 or and some internal expansion slots.
It's not clear if they will come with the ma‘ processor on board already or if it's a factor ur It is unlikely that Commodore will produce an with the AA chipset in, as the A3000 used to top of the range Amiga and now the A4000 has nitely stolen that position.
As for how much memory costs, its about Mb. The A4000 uses 72-pin SIMMs and yes, it is wait-state access.
As I mentioned earlier, it's hard to upgrade new machine with more advanced chips fitted without running Into compatibility problems.
Commodore have gone some way to try to this problem by including a nifty hard downgrade option which is triggered by h down both mouse buttons while rebooting machine.
This presents you with a menu asking you graphics mode you wish to boot up in, and if wish to use CPU cacheing - although it must be that it doesn’t work with everything.
You're quite right - software houses should more attention not only to testing there softw all machines, but also dearly marking their for compatibility.
Amiga Computing February 1993 86 Technical He m one of the 4Mb memory cards being advertised for the A600.
My dismay I was informed that the credit card slot only supports the and extremely expensive personal cards.
Terred, I contacted the dealer whom I had originally purchased TV, who stated that, yes indeed, TV memory card slot is a stan- PCMCIA but unfortunately they not supply me with a 4Mb card, al other phone calls resulted in a equal split of affirmative and responses regarding the nature CDTV slot, therefore determined to seek the of the perpetrator of this confute mighty Commodore itself. After anyone should know then they rtunately I was solidly refused to any part of the organisation than the telephone switchboard red back to my dealer, must be said that with an attitude as this Commodore do
not deserve
• oyalty which I and many others shown in the past, gripes aside,
please could you my problem, since £200 is a lot on an
ill-informed experiment.
D Madeley, Staffordshire answer to your question is yes, PCM slot is identical on both the and the CDTV, so the memory .*s should work, but some soft- and hardware options which advantage of the PCM slot might is because the CDTV is running Workbench 1.3 and the A600 is kbench 2.0 machine, so you have to check software avail- on PCM cards for compatibility Workbench 1.3 machines, of the main problems with CDTV lack of memory. The CD drive quite a lot just to operate, and it I can see why you might consider buying a PC but it's not needed. If you buy say an A1200, which is able to read and
write PC disks directly, then invest in WordWorth 2, you will be able to bring home documents written on a PC using WordPerfect, work on them then take them back to work.
The PC at work will be able to read it back in with no problem at all.
As for importing pictures from the PC, again this is quite a simple task. Simply save your pictures on the PC in almost any format and then use a graphics converter on the Amiga.
You can get a graphics converter from most good PD libraries or if you find they don't convert as well as you want, AdPro 2 definitely will. AdPro 2 will convert virtually all formats of graphics into any graphics format you require.
I own an A500 vl .2, and was on the verge of upgrading to an A1500 2000, or whatever might be arriving in the next Of so. • jnately, I have now reached the point where I need to able to take work home and, you guessed it, awPerfect on the PC is the order of the day.
A bottomless wallet, the time has come where I am to have to choose between a new Amiga and buying a itible. I’m afraid that my computing knowledge is min- and the idea of fighting with a bridgeboard without help is that in mind, do you have any reasonable suggestions how I can stay with the Amiga, a machine for which I a great respect having seen the PC in action, and yet be actually go home at night?
£ S McComey, Shropshire may be worthwhile investing in a chip memory upgrade which will give you 2Mb Of Chip memory.
Games compatibility There are quiet a few companies offering this upgrade, called Mega-Chip Try Alternative Image on 0533 440041.
I have an old Amiga 500 with 1 Mb of memory which I bought five years ago purely to play games on. I now have a massive collection of games - I especially enjoy role- playing adventures which I have collected quite a lot.
My machine is currently being repaired, having a new internal drive fitted, as I am told the I O errors and crashing that kept happening when trying to resurrect characters was due to a faulty drive.
What I would like to know is, when my machine finally conks Out, which computer I should be setting my sights on for games only? It must be compatible with as many of my existing games as possible.
Carmen Brule, Essex If you're having trouble getting hold of PCM memory cards try getting in touch with either Silica on 081-309 1111 or Power Computing on 0234 843388.
Bengali Fonts Unfortunately you're in the same boat as a lot of people with existing software collections who want to upgrade to a better machine.
It isn't possible to move up to a new machine like the A600 or A1200 and still be able to use all of your existing software. In our tests the A600 is definitely more compatible, with around 90 per cent of existing software working fine.
The A1200, on the other hand, is only about 50 per cent compatible, but once software houses start writing games specifically for this machine it will be definitely the best upgrade choice.
In the November issue of AMIGA Computing I saw a letter from a reader looking for Bengali outline fonts. I am a newcomer to Amiga platform and I Own an A3000 When I was looking for Hindi outline fonts, I came to know about this company in Toronto which makes fonts in just about every Indian language for Amiga, Macintosh and PC.
They have fonts for Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Thai, Sinhalese (a language of Sri Lanka) and Urdu in a variety of styles. The fonts are available in PostScript and Compugraphic formats. They can be reached at: Ethno Multimedia 2055, Dundas Street West Toronto Canada M6R1W8 Phone: 416 588 7193 Vbramendra. Toronto Odd letters I have an Amiga 500 Plus expanded to 2Mb, which I purchased last january from Silica. I have external floppy and I use a Philips 8833 MKII monitor and a PC compatibility Citizen 224 printer. I started to answer correspondence using KindWords 3 which has up to now
been very good.
Recently though, as I type, odd letters have been appearing in the text - "j" and "p" were the most common.
I slowed my typing speed down to ensure that I made no mistakes, but these odd insertions kept occurring.
Have you any ideas as to what the problem is? I thought maybe it was KindWords so I changed to Scribble but the same thing still happens!
D F Goodyer, Turkey It sounds as though you have a problem with your hardware and not your software. What I would do is open up a CLI window and then start typing.
If the problem still occurs then check you keymap is set correctly in your startup-sequence. If this doesn't work, get your Amiga checked out by a reputable dealer.
Make a disk Is the quality of your CoverDisks slipping? Or has my A500 started to go senile? On the November disk, loading Cybcrnetix caused the machine to crash with a guru message.
This also happened to a friend with a
1. 3 machine. I expected an update to rectify this in the
December issue, but as there wasn't one. Is it an isolated
Also, on the December disk loading Home Accounts to the Make a Disk icon results in a message "disk is write protected", even when it isn't. Any helps?
P Ft Southey, Chichester Well, first things first. Cybernetix won't run on a Plus machine unless it has fast memory as well as chip memory, but you can use a small program called degrader which is on our CovcrDisk this month to rectify the problem.
As for your second problem with Home Accounts, I'm afraid your not alone. The problem lies with Workbench 2. When you click on the Make a Disk icon, your Amiga then copies all the necessary files to RAM, then instructs you to insert the disk which is to be initialised.
This is where the problem begins.
Because you booted up with the CoverDisk write protected your Amiga doesn't bother to check the drive again so it just presumes the disk is write-protected.
All you have to do is boot up with the CoverDisk write-enabled and all your problems should be over. But remember to make a back up of the CoverDisk first.
Banners. Forms and more also loads of drivers ?
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¦BSB 125 KINGSWOOD, THORPE MARRIOTT. NORWICH. NORFOLK NR8 6UW H ardware The new AGA graphics chip set brings a vivid new range of colour to the Amiga line.
Denny Atkin reports C True Icontrol Preferonco-, : E31tO| 1 0(SHIFT) Screen Menu Snap: V 1 CTRL Text Gadget Filter: . 1 1 HI I Avoid Flicker: A (LEFT HMIQA) Mode Pronotion: V1 Save | Use | Cancel | Around the beginning of 1986 a group of Amiga enthusiasts met at my local computer shop and crowded around the screen of an Amiga 1000 displaying one of the first digitised 4096-colour HAM pictures.
Colours "Amazing," one of them said, "it looks just like a TV picture." I don't know where that guy is now, but the poor fellow would have probably fainted dead on the spot if I could have shown him an AGA-mode picture that day.
Lutions it added slowed down the machine considerably and offered a paltry four colours from a palette of 64. Amiga users were disappointed.
I've heard very few complaints about the newest Amiga chip set, though. With a range of 16 million colours, 256 or 700,000+ colours available on-screen at once, and a four-times graphics speedup, who could gripe?
Oh, sure, you say, but with those improvements it's got to break most of my Commodore's new A1200 and A4Q00 computers include the first truly enhanced chip set since the Amiga's introduction. The original chip set (OCS) was revolutionary for its time, with 32 and 4096-colour graphics and what was, at the time, unparalleled graphics speed.
The Enhanced Chip Set released a couple of years ago was nowhere near as innovative - it expanded the amount of memory available for graphics and let users run both PAL and NTSC software, but the new reso- software, right? Wrong! Perhaps the most amazing thing about the AGA chip set is that it's almost completely compatible with programs written for the earlier OCS and ECS chips.
It's the free flicker fixer!
AGA Amigas don't have de-interlacing circuitry built in like the chip In the Amiga 3000. There's no need for one, since noninterlaced equivalents of all the original resolutions exist now that colour depths have been increased in the hi res, noninterlaced modes.
For instance, instead of opening a 640 x 512 16-colour interlaced screen, you can have the operating system open a 640 x 512 16-colour non-interlaced screen that doesn't flicker.
This wasn't possible on ECS Amigas because the non-interlaced resolutions with 256 vertical lines were limited to four colours.
AGA supports two methods for opening such screens.
Programs designed with AGA in mind can use the new A5L screen mode requester to allow you to select which resolution you want to run in.
If you have a monitor that will handle VGA scan rates (more on this soon), you can choose a high-res, non-interlaced mode, but if you're using a standard 1084 style monitor you might choose 640 x 256 to avoid interlace flicker.
But what about those older programs that don't know about AGA? If they open by default in annoying flickering modes, how do you tell them about the new AGA equivalents?
The AGA chip set started life in the summer of 1990 as a project code-named Pandora. Commodore's Bob Raible was in charge of the project and designed the Lisa chip, which replaced Denise; Bill Thomas was in charge of Alice, which replaced Agnus. By the time the chipset reached pro- In the Icontrol preferences program there's a button marked Mode Promotion. If you toggle this gadget on, most older programs that request an interlaced screen resolution will instead open on a non-interlaced screen of equivalent resolution.
So programs like PageStream, for instance, can now be opened on a 640 x 512 x 16 non-interlaced screen.
One of the other advantages of installing a de-interlacer on classic Amigas was that it got rid of those annoying scan lines between rows of pixels. If you have mode-promotion turned on, even lo res, non interlaced 320 x 200 screens will open on VGA scan-rate screens, free of ugly scan-lines.
A few programs, such as DeluxePaint IV and Art Department Professional, explicitly specify interlaced screens using AmigaDOS 2 calls. Such programs aren't affected by mode-promotion and will come up in flickering interlace mode even with promotion turned on, due to compatibility considerations.
However, there are a number of hacks available in the public domain, such as Steve Tibbett s DoubleX, that will force all screens to be promoted regardless of how they open their screens.
Totype form it had been renamed AA Advanced Amiga), and was the heart prototype enhanced Amiga called A3000+.
Although the A3000+ never made it | the prototype stage (about 50 machir were built for use for software and har development), the AA chip set wi approved for a new Amiga, original named the A3400. Designed by Dat Haynie and Greg Berlin, this system ally evolved into the Amiga 4000 releas late last year.
By the time the chip set was released the A4000, the name was changed ac to Advanced Graphics Architecture, or.
(there seems to be a sort of unofficial paign going on amongst Amiga soft companies and magazines to keep the name, but AGA is the official Comr moniker).
Older Amigas This chip set is standard in the n A1200 and A4000, but can't be plugc into older Amigas. One of the big adva tages of AGA is its enhanced speed - most operations it's four times faster ECS. Unfortunately, the faster chip archil ture requires much faster access to the cc puter's chip RAM, and there was no way I get a performance boost with AGA ar remain compatible with older Amigas.
If you've got an older Amiga and wa access to the new AGA modes, it's time buy a new computer. Although it's feas to create a replacement motherboard fc the A500 and other classic Amigas with AGA chips on it, such a board would H ordware cost almost as much as an A1200 to te.
So just how big an improvement is AGA?
About as big a jump over the original graphics capabilities as those were over IBM's four-colour CGA graphics.
The original Amiga chips had a total te of 4,096 colours, which translates to levels of each primary colour. AGA fases squares the number of colours lilable, offering 256 levels of each pri- colour for a grand total of 16 million available to choose from.
And you can now get more of those jrs on-screen at once as well. While the )l Amiga graphics chips were limited
• displaying 32 colours (not counting tricks HalfBrite and HAM)
on lo-res screens 16 colours on hi-res screens, the AGA can
display up to 256 colours in all lions, Modifying The real fun
comes in HAM mode, jh, Now that HAM has eight bitplanes play
with (thus the name HAM8 for the mode), it can display over
262,000 irs on-screen at once. The original mode created new
colours by modify- 16 base colours; the new mode has 64 1
colours to choose from.
This not only means you can get more on the screen, but it also virtually iinates the colour fringing evident on )l HAM files. Although Commodore rertises HAM8 as a 262,000 colour i, that's not a real limitation.
With careful picking of the 64 base s, you can actually get up to 700,000 jrs in the highest resolution graphics s| The AGA graphics chips don't provide resolutions than were available with though. In fact, the available resoiu- are exactly the same as on an A600 Workbench 2.1 - 320 x 256,640 x
J. 1,280 x 256, 800 x 300, 640 x 480, the interlaced versions of
those modes, have double the vertical resolution.
But there’s a big difference - while some those modes were limited to 16 or even colours with ECS, they can all display colours or even HAM8 with AGA One thing to keep in mind, and this to ECS as well as AGA, is that the With hi-res sprites you can now make that blocky arrow pointer look less clumsy Amiga chip sets no longer have fixed built- in resolutions - they're completely programmable.
An example benefit of this programmability is the 800 x 300 600 mode added in Workbench 2.1 - Commodore added a completely new graphics mode without requiring any upgraded hardware. This means that industrious programmers will be able to create new custom screen modes.
The colour palette isn't the only thing that was improved in the AGA chip set. The sprite system has also been completely revamped. Sprites can now be up to 64 pixels wide, which means the entire screen can be covered with sprites.
Blocky Under OCS and ECS, sprites were always built from lo-res pixels, which made them a look rather blocky, especially on a hi-res screen. With the AGA chips sprites can now be lo-res, hi-res, or even super hi-res, no matter what resolution the screen is currently in. With hi-res sprites you can finally make that blocky arrow pointer look a lot less clunky.
Sprites can now be placed with much more precision. With previous chip sets, they only moved in lo-res pixel increments, which meant there were only 320 horizontal positions possible for a sprite.
This made precise editing on hi-res paint program screens a bit challenging sometimes. Under AGA the sprite now moves in Super hi-res pixel increments, meaning you can place the pointer with precision in any screen mode.
As mentioned earlier, the new graphics chips are much faster than the original Amiga chips. Previous chip sets talked to Chip RAM 16 bits at a time - even on the AGA screen modes and monitors Note: You can now do any colour depth, including 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 2S6, EHB, HAM, and HAM8, in any resolution. Note also that multiscan moni- 1 Mode: Resolution Monitor type DoubleNTSC: hi-res 640x200 VGA DoubleNTSC: hi-res laced 640x800 VGA DoubleNTSC: hi-res no flicker 640x400 VGA DoubleNTSC: lo-res 320x200 VGA DoubleNTSC: lo-res laced 320x800 VGA DoubleNTSC: lo-res no flicker 320x400 VGA
DoublePAL: hi-res 640x256 VGA DoublePAL: hi-res laced 640x1024 VGA DoublePAL: hi-res no flicker 640x512 VGA DoublePAL: lo-res 320x256 VGA DoublePAL: lo-res laced 320x1024 VGA DoublePAL: lo-res no flicker 320x512 VGA Euro72 640x200 VGA Euro36: hi-res 640x200 1084 Euro 36: hi-res laced 640x400 1084 Euro36: lo-res 320x200 1084 Euro36: lo-res laced 320x400 1084 Euro36: Super hi-res 1280x200 1084 Euro36: Super hi-res laced 1280x400 1084 Euro72: Productivity 640x400 VGA Euro72: Productivity laced 640x800 VGA Multiscan 640x240 VGA Multiscan: Productivity 640x480 VGA Multiscan: Productivity laced
640x960 VGA NTSC: hi-res 640x200 1084 NTSC: hi-res laced 640x400 1084 NTSC: lo-res 320x200 1084 NTSC: lo-res laced 320x400 1084 NTSC: Super hi-res 1280x200 1084 ’ NTSC: Super hi-res laced 1280x400 ' 1084 PAL: hi-res 640x256 1084 PAL: hi-res laced 640x512 1084 PAL: lo-res 320x256 1084 PAL: lo-res laced 320x512 1084 PAL: Super hi-res 1280x256 1084 PAL: Super hi-res laced 1280x512 1084 Super72 400x150 Multiscan Super72 800x150 Multiscan Super72: hi-res 400x300 Multiscan Super72: hi-res laced 400x600 Multiscan Super72: Super hi-res 800x300 Multiscan Super72: Super hi-res laced 800x600 Multiscan
A2024:10Hz 1024x800 A2024 A2024:15Hz 1024x800 A2024 Hardware f otherwise 32-bit Amiga 3000.
The AGA chip set gets a two-times speed increase automatically because it has a 32- bit read write path to chip RAM, allowing it to move twice as much data every time it accesses graphics memory.
However, that's not all! Newer RAM technology lets the AGA chips do two fetches from Chip RAM in a single memory cycle. This gives you the performance of a 64-bit chip set - four times that of the original Amiga chips.
If you've ever tried to run your Workbench screen in 16-colour mode, especially with overscan, you've seen a fully- saturated chip set.
Your entire Amiga system slows down because the custom chips and processor are fighting for access to your Amiga's RAM.
With AGA's 4x bandwidth the chips work so much faster that you can run in hkes, 256- colour mode without impacting processor speed at all.
Bandwidth Running a hi-res, 16-colour Workbench screen on an AGA Amiga actually uses up the same amount of bandwidth as a lo- res, two-colour screen does on a classic Amiga, The new chips are so fast that, when you use the new Intuition double-buffering routines in your programs, you can actually create 60-frames-per-second animations in even the highest resolution modes, without taking over the machine!
The blitter in the AGA chips is actually the same as the ECS Witter - it's no faster at actually performing blits, However, blitterintensive graphics can still be much faster under AGA. Since the blitter has to share the RAM bus with the CPU and video display, it Operates faster now since the graphics chips take up less of the bus time.
The AGA chips are amazingly compatible with the original Amiga chips. When running programs that only support 12-bit colour values (four bits each of red, green, and blue), such as early versions of DeluxePaint, the operating system simply copies those bits into both the upper and lower 12 bits of a register, maintaining the appearance of 12-bit colour.
No problems The vast majority of productivity programs that I've tried to run on the Amiga 4000 and 1200 have no problems with the new AGA chips or with mode promotion.
Games and especially demos are another matter, though, and many tend to flake out (non-graphic intensive games such as Sierra adventures and Maxis' Sim series work fine, though, even supporting mode promotion).
There's a solution for those programs that don't like the AGA chips. The chips can be told to turn off all the features that didn't exist in earlier versions of the chip set, thus increasing compatibility dramatically.
Simply hold down both mouse buttons when booting the computer to reach the boot menu. Click the Display Options button and you'll be given a choice not only of NTSC or PAL displays, but also of which chips you want the system to think it has - Original, Enhanced, or AGA.
Simply picking Enhanced fixes most programs (you may also want to click Boot Options and turn off the processor cache as well to increase compatibility further).
Booting a game with a custom boot block automatically selects ECS mode - you have to run the 3.0 version of SetPatch in your Startup-Sequence to activate the new AGA chip set features.
Icontrol Preferences _| o SHIFT Screen Menu Snap: i _| CTRL Text Gadget Fitter: __| _| ALT Avoid Flicker; _1 _yLl A (LEFT HMIGR) Mode Pronotion: ? 1 Save Use j Cancel | Most of the programs that require you to deactivate the AGA features have problems because they break Commodore's guidelines and attack the Amiga's hardware directly, bypassing the operating system.
If these game and demo programmers want to start creating stuff that supports AGA, the re going to have to break down and finally read the manuals and learn how to do things the right way. Commodore doesn't guarantee that the next generation of Amiga graphics chips (code-name AAA) is going to be register- compatible with the AGA chips.
This means that any hackers who hit the AGA hardware directly now are going to find that their programs break on the next-generation Amigas. To keep this from happening, Commodore isn't going to document how to directly program the video hardware - they want programmers to go through the operating system.
The speedy AGA chips and the faster processors found in AGA Amigas, combined with things like Intuition double- buffered graphics support, should provide programmers with all the power they need to create fast-action simulations or dazzling demos without breaking all the rules.
Commodore's official word is that anyone who bangs the AGA hardware is going to break in the future. This means we should see a lot more games that run from the Workbench in the future, and that you should probably not get too attached to D I «p lav Hod DBLMTfC ! Lev No Flicker DRIPRL : M t fth Hr-.
Rot Locod St PRL:NI oh Ron No Fllckor LP*L:Lou Me* Hi :lou Rot Locod DBLPRL:Low Rot No Fllckor CURQ72:64R M 2**_ Mldtn: fa | % I Paf aul t Haight : fBHF3T ii7| ? I Dafault Co I or »: 1 ¦__ Rut ole ro I I : I »«va AGA-supportinc software Currently shipping at press-time Department Professional, AS: CineMorph, GVP DeluxePaint IV A Electronics Arts Final Copy II, SoftW ImageFX, GVP ImageMaster, Black F Systems Morph Plus, ASDG ProV.
3. 3, New Horizons Shipping soon: AmigaVisi Professional,
Commodore Brilliar Digital Creations Caligari 24, Oct-
Imagine, Impulse Professional Page Gold Disk Vista Pro 3.0,
VRLI AGA-supporting games that don't from the Workbench.
AGA is an incredible improvement the original Amiga chips, and the colour depth and Super VGA-like support once again puts the Amiga of PC clones graphically.
But Commodore's not stopping They've announced publicly that t already working on future chip sets that enhanced sound (one area untouched the AGA chips), provide true 24-bit ics, and speed the Amiga's graphics another magnitude.
Thinking of something more imp than AGA is mind-boggling, though [ you've go to your dealer to sneak a peek the new Al 200's AGA graphics, you'd ter leave your credit cards at home, or may find yourself having to explain your Amiga 500 has suddenly b replaced- Vt**Mo *»«• : HI n I nun luo I Muxinun llzt I 1 M*nInun Colors: Intarlacod RoquI rot CCS Doot not support Draggabl.
63S 7** 16304 .62kH 72Hz , Li J Choosing the right monitor The AGA chip set gains its resolution flexibility because it has programmable scan rates. However, to take advantage of the chip set's flexibility, you'll need a flexible monitor.
Unfortunately, you'll actually need a monitor more flexible than the vast majority of those on the market.
The original Amiga chip set output at a horizontal scan rate of 15.75kHz, and this is the rate supported by the original Amiga monitors such as the 1084.
This scan rate supports resolutions up to 640 x 256 non-interlaced, and 640 x 512 interlaced (more with overscan). The new hi-res, non-interlaced modes added with ECS require a monitor that scans at the VGA scan rate of 31.5kHz. The Amiga 3000's deinterlacer circuitry and add-on flicker fixers also require a 31.5kHz monitor.
You have three monitor choices with an AGA Amiga - a 1084-style 15.75kHz monitor, a VGA 31.5kHz monitor, or a multiscan monitor that supports horizontal scan rates ranging from 15.75kHz to 31.5kHz (A1200 users can also use a composite monitor or TV set). If you want to be able to use all the AGA screen modes, you really only have one choice - the multiscan.
If you choose to hang on to your old 1084 when upgrading to an AGA Amiga, you'll have access to all the new colour modes including HAM8, but none of the new hi-res, non-interlaced resolutions.
You'll Still be much better off with AGA, since you'll get the faster screen updates and the new colour modes (television sets and composite monitors offer the same modes as a 1084-style monitor, albeit in a much blurrier form. Still, the colour PAL composite output is much sharper than on an A520-equipped A500).
Using a VGA-only monitor is going to cause most users problems. These monitors don't support the standard old Amiga resolutions, just the double-scanned
31. 5kHz modes. If you run mostly Workbench-launchable
programs, such as wordprocessors, paint programs, and desktop
publishing software, you'll be OK because you can turn on
mod-promotion and have all those screens run in 31.5kHz mode.
However, any disks that must be booted from, such as games,
will come up m
15. 75kHz mode, which will just look like a scrambled!
Mess on a VGA-only monitor.
Also, the Guru and Boot Mode screens come up in
15. 75kHz mode, so you won't be able to view these on] a VGA-only
monitor. Only consider one of these mom- tors if you never
play games and if you don't need access to the Boot Mode
The best choice is a multiscan monitor that support horizontal scan rates between 15.75kHz and 31.5kHz Unfortunately, such monitors are somewhat more expensive than the other two choices.
Be careful, as many modern multiscan monitors won't sync as low as 15.75kHz and will only be as useful as a VGA-only monitor when used with an AGA Amiga.
One of the best choices is Commodore's 1960, which of course supports all the Amiga scan rates. With a wide-range multiscan you can access every mode the AGA Amiga offers.
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Graphics produced in Hold And Modify mode suffered from much larger file sizes than their 32-colour or Halfbrite (64- colour) cousins, and in addition there was the dreaded HAM "fringing".
This effect, which crops up when HAM pictures are being created by hand or edited, rather than rendered direct from a ray tracing package, is the inevitable result of the compromise which lies at the heart Of HAM.
Of the 6-bits which make up every HAM pixel, only four are used for colour data.
The other two are used to calculate screen colours by modifying one colour in respect to the others around it.
In arithmetical terms, four bits give 16 true colours, but the extra two bits lead to this figure being multiplied by 16 twice (because the older chips are 16-bit chips), and 16 x 16 x 16 is 4,096.
Subsequent faffing about on-screen can often lead to rather inappropriate colours being selected, and when screen values are disturbed, such as when the user cuts and pastes a brush, so much messing about with colours goes on that the poor old 6-bit HAM standard can't cope.
Fringing is the result, and a messy result it is too.
With the new HAM8, or 8-bit HAM, many users might be bewildered as to how so many extra colours can come from just
• two extra bits.
The answer is that the colour data is now made up of six bits with the usual two added on for screen colour calculations, and as the graphics chips are now 32-bit, each of the two modify bits can modify a pixel 32 times over.
True 6-bit colour leads to 256 colours, and if you multiply this figure twice by 32, you get 256 x 32 x 32 - 262,144 colours in HAM8. Fringing is still a problem with HAM8, but as there are now so many more colours and as the mode can be displayed in much higher resolutions, the fringing which does develop is much less obvious than with HAM6.
In addition, the AGA Lisa and Alice chips (best thought of as replacements for Denise and Agnus respectively) do their best to minimise the damage. Result?
The first AGA- capable paint package is at last available in the shape of an updated Dpaint
4. 1. Stevie Kennedy samples its wares Stunning, near-24-bit
quality static graphics, ample testament to which you can find
in the screenshots on these pages.
Problem? We're still dealing with HAM, even if in a much improved set of clothes. Early reports from excited developers working on the new machines indicated that HAM8 suffered from no fringing and all sorts of wild claims were made as to the A4000's.
Tion capabilities.
Until the release of Dpaint 4 AGA ever, there was no way to judge how rate such claims were, as no paint or animation creator existed which use of the new chips. We now have a I world benchmark with which to put I AGA proteges through their paces.
Dpaint 4 AGA is new in only a respects. Virtually nothing has changed over v4.1, and more or less only new features are related to suf Kickstart 3.0 and the AGA chip set, but I in itself is enough to warrant a very inspection.
When run, the package immec shows its Kickstart 3.0 origins by of the user a number of display modes total - ranging from olde worlde lo-res, 1 res, and hi-res interlace, to AA H Productivity, and Super I res.
Workbench 3.0's atte to detail means tl advanced information | pixel speeds, scan rates, so on is available for el mode before the user his or her choice, enak selection of the best model any particular setup.
Those using stam medium resolution me will be restricted in tf choices, as will those cheap, single scan rate monitors.
The former will not be to use modes which scan j frequencies of more tl
15. 5KHz, and the latter more than likely be stuck with VGA mode,
j Ideally, good multiscan monitors, as the better PC models
(I've used an Min with no trouble) or the Commc 1950 60 range
should be used with machines if the best display results
Though on the whole silent on this i ter, Commodore will sooner or later to admit that improved machines re improved and more advanced and the 1084S Philips 8833 monitors prevalent in today's Amiga market are up to scratch as far as the A1200 A4C range is concerned.
Once a display mode is~chosen, tf familiar Dpaint 4 interface pops up ar Mngelng Is a problem with HAMS Images... Software Camaro created in Imagine 2.0, then imported fc the addition of titles and other graphics. Nice, Super Hires Interlaced HAM8!
IS6 colour gradients are t, but less than perfect ration of the colour capabilities of the Amigas can begin. Let's start with : graphics.
Apart from AA Halfbrite mode, which the usual 64 colours, though from a tte of 16.7 million, all modes offer at 256 colours.
Productivity modes (referred to as tiscan in accordance with Workbench monitor drivers), handles up to 256 jrs, and AA-HAM+ offers 262,144 from i palette of the same size.
PAL mode, the only display mode to support genlocking, has a similar »ad of colour and resolution options, lo-res HAM8 to Super hi-res (1280 x P2) in 256 colours.
Excellent Static screen images generated in PAL laced 256 colours are of excellent lity, and for many purposes far more il than HAM8. They don't suffer from jing, animate faster, and can be used with a genlock.
However, for static computer art, HAM8, :ially in Productivity mode, is hard to In this mode, a respectable 640 x 480 ;n resolution results in almost square Is, and HAM8 makes full screen grad»- it fills possible without noticeable ing. For presentation graphics, artcon be cut down In certain circumstances work, and IFF export to other packages, this flicker-free mode will probably be the AGA user's favourite so long, of course, as that user also has a VGA monitor capable of displaying it.
The only blot on HAM8's copy book is fringing, a problem which becomes acute once a lot of detail is present on-screen. For example, it is virtually impossible to type text across a HAM8 screen, never mind a HAM8 screen which has been treated to a gradient fill. Fringing in these circumstances destroys image quality.
Though a problem associated with the HAM8 compromise rather than Dpaint 4 AGA, the extent of fringing was a disappointment to everyone in the office, a sentiment which will surely be echoed by many future AGA users.
Not all is gloom, as there are ways to partially avoid fringing, but initial impressions are that HAM8 will remain, as HAM6, a mode most usefully employed by packages which render directly to it, such as ray tracers.
To give fringing a body swerve, I tried a text logo over a very gradual fading background from green to blue. The logo, utilising a red to yellow fill, could not be stamped down on the background without slight fringes developing, but it was at least a major improvement on direct typing to iting screen. With a black background to the logo itself, the situation improved dramatically, By progressively reducing the logo's black background until it was no more than a keyline, I found it possible to produce perfectly good presentation graphics with fewer HAM8 headaches, but the problem never
quite goes away unless the text is surrounded by a straight-edged solid box.
Rounded outlines, such as are unavoidable with most fonts, cause greater fringing than straight edges.
Laborious Dpaint's spare page comes in very handy for such work, as it enables the user to create and cut out text in a clean environment before swapping over to the main graphic for final positioning. The process is a painfully slow and sometimes laborious one, but is capable of good results.
Animated graphics using the new AGA screen modes have caused probably the most intense speculation since the A4000 was launched. Initial reports from the Pasadena show of a full colour Sentinel animation running at 60 frames per second in NTSC interlace caused heightened expectations of full screen, full motion 24- bit movie work on a standard machine.
While I wouldn't like to completely deflate these expectations, I have to at least put a dent in them, if only as far as Dpaint's animation capabilities are concerned.
In anything other than lo-res Productivity mode (320 x 480), large animations are either too slow or not of sufficient quality to be used in professional video productions.
Beautiful In hi-res PAL interlace using overscan, which is the standard video mode (remember that VGA and Productivity do not support genlocking), Dpaint 4 AA can chum out beautiful images, but can only animate them in a jerky and less than use* ful fashion.
Having seen Scala run Dpaint-produced HAM8 animations smoother and quicker, the suspicion that it is the software which is at fault rather than the hardware is a hard one to avoid.
Smaller animations in 256-colour full video spec (hi-res overscan) are possible, and animate smoothly on the A4000, but try to use half screen or larger animations and smoothness quickly falls off.
Against a black background, larger text logo animations, scrolls, and so on are excellent, So Dpaint 4 AGA should suffice for high quality video titling, but video quality computer movies are, as many cynics suspected, out of the question without the use of single frame video recorders.
What can be achieved with this package far outdoes any previously available paint animate program, though to be fair to manufacturers currently developing competition for Dpaint 4 AGA, the new chips and video modes are a major factor in this.
Full screen 256 animations, superb HAM8 titling complete with colour gradi- ated text, and static images only the better 24-bit boards can better make painting and animating in AGA supremely pleasurable.
However, given an A1200 rather than an A4000, less than about 4Mb RAM, and a hard drive of less than 40Mb in capacity, much of this potential will never be realised. % A1200 owners who have read the inflated claims made by some companies and the odd press report should be prepared for disappointment if they are not ready, or cannot afford, to purchase the power peripherals to go with their power Amigas.
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optimisations, repeat loops, output of code to executable,
linkable or S-Record format, full listing control and much more
makes Devpac 3 unbeatable The ultimate assembler language
system" Amiga Format Gold 4 92 Frw with Devpac 3 - use the
coupon * A book that we, and many of our customers, have been
waiting for... an introductory book on Amiga assembly language
programming that is written with Devpac in mind.
• Covers fundamental assembly language concepts
• How to use the system header files and official Amiga docs
• Low-level Intuition and graphics programming
• CLI Shell and Workbench programming
• and much more besides in this invaluable book lor more
information on any of our products, please call HiSoft on 0525
7181B1. Or fax u$ on 0525 713716 or write to us at The Old
School. Greenfield.
HiSoft High Quality Software Bedford MK455DE UK We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of SAS C Version 61 - the latest release of the premier C compiler for the Amiga- Please write or call if you require any more detail on this superb package; we can only list some highlights in this short space. Also call for upgrade information.
• Complete ANSI compliant compiler, libraries and headers
• Extremely comprehensive on-line help system
• Faster development time including the use of shared libraries
• Improved optimisation with peephole optimiser
• New, 1200-page documentation with Quick Reference Guide ®@®
f) ©@® @®@ HigbSp Pascal ?
U 11 a t V 0- z.
* I- Z r ® ©@®®
mc. h TnrtoA niVAior ue Turtjo powac fo» you computer Highspeed
Pascal - the fastest, most compatible and easiest-to-use
Pascal compiler for all Amigas (including the A1200 & A4000).
• Fully integrated package; edit, compile, execute, all in one
• Turbo Pascal 5 compatibility allowing easy portability.
The package even includes all the Turbo Pascal units from the PC such as the graph unit, dos unit, utilities unit etc.
• Version 1.1 comes complete with Workbench™ 2 units and full
support for the maths co-processor I've always liked the idea
of digitisers. It is so rewarding when you eventually grab a
brilliant image and spend hours fiddling with it, and it's
always nice when have the equipment that will do the job
• wth the least hassle.
VIDI Amiga is one such piece of equip- nt. It's relatively simple to use and it n't cost you an arm and a leg.
To look at, it's a bit of an uninteresting p ce of kit In the box you get the disks, a phono-to-phono cable and an anonymous Digital doodles Ben Styles looks at the VIDI Amiga 12 digitiser
• ttle box that plugs into your parallel port.
The first thing to do was to set the thing up. |'m not an expert with complicated wiring jobs. The machine I used was an M000 so I could get the most out of the software to begin with.
The box plugged straight into the paraf to port and the lead that comes out of the box goes into the floppy disk port.
It's a bit ungainly, the box, so your should make sure you have a lot of room at the back of your machine before you start fiddling.
I then took the phono-to-phono lead tnd plugged it into the Video Out slot on the video. When using digitisers I always find it helpful to have another monitor set up to see what the image will look like on- Kreen before you actual take a grab.
However, unlike most other digitisers, VIDI Amiga 12 doesn't require a second moni- , and displays all its images on one For maximum flexibility, though, I pfijgged another monitor into the back of tie video as you would for usual domestic
- this way I had the Amiga Workbench lowing and the direct signal
from the going into the TV. If you're a bit confined, refer
to the diagram.
I must stress now that the VIDI's physical
* ape makes using it with A1500 2000 impossible unless a ribbon
cable used to connect the digitiser casing to tie parallel
port. This is little more than a minor hassle, but I was
surprised not to find one in the box, though Rombo will supply
the cables on request and they are a doddle to construct at
The next task was the software. Usually I would recommend that large commercial packages like this be installed onto the hard drive if yOu have one, but in this case it doesn't seem to matter.
There is only the one disk supplied in the package so you don't have to do any disk swapping, thus it's not essential to install it to Totally wired This diagram is designed to make the wiring of these image grabber boxes a little simpler.
Remember - the seperate TV is not necessary to use Vidi 12, but it will make life easier when grabbing in colour • *- & v v.
* ¦ jd & • m piss :j- j* The grabbing wrtcn with the image
updates hard disk. On booting up the program you are faced with
a main screen where you can set the preferences of the grabbing
and the viewing of the image and another menu which lets you
enter the editing carousel and grab options.
The grabbing screen is a relatively friendly environment The top half of the screen is taken up by the image window. In the window you see the image which the video source is producing. Colour grabs are taken in about a second, and mono grabs in real time. Along the bottom of the screen are the grab options.
These range from HAM and HAM-E to mono images. It also supports the 256- colour format which will please the prospective A1200 buyers out there.
If you grab an image the machine will tell you what you have grabbed by ticking the RGB and MONO boxes and the respective separations, Viewing To view the images you just click on view but the machine must first mix the RGB together. How fast it will do this depends on the processor in your machine - in the 4000 it took only a couple of seconds because of the 040 processor but even when I tried it on the A500 it still wasn't that slow - 30 seconds at most for a complicated image.
So you have your image saved and you're pleased with it - now what can you do? Flip back to the main screen along with the preferences and you'll find an editing option.
When selected this screen opens out into a full editing screen which lets you run the image through filters. There are various options, some of which let you really ring the changes, such as the psychedelic filters.
To be fair, the filters are very well done and don't detract from the image's original clarity unless you are selecting a soft filter to put over your image.
Improvements I was impressed most by the negative filter which gives a really clean negative image.
The editing booth also has image improvement options like find edges, image blur and image sharpen. On top of the usual filters you can flip the image on its X and Y axes and cut and paste sections of the image.
If you have plenty of memory you can use the Carousel option which allows you to show all of the pictures that you have stored up during you grabbing session.
It's also possible to grab several frames from the video image, store them into memory, mess about with them by pulling them off the carousel then playing them back as an animation.
You would need a pretty awesome amount of memory to do this with full size colour or mono images, but the end result would be well worthwhile.
I liked VIDI Amiga 12 because of its simplicity. Setting the equipment up in the first place is always a bit of a struggle but once it's there you can forget about it. I found that it didn't interfere with any other programs I was using, and was overall a very well behaved piece of equipment. SYSTEM ESSENTIALS VtU OW i RrcomiMiul You are the Commander of a small reconnaissance fleet sent to explore an anomaly in the space-time continuum, otherwise known as a "Black Hole". By way of an unexplained equipment malfunction, your fleet exits hyperspace too close to the vortex and is drawn into
the void.
When you emerge from the worm hole, you find yourself in a s universe fragmented from your own since the big-bang.
Everything you knew as truth is now false. Even the very laws of physics have changed.
For countless eons, a sole entity has occupied this universe alone, waiting.... BG8B8B0 SiniO Btaui* DotflfiBQ SiniO Okouac I ismi } PlgaiQ Sceg«:Bl (|6PCB.
To return to your universe, you must first meet the challenge set before you by your captor: Beat him at his own game. Your four remaining ships must fight against an arsenal of intelligent weapons on a series of battlegrids.
O The rules are simple. The stakes, Your very existence!
Experience graphics, animation and stereophonic sound like you’ve never felt before... Pick up a copy of Vektor Storm today, and prepare yourself for the fight of your life!
MlnmmfystemReqmmJs: 512K RAM Witti Kickstart Version 1.3 or Hi1 i iip.i i i i . 11 ¦ j
- IHOVAGAMES Inovatronics, GmbH Im Heidkamp 11 IN-5000 Cologne
91 Germany Phone +49-221 -875126 FAX +49-221-8704747
Inovatronics. Inc. Suite 209B. 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas. TX
USA 75231-2499 Phone 214-340-4991 FAX 214-340-8514 H ardwore
The PowerScan mono scanner, reviewed in AC several months ago,
set a new standard in afford- mono hand scanning that most
other nufacturers have been chasing ever Rainbow With PowerScan
Professional v3, the ante . As they say, been upped, and upped
into the colour spectrum to the tune of 6 wonderful hues.
Consisting of a standard scanning head, “necting cable, and interface with the
* f disk-based software, ColourScan looks nothing other than a
straightforward reyscale mono scanner of the type so budget DTP
enthusiasts have grown know and love.
Give ColourScan one run over a colour , however, and the user's old faithful matey will find itself permanently re- d on the dustiest and least accessible . The image quality one can wrest from 's latest release is stunning.
Unshaking ColourScan works in the same way as all
• d scanners in that the user must employ unshaking hand to drag
the scanning ‘J over the target picture at a steady rate.
The image is imported using a fairly nor- ¦looking 105mm scanning head, but ad of being stored as a 64-colour image is internally buffered by the ColourScan vare as 12-bit data in 4,096 true irs.
As opposed to HAM (hold and modify),
• bit true colour does not suffer from fring- nor does it do
strange things when J or ported to another screen resolu- This
enables ColourScan's software to
* rt and save an image as a 24-bit IFF, . Or 256-colour GIF.
Before saving, however, the by now stan- d array of editing options can be
I. PowerScan Professional has a wide The competition . There
Isn't any. This is the first prod t of its kind on the
Amiga, and the »t step up is the 18 bit semi flatbed up
JX100, costing £600 or more.
This scanner produces better results on ColourScan, but although in 18 bit »iher than 12-bit, JX100 scans arc taken the same 200dpi resolution The result that when scanning colour line art, or rf y Colour illustration which Is not full hit, the user would be hard pressed spot the difference.
When full colour photographs are
- •nned, the |X100 shows its superiority, ut again the
differences are not as obvi- ajs as one would expect from a
scanner uing more than twice as much.
...and Win murky domestic inapt con look OK range of polygon and freehand drawing tools with which users can touch up or enhance the scanned image, and though these are tricky to use on a rough HAM representation such as displayed after a scan, they add to the package's flexibility.
Much more useful are the image processing tools, including flip, rotate, scale, and crop, the latter two of which will be essential for floppy drive systems. Images scanned in colour can result in IFF file sizes of over 1 Mb, especially if saved as 24-bit files.
Again, cropping is a vital tool for scanned images, most of which will contain data which is not required. Most users will find it impossible to set up the scanning area so that only the required image is scanned, but with the crop tool any extraneous data can be thrown away, saving time and disk space.
Other more advanced tools include skew, capable of pseudo-perspective effects, lighten and darken, which can be Stevie Kennedy finds a hand scanner to make even Mr Major lose his greyscales particularly handy for murky or overexposed scans, and clean up, which is unfortunately almost useless on colour scans as it tends to turn them into impressionist paintings rather than sharper images.
In total, PowerScan's image retouching skills match those of most other scanning packages, but the ambitious user will, as usual, require AdPro or ImageFX to really zap up those imported artworks.
In hardware terms, the scanner will be familiar to anyone used to the older mono units, with selection sliders for dot sizes and resolutions giving a possible spread of between 50 and 400dpi in mono mode, or 50 to 200dpi in full colour.
Reflections In addition, a handy brightness thumb control makes it possible to have a stab at photographs with less than ideal exposure, though at the highest levels there is a tendency for the surface reflections from glossy photos to white out the picture detail rather than enhance it.
In shape and size, the scanning unit is just the right side of comfortable, and heavy enough that it feels substantial in use. Smooth scans fte facilitated by the design of the unit's underside which, unlike some hand scanners I've seen, is clear of obstructions.
The roller, so important for good results, seems well mounted and doesn't protrude too far from the surface. On some scanners, badly designed rollers which either don't roll smoothly enough or stick out too far can lead to see-saw scanning, but ColourScan suffers from none of this, Overall, there is little on which to fault ColourScan. The software could be faster and the A2000 Zorro card interface a little more robust, but other than these minor niggles, the only thing one can say about Power's new colour baby is that it does the job, gets results, and the ¦ results are excellent. W * fl
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10. The error is a bad sector checksum (BadSecSum), which means
that FixDisk cannot match the corrupt contents of the block
to the "checksum" which is used as a method for making sure
none of the data has been messed up.
At this point, the temptation would be to scream in confusion and despair, but the canny user will click Retry, the Ignore if the fault recurs, then wait until the scan is complete. The next step is vital.
In the window to the left will be a list of the disk's contents complete with the disk block where the file header is located. To attempt to rescue data from a damaged block, select the file containing the damaged block, then click on Selected below the Check Files option.
When the error is encountered, you can attempt to save the damaged part to another disk or the RAM disk, write over the block and destroy the original data, or keep on trying. While it may sometimes be possible to save the damaged data, some errors are too serious to remedy.
Crippling In this case, writing over the block may be the only option which, though erasing some of the data and possibly crippling a program file for good, will at least allow the rest of the disk to operate without those annoying read write errors.
If a damaged file is a data file, you may be able to save at least part of it, which is a lot better than nothing at all.
For now, that's all we'll cover on FixDisk. If enough enquiries come in from Workstation 2 readers, we'll attempt to cover the more complex aspects of the program and look in more depth at its operation, but until then your manual should contain enough information to allow you to usefully employ m y J its talents. VL . 1 however, will not. To fix an unvalidated disk, load FixDisk, then click on the Directory gadget at the top of its window. There's no need to scan the whole disk for bitmap errors, as FixDisk need merely ascertain where everything is located.
Faulty Next, click on the drive containing the faulty disk and click Disk Inserted when prompted. FixDisk will now slog its way through the directory structure, checking every file's exact location, then compare this to the bitmap. If the bitmap is incorrect. FixDisk says so and asks for permission to re-write it.
Once the go ahead is give, the program takes only a few seconds to rectify the fault and the disk will be back to normal. For more serious faults, such as read write errors, the complete disk scan will be needed.
If, for example, the Amiga complains that a disk has a read error or a write error on block so-and-so, you will find that under normal circumstances the disk is rendered useless. Using FixDisk, however, some of the damage can be repaired.
Repeat the procedure for the bitmap error, but this time click on the All button, which prompts FixDisk to trawl through the disk examining each and every file in turn until it finds a corrupt or damaged part of the disk. When this happens, a number of options will be available.
Many of these are best presented to coders and system experts, but most of us can expect at least to be able to attempt a save.
Let's say the program tells you that there is a read error on block 1605, which happens to be cylinder 72, head 1, sector 'There are so many buttons, I'm beginning to wonder what happens when I press the wrong one!"
FixDisk is a disk retrieval system designed to cure some of the many problems which crop up on floppy disks, including read write errors, corrupted files, and the odd validation problem. As the latter will be more common, we'll look first at how FixDisk can be used to remedy it.
Validation errors crop up when the "bitmap" is corrupt. Basically, a bitmap is a digital map of the disk's contents and where on the disk they can be found. Any disparity between the bitmap and the structure found by AmigaDOS when it examines d disk will cause the Amiga to look for the disk-validator file.
Disk-validatQr, built in to the Kickstart 2 3 ROM, can correct minor problems, but will give up on major messes. FixDisk, Screen H0C47MB} shell ¦ ..... DH0!
DRIVE= OF0: Handler trackdisk.device Nane = CoverDisk32!
ISFS1 [ Parent Root Selected :-Check file s- Iselectedl Deleted fill r Undelete files r-Recoven Iselectedl fill 1 Track i Copy files rValidatei Iselectedl fill Disk i Wipe files i i Info i Iselectedl Deleted Device i-Delete-irRenane*-.
Selected! Faulty Selected 881 Corwfidnan.han 882 .info 899 ~ Disk.info 921 ~ SID2.info 955 prog info FixDhh tan appear daunting, but pcneveronte payi bff wftfl this excellent ditk retrieval program Tmnd Mac-2-Dos q SID by Tinn Hart in Workstation 2 was designed with the A500 Plus in mind to take advantage of tart 2.04 and the more advanced rnch interface it offered. However, :e the original design of the disk, 'odore have released the A600 and 200, and this has brought on one small The A600 has no internal battery
• up dock, which means that when Workstation 2 disk boots up, the
p-sequence fails at the command: SETCLOCK LOAD trying to load
the time from a non-exis- dock (on unexpanded machines), an
code of 20 is returned and every- grinds to a halt.
The solution is a simple matter of edit- the startup-sequence using QED and ng the line: FA1LAT 21 :e the Setdock command.
This effectively tells the Amiga not to ‘r with commands which fail for sim- reasons. When the revised startup- nce runs on boot-up, the user will the message: SATTEBT BACKED-UP CLOCK NOT FOUND startup will continue as normal.
My thanks to Mr T Gigg of Bristol for ng in with this enquiry. All future Station 2 disks will be dispatched this bug fixed, but any users of unex- ed A600 machines with first issue can either carry out the modification ed above or return their disks to ss Direct for a replacement.
Keep those letters rolling in, folks. As can see, they are all examined for !e problems or support issues and bugs or suggestions passed on jh this column.
On with the support column. Mr T ch of Anglesey was confused by sk. He managed to operate it to his Workstation 2 disk, but writes: As more readers begin to sample the delights of Workstation 2, we examine more of its capabilities and sort out a minor problem BBBB DUE TO CONTINUED DOLLAR POUND EXCHANGE RATE PROBLEMS COMMODORE ARE TO INCREASE ALL PRODUCT PRICES AS OF THE 01 01 93 THE WILD, THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED PA AMIGA A600 Once again Commodore have put together o winning theme pack to complement the already popular Amiga A600. The Wild, the Weird i Wicked Pack is an ideal starter pack
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Address .. PROFESSIONAL AMIGA EL: 0606 43860 - FAX: 0606 43825 Daytime Tel.
Postcode..... T utoriol Power of the press Last month we gave away Protext v4.3 from Arnor on our cover. We also included a brief beginners' guide on how to create documents, move them around , and save them. Well now you have had time to familiarise yourself with Pretext's layout, it's time to look at some of the more powerful features this version of Protext has to offer.
Become a word-crunching pro in the second part of our Protext v4.3 tutorial guide One of the most important tasks before printing a document is to spell check it.
Spell checking is very quick with Protext and well worth doing even if you are generally good at spelling, as many typing mistakes can also be picked up in this way.
Checking while typing is most convenient when used with a hard disk, or when the dictionaries are loaded into a RAM disk so that they may be accessed almost instantly. This option may be toggled on and off using the Typing Check option in the Option menu, whenever you want.
Visible press Esc ta retwve it I At the tog of thf scmt pN«ill sm| Lookup worn ar*« beneath then, the ruler line The stitu; Iini|«nginirT7* he docunrn! Be:*p tnrf j! : :l rb In turn the ruler line 1 mavv 'lie I in me m the laewnt You thou!I tee i fIt of the lint beneath the ruler li»t Tmj is ilwjv. Indicates nherr the next character vi the next action vill take place f Peiffs; md hold dovn thf right wciki!mr¥771H» vi 11 jmjr r the ‘op of hr in 91 e tove thf **: pointer up to th» •*-; hv ivnu drnps *«*i as soon as the pouter options Wert the pointer to riplt and left and you eiSI find
that diffrrent mm bo*»i appear for each of the availablo options Npy fOf have seen «h|t the no«VS look I»ht m (ffl if* to Icreating a kcvnent. Unlike sw* peeffram, Protext dots not require I you to nane a docunent before rH can start entma text, so you can start imedtatoly.
Tost 'iff in sonr text pH vill srr it start to appear in tfct Jeditin; part :f the screen at the cursor position lien you wish to start a ntv pvagraph you should press the Return kee tvice. The first If this option is turned on, every time ..you type an unrecognised word Protext beeps to indicate the fact, allowing you to backspace and correct the word, The other spelling checker options are accessed through the Spell menu which also has options to carry out maintenance on dictionaries and to use special commands to search for words in dictionaries, find anagrams and so on.
Apart from checking while typing, Protext provides four other ways to check spelling. Individual words may be checked Working with more than one document ?
Protext allows you to load and edit many different documents (subject to available memory), switch between files and split the screen so that more than one file may be viewed at the same time.
To do this, load a document then select the Swap menu. At the bot tom of the menu will be the name of the file you just loaded and beneath that an entry New Pile.
Click on the New File option and the existing document will disap pear, leaving you with an empty document. Select the Load File option again and select another file for loading.
.u 1 fa If you now open the Swap menu again you will find that the name of the second file you loaded has been added to the list of files being edited, Repeat the process again to load a third file. Up to 36 different files may be loaded at a time, sub by positioning the cursor on a word (or immediately after the word) and selecting the Single Word option.
If the word is recognised, a message saying so is briefly displayed, otherwise a dialogue box appears. Type in "teh" now, position the cursor over it and select the Single Word option.
?»(? Fratthi-. LOiflfB r** prut scpppd, caauioiaf no tut, Ym ** find j hi the Pretext cvnrifM tvssigr art »ersion mir the ny dtr the screen. This shevs that you To save lime you can spell check lust one word ject to available memory.
Click on the name of the file you first loaded and it will be re-dis- played. If you watch the status lines you will see that all the details change to reflect whichever file Is the current file and that when you switch files, Protext remembers all details of the various settings and cursor positions for each file.
You can swap between files at will just by selecting the required file from the Swap menu. If you select New File and create a new document instead of loading an existing file, its name will change to Unnamed until such time as you give it a name by saving it, or by using the Name file option in the File menu.
Blocks of text may be copied from the alternate file to the current file at any time, Mark a block in the cur rent file, then select another file.
The file you have marked the block The dialogue box which appears when a word is not recognised contains a number of boxes which may be clicked on, or selected by pressing the highlighted letter in the box.
The Store box stores the word in the dictionary so that it will always be recognised at any time in the future. The Ignore lltlflf. .teiUIL Chock ton ci*m '5 Single mH *4 Set ignore natktt a: Cheet iioie text Check current block Check a file ... in has now become the alternate file.
Position the cursor where you want to copy the block to, then select the Copy Other Block option in the Block menu and the block will be copied into the current document.
Swap back to the file in which you originally marked the block and it will still be present. You can then delete the block if you no longer require It, or just dc select the block.
Delete the block for now and then swap back to the file Into which you copied the block. Mark a block in this file, then swap back to the other file and use Copy other block again.
As you will see, blocks can be copied in either direction as the alternate file is always the one you were editing before you swapped to a new current file.
Using Protext s ability to swap between two documents tor editing Is a doddle box causes the word to be ignored for remainder of the time that docur being edited.
The Skip box ignores that word for current time only. Change returns edit mode to make whatever cha necessary to correct the spelling.
If you don't know what the c spelling is, Protext may be able to you by displaying one or more which it thinks you intended to use.
Is done by selecting the Lookup option Select the Lookup option and air instantly a window will appear cont a list of words. Select the word you by double clicking on it and it will re the mis-spelled word in the text.
If there are more words than wil into the window, arrows at top a bottom may be clicked on to allow see earlier or later suggestions. The CANCEL lets you return to editing wi selecting an alternative word.
While Single word is useful for checking an occasional word, it would tedious if you had to check every this way, so Protext has the facility J check the document in other ways.
"j "is pH
• ion 4 ?
The Check From Cursor option ticularly useful for checking a section 1 text of text from the current cursor tion to the end of the text.
When an unrecognised word is fc. _ the same dialogue box is displayed ¦ described for Single word. Once the com rection has been made, the check can recommenced by selecting Check fi cursor once more, Both the above options are partic convenient for checking text when have made alterations, but if you want spell check a whole document, Prot has a quicker method.
Select the Check Whole Text opt now. Once the spell check starts, t screen clears and is replaced by a new play. Across the top of the screen is menu of available options and beneath is the area in which unknown words listed. Once all unknown words h been displayed, each word is offered turn. The Store option is the same T uto rial Laying out a document One of the most useful features of a wordproces ¦or is the ease with which the appearance of a
• cument can be changed. We shall start by look ng at Ruler
These determine where the left and right mar gins will be and can also contain tab markers.
Protext has three types of tab markers - Normal, Decimal and Centre - indicated by !, . And C symbols in the ruler line.
You may have as many ruler lines as you want n a document and Protext stores these in the text. When the document is printed, the ruler line is recognised and the text printed according to the settings of the ruler, without the ruler line being printed.
Tabs are useful for a number of purposes, par ticularly for ensuring that columns of figures or text are aligned neatly and the different types of tab marker have different effects.
The normal tab marker (!) Has the effect of aligning all text with its left edge aligned. The decimal tab marker (.) Aligns numbers so that the decimal points all line up, or, if no decimal point, the number lines up with other numbers before the decimal point.
The decimal tab marker may also be used for right aligning text. The centre tab marker (C) causes text to be positioned equally either side of the marker. As many of these markers may be used in a line as you want and the different types may be mixed.
The active ruler is always the most recent ruler earlier in the document than the cursor", or, If there is no earlier ruler, the default ruler set with CONFIG and is displayed beneath the status lines when in Document mode.
If you scroll up and down through a document containing a number of rulers you will see that the displayed ruler line beneath the status lines always changes to reflect the currently active ruler.
The left and right margins may also be altered by dragging them to the required positions on the displayed ruler line. Note that this is not pos sible on the ruler line in the document, but ruler lines can be changed by editing them as normal text anyway.
One thing you will notice while experimenting with rulers is that certain things, such as moving a tab marker to a different column, have an immediate effect, while others appear to change nothing. An example of the latter Is when you move the left and right margins.
By default. Protext has the Auto Reformat option selected In the Option menu, but it is important to understand the way that auto refor matting works. Protext reformats the paragraph when you perform some action which causes the cursor to move.
I i This is preferable to reformatting as each char acter is typed which would cause the words to keep shuffling around as you edit to maintain the formatting.
If you move through an existing document, having changed the ruler widths, no changes will be made to the format unless you edit the paragraphs, in which case they will be reformatted to the new margins, or specifically make use of the various reformatting commands.
A document, or part of it, may be re formatted when required using either the Format Text option in the Text menu. Format Block in the Block menu, Or you can use the Format Paragraph or Format To End Of Para options in the Sundry menu.
Ik I All of these perform the same task, but on different parts of the document. The complete text within the relevant areas is reformatted, SO that it appears with all the currently set effects and margins.
As also is Ignore, but the Change tion is slightly different in that it just you to edit the offered word. Once lpleted, the word is re-checked and next word offered.
The Lookup option is similar to that jy described, but the correct word is lected by pressing the appropriate iber alongside each offered word.
The View option allows you to see the irecognised word in context by slaying a number of lines from the cument, with the unknown word high- lted so that you can see what action [you wish to take. The Back option is also extra and allows you to go back to the previous word if you want. The Check current block option performs the same type of spell check, but only on a marked , Set 1*r»rr Clear RartM mu HU lelete Bloc* Undelete 11k* Cm othor ll+c!
Sm 11k* Count 11k* tout 11k* block of text.
As already mentioned, this method of spell checking is the fastest, but if there is insufficient free memory Protext will be unable to check in this way. The solution is to save the document and then select the Check a File option.
You are then presented with the file selector to select the file you want to check. The checking process functions in the same way as just described, but with large files the document may be checked in several sections, requiring you to correct any unrecognised words before continuing with the next section of the file. If there is still insufficient memory the Check from cursor option should be used as described above.
On completion, you are informed if ion lelp rjfafnr jenieo uiin -jpimi ohm horizontal 1 itit containing
• wter about tw thirds of « ire in Proton:'j comind being used.
If tkit lino it ee tho Ititu hoot and m: cent Jin details of
• ft for various Protoat a ruler tdnch it currently ishing cursor
w the left the editing cvsor ind nil be entered, w i**r»
document. If you wish to continue editing the document, you
should elect to reload it at this point.
Any of the changes you have made affect the formatting of the text and are asked whether you wish to re-load the + Next month we’ll be documenting some of the more advanced features of this powerful package.
Is ¦, ) i i rnr -7 ~ , «rTB nm* n wrr~. ;r- v . rrr t 1W Ir. FfJIlii!» Reading text ... Scanning text ... Sorting words ... Checking words ... 1'! PH t* riRSTONE lie NDI1 opy rive selector sub _Undelete_undeleted hi Hoc* ItMTS II IlMfc .. MH*e»l IB 11k* _____ _ iiiw u iw fimiw iij jtiws Hove the pointer to eight and } iffrmt neon boars vtt* for rich of Nov you have see* vfcat the eating a deewvnt. Del ike itext mu to ianr a document before vou cm itMt ottorii itart imedi Jtst type in tone text and you vill tee it start to Mpev IB 1 irditiBf part of the scree* at the cursor position. Mhen
pot nsh to istirt a1e« paragraph m should press the lotvn key toice The first Protext 1 power Spellchecker at work f entire blocks of text In Protext easonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale * Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasc THE 6ENTRE OF YE WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Lu
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Sonina long. Bmellenti ALL MAIN AaflGA MIMS f®» IN HOCK PUIS
PACK' £??9.99 5574 - 691115 Of» SUMDAT 10-4PM TRILOGIC hwh
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TIMS. Till. Kxtandad Warranty Inauranoa (»llcy nuat ba taken
out within Jodeyn of purchna.
Full data!Is on STOP PRESS
AMIGA 500 PLUS CARTOON CLASSICS BUILT-ZB 3. 3" DZBK DRZVK CafTAIK FLAIR tbk IZ»IOW DELUXE PA1BT 3 PRICES FROM UNDER £120 3Hog woraioa - add juat (42.99 a999 run MUTT mmil SIMILAR TO A1200 - (42.99
EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES irAjmn fack Wirt ALL ansa ninni.
ROCLITK RP3824T 3.5“DRIVE WZTB AVTXVZKUB * ABTZ CLICK PKATVKXi OUR PRICE £67.99 or win nw icoPT pro £99.99 Pbxam CAALMl AMIQA MI« DISK » CITIZEN SHIFT 240C COLOUR prlntsr with 240apa draft Kina Letter quality foots foots, tan par' ‘ Ryeon u»Vo, me Um noiaa laval, CUMKMA CKZ354 3.5' DRIVE OR WITH BXW ICOPT PRO £56.99 £89.99 a lsttsr gmUty faad, friction fa Ultra 2 rm* CbtSL - MONITORS h TV MONITORS tor MEMORY UPGRADES TOUR 600.
2. 1 UFWAD* C 42.91 to VorUMaok 3 - hi; boh foot*]
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CITIUM 8WYFT 9C0L0UR ONLY SI64.65 fpiii printac capabls of l*2opa draft. 4lcpe ML0 printing apaarl. Four built-in fonts, rrletien i tractor Indi. Papn park • aaeoa having to raa». Ootainowa paper Who you uant to naa sing Is ahasta. Law ooat ribbons. 2 yaar warranty, iputn I IBM Prcgriatar anoint! One. Lo aoiao laval.
24 pis prlntsr with 240cpa draft t 10 cpa lsttar guilty print Hina lsttsr quality foots, 2 saalabla lsttsr guu Frpor p-rklnq, peak I poll OSVo, BBC F20 4 AMIGA 600 WILD, WEIRD & WICKED' £??9.99 rrp US .99
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.99 1137, N a,9‘ Dst* BOZL.T-ZM TV PRINTERS ALLSOOaHAVt £289.99 J- ZOOL PACK.ONLY £19.99 with anv Amiga.
40MEG: 60MEG 80MEG 120MEG
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AMIGA 600 & 1200.
20MEG: 2 A 4 MBU PCM CARDS BBIT INTERNAL (AST MI3WOH Y CARD 90S AIM • PjOA SALES: AMIGA 1200 IW A1N4. WtrSaarth 1 Prwwrtu Jlt PifMBtia U; (Hal C*py 1; AH D*pi Fra tJ; VM12; laageaBeb*. Laaegha XDFiMMA Scab cmza swift 240 4 ONLY cna latter gmlity print oaUbla lsttsr giallty 24 pin prlntsr with Jl&epe draft 1 10 W**4. Kina Uttar gMUty Iota*. 2 Malta)* ltat*r gmlityH fonts, Taper parking, puah I pall tractor faad, friction faad.
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alls wailaoty. Taatsorlpt wmsioa with Mag ram HU H
- ---PC VAT. A PBILXP8 CN8833mA2 GOLDSTAR TV II-RB8 14” £229.99
TV TUNER - Suitable (or um with Philip* Coaaaodora Monitors. (39.99 T D IIBHI AmtOA B0FLU* IMS! N8MORY UPGRADE MASS Juat plugs in. No eofctoringWarranty unaAactad ABOO aOD. T aaagupgradawhhoulciooli BUT ASM I 906. I *asg upgrada with dock * battory OHM JuM plugin No »oW*ino Wan«ty urtaftactod AMIGA on imas upgrada t dock (unpopuldad) 07 W amioa 600 IM9 upgrsd* + clock coaplBt*- DOW only £44.99 Just plugs n. No so4darng.W*rrarB|r unahactad MM 1200 FOCIA 2 W fMT lUfl CMC 114*.** MM 1200 KICU C 4MK FAST DAM CMP 1211.** CHI NkkOUF UkW rm MM0 29M Inc 2m« (111.**
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CMS (unpeg) I**.** 1NDG X* SDBfS ZACM 2*.** .
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DRIVES AMFl 1.1 AMF2 kn MO) la FMAUn FMBm IXAD mi Star nua -r
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110. 99 14*.99 as Innlitaa trlva ntala.
U fit • Install a la aa tnaw bay bachod dock, plua 8T90* hard drva caaa A poaar supply raguwac* £120 i'a all ¦OOCATZOMAt. StTABLZI SUPERB GVP HARD DRIVES OYF M04 rOfl ABO k 9Vb - NO DrfYI C19A9* aVFSamWBHOa*aoMaB torABOO C37B.M QVP S0MM M Hdt» ,aDmag (or AS0O-non only C42&00 CVFf«aiHND4tMmg torABO-mwonfy ww.w ThaHOtaartaalleanaocapI athar , or 2 art, , oag Matas: OR too 4 asp aka at CVF8SMII Me* torAiaggom-hodniyi niA«t qvp acRin a hcs. Aon aw AIRMS I HC4 . Itoasg lor All OW SERIES I HCS » 440 Tha HC a Sartos ¦ aan acoapl upto A Istag itSkan* In 2 laag slaps.
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EMULATOR FOR A500 QIHW ThM M a ,4MHz PC eardlor
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ALIJ with I Spin ) row plug for aultlayno aonitora FLICna FIXZ* UUD - 9 plug to 15«ay ) raw plag KCCUATCB zmasiCB LEAD allainitas oaarhanq oeuax NOBITCa RhTlOB fits wrwr talqn 500 t 500+ includes aonitor oonputar 1 pioos PVC dost oovar, aooaa aat Has cot ota for hard *)«*- now* i jorsnca nrmaio* fit rca Flnm l t 2.ipair 17.»*
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1*0 11). F*y (tat far van I 11).*« I, Iutotal, Toshiba,
Hltataiahi tktal Ml Ntatoith * pin PU *9tat 112.** with TpU Din
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for anltiayno boo itora 112.99 AL12 with 11 pin )ruw aockat for
wnltiayno aonitora 11).** WBISOB 4 TV NDa:rOB ULABt A great
selection of PD this time, especially chosen for the skint-
after-Christmas crowd who desperately need software without the
shelling out... There's no lukebox Jury this month (watch out
for its return next time) but there are a number of excellent
animations in the Dreams and Visions section, including the
best Amiga movie ever! Stay with me, dear readers... PD and
Shareware Want a whole new world of graphics on your Canon
Bubblejet? Ever fancied wandering around Ramsey Street? Phil
Morse rounds up rnmnrn PUBLIC eclectic selection ~ ******* * 1
of cheap and free software Moria v5.4 PD Soft Running from the
Workbench, this menu- driven adventure beckons you to "enter
the dungeons of Moria...". Once you've selected the name, race,
sex and class of your character, you can begin the game proper.
The different moves or activities available to you are pretty comprehensive - you can (once you've got 'em) use spells and scrolls, you're free to attack monsters, run, look around - indeed most of the usual adventure commands are there, tucked neatly away in the menus.
The graphically-represented playing area occupies most of the screen, and although the icons are small and a little plain, they do their job perfectly well - and it's not realism we're after here anyway, rather representation. The fantasy is always far more tangible if you let your imagination fill in the gaps.
Involved and thorough, this is bound to keep the silicon wanderers out there is Amiga land happy for a good while.
Canon Studio
vl. l PD Soft, by Wolf Faust This is a utility written to provide
support for all Amiga users who have Canon printer drivers.
Basically it prints IFF graphics to a very high standard,
but it's in its ease of use and flexibility that it proves
its worth.
Printing is done straight from disk, which means that there's no call for a truckload of extra RAM every time you wish to print something more complex than a simple line drawing. Indeed, all you need is 300k spare, so it will run quite happily on an unexpanded machine.
It supports most IFF ILBM formats, which means that you should find little difficulty with compatibility of graphics files and this program.
But its main claim to fame is surely the power it puts in your hands as regards the quality of the printouts. Suddenly you can print graphics with up to eight greyscales on any black and white Canon printer, including the whole Bubblejet range.
Should you be lucky enough to own one of their colour models, such as the BJ800, you will be absolutely astounded by the 24-bit-quality printing capabilities that this program lends your printouts.
There is a small but detailed ReadMe to get you started, but in its complexity this program remains simple to use, and you shouldn't come unstuck.
Should you have a Canon printer driver and even the vaguest interest in printing graphics, be kind to yourself and order a copy of this essential disk.
Neighbours 17 Bit, 2250A B. By Arron Here is a little beauty, as they'd say down under. Even if you don't give a XXXX for the TV programme, the concept and the humour will more than likely endear you to this original graphical adventure.
Here's the plot - Paul has bought Ramsey Street! He's finally done it, the cold-hearted fiend, and the residents aren't too impressed. Your hapless task is A wide selection of Amiga art, anima tion and all things pictorial this month, starting with the amusing Road Hog Animation (Hugh Grove, 17 Bit, 2302A B).
This two disk cartoon tells the story of a laddish motorist with an evil grin and an Acme Animal Annihilator fitted to his car, who likes nothing better than to cruise the countryside looking for creatures to squash.
Well, he puts pay to the life of an innocent worm (who, judging by the otsmni f CREATURE poirrrs
111. :'' !
3S A very tkk Imtrument Indeed The hedgehog hat the aif i to stop him. A dodgy digitised title screen from the TV starts you off When in control I headed straight for Jim and Helen's to do a little investigating.
Every’location has a digitised piccie straight from the program, which is a major selling point, because it's a lot of fun. There are all the basic adventure commands which can be controlled from the mouse, aiding your progress.
There was a bottle on the table in Jim and Helen's house. So I took it, only to find it disappear from the screenshot and appear at the bottom of the screen in my inventory section, Very nice!
Anyway, later I found the twins in conversation with the ever-wonderful, world- wandering Dorothy, and decided to ask Christine to help me "stitch up" that rascal Robinson.
Being his wife she refused, but her sis- lovely red rose he was carrying, was more than likely on the way to his doting worm-ess), but like all good stories, Mr Bad gets his come uppance in the end - this time, at the hands of a hedgehog with a secret! Intrigued? Well all I can say is that it makes a refreshing change, if you know what I mean.
The cartoon is impressively animated, with fine attention to detail - the evil motorist and the hedgehog both draw you in to the action thanks to the animation of their features. Give it a go.
Ter - loyal as ever - told me that Mangel could "lend" me a key to Pr office. What a girl!
I could document my attempts to Ramsey Street forever - suffice to say was highly improper and had a lot in failing to achieve anything constat all.
My only slight gripe is some of author's comments. Most are hi, amusing, taking a dig at the aforer tioned XXXX and its contemporaries instance, but adolescent sexism has place anywhere.
Maybe the author does really that one of the programme's chara Dreams AlilA 1 Wfl j Jm and Visions Santa's Grotto (17 Bit, 2295) shows rather sickly family in a rather sickh Yuletide scene with a rather sickly Sant
- except, look! They’re getting up to * load of mischief!
Little Jimmy is firing a pea-shoote?
The cat's pulling sister's jogging pant down (I jest thee not) and various other PD ond Shareware SEQUEnCE LORD ConVERT TEST ELOCHS SRUE HELP nl X H U m m m i PICTURE DELETE ConFIG FRST : bbhRHH| IDFO: CdnFIGURRTIDn LORDED telanie, is "not the prettiest girl in the odd, but does have a strange attraction",
* he should have kept such rubbish to mself. Still, this game is
by and large Rnderful - get it!
Play and Rave 2 Virus Free PD. CLU9, by Dave Paterson is a music module linker demo maker, ¦sically, it allows you to link together any unber of pre-written Amiga music modules frd play them in a predefined sequence.
Demo can be saved where you wish, and spread across any number of floppy disks.
There are basic controls over the music and pictures, and I would imagine that the largest bunch that such a program would appeal to would be the demo-makers whose main interest is music.
For instance, a nice picture show couW be generated by anyone with neither the time nor the interest to generate one from scratch, simply by using existing picture files from anywhere, or maybe scanning record covers, pop stars' faces and soon.
Meanwhile, the screen displays, chops nd changes and generally keeps the audi- nee amused with pictures - again they're frosen by you, and faded in and out, fringed and so on wherever you wish them i be.
The program is compatible with all Amigas, even the CDTV, and you don't need
• keyboard, as it's totally mouse controlled.
Compatible with hard drives, the finished
• " wondered what an Indonesian
• onk note look} like?
Mfooleries are goin' down in the Grotto, w to speak.
This is pretty basic, static stuff and flat a pancake, but to be fair there's been a «t of attention and thought put into what actually going on (several things happen it the same time) and as it's the only rimbo anim I've had, I’ll let it off.
The GIF Slideshow (17 Bit) contains a set f piccies grouped into various categories - Space" gives us various digitised photos of he earth, spacemen and radio telescopes, r instance, and "Money" displays the onts and backs of obscure bank notes Indonesia obscure enough?) - they've
- ven printed "specimen” over them!
Some of these pics are mildly interest- °g. But at the end of the day, anyone can i»gitise photographs, however pretty they may be. A passable curiosity.
By the way, the Highlander demo (17 Bit, 2288A B) fares similarly - all good stuff, but try doing something original with such rich source material!
One demo which does do something original, if unbelievably crass, is the Gladiators slideshow (17 Bit, 2278A,'B) giving Top Trump-style "fact cards" (complete with photos) of all your fave Gladiators stars. I'm sorry, but there are limits... Robert Leiper's Slemmings (17 Bit,
2284) has our fave suicidal chums play ing baseball. It's nicely
animated stuff complete with action replays, and there's
beer humour there too (right lads?).
The style is original, and for this alone - and the rather strange closing sequence - this demo, rough around the edges and all, deserves a look in.
I can't finish with out telling you about an amazing video cassette called Space Wars, Its available from 17 Bit (come on other PD houses, get your stuff to me! This isn ’t a 17 Bit monopoly!) Ond it features an eight-minute Amiga anima tion - although "movie* is probably a better term.
This video contains far and away the most impressive animation I have ever seen, period. Based on the Star Wars plot, It is wickedly humorous, and Amiga graph ics supremo Tobias Richter should feel justifiably proud of this 50 frames per second, 24-bit, HAM-based masterpiece.
Still not reaching for the phone? Well, it took four A3000s six weeks working around the clock to render this animation.
Get ordering, it's wicked! Laters!
PD and Shareware Calling PD| libraries If you run a PD library, or have re anything as PD, then send it to and that's an order! Although I Cl promise to review everything, l do at every submission - what more harassed reviewer offer?
I'm especially looking for weird wonderful PD (go on! Deviate!) As as music disks (they don't have to I rave or dance) - anything you think i grab a jaded, world-weary hack's at tion. The address?
Phil Morse, PD Submissions Amiga Computing, Europa house Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SKI O' Movement for 'Baataf no targets m range logic, this game nevertheless would best be played with an adult present or available - sometimes it's not quite as intuitive as it could be.
Still, it's all presented very clearly, and I've never seen an adventure quite like this before. I liked it- Wizard Wars Nebula Software A strategy game for one to five players, Wizard Wars is complex and compelling.
Once you've told the computer how many people are playing and what their names are (the computer can play for any of the players should a deficiency of willing humans be the problem) you are looking for a new challenge will of interest in this game.
Apart from one or two niggles • program returned me to AmigaDOS unexpectedly and is sometimes not friendly as it could be - this is good.
Contact addresses Illegal OctaMED Some PD libraries have been advertising OctaMED v3 when it is, in fact, a copyrighted program, making this action illegal.
Apart from vl and the non-save v4, OctaMED is only available from Amiganuts at 169 Dale Valley Road, Southampton SOI 6QX. Anyone else offering this program is breaking the law.
This is described as an "activity adventure". It's pleasingly simple, being based around clear pictures of various objects and a central “text box", with a big, chunky font.
There's the usual mix of magic and spells, seemingly irrelevant objects which turn out to be useful, and some nice animated graphical bits. Such as the one when you move to another land (there are five) which looks like the Time Tunnel, as in the cult sci-fi bash as shown a while back on TV.
Obviously intended for children, and testing powers of memory as well as Amiganuts Storyland 2 shown a map of the island on which the game takes place, complete with features such as hills, mountains, forests, cities, villages and castles.
You are a wizard, and you must destroy all the other players' wizards in order to claim dominance over the island.
Quite why you couldn't all live together as one family is not explained, but suffice to say that none of you are in any mood for conciliation.
Like the other wizards, you live in a tower. You need to destroy their towers to get them, and to do this you must summon demons. To summon demons you must gather certain attributes.
Pacifists will frown to know that even if you wish to do a little pottering around instead of mass destruction, you'll still need demons, because they are your only protection against the other wizards' demons, unleashed to get you.
The graphics are good, it's well programmed, and any strategy fan who's PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend- on-Sea SSI 2YD 17 Bit, First Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield WF1 1DH Virus Free PD, 31 Fardingdon Road, Swindon SN1 5AR 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN15AR. England Tel: 0793 512321 512073 Fax: 0793 512075 Amiga software for ANY Amiga * VIRUS FREE PR Amiga Software MISC UTILS 1 MANDELBROT GENERATOR Is a very easy to mandlebrot maker, it runs at a good speed and features user definable options, as well as dMnoptccies THE DEGRADER. Is a powerful new utility that
enables you to run incompatible software on the hew Amiga's. Very useful releas|FHEE COPY 1.0 The latest version of this powerful backup tod, it can remove password protec- form hundreds of commercial titles, get a «py how. If also means most software can then to me i I cart be installed onto your Hardok dO EXTERMIN 8 Do ypu w»ph you could get the very it Virus Wlers by simply asking lor one title?
Now you can because we update ExtermmS ourwfl, which means you are guaranteed tne tat- , est releases price £2.50. fe can Bird DCOPY 2 This could soon lead the way m dupli- Software. DC0PY2 is so advanced com- to other disk copiers, it tnckrtes around 6 copy modes, various formaters. Disk checkers etc. This is easily the most powerful Amiga soft- copier currently available. If you need to AffA a backup, you need this i as wf ? To link* UTTLE OFFICE is a very useful office krt, which contains a neaf little Word Processor, a database. Spreadsheet and graphics package.
Superb value for money...... 6M EMULATOR (NEW), written especially foe feckstart 2 xx. This version will allow you to run a ftuoe quantity of readfy available PC software MS dos required) can for tuhher details if need- )US€ 04N PCTASK1,4. PC emulator but lor 1.3 Amiga s* ATARI ST EMULATOR CG4 EMULATOR SPECTRUM EMULATOR Lets you run speccy on the Amiga. Call for further details.
S. for use with PC emulator disks games on AMS DOS UPDATE 1.34.
The latest release of Amos s new music routines, which moans
no more convening modules before playing there great stuff
SCREEN BLANKERS A whole disk full of useful screen Wankers,
essential for your monitor's dis- SoiLER PLATE. Here s a great
new disk that contans hundreds of pre-wntten letters, all you
do is simply fill n name address etc and print it Out.
I Di$ K. If youYe goi problems with faulty disks.
(Asks that have readi'wnte errors, then order a , copy of fix disk. Another essential disk.
. DYNAMITE PRINTER ORIVERS This disk con- tens every driver you could imagine, from standard Epson or Star. Citizen. Canon. HP deskjet Panasonic etc.. Dot a printer get this.
IBM EMULATOR PACKAGE Complete «tffi mrythng you noed.
I tv very IBM 4 PC Tat*, an O'vpnai cop, m, a d«* tut cr PC si’aiewaie as wart at lui pnmw emuia , fo non you tav« everyim you imO to run PC wrt- i In ona pack EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A MERE £9 99 (United slrcfcv so tarry’* 600 BUSINESS LETTERS, A collection of tailored tetters ranging from late payemeots to thank-you for your order tetters, all are saved in fiS&i MORE UTILS FIX DISK repair your faulty programs DCOPY 2 Extremely powerful copter SCREEN BLANKERS. A disk lull IFF CONVERTERS, convert Amiga & PC gfx SLIDESHOW GENERATOR. A ows you to ere- ate great slideshows, with ease.
IBM EMULATOR. Kickstart 2jw ANIMATIONS LEMMIN S REVENGE, a great 2 disk. 2meg ani- mation by Roddy Mcmillan DUNCAN THE DUNG BEATLE 2. A A5 disk animation that requires 4meg ot memory to run.
LIFE'S A BITCH. Hilanous by grouse arem taken from Qoiden Axe, (16) 5 WAYS TO KILL A MOLE! Another ruck animation about motes and how to get rid of em.
DEMOS RSI MEGA DEMO (2 drsks) an ail time classic ALCATRA2 'ODYSSEY' a five d«sk adventure through space, totally awesome all the way through (hr* 4Q mingle Computer f,lm.
TEF GIGA MIX* 2 disks. 2 dnves required, over 20 minutes of pure samples, great musicl FILLING THE MACHINE an hilarious demo m the lines of the famous Naf West advertisement.
ACCESSORIES A50Q’500+ DUST COVER £3.99 A6WA6Q0HD Dust Cover £399 Mouse Mat £2.50 Mouse House £1.50 RoboShitt switcher £14.99 10 capacity disk box. £1.99 Blank disks, (each) 59p LATEST PD ?293$ . LEMMIN S REVENGE (2disks). 2MEG.
Amasing new 2meg animation by Roddy McM.Ran +2947. LEEDINGS. A bit tike Lemmings
* 2948 APC MISSION (2disks) 3M«g BW am- +2951 E-TYPE II AMAZING
Asteroids clone +2952 GAMEBOY TETRIS. It j the Gameboy'li
+2953. K.K. NORMAN PART2. 2MEG. Followup to Knighty Knight
Norman. Superb animations
* 2954. DOLPHIN DREAM. Colourful amm +2955. TOP SECRET Extremely
addictive stuff
* 2956 CYBER 7 Game compilation +2957 THE DEGRADER. Allows you to
run more old software on your new machine. Essential ?2950
SPECTRUMrMATRIX. 2 great games
* 2960 TURBO THRUST, fantastic new game!!!
* 2961 SPEED LIMIT. (3 disks) 3MEG amm
* 2964 EYE CATCHERS Brilliant cl part selection
* 2965 ARAZMAX. Bang Bang
- 2966 SPACE TRAX, 2 player shoot" em up Brill! I’ +2967 TECHNO
BAN. Very addictive puzzler
* 2968 HELL ZONE R-Typo eat your heart out
* 2969 UTTLE OFFICE. WP, Spreadsheet etc +2972 WBASE 1 3 Very
small WB database
* 2973 CYBERNETIX, Totally fantastic shoorem up
* 2974 UTTLE BENCH2.0 Replacement WB
* 2975 COSMOPOLITAN FONTS (1-4) (4 disks) +2979 ASSASSINS GAMES
28. Latest games _ comps
- *2986. VIDEO WIPES. Essential for video enthusiasts +2990.
BOUNCE N BLAST. Super new platform cum shoot' em up. Very
colourful, fantastic GFX.
_ *2992 SLIDESHOW GENERATOR. Very easy to use Slideshow maker . +2993. TRAIL BLAZER. This Is the latest & beet.
* 2994 SOCCER CARDS Brill managomont game +2995. ROTON. New
Asteroids done +2996, PROTRACKER 2.2. Laleat version WB2 +3000
TEXT ENGINE 3 4. Fantastic WP packago +3001 DONKEY KONG a
classic +3002. CLI TUTORIAL essential for beginners _ +3003
PASCAL .3004 AMIGA TUTORIAL +3006 THE INTREPID lantastic rpg
* 3007 ANGLIA COLOUR FONTS 1. Dpart fonts +3012 MULTIDOS 2. File
transfer system +3021 FORTRAN COMPILER A language?
+3023 HISTORY OF AMY. Amy the squirrel +3028 CRAZY SUE 2. Bn« platformor PRINTER TOOLS NEW PRINTER DRIVERS. A groat now selection of drivers for STAR Canon BJ10. And more FANCY DISK LABELLER Create fancy looking disk labels wtlh this easy to use package.
TEXT PLUS 4.0e. Is a greal new word processor, lhaf features all the latest bits LABEL BASE. Store loadsl of names and addresses for pnntlng onto labete PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR. Allows make your own prlntor driver for your printer. Not the easiest thing to use. But it works.
You 1 FONTS COSMOPOLITAN FONTS 1-4 Is a unique collection of standard amrga fonts for use *1 Deluxe paint III. Etc PAGESTREAM FONTS 6-10 A collection of superb quality fonts for use m Pageslream 2.1 or
2. 2 COMPUGRAPHtC FONTS 1-3. Over 50 Compugraphtc fonts for use m
Pro Page, Dpamt 4 1 Paqe S©tt0r & WH2 BAD BOYZ COLOUR CLIP
FONTS, a whole disk full of full colour clip fonts, great for
dpaint or even AMOS MINI FONTS II. A massive collection of
small fonts.
? GELIGNITE FONTS II. Useful collection of IFF dips.
GAMES ? DR MARIO. Another hugely popular Tains' type of game, featumg immense playability and mari- o'ish graphics.
AMIGA COLUMNS. Very similar to the Game Gear version but with better sound'gfx.
? DONKEY KONG In Iho year 1984? There was a game that rocked the computer world, that game was Donkey Kong. Even if you were not around to seo it. Buy It...... BOUNCE N' BLAST. Here s a great new PO plat- fgrm cum shoofem up, fee tv ring great game play, graphics & sound, don t miss it.
? HELL ZONE. R-type eat your heart oui. Here's a fantastic new shoofere up based on R-Type, Super action, get a copy now.
J MEGABALL Is an addictive Break-out done, that features fantastic digitized speech and awesome graphics PD at it's best."’* GAMEBOY TETRIS, thars right a gameboy emulator! Play Tetris on the Amiga, the same as you would on a Gameboy DELUXE PACMAN (NEW) This is the latest version of Pacman available. II features utterly fantastic graphics, tho main character is brill.
Just in.... ARCADE CLASSICS Arawe Cusses a a co vr o’ al fxj oo kivou-tes. Irxtxlog So»:« l-rnom. Pxman.Aaaraam. Briny 0»r« good tidoa)* FULL HOUSE POKER Play against good old Jack, in this fantastic quality Poker game, easily the besi Amiga Poker game available...... GIRL ACTIONS. No, it's not what you think, it's a very addictive version ot Gatexians BUNNY BLAST Now this is what I call sick, basically the idea of the game is fo shoot 6 maim as many poor and defenceless rabbits as possible.
J MISSILE COMMAND m the good old days the was one ol the most played games around, and now it's available on the Amiga. Get It!
DATABASES RIM DATABASE. Is a simple yet powerful reia- lional Database. Superb for storing names 4 Addresses etc. AMIBASE PRO 2 Is highly praised by all it's current user base for being extremely flexible AMIDEX. Is an Amiga file card system, Very easy to use. Perfect for Simple names & addresses etc JWB BASE very small & compact sxnpie dbase.
That is made to run n the background of your WB.
MUSIC SOUND J MED 3 21 Greato your own musical compositions wrth ease, you don! Even need to know music.
PURE SAMPLES 1-3.3 disks tuO to the nm ol high quaMy rtf samples, various instruments etc VOCALS 1-5. A totally awesome collection of rtf samples. Each sample has been recorded at over 17000 samples a second, so they are of the highest quality. Donl mea em. (5 disks).
BEATS 1-5. Fwe dsks full of high quality beats essential tor creafing fantastic Amga music |5 disks) CLIPART VEHICLES, a disk full ot Iff clipart, for use In your favourite dto oackaae EYE CATCHERS Is a unique collection of Eye Catching ctipart, Stars. Flashes, Boxes. Scrolls, Arrows, etc are all nduded. All files have been savod in IFF so you can load them mto any DPT or art prog _ TEDDY BEARS, a *sk fui o» pictures of cute little teddy bears BAD BOYZ COLOUR CLIP FONTS. A collection of dozens of rtf colour fonts. NEW.
DIAGNOSTICS ! ENGINEERS KiT. The complete solution, everything you could need to test your system J§Y$ T£M EXERCISER made for older Am*g« PRIORITY ORDER FORM AMC Name.... Address Postcode . Ret No. (if applicable) . Credit Card No ..... Total disks ordered ..... Catalogue disk available only £1 00 ORDERING BY POST S*nf y let tr« lions ot Iht biles .cu requite HI n your name & afldtws. Remoie ot Weteeow woe and send 110 VIRUS FREE PO, 31 tar.ngilon Rtf, Swimfcn, Will* §N1 JAB PtfHf cheque or Postal
orders oayiCle to VIRUS (REt ORDERING BY PHONE To ?ixc hi order over the phone smtfy all any time tielwetn 9 30 & 5 30pm Monday to Safe day wth your cretit card detals and the disk* you woJd Ikr to order syslems.
SYS INFO, a greal utility that can tell you exactly what chip set is contained in your machine
C. L.R. WARES Only £3.50 a title, unless slated cleoi tc
dinosaurs. £4.50 Superb Educational title on everything you
need er dent need 10 know about tfmosaure...... CLE02. TC
GEOLOGY £4 50 Life the world and how it all began."-* CLE03.
SOLAR SYSTEMS. £4.99 A facsmatmg look at the galaxy, We worth
9 took CLE07. FRESH WATER FISHING Another top class
educational title, featuring the ins & outs of fresh wafer
fishing..... _ CLEO0. NIGHTSKY Night sky is an essential tool
for teaming planet & star movements etc.**** CLE09 WORDS 4
LADDERS Brilliant snakes & ladders variant for kids, teaches
spelling CLE10. BASICALLY AMIGA (3disks) is a new tutorial
that takes you through every aspect of the computing world,
from slang to samples to graphics al the way through to
add-ons etc If you've just got your Amiga and you're a first
time computer user get a copy of this now. It's a bargain at
just £4.99 CLU01. VIDEO TITLER. Into video fitting? Here's
something that will help CLU03. TYPING TUTOR. Learn to type
property with this excellent typmg tulor. One of the easiest
to use...... CLU04. ALPHA GRAPH. A very snazzy utility that
allows you to easily produce various graphs.
LJ CLU05. SAS MENU MAKER A great new menu maker from SAS. Allows you to create a menu where you can posrtion buttons where you like on the screen, have a snazzy logo at the top. And load any program you like by simply clicking on the selected button."" n CLU06. SUPER SOUNDS III. Is a very powerful and versatile 'Sampling' software II is compatible wrth ell major sampling hardware, and a better than most commercial stuff available.
CLU08 WORD FINDER P us £4.50 Word finder plus ts a powerful new crossword solver As 4 new stands * contains a dictionary of over 45,000 English words, It can solve anagrams. Crosswords, word searches etc. irs amazingly easy to use and featuros simple point 4 click operations..... : J CLU09. PLAY'n'RAVE 2 £4.50 Play-n'Rave allows you to produce great demo's just like Digital Concert 4 TEF Giga-mix. Easily and pro- tessionafy Link Tracker modules together fo produce an amazingly long and varied music track.
An excellent piece of programming CLGOf. NORRIS. Exciting platform romp CLG02. DARK THINGS. Colourful platfonoer.
CLG03 PHASE 2 Multi level parallax horizontal scrolling shootem up. Great value."" CLG04 X-SYSTEM Another fantastic game fea- tunng excellent GFX and superb platform action.
Well worth a took al."" CLG05. TRUCKS ON 2. £4.50 A superb manag- menf game to say the least.'" CLG06 OBLITERATION 1.3 Amiga's only frantic shootem up action."” : CLG08. DRAGON TILES (New Version). Very hot indeed, this is the largest selling CLR tltte around. It's basically a PAIR IT type game wrth hundreds of tovote 6 great graphics, irs also received rave reviews every where...... ? CLG09 MOTOR DUEL. Bafttecars. Jazzed up version.
? CLG10. FUTURE SHOCK. Another superb CLR reteaso where the object of the game ts to simply roll your ball around a maze collecting various items, sounds easy but it aint CLG11- ALL GUN§ BLAZING- Fast paced top view racing game, i i CLG12. BULL DOZER BOB A great new puzzle game, where the object is to simply get bob to manoeuvre 2 of the same blocks together ? CLG13. PARADOX. Another new puzzle game.
You take control of a cute Mtle fuzz ball and have to push baas together CIG15 SPOIDGE Great new ptattorm game, excellent for luds. But very tricky CLG17. IMBRIUM A sort ol ’Monkey Island’ game where you take control ol a ’Mario' character 1 par 1 1 Single disk. £300 2-5 flaks £2.00 each 6-10 drsks £1:75 each 11-20 disks £1.50 each 21+ disks £125 each Tel ..... Payment method Expiry date .. Total price: £ OVERSEAS ORDERS Oversaji orders are welcome, bu* plras* add 24o to each disk crdarad. And a minimum ol 5 duke appty AJI Ionian outers art mm tyteftctefArMiii
COLLECTING DISKS PD cMs ran be collected, but your order MUST be phceiod n a day prtYcus to pick up Orders on be colectcd next day from the above ‘II fa Uri uftmit mI irtrt K»i m Anp urns ru-«ed mil a *.* NEW AMIGA TRAINING PACKAGES Why have an Amiga if you don't know how to use it?
Why struggle with patchy knowledge when you can see the whole picture with the ultimate learning tools?
All our packages contain extensive documentation, (better than most books), and full disk support along with easy to follow video demonstrations.
Learning has never been so easy!
The New and Exciting "Complete Guide to AmigaDos” The best selling "Amiga Fluency" Package Full 3 hour VHS Tutorial Windows & Icons explained NIV Anti-Virus Disk Free Bootable Disk Free Examples & Utilities
* Full Documentation throughout + Complete Guide to Workbench
Hints & Tips on software hardware The Amiga Jargon Dictionary
Two 3 hour VHS tapes i Full AmigaDos reference guide 0 Shell &
CLI explained in full + All commands covered 0 Directory
structures In depth Script coverage • How to control your
Amiga Installing programs to hard drive! * AmigaDos Jargon
Supplement Or why not order both packages for an all
inclusive price of £59.99! Both packages are available for all
versions of Workbench & AmigaDos including 1.2 2.05.
All our products are Fully Guaranteed. If you arc not entirely
satisfied with any of our products we will refund you in full.
Simple as that!
SEND SAE FOR YOUR FREE BROCHURE NOW! Don't Delay. Place your Order TODAY! Make cheques PO's payable to: NKW IMAGE VIDEOS. THE STUDIO, 10 Grange Avenue, Scarborough, North Yorkshire Y012 4 A A. Tel:- (0723) 362218 Plcatc vtaic which model Ami?« you own and which venkm of Workbench you u*c ordering HPW ' our Order Not!
AMIGANUTS now under new ownership 12 Hinkler Road, Southampton, Hants, S02 6FT.
Founders and worldwide distributors of the Amiga Coder Club disks.
European distributors of the T-Bag disks.
Licenseware Programmers, why not try us We will offer upto forty percent of the sale pnee for programs taken onboard.
Octamed Pro v4.03 § This program needs no introduction. Probably the best music creator there is for the Amisa. Upto 8 channels using the Amiga's audio capabilities, 16 if you have midi Comes with a built-in-sampler and synthesised sample editor Can display your creations in standard tracker format or on a stave in real time V4 manual available. Prices: Octamed+Manual Octamed Manual Europe £30.00 £22.50 £800 World £32.00 Upgrade available to EC members, £12.50 AMFC© (£1 O) AMIGA Music File Converter can convert modules to vanous formats. The ideal companion for all Octamed users, allows you
to use Octalyser, SoundTracker and many other modules with Octamed !
I t j The Amiga Coders Club (£4) Now in its third year. Contains help, advice and tutorials for assembly language programmers issue 29 now available.
Other Licensed Titles Frac 2, the adventure creator £5.00 Quicksilver, arcade pinball A-Gene, track your family tree £15.00 Timetable Planner, fa students £2.50 Master Virus Killer v2.2 £2.00 £8.00 A-Log, fa animal breeders £8 00 Amnuts, multi-font text printer £3.00 AmiBase Pro, not the PD version £8.00 Am i Fastfiack, hard disk backup £800 Public Domain We have too many titles to list here in full, so offer our catalogue disk for the price of £1.00 inc. redeemable on first PD purchase over £5.00. The catalogue contains two games, Dcopy2, Bbase v5 and Epoch 3 as well as a full list of our
T-Bag Disks As the European distnbutors of the T-Bag series, we have the lastest as they amve. Price, £3.00 per issue.
Games Assassins Games Compilation, each disk contains a selection of games. We now have upto volume 41.
Hellzone, the best PD shoot-em-up. Top Secret, a good platform game. Fatal Mission, 1 or 2 player SEU. Raid III, SEUCK Game.
Defenda, same vein as the classic. Wots Its Name, trivia game, Catacombs, graphic adventure. Mental Image II, compilation. Sanity, difficult platform game. Gameboy Tetris, latest clone.
Utilities word Power, spell checker & more. Aqraph & Freepaint.
Text Engine 3.4, shareware wordpro. Uedit 3.8, shareware text editor.
PC Task, IBM CGA emulator. 3 Disks. Magnetic Pages, multi-media tool.
The Money Prog, home finance tool.
Programmers North C, integrated C compiler. PCQ Pascal, integrated compiler.
C Manual, on 13 disks. Game Background Designer, great!
MOBED 2, object design tool. GadTools, Intuition interface tool.
PD Prices: 1 to 5 disks, £1.80 per disk- 6 or more disks, £1 -25 per disk.
Please add 60p per order to cover Post & Packing.
C om petitio lt s the £2,000 competition where everyone's a winner!
TWO GREAT PRIZES UP FOR CALCULUS GRABS An Amiga 3000 PLUS an OpalVision 24-bit graphics card [opoJVJs!
And multimedia system from Calculus CALCULUS K5 PUTIR STORES You will find the answers to these questions in the OpalVision advert on page 10 Ji COMPUTING OpalVision voucher« Name Address Even if you aren't the icky winner you - and 'eryone else who iters this great :ompetition - will :eive a voucher nocking £50 off the
• urchase price of an OpalVision graphics board. FtttfMiVr* Along
with OpalVision, the 24-bit graphic and video system tomes a
collection of essential 24-bit software:
• OpalPaint - a truly amazing 24-bit paint package i Opal
Presents - a powerful presentation interface
• OpalVision Hockey - effortless control over every aspect of the
• King of Karate - the world's first 24-bit graphics arcade
spectacular AJI you have to do is answer the questions in the
• oucher printed here and send it, together with the fllled-in
oucher printed in last month's Amiga Computing, to: Amiga
Computing, Calculus Competition, Europress Direct, PO Box 2,
Ellesmere Port L65 3EA and make sure it arrives by February15,
Zood luck. Someone 's going to have a very happy New Year1.
• : ease note that a monitor is not included in this OpalVision
system competition.
Uor more information on OpolVision phone 0543 251275 Postcode.
CO lb OLH Daytime Telephone 0255 • $ (o Mease txithnboji H you do no( wish to receive promotvnd mottnol bom other companies Question 1; Which Amiga's are compatible with OpalVision system?
IbOO j lOOOj1 X o iiCcD Question 2: What 24-bit game is supplied with the OpalVision system?
KiNi OF Send this in along with the first filled-in voucher printed in last month’s Amiga Computing A6S£V CZ.etCK.r4T. QitPe-LE- COMPUTER I | EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE SUPPLIES MINI OFFICE AMIGA VIDI AMIGA 12 Vidi Amiga 12 is the latest low cost colour digitiser from Rombo. RGB Splitter is built in and colour images can be captured in less than a second. Mono images are grabbed in real time Features multi tasking software, composite or S-VHS input, HAM. EHB and overscan MJC Price £75.95 Suppliers of Discount Software since 1984 Educational. Local Authority and Government orders welcome. European
orders please call or write for a quotation. All goods subject to availability, prices subject to change without notice. E&OE Prices Include VAT and delivery by post. Courier delivery available on request.
Please allow 5 days tor cheque clearance TO ORDER: Credit card orders can be placed by calling the telephone number below - or send a cheque POs made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES (AC). Unit 2 The Arches.
Icknield Way. Letchworth. Herts SG61UJ.
Tel: (0462) 481166 (6 Lines) AMIGA 600 HD EPIC PACK Amiga 600 with a genuine Commode The Epic pack comes complete with f an Amiga Easy Text W MJC Price £4 (price includes free co PLEASE NOTE: all the above comouters are c ire 20 Mbyte hard drive fitted, our games Deluxe Paint 3 and ford Processor.
29. 95 lurier delivery) lenume UK models with nothing taken site
warranty and free courier delivery.
Out ot the packs. All come with 12 months On-: Manufactured by Premier Micros these are made of sheet steel and epoxy coaled to exactly match the 600. They are precision made to fit the 600 and offer a perfect base for a monitor and a shelf for your extra disc dnve or peripherals.
MJC Price £34.95 (or just £29.95 if purchased with an Amiga 600) The very latest Amiga computer • now offers twice the processing speed at 14.9 Mhz, 2 Mbyte of Chip Ram as standard, the new AA enhanced chip set offering up to 16 million colours, a full 96 Keys with numeric keypads. Workbench 3.0 and 12 months On-site warranty.
MJC Price £Call (price includes free courier delivery) The "portable’ Amiga, features surface mount technology for greater reliability and Workbench 2.
Comes complete with 12 months Orvsite warranty.
MJC Price £271.00 (price includes free courier delivery) AMIGA COMPUTERS MIC A600 1 MEGABYTE EXPANSION AMIGA 600 CONTROL CENTRE AMIGA STARTER PACK NEW-AMIGA 1200 AMIGA 600 Includes: 10 discs. 40 capacity disk box. Joystick. Dust cover and Mouse mat.
MJC Price £19.95 (or just £15.95 if purchased with an Amiga) increase your memory to 2 Mbyte. Includes Clock.
MJC Price £44.95 (or just £39.95 if purchased with an Amiga 600) THE FUN SCHOOL RANGE I KOSMOS SOFTWARE Probably the best selling educational sofware for the Amiga. Fun School 3 and 4 al so conform to the National Cumculum Fun School 3 for under 5 .£t5 95 i Fun School 3 tor 5 to 7 years £15.95 Fun School 3 tor over 7.... , £15.95 Fun School 4 lor under 5 .£15.95 Fun School 4 tor 5 to 7 years £1595 Fun School 4 tor over 7 .. £15.95 Kosmos software prodcue a superb range of educational software including the Answerback Quiz programs and four foreign language aids
as well as the hugely popular Maths adventure.
Answerback Junior Qwz (6-11 yrs) ...£14.95 Answerback SehorCkiiz(l2-Aduiti £14.95 Facdiie Spelling (requires Junior Quiz I......£7.95 Factfie Arithmetic dequres Junior Owl...£7.95 , French Mistress .....£14 95 ! German Mttttr ..£14.95 Oasnich Tutor C1A QC FUN SCHOOL SPECIALS opdn5-l lUiOi .....114.33 kalian Tutor .£14.95 I Maths Adventure .£17.95 hi iv uunauiiiui utjiiidiivj d idiiyc of FUN SCHOOL SPECIALS have been developed to
help children with specific areas of learning Merkn Maths ...£17.95 [[LAUGH & LEARN WITH ADI 1 The ADI series are aimed at being fun to use as well as bemg a senous educational tool. Each package specifically designed to follow the National Cumculum tor a particular school year.
ADI - English 11 12 years £17 95 ADI-English 12 13years £17 95 Spelling Fair.„ .£17.95 Paint and Create ..£1795 j |COOMBE VALLEY SOFTWARE!
This is a range of excellent educational : adventure games tor various ages 1 Maths Dragons (5-12 years) .....£12.95 Cave Maze 18-13 years) £12 95 ADI - Engltsh 13'14 years .£17.95 AOI-Maths 11 12 years ...£17.95 ADI - Maths 12 13 years ......,,,,£17.95 ADI - Maths 13 14 years ...£17.95 ADI - French 11 12 years ..£17.95 Reasoning With Trols (5-12 years) £12.95 Fracbon Goblins (8-13 years) £12.95 , Picture Fractions (7-10 years)... £12.95 Tidy The House (5-9 years) ......£12.95 ADI • French 12.13
years ..£17.95 ADI - French 13 14 years ..£17.95 ADI - French 1415 years ......£17.95 M innV'O Dl AVTIIflC LCL SOFTWARE A complete entertainment and learning package tor young children. Contains 10 i exciting programs whtoh include a full Junior Art package, Noddy's Paint Pot. Post Office.
Market Place and many more.
(IMbyle Required) MJC Price £18.95 Pnmary Maths Course (3*12 yrs) ....£18.95 I Micro Maths (GCSE Level) .....£18.95 Micro French (GCSE Level) .....£18.95 Micro English (GCSE Level) £18.95 Micro German (GCSE Level) £18.95 Readng & Wntng Course (3 yrs + ...£18.95 | AMIGA SERIOUS SOFTWARE AMOS - THE CREATOR NEW - WORDWORTH 2 Easy Amos - Simple but powerful... £22.95 Amos v1.2 - The original language £31 95 Amos Compiler £19.951 The latest version of tte very popular Word Processor. Now includes 17 Compugraphic fonts, it produces silky smooth on-screen
fonts at any size Columns. New loof bar, indexing. Table of contents, Lists, improved mail merge and many more new features MJC Price £74.95 Protefl V4.3 £39.95 Amos 3-D .£21.95 NEW-AMOS PROFESSIONAL, An enhanced version ot the very popular i Amos program Contains over 200 new commands. 650 page brand new manual and many more new features MJC Price £44.95 Pen Pa) Vi 4 £37,95 Kmdwords 3 .£32.95 Great new integrated package featuring a Word Processor. Database.
Graphics and Disk MJC Price £39.95 MISCELLANEOUS Pro Midi Interlace .. £19.95 Stereo Master .... £2995 Rombo Meganvx Master Rombo Take 2 ... £28.95 £39 95 1 Pagesetter 2 (requires 1 Mbyte), Hisoft Devpac 3 . £3995 £49.95 Hisoft Highspeed Pascal £69.95 Fflal Copy 2...... . . .£65 95 Deluxe Paint V4.1 ..... £54.95 | FINANCIAL Home Accounts 2 ...£3695 Personal Finance Manager Plus.. £29 95 Maxiplan 4 . £34 95 AMIGA ACCESSORIES & ADD-ONS ACTION REPLAY MK3
ROBOSHIFT NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE Auto sensing joystick',mouse switch box MJC Price £13.95 MJC Price £54.95 ZYDEC SECOND DISK DRIVE Excellent value external drive for the Amiga Indudes free Virus X Utility MJC Price £52.95 260 DPI quality replacement mouse Pack includes: Mouse House. Mat and Operation Stealth Game MJC Price £22.95 SQUICK REPLACEMENT MOUSE Jt value replacement mouse MJC Price £12.95 Further Information on our Educational range is available in our Educational Supplement - on request VISA Remember - prices include VAT & delivery IE Vif 5. M NIGEL MANSELL • NO 2ND PRIZE • PREMIER
Ord Cobblers as an art form News flash They think it's all over... Thank God that articles like the 'Screen Dreams" piece that appeared in this month s copy of The Face are infrequent, and that misinformed writers such as the one responsible for the piece are few and far between in the computer world.
I would advise any male gamer out there to read this article just to see how clueless these idiots are. I say male because the article is directly aimed at men.
Gavin Hills, author of the aforesaid piece, makes a sad, unfounded and pathetic attempt to trivialise and break down the computer games world into psychological similes.
It is clear from the article that Mr Hills has no idea of the current games market. Your average grandmother knows as much about the current games scene.
For those of you who haven t read the article, I II give you a brief idea of what he was saying. The opening paragraph has references to the fourth level of Desert Storm - an inaccu* rate reference I might add, as the game is Desert Strike, a Megadrive title.
How many of you male games out there agree that masturbation and computer games go hand in hand"? Not many i d imagine. And how many dedicated male gamers agree that shooting them up on screen and soiling your favourite hanky may both be furtive exercises...'?
- Icixx out the jams... US Gold s budget label Kixx has just
released a brand new sub label. Entitled Kixx XL the company
have a of forthcoming releases lined up These include
Midwinter. Batdehawks 1942 and Future Wars which are reviewed
Cheap Seats this month - check them out.
Also released are Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Adventure. The games are more expensive than your average budget software. All of them cost £12.99 except Jones which will cost you a penny under £ 15 Looks like a lot of money for a budget game, but I think you'll agree that these games are all really good and are that little bit extra. Just don't make the prices any higher. OK? All releases mentioned here should be available now.
He goes on with this poor excuse for a Freudian interpretation of the computer game world, deciding that racing games encourage joy riding, that computer games are a sexual outlet for the average adolescent teenager, and indeed that they re a healthy alternative for potential child murderers and perverts.
But his doesn't stop there, the obscenities go on. Knights of Knobt**f, “Colostomy Castle"... I think old Gavin is the one who needs the psychoanalysis, don't you?
But they're wrong - it's not over yet. Sensible Soccer, the biggest sport game of 1992. Has just been improved. With the new title of Sensible Soccer vl.l. the game has loads more features and is almost guaranteed to be in the top three Chnstmas sellers.
It now features new and improved goalkeepers. In the first game the goalies were a bit wishy washy, but now the goalies can recover more quickly, catch the ball properly, punch the ball away and when its too hard to catch and Dp the ball over the bar or around the post. Thus all these coupled together make the goalies a lot harder to score against.
For all you Vinny Jones fans there is trquble on the horizon. Any cynical professional fouls will now earn your players a red card and a long walk back to the dres~ room - Plus there's morel The new backpass rule is included, so that means goalie can't pick the ball up. But he can run all the way the pitch and score a goal.
All the new season's team and players names included plus there are some more brand new comedy tom teams.
Well what can I say? I'm speechless. Haying played new version I can say that it's loads better and much fun than the original - a bargain if ever I saw one.
There is good news for people who own the origi game. You can upgrade your copy by sending your disks Renegade. Call them on 071 -481 9214 for more details.
* 53Sh» . * * I ¦ * Large sweaty men and big weapons be available
now for a measly price of £25.99. Ocean's big game is WWF
European Rampage and hopefully it'll be better than their
first effort. This time all your favourite wrestlers unite for
a European Rampage Tour Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, The
Natural Disasters. The Nasty Boys and Legion of Doom are all
featured. The game can be played as a two-player Tag-Team or a
oneorv one grudge match.
It says on my wonderful press release that there are over 62 (count em!| individual moves for each wrestler which I find very hard to believe, but we shall see.
Expect to see a review fairly soon, WWF European Rampage will cost you £25.99 and should be available at the beginning of December.
The race for the Christmas number one is hotting up and it looks as though Ocean are preparing to load their big guns. Coming your way this Crimbo is Lethal Weapon, WWF European Rampage and as previously reported Cool World and Universal Monsters.
Lethal Weapon is based on the trials and tribulations of Martin Riggs and Roger Mur- taugh from the Lethal Weapon film trilogy.
You get to choose to play either Riggs or Mur- taugh - each has varied abilities and has to tackle the missions in a different way.
There are five missions in all in which you have to conquer drug smugglers, terrorists and the Organisation or save hostages under siege.
The game which is an arcade shoot-'em-up is Ocean's biggest film licence ever and should Contraptionsgate - Cute repair man in bug scandal Mindscape's next release Is a game called Contraptions its an isometnc 3D puzzle game very much in the style of the now classic D Generation.
You take the part of a 'cute* repair man and must work your way through a huge machine fixing 'bugs' and making repairs while looking for the tools with which you can exact these repairs.
Switching levers, jumping on pressure pads and turning screws will enable you to enter other rooms which in turn allows you to progress through the levels.
If it s half as good as D Gen- eration then it'll be very good indeed. Contraptions should be available around about now for the quite cheap price of £ 19.99. INNER VISION Full to bustin' - not oven room for the charts!
BBRACSLE, Hmm, err I know, SCRABBLE... Yes, the world's leading word game is just about to appear on your Amiga. Billed as the ultimate game of verbal wizardry to hit the home computer Computer Scrabble is the definitive 90s version of the famous game. It s the same fun-packed blend of skill and chance which enhances your word power as you play, but it does have some special features.
Brilliant computer graphics give an extra dimension to the game, as well as having the advantage of all pieces staying on board. So there s no Chance Of one of your relatives having one too many on Boxing Day and crashing into the board and ruining the game.
Locked into the game s memory is every page of the Chambers Official Scrabble Dictionary (over 126,000 words) so bluffs can be called in seconds. A special souvenir computer print-out of the final board position can be put into effect at the touch of a button. So you can remember how badly you lost.
Release date and price are as yet unknown as we go to press, but it should be available very soon.
Kirk to bridge.
I'm skint... Hooray. The game that furry collars and strange people who drive Capris have been waiting fori Star Trek the game is being ported over from the PC.
If like me you are an intensely sad and unfortunate git and you rush home to watch the reruns of the '60s classic, then the game, when it finally reaches the Vnigd, will be a necessity.
Sources say that the majority of the story imes have been taken from the four series with aH the Romulans. Klingons and Forms of Alien Life that are "not as we knexvit’.
February 1993 GameR O j Laugh this off!
Ayrton Sena!
GREMLIN ¦ £29.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Joystick keyboard ¦ Out now Ah, SitVERSIONe - home c British GP and £5 pints of Uger a generous options screen that as well as offering you the standard gear and control method choices, also enquires politely as to whether you would like to "improve with Mansell" or take lessons in "driving school" before launching yourself into the full race f season.
Well I’m no nance, and was raring | for a bit of real racing action, but, dedicated chap that I am, thought it only fair to explore all the avenues, so to speak.
Driving school was my first stop, and the concept is very simple.
Choose any track on which to practice
- no other cars are present, and the maximum speed of your car is
restricted, the idea being that this will enable you to learn
how to control the car. Come on, please - I'm sure we can cope
with moving the joystick from side to side and pressing the
Fire button occasionally. One visit to driv* i 000 I was in
the minority in the office who iked the cir sounds.
PLAYABILI TV 0000 Very user friendly - Hive a banana.
ADDICTION 000 I was impressed, but doubt II play it very much after the Ml season 79% MM Isewhere in this stupendous issue of Gamer you will find me singing in a loud voice the praises of Gremlin's other release. Premier Manager, and vowing to collar either Biff or Ben into reviewing Mansell so I can spend as much time a possible with my beloved Wycombe Wanderers.
Well, a true indication of the authority I wield is evident in the fact that here I am, reviewing them both.
Have you ever noticed how much of a miserable sod Nigel Mansell is? It's unbelievable - the guy lives in a three million pound house in a tax haven, and gets an eight figure salary for doing the thing he loves most, yet the only time we see any noticeable twitch of his moustache is when | Ayrton Senna spins out off the track in a horrifying accident.
All credit to the bloke though - not only is he one of the few truly successful contemporary British sportsmen, but he also has to cope with the slobbering schoolboy adulation bestowed upon him by the ever-excited Murray Walker.
In order to supplement his meagre income, Nige has lent his name to the latest go-very-fast-around-a-track-'em- up from those Lotus-like fiends from Sheffield.
Ben had a good look at the game for his review In ST User Gamer, and was far from impressed, which worried me greatly as I didn't want to believe that the game I had been looking forward to so much was a small but pungent heap of Tibetan llama droppings.
Nervously, I investigated... On loading you are presented with ORLD ing school and you'll never return - it's daft.
Improve With Mansell allows us to zoom around the track to the accompaniment of a running commentary from the man himself. This is a much better idea than the Driving School - the racing line is indicated, and in theory the comments from Nigey- babes should teach us the best techniques to use.
In practice, however, whenever I tried looking up from the track at the snippets offered ("stay on the track", “avoid hitting things"), the result was invariably my car wrapped around some advertising hording or other. It's a nice touch, but not much help at all.
I'm afraid.
After dispensing with all the frills and inconsequentialities it was time to get me some action. Every track from the 1992 Grand Prix circuit is here in all its macadamised glory - you can choose to race a single circuit, in which case you take your pick, or pack some dean clothes and a couple of new engines and opt for the full GP season.
The full season begins in South I Africa and culminates in Australia as does the real thing. A handy intro screen gives some indication as to which bits on your car you should tamper with by outlining the nature of the track - bends, straights and so on.
You can if you wish get straight into a race, in which case you will find 1 yourself at the back of the 12-car grid.
Qualifying is a better idea - two laps round the track with just a couple of other cars provides an excellent (and a little too easy) chance of beginning the race on the front row.
As far as the gameplay g NMWC is good, but not great, tracks are well laid out but the updates are just a bit too slow to ulate a Formula One racing car tr ling at nigh on 200 miles per hour.
The miniturised track in the corner of the screen succeeds W. "Improve With Mansell" fails in ing you with as much in-race inf' tion as you need.
All it does is tell you where the are on the track, but then you're really intersted In the price of Brazilian Cheddar when your ch are wobbling with G-force, are you?
One element of the game which suppose is realistic, but annoy1 nonetheless, is the sheer difficulty overtaking other drivers. The o time I won any races was when started in pole position.
Points are awarded as per the u Grand Prix rules, and a place in top three in any race earns an mated sequence which takes a to load and would be better left out.
As you would expect from G Mansell is a polished game, not out its faults, but which shouie appeal to race fans due to the optiom it sports and the full GP season.
Pi Please makd cheques P.O.s payable to MICRODISK. P&P UK add 75p per game. Europe add £2.50. Elsewhere £3.50 1999
21. 99 (NEW) 1699 ____1699 1699
- 22.49 TBA ______1649 .22 99 . 2249 1699
- ......1999 1999 ______________1649 1399 (NEW) 16 99 _____1649
...23.99 _____________1699 1649 1699
- ....16.99
20. 99 .....22.49
23. 99 ..... 1849 22 49 ___________1649 24.99
___________16.99 ______________1699
- .16.99 ______________1649
- .21.99
- .20.99 2399
- ...2399 ______________24.99 ...22.99 2089
...16.49 __________22.49 ......16.99
19. 99 (NEW) 16.99 ..23.99 (NEW) 16.99 . (NEW) 16.99
..22.99 .12.99
16. 99
22. 99
22. 99
20. 99
20. 99 1399 Reduced 19 99 16 99 2249 .... 16.99
24. 99
20. 99 2390
- 1699 .16.49
16. 99
21. 99 _ 2249 ......1649 24.99 1699 ......16.99 , (NEW) 16 99
1699 ......1699
24. 40 1699 1699 ......1649 2249 1699 1699 1699 1699 1699 2900
1699 2019 (NEW) 23 49 ___1689 2099 2999 2999 1699 2999 1690
22 49 1699 (NEW) 24.49 1649
- 2399 (NEW) 22.48 . . 16 99
16. 99 (NEW) 1699
- 22.99 2299 2329 1999
16. 99 1999
23. 99 2399 19-99
- .1699 (NEW) 16 99 1699 2299 TBA 2399 2299
22. 49 ___1699
16. 99 1699 1649 1699 2240
- 2290 ......1640 1999
22. 49 ......16,49
16. 99
- ....16.99 2399 (NEW) 1699 2399
22. 49 ......1699 ......1699
16. 99
22. 89 .....2599
- ......19.99 ______1699 ......25.99
- -21.99
16. 99 ...20.99
22. 99
16. 99
- TBA .23.99 .1699
16. 99 ..22.49 ...22 99 ______1999
1699 1639 ...» .16.49 1649 (NEW) 16.99 ..2089
_______1699 ____________2099 ..1699 ......1699
24. 49 ,.,,,,.22,49 ..22.49 ..21.99
....16.99 __________16.49 Reduced 15.99 .1699
Barbarian II------------------ BatO __ Baffle
Isle ... Bamcicedt
Beast 3______________________________
Beast Master -------- --------- Beavers
----------------------- B rds of Prey . Bug Bomber
...... Castles . Castle of Dr
Bran--------------- Centunan . Chao®
Engine--------- - Cnnlisatipn ..
Conquest of the Longbow Cool Worlds ...
Coved Action ---------- Crazy Cars 3 ----- .
Creepers . Cruise for a Corpse ... Curse
ofEnchantia ...... Cyborcon III ..
Ovtoakon___________________________ Dark More ..
D-Gencration ...... Oo Jo
Dan . Doodle Bug
Dine_____________________________ Dynablastor ------------
Elvira Jaws of Cerberui Ep* ----------------- European
Champion Footer Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholde'2..,
F15 Strike Eagle II - ..... F19 Stealth Fighter
.... Fatal Strokes ------------ Fire Force
...____- . Fire &
Ice ...- - Floor 13 Football
Kid .... Fonmia 1 Grand Prat .
Games Espana 92--------------- Gateway to the Savage Frontier
Gauntlet HI ------ Goblins ____________ Godfather
------------------ Gode _______________ Graham Taylors
Soccer Chali 6inship2M6 ...... Guy Spy
- ..-
Harlequin ... Harpoon ’ ------------
head to Head ... GAMES A10 Tank Killer ENH
______________ A-Tnin ...... Addams
Famly--------------- Air Wanior .. Alcatrw
. Aquatic Games
Arabian Knight--------------------------- Archie Maclean
sPool..... Arsenal FC Ashes of
Empire . Air Support Monkey
Island_____________ Monkey Wand 11__________
lly i_ ... Nidi Faldos Golf
N Mansell World Champion Nobby the Aardvark .....
Nova 9.__________________________
Ork ....~
Outiander______________________ PGA
Plus ... PGA God • Data Disk ...
Piracy ,.________________ Plan 9 from Outer Space...... Pools
of Darkness___________ Populous II --------------
Poputoui'Sim Chy----------- Player Manager ...... Lemmings
2.... ... Lemmings Stand Alone
Inerpool . Lords of
Time_______________ Lotus 3 ....
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lure of the Temptress Mega
Fortress ... Microprose Golf
Wameeonrf Spom CM War_ Jaguar UZ»- JmPsnr__ J Whtt Whrtamd
Snooker John teddem Foctel_ ftCkQII .... KoOBffl_____
Htmtt HeroOuest(1 teg: Ha- Hoofc.... I, ¦ ¦ Hpy«e Breed-
Hanens I Jones F«e or Aaenn Project X. Pint** Fantasies
Pushover ..... hakoad Tycoon... Realms ... Red
Baron .... Red Zone Risky Woods Road
Rash________ Legend - .... Legend of Kyrarxta______
Lenureswt Larry 5 Mtg29 Super Fulcrum, Might & Magic
III .. Leetei Weapon fjngs Guest V ACCESSORIES DISK BOX
A JOYSTICKS PAP £1.00 1 2 Meg Uipgrado t Clock ...... 24.99
Amiga 4 Player Adaptor ......789 40
Lockabie Disk Box ----- 6.99 80 Lockable Disk Box .
889 Box 10 TDK Disks .....689 Box 10
Sony Disks . 989 ChJKkshot Python 1________ 16.99
Quetthrt Mavenek 14.99 Ouckjoy Jet
Fighter- - ......13.99 Quck KV Topslar
______ 19.99 Comp Pro 5000 ..... 1399
Navigator .----------------------------12.99 Zpsack
______________ 12.99 Rotocop III ______________ Robin Hood
. Robo Sports_________________ Rugby World
Cup_______________ Sensible Soccer . Shadow
or the Beast 2-------- Silent Service 2 ..
SklyPuBy ----------------- Sim
Ant ..... S*n Earth Sabre Team
.. Shadoworid .. Sireetlighcer
II_________________ Shuffle- - Space Ace ?.
------------ Space 1889 Space Cruaade ... Space Quest
IV Speoal Forces .. Super Space Invaders Super
Tetns ...... Troda'ers .. Tearaway
Thomas ..... Team Yankee .... ..... Team Yankee
II __________ Tennis Cup 2 ------ The Cart lewis Challenge
The Cool Croc Twine .. The Manager ____________ The
Ported General ... Their Finest Hour .... TbunderTuwk
AH-73M...... Titus Tne Fox TV Sports
Basobafl .... TV Sports Bo wig ------ U0h
... Ultima VI____________________ UnderPressure
- .
Video Kid .. Vtog* ------------------ Vroom . Wax Works . Wing Commander (1 Meg) Ween ..... Willy Beamoh . Wizzkid .. WW.F Wrestling .. Zoo)...... BUDGET GAMES 50p OFF UST PRICE PAP ONLY 50p 3D Pool ... ......6.49 .....10.99 Back to the Future III .. 6 49 Batman: The Movie 649 Bubble Bobbie .. 6 49
6. 49 Chase HO .... 649 Cisco
Heat 6 49 ......6.49 649 Fl6
Combat Pikx 6 49 .....649 Golden
Axe ..... .....649 649 649
. 649 Moonwafc* .. 649 North A
South .. 649 CJ m the
USA . 6 49 Panza Kek Boxing
... 649 ....649
Piriijhter ... 649 Plottng
.. 649 Pre Term*
Tour .. .....649 Rainbcw
Islands ..
6. 49 Shoot Em Up 6 49 TV Sports
Football ... 6.49 TV Sports
Basketball . ......6.49 Wacky
Raoes---.'._____________ ......6.49 Dept AC, Villiers House,
110 Villiers Road, Watford, Herts, WD1 4AJ (0923)676419 a a
All items subject to availability. E.&O.E. BIG BOX 2 R-TYPE,
£16.99 COMPILATIONS 0000 Everything is well drawn and the
backgrounds are dead smart.
AUDIO 000 Runof-the-mil bike noise.
Tunes aren't exactly pumping.
PLAVABILITV oooo Easy to play but too slow.
A D D I C T I O M 000 Excelent short term appeal Little challenge.
73% ADDED FEATURES RED & YELLOW CARDS ¦ SUSPENSIONS ENHANCED GOALKEEPERS BACK PASS RULE i NEW NATIONS LATEST TRANSFER DETAILS European Champions 1992 3 SEASON EDITION NEW ENHANCED VERSION OF THE GREATEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER For existing owners of Sensible Soccer - European Champions who want to have the new version, just send a cheque or Postal Order for £4.95 (inc p&p) made payable to Sensible Soccer Offer, along with your original DISC 1 to Sensible Soccer Offer, c o Unit B3 Edison Road. St. Ives, Huntingdom, Cambs PE17 4LF. Both sets of discs will be returned to you within 14 days of receipt
(allowing for cheque clearance).
% c'ZZZ. C1. Metropolitan Wharf. Wapping Wall, London E1 9SS 1992 Sensible Software. Published by Renegade Pang _____________ Parua Kick boxing Platoon _____________ Predator .. Predator II ..... Ram bo III ... 101 ...... ST & AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 I Meg Cricked | An qa*on y) D98 3D Pool ______ £699 AttertiLfnef ________________£699 AleredB M»t _________£699 Aifcjrtotdll --------------£690 Bartianan _______ £5.96 Barbamn II________________£690 Batman the Mot* -.....£6* Eagle Software 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL (10 am-6pm 6 days) Tel: 081-361
2733 5730 (2733 Faxllne after 6pm) CREDIT CARD HOTUNE: ® 081 8899172 FREE MYSTERY * GAME 1 WITH ORDERS ± .OVER BO "f Batfchawis I942 . £899 Beach Vo ley___________£699 Stood Money________ 9699 Cabal ..- .. £699 CaMcenia Games ..£690 Carrier Coomand £690 Ceka GT4 Raly £699 CanbefoWSquare* ...._ £690 Chock Rock___________ £7.99 ClowJKh96on ...£609 Cdcesus Chess ... £690 Combo Racer-------- C690 Cwftct in Europe C7.99 Cortntnttf Cue us ......£699 Deluxe Strip Poker £690 Ocuble Dragon lorH KM Dragon Ninja ......£699 Duel
.... £699 Fantasy World Olzzy tt» Flfl Combat Piol ......E7.99
F. O F.T. ______________________£699 Gauntetll £699
Ghoftbwterell ..£609 Ghoukn'G
hosts--------------£699 Gotten Aa* .....£699
Hard Oririn’ ...... £699 Hewi over Heels
______ £699 H H Guite to Galaxy £7.99 IK* ...£699
Imposstte Meson II £699 JaatttPOAd ..... £699 Jet Set
Wlty (Amiga only) £7.99 Kid Gloves ... £699 last Niniail
... Last Ninja III ....£7.99
Lombard RAC Raty „.... £699 Lotus
Ecprt ......£699 Men* Mlr*r (Amiga only)
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...£699 New Zealand Story £899 North 4 South £699
QulRun . £699 Operation Th coder bolt
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£9.90 £699 £699 RoNngRonny ....£9.99
R-Type £699 Run The
Gauntlet ..£699 Shadow of the Beast ......£699
Shadow Warrkx £699 Sherman U4 _____________
£699 Shwobl .....£699 Speedbal .
... £7.99 Stargider II______________£699
StuMCarRaoer £699 Supapto* ... £699 Super Hang On
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Vigilante ....£699 War
Zone .....£699 Waterloo
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Toads -..... £1690 £1690 BigflUD ...... £15*
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Crypt___________ N A £1699 BkieMax ... ----------- N A£",»
BountW HD Scenery N A £1390 Boek Rogers £1999 £1990 Buck
RogersH N A £2099 Cadaver_________________ £1690 £11.90
Cadaver-thepay08 . £10* £10* Capfr*_____________________
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Disc Castle ol Dr Brain £1680 £1680 £11.99 £11 99 N A £1680
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Chaos Engine.
Chase HO Chase HQ II
C. ViAr Combat Codename Ice Man Cod Croc Twins... £1299 N A £1699
£1699 N A £1699 Cool World .... CcnlW Korea ...... N A
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«.i5» N A £16.99 £11 99 £11 9© £17 90 £17 W £1699 £16* £ 6 99
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Ell £1299 £1299 Elvira
Mistress D«k £2199. N'A EK-irs I Cerberus ..
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MYDDLETON ROAD WOOO GREEN LONDON N22 4NQ SHOP PRICES jamsL Postcode: Card No: _ Exp Date _ Access q 128 "Not teteased at tine oloomg to press Please make cheques and P.O.’s payable to Eagle Software P&P is£l 00 pet item in the UK.
Oideis under E10 please add 50p per Hem. Europe: add E3.50 per item Eteew e add i* 50 per item. New tides will be sent as released and are subject to mani adurers pnee renews E.&O.E SPECIAL OFFER APPLIES ONLY IF QUOTEO WHEN ORDERING Computer _ Date _ Title_ Price _ _ Price _ _ Price Price Visa Q Cheque Q P.O's Q F m Membership with First Order No obligation to re order Name: _ Address: Member No: Tel: LEMMINGS 0 you remember - oh, about two 1 years ago - Britain was in the relatively early stages of a deep ssion, repossessions were on the up, loyment was spiralling once again, to top it ail
England were knocked out ftte World Cup thanks to a pathetic Chris lie penalty. Remember? Its all coming isn't it?
[ Psygnosis - a fine upstanding software from the city that gave us the Beatles car theft - took a good look at the sorry of the people around them, and were What was once a great and happy land awash with gloom ** the population something to make life worth living more.
So they created Lemmings - a 459,000- cartoony puzzle frenzy that was so il, so funny and so damned addictive the economic and social problems of ¦ British Empire were solved overnight.
OK. So it didn't have quite that much a - but the vast majority of Amiga and Owners who played Lemmings found es spirited away to a distant plane re the existential problems of humanity jme much less important than saving big-nosed beasts. Yes. It went down a A year or so later, as discontent began to sert itself and the nobs at Psygnosis bored with the Porsches and Ver- suits that were the fruits of Lemmings, a ible programmer presented Bernard His with his next meal ticket - Oh No?
Lemmings, the data disk.
Once again the gaming public went and even the office cleaners browsed Lambourghim showrooms in between ; to Monte Carlo.
But the clock keeps turning friends, and almost a year since we were blessed for second time with the gormless death- jing tomfoolery.
Psygnosis - who in the meantime have jyed an entirely new staff, since the Wiing generation* have long since red to luxury villas on the Algarve and sta Brava - realised that the time was iin right for the green-haired sheep to grace our Tvs and monitors, and duly obliged. The result is a full sequel, sports the moniker Lemmings 2.
Of course there will be those sad few Paul Roundell, the closest thing to a lemming we've got, points the stupid creatures in the right direction who don't know what Lemmings is all about, so I II briefly explain. The basic idea is to ensure that X amount of Lemmings make their way safely from one end of a level to the other.
A major obstacle that stands in your way is the unshakeable fact that Lemmings are thick. They're stupid. They just haven’t got a bloody clue mate - over cliffs, off tall blocks, they just cannot grasp the concept of death.
You must therefore steer the empty- headed rarely-seen mammals in the direction of safety, all the time making cunning use of what few talents they actually do possess. Such as the abilities to jump and dig.
There - now you know.
Anyway. Lemmings 2 is here, and whereas the prequels had us saving lemmings just for the sheer nobility of it all. We now have a plot.
The lemmings want to leave their island home, and must build a big vessel for the purpose. However, they can t leave without the fabled magic talisman, and as with most games nowadays it seems, the talisman is broken and the parts spread around the various levels just waiting to be collected.
Psygnosis have given their pets loads more skills this time, and depending on the situation the lems can jump. Dig. Float upwards on a balloon and even ski!
Although the sprites are the same size as ever, you'll see Beach Lemmings, Polar Lemmings, Space Lemmings and others, performing against even better backdrops than before.
Complete with the harder puzzles and funky tunes. Lemmings 2 Seems set to be a massive hit on its release in the early New Year - and of course, the full and unexpur-* gated review will appear in all its glory in these very pages for your consumption, *»
S) S' S A J;, -v tr .-V -» s & * m + • rf 4U v*, 1Wr . *1*
* fkt % * & w9f ~5L
• *.
• i • & S- m * m !?•: M * y M A. ? * e & * “ .
- V* ¦r au i 2f The SBOV.e it) incs
a. -raises We're looking forward to It mate Straight from the
morgue's makeupdepartment comes MICROIDS * £25.99 ¦ 1 2 meg ¦
Joystick ¦ Out now having Platform games are all very much
alike, you know. Actually, you've probably worked this out for
yourselves by now. Haven't you?
Dashing madly through garish landscapes. Jumping on strange creatures of varying size and nastiness to either save a loved one or to collect the bits of some all- important machine seems to be about the sum of most platform plots, It doesn't stop them selling by the bucketload though, so perhaps I should just stop moaning and get on with doing what I'm paid for.
Nicky Boom has jumped well and truly on to the bandwagon of dull plots (there I go again) as we are informed by the manual
- though not in those exact words obviously.
Nicky is just your average six-year-old French boy. Spending his days doing whatever French boys do (make your own lewd comments at this point).
But shock horror! Nicky's grandad has been kidnapped by a wicked witch who is keeping him locked in her dungeon until he spills the beans about the secrets of the Forest People, of whom he is custodian.
On hearing the news, Nicky immediately lets go of the kitten he was torturing and sets off into the (probably enchanted) forest c to rescue the senior male patriarch of the Boom extended family unit. Why he didn't just didn't tell his dad I don't know, but anyway... The usually friendly and cute forest Deast- ies have been turned by the witch into her snarling protectors, so Nicky must - surprise surprise - jump on their heads to eliminate them Sweets and cakes are littered around to give our hero extra strength, and bombs can be found from brne to time.
On progressing through a number of the levels. I was surprised by the depth and skilful mapping of the game. There is actually quite a large, if simple, puzzle element to the whole affair that I found very addictive Sound FX are well above average - there's even what I think is some French sampled speech in there - and the lion, while over-cute, is unarguably ci and detailed.
Nicky Boom is unlikely to be ri as an all-time Amiga great, but that, it does possess that certain ad and fun quality that many games genre lack.
P L A V A B I L I T V 0000 The complexity of the levels can lead to getting lost now and then.
ADDICTION 0000 Nicky Boom was a pleasant surprise - one 11 come back to, 82% AUDIO 0000 Realy nice tunes and plenty of sound FX.
0OG Excdcm cokv 40a detai, but a little too cute.
Swahili crop rotation techniques.
Keep in platform mood folks - at least for now - because it s time to meet a cute little British bulldog called Thomas. Well actually, he’s not particularly cute - in fact to be brutally honest it seems as though this beast has chased at least half a dozen parked cars too many Urn. Come to think of it. The probability of Thomas being British is quite remote too.
Since Soundware are a German company and far more likely to plump for a native canine to fill any vacancies in the hero department than they are to employ a foreign mutt.
SOUNDWARE ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 2 meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now He is definitely a bulldog though - oh yes. A leg at each comer, a stumpy tail at the back, flabby jowls and a big *1 am a bulldog' badge that effectively ends an speculation.
Having just complained at some length in the above review about the unoriginality of platform plots, you will excuse my lack of gushing enthusiasm as I briefly outline Tearaway Thomas. Are you ready? Here we go
- you have to collect stuff and avoid jump on things, Wow. Eh?
The items Thomas must collect are diamonds. Which have carelessly been scattered throughout tons of levels by a person or persons unknown. They're all over the blooming show - in trees, under bridges, and the more you collect, the more points you earn. Riveting stuff this, innrt?
I'm a sarcastic old so and so. And to be fair Tearaway Thomas is actually quite a nifty little game. The fun begins in the woods near Thomas s home, with most of the all-important diamonds at first nestling tantalisingly in the branches of trees.
Strange and improbable though it may seem, bears inhabit the woods of this picturesque German forest, nasty big bears that will eat small bulldogs whole given half a chance Well no - the truth is, the bears are of the variety that you might find in a child's bed. And the only nastiness they exude is the knack of making Thomas flash briefly and lose energy points should he encounter one of them.
The rest of the game is very much in the same vein, with cute creatures aplenty adorning brightly coloured cheerful backgrounds.
Tearaway Thomas might very well find itself in the large bunch of also-rans if it wasn't for one specific feature that lifts it above many - its speed. The sprite is one of the fastest moving I’ve seen, making the game far more enjoyable to play.
The cuteness of it all means that few gamers above the age of about ten or twelve will be impressed, but for the youngsters among you. Tearaway Thomas is a fun game along the lines of Doodle Bug.
Paul 0000 Colourful and wel presented.
AUDIO 0GO Oh dear, this tune s in danger of driving me mad!
PLAYABILITV 00OO Fast, but the jumping can prove a Kttte awkward.
ADDICTION O0O Yes it's fun, but interest may wane sooner rather than later.
Ti'sr* 5u53 55 JiijJu i ui yuii |M||, yuu ibiiw aliija iij iijj :uh iiu HUin in ii.
Iijlu j v jiijHijH »3j i ‘ jjjjh sJ jt PREMIER transfer market %• Complete interaction with other team managers Full player training with up to five dedicated coaching staff.
Mg sak iddictive 5 in thi ’Convincingly boots other football management cjam$ $ mto touch" (Amui.i At lion 00 ) comprehensive and sophisticated football strategy Available from your local stockist or direct from Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd f f'jT.u.f'T .' .'-.".mu-1 !fi ('.aw in u: 2 4 v *iver oneffield 1 4f S * W Gremlin Graphic u|ih Jv* ao 42) 753423 Correct me, if I'm wrong, but I would think that this is the only Amiga computer game that has a vegetable as the hero. Before you write in.
Yes I know it's a fruit but is anyone really bothered what the hell it is?
Bill s Tomato is a puzzle game, but it's nothing like Lemmings. The idea behind it is simple - you have to get your tomato from one side of the screen to another in the set time limit.
There's nothing I like better than a game I can instantly understand It does sound so simple that you might think it's crap. Well, it’s not Bill's Tomato Game is one of the most challenging puzzle games I've ever played.
Your tomato starts off on a springboard and the idea is to get across to another platform situated on the other side of screen.
There is a go stop icon which amazingly Starts and stops the process of your tomato being hurled, The only problem is that the springboard throws your tomato straight up in the air, so there's no way the tomato is going to get to the other side unless some divine intervention is put into effect. The divine intervention comes in the form of fans, springy platforms, jack in the boxes and bricks.
As I said before the game is set against time, so your tomato will never die unless you don't complete the puzzle quickly enough. This enables you to test where your tomato lands, so you know where to put the objects to help him across.
Easy, huh? Nah mate, there are all manner of evil objects and beasts trying to stop you.
These range from annoying wise Japanese men to fire monsters.
Well, the game is so easy to explain that's all you really need to know. Unless you want the plot. Oh you do, that's good news because it's coming nght up The story goes that our hero tomato dreamed of all things peaceful and quiet and spending the rest of his days as a wrinkly tomato with his beautiful girlfriend.
On the way to the dreaded greengrocers, our hero decides it's time to act and jumps with his girlfriend out of the van that was transporting them there, Now without a care in the world, our (5 85$ 0 ®®a©© §s© tomato friends dreamed of that little house in the hills with 2.4 little tomatoes bouncing around their feet.
This is where disaster strikes. Mr Squirrel is overly fond of our red chums, spies our hero's girlfriend and decides to kidnap her.
Our hero is now distressed and decides to wage war against Mr Squirrel.
VISION 0000 Defightful cutesy graphics with some great backdrops.
AUDIO 000 Mice tune, but if you don’t Bee it you know where the volume switch s. PLAVABILITV 0000 Mouse controls are easy to use. Good for a youngster.
ADDICTION 000 So, off he sets up Mr Squirrels tree to save his girlfriend. Will he succeed and be forever happy or will he get to the top of the tree and find that she's been made into a salad?
OK. So there's the plot, Oh stop laughing. It's not that unbelievable, well OK it is, but don't tell the tomatoes, you'll hurt their feelings.
So. Is Bill's Tomato Game any good? Well, yes and no. Yes. Because of the original idea, the great graphics and the delightful httle tune.
No, because after a while it does get a bit monotonous and a little bonng.
If you're waiting for Lemmings 2 as your next puzzle game then I'd strongly recommend ail's Tomato's as something to be getting on with. Ketch up on Bill's Tomato Game, it's a reel smart laff to while the hours away.
Jonathan 139 High Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 4LT Tel: 081 365 0344 (All lines) Fax: 081 365 1650 24 HOUR ORDERING SERVICE • PHONE FOR FREE CATALOGUE 1?4Q 2349 2340 . .1859
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EngH6hi14-15) ... ADI Mafre 111-12)..... ADI Mains
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ADI French (11-12) . AOI French (12*1m________ ADI
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ADI French (14-15)... .
Amos E my ..... Amo* Professional ... Amos the Creator---------- Al aln A30OA.1DU6 ...i.uiiuifiii*' A10 Tank Kder Ennanoed AD Sports Boxing 4549 .1090
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Combat Acos . 1899 Thundar
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Mind Games ...... 1499 Ultima VX_______..._____ ......20.99 Monster Pack 2 1399 UMS2 . UMS Pianfll EiW, ..53.49 W89 Ntrya Collection ...... 1599 Utopia ...... uiopm rra Now Wert) ...... 2040 ... 11.49 Psychos Soccer Collect..... Power Pack ..... 1899 14 99 Ugn ..__..... .1649 Ranbcnv Cotectcn 1399 Urtlium 2_______________
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Super Stm Pack 2199 ...1599 ..12.99
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6. 90 Delender or the Crown ... .....7 99 Shoot em
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____15.99 Nigel Mansells World Champ .
NwJtf|f» Pin llmo.
No Drearer Otory . Nxjm Shfl Omar Snantts Badge..... Oprvrat on StoaRh Orbkus ..... - OA______________ Oullondera ..... Paliaon 2 - - ...... Pacific Islands Paperboy 2 ...... Parttwi&w* Pegasus ___________________ PGAGoilTow . PQA Course Discs __________ Pmbei Oreams ......_ Prfioai Faniaatce..... PtthgKer ... Ptotiing PopjtUS? - Predator 2 .. Pramero Manager Pnnoe erf Persia ________ PfOjOClX Push Over Pianw ..... Plan 9 Outer Space
Player Manager----------- ProftgM ___ Poocs ol Dartneea . Power monger ...... Popuijsr&m C«y ... Polce OtJusl 3 .... Pro Tamil 7 Pro Tsmi»Tour2 ____________ Piaphecy. ..... flwrood Tycoon W2BH9MI Realms Ml Red 2cnd -------- althfl Dragon Ristcy Wooob .
Robin Hock) Rcoocop Rcoccop2 . A.~ - Rooospons. .. Rod land Rookies.
RtyW2 Rubicon Rugby Wort) Cup Hw*tt o( Engoamml.
Reach tor the Sloos .... Rome AD32- ...... Sabre Team “3(5Fi® ffF T _ 139 High Road, Loughton, _ Essex IG104LT 24hr Ordering Service 081-365 0344 (All lines) I 24hr FAX 081-3651650 ~ Ipiease make cheques & PO's payable to Software Supreme IP&P £1 per item IJK. & elsewhere £3 per item New titles sent as released and subject to price reviews | Title_Price_ i i Name Address Tel Card No.
Expiry Date Ac Visa .P&P_ Total shave With the Mansell box nestling a mgly under his arm we exchanged d ings. And then before I knew what j happening he hit me with the bomaj ¦¦All right shall we have 3 look at Pr Manager first then?* What? Premier who? Was this some ( Of joke? Now. I'm happy to look at I about any computer game - it's m» j after all - but when you have a mtf licence thhll-'em-up such as Nigel Man your disposal, a football management J starts to look a bit poxy.
There was nothing for it - Biff was | cilled in for this one. So over he came M talked through it, while I perched aq tiently beside him.
Up to four players can take part i learned, and I was invited to join in thai
• table managerial feast.
This was at eleven o'clock. Six hfl later, long after Gremlin Man had 6n When we learned that the kindly Gremlin person was to pay us a visit last week, a wave of anticipation swept through the office.
We'd been looking forward to the arrival of the much talked about Nigel Mansell World Championship for weeks, and since I had long since scheduled myself to review it I was delighted at the prospect of a Friday afternoon swerving round the circuits and generally being a right pain in the aerofoil.
Somebody asked if he was bringing ‘that football management game' as well.
I replied, uninterested.' Uh. Yeah... I suppose so' - and promptly returned to that small place in my mind where I had already begun tuning my Williams Well. Gremlin Man duly arrived and I could literally smell the fumes from that ultra- powered engine as he neared the Gamer hovel - he swore blind it wasn't his after- Famous footballing quotes no. 78 - Tommy Docherty: "Well I didn't know she was your wife!"
GREMLIN ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now DBG nnn nnn ?HB OPERATION SCREEN This is the main screen, from which all the major features of the game are control!* Finance, club staff, transfer markets, player profiles, league tables and more are accessed from this point.
• jp*f38 5 5 in 5 i i? Ii It § i i i ii i ‘i:uihu a 2 in * ‘i 'i
AUK 3 3 3 J3 3 M I v, GOOO » m ; liQOb I* MKK • ft I : GOOD
11 iin m i im i nnn TEAM OK, so we re Wycombe Wanderers, and
here is the motley crew that constitutes our team. A team is
ranked through five varying levels of fair, good, very good and
superb, and through world class, exceptional and finally The
As you can see, we've got a long way to go - think we'd better check out the transfer market.
• nana «aai I u«ir. :
- !«« ¦(• I Q * a ttaauu m »uy a IIJTV**”** : win nrcrirrs El
llil MMUE«i li UKM i n n i s CLUB rues CIUD uaani ClUB OHIO
him: Mart;
i. qah i jmn mi, s-a-t m-jin uimii lfiHS nrM* mitmi pfllVV tnna
FINANCE Before we can splash out on any new players, it might be an idea to consult our finances. It might look like a lot of money - but good players don't come cheap, and wages, bills and ground repairs won t take care of themselves either.
Loans are available, but interest rates are high, so be warned.
TRANSFER MARKET Having kidded ourselves that we can afford to spend, it's time to see just what's for sale. All team details are correct to within a few months, and there are plenty of famous names up for grabs.
By clicking on the magnifying glass icon more detailed information - and the asking price, gulp! - can be learned.
Peared and Biff was arranging his lift home.
I was still doggedly guiding the mighty Wycombe Wanderers through the league and cups - bladder full, lunch uneaten, and Nigel Mansell discarded and untouched Needless to say. Some hectic workload juggling and rapid arm-twisting - not to mention bribing - took place in order that I could review this masterpiece, and thus further my excuse for playing it lots more.
I understand that Mansell has now been opened and will be reviewed by someone or other in this issue, but frankly i just don't care anymore... I'm in love.
Let's just clear one thing up before we go on. If this were a review of computerised chess, and you couldn't play, it wouldn't hold too much interest for you would it?
Similarly, those who loathe football are unlikely to be swayed by even my enthusiasts persuasiveness - but hey - read on you never know.
You begin your career as the manager of a GM Vauxhall Conference League team - the choice of exactly which is yours - and the basic aim is to achieve as much success as possible from your humble beginnings, hoping eventually to become Premier league champs and maybe even win the European Cup.
Not only will you utilise all of your mighty managerial skills, but a goodly amount of business acumen is required too, m order to ensure the overall stability of the dub.
Premier Manager has got so many features that I really don't know where to start so look at the boxes littered around this page for a rundown of the game's vanous features. This isn't all of it by any means -1 haven't even touched upon the cup competitions or injuries or... I could go on.
Most people who do follow football are likely to support a league team, and may be disappointed that they can t jump straight into the game as Liverpool or Man United.
In fact the only way in which you can change clubs is by being offered a new EnnUND IMPROVEMENTS HS*!-.. in* £&£& •*»*«* 1MC$ r 1 if hV (.HWUHll IMUIIIII :,uri-un ii fiu i.i un .: *nn i ¦ ININ RSOJI Ml FI I INC.: NONE IL I‘hum ¦¦¦¦)¦ ATARlfflte H AMIGA iNO. Or M£EK&:0 J RMOXJNT.'fO position a the end of a season - obviously dependent upon how well you fared. This doesn't detract from the game in any way, and if anything only makes the whole thing more realistic - let s face it - Uverpool versus Stalybridge Celtic in the Conference league isn't really likely, is It?
If you are a fan of this kind of thing, or have been disappointed by previous attempts - indeed even if you are an Eskimo hermit living on a glacier above a Norwegian hamlet with no access to electricity - buy this game.
Buy it buy it buy it. I love Premier Manager so much I want to have its babies.
Paul SPONSORSHIP This is the most frequent and lucrative form of income available. Companies will be queuing up to sponsor you at the beginning of the season (even the odd quality magazine!) But a string of poor results will soon see the support drop.
Check for new sponsors after every couple of matches.
V I S I O M 000** Will It'S Mirty a icons and text reaty-but what else do you need?
AUDIO G00 O Mice samples and footy crowd noises, but again, what else could there be?
PLAVABI L I T V ooooo Weil presented screens make it wee easy. Why aren't all games Ike this?
DEFENCE (KMIO »» "IWIELP HUH ***• iinnr.K ikkio .... 6(N*N
good Bivir aiiackim: OPPOSITION Once you have made sure your
team is training hard, you're almost ready to play the first
match. Have a look at the opposing team first - they're ranked
in the same way as your own team - and set your formation and
playing style according to your strengths and their
weaknesses. This should be a walkover!
Yes. I know the game screen is small, but it's the result that matters. The match can be played at six speeds; the slowest is about 1 4 real time, the fastest about 30 seconds.
The name of the player currently on the ball is displayed, as are those of the scorers. Substitutions can be made at any time and - oh... I've lost.
TRAINING You could be forgiven for thinking that you had a team of slackers after that performance! Phone the coach to ensure your players are being properly trained.
All players can train to either shoot, tackle, pass or handle (advisable for goalies onlylj. On returning from injury, a player will not train until instructed to do so - keep a check.
LEAGUE TABLES Hang about - what's all this? We re in Division I! Well, I did tell you I spent a lot of time on this game. It s all very well being in Division I, but a look at my finances at this stage would show a balance that's i7 million in the red.
Excuse me while I go and sort It out.
Oh by the way, Gremlin Cheat I is just my nickname - honest.
The joystick round in a clockwise fas'*!
Thats fine until you have to jump o* obstacle, when it's a bit tricky too momentum going.
Reading the list of the various make you think that they're pretty you’d be right. After the Grass Race you Kipper Watching which is almost as as it sounds. You are in charge of sa I who are having a kip (a nap to our friends).
The rowdy beach people keep beach balls at our comatose friends 4 stop them waking you have to jump up deflect the balls away with your head n seal style.
Along with the 100-metre splash a couple of adaptations to normal like Leapfrog which is just a version of 110-metre hurdle.
There is also a trampoline (sea section of the games, the first I have seen. You have to go through all the; pieces like a proper trampolmist. Once j have done the set moves in the time gn any extra somersaults you do give you points.
By far the trickiest game in the ti ment is the shell shooting section ing crabs come at you from either side of screen, and you score points by flipping« catching them, flipping them into vats of oil or shopping them to burst the balloons. I always seem to get elec by the electric eel-type things.
I liked the Aquatic Games a lot - cally they're sound and the FX are amusing in places. It's a nice change run-of-the-mill sports games I also thought that the practice 0| were a hell of a lot better than m Instead of the usual one practice mode are three on different levels, so if you1 real sJowy like me you can go on the thtifl level first. Well thought out and good fun.] It's nice to see a company that has thought of a different way to produce a sequel to a game instead of adding the usual Ill's after the name of the old game Millenium have done a bit of lateral thinking and produced
Aquatic Games, the sequel to the classic James Pond.
Old James is a bit knackered after doing this spy lark, so he decides to go get a bit of relaxation in. But there will be none of this namby-pamby lying around on a beach rubbish. Old James wants some good wholesome exercise - sad but true, So where better to get the exercise he's after than at the Aquatic Games?
For some reason you don't play James in all of these events. It isn't stressed who you are but it's not really that important - all I know is that all of the competitors are supposed to be friends of James.
The first event is just a sprint, which entails the usual obscene waggling of the joystick, but you are not running on a track - that's much too easy.
For the most part of the race you are running on water so if you slow down you will sink. You are racing against a frog who is pretty speedy, Event two - Feeding time You play a tubby character standing on a bridge, and you have to fill up your bucket and feed the fish that poke their head out of the water Next up is the Grass Race. A friend of old Jimmy's is a unicycling shark - everybody should have a unicyclmg shark for a friend, but alas we don’t.
You have to pedal his unicycle along the course and jump over all the different obstacles that stand in your way. The course runs from left to right like the spnrtt but it has lots of hills and things that you've got to pedal up.
I found the control method on this a bit tricky. It's like trying to rub your stomach while patting your head. You have to pull Squelchy Pursuits visio ©©©©• Lovely cjftoon-feke graphics that raise a smile AUDIO ©©©©• Cool little tunes and some good sound FX.
PLAVABILITV ©©©©• A wdcome change from your normal sports game A D D I C T I O M ©©©©• Good fun, but you could lose interest after a while.
Star Wars flashback Monster Mash - Walker gets a stuffing A hearty slap on the back is deserved by Psygnosis for this one I think. After their recent run of turkeys this one looks like is could be the one to break the deadlock.
How many of you readers out there aged between 17 jnd 18 collected Star Wars figures in your youth? Quite a few I would expect, and if you really saved up you pocket noney you could get the Millenium Falcon or a Scout Walker.
If you are either too old or too young to have had Star Wars figures then you are bound to have seen Return of the Jedi, the last instalment of the Star Wars trilogy. On this film appeared Scout Walkers, large wngainly machines which walked on two legs and took a two*man crew.
This Scout Walker and the subject of Psygnosis's new game have rather an uncanny resemblance. But Biffa and I are not bothered what the game looks like in relation to Other things.
On screen. Walker is a lateral scrolling shoot- em-up stroke strategy game, a simple, get-to-the-end-of-the- vel-and kill-the-big-guy sort of thing.
You, being the single-man crew, have to get to the end by guiding our machine with a simple left to ght movement and using the mouse to aim your gun.
It s a bit of a tricky control method at first but it's challenging instead of rritating. Also it quite fun having one person on the controls and one t i Granny Smith drives to the shops on the guns - a bit less challenging but you can enjoy the carnage more.
Walker is also another poke in the eye for the myth that says you must have good graphics for a good game.
While being graphically sound as far as the background and the Walker itself go. The graphics are a fair and smooth representation of the programmer's idea. The enemy troop, however, are nothing more than badly-drawn lemmings, if that. But they are well animated, and they certainly do the job of doing you in.
Stuffed again, by the little guys on the floor They run at you with admirable stupidity and chuck grenades in your general direction.
Some of them fly helicopters, some of them even climb up the back of your machine and plant bombs. Not satisfied with grenades they fly helicopters, drive lorries, bombers and various other mechanical armaments.
Graphically the animation on the helicopters and the other ground vehicles is pretty but I was really impressed with the sound. When your guns overheat there is wonderful sample Of predator when one of the soldiers is firing an empty gun (you smart sod - Ed).
The other really impressive bit of sound is when the helicopters fly on - you get the sampled sound of a helicopter and some really dodgy funk music banging away in the background.
On the finished version of Walker you'll be able to view out of the cockpit of the Walker while it is moving, as well as the side view.
I’m not sure what the point of this will be - seeing as the head is swinging around all the time it might be a bit of problem looking at what you are doing but, let s wait and see.
When the full version of Walker hits the streets it should be a stonker and it shouldn't be too far off.
Ben ??b3BD % %
• meld Critic lorries, and bomber planes, they really don't like
this Walker guy
- »Un Temp Nominal ,:
o. I’m not going to mention the spelling - dubious though it is -
or aim any cheap puns at the French developers who ought to
have spent a little more time ponng over their English
dictionanes, especially since they made a similar mistake last
time with the original Gobliins.
I'm not going to do that at all; but if I was going to. I'd say this - the spelling is ridiculous and our cross-Channel cousins are completely daft.
It's not long since we reviewed Gobliins.
But already those industrious bods at Coktei Vision have come up with yet another adventure for our erstwhile elfen friends.
At least this is what one would assume.
On closer inspection though, it transpires that two altogether new Gobliins |no letters about the spelling please - it s all correct I assure you) have replaced the onginal three.
COKTEL VISION ¦ £29.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now bludgeoned by a variation of heavy hold implements.
Despite their being two character* manipulate, the point-and-click cc very user friendly. A nice touch I found the Notepad oprion which allows you record any pieces of pertinent mfc An irksome feature that occurs in a many games of this nature is that some the puzzles are quite bizarre and not a logical, and Gobliins 2 is no exception.
Thankfully the superb cartoon gr and funny FX (not the music mind - off for God's sake) more than com’ Hardened adventurers are unlikely sustain major brain damage in atte to complete the game, though the joBityi it all will more than satisfy In short Gobliins 2 is a hilarious ture that will provide a good few hi chuckles and hair-pulls for just about game fan.
This makes Gobliins 2 a sequel something along the lines of that fabled movie Grease 2. Whereby an already dubious storyline was minutely changed and similar characters introduced m order to milk the profits even further The king Goblin (let s just dispense with the silly spelling for now, eh?) Has had his son kidnapped by the nasty and evil Amo- niak. Who’s still narked off over being defeated in a battle by the king some 50 years earlier.
To complete the lung's humiliation. Amo- niak has made the king's son his jester, and although new to the job the now Prince Buffoon is said to be already challenging such comic legends as Shane Ritchie and Andrew O'Connor for the title of funniest man in the world.
This is all well and good, but the king would rather like his son back, so he can once again engage in the customary royal duties of wearing maroon pantaloons and having his friends beheaded for bearing him at hopscotch.
A problem is the fact that Amoniak has about four million ferocious beasts protecting himself and the prince at all times.
Of course the only people stupid enough to attempt the unlikely rescue are a couple of dedicated Goblins. Winkle and Fingus.
Winkle fancies himself as something of a card - he's a cheeky young fella and tends to get a good drubbing at some point from just about everybody he encounters.
Fingus is the gentleman of the two - a kind of Sid Little to Winkle s Eddie Large if you like, the difference being Fingus doesn't attempt to play a guitar only to be disturbed by Winkle's comedy banter, as was the ilk the with aforementioned duo. But enough of these comediamc allegories, and onto the game.
Those who have played the original will be familiar with the gameplay. But will probably be thankful that this sequel sports one less sprite, and is therefore less fiddly to control.
Since the whole point is to rescue the dippy prince, who as mentioned is under extremely heavy guard, most of the game involves overcoming vanous guardians in finding your way to his captor The goblins must work together to solve the puzzles - in a specific order in some cases - and although frustrating at times, there are loads of humorous asides that take away some of that 'Aarrgghhf...' element that quite often causes serious malfunctions in machinery due to its being repeatedly VISION 00000 Lovely yaphics, and just check out the expressions on those faces!
AUDIO ©©©•• Cluttery chattery speech and funny FX, but those tunes - aan-gshh!
P L A V A B I L I T V ©©©©• Once you’re used to comroling both guys together, You're away ADDICTION ©©©©• Could be an easy nde for experts, but you wont want to leave until it's over.
84% THE MILITARY MASTERPIECE The Campaign Concept Includes:- Campaign Gaming System Software Map Editor Software Extensive User Guide and Gameplay Manual Incorporating Historical Background, Vehicle Factfinder and Campaign Maps 2 World War II Propaganda Posters 2 World War II Propaganda Postcards D-Day Landings Battleplan Map Authentic Wartime Newspaper Reprint The Most Comprehensive Military Simulation of Warfare in World War II ¦ Over 150 vehicle types, each one displayed in Super Fast 3-D; Russian.
American. German & British tanks, artillery, support vehicles, aircraft and ships. Campaign gives you full control over all aspects of combat Including airst tikes and sea battles.
¦ Your playing area covers uptoa staggering 10 million square kilometres of detailed terrain featuring towns, villages, rivers and woodland.
I Breath-taking graphics that are accurate in e fery detail, give a unique atmosphere of realism.
I Over 100 Kilobytes of 3-D shape data used to create the vehicles.
¦ Sound Blaster, Ad-Lib Roland sound card compatible.
¦ Available on IBM PC & Amiga up 10 on over 20 historically accurate predefined maps ranging in size from 625 to 10 million square kilometres. Locations range from the Sahara and Russian Steppes to the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes and the D-Day landings.
I The amazing Map-Edit or allows you to modify' the existing maps and create new ones of your own. This option is available at any time allowing you to pause and enter the editor to modify the forces. You can even swap sides!
I side of actual come I Control either A Hied or Axis force s from the level of Field Marshal right down to tank driver.
• As Fifhi Marshal coordinate strategy for all groups of tanks,
convoys, aircraft, ships and production centres.
• As General, control the fighting of an individual battle with
as many as 16 active tanks plus artillery and air support.
• As a Tank Driver Gunner experience the battle in stunning 3D.
Experience the sheer pressure and anxiety of planning the world's MOST famous battles.
Empire Software, 4 6 The Stannetts, Laindon North Trade Centre, Basildon. Essex. SS15 6DJ Telephone: 0268 541212 Programmed by Jonathan Griffiths The Doctor. Must. Beee. Exterminateeeed!
DALEKf ATTACK Steve Wright. In the afternoon is protected under copyright - nineteen ninetee twoo... LEAVE HIT.'!
Unless you tune in to Radio One between three and six on weekdays you could be forgiven for believing that the cheap but cheerful adversaries of Doctor Who had dropped off the face of the planet.
Call it sentimentality, call it a cheap way of filling air time, but all things Who-like are going through something of a comeback at the moment.
Re-runs of the old Doctor Who series are popping up not only on UK Gold, which will readily show any old pap, but also on the rather more credible terrestrial outlet, BBC2.
And now, to top it all. Admiral software - little brother of education and budget specialists Alternative - are releasing for our delectation the game of the favourite foe, Dalek Attack.
I remember when I was about four or five years old and Jon Pertwee was our erstwhile do-gooder from the planet Gallefry. We got a coloured television aroundthis time.
It took my mum about three weeks to peel me from the living room ceiling after I discovered for the first time that the monsters weren't all black and white after all. Potty training was set back months, I'm telling you.
Like all Doctor Who fans, I was enthralled by the scary and futuristic- looking Daleks (this was around 1974 remember), but even at this tender age was a little confused as to how these robotic wash tubs could navigate a terrain full of potholes and contours on wheels the size of ha pennies. Despite their dodgy synthesised ADMIRAL ¦ £16.99 ¦ 1 meg • Joystick ¦ Out now voices and point blank refusal to implement beir* implement being the trusty tool that the Doctor is never without. Having said that, one blast from his screwdriver and the baddies certainly look dead to me - maybe they re
just mildly con- f&fc cussed and Tj suffer no seri- IjiMf ous aft*r
* * j , effects. Oh
• • * L* I ] Wh° cares?
A$ JXp As I was say-
• in9 before I so a.I.'M. rudely inter- rupted myself.
The game is set Well anyway, that s a over five ,eve,J te - beginning in London, we travel through Paris, Tokyo and New York before finally arriving on Skaro, home planet of Davros.
Each level is very large, and the whole game is quite a challenge from the start. Nothing much new to report in the gameplay area - dispose of the nasties (a large proportion of which are obviously Daleks) in traditional fashion, picking up bonuses and other useful items as you go.
The Doctor himself is a very versatile chap - jumping from buildings, hanging off ledges and scaling walls - poor old Sylvester McCoy would turn in the grave his career was buried in if faced with challenges such as these.
Speaking of Sly. Hes one of the three Doctors you can choose to be - the others being Tom Baker (complete with daft scarf) and Patrick Troughton. In two-player mode you even have a choice of which assistant you want to take, although thankfully Bonnie Langford isn't included.
Good God - it II be Lionel Blair as the adhere to even the simplest laws of the Doctor is r physics though, the Daleks were, and said that, one remain the favourite and most recog- driver and the nised of all the Doctor s adversaries. Dead to me - Davros, the . _ Dalek leader and * H part-time kebab t H shop proprietor, - ¦ has wheeled him- r * self out of retire- *4 ment once aqain I fY (or yet more • M outerplanetary • evil. Well actually it's more like inner-planetary jj J r0 _ or „ jt Tokyo? Well anyway, that evil, because hes spaceship. Or maybe a satellite attempting to destroy
the earth s ozone layer with travel through the help of his evil minions. York before fin Somebody should have told him home planet of that the job's already been taken - Each level i most of the population are undertak- whole game is ing it on a voluntary part-time basis - the start. No but anyway, that's what he's doing, report in the g and he's happy, bless him. Of the nasties As usual, it's up to the Doctor to which are obvi foil this dastardly plan, doing what tional fashion he does best, which is... er. Just what and other usefi does he do exactly, apart from run The Doctor I around
forbidding landscapes with an tile chap - jur assortment of hapless assistants, that hanging off led is? Well anyway, let's just say the poor old Sylve: Doctor must foil his plans, and leave in the grave hi it at that. If faced with Dalek Attack is a five-level multi- these, scrolling shoot- em-up. Oops - no. Speaking ol stop right there - it isn't a shoot- em- three Doctors j up at all, because if memory serves the others bein me correctly. Doctor Who is a pacifist. With daft i It s a sonic screwdriver-em-up, this Troughton. In Dodgy character this one - kept winking at me he did!
Doctor next.
There will be those who critic the graphics for being flat. It's t».
That a few parallax backgrour could only have enhanced the gar but I was more than impressed w the level of detail, and the realism the city backdrops, particularly t*- part where the Doctor gets flatter by a New York yellow cab.
It s not often we mention price t in a review, the idea being that game either will or wont stand up : its own merits. Dalek Attack if r original twist on a tried and testr formula - at seventeen quid it's ©w standing value for money, an ab»- lute must for all Doctor Who fans.
Ii Ti?. "114 lv it: Ip I r- "¦-W - In typical NY fashion, the Doctor is assaulted by a flying crack head Excuse me for asking, but we re your new neighbours. You don t have a spare sink plunger do you?
• Manufactured in the U.K.
• 12 Month Guarantee.
Compatible with: AMSTRAD ATARI - ST COMMODORE 64 COMMODORE AMIGA SPECTRUM (when used with an interface) MSX and many others
• Available in standard or Auto Fire Models.
• Also available for the BBC in standard or auto fire models.
• Steel shaft purpose designed microswitches - moulded from high
impact ABS.
• Rubber suction cups.
DELPH. OLDHAM OL3 5TW TEL: 0457 S76601 FAX: 0457 871058.
TEL: 0457 876705 FAX: 0457 871058.
Jinsle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way. It's Christmas and it's time to spend some serious money, but if you fancy keeping those moths in your wallet a little longer, here's a whole plethora of budgets, you old misers
- •IN Just when you thought mat the old war ghosts had laid down
and died, along comes another dodgy war game to dredge them all
up again. Not only that but it s got one of the most ridiculous
copy protections ever.
Battle Hawks Kixx XL ¦ £12.99 it s a flight simulation in which you can fly in famous battles, so if you fike the old war games then this one is for you Looking at the manual you would tl this is history lesson rather than a game.
It goes into great detail about all of the planes used in the great battles of the Second World War it doesn t stop at the manual - it goes right though all the game.
First you have to choose which plane you are going to fly There's a pretty awesome collection, and not just the English and American planes - there are a couple of Japanese ones too. Then choose the mission, whether it be dive bombing or torpedoing, and tally ho.
One of the best aspects of this game is the mouse control of the plane Usually the mouse is way too responsive for the plane but Kixx seem to have got it right on the head. The rest of the controls are good too - not too many for the game to get ridiculous and not too few for it to lose depth The screen updates quite fast too which was a nice surprise, even thought the graphics aren't particularly stunning. For war game fans exclusively.
This is one game that gives other computer owners a swift sharp poke in the eye with a pointy stick. Graphically Prince of Persia is brill, with extremely smooth scrolling.
Prince of Persia Hit Sqaud ¦ £7.99 So it s Persia, the Sultan has done a bunk and is fighting some war somewhere and the Grand Vizier Jaffar has taken over and is exploiting the people to an enormous degree.
So enough about where I work, what about the game? You have to rescue the princess from where she is imprisoned, destined to marry Jaffar.
It's a very platform-oriented game but don't let that put you off if you aren't really a fan of platform games You begin your quest in the middle of the castle. You are unarmed so the first thing to do is find a sword. For the most pan it's a case of running around and jumping. But you have to be really careful because there are a lot of unsafe floor tiles - some of them open up new rooms to explore and some of them will dump you on huge spikes.
So let's say you've got the sword. Now you can start chopping little bits off people. Most of the baddies you encounter are pretty easy to dispatch when you've got the sword and there are only a couple of moves to master, Prince of Persia would be a pretty nondescript game if it weren't for the graphics, which make it a good buy.
Mil n i ; '' TH i ia*i Ruur5''T t=s n i Trivial Pursuit Hit squad ¦ £7.99 Switchblade GBH Gold" £9.99 Tnrs sequel to the classic Switchblade was drooled all over by the computer press and is still just as sexy today as it was way back then The story goes like this. Havoc has been living up to his name and has decided to take over control of the Cyberworld. The only person who can possibly save the world s a Blade Knight and it just so happens that a chap called Hiro is the only living Blade Knight in the whole world And guess what? He lives just around the comer from Havoc.
Cue platform romparama which involves our Japanese hero kicking some robot and other such nasties until he gets to wreck Havoc s deadly plans.
One of the best platformers you're ever likely to see - its certainly on my top five list of platform games.
The graphics and sound are bnlliant plus the level of playability is simply stunning. The game is a right toughy to complete - believe you me, it will take you more than a couple of goes to finish it Some things do improve with age and Switchblade 2 is one of them Absolutely bloody brilliant, Are you still sadly mourning the disappearance of Nigel Mansell from Formula One Grand Prix racing? Are you weeping because that nasty Ayrton Senna rammed our Nige m the last race of the season?
Supercars GBH Gold ¦ £9.99 Are you crying because Nigel is gomg to make millions while driving for Paul Newman and will be that rich that he will be able to fill up his swimming pool with champagne and use £50 notes as toilet paper?
Well are you? Do you need a nice little budget racing game to take your frustration out on? If you answered
* yes' then with a bit of luck.. here's Supercars 2.
Instead of just simply racing around the track, you can also blow up other competitors using various violent weapons. Good fun. Eh? Supercars was the original game and there are loads of differences between Supercars 2 and its predecessor. One is the graphics which are a lot smaller, but are more detailed.
Personally I don't think it's as playable as the original. You tend to concentrate on killing your opponent rather than winning the race. Apart from that.
Supercars is a really good car game and is well worth buying, it's good, but not that good!
Cor lumme Mr Watts, if it Isn't Midwinter Now here is a game that I've heard a lot about but never actually played Until now that is.
Midwinter Kixx XL ¦ £12.99 Midwinter is essentially a strategy game, but it does have some elements of action lumped into it.
You play the role of John Stark and you have to travel across the icy wastes getting together a team of crack commandos to destroy the evil enemy.
Who the evil enemy is I haven't a due, because somebody has lost the manual. You get the idea though, good against evil and good has to save the world Die action bits are presented in a 3D polygon-style - if any of you have seen the 3D Construction Kit you'll know what I mean Unfortunately the game is showing its age. It does hold your interest for a couple of hours and then it tends to get a bit monotonous and boring.
If you like this type of game then you'll already have Midwinter. One interesting thing is the price. Midwinter will cost you £12.99 - £3 more than your normal budget game Hmm, a little bit much for a game that's a few years old and showing its age QameR One of the biggest disappointments of my life came when I was about seven or eight years old. I think it was Hallowe'en, but it might have been Christmas, and occurred at a fancy dress party held at our local parish church.
Now my mum is dead good at sewing and had spent days working on what turned out to be an absolutely top wizard's outfit - pointy hat. Moon-and-stars jacket, magic wand - the lot.
I was a bit shy as a lad and didn't really want to go. But after a little persuasion and the threat of a spanked bottom, along I toddled in an my regalia.
On arriving my mood improved almost instantly, not only because I spied the Grandstand 'Pong" video game and numerous chocolate treats that constituted the prizes, but because all the other kids' outfits were completely cack.
Well I was laughing, I can tell you, as that sorry bunch of misfits traipsed hopelessly around the parish hall in dress that looked about as fancy as a Michael Foot overcoat.
Pong was mine for the taking!
When it was time for the prize giving I sat between my parents with a smug grin on my greedy little face - a grin that would soon turn to utter disbelief as some girl or other from my class at school was ushered towards the makeshift stage and presented with the fabled Pong as a reward for her pathetic-looking fairy outfit.
"But well done to everybody, especially Paul Roundell - and his mum!", boomed our compere jovially. All was not lost - at least I'd won the sweets, ‘And now ladies and gentlemen, please give a big round of applause to our infants for last weeks smashing play." He continued. Whereupon a dozen or so five-year-olds trooped towards the front to be dutifully furnished with Spangles and Texan Chew Bars.
Scandal! The sweets were for the kiddies and I would go home empty handed for Hot rubber, throbbing engine, and other such entendres THALION ¦ £25.99 ¦ I meg » Mouse ¦ Out now there was... No... Second... Prize.
Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong - now renamed the Sega Master System - and Thalion are taking a bit of a nsk in thrusting yet another racing game into a market already overcrowded with mediocre offerings.
If No Second Prize is to have a hope in hell of raking In a decent chunk of the Christmas loot it will have to provide us with substantially more entertainment than the vast majonty of its predecessors.
It does - in fact I think it’s safe to say that it’s one of the very best racing sims around, and it even has a story. The most completely fabulous oneof-a-kind biketastic dreamcycJe in the wortd is up for grabs - the owner is unknown but has offered his machine as a prize to whoever proves themself as the best motorcycle racer in the cosmos.
Competition has been narrowed down to just six riders - two women and four chaps
- who must now race head to head for ultimate supremacy.
You can choose whichever rider you want to be after checking their individual strengths and weaknesses. Some are particularly good on bends, or may be very fast, while others have a high hit point count, meaning they can sustain all manner of damage and continue racing unabashed.
After making this momentous decision you will then need to decide how to set up your bike. Basically this involves choosing a sensitivity setting for the mouse - no joystick option at all, which is a bit of a shame - and locking the gears onto either manual or automatic. Having done this, you're ready to race. There are 20 tracks in all, and you wow - the choke* must chug bravely round them all for points
- coming last actually results in a deduction from your overall
Chug really wasn't the right word to use at all. As the game is incredibly fast. Viewed from a 3D driver’s eye perspective, it will have you and anyone watching swaying from side to side as you swing around bends, under bridges and into surprised bystanders.
Changing gear manually involves toggling a couple of the keys, and is a tot tricky at first considering control is by mouse. The game has a replay mode, and you can watch your hopelessness from four separate angles including from a chopper -1 enjoyed playing the replay backwards as n gave me the impression that I was actually overtaking someone.
Graphics and sound are pretty much what you would expect from this kind of game, which is not meant as a criticism - how could I complain when it's as fast as this? Since my last encounter with a real motorbike Tesulted in treatment for abrasions in a Greek hospital, I might not be the best person to advise you about the difficulty. But it does seem very hard.
In the races I did manage to finish I came sixth out of six every single time - there's nothing at all wrong with the control, once mastered - it's just hard Hard it may be - but I played it soiic couple hours without becoming slightly frustrated and I'm dying for, go right now. Well done Thalion on | ing one of the best racers I've seen.
V I S I O M go© Scenery is OK, but it whines by too fast to matter anyway.
AUDIO GGG Music, bdce noise,and the obligatory crash sounds P LAYA BILITy 00000 The moose makes it a much better challenge PLAYABILITY 00000 Chalknjng and fun into the wee small hours.
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covered by a 90 day warranty Upgrade your Amiga from 512K to 1Mb of memory for just £13.00 SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE OFFER: If you submit your computer to ourselves for repair, enclosing this advert along with just an additional £13, we will supply and fit a 512K memory expansion at no extra cost.
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WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (6 lines) WTS reserve the right to refuse machines that in their opinion are beyond reasonable repair - normal charge applies.
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'¦•¦•v '.i at* r Log Book Smthers call?tw Hot pants
- - : bpr Reoonfifl Cancel CANCEL Which «f thm During young
pilot? Will you choose to send to their certain deaths?
Scribble your name on ypyr log book and then, err log away ey, it s quiz night. F-l 5 Strike Eagle 2, Falcon, F-16 Combat Pilot and F-l 9 Stealth Fighter. What have all these games got in common? Have you got it yet? Come on, it’s easy - they all start with the letter F!
Nah, only joking, the proper answer is that they are all flight simulators. More to the point, all the planes in these so-called flight simulators are very hi-tech and practically anyone can fly them.
VIRGIN ¦ £30.99 * 1 meg ¦ Joystick mouse ¦ Out now Shooting down the enemy is no problem - click on a button and your missiles will hit the target, even though the target is 80 miles away.
FROM HOT PkkTS ? IRCM MCMC f Mbit VOW TNIL What you really need is a flight sim to test your raw ability. What could be better than a World War 2 plane simulator like, err Knights of the Sky?
Wait a minute, that's far too old, what we need is brand new World War 2 sim like, err, umm... Oh well there doesn t seem to be another one. Thank God for that I'm bobbins at plane games (crash of lighting followed by small thud). Oh dear. God does move in mysterious ways. Look what I've just received - a brand spanking new copy of Reach for the Skies. Gusp!
It's 1940, it s summer and the future of World War 2 hangs in the balance. The German Luftwaffe and the might of the RAF are about to go into battle once more. This time it's the Battle of Britain and whoever wins will have a damn good chance of winning the war.
Well, in Reach for the Skies anything could happen because you get a choice of who you want to be. Ger* many or Britain, the choice is entirely up to you. So. If you re good enough you could change history.
Everyone knows that Britain won the battle because we re smart, but what would of happened if Germany had won the Battle of Britain and eventually the war? It doesn't bear thinking about - all I can say is that there is no way you II get me scoffing frankfurters although it has to be said that you d always get a sunbed when on holiday.
Chocks away chaps... Wahey, follow me on a journey, a journey back through time where the sights and sounds of the 1940s will shock and surprise you. A chance to become a World War 2 fighter ace beckons. So, let's don our flying jackets, grab our yokes and take to the skies. Or, instead I could just boot up the ST and play Reach for the Skies.
Right the game has loaded. Hmm, it offers a choice of air forces. I could become a low-down, dirty Luftwaffe pilot or I could become a brave and heroic Brit and join the Royal Air Force. The choice is mine. Hmm, a bit of a toughie. Right, proud British fighter pilot it is. Time to jump into the old Spitfire and give those Jerries a right thrashing and be back in Blighty in time for tea and cakes.
Chocks away, chaps.
Almost all of the game is spent in the air in your plane - or I should say planes, because you actually control a squadron. This enables you to hop from plane to plane during battle - very handy if you're about to get blown up.
The 3D is quite impressive, especially when you fly the plane over land. There are plenty of external 3D views, ail with the option to zoom in and out.
The controls in Reach for the Skies are really simple. Pull back on the stick to gain altitude, push down on the stick to lose altitude and left : go left and right to go, err right. O' and you push the Fire button tc umm, fire. See, simple.
There are plenty of dials an meters to confuse you and the contrc panel looks authentic enough.
There is only one little proble; with Reach for the Skies, and that that when you take off it takes yo.
Ages before you finally get into battl with the enemy.
You can accelerate time, but it's not very realistic. Fortunately there is ar option to start off in the air, so you're much closer to the enemy.
The game is quite difficult and chasing the enemy over land and sea is tough. The enemy always seems to be that one step ahead of you and it is really tough to shoot it down. It wouldn't be much of a challenge if you could shoot them down really easily, though.
Once your flight has been completed you have the great chance to watch It all again by using the video option. OK, so camcorders weren't exactly available back then, but the video option is a very nice touch. You could even send your finished comedy dogfights into Jeremy Beadle and win loads of money.
Despite the little problem, Reach for the Skies is an excellent flight simulator. The presentation in very nice and everything down to the tiniest lit* tie detail has been researched, which makes the game that little bit more February 1993 Hmm, not much to report but what there is is suitable enough, Good honest fun, plus it's reaty easy to control If you fancy a flight game then get addicted to this one, .
Right kids, without further ado, here s how to do it... Pick up tongs. Open cupboard. Take the lard and the knife.
Take the crystal ball. Take the copper ball. Exit through the left-hand door.
Take the straw. Use knife on reed.
Use knife on reed again to create a flute. Use tongs on guard rail.
Take the wood. Go back through door. Go through facing door. Take portrait and place on hook, Take the sleeping draught and use it on the seeds to create a drug. Use drug on hideaway and the rat will fall asleep.
The Gamer Guide to... Stuck? Well, yes you probably are if you're reading this page. Don't worry I won't laugh at you, I'll just smirk slightly... Click again on hideaway and take the wooden mould. Use grey key on the skull. Take the ring. Exit room.
Use ring on copper ball. Use the straw and the wood on the fireplace. Use flute on Ween. Use strawberries on Urm.
Take gold. Take strawberry jam.
Use flute on Ween. Use the jam on Urm. Use Urm on the fireplace. Use the cauldron on the fireplace. Use the gold on the cauldron. Take cauldron and use it on the wooden mould.
Take the golden key hat you ve just made. Exit through facing door again.
Use golden key on padlock. Take the half statue. Click on trap door to exit.
M I ... » 1 t * !
IfW V T GAMEft February 1993 Take the tibia. Take the torch and use it on the hearth. Take the torch.
Take the planks. Exit through the hole in the wall. Take the rope. Click on skull. Use ring on cauldron. Use copper ball on orbit on the skull. Take the moon stone.
Use the tibia on opening. Take copper ball back. Exit through the hole.
Use ring on the copper ball. Use cauldron on hearth. Use the lard on the cauldron. Take cauldron.
Exit back through the hole. Use the oil on the opening. Click on the lever.
Exit right once more. Use the rope on the lanks. Use the now bound planks on the precipice. Exit through the hole facing you.
Click on skull that's on the tomb.
Take the sun stone. Use the torch on the torch holder. Take the spear that the guard on the right is holding.
Take the tibia - it would be quite hard to find if it wasn't for this Cheat Mode.
The tibia is at the bottom of the guard on the left guard's right leg.
Use the tibia on the spear. Use the newly constructed tibia-spear on curtain. Use tibia-spear once more on the blackberries. Take the blackberries.
Use the flute on Ween. Use blackberries on Urm. Use Urm on hole above the door on the right. Take the key that Urm drops for you. Use the key on the door lock. Exit through door. Click on the sword.
Click on the hook holding sword to wall. Take sword and use it on the statue. Put the sword back. Click on the trap. Use cauldron on acid twice.
Put cauldron back in your inventory.
Exit back through door.
Click on the stele. Use acid from the cauldron on runes. Place moonstone in the niche. Place sunstone in niche on top of the moonstone. Exit right to the other room once again.
Click on sun and moon symbols, then the crown symbol.
Take elixir from the hole in wall.
Now click on the moon and sword symbols then click on the crown symbol again. Take effigy from the second hole in wall. Exit back to the stele. Place effigy in the niche. Swap the sun and moonstones around and you II obtain your first grain of sand.
Click on bridge. A monster will appear and won t allow you to pass over the bridge. In the meantime a feather will float down. Use the Ml tJe ’t e X feather on the chest. Some objer will appear. Take the pollen and tr venom.
Experiment with them on the thre pieces of quartz that are lying nearb.
Now mix the venom and polle together in the cauldron to create potion. Use newly created potion t leaves. Take strawberries from bust Use flute on Ween.
Give the strawberries on Urm. Tak gold and use with half statue. Use th now full statuette on the water. Urr will take the elixir before you cros the water.
Click on strawberries. Urm wi appear and so will a pile of gold.
Pinch the sword from the frog creature and use it on the large rock. Use your cauldron on the middle hole. An Orivor will appear. Use the Orivor on the pile Of gold. Exit by clicking on the temple.
Use the venom on the snake and it
* ill turn into a piece of quartz. Take the tiara. Use the torch
on the brambles. Use Cauldron with the ring, then use the
copper ball with the tiara. Use the pipe on the wasp trap. Use
wasp trap on wasps. Exit through door.
It's now time to fight the dragon.
You are given three magic pendants to beat him. You have to change the dragon to a wasp. The puzzle is actually easier than it looks. All you have to do is click on the bottom pendant until the dragon changes to a wasp and you change into a worm.
Now all you have to do is use the wasp trap on the dragon who is now of course a wasp. Use the flute on Ween and Urm will appear...again!
Take the cherries from the bottom of the tree and give them to Urm.
Urm will then take the wasp trap from out of your way. Exit via the door on the right-hand side. You are now the proud owner of the second grain of sand.
Click on mechanism and take the phial. Now this puzzle does vary, but use Petroy to help you figure it out. It simply involves clicking on the pictures ot the circle, triangle, square and the hexagon.
The key to the puzzles is how many corners each shape has. Once you've tried the combination, click on the lever and the door will magically open. Exit through the door to continue.
Take the hammer and use it on the arm of the statue. Take the amphora and use it on the hearth. Take the wood and use it on the hearth. Take the ECU and the rag and put them in your inventory.
Take the gargoyle and use it on the cyma. Click on stone. Click on fountain and take the lichen. There are some numbered teeth, click on them in this order. 12, 4, 6 and 3 and the fountain will start to work.
Use the lichen on the hearth. Use the magnifying glass that s now on the floor on the beam of light. Use phial on the enclave. Use rag on water. Use wet rag on head of statue then use it on the head's eyes to reveal some quartz.
Use the pollen on the right eye and take the flower. Use the venom on the left eye. Use pipe on snake. Use coil on gargoyles. Use wet rag on coil.
Use flower on hearth.
Use leaf on hearth. Finally use the phialtre on the guardian. Once transformation has taken place use copper ball on small statue that has appeared. Click on statue. Exit through door.
You now own all three grains of sand. You might think you have completed the quest, but the Princess has been kidnapped by the evil Kraal and taken to Volcano Island and if you don't rescue her she's just about to become a wife to the slimy Kraal.
So, there S Still plenty more of the quest left, but lm not going to tell you how to do it. I think I've given you enough help, but if you are really desperate to complete the whole game then you might just find the rest of the solution in next month s Gamer.
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Nine pages of applications for the Amiga DTV 155 Talkin As far
as video trickery is concerned, the Amiga is the ideal machine.
Paul Austin surveys its abilities PROGRAMMING 157 Take a leaf
out of Margaret Stanger's book as she looks at the Amiga's
libraries CbMMS 161 To get on in the world of comms, you'll
need to practice your etiquette - Pat Winstanley teaches
manners DTP ' 16J sjyisj laJsj 1SJ 'flip art is the saviour ot
the non-artist, or those pushed to time. Ben Pointer looks at
some of the best available MULTI Milfl A , 167 Ever wpndemed
how software ¦ gets from an Amiga to a shiny plastic disk?
Julyts Alexander explains The arrival of Amos Professional has
caused quite a few ripples among Amiga programmers, and those
of you that have been reading about it will have noticed how
much attention is given to the Arexx interface - and rightly
The problem with Amos for many programmers was that Arexx was a bit too alien to the Amiga environment. Adding an Arexx interface goes a long way towards making it a truer Amiga environment, while at the same time allowing it to live up to its name as an alternative Amiga Operating System.
The thing with Amos is that it makes so many things so easy - it can almost be viewed as an application generator (like CanDo for instance) rather than a language.
For instance, it offers split screens that are not available under Intuition, it has automatic double-buffering that makes the Intuition alternative look like a nightmare, not to mention all the sprite and animation stuff. With a little thought, it can be used to design excellent interfaces.
Possibilities Linking all this presentation power with existing Amiga applications opens the door to a lot of possibilities. Most modern Amiga programs support Arexx these days, and it is nice to know that all this software can now be linked to Amos Pro.
After all, there are almost no Amiga application generators without an Arexx port. So I was more than a little curious to see what Amos Pro had to offer.
First of all, if you are using Amos Pro directly from its boot disk, then you will have to load up Arexx separately, using the "rexxmast" command, but if you have been following this series you probably already know that! If you are working from Workbench 2.0, then, of course, Arexx should already be running.
Amos Pro has a special command for running other Amiga programs in the background, called "Exec" - don't confuse this with any other part The Arexx Library Calling all Arexx programmers... If you've recently written an Arexx masterpiece and want the world to know about it, send it in to AC.
Continuing to support Arexx is a high priority and as a result we are opening the AC Arexx Library.
This new source of Arexx software will be redistributed free of charge on the AC CoverDisk every month.
If you want to play your part in the Arexx explosion, send your scripts and additional programs to: AC Arexx Library, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK104NP With Amos Pro and Arexx, you can get your programs communicating with an unprecedented degree of ease. Alex Gian discusses a minor revolution of the Amiga's operating system! Any program that could be launched from the CLI can also be launched from within Amos, eg: Exec 6df1:iydir iyprojr»i‘ Rexxmast can be started like this if necessary.
The "Exec" command can also take an optional argument, to determine where the output of the command should go.
The default is NIL:. This option was not working on my version of Amos, but a small bug like this is inevitable in these early days. I am sure it will be fixed soon.
If you want to redirect the output of your "Exec" command to a file or window, you can still do so by using the standard DOS redirection operator , eg: Eiec t:teapfile "df1:«yprog" But since this article is about the Arexx interface, why am I concerning myself so much with the CU interface? You will see in a minute.
The following Amos instructions and functions are provided for direct support of Arexx: Arexx Open - Open a special Arexx port.
Arexx Close - Close the Arexx port.
Arexx Exist - Check if a port is really there.
Arexx Wait - Wait patiently for an Arexx message at the special port.
=ARexx - Return the status of any messages at the port.
=ARexxS(n) - Return the nth Arexx argument String.
Arexx Answer n - Reply to an Arexx message, and set the return code.
As you can see they are useful for opening an Arexx port and receiving Arexx messages. They correspond roughly to the equivalent functions of the rexxsupport.library, which we have already seen, but are even simpler, since only the specially opened port is checked.
These commands are meant to be used inside a loop which constantly checks if any new messages have arrived, and processes them as they come in. The technique has been fully described in the Oct '92 issue.
"But hold on a minute!" You may say, "that's all fine for receiving Arexx commands, but what Your Arexx script must be saved in the rexx: directory, otherwise you must specify the full path. Small command sequences can also be sent directly as strings, but you must remember to embed the quotation mark, eg: Exec ‘rx Schrt 30*-«Wr«»i 'PfiMJ* 'MJf*' if I want to send an Arexx message?"
A good question! After all, since we are likely to be using Amos as a front end, it is probably more important to send commands out, than to receive them. That is, you are more likely to want to use Amos to control other programs, than the other way round.
Interestingly, there is no direct way to send Arexx messages out, There is no equivalent of the Arexx instruction "ADDRESS", or any other means of accessing external host ports.
As a result you are left with an Arexx interface that is well implemented, but only half there. I am almost led to suspect that the designers of the Arexx interface were not fully aware of the possibilities of Arexx.
For the time being, if you want to send out Arexx messages you will have to resort to the "Exec" command which we have already mentioned.
Instead of sending out an Arexx command directly from Amos, you write an Arexx script that does the job, and launch it from Amos. If your script is called sendcommand.rexx , then this will do the trick: As you can imagine, the above process is not the most elegant, and also slows down the Arexx messages, since they have to go through the DOS layer.
If you want your Arexx scripts to run asyn- chronously, you can launch them using the: Em Ton ri TJCIIPItlES combination. Script outputs can be redirected Programming interfaces There is good news for those that would like to program their own interfaces - Amos Pro supports assembly code at two levels.
Firstly, you can open any Amiga library, stuff the processor registers, and call any function, simply by specifying its offset. Special facilities are provided (using an Amos bank), whkh will automati cally give you the EQUates of all the Amiga system structures and all LVO's of all functions. Even structure fields are handled intelligently. This is a brilliant touch.
Unfortunately the automatic system (the SET EQUATE BANK instruction) was not working when I tested it. So I had to get all the values from the include files, but I trust that this will be fixed soon too.
These features are a great way to program the heart of the system interactively, whether you are designing custom ports, or anything else.
Secondly, you can run assembled machine code directly from your Amos programs. Obviously, with this feature any addition can be made to the language.
(and saved) to files for later use.
Does this mean that Amos Arexx port is a fail ure? Not in my view. The features provided are sufficient for the occasional user, and pro- , j* grammers who need more can easily create it.
I am also certain that we will see many extensions to Amos Pro, and better Arexx facilities will appear if they are needed.
In other words (or to put it bluntly), Amos Pro is a fully- OUIVPRESS II J J I I , V ' * 1 ** « ‘ fledged language, rather than a special-purpose application generator, and if you need a custom Arexx interface, you will have to program it yourself, either in Amos, or more probably in assembler, fust as in any other language, the standard message-passing and port handling routines of the exec.library apply; so do the Arexx message rules of the rexxsyslib.library. I managed to write a routine to invoke Arexx macros directly in just a few lines of Amos code. Macros can be either commands or
functions and results are returned as Amos Basic strings.
That's more like it! Now I can use my library of specialised string-processing Arexx macros from within Amos, Without this feature I would have had to rewrite them all in Basic - that would certainly have put me off using Amos as a front-end.
More purpose-built Amos- Arexx interfaces are bound to appear in the future. There is a large area to explore. Getting Amos to co-operate with other Amiga programs via Arexx is going to be more in the domain of so-called serious programming, so a bit of DIY is only natural at the beginning.
As someone who is interested in using Amos Pro as a front-end for applications, I like it. Be prepared to see some really interesting programs.
The potential is certainly there.
An apology In a previous article (Oct ‘92), I described the Arexx interface of Gold Disk's HyperBook.
At the time I said that despite having one of the best Arexx interfaces I have ever seen, there were minor problems with WorkBench 2,0.1 am pleased to say that Gold Disk have in fact corrected this.
While it does not have the advanced graphics abilities of a CanDo or Amos, HyperBook still remains one of the most charmingly simple presentation packages to use.
Its excellent Arexx interface also allows it to be hooked up to all sorts of things. My apologies to anyone who may have been put off. Rest assured that HyperBook now works just fine with Workbench 2.0. A
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Paul Austin explains the basic steps of DTV I I tflTO L- I I «f«-H»S3ES*CBS.CS Dl t: Kruth Rta.aal ..!¦¦¦ JIBS ! Omak I tl««r 1 Qo hocti] gj Cyclic Lai Out; i Count: Dlr ollon: Hov* mmm J-rcvJc*] 1 fg 1 1 IrtirJ ?QraaU I LbmI 1 I &ir ij Have you been putting your dose friends and family through festive camcorder torture, endless shots of uncle Frank yodelling into the great white telephone, little lohnnie doing unspeakable things with the Christmas pud, and countless other memorable cinematic moments?
The question is, how do you add a little style to the proceedings? Well, as you've probably guessed, here's where the Amiga comes in.
Although Santa may have only delivered the basics in the form of a standard machine, you're still well on your way to a masterpiece without the need for any additional add-ons.
But before you dive for the record button it's well worth spending some time with the software exploring the massive potential of what has become the ultimate DTV workhorse.
There are a few points you should keep in mind.
First, video signals are made up of interfaced signals and as a result you should ensure that the Amiga is using interlace prior to any recording.
Secondly, a standard Amiga display in any resolution is by default smaller than full-screen video.
As a result, use of overscan is essential if you want to avoid annoying borders around the edge of your artwork when they appear on-screen.
Saturation limits The final essential is to ensure that the colours used within the image do not exceed the saturation limits required by a composite signal. To do this before committing any images to tape, first go to the palette requester and select each used colour in turn.
As you do this, the various RGB saturation levels will show as a figure between 0 and 15, As you cycle through the colours ensure that saturation levels does not exceed 12 in any of the three colour fields.
This is an essential to avoid the dreaded colour bleeding often associated with Composite VHS video. This prerequisite applies to any project bound for videotape. As a consequence, always stick firmly to this figure.
Within certain packages the 0 to 15 levels are replaced by a 0 to 255 system for increased accu- Built for the job Due to the basic design of the Amiga, DTV comes as second nature. Apart from the machine's unrivalled graphic power, other essentials include a video-standard 15Hz signal, overscan and interlaced output and in the case of the A600 1200 a built-in modulator which makes the DTV connection almost embarrassingly simple.
Aside from the essential hardware in the form of an Amiga and a suitable VCR camcorder, the only other prerequisite is good old Dpaint which almost everyone gets as part of the Commodore bundles.
Racy. Within such packages the maximum levels should not exceed 192 to avoid excessive blood-letting.
Aside for the essential interlace, optional but advisable interlace and of course adherence to suitable saturation levels, the rest is pretty much up to your imagination.
However, there are a few pointers which make life much easier and your creations even more impressive. For example when using brightly coloured text on equally colourful backdrops it's always a good idea to use a dark keyline around the text This is yet another ploy in the battle against bleeding. Even when composite saturation levels are met, second or third generation copies can still bleed badly without the intervention of the aforementioned keyline.
Yet again good old Dpaint comes to the rescue with an automatic keyline feature entitled Edge which can be found lurking within the brush menu.
To employ the feature, simply cut your text out as a brush and then highlight and release the edge feature.
It may need several applications to arrive at the desired keyline, but once complete you instantly solve the problem of second generation bleeding and in addition make your creations far more eyecatching in the process.
Apart from basic colour precautions the only other essential aspect of quality control is to invest in quality RCA phono connections. Whenever possible always use well insulated connections and try avoid excessive cable length.
If both of the above are ignored, image quality will invariably suffer due to the sometimes frightening amounts of interference generated by assorted household appliances.
As far as design is concerned, a touch of animation is always a real crowd-pleaser. Again Dpaint comes to the rescue with arguably the best anim generation and control system of any Amiga paint package. If you're still not in a fit state to begin wading through the Dpaint manual, a little experimentation can soon fill in for actual study time.
First create the number of frames you require then design a logo or opening title.
Next cut out the graphic as a brush and then stamp it down with the right mouse button in the desired position. Now select the move requester from the anim pull-down menu and simply type a few random figures into the distance and angle windows.
Experimentation In the case of the angles it's usually a good idea to stick with 45 degree increments in order to keep things tidy.
Now before you do anything else, under no circumstances hit the draw button as it's here where the experimentation begins. On the other side of the requester you'll find the Preview option which allows unlimited dry runs prior to actually drawing, which on complex or large anims can take an age, especially on standard machines.
When you're happy with the effect, simply click on the draw button and make yourself a well- earned coffee while the software automatically renders the anim.
Once complete you can add additional frames by simply moving to the end of the anim and appending as many frames as you need. As long as you don't go mad, even a standard machine will be more than capable off generating an impressive anim title sequence.
Once your creation is complete, simply connect the Modulator Out to the Video In on your VCR and record your masterpiece onto the desired section of tape using the RF out on the video - connected to a TV - as a guide to placement If possible make a copy of you master prior to recording as once the button is hit there's no way back. Happy titling,.. fed up mm?
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TO YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS Using A third-generation language like
Basic or Cobol can be coded quickly, but the program runs
slowly - the source code is people friendly.
A second-generation language like assembler is coded slowly and painfully, but the program runs quickly - the source code is computer friendly.
The C language is somewhere in-between - it is reasonably quick to write, and can be compiled into fairly efficient machine code.
C is becoming standardised. This makes it very portable. Source code can be written and tested on one type of computer, then compiled into object code, tested and run.
The source code can then be copied to a completely different type of computer (or network), and should compile and run successfully.
C does not have input and output facilities of its own - these are added from a library or set of related routines that can be linked with the object code. Each compiler comes with a set of Standard C library high level input and output functions.
Lower level In addition there are several Amiga libraries, each containing lower level routines for use in your programs. These functions are often called by higher level C library functions.
These programming pages will concentrate on the Amiga library routines rather than the C syntax, unless I have a storm of protest from my readers.
The C language can be extended almost indefinitely, by adding routines and creating a custom library, or by including third-party libraries.
Let's look at C libraries. The main compiler header directory contains some header files (they have .h as a suffix) in addition to its subdirectories.
These header files contain the ANSI-compatible prototypes of the standard input and output functions, and other definitions.
To use one of these functions, the appropriate header file should be included with the source code. This command tells the compiler to add the header file at compile time, but not clutter the source code with iL This source code will be more portable than the source code using Amiga Library routines, but not Demo routines The short demo program amilib on the CoverDisk uses five library routines From the Exec library, OpenLibrary(libName,version) opens a chosen library. A pointer to the library base is returned. CloseLibrary(library) closes a library.
From the Dos Library, Delay(timeout) waits for a given timeout. Output() finds the file handle for writing text in the current window. A pointer to the current filehandle is relumed.
Write(filehandle.buffer,length) will write to a file or a win dow. The complete program source code listing (amilib.c) is on the CoverDisk.
When the object program (amilib) is run, the program opens the DOS library. If the library opens successfully, the program displays a short message, delays for a few seconds, closes the library and exits.
Library routines can help both assembler and C programmers.
Margaret Stanger does some borrowing as versatile or efficient. The program source code listing (iolib.c) is on the CoverDisk. When the object program (iolib) is run, the program displays a message using the built-in formatted print "printf" command, and then another message by using the standard library "fprintf" command to write to the current output file or console.
The main Amiga libraries used are Exec, DOS, graphics and Intuition. Exec library routines handle the multitasking and the lowest level of interaction between the hardware and the software.
DOS library routines handle input and output control. Associated with each library is a special file with the extension ".fd", these files are usually found on the Extras disk in their own directory.
An .fd file contains a list of the routines in the library, together with the input parameters that each routine takes. The more recent ANSI-compatible compilers have a proto directory included with the compiler headers.
Prototype This directory has a header file for each library, containing the prototype for each command. If you open an Amiga library at run time, all its routines become available. The linker knows where to find the routines, and can link them to the rest of the object code.
The OpenLibrary routine is found in the Exec library, ail the Exec library routines are always available.
Assembler programmers can now have sprites designed using a program like Dpaint. The height, colours and pixel data can be saved on disk and read into an assembler program when required.
Each sprite has a data list of data word pairs. The first two words of each sprite's data are control words to initialise the sprite.
Bits 15 to 8 of the first control word contain the vertical position of the first line of the sprite, bits 7 to 0 contain the sprite's horizontal start position.
Bits 15 to 8 of the second control word contain the line after the last vertical line of the sprite. Bits 2 to 0 of the second control word contain the most significant bits of the first line, last line and horizontal position respectively, The last two data words always contain zero. The intervening data words contain the pixel data. The first two sprites use colours 16 to 19, the next two 20 to 23, the next two 24 to 27 and the last two 28 to 31.
The sprite data is copied into chip memory. The Copper list can be set up to copy the address of the start of each sprite's data into the appropriate SPRPT registers. The colour instructions can also be included in the Copper list.
Nr The Dpaint utility was used to save two sprites as separate "brushes", producing a short IFF file for each brush. I designed the sprites to be 16 pixels wide. I used four colours, the first being transparent.
The file reader module "readsprite.a" can read and interpret this file, or a similar file produced by another artist program.
The routine 'readfile' is similar to the IFF sprite file in last month's AMIGA Computing, a simplified picture file reader without a routine to unscramble compressed data.
.cJ The routine can return the height of the sprite to the calling program. The routine is: spntehrigfct = rtidfHe(n««e,spritedati,colourlist) (dfl,d1,d2) The inputs are: name - the pointer to the name of the file containing the data spritedata a pointer to the memory array to hold the sprite bitplane data (the address of the third word of the sprite) colourlist - a pointer to the memory storing the colours for the sprite (the colourlist address plus an offset for colour 16,20,24 or 28) Wm The output in Register 'dO1 is: spritebeight - the height of the sprite contained in the file The routine
will look for the usual chunkheaders in an IFF file. The BMAP chunk will be decoded to give the sprite height - the other data is either known (width and depth) or irrelevant (data from the screen the brush was saved on).
The CMAP chunk contains the colours used when the sprite was designed. These Colours will be copied into the correct place in the colourlist.
The BODY chunk contains the bitplane data - the routine copies it into chosen area in memory.
All other chunks are read, and their data ignored.
The routine could easily be extended to process these chunks.
The sprite height is returned So that the position of the last line of the sprite can be calculated and put in the second sprite control word. The main program will then have all the necessary sprite and colour information for the Copper list.
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GVP HARD DISK Impact Series II HD8+ 52Mb..£32Q( Impact Series II HD8+ 80Mb..£364.' Impact Series II HD8+ 120Mb£412.
Impact Series II HC8+ 52Mb,.£265( Impact Series II HC8+ 120Mb£392. 3*5" PL( Power Dual Drive £110. PC880B ...£62. PC880B + Cyclone .£85.( PC880E ...£47. Roclite Drive ..£62. CONSOLES HAND HELDS Gameboy + Tetris ......£65 Lynx + Bathan Returns ......£86.99 Gamgear + Sonic .....£116 Megadrive + Sonic ...£112 DIGITISERS + SCANNERS DCTV.(Pal) ..... ..£366.50 Mlcrogen ......
£120.00 Minigen . ..£86.00 Rocgen Genlock.. ..£86.99 Rocgen Plus .. £129.99 Rocgen Rockey.... ....£242.99 Videon .. £120.00 Vidi-Amiga 12...... ..£86.99 Daatascan Pro..... £129.99 Naksha Scanner... £101.99 Power Scanner.... ..£82.99 Zydec Scanner.... ..£95.00 This page represents a very small example of the products we sell.
Please ring for more details or a catalogue (0244)382435 Calligari 2 .. ..£219.99 ....£56.50 ....£62.99 ..£169.00 .£149.99 ,.£135.00 ..£125.00 ....£31.50 ....£92.00 ,...£62.99 Dpaint 4 .... Director V2 ...... Imagine V2 Presentation Master .... Morph Plus ...... Showma ke r . Take 2 Video Director . Vista Pro .... VIDEO Big Alternative Scroller.
...£32.99 .£160.00 ...£62.99 ...£69.99 Broadcast Titler 2 .. Deluxe Video 3 ..... Scala 500 ... PROGRAMMING Arexx ..£25.99 Devpac 3 £43.99 Lattice C V6 ..£192.99 MUSIC Bars + Pipes Pro . .....£188.00 Copyist Apprentice ... £67.50 KCS Lev II 3.5 . .....£189.99 Super Jam ...... £67.50 Amas 2 ... £64.00 Sequencer One . £14.99 Stereo Master
£25.99 GVP Digital Studio ..... £43.99 A570 CD Rom Drive .£325. CDTV Player ..£458.99] CDTV Multimedia Pack ....£550.00 We buy + sell your second hand Amiga’s, ring for prices.
All prices correct at time of printing Prices may change without notice All prices include VAT @ 17.5% Please add postage to your order.
POSTAGE RATES Software Orders under £100 add £1.50 to your order Orders over £100 add £2.50 to your order Hardware Orders under £300 add £4.00 to your order Orders over £300 add £5.00 to your order Orders combining Software + Hardware Please use Hardware rates.
Send cheques PO payable to ’Stanhouse Entertainment’ Dept AC, 9 Upton Drive, Upton, Chester, CH2 1BU Tel:- 0244 382435 Whether you're a dedicated muso or just an interested bystander with a shiny new machine waiting at your fingertips, getting into Amiga music can be much cheaper and simple than you might imagine.
To start we'll look at the market from the bystanders position, highlighting the cheap and cheerful products which for as little as £2 allow an absolute beginner to create music on a par with anything found on commercial games software.
As you've probably guessed, we're talking PD and more precisely Med - a program that's been the premier PD soundtracker clone for longer than most Amiga musos would care to remember.
Due to its prolific success and countless updates
- courtesy of its creator Teigo Kinnunen - the PD libraries are
literally fit to burst with countless revisions of the
aforesaid Med.
However, if you're after the very latest offering Amiganuts United is undoubtedly the first place to look, primarily because they've managed to obtain exclusive rights to distribute the licenceware eight channel version which when complete with manual comes in at a less than PD price tag of £30.
Commodore 64 Although eight channels may sound more attractive than the four track shareware alternative the additional tracks do not play samples but merely sequence Commodore 64-style synth sounds.
For the beginner these additional tracks aren't essential. As a result, the four track is perhaps the ideal beginners choice for testing the water prior to the larger investment in the licenceware alternative.
As mentioned above, almost all the major libraries - with the exception of Amiganyts - carry the four track version for around LI. When ordering be sure it's the latest, namely v3.20. Like all the soundtracker clones, Med employs standard 8-bit samples as its primary sound source. These can be either created yourself - see this month's sampler roundup - or alternatively there are a wide selection of pre-recorded effects and instruments that can be bought direct either on disk or CD from PD libraries or dedicated sample suppliers.
If you're happier with pre-recorded sounds, quality commercial sources include the Zero-C Datafiles which carry both CD and disk-based col- p rrrrrr-n X MUSIC Sound essentials The ultimate Midi and Amiga combination In the form of the excellent Super Jam lections. They're available direct from: Time and Space, PO Box 306 Herts, HP4 3EP Tel: 0442 870681 Although of excellent quality, the vast majority of the Zero-C samples are heavily dance-oriented with assorted scratches and popular hook lines.
For any would-be Djs or rave fans the collection is ideal. However if you're planning to build original tracks from the ground up the next collection, namely the Sample Series, is probably a more attractive proposition.
This series comes from those loveable Mancunians at Cajits Music Software. Unlike the Zero-G collection, the Sampler Series is comprised entirely of sounds borrowed from the latest synths.
If you're interested in a more purist approach to plagiarism you can obtain the aforesaid collection from: Cajits Music Software, l-Mex House 40 Princess Street, Manchester Ml 6DE Tel: 061-236 2515 4 A step up the ladder If you've still got a few pennies spare from Christmas, Blue Ribbon Soundworks offer an intermediate package which allows the user to employ Paul Austin singles out the best selection of software for any musical beginner their own or pre-recorded samples as part of an automated six-part accompaniment.
The software, entitled Superjam, allows you to begin building a bridge between the internal sounds of the machine and the world of Midi. The package works by allowing you to assign any one of numerous styles which then form the framework within which your five automated musicians will literally jam along with, All you need do is add the chords of your choice and of course play your part as the lead soloist. No matter what chord progression you add, the other members will automatically play a suitable accompaniment.
For example, if you specify a rock style with a chord progression of say E minor, C and A, your automated bass player i* almost certain to rip straight into Smoke on the Water!
Ok, nobody said the package is perfect, but with a bit of practice you can easily generate perfectly acceptable lift music which can then be worked into a pseudo-original or used directly as backing music on various multimedia exploits.
Besides the fun and functionality of the package, the beauty is that it's equally at home with Midi information as it is with converted Amiga samples.
If you're looking for an affordable and interesting introduction tp composition plus both an educational and speedy production tool, Superjam is perfect If you're looking to side-step the internal features of the Amiga altogether, there's a whole selection of budget-conscious sequencers waiting in the wings.
Easy affordable Midi Although all of the programs listed are primarily aimed at Midi, they also all fully support the machines internal abilities with equal enthusiasm.
While this is not a particularly strong selling point in the eyes of serious users, it does mean that if Midi music is your goal but finances mean a wait for the necessary hardware, you can still come to terms with the software via standard Amiga samples and then apply your new-found skills later on. Ideal choices for any potential investor include Sequencer One Plus, MuskX and Bars k Pipes Professional.
The first of the three is perhaps the ideal choice boasting an extremely user friendly editing system and intuitive design On the downside, the package isn't the cheapest as the now rather elderly but usable MusicX easily lays claim to that particular title.
MusicX Itself was easily the hottest item on the Amiga mgsic scene a few years back and still remains a viable option especially if you're prepared to shop around. The final option is to throw caution to the wind and invest in Bars 6i Pipes Professional which although far from cheap offers a degree of expandability only equalled by KCS 3.5. The reason for the Bars k Pipes Pro bias as opposed to KCS is simply that although the two are on a par for power, Bars k Pipes Pro is much easier to master for the outright beginner X-COPY v9.92 includes ik Cyclone 11.03. Existing owners, phone now for
updating details.
X-COPY PRO t Unlike other copiers, X-Copy is fully automatic and tlQ technical knowledge is needed.
Even a beginner can use X-Copy!
- COPY PRO Includes NEW multifunction ‘CYCLONE’ CARTRIDGE for
increased power & For Amiga A500, A500+, A600, A1200, A1500,
A2000, A3000 & A4000 X-COPY PRO is the most powerful disc
duplicator utility package ever designed for the Amiga.
For duplicating your original software, X-COPY PRO is a must, however it offers so much more.
HOW TO ORDER X-COPY PRO:- Telephone our sales hotline with your credit card details for immediate despatch.
061-724 7572 Send a cheque or postal order for £40.99 made payable to SIREN SOFTWARE to Siren Software, Wilton House. Bury Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR IRENI OPTWAREI Copies virtually all known discs, far more than any other copier available.
Also backs up hard discs. Ideal for A600HD owners.
Full file management copying utility.
Optimises data for faster loading.
Formats, repairs, verifies. More than just a copier!
Includes the new CYCLONE cartridge.
Official U.K. version, includes 8 page manual GUARANTEE:- X-COPY PRO is the most powerful disc copier available for the Amiga. If at the time of purchase, you can find a superior copier, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY. Can any other copier offer you that?
COMMS E-mail culture joining the bustling comms sub-culture brings with it its own responsibilities and rules.
Pat Winstanley talks etiquette you feel like this, don't worry. You're not alone.
An alternative which many sysops are happy with is for you to become active in the message areas.
The more interesting messages a board contains, the more attractive it is to other users of that board.
Yet another alternative is a download credit system. With this you literally buy credits, each credit allowing a certain number of bytes to be downloaded.
Some boards running this system even give download credits as prizes in competitions on the board.
Panic When either uploading or downloading, try to check your own setup as far as you can before calling on the sysop for help. Take your time too.
It's very easy to panic while you're worrying about a phone bill, but it's well worth checking out any instructions, Menus and prompts are generally easy to use if you stop and think about what you're trying to do. Common sense is all you really need to work things out One of the most regular problems is setting §j][§l B n ® ID Keep your sysop happy
• If a board states the hours it's online, respect the fact
that the BBS probably shares the family phone line. Don't call
outside the stated hours.
• Always log off the board using the option provided in the menu.
If you don't you could leave the board thinking you're still
there, and denying access to other users.
(dropped carrier for instance), try to let the sysop know what happened - it will help him sort out any problems your accident may have caused.
• When uploading files, try to compress them first - sysops
don’t have unlimited hard disk space. And try to use a common
compression technique to make things simple for any other
T If you must log off "illegally" • II the board's file areas are sorted I wonder how many people reading this have acquired a shiny new modem over the festive period? If you are one, do you know how to behave in the comms world? Do you know what to do and not do to make yourself welcome?
Like any other community activity, the golden rule is to consider others as well as yourself. In comms this basically means you should be aware of what your activities are costing others.
Although access to most BBSs is free (other than the cost of your phone bill), somebody has to pay for all the files and message areas made available to you.
A BBS is generally run on an amateur basis.
The sysop is using his own equipment that he's bought with his own money. He's also paying at least rental for the phone line you dial in on.
One of the biggest attractions of a modem is the opportunity it gives you to grab software cheaply and easily. You find the file you want, download it, and bingo - the latest version, or patch, or demo has cost you just a few pence.
But how do these files become available to you in the first place? Where does the BBS get them from?
Cheapest Well there are several ways for sysops to grab files for their lists. The simplest is for users like you to upload interesting programs to the BBS.
This is also the cheapest for the sysop.
Another way is for the sysop to download new files from other boards, which costs him money.
Yet a third way is for you to send the sysop files on disk - a lot cheaper than uploading if you have a slow modem, Just check to make sure the sysop can handle your disk - many boards catering for Amiga users are actually run on Pcs.
Most boards have an upload download ratio policy. This simply means that you can only download a certain number of files before you must upload something to the board.
The snag with this is that you might not have any software that isn't already on the board. If 9 Always give your real name and phone number when you register.
Think how you would feel if a stranger knocked on your door and gave you a false name.
• Take a few seconds to read any news, bulletins, instructions
and so on - it'll save you fit more time and money in the long
• Don't ring the sysop voice at night - the BBS may be running
but the sysop is probably tucked up in bed. If you need help
during unsocial hours, just leave a message then log on again
another time.
"protocols". These are methods of computers talking to each other - like Zmodem and so on - and need to be the same at both your end and the BBS end.
What it boils down to is that your local BBS is providing you with a free service. If you want to stay on good terms with the sysop you should try to put in as much as you get out of the board.
A very common complaint among sysops is the rudeness of callers who log in to their boards, trawl the file lists, download everything in sight, then simply log off again without so much as saying "Thanks".
It only takes a few seconds to leave a message for the sysop, and your feedback on a board's services will always be welcome. That's not just a computer at the other end of the line. There's a human being there too!
Into sections, upload to the correct area. If not, upload to the sysop's general area. Either way, leave a description of the file too.
• If you want to download a file which will take longer than you
have available, ask the sysop nicely and he'll probably upgrade
your access temporarily.
9 Don't pester the sysop for privileged access to the board. When he trusts you, and knows what you want and need, he'll probably upgrade you permanently anyway.
Pat Winstanley can be contacted on Fidonet at 2:250 107.99 or as peewee@cix.com- pulink.co.uk, or you can write to her c o Amiga Computing.
E3 UU028 UU029 0384 0527 0524 Add subtitles to your vx* TV & VIDEO GRAPHICS (B DISKS) ¦ tor you V005 V006 V007 vooe V009 V0010 V0011 V0Q12 0517 0325 UU030 U534 U531 U535 0514 CR004 CR005 CR006 CR007 CR008 CR0O9 17241 U23?
Yovt SLID) PC emulator support* CGA graphics 1 ¦ and even your hard dnve U082 U312 U31S U321 U079 U078 U331 U348 OOSI copies Very powerful GATORS GRAPHIC GALLERY - Examples and slap by step tutorials on how to create prolessjonaJ logos Ik* ones lound in demos * FISH TANK SIM - Simulates an Blank disks... 12 in own box... £7.S0, SO... £22.S0
100. .. £40.00, Mouu mats... £2.99 c U366 U5O0 U491 DKB TRACE ?
CheqUM-P.0'5 payable to STRICTLY PD ? Buy 30 or more disks
for just 75p each ? Over 21 disks ONLY 85p EACH f ? Only 99p
per disk when you order 11 or more!
? Orders of 10 or less pay C1.25 per disk ? Please add Cl to all UK orders lor first class postage.Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Rest of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs.
T Catalogue disk available only £1, Reviews of wefl over 1000 disks ? Loads more ?The complete Strictly P.O. library is now available in Australia To order a catalogue please send a cheque or postal order lor 52.00 to Hargware, Dept AC. 29 Woralu Si. Woramanga. ACT 2611. Australia A STRICTLY pd 1 a, t 3 0 E * DEPT AC, 11 YORK PUCE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT ¦ For use m Dp*w*lDTP packages ¦ Each Ask autOKWtS 3* e *kde»how altowmg you 10 view the entire bemap by moving the mouse ART01 Weddings dp art (2 disks) • ART02 Houses - pclures of mansions (2 disks! ?
ART03 Religious - full d holy dp art (3 disks I * ART04 WVY! Aircraft (1 disks) * ART05 Men 2 Asks lull ol men at work .
ART06 Women 2 Oaks full ol women’ • ART07 Kids clip art (2 disks) t ART08 Busness - office dip art (2 Asks) «¦ ART09 Office - more of the same * ART10 Students dp wt • ART11 Saiebme - useful stuff inc. logos * ART12 Xmas - a txt ol Xmas cheer (3 disks) ?
ART13 Punch - cartoons eic (3 Asks) ?
ART14 Animals - v tsgh quakty pics « ART15 Cats - 12 felmo pcs ?
ART16 Sjhouettes- 18 p«* ART 17 Schooto (2 Asks) ?
ART18 Batxes ?
ART19 Sports-|2 Asks) + ART20 Olympic - more sporting stuff (2 Asks) * ART21 MeAcal dp art 2 Asks) * ART22 Sealrte - «t deop dip art ?
ART23 Decorative months - p* for every month.
ART24 Wacky comedy cap art.
ART25 Holidays .
ART26 Banners (2 Asks) * ART27 Art Nouveau - floral art • ART28 BuRerlhes .
ART29 Food - cuNiary clpa (2 disks) .
ART30 Colounng Book - Colour in Dpamt ?
ART31 Border* - lor use m DTP (2 Asks) * ART32 Mac Cip - quality macart |2 Asks) * ART33 Hornback - scene dip art .
ART34 Teddy Bears (2 Asks) ?
ART35 Vanity Fair - fashion caps (2 flaks) ?
ART36 Mallowoon dip art .
ART37 Showtime - dancing,singing etc ?
ART38 Vegetanan dtp art t ART39 Floral - 14j»c* .
ART40 MytNcal - star* and ZOAacs .
ART41 Dog woodcuts* ART42 Cat woodcuts ?
ART43 African woodcuts - more I ART44 American woodcuts * ART45 Arctic woodcuts * ART46 Farm woodcuts .
ART47 Mixed arama) woodcuts * ART48 B ds woodcuts ?
ART49 More animals * ART50 Arvmal Wieart * ART51 Botancal hne art .
ART52 Family Scenes (2 Asks).
ART53 GoH humduf (2 disks) .
ART54 Space and transport« ART 55 Softscene2 - rural dp art ?
ART56 Sports3.
ART57 Navy - lots pf navy type pics ART58 Travel (2 disks).
ART59 Border and alphabet Clps - ART60 Accents and «ash*»« AS11 Tanx. Rollofpode. Avatns .
ASI2 Fooi dA&toc games Gel III + ASI3 Megabit and OnpSuperfu- ASI 4 Frogger and mor* games * ASIS R»d.GdLady and Reiakatty * ASI 6 PacMan a d tow more ASI 7 Moon base. Trw and Mtghtworfcs ASIS A raoe2. Hbilandmore?
ASI 9 Baroepong and SiwMfd ?
AS110 Escapo. Pipeline and Pickout • AS111 Dad. Connex, RwvVwSi* Trppm .
AS112 llamalron. Gar, Powerpong AS113 Tvwntns ? Many more games AS114 ChmaChallenge? A Amiga column* * ASI IS Batttecars Lenru and Mambamove!
AS116 Wastelands. Mission X and PacMan .
AS117 Tomcat. Detenda. Jetman BugWaste- * AS118 Henry m Panic Skyllyer Omega race AS119 Growth. FranticFreddy and more!
ASI 24 Revenge OuxCrook 3d maze ?
ASI 25 Another mega collection - Buy it't ASI 26 SoperPacMan 92 Smash TV AsNdo » ASI 27 Addictive card games - Very good1 * ASI 28 Doody DrMano Invaders? MadtxynoerZ ¦ ASI 29 DOG,Rom«iNova B-8al'Atax'Quadnx « ASI 30 Bounce and Blast. ToW Fire etc * ENT ? 1 Klondyke. Ftoall and more * ENT ? 2 Zerg BounceNbob Frogger .
ENT ? 3 SpacoWais, SquamWo and more ?
ENT ? 4 Zon Hanoi Yelp and more ?
We now have FRED FISH 1-750 ¦ The do an m this collection s vNgh quairy ¦ Huge bitmaps. Many greater than an Amiga CLIP ART The Final Frontier Vol 3 (4 Asks), latest idHon o‘ Mi tii un! Sid' rnk mag * Fiksfax - reminds you of important appomtments * BO e (4 Asks) The complete King James Bible Tarot II read your own stars Cyclops vl .0 - art creation packapo - create plasmas etc Professional D Copy v3.0 - as good as most commeroaf copers IntroMakers Kit - make own intro screens with IFF pics, digitised samples and scrolled messages • Mufeplayer - claims to be the most powerful, versatile music
player lor the Amga + Kefcens Font Editor&’Boot Menu Maker Label Maker make your own labels UnderslanAng Amos - tutorial * 175 Ubkttes - the most on one Ask Thralbound - contains spellcheck vt 3 and Examiner v 1 0 which help you to learn and tests you on foreign words Also contains good text adventure game.
The mam event - caendar & alarm dock* PowerDase v3 2 - powerful and user- UU014 ANALTICALE SPREAD (2 DISKS) - Th* s the best spreadsheet program to date on me Amiga .
UU015 AMIGA PUNT PROGRAM-PreAdwhch home wff win from past torm .
UU016 JR COMM VI 02 - Lakest verson of IN* usefU modem program .
UU017 BEATRIX POTTEft CUP ART-An eicenem cdtocion ol dp art tor any DTP program or D-Palnt.. UU018 kOHiNG AND GRAPHICS (2 DISKS) Contains a lul learned ptoftng prog and a computer atood flatting proa ?
UU019 D8-Adatabasewtht*to50Wds.max ot about 1 2 mi5on records * UU020 HOW MANAGER - A great all in one adorer txx* with an inventory database • to do list ?
UU021 ASTRO PRO ASTROLOGY - The best astrotogy program on me Amiga by far ?
UU022 MULTIDOSV112-Alter insuaation you A-GRAPH - Very easy to use - make bw ? Ine graphs . Pe charts ?
CU TUTORIAL - Learn all about the CL1 Given 70% raimg in Ims magazine, t MESSYSID V2 - Reads and writes PC daks Given magazine rabng of 95% .
POOLS PREDICTOR increase you chances of beoomng a mibonave * DISK OPTiMlSER - Brifcanlfy simple' Arty Ask loads up lo 15 limes taster Mag rating ot93% ?
A 500 PLUS EMULATOR - Emulate the Amiga Plus on your 1 3 Amiga (IMG Req) FREECOPY VI 1 - Removes password protection lo allow copying .
CURSOR VI0 - Compiler tor Amiga Base programmes * BROWSER II - An alternative to SID Some may tod l easier and bcticr.
U0024 TEXT PLUS V4 0(E)-Latest updated this excelent word processor program Now compatible win TcX the professional type seflmg prog Found m the Fish Collection .
U6625 AMDS LESSON I Fxiddul how to get me most 5Vl of AMOS Had good review * U0026 E DWORD 2 2 - Best text edftx wound .
U0027 MEGACaOURVI .O-A program which transforms a tvW screen into Ml cotow • U385 PhiS1 (13 disks) - 13 d k? Dammed with programs nto etc Entirely lor A500.A600 UU032 TDH Vol 1 - Amos users magaz*n* ?
U306 Strictly PD essential collocbon (4 Asks) packed with utilities, gaems. Music creators and printer uttties t PC TASK VI 04 - Powerful mtO tasking US NIB V2 0 - Removes protection and Wordpower v1.3 - spell checking, crosswords, anagram solving.
PC Emuialor - runs most pc busmess We now have T-BAG 1-61 USEFUL UTILITIES Amaa drws can read 1 MB daks .
Teia UU013 UU001 your UU011 UU012 NOOI TOTAL CONCEPTS (2 DISKS) - Story books about astronomy and dnosaurs .
N002 AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH - Play thereto ol an American FoofbaN coach« N003 BATTLEMENTS - Simitar lo Hunchback on the Spectrum and C64. .
N0O4 OTHELLO - The best P.D verson ol mis classic board game » MW5 CRA2Y SUE - The best PO pUHbrm N006 SUPERLEAGUE MANAGER - wtbali management game * 07 LETRO - Mim sub Cffy .
SMASH TV THE RIP OFF - Great Ruff t HENRY IN PANIC-Jet set Wily done .
MISTER . MISSIS - Amut g and cute ptotlomvarcade advenur? * N011 DUNGEONS OF AVALON - Compare* to likes of Dungeon Master StdUimg graprics and atmospheric sound effect* .
N012 CALORIEBASE - Received 89% in CU Amga Keep a daily database 61 yflW CitoM make UseMtor dieters ?
N013 BACK TALK-Discusses common lower back problems, toe causes and treatments gvtn uses detailed po'annta ?
N014 TRAINING LOG - toi fitness tramog .
N015 SPANISH,FRENCH GERMAN.SPANISH TUTORS -4 great tutors • N016 A VISIT TO THE RED PLANET - Gutood lour ol Mars, fasonatmg .
G396 FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE-4 poople can play in this e*ce»ent strategy match ?
G397 TANK ATTACK - Attempt to Storm HO avoiding enomy tanks - good shoot «m up • G396 TOP SECRET - great text advenlur e with cute graphics, given 100% in mag review« G399 TOMCAT - tty your F15 against enemy planes, ships and gun lowers - G400 FIGHTER P4.0T - superb WW1 game + G390 CARD BOARD 4 ARCADE GANC -13 great games gn gne dsk .
G381 PO PUZZLES - inc puzzle • puzzle maker D480 FRACTAIE - cxcrtent ritskxy pf 'ractab 0483 ALACATRAZ ODYSSEY (4 disks) - probably the year s best demo 0487 WWFPo-lha dearest hHW pics I've seen 0499 RAUNCHY SLIOES-pcs ol pretty guts 0507 SCHWARZTOONS (3 daks) - p*k*dl with superb cartoon demon by Enc Schwgrz Ot 30 SAM FOX SLIDESHOW 0129 MARIA WHITTAKER SLIDESHOW D470 KATHY LLOYD SLIDESHOW 0316 MARIA WHITTAKER ANIMATION 0170 GIRLS OF SPORTS ILLUSTRATED D500 DIGITAL DAMSELS M374 HARDCORE III -pumpmg rave muse and grapNcs M376 TECHNOMANIA 91 -wire thdrtoytx flFft 14378 NEW WAVE-sip on your sip
ons and booge dewn M406 EXPRESSIONS 3 - 3 tracks with 27 . Minutes worth ol bnlkant house'ravo muse 14366 ALCATRAZ - more ran muse hghly griginal muvc and demos M352 CHART TECWO 1 - 25 mmutos ol remoas M398 BANGING RAVES - toe 2nd oomng.
In his great rema M3S8SUPE RSVNTHS va 142 (1MB) - groat graphics and mv*« DEMOS & MUSIC VERTEX MOOELLING - Allows you to create 30 objects mthout usmg toe X, Y 41 vews Loads sculpt 30 4D 4 Turbo Shier » MODELLING OBJECTS - Contains over 20 vector objects in image tormai Perfect tor use with CR0O4 ?
MAGNETIC PAGES V1.30 - Create your own dsk magazine Recerved 1 yi0in revew by Amiga shopper mag ?
STRATA VI0 Landscape generator which altows printing ol them Irom any angle any posioon 4 any magnlcalion .
AM0S8R0T V11 (A) - Tha update has even more tactai types which mctode Logistic Equation. Coat! Lines & Trees - received good reviews, t GRAPHIC PRODUCTION Uullies colechon me scenery VI .0 Lirtdliape.
LandbuM V32. Ctoud 9. G*nf** demo .
FONTSLOGOS - For use w*h D-Pamt. .
PROFESSIONAL DEMO MAKER - Create gwn demo masterpieces ?
IDE SHOW MAKER - Shows how to pr«ert sideshows n (Mtorent ways * SPEECH TOY - Get your Amga talking ?
VOICES - Add speech to your demos etc » MANDLEBROTS - The best MantfetxtX generator around ?
ULTIMATE ICONS - Include* Icon Lab. Toon Masier 4 icon Metsier - splendid disk.
SUPA FONTS - For use w i O Paint etc .
ELECTROCAO - Impressive package ?
MCAD - Great 3D Design Package .
LAND BUILD 32 - Generate landscapes and vww Irom any angle Amazing!.
ULTRAPAINT - Fab paint package (?)
SCREEN MOO - Customee toe way programs and screens appear « SHADOW DEMO MAKET - 3 Bnltent dero tnakmg utllees .
DEMO CREATOR PACK (6 DISKSl - Get themoMouofyoi Amiga-Get ?»a8ve .
Excellent Ray Trace prog VIDEO PRODUCTION |2 DISKS) with video 8 Gtenlock unices .
VIDEO SCREENS t - Background picture* tor video production » VIDEO & ANIM VIDEO OB - Keeps track 9 yot* video tape cdecton RTAP lets you run large Arums on jjttal MEM macNne* • IMAGE LAB - Lke a mm art dept. Tools or, lap does tade*. Colour bars 4 grey bars .
VIDEO: STISTORE - Used lo create ever the shoulder Graphic inserts Ike the 9 O'clock news .
SHADES A FADES AniMFADER-Aufltoy to tade screens in and out.
ANDROfOS BACK VIDEO GROUNOS - Selection Ol B'G peiufe6 *¦ HARLEQUIN VIDEO ART 4 FONT DISKS (3 OISKS) - Alter s reviews m Cu Amiga shot to Not m sale* chart Excellent * CR001 AMIGAVENTURE 4 ADVSYS - Make you owr. Text games wto these progs + CR002 PRINT STUDIO - Excellent tor pmbng ptokires or text ?
CR003 ANWATION STUDIO - A bnlkant Aram creator lor you to make your own CREATIVE UTILITIES Packed with background V002 V003 V004 It seems that every program on the Amiga written with Amos has some lovely piece of music to go with it. Don't you wish that you could make music like that? Well you can.
It's tempting to steal other people's musk off of bulletin boards, demos and so on. But wait, don't touch that dial, The right tracks Writing a convincing soundtrack for your Amos creations is actually very easy. Phil South says: "Let the music play..." The tracker programs you need to make beautiful music are all public domain, with the exception of certain versions of MED which are what they call licenceware".
These disks costs a bit more than PD disks, but the author of the program gets a royalty every time the program is sold. They almost always feature what we call in the trade a "pattern editor" like you find on most modem drum machines and certain Midi sequencers.
The sounds in trackers are always samples, like the kind you can make with your own sound sampler, with the exception again of MED whkh also uses the sound chip in the Amiga to create synthesised sounds, what we call "chip music".
Most trackers come with disks of sounds for you to get started. The way they work is that you assemble patterns, short sequences of music lasting for 64 beats.
Make a chain Then when you've made a pattern for your verse, chorus and other fill-ins etc, you chain them all together to make a complete piece of music.
You specify which pattern yOu'd like to play and in what order, and the program plays each pattern in turn to make meaningful musk. Sometimes.
So for example you could have an intro on pattern 1, a verse on pattern 2, a chorus on pattern 3 and a fill-in on pattern 4.
The real kick of a pattern-based sequencer is that you only have to input your patterns once and then they can be played and arranged as many times as you like, rather than a more linear system which would mean you'd have to type the tune in every time.
Creating pleasant music with a tracker is easy, as Musical tools A recent addition to the Deja Vu licenceware library is Music Engine by Paul Townsend (aka Technical Fred Software).
This program lets you use tracker music without having to convert it. What this program provides is an interface between Amos and the Shell, You can use this to play many different music file formats, and this is done by running an appropriate "player program" which means you can hear the music without having to convert it.
Once you've bought the Music Engine program from Deja Vu, you are free to use the source code, if it's for public domain, shareware or licenceware use, providing of course you acknowledge the source of your source. If you Pro users take note Lucky users of Amos Professional will know that, of course, Amos Pro is able to use files from MED and Noisetracker (and its various clones) directly using libraries and features built in to the program.
AMOS If yOu are using Amos Pro you don't need to use a converter or any of the programs mentioned. You do however need a copy of MED or Noisetracker to make the music in the first place.
I should also say that the most up to date version of MED isn't in the public domain, but is available as licenceware, where the author gets a fee each time the program is bought.
You can get Information about MED from Amiganuts United, 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton. Tel: (0703) 785680.
You can have four tracks (in some cases even eight with programs like OctaMED Professional) and you can put the notes in one at a time in what we call "step time", or play along with the other tracks live on the keyboard in what is termed "real time".
Step time is easier for learners as you can fiddle about with each track of the pattern until it sounds right, like typing words into a wordproeessor and editing them until the spelling and syntax is perfect.
Once a piece of tracker music has been made, or produced, you can convert it to Amos ABK forwant to use the routines in a piece of commercial software, however, then you have to contact the programmers to arrange a suitable fee.
Music Engine is a very powerful tool, and not just for driving music programs. The trick is a very good one, and although it's handy for music, it's powerful enough to run any program from the Workbench, effectively making your Amos system multitask with other programs.
For more details of Music Engine (disk number mat and load it into a program or into a bank in Direct mode. The Amos disks contain many different converters to serve most of the different kinds of tracker such as Noisetracker, Soundtracker, StarTrekker, Protracker, Games Music Creator, Sonix and so on.
All you do is run these very clever little Amos programs and they read in a tracker file and spit out a ABK file onto disk ready to be loaded.
Some of these programs work fine, but the problem is that so many of the tracker programs (being in the PD for some time now) have all been revamped and re-written so that they are very different in format from the originals.
Some tracker tunes will not play properly once they've been converted. Usually the reason is that the samples are too long or the system has changed.
Either the tracker has a pattern length which is variable and not fixed at 64, or it stores its samples in a different way. Luckily, there are ways around this - see the programs documented in the box on this page for some ideas.
It m ®) Do try to cultivate the use of tracker programs.
You'll find they are not as hard to use as you might think, and the results will be all your own work, rather than just a steal from someone else.
Write stuff If you have an Amos question, then please write to Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKI (MNP.
LPD79) get in touch with Deja Vu Software, or write direct to: Technical Fred Software, 117 Hilton Lane, Vvalkden, Worsley, Manchester M28 5TB.
Phone or Fax: 061 -703 7842.
Another fine program disk from the Amos PD Library is the MED Utils disk, containing a copy of MED v2.13 and some convert utilities to make the SoundTracker modules from MED more palatable to the ST-to-ABK converters, The disk number is APD155.
Animation Video Titling Commodore Ami Deluxe Video 3 Take 2 ... Broodcast Tiller 2.. Scaio 500 ..... . 1Mb ...£74.95 £39.95 £175.95 £76.95 £185 95 £3395 .£31.95 £36.95 Scala Mufci-Medto .....£479.95 Video Titter 3D ..£69,95 Audio Music Bars & Pipes Professional Dr T's Copyist Apprentice...... Dr T'j Copyist DTP ..... Dr T'» KCS level It 3.5 ..£42.95 £134.95 .JlI 22.95 Mail Order Hotline 091 510 2666 °tease m*e cneques Dostal orden payooto to SOFTMACHNE. Al items sucked to auciao Al oM rrorsj'octufets tpecftaieni w&ecf to chaxje
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Amiga Computing February 1993 Eer mew intowacn on EMC t PD'Sarsein )tinr and Gorputer Setsn Form ndiKtrQ prcw and pnrsw typeiace Ctieques Poital Order. ,e ; £ COMPUTERGRAPHIC 8 Edith Road,Clacton Essex. C015 1JU Tel: 0255 431389 Fax; 0255 428666 IemC Volume 4 • 5 Disks - £12.50 - Type 1 Fonts 67 Type 1 Fonts all with IFF previews, for Ppage 3.6 and Pagestream 2.1 2.2 only EMC Volume 5 • 5 Disks ¦ £12.50 • Type 1 Fonts 63 Type 1 Fonts a* with IFF previews, for Ppage 3.0 and Pagestream 2.1 2.2 only EMC Volume 6 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Typet Fonts 83 Type 1 Fonts a* with IFF previews, for Ppage 3 6
and Pagestream 2.1 2.2 only EMC Volume 7 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Type1 Fonts 68 Type 1 Fonts an with IFF previews, for Ppage 3.6 and Pagestream 2.1 2.2 onfy EMC Volume 8 - 5 Disks - £15.00 • Scalable Fonts 61 Scalablo toots lor Pagesetter II, WB 2 04. Dpamt 4 1 and all versions of Ppage EMC Volume 9 - 5 Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 64 Scalable fonts lor Pagesetter II. WB 2 04 Dpant 4 1 and all versions of Ppage EMC Volume 10-5 Disks - £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 57 Scalable fonts for Pagesetter II. WB 2 04. Dpaint 4 1 and all versions of Ppage EMC Volume 11-5 Disks - £12.50 - Bitmapped Clipart
Converted to IFF from other formats, all the clipart has been sorted saved as brushes.
Introducing the LARGEST COLLECTION ol PD Sharaware EPS Clipart
- Available on the AMIGA In the U.K. - For use with Pagestream,
ProPage, and any other application that supports EPS EMCVolume
12-6 Disks - £15.00 - EPS Chpart EMC Volume 13-6 Disks - £15.00
- EPS Clipart EMC Volume 14 - 6 Disks - £15.00 - EPS Clipart
EMC Volume 15-8 Disks - £20.00 - Bitmapped Clipart The thud in
our senes of IFF Cfapan volumes Imported directly from America
EMC Volume 16 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Typel Fonts 76 Type 1 Fonts
aH with IFF Previews, for Pagestream2.1 2.2 users only EMC
Volume 17 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Typel Fonts 79 Type 1 Fonts aH
with IFF Previews, for Pagestream 2 1 2.2 users onty NEW EMC
Volume 18-5 Disks • £15.00 - Pdraw Fonts 60 Professional Draw
format fonts for all versions ot Professional Draw NEW EMC
Volume 19-5 Disks - £15.00 - Pdraw Fonts 63 Professional Draw
format fonts for al versions of Professional Draw NEW EMC
Volume 20 - 5 Disks - £15.00 - Pdraw Fonts 50 Professional Draw
formal fonts for aH versions of Professional Draw
* * NEW EMC Volume 21 - 6 Disks - £15.00 - PCX Clipart For
Pagestream users only! Can be converted to IFF with ADPro or
Imagemaster EMCwoi d .ike to point out mat many UK PO libraries
have purchased our disks and hava aimply cop«d OUR disks tor
resalo. Although we are unable to do anything about th* we
would like to pout out mat EMC WILL NOT under any circumstances
ofler any torm of backup to customers of other PD companies EMC
has ganed an excatant reputation tor the customer suopo twe
otter and for distributing high quality DTP products, the
amount ol tavorabte UK AflSpa fit*M CovSraga mat EMC has
'OCe-.eQ will 000**1" m«»' w* era a dedicated and specialised
Amiga DTP Business ard we we-e me 1st U K company to offer UK
DTP era a OedicataO DTP PD. Shareware litKary Remember: II you
aren't oh th* EMC database, and have EMC disks.
We suggeet that you seek technical backup from the company you bought the diske from!
» Amiga Public Domain Shareware DTP Packs « EMC Volume 1 - 5 Disks - £12.50 - Bitmapped ClipArt Futy soiled, ready for FAST access and uso, all clipart has been saved as brushes EMC Volume 2 - 6 Disks - £15.00 - PC ClipArt .gem fully scalable structured clipart and ,«ng clipart • a must for Pagestream user*' EMC Volume 3 - 2 Disks - £ 5.00 - Pagestream Fonts versions of Page: 34 Pagestream format fonts, compatible with i
E. M. CQMPUTERGRAPHIC are the EXCLUSIVE UK Distributors of the...
m (omputeb safapi Desktop Publishing Typefaces FULLY
compatible with Professional Page 3.0 and Pagestream(ail
versions) ucnEHJTiuiis PATRIOT J&Oyous CLUB SIC TREK P17
Wedding Itcn Sticks DSZeV ?aiht niRLOCM 1701A SurfSide
AtomicV tc sasrTrrKi 0LLIS*UM Amiga Computing in isaue 52
said .
* E.M.Computergraphic are the FIRST and FOREMOST Font
distributors In the UK’ they then placed us at...No.1 In the
TOP 10 of the Amiga hardware software chart!
Ian Wngley from Amiga Shopper m issue 16 said
* ...1 must aay that I'm quite impressed...' Amiga Format in
issue 36 said
* ...£.M.Computergraphic have an enormous amount of experlise In
the tricky area of fonts and can provide professional help and
advice to customers" Amiga Format Speoal Edmon said... "...the
best value reacalabfe fonts available anywhere-.thara'a no
cheaper way of gottlng quality fonts' CUAmiga in the issue of
September '92 said.
"...you couldn't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C." I count mytalf very lucky to have mede such e personal contact as yourself who le willing to keep me right and give outstanding back-up to hie customers . J.T.N. - Scotland "Vary Impressed with the service and products’ P.G.G. • Staffordshire "Good luck with this venture, it's whet we've been waiting for* P.F. - N.Yortts
- The backup you offer Is second to none, your EMC products are
of exceptional quality. I've seen your editorials In nearly
every UK Amiga Magazine, I'm happy to see that EMC la reeaivlng
the recognition It deserves" Digital Multimedia Services UK THE
Clips ahoy!
One thing that can realty slow (town the desktop publishing process s wrfieo you have to stop and draw a graphc to illustrate something, especially it you are not too good at pixel painting, I tend to draw things on paper and tr*n scar, them, finding this a much quicker way to at*** what I want than trying to do it srfh Dek-xe *rt or whatever.
But it still takes time, and it woiAJ speed tngi along no end if I had a massrvt c-t art r. no which I could dip and pull out an jppropruftt graphic.
Good Amiga clip art has been hjrd to find.
Many PD libraries have disks tui erf the sJf. But n my experience 99 per cent of 5 mMMfc fflher because it has been poorly d awn n the frt piace or because the images are so smrf or of mch a low resolution that you can hardy see what they are.
It's encouraging, then, to see more and more dedicated Amiga clip art co panes advertising their wares. We're going to loo* at two coBections in this article, both of bitmapped (IFF-JLBM) dip art.
Volumes The Artworks clip art coBection contains more than 1,400 images in total, spread over eight volumes, each disk containing between 115 and 270 images.
Each volume covers a specfc theme, Currently these are: Pets; Castles; Cottages & Churches; Trees; Signs & Symbols; Wild Animals; Prehistoric Life; Signs & Symbols II and Weddings & Family Occasions.
Everything is in straight black-and-white, perfect for the mono desktop publisher, The individual images are collected together on a number of pages. To use an image you must load the page into a paint package, cut out the image you require, and save it as a brush. Then you can import it into your DTP package.
All the images have been expertly drawn on a computer - no roughly scanned stuff here. Some are incredibly intricate, like the skeletons on the Prehistoric Life disk and the bouquets of flowers on Ben Pointer gets into artistic mood r- 0 , a The Artworks collection contains some ot the highest quality bitmapped clip art I have ever seen Weddings & Family Occasions. Others are simpler, like most of the incredibly useful Signs & Symbols.
If you were to buy the whole collection at once, it works Out to an average of less than 4p per image - buy a single disk and they work out at between 3p and 6p each, depending on which disk you buy.
Jaggies If I have one criticism it is that on the whole the individual images tend to be too small. Most have to be published at quite a small size in order to get rid of the bitmap jaggies - scale them up large and, like all low resolution bitmaps, they look awful.
But most of the time you don't tend to use this king of clip art large, so I guess It's the old swings and roundabouts scenario again - if the images were larger you wouldn't get so many on a disk, and consequently they would end up costing more each.
Unlike a lot of dip art collections I have seen, 99 per cent of Artworks' stuff is extremely high quality with respect to perspective, scale and detail.
Perhaps the only area where there is room for improvement is with the few images that feature people's faces, which don't contain much character.
But I'm picking nits. This collection is certainly very good value for money, and is highly recommended.
The Magic Clip-Art Company has come up with an idea to try to reduce the bitmap jaggies.
Although all the images in its collection are basically black-and-white, they have all been subtly blended with greyscales around the black outlines (called "anti-aliasing") so that when they are printed the jaggies are not so evident There are 23 disks currently available, grouped into seven subjects. Because these are 16 colour pictures, each disk contains only between 18 and 26 images, but each image has been saved individually so you don't have to bother loading them into a painting package to cut out brushes.
Whimsical Animals, 94 images on four disks, are cute cartoons of animals, usually with a large white space left free where some text can be added.
This kind of stuff is of limited use and tends to get tired quickly when use a lot, but on the plus side the images are quite large, and are very well drawn.
Well drawn Three disks of Funny Attention Getters (76 images) are along the same lines as the Whimsical Animals - well drawn cartoon images with white spaces for text.
The 86-image Sports collection comes on four disks and features action snapshots from most popular sporting activities, and a few that aren't so popular.
These real-life images aren't so expertly drawn as the aforementioned cartoons, and a few of the athletes look positively unathletic.
But if you are producing a sporty newsletter, you'll find them useful enough. The Recreation collection is really an extension of Sports, another 79 images on four disks.
Finally there's Silhouettes, 70 on three disks.
Subject matter varies greatly here, from sport to animals to shopping to weddings.
The anti-aliasing does indeed help to reduce the apparent jagginess of the images when printed large, although if printed very large everything tends to have a fuzzy look around the edges.
Printed small they look fine.
Cost per image averages out at about 25p each, making them a tad expensive compared to the Artworks collection. But then these are larger images, so you are able to publish them larger without the jaggies getting too bad.
Artworks Clip Art Library £6.99 per disk (£48 for all 8 volumes) Artworks, 1 Pond View, Wootton, Ulceby ON3965F. Tel 0469 588138 Magic Clip Art £5.99 per disk (£4.99 each for 4 or more) Magic Clip-Art Company, 84 Thorpe Road, Hawkwell SS5 4|T.
Remember this ?
EPSON won an Amiga press Gold Award for its GT6000 colour scanner - it became the first sub £1000 full A4 flatbed scanner for the Amiga and offered scan rates of upto 300dpi in both 24 bit colour and 256 grey scale monochrome. Now EPSON have done it again. They have launched the GT6500 and prices start at £799.
Then SCAN THIS With glorious 24bit,
16. 7million colour technology, the new Epson GT- 6500 and
GT 8000 flatbed scanners produce high definition,
professional colour images.
Do you prefer him in colour or black & white?
Yet they also handle line art and 256 greyscale images (for monoDTP, optical character recognition and computer aided design) with equal clarity and verve.
POWER TO SEETHE PROBLEM AND SUPPLY THE SOLUTION ACS Electronics is an established service centre for AMIGA equipment. We specialise only in the repair and maintenance of computer hardware. Dedicated i a programme of quality customer care, our continual expansion enables us to ofl you, our customer, a service that we believe to be second to none. Our service includes; FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE, most repairs are carried out within ONE DAY QUOTATIONS RATHER THAN FIXED PRICES, fairer to you, and in practice faster to process. Each repair is quoted for separately, no fixed charges full of exclusions,
or hidden extras.
REPAIRS FROM £23 FREE CARRIER SERVICE with insurance, FREE diagnostic inspection, free 90 day warranty, FRF.E soak test, FREE softwar No hidden charges.
OPTIONAL EXTENDED WARRANTY at competitive rates.
Experienced and qualified engineering and support staff.
5% DISCOUNT available to students and OAP's.
UNBELIEVABLE UPGRADE FITTED PRICE OF £15 INCLUSIVE Trade and Education welcome. Dealer pack available Ort request.
* sub scan logic doubles the standard 300dpi 400dpi maximums and
working in 200% zoom mode in line mode can offer
1200dpi 1600dpi when used in conjunction with certain software
hardware configurations.
Output resolutions of upto 600dpi’ are available on the GT6500 and 800dpi* on the GT8000.
Transparencies as well!
With the optional transparency adaptor and automatic document feeder, these scanners are almost too accommodating for words.
"isn’t colour wonderful?.
GAM03 GIRLS ACTIONS ? EPSON Available from your local Epson scanner dealer (where you see this Epson Scanner sign) FRED FISH DISKS I TO 700 AVAILABLE!!
£8.50... Ill 3 V blank Lkv with box!!
(? Indicates additional programs on disk Make chcsjncVPO's pjsablr lo G Ahd S Software p1 VBUIUUITOUJ, HB Marketing Ltd, Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Berks., SL3 0DX.
MULTIMEDIA Developing CDTV Since multimedia became a buzzword some years back, much play has been made of the huge investment needed before development can even begin.
Yet on the Amiga CD-ROM development is surprisingly easy and relatively cheap. Indeed I know of at least one developer who, refreshingly and contrary to traditional marketing wisdom, is quite proud to explain how their development is carried out in a bedroom!
CDTV software development consists of several distinct phases. Firstly any graphia (moving or still frame) and sound must be "captured" and stored in digital form, enabling them to be manipulated and stored by the Amiga CDTV.
Secondly, the actual software is written - digital data and software are closely integrated to the extent that until the format and nature of the files that hold the graphics is known, software development is limited.
These two stages are typically done on standard Amiga systems, albeit are accelerated and equipped with some serious capacity hard drives.
The software is written and tested as normal Amiga software until it is finished.
Third-party The next stage is the movement of the software and images to CD-ROM. This is done by a third- party company who return a single master CD.
With this master, final testing is done. Believe it or not, until this stage, the application will never have been loaded or used on a CD-ROM! Typically this master CD-ROM will contain some errors and the software will need be tweaked and a new master created.
Once this testing is complete, the master is sent to Commodore US for approval. Having finally passed all the testing, it is sent off for duplication.
Then it finds its way to the shops for selling.
Just now I explained that the images and sound are "captured". This makes it sound a lot simpler than it really is. Image capture and sound capture are a specialist area in their own right.
In its most bask form you could use a standard Amiga sound sampler for audio data, a video digi- The Scalii 500 The home video titling system 4 typefaces in many different sizes 2 disks with all kinds of symbols Many useful backdrops 25 transitions on text and symbols 34 transitions on pictures Professional Credit scrolling Scato is ideal for quick multimedia development Ever wondered how software gets from an Amiga to a shiny plastic disk? Julius Alexander explains riser to grab still frames from a moving picture source and a flatbed scanner (Sharp, Datel etc) for printed matter.
Scala MM is considerably more powerful but has limitations in that you can't produce standalone applications that can be give away.
These four programs are my firm favourites for multimedia development, but there are also a lot more (some better, some not) and next month I'll be taking a look at these.
For those wishing to start development, it's probably first worth looking at some of the many CDTV titles now available, testing them and generally playing around with them - alternatively you could always read the review of CDTV software in this very issue.
In this way, you can find out the mistakes, errors and also the good points that other developers have made, and in doing so save yourself making the same errors, or incorporate the nice features you've found in your own programs.
Strangely - and purely as a sideline - it is actually a lot simpler and cheaper to capture images for use in a computer than it is to digitally reproduce an image or photograph for commercial printing.
The reason for this is that printing resolutions are currently a lot higher than typical screen resolutions.
A point of caution to wanna-be CDTV developers - when considering whkh pictures and sounds to use in your application play careful attention to copyrights.
Several large American computer companies, realising the importance that classic works of art will have in the future of multimedia and their value as such, have already started buying (in bulk) the copyrights of original classics!
This is also the reason why companies like Sony, with their huge libraries of commercial films and records, are so valuable as developers of multimedia applications.
Next month I'll take a detailed look at the actual software that is available for development purposes. But to round this month off, here's a qukk taster.
For actual software development there are a great number of programming languages available which can be used. For the fastest programs you can't beat assembler (which is the "native language" of the CDTV and Amiga).
Cryptic Unfortunately writing programs in this native language is not easy, with commands being cryptic and far more work being required to write assembler programs than other languages. But if you're a perfectionist and want the fastest programs, you can't beat it.
For the more light-hearted, there are a growing number of software tools which allow you to write applications using English-like instructions. One of the most popular development tools of this kind is Amos. This program allows Amiga software to be written easily and simply.
Another easy development package is Scala, which is brilliant if you can't program but want to create multimedia applications.
It's older brother Pro-Punter II is a remarkable piece of software that gives you a much higher than average chance of winning on the horses.
If you want your micro to produce winners, then look no further, Independent comparative reviews confirm the Pro-Punter is still the performance benchmark by which all others are judged.
Officially proven to the racing press and other magazines by sending time and date franked letters by Post Office mail, Pro- Punter has shown that it can predict winners with remarkable accuracy.
The NEW second generation Pro-Punter is written to professional standards and is attractive and easy to use. It features full editing and review of race data entered and also a Dual screen layout with main screen and additional 16 colour grey scale screen.
Convert scanned dithered images to 16 True grey scales Colour control using 16 colours from a palette of 4096 Brightness control to adjust greyscale Two levels of Zoom with full grey scale editing Draw freehand, lines, circles, boxes and polygons In line or fill mode Add Text Option with a selection of fonts Load and Save images In grey scale or dithered mode as IFF files Full printer support with printer scaling supporting all Workbench printer drivers unique low-maintenance database that does not need constant updating.
Pro-Pur: is also cautious with your money. If it thinks there is any doubt about the outcome of the race, it will advise you not to bet International users please note that, in addition to UK features, Pro-Punter II contains unique course I going!class editors and will configure to metric weightsI distances, thus ollowing configuration for racing anywhere outside the UK where relevant jjAy Vidi Amiga 12 is the ultimate low cost "'kW colour digitiser for the Amiga. There are no filters and no separate RGB Splitter. Colour images can be captured in less than a second, mono images are grabbed
in real time. Fully compatible with any video source.
Some of the features include
• Multi-tasking software
• Advanced error diffusion stippling
• Cut ans Paste with masking
• Capture into a user definable window
• Load and save IFF ILBM and ANIM tiles
• Grab frames flipped on an X or Y axis
• Multi frame store with animated playback
• Composite or S-Video input & Now you can be a v recording
engineer - with °ver 100 advanced Studio Style functions
available at the jXjwJ touch of a button. You can create V
and mix your own chart sounds - add realistic effects to games
- produce stunning demos - or simply enhance the quality ot
your sound source with incredible real time effects. Features
include: Main Menu - A choke of friendly menus give access to
over 100 advanced Studio Style functions ollowing you to sample
and manipulate sounds Song Sequencer - lets you link your
samples together to create great songs. The MIDI sequencer lets
you program a MIDI keyboard with sampled sounds and replay them
through the sequencer to produce new melodies.
Digital Delay - Echo provides a spectacular range of real time effects and the Variable Digital Delay allows you to control the volume ond time delay of the echoes using graphic slider bars.
Zoom Display - Incredible accuracy can be achieved with the Zoom display facility which allows the sample to be moved by I byte at a time.
Each system pack contains:
• A TRUE STEREO Sampling Cartridge • The most comprehensive
interactive software • A simple to read Tutorial and (Jser
• 57 pre-recorded samples • Audio connection leads ey This
superb package enables the Amiga user to back up their discs
efficiently and effectively.
R Features include: tW • The most comprehensive back-up utility Indudes floppy disk back-up. Hard disk back-up and file back-up Also backs up ST. IBM etc disks
• Checks disks for errors
• Optimises data for faster loading
• Fast formatting ¦ Copies up to 4 disks in 48 seconds
• Full update service available X-COPY PROFESSIONAL caters for
all your needs, included in the package is a small hardware
interface that plugs into the external disk drive port at rear
ot the Amiga and your external disk drive (if you have one)
plugs Into the back of the interface. This allows the Digital
Bit Image Copy Mode to use the Adaptive Pulse Width Modulation
routines to backup virtually all known discs.
1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Europress Direct neither condones nor authorises the use of this software for the reproduction of copyrighted software The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to backup users own software. PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copynghted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
• 5«x»r powerful trainer mode
• Spnte Editor
• Yam detection
• Bursnfctor
• Save ptcture and music to cfcsk
• PAL ot NTSC modes selectable
• Slow motion mode
• Many more instant Cll commands
• Restart the program e Full status reporting
• Powerful picture editor
• Improved debugger commands
• Music sound tracker
• Autofire manager
• Joystick handler
• Diskcoder
• Set map k • Preferences ¦k • Disk monitor
• Improvod printer supporl
• Dos commands
• File requester
• Boot selector KkreRMC*Wpr9gy*j «, 'JMf'tfi'MV' K»WWt« aM« h •
r Ion torkte AdaWBaiiw-.
Hi eta f m ten » m ar get W M « s« cm « N" tw « »W« 1 ly*rtWa« town M iwdk w* crfor* * B*g re wrrc r :'-a3itr rep i: a pvnu end; - Tvri • w n}« KMM tr O rig «v )Q«r nwert arrrac a eanM ¦ lltiiNpwr.nijhjpayiMrwaifaitoran Th« ultima* fig?s programming tool for ?your Amiga Amm PtoteuMMl haa May Mm. Haw I
* 700 commands * Brand new kWor * 900 Is a 4 disk set of
original compositions by leading european composers whi will
bring life and sound to your Amiga Computer.
¦pit 0Ma * A •election of completely new m a package which will more than satisfy both »• km to use. There s lots to leam and it's the EASY Amos Bring Your Amiga to Life!
Have you ever dreamed ol matdng .k- a ready work tor you? Or wanted to harness to the full its awMOiM MddM now you can!
Even If you r* a complete beginner East AMOS wn propel you into a fascinating new world where you will quickly levn hoe to
* Produce impressive graph** «V‘»
* Create and animate colourful o6wc*t
• Scroll large text across the screw R J‘ ’’.M
• Make your Amiga actually taA to yoe . • Add exciting mustc to
yotr creasons '. Soon you'll be turning your crane* -deas mto 1
i reality: Computer aa cartoor* arvmabon*. Home flj irLi
finance, education* software demos, arcade Relax to the up beat
j«i melodies C 7P O; of Roslna' and J«* at the Madhouse . Dance
the night away with 'Rumours' and Flipped Imagination'. Soothe
away the days stress by listening to the haunting and romantic
melodies of Hall of Mirrors’ and Sound of Silence'.
Powermusic has music to suit your every mood from the melodies of Ancient Times to the lively Caribbean sounds pf Tropical Nights'.
Enjoy these fine music disks and check out new releases.
Powerfoob wiH enhance your Amiga Computer graphics transforming your text A ’Hlo a variety of new, original and exciting Uylw Pewerfonli includes ifytes ¦W from Ancrcnt Gothic to Futuristic and there ore over 30 different styles A
V. - to choose from. Powerfonh created from artists originals,
ore ¦ contained on o 3 disk set Are you confused by Cll?
Baffled by backups? Frustrated by files? Here’s your answer.
• rmt Awga? 1 so. You need the ultimate ¦J Whether you have an
A500 Plus. A600, Al 500 or perhaps a Kkkstart upgrade on a 1.3
machine, the time has come to take control thanks to the
Workstation 2.
ITS the disk the Amiga m •* world has been waiting for... tmm * WortSuwn 2 has been designed specifically for the new iaa afA*g*sw«h the express purpose of Have you got the my Workbench 2 actnsor This is Just a small selection of the toots and utilities on offer. Others indude ScreenX and GFXMem.
For the artists out there Icon Edit awaits to produce customised icons, while NickPrefs adds the option for a 16 colour designer backdrop, animated pointers and non (belong floppies. Screen blanker provides a tailor made designer look to your system and transforms the appearance of your Workbench screen forever.
Also available: Workstation to A5N »a £3.50 GdpNc Station W'J 4.50 Workstation A Graphic Slaton » £7,50 point and dkfc a «¦ you I ever need.
Workstation 21 Graphic Station mi £8.00 Fun School Specials Paint 'n Create (lor over 5 years) - Irom the makers ot Fun School, is designed to allow children to exercise their craatrve talents - with a practical bias Contains 6 exciting modules to express your creativity.
Merlin's Maths (lor ages 5-11) - 6 fun, colourful and entertaining modules designed to keep children enthralled for hours. The exercises, which cover all the basic skills, are presented in a usar-tnandty and encouraging manner with rewards to keep the child amused wh*e they team Spelling Fair (lor ages 7-13) - 6 tun-packed fairground oriented modules gwde the child Ihrough the intricacies ol basic grammar and spelling 3 levels of difficulty and unique reporting facility to record the child's progress. Corresponds exactly to the National Curriculum.
Bundle Of Disks Did you miss out on any of the 1991 Amiga Computing Cover Discs?
UGA Products pfld2 £17.95 produce your own (hard) disk m«vj» It ho» W wpport of mow*. Joystick ond keyboo'd. Is ideol (or floppy ond bard disk users ond bos a buih in virus protector PowerWaves - A graphic utility for creating realistic animations of lb roe dimetivC iol waves, useful (or mony different kinds of simulations It has easy lo use graph* interface with 3D-look pop up menu t godgets and 40 afferent maths functions for drawing 9S20 £17.95 if so, then now is your chance to obtain our pack of 12 cover discs for last year (Jan-Dec 1991).
Code Product Price 9840 C9 00 9841 AT-&C9' C9 00 9839 JlMklt C1500 complete program (or producing icons, bs Features 9855 £17.95 Huge Professional - A sprites, brushes ond bebs indvd*; «n editor built in enabkng oil icon properties modlicotor, (unctionol ond user friendy interface.
1 shortcuts, contra ow dfpfay mode ond palette ond I drawing capabilities Simple to use, powerful oar interface Databases of oil complexity normally designed in less them fifteen minutes Database structure to your own design, with held types such os text number, dote etc Powwbose Has the facilities onlv found in sophisticated dctfobase systems, but is designed to be simple to use by onyone and is at a price bat makes most other dcrtobase poewges look very expensive JiiSX'fi*E3r 9863 £ 14.95 further spreodma on healthy daki Any unknown bootofock will be analyzed with a loam' option so next time
it can be identified Menus ore user-friendly ond so Or* easy 16 wide with.
I Po*t«B S£ i Game Maker's Manual Amiga Game Maker's Manual - with AMOS Basic by Stephen Hill Stephen is tho author ol Sigma's best-selling The Game Mato ) Ma iuaf for the Atari ST and he's the author of the new AMOS (Amiga Operating System) Manual, so nobody is better paced to wnte this book.
The creator of AMOS. Francos Uonrtte. Has produced the most powerful games programmng system. With it. Amiga games equivalent to such best sellers as Xenon 2 and Blood Money can be produced - it s so straightforward that many people will buy an Amiga simply to run AMOS Basic.
The contents inchidr Qarne plannxig - graphic design, mock ups and sprites: Shoot- em-ups • high speed AMOS sprites, fire control. Cofcsion detection, background animation; Simulations - from simple 30 movement to flight simulators; Role playing • characters, sccnanos and magwr: Adventure games plans, rooms and commands; Animation, scroltng sound and 3D; Links to assembler. Numerous tested, working programs illustrate the book.
9502 £19.95 £14.95 9927 £15.95 9809 £15.95 9810 £15.95 9811 £15.95 9825 £49.95 9896 £10.00 9900 £10.00 9933 £4.95 9508 £4.95 9507 £9.95 9827 £8.95 9990 £49.99 9832 £34.95 9870 s £34.99 9521 Art Tutor Fun School 3 Under 5 Fun School 3 5-7 Fun School 3 Over 7 Anti Click Yinit Hieoft Compiler A Libr Thai Ion Drive X - The ultimate disk monitor plus free program Achoice Seme of
• he fecAires inctude, Ibok-and F**l utef interface, works with
disks, hord drives (up to 49Mb) and oil other block orientated
devices (eg Ra£ ) ond user Amiga Computing Me Amiga Computing
Dual Lockable disc Box (ho Trivial Pursuit (Genus Mini Office
Trojan Ught Pen Personal Finance Mar 9813 £14.95 requesters
Code Product Price 9686 QantMbjriUrut f 69S Re-Ink Sot rooty
end the i b« J Code Product 9998 Am Price f1295 Amiga Computing
Back Issues November 1992 + 3.5in disc £3.10 9753 December 1992
+ 3.5in disc £3.10 9754 January 1993 + 3,5in disc £3.25 9755
Beck issues from ether month* evaluate - phone for Add C3
Europe Eire. C3.SO Oversee* lor posUg per issue Real-Time 3D
Graphics Amiga Computing Back Issue August 1992 - January
199313.5in disc Bundles include the cover discs tor each issue.
£18.00 9851 Binder PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT REF PRICE Please add postage as detailed below POSTAGE Add ES tor Eve Europe. £8 for Overseas unless specified above TOTAL ? Please tick If you do not wish to receive promotional material from othor companies.
£ w. Wl wr ( I JRDEI FORM i I Offers subject to availability.
Overseas orders despatched by Airmail.
AH prices include postage, packing and VAT Valid to February 28,1993 Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Products are normally despatched within 48 hours ol receipt but delivery of CmtAih ¦terns could take up to 28 days I wish to pay by; Cheque'Eurocheque made payable to Europress Direct Accfl5VMastercartl EurocarckBarclayoard1'Yisa''Cofinect By phone: 051 -357 1275 .Signed By fax: 051 -357 2813 .Post Code Ctonr forget to give your nam* ¦ General Enquiries: 051 -357 2961 address and credit card number ¦ Daytime telephone
number in case of queries Address.
Name AMC2 mr. m won ram (A500HD8+) t M« *xxi i fated Quantum Pro- MEMORY UPGRADES 1Mb RAM for A600 Gives 2Mb CHIP MEA' design. Battery bockec • count br maximum re- sc- -p CORTEX 8Mb RAM for AMCI Plus AlOOO - The ON.' JA Commodore UK Amtgc ¦.-.* remains intact). Zero • ¦ with A59Q and all mao tadfal Includes RAM test sofe-a* 2Mb £177 4Mb £225 ¦ CORTEX Kmb RAM Essential A500 upgradt Amiga is now starcxr: c 1Mbit DRAM quality coma compatible ter' Me 1MR profile enable c £14.95 - at.
CORTEX I Mb (or Gives 2Mb CHI" Mfite component count GVP 8Mb RAM ter 4 Zero wait states UM configurations 2Mb £139 rrn » £409 8373 ’.550 HD w * Optional moths t ; Stf 60ns RAM!
HordDilk r*rf For Extra m RAM CHIPs 2Mb Ag RAM CHIPS CORTEX RC'-' - Essential Enables
1. 3 & 2.041 Keyboad- Slide sw .
CHIP SET (E.C.S.) UPGRADES 8372A Fatter Agnus £29.95 Super Denise ...£25.95 Kickstart ROM V2.04 Kickstart ROM £26.95 £29.95 MegoChip 2000 with Super Agnus (allows be fitted to A5Q0 1500 2000} £192 1 Mb x 8 bit SIMMs (for CORTEX. GVP etc) ..eoch £23.95 4Mb x 8 bit SIMMs (for GVP etc} eoch £89.00 4Mb for GVP A530 32bit 60ns SIMM each £ 1 79.50 256 x 4b«t (MPs (far A590, 2091, ICD etc) ..each £3.00 lMx 1 bit DIPs (for older A2000 cards) ...each £3.00 1M x 4bit Static-Column Mode ZIPs (for A3000) .eoch £ 1 7.95 CORTEX 1Mb for A500 Plus Gives
2Mb CHIP MEM. Ultra low power design low component count for maximum reliability. 1Mb £27.95 A600 SMART CARDS: PCMCIA format 'credit card' RAM for A600, 2Mb £119.95 4Mb £149.95 EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE ENHANCED CHIPS SPECIAL OFFER High-quality silent mechanism Through-port. Enable disable switch £47.95 ER PRINTER WORDWORTH COMPLETELY FREE!
WITH PANASONIC LASER PRINTERS The writers choice. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA computers NORMAL RRP £129 99 me. VAT KXP-4410
• 5 pages per minute
• 28 resident fonts
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2x200 sheets)
• Low running costs
• Parallel interface
• Optional memory expansion to 4.5Mb AS PART OF OUR POLICY OF
(0. 5Mb as standard) HP Loserjet II Emulation RRP £992.00 mrrm
• Satinprint (optimum resolution technology)*
• 5 pages per minute
• HP loserjet III Emulation, PCL 5
• 8 scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2x200 sheets)
• Optional memory expansion to
5. 0Mb (1Mb as standard) RRP £1286.00 PRICE £859 WORDWORTH
ratokifton Mdinology
* o o o Ju . *»uly ovtttondlng pnnt qvoky Th.» unwon Wthnqt*
taaerti a-o traditional jogg .dg*a o" cwtwd ctiorocMn ond
lin« by
• crying *. Piitrtod do* tix. And po.bion) ORDER FORM Once again
Indi have (O-ned •oge** *' with Panasonic to offer all Amiga
owners the most outstanding Laser Printer offer ever. We are
now able to offer high quolity, professional lose' prw* “-g at
«ery affordable prices. We are also giving away a free copy of
Wordworth with every Ponosonic Laser Printer purchased (RRP
129.96) W’•wr*' vov're looking for a laser printer to handle
word processing, DTP, presentation or complex graphics
applications - the Panasonic range offers you * • power to meet
your requirements.
• Y POST simply fill In ths coupon bol BY PHONE - ring 0606
43MO. A’
6. 00pm oodi day your call will bo aniw* by answorphono. H you
would Ilka to pi en order have all details at hand Intlud SIND
Ploasa soad ... Price .? £5.00 Ooliv I enclose cheqve PO far S or charge my Access Yisa No.
Expiry dot* Signature ... Sand to Namo... Address ..... TEL: 0606 43060 ¦ FAX: 0606 43825 Paytlme To).
Postcode..... E3 62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park Business Centre, Northampton, NN31AX, England.
Tel: (0604) 790466 Fax:(0604) 647403 Marccm THE GENLOCK PEOPLE Do you want to overlay computer graphics or titles onto your videos? If so, you will need a Genlock.
Rendale Genlocks are built to a very high standard, and are used widely in the professional environment.
FiSNDALi M02 £139- The Rendale range of Amiga Genlocks begins with the 8802. This is a Genlock, which, when attached to an Amiga computer and a suitable video system, will allow you to mix video and computer graphics. It offers all the functions that you need, such as:
* RGB feed through, allowing for a preview monitor.
* High quality output video, which in default mode provides video
with overlaid computer graphics.
MNIkALK 8802 FMC £178 - It can be supplied with a device which will allow you to fade between computer graphics and the video source, and also a mode control unit so that you can move between Amiga only, video only, background mode and keyhole modes 1 & 2.
RENDALE sypmssos £499- The Rendale Super-8802 is a development of the basic 8802 unit, it performs the same functions, but has the added capability of also working with Super- VHS signals. The unit will allow the user to cross fade between the Amiga and video signal. In addition, some basic wipe patterns are provided, and also a fade to black option. Mode control is also provided via hardware.
NEW1 8802 FMC Unit This is a brand new piece of kit which will improve the capabilities of the popular Rendale 8802 Genlock. This unit allows you to cross fade between the Amiga and video signals, so that you can gently fade computer titles in and out. Also, the ability to switch between the various modes offered by the 8802 is provided. The required mode is selected by a push switch, giving smooth, flicker free transformations.
The FMC unit does need to be soldered into the 8802, we can do this at our factory if required.
FMC £45-fitted 8802 UPGRADES €45 - £400- UPGRADE PATHS Rendale Genlocks are designed to be flexible, and the ability of your Genlock to grow with your system was deemed to be of paramount importance in our design process.
As a consequence, existing 8802 users can follow one of two upgrade paths.
The fade and mode control unit (FMC unit) can be purchased independently, and fitted to your 8802 genlock by our engineer. We would only require your unit for around two days.
The other upgrade path is the move from a purely composite 8802 to the Super-8802. This can also be done simply, although we do have to perform the upgrade work at our factory. We would only require your unit for around two days.
Imiga Computing February 1993 I 72 O Video Master Ohome Music Kit O Canon BJ200 OMultiFace a .oooQInKal White Knight Tedmology
* AMIGA Specialists0 (0992) 714539 gjg!
10am - 9pm Mon - Sat PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HT Accelerators" 08020 SSL A5000 16.7MHz 020+ 881 2Mb Fitted £ 199 4Mb Fitted £ 259 08030 SSL B5000 25MHz 030 + 882 4Mb Fitted £ 399 8Mb Fitted £ 569 SSL B5000 33MHz 030 + 882 4Mb Fitted £ 499 8Mb Fitted £ 675 GYP G-Force 030 - 25MHz 1Mb 32-Bit RAM + SCSI £549 IVS Vector 2000 25MHz 030 SCSI & Upto 32Mb RAM £579 GVP G-Force 030 - 40MHz 4Mb 32-Bit RAM + SCSI £ 779 GVP G-Force 030 - 50MHz 4Mb 32-Bit RAM + SCSI £1099 GVP A530 Turbo 40MHz 030 1Mb RAM & 120Mb Drive £ 769 VXL*30 25MHz 68030EC with Optional RAM & Co - Pro £ 239 VXL RAM (2Mb,
60ns) £ 199 G8040 GVP G-Force 28MHz 68040 For A3000. 2Mb RAM £1525 GVP G-Force 33MHz 68040 For A1500 2000. 4Mb RAM SCSI + Serial & Parallel £1525 PP&S 040 2000 28MHz 68040 For A1500 2000 with 4Mb £1299 PP&S 040 3000 25MHz 68040 For A3000, No RAM £ 749 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE ADD £10 FOR COURIER 25 Mhz 040 & 6Mb RAM 120 Mb - £2299 4Mb 32-Bit SIMM £160 25 Mhz 030 & 2Mb RAM 52 Mb - £1149 105 Mb - £1299 4Mb St.Col. Zip RAM £189 14 Mhz 020,2Mb RAM £385 A1200 With ZOOL Pack £ 399 far Our Latiit Iricti Ar A r TccKrstcaf MdZMatidN, call a THE BIG BANG M BURGER BAR BBS 0% 1 70? 2iK4 3Ai b
Ditii E?
3. 5" Qtm Mxt Fuj Dec SCSI 120Mb (1") £299 213Mb 1") £419 340Mb
(1.6") £689 425Mb (1.6") SCSI-2 £979 AG0O I2OO Diin EF 20Mb
(2.5" IDE + cable) £139 40Mb (2.5" IDE + cable) £199 60Mb
(2.5" IDE + cable) £229 80Mb (2.5" IDE + cable) £289 kAilD
DT WE5 c CO pTi OL LETTS' GVPHD8+80 £379 GVP HD8+120 £429 IVS
Trumpcard 500 AT - IDE No Drive or RAM £139 42Mb IDE Version £
279 IVS Trumpcard 500 Classic SCSI, No Drive £135 GVPHC8+ £125
GVP HC8+ 80 £ 345 GVP HC8+120 £409 IVS Trumpcard 2000 Classic
SCSI, No Drive £ 75 IVS Grand Slam! 2000 SCSI, RAM + Parallel
£169 ilEmO A3LE Duii cS Syquest 44Mb 5.25" £275 Syquest 88Mb
5.25" £365 44Mb Cartridge £66 88Mb Cartridge £ 99 V1DM BACKUP
5Y5TCM WORKBENCH 2 .1 Enhancer Kit Workbench 2.1 Kit £ 55 Kit
With 2.04 ROM £ 89 MOPPH PLUS 159 CJNEMORPH 59 JMAGE FX 199
ADPPO 2.15 159 JMAG NE 2 149 ALADDIN 40 259 TPUE PPNT 24 54
IMAGED ASTER 119 Shop Window Another roundup of the month's
software and hardware releases, starring Microdeal’s
VideoMaster, Merlin's Maths, and the Home Music Kit Spotlight
Amiga Market’s scrutinising spotlight sweeps over databases
and spreadsheets Hard times Every month, a concise guide to
what’s best and what’s cheapest in the hardware world. This
month - hard drives ¦" Locator Find any product sold by our
advertisers, anywhere, at a glance, with the Amiga Market
product locator - a new concept in home shopping Free
classifieds Cheap hard drives, excellent second-hand bargains,
and Amiga contacts the world over, all up for grabs in the
only essential Amiga classifieds section row the evidence of
our recent mail order survey.
. far too many readers have suffered the ultimate mail order rip-off when, having paid in advance for goods, the items foil to materialise.
Surprisingly, your answers also indicate that few of our regular readers take the matter up with the authorities, presumably either because they resign themselves to the situation, or they are unsure about their rights.
Consumer protections can be broken down into two broad categories - those dealing with the advertiser's duties, and those concerned with the customer's rights. The two often overlap, but it is always best to simplify such a complex subject.
Advertisers have a duty according to the Advertising Standards Authority guidelines to ensure that their advertisements are legal, decent, honest, and truthful.
In other words, if they specify a delivery date, the goods must be delivered within the specified time. If a product ii advertised as having certain properties, it must match the claims made for It Additionally, any special conditions stated, such as money back offers, delivery options (courier, same day dispatch, and so on) or "guaranteed satisfaction" claims must be adhered to.
Few Amiga owners seem to realise that if a company fails to deliver within their own deadline or a reasonable period of time (28 days is the normally accepted period), the customer can write to the company stating that the goods are no longer wanted and that a refund is required.
The company has a legal duty to return the money as it will have foiled to meet normal trading standards. If the money is not returned, the consumer has several options.
First, writing to the company concerned by registered post, detailing the date of the advertisement, the goods ordered, price, and date when the. Order was posted or telephoned, the customer should make the strongest possible complaint about the company's poor service. There is little point in pussy-footing around when a company foils to deliver.
If this approach foils to elicit a satisfactory response, such as a firm promise to deliver the goods within a certain time, the customer should take the matter further. Far too many people seem determined to waste their own time and energy in protracted postal arguments with companies who have already shown themselves to be untrustworthy.
Remember, though, that if an alternative offer is made and the customer accepts it. All bets are off and you must wait until the agreed time elapses.
Step two is to consult a consumer advisor, either at the What do you do when a mail order company takes the money and runs?
Local Citizens' Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office Experts at these offices will be happy to offer advice on the best way to proceed in your particular case, and a letter from such an organisation to the guilty party might be enough to prompt some action.
Depending on whether the guilty company or publication in which the advertisement appeared is a member of certain trade organisations, a recognised scheme of compensation may be available.
For example, the Periodical Publishers' Association runs its own mail order protection scheme according to which the monthly magazine compensates its readers, then claims the money from the defaulting company.
The scheme is expensive and is not used by many monthly magazines as it relies on the ability or honesty of the directors of companies to meet the personal promises they make to the publishers.
Other protection schemes include MOPS (Mail Order Protection Scheme) run by many national daily papers, and the code of practice insisted upon by the Mail Order Traders' Association.
If a company is a member of MOTA, any complaints about a company's bad faith should be addressed to the organisation, which will investigate alleged breaches of the code.
Companies sporting MOTA's symbol will normally be of the more reputable variety and less likely to rip off their customers, but the more safety nets there are, the better. A simiu i) lar code of practice is enforced by the Association of Mail Order Publishers (AMOP). But as this organisation consists mostly of book and record clubs, it doesn't figure greatly in the Amiga market.
As for customer rights, there are several. Apart from the rights created by the duties imposed upon trading companies, customers have the little-publicised right to a full refund if the goods are returned within seven days of delivery.
In other words, if a hard drive was advertised as "lightning quick" - a nondescript claim which it would be difficult to either prove or refute - and the customer found it to be less than so in his or her opinion, a full refund could be claimed regardless of any other considerations.
This is a statutory right and one which no company can overturn. In addition, the customer can insist on a delivery date when a product is ordered.
If the company agrees to this, the customer can refuse to pay for goods if they arrive late, regardless of the company's usual delivery times.
Forcing the full extent of the law and consumer rights on mail order companies is the only way to force the unreliable outfits to get their houses in order.
Useful numbers Mail Order Traders’ Association: 051 -227 4181 Mail Order Protection Scheme: 071-405 6806 Periodical Publishers' Association: 071-379 6268 Check also with directory enquiries for your local Trading Standards Office.
BOOKS FOR THE AMIGA YEWTREE LEISURE MAIL ORDER SUPPLIES Computer And Video Game Specailists SPECIAL OFFERS Price* include postage in UK Europe odd £1 per book Airmoil outside Europe odd 25% Access 4 Visa cords occepted Tel Fax 0706-715028 Cheques Postal Oders payable to DTBS Descriptive catalogue available on request Orders normally processed within 24 hours SPECIAL OFFER TO AMGA CONFUTING READERS: 10% dncowit on order* over £35 You MUST quote Dept AC01 to claim discount Orders normofly processed on day of receipt.
Price match - we will match any lower prices offered in this issue.
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Joysticks, Converters, Control Pads, Carry cases, etc. Phone or write for list stating requirements.
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Eurora Vol 5 IT 121: • Pmdlf Eurora Vol 6 LT 122 Fvndle Eurora Vd 7 LT 125: * Exile Font* LT 126 t Quick Bmch LT 129: . SoeobanC IT 131:‘Scope 115 LT 132. T Danutar UtftYd 4 LT 133 . + Ham Lab LT 138 + 600 Letter* LT 140: Interferes Pro IT 143: ? Windows Bench (SlDf LT 144 * Windows Bench Docs LT 145 » Vogue Utils LT 146 ? The 3rd Force L’tfls LT 147:* Las Hope LT 149. ‘Label Base Vol 100 LT 150 3: - Disk Bench LT 153 t D-CAT LT 154: » T.V. Graphics LT 155 2:. Video App Load W B LT 15ft Rarer 1911 Tookhsk LT 157:. Mu’mnpprr LT 159: Rim fttlabaw LT 266c ‘ Squash A500* IT 270: ‘ PC. Form Utters
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G. A 147:. Space Blitz GA 149: Water Mims GA 150: - RA.LD. GA
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Tatntns GA 18D ? War Fjrei GA 207 ? Card Slurp GA 211 The
Twisted Spleens GA212: • Hellatim GA219:‘TotalWar GA
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Secrete of Money Island GA 225 + Hh» 1 GA 226: ‘ Bounce n
Blast GA 227: *Ouch GA 228: ? Badupniroan GA 229. Rcverge of
the Muuot Cameh GA 230 ? Stcmcage Boulder Clone GA231: tDoodv
GA 239. Crazj- Sue GA 240 * Amazing Gaines 1 GA 241: s Amarine
Games 2 GA 242 ? Sky Fher GA 247: ? MkWghl Twef GA251‘Tnhnoban
Load w b GA 252.. Frogarr GA 253: * YumYum GA 255: • Cosmic
Racer BUSINESS BU 001 . Database BU 062: ‘ Spreadsheet BU
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Pack BU 016: - Textplus Vol 30EN BU 017: ? Tvpmg Tutor BU 018:
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Rcalk Unlimited BU021; ‘AMIGAshVoI 10 BU 024: * Budget Finance
Program BL' 025: • Household Imentcrr BL' 025; * Trxtmginc Vol
3,00' BU 027:. Address Book VI,0 Bl'OK:. Amiga Spell 3; *
AmiMK Professional 2 CLR (Central Ltcenseware) LLE 01 • Tool
Cccrret DrzKim USJ CtE 02: - Tool Caxept GecfcgJ £430 CL£ CO:.
Toul Ccecepts Sdir Li.% C1I6J.-KlddlsCciairEchd (330
CLEC6:*A-Chtrd(GuTjrTiuart (330 Oil 01:* Video Dtkr (330 CU.'
02: * Fuh fcdarr (330 CU.' 03 • Trpnj lira (330 CLG01
.JwrtWcadeCaad (350 CLC 02:. Dark Tws iFatknrsJ (350 CLG (ft •
Fihk2R«X-tnt-u}f (350 CLC 04: • X 9fsltm (Shoot-eo l (350
CtGC&.TrctaOn £450 CIC 06 Cwfieratlm Joararl (350 CLG 07: Wjln
S'aler Wwb (350 CLG OS. * Drawi TsnlPlinlf) (350 lode cut for
nor peat CLR dsks at the nearbturt DISK OFFER branded akura
£3.35 for 10 StarTronics 3k 4 Arnold Drive, Droylsden,
Manchester M35 6RE. Tel: 061 370 9115 + = Compatible with
Pius. Postage & packing 70p. Please submit payment by cheque
or postal order. Minimum order of 3 required when using Access
or Visa.
Amiga PD; 1-9 disks £1.20; 10-15 disks 99p: 16+ disks 90p. FREE PROGRAMS: Order 10 get 1 FREE: Order 20 get 2 FREE: Order 25 get 3 FREE 9am till 10pm 7: y * HARDWARE Finally!
You can enjoy the benefits of an IBM Analogue joystick or IBM Bus Mouse on your Amiga!
Amiga A600 + Softwafc- AMIGA A600 HD.
Amiga A500 + Software I084S Monitor.
Amiga Internal Drive Cumana External Drive RAM UPGRADES Amitex A600 - Ok Pep Amitex A600 - 512k Pop Amitex A600 - I Mb P:o MISCELLANEOUS Squik Mouse Zydec Trackball 2Pc Printer Stand Mouse Mat Mousehouse Disk Drive Oeane*- Amiga Dust Cover Monitor Dust Covr' 14 9S 1050 11 00 1550 Each Adaptor is factory manuf. And only £9.951*
* Suggested Retail Price 950 II 50 PRINTERS Citizen 120D+ Citizen
Swift 9 :omputers and fc*e jues PO's made Citizen Prodot 9-----
Citizen 224 M prices include VA* West Midlands COMPUTER
0831 690615 0101 (804) 560-1769 Call between 2pm-10prn BST Owl
ot hour* 0542 744948 Tbe DP IBM Analogue Interface enables you
to experience the precision and realistic feel that only an IBM
analogue joystick can provide: Two buttons, a pressure
sensitive stick and unequalled responsiveness are just some of
the advantages you will enjoy!
Games thal support analogue: World Circuit.
BOPrey, A-10, F, Duel, Intruder, F1511, KNOSky, & others (Adaptor includes 3 pos. Game DP Bus Mouse Interface is designed to be used with: Logitech Mouseman Microsoft bus mouse Logitech Trackman and select others DigiPrint Inc.
P. O. Box 13016 NOW AVAILABLE Richmond, VA 23225 avhilmdll q101
(804) 56Qml769 M Call between 2pm-10pr» BST A * .!
DP Analogue Interface is designed to be used with: CH Flightstick (IBM) Wico Merlin obm) QS Warrior 1 obm) and select others switch w PC board circuitry) With the DP Bus Mouse Interface you can now enter a new world of precision and quality using an IBM bus mouse. Features of select IBM mice: The amazing pinpoint accuracy of 400 DPI resolution, middle button support, and the assurance of a lifetime warranty! The superior performance will have you wondering how you ever lived without it!
P MAIL BYTE Orders & Enquiries 081-974 6767 AMIGA Software Phone for prices on our huge range of AMIGA leisure, business & creative software AMIGA Hardware so 600 a 600HD a 1200 a 1500 30 590HD jo & Monitor Colour Monitors Commodore 1084SD2 £197 Philips CM8833 Mkll £197 I223 2HHES 53I 512 Exp + Clock £29 99 512 Exp £24.99 1Mb Simms (70NS1 £25 99 4Mb Simms (70NS £110.00 A600 1Mb Exp + Clock £44.99 A500+ 1Mb Exp £36.99 GVP Hard Drives PRICE DROP - Call for the now even lower prices on Great Valley Products, Hard Drives, Accelerators & Video Boards Remember all our prices include 2-3 day delivery
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500x3.5" Bulk Discs £178.25 1000x3.5" Bulk Discs £356.75 80 Cap Disc Box £4.99 Posso 150 Cap Box £ 19.99 Bubble Jet Printers Canon BJ1 Oex 1 Oex Sheet Feed Canon BJ300 Canon BJ330 BJ Ink Cartridges £225.00 £58.99 £359.00 £469.00 £Call Assassins Gamas The ultimate collection of PD games, brought Id yOu 6rt 30 great disk*. Over 130 games to choose from at the of £27.95 Clip Art This 7 disk set of clipart contains everything from fonts to fancy borders and textures. Hundreds of pics just waiting to be loaded into your favourite art or DTP package 7 Disks.. £6.95 Emulators Now you can run ST. PC.
Spectrum. C64 and QL softwue on your Amiga with ££* £4.95 De a Vu Ucenseware The complete Dc a Vu range is now available from us.
This is professional software, with a fee going (iUt, to the author £ -j a w» All Deja Vu is XJ.77 Joysticks We hit* i lgft Mock of jo)«icki «i Animations A20 Any vs Walker A22 Bwrean the Movie A26 Al th« Movie* 2 *) A 1 A Dty l dw Beach (2) A** Space Ace 457 Gulf Wn Conflict AO* Coyote Strikes Back Demos D10 Fueled Pleasure!
DI7 Do the Ban Man DI9 Omi*ui ItfiMy P24 Marts Wluncka D25 Insperatioa is None D28 Dynamic Demos 4
DM) Yinwl Walds D32 System Violation D40 Phenomena. Enigma D55
Di|iial Innovation D60 Alcatru Oilytsy (5) DO I tUrd»aed (2)
D67 Red Dwarf Demo (2) P7| ThtWlRW DM ImcrSpvc DltlJ Decaying
Paradice DI07 Subliminal Vision Disk Prices t-10 - £1_2J each
11-30 • £1.15 each 2I» -£1.00cock Utilities Catalogue Disk
L'Cd ITS UuUties Uot Musx Rikvtv UI2 N-Cad C20 Amiga Toots ua
NorehC W0 Kani Kl Editor C5I Horne Utilities WO TS' Graphics
(2) all our desks II rtucoffliiua FrfC game, and a demo.
Cautcyuc U«J Hard Did: Utllt U67 SO Wert bench Hack.
CM Sampler Maker UM Amcuh 1795 Prmier Ctilitret rtry *«k, £1.00 cios sid n U HO Horae Business Pack u:: suiwpuiuma UI29 Dnect Action Cl** Ttenpes LU5 Wort tench Pun CI4S Protrecker 22 Ul*9 Vrdeo Manager UISJ Fuldle With Fun VIM Fonts (3) We are lock rag foe Ccskrv Gnfhic Amm This list represents only a small selection of disks auiloMf. We mix* met 1000 disks wilh new titles arriving each week If ihcee isa paniculaa program you require, please do net IrrtrUU to CMBit a 0 nt Am i have it well grt il fa ysw at nu cm cost We believe in giving Ihe PD buyer dw highest *Mliiy service £4.95 I We
stock FISH and TBAG disks.
Home Music Kit Picture this scenario. You are a bit of a music buff. You’re sat down at home on a Sunday, twiddling your thumbs. Harry Secombe is screaming his head off on Highway and you are bored with a capital "B' What you need is something to occupy yourself with. What could be better than escaping off to your Amiga and laying down some music tracks?
Alas, you have no music package. You are also a bit of a beginner when it comes to the actual making of music What you really need is a sampler to be really cheeky and nick loads of samples from other top pop rock rave musicians.
A sequencer and a sound processor would come in handy as well.
Unfortunately you'd need some really expensive kit to make the kind of sounds you want, so what are you going to do about it? Well, a package that might suit your needs is the Home Music Kit by Power Computing.
There are two main parts to the Home Music Kit Real Time Sound Processor 2 is one and Digital Sound 3 is the other. Real Time Sound Processor allows you to add special effects to your music while the digital sound studio lets you create your own music by putting together various parts of different songs, and remixing them to your own needs.
Apart from the software there is also the hardware. This is the Stereo sound digitiser which fits smartly into the parallel port of your Amiga and is only slightly larger than your average bar of soap.
Before you start to create the tunes you want, you can to change the sounds by adding special effects to them - but only if you want to. You can sample whatever you want, but by adding the special effects you can add your own personal touch to the music.
The screen of Real Time Sound Processor consists of three windows. The first is the adjustment window which allows you to change the parameters relative to the current effect. Each parameter has a slider which allows you to change the values.
The next window is the logic window. This represents the The team round up an exciting collection of goodies that'll have you hammering those credit cards... parameters graphically in a logic diagram window. This will allow you to see at which moment the parameters will start influencing the sound. It's not entirely useful, but is very educational.
The last window is the control window. This allows you to listen to the sound transformed by the special effect, and you do this by clicking on the Play button.
There are another two buttons in the window. One is the Monitor button, the other the Hi-Fi button. Monitor allows you to listen to the sound directly without any effects - very handy if you keep on flicking between the Play and Monitor Heal lire Sound Pmmssm II lie] ay fa n Lr-
- *p i i HI-FI I flay I HOHIIOR buttons to hear exactly how the
sound has changed.
The Hi-Fi button lets you activate or de-activate the audc filter of the Amiga.
There are 32 special effects to choose from. These rangt from simple echoing effects to a stereo phaser to choruses te flanges to just about any effect you can think of.
If you have enough memory you can have up to 10 effects loaded in the memory simultaneously. Another helpful option It is usually a foregone conclusion that when different pieces of hardware are combined into a single package it’s going to be a load of rubbish, Video Master is the exception to the rule. It is. In short, probably the best piece of hardware for the A500 that I have seen this Video Master year.
Video Master is described as an integrated multimedia video and audio sampler which is a bit of a mouthful, but it is what it says and it does one hell of a job.
The hardware itself is just a box that you plug into the side of your SQO. This is where you plug your audio and video sources in. Setting it up is a doddle - just slot in the box and off you go.
Plug your video source directly into the box - you don’t need an extra TV screen to monitor the video source because the software copes very well, but I'll explain about that later.
When the software is booted up you can choose the sampler, the digitiser or the sequencer. Firstly I had a play with the digitiser.
The source monitor is a 3in by Sin box in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and with this you can watch the video image and get it to where you want to grab from.
When your video image is L .
Where you want it, you just click on the record button and off you go. The length of the film you grab F7S9Eim depends on the amount of memory, but don't let that put you off.
I was using a bog standard A500 I Mb and I was getting a good 10 to 15 seconds of film at 25 frames per second. If you want you can grab at a slower frame rate to get more film time.
You can put the film rates to a practical use. For example if you take a ten-second sample at 12 frames sec then play it at 25 frames sec it will obviously become faster on the playback.
Nothing can describe the playback you get after you have grabbed the video image. It’s absolutely wonderful. The image is crisp and the frames run as smooth as silk. You must bear in mind that the ull screen|| S»tup I Franes sec.
Sa&HEEEi images are greyscale but that really doesn’t matter - I was completely gobsmacked.
After you have grabbed the film you can do all manner of strangeries to it. If you click on the screen control button Tint you can grab the film in any one of six colour shades. Alternatively you can colour individual frames.
The aspect of the video section I was most tty ADEPT m Yulune Chai.U: erf Not very proper I know, but fun is one of the main 'tasorn for making music! So. You’ve had your fun. Now back to the Suwsess of making music using the Digital Studio.
You can either bad up an altered sample or record a brand
* *w one without any effects on it Before you record a sample you
must first set the frequency (rate) and size of it The rate
range is in hertz - die higher the hertz the better quality
sample, the lower the worst The size allows you to set how long
the sample will be in seconds. You an also set the autostart on
or off. This tells the program to wait for a sound signal
before it records.
Once you’ve recorded the sample, you will need to edit it You can now delete, cut copy, paste, add. Invert and swap the sample. There are a few more options, but there isn’t room to explain them all in detail.
Probably the most important part for making actual music is the sequencer. This albws you to sequence your samples in a certain order to create a piece of music.
Depending on memory allowances you can carry up to ten samples at any one time. Now when making your tune, these samples won’t go very far. So the best idea is to find music that will bop easily, so it’s a bt easier to sample some rave techno band than one of Jimi Hendrix's sobs.
Even though the sequencer is the most important part of the package, it is not like normal sequencers. You have to actually type in some execution commands to tell the computer which sample you want playing where and so forth. It is very strange at first, but after a while you'll soon get used to it.
The Home Music Kit does have its faults, like the strange sequencer and the fact that sometimes the effects don’t sound right with certain types of music, but it does have its plus points. The package is extremely friendly and fun to use.
You will need to spend a couple of weeks on it before you get really competent, and you might want to buy a separate sampler and sequencer to make your music that way instead, but if you want an all-tn-one package then the Home Music Kit Vo lure Chan,R2: IW is the facility to link the program to a M»di instrument This way you an modify the sounds coming out of your Midi instrument, so one of your pre-set sounds can be altered in 32 different ways.
If making music sum getting a bit boring and you feel like a break, then why not try hooking up a microphone to the sound processor? You an now sound like a Dalek or as if you’re in a concert hall. Try to keep a straight face while shouting “exterminate” I can guarantee you’ll collapse in a fit could well be worth taking a look at.
Music Kit.
Basic trick ele »«• in»i] (at) ?? LisJ Ijl] I mi Mf mtur. T Ww I I Hr I iPeletgl I Cl»ar I Hwighti 1 Fader ijUoIu tsquashl Supplier Microdeal Phone: 0726 68020 Price: £69.95 Canon BJ-200 Canon's bubblejet pnnters have proved to be extremely popular with Amiga owners, particularly the BJ-10 and Bj-20 models.
There are three obvious reasons why they are liked SO much
- they produce high quality results, they are inexpensive com
pared to other high quality inkjet printers, and there are
specific Amiga printer drivers for them.
But these low-end bubblejets are a bit slow, printing text at about 80 characters per second (cps) in high quality (HQ) mode, about 100 cps in high speed (HS) mode.
Graphics printouts also sometimes have a banded appearance
- dark horizontal lines every quarter of an inch or so. Caused by
every pass of the print head overlapping the previous one
slightly. The extent of the banding depends on exactly what it
is you are printing, but these are faults you can forgive,
considering the low cost of the printers.
But wouldn't it be nice if text printed faster and if there was no banding?
The BJ-200 is the latest in Canon's mono bubblejet range.
Designed for desktop use. It weighs just over 61b and measures a compact I3.7in wide. 7.6in deep and 6.8in high.
Sticking up at the rear of the printer is a cut sheet feeder that can take about 80 sheets. Ordinary A4 paper is fine, but the feeder ts wide enough to take anything up to 9.5in wide, so envelopes can be fed through it as well. The feeder works with paper from 64 to 90 gms. Manually-fed individual sheets can be up to 105 gms Overhead projector transparencies can also be used, but you need to feed sheets of this through one at a time.
The BJ-200 is the first of Canon’s bub- blejets to feature the new 16-bit processor and a control that actively seeks the next print position. The print head, which i$ part of the disposable ink cartridge, has also been redesigned.
These new features have resulted in much faster text printing and greater accuracy with graphics dumps.
In HS or draft mode the BJ-200 can whin along at 248 cps - in HQ mode it can do 173 cps. In real terms these figures mean that a page of 10 cpi (pica) text printed in HS will come out of the printer in about 20 secc
- or three pages a minute to putI another way. The same page in
mode will take about 30 seconds to prim.
Something else that's new to the M 200 is SHQ mode - Super High Quality. This slo j down the text output to 124 cps (about 40 seconds i page) and uses more ink. But the results are superb.
In HS and HQ modes graphics dumps are still $ ligM|] banded, although nowhere near as much as with earlier bubbte- jets. In SHQ mode, however, graphics banding is a thing of tit past, even on ordinary bond or photocopier paper.
The results on proper inkjet paper are stunning - every fat as good as a laser printer, and in some cases arguably better The BJ-200 has two emulations BJ-10 and Epson LQ. In B|-1 10 mode there are two typefaces available. Prestige iw Courier; in Epson mode there are eight - Roman. Sans Sert J Courier. Prestige. Script. Orator, Orator-S and Draft BJ-10 mode is better for graphics printouts, Epson mod* gives you more text flexibility.
A small control panel on the top of the printer enables yo»] to select between HS. HQ and SHQ printing modes, as well: the normal Power. Online and LF FF switches.
Typefaces and character sets are selected wa dip switch* I which are positioned under a small cover to the left of the co*J trol panel.
On the front of the printer is a cover which pulls forward t»1 12cpi Mode Print !”£$ %&’()**,-. 0123456789:; = ?§ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[ ]*_ abcdefghijklnmopqrstuvwxyz Jcii rnIopT J 0Q8-0€nB±*S [J + = • • • nal 15epi Mode Print !"£$ %&’()•?,-. 0123456789:; = ?§ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZf J *_’abedefghiJklmnopqrstuvvxyz }}£U£flAA& p£££ii iAA£&C6d6QtiyO Df£¥R j«» 3minfhJJJi “rHrtVThfV'rrif M P-w*.
17cpi Node Print !'£$ M'()• v. 0123456789:; = ?tABCDEFGHIJKLNNOPQRSTUMYZ| |‘ 'ibcdergbijkliDopqntuvviyzf; )Ca aaadiQeeeIiiAAB2ld5duuyOOe£¥ll 4i6un!)ao -.
Iii° “TH-hhi*TH1*TrtLnltl Ad The new Canon's internal fonts produce clean, ensp fonts Amiga Marital February 1993 876448 graphics nen 6636844 other nen n .j full, 41K free, 795K in Ibjtai Developer MapDevice ReadMe SerHon
o) Developer HapDeviceSer iaI Includes TechDoc Expansion RutoDocs
allow you access to the ink cartridge. Embossed Ort the inside
of this cover is guide to dip switch settings for both Bj-IO
and Epson modes.
Without going anywhere near the manual I was able to set the switches various ways to get various results It isn't drt cult to do.
Although the BJ-200's recommended retail pnce «S more than £400, I'm sure you'll see it selling for just over £300 The trick is to shop around.
Keep in mind that printers are not computer-specific, so «t will be well worth investing in a PC magazine to find a greater range of dealers.
.... .. 1 [r _ i| HfC Shell Utilities Instalilr ivers ML Trashcan a Mount Systen MultiFaceCard If you are into expanding you Amiga with stuff like printers, scanners, modems, digitisers and samplers, then you very quickly team that the Amiga doesn't have enough holes in it to take them all at once.
Most of these kind of peripherals plug into either the serial or the parallel port - a common combination of kit is a printer and a hand scanner, or a printer and a sampler, or a printer and a hand scanner and a sampler.
Chopping and changing between peripherals can be a real pain because you have to power down the computer, swap kit, and power up again. Only fools and rich kids plug things into the serial and parallel ports while the Amiga is switched on.
The answer of course is more holes, and that's what the MultiFaceCard gives you - two more parallel ports and two more serial ports.
The model currently available is a half-length card that fits into one of the Zorro II slots in the Amiga 1500. 2000. 3000 LU • '1 U 1 1 Ltjn 1 Ej NountPITI flount PIT MountDURR UnflountPITI UnflountPITI UnflountTERMO UnflountTERtH Despite a oppcrru tKT-xa complexity, the MuliiFaecCord a cosy to set up and the software is simple to use or 4(100. An Amiga 500 and 500 Pvis model is planned, which will fit into the expansion port (with a through port), but it has not yet been built The ports themselves art on the end of four cables that connect to two standard brackets that screw into the
holes provided at the rear of the computer Each bracket has one serial and one parallel port on C. To are space the serai connectors are of the 9-pin type, which is the standard in the IBM world - serial cables with 9-pin connectors are readily available, but if you fancy making your own the manual details the pinouts for 9-pin to 9-pm and 9-pin to 25-pin.
It also tells you how to wire a null modem cable In order to connect two Amigas for data transfer.
The parallel ports are standard Amiga, with +5V on pin 14 as normal so that samplers, for example, can draw their power from the Amiga.
The software is simple to set up. The manual describes the procedure clearly, although beginners might be a bit frightened by all the talk of devices and mountlists.
But it s quite painless, and the whole system can be set up to auto-configure upon booting, or you can leave everything switched off and click on icons to turn various ports on and off when you require them.
Should you prefer using the CU. Then there's a MapDevice command that can turn any or all of the four extra ports on and off.
The software is fully multitasking, so it’s perfectly possible, for example, to be printing something and scanning something and sampling something all at the same time, although you'll appreciate that this ukes memory and will obviously slow down each process by a certain amount The question to ask yourself is if not having to keep power- ing down to swap kit is worth £ 149. It certainly is to me.
COMPUTE-A-RACE+ £14.99 (Ex«utN« Edition Includes: 1 * M»ter Dsic, 1 x Copy, Improved Manwo', wallet, Label*, update Oder).
- AMAZID...NCVW HAD SO maMV WINNERS". CR+ uter Mr 8 from Wirthwg
COMPUTE »A*RAC£+ IS 'the HofSC Racing Prediction Pros ram' bitten exclusively for the Amiga With a daily increasing list of winners and successful race predictions. We offer you 'unrivalled accuracy and unbeatable value 1 Features Flat and National Hunt inputs, race review, bet selector, profit performance stats, note book, bet calculator, help screens and an ease of use (As advertised in The Sporting Life ) ORDER NOW!
Cheques P.O. payable to HANDISOFT (Mail Order ONLY) HandiSOft, 37 Hearsall Lane, Spon End, Coventry, CV5 6HF MATRIX SOFTWARE CLUB As a Matrix member you can choose from our extensive lists of the lotest and the popular software with our absolute guarantee to buy them bock. AND you don't have to pay until you've decided
• OVER 2,500 MEMBERS To find out about the unique Matrix money
saving scheme call our 24 hour hotline 0920 484479 O o taiga i
o e Uoimg youi modvnt (IBM PC 3 5*. AMIGA. A g* $ T) *o Matrix
Computing Services, Dept. AMC2, 2 Frenchs Yard, Amwell End,
Ware, Hertfordshire SGI2 9HP Amiga-64-Link NTERPRISES LKCTKONIC
SEIRVnCBS OP Links C64 peripherals to Amiga parallel port • C64
NR30 3QP.
Telephone Facsimile: 0493 332462 (24 Hours) PROFESSIONAL AMIGA REPAIRS Any repair £50.00 Including P&P Keyboards and Drives extra MONITORS ALSO REPAIRED PLEASE ASK CALL ON THE ABOVE NUMBER NOW!
FAST TURNAROUND We reserve the right to refuse any machine that in our opinion has been tampered with.
Connects C64 printers to the Amiga
• Supports MPS. DPS, VIC. Star. Brother, Seikosha & Citizen
• Graphics output on dot-matrix printers • Works with all
software Transfers C64 disk files to the Amiga ? File transfer
programs • Read Write text, binary & program files Standard
"Ami-64-Link £35.25 Prices include VAT and delivery Budget
"Ami-64-Link" £23.50 Budget stops multi-tasking dunna printing
E3 York Electronic Research ((1904) 610722 The Paddocks, Jockey
Lane, Huntington. York Y03 9NE UNIOUE PIC II MIX SERVICE
unique: 24HR CUSTOMER HELP LINE IWMNWP Clach Forest ffiLOO
LASLfl FrtmoMt NERVOUS EXPORT CC Font* Jop rich Adobe Font* 25p
each IO*.Discount oil 4II orders overIZO will be using them in.
84 Thorpe Rond, Hawkwdl, Nr Hockley, Essex. SSS 4‘JT ¦h.u..«u.n ru .u fOfU" QftZ ?.D. 26 Hen Lane, Holbrook's. Coventry CV6 4LB Telephone: (0203) 680016 1 -10 disks £ 1.20 per disk. 11 -20 disks £1.10 per disk. 21 50 disks 95p per disk Catalogue disk 75p tnc p&p. Please add 50p p&p prr order.
Disk Magazines Bargain Pack Grapevine, 6. 7.8.9. 10. 11 and 12 disks £11 00 Education Bargain Pack Colour It. Learn & Play. Educational Graphics, Kids Paint. Treasure Search.
Simon & Space Maihs. 7 disks for £6.50 Assassins Games Disk 130 £25.00 Business Bargain Pack AMIGAsh. Business Card Maker. Amifox DTP. Print Studio. Text Engine WP.
Forms Unlimited. 600 Business Inters. Print Master Plus. All these disks arc Plus compatible 100 s of Utilities. Demos. Music. Games. Slideshows and Animations- Full backing from T.N.P.D. Swansea- Over 600 Scalcable Fonts available for the Amiga in both Compugraphic Style and Adobe Type 1. Each Disk ordered will be made up individually to your requirements.
Please send a large S.A.E. for a Print-Out of all Fonts. Also state which Programs yoi SELECTAFONT COMPANY ttctt Hid mi 0839!
A50ITs Fixed Price Repair E50 Includes Paris. Labour. Full Service & Next Day Courier Delivery.
Fast Turnaround. & 6 Months Warranty.
Should Disk Drive or Keyboard require replacing, extra amount is payable.
Fully experienced in 16 bit technology.
Quality is our business Don’t bother with the rest, We are the best.
Repairs to Printers. Monitors & Most Home Computers £15.00 per hour plus parts & carriage.
Collection service £15.00 extra.
Educational & dealer discounts All repairs accepted subject to our terms of trade.
37 Bamford Street, Clayton, Manchester, M11 4FE (Callers welcome by appointment only) Tel: 061 231 6608 Fax: 061 223 7531 DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: 0492 515981 CLR tor Quality Amiga licenseware We also stock Fred Ftsti & T Bag. All disks art virus ciiecked and tested prior to despatch ¦ UTILITIES f U212 U214 LABEL DESIGNER FOOTBAa LEAGUE ED G64 OSS ut GHOSTWRITER mtro & dema U215 A64 EMULATOR v2 2) (Pl- G66 U4 JAZZBENCH U216 PC TASK *(P) G68 US LOADSAiCONSlRi U218 NEW SUPERKIU.ERS v2 |P) G69 U11 ICONMAMA IP?
CAOOEMO(P) U267 ARP vl .3 P) G158 U99 CATALOGUE WORKSHOP 1 P) U268 EXILE FONTS (P) G159 Database ward etc U269 OYNAMTTE FONTS P) G160 U100 CATALOGUE WORKSHOP 2 (P) U270 FONTS A SURFACES IP) G161 Label bite « kers U272 CUPART COLLECTION (81 (P) G162 U102 HARD DISK UTIS U275 JOY OF PRINTING |P| G163 UI03 amateur RAOIOI6I (P| U278 AGATRON UTILS |P| G164 Satellite Tracking etc U279 DYNAMITE FONTS 2 |P) G165 U104 BANK Ni Pi U280 HACL FONTS 1(2|(P) Gt66 U106 0 BASE & SPREADSHEET|P) U281 PRINT STUDIO (Pi G167 Phone label U283 COSMOPOLITAN FONTS 1 P) G168 U106 VISICAIC SPREADSHEET |P| U287
UPDATE 134 G180 most usetJ U3M RAY QANCE (2| G181 U135 AMKxAFOX DTP v 1 1 (P) U310 10 PIN 0OWLING DBASE G182 English verson U312 LINK VIRUS DETECTOR G183 Ui» A64 Emulator vi.O(NP) 0313 NiB G18S UU5 TEXT ENGINE v3 4 |P| U316 PLAY & RAVE v 1(2) G188 W processor to 60k ch U319 ORDER vl .7 G187 U149U150 C64 GAMES (P) Fprys* U320 CU-UTILS G188 wth Emutalor U322 AGRAPH G190 U154 SPECTRA PAINT v32 U323 WINOCAVS BENCH v2(2). Only .G192 Ut56 SUDESHOW CON KITER U324 WORDPOWERtexted G194 U162 AZ SPELL (P) U325 EDWTDRD wydprod««it G195 U163 30 FONTS (3) use with ray U326 CHIP ON A DISK G196 U168
G204 UI79 VIOEO APPLICATIONS (2) G14 HOLY GRAH. (P) adv G205 Ut80 VIOI FONTS ONE G15 (XXDEN FLEECE (P)adv G206 U181 B BASE II pop d base G33 W1ZZYS QUEST* (P) G207 U163 HACK PACK (2) eiotent G39 BUG BASH (NP) seu G208 U1K CLERK V4.Q accounts G43 DOWNHILL CHALLENGE (NPl G209 U189 D-COPYvl.6 (P) G46 THE JAR |NP| G210 U190 SID v2 0 (P) G49 MECHFIGHT rpg 6211 U206 PRINTER DRIVER GEN. (P| GS2 GREYSLAYEft |P| arcade G213 U203 MULTIPLOT (2) (P) G53 SCUM HATERS |P|aeu G217 U205 DIETAID |P| G54 STAR TREK 2' (3) (P) G218 U207 SYSTEM ANALYSER G57 MKHFORCE (2) (NP| G219 U211 PICTUREHELP vl 0 G63 AOV
SOLUTIONS 1 (P) G221 G222 PIXIE KINGDOM (2) G224 PORK A PORK |P) G225 MR BACK Maro G226 RAID III P| G227 SERENE HI (P) G228 WOTSiTSNAME |P qutf G229 TETREN tetris typo G230 NUMPTY 6 THE AUEN (P) G231 EAT MINES 10 bcuderdash G232 LOTHiAN |P| atfr G233 MEGA RACE |P feu G234 MENTAL IMAGES GAMES 2 (P) G235 ASSASSINS l|P t*u»tC 0236 assassins 2 iPivwaders G237 ASSASSINS 3 |P| me abafl G238 ASSASSINS 4 (PiVogger G239 ASSASSINS S P|rw) G24Q ASSASSINS6(Pieman G241 ASSASSINS 7 (Pimoontme G242 assassins 8 (P| ar-acefl G243 ASSASSINS 9 (P)bteard G244 ASSASSINS 10 (Pi escape G245 ASSASSINS 11 (Pi connex
G246 ASSASSINS 12 (Pi Ramatron G247 ASSASSINS 13 (P) twintnj G248 ASSASSINS 14 (P)c challenge G249 ASSASSINS 15 (P batttecars G250 ASSASSINS 16 |P wastelands G»1 ASSASSINS 17 |P detenoa G2S2 ASSASSINS 18 |R) henry panic G253 ASSASSINS 19 |P| growth G2S4 ASSASSINS 20 |P| microbes G255 ASSASSINS 21 P|atus G256 ASSASSINS 22 (P)moutharr G257 ASSASSINS 23 P)fmash G258 ASSASSINS 24 (P) nebula G2S9 assassins 25 (P) e-type.. G260 ASSASSINS 26 (P baty 3 G261 ASSASSINS 27 (P) card game* G262 MR & MRS (P| young ptaitorm G263 TANX |P| G264 OEFENOA (P) arcade G279 SUPER SKODA IP) G286 FLASCHBIERII (NP|
2 (P) M52 8 CHANNEL SONGS I NP| M77 MEDv32EDrTOR|P| M39 CLASSIC MUSIC UP| Ml 16 DIGITAL CONCERT 2 (P) Ml 17 DIGITAL CONCERT 4 (P) LICENCEWARE SUPERB PROGRAMMES AT A P.O. PRICE CLE01 TC. DINOSAURS (2) pcluresarO IW|P) CLE02 T C. GEOLOGY (2) vofcanoes rock « mrerals (Pi CLE03 TC SOLAR SYSTEM (3) Jdai .ysiem j stanets (Pi CLE04 KI001ES COLOURING PAD Mve Spnmoul opton |P) aE05 ACHORD (Gutar) chords (P) CLED6 TAMI Mattif Tutor CLE07 T C FRESHWATER FISHING a rust tor angi« |P) CLEM fPGWTSKY aE09 WORDSALAOOERS aU01 VIDEO TITLES scroUng atles (P| CLU02 FISH WDEXER lo 670 Itrary ISUKft CLU33 TYPING
TUTOR linger pacrg 8 speed (P| CLUW ALPHA GRAPH (P| CLU05 SAS MENU MAKER design your ownbgo CLU06 SUPERSOUND] CLU07 PW.C auoe WORDFWDER plus (2) Oo«»wJ anagram server CLU09 PLAY i RAVE (2) Itoc wW. Dema maker CLGOt NORMS 0aitoma*erin(NP| CLGOZ DARK THINGS manojHatVann (P| CLG33 PHASE 2$ eu planes -greal'tPi CLGW X SYSTEM mutj-evei seuiP) ClGOS TftuCWN ON 2 l2l Belter wreotv strasegy (P| CLG06 OBLITERATION 11.3) areas CLGM DRAGON TIES puale game- mored'agonstP) CLG» MOTOR DUEL 30 or. Race dvtse & shoot (P) CLGTO FUTURE SHOCK Sprang Dal- Irteky!
CLGlt ALL GUNS BLAZING aGl2 BULLDOZER BOB CLG13 PARADOX Excellent oude game PRICES: 1 disk £3.50 2 disk set £4.50 3 disk set £4.99 ? P & p as for PD BLANK DISKS 10 in plastic fliptop ...£6.00 £5.50 10 Bulk disks ...£4.99 .£11.99 50 Bulk disks .£23.50 80 Cep lockable box____ 40 Cep lockable box .. 10 C«p flip top . ...£7.99 ...£4.25 ...£1.00 POST & PACKING:
• 10% per order UK
• 20% per order Europe
• 30% per order ROW Choose from over 2000 quality public domain
titles !) = No of Drives Ml 18 DIGITAL CONCERT 6 (P) M131
P. D. PRICES: 1-2 Disks = £2.00; 3-10 Disks = £1.75; 11+ Disks =
£1.50 Overseas orders welcome payable in sterling please
Catalogue disk £1.00 Fast, reliable friendly service Make
cheques postal orders payable to "DELTRAX PD’ POSTAGE &
PACKING: UK = 60p per order: Europe = +25p per disk: R O W =
+50p per disk DELTRAX PD (AC) 36 Bodelwyddsan Ave Old Colwyn
fit Atari Acorn & Amiga Home Computers
• A real space saver, space to store floppy disks or second drive
• Quality Semi-Gloss Finish
• Colour Co-ordinated is also available
• British Manufactured
• So why not give us a ring and place your order now!
We also specialise in manufactured systems to meet your own personal requirements.
ZJCS SYSTJEJMS I O Scwille fCocicl.
VC estiaooci In clnst ria Estate, Pefer orowg 7 F*E3 ~7JPK.
F&Xf (cj ' 'tc'c' bout's otilyA Cfb€*cfttc*s c t~ rosier Alctclc* £I ydb!c I( : ZJCS 5r5rJ57l 5 Price: *29.95 + P&P v4llotv 14 c civs bt' oi&tiis&ry.
Databases Prodata 1.2 A fast, visually uninspiring, but powerful database with quick searches, good formatting and password features, and a variety of powerful options. Prodata is the best choice for general home and business use for those unwilh ing to spend the extra on Superbase Pro 4.
Prodata is a little less friendly than it could be and has no support for graphics or sound within records, but it is an excellent workhorse and will suffice for most jobs. Users who prefer Wysiwyg packages, or who insist on user-friend- liness, would be advised to skip this one.
Superbase Professional 4 This package does everything, end of story. Superbase Pro 4 (SB4) is a monster of a program with a huge manual and its own built in programming language. The latest version, due for release soon, will even enable users to produce standalone databases for use at customer information points and so on in exactly the same way as dBase and other high-end PC packages.
SB4 already has its Database Management Language
(DML) similar to the SQLs found in PC packages, so the expert
user can produce extremely complex reports full of
calculations, cross referencing, and so on.
In addition, the package is stuffed with class touches and is easily the most visually awe-inspiring business package available for the Amiga.
Graphics and sound can be incorporated in a record to be played or displayed at the dick of a user-defined button, palettes and displays can be customised to the heart's content. And there are VCR-style controls, menus, and a host of clear requesters to aid user friendliness.
SB4 is the expert's choice, and the first stop for business users, but it is very expensive and definitely not recommended for the average user, AmiBase Pro III Originally developed from a shareware program, AmiBase Professional III has been souped up and released as a budget commercial release in much the same way as PowerPacker III was. The program still looks like shareware, pi i fj u u u ill r Every month, we examine in brief a selection of the best software on offer, This time around, the critical eye falls on databases and spreadsheets but it is a deceptively powerful little beast
which beats some of the expensive packages in more than one area.
Regular readers of AMIGA Computing will already have AmiBase Professional II, distributed on our CoverDisk last year, so vill will come as no surprise to them.
It is quite fast, has good search and filtering options, and is easy to use via the button controls supplied for most functions.
It even has support for graphics which the user can attach to a record then view through the good offices of PPShow.
Serious users will give this one a miss, but at the price it's well worth a look.
Spreadsheets Professional Calc Easily the most appealing spreadsheet to look at (a job hard enough in itself), ProCalc is also one of the more powerful. Developed by Gold Disk, the makers of ProDraw and ProPage, the package is slick, well presented, fairly easy to use, and fits well with the rest of the company's range.
Worksheets can be laid out in a range of fonts and text effects for maximum impact, then output to a PostScript printer, and there are several options for the generation of graphs and charts to aid presentation of your data.
All graphs can be created as IFFs for on-screen viewing, or output as ProDraw clips for use in either ProDraw or ProPage.
With the direct Arexx hotlink between ProPage 3.0 and ProCalc, this package has to be the first choice for those with an eye to visual impact.
K Spread 4 This has to be the first choice for business users, by virtue of the massive range of features Kuma have crammed into it.
K Spread 4 has the most extensive range of power features of any Amiga spreadsheet and the most import export options.
The package will accept Lotus 1-2-3 data, Data Interchange Format (DIF), and straight Ascii data tables, SO it is ideal for Amiga owners with Pcs at the office who want to do some serious work at home.
Not as slick or easy to use as ProCalc, K-Spread is nonetheless a well put together program with plenty of menu and keyboard short-cut controls, and if you can get over the GEM-style desktop (a throwback to the program's original ST version) it is the obvious business buy.
DGCalc An old and mostly superseded program, DGCalc is for those with basic spreadsheet requirements and very little else. It has no graphics support, little in the way of special features, and looks appalling.
Having thus dismissed it, the program still does the job of crunching numbers, and as long as you don't expect anything fancy - calculating the monthly household budget is about as far as it should be allowed to go - it's a decent buy at the price.
. Y PROFESSIONAL . V O FOOTBALL MASTERS 0» HS1E mmwm Football Masters is the very latest Multi-Manager Football Simulator for 16 bit computers. After 5 years of development u« are proud to announce the release of the most comprehensive football management game ever. This is the fourth and final revision . It’s waiting to test your skills right now! Features include:- Multi-Manager game for 1 to 4 Players Three levels of difficulty.
Choose six from fifteen Tactics The player Formation routine is the most versatile ever created You can inspect nearly all Opponents Statistics and you can see all Pitch Sizes Match highlights minute by minute, make substitutions or team changes at any time. Live injuries yeBow red cards and named goalscorers. Match Report with possession, number of shots etc. Full UK and European Cup itinerary. Includes FA. League. Zenith Data. Auloglass. European. Cup Winners and UEFA Cups. All cup match rules have been made as accurate as possible. Two leg ties.
Extra time. Away goal rule. Seeded draw's. European Mini Leagues ere You can physical participate in any Penalty Shootout, fully animated graphics, controlled by joystick and or mouse.
All 4 league divisions (includes Premier) with play-offs and league expulsion.
Real Initial, surname, league career records, height and age entered for all players as at the start of the 92 93 Season. Sewn skill ratings per player, separate ones for goalkeepers. Plus 15 other special attributes like Captain. Super Subs & Mobility Players Preferred Foot A lively and real-time transfer market, with an approach facility, negotiate wages and contracts.
Indudes Foreign Transactions Plus loans, free transfers and trainees. Unique and simple training system to improve playei skills. 512K version excludes some features listed in this advertisement.
High quality printer facilities to list all the vital information Masses of historical statistics on past games, players and manager. Realistic Gate Capacities and Ground improvements Quick game data load and save. All serins updated quickly and displayed in a pleasant formal, which is easy to use and comfortable to read. Fully mouse operated Printed instruction booklet with plenty of diagrams. An Editor is available (as an extra) to add flexibility to the new or saved games.
An options screen allows some of the above to be switched off if so desired. Others not mentioned above Include Show All Goalscorers (when possible) and Show Transfer News.
NEW ENHANCED 92 93 VERSION 89p UTILITIES IX04DCCPYV20. Eicttemoopw UttiS UESSv SO r. PC *n a i-a-sie- UOQs AMGA FOX OTP. RnwWfti UX)8 DISK LABEL 0ESCAER. Aox UQ1I0PTI UTILITIES Hi Ustfutim U0'2 LABEL BASE V3 0- dtfjMie U013 TBCTRUS V3 Of- in* 6*sl wp UjlS BSX SALVAGE. Ik Mn »r.
UQ16 B£0 DEVILS UrllflES. 9-«t 0018 NUKE vl S3 - niB Kler
u) i4NEWSL«fiKtLEftS- »m WBOPflHTEfl UTILITIES. Ownil U027 WORLD
0ATA BANK V22. Irass UonWUMATORttO* ; ¦*!!
1) 364 SDPERDUPEfi V2Q1.
1) 371 ICONS. -unotfos ol Kort U073GEIKJHT1POHT53. Jeur l»74
v3.0« 7»*l»:*3» IxeiAOOC.
FREE DISKS ORDER 5-10 pi I free
11. Ttrl 2 fret UlMAMKUTUfOfiUU U103 ANIMATION StuOIO.
Ui39PC TASK. FreacPC anuxor UMOMOViM* aniruwwuMir 0141 VIDEO MUSIC BOX0EM0.
UIS4REORG. DWiewmMr u’ttSATTRACXt uuHeracNngfirog U1MTERMV22 WB2 ccmrrxcilco Ui57W0MV54t oMatrmr UI SB IE NAG «v*R U1S8C4SK PRINT VJJ1. UIKlpi.'!*- U140 BONAPPETTT VI3. RKCacaw UISI i65PROfESSCNALCWAMjAL yi87 prnter drivers Cron ft Star U168 TYPOGRAPWiR - Wadlv U171BOOTXV50 W82V45VWU UI 72 POWER PLAYER V30.
UI73CROSS MAZE VI Oa* 008*04 U176 A BACKUP I APRE 2 .n*d d(A vJI UI 76 9BASEI VS J * djteos* t'oytr U177TKED. MtAor.iMdlPPItes U178TEXTPLUS4iJ WB22M -«utrrt U'W IQ TESTER. -WrIVW 4 U18M82TV GRAPHCS121 U18AIS6 AC08E TYPE T FONTS (5) U221 PRO DEMO MAKER U727 V0E0II U223 FONT EDITOR U226 227DflAWIAAPVA!.$ 1»fe U228VCRV11. VcrOSUiMM U229 DiSk Maff V? 1.
U231 KAALAB OEMO Y2 M- jocc euutuo* Dept AC 14 Ouston Close Ward ley Gateshead Tyne & Wear NE10 8DZ Tel: 091-438 5021 U?« VERTEX VI 62i.» obyect wu U237 SOI • OaHXNfO KON *wp«» ANIMATION Afill JV3GLER.
AJ313-18 AQATR0N ANIMPACK(6| • AQ1IQ0 NEY TEKJ2I AH2' 71 SCAWiEfl KWO0R l2| A02S STAR TREK Afl28 PACERS AMUATiON-U CC20 RAY Of HCPE 2ys* mtqi Otm) D021 ALPHA OMEGA. JJSttnM 0022 VOYAGE. IjtebrlKb CCW78 00TSSEY1M (5:-» Eiefiwl EX33S36 HARO W1REO |2| D0MFUETBCRSH 6Ce 1 HYPER8ALL.
G33940 064 GAMES r2i n»*uQ2fl 0064 2-PWYER SOCCER LEAGUE.
GO Ti Cu6£ .flieo o» $ m4iio- GC’4 REFLEX TEST.
G076DMSCKV1 i.EOxaKra GO 77 COUNTWG vi 0. Eaxjio-d 0071 ADVENTURE.
CEJA vy LICENSED SOFTWARE IN STOCK NOW CURRENTLY UP TO OtSKIlT OEJAVUCH5K5D95 FRED FISH « STOCK t-e LATEST FISH DISKS IN CUR LfiRARY I UP TO 760-- FRCW ASUTTLE ASS9P ADISK T-BAQ ALL T-BAG DISKS « STOCK NOW CATALOGUE DISK TSBifxiKXSDimesAiflRo PRICES I *5 DISKS ....1125 6-190ISKS 99p 20+DISKS .... 89c SPECIAL PACKS BUSINESS PACK 1 ? Contains 5 disks £4.95 BUSINESS PACK 2. A further 5 dim £4.95 FONTS PACK 1 ? Contains 3 disks £2.95 CLIP ART PACK W Contains 5 disks £4.95 CLIP ART PACK 2* Contains 5 disks £4.95 CLIP ART PACK 3* Contains 5 disks £4.95 GAMES PACK 1 ? 5 disks - 30 games
£4.95 GAMES PACK 24 5 disks-30 games £4.95 POSTAGE UK ORDERS EUROPE £200 WORLD .£4.00 HOW TO ORDER Pease make cheques mm oarKers card runoer or postal crows pzraM »’OR'-ON P0 ’ A» crows Oespal ec I si dasssar-eoav -.A5M. AfiMcomparcie.( (.KumDef QtOSu WBZiTlittpfOoranisortrWBZQAcompattle An amazing graphical strategic simulator that's fun and easy to play for all the family. 0. 1 or 2 players on keyboard, mouse or joystick Piekyour moves from the selection available and watch your animated warrior battle it out. Watch the energy bar indicators and plan your next move Edit Wrestlers plus many
other features.
Bold text highlights new features. Scottish version also available.
There are many, many other little things that make this game the most addictive and accurate interpretation of a Football Managers season. It would be impossible to list all the features in this advert but we assure you that this is the best We have thousands of satisfied customers from our previous edition of this game, many are still playing it 2 years after purchase. See the order form below for details on how to order this incredible game. Available for all Atari ST’s and Amiga’s. PC WINDOWS version coming soon. November 1992.
STABLE MASTERS Four years of development by a racing expert has led to the release of this great strategy Horse Racing simulation. You can participate as the Owner. Trainer and or Betting Punter in this remarkable game As the trainer you must try to discover the horses ideal racing conditions (mainly distance & going) Animated race display, formbook. 200 horses with independent personal profiles, tipsters, simple mouse and icon menu selection. Many other items are included.
• Genuine Commodore
• One year warranty
• Free mouse
• Fast Delivery Cheques PO to: Ominidale Supplies, 23 Curzon
Street, Derby DE1 2ES.
Tel: (0332) 291219 ONLY £29.99 OR part exchange your old power supply and pay: £19.99 Amiga I MB RAM. Only £ 19.95 Amiga 1MB or any Atari ST. Only £19.95 : AMIGA A500, A500 Plus and A600 FAX (0702) 613747
P. O. Box 672 South Croydon Surrey CR2 9YS Tel: 081 657 1617 m
I. ...... II have an | Quantity I I Public Domain and
ShareWarc - fully tested, documented and virus free!
* Edited & Printed docs.
* Disks made for YOU.
* Free virus updates
* 4 plus FULL disks only £1.25 each for true value. Try Us!
Description Unit Cost i9.95 2495
12. 00
19. 95
19. 95
27. 00 I MAIL ORDERS ¦ All the programs detailed in this advert
are only available through direct mail from ESP Software.
¦ Name .. (0702) 600557wfwatokOffiGeHais . Postcode .Tel .... . Computer, please send me the following Items 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOT-LINE (English or Scottishl * Address Professional Football Masters 512K (ST Only) * Professional Football Masters 1MB * _ P.F.M. Editor (Not For 512K Amiga)' Wrestling Masters (Amiga 1MB) Stable Masters (Amiga 1MB or Any ST) Amiga 512K RAM Expansion The LATEST demos, j»ames, utilities & programs!
PLUS! Free help & advice by post or telephone - anytime.
? Written Help! Sheets.
UNIQUE ‘Pick Your Own Programs’ |KEW=II
£1.50 for * PACK & CATALOGUE DISK * free membership
* irust hecker-the latest * Svslnfo 8 ppVlorc * Dmouse * KsK
lmk 1 GVP A500 HD+ If you're going to start anywhere, why not
with one of the best? As is usually the case with GVP hardware
their HD+ series is both fast, reliable, flexible and thanks to
a recent slash in price a lot more affordable than you might
If quality counts you can't go far wrong with a drive that's not only one of fastest on the market but also boasts the option of an additional 8Mb of fast RAM, a SCSI port and a game switch which unlike some doesn't disable the on-board RAM.
As with almost all hard disks there's a whole range of sizes available starting from 40Mb stretching right up to
213. If you're interested in the basic version it will set you
back a very reasonable £349 - which is literally a full £100
cheaper than the figure asked on the units initial release.
A530 Turbo As a logical progression to the HD+, the A530 Turbo is a obvious choice. Although physically identical to the aforesaid HD+ the AS 30 Is a different kettle of fish altogether.
Although not strictly just a hard disk it's nevertheless well worth a mention especially for those who lake their computing seriously. Like its predecessor the A530 has an identical selection of disk sizes - minus the 40Mb option, a SCSI port plus the option for up to 8Mb of 32-bit RAM.
As you may have guessed thanks to the reference to 32- bit RAM, the unit also boasts the power of a 40MHz 68030 which can be fitted with an optional 68882 co-processor.
When the combination of hard disk, accelerator, FPU and RAM are put together you're dealing with a powerful beast which on pure speed will easily out-gun a standard Amiga 3000.
On top of all of this, both the HD+ and A53Q will accept the services of a plug-in Vortex 286 PC emulator which somehow manages to squeeze in among the ever growing band of components.
Supplier: Silica Systems Price: £849 (basic unit - 80Mb h drive) Phone: 081-309 1111 Rossmoller Hard Disk Or to give it its full title, the Rossmoller 52Mb Quantum.
Although the word Quantum is synonymous with quality it must be said that the hardware around it doesn't quite The A500 hard disk guide.
All you'll ever need to know in a nutshell... match up. Unlike the majority of drives mentioned, the Rossmoller doesn't have the option of adding any additional RAM. In addition power is provided solely by the Amiga and as a result excessive drain on the machine can be a real problem.
Another minor irritation is that although the drive is a SCSI there's no way of daisy-chaining additional drives to your existing Quantum. Still on the other side of the coin the unit does offer a DMA pass-through which allows you to exploit the services of any other peripherals that take advantage of the side slot.
However it's worth baring in mind this could cause even more power problems if they to are powered solely by the machine.
The drive arrives pre-formatted, so all you have to do is simply add the software of your choice. If you don't want whistles and bells and can live without LEDs the Rossmoller is a respectable bargain basement investment.
Supplier: Sysons Associates Phone: 081-907 2100 Price: £319 AVS Trumpcard 500AT lust like the HD+, the AT comes in a very pleasing Amiga- esque moulded plastic case complete with power and access lights.
Like the Rossmoller the AT also arrives minus a PSU, but unlike the aforementioned drive it doesn't appear to suffer from any of the Rossmoller’s power problems, even when equipped with a full complement of 8Mb of RAM.
Both the drive and RAM are extremely economic concerning power but even so an option for an external PSU has been added. The reason for this seemingly unnecessary option is the drive's DMA through port.
Uke the Rossmoller, the option allows the connection of CD-ROMs and other side slot peripherals without the need to remove your drive - a problem which haunts a lot of the opposition.
With a reasonably quick 52Mb Quantum, up to 8Mb of RAM, DMA pass-through and arguably the best and certainly the easiest installation software on the market, the AT is one of the most attractive options around.
The only problem with a 52Mb AT interface as opposed to the equally spacious SCSI drives offered by the opposition is that of speed and expandability.
Although about average for speed transferring 530k per second, its main downfall is its inability to daisy-chain extra drives- a la SCSI.
If however you think one drive will be more than enough and find DMA access essential the AT is a very attractive option.
Supplier: MicroPace Phone: 0753 551888 Price: £399 (52Mb unpopulated) Ashcom ADDHard 45Mb Last but not least we arrive at a real punter product in the form of Ashcom's ADDHard 45Mb. Not perhaps the most inspiring title even to adorn a drive but if it's value you're after, who cares what it's called?
The drive itself is the ultimate in simplicity - no SCSI port, no RAM expansion, no PSU, just a bargain basement price tag which suits the basic do-the-job design of the drive.
It's small and rather unassuming in comparison to the style of the GVP and AT drives, but still retains a modicum of minimalist dignity.
As you might expect, speed isn't the drives strong point, especially in relation to the dynamic duo of the AT and HD+. Still having said that if you're making your first move from a floppy-based system it's nothing short of blistering.
Like the Rossmoller, the drive comes completely formatted with either Workbench 1.3 or 2 so installation is a simply case of plug-in and you're off.
If you're after a cheap and cheerful introduction to hard disk use without any of the frills offered by the opposition, the Ashcom is just about ideal, especially if you're on a tight budget.
Step beyond the stereotypes CHARLOTTES
• II £ designs opinions personal experiences poetry moans _ Like
CM’s FLIPSIDE is the hottest music outlet IN A BAND?
Is the place to be seen CM connects the young CM is all 'zines in one CM gets the NEW stars CM has no slant or bars £1.40 £1.40 In all HMV, Tower Records, Virgin megastores and any half decent newsagent. Tel 048 641 3675 17-bit Software ...100 1st Computer Centre .84,85 Accelerators ..190 ACS 166 Amiganuts United .114 Amivision ..190 ASDG ...I6C Ashcom .42 Audition
Com Supplies ....59 Battleaxe ...88,89 BJ Print & Graphics ......154 C&S Computers ...141 Calculus .19 Castlesoft ..190 CC Enterprise .182 Computermates .....156 Computerworld 20,21
D. M.S. Ltd ...60 Database
Direct .168,169,170 Delta Pi
Software ...60 Deltrax
PD 183 Dial-a-Disk 154
Diamond Computers .48,49,50
Digiprint ....177 Digita
Int'l ...37
DTBS ...176 Dynamite
Computers 68,69,70,71
EMComputergraphic .....164
Europress Software ...10,11 Evesham
Micros ....150,151 Fairwinds
PD ...75 Firecrest
Distribution ....148 Font
Shop ....75
Futuretech ......76,77 Futureworld Computers
39,40,41 Futuretech * ...76,77 G & S Software
Gasteiner .....57
GJS .....182
Goldstar ..... -------.51 Gordon
Harwoods 30,31,32,33,64
Handisoft ..182 Hawkwell
Electronics .....60 HB
Marketing 166
HiSoft ..96
HIQ .....148 Hobbyte
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a** 26,27 Homebased
Business ....194
I. C.P.U.G ."*.,""*..--------------------191
Indie ......102,103,171
Inovatronics 98
Kew=ll 186 Kosmos
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LCL. ...75 Mail Order
Express ..78
Mailbyte * ....177
Marcam ......*......172 Matrix Comp.
Services 182 Millenium Micros 191 MJC
Supplies .....116 New Horizon Computers 47
New Image Videos .114 Ominidale
Supplies .186 Orion
PD ....186 Owl
Associates ..191 Pathfinder
PD ....194 PD
Direct ......45 PD
Parlour ..191 PD
Soft ......194
Phoenix ...62,63 An apology Due to a
last minute technical hitch, Locator will not be appearing
this month. Please rest assured that it will return to
normal service next month.
Port One PD ......182 Power Computing .....2,3,4,5 Power Play .137 Reflex Technology ..171 Rombo OBC Sector Sw----------------------------194 SelectafontComp 182 Silica Systems 17,55,67,81 Siren ...160 Software Demon ..15 Softmachine .....164 South Hams Software ....191 Special Reserve ...8,9 Stanhouse Ent ....158 Startronics ..176 Strictly
PD___________________________162 Switchsoft ..191 Systec .177 Trilogic .108,109
U. C.S. Systems ...184 Video ware
154 Virus Free PD .....113
West Midland Com Supp 177 Whitenight Technology ...174
Yew Tree Leisure 176 York
Electronic ...152 GMMR Eagle
Software ..8 Entertainment
Int'l ...----------19
Gremlin .11
Microdisk 5
Renegade 7 Software Supreme
13 Westminster Exh .30
WTS C&S ....25 ACCELERATORS Unlimited
P. O. Ii() 87, IA I II AM SI SINKS, I. AN('S, EY8 5SP
III. 0253 795706 1 X 0253 736035 OPEN 10AM TO 5PM MONDW lilkU
llll KSI» Mail OivkrOitly Oveisuas Welcome KcL'i.Nlcicil
| « si or cornier exlni. Fiicvs iiuIiiJc V I PROGRESSIVE
PERIPHERALS 040 28mhz for 2000 1500 with 4 megs £1250 040
33mhz for 2000 1500 with 4 megs £1450 ZEUS 2000 1500 28 Mhz
040 With 4 Meg And Scsi £1499 ZEUS 33mhz version 4 megs and
SCSI £1799 SPECIAL 25 mhz 040 for 3000 3000T £699 MERCURY 28
Mhz 040 zero K For A3000 A3000T £1350 MERCURY 35Mhz
(28mips!) £1550 NEW 28 MHZ 040 FOR 50Q 500P With 4 megs £875
68000 fall-back mode works ALL hard drives tested FUSION
FORTY 040 28 mhz 2000 1500 4 meg £1174 works with 16 bit ram
GVP 040 G Force 33 mhz 040 with 4 meg and SCSI 2

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