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COMMODORE daim Amiga sates have tucreased four (otd fottowing since the A600; recent €100 price cut. A4000 now due October, A2200 $ trapped have scrapped the machine intended to take over as a mid-range Amiga, just weeks betone it was due to be shown in Britain. Powered by a 68020 processor, the A2200 would have fitied the gap test when the manufacturer stopped production of the Al 500 and A2000. (çmmodore boss Ketty Sumner expects that after its recent price eut, the A3000 can fit) this rote. Meanwhite, a weü-ptaced source has told AMIGA Computing that Commodore wiü show a new AMIGA atmed at competing against Atari': new €499 fakon in October. Commodore, however, insist that it witt be next year before such an Amiga arrives. They witt not give any dues to its spécifications. The company say that one High Street chain which promoted the machine heavilyreportedaseven (otd increase in sates over the previ ous week Commodore say many indepcn dent retailer; are now tryingto switch seii Nintendo and Sega potential purchases to Amiga, point ing out that white the Amiga stitt costs €100 more, Amiga software ts much cheaper. tt seems to be working and the dealers and the High Street have cer tainiy got behind it," said Commodore s Ketty Sumner. 1! s too early to say what that means to the overatt picture for the year but 't certainiy means our 500 000 foretast wi!) be achieved how many more we can't base three weeks sales on." irvine gets Amiga plant MANUFACTURtNG and assembly of Amigas for Britain and many parts of Europe has moved to fryine, Scotiand, securing more than 200 jobs at the 130,000 square foot plant Aii Amiga models wiü bebuittat the factory. which is owned by an American associate company of Commodore s caüed SCt. The corn pang also produce Amiga; in the far East. "ft's basicatty endorsing our beticf in whatthe Amiga market is going to be and what it is at the moment, said Commodore boss Ketty Sumner

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Document sans nom • November 1992 • £2.99 OpalVision t Amos Pro • Blizzard Turbo •
Gold Disk Office 2 world ofcoimi«Nf!
First-time E-mclile NO COVERDISK?
See your newsagent!
Lotus III - another dose of motorised mayhem DigiTiger 2 video digitiser New Arexx compiler Award winning innovative products from Scanners "If your in the market for a hand scanner then forget the rest and get Powerscan" Amiga Format July 1992 Power Scanner v2.0 ¦ 100-400 DPI scanning resolutions ¦ 64 greyscales
• Thru port for printer
• Award winning editing, image manipulation & scanning software
Power Scanner v2.0 ...£99 Power Scanner
Colour ...£239
• 600 DPI Colour flatbed scanner
• 24-bit colour
• A4 reading area ¦ Software included Epson GT-6000 ...
£999 Epson GT-8000
• 800 DPI colour flatbed scanner
- 24-bit colour
• A4 reading area
• Software included ¦ Amazing scan quality Epson
GT-8000 £1199 Upgrade Offer If you consider your
scanner system to be inferior to the Power Scanner, we will
happily upgrade your software and interface. (Power Scanner
is compatible with most scanning heads)
Upgrade £49.95 The
Amiga can only display 16 grayscale* Distributor for Power
Computing in Italy. D.R.R, SRL 00142, Roma. Via Duccio Di
Buoriinsegna Tal (061 5193481 482 Fax 504066* Power Computing.
France, 15 Bid Voltiare 75011. Paris. France. Tel (1) 43386206
|6 lines) Fax (1) 4338002 Floppy Drives "This drive contains
more gadgets than Batman's utility belt" Amiga Computing
Feb!992 PC880B Power Drive
• Award winning drive manufactured by Power Computing ¦ Super
slim design
- Anti-click (Cures that annoying click) ¦ Virus blocker
(Prevents viruses) ¦ Built-in backup hardware PC880B with Blitz
Amiga ...£65 PC880B with Blitz & Xcopy
£90 PC880B (Cyclone compatible)’ £70 PC880B in
black case .£65 ’This drive is only
available w featured owner1 of Xcopy Professional You must
provide proof of purchase of Xcopy Profession*!
Power Drives PC880E Economy drive ...£49.95 PC881 A5QQ Internal drive .....£40.00 PC882 A2000 Internal drive £45.00 Dual Drive
- Two high quality disk drives built into one compact unit ¦ Same
features as PC880B Dual
drive ..£125 Drive
Accessories A500 Internal anti-click board £9.95 Maxell
multi-colour disks (10) .£9.95 Floppy disks bulk
supplied ......£POA Blitz Amiga
• Backup disks at lightning speeds
- Stops all external drives from clicking ¦ Contains anti-virus
from being written into the bootblocker Blitz
Amiga ..£20 1MB RAM
with clock ..£49.95 RAMs continued 1MB RAM
without clock £45.00 PC501+ RAM Card Our RAM board is designed
especially for the A500+ computer and comes with 1MB of RAM on
board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Plug-in and go
operation (Fits into the trapdoor) PC501 + RAM
card £39.95 8MB for any A500
- Plugs into side slot, fully auto config, full thru port. Expand
2MB-8MB 2MB £109 4MB £169 8MB£289 1 x 4ZIP chips
...£14.95 2MB for any A500 ¦ Economy
2MB RAM externally cased ¦ 16-chip (1x1 DIP) ¦ No thru port 2MB
RAM ....£79
1. 5MB RAM Board ¦ Fully supports 1MB of chip RAM ¦ Fully
compatible with Fatter Agnus (KickfUft 13 and above, not
compatible with A500.1 lYour Am qa needs to be opened, this
may effect ydof warranty
1. 5MB RAM board £75 1MB with
Thru'port ¦ Expand your A5QQ s memory up to a total of 2MB
without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade
• Works with 1 MB of Chip RAM (SI2K RAM mutt be 4 Chip Type or
not exceeding 9cm in lengNl lYour Amiga needs lo be opened,
thi* may affect yooi WunvjiJ 1MB with thru'port
.....H A500 RAM Card ¦ 512K RAM expansion
with clock & free I software (A500+ compatible) 512K RAM (4
chip) ... 512KRAM without
clock .£2« 512K RAM (16 chip) with
clock ...£2m 512KRAM (16 chip) without clock......£1«
Power Computing Ltd ¦ Tel 0234 843388 m Commodore A600 ¦ The
new compact Amiga 600 GVP A530 Turbo HD ¦ Built-in TV modulator
* Workbench & kickstart 2
• Enhanced chipset
• 1MB of RAM ¦ IDE Hard disk controller built-in
• Credit card size ROM & RAM slot A500 Hard Drives t ).95
j. 00 d Hy with jr n and
9. 95 O ig, full £289
14. 95 0 i$ ed £79 rd JS i it warranty!
£75 iort to a 3f your ;m in length!
Ut Warrimyl £45 rd k & free £29 £24 £24 k £19 t 5040666 3380028 Specification* » pncw subiect to change nub out notice All trademerM acknowledged ¦ Kick-off is the latest Amiga add-on from Power
• One of the most advanced kickstart ROM sharers available ¦ A
clever design on a small reliable board
• Fits A500, A500+, A1500 ¦ Kickstart ROM can be selected from
the keyboard
• No messing about with switches ¦ No 'CIA adaptor" or other
trailing wires
• Jumper to select which ROM boots on switches
• Compatible with old Amiga board revisions
• Simple internal fitting*
• Cck-oM requires the M to be removed Irom the Alfcfl*.
TH* may invalidate your warranty ROM Share .£17.95 ROM Share inc. kickstart v2.04 ...£55 ROM Share inc. kickstart vl.3 .....£39 ROM Share for A600 ...£29 Kickstart v2.04 204 Kickstart (chip only) £39.95 204 Kickstart ROM, workbench software, install disk 2.04, font disk & extras £99.95 204 kit with ROM sharer £115.00 Joysticks
• Made by Quickshot
• High quality construction
• Ergonomic Bio-grips
• Turbo-fire capability Aviator 1
• Aircraft control yoke
• 4 fire buttons
• Turbo fire
• Altitude level indicator
• The ultimate joystick
• Player 1 2 selector Aviator
1 £35.00 Intruder 1
• Dual speed turbo fire ¦Omnidirectional grip
• Eject button for fire button cover Intruder
1 ....£29.99 Maverick
1 ..£15.99 Python
1 ...£9.99 Apache 1
....£7.99 Power Shop 86
Walton © ¦ 40MHz 68030EC accelerator ¦ Optional 68882 maths
• Up to 8MB 32-bit FASTRAM on-board
• Award winning 52MB HD 0MB RAM £714
105MB HD 0MB RAM .....£854 240MB HD 0MB
RAM ...£1054 68882 Upgrade
kit .....£224 GVP Series 2 HD ¦ Up to
8MB FASTRAM on board 52QMB0MB £339 105QMB0MB ....£469 52QMB2MB
£389 105QMB2MB ....£519 52QMB4MB £4 40 105QMB4MB ....£569
52QMB8MB £519 105QMB 8MB ....£709 ICD Novia Internal HD
• Fits inside your Amiga 500
• Comes complete, just plug-in and go Novia 60160MB
HD ..£359 Novia 851 85MB
HD ..£459 ICD Flicker Fixer Flicker
Free Video 2 ¦ Stop that annoying flicker ¦ Fits internally in
the A5Q0 ¦ Multi-sync monitor required Flicker Free Video
2 ..£199 NEC 4FG Multi-sync monitor
£549 Chips 4MB x8$ lMM ...£90
1MBx8SIMM .£25 256K
x4DRAM ..£4.00 1MB x
1DRAM ..£3.95 1 x 4
ZIP .£14.95 1 x 4
DIP £19.95 A3000
Static column RAM £19.95 SIMM 32 x
1MB-60 .....£65
SIM32x4MB-60 ......£243 fTheso chips
cover most momory 8t hard drives i.e. GVP. Supra. Commodore)
Road, East Molesey, Surrey ¦CDTV player ¦Welcome disk + caddy ¦
Keyboard ¦Floppy disk drive (black) ¦Wired mouse
• Workbench 1.3 and manuals ¦ Infrared remote control CDTV
multi-media pack ..£599 CDTV Software A Bun
for Barney ...£29.99 Barney Bear goes
camping ..£29.99
Battlechess £39.99 Case of
the Cautious Condor......£34.99 CD Remix
v2 ...£34.99 Fred Fish CDPD
Collection ....£19.95 Fun School 3 (under
5's) ......£24.99 Fun School
(5-7yrs) .£24.99 Fun School (Over 7yrs) £24.99
Guiness CDTV Disc of Records ..£34.99 Illustrated Holy Bible
......£29.99 Music Maker ....£34.99
NASA Heroic Age of Space £19.99 Power Pinball
£29.99 Sim
City ......£29.99 Trivial
Pursuit .£49.99 World Vista Atlas
.....£54.99 Xenon 2 Megablast ..£29.99
More titles available KT8 ODL. 081 941 9073 A600 with
2MB ...£339 A600 With 20MB inc.
2MB ..£499 A600 with 40MB inc.
2MB ..£539 A600 with 80MB inc.
2MB ..£639 See memory section for latest A600 RAM
cards A600 Internal HD IBM 40MB Internal
HD ...£299 IBM 80MB Internal
HD ...£399 "The Power Mouse is my pick of the
month* CU Amiga PC880B 'Well worth spending your hard earned
pennies on, an excellent buy* Amiga Computing Dual Drive Now
this is a bit special* Amiga Computing Power Scanner Amiga
Shopper Best Buy Power Scanner Amiga Format Gold Power Scan is
quite simply the best Amiga hand scanner available" Amiga
Format Credit Card Hotline 0234 843388 10 LINES Fax 0234 840234
Technical 0234 841882 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road
Woburn Road Ind. Estat Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN VAT included
Delivery included Next day delivery £4.5 I U K mainland only)
Award Winning Manufacturers Power products com with full
technical support GVP Series 2 HD
• Up to 8Mb SIMM RAM on-board ¦ Supports external SCSI devices
• FaaaST ROM 4.0 ¦ 14MHz SCSI controller 52QMB0MB £279 105QMB 0MB
£479 52QMB 2MB £3 39 105QMB 2MB £539 52QMB 4MB £399 105QMB 4MB
£599 52QMB 8MB £469 105QMB 8MB £749 Nexus Hard Card ¦ Up to 8MB
RAM on-board Bare £199 52QMB0MB £279 105QMB 0MB £479 52QMB2MB
£3 39 105QMB 2MB £539 52QMB4MB £399 105QMB 4MB £599 52QMB 8MB
£469 105QMB 8MB £749 Bare SCSI Hard Drive 52 Quantum £199 105
Quantum £299 (Suitable for GVP G-Force, GVP HD or Nexus HCI
Other sizes of HD available, please call RAM Expansion ¦ Aries
A1500 A2000 RAM 2MB £129 6MB ......£209
4MB £169 8MB £249 Macintosh Emulator "This really is the best
emulator we've seen for the Amiga. It behaves just as if you
really were using a Mac" Amiga Format Sept 1992 Amax-ll Plus
¦Amiga 1500and above
• Runs Mac software Wliaj)
• Runs System 7 ¦ Full support for all SCSI Mac peripherals and
the ability to read Mac disks in your drives ¦ 68020 68030
• AppleTalk emulation
• Can use Amiga ECS ¦ Easy to install Amax-ll
Plus ..£299 (Mac ROM chips
requiredl Distributor for Power Computing in Italy, D.R.R. SRL
00142. Roma. Via Duccio Di Buoninsagna Tel (061 5193461 462 Fax
5040666 Power Computing. France, 15 Bid Voltiare 75011, Pari*,
France. Tel (1) 43386206 (6 lines) Fax Cl) 43380028 Opal Vision
¦ 24-bit graphic card
• 16.8 million colours available ¦ Operates in all standard Amiga
• VLSI Microcode graphics co-processor ¦ Double buffered 24-bit
and 15-bit animation is available in all resolutions ¦
Palatte-mapped' design updates screen colours in real-time.
Fade pictures in and out and change their palettes ¦ Equipped
with 1.5MB of display RAM ¦ Auto-config for NTSC or PAL
• Available for all Amigas Software included OpalPaint ¦ 24-bit
painting and image processing OpalPresents ¦ Presentation
program ¦ Control OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live
video ¦ Includes fades, effects etc. ¦ Many more features King
of Karate ¦ 24-bit computer game ¦ Exciting karate competition
¦ Demonstrates OpalVision capabilities
OpalVision .£899 More
information available OpalVision roaster chip available soon
Monitors 'For a monitor of this quality, the CM8833 is worth
every lenny" miga Format Sept 1992 'The 4FG is an absolutely
smashing monitor that beats
* very competitor" miga Format Sept 1992 Philips CM8833 Mk2 With
cable Available with Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 or FI 9 Stealth
Fighter On-site maintenance (tHiil) CM8833
Mk2 ...£199 NEC Multisync
4FG ¦ For use with Flicker Fixers ¦ Very high quality fT
• Built-in degausser yyjy NEC Multisync
4FG ...£549 ¦ Manufactured by Power
Computing Award winning innovative products from I A2000 Hard
Cards 24-Bit Colour Optical Hard Drive ¦ 128MB on one optical
disk ¦ Read and write optical disks ¦ 40ms running speed ¦
Built-in power supply
• High power cooling fan
• 25-way and 50-way SCSI ports ¦Thruport built-in
- SCSI ID switch
- Compatible with major SCSI controllers 128MB optical drive
(Internal) £729 128MB optical drive (External) £999 128MB 3.5“
optical disk £39.95 each SCSI controller card for A1500 A2000
......£199 (Compatible with Amiga, PC,
and Mac. A SCSI controller is required on the Amiga and PCI
Commodore A1500 ¦ 1MB of RAM ¦ Two 3.5 internal disk drives ¦
Fully expandable, accepting all A2000 peripherals ¦ Keyboard
and mouse ¦ Software included The Works Platinum Edition Delux
Paint III Home Accounts Puzznic game Toki game Elf game A1500
Accelerator GVP G-Force
• 68030 accelerator board ¦ 68882 Maths co-processor ¦ DMA SCSI
controller on-board ¦ 68000 fall-back mode ¦ Only CPU slot is
used ¦ Internal and external SCSI connector
- Converts to hard card with Hard Drive mount kit
• 32-bit RAM as standard 25MHz 1MB
RAM .....£579 40MHz 4MB
RAM .....£879 50MHz4MB
RAM ..£1249 Hard drive mount
kit ...£35 Power Computing Ltd ¦ Tel
0234 843388 im Inkjet Q f Order Form Name Address LX1QQ
Postcode Tel. No.
Oilers £729 £999 15 each £199 A SCSI IPC) oo i2000 LQ-100 " -y Prints speed of lOppm '' 1MB memory expandable to 6MB ¦
• Microsoft printing
• Ritech "24-pin
* 27 f0nt -250cps print speed
• 250 sheet papertray " Space saving
• Adobe postscript option ’ Scalable fonts
• Intelligent Remote emulation switching " Enhanced graphics
Power Mouse ...£15
• Parallel Serial interface " 50 sheet A4 paper tray Optical
Mouse ......£29.95
• Networking capabilities "Dual position design Replacement
optical mouse mat ..£9.95
• Can serve 2-3 users " Optional tractor feed 10 Maxell disks,
optical mouse.
• Shared printing "LQ-100 fits in anywhere!
Zipstick ..£45
Maxell multi-colour disks (10) .£9.95 EPL-8100
LQ-100 .£209
Floppy disks bulk ....£POA Power Shop.
86 Walton Road, East Molesoy, Surrey KT8 ODL. 081 941 9073
ector I Drive established 1985 ....£579 ....£879 .£1249 £35
5040666 380028 mm Printers All printers include cables and next
day delivery Star Printers LC200
colour ...£199 IC24-200
mono £239 .C24-200 colour
£289 Citizen Printer Swift 24e
. £279
• ncludes colour kit and AMI) Epson Printers Laser EPL 4000
• Ideal First time' Laser printer ¦Print speed of 6ppm
• Pnnt superb quality text and graphics
• deal upgrade from dot-matrix EPL 4300 High quality laser
printer Pnnt speed of 6ppm 1MB memory Expand to 6MB Adobe
postscript option 1100 sheet tray EPL-430Q
.£799 EPL-4000
.£639 EPL-8100 LQ570
¦Four feed paths ¦ Flexible paper management ¦225cps print
speed ¦ Easy access control panel
• Memory stores around 4 full pages of text ¦Printtext and
graphics ¦ Optional sheet feeders ¦Optional tractor feeder
SQ-870 £509
SQ-1170 .....£629 (132
column printer) New generation inkjet Advanced paper handling
'Print scalable fonts '660cps print speed '360x360 DPI print
quality 1128K printer buffer ¦Handles four paper types Dot
Matrix Amiga Format Sept 1992
• High quality ¦Award winning 411V ¦High spec Supra Fax Modem
Plus ..£136 Supra Fax Modem
v32Bis ..£295 Supra Modem 2400
(External) ..£91 Supra Modem 2400 Zlplus
(internal) ..£134 Supra 9600
....£POA LX-100
- 9-pin
- 240 cps in cpi draft mode ¦ Built-in 50 sheet paper cassette
• 1 draft and 2 NLQ fonts built-in ¦ No adjustment for thickness
required ¦Two printer positions - upright or flat ¦Tractor feed
¦Cut sheet feeder ¦Cables "It's not everyday you find a modem
with the features it has at this price - you could pay over
twice the price for just a modem this speed alone, without the
fax facilities Supra Modems Supra Fax Modem V32 Bis Dot Matrix
Modems £189 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 I enclose cheque PO for £ I I I T I TT Expiry Date Signature tion, Gold Disk Office 2 for the home and small business productivity fiends, Paint & Create for parents with educational interests, structured drawing packages, and a full-blown comms special for beginners everywhere.
Top this off with another great CoverDisk, another instalment of our beginners' series, the latest games in Gamer, Amiga Market for buyers, and two competitions instead of the usual one, and we think you'll agree there's something for everyone.
Remember our motto - when you buy this mag, no other purchase is necessary. Everything you need can be found in one magazine • Amiga Computing, Welcome to another issue of Britain's best Amiga magazine. Does that sound pompous? It probably does, but a quick look at the contents of this issue will confirm our continuing policy of offering the only complete coverage of the whole Amiga market.
For the ambitious owner, we have a first look at GVP's exciting new A53Q unit, there's Amos Pro (another first) for budding programmers, QpalVision for the graphic artists out there. Blizzard Turbo for the budget-conscious user with an eye on acceleraREGULARS Amiga Newsline All the latest developments in the Amiga market ...«« ..» USA News Organise your finances and money with our £1,000 Home Accounts 2 spectacular See page 53 save Competition 2 Turn your home into an office by winning a copy of Cold Disk Office 2 See page 55 Arexx n© DTV 47© Programming Music H© Communications
s© Amos jpp © DTP Mult'mecfia Public Sector Another galloping gourmet's tastiest PD and shareware morsels.
Beginners1 Guide Make those script files work for you, speak to nr you, and even ask you questions ...J 3 ACAS Advice on all matters technical and troublesome, q ~i from AmigaDOS to hard drives .....J Try out our classified ads for those tempting bargains. There's also the usual Shop Window reviews, and this month we have the first ever survey of mail order service.
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tho Audit Bvreau of Circulations W» mpit Anyo Coryustg oamd oRv wbekd Up if a ptrwsl bods
• 6»byWKho«a'AW'tm Ad idIi jr n ihazd be ubnnsc to ite odnu sw*»
** powUe p*U «roe An go CoeyuVtg « 01 ndeoesdsu piblcaton ami
Catnodow hniuii Mxhm W or» nol mpMMi b Off ol fc Bvkl If 6 Umt
O' b t*r ** At qpnoni cgnuad 0 1992 firopeu [mrprn lid hto
ncftnd nor '*(nixul « rMt a r pod w4oJ vtm prnssxn Vwie rwrj an
u Sif" *« pAA **n an
• ctbl IcWtgdV ipcrvtKi fo-orr, «trar» inoridn piJWPRESS mumii
F y tour ytjn AMIGA Computing tm bctn the leading magazine lor
Amiga enthusiasts. At a key member of the Europrcss magazine
group, Amiga Computing promises to Worm, educate and entertain
Its readers eath month with the most dedicated coverage of the
Amiga available AMIGA Computing • Alort ST Uier • K Tod or
• Acom Computing • C8 Kttxm AMIGA Action
• jr Action t hap' H • Sew font • h font • Computer frode WetUy
• Super Action • AC Home Published by Europms En*rpns« Ud.
Europe House, Adlington M MocdesfeJd SKIO 4NP Teh 0625 878888 Fox: 0625 179966 PUBUSHING DIRECTOR Richard Williams CHAIRMAN Derek Meakin MANAGING DIRECTOR km WccmfifW WHO’S WHO lEESf 64418 Jan-Jun* 1992 Offers SPECIALS 59 Canon BJ10 Utils The end of your bubblejet blues is nigh with this custom printer driver and utilities (WB2 needed for full effect) The best shareware shoot- 'em-up we've ever clapped eyes on PLUS... Model 4D Create your own rendered 3D objects and animations ImageLab Take a perfectly normal graphic, then apply ImageLab for some stunning effects Tame For games programmers
everywhere, a complete high quality map editor Punter Power GVP's A530 accelerator, hard drive, and RAM ? R expansion goes under the microscope O 3 Finger painting Teddy bear rockers and classrooms mix it ** in this novel education program I Outline on art We examine the top two Amiga structured a q drawing packages and test their suitability rO Office party The latest bundled five-in-one software package. Can Cold Disk Office pull it off?
The besi of the latest games, plus previews, news and playing guides Don 't miss our fantastic offers for subscribers see page 74 now!
Budget boost Can Blizzard Turbo really double your -j 3 Amiga's speed for less than £200? f 3 Power programming The brand new Amos Professional pro- q gramming package dissected and tested s Australian colour With this new graphics board, you really 1 A A wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else I UU MICROPROSfc GOLF
13. 99 ELITE
10. 99 SPEEOBALL 2
6. 99 F19 STEALTH
14. 99 Amiga Software Games marked (NOP) will not work on the
11. 99 OF FREEDOM) ilATOR) floor 13.
- ¦ 72 OT OAUHTLET 2 BATTLE «LE (NOP) . ..19.99
..... 16.1 BATTlCCHEMS HOT G00C
..9.41 BIRDS OF PREY (1 MEG) 22
humans CHUCK* COO 2 .....- ...9.99 HUNTER .... QUICKSHOT111A TURBO 2
NICKLAUS CotF ...... 6.*9 JAGUAR XJ220I1MEO) .
l6.M JAMES POND .- ... 7.46 JAMES
...19 49 ...9.99 MANCHESTER UMTEO
.11.99 MEGA L0 MANIA • FIRST SAMURAI -...,1949 $ *,( NT
SERVICE 2 (i MEG| iNOP) ......22 99 .23 99 MEGA SPORTS
19. M WINTER GAME Si . 16 W *•* C'TV A POPULOUS if« ..22.99 MEGA
14. 99 MIDW-NTER ..... 19.99 SIM CITY TERRAIN
EDITOR .... 9.99 14 99 - 2 (KIUOTG GAUt SHOW SKVYOI
N0P|...... 3 99 1999 AWESOME. BEAST MH SPACE
______.9.99 SPACE GuN ... 1199
T00KST0** ...... ..19.99 «pac* harrier 2
..... .7 99 SPACE QUEST 4 1
Eyr. A, murt (i UEG, ¦ ¦¦¦!
...7.W PINBALL DREAMS(1 VEQ) .....thi
saipsons . ISM .22 99 PIRATES INOP)
- .... '6.99 '--'INOERHAWX 9.M 11W
PITOCHTER ......a n ME FOX »
19. 49 PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE .....19.49 TIP OFF
.. 16.49 16 49 PUVIR MANAGER ..IN
...18.99 WI2AR0RV i BANE OF T* COSMIC FORM . 24 99 AQBOQOP*- ..-......1 ROGER RABBIT IN RARE RAISING HAVOC |HAHQ DRIVE REQUIRfP) (DISNEY) Ii ROOKIES I EMMtNQS DATA OQK • OH Noi .OTUS TURBO CHAl IENCE 2 I DRIFT (NOP) IMONGER M Over 100,000 people have joined Special Reserve - the club with no obligation to buy! Tel. 0279 600204 for a Fill C0L0 R catalogue HAIDWME mas INCLUDE VAT AND DELIYQY TO UK MAINLAND Games dub AMIGA 600 LEMMINGS PACK BUILT-IN TV MODULATOR 1 MEO RAM EXPAN0A8LE TO 2 MEO. 12 MONTHS IN- HOME
FONT. 24 MTH WARRANTY. 24 PIN .rrrtn quality printer with
excellent graphics pmxmo dpi).
FILE-A-OISK RECORD SYSTEM. DISK CLEANER S BLANK OISKS) .... CLEANING KTT FOR _ - COMPUTERS f -t "Til (WCLUOES VACUUM) 1 i 1 H 1899 NAKSHA AMIGA ST MOUSE WITH 41 OPERATION Stf AlTM I 24 99 IB 0279 600204 Open to 8pm Weekdays and to 5pm Weekends ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ____ UK £6.99 EEC £8.99 ilgfl WORLD £10.99 Wc poly supply members but you can order as you Join.
The Special Resorvc full colour c u0 magazine NRG is sent to all members jP bi-monthly. NRG features full reviews of new games plus mini-reviews, new **- products. Special Resorvc charts. , 'SStlpi Release Schedule and hundreds of i special otters PLUS - EVERY ISSUE CONTAINS £30 worth of money-off coupons to save even more money oft our amazing prices.
Wo sell games and accessories, all at amazing prices, for McgaDRIVE. Master System. Game Gear. Super NES.
Garnoboy. NES. Lynx. Amiga. Atari ST. IBM PC. CDTV and IBM CD ROM.
Best Service. Best Prices. Biggest Selection That's why over 100,000 people have joined Special Reserve.
24. 99 ---- TBI iCRELNbt AT STEREO SPEAKERS FOR Wl z ¦ amiga Oft
PICTURE) ..- ......- ..9.99
F-2ER0 .. 37,99 FINAL FIQHT
.....47 99 JOE A MAC - CAVEMAN NINJA 47 99
.....4299 SUPER R-TYPE ....37.99
,..,47,99 Inter-MedlatCS ltd Registered
Oftico: 2 South Block.
The Waitings Sawbndgeworth. Herts CM21 9PG.
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O.-'AocessMaswcarfl'SiYCch-Vsa Swtch issue No.
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The Amiga 570 CD Drive has arrived. A major leap forward for you. But a slight problem for our photographer. Because just one compact disc inserted into this ingcpious machine can store the equivalent of up to 700 floppy discs - far too many to fit into a single photograph. That’s an astonishing 550 Megabytes of memory, or 250,000 A4 pages of text. Enough to instantly transform your Amiga 500 Plus into an interactive multi-media player with the capabilities of CDTV.
In short, a real power-house. And one fully equipped to take advantage of over 100 CD titles already available covering everything from education to entertainment. The Amiga 570 CD Drive can also be used as a regular audio CD player. So its retail price of only £349.99, Including our free Public Domain Collection disc, should come as music to your cheque book. We could go on and on about the Amiga 570. But how much more information could you possibly want?
• * AMIGA THE ULTIMATE HOME COMPUTER From C* Commodore crop mas.
The new «mio« vocd drive is nnir roMMniu with ike amiga soopii
s Honvn. Ir vim have any other rvpt.ot amic.a wpii am contact
you* dealer Reeore purchasing, alternatively wiiv not ixnUhi.r
HIM. I.Ri.AT ( MV1 ECU StdlfC NewsFI by John Butters TWO
bundles which Commodore say will take the A600 through
Christmas and most of next year have been unveiled by the firm,
and should now be available.
Christmas is Wild, Weird and Wiclced Containing a standard A600, The Wild, The Weird and The Wicked pack is aimed as a replacement for Cartoon Classics and, for more "serious" buyers, Epic Language lab is based on the A600HD fitted with a 20Mb hard disk drive.
Supplied in The Wild, The Weird and The Wicked are Deluxe Paint III and three games - Microprose's Grand Prix, System 3's Putty and Push Over, the recent Ocean game featuring Quavers crisps' Colin Curly. The pack sells for £349.99. Included in Epic Language Lab are Deluxe Paint III, Amiga Text wordproces* sor and Domark's Trivial Pursuit, presented in either English, French or German. Help is available through a built-in 75,000 word multilingual dictionary.
Three games in the bundle are Ocean's 3D space shoot-'em-up Epic, Rome - Millenium's strategy set in the days of the Roman empire and Myth, an arcade adventure from System 3. Price: Amos - more packed in AMOS Professional is the latest version of Europress Software's (0625 859333) Amiga software development package, updated with many new features following feedback from existing users.
Added are 200 commands to take the total to more than 700, a new editor to give on-line help, new accessories and two example disks containing working example and tutorials.
A selection of completed games are bundled in the pack including scrolling shoot- 'em-up Planet Zybex, File O'Facts electronic data organiser, puzzle game Quatro and a platform game with eight-way scrolling.
Available now, it is supplied on six disks and costs £69.99. Upgrades from Amos and Easy Amos are offered to registered users.
Light shines from Phoenix A COMPLETE lighting control and design console which fits inside Amigas is being sold by Australian firm Phoenix MicroTechnologies.
Named Aladdin Lighting Control System, it consists of a standard Amiga expansion slot card and software and is available in several configurations to suit the different users' needs.
Phoenix are at 18 Hampton Road, Keswick, South Australia 5035- £499.99. "Our Christmas bundles are always eagerly awaited and this year has been no exception," said Commodore boss Kelly Sumner.
"It's always hard to better your last success, but we're sure that we've pulled it off on this occasion by offering a selection to suit every taste."
The company say that with the introduction of their new bundles, less emphasis will be put on the basic £299.99 A600 pack.
Failed firm keeps on repairing Amigas COMMODORE say service and support of Amiga products will not be affected by Wang's recent decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States.
The move gives the computer giant court protection from creditors while they restructure, and they have told Commodore that their service organisation will continue to operate.
Wang took over Amiga repairs soon after the collapse of Commodore national repair centre FMC in June and have always been responsible for A600 on-site warranty.
"All the news and excitement about Wang relates solely to the American parent company," claimed Commodore UK's managing director Kelly Sumner.
"Our position in the UK is totally unaffected. I'm completely comfortable with the situation particularly the at home support for the Amiga
600. "
Wang chairman Richard Miller said: "Our aim is to focus on the service business and the develop ment and sale of software, and to shrink manufacturing operations " Miller aims to turn Wang into a smaller, more competitive company.
CD-ROM to go internal OFFICIALS from Commodore's Maidenhead office have confirmed that the giant are developing an Internal CD-ROM drive for Amigas with remote keyboards. No details are being given on availability or pricing.
R N ews Cut sends sales soaring A4000 now due October, A2200 scrapped have scrapped the machine intended to take over as a midrange Amiga, just weeks before it was due to be shown in Britain.
Powered by a 68020 processor, the A2200 would have filled the gap left when the manufacturer stopped production of the A1500 and A2000.
Commodore boss Kelly Sumner expects that after its recent price cut the A3000 can fill this role.
Meanwhile, a well-placed source has told Amiga Computing that Commodore will show a new Amiga aimed at competing against Atari's new £499 Falcon in October.
Commodore, however, insist that it will be next year before such an Amiga arrives. They will not give any dues to its specifications.
COMMODORE claim Amiga sales have increased four fold following since the A600's recent £100 price cut.
The company say that one High Street chain which promoted the machine heavily reported a seven fold increase in sales over the previ ous week.
Commodore say many independent retailers are now trying to switch sell Nintendo and Sega potential purchases to Amiga, point ing out that while the Amiga still costs £100 more, Amiga software is much cheaper.
"It seems to be working and the dealers and the High Street have cer tainly got behind it," said Commodore's Kelly Sumner, "It's too early to say what that means to the overall picture for the year but it certainly means our 300,000 forecast will be achieved how many more we can't base three weeks sales on.”
• ••••••• Irvine gets Amiga plant MANUFACTURING and assembly of
Amigas for Britain and many parts of Europe has moved to
Irvine, Scotland, securing more than 200 jobs at the 130,000
square foot plant.
All Amiga models will be built at the factory, which is owned by an American associate company of Commodore's called SCI. The company also produce Amigas in the Far East.
"It’s basically endorsing our belief in what the Amiga market is going to be and what it is at the moment,' said Commodore boss Kelly Sumner.
Comet play on Gamesmaster He added: "It’s not easy and It's not cheap to set up a production plant.” Bruce Armstrong, SCI’s senior vice president for Europe said: "Irvine, our European headquarters, is cen tral in our plans for growth. This contract from Commodore reinforces all the hard work and dedication put in by everyone concerned."
• •••••ft Board goes 3D REAL 3D now features as part of Amiga
Swapshop bulletin board. It contains a message and file area
and competitions. Modem users should dial 081 986 5964, at up
to 14,400 baud and 8 N 1.
BOSSES at Commodore have spoken more about the new A4000, as its launch date is put back to the end of October.
The firm have confirmed the machine will run from a 68040 processor but now say that it will not be available optionally with a 68030.
It will be available with either a 52 or 105Mb hard drive and feature the new AA chip set, giving the machine spectacular graphics.
But Commodore's Kelly Sumner says the A4000 has the usual sound capability, Speculation within the industry suggested the computer would have 16-bit sound.
The computer is claimed to be downwardly compatible and at the moment is housed in a PC case, slightly smaller than the A3000. And in a shock move, Commodore Merlin teaches maths MATHS can now be learned with six educational games making up Europress Software's (0625 859333) latest package, Merlin's Maths.
Designed to encourage kids to learn the basics of counting, decimals, fractions and volumes, it retains the fun element common to Europress' Fun School series.
Among the line-up of programs - each with three levels - are Crystal Conference, Perfect Potions, Decisive Data, Broken Battlements, Magic Machine and Weight Weapons.
"Maths can be one of the most difficult subjects to get to grips with, and we believe Merlin's Maths will help to make it easier for children to understand," said Europress Software's marketing manager Alexa Czechowski.
“We have combined the essentials of playability, strong graphic, bright colours, attention-grabbing sound and rewarding sequences to keep the child amused while learning." ________ Aimed at seven to 11 -year-olds, it costs Merum Matm tontaim £25 99 ill edutathnal gamn Safari go CGFont EM Computergraphic (0255 431389) have just signed a deal to distribute Gold Disk's CGUpdate utility with Computer Safari fonts.
The program updates the CGFont directory, allowing Professional Page users to use any new CGFonts that have been added to the CGFont list.
For the first time the entire range of the Computer Safari fonts are available in CGFont format. They are compatible with Professional Page, Pagcsetter II, Wordworth and Scala. The price of disks ranges from £7.99 to £12.99, Gamesmaster-style to create an atmosphere which fans can relate to.
Staff have been trained to deal with software and discount cards will give regular customers price benefits. HMV and Our Price have also announced they intend to sell computer games.
Meanwhile, Comet have announced plans to place the CDTV in 220 of their stores. Commodore's new decision to link the machine with the Amiga is behind the move.
ELECTRICAL retail giant Comet are the latest High Street chain to stock computer games, with software due to enter more than 200 of their branches throughout Britain.
Comet's Gamesmaster Zone is billed as a unique concept that will enable Amiga and video game enthusiasts to play before they Pay- Linked with Gamesmaster, Channel 4's computer and video games programme, the Zone has been created in a Publishing from Paris TWO desktop publishing titles including a low-cost package for designing newsletters and mailshots are due for imminent release by the Paris-based Disc Company (010 33 1 49109995).
Among The Publisher's features are magnification from 30 to 300 per cent, page sizes up to 20in x 20in and mirrored text and graphics.
The mono program supports Macintosh and PC PostScript fonts, type sizes up to 2,000 point, and a PostScript printer driver. It needs 1,5Mb of memory and two disk drives.
Howard Marks, The Disc Company's managing director, said: "This is a first for the Amiga market because up to now users had to pay in excess of £150 to get a decent DTP package."
Meanwhile, The Publisher Colourpro uses full colour to create colour publications. Special features are Apex colour separation and 1.4 million fractal PostScript backgrounds.
The Publisher costs £49.99 and The Publisher Colourpro £149.99, from many dealers.
Amiga Computing November a 1992 Your Amiga has been a great games partner. You've experienced Flight simulators, arcade actions and role playing adventures.
But now you're looking for something more than just another game.
That's why you'll be interested in The Miracle. A complete keyboard software combination Start with simple lessons.
Advance up to performance standard. You're learning quickly... because The Miracle listens to every note you play and gives you personalised lessons.
J'UJ P t Cf-Cfi
- r rt t u * ± - I fnitfufnnfifnmiitimu Within weeks you'll be
reading and playing The Miracle keyboard gives professional
quality stereo sound, either through its own speakers or the
hifi. Record your own hits in The Miracle's unique 8 track
studio. Take the keyboard round to a friend's house - it will
work on its own or through your Amiga.
Ay V You thought it would take a Miracle to bring out the musician in you. Well... here it is.
Professional Keyboard 49 full slat k«ys.
Velocity sensitivo.
128 digital sounds MIDI iatarface.
Staraa speakers.
16 nates at aaca.
"Play the piano ir C3 weehi ?
That would tahr a Miracle .* Software 250 !«»•¦), Practice ream Orchestra, Jan 4*4 Rack A Rail kackiaf.
8 track stadia.
Arcade style lassaas.
Advanced lassaas.
Parsaaal taitlaa.
Full miRsali.
Accessories Included Cablas.
Complete Miracle System Is ready ta install la under S minutes aad casts J I I !
With Dividen A 2 Key* .. ... ...£3.99 80 Ixik Hotter, Lockable, Top Qwllty, Anit-SMK, wiih Dividen & 2 Key. .... £5.99 100 Dnk Holder, Lockable. Top Quality. Antistatic, with Dividen & 2 Key*_______________ .£6.99 Disk. A Duk Boi Uflery Pack of 20 ia our Top Quality. I -ockablc 40 Itetk Hotter Cl 399 Pack of JO in am Top Quality. Lockable 80 Dak Hotter ......- ...... __£».99 Potto Box Drawer Type Boi - Can tv tucked honumully or vertically - Hoklt 150 Pi«fc» £16.45 Foot Assorted Cokiun 60 fur.. 1100
12. 00 ..14.00. 200 for__________________ .200 Tractor feed
lahelt .. AMIGA 13 TUTOR Gel to grip* with your
Amiga_______________ „___________ £19.99 DELUXE PAINT III
VIDEO ....-£18.99 CUM AN A CAXJS4 I Mb 3 5' Single duk
drive EnattdUtublc xwuch - Thru port - Puwtr ex Amiga
. -£J2-9?
POWER PCSS0B DRIVE incorporate* Anti click Board. Blitz Back up *y*tem software and built in Vlrti* blocker £67.99 NEW . POWER PTMOB Vv ilh Blilv and X-Copy - .... - ..£94 99 REPLACEMENT A500 Internal ditk drive, fully compatible and with full instructions-----------£41.99 MEMORY EXPANSIONS A SYSTEM UPGRADES 5I2K RAM txpanuon* with Clock and OtVOIf Swildi £23.99 1 Mb MODULI; tor AW PLUS Give* 2Mb Chip Memory ... £44.99 AMIGA tOO I MB CHIP RAM MODULI'. WIIH CLOCK Plugs into the trap
do** underneath ihe A600149.99 BODEGA BAY EXPANSION UNIT Addt Amiga 2000 expansion capabilities to Amiga 500 Includes own internal power supply . £179 99 ROM SHARERS 2 position Toggle switch £19.99 KICKSTARI ROMS YI.3 Kicksiari Rom .. £29.99 vj.tM Kwkstan Rom ..£49.99 Commodore Rom Upgrade Kit. 2.01 Kick Mart ROM » Workbench 2.04. Disk* & Manual* 189 99 PjLIMLIaTQR
K. C5 Power PC Board I its i«n Ram Exp Slcr under computer Dues
not intolKlair warranty _ 1199.99 Adaptor lor 150012000..
£64.99 , GVP 52Mb Fay Access Hard Drive with 8Mh RAM Board
.... 1364.99 GVP 120Mb Fait Awn Hurd Drive
writ 8Mb RAM Bond ... . £409.99 GVP -2Mb SIMMS
for above . 159.99 Riled FREE if required COMMODORE
A2300 Internal Genlock ..19) 99 Amiga 1500 Uhpcfwlakd
mi Booid - JS4 99 Wnh 2Mb SIMMS ________________£142 99,
'nyzryjvn, Top Quality Amiga Colour Dnti Cover* Tailored.
Monogrammed and with Bound Edgct Protect Your Inmtment Amiga 500 Kryboml ... £499 Amiga (OO Keyboard £4.99 PwaanteeKXPl 124 1IX) £499 Cittttnl20D Printer----- £4 99 Citizen Swift 9 24 124D__-£4.99 Commodore Mootor .- ______ £4.99 Philips Mccimn Mk II ..£4.99 Arnica 1500 Two Pan Cover. .£8.99 SurlrtOhiaacr ......£4.99 Star LC200 Pnner ......£4.99 ..St* LC24 20O Printer ... -£4.99. mma?
ALL OUR AMIGA PRICES INCLUDE NEW COMPACT DESIGN Workbench 2.05 - Built-in TV Modulator. Smart Card Slot and IDE Hard Disk Controller Includes Mouse and Power Supply FREE One Year Oo-Siie Maintenance for In- Home Service. FREE Deluxe Paint III and FREE Mystery Game .Our Price £269.99 EAOCDMl 75 Pack One PLUS ASTRA Ten Games Pack (RRP £229). PLUS GFA BASIC Manual and Dtik (RRP £•»)-.- ______________________0or Price £319.99 P t K THKt I A* Pxk One excluding DpauB 111 and Game. PLUS Huili In 20Mb Hard Drive .£439.99 PACK FOUR Ax Pack One excluding Dpjuii III and Game PLUS
Built-In 211Mb Hard Dnxv, PLUS ASTRA Ten Games Pack I RRP £229) PLUS GFA BASIC Manual and Disk (RRP £49) ......Our Price £479.99 player. Keyboard. Mouse, Floppy Disk Drive, for only £399.99 when you trade in an . nu a iiKinxigramnicd dust cover. Special Price ......£21.99 Extra special price if bought wiih any Amiga.. £19.99 Ring or details and latest quote.
Amiga 15410 Dual drive with I Mb RAM. Mouse.
Manuals and Amiga DOS. The Works Platinum Edition. Deluxe Paint III. Home Accounts. Elf. Toki nndPiumic.
Total RRP (699.99 .Audition Prkt £549.99 Amiga 2000 Dual Drives, i Mb I Kickaart Wortbench 2.04.40Mb Faxi Access Hard Dnv?, and Autobwting CoodoQc! Card.
Special Price, including Next working day cdclivery .....£689.99. zjziij y yy y OPT V* Wonlwuribvl I IromDigiU ..... | Scakt (Need* 1.5Mb Rom A Hard Drive GokJ Disk Office .. ....£159.99 | .....£63.99 1 hen Pal_____________________________ ______________ .....£53.99 1 GB Route Pin. ..... ....£59 95 1 I Dc.ign Work* . .... ....£57.99 1 I Quutertork__________________________________ £46 99 I I Quarterback
Tool* £59.99 1 1 Home Account £19 99 1 I Home Account. 2. £36.99 | X-Backuppru I PagKcaer 11 ...- £3599 1 £39.99 1 Amo*___________________________________ £32.49 1 Atnrn Compiler .. £19.49 1 ¦Amos 3D... - ..... 121.49 Easy AMOS .. ..... .... -£25.99 Pageuream 2J ... £139.99 Final Copy vl 3 (New PnPD) ... £45.99 Art Dcpirtmfm pmfctyonul ... £179.99 Intro Cad
£49.99 ProfetticMl Calc ... £129.99 Mm. Office II - Wordpnxcxxor. Spell Checker, iDauEutr, Spreadvhccl etc all ia one package----J r zf}?iWrY& TyPitlfriLy] Inlofilc IxiuKicc ..129 95 ..114 W | Ranbti RGB Caltwr Spinier Owlinc Fonts ...- .....
- ....£59.95 ..... £99 99 Dehue Print
II .. .134.95 | .....
19.99 | £9 99 | . f?4 99 1 1 GFA Batic
Interpreter .-£14.99 | TV
SHOW TV TEXT Video Taler and cpo- ul effect* RRP £ 159 99
... . SPECIAL PRKT. £49 99 AMIGA VISION Presentation and
Multimedia Software 1 RRP
£111.99 ......SPECIAL PRICF. £49 99 1
PERSONAL WRITE Amiga Plus compmibte Weed 1 Procccuir with Spell
Checker. Ideal foi hepnner.....£24.99 1 mimmwmn Dept AMC, 35
Broad St, Stamford, Lines, PE91PJ* Tel: 0780 55888 Shop Hours
otso 720531 om oi Hour* ES Switch Cards Welcome Telephone dif«l
to ou md oider hotline AH major owSt cirds xcepled. Qude your
nunber and exptry date. Same day deipacch Send all kxrraol
payment made payable to Audition Computer Servke5. Imth your
order please send you rune, address and daytime Wepnone number.
Along with you detailed order requirements. Goods wdl be seM by
post, free ol tfurge imrnedaWy alter cheque clearance All our
prices include TREE standard delivery on all orders over
£15.00. Next Working Day Delwy only £250 extra on d orders over
£100.00. All our pricn Include V.A. T. GVP 52Mb Hard Drive PLUS
8Mb RAM Board £339.99 GVP 105Mb Hard
Drive PLUS 8Mb RAM Board ... 1439.99 GVP COMBO
4QMIU Accelerator Plus 120Mb Hard Drive PLUS 8Mb RAM Board.
All in one case--------------------- £749.99 GVP 2Mb SIMMS for above ......£59.99 GVP l6Mhz PC286 Emulator Plugs inside GVP Hard Drive £229.99 ZAPPA A500 Hard Drives - Take up to 8Mb Simms, Mouse Operated Games Switch, SCSI Thru Port 12 Month* Warranty ZAPPA A50Qf40Mb Hard Dnvec ....£299.99 ZAPPA ASOU fiOMb Hurd Drives £349.99 W: IT anmi am MAI JXS «l M»n*d trier in Fit ?YanGumter «il (TTVEb Fulra 11m Curats n*m d puu «d Uur nMni Pwtn Heat HUB WITH ALL Ol’R PRINTERS: FuWr Mater Starter kit Cagrkteg Ot
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Anji towCi* %*HdBMpNiutM»MrijxgA«g*)ufa8y u my dm [Mm fret Nat
vvrtinf 4ir dthttry ua all VuMrn CITIZEN SWIFT * COLOU R. i
Unbelievable grtannc price of £249.99 *«h FREE Starter Ku A
Nr»i Day Delivery------------- £?4fi9f NEW WH1ZLN 5W1TT 24 PIN
fRLNTLK KANQE Both MoileU Whitper Quiet with Pul Text A
Graphic* CITIZEN SWIFT 200Colour 6 Fonts____JP.OA. CITIZEN
SWIFT 240 Colour - 9 Font* _______1299 99 STAR I.C26 MONO ww
STAR I.C200 COLQI K ¦ «Wte | STAR 1.( 24 20 SHIV) STAR LC24 2W
COIXHJR i.’fiV. W PANASONIC KXPI170 .. 114999
PAMItOjNM KXPI 1241 NEW PANASONIC KXP2I80 Very high quality 9
Pm Colour Printer. 6 Near Letter Quality Fiwt*.
F*u A Super Quiet---------------------------XUf.f* NEW PAN ASONIC KXP2I2J Very high quality 24 Pm Colour Printer. 6 Near Letter Qtulny I ante. I Super l nei Quality Font. Fan A Super Quirt .... __£2*» | INKJET PRINTERS CITIZEN PROJET 099.99 III WI H I PACKARDOBKH I ••'I' lnkri Prater £569.95 CANON BJI9EX Ptnabte Mmc id Pram wab 3 teats, Ome etc .. £259.99 CANON BJ IOC 1-1 tataene. ..... £17.99 (OXIMODORF MPSirO bt fct hwtr Spnul ftwr ..1129 99 XCOMMODORi: MPS 127* late CavteOr __£I4 99i wimw&fi I Ajvuuod Amipj BASIC_______________(1695 Amiga Adi.
Syncs Prog (itwk ...... £29.95 Anuga BASIC InMte nid Oa---------------£1695 Amiga C Ice Advmced Pmgr cn ....£2695 Amipi L (ce Beginner* ...JI7.95 Amiga DnlkftVriNiPowtr* £24.95 Arnica Detksop Vateo Pcwer wuh Dnk____________E24.9S Amiga Delacgi V«fcv. Wcetbook •------------£29.95 Amqs. DOS a DuMand Code .. J14.9J Amiga DOS Inudc A Uui. Rnncd Editiun with Duk.....£13.95 Amiga DUS Referro.* Gate 3rd Ed----------------£1795 Amifa DOS QuKk Rrtctctxe____________________C695 Kmit DOS 2 CornpUiH*________________ _£2295 Amiga fi« Brpuxn New Vernon W B101 2j0 £1195
Amiga (.rafftici Inudr A Out. ..... £29.95 Amiga MmIuk La*u*e________ £14.95 Amiga Winter* Intide A Out... _____13.95 Amip PrufnmnKn Hadbut Vc4 2___________£2195 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref Mmmu* ««d Edition Device* £32.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref StnuU Ird Edition mdndes Aaokxt________________________04.95 Amiga RUM Kcmrl Kef Mmute lrd Ed*** Libn_______£31.95 Amiga Hmlware Refereace Manual - Vd FaliUon ..-125.95 Amiga XI) Graphic* I’lcyramimng n BASIC _____ £16.95 The Beil Anga Tndu and Tips * ..... £34.95 C: A Dibhind Guide .. £14.95 The Ceounonal Cwnrt Prycrammet*
Guide________£1195 DmUop Vateo fVwtecuun-------------- £1195 FaalGwdeloAieu ..... £599 Go Mini Uw uf Y« Anup Vd 2__________________£9.95 Get Mini Oul of Your Amiga Vol 2 * -£13.95 GFA Batk Imeipreter wab Dwk ______ £19.99 Kldi and IV Amiga - 2nd Eifaca ...... £14.95 Learning to Fly wiih Flight Sun . £12.95 Making Muiu. C« it* Amiga * ________________£29.95 Mastering Amiga Begnom ..... ..... - £19.95 Manning Amiga D08 2 - Vol I NEW ED •_____fll.95 Mulcting Amiga DOS 2 - Yd. 2 NEW ED______£17.95 Maumng Amiga Primers ... £19.95 Mastering Amiga Sytlcua
____________£29.99 Mere Anuga Trkkt and Tig*_______£1645 !
StranPtay2_______ -...... £9.95 Uiing ARKXX cn IV Aimga Plui •___________C29.9J lliing Dehixe Paint SevundEd.___________£18.95 i W flh IKI.F Ixik ZV H Anrtifml Staler S}Vm V» Twit Spmter t»e invm *i p t lid tflQuJil) teusd fnm jus Aniga Sowtml .mMWt .....09M trUCEY Hum Oiairg All AR.tr. unit) t uge at Mawc at Imki (roiwn mnited awtnin m rutir rai u ur uv nctwr hu mi n*n i up *n Mlcolnui imnamw nmid tt9) ALDR) lI.M* - I .HW1 yv Xirigi u you Hi E 5 Mm Stem- AnamLonk_ .... ....099 Fmrnn CinteJ Craerr Sm err Amgi as Mora. |«g « temd Dnk Dnw Hrtdu Cdu MalclcU u Amp at upftml an* numoi
Pxap «*1 Sc*leu u- tmg rim linka-J ii Inti 'tk 445 W Qmlnr Mt Mam Mat___________ C w Mum Brvlrt in bill tusk I.. J| J» X}' I*U IxvwHeadCiemiuKill .. II W f»n ionueiiktutic Lucama Uul . Hat tejwel Mme-VUM. U.» IxiSctMiuie Swwti got .... 0.99 anmckiMnnc Ann Srtwg 5rsh Bat hr Retn ..41699 iknt innd Eiteaaia famk .X4.99 Awut Xwixunt Ikna. At a TV kad Ivalntmir Ssnr Praanui Ain fll9» rxuaoCiMc* 47.99 MuJalaui I.men tnd Snr X «* MsOuMa IUIu|dU"' PlipiMo XbUiliM pmaarhWUaKraidilknnMahlmiraDUilNgilehnt uf 0k Amp iWm! »f gnpctni.
* |m« ifaWitaft . HOW 1di*« Xbw »ili FREE Muuc Ma* no Mnnr
8c**t ate Uperuui Stestti Gam 0299 Irvtn. Miu*
*a»n».fttal VXW ...£.17 « FUWER Vmuci . ..
0999 (ilMTRAT XtCPI Trxttall 4UW Gt IUX Injte Mnw Mte
Qialn WxlH Mmm wtR FIU£. Kbt ud Bielei. £1499 MIDI (XXNNhCTOR.
Mbt UADR 6 FREE MlrriC x aiMOR.... 09.99 AWGA tell CONTROL
(T.N’TRF $ *» vk* Amg* (W U1 M»« Ui a mat Ou Six liUe (dv nnt»l
u Amp--------09.fi RrbnMdl._ ______________________ 41199
Q. *k ky Few Pnte .... 04*5 Vulnatf Dria
3A Auhgu kr ukk______________11199 Crara Clear THE
knrma 0699 'Ijd it* iUPUtntO AeteAir Kmikt
...11299 Sip. Ray |Pwte Gnp - AM
rirt) - ....£11.49 tattrtSuial-Fill an
tartar------- £799 Ainu PATASCASVLKk SraadSaw---OMS9 TuKk
Ip ... 11)698 ,NAKSIIA
SCANNER - Pxip la Sut ElfMMte ......X99.W
'¦wvsmtjismsnma Fun Setuot 2 - Under*______________ 1145 lun
School 2-6-8 Yon .. £1145 tun School 2 » ate
0»«r...... 112.45 Fun School 3 -Under 5 _________ 115.45 l un
School i - 5-7 Yean 115.45 Ku* School J - 7 and Om ....
...... 115.45 Fun School 4 I nto 5
.. 116.45 l u. School a - 5-7
Yea* ---------- 11645 Fua School 4 - 7 andOrrr ....
116.45 Pum * Create - 5 Yon d (ha 42299 Mnlm'. Malh. - 5-13
Venn___________ 02.99 I Em- 7-13 Year* C22JI hi ISXIos r Back
bsaioe ..... An.*rr Hack Semur . „luu. £14.45 htel
Fate 500 - NW. Cent Hwwry ____________17.95 Fki Kite 500
General Vtenee ......-_.1T.95 Karl Kxle 500-
Kaow Knglml _________________X7.9S Fact File 566 Lnglnfi
Wont 0.95 FKI Fite 500 Natural I liuurx
.....17 95 Part File 300 Wortd (kography ...
17.95 FblRteSOO l int Ail £7.95 Fact File Spelling 17 9
...... -17.95 F«l Fil* Arithmetic 4795 ..... 17.95 The Frvacb
Miiaw 4l4«5 11445 _________11445 Ur Spaanh Tukr
£144) .. 119.99 LCJ.
Mkri Fnglidi (GC.'SF I ...08 95 Mere prvnch (CJC’St) ... 11695 McioCinmaaK'iCXFi N*w .ll»'»5 i(GCSB) ...... 11695 Mega i A Levrll _______________________11695 'MmtoOI2 ...... £1695 | A Writing (V»» CI7.9J 4adw(l2-l6)OCSB-----------------11699 llellcr Spelling (8-AduM) 116.99 lex* Spill m HimK-SPiOAL ..... £9 W I Marti. 11 1.’ li“- adhmriwu __________ AW bglUb 11 12----------------------£19.99 AW Fngliih 12 15__________ 119.99 lily lllll IPS C NtWUJ Ml II CcAui MoiIm High Reulmo. In Spe*« Steiru inoftHr wiih ill
Leatk ad OnrYaroiiwWunity »ub FREE FWSteaM Kgtlrr ur Le«u Tirto tqmi .1199 99 ComaudaR 10*45 Mcnitur High Rnntuuca Cokar Monitor.
Twin Speaker Stereo me Lead. ..... £309.99 C0MM00ORF. 108) 5DI StowCdtw Mmm £22999 |6ig Mragll ifto Be A mgs!
Mk'koM AV H JCKFR FIXER bate Amua 15 hrc CinriiKi abm uttd wnh Cconukn Iwo nut Genuine Philips I lit A TinM Munilor Standi.. .£4)699 time am Ate all w IfMUun wr n JImf ( '* ilffrfkmmx Hr 4§ m* iril Om lmf.ru if art lite tr Fliltta vtrhai irr 4 kwry COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CUMANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSHA ABACUS SEGA DIGITA Irvine gets Amiga plant MANUFACTURING and assembly of Amigas for Britain and many parts of Europe has moved to Irvine, Scotland, securing more than 200 jobs at the 130,000 square foot plant.
All Amiga models will be built at the factory, which is owned by an American associate company of Commodore's called SCI. The company also produce Amigas in the Far East "It's basically endorsing our belief in what the Amiga market is going to be and what it is at the moment," said Commodore boss Kelly Sumner.
He added: "It's not easy and it's not cheap to set up a production plant."
Bruce Armstrong, SCI's senior vice president for Europe said: "Irvine, our European headquarters, is central in our plans for growth.
"This contract from Commodore reinforces all the hard work and dedication put in by everyone concerned."
WHEN Sensible Soccer is released for the CDTV this winter its price will be £19.99, £5 cheaper than the Amiga floppy disk-based versions.
The announcement adds weight to recent Commodore claims that compact disc games will become cheaper than equivalent programs on floppy disk.
Renegade's Tom Watdon said: "We hope to release Sensible Soccer CD at £19.99. This is to give potential buyers a clear indication that the possible benefits of a CD drive go beyond sheer memory."
Kelly Sumner, head of Commodore UK, says he hopes for CD games to cost between £11 and £14 in a couple of years time.
Top driving utilities from Moonlighter MOONLIGHTER Software Development have launched Ami-Back Tools, an Amiga disk utilities program designed to keep floppy and hard disk drives in top condition.
Among its line-up of features are a disk optimiser that ensures data is stored as efficiently as possible and a utility that examines disks for problems and repairs them if needed.
A recovery program can be used for retrieving deleted files and data from crashed disks, a wipe utility to clear disks of their contents and Lab Test will check and compare checksums for file corruption and virus protection.
"Amiga users have been clamouring for a professional disk utilities package with the same high quality of Ami-Back," said Gary Holland, President of Moonlighter Software Development.
"Ami-Back Tools is our answer to all these users, and we are certain they will find this package unmatched by any other utilities package available for the Amiga," he said.
Moonlighter are at 3208 C East Colonial Drive, Suite 204, Orlando, Florida 32803 and can be telephoned on 010 1 407 384 9484. Ami-Back Tools costs USS79.95. ASDG print in 24-bit A NEW standalone utility from ASDG outputs 24-bit plane colour or 8-bit plane greyscale images on Preferences supported printers.
TruePrint 24 can produce prints with 16 million colours on most Preferences supported colour printers without the need for custom drivers. It can also print 256 shades of grey on black and white printers such as lasers.
It provides 11 dithering and halftone techniques, including traditional and artistic methods.
TruePrint 24 sells for S89 from ASDG, who can be telephoned on 010 1 68 273 6585, WITH one Atari ST public domain library already closed, Amiga outlets are this month waiting to see if trading standards officers will rule sound and product demonstration disks illegal.
In a bid to assist them with their investigation into alleged copyright infringement, Dorset Trading Standards officers seized disks from South West Software Library in February.
The investigations have not been concluded but if the disks are found to breach copyright, Amiga libraries could be told to remove similar disks from their catalogues.
Demonstration disks are popular among public domain buyers and a ban on their distribution could lead to financial crisis for many libraries.
“My wife and I ran the library as a hobby, and a hobby should be fun.
Unfortunately, this is no longer true," said SWSL's proprietor Martyn Dry den.
Library closes during probe SIMULATING a planetarium on Amigas is Voyager vl.1, an astronomy program which its developer Carina Software (010 1 510 352 7332) claim provides years of wonder and discovery.
It creates a sky of stars, planets, galaxies and constellations and animates motions of the planets, Each can be explored through an intuitive interface.
Its database of more than 30,000 objects can be extended to a total of about 250,000, and already the program is being used in hundreds of universities and schools.
Version 1.1 of the software contains PAL, overscan and pictures of astronomical objects displayed within the program.
Requiring two disk drives it costs £89.99 from UK supplier HB Marketing (0753 686000).
WORKBENCH 2 novices can now learn about the latest Amiga operating system by reading Mowing Workbench 2, a new book from Bruce Smith Books (0923 894355).
Opening chapters assume the reader has no knowledge of computing and towards the end of the 328-page book readers will be familiar with sophisticated techniques. Price: £19.95. Help arrives for WB2 novices Planets put on screen FORTY-FIVE types of charts can be displayed on Amigas to communicate information in a new package from the United States.
Charts & Graphs contains line, column, bar, pie and text charts which can be combined to produce compound charts and shown in 2D or 3D.
Information can be imported from spreadsheets and output to printers, saved as PostScript files or IFF images.
Charts can be loaded into desktop publishing and wordprocessing software.
A spokesman for developer Technical Resource Systems Laboratory said: "It was designed to provide Amiga users with a sophisticated, modestly-priced package.
"The key considerations in the design of this software were providing the user with flexibility in the design of charts and taking advantage of the Amiga's capabilities in handling images."
In Britain it costs £69.95 from HB Marketing (0753 686000).
PRINTER giant Seikosha have launched a new low cost 24-pin model for the home user, small business and education markets which the firm believe will become a best seller within months.
With a recommended price of £239, the SL-90 prints at up to 240 characters per second in draft mode, and it has a graphics resolution of 360 x 360 dots per inch.
It comes with a 20k buffer and two fonts - seven more can be bought as extras on font cards at £22 each. A variety of typestyles and attributes are available for each font.
Information displayed by chart Seikosha hope for best seller
• Hews Logical steering for games Presentation courses for London
PEOPLE who play driving and flying games can now use Freewheel,
a new steering wheel controller from Logic 3 (081-902 2211).
Available before Christmas, it will cost £29.99. Selling and
buying made easy A SERVICE just set up aims to help people
wanting to buy or sell second-hand computer equipment by
providing a central contact point.
The National Second-hand Computer Exchange Service will take a list of hardware and software for sale and list it onto their books - bought by people looking to buy products for Sop.
Do you know something we don't?
Buyers send money to the firm, sellers send equipment and then the money and equipment are forwarded to their new owners. The cost for selling is £5 per system.
NSCES are at Dept AMC1, 8 Apsley Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 2HG. They ask for an sae from anyone requiring more information.
Monitor drops below £200 PHILIPS have cut the cost of their CM8833 II colour monitor to a new recommended price of £199.99. The firm say the £30 drop is aimed as an incentive for Amiga users to upgrade from a shared television to a dedicated monitor.
Date for education EMAP Exhibitions have announced that BETT '93, the leading educational IT event with more than 200 companies due to attend, will be held on January 20 to 23 at Olympia, London.
Although Amiga Computing has scores of contacts in the Amiga world, we need you. If you have some hot news ring John Butters on the news desk Games swap shop opens ADPro reads video streams ADPro owners can now read and write video streams using the same file format and hardware used on Abekas digital disk recorders.
Enabling digital video images stored on 8mm cartridge tapes to be exchanged between the Amiga and Abekas A60, A65 and A66 systems, the capability makes the Amiga appealing for professional videographers doing hi-end video work, Videographers who do not own an Abekas system but do own an Amiga can create digital video streams - treating the 8mm tape drive as a single frame recorder - which can be used by an Abekas-equipped post production facility.
It requires a Commodore SCSI disk controller and an Exabyte tape drive. Silica Systems (081 -309 1111) are the UK supplier of ADPro.
GAMES players can now revitalise their collection by swapping their unwanted titles with other Amiga owners through a new Berkshire firm.
All games sent must be originals and supplied with full documentation. It costs £16 to enrol and each exchange costs £2.75. For more information write to The Software Exchange, PQ Box 19, Newbury RG13 1XU. Telephone 0635 33680 System makes CD accessible AIMING to make Amiga CD-based software accessible to developers is a new hardware and software package from Clannet Systems (0276 600398).
Using the system, developers can produce “check discs" on site, and it is claimed the system pays for itself after the first dozen or so discs have been pressed in-house.
Commodore's |im Mackonochie, general manager of CDTV development for Europe, said that before the launch of Clarinet's system, pre-production test discs cost about £500 each. The system costs £5,581.25. Music trade accepts Amiga ZONE Distribution (071-738 5444) are this month claiming that the music trade has accepted the Amiga and Dr T's KCS
3. 5 sequencer as a successor to the Atari ST. The company say
growing numbers of enquiries have led to several retailers
entering the Amiga market including Music Village, Rockbottom
and Brixton Exchange Mad.
Now on 0625 878888 or fax to 0625 879966.
All information supplied will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
DIARY DATES Graphics for the Designer.
Each delegate will have their own A1000 and GVP IV24 workstation, and no previous knowledge of the Amiga is required. For more information call The London Institute (Professional Development Unit) on 071 79J 0077.
A SERIES of two to three-day courses In Amiga based pre sentation and interactive media design will be held in London during October . Subjects covered are Introduction to Interactive Multimedia Design, Practical Techniques of Interactive Multimedia Design, Art of Presentation and Presentation 5 to 8 November 1992 The Future Entertainment Show (022S 442244) Venue: Earls Court 1, London Plenty of Amiga support, including a major presence fron Commodore.
19 to 22 November 1992 Christmas Computer Shopper Sho2 Organiser: Blenheim PEL (081-7422828) Venue: Olympia, London Promised to attract a few Amiga exhibitors.
4 to 5 December 1992 Comesmaster Live Organiser: EMAP (0234 212988) I Venue: NEC, Birmingham A big games show with TV coverage.
OVERSEAS 8 to 11 October 1992 Computer Shopper Show Organiser: AMI Shows Europe (010 492234 22021) Venue: Koln Messe, Cologne A chance to catch up on the year's developments in the active Amiga world. Formerly Amiga Koln.
4 to 8 November 1992 Supergames Show 92 Organiser: (010 33 148445253) I Venue: CNIT, Paris See the latest leisure software for the Amiga 26 to 29 November 1992 World of Commodore ‘92 Organiser: Fairs & Fun (010 4 9 8106 34094) Venue: Frankfurt Exhibition Halls The main Commodore show in Germany. 100,000 visitors: expected.
SMITH 'State of the Art technofogies for your Amiga QUALITY
wShow f Amiga
2988) ith TV AS on the e active Amiga
253) are for 8Mb RAM Board, Processor Accelerator & Kickstart
Switcher in one. Increases performance of stock Amiga by
200% with 1Mb Of Fast RAM
installed ....£242 CUP C-F0RCE 25MHz &
40MHz N,w 68EC030 COMBO BOARDS Accelerator. RAM Board & Hard
Disk Controller in One
• 25Mhz - 1 Mb 13Mb 60ns 32-bit 4 Jiftj RAM. 68882 Co-proeessor
• 40Mhz-4Mb 16Mb 60ns 32-bit RAM. 68882 Co-processor
• 50Mhz Combo Board 4Mb 32Mb 32-bit 68030 68882 mm EMULATORS GVP
PC-286 16MtZ Emylator lor Senes II HD8+ (A500) £189 Vortex
Atonce 286
Emulator - .....£179
Vortex Atonce Plus, 286 16MHz 512k RAM
(A5W15QO2Q0Q) ...£238
Vortex Golden Gate 25MHz, 386SX 512k 16Mb
Upgrade your machine to version 2.0 for only Package includes
ROM 2.04 chip, 4 workbench diskettes and manual. Original
(Due to the weight of this product, please add £2 50 p&p) With ROM Sharer ...£95 + p&p 8372A Fatter Agnus ...£45 Super Denise ... £39 PHOENIX ROM SHARER Switch between Kickstart 1.3 & 2.04 ....£24.99 SPECIAL SOFTWARE DEALS!
Penpal 4.1 ...£69.95 GB Route + .£74.95 XCAD 2000 .....£129 00 Personal Write ...£34.95 Maxi Plan Plus 4.0 £49.95. Gold Disk Office ..£129.00 Lattice C ++ ....£159.00 A complete Imagine reference with a bonus diskette of A600 (includii A600 HD (?
A600 Weird Pack with Dpaint 3, Grand Prix, MAAIITAnC | Putty. Pushover ..£339 MONITORS AI500 Plus fU2.05J Commodore 1084SP114* Stereo Col. Monitor £249 1 1 1 « V V ¦ 1sj » ? Ml W Philips CM8833 Mk II Stereo Col. Monitor £229 Commodore 1960 Multisync ...£435 Pack includes Deluxe Paint III, The Works, Home Accounts & much more ....£569 CD ROM AMIGA A570 Turns your Amiga into a CDTV (fcpCDAbtoU.£339 PRINTERS ¦Jails low in isitors Full range of 9- and 24-pin dot matrix printers including FREE starter
kit, PRICES FROM £129 Call for detail HARD DRIUES A500 GVP Series II 52MB £329 GVP Series II120MB .....£429 GVP Series II240MB .....£699 Add Hard 45MB ...£263 Add Hard 70MB ...£325 Add Hard 105MB .£395 Add Hard 205MB .. £545 GVP Series II 120MB .....£389 GVP Series II 240MB .....£639 GVP Series II 420MB .....£999 GUP A530 COMBO 52Mb HD
The Ultimate A500 Expansion Product 40MHz Accelerator + 52 120 240Mb HDD + 8Mb RAM Board (1Mb)
• 40MHz 68030EC CPU
• Runs at 12.1 MIPS-Faster than an A3000
• SCSI Hard Drive 52,120, 240 Mb Versions
• Ultra fast 11 ms access. Transfer rate up to 2,100k sec (with
240Mb Drive)
• Up to 8Mb 32-bit FastRAM - 1 Mb populated
• Mini slot for future expansions - PC-AT Emulator NOW AVAILABLE
10 ro-n 1
• 2 year warranty ONLY
• 120Mb version £759, 240Mb version £999!
ULAB Real-Time Uideo Digitiser This board which accepts both PAL and NTSC input, grabs frames in YUV format, and provides excellent image quality.
Built-in Arexx port for automated video capture n w UNDERSTANDING IMAGINE 2.0 & DISK Protects your keyboard while you type Custom made for the Amiga 500 500+ 1500 2000 3000 Soft, flexible invisible shield-fits like a glove Made from high quality, durable polymer A600 available for £14.95 RAM EXPANSION A500 600 1500 2000
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• 8Mb BOARD for A500 incl. 4Mb £169
• 8Mb BOARD for A500 ind. 8Mb ....£289
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RAM ..£75
• 1 Mb Through Port for A500 .£49.95
• 1 Mb Chip RAM A500 PLUS £49.99
• 1 Mb Chip RAM A600 ...£59.95
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populated ..£145
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Interface Guide £17.99 Amiga
Hardware Reference £24.99 FULL RANGE OF
Latest Amiga Technology £285 1b Hard Drive) .
to change without notice. E&OE I a show of listed, be infor- 14
Dowanside Road, M Glasgow G12 9DA A COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS
AVAILABLE FOR THE AMIGA Tel: 041 339 3590 10am to 5.30pm Monday
E3USA News The World of Commodore Amiga show, held in Pasadena, California, was the most upbeat Amiga show I'd ever attended.
A4000 unveiled Here in the US, it seemed as if each Amiga show was just a little more depressing than the previous one.
No more. This show set a new standard for excitement in the Amiga market - even the Comdex where they introduced the Amiga 500 and 2000 didn't generate this much excitement. Both Commodore and its third-party developers amazed the attendees with some truly exciting new products.
Impressive Commodore unveiled the Amiga 4000 to an excited public. The specifications don't match many of the rumours you've seen in the press over the past year, but they're quite impressive nevertheless.
The A4000 is based around a 25MHz 68040 microprocessor, 2 Mb of chip RAM, 4Mb of fast RAM, the Advanced Graphics Architecture chip set (formerly known as AA), four Zorro III slots, three PC slots, a video slot, and a processor slot.
Denny Atkin reports on the latest developments at the hottest Amiga show in the USA The machine also sports a high-density
(1. 76Mb) floppy drive, two 3.5in drive bays (one internal) and
one 5.25in bay for a CD- ROM or tape backup drive. The 120Mb
hard drive uses a 16-bit IDE, rather than SCSI, interface,
which is quite a disappointment, but Commodore promises a
32-bit Zorro III SCSI-2 card before Christmas.
Per second, but no monitor The system runs AmigaDOS 3.0, which is essentially AmigaDOS 2.1 with added support for the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) and a few added utilities.
This is a dream Amiga. The AGA graphics chips are blaz- ingly fast, and sport a full 16 million colour palette. The available resolutions are the same as the ECS chips (up to 1280x512 PAL, plus overscan), but you can now use up to 256 colours in any resolution.
Also, the new HAM8 mode allows 262,000 colours on-screen at one time. This is effectively as good as true 24-bit graphics, as there are fewer than 262,000 pixels on-screen simultaneously.
A Commodore employee demonstrated a HAM8 ray- ft traced animation that updated at 60 frames per second in 640 x 400 resolution!
He staled thal A4000 BH can handles 60 frame per sec- ond animation in any resolution and colour depth - with AmigaDOS 3.0's new Intuition double-buffering, the A4000 can swap up to 2000 frames could handle that kind of screen update speed, The AGA chip set includes Alice, which replaces Agnus and supports 2Mb of Chip RAM, and Lisa, which replaces Denise and provides the full 24-bit palette.
The graphics chips now have 32-bit access to Chip memory, but a special mode allows them to‘ do two fetches in a single cycle - effectively providing 64-bit access to Chip memory!
These chips aren't compatible with older Amigas, although I'm certain some enterprising third-party company will find a way to cram them into the 500, 2000, and
You can add up to a total of 16Mb of Fast RAM on the motherboard using standard 32-bit SIMM modules.
The new Workbench is amazing. Not only can you display 256 colours on your Workbench, but you can also use a 256- colour IFF picture as a backdrop. The Workbench does slow down a bit with that much colour resolution, but it's Still faster than a 16-colour Workbench on an older Amiga.
If you drop down to 64 colours, screen updating is as fast as a four-colour Workbench on a classic Amiga. The A4000's 68040 is on a plug-in card that goes in the machine's processor socket - there's no processor on the motherboard.
This indicates that Commodore may bring out a 68030 or even 68020 version simply by substituting a new processor card, and possibly reducing the number of slots and putting the motherboard in a slimline case.
This is reinforced by the fact that Commodore labels the front of the machine "A4000 040."
Commodore's new Vice President of Engineering, Lou Eggebrecht, gave some vivid hints of developments to come in the Amiga market during Saturday's keynote speech.
Graphics chips All new Amigas Commodore designs will use the AGA graphics chips pr better, Commodore will be taking a two-tiered approach to development, working to Create a hot new machine for the low end and continuing high-end development as well.
The goal is to reduce the basic consumer Amiga to two chips to reduce COStS - A4000-levef Amigas will be only four chips making up a total of over a million transistors.
High level machines may support up to Ik x Ik graphics with true 24-bit colour.
DSP Sound will also appear in future machines. He also hinted of AmigaDOS 3.1, with network support, and AmigaDOS 4.0, which will support retargetable graphics.
The company is using new development techniques that will allow them to design new generation chips in a matter of months instead of years. Eggebrecht really seems to have a handle on what both gamers and professionals want out of the Amiga, and future models should be very impressive.
New Horizons introduced ProWrite 3.3. which displays 256-Colour graphics under AGA on the A4000. Adds support for SoftLogik's HotLinks standard, and sports a print preview window and new Arexx commands.
More new products CSA showed the new Derringer board, which will add a 25MHz 68030 to an A500 or A2000 for a retail price of only $ 249.95 (£137)!
It supports 1, 2. 4, or 8Mb of 32-bit Fast RAM and a 50MHz 68881 or 68882 maths co-processor - at extra cost, of course. Still, you can add the Derringer with 2Mb of RAM to your A500 for just over S300 and get Amiga 3000-level performance!
INOVAtronics showed CanDo 2.0, which is now geared as a professional authoring system with tons of new commands, a much-improved 200-page manual, and 68040 support.
They also announced that they were opening a new office in Cologne. Germany to better serve European users.
It was morph-mania at the show. Black Belt Systems has made ImageMaster s morphing faster and much easier to use. GVP just started shipping CineMorph. An impressive standalone version of the morphing module from their ImageFX (nee Mirage) program.
And ASDG were previewing their MorphPlus software. If you need to change a photo of your house cat into your Aunt Hazel, you'll have plenty of choices.
DMI displayed Digital EditMaster. A real time JPEG compression decompression board for the A2000 and A300Q, This $ 2,495 program brings the capabilities of S 100,000 editing equipment to the Amiga, with realtime 30 frame per second video capture. (25 fps in Most impressive of all was Digital Creations' Brilliance, a new paint program that works on both classic Amigas and the Amiga 4000.
Not only does it have all the capabilities of Deluxe Paint IV, but it supports them in the 256,000-colour HAM8 mode. Written in 100 per cent machine language, it's much faster than Dpaint, especially in HAM, It would take pages to list all the impressive features, which include multiple levels of undo and redo, multiple brushes and anim-brush, incredible gradient mode support, tweening, morphing, and Bezier curves.
This S249 program will ship before Christmas.
However, EA promises some competition, as Commodore hinted that Deluxe Paint V would be out soon as well.
Simply The Best" Commodore authorised repair centre FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY BY COURIER ppiy and lots |line iat the of fme I the Jte Make one simple phone call and leave the rest to us!
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EXTEND YOUR WARRANTY TO A TOTAL OF 1 YEAR FOR ONLY AN ADDITIONAL £20.00 YOUR NEAREST 7® World STORE tffiPLUTON 3 Arndale Centre Luton Tel 0582 482680 sMT) BASILDON MEGASTORE 12 13 South Walk Basildon Tel 0268 270013 BEDFORD MEGASTORE 1 The Howard Centre Bedford Tel 0234 212460 jMT) NORTHAMPTON d1-7 College Street Northampton Tel 0604 33996 WELWYN GARDEN CITY 16 Church Road Welwyn Gdn City Tel 0707 390029 ydffJDST ALBANS & WEMBLEY OPENING SOON Call for details £299.9 AMIGA 600 BAD INFLUENCE PACK ONLY ? Exclusive to Futureworld ?
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JOYSTICKS Hflh quality and du-t* l» QUALITY MOUSIPAD TAILOR MADf DUST COVIR PLUS PO DISK PACK. CONTAINING: Wcvdproceuor Sp'«xh -mi DataboM. Virwi Kfcf. Boebup I* r TOTAL RRP C4E3.7E I your* for „p £229.7* MP £24.95 nr £29-** up Eft.** nop £6.« Kille*. Bock-«P Ulli*y £329.95 RRP £49.99 RRP £69.99 RRP £9.99 RRP £6.99 RRP £6.99 W‘ £9.99 ERF £14.99 RRP £24.95 RRP £29 9 RRP £6.99
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But yours MZ1500 CA«oo«. Aww* SlSSf.
A aaiga 1500 leaturing Workbench'Kic tail12. GamesmasW pack lot d ASTRA TEN TOTAL RRP a*U* Bart Simpson Vs Space muwi » Rrp £79 97 Captain Planet RRP £15.98 2 FIGHTER JOYSTICKS RRPE6.99_______ quality iaousepad .w m MEMORY DRIVES & SCANNERS 512K RAM EXPANSION WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 WITH CLOCK £24.95
1. 5 MEG EXPANSION (Not Plus cempotible) «»•» 1 MEG EXPANSION
(Gives your A500 plus o mossive 2MB) NEMW°8 MeTrAm'BOARDsTrOM
POWER with Omeg RAM £99 • 2 Meg RAM £129 • 4 Meg RAM £189.95 •
instructions POWER PC880E Robust slim drive with anti-dick
complete with Power supp y irwp co Men HARD DRIVE WITH RAM
EXPANDABLE TO 8MB , 0 Meg RAM £349.95 *2 Meg RAM £429.95*4 Meg
RAM £499.95*8 Meg RAM £679.95 GVP 105 MEG HARD DRIVE WITH RAM
EXPANDABLE TO 8MB 0 Meg RAM £579.95*2 Meg RAM £629.95*4 Meg
RAM £729.95*8 Mm RAM £899.95| I POWER SCANNER WITH VERSION 2.0
Complete with hardware interface and new version 2.0 jotiware
w.'to nm oil loflWQfe 3I2K RAM EXPANSION
G. vo, your AMIGA rf* 5=sr*.
PAOfSfiTIR V2.0 trrecf ve Dejktop PuWitW i '0 blank disks «UAUTY MOUSIPAD ... £6.99 «f £6.99 „'S”“fACK-CONT*'N'NO: £329.95 jy*" *“-“¦**-- £329.95 AMIGA CDTV SPECIAL OFFER SAVE £200 AND TAADE IN YOUR AMIGA A500 F6R COMMODORES LATEST MULTIMEDIA PACK (Normal RRP £599.99):
ORDERING MADE EASY STAR PRINTERS m u sj Star Ptwefs now come
wttufie Wlwng vale pack win 04 9$ COMPLETELY FREE
CONTAMNG A'of procM*or*Sp«odiheel»Dotoboi*»Yifuj KilW*Boeli4
* with any purchase over £50 Simply call into one of our stores
or ring our telesales department. Make any purchase to the
value of £50 or more and we'll supply you with the best Amiga
wordprocessing package on the market for just £29.95 - Saving
you £100.
STAR LC20 MONO PRINTER 9 Pin Dot matrix 180 45 cps TOTAL RRP with value pack £268.01 But yours for on unbelievoble £ 1 39.93 STAR LC200 COLOUR PRINTER 9 Pin colour 185 45 Cps TOTAL RRP with value pack £339.29 But yours for on unbelievoble £ 1 9 9.95 STAR LC24-200 MONO PRINTER 24 Pin mono printer 220 55 cps TOTAL RRP with value pack £386.29 But yours for on unbelievoble £23 9.95 STAR LC24-200 COLOUR PRINTER 24 PIN COLOUR PRINTER 220 55 CPS TOTAL RRP with value pack £445.04 But ywr for on unbelievoble £289.95 STAR SJ48 INKJET PRINTER High speed Quality mono printer. LOOcps (LQ) TOTAL RRP with
value pack £379.96 But yours for on unbelievoble £234.93 BUT HURRY! Stocks are limited at this crazy price.
SUPER ABC PERIPHERAL PACKS PACK B 1 1 MEG UPGADf BOARD RRP £29.95 J fIGHTER JOYSTICKS RRP £9.99 10 OS DO 3.5' DISKS RRP £9.99 total RRP £65 91 sffl 40 capacity in?59'95 Zs7DIS“°'i ""Sar- PACK A QUALITY REPLACEMENT MOUSE RRP £19.99 SOLID PERSPEX DUST COVER RRP £12.99 QUALITY SEMI-SOFTMOUSEMAT RRP £7.99 TOTAL RRP £40.97 SUPER VALUE PACK PRICE £24.95 PROFESSIONAL AMIGA REPAIRS “Simply The Best" Commodore authorised repair centre FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY BY COURIER Make one simple phone call and leave the rest to us!
GUARANTEED 7 DAY TURN AROUND We guarantee to return your computer WITHIN 7 days of collection FULL OVERHAUL INCLUDING OVER 50 DIAGNOSTIC CHECKS Your Amiga will look as good as new 3 MONTH COMPREHENSIVE GUARANTEE Our engineers work to the highest standard ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE We wont con you with hidden extras FREE 50 GAMES SOFTWARE PACK For a limited otter we will give you a 50 games pack completely free1 ALL FOR THE CfiO INCREDIBLE PRICE OF S»w7.95 NB Personal cofco in lo on* of 6or item may deduct £10 from the above price We reserve ike right to refuse computer! That hove been tampered with
or ore beyond economical repair. In this instance o nominal £10 charge will be mode to covet carriage costs EXTEND YOUR WARRANTY TO A TOTAL OF 1 YEAR FOR ONLY AN ADDITIONAL £20.00 YOUR NEAREST ££? LUTON - 3 Arndale Centre Luton Tel 0582 482680 dD7 BASILDON MEGASTORE - 12 13 South Walk Basildon Tel 0268 27001 BEDFORD MEGASTORE- 1 The Howard Centre Bedford Tel 0234 212460 dp7 NORTHAMPTON - 1-7 College Street Northampton Tel 0604 33996 WELWYN GARDEN CITY - 16 Church Road Welwyn Gdn City Tel 0707 360029 ST ALBANS & WEMBLEY OPENING SOON - Call for details a BY PHONE E3 HI Simply coll our Heod Ohke
quoting your Access Visa number on 0234 218060 (S lines) 4 BY CALLING PERSONALLY V B Simply coll in lo your neorMt Future World lore where our fully 4 2 trained personnel will be more thon happy Id deal with your WW requirements.
• BY POST Mole cheques. Budding Society drafts or Postal Orders
guoroniee cord number on the reverse ol cheque lo ensure some
day deoronce. Cheques without o cord number subject to 10 days
REMEMBER ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE Of VAT & COURIER DELIVERY (UK Momlood only) SATURDAY DELIVERY £10.00 Finance available lo suit your specific needs. Written details on request Instant credit is available in all FutureWorld stores I PREMIER GOLD CARPI
• 7 day money bock guarantee on goods purchased if not completely
satisfied (subject to goods being returned in mint condition)
• 30 day exchange foe new policy should o fault occur
• 1 year guorontee gmng free collection ond delivery service
should o foulr occur
• Exclusive Premier Gold Card with Personal Membership Number
entitling you lo special offers
• All this for only £19.95 per ilem purchased 1 YEAR GUARANTEE
For the whole guarantee period, warranty service will be
Being authorised semce centres lor AMSTRAD, COMMODORE & STAR,
we ore equipped to deal with the moforily of queries lines open
enables our telesales staff to provide up-to-the-minute slock
information coupled with efficient dispatch FULL TESTING
PROCEDURE All computer hardware is tested prior to dispatch
maintaining our motto; _ jf _ All goods subject to ovoilobdity
AP prices correct at time of T HoT C omms Communications is a
confusing place for the newcomer. It seems to have more
jargon attached than any other area of the Amiga except
programming, yet when it comes down to it, it really isn't that
To access the online world you need several items. First of all, a computer - in this case the Amiga.
Secondly you need some terminal software, the best of which is described below. Thirdly you need a modem, the types of which we won't go into now - they need an article in themselves.
Next you need somewhere to call. This can be anything from a local bulletin board system (BBS) I to a full-blown commercial offering like CIX or CompuServe. Many BBSs are members of the Fidonet system which allows messages and files to be passed all round the world, via a local board, for the cost of a local call, Phone bills Commercial boards also cost you the price of a call, but depending where they are situated may mean long distance phone bills, and in addition will normally incur anything up to £10 per hour on top simply for dialling in.
On these pages you'll find four boards which should be at a medium call rate for most readers, together with a list of more scattered boards, at least one of which should be fairly local to you.
The four featured boards are fairly typical of the middle-of-the- road range in the facilities they offer, and all are free to casual callers.
Amateur One thing to remember when calling bulletin boards is that they are run on an amateur basis.
The sysops (system operators) pay from their own pockets to update their equipment, meet phone bills and so on, so many of them ask for a contribution from regular users.
This is usually as little as £10 per year, which isn't a lot for you to pay out for the time, trouble and expenses incurred by the person providing a service to you.
It's rather like shareware - if you find the service useful, pay up for the sake of your conscience if nothing else.
Terminal software Ncomm Probably the most popular software available, Ncomm finally went shareware in v2.Q last year. Don't be put off by the 2.0 tag if you are a WB1.1 user though - it still works.
Ncomm's popularity is probably as much due to its ability to handle scripts as anything else. These allow short text programs to be written to hop on and off bulletin boards without haying to do anything other than type "execute abc".
Version 2.0 suffers in this respect as it has shareware plea requesters popping up now and again while in operation. For this rea* son alone, many users have refused to upgrade to the latest version.
Jrcomm There are two problems with jrcomm.
The first is the lack of a script language, and the second that it is really long in the tooth now.
Having said that, there are times when it's worth having in your collection, both for emergencies and for the odds and sods of jobs that Ncomm and Term might not be able to handle.
For instance, when a friend was trying to show me round CompuServe some months ago, Ncomm simply couldn't handle the connection, and Jrcomm was press-ganged out of retirement to save the day.
However, on the whole I would not use it for everyday use. It's workable, but the other options are now far better and easier to use.
Is where the power of this terminal program lies, as it is here that each individual BBS number can have a tailor-made set of options set.
Instead of scripts, Term allows the use of Arexx interfacing, as well as a variety of time and energy saving options.
For instance, one option allows CU commands to be entered when running the program (very handy if you suddenly realise you need to format a disk in an emergency).
The documentation isn't the greatest in the world, but does tell you what you need to know initially. After that it's a matter of asking around on the networks to discover your optimum settings.
Best BBSs ASPECTS Manchester Sysop: Dave Gorski Modem no: 061-792 0262 Fidonet: 2:250 107 This has to be my favourite board, if for no other reason than it's the one I "point" off.
Aspects has little in the way of frills and fancies, but concentrates instead on giv* ing the user a wide range of messaging facilities, and oodles of files to choose from.
Also supported are several offline readers (OLRs) which allow users to collect all the messages they want to read, download them in a batch, reply offline, then upload those replies.
The board has two telephone lines, one for general users and another for those who have sent the sysop a small donation.
This donation (at £10 per annum) allows full use of a fast modem at the BBS end.
Non-subscribers are limited to use of the subscriber's line at peak BT rate periods only, when the board isn't too busy.
Dave Gorski is also the moderator of the Amiga.UK echo which means he has to keep a close eye on what is being said, and ensure that messages remain on topic in the echo.
It's often uteful to know wheri the buty perlodc are to you ran avoid them, follow my eiample and tall Ih the early houn of the morning If you want to hook itralght Into a biny board like thh Comms RED ROSE Preston Sysop: Tony Walker Modem no: 0772-652212 Fidonet: 2:252 309 Similar to Aspects in many ways, Red Rose is also a supporter of messages and files.
However there are some Online games available, one of which is featured in these pages.
This particular game is a little like a lottery. It is presented in the n,s,e,w style of the standard text adventure, but from a brief look it seems fairly random rather than logical.
One of the strengths of this board is the file areas. Workbench 2 alone has hundreds of files available, and Tony is always on the lookout for more.
All the file areas I've seen have been well laid out with informative notes attached to the filenames.
Tony is also happy to support points from his system, which is a big plus when you get the bug and really can't afford to read and reply to acres of messages online.
061 FOR AMIGA BBS directory The following list contains a selection of BBSs from all over the country who are actively looking for new callers. All operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
There are hundreds of others not listed, and these boards will probably all hold lists of other boards in their areas. Simply dial in and ask the sysop for advice to find the best board for your interests and phone bill.
Please note that while these numbers are believed to be correct at the time of writing, bulletin boards do come and go, so If you are consistently getting no answer, especially in the middle of the night, please try again another time.
You just might be trying to connect your modem to a very annoyed voice on the other end of the line.
Manchester Sysop: Andy Grifo Modem no: 061-799 4922 Fidonet: 2:250 120 If you’re into games, this is definitely a board to look at. Although message areas and files are available, online fun is the principal attraction here.
Andy even runs a betting system which allows users who aren't so hot at gaming to wager download credits on the outcome of games played between experts.
It's certainly an interesting way to encourage users who might be a little shy to participate in the fun.
To prevent you spending hours of time on the board, which not only puts your bills up, but stops others getting on the meantime, the helpfiles for the various games are available for download.
This way you can study the rules and tactics carefully while offline. I've found this a very friendly board, although a little confusing to navigate at times.
P-Square 0293 531261 Laurence 0992 447838 Foon 0273 474352 Mininet-3 0642 608751 Northpaul 0236 727991 Dark Star 0224 636649 Spectromagic 0525 222048 New Health 0244 364020 Sy5tem2 0375 677426 King of the Castle 0233 620228 PhoneLynx 0244 681488 Clipper 091-265 1916 Black Dog Towers 081-983 3472 Red Submarine 0307 818919 Hotel 0634 831389 Bright Sparx 0482 472265 01 for Amiga 071-377 1358 Severn Side 0452 611342 Burning Chrome 0428 727060 Protocol 0403 272931 Prodigy 061-486 6542 Demo Factory 0892 516304 tch Mould you like to buy? Soldier troop M Jm 88. P«t UintUnlty n«!t t» Stu Chu-cMll
ytmrl, tin l liy itvor Hill nMity* tail.
K ... l»ft yM t»|l, •« •. I kftiut I’d tllll r cw Pi»j lt~tn U« ) drive out* mm«1 ipmicp to t » p»MMd shortly
r. you »l «t« ml ytur (loci... 41 l» lt you'* l »mp Mint
»icl, but CbtfPi.
Rt Itlxl? -Y Vc- fhere are currently 160000886 eligible nen in your population, so you say draft up to 1060000 troops Huy hou nany° flax 348. (61 348 Soverwenl spending Space Cmplres, and I 'm coming In as a novice to try to moke sense of It I I ten Price Owned
1) Soldier Troop 1680
2) Fighter craft 1800
3) Defense station 2606
4) Heavy cruiser 4800
5) Intelligence Rgent..5008
6) Carrier, ....,8680
7) Generic planet-,,. 21506
8) Governing planet.. 32250 If you re looking for WB2 utilities
this Is the place to go. Tony Walker Is keen to supply the
very latest and best programs to Ms callers fou have 0
Ihich would you like to buy0 nothing t pnil UstiH lotil hlPiHlt 1»pmi It; lot |4.«ulot ntr .lbi 111 » n i tcpiptiM
(I) Mo c»nt«pt uindwt.
Ill kid !m1( to til loolt n n» ip U8? I 141 In-III b ip for biota'll I ftnctiH ivi v«py vicp Him Cum!
Id! Iim Inlomition about birni in LM
• 1 !1 Itiku Pull Dchd rimut « »l«o I u»».
(4) i no si wu Bird (riv Otrtup
• 111 PtttMPd Prottcl your Ani|i' 141 4 U81.8I only I ! Editor -
Us l«i 181 4 Pin Hwdlw, 181 8 Pin Hindi.
101 drop i fit m tbit m4 it Mill [81 V»py nicp P w tt«p p ol*tn nt.
(8! 4 Pri'irm vrr-| lilt ISSIUX, 101 ttncpl Httito R ot it pt.
81 [cpptn Blinktr Vvry 'Buny’l rrtnt 51H81 HR ititvi oodti Ponnin* in tyil *i ' n t in f*«}t«ti "»t «« snj not bltyiPt : 1 * 5 u ir i.,oli d in tmtl It your turn in stntl U JM XtlW 11 u ai-t »linil t 4 ¦ jmet .
« l»t»d ftntt UP MtMit tut* titytt Miitinf in imi iMtmttm Pitjnf* iMipVtd 8;tvvt ttti nut : *rultt 5:»l ct . I n« 0:ptlMt Y:mp ititvi 0:vil bin It bbi ; ll sf Imp I:nib * mm tm* loin (iobil lbr «( ?l ction’ li.t.M.d.P.B.t.M.Ml Global War pgoln - this time we re ir protection)? [y ID 10:53 00:08 viewing some of the experts at the gome In their team endeavours ,-, , , I - jm? U urn- p ¦ ¦ ¦pll vi i i ? i I 'illtidlittr Ftp-y 4=ET,} ] J ‘Ij7triV'.l~ fidn n HHZF Hc-U-'iti ill;to!:, Lt 1L, J f t [• iLj- jj-HI, I ] ijju i-it i r-* r ‘ ' I j:*i*» |t t»* rr*TrLi h HI I I »» ». I fine* I I • * y
I P, I I 5 V*n«.
HI l r1 f r1' i | i I S:t« pi Iff r iplt Li l_J.lt J| Jl jJl 1 I IjltPlI n M'« 1 L-J I 1 I i u , - I 1 KUO !
U fetwi 'M • the viji vfMlti Here Clobal War Is telling n what I'm doing... I'm glad something Isl Like other boards. Red Rose corrles echoes around the country. Here's a message I posted ird when I had a Uttle problem AMIGA PERIPHERALS 7 WHAT THE PRESS SAY: Superb build excellent aesthetics and blinding speed make this the best A500 hard drive' _ AMIGA sttom« ‘GW dakm this is the fastest hord drive in the world ond none of our tests could prove that wrong _ Untouchable. THE choice' AWGA SHORPffl (MW*) 52Mb HD 120Mb HD MODEL HARD ORIVE HD8* the build quality is excellent _ in terms of
performance, their gear is the best _ their equipment is worth every penny', AWGA tQRMAT as? FASXl £199 A530 COMBO
WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY S*» Systems are pleased to present the
GVP range of penpherate. GVP are the world's largest third
- amiacturer of peripherals tor the Arriga range and
- ave a reputation for high specification, quality products The
company was founded only tour years ago by a man who knows
about the Amiga, Commodore’s ex-Vtce President of Technology.
AiongiMth a team of Amga experts inducing ofierex- Caimodore staff, understand the addon roqurements of Amiga owners better than anyone. Not onty do GVP provide peripherals that Amiga ownera want, ney also offer peace ol mind, with a 2 year warranty on the products they manufacture So. It you are Wlong tor the very best xi peripherals for your Amiga computer, look no further than GVP.
• 16MHz 80286 processor
• 287 Maths Co-Processor socket
• 512Kof PC RAM plus the used Amiga RAM
• Supports Hercules. CGA, EGA VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video
• Runs MS-DOS (3.2 and upwards) plus thousands of other PC
programs The powerful 296 emtiatof module wnpty plugs nto the
‘mmi-sloT ot the GVP HD8* or A530 (without toVftldabng the
warranty). It has (ul access to the Amiga's resources and
allows you to run PC and Amiga programs at the same time,
giving you two computers none.
FREE BROCHURE RETURN THE COUPON FOR YOUR COPY PC EMULATOR PLUG-IN OPTION FOR HD8+ & A530 portormance The HD8* hard drive offers up to 8Mb of Standard internal Fast RAM expansion . V and the A530 Combo, up to 8Mb ol 32- ' bn wide fast RAM expansion Both feature a SCSI controller, which supports up to 6 addtional dev es, and an Autoboot Game cut-olf svwtcft Both are ava4abte in 52. 120 and 240Mb hard drive versions in addition, the A530 Combo rooms the Amiga forward with an 030 accelerator, running at a blistering 40MHz This enables your Amiga 500 to run at an incredible 12.1 MIPS, taster
than an Amiga 3000! No other product in the wodd combines all the features found in the A530 Combo' A plug-m PC emulator option.
EK uin twalsuA* •* AuSllBhlfl Inf GVP's HD8» hard drive and A530 hard drive with 40MHz accelerator, represent the highest quality Am»ga 500 peripherals, at very aflordabte pnces Each incorporates a last action hard drive. RAM expansion capability, custom VLSI chip and FaaaSTROM SCSI driver, tor . V unbeatable performance , vV N £349 vttNEW LOW PRICES V A ON MOST PRODUCTS EFFECTIVE 1st SEPT 92 HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS 240Mb HD FOR ALL AMIGAS AMIGA 1500 PRODUCTS ACCELERATORS SOUND SAMPLER
• t-M stenc Mirntar
• Pld* vitooira«Wpa»T
• 1*01 kx long inpuf
• extrnmre *c»tv r *aufw 4r N wnprimmi ra uto rcttwi * rfli fee
M tmo vxrd wee M ccmai rt: r« snM cn »r, Vngi 5CC 8X m Mi 7 XX
corcuai PxrcnM »ih :ot cf IM l W p««*hi I'd a*s tnm Ortl n
£49.95 a £599. £849 £1199 £1699 AA GVP G-forw KcHmtcn can tM
tirud vfo a leid card by addrg a Mtxri M. GVA 42S1 £3995, m»nj
(ffe ULTIMATE Amgi 150CV2000 psrpheral Any r SCSI drtrc Mr Vini
ba mcuitad on to Dw accatantcr.
• FxAvyidMMMmtflMm
• OS!. 120. 2*0 A 420U00f»av
• Onboard SM mtnwy xxxeta
• A3tf up to 6 SCSI CWW
• E«$ y to msiatl SIMMS Tv« WqkI IHC8 Nrt urttu* U wax* t Pt *»•
frS "" Put 1* f*1500 an} 2CD0 rod*® No) crl, art fwy too* tf
f» lastejl run) itMt mvum cu fty iiu ramme n urpacUMrt W* HAM
tiporten bart 52Mb ,WMV.,w £200 120Mb MMHtooua £429 240Mb wmium
£699 420Mb -MMM £1099 VIDEO ENHANCER
• 16 mttn cabin 9 76tti5K Pal Rn
• Support* comp *fro. S-VMS4 Rgfl
• BnMbiit pMy penfce*
• Nd» »xr RGB ipMoe hpao Vann 24 a to M 2*bl Pnhmrm Vdtc Mxi-j I
Wire '.6 nlcn axun on Mwrjlow tua-oprm*. %*»lwr Vwn tuftr ham
sabot. Rd dgM Wyt &«M »tn C4*9K»ft24 30 *o*lrq rxl irdtmg
¦cbnie Sab IV74 ntoo H«»j MbMra p*n U*M Pi« 24« cart peum
AlUtfOX MQMt atttMrtf atopor. GVA S224. £«» nr-24 ¦ viu Sturm m
w w £ 1499 iv-24 uu Trusccoa w crin £1899 RAM BOARDS
• UpgrKto in 2Mb increment
• Si«x rt5 rKkatry aamard RAM chpt
• aajnosftr wfrwaro moUJed
• FvVy •uiocontyunng Th» PAWfl flm in mi, «i, to .(Sr» mu iKO *
»M « Mb«ID Mft Tbl fVUft « Wj ufixwlyury rd a tutpWd ALL PRICES
hardware orders shpped n the UK mainland
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE Team of technical expens at you
• PRICE MATCH. We normally match competitors on a ‘Same product -
Same price' basis
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS Proven trac* record n professional
computer sales.
• C12 MILLION TURNOVER (wtth 60 stetl): SoW, mli»W« and
• BUSINESS t EDUCATION t GOVERNMENT. Volume drscouits available
081-306 0688.
• SHOWROOMS. Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& &dcup branches
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requrements from one supplier
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be maled to you with otters i software
and peripheral details.
• PAYMENT Major credit cards, cash, cheque of monthly terms
Before you deode when 10 buy your new Amqa products, we suggest
you ftw* very caretuhy aeout
• VHERE you buy them Consider what it will bo ike a tew months
aher you have made your purchase, when you may require
acJOOonal peripherals and softwore or help and advtce. And. Wfl
the company you buy from contact you wtth delate ol new
products? At Satca SyMeme, we on&ure that you w« have nothing
to worry about. We have been established for almost 14 years
and. With our unrivalled eapenence and expertiso. We can now
dawn to meet oi» customers requirements with an itoderstandng
wfxch IS second to nono But don't |usi lake cm word tor t.
Complete and return the coupon now tor our latest FREE Merature
and begm to experience the 'SAica Systems Sennce- r - ~ MAIL
ORDER HOTLINE W081-309 1111 SILICA M SYSTEMS f ji] Ho; Silica
Systems. AMCOM-1192-68.1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup,
'MrsWiS&'MS - lnrt»*» ------- Surname:
......------------------------- Company Name (it applicable):
__________ ....
.... Address:......
- . ------------------- .
Postoode: Tel (Home):... Tel (Wdrtc):
..... | When computer(s),
it any. Do you own?
- .
(*Of A»,«nwc *id ifiKAMtr* mil ctnngi Fkowlvljn int comonroi nt
UimI 5p, users can have unlimited time on local calls.
Personally I feel this ought to be stopped - it just isn't fair
to the rest of us!
METNET Hull Sysop: Jon Witty Modem no: 0482-473871 Fidonet: 2:252 129 C omms however, |on has certainly taken advantage of the possibilities, and offers lots of online games as well as plenty of local and national message areas. In addition he regularly runs special events like quizzes and other competitions.
One nice touch on the board is animated displays. For instance one of the game menus runs down the left of the screen, while on the right there is an automated game of Space Invaders in progress.
Metnet is enormous. With ten phone lines running simultaneously the board can handle multi-user chat and online games with ease.
One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is situated in Mull. Now Hull, unlike the rest of Britain, has its own private phone system. With this, for just Worth a call even if you are outside the local area, but be warned - the board is vast and you'll need a few calls to explore it properly.
A typical online game These shots are from the game Medieval Swordplay as found on Red Rose.
Better arm up off Into the unknown.
Completing quests successfully provides money to buy things llltm ntffi U **pon S)h'l»14«
(1) (Dutt tonbrr of turns renaming br 1?
Iky Chou* Pl*m ) 1 Ktmvl.ttl Htl:M1 I |r 22:56 11:11 Comms jargon ZMODEM: This is a communications protocol which controls the method by which data is transferred between your modem and the remote modem.
Currently this is the most commonly used, so if your host the BBS you call - offers this Option you would be as well to use it.
Data is sent in blocks and if an error is detected due to a noisy line, or a bad block length check, transmission of that block will halt and the block will be sent again There is also usually an option to resume transfer. This is handy if the line gets so bad that no more data can be sent. Data you have already received is held, and when you redial on a (hopefully) better line, instead of downloading the whole file again.
Zmodem ensures that you resume from where you stopped.
Beware though if you download to RAM, as resetting your machine will lose the data you have already received unless you save it to floppy or hard disk first!
FLOW CONTROL: Sometimes it is useful for the connection rate between your Amiga and modem to be different from that between your modem and the remote modem. This is called flow control.
It is intended to ensure your computer and modem don't lose bits of data between them. The most common is controlled by the hardware and is called RTS CTS and there is also a software controlled one called XON XQFF.
These are set up using both the Amiga preferences and your terminal software set tings, and both modem and computer must agree on the settings used.
BAUD RATE: This refers to the numbers you'll see bandied about like 2,400,9,600 and so on. Basically if you connect two modems at 2,400, the maximum cps (characters per second) which can be transmitted is 240.
Similarly a 9,600 connection will give a maximum of 960 cps. This is only the maxF mum though, and if your telephone connection suffers from crackles and hisses the transmission rate may drop tremendously.
Another point to remember is that if your modem is faster than the one at the other end, you will only be able to receive data at the rate the other end can transmit it.
MNP: This stands for Microcom Networking Protocol. If that leaves you cold, don't worry. The various MNP standards are methods of noise suppression and data compression.
For instance, if you have a noisy line, data may be lost during transmission. Using error correction, the effect of the noise is suppressed. Data is transmitted in blocks, with a checksum included. If the received checksum and data block don't match the data will be re-sent until they do.
Data compression on the other hand attempts to squash the data being transmitted in order to shorten transmission time. This works well with files which haven't been compressed already, but the result is virtually unnoticeable on pre-compressed files.
FIDONET: Throughout the world there are bulletin board which collect messages from their local users, then use the Fidonet system to pass those messages to their destination at other BBSs. Every night - and sometimes at other times too - each Fidonet BBS receives a packet of messages from the board behind it in the chain, stores them for its own users, adds on messages from its own users then waits for the BBS ahead of it in the chain to call and collect the resulting package.
ECHOES: Messages from BBS users are placed in different "files", each called an echo. Each echo deals with a particular subject so BBS users don't have to wade through oceans of messages of no interest to them to find what they do want.
There are at least a dozen or so Amiga specific echoes which travel around either UK only BBSs or all round the world. You can compare notes with BBS users in Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, all for the price of a local call.
These echoes are public, in other words anyone anywhere can read them, and usu ally write messages in them too. For private communication there is another system called Netmail.
NETMAIL: If you want to send a message to a particular person, which you don't want others to read, you need to use Netmail. Most BBS sysops will happily allow the transmission of Netmail, although some ask for a fee to do so, and some won t handle it at all.
Use Netmail when what you have to say is either confidential, or simply of little or no interest to other users of the echo. It is extremely annoying to spend time online reading an exchange between two people who are chatting about which of their local pubs to meet up in next week.
- Vi* JUS? MAL ' ;j£ MOW NUJj'JIiER
- 7 J5) IDj.tfVJj!iJ3S 'I DU DALL 7 Ji 3£nER1H~ CHANCE MjllNfe!
A- *r" * :
L. .S’ The Works!
Calls charged at 36p per min cheap, or 48p per min peak. Please ask permission of telephone owner before calling.
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RAM P Please state A500 or plus when ordering- oof A600
compatible] 2 Now supports most hard drives!
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Mainland only). Remenr at Harwoods we charge no more (or this 6010 service The fas turnaround possible is GUARANTEED by our OWN SERVICE ENGINEE TECHNICAL SUPPORT You will be yiven our Exclusive Techr Support Phone Number to call should you require eny help o* «d on any aspect of the system you hyve purchased MINIMUM 12 MONTH HARDWARE WARRANTY Hems pro faulty within 30 days of purchase are replaced with NEW UN unless otherwise stated. For the guarantee period, warranty ser will be completely FREE OF CHARGE [some items are 2 yr warrar YOUR SYSTEM READY TO GO All mam hardware products « with
mains plugs on 1 lead? Just connect up and use straight awr Enquiries & Order l ine 773 83678: fMnancc futilities Available' flint phitnr «' forht’irmUoo. MW pnnowl Oppi“ alw r* • "4M wrinru finals.
How to contact us... HBY PHONE: Phone our Order Hotline with your Act Visa, Mastercard Switch or Lombard Creditchargc ( quoting number 81 expiry date lMo?t Dixons, Cur NASCB and other 'store' cards are Lombard Creditchj and are happily accepted by us).
COMPUTERS. (Personal business cheques lake 7day clear from day of receipt whereupon your order wil despatched), Please send Name Address, and r importantly if possible, a Daytime Telephone Number a with your order requirements Please check you ordering from our latest advertisement before poi I phone if you require confiihUtrOh . PtettB remeiuwr for example many September publication* appear di U InUtt prirrt art -hat I HI BAY. A*J fittt on SO IIIIUlES FJTl A T «iJ potUtf on imiafiJ. Omt pnrn an rurmi ttf tmt of fefiq pm t Tar I ilrtaih am ion from rmu fat tmn. Riffm mtStnun sab fti la
enMBhy omt to Arrrrjc 1*' horn oinnM prut** is path print, t'tmsr notr faofi art mo uppluit mi«Inal tm u I A t GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTE I DEPARTMENT HI. NEW STRLI ALFRETON, DERBYSHIRE. DE5 7 TEL: 0773 836781 FAX: 0773 831( The Closer you bob, I bv Better ue 1 BY POST: Make cheques, bankers building society d'.ttl postal orders payable to GORDON HARW( Auaust. Etc . Therefore prices you see may nave char (either up or down!I (Despatch normally no day of ordei or payment cleara SPACIOUS SHOWROOM:!
Wednesdays 9.00 until 1.00 ? EXPORT Most items are available at TAX FREE PRICE non UK residents and service personnel. Please contw for confirmation of export Prices before ordering Why not take a trip out to visit us and see our Hill advertised n and more, available at the SAME COMPETITIVE PRICES IP see opening lim«l There's plenty of FREE parking nearby too' FREE DELIVERY: within 14 working days UK Main only. 0 SPEEDY COURIER KRVHJf. A w just £6.9* major item for guaranteed next working day deliverer,50 for Saturday delivery). UK Mainland most reg , - L’.O P E N I N G TIMES I “ ,’9.00
until 5.00 Monday to Saturday Are you confused by CLI?
Frustrated by files? Here's Workstation 2 has been designed specifically for the new breed of Amigas with the express purpose of simplifying the computing process whilst providing all the computing tools you II ever need.
This indispensable collection of utilities includes the very latest and best shareware compiled within a smooth and simple user friendly interface. No more CLI or Shell, a simple point and click is all you'll ever need...
- ™ o7th?Dneed ™
- more Wh a slT C°py¦ *nd Pictures and r m°Use dick pit and mu,
most ailing floppy disks and hard drives. When al Fixdisk goes
on to save the seemingly un-saveable.
itiDos r r ~_ i- K Virus Checker - With the virus explosion of the last few years, safeguarding your software is an essential task. Thanks to Workstation 2 the very latest virus checker is ready to protect your whole collection from the dreaded software destroyers.
This is just a small selection of the tools and utilities on offer. There's also the ScreenX utility, which allows you to grab Amiga images and save them to disk and GFXMem will instantly show the state of your system memory, For the artists out there Icon Edit awaits to produce customised icons, while NickPrefs adds the option for a 16 colour designer backdrop, animated pointers and non clicking floppies, which combine with the built-in screen blanker to provide a tailor made designer look to your system and transform the appearance of your Workbench screen forever.
Baffled by backups?, your answer.
GraphicStation Have you got the very latest Amiga? If so, you need the ultimate Workbench 2 accessory. Whether you have an A500 Plus, A600, A1500 or perhaps a Kickstart upgrade on a 1.3 machine, the time has come to take control thanks to Amiga Computing and the 2mazing Workstation 2. It's the disk the Amiga world has been waiting for... £4.50 Including fully detailed, easy-to-understand manual Make your Amiga come to life thanks to the ultimate artistic tool.
Quite simply one of the best productivity tools in the business.
Whether you're painting or printing. The Graphic Station is the answer.
If you have Workbench 2.
You need Workstation 21 Workstation original ultimate add-on ~y any 1,3 machine. If you've an older machine, make it young again with the
- vely successful £ Station.
Please tick the appropriate box for the package or combination you require: ? WorkStation2 £4,50 951?
? Workstation £3.50 »» ? GraphicStation £4.50 mrt ? Workstation & GraphicStation £7.50 «ot ? Workstation 2 & GraphicStation £8.00 I wish to pay by: ? Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to Database Direct ? Access Mastercard Eurocard Barclaycard Vi$ a Connect No. 1-1-1.1. I 1. 1J-L1 Li-1 1 1 1 .1 I. JJ Expiry Date J J Signed.
Name..... Address.
.....Postcode Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port. South Wirral L65 3EB Order at any time of the day or night PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275. FAX: 051-357 2813 Don't forget to give your name, address and credit card number AC veimsk The graphics in this game are superb. Neat, fast moving sprites and truly respect engendering asteroids which it seems almost a crime to blast into nothingness float around in the blackness of space making Cybernetix the most visually appealing shareware
game to hit the AC offices in a long It's a rare o«a sion when a CoverDisk sub mission has half the office clustered around one monitor, and even rarer when they all watch for five minutes and still decide they want to try it for themselves.
Cybernetix, however, resulted in a mass scrum for the only two available joysticks in which several shins were marked for life and not a few noses put out of joint.
In short, Cybernetix offers exactly the right mixture of chaos and action which made the arcade game such an integral part of our leisure culture, which is one way of saying that it's fast and violent.
The game is immediately reminiscent of Defender and other horizontal shoot 'em-ups of the golden age of arcades, but it’s not long before the game's mod ern edge begins to show.
Power-ups galore and a subtle tactical twist lend Cybernetix a thoroughly addictive edge which soon sinks its teeth deep into the player's pleasure centres. To begin with, the player is equipped with a fairly wimpy space ship firing only a single pulse laser from its nasal area, and with this rather unassuming piece of killing kit the objective is to clear a level of enemy ships and asteroids. But why kill those beautiful asteroids? Have you seen them?
Play what's probably the best shareware shoot-'em-up ever - and we just dare you to survive Vision Software's Cybernetix * time. Once the blasting does start, though, the game really begins to impress. Fast isn't a particularly suitable adjective to apply in this situation.
Cybernetix is mean and menacing with a rapid streak a mile wide.
Smooth movement, joystick control most commercial releases can't match.
Model4D Author: Sean Turner Model4D is one Of a very few shareware modelling programs designed to offer many of the features normally only associated with commercial packages.
As such, it represents an ideal way for users to experiment with modelling inexpensively, and could be the spark which prompts some to go the whole hog and buy Real3D or Imagine.
It would be a naive user who expected a shareware program such as this to match up to the £300 big boys, but even a cynic can't fail to be surprised at the range of features ModeMD has to offer.
As well as the usual creation of objects and primitives, ModeMD has a lathe function, extrusion, and even an animation capability, though this is not fully implemented in the shareware release.
Being a complex package, and one into which the author has invested a great deal of time and mental sweat, ModeMD does not come to you in its complete form.
Some of the functions either haven't yet been finalised - this is the program's first version - or have been disabled to encourage shareware donations, so in the interests of future developments, I'd urge all those impressed by the program to register immediately.
Tri-view screen ModeMD's main editing screen is a full- size 3D representation of the objects being created, but a tri-view screen similar to that used in Real3D and Imagine can be switched on by clicking the appropriate icon found in the tool box to the right of the screen (see diagram).
At first, the only object visible is the light source, represented by a star, but others are merely a couple of clicks away, ModeMD uses a hierarchical object structure similar to Real3D's approach, so start by clicking on the hierarchy icon to bring up a table of objects. This is blank to begin with, so we'll follow the author's own example project, which you'll find in the on-disk user manual Click on the Create button found at the bottom of the hierarchy panel, then on rename, and type in the name "Teapot" Now click on the Co To button to make Teapot our root object.
To add the body of the teapot, select screens full of exploding matter out the least hint of the game ¦ng pay ample testament to the or's use of the Amiga's talents with The objective, as in all games based ¦ tenocide (xenocide? - Ed), is to kill as my aliens as possible before your evitable demise. To aid the player in «. There is one simple feature - the werup.
Asteroid in the game will break mm into three smaller pieces when ¦ri upon, and many of the mini aster's release blue power crystals when ¦ collected, these can boost the jtayer's bonus scoreat the end of the tml. But it's a rash and short-lived who collects them all.
This is because when an alien ship pfcMes up two or more crystals it in behind a power-up when subse- mently destroyed by the player. In mmon, when a complete attack wave is destroyed, a power up will be left behind by the last ship to die.
Power ups include faster shots, three-way fan fire, shields, and so on, and are essential for a long and happy alien murdering career. The wise player will therefore avoid picking up too many crystals and will always be alert to the appearance of attack waves.
Without the various nut-job power- ups, among the handiest of which has to be three way fire, the appearance of attack waves will signal nothing more than the closing curtain on a final act which would make Hamlet look like an essay in pacifism.
Not the most intimidating of characters in their own right, the aliens in Cybernetix can quickly swamp the player by sheer force of numbers and a tendency towards suicidal attacks which even Hezbollah would be proud of.
The most fanatically involved of these red-eyed, screaming, banzai-waiiing (that's enough ludicrous adjectives - Ed) lunatics is the aptly named Assassin droid.
OverDisk AC This little blighter appears in the sector, represented by a red dot on the scanner, and hurtles toward the player faster than an enraged neighbour in whose garden one's cat has just defecated. I'll leave you to figure out for yourself how to deal with the Assassin, but please watch out for the level in which an entire wave of assassins comes zooming over the horizon. A change Of underwear can often be the only noticeable result of this encounter.
IupQDD I3DDD 01, in ll i not eractly a high uorv L* Ira shlpi are gained every 10.000 polnii or so K * •KahaKa E0MB5 * * * « ?
Imart bambt fan tore your life whin them an auanln around
* om the Tools menu, and when the appears select the appropriate
- roer of divisions for your machine, more divisions, the
smoother and scr* detailed an object will be, so for 50 owners,
raise the default level to 3 nd for A500 owners a suitable
- aerobe 10 to 15.
Teapot", to make t, select f stick to wireframe mode, all users jn 90 for 30 divisions, but unaccelerated mr. ihoukJ be prepared for a long wait rendering the final object.
Divisions OK. Let's create that teapot. Click on :« to confirm your choice of divisions, ten mark out a vertical axis by clicking %*e with the mouse button - once at top of the axis, then again at the Vxt. Mark out a C-shaped semicircle :¦-« side of the axis line, and double :« m the last point.
One teapot body. Notice that it in the hierarchy list as "object", cfick on Rename to give it a more descriptive title, such as "body".
To make the lid, repeat the above process, shaping your lid just above the main body. It's a good idea to allow the lid to protrude into the body, as a bit ol overiap will ensure a more organic wholeness for our teapot, Again, for the spout, use the lathe tool, this time marking out an axis at the correct tilt for the spout of your average beverage dispenser. The spout will tend to look a little like a gun barrel, but in a program which has no organic modelling, this is to be expected. If you don't like it, you can always spend £300 on one of the commercial packages.
Our last feature, the handle, requires ModeMD's other construction tool, the lathe function, so select this tool now. A requester will pop up asking for the size - or depth - of the extrude, and as our handle will be fairly thin, a value of ten will do for now.
Click on OK, then mark out the handle by clicking once for each point on its outline. Remember that unlike the Lathe tool, Extrude works fine with closed shapes, so mark out a broad C shape, and double click as usual to finish.
Now that the teapot is finished, go to the Preferences menu, and choose Viewmode flat to see the object in solid form. Now click on the palette edit icon and mess about until you find a colour which suits your taste in teapots.
To change the colour of the objects, • CoverDisk fea dick on the name of the object in the hierarchy list, then on the colour of your choke and the screen will be redrawn to show the change. Do this for every part of the teapot, then prepare to render.
To make the most of our rendered scene, go to the Project menu and the Screen item. Two sub-items are available, interlace and overscan, both of which apply only to the screen on whkh the render takes place. Turn both on by clicking on them, then select render and sit back.
On slower machines, the process can take quite a while, but on larger machines a minute or so should see the teapot in glorious HAM.
As ModeMD is written in compiled Basic, its maths routines could be speeded up somewhat, but then if you register as a shareware user, you will receive all future updates direct from the author, so what are you waiting for?
Full instructions on the program's many other features can be found in the on-disk user manual. Have a ball (or should I say a Gourad-shaded sphere?).
Shareware J Canon Utils needs you!
Please remember that many of the program distributed on the AMIGA Computing CoverDisk are shareware releases. This means that the authors have kindly allowed you, the reader, to sample the program before paying for it If you decide to keep a program and intend to use it regularly, you should register as a shareware user with the author. Full details on how to register can be found, where appropriate, in the on-disk documentation.
Shareware authors, if they don't receive enough registrations, will eventually stop releasing programs to the public, which would dry up an indis- pensible supply of superb software.
Keep the faith, and keep sending those fivers!
ImageLab Author: Gary Milliorn ImageLab is a shareware program designed to enable users to transform their IFF images using a wide range of image manipulation and processing features. The results, though not perhaps of ADPro standards, can be impressive.
The program works either overlaid on the Workbench screen or in a full screen of its own, and all operations are carried out from either the drop-down menus or through keyboard short-cuts.
This can be a little confusing at first, because the default is a half screen with menus available from either the ImageLab window or the image screen, but you get used to it.
Using ImageLab, it is possible to carry out the usual cut and paste graphics editing processes found in most paint packages, but there are many other functions, some of which can produce exotic results.
Flip, invert, and rescale are present as usual, but the ability to pixelise, convert to greyscale, sharpen, and smooth an image will be new to most, and the more way out functions such as Fast Fourier Transformations and the various filters will be a complete mystery.
Luckily, the author's excellent on-disk documentation contains a complete rundown of all the program's functions.
Using this, and a suitable IFF image (there wasn't space on the disk to supply one.
I'm afraid) the experimenlative user can employ ImageLab either as a workhorse image processor or as an excellent educational tool to demonstrate the various image techniques which are available, how they work, and their effects.
Workbench disk and place the CoverDtsI in DFO:.
Now open the various windows unti the Canon Utils drawer is visible and clip on the Install icon. Single floppy users wi have a bit of disk swapping to gi through, but otherwise the printer drive will work fine.
If any problems Crop up during insti lation, reboot with your Workbench dish open a Shell window and type (one line; Author: Wolf Faust irwrfrAWfimfmitd : ; ¦m in* I Mia M l mam Faulty disk?
Subscribers If you subscribe to AMIGA Computing and your dh.
Has been damaged in the post, please return it to Amiga ComOisk. Luroptns Direct, FrttPOST, [Hew Port, South Witroll65 ifB Nonsubscribers If you bought your magazine from a shop and lou- that the CoverOisk was damaged, please return within two months to: Prosoft. S River Cardan Butinas Centre. Spot Res.
FcHhom, Middlesex. TWI4 05N. Tel: 081 890 8290 Canonpref and Fontshop make tontrol of the 8 10 tupremety easy The Canon BJ10 bubblejet printer has over the past year become one of the most popular printers in the Amiga scene, and the AC offices have received an increasing number of enquiries about printer drivers and using the Canon to the best of its abilities.
For all you bubblejetters out there, we decided it was high time to distribute a Canon printer driver on the CoverDisk, thus saving you the hassle of finding one, and us the hassle of answering all those enquiries! The Utils package is supplied with a Canon BJ10 printer driver, an installer program for those who aren't sure where the printer driver should go, and two Workbench 2-only preferences programs used to control the printer from Workbench.
COPTCOVEMMJTtlTliniEf aMMJlUTIlSI CANOKBJ10 TO DEVS:P1INTEIS Workbench 2.04 users who wish to instil the two prefs programs will need an exn Even without these programs, the printer driver will work fine, but all you lucky Workbench 2.xx users will have a few extra options.
To begin, make sure that your BJ10 is connected and that the DIF switch settings are as specified in the on-disk documentation, then boot from your normal Workbench disk.
Make sure there's at least 20k free space for the printer driver, then insert the CoverDisk in a free floppy drive. If you only have one floppy drive, eject the HACK ONE CLIH ART HACK flus » a iolliitk«) of I) disk.v All are ut IFF format ami are lifcil for Deikinp puhlrtfaig. Thete arc kuds ti anagt s id choose fnxn rallying from famy Imnkr. |n special miasiinis and people In places They ate super quabty.
- XI 5.00- HACK TWO GAMES PIXY 1 PIX 2 POG 21 Pfxi 32 PIXY 35
HX, 46 HX, to PDG b) iM 61 FOG 62 FOG 63 nx; 6b FOG T) FOG ’I
FOG T3 PDG 75 roo 77 HX) T9 FOG 10 roo HJ FOG 85 POG It) roc «T
TO W POG W TO, 91 POG 92 POG 93 PDG 93 FOG 95 PDG 5ft POG 97
Kit PI x; KP PIXi KM playine P) BARON I VTAR ITUiK - The Ftml
F«mT(2Dukl(P) 5TAH MK'.)Prt‘ R 2|iii es' P» IMXNG • The Gaiw 12
Unfcsl IP) ia.EVD0PEAIX.KAR PAIR n ifdlkJlKwlllP) nurr kachlve,
poa & cthm SEA LANCE iSobnume snwUlaji (P .AIR ACE II IP)
flUTU: TKAIN SFT(P) SPEOK.W GAMES SOI I (P) sHmiM games yol 2
p umisoiVT L er r»
- Txe Va! TJerentKiniPl CARD MiARP I'Pi CHLVA OlAliENtiE II
T1EK - Jin Euibtrs enkn 12 Disksl LE0FN1) Of lOTHIAN ¦ Gmrf
new I hitu type AtiTtmnrlE) ASHIDO - 5upcr purfe game, sttr
addxwe I PI GOTDfN OIDIRS - A tuneful nf ilavfe i Upl(P)
UNDRNGOHb - Arfcp.etb wth i ilfnmr INTERVATTOXAL CRICKET - Mum
- £12.00 LATEST FISH DISKS MLMC PACK 111) DISKS), Vmon Muu Suncn,
Uuutkn Tkaittu Mum*. Cm Musis Dck. KLsrf Overlixid Musk. RAF
Meyfimix No I, Flash digital Conceit No 6. Hashing Bytes 'Sum
Song* I', Akainu 'Pan*. Votces', (rusaJcrs Mxru Comm. Anlui*
Must Dak.
£12.00 (tAMI'S PACK IP) This NEW 12 dti paii ccnuintt; Mar Trrk, Air Ate
II. Drtpi. Morn, Tanx. Arcade (iamcs Jeopardy Vatin) Jr m
Wonderland, Super Skoda Challenge, llollvwood Ttnta. Card
- it, 15.00- Fall Bab nr inntusJ »lh ill d lie kUS tod lw ft)
m. ypmt TU-1 jtt usual). Oxnprcanl A mfrewsl ojrltrr. Rjljr to
neon Psrv cwnt Mh Ml ii«uii*xiv Ito be waned. Ties «t etcnM Ut
* rhahaw knowledge i ihr *rfl r 11 «c bi»r id llr
(ulritlM bid 1 hi !W »it 1 trtk j] ail fljft on nr Pin nxtinn
Bel* irr stmt if rtr lurx (Mo elore one Her... nagelab t ork
HACK EIGHT p» 099 RIXMG - Kanl A fcyji) disk uttnw H CAW SCRAM
Wi - Buid ycsn on apmrfnn A SCM ainrulrr fl Mb CANON « STAR
HBVTO DRIYIRS H C-MANUAL-Thcirfd mta toJh P5 cuwuWc cxan|i4n
A ulis l’ Dnksl R MR Ocl AjfiU PLAYER vJjOO TT 6(T POWH PLAYER
v2.* - Days imiKhed mkUtt in taw funuts B 6*5 nta COPY's I B -
Rtiir.tr* (lAftNbn Kr ’w.sui* ipdbk* R MAGPAGES - Create yew
own disk (Kg ino* gngiike int A nudi ff KAYMlAflf 31 • Riy
Trxnp fn vrun B 6* DIRWOKK Yl '1 - lAtnsxi UiUy. Mh
caifiguofik R m VTRLTs illlCKE* ,6.05 B Hi ASTTtT.liTVa •
C ixlAadclne A Ink.inn dtwcikf n ttJ DltKTTiT - Umk cbi uupav
ioik hi Nutlun in a R 661 CIT.A0IZ - bail iealuml Kss pngnm.
Ndufe 25 ayvt BBS ganr B 652
mi. LNrn DiuIuk ff 60 FCT.ViK HIM craabtr R h« BOOT INTRO
nrfTTjfl i SI COMM ff 6W sY5l T0 - Tthifi r you surfiee) ff
562 SHOT fit U' - lavcgnan X irairUm 1«5 pan rm* mrsuj*.
C-UGHT (Ray Tmr KiUytiPI pa Ml TEXT PU5 vjlkti iFii* Giuvbed Fuh) (PI TO f5 MFD vJ.2flfW«h MIDJI iT* TO J« MFSSYSD 0 IP) pa* 383 SPECTRAPAINT ,.32 pa Am UDKMASTEX v32 pa' .385 ELECIROCA1) vl.4 (PI TO .Mb AVOGAEOX vl.l l!ai ib Vemun DTPUPl TO vnNDOYRBENQI YlOfJ Dlds) TO P*
W) «JfS8»«TTTi»(PI TO M9 0KASf II lEwxdcni. Im Ihtahw) TO' 391
IPI HACK HIVE ITIimF.S PACK Hus NEW 5 disk paik contains
McnySxi II, iKopy v2. New Supetkillen (swn kiUets) E'axdisk,
Text plus S'3.0 im ssstsTUL awcnos
- &8.00 - Ml SIC MAKFXS IP) MED Aid. Pru Tracker. Star Trekkcr
vl.2. Disks -Unsmmienr Disks a mi wiw mm .w skuvs
- &12.00 - 3-S xigs UTILITIES (com) YNIMATIONS : shux-mi- TO' y»
UAMLABKDIHIIF ComttwMP) RXI «R AMP12 lAmgaspdl X-spek L'-Edt,
11! 'IPi fix: «r 0KnmmiB*i P) fk: wi omminiFs*2(Pi HXI W»
CflJUSnt FONTS(HnrfrssMulhrtsXP) nxi no sirosof vnncp) MX' III
mOfFSRONAl DCOPY »30 roc: ill SB) »2tW iBrud .Nnr Vttwo' fix us
RF.VTOX rorra cuoAitr MX' lift MBCOPints20 5upnH) KBI IP
StfWMvJhit'unmifimgnno KX' 1IX AcilNPe.tlMlrfnrilv'1 roc 119
NirawmiNrwtind. Buct-x in MX' I’D MUSU1 DKNTJt QNDWIt HI FIX’
121 OCIAMET) vl iXh - M OunnH iru«K' nfo-r uken ftrniftshVVIPI
FIX' 45 BOOIIMTWUWSm'CllONtfr-Ciole luti ttt l».i liuikn I IT
MX' 425 AMO tTBATF I Si(P) PtX iJi RAWUNOI- lmd»woTUwd««aP* MX
r PSINHXIXUV1JS - N* LC10, HP Ivsigi. Pamjn rod ickeis (PI POC
429 KIM. J AMD BIBLE • Ins ltd wnh prgnm (t Ditto) IP) MX' 450
wrDO 22 - Super asvukjp pnp-itn Pt PTX: Dl BPMVr K)NTS - b»d»
trf net, fonts 2 Dttbl P) WX' s)2 iAMKiA H: TW - Hj« ruv
pmikkn IFI Pod 44) PC-TAa: - C+il ms. IBM nftdaliV IP) PIXJ 4)4
lalrt, SuprtH (P) MX' 4)6 TYPING TITOR - Min .rhtt nth (P) MX
s3' VOM MWH *1 Jc - SpeB dnkn P) PIX 4)« STAI9 i 24 PIN
Pnivmt HH TK - Sc* ittulirg mppl«l died Im STAR (Pi rue *41 mm
plivb vi? - top ad mmi IttrarBs nen ininchnl IP) PHI »i2 WECOPY
vl.H - Ijirtt ven»« IP PDC Mi rilWirftK. IM - SiitiW tr. Sin
yI «nfgcobk (Pi PDC 441 HEIPA1VT- Coul |urf pnbge ktt
inmibBi(P) POA I) TARHnt'i %n »"Pi PTH I) STAR TlfX »r
* Xaim IXMO *21 i ’ Or FDA 42 fMUnitfHAMSXiimiA PDA SI MV TRAIT
(F HE Tien dr Onsei' PlAA II! Bltf HE HllXSMjXO PDA 15 STE.U1W
SdnnxrKPl Fda )« AN-n IFMHIV fTYW Jnc Ad*im (2 brg. 2 Dbko PDA
1)1 Dll DallVi iiAHl iFnr Vtmn MA Mrg. 2 Dntoi PDA I« ME ED 11
tv VS« atu A Mrg A Dido PDA 14) AT HIF ARMIS ’ Ifik Ykejtul'l
BJAQI (For A h«iitrJ I j Met, 2 Duks) PDA It) I YMITlMj - Lftrs
Vtowtt kautug AW Tank IwterOJtatMl'l PDA 142 Cl If (XWUO -
VklliM B UxUiuler (2 Megl (Pi PUA Hi STOT RdlNCf. Tik t tv* lie
imn had' IP) PUA IM IM* ID m VCOYOTF 1 - fa- Wwaw IuhtPl PDA
las AMY WAIKs MY (fK'iNDIf RR N f?f - FlX Ntnean Itti(P) PUA
Hi F1DPKUR) A1IIXNFJ* - hrilimg Pit Hi*. («| fuitjf'lP
IILALDWC - G«xl pah on (uee dfflioiPl DIAMOND THIEI -
Additnt'(l') MES1AL IMAGE GAMIN «l - Gnlnmner. Inswkrv
RdxNinilPi MENTAL WAGf GAMIN 2 - boim II. Wilh NoiiE) PIGGIES
IP) CX XA) - BtUunt game tl'k TOTAL WAR - Very guil oilqp gimc
IP) RAIL LkiHTNTNG - Ur Wilful] paf tPl E-TYPE - The fast
Anrwds pmr tPl MANIA-lDi|i»)t Ih.rt«n i (WiR.:d!iPI AIRPi )IT
- Vm pliyaNr AIT. Itnnto r P) QA ADWX - Fjuelkrt piwk- game
• AfltnnnPi DfiYlOS POO t»l ANAJBin DEMO Pill) DM DEAniATAR
PI Pl)l) 031 ANARflO' Tnrfi Xs ifwnne 3* PDDIIAI IIAIRHK »l
'AnewTpe' Pl)l) 1152 IIAIRKK '2 'Vnushnj; dav U* (P) PDO 055
scoopaiwNio I’DD Utf. SCOOPEX MEGADEMO (P) POD in6 MaGnEtYe
flFalt*- IXHO *)6 PDI) or ITONATClb Mel.ADEMO 12 Dubl I'DD W
1.2 DeksKP) POD 15) HILLY CONCHY DM0 (2 IwcsMPl IW) 160
IP) FIX) Vfc 0IC.rTALINNOVATION'Be.Ananhy roo.nr
nm.AL»r)niis F1X Jrfto I.NIYIR.SU INTTNMTY RX) to) ALPHA
OMIXkA Ipi FIX) 310 MCAY1NG PARAIXSE It) .Ardnanedi F) roo
Jl 1 ODDEST D. Ak-MflF 15 Disks • SufKiW* Ft» J12 ItAROWIRID
- hr fnntuv and Skits (J Dub' POO JI3 NWAGE-Raaut WHIP) FOO
314 GLORU EFFECT ZoverDisi ows unti and dick users wil g to
go | iter drivp ing instak »nch disk Dne line): lOJtlLW i to
instak d an extra PDM 006 HTJNKON SONG 12 DfkvKP) M»4 OW RIM
I)® BIT l)A.VCF Pi PDM or DMOHMflG.OflNICmiPl PDM 0)0
Geneu tPl PDM 0)R VS.AM VICE TTIEYIE 4 Dsksl PDM OKI l l
11IYES (f) PDM 095 HI HDEMOiP) PDM PM H.VSSX »5 Pwrrr Rcmx
PDM US ICASNX *6 !id Yyun|)ik xl IPI pum lot. IifmaooiPi PDM
(I ndn KM IP) PDE 2 lEARV AIIAV 0l *1 llmkr KM IP) POE )
MIWYUM) 2 iNiseTwhndfjuniliewi.il i P) PM I TOTAl (XJMMTS -
.Vunnion ilfnmlnr UuA’MPi
M) F 4 TOTAl OONCOTS - Dnntuis fbkmiise fbuk'KPi PDF 4
KOWAJNTiVnyCdodKP) IDF * HR «N STOO.N (Eia«M F™hn« Aid) IDE
IfiMUETTA - Dcm senkn IPI POE 10 SPIUWXNO - Omu leruat (Pi
MOW TO ORDER Fix' 101 RSI DEMO MAKER Fix: toi RS Wul® fMSK *1
saoek disks Nn. I -10 T-BAG COLLECTION your disk I m it to: I
F. fllemert I and found I e return it I Spor Road I 8290 W K
EWCES 1-9 ...... 1019 Vr *xvp ill mate Oih Cink Firne
mb* ding»& Poi jwHt n aI?5«A Jl Vieun k 125cic DEJ.A VI i) V)
EACH PknmpMlhlc «fth A500 PUS IV*jtfr nri P*kn|! Fttf cn i|
;nkrj if 3 Ha m mwr leu llut A JaIi PAP 11 III Fi ifV iill
25p |H (U Rol.’f *inU itUSVPnOto.
E3 CATALOGUE DISK 1MFI..AC1I «i(,FOW,E ATRFFT sntfASTU. STAI55T5 ION Our bleat update toiuains details erf oui 2*500 dnk colleclkm. It oho has some FREE iwnin on
B. This is one of l he most protrvslonul (Inks you will we Please
send 3 Flr« Class stamps to twelve your copy Altrriuirvelv,
yoti can have one FWE w ith your find order PM ONE or FAN 0782
715255 C overDisk 26k or so of space on the Workbench disk,
and can install the Fontshop and CanonPrefs programs by simply
dragging the icons to Workbench's Prefs drawer.
Step two is to run Preferences and select the CanonBJIO driver, then save out. From now on, your printing problems should be over.
The driver supplied by Wolf Faust offers several major enhancements to anyone who has previously struggled with a nonThink you can do better?
Want to be famous?
We are always on the look-out lor new, quality Amiga programs for the CoverOok. If you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it in and we'll have a look.
The AMIGA Computing CoverOisk is used by thousands ol Amiga owners every month in places all over the world from New Zealand to the USA, so «f your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous!
Please make sure you list ALL Workbench and other files necessary for the program to work, Feel free to design your own icons (or progs which run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
If you ensure your program is as compatible * possible with a wide range of Amigas, it will also stand a better chance of publication, We are especially »nter- Name ..Age. Address . specific printer driver. Graphic dumps will be quicker, fonts can be automatically downloaded to the printer, margins and page lengths are now totally user-controllable, as are tab settings
and greyscale conversion.
Workbench 1.3 B|10 users will never find a better excuse than the two additional programs to upgrade to the new operating system.
CanonPrefs enables the setting of tab lengths, ideal for printing tables of data, tweaking for greyscale conversion, and that all important top margin, removing that annoying tendency of some printer drivers to refuse to print on a full page.
Fontshop will make the use of custom fonts much easier, and will download the font data to the BJIO before printing takes place.
Users can select a font, decide whether or not to use it as a proportional font, set the baseline, and cpi (characters per inch) values, then download the entire selection to the Prefs drawer to ensure that each time the BJ10 is used, these settings are also brought into play. No matter which 11 I I I I I I ested in programs designed to work with the A WOO, although if they work only with the new machine they'll have to be quite small.
We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work which hasn't been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain.
If you wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to publish it. But would, of course, be happier il we'd been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by the submissions form, a copy of it, or a signed declaration to the same effect. Please supply your full name address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an impractical exercise.
Operating system currently skulking in the depths of your Amiga, the Canon BJIO printer driver will transform the output from your hard copy friend.
TAME Author: Anthony Ball Turbo Amiga Map Editor is a shareware release of a commercial quality map editor currently being used by a number of software houses to produce maps for platform-style arcade games.
Unlike some shareware releases in this category, it is not crippled by having its save function disabled, but will quit out after 30 minutes or so of use.
The dedicated avoider of shareware duties will get round this by constantly saving out a file, then running the program again, but for all those programmers Serious about producing their own platform games, the £50 asking fee for the unrestricted version of this excellent map editor is surely a small price to pay.
Start by loading the program, then push the mouse pointer right to the top Of the screen and hold down the right mouse button to reveal the menus.
TAME's menus will not appear unless the pointer is at the top of the screen, so bear this in mind.
From the Project menu, choose Auto Load files, then go into the TAME maps directory and click on the file called WorldOO.map. Your screen should now be filled with a map on which to practice the program's features.
Picking up and pasting down blocks at different locations is accomplished with the mouse buttons. Just click with the right mouse button to pick up the block under the pointer's current position, then move it around and paste it down using the left button.
To select any block from the current range of blocks, hold down Amiga-Space to toggle through the Map, Blocks, and Help modes.
E3 Quadrix Workbench 1.3 users who are having problems with the Quadrix game Should boot their CoverOisks and CD SrS:6m-Of-THM0ltTH LI 1,1 fiUADRlI.lIH EHPTY: Where EMPTY is a disk you have already formatted and installed a boot block on.
Daytime phone ......Evening phone,.
Submission name ..Submission size.
Type of program: Game Utility Tune C Other...... You must sign this declaration The material on this dak is mine. I didn't steal it from someone efac. It hasn't been published before and i ¦ haven't submitted it etacwhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish It I understand that by sub- mitung my work to AMIGA Computing and signing this declaration. I am giving lull copyright control to ¦ Curppress Pubfccations Ltd I understand that it my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I will be paid the Current applicable ¦ rate. I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for arty
possible litigation arising from breach ot it by Europrrss Publications Ltd as a mull of using my submission.
Post your iubmiiuoni WITH A COPY Of THIS I OHM la . stevie Kennedy, Amiga Computing, CoverOnk Submissions, Europa House, ¦ Close control tm Individual bkxM and the palm °*e . ..... .. Adlmgton Park. Macclesfield SkfO 4NP Make your Amiga more intelligent and see your bright ideas blossom less the so beat se Auto E maps called now be :tice the docks at ed with ith the ie block on, then m using current ja-Space 23 u have ailed a Whether for financial analyses, database lists or marketing research, Maxiplan4 has it all.
More charts, graphs and presentations. More eye-catching colours. More macro commands. You can create up to 50 charts per spreadsheet. In a faster, friendlier environment. With everything from user-definable page breaks to file linking and various data viewing modes. Maxiplan4 is even compatible with Lotus 1-2-3™.
More for less A list of each and every benefit would simply take up too much space. But one tact is immediately obvious.
At just £49.99*, Maxiplan4 makes your money - and your ideas - go far further. It all adds up to yet another hit from The Disc Company... the brains behind the brainiest soft- ? Ware!
Sec all your plans come to perfection with Maxiplan4.
This upgrade of Amiga’s best-selling spreadsheet is more than an improvement, it’s a real revelation. It’s compatible with the new Workbench 2.0 as well as 1.3. To ensure extra speed, flexibility and a truly professional flnish.
Kindwords3 gives Amiga’s most popular word processor a big boost. For a start, this new version is faster, far more powerful and fantastically friendly. Incorporating the incredible Human Interface Protocol™, it works harder for you. So you don’t have to work so hard!
Bvet 25 major imppovEtTKnls Get to grips with words and graphics instantly.
Advantages include automatic text wraparound for pictures. From all graphic file formats of any colour or resolution. Up to 255 fonts per document are available, including high density printing fonts.
There’s also an expanded British Collins dictionary and thesaurus, on-line help, a WYSIWYG display... and much more. While a digital clock keeps track of time.
So what’s the price of this superior software? That’s the best news of all: only £49.99*. Which proves that the best really can cost less! What’s more, Kindwords3 also works with Workbench 2.0 (and, of course, 1.3). What else? Check it out right now at your nearest computer store.
* suggested retail price Ye*, I want to make my Amiga more
intelligent, at the outstanding upgrade price of £19.99. To
quality for this offer, I am returning my original Kind words
and or Maxiplan disks.
Name______ Address _ Town City_ _ Post Code_ Country_ Diytime Phone_ Credit Card Number_ Expiry date _ Signature _ MaxiPlan4 at £ 19.99 inc.VAT each » £.3 shipping charge £_ KindWoixis3 at £ 19.99 inc.VAT each ? £3 shipping chargc-C, Total Enclosed: Send me Send me Method of payment by cheque, VISA, Master Card, EunoCard, Switch and Money Orders.
DO NOT SEND CASH. Make cheque payable to : THE DISC COMPANY (UK) Ltd.
Send to . THE DISC COMPANY (UK) Ltd. C O IMED1AT, B3. Edison Road. St Ives, Huntingdon, PE 17 4LF, United Kingdom Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
For information call: 0480 496 688; Fax : 0480 494 512 .» 2 0, I MB RAM (additional memory recommended i Two Disk Hri.et of llird Dnk recommended.
Office Kit, Stiller Kit. I'nweiWoeii u*i of her huinllf |U.k iunumii g any ternou ..I Kin.lw.i.U t an hr imwlnl to M.u din 4 0 XU tip On 500. MuipUn Tlut, Home Office Kit and IwoWafa.
Both upgrades require Amiga SOU. SOU.. MIO. 000 III), 1000, 1100... .1000, V..Ahc.vl. U (.in be uppndcd to Kimlwonh .10: Kuidwnrdt 1.0, 1.3,2 0. TXililnhif»theme, Home control ter dual block: he palettr I able CheckMate Digital Q Tower - the next generation of Amiga A500 expansion systems.
The 0 Tower system is available in kit form from £449.00 to receive an information pack please contact Checkmate Digital Limited Unit 11, The Enterprise Centre, Cranbome Road, Potters Bar, Harts,EN6 3DQ, UK.
Tel +44 (0707) 664 684 Fax+44 (0707) 660 992 letters Ezra Surfs Postbag Cot something to say through the pages of AC? Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to sitting in a corner reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication.
Drop him a line at: Ezra Surfs Postbag, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Ad ling ton Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Please don’t enclose saes as Ezra just hasn't got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don't be offended if you end up getting the chop.
And all screen grabs are taken straight from Amiga monitors.
On the down side, it is not possible to lay out the magazine on Amigas, even using the latest Amiga DTP packages. The Europress group is a large and flexible organisation producing a variety of magazines, most of which are not Amiga titles, and as a result it would be wasteful of resources to train specific art editors in the use of specific machines.
As for your second question, large PC- based software houses tend not to port software over to the Amiga because the Amiga market is too small to justify the investment.
This doesn't just affect Amiga owners, however. Quark Xpress is only now appearing in its PC version, despite having been the undisputed king of the Mac DTP packages for some years.
Commodore have already begun to scale down A2000 production, and as far as Britain is concerned at least, they have Dangerous games i have been an Amiga owner for five years now, and until recently my trusty A50Q 1.2 has never given me a single problem, I always expected that something or other would go wrong with my computer sooner or later, despite the care and attention I have given it.
Basically, my internal drive has packed in. I know it's repairable, but it's the way in which it died which is most annoying.
I recently purchased a game, and on loading I noticed that my drive was making a considerable amount of clicking, whirring, and gnnding. From my experience, I understand that all this is due to the amount of copy protection placed on disks these days, forcing the drive head to read unusual parts of the disk.
The software did in fact work, but afterwards none of my AmigaDOS disks would work. Even Workbench reported read write errors.
I have tried re-aligning the drive and cleaning it, but through using a disk sector editor I have deduced that DFO: still refuses to read tracks 78 and 79, which renders most software useless. I can only assume that the ridiculous amount of copy protection on the game disk has destroyed my drive.
Fair enough, five years is a long time for A drive to linger 00, but surely copy protection doesn't have to be so intense. Pirates will always find a way around on-disk protection, so why can't software companies think of the health of the disk drive as well?
BI Buckley, Huddersfield Not a single software house has come clean and admitted that heavy on-disk protection can be detrimental to the health of Amiga floppies, despite the fact that many users have for some time suspected this as a cause of the Inordinately high occurrence of internal drive fatalities within the first year or so of an Amiga's life.
Your own internal drive was overdue for replacement when the game in question was used, so it could be a case of the last straw and the camel's back, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that on-disk protection is killing drives like a plague In the height of summer.
What can you do about it? Not a lot, I'm afraid. Until the software industry, perhaps as represented by ELSPA, decides to examine this issue, software houses will continue to be driven by economical considerations and will continue to release games designed to be as difficult fo copy as possible.
If this means they damage disk drives, the punter will always blame the game's manufacturer, but remember the pirates who also lie at the root of the problem.
Amigas are used in almost every aspect of the Amiga Computing production process. All software and hardware is obviously tested on Amigas, all copy is written using Amigas and popular wOrdptOCes- sors used by thousands of our readers, t Why don't the big PC software compands like Microsoft, Borland, Aldus, and others support the Amiga, even if they lust port their programs from the IBM to the Amiga? The Amiga is more than capable of handling them.
T Is it true that Commodore will stop producing the A2000?
A jam, Kuwait t Is the Amiga used in any part of the making of Amiga Computing?
Stopped altogether. The A2000 will not suffer as much as the A500 from the advent of new machines, though, as the new Amigas will almost certainly support the Zorro expansion slot standord.
With continued support from Commodore for Zorro as the industry standard expansion slot, manufacturers are sure to continue releasing products for the A1500 2000.
Being a devoted reader of Amiga Computing for three months now, I among many other readers eagerly awaited details of the "fabulous" A600.1 couldn't believe what I read when it finally arrived. The new Amiga would i bet this letter gets printed last. I also have an ST. Do I win £10?
Darren Morris, Bradford A600 hater It didn't. You do? No.
Shortie sell at £380 and boast virtually no improvements chip-wise over the A500 Plus.
Additionally, the happy purchaser would get a dubious smart card slot and a funky designer keyboard without a numeric keypad! Future upgrading was to be made impossible through the use of surface mounted chips, and existing peripherals were rendered useless by the omission of a DMA port.
In compensation for this, there are internal hard drives without RAM expansions that seem to soar in price as they get larger. Come on Commodore! If you are bent on downgrading existing machines, why don't you downgrade the price too?
Next, I'll be honest and tell you that 95 per cent of my software is pirated. In my defence, I would like to say that software sellers in Stavanger have a monopoly, and prices are from £30 up, Also, cracked games are out earlier than originals over here, and often come with cool loading intros and optional trainer modes.
We all know that the vast majority of games released these days aren't worth the money, but to satisfy my conscience I would like to point out that the bit about Alien 3 in Comer issue 10 was entitled "Hudson! We are leaving!". After watching Aliens again just to make sure, I came to the conclusion that Hick's actual words were "Drake! We are leaving!".
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure after watching the film at least 17 times.
Richard Harrison, Banchory Your letter was passed on to Gamer editor, Dan Whitehead, whose reaction was 'what can we do with these people?".
I think a little artistic licence is In order when you consider how hard our Gamer staff drink, er, work. Besides, ore you sure you've got the quote correct?
Perhops a few dozen more viewings are in order... Alien concept letters I treat pirated games as shareware. I send money to the company involved depending on how much I liked the game. Ingenious, no?
oris, Hafrsfjord, Norway Sad attempt to assuage a guilty conscience, yes. Ingenious, no. If the vast In response to the growing number of letters we are receiving from FMG Customers, we thought a few answers might be in order. Commodore sup plied the following information: t 95-98 per cent of FMG machines were located and dealt with within ten days of the Commodore gaining access to FMG's warehouse.
• All extended three-year warranties taken out with FMG will be
honoured by Commodore.
Majority of games aren't worth the money, why are they still worth pirating?
I for one wouldn't play a lousy platform game whether it was free or bought and paid for.
On a brighter note, your objections to the A600 should soon be answered, if only portly. Commodore have just confirmed the A600 price drop, and the machine will now retail at £299 without hard drive.
The company continues to make no excuse for the fact that the A600 is a "closed architecture" Amiga. As far as Commodore is concerned, the A600 is meant to be expanded from the outside and the outside only.
For the foreseeable future, this means we re all pinning our hopes on the PCMCIA smart card slat. With its industry standard architecture offering, in electronic terms, virtually everything a DMA port can do, it should slowly attract a growing number of peripherals.
A2000 blues I'd like to point out to the many A500 owners who've expressed their disappointment with the release of the A600 that they really have nothing to worry about. At least, not in comparison with owners of the A1500 2000. There is a huge A500 user base, and as you have been quick to point out, third-party developers will surely continue to support the machine for some time.
We A1500 2000 owners form a much smaller group, and it is by no means certain that we will continue to enjoy such lasting support.
Many A500 peripherals have taken ages to appear on the A2000, and there are currently no plans to release the CD-ROM drive for my machine. Peripherals are already appearing on the A500 and selling cheaper than their A2000 equivalents, despite having their own cases and PSUs.
Where is it?
With the arrival of the new midrange Amigas imminent, we have very little to look forward to. It is extremely unlikely that the new chip set will be usable on the A1500, even though Commodore could issue it as a slot in expansion card.
Your excellent Amiga Computing is very hard to find in Poland, but I've bought a few issues which I'm very happy with.
However, the |une issue is not available in Cracow, so I was not able to obtain the Superbase instruction booklet. Please let me know where I can get my hands on a copy.
Krzysztof Boligtowa, Cracow, Poland Back issues can always be ordered from Europress Direct using the form normally printed with the Europress Direct advertisement in each issue. The address to send your order to is: Europress Direct, Freepost Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB The order number for the June issue is 9748 and it will cost you £3.10. For readers in Eastern Europe who have difficulties getting copies of the magazine, I'd suggest you post 0 message in our Classified section appealing for contocts in your area.
In this way, Amiga user clubs con form and grow, and someone in the club is bound to have the issue you're looking for.
The only consolation we have is that the rumoured replacement will be in a case so thin that it will only have room for two Zorro slots.
Have you noticed how many firms which advertise in Amiga magazines have started to advertise Pcs alongside their Amigas? Surely they wouldn't go to such expense if there wasn't a real and significant demand from Amiga owners going over to the PC in disgust at the continued antics of Commodore?
Paul Browne, Brodford You soy that there is a small user base for the more serious Amigas, yet the number of peripherals which can only be used in A1S00 2000 machines increases all the time, and the development of serious software more suited to an accelerated A2000 continues apace.
This doesn't indicate to me the death of the A1500 2000. In addition, the new mid-range machines are bound to be priced beyond the pockets of the average A500 owner, which means that the number of new Amigas in the market is unlikely to outstrip the number of A1500 2000s for quite some time.
For these reasons, I'd be very surprised if the existing Amiga workhorse didn't continue to enjoy o healthy existence for at least a few years.
As for certain companies becoming so desperate for sales thot they advertise Pcs to an Amiga audience, I've not seen one of the ads in question, but wouldn’t be surprised if the habit spreads.
PC price cuts make what is really a computing dinosaur with go-faster bits added seem an attractive proposition, but how many AMIGA owners faced with enormously expensive software. Incompatibility problems, and the basic primitiveness of the PC would go over after a long hard think? Not many.
Speedy service I have been an Amiga user for a number of years now, mainly in the wordprocessing department. After buying the memory hungry Wordworth wordprocessor, I decided to expand my computer's memory to 2Mb with the Power Computing 1Mb trapdoor card with the connector for existing expansions.
Scraping together the cash, I sent off a Cheque, and 36 hours later my board arrived. Great! Some memory at last, I think. However, things did not go to plan, as the connector to my 512k board didn't quite fit, and when it did it wouldn't recognise my battery backed-up clock.
A call to Power Computing's technical helpline advised me to check my original board, and if all else failed to ring back. On ringing back, I was advised to return the 1Mb card for a replacement. This has arrived and is working perfectly in Just over one week from my original order being posted.
Can I just say well done and thank you to Power Computing? Why can’t ail other companies provide the same speedy service?
Ian Hiles, Washington A lot of the more established AMIGA dealers and peripheral companies provide excellent service just as Power Computing do. The problem with letters pages is that we so seldom receive letters from satisfied customers.
Most of the letters we receive concerning after sales service are of the disgruntled variety, and to print many of them would risk a serious imbalance in the way mail order in general, and some companies In particular, are viewed.
To rectify this situation, the Amiga Market section this month contains a mail order reader survey. I strongly urge anyone who has had dealings with one of our moil order advertisers, whether good bad or indifferent, to complete the survey and return it.
If, and only if, enough readers reply, full survey results will be printed in the Market. This should hopefully pinpoint the good companies and those whose customers are dissatisfied, and if the exercise is successful it will be repeated at regular intervals.
This is your chance to provide some powerful feedback to the mail order people, so if you don't take it you really hove only yourself to blame when bad service goes unpunished and good ser vice unrewarded.
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ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION Battle Chess 34.99 A Bun tor Barney 24.99 Classic Board Games 29.99 Asterix Black Gold French I 31.99 Defender of the Crown 24.99 Asterix Black Gold French II 31.99 Defender of the Crown II 29.99 Asterix Black Gold Spanish I 31.99 European Space Simulator 29.99 Asterix Black Gold Spanish II 31.99 Falcon 44 99 ARTS & LEISURE Power Pinball 24.99 Advanced Military Systems 24.99 Psycho Killer 24.99 Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs 31.99 Sim City 24.99 Garden Plants 19.99 The Curse of Ra 24.99 Women in Motion 14.99 Tie Breaker Tenni* 24.99 REFERENCE Trivial Pursuit 45,99 Complete
works of Shakespeare 24.99 Ultimate Basketball 24,99 Guinness World of Records 31.99 Wrath of the Demon 24 .99 Electronic Cook Book 34.99 Xenon 2: Megablast 24.99 MUSIC Karaoke Hits I 14.99 Karaoke Hits II 14.99 Music Maker 31.99 whole family and is designed to cover every computing requirement.
INDI are able to offer you exclusive deals on this outstanding product in various configurations and bundles (see options on opposite page).
All configurations come complete with the following software and accessories:- FEATURES:
• Fully functional keyboard with numeric pad separate from CPU
• Includes 2x3 2* disk drives as standard with 5 Va Disk Bay.
• Integral memory and card expansion capabilities (most cost
effective expansion route)
• Work bench 2.00 and Kickstart 2.04. CONTENTS:
• Keyboard, mouse, reference manual, Puzznic, Toki, Elf (Games),
D Paint III (Graphics Package), Home Accounts, The Works
(Platinum edition: Wordpro, Spreadsheet, Database) Joystick
AMIGA 1500 FEATURED (see photograph above)
• 52 Mb SCSI Hard Disk
• 1084'S Monitor & Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin colour printer.
£1159-22 INCLUDED FREE INDI PRICE Amiga Vision, Nightbreed, Days of Thunder, Word worth Worth £268,9$ Panasonic Quiet We researched the colour printer market in great depth to find a colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful graphic output, yet at an affordable price.
We found the perfect Drinter in the Panasonic KX-P2180+KX-P2123 quiet printers.
We then considered tnat if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer, you would p package to use with it. We found that too, in 'wordworth', yet at a retail price of £129.99 we thought that might be a little too need a quality word processing expensive on top of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of 'wordworth' free with every Panasonic printer. How's that for added value?
KX-P2123 KX-P2180 PANASONIC PANASONIC The new Panasonic KX-P2180 9 pin quiet colour printer.
Produces crisp clear text in mono or in 7 glorious colours with new quiet technology. The new KX-P2180 is typically 15dBA quieter in operation, than the competition.
• Fast Printing Speeds 192CPS Draft and 38 CPSNLQ
• Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yvllow,
violet, magenta and black)
• QuietPrinting Super quiet 45-48dBa sound level (most matrix
printers are typically in excess of 60dBA)
• 6 Resident Fonts Over 6,100 type styles using Courier,
Prestige, Bold PS, Roman, Script and Sans Serif Fonts
• 3 Paper Paths Paper handling from bottom, top and rear for
total flexibility
• 1 Year Warranty For total peace of mind The new high
performance Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin.
Quiet colour printer offers leading edge quiet printing technology at on affordable price.
• Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft, 04 CPS IQ and 32 CP SLQ
• Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta and block)
• QuietPrinting Super quiet 43.5-40kBA sound level (most matrix
printers ore typically ift excess of OodBA)
• 7 Resident Fonts Over 152,000 type styles using Super LQ,
Courier Prestige, Bold PS, Roman, Script and Sans Serif Fonts
• 24 PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality
• 1 Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
A1500 CONFIGURATIONS AND BUNDLES AMIGA 1500 (Amiga Vision, Worth £99 FREE) £499.99 AMIGA 1500 + 52 MB SCSI Hard Disc (inc. Amiga Vision worth £99 FREE) £749.99 AMIGA 1500 + 1084'S MONITOR (inc. Amiga Vision, Days of Thunder, Nightbreed worth £138.99 FREE) £699.99 DIRECT IMAIL AMIGA 1500 + 1084'S + PANASONIC KX P2123 PRINTER (inc. Amiga Vision, Night Breed, Days of Thunder, Wordworth worth £268.99 FREE) * £929.99 AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE AMIGA 1500 + 52 Mb SCSI Hard Disk + 1084'S MONITOR (Amiga Vision, Night Breed, Days of Thunder worth £138.99 FREE) £929.99
WITH PANASONIC QUIET PRINTERS The writers choice. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA computers.
Wordworth is undoubtedly the ultimate word document processor for the full range of AMIGA computers.
The graphical nature of WORDWORTH makes producing documents faster and easier, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full Panasonic KX P2180 and KX P2123 colour printing support), Collins spell checker and Thesaurus, no Other word processor comes close.
'Without doubt this is one of the best document processors for the AMIGA, Today." (Amiga Format).
NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. vat 's cntcid THEZAPPO RANGE INDI Prize Draw. Each month all customers purchasing during that month will be entered Into a free pHi draw. The winner will receive a full refund lor product to the value of Original purchase.
ZAPPO 601 RAM EXPANSION This is an all new, high performance upgradable RAM expansion for the Amiga A600. Adding this superb product to your A6Q0 will allow for serious applications use and high performance games play.
FEATURES: • Enable disable facilit
• Socketed design (user upgradable)
• 12 months warranty Optional with battery backed clock OPTIONS:
512K no clock £29.99 512K with clock £39.99 1Mb no clock £39.99
1Mb with clock £44.99 ZAPPO EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE At last a truly
powerful, fast and capacious hard drive for A500 A500+ at an
exceptional price.
Upgradable to 8Mb of fast RAM, SCSI and IDE hard drive compatible.
FEATURES: * Auto booting upto 8Mb fast RAM • SCSI throughport for additional expansion • Mouse button game switch
• 12 months warranty OPTIONS: 6 40Mb Hard Drive only £299.99
• 65Mb Hard Drive only £349.99 HOW TO ORDER BY POST simply fill
In the coupon below.
BY PHONE - ring 0606 43660 where your call will be answered by one of our INDI sales team. After 6.00pm each day your call will be answered by answerphone. If you would like to place an order have all details at hand Including Credit Cord. The message will guide you through your order.
ZAPSAC Designed specifically for the AMIGA A600 the Zapsac gives your Amiga portability and you credibility £12.99 +£2.50 postage SEND YOUR ORDER TO: INDI DIRECT MAIL FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, f , 85 WITTON STREET; [aciow] NORTHWICH CHESHIRE CW9 5DW Please send . Price + Delivery I enclose cheque PO for £ or charge my Access Visa No.
ZAPPO T-SHIRT If you own an Amiga you've already got respect. InaZappo T-shirt you've got the Cred. £8.99 +£1.50 postage The only Amiga accessories you'll want to wear out.
ZAPPO EXTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE A high quality external 3.5" drive for use with A500 A500+ and A600.
FEATURES: • Low profile, 880K formatting drive
• Enable disable switch • Daisy chain capability
• 12 months warranty Expiry date Signature Send to Name.
Address .. ? INDI TELESALES* TEL 0606 43860-FAX 0606 43825 Postcode Graphics Painting programs are fine for creating graphics for games, presentations, slide shows and anything else that is going to be displayed on the screen, but if your ultimate aim is to print a graphic then you’ll probably already know that these so-called bitmapped graphics tend to look quite bad on paper because of the low resolution at which they are created.
It's possible to print out your carefully designed graphics without them becoming blotchy images of their former glorious selves.
Ben Pointer looks at two revolutionary structured drawing packages Sometimes reducing the scale can enhance the printed appearance of a bitmapped graphic, but reducing the scale, of course, reduces the size.
A better way to create graphics that are to be printed - for inclusion in a desktop published document, for example, or perhaps a technical drawing - is to use a structured drawing package. Structured, or vector, drawings have an advantage over bitmapped graphics in that the lines and shapes that comprise the graphic are held in memory as a series of mathematical equations.
This means that mathematical operations can be performed upon them to achieve all sorts of special effects, including making them bigger and smaller, and it also means that they can be printed at your printers highest resolution capable of the printer connected to the computer is capable of.
There's a great example of the quality that can be achieved with structured drawings on the cover of Issue 51 (August) of AMIGA Computing. That graphic of the scales is a structured drawing.
If you turn to page 22 23 of that issue you'll see the graphic again, but this time much reduced. Notice that in both pictures all the curves remain smooth. The graphic is used yet again, in silhouette form, in the “Our Choice" panels The same graphic, three different sizes, all with smooth curves. You can't do that with bitmapped graphics.
Nondescript One way of creating structured drawings is a little like modelling clay, where you start with a nondescript lump and mould it into a recognisable object by kneading and shaving it, adding more clay here and there where required.
You Can do a similar thing with any structured shape. A rectangle, for example, does not need to remain a rectangle - once you have created it you can pull it about and work on it until it looks like something else.
All Control points at four corners can be moved to change its shape, and if you decide you want a kink in one side then a control point can be added between two others, which can then itself he moved around.
Lines are defined by four control two anchor points at either end the curve, and two in-between which attract the line between the anchors like magnets, and so pull it into a curve.
Again, these control points can all be moved in order to mould the be moved in order to mould the curve the] way you want it.
Drawing pictures in this manner takes deal of getting used to, especially if you become accustomed to the way art ages like Deluxe Paint work, so the moid the program can do to help you in the wijH of automatic processes and special effectd the easier the transition will be.
ProVector The developers of ProVector are also the inventors of the IFF-DR2P structure drawing standard. As ILBM is to Am; bitmapped graphics and 8SVX is to Amgi sound samples, so DR2D is to Amiga stnx tured drawings. Drawings created wti ProVector are saved as DR2D.
Other products that support DR2I include the Saxon Publisher PageStream desktop publishing program Gold Disk's Professional Page an PageSetter II programs don't want an» thing to do with DR2D, preferring th| company’s own "clip" format as creata with Professional Draw.
Drawings are created in ProVector usn a small number of tools for basic shapes • ellipse, rectangle, polygon and smool polygon, straight and curved lines, w freehand.
Line weight and colour are normal selected before drawing an objec Weights are always specified in incN and or fractions of inches, to five dec m places, and C.in be any thickness I nothing right up to several million in Joined There are five styles of line, and can be joined together with mitred, elled or rounded corners. Colours for or fills are chosen from a palette of 256 Each has an RGB value ranging fra 0,0,0 (black) to 255,255,255 (white) you can specify CMY (cyan, magenta, 4 low) values from 0 to 100 per cent, shoj you prefer this method. A maximum or 1 colours can be displayed on the
screen i coloured dither pi terns are used approximate ti rest.
Many people n have no use colour as they m be printing to curve the er takes i ' if you've art paci- the more n the wa» al effect!
In ProVector the User menu It filled with commands of your own Invention utilising the power of Arexu, Its equivalent of Professional Draw 's genles, but nowhere near at user-friendly ; also the ructurec to Amiga to Amiga liga struc- ited with rt DR2D her an; program- age and vant an -
• ring that is created ctor usirc : shapes - j smooth lines, an;
normalh t objecL in inches
- e decim* less from n inches and lines tred, be - rs for line of
Ging frorr white), of genta, ye nt. Shou num of H screen,» lither pa: used u late the ople ma- use fa they m*« g to mono ProVector i display preferences tan he altrrrd al any lime, which allowt you lo work In black and while lor tpeed and then quickly flip to colour lo check your progress Strol e Outline S, in which case a Mono option can reeled to turn the palette automati- jr nto 256 dithered shades of grey.
Inhering can slow down the program, c this can be turned on and off at will, the depth of the screen can be rtanged at any time to 1, 2, 3 or 4 bit- aanes (2 to 16 colours).
ProVector works very much faster in ¦•©-colour mode, and the best products*
- choice is a depth of one, with dithering wnedon.
As well as fill colours, ProVector sup* ¦ patterns. There are 16 predefined aoerns, and room for a further 16 of your
• -«- creation. As with lines and fills, fill pat- wrs can be in
any colour from the palette
* 2S6.
ProVector has the usual selection of
- xx. Structured drawing object manipula* t tools. Any number of
objects can be r:--ped temporarily by activating the Selection
tool and dragging a box around them. For manipulation purposes,
while this group is selected it is treated as a single
Clicking on the Croup tool would turn the individual objects in the group into one object. For example you could draw a face bit by bit, where the head, eyes, and so on are all individual objects, and once it is finished you could group everything together so that the face becomes a single object.
The objects that comprise the face cannot then be edited - any changes made, like line weights or fill colours, would operate on the whole group. Croups can be ungrouped at any time should you need to make further changed to individual objects.
A Magnify tool will zoom in to an area as small as 6 1 OOOths of an inch for detailed work, and you can move around the page while magnified with either the window sliders or the cursor keys.
Talking of keys, now might be a good time to mention that ProVector has an enormous number of sin* gle-key Short-cuts that operate in much the same way as those in Deluxe Paint.
Pressing m, for example, activates the Move tool, while M acti* vates the Magnet tool; c activates Clone, C activates Change. The line weight of the selected object(s) can be changed by typing the number and then pressing w. Any experienced Deluxe Paint user will teH you that these single-key s* short-cuts can greatly accelerate the rate at which you work.
The Clone tool duplicates the currently selected object or group, but there is no facility provided to step-and-repeat, thus alloyving you to duplicate a single object many times in one swoop. - The Scale tool is a little better endowed, having a number of controls ' • ' that allow for more accurate scaling than doing it by eye. The Rotate tool has similar controls, letting you specify about which point the object should be rotated, and allowing the object to be cloned at the same time.
If two objects overlap, then one has to be "behind" the other. If several objects overlap, then there has to be a "depth" order. The natural order is objects drawn later are placed "on top of" objects drawn earlier, but this can be adjusted by means of the Front and Back tools, and also the Layers requester.
Creating layers in ProVector is like placing an invisible sheet between groups of objects. Objects drawn on top of this Sheet may obscure part of the drawing underneath, but because the sheet is on top of them the objects underneath cannot be altered or edited.
Any layer can be locked, fjjj hidden or made the cur- rent layer at any time, and any layer can be moved up one level, down one level, to the front or to the back.
One feature we've not talked about yet is the Text tool. This supports two types of font, "stroke" and “outline".
Stroke fonts are simple, ProVector wNI enable you to Import and edit fncapwlated PostScript clip art font font operators 1 The two types of fonts ProVector uses ore specific to that program. If you wont fancy fonts you 1 need to buy the PSImport module and use that to convert Adobe Type I fonts 4m ProVector's font format. PSImport has a few limitations because the DR2D standard has not yet caught up with the EPS standard, the most important of them being that PostScript clipping paths are not supported, which means that patterned fills in EPS files may spill out into the main drawing
unless you specify No Patterns when importing. Stylus is improving DR2D to support clipping paths.
The other major drawback is with the font conversion, which doesn't support hinting or kerning, although this can be worked around by kerning by hand and by using the extra Fast Floating Point version of ProVector for printing graphics that includes text in small point sizes.
As well as this FFP version, an optimised 680x0 version is provided for Amiga 3000 users or anyone who owns an accelerator board.
Unfilled characters composed of single-weight straight and curved lines; as such they are ideal for plotter output, and six of these are provided - Simple, Serif, Sans, Cyrillic, Creek and English.
Two outline fonts are provided - Roman and Sans - and these are more like the Compugraphic or Adobe fonts you would use for desktop publishing. 8ut they are in ProVector's own format; the program cannot use Compugraphic fonts, although an additional PSImport module can be bought which can convert Adobe Type 1 fonts to the format ProVector uses.
Baseline Text can be filled, outlined, scaled and rotated at will, plus there is the facility to force the baseline of the text to follow the curves of a selected object.
Any text editing is done in a small one-tine string gadget rather than directly onto the screen, so multiple lines of text can only be achieved by typing and positioning each line one at a time.
There is no text import facility, but all text remains editable even after it has been placed on the page. Text can be turned into objects if you want, allowing you to alter the shapes of individual characters.
ProVector supports Arexx, and a few macros are supplied that add to the program's power by doing more complicated jobs automatically by using several built-in tools.
The Arexx macros can be placed in a special User pull-down menu, and already in there you'll find some functions that do jobs as simple as centring an object to as complex as performing a gradient fill.
Often parameters will be needed to perform a function - for instance, the gradient fill needs to know the start and end colours
- and these are elicited from you by means of a simple requester.
You don't get any help with these macros - although the manual describes all of Provector's Arexx commands fully, there is no documentation as to how these ready-to-use macros work, so you have to find out by trial and error.
No doubt some powerful features indeed could be added to ProVector by means of Arexx macros - but to be able to write them you have to know ProVector intimately, and how to program in Arexx of course.
ProVector can output the page - or any part of the page - to any Preferences printer, to HPCL plotters, as an IFF-ILBM file (with dithered colours if required), and as PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript to SER:, PAR: or disk, with an option to rotate by 90 degrees.
Importing Probably Provector's best feature comes with the additional PSImport module, which allows you to import and fully edit Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files, which is in effect the industry standard for desktop publishing clip art, plus it gives you the ability to convert Adobe Type 1 fonts to tured drawing package, it can also be sidered an extension to the Profess!
Page desktop publisher.
The look and feel of both and the way in which they are very similar - exactly the same in ma cases - and there is a hotlink between of the two packages that allows eli imported into Professional Page to be sen directly to Professional Draw for editing and then back again to Professional Page Both programs need to be running fa this to work, so at least 3Mb of memory i required, although 5Mb or 6Mb would bi more comfortable. While it's not a featurt every home user will be able to tab advantage of, power users will find it saws a lot of time faffing about with defining saving and importing
clips, fust lib ?
Professional Draw Professional Draw loads and saves files in three formats. The whole document, which may contain more than one page with many objects on them, is saved in folio format; each page, which may contain many objects, can be saved in page format.
And pages may be imported into documents; groups of objects that form individual drawings may be saved as clips, and groups of related clips may be saved together in one file which can be imported into Professional Draw (of course).
Professional Page, PageSetter II and PageStream (but not ProVector). Although Professional Draw is a standalone StfUC- HE FINAL WORD ...in Word Processing with Perfect Printing ...Tinal X * Only £99.95 inal Copy II encompasses a whole range of other advanced features, here's just a selection: ? Uses the latest Workbench 2 Style interface on all Amigas ? On screen command ribbon controls (format your document with the simple touch of a button) ? 25% to 400% editable page reduction and magnification command ? Title page, master pages & style sheets ? Right left pages with binding offset ?
Open multiple x With multiple newspaper style columns and integrated drawing tools • for boxes, borders, squares, lines at any angle, ovals, circles, arrows etc., plus colour text, along with many other fonnatting tooLs - your documents will look and read just as you want them to.
Final Copy II includes a 110,000 word British- English Collins Proximity Spelling Detector & Corrector, to help typing emus become a thing of the past, along with an 826.000 synonym Thesaurus, for that extra inspiration.
Final Copy II is so easy to learn and use, that you’ll become an accomplished author in no time at all - but if you need extra help you're not on your own as our support hotline is there for all UK version users. Look out for the UK logo on the box!
Documents ? Fast mouse document panning and oom un-zoom ? External and internal mail merging6Cut.C0pyartdplstc6Searchandreplace6Onscreenmaths6 Auto-hyphenation ? Import, resize and crop IFF, HAM and 24Bit ILBM graphics and auto-flow text .
ControLs ? Condensed and expanded characters ? Positive %'v’nC s' and negative obliquing ? Background printing, allowing simultaneous editing & printing of two or more documents ? Fast proof pnnting T Font the makers of Pen Pal comes a brand new, unique WYSIWYG Word Processing package, that's simply the only choice for those who demand the most from their Amiga.
Rad Copy II is not only the Amiga's most powerful % sd Processor with every feature you’d expect n many more found normally in DTP packages - w iso the only Word Processor that gives superb oaobie outline fonts from any Amiga - even 1.3’s. jdkhk outputting to your printers highest resolution,
- t almost Postscript™ laser perfection - no matter fc*Kh printer
you may haw. Even with a simpk* , nne pin dot matrix you'll get
perfect , Vr , u faring* from Final Copy's S j snooth outline
typefaces n_: are included tj Compatible with.
I FROM ALL GOOD SOFTWARE DEALERS v-niga-A500 600 600HD 1 500 2000 3000
• «m requirements,,. Inn. Of Imb. RAM und two Floppies j i Udfil
Disk Drive | Art mill) require-* at Ion 15Mb].
• Vn Workbench supported gnpiiic pnntcr. Colour « mono.
DLMding. Citucn 1200. I24D. 224. Swift WlA, 200 240: Lcia 20. 3X1. 24-200. Wd XB W Canon BJIOcx; HP InUPaimjci; Postscript™ devices and many more.
Rade Distribution by..,
• Ccnlrcsofi IBD ? HB Marketing ? Lcisurewft ?
? Meridian Distribution ? SDL Prodis ?
Please coll Harwoods for your supply of leaflets m ixtRKu m the list cf students we provide so customers United ktnpdom version imported & supported bv... GORDON around them ? Text over graphics ? Outline fonts on all Amiga screens, and any non-PosLscript rMorPosLscript,vcompatibleprinter64pointupto300point (over 4" high] smooth text printing ? Text leading and spacing ctf facility ? Comprehensive range of additional attractive font volumes available.
E. &O.E. f junta Harwood Computer • New Street • Alfrctnn
Uobyshirc • DESS 7BF • Telephone: (1773 836781 Graphics
• J m mm m m j mm"*1 Professional Draw comes with a separate
Trace program that automates this bitmap tracing process. It
screws up sometimes, it can take what seems like for ever, and
it can produce massive and highly complex structured drawings
that take an age to import and render... but it's there if you
need it.
Unlike the ProVector manual, which is certainly comprehensive but, probably as a consequence, a bit confusing for beginners, the Professional Draw manual is written for the most part in simple English and includes a tutorial.
When writing about two programs that are clear rivals, it's impossible after using them for a while not to form an opinion as to which you think is the best.
The only real advantages ProVector has over Professional Draw are its fill patterns - which Professional Draw completely lacks - and the ability to import and edit EPS files with the additional PSImport module, almost every other department Professional Draw seems to be WkY J at least one step ahead. Rm " Professional Draw 3.0 Gold Disk Inc Tel: 0753 6866000 Available from HB Marketing Price: £132.78 As wet! As printing to dot matrix (top) and PottStript (bottom), Profeulonal Draw ran drive HPCL plotten ProVector, Professional Draw has the full complement of basic drawing and manipulation
tools, plus a few that ProVector lacks.
Probably the most fascinating of these extras is the Distortion tool, which lets you pull the hell out of any object or group.
ProVector will allow you to shear (slant) objects. Professional Draw can do this loo, and it can also distort the perspective, making it dead easy to draw something flat and then distort it to give the drawing some depth.
The results aren't always what you might expect, but after a while you get a feel for the technique and can pretty much guess how much to distort by in order to create the effect you want. Colours in Professional Draw are specified as RGB values of 0 to 15 each, allowing for the standard Amiga 4,096 colours in total, or you can use YMCK (yellow, magenta, cyan, black) percentages. This gives a theoretical maximum palette of 100 million, although only (only!) Up to 65,000 colours can be defined and present in the requester at one time.
Pantones A database of more than 700 predefined "Pantone" colours is supplied. Again, like ProVector, Professional Draw uses dithered colours to simulate a large number of colours on-screen - about 1,000.
Tints of colours can be quickly defined in Professional Draw by entering a percentage after the name of a predefined colour - “Green 50%"’ for example. The program does the rest. The colour facilities are one of Professional Draw's strongest suits.
Text is another strong suit. Compu- graphic fonts are supported directly, and a utility is provided which Can convert Adobe Type 1 fonts to Compugraphic.
Tracking and kerning options are provided, and because text is typed directly on to the page you may also specify a line spacing figure.
Text can be made bold in the horizontal and or vertical directions, and its aspect ratio can be altered in order to create wider or narrower characters. On top of this, facilities are provided via an Arexx macro to import a text file directly into an area on a page Gold Disk has christened these Arexx macros "genies". It's very difficult to explain to you how impressive these genies are without sounding like a Gold Disk salesman, Magnificent would be an understatement.
More than 30 are provided, all of them useful and described fully in the manual.
Should you wish to modify one or create your own, Professional Draw has a built-in simple text editor for just this purpose.
Genies But this is the stuff programming is made of, and, like with ProVector, you have to be prepared to learn about Arexx and Professional Draw if you want conjure up your own genies.
Two major additions to this latest version of Professional Draw are linear and radial gradient fills. Any start and end colour can be specified, plus the number of steps there should be between the two, up to 2000, Linear fills can be set to any angle, the centre of radial fills can be specified.
Output can be sent to HPGl plotter, any Preferences printer, although imported EPS graphics will only be printed to PostScript devices - and PostScript output facilities are truly superb, including the ability to create three-colour or four-colour separations or output direct to a colour PostScript device.
Should the need arise, ILBM graphics can be used in your work, and sent to the printer, including 24-bit ILBM; ProVector will let you import ILBM graphics, but won't let you print them, the thinking being that all you'll really be wanting to do is load a piece of bitmapped clip art and use the structured drawing tools to trace over the top of it. Talking of tracing, Tim '-rV1 IrtJ gn.tr.. lia i i wnP**! ¦• «•«*» QMOill O**"* **•»» it* » ipffrwrkk Yellw !»•-••• "-I 1- oi** •• • Srt.n.' urn i. MJD * ' Hat ilillt ¦¦ill ¦¦* O) (altr ' Hem ,. ? « -«.- 1 tti.il . Nv.ii- Qmm (TvTri Wlim software
to be won Home Accounts is now even better.
There's no restrictions on the number of income accounts, expenditure types and transactions. As well as a pop up and interest calculator there is an option to take account of inflation. They've also added Human Interface Protocol which is There's something very special (and exclusive) going on with Home Accounts 2 in next month's Amiga Computing.
Buy next month's issue - or you'll regret it!
Home Accounts 2 is a powei package that a transform the day-to-da' handling ofyoi personal financt It can genuh help you to control spendi and plan It's highly impressive, and we've got 20 to give away. All you have to do is fill in the entry form!
Siy All you have to do is (answer the question, and give your name and address. Easy!
Tick the appropriate box, not forgetting your name and address, and send your entry to: Home Accounts 2 Competition, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Name Address Telephone Hme tick Ihi box if you do no( mh lo mew promotional rmtmat from oltvr company * A* n K i
• P GITA Question Which of the following is not a use of Home
Accounts 2?
Business Charities Hair restoration
• Fully supports th 3D look and feel with SspjE&uJ, a Jwblt which
mp iimJ yuiv- 3L j; t Human Interfa graphical enviro integrates
the desl mates the way you
• Multiple wind
• Icons for major [D mrinpitz. Account iditury iypa: Jiiii) in
fit rd,iy-: Ij Uudgni ffyjorb j Tjppb or fiityim uccou JiJ und
&iphiiilliu b typ'd: j i Idl worth und portfolio report | J VAT
(apart J Full fdptifi y&itzhini) Amiga Computing November 1992
o | ana ?uii»mi|w Avideo 24 Bit Graphics 768 x 580 rc»ululH*i m
16,8 million colour* Uplo 25 fnimeVxecond uniim in non lace
mode and L'pto 12 FPS in Interlaced All in 4096 ttunning
colour*. With no HAM fringing!
Overlay Amiga I irjphics ufl top Of 24 (Ml illUgl* Fully (JcriliwLiNf with adaplor obit £ 39.00 n* perfect puinet for SCAIA!
Ideal for DTP graphic design »ork Brilliant for Multi-Media applicahom.
A must haie with CanDn.
Avideo 24 card Only £ 369.00 TVPaint 1.7 Only £ 249.00 Buy them together for £ 569.00 And now all three layers on one screen.
Proof if you need it that there is no better than AVIDEO 24 from Archos!
Only £ 369.00 Inc Vat HI U ¦ Graph 11» a IliQNcvvjaT jAKalll Uv ifflg mi mil l jWRhock Coming soon.
Real Time SVHS and Composite Frame Crabber and Genlock.
Software Electronic Design Composite Genlock £ 349.00 SCALA 2.0 Multi-Media The ultimate desk top video sofware package. Perfect for all Video and presentation work.
Only €429.00 Includes RGB splitter for DigiView etc. Plus mixed RGB through.
Electronic Design S-VIIS YC Genlock as abase. £ 449.00 Electronic Design Flicker Fixer with Audio Amp. £ 179.00 GVP Impact Vision 24 bit Video workshop. £ 1599.00 Progressive Peripherals Pal Rambrandt available end September.
Imagine 2.0 3D software. Quite nice really! £ 199.00 scala 2.oshipping now! If you ean’t see it, ring!
Progressive Peripherals 28MHz 68040 for the A500 £ 749.00 Includes 4mb ram plus Kickslart 2.04 on board. Expand upto Kmb ram Shipping date mid August. Put a deposit down now!
28 !hz 040 ZEUS for the A2000 £ 1749.00 PrtjftffiYt 040 500 Includes 4mb ram. SCSI 2 interface.
Upto 64mb 32 bit ram possible.
GVP G-Force Range G-Force 25MHz 030 882 1 mb Ram SCSI £ 579.00 G-Force 40MHz 030 882 4mb Ram SCSI £ 949.00 A530 40MHz lmcg 52mb SCSI forA500. £ 729.00 FUSION FORTY 28MHz 040 for A2000 Omb € 849.00 ICD ADSpeed card, gives 90% speed increase while retaining full compatibiltiy with existing software.
Ideal for those on a tight budget. £ 125.00 King for details on our low cost RAM and the CSA 68030 range.
Computers Unlimited GVP Products A2000 Series II SCSI 8mb Quantum 52mb Qmb pop A2000 Scries 11 SCSI 8mb Quantum I20mb 0rab pop A500 Impact SCSI 8mb Quantum 52mh 0mb pop A500 Impact SCSI Bmb Quantum 120mb 0mbpop A500 Impact PC-286 Emulator ICD Products ADSCSI 2000 high speed budget controller.
ARCHOS Products Avideo 24 bit graphics card £ ADP2000 SCSI 4mb hard disk Ram card 52mb Omb £ ADD500 SCSI 4mh hard disk Ram system 52mb Omb £ A600 Ram Cards 2Mb or 4Mb call for prices.
2Mb version £ 119.00.4Mb version £159.00. available in AdlDE allcmaiivc to ADSCSI, support AT type drives.
AdSpccd a I4.28mhz accelerator for those on a budget.
299. 00 £
449. 00 £
379. 00 £
499. 00 £
249. 00 £
69. 95 £
69. 95 £
125. 00 £
199. 00 £
149. 00 £
59. 00 £
29. 00 £
49. 00 £
169. 00 £
19. 00
369. 00
389. 00
399. 00 October vortex Golden Gate Only £449.00 for a PC Amiga
600 - 2.5 inch Hard Drives including cable 20Mb £ 149.00
60mh £ 249.00 !ln short supply call now!
AdSpeed lDE accelerator with IDE interface.
AdRAM 2080 8mb ram card for the A2000. Pop 2mb AdRAM 540.4mb card for the A500. Pop Omb AdRAM 505. 512k ram card for plain A500 AdRAM 510, I mb Chip ram card for A500 Plus Flicker Free Video card, supports full overscan.
Flicker Free Preferences program.
General Products I’andaal Grey Level Hand Scanner £ 99.00 Ram Simms from £ 30.00 per Meg. Please ring for details.
Maxtor SCSI hard Drives. 130Mb I5mvec access £ 299.00 kii kstart 2.04 Chip for Amiga 500 2000 1500 £ 29.00 Ring for upto dale pricing on hard drives, SCSI and IDE.
Archos ADD2000 SCSI RAM 130Mb 0mb £ 399.00 Archos ADD5000 for Amiga 5(KI and 500+ SCSI RAM !3OMh 0mh £ 399.00 HiQ Ltd Design, Sales and Consultancy ( Mail Order) 176 Kenton Lane. Harrow, Middk.scx.IIA3 8SL Sales Support +44 (0)81-909 2092 Fax +44(0)81-909 3885 Price* include VAT hut exclude carriage OwHM and BFPO Vat free urder* accrptccL Can Do Version 1.6 Opus Directory ver 3.41 h the program Jay Miner me* on hi* own machine.
What more can we wt. If you don’t know who Jay Miner I* then maytie ou xhnuld Mick with Sll).
Didn’t he »Im the go* chare* calc.?
Only £29.00 PS J» Miner is the Amiga'* Dad!
Order your HiQ Catalogue on a Disk 081-909 2092 Competition Hundreds of£££s worth of ensational software to be won!
Have you read this month’s review of Gold Disk Office? If you have then you ’ll know all about its high performance wordprocessor, desktop publishing program, spreadsheet, flat-file database and wide variety of charts.
And you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got five fabulous packages to give away.
ICC (!•••, 11 -- i* u : II. 11 i . * dm, 11.1* ... ____________ ______A whenever you need it.
BJtw lafwx 71mts ENTRY FORM Question Which of the following is Gold Disk's Office 2 not concerned with?
Data presentation Financiol calculation Lollipops All you have to do is answer the question, and give your name and address. Easy!
Tick the appropriate box. Not forgetting your name and address, and send your entry to: Digita Office Competition, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKI (MNP EB ill!
Name Address v i ziftrnii- :ni... i Telephone.
Pkw tick (hit box rf you do not wish to Kent promotional material from other componio |~~j ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦ ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦§ ¦¦¦ MSB ¦ ST ALBANS OPEN SUNDAYS
10. 00AM • 4.30PM ¦"EB*"
i. sun 2 PtqHqckm 3* Seolonte I ' n__n 6.
8. Aroimox
9. Mote Hobbyte 15-10IM*1*0
2PG TEL: (0582) 457195 411281 Childrens Gomes AMIGA 1500 2000
Full UK spec with I MB RAM, mouse, expansion as 2000, leads,
manuals. Hew including Kkkstart & Workbench 2.04 Hard disc
configuration inc. the high pecfamonce GVFII controla card,
EXPANDABLE TO 8MB. Fast reliable S2MB - 120MB Quantum Dnves
ore used ALONE WITH WITH 7CM 8833 1084 +M W FFIXER AMIGA 600
A600 wurb 12 month on-site warranty, AMIGAs FROM £195 A
limited number of refurbished A500 1500's ore available,
complete with 3 months warranty.
Also, ask about refurbished printers, 590 and other hard drives, monitors and peripherals AMIGA 3000 12 MONTH ON-SITE MAINTENANCE leiesl muon 68030 25MHz, 3.5’ MO* fD r spore drive boy (or 4 spore bays on tow),512* 32 bit ROM, 4 Zorro III, dots with 2PC AT slots (or I (ft), 7 Zorro 111, 2 PC AI on few), h*d drive ond memory os DESKTOP 52MB 1MB video* I MB Fast Rom 1389 2MBrideo + 1MB Fast Ram 1499 2MB video 4MB fast Rom 1649 2MB video * 8MB fast Rom 1779 TOWER I MB video + 4MB Fosi Rom - 2M8 video * 8MB Fost Rom • 'only, nterfoc 1MB, WB 2 05.3.rfD ?SmorlCord Interfoce WITH Dual Drive 485.00
DD. GVP*?0MBH0 699.00 00»GVF+52MB HD 765.00 DdvGVMZOMBHO 908.00
Per axira 2MB fitted lo GVP Also wiii Kkkstart 1.3* ROM Show
Aha with XT AT BB fa PC compohbAty
662. 00
879. 00
949. 00
1092. 00
889. 00
1099. 00
1169. 00
1299. 00 ADO C60.00 ADD £39.90 ADD C9S E200.00 UK 8833 (BM 1084
444. C ALONE A600 264.00 A600 20MB HD 434.00 A600 20MB* 394.00
A600 60MB* 494.00 A600 80MB* 534.00 A600 120MB* 594.00 2MB
below across for alternative software pocks ' Tap qualify
3rd party drives, covered by full 12 month refum- lo-bose
wrronty .00
609. 00
574. 00
674. 00
714. 00
774. 00 CDTV 1 Ml, with Disc Coddy Wdcotro (D + tutorial t remote
centre* unit.
AS ABOVE WITH MATCHING DRIVE KEYBOARD, MOUSE ? WB 1.3 As above £299* Will) Goldstar Block IV ,£458* monitor ? Remote control Extra RAM £POA
* When you trode in your oU Amiga 500 - phone fa dtloik fa pnet
without hide in please phone See below across for software i
OLD AMIGA TRADE-IN The best trode-in allowance, extra for
perioberals and occossories. Trode in your old machine for a
brand n A600 Al 500 200(5 3000, CDTV or even a PC.
105MB 210MB 425MB 1589 1849 2249 1699 1959 23S9 1749 2029 2429 1879 2149 2559 2299 2449 2549 2699 2949 3199 rth Multimedia Podc AmigaVhiM.
Deluxe Paint 4.1 end Seda ADD £195.99 ADO £165.99 Or with Pro Pogu 3 ? Pro Draw 3 With extra 4MB Fi With PhOpt SVGA 28dpi be tit t swtvri THE HOT LOT PACK MKII (1MB REQUIRED) VALUE. RRP
• Cartoon (lawks Games: lemmings OR Elf 25.99 TheSenpsons Taki
24.99 Coplain Planet Puunk 25.99
• Deluxe Paint III wrth animators 79.99
• 10 GREAT in£viduolly packaged games, oreviout 269.82 RRFs up to
39.99 each, phone lo choose from current 1st, or leave die us!
Quidrtn’s gomes aroSoble.
• Hobbyte PD Greots Pock II -see insert 39.99
• 4 Am DP pock inc. Font Cip An and Di» Tutor 9.99
• Dust (over* mow mot 9.98
• IQ Blank Discs* 80 Capacity Disc Box 26.98
• Microswitch turbo Krystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 523.71 WITH AMIGA
59.99 SEPARATELY 79.99 SPECIAL: ALSO 10 extra great games ADD
25.00 F«t RAM (fitted if reqwedlADD £169.99 wiref AW £259.00 f
CDTV, 3000) VAUK hp The Works Plohrwm. Word processor,
spreadsheet, database 169.95 Deluxe Point III nidi animation
Get the most out of your Amiga book Hobbyte PO Greats Pock •
see ponel op 4 disc DP pack inc. fonts, Gp Art and 0 Punnic
Tolti Digital Home Accounts Elf Joystick TOTAL VALUE 10 Blank
Discs + 80 capocity lockable disc box Mouse Mat Virus Killer
Disk Dpoini in tx Home Accounts 4 disc DP pork im. Foots, Gp
A l ond Disc Tutor TOTAL VALUE
4. 99
4. 99
79. 99
9. 99
79. 99
9. 95 below right 39.99 (Tutor 9.99
24. 99
24. 99
29. 99
29. 99
9. 99
429. 82
49. 99
• 8* yean experience in (anvnodore product and here to slay
• (ommodere trained staff ore friendly and Upfid ond ore parents,
multimedia, educotiond. Gomes, programming or technkol speooihn
(usuoty more than one!)
PROFESSIONAL FAMILY PACK (1MI REQUIRED) Opm 9-6 pm Monday lo Saturday and 10.00 am to 4.30 pm Sundays lor cocrrerwnl toping.
(oilers welcome for advice ond demonstration oi our 1600+ sq ft High St, Tow Centre branches Next dey delivery for most orders received by 5 pm; express om ond Saturday services ovodoble Hardware corefuly hcndW ond dekmtd safely and reliably by caged, insured, lop nome courier service 100% pro despatch tesUsg on AMIGAs Free 30 day, next day courier col«1ion and delivery of NEW replocemeni.lexcepr product with on-site maintenonce) Hodme supped and m house engineers Upgrade and trode m offers to keep you op to dolt Exceptional after soles service WITH AMIGA CDTV SEPARATELY
• Cartoon Classics Gomes, lemmings TheSimpSMS 24.99 (aptoin
Planet 25.99
• Deluxe Paint III with animation 79.99
• The Works Ptohnum Word Processor, Spreadsheet ondDotobose
• Ed the Duck 29.99 OR Bock to the Future and Postman Pot (1.3
only) OR Digital Home Accounts
• Virus Sir Disk
• Hobbyte PO Greots Pock see panel opp Wew right
• 4 disc DP pock irx. Fonts, Gp Art and Disc Tutor
• Hobbyte Infont, Junior (specify) or Secondary litwwlinnd Pack
• 10 Blank Discs * 80 Capocity lockable disc box Dust Cover WHAT
THE CUSTOMERS SAY .. 'eiuemely courteous and rapid wpomelg my
problem* *1*11 not hesitate to recommend yw to my coleogues.’
Dr Darrel Moddy Slough "thank you fa docAng so prompdy with my
requests ' .1 VMS reutwl ohx* ordering my computer ral order
However I hare been very pleased with my dealings with Hobbyte
-you ore lo be commended fa ya»
4. 99
39. 99
9. 99
19. 99
26. 98
9. 98
9. 99
478. 8S Trevor Patterson tonga i man of the Itodma computer
suppliers, in 8e post, provided was secondlo itne'
£w|fl|tyfrK|0B 'lhank you fa emyam s good service'...' I
arrived * Mom the nexi "We how tJeob wOh but the i Mouse
Ihomos - 'I was very impressed widi the service I received
in iht fast irtttonc*, I rearly appreciated how guidcly you
manogtd to gel te primer despatched Iram va. Lulon btemf,
lam' ntm mhmiaa
* !«83«3SS&2BSS
99. 99 SEPARATELY SPECIAL Also with Star 1C 200 9 PIN Coloar
Printer and Starter Pack Also with GtiiM 224*24 Pin Colour
Printer and Starter Podc ADD 179.00 ADD 230.00 SPECIALISTS •
• The Shoe People 4 colourful ond entertaining gomes 24.99
lecturing Dampy and friends to encourage early number i wring
ond peerearing skdls With Shoe People musx OR Thornes the Tank
Engine's fun with Wotds 6 seporale easy to use kormw programmes
with onimation ond sound.
• Shapes ond Colours-Bobby the C ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS PACK 3-9
• fun School 2, under 6 yeors, 68 vears or 8+ years 14.44
• fun School 3 at 4, specify under 5 years, S lo years or 7*
- 12 stuiwng UK educational gomes with beautiful pdutn, dating
ammoiion and musk tbat helps to derdop nvmber, word and other
skills. Up to 6 skill levels.
Conform lo Notional Curriculum tequirements 24.99
• Postman Pa (1 .3 only), OtEdd the Duck (7» yeors) OR Matched
Pairs OR Buy's Scary School 14.44
• Hobbyle Infant a Juna (specify) Educotkmal Pock.
* »3 RAM, 3.5” DRIVE, VGA 14" COL MONITC 3 adry direo speakers
• f i Sound cord : iwnanmtnl Min: Wng (cmmoixici. Hard Drrvin 2,
Mig 29, rr* Pursuit, Exape fun die Ploncf of die Robot
* »*ir Castle Master, Super Spore I cwy lird WP, Spieodsheei
Database ¦55 hm fnendy Front End kon Menu M1 yaor on-sit*
warranty O O 0 J j Bobby the Clown enteriains ond tioo for
moths ond writing in 4 lavsdowi colourful ommoicfl games.
• fun School 2,3 or 4 - ihe 'fun Schoof surf* bare jusJ about
every award going. S v 4 wonderful onrnotid games.
OR Picture Book: 4 colourful ond amusing games from ex 'fun School' design monoger will delight young chddrtn.
• Deluxe Point II Photon Point II or Elf or Puiznic
• Hobble Infonl FtkxotioneJ PO Pock, containing 10 fun wUe you
learn gomes
• Hobbyle 30 EosvCWdren's GontR Pock
• 10 Wank Discs, Disc Box. Joystick, Mouse Mot 4 disc DP pock int
fonts. Gp Art ond Disc Tulot TC
9. 44 f Mlumn ep to 12 "leom while yoo ploy' gomes
• Habbyte 30 fosv Children s Gomes, 10 port disc including Train
Set and other top entertaining PO
• 10 Hank Dan Joystick Deluxe I
24. 99 ond other top entertaining PO tides 19.99
6. 99
9. 99 Point 11 Photon Point II or EhwPuzznic 89.99
• 4 disc DP pack inc. Fonts, (ip Art ond Disc Tutor 9.99 TOTAL
With 3 greet boxed gomes ond Dpaint III 0 animation instead oi
Dpaint II Photon Paint II (IMB re £649
89. 99
19. 99
19. 99
26. 96*
9. 99
731. 89
49. 99
69. 99 Stti l( 24-20 Printer, hod, ori printer stand £824
COMPUTE RANGE Of PCS * NOTEBOOKS AVAILABU OTAl VALUE WITH AMIGA CDTV SEPARATELY VALUE i A ADD 16.991 SPECIAL With 3 great boxed gomes ond Dpaint ill t VALUE 80.60 k gomes animation insteod of Dpaint II Photon Point II (IMB ADD 16.99 AMOS PROGRAMMER'S PACK 11MB RIQ.I VALUE R EASY AMOS • complete, simplest possAle, fun-lo use begi programing course, team lo write professional looking orcode gomes, educational, etc. software in weeks, not yean Complete with graphics, sound, animation and more OR Amos the Out* 34.9 Cartoon Ossies Games: OR lemmings flf Captain Planet PuiatA The Simpsons Digito
Home Accounts Hobbyle PD Greats Pock • see pond below right 20 Honk Discs 180 Copocity LocfcobieOhc Box Mouse Mol.Dvsl Cover & Miuosvntch Turbo Joystick ‘G*» the Most out of Your AMIGA' book TOTAL VALUE A3000 24 BfT SYSTEM THE ULTIMATE!!
• titro 4MB FkI RAM • Progressive 68040 o«eler«
• !4 bit colour card • Vlob 24 bit colour real time dit
• 24 bit 30 Art + onimdtion s w
• Fitting and Free 1 2 day customised training TOTAL RETAIL PRICE
* 3 postscript colour ink jet printer, 8MB with starter kit
• Deluxe Point II] with animation (upgrodeobic lo DP IV) 79.99
• Power 400dpi scanner with Powtrscon ptoiessionol s w 99.99
• 10 dwHoboytePO Graphics Poi inc. dip art * utilities 39.99
• CortwnOossKS Gomes: OR lemmings Elf 25.99 CoptoiPionel PunnA
25.99 Ihe Simpsons Digito Home Accounts 24.99
• Hobbyle P0 Greats Pock see panel below right 39.99
• 20 8 ank Discs ? 8D Copocity Lochoble Disc Box 33.97
• Mouse Mol,Oust Cover f, Microswrlch Tgrbo Joystick 19.97
• 'Get Ihe Most out of Yout AMIGA book 9.95 TOTAL VALUE 400.82
25. 9
25. 9
24. 9
39. 9
33. 97
19. 97
9. 951
215. 841 WITH AMH5A CDTY 64.99
79. 99 SEPARATELY ADD I49.C ACCESSORIES i proteclot 4 backup
device for ony external drive...... 23.99
________________________________________19.99 ku control
centre . ------ 44.99 I jmrd Centre.
39. 99 MODEMS taSU 2400 Modem___________________118.99 Fo 2400
15 year warranty____________________________78.95 i 2400
Plus 15 yeot warranty _________137.95 FLOPPY DRIVES 13 S
exlernol drwe, doiswhwn ? On off. 48.9 S i CU 354 3.5
exlernol drive, beige .52.99
13. 5 drive, block, _______________ 49.99 I rih onti dick ? Blitz
bock up ond virus protector_____________67.95 I e above,
Cyclone compatible ..... 71.94 i os PC
8808_____________________ 115.95 MONnORS ACCESSORIES :*-4SDI
momtw • lecds ....
194.99 r • 8833 MKII mon * leods* (lutbo Challenge + on
site).....199.00 I stood for Phips 8833______________ 12.99
333? FST lY Monilof ... 238.99
aiWHtftrosmontar____________________________379.99 tfa 'CM
Ht-res SVGA ,?8dp inc. till & snivel
....259.99 C « MultiSync- ......
---------------544.99 ffcktr
Taw________________________135.99 ? -iaa free Video 2-A500
__________________________197.90 SCANNERS A DIGITISERS GT
6000,600dpi 24 bit A 982.99 618000,800* 24 bit
A4 .. 1192.99 k»w land Scanner
400 dpi, 64 Greyscale, Powcrvcon software 88.99 (Mew Hond
Scoreer - - -- 214.49 hay iJ 100 A6 Scanner * scodob
s w up to 18 bit ...469.99 im a 320A6 Sconner ? S w up
lo 24 bit.- ..-898.99 W toga
12__________________________77.44 GENLOCKS A Writ
8802 8806 ......PDA Rotgmfa_114.49 »W*8802SVK5. 529.99
Progen ...... 85.99 _78.95 Weoftov330---994.94 DISCS : Mat
DS DD dries m box 6.99 SO Blank 0S DD dries ..17.99 I
§mk 0S HD dries__________8.99 50 Blank 0S HD
dries .27.99 SOFTWARE EDUCATIONAL Any Fun Schod-.15.50
Any Adt..._ ....17.50 See also software pocks
30 .21.49 Amos the Geator 30.95 Amos
Compier....19.49 Easy Amos 22.49 Gass Dos vS 22.75
DricMosiwll 43.75 GfABosk 17.99 Lonkc C ¥5.7 -.. 147.99
Qvorterbotk 34.50 Qvorter back Tods 44.99 APPLICATION Arena
Accounts 89.50 fxtellewj,... 88,99 Final Copy 47,49 Kmd Words
III 35.99 Moxiplan Plus v4,38.99 Mini Office 43.99
ACCIURATORS HD A8Q0 600 M9D1M52M8 658.99 Roctac Radnrd 4QAAB
162.99 A5301MB105MB______827.99 Radec Rachanl
6QMS ......256.99 A5301MB24QMB__1017.99 Rate Rochcrd
80MB ......326.99 AS3068882- ..-227.99
RateRodwdl20MB_.....362.99 Gff HD852MB______344J0 A590
20MB__________259.99 GVPHD8120MB__46199 AS70E* 2.04 1M8
500.....309.99 GVPHD824QM8______725.99
Wli mpaxd42MBHD-____279.99 Per extra 2MB lilted to ony oI the
above----------------------------62.44 ACCELERATORS HD
A1500 20000 3000 GYP5tresll52MI 27144 Gforte 03040MHZ4Mfl.
889.99 GYP Series II10SM8...... .416.99 C face 030 50MZ4M8
1259.99 GYP Seres II240MB__________64199
togZfliWQ2WHZM.....1739.99 G forte 0302SMH21MB .539.99
PtagMxify 040 28M4Z (30CD) 1349.99 Per eitra 2M8 fitted lo
any of the obove- ..... 62.99 GRAJUKS CAD
An*Vwn 47.50 AtiDepLPro 2.1... 98.99 Deluxe Point IIL... 9.49
Deluxe PointfV 53.99 fxpert 4D Junior .36.99 Expert Draw
48.99 Imagine v? 186.99 Pro. Drew 3 ...69.99 Red 30 leg
1 4 83.99 Reoi 30 Turbo Pro 14 229.50 ScalA500 68.99 Seek
MM200 .434.99 Scafa Pro 1.I3....173.50 Sadpt Ammale 40
198.99 Spectra (dour 57.99 X CAD 2000 ...89.50 X (AD
Broodeost MUSIC AO 10)2Sluiol6 Sampler -349.95 Auio Engineer
Mus 2 Sampler 188.99 Uo Master 4 44.49 Bars & Pipes D § J Pro
I. GYP Digital Sound Studb 48.99 Mai Interfoce 19.95
Rombo Megamu. 23.99 24 BIT A Yid« 24 with TV Point la
500 ....588.90 Ait Dept Pro 21A___174.99 DCTY - 395.99
Firtoocker ......POA GYP Import Wsion 24bit
cord......1545.95 Horlequin 4000 24 bit cad 1498.95 Moodtos)
Mini umce .....4J.W Image Master 1069.00 fider
11------------148.99 Pogeslreom 2.2.. 122.99 Opal Vision 24
bit benrd Deluxe Photolob . 51.49 Pagesetter ll 42.49 * Opd
Point, Opal Pen Poll.4 ....52.50 * Persond finance
Moftoget Plus 31.99
172. 13 rifLT
1. 3 TO PLUS UPGRADE Chip fining and board upgrade available, by
our gaalmad enoineen a DtY Icit _ ..POA
EMULATION KCS Poottboord ......174.99 GVP 286 for GYPII
*530 216.99 KCSPoncboord with DOS 199.95 XT Bridgeboord lot
1500 ... ,99.00 KCS odoptv .69.50 AT
Onca...„ 214.99 AT Bridgeboord
fotlSOO......329.99 GVP 40 4 for IS00 ....945.99 Vortex
386sx 2 Pro Video Hus 137.99 IV Show Pro ...51.39 IV
Text Pro ....68.99 Video Directa.. 106.99 Wolt Disney
63. 99 Presents, Karate 24 bit software 839.95 Rembrandt 24 bit
board .2489.99 Vlob 24 bit real time
digihser .....279.99 : 25MHz
Citizen 120*0- ..108 99 Citizen Swdi 24e .239.25
Slv 1(20 ..... 117 25 o. Gtizen Swdt 24e col’ 248.25
Slot 1(200 col ...167 25 Slot XI 24 200 col* .347 99
o- Citizen Sorft 9.______167.25 • Slot XI24 250 col* 41699 •
SlorlC 24-20 _.J 77.25 ** HPDadcjat ...329.99 «
Stor LC 24 200 ..197.25 -
HPDeskjatcol .....509.99 - SlorlC24-200toL...239.99 w
HPPooitjel ..629.95 w Gtizen 1240_______176.99
Q BjlOexBubWejet pal,204.99 0 Gtizen 224
.205.99 Q BJ 300______________.338.99 Q Gtizen
224«ol* 218.99 Star SJ 48 ..204.99 * STARTER
PACK: 500 Sheets A4 or continuous paper, Amiga to printer
lead A Universal Printer Stand * with new driver Pro Pogav3
137.99 Saxon Publisher POA Superbosa Pro 4.148.99
Wordsworth ...69.99 Works Platinum .49.95 ORDERING!
TILiSALIf Nol (0727) 9600S Nexi dor doYtoy credit ffld onfws dxtd Won 4 30pm s.h«r»rveiobdivy Ahemetirth s«d rtww. Part cnte, boilers dnr a oftnd adti :Pi(s. Fduuw osd Gewmimt bodes onky) to. Dtp AC. Hobbyle Compiler Centre. 10 Mnrkor fbce.St.Aban,(lenAl3 506.ftatJb! ialJtj4itsfa dnwihaon.5u6i«Pomlct f ,dwtth B othn | 24 hcusdnxoptd dared p mrrr PatsotctnKT m one of goog to pien. Howewsr. We ait sometmrs korcad to ctwnga dam, athr tp « 6tw. Ftae ctwk brfat ordrmg. AaJtnrd setwos and dffrracr portages moy be cftnd in oa VxMrooms. I DELIVERY CHARGES: ukmmmami moi mghiandsi SmdlconsumsblssB
DtspOchsl b post, pteuse ched xrtwne items choges when ordering Odw itrrn, exrepi bscrs Nerlitorcouwstrwe. £10peibo« rWi-oie cr»: Hfllnriis Mtuseouiuic IN ADCIIION VJT OTTER THE F0U0W1NG EXPRESS Sf WWS: . Sotedfftdshwes Nmlnta baC15*VATpflboi ¦ Amneitckv Monrxd ralo plia £6 «¦ YAT par box 1 NO DEPOSIT CREDIT FACILITIES Credit terns ot 34 IN APR (voritdde) can be oiiasged l« putdutes mh TISO, subj«t lo states (omnrtithe Icosing scfwmn ne also n.cilnfc fa busitesspi telud-gigft tiodors and uiinoships test I-phone far mp ariees, VicepMwbirnsrarea ore int VitlE tOv
- 00* offer priCe fQr '',sout0 ™?dP*«d.
1111 W* WoHd!
Due to the tremendously high demand, the price of the acclaimed BuroLink modem has been reduced to £134 - a reduction of £95 on the recommended retail price of £229.
This means it is now even better value - still with the same full specification and all the advanced features of more expensive modems.
It is the easy-to-use key to the ever-widening world of communications. Simply connect it to your computer and telephone and you're ready to go.
With your RuroLink modem you can access leading information services such as the UK’s Prestel. Micronet and Telecom Gold, the legendary CiX, and the world-beating CompuServe, the biggest online database and information service of them all.
Use the EuroLink modem as your own complete communications centre - to send lax. Telex and electronic mail messages, keep up to the minute with the latest news, sport, weather and financial markets, or even roam the world searching and retriev ing data from the leading electronic libraries.
Or you can simply explore some of the many hundreds of A world of shareware and PD programs ...just waiting to be discovered!
out* amateur bulletin boards all over ga Britain where people with the same j M m .v computer as yourself, and with similar interests, help each other I MobtU with practical ideas and advice that Onalltjm wouldn't be able to other And CompuServe comes free!
PROVU tcfccn to ir.Miuctonsteru* API trtcormnui in the rnt tpecrttw suiftci to What the EuroLink modem offers
• Four speeds - in eluding 2,400 baud
• Intelligent microprocessor controlled
• Autodial, Autoanswer, Auto redial
• Automatic baud rate scanning
• Auto terminal baud rate sensing
• Easy-to-understand built-in Help pages
• 32-number telephone directory
• Six progress-checking LED indicators + Software-controlled
pulse tone dialling
• External plug-mounted power supply
• Built-in watchdog' circuitry _
• Internal loudspeaker
• Fully Hayes compatible
• Fully BABT approved Please send me a EuroLink modem with power
supply and lead to connect to my computer tor ihe special otter
price ot £157 45 (Incl VAT and p+p). Also send me my free
CompuServe membership pack.
I wish to pay by: Cl Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to EuroUnk AccessMastercard EurocarcVBarclaycard Visa Connect Exp«ry date Daytime telephone number m case ot quenes My computer is ...State make and model Send to; EuroLink, Europe House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 879966 ORDER FORM Name..... Address Post Code Signed No.
ApplicationsT7* Pages with power Triumvirate, but there's no sign of the Font Manager supplied with ProPage and ProDraw to enable users to convert Adobe format fonts for use in the package.
This will initially hamper creativity until extra fonts can be purchased from one of the companies presently offering fonts disks.
Layout tools are basic but adequate, with support for as many columns as desired, text flow around graphics, and the rotation of page elements.
In addition, the selection of the text tool will enable a menu selection, Write, to send the complete document to the Office Write wordprocessor (assuming the latter is running in the background).
Once there, the text can be edited quickly and easily, then returned to Page via the Send Text Home menu option. Switching back to Page reveals the freshly updated document.
Apart from the lack of dot matrix landscape printing and the absence of Font Manager, there is little on which to fault Page without being incredibly picky, especially when you consider the fact that it Comes as part of a bundle.
It is easy to use, capable of excellent output, and powerful enough for most home and small business uses.
For the Amiga owner in general, and the enthusiast in particular, nothing better promotes a warm, ?:*mg feeling of oneness with the
- .•chine than finding a solid practical cc-cation for that £400
Another day at the office Aordprocessing, sorting out the family audget, and even a bit of DTP can turn t* Amiga from a nice little electronic toy mo a partner for life.
Rtow much warmer would that satisfy- rc nner glow be if five productive packages could be squeezed into one software »? This is the question many a mar- bod must have posed a few years ko i the explosion of "office" packages »c much to go by, and among the titles pawned by the great niche hunt of 1989 Cold Disk Office.
Rough and ready Combining a very basic word processor,
• umple database, a spreadsheet, a graph rrnmg utility, and the
rough and ready geSetter page layout tool, Cold Disk Ofice was
hardly the most sophisticated ckage in the world, but it was
all there.
CDO's mixture and range of features
* -*: the standard for such packages, and it s i standard which,
with the release of v*m Office and GD02, has only recently seen
surpassed. Probably the most dam- Stevie Kennedy tries to
become a productive member of society with the aid of Gold Disk
Office 2 no longer resemble their ancestors.
Page, Graph and Calc have been transformed, and File has been given a facelift, but poor old Write still looks like a pensioner at an all-night rave - sad and out of place.
Appealing For home users and small businesses with undemanding requirements, GD02 is a full order of magnitude more appeal- aging drawback of the original GDO was that the individual elements were weak.
Luckily, the degree of integration between them helped the whole to outstrip considerably the sum of the parts, but this often failed to temper the disappointing impression of, say, the so-called wordprocessor.
With the second release, Gold Disk have taken note of the glaring weaknesses in the original and reworked most of the component parts to the extent that they e ing than its predecessor. However, it still runs the danger encountered by any integrated package in that there may be little or no market for it. Instant appeal generated by the seemingly good value offered Pies and scatters Graphs and charts are an inevitable part of all decent Dusiness presentations these days, and no self-respect- mg business person would be without the odd pie chart or sales graph when attempting to make an
ropression on a new client or the boss.
Office Graph is a fairly simple program, but capable of providing the goods, especially when used in con- lunctlon with Page and a PostScript laser printer.
All graphs and charts can be saved in ProDraw clip format for import to Page, and the combination of structured art and a decent printer makes making an impression a certainty. Ten different charts and graphs are on offer, including scatter graphs, pie charts, and 3D variations to ensure that documents won't look tired or too similar.
Each new chart is user-tweakable through control of colours, patterns, and fonts used for the various head ings and sub-headings.
In addition, pie charts can be exploded, legends can be enabled or disabled, footers can be added, and almost every other main feature, including axes and grids, can be toggled on or off. The program also accepts data ranges saved directly from Calc.
Flexible and useful with little fuss, Office Graph is a solid program which, though incapable of standing on its own as a single package, fits neatly into GD02 and adds a little touch of its own to the whole.
Applications Office Write has been improved somewhat since its first appearance, but it remains an old-fashioned and outdated wordprocessor which, if it didn’t appear in an office bundle, would sink without trace.
As an element of CD02, however, Write is paradoxically the most useful, as just about every other element will either hotlink to it directly or can use Its output.
A rather basic wordprocessor which struggles to avoid the damning label ' text editor" thus becomes an essential and integral part of the GD02 package.
Editing options include the usual cut and paste, find, replace, and word count, with the addition of the little seen case convert and join split lines.
Documents can be merged together and a spell check is available when Office Spell is running in the background. There is also a facility for automatic index generation, a surprisingly powerful feature given Write's basic format.
The File database program supplied with GD02 is one of the weaker elements of the package as it offers little more than some shareware programs.
It does, however, work well within the integrated environment and is a useful tool in any office.
There is a disappointing lack of direct mail merge generation for use with Write, but apart from this and the lack of password protection, File does the job. Its most annoying feature is the clumsy approach to searches.
These have to be accomplished through the use of filters chase. This leaves the small business market and the home user who needs at least two or more of the applications offered by GD02.
For these Amiga owners, the only package presently to compete in terms of price and features with the Gold Disk offering is Mini Office Amiga, reviewed in a recent issue of Amiga Computing.
Which one wins out in the consumer's mind will be decided in some cases by the Write and Spell Filing cabinet toss of a coin and in others by the points each package stresses.
GD02 has gone for a very Workbench
2. Ox look and feel whereas Mini Office is much more colourful
and visually oriented. The former has PostScript support
through the Page layout utility, and the latter has a much
better wordprocessor.
Neither trounces the other in anything approaching a comprehensive fashion.
So is GD02 worth the money? The answer is a qualified yes. A viable alternative course of action which I for one would be tempted to follow is the shareware commercial combination.
At £75, a copy of ProWrite 3.2 (or Wordworth with some careful shopping around) is a sound wordprocessor start, easily augmented by one of the superb shareware database and spreadsheet programs on the market.
With PostScript support, such wordpro- cessors negate the need for a simple page layout tool unless the user has definite DTP requirements.
Level terms The quality of the better shareware pro* ductivity packages is such that they compete on near level terms with the individual GD02 elements, and with those of its competitor, Mini Office Amiga.
Possibly the only ace left up the sleeve of the bundle packages is then the integration facility, whereby data from a spreadsheet can be fed into the graphs program and so on.
If an integrated environment, whose virtues should not be underestimated, is appealing enough to a large number of potential users, GD02 will win the day with its high level of inter-program data exchange and its direct hotlinks.
If not, the commercial and shareware alternatives will surely form a well-trodden path for the productivity- minded Amiga owner.
Serious sums To be honest, spreadsheets are probably second only to assembly language programming packages« the boredom stakes.
Few inventions of man have invoked anything to match the overwhelming waves of indifference which emanate from the average user when a spreadsheet is mentioned.
However - he typed hopefully - let the budget sensitive person or| small business struggler use a spreadsheet for a month or so anc the scrawly writing at the back of a spiral bound notepad will be baiv ished forever.
Office Calc Is based for its loot and feel on the Professional Cak package, and though it shares few of the very powerful features to be found in its bigger brother. It Is a meaty little performer in its ow« right.
Explanatory There are over 100 calculation] functions for use in spreadsheet including Boolean and statistical] functions (average, mean, and s» on), and individual worksheets caw be any size up to 32,000 cells by 32,000 rows. In addition, Arexx id supported and Office Write can be summoned to add explanatory] notes to any cell in the sheet.
What this adds up to is a perfectly adequate program for any] household requirement, from wori-‘ ing out where all this months) money is going to go, to targeting areas in which money can be saved .
Office Calc will also stretch to smalj business duties, though not as hap-1 pily as the more expensive staid] alone packages.
Data can be saved in graph foM mat for use in the Office Graph uti-l ity, and Lotus 1-2-3 files can bM imported or exported, so Cak id conversant enough with both tM outside world and its own inteJ grated Office partners.
In total, the program would stard] up on its own as a low priced com mercial program, never mind an efc-l ment within a bundle, though thal could also be said for certain share-?
Ware spreadsheets.
By five packages in one will certainly sell GD02 to some, but at around £90 it is close to the full cost of buying one high quality package.
Users who need just one facility might be tempted to go for GD02 and get the other four free, but those who make a careful choice could well decide that the individual element they are interested in isn't strong enough to justify the pur* Product information product of Cold Disk Inc Supplier: HB Marketing Phone: 0753 686000 Price: TBA (expected to be around £90) which, though flexible and an essential aid to database management, are a little slow for the user who needs to find one phone number or a company name from a list of hundreds. Prodata's fast find option will search through an entire
database until it finds the data asked for, and its handiness in such situations can't be matched by filters.
Beyond these niggles, File has easy to use form and report creation, some advanced features such as the formula and calculate across fields option, and its support for Arexx - although not Dbase IV - makes it one of the most useful elements of GD02.
GASTEINER ICD power llnil 3 Millmcad Business Centre Millmcad Road I London N17 9QU Tel: 081 365 1151 Fax: 081 885 1953 256 Greyscale Scanners Amiga Shopper best buy Total solution for scanning A4 images FeaturesTrue greyscales , 100-400 dpi, 105mm head, (OCR option Top quality hardware with the latest version of software from Migraph. Allows real time scanning, provides powerful edfting painting features. Compatible (importsfcxports) FF»IMG*PCX,TFF and MACRMNT formaU.GompoUHc w*h ail Amiga’s A500,A500+,A600,AISOO,A2000,A2500 and A3000 _ _ _ In __ Touch UP , Merge It and Special Full OCR
Version Software Available £165.00 Minmum system requirement 2Mb RAM, and a Hard £119.95 Disk £199.00 I Trackballs GOLD AWARD WINNER IN ST FORMAT 92% Stylish three button trackballs, with third button supporting auto fire and drag and hold ST REVIEW 91% With two colour shining Crystal Ball Auto Mouse Jostick Switch St Format 78% Automatic Switcher between two input devices with a click of a button.
E. g. mouse mouse.
Mouse joystick, joystick joystick.
Mega Mouse GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 911% A 290 dpi high resolution Opto-Mechanical Mouse.
Top quality construction ensures rapid and smooth movement, with micro switch buttons.
Mouse with hard mat and mouse holder Mouse only £14.95 £10.95 £34.95 £12.95 £29.95 Cordless Infrared Mouse Optical Pen Mouse PPPm Golden I mage Mouse with Mat £ 13.95 GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 90% i The Brush Mouse with D-PainL St Formal 88% £ 19.95 ICD Products AdRAM-2080(2 Mb RAM) £139.00 AdRAM-540(4 Mb RAM) £209.00 AdSCSI 2000 W LPS105S £405.00 AdSpeed £129.00 AdSpecd IDF-40 £229.00 Flicker Free Preference £ 19.00 Flicker Free Video 2 £195.00 KkkBack ROM Switcher £ 19.00 Novia 60i £359.00 Novia 85i £449.00 Novia AdSpeed 60i £499.00 Novia AdSpeed 85i £599.00 Prima I05i £429.00 Prima
I20i * £445.00 Prima AdSpccd I05i £579.00 Prima. AdSpeed 120i £599.00 St Format 81% Cu Amiga 79% Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless micro switch buttons. Fast, smooth and reliable.
Includes Optical Mouse Pad and Holder Cu Amiga 81% Remote control mouse, loog working distance.
Long life rechargeable battery. 260 dpi.
Includes Hard Mouse Mil A stylish Peo Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement Micro switch buttoos.ldeal for DTPjrtworLetc Includes Optical Pad £45.00 £35.95 1Mb RAM with Clock A600 £49.00 Hard Drives 1Mb RAM wiauut dock AMO £4100 A500 A500+ Suk RAM with dock A500 £2100 ImbRAMfcrAttO* Lit,00 52 Mb RAM Upgradeable £329.00 Kid (tad Swfc*
114. 95 105 Mb RAM Upgradeable £399.00 Bn&r«lrr Swildi £ 9.95 210
Mb RAM Upgradeable £519.00 farcr Simply far ASM £5495
A1500 A2000 15" EsfernaJ Drive £49 00 I Mb Si mm* £25.00 52
Mb RAM Upgradeable £299.00 2-1 Mb RAM for A?000A1500 £12900
105 Mb RAM Upgradeable £379.00 Raw Scanner £9500 210 Mb RAM
Upgradeable £499.00 Plcaac add ES5Q postage and padung to aD
order* under £100.00 and Order* over £100.00 add £5.00
poctage and parting. COURIER CHARGE £10.00. AD price*
include VAC (ktttfliru* ooocpU poifvvcnu. By Vfco, Acosta,
«** pmUal attic*,
E. &.O.E. F%oot a&ibjocl La chongo u&houL nMim Gwdt autgeot ta
aJnMnbiiti± 3peofoafim auigoct La change uAHaui. Notion.
PHOENIX Our friendly, highly trained sales team will ensure that your order is dealt with efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.
- At the time of M placing your " order we will W I. J advise
you of ,]2 anticipated f? 1 delivery time % V answer TV 4iany
other U queries you I maY hava regarding your lih ' purchase.
All major credit cards accepted.
¦EHNICJWBJ1I0BI The Phoenix product helpline ensures that all our customers benefit from the highest level of after sales technical support.
We also offer advice to help you in choosing exactly the right product for your requirements thus eliminating the possibility of I an unwanted or I unnecessary ® purchase.
DESPATCH 0532310796 Once you have made the decision to purchase from Phoenix your order will be dispatched promptly and without fuss.
Using one of the countries leading courier services ensures that your goods arrive on time, intact and sin the same 3 condition they ll loft our stock.
THE WILD, THE WEIRDS THE WICKED' 1 Mb A 600 as standard and includes the excelent value Software titles Ddiwe Pant III • formula Qne Grand Prix • Tonly £339.99!
A 600 2Mb 1379.99 EPIC-LANGUAGE PACK' 1 Mb A 600 as standard and includes the excellent value Software tides Deluxe Paint III • Trivial Pursut* Epic •Myth* Rome only £484.99!
A 600 2Mb tnel ekNtwlKwrek.... ...1524.99 The stand-alone A 600 is compact, semi portable, fully featured and can be purchased in the following configurations: a 600 ....£274.99 a goo hd cESEan £429.99 A 600 2Mb .£314.99 A 600 HD 2Mb ....£469.99 VQ FEATURES INCLUDE: - Trapdoor installation Will not invalidate your warranty • Battery backed real time clock * Long life lithium cell • Enable disable facility • Full installation instructions • Made in U.K. • Complete with famous Phoenix 2 year warranty.
Phoenix PA 801-populated-1 Mb £44.99 Phoenix PA 601-unpopulated-0Mb.124.99 Phoenix A 600 ROM Sharer £29.99 Keyboard switchable!
When purchasing any Amiga you can also buy our unbelievable value PHOENIX POWER PACK, which includes over £100 of quality software and accessories. Probably the best bundle around. Iust look at what you get1 Man Utd Europe • Kick Off 2 • Captive Rick Dangerous * Pro Tennis Tour 2 Fully Microswitched Joystick SO Capacity 3.5" Disk Box 8mm Mouse mat »!0 Phoenix Branded Disks with Labels Phoenix Power Pack.... ....£39.99
2. 04 Workbench Includes; Deluxe Paint 3. Platinum Works, Home
Accounts. Toki, Puzznic, x Eft, Amiga Format Book and Joystick
rTTOft flfl amiga 1500 ..AlH7 tboa.yy Bsm This
SPECIAL OFFER combines both the A1500 (as shown above) and the
legendary Commodore 1084 SDI Monitor £~yon QQ AMIGA 1500+1084
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E GVP PC-286 16MHz .....£239.99 Vortex A Tonce Plus 286 ii6MHi £214.99 KCS Powerboard (with DOS 401) f 199.99 KCS Powerboard ...1184.99 KCS adaptor for 1500 2000... UTS3 £59.99 PHILIPS 8833Mk II GED £194.99 Colour Stereo Monitor now including 'Lotus Turbo Challenge', and t years on-site warranty COMMODORE 1085 SDI £216.99 COMMODORE 1084 SDI ...£199.99 MONITOR ACCESSORIES- 14" Dust covers ..£4.99 14" Tilt & Swivel stand £13.99 Anti-Glare filter screen .£19.99 A4 Copy
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J*rol Centre ..£34.99 tMn duty construction.rubber edging, perfect ¦c.' Match, makes an ideal workstation for the UtOfl LATA SWITCHES- 25pm D type) ;«*y £15.99 £17.99 £19.99 Vaaeeeeeeiteaiieieeaaeaiiiie
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* this month's "TRAIL BLAZERS" section we spotlight some of the
best ewer products and peripherals currently available for the
* hu famous super slim drive has now fee* upgraded to include
Anti-click and m checker THE SECOND DRIVE THAT 3 SECOND TO NONE
Phoenix price £h7.99 PHOENIX 1Mb A600 UPGRADE ¦ Simply the
tffSs?B,s" ,..£44.99 Pfcoenix supply connecting cables in any
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Imi-Midi 2m .... £3.99 Midi 3m .. £4.99 M Midi 5m ....£5.99 Mfa-Scart ...£9.99
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Pro Video Post £168.99 TV
Show Pro ....£51.99 TV
Text Pro £84.99 FRACTAL
AND SPECIAL FX Race Trace________________________mm £93.99
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Deluxe Video 3 £71.99
Image Finder ...£44.99
Pixmate ....£43.99
Scenery Animator ......£62.99
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Amos .....£36.99
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pointing device Crystal
Trackball .....£37.99
Infrared-Cordless-Mouse... IdlVO £47.99 (Rechargeable top
selling innovation I Optical Pen Mouse L'llVJJ £39.99 High
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POWER-Faaturas include: 100-400 dpi • 64 Greyscales Thruport to printer * FREE Editing Power Sc.nner ,2.0. £94.99 Power Scanner Colour £234.99 GOLDEN IMAGE Hand Scanner Series Features: 400 dpi • 256-Greyscale • Touch up and Merge it software.
AlfaScan ...£124.99 AlfaScan Plus .£149.99 AlfaScan OCR line OCR Software).... .£279.99 EPSON GT-6000 FLAT BED FULL COLOUR SCANNER Plug into Amiga parallel port, 600 d p i resolution, up to 16 million colours pqqq nfl Phoenix Price LuOj.UU ASDG-SOFTWARE Scanning software comes in two forms, integrated into art development as a new module or used as a stand-alone programme, PinO QQ Phoenix Price . L IU«s.«J«s BB Because some older games and business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM.
Phoenix have designed a sharer lor both ROM chip sets Switchable between
1. 3 and 2 04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A500
Plus without the drawback o! Losing all your old software Fits
any Amiga 500 15007000
• Kickstart ROM Sharer ..£24.99
• Kickstart Rev 3 5 ROM Sharer £27.99
• Keyboard Switchable ROM Sharer...£34.99 Kickstart 1.3
ROM .....£29.99 Kickstart 2 04
ROM ...£34.99 ¦(ROM Chips no! Included)
payable to PHOENIX Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance.
Call our despatch line for details on our lull range ol
delivery options both in the UK and overseas BFPO welcome.
OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm & i VISA 0530 411485 shmm
SYSTEM The most comprehensive backup utility ever! • Menu
driven options which make it easy to use • Backs up other
formats: IBM. Atari etc. Quick and easy to install (second
drive required) • Also available for A15QQ A20QO FEATURES:
• AUTOBOOT 1.3 2.04
AUTOMATIC MOUSE F12qc JOYSTICK SWITCHER 1 V BEELINE vV £19.95 PeripheralsTT* Someone had to do it eventually, I suppose. We've had umpteen A500 accelerator boards with their RAM expansions, hard drives with
* er jwn RAM expansions, and A2000- 7- :ombo cards with the lot,
but we’ve if had an all-encompassing A500 9Dbuct to match.
» you're an industry pundit, the news “af GYP have released the first hard drive, « iterator, and RAM expansion package
* t oox for the A500 might seem a bit
• • * eanng of Cadbury's latest chocolate fir mean, it's no big
surprise that the 30 comes from GVP, is it?
To fact, some might be fooled by the
- re-shed, respectable GVP badge and fit _nit'$ visual similarity
to existing motel Series II drives into thinking that ft A53Q
is nothing new or is not worth r rg excited about. Then again,
fools are easily fooled. The A530 is a logical, sensible,
realistic step forward in A500 peripherals development, but it
is also one of the most exciting products to pop out of the
oven in the past year.
With a combination of powerful features and a price point sent from heaven, the unit makes a very pressing case for the accolade of best punter product ever.
Installation, which is a matter of plugging in the drive's power pack and slotting the A530 into the A500 A500 Plus DMA slot, takes minutes, after which the humble low end user suddenly has a machine which literally blows away an A3QQQ and in some areas comes within an appreciable distance of 68040-based systems.
When first booted the hard drive, be it the 52Mb or 120Mb configuration, goes into its Own Workbench installation procedure in which it simply asks a question about the version of Kickstart being used.
It then automatically installs either Workbench 1.3 or 2.0S ready for auto- booting without the user ever having to use the Fastprep software. This is plug in and go at its best.
Again, the deceptively simple nature of the software, the extreme ease-of-use, and the no-hassle setup might lure users into a false feeling that nothing much has happened other than the addition of a hard drive.
Left hook This feeling lasts as long as it takes to open a drawer or run a program, at which time the A530’s speed hits home like a Bruno left hook.
The 40MHz 68EC030 chip nestling at the heart of the A530 is about 30 per cent faster than the 25MHz chip found Peripherals SIMM city A minor drawback with mem- ory expansion on the 00 A530 is its paltry' two SIMM slots. One of these is 0 I occupied by a 1Mb SIMM when is to first appears. Going to 2Mb is easy, as a --:j simple slot-in job will install jJCNKlHpj ¦ another 1Mb SIMM, but as the unit 1 cannot configure to 5Mb, the pur chase of a 4Mb SIMM will render the existing RAM obsolete.
A 4Mb SIMM from Silica costs £179, which is a reasonable price compared to the cost of a 4Mb external box, but if the user has to take out one or perhaps two 1Mb SIMMs and leave them in a cupboard to collect dust - they v would sell second-hand for very little - this addi- .
Tional wastage has to be taken into consideration.
The upshot, of course, is that the 4Mb RAM configu- ration is the more attractive buy, but the extra memory boosts the A530 price point toward the £1,000 mark.
Eggs in one basket The A530 contains just about everything the power user would want. It has a quick hard drive, a 40MHz 68EC030, and space for up to 8Mb RAM. With this little lot up and kicking, the average high-end application begins to look easy, but there b an Achilles' heel.
The Turbo button sitting prettily on the top casing performs the vital function of dropping the Amiga back down into 68000 mode. It is a vital function because a lot of software, arcade games in particular, refuse to work with the 68030.
However, when the Turbo switch is in the off position, the hard drive and extra memory are also disabled, as all three communicate through the same 32-bit bus from the same compact motherboard. This is an inevitable consequence of the A530 design rather than a design fault on the part of the GVP engineers.
The 16-bit 68000 cannot utilise 32-bit RAM. And as the A530's hard drive is driven through a 32-bit bus from the 68030, it too drops dead at a flick of the switch.
Unavoidable, yes, but something which any prospective buyer should bear in mind as the non-appearance of RAM and hard drive in 68000 mode coupled with the disappearance of the DMA port mean that the user can have either a hard drive-based 68030 system or a floppy-based low memory 68000 system, with nothing in-between.
Memory options The RAM modules supplied with the A530 are SIMMs (surface in-line memory modules), comprising of eight memory chips on a tiny circuit board.
The SIMMs are fitted into slots in the A530 and are a much neater and easier method of upgrading RAM than the old fashioned method of bunging chip after chip into chip sockets. One SIMM containing 1 Mb RAM is fitted as standard.
The RAM itself is of the 32-bit 60ns type, which means that each memory byte can handle numbers up to 32 bits wide, essential for use with the 32-bit 68EC030 chip. 60ns simply refers to the speed of the chips.
The typical A500 512k RAM expansion will be fitted with 120ns chips - far too slow for effective use of the faster chips. When slow RAM is used with a fast in the A3000, and many times faster than a standard Amiga.
Productivity packages, Workbench itself, and even some games such as flight sims and other 3D vector types, perform much smoother and faster than most owners of standard AmigaS would credit.
Menus and requesters slide along like a greasy chip in a lard butty, wordproces- sors and other mundane office packages motor away like Japanese workaholics, and high-end graphics applications suddenly become a possibility.
In short, the kittenish A500 into which one of these babies is slotted changes processor, the CPU will often have to wait for the contents of RAM to catch up with what it is doing, leading to "wait states'*.
Chips rated to at least 80ns are required for the ideal state in which the processor never needs to hang around, a condition known as "zero wait states".
As the A530 has 60ns chips, any memory intensive operation will be slightly faster than if the more widely used 80ns chips were fitted.
The use of 60ns - and sometimes 40ns on 68040s - SIMMs means that users are always best off using official GVP RAM upgrades rather than shop around for cheaper - and slower - alternatives. Mixing an 80ns 1 Mb SIMM with the existing 60ns SIMM would undoubtedly cause problems.
Instantly into a large-striped carnivore.
It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that some people will feel the effects of culture shock after hall an hour with the A530, as not only will they experience the joys of using a hard drive for the first time, they will also have to deal with the after effects of warp speed.
Nauseous This can best be described as a giddy, near-nauseous, sensation brought about by sudden acceleration and prolonged activity at speeds to which the user is not accustomed, and is best remedied by a quick stab at the Turbo button, at which point the A530 is locked out and the Amiga reverts to its mewling domestic pet mode.
A turbo switch in the upper casing similar to the game switch on the Impact hard drives can be used to jump between 68030 and 68000 modes.
Re-booting is required every time the switch is used, but the facility is still handier than the usual software switches used by internally fitted accelerator cards.
Co-processor In terms of expansion, the A530 is capable of growing in size in all directions. A 68882 maths co-processor can be fitted when the unit is purchased or can be added at a later date by the user who isn't scared of opening the casing and invalidating the warranty, RAM can be expanded to 8Mb, and an extra hard drive can be attached via the SCSI through-port at the rear.
The expansive or ambitious user should therefore have enough leeway to guarantee the A530's longevity as a useful peripheral.
There is no DMA through-port, but with the expansion on offer from within the existing casing, this is not a particularly important omission.
Take the A530's price, its instant power, and its ludicrously simple installation procedure, then combine this with the marketing principle of putting the first three steps to computing power in one box, and GVP must have a smash hit on their hands.
Whether it will become the best selling peripheral in its class remains to be seen, but it is certainly the best yet ¦ j released. Fm " The A530 is a product of GVP Inc Supplier: Silica Systems Phone: 081-3091111 Price: £799 (120Mb HD, 1 Mb RAM), 1 Mb RAM expansion £59, 4Mb RAM expansion £179 Product information How fast is it?
From a quick look at the A530’s specific* tions, one would expect it to be faster than something unmentionable off i digging implement. Tests simply conflrrr this.
The 40MHz 68EC030 is significantly faster than a 25MHz A3000, whick shows up time and again on benchmart tests, but without the optional 6888.
FPU (floating point unit, or maths CO processor) it lags behind on many of the important floating point maths opera tions so vital to many advanced software applications.
Owners can add their own FPU, but 40MHz 68882 from Silica Systems cur rently costs £229, a frightening amounr J for the budding ray tracer.
Many applications, of course, don need an FPU, but those that do will nr Slower on the 40MHz A530 than thr would on a 25MHz 68030 68882 comb nation. Tested with Diskperf2 and AIBBa the A530 runs out as fast as the equiv* lent 40MHz A20QQ combo but, surprr ingly, slightly slower than the Impac Series II hard drive.
This is probably due to the Maxto drive used in place of the Quantun ProDrive LPS. The former is a fasl driw but not quite up to the Quantum.
A530 transfer rate comes to abo»r 9S0k per second, which is blistering* quick but still slower than the 1050k pr second of the Impact Series II. To pu this in perspective, a fast A500 dr would rate 650k per second, so the AS J is still comfortably ahead of most of tb opposition.
In processing terms, the unit r between five and over 300 times as I* as a standard A500 when the 68882 t« is fitted, though in practice the spr*- honus works out at between three ten times depending on the application Whatever benchmark is taken as si- dard, an AS 10 equipped machine - bounce all over its unexpanded ne* hours from a great height.
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Orders or Credit Cards Description Amiga A1500
i. u 61 ilk (¦ Commod The Amiga At500 Pack Tho NEW Commodoro
Amiga 1500 Pack features a 7.14MHz 68000 processor with 1Mb
RAM as standard (expandable lo 41Mb via expansion cards).
It ncludes two 680K
3. 5‘ floppy dak drives and can support PC emulation by an XT AT
bridge board or Atonco Plus The Amiga 1500 con tans 3
co-processors (Denise. Agnus, Paula) to enhance sound,
graptves and animation. It also includes 0 internal expansion
slots Interfaces include Parallel • Centronics.
Seripl - RS232. Video
- RGB Analogue. RGB ii3PS£ Description The new super comped Aml9a
600 featuring:
• Smart now compact design with built-in TV modulator
• 1Mb chip RAM memory expandable lo 2Mb chip RAM with 601. Total
memory capacity 10Mb RAM
• Industry standard smart card interlace PCMCIA interlace lor
memory and peripheral upgrades e Integrated industry standard
IDE (AT) interface, with optional 2.5" 20Mb bard dnve e New
Workbench 2 with Kckstart 2 05 ROM
• 12 months on-site warranty lor total peace of mind
• The Amiga 600 is available in two versions, single drive end
20Mb hard DRIVE
• FREE at home service Digital and mono Composte. Right and Left
Audio. 2 x Mouse Joystick controller pons and an external drive
por1 It also includes a murti-tasking WIMP operating system, a
colour palette ol 4096 colours, high quality stereo sound with
4 channels and 9 .octaves and text lo voice synthesis This
package does not include a hard drive and is available with or
without a monitor Amiga 1500 Starter Pack £549.oo Amiga 1500 Ki
shaun w«ti 1084 Storeo Cotow Monitor Latest A600hd
epic language lab
• Amiga 600 Computer with 20Mb Hard disk
• Trrvial Pursuit - 3 language version (Donwk)
• Epic (Ocean)
• Rome (MiOemim)
• Myth (System 3) Please telephone tor pnee includes free 12
month warranty Free next day delivery Latest Amiga 600 pack
Amiga 600 - The Wild, the Weird and the Wicked
• Amiga 600 Computer
• Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts)
• Grand Prix (Microprose)
• Putly (System 3)
• Pushover (Ocean) Ptease telephone lor pnee. Includes froe 12
month warranty Free next day delivery New Amiga A600 £279.oo
New Amiga A600 HD Same *pnc ii VA A60Q But atm • buit n xm hard
Or** £429 Description Description B833 MR 114" Colour Monitor
Commodoro 1064S14" Stereo Cotour Monitor Star Printers LC 20
Mono ......£ 139.W LU2UU cotour .. LC24-200
Mono ....X13U.0U £218.w LC24-200 Colour .....
£275.** £22fi.« Telephone for any other Star printer price
• 0.42mm Dot Pitch
• Analogue and RGB Inputs
• Controls for Volume, Brightness. Contrast. Green Swdch.
Horizontal Shitt, OrVOfl
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• 042mm Dot Pitch t Analogue. RGB. Digrtnl RGB & Composite Video
• Controls tor Centnng Height, Contrast.
Brightness. Colour. Volume. OrvOff
• Amiga Cables Supplied f 199.c Commodore Monitor Ik mi J« SALES
HOTLINE Telephone 0253 291919 (6 LinesJ FREE next working day
delivery on all items shown and for credit card orders over
£200 placed before 3pm (UK mainland only).
Saturday delivery add £10.00 - XL ©% Post Send a cheque postal order with your order made payable to "Computaworld Ltd” and post to: Computaworld Ltd 174 Church Street Blackpool Lancs FY1 3PS Visit Our Shop Our computer and games centre is situated in Blackpool town centre, where we would l e pleased to see you. We are open six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.
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¦ Total Name . Address ..... !
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II £44.09 Spectracolour ..£69.99 DigiView Gold 4 £99.99 99 fax 99 M
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Station 1149.99 Imagine
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Birtf 134.99 Wshell V2.0 ...£49.99 Image Finder VI.OD ...£39.99 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES ..£59.99 .169.9*) Amiga Logo .... IkvP.u k V3________________________ Hisuft Basic.
Hi soft Extend ...... Cn-DOYU.
Amos Amos 31).
Easy Amos. . EDUCATION Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing- Audio Gallery German ..£59.99 Maths Adventure ......£25.99 The French Mistress ...£19.99 The German Master ------------£19.99 The Spanish Tutor ...£ 19,99 I he lluliutt Tutor----------------------£19.99 Discovery 2.0 Education Pack ..£4*).*)9 TO ORDER: Write to the address at the top or Hardware (0942) 682203 4 Software (0942) 682205 Rnq. & Fax (0942) 682206 Upstage included add £5 for express delivn v. Credit Curd transactions ensure 24 hour h Cheques will
require clearance.
UTILITIES PUBLIC DOMAIN & SHAREWARE 107 - Drop; 12 - Brand NEW nr lea*, Jan 92 L'25 - Font* & Surface* - C ut and Paste 1132 - (’•Light - Lapsed MMMKttMl TrkVf U33 - M-CAI) - Computer Aided Design pack 1'35 6 7 - Harkstar I lib - N » 2 to4 I 42 Ml) V2 - The Only directory Wl’ 1*43 4 - Catalogue Workshop - Rathci good I 45 -52 CLIP m-EIGHT dhi*M 1:54 - IlimI Disk ftIV WvwMtft he I 57 - M, -svsid - I liimMc in transferers LSI iRcMulalnr - An exceptional Uvvl I'M - Intercostal I tUv Brilliant dnk 170 - Darkxtar I lib 5 - Yet another!
1183 - Sculpt 31) Scenes - Fw Sculpt owner.
187 ft - Graphics Management t 94 - Opti I life. I - Excellent quality I V8 - IU4 High Quality ( lip Art - 7 disks (J 131 - Assassins Multivtsion - OPX tools I 136- Fleet roc ad VI.J - latest VorSioli!
U43-SuperkiUm - BOOTX P4U t'152- Xenon I til* - Seventy-five utilities 1'I6I - Anthrox I tils V5- Recommended* 1462 - Deflex I tils 1 - Unusual collection III70 - Iron Magic - Excellent programme UI72-DTP - Based on the amigafox W P I trot - Programming I - Lot* of into II192 - Mght Flyers 4 - E xcellent disk I' 199 - Opti I tih 2 - lotted version utilities V1% - Opti ( ontmx - ( Utmair Cumrm disk UIV7-C |»ir Toots - Slutted full of them* 1200 - Imp lode r V4 - E.xcellent packer U207 - Printer Util* - By ihc Assassins 120V - Dynamite Font*2 - More cut n pane L'2l5 - Print Studio - The BEST
print util 1220 1 - North C Compiler (2dbla) 1222 3 4 5 - C Manual V2 (4 disk si t'226 - Gelignite fonts Brilliant (la Marli L’232 - (Klignilr funlx 2 Murk & Dan IU) L2AY4 - VnMhmBcacb ' 2 - Mikcwtt tut) l 237 - Insanity tools 203 tools no docs I 23ft- (ieUgnitr tonls 3 - Mark at hi* heu 1*240 OptK'ommx 2 NCOMM V2J L24I 2 .V4 5 - PagrSlrram Fonts 5 disks 1*246 7 - (*dp4t! Y«l 6 - Mythological hewU C25I 2 .V4 5 PagrMivaiii Font* disks vet muretejJjbli frettx lot I’S imirrx" i :r- » )u*'Lip.iinicanpa,BdU» TWO DISK CATALOGl F. 75p updated free of charge ljust send your old disk's and the
AV - Dtmnrry Miutik-Very good AB7 - Car - Lcra| A Umcyclc. Hnlliani A8V - Agalron 22 -jncludcs apnv*. Ii * more AM 7 - l.lghl Cycle“xFrom Tmn and Brill!
A9H V -- Anli-I-rmmlnga - 2 Meg AlOOi'l 2 3 4 5 - n*e W Jh- Exceptional A112 - Juggette It - Another hilarious anim A115- Xgulron 27 • llixii. .ilk! Others A116 - Agalron 2X - DiKonnecx. Rcautilu AII7 - Xgulron 29 - Millenium frilc.w X124 Shultkmk - i A126-Krai 31) Anim-Real I'd XI27 - Kcal 3D XnimJ-TPwi ( 265 - Worklw ,,,-h 2 I'lUUirs i on here t 2IM, I lllnu.tr Packer VIJ Superb!
I 267 H KcnchMaster- Excellenl**!
EDUCATIONAL & GAMES (143 Mig.ili.ill - lirillunt breakout clone
V. SQ - Shapes - Absolutely brilliant far kids (i53 - -tin -
Very odd it live ulc gam: (i55 - Sea Inna - Suh strategy type
game G62 - POM POM Gunner - Very Hood!
G70 - Skier - Excellent game (.VI - Insiders I tub - Stock Market strategy APDI15 - Baloonacy - Superb for the kids Apbl.Vi - Wooden Rail - Rrillianl!!!
API) 142 - Pair Cnury - Very good XPIHXIH - Dungeon Driver - Bnlliail APDIS2 3 - Pixie Kingdom - Vet) good APDJ26 - Hypokal - Hni yet. Gel it APD329-Fruit Machine Brilliant fame BUSINESS & SERIOUS i B02 - Words* right - WonJproccssor 1104 - Clerk - Accounting
111) 6 - I-Eld it - Vm powerful wotriproccxuir 1107 - Mrkxihuu'
- Ivmcrful yet cnxy lo use Bill- Iminlun A Mcmopad - Wry
handy 1114 Vixicalc-Similar to Imut |'2 3anPC 1117 - Qhl) -
SuyKtb text editor ItIH Irxlplus V .1.06' - EdB cninched
files' IIIV 600 Business letters - Brilliant H2I - Hltase 11
- Easy to utc tlaiuha* B22 - DutuBase Wh - Name A address
B23 - I'exlengine V3 Superh 1130 - AmUuxf Pro III IU I B3I -
XmK avh - Eluxri B32 l aw WIIA Tcwlmrnl Apl 52 - Forms Realb
TfflWinrd APDI32- Eamilx Hhtory Database APD257 - ( asxctlr
I jtK-ller-For the inlays Sl lltKSHOWS & PICS PI 1 2 - Nasa
Slideshow* - Both I & 2 here P32 - Xgtttprm 6 - Emm Tohtas
Rtcluer P33 - Xgnlrxiii ii - More front Trx xuhlc l’4t) -
Max * Art - Very nicely done P4I - .NVttiesis Prologue -
Eront Hanibal P65 - itatrun 12 - Fantastic quality Agalron
11 - Itxtvdthlc stnndard*
- Nemesis Cltapl. I - Itxc r xt chapcri Rotmcop - By Hamhil.
nhrhrvaUr11 Art for Arts Sake - Bx Hamhal. Hnll pi - Rat
Iraxxsi Stkdrx - Very (kind ¦Krai 31) xlldo - Breathtaking!"
ANIMATIONS (MOST 1MB) 06 - More Aerotoons - By Eric Schwacu A10 - Batman - This is brilliant (by ES) l 20 - Agalron 26 - Dry dock Vl3 - Agalron 2 - Includes FI5 fighter X6I - Xgatmn 15 llillinrds A: Ia«us + FI.'
X63 - Juggler II - Very, very funny. See il!
A76 - A natron M - Milicniuin Fiticvtn A79 - Agalron W - Pmhe & bird of prey MUSIC M0I - StNind Samples - Includes perfect sound XI04 - Vangrlis - Brilliant music A graphics MIS - Amigadeus - By Rod Baxter. Rnll MI9 - Claxsix I - Mr Baxlcr stnkcS again' X120 - Uuxsiv 2 - More of hi*, fntmidnhle wutk M35 - APDI, 2H - MIDI UTIUTHLS M52 .VA5 - Modwln - Need I say more?
M5WV 60 Metal Modules - Good M61 2 3 - Sound samples for Vt rucker M115 - Scoopex Vlusic CtO* - By the score MI45 - Xlidi Programmes MI52 - Midi Programme- More Yl 165 - MED VJ.2 - Fwamc music editor MI72 - Xudiomagic VLI - Bnlliant utilities XllVfc - Ixivserlords Sound Ctilitie* XllVtW - Xlsatdi - By Rob Baxter M201 2 3 - House Samples M2H 9 - RSI M.Kiuk-s Disks M2I6 - Druim A Pipes - Brilliant M225 - Xiidinnutgir V2 More ulilitiCA M227 - l*sy gnosis Samples - Sound samples M2V0 - .FRO (i Samples - Crystal Clear FISH 1-720, T.BAG 163, SMAUG, PANARAMA, NZAUG, TOPIK, SNAG, AMIGAS, SCOPE & THE
DEJA VU COLLECTION AVAILABLE IF YOU ORDER 10 OR MORE, YOU GET A FREE ONE £1.20 Per Disk I’lUN I'llXliIgt' POSTAGE: UK iiiul HI I’O: Please add 50p to order.
I urope: Please add 20p per xlisk.
World: Please add 4()p j)er disk ¦ CO-FOWDU Of THE PKOfEUIOSAL STAS DA BOX H»B DISTRIBUTION ENDORSED BY COMMODORE UK CraphicsTT4 r j not often as a reviewer that I come across a piece of software I can wholeheartedly recommend. Fortunately ir- and Create from Europress Software is m such a product.
I A*ned at infants and lower juniors, it r»aJd be in every classroom in the country.
• combines great fun with educational
* *y.
together there are five widely varying zrsgrams tied together with an exploration 9 ascovery menu that's educational in its wmr nght.
: •.« interlocking programs allow children design their own monsters, set up and
* along with their own band, make and ne their own jigsaws,
assemble their own 7-etmgs cards and, finally, create their own
The menu consists of four screens show- rg both the garden and
the inside of a
• «-se occupied by teddy bears. The child's afe is to explore
this by moving the mouse jotter to one of the many interesting
xccts and clicking.
Ahen an object is clicked on, it shows its '4me - nice simple words for the young More often than not the objects alive with superb animations - swings
j. cats jump, the television screen a cartoon, a picture of a
sunscape to a moonscape... The list goes on and on; children
are ¦availed by it - and this is only the menu.
¦¦•Oden away in the menu are the entrances
• to other programs. The first I found - by »wg on a ted with a
guitar - was Musk you can step through them, musician by
musician or the whole group at a time.
Any time you feel a group member isn't up to scratch you can alter his riff or simply dump him in the dustbin and try someone else. If you think you've created the next supergroup you can save it to disk.
You can even turn your Amiga keyboard into a piano-type keyboard and play along.
It's an extraordinarily compulsive program.
Back to the menu and clicking on the ted who's busy painting took me to the Art Alive package. Again like all the packages, it's mouse controlled.
Art Alive Here you draw on the blank screen by dragging with the left hand mouse button - you can select this with the Pencil icon.
There are four widths of line available - via the right-hand button - and 15 possible colours to choose, which you can also use as backdrops by clicking on the Clear icon.
All the control kons are down the right side of the screen. As well as freehand drawing you can choose to rubber band straight lines, draw circles and rectangles and even pkk ready made sprites to enliven your picture. There's also an Alphabet icon which lets you add your own messages to the screen - in five different fonts, Returning to the Discovery menu via Escape I clicked on some greeting cards on a bookshelf and was taken to Card Creator.
There are basically two types of card - portrait which are taller than wide, and landscape, wider than tall. Card Creator lets you make both.
For a start there's a freehand drawing facility, much as in Art Alive. It’s also got the latter's Undo option which rids you of the last thing drawn. Clicking on the Pencil takes you to the print your own message icon, again in five fonts, while clicking once more takes you to the preset sprites.
These sprites include everything from Father Christmas to the Easter Bunny and a further dick on the icon takes you to preset "Happy Birthday", "Hope you get well soon" messages.
In short, with very little effort you can easily produce professional results. Not only that, but you can save them to disk or print them out - with all the usual options
- ready to fold into a personalised card.
Back to the menu. Clkking on the Ted playing with the jigsaw took me through to Jigsaw which is quite simply the best computer jigsaw program I've seen.
You can import your own jigsaws, say Mike Bibby enthuses over an educational package which is genuinely enthralling and fun to use from Art Alive, and proceed to cut them up into from 12 to 112 pieces.
Pieces may be right way up. Hipped over or totally scrambled. They appear on their own screen but you drag a group of them over to the jigsaw screen and position them with the left-hand mouse button using the right button to rotate them if necessary.
Great fun - and you can even save your favourite.
Frankenstein The last program is Make a Monster - entered by clicking on the monster in the tree- Here you're presented with a grizzly set of icons of arms, legs, torsos, heads, eyes and so on.
You simply drag the pieces onto the screen to create your own monster, stepping through all the varieties of limbs and so on by clicking on the right-hand button.
Once you've got your monster you can save him to disk, animate him or play a simple game with him. All in all it's strangely compulsive and a must for budding Frarikensteins.
To sum up, not only is Paint and Create highly enjoyable it's educationally valid, too. It meets virtually all the requirements of Keystage One Technology Attainment Target Five.
In simpler terms nearly all infant and lower junior computer technology requirements are covered.
In this short review I've hardly covered all the program's features, nor have I explored its full potential. Suffice it to say that it's highly enjoyable, simple to use and a great tool for learning.
If you're at all interested in education for the fives and over, buy it! It's an ambitious project, and a total success.
E3 Paint and Create is a product of Europress Software Supplier: Database Direct Telephone: 0625-859333 Price: 05.99 Formative
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A600 (incl. Dpaint 3 & Mystery Gome) £273*95 WILD, WEIRD & WICKED PACK £322.00 Dpaint 3, Microprose G.P., Pushover, Silly Putty A600 HD (ind. 20MB hard disk) ....£449.95 Blow the co I j I I ) I i ) i I I Test results Million of Instruction Per Second (mips); Dpaint fill HAM screen: A500 25s, Wordworth scroll (10,000 wds): AIBB4 benchmarks index; A500 1.00, To many Amiga owners the accepted upgrade path, through 68020 to 68030 and the eventual arty heights of the 68040, is about as
* *.»nable as a stroll down the yellow brick ¦wd
* ohibitive costs and the likelihood that ate of the art
technology would be «isted on simple productivity tasks or a
* game playing make the investment in a processor a waste of
On the other hand, the standard 68000
- V quickly begins to show its limitations ¦nen forced to cope
with graphics-inten- j .vysiwyg wordprocessors and vector
anphics-based flight sims.
How many thousands of users have .Ted the slow screen update on some nmes, or prayed that just once their docu- would scroll smoothly?
Dodgy alternatives to the ageing 68000 are
- * and far between, restricted in the main ICD AdSpeed card, a
couple of ajgy lookalikes, none of which have ever
• properly, and a few hardware pro-
- is circulated by the soldering iron ade. Now there's Blizzard.
Officially Clock doubling
* *€ problem with clock doubling is that
- «? Clock speed of a machine's CPU is by : means a simple speed
indicator, ksfcally, a CPU running at twice normal .-•*ed
should get through twice as many sperations, but this in
practice doesn't out.
Memory limitations, the operation of
* e Amiga's custom chips, and the
- -i'v processing functions not particu- reliant on clock speed
together suspire to keep the real life effects of ;•:» doubling
down to rather less than
* « normal speed.
A double speed chip will certainly Hi faster than a standard 68000, but
- many cases the acceleration will be
* ~tr slight, or virtually unnoticeable.
Jargon Buster Stevie Kennedy tests Blizzard, the latest low-end accelerator board described as the Blizzard Turbo Memory Board, Blizzard is similar to ICD’s AdSpeed in that it uses a double-docked 68000 to up the Amiga's dock speed to 14MHz.
In addition to the simple clock doubling, however, Blizzard can also function as an 8Mb RAM expansion, and has an option for ROM shadowing.
What this means is that the A500 user ROM shadowing The Amiga's Kickstart ROM chip is responsible for many day-to-day features we take for granted, such as Intuition menus, windows, screens, and so on, and it works at a reasonable speed.
However, if Kickstart could be run not from a chip but from an area of faster memory, wouldn't it zip along nicely?
The answer is yes, and most accelerator boards offer a function whereby Kickstart can be "shadowed" into RAM, which is a great advantage when the RAM in question is of the very fast 32-bit variety, Blizzard doesn’t have 32-bit RAM, but it does have RAM which it accesses directly at the full 14MHz, and it is into a special 512k memory bank on the board itself that Kickstart is moved to when the shadow option is utilised.
This feature alone is responsible for an appreciable speed increase when using Workbench, any program which opens on a Workbench screen, or any other application which makes extensive use of Intuition.
On a budget can opt for an upgrade path which includes not only the acceleration benefits, but a possible 8Mb RAM expansion on top, making the 2Mb version at £284,95 a tempting buy, Taking an average external 8Mb expansion box populated to 2Mb at £120, the user is then paying £160 for the 14MHz clock speed and Kickstart shadowing capacity.
A factor which should be born in mind with products of this kind is that fitting the Blizzard board will invalidate the Amiga's warranty. The machine must be opened and the CPU levered out of its socket before Blizzard can take its place in the vacant 68000 slot, but the operation is not a complex one and requires nothing more than a bit of care with a screwdriver or two.
Auto-configure Once in place, any memory on the board auto-configures, and all other system adjustments, such as whether the machine automatically boots up in 7MHz or 14MHz mode, are set using six DIP switches mounted on the board.
Software control is, of course, supplied via a disk supplied with the packaging, but other than a quick memory check, only the Bconf program will be needed.
This enables the user to reset the machine to one or other of the clock speeds, and will also shadow any Kickstart file from disk. In this respect, the board acts additionally as a ROM sharer as long as the user has the relevant Kickstart file available.
Not as easy as it sounds, picking up a Kickstart file is possible on a bulletin board as many Amiga users have for years been kicking their machines into life with the popular Zkick utility.
For Workbench 2.04 users in particular, the option of downloading one of the easily obtainable 1.3 Kickstart files and using Blizzard as a ROM sharer gives the card an extra appeal.
Blizzard is a good attempt to crack what has previously been a very tight niche - the area in which spending a still sizeable sum of money on what is not a giant leap forward in speed is acceptable- By offering the 8Mb RAM option and a Kickstart shadowing capability, Blizzard comes much closer than any other attempt so far, though whether or not it is worth the near-£300 asking price is still going to be a very carefully reached decision on the part of the user. _ _ .
E3 Blizzard is a product of Advanced Systems and Software Supplier; Micropace (UK) Phone: 0753 551888 Price: £284.95 (2Mb RAM and 512k shadow RAM) A500 only Blizzard 1.65 Blizzard 14s Blizzard 2m 10s Blizzard 2.02 EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBER’S DRAW Every Amiga Computing subscriber automatically qualifies for our monthly draw in which we offer superb prizes.
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Pica* note that when 256*4 ZIPS are used. Ihe Supra RAM tan only be populated (Q a maximum of 2 Mb. If you use this configuration and want to further increase your capacity you must replace the 254*4 ZIPS with I Mb by 4 ZIPS with built in mode switch box A auto pais thru function.... Includes dual control for overlay and keyhole effects, extra RGB pass thru 8Mb pop to 2 Mb (254'diipt).... £114.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb iMb*4 «*)...£ 139.99 8Mb pop to I Mb £89.99 I OOP.. 4339.99 CPOA MISCELLANEOUS Sony Branded disks come complete Dtont Sum with labels cb Ro „. Pi„ Disk Labels....500...now only
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¦¦¦¦¦ mm ... Complete with: Kickstart 2.04 CHIP. Workbench
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(tub to availably) Ilf |i|= A ?2cy 3§ x I iillfriff Mi sfSflli! I E?1 hs 8 iifffi u 5 5 I | if SaSiiS » * » * is 8 LLLLLL I The ultimate assembler language system" Amiga Format Gold 4 92 ill IS Is 22s §8 888 83 L L L LL I The professional C development package includes free Silver Support service ©@®
f) ©@® The most accurate flight sim yet @©@ test HtSoft BASIC
version 2 nil m I hi nu sc n pPreSs r 1 h SelF 3 Si Q c. » X
iff ?1: s £i i s-r Coming soon to an Amiga near you!
(or more information on any of our products, please call HiSoft on 0525 718181, or fax us on 0525 713716 or write to vs at The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK455DE UK.
HiSoft High Quality Software Some reasons to be cheerful We are ifcligfitrd to announce that, following an exclusive agreement Cu'ifh kurn Computers Ltd. We have taken over the distribution, Tsupport and dewfopment gfihejf-yopTttitT Amiga product*. Existing customer* would write Ip us or call US pfdetiubof ourstipporf fines and ntfortrfatiim n ourjflans for tlu*fulhr gfKurrt(t wftTtMt.
At the nponieiit tor hih¦ 1 ho populnk K-Sprild 4 (fpreaitSheel an I K-Data database available (see our order fotrti on the right).
We also have slock of all the 3rd Edition Amiga ROM Kernel manuab from Addison Wesley, together with the excellent 3rd Edition of The AmigaUOS Manual (Bantam Press).
HiSoft is renowned for its range of language systems, utilities and entertainment programs on the Amiga. We have been writing for the Commodore 680x0 computers since they were first introduced into the UK and thus we know both the hardware and software intimately. Our company policy is always to offer the highest quality software at an affordable price with a complete range of backup support options - in these uncertain, difficult times, we'd like to put a smile on your face.
SAS C Lattice' C Development System The new Pascal compiler with Turbo Pascal15 compatibility Programming E5 screen preview. This is the most useful thing since the nose hair clipper, because it means you can stamp out the bugs as they arise. Most bugs in a program have to be figured out by sheer weight of logic
- thinking your way through the program.
By and large, most of what you know The new Amos Professional interpreter takes Amos forward into the 90s. Phil South checks out this more muscular program development system Anew Amos for sophisticated program development in the 90s? You may ask what was «rong with the old 80s one? Nothing
• uCh really, but the problem was that
- eryone had an idea of how the program :tid be improved.
Amos from the beginning was Francois Lionet's own personal vision of what a yogramming language and editor should and although it was revolutionary at time, there would obviously come a me when it had to be changed.
Tastes change, and although your envi-
- .nment in Amos Classic could be config-
- red to suit you, a lot of things about the :.*em were not quite
Fast forward to today, when Amos Sessional is wheeled out blinking into r* cold liqht of day. The biq question is, M's it like?
Well, as predicted by myself and others, i ot of stuff has been borrowed from the itsy Amos system, like new requesters and ne excellent Amos Tutor - now called the Monitor - which enables you to step
- 'Ough the programs you create and see ne effects either as a
small screen or a full Amos turns Pro IFFANIM ‘.ew commands to
play IFF ANIM files, which it is said :oerate faster than those
used in Dpaint itself!
Those new features in full double precision support for floating point ops and of course support for any maths coprocessor you might have lying around cluttering up
• our motherboard Features? Gosh, we've got them matey, and in
piles. So make some tea, put on your Kevlar underpants, and
take a seat while we run through those features in full...
JnJImlted banks efore, you had just 16 memory banks to put all
your graphics and sounds in, but now you can have up to ?5.000.
Of course there are also some new bank commands to cope with
the strain.
Speech Mouth y some people when asked what they wanted to see in
- •e new Amos said they'd like a little animated mouth movement
to match narrator-driven speech. What are they on?
S«w control structure
* new control structure has been added, ELSE IF, which is
* e switch casing in C. You can have as many cases as you me and
finally you can hop out of the test with an ENDIF.
• ery slick, and C programmers will get off on that.
TRAP error trapping '•* new TRAP command stops any particular errors stop- o»ng the program, meaning your compiled programs
- *on’t bomb out when they hit a snag.
ASSIGN The assign command has been added, just like the AmigaDOS command.
Ports and Libs About 40 to SO commands have been added covering the devices like SER: PRT: PAR:, and also advanced commands for libraries like Lib Open, Lib Close.
MED support For playing MED modules directly, plus of course Midi support through MED. The MED player is a library so can be updated Without altering the main Amos Pro program.
Nolsetracker support Play Noisetracker modules directly. This is bolted into the system so future revisions of the NT program may differ.
Arexx control A b*g selling point in the US, as Arexx was a major force over there even before it was incorporated into the Amiga system. Arexx ports can be opened and data sent and received as normal.
EXEC You can now run any AmigaDOS program from within Amos using the new EXEC command.
POKES and PEEKS Now you can use these commands to put strings into memory locations as well as numeric data.
Amos Interface This is a major part of the revised Amos, allowing you previously impossible control over the interface of your Amos system and any other interfaces you might like to design for programs.
The system starts humbly by letting you customise the interface using IFF screens containing all the buttons and window graphics. The elements are grabbed using a similar process to a sprite grabber.
A resulting resource file is then saved off to be loaded by the program when the interface is in use! There is also the Amos Interface string-based language, which is like AMAL only bigger more complex. Not for the fainthearted. This is Amos Professional after all!
Programming from using the Classic Amos program in all its incarnations will stand you in good stead. What Amos Professional represents is a more flexible and powerful environment for you to develop your software in, rather than a complete change of program.
Opinions? Well for my money this is the bee's nose and the dog's anatomy. I can't think of a better answer to the question: "What can you add to Amos to make it better?"
The customising options alone will keep me busy for weeks, and sometime in the Spring I might get around to using some new commands.
In the meantime, you and I can use Amos Pro to write Amos programs like the ones we wrote before, except this time we n be using a spanky new editor. The one dark spot on the horizon is that at the time of writing there isn't a new compiler version to go with the new program.
The new monitor tan make Me a lot easier Obviously with all new commands and features, the compiler has to be rewritten to cope with the extra keywords.
According to Europress, this new ver- sion of the compiler won't be that long in I the works, so cross everything crossabte for luck.
Should you buy Amos Pro? If I might I use a motoring analogy, if someone I offered you an Italian muscle car for the I price of a Ford Fiasco, would E3 Amos Professional is available from: Europress Software Price: £69.99 Upgrades from Amos 1.3 DO until 31st October and £35 thereafter Tel: 0625 859333 Six of the best The program comes on six disks now.
As many people complained about Amos that the examples were too few and not of very high quality. I thought they were pretty good myself, but I guess the customer Is always right!
So now in Amos you have loads of examples and backup programs and the online help facility for the hard of thinking. In total there are around 200 more commands in Amos Pro than there was in the most recent version of Your old compiler won't work with the new program, but a new version called Amos Professional Compiler wiB be out very soon.
Amos Monitor The tutor program from Easy Amos revamped and now available for full Amos users. Bug tracing and stomping a speciality.
New editor There is a new editor program in Amos Pro, with a much more workmanlike interface design, pull-down menus, and the ability to load, edit and run multiple programs.
Configuration There's a new online config program, which enables you to alter your settings easily and quickly without having to load and run a separate program. There are also configure editor options like screen sizes, error messages etc, all of which can be changed.
Compatibility You can load old Amos and Easy Amos programs, and run them quite happily. There's also a check facility to test compatibility with Amos Pro programs and the old versions of the interpreter, which automatically traces the areas where you are likely to have problems if you want the program to run on all versions.
Machine code You can now load machine code into procedures, if the procedure is full then the code in the proc will be erased and replaced with the machine code block.
It'S best to load machine code into a blank proc, and then that machine code program can be accessed using the proc name.
Keyboard macros This system lets you assign any series of commands to single keystrokes making life a lot easier if there are some long repetitive processes you used to do by hand, like block out areas of the program using REM statements.
Not only that, but any menu option can be reconfigured to be triggered by any key you like.
Mark and Find Marks remember where you've been and mark places in the program which you intend to visit often.
Undo Redo system You can Undo and Redo any number of lines, limited only by memory.
Cut Paste Now you can cut and paste at any position and not just whole lines. The left button is used to mark sections of code, rather than the right button in old versions, and this mode is activated by double clicking on the character you wish to start from.
Sound effects You can now set up any one you want to be used by the system, rather than the old built-in sounds. This makes it more like the sort of thing you hear coming from an Apple Macintosh (spit).
Custom commands You can replace menu commands with your own Amos programs.
Auto-save For those of you who live in counliy areas, like me, and have power cuts every now and then because a cow bit through a power cable.
Kill Editor A new command to remove the whole editor while a program is running, which then re-loads it after you've finished. There are options in config to stop this happening in programs you get from other people.
User menu A place to store your own programs and run them. All accessories run from this menu.
On-line help A sophisticated help system which means you have no real excuse for getting stuck once you run the program. Any word can be clicked on and help about the keyword is available on-line as you work.
Direct mode This has been improved to have window gadgets for certain functions, and an AmigaDOS Shell-like history, using the cursor keys rather than the function keys. Trie result is a more powerful and user-friendly front end for the Amos programmer.
3.30pm excluding weekends) All disks can be supplied *
formatted and ready to use (or any IBM Lmoctunes lor as little
553535 (3 linos) FAX: 0753 553530 ALL PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. &
5. 25" (360K) 5.25* (1.6 Meg) 3.5" (1 MEG) 3.5* 2 MEG(1.44)
FOR 1 LIFE TIME WARRANTY LQQK! Great deals on Mitsubishi 3.5"
Branded Disk.
5 Boxes MF2DD (50 Disks) ..Only £26.00 10 Boxes MF2DD (100 Disks) Only £50.00 5 Boxes MF2HD (50 Disks) ..Only £45.00 10 Boxes MF2HD (100 Disks) Only £88.00 1 BOX 2-5 BOXES 6-10 BOXES + 20% OFF ALL STORAGE BOXES WITH ABOVE DEALS 1 MEG 1 MEG 2 MEG 2 MEG MF-2DD MF-2DD MF-2HD MF-2HD RAINBOW RAINBOW
6. 50
7. 50
13. 00
14. 00
6. 00
7. 00
12. 50
13. 50
5. 50
6. 75
12. 00
13. 00 Rainbow Colours - White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow 96tpi
£8.75 £16.25 £27.25 HD £12.00 £23.00 £36.00 MICE TRAC
KERBALLS U|11(1 n 00 011 Jnvs,ltks *l,h •inollw puiehasu
above cis mi PC, XT. AT
+M0NIT0R ... £6.00
12 or 14* MONITOR ....K_
-aRNQK ..£6.00 80 or 132 PRINTER nll*. £6.00 LAZER
PRINTER mSSl• ..£6.00 or 102 KEYBOARD ..£1$ ™$
...£6 00 0WER
CPU ...* ...£6.00
SAVE YOUR EYES Only £13.99 Optical Glass Filter
14’ £25.00
Optical Glass Filter
20* ......£3500
STAND ...£15.95
..£7.00 HEAD CLEANER 3.5*
or 5 25* .£2,50
MORE ...£11.00
KIT .£3.00
WAY .15.00
WAY .20.00
£16.00 For collections: Visit our new shop at 675 Holloway Rd,
BOX DISKS DC300A ...£17.05 DC6320 ...£24.00
DC300XL .£17.50 DC6525 ...£28.00 DC300XLP £15.50
DC100010Mb £16.50 DC300EXL £18.70 DC1000 20Mb £16.50 ALL BLUE
3. 5" 720K-880K 3.5" 1.44 Meg 5.25" DISKS MF-2DD 10's 1 Meg
MF-2H010's 2 Meg M-20 48TPI360K 1 Box ..£5.00
1 Box .£8.50 1 Box (10) ....£4.00
DC600A ...£15.50 DC2000 ...£13.50 MF-2DD 30 s 1
Meg MF-2HD 30 s 2 Meg M-20D 96TPI720K 1 Box (30) ...£14
00 1 Box (30) ...£21.50 1 Box (1°) .....W.75
BAMBI-20D 1 Meg BAMBI-2HD 2 Meg M*2HD 1 6 M«0 JJJJ 25 Disks in
25 Caoac.lv 25 D*ks in 25 CaDacitv 1 Box 1 .....C5 00
DC6150 ...£17.50 DC2080 ...£16.50
DC6250 ..£24.00 DC2120 ...£16.50 QUANTITY
Box ...£14.00 1 Box £21 00 Amiga
Computing November 1992 FED UP WAITING? ALL orders are
normally delivered TO YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS PRINTER STANDS 5
I LABELS 5.25* Oft 3.5* (5.25* WITH W P) » £1 00.1000 £8.00
Anglepoise £15.99 U Anglepoise
G-clamp . £15.99 A4 Desk
Top ..... .. £8 00 aper Clip Monitor
Side £4 00
* aper Clip Monitor Top . £5 00
£32.50 £40.00 £63.50 £75.00 £125.50 £175.00 £295.50 1000 Disks
" £329.00 £580.50 INCLUDES LABELS NOTE: The above disk are
based on 55% clipping level, cheaper disks are available -
please call.
3. 5" DISKS COLOURED DSDD DSHD DSDD DSHD 50 Disks £23.00 £35.00
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4.56 t 4.95
PD and Shareware You'd have to be mad to buy full price
packages when there's so much excellent PD, shareware and
licenceware around.
Phil Morse looks at this month's bumper bundle PUBLI SECTO I JH throuqh n I l,ncr I"1' 1,1 llHaM C.n ni,, M Peg a Picture Deja Vu, L99 Cyadonia Deja Vu. L 67 good fun. You move your joystick to move the CYAD, but once he has started moving he'll continue to do so until he hits something, at which point you can use the joystick to send him somewhere else.
Your task is to do various things before leaving the level through an exit - things like collecting gems, throwing switches and so on, and you must plan your route carefully to succeed. In by Jamie Newcombe According to the instructions, you have to guide your CYAD (he's actually a yellow Cross) around the many levels of the matrix - "a metallic structure of interconnected platforms and bridges hanging in the void of outer space".
This is typical PD, in that a simple idea has been taken and turned into a fully-featured _ game which is actually quite "Of the British bike which beat the world at the recent bash in Barcelona, as ridden by Chris Boardman, complete with stupid _y-v hat.
The animation is smooth, although as it only does one thing there ain't exactly hours of fun here. Still, well worth a peek.
Underground all-nighters here we come! The Yamma Yamma Hardcore Megamix (17 Bit. 2138) is a simple but effective aural assault. A mad - ie mind bending - strobe accompanies a competent demo containing all the right noises and breakbeats, from Kicks like a Mule's The Bouncer to that grungy noise.
Demos like this are good fun, of course, but not a patch on a half decent D|. Still, it's better than most.
It's certainly better than the Sesame's Treet Remix f 7 Bit, 2089) which is a version of the recent love it or hate-it "rave'' smash from the Smart Es.
This opens with a loading shot of a badly drawn man smoking something dubious which disappears to reveal... a blank screen as the demo is playing.
It's an average version, the sound quality is acceptable, but it hardly breaks any boundaries, and with the record absolutely guaranteed to end up at 99p in the bargain bins, vinyl’s yer' best bet for this one.
Alternatively, don't bother and buy some proper dance music instead... by Steve Bennett This educational program is aimed at primary school children, and indeed the author actually bothered to take it to a local school and get the kids to check it out, allowing him to make changes and improvements to the code before putting it on general release.
After a complicated instruction screen which an adult would be best reading and explaining to a child, you can use either pegs or shapes to create pictures.
You choice of shapes is large, and it feels a little like playing Tetris, except you can use the mouse to put the shapes wherever you Danger abounds this month! No boring vectors, no scrolling sleepiness, just the cream of the demo crop.
First up is Olympic Cyclist Anim (17 Bit, 2155). From the title screen of this Imb-only animation I learned that the UK have previously held the Olympics in 1908 and 1948. Roll on Manchester 2000, eh?
Anyway, I was expecting dodgy digitised videotape, a la mayhem on Wheels 3. Instead I was pleas antly surprised to see a fully convincing animation of want them to be! There are a wide range of colours to choose from, and you can make a colour flash by clicking underneath it - great for Belisha beacons. With full loading and saving options, this is an interesting and potentially useful education package.
T »S*-LLES ¦ 15 S«*ttS DCS tWlXT fV f The Palate llnm animation It one ol the lunnietl I have teert hi a long while The Disknet Silly Names demo (17 Bit, 2137 A'B) cor tains 12 music demos, from Through the Limits to a absolutely appalling supermarket version of Er Clapton's Wonderful Tonight, decimated in a wa* which only our European friends seem capable c achieving.
Some good samples and sounds lend the demo very high quality feel, but it's let down by th scrolling credits, which apart from containing son dodgy English (no problems) also contains a lot swearing (no need for it, lads).
Original animation shocker! Yup, the Palace Unu animation (17 Bit, 2086) is a clever Take Hart ir effort involving amusing music and a pencil whi draws things, Rolo advert style, for the central cha- acter to interact with.
This coding is neat, and the idea more origin, than any demos I've seen for a long while, all making this one of the better animations of recent time Worth a look. And that's it for this month. Rememt
- stay dangerous!
Its "thinking arcade game” feel, it's a like Lemmings, and with a full tutorial tion where you can choose which practice or play, a sufficient s If 1 that bike agalnl PD and Shareware Calling all PD libraries Cot anything worth reviewing?
Course you ave, or you wouldn’t be in business. So stop pussy footing around like a picture of apathy and leam positivism!
Be a winner! Stuff your latest into a Jiffy bag, including a hard copy detailing what is on which disks, and send the lot the me, Phil Morse, at Amiga Computing, Europa House. Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP. You have only your chains to lose.
Magic Wassocks II Deja Vu, L 96 Fast and mad, this platformer, subtitled ‘The Search for Kylie", involves your moving around the screen, avoiding mushrooms which grow out of nowhere and disappear as fast, dynamite, arrows, oojits (spinning yin-yang symbols) and other obstacles.
It's nicely animated, with suitably frantic music, and simple but chunky cartoony graphics. The sound is quite impressive, with some nice vocal samples.
However, it's pretty difficult, with near pixel-perfect movement often required, and as your character
- who incidentally looks like a cross between Quasimodo and a
frog - doesn't exactly speed around the screen, you can find
yourself getting very frustrated at dying because you can't
escape from danger quickly enough.
Picture Hangman Deja Vu. L 83 Pet Shop Boys-ish music leads on to a rather novel interpretation of the old classic. At the top of the screen are the blanks indicating how many letters are in the word to be found out the letters appear here when guessed correctly.
Letters disappear once selected
- avoiding the confusion of remembering which letters have
already been used and when you guess a letter correctly, a
slice of a picture falls down into a blank space in the middle
of the screen.
When the word has been guessed, the picture is completed, and will be seen to picto- rially represent the word guessed.
W uflssocftsn is Licensee EXCLUSIUELY TO c i-no UnfiUTHORISED OiSTHBUTIO (v ..... PSY - - fino m Wauodt II, or the ieanh for Kytkt the next level). Out to stop you are vanous baddies - or should that be natives not too happy at being exploited? - and scores of poisoned grapes, apple cores (nasty!), unpredictable big grapes (some make all the tiles flash for you), gems and other obstacles and features.
The graphics are rather good, but the whole thing moves painfully slowly, and it feels as if the link between joystick and All Guns Blazing NBS, CLG011 Sour Grapes Deja Vu, L 74 by Chris Banks sour grapes from the planet Nokneed what is unarguably the best wine in re universe. As Squasher Crape, it's your job mflect these grapes.
A! Of this eventually leads on to a 3D tile- tener (ie you have to jump on every tile to range it in some way before moving onto This Supercars clone tor two players uses the usual split-screen action and features several circuits as well as the expected host of dirty tricks with which to hinder your human opponent.
There are missiles, smoke screens, oil and so on, and there’s also an overview map to let you see the whole course and how far you have got to go.
It's very well presented, with humorous FBI central computer style resumes of the authors including pictures - and also includes an editor allowing you to redesign the tracks.
Although the actual play areas are rather small, and it mpves pretty slowly, it's the interaction with an opponent or rather, the complete lack of interaction as you engage in some proper disruption - which gives the game its appeal.
11 5 TIP1E 5IG 7 ?
M cn € || PH 5AUE jIpirho “I l°l Jl J J J
J. | A -1 v with the built-in keyboard In Concert Concert Box
Deja Vu, L 90 i%- • actually the follow-on from Music Box,
kvogram designed to teach musical basics a lawlessly and
interactively as possible.
Not actually seen Music Box, but if the Bpty of Concert Box is anything to go by, 1 * well worth hunting down too.
'*-s program allows you to write music, ¦ -j%es, of up to eight pages of eight bars
- it* Mrs of music altogether, You choose p* nstrument for each
of the Amiga's four li-re channels - none of the sounds are any
IV than fair - and then yog can compose by selecting notes,
rests and so on
- r* i menu and dropping them onto the There is a keyboard, too,
which you z ‘' by pressing the appropriate keys on Amiga's
keyboard. With all lengths of xt**. Stops and rests catered
for, as well as U -jndling of key and time signatures and
rjrprehensive save and load facilities, this is constructed and
useful program, t will not allow "proper" length pieces of bc
to be written, and they're not going to urd worthwhile -
there's no Midi han- hg. For instance - but this is designed as
vocational program, not a professional foo and as such it works
admirably, t would be equally suited to school chilli or
those who simply wish to leam more aut music.
Game is not one which the code engenders much respect for.
Learn to live with it, however, and the ardent fan of this type of game will find many levels and obstacles to conquer.
It's worth seeing just for the Chostbuster- style monster which breaks up from underneath the tiles to harass you in a totally unconvincing buy equally unpredictable way when you run out of time!
But this is not all - once a child has got this far, a paint palette appears at the bottom of the screen, and the picture may be coloured in as a reward for guessing the word correctly.
L:NPD and Shareware It's not really any more educational than the time-proven Biro-and-back-of-an- envelope version, but this might nevertheless persuade children who are more used to joysticks, lasers and power-ups to play game which will be beneficial to them and which they might otherwise never become acquainted with.
As for the lack of a man to hang - isn't such a concept a little out of date in the 90s?
Anti-Virus v6.04 by Paul Thompson This compendium of virus checkers for Kickstart 2.xx users is more a much needed service than a set of utilities.
The damage which can be caused by viruses is not to be underestimated, especially if you have a hard drive. They can destroy months or years of collected data, corrupt irreplaceable disk and basically make life hell for anyone careless enough to have caught one.
I say careless enough, because with enough diligence and a good virus checker you can avoid or at least massively reduce your chances of catching one of these digital destroyers.
The problem has always been that it's a cat and mouse game between those who dedicate themselves to killing viruses and repairing the damage they've done, and those who write them. With new viruses appearing all the time, it is imperative that serious users keeps up to date with developments.
This compendium is for just such people. Officially updated every two weeks, it is, in reality, updated up to twice a week, with all the latest changes incorporated into the checkers it offers.
The charge for this service is a mere £15 for 12 updates, which is just enough to cover costs. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
REM vl.O NBS. U721 by Mark Forrester Here's a simple but highly useful idea, which is really only of use to hard drive owners, unless you use the same floppy every time you boot up your machine - say, a wordprocessor.
REM - short for Reminder - tells the computer to remind you upon booting up of any important dates coming up. Il'll remember birthdays, anniversaries and indeed whatever you tell it, and comes with comprehensive instructions concerning its installation and use.
It's a simple idea - aren't they invariably the best? - and is both well implemented and useful. A classic shareware utility if ever I saw one.
Andy's Amos Games 1 NBS. G294 by Andy Platts As NBS point out, the best game of the several featured here is GlassBack, a plat- former in the classic Manic Miner style. In the mining world, a glassback is, apparently, a lazy miner who spends his time lying around.
It looks quite nice, with some pleasing animation of obstacles, but your sprite is a little small and dim. It's certainly extremely playable, but there's nothing here that a Spectrum would struggle with.
However, taken alongside the other five games supplied, this package is fair value for money. It's worth a peek just to see how long you can survive playing Light Cycles at the hardest skill rate - I managed about two seconds!
Eternal Rome 17 Bit, 2079 This is a highly involved die-rolling strategy game which I must admit went pretty much over my head. The various menus, which run across the top of a territorial Future Shock Virus Free PO, CLG10 Written in Amos, as indeed are a lot If not the majority of this month PD offerings, this is a space age move around-a grid style thing, witr the usual password access to the var ious levels, pretty good graphics anc nice musk, It's very hard, however, due mainly to the speed at which it runs and the fact that you can die just b touching a wall. Still, worth a look r you
like the sound of it.
Map, allow the selection of such optioj as victory information, the deelarat and severing of alliances, and full over your armies and fleets.
Should you like this kind of stratc game - and it certainly seems to implemented - and have a soft spot f« the Roman Empire circa 30BC, this will I right up your street.
Should this all go right over you there's a version of dominoes on the too!
Paul Watson This is a PD version of the old arcad- classic Bomber. Written in Amos an compiled, it's a simple but fairl playable little number.
As usual you get to choose you weapons, and this version is smoott colourful and reasonably fast. A siir pie and old idea but aren't the sometimes the best?
* si Prize: PROPAGE V3 :-d Prize: PUBLISHERS CHOICE M Prize:
ADVANTAGE Details with every order or FREE withS.A.E.
.. |2 DISKS) TANX .....
.....Master Wind HVPfft-WLl. ---------- Arkinoc cfeM SEALANCE
.. SuMnanneSff Goad
SHAPES ...... ......Good tor Kill
spice trr.aoars NU THE SHOOT EM UP Grtf «tuft CARO GAMES hHS
e-type Tut m kmnmnmwrt TFTPEN Best Tgtrts Ckmt out
MriRKATlOHAL CRICKET PIPELINE. Ul« PtpwnanU - G«d IMTHSAMNWRE. LuxfontMitoaiu 5UMVIV0R Ouipon Master Type Same cSCAP€ Escape Irom lt» Dodgy Floor BEAST Corow the Beast QUADR1X BfltlW Pucle Type Itt'lO CmttvNMCKATEft QUESTIONTOflT Dwtf MdtvOvtu Din's ESCAPE V.3 * Snwjimc uXHONcwgum MENTAL IMMACS GAMES 1 c64 type gout MENTAL IMMAG6 GAMES 2 Son above + AMIGA FANTASY + I' DELUXE PAINT TUTORIAL. A great tut disk showing you how to produce great effects for logos, fonts etc. etc. incredible info.
ULTIMATE VIRUS PROTECTION DISK Don't leave it too late get a copy - has good info on Virus too.
POWER SAMPLES 1. Fantastic sound samples not seen on other disks.
POWER SAMPLES 2 More of the above & just as good.
MAXIMUSIC 1. Great music tracks.
MAXIMUSIC 2. More great music ANIMATION 1. Brill Ray Traced anim, + PRINTER PACK ?
£6.BO Print just about anything with this pack. Graphics. Letters, Envelopes, Disk Labels, Video Labels. Cassette Labels, Banners, Forms and more also loads ot drivers.
UTILS ..50*
V42.0 .!NEW' GREAT
.-......- ......GET
.2 ..
* GAMES PACK* The best have been put together Over 20 great PD
games all picked to be the best at the current!
Time. All Plus compatible £6.50 Ths pack ras been made due lo IK* great demand (or ms type ol miwnai il conssts of Smore me text scrolet. 2 disks tun of backgrounds 4 fonts. 4 2 disks lull of Video Awtestwn utility software £6.50
* AM FM* AM FM is a recently started disk mag for Amiga users who
are musically interested it covers all aspects of using the
Amiga for sound and music production, bringing News. Reviews.
Tutorials as well as 3-4 selected Amiga only songs. 3-4 Midi songs and 2*5 selected Sound Music utilities in each issue. Created by some 20 professional mu$ iwns including Bjorn Lynne and Teijo Kmnuenen £2.50 + FX DISKS + FOR ANY AMIGA I Compiled by us these disks are the best and 1 I latest editions. Our aim is to put a collection ot 1 1 progs of the same theme together The disks 1 1 self boot. No need to load workbench. They have 1 1 easy to find, easily understood, easy to print 1 1 instructions.
1 FX1 The Print Workshop . 1 FX2 The Hard Orrve Workshop ..... 1 FX3 The Graphic Workshop ...... 1 FX4 The Video Titlers Workshop . 1 FX5 The Packers Workshop .. 1 FX6 Disk Repair Workshop..... 1 FX7 Hachers Workshop ... .Utilities 1 Utilities 1 Utilities Utilities .....Utilities Utilities .Utilities 1 £2,00 EACH LATEST 11210WS 5 DISK C MANUAL MEW 1126 CATAG0M8E (GAME) GRAPHIC ADVENTURE 1127 COUOSAL (GAME) CAVE ADVENTURE 1128 ADVENTURE GAME CONSTRUCTION KIT 1129 CV RESUMS MAKER GET THAT JOB 893 AMIBASE PRO. LATEST AND GOOO 894 UEDfT
ABOVE WORK ON 500, 500 PLUS & 600 DISKS 1-10 £1 50 POSTAGE
EVERY NIGHT 7 DAYS a week PD and Shareware I Viewing an account
graph In The Money Program Roulette 17 Bit, 2139 A version of
the arcade favourite containing all the usuals - red and
black numbers, automatic calculation of money and winnings -
and a passable, although not particularly impressive, wheel.
It could have been done a lot better - it certainly could have looked nicer - but hey! This is the public domain. Somebody might have been looking for a version of roulette for years, and here it is.
Frac v2.0 Amiganuts United Not another disk full of our random pals fractals, surely? Well, no. Frac stands for the Fantasy Role-playing Adventure Creator which allows you to put all those vivid, perverse, humorous (or maybe just interesting) ideas into your Amiga and Zalycon 17 Bit, 2158A B Only one person left who can help us... blah blah... loads of suspiciously stupid aliens... blah blah... it s that kind of game.
After an Inordinate amount of disk swapping, the purpose of which I fail to understand, you finally reach the first screen, which is an asteroid dodging affair.
You can crash through loads of asteroids before you finally die.
When you do? "Please insert disk..." prompts you to reach for the off button. Not very good at all, I'm afraid.
Turn them into fully-fledged adventures.
You define locations, words, objects and characters, and can change standards such as unknown word trapping and music. Although I've not had a chance to write an adventure yet, it certainly looks and feels fully-featured, professional and reliable.
The Money Program 17 Bit, 2126 by Alan Bilsborough This home accounts package can handle up to 12 accounts simultaneously - plenty for the home, one would imagine
- and runs from a main menu which allows the viewing and entering
of accounts as well as access to other menus, which cover for
instance, the inputting of data (including date, amount, and
optional cheque numbers and comments).
A budget comparison feature allows to user to see how much of a set budget has been used to date.
It's a tidy and businesslike program, presented in functional grey, and runs smoothly and efficiently. The point is, though, that I've never met anybody who gets any further than the back of their latest gas bill when working out how much money they've got left.
However, this may be more of a reflection upon me and my acquaintances than society at large. If you're prepared to put in the time and effort required to keep your accounts updated on a regular basis, look no further than The Money Program.
Address Print v2.1 17 Bit. 2154 by Paul Lathwell This is a simple program allowing you to save, load and modify addresses and then print them onto labels. You can select from five fonts and three font types, and the whole thing is presented in a simple and easy to use manner.
Although the author is not sure if it will work with any printed bar the Star LC200 colour model, it should work on Epson-compatibles, and you're not going to lose much in finding out, are you?
If your wordprocessor cannot handle this kind of thing, it may be worth getting yourself a copy of this disk.
Mayhem on Wheels 3 17 Bit, 2116 Containing two car smash animation I running in jerky black and white i I approximately eight frames a secon: j I and filling only about and eighth of tH . I screen, this ain't exactly TV quality.
Still, the actual crashes are wort I seeing in a morbid kinda way, and yo. 11 can pause and frame advance too, ji* I I to savour the mechanical gore a litt*-. I more fully.
SHOWROOM Opcrii Mon I ri
9. .40 S OI Saturday
A ?
19 High Street, Old Town.
Swindon, Wilts Tel: 0793 488448 129 Bath Road.
Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3UW TcL 0753 535557 Lvtl t KJ»IK ( nmunuhlrt add 42.90 Hardware add 49-00 iimiriir) Prices including VAT MONITORS Philips CMB833 MKII Colour Monitor*FREE Load ? FREE same £195 inc VAT with one vear on-site maintenance AMIGA A500 PLUS (CARTOON CLASSIC PACK) '¦Maudes new A5QQ P'us with £ RAM. Lemmings. The Simpsons.
Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint ill £330 inc VAT where quality counts...and adds ...and spells and reads and draws,,.
PRINTERS Star LC20 Mono .. St* LC200 C«W*Ji (9cn| S«'LC24.'?0 24pn| Star LC24 200 Cotour (24 pin)..... Panasonickxp itZ4i Panasonic KXP 1123 ___________ Ction 1200 ...... Wren Swift 2«E • Colou- Uofltaoe Owen Swill 9 ? Cotour Upgradn fiU'iin BoObtoiat PrrrtiK, SJ48 Canon BjtOEX ... HP Destrjet 500 • Leads £135 £188 £194 £258 £?35 £185 Ci25 £290 £195 £229 £234 £352 £499 AMIGA A500 Amiga A500 plus games £299 inc VAT AMIGA A600 k-iga A600 + Deluxe Paint III + game £289 inc VAT taoa A600 ? 20Mb HD...E455 inc VAT "Children love learning
when it's fun ond entertaining, that's why Kids' Academy had educationalists design the best educational software and cartoonists animate the antics of the characters. You can be confident your child is learning wifh the best.* Trude Salisbury - Designer and Publisher.
See inside Kids' Academy far details af the £25,000 worth of educational software which must be won.
Alvins Puzzles 6-8 years Two great games to teach and reinforce spelling j and reoding and to decipher picture clues to make picture cartoons.
Paint Pot 2 4-10 years Pointing has never been such fun. Friendly and humorous to use. Children can draw, choose and moke their own colours k? Point the pictures.
Shopping Basket 6-8 years Two games. Practical maths and logic skills.
Learn to count, odd and subtrod in o supermarket by giving the right change of the check-out. Sort and categorise the shopping.
Change part of a game to add more fun and learning.
Which? Where? What?
4-6 years Three enchanting and wocky gomes. Children have fun using their ingenuity to sofve colour and] pattern puzzles, leam and improve their spelling j as well as learn to read Kids' Academy comes to you from the makers of PLAY AND READ.
Visit your local computer software retailer, or fill in and post the coupon to Kids' Acodemy AMIGA HARD DRIVES HARD CARD (GVP SERIES II) .Kids'*. ?-**}* Academy,!-?
FQR At SCO 52Mb h eard 10 8Mb) .....£275 iXIMb heard 10 8MB. ..£4*5 fQft A«ao 52Mb Mima (O8M0) £345 123Mb fi‘drw9 (0-8Mb| £480 Upgrade Jhe above wtfi 1 fA SIMM module £39 AMIGA A1500 4-500 Accounts Plus pack including =-_rzn.ck. Toki. Elf. Operation Systems 5c“ware, Home Accounts. Platinum Works. Deluxe Paint III + manual £545 inc VAT COMBO HARD DRIVES ACCESSORIES £35 00 £11500 0900 £29.00 £48.00 £1700 AMIGA DRIVES rator Stealth Pius... ..... I Meg 3 5' internal ' Meg 3.5* exwrnaf (Cumin*!
PROUDLY PRESENT ......OCTAMED PROFESSIONAL YERSION 4 © ...... fantastic brand no* version on Mk from tl* 1st September, n you want wtvx h» been rtcosnsed « n * trte b«« budget pdeed "W Cpmpoyng utllty programs for the Amga In the world today, read on :g**£D Pro v4 now contaro a host of extra new features, indudng the much requeued beau per mrute (pianists will love this) - Automatic load'decrunch of powerpacked songs.'sampks - A new fie
- freehand option for the sample edtor, (edt waveform with the
mouse) - A poet sample dsplay
- Extra control over echo EfX, plus many new and e*cellent mdi
features and ot course ful slave
* rj pMs a whole lot more b«d«' The disk aho contains a new
OcuwEOTayer wtilch is released for pub- k xnar. Users to enabk
compositions to be ctuncfted and freeh ohtributed You do not
need access to a
- w3 jv. To compose music with OctaMED Pro txit treatng younei to
a synth will release the ful potential of . R-anng music
composition package. (1 Megrequred and 500 Plus ccnpattole) Hkv
AJI EC «x itnes £30 00 *ith rronufli or £22 50 without manual
Rest Of World (Mon EC) £32 00 with manual only (These pnees
nctude postage) European Community buyers The v4 manual may be
boiflhf separated (or £8.50 SPECIAL OfTM TO PREVIOUS FULL PRICE
PURCHASERS OF OctaMED vl 4 *2 r ou purchased OctaMED vl or .2
diredfy from Amiganuts then return it. Along with only £12 50
(inc p4p)
- t wil upgrade 4 to OctaMED Professional v4.
• c** that the abo»e L«fade offer is ONLY open to customer
retumrq the cfcoal whte Amganuh disk that
• » ne RED Amrganuts logo pmted on it R is not open to those who
upgraded to v2 uvng the FftEE vl Amiga
• y-ut CovertJsk H you purchased a hit price copy of vl or v2
from one of Amrjsnuts icencees, then you
* st contact them lor any upgrade pnee details «5M E« tsECENED
..THE NEW AMFC v2.00 © ....s .
stands for nga Musk Ffc Convener and that's exactly what«
does! Thn brand new version wii con- - StartrekkerOktafr2er.ST
Mods and also SMUS fles. (now Includes the chords as weR), to
the OctaMED
- j *L Now there is also no need to alter the IFF samples before
playing This new version will also convert al cot modules to
Musc-X format A perfect occonponiheM lor all trut OctAMED
MbiuaaSB For Ony £1000 Purchasers of vl piease note that an
upyade Is avarfabkfsee new catalogue) THE
AMIGA CODERS CLUB © coding? - New lo
computing and want to leam? - This club Is for you11 you want
to team how to assem- hat lfrange looking code, you need us.
Amiga Coders Club C Is now being sold worldwide and is even by
a member of the Commodore Ansga tech team, so wtyy not find out
why they are so popular
• purser Each dsk coniars he** ol source ready to assemble, its
packed with help, tips, contacts, let- and adncc, it is
published monthly for the low price of only £4 00 per issue -
Send for the special intro- ton compressed ACC Disk 1 to 4 for
onfy £2 00 (Latest issue 26 now ready) Note that C indented
ttimbers I to 68 NOW AVAILABLE I are Vi compatible - VS
compatible progs also denoted In our catalogue.
Mail order only - If making an enquiry, please enclose an S.A.E._ Orders from Overseas customers must be by Bank Draught, Postal or Eurocheque.
Postage and Packing All EC orders add 50 pence - Best of World add £1 00 Credit cards not accepted, we do not believe in getting customers *s debt!
Disk catalogue is also available for onfy Cl .50. Please address orders to 169 DALE VALIEV ROAD, HOUVBROOK, SOUTHAMPTON SOI 6QX ENGLAND.
Please send me details about the Kids' Academy collection of educational softwore for 4* 10 year olds.
Nome (Mr Ms Mrs Miss).
Address ...... Postcode ...... Post to Kid*' Academy, Prisma Software, P.O. Box 211, Chester. CHI 3NJ Telephone: 0244 326244 Focsimile; 0244 321237 Tel PD and Shareware Words not wonga!
You mean eating nuts? - Ed) add pzazz! To what is actually a pretty ordinary looking platformer.
You must collect what look like reel-to- reel tape players while avoiding the nasties. Competent and absorbing for a few hours, I would imagine.
Wordprocessing need not cost a gold-plated Parker.
Here are two biros of the on-screen writing world Powertext vl.02 ,- Klaktris 17 Bit, 2174 by Tony Hosier This is like Tetris insomuch as the game area comprises a grid into which pieces fall to be positioned by the player, and that you die when the pile of pieces reaches the top of the game area.
However, where Tetris works using shapes, Klaktris uses colours. All the pieces are the same shape - three by one blocks
- but each block contains three colours, which can be switched by
pressing the Fire button.
The idea is to make rows of three or more cubes of the same colour, which can run horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
When a row is formed, the blocks which make it up disappear, allowing those above to fall down.
The graphics are simple but very attractive, and the way the blocks crack up and disintegrate is a piece of coding worthy of the crumbling of the pillars of Atlantis, or something.
However, as with most Tetris variants, at the end of the day it does not beat the original for sheer, hair-tearing addictive- ness. But it’s worthwhile variant nonetheless.
The kids partied all niffht without any problems; it was only when the authorities arrived that trouble was caused, and sone say thay the blane was nore on their side. Rave on,.
Satanic Rites issue 2 Oeja Vu, L 98 by Gary Stimpson PD wordprocessors seem to be getting more and more like their professional counterparts all the time, with complex features becoming the norm and ease of use improving dramatically with every new update.
Powertext has a rather impressive features list, including full custom format Ascii loading and saving and a fully-fea tured spell checker.
It's got a proper find and replace function, the ability to switch between Insert and Overwrite modes (useful for someone used to using one or the other elsewhere) and a wide preferences setup, Including auto-save, the ability to edit, load and save function keys, and adjustable tab settings.
It's not perfect. There are some features missing which I would have like to have seen, not least the ability to select blocks by highlighting them with the mouse, rather than having to use menus and the keyboard, but for £4 it is an absolute bargain. Indeed, those who write the odd letter need look no further than this for the answer to their word processing needs.
Colunn: 29 I (Untitled) Line; 3 tko Mthopities us that the wit us M hii m w in it, thff kid m Cmtxl it.
Ilist systw us ukm m mry nt if it - this sltiMttly tkf capitalist is tat the cwx tf the: of tkt tslikliskft.
SrtalM problon lies, it least n the eyes Jen I fn glne Another blotkbuUer wordproceulng bargain Text Engine v3.4 17 Bit, 2129 by Nicholas Harvey Spoilt for choice! Another mega PD wordprocessor which comes complete with the AZSpell spell checker, a wealth of text styles (as opposed to fonts) and even macro support!
It looks clean and workmanlike, with menus at the top of the screen controlling most functions, and seems to operate fast enough for most users, Still no easy marking of text blocks for cutting and past ing, but again, what do you expect? It's a complete bargain tompelrnl and it 17 Bit, 2167 This, it must be admitted, is an extremely well presented disk magazine. As the title suggests, it pertains to the demonic side of our collective existence, featuring such articles as Top 20 Murderers (average killings per murderer: 5.5), How to Commit Suicide ("however desperate you are, don’t use mains
electricity - it hurts!") and Corpse of the Month ("if you have a favourite corpse, send it in!").
Thankfully it's not really that Satanic at all, the sinister overtones being about as developed as those in the seminal horror flick Bad Taste, where the general feeling is more the overworked imagination of a typical 15-year-old than anything seriously evil being responsible for most of the dark stories contained within.
A section detailing classic cock-ups in a certain rival magazine to the hallowed AC raised a laugh in this office, but Satanic?
Naaah. Come on children, stop playing with that computer. It's tea*time!
Where to get 'em Amiganuts, 169 Dale Valley Road, Southampton SOI 6QX Deja Vu, 7 Hoilinbrook, Beech Hill, Wigan WN6 7 SC 17 Bit, First Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield WF1 1DH NBS, I Cham Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5QA Paul Thomson, 62 Dumbrills Close, Burgess Hill RH1S 8RT Virus Free PD, 3! Faringdon Road,.
Swindon SN1 SAR Paul Watson, 31 Florentine Court, Hemlington. Middlesborough TS8 9LQ Now Available for Workbench Versions 1.2 1.3 & 2.04 for Amiga A500, Amiga Plus & A600!!
IMPROVE YOUR AMIGA SKILLS With the Best Selling AMIGA TRAINING PACKAGE Oioff ( omptac ruining Package* Include I he foUuwmg: full coverage ol Workbench fully applicable lo your Amiga whatever modi1 Detailed guide to nil port* and tockeu tor cither A5u». Amiga P1u*. Nr ANRI i pfaruie uk which Amiga you have when ordering. IA So coven how in ute wjulims. Lant and pm men, Ibrectory rttuctom, Dixit and Di k miiMOUare Vinnet (Wtut ut Ihfy and how can you fnukvt you. Veil Dm Uirml. AlUhmy external dnm. Memory configuration!. Wiling uppnmen. Living preference*, Where hi fw yusr tables, Tcrmimrfngy,
The Anug Range, Mane Owning. Gtini-Mcdmuoni fur I liI i owncrv Selecting ban device* lot Yenam 2 uwncn, Kcytxuni Shanou. Amiga Jargun and much much more" Also Includefc.-
1) Full 3 Hour VHS Tutor Video!
No utliei package give* tuch in depth coverage.
2) The NEW Amiga Jargon Dictionary (Doubled in size!!)
This second edition of ihc Amiga Jargon Ihhmian n now Doubled in tuc giving hundreds more ikfiniiion* lo ihi« tniuMevome wonjc whu,h pre*em you front itndCNHDllaig )'.Nt x'QftipvtCf N* mere »vmC* *|ft the JjrgOf) Dictionary ai your ude x we explain Wurdi such at IMP. SIMM. Iff. AGNUS. NTSC. CPI'. 2*Bit. DTP. Copper Qwmuc. Rjsipi Moslei and hundred* more!'
Due to popular demand we can now alter ihc Amiga Jargon Dktronnry at a standalone product lor £7.95 mcluuvc
3) Free NIV Anti-Virus Disk Ihi* Unique collection of excellent
Ann viruc program* n full) dot umenred on dick and provides a
valuable insight into whal vmitct are. What ihey want u do lo
your ditk*. And how you can Mop them All NIV dnk* are fully
self contained and easy lo u*c.
4) NIV Utilities (fully compatible with all Amigas) We alto
include utilities wriiien cpecially lo work wnh Workbench 1.1
or 2.04 as appruprxatc. Bach utilily ¦* wniien m work wiih any
memory and dnvc cxinfigurauun* and allow the user to pertorm
nuiny latks normally only available to AmijulXt* users, full
divumenminn it provided ax well ax a guide hi poxuhle uce*
5) Free Bootable and example disks Fallow our eumptes and iteaie
your own hoouhle links, all fully documented in thu
compfebeniive package. We *hnw you how 16 ufidMttnd d..e*u.ry
suuciure* and *d up your printer* Achieve Dramatie Results in
Hours Not Weeks!!!
Ihit ptckigt u designed lo give any user ihe neceuary background infomution U) understand ihe Amiga Computet. We thow yuu how to take Full control ol you workbench and gain confidence over you tyvicm Remember we alw Brower individual proMcmv hex thu lor service!; If you ikm I undcnund Mimcthmg wc will do can hen lo help you. Send for our free brothurr and wekome a whole new world ol knowledge lire only quilifKtniun you need to Icam ihit package it EnthutMsm' Sian learning today. YouII wonder how you ever managed without ut" Place your order Now!
nly £24.99 and Kully (iuaraniced. If you are ihu entirely Modied with imr package **e will refund you in full.
Simple as that!' You have nolhmg to lotc and everything ui gain to order today!!
(Please stale which model Amiga you have and which version of Workbench you arc using when ordering) Make Cheques PO's payable to: A NEW IMAGE VIDEOS.
10 Grange Avenue, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YOI2 4AA DON'T DELAY, ORDER TODAY!!
Software Quote AMIGA COMPUTINGS you order please.
We also stock these computers, i ST, Atari Lynx + consoles.
CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO: NEON SOFTWARE. 106 BORDESLEY ROAD. MORDEN, SURREY SM4 5LT. TEL: 081 646 7751 P&P (PO) 70p • P&P (Hardware) £1 • P&P (Computers-Consoles-Prinfers-CDTV) £5 • Next Day Delivery £10 DEMOS & MUSIC GAMES SPECIAL LATEST!!
162. .DIGIT Ac W3t!f RAVfUP 169 ..MllfTti. wjiCOVW Iff REBELNG
REBELS 1 5 ..KYU£ MfWURK i2i
• 39 UWMlvaKMU 2C3 JtA-f (S-M+M) 2U JCMMDMtt 218 MRTUAL WORLD 2»
225. WVEWMX 230 CeliBAMMS 234 BUCa00€R.V 237 ItCMBOMAItlX 2»
CWOti AiBjV 249 END OF CENTJRV tm 247 rmOSS MUSK 244 SAUuRAi
»] . DtGJTAI IM0VATKN 274 ..BtfSUK BREATH OF Iff 305
WCCJVfCCUO J22 ,ICYUEf«RfEEL«GS 3«2 EacnotnwjoiMO 347
• »..m£LQffOTURE
EM UP 172 FRAXlOUKIRBORS 111 R*VJf&U»0fV» 110 WWKCOb TEWtlS 185
STAR Irfix HfXJ fittf RatlOR 197 PflOPERTf MARC1 296 ?T PtJRT?
212. IFF FUZTliS iX) 2!3 CUJED0 i MONOPOcY 216 TYP1U6 TUTOft 21k
338 P0*f'E GAME A HJSIC 341 STORM UASTIR DIMO 344 STOOWWKtT 348 SiHS SorFUROSK 351 R09DCCP 3-00UHE 3 352 PN3ALLWEAAI5 UTILITIES ALSO AVAILABLE tw row 31! UlAHSA " ' b’t .XtCOiHMOUTllH 371 (WYTiW iS A OWTt RIMOt 377 uncarniuc vxni- inK
3. ’) KOAtM-OIQAWt K4 I'DXGAICHMC 375 nMSMEKMO 371 IwffllSEl??:
37? Awn PCWfR VI3 n aw-ir-y- 37! C0W*UI«»9*LUiUUMX
U) MIMkt fhrlMA ' ID ISUCCMCCtSK ») 9wiitiof» 3M MwlOSVkSCBMili
353 CHAflif 1 CtMO in ..mu. M? TtfCArSSIlGMil m .MaARSAoerm m
)» tm TWUGHt 20W Ml (CtRO-HttVJUIRtU) tv *(ocwN)tMmcsutnt JB TttTiaPvi JM 5Httli V At MU » AwnuaFonuucacHfAMF »¦ mum innswuiAiOA etucnwMtj»cfw: i?i ¦ oia-l w"* Btfi (tflt r|T . .. «1 VAHXCOIII II HI I. «? 9!HW(ltl OIMlRSIAjVL «3 Fw'iW’tf mu 1
* u bu 1 :i' : a» PWKOYet nui aw- 4« pri (•. ¦; r-t Bhi m i «t
?n* fcCiv: r* ««ti ;i5J ; « PW.ILCV' !-* «ml : '*:(
• CO isPKWosttnAi.wv
* 10 GiOUii»ASH»fSums
* 6 OEEFTTOmtGtMtS :« iHixa vf kwh M IUJMHtrC«MU5t:i
* 1 tiiai«Jiwtiiuv:uw ; A MEEAU1UTltS| 36! IKl'M C S WYI 314
a. ' ici : « o.mun cA-tsi aa M7 OtWPftkTEP By fitCTROUt
SJJVISUWMIKOKO ¦NyjnTrrj Cheetah Bug 1
r. r.p. £14.99 DELUXE PAINT 4 £64.99 only £13.49 | OlZZf S
EXCELLENT WMNTURES £19.49 Comp Pro Xtral
r. r.p. £17.99 IHDIANNA JONES only £14.99 £7.99 SpeedKing DALEY
THOMPSON OldilPCWAULWL £7.99 Mega pack Joystick plus 4
Codemasters Games £16.99 EASY AMOS £24.99 OR WITH 20MB HARD
1219=99 Call now lor a price A501 512K GENUINE | CBM RAM EXPANSION PLUS C0MPT.
* On-site maintenance ? Smart Card facility ? Built in TV
* IDE Hard Drive Controller
* Deluxe Paint III ? Mystery Game Special Introductory Offer =
£269.95 A600 HD inc 20Mb Hard Drive = £459.95 (The HD version
does not include Dpalnt III or a gamel ? AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS
• Amiga 1.3 Version Computer
• 512K Ram Expansion t Deluxe Paint II, Beast II, Nightbreed,
Days of Thunder All this from DYNAMITE for only = £299.99
1084S .. 04.95 PHILIPS 8833
MKII ....“ “ ,85 GOLDSTAR
TV MONITOR---------------------.....1103.95 Thw* prico an- only
«pp!i«M* *h*n . Monitor i. purrKwedI with «r Am.p NEW SUPER LOW
GVP SERIES II HD 8+52Mb STEREO COLOUR MONITORS COMMODORE PHILIPS 1084S 8833MKII £21495 Free FI 9 Stealth + 12 months on-sile maintenance
* DIRECT A500 INTERNAL replacement ...£39.95
* CUMANA CAX 354 Slimline Design ....£49.95
* Power PC880F. Featuring Anti-click
device £4-9.93
* ** Power PC880B With Blitz virus
hardwarc ...£69.95
* This offer will run for a limited period only *
* Amiga CDTV * Keyboard
* Floppy Disk Drive * Mouse CALL 3QS FOR DETAILS AMIGA 1500 PACK
THIS MoriTMS SPECIALS - AGONY £ 12.99. LASER SQUAD+ChAOS £8.99 ninja rabbits ...£5.99 barbarian ii ......£12.99
• NtCHTBREED .£3.99
• Days OF mi ndf.r .£3.99
II .£4.99 CAPTAIN PLANET _____ £4.99 LEMMINGS 14.99
..£7.99 BART
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A. BC-2008MA; 8MB RAM card for Amiga 200013000 (only 13 cm x 7.8
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C. BC-6M1A: 6MB RAM card for A500 w. Gary board (only 8.7 cm x
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D. BC-2M1A: 2MB RAM card for A500 w. Gar)' board (only 8.7 cm x 5
E. BC-1MIA: Flexible 1MB RAM card for A5QQ wltilGary board. Can
be combined with extising 512KB card and our 2M. 6M RAM cards.
Basic RAM expansion
F. BC-1M1A+; 1MB RAM expansion for A500+.
G. BC-512M1 & H. BC-512MIA: 512KB RAM card for A5QQ Efficient
1. BC-BS: Boot selector. No Mach-swltch needed. Drive selection
by mouse click.
J. BC-KS: Kickstart-ROM switch. Kickstart sclecdon by keyboard.
Input and pointing
K. BC-SSP: Stereo sound sampler Built-In amplifier. Switch for
Input source selection.
L. M. BC-TK1 BC-TKP: Tracker Pen for IBM Pcs and Amiga Atari. Can
be used as Pen- mouse or Mini-Trackball.
Resolution: 250 dpi on Atari Amiga 50-1250 dpi on IBM Pcs and compatibles,
N. O.P.Q. BC-MS1 BC-MT1 BC-MS2 BC-MS3: Mouse and Trackball for
Amiga. Atari.
IBM Pcs and compatibles.
Video Devices;
R. BC-TVM:TV RF-modulator with sound Input
S. BC-GLK: Genlock for Amiga Computer Bus converter
T. BC-520CV: Bus converter for A500 A500 + Expansion slot for
A500 A500+ to use A2000 interface AT Bus slot for bridge board
86PIN pass-through Bus for A500 A500+ interface.
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BIO CON TAIWAN CORP. 3RD FI, Lucky Tower 235, Lung Chlang Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL; 886-2-5016744, 5092334 FAX; 886 25010341 T utorial As we become more competent, Stevie Kennedy looks at ways to automate AmigaDOS scripts asterisk, and not a particularly self- explanatory one at that.
This character merely tells the GETENV command to take its input from the console device (the current Shell window, in other words), which explains why when the script runs it waits after the question called by the ECHO statement until the user types something in and presses the Return key.
At this point, the word just entered is passed to the environmental variable “insult", then printed to the screen by the ECHO command which follows straight after. However, ECHO only knows to print the variable because we use the S sign.
When Workbench 2.Ox sees a $ sign, it knows that what follows is the name of an environment variable, and acts accordingly. In the case of our ECHO command, the contents of the variable are printed to the screen rather than the literal contents of the echo string, so we get: ME TOO CALLIN« HE A S1NSUIT!
Note the use of ASK, IF, ELSE, and ENDIF to round off our script. The ASK command prints a question which incorporates the Sinsult variable in the same way as the ECHO command, then passes the Y or N answer to the IF command, When the user answers Y(es) to an ASK command, the WARN flag is set to positive, which means the IF WARN statement will execute the instructions before the ELSE command.
When the user answers N(o), WARN is not set, which means the second instruction or set of instructions between ELSE and ENDIF is executed.
By applying a little lateral thinking, Why ENV?
ENV: is the directory used to store all environment variables, and is usually set up by the Workbench startup- sequence as a directory in the RAM disk. When we redirect output to a file in ENV;, that file - if it doesn't already exist - is created, and as it is now in ENV: it is automatically treated as an environment variable.
Basic AmigaDOS scripts, such as the startup-sequence, are no more than simple batch files
* -hch execute a list of commands one rr the other, but there are
many more uses for the Amiga's command Ian- «e and, with a
little effort, scripts can
- ade to carry out fairly complex tasks, Take a look, for
example, at the install QuDne$ used by many commercial soft
ware houses. The chances are that
- -¦gaDOS is being used to check the state
* i hard drive, look for various configura- arts, and report back
to the user with : .estions on how to proceed with the
:-ch scripts may appear daunting at po. But AmigaDOS's inherent simplicity
- -ans they're really not much more combated than the scripts
we've written over ixe oast six months or so.
Ut's look at the most basic technique in these circumstances. The IF ... '•OIF pairing will be familiar to anyone
• p* 's ever program in Basic, and the com- work in more or less
the same way ¦ AmigaDOS. As in Basic, a general IF... '•DIF
statement looks like: : usndition) Crrr out these instructions
if condition ¦t’ifltd) IK i»"» out these -nstructions if
• • ttfJ The major limitation with the IF com-
- and is that there are only a few condi- :«5 which can be tested
for (see box), cables can be tested using EQ, CT, and on, and
the WARN test can monitor the ces'i response to the ASK
command, but M's it.
3efore despairing, however, now would a good time to look closer at the .biTNV command, which when used with f e IF...ENDIF pair can lend AmigaDOS scripts a whole new lease of life, Using a combination of these two and the odd ASK command, the script writer can produce active dialogues between the user and the script, ideal for almost any purpose you care to name.
Most of what follows will, I'm afraid, be of use only to Workbench 1.3 and 2.04 users, as the environment variables in Workbench 1.2 are much more restricted and do not allow the sort of operations we'll be attempting. Sorry, but that's progress for you.
A straightforward example of what can be done with environment variables would look like: .key virl echo 'NtUo, nitty! Insult at If you dirt!* getenv e*»:intuit * ask "Ire you calling at i Sintalt ?* if wirn echo ‘In that case, saat to you with knobs on!* till echo *Hat! Just as m«1I!"
End! I The script begins with the usual .key line which tells the Amiga to expect user input during the script's execution, then in the next two lines uses a special feature of the CETENV command to ask a question and accept any input the user likes.
This is accomplished through the use of redirection and the **" option.
Redirection, as we know from earlier in the series, is the technique whereby, using pointed brackets, the Amiga is told to send output from a command to a file or device other than the default.
In the case of the CETENV command, the default destination for output is the current Shell window, but we've told the command to send it to the file ENV:INSULT instead.
If you examine the last character in the GETENV line, you'll notice that it is an most users should be capable of producing almost unlimited variations on this theme using exactly the same techniques as our frivolous example script.
Even the most complex scripts use these commands, some in more ingenious ways, some by simply working through a great number of them, but it should be clear by now that without the IF...ENDIF construction and the use of environment variables, AmigaDOS scripts would be much less flexible.
Next month, we'll look at more ways in which the AmigaDOS script can be beefed up. The above examples form the core of what can be done with AmigaDOS, especially in situations where the user is asked to make some sort of input, but there's plenty more to come. I Ej The ORIGINAL DISC DUPLICATION SYSTEM for the AMIGA is now even better!!
T Includes NEW multifunction For Amiga A500, A500+, A600, A1500, A2000, A3000 ‘CYCLONE’ CARTRIDGE for increased power & X-COPY PRO is the most powerful disc copier utility package ever designed for the Amiga.
For copying your original software, X-COPY PRO is a must, however it offers so much more.
HOW TO ORDER X-COPY PROFESSIONAL:- Telephone our sales hotline with your credit card details for immediate despatch.
061-724 7572 Send a cheque or postal order for £40.99 made payable to SIREN SOFTWARE to Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR Copies virtually all known discs, far more than any other copier available.
? Also backs up hard discs. Ideal for A600HD owners.
Full file management copying utility.
Optimises data for faster loading.
Formats, repairs, verifies. More than just a copier!
Simple to use. Comes with full instructions.
Includes the new CYCLONE cartridge.
I GUARANTEE:- X-COPY PRO is the most powerful disc copier available for the Amiga. If at the time of purchase, you can find a superior copier, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY. Can any other copier offer you that?
Technical Help Printer out of puff?
Computer cracking up?
We re here to help!
Bengali fonts I own an A500 Plus and I would like to wordprocess in a different language, namely Bengali, I know this is possible because I have seen it done on a PC286.
I created Bengali fonts using the bitmap font editor, FED, which comes on the Extras disk, and the font set was then transferred to the fonts drawer on my Office Page disk, but I am not satisfied with the results.
Can I buy a wordprocessor or DTP package to write documents in Bengali?
Are these fonts available as outline or CompuCraphic fonts from anywhere?
A Hamid, London I’ve never seen a Bengali font on PD disk or bulletin board, but there must be one somewhere. If a member of an Amiga user group or someone with a sufficiently multilingual fonts collection would care to send the font to ACAS on a disk, I'd be happy to send it on.
One possible course of action would be to convert your bitmap font to a scalable font using something like Font Manager from BCS in Germany. There are a few such font converters slouching about, but you may have to look very hard to find one.
Your best bet would be to contact people like EM Computergraphic, George Thompson Services, and others who sell a range of fonts for most applications. Plan 8 might be to contact companies such as Amor and Digita in the hope that they have a Bengali font available as an option, or know where to find one for you.
The A1500. The Bodega Bay add-on provides the A500 with four Zorro slots, but costs £400 and Is therefore a false economy.
AMIGA COMPUTING A A A3 w ADVICE A3 SERVICE Write to ACAS, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Save your saes - we can't reply personally sound upgrade path, despite the fact that with the machine's so-called "demise" you would be hard pressed to recoup your investment in a year or two.
C VP hard drives ore the undisputed kings of the A500 castle, and the HD8+ would also offer an 8Mb RAM upgrade path.
You could take a look at the Ashcom and Rossmoller drives reviewed in our Amiga Market section (recently renamed to avoid confusion with another Amiga title), as both offer very cheap storage.
In this situation, you would be balancing the technical excellence of the CVP product with the relatively untested mettle of what is undoubtedly a much more affordable product, but that's what consumer decisions are all about.
As for IBM emulation, the Vortex 386SX Golden Gate (reviewed last month) is easily the best PC emulator available at the moment, but it will only be an option if you decide to upgrade to Clod Kennedy Please help! I'm losing my hair fast. I own an A500, a second drive and a memory expansion. I'm up to part five in the Absolute Beginners' series, and my problem is that the Shell window won't stay open.
I double click on the icon, a Shell opens, then immediately disappears. I have started again from scratch, but end up with the same results. I have part six, but can't go on because I can't talk to the disk.
Neville Lord, London If you stop what you're doing, go to a nearby window, and listen very carefully, it is quite possible you may be able to catch the sound of Mr Kennedy's teeth being extracted, sans anaesthetic, with a says it is a "protected library implode" or a "protected nor mal implode".
Then, If the file is a "protected library implode", use a hex editor such as NewZap and change byte $ 54 from $ 80 to S00, and save the file, which should then be decrunchable.
If the file is a "protected normal implode", change byte S48 from S4E to 561 and byte 549 from 594 to 52E. Again, the file should now decrunch.
After this, even protected, crunched imploder files won't be safe from the better virus killers.
Andrew Pearce. Truro Thanks for the tip. Andrew. Any information we receive on the latest virus developments, or new ways in which to fight them, will be passed on, so don 't stop sending It in, folks.
Upgrade options As the owner of a basic A500, the news of the demise of the A500 is worrying me. I have been considering upgrading my machine for some time, and below are my options. Could you tell me which you think would be best and advise if there are any compatibility problems?
T Buy a hard drive (GVP is a favourite, but could you recommend one which does not fit in the DMA slot?) Then expand memory to 4Mb either through the hard drive expansion or a Virgo card.
Next, go for an IBM emulator (I await details of the Emplant IBM version). Is there a way to attach Zorro slots to the A500?
T Try to trade up to an A1500 or above and uprate specs to match those above.
• Turn to the PC market and give up on Commodore altogether.
Which is the best and or cheapest?
A P Horrocks, Burnley Possibly the most expensive wquI(I be the last option. Despite the price cuts In the PC market, the viable entry level machine (386DX or 486SX with hard drive) would still set you back £1,000 or more.
In addition, you would soon find out just how expensive the best PC software can be (does £400 for a wordprocessor sound cheap?).
The trade up option is an appealing one, especially if you sell your A500 and go for a machine through the Classifieds section, but to trade up to a new Amiga just as a range of machines is about to be launched would be a bit like buying a new car at the end of July.
For trade ups, wait until the A2200 is released and see what you think of it.
Expanding the A500 is still a very I am writing with some useful information for virus hunters.
When a file virus infects a file and the user crunches that file using a program like PowerPacker or Imploder, virus killers cannot detect the bogus code because it is crunched.
Most killers will advise you to decrunch the file and check It, but what about files Crunched with Imploder which say they are protected from decrunching? I have the answer to this problem if the person has Imploder 1.0 to
i. 0. Imploder produces two types of crunched programs, one which
uses the explode,library, and the other type which uses the
complete decrunch header. These files can be altered to enable
the user to decrunch them if they do the following.
First find out if the file requires the explode.library. This can be done by trying to decrunch the file when Imploder Imploder tips Technical Help pair of pliers. Yes, he's cocked it up again and forgot to tell everyone to make sure that the RUN command is in the C: directory of MyDisk.
His proffered excuse, that RUN is so common and on every disk he’s ever seen, was summarily dismissed fust prior to his being dragged screaming to the dentist’s chair.
To remedy the latest Kennedy calamity, boot from Workbench, open Shelf then type; COPT CitUN TO ITDlSKrC COPT C:EIlCUTf TO «T0!SK:C After a couple of disk swaps, the prob lem should disappear.
Font short-cut I have an A500 Plus and have purchased two PD disk full of fonts. However, although I can use the Show All files command to see the font icons in the disk window, I can't actually see what the font looks lie unless I load it to Workbench.
If subsequently I find it is not what I want, I have to go through the process again with the next font. Is there a quick way to see font types so that I can choose before changing my prefs settings?
Secondly, can I print instructions found on PD disks which don't appear to have any print facility of their own?
Pete Southey, Chichester To examine a list of CompuCraphic fonts before deciding which to use on Workbench, the only effective method I can think of would be to run the prefs To wait, or not to wait?
I am considering buying an accelerator and would appreciate your help in the matter Should I buy a cheap accelerator now or save my money until the A800 arrives? It seems to me that given the lukewarm reception for the A600, the A800 could easily become the next base level Amiga, and I don't want to spend £300 on my A500 Plus to find out it is as obsolete as ever. Would I be able to use my accelerator with the new Amigas?
Finally, as the A600 has no DMA port I assume the A8Q0 won't have one either.
Does this mean my hard drive will be useless?
David McGuire, Cumbernauld The GVP casing, power supply, and interface will be useless in the newer Amigas, because none of them will feature a DMA port. However, the 52Mb Quantum drive unit can be attached to onother SCSI inter face and used with the new machines as long as they support the Zorro expansion Groan... In response to all 345,897 of you who sent in letters this month about printers ... eek!
Printers are taking a holiday this month, because I'm basically sick to the back teeth with printer hassles.
Perhaps the fact that my own printer has suddenly started to print wobbly text and banded graphics has prompted the decision, perhaps not.
Anyway, sorry if you were looking forward to some illuminating discussions on pnnter drivers this month.
Font program, then list the fonts on the disk, using the Show toggle to display the fonts In the small viewer window.
Before running the prefs Fonts program, make sure you use an Alias to tell AmigaDOS to look on the floppy disk for its fonts For example, if the PD disk was in your internal drive, you'd type tUlM FORTS: DFO: before trying to list the fonts.
Text files found on PD disks, whether slot All signs are that at least the new A2200 will have Zorro slots, but the A800 (whose existence has still to be confirmed) is rumoured to be on ultra slim design with support for only the internal IDE hard drives used with the A600. If this Is the cose, the A2200 is a better buy for you. As you have a hard drive already which can be cannabalised for use with the new machine If you feel nervous about buying your own SCSI interlace don't be. The connections are simple, lust dismantle the GVP, attach the hard drive unit to the new card using the four
mounting positions found on all hard drives and cords, then connect the 50-pin SCSI cable and the power connector from the bord to the drive, Don't buy a cheaper accelerator for the moment, especially not a 68020 based card, OS the new Amigas will be fitted with 68020 chips. Wait until the prices of the A2200 and A800 (if it exists!) Are announced before making a decision.
Crunched or uncrunched, con be viewed and printed using the MMPP program found on every Amiga Computing CoverDisk. The arp.librory file requester is used when MMPP selects files, so to copy both to your Workbench disk from this month's CoverDisk, type COPT C0»E»ttlSrJ7:C »"PP TO C: COPT CO*E*HS«7:L10S MMIBiAM TO UBS: Once you have copied MMPP across, viewing text files is easy, just type MMPP and a file requester will appear from which the hie can be selected. To print a text file, load it Into MMPP, then hold down Alt, Shift, and O. Please note that for printing purposes, RUN and TYPE must
also be In the C; directory of the disk from which MMPP is launched NTSC niggles This letter is in response to a reply given to a letter from Andrew Griffiths in the September issue, in which he describes problems with some games. The possible fault that you failed to mention is that the second-hand machine he purchased is probably an NTSC machine.
How do I know? I own one! The fact that some games load at all is probably due to his having a Fatter Agnus with PAL NTSC capability. I'm surprised you didn't mention the possibility that he has an NTSC machine.
Now for my problem. I have an A500 Plus with 2Mb chip RAM, and it seems that when I run certain games the machine locks up with a Guru message which turns out to be insufficient memory.
I used to have a rev. 6A A500 with 512k chip and SI2k fast RAM before I purchased the Plus, and everything worked fine on it.
Since everything worked fine before, I am inclined to think that a lack of fast RAM is causing my problems. Is it? Is there a chance that my wimpy power supply has something to do with it?
Luis Reich, RAF Akonbury The reason I didn't mention the possibility that Mr Griffiths has an NT5C machine was that his letter describes parts of the screen sometimes appearing in the wrong place, and this Is an unusual symptom not normally associated with simple NTSC problems.
However, you're right - the possibility should have been mentioned, so if you're reading this, Mr Griffiths, have your Amiga checked to moke sure it’s O PAL model.
As for the memory problem, many games will definitely need fast RAM, especially those which involve a great deal of animation and full-screen action.
A machine with just chip RAM, unless it’s an old 512k A500, will suffer problems of this sort all the time.
High-end heartache I own an Amiga 2000 which has been expanded with the 33MH* CVP 68030 combo board and the Commodore XT bridgeboard, Total fast RAM is 12Mb, which I intend to increase to 16Mb in the near future.
I am tired of running out of chip RAM when digitising or using hi res graphics. If I can get hold of the ECS upgrade, can I get the 2Mb chip RAM using the CVP board, and will I have to change my Agnus chip?
Of the 12Mb RAM, 2Mb has been allocated to the bridgeboard, and 2Mb is extended 32 bit RAM over and above the standard Amiga RAM limit.
I also have a 3Mb 16-bit RAM card, so is it possible to use this board with the combo, thus giving me 8 to 12Mb of extended memory? If this Is the case, would the extra chip RAM use the 32 bit or the 16 bit memory?
Leading on from the above query, I am considering upgrading further to take advantage of 24-bit graphics by purchasing the Harlequin card.
What concerns me is that the Harlequin can have its own 4Mb mem ory bank. Will this dash with my existing memory? Also, will I be able to have the Harlequin's alpha channel option?
A E Wigley, Petworth You seem to be a bit confuitd about the way in which your system memory is being configured. The Amiga will almost never mix 32-bit and 16-bit RAM, and of all the 32 bit peripherals available, your CVP tombo is the most unlikely to do so.
Most 32-bit RAM expansions, such OS those found on accelerator cards, will automatically configure to the high mem ory addresses above the normal system memory, be this 16-bit fast RAM or 24 bit DMA chip RAM, which is why it is quite possible to stuff the Amiga full to the brim with 8Mb 16-bit fast RAM and then add another 32Mb of 32-bit RAM on top.
As long as your combo cord is booted with the correct jumper settings for the amount of RAM onboard, you should be able to plug in a fully populated 16 bit board with ease.
Extra chip RAM for the A2000 is avail able in only one form at the moment, the MegaChip 2000 (reviewed this issue). This add-on combines an extra I Mb chip RAM and on 8375 Super Agnus lo enable the 2Mb chip RAM you seek.
Harlequin memory is dedicated VRAM and is found installed on the Harlequin card. This memory will not interfere with your Amiga, nor will it confuse the machine. In addition, the Harlequin will not use normal Amiga RAM beyond that needed to run the software, such as TV Paint and Vlab, so don't have any RAM concerns on the Harlequin's part.
Take advantage ot these fabulous offers and save yourself MEGABUCKS With this month's sptdal bargain buys sponsored by x Power Computing f OFFER 3 Scanner This award-winning editing, image manipulation and scanning software has 100 to 400dpi scanning resolutions, 64 greyscales and a thru¦ port for a printer.
This award winning drive contains more gadgets than Batman's utility belt. 4s well as its super slim design it is also anti-click, has a virus blocker and built-in backup hardware.
Auto ROM Sharer This clover design on a small reliable board fits 4500, 1500+ and 41500. It's one of the most advanced Kickstart ROM sharers available.
OFFER 2 Ees SAVE Ees SAVE Ees SAVE Ees SAVE Ees SAVE EE SAVE Ees ORDER FORM OFFER 1 ROM SHARERS ? ROM sharer . ..RRP El7 95 - YOU PAY £14.95, SAVE £3 J *OM srtarer ind. Kickstart v2.04 RRP 139 - You pay £34, save cs J sharer inel. Kickstart vl 3 RRP £55 - YOU PAY £45, SAVE £10 Send your order to: Power-up, Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Junction 8 Business Centre, Rossdiffe Road, Ellesmere Port, Wirral L65 3BN Name OFFER 2 SCANNER J ?wer scanner v2.0 .RRP £99 - YOU PAY £89. SAVE £10 Address ¦ Daytime telephone- OFFER 3 FLOPPY DRIVE
* C880E Economy drive RRP £44.95 - YOU PAY £49.95, SAVE £5 firm*
lidt this box Jycu do nofiwh to receive promotional mattfiat
from ottier companm j j Graphics If for some inexplicable
reason you missed our taster of the new OpalVision in AC’s
October DTV Almanac, the news that yet another 24-bit board has
arrived may not exactly leave you quivering with expectation.
If, however, you did partake of that mouth-watering prose, you're probably rapidly approaching the jelly stage.
For the poor souls who missed the masterpiece, a brief resume is worthwhile. The main claim of the new silicon sensation is its potential as a PAL successor to the much-hyped, but never present Video Toaster.
Although the toast of the States and the apple of many an anorak's eye, the afore mentioned accessory never made it across the pond.
After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the unwashed European masses finally gave up and resigned themselves to life without the ultimate kitchen companion.
Ray of light But what's this? Just as all hope is lost, a ray of light emanates Irom "down under".
The source of the soap for the aforementioned masses is OpalVision. If the new board and more precisely its expansion modules actually match the marketing, it Paul Austin looks on as the Aussies attempt to prove you don't need a kitchen full of gadgets to cook up spectacular graphics expandability. Even such illustrious 24-bit titles as Amiga Centre Scotland's Harlequin have suffered several broadsides due to the initial lack of frame grabbing and genlock- ing - although both of these above are will be all that the toaster ever was and more.
In the past the main problem with the myriad of existing 24-bit systems has been the lack of the one commodity that the OpalVision appears to have in abundance - now catered for. Other systems such as A real Avideo have made impressive and cheap I attempts at enhanced flexibility with thel introduction of basic animation plus 24-bc I and Amiga image combination.
More expensive systems such as the!
IV24 have tried to lay claim to the multim* ] dia crown with PIP display, gen locking and I frame grabbing thanks to additional harp-1 ware, while cheap and cheerful systems I have brought high quality art to the masses in the form of the extremely impressive ana I flexible DCTV composite display system.
With all these systems pitching for the] punters' hard-eamed cash, the world of 24- bit art has become a financial and technical j minefield, with most boards lacking thm one vital feature while boasting numeron] others that the opposition can't match.
Sticky Now thanks to OpalVision, the answer!
To this rather sticky problem appears to be I at hand. The word "appears" may seem «¦ little vague for a man who claims to bel reviewing the board, but the OpalVisio«l system isn't a simple all in one unit - in faaa all the major elements are modular.
Although we do indeed have the boam I the version at hand is strictly limited to l**l basic configuration, devoid of the numw-1 ous modules which claim to make the s’vl tern the ultimate 24-bit environment, As yet these additional modules are cil unavailable, so our overview will focus mm the basic setup and its attendant software I to be followed in due course by an updar l on all the additional modules as and whsfl they become available. Even though o«H Graphics Opal Hotkey OpalPaint wthough a minor miracle in compari- ¦xi to the paint and presentation proyams, Opal Hotkey is still an
essential addition to the board's overall software perioire, It can be called directly
- am the start up sequence.
As the name suggests, everything is gntrolled via hot key combinations to as thf 1 ;rovide a whole host of Amiga, Yujltimf j ¦palVision, alpha channel and live king arc 1 ««Jeo display combinations. The video ml haro- 1
• ptipn of course requiring the grab syster 1 ter genlock keyer
E masse 1 With this program active via either a ssrve arc oipt, icon or CLI command, you can stem.
Oid any 24-bit image as a Workbench for the vjekdrop, or perhaps as a replacement
- Id of 2*~ ter colour zero within programs such technica a
;ing thjr Thanks to the invisible hot key conumeroc 'd you can switch between modes itch.
Mtantly, employ or remove stencils, ¦fl or replace backdrops and toggle aetween dual or single display at will e answe ¦fcfle maintaining full multitasking.
Ars to t* y seem ; xard doesn't boast the full complement of ns to bt ¦dons, the whole appeal of the system is palViSKr
* G potential growth. Only time will tell if 1 - in far v ‘wished
products will match the claims
* *de by the OpalVision marketing le boa*: whine.
Ed toth?
Because modular expansion is so impor- e nurne to the system, we'll first deal with ? The sys- «at*s waiting in the wings for any poten- !nt.
X investor, moving on to the impressive ‘s are sS rr. Of features that the basic system can focus cr jr eady offer.
Je almost all the major manufacturers, in upd£» v creators of OpalVision haven't missed ind whe* fee importance of frame grabbing to the 3ugh c. • As any manufacturer will tell you, the one thing that can make or break any board is the paint package which accompanies its initial release. In the case of OpalVision, Centaur Development have absolutely nothing to worry about.
After using all the major paint packages on the market I can confidently state that this "freebie" bundled with the board is definitely one of the best around.
I stress the "freebie" point because the program's only real rival, TVPaint, is far from free, costing as much as £800 on the Harlequin display board, although it is much cheaper on other systems.
If you’re a veteran of standard Amiga painting environments you're sure to feel at home with OpalPaint as everything including hot keys closely follows the combinations pioneered by our old friend Dpaint.
All the program controls are very logi* cally arranged and easy to understand thanks not only to excellent design but to a small window on the main control panel which pops up useful comments on the purpose of the various menu items.
- Painting and processing times are quite acceptable with truly
excellent result from the impressive selection of tools.
Features such a graduated fills, multiple brush handling,
transparency and stencils have been excellently implemented.
Aside from the usual collection of painting tools, there's a fine selection of power options and original features, such as unlimited page size which can be scrolled around at will.
Another such feature is the virtual memory option, which allows you to specify that the unlimited number of spare pages, unused brushes, and regions outside the work area are to be stored on disk rather than eating valuable RAM.
Other features include direct access to the frame grabber, but perhaps most exciting of all is the addition of a revolutionary function entitled Artist Tools, which brings image processing into the painting process.
After selecting the Modes option on the main menu, a fresh requester appears containing 18 standard processing and painting effects such as tinting, contrast, brightness, mosaic, gamma, colourise and soon.
This initial 18 are supplemented by four definable button which can add an additional four effects from a selection of 25 on disk.
Once selected, the effects act just like paint, but process rather than colour.
The huge plus of this approach is the degree of processing control hitherto impossible within any other paint package.
In addition, a wide selection of painting styles are also on hand including airbrush, pencil, chalk, watercolour and something called Texta, which appears to emulate felt tips.
To complement the painting styles, a selection of five paper types have been added ranging from plain through to hessian, all lending their own feel and style to your creations.
Apart from the excellent ease of use and the quality of the standard painting tools and effects, the Artist tools alone easily puts OpalPaint on a par with power packages such as TVPaint.
The power of the option is extended with a zap feature which automatically applies the selected and of course definable effect to the entire image.
As a result, applying overall processing couldn't be simpler and is sure to mean far fewer trips to ADPro or ImageMaster for final tweaking. Unfortunately there are a few unfinished features which are promised for the next update of the software.
These include Arexx and Alpha channel support plus the unusual magic wand feature which allows area fills within predefined fill parameters.
In other words the software will employ definable tolerances and look for logical points within the image at which to terminate the fill.
As a result, there will be no need to draw around tricky elements within an image prior to filling with either solid colours, gradients or textures.
After a lot of searching there's only one area in which I can find fault. This concerns the lack of density control over brushes cut from the canvas.
Although gradient fills and transparency are extremely well implemented, with up to three user defined brushes available at any one time, brushes cut from the canvas can only be warped oriented and resized.
In other words, it appears impossible to apply a definable graduated transparency fade to a brush, although it is possible to adjust the overall transparency.
When this annoying limitation is addressed and the alpha channel and Arexx are implemented, I'm fairly certain OpalPaint could make a very strong claim as one of the best all-round 24-bit package on the market. Not bad going for a freebie... Graphics ?
Average 24-bit artist. As a result, a grabber and genlock have been combined into a single unit which plugs directly onto the motherboard.
Once the aforementioned grabber genlock combination is in place it not only does both of the above but also acts as a composite encoder and decoder, and allows 256-level linear keying.
As you might expect from a product vying to break into the professional market, an impressive array of signal outputs are on hand including our old friend composite, plus S-VHS or Hi8. Quality control rests in the capable hands of the Sony broadcast camera chipset which comes as standard with the module.
Live video Aside from pure output quality, the internal genlock also boasts 256-level transparency overlay via the board's built-in alpha channel for both Opal and Amiga imagery, allowing live video to appear through transparent or semi-transparent areas along with the usual array of standard keying options.
Another added bonus is the chroma keyer, which has just been added to the grabber genlock combination. With this final addition it appears that any would-be OpalVision owner has everything on a single board, except a Luma-keyer. Who knows, even that may appear in time.
As you might expect, all genlocking operations are software controlled, allowing automated fading, switching, and keying in a similar manner to the Progressive's Video Blender which has pioneered the field of Amiga-based, software-driven genlock control.
As mentioned above, frame grabbing is perhaps one of the main prerequisites of any serious 24-bit system.
Again if reality matches the marketing, OpalVision will boast the same degree of grabbing quality that has already made Vlab the market leader.
Like the Vlab system, the OpalVision grabber will be capable of 24-bit capture of both single frames and sequences. An impressive features list, especially considering that all grabbing can be done from a live video - no pausing required.
As a single addition the genlock grabber combination is impressive enough, but when combined with the next module the potential power of OpalVision really starts to show, The partner in question is the rather clumsily titled OpalVision Quad-input production switcher, This unit plugs directly into the frame grabber genlock combination allowing software-controlled switching between two separate video sources, Amiga graphics and of course OpalVision images.
The software control will not just allow direct switching between sources but will employ a variety of wipes, fades, cuts and dissolves to provide the transitions between any of the four available signals.
"...the same degree of grabbing quality that has made Ylab the market leader" As you might expect, the varied world of video is again well catered for with inputs available for S-VHS, Hi8 and composite, with the subsequent output as either composite or S-VHS.
After the two previous modules the next may seem to be something of an anticlimax, but although not quiet as dynamic as its predecessors, OpalVision's scan-rate converter - flicker fixer to me and you - is nevertheless a vital addition if OpalVision if it is to fulfil its designers' aspirations in the DTP department.
Also, for the professional 24-bit artist who has to stare at the screen all day long, a rock-solid flicker free display is essential to v Back to basics Here are the bare bones which are al too easily overlooked thanks to the potential promise of the modules Even if the modules weren t a potential part of the system OpalVision is still a very impressivf board in its basic form. The unit comes In both A500 style external and A1500 2000 3000 internal versions Both come with 1.5Mb of on-boarc RAM as standard.
As you've probably guessed, the board boasts full 24-bit spec, with 16 7 million colours - any pixel any colour of course. Just like Avideo, the board has the ability to display Amiga anc OpalVision images simultaneous!, either in front or behind which can be expanded later to include video with the addition of the grabber genlock keyer module.
Broadcast quality On screen resolutions stretch from all standard Amiga modes right up tc broadcast quality 768 x 580. Again like Avideo the board offers an alternate 15 bit animation mode in med and h res plus 8 bit double buffered output r dll resolutions.
Unfortunately due to a very tight deadline I've not as yet explored th boards potential as an animation toot but if it follows the same lines Avideo screen update will at best mar age between 12 to 15 FPS while har dling 15 bit imagery, As well as animation, the boar, offers an on board VSLI Microcode graphics processor which allows resoh tion changes, stencil modes and the impressive array of transitions svhu‘ form the driving force behind the Opa Presents software Another very welcome feature i- provided by OpalVision's "palett mapped design svhich allows rea time screen update as opposed
to th.
Infuriating method of applying th.
Paint and then sitting back as th colours slowly appear on screen Hardware Peripherals -rawnic Cl381 14* Monitor
* ..» 8833 H 14" Monitor ~ jmcr 775 14* Multisync Ci fteker Free
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fagestroom Fonts Pock each £34.95
Ihocfips £19.95 1-3fessionol
Poge 3 ....£104.95 v-jctured Clip
Art ..£25.95 Memory Upgrades
• «ecrobotic» M50I 0 5Mb Ia900 £29.99 kcraRAM 500RX 2Mb £134 99 I
McroboticsM502 Imb £49.99 v* Series II 2Mb Al 500 ..£139 99:
Databases NO Fife ......£34.95
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to availability All prices and manufacturers specifications
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All prices include VAT and UK delivery. E&OE All trademarks acknowledged SOFTMACHINE Dept AMC11.20 Bridge House. Bridge Street, Sunderland. SRI 1TE.
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3. 5* 80 Capacity Cfak Bo* £6 99 3 5* 100 Copoc.ty Disk Bo« £9 99
3 5* lSOCapocifyDtkBox £19 99 I Graphics avoid permanent eye
strain. Although good news for many newcomers, the addition of
a flicker fixer won't ease the financial pain that many will
feel from discarding their original flicker fixers in order to
add OpalVision in the first place.
Obsolete Of course this only applies to an unlucky few, but it's a cross many A1500 2000 owners will have to bear as the internal OpalVision fits directly into the video slot on such machines, instantly rendering old flicker fixers obsolete or at least difficult to use without frequent card switching and monitor re-connection.
Although all of the above provide an impressive array of enhancements, it's the next and final piece in the OpalVision jigsaw which is set to make it the European equivalent of the ill-fated Toaster.
Again with yet more culinary overtones, the Roaster Chip is the final modular addition responsible for the Toaster-styfe effects that the makers claim are possible via OpalVision.
When installed into a noticeably vacant spot on the OpalVision motherboard, the Roaster will apparently allow real-time processing and morphing of live video, OpalVision images and Amiga graphics.
Thanks to the power of the new chip, the makers claim that it will be a simple matter to take live video, wrap it onto a sphere, wave it like a flag and produce page turns to reveal secondary images, flips or scaling effects - in short, the type of effects that made the Toaster so special.
This is, literally, an unlimited supply of effects which are quiet simply beyond the reach of the competition. The implementation of DVEs or Digital Video Effects is the one area which made the Toaster the legend it has become, and if implemented properly is sure to do the same for OpalVision.
King of Karate Now for the final program to accompany OpalVision. As the name has probate hinted, this particular package isn't in the usual artistic vein.
Although a first, and a fine example of the board's potential as an animatior medium, I can't help thinking it's a classic case of marketing gone mad in a desperatr attempt to attract the "more money than sense" sector of the market.
Still, no matter what the reasoning behind inclusion, It's yet another first which r both fast and of course very colourful - if perhaps a little lacking on depth and lastinc appeal.
The game itself is very simple, with the two combatants taking to the field of bai tie on one of three backdrops. Each fighter is controlled by a player no compute opponents available I'm afraid.
The controls are the usual joystick combinations of button and non-buttor manoeuvres.
Although fast and furious, the action only lasts one bout before you're added u the high score table and returned to the main menu to choose another backdrop.
As you can tell it's pretty basic stuff on the gameplay side and confirms its limitec long term appeal thanks to the 5.5Mb of valuable disk space it eats on installation.
Along with the long awaited DVE's comes a more familiar trick, namely Picture In Picture or PIP, a feature already available on the IV24 in a 12-bit form but now supplied in the full glory of 24-bit within the Opal system with its scalable windows, zoom options and scrolling all part and parcel of the overall effect.
Modular additions Although the marketing claims for all the board's modular additions are mouthwatering, unlike some other publications AC will wait until the hardware arrives before screaming its praises.
Fortunately the wait may not be a long one, as Ben Vost of Micro-PACE has already quoted an arrival time of two months for all the additional modules, including the Roaster Chip.
As soon as they cross the pond, AC will bring you all the facts and answer the Toaster question once and for all.
Apparently, all the modules are complete and are going through final testing as we speak.
The verdict? The facts speak for themselves. With the bask board and accompanying software retailing for £899, it would still be a strong contender for anyone's cash even without the options for expansion.
With the ability to turn the system into a tailor made 24-bit workstation complete with genlock, frame grabber, chroma key, flicker fixer, PIP, true 24-bit double buffered display, video switcher, broadcast resolution and of course the unique DVEs, the Opal is quite simply the only choice for any I 24-bit all-rounder who needs a system will grow with their imagination and neeod Quite simply, it's a spectacular E3 tea product.
Product information OpalVision is a product of Centaur Development Supplier: Mlcro-PACE Tel: 0753 551888 Price: £899 Alongside the essential and excellent paint package, Centaur Development have release yet another 24-bit innovation in the form of the Amiga's first 24-bit presentation system.
Unfortunately - in my humble opinion - the claim that Opal Presents is a fully blown presentation system is a little ambitious. The title of a designer slide show would perhaps be closer to the mark.
Although very impressive, there are a few points which no self-respecting presentation system should be without.
But before I completely destroy the program's credibility it's well worth looking at some of its impressive strengths.
As you can see from the screenshots.
Opal Presents has an attractive and intuitive interface which allows you to load as many 24-bit images as you wish, assign any one of a whole host of wipes or fades, define the effect speed and display time and specify the display format whether it be with or without Amiga imagery.
Once an image, whether it be IFF, JPEG or Opal's own OV_Fast format, is loaded, its thumbnail will appear within the top strip. These thumbnails are present throughout the whole range of OpalVision software providing instant file recognition at a glance.
Once a thumbnail is highlighted, its own display settings can be defined separately for all the graphics within the show.
When all the images in the series are defined, the resulting script can be saved ready for instant playback within the pro- a Opal Presents gram, or launched independently via an Arexx script.
The really amazing aspect of the program is the incredible smoothness, speed and overall quality of the effects, which easily match and often outstrip even such illustrious names as Scala and Broadcast Titler II.
Quite literally they have to be seen to be believed.
Unfortunately it may be these very effects that destroy the program's claim as a true presentation system. As the display options show, the combination ol Opal and Amiga images is a high priority. Unfortunately, as transitions between Opal images occur, the Amiga element of the overall display is removed and only returns when the transition is complete.
As a result, animation with a variety of backgrounds, or employing programs such as Scala to add animated text, would be at best a rather clumsy affair.
Having said that, if you're willing to have the accompanying message as part of the Opai image - avoiding the Amiga element altogether - basic static titling is still possible and impressive when combined with the amazing wipes and fades.
The only other query concerning Opal Presents is a slight dislike of certain hard disk controllers. After trying the system on several machines I did on occasion encounter slight difficulties concerning Amiga and Opal screen flicker during transitions.
As a result, it's worth enquiring with Mkro-PACE as to the suitability of your existing equipment prior to investment Even with these reservations, it s worth stressing that Opal Presents is nevertheless a real innovation in as much at it is the first additional program on any board that provides an animated stage onto which 24-bit art can appear A 24-bit Scala it may not be, but as display tool it's in a league of its own.
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Previously £152.75 now««t eso previously £99.88 n0lv just f40 Prodata "...reliable, easy to use and excellent value" AMIGA COMPUTING Database manager. I Mb required (Amiga or ST) Exfile 6 ,ssi es for £Jg a new easy-to-use transfer solution for sending files between different types of computer.
The magazine for Protext users. Packed with information to help you make the most of Protext including mail merge and macros, printing solutions and tutorials.
Announcing Lapcat Lapcat was designed for the NC100, Amstrad’s new Notepad Computer. To make file transfer easy something new was needed; the difficulties in sending files via the serial port are well known - the problems of different connectors, different types of leads, baud rales and the software at the other end. Lapcat is a combined software hardware package that transfers files quickly via the parallel port.
The Lapcat software is built into the Amstrad NCI00. The standard package consists of the Lapcat lead plus software on disk for the computer of your choice. This will enable you to transfer files between an NCI00 and your chosen computer. Lapcat is not just for.NCI00 owners because you can buy software to transfer between any two of the supported computers. No technical knowledge is needed.
(Please state clearly the type of computer you are using - PC, Atari, Amiga).
Lapcat prices: With software for one computer mJgo Computing November 1992 £40 Software for extra computers £10 EACH E3 a Amor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: (0733) 68909 Fax (0733) 67299 sound that has been loaded into a computer and Is represented by numbers digital) rather than noises (analogue) Usually a small cartridge that allows you to take sounds from a microphone (with amplification), tape. CD etc and record (digitize) them Into your computers memory Once in the memory a sample (sound) can be changed using tho sampling software SAMIHJNG SOFTWARE: Allows you to
alter sounds that have been digitized by the SAMPLER Normal functions with sampling software include loading and saving a sample disk, altering the sample by cutting, speeding upfaown. Fading irVouf. Joining to other samples and much much more SECUENCEK: Allows you to take samples and play them back In an order (sequence) that you determine For enamplo if you sampled a piano note sequencer would allow you to play that note back at dltferont pitches and in a soquence you decide Your one note loaded into fi sequencer can a complete piece of piano music.
UUJl lUrEREACE: A small cartridge which plugs into your Amiga and allows a Midi instrument (usually a Keyboard) to communicate with the II you already have a koyboard then you need to check that it has a Midi Port on If for II fo work with a computer I become Our top of the range sampler for tne Amiga. Following In Ihe footsteps of one ol Ihe best sound samplers ever produced comes the innovative AMAS 2 With even more features than the onginal Amas which was featured in the Paula Abdul music video 'CokJ Hearted' this package is high In professionalism but low In price.
AMAS 2s features include software ad|ustable input vot luma controls. 3D display ol sample frequencies. Stereo oscilloscope, stereo spectrum [analysers. 11 customisabie special leffects.fuli midi support with keyboard mapping. Built-in midi interlace with in out thru [ports, microphone input port, Mono or Istereo editing with full suite of edit controls.
Ipius much much more liiag A stereo MASTER r oi MIDI INTERFACE Our new stereo sampler is low in price but high in features. Tho new style mini cartridgo plugs into the printer port on the rear ol your Amiga and even includes a lead with a mini |ack tor immediate connection to your walkman or headphone socket on your amplifier. Once connected you
- | can load stereo sounds, edit them.
Analyse them, and even change real time m J sounds by adding special effects to the Fir- 1 outPul such 85 ech0' Pi,ch UP’ Pi,ch dovyn 1 and more We even include a mini- sequencer so you can take up to 18 sam- xjrrrj- pies and sequence them into a piece ot music!
Our now stylish wedgo stylo midi interlace incorpo- rales I X Midi In, t X Midi Thru and 2 X Midi Out ports This interface is a true MIDI inter-1 lace not a cut down Yors»on, Which plugs directly into tho serial port on tho Amiga Included with our interface comes a comprehensive manual and a disk full of pub lie domain Midi programs ORDER DIRECT FROM MICRODEAL AND GET 2X3 METRE MIDI CABLES FREE MIDI INTERFACE. MANUAL.
SOFTWARE AND 2 MIDI CABLES C24.95 iMM I *¦ I____I r j||| j vrx.'-n TO ORDER; Simply phone 0726 68020 with your credit card number or fill out this coupon and send together with your cheque postal order or credit card number to; MICRODEAL LTD, PO BOX 68. ST AUSTELL, CORNWALL. PL25 4YB NAME: ...... ADDRESS: . WORLD OF MUSIC ORDER FORM PLEASE SEND ME QTY PRICE EACH TOTAL AMAS 2 £99.95 QUARTET mm STEREO MASTER £39.95 PRO MIDI INTERFACE £24.95 |P0ST& PACKING [£1.00 niss.’ GRAND TOTAL ENCLOSED I POSTCODE.
CREDIT CARD NO: 1 I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I EXPIRY DATE: Microdeal products are available from your local computer Shop J 1199 or direct ,rorn Microdea Already own a Microdeal Sampler and want to upgrade? Phone 0726 68020 for details.
~7 A REVIEWS,., zool • lotus in * Liverpool • pool fire force head 2 head
• red zone •treasures of the savaoe frontier ALSO... Nigel
Mansell, Hero Quest II and Daemonsgate previewed • plus Lure ol
the Temptress - The Final Solution ¦ I_I A Misinformed and
proud The Ace of Spades being Jimi Hendix’s roadie and being
thrown out of Hawkwind for taking to many drugs. The idea is to
release your friends from the dutches of somebody.
The actual game can be described as a beat-'em-up along the lines of Golden Axe. But It's inrmitely more silly. The player has to run around Karaoke Land, Nashville Land. Hippy Land, Gothic Land, Hip Hop Land and Rave Land, where foolish floating E-Heads are out to do over Lemmy You really would have to be on some son of drugs to take him on As a bonus there are grab a groups sessions, trash that hotel room, and slapping an a oriental man around then face with a fish.
You also have to knock Stonehenge over onto the hippies before they float away. Updates as we have them... I remember reading an NME review about Motorhead. It said that nothing, but nothing, can prepare you for their testicle-shaking volume. If your aim in life is to be loud and socially unacceptable then read on.
The “eccentric’ exploits of one of the world's favounte heavy metal bands can be experienced by everyone, even your gran.
You play Lemmy. The warty bass player, whose talents stretch to I To keep you moaning I bar-stewards happy I while you're waiting for I the release of B17 and ¦ Atae, Microprose are I about to release Gun- I ship 2000, a hack, V slash and burn violence ¦¦ fest.
At long last Gamer brings you Zool, the game that is to be a sharp poke in the botty for Sonic The Hedgehog - not that any Amiga owners are really arsed about Sonic | anyway but it's here and what a chicken butty it is indeedy.
It's a platformy thing created by a graphics team with a penchant for dolly mixtures and dodgy films - read on, read on.
__________ 7 * I flfe aBHuTJ IllHlilU 1 5 PENGUIN 11A NE Panza Kick Boxing Kin 12 Y 1 :,5i'cce Renegade
225. 99
13. Y 7 First division Manager [7,99 14 Y 8 Formula One Grand
Prix 15 Y14 Pro Tennis Tour HitSquad [7.99 16 Y 5 Lure of
tire Temptress Virgin m 17ANE falcon Action IS [14.99 18 Y13
grata Taylors Soccer krisalis 19 Y 6 New Zealand Story [7.99
20 V17 eye of the Beholder 2 US Gold [35.99 I 1 Sensible
Soccer Civilisation Fighter Gripping frenzy The editorship of
the world's cheesiest Those lovely people at games magazine
is still Domark have released a in the balance, kids - double
bill of fighter sims.
The games featured are F-19 who will be the grinfor and MiG-29M Superfulcrum, ning custodian of the the two of the most up to date hundreds of slaves fhg and plenty raved about Sim which toil endlessly for ulc to things in the last 12 your enjoyment? Who chic months.
Knows, certainly not ads ime Both of the programs sport nice little touches such as your pilot blacking out me, and who am 1?
?tel Who is writing this an because of G-Force - fun for irrelevant toss? Watch md ish.
All the family.
This space.
All together now 5 didn't take long - lock up your daughters and shackle your sheep, the Btff is ck. Ha ha. His love for Gamer made him leave his job on another magazine and come fleeing back to this stalwart organ. He's not doing much this month but next month all hell breaks loose at Biff the Krff does Silly Putty.
To inject a small amount of jollification into the On Word pages we are running a small competition.
The question is thus - who is this ex-editor of Gamer and how silly does he
- Dok? Answers on a Melon to the Get Dan Back Competition, and we
ll think up
• ome worthwhile prize to send you.
(r d4_v INNER VISION Step inside, but wipe thy feet, mucky buggers Lotus III ....4 The game that comes back every so often with more Ills after its name, for a laugh Zool .... 8 Eh, see if you can spot the on-running theme in the titles this month Pool IP Play at pool without sticking the cue in someone's eye in the pub or having your bottom felt by Billy the Friendly Man Fire Force .12 Globule, that's another good one.
Better than stirrups any day.
Red Zone .. 14 Spin dryer surfing, it's in kids Head To Head ...16 Hold on to your underware, it's our mate Dave's last review and it's steaming Liverpool ..20 Noticed yet? Pool, yeah On word ...... Revenge is sweet my love, revenge is sweet Oscillating Hazelnut . As the charts get more boring the names get sillier (a bit of) The Source Small garden entrances for minions of the Dark Knight tenor vocals • richard the sound of
music' williams _ _ _ dark horse - daniel photo whitchead bitter and twisted - ben revenge stylos • phil chemicals morse the tooth fairy - biff sex god maddock IA BIT MORE of) THE SOURCE eeeeeeeeeeeee Nigel, there's a name for you. I bet he can't stand his mum ad sales - jane conway b,okCi tcrrv raunchy thic,e (Almost all) Cheat Mode .. Lure of the Temptress, my mum's famous (the rest off Cheat Mode .
Some for you cheating gits, bloody kids 062S 878888 alan ri“lue J°"« Yes yes bring me yovr jam jar?
“frvfafc. |J pay a pretty price for a half pint milk bottle!1 tVE?
Montfrjccurc your sanitary towrh ladies txffs on the joD and arc get more staffl" November 1??f Shouldn't it be Lotus 3: The Final spin-off?
In the beginning there was Outrun, and it was feeble. And Magnetic Fields did look at the Amiga and think, This computer needs a decent driving game. * and so they set about creating one.
First they created Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. It was a 3D tx?hind-the ar-viewpoint game, which featured a simultaneous splitscreen two-player mode which was great fun to play.
It also had lots of options, even down to selecting your incar music from a CD player screen. Magnetic Fields looked down at Lotus, and saw that it was good.
Then they created the sequel, and foi it featured a full-screen one-player mode, a checkpoint race system instead of the previous circuits, a second type of Lotus car to drive, and even more irxar CD music- They created it in the image of the first game, and Magnetic Fields looked down at Lotus 2, and saw that it was quite good too.
Finally (we hope), in the year of our lord
1992. Magnetic Fields looked down on the world and thought. “Hang
on. We could make a packet doing yet another sequel.* Thus
was born Lotus HI: The Ultimate Challenge. And it was OK
So what does this have that the previous two didn’t? U ell. It combines the best aspects of both the prequels to produce what is actually quite a playable driving game You can decide whether you want to ¦dkb OdtmafflOll ecaaaoBGOSB hurtle around either checkpoint-type races I or circuits with a varying number of laps. I and also whether you want to race against I the clock or against the other computer-con- I trolled cars, There’s also the addition of a track I designer. You can set the perimeters for a I track in the form of percentages, and the things you can twiddle around with include I
the amount of hills and curves, and the race I distance You can design loads of your own I courses, and they can be either circuits or I checkpoint jobs.
The game is very well presented, with I some stylish graphics and absolutely excel- I lent music. The iivear CD now offers, among I others, a dancey. Ravey, hardcore-ycx know I the-score. Midnight beatbox ecstasy job. A I reasonably heavy rock affair, and the Zooi I music ?), the last of which is utterly groovy I You’ll find everyone around you starts I humming the tune when this comes on (at I least they did here in the office) You can choose the control system you I want for your car. Although I found the I default Fire-button acceleration setup easiest I to cope with.
Select whether you want to drive a Lotus I Esprit, an Elan SE. Or an M200. Each of I which are shown on a trendy rotating fan I screen, which also shows weird little graphs ¦ of acceleration and so on
• You'll eventually get to the game bit. The I GREMLIN ¦ £25.99 ¦
1 2 meg ¦ Joystick keyboard ¦ Out now Ugh. Look at the colour
scheme on that there bluey- purple car - disgusting vision
0000 Nice enough graphics, although a couple of gMches.
AUDIO 0000 Brilliant muuc thumping In the background, good car sounds too.
P L A V A B I LITV ©000 Good, tspedaltywhen you've a chum to pummel i*Pi»o«pvtp ADDICTION OOO0 A bit samey in the long term, but should last a few weeks.
Starting light goes on, and you accelerate away. Then you've got to successfully nego- Mte your way through several tracks, which are different depending whether you Chose easy, medium or hard difficulty settings These stages vary between checkpoint 'aces and circuit races, and can take place in a variety of conditions, including the old ‘avourites. Wind, fog and rain.
The graphics are pretty much the same as n the two previous games, and they move at a fairly zippy rate, although one amusing thing we noticed is that for some reason, on some tracks it can look like you're reversing the car along.
Apart from that slightly strange quirk, the game looks fairly good, with colourful backdrops and sprites.
The car is quite responsive and easy to handle, and with a bit of practice you'll soon find yourself managing to stay on the road on those tough icy comers.
One thing that Lotus games have never been is realistic. When you hit an obstacle or another car. You simply slow down by about 15 km h. Still, if anything, this adds to the playability, as you don't find yourself out of the game just because of one sfip-up.
This also produces some excellent two- player frolics as you fiercely battle to be the first to the finishing line While Lotus 3 isn't original, and certainly isn't the best game in recent months, it's nevertheless a playable product with a fair bit of depth There are lots of levels to go through, and the facility to design your own adds a great deal to the game. I think it's the best game In its field, because it manages to combine the best elements of the previous games and adds a few new ones too. Shell out for this and you won’t be too disappointed.
David with :xc e*- nong now )b. A Zool ovy tarts n |at you I the ISJ«t .otus h of I fact apm The fes, Lotus 3 lets you too have the chance to enter silty player names and then laugh tyiterkally when they are innocently displayed on-screen by an unsuspecting Amiga tHuixji i(jto li .i urseii §rad find* himself chainedXjoi ijiixtk's dumtoofl ilte cdftlc via a suhfrrmmvn re zUtimtti) met fotfunrt i|j| Jm e, elephant sajg. Me i dgnom plus many other eol M iaf tnth friendly and of lienee! F yl mill: fond to the VaUc m f finJ, the fee Palace and the Graihyard in his
* 2 jflqm'-' tm'nstir is ife passage home.
Jfcursfof Induntfin hiiiiilnbi, m ( ommodore Amiga (1 meg dull ) ami ¦Mppw Il'Mjft. Compatibles. PpMMH ¦l '1 Scr vrj Sf’s fr°m 8M PC version.
Iasa-ina 1EHIB1 Thdeminds House, 69 Jlti Ashbourne Road, Derby, D£22 335 Telephone (0332) 29TJ913ac$ Me (0232)381511 i I I ¦ i I t from brining tofnd, When you boot ujP duptgus, b& ti n was proper fu I actuallJWeard it and it music which really made know) To get aroijnd the.i&rels a fbt of ihf time you have to gff up dtffe, You can't anally climb them but youtm sort of jump rf and up and back on again - quite cunnir* really. I Apart from» e climbing there isn't much to your movement on the screen but for jumping and running The aim is to reacr end of each level by simply piling through ail
the nasties, j Unlike Sonfcyou don't always progress n the same direiion In the bottom left-hanc corner there! A pointer which tells ya which direction t go m. At the end gf each level there is the custom»y baddie. Which does take a little doing I To bump off all the beities you have txi lets of a sort and a sword But old Zool the game there are various sequence goii on in the background and a soundtrack that is similar to. Well nothing apart from Mr Bungle or Frank Zappa There's everything flying rounjjj-the screen leaving you completely baffled X what is going on. And it s wonderful.
I The b t that really impressed me was tl ¦ Options menu You can change the di I culty level which makes it harder for on-screen to bump you off.
Next there is the music selector. I I ga dying breed -a person who likes toff m ic. Bfhat did I happen to Find on tne selector? A fuflk track. At first I was a bit day.
Along with the funk music are rock rave settings and som jjng called Bizarre, Then you have P inertia setting old Zool doesn't go from standing still JOOmfr instantly, and a Continue option. Jl God this is serious. I hadn't even got to the game yet and I'm aireal raving, scuttle along, children, in a crab-like fe As you see from the screenshots. |ur matey Zool is an odd looking character, a like an ant I Joughi but an agile litde chap- (* anyway j|The various levels all have themes The ftet level's theme is sweet?, with all the beajjes look like dolly mixtures or fruit gums ntr i th nas-
arfcne You look a b§ funny f .feiI ,' x. X: ' X. tIt X:.'
- .1 .v. I •• v v V -H jam T gamte fptory afoneof tfie ates|
all time. It's aJClutely fantastic in every respect - graphics,
sound, everything.
This could be a recced - Ben getting through a game.rewwnwthout absolute hacking the poof thing to bits.
I don't know where to starti Near the beginning would probably be a option, so sit comfortably and I will begin.
It’s a sort of platformy thing but not. And it's a sort of collect a lot thingy, but not I really The (Jsest thing to it is Sonic the mjpikey HairJ Git of a Hedgehog, but this knocks the sjks off Sonic.
The whole p)ing is completely manic J look a bit I I arty use his sword while flying through the
* spinning. It sounds like a nit of a Iwndi- (but it is
frightfully effective when wast- inegums help you along the way
there are a iwer-ups which )g?u can ftt. Like and so on. My
fSsurite is the yin- lich creates another Zool who fol- around.
He fires at the same time and basically does the biz jmbled
across a bonus level which is a T bt-'em-up sort of thing where
you can extra energy mi things. I kept get- ;ng afterward!
These clouds - it jive me quite a fuifly turn. know. It
• winded me of Project a bit which is another of my fave games’
There are some really nftc touches - for nstance. On the second
|velgne music Mfj there are note which cole out 41 the
saxophone and which yo$ can ride on.
There's also a big piano to walk along. It's | this sort of detail that makes the game so special.
My one and only niggle about Zool Is the difficulty It is a very tricky game, but this Is Cortidated by the Continue function - vital to your progression through the levels As (saici earlier, Zool will be around for a long tJW It is one of the most original games Ije seen on theAmnu ___ you buy aljr gamtthij week, buyi Zool - you „ won't regret it.
Ben Gremlin ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 2 meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now ¦LI I The bonus ooooo Abiolvtetynuniwg.
AUDIO OOOOO Come on, it’s 30!
A funk setting ooooo Won't get boring foratongwhk.
ADDICTION OOOOO Gimec more, glmee more.
Trip out and freaky man, Smartic city ing enviously at your jeans. Phil Collins and the rest of Genesis trying to make a pop video... Pool is a game which features balls being hit with a stick and bouncing off one another. The object of the game is to put some balls into little stnng bags dangling from the comers of a large green taWe That's quite easy. However, it's not as simple as that. You can only 'pot' certain balls in a certain order, and that's what people tend to find difficult about playing pool Archer's game has an advantage because Archer Maclean (no relation to the producers
of that stripy toothpaste) shook the earth with the supreme brilliance and general allround greatness of his hit snooker sim Jimmy White s Whirlwind Snooker.
Now, several months later. Archer plots to continue his quest for world domination in the field of green tables covered in bails, with his very own rather sexy pool game.
Consequently we find ourselves transported to the familiar scene; you know, poof hall - smoky air. Fat bloke with a pint lookVIRGIN ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 2 Meg * Mouse ¦ Out now scaled numbers on the side, so the you get to the ball, the larger the gets There’s also the option to play 'Best games, where you and a chum battle it.
Over a hot pool table for tr
• seven or nine games see who comes out on I (ooo-er).
There's a full player tournar mode too. So can invite of your fri« over to gasp awe at uncanny prowess.
If it just so that your pool skil i something akin to that i JSA we in this you can't get your trousers stolen. It features the same graphics engine as Jimmy White's Snooker, but he's modified the icon system a bit to try and make it more easy to use.
You can choose whether to play eight-ball rules. UK rules, or nine-bail USA rules games.
The eight ball version uses the familiar red and yellow balls that we all know and love, The nine- ball version features numbered balls complete with Time SHOT uiUJMV-- r!‘ ¦ I ft • * 7 The sound of balls clacking together V I S I _ N About as exciting as a pool game coiid be.
OOOti newt, then put it into trick shot and you can position the balls as you choose, setting up a shot that not even Wonder could miss, tere are 20 computer players to choose instead of the previous four, and they d have an individual style of play Some of are so good they can do three-ball and they're quite difficult to do.
An amusing feature of Jimmy White's OGOO Sdrtttthmg to come back to.
The number of balls you've potted, and so on The onginal game got oodles of good ratings from virtually every magazine under the sun The follow-up easily manages to live up to everything that was expected of it.
It does everything the original did and more, only this time it's pool that s being simulated. It's due for release in no less than five languages, and it's a bit of a scorcher to while away those long winter nights.
So get that cue out. Chalk it up or do whatever you normally do to I and prepare to shoot some pool David
• •••• Nicely drawn graphics, although the hero's run is a wee
bit weird
• •••• Good gunshots and bangs, but that sit PLAVABILITV MM A
fair old challenge with the multiple mkskm.
• •••• rail «Kk With It a fair While.
DEPLOYMENT The deployment screen where you are briefed on your mission Fishface leapt from the helicopter and landed face down in the mud But that was no ordinary mud. It was the mud of a middle eastern country where Fishface knew he had a mission to complete. He had to go In. Kill a guy. And get out alive again That was his job. For Fishface was a Seal.
His mother had never quite understood, asking him why he wasn't In a circus balancing balls on his nose, but Fishface knew deep down inside that the Seals were the last hope for the civilised world. Or something.
Yes. You too can enter a war zone from the comfort of your own living room, thanks to those terribly obliging people at ICE. In fact, some of you out there may remember that Fireforce was originally developed by Electronic Zoo.
But since their collapse. ICE stepped in and revamped the game before releasing It, If you did remember that, and no cheating now, give yourself two Brownie points Boot up your Amiga with Fireforce disk one in the drive, and hey presto* you're off.
You can select an existing Seal or name one of your own. A new recruit.
Then you are given several missions to Choose from, including assassinating a Middle Eastern officer and destroying a bridge in a tropical war zone.
Equip yourself with a few guns, then tootle off to join the fray. You are deposited by helicopter and left to fend for yourself in a hostile foreign environment, armed only with a machine gun, a handful of grenades and your packed lunch.
You have a set amount of time to complete the mission and arm e at the predetermined rendezvous point - the far nght of the level - if you want to get out alive . Otherwise, you'll be listed as Missing m Action.
Each level scrolls horizontally, and you walk nght shooting anyone and anything you see. It’s all a bit reminiscent of the 8-bit hit Green Beret but that's no bad thing It's actually surprisingly good fun, and the graphics and sound complement the action well.
If you complete the mission, you can go on to bigger and better things, ff not, then it's a sad screen, a Purple Heart award, and a new character for you. Matey Fireforce is a refreshing new addiction to the world of wander-and-shoot games, and it's quite a competent program, So if you're the type of individual who likes nothing better than bobbing out and gunning down a few Arabs before breakfast. Fireforce could just be your thing III* • * • Hll JAMk'S LAWTON cniHKNTtY on , 'Tivte SK1»VI«*K mnr || 12 6fi*lLiLfc November 199!
PD ft LICENSED SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE COMPATIBLE Don't let our small advert deceive you! We have a large select.on of software (both PD 4 commercial) & hardware a: competitive prices (e g. Pit fighter £6.99 rew titles arrrvir g all the time). Just send a stamp fcr our pnnted catalogue or 85p for the disk version.
Cottage 3n&ustries HOME BASED BUSINESS EXPLOIT YOUR COMPUTER The ART of making your computer earn.
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motors elc Up to 13 inputs tor 9ensors +2 analog inputs.
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P. O. Box 672 South Croydon Surrey CR2 9YS Tel: 081 657 1617
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sensor, reed svrtch.
Mare Oh dsk and FREE "Guide fo Amiga Interfacing’ JUST RELEASED... BUGGY KIT £17.95 easily programmed lo move lorward, reverse turn draw shapes etc Requires 1.0 Pofl.Oual Motor Conlroller (£17 95 »Matns adapiar |£7 50 «Buogy dsk (£4| compwe packapa (end 10 Portia_ Temperature & Light Experimenters Kit CC11.9$ ) Thermo 5 Photo sensors plug into analog inputs . Superb 'ArriSoTeoirAare Mains Controller Module £22.95 standardMC*K) Hi'dei :5amoi rf'£E INFORMATION PACK ON AU PROOUCTS PLEASE PHONE C* WRITE SEND S.A.E. NOW FOR FREE INFORMATION PACK or £1.50 for s PACK & CATALOGUE DISK * free
membership " Virus*'hecker-lhe latest 5 Svslnfu ppMorc * Dmoum- • KsKlock * product wdnm 10 days fora lull refund.
P*eee 4*nd cheque payable lo SWTTCHSOFT or ring SwHchioft swirtMSon on 0325 464423 Price* IncludeP a P Ovw*ms add C4 SwfTCHSOFTDept AC1192.26 Ridgeway. Oartngtog Co. Durham PL30SF E3 SUPERIOR SOFTWARE 12 Park Avenue North, Northampton NN3 2HS. Tel: (0860) 510737 or (0604) 791492 FREE GAME IF ORDER IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 14 DAYS IF YOU CANNOT SEE WHAT YOU WANT PLEASE RING Samurai ..£22.00 Sensible Soccer..-------- £16.50 4D Tennis ...... A10 Tank Killer Enh A320 Air Bus .. .£23.00 .£24.50 .£25.50 Euro
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Special Force .
Super Space Int Tennis Cup 2 Team Yankee..... ...C 18.50 £24.50 ...£24.50 ...£15.00 ...£18.50 ...£1850 ...£18.50 ...£18.50 £22 00 ..£18.50 ...£18.50 ...£18.50 ...£22.00 £2450 ...£17.50 ...£1850 ..£18.50 £24.50 ..£22.00 £20 50 ...£18.50 ...£17.50 ...£18.50 £22 50 £18.50 £22.00 ALL GAMES AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Pnoe .. Pnoe .. Pnoe .. Price . Price .. P&P .. TOTAL...... POM and Packmg UK £1 00 Euope£3 Wo- Elsewhere £4 25 Pleas* male 7*qu65 and Poea Onte's payable to Superior Software ...£18.50 Maddog Aqua venture Bards Tala Trilogy--------
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jTij-HK i" ~ ~nrr iir-'-r-ri t | R TRRCK 1 UK |_glOJUII__t_
IWICE__Mftfll__WrtMV I Yes, it's another environmentally
unsound release from the company with the big boxes. Psygno-
sis. For a two disk game they have enough packaging to house
the entire populous of Argentina. But less of my whining and on
to the game.
It's a long time since we've seen a motorbike game on the market All the programmers ran away from them with their rears on fire after the release of Team Suzuki, the game so hard they released a training program showing you how to drive the sodding thing The only others before that all looked and played the same, but now comes Red Zone. Read on. Children, read on. I like motorbikes. I've even got one myself so this game was going to be a bit of a treat for me.
When you first boot up the game the demp is fantastic. It's some guy on a motorbike driving from the background and skidding to a halt in the foreground Crap and boring, yes, but very well done Once you've battled your way through the demo it's game time and all you kiddies have to shake yourselves from your alcohol induced haze and think. The program opens up into a con menu where you can control all the setting for the game - it s quite extensive. Really.
Because racing games and simulators in general rely on good screen updates, there can't be much going on on the screen. As a result the programmers usually build in options that allow you to cut down on detail and the overall amount of graphics Red Zone allows you to do this and more
- there are all sorts you can slip in and take out such as the
backdrops, clouds and the like.
But for those of you out there who are capitalist pigs, who enjoy sucking the Mel Wood from the heart of the socialist working; class fhe's talking about accelerated Am gi owners - Ed) there are options for adding more detail to the game, such as tracksK* buildings and so on.
With the details switched on. It loo« 3 0000 Nice but awful updates AUDIO 00 Programmers think that Internal combustion engines fart.
PLAVABI LITY 0 Our survey said ERRRERRRR ADDICTION 0 Y*j, that is a bike in the background, not a Danish pastry As addictlvtw beating yourself about the head.
* *• world j fint straight wall of death ride oretty impressive.
It's got all the usually rub- ash you see at Donnington - the
crowd sands, bridges, iron Maiden... rve been avoiding the
gameplay for too eng. So I'd better let you into a little
secret cursory glance from side to side) - it’s crap.
Yep, it's bloody awful. You have to do a qualifying round to get into the race - fine.
So here I am. Coffee and crisps in front of vy trusty Amiga, on the grid with my pulsat- nq sex machine, and my motorbike, the lights go to green and we re off. The feeling you get when trying to drive the machine can only be compared to drinking 15 pints of Special Brew then proceeding to unicycle on the inside of a spin dryer with a bent drum. Very tnCky indeedy So I thought, that's fair enough I just Not so Easy Rider can't play it very well yet so off I went, hammering away, and things didn't get any better.
When you do really go for a burton and stuff you bike into one of the walls, sometimes you can't turn around again, or if you can it takes ages and you have to use the cursor keys on the keyboard to flip around.
I actually timed it once - it took over a minute to turn around and get going again So I eventually persevered and got round 30% the track in about five minutes and it says “You failed to qualify’ - I'd never have bloody guessed, Cyril Smith on a tricycle could have done better than that.
Racing with the other bikes was a bit mickey mouse because the screen updates are so bad you only see them for about two frames before they steam off into the distance. Meanwhile you are trying to turn around after inserting your cranium into the crash barrier.
The rival bikes aren't particularly detailed, which is a bit a let down - they look sort of like the Tron bikes only not as well drawn, Earlier in this review I was going on about screen updates, and how the Amiga is usually crap at them. Well this game is no exception - one minute you are in the middle of the road, the next you are wrapped round a crash barrier with a 750CC txke up your botty. The whole point of gening rid of excess detail is to speed
- up the gameplay. But the change is I* practically unnoticeable.
Sorry Psygnosis but it's a turkey.
Tom Cruise impressions at twelve o'clock Mig 29M Superfulcrum v FI 9 Stealth Fighter DOMARK * £34.99 • 1 2 meg ¦ Keyboard joystick mouse ¦ Out now OOOO Graotes in F19 are very good for a fight sim.
AUDIO 0O « Pretty pathetic in both games P L A V A B I L I I 1 000*0 Both are easier to get into than most flight sims.
ADDICTION 000 You can save your pilots for future missions in both games are the somewhat bland and boring graphics. There's no attempt at adding depth, and things sort of pop into existence.
You’ll be flying along, merrily mind ing your own business, when suddenly. Pop!, a mountain's appeared 300 feet below you. Still, at least Its not jerk city Arizona, with the screen update being smooth enough to pass.
Similar things can be said for the sound, which, during the game, is pretty rare to say the least. Still, never mind. The gameplay is what counts, after all.
The plane handles quite well on mouse control, although I found the joystick system a bit unresponsive. As always with flight sims, there are loads of keyboard controls which yoe have to use, so you’ll find yourself leaning over the key board on a regular basis- There's a comprehensive odd page manual for Superfut crum, which describes alt there is to know about piloting your plane and flying the missions. If you can be both ered to read it. You’ll probably find lots of useful stuff ia there.
When you figure out how ts take off, you'll have a few hours fu trying to destroy the enemy bases while not being shot down. That s » bit of a challenge, since the enemy planes tend to get behind you, am Someone once said that variety is the spice of life.
Domark obviously don t realise this, and have come up with a terrifically varied “double bill" package, featuring, of all things, two flight sims.
Hang on a minute, though. Domark have only ever written Mig 29M and the sequel Mig 29M Superfulcrum, so how can they do a double bill package? By using a Microprose flight sim, that’s how.
And so we find FI 9 Stealth Fighter nestling, somewhat shamefacedly, in a rather large box with Mig 29M Superfulcrum. There are three disks, a couple of manuals and a few poster- type mini-maps included in the package. Mig 29M Superfulcrum is a reasonable but unspectacular flight sim, and the first thing you notice about it Throwing your Mig baby about, or something photograph it. The graphks are vastly superior to those In Superfulcrum, being not only more colourful, but also portraying depth. And somehow FI 9 still moves faster than Its chum.
It'S the same old story with the sound though. It surely wouldn't be hard to add a couple of extra effects.
There's lots of depth to both games, especially the latter. Neither are too before you know what s happening you'll be gazing at a picture of a crashing plane and listening to the
- armonica-style ‘You’re dead" musk.
Anyway, Superfulcrum's all right, but the main reason most people will take interest in Head to Head is the inclusion of FI 9 Stealth Fighter. It'S vastly superior to its chum, and is far more varied.
You can fly missions In various ’theatres' of war ranging from the Middle East (that old favourite) to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries. Your missions sometimes even begin from aircraft carriers.
So, you flick hastily through the slightly slender technical supplement (supplement to what7 Our copy didn't appear to have a manual for FI9, something that was sorely missed) and eventually manage to get you fighter airborne.
The easiest thing to do then is to press the autopilot, sit back, maybe go and make a cup of tea, invite a friend over for a coffee morning, go to Tescos and do the shopping, get home, make the tea, settle down to a quiet evening with your family, and then maybe the next morning, go and check on the computer.
By then you might have reached your target, particularly if you put it into the not-desperately-fast accelerated time mode. When you get near your target, you knock off the autopilot, swoop around a bit. And occasionally try to launch a missile or something at your foe.
Actually, I have to admit to being completely hopeless at this stage, spending hours looping happily around trying to fire at that damned enemy missile boat. I didn't realise at the time that I was only supposed to complicated, and so you won't get too bogged down in technical details like: "Hey, air control. I've got a turkey at five o clock. I want to launch an SRM44 93RM with all haste.
'I've engaged manual override and turned on the auto-search-system, but I can t for the life of me figure out how I invert the polarities on the anti* static transmitter coll of the programmable thrust system.
'Do I switch to tracking mode, or should I lock on to my target with the built-in HUD projection system?"
For your money you get a good sim and an OK sim. In fact, If you've not got a decent flight sim in your collection, I suppose you could do a lot worse than take a look at this.
Oave a* T M; We love you, Nigel One thing that the English seem to be vaguely good at is motor racing. This year old Mansell won the World Championships - about time too is all I can say.
To commemorate this momentous occasion. Gremlin are about to release the game of Nigel Mansell, and would you believe it, its a driving game. Now there* a surprise, eh?
Its an actual racetrack game, which is something we haven't seen in a while. Its all racing through deserts and the like nowadays, but I still remember Pole Position - no-one else does.
Since the release of the motorbike driving game Team Suzuki, which was deemed the most ridiculously impossible game in the world, people have started putting trainers in their programs.
This is the first fully functional one that I've come across. It has a sort of advice service that takes you around the various tracks - handy, huh?
Its got all the usual stuff you see on racing games such as gearbox options for the girlies who want an automatic. You will also be able to tune the car more to your needs.
Well, the sources say that this is going to be the closest thing to driving a Formula One car, bar actually driving one, I suppose.
We reckoned that the handiest bit of the game was the fine tuning of the car which allows you to add aerofoils or spoilers and other little bits and pieces.
And you'll have to wait a mere few weeks, until the end of November, to get your clammy paws on a copy.
A beastie's back door Hero Quest II is another vastly humon gous adventure game from those loveh Gremlin people. The follow up to, wa- for it. Hero Quest, this is bigger than ; very big thing. Comprising ten different scenarios, it should keep the adventure gamey people happy for a long while.
The nicest part were the interactive characters, who have the ultimate airr of either distracting you or helping yoi in your quest.
Unlike some of the recent adventure games, you are not just confined to a dungeon (who said Lure of the Temptress?) As there are forest, anc things like that to get thoroughly lor and frustrated in.
There's all the normal cobblers you ge* in adventure games, like character, das: and the like, and it's out in November so you'll have to wait a little bit longer.
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0. 99 Golden Axe Hard Drrwn 699 690 BUDGET 2 NeedOiwHfleto 699
James Pond 699 Super Hang on 699 Jal Set Wily 799 Switch Bado
6. 99 John Lcww Ubmate Dans 689 Steeping Oodaiw 899 Kid Gloves
599 Storm Trooper 699 K02 Final Wbatie 840 Superpfex £09 K02
Gants ol Europe 649 TV Sports F.-Boll 699 K02 Refum to Europe
8 49 TootMn 699 Lotus Espnt 609 Uttimeie Rde 690 LAM Nlnje 2
699 Urnoucnabm 699 Licence to K* 599 vgieme 899 Lombard RAC
Rally 699 War Zone
6. 99 Mdrtth! Reenonce 690 Waterloo 699 Manchnslor Unnoc m m m m
mh 699 Xenon 2
7. 90 139 High Road, Loughton, Essex IG10HLT 24hr Ordering
Service 081-365 0344 (2 lines) 24hr FAX 081-3651650 Super Cars
Super Space Invader* Supremacy Suspicious Cargo SwlCtOdOe 2
Sword ol Honour Termnator 2 roam Successful football club in
bad game scandal LIVERPOOL FC ©©©•• Moves quite fast, but
rather rubt*sh animation GRANDSLAM ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 2 meg ¦
Joystick » Out now ©©••• OK music but feeble crowd sounds.
©©©•• If you persevere you miy just kctp on playing ©©©•• The league mode has some lasting appeal.
Fascinating facts about th* origin! Of Liverpool FC.
You loam something new every day Arguably one of the most successful teams of all time have made it to your Amiga courtesy of Grandslam. Liverpool FC: The Computer Game stars all the Anfield blokes in a soccer game that Grandslam think will rival the success of Kick Off 2.
Actually, when you think about it. Grandslam Is an interesting name, when you consider that for the rest of this review I'll be slamming their rather poor effort.
The game loads to the accompaniment of a remixed version of ‘You'll Never Walk Alone*, the song that's become synonymous with Liverpool FC. Unfortunately. Grandslam have slaughtered the tune to a point where it's not particularly recognisable. While this IS piaymg in the background, you're treated - or should that be subjected - to a bneffish) history of the club, with little digitised pictures of all the current players underneath.
Liverpool fans should like this bit the first time they see it. But for the rest of the world at large, and for people who've already seen it it s a shame you can't skip it.
After extens ve intro pictures of FA Cups and suchlike, you eventually get to the main menu screen. From here you can choose whether to compete in an FA Cup competition or a full League Season, and you can choose a two-player FA Cup final You can also change your squad about although of course you can only choose from Liverpool players.
When you've twiddled around with the options you can stan a practice session or play a proper match.
Practice is definitely recommended. Since the control system takes a bit of getting used to.
The pitch is viewed from an angle not unlike Rage's Striker, with one player tically that you'll laugh... it shoots along at 200mph and then stops almost instantly Its as if the pitch is covered in honey Or something So what is there that's good about Liver pool FC: The Computer Game? Erm, it s endorsed by Liverpool FC. Which will mean it's bound to sell a fair few no matter how bad it is. And the presentation screens loo* an right.
But that's about it I'm afraid. From the moment you start playing and think This o all right' to the moment a few minutes later when you think 'Blimey, this game's been bunged together in a few weeks to cash in on a good licence, when in fact It's complete tripe.* it's all gradually downhill.
The simple fact is, that no matter who you support, you have to admit that Liverpool are quite a good team And the other simple fact is that even if you support Liverpool, you'd have to have a txt of a mental disorder to fork out for this.
T Mt: IIL1MI nJ I blH OTME In Muy 1892, John Mouldtnq (a self made btmiMnsimjfi und Cunsfirvuiive councillor) founded the I ivnrpoul Association football Club.
Heading up and Into' the screen, and the other coming down and “out or it. The player currently selected is marked by a four pulsing arrows around his feet, and you move him around with your joystick.
The fire button kicks the ball, although not as in K02. There's no way to control how hard you'll hit the ball, the player just belts it as far as he can.
This means you'll find yourself running up the pitch with the ball at your feet (it s a sticky-feet control method) and shooting, because stringing together several passes is completely Impossible. It's a very awkward passing system - so Impractical that you'll give up trying.
The computer teams are quite good, and you'll find that before long they've scored against you. When the ball crosses the line, the view instantly flicks back to the centre circle before you know what's happened, and it's a bit confusing to say the least The graphics look OK when the game is paused, but as soon as you see it in action you'll reconsider There are precious few frames of animation for the players and the game really looks a bit tacky The ball responds so completely unrealis- Predator Predate* ii £899 £*» £3W G*un* ll ...... ______£696 Ram bo III . caw £6 W
Mto ... . £699 Ruling Ronny £990 £699 Gotten Axe ..... ..... £699 £690 £696 Hard Dunn £696 Run The Gauntlet £6W C590 Head over Meek Csto H K Gudelo Galaxy £639 Me imMMH tfi99 (aposarUe Mnsion II C699 James Pond n ¦ £7.99 caw caw caw ST & AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 i Meg CncMHAnigk only) 30 Pool . Eagle Software v i J 118a Palmers Road K K A New Southgate Vfree LONDON N111SL MYSTERY (10im ¦ 6pm 6diy« |
* wrmoflOERs Tel; 081-361 2733 5730 (2733 Faxline after 6pm) rrV
0 H AI«»dBeMt n Shadow of the Beast Shadow Wirtnf Sherman M*
Shinobl .... ShuAefhid Cafe ... Spwdruii 8b|M«' Sir he
Force Harriet Stunt Cai Racer . SupKOci ---------
8uperHangOa SwtchBttde Baitwlinll ...... Rain an The Mcv* Boach
Vo ley ___ BbodlioMy ______ CM .- .. - Caliomm Games
------ Car rar Command ...... C*kG»GT4Ra»y ._ ....
O. trfcM Squares --------- Ctoud Kngdom ...... CotoMusChew......
Con to Racer Conffct In Europe-------- Con (menial Cacw-----
Defend* of the Crown----- Mine Snip Pok* ... OouWe Dragon I or
II .... Oregon Ninja-------- Fantasy W«M Di Ty ..
FUCoeitol Plbl . £899 JN Set Wily (Amiga only)
£798 MW KdCtore* ----------- £5» caw LatfNnjall ca» Licence
loKII ..C5.» £899 Lombard RAC Rah £699 C6W Lotus
Esprit .....ca» caw Mane U«* (Amiga only)
.. £799 Cfi» M JacJrton Uocnwalef £899 £ 6 99 MoonshneRacm £6»
f7 99 Near Zealand Story-------caw CiW Nltro C7.90 £7.90 Worth
A Sooth £699 aw Out r* . caw aw
Ogeralon Thundetbol C6W aW OperatcnWo* a to
£890 £599 Pang £7.99 Platoon aw TOPTmES ST
AMIGA TOP TITLES Home Atone . N A £2398 Myth ..
Home Atone Ceiourmg Book* N A £1490 Nare .... Hook
...£1590 £1598 NevySeab ... hjdMnHenk
£15»£15» H *** I BoftansCricket ...£19W C19W OflBITUS
------------ Indy Heat £1699 f'699 Orl li-trnatardlSports Chad
£16»£16» Owanders* Isha- -Legend Fortress £20 W £20»
Paciic tshrrts - T Yeakee Jack NiclttusUhballed Clp. N A £1090
P*nM Kick Bowg Jaguar XJ 220 £16»£16« Paperbwll .
• ~ --------- Pa'asdStars ST AMIGA NA £1698 £2399 £2399 £l6to
£16to E17W £1798 NA £23W N A £22to ...._ N A £11 to £I2W £699
£l5to£i5M £1499 £1499 £11.99 £11 W £17.99 £17 W £1698 11698 £23
W £23 W £19 99 £1998 £1599 £1599 C2C99 £20 99 ... £16 W £1699
£21 99 £21 to C»»c?a» £1999 £19W N A 09 » N A £23W CI&WC1699
£2199 £21 to £1999 £1999 C15W £1599 . £1599 £1598 £11 W £11 W
£699 C8W . £698 £898 £23 W £23 90 ... £16 W C16W N A £1768 N A
£17.99 £6W £690 C1G90 £1699 £1699 £1699 CI5WC1SW CO 96 £2099
Nt'AMff C16W C16W £14 to £1699 £19 99 £1999 £16W C16W N A £16
to £1898 £1290 £16 90 C16W £16 W £16 W £1699 £1690 .... £8W £8W
... £16 W CI6W ... £21 99 £21 99 £15 W £15 W .. £23 to £2399 ..
£21.98 £21 90 R A f2O90 N A £1590 ... £15»£12» ... £1699 £1699
N A £19 to N'A £24 to mmoim i 6 99 £1699 £i5to fi5to ST AMIGA
N,'A £39 90 i N.'A C49 W N A £2599 N A £14 90 C16W £1696 £36W
C36W . N A £11.90 N A £11.06 n;a CX. 99 E120B EI28Q C1698 C1&»
C16 to CIS to £15.99 £1599 £15,99 £'5W E16 99 C1690 £1599 £1290
N A £23 W N A £23 to N A £19 to N : A £36 to £17 to £17.99
£1699 £1699 K'A £1399 £1599 C1599 £10 to CtOto £20 99 £2099 £23
98 £23,99 £699 C6W £699 £899 £23,99 83to ... Ni'A £2499 £1290
0499 ... N A £699
N. 'A £1999 £2290 £2299
N. A £16 W £1396 £1399 £16 to £16 to NA £1399 M A £11 to £l6to
£1690 £2390 £23W £15 W £15 to £2098 £1498 ....£20.90 £20 W
£26.90 £2690 .... £1699 £1698 £1699 £1690 ... £1599 £1590
£1698 £1696 £1690 £1690 £690 £&to £698 £699 £1690 £1690 £1690
£1690 £1896 £1899 ... £1698 £16M caw raw N A £1699 N A CM to
N A £15to £16to £l6M £15 £1598 N A £1590 12099 C20.W £1890
£19.99 £20w raw ... £21 WC21.W £1698 £1699 £16W £i6W £14 W £14
W NIA £1698 £16 W £16 W £7 to £790 £2190 £23 98 N A
£15 to £2099 £2060 .... £20.90 £20 90 .... £19.99 £19.» £2099
£2090 £2099 £20 90 £698 £698 £2398 £2188 ao»e»» £698 £698
N A £17.90 £20 W £20 99 £11 98 £11 to N, A £1200 N A £89 99
£1599 £1599 £1688 £1690 I if, M i 16 'jo am dm [i6»fiaw . £15
W £15 W N A £16 to £20 98 £20 98 £1599 £1599 . N A £1499 £1699
£1698 £9to C9.W £16 W EI6W £1199 £1108 PetMtGen y PGA Oo« Tour
PGA Courses Disk Ptobal Dieans .
Pinball Dreams II * Pkeo 9 Outer Spacer Poputous ¦ (1 Of 0.5 Meg) Pmiita ... Proce pi Persia Pro Fight..... PibT«nn*Toor PigjedX ... „ Push Over Puzznic___________________ QUESTANO GLORY Raikoad Tycoon .
Rainbow Iskmdk------ RBI. 2 BaseWil Reekat --------------- Red Same ____ Red 7or* .... Rse of the Dragon R*ky Wood* Rot* Hood ... £16K £16 to £1998 D9to £2599 £25W N A £26 W £15 99 £I5» £15W £1598 £13 W C13W Robocod Robocop Robooop II___________ Robocop lit -------- Robo Sports* .. Rod Land .... Rookes*._...... . - ffi'tolCup Ruw 0 Engagement
R. V.F. Honda . Savage Empire . Sec id Siver
Bmes Secret Weep Lu«* SensUe Soccer .. Shedowliads ..
Shadow ol the Beni! IU' Sheet em up Con. K4 Shuttle the S«« ... Silent Service ll .... Sim AM ..... Sim Earth Se»peons n;a C1699 £19 98 £1198 Ni’A £1398 C19.W £1999 ....N A £2098 m«g m«o C1Q99 £1098 £1599 £1599 n599 £15.99 N A £7.99 £7 to £7 to £16 to £16 to N A £17 to £i6to£16to £688 £699 £1499 £14 W £7 99 £7.99 £2398 £2399 £2099 £2099 N A £1699 £1299 N.'A £1699 £1699 N A £2399 €23 99 £2399 £16 W £16W N A £23 W £1990 £1999 C15W C15W N A £25W flita C14W BfTMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 only t1699 ¦spatdkain mind GAMC6 only tl4.W Aumwftz. Wmerkm
eadCordld mCerop* I Xeaail. Speedbaf I Ocds Megc Pocirti A» os Com pier All 08 T Creek* Another World .. Aprtga MoMrtm Arnwgvddc* - .. A mourgettton Upgrade * Ashes ol I mpi* ..._ .. A TAG. * ATOMINO ________________ AW90UE .... B17 Flying Foflww* Server* the Cosmic Forge BARBARIAN II (Psyg) B«d t Tele ill ... Bards Tele Tntogy* -------- BAT II ..... Bailie Chew II ... ..... Battle Commend ...... Bailie Isle - .. Bailie Isle Dale Ok .. BATTLE MASTER Battle Toads • ..______ Big Run
.. Birds ol Pity ...... Black Crypf Blue Mitt .... Lku-tfV HD Scenery Buck Rogers ... Buck Roqm I ...... Cadaver - . Cadaver the pay off .. Captive . Carl Lew* Challenge .... CARTHAGE________________ Carve Up ..... Casta Caale of Or BraiiT*~!."I Chae* Engine----------- Chase MO ...- Chase HQ II ... Chuck Rock Cwitteton .. C Ys Air Com bat ..... Codw.aire A&sassrn Coder,ame Ice Men ... Cpol Croc Twine ----- Conltct Kowa 30 30Construction Kill* 40
Sporti Boxing...... 40 SpOf* Owing...... A-Tiam * .. Acton State** ... Add«i»Famfy Advantage Tenna...... Agoay AtrSvpport ...----~ Ahenslll*. .. AUNIOS . ¦ 1M« upgrade 1 MegUpgrade. pc Upgrade . Ck toptities A500-1 KT".
OtogeM CkaM...... DvneBM ...~ ElvvaMijtaae'iWkT."
Eteta l Cerberus ... Epie - .. Eye X Vie Be totter Eye ol the Beholder II F14 Tom Caf Ft59lr*eEagle II FII 7A8ta*i Fighter* F19StrutIh Fighter F29Re1akator .... Face 0« -lee Hockey Falcon .... Falcon Msvcn OS* I Fa ton Msccn Oto u Falcon 30* Fantastic Voyage .... F ate ol Atlanta (A*|a File * Atlanta (Arc)* F of Free Traders ... Final Blow ... Flnel Fight... Fire and Ice - .. FirslSanm'UegaLoMar Ftefltaeratoncg Flashback * ..... Fbght of the Intruder Floov 13 Football Dazy. - Free DC _____________ GaunM III .
Global Eltsct ... Gobfkns Gode 5»f0«OcM ... Gotten Shot G Gooch CheW Graham Teylgt .. Grand Prbi (Formula) GunthqrSOM* ajJlraa;::- Hard Dtkrm II HartfOum Hemdall . HeroiQu«t (Greai) .
Hill Street Blues TOP TITLES Cover Gfi Poker__ Covert Aciae ... Crazy Cart Ul ...... Duse fc* a Corpse Curse of tie Encharta Dark Queen of Krynn OesBoot Days ol Thunder Defkrerance (VQeaenUon .
Drscipfee of Steel Douhto Dtagon III Jl J Khan Squash J WhtesWhidend... J Batnos (1 Moo)..... J Maddens Football KGB* .. Kick Oil III Meg)... Kick Ofl H (5 Meg) _.
Kick Off IP_________ 1C 0 Winning Tactics KidGtovesll Kllma Cttud .... KILLING GAME SHOW £1590 £6to Kings Quest IV £12W £22 W Kmgt Quest V N A £2699 Krighl Mate .....£16 W £1699 Kisghlcf Ihe Sky . £23 99 £23 W Last Ninja III £7 to £7 90 LeanMowei Man * ... £1698 £1698 Leandw ..... £1599 C15W Leathal Weapon II* Leased ______________ Legends of Valour* Leisure Suit Larry k LertireSul Lanylll Leisure Sul Larry V Lemmings . ..... Lieieimgill' .... Lemnvgs OtaOitk Lemnngs - Stand Ajone C15WC15W LlewdOHBlI ...- . NiA £2099
Inks HQ _..._ .... NjA £23 W Lord c the Rings N A £20 W LodPaVol £1598 £1290 Lotus Tuitro Chalenge" £i6»£iew Lotus Turbo Chatenge II* C16W £16W Lured the fen rees [1596 £1999 Ml Tank PtakXrt £iaW£18W Maqc Pockets C15W £1599 UanUtd Europe £I5»£15» M 0»aUI»maleFootbal*£i6» £1898 Megama Master N A £27 W Megi Fortress ..C19.W £l6to Mega Spoils ..£1699 £1698 Megatrevefcr II . £20 99 £20W Mercenary III_________________£11 to £11 W MerchantCctorry £1699 £1699 Mrcroprose Goe C2399 £2399 Mrdnghl Retmtrmoe £6W £6W MrdwMkf H___________ Mg 29
Fylcium Might olMagK III Mocwdcne -------- Moni«y Istoto Monkey IsUnd II Mouse (Swiicf.«blel 8T AMIGA £16 W £16 W re 90 re 90 £1599 £1598 caw £16w C12WC12W £1596 £15 W ..... N'ACiaW II £20 90 C2C to £890 £890 .. £16» £698 C15WC15W £1698 £1890 NfA E20.W N A £20 to N A £1099 N A £1598 N A £1690 (9 to £999 £2099 £2099 £15 to £1590 ttotoCtoto M'A £20 99 £15 to £15 W CX 90 CX 90 £690 £699 £1690 £1666 £1590 £15» £690 £699 C2QW £20 to £2360 £2399 £699 £690 £'599 E15W V20W £2090 K'A £2308 £l5W£1i« N A £24 W £16 99 £1690 £1690 £1698 i 1599 £15 W C6 to £6 96 [14 98 £14 98 £16 W £16 to N A £23 to £1698
£1698 £1790 £17.90 £14 to £14 to £1598 £1596 N A £1696 £6to £696 N A £2298 £21 to £21, to £1999 £1999 £1690 £1690 . £2098 £2099 . £1299 C12W .. . N A £1000 £7 to £7,W . £2090 £2096 £23 to £23 to n ik mm £20 90 £2090 £15 W £15 W £1598 £1598 £1590 £1590 £2090 120 96 N A £33 98 NINJA COLLECTION only £1399 ¦ 0 Otegw »• * »* W*rr» 0 Nrp I Smash TV Space 1839 Smm Ace II aw £699 caw aw aw .am aw aw aw £690 caw aw Teenage Mutant Turtles £699 ThundetMrikv .. £699 Toobw ......aw TV Sports Footbel £7.® Ag4ir6e ..... £899 War Zone ___________ £fi» Waterloo
...... aw Wings of Fury(Amiga only) £899 WC Lmderburd ....£699 JtanonJI Vang Fata of Conqueet.. £16 to £'? To Vdfed .... £20 to £20 W Vroom .£1696 £1698 Wnfe Death (1 Meg) £1298 £12» WidWherb £14.99 £700 Wily Beam oh * N A £2388 WrcGomnandei!' N A £1998 WtrVrd* £1599 £1590 WodCMd .....£1606 £1600 WOLFPACK ...£14.98 £1498 Work! Cham penthp Baimg £6W £690 Ww.f m»m» Zool* £1698 £1698 SpeedbalU SpjftolExctabef ..... Steel Em pee---------- Stereo Master Slorn M«Je .... Street Fightee II* Strider II ------------ Strdie Fl»l
Slr*ar ... Super Cars II ... Super Ofl Rond .... Supe Space tareder* Super SWIV* .
SupreeiKy Svspoout Cargo------ Switch Blade II .... Sword ol Honour* Take 2 .... Tea* Away Thomas TennmCup?-------------- TwrnmaKN II..... Test Drr»e 111 Tha Gartee 92 E spans Thai Fmesl Hour .. Th( Manager ...... ThunderhawkAH 73M ... ThuntaJawi . TqiQf ...... T«kl ... TV Spxtt Bawbaii Turncan II ...--------- TwJgM 2000 Ugh'* ...... UnmaManan Dreams Ultma UhdewnoiM* .... Ulbaii V Ultima VI - ULTIMA VI* ..... ULTIMATE RIDE . UMSII UMS II Pva.netEditor* Untouctatta ..
Uridium A* ..... Utopia ... .... Utep* Nm» World ... Vengeance d E«a k Video D-gHzer II .
VidtoWd .. TOP TITLES ST AMIGA Space Gm ......£1590 £1590 Space Crusade C16W£i6to Space Qurt III,me* IV 8peoWFe*Me ..... fmawootiDia UagahvM. RodUM Rckoeod .am ACTION I ordytll.W iDmpweuill. Ghoesuemsl 0 Supmih’and Herd D's*g CHAMPIONS only CU M Jetanjr Khen Sgraih Man Unfed aadWC BomgUaoasM SOCCER MANIA only til.91 FocttwlManegtr II Oazzai bmr F««ed Ueiwem rv C Eaten Soccer DOUflLE DOUBLE BILL only Cl 4II TV Spots fewtbak Wnya TV Spcate SuMMl Lord* Ol • « RttWg Se* FUQHTCOMMANOonfyt14.il E w Mior St to Feme Ha»«w Laacam* Sky Fw and Sty Ch«M GRANDSTAND only C11JI
GazzaSupw Soctar. Pw Teems Tew.
WerMCItaaLMdwtoeX aM CoWmwOICew* I PACK only £14,H 11 TV Sports foc(ta4 Bcoa«yc» ion herd Rtiy RAINBOWCQLLECTIQN only till!
Urn ZMMKd Stcry Bubtw BoMw MAONUM 4 Amtgi CU M ST C12.lt AtwtureM. O«a* Diego*. Opwrtm Wed.
* nd Brtatn Caped Crusader AWARD WINNERS ONLY t1*.H Kctov I
PaM«*i*.SpaoeAe* SPORTSCOLLECTKJN only till!
Pro Twna Tour. RuttSe G*urtW W C Soocw puis 99 HEAD TO HEAD 9*1 £?•.»» HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION onlytHtf Mm MlkmrN Uq 29 Super Futsua. F19 Steelh F qN* AIR, LAMO, SEA AMO A only C21H FA'S Irr.cir.u aea Aleet Sub lely (00 MAX EXTRA only t17.H Turricaa ». 8T Diegon SWTV mrt NmM Smt BiO BOX only tIB M Caeiai* Stood. TmT«e«(seUooe.SXenGu*A Wiuw. LuUJtPlue PumfeSrtweBays Fiyttca Egg J«pmg Jecitcn Beta Hortages 4 WHEEL Onh EanfyCH.H Loitilipl CteeafiTiRaV. W SUTUl asd Joe In Racer ACTION PACK only Cl 1W CoeacPsrt Reto Maya.OeSrtavElmMlor fart Lane ihwaw Ua. Hertagaa Ta»g1a» Cokxedo BOARO QENIUS AMIGA
«ly C17.W DetoieMoacpok DekpeScrstMi Otoe*. Harter PstedMaaadRat BIO BOX II onVClI H Back to na Frtira rt. R-T,p*. IK• Raal ihcrtburtati Ortcf Ilela'i W SpcrtsfoolkeA Suighat AnaaVtR Setoi Buauxud OU8ST TOR ADVENTURE only Ol W OptrrtK" ?T**kh. Lapaaas lam C rusad* aid TEST DRIVE B COLLECTION AulQA only Cto.il Muscle Can. Catoxsit Gkels*g* European Ctabag*. TVwt Super Cl iuKA HtAdff only n iW~ Sinter I Irxwia Ana* l art Hugs X arm Spy a So .,*!*• 8TRATEGV MASTER only rail Otuttwb PepiAm, C Mstptoyw 21 SO and S p«ts X E icaibw 2 HOT 2 HAN0Uonfyt1l.il GoMa* A.* Tc(*l Race I Slwdoa Wamea Super 0«
Road Racirq Tel: Postcode: Card No: _ Exp Date _ Access Q VisaQ Cheque Q P.O's Q Please make cheques & P.O.'s Qayable to Etglt Softwtrt. P & P is £1.00 par item in UK (orders under Name: _ £10are 50p pen tern). Europe:£3.50 per item Elsewhere£4.50peritem, New titles will be sent as released Address: and are subject to manufacturers price reviews. E.&O.E. New catalogue available - please tick box.
Member No: Computer: Date _n Title _Price_ _ _Price _Price__ _Price_ P&P 101 Mail Orrlpr Dnlv V with the Another ripping Gamer guide You lucky people! This month we, the lovely lovey people at Gamer, and a certain gentleman, bring you Lure of the Temptress - the Solution, This time it's personal, with wings. So if you were as baffled as we were playing it you may sit down and complete the blasted thing with no effort at all, you spineless workshy fops.
OUTER CELL Look at the prisoner. Go to the guard room. Look at barrel. Look at the tap on the side of the barrel. Get the knife on the barrel. Get the bottle.
CELL Pull the torch. Walk forward as far as possible. When the skorl passes you to look at the fire, walk out of the cell, and close and lock the door.
Use the bottle on the tap. Use the knife on the sack. Look at the sack. Go to the torture room. Use the knife on the leather cord on the rack. Go to outer Give the bottle to the prisoner. Look at the bricks on the eastern wall. Tell Ratpouch to push the bricks.
Walk through the opening in the wall.
SEWERAGE Find the man called Mallin (hint: he usually hangs out in the alleys, the sewerage or the weregate). Talk to Mallin. Accept his offer. Go to the village shop. Talk to the shopkeeper (Ewan).
Give Ewan the metal bar. Find the blacksmith (Luthern). Talk to Luthern twice. If you are in the Blacksmith s workshop then get the tinderbox on the floor in the foreground. If you're not there, go there now.
Go to the Magpie Inn. Talk to the barmaid (Nellie). Give her the gem. Talk to the man at the table (Morkus). Bribe him then talk to him. Then go to the blacksmith s and talk to Luthern. Give him the flask.
Go to the Magpie courtyard. Talk to the man sitting in the middle (Grub) about the black goat. Go to the Severed Arms (hint; do not drink there. The beer has been watered down). Talk to the woman knitting. Talk to her about Taidgh. Examine the diary she gives you.
Go to the marketplace. Give the lockpick you got from Grub to Ratpouch. Look at the door of Taidgh s house. Look at the lock on the door. When the skorl (Wayne) comes to look at the door, tell Ratpouch to use the lockpick on the lock and open the door.
Go into Taidgh s house (hint: save the game at this point). Look at the apparatus. Look at the tap on the right of the apparatus. Look at the oil burner, below and left of the apparatus.
Use the tinderbox on the oil burner. When the reaction has finished. Use the flash on the tap. Drink from the flask. You should now be disguised as Selena.
Go to Middle Street. Talk to Uruka (the skorl guarding the Town Hall door). Open the door. Go inside the town hall. Talk to any skorl inside the town hall. Then go and find Wayne and talk to him.
Go to the Magpie tavern. Talk to Morkus. Go to the Apothecary workshop. Talk to Goewin (if she is not there or the door is locked, then wait until she arrives).
Find Ratpouch and talk to him. Go to the Apothecary workshop.
Talk to Goewin twice. Go to Blackfriar s Row. Look at the poster.
Find Mallin. Talk to Mallin (accept the book). Go to the Monk's Lodge. Give the book to the monks. Talk to the Monks several times until nothing new appears (hint: switch the text to slow).
Infusion: Houndstooth, Cowbane, Eleccumpane. Go to the Apothecary Workshop. Talk to Goewin about everything. Go to the Blacksmith s. Talk to the woman (Catriona) in the rocking chair. Ask Catri- ona for the cowbane.
Get the cowbane from Catriona's garden. Go to the apothecary workshop. Give Goewin the cowbane. When Goewin finishes, ask her if the infusion is ready.
Then go for a walk around the village, so the potion can reach full strength. Go back to the apothecary workshop, and talk to Goewin about the spell and the weregate.
Go to the Severed Arms. Talk to the barbarian (Ultar) twice. Go to the weregate. Talk to the statues. Find Goewin and talk to her. Go to the weregate again and talk to her again. Walk through the weregate doors to the entrance cave.
Ft fj*‘ ’ " 90 M ,,it Noicnbct 1 ttl 22 THE CAVES Look at the skulls. Look at the right skull. Go to the green cave and wait for Goewin. Look at the skulls in the green cave. Tell Goewin to go to the entrance cave and pull the left skull. Go to the blue cave.
Look at the skulls. Pull the right skull, and wait a couple of minutes for Goewin to enter the green cave.
Pull the left skull to let her into the blue cave. Tell her to go to the green cave and pull the right skull. Go to black cave (hint: save the game here).
Go to the cave with the monster in. To defeat the monster, hold the left mouse button down. Move the mouse left to advance and right onto Diermot to attack. Repeat until the monster dies. If you get hit it is better to retreat rather than defend.
Go to the Dragon cave. Use the potion on the dragon. Talk to the dragon. Say to the dragon: I command you to help us.” Go to the blue cave. Pull the left skull. Go to the green cave. Make sure Goewin is always with you.
Pull the left skull. The weregate doors should now be open. Go to the marketplace. Wait for the skorl (Wayne) to go into Ewan's shop. Look through the shop window. When Wayne leaves the shop, talk to him. Then go into Ewan s shop. Talk to Ewan, then walk Out of the shop.
WINE CELLAR Look at the three casks in the foreground on the left. Look at the bung on the top cask. Go to the kitchen. Look at the carcass on the table. Look at the fat on the carcass. Get the fat. Get the tongs by the table. Go to the wine cellar.
When the boy is in the wine cellar, talk to him and tell him that you've come for Selena. Talk to Minnow again, and tell him to tell the skorl that someone is in the cellar.
"H%Y. RmpowcK Pull the bung out with the tongs, then hide behind the right pillar in the background. When the skorl walks past, go to the gateroom.
Look at the I ever.
Find Minnow again to make him follow you to the gateroom, if he is not there already. Tell Minnow to pull the lever. At the same time you must operate the winch. The winch should turn.
Go up the stairs to the second floor at the dining room (hint: save the game here). Then go through the door on the left.
• ft Here you will have to fight and kill another monster. Then
walk through the door to the left of the drawbridge to defeat
the evil temptress Selena.
I htmay) Startlingly crispy m problems is Paul Chapman fro* Hartlepool. He s sent us the le» codes for the first 100 levels. Ar being generally nice people, hr they are. Just for you. Becau you re special. Yes you are.
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One person who didn't have any Judging by your response to our Gamer survey a few months ago, you think Cheat Mode really is the camel's cobblers. And so, ever receptive to your comments, we've given you a wee Cheat Mode bonus.
As well as the over-generous start of a Gobliiins solution, here're a few other titbits from you game busters out in II Readerland Very spooky indeed... Very, very spooky actually. James Crompton of Oxon claims to have found some extra levels on lemmings. It all sounds a bit strange to us, but give it a go. What have you got to lose? Here's what you do... Type in LEMNGFINAL as the password, then enter IAMNOTGOOD". Now you can skip levels with the spacebar. Skip the last level, and the 30 identical levels that follow it. They're rated blue apparently.
Then skip the ten playerh -rated levels and you should find 20 completely new levels. James says that they're fairly easy, but it must be
v. i imbs.
Level Code Level Code Level Code 00512
35. .... ......25606 69 .20095 1 ...01536 36
.27654 70 19071 01024 37
.28166 71 18559 i ...03072 38
.27142 72 22655 ...03584
39. .... .26630
73. . .23167
6. .. ......02560 40 .30726 74 24191
..02048 41 .31238 75 23679
8. ... ..06144 42 .32262
76. ..... 21631 9 ... 06656
43. .... .31750
77. .... 22143
10. . ...07680 44 29702
78. .... .21247
II. . ...07168 45 .30214 79 20735
12. . ...05122 46 .29190 80 28927
13. . ..05634 47 .28678
81. .... 29439 14 ...04610 48
82. . .30463
15. . ...04098 49 .....20998 83 29951
16. . ...12290 50 .22022 84 31999
17. . ..... 12802
51. .... .21510 85 .. 32511 18 13826
52. .... .23558
86. ... 31487
19. . .....13314 53 .24070 87 ... 30975
20. . 15362 54 .23046 88 26879
21. . ......15878 55 .22534 89 27647
22. . .14854 56 .18438
90. .... 28671 23 ..... 14342 57 .18950
91. .... 28159 24 10246 58
.19974 92 261II 25 10758 59
.19462 93 2662;
26. . 11782 60 .17414
94. .... 25599 27 .11270
61. .... .17982
95. .... .25087
28. . 09222 62 .16958 96 08703
29. . .....09734
63. .... .16510 97 ......09215
30. . 08710 64 .16511 98 10239 31
65. .... .17023 99 09727 32
33. . 34 24582 25094
26118 66 67 68 .18047
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| Which computer(s). H any. Do you
wfcrw to* coupon lor to* MM » Arexx 134 Alex Gian begins to
write a powerful preferences-han- dling utility that utilises
all the power of the Arexx language DTV 137 Sunrize's
direct-to-disk recording system tan have multiple uses
alongside SMPTE and Bars and Pipes Pro. Paul Austin reports
PROGRAMMING 139 Sprite handling when using intuition screens
and windows. Margaret Stanger undertakes the coding MUSIC 141
Jl Get the best from the Amiga's 8-bit internal sound. Paul
Austin has some salient hints and tips • • COMMS 143 Pat
Winstanley looks at software to make your flirtation with
communication less costly and cumbersome AMOS 145 Amos has
excellent features for pulling down and manipulating screens.
Phil South wittuthis, plus ymur letters* pTP • 147 Do your fonts go fbgged when you enlarge them?
Jhen you ne d Phil South's run-down of all thmgs smooth and legible MULTIMEDIA 149 What's in the pipeline for CDTV? Dave Vfinder tooks forward to sottie forthcoming Software releases kTl Last time we started looking at Arexx, not only as a macro or command language, but also as a full programming language in its own right. We saw that the minimum requirement for a system-specific programming language is the ability to manipulate blocks of memory corresponding to the system structures.
It must be able to read the contents of specified structures, and to pass them as arguments (parameters) to functions which can do something useful with them.
Further, the language must be able to reserve blocks of memory and write to them when it creates new structures in its own programs.
We have already seen the built-in Arexx instructions for manipulating memory (IMPORT, EXPORT and so on), and we have mentioned that other Arexx support libraries also allow this ability.
This time we will look at some of the functions of a special Arexx library called rexxsupport.library which is supplied as part of Arexx, and which you will find in the Workbench 2.0 libs drawer.
In addition to the memory manipulation functions (and some other useful utility functions), this library allows you lo create custom Arexx ports in your own programs.
Using this feature you are no longer limited merely to sending messages to other Arexx-com- patible programs - you can create programs that receive Arexx messages too.
Mixture This mixture of abilities - interprocess messages, memory addressing, AmigaDOS interaction, as well as the regular Arexx parsing and command instructions - is what make the Arexx programming environment so powerful. Over the next few columns we are going to write an Arexx program that will use and illustrate all of them.
Our program will be a "Preferences" controller which runs in the background and allows you to change any of the standard settings by sending Arexx commands to them. That is, you will not have to load up your Preferences program and make the selection manually. You will be able to The Arexx Library Calling all Arexx programmers... If you've recently written an Arexx masterpiece and want the world to know about it, send it in to AC.
Continuing to support Arexx is a high priority and as a result we are opening the AC Arexx Library.
This new source of Arexx software will be redistributed free of charge on the AC CoverDisk every month.
If you want to play your part in the Arexx explosion, send your scripts and additional programs to: AC Arexx Library, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Pork, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP Alex Gian continues his look at Arexx programming with a guide around the rexxsupport library send a message to it from your Shell, or from another Arexx program. This could be useful, for example, if you are doing a batch of printing and want to change the printer settings for each individual print!
Our program will also allow control of other printer features, not accessible from Preferences, like pitch, size, style, quality and so on, We will also write a simple program to control our main program from an Intuition interface, instantly making any changes we want at the dick of a mouse.
These programs will illustrate the basic principles, and encourage you to implement ideas of your own. The main intent is to show how Arexx can be used to write useful programs quickly and efficiently in the standard Amiga environment.
Obviously this cannot be a tutorial on general programming, but it will be kept simple, and anyone with a bit of programming know-how and the willingness to experiment should have no trouble following it.
The full listings will appear on the CoverDisk from the next issue, with the tricky bits explained in this section.
Handling funtions Before we can use the functions for creating our own Arexx ports, it is useful to have some idea of how they are handled by the Amiga's operating system. Ports - and all multitasking activity - are handled by the part of the operating system called the Exec.
The Exec is the most important part of the Amiga's operating system. In the simplest terms it can be thought of as a very fast loop that allocates the central processor's time between all the different tasks that are running.
The Exec also manages the Amiga's memory pool, allocating and freeing blocks of memory according to need, and controls all the low level signals.
Now the Exec library provides a function called Wait() which, when called by any program, puts that program "to sleep". The program is still operative, but draws only a minimal amount of the system resources.
When the program receives some special signal it 'wakes up" and carries on doing whatever task it i$ meant to be doing - an Arexx message can be one of these special signals. This signalling system is the heart of the Amiga's multitasking efficiency.
The rexxsupport.library allows the user set up ports and receive Arexx messages without get- Arexx I'vEiX iltlle n I nterprooess comm.u ni cat io n In this section we will be looking «it various Arexx compatible pro grams and how their interfaces enhance their overall performance.
If you would like to see the Arexx interface of a particular program featured in these pages, please let us know. We kick oil with a look at Hyperbook.
Hyperbook is a package that allows the user to present information, text and graphics in a sensibly interconnected manner It allows lor the easy creation of buttons, requesters etc, which perform actions when clicked.
In this way it is an extension of the hypertext idea, where you dick on a highlighted word and get a lot more information on it.
Any object that can he displayed with Hyperhook, including pic tures and graphics, can be activated to lead on to further information.
Hyperbook is quite popular because of its extreme ease of use, and its price (about £40 if you shop around). It has been used to write edu cational software, and quite a few disk magazines.
It can be used successfully as a presentation package without its Arexx interface. However, if it is used with Arexx, its power is multi plied many times.
Firstly, whole sequences of actions (in the form of Arexx scripts) Can be programmed, rather than just simple one step instructions.
Secondly, Arexx can be used for calculating purposes where necessary.
Finally, most of the effects that can be created in Hyperbook by using the mouse have corresponding Arexx functions. Unfortunately, the graphics primitives and the text colour are not yet under Arexx control.
Arexx provides Hyperhook with a scripting language which it would not otherwise have. The converse of this is that Hyperbook can become a graphical front end tor Arexx.
This goes quite a way beyond the requirements of a presentation package in fact. Hyperhook becomes a simple design prototyping environment. Here is an example you could use Arexx to read in the contents of a directory, and sort it by size.
This could he presented on the screen as a bar graph. You could use the parsing abilities of Arexx to determine the typo of each file (Ascii, executable, IFF pic or sound file etc).
Clicking on the image of each file could then have some suitable result. Pictures and text files could be displayed, and sound files could be sent to a sound player in the background (Hyperhook does not have built in support for sound).
Using features like these, even a programmer with moderate expe rience can design very attractive and practical programs in a short period of time.
Finally, I should mention that Hyperhook appears to have a few minor bugs under Workbench 2.0. They are not serious, but the pro gram will occasionally crash if you press the "wrong" button.
This could upset a novice user, hut I hope that we will see an even better release of Hyperbook in the near future.
Ting involved in the intricacies of Exec. Another example of port use are the IDCMP ports (intuition Direct Communication Message Ports) used by the system to communicate things like mouse-dicks, gadget selections and keyboard input.
We mention them here because many Arexx libraries that support Intuition convert IDCMP messages into Arexx strings so that they can be handled more easily.
The following is the procedure for using an Amiga port In general, it holds for all ports, not just Arexx ones, so if you plan to do any serious Amiga programming you will come across it often.
1. Open a port
2. DO Loop start
3. Wait for a message
4. Receive a message
5. Check the message
6. Copy the message
7. Reply to message
8. Act on message
9. DO loop end
10. Close port First of all we must have an open port for our
messages - we then enter a loop where the program "sleeps"
until a message arrives at the port.
H more than one messages arrive, they will be queued, and processed successively. We then check that the message is relevant to us. If the message is relevant, we copy it to a variable, and "reply" to it. This part is very important. We have to reply to the message as soon as possible
- even before we have actually processed it - in order to free up
the resources of the Exec, which will be waiting for a reply.
If we do not reply to the message, we set up what is known as a "busy-waiting" loop. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make - the operating system will suspend all multitasking until a reply to the message is received!
You should also note that once you have replied to a message, it is lost, and that is why we copy it to a variable.
After we have replied to the message we can process its contents and take whatever action is relevant. We then go back to the start of the loop and wait for any other messages.
The example below shows how these principles are applied specifically to Arexx. There are a couple of things to note:
1. The function CETPKTO returns the message packet waiting at the
port, or a four-byte NULL value if there is no packet. In the
second case the next line just goes back to the beginning of
the loop. This is a necessary test, but we won't go into the
details of why.
2. Messages arriving at an Arexx port arrive in the form Of an
Arexx packet, which contains the Arexx message plus some extra
The function GETARG() retrieves the actual message from the packet. It also has more advanced uses for extracting multiple arguments from functions, but these will not concern us here either.
3. The REPLYO function has two arguments. The second one is the
return code. If nothing untoward has happened, it is set to
0. If some error had occurred, it could have been set to some
thing else. All the rest is pretty straightforward: •
li»pleport.r**« *1 (ALL openpcrt(RTPOIT) 10 fOREYEI CALL
-•itpkt(RTPORT) pactct = setpktCBYPORT) If picket « ’OOOMOOO'i
• magt * oetirgt oicttt ) (ill replytpackct D) I* act on ¦essage:
• SELECT WHER *essage * 'SREET' THEN SAT 'Hi Thera!'
WHEN Milage i 'DOAN' THEI SAT 'Bor, vhit I diy...’ MEN image * “BTE" THEN LEAVE OTHERWISE NOP END END EXIT Copy the above example and save it as simpleport.rexx. Then open two Shell windows, and run rx simpleport in one of them. Go to the other one and type rx 'ADDRESS MYPORT GREET'. You can exit from the first Shell by typing rx 'ADDRESS MYPORT BYE' at the second Shell.
Even if you have no experience with Arexx, you will soon get the idea. Study and experiment with the above example - we will use it in our Preferences control program next time.
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MJC PRICE £34.95 (or just £29.95 if purchased with the A600) NEW -A600 1Mb EXPANSION increases the memory ot the A6QQ to 2Mb MJC PRICE £47.95 AMOS - The Creator EASY AMOS - simple but powerful . £22.95 AMOS vl .2 - the original language £31 95 AMOS Compiler. .. £19 95 AMOS 3D ...... £21 95 1 1 .J GVP PRODUCTS A500 52Mb HD £249.95 A150Q 2000 52Mb .£279.95 A1500 2000 120Mb ...£419.95 NOTE: Hard drive prices include
VAT and COURIER delivery SIMMS MODULES 1Mb (70ns) £25.95 ...2 x 1Mb £49.95 NEW-VIDI AMIGA 12 Vidi Amiga 12 is the latest low cost colour digitiser from Rombo. RGB splitter is built in and colour images can be captured in less than a second.
Mono images are grabbed in real time. Features multi tasking software, composite or S-VHS input.
HAM. EHB and overscan.
MJC PRICE £79.00 NEW-MINI OFFICE AMIGA Great new integrated package featuring Word Processor, Database, Spreadsheet. Graphics & Disc Utilities MJC PRICE £39.95 NEW - KINDWORDS 3 This new release is basically an early version of the excellent Wordworth. Features Spell Checker.
Thesaurus and text flow around graphics (1Mb req).
MJC PRICE £32.95 PROTEXT V4.3 ..£39.95 PEN PAL v1.4 (1Mb) .....£54.95 WORDWORTH vl .1 - UK Version ...£74.95 MISCELLANEOUS Maxiplan 4 ......£34.95 Pro Midi Interface -,, .£19.95 Pro Midi + leads ? Music X Junior. .£34.95 Stereo Master .£29.95 Techno Sound Turbo .£29.95 Rombo Megamix Master ..£28.95 Rombo Take
2 .£39.95 Home Accounts 2 ..£36.95 Personal Finance Manager PLUS £29.95 Pagesetter 2 (1Mb) £39.95 Hisoft Devpac 3, .. .,,£49,95 Hisoft Hi-Speed Pascal .....£69.95 AMIGA EDUCATIONAL Amiga Computing November 1992 Further information on our Educational range is available in our Educational Supplement - on request Remember - prices include VAT & delivery FUN SCHOOL - Probably the best selling Educational Software tor the Amiga - great sound
and graphics and now conforms to the National Curriculum (FS3 &FS4) Fun School 2-8 programs per pack Fun School 2 under 6 ......£7.95 Fun School 2 6 to 8 ..£7.95 Fun School 2 over 8 ...... £7.95 Fun School 3-6 programs per pack Fun School 3 under 5 ....£15.95 Fun School 3 5 to7 115.95 Fun School 3 over 7 ......£15.95 NEW Fun School 4-6 programs per pack Fun School 4 under 5 ...£15.95 Fun School 4 5 to
7 £1595 Fun School 4 7 to 11 .....£15.95 All Fun School programs will work with a standard 512k Amiga and the new A500 Plus.
KOSMOS Answerback Junior Quiz Includes 750 General Knowledge questions & a game reward ....£14.95 Answerback Senior Quiz As above but for age 12* . £14.95 Factflles Add on question packs for the Answerback Quiz Fulfil* Spelling (6-11) ....£7.95 Factfile Arithmetic (6*11) .£7.95 Kosmos Language tutors with a vocabulary of over 2,500 words & the ability to add your own - up to GCSE level.
French Mistress ......£14.95 German Master £14 95 Spanish Tutor ..£14.95 Italian Tutor___________________ .______________£14.95 KOSMOS MATHS ADVENTURE: The latest Offering from Kosmos covers the National Curriculum maths using a series of four games. There are four difficulty levels and you performance can be kept and printed out. (6-14) £17.95 LCL SOFTWARE Primary Maths Course (3*12) .£18.95 Micro Maths
(GCSE level) £18.95 Micro French (GCSE level) £18.95 Micro English (GCSE level) .....£18.95 Reading & Writing Course (3*) .. £18.95 NEW - MEET ADI!
ADI is a friendly alien being that appears on this latest range of educational software from Europress (the manufacturers of the Fun School range). Each package is specifically designed to follow the National Curriculum lor a particular school year ENGLISH 11 12: Features pronouns, verbs, adverbs, spelling, synonyms and prefixes'suttixes.MJC Price £17.95 ENGLISH 12 13: Using dictionaries and reference books, construct adverbs, punctuate sentences .MJC Price £17.95 MATHS 11 12: Covers geometry, algebra, statists, symmetry, quadntaterais and number operations
....MJC Price £17.95 136 If you were wise enough to invest in last month's issue of 4C you can’t fail to have noticed our feature on the Amiga's first direct to disk recording system, namely the ADI 012 from SunRize Industries.
Although most definitely an audio rather than a video release, the connection between this new board and the world of DTV is a strong one which is personified by the board's 12-bit architecture and alliance to SMPTE timecode as its primary means of communication with the real world.
As I'm sure you're aware, 16 rather than 12-bit sound is the CD standard which the music industry relies on, and the board's mono only output also points to its videographic place in market. An audio product it may be, but it's the world of video where the board will make its mark.
For the professional user, SMPTE compatibility is on hand, but for the financial mortals, SunRize have also added a direct connection to Bars & Pipes Professional, the power sequencing package from Blue Ribbon Soundworks.
The aforementioned software is the only program which has direct access to the board and its impressive sampling and sample sequencing abilities. The combination of Studiol 6 - AD1012's own software - and Bars & Pipes Professional is achieved by syncing the two via Studiol6's own built-in SMPTE generator which supplies the necessary reference to combine the two packages.
Rate coding of video and audio events is possible, instantly transforming your formerly amateur audio video efforts into frame-accurate professional productions.
If your system is based around VFTC rather than SMPTE timecode all is not lost as the same synchronisation can be achieved. In such a case, a VITC to SMPTE translator would be required in order to allow synchronisation with the AD1012.
Once the supplied tools and accessories are copied into the Bars & Pipes Professional toolbox and accessories draws respectively and the Bars & Pipes quit module is added to the Studol6 runtime drawer, you're ready to put their combined power into action.
The first task before any combination can take place is to load the SunMPTE accessory which will actually lock Bars & Pipes Professional to either the SMPTE timecode coming into the board or alternatively to the internally-generated timecode provided by Studiol 6's SMPTE generator. A second accessory, Once joined, the union can achieve a combination of Midi music and digital audio that would be impossible using conventional analogue techniques. Whether used to add simple sound effects or entire voice-overs, the subsequent soundtrack can be amazing.
Advised Obviously to really get the best from the combination of the two systems, SMPTE-compatible hardware in the form of SMPTE-compatible VCRs is well advised, but not necessarily essential.
As mentioned above, the Studiol 6 software generates its own SMPTE timecode which can be employed within the software's "cuelist" to synchronise an unlimited number of samples into a complete soundtrack.
If the necessary timecode is provided externally via a pre-striped videotape, complete frame-accuSoundtrack sampling The first tool in the selection provides the feature which is sure to be the videophile's favourite.
SunRize Out allows the user to translorm Midi note events into sample play commands which then instruct the ADI 012 to play specific samples.
In short it provides a perfect method of producing frame accurate sound effects. All such effects have the added bonus of being allowed to play to their entire length or alternatively to be heard until note off information is received by the sequencer.
You can select any sample already within the Sample list or alternatively use the load option to employ a pre recorded sample Irom disk.
It's even possible to record the sample directly with all the usual filtering and sample rate controls on hand, and ol course all recorded samples can be saved out and are assigned to their specific notes automatically. And if you don't like what you hear you can erase the sample, instantly deleting the data from the disk.
Namely SunSet can also be loaded and allows any of the modules within Studiol 6 to appear within the Bars & Pipes Professional screen. Once active, the Instance window from Studiol 6 will appear giving instant access to all of the program's sample recording, editing, and sequencing abilities.
Virtual track The final option is entitled the SunRize Virtual Track. Unlike the SunRize Out tool, this option is meant for large samples such as vocal tracks, guitar solos, and so on. It allows you to play a sample synchronised directly with other Bars & Pipes Professional tracks, in effect providing a virtual track
- hence the title.
To ensure perfect synchronisation, the sample is only recorded or played back at the beginning of a measure, in a similar way that Midi recording initiates at a specific measure.
As is the case with nornial samples, up to four virtual tracks can be added, all of which are treated as independent tracks within the sequence.
Re-recording over a track simply overwrites the original contents. Unfortunately the present version will only record an entire sample at a time so no matter where you start recording it will be treated as if you had started from the beginning.
Alas it appears we may have to wait a while for a digital dub, Still, even with this slight inconvenience the ADI 012, Studiol 6 and Bars & Pipes Professional combination offers a remarkable amount of power for a system which retails under £400.
As new and improved tools and videographic enhancements appear for the SunRize series of direct-to-disk systems and indeed any other such products, rest assured that AC will bring you the essential information first.
- m NOW ALSO CTDi TI 1f w% AVAILABLE m MW M m f J ¦ 1 FROM m
V1IV m mm m fm mm hargware Dept AC. 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON
Domain at Strictly Public Domain Prices Creative Utilities ¦
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(Jofjjeuin Models D+42 Gulf War 0129 MamWluUker 0130 Sam Fq«
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Sport Tcrnututut 11 D209 Simpuoin D303 Saucy Kosicard* D470
Kail iy Lloyd Slidcnhow Annul} p*» o.fkcp« inf«miNn Anxiub.
AaliikMurc. Payile. An I An 2 (fens) Ammv An Deal, Lup.iv Sun.
Eipkiikxu CdiKXUD FuuikuL AH Mix .Symbuli IvkkI and Dm*
Envmxwvni. Pood * Dmk. Iluith
* Hume Yxkcdnei, Wetldingi Jiul U-eure bnhdjyi Xme New Ywr. Kwer
Peupk (Uxldiet). Lun y, futhkm.
Iuaa«) Pupk (Men It women) Sign* • Hein. Xna* ind rnx ) 5po»t» lAmonan Rxdull 10 'Wioef Polo) wcrfcs ind I mks 1. Trinspwi Work* ind Trule* 2 Uil FQNTi KXKft - fern fur ux »Rh Dfaui.
LIT PHOFEMONAIDBIO MAKER- Uaicyurewn demo mucrjuxe* IW SUDGHOW MAKER - Stem* him hi proru ddohtmt n difleten wjw LW44 SPEK1I TOY - Gel yiw Amgi tilling UW2 TOHB-.4iW'peNhtoy »d*Ho»tli- 13 U HVNDUamri - Thr be* UinUrtiM Bwjnl.
1:315 ULTIMATE ICONS - IreLdex kun Lib. Lux) Mein It Inxi Mnxn - «pbndiJ di*.
U32I S HA HOST) ¦ Mivw d ihen fm u* wlh l Piul t*.
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1. 446 ULIRArAlNT - Fab paui: package U*4 ScttEN MOD - (Wxrnw the
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1) 112 Stnkhy II D521 Stop Ski Mitfunc
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dutor LCDS BlblMSfi RACK (3 OGKS) - V.'PlWwa. Sprefckhcrt
• Diabase.
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I. '491 (11 J3i • Fjnu«v xcojUt pnipan tWl AMIKAMi -Piwofil
»xlpj«y loiaedxxtu* in*4 rur.b luncuxB M5 Q11CMM5E - libd
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l. '« DCNKTOP PI BU5IITR - Mike tciltdi Hi'., with ind MU Good
U297 SOIW) SX)RKMIOP - F ctco! Ulib foe tee wlh Sjutrttrfcict
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SAMPLES12 DISKS) - All uu nven |jct time ixiw SxinS Ujl9
SOUND IraCXKK SAMfti.S (4 MSKSl - Cnranrd will u«B JO) MfifkV
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l. '541 SAMPLE MAKER VIU - Crejlc yjur own unpin - cuefret UW
SoliNU & NUDE IHALW3B - Cniuncd *uh Jftnmi prop.
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I) 18 SYSTEM TEST DISK - PM.« *tuw »nx)* ««h vour Aaugj 1*522
SI.PER KILLERS - TiAiDv irjikiV those IAi(o tttcp
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1324 UAH) I)fiK IT1LS - I'vHoI tub wih full 4x fix Had dnees 1*52* S020RLN C CohSIDH • ft* m* luopn’hciNir di* on C L'329 R.RHO LMPIOOER ViO • Voy po*et(ul cnesdw 1336 HtlVTn DHVEk P.lCK . Cam fix xnnmd » piiiten UJJ7 Ql IQIIfNCII PUS - Sfcni llinp up 1x1 »uux ASM L AW POOLS CHECKH - Find «ji d jwiVc men 1 frxiunr 1*3 QCSTlTOfi - Bnuom ihe n« Ki pw l'3H IQ TESra - Set if you it e ihid » ornwoc ilurhk 0345 ASSASklVi IABI1PHVTEH - Seurtcn up yiw bk lihniy.
U357 Ml) Vi - M*n kl file opmDMK quil Jfrt 4«plr L'458 SITER C - .Muon d OJ uliim ExceBot 0360 klMXTF BENCH - Not jw i pmn’ »wkbei ii but uxful llih ruxpxilcd
1. 562 ATM - Vr* irctr nolunji d Anutn curikm snimi Blank Disks
12 in own plastic storage box ,..,11,50
50. £22.50
100. ....£40.00 These prices
include P&P Creative Music Utilities Business Utilities
Useful Utilities 1337 am Hui 1'340 KXHSi 15* KUO CjtF.ATOfi
I'.ACK (6 DKK5I - Gel Ur mxl out J yew Aixiga Gel tfcaiire
I'49l DK1I TRACE - F.wrilor by Tkkc prcg MO MARK - 3 Bnfiint
dtnxi mikirg STAB IRIK ANIM - T Rrinei»jmjr.ni 3D jnouisxi
ENTEHW5L UAVLSG DKTIXXK - Ancdw iKhlcr ibnic iiumi£ ULUs
Imh) AU NEW ST.U IREK TV bat sar Ttek eineiodjlr
i) ifab 2 ihnn) • YmuUi m)in«m d nnefticitR 2dnolM)l-lJ5caTiii
Inrtw w% jual (nr (2 dBb • 2 dma 1 Mb) STAB 1HX MuiADDlO -
Imt.ik* in xiuulkn ind Ue*uw .V. ixipuied b* xund Vgood.
IrfX TMYlA - lta» mxh do mju rally Iuki» IRK HIYIA V6 - M ir seinJum ouocxn OvnEI-»|jM| prjtwil dek ROMiiseiBocinnuds Injures Pctfnl Kurd JixxxinJ nisei 0CTANED - He 8 UmuicI imixi d AM 51 t’Jkfll FO .201 - Vm Iw Jni iqwt LALOUEHA3I! - *,xi .xi Ism turn iikm ))*) rt cuwirurg LHA - Vm f« inhftri aninrtblc wnhW.AlC MlinnOT-Diu piling piMpn OlilOMACY - Uauci traMi* giuc bused u) Wl aWDHS - tumm uiiiitm d JD inul Iflm M’FUCHD K - tea «ju on k rgt wonb.
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together, ongirul truck*.
Kxprcuoun* 2-3 bnlluot king ruve lmk OuLvundmK.
Munk Ruvvs 2 (4 disk*) - Prubablv the best rave mussc around Accompinicd oy great Ufaflix AmiBl Hu The l «ks (2 deb 1Mb) VaA h»* conic up w*h 2 great rave tracks I Love io sn*)kc Marupiana - Pumping rase music.
Wucko Jaiko (1Mb) - I eat um Black and Whie and It s So Mental.
500 Dung* Piglii Buck - Great ongiwl music.
Tcclmununia 2 - An absolute must for all rave fan* BCB MumC Di* - GouJ onginal stuto ZcroO - Demo sample disk • Great sounds for use in Nousetrackcr type pmjc* We now have T-BAG 1-61 G357 TETRIS CLONES - Bralfy cryoi jhc dmvitnr*
C) 58 A1KMANIA - Win i (rip d i liwtire G 359 LXIli GAME PA(X Dl»
I - GM collfitwi d
0) 60 EaTTU OF BSTIAIN - NU «*ren C*1 OJE1) SHARP - N.xyeixen 0*2
Turtle fur* GJ64 GHOWH- Bltel GJ65 MLV20V X - Not )W sren 0366
JPTHAN - Venn* of SprtUua jpmr.
G*' GAMES BUT7 - GonptMaa ci Spilty gnue* Hr foliouinx bmr bee* rtvirued amJ giivn 9ff%ororrr
C) 69 CABEKET ASTTXOIDS - Dvert copy of jreade Mcnib.
GJXi AMIGUUS - Pjb gopfiid on '.te wrnitA daw G57I St V* DUS - Ivwmk fwfaB «yk |pmt 0373 lADYBUG - Virurr co tbe ok) Pm nun duo GJ74 AMHiATTLATlOS • A cnOeitKa d bnturi mind G3T OkYUND II - Bediml tOepkn gtmr Wl)l AU NbW STAB IREK (2 DOS - 2 DWVES - IMG) - llw bed Sut Twk giinr atuuirt G278 AIR A(£ 0 - EqmsWe dax'em up m phne* G2I0 A1KVAR - A Urge cumber d flgle unulilun.
G051 HLAVnC FREDDIE - Brllunl pblfixm gune.
G3» sunnn - Oinuoiin nde pUv jget G«6 PHOPEKIY MADXT - Rnd out if yuiVr gut» bead fotbuuxM GS2 3&UANCE - IligfiV ptasrrt xjtxruilnr our 0321 SCIM HATWS - Bb*t lie xutn omof fas London G220 STAB TREK (3 DISKS - 2 DRIVES IMG) - Vety G27T tBSn W (2 RISKS) - UapUc .waiw gunc 0268 MUFFl Of FOKTINE - Euceikni vemun at TV prcg G542 DOWSMU CIIAUENGF - Gnat fun ikiiig game GM3 POM POM GUWiB - Sox dutn ihmr crrmy piano GJ4V SMON SAYVSTAU MATHS - Go yout kj* 10 leam MuSni'COki.iHillU GJ50 EDUCATION FOB UNDB W» - Uud* nf n*fyiMr.'
Nixaoxulgime* GJ53 DARK STAIt - spenmm adventue game artv tturenre vny Mauirang.
G354 AMKXMIKiA Alm. uxlv ..usumluy cJe pbv pat G355 HOUTWOOD TRIVIA - Very fine uuir gine ' G501 TEXT ADVENTURE GAMB PACK (4 4*C l - 0*W 10 ptf, ptx ri.M'teit S'XM'u and Stis Trek 0499 ULTIMATE HLATHJHM UAMIN - Wfuuy'* Quc*t * Mnfirn Miner G336 NO MANS LAND - l«l 2 pUyn comtal umr 0539 GAMES BONANZA - 22 Gime* on tine dr* - Anuxr 0544 UAMA COUECTVON - Uunitnxi ? Mrtigilaiiu Uuuk GD5 SHOOT EH L? PACK - Indudo Na Trek ami Rclakrtx It mxe gtrai fun.
Li.LMbUimia.ML * Dnp, Baby Yahw. Tic Tie Tue. Amueta Olhelki. Trun. Che». Tilts, Duiek*.
UkHBGAIflKLyPIl - Sky F«fil, KapOihrl.:, lam Jallind, Boincrr, BlueriHwa Wetkni ’SVixbcirtli UiMLvU.MiMViAl - A*iad». Gr»vn Wan. Pr Hum.
Ob* 3D. Mnblas. MM. Gravinalk GAMES1 UiLOKE V011 - Cat. Mr Monk. Hiikgarrmuo.
Ypiun Bun. Muunu. Spwwir llrjunuiv Ginw GAMES GAU2H M 3. - Trctawu. Monopoly. Couno, Maraiun. Sv* ftax.h Dad. Lit * kwe K..2U WiiatiALUgMfe - lunpy. King. B|». Gabuev Dndi.
Sarmv.ATC GAMES GAUaESUr. - Tnuuet Yawn. »'ukl Murum.
Anuga Wurni, Pipelre, Mine* Bourne MuaMAflfcYyVS - 0«nr Tanci, *««: Tfai CokauL M Comiunil, Thppin. Caw lunner. Space.
MEGA GAME2.YU12 LAI - Bjoknirek. BuIro SupobieilnB, Fgipiun Bun MBGA GAMES VOL 1(B)-Cos. Sw«rare. Othdln. Oben.
Crysil Vu*» HfiGA GAMES I'ffl. Ltd - Hack. Sited G«cv TuufW.
Kriglt Cntnun. 5pdk*yp«. WiinJ. P ncr MEGA GAMES VOL 1 Li).1 - Mowpdy. PuhIc. Awrwd*.
Uduxe Burget, Meroetury MEGA GAMES VOL 1 tE) - Faw. Iff 2 ta, Mriak Ccamund.
Lnvadnv MEGA GAMEAlUllfJ-Bank. Ta.Deoendet.rJn, PA Caenon MELA GAMES VOLilAI - U Fatoik Game* HtUiUSMaVflktttai - C«»e, My II, (2w» MiXiA G.VMES yq 2 (Cl - Wutid. Hiliardi A Tnv MkaA GAMES VOL LCD) - Cke. WonWh, Sixry A WW1 flSASCiSQAHBl - T*a. Botapcfc. Anmixth Catmirm, Aviira.
AiiASiL vUAMEi. - Gd Anion. Mtvule Conxnmd, Invaden, EGIV2 Mm Gune. Think Ahead Send £1 now for our new format catalogue giving details of around 1,500 disks including 500(+) compatibility where possible plus loads more.
Mouse Mats available for £2.99 each fir-i'i '.heal PROGRAMMING lie L'onii'oJ The picture on an Amiga screen can be in three independent layers, with the background and midground as two separate playfiekls. The foreground is made up of sprites - small graphic elements 16 pixels wide, two bit- planes deep, and any height.
Margaret Stanger looks at sprite handling when Intuition Screens and Windows are being used It is possible to open an Intuition Screen and Window, and then sneak a second playfield into the display. Before opening the Screen, the ns_ViewModes flag in the NewScreen structure must include the DUALPF flag, The PFBA flag can be either set or clear, depending whether the first or second playfield has precedence.
Once the Screen b opened, there is a pointer to the Screen's ViewPort structure available to the programmer. The ViewPort has a Raslnfo structure containing a pointer to the BitMap with the BitPlane information.
If the Viewport has dual playfields, the first Raslnfo contains a pointer to the next Raslnfo, which has a pointer to the second BitMap. In the example program an extra Raslnfo structure is declared for the second playfield.
A pointer variable, *lastRaslnfo, is declared to store any pointer contained in the current Raslnfo for the Window, to be restored before the Screen is closed.
The Screen is opened in the usual way, the background BitMap structure attached to the Window, and the Window opened. The ViewPort address of the Window is determined.
The second Raslnfo structure is initialised with the midground BitMap - all its other structure members will be zero as there are no scroll offsets.
Demos on the disk The demo program on the CoverDisk contains two source modules, csprite.c and iff- read.c, which can be compiled and linked together in the normal way.
Iffread.c is the general purpose picture file reader, and csprite.c is the calling program, csprite.c includes a header file csprite.h containing sprite data.
The object module, csprite, opens a Screen, and a Window in that Screen. The ILBM picture files, with the filenames specified in the calling program, are opened and the picture data read into the appropriate BitPlanes.
The files are closed, and control goes back to the main program. The pictures from the IFF files are displayed as two separate play- fields. Seven sprites are allocated to SimpleSprite structures. Each sprite is moved to its place in a horizontal line up, using the sprite data defined in the header file "csprite.h". The picture is displayed on the Screen until the user closes the Window, or dicks a mouse button. The Sprites are freed, the Window and Screen closed, and the program exits.
And it is the last Raslnfo on the list. The first Raslnfo.Next pointer is altered to point to the second Raslnfo structure, and the display remade.
Each sprite has a data list of data word pairs. The first two words of each sprite's data are control words to initialise the sprite.
Bits IS to 8 of the first control word contain the vertical position of the first line of the sprite, bits 7 to 0 contain the sprite's horizontal start position.
Bits 15 to 8 of the second control word contain the line after the last vertical fine of the sprite. Bits 2 to 0 of the second control word contain the most significant bits of the first line, last line and horizontal position respectively.
The last two data words always contain zero. The intervening data words contain the pixel data. The first two sprites use colours 16 to 19, the next two 20 to 23, the next two 24 to 27 and the last two 28 to 31.
The first colour of a sprite is always transparent. A pixel will be the second colour if a bit b set in the first pixel data word, and the corresponding bit in the second pixel data word is clear; the third colour if the bit is clear in the first pixel data word and set in the second; and the fourth colour if both bits are set.
The Amiga library routines use a SimpleSprite Structure that holds data for each sprite, containing the height, horizontal and vertical co-ordinates, sprite number and a pointer to its pixel data. The pixel data must be in chip memory.
Strict SiiolfSpntt ( UKORD rposrtlditi; UH0R6 kcigkt; HUM) t,r; UHORI nga; The programmer can set up a SimpleSprite structure for a sprite, and the library routines utilise this structure, handle the sprite copper list for the Viewport, and also update the appropriate words of the sprite pixel data with the position and height.
The GetSpriteO routine can be used to entice one of the eight sprites, so that it will be at your beck and call; spriteno = Ctt$ prite(SiipleSpnte,spHtcnua) SimpleSprite is a pointer to the SimpleSprite structure used by the program for handling the sprite.
The structure should contain the height of the sprite
- system routines can put in the rest of the structure members if
Spritenum b a number from zero to seven if a particular sprite b required, or minus one if any of the free sprites will do.
If the routine is successful, the number of the captured sprite is returned (spriteno) and the structure member ss_num of the SimpleSprite structure is updated. The sprite copper list b not updated at thb stage, If the routine is unsuccessful, a spriteno of -1 returned.
To free the unfortunate sprite for other programs to use, there is a corresponding routine, FreeSprite(spriteno), where spriteno is the number of the sprite.
To change the sprite picture; d «ngtJp'ite(Yie«Port,$ iipU$ prm,»prltfditi) ViewPort b the address of the relevant Viewport, SimpleSprite a pointer to the simple sprite structure and spritedata is a pointer to the pixel data in chip memory.
This routine updates the SimpleSprite structure with the new data pointer, updates the sprite data with the start and finish positions from the SimpleSprite structure, and updates the sprite copper list with the new information.
To move the sprite: RoveSpri te(VitwPort SfspleSprite,x y ViewPort is the address of the relevant ViewPort, SimpleSprite a pointer to the simple sprite structure and x and y are the new horizontal and vertical pixel positions of the start of the sprite.
This routine updates the SimpleSprite structure with the new positions, updates the sprite data with the new start and finbh positions, and updates the sprite copper list with the new information.
The more discerning among you will notice that I have not attempted to use sprite 0. This b because the program's Intuition Window is already using sprite zero as its pointer, and attempting to grab it will result in an embarrassing clash of interests.
The GetSpriteQ routine will be unsuccessful, and any subsequent attempts to move, change or free sprite zero will result in a program crash.
Sprite one shares its colours with sprite zero, and will be resplendent in the same colours as the Intuition pointer.
There is an Intuition routine to alter the pointer: S'tPpintt'flMndgv,spritetfiti,height,vidtMoffstt y offset) Window is a pointer to the current Window, spritedata b a pointer to the pixel data in chip memory - thb data is set up in the same way as it was for the sprites. The height and width are the horizontal and vertical sizes of the new pointer but the width must be 16 or less.
Xoffset and yoffset are the distances of the pointer "hot spot" from its top left-hand corner.
There is a corresponding routine, ClearPointer(Window), which changes the pointer back to the default setting defined in Preferences, usually a boring arrow shape.
JillJj il iUjjAUJAA $ j} y-oiiy Aijiigzi Tba KCS Powat Pcisa complete IIMHi 1Mb PC that can b« lilted to any Amiga m Based around NEC*t highly successful V30 CPU.
The Power PC Board otters a very high degree of compatfelMy at machine language level, yet runs (liter thifi in aguivUMt Mel 8086 The 1Mb ot Autoconlio™ memory cm be accessed by el current Amiga models including the A500 Plus. Even the anginal A500 can access 512K as a standard expansion w«h ctodc plus a ST2K RAM disk.
Adored by critics and users alike, the KCS Power PC Board is a real alternative to buying a complete PC dorse.
• installation The KCS Power PC board (Us to any Amiga In
• On A500 and A500 Plus machines it simply slides into the
trapdoor expansion; and doesn't invalidate your warranty!
• On bigger Amigas, such as the 1500 2000 2500 3000. It drops
into a vacant Amiga slot using the custom designed adaptor
• Once fitted, your Amiga can be switched into PC mode sanpty by
dieting an icon. Just raset and It's an Amiga agan No tui. No
hassle, Just two machines tn the space ol one Video the
majority of EGA and VGA modes m up to 640x480 and text too.
Interlace is required for some modes but a software flicker
fixer is built In
• Other video modes indude MOA and CGA text and graphics Also
supports Tandy colour graphics adaptor and Hercules monochrome
• EGA and VGA graphics can be displayed on a domestic TV or
monitor Unkke wiPCs. No extra ts required Disk
• Up to lour Amiga drives can be your system and accessed in PC
720K oi 5.25- 360K. Typical dis!
Least twice as last as most real PC i ¦ DOS can be started Irom any
5. 25* or 3J* and most Amiga hard »Supports most popular hard
GVP tmpacl, Supra and A500 (OmU and SCSI).
• A massive 200K ramdnve (up to Smbwith expansion) s available in
PC mode and it's PC- reset proof too.
• Even with a base Amiga 704K ts free for DOS programs (640K in
EGA and VGA modes).
• EMS (expended memory) it supported xHowmg you to run Microsoft
Windows without problems M Lotus 1-2-3. So. If you TC emulation
is a contentious issue - but the KCS Power PC board is the only
one to carry my personal recommendation. It is an excellent
product that does all It claims and does it well - comments
flrnk Smiddy, co-author of Mastering AmigaDOS 2, PRICE
Including MS-Dos DOS-Help and on-board memory. £219.93 incl.
VAT Carr.
Excluding MS-Oos. But including on-board memory. £189.95 Incl. VAT Carr.
Adaptor for 150(V2000 3000 - £74.93 incl. VAT Carr.
Avabbta Iran your tool computer shop («they havwn got it - Ask them why noli). Or direct tram Wcon Devices 88 Btwfcfc Road, OatMtwad, Tyne k Wear, NE8 IRS E and Tat (091) 4901919, Helpline: (091) 490 0202, Fix; (091) 490 1918 Mb on board, the PC can use It.
(exfended memory) Is supported - even i this is not usually possible on NEC V30 lb Landmark speed pub it way ahead of many true PC systems - H even compares favourably with many AT clones However, the crux of the matter lies with the video speed; and this, as many critics have noted is where the KCS Power PC Board scores over all others. It's no use having a wizz-bang processor II the screen takes several seconds to redraw itself.
• Tests in text modes have shown it is several turns taster than
evenAT clones wflh dedicated Even m graphics modes. ITS no the
emulation Is limited by accelerator card, andthe 32-btt
software will use it to its full serai mouse emulation is
supplied as
- using your extstmgAmiga rodent can be eoAHgubd as C0M1 or COM2
• Up to two sucks can be employed al any tme.
You decide how they are arranged Printer
• Your Amiga's parallel port is accessed as LPT1 In PC mode.
• DOS usually supports two serial ports, but one is taken by the
Amiga mouse The Amiga's serial can be sat as C0M1 or COM2 as
desired. « lor MODEM efc. Up to 19200 b Sound
• PC sound is supported, but there's an iddfilonal volume control
available in software.
• All Amigas (except the a1000) fitted with Krtstert 1 2 and
Workbench 12 or higher.
• Extr* memory is not required, but fuB use w« be made ot extra
hardware, like accelerators, nicker fixers, modems etc Heipl
• We want you to gel the most out of your system so we offer a
comprehensrve. Free helpline service to all registered users.
• Since the hardware ts a complete PC m its own right, al updates
am complatety software drwen.
Registered users can update ai any time lor a nominal tee to cover media and shipping costs.
Repairs from £23.00 inclusive.
Free registered carrier pickup and return despatch for ultimate peace of mind, for any repair anywhere on the UK mainland!
Free diagnostic inspection.
All repairs carried out are covered by free 90 day warranty.
Fast efficient service, average diagnostic and repair time 24 hours!
Experienced, qualified engineers.
Any upgrade fitting, fixed price £15.00 inclusive.
Terms and conditions available upon request.
Business Enterprise Centre, Eldon Street, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE33 5JE.
Telephone: 091 455 4300 FOUR GREAT GAMES and all this Maths revision... maths ADVENTUREI Times Tables Addition Subtraction CwrtaAwUWMtoXm.e-U I tt:r Multiplication Division Fractions Decimals Using calculators Shape & Space _ Money problems Measurements Number patterns sy££BI3§§M CASIO SOLAR CALCULATOR] AMIGA MATHS ADVENTURE For ages 6-14 price £25.99 inc. vat Now available from your dealer or direct from Kosmos.
Write or telephone for our new FREE 16-page colour brochure of Educational and Leisure software (please state computer type) (Tel) 31 300580. Docado (Tel) 4IM97480. Canirv Customs Chipx (Tel) 928 271064 » (TH) J1 31 tt 71 Portugal Softdub Ttf) 01 3528452 kskod Computer CityAufaiin S nae (Til) 0M-82W9. Al trade enquiries welcome UK and (tanas (PAL only).
Kosmos Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed) DUNSTABLE, Beds, LU5 6BR Telephone 0525 873942 or 875406 MUSIC Successful sampling Paul Austin explains how to get the best from the Amiga's internal sound and looks ahead to the musical Amigas of the future... musos. The first, most expensive, and arguably the best of these is RamScan's Audio Engineer. This particular unit offers unbelievable quality, considering its 8-bit design, allowing full stereo sampling which benefits from the best filter and anti-aliasing circuitry around.
Although the Amiga's existing sampling skills easily outstrip the opposition as far as internally generated computer sound is concerned they nevertheless leave a lot to be desired in comparison to professional studio quality sampling equipment.
Having said that, for those of us on a budget the 8-bit stop gap offered by the Amiga can provide a perfect note pad for experiments that can then be expanded within the 16-bit environment of the studio.
In addition, the rave scene isn't averse to sacrificing a little sound quality On occasion and as a result many a repetitive hook in among the Italian piano and pumping bass has made its first steps onto vinyl via the Amiga's humble sound chip.
Because of the machine's built-in ability to play up to four 8-bit samples simultaneously, all the major Amiga sequencing packages can take advantage of this option while dealing with Midi information for external hardware.
If you've spent any time at all browsing through the vast array of Amiga magazines, you've probably noticed it's impossible to turn more than a few pages without being assaulted by an increasingly garish array of ads screaming the praises of an endless collection of sampler software combinations.
Although there are a few good cheap and cheerful units on the market, it's worth investing those extra few pounds on quality kit. At the forefront of Amiga sampling are two units which have been adopted by almost all the leading Amiga When combined with its twin DACs, this gives it unbeatable sound quality which easily rivals many 12-bit and even a few 16-bit samplers.
As is the case with all quality samplers, editing software comes as part of the package - as you'd expect from a unit costing £199. The software in question is one of the top two packages on the market and although labelled Audio Engineer, is in reality AudioMaster 3.
This is a package which has only recently been challenged
- and some would say beaten
- by Audition4, a standalone sample editor sample sequencing
The second quality sampler on the market, entitled Sound Unbeatable Master is the only unit capable of challenging Audio Engineer. Although it doesn't offer the same degree of control available via its competitor, it does produce equally impressive results, and like it's counterpart comes with Audio Master 3 as part of the £129 package.
Waveform tuning Once equipped with a sampler, the next task is to master the art of getting the best from the available eight bits. To do this a quality sound source is essential but in addition it's worth becoming familiar with the accompanying software.
Both samplers and either of the two sampling software packages will sample right up to 57kHz. If you have the necessary RAM, always push the initial sampling rate to the maximum and then employ the software's waveform tuning to re-sample the sound to the desired pitch. That way you'll always get the very best from the sound, sampler and software combination.
Music of the future According to an anonymous source, the rumoured specifications of a new generation of Amigas appear to have hit the mark. The two new machines take the form of an A4000 040-based machine and a 16MHz 030-based A1000 Classic which could also appear as the A800. Both machines will boast the new AA chipset with 2.1 ROMs.
The A4000 variant will come as standard with 16Mb of fast Ram and 4Mb of chip memory expandable to 64Mb and 16Mb respectively. The chip memory is of special importance if Commodore continue their approach of holding all sample data within the machine's chip memory.
The A1000 Classic A800 comes in what's been described as a Pizza style slimline case offering expandability up to 4Mb of chip memory and 16Mb of RAM. Both machines will also boast a true full speed double density floppy. For we musos the most interesting aspect of the upgrade is the new machine's awesome musical potential, with full 16-bit four- channel sound at an amazing 56kHz. In short, instant CD quality sampling plus twin built-in Midi ports as standard.
There’s even provision for an accompanying microphone to plug directly into the built-in digitiser, allowing direct 8-bit 28MHz sampling.
Another pleasant feature is that the machines won't just be limited to 16-bit resolution - emulation has been added to enable eight 8-bit chan nels to operate at 56kHz and up to 16 8-bit channels at a very respectable 28kHz.
Our unnamed source is already in the process of Beta testing both products so there's no reason why at least one of the machines shouldn’t be released in the Autumn. It looks likely that the 030 based machine will be the first to greet the light of day with the A4000 making its debut in the spring of next year.
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Boxes are antistatic lockable and have ample dividers. Disks supplied with FREE labels.
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Road, St. Pauls Cray, Kent. BR5 3BW.
E oe Personal callers welcome by arrangement e oe All prices include V.A.T. and delivery but add £2,95 for orders less than £20.00 (Super 24hr next day delivery only £12.00 - 48hr delivery only £6.00) DIAL A DISC FAX E3 081 309 555 081 309 5556 A n A II A II A 11 A II A II A II A 11 A 11A II A II A n A II A II A II A II A II A TIA II A II A II 3i»a a 3 3c 3 3C 3 3 3g 3t 3i»3l»3 - "Delta "Pi Sofaudne £tcL n 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) 8Mb RAM Board ‘or A2000 Pop 246«Mb Supra RAM 500RX 8Mb tor A1000 A50Q'PIU5 Pop 2 4 8M0 A2386 20MHz 386SX Bndoeboard
(NEW| PRINTERS Star LC-20 .. .135 00 195 00 StarLC24‘20 ..... .... include a free 199 00 St* LC2 -100 (NEW) parallel cable 219 00 Star LC24-200 Colour 269 00 Star StarJet SJ-48 Bubble Jot Near Laser Quality! MONITORS (incl Leads) ...229.00 209 00 Commodore 1084S-D2 ...... 22900 Commodore 1960 Tri-Sync Hi Res . ' DISK DRIVES
..435.00 ..(Dip £2) 59.95 A2000 3.$ * .....« ... Ip&p E2 59 95 MISCELLANEOUS Delta Pi ROM Sharer - MOUSE CONTROLLED ..... (free p&p) 19.99 AltaScan Plus Hand Scanner 256 Grey Scale AiiaScan Pius with OCA Sottware (p&p £2) 139 00 pipC2) 249 00 Commodore A2320 Display Enhancer (p&p £2 219 00 KQS PC Board lor ASO0 me MSDOS 4 01 KCS PC Board lot A500 without MS DOS KCS A2000 Adapter (p&p £2) 199 00 (p&p C2) 179 00 ..ID&D £1) 19.95 CHIPS Kickstari V2 04 ROM for A500.2000 ... (FREE
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42Mb £1299 Call f«r Prices on Larger Onves Amiga 600 New Packs!
A6QQ Wild, Weird $ Wicked Pack £329 A600HD Epic Pack with 20Mb Hard Drive £469 (Prices include On-Site Maintenance) GVP A500 Peripherals HD8+ 52Mb with 8Mb RAM Potential £329 HD8+ 120Mb with 8Mb RAM Potential £429 HD8+ 286 PC AT Emulator £185 A530 52Mb Accelerator & Drive £669 GVP A2000 Hard Drives HC8+ 42Mb with 8Mb RAM Potential £265 HC8+ 85Mb with 8Mb RAM Potential £315 HC8+ 127Mb with 8Mb RAM Potential £365 riAHAnAnMiAnAnAiiAnAnAnAnAnAnAnAnAnAnAnAnAn r*1 COMMS Feeding the habit When you call a bulletin board you may find yourself spending quite a lot of time on the phone simply wading
through information screens, menus and soon.
This is in addition to finding the message area you want and the time taken to actually read and reply to messages. If you only call a board once a week or so this is fine, but if the addiction grips you’ll want to call almost every day to see what's new. At this stage it makes sense to spend as little time actually on the board as possible.
In order to achieve this, many boards offer one or more methods of grabbing the messages you want to read and allowing you to download them to study offline.
Sometimes this will simply be a menu option which bundles all new messages in your chosen area, or it might be a "door". A door is another program which is run by the BBS. For the Amiga user the current choice is between Silver Express and Blue Waye. Ask your local sysop for details of these.
If the board carries either of these doors, the board's file areas will almost certainly carry some shareware programs to allow you to read and reply to messages offline.
Timetable Another, and even more efficient, method of reading offline is to become a point. What this effectively does is set you up as a little private bulletin board on your own machine. Instead of other users ringing you, your timetable dictates when you will call the main board, just as it does with casual use.
The big advantage is that when you log on to a board as a point you never go into the main area of the board, so save time and typing. As a point logs on, all new messages from previously chosen echoes are waiting, ready archived for download.
Also, any replies you have prepared offline are sitting waiting on your machine for upload to the board. This swapping of compressed data is unlikely to take more than a few minutes, even if, like me, you are hooked into a dozen or more different echoes.
Fidonet addressing Fidonet is an organisation which links bulletin boards together right across the worfd. All BBSs on Fidonet have a unique address which Is made up of several parts For the newcomer these addresses look rather confusing, but they are really quite simple. For instance my own address on the Fidonet system is 2:250 107.99 which is made up as follows: Zone 2 The world is divided into several zones, each numbered. For instance 1 = America, while 2 = Europe.
Net 250 Each zone covers a wide area so this is subdivided into nets of more manageable sizes.
Nets are roughly geographical, for instance 250 covers Manchester.
Node 107 Within each net, every BBS on the system has its own node number. Thus here 107 is the number of Aspects BBS which is my local board.
Point 99 Some BBSs allow regular users to become points off their boards. Briefly apoint is the low est of the low on the Fido system but has advantages over casual BBS callers, Various software packages are available for point work. Basically you need two different programs - one to act as a terminal which dials into the board, sends your messages up, and receives new ones back, and a reader writer which accepts the newly downloaded compressed files, uncompresses them, and sorts them into the various areas or echoes where they belong.
Reply For replying you'll also need some sort of text editor, but even the humble “ed" from the Workbench disk will do the job.
Another great advantage of being a point is the ability to send messages to other BBSs - for the cost of a local call - and request the distant boards to send you files for download. This is the reason for messages you may meet on the lines of "Yes, I have the file you're looking for, just freq it from my board."
Not all sysops allow this, but many do, and information about the location of various obscure
- or brand new - files is passed around freely on the system.
Netmail is another advantage of becoming a point. Netmail is private mail which nobody but you or the recipient can read. It's a useful service when you need to talk privately with a user either locally or at a distance, but don't want to either bore others or let them know what you're up to.
Again, some sysops allow the passage of private mail, but others do not. Netmail can also be used to send a file to a specific person by attachDial-up list Bulletin Boards can be found all over the world.
The following are a selection which cover the Amiga in various fields of interest.
Academics 021-705 2906 Amiga Central 0527 69701 Aspects 061-792 0260 Central 0922 30401 Centronics 0473 273246 Dataserve Systems 0795 590170 Demo Factory 0892 516304 Fields 0243 602492 Foon 0273 474352 London Embassy 0992 448903 Look Northwest 0282 698380 Odyssey 0482 870919 Power House 0829 782676 Red Rose 0772 652212 The Crypt 0602 444042 ing it to your message. While most offline readers allow messages to be written to open echoes, they generally lack the facility to send netmail - although it can be received by you. So even if your sysop allows private mail, the software may not!
We're not suggesting you turn to crime to pay for your BBS addiction. Pat Winstanley looks instead at some ingenious software which will help you to cut costs Netmail is also used to tell your node which echoes you wish to receive. A program called AreaFix handles this painlessly. Simply specify the area you wish to add or subtract from your chosen list and the software will do the rest.
Being a point demands a certain amount of discipline and responsibility. Before even considering asking for the facility you should consider whether you are prepared to log on at least daily to collect your messages. While the bundling at the Board end is relatively automated, the longer your bundle sits there the longer you are using your sysop's precious disk space.
Another thing to bear in mind before becoming a point is the difficulty of setting up the various pieces of software needed to run successfully.
While the various packages are easy to use once running, the configuration procedure can take weeks, even for the experts.
Documentation is definitely aimed at people who know both their Amiga and the Fidonet system inside out, although you will find plenty Of willing - if sometimes incomprehensible - help from both the sysop and your fellow pointers.
When you see even the experts tearing their hair out it does make you feel a little less stupid!
9am till 10pm 7 Days a week ajmcks Looking good Sounding better with A Powerful new AMOS extension front Al Software.
There are fony six new commands and functions M will enable you to wntc prugrams that can play sound samples directly from hard disk, floppy disk or memory.
This is an extremely memory efficient way of playing real sound. For example, if your system only has S12K, you can still play an 800K sample from floppy! On the other hand with a hard disk, extra memory and an accelerator card. D-Sam becomes amazingly powerful, getting close to CD quality.
Audiomaster features are supported by D-Sam. Such as sequences which make it possible lo play pans of a sample in a sequence, giving the impression of a much longer sample than is actually being played.
Among the many features in D-Sam. There is support for fading, oversampling, playing raw or IFF samples and playing axnprc&Kd samples.
The possibilities for using D-Sam as a true Multimedia tool are endless!
"I'm so impressed with it that I'm using it in my next commercial rele&tt. You really must see It lo believe what it can do to tampiet."
Ian Tucker. TOTALLY AMOS All prices include VAT Please add L4.Q0 Post and Packing Cheques P Os made payable to W«l Midlands Computer Supplies Prices may change without prior notice West Midlands COMPUTER SUPPLIES 18 WESTMINSTER ROAD KIDDERMINSTER WORCESTERSHIRE DY11 6HG Tel: 0562 744968 or 0860 370865 Please send me Qj package 5) of D-Sam. I enclose a cheque P.O. for £19.95 each I I Please send me more information about D-Sam.
Name: _ Address: _ Postcode; Hra« mtU itxiw nrMr to AZ &¦*»««' Send thit order form with ptynwtu « AZ Suflwarr, FRHEKXST (GL410).
SiunehouM. OLOS CLIO 3BR Tel 0453 *21864 NOSTAMratUUMK HARDWARE Amigd A600 + Software 384.99 Amiga A600 HD ...479.99 Amiga A500 plus + Software 349 99 1084S Monitor 237.00 Amiga Internal Drive .49.00 Cumana External Drive .55.00 MISCELLANEOUS 512k Upgrade with clock ... 2 7 00 512k Upgrade W O clock . 24 00 A500+ IMP upgrade 46 99 Naksha Mouse .24.00 Squik Mouse ......14.99 2yfi Amp ? Speakers .....37.95 Zydec Trackball 30.99 2Pc Printer Stand 5.60 Midi
Master ...26.00 Mouse Mat . 2.50 Mousehouse ... I 60 Disk Drive Cleaner 2 50 Amiga Dust Cover 4 50 Monitor Dust Cover ......4 00 DISKS LABELS I Colour 1000 Roll ..... 9.50 4 Colour 1000 Roll ...1150 DISKS
3. 5“ UnOranded DSDD. 4Qp each
3. 5" Untxanded DSHD..65p each
3. 5“ Branded DSDD......58p each
3. 5' Branded DSHD 95p each STORAGE BOXES 10
Capacity .....1.25 50 Capacity Lockable 5.50
80 Capacity Lockable 6.50 80 Capacity
Datalux 8.95 150 Capacity Posso Box 15.95
JOYSTICKS Ouickshot 2 Turbo ......7 50 Zipstic k
Autofire .14 95 Python I
m s ....10.50 Maverick
I .15.50
Supercharger ....11 00 PRINTERS Citizen
I20D+ .124 99 Citizen Swift
9 .214.99 Citizen Prodot
9 .....,...219.99 Citizen 224 .. 224.99
Software for most computers and consoles also available AMIGA
SSI3 ... _____1 E.( UNO ATTACK 3 SSI2___ SSII .
.....CHRISTMAS KARAOKE ___TEtllNO ATTAf.'K 2 | SS1I. ____ItECIIIW ATTACK 1 1 ____TECHNO I PRO IK 1 ?SS5--- .....-GREAT INSTRUMENTS 1 DlSKimfcS 17-Bit, KISH...11.10 CLH...O.50 SCHEME 17...£1.75 AMEM...E2.50 NEWSFLASH... £6.95 s Please note: F rom November 17-mt Disks win be 11.25 cedi With I FREE wilheieri Ml Jr± r BIT '1 SOFTWARE 1st Ests 1 +2I74...KLAKTRIS a svnut (i A.ME BEYOM) COMPARE! FT'S A CORKER! "Mr Hun" 4-1739 SUPERKILLKR 2 RECENTLY UPDATED VIRUS KILLER DISK AN ESSENTIAL DISK!!
ANIMATION DISKS p t.i i ni iior 2ii.3 iinn t'OIIPKI HFNSI1 1 11 Rl 11 Rl I I I N ( lil t K Of I I HIM I OR I I 111 Rl S Strippriiilini . Mignili nptam. Iinpnurd sppptat. Mruclurrd drawing |i«4s.
Custom vcnen iililm. Ktviluln.n opium lligli- I ow Mt-». Il a k, wk li ai. ( .impiigcijihtt hilll Support, Import Hilnuos. Prm-rmcis Pi oiler Support.) (tdunri drawing mode.
Iiilnotalie le t III .
M 111 Mill NOW (INI 1 £6.95 OK I PGR 111! YOI R Ol DONE I OR OM 1 £2.95. Ill RX OMMI NDYOt CM WB2 0R
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( 1864 RrlijiiI ... Iron 2 Anim
F. ntrrpri*t Dry Dock
- ---- Agalron label . .Kllngon Fire
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.M 16X4 Relianl _NCC 1X60 Avenger
.- Hilliard Anim Agalron hair mrg itnims
„„„ ..-Approaching Anim .fleet
Manoeuvres ... Plug Pong Anim
- --------The Run 1 Meg) ......Book
Anlin CSS Ascension Anim ....Probe
Anim Docking Anim AGA Video .'kutdvImiI, ..Ace*
WWI A aim* ...-.Agalron Slides
Defends, 3D Mare. Ashido, Hat lie Pong. Pacman, To mime but a few!!!!!
(1. R TITLES (£3 JO) CHOI_______JNWJSAlMtfUn
(13. 0.1. (inn ...-50LAR SYSTEMS (£4.99) Ml .111 Ski txuoc.
..vinrn rrn iw: CLU02- CL16J.
Typim: riTot UL165,.
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- ----------- Word Sort __________________Bool X 5.01
- ------- Clawic LUK Text Engine 3.4 _______________Mb V2
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rocker _____________________Magnum ID iii,i,iiiiiiiPl*l,*r Base
- ----- ....Word Power
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- --------Race Rater
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- ---- IT Ha* 2 _________TV Doings _____Windmill Pinball A mini
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*1254 ______Duling Game 2 meg
?1539 ATF Agility
16. 17 ...... Itu zcd (3 meg .1 disk)
- ------« Astro 22
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i Pools I rSwfel Revenge (2 meg) ..... Palace Linus
Mayhem On WlmbJ ..Bark 1 rum Thr Berth 1181 .Al the beech i .1
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...Plus Issue 14
- ------------klaktris (Great Game) ..... iuih* Game Preview
......A tun un PI) Gmnts .10
2179. ..... ?2169...... .....Aubsolute Vector Demo
. t.o4s Streu Demo
4. ’ 6X ...Genocide Aural Illusions
42 67 .Adiaitic Rights 21Disk Magi ?2 66 _________( mi
Inc BBS Intro 2 65 ------ ......Suspect 1 mortal i man
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- --------------JURtrfiob, (Game) 1111KI11 V MIR S11 h 2(. HIES
t?IIH .till 11 K( ImiiK IMO AmfMIW7 Packed with features:-
Beginner, guide la MldL Korg navtMatkin. Build your own amp.
Kuwal K4 Editor, Octamcd Plavrr VJ, MIDI InagniHtin I rutkchert
X. Phi, Amiga only muilr Irum Hjorn Lynne. A Bnrmhaa ONLY £2.50
SAMPLES DISK £2 0 AMAZIMiFU GAMES ? 2090.. .„,„...Soccer Cords
«2UK5 . Card Ganta ?
* 2069------ ..Donkey KoAg
* 2640_____________________Escape V2 2619-------- .Magnalrun
»1984, --------Battle Car, 2 ? 1983...---------------- Arazmat
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()|Mninu limes are: Mon-1 hurs 9am -Xpm I ri-Sal 9am-fnlOpm I'k-uvr nuke ek«|Uis and I'mlal ( »6-r» poaMr 17 BIT SOFTW ARE Our address is 1st floor (Mfim. 2 X Market Slrwl, llakrlield Ml I 11)11 (Dept AC*I Tel: 0*324) .1669X2 Sou 2 lint or Fai uv!
Foreign orders (add 20‘» . Minimum (li Postal charges os follows 19 Ihsks Kip. ID-19 Disks 75p.
21) . Disks 11 hfim ikni'l fi«ry«4 In •atlil Ihc nrhl ,uiwmI
Nurse, the scree got any sense you'll stick this away as a
file to merge to save you typing in all this before you
The file you choose is loaded into screen 1, which at the moment is invisible: Screen 0 : louble Buffer Screen Copy 1 To 0 : Bob Update Off Hi! (E You'ye opened a screen 0 and you're copying screen 1 to 0, then making the system show screen 0. Double buffering makes things nice and smooth by hiding any loading of images: S=2 Def Scroll 1,80,80 To 210,210,0,-S S is the increment of the scroll, and the Def Scroll routine defines the area of the scroll using the usual co-ordinates. Next you need to Although you may already know this, Amos has some very powerful commands for the manipulation of
screens and their contents. You will know by now how to load and define screens, sure, even if you've only just bought the program.
What about moving screens around once you have them defined and loaded? Amos has a number of very useful (I love understatement, don't you?) Commands for manipulating screens, and these are easy to spot as they usually have the word "screen" in them.
Screen Hide will take a screen you've loaded and send it away somewhere until it is needed.
To show it again you just need to use the Screen Show command. Logical really, and as always in Amos Show and Hide are the exact opposite when applied to what you might call visual commands.
The best place to hide an Amos screen of course is in a SPACKed memory bank and a Packed Picture, as it takes up less memory.
Screen Copy is used as a part of the process of scrolling all or part of screens, in combination with Def Scroll, Scroll and Screen Swap, as we see in this example: Loid Iff ’niae rour pith and picture heri t Screen Open 0,Sc0,2S6.32,Lowres Set Pilette 1 : Curs Off : Flash Off This is all the usual setup guff, and if you've Mastering Amiga Amos As well as being the Amos guru for AMIGA Computing, Phil South is also the author of a number of Amiga books like Mastering Amiga Beginners, soon to be joined in the Autumn by Mostering Amiga Amos This book is a companion to the Amos manual giving you
a load of examples to type in and hints and tips on all aspects of coding using the Amos system, from beginners to advanced.
For more details about this and other Bruce Smith Books call (0923) 894355.
Phil South pulls down a few screens and fills them with all kinds of what can only be described as "stuff" At last I can get my sprites on the screen in their true colours, but the program failed. Is it something I'm doing wrong?"
YOU didn't mention Paul if you were using the Get Sprite Palette command. Are you? Of course you are. One reason for the problem is that Bobs use the screen palette and the sprites use the next 16 colours along, which is what your little proggy from Europress was all about.
The thing is that the Amos Sprite Editor is in fact a Bob editor, whkh is why if you load the objects as sprites you will get goofy colours. So use the Bob commands and have done with it. That's my advice to you. The speed difference is minimal and the benefits of Bobs over sprites is worth it. Sprites are hardware limited, and Bobs are no limits but slightly slower. I know which I prefer.
Your letters Paul jermany writes: "Why is it that when I design a sprite using the Amos Sprite Editor, for example a red apple, it appears blue on the screen, although when I use the Bob command it appears as it should. I phoned the Amos help line and they suggested the following: set up a loop and feed the increments to it: ttpiit for TsO To 199 Step S Stroll 1 Screen Copy 1,80,Y,240,Y+S To 0,80,240-S Screen Ship Screen Copy 1,80,T,240,m To 0,80,240‘S Blit Vbl Next T Screen Snip : Wiit Vbl : Scroll 1 Until House Hey For 1=0 To 15 C=Colour(l) Colour 16+l,C Next I Invisible screen Screen swap
uses an "invisible" screen called the "logical screen" on which it renders things like scrolls, like in our example. When the object or screen has been modified, the results are copied to the real screen. Logical screens are very useful for smoothing otherwise slow or clunky render Ing routines. Try the last example and alter the settings to see how It changes when you adapt certain parts of the program, particularly the Def Scroll and Screen Copy lines.
Now then, this is when it starts to get really interesting. In the Amiga's display system, a dual playfield is where two Amiga screens are visible at the same time, overlaid one on the other, where one is visible through the other.
This is a handy effect for what they call in the game reviewing business "parallax scrolling", like in the game Shadow of the Beast- There is a good Amos demo which parodies this effect, called Madness Week by the famous French Amos hacker Syntex. Get it from the Amos PD Library, and you'll see what I mean.
So the area defined by the Def Scroll statement is scrolled upwards using the Repeat Until loop.
This is done over and over until any mouse button is pressed, at which time the program stops.
Choose a picture which has some colours and shapes on it. If the picture is too plain you won't really see the effect.
Write stuff If you have an Amos question, then please write to Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP, LCL Self-T (Beginners (it's! I most NOW FOR ININtl 1)1 ATE DISPATCH (20 i«3) Complete course with real speech & graphics adventure game. 24 programs + a book and a manual. Superb graphics and music. £24.
MICRO MATHS OnTAR SE)| Best selling GCSF. Maths course In UK. For ages 11 upwards in 24 program options plus a book and manual Superb graphics and music. 124 MICRO ENGLISH Concfcte course Ukirg itudcnb in* spoiling and purwiuocxi to umfctNtinduy; Hfentiar. Abo tee ER. 24 program (wish iwlifwiii) and a book and a nunual Suprrb grapiscs and rrnuic C24 World leaders • Hons graduate teacher authors • In educational software charts • Excellent reviews - £5 off total for 2, £10 off for 3 MICRO GERMAN in ¦ hi 7 *¦' Complete count* with real speech, adventure game and business letter generator. 24
programs? Book and manual. Superb graphics i music *24.
A50ttre A600H writing & spelling with a book, manual and voice tape £24.
MEGA MATHS (A-level course) j Step-by-step course ot 24 programs « a book and manual Full screen graphics Ior calculus £24.
| PRIMARY MATHS COURSE Complete course with full screen colour graphics NATIONAL CURRICULUM (Levels M) 24 programs ? A book and a manual. £24.
READING WRITING COURSE j (*ICL mm an* cotnpalibtr with Ihr NC. WKrtvappcopnitelOniBoanwf'urwid'C.ST. AjccKltml chnjun fO1* («Wp PAT) ni phonr onim or iwjwMi. H« twe oinir potf»» c»u»'p» l» LCL IDEPT AMO, THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLANDY ROAD, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, OXON RG91QB All Amiga* NATIONAL CURRICULUM (A T 1-S) 24 program course teaching reading [micro french or ring 049 I Please send me......Technosound Turtx) at £27.99 eacti (add £2.00 P&P). I J AccessA isa No. I I I 1 II I I I II I I I III I I I I Expiry date J...... i i i Name ..
Signed .... i i J Address j i ......„ . Postcode ... i i i I FIRECREST DISTRIBUTION, PO Box 39 I Abergavenny, Gwent, NP7 6XL. I I Tel: 0873-8S0028 L____________________....-------- J Britain's No. 1 Sound Sampling System "Every Amiga owner should have it” - Amiga Format only £27.99 ET SAVE £12 Featuring . . .
PUBLISHING ON THE AMIGA Amiga Public Domain Shareware DTP
Packs EMC has inponoo the OuH ol the material on these *****
OirecPy »'om Am«r.ca ana Canada II nas ccyne 10 ou MtenDon
inai many UK PD companies hav* pu»cftased disks t'Om us and
s. mpiy copied Oufl disks lor resale m some cases not evert
battering to remove We references to EMC on the dim' A.mougn
we we i iable 10 do anythmg about rnis we would 'ike to po'"t
ovt lhat EMC Will NOT undo*- ary circumstances ohor any lorm
ot backup to customers of other PO companies EMC hat (pined an
aicellent reputation to* distributing hgh quality DTP
And lor the customer support we oner. Tr« amount ol tavo ntte UK Amioa press nvsreg* that EMC has rece-ved will confirm mis’ We are a dedicated and specialised Amiga OTP busies* and we were the 1st U K company to otter UK DTP ers a dedicated DTP PO,'Shareware library Remember it you aren't on the EMC dttabate. And have EMC disks. We won I help you... We suggest met you seek technical backup Irom the company you bought the disk* Iromt EMC Volume 1 - 5 Disks ¦ £12.50 Bitmapped CltpAri Fully sorted, ready to* FAST access and use. A« cbpart saved as brushes EMC Volume 2 6 Disks - £15.00 PC ciipAn
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EMC Volume 7 - 5 Disks - £12.50 Typel Fonts 68 Typo 1 Fonts, all with IFF Previews, lor Ppage.'P'Stream users EMC Volume 8 5 Disks - £15.00 Scalable Fonts 61 Scalable fonts lor Pagesetter II, WB 2.04, Dpamt 4.1 and Ppage etc. • EMC Volume 9 5 Disks - £15.00 Scalable Fonts 64 Scalable lonts tor Pagosetior II, WB 2.04. Dpamt 4.1 and Ppage etc. EMC Volume 10-5 Disks £15.00 - Scalable Fonts 57 Scalable tonts lor Pagesetter II, WB 2 04. Dpamt 4 1 and Ppage etc EMC Volume 11-5 Disks - £12.50 - Bitmapped Clipart Converted to IFF from othot formats. All dipan sonod saved as brushes Introducing the
- Available on the AhbQA in the UJ(. - For use With Pagestream,
ProPage, and any Other application that supports EPS “NEW EMC
Volume 12 6 Disks - £15.00 - EPS Cltpad “NEW EMC Volume 13 6
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Ppage P'Stream users.
“EMC EMC Volume 17 -5 Disks £12.50 Typoi Fonts f o- me rlormaion on EMC s PftShttwatt ifryy M Cwputtr Satan Fonts, indudinp ptea and printed wwbce slwfi PLEASE and ut ISAE Cheques' Postal Orders to E.M. COMPUTERGRAPHIC Credit Cards Welcome* 8 Edith Road. Clacton. Essex. C015 1JU - Tel : 0255 431389 Fax:0255 428666 79 NEW Type 1 Fonts, all with IFF Previews, lor PpagevP'Stream users Alton Modem inert, why not Log on to 01 FOR AMIGA For technical help and to chock out ItwEMC Fite areas 59 to 64
E. M.CoMPUTERGRAPHIC are the EXCLUSIVE UK Distributors ot the...
m (OMPUTEP SAFARI Desktop Publishing Typefaces FULLY
compatible with Professional Page 3.0 and Pagestream(all
versions) SciJEHJriunS PATRIOT bfcCWus CLUB SIC TREK iDcddintj
Text f.00ouorh Sticks ?aint a moci-i Jli...... SurfSide
AtomicCitfc SSShrrwr 0LLISSUM iwauww&iwsuisu I count mysett
very lucky to havo made such a personal contact as yourself
who is willing to keep me right and give outstanding back-up
to his customers J.T.N. - Scotland "Very impressed with the
service and products" . P.G.G - Staffordshire "Good luck with
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"The backup you otter is second to none, your EMC products are
of exceptional quality. I've seen your editorials m nearly
every UK Amiga Magazine, I m happy to see that EMC is
receiving the recognition It deserves" Digital Multimedia
Services UK Amiga Computing in issue 62 said " fc M
Computorgraphlc are the FIRST and FOREMOST Font distributors
In tha UK” they then placed US at..,N9,1 in the TOP to ot the
Amiga hardware'software chart!
Ian Wrigley Irom Amiga Shopper in issue 16 said.. “...I must say that I'm quite Impressed...1' Amiga Format in issue 36 said "...E.M.Compulergraphlc have an enormous amount ot expertise in the tricky area ot lonts and can provide professional help end advice to customers" Amiga Format Special Edition said "...the best value rescalable fonts available anywhere...there's no cheaper way ot getting quality fonts" CUAmiga in the issue ol Septembor 92 sa*d "...you couldn't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by E.M.C." ' Ben Pointer describes the benefits of structured
drawings and looks at a PD collection for PageStream 2.2 users To] Op Was Compugraphic typefaces are to Amiga bitmapped foots, so structured drawings are to bitmapped graphics.
The key word here is "scalable".
It's a bit of a misleading term. Scalable means exactly what it says - able to be scaled, scaled as in resized, that is. Anyone who has played with text in Deluxe Paint will know that they can quickly scale any text they put on the screen by cutting it out as a brush and hitting either the h or H keys. And that text is a bitmapped fonL So how come we say Compugraphic typefaces are scalable and bitmapped fonts aren't? The answer is probably laziness. What we actually mean is that Compugraphic typefaces can be scaled to any size and still keep their original shape.
Most importantly, a smooth curve in a Compugraphic character will always remain a smooth curve, no matter how large it is sized.
Conversely, increase the size of a bitmapped character and it will result in the small steps that form the curve being magnified into larger steps, giving it a staircase appearance. It b a shortcoming often called "the jaggies".
Bitmapped And it's the same with bitmapped graphics. IFF ILBM pictures - the kind produced with such programs as Deluxe Paint, Digi-Paint and Photon Paint for example - are bitmapped graphics; indeed the BM part of ILBM stands for bitmap.
You shouldn't let the term bitmap confuse you, it merely means that the object the word has been used with - for example, here we've been talking about bitmapped graphics and bitmapped fonts - is charted out in memory so that one memory location represents one pixel on the screen.
The advantage of this technique is that graphics and characters can be placed on the screen very quickly indeed. Ah, but enlarge the size of a bitmapped graphic and the outlines of the elements that make up the picture become more jagged because each square pixel is simply doubled in size.
Reduce the size a bitmapped graphic and data has to be removed from the picture because there is no longer room for it in the smaller bitmap.
Structured drawings work differently. The lines and shapes you draw using the drawing tools in your desktop publishing program will all be structured drawings.
Instead of the computer remembering how to draw the shape by mapping each point to a memory location, it does it by remembering "control points" long the line or around the outline of the shape, and mathematical equations that describe how to draw a line or curve to another control point.
No jaggies Like Compugraphic outline fonts, if you enlarge or reduce the size of a structured drawing it will retain its original shape. No jaggies, to put it in a nutshell.
The price you pay is speed and memory. It takes far longer to render a structured drawing because the software has to first calculate all those equations, and then convert the result into a bitmap that can be displayed on the screen, A structured drawing of anything other than a simple shape takes more memory because all the mathematical equations (or vectors) have to be stored in memory as well as the bitmapped version for screen display purposes.
By far the easiest way to incorporate structured drawing in your desktop-published documents is to buy some structured dip art. Most of the commercial structured clip art available for the Amiga comes in Pro Draw's clip format, and can be imported into both ProPage and PageStream.
But the most popular structured drawing format for desktop publishing is that created by Adobe Illustrator, a program not available on the Amiga, more's the pity. However PageStream 2.2 owners are able to import and even edit Adobe Illustrator drawings, which opens up to them the big wide world of public domain structured drawings.
Illustrator art The first Amiga collection of public domain Adobe Illustrator art has recently be released by George Thompson Services. Supplied on three disks for £9.99, there are 106 clips to investigate, some of which themselves are small collections of drawings.
The vast majority of it is mono art (black and white and shades of grey), in fact I could find only three clips that contained colours - two flags and something fishy. But then most of us are using mono printers anyway, so we won't find this to be a problem.
Subject matter varies widely. The files have not been grouped into directories of related drawings, rather everything is saved in the one directory (on each disk) with a sensible filename that describes the graphic.
So it's well done to George Thompson Services for taking the time to put this collection together.
At less than 1 Op per clip, let's hope it sells well and more public domain structured drawing collections appear very soon.
Illustrator Clip Art Volume 1 (for PageStream 2.2) Price: £9.99 George Thompson Services, Cucumber Hall Farm, Cucumber Lane, Essendon AL9 6|B Tel 0707 664654 the home computer, based on the Tornado fighter which has just seen front line action in the Persian Gulf.
Feel the excitement of being at the seat of a jet capable of climbing to 30,000 feet in less than two minutes and test your skill at firing deadly missiles during dog fights with enemy jets.
Unlike other programs, ProFlight doesn't forget its primary role as a simulator and its secondary job of being a shoot-'em-up, made accurate by using exact flight equations to mathematically model the flight of the aircraft and its missiles.
You are tested at everything real pilots face each day but helped in your task with a comprehensive manual written by a Tornado expert.
Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral 165 3EB, Tel; 051 357 1275.
Amiga A6QQ Memory Expansions from £45-00 All Spares Prices include next day delivery Visa Order Hotline Open from 9am-9pm 7 days a week Repair price examples: Board Repairs from £13.50; Disc Drive Replaced £59.95; Replacement Keyboard £59.95 We will collect from your door today! (if advised before 2pm & in UK mainland) Free Fitting on all Upgrades. ROMS & ROM Switchers!!
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Write, Telephone or FAX(24HRS.), for our FREE 32 PAGE BROCHURE and DEMO DISK MULTIMEDIA In the pipeline This month I will be looking at what is happening at Almathera Systems Ltd, one of the few companies presently manufacturing software for the CDTV CD*ROM setups.
The first release from Almathera was Fractal Universe, a journey into the wonderful world of fractals, allowing the user to create their own as well as learn about the history and theory of the subject, and of course a massive on disk gallery of fractal images.
A full review of Fractal Universe appears in the August issue of Amiga Computing. A PC CD-ROM version is also now in development. A hard act to follow, but followed it was, and how.
CDPD has just been released as I write this (August), and was featured in a recent Almanac. The CD holds over 600Mb of Fred Fish disks, worth well over £1,000, as well as both WorkBench 1.3 and 2.04. The good news is that Commodore UK have signed a bundling deal with Almathera, so expect to see CDPD bundled with the A570 when it finally reaches the Custom built Games that have been written for the CDTV platform, instead of ported straight over from the Amiga, have been in short supply so far. In fact, Online Entertainment have been the only people really working in this direction.
Now Almathera are about to join the games race, with Treasure Quest. I have seen the development version of this - an animated board game Is the best way to describe it. The player takes the part of a young adventurer accepting the challenge ol Ihe King ol Bossanovia to enter Wizard Elsiled’s Magical Maze and find as much treasure as they can, The maze is randomly generating, and so Dave Winder previews a host of titles due out on CDTV soon masses. In development at the moment is the follow up to CDPD, CDPD-2. As well as containing Fred Fish disks up to around 750 in archive form, the CD
will also feature the entire JAM collection, and of course WorkBench 1.3 and 2.04 as before (which are copyright Commodore of course).
CDPD-2 should be available by the time you get to read this, and will be another must buy title for any CD-ROM owning Amiga enthusiast. Along similar lines is what is being called, as a working title, the DEMO CD. This will contain 500Mb + of demos, music, graphics, Amos PD and a good deal more. This could be yet another really interesting program.
Senny and Foo is an unusual title for an unusual idea, and one that I admit to lik- is different every game. The monsters are impressive, all the voices being performed by professional actors, and their response to your questions differs according to their mood.
There are plans for games within the game. Including arcade games and game shows. A fruit machine was being pro grammed when I tested it.
Designed as a game for more than one player, it Is at its best svhen there are at least four players - the maximum is eight. Treasure Quest looks like it could be a good alternative to playing a board game, and as such should appeal to the family audience. It is due out in November.
Ing quite a lot. This is an illustrated poem, aimed at children in the age range of 7 to 12 years, to help them appreciate metre and form.
There is also an adventure game which takes place over four universes. Packed full of animation, with puzzles and games galore, it sounds as if this could be a good item to put on the Christmas present list. Due out in November.
The London Guide is also under development at the moment - a fully interactive guide to the capital. Designed fully to use multimedia with thousands of entries and photographs, as well as the sounds of London (the mind boggles as to what they may be).
Almathera's MD, Paul Ralph, told me: 'This is one of our most ambitious titles, we'll bring it out when it is fully ready and not before."
My guess is that this will mean sometime around Spring 1993.
A long time Video Creator promises much, so much that it is taking a long time indeed to see the light of day. It "allows the user to create his or her own professional pop videos to accompany any music CD. With an optional Genlock and a camcorder you can even star in your own pop video".
Almathera seem to be quite sure that the final product can be as exciting as it sounds, and I certainly hope they are correct. Don't expect to see this until next year though.
A series of Cds based on the RAF Museum at Hendon's collection is in the pipeline. If you are interested in aircraft, and the RAF in particular, expect to be amazed at the quality of the material, both still photographs and animated sequences, that should be in the final titles.
There was a risk at one stage that this project may have been lost to CD-I, but I am glad to say that it is definitely a CDTY title in progress now.
Script form Finally a look at a project in progress, which is still only in script form as I write.
Almathera's Book of Spells is designed to help you fly, blight your neighbours' cattle, or turn your boss into a toad. Paul Ralph tells me this is going to be the definitive history and practices of magic as never before told, promising to list over a hundred demons you don't want to meet.
There will be no warranty on the spells however, as some may not work on CDTV, or anywhere for that matter. "I've learnt some interesting stuff which should be part of every management training schedule," says Paul who I is the writer and producer on this particular title.
Due out hopefully in Spring 1993, this is definitely going to be a very humorous CD and one that should not be taken too seriously, if you see what I mean.
FOWtRFACKtf pTflfim oil, ‘MMMW Vri Ui ¥tM yte rfs wutw Outt oT ert itBcita*»aiSrt* n»*r 1*1 ts rtn * you itttli m. yu m an tmn ouxMemo W iMn A professional viruskiller that recognises more 138 viruses.
Powermenu s Features include: jv r jjr • UsertnendV liUity to produoeya own (herd) do* menu's Jr X • Ideal tor floppy and nan) dak users r | Full support ot rnouM. (oystck and ksyboara
• MuflRaiikng
• IFF pictur* (background pictures) and Amga lert support
• Bg Agnus suppori
• Bua in virus proiecicr
• Comas with PO menu compllaf so you can »reed your menu
• Several system functions (chipmem on ofl. Lima) nciuded Three
versons ncuoed from avoebar oock verson ihrou h a custom screen
30 gadget version KDV5) Bromine ench a Bang updalad ttiroi.cn
PO cnarron and cT course on Newsflash so you wti always nave an
updated version Store your boo®toefcs on dit* so you can
restore tnem »hen your booibiock ie Oestroyeo try a nnsly boot
virus Saddam etc otc) CfiMfcs your memory end wll kit any Ive
virus to avao furtner iproamng on heathy duw Any unknown
bootbocfc wti be analysed wffh a leam- opton ao red time it can
te idemited UniMandy menus so easy la work with.
Full support of Kkkitvt 20 end ham dsks.
POWERWAVES Features include:
• Full sorting and selection capabilities, plus full printing
functions including the design of reports and listings.
• Database files are compatible with the PC version of Powerbase
allowing interchange behvoon the two systems
• Works wth all Amiga computers including and supports Kickstari
1.2 and 2.0 Poworbase has the facilities only found m
sophisticated database systems, but is designed to be simple to
use by anyone and is at a price that makes most a other
database packages look very expensive The Ultimate Disk Monitor
(Plus free prograaa Achoce) Features Include: ?
Vx*-rd-F«'vw'rW'r « e Wcrta *«ln risks rani drww plo 49Mo)
ar*j Ml otner Woea oremied d»K« eg RAO)
• User lnoodly requeslem. Simple Hie requester Drwe-X lw» the
liwals Blrrap EAOrt Very hrdy Woe* M«or. * h AsaiMexsOiomal
edtrvj mMta
• Database structure to your own design, with field types such as
text, number, date etc
• AbfMy to modify database structure even after using the
• Powerful data entry, modification and deletion facilities
• Leok-arttFoW veer rir'ace _• Wnew iiUpH twl to a»y wrwmu or
you can dolm jar own ¦rcm tat i
• Btnchhtrdrg fh?AOc*«¦"e'vHVX i»•' *3P Ke69 ?n«u c ore. K ape*
mtwee- or. A e Dwdt awi iw au mb’rvrerwit*' «wr aae *»fi Mi *
e QewawaVf armwnnet (UMaje uemmilFf prtuea
naoeoin«iuwenc»»qj*nce The* aepee»yeaA t* ioe*ig sacaeie ti
Oak* MfkftaiwaMi wVnsi ... ,. ----------- Iimwf
• EaiynuM y«nrnwdKe *m.1CMix« popup nenuvpugM ¦
uiaa«dlt»nrln»retjr«ajrebr*wi*n9«nrT«»an» Up lu Wee dfhrert
tomUia ear This superb package enables the Amiga user to back
up their discs efficiently and effectively.
Features include:
• The most comprehensive back-up utility Includes floppy disk
back-up, hard disk back-up and file back-up
• Also backs up ST. IBM etc disks Checks disks for errors
Optimises data for faster loading Fast formatting Copies up to
4 disks in 4fi seconds Full update service available dP &
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL caters for all your needs, included in the
package is a small hardware interface that plugs into the
external disk drive port at rear of the Amiga and your external
disk drive (if you have one) plugs into the back of the
interface. This allows the Digital Bit Image Copy Mode to use
the Adaptive Pulse Width Modulation routines to backup
virtually all known discs.
1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Europress Direct neither condones nor authorises the use of this software for the reproduction of copyrighted software The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to backup users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
MEGAMIX Master is high specification, low cost digital effects cartridge that plugs into your printer port. Special stereo effects such as echo can be added in real time.
You will find Megamix Master s performace and easer of use unmatched by any rival. Just plug it in and go.
Some of the features include:
• Thru port for printer or digitiser
• Fully multi-tasking
• Intergrated 3.5m m jack plug and lead
• 3D Animated icons
• Compatible with Workbench 2.0
• Both Mono and Stereo sampling Attention All Designers!
A Lioht CO i m- Easy to use, the Trojan lightpen will have you producing designs and drawings that are far superior to those produced using a mouse- The perfect all-in PACKAGE FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS PLAY IT AGAIN WITH PRO MIDI INTERFACE!
* A versatile DATABASE which is ample to use and powerful enough
to deal with anything from base address book functions to dub
membership lists and business n This package also includes
- a lightpen compatible drawing program, plus a lightpen driver
that allows the pen to be used with most programs that run from
Amiga Workbench. The lightpen is also compatible with: Dpaint
HI and IV, Photon Paint, Workbench 1.2 1.3, Battiechess,
Professional Pa je, MuiiC-X and Audiomaster V2.
JSW The Trojan Amiga compatible Hghtpen can be used as a complete replacement for the mouse in many applications.
Particularly useful in drawing and design, the two button pen provides the user with a very direct method of control.
C Vidi Amiga 12 is the ultimate low cost colour digitiser for the Amiga. There are no filters and no separate RGB Splitter. Colour images can be captured in less than a second, mono images are grabbed in real time. Fully compatible with any video source.
Some of the features include
• Multi-tasking software
• Advanced error diffusion stippling
• Cuf fins Paste with masking
• Capture into a user definable window
• Load and save IFF ILBM and ANIM files
• Grab frames flipped on an X or Y axis
• Multi frame store with animated playback
• Composite or S-Video input PRO MIDI INTERFACE con be positioned
alongside the computer rather than behind it so that swapping
cables from one Midi device to another becomes a simple task.
PRO MIDI INTERFACE comes with a disk full of public domain proaroms allowing immediote use, plus a user's guide that explains Midi ond how to connect up different devices to the computer. (Midi cables not included).
PRO MIDI INTERFACE is a full professional stondord interface, fully compatible with all Midi keyboards, drum machines etc.
* A flexible SPREADSHEET with more than 50 functons, simplifying
the most complex domestic monthly budgets or commercial cash
(low forecasts
* A supremely friendy DISC MANAGER to make using your Amiga as
painless a task as
* incredible GRAPHICS with more than id types of graphs and chans
available to bnghten up your presentations or make your month
by month financial situation as easy to appreciate as possible
You can even make use of eye-catching ± .
3D effects!
Cwz Amiga xjp Game Maker's sSPy Manual - with AMOS Basic by Stephen Hill Stephen is the author of Sigma's bestselling The Gtime Maker's Manual lor the Atari ST - and he's the author ot the new AMOS (Amiga Operating System) Manual, so nobody is better placed to write this book.
The creator of AMOS. Francois Uonette.
Has produced the most powerful games programming system. With it, Amiga games equivalent to such best sellers as Xenon 2 and Blood Money can be produced - it’s so straightforward that many people will buy an Amiga simply to run AMOS Basic.
$ & & The Amiga is a powerful computer with superb graphics - but how do you write programs wilh smooth-flowing 3D effects like the ones in the best arcade games and in 'virtual reality' multimedia kit? How do you produce high speed animation in real time controlled by the Amiga joystick? This book shows you how to solve these problems and - at the same time - to learn about Amiga assembly language painlessly and enjoyably.
Contents include assembly programming, screen mapping; the use of bit planes; screens; colour; the copper; extensive blitter programming; real-time solid vector graphics; transformations - rotations, translations, enlargements, shears, perspective; input from the keyboard and joystick; hidden surface removal and illumination from a light source; building a 3D world of animated objects and flying around it under joystick control.
The contents include: Qomc planning graphic design, mock-ups and sprites; Shoot-'em-ups - high speed AMOS sprites, fire control, collision detection, background animation: Simulations - from simple 3D movement to flight simulators; Role playing - characters, scenarios and magic; Adventure games - plani, rooms and commands; Animation, scrolling. Sound and 3D: Links to assembler. Numerous tested, working programs • ] eader Convenience Disk The programs in the book arc all listed from actual, working, source code. However lo avoid the ort of typing them all out - and the nsk of tynjnf errors, a
disk is available. .
Illustrate the booh.
THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL FREEZER UTILITY CARTRIDGE Did you miss out on any of the 1991 Amiga Computing Cover Discs?
If so, then now is your chance to obtain our pack of 12 cover discs for last year (January - December 1991).
• Save the entire program in memory to disk
• Super powerful trainer mode
• Improved Sprite Editor
• Virus detection
• Burst nibbier
• Save picture and music to disk
• PAL ot NTSC modes selectable
• Stow motion mode
• Many more instanl CLI commands
• Restart the program
• Full status reporting
• Powerful picture editor
• Improved debuggor commands e Music sound tracker
• Autolire managor
• Joystick handler
* Dwkcodof
• Set map Preferences
• Disk monitor
• Improvod printer support
• Dos commands
• Fue requester
• Boot selector Code Price January-June 1991 m £9.00 July-Dec
1991 9341 £9.00 January - Dec 1991 9839 £15.00 Fun School
Special Programs Paint 'n Create (tor over 5 years)
- from the makers of Fun School, is designed to allow children to
exercise their creative talents - with a practical bias
Contains 6 exciting modules to express your creativity!
Code: 9993 Price: £19.95 Merlin's Maths (for ages 5-11) 6 Fun, Colourful and entertaining modules designed to keep children enthralled for hours. The exercises, which cover all the basic skills, are presented in a user-friendly and encouraging manner with rewards to keep the child amused while they learn.
Code: 9966 Price: £19.95 Spelling Fair (for ages 7-13) _ 6 Fun-packed fairground*onented modules guide the child through the intricacies of basic grammar and speliing.3 levels of difficulty and unique reporting facility to record the child's progress.
Corresponds exactly to the National Curriculum.
Code: 9967 Price: £19.95 Now you can own the toughest set of pens in the world - for much less than half price!
E pens that make up (he Pen lech 200 pen set can stand the roughest treatment you can inflict on them - and still give you best pcssiWe writing quality The pens, made to the laghcst standards or workmanship, ore not only robust but are ot appea andce suitable tor aa occasions from the home to m, tram (he school essay to the best soling novel three pull-top pens in their presentation case consist of One cartridge pen One ballpoint pen One fine liner Choose horn smart matt black or satin chrome metal tinah You can buy with conhoence Etch ter comet with a lifetime guarantee The amazing rolling
ruler Ideal for the house. Ihe office, the school. Ihe workshop or the drawing room, this innovative product allows you to draw vertical parallel knes without «ting it off the paper, A compfete board m one. It will also let you draw any angles 1 to 359 and circle* and arcs with oaso m two size* 22 cm (8*) and 30 cm this great offer gets you both ruler* for only C20 00_ sV £ The TROJAN PHAZER GUN The Trofen Ph *er gun opens up * whole new phase of computer entertainment. This advanced light phazer presents a challenge of skill and accuracy for Amiga gameplayers of all ages. The pack includes
two free games, Obltal Destroyer and Skeetshoot, which will test your shooting skills to the extreme, and a full manual Advanced features of the Trojan Phazer include:
• Opto-electric circuitry to give excellent accuracy
• Plugs Into the Amiga Joystick port
• Long (1.5 metre) lead Code Price
• Contfortabie hand grip o Phazer Gun 9802 £39.95 Aliex 9807
£9.95 Enforcer 9806 £9.95 Firestar 9823 £9.95 & Christmas
Bargain Box Price Code Art Tutor £14.95 9927 Fun School 3 under
5 £15.95 9809 Fun School 3 5-7 £15.95 9810 Fun School 3 Over 7
£15.95 9811 Anti Click Virus £15.95 9825 Arg-Asm £20.00 9858
Hisoft Compiler & Library £49.95 9896 Thalion £10.00 9900 Chess
Simulator £10.00 9932 WelHris £10.00 9933 Light Corridors
£10.00 9939 Amiga Computing Mouse Mat £4.95 9508 Amiga
Computing Dust Cover £4.95 9507 Lockable disc Box (holds 100)
£9.95 9827 Quartet £19.95 9808 Huge Professional Easy Amos
Wordworth Bring Your Amiga to Life!
WORDWORTH is probably the best value word processor available lor your Amiga.
Written by UK Company Digila (which means using The English Qollins based spetl checker and thesaurus) it has all the features of more expensive packages-
• Human Interface Protocol making operation simple and
• WYSIWYG display taking advantage of the Amiga s graphic
capability e l ncorporato and manipulate external pictures from
0 Paint tor example
• Mix and match enhanced fonts and symbols. Amiga fonts,
colourfonts and your printer'* loot*. Po*t*cript compatible
• Mai I merge facilities A complete program tor producing Icons,
sprites, brushes and bobs.
• Supported formal*: Image (C& ASM). Sprite (C & ASM). Brush
(ILBM). Bob (Amiga Basic) and Icons (Workbench).
• Full conversion ability between all supported formats
• Icon editor built in, enabling full icon properties
• Functional & user friendly interface, keyboards shortcuts
• Complete user control over d**p**y mode a palette
• Advanced drawing capabilities, Including 6 drawing tools, flood
fill A basic dithenng technique
• Font support, palette control & source code palette Have you
ever dreamed of making your Amiga really work for you? Or
wanted to harness to the full its awesome hidden power?Wefl now
you can!
Even if you're a complete beginner. Easy AMOS will propel you into a fascinating new world where you will quickly leam how to:
• Produce Impressive graphical effects
• Create and animate colourful objects
• Scroll large text across the screen
• Make your Amiga actually talk to you
• Add exciting music to your creations Soon you'll be turning
your craziest Ideas Into reality: Computer art.
Cartoon animations, home finance, educational software, demos, arcade games, adventures - the list la endleaal Code Product Price 9834 tMC6T**&*W £34 99 9835 m tCat ei999 9836 MUQ630 £24.95 [9637 tafccftf] f74.S9 £95.00 Dreams become reality with WORDWORTH Adi Cosmic character crash lands into educational software... Horn* study will nevw be the seme *9tin tollowicg the launch 01 ADI tor It to 14 yew oH» from Ihe makers of the beet telling Fun School rang* This captnahng character eniertara and dokghti students with a range ot aophiaikaMd tdwcational programs undwrlng himaalt to tttam atm hie
tout** per tonality.
Maths. English and French are taught with tha amretance ol Ihia tnowledgeebie eitra terrestrial who guides, help* end tutors the student through each progressive subject ADI uses hla many faciei arprasatona to interact rwth students checking thee performance at regular intervals whittling al Itwir progress and going to ilcop ntwn bortdl Me !*•» jokei lo Keep them amused, and helps them play games lor recreation and reward All packages have been ceretuOy aligned to the Motional Bitmap editor capabilities, including cut paste, mirror 6 rotator and 2 pages for drawing Advanced zoom concept,
featuring custom magnification trailer zoom & co-ordinates Re-Ink Code Product Price 9517 API Maths 11 12 Yr?
£2299 9518 API Maths 12 13 Yrs £2299 9515 API English 11 12 Yrs £22.99 9516 ADI English 12 13 Yn £22.99 r jjjU* W i ¦ Corish's Computer Games Guide This book helps on just about any game you care to name on a wide variety of computer formats. Covers backdoor codes left by the programmers, cheats and tips to get past your opponents, how to skip levels, pokes tor infinate lives, time etc. plus many other options.
This Is the ultimate hint book with: £12.95 In excess of 750 page* In excess ot 1.250 games In excess of 200 adventures More than 12,000 Hints, Tips & Pokes' Amiga Computing Back Issues August 1992 ? 3.5ln disc £3.10 9750 September 1992 + 3.5in disc £3.10 9751 October 1992 + 3.5in disc £3.10 9752 Back Issues from other months are available - phona tor details Add C2 turope lire. C3.80 Overseas lor postsoe per issue Amiga Computing Back Issue May 1992-October 1992 + 3.5in disc £18.00 9899 Bundlws Include tha cover discs for each Issue.
5 random Cover Discs £7.50 9887 25 random Cover Discs £20.00 9888 £14.95 Mouse Mouse Mat £5.95 Mouse Mat £4.95 Mouse £19.95 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT REF PRICE Please add postage as detailed below POSTAGE Add £5 tor Eire Europe. £8 for Overseas unless specified above TOTAL J Please tick If you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies £ AMIGA COMPUTING ORDER FORM Otters subject to availability, Overseas orders despatched by Airmail.
Aff pnees include postage, packing and VAT Valid to November 30,1992 Sond to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed rf posted in UK) Products are normally despatched within 48 hours ol receipt but delivery ol certain items could take up to 28 days I wish to pay by: Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Europrew Direct J Aocess Maateccard EurocardBardaycardVisa Connect ?
U LUU er at le of or n By phono: 051 -357 1275 Name .Signed By fax: 051 -357 2813 Address - Jost Code ¦ Genera! Enquiries: 051-357 2961 address and credit card number ¦ Daytime telephone number in case of queries 62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park Business Centre, Northampton, NN31AX, England.
Tel: (0604) 790466 Fax: (0604) 647403 nmm THE GENLOCK PEOPLE Do you want to overlay computer graphics or titles onto your videos? If so, you will need a Genlock.
Rendale Genlocks are built to a very high standard, and are used widely in the professional environment.
The Rendale range of Amiga Genlocks begins with the 8802. This is a Genlock, which, when attached to an Amiga computer and a suitable video system, will allow you to mix video and computer graphics. It offers all the functions that you need, such as: RENDALE b&J'A £139-
* RGB feed through, allowing for a preview monitor.
* High quality output video, which in default mode provides video
with overlaid computer graphics.
Ri JEN D It can be supplied with a device which will allow you to fade between computer graphics and the video source, and also a mode control unit so that jJJJj£y you can move between Amiga only, video only, background mode and £178- keyhole modes 1 & 2.
The Rendale Super-8802 is a development of the basic 8802 unit, it performs the same functions, but has the added capability of also working with Super- VHS signals. The unit will allow the user to cross fade between the Amiga and video signal. In addition, some basic wipe patterns are provided, and also a fade to black option. Mode control is also provided via hardware.
Suhmm£ £499- 8802 FMC Unit Ti EW1 RENDALE r £45-fitted This is a brand new piece of kit which will improve the capabilities of the popular Rendale 8802 Genlock. This unit allows you to cross fade between the Amiga and video signals, so that you can gently fade computer titles in and out. Also, the ability to switch between the various modes offered by the 8802 is provided. The required mode is selected by a push switch, giving smooth, flicker free transformations.
The FMC unit does need to be soldered into the 8802, we can do this at our factory if required.
UPGRADE PATHS Rendale Genlocks are designed to be flexible, and the ability of your Genlock to grow with your system was deemed to be of paramount importance in our design process.
As a consequence, existing 8802 users can follow one of two upgrade paths.
The fade and mode control unit (FMC unit) can be purchased independently, and fitted to your 8802 genlock by our engineer. We would only require your unit for around two days.
£45- £400- The other upgrade path is the move from a purely composite 8802 to the Super-8802. This can also be done simply, although we do have to perform the upgrade work at our factory. We would only require your unit for around two days.
O Digitiger 2 video digitiser O New Arexx compiler O Order 2.02 database k O Mail order survey a oooOUiKa .©ffe Amiga-64-Link
• Links C64 peripherals to Amiga parallel port • C64 fclot
required Connects C64 printers to the Amiga
• Supports MRS. DPS, VIC. Star. Brother. Seikosha & Citizen
• Graphics Output on dot-matrix printers • Works with all
software Transfers C64 disk files to the Amiga
• File transfer programs • Read Write text, binary & program
files Standard "Ami-64-Link £35.25 Prices include VAT and
delivery Budget "Ami-64-Link“ £23.50 Budget stops multi-tasking
during printing E3 York Klectronic Research ((1904) 610722 The
Paddocks, Jockey Lane, Huntington, York Y03 9NE Lowest Priced
Top Quality Ribbons 1 aft 94 54 AmstradDMP9000'3000 580 965 9
45 Amstxad DMP 4000 3*6 3 51 3 31 Citizen l20tX'lSPlO'Swift
54,9 2 85 9.70 2.50 Epton LQ4O0 500BO0 850 3.45 3 30 3.10 Star
LC10 Back Star LC10 Cotour Star LC200 B*ocK Star LC24 10200
Black 10ff J* 5t 2 29 2 14 1 94 6 00 5 85 5-65 3 00 2 85 2.65 9
86 2.71 2.51 EpwnfXkOMXflOTX1X800 2 90 2.75 9.55 Epson
ftti‘MX’RX100'TXiMX1000 3 36 3 91 3 01 Epson LX80-'86,90 212 1
97 1.77 PwworacKXPt 123.1194.1140 3 46 3 31 3.11 9 AO 9 74 9 54
Canon BJ-10 Citizen Swift 24 Colour HP DeskJet Star LC200 Cokxx
Star LC24-10.'200 Cotour Or nai 17 54 each Of 15 00 each Onjnal
15.03 each Onjnai 1100 each Ongnal 12 SO each Ring tor ribbons,
inkjet cartridges and inkjet refiOs not Itsted 0543 250377
Kin** us or send cheques to: 0543 250377 Owl Associates. Dept
20. Owl House. Ehoe M W 5 The Brambles. Lichfield. Staffs WS14
9SE ¦¦¦ r 1 Prices include VAT ft Delivery mWm ASTROLOGY TEACH
YOURSELF with our STARTER PACK Comprises a simple program to
calculate a horoscope, an introductory booklet & 2
self-teaching programs (how to interpret the horoscope).
Only £12.50 - No previous knowledge required Payment by Access Visa, Cheque, etc. Or send for free catalogue of our wide range of programs for PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGERS isae (36p - about 9" x T).
Progression, transits, harmonics, midpoints, etc. Superb graphics, 5000 year ephemeris, etc (from £28).
Also GRAPHOLOGY, NUMEROLOGY, etc ASTROCALC (DEPT AMC), 67 Peascroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP3 8ER, England. Tel Fax: 0442 251809 the P.D. PfiRLOCIR PROBABLY THE CHEAPEST IN THE UNIVERSE No. Your eyes are not deceiving you!
You can now get public domain disks for an amazing 39p!H Or you can get them fa nothing if you send in your own blank disks! Wnte to the PD Parlour to find out how and join our user friendly club!
The P.D. Parlour, (Dept. AMC11), 60 St Aubyn Avenue, Keyham, Devonport, Plymouth PL2 1LL A500’s Fixed Price Repair AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE £50 Includes Parts, Labour. Full Service & Next Day Courier Delivery. Fast Turnaround, & 6 Months Warranty Should Disk Drive or Keyboard require replacing, extra amount is payable.
Fully experienced in 16 bit technology.
Quality is our business Don’t bother with the rest, We are the best.
Repairs to Printers, Monitors & Most Home Computers £15.00 per hour plus parts & carriage.
Collection service £15.00 extra.
Educational & dealer discounts All repairs accepted subject to our terms of trade, U006 MIGA FOX OTP.
UCB80»l*«lC€SeMtR. «0M UotOMMXMSBDCH U011 OPT! UTIUTIES *. TotteiuMtet U01? LABEL BASE V30. TUttbau U013TEXmUSV4 0»* metwiap U015 OLSK SALVAGE. RwXMMflWt LBI* RED 0EVIS JTIUItS. Nil y;t« mjke «i vi. MfutMv l»19»£W SUPER KUEHS. Por uazopnwtERuumfs. «t*ro« U0B2 RAD BENCH V1 * iweoutnMt »T U6MDWSPEE0V4.1. cNoiSW, VQ76BUDGET V13*. Wwtlirra U02?WCfllDDATA BANK V22. Mipi UjfflMiEMUATOAVZO. Grad UD29 0PT1C0MUS R NC0WH 2 0 .
LCSO .AM. MAKER VI 5«cd4u- *6W UM1 CROSS WOPOVAU U3S2 SC II. Tf»* s*tl CU ui croyn* LcnWMITSTUC 0V1?V V*t UO*JAMeAS P«OP- grwc UW1 OOS h£LP. CuhH UW2 TYPING TUTCW. NsiWKfRKfl 10*3 PROFESSIONAL t COPY *30 UOUCASSfTE LABELLER. Yx* UO*5POOl5PWDCrOfl- Muftr1 U0*7 FONT OtSX ' • moM«or« UOKUnUTKSOISKI oscKirai* U5*9 GRAPMCS UtllTlES 7 sr«r UC60 AiAKJA OSK C6A£A£ mu*)!
Uo5i suftftspfu. Mow* U054PPV14. .*« post. B0C*B’ UOSS HOCUCX Y2 0. HliOWuier IXK&64 DYKACADO KUO l U J).
LO50 ©ON TOOLS. RwerfoNwctt UI61 flAYS AOE DOW IM* grad U062PC1SAYERV24. Umiow DXJSJ*nOL«RV?Ql. Roev UNOWORLOTWtVI.31. 8*c«* UOTt CONS. 1 cars U072 FREE PANT. Partng cr*r*Ti Order 11 or more to get 2 free disks P D UC73 GELIGMTE FONTS 3» Ml* UJ74 MULTIPLAYER. Nuacikpr UORPLOTU8. Ijviv Saw Krr, UMPCeCCHTKX. '**«r»cr.
LBWHLEUriOER. Rfe jut, U301 WM CAT. Frag Fsft ddJdw 1X87 PERU CHECK PLUS. Wriritp LttiiBICSVliO. AerfrEocnuta UOKTEXTRAYUZ- Wprwrivw'' UC96P06T VI ’. PoUKncrnwnrMr U®7DWAK»KY15U wiwsen U096 JCORNAL HOME ACCOLNTS.
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U. »PCT*5K. paiTCvnriw UU! VIDEO WUSC B5x DEMO.
U1CJ OWWEMSE. Adnio«r» MitjuaaiER.
Dept AC 14 Ouston Close Wardley Gateshead Tyne & Wear NE10 8DZ Tel: 091-438 5021 ORION ACISrJl) NEWTEKJ?| 1021(72 SCAW€fl»OWOfl|7| ACCS STAR TREK ACCS RACERS AMMATWN IM CC'9 K(f PENS 1U DEMO- r»C*riiTO DC2C RAY OF K)PE 2 002' AIENA OMEGA.
002? VOYAGE. Mwttridi aejrewMPaisMQ. Wx?*") (XC*79 OOYSSEY 'M l5l. Eioriv* GOK SUPER OL*2.
G0363? LEARN 4 FLAY |7|.
G03943 OM GAAIrS y?1 rmdJlXCS GW'ORP.
DEJA VU DEJA VU LICENSEO SOTTWARE IN STOCK now CURRENTLY UP T6 aSK9?.DEJAV JD«$ K$ CJM FRED FISH ME STOCK THE LATEST FISH OtSKS IN OUR UBRARY f ROM AS LfTTU AS HPAMk T-BAQ Al T B«g O9A3 n WxA nea CaiALOOUf OSK T6p nctiri* g*n« 4 UNM* PRICES t-S DISKS Cl 35 6-10 DISKS .99p »HDBK$ «P POSTAGE UKORDERS 70p EUROPE £200 WORLD C4C0 HOW TO ORDER PltdM mdra ctwqjM OS'urtera cari mrtw or pceid orders pa abd to WON PD’ All crows OwtaJdwd 1st dm are cay Omm onftrt wdccvne Parnem m aertrq . = A5O0 AfiO0CTynpattfy ¦; |.N teioLdsfcs GJS COMPUTER SERVICES 37 Bamford Street. Clayton, Manchester. M11 4FE
(Callers welcome by appointment only) Tel: 061 231 6608 Fax: 061 223 7531 SPECIAL PACKS BUSINESS PACK 1 ? Contains 5 disks C4.95 BUSINESS PACK 2 ? A further 5 dtiks C4.9S DISK UTILITIES PACK 1* Contains 3 disks £4.95 DISK UTILITIES PACK 2 A turthw 5 disks C4 95 FONTS PACK 1 * Contains 3 disks £2.95 CUP ART PACK t. Contains 5 diiks £4.95 GAMES PACK 1« 3 disks - 30 games £4.93 GAMES PACK 2* 5 disks- 30gamas C4.95 Shop Window The very latett products for your AMIGA, including an Arexx compiler to speed up your scripts, and a brand new digitiser * ?
Survey How well do mail order companies treat you - their customers? Here's your chance to let off steam, or otherwise, in our exclusive survey concerning our parcel-packing pals Hard Times Find anything, anywhere, with the Amiga Market ot-a-glonce aid to shopping for hard drives, Poppies, and RAM expansions Free classifieds More buying, selling and exchanging than ever before with two pages of hot bargains ave you ever wondered about turning your com- LI puting hobby into a wage-paying career? I’m " • not talking about becoming a programmer, but instead working for a dealer as a sales,
support or purchasing capacity.
Believe it or not, even in the midst of this recession, many dealers and computers firms need people with a knowledge of the Amiga. The Amiga is after all the best selling home computer currently available in the UK, as such there are a great many firms looking for such people.
From your point of view, having a job that you enjoy is also more rewarding and fulfilling - rather than a dull office job - and in some cases can also be financially advantageous.
Looking through the pages of AC it's obvious that there is no shortage of dealers selling our favourite computer. As such it should be easy to find a fairly local company that you can try for.
More importantly, from time to time the bigger companies will advertise for staff - although this approach does have the disadvantage that a lot of people will probably try for the positions.
Tentative Alternatively, if you purchased your Amiga from a local dealer then you may know one of the staff or managers.
Depending on how well you know these staff, make a few tentative enquiries as to whether there are any positions currently available or coming up.
If so, get them to put you forward on your behalf.
Internal references are often given preferential treatment, particularly in smaller companies.
Another possibility is that you can talk to some of the more specialised employment agencies working in the leisure computer industry.
Two such companies worth trying are Answers Recruitment at Hazelwood Road, Northampton NN1 1LN, and Key Resources at 5 Orton Enterprise Centre, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough PE2 6XU.
You can either request a specific position or leave this choice to the company. There are many different types job within a local dealer - sales assistant, customer support, purchasing etc - but you should be honest with m w J 11J ¦__i JJJ!U uj t Li Uj yourself as to the type of job your own knowledge warrants.
You can't for example expect to work in the customer support department helping users like yourself if you only have a basic knowledge of the Amiga!
Enclosed with the letter should be your CV. Both of these documents should be short but factual - pages and pages of text that take ages to read can be more harmful to your future career than a lack of experience.
Remember the reader will be a busy person, using five pages to say what could have been said in a couple of sentences will annoy them and only antagonise them.
Your CV should go into detail about your computing experience, but don't skimp on other areas Such as your qualifications.
Note how I said computing experience rather than Amiga experience. Although your expertise maybe only be with the Amiga, the Amiga will not last forever, and such companies will be looking for versatility and a general knowledge of computers. It's highly unlikely that the company only stocks Amigas and you'll almost certainly end up working with other types of computer.
Generalising So instead of saying you have extensive knowledge of ProWrite or PageStream (Amiga specific applications) put down "word processing and DTP skills."
These packages are wordprocessors and desktop publishing packages so you're not lying. Obviously if you have experience of other computer systems, even better.
Having written your these two documents you Should send them to the company in question. Call first to find out who the letter should be addressed to, every firm will have someone who is responsible their personal.
Hopefully you'll be asked to go for an interview.
Combining your hobby with your job could transform your work into a hitherto unimagined pleasurable experience. How? Read on... Interview procedures vary greatly depending on the company in question. Again while you should obviously try to emphasise your knowledge you should not lie or exaggerate to the extent that you cannot back your claims up. Answer all questions honestly and where possible appear confident and authoritative.
Once the interview is over and you've left the companies premises there is not a lot more you can do until you next hear from them. You'll either be offered a contract or turned down.
If you make it, congratulations - you've made it to the first rung of the ladder in a career of computing. If you aren't offered a position, don't get disheartened. There are many other vacancies around and every time you miss out your chances improve for the next time around - keep trying!
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4. 00pm, answerphone 24nrs. All prices advertised include first
class postage and packaging.
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UT27I: * Crycs DOS20 UUU 1 UT 272: ? Ceycs DOS2.0 Uuls 2 IT 271«C170* DQS2 0 L'Uls 3 UT 274; ? Qqr* D0510 tills 4 IT275: * Ceycs DOS20 Uub 5 UT276 ? Ceycs DOS10 Uub 6 UT 279 ? Cannon Prtnlrr Drhm UT 262. The Joy or Printing UT 285: S*c lo School Vol 3 085 IT 290. Jocose llaveh Vol I IT 291: Jorotir Kwcd Vol 2 UT 294: ? The SupertaBtre Vd 6.0 UT 295:. OpUCormm 1.1 IT 295: Mysto Hardware UT 297: ? Land Ittukk-r 3.2 IT 299: * Mr Bark Up UT 300:. IFF lo PCX UT 301:«Conwrtm IFF lo 1HEM IT302: ? Esoiual Utils in IT303 ? 3Z Database Load W B UT304: D Copy 3 LT 306 U'nkrk Aron UT 306. * Ptrwnfll
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BU 020: t Forms Rcalh UnltaHed Bll 1X21: .Amkash Vol 10 BU 024: • Rudgrt Plnance Program BU 025: • Ilnuwhnld Invwiloy Bli 026; * TcMnijpnr Vd 3 00 nil 027 . Address Dock V 1.0 BU 026. Amiga Spell Dl' 029 ? Amllxwr hdkwaoral 2 CLR (Central Licenaeware) CUOI »T«aCrrerplD(rnaiin OK (fi: ? Tt al Caatrpl GedeQ- U.V CLE CO . Tttal Getrpw Sdir U-99 OEM .KjldrsCekurimW £53 CLEC& • Aghcnl(GtiKtrTuud CUIOI.YdroTttr £350 CIO 02 . Pab Indexer £350 CIJUM.IWniTuld £350 CLCOI ? WhiAmdrCanrl £350 CLG 02 * Dsrk Tftnz* Flnlxmi US) I'LGCO:» Wuse ilSrnx m jjl 13.10 flfi W: • X-Sfivn Ista* m upl D.50
ClOl&.TmdlnOn H.50 OG Of, Cbhmlloi iGiffld £50 OG07: lift* Water Works £56 C1G Oft * Dn » Tl« pittdf I £150 U* cut tar nor flr« CU1 Mw »the DISK OFFER Hulk X5W Bulk .£4 90 StarTronics V7S4 4 Arnold Drive, Droylsden, Manchester M35 6RE. Tel: 061 370 9115 ? = Compatible with Plus. Postage & packing fop. Please submit payment by cheque or postal order. Minimum order of 3 required when using Access or Visa.
Amiga PD: 1-9 disks £1.20: 10-15 disks 99p; 16+ disks 90p. FREE PROGRAMS: Order 10 get 1 FREE: Order 20 get 2 FREE: Order 25 get 3 FREE DigiTiger Last year, while wandering around the Ami-Expo in Berlin, a Striped box caught my eye. Curious, I looked closer and came face to face with DigiTiger I. a German contender for king of the digitiser jungle.
Now I've had an extensive play with the new DigiTiger 2 I thought you may be interested in hearing if it's worth roaring about As digitisers go. DigiTiger isn't the most compact you’ll find, resembling somewhat a b3g of sugar with knobs on. It connects to the Amiga's parallel port via a generous length of cable and composite video is fed through a phono connector at the rear of the unit and. As it is externally powered. A500 or 600 owners who are pushing their power supplies to the limit need not worry about burning out their precious kit Tute claim that DigiTiger is a speed merchant, "the
fastest slow-scan digitiser that money can buy", and I found no reason to argue, having compared it with a standard Digi-View and found DigiTiger to be at least twice as fast all round.
A* well as this, it produces results which are. In many cases, superior to NewTek's daddy of all digitisers. I reckon that it would beat DCTV’s digitiser to the line as well.
Adjustments Through DigiTiger's combination of hardware and software a wide range of adjustments can be made, as the signal can be processed via the front-panel controls for colour, brightness and contrast before it is digitised, and further tweaking can be made from software, post-grab.
By manipulating the hardware controls, line art and other effects can aho be obtained quite easily. A fourth knob, marked Syn, is used to overcomo synchronisation problems which may Our monthly guide to new Amiga products be present with certain VTRs. Unlike many digitisers, DigiTiger has a preview mode which enables the Incoming video to be seen in lo-res Wack and white directfy on the Amiga's monitor, making framing and focusing a cinch.
Once the software is set up. Selecting one of the eight preset screen sties, which range from lo-res 320 x 256 to 704 x 560 hi-res oversun, and then choosing the digitising method, causes a video image to be grabbed.
Unlike other digitisers, the number of colours is determined after grabbing, and according to the chosen resolution. With HAM providing the largest number of colours, though at the expense of horizontal resolution.
Of the six methods of digiusing available, the most useful are undoubtedly Black and White. Colour Manual and Colour Auto, with the self-explanatory Antique and Pseudo- Colour being little more than novelties, while Test is lo-res mono only. Handily, DigiTiger also contains a colour splitter, which means that when Colour Auto iS selected, an incoming colour signal will automatically be split into the red. Green and blue components required for digitising, thus obviating the need for the separate splitter required by some other digitisers In this price range.
But if you Still use a black and white camera with colour filters. Colour Manual allows you to rotate the filter before making the next pass. No clues as to what Black and White is for.
After grabbing an image. DigiTiger's Colour Mixture requester pops up with choices for the number of colours (I to 6 bitplancs), relative R. G and B levels. HAM sharpness (to reduce HAM fringing artefacts) and various Palette functions, one of which is to render each image with a locked palette This means that they will play back correctly when animated with Dpaint This is the last stage and once the grab is to your liking it can be saved for posterity on disk.
Used in anger. I found DigiTiger to perform well, once I had spent some time getting the front panel knobs set up just right Dependant By testing with a black and white camera, an S-VHS camcorder and a VH$ deck I can report that the results were generally very good, though of course they will always be dependent on the quality of the video feed.
As DigiTiger is a slow-scan digitiser any grabbing from tape must be done with a VCR capable of a rock-solid pause, or the grab will have the jitters.
In a shoot out with Digi-View, DigiTiger was the dear winner for speed, quality and ease of use, though in the picture processing stakes Digi-View is still the boss.
Although the manual is entirely in German, the saving grace is that the software is available in an easily understood English version, so there really isn't much cause for concern.
Anyone at all familiar with Amiga software will have no trouble with DigiTiger's standard pull-down menu, point and click interface.
DigiTiger is compatible with all Amigas and most turbo cards. I Mb RAM or more is recommended.
For my system.
Order v2 The Amiga database market couldn't be described as the most buoyant in the productivity sector, and for long there have been only a few packages competing for a fairfy small market It
o therefore the first requirement of a new database that it offer
something new.
South Hams Software's Order is a relational database with few frills which uses an approach more often associated with PC packages in that the program creates projects containing as many databases as the user likes.
Similarly, reports and forms are generated within the same project and attached to a database so that a project can develop into a bit of a monster.
It is an approach not found in the other Amiga databases presently doing the rounds, and makes Order an ideal choice for manipulating massive amounts of disparate data.
The Order user will find invaluable the facility to create many different forms to vary the way data is entered, and reports to provide a range of display and printing options.
The program is designed as a collection of modules to control the creation and editing of the project components, all of which are accessed from a main menu screen.
This tends to slow down operation, especially when swapping from one module to another as a complete module must then be loaded from disk.
Things never get too pedestrian, however, and working from a hard drive will reduce delays considerably.
X-head One other niggle is that the 200-page manual will be required reading for anyone not already familiar with this particular type of database package.
The seasoned user will pick up most of the main points after about 30 minutes, but beginners might struggle for a while.
In particular, the manual tends to take a lot for granted, and assumes that the user is already comfortable with the terminology. The result is often a great deal of head-scratching.
Once its layout and general principles have been mastered.
Order is a logical and relatively straightforward package, and with a bit of use it soon develops into a flexible tod. The modular approach sees to this.
As projects and databases are treated separately, the user can decide to create a range of projects with one or two databases within each, or can stick with one large project stuffed with data.
For example, separate project* might be labelled Videos, Tapes, and Records, or alternatively one large Collections project might be designed to contain three databases with these format, the user just picks up a data field using the mouse and drags it to a new location in much the same way as Prodata users create layouts.
This means that if a specific printing format is required, it is a simple task to knock one together. Not as easy or as friendly j_| as the layout creation process in Prodata, perhaps, but perfectly adequate and accessible to anyone who has used a database before. Order's key field and query facilities will be the most troublesome to new users, but can both be very powerful tools. Queries - searches to you and me - can be made from any level of a database, even the lowest form level at which much of the data may not be onscreen. And key fields allow the linking of data across different
forms, removing the need to type in the tame data every time a new form is created.
1-JUN7 130 A BAY IN THE LITE . .... AS C4B 18-JUL-64 41 A HAW DAY'S NIGHT .... A3 S7A C2A g-tftt-g 12 A IASIE OF HONEY .... Al CIA 08-HAY-7& 283 ACROSS IHE INVERSE ... .... A13 C7A 86-AUG-65 7? ACT NATURALLY ..... .... A5 C2B 22-KOW3 20 ALL I'VE GOI 10 W .... A2 CIA MH3 21 AIL HY LOVING .... .... A2 C1B 17-JAN-65 175 ALL IOGEI0 NOW .... All C6A 07-JUL-67 131 ALL M NEED IS LOVE . ,. , A?
S15A C4B 10-JUL-64 46 AND I LOVE HER .... A3 C2A 05-A nh( 110 AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING .. .... A?
C3B 22-HAH3 7 m 00 io m ... .... Al CIA 06-AUG-65 75 AN0IHEP. GIRL ...... .. . A5 C2B 18-JUL-64 42 ANY IM AI ALL ... .... A3 C2A 11-JAM3 4 ASK HE WHY . .... Al S2B CIA Searches are fast and efficient, even when asked to find a single piece of data from hundreds of records, and the extensive support for wildcards makes rooting through a mass of data for non-specific information a breeze
r. ; rvli; hode iam upI'] mm Savm min ddriu dkcii rom BK211]
Beginners or those with simple data Storage needs Will
probably steer clear of Order, but those with demanding needs,
or who have found some of the existing packages a little too
linear will find Order the perfect tool.
When the structure of the project has been decided upon, any number of reports within each database can be applied to the data to enable a variety of printout options.
The Cassettes database would have a form used for printing cassette box labels, one for listing every cassette by title, and perhaps a full-blown song-by-song list cross-indexed to the cassette number on which the songs can be found.
There's plenty of choice, and creating reports is made easy by the reports editor. By choosing to edit or create a report s Supplier: South Hams Software Phone; 0752 880289 Price: £24.95 single concession to sound in the form of the Amiga speech device, which will read aloud all program instructions.
It is not the most inspiring of products, nor one which would hold an unsupervised child's attention for long, but for basic maths instruction it would suit the parent who wanted to get on with teaching his or her child and leave the games till later.
A record is kept of scores gained in each of the four types of sum, and this can be printed as a permanent record of the child's achievement. There is also a help function, but the average eight-year-old, faced with a help screen which uses words like "dividend" and "divisor" will find precious little to dear up any confusion.
Fractions! Is a decent stab at good old back to basics maths, and works fine with supervision. It is, however, a little lacking when compared to more visually and aurally appealing packages such as the Fun School and Henrietta programs, both of which manage the same amount of instruction with infinitely more pzazz!.
Lascelles Productions of New Zealand, responsible for the excellent Back to Basics program of a couple of years ago. Have turned their attention to basic mathematics for their latest educational release.
Fractions!, aimed at the 7 to 14-year age group and covering National Curriculum levels I to 4, is a no- nonsense learning tool which concentrates entirely on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, and skips the games and animations found in most modern educational packages.
The program has a simple look and feel, based on a blackboard on which the sums appear, and makes a Monitor console and keyboard unit • Second drive space • No hard drive restrictions * Power supply or modulofor spoce • Keeps cobles tidy • Noh-magnetic aluminium * High quality texture finish • Plenty of ventilation • Installed in minutes • Designed specifically for the A500 and 500+ • Colour co-ordinated A real space saver! - Over 1,000 satisfied customers KONTAX COMPUTERS 11a Waldeck House Waldeck Road. Maidenhead SL68BR 0628 773212 Phone lines manned 7 days between 8.00am - 9pm (No
JUST SEND A COPY ON A DISC 8c WE WILL DO THE REST If you don't believe us send for free sample We can Print up to A3 THATS BIGGER TI4AN MOST PRINTERS WHICH USUALLY ONLY GO UPTO A4 WE .ALSO DIGITIZE COLOUR PICTURES DIRECTLY FROM ANY VHS or S-VHS SOURCE AND CAN INCORPORATE IT INTO DTP WITH TEXT AND THEN PRINT IT FOR YOU. IN COLOUR (OVER 100 DIFFERENT FONTS) An Ideal way to make your videos have that professional finish Just send for an instruction form 8c return with the tape and correct payment we will send you back your tape boxed with its sleeve design.
Example prices A4 full colour print 1 off £4.99 extra reprints of same picture £1.50 up to 10 over 10 see Pricelist For full details PLEASE write or phone Please allow 7 days for delivery VISA ACCESS PRICES INCLUDE VAT & POSTAGE.
FOR COURIER ADD £10 White Knight Technology AMIGA Specialists (0992)714539 10am - 9pm Mon - Sat E*oe Iff H G8020 ACCELERATORS' Commodore 2620 14MHz 020 2Mb 32-Bit RAM (Exp. 4Mb) & 68881 Co-Pro + MMU £299 Or with 4Mb RAM £ 399 G8030 ACCELERATORS' GVP G-Force 030 - 25MHz 1Mb 32-Bit RAM (Exp. 13Mb) With Onboard SCSI £ 575 GVP G-Force 030 - 40MHz 4Mb 32-Bit RAM (Exp. 16Mb) With Onboard SCSI £ 799 GVP G-Force 030 - 50MHz 4Mb 32-Bit RAM (Exp. 16Mb) With Onboard SCSI £1129 GVP A530 Turbo 40MHz 68030 Accelerator And 1 Mb 32-Bit RAM (Exp. 8Mb) & Hard Disk With 52Mb Drive £675 £775 Or 120Mb Drive PO BOX
2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS., EN8 7HQ, ENGLAND 08040 ACCELERATORS’ GVP G-Force 28MHz 68040 For A3000. 2Mb of 40ns RAM (Exp. 8Mb). 22Mips £1549 GVP G-Force 33MHz 68040 For A1500 2000.4Mb RAM (Exp. 16Mb). Has SCSI And A Serial & Parallel Port.
Runs at 30 Mips! £1549 PP&S Mercury 28MHz 68040 For A3000. Upto 32Mb RAM Onboard. Runs at 22 Mips Mercury 0Mb RAM £1449 Mercury 4Mb RAM CALL PP&S 040 2000 28MHz 68040 For A1500 2000. Exp. To 32Mb RAM. 23 Times A2000 Speed!
040 2000 With 0Mb £1199 040 2000 With 4Mb £1299 PP&S ZEUS (A2000) CALL PP&S 040 500 (A500) CALL RCS FUSION FORTY 28MHz 68040 (A 1500 2000) • 4Mb HARD DRIVES (33®® GVP HD8+ 52 £ 339 GVP HD8+120 £429 GVP HD8+240 £ 699 I VS Trumpcard 500 AT 42Mb IDE Version £ 279 100Mb IDE Version £375 DataFlyer 500 SCSI 52Mb Version £ 309 105Mb Version £409 39 3 ®® 2®®® GVP HC8+ £125 GVP HC8+ 52 £ 275 GVPHC8+12Q £409 GVP HC8+240 £ 649 GVP HC8+420 £1049 SUPRA W SYNC 52Mb £ 249 52 Mb £189 105Mb £285 I’rul’dgc + I’ruDr.iw .1 £179 Imagine 2.0 • Now £189 XCAD 3000 Onlv £249 Luttice SAS C VS. I £169 rTjyyy 25MHz &
2Mb RAM 52 Mb - £1449 105 Mb - £1699 jTjyyyj' 25MHz & 5Mb RAM 105 Mb - £2220 4Mb Static Column Zip RAM for A3000, is £175 Other Configurations Available OPAlViSiON ViDEO lAckO? EYSTim Backup Hard or Floppy Disks To Video Tape Using A Home VCR.
Wx p&es ftt Our latMt tnat AhJ fcUrMjti*,. CjB TNC BIG BANG BORGCR BAR BBS ft blU bbb 3bJ5 J ft REXXPLUS compiler The expanding arena of Arexx support has recently shown some very good software and one of the more interesting new arrivals is the REXXPLUS compiler from the Dineen Edwards Group. This product will compile Arexx scripts into executables that can be run directly by AmigaDOS.
Now, do not imagine that this compiler produces extremely fast code as. For instance. C does. What it does produce is very well optimised Arexx code, which will satisfy the requirements of users who have come to like the convenience of Arexx. But need more execution speed.
In the applications I tested I saw speed increases of two to five times, and in special cases, much more than this would be possible.
No doubt, one of REXXPLUS’s main uses will be the speeding up of scripts that control other programs. Arexx power users who need to link high-end applications, especially where calculation is involved, will find that the compiler makes the previously slow interprogram connections much faster.
Further, the compiled programs are "pure”, so they can be made resident in memory, and do not have to be loaded up every time they are called.
Trivial On the downside, compiled programs carry a large overhead, and even small scripts compile to about 30k. You should also note that the compiler works better on more involved scripts, and trivial scripts will generally have insignificant speed-ups.
Compiler support is also provided for calls to Intuition and other shared libraries. Writing an application with a full Intuition interface is certainly feasible with REXXPLUS. The compiled code is “blink" compatible so you can easily use it with most other languages.
You can call C routines from REXXPLUS. Or you could write part of your program - the parsing and interprocess communication bits - in REXXPLUS. And the rest in C (or any other compiled language), sequence. By the way. This is a good example of Arexx at work - much easier than AmigaDOS! A new logical directory.
RPDIR:. Is created and replaces rexx:.
The reason for the alterations is that the REXXPLUS environment "intercepts” the normal operation of Arexx and creates a new task to handle Arexx calls. This task now carries the REXX and Arexx ports, communicating with the resident process via two new ports.
If this sounds somewhat precarious, rest assured that it if not One of the really striking things about the program is the elegance and robustness of the interface.
All the programs tested ran and communicated together with no snags whatsoever. These included executables, normal rx’ed macros, rx'ed executables, and macros called from other programs.
Compiling is easy - the Intuition interface will even allow a beginner to compile a script with just a couple of mouse-dicks. Although there are numerous options for the more experienced user.
The compilation times themselves
- while not exactly greased lightning
- were fast enough not to cause any frustration. All sorts of
listings can be generated to aid the debugging process. The
REXXPLUS compiler pro- The program is compatible with both
Workbench 1.3 and
2. x . At least I Mb of RAM is recommended and as always, a hard
disk is desirable. Arexx. Of course, must already be present
on the system.
An installation script is provided, which, as well as Copying all the necessary files, also adds a few lines to your startup- Speedy handling REXXPLUS’s method of handling support libraries gives it much of its speed.
Special compiler libraries are provided for each support library and are used at compile time to eliminate the time-consuming interpreter cycle of searching the library list, opening and closing the library and so on.
All the function calls are resolved at compile time, allowing direct access when they are run. A similar concept is used for accessing ports. A program that required extensive mathematical calculation speeded up by a most welcome six times.
Special compiler libraries are also provided for the major freely distributable support libraries that allow Amiga-specific system calls.
One or two of these have graphics compatibility clashes with Workbench
2. 0, but the excellent APIG.library and rxgen.library, which are
also supported, are more than enough to allow anything in
the system to be accessed.
Dineen Edwards Group offer to make special libraries available for other support libraries and function hosts.
Vides some additional useful commands to the standard Arexx language definition. These include octal conversion and line processing routines. Further, all calls to rexxsupportlibrary and to the transcendental math functions can be considered as built-in functions.
The documentation is excellent. One thing that you cannot use in compiled code however, is the Interpret instruction. A few of the tracing options are also missing.
Overall this it a very good product, especially when you consider the work required to get this kind of thing right The authors have got it right, though, and I believe it will see many improvements in the future.
However. I think that the program would be better served by a change in the licensing agreement, which currently requires special permission from DEG to distribute programs created with it I would certainly not recommend it to a beginner looking for their first compiler - it is a bit too specialised for that - but serious Arexx users, and programmers who rely on Arexx environments, will be more than pleased with it It could well be a future Amiga classic.
QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN6 The following represent only a small selection of title. Available We Mock ova 1000 disks. With new in lev aiming each week If there it a particular ptopm you require. We nuv already have il.
If not. We’ll gci it for you al no extra c«t. We Mock a larye uelectkn of F1SII und TBAQ dnkx along with Ml MfnrinM. Emulator*. Fona. Clip-on, arapta. Game*. Deim*.. uulwa, slideshow*.
Jmimaiiun.H und music tlnhv Number m lj = ms of disk*. (20) • at Icwl I wo disk dnrct required Many more great Animations arc available Demo Pack Utility Pack Music Pack AkWfW Odyssey 40 minute space epic.
Over 700 ol the be* uhlrt.r. lOdnit 110 Maine Rave. 2 4 disk, of top quality muiK (Hit. 1.195 Hardwired 2 disks________Jl2 I'nnnKkcr Id plus 4 links lit Ingh quiltly sun les .....£3 Btuooa Uvit Ore* music!
.’ Uid,. .....(2 Our f dialogue Disk contains information «n all our I disks, and also includes tree games and utilities Order one NOW! ONI Y II.
|-----Catalogue Disk ¦-- Ml All disks ire VIRUS FRIT, and are despatched within 24 hour* Please udd 50p to loul order lowvih pw gc a,Kl pocking.
Pfcaw make cheques POs payable to SYSTEC PD and send to: 2 Ridge Road.LETCHWORTtt.Hem.S06 IPN ((M62IM4372 ullhMHIiIut iiliav-j DISCOUNT MAIL ORDER COMPUTER SUPPLIES THIS IS ONLY A SMALL SELECTION OF OUR STOCK - SO IF YOU CANT FIND WHAT YOU WANT BELOW - PHONE Amqa GGG'lMb'Dcfcjte Pami HI Aauaa M UQrtOMbHD,- CDTV * i £283 £439 £439 £539 £799 CHS £929 .£1079 All prices include VAT and full warranty. Postage £8 (up to 6 items).
Credit Debit Card Orders 081-546 4522.9am - 8pm 7 days.
Cheque Postal Orders to: Millenium Micros, 30 Femhill Gardens, Kingston. Surrey KT2 5DL We also stock Acres. Wordstar. Borland. Toshiba. Pacific Data Products, Ommpage. Aldus. Microsoft. Lotus, Samna, Ashton Tate, Corel Draw, Roland.
Citizen. Seikosha, Psion. Goldstar. Sharp. Star. Panasonic. Epson and many more' LemnunovRncycVjpedia - A1500 Home Accounts lMb'Joyttick... A1500 Heme Aoeuntvl Mh'52Mb HD A2QXU713MHllMb RAM AZWWSMHxflMb RAM ... A2030 '40MHz '3Mb RAM . A2&00.713MHi 10SMb HD lMb RAM .....£888 A3000 25MH2»52Mb HD'1Mb RAM .£1449 A3WW26MHX-105Mb HDIMb RAM .....£1749 A30COMutom*dia • 52Mb HD.'4Mb RAM------£2599 Many otba lbOCl7COC '3000 oonOgurauccs ivuUhle VIDEO DICmSERS ft ENHANCEMENTS Genlock AS902 Seim ProfeoaioMl ......£186 Genlock A8806 Pnfesttooal ... £680
Genlock A2300 Senupralesnanai ... £85 DgpVlew Medta Statoo £125 GV? Impact Visoc 24Br. Gokrni £1860 Scaia Pieteouuco System Scfwrara ...£159 Commodore Display Rriuukk .. £225 MONITORS C&tear 14' Gobur TV Moraiof ..._ £159 Cuuen Pro CM11I SVGATnatron, £315 CocunoJare 10MS CGA Colour Stereo ..1229 Cammodme I085S CGA Cotour Swreo ......£219 Commodore 1930 MkU Ccfcit VQA .....£235 Commodore 1935 Colour SVGA ....£239 CoiUBWdOfe I960 Co tour SVGA Tilgync £429 Commodore Al5 FST IF Multisync £639 Many other Maimers
available - Phase ACCELERATORS Mtootoua VXL WiMHi 030 Boitd £259 MtaobatiB VXL 3fV40MHz 030 Board ...£389 Miaoboua Co-Processcn 68881 .____-......£75 Micrabcfccs Co-ProoHMl 68882.. ..... £139 CBM 2830 25MHJ 030 ’2Mb ...1M9 GVP G-porce 68030EC'888S2 2SMHi lMb £535 these exclusive disk, arc jam A0040 packed with some ot the best PD A0026 games around today.
A«m ¦- - I AOD5I Anya 1-15 - .~£I5 or £1.25 for a single disk V Ttii* 7 disk scl of clipart CoriUint everything from land lu fancy borders and icuuicv Hundreds of pics just wailing lo be loaded into your favounlc an or DTP package... Arrya Disks
• Clip Art £7 Dish Prices * I-1 0 ..11.25 each II-2
0____________u.,..!l. 15 each 21+ ...-ni ......1100 each
n GYP G-Fo»CC HQMEGftNtt «MW4Mb £799 GVP G-Force 6803M8882
NMHx tMb £1119 GVP G Force 680W 28MMx 2Mb EMM Fusion
M0 28MHl*4Mb ....-__£1149 GYP A530 Onto 68033BC
(MUUttMb'HMb HD 1639 As above vrfth ! 20Mb HD
£739 SIMM 32BK 4Mb Expansion lor 030 Accelerators
and A53fl Combos . £168 SIMM 32 Bfw’IMb lor 040
Aoreliiiux ...._£146 HARD CARPS GVP Impact Series H HC8*
52Mb .....1249 GVP Impact Series D HC6* ittMb £389 GVP Impwa
Serire 0 HCB‘ 240Mb HD .. £609 SIMM 1 Mb 19 Bit BONJ Mraorr lot
atw £29 HARD DRIVES (A500) GVP Senes D Hdfl*52Mb_________ £329
GVP Senes 0 HD8*120Mb- £419 0VP Saras U HD*»240Ift
....069 SIMM 1Mb X 9 PW80NS .
£29 SIMM 4Mb 19 B.V90NS • £109 Supra 52Mb HD ____________ £319
Supra 105Mb HD ..... £379 SCSI HARD DRIVES Quantum 52Mb HD
£210 Quantum 120Mb HD . £325 Quantum 240Mb
HD _ ...... £539 Quantum 420Mb HD - £1009
CD FLOPPY DRIVES Cumana 3 5’ 1Mb External Dmre ....£59 Cumana
Amiga 500 Inusmal Drive-------£54 Floptical 144Mb 3.5‘
Dn»«_ ... £449 Floptical miMbDiAeUc .£23 A570 CD
Drive .... £339 RAM EXPANSION BOARDS Microbotics 8Mb
Board (2Mb populated) ..£129 OVP Series n RAM 80 Mb
popukated £89 GVP Senes 0 RAM 8 2 Mb populated £139 OVP
1Mb 19 Bit SIMM-30NS ..£29 Eric Schwartz ¦ Al ihc
Movies (I Meg) Al the Movies II (4) (2D) A Day il the
Beiirti 2)(3Mc*l Anti Lonmin' (2) |2D) PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS
(U.K. Distributors for Progressive Peripherals A Software)
PROGRESSIVE 040 28mhz for 2000 1500 with 4 megs £1250 33inhz
for 2000 1500 with 4 megs £1450 ZEUS 040 2000 1500 28 Mhz 040 +
4 Meg And Scsi £1699 33mhz version 4 megs and SCSI £1899
MUDCllMl 3000 25 nthz 040 £699 MERCURY 040 28 Mhz zero K For
A3000 A3000T £1350 35Mhz (28mips!) £1550 1?™ 28 MHZ 040 FOR
500 500P With 4 megs £875 33 Mhz version 4 megs £1075 Works
with 1.3 & 2.04 with 2.04 mounted on board, 68000 fallback
mode works ALL hard drives tested.
RAMBRANDT 24 bit card twin frame buffers, 8meg video ram £2499 FUSION FORTY 040 28 mhz 2000 1500 4 meg £999 + Vat (£1174) work* with 16 bit ram CSA MAGNUM 040 Fast SCSI2 interface option of fast Serial and Parralel ports (User installable) & 20 nanosecond SRAM Expands to 68 meg.
28 mhz with 4 megs and SCSI £1675 33mhz version £2325 PROFESSIONAL VERSIONS have addition 1 or 4 meg SRAM at 20 nanosecs PRICE BREAKTHROUGH LOWEST PRICE 030’s EVER!!!
P. O. BOX 87, LYTHAM St ANNES, LANCS, FY8 5SP TEL 0253 795796 FAX
0253 736035 OPEN 10AM TO 5PM MONDAY THRU* THURSDAY Mail Order
Only-Overseas Welcome Registered |* st or courier extra.
Prices include VAT CSA 030 for 500 1500 25 nthz with 030MMU
chip 68882 FPU £250 CSA 030 for 500 1500 33 nthz £325 2 Meg
£190 4 Meg £325 8 Meg £475 CALL TO FIND OUT HOW TO TRADE-IN
G056 HUGO (3 Disks!
0) 45 ALCATRAZ (30) |P) D072 BIRDS OF PREY (P) D390 STAR WAR (2D)
PK1(50) £5.95 DRAWING & PRINTING PK (10D)..£9.50 MEGA MIXED
1A2 (10D. Each) £9.50 30 GAMES PACK 1 (5 DISKS) C4.S5 30 GAMES
PACK 2 (5 DISKS) C4 95 200 GREAT GAMES (10 DISKS)£19.95
total tor PAP and mate CHEQUES or P O. payafile to’FIVE-STAR
(20) *2 Dsk etc. (1MD) 2 Meg etc FREE POST ON CATALOGUE DISK DISK
PRICES 1-5 ..- £1.10
69_______________fl.00 10-19 ..96p
20-29-......- ......Hp 3k- ..... 86p
C6* 4 0AUE5 PACKS (3 atk|
U) 29 CAN DO Language* (?)
U300 MESSY SID II (P) mgs ic M0C2 BAD |M JACKSONl |P) MCC€ MADONNA |P) M017 GUN i ROSE |P) M021 LAURELS HARDY (2D) M031 BETTY BOO (201 |P) M065 AMAZING TUNES III |30) (P' U1« FLASH GORDON (20| |P) MI23 AMIGA CHART III |P| M154KYLIE120) (P) M167 00H IT 06SCRENE III (Oopt AC1) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL ENGLAND 0827 68406 ACNJMATIOHS SYSONS ASSOCIATES FIVE-STAR PD Sole Oletnbulor ol Roeemoiie. Producis in (he UK AkkPISJSS v vims Vto-e We stock over i .500 quality disks to choose Irom covering Cantos. Utilities, Oomos. Music, Animation Education. T-flSQ Fred FtiK. Fonti, Clip An 5
Sample i & Oo s Vu 1-94 st £3.99 each Below Is fust a ACC t WALKER 1 4 2|2D) (P| ACC8 TRON (20) |P| A013 SPACE PROBE |P| W32BLOOO-SPORTII A041 REAL THING 8IR01A2 |P| A044ANTILEMMNG |2D||2MB) A072UFEABITCH A110 ANOTHER WORLD II AtaeKYUESssooi A152 oO Th 6arT Man 5S At 79 THE LIVING WORLDS A!K SPACE BUBBLE i|2|2D| At 87 PERL OF THE DEEP |2D| At 90 TERMINATOR H (20i (P) A20SN5W cEMUNG (P) A215 MADONNA IliflO) (P)MM A231 ALIENS IISS (P)
ED25SCRABBLE StnOfnictetsrwsrWpto' teBKtuokfm HOW TO ORDER PIUS
iPWKTEDOHCR FORMS Piomb add C3 pkp For ordert over tlOO pleisc
add £7 p4p Cheques and PoelM Orders payattt to: m SYSONS
ASSOCIATES Send to (Dept NAC). 98 Kenton Lane. Kenton. Harrow.
Middx HA3 SUE. - Allow 5 wodiing days tor ctieque cearance No
personal callers ptease J 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS
WELCOME Tel: 061-907 2100. Fex: 081-909 1876.
Prices subject to charms without noace E 6 06 All pncea include VAT Ai goods subject o avalVabAty 0089?
Don't went raorK) hut inn a nvw mathliw, when ton can upgrade at thcw prkt*!!
* 500,500. *1500-2000 43MbNEC. £278 99 £269 99 52Mb OuantLm
£31099 COSO 99 10MA) Quantum _....£429 99 £419 W ?IOMb
Ouareum ......£669 99 £679 99 A500i'ASOC* ones hive
eiternal cetevt se aidnatec oualtf met* cate* to vnprcne
du ob*fy ana racuoe rado Mmriorence Ther **° have ¦ through pon
xllowing Mfat eipanwr Al Otartum *rm hive a 6«K cache »me artt
SCSI IIOAdatt 131 howl Fuv owpalMa alh Krtital 1 CpnpU* uUty
ACCELERATORS Mkh-2 *0» AMO 500. * A1900’2000. 6400 14 CPU wiih 16Kb cache doublet pertormance Avo-d» mcompebbility problems associated wdh 680JMO acoteraton Also ;twds axau to tfnp r«mary SaUA tor oo-proceaaor A2O00 version supplied is a card Wiail IMM mpMI---------- £12699 Speedy DoeW? «*«k *P«*1 The km coal method to ifweate pertormercv For *1 mode's me A500. £74.99 Turbo XT. Doubtea XT bridge boat) pertnmnce £49.99 NEW PRODUCTS
• fie low ooet method at badurg ip your nerd dt* Saar* ip to 800
Megabytes on a normal VHS Upe yOuT oiatrg iOec toccrdn as a
tape Preww easy» um to waste tww etyi andess kppy d«A swvpmg.
Heeds no rJemsi leirq urr%*1 conmJ Ifw hsnJaea 10 If* peiiW
port. Amiga PC 6 Atari ST soltwam masabie Any aw .muon ol
loltwve roudrt isttta venion-ONi V £224.99!
Qualitt pruluch al Bargain | Prices wiih 12 Months Warrant?"
MEMORY EXPANSION A rtx*. Orty Own rtgn accuracy oat*.
C24J9 I 2Mb RAM (A500) att ragh accurac} dot* Tcpa up your CHIP RAM am pio.idet FAST RAM Work* w* both FAT |5l2Kb| A FATTER (iMb| AGNUS CM.00 (Mb RAM I ASM. I Wl P*4 nto trapdoor to gw« 2Ub (Tap RAM Ccnpaa w pew h i gutty Uetv vWd ttw jtml ZIP RAMi £44.99 4Mb RAM (A900) «fli or.cn !
KbttatrokXN 9Mb Board wttti 2Mb titled (A1000)... 8Mb Board with 0Mb fitted (A2000)---------£40.99 4 MaoaM taehoology Boards may be MM anth edfter 2Mb. 4Mb 6Mb O' 8Mb Futy popUated with onty 16 RAM ctvpe Cofroatlbie w«i 68020-33 cards (A2630) For each 2Mb. Please add £70. Free tnwQ It grdp'ed with board For eiampfe 6Mb Board with 2Mb titled (A2000)-------£136.86 All memory eipaneiona. Except the 4Mb A A1000 boerd. Use latest 2tR RAM allowing a compact power efficient deaign. Putting latf Simple Installation • No aotdartng!
AN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT GAME Yo! Another England manager has learnt the hard way that controlling an international squad is a very different baiigame to club management. Every match is a cup-tte and every learn selection and resun is picked apart by a voracious press. The pressuro to succeed is incredible.
Soccer Supremo puls you in charge ot a European national squad preparing for the European Nations Cup qualifiers. You have an initial lour year contract that may bo oxtended to six or eight years, or reduced to two, as results dictate You'll be oxpoctod to qualify lor the Finals, then put up a show against the best European learns. But Ihrt is |uS1 preparation for the big one The World Cupl Customisation. The game will allow you to take the European nation of your choice and you will be allocated an initial squad ol 16 players You can introduce a further 34 players, making 50 in all. Whose
names and skills (but not levels) you can define yourself These players are introduced gradually as you fecover (he weaknesses n your squad and also to create the balance ot skills that match your style ot piay. The original 16 players can be defined in the same way using the EDIT program (free with the game) if you wish, as weM as the teams that will make up the opposition.
pleased you thought you'd been given special treatment? Now's your chance to tell Amiga Market who the good guys and the bad guys are!
Please return this survey to:
M. O.S. Amiga Computing, Europa HousE, AdlingtonPark,
Macclesfield SK10 4NP The following survey, as it requests
specific Information about mail order companies, has been
designed with impartiality in mind, and we urge anyone who
completes it to bear in mind that by doing so they are making
a public statement about an issue which affects the
livelihoods of businesses up and down the country.
This is the first attempt of its kind in an Amiga magazine to look at the mail order industry, so please try to answer with forethought and balance.
The results of this survey will be printed in a forthcoming Amiga Market.
PART 1: How often, how much?
1. How often in the last year have you ordered goods from a
computer mail order company?
A. Once ...... G
b. From two to four times G
c. Five or more times G
2. Please state the method of payment you most often use
a. Credit card telephone order G
b. Written order with cheque ......G
C. Written order with postal order G
d. Written order with cash ...G
3. What has been the average delivery time?
A. One to three days ..G
b. Four to seven days G
e. Up to two weeks ....G
d. Over two weeks ....G
4. What was the longest delivery time? (please state)
5. What was the shortest delivery time? (please state) PART 2:
6. Have you ever ordered goods, paid for them, then not received
Yes ...... G No ....G If Yes, please state how many times this has happened to you
7. If so, please outline what steps you took (if arty) to
retrieve your money or obtain your ordered goods
8. Have you ever contacted any of the following organisations
with regard to bad mail order service?
A. The magarine in which you saw the advertisement Q
b. The local Trading Standards Office G c The
police ...G
d. Your solicitor ..G
9. How many times have you received such good service that you
contacted the company to congratulate them?
A. Never G
b. Once .... G
C. Two to four times ..G d, Five or more
times .Q
10. How many times has a genuine mistake been made, then promptly
and efficiently been put right?
S. .*.MS*UUmUIUSUIUiaillHHNMItHNNIHtlNMMN« PART 3; After-sales
11. Have you ever received goods which you subsequently found to
be faulty? Please state how often
a. Never (skip to Part 4: Technical
Support) G
b. Once m, G
c. Two to four times ..G
d. five or more times .G
12. Was damage caused in transit or was the fault with the goods
A. Damage inflicted in transit G b, Goods were
faulty .G
13. On a scale of one to ten, please rate bow willing the com
pany which supplied the goods was to replace them
14. On a scale of one to ten, please state how willing the com
pany who supplied the goods was to offer a refund
15. How long did It take for a replacement refund to reach you?
A. One to three days ..G
b. Four to seven days G
c. Up to two weeks ....G
d. Two weeks or more ......G PART 4; Technical
16. Have you ever purchased a piece of software or hardware so
complex that after-sales technical support could reasonably
be expected?
Yes ...Q No ...J
17. How often have you been forced to ask a mail order firm for
technical support?
A. Never (skip to Part 5: Your
preferences) ..G
b. Once or twice G c Three or more
times .....G
18. On average, how often have you received a satisfactory
A. Never ... G
b. Half the time ..G
c. All the time .....G
19. How often have you been told that the company in question
offers no technical support whatsoever?
20, Do you feel you are entitled to technical support no matter what the price of the goods you purchase?
PART 5: Your preferences
21. Please rate the following factors on a scale of one to ten
according to their Importance to your decision to buy from a
company from whom you have never before purchased goods:
Prices G
Style of advertisement ......G Reputation
for reliability ...G Promise of prompt
delivery G Promise pf after sales support ......G
Recommendation of a friend G Other (please
state) ...
22 Please rate the following factors on a scale of on to ten
according to their importance in your decision to buy
something else from a company from whom you have already
purchased goods:
Prices G
Prompt delivery ..G After
sales service G Technical
support ......G Other (please
state) ...G
23. Please name the company with whom you have been most pleased
in the last year, and state the main reason for your
24. Please name the company with whom you have been most annoyed
in the last year, and state the main reason for your
25. Please rate on a scale of one to ten your general feeling of
confidence in the computer mail order market Part 6: About
Address .....- ------------ .
- Phone .... -Ag*------------ A Amiga
Maritat November 1992 Hard Times More of your best buys. They
don't go in unless you tell us about them, so if you see a
better buy, or can beat those shown, get on the phone to:
Amiga Market VFM 0625 878888 Every month, a selection of some
of the best Value For Money hardware bargains to be found in
Amiga Computing, True at-a-glance shopping for all our
Remember - if you are a supplier and you can beat these prices, let us know!
HARD DRIVES Make Capacity RAM upgrades Compatibility Game switch Thru-port PSU RRP AC price Trilogic Dataflyer 45 Y 500 500+ N N N
259. 99 Dataflyer 45 Y 500 2000 N N N
229. 99 Dataflyer 105 Y 500 500+ N N N
389. 99 Dataflyer 105 Y 500 2000 N N N
359. 99 Hawkwell Electronics GVP 52 Y 500E+ Y Y Y
399. 95
379. 95 Magneto Optical 128 - A500 N N Y
1. 199 1,150 Magneto Optical 128 - 1500 2000 N N N 999 950
A600lnternal 40 - A600 N N N 375 350 Supra 5QQxp 52 suppl,
with Imb A500 - Y Y 380 375 Gasteiner Gastetner 52 Y All Y Y Y
349 Gasteiner 105 Y
• All Y Y Y 599 Audition Computers GYP 105 Y A5Q0+ Y f Y Y
439. 99 Delta PI Software Supra Wordsync 52 N - Y - 239 Supra
Wordsync 105 N - - Y - 379 GVP HC8 A2000 52 Y - • .
279 GVP HC8A2000 120 Y * ¦ .
419 GVP HD8 A500 52 Y - - - 349 GVPHD8A500 120 Y * Y - Y 469 ADD Addhard 45 Y Y N y N 265 265 Addhard 70 Y Y N Y N 345 345 Addhard 105 Y Y N Y N 395 395 Addhard 205 Y Y N Y N 495 495 VFM v RAM BOARDS Make Capacity On off switch Chip upgrade Internal external Compatibility RRP AC price Trilogic Trilogic Imb N Y Int 500+
49. 99
39. 99 Baseboard
0. 5-4Mb N Y Int 500 500+
79. 99-199,99 Dataflyer RAM
1. 8Mb N Y Int 1500 2000
89. 99 Unpopulated Hawkwell Electronics Virgo vSOO
0. 5Mb Y Y Int 500
24. 95 Virgo v5QQ+Clk
0. 5Mb Y Y Int 500 -
29. 95 Power PCRI.5
1. 5Mb Y Y Int 500
99. 95
89. 95 Virago V4000 4Mb Y Y Int 500 198 198 Power I6chip 0,5Mb Y
Y Int 500
24. 95
19. 95 Power I6chip+cbck
0. 5Mb Y Y Int 500
29. 95
24. 95 Power 1.5Mb
1. 5Mb Y Y Int 500 85
79. 95 Power 1.5Mb
1. 5Mb Y Y Int 500
89. 95
69. 95 Analogic Computers ADD A500 0.5Mb+dk Y Y Ext 100
24. 95 ADD A500 0.5Mb N Y Ext 100
34. 95 ADD A500 1 Mb N Y Ext 100 -
54. 95 Power Computing Power A500 0.5Mb+dk Y Y Int 500 29 .
Power A500 0.5Mb Y Y Int 500 24 - Power A500 + 0.5Mb+dk Y N Int 500 24 .
Power A500 + 0.5Mb Y N Int 500 19 .
Power A500 1.5Mb N Y Int 500 79 Power A500 I Mb N Y Int 500 49 .
Power A500 IMb N Y Int 500 39 - Power A500 8Mb N Y Int 500 2Mb 129 4Mb 189 8Mb 299 Power A500 2Mb N Y Ext 500
99. 95 With Clock Imb - • Trap A600 49 Without Clock Imb - Trap
A600 45 Delta PL Software Supra Ram 2000 2-8Mb N N Int - 149
Supra Ram 500rx 2-8Mb Y Ext 149 Pheonix A600 - Trap •
Gasteiner Alfa Data
0. 5Mb Y N Int A500
29. 95 26 Alfa Data
2. 0Mb Y Imb Int A500 149 99 MemoryMaster 8Mb • - Int A500 129
Audition A600Ram Ex 1 Mb N Y Trap A6QQ 55 Phoenix A500* Imb ¦
• -
39. 99 A500 Keybd ROM sharer - • -
34. 99 A500 ROM Sharer * • •
24. 99 Amiga 2.04 upgrade * • *
79. 99 Amlaa Marltmt Nnuamhar 1000 A W ? Wanted Amiga contacts
toads of stuff to sell Tel Chris Aged Tel 0604 843358 ?
Wanted Amiga contact* send list disks to Dave Gamble 23
Dominion Road Gle»nfl*ld Leicester LE3 8FD ? Wanted S M City
Prefer latest version if possible Tel Taff 01049 5404 71373
Evenings ? Amiga PD swap or sell 75p Disk with games Peter 65
Meadowside. Lyford Surrey RH7 6BY ? Any Amiga Contacts Tel
Alex 0273 585894. After 6 pm.
? Cl28 Computer 1541 Sdisk Drive MPS 801 Printer and all software £350. Tel Nick 021 551 0451 083 533951 ? OTP Setup - A500 I MB Chip RAM with Kyocera laser Printer I Mb Chip RAM with Kyocera printer I Mb RAM 68020 18 PPM £1300 ONO Tel 0202 889376 ? Reliable P.D Contacts wanted send list to Neil Davis 26 Station Road Honley Huddds HD7 2» ? Amiga contacts wanted from all around U.K 100% Key 7 will- ins coed-eva Cwmbran Gwent NE4 44th ? Supra 2M6 RAM expansion for A500. VGC guarantee for six months £75 SAM Tel 0224 770996 ? Deluxe paint 3 £15 AMOS Games creator £15 Tel Reading 0734 426S22 ? The
Manager - duplicate, bought in error will tell for £18 Including postage box unopened Kevin Tel 0495 762105 ? Amiga 500, I MB, Philips colour monitor manuals leads joystick £300 of new software £450 Tel 443 3902 ? A500 and software as new worth over £750 New £450 Tel 0732 884151 ? Amiga 500 (old) games enthusiasm seen other to swap games ups help 100% genuine senous Tel 081 598 1016 ? Vortex AtOnce plus PC emulator, manual, disks, boxed as new cost £238 sell £150 offers Tel 0268 522328 ? Modem Supra 2400* V22bis MNP2-5. Boxed as new £100 no offers. Tel RUMMAN 081 368 0925 (London area) ?
Bargain £200 ish Amiga set-up for £400 I MEG A5QQ External Drive Video Frame-Grabber plus loads more Tel 0273 208915 for details.
? Commodore CDTV player keyboard 3 1 2" drive many games boxed hardly used mint condition £500 Tel 0634 856 2106 ? Maths Amos prog for copy send disk and SAE to 9 Ptynmouth Denvale Greenford Middlesex UB6 7HB ? Amiga friends wanted national and international write to Paul 51 Balliol Road Buckland Portsmouth Hants England Tel 652498 ? 30 Amiga games over year old al boxed originals £1.50 to £5 SAE 168 Stonly Stanton Road Coventry ? Amiga contacts still wanted 100% reply write to Keith "H" 18 Westbury Road. Penhill. Swindon Wilts SN2 5DA ? For sale HAM-E plus with extra software £100 Tel Dave ST
RA Range on Tel 0865 58531 ? Wanted Amiga 3D contacts: tricks obfects textures and so on ? A500 I mb monitor lots of games £ 850 ono Amiga monitor some games £500 ono Tel 0501 33841 Scotland ? B2000 2 x 3 1 2" Floppies S Denise Mouse 3 MB RAM super- pic VXL 030 + 68881 10845 Monitor Digiview Software £1280 Tel 040377 545 ? A500P A590 3 MEG Total Ram with games software and books £500 Q.N.Q Tel after 6.00 pm on 021 356 6514 ? Commodore 1081 colour monitor excellent condition boxed with lead £195 Tel 081-204 4145 (NW9) Robin ? Help copy of CoverDisk AC March 1991 will pay costs Cheltenham Tel
0242 250035 ? 1 2 meg upgrade with clock good quality cost £50 sell £10 wanted 24 dot equivalent printer Cheltenham Tel 0242 250085 ? Amiga CDTV including keyboard and eight disks md Guinness Records Tel 081-570 6393 ? Amiga contacts wanted to swap and sell software send disk for lists Steve 5 London Road Long Sutton Spalding Lines PE 12 9EA ? Software from E7 A500 and colour monitor second drive I Mb £450 Casio MIDI keyboard synth £200 or swap Tel 0572 721834 ? Olivetti DM 105 colour printer 9-pin emulates Epson )X80 friction feed manual and cables boxed £100 ONO Tel 0784 258241 s long as
your ad is 10 words or less, it’s absolutely free!
? Should you want more space, you'll find unrivalled value-for-money - for instance, 20 words cost just £6.
Fill in the form on the next page and send it to us with your payments (if applicable) - and remember to include your telephone number!
? A5QQ types GVP 52MB HD8 3 months old upgrading to 1500 £300 Tel 0420 478849 ? I MB A500 with Philips CM8833 monitor star LC-10 printer games £390 ONO will sell separately Tel 0753 817749 ? LCI0 printer boxed as new under half price £85 Tel 0702 619634 Evenings ? Rendall A8802 Genlock with mode switch box £50 ONO Te 081 949 1614 Surrey After 6 pm ? A500 5I2K internal Amiga memory exp made by Zydec call Peter on Tel 0304 823964 Free postage ? 2 MB hit Ram suitable for fitting in A590 Hard disk never used Tel Wormley Tel 0428 682439 £50 ? Amiga contacts wanted send disks lists ETC to Paul 9
Dale Road Barnard Castle Durham DL12 8LQ ? Philips CM 11342 monitor same as 8833 MKII as new boxed unwanted gift £150 Tel Peter 0273 220859 ? Issues 1-15 Amiga Shopper all in good condition only £10 plus postage, buyer collects Tel 0625 873685 ? New! P.D library over 100 games send S.SAE for list Aztec PD 60 Standard Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6DP ? GVP series 2 HD (A500) 100 MB 2 Meg Ram 4 months old old drve to upgrading £375 or nearest offer ? Amiga 500 I mb good condition with games music and painting software £240 Paul Tel 0444 870828 ? Scanner for my Amiga wanted will pay around £50
please send address to jon II Cleves Close Weymouth Dorset ? Sega Mega boxed as new plus four games £85 quick sale Tel Roy on 081 599 3079 ? Amiga contacts wanted to swap games PD 73 Hulme Road Denton Manchester M34 2WY Contact Gary ? A500 I MB VI-3 Rom switcher Vumana 2nd Disk drive mouse manuals 200* Disks £300 ONO Tel 0606 74247 ? Amiga contacts wanted Gary Wright 14 Beeston Road Broughton near Chester Clywyd cH4 OSB ? 1500 2000 AT Bridgeboard 5.25 D D 1.2 MB 80 MB hardcard MSDOS S serial card manuals £350 Commodore 10845 monitor boxed £ 150.00 Tel Fred 0633 871378 ? 2 MEG A5QQ ? Rom
swapper Roctec Drive 10845 monitor all boxed £500 ONO Tel 0860 527270 ? Wanted colour monitor for Amiga will collect Tel 0831 541184 ? Amiga contacts wnated to swap games send lists PJR Laws 60 Standard Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6DP ? Wanted Cut Throats original send your price to Jon. 8 Cranford Walk Clifton Nottingham NG11 8AP ? Graphics Artist seeks work - game graphics, logos, designs, ray tracing animation ETC Tel 081 462 5898 ? Over 450 games cheated, upped and sent by return of post Simply send your name and address with a cheque or postal order for £3.50 to Mark Smith 60 Foxfield Road
Westame Morecambe Lancs LA4 4SS ? Experienced assembler programmer is ready to make a game needs someone to make both graphics and sound send examples and telephone number to: Oliver J Hartman 45 Goyo Gent Belgium ? Lotus AMI DIP UM and Adobe Type manager with complete AMI up manuals all in excellent condition. £50.00 for everything Tel Barrow In Furness on 0224 837380 or write to PO Box 39 Barrow In Fumess Cumbria LA23 9BG England ? Soundwave INC samples musk disk send SAE to R Greenlow 25 Amanda Close Bexhtllok East Sussex TN40 2TB ? Earn extra cash in your spare time SAE to M Ward 265
Humberston Avenue Humberstone ? Amiga P.D contact and swap wanted to swap utilities demo faised P.O Box 15601 DEEYA Kuwatt ? Amiga contacts wanted to swap demos music PD ETC Worldwide send list or disk 100% reply.
? Amiga contacts around Buckinghamshire area contact Richard Saunders 10 The Rise Gdwcott Bucks MK!8 4HW ? Wanted Word Processor and Euro dictionaries EG Pro Text 5 will swap Po Box 157 Campbelltown 5074 AUSTRALIA Contact R Robertson ? Commodore 9-pin dot matrix printer and 500 sheets paper vgc £400 Tel 0494 44974 ? P,D contacts 100% reply send disk and list Evan 9 Linlithgow Gardens Mount Vernon Glasgow G32 OTR ? P.D swapping send your list and address to: Marcus Butcher 22 Keyberry Road Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 IBX ? A3QQQ 16 40 colour monitor A2286 bridgeboard 1.2Mb FDD wide carriage 24*pin
printer software ETC £1.600 Split Tel 091 2819920 ? Software sculpt 3DXL and animate software £90 photo on GFA basic 3D const. Kit £10 each Tel 0942 606361 ? Amiga 500 I MB upgrade monitor 2nd drive desk printer books mags games and software £600 ring Steve Tel 0256 461208 Evenings ? 40MHZ 68030 accelerator for 1500 2000 50MHZ 68882 8M6 32-b't RM beats CVPS 68030 50 £1000 David Oxley Tel 071 6379 Ext 1800 68030 50 ? Amiga 500 with foads of software external disk I meg expansion AMP speakers and more worth £1000 offers Tel 0506842612 ? Amiga 500 I MB expansion excellent condition low of
games, £300 all David on 0742 509083 ? Amiga contact wanted write to Bone Idle 31 Carmel Roae Booth town Halifax HX3 6JF anyone wekome ? Swap Amiga PD with Thomas Amesen Maridalg Vein 225D N- 0467 OSLO Norway ? K.C.S PC Power Board boxed as new all manuals and S W MS- Dos £ 150 also A590 20 Mb hard disk + 2 Mb Ram and all software manuals and disks boxed as new £200 O.N.O Tel 0782 533739 ? Amiga introductions, creators wanted. Giorgia Piazza via Vecelio N2I 200052 Minza (M.) Italy.
? Swap P.D send disk and letter to Townsend 105 Tintage House Edmonton London N9 9TF (All letters answered) ? Cheats - thousands of cheats S.A.E disk so post to: Kyrim Verbist 143 Boothferry Road Hull 6EX ? Budding programmer seeks aid learning assembler language from scratch. Somebody help, please Tel 0787 475195 ? Amiga contacts wanted for long term user. Contact Sean at 87 lakemead. Singleton. Ashford. KENT TN23 2XY ? Swap Amiga PD with Thomas Arnesan. Maridals Vein 225D N-
0467. Oslo. Norway ? Cheap top software, as new. Contact Paul 081
997 6432 ? CSA mega midget racer 33Mhz EC68030 accelerator
card for Amiga 2000 1500. 5I2K Sram 2MB 32-bit Dram, boxed,
cost £750. Sell for £490 ONO. Tel 081 863 1386 evenings ?
Amiga contacts wanted. 100% reply. James. 88 Nathan Square
Swan Vien, Western Australia 6056 ? Programmer, artist
musician, designer - any good thb demo group needs you!
Call Frank on 081 -589 74661 ? Amiga contacts wanted to
swap games. Send lists to Angela. 44 Amblesde Gardens,
Gunthorpe, Peterborough, CAMBS PE4 6ZY ? Power 8MB external
ram board. Populator 2MB. 2 months old. Boxed. £90 Tel 021
472 S409 ? GVP impact 105Mb hard drive 2 MBG ram for A500
£360 Dr nearest offer Tel 0584 810970 ? Amiga contacts
wanted 100% reply write to Bryan Ritchie 41 Broomhin Co.
Armagh. Northern Ireland BT62 4HT ? Commodore 64 with 100s
of games, printer and accessories three years guarantee
£199 Tel 021 558 8442 a Amiga conucu worldwide 100% reply
send lists to: Manuel Casado Ccsaraugusto 23 50004 Zaragoza
Spain ? Wanted hard drive for A500 swap for Gameboy (NEW)
and £100 Tel 0756 792171 contact Michael ? A500 I MEG CHIP
2.0 1.3 SWITCH £300 GVP SERIES 2 42 MEG 4 Megs £325 68020
20 Mhz I Meg 32 nit £200 disk drive £30 4 Meg with I 1 2
Meg £70 action replay £40 100 disks £30 lots of software
phone Richard 0900 825213 ? Sharp JXI0O colour scanner
worth £800 includes shareware easy to us £400 ring Michael
Tel 0635 32045 ? Musician seeks similar swap samples ETC
ETC Chris 3 Rosehill South Road Bowdon Altrincham Cheshire
EAI4 2LB ? I MB A500 extra drive colour printer games
magazines £350 Tel 0383 822358 buyer collects ? Amiga
contacts wanted 100% reply. Send lists: Ann 27 Cosain Grove
Norton STOCKTON Cleveland TS20 l|W ? Amiga PO suppliers
wanted contact Matt Hale 20 Melbourne Close Kmgswinford
West Midlands DX6 8JH ? Amiga contacts wanted 100% only
contact Kev 7 Willins Coedeva Cwmbran Gwent NP44 4TH Fast
and reliable ? Wanted Amiga contacts worldwide 100% reply
John 35 Woodside North Carlisle CA2 4NW ? Amiga games sale:
Stuart 33 Firtree Drive Wales Sheffield S31 8LZ ? Amiga
contacts wanted 100% reply send lists Ann 27 Costain Grove
Norton Stockton Cleveland TS20 IJW ? Typing for catalogues
for information send S.A.E to (5 Mat)borough Street
Bloxwich Walsall West Midlands ? Dataflyer SC5I 1500 2000
interface complete boxed new and unused £60 saving £30 Pal
Genlock wanted TEI0254 887963 ? Swap my Pc for your Amiga
or GVP series 2 hard drive ring Tel 0482 822872 Hull ? Can
Do user guide hints tips wanted also disk magazine hints
tips to Alan Tel 0782 219177 ? New Group searchs: Coders.
Painters. Musicians. Disk=Reply.
Write to: XT Trance. Schoolstraat, 24 5YIIEE. Zeeland. Holland a Amiga contacts wanted for 100% reply. Contact Roy at S6 Blandford Street, Ashton, Lancs, QL6 7HF ? 68020 card - Fits any Amiga - £200 ono. Tel 0772 884245 ? Free help Hardware Software. Send disk or letter with SAE.
SO Foxhowe. Coulby. Newham Mbro'. Cleveland ? A1500 WBI.3, £450 ono. A590 I meg Ram, £180. All in Perfect order. 0362 698570 ? Amiga Programmer needed for PBM game, small commission possible. Rod. 9 Fulmerston Close. Thetford. IP24 3LL ? Kstart VI.3 £15. Agnus £15, Gary. Denise and Paula £6 each.
68000 £7. 0705 454547 4 A*Maxll Mac emulator including I28K Roms. For all Amigas £175 ono. Phone 0266 848078 ? A500p Accelerator GVP. HD lOmb. Ram extras £1000.
Student leaving, Ken 0483 60050 Evenings FREE C A
T. %9 10 Cheques should be made payable to * Amiga Computing''
Meaw include my advertisement in the next available issue d
AMIGA Computing. I confirm that the advert o not jelling
illegal copies of software or hardware that do not belong to
me. I permit you to publrth my addtew telephone number only i
I have included these deUiK within my advertisement copy. I am
om 18 yean of age (applicant* under 18 must get a parent or
guardian to sign below) ? Pagestream 2,2, boxed, unwanted
gift, as new £100, Tel 0254 665112 a Dpaint II £5. Dpaintlll
£10. Hyperbook £10. Publishers choice £20. Phone 0793 870 146
? Contacts! Mines Roulderdash PD, 57 Wilmington Way, h»y-
wards Heath. Sussex ? Amiga contacts wanted. Send to SKCS. P O
Box 214. Ilford.
Essex. IG3 8RT, Send disks and lists, 100% reply ? Amiga games. SAE for list. Michael Pemberton.
“Mapledurham", Bryants Bottom, Great Missenden. Bucks, HPI6 OjU Signed - .. . Send to: AC Classifieds, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP ? Amiga I meg. 100 disks. Two joysticks, all boxed. £260 ono.
Call Simon 0455 554004 ? Spectrum 128. Spectrum plus, joystick. Phaser, 100+ games.
Colour television, mono television, books, £100 ono. 021 355 5305 ? A500 printer, software and extras. £350. Phone Justin on 0203 650 694 ? PD-Authors: to diffuse your creations in France. Write: F Hcnncusc. Rue du Chcvlgne. F51100 Reims, France ? Psion Organiser II LZ64. PC RS232 Comms link. 32K Rampak.
£100. Tel Steve 0734 786741 ? Wanted PD swoppers or contacts. Lists to Steve Johnson. 36 Edlwick Street, Burnley, Lancs, BBI0 3DZ ? Wanted Biock-Out, Sentual. Tel 0246 419164 or 0742 588987 ? Pagestream User Group, Starting end October. Interested.
Write to 362 Honicknowle Lane. Plymouth. PL5 3LA. Bob 0752 788534 ? GFA Baste V3,5, cash, swap for Amos or anything, Phone Phil on 021 308 85818 4 Computer users directory. To be added to this National Directory contact: Tiny 0980 33154. Also BBS data required ? A500+ under warranty, boxed, manuals etc. 2mb chip memory and stereo sampicr. Software, games productive. £355. 0274 723309 ? 1500 + monitor ? Printer + Bup board (total 5 megs). £995 on 0483 62098 4 Issues 10-26 of Amiga Action without disks. £25 (Issue 16 has no cover) may split Michael 0934 842933 ? Amiga PD to swap or buy.
Contact 242 Huddersfield Road.
Mirfield. WFI4 9PY ? Colour 14" monitor, with Amiga lead. Excellent picture, £150.
Phone 0252 814257 (Office Hours) ? 1.3 Rom switchboard. Rom switcher. 1.3 disks and manuals, £40 ono. Phone 0229 772282 after 6pm ? Amiga PD from 90p. Send disk and SAE to: 9 Linlithgow gardens. Glasgow, G32 0TR ? Printer mobile black teak finish. VGC cost £60. Bargain £30.
Tel fax 0446 775287 Mike Bailey Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well as on the form!
? Amiga contacts wanted all over the world. Send to Benjamin Henriksen, Wildersgade 60B, Copenhagen K, Denmark ? Roctec disk drive, hardly used. Mint condition. Phone Luke 0708 372648 ? Amiga contacts wanted. Beginners or Experienced, 100% reply. Ian, Severn Way. Grimsby. DN37 9DX ? Amiga 500-*-. Guaranteed with 2mb.
Rams, 2nd drive, joysticks, mouse and software. £550.
Tel 0656 771909 4 12 pieces of software £65 ono. Phone Paul on 0633 215993 4 New Local friends wanted. Interests: Amiga. Midi. Write to Andy. 8 Adam Close. High Wycombe 4 Maths equations disk, £2.50. 9 Lynmouth Gardens, Perivale. Middlesex. UB6 7HR 4 A500 plus. 2 meg Ram. Joysticks, games and colour TV. All for only £300. Phone Paul 0226 202501 4 6800-Assembler contacts wanted for source - swapping!
Write to: Tomas Paulsen, Vcrkscedun 33, 167 Fredrikstad, Norway 4 Amiga contacts who is also interested in satelite TV, wanted from Belgium Holland area. Write to david Perry, 8 Bridge Street. Haltwhistle. Northumberland. NE49 9JZ, England, All mail will be replied to.
4 GVP Series II. A500 HD8+. 52mb with 2mb Ram. Box.
Manual etc. £275, Write to Mr A Murfet. 21 Dudley Road, Plympton. Plymouth, devon. PL7 3RX 4 Amiga 1.3 2meg, + 2nd disk drive, two mice and software (approx £300 worth), must sell for £350 ono. Phone Tony 0352 714635 4 Tarot cards. 78 full colour images. 4 disks, £5.00. P Stanley.
102 Kesteven. Stamford, Lincs. PE9 ISS 4 Amiga 1500 Workbench 2,05, GYP controller. + 52 meg Quantum hard drive + 2 meg fast Ram. 25mhz Microbotics accelerator board, phillips CM8833 MKII. Swivel stand. TV tuner, many games. All for £1140. Willing to seperatc. Tel Kam 0422 321690 4 I FF Soundsample library for use with Med. Noisetracker and most other Amiga sound package. SAE for details to M F (Acorn) 9 Caroline Road. Llandudno, Gwynedd. U.30 2TY 17 Bit Software 144 Accelerators Unlimifod 163 ACS , ... 140 Amivision Software
Arnor ..105 Ashcom .64 Astrocalc .....156 Audition Computer Supplies . 14 AZ Software 144 Barkman .158 Battieaxe pd .....87 Bio-Con ... 04 Bitcon Devices . 140 Checkmate ..... 40 Commodore UK ..10 Computa Wotld 27. 68. 69 Compuiermates Ltd ... 81 Core Design ......7 Countrywide Computers ... 170 Dataplex Computers ..89 Delta Pi
Software ..142 Dial-a-Disk ... 142 DM5 Ltd .....148 Dynamite Computers 92. 93 E M. Computergraphic ...... 146 Europress Direct 32, 33, 150-153 Evesham Micros 82. 83 Ferguson Smith .... 17 Firecrest Distribution 146 First Choice Computers 76. 77 Five Star PD 164 Futureworld Computers 19. 20.21 Qasteiner ..... 61 Genesis Video Production 170 George Thomson Services .158 GJS ....156 Goldstar Computers 70 Gordon Harwood ......28-31.51 Ground Zero
PD ..... 170 Hawkwell Electronics ...148 Hi Soft ... 78 HIQ ..... 54 Hobbyle ..... ...56. 57 Home Studio Videoprint ..161 Instamec . 170 Kontax Computers 161 Kosmos Software ... 140
LCL. . 146 Mail Order
Express .... ......67 154 MD Office Supplies ......72
...106 Millenium Micros ... 163 ......13
136 ......91 New image Videos ... .....91 156
Owl Associates ...156 .....37 62 63 Power
Computing ......IFC. 3. 4, 5 Prisma
Software ...... Quaisott .
......72 ...OBC Siron ......96 ....IBC ...103 Special
Reserve .... ....8.9 158 Strictly PD
... 138 164 SystecPD ..
163 Tho Disk Company 39 156 Wesi Midlands Computers 144
White Knight Technology 161 York Electronic Res 156
ZCL ... -14. 45. 46, 47
I. Cottage Industries .13 Eagle
Software ......21
Kew=ll ..13
Pathfinder PD .13 Software
Supreme ......19 Superior Software
......13 Swltchsofl
13 Tom Petty
Promotions .25
* NEWS FLASH The Amiga 500 & Workbench 1.3 Video The Complete
Beginners Guide
* Easy Step by Step Tutor * Professionally Produced Video
* A Must for Every Amiga 500 User Contents Include: Setting Up
Your System, Workbench Explained, CLI, Preferences, Utilities
and Lots more... Genesis Video Productions 27 Hampton Street,
Warwick CV34 6HU Tel: 0926 411259 ? CHEQUES. POSTAL ORDERS &
U177 U1W U181 U189 U190 G103 0117 G129 G134 G141 G142 G148 G150
26th Sept. 92 4th Oct. ‘92 llth Oct- 92 18th Oct. 92 25th Oct.
92 1st Nov. '92 8th Nov. '92 14th Nov. '92 29th Nov. '92 13th
Dec. '92 Oxfordshire Plymouth Nottingham Cambridge Newcastle-u-
Lyme Bristol Northampton Cardiff Norwich Sheffield TRY OUR
AMIFOX (?) - Compete DTP package 600 BUSINESS LETTERS (?) -
Hundreds ot already prepared prolessionally written letters
Subjects include job letters etc A500 PLUS EMULATOR - Emulate
the Amiga PluS on your I 3 Amiga Really works, try loading
Workbench 2.0 Requires I meg FREECOPY VI.1 (?) - Removes
protection trom commercial games DUNGEON MAP (?) - Map drawing
and print program for DSO games BROWSER 11 (?) A powerful
alternative lo SID. You may it better?
PROFESSIONAL D-COPY V3.0 - Very powerful disk copier AMIGASH (?) - Keep track of your personal finances GATOR'S GRAFIC GALLERY (.) - Examples and Map by Step tutorials on how to create professional logos like ones found m demos LEISURE GRAND PRIX SIMULATOR ?) - Popular racing management game Requires i meg GALAGA 92 ? (?) - Possibly the best shoot em up around.‘Really polished And exclusive to Ground Zero SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER (•) - One of our top se*ng games In depth football management game Similar to me classic Football Manage' AMIGAVENTURE A APVSYS (?) - Make your own text adventures with
those two programs AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH (?) - Fancy managing an American Football team!
BATTLEMENTS (•) - Remember Hunchback on the Spectrum and C64 CRA2V SUE The best Pubkc Domain Platform game flv&lable LEGENO OF LOTHIAN (?) - Now the best RPG game around Largo game with beautifully drawn graphics Not to bo missed DISK magazines THE FINAL FRONTIER ISSUE 2 (2 DISKS) ?) - Excellent d sk marine for Star Trok and the Next Generation fans EDUCA TION CALORIE BASE (?) - Reviewed last month and received 89%. Alows you to keep a database on your calorie intake. A good aid for Oetmg GCSE MODULE 1 (?) - Prowdes help and gives quostions, based on the maths syl labus for GCSE s Created
by a GCSE & A level teacher 19 Ashmore Close, Blandford, Dorset, DTI I 7UH Telephone: 0258 453730. Fax: 0258 453502 NATIONAL COMPUTER MARTS Backed by a major computer company and funded to give maximum exposure for buyers and sellers.
Designed In consultation with many of the country’s leading vendors to bring a professional approach to the UK’s fastest growing computer market.
Country Wide Computer Marts are holding national computer marts at the following locations: Low admission prices - Easy access for Buyers and Vendors Make It a family outing as the Marts are held at Leisure Centres with full facilities For further information and booking forms please contact: Simon Empson, Country Wide Computer Marts Telephone; 0258 453730. Fax; 0258 453302 Exeter Hall. Kidlington Tamerside Sports Complex Kimberley Leisure Centre The Junction Knutton Leisure Centre Whitchurch Sports Centre Danes Camp Leisure Centre Western Leisure Centre Bob Carter Memorial Youth &. Leisure
Centre Hillsborough Leisure Centre Country Wide Computer Marts Win an dmrl ssion Introducing Art Expression, the AMIGA Illustrator Art Expression is the most powerful drawing program ever designed for the Amiga. It allows you to warp and distort text like never before. You can run text around a curve, warp it inside shapes and edit it in any way. Art Expression even has color blends and shape metamorphosis!
Rotate, Skew, Blend, Stretch, Fill and Edit. Text and objects are completely under your control so you can create whatever you imagine. Change colors, edit character shapes, create transparent holes, and transform objects. Art Expression has the most sophisticated drawing and editing tools of any Amiga drawing program.
Compatibility Art Expression can use any of the thousands of available PostScript Type 1 fonts. You can load and edit IFF DR2D. Aegis and Adobe Illustrator files for compatibility with Amiga. Mac and PC standards. Save your illustrations in DR2D or PostScript for use with PageStream, Sign Engine, ProVector and other programs.
More Value Out of the Box You get a lot of value when you buy Art Expression. Not only do you get the leading Amiga illustrator, you also get BME trace at no extra charge, BME allows you to touchup and crop pictures, and to convert your bitmap pictures to jaggy-free structured drawings automatically. You also get 35 PostScript fonts and two illustrated manuals with a “cookbook” of examples. And when you send in your registration card, we’ll mail you a disk of more free PostScript fonts and clip art!
Win an Amiga 4000!
Enter the Art Expression Design Contest to be eligible to win an incredible Amiga 4000! There are lots of other great prizes, including our entire 3000 piece Graphic Library, fifty Graphic and Typeface Library volumes, plus Art Expression T-shirts! Get your copy of Art Expression and enter today! Contest details are included in the An Expression package and are available on request.
Soft-Logik Publishing • The Tools to Dream International Sales: 314-894-8608. Fax: 314-894-3280. Technical Support: 314-894-0431 (9am-5pm central time). Sales Enquiries Only: (0628) 784006.
Or write to us at: Soft-Logik Publishing Ltd.. 21 Broadway. Maidenhead.
Berkshire. SL6 UK. Other enquiries should be mailed to:Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.: P.O. Box 510589, St. Louis, MO 63151-0589, USA.
T 170 rrrr Only £150 including VAT Power Up from any version of Professional Draw, ProVector, Expert Draw or PageStream for only $ US 125 until Dec. 31. 1992. Call for details.
Ait Expression and PageStream arc registered trademarks or trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. All other trademarks are the propeny of their respective owners. The An Expression Design Contest ends April 30.1993. VISION, SOUND ANOAfUMAnoR . FROM ROMBO THE'WORkDS BIGGEST AND BiST Real Tima Digital Effects OVERVIEW MEGAMIX master is a high specification, low cost digital affacts cartridge that plugs Into your printer port. Special stereo effects such as echo can be added In reel time.
You will find Megamix Master's performance and aaaa of use unmatched by any rival. Juet plug It In and go... Some of the Features Include:
• Thru port for printer or dlgltiaer.
• Fully multi-taeking.
• Intlgrated 3.5mm Jack plug and lead.
• 3D Animated Icon*.
• Compatible with Workbench 2.0.
• Both Mono and Stereo sampling.
Real Time Digital Effects Include: ECHO-Adds echo to Incoming sound.
PHASER-Applles space age phase shift.
SYNTH-Adds user definable effect*.
DIRECT-Plays Incoming sound direct.
VIBRATO-Rapidly varies frequency.
STEREO ECHO-Adds digital delay between L A R speaker*.
Other Menu's Include: REMIX (with many sampling faaturea).
EDIT (for sample manipulation).
DISK (for saving and loading etc).
Workbench 2.00 Compatible.
4096 Colour Images OVERVIEW Vldl-Amlga 12 la the ultimate low eost colour dlgltiaer for Amiga. There are no filters and no separate RGB splitter. Colour Images can be captured in less than a second, mono Images are grabbed In real time. Fully compatible with any video source.
Some of the features Include: 'Multi-tasking software.
• Advanced error diffusion stippling.
• Cut and Paste with masking.
• Capture into a user definable window.
‘Load and save IFF ILBM and ANIM files.
‘Grab frames flipped on a X or Y axle.
• Multi frame store with animated playback.
‘Composite or S-Vldeo Input.
Supports several screen modes:
• 4096 HAM mode.
• 64 EHB mode.
* 32 colours.
• '16 colours.
* 16 8 4 2 shade mono.
• 262000 HAM-E mode.
* 256 colour EREG mode.
* Overscan lnterlace HI-Rea.
Professional Animation with Optional Image Capture OVERVIEW Taka 2, as used In "RoHa Cartoon Club" Is the ultimate multi-level animation package. Offering up to 4 levels of animation and 4 levels of sound.
Images art drawn within your favourite art package then loaded Into Take 2 as IFF files. If you own Vidl-Amlga you can digitise your drawing* from within Take 2. We believe its much easier to draw with a pencil than with a mouse.
Soma of th* features Include:
* Compatibility with ill Amiga*.
* Supports 2. 4. 8. 16 *nd HAM colour.
* Load* or save* IFF Or ANIM fll«*.
* Traditional animator* dope sheet.
* Play beck up to 25 frames per second.
* Dubbing or simulated onion akin.
• Traditional animation.
• Storyboards.
' Product presentation.
• Line tester.
• Stop frame animation.
• Cartoon productions.
• Education.
• 3D ob|ect animation.
• Video production.
Workbench 2.00 Compatible.
Image Processing and Enhancement: Sharpen Smooth Negative Quantlie Threaholdlng Solarlzatlon Moaalc Edge Detection Brush selected area.
Workbench 2.00 Compatible.
JUST LOOK AT THE SPEC American Software (U.S.A.) (217) 384 2050 Arkofoto (Spain) (34) 3301 0020 Centresott (U.K.) (44) 021 6253388 Darius Soft (Austria) (43) 123 4555 Gem Distribution (U.K.) (44) 0279 44264?
Goldhill Associates (Export) (44) 061 9062009
h. B Marketing (U.K.) (44) 0753 666000 COLOUR IMAGE CAPTURE FOR
ONLY £99.95 inc. Rombo Ltd.. Kirkton Campus. Livingston
SCOTLAND EH54 7A2 Tel; (44) 0506*414631 Fax; (44) 0506-414634
Sales Hotline: (44) 0506-466601 Merlin Grad (Austria) (43)
5223 8896 Micropaee (U.K.) (44) 0753 55188 Precision
Distribution (U.K.) (44) 081 5433500 Scibis Sprl (Belgium)
(32) 2245 8307 S D L (U.K.) (44) 081 3095000 Soundware SRL
(Italy) (39) 3322 32670 V C S, (Holland) (31) 1045 11537 1
Fast 68000 processor installed on-board ¦ Fully
auto-configuring ¦ Optical 512K shadow RAM on extra memory
bank for shadowing the operating system out of ROM or from
disk Blizzard Turbo £169 2
If your company is organising a show relevant to the Amiga and
it's not listed, let us know so we can include the infom
motion in the diary.
3 As there were thousands of machines in FMG's warehouse at any one time, some may turn out to be untraceable for one reason or another. Users whose machines have disappeared should contact Commodore on 0628 770088 and lodge a claim for compensation.
4 e*e you assemble your own group of
- .sxians and even get them to play. The :ngram has scores of
preset riffs stored and 5
6 protedrg al drnec from boot Mock druses Wih on’oB awtkh k indoMor A MUST lor Seourfly f790 KickSUrl ROM SetlCh, Md inwnpatMly P'Bhcmt ' Upgiade rw' Th* bwrp pHows you to use boai V3 6

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